Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD)

 - Class of 1954

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Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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Snllth Nant-. ' nstm 1 alll yd ne Prmgef Gem 1 Rodberg Judah " S.-11, 690 ve' 9 'Tl A 61' Ellen Sodlf- Arnold 1-off .Iosce skla or R-CV' pro' K ,I ggoyrdk V IY1 a u GHG Bef Stem Nhnam 'mtl he Sophflr fh h Raym l 1 P Solomon C h lrlfs hllljq Q we 9 S mp? -S' fx! e Bott S 5006 6 :her "ay 1 -L , , f- f H , D0 5 15 x Iru in A. 'Q F ,QQ 2 GrN,nw.ud 'in S M3-ff A4220 3 ' W 3' E so : 6 2 60+ O ' '- ' . ' Q ff 49, . ' ff Q5 'I " f ek 43 : QQ 2- " '7-. Q. ' l Q le .0 Y, Z f 9- - 0 Q E 'P J. 0 . t Q ,fs Q ,. -A . ,W - .Q f gf' 3, N Sulkill- Shu' ' ' . 'D ' 4 P' so ee U Q . V , lzflhpim yn U6 E N ' ' 'la f rq En x 'QA Kam qv 2 fn Q., . : eb 42, 9 . . aw . -2 - ', .V ta 5 49 -Y ' A . lo 6' , . 495 4 Q, 6, . 4 QL .0 V ia 5 19 V i 4 QS? 1 . ' A .wb " 6 E- 9- Q ' . 9. ' Q , , ,Q 'P - .Q . b , Q69 X r, 0 4, 29 .. 'Q P 9 l G? N 9 ' sha 'r , n- 1 ' - Q 4' v Pl 0 a. ph 'fam' , 1? Ig QE, 2? 16,00 ' U - Q ' Q 'f Y ' 4 Q? 4: K5 Q", .A ' 43 01,0 , ' 7 '9 '1 A- 'i , ' -' A ' ,bf 29' D so g. ' 40 T f . v Z Q11 '. . sq . A I Q X D' . ' 3 -- 3 f, v 'fm - N uv 9. - , Q - 0 ,fb 4 , I rv ra N , cz, Q Singer' Sandy -rl plfuut . IA. . 'IQ I ' O 45' f . I-,.. . gb, ibf Q Q 'r :,, A u.w1,m .HND 15" Pb QQ ' . 'Cv' QS' 1 6 6 Y V: 6' so?-6 9? 4 n ya- G6 , Q .0- v , 3' ' 44, Q .9 3- . 'N ' ' -P 4 -'77 S9 'Q - 45? 9 ? C' 9, Q- 'b Q93 "0 9' "" '5 'E in 'faq P45 QW' 05 99 F4 Y 1, I ?" 94. Av 9 - - GNN ob "6 QQ Q- ' shi V .9 '-9 V 9 ' v H 2 'Uh"'1l ' ' 1 'f C 'vi 46A .N , 'Pg T 0,1101 " vYx9Q . 4 1 li, : xx 4 if Q 6' 'lf -f msn' ww '. , ,Q .. - X- . A . ' -S , fo f' ' ' , Q' . . :PSR . .fx xi . ' ' L00 n I , 4. .:- N- 5 .:. X - F :v 1 Solills, Rnhvrta g QQ" , ' - ' Av l ' :PA 5' I .. '-. - . Q. gf .- v ' . P QQ 'T , 4,0 . , Lf-l, 'YQ N Q 'Wop' " ' ' 'llullql How 1 Q Tr' 034 f - I z, 1, - - 9 ' fit- , 9 'A , ' 41.1, . U" Inhzabetn A. ' 9 Q" Es Q , ! '.laAllS ' ' L ,Q fx x Xf- Nl IJ T-'I Q4 G- 'D -1 I F9 I ro 14 rqthw -X 'II uo sjuufl it Niartm uhm glial' d"'l1n N E' E 75 'U .s FF IJ 9 " 0X P ' 0 'Q 2' 11,6 1 edge Do Je XII "PPPrs 1 I J ar o W :- : FJ Q. S K E' 5 :r 'U 2 3 :- C 2' 1 5 Q.. S 5 To N I -1 : 'J I V 'Piggy' I J 0 Rita lap I ef Rose nherg Gloria 0 mn "Q K Epstein Ham,-n S 179 mm, xx 3 'BDUH N lhbauii! Grepnbe I' wa Be' P1-1 N HOW' 0 VN Fu JU A FOREST PARK HIGH PRESENTS "A PLAY IN FOUR ACTS dmut One Front Row Center Editor ln chlef bherxl Dorman Bu me Harm er btessart Q rf-em-baum 1 u . Sh. - . - - K Joanne Lott 5' ss 1 .g - N ' I DEDICATION We dedicate our yearbook to Truth - - - may it someday rule the World! 2 WXXEST PROGRAM 1949 June Tzme September four fabuloub Veare 1934 tleth Century lI'l the Tvwen Place Corner of Chatham Road do Axenue and Fldoll Warxlanrl F1 en-hman Year Act I Act II Qophomole Year Intel ml 1011 JIIIUOI Year Act III QPIIIOI Year flct II C' r B ll km EH : 7 7 - I 14-1 1 A . v . V I 1 .' o , '2 ' f g H A Baltimore 4. . 4' .9 I K . , . . ' 'ss' f ' 7' 1 K . .as 2 " 's 3 4' K' -l 5,142 va, fgkf F .K. .w at " 'xii ' 1-1164 .iff gaitliifgff 7' . -,Q xv f-fix U -- -4 L I 8. ' 1 , , 115 l M F T 1, M 3 CL ' A ga gt.-v't'Y , .Wi 5, mi 'N It if L fr a v' ,A 14 -U. ,Q I -'pig was jf- 'N-' ka i" M " 's ' -R ' ' 5233,-f 4 ,-mg - , ",!p , -4 ' , s':"5 5 -, :vas 4 m':'???q 'S .'A' """"""' 'N "' ". .'mg:-9 ' fav 11 -A 2' . aw? 'N 5' ' " ?:sff xff awufiff ' - " g'2Jl.13enmfi.XxQ- ,..L... -r . ?,,g f,, ig ggjagfg . 3 Q QQ., fl . f ,f'.,,jQ' fx iA 1,4 ii 3 ' v ills 1 f'fs'3' ' -"1 'riff "U " 4 "M 4-.J if ' 4 "' f ' il? 'T' :ff - AM4 K ,. ' ,, - I-ypsfl . -'- if ,,., 'MQ 4 'f'4 Wa Q w,R2!h,5 vw aff ' ,f ,, Q, 3' 51.1 344. iq: ,. Af 'P - 4, HM- f 4 , gg., Y I fp... 7 r ,Yi 1 ,V- 73"- i J' sv' r , ,a 'Q 1 135' L iv .f-.9 1 mv! K 2 r Xihpfifbq Q, fig., gag' I f, 1' 7 ' :. A ,. Q -, C 4 . , - 63 ,' ml . 4 9 ,, If FL, : uh. C 1 . ,xrf , ' - - ,gf H .-,... 3. ' Q ' i1 " - 4- w, 4 gl. Af ' :A ' ' ' . ' I7' 0... ,-""'7. A... 1 -": .. ,, o 4' h an -1 i . f, 4 ' V, ,un "' N1 n ' Nl! .J ,M - FWZ, ,,., ,,.,-- X PRGLCDGUE I X fl wh f Um' Nlllgi' My lif'1'4PI'f' IIN' - rllil ing 111111 lane Hw Juan' xw- IPIY'-f'Illf'1l i- in ITIL I+ I :wh qw! ix il -ymlwl H1-1vl11'Il1I'iH-lmlwlvfl VNU. 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Sinverely f0L1I','. .NOPHIE Nl. BECKER "ve-p1'1111'i DP XR NP NIORN Be orc- lrmf' sou vlll he uulelx Qeparatefl ra uma 1 am ear 1 111 purwe hw ra t ar 1 rc ma 1 a 14111111111 111 l xatx tf oreQt arl-. 1 'L on t plrlt lflPEilQ and Qtm ar Q Hur expermncf here- wlll W 1 111 KX lent f-u11dat1f111 ft 1' happx and Guccei ful l1xeG Our xerx he t W1 he fro sslth sou NlIlCGI'E'lX sour CXRROLL X ROS LR X 1ce prmclpal CENTRAL HEADQUARTERS ,ua Put two ci llar on Burk n gee plea el Ten orlmk 4 olar P szgns 'Q Q' A - " rlafy' C' 'V' 'N I2 Now. jllxl what qualification, y jou aw or joJ? ENGLISH Our faxorlte Qubject the followlnv evcrerpt brlnga back memorles of an unforgettable lltera ture un1t Water water ewerxvxhere u who drlnka water' We a1nt hardlx newer gonna forvlt our rframmer Ballad and eprca and nuriers rhwmei too We loxe poetrx xe we do and then the cul mlnatlon of four xears of struggllnff on a term paper complete mth footnotes blbllovraphles, head aches and nersoui twltehes Grade P Where the fern wheel Yi ormlwoolt RPflf1lNg' from lei! lo right Qeated E Bohlmt far our X Bloom uf Sffllllllflg N Rounfl R Nlartm E New J e . ' ' M ' . . . . " ,. ..: "...bL D' ,: . . . 5, ' V. V, - . - .. Y - . . . 'I 1 . ' C 1 I Y - , C f vs l v I , k , I - .4 T SGI quitg never mind the diploma!" x1 Shaf rm. Ke-Il. H. ri fk. ' , H li'-..' ':f'. ' ton. . Burner. S. fhllar. 1- , f 13 SOCIAL STUDIES Cx' Lit First Row: J. Colclman. E. Ridgely, M. Williams. S. Camp- hell, M. Remmert. Seronfl Row: ,l. Baker, K. Silhert. Our favorite subject . . . When in the course of human events it he- comes necessarv to take historv. it is time for a revolution - Call Napoleonf . . . Save your Confed- erate monev . . . the cotton gin will Cause a depression hv ruining the sloe gin influslryl fro , L if im 3? il iii? 1 W' ff F Ld o Lfilk-'T x Th:-rvforf-. l f'onr'lu1lfA that th:- world is rounrl Skippy discovers America LANGUAGES Our favorite subject . . . We decline to conjugate . . . Hoc, haec. hic 4Latin vear partyr . . . la langue des amoureux . . . das Bier ver das Yaar . . . Le lo-la policia eitan xeniendo. Thix prow. 4-nnrlueixely that four out of -even French -tml:-nh arf- right-handed. Frmf- Hi.i.1.,X-WM 1 SCIENCE P D1 Paula J Krieger Q Vlallonee UU R Kramer P Lynch rederxck C Blumberg 4" H Hlrsch L Hyde ff- 1 N un-' X 0-.5 afij! Our favonte subject Blology sta that frog sllt hls throat and watch hlm ooze get the stretchers an carry those glrls out of here Physics how to balance a scale ln 130 easy lessons hovs many footpounds can one three strand pulley pull Chemlstry hnseeklx but futlle attempts to blow up the school 'cbut xt looked just llke water',' But, MISS Vogel, this 1sn't an amoeba, nfs a corn seed l6 MSW, 50UlW Wasted away 10 nothmglll l ,df .A W W an i :N H G. . M. H E. F ' ' Q . 5' f N X -e S 2 c Q fix 1 so ' l,Nn , 71 4 U ' V, , , 1 MATH Our faxorlte subject e perpendlcular blgeclor f Wir Norrlg plug the Square roo f 'W Whltfleld dnlded hx the Qme relatlon of 'Vlr Cullex equals a pencll VNllll0Ut an eraser on a math es Rnd this IS a ruler Left to Right Flrsl Rou f Fl hr-r ll Whntflelfl Yeronrl Rau E Shank C Norms A Culley Thzrd Row NI Appel F Hardman Standing 9 Carton 91 Vik., Vlr 'Norrl how 4ut a crrw 1 When teacher fall 1 pa e linen! C aah X S 17 INDUSTRIAL ARTS in W .Cr r to rzght dr: er Our fasorlte subject the adwanta es of bemv mdustrlous Look Ma l made you a pot holder' mechanlcal drawing bx robots machme hop or practnal 1 I phssms sheets of metal for men of 1ron shocklng work carrled on mth electrlcltx all classes condunted behmd closed doors of the shops 'll L-.V Xlakmg rrlb Our favorite subjects . . . shorthand - the office girl's hieroglyphics . . . SHIFT . . . office practice, or the best methods of sitting on the employer's lap . . . SHIFT . . . Bookkeeping in case one ever wants to go into the bookie business. Let to right First Row C Katenkamp R Corbett A Ekas M Kahn Sidndtng E Goldstein NI Himmel H Brooks S Round Q' Our favorite subject . . . kindergarten ROTC in snappy blue or green uni- forms . . . down the center in sexes . . . forward Biasi . . . Caisley. eighty-one deep knee bends without laughing . . . get your squad card. Rapp, and take a zero . . . a complete shower, Manning . . . ah yes, our favorite subject. Fore t Park Bowling Alley Our faxorlte subject Inner Qanctum from tudv hall better known as Loomle IJOUHUP domg research on westerdax s sports and on Rlchard Tracx prn ate exe m the Encwclopedla 'Vlormnv Sun 'plug x Humn Platoe phnlosophy on a P 9 e rcret of une Qmaller and more pmg pong ball HCME ECONOMICS X. tha a fm'-nd of wour ' Our f3YOI'ltC subject frled fmgers ln the kltchen stltched fxngers ln the X XXX sewlng room how to become a X-5 X fmgerless homemaker' 4-gi NLY N thx w en- arnurn and iallu n 2 XX k X 3 4 . C1 n Q n A ., lv 1- ' C ' X 1 P X Y 1 , ' ' 1 -' . 'MA X , . f 1 1 X. 4 1 . Th fx ' H is- , ' '- ' rl. iS t ' j si . ' Q- , Q . . . . xx. X . K K Vgx . . f Nl! r -fqjf --Xsi X Y E Y f ?ifQb ' " -921 x Xxx I P , " I 2 ' I I . . , W c I K . . .v lx, Q0 li is 'h B I' get thvir I-nts! I USIC lt was so vsx Our favorite quartet - G. Butler. T. Rydberg Our favorite subject . . . Sopranos on the right, altos on the left, monotone-S. please leave . . . f-lass, come back here! 'R 1--J ' -1:27 f Forest Park! answer to Green- .. wivh Village. 6 I 0 6 3 I I Our favorite subject . . . visit Miss Norris' "pot"-ery if 6 'H' factory on the fourth floor . . . see eecentric young artists throw clay together . . . modern art with an ultra-modern twist - painting - 57.50 per wail! A lf! f ur on N1 Ixxlle INIO ll FACULTY I FIIIFIIJHI ue lrtnfzpal uv I Ilflllplll lnrlustrzal 4rts Physzcal Eflucatzon 'Vlnthematzcs I 411 e French cr janet I PhD History 1 1 f 11 Physzcal Frlucatzon H Ill ld Fngllsh umln r III r CIIPIIIISITY multi 'I 1 English r'11n1rcI 'Nom V T mc nm au II S History ruok elen I A B B Commercial Course T11 on 'llIIxlIl Idlth W Hlstory ue ill Fn,f,ltsh Publtc bpeakmg I4 r lmluslrml Arts r cr om English cr B 9 Music C11 lc s Vranr e 1pIu II N 11 11 ann arlc S A B Carton SIKIIIPW SI NIIIIILX II N 'IN ur: I1 Dorn III? IIUII 11 ex Xlfru ful I1 Ill Ixaihc r e fm rmu Phystcal Educatton Htstory Engltsh 'Vlathematzcs Lngltsh Home lconomzcs Commercial Courses Wathemaltcs Home Economzcs Home ECOIIOUIICS 0 olff XXIIIIHH N Gumlance Il I aula I ITIIIIJ B S General Science Ilathemattcs Dxke ,IUIIHII BA Physical Educatzon e m In I Commerctal Courses a X cc Commerczal Courses cr Cleo BS Mathemattcs Frederick I'fIwm A B Ph D Hearl o Science Dept Ier IVIIT not Spanlsh a Irfnr Ro etta BS Commerczal Courses cr 1 man A B Iattn History arf mfm Iranu Hcxlman Ntanlex B S Hummel XIIIIITFII B N nrx N I XIIIKINII f c flIIx imp fatherme ln Idxsarc H BQ ANI Head o Commerczal Dept Mathemattcs Drzuers Educatzon Commerczal Courses Sczence Qczence General Science A 'VI Commerczal Courses 24 Illlllll. XM-nth-II If. I I A I III- -Ix ' 1 5opI1ie NI. IH: - ' ' II1vyr'l'. Czll'l'wII X. IW' -L' " Acre -. SLIIIIUPI. IIS.. NI.IfrI. ' I , An Ir S . C. . 0 " BS. ' Appr' . . ns s HS. I ATI IIL. Cc'urge'. IIILD, Bag s ' . N llif- AB. Bak' . - ' I .. AB.. A.M.. . . I I3i.S'. N -I I. K.. XB. ' , . ' B11 I . Am ' IIS. , ' '. III ' gl. CI 1' I BS. , , I. 1 R1 I I I . He. m r IIS.. ANI. I BQ: '. .. BS. AI B' ' ' gf. Cr '- A.M. ' B II I., . .. .C.S. , ,' , B s 4 " . 'I ' BS. ' B -S. IIPI' IIS., A.M. , f' , ' I I Bull. C lgzzl -I ' . Bu gl' . .I I If.. Ir.. B.I'I. I ' Bull - . fIPIlCYIf'Yf' I'.. .. .. A.IVI. I Can v . .Iz 'KI M. ' C . Ch s . ., A.M. ' Coll '. .f' -i TN II.IfrI. I ' Ch ' . 'S BS. . f, ' . Cu' ,IL I , I . . C ll -. r 'I BS.. A.M. I ' I s 1 . I ' In. BS. I Ile. . F1 --S BS. ' ', IJ W' . I' 'z . .. A.B. ' I i ' . ' ' ' I ' . 1' ' IQII I a . fu-Ixn Il. ' lik S. .f li 'f IIS. ' Fish. . I . ' C055 . . z gg. AB. ' Cl SI: 1 . ss . ..I.. A.M. 'I C ll . Jessie I . ., A.M. , ' , ' ' CUIIISIPI . I ' I .. .. .. .1 ., f ' - II' I . . I "s AB. ' IIirSf'I1. IIQ' 1 fl. G. BQ. .' ' , Hut . . ' ' - AB. . ' Hy I-. Lucy LII.. I-XM. ' Kat' 'a . I ' .-XB.. A .. . ' . FACULTY imfr fx I lf R N1 Ii Tl N N Q IIN H I N rrl 1 N lfl N I ' N 1 1 fr fl ll 1 s 116165 zffo x r f'11g,fzsh Irfzrnrx 111 llkffllll rt? fl lllli rm fun lllllll x ll 1 fllgll fl Fnglzslz ll 1 lllllfl I nl r ll lfzrzl Fr fzih f 11111111111 I1 fn ru fllifvry I frm lalm Fnglzxh 1 rf rn ffm uagfv x ll Nlzunz fl N Uuszf 1 f rn nn ll 1 I1 1111 1 1 U1 1111111 I I NIH! N 3 Ill I ll I I 1 If I HH1 N Ifl lllllfl 1111 Ill :mr l Y 1 I l ffl! f It Hxmm fu ffm K'-ll. llwrwthy XR. fzgffs Kfftlf-. Yivtur I',, XB.. MH. .U xl? - fjlf' zu HG Km '. 'uh XB. Plvz' Kr"g+'r. JuQf'ph HS. fi '1 'gr' Lilllglfllffl. Yr-ll C.. .F..X, .4 t I,6'.'lZll'l'x. Xlrahar HF. f f " lwrrzuix. f:hil'Nif' ,l V' I,IIIllNfI!'Il. Wiltwn Rf, 1 1 ' ' nf . l,xl11'l1. Vvlf- fu' -'lv W.lII+m4'1'. flurflruv-1' li.lQ.. lffl, 1 lr' Tw, SI'l'f'llI'f xllllllliflg. Hiilln If ..', l'f1 wif-ul ftvff l'IflA'PI7 Nfarliru. lfwlwrt MH. .4 lf K NI +111 rf-. Us 'I ff.. XR. L-lltlfflzill No- tum, I-lllis YB.. 1.31, , j N1-1riN.Crm.'f1'XY.. XB.. 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Chairman Pumpian's first plunge into politics The age of innocence! QU 4 'W , , s 1 x 4? J ,vi va Reading from left to right: Everybody and his brother. L 1 ds, Stanley, is that you? Our Freshman Prom tsighi "Oh. Billy, you dance divine - ouch! Oh no. it was my fault. I insist! I know I stepped on YOUR FOOT first . . ." Oh yes. remem- ber when the two-step was the vogue land the only step we knew! D? Our feet don't hurt any longer. but we still recall that crazy ball l is Nancy Shecter's big moment! -l.5..... fin - rf U . mx K 'ish-.. .Ks , N f f ,- .f rl' 2 f roncsr PARK msn scuoo L 4 30 2 ,I AC II SOPHOMORE YEAR f c ompu ou e 11 N111 e 11 111' ftalgv is wtf 151'-N11 tulwnl from 2lIYlLi1f'lIl' 1' 1 thi' QI1l1llI1 thc- vity was 11114111 tu the Cust. '1'11v-f- llf'XW'UI1lf'l'S joins' "1 X'6'1'l'llI1 t1'm,ppf-rs tu form mul lnigz. appx 1-lass. I Q DIXIE LAND IN THE GIRLS' GYM 1, 'UZ 77707 Wff7J My JWJWJMWMHQWVHJJ J MQW ff-ffffww Jilwfffw WWWM im W7 JWWJM W, WMM MM W pwwffff 1W7MfW f?"w7 ,MW 1101 WWW WNW MJ, 77? iw W2 WW MWJWMJW 7 all MWMW C f A . D! I ' - 41 1 I yin . ly, A J . 7 6 ' f 0' I . .MQ ' fd of- f" , sa A I, 5 1, -' O 1 sl-- m 9 P fi . lln 0l'l0l' 8 dk! emima an ph 1 B.R.'I'. - Be-fore rrp! 1 ,' 'C' Q ,. 'n 4 ' Y :L bio "-SZ" , ,f , f 1 1 f N 1 ff I 2' f A if J 'N-use 1 J A, 1 'H I 'QA INTERMISSION 1 of If 1 1 dIl0l1lfl 1 1 1111 we t1ke 1 11911 me XSff'Il NKPIIFN 1.111g111 f e 1 X 1.1 1 1111 Ill lll c c d.41lNl S 1 t1c11 1 1 1 4 IX K 4 0111 11111 N 16 -1111gl11.1 1111 t ' 1- 111111 111 s N 111111111 1111 1 v Q. Sigls ' 'flifff fill 1110 '111' an H10 114-11 P1115 ' p'1'1u11. z111f1t11f'1' lay, 1 1 1 'z'1z1"kl't'1 exvl' ' 5, l-st 'IIISWCIY' 111 tlw I-ll . . . 114' 'u111'111g 11111s-111111-111'1'1-F. 5 '11 l'U4'k 1 ll, vt 1'P1t'l'il. 111 "lm fluff- 111- 1.1111- 1 sine Sloppeu . . . dcvclop111g 11111' tal- ent Nj 111 ?X1I"i-l'lll'I'1l'll1'il' A ""t1Qf . . . 111111 11 f11 ally 1t"ll'1IlQ.f o111'sc:l 'ew 'usa wv 111111111 we-'11'1ly 11 1- .Ilt'Ll11l st' 51-L' s --f wiyl' '1 F 'ff Park w'1.' f ' '51 '1 1'1t11 110141-il-XNQIY 111-mls in we ' ' or 11'1x' to l'11x'1-. 33 Bank Ntaff 41198 S1499 S1000 olxax gn' we can 5.0 to Florxda Sealed left to nght 'NI 'Nannvtle Nlbvrt F Vi lnakur btumlmg left In rlglzl H Keener C Lewin I I a fhallenge to Knnr U artx Muff! len lu right Fzrst Rau HI N n I I I Ioxne-ra 1 1 N rn mg It In rl,-2 I fl 0 I fvfulrnan II Hof man I I fkn I' R1 IIIUI Pre-bf Staff -- news-nosies. Seated: E. Kap Ian, Editor-invchief. Standing, left to right A. Davidson. Y. Ehrlich, .I. Hirschman, Mr, C Cann, A. Rosen, M. Fc-Idman, S. Yerman, S Sophvr. J. Goldvnlwrg. Coachmg Dxrector ma ter mmds I 'U beat ed left to rzght B Fxshbem V Ehrllch Standzng left to right 'VI Narun NI Shprltz ,G f- - ff I .4 . . , S- S i . . . 1 ' 4 , :I ' :' . ' ' , . " . vw! K 'ix ' ' 9 ' A 1 'Q . lb. 1 H I . I A. Y I- ' ' : . iw .' . . U . Hlvlllf' IQ1-uxmnrxliw I.l1l ' 1 . fl' r. I ' . A 'Z INTU-r-l'. 5IllI1'Iyf'I. Flwtlflll RUIIZ Shrr. II. I MII'-xl. II. IIUII an. II. 'I'ur-hinxky. I. .Im- rna . P. 'ilu-r-I:-in. 5. fu rin. ., ' 'nt'.. . II. I7r'v-'III'-rg. .11 fl' . lv' 'lit 1. R -- 7' nhvrg. Pr---ifIwnI: 4. L ' . . f . . k ,I ,,,. .-A ' , Q. 1-" - 'k. ' 'h f' ,. 4-.1 'M-, " Radio and T.V. Work-hop 4 Paul's Puppe-ts Sealed, left to righl, First Row: J. Makofilcy S. Wolf. C. Gilmore, Blum. Seroml Row C. Engf-lman. R. Su-rn, J. Rorlln-rg, D. Be-rgffr Third Row: B. Binds-r, J. Brodsky, D. Jacobs A. Johnson. B. Lvvey. Starufing, left to right S. Stein, Preiidentg L. Neefdolman. P. Posner F. Sie-gal, M. Stein, S. Feld, P. Berman, S Slavin, Mr. N. Weis. Rarlio Club - Captain Video s Cohorts Left to right: B. Greenfeld, D. Stem A Tamrc- Nl. Tischler, S. Cohen, B. Davls S Mamer B. Johnson. H. Finkelstein, C Qurler Clee Club - exercising their tonsils. Seated, left to right, First Row: J. Hirschman, D. Jacobs. Miss C. Butler. N. Debuskey, S. Willen, E. Krongard, I. Segal, J. Levenson, S. Kolman, N. Schleider, R. S1-letsky, A. Heisarman, L. Brown, E. Neussinger. Second Row. L. Bolton, B. Marks. I. Goldsmith, F. Weiner, R. Berkow, S. Mandel, E. Lasson, F. Kolderon, L. Aberbach. G. Levin. Standing, left to right, Third Row: D. Lonway, V Silverman, J. Sussman. S. Mendelsohn, E. Lampe, J. Crott, S. Grossman, H. Silverman, S. Kravetz, S. Levitas. J. Friedberg, M. Masken, S. Moses, M. Jacobson, H. Snyder, F. Zabs. Fourth Row: G. Wiener. M. Radin. J. Gross, B. Krauss, J. Lampe, N. Robey, B. Nagle B. Howard, J. May, H. Finkelstein, M. Sline, L. Gaponoff, S. Baumel, E. Volk. y i x, -"""", 'itfa' A ' Band 4 You should hear them when they wear their uniforms. The memb of the band are: A. Altschull. H. Berstein. A. Blaustein. S. Bomstein, L. Bow ers en, B. Clark. F. Culiner. R. Dawson. C. Eisenberg. B. Fmmer, H. Feldman. S. Foxman. W. Gibson. A. Gordon. A. Greif, E. Greif. C. Hancock, D. Harris, P. Hughe-. A. Hyatt. M. Katz, H. Lease. F. King, M. Lipman, P. Matz,vT. Niazo, A. N11-rrill. Ni. Milli-on. K. Newhurgzer. P. Olejar, B. Rackmales, N. Rosen, L. Sach-. J. Rosenthal. A. Schultz. J. Schwartz. Schwartz, L. Fchacter. A- Shapiro. Ni. Shargel. J. Warnken, P, Weinstein, M. Whitman. J. Cold, L. Satren. 38 Future- Tr-arhf-N of Ame-rica -- God blew Anwrival First Rout J. C8I'If'f', Xl. Nleyers C. Kohle-nQtf-in. R. llellman. l. Blllmbwrg, Prrsillf-ntg ll. Krarnvr. R. Fifhl-cin. l'. Miller Seronrl Razr: ll. Narlinfl-. U. Rose-nlwrg. H. Roltvrmlxf-rg. l.. flhvrry. S. flnlzllwrg, S Wiivnwr. l. l.ur'l1inhl-cy. Third Row: B. Xlillvr. li. Turxlminxky. S. Whitman. l'. Nlaloff, Nl Engvlman. ll. Harrix. Hunley. Fourth Rout l, lllumlmv-rg. 5. Aflle-r. 5. llvnrller, E Landav. J. Lf-w-n-un. M. Cie-rler. NI. Nlillf-r. C. Se-lflnn. Fifth Rolf: I. llohf-n. S. Saper Stvin. 'P. Nlachlin. -X. Rubin. L. Sacki. l.. Rowman. A. Xlr-rmfll-tvin. E. Nf'Ui5ll'lgPf Sixth Roux B. Round. R. Towman. N. Flom. ll. RPl'll1ElllHl, R. lii-man. J. llffarn Serrrzth Row: I.. Klf-in. E. Rose, l. Row-. Standing, left to right: Min E. Prufe, F La-won. 5, Will:-n. l.. Caplan. L. Steele. fl. Cnlwn, S. Shapiro. L-logy lflul' f- Nlnrulw lmuntrrf. Sef:Iell.1'r,'f In flghl, hir.-I mu: ll. lin-1lk.n. Prvfnlrrxii ll. lin-'lmr-r. ll. Harri-on. 5. Urnupp, ll lxr.1u--. l.. liultun. ll. lfrf-vnwalll, .5FL'Ll7l1l'-RL'1LI J. llrlv-llllwrgi. -li. llfomlhslll. ll. .Xllara-'. F. bulls-u, lf. N-lg-Al. ll, Nan ll:-Nur, lw lil-lvrxwml. X. llllt'4l. Yhml Run: F. llotlnun. Nl, XX-lllf-. 1.. lillgllvllllill. J. xldlstllxlxf. l', l'n-11-Ar. flllfllllly. 16,71 In fzghfz l.. ll lflwllx N. l.nlllman. F. lm-lv-r. Nlls- X..g.,l. Nlr. liryant. 39 Frffmll l lull LP faltv Parl f2nnP Sefzfwf lert to flghf Flrst Hou R Hellman Serond Ron H Hoffman D Kaufman Slandmg Ie!! to rzght R Hsman S fnoper B Ren baum J Rome N Bfrgar 'iv 149' f 1 rman flulm Future FrauQ of xmQflC8 fron! farole Bakfr Irv ulfnt Seazezl let In rzght Mrs! Rau R lflgman Nl Shaffer S euler C ru lf D Elvker heron ou N1 In n lr in lf 'Nl N'Illlf'I' ,I pam l14 lull SPIIIFII left fu Hgh! lrsf nu N 11 rr ll Kd nfl Sfffrfmf Ou ff PII N Har nex :rl R011 ll lxolmln r N1 Nlwartz a 1 am rn ,. 4 1 Jan ' Rf g 1 1 r 0 mer: H lp mr flmlor SPllfPll lv!! lu flghf Fire! Rnu I I lalt rf-sl nl 1 an n fr! 31 4 Plum ull J n rlman IH on garfl H fumon Thin! Ron R free-n wr 1 I kan I Nappvr tr un X Q1 ha Pr fr an dl nk A r mnlunm fulew Fl I na 1 rx r N W n 5lll4lII1,L left lu rzghl norm llrntm ln 1-S3 D Philanthropists! .as l S4 .JL KP' "':g"16 'fy - ,fix " :mu 4' " D ., ' Qvir- fp ff -iz?-v", - 'NIR Glick. would yuu sign our lunch passe-s? G Sidewalk Cafe f. Thix must bw u flO4f'4l pivture-. Unv ju-I :loam n't Nturly in 2071 . , 'U XII'-. Vrxcw-. vmulrl xml pl:-Llw -- -ian Hur Ium I1 p.1w:'Nf 4' ' gf., , ' , ,LA as 2 to thf- right 3 13 to thv lf-ft A past 13 to 11 - come in Howdy Doody! Take-off time 4- June 4, 1954. at 10:22 P.M. 65? og? f 1 which twin is the phony? Modifif-ri gym .I Outside- the "Pri-on" gates Nlr. Royr-r, imagine- see-ing you hm-'ref RM lin:-A! On thff Charlf What vhart? Apple' blos-om time '-14'-qu. - , i r -E VD :B Q 'Fi l'1""":"""""'l is-5 rf' JUNE QS - 0 Ax ' 0 9 fl ky K X ky ,X I h 1 Y '1 4' ' 1 I AC III UINIOR YEAR -1 sr y P ' fill Nturw. 1'Yf'I'. lmclyf The- 'ure-ft l'a11'k vhziptf-1' of ":M'lu1x is -m-iulwln wif uffiviully 1'l141:'tf'1'c'4l. .AX Nmlg. ll llLlIlllf'l' of rw! :xml white: um ' ga pl'f-Nhlvrll All LlIlIlUllI!4'l'lI Nw 4-rf-qitiwrl Hf'2lIl1'XN llllitrll tllf' wluv uf June- .3 l' X Z J Hur Ill ' IIIHIINP 6 iff 1 1 smut har fur mfr 6 HY f III u f Hr K vac tl m -n 23" 4 gf? .v if 1555, Vlary- and frmrr ldlllpltlfl 1 rn: ff t brit:-r po Q 3'4" IG" Q 1 nv' T' 4431 4 SQ , .F . dau. : 'Q 47 5 S.-ig I T 'tsl-ny' r Illxk ln Ihr 49 x and l JUNE JUNIGR PRGM Qfffiigh A cgvcigggbgtg Q5 fm QQ: Q-f'fE'f5 Q' Qi?-we ' ' iw sia Poodlv Express. v f M Y., L , 4 1 out of 11' ue 1 iw I 1--4" xi va' duD..mN 9 I'l wwe pL1'9-:'- i D1 ' . iv, X AQUV L' 7 Q " A 4 - On- e-If-wn in this p' t r- tlr' " un Hui hurt. - 1 ., f' Q - -H -, . rx G Aw '- tr 1,0 Q in P 1 -' is ' I , x A' 5 s. ' ' X C 4 c V ,u . I ' l ' ' if 3' 1 1 D, Q n' -' Pnnrmvhwi mk! ., ,O A If 'Z M , ,,.-,., --,H-.M.."" lfli W, 1 7-D Q .. M... .N......5 Qu-1 K , , - ,V , my ,rn Vip ' 4 '. . ' 1' K , A ,fi 'sm Aw ,Q ' A, , - 1 V Q X3 2354, ' 9 A , . 4 ' f.,,,.,4 f - --eqx uf ' r " ,V AW- uf ,qu .we hmm ..?,,.,,LwAd,..-a- wa-xfL r N .4 ,, , an i Q ,m,,,,,, -ll 6, www ,M ., sqgw '9 ACT IV SENICDR YEAR l uf 1 Q 3 .iii-1 ....,-.T fflimgixf Xs Xu- lmvlx Hlll' lviglvr-N un Hu tip xshflx sw haul QIVUXNII Tu I X izvl that uf- xwn- playing um put Ixtrl' ilu- lzlxt timn-. wut' i'Il'I'K'f-lIl'n' fnllrwte-al mvrulxl mlm Iliff of f'il4'll IIIWIIIVIII gn nw an mul It ' In Ilw fulllxi. 5 WE WELCGMED THE r ls' NINE FUN 'come TO we QUE SISTER TER of-1 Q RT 2? 0- C. - or Rifles On The Chest, CLASSES OF '56 AND '57 "Freshmen, this is Forest Parl-cf, 4'Forest Park, these are your new Freshmenf, Introduction at orientation by the hosts and hostess- es from the Senior Class . . . We show the new stu- dents the highlights of our school . . . the smoking lounges . . . bar and grill . . . air conditioning units . . . They protest that they don't see anything . . . "lt takes an experienced eyef, we tell them, "You'll see all that and more after a few weeks around here." I dreamed I picked coeonuts in my ow ru wut lo g.0 io f' 1 BLL B RC x ilnt len w x 4 ri n Flrt prize a Nhmnn blcsclel I , ' I I Xi' l Lv' ' 1' llle' 1 l m il? -siifl on 'cj Q I E V5 Billy we JR ' ' o ' jon hal f if- tl Four glrls flght over Nlxke The lc-'am lmes up to get ns reward che lar hip to Nlarylandl football 56 F68 HEP PEP f--4 1' Daisy May a d no n Daxs Y mai' HEY! HEY! Catch L11 Abner to drag to the game FI'ld8W mght' r nan D101 ay short k1rt and flat Qh1rt ' Poor R10 1 df-ai 57 You gotta be a football hero. Left to right, First Row: A. Reamer-Manager. B. Dunn, ll. Miller. C. Younger, H. Epftr-in, M. Weiner M. Katz. R. Eberly. H. Loss. Serum! Row: L. Kearns-Manager, B. Norman, S. Oppenheimer. D. Crank, A. Davis, A. Rosenstein. C. Solo mon. A. Dworkin. B. Holsinger. R. Langston. Third Row: J. Gertz. J. Davison. Nlinken. J. Nash. S. Cornblatt. B. Burham. E. Lynch N. Creenspun, A. Silhert. Fourth Row: B. Kruger. D. Berman, C. Noble. W. Schwartz. B. Reamer. T. Cox. Nl. Lynch. FOOTBALL On Septemberl 1963 approxlmatelw 12v1nexper1enced football plaxers reported to new coaches ,lulzan Dwke and 'Vlrlton Ium den and be an the Job f rebulldlng Forest Park s football fortune The fmal squad was a mlxture of plaxer of the 12 team and xoun box playm for the flrst tlme The entlre roup worked hard and exen whlle lo ln the team showed the hu tle and know how that would w1n ames ln the class of 1934 Charle Youn er Ronald Lan ton Dou Crank lVIarwm Werner and Alan Ros enstem performed m the backfreld whlle Blll Dunn Howard Wllller Harxex Ep tem 'Vlawer Katz Ron Eberlx Charles olomon James Dawson and Sklp Los were members of the forward wall Doug Crank was selected to the -Xll qtate Squad on the ba rs of hls 8 2 ward awerate per trw but Douv left the seorrn up to 'Nlarx W emer and Al Ro enstem who tred for the team sformg lead wlth 24- polnts each The members of june 1911 represented thc expernenrf and abllltw whlrh helped lhlQ team reallze tts success but more lmportant they started Fore t lark bark up the ladder of football fortune Julian Dx ke 1 PM W2 50 Fore t Fore t Fore st Pore Forest ' Forest Forest Forest Park Park l rk l ark Fark Fark Park Park 59 Southern 'Nlerxo Tech St Paul Nlf Donorh Pols Net ern Patterson Cllman v ' ' s ,v ' ,' 9 ' ' , ' , S , g ' o , ' ' . l . . . n 14 ,- V W I. . . A , U ' . S .5 E-' - ' g ' . ' ' ' s' gr. 2 ' s '- ' . ,. U C . 7 . s g . gs , g . . " Y ' , - '. S . " . ' ,s ' ' ' . ' r , -., t sf ' .' 1' ' v ", D Y' A M F ' ' A 4 , . K 5 ' Q . 5. S 1 , , , , . tt s 1 Quit oo ' ll :VW g x 'I VX, . te rf' 's ' 0 . , ' s ' 24 A ' ' ' '. lu ' 19 , , ' st R ' ll A - 0 !"f"f. I 1 1' 1 ia Aam- 0 then I Qavi Haw away! Yoxfll nf-wr gPt away. You'l1 newer get 'wah' Into the axr Jumor Bxrd men' Left to nght P Phxpps Belgrad C DNIIOIBIIIO Edmonds K Shlifer Pretty good HITISV Why dont you go out for cheerleading' No ecrets' QQHYL Zi., ml' 10 0, 7 l 3 ,ifgldf f x hh" al x .JI Freeze K x 1 Q. :lf X 'VN The SPIRITQ team I thx xnt ove" Suggeeted lmprosements for next seasons football team Basketsseax mg a new cour thmkmg ln football plaxers New unlforms for uaterbows Water lrls for the waterbows Curly Byrd for goxernor 19 X! X Q14 Cheer cheer for our Forest Park Our sp1r1t re exer the strongeet W e we got a team that on the beam Go Forester beat Nleno W ell rt s not whether you wm or lose lt s hom Nou plaw the ame VC here s the parts 9 Who has a ear K plawers new of the stands scwmelll EU I. Harms 1. S.Dav15 3 Skar-lack 4, I5 Brown 5'.C.NClTl'1a.nSorv L. Wlgley 7 L. fYor-ins N51 IN 'Pfcfur-Q SPORTS FALL Falllng for or fallmg over sports the glrls keep thelr fxgures flt for the sta e lNot constructed ruggedly enou h to play football the falr maldens gracefully perform such del1cate'7 ames as badmm ton and speed ball 64 f .I - A Uk V, O ' , 7 V ' x f ' Q la X7 tr NS ,CLK illlfl Btu 'W f' 4 'U ' xllfpoll M l p p r gm . . , . . . . gl Y ' 3 5 1 ' ' . U g M . n THE PRCDS - - BADMINTON Conv- flown. Mr-. Biaxi. V11 r-atch .L ' I' Immk mwr your Nhoulrlvr lying be-hind! f Thr- girlx in white van sf-rw it right. Top Rout J, Hirfhman. H. Kramf-r. L. Farlwman. X. John- Non. I.. Lipman- R. Romano, Hallam Rwzr: Il. Robe-rtwn. M. Pumpian. SPEEDBALL x2 Stuffed Qhxrts J Butehorn P Kahn R Glazer M Hyman N1 Hart R Pollack Fl K 1 mf Q-we 'iw vw ann 2'f94h'2g435fa!1, i Q, E. ,mhpf '12 4, gv 3 A 'Clem 4' ,Lvl 'if Sv 9' ai Q33 4 II uaoo uf IUII 'llllll!llllvw 'luv mln .llu-. Y nr. I Pils- -. Q Q' ,tgC"' 'V 'rf xi A Qomcfbodv get a Chalf faq' Xe-rman and Berman plas foowe Speedball a rare blend of basket ba soccer hockey football Russlan Roulette checkers e players vet a lot out of the game Bumps brulsea mud on the tennls Qhoes 1933 seaaon wen Quccessful oss of one Uame one palr knee Guards QA A 1. ,ps .'-' , ga: ,. 1.- Follow the leader' .,,':'1-:ab qv uniqu- 4 its .4- fs., .all- 67 an -C' .4 Ballerma and ball in "' ng.-.4 4 .N ,Nm ,- ll - - - - ' - - - th . , W ' C l . , , . . . . T - N Y vb TTI b .!.!a .4- V r-sf, 1.1, ,', 3. , T . 1- Ah A' '4 ' - i. 4 -Q . A ' . c- z: -- Q 2. ' . " 'S d V h nm .'-. .- . -. an one gym teac er ..... l - ,- . - -L A .. - - ' 'P , 11" -5. A . ' -I .N G -,, , . . . 0 , ., ...J , ' , , Vt- .. -. A -. , '- T, ' f ' l 4 .- 'Q - Q' ,A Q I I- . 1 Q , .f-,v . , 1 :K V "TI 4 ' , A l , M- - . .4 21" l ' jg' ' -3' ' li 'Z If 51 N The man WD behmd the e Q SQ IL Thf woman behind Ih man -Xlthough the1r nameQ M111 nexer 11ghtS our 0ff1CerQ rate :tar bllhn Qhow Thex led our lonv run I ar 1nQ lflfl uc to gam from and honor for June 04 h III IH OUI' ForeQt fame 1 Ag 68 wwf STARS Y Stray clog from gtrawrs e hfr 1 rs Sergeant at arm ln anlnon Pele Bar hak Nklppw Lo Q Dase Ncham Jmmmw Narbek 69 -sr bf' 2' I1 ' 7 ' - 1 . ? , f - X k Th- riv -F mal in U11 9 . X : I Y 5 SN. V5 : U I I. 'U xxx 5 . Q WINTER This is what happens to had I've come for the rent little boys who don't wash the rent . . . the rent . . behind their ears. Squares dance! QQ! FESTIVAL , .Lt I isn't the-re' a School ruif- -- If we' knew you wvre going. well of bakPd a cake with a file in it! Winter Festival ticlwts - halipricef Brack Garth and If-nnir Rasin: Jennie Qoiwr and Brark Snyder. ya 147.1 IAQ i WINTER SPGRTS Basketball - they dribble . . . swimming - they drip . . . lce hockey - they droop . . . class parties - they drink! 72 SWIMMING 23X 0 or gpm XYXK FP Frog Wien I'1rstRou L Qawal H DuBo1 CoCapta1n B Caplan I Kaufman C I.aPauzf befonfl Row Loach H Zolrt N Nakm X Nlerrlll B Kolodner B Gold tem LoLapta1n E Lmnbaum 9 Rochlm mana er J'- N.- .....L--q -'x Q? P A f Q x lx he- 1' ming ' ' gr? Q '.. . l ': . --' , . 'S, - 'lg X. -. . V I , . Q w 1 ' - vw- - , : . . 1 - 1 - 5 - ' Z - v -1- , S - - wi--' "WV ... A vf J ' , f ' ' ' W 3 k,T,.,,.. f -L-'-rn" ' -iw-M K Lung- ,.,. ,,., rv- 1 ..:-- 'T' 4 A N f '- - - A 1 L K , l. X 5 ,M , A' , I m ' Q ..L ., X . k . -K A T' --' x - L M L, .Y E KM A ' 'L '-..,w - 4 -2 N 4 . . if r--lj Z 4 ef to rzght Fzrst Hou NI Ixl N 0ppLnl1mm Pammr 1 JJ um 14 H Xmsrnu VARSITY BASKETBALL :HS f' N I XK11., Iuulm th: 1.1fl4l'r' 74 ., .3 . . N'- A b .,,.. Y - F 1 k A 1 . . V' 5 ' - ' J 1 .. 2 ' 'v I . 4 A ig , .. A , v f ' ,Q . . X .E P K, V R I LJ iii., 5 A I 1 4' , i 2 x N. . X A ' ,J ' - ,-f' 'f'-ff"'? "ff , ' . . . . ,- , , -f ' t - 4' 'L -A W , ' : ' A . - , x- A :L ,. , A 5 fn-v . Cui. A Ln' g' ' 'nl - ' Q , z A H- .Q . - .X 1 A. A 2 R X55 .. A T A Y 'X .Q x f T' ? A .1 Y. 1 A 'vt' I , . f K new ' L f ' , '. ': T. FI:-inhart. . . Y ine-. - ' , J. W' V' SS, B. R '. Q. Hull. Ser' I R112 ..- ' "k. H. F V . . S . . Bl ' ' . . I. Stvrn. 5. Lows, Mt. I buh, P P P P P P P P P P P P P P J 1 Won 'a T3 T3 67 f6 U 1 56 54 93 64 69 T3 S2 T0 32 6T 68 M .an I.ake'," Loft '- 6 Buy 5 Latin Ft. Paul! Gilman Nlcflwnogh Towxon Catholic Wilmington City Pattwrson Xlerso Southern Lowla Pulx' City Men 0 Parte-rfon Southern Polv "' Ar 5' is EF ' 5 'Q A 5 X 1 ifffgi gf ' -f Y f T V V F , -Bw xg V 'V 'fi' Q 11 --v: ' 'wr 35:1 f-Q, 9 'i ,T 1 ba w , . ,i if ,ea Did you see that blonde in the third 6 row ? mfr Afim, 4, Somf- no-doze, quickly Won - 5 Lost - 4- Tied F.P. 3 .. St. Joe F.P. 2 Loyola F.P. -1 . Poly F.P. 0 Calvert Hall F.P. 2 , . . St. Joe FP. 5 , . A Loyola F.P. 5 Poly F.P. 2 Calvert Hall Harvard Cup Playoffs F.P. -L Loyola F.P. 1 Calvert Hall ri WINTER SPORTS In the winter, people ice skate and toboggan fl X XX but Forest Park girls shoot baskets X , s.,t 1 . . nie' l , 5 imagine that, dead baskets . . . swim E but I can't swim - don't push - now d-don't FN -fx f X - glub . . . glub - imagine that. dead people . . . play ping-pong l ping:-pfwrlgr -8 lwllnfe F- f'fUY1f'h . . . imagine that, dead ping-pong balls! 7? Pfl to ri,-Zhi, First ROIl'f R. Pollzlvk. I.. Lipman, fl. Shazlmun. K. Fhufff-r. Swwurzrl Row: P. Yvar rmk. J. But:-hnrn, M. Hubin, C. COIIPII. R. Glaze-r, llissingz NI. Ste-in. lf, Ulim-hikoff. P, Uurgf-ss BASKETBALL SCORES F.P. 30 , . . A . . Western 37 F.P. 15 . . . . . Eastern 22 F.P. 27 . . . . . Patterson 42 STUDENT The Ftutlcnt Hou-1'11111f'11t Office . . . home of the CL1lvlllt'l anfl the Fcnalc . . . birthplace of many uf-1'tl1ul1ile irleas for the lN'll.CI'Illf'lll of Forest Park . . . so 1-allcfl her-qiuse it is operated unfler the mlcnnocratic sys- tem especially between 9 and 2:30 when everybody does what he pleases . . . last-minute homework or studying, exchanging of anecdotes, discussion of current events . . . membership not exclusive . . . open to anyone in possession of a study hall or cafe pass. f rcutiw lJt'lMlI'lI1lt'Yll vasu't at the year party, vs 9.855 X ' you coll.-v1i11g1 tlnngs a 8 'Cf GOVERNMENT granrr- in the SPHHIP. Iwi! to r1',eht: R. llyman. F. Ffnxf-l. PX. Hrull. R. Kriflgfr. . Skarlwlx. ll. Simm-. ll. llwffman. l.. Ynyflv-r. l,, Culp-ru. l x I .Lf 'im Thf- Stmlr-nt Court. lwfl to right: P. liarxllak. il. lfpxte-in. L. Bellrvml, N. Hose-n. ll. Ff'll6l'IllZ1l'l. Y. Williams llaxideon, C. Coop:-r. lniiclf' Ihr- Calwinf-t. Lvl! In riglziz Xl. Brown. F. Kaplan. ll. Nflfllllll'T11. 4. CTr'r'HllHllI3l. .l. Skarlwr-k. .-X. Clmrnow. S, Rlankmzm. H. Wixe-man. ll. IN-111-rrvmn. Nl. Wllifrwmri. R. lff'l'l' lmrg. 9. Ravugin. Svaffwl: Hu-t lfvcullf-ll Stlnlvnt l'rf-Ni1lv-ut. Xlilfliill l'umpi.m. Our Cformgrfsmen ge!! to righf. Frm! Rau: NI. Shafer. B. Nagle-. NI. Hyman. J. Frif-mum. J. Ilaxi--ln. J. Pr-llm-r. Sf' Rmr: R. jaclls. l. Slxlaroff. ll, llw-nllwr-rg. E. Ro-ef. ll. ROrr'Hlll3l. F. Be-rryman. N. ll1l.'---r1g1r1l1. lf in-lxffr. Xl. NX Ill. T514 H1 rw F. Hrimm. ll. Fimm-. xl. H-'mm l.. llvllrvnfl. X. l.ll"I'HHW, ll KlIl'4'I"'N l lv MWI1 I"I1 X ll" T 'I l llUNl' l 1 Fturnavll'-r. F1-nrllkffuz l..Sufh-,Nl.Fullw.J.lI.1.1-.S.I..-xm..I llwrx. Xl. l'-'I-lm.u1. l'. XX"1r14r.1'2. l' l-"---K. lr. 'V llivring, l"z'.rfh RUM: ll. llxman. J. KF8Illf'T. NI. llurxllay. ll. t..1pl.m. F llli- l1m.l:1. 'lf Xml' r. S l' ll. lbw. ll. B9llv'g.lH. .-X. Fruman. Sixlh Row: ll. lldvlmirlo. l.. llottlvilv. Nl. l'r'f'f'4l. l. N1llf'!T. l.. 41-rl+. 4, Uppfrmlmim. ll. llwlzr man. F. Grossman. XI. Sargwwilz. I. Fr-ual.Sf'1e'r1th Row: N. Nwmrl. F. Rn-f nlwu. ll. Nlm lv, ll. l'--171'-'ll . 4 . 4.1pl.m. J. Armigf-r. H. Click. I.. Fclmlvillrr. K SENIOR INAUGURAL The day finally came, and we were truly moved . . . lsighl . . . in fact we moved right out of Spanish. English, History. etc . . . Conspicuous sen- iors Could he seen in every corner of the school - up in the tower . . . lthev are no longer with uslg in the teachers, smoking lounge . . . lthey are no longer with usb: and in the elevator . . . lthev are no longer with usb: Meet the smallest class ever to leave the school! 1 eww Tlllill T1 11- On my scout's honor I will try to do my best . . . This is your zoo in their Sunday best! hsther A. Lazurus Mr. Dunn takes forty winks 'we fx ,jigs 'Q S " g L A, 5 . " Q 'fa 221' 3 A 5 5 3 Z 'fa' Q 9 5 'f lx f x I "-" 04 1 gi I TCD HGNGR THOSE WHO SERVE F3 Bm Opportunity Club Fzrit Rou ,l Harrx L Hclfgott N Crvf-nvbaum R faplan P Click Qecond Rom N Cru-n ,l Abram on J Pecbwr -X Karlln R Cohen Th1r11R0u iouclman Mellllll B Bal Pr au R 026-ntbal Iwmrth Row J Cohen L Nllller B Blum X Nlxer N arg.ol1 F1 ou Tr Krone- D Wood C Black Sszxth Rau H Brown 'Nl Bor bax F Bluk tmn D Erlub Qezenrh Rou L Frerd man 'N Ro en D Cold P Kramer Eighth Ruu T Kan 'Nl Wolf H Hansard 'Ninth ou N Baum T ame M A bman Standmg A Alt bull X Hvbulu F Jafolr X laluln F Leanarcl T Nlllton R Berman l. Kern H Blank l gcllanlcffr H Kantor F lvw B Comlman l' Lexln X Hom r I Rowr F Frmlerlck Ml u crQ ox Rru man If-ln R011 F' furth Rru X lalun H Feuerma rwn bam m 1 L an Ro en ro 1 1 um Wan 1171 fr lo fl 1 rrll N Xillllll n Elhlcal Club Seated left to rlght Fzrst Rau Cornblatt D Berman Nl WPIIIGI' Second Rou C Qolomon X Dworkln 'Nl Rue Thzrd Rom R lang ton B RQHIIIPI' B 'Noonbcrg .Standzng left to l'r1ulcl S 'Nllnlxm n N Blanlunan Pre ulent X Ro If L1-ar fr un Salted lejt to rzgfzl Fzrsl Blanlunan I Nkarbek f Cooper R Hy Nw amd Rru l Laxton B ol ll lman Nl Br1ll B 'Noonbcrg T zr N Nr 0 Rulm 'N Nb YIIZ NI 'Nar 'No H ru w r IX n x man 1 84 Q -' ' W f , 1 1 N ' lp C ,H . M Q' I , ,J . 1 4 ., - I I , 3 K , II. 6 - V Q N W f 'I , B I 5 p ,P h I s K ' , , .K , Q .IFF ' . ., AS K .. ': Nl., ll" ,"s.,L. S.,.l: D . Rv., . T ': , 1 , ., ' , . . F' Nl 1 '21, 'fzh R 'Z ull, B. S, .1 .. . ' A: . '. . l' . R 'z .l. ,B. b S.,.rs A:' .,-.f ' ,. , ' - , , ' , ' ': S. rgghlz Jhavobs. A-. Cobvn. Mr.. C. Mallorlexng ll. 1' .,., " , 9"1g, s- vn- -in. B 5' ll -' Cl l - .F . A 4 , ' I 'I ' , , AY' ', ' . . v. . ll. Pr:-N-, ,l I 1 'Q , " I V, G N4.R.ly1'A',,4 '. ,Al 1. : f -bl -N. G. 1' . ' , , , ,l un, F1 J I ll. Bal-rr, , , ,' " A , n, C f- l , Fifi! Ruz': I.. 3"'kE. X, E . J. ll 1l"'. XXL-liA -. .' f'gA ffpf 'ghj V iwruau. l'rw-lllwxuq l'. liarabalfc. l.. f rins. . F flf-1. llr. Frm-rlv'ri1k, Nlr. lf, R01 -l XI, I4--j Y AA Blumlu-ru. l.. Snlllvr. ll, flolrl . Xl. Xlilllrfn. A. Nlv 4. l. ' ma. CirlN' P' Leader! Club - Seated, left to righl, Firs! Row: ll. llrmlkin. l. lllumbz-rg, S. Yemman, .l. Zervitz, V. Erlieh. ll. FiNl1l1ein. P. Kr0Nf-r. S1'r0nrlRUu': fl. Ruiliv. H. lflrofll-cin. lf. Kaplan. li. Kramer. J. l,utt, lf. Bix. S. Seli- Waffl. l'Tl3l'l. Thir1lRou': l. Platt. 5. Bernstein. NI. Brown. N. Cm-flman. ll. Koppel. ll. llerman. Fourth Row! J. Hirsch- U. NarlineN. Xl. .-Xl1ram0witz.J.Weitzman, A. Daxidson. li. I.:-wy. Fifth Rout .l. Butf-horn. S. Weinstein. Sflll1dl.llg,I6if to right: N. Racusin. PreNident. L. Lipman. N. Cohen. R. Townsend. C. Epstein. Nl. Shofer. Nl. Pumpian. Nl. Rol1inNon. Nl. Winer. Miss S. Becker, B. Schuster. N. Lalmwitz. ur Nqlldff fl l eater elf to rlghf First Ron J omf x n on ff QPIUVI 011 llflll R ann lg um N0 1 anm ir OH Nia er len N NlI'Ill'I1l'lFl N Flnm R lxalmfr N wr w ourt on ni N 4 nopf H lmvlmlnfr R Yemfw f1l0VNlll nnflzng err to right N xman men Q 1 4 as u orn X 0 r N 1MZlI'llIT1dH l faplan ll Caplan N ian C CL n O4 mer re 1 e R 0 ter llu Neaffil err to rz irc ou r f ar 1 nn. ni N B rn e n axlil on z :lima on r a 1 an w en ir mi 1 ,ull 0 en If in nur! Ull Na ll nn in N 41 Q r xm lllumm orman ll lx rman nn, r N1 ,lf Nu Nd, ,r , r K, rn IJ, ,- 1 Nhaff r N um ri tu Q in rman ri ox x me r n PP fem ' HHH 3 1 ip e N Wiko Pre ll rn F0 ' ' fum .9 f.l l ' . i. 'z . R -. V. lx- i N . B. P- Nkiv. . N rl R 'Z ll Ro . . llf-llm . '. l.anslay. l. lll ln-rg. A. f ki l. fl. Nh g' . Th' rf R ': K. fl ff- . Nl. . "n. .N N. . . V 4 '. 'li " Nkj. F. h R 'i N, He' ller. if fr. . ' ' . . . H. l lil " . Sl ' .I ' i : llj .R. Blu - f-lvl. lf. Pktxlai. ll. B ll N. Nl. K . l. T H. FI fel ' '. ' . .. 1' . . I ' , l.ipn . l. ,li '. N. l.almiIZ. R. C lll ' 51. l' 'NRI-nt. 0 N f lx f ' . l A 'ghh F' .I R ': V. Erli li. R. l"iNl1lr'in. ll. R Nlal-Q. Sei' l R it f' Nt i X. D ' N .l W 'A 'n. H. K Ip-l. ll. ff gl .ll.C1h . Th' ii R ': R. Ht'llIll3l. lf. l.gm4lay. N. R ' Nin. .X R N N -' . F h H : X. ."4'kN. Nl. R0l'nN .,l. l. tr. Nl. fli f-. R. ll, an. Fiflh Knut l. lerg. N D N' . - "' ' . R. Nw le gr. N. fal-Qin. F' ' h R ': Z. f gp- Nt-in. ll. F if-lil, ,L Nlf- 'll. N. 'H lin Nl. . fl, fl if g. left righf: ll. F' ' . Nl. B 'll. ll. llunlx Nkr. Nl, Wir '. Nl. Wliiinxan. li. Win' lan. Q' . N ' . .. Seri . l. Ncl1uNtvr. R. Tnwnse-nl, l.. IQ man. Mr. X. K Ntle. ff. N'l- I. if i',b , 25?-2 '9 'JQZQET 'K' 7 ii- z f ,fy . , ,V V 1.72 J' ' . 3' fig!"-. 1 'gg ,-79 1,5 :Q-ga. 3 ' gy 4,-wlfw,f',1,5, N 0:3 w 4, rf-wwe'-Ammwamn My ff-ik L 4 3. 'Eg 3 iv' I - Vljfi ga A .ti I Q , if 'fy Ir ff' f ,- Y ifiiivfglrv 1.1 rfg - Q f ra wi 25 f ' iw 5 2 V ' f ff fl Mgz gf Q41 . ' 4 rf ? ,,,, I VZ- f., I 'V w .vw A f .,'9 '. fs Q. . , Y, ,Y My ,e-,f -' xi il, x -Q Q vu? g...,' :, 5. , . , ,- Q' 5 -- pf 9 T Y J . x 1 . 1 . M ,Q 6 ,Q 1 Rv 5 'ff fu? 1 1 M - Q14 'gjl'?l'5u'dgv-i521 1..,:. -1 - QP, Q , , ,. , Is- Q 5 Q ' M 3 , ew E S K ,A 'h ,X s ,ff ,I AW' M Horror ' ........f' A Ieyt lo right First Rau, f Hutton T Jandorf S fornblatt N1 Jer! N Robert H Pre -X Nlvrrnll Serond Rau 5. Rosen tun N Nakln B Noonbe-rg h Nko lm J Qrowman P Lmbaum ThlfllR01L P Wme-grad I lung S Nimkfn B 'Nulker 'N fre n n L f man K Hayward I der F sn h fan Xlallonnr-e X Cm Boy m our up -Q' Kei' Einar? 3 TRACK Pzrsz Row 'SI RICE I Domck P Barshak 9 Blankman M Wemer B Golditem G Ruhm S Lessani Second Row R Nlartm coach B Stern F Frush P Kramer R LaPauze B Frledman F Zlmmemlan J Gertz Thzrd Row S Davls S Harms R Rosen arten W Santee B Nlathlas R Plotkm ,I Lassahn fleld coach The pa1amaQ are off" Pltchmg penmes 88 . . . , . , . , , . Q , . - , . 1 . .,. . . . -' , . , . , . , . . ' U , . , . . . . , . , . D , , . , , . , . 1 . . . - 9 GOLFING OFF Puits' Thx tees me off pf' 5 le wld H Bun. J erouf Run L .nh H HlT.lh. F. Croman. 89 BAT MEN Safe, but sore if Batters go batty from Apnl to Septem ber Then wlth a collectlon of lumps an bumps and bruises the stnkeout kmgs ,tr retire' Seventh lnmng stretch 90 -,., X 1 -A r The team - in one of its off moments. First Row: R. Jacobs, B. Kappelman, S. Oppenheim R. Langston, K. Topaz. Second Row: C. Noble, C. Livingston, B. Stern, J. Weinglass, D Berman, B, Simms, T. DiLeonardi, K. Porta. M. Mantle, H. Amerniclc. Third Row: Coach A Anderson. H. Hanley, S. Loss, A. Cohen. A. Hopkins. S. Cohen, A. Dworkin. 59 Z -. . S, 9' , '-1 SA 4 w Q LX ' He-'s out to kill the umpire! Rough game. Well. that's the way the bat swings. 9 I .A nv RACQUET SQUAD Vg , M, -rr-"""'f A - ul.. - L., .A , , 'Nw A lf, I Hr 3 VII VIA T WI YH M psf Al I hIWk IL IMI Bl HR ll HPhIlI-dll? Xbh F "QI,-lu A I- Q V Q . X X ' , gk 1 e ,K A X 'N 2 A . lv-'X C xx K7 fin L. able tennis on a large Scale A A U Y , , . Y , , R K . T , .. A 9 E 1 I I' I A XX is LST: v 'f FA- F 3 . , - x-.' Q' 'Pr X' 'UU f 1 'in ' 2 i.-3 1. N , Q , n 1 Q , I Y A LN ' I A I N , f 'lr' A. ,"7' 'nee1'ng. ef! In ng rc .. 'a-'in-. . aylnn. l. 1 w HIFI. J. Myvrx, R. Shuftf-rman. Standing: E. Newton. coach, R. um. . off-n pmun. , 'i- . , 'rif- w. I, rm-fa, , . ' f-rmm',IJ.lfnl1f-n.:X.Fri0man. GIRLS TENNIS A W KIA E V QQ Wg YI I YII Il WALL f K 1 Y A W V Top Row: F. Taubman, M. Silherstein. M. Wliner, L. Fa R. Romano, B. Morestein, T. Schocketl, E. Bix. ' 0 A Qfifd A N fx ' i Q5 l H N A Z5 3 v X The athletes that bloom in h V take full advantage of the f h d shine as th V' f ll f 1 April show' - . ' h h gym f : b l l ' d bu' - '- " h Y , A, A L Y 4 SOFTBALL I 5 5 Jackie disprove-s the law of gravity Aft'-r Be-fore Look. girls - aboys VGLLEY BALL Perfect set up' Volleyball the game for net wlts splked punch over the lost two players for rent two sllghtlw swollen left ankles X er the ball 1 0 er net . . . lost serve - lost game - A ft 'S ' A PLAY WITHIN A PLAY mo Cam W my he Mao Uweewa il genceli al C 3 abetg 606 AKXOYXOXG Vxegele GOX X Valk Nl 5 me 8 00 Q ew UK Mrs Stanley Mzss Preen Maggze Cutler Rzchard Stanley fune Stanley Mr Stanley Sheridan Whtteslde Mrs Mcffutcheonson Mrs Dexter Dr Bradley Harrzet Stanley Sandy Bert fe ferson Pro essor Metz John 2 nfxet Sarah Convlets Guard Beverly Carlton Lorraine Sheldon Ban jo Expressmen Deputy Sherzff Radio Announcer Weseott J Sandy Stem Betty Levey Carol Baker George Cooper Call Rudle Harvey Epstem Martm Stark Judy ZCI'VltZ Elame Kaplan Leshe Norms Donna Narlmes Joel Abramson Dave Scham Ralph Blshop Joan Levy lmmv Davldson B1lly Noonberg Walt Myers Barry Wlseman Carol Epsteln Rlchard Hyman Stanley Cohen Alan Cohen RlCky Goldman Harold Cooper Pete Barshak I may vomit 96 N r,,.,rr, . ' CH 6 ff fifiiigifgii - . ...,, ,...t.....,.....,.. L arryColeman r , N' ...S,,t,r,.,,r,e,.et,trrt S S1 ' 5 .,l, '1'. i 1 or y L. --T aiu 5,4 Q 4. "'I'h.- Han Whn flamr- to IJIIIIIPI'-1 Sf, Rvhvarfal for what 'F ,Klum-I ax lun! ax fivnrgy- t'f,f,I,f'y-I photography! Photogvniv llllllfll. an-n't u x x , -..ah ?ii' ' thu-v i AND THE DEADHEADS Dont blame us Edltorsln chzet Qheryl Dorman Joanne Lott Art Edztor Ruja Kobm Features Edztors Judy Zersltz Shella Welnitexn Gzrls Sports Edztors Dons Berman 'Nlanlyn Hyman Boys Sports Ed Nhchael Brlll Alan Ro en tem Wrzte Ups Edztor Carol Epstem Photographx Ed Nlaxme Lexm George Cooper Ilubs Edztor Pam Kahn Prootreadzng Edztor Jo -Xnn Goldenberg Buszness Uanager Qtevwart Greenebaum Bookkeeper Pat Lmder Adzertzsmg Editor xllml Shafer Czrculalzon Edztor Wllma Schaffer Transcrzptzon Editor Marian Lewenthal Publzcztx Ed Rnhard Human Ruth Town end Farullm Iearbool Aduser John F Burger Jr 04" ali. '..fv.f 1-all TP kmg was ln hl countmg hou e countln out hl monex O I 19 so-7 re' V E 4 CL 9 '77 -1 -I - .. E , .Q ............... V l ....... I 7- ' . , f ' . M I ....... h , x " ',r s s' X V U- . '., - af 5 , " ...................... ' f Q .. . .. , . E I .............. I , .N , F' ' : " . , . 'tr , N, Q, Ae . . .S . S .g 1, 98 WHG MET THE DEADLINE Standing: R. Townsend, Publicity Editorg M. Brill, Boys' Sports Editorg C. Epstein, Write- ups Editorg D. Berman, M. Hyman, Girls' Sports Editorsg J. Goldenberg, Proofreading Editorg R. Hyman, Publicity Editorg P. Kahn, Clubs Editor. Seated: R. Kobin, Art Editor: M. Levin, C. Cooper, Photography Editors. S. Weinstein. J. Zervitz Ulissingl, Features Editors. Standing: Nl. Leventhal. M. Shofer. Sea!- ed: P. Lindner. S. Greenebaum fMoney Matters lnni ,. 40' The Yearbook Staff in their usual position 2 if E 4 JUIE. ga. lm o I. n X A4 M Www nv gr' b X - ,f . W4 X , Qs, A Ili X Q Fi 54' ,., .MK iff' ,flQr"3' My 'W T. wi if xg , 4.1:-5 Sf - f -hiya A F l Q f 1 uf' FF ' ! 5 ,M 1 2 'H Iii, Y AL - ik? ,-J -.,. e R , gig, E ,v N1 f,f- ,.-' , M . 'Q 9 Lis? 5,4 :Mv Mwdwq at , . v In .Vi X THE CAST 111'111l 11 111 1 1 T111 111 111 111 1X 1 1 I1 11111 11111 1 11111 1 111 I1 11 11 1 1I1l1l1I111111 11111 11 1 1 I 'I-111 1 111 1111'1 1 1 1 1111 1111xn 1 11 1 I1 1 1 LON N .-X A BRA Movvllz Lonnie Sweet of nature. street of fare, She has fharrn anrl poise anrl grare. Year Comm.: Troupf-r-, Home EC, Clube: lr. Day: Clubs As' sembly: FORESTFRQ Lists of Nlvrit. Honor. JOEL ABR AMbO'W One who leads and a friend aboze frzends Treai BOC Camera Club qec Chemwtry Aeronautics Clubs .lV track and eros countr qenior Play llomzroom Officer MARILXN A AMERNICK Worthi things happen to the uorthy Intramural sportQ UNY Aesem bly Nfusic Festival Al DREY R ASKIN Chelly Quiet and helpful Biology Club Chr of Campus fomm mil Conservation Comm Biology A embly C AROL E BAKER Charms to Slflht' the sight and merit to um the hear! Pre German Club fhr Clft ornm N mor arewll Nquare French fhenn try C ui Winter F trial Jr av Intramural port FORFSTFR Neni r lax O Phe tra t D1 tinctlon Nferit Honor 102 llllrlllf llrlylll R:XRSllAK .4 man of broad shoulrlers anrl hemir size Sgt.-atvgirrris, June '5l: Ser. BOC: Yee-pvNational Honor 50- eietyg Judge: Chr. Seating and Nlarehing - Senior lnauguralg lloo-ter Club: JY and Varsity e-winnning and track: FOREST- FR: Numerals. JY Letter: Jr. llav: Cafe Superxiior. ROSLX N BARTON oi A eheerful heart has many lrzenzls :ar omm ee lil e mal fhoru Troupere Biology flub Yollevball year team Nu meral WlmorF lr Day Mu ir A emJl1e PHY LLIS BAYLINI Phsll The ideal o courtesy wit and charm r Publicity Senior In augural Chr Banner Comm 4 German and Home Bc Club Intramural Qports N merals Aisemblie .lr ay Cafe Officer BENITA E BFCKLR Binnle Lone eteri moment that you lite Chr Cift Comm Soph Hop Mar Comm Bu me Qeruu Shorthand flee Club lntra mural port r ax A m 1 ie FRANCES LPA BF,RLlN Fran Her talents are more the silent hind hear Comm Llhrary 'WY Copper Foil French Club E tra Curricular F FORFQTER Klub A emblw Cafe Officer 3' DORI5 BERVIAN Here are no storms no notse just good deeds Nec 4 Square Club lfls Nport Fflntor FOREQTER Chr Nenxor Farewell NHIIOH al Honor some-tw Boo ter Club Intramural port 'Numeral Nllnor l' Extra ClltTlClll8l' F t f D1 tmctxon Honor Vlerlt IRVN IN BFRN1-KN Sonm All goof! thmgs uhzzh ertst are the nuts ol ortgmalttv .uk f rot t of Honor WITCHLLL BLRVI AN 4 man so 1.f1l'I0llS that he p pcnrefl to be not one but mam lr: Radio Cluh Audio Crew faptaxn Year Comm Home ro: nu f ff 1 c e r lntramura mort Pxtra curruular F e mlmln JI DX H BLRXQTEIX urls lheertulness ts the 0 jsprzng 0 gomlneis lhr of Qrraplmok Comm Q at Xrm r ear omm C ntral Xrt fomm N1 rthaml as x ra urrxru ar tfllllll ash l X tl'l RALPH L BINHOP B1 h To tale arlzlee ts the trrst step to uzwlom Pre lm Noph Yar xts ba Lethall Numeral JY Letter EXA M BIY Its mee to be natural uhen you re naturally ntre Nec R84llO Work hop Ngt at rm H10 ogv I Y ear Comm 4 Square fluh NHIIOYI al Honor Soc-lety War uw en 'Numeral Nlmor F tra flII'l'lClIl3I' F ,Ir Daw FOR LNTER L1 t of Honor Wie-nt STL ART BI-XNKN1-XX Duke 4 goorl sport uorth a toast re rl Y f tural 1 Jufl r 'Natnonal Honor N0ill"lV BOI Year Comm War nts foot ld ha ke tall tra: lt 'N mor N or F JN Litter ,lr aw l 1 t f Honor PI INOR BLINCHILOFF s In sports and frlemlshtp she er I6 s Art Chemmtry Club Jr Daw Intramural Sport Y r nts a f mall 5 u ent nur a e Offuar CRACP ANN BIOClx Sl lie e speerh of angels far Comm 1 Nquarr fspm omm 1 Npr-ma oru Q 1 uoxr wmhlu FORPNTF R fafe u x n X ll'I NI XRLENE BLL NI The only um to hole a trzena' zs to be one 3 ear Comm LNY Open Forum French Club lntra mural port Coach L t l Honor sAXlJR Xl BI L N1 Nanclx learning wnzle l1ale1l l lorable nature Year I omm Rafllo 8 TY Work op ntramural port ll meral Jr Dax W 1n er Fe t1 x L 1 of Honor N 1r1 ILEN E BLL NIBERC Leenle fontznual rheerlzllness lS the szgn of wisdom Pres and Treae FTA Year Comm Natmonal Honor QOCIPIY Booater 4 Square Clubs lntra mural Qporta Numerale Mmor F and Nlajor F Extra Curr1 cular F Asiemblles Coach Llsts of D1 IIDCIIOII Honor JANET LEE BOYD Jay Bee Y g are truly good Year Comm Jr Daw Pan Amerxcan Assembly Cafe Of f1cer L1brary alde STEW ART BRAUN STEIN Bless d IS the one uho has hear hrs muszc Orche tra Fxtra Currlcular F Jr Day NILISIC Aasemblxe ARLEXE JOX BRIDGE Lozes all does urong to none New FN A Coodvnll Comm Re ro Qhorthand Cheml In LNX Club Intra mural port 'Numeral Nfmor F Extra Curricular F Jr Dav FOREQTER WN-, 3' T' A ll ll 'N 1111 ne nam: VI If jralxe 1n1 1 N1 or! POR Q FR X Rf rs Tr1a 1 Captaln 11 121111 R mndl onor Q01 ll N Fxtra 11rr1e11lar l' Da Coen 1 t of llfn R091 MARX BROCATO S1lenre 19 the bei! ornament of uomen lntramural port lqlllllffiil 'N mor F Mr Raul Wanlvn JL DITH BRODQKX uds She rloes her best no one can IIO more Pre and qec of UWY Cer man Club Trea Year Comm Clee Club Radlo and TX W ork bop Boo ter Clubs Jr Das lntramural porta Ex Ira Currxcular F A emblle Iress L11 of Ho11or PHX LLIS BROTNT XX 4 sueel r1t1r111t11e 1111111 of gra1e C of R11 1 e qerxlce 111 ar ion Txpmg, fumm ll1ll'ElllllIl'8l port Exlra Cllffl C11 ar l' 'K crulle FOR T of Honor 'N er1 IORFTTX C XII BROXVX P Tlz se ulwo brlng, S11nSl11ne to Il1e es n 11111 rv anno! leep 11 from lhemselzev f8I'fOH1lU Fl ll lnlramural port 'Nllmeral 'Umor F Fxtra Currucular F FORFSTFR y .1 1. ,Z 11111 -Xlil. 11. 11111. .F W ' V 5 .4 , 4 ' E ' ,. 5 H. H J' yn 1 111.7 11111 1 1 ', Q , ,X ' h. l ' j D: - ' ' , 5 ' C11-lf1I'111r llrn-' f'1 N V - ' . Ah 1 I 5 S: N 1 AA F, T , 3 '1-1-p - WC: ll Q S: . ,: '- I, S -, 5 -N, . film- fflub: , '- all ig F ' . .il ,L Cl N, T- 3 unit:-r Club: Xa- t' ' ll , , -' -tj: fl ' ' iz Jr. 'yz , 'l - ing: Lie 1 or. .v .A 1 . - . 3 ' ' ll A r .g ' ., ' 3 'MQ V ' '. . , M V -1, A ' . A l 1- Q: A S3 A 2 ' ' ' Af' 3 ,- A ' L ' . u Q .S 1 R - Q lk . . , 1 V ' 7 They are only trul feat who ll . A in 45 It , I .3 - . ,'Z I ' . ' 5.1 ' . 13 S , 1 - ff AJ l ' I . SS ' S' ' . 3 's . Y , - v d 1, 4 V L i A A' -A. ' A U . ' - X Se . in 94 . " Cl l 1 5 I 1. ' I , X .4 Y1- I 1n1,: j ' 1 f .: . g , - S. Q . 4 5 S.: . i '. T' l : Q sv D1 G: ES - ER: Lists . .I 't. Ar A A A. 1.1 I A ' - - 1 . R 1 .V . ' ,l, Z " . UAE ' I ' . . I 541 rl 'C Ss. . , l1'1 . l e . 1' .' ' A S1 A ' ' xv 3 Q.: Q, C1111 IJNYQ . M G 1 - . 1 n D I I h A5 -g A- PATRICIA M. BURGESS Mickey Play up, play up, and play the game. Coach of JV and Varsity bas- ketball teamsg Numeralsg Minor F3 Music Assemblies. .ILNE MARIE BLTEHORW C ppl The glory o a firm mind wtse to resolve and patient to per orm ec Special Chorus Year Comm National Honor So cnety Booster Club Varsity basketball peedball volleyball INumerals 'Nlmor and Major F Extra Curricular F List of Hon RONALD CAPLAN Ronnie The learned man has always riches wzthtn htmself Air Raid Warden Coach SHEILA ELLEN CAPLAW Shell She has perfected the ar! o nendlzness by constant practice Rec Copper Foil Club hear Comm Biology qborthand Chem: trw Clubs Yolleyball Year Team Numeral 'Nlmor F Extra Curricular F ,lr Day L1 t of Honor MARGARET CLALS Vlarffe Ezery uoman has her oun humour Year Comm Qhorthand Club Intramural sports Numerals Jr Dav Student Rep Home room Officer ALLAN IRA COHEN Al Learn to smile at trouble and half the battle's won. Year Comm.: Chemistry, Radio, Rifle, German Clubsg FOREST- ERg .IV football: Manager - baseballg Numeralsg Minor Fg lr. Day' Coach. CHRISTINF COHEN Chris As merry as the day ts long Year Comm UNY German Chemistry Clubs Varsity bas ketball volleyball speedhall Numerals 'Vlmor F DAVID COHEN Let me lzue and never worry about tomorrow Year Comm Intramural sports Fresh Soph football Numer als Homeroom Officer HELFN FRANCES COHEN Personalztv plus zuartousness puts sunshine and happmess znto enerrone s ltfe Year Comm Art Club Intra mural port Numerals 'Nllnor F Extra Curricular F Accom pianist for asemblles Winter Festival Coach FORESTER Lx ts of Honor Merit ROBERT ALLEN COHEN llusze l5 the unzversal language qgt at Arms Spanish Club Year Comm BOC Glee Open Forum Club ,Ir Day Winter Festival FORESTER Home room Officer Lists of Honor AICFII jf- RONA COHEN BOB COLTON Cheerful looks make every dish a Whats the use of worrying? It 6115! never was worth while FI'Cl'lCl'l RBKTIO and B1010 bagkgtball gl' TV W o r k s h o p Intramural JV liner Jr Day Homeroom sports Locker duty ec ROSE F COHEN No legacy zs as nch as honesty Year Comm Canine Club In tramural sports Numerals .Ir Day Christmas Assembly Mu slc Assemblies SANDRA COHEN Sandy The hzghest of dlstlnctlons lS service to others Treas and 2nd Veep Na tlonal Honor Society Pres Veep Bl0l0gy Club Veep Red Cross Club Sec FNA Boost er Club Year Comm FOR ESTER Intramural sports N merals Mmor F Extra Cu1'r1 cular F Llsts of D1st1nct1on Honor STANLEY COHEN Midget Hes rare but hes real' Year Comm FORESTER JV baseball Fresh Soph basket ball JV Letter LAWRENCE COLEMAN Larry Well done is better than well said. Year Comm.g Music, Biology, UNY, Open Forum Clubsg ,IV Baseballg Jr. Dayg Senior Playg Homeroom Officer. GEORGE ELLIS COOPFR Coop Knowledge ts proud that he has learned so much Photography Editor FOREST ER Sec Treas Camera Club Sgt at Arm Chemistry Club Chess Club Judge BOC Na tlonal Honor Soclety Extra Curricular F Senior Play Press Lists of Honor Ment HAROLD COOPER ulet but not ldle Veep Chess Club FORESTER DOLGLAS CRANK Doug A good sport enough sazd Varsity and JV football Varsity and JV Letters Major F PATRICIA A. CROWTHER a An unextinguished laughter shakes the skies. Year Comm.g An Clubg Extra Curricular F9 Winter Festivalg FORESTERg Lists of Honor, Merit. 1 Tis 3 ', If Jvliii' - Q-ff .I' BETTY LOL CYFORD To know her ts a pleasure to be her rtend a pmnlege 'NORVIA R DAIJCHERTY Doc Tall in body large Ln heart Intramural sports JAMES DAVISON lm He ts a sportsman the noblest of a Year Comm Ethical Club IINY Club IN and Varsity foot ball Student Rep Homeroom Officer Air Raid Warden ENA E DEARYAN we The davs of our vouth are the dass of our joy Library Clee Clubs Intramural port Extra Curricular F 4 emblies Homeroom Treasurer RONALD DOBB Ronnie He hath a heart as sound as a e . Ethical. Automobile Club-' Var- :ity Golf' Varsity F' Major F' Li:t of Honor. SHERYL DORMAN Shir Dtsnncnon of .speech and action born to lead and to ww all hearts Co editor in chief FOREST ER Year Comm National Honor Society Booster Square Clubs Coach Intra mural ports Extra Curricular F I-Iomeroom Pres Lists of Distinction Honor Vent BEATRICE DLBNER ea Women of ew words are the best of u.omen Weep Special Chorus Sec of C ee Club Year Comm Choraler Shorthand Business Service Clubs Extra Curricular award Wlusic Assemblies 'VI sic Spring Fe tivals WILLIAM P DI NN Willie Sportsmanship s born no marle Fresh Soph and ,IV football Varsity football Numerals .IV Letter Homeroom Officer SYLXIA D EDELSTEIN To be content zs true happiness Biology Club ,Ir Day Nluslc Festival WUQIC Assembly Press MARCIA EGORIN The temple of virtue was she. Year Comm.' UNY Club' In- tramural sports' Jr. Day- Cafe Officer' Locker duty. l BILYERLY AX X EPSTEIN Sweetness is her rirtue. M-ar Comm.: Klee. Shorthanrl Clubs: Intramural sports: Coach CAROL EPQTEIX Eterxthmg she zloes she does uell and she does ezerxthmg Jeep 'Natmnal Honor Society W rtte I p I-.dxtor FORESTER Jud e Chr Central Shovsca e Comm Year Comm 4 Square and Booster Clubs .IV Sports Numeral Major and 'Nllnor F Extra Curricular F Senlor Play List of Honor HARVEY ALAN EPSTEIN Epple Hts sportmanshzp uzll always be remembered Ethical Club Co captain Var lty football team VHTQIIV an JV lacrosse Varslty and .IW e ter Senior Play MARILX N EPSTEINI Mar On wzth the dance let Joy be uncon med Year Comm Dance Dxrector J Day Shorthand Classlc Clubs Intramural sports N merals Extra Curricular F FORESTEK Assemblles NERDENA R ERLICH One that labors and thnnes spzns gold Feature Edltor Press Asst coachmg dxrector Year Comm 'Vauonal Honor Society Boo t er French Spamsh Club tramural Sports Coachmg pm Mmor F LISIS of Dlstmctlon Honor in 7 i ELSA ESKRIDGE Elsie A merry heart goes all the day Year Comm: Biologv Club: Homeroom Officer BARBARA E ESTEP Barbs To hnou to esteem to lore Extra furrtcular F Student Rep Bookstore FAITH EW ART Write me down as one who loves hzs fellow men r Scenery Semor Play Staglng director Jr Day Ban ner Comm Q4 Art Club Intra mural sports Extra Currlcular F Wmter Festlval 'VIALKA C FELDMAN Szmplznty most rare ln our age Co chr Seatmg Marchmg fomm Semor Inaugural Ger man Glee Clubs Speclal Cho rus Intramural port FOR ESTER Coach Lust of Honor NIARCIA If FELDMAN The Gilt of Gab has she' Year Comm Troopers Radzo Workshop C I u b Modem Dance Numerals Wmter Fes ttval A semblles Press Rep Alr Rald Warden Cafe Offlcer RL TH ANN FELDVIAN 4lums a laugh Aluaxs a grln But nluaxs rendu When theres uorl to begzn 1 Qquare INY Open Forum FTX Cheml tru Qpani h Cluh Kar :tx tahle tennl 'Numeral N tnor F r Daw A em he FOREQTER Coach HARNEX Q FFL ERMAX Rzrh in good uorlfs uf tue Slut e fourt re 'National Honor Socletx Year forum BOC Chr Fa ter Project Clee Cluh Fxtra Cur rlcu ar F ,lr Daw Chr Ex ra Curricular A emhlw Coach L1 I of Honor Xle-rx! C XROI X X FINE Anil ullh the lrolzr anrl glee uni th re the 1 ll to rln the sou to flare Year fonuu Plllllll'llW Chr 1 ro Club Chem: trv Cluh lntramural port 'Nlumer l Nltnor F lwtra furrnru ar .l as FOREQTER Homerm om Officer ll to of Hon or xlffll BPTTXP X FINHBFIN Flahle Iurlx hrur lllllglllllg evev 4 rlelll s girl lm! vlll Qhe v HIS? f rl foaclung Director Near ff mm 'National Honor QOCIFIV Hoo ter 8 K lfe Club lntramur a port 'Numeral Nlmor F 1 oathtng. pm Fxtra furrxcular F FORFQTFR Ll I of Honor Xlerlt RITA LEE FISHKIN Crea! hopes make great people. Year Comms FTA - H':torian: Intramural -portfz Vanity swim- min, show: Nnmerals: Minor F' Extra Curricular F: Jr. Day' FORESTER: Press: Home-room Officer. CH -XRLOTTE FISHPAW Her nzr her manners all who sau admzred Bu me Neruce Club Cafe Of ficer DEBORAH LFE FOX Dehhle l uould help others out of a lnrvtherlt feeling Year fomm 4 Square C ee fluh lntramural port Daw 'K emhlle Home-room Of ficer FORESTI-'R REIQA GAYLE FRANK C14 Cue to the uorld fhe best 1011 haze nnzl the best uzll rome barlt I0 you Nunerx Senior Plax Coact PORILNTPR It t of Honor 'WNRLFNL FRIEW-XX 'lar rue r end foreler lnenrl tor will f omm ne torian FN K Spanx h uh Yollewhall hear Tearn 'Numer Nlxnor F ,lr Daw EQTER Home room Officer foach Ll IQ of Honor Nlerit l.-XCOLELINE FRIEMAN Jackie Gentle of speech beneficient mind. T y p i n g Sz Mimeographin Comm.: Bu:iness Service Club' Shorthand. Glee Club: Intra- mural -portiz Agemblies: tu- dent Rep.: Homeroom Officer' Li:t of Honor. it ,R Q 1 T' DIANE S. FRIZZELL Modesty becomes a young wom- an. Year Comm.g Clee Clubg Jr. Dayg Music Festivalg Press Rep.g Cafe Officer. FRANKLIN FRUSH Frankie lt takes a great man to make a good listener Year Comm BOC UNY Var stty track 81 field Fresh Soph football Numerals ,IV Letter FORESTER Homeroom Veep IRENE CARFELD Renee Patlence and gentlenesx power Year Comm Spanish 81 Clee Clubs Intramural sports A semblies Homeroom Officer Coach List of Merit R WARREN GIBSON A qutet tongue shows a wtse head Biology Club Treas Chr Car den Comm Extra Curricular F Senior Play Cafe Officer Band Orchestra Year Comm CAROLE G GILMOR Amzabzltly shines by t own light Year Comm Rad1o81TN Work shop Chr Showcase Comm Intramural sports Numerals .lr Day Winter Festival Lists f Honor Nlerit NARDA GIMPLE Cimpy A light heart liveth long. FNA, Library, Biology, and Clee Clubsg Intramural sports: JV Volleyballg Numerals, Minor Fg Jr. Day: Assemblies. RONA GLAZER A merry heart malteth zheer ul countenance Year Comm Btologv Short hand Clubs Varsity speedball .IV Volleyball Numerals Nlajor 81 Minor F Star ,Ir Day Press Rep FORESTER BARBARA SUE CLICK Suzy A twinkle tn her eye a smile on her lips and frtendshzp her heart Year Comm Chr Publicity Senior Play Troupers Btolo Clee Clubs Intramural Sport Numerals 'Umor F ,Ir Dav Homeroom Officer Student Rep IRIS CLICK Her many frtends are a reward for her sweet dtsposttlon Treas 4 Square Club Sec FTA Co Chr Senior Inaugural Dance National Honor Society Booster Club Intramural port Numerals Extra Curricular F J Day Homeroom Officer List of Honor JOY CE HARRIET CLICK Oh Always full of fun FNA UNY Red Cros R .lr Da Clubs As emblx Y merals Intramural sports Ca c Officer Q 'Q' JEAV BROOKE GLOCKER Jeannie If music be the food of love play on Chr Costume Comm .lr Day flee Club lntramural sports 'Vumerals Assemblies Coach FORESTER List of Nferit JL DITH AN 'V COLDBERG udy She fame but for rtendship and toolt au ay lute Coodwtll Comm June 4 ear it r tty tennt uma ral nor l' ay ess l'ORl'5FlFR K rafh L of Honor RLCIN -X GOLDBI' RG Reg I9 4mb1t1on hath no rest re 4 Square Club Cabinet D rutor of r Dax 8 Ben or Play l'TX Trouper lntramur al ports Numerals Extra Cur rtcular l' As emblies FOREST F L1 t of N crt! JO ANN COLDEXBERG lfhaterer happens I want to be self-respecting and conseienre ree. Proofreading Editor - FOREST- ER' News Editor - Press' Sec. - Radio Workfhopg Sec. - Open Forum: Chr. - lrugram Comm. Senior naug.ural: e f uare I : lntramura Svortgz u- meralx , inor F: Ex ra Curri- e ar 'z tr. Day: Mana er 0 f i li Staff: l.i.t of Honor. FRANCES GOLDMAX Frannye A .Sunbeam on a u'1'nter's day. Chr. of Publicity Senior Prom: Senior Play Comm.: Troupers. Clee, and German Clubs: Jr. Day: FORESTER: Red Cross Rep.: Homeroom Officer: Coach: Lists of Honor. Merit. RICHARD L GOLDWIAW Rlcky A good disposition LS more val uable than gold Pres Chemistry Club Chr Senior Inaugural Dance 'Vation al Honor Society Booster Club BOC Varsity ice hockey Nu merals ,IV Letter FORESTER J Day Homeroom Officer Lists of Honor Nlertt BLRTON D F01 DSTFIN Burt 4 quiet ellou uho is aluoys ready to lend a helping hand 1 f l lit atpllnary oarrl J summing, track Yarstty wtmming. l'rf lt qoph no all unit ra l r r Air Raul Warrlen foach Lt ts of Honor Wlerit 'VI XXINF FOI Nlflb. Matkx She is gentle and good Flower Comm Q: mor l au ural a e Offtcf r b ies M.-XRll YN .-X. CORDOX Cookie Seldom seen tvitlzotzt a rhum. Year Comm.: Troupers. French. ' -- I J.: lntramural Sports' Numeral," Minor F: Extra Cur- r"u ar lf: , aj: 1. em ess R' .: 5 o Honor 'hlvrih SIMON GOREN Serene in the midst of chaos. Year Comm.: Sec. - Chess Club: Coach. f'- QR 1w.' BOC: Jr. Day: Clubs Assembly: 4 A , ' ELAINE GRADMAN To know her is to love her. Veep UNYQ Year Comm.: Short- hand, Business Service, Biology Clubs: Numeralsg Major F3 Ex- tra Curricular F4 .Ir. Day: As- semblies: Coach: FORI-1STERg List of Honor. JIMMY GRANT 1 Theres no mrlex of character so sure as the voice Year Comm qection Leader 'Vlen s Clee Club Extra Curricu la F Vllmter Fe tival Clee Cluh A emhlies Student Rep JEAYNETTE H GREEN For sincerity abllztx anrl true rlenrllzness no one can excel er Director of Choru Jr Daw Year Comm Trouper Gee fluh Intramural port X m lille Press Rfp Cafe Officer L1 t of 'Went LORRAINE E GREEY Lorr A faithful friend is the merlt rzne of I1 e Year Comm Twpm f 4 Sec Trea lliolup Club Bu 1 nes Service Club Extra Cur ricular F A emblie Air Raid Warden Cafe Officer BEN ERLX GREFXBERG ex Her smile IS alums happx her heart is aluais true hear Comm French Clulx R dio 8. Tl Work hop FOREWI E Press Rfp L ts of Di tinction llonor JUDY GREENBERG Nothing is impossible to a will- ing heart. Year Comm.g Business Service Clubg Shorthand Clubg Troup- ersg Intramural sporlsg Extra Curricular Fg Assembliesg Press. RITA GREENBERG laugh tour troubles num Year Comm hem Biolop Clu J Trea F 'X A 'Numeral Extra urricular I' ,Ir Day A m blue res RUTH S GREEN BERC Ruthie Cod IS proud of those who are ta Year Comm Radio and TV Work hop LNY Publicitv Comm French fluh FOREST ER Chr 'flake up Comm Wm ter Fe t1val Central Krt Comm Coach Cafe Officer L f Honor Merit STEWART GREFNFBALM Stem Those most willing to uorh ulll lmrl the most tune re BOf 8. Chess Clubs Bu ine 'Nlana er FOREST FR Cahmet 'National llonor Socutw Year Comm Home room Officer A emblie Cafe Quperu or Extra Curricular F Li t of Di tinction DOROTHY GREFNFELD ot lo one ran ash for more simple modest true I ear Comm Glee Busine Qerxice f uhs Intramural port MX em lie DORIS GREENWALD A trifle meek and splendidly gentle Goodwill Comm Intramura sports 'Vumerals Minor F Jr Day Press FORESTER List of Honor EILEEN SANDRA GREIF Nlagvle So fazr a ace such angel grace Year Comm Chemistry Cer man FNX Biology Club I tramural port 'Numeral F tra furricular F FORFSTFR Jr Dax Clubs A emblw Band Concerts Lists of Honor Merit SANDRA RLTH CREIF Sandy She has a heart ulth room or ezery joy Weep Cfrman Club Year fomm Chem: tn Biology um Intramural port 'Vu merals FORESTER Jr Day Club I embly Cafe Officer List of Nlerlt RONA S. GRODNITYKX Ronnie llinrl rrmnnr follou' nor zrorfls express her in 1'ni!e sueetness. Year Comm.: ' ee, io n 1 Clumf: Intramural Sport.: . - mfralfz r. Day: A, 'emblief Cafe Officer. FRED CROMAN .4 man of lellers, and of man- ners too. Varsity golf: Intramural sports: Press Rep.: Homeroom Officer: List of Honor. 3 Q- B 4'- 0 ELAIINE GROSSMAIN Personality puts joy into every ones lL e Year Comm Shorthand Busl ness Service Club Intramural ports Clee Club Extra Cur ricu ar F Jr Daw Stu ent Rep -hr Raid Warden List of Merit JAY HARRIS Well tmzefl szlence hath more eloquence than speech esp fhess flub ter Fes tlva Sec Camera Club Day A emblles Cafe Superu sor List of NIGTII MAXINE HARRIET HART Max Shes the mint in the julep o o rar omm um lclty Sf n lor Plav FORESTER Red Cross Clee Biology German Clubs Yarslty speedball Nl merals NIIIIOTF Jr Dav Home room Officer Coach L1 tof Hon KENNETH C. HAYWARD Head esters allen prore prvplzelx. Iif'l'IlI8Il Club: Yarxity ire io k- ' . croi. e. a' : Frei - S football: JY In-tter: fl ui . Hembly: lress R -p.: Jr. ay: llomeroom Officer: FOREST- IAWRENCE NI. HEYMAN Larry When the angels anrl the devils got together. Year Comm.: Ethical. CNY Clubs: Varsity ice hockey, Ia- crosse: JY lacrosse: Fresh-Sopb football: JV Letter: Home- room Officer. LINDA L HIGGINS Of manners gentle of affections mild Y ear Comm N ollew ball year team 'Numerals Wlmor F Ath IC F r Daw A em le Homeroom Neep Student Rep ESTELLE HIGHKIN Esty She has the rhythm of music in her heart and soul Year Comm Biology Business Service Glee Clubs .Ir Day Intramural sports Assemblies Music Festival CYNTHIA RUTH HILL Cindy Gentle in manner resolute deed Year Comm Art Comm I tramural sports J Day Sophomore Assembly JANE HIRSCHMAN Without music the days are dull. Sports Editor - Press' Pres. - Spe- cial Chorusg Co-Chr. - Farewell and Step Singingg National Hon- or Society: 4 Square, Glee Clubs: Treble Clef Choirg Carol- lersg Varsity Table Tennis: Nu- meralsg Minor F: Extra Curri- cular F3 Assemblies. ANNA N. HOFFMAN Hoff A bubbling fountain of fun. Year Comm.g Intramural sportsg Coach. RI N ANNE HOFFVI AN Hashful sznrerttv and romelv ore I ear Comm Bu mess Sf rvicf Club Shorthand Club Fxtra Curricular F Jr Daw A m blie FORESTFR foafh I of Honor MARGARET L HOPFIEI D e A sunm disposition is the ters soul of success cenery ,Ir Day Xrt u Intramural sports Cafe Officer ARNOLD .I HOPKINS A mighty man was he .IV baseball Intramural sports Numerals BILL HORIAINOPOULOS Wi How can song, personality anzl wit be bounded better than in Bill Varsity track. basketball: Yar- sity Lettersg Homeroom Offiver. ELIZABETH A. HOWARD Bettye Her fineness and sweetness are all a part of her. Year COmm.: Treble Clef Choir: Choral Assembliesg Cafe Of- ficerg Coach. 4 .IACQLELINE ANN HLBBERMAN Jackie Mtrth utth thee dwell Year Comm FV A French Clee Chemistry Shorthand Club Red Cross Club Good wlll Comm Intramural sport Jr Day Mr Rald Warden 'VIAXENE D HLBIN Max fheerfulness can drzre auav a world of sorrou, Clee Club Carolers QPPCIHI fborus Year Team ,IX anfl Var :tv ba ketball 'Vumeral mor F 'Nlu IC a sem ze Homeroom Officer Qtudent Rep ufen of Fre hman S r Prom GI-JORCL IL HLTTON He contributes hrs lzttle bzt b hts everlasting wtt ,IV lacro f Numerals ,IV Let ter FORESTER Jr Day Cafe Officer NI XRILX N C HX 'WAN Rosc oe A good heart ls better than all the hearls zn the uorlrl r Sport Ftlntor I'O Q fuk t fomm II lntr r f wa Mar Comm INH S an to o x um ar ts peer hall Intramural port 'Numeral FORENTFR Press fafc Offlmr RICH XRD HYNI AN 4s he thznlts he lznes Nenator Pre German Club Trea Chemx tn Club Ieep -Xrt Club Publlcrtw Editor FOREQTER Natmnal Honor No clety Boo ter Club ,Ir Das qemor Play Llt of Honor GILMAN S JACOBS large uas hts bounty and hzs soul szncere DOROTHX JACOBS lots Sueetness rn her fare music m her jtngertzps gf e Clee f lub Year Comm FT A Blology R3dl0 81 TV Workshop Club Intramural qport ,Ir Day Accompanlst for Assemblles Homeroom X eep AI ICF JOHNSON She has a heart to resolre a hearl to contrwe and a hand to execute Veep June 54 Treas Boost er Club NZIIOHHI Honor S0 clety Pres R8dl0 8 TW Work shop Chr of ,Iumor Day Var stty badmlnton Nlmor F Extra Currlcular F Assemblles Llsts of DIQIIDCIIOU Honor Merlt FNINIETT I IONFS lle rs a ulse man uha uzll not lzernme angry iaff Officer DOROTHX -I KXBLE O Not too serlous not too gm just reserzea' ln ezerv uax Bu me Qeruce Club Intra mural port Nlajor F Pep -X emblw Ntudent Rep Nfajor ette Cafe Officer H5 Q' PHILIP KADIS Phil 'Tis goorl will that makes intel- ligence. Year Comm. 3 UNY. Chess Clubsg Extra Curricular F3 UNY Assembly: FORESTERg Coach L1 t of Honor PATRICIA R KAHN Pattv A bright and happy smlle everyone Clubs Edltor FORESTER Chr Menu 81 Program Prom 81 Banquet Year Comm I tramural sports Numerals 'VI1 nor Major F Extra Currlcular F Llst of Honor GILDA R KAPLAN 1 Immortal youth IS hers N eep Spanlsh Club Year Comm Intramural sports .I Day FOREQTER Red Cross Rep Coachmg Letter Llst of Honor ELAINE F KAPLAN Grave and charm and brilliance of mmd tor Judge Year Comm Nl tronal Honor SOCICIV Open Fo rum Club Intramural sports Numerals Mmor F Extra Cur rxcular F Senlor Plas Home room Offlcer Cabmet Inter school Councll Llst of Honor ALAN KARLIN Pme Tree Wtth Lzrtue and quietness one mm' conquer the uorld Year Comm BOC Nlen Glee flub Blology Club Intramural port Clubs As emhls Home room Offlcer Student Rep fafe Offlcer CC' tr H6 uhm DONNA J. KATZ Sweet of nature, sweet of face. Year Comm.: Red Cross, FNA, INY German. French. Chemistry Clubs: Intramural sportsg Music Assembliesq List of Honor. MARCIA HARRIET KATZ Marcee How natural rs loy ln my heart Year Comm Glee Buslness SPTNICF Clubs Speclal Chorus Carollf-rs Intramural sports I Day Homeroom Officer MUSIC Assemblles FORESTER INANICY KELLNER Renee The most man est szgn o ms dom zs a contmual cheerfulness Year Comm Shorthand FTA u s UNY J Da tramural sports Llst of VIETII FREDRIC HYLAND KING Zeke Muszc remazns zn his heart long Co Chr of Muslc for Semor In augural qtuuent Dlrector of Band Orchestra ,IV football Extra Currlcular F Assemblles JOAN HELEN KING Joanne A lovmg heart rs the begmnmg ot all ltnouledge Year Comm Chemrstry Qpan 1h Blologw UNY Club tramural ports Homeroom Offlcer Press Winter Fe trval L1t of Honor 3 's . v . , ' ' ' for -' ' . l -4 . ' , . M , ,, - ' 2 z T . I U . , 6 nw -. . , r. : -1 rg- ' . , ' : : A - Q ' ' , H 1 g , G1 up if . f .- r U - I , f V I - - - . vs 6 .3 . , .3 3 r. Cl b 3 . g r. yg In- : - : J - .5 - . . -Z 1 , ,. s jf: Ta Y T . I ' - Edigo,-.imchief , Press: Sena. after the sound has faded. 2 : .: I a- - ' . -' ' - . I ' 6 Q I 4 . .z 5' 3 H . : - 3 9 : - Q - g . . : I J: - A . s: . I . I X . 3 - . K V . , T . I ' . . 'Z l I F - , I . , s , sg In- ' ' . ' s I . ' S S . ,G Y . H D . L J . S. 3 S 5, I .. S 1 , I 4. .S . , -, , A - Y A 1' 7 I . I CAROLE MAE KIRSH Sportsmanshzp and fnendshzp are her mam objectzves Intramural sports Volleyball year team JV Volleyball fxeld hovkey 'Vumerals 'Vhnor F Drama Assembly Cafe Offlcer RUJA KOBIN No wonder gentlemen pre er blondes Art Edltor FOREQTER Year Comm Wlnter Festival FTA Spanlsh Glee Club Intramural sports Numerals MIDOI' F Ex tra Currlcular F Assemblle Homeroom Offlcer Central Art Comm Llst of Honor HELAIN E KOPPEL The real character IS tn ones accomplzshments Veep Home E0 Club Treas French and Llbrary Clubs Na tlonal Honor 'ioctety Chr Heat mg and 'Vlarchmg Senlor Fare well Booster and 4 Square Clubs lntramural sports N merals 'Nlmor F Nlator F Fx tra Curricular F ,lr Day FOR EQTER Lust of Honor EILFEN FRANCES KORB Leame Let me rlo mt part Y ear C 0 m m lntramural sport 'Vumeral 'NIILLIE KORN I Her graczous nature her happv smile her personalttv uorth uhrle Year Comm 4 Qquare Club FNS Radio and TY Work hop Trouper Busmes QCYVICC Red Cro Club NIIDOTF Extra Cur ncular F Assemblxe Jr Dav Cafe Offncer Press Rep Press L1t of Honor Nlertt FOREQT 1' PHYLLlS IRMA KROSER Phy Wlt to persuade beauty to delzght Chr Flowers Sensor Farewell Year Comm Natlonal Honor Soclety Lnbrary Home Ec French Clubs Yarslty Swlm mmg Intramural sports Numer als Extra Currlcular F J Dav LISIS of D1st1nct1on Hon or 'VIer1t HELGA KUEPPERS Frenchle Her penctl draws what her soul destgns Art Chr Ploneer Club Cer man Club Spamsh Speclal Clee Club .lr Day Coachmg NANCY ANN LABOVITZ Nan Charm ts a womans strength Veep 4 Square Club Chr Publlctty Jr Prom Senxor Fare well Programs Natlonal Honor Qocxety Open Forum FTA Clubs Volleyball Year team Numerals 'Nlmor F Clubs As sembly Cafe Offlcer Lust of Honor JOAN CAROLE LAMPE Tu not m mortals to command success shell do more shell desene zt Treble Clef Choxr Qpeclal Cho rus lntramural Qports Extra Currxcular Assemblles Homeroom Ufftcer Coach Llst of Honor RON -XLD LXNGSTON Ron Men of few words are lust Ethlcal Club Varslty football J' IRWIN A. LAYTON Irv They are as heaven made them, handsome enough if they be good enoughg for handsome is as handsome does. Treas. June '543 Pres., Treas., BOCQ Year Comm.g National Honor Societyg Booster Club: .IV basketball, baseballg ,IV Letterg Assemhliesg Jr. Dayg Homeroom Officerg List of Honor. JEAN LEASE Not steppmg oer the bounds of modesty Year Comm UNY Cafe Of flcer ALBERT LAWRENCE LEATHERWOOD He that ts szlent observes many thlngs Pro Jectlon Crew PHYLLIS LEBOWITZ Phy A fzery head a cool determma tton Chr of Glft Comm Semor Farewell Shorthand Busmess Servxce Glee Clubs Intramural sports Homeroom Offlcer IRIS LEFKO Ever smtllng she s just naturally nzce Year Comm Llbrary Home Ec Clubs Intramural sports A sembhes Arr Raid Warden Cafe Offlcer JACK M. LEHMAN Gentle in manner. German, French Clubsg Music Assembly. ROCHELLE R LEON Her good nature has conquered the heart of many Year Comm R3d1O and TV Workshop Musnc Spanish Clubs Intramural sports Nu merals Mmor F Jr Day A semblles LISIS of Honor Merlt SALLY LEON Small but not unnotzced Year Comm French Spanlsh Clubs Intramural sports N merals MmorF Jr Day Press Rep MARIAN LEVENTHAL Mar Cool calm collected but wzth hzdden mtschtef Transcrlptlon Edltor of the FOR ESTER Year Comm Busmess SCFVICP Shorthand Blolo y and Glee Clubs Carollers Intramur al sports Extra Lurrlcular F .lr Day Assembhes Red Cross Rep BETTY A LEVEY A modest and silent person wzth a defzntte somethzng be hznd the quzetness Sec Troupers Trea urer Clee Club Yeep R3dl0 8 TV Work shop Year Comm Watlonal Honor Socxety Intramural sports Numerals Extra Currl cular F Ir Day Semor Play Llsts of Honor Merlt 7' 'fix 1- 5" ff' hx DOROTHY AVN LEVIN 0 The soctal smtle the sympathetic tear Year Comm Spantsh Chem tstrw Club FORESTER Lust of Honor IRN IN LEVIN Btg In Ftrm o purpose lress Constrtutxon Assembly Mr Rand Warden Home-room Officer Llst of Honor INA MAXINE LEVIN 'Vlax A heart o golrl steeped tn mrs :hte Photography Editor FORFQT F Chr Rtng Comm fhr Cheer up Comm 49quare Club German Home Ec Clubs JY Yolleyball Numerals Minor F Jr Day Student Rep Coach L1 t of Honor CELESTE W LEVINSON Cessle She lull aluats pursue olums arhtete am tnslr she rs gzten to do Cofhr Qeattng Prom 8. Ban quet Year Comm French Trouper 4 qquare 8. ee um Intramural port u meral Umor F ,lr Day FOR EQTER Homeroom Offtcer Ltt of Honor ROblLAN D LEWIS Rosle From zz lztfle spark onlx burst a mtghtt flame Year Comm Troupers French Clee u Intramural port Numeral Nlajor 81 NI1 nor F Extra Currtcular F ,lr Das Nlustc Festnal Ltst of Wlernt HOWARD LEVY How le I Izke work I can szt and look at tt for hours Ethtcal Club Var tty lacrosse tce hockey JV rce hockey Var ny Letter JY Letter Press JOAN 'NORMA LEVY Joanne A smtle that glowd Year Comm Ltbrartan C-ee Club Red Cross Open Forum Cu s Radto St V Wor shop Intramural sports Mustc Assemblies Sentor Play Sprung and Winter Festivals MARILYN LEVY Mickey Her utt makes others wttty 'Nlusxc Comm Sr Farewell Clee Club Business Service Club Intramural sports Extra Curncular F 'Vlustc Assemblres HARRIET LIBERMAN A temper jomerl utth innocence Year Comm flee Biology Bustne Service Clubs Intra mural port Numeral Extra Curricular Award Jr Dav Nlu tc and Math As emblle Red Cro s Rep ROCHELLE LICHTER Rlkkl A good fnend ts uell remember Ttcket Comm Vhnter Fe tual Red Cro s Club Intramural Sports Clubs Assembly Press Rep L1 ts of Honor Ment PATRICIA LINDER Works well - willingly. Business Manager - FOREST- ER: Pres. Shorthand Clubg Sec. Treas. Biology Club: Year C0mm.g BSA Bank: Intramural sportsg Numeralsg Extra Curric- ular Fg Press Rep. LOIS MIRIAM LIPMAN Thou art as great tn thought as in action Pres Glee Club Treas Boost er Club Treas Natlonal Honor Socrety JV 81 Varslty basket ball badmmton Numerals M1 nor 8. 'VIajor F Extra Currlcular F Wlnter Festlval Coach Lust of Honor HENRY LOSS Skippy Good nature good sport and ull of f n Sgt at Arms June 54 Ethx cal Club Varstty baseball bas ketball football numerals Ma yor 81 Mmor F Assemblles Homeroom Offlcer .I OANNE LOTT A great mtnd and modest con duct go well together Co editor ln chlef of FOREST ER Head copyreader Press Sec Home E Club Chr Coodwlll Comm N3tl0H8I Hon or Soclety Boo ter Club Intra mural ports Numerals Mmor F Extra Currlcular F Home room Offxcer Assemblles Llsts of Honor Merit EDWIN LDYEMBERG lllan lS the measure of all things National Honor Soclety Chr Good Xt Welfare Comm BOC Mens Clee Club Nluslc As em hlle Homeroom Veep Cafe Officer L1 ts of Honor MSIII VU' 1 vt' 'Y .IO MACHIN ,lo Her quiet personality will leave a deep and lasting impression. Year Comm.: Clee Clubg Troupersg Intramural sportsg Numeralsg Assembliesg FOR- ESTER. EDDIE MACHIZ He broke no promzse served no przvate end gamed no title lost no friend SHERRIE H MACKS Youth charm and merry heart It Day Scrlpt Comm Radlo 8: TV Workshop Trouper 4 Square Club Intramural sports Homeroom Offlcer Press FOR ESTER MARTHA C MARTIN Cornle A light heart Year Comm Clee Club Spe clal Chorus Intramural sports Numerals Mmor F Extra Cur I'lCllI3I' F Pep Assemblies Red gross Rep Majorette Cafe Of xcer EDWARD MASKET Too bad for blessing too good for banning Year Comm .IV football Ice hockey FrehSoph football Numerals Star Press Rep Cafe Offlcer CAIL MASON Pmky Conszderatzon ts the parent wisdom Year Comm Shorthand Club Intramural sports Numerals FORESTER .Ir Day JACQUELINE E MAY Jackie Well timed szlence has more elegance than speech Year Comm Glee Club Spe cial Chorus Treble Clef 81 Choir Intramural sports Extra Curricular F Assemblies LOIS A MCCOLLISTER Dtltgence fortune s rlght charm Intramural sports Bookstore NANCY MERDLER Diligence is fortune's right hand. Treas. Red Cross Club: Business Service Club: lntramural sports: jr. Day: Assemblies: Extra Cur- ricular F: Coach: Red Cross Rep.: Press: FORESTER. BRYNA MILLER Brynie All succeeds with people who are sweet and cheerful. Year Comm.: FTA Sa Glee Clubs: Intramural sports: Nu- merals: Minor Fg Major F: Ex- tra Curricular F: Jr. Day: Mu- sic Festival: Press: FOREST- ER: List of Honor, Merit. CARL B MILLER Rlch There lurks ulthln his ln brown eyes the secret of many mzschzevous pranks Press Rep FORESTER PAULA ANlN MILLER Pam She smiles and all our troubles depart Veep UNY Treas FTA Chr Flowers Senior Inaugural Intra mural sports Numerals Extra Curricular F ,Ir Day Glee Club Asemblles FORESTER SANDRA M MILLER Sandy Her smtle is always happy her heart is always true Weep Home Ec Club FTA French Troupers Clee Clubs Year Comm Intramural sports Volleyball Year Team Extra Curricular F Numerals Minor F FORESTER Lists of Hon or Nlerlt CAROLYN FAYE MOSCOE al' Always busy, always merry. Year Comm.: Shorthand and Business Service Clubs: Intra- mural sports: Numerals: Jr. Day: Assemblies. PATRICIA MULCAHY Pat Be silent anrl safe-silence never betrays you. Year Comm.: Shorthand, French, YNY. Open Forum Clubs: Intra- mural sports: List of Merit. BPXFRLX ANN 'NACLE A stlent nartner but as busy as a bee Y ear Comm Treble Clef fholr A emblte Intramural port lress Rep L1 t of Hon or Nlerxt DONINA ANN NIARLIWES Don A noble heart lzhe the sun National Honor Society 4 Square Club Red Cro s UNY FTA I lubs Intramural ports Extra I urrrcular F Semor ay FORESTER Lust of Honor MARTIN NEAL INARUN Marty Thou speahest wzser than thou art aware of Cen Chr Semor Inaugural As sembly National Honor Soclety Boys Coachmg Dlrector Boost er Club BOC Coaching Letter Pm Wmter Fest1val Assem blles Homeroom Offlcer Llsts of Honor Wlerxt MARLENE .I INASDOR Mar Her gay spzrzts are medzczne for the soul Sec 4 Square Club Chr Pro gram Comm .lr Dav Year Comm German Club Intra mural ports Numeral Vlmor F FORESTER II Day Homf room Yeep Cafe Officer lrst of Honor HELEN E 'X EEDLE Aluaxs reads when laughter and excitement call Year Comm Blologw Bu mess Sernce Shorthand Club Intra mural port 'Numerals Wlmor F Extra Currlcular F .Ir Day A sembltes FORESTER 122 KFNNETH NEVVBLRCFR Ken 'lluslcs golden tongue llatters thu young man Student Leader of Orche tra Nlanager of Band Extra Cur rzcular F Band and Orche tra A emblle JOAN L NEI. NIYER The wtll to do the soul to dare Intramural sport Homeroom Offncer WILLIAM A INOONBERG B1 y Once ln a great while arises a man who rs great m all thmgs loned by all persons Pres .Iune .34 Natlonal Hon or Society Booster Ethlcal Clubs BOC Yarslty 8 .IV hock ey lacro se Var tty SI ,IV Let ters ,lr Day Cabmet Inter school Councll Homeroom Of Ilcer Llst of Honor LESLIE C NORIIN S Adolf Aone but hzmselt can be hzs equal Pre Aeronautlcs Club Veep Camera Club Sec 'Natlonal Hon or QOCIPIY Semor Play BOC ,ll 8 War 1ty cross country JN Letter Extra Currlcular F Campalgn 'Vlanagers As embly Press Llst of Honor HARX EY M 'NLSBAUVI 'llzlalness gozerns more than anger Year Comm a-1 Homeroom Of flcer Llst of Honor T ' ' f 1 w Y v v Y AI I L 14 I I I I I I 7 Y 'S .5 , ' . I . Q - . 1 .ss S: ' 1 ' S -: " .z 'S - '. ' ' . - S . I ss s. T Y ' T , I I I I I I T 7 'N . I . I I . . . . ' , , A 1 . . , Q, I gg s .Ig - J g PI 3 , . . Y 'Y T . I A, . . ,. . . . . - - ' , ' 1 Z 3 1 I : - , 9 f ' ' - I I I ' 9 1 5 v 5 ' ' Z Z ' 3 - 1 3 ' 2 2 Q ' , I . g . T T , . S. - I ' 1 - - ' s ' - ' Y . . . .I - - - ,, . , .5 3 . . . . . ' I Q' v- ' S 1 A S: I M M . -' Z -4 3 T- 2 '. ' . ' . - . I I s : Y 9 ' . K 4- I , . . , . , , V - 1 I A I .3 j, s -I , . I ' .. s' - ' ' " - . V , . I . , s sz . " I '- - ' ,. . , - . ' 3 - fl I s. L, . if 1- , -5 .IOHX OLLER Johnny Honor lies in honest toil. Art Clubg Projection Crew: Varsity 81 ,IV ice hockey: Nu merals. ,IV Letterg Clubs Assem bly. DAVID PARKER Ace Behold the tharms the worn en adore Ethical Club Yarsity ice hock ev lacrosse JV football War 1 F JACK PECHTER The jov in the world is ound in making friends B IWY flub r its croes country Minor E Homeroom Offu er Qtudent Rep PATRICIA A PHIPPS 3 Solrlx spealt and sueellr Smile Yearfomm Intramural port Hrad fhefrleader jr Dav ELECTR A PISTOL AS Good nature zs the beauty ot the mind Nec INT Chr Firewell Duty 4 Nquare Club Red Cro and Ltbrars C ub Intramural port 'Numeral Nfinor F Ex tra Curricular F ,Ir Daw I-'OR ENTER Press Homeroom Of ficer L1 t of Honor IRENE PLATT Virtue is bold and goodness never fearful. Pres. - FNAg Sec. 8 Treas. - Red Cross Clubg National Honor So- cietyg Biology Club: Extra Cur- ricular Fq Health Suite Aide: List of Honor. RONALD PLOTKIN Ronnie The orce of his own ment Art Automobile Clubs Pres Student Rep PATRICIA ANN POE a A charming manner and win ning way Library C I u b Intramural sports Cafe Officer Music and UNY Aieemblies SHEILAH POLAND Sliooshle A rare rompound of frolzc and un Red Croe Art Canine Club Intramural Qports 'Vumerala Cafe Officer FOREQTER LEE SANDY POLLACK Blondie Dzzmels tall and dzunelv fazr Hear Comm Intramural sport ort Year Team: N meral Nfinor F Nfajor F Wm ter Fe tival Homeroom Officer f -rx RACQUEL LEE POLLACK Button Good sport, whafs more a pal and friend. Year Comm.g Sec. Spanish Club: Biology, Home Ec. Clubg Varsity speedballg JV volleyballg Numerals, Minor and Nlaior F, .Ir Day Student Rep List of Honor SHIRLEY PORTNEY Shlrl A quiet gurl wtth a qutet way Biology Business Service Club Jr Day UNY Math Xmas semblies Music assemblies Music Festival AUDREY POWELL Little Audrey Her goodness taps the sprung of t e Year Goodwill Comm 54 M src Festival Shakespearean and Christmas assemblles HERBERT PRESS Herbie Deserve success and command tt National Honor Society BOC JV basketball lacrosse Varsity basketball lacrosse Homeroom Officer LISI of Honor ,IOAIN N E S PRICE A cheerful gtrl a smzlmg ace puts sunshtne zn the darkest place Year Comm FTA Troupers Spanish French UNY Glee Club Intramural sport NI merals Minor F Extra Cur ncular F Assemblies .lr Day Press FORESTER L1st f Merit SYLVIA PROCK Her smile is like her wave - permanent. Clee Club: Business Service Clubg Christmas Assembly: Jr. Dayq Music Festivalg FOREST- ER. MARIAN D PUMPIAN Mlckl Strength of character above a ts the approach to greatness Student President Veep Sen ator Vf-en 34 Booster Club Sec National Honor Society 4 Square Club Varsitv 81 .IV sports Numerals Minor F Major F Star Jr Dav Inter school Council Llst of Merit ROBERT RACKMALES Be sure o tt gwe me the ocular proof Bank Librarian Open Forum Club UNY Vlembershlp Comm FORESTER Band As semblle Lists of Honor Merit SONIA RACUSIN Nothmg great was ever achreved wtthout enthustasm Pres 81 Veep NHIIODHI Honor Society Pres 81 Veep A Cap pella Choir Year Comm Boost er 4 Square Club Numerals Minor F Extra Curricular F ,lr Day Coaching Pln Lists of Distinction Honor Merit JOAN P RANDALL J oanle Her volce soft and clear gently steals upon the ear Year Comm Intramural sports Homeroom Officer Wlnter Fes tlva LEAHMAE RASIN Beauty and grace, voice divine. Pres. Glee Clubg Year Comm.: National Honor Societyg Intra- mural sportsg Extra Curricular F3 .lr. Dayg Assemblies: Home- room Officer: List of Merit. SANDRA L RASKIN Sandy Her good nature LS as price less as a diamond Year Comm FNA Show case Comm Clee Club Intra mural sports Jr Day Christ mas Assembly FORESTER Cafe Officer RAYMOND E RAUCH Ray Lt e LS short but art ts eternal Art Club Clubs Assembly Cafe Offlcer ELLEN REAMER A petlt package of personality pus Year Comm Ticket Comm W mter Festival Intramural sports Red Cross Rep FOR ESTER Lxst of Honor JOYCE KAREN RITZES Toker A sparltllng eye a merry step Iarsxtv volleyball 7 GH NANCY VIRGINIA ROBEY Nancy Little in statue, but big enough in heart to fill the world. Year Comm.: Intramural sportsg Special Chorusg Christmas As- sembly. MARLYN B ROBINSON Mar Actue natures are rarely melan choly Judge Year Comm National Honor Society Booster Club Varsity volleyball swimming JV basketball Numerals Vlajor 81 Mmor F Star Extra Curricular F Press Lists of Dlstmctton Honor .IUDITH ANN RODBERG udy Her ways are ways of pleasant ness all her paths are peace Year Comm Radlo 81 TV Work shop Intramural sports Numer als Mmor F Extra Curricular F .lr Day Clee Club Assem blues FORESTER Coach RENA ROMAIX O PUUCIICC IS ll f97llCl1Y 07' Cveflr S0l'l'0lL Chr of Typing 81 Nllmeograph mg Comm Spanish Rnmess Service Clubs Troupers Yarmtv tennis 81 badminton Numeral Mmor F Ma3orF ,lr Day A semblles Student Rep Ltst of Honor 81 Merit ALM-X ROSEN A m Good humor is wisdom good ness and beauty combined Transcrlptlon Editor Press C Chr of Typing 8 Nflm Comm Shorthand Bu mess Seruce Clubs ,lr Das Numerals Ex tra Curricular F Homeroom Officer Lxst of Wfent Q 'Wine as, fagm GLORIA J ROSENBERG Fun loving gracious and posses sor of charm Pres veep and sec of Spanish Club Pre of Home Ec Chr Tree Planting Comm Wolley ball year team 'Wumerals 'tlin or F Extra Curricular F As semblies Homeroom Officer List of Merit ALAN H ROSENSTEIN He is one who enjoys sports and gazety Treas Ethical Club Co Editor Boys Sports FORESTER Na tional Honor Society Booster Club BOC Year Comm .l Day Assemblies Varsity foot ball and lacrosse Varsity Let ters Homeroom Officer MADELINE ROSKY Madge To make the world a friendly place she shows to it a friendly ace C0 Chr Ticket Comm Senior ln augural Dance French UNY Clubs Year Team volleyball Numerals Jr Day FORESTER Cafe Officer List of Merit ELEANOR ROTHHOLZ Winky Her hair - A golden frame for a pretty picture. Year Comm.g Business Service, Shorthand, Glee, Modern Dance Clubsg Intramural sportsg Extra Curricular F3 Jr. Dayg Assem- bliesg Music Festival. PATSY ROTHOLZ Pat I may be small, but judge not a woman by her inches. Year Comm.g UNY, FNA, Red Cross Clubsg Intramural sportsg Volleyball year teamg Numeralsg Minor F3 Extra Curricular F9 Jr. Dayg Clubs Assembly. 126 DOLORES ROTHMAN' Her tozce was ecer soft and gentle an excellent tzrtue woman Year Comm Busine s Seruce Shorthand Clubs As emblie 'Nlusic Festival ROSA M ROTTENBERG The small courtesies sweeten ze Year Comm French Open Forum LXJY FTA Clee Clubs Intramural sports Numerals Wlmor F Extra Curricular F Winter Festival ,lr Day List of Honor Nlerlt GARY RUBIN His talents are the more silent kind BOC Chess Club Varsity track JY basketball Minor F JV Letter Coach List of Hon SAMUEL RUBIN Reserve is the truest expression of refinement. UNY, Men's Glee, Biology Clubsg Troupersg A Cappella Choirg FORESTERg Winter Festivalg Assemhliesg Cafe Of- ficer. PAULINE GALE RUDD Pauly Moderation is the gift of heaven. Treas. - Spanish Clubg Year Comm.g Intramural sportsg As- sembliesg FORESTER. p4l"S1N i' K 6-, is s Q.. '. 4 GAIL ELAINE RUDIE A merry heart maketh a cheer ful countenance Year Comm National Honor SOCICIY re Art ub Spanih Art Club Intramural port 'Vumerals lr Day Sen tor Plav Homeroom Officer Lt ts of Honor Nlerit SHIRLEY RLSSO Cenerostty has its own reuard Year Comm Busme s Serwicf I lee Clubs A emblie ,Ir Dav Intramural port 'Numeral Nlu tc Fe tual Press ep L1 t of lVIer1t STEVEN SAKIN Reds As bad as the worst as good as the best Pre Stage Crew C0 Chr Dec oratmg Comm Jr Day Boost er LNY Clubs Narsity swim ming lacrosse ,IW lacrosse Fresh Soph basketball football 'Vumerals JV Letter Extra Cur ricular F SHARON SANDLER Sherry A girl worthwhile is a girl that can smile. 'ear Comms Ca..ic: FTA: Home Ec. LNY Club." ntra- mural .portiz Numeralf: Minor F: Extra Curricular F: 'ear Song: FORESTER: Cafe Of- ficer. ZENA SAPPERSTEIN She finds pleasure in doing things for others. Year Comm.: French. Red Cross. FNA Clubs: Intramural soorts: Extra Curricular F: FORESTER: lr. Day: Lists of Honor. Merit. DAVE B SCHAIN Shane A mans character 15 reeealed by his speech Sgt at Arm Senior Year Stage Crew Pre K1ngFre h man Prom Year Comm Ethl cal Booster Club XZTIIV ce hoc ev JY cros countrw l cros e Fre h Soph football Nu meral Star Senior Plat Jr Day VILMA .I SCHAFFER l Determination is the way to suc cess Editor Circulation Comm FOR ESTER Y eep FN 5. Year Comm Clee Cheml try Club Intramural sport A emblle Homeroom Officer L s f Honor Nlertt RICHARD .I SCHANBERGER Speech is great but silence is greater NANCY B. SCHECHTER Nan Good humor and generosity car- ry the day with the popular heart. Co-chr. of Prom and Banquet Entertainment' Radio Xt TY Worlcghopz Trouper: Intramural ,portig Numeral:: Pan Ameri- can Affembly' Homeroom Of- icer: Student Reps 1 Honor. MAXINE Y. SCHLEIDER Nicky Her lovely voice soothes as the gentle evening breeze. Yeep - Glee Club: Treas. - Spe- cial Chorus: Shorthand. Busi- ness Service Clubs: Year Comm.: Assemblies: lr. Day: Music Festival: Extra Curricular F: Homeroom Officer: FOREST- ER. 127 'Y' ELAIN E S SCHNEIDER Clalre She smzles or the sake of smzl mg and laughs for no reason but fun ec German Club Year Comm Biology Troupers Chemrstry Club Intramural sports .lr Day Cafe Offxcer Homeroom Offlcer FOREST RHONA SCHNYDMAN F rtendshtp ts the most tmportant bread and butter of lzfe Year Comm Art Club lntra mural sports Clubs Assembly .I Day FORESTER Press Rep Cafe Offlcer MARCIA C SCHREIBER Mar A wzlderness of sweets Year Comm Shorthand Club Intramural sports Homeroom Offlcer BERNICE SCHUSTER Bunny Stay as sweet as you are, and you will always have a host of admzrtng friends Veep and Sec Booster Club, Chr Soph Hop, Jr 81 Semor Proms, Natlonal Honor SOCICIY, German Club, Varslty basket ball, Numerals, Mmor F, Home room OIIICCY, Lists of Dxstmc txon, Honor FRANCES A. SCHWARTZ Fran Laugh and the world laughs with you Year Comm , Buslness Service, Shorthand, Clee, Scrlbblers Clubs, Muslc Assemblxes, Press 'half' LOUIS SCHWARTZ 011 Tho modest on his unembarras sed brow nature has wrztten Gentleman Veep Treas Rifle Club Clubs Assembly Homeroom Officer Cafe Offncer SUSAN L SCHWARTZ She has wlt that flavors conver satzon Pres Open Forum Club Year Comm National Honor Society 4 Square Club Co Manager Engllsh S t a f f Intramural sports Numerals Mmor F Ex tra Currlcular F I Day Press FORESTER Llst f Honor HELENE M SEGALL Cheerful company shortens the mules Year Comm Intramural sports Glee Club ,lr Day Assemblies Student Rep Press Rep Cafe Officer FORESTER List of Merlt .IACQUELINE C SELIS ,lackle folly, yet serlous, fun loving, yet szncere Tlcket Chr Jr Prom, Chr Nommatmg Comm 4 Square Club, Open Forum, FTA, Home Ec Clubs, Volleyball Year team, Numerals, Mmor F, Ex tra Currlcular F, Jr Day, FOR ESTER, Coach, Llst of Honor LORIANNF. SHACTER Laune Me that was born with the taste to travel Sec Ploneer Club, Art, Cam era, Glee, Spanish, Red Cross Clubs, Band, ,lr Day, Press, Cafe Officer MYRNA SHAFER Pooch Laughter and fun good humor and lellowshtp rolled znto one Treas Cerman Club Chr Tlcket Comm Prom Open Forum Booster Radlo Work shop FWA Clubs Volleyball vear team Numerals Mmor F J Day Homeroom Offxcer Cafe Offxcer Press RALPH L SHAPIRO Dotng good and happmess are the same thzng Sgt at 'lrms of Art Club FOR ESTER RUTH ANN SHAPIRO Ruthle Love amtd lone and laughter Year Comm UNY Intramural sports Numerals VIIHOYF As semblles .lr Day FORESTER Ltst of 'VIer1t JOAN SHECTER Joame laughter IS the contentment o Cod Year Comm FTA Spamsh Open Forum French Clubs Troupers Intramural ports Numeral .lr Day FOREST ER L1 t of Nlerlt SARA ANN SHILLMAN afl Success follous etery nght ef Of! Rec French Club Radio and TV Work hop NIIISIC Assembly Homeroom Officer Numerals Llsts of Honor Nlent art X IE ei' HOWARD SHOF ER Cleverness ts an attribute of the selected Veep Chemlstry Club Year Comm German Open Forum UNY Rxfle Clubs Intramural sports FORESTER Press Rep MIRI AIVI ANN SHOFER 'VI1m1 Self conjulence ts the ftrst re quzslte to great understandtng 'ltlurtl ln Fclttor FOREST Yup Home Ec fC Open Forum Weep Booster fluh National Honor Society 4 Square Club Intramural sports Numerals Minor Major F Homeroom Offxcer Llst of Hon NEIL QHPRITZ An orator ls a man who says what he thtnlfs and feels what he says Tre-as LNY Asst Coaching Director Year Comm National Honor Socxety BOC Booster Club Open Forum Club Extra Curricular F .lr Day FOREST ER Coachmg Letter Lnsts of Honor Nlerlt RUTH B SIFFFI lt matters not hou long ue lrze hut hou, Year fomm I una e Homeronm Offm r HINDA SILN ER The best of thzngs come tn small packages re Bu lne Neruce Klub Year Comm Nhorthand Clee Club lr Daw Extra Currlcular Numeral A emblu Press FORESTER gs' SANDRA SINGER Sands Tis good to be merry Year fomm Blologs French Qpanish Home Ee Clee Club fo Chr of Publicity Comm ani h C u Intramural por 'Numeral Nllnor F A embie Jr Dax Press SAN DRA SLZANNE SINNI Cindy A daughter of the gods diunelt IH Year Comm Shorthand flub Intramural sports Numerals Press Rep Homeroom Officer coach FORESTER JAMES F SKARBEK lm Few things are impossible to his dllltgertce and skill Veep Student Body Pres BOC Sgt at Arms June 54 Asslstant Sports Editor Press National Honor Society Ethical Club Varsity track cross country swimming Minor F JV Letter Jr Day Lists of Honor Merit JOYCE SKLAROFF Good nature a priceless treasure Pioneer, Library Clubs: Jr. Dayg Assembliesg Library Aid. EDWIN SKOGLIN Ed There's a hidden meaning in his grin. BOC: IV Football, ice hockey: Varsity lacrosse: varsity and JV Lettersg Homeroom Officer. MARSHA JOY CE SLINE Mike A girl utth a heart and a smile uhose personalrtx makes life uorthuhtle re QDCCIHI fhoru Year Comm Clee FTA Radio 81 TV Work hop Intramural port 'Numf ral Nimor F Jr ay Home-room Officer I Honor XIPYII NANCY LEE SVIITH Ow The greatest blessing is a pleas ant friend Yfar Comm Press Rep TOM SNOWDEN Tom Be not misled by my innocent countenance JV ice hockey Captain JV Let ter Cafe Officer IRMA SNX DER With a twinkle in her smiles and an impish smile on her lips. Year Comm.g Red Cro,s Club: Intramural sports: Numeralsg Jr. Day: Assemblies: Homeroom Officerg Press Rep.: Cafe Offi- cer. HARVEY SXYDER Harv The burst of song down a lis- tening street. Tree planting Ceremonyg Clee Clubg Special Chorus: As- sembliesg Winter Festival. i fl 130 ARNOLD SODIE Chocolate They also serve who only stand and wait. ROBERTA A SOLIN S Bobbye A fheertul heart hath many frtenrls Year ftmm FTA Home E French X fl b Intramural ort 'Numeral 'llmor F r P Day PORESTER foach Llst of Ht nor CHARLES M SOLOMON Chaaew A manly man Press Comm BOC Year fomm Ethlcal Club ,IV Var tty football Numerals ,IV Let ter jr Day Sennor Play Press FORESTER Llst of Honor HARRILT SOLOMON mold of torm Veep Bu mee: Servtce Club fhr Stationery Comm Year Comm Shorthand Glee Club Radm 8. TW Workshop 'Vumer als Extra Curr1cularF Jr Day Aa emblnes Homeroom Officer ABBX SLE SOKOL Steady loyal helpful etery wav Recording Sec June D4 Year Comm 4 Square Glee Boost er Troupers FTA Cluba n tramural port Extra Cumcu lar F Numeral Jr Day K Qemblzes FORESTER GABY SONDHEIM Nothing is impossible to a will- ing heart. Pres. - Biology Clubg 4 Square, Art, UNY, Clee, Shorthand Clubsg Winter Festivalg Extra Currlcular F Coach CHRISTINA SOPHER Chrls Shy but filled with sweetest goodness f hr of scrapbook comm UNY Program Comm UNY Year Comm Press Coach IRVIN SOPHER A ltttle nonsense now and then ts relished by the wisest men Rmg Comm June Q4 Fresh Soph JV Varsxty basketball Numerals JV Letter FOREST GERALDIINE SPRINGER Gerry Pres Library Club Year Comm French Club Publtctty Comm UWY FTA Copper Foil Cluba Intramural sports Nu merals Extra Curricular F ,Ir Day Press FORESTER List of Vlertt MARTIN S STARK A man young in years may be old in hours if he has lost no time Semor Play of rv! 5 . - - 1 . ' If .: .. c. . ' ' . n rt Qu sg ' ' ' ' 0' s S: .v sg . ' g J. ' 3 ' ' 5 ,: ' . : l : ' '5 ' ' I . . 1- . l Y ' .. - 3 ' , " 3 . 5 -1 Y 1 - - , , ' r z Q. S 1 . 2 - , : - : - 4 . : J ER. . 3 . v f . The glass of fashion and the Her smallness is in size alone. . .V - ' - . : - s' .. t ' 3 , 'l , ' . . ' . . . G I .Q A Q A , .: f . : ' A9 F 'l ' I - f ' . A , : I 4 .. . ' . . Q - 2 e ,' , in A 4' D 1. A 7, . 1 g , z . , . . .. A ,g I- . 9 S S: - v - . fv- : L' Q: . g . s- - 3 L . ' I3I MONA STEEL Mo The deed is everything, the glory naught. Year Comm.g Clee. Business Service Clubsg Music Festivalg Intramural sports: Extra Curri- cular Fg Jr. Day: Assembliesg Air Raid Warden. MIRIAM STEIXI Her very heart has rhythm ln lt Head Cheer Leader Varsity bad mmton volleyball basketball Intramural sports Numerals Mlnor F Vlajor F Assemblies Press Rep Student Rep SANDRA TOBY STEIN Sandee Lte rs too short to be sorry Year Comm Intramural sports Volleyball year team Numerals Minor F Major F Jr Day Cafe Officer FORESTER SANDRA STEIN As mce a gzrl as one shall see on anyday Pres Radio TV Workshop Sec Troupers Senior Play Extra Curricular F Minor F Major F Lists of Honor 'Vlent TOMMY STEIINHARDT A good nature ls gamcd only by a good heart Year Comm BOC Varsity bas ketball JN basketball baseball Numerals Minor F Homeroom Officer Cafe Officer 7- fl be 1 CARYL SUE STONE When she speaks her conversa- tion dances with wit, her eyes twinkle with good humor. Chr. Entertainment - Senior In- augural Danceg Year Comm.: FNA, FTA. Radio TV Work- shop. Troupers Clubsg Intramur- al sports: Jr. Dayg Assembliesg FORESTER: Lists of Honor, Merit. RICKI STOPAK R1Ck1 For a ltght heart lwes long Year Comm Radio 81 TV Workshop Troupers Intramur al sports Spanish Assembly Student Rep SHIRLEY SULKIN A qutet gtrl wzth a qutet way Biology Glee Clubs Intramural sports Volleyball year team Music Assemblies Music Festi val Book Store Press Rep MARILYIN TOOR Mar Takes things as she finds them Co Chr Entertainment Comm Banquet 4 Square Business Service Shorthand Clubs N merals Extra Curricular F Jr Day Assemblies Press FOR ESTER Cafe Officer L1 ts of Honor NIQIII RL TH TOWWSEND Interested tn all and thorough in her domg Sec Booster 81 Clee Clubs Sec National Honor Society Year Comm Special Chorus .IV hockey basketball Varsity speedball Nlumerals Major 'Vlmor F Extra Curricular F Assemblies Homeroom Officer FORESTER List of Honor PATRICIA TRACEY 3 A modest uoman neter talks of herself Qpeclal Choru Bu me Sen xce flub Intramural port Homeroom Officer Chrl tma A sembly L1 t of Honor N IRGINIA L TROVIMER GIIIUCI' She soued rourtesy and reaped fnerulshzp Busme s Servlce Club Intra mural sport Y olleyball year team LOIS TUBLIN A spzrtt superior to every wea pon Year Comm Intramural sport: Jr Day Home-room Offlcer Cafe Officer BARBARA ANN TL RNER Bobble Frzendlmess IS the essenre o her charm Year Comm Intramural sport Numeral 'Vlmor F ,Ir Daw Homeroom Offxcer Qtuclent Rep DOLORE: W ANNXW ee Enjoys sports and polztlcs Intramural port 'QMWIMQQE 'hr' qu.. FREDA R WASSERKRLG She slts hlgll Ln the hearts of all people ec Spam h Club Year fomm Wolleyball year team Numerals ,Ir Day FOREST ER Air Rald Warden Lxst of Honor RONA WASSERNIAN Ronnie The noble soul gltes as she takes Year Comm Art Clee Clubs Intramural sports Cafe Officer FORESTER CLORIA S WEINER Cor The quiet kmd whose nature neter uarzcs ec Glee Club Intramural sports Numerals Extra Currx eular F 'Vluslc Assemblies ,I Day Press Rep NIARWIN WEINER 'VI1 hty Mouse He would whip hzs uetght tn uzlflznts t teal Club 8. Var trac' I aptaln lar uy not ball Nlajnr F ,IN Letter Chor al X emblle ELLEN M W EINbTElN They arcomplzsh much uho dull gently and tauhyullx tot! FT-X Intramural ports meral 'Nfmor F FOREQTER Jr Das Club -X embly Cafe Offxcer L1 t of Honor SHEILA P WEINSTEIN High atms form hzgh chararter and great objects brzng out great mmds Feature Edltor FORESTER Trea Home Ec Sec Open Forum Chr Sprmg Sport A embly Senlor Inaugural Pro grams Natlonal Honor Soclety Intramural sports Numerals 'Vlmor F Extra Currtcular F Lust of Honor MARJORIE A WHITELEY Margle A pack of blesszngs ltghts upon thy back Year Comm Shorthand Club Intramural sports Numerals Homeroom Officer ,lr Day RICHARD WIGLEY Ernest labor brzngs ame and glory Varslty track cross country Jor I- Sports assembly NANCY I0 WIKOFF Its a frtendly heart that has plenty of frtends Pres Booster Club Senator Veep Carolers Cabmet Year Comm MUSIC Club Chr Booster Dance Yolleyball year team Numerals 'Vlajor 8: M1 nor F Star FORESTER Jr Day Homeroom Offlcer Cafe Offlcer SHIRLEY WINN A happy future Year Comm Red Cross Glee Clubs Intramural sports Day Assembhes 134 AL DREY CLAIR WINLER Iourteous she ts modest and helpful Year Comm Clee Art Clubs FORESTER Intramural ports ay 'NIU IC A em v Homeroom Offxcer BARRY WISEMAN He works quzetly and utth re serte and determmatton Pres Natxonal Honor Socmety News Edltor Press Co dlrector Jr Day BOC Booster Club Troupers Extra Currlcular F Senlor Play Cabmet Lxsts of Dlstmctlon Honor 'Went GLORIA GAIL WOHL A pleasant and warm personal Exchange Ed1tor f Press Year Comm Spanlsh Club Intramural sports Extra Currt cular F Assemblies Homeroom Offxcer List of Honor SHIRLEE ROSALIE WOLF Shlrl A wlnntng smile the sweetest of all mtroducttons Year Comm Radlo 81 TV Work shop Intramural sports Numer als .lr Day Tlcket Comm for Wmter Festival FORESTER Homeroom Offlcer Liss f Honor 'Vlerxt SUZAINNE S YERMAlN Susle Tomorrow she wall be repaul twofold for the smiles she gate away today Sec une 34 Advertl mg Ed 1tor Press Sec Trea Home Ec Club Se German Club Booster C 1 u b Intramural sports Numerals Mmor F Ex tra Curncular F Lxsts of Hon or Merit fx DIAN F 3 OFFFE She I9 gentle that doeth good rlwrls Ser- llomf- Ev Club Par lomm French ff-rman FT-X fluh FORESTER Intramural port Nllfl'lPI'3lS Umor F r Dax floarh Fafo Offlff-r Q L t of llfnor JANP YOI NC BLOOD m loolrs personality and good spartxnlanshzp a uomlrrlal rom lnnalmn I 0 f hr Scrapbook 14 ntra mural mrt I' xtra Curru ular lhank g,1v1ng A omhlw tufnt Rep Llt of Honor Vlvrlt ll DITH H 7FRXITZ Aluau laughing full of lun l uavw around uhen ther: v uorl. lo be alone' fo lwaturr Fclltor I-'ORF N l' F Ye-ar fomm Nation ,,, al Honor Socxoty Radm 8. TX 'V' Work hop Art Four qquare Flu Intramural port A h letlc Award qonlor Plav L Q s of D1 tmr' non Honor Nlerlt On these few preoedlng pages, the boys ma gn-In of the class of Juno 1954 OPPCN' wsvflwr 101' the 'asf ma sm, anne xv While we're feeling sentimental, wed unezeeeknewleageuewerkeaaeeeilcvhvlds flw"mff'1 be hlndthe scenes qteebeenfnlwenew their-tacesy eneerzychnnkyoutoSherylD0fHHnHDdJ0H'meL0t' for permitting our pictures to appear in their almanac our sincere thanks to John F Billie' J' for the time' guggestlon, and encouragement he generously donated to our show 001' UOOPGSU 31509040 U0 Ml' Sidney Semin' of H. G. Roebuck an sen fer giving nn the opportunity to nee em- nemevemenm ln PHD' - ' ' mem' beaucoun w me seniors who rode down, on then- uede, to Segal! Majestic. when the phvwrlwhem wlzht in each Piffme 'U' expresdon we can keep with us always . . . 1wouldn't finger-prints have been easier?J As we put our yearbooks away to gather dust, let's hope that we all can be together again 0118 Bight in June 1969-for our fifteenth reunion! 135 - f . I .' .. - ' : Y X' Q .: . 1 . A S ni ,Q jg A ' I 1 J . j: . . : A ' 1 -. in 1 . . . Q ' L 'Q lf 8 1 -1 . . Q '7 1 I , if N: I 4 ' - F1 'Q s" ' , si jg Bookstore-1 Home-room Office-rg Sl l- - .3 's , Q l - '94 , ' , . JRQ .1 A ' . V S QM 4 L1 . e, I ' 1 l1SZ S sg .t - , u, . A ' E: L , z W int? .g. I. w ' rv - I . . , , . 'QVC 0 X J Ln rohfsr A uf ULH x Sc Nod L Sv V0x HG gfif' Q X 1hcJun0 1954 F 714-L nf w .,,- H10 V 1 ' rv. 1 " ' ' - f , , , 0 K 'op 0, , , ,L ,L A .J O -V -F 'rv fi. . A ',x S' K 4 f. 4 D' L ,- Q ' '1 L, Ka Y J 2 m o-A, U, -. ni X 0 'J, v- K 'S O nf C m- -' 1' fb, J ' C . ., . A .4 w ' 1 3, ox r ' 'H X, 5 1 J- S f 'P I.. X7 x c ? 'f -Q xi Cb 0, ay M A 1 ar . N, , Uv J fr' , 5. J A 1' 'D x vw N 'J U N , f. B . -4 W' Q' T 'v lfx 5 Ak' 2 cf N ' ,T o - v. x NN ' 'Ln U . ' N -4 W ' F1 -. W ,. K . . U' aw m - ,sql MD, QL ' ' . A . -m , ,. J ' 'HL F -I V354 .u K ORESTER Forckt Park Hug? School THE BACKERS lf t ll Illll I h X f 1 f I P t CIIXIIK .,.l...1-. ..-.-.-.- TI f zlclx-r'tisf-11. our lPil1'1if'l'f. -um pli-1 thc num:-y fm' Ihr- pf-rfm' 4 we Thk ye-z11'lunk. with itf stmf of sham. Wflilllllfl FYPII lmxf- gutlvn an fl! as npr-ning night without the-ir fum mt 'Hn-3' took u 1'llilllK'f' lay irlw-ftil1g in llll tillt'llI' -- xsitl yfur he-lp thefll grvl to volle-vt he ' " lxmls. Mr 8 Mrs Srdney Abramowrtz Mr Davrd Abramson Mrs Albaugh 81 Sally Reuben Alperstexn Mr 8 Mrs V H Almy Charles Ames Frank Andes Mass Anne O Andrews Ardell s Beauty Shoppe Mr 8 Mr Arthur Shay Mrs Adrxenne Ayares Mr H J Ayares A friend Anonymous r 8 Mrs Irvm Baker r 8 Mrs Jake Banks 81 Mrs Ben Bard 8 Mrs Charles Bard 81 Mrs Harry Bard 81 Mrs H D Barshak Stanley Bas Mr 81 Mrs Sam Battaghe Mr 8 Mrs Baylrs r 8 Mrs Gilbert Baylyn Bea 8. Elmer Mrs Florence Beasman 81 Mrs Paul Becker 81 Mrs Samuel Becker lkrs H Beckwlth Mr 8 Mrs Jack Beloga Mr 81 Mrs James Bell Mr 81 Mrs Wlllram Bell Belvlew V arlety Mrs Irene Berhn Mr 81 Mrs Harry Berman Leslie Berman Phlllp O Bemlan Rlchard 81 Leslle Berman Mr Malcolm Bernstem Mlke Bernsteln Betty 81 Bud Betty 81 Jerry Bettye 81 Ed Mrs Sarah B1orsk1 Mr Jack Blshow Ruth Anne Bleakley Mr 8 Mrs Charles F Black Mr 81 Mrs Mlchel Block Mr 8 Mrs Stanley F Black Mr 8 Mr Hyman Blum Allan Blumherg r 8 Mr Charles Blumberg 8 Mrs H L Blumberg 8 Mrs Max Blumenfeldt 81 Family 8 Mrs Samuel Blumenfeld 8 Mrs Kenneth Boehl Basch Brothers Cleaners Mrs C W Bower Mr 81 Mrs J Carlton Bowen John Bowersox Mr 8 Mr Srlas Bull Wm Bunchez r 8 Mrs W Wallace Burford 8 Mrs Stanton Burros r 8 Mr John S Buslck Jr 8 Mrs Frank T Butehorn June M Bute-horn Mr 8 Mrs Mrlton Brlll Mrs Anme C Brmsfleld Mr 8 Mrs Charles G Bnnsfreld Mr 81 Mrs Memtt Brmsfxeld PATRONS Mr 81 Mrs Nathan Brodsky Carole Brooks Joan Brooks Mr 81 Mrs Albert Brotman Mr 81 Mrs Ben Brotman Mrs Hyman Brotman Mr 81 Mrs M Brotman Phyllls Brotman 81 Mel Pollack Anne Brown Charles W Brown Bruce Alvm 81 Arthur Mr 81 Mrs Louls Bruckner Joan 81 Fllomena Calantonlo Mr 81 Mrs Frank Caolo Manlyn Caplan Mr 81 Mrs Joseph Carman Mary Carol Carolyn 81 Harold Jerry tChockJ Carr Mr 81 Mrs Samuel Carr Chrrstopher Carroll Cynthla Carroll Tlrnothy Carroll Mr 81 Mrs Wrllram H Chapm Paul Chenette Herman Sophle 81 Howard Chenkln Bruce Verlen 81 Arthur Cheslock Dr 81 Mrs Maurxce Chldeckel Arleen Carole 81 Debble Chmar Frank D Clty Jr Mr Otto Claus Benny Cohen Mr 81 Mrs Harry Cohen Henry Cohen Mr 81 Mrs Herbert Cohen Mr 81 Mrs Leon Cohen Ricky S Cohen Rona Cohen Sandy Cohen WHS Stanley Cohen Mrs Mary Colllflower R E Colllflower r 81 Mrs Phrl Conners r gl Mrs H B Cooper 81 Mrs Henry Cooper 81 Mrs Jerome Coplan Cora 81 Vrola Crosstown Drrve In Mr 81 Mrs Robert L Crowther Mr 81 Mrs E C Cyford Dannys Dellcatessen Mr 81 Mrs N W Daugherty Norma Daugherty Shlrley Daugherty DaV1d 81 Phll Dons J Davls 81 Mrs Harry S Davls 81 Mrs James Deaner 81 Mrs S De Blase 81 Mrs Wm L Dennis 1m Denny 81 Mrs N Derman Dlck Lola 81 Conme Ronald Dobb Dolfleld Hardware Co Gnlda Donen Donna 81 Ahce Mr 81 Mrs Max Donner 81 Famxly Toma Duemrg The Eagle Pharmacy Edgewood Beauty Salon 138 Edgewood Market Howard Ednngton Edward Asrrcan Ellen 81 Rhona Lee Ellen 81 Sklppy Mr 81 Mrs Edgar Ellls Mr Elms Elleen D Ennoss Dottle Epsteln r 81 Mrs Max A Epstein 81 Mrs Wm G EPSICID r 8 Mrs Raymond Eurlch 81 Mrs Jos Eventoff r 81 Mrs Fararo r 8 Mrs Robert Famell Jr r 81 Mrs Arthur Feldman Clara Feldman G leldman Mrs Maurlce Feldman Mel Judy 81 Barry Feldman Dr 8 Mrs S C Feldman Mrs C M Ferguson Bernard Fish Mr 81 Mrs I Flshbem Mr 81 Mr M A Flshkm Davld Frshman BCC Arthur Flshpaw Charlotte Flshpaw Rosa May Fxshpaw Mr Edward Foell J Forman Mr 81 Mr Robert W Folsythe Mr 81 Mrs Harold Fox Mr 81 Mrs Robert Lee Fox Mr Russell Foxwell Sr Buddy 81 Fred Frank H Alan Franklin Fred 81 Pat Marrlyn J Freed Soretta Frledman Jackle Frxeman Joseph Frelman Dr 81 Mrs Sylvan Frleman Marty Furman Leon R Gary Mrs John Gavora Mr 81 Mrs Robert Gebauer Mrs Hllda Gerselman Mrs Sue Gelkln Cheryl E Gentner Lenny Gerber Leonard Gerber Mr 81 Mrs A Gllmar Mrs Rosetta F Gxmple Dr Stanley A Gmsburgh AZA Norma L Glaser lrls Gllck Mr 81 Mrs Max Gold Mrss Esther Goldberg Mrs Fanme Goldberg Harriet Goldberg Mr 81 Mrs M Goldberg Mr 8 Mrs Mannle Goldberg Mr 81 Mrs N Goldberg Reggle Goldberg Mrs Samuel Goldberg Anrta Sue Golelbloom Barbara Goldenberg .lack Goldenberg Lorrame Goldenberg Mrs Goldman X . 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Jacobson Mr 81 Mrs Eugene Jenkms Jo Mar Sue Joan 81 Bunky Joan 81 Jen'y Joanne 81 Elame s fnend Adelle Jones Mr 81 Mrs George Jones Mr 81 Mrs Wxlllam Jones June 54 Aides Joyce 81 Sam Bonnle K Mr 81 Mrs R L Kable PATRONS Mr 81 'Mrs Louls Kadts Mr 81 Mrs Moses Kaplon Mr 81 Mrs H J Kassner Koffenberger Family Mr 81 Mrs BOFIS M Katz Mr 81 Mrs Norman Katz Mr 81 Mrs Sylvan Katz Mrs Molly Kaufman Dorothy M Kell Mrs Robert Kell Barbara Kessler Marvm Kessler Arlene 81 Lottle Keys Mr 81 Mrs Robert Keys J Davld Klrby Dons Kxrby Hxlda M Klrby Stuart Klavens Mrs Wllllam Klutz Mrs Koehler Mr 81 Mrs Kohl Mrs 81 Mrs Amos A Korb Herbert W Kostens Mr 81 Mrs Jerry Krakowltz Mr 81 Mrs Al Kneger Mrs Joseph Kneger Suhland Krol Phyllls Kroser Nancy Ann Labovltz 54 Harold L Lamb l' 8 Mrs W1ll1am L Lampe 81 Mrs R Landls 81 Mrs Paul Lavxetes Samuel Lavltt 81 Mrs Alfred Lease Sr Henry Lease 81 Mrs Jack LCDOWIIZ Rnckey 81 Rohm Le Compte Lee 8 Dave Mr 81 Mrs N Lehman Ruth Zemon 55 Lenny 81 Sandy Mr 8 Mrs Henry J Lessner Mr 8 Mr Charles Lestner Hanev Robert Levenson Barry S Levm Mr 81 Mrs Harry Levm Mr 8 Mrs Jack Levm Jerry Le-un Leonard Levm Mlckev Levm S A G Mr 8 Mrs Samuel Levm Jane Audoun Lew1s Aunt Llhbv Mr J M Lnberman Llchter Pharmacv Mr 8 Mrs lrvln Ileberman Mr 8 Mr Llpman Lons 81 Mxllard Mr 8 Mr Davxd Llpsxtz Mr 8 Mr Jack Lxpsky 81 Sons Lxsa Llsa 8 Karl Mr 8 Mr Warren Lntsmger B111 Lounge Mr 8 Mrs Henry Luxenberg Pollv Machm Robert E Machln Mr Tnllxe Malmud Mxldred Margolls Mark Mtles 81 Susan Elleen Marley I3 Mary Lee Dress Shop Joe Martm Marty 81 Ruth Jack 8 Estre Masket Mr 8 Mrs Mason Florence Mather Mrs Maurice W Mayersapp Rosa Jane Maxley C M Menkel WHS 28 Marlene Meyers Carey McAfee The McParlands Mxckey Jamce 81 Maxme Mr Mnller Henry Mlller Mr 8 Mrs lrvmg W Miller Paula Muller Mr Robert N Mlller Soma Mlller Rahbl 81 Mrs L Mlller Vernelle E Miller Mr 81 Mrs Wm B Mlller Mrs. Hnram Mnlllson Mrs Sarah Mlllxson Mr 81 Mrs Jerry Mnllman Sons Mr 81 Mrs Wzll Mlllman Rebecca Beth Mlllstone Mr 8 Mrs Morr1s Mmtz Mr 81 Mrs L Montg1ll1on Mldn C E Morgan Mr 8 Mrs Jack V Morgan Mr 8 Mrs Dommlck MOIIDI Mr 8. Mrs Harry Morrell Carolvn Moscoe Mrs Luly A Moxley Mr 8 Mrs Charles Mulcahy B R Myers Mr 8 Mrs I Na tel Marv K Nagle Mr 8 Mrs lsadore Narum The New Yorkers Mr 8 Mr Wllllam N1cholson Mr 8 Mrs Abe Norms Fmlly Nllf'QlHgFf Mrs J J Nurkln Mr 8 Mrs Sylvan Nusbaum Mr 8 Mrs T W Oberfeld Mary O Bryan Ruth 81 Phylh Oletsky Mr NIOITIQ Pamco Mr 8 Mrs Wm W Parrxsh Stan Patrick Phnls Barber Shop Mr 8 Mr C Spencer Phxpps Mr 8 Mrs E Earle Phipps Mr 8 Mr Robert T Phxpps Mr 8 Mr Row Phllllps 81 Harvey Phwlll 81 Larrv Pnetros Beautv Salon Mr 8 Mr Wllllam Pmermen Mr 8 Mrs H Platt Mr 8 Mrs Morten Platt Beth 81 Jamce Plem Mexer Plotkm Mr 81 Mrs Jo eph E Poe 'The Pokles Mr 81 Mrs A Poland Dr 81 Mr Jacob E Pollack Mr 81 Mrs J Powell Robm Powell Mr 81 Mrs Sol Pressman TICQ l atrx Thoma NN lrlce rrlf 8 Dax l r1t7k r Nlr l. ul Proclx Nlr Namurl lroclx llarrx Pr: I Lflxth Pru Nlr Buck lrxor Nlr S Nlr lohn H Prwor lharle Purltelt Nlelun T Pu atch Poll 8 Scott Pugatch Dr A Nlr Nathan Raeu ln Dr 8 Nlr 'Nathan Raru ln Thelma Rfuu m Nlr 8. 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' r , . 0 o r' n r u i n n s ' i e i i o Ori r ' ' ' U n n - I - , . 1 I I 2 Congratulalzons THF IDITOR IA CHIEF MR AND MRS LOUIS A GANN C omplzments MR 8- MRS WILLIAM ROSENBERG GLORIA HOWARD C omplzments SHOFERS FURNITURE CO 930 South Charles Street SUBURBAN BEAUTY SALON DISTIIWTIVE STYLING 806 Relsterstown Road Pukesvllle 8 For Appomtment HL nter 65620 NIR SAM Hour on Thru Sat 96 Frl ay C omplzments rom THE SCHUSTER FAMILY In Me o y of SAMUEL SPECTOR THE HARRY BERMANS MR AND MRS NATHAN EGORIN AND MARCIA MARVIN AND GOLDIE CRFATI' WITH COPPER COPPER FOIL CLUB P I r on IA us F d Luck I HELEWE SECKLL A THE INFANTS AND CHILDRENS SHOP 14 Alle-ghenw -I nu Tow on 4 Nlarvland C omplzments THE W L REYNOLDS CO MACHINE SUPPLIES 502 W Franklin Street MU 5 5465 to the Pzce President of the Graduatzng Class Cvmpllmfnfs 0! ALICE JOHNSOY THE FEUERMAN FAMILY Complzments of THE BIOLOGY CLUB I4 Of to Of v V I O I 1 . ' -- ' ' , Md. ' s--M. .,-- 'd -M9-9 nl f ' Congratulations - - vf , , . . . 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DAD 144 3701 Wilkens Ave. - WI. 5-9861 - Baltimore 29, Md. , . ' - ' 1, Md. C omplzments The Moyer Motor Company LINCOLN MERCURY Sales Servtce 5401 Relsterstown Road MO 4-6600 Best Washes Permanent Storm Window Co , Inc THE LEVIN FURNITURE COMPANY QUALITY FURNITURE" Complzme ts of MR AND MRS BEN JACOBS 824-44 West North Avenue Balhrnore 'I7 Md Good LA fayette 3-4566 Lu k a d Best Wtshes to ou ntece BE ITRICE AUNT FRIEDA AND UNCLE ABE Best Wzshes DONNA KATZ VOD! MORRIS SCHERLIS Good Luclt to BEATRICE fom MOM DAD AND GRANDPA Good Luck to BEA fom THE FISHMAN FAMILIES IN NEW YORK Compltments THE ALEMAN DINER SHIRLEY AND CHARLIE fongralulatwns to BEATRIFE from THE GOLDS CHOSAKS AND KURSHNERS Best Wzshes MRS HENRY J SCHLEIDER Lompl ments of THE DEBBIE SHOPPE 6713 Relsterstown Road fompl ments of LEVINES FURNITURE COMPANY Chester and McEIderry St eets C ongratulatzons Bully rom MOTHER and DAD For Prompt Electrtcal Sertzce Klrk Electric Company ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 5504 Dogwood Road Woodlawn 120 I4 Of ' n . ' ' C n " r ' , z - r f f MR. Congratulations, BEA - Love Of . 1. MR. lr . . , 1 Y I 5 C omplzments The Moyer Motor Company LINCOLN MERCURY Sales Servzce 5401 Relsterstawn Road MO 46600 Congratulatlons QFNIIORS and Mrs Sol Shafer Mlm: and Bunny EDMONDSON PHARMACY 2501 Edmondson Avenue Compliments of BLUM S STORE Lexlngton Park Maryland Owned and Operated by Sam Mtllzson Best Wtshes MR AND MRS NAT MOSCOE DELMA S BEAUTY SALON ITALIAIN BOY HAIRLLT9' OUR SPECIALTY MILLERS GROCERY M L C A FRIEND OF BOB COHEN M F CITRARO CONTRACTOR L BUILDER 2801 E Jefferson Street Baltimore 5 PE abody 2 8042 Congratulations SHERYL Compliments 0 THE ZENTZ PHARMACY Corner Park Henghts and Rogers Avenues Phone LI berty 2-8686 Compltments MERLE AND SUSAN CAMERA MART Ph D DOCTORS OF PHOTOGRAPHY 5421 Harford Road Balhmore 'I4 Md George Cooper CL1fton 4 3505 Flags Pennants Emblems Chenzlle Church and Soczerv Goods Beads and Noveltzes Telephone VE mon 7 3792 THE FLAG BANNER AND PENNANT SHOP HAND AND MACHINE EMBRO'DERING 409 Park A venue Baltimore 'I Maryland C ongratulatlons J OAIN IN E slgma Pl slgma Phl l.Ol'l'lbdO Omega Of - Mr. . ' f ' S. W. ' , Ol 4609 Garrison Boulevard - Baltimore 15, Md. I I. 0 - ' , Md. - I46 Bengamm Fanme Sherald Rona and Gary YMCA SCHOOLS Classes Open to Men and Women BECKERS Acupuntm tall branches! Puhllc Speakm Dzsplay Walerzals Szgn Supplies Artists Watertals 321 N Paca Street Baltunore 1 Md 111, Iberry 3 1680 TORSCH 8. FRANZ BADGE COMPANY Best Wzshes to STEVE wn nur THE STAGE CREW Ealesmanshlp Aclvertxslng 'Wana ement Marketln Shorthand Typewrltm Secretarial feneral Clerlfal Bookkeepln and ACCUUIIIHI Bu IHCQ 'Vhfhlnes and Refreaher Courees Send For Catalogue YMCA SCHOOLS Franklin and Cathedral Steets Lk xln ton 9 1560 Artistry In Flowers GREMLER BEAUTY SALON 319 Park Avenue Baltimore 1 Maryland Phone LL 'un ton 9 050 Best Wzshes MAURICE CARDIN INSURANCE AGENCY Zaman gfall Ll berty 2 7140 G MO hawk 4 8400 3838 40 FOREST PARK AVENUE BALTIMORE 16 MD 'WL lberry 5 2664 famplzments CITY LINE AMOCO Congratulations to the CLASS OF JUNE, 1954 HUTZ ER'S , affmmw Jffrafz 147 . . . I 1 I I M .U . L .U f ' fj 7 C' fy Q .. ' ' A 1 Y - a- ' 9 . .... , . . 'J .- - 1 A 0' C . i , . V ...U .xl .' . .i 7 , C.- E I . , . U b . H Q. l . D I.. ., .,S.r, L1 . .1 .. . . . . U -...L n .i I I . fl -A. u - - ll O! , . fongratulatwns and Best Wtshes PATRICIA LINDER fompllments of Good Luck MR AND MRS MORRIS LOTT ANTHONY W WEISS WMA Compltments A FRIEND fompl e ts of A FRIEND ALBERT E FIEDLER Your Florist 3016 WEST NORTH AVENUE LO ngvsood 65700 Tops For Your Babys Bottom SA ratoga 1 2959 Complzments A FRIEND JENKINS Manu acturers FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL RINGS 2601 West Lexmgton Street ED mondson 6 6188 The Three Musketeers of P L 0 DEBBIE IRIS AND PHYLLIS TRUDY FROCKS OF PARK LANE Ojermg a Complete New Sprung Lute of Sweaters tr s Dresses and Accessories for School Dates 4420 PARK HEIGHTS AVENUE LI 25286 BEST WISHES FROM MR AND MRS GEORGE W HAYWARD FROM A FRIEND ANONYMOUS GOOD LUCK FROM MR AND MRS SAKIN I J. F. to Of NU DY-PER BABY SERVICE Uf . .I . - Sk. t f . . . I48 Cornplzrnents THE FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Preszdent Rax Beauns Vzce Preszdent Anna Chamlwerb Treasurer Dorlb SIIUVCII Recordzng Secretary E1Ieen Wlanko Isbmtant Ariz zser H155 Cenevleve P Butler Assistant Ariz zser DOII5 Siruven ACTIVITIES Alumn1 Danceb for Gladlldlllig Cla heb btudent Xld Fund boudl Nleetlng Scholar hlp Fund Board Nleetmgb fllumm Cholu -Kthletlc Comper atlon Fund Alumm vb NSFSIIS Basketball and Ice Hockey 149 Of Corresponding Secretary . , .,,.. ..I. , ,.II ...,.,.. A n Van Ditti I' ' s ' ' 1 ' o A . A 5 . . 15 I . M , . v Y Congratulatzons to JLNE '04 Balfour And Company Compliments Of RICHMAN BROTH ERS I SOPHER Prop Congratulations CINDY DAD AND MOTHER fompllmenls of EASTERN DISPLAY AL SHAPIRO WITZKE FUNERAL DIRECTORS HoII ns a d Gulmor Streets 4101 Edmondson Ave LO ngwood 6 2000 Cornplzments of ADOLPH R SOLOMON AND FAMILY The MECCA for fme foods 32 S Calvert Street Complzments AND MRS PHILIP R KROSER Good Luck to DAVID SCHAIN FROM A FRIEND JUDY RODBERG SAYS sure to ask for Coobers and Razsmets at your favonte Candy Counter C ompllments COODY S FOOD MARKET 4752 54 Park Heights Avenue SOL LEVINSON 8r BROS Funeral Directors 1124 26 W North Avenue LA fayette 3 1061 LA fayette 3 1062 Phone HA mxlton 61832 EDWIN A HOCHSTEDT FLORIST A'VD DEFORATOR Cvmvllmfnfs of 5523 Harford Road Balrrrrrara 14 Maryland THE RASKIN FAMILY Potted Plants Floral Deszgns Cut Flowers Best W :shes rom Uncle of ELLEN WEINSTEIN IIIIIIIEIISIW IIIBIIITIIIIUIIE Cocducatlonal SCHOOL OF LAW BYEAR EVENING P ra I d gi th LLldoqru, PRE LAW 2 YEAR DA EVENING P oq m qualifies Ior Law School SOI-IOOL OF IUSINESS INDUSTRY AND MANAGEMENT 4-YEAR DAY d 6-YEAR EVENING P q s I ad! q t th IS do rn c nt q 0 ont Flna c I d :trial M g f Marketing an T ans- perhtl n JUNIOR COLLEGE ZYEAR DAY a d 3-YEAR EVENING Programs In Llbcral Arts Gone I Ed cat I dung to the AA. d groo Write or Call for loolld 1420 N CHARLES ST IALTIMOIE I MARYLAND i n ' Of DR. . . Of I HB8 . . b, . - l A 1 1 . I ' - ro? m aa in o 0 . qualities for tho Maryand State Bar Examinations. . . or r ra f . I an ro ram 0 n o 0 . . in Ac ou ing, Business Man? m , n 0, n u ana amen , , r o . - n ra u ion, on ' . 0 . . . r ISO We ojer our sincere congratulations To our IO ANN Upon her high school graduation That she attain her highest aspiration Is the desire Of The Goldenberg Congregation Compliments Of Mt. Vernon - Woodberry Mills, Inc. Compliments MR AND MRS H LEE DRILL RUDDS FOOD CENTER 2401 Arunah Avenue SUBURBAN ANSWERING SERVICE 3937 B Clarks Lane Boltlrnore 15 Maryland We Answer Your Telephone 24 Hours Every Day Phone RO gers 4 1800 Gomphments MR AND MRS A MOFSOWITZ Phone LI berty 2 1412 LI berty 2 6473 PIMLICO MARBLE COMPANY femeterw Memorials and Statuary D257 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore 1 Best Wishes MR AND MRS PAUL STEIN AND FAMILY fomplzments of MR STEVEN L BOND fompltments of MORTON SCHANK fongratulatzons to our nieces JUDY AWD RITA GREENBERC MRS SAM GREENBERG AND FAMILY KASIN S GULF SERVICE Baltumore 8: Halton Sts Pratt 8. Carey Sts Fomplzments of MR AND MRS SOL BLUM longratulatzons to our Daughter ABBY MR 8. MRS SAMUEL SOKOL T0 SAVE MEANS PROGRESS T e aff profitable and Steady wav to ecure the future and the thmgs you want mot 1 to- SAI E WITH PROGRESS FEDERAL SAVIAGS up to S10 O00 YOUR CAPITAL grow con tantly CONN ENIENT Locatlon clo e to the hoppm dx trlct OPEN YOLR SAVINGS ACCOLNT NOW PROGRESS FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION Northwest Corner Saratoga Street and Park Avenue AUGUSTA BUILDING 8- LOAN ASSOCIATION 416 North Howard Street lnear Franlxlnnl Fome ln and open your Savings Account TODAY wnh any amount Large or Small and recetve llberal emt annual dnldend All account msured up to 810000 each Al CL STA 1 conveniently located downtown and IS open daily al o on Thur dax ewenmgi and Saturday mommga untll noon Dont pu! it ot! start tour Insured Savzngs Account NOW lf sou need a NIORTG ACE LOAN bnng your appltcatxon to ALCLSTX where you mll recene prompt and courteous eruce PHONE SA ratoga 7 0612 Of of - ' f I' 1 A ' , Nld. , MR. 81 . h S -. . s I I V' V M L ' . . S .- Earn Steady DIVIDENDS i Each account is INSURED I S' l5l Best Wishes to Allce and the JUNE 1954 CLASS from Mr and Mrs Albert Martln Johnson Mr and Mrs Charles F Burrows Mr C Martan Johnson Best Wzshes or Success Ln the Future LILLIAN BLAKE LOYOLA FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION R0 ECTS 41550 G00 E Smith R23 M0-'iff Plllmbff N Charles at Preston 404 N Howard Street ACE PLUMBING 8: HEATING COMPANY 6126 REISTERSTOWN ROAD Baltlmore 15 Maryland ABILITY COURTESY EFFICIENCY MR AND MRS EARL BANKS Our Name Spells Sansfacnon MR AND MRS JOE GLAZER AND SON NEON REPAIR SERVICE C AND K SUPERETTE SELF SERVICE 'NIO hawk44l50 Ridgewood I Gwynn Oak Aves Ll 2 2911 2 2912 METAL FINISHERS INC Aluminum Brass 81 Steel Congramlauonq, Speczalzzzng zn Martm Hard Coazzng and Heluzrc Weldmg 307 309 Camel Street Baltimore 'I Md 5Xratoga 7 1370 NA ratoza 7 9312 DAVID KOMINS COMPANY DIAMONDS JEWELRY 'I00 N Liberty St Baltlmore 'I Md BEST OF LUIK JO ANN AUNT BESSIE on UNCLE MAN NY fomplzments of MANDEL AND BALLOW RESTAURANT COIFFURE DESIGNER 3603 West Rogers Avenue at Park Heights F0 7 9843 Good Luck IRV LAYTON HOWARD 8: SHERRY Good Luck to JOAN SHECTER TOITI. COLONEL AND MRS S W BERLINER 7 . I . d LEE - f Complzments Haley Company C ompltments Maryland Cooperage and Steel Drum Co Best Wishes THE PITCH BOYS MICKI AND MIMI WHITE RICE INN 320 Park Avenue to RUTH SIEGEL FROM A FRIEND JERRY S SUBMARINE KORNER Gay and Preston Streets H PAUL MATTHEWS I- SON Butter Eggs Poultry Ll 2,-0077 1900 Rosedale St L' 2 0078 Baltimore 'I6 Md Compliments MRS KAY GOLDMAN Good Luck to JUNE 54 MALKA FELDMAN JERRY KAUFMAN OZZIE JO ANN GOLDENBERG S GRANDPARENTS R T Mohre, Inc Good Luck to BETTYE from the Dlvmon of Speclal Sorvueol of the Department at Educotuon Greetlngs From the Cnty of Long Branch New .IQIKY 5' Come and celebrate our 50th Anmversory with ul Compliments Meadow Gold Ice Cream 5 Of Of Of . . 1, xqe 'ff . . , Uf l 3 Olnff llllell-tif Compliments Uf CAPITOL OIL COMPANY 3625 Hanover Street Compliments Mr and Mrs Joseph L Goldman FRANKLIN UNIFORM COMPANY SOUTH'S LARGEST UNIFORM HOUSE BALTIMORE WASHINGTON RICHMOND 235 Pa k Avenue MU 5 7222 Balhmore 1 Md Compltments Mr 81 Mrs Leonard Levenson and Family Compltments Mr and Mrs Raymond L Jacobs For a Success ul Future H B MANUFACTURING CO Congratulattons MARILYN AND MILLIE Mr 81 Mrs Irwln R Toor Mr 81 Mrs Samuel Korn JOHN H HAZARD Industrial Commerctal Resuierztwl Patntmg 4-311 Fernhlll Avenue Baltimore 15 Md Phone FO rest 7 5131 4 Of C' Z - Of A-G 4 f TL xedo 9 1.309 ROLAND PARK FLORISTS Wyndhu st and Lcwndale Avenues WHFRE ORCHIDS GROW SKIPPY LOSS ERNEST M CAROZZA General Contractors 6001 North Cha les Street ID 5 8253 I omplzments JACK LEWIS INC Funeral Dzrectors 2100 Eutaw Place LA Fayette 3 6100 I ornplzments R l omplz ments HOLLAND CLEANERS 8. LAUNDERERS Modlso and North A enues I OIIIPIIHIPVIIC AND MRS MAX ROTHMAN RIDE DIAMOND CAB BE o3333 BUY THE 1955 FORESTER Best Wzshes THE CLASSES OF FEBRUARY AND JUNE 1955 u I 1 - ll Of I from Of C. . S. A of Of MR. . 155 Compliments of TOWNSEND S ESSO STATION 2920 Liberty Heights Avenue STROTHERS ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION 4936 Park Heights Avenue Phone FO 7 9830 Compltments A FRIEND BARD' AVON SCHOOL Secretanal Complete Secretanal Trammg 9 months Special and Pre College Courses 3 months 6 months Dramattc Art and Radio Separately or ln combmatnon wxth secretanal New Classes September July February 805 North Charles Street VE rnon 7 1155 A FRIEND JACKSONS TEXACO SERVICE Luberty Heughts 8. Wabash Aves Baltumore 15 Md General Auto Repalrs FO1est 79841 Telephone VE rnon 7 7676 SEWARD BROTHERS FLORISTS Flowers For All Occaszons 3030 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE Baltimore 15 MO hawk 4-7264 North Avenue Market Baltlmore 1 Md Floral Destgns Wedding Bouquets Best of Luck to HELENE SEGALL DANIEL COHEN JAMES E RIDDLE Ceramic Tule Marble Slate Phone Ellicott Cnty 811 CUWPIWCVUS KELLY S PHARMACY ROBERTS SQUARE DEAL JEWELERS 27 West Lexington Street A F Tumer Prop 3831 Garrison Boulevard - Baltimore 15, Md. The MECCA for fine foods SHERYL - Why Don't You Believe Mo? 32 S. Calvert Street JOE BERNIE SHOFER PIANOS B28 SOLTH CHARLES STREET Baltxmore 30 Hd or One of the Largest and Host Complete Selections of Pumos m Baltzmore .Sinaf .Sim Exclusue Agents for KRANICH 8. BACH HARDNIAN JESSE FREN! H POOLE HARRINGTON DRESSES SPORTSWEAR PL aza 24212 LE xnngton 9-4310 wslss CROWN smvlc: STATION COA-I-S SUITS Edmondson Ave and Chonng Cross Cotonsvllle SHENTON S ESSO SERVICENTER f Edmondson Ave ll Benfalou Street Bolhmore 23 X 6 f J CIlmr59l63 NV f '6O.NbEfS Complzmenzs w,M,5, I0 West Saratoga Street wand ofsiyle 2 Hours Free Parkmg SHUI' 5'1" LE xlngton 9 3928 MERLE AND RIVA BARR Complzments SHAEFFERS SEAFOOD RESTAURANT A FRIEND Compliments 34th and Ch tnut A enu Baltimore 11 Maryland CH ap ake 39030 A FRIEND C omplzments MR a. MRS HARRY a scHwARTz I R 5 N E DRESSMAKER 5208 Pork Heights Ave I mfl ments of POLL PARROT AND POLLY DEBS SHOES Compliments Wm B Schwartz Sales Rep C""g"""""""'3 'O MR AND MRS RUBE SHOFER JACKIE Comphments Best Wishes rom BALTIMORE OVERALL CLEANING COMPANY THE pn-CH B HQY5 157 o E ' 0 . . . ' ' ,Md. ' . ' ,Md. X , 0 ' - ein f s f .. . f f ' WW 2 . of , 4. of 1 . es v e ' , of es e - Uf fo Pl' L . . . , , I Of of f 1 ASSOCIATION Congratulates The Class of June, I954 ON ITS OUTSTANDING SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT THE FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL SEGALL MAJESTIC STUDIOS 909 NORTH CHARLES STREET VIL Ib PHOTOGRAPHERS TO THE ILNIL 19 I FORFSTER C ongratulatrons Seniors MARY SUE CAN DIES Alpha Lambda Phl DR AND MRS EMANUEL KAPLAN d AI 4 ' erry 7-.'62l . A - ' 5' ,H BEST OF LL'CK Congratulations Elaine an an I'-9 fomplmzents o DOLFIELD PHARMACY BUD 81 PETES SHELL SERVICE General Auto Repazrmg Body and Fender Work 5011 Llberty Heights Ave FO rest 7 9884 THE JOHN TROCKENBROT COMPANY Forest Park Rzngv fx is uzth Forest Park Seals MU 5 1052 310 N Paca St PL 2 8387 Fompllments 0 the LEWIS FAMILY Norman Hllda Ins Debra Harvey f0IH1IIlH18I1f5 0 LINDA ROSEN Congratulations to I0 from BARBARA AND JUDY Congralulalzons S 1 s Your Parents We ve Studled Hard to make thls the klnd of a hotel where young people can ather for dances club meetings luncheons Come and ee ow well weve learned our le con ' EMERSCN HOTEL A llever Hotel Oils C Clements Mgr JOAN Good luck to JUNE 54 AND NORMAN LABOVITZ Congratulatzons MR AND MRS HENRY POMERANTZ Lynn Sandy Gall Davud LIBERTY FEDERAL SAVINGS 8: LOAN ASSN Ilortgage Loans Saungs Accounts 2 5 N Liberty Street PL 2 8587 fomplunents o T L HATFIELD JR fomplzments o ISR AND MRS LOUIS SOBER H G ROEBUCK 8. SON BALTIMORE, MD I , H . I. 99 , . - I A . , l . . - I . 1 I r r 1 a 2 - - - f ' few 'or ' U C 7 from your greatest fans ' , . S h M V 1 as Q 9 4 1 I V. , . f 7 I I . 1 . I - Y. 1 . ' . - I . - I ' ' ' Produced by 160 4 A ' , Goldstc ln Burton Q n W' vw 'n A sk 1 41:11, FI: X 0 AVG' Frush S ni Pranklm rg 1 n D0 rlldb' 1 1- 4' huh, 1 rank Rm lvl K x rg, 'N U' g vuuoq s xuqn I uv nh: rg I' UNSW yX 'J' ' A nh H In k n Lll fs' S fN hen Dave 9 'ha' nR 5 YK n I f'l'Il'l3f ' B Y vr Nanvy N 9X 40 We-r L9 in 0409 0 Pkg- QS gm Stmrt man X K Vx a s oc KK C01 ton S nndler gharon Block Grace A Bob 56 Hutton Georg , K I'15hkln '53 Id 1,1 I 'N 2' 5 6 'Q K ' RUB. x 991 5 ' 4' r- NX 0 H095 -3 .. 1 ? R009 Ye -'F 2 9 T 4 secc 'Q Nqb Ba 110111 Iloslyn rbara Sue Kay, Qlalef' xx ' Q00 We ev 'D any xbn 0 Fff' 3 .V 7 S ' fa E cn ld O 1 W? cm fig, 'Unk ,i x we C'1I'ol,. 011 E X , L1 Une Q? Glick, Bal B ank 'N 4 - 0 A6110 'nl-0. Q A In y 1 . I' I, Y' F.. I 13 1 lx . bi is V N 'Ir '1- - 'C ,Ip 93' Q1 fly, ' 'Jw U '41 Q QW C0 ' ya 4. "nv . , 4, , 0 - L 11 og, lg. 64, . "0 N "fl ' ,Ng . . 01,0 ,438 Ativan V 19 nb' 6 fo Q? A ' 863 , L '. 9 '12, .Q 'ff -A 'Q' r' f .1 V f ' ' v '31 - . 2 3 an F' 9 4 2 .1 ,Q 4- ' ', ' 1, ,A 6 "Ima on f . v-3 ig " 1. . 'fa S, O ? ' ' r . 1 . 1, - s h .' 54 ' 'lynn ' ' 6, . to C, A " 4 .SO if 2 f -F .ow A Wong' 1, 9 Q. t Sb '56 Q QL? ' -to 49' 'N N . . N QQ, Q cfdv Ihlb Q, GPA Iffl n ll S bf- N 61 ' Ja, ' - . .49 Pin 41 rf - 'Wt I . 11,11 Q lf, 4. Q , . .1 . ,Llp ' ,D fy: 5 I kle 5? JG' S? wt R. ' qlbln Q fuhvu- R0 A . Z J' Q11 .5 . ago' 55,0 p , - as X 4,0 - .Q " 9 - o 4 G , A ' . . lx i - D -N - I' MNX' ' A 4 5 9 "W 53' , ' N -T X09 f ' x,5XxYxN ata, E. 1 -Q A 5 ' . L. A wah pckvr' B411 .. ,470 IN A - 01: B Q A af' QAV' 3 - ' ' Q J .QA S 5 f? .N r ff Of H- ,QV if ' ' D , . 'Q- Q Q WBA :Ig I 6' 'I 5- ' og 3 A - vo 5' -Q 52. 9524 'A ' - Q R Q 2 . - - . v A , . Fr 4- 4-v 3 I Pqstpin v .d . 'A GMA ' , I fb Q? I ' Judi ,-' ' . . -, . - I 21 ' '75, 9. ll v V' L' - A . .. F , 9 un . 2 fm ' A 'I 91- 'P 31:1 -h' . 'J -f . ,ga V7 O45 nik 0, 1 IZ. Edward ' 3. Q ' I . . fu Q ' -:." x ' . A 2 2 N Q X ' , , ,lib .S' S 1 .90 I A . Q ' . ' ' pf . 16? S Wvx ' . ' . v - X H 'YO Q 9 9 An' A I 139 03-Q G -6 ,iv 30' - 'Sz' "Q, fa If QT -'5 '- . X39 ' .4 "V I ,309 0 QS l , . ' A hrzunuwitz I 5 . ' 'P :N EMM X2 GPL JUNE 1954 FORESTER SUPPLEMENT FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOCDL BALTIMCRE MARYLAND Eff 9 LM FAREWELL SX l 9 9 0 , Q 'l g 1 . 0 9 o u ' ' 0 ,mf l . 55 Q. Oo 0. 0 ." O. ., , Q x I 'vrro 0 "'0 'g' Ola 'N.,... Miss Pruss enjoys the- proceeding: We never thought we'fl live to see it, but .lune 51, 1954 really came. "l'm not going to cry - I'm not. l'm not" we kept repeating to ourselves as we marched into the auditorium to say "Farewell" to Forest Park. For all we know, we'd look to the rainbow and find a great day - so why cry? Off wt- go into the wilfl liluf- yonflfr. -,-4 f ,41llf!4lf1fW V' ot, 6 l f BANQUET That crazy drummer on the far nght' X Y its .l The world 1 flllcd muh flower tlw flovwr are filled mth d vu the Cf Hllfd with lowe for you an you and xou .15 Oh what a nlvht lt was' Exerxthlnv thex saw about Senlor Proms xs realh true take lt from us' We dmed we danf ed me turned our rlnffs at mldnlvht We enter tamed the New Xork Xankees nn the lobhw of the Emerson The clock struck one but the nwht xt as sounv and we xs ere beautlful lol so each ln hls own wax we wastef not a mxnute just celebrated and cele hrated and then some Jr Whats so funny about hem a space cadet' ' and I just want to saw a few hundred words DU TD COMMENCEMENT lt's us - honestly it x. f' FW gf-Q'-u W: his Q Q, H, 'J Q'J' Q' 9'w I1 Q if -4 n :f?1"'f?"U """' " 0 nf ' 9 .,,f- ' fx,-, . . J.. , 4 .. 'J wi Q Y-5' Q: . .JA iw, Ihploma llne Qi' fs? 9 e-an? Q I R1 mm fl fx L! . Q u 1 Q 1 D F r-a ' 1 "-'1--r v-1 G' '99 '19 PROM Yariutiuns on "Tea for Two" . XXI FHA P 11 61:1 , ,C U. rx f X2-N 14 Q Q Mu-iv f'0llf'I4'Ny of Morgan Bac-r , X. K That hannwr surf-ly gets around A- Excn I I NI I 'Slot Popular 'Nancw anfl llllls SUPERLATIVES Be t Loolung Carol and Dave 'Slot llkfls to Qucceed "'9' Flamf and Blllw I Z X11 Be t Dre Qed Qandw and Larrv Z- fx If V7 QC Done- most for June 34 Alice and Bxlly A fa' Be- t Pfr onallly 'Nanm and Rnharrl 4' ' A, . R -7 M Qy l Q 2 . , 1 rim, . xx QQ, .Q al A t . V 6 'W-A. S " -- ' , 1 -l l l ,. f"'A f A S I -- . - ' E -W if! . g ' k"z,M '? - . l . lf l s. ff ' 1, l L , A, V V ,. .. A , 1, L . y - fa ' x A lA ,fl W v If X' : fl' I! ' 1 F' ' rhvv Q . . -1- lf- ,. y I . .Nl-x l f s l , f- Q ' Q L ' l ' ' l Y 1 f 'v , Q 3 , H ev. l H X I .-3 i ' K A 1 QQW . ' ' 1 ' if ., 'A da, Q ' ' f . , .L ,is 1 37, A ,YS rx 5 S . 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Ffldfnan, Dian, Re EI 3 v L 5 S o cv C5 1? 2 e I-7 E 5 5 -T S' 50' o 5 Clene cv d Coleman ax0 x0 C Qondra Katz M-ma A 396 aovew 0 och dv 2: 6 U16 Y oungblood Jim 945' yi' eww N5 gf if 9 PAW' GOV 'Lena efswxn all Barn! d Margaret Sh ve X9 -Pl' we aww 4' v hen 0111.1 O0 92811 1,0 S, Beverly 1-at Po S 'Q11 eww TUlk0ff artln Wh1 t eley M3PJ0rIe fx s-We ww e age O P61- 0 ww Q 'MMD J' i ne In Barbara Scham Davld 01111111 Arnold J Feld man Marcla E fi Kat, no Kobm Ru,1a, Platt Irene 5.2 Se 5-A99 x , V H eine I opfiel , s mv-Wk vga 910 1509 flh 3050 M UW' xx EW ctra vw' P1St0l2lS Exe I' 0969? acobs -1 Wiener, Ima J McCollister, ,sv . lo -I0 0 June M. S " lv C' "mmf 0 Vfffwe sf 4""f' . 9 J' 0 Q 32 - Q ' 5 400 J V QQ Q V29 ,, , 9 'Y A' ' 0 gg 5 X Tubljn, Lois r Q Rfo Y main E249 ' E Q I' dsk ' . -ix C' Z9 G is nw ' ' . ll at A,. 1 H3403 0 ,VO - N ,Ea , 5 C011 o Q 1, en! . wer G6 . 'lst Q- Q4 0 - 119 cv QQ , 4 'S H5 1 Q O 4 4,6 Q V Q 6011, G bex o"s,' ' ' - 558 + fa , I' lp. 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Suggestions in the Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) collection:

Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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