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i E E E E I I 5 i I E 5 3 I F i H J V I., ML, ,.. ,,,,,w,1,,L-v,Q. W: ' v ff-wx n , 1 . MW ' W vw N hw 5 1 v l N ,A 1,gj.,.i:f fum, 'Um M fu 's L Lx ,' xy, ww 4 , Z4 gi' ' W X-X. , 1 1 : .X 4 N -, W '.'. W M5 5 My 3,35 -,f,xv- ,. . Y A 'f'- M 'aah w-a,v',- , r- we :'. ,v v M, 'lm-. M. , ' ' I iff'-wr!".L'lfQ.,2YLf,-f,' '1 V QU Y " " X' Y q X YWJUN1 M1 " ,ff '1 h X g'-'- " W J, . ' 'w"'w',.- , 1 - V,-Ill, M, H v -Q. i, 14.5 ' '.,, , Y ,hu I 31.13-.',v.4 9 Your lofty town points upward UNE in thc sky JOAN KONOW Editor-in-Chief MARIE ROSE, JUNE Associate Art Editors MILDRED KAPLAN Business M anagcr ROSE . m., 1 j'?7f",5f'flx PM . ,f I 1 w 1 AXA Y, M Qp-,,,, lv Ilfmff W1U !:!111i'l5l'13 , f N' W dw Q M ' y-H . 7' ' H Z" 1 V .. I , , 4 . 5 ' Y V - .5 1. .2 ' 1 5 ' -- 1" , V - . ,, z - U -,.,a1 ' Q -,,'. 1, ,A- I ejxjf 3, ,wvw A , . Mn- - . ff: . 1 . f .4 A. P ' HIL- , M 'ff-14,.'f'l" '?"4.'t""h FW,-'N' E H 'N 'Wi ' X 511' 52 P 2 Jw.!f4,, X ,M . -.wg ,TN f,, W, ,g.,. 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H L A, 'i 1 ,L . r, , , I " ' H ,inf , 1 ."- -: QW wi w,. . q .M , , , I,-. U ,. , I --A. X P A -Mg,-,.. 4 Y. f- ...:.,-H, 1 f-yy, my ' . Q45 . 4. x 1 f: f 1 .y q-, -- , wi, :-,:',,1- .ISR my1'-.MHQ'f.'f:Z::flX'f'hl.?',:-S Wf'f,,-' 75'EVA-3'Y'avli"'43kW fix' '-ff-"V-1' H ' , m ni3 a1 g :ffl . 3 , 2 W -QM '1m',,w:-'W,'f.1f1,Q-.Qs 'izbm ',w-:'Niw,- emfkf' W 'Qu' "N , J'-,flw n'5117'.fT"f' ,asfy1!wM',:W,n :"!'n'Q'tl.i,1:'! 1'4i,KfH1,-'4:':1"3'i,', ,L 1' W W ,"gvx,.,N,kimPs:' 'M'"1'::'gx.1q:7'42u1.5,NEI wi, M 'v1"'M"Vif,imv,' ' ' - m ' ' A 5 . . 1 ' v 5, x ' vl ..,,f ,, . w -' -- V-P ', I - - , yu., Q, X, ,nw ' ly,-'.','f ,f . ,I ' ,- 43.7 1. J. f .' . 3. 1 ' A-F. .Y r -2'-vi Z , 3 1-. -,:.f ' Q3-j:f.i:f "' ff ' , j' -X45 - - wi Q uw. -- V ' ' 'rm le.:-.f.15'. , 1-,Y , er- 5 .Ts 'A I . : ' , ZA, 4 V 1 , .-pw ,p.,.,' -: ,V ...V 'sv ", ,- 'J I G ,. F ' "', S uv " w ,L 'u'3Fff'g1g, --P- .u, Q' . 11. ,R we 14- Wg, V .- " 1 .4 ,' A-Q uf, .?, WW'-5 J1M'3'f+,k . f.fQ. t 'E QE x " ,f-'-l . 5 ' 57 ' :' - ,I -' In ,f ,fn .. L x .lf ?M, 1, .. f- an 4- -1 Sr: EMU 'f ' 5.11, z 1 14 1 1 .-A ,,,,.gg1q , , A ' Y , XML: H 5742 , Y I fo PARK HIGH S BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 00x Orro K. Scnmsn First Adviser ,Dedication A yearbook is a treasure chest of memories and friends. We wish to dedicate this, the yearbook of the Class of june 1949, on Forest Park's Silver Anniversary, to all of the advisers who have lent such helping hands to all of Forest Park's graduating classes through her history. But most of all, we wish to dedicate this book to our own adviser, who has certainly been the finest possible guide and men' tor, Mr. John F. Burger, Jr. We can never express in words our gratitude for the interest that he has shown in all of us and for his guidance and enthusiasm in everything that We have done. We shall always remember him. PPOIOQUB The summer sun had not yet faded when we first stepped through the portals of Forest Park High School into a new era. As we stepped through the doorway in September, 1946, We looked at the great field of opportunity which lay so openly before us. In this field lay treasure. It was but for us to find, to enjoy, to prosper. With this challenge in mind We accepted all that our school could give us. We began our prospecting as selfish sophomores anxious to accept every opportunity our beloved school could give. In our breast beat a hope that one day We might, as seniors, through successful prospection, be successful miners who might con' tribute to the fertilization of this great field of opportunity. With this hope spuring us, We begin this first page of an era. I. K. I Conientd F' If f ,I ax 7 A D IVI ,f , Nm. ' 1 s . ,gn ff, ' V " F I I ? xv If : INISTRATIQN NIGRS ACTIVITIES ,.. 9 5 P 0 R T S Q A PR 6 I' I , fs A Q, HQWQW6 Q5-, ,w.oAfe Ehfw' F EA I U R E S .., fix ,-f 51, X R ffw U W 2 W' ft 1 1 J 1 ' J 3 2 if A ,f I ,x Nfl' V f .N , MyKL, AX K, 'VI Ixnyf I 'kffw-J 'Z A nw , ' W v"'f?i:'H! kgx .,,w, ,,,,, 1 X. ly. I - f ,Q U ., wi oi cpu fli, Y U C gi A ,Af , R X47 alnlmin id fra iion MWMW , , ,X Q, . JM ' . lv mf Fux' an f . , -V J ,VC-. -4 P, .4 1 -, ' if I Y w,v..f:i!f,,qf wjJ'fg ,f --fm 71 at .7' WN' 1'-Y rl, :W L 'gfff my ' vlmflw ,:" 'Y' '-wEf1'v':p f :W 1,3 ' 'I' " ""' .- X 'T 5 e . x 1 I, , .V A., . . , , fufi, A if ,gg-!i11ff1'f'?",3f'. 4' ' " " bv S - 1 !v1,iQQqE.J"'A ,W Y, X I " f, ' . t K .f was , V ,j-Y ,K , , K- !'. , ',: T, . if ,,,1d,-wk. vw-1 H 1 W ''31" ,:w ,. ' ,1 'fr y 11- '- - ,sf i 41' ,Yi A 1 . 9? f ,,5f'-1 fb? - v- ,r , 4 "Wi X. ' ,IANA "" em WENDEIJL E. DUNN Class of june, 1949 Dear Foresters: just three short years ago you came to Forest Park as our new tenth grade students. Now you are graduating, leaving the school building and faculty for other experiences. It is my hope that while you have been here you have caught so much of the spirit of our school that nothing can ever separate you from it. As years go on, much may change, but not the spirit of Forest Park. That will remain the most constant and thrilling factor in your life. You yourselves have been the main builders of that spirit. In your many activities you have supplied whatever was needed to make things go: to malce them go happily for all. If enthusiasm was needed, you had it, if energy, you supplied it, if sympathy, you extended it, if joy, you shared it-and everyone was better for it. Fortunately you will find later life just that way, too. In the same measure as you will have enthusiasm, supply energy, extend sympathy, and share joy, will you attain the spirit of success and happiness. I hope that life will bring you both success and happiness in large measure and that we may meet often. Sincerely, WENDELL E. DUNN Principal 10 Soryiuii M. Bscicen june, 19-49 Class olhlune, l949 Dear Foresters: VVe have had three happy and valuahle years together in senior high school. As you enter college or employment, it is my hope that you will continue to he as friendly and conscientious as you have heen here at Forest Park. Friendly and conscientious people are what the world needs more than anything else, and such people get most out of life. Sincerely yours, cf-xaaort A. ROYER 11 le Dear Seniors: Recently, graduates of Forest Park have heen answering to the call of the magic words "Silver Anniversary." They all agree that the year nineteen hundred and fortyfnine should he one of rejoicin, for all Foresters, who as members of an alumni group of ten thousand, can testify to a school that has high standards and exceptional school spirit. As you go forth to join this group, l know that you will add to its accomplishments and prestige. There are many in your class who are outstanding and talented, many who have done much to main' tain the standards set by the other classes during the past twenty-hve years. My wish for you is a future in which you will continue true to yourselves and your school, one in which you will hnd real happiness, peace, and contentment. Sincerely yours, SQPHIE M. BIHQCKER CARROLL A. Ronin Aaronson Blumberg Brainard Burger Butler Cann Carnes Church Cooper Corbett Culley Dean DeWolff Dice Ekas Feldman Fisher Frederick gaculfy . . . . . . . . . . . Physieal.Edl4eatiou Anderson, C. Melville,B.S. . . . . . PlwsiealEelueation Aaronson, Phillip .... Amold, Florence l., B.S. . Biasi, Nelda K., A.B. , . Blumberg, Gilbert, B.S .... Brainard, Nora V., B.S. . . . Broening, Grace D,, B.S., M.A. Brooks, Helen G., B.C.S., A.B. Bull, Edgar M. ..... . Bur er, jr., john F., BE, . . ButFer, Genevieve P., B.S., MA. . Cann, Charles S,, A.B., M.A. Carnes, Roberta D., A.B. . . Church, Doris V., B.S. . . . Cooper, Luther A., A.B., M.A. Corbett, Ruth, B.S ..... Culley, Alfred E., B.S., M.A. . Dean, Frances W., B.S, . . . DeWolf'f, -Ir., William H., A.B. Dice, Latimer A., A.B., M.A. Ekas, Alice A., B.S .... . . . .I . . English . Physical Education . Physics, Chemistry ..,...Art . English, History . . . . . Commercial . . . . . Industrial Arts . . English, Puhlie Speaking . . Music Department Hcael . . . . Englislgjournalism ..,......History Home Economies Department Head ..,......English . . . . . Commercial . . Mathematies . . . . . . Home Economics .........GuiJanec . Mathematics, Driver Eelueation . Commercial, Driver Education Feldman, Rossctta A,, B.S., M.A. . . . Geography, Law, Driver Education Fisher, Cleo P., B.S ....... .......... M athematies Frederick, Edwin L., A.B., Ph.D. . . . . Chemistry, Science Department Head Goldman, Jessie, A.B., M.A .... ..,.,...... H istory an Goldman Goldstein LeSchuelc Levinson Peverill Polalcofl' Goldstein, Edward H., B.S., M.A. . Heylmun, Stanley, BS ...... Himmel, Mildred, BS. . . Hudson, Ruth H., A.B. . Hutt, Mildred A., AB .... . Hyde, Lucy E., AB., M.A. . . . -l0l1l'1S0l'1,JAlIl8tB.,B.S.,M.A.,Ph.D. jones, Elizabeth, AB., R.N. . . . Kntenlcamp, Catherine F., B.A., M.A. . Kramer, Ruth A., B.A ..... . Krieger, ioseph L., B.S ...., . Le Schaic , Abraham, BS .... Levinson, Florence, B.S., M.A. . . Loomis, Chassie G ...... Manning, Edith L., BS. . . . Moore, Fred, AB., A.M. . . Norris, Grover W., A.B., A.M. . Norris, Nellie S., B.S., M.A. . . Peverill, joseph E ..,... Polalcofli, Mitzie R., AB. . Pruss, Edith, B.S., M.A. . . Ruins, Blanche M., BS. . . . Rapp, Valerie E., BS., M.S. . Ridgely, Elizabeth S., BS. . Roe, Irene, A.B ...... up Himinel Hu tt Loom is Moore Pruss Riclgely acuftg Kramer Norris, G. Rossmeisl . . Commcrcial DcpartmcntHcad . lmlnstrial Arts, Driver Education . . . . . . . . Commercial . . . . . . Englisla,Drama . . . . . Biology . Physical Education . . . . History . . . . English . . . . . . . Coinntrrcial ......,..Pliysics . . Biology, Clivmistry, Economics . . . . . . . . . English . . . . . . History . . . . . Lilrrarian . . . . Physical Education . . . . . . Frunfh, Spanish . . Matluumatics Dcpartmcnt Hcatl . . . . Art Dcpartnmit Head . . . . . . . . . . . Orclicstra Clucmisi ry, Physics Laboratory Assistant . . . . . . . . . . . . Guitlancc . . . . . . . . Homi'Etononiics . . Pliysical Etlucation . . . . History . . . Latin Kreiger Norris, N Ruhe 4 Schmiecl Serposs Shaffer Sims Stoll Suzuki Thompson Tischler Vavrina Vogel Wells Whithtld Williams Yocum Mather Rossmeisl, Martha E., B.S. . Ruhe, Ruth E., A.B. . . . Sabine, Mary, B.S., M.A. . Schmied, Otto K., Li.B., A.B Serposs, Emile H., B.A., M.A. . Shaffer, Virginia, B.S., M.A. Silbert, Nannette., B.S., M.A, Sims, Rex, A.B., M.Ed. . . Smith, Etta W., B.S. . . . Stoll, Nora A., AB. . Suzuki, Nobulco .... Tames, Katherine, B.S. . . Thom ison, Maclelaine M. . Tischller, Morris .... Tyler, Richard .... Vavrina, Vernon S., B.S. . Vogel, Grace K., B.S. . . Wells, Mary E., B.S .... Whitfield, Hester C., B.S. . Williams Mar aret G. B S. , g , . Wright, Fannie C., B.S. . . Yocum, William K., A.B. . Katzen, Rose ...... Potter, Nina . . . Sprol, Almira L, . Mather, Florence aculfy . . French, Gcograph .....,.... Spanislll ...........,...Gcrn1an . . Ercnch, Spanish, Motlcrn Language Department Hcatl lk ik ..........Mus1c . . . .... English Dcpartmcnt Hcati . . . . . . . Business Education Physical Education Department Head. . . . . . . . . . English . . Guidance . . . English . Mathematics . . Commercial . . . . . Electricity . . . . . . . Biology . History Drpartmcnt Head . . . . . . Biology . . . . Commercial . . . Mathematics . . . . . History, Economics ..........English . Industrial Arts Department Hcad ...........Sccretary . . Szcrctary . . . Nurse . . Diztitian BI14 wenty-five eard at goreal fark The history of Forest Park High School now ex' tends over a period of twenty'five years, for the school is in the midst of its Silver Anniversary Cele' bration. The earliest records of Baltimore City's first coeducational high school actually extend back farther than that, for the first construction of what was to be the Northwestern junior'Senior High School was begun in january, 1923, when the city was intent upon improving and increasing its educa' tional facilities. It was completed in February, 1924 for an intended capacity of 2,000, but had over 800 extra students when classes began in September of that year. This was caused by the fact that the boys and girls who were to compose the student body of both the senior and junior high departments were allowed to transfer from any school in the city. flt later became necessary to establish boundary lines which restricted the area from which students could be admittedj Over one hundred teachers were assigned to the building from other schools. Due to the overflow of students, and the noisy distractions of machinery still working to complete the buildin , much confusion was present during the first few gays. Schedules had to be rearranged, additional space, including the auditorium and some rooms at an annex in school No. 69, had to be con' vetted into classrooms, students and faculty had to get used to the newness of strange conditions. A double system of bells, one set for the seven period day of the senior hi h, and one set for the ei ht period day of the junior Eigh, added to the conlgision and hectic conditions. However, under the wise, cou' rageous, and able leadership of Mr. Glenn Owens, the Principal, and Mr. Alfred P. Scott and Miss Rose Patterson, the Vice'principals, order was soon evolved out of the chaos. The interest of the community in this new school was shown by a gift presented by the Women's Civic League of Howard Park-the beau' tiful fountain which adorns the front campus. The school opened with no established traditions to follow, it had to form its own traditions, and much of the first few years was devoted to this task. A philoso hy was adopted with the aim of pro' ducing welT'rounded students through two programs: curricular, including all classroom subjects, and extra' curricular, including athletic and non'athletic organi' zations. The curricula of Forest Park include an academic course for those who plan to attend college, a commercial course for those who expect to enter the business world, and a technical course for those boys who are interested in mechanics. The re lar classroom work is augmented and coordinated'-I by weekly assemblies, largely arranged for student par' ticipation, and by the advisory period, a brief report period originally at the end of the day, but now conducted in the morning. Students at that time were allowed to belong to 15121 one athletic and one non'athletic group. fThis restriction no longer exists.J Durin the first year there were no varsity sports, althougifi a few repre' sentative teams did play unofficial games with other schools. Stress was laid on intramural athletics by both the Boys' and Girls' Athletic Associations until the second year, when varsity s orts started, including football, basketball, track, and, baseball for the boys and field hockey and basketball for the girls. As the school grew in strength and prominence, other varsity events were added, such as ice hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, tennis, fencing, swimming, etc. The motto which was adopted was: "Sports for all, and all for Sports." An athletic letter of reen and gray was designed as an award to all stucints who had earned the required number of points. Minor letters, numerals, ribbons, and medals were also awarded in reco nition of participation in athletics. Aithough sports were the first of the extra' curricular activities, others soon assumed equal im' portance. Sometime during the first school year, a plan was conceived to include student participation in government, modeled after that of our national democracy. In the spring of 1920, the govemment in its present form was established as an outgrowth of the Student Council or Presidents' Club. An elected Student President and Vice President head the organization and serve as leaders of the student body. The first President, Herbert Brown, was invested at the hrst of the Inaugural Assemblies. At that time he was presented with an elm rod by each Student Representative and the axe of authority by the Principal of the school. These rods, symbolic of strength, might, and harmony are bound together with leather thongs, a sign of unity and cooperation, after the manner of the ancient Roman fasces. The axe, which is bound in the center, represents the power and authority which belong to the Student President, but has a blunt edge to serve as a re' minder that his power cannot be used harmfully. There have since been thirty'f1ve student presidents, each of whom has added something to the betterment of the school and its student government. The executive of a government does not work alone, he must have the support and the help of other groups. The first of these, the Senate, is comprised of one student elected from each half'year class. The other, the Board of Student Representatives, includes one elected member from each homeroom class. In 1927, the Student Court was added to the system to 'udge and punish all offenders against school regulations. It has a Chief justice and six Associates a pointed by the President. The last body to be fgrmed only as recently as 1942 was the Cabinet, which serves in an advisory capacity to the President, and includes the President of each half' year class, the President of each of the honor clubs, and the Chief justice. Perhaps the most important participants in student government are the student oflicers who are responsible for helping keep order in the corridors, the cafeteria, and on the campus. Students throughout the years have been invited and encouraged to participate in another important phase of school life, the clubs. These were so varied that every student could Find at least one in which he or she was interested. All groups were chartered by the Board of Student Activities, an advisory group ap' pointed by the Principal to assist him in the supervision and administration of the extracurricular program This Board is responsible for the budgeting of funds for the school, chartering of new clubs, and awarding of non-athletic letters and certilicates to those who excel in the various fields of activity. These green and gray script "F"s are given on the basis of a point system worked out by each club. The earliest of these activities, inaugurated by Mr. Otto K. Schinied, was the publication of a monthly literary magazine the Foiuzsreit. It has since become the yearbook of the graduating class, and a newspaper, the Forest Park Press is published weekly, written, edited, and distributed by students. At one time a calendar was put out for the use of the students. All printing was done in the Forest Park printing shop in the earliest years. The -lunior High School had its own publications, as Well as clubs and teams independent of the Senior High. Prominent among the organizations of the school are the honor clubs, which were organized with the purpose of bringing together outstanding boys and girls to secure a united support for the leaders of the school. These include the Boys' and Girls, Leaders' Clubs, the Ethical lboys sportsb and Varsity Cgirls' sportsl Clubs, the Opportunity Club, the Booster Club, and the Four Square Club. These groups furnish opportunities for service within the school, such as coaching, hall and locker duties, lost and found, and support of athletic events, as well as generally maintaining the high ideals and traditions of Forest Park. Other very active groups include those whose purpose is the furtherance of special interests, such as music, drama, art, literature, shopwork, photography, science, and many others. These clubs originally numbered eleven, but have increased with the growth of the school until forty of them are functioning today. The first seniors were organized as a class in October, 1924. To that class of 25 years ago is due credit for setting the precedents for many of the traditions still being followed, The adoption of a school ring, Senior Inaugural and Farewell Assemblies, June Week activities prior to graduation, and the Loyalty Song are but a few of their many contributions. They also helped select the official school colorsg emerald green, symbolic of aspiration, growth and optimistic hope, and silver gray, sym' bolic of stcadfastness and sterling worth. In 1926 the school flag was adoptedf' the school tower in gray on a green background, patterned after the municipal flag. The main project of the junior class was the annual presentation of the jolly juniorjubilee, given in cooperation with the faculty and the other classes. Forest Park was unique among the high schools of the city in that it was the hrst to give benelits such as these, which often netted the treasury as much as two thousand dollars. This event was discontinued during World War 11, and has been given only twice since then. Two interesting policies which are no longer pursued are the organization of the sophomores as a class, and the privilege extended to each class to elect its own adviser. lClass ad' visers are now selected by the Principall The lirst senior class of 61 was graduated in june, 1925. In 1929 the first February commencement BII6 was held. and since that tnne there have lween two graduating classes each year. in Fehruary and in Vlune. lhe earliest comtnencements were held at the Lyric theater. Alter the first class graduated. an alumni association was formed. with the aim ol' doing something to show that interest and love of Forest Park exists even alter leaving the school. Among other activities. the Alumni sponsors a dance semi! annually in honor ol' the graduating class. Another organization outside the school was the Parent' lieacher Association, which lyecatne active alter l92-1 to assist the school in whatever ways possilwle. Although it was dtshanded heliore the second Vy'orld Vyfir, hope has heen expressed for its reorganization in the near liuture. As time went on. the increase in annual enrollment made necessary .1 new huilding for the 'Iunior High department ol' Forest Park. ln l93Z, the Garrison .lunior lligh School opened with the seventh, eighth. and most ol' the ninth grades from our school, alter which liollowed a reorganization ol' the entire senior high unit. During this new era in the history ol' l'orest Parlt. several liaculty' changes were made. The lirst ol these in l933 followed the passing ol' Miss Annalwelle White, who had succeeded Miss Patterson as Vicefprincipal. A sundial now stands on the lwront campus as a memorial to Miss VVhite. ller position was hlled very capalaly lay Miss Sophie lleclser, whose remarlsahle leadership has done much to inalse Forest Parls the line school it is today. -lihe second IILIAIOI' change in administration occurred when Mr. Vy'endell l'. Dunn came to Forest Parlc from the Midwest to till the post ol' Principal alter the resig' nation of Mr. Owens in l97m'5. Xlr, Dunn continued and increased ellorts to lteep Forest Parlc in a place ol' dignity and inlluence in Baltimore, a policy which Mr. Owens had successfully inaugurated and carried out during his administration 'lihe years passed on until I9-ll, when this period in the ltlie ol the school ended ahruptly. On Decemher 3. l94l. Mr. Dunn assemhled the entire student hody' in the auditorium to hear the hroadcast ol' the declaration ol' war lay' the United States. thus marl4ing a new stage in the lilie of every' graduate and under! graduate, The school now outhtted itsell' lor war with atrfraid shelters, frequent drills, sale of war honds and stamps ll". P. was the hrst school in the country' to sell hondsl, disaster reliel' units. and special courses designed for pre'dral't training. Several memlwers ol the faculty joined the armed forces, among them our adviser, ,Iohn P, Burger, as well as many students and graduates. Seventy rseven ol' these hoys heroicallv gave their lives in the service of their country. To them a memorial gate has recently laeen erected at the liront entrance to the huilding hy' the Alumni Association. Vy"hen the war was over in I9-15 Forest Park again went hack to normal. Many' ol its teachers returned and new ones were added to the stall.. During the war, the resignation of Mr. Scott had heen accepted and Mr. Carroll A. Royer hecame the new assistant to Mr. Dunn. ln April. 1946. a Middle Atlantic Association ol' Secondary Schools and Colleges committee of twenty" six memhers visited the school for three days and evaluated it in nine areas, such as stall, curriculum. student activities, etc., according to lQlI's lil'tlllttllll't' Qfriternt. Their study resulted in the school's receiving tl rating ol' Very Superior in seven of the nine areas. and High Superior in the other two. To the lwest ol' our ltnowledge, this rating is unexcelled. During the hrst quarter century ol' its existence, Forest Park has graduated almost 9.500 students. including the class olihlune, 1949. However, we all know that the history' ol' our Alma Xlater will never close, for Foresters will always continue to "Enter to learn and go liorth to serve." lirtziua lli'iM,ys Student government Alan Corncy Sara-jane Cold Our student government is lilcened to tht which has so completely led our na' tional government. The chief executive is the Student President, aided hy the Student Vice President. Acting in an advisory capacity, is the Cabinet, Z1 group made up of the presidents of the school's five honor clubs, the presidents of each year, the Chief justice of the Supreme Court, and the Stu' dent Vice President. The Cabinet strives REPRESENTATIVES-Sponsor: MR. Ronan. Prcsidmt: A. CORNEY, Student President. Sctrctary: S. Col D, Student Vice President B118 to make a better school and a better student body. The judicial branch of our government is provided for in the form of the Student Court. This court, which is appointed by the Student President, justly tries offenders of school rules and determines their punish' ment, if necessary. Helping the court, are the student officers. Following the pattern of the Federal Government, we have two groups of repre- sentatives-the Senate and the Representa' tives. The Senate consists ofone representative from each semester year, with the Student Vice President presiding. This is a most active phase of our plan of government. To complete our system of government, the Representatives, one from each class, help to carry out the functions of the student government. So the students of Forest Park High School take an active part in governing themselves, a practice which is an old American custom. CABIN ET-Scatctl: A. BADDOCK, A. Corney, S. Coin. Standing: C. Mfmcous, A. Gnoss, S. FRANK, C. PKBRAMSON. R. ANDERSON, T. Duron, A. Kairr, M. SENATE-Scared: C. ABRAMSON, S. GOLD, P. HAMMEIK Standing: D. DIXON, H. FORD STUDENT COURT-S. CLVSTER, B. GARY, N FISHMAN, S. FRANKRI. CAMPius1..i.,j. SAC:-is, SCHINKER ARENA, C. Coovsn Q lil ff i f f X + My K en iord - 'N auf W-.-- X xwvxs ' 1 gsm Vg , 4: :vw ,Q Q K X. q,. i :::u:. ,Q f ggi!! 1 +11 ' Q i 1 W ww S m W 3 :f5"'Vff - , 1 :av 1. 24 MK I if A 5 Q u x ig x:AW , M, ,, N j K A - vs' X -Eff' My B Q A' . L-Wag ark A ' ELAINE SONDRA ABRAMS E The only way to have a friend is to lie one. List of I'Ionor, List of Merit, Student Olhcer, Student Coach, Glee Club, Special Chorus, Open Forum Club, Radio Work' shop, Camera Club, United Nations Club, Senior Girls' Chorus, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Non- Athletic "F," Certificate, Winter Festival, Chairman Scrap book Committee, Press, Fonesrraix. Ambition: College. CAROL ABRAMSON She has grace, charm, and lirilliance of mind. President Girls' Leaders' Club, Booster Club, List of Dis' tinction, List of Honor, List of Merit, Charles E. Adams Speech Award, 12 B Senator, Student Olhcer, Representative, Student Coach, Homeroom Ofiicer Radio Workshop, Vice President Troupers, Open Forum Club, Intramural Sports, Non-Athletic "F," Winter Festival. Amlvition: College-then radio worlc. DONNA LEE ABRELL Donny Helping others is one of her best characteristics. Camera Club, Glee Club, Shorthand Club, Scrapbook Coni- mittee. Ambition: Secretary, RHODA LEA AKEHURST Shell malee her goals in sports and in the future. Homeroom Officer, Shorthand Club, Glce Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F." Ambition: Secretary. CHARLES E. AMASS Chuck Endowed with an intelligent and progressive nature. President Boys' Leaders' Club, President Opportunity Club, Booster Club, Vice President Band, Cabinet, Sergeantfat- Arms, Student Officer, Orchestra, Drum Major, Senior Boys' Chorus, Glee Club, Chairman Variety Show Press. Ambition: Doctor. RICHARD C. ANDERSON Andy Capable of reaching great heights. Varsity Football, Varsity Track, -I. V. Football, Music Assembly. RONALD LEE ANDERSON Ronnie Because of a sunny disposition and many talents, he has many friends. Vice President Boys' Leaders' Club, Homeroom Officer, Cabinet, Student Oihcer, Foniasrea. Ambition: Artist, Portrait Painter. RUTH HAZEL ANDERSON Ruthie In quietness and confidence lies her strength. Student Officer, Art Club, Intramural Sports, Prom Com' mittee. Ambition: Nurses Training. bl 22 IARNET ALLEN ANNENBERG Barney lis sense of humor is one of the refreshing things in our class. I portunity Club, Student Officer, Sergeant-at'Arms Art Iliib, j. V. Ice Hockey, Golf. imbition: College. BETTY APPLEGARTH Betts Neat, atient, and s orts minded. P P Business Service Club, Lawyers' Guild, Intramural Sports. Minor "F," Numerals. Ambition: Private secretary. HIELA IUDITH ASHMAN Shiel Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. our Square Club, List of Distinction, List of Honor, List of Ierit, Student Officer, Student Coach, Press Representative, ilee Club, French Club, Troupers, Maryland Club, Open oi-um Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Scrap- ook Committee, Farewell Assembly Committee. NANCY LEE AVERY Nance Cool, capable, efficient, and just as nice as she can be. Girls' Leaders' Club, Booster Club, List of Honor, Student Ollicer, Student Coach, Homeroom Olhcer, Glee Club, Presi- dent and Vice President Maryland Club, Special Chorus, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Non'Athletic "F," Certificate, Winter Festival, Chairman junior Day Assembly, Kerman Christmas Party, Decorations Committee, Press, Fonrsrsn. Ambition: College. LILEEN BADDOCK Aze Ambition has no rcst. lirls' Leaders' Club, President Four Square Club, Booster Ilub, Cabinet, List of Distinction, List of Honor, List of Ierit, Student Oflicer, Student Coach, Homeroom Oflicer, ilee Club, Art Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor F," Major "F," Non-Athletic "F," Coaching Pin, Editing lommittee School Handbook, Farewell Assembly Committee, ress. Ambition: Interpreter. ,IUDITH S. BADDOCK Judy The type of person who excels in everything she does. Four Square Club, List of Distinction, List of Honor, Student Officer, Spanish Club, Biology Club, Library Club, Intra- mural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Non'AthIetic "F," Kei-nan Christmas Party, Scrapbook Committee, Fonnsrian, Ambition: Happy, successful job. IHARLES BAER Business? lt's quite simple. lt's other peoples money. lpportunity Club, Chess Club, Intramural Sports. tmbition: Business. IDA ISABELLE BALD Sis From within comes a beautiful voice. Booster Club, Glee Club, Vice President Special Chorus, Intramural Sports, Non-Athletic "F," Step Singing Committee. 314 HILDA BARR Honey Her personality will win lier many friends in tlie future. List of Merit, Representative, I-Iomeroom Othcer, Intramural Sports, Senior Inaugural Program Committee, ADELLE BARRETT Jackie A cheerful fact is pleasing to all. Representative, Lawyers' Guild, Business Service Club, Intra- mural Sports, Numerals, Minor A mbition: Private secretary. DAVID BARRON Life is too sliort to world. Boys' Leaders' Club, Opportunity Club, Troupers, Secretary Chess Club, Orchestra, Student Coach, Non-Athletic "F," Coaching Pin. Ambition: Business. HAROLD BARSHOOK Smokey An allfaround fellow and future asset to the business world. Opportunity Club, Representative, Homcroom Officer, Glec Club, Sergeantfat-Arms Senior Class, Fom2s'riaii. Ambition: Business. FRANCES BASS Fran Her blue eyes will be her lcey to happiness. Lawyers' Guild, Glee Club, Numcrals, Non-Athletic "F," Intramural Sports, Fonisran. Ambition: Travel. THOMASINE BEAR Tommy It's a true friend who bas many friends. Booster Club, Glee Club, Special Chorus, Intramural Sports, Business Service Club. Ambition: Concert singer, college. MABELLE BECK Beck Slie is a maid of artly grace, gentle in -form, and fair offaec. Booster Club, List of Honor, List of Merit, Student Olhcer, Representative, Intramural Sports, Kernan Christmas Party, Chairman Senior Inaugural Dance Committee. Ambition: C.P.A. HELEN BECKER Beck Her pleasant cliarm and smile will guide ber through life. Art Club, Student Coach. Ambition: Stenographer. api ANE BENNETT BECKER Brooklyn Fair and square-always thcrf. ist of Merit, Art Club, Glce Club, Special Chorus, Maryland Tlub. WALLACE BENNER VI a A mighty popular guy in his homeroom. j. V. Football, Varsity Football, Varsity Lacrosse. Amlvition: Draftsman. ,STELLE BERKOWITZ Esther Energetic, capahlc, and full of amliition. our Square Club, Booster Club, List of I-Ionor, Student Zoach, Student Ollicer, Glee Club, Business Service Club, awyers' Guild, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor lon'Athletic "F," Co'Chairman junior Prom Refreshment Tommittee. Kctnan Christmas Party, Chairman Typing Com- ittec, Gift Committee, Fomssrtzn. mhition: Always happy, as I am now. BARBARA BERMAN Bobble Her finencss and swrrtncss arc all a part of liar. Student Olhcer, junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Com mittee. Ambition: Marriage. ,LAINE BERMAN E Slit is fair as thc ilay and always gay. representative, Homeroom Olllicer, Intramural Sports. ,mliitionz Model, college. JUDITH KAY BLOOM Judy That xwcct smilc is crcr prcsmt. Girls' Leaders' Club, Four Square Club, List of Honor, List of Merit, Student Coach, Lawyers' Guild, Business Service Club, Ping-Pong Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Non- Athlctic "F," Senior Farewell Assembly Committee, Foizesrisk. Ambition: Success. IONA BETTE BOIN Betty She mcrcly clccitlcs what slit wants and has licr way. ramera Club, Intramural Sports. mhition: College. CAROL BOWEN Beau A girl wlw is always conscientious about lier worlc Art Club, Varsity Badminton, Intramural Sports. Amlvition: Secretary. 5I4 HERMAN BRECHER He bas to keep up bis reputation as Dr. Freilericlis special assistant in chemistry class. Opportunity Club, Booster Club, Chess Club, Intramural Sports, Non'Athletic "F," Press, Fonesrisa. Ambition: College. ALICE BRISKMAN Ossie Like a princess, she has won ber way into our hearts. Student Ofhcer, Representative, President Art Club, Intra- mural Sports. Ambition: Syracuse University or Maryland Institute. BERNICE MARCIA BROTH Bunny Art is indeed not thc bread, but tlic wine of life. Representative, Press Representative, Art Club, Glen Club, Intramural Sports, Banner Committee, Decorations Committee. A mbition: Fashion illustrator. CHARLOTTE BROZER Char Not much talk-a sweet silence. Scribblers' Club, Intramural Sports. Ambition: Marriage. MARTIN L. BUCKMAN Marty Success and fortune will always be witli him because of his great ambition. Treasurer Boys' Leaders' Club, Vice President Opportunity Club, Homeroom Officer, President Radio Worksbop, Kernan Christmas Party, Prom Committee, Press, Fonesrsn. Ambition: Program director of radio station. JACK P. CAMPBELL A smile and acccnt both a mile long. Boys' Leaders' Club, Opportunity Club, Student Court, Student Officer, Chess Club, Senior Boys' Chorus. Ambition: College. STANLEY CARR Stan Hard working student, and All'Mm-yland football star. Ethical Club, V. Football, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball. Ambition: Good position. FILMORE CHAIKEN Chick I like work. I can sit and loolc at it for lionrs. Captain Varsity Lacrosse, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Soccer Ambition: Graduation. DI26 IRENE SHIRLEY CHAIT I Htr manner is as sparkling as thc ring on licr jingrr. Business Service Clulw, Senior Prom Committee. Ambition: Successful housewife. jOANNA WHITNEY CHRISTIAN Jo Charm, personality, and tht willingness to help malta licr the grcat fricml she is. List of Honor, Homeroom Officer, Homeroom Representative, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Major "F," Chair- man Home Economics Asscmhly, Typing Committee, junior Prom Committee, Kernan Christmas Party, Speakers' Com- mittee, Font-stan. Anilntioii: Move to Madison, Wisctmnsiii. ISABELLE CHRISTLE Is Shi' smiles for tht salo: of smiling, and laughs for no reason lint fun. Booster Cluh, Student Oflicer, Clee Club, President Special Chorus, Intramural Sports, Numerals. Minor "F," Non' 'Xtltletic "F," Banner Committee, Decorations Committee, "?URl'TS'l'l"R. Amliitionr College. COLLENN CLABAUGH Moe A trnt friend is forcvtr a fi-icml. lliology Cluh, Maryland Cluh, Intramural Sports. Amlvition: Music arranger. IANET EVA CLAYIVIAN Her nitv with grin invites you to enjoy thc joltt too. four Square Cluh. Clee Cluh, Special Chorus, Intramural Eports, Non'Atl1letic Mnlvitinn: College. CA ROLYN COHEN Good things coma in small paclcagcs. Homeroom Ollicet, Lawyers' Guild, Intramural Sports. Amliition: Secretary. EUNICE C. CCI-IEN Eun Her hiunor has sprcatl joy throughout tht school year. Iusiness Service Cluh, Intramural Sports. Xmlvitiun: Live a healthy and prosperous life. MAROLIN COHEN Mar A helping hanil and a willing ivorlttr. List ol' Merit, Biology Club, Camera Club, Open Forum Cluh, Lihrary Club. German Cluh, Glee Cluh, Special Chorus, Maryland Cluh, Radio Club, Scrapbook Committee, Foiiifsrsii. Ambition: College. .7 it s DOROTHY COHN Dot Small conrtcsits sirtcttn lift. Intramural Sports. Ambition: College. IRMA BEVERLY COHN Irm A light heart lives long. Booster Club, List of Honor, List of Merit, Student Ollicer, Student Coach, Homeroom OH'icer, Vice President French Club, Secretary Maryland Club, Open Forum Club, United Nations Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Non-Athletic "F,,' Chairman junior Day Committee, Chair' man Senior Inaugural Program Committee, Fonrsrrix. MARCIA COHN Marci: Martia has thc :est for living that malcts for charm. List of Honor, Student Officer, Homeroom Officer, Spanish Club, Open Forum Club, Intramural Sports, Numcrals, Minor "F," Prom and Banquet Committee, Ring Committee, Fonssrert. Ambition: College. CHARLES N. COOPER Cbarlic Two Cs-clever and capable, tliat's our Charlie Cooper. President june 1949 Class, Boys' Leaders' Club, Opportunity Club, Booster Club, Cabinet, List of Distinction, List of Honor, Student Officer, Concertfmaster Orchestra, Band, Chess Club, Maryland Club, Head Cheerleader, Intramural Sports, Non-Athletic "F," Kernan Christmas Party, Press. Ambition: Medicine. HELENE I. COOPER Hic To have a fricntl is to bc ont, xlic is a friend, tlicrcforc ber acqnaintancas are many. Four Square Club, List of Honor, List of' Merit, Student Olhcer, Student Coach, Orchestra, United Nations Club, Intramural Sports, junior Prom Committee, Ambition: Medical research. EDWARD COX Big Ed A good atblctc. Captain Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball. Ambition: Architectural engineer, RAYMOND CRAWFORD Why worry today about toinorroiv? Boys, Leaders' Club, Ethical Club, Senior Boys' Chorus, Varsity Football, Varsity Track. Ambition: Business man. DOLORES CATHERINE CRONISE Amiability sbincs by its own light. Glee Club, Special Chorus. Ambition: Nursing, business college. iris HARRIET LEE DAVIDSON Hats A tirinlclc in liar cyc, .1 smilc on lxcr lips, iuiil fricntlsliip in liar licart. Booster Clulu, List of Honor, Student Olilicer, Treasurer Mary' land Cluh, French Clulw, Troupers, Decorations Committee ADA JANE DAVISON No om' coulil axle for morcffsimplc, moilust, and sincurc. List of Honor, Open Forum Cluh, French Cluh, United Nations Clulw, Intramural Sports, Speakers' Committee, IJUKIZS I'l'Il, Amliilioii: College. RITA DE GIROLAMO Dec-Gee Simt xopliixtimiioii and ii cliormiiig pcrsonality. Girls' Leaders' Clulw, Booster Club, List of Honor, List ol Merit, Homeroom Officer, Student Coach, President Music Majors, lntr.imur.xl Sports, Christmas Tree Committee, Kernan Christmas Party, ,Iunior Day Assembly Committee, junior Proin Committee, Decorations Committee, Spring Mixer Com- mittee, Silver Anniversary Committee. Ambition: Private secretary, travel. DOROTHY MARLENE DESSER Dotsey Htr siiircrity and gootl disposition lmiic won licr many fricmls. Four Square Club, Student Ollicer, Hiomeroom Olhcer, Glee Clulu, Shorthand Club, Non'Athletie UF." Ambition: Secretary. TERRY V. G. DETTOR Putsie D.D,Cl':'fDarliiig, daring, ami tcrribhc. President Booster Cluh, Student Court, Student Officer, Homcroom Ofheer, Varsity Badminton, Manager Field Hockey Team, Spring Mixer. Ambition: Modelg designer, and later ll wife. ELLIOT DICKLER Buddy A liit of u'it .intl .1 :natural niouncr liars mailc Buddy riu'ryoi1c's.friuml. Opportunity Cluh, Senior Boys' Chorus. Ambition: Baeteriologist. JOHN A. DIDIER lJiusi'sst.i zeal, but tlccpcst frcliugs arc sclilom crprcssuil. Opportunity Cluln, Open Forum Club, Varsity Baseball, Senior inaugural Dance Committee, Chairman Transportation Committee. Amliitioii: Forestry. VINCENT DINICOLO Sep A gooil utlilctv. Especially lilcvs I-asclmll-calls it tlic grcutrst gamc of all. Ethical Cluh, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball. Ambition: Millionaire business with Carr and jenkins, professional baseball. 2914 -in THALIA ANNE DRAGON Tad Cl'l1alia is just a small lmnillc of femininity with a hig heart and a captivating smile. Booster Club, Student Officer, Student Representative, Span- ish Club, Special Chorus, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Chairman Constitution Day Assembly, Senior Inaugural Program Committee, Fom-zsraa. Amlvition: College. NORMA DoLoREs DUFF nuff, Slit is tially, yet srrionsg fun loving, ytt sinccrr. Business Service Club, Open Forum Club, Intramural Sports. Amliitiunz Missionary. JAMES LOUIS DYE Jim my Curly hair-scriuiis fart. Opportunity Club, Varsity Football, Varsity Basehiill, Man' .iger Ice Hockey, Intramural Basketball, Prom and Banquet Committee, FRANCES EBERLIN Fran Sha is lianglttcr and fun, good lmnwr mul fcllowsliip, rollrcl into ont. Red Cross Club. French Club, Cvlee Club, Open Forum Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Decorations Committee. A mlvit ion: Northwestern University. DEBORAH ENNIS Debby Wit is tlit salt of conversation. Booster Club, Homeroom Officer, Student Ollicer, Cori-es' ponding Secretary German Club, Troupers, Intramural Sports, Non'AtI1Ietic HF." Amliitionr Nurse. ELAINE MAXINE EPSTEIN Clxickic Slit is trnt to har ivorlc, lirr word, and l1rr friends. Booster Club, Student Representative, Student Coach, Intra' mural Sports, Numerals, Minor Major Prom and Banquet Committee, Step Singing Committee. Aniliition: College. MYRA EPSTEIN Mike To lumu' her is to Ioit Iicr. List of Merit, Student Ofhcer, Press Representative, Home- room Representative, Homeroom Oflicer, Open Forum Club, French Club, Intramural Sports. Numernls, Minor "F," Chair' man Ring Committee, Chairman Prom Committee, Trans- portation Committee. Ambition: College. ROSALIE EPSTEIN A Itilril IVUYIQCV is il sucttss in any lucsinfss. Student Officer. Scrapbook Committee. AI11I7lIIf0l1f Travel, qw ALYSE ERDMAN Punchy Frifmlly, roopcratirc, .mtl a liartl irorlcrr. Business Service Club, Intramural Sports. Amliition: Secretary. PHYLLIS FEIT Kitty The joker of tlic claws, liur lmmorous rrmarlcs draw ci'cryonc's attcntion. Intramural Sports. Ambition: Live a happy life. RENA BELLE FELDMAN Rcnic Ons of thc qiiict girls in our class who tallcs little and listms much. Homeroom Officer, Spanish Club, lntramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Scrapbook Committee. Ambition: College, MARION FINK Finlc Ihvlitfmss is to do and say tlic lciutlcst things in tlic lciutlcst tray. Open Forum Club, Business Service Club, Glee Club, lntra' mural Sports, junior Prom Refreshment Committee, Prom and Banquet Committee. Amliirinn: Success. PAULA FISHMAN Pala A cliccrful lifart, a smiling fart, puts simsliinc in the darlccst placc. Girls' Lenders' Club, Booster Club, IZA Senator, List ol Honor, Student Oflicer, Homeroom Officer, Student Coach, President German Club, Chess Club, Varsity Tennis, lntra- mural Sports, lntramural School Badminton Champion, Major "F," Minor "F," Numerals, Non-Athletic "F," Coaching Certilicate, Kernan Christmas Party, Senior Inaugural Dance Committee, Foiu-'sri-1n. Amlvitiunr School teacher. EMILY FIX Em Patifncc is a virtue lwstoirctl upon Emily. Shorthand Club, Clee Club, Home Economics Club. Ainltitimi: Secretary. LIBBY FOLUS Liz Hrr l-lm vycs sparlclf with good lilmlor. Maryland Club, Clee Club, Shorthand Club, Intramural Sports, Special Chorus, Kernnn Christmas Party, Step Singing Committee, Numerals, FoREs'ri:ix. Ambition: Happiness. FORD Joanny Clullfff LITE H0 Sltlfmi, H0 ll0iSl.', jHSt gllllil AlCCll5. Cirls' Leaders' Club, Vice President Four Square Club, Booster Club, List of Distinction, List of Honor, Student Oflirer, Press Representative, Student Coach, Recording Secre' tary Clee Club, Special Chorus, Open Forum Club, French Club, Intramural Sports. Numerals, Minor "F," Major "F," Non'Athletic "F," Senior Lmugural Assembly Program Com' mittee. Amlvition: College. Bllsl HARRIET M. FORHMAN Harry I'Iarry's reaily smile and sparkling eyes have endeared her to us. Homeroom Officer, Glec Club, Art Club, Nurses' Aide, Prom Committee, Fomssmix. Amlvition: Costume designer. NANCY RUTH FOWBLE Myrtle Trouble A girl with a smile is a girl wortliwliile. Varsity Club, Vice President Library Club, Varsity Hockey, j, V. Hockey, Intramural Sports, Numcrals, Minor "F," Major "F," Kernan Christmas Party, Non-Athletic Ambition: Happy life. SHARON FOX Sherry A twinlcle in her eyes and a smile on her lips. Student Oflicer, Special Chorus, Cvlee Club, Intramural Sports, Prom and Banquet Committee, Ring Commxttee, Foassrsa. Ambition: Doctors' receptionist. MARY JOAN FRANK Maryjo Her tlionghtfnlness brings her many friends. Home Economics Club, Glee Club. Ambition: Secretary. STANLEY FRANK Frankie His personality, like a spring day, spreads sunshine wherever lie is. Vice President Boys' Leaders' Club, Opportunity Club, Chief justice Student Court, Cabinet, Glee Club, Special Chorus, bl, V. Baseball, Manager Varsity Cross Country, Intramural Sports. I Ambition: Sing professionally. SANDRA FREEDMAN Coolcie Stndious, cliarming, always ready for worlc or play. List of Honor, List of Merit, Student Officer, Student Coach, Intramural Sports, Chairman Correspondence Committee. Ambition: Happy life. SYLVIA FREEMAN ' Syl Sineerity is the keynote of her personality. Student Officer, Booster Club, Open Forum Club, Cortes' ponding Secretary French Club, Intramural Sports, Press. Ambition: State Teachers College. HYSON FREIMAN Sonny Sympathetic and generous nature-lint lilces and dislikes are strongly elejineel. Lacrosse, Intramural Sports. Ambition: University of Maryland. B132 ROSE ANN GERMANERO Ax pretty .1i1.l sweet 11s tl ruxt. Booster Club, Clee Club, lroupers, Special Chorus. Ambition: Spanish interpreter, travel. SURA GESBEN Sue l7.1n.'c l1.1ll.'rii111, .111.l sprctnl tht simsliinc uf your prrsoimlity mx t'llt'Yy0Ht'. List ul' Distinction, List ol' Humor, Student Court, Student Otheer, Spanish Club, Troupers, lntmtnuml Sports. .-Xnilutioiiz Dancing. RHONA JEAN GETZ Rlm Slit' will 11lt1'11vx lu' sircuxslliil, for no our .'.1n resist liar iixivx. list ol Merit, Troupers, Student Coach, Prom and Banquet Conunittee. Aniliitianz Buyer. PATRICIA LOUISE GIARTH Pat Swett .mtl 1'l111rn1i11g, plnzxing to all. Representative, Homeroom Officer, Spanish Club, Clec Club, lnlf.llllLll'.ll Sports, Numernls, Senior Girls' Chorus, Minor Senior Iltnee L omintttee, Step Singing Corn' mittee. Press RCPICSCIILIIIYC. Amlntitm: Travel. REBECCA S. GLASS Becky Iluninum Srinxc, in the ltn.1.'lt of string things as tliry art, 11ml rloing ll1L'I11 as tltry slumltl lu' tlomf. list ol' Distinction, List ol' Honor, Art Club, Chess Club, Student Conch, lntrtunural Sports, Winter Festival, Clmirmtin l'lXCl1.lHj.ZC 'lcaeltcrs Assembly, Speakers' Committee. Amltxtiunr Science teacher. IRVING GLICK Irv Su ltviglit tlmt l1f'x l'rilli.1ut. Buys' Leaders Club, President Chess Club, Chess Teqrrn, Student Coach. Aniltititmz Physicist. WILLIAM GLOVER Bill llis sport.m111i1xl1ip dlltl grtat ptrsmiality will altnzyx lw ren11'ml1cr1'tl. Club, Senior Class Sergeant-at'Arins, ltlonterooin Officer, XIJTKIIY lee Hoclcey, Cross Country. VI. V. lee Hockey, Sports, Major .'Xn1lvitiui1: Loyola College, HELEN GLUSHAKOW A .'l1.'t'rl'i1l look, rl pltxising stu, 11H.l .1 ltii1.l l1t11rt. Representative, Business Service Club. Ainliititmz 'l'r11vel. 331.1 DARLENE GOCHENOUR Dolly Small in size only, has personality plus. Business Service Club. Ambition: Happy life. SARAJANE GOLD say Because of lirr charm, personality and brains, slic is vcry popular. Girls' Leaders' Club, Booster Club, List of Honor, List ol Merit, Student Ofhcer, Student Vice President, Cabinet, French Medal Award, Horneroom Officer, President Spanish Club, Girls' Coaching Director, Intramural Sports, Coaching Pin, Certihcate, Minor "F," Numcxals, Non'Athletic "F," Chairman Loyalty Day and Thanksgiving Assemblies, Prom and Banquet Committee, Spring Mixer Committee, FORIESTER. Ambition: Laboratory technician. .IOAN MARILYN GOLDBERG Joanic The terrific combination of pcrsonality and talvnt, our own dancing star. Girls' Leaders' Club, Four Square Club, List of Honor, List of Merit, Student Ofhccr, Ping'Pong Club, Business Service Club, Lawyers' Guild, Student Coach, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Non'Atl1letic "F," Chariman Four Square Club Pep Assembly, Fonssrnn, Ambition: Dancing teacher. PHYLLIS NATALIE GOLDBERG Pliyl Charming ways will surely bring hcr sucfrss, Student Ollicer, Glec Club, Special Chorus, All'Maryland Chorus, Varsity Badminton, Intramural Sports, Foiuzsrizii. Ambition: Show business. AILEEN LEITA GOLDSTEIN Famc will follow licr bccausc of liar great talent, swcctnfss, anal Jcpzntlability. Girls' Leaders' Club, Booster Club, List of Honor, List of Merit, Student Olhcer, Student Coach, Spanish Club, Band, Orchestra, President Glec Club, School Accompanist, Intra- mural Sports, Numerals, Non-Athletic "F," Kernan Christmas Party, Chairman Inaugural Assembly Committee. Ambition: Fame in the held of music. ESTHER MAE. GOLDSTEIN Essic Hur many friends are thc reward for liar swcrtness. Booster Club, Troupers, Student Ollicer, Press Representative, Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Non'Athletic "F," Ring Commiteee, Senior Girls' Chorus, Fonesricn. Ambition: College. ANITA GOLDSTONE Nccdic Charm and personality maltc lifr thi- strict person that she is. Intramural Sports. Ambition: Miami. BARBARA JEAN GOODELL Goodic Slit is an all-around girl if tlifrc rrcr was onc. Varsity Club, Student Officer, Class Representative, Home' room Olhcer, Glec Club, Senior Girls' Chorus, Varsity Badminton, V, Basketball, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Senior Farewell Committee. Ambition: College. all 34 DOLORES GORDON Lorrie Always tonsidmztc and helpful to ntlicrs. Troupers, Lawyers' Guild, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Scrapbook Committee. Amlritionr Secretary. PHYLLIS RUTH GORDON Pllil Her art alvility is not licr only asset. Art Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals. Ambition: Artist. SUSIE GREENBAUM A sweet, lowly, and dainty girl. German Club, Business Serivce Club, Scrapbook Committee, Farewell Assembly Committee. Amlvition: Secretary. CLAIRE LEE GREENBERG Tange Art is imlcrtl not the lvrratl hut tlic wine of lift. Booster Club, Varsity Club, Glee Club, Special Chorus, Secretar Art Club Trou ers S anish Club Mar land Club Y 1 P - P v y - Varsity Tennis, Varsity Ping-Pong, Intramural Sports, Nu- nierals, Minor "F," Chairman Prom Relrcsbment Committee, Prom and Banquet Committee, Foiuaswn. Ambition: Artist. ALICE PATRICIA GREENFIELD Grcenie Our own Bah: Ditlriclcson. Girls' Leaders' Club, President Varsity Club, Booster Club, Student Ollicer, Student Coach, Varsity Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, V. Volleyball, Hockey, Intramural Sports, Major "F," Minor Numerals, Star, Scrapbook Com- mittee, Farewell Assembly Committee, Spring Mixer, Silver Anniversary Dance Committee, Foarswn. Ambition: College. EFFIE GROFF Gund natural, sincere, and frientlly with everyone Booster Club, Business Service Club, Intramural Sports, Scrapbook Committee, Foizrsrur. Ambition: Nurse. MYRA ELAINE Mille Her intclligtntf is surpassed only liy her sutttncss. Second Vice President Girls' Leaders' Club, Booster Club. Four Square Club, List of Honor, List of Merit, Student Ollicer, Business Service Club, Ping-Pong Club, Lawyers' Guiltl, Student Coach, Intramural Sports, Numcrals, Minor "F," Non-Athletic "F," Assistant Girls' Coaching Director, Coaching Pin, Winter Festival, Kernan Christmas Party, Chairman Committee of Five, Press, Foixusrrn. Amlvitiun: College. HEINZ GRUENBERG His hard worlt and friendly smila malcc liim a help to cvcryonf. Student Representative. Ambition: Pharmacist. sag KENNETH L. GUYER, JR. Pleasant and fcarlcss, anti has clcar attivt' mintl. Boy's Leaders' Club, President Radio Club, Art Club, Chess Club, President Stage Crew, Color Guartl. Amlvition: Travel. JUNE HADDAWAY As nicc and pltasant as a tlay in lunf. Business Service Club, Lawyers' Guild, Intramuriil Sports, Correspondence Committee. Ambition: Receptionist. HELENE HANKIN Hi nkic A smilr ti day lcctps thc tloctor army. List of Honor, List of Merit, Press Representative, Homeroom Officer, Marylancl Club, Art Club, Shorthantl Club, lntrir mural Sports, Banner Committee, Gift Committee, Foillsiitir. Ambition: Happy and content. ANNE HANOVER lt's nicc to hc natural when yoifrc naturally nicc. Four Square Club, List of Merit, Class Representative, Student Oflicer, Homeroom Ollieer, Open Forum Club, Troupers, Intramural Sports, Speakers' Committee, Non-Athletic Ambition: College. LENNA E. HANSGE Lenny A licart full offrioadlincss, intclligfncc, and prrsonality. Homeroom Ollicer, Glee Club, Business Service Club, BSA. Boolclceeper, Intramural Sports. Ambition: Christian Day school teacher. EDWARD DEAL HARDESTY Laughing Boy Pfrsonality plus Wisdom. Opportunity Club. Ambition: Criminal lawyer. JOAN HARRIS Joanie Sweat and lovely things come in small paclcagrs. List of Honor, Student Ollicer, Homeroom Ollicer, Glee Club, Lawyers' Guild, Minor "F," Chairman Drama Assembly, Transcription Committee, Seating Arrangement for Senior Assemblies, Press, Foiuisrsn. Ambition: Travel. BETTY L. HARTZ Bel.-'S Hcr imitations of different people liar: matlc tltc class a lmppv group. Business Service Club, Lawyers' Guild, Intramural Sports, Banquet Commintee, Fonssrizn. Ambition: Health, wealth, and wisdom. n 36 BLUMA HEINIAN CI'lu' Iiiglitst of tlistinctions is strvicu to otlivrs. Girls' Leaders' Cluh, Booster CIuI1, List of Distinction, List ol' Honor, List ol Merit, Student Oflicer, I'I01l'lCYO0I'l1 Officer, Student Coach, Secretary and Treasurer Ilroupcrs, Maryland Clulw, Radio Wtxrltslrtnp, Open Forum Clulv, Non'AthIetic "F," Certihcate, Ring Committee, Kernan Party, Winter Festival, Student Representative, Silver Anniversary Com- mittee, Senior Farewell Assembly, Prrss, Fonrsrna. Anilutionz College, travel to Israel. FLORENCE HENKIN Flo :I-Iii' str.ut'I'trry lrlontlc with tht' pleasing pfrsoimlity. Student Olhcer, Troopers, Art Clulw, Glee Clulv, lnrramui-al Sports, Numei-als. Amlvilionz Secretary. WILLIAM BURTON HENRY Bill Still watfr runs tlrrp. of Distinction, List ol' Honor. STANLEY NORMAN HERR Stan .Imlgrs situations and persons calmly with a full scnsc of -iusticc, and has a limi mist of lmmor. Opportunity Club, Student Officer, Intramural Sports, Band, Orchestra, Non-Athletic Student Coach, Variety Show, FORFS'I'I2R. Ainlritionr College. WILMA ANNE HIMES Port, futr, and always ready to l1clp out wl1ci1 ncctlcrl. List of Honor, Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor Major "F," Senior Inaugural Assemlwly, Senior Girls' Chorus, Foiu-'s'i'ua, Al1ll7lIlOI1f College. RUTH REGINA HIMMEL Jean As good on thc atlalctic ,hrltl to slat is in thc classroom. Booster Club, Business Service Club, Homeroom Ollieer, bl. HV. Hockey, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Major "F," junior Prom Committee, Foiozsrizn. Ambition: Toboggan riding. BEVERLY HOFFMAN Bev An allrarouml girl, a real pal. Vice President and Recording Secretary Biology Clulw, Intra' mural Sports, Prrsx. Amlwitionz journalism. JOYCE HOFFMAN Hoff Her merry laugh always rings through thc halls. Homcroom Officer, Business Service Club, Lawyers' Guild, Intramural Sports, Minor "F," Numerals, Gilt Committee. Ambition: Private secretary. 37 14 2 Re'-A' .1fftS'f9'0?Ek S. 25149, it so :r-.traii my 1.1: fx CHARLES HOFMANN Hoff A loyal Forester and good atliletf. -I. V. Football, Varsity Football. Amlyitionz College football career. HILARY HOLLANDER A good disposition is a gift of nature. Frcncli Club, Open Forum Club, Intramural Sports, Prom and Banquet Committee, Fomssriciz. Amliition: Teacher. DE ETTE L. HOLMES Dee Full of originality, spice, and pep, Treasurer Music Major Class, Intramural Sports, Numerals. Minor Amliition: Success. BETTY HORNSTEIN A small lvuntllc of fun ll'l10'5 always Tfildy with a laugli. Business Service Club, Intramural Sports, Cbeerleader, Senior Inaugural Dance Committee. Amliition: Private secretary. LYNN WILLIAM HOTCHKISS, III Buddy Scrions iiilim licls liauing picture talzrn . . . otlierwisc tlic cnt-np of tlir class. Homeroom Officer, Intramural Sports, Varsity Track, V- Football. Aniliition: .Iobns Hopkins University, C.P.A. FRANCES HARRIET HUNT Ona pcrson wlio never grumlvlcs about liar troubles, for slat doesn't liclieve in worrying. Booster Club, Maryland Club, Student Ollicer, Press Repre- sentative, Varsity Hockey, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor Prom and Banquet Committee. Amliition: College. NANCY JANE HUTTON Hutt Typical American girl-f-sircct, cliarming, and t'ii'acious. Varsity Club, Student Ollicer, Homeroom Ollicer, Class Representative, Clee Club, Varsity Badminton, V. Basket' ball, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Major "F," Non-Athletic Moderator junior Day Assembly, Senior Inaugural Assembly, Senior Farewell Assembly, Senior Chorus, Fokrssrra. Amlvition: College. LILLIAN IRELAND Lynn A quiet gracious manner comlvincd witli a love for sports. Business Service Club, Lawyers' Guild, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor HF." Amliition: Secretarial work. ef 38 MARION JACOBS Absence malces the heart grow fonder. Troupers, Glee Club, Intramural Sports. Ambition: To write a book. MARGARET GENE JARRELL Genie She is truly happy who can make others happy. Booster Club, Student Oflicer, Glce Club, Maryland Club, Special Chorus, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Chairman Rc- freshment Committee Kernan Christmas Partv lnnuvurnl . , . 1, ,Dance Committee. Ambition: Teacher. WILBUR JENKINS Janlc A good boy and loyal Forester. Ethical Club, Varsity Football, Baseball. Ambition: Draftsman. HAROLD JOFFE Hal Charming and Suavc . . . The boy with the car. Varsity Track, Intramural Sports, Student Olhcer, Trans' porration Committee. Ambition: Business and commerce. GLORIA JONES Dimples Those dimplcd smiles and charming blushes. Booster Club, Business Service Club, Cheerleader, lntrur mural Sports, Kernan Christmas Party. Ambition: Success. NEAL JONES Buzz Called a func person and loyal Forester by his classmates. Ambition: Millionaire. BETTY LOU JORSS Sunshine Charm and poise are hers to use at will. Class Representative, Special Chorus, Camera Club, lntra' mural Sports, Numcrals, Non'Athletic "F," Press. Ambition: To live happily ever after. 39 JESSA L. KALLINS Jess The rare combination of both brains and beauty. Girls' Leaders' Club, Treasurer Four Square Club, List ol Merit, Student Officer, Pmg'Pong Club, Lawyers' Guild, Business Service Club, Student Coach, Intramural Sports, Chairman Junior Prom Committee, FORESTER. Ambition: Further educationg success in life. MILDRED KAPLAN Mil Vivacious, wrll lilccal., ami always ready will! a liclpiug lirtml. Girls' Leaders' Clulv, List of Honor, List ol'Mer1t, Homeroom Officer, Student Coach. Business Service Clulw, B S A. Boole- lteeper, Intramural Sports, Non'Athletic "F," Ring Coin' mittee, Business Manager Foro-:sir ix. An1liition: To tour the world and always he happy. ELAINE F. KARLOFF E Ijl.iinr's Vflririxtlsliip .tml cliarniing niannrr .irc qitrilitim all xlioulrl pti.tsrss. Homeroom Oflicer, Clee Clulw. Lawyers' Guild, Intramural Sports, Non'AtliIetic "F," Prom and Banquet Committee, Ilranscription Committee, Press, Foro-s'i'ifn, AlHl'lll0!1f Successful typistg worthwhile jolw. ARLYN E. KATZ Arnie Her iozyx arc trays nf plnzsaiitiicss. Glee CIulu, Special Chorus. STANLEY KATZEN Little Katzcn One can't inmginc "Little Katzof' uitlmut tl smilr ami .1 Jolly ivorrl for rifcryuiir. Opportunity Cluln, Golf, Piasclwall Team, Senior Boys' Chorus. Amlvition: Executive in clothing manufacturing. PATRICIA ANNE KELLY Pat Cutcnrss is tl rmnliinatiun of Patfs gnorl lunlcs and personality. List of Honor, List of Merit, Student Ollicer, Hornerooin OII'1cer, Sliorthantl Clulw, Home Economics Clulw, Intramural Sports, Prom Committee. Amliition: Marriage. ALWIN T. KIESSLING Al Always active in sturlcnt gnvcrmncnt ami atlalrrim. Student Representative, Homeroom Ollicer, Senior Boys' Chorus, Varsity Lacrosse, Al. V. Football, Intramural Sports, Manager Varsity Football. Press. Amlution: Automobile mechanic. jUDY KILPATRICK Has lmtli a melting smile anal a smiling mannrr. Booster Clulw, I-Iomeroom Ollicer, Maryland Clulw, Intramural Sports, Spring Mixer, Foizesrra. Ambition: Beachcomber. IRMA KITT K ittcn If cacl1 of liar AfYlfl1ilS was a dollar, slit wnultl lic .x millioiiairc. Girls' Leaders' Club, Booster Clulw, Student Court Cluel- justice, Cabinet, Senator, Student Officer, Student Coach, Representative. Homeroom Officer, Business Service Clulw, Intramural Sports, Cheerleader, Chairman Senior Inaugural Assembly, junior Day Committee, Typing Committee, Kernan Christmas Party, Speakers Committee, Spring Mixer, Prrsx, Foitiaswn. Amliitionf Business career. HI 40 IEAN KITT Kitten As su'cft as sugar, rcrsatilc, personality plus. Girls' Leaders' Club, Booster Club, Vice President june '49 Class, List of Honor, Homeroom Otlicer, Business Service Club, Cheerleader, Numerals, Minor "F," lntramural Sports, Kernan Christmas Party, Spring Mixer. Amliition: Secretary, MRS. degree. ADELE KLAWANS To know lifr is to lilcr licr. Student Ollicer, Class Representative, Open Forum Club. Lawyers' Guild, lntramural Sports, junior Day Assembly, Committee, Press, Foal-:srl-'n. Amliition: Success in the business world. DAVID ALAN KOLSETH A popular antl good looking guy, 1. V. Football, AI. V. and Varsity lce Hockey, Softball, Home' room Ollieer, Prrss. Amlvition: Good job and marriage. JOAN KONOW Hon With lwauty, grace, roicc ilirincg surrly thi' wry world is tliinc. Girls' Leaders' Club, Booster Club, List of Honor, List of Merit, Special Chorus, President and Recording Secretary Glee Club, j. V. Basketball, Numerals, Non'Athletic "F," A Cappella Choir, Winter Festival Cast, Chairman Kerman Christmas Party, Chairman Christmas Assembly Editorin- ChiefFoarsr1-.u. Amlvition: Lawyer's secretary. ELAINE KOTLOWITZ Kotty Littlr, lwut goes a long, long way, this girl comliincs l1otl1 work and play. Treasurer Girls' Leaders' Club, Varsity Club, List of Honor, List of Merit, Student Coach, Glee Club, Special Chorus, j. V. and Varsity Hockey, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Senior Inaugural Program Committee, Press, Foiussrlsa. Ainlxition: Satisfy her ambitions. FAYE KOVENS Fel: A girl with a licart and a smile whosc personality malccs life lUOTIllWllIlC. Four Square Club, List of Merit, Homeroom Ollicer, Student Ofhcer, President Open Forum Club, Troopers, Intramural Sports, Non'Athletic "F," Entertainment Chairman Kernan Christmas Party, Senior Farewell Committee, Fonnsrsn. Ambition: College. SONDRA KRAMER Sonny Will always lic tlic crntcr of attraction wlicrcvcr sl1c goes. lntramural Sports. Amliition: Receptionist, marriage. 41 KATHERINE KRAUSS Kay Hcr rmlcauors arc many, liar accomplishments worthy of note. Cvirls' Leaders' Club, Varsity Club, List of Distinction, List of Honor, Student Ollicer, Student Coach, Homeroom Officer, Varsity Badminton, Captain Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, V. Basketball, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Major Star, Second Star, Non-Athletic "F," Coaching Certificate, Chairman junior Town Meeting Assembly, Font-zsrisu. Ambition: College. MARION KROI-IN Hair of galil, eyes of lilac. List of Honor, Spanish Club, Homeroom Oflicer, Student Officer, Intramural Sports, Non-Athletic "F," junior Day Chorus. Amlvitioii: Nurse. ESTELLE ANN KRONBERG Ifstlicr Kam sense of l1um0r-always rratly for fun. Business Service Club, Intramural Sports. Ambition: Travel and see the world. ELAINE CHARLOTTE KUPFER Kup Nlystfry lits lvcliiml tlwsc beautiful eyes. Open Forum Club, lntiamural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Decoration Committee, Transportation Committee. Amliition: College. WILLIAM B. LANDIS Bill Better to llc silent than utter meaningless words. Booster Club, Chess Club, Color Guard, V. Basltetball, Press. Ambition: Archeologist. BRAI-INA LAPAK Bobbie The lvcst things tome in small paclcagcs, Cilee Club, Special Chorus, Intramural Sports. Ambition: Marriage. RACHAEL LEBOFF Rue Struct antl lowly .mil 0l1, so lean, nothing hitter for a Jrvam. Lawyers' Guild, Open Forum Club, Clce Club, Special Chorus, Intramural Sports, Non'Atl1lt:tic "F," Scrapbook Committee, Press. Ambition: Success. MARY MARGARET LENTZ Madge Cliarming, pretty. anti just as clfvcr at sh: is sivzct. Student Ofhcer, Homeroom Ollicer, Clee Club, Special Chorus, Representative, Intramural Sports, junior Prom Committee, Foirnsrsn. Amliition: Bookkeeper. CHARLOTTE RUTH LEVIN Hfr many fricmls art liar rcwanl for licr swcct ilispositioii. Open Forum Club, Intramural Sports, Numcrals, Non- Athletic "F," May Day Committee, Transportation Com- mittee. Ambition: Nurse. 91 42 DORIS S. LEVIN Dar High as licr iilcals. Booster Club, Homeroom Oflicer, lntramural Sports, Numerals, Kernan Christmas Party, Senior Inaugural Assembly Com' mittee, Fortrasrea, Ambition: College. INGRID LOEHNBERG Inga Talent is ilcvclopttl in quirtq cliarattcr in tlic strmm of the iwrlnl, German Club, Intramural Sports, Prom and Banquet Com' mittee. Ambition: Designer. DONNA LORECK Don Mrrrily sltc plotls lifts iifizyferasyi tome, msy go, Booster Club, Open Forum Club, Student Officer, Coaching Pin, United Nations Youth, Spring Mixer, Prfss, Fortssrmt. Amliitinn: College. WILLIAM A. LUFBURROW Liiff Ht' tmitriliutcx his littlr liit liy his cvrrlasting wit. Boys' Leaders' Club, Intramural Sports, Motion Picture Squad, Moderator .lunior Town Meeting, Senior Boys' Chorus. Ambition: Methodist ministry. MARY ALEXANDRA MACISAAC Sandy Vitality and tltarm arc only ti part of Santly's prrsnnality, for slit etccls in athletics aml scliiml work, too. President Girls' Leaders' Club, Booster Club, Varsity Club, Senator, List of Distinction, List of Honor, Homeroom Officer, Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Baslcetballhl. V. Volleyball,,l. V. Baslcetball, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Non- Athlettc Foiursirn. Amliitionr Marriage. DEVERA MELDA MAGGID Dcc :X lmrtl irorltrr, full of :cst, irlio is surc to lw tr great suctrss. Girls' Leaders' Club, Four Square Club, Booster Club, List of Honor, Student Ollicer, Student Coach. Corresponding Secretary Camera Club, Red Cross Club, Glee Club, Special Chorus, Corresponding Secretary French Club, Maryland Club, Recording Secretary United Nations Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Major "F," Scrapbook Com- mittee, Banner Committee, Winter Festival, Spring Mixer, Font-'s nik. Ambition: College, Archeology. SYLVIA MANACHER Syl Quirt, tlctcrminnl, and limoitl to sitmul. List ol' Honor, List ol' Merit, Glee Club, Camera Club, Red Cross Club, Business Service Club, Student Coach, Non' Athletic "F," Typing Committee, Pi-rss, Fonnsrr-in, Amlritiun: College. ALICE R. MARGOLIN Arm lil it S poist, SIITCIIIEXS, ptrsonrllity imil al roll ,firlfnfss and warmtla you want, Alice will ccrtainly jill. the vrtlcr pi'rfi't'tly. Vice President Ctrls' Leaders' Club, Recording Secretary Booster Club, IOA Senator, Chess Club, List ol Honor, List ol Merit, Class Representative, Student Ollicer, Glee Club, PrngfPong Club, Special Chorus, lnterrbligli Chorus, Intra- mural Sports, Non'Atbletie "F," Recording Secretary junior Class, I"l0Rl-SITR. Amliition: College. 43 :HQ CHARLES MARGOLIS Cliarley A jolce is Charles' motto, a smilz bis emblem, and a host of friends liis good, good fortune. Boys' Leaders' Club, President Opportunity Club, Cabinet, French Club, Open Forum Club. Ambition: Lawyer. GLORIA MARTOCCI A wonderful friend and classmate, lias a pleasing personality. Ambition: Graduation. BETTY MASON Her subtle laumor brings laughs from all. Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Major "li," Senior Farewell Assembly Committee, Senior Girls' Ciorus. Ambition: College. GENEVIEVE MATTHEWS Genny Friendly smile and swcet ways no om: could do witliout. Intramural Sports. Ambition: Happy marriage. DOROTHY ANN MCCLOSKEY Dot Nothing endures but personal qualities. Biology Club, Art Club, Intramural Sports. Ambition: See the world. BETTY SUE MCCULLOUGH Bets Personality plus vivaciousness puts snnsliine and happiness into cvcryonc's life. Varsity Club, Booster Club, Student Officer, Representative, Recording Secretary Senior Class, Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Badminton, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Homeroom Officer, Silver Anniversary Dance Committee, Spring Mixer, Foiussrua. Ambition: College degree. VIRGINIA ANNE MEAD Ginny A spirit superior to every weapon. Booster Club, Homeroom Oflicer, Maryland Club, Intramural Sports, Decoration Committee, Step Singing Committee. Ambition: College. JOSEPH DAVID MECHANICK jerry 'Tlicrc are two sides to every question-minc and tlic riglit side. Opportunity Club, Senior Boys' Chorus, Foaesrisn Ambition: Engineer. 9144 ANITA MEYER Needy Her swrctncss is only surpassed by lur pvrsomzlity. Four Square Club, List of Merit, Student Coach, Homcroom Ollicer, Spanish Club, Open Forum Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals Prom Committee Senior Iniu ural Committee, Chairniaiil Lost and Found, FQLRESTI-'R, A g Amluliour College. NORMA G. MEYER Norm A merry licart .loctla goool. List ol' Honor, List of Merit, Spanish Club, Student Olhcer, Intramural SP0l'fS,'ILll1l0I' Day Chorus. Amliition: Worlc. BARBARA MEYEROWITZ Bobbie Slic is jolly, yr! serious, funrloring, yet sincere. List of Honor, Camera Club, Open Forum Club, French Club, Radio Workshop, Biology Club, Maryland Club, President Serihblers' Club, Lllec Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Prvss. Amliitionr A famous writer. BARBARA MILLER Bm-Ii 'Tis tl true friend u'lio has nnu1yfrit'mls. List of Honor, List of Merit, Student Oiiicer, Numerals, Intramural Sports, junxor Prom Committee, Prom and Banquet Committee, Amliition: College. FRANCES MILLER Frannie Whcvn you mtct har, you Inna- sem tlic utmost in sweetness and clmrm. Spanish Club, Open Forum Club, Student Ollicer, Intramural Sports. Amlwition: College, MARTIN STANLEY MILLER Feet Grrat personality and a mind that will talcc him far. Chess Club, Open Forum Club, Troupers, Student Officer, Intramural Sports, Movie Operator. Amlvitionz Another Don juan. NANCEY LEE MOLL Nance Simple and swrrt-sIir's a fricnol to all u'l1o ltnou' her. Booster Club, Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Kerman Christmas Party, Winter Festival, Correspondence Committee, Step Singing Committee, I:OIlES'l'liR. Amlvition: Bard Avon. MARJORIE FAYE MONFRED Marge Hur wit is as sharp as liar nature is sweet. Girls' Leaders' Club, List of Honor, List of Merit, Student Olhcer, Camera Club, Business Service Club, Intramural Sports, School Banlc, Non'AthIetic "F," Seating Arrangement lor Senior Assemblies, Typing Committee, Banner Committee, Senior Inaugural Program Committee, Press, FORESTER. Amlvition: To live in California. 45121 VIRGINIA MONROE Ginnie Her goool natnrc has conqncrcil thc hearts of many. List of Honor, Student Oflicer, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," junior Day Committee, Prom and Banquet Com' mittee. Ambition: Syracuse University. PATRICIA ANNE MOORE Pat Hcr gootl hnmor and gootl loolcs will talcc licr far. List of Honor, Treasurer Varsity Club, Student Officer, Shorthand Club, Varsity Hockey, Varsity Basketball, V. Basketball, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor Major Star, Senior Inaugural Dance Committee. Ambition: College. SHEILA MORRELL Rowdy Gentle in manncr, with a willing hand. Girls' Leaders' Club, Booster Club, Student Oflicer, Home' room Representative, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Non- Athletlc "F," Banner Committee, Prom and Banquet Committee, Fomssrnn. Ambition: Happiness. jANICE MARILYN MORSTEIN Mort y A good disposition is more valuable than gold. Clee Club, Intramural Sports. Ambition: An expert typlst. ELIZABETH MAY MURPH Betty Charm, poise, anti gracioiisncssdlicr cntirc fortune. Girls' Leaders' Club, Booster Club, Homeroom Olhcer, Homeroom Representative, Art Club, Vice President Red Cross Club, Intramural Sports, Chairman Spring Mixer, Chairman Scrapbook Committee. Fonssruz. Ambition: Kindergarten teacher, RANDOLPH DOWDELL NEAR Reds Rui hair minus thc tfmptr. Manager Varsity Football Team, Manager Varsity Lacrosse Team. Ambition: Mechanical work. RUTH R. NEUHOF Wcll lruoun by licr liroatl smile .intl British afcfnt. Shorthand Club, Intramural Sports. Ambition: Doctor's secretary. RITA PHYLLIS NICHELSON Nick Never a worry, ntver a care, liappyfgorluclcy fl'CYylI'l1CTC. Camera Club, I-Iomeroom Oflicer, Varsity Ping-Pong, Intra- mural Sports. Senior Inaugural Assembly Committee. Ambition: Medical secretary. PI 46 ELAINE NICHOLSON Niki Slac has a lirarl of gold xttrpcrl in n1iscl1ief. Girls' Leaders' Club, Four Square Club, Booster Club, Student Ofhcer, Student Coach, Homeroom Officer, Clee Club, Special Chorus, Maryland Club, French Club. Record' ing Secretary Open Forum Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Non-Athletic "F," Kernan Christmas Party, Prom and Banquet Committee, Press, Foarfsrrsir. Amliition: Europe, then college, ARNOLD NIEDERMAN Arnie Silent type . . . sharp dresser and has o deep appreciation of tlu' fairer sat. Boys' Leaders' Club, Opportunity Club, Senior Boys' Chorus. Aniliition: Business. EVON NOBLES Princess lt's nolvlt' to lic good, and lcinil, and swcct. Booster Club, Ulee Club, Business Service Club, Cheer' leader, Intramural Sports, Prrxs. Ambition: Success in work and in any endeavor. WALLACE LEE NOLKER Swell guy and liked by all his classmatrs, Jill a grand jolt on Varsity Football Tram. Ethical Club, Varsity Football. CAROLYN NOLL Her helping lmnrl vnalccs licr rl whrroritc among all. List of Honor, List of Merit, Representative, Shorthand Club, Maryland Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F." Ambition: Receptionist. SIMON OFFIT Sie Dark lmir, snlvtlc smile, sur-Il fellow, and rl gootl pal. Boys' Leaders' Club, Opportunity Club, Booster Club, Art Club, Senior Boys' Chorus, june 1949 Class Treasurer, Home- room Oflicer, Varsity Tennis, Manager Tennis Team, Intra- mural Sports, junior Day Assembly Committee, Amlvition: College. LANE ORANDLE Girls irritate mc. l low to lu' irritated. Homeroom Officer, Varsity Traclc. Anrlvition: Success. NATALIE ORTISI Lena Brown lnxir, lvrown cyrs, ltrr clnxrms arc tluosc wr iilolizv. Varsity Club, Business Service Club, Open Forum Club, Homerooin Officer, Varsity Field Hockey, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor lnaugural Assembly Program, Dance Committee, Foruisrui, Amlvition: Private secretary. 47 11 FAGA OSHRY Fagic Brown hair and liiiigliing fyfsg iz rlc1'il's girl lint yt! shc's wisc. List of Honor, Homeroom Ofhcer, Glce Club, Special Chorus, Open Forum Club, Treasurer French Club, Intramural Sports, Minor "F," Kernan Christmas Party, junior Day Assembly Committee. Ambition: College. IAMES OTTER ji m m ic The will to tio, tlic soul to Jars. Band, Intramural Sports. Ambition: Businessman. MARY LOUISE PEASE Lou Har laughtcr may lic heard wlicrcvcr slric appears. Business Service Clubplntramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F,"jun1or Day Committee. Ambition: Success. ATHENA PISTOLAS Tina Her uuvs are ways of pltasantncss. Student Officer, Treasurer French Club, Glee Club, United Nations Club, Open Forum Club, Maryland Club, Intramural Sports, Scrapbook Committee. RHONA LYNN POLLACK Rho Attractimicss is part of hcr charm. Spanish Club, Open Forum Club, Student Officer, Intramural Sports, Banner Committee, Foaesrsn. Ambition: College. ELIZABETH POTEET Liz Cfliosc who say thc least accomplisli thc most. Girls' Leaders' Club, List of Honor, Glee Club, Specia Chorus, Camera Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," N0n'Atl1letlC HF." Ambition: College. PETER S. RAYMOND Pete His hard work and outstanding leadership will bring him succtss. Boys' Leaders' Club, President Booster Club, Opportunity Club, Biology Club, Glee Club, Special Chorus, Radio Workshop, Non'Athletic Class Representative, Cabinet Member, Chairman Spring Mixer, President Music Majors, Press, Fotuasrsn. Ambition: Success in life. ARNOLD jAY REISER Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction lvrought it lmclc. Boys' Leaders' Club, Biology Club, Treasurer Chess Club, "Assistant Boys' Coaching Director. 9148 DOROTHY ELIN REYEUR Dotty Silrncf is golden, hut it snmctimrs hliishcs. lirls' Leaders' Club, Booster Club, Vice President Varsity llub, Treasurer Camera Club, Varsity Hockey, Captain Jarsity Basketball, Varsity Volleyball, V. Hockey, gl. V. Jolleyball, Intramural Sports, Star, Major "F," Minor "F," Xluinerals, Fonizsi'i-ta, Imlvitiun: Marriage. ANNETTE RICKLIN Rickie Swcrt, mat, aml petit: with .1 magnetic personality. Homeroom OIIieer, Glee Club, Business Service Club, Cheer- leader, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Gift Committee, Prrss, Foni-zsrnn. Amlvition: Success. EILSA S. RING Lovely to loolc at, ilclightful to lcnoirl -ist of Honor, List of Merit, Homeroom Treasurer, Cwlee Club, I'roupers Club, Shortlianrl Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Vlinor "F," Non-Athletic "F," Typing Committee, Senior naugural Dance Committee, B.S.A, Bank, Prrss. Ambition: Secretary. JUNE ROSE A small package of fun, -fraiilmtss, and -fricmllincss. Girls' Leaders' Club, Booster Club, Homeroom President, Art Club, Intramural Sports, Non'Atbletic "F," Senior Inaugural Dance Committee, FORFSTER. Ambition: Happiness. IUNE MARIE ROSE Better hc small and shinc, than great and cast a shrwlow. Girls' Leaders' Club, Secretary and Treasurer Booster Club, -ist of Honor, List of Merit, Student Officer, Homeroom Dllicer, Arr Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Non-Athletic 'F," Kernan Cbristmas Party, Chairman Banner Committee, Qpring Mixer, Gift Committee, Designed Bookplate lor 'Books for Norway," Fokssrisk. LEONARD ROSEN Lenny Carcfrtc antl gay, his full of play. Chess Club, Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Senior Boys' Cborus. Ambition: Build a peaceful forthcoming generation. MIGNON SUE ROSEN Min Hn pleasant smile untl swan manner malta her lcnoun to all. List of Merit, Spanish Club, Open Forum Club, Lawyers' Guild, Intramural Sports, Movie Projectionist, Gift Com' mittee, Prcss. Ambition: Live happily ever after. DAVID E. ROSENBERG Hu who iiulhs snftly gots far. Da ve List of Honor, Chess Club, Stutlent Coach, Varsity Track, Football, Intramural Sports. 4914 s.s LORRAINE LEE ROSENBERG Cross Sinccrity intcrminglod with honor, truth, antl loyalty. Special Chorus, Glee Club, Art Club, Amhition: Raise a family. RONA GAIL ROSENBERG Ronnie Always on thc spot and rcatly to offer hcr scrvices. Booster Club, List of Honor, Chess Club, President Library Club, Student Officer, lntramural Sports, Non-Athletic "F," Correspondence Committee, Fonvsrsa. Ambition: College. VIRGINIA MAE ROSS Ginny Ginny is simply and naturally nicr. Intramural Sports. Amhition: Ambitious. EILEEN R. RUDICK I Always pleasant company becausc of that terrific personality. List of Merit, Homeroom Officer, Glee Club, Business Service Club, Lawyers' Guild, Intramural Sports, junior Prom Com' mittee, Farewell Assembly Committee, Prrss, Foansrsn. Ambition: Medical secretary. GILBERT RUPPRECHT Rupp Strong, silrnt typf. Ethical Club, V. Football. EDWARD RUSH His alvility to worlc and a good scnsc of humor will help him achieve his ambitions. Lawyers' Guild, Business Service Club, Prrss. Amhition: General olhce worlc. CAROLYN E. SACHS sq, Wit and Ila'fUll'111dy'CdYC attitude arc a sure cure for the hlucs. Booster Club, Student Officer, Treasurer Spanish Club, lntra' mural Sports, Numerals, Minor HF." Amhition: College. IRIS ANNE SACHS Har soft voice cxprcsscs her grntlc natnrc. Girls' Leaders' Club, Corresponding Secretary Four Square Club, Booster Club, List of Honor, Student Ollicer, Student Coach, Troupers, Secretary Radio Workshop, Glee Club, Open Forum Club, Special Chorus, French Club. Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Major Non-Athletic "F," Certificate, Decorations Committee, Chairman History Assem- bly, Foiufsrea. Ambition: Teacher. if so ACQUELINE FAYE SACHS Jackie Dimple in chin, devil within. 'lnrylnnd Club, Treasurer German Club, V. Ping'Pong, atramural Sports, Numerals. lmlnition: Medicine. ELAINE S. SAGNER Saggy Always happy, always gay, always talking, so they say. lntramural Sports. Ambition: College. IONALD SAMET Ron If worlc interferes with plvasurc, do away with worlc. Xmliition: Business. PHYLLIS SAPERO Sparkling and gay-a wit to wilc your lilucs away. Open Forum Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Decorations Committee. fIARRIET E. SCHAIN Har There is something diffcrcnt about liar quiet attractiveness. lomeroom Officer, Cwlee Club, Shorthand Club, Corres iondenee Committee. lmbition: Secretary. JOAN SCHINKER jo As swcct in her personality as slit is smart in her grades. Cvirls' Leaders' Club, Corresponding Secretary Four Square Club, Booster Club, List of Distinction, List of Honor, List of Merit, Student Olhcer, Homeroom President, President French Club, Open Forum Club, Intramural Sports, Student Court, Numerals, Minor Non'Athletic Chairman Banquet Committee, Foiussrian. Ambition: Medical secretary. BEVERLY SCHRETER Bev Always gooduiaturetl, sincrrc, and rhfcrful. Girls' Leaders' Club, List of Honor, List of Merit, Student V- oacli, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Fonnsrnn. Ambition: College, 51 INA SCHUCALTER I Her rare srnsc of humor and sparkling wit made liar one of thc class' most jovial mcmlicrs. Four Square Club, List of Honor, President Spanish Club, Open Forum Club, Student Officer, Intramural Sports, Minor "F," junior Prom Committee, Kernan Christmas Party, Fonicsrian. Ainliition: College. WILMA HARRIET SCHULMAN Willy Gooil sense ond gooil natnrc arf nrvrr scparatr. Four Square Club, List ol' Distinction, List of Honor, List ol Merit, Open Forum Club, French Club, Clee Club, Maryland Club, Intramural Sports, Numernls, Minor Non-Athletic "F," Ring Committee, Senior Inaugural Dance Committee, Step Singing Committee. Ambition: Syracuse University. JOAN MARIE SCHUMACHER Beauty plus liroins arc ltcrs. Wliat more van yon oslc? Vice President Girls' Leaders' Club. Booster Club, List ol' Honor, Student Olliccr, Homeroom Oflicer, Student Coach, Nurses' Aitle, Intramural Sports, Numerals, -Iunior Prom Comf mittee, Chairman Decorations Committee, Anlliition: Nurse. MARJORIE SCHWARTZ Margie Maolc many ii olnll period liriglit liccansi' sl1c's a gooil mircr anti is wry lininorous. Spanish Club, Intramural Sports, Senior Farewell Committee, FoRI.sri:R. Amliition: College. ROBERTA LEE SCOTT Bobby Lcc A licart witli room for rifcrylvotly. Booster Club, List of Merit, Homeroom Ollicer, j. V. Field Hockey, Intramural Sports, Spring Mixer Committee, Senior Farewell Committee, Fonesriin. Amliition: Fashion designer of women's clothes. MARIAN SEIDEL Bootsic A sparkling smilc and liost of friends arc proof enough of licr cliarming personality anti attractiiir manner. Prrss. Ambition: College. BASSIE SELTZER Bobbie Hcr wit anil liiimor will talcc licr far and lvring lirr many friends. Intramural Sports, Winter Festival, Chairman Play Committee for junior Day Assembly, Press. Amlntion: Success. LOUISE SHAPIRO If you prqfcr lilondcs, l1fTC,S onc with an almnclanrc of personality and cliarm. Four Square Club, List of Honor, List of Merit, Treasurer Spanish Club, Open Forum Club, Student Officer, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Winter Festival, Arnlvition: College. BERNICE SHEER Bunny Slit sprcails snnsliinc and gooil linmor among licr fricinls. Business Service Club, Open Forum Club, Glee Club, lntra' mural Sports. Amliition: Business college, meclical secretary. if 52 SONIA SIDLIN Sunny Slu' will succml in plwtograpliy .mil popularity. Student Ofhcer, Homeroom Ofhcer. President Camera Clulu, I.iht.iry Clul1,Nurses' Aide, Lawyers' Guild, Shorthand Cluh, Intramural Sports, Kcrnan Christmas Party, Foiusrrn. Ambition: Lawyer. BERNICE SIGLER Bunny Prttly to wall: iritli, witty lu tall: with. Girls' Lcntlers' Cluh. Varsity Cluh. Booster Clulw, Homeroom Ollicer Homcroom Re rcsentntive, j. V. Yollcylmll, Intm' II1lII'.Il gPUI'tS, p Ambition: Further education. HELEN M. SIGLER Slmrtic :flat girl irirh tltr turl an ltcr if-0Tt'llidil, lirr nicc attitutlc anil plfasant ways multi ltfr tl lar-fly person ta l4Il0ll'. Stutlent Ollicer, Non'Athletic "F," Glee Clulu, Lawyers Gtultl, Senior Girls' Chorus, Special Chorus, FoRFs'iri1. Amlvition: Success. TOBY SILVERBERG CI-oI1L' Ncvrr itllc, nfvcr still: always talking, tall: slit will. Booster Cluh, List ol' Honor, Student Coach, Special Chorus, Glen Cluh, French Cluh, Open Forum Cluh, Maryland Club, Intmmurgil Sports, Numerals, Minor Gift Committee, Foiiisrik, FRANCES SINDLER Fran To know liar is a plcasnrcg to Iva lrcr frirml a priifilrgf, United Nations Clulw, French Cluh, Maryland Cluh, Open Forum Cluh, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Major "F," Prom .ind Banquet Committee, Fonusrrk CHARLOTTE SINGER Swcri. of nature, swcct ofhfacc. Clec Cluh, Special Chorus. SONYA LEE SIRKIN Sunny A lowly roicc, u pretty smilc, and a gootl disposition all maltc ltcr a grand pcrson. Four Square Cluh, Glec Club, Special Chorus, Intramural Sports, Non'Athletic UF." Amlvition: College. BARBARA SKAIST Balws Hcr swcct ilisposition and jim character arc shown in all sl1c says and dots. Four Square Club, Spanish Club, Open Forum Club, Intra- murxil Sports, Numenils, Correspondence Committee. Amlvition: College. 53 lei CAROLYN IRIS SLESS Chick jovial, fnnfloving, and liked by all. Glee Club, Special Chorus, Business Service Club, Intramural Sports, Prom and Banquet Committee. Ambition: Success. CAROLYN SIVIITH Her willingness to work will achieve a great goal in life. Lawyers' Guild, Glee Club, Intramural Sports, B.S.A. Bank junior Prom Committee, Press, Ambition: Bookkeeper. .IEAN VIRGINIA SMITH Sweetest artist tbere is. Ambition: Teacher. LEATRICE SMULWITZ Lea Five feet eleven, full of charm, grace, and poise. Art Club, Student Oflicer, Red Cross Representative, Home- room Officer, Banner Committee, Chairman Senior Farewell Assembly Committee, Fomssrsir. Ambition: Model. ALMA SOLLOD Al Cbarming, poised, anal lovely to look at. Glee Club, Business Service Club, Intramural Sports, Senior Prom Committee. Ambition: Medical secretary. OYCE SOLOMON 0 Cie J J 7 Like a rose of loveliness. Four Square Club, Student Officer, Homcroom Olhcer, Repre' sentative, Open Forum Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Fomzsrnn. Ambition: Successful marriage. JOHN DONALD STANIER Don He smiled and tbe shadows departed. Opportunity Club, Booster Club, School Bank, Orchestra, Intramural Sports, Senior Boys' Chorus. Ambition: Name band leader. RUTH ELLEN STANSBURY Rufus There is no genius in life like tl1at of energy and activity. Girls' Leaders' Club, Booster Club, Homeroom Officer, Student Representative, Glee Club, junior Prom Committee, Speakers' Committee, Editorfin-Chief Press. Ambition: College. BI 54 .r JAMES M. STINE jim just as nitc as they come. Anilwitionz President of a large corporation. WILLIAM B. STITZ Bi I I. For his a jolly good ftllow, . . Ethical Culb, Varsity Football, Varsity Lacrosse, Intramural Sports, Senior Boys' Chorus, Amliition: College. MARLENE STOUCK Mickey Her ready smile' and swcct ways malcc liar popular. Four Square Club, Booster Club, Glee Club, Intramura Sports, Prcss, Foiu-zsrm. Amlvition: Receptionist. CHARLES ROLAND SULLIVAN, JR. Sully Always a laugh, anti full of fun, lvut always arountl when work is to be olonc. Boys' Leaders' Club, Opportunity Club, List of Honor, List of Merit, Student Coach, Homeroom Officer, Senior Boys' Chorus, Varsity Traclt, ll. V. Football, Intramural Sports, Prom Committee, Decorations Committee, FORESTER. Amliition: Success in college. EARL SUNDERLAND Scrious, earnest, cooperative. Treasurer Boys' Leaders' Club, Homeroom Otlieer, Chess Club, Business Service Club, Troupers, Typing Committee, Prcss, Foiuasrca. Ambition: Enter the business world. VIRGINIA TALIAFERRO Gentlemen, tlicy say, prefer lrlondrs. A look at Virginia tclls us why. Booster Club, List of Honor, Nurses' Aide, Homeroom Officer, Student Olhcet, Student Coach, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Senior Inaugural Dance Committee. Ambition: College. ARTHUR TAYLOR Otts Docsn't liauc much to say, lint when you get to know him, you discover liim to be most friendly. j. V. Football. Amlvition: Get out of school and open a business. GERALD TAYLOR Jerry Take things as you ,find tlicm. VI. V. Football, Manager of Varsity Baseball, Ambition: Cvet out of school. 55181 SHERRY TAYLOR Just like wine, Slifrry gocs to your lifatl. Red Cross Clulw, Shorthand Cluh, Maryland Cluh, United Nations Youth, lntrtunural Sports, Nuinerals, Minor HF." Amliiiion: Medical secretary. JOHN B. THOMPSON Bu::y Buzzy to luis -fricinlsg tliizt ninms crtryluvtly. List of Merit, Homeroom Olhcer, Senior Boys' Chorus, J, V. Basltetlnall Captain, Gilt Committee, LIBBY TOPAZ Lil. Hfr liiugli will ring tlirougli zln- lialls lung .zfittr slicfs lift. Student Ollicer, Lawyers' Guild, Intramural Sports, l'rm, Folziisi iftt. Amliition: Eat, clrinlc, and be merry. BONNIE TOWNER Bc Hrr swcrliicss anil liriglitncss will lmrl lirr to sui'i'rss. Girls' Leaders' Clula, List of Distinction, List of Honor, Student Officer, Homeroom Ollicer. Vice President and Sccre' tary Maryland Club, Clee Club, Special Chorus, Student Coach, Senior Girls' Chorus, Intramural Sports, Non1Athletic "F," Certificate, Junior Day Assembly, Play Committee, Speakers' Committee, Kernnn Christmas Party, Prrsx, Foiuasritii. Amlwition: College degree in education. CHARLES STEWART WAESCHE, JR. Cliuclc A little nonsfnsc nou' and tlicn is rclislictl liy tlic lvcst of mfn. Boys' Leaders' Cluh, Vice President Ethical Club, Student Coach, Varsity Lacrosse, V. Basketball, lntramural Sports, Fotuasrizn. Amliitionr College. HOWARD WEBER, JR. XXJCIVIJ Bcst loioun for liis genial clmractcrg thc mtclianical genius of thc shop rooms. Homeroom Officer, Band. Ambition: Steamlitter. BETTY WEINBAUM Bets A rarc compountl of pcrsonality, -fun, antl -frolic. Girls' Leaders' Cluh, Four Square Club, List of Honor, List of. Merit, Orchestra, lntramural Sports, Numerals, Prom Com- mittee. Ambition: Social worker, FRANKLYN JOSEPH WEINBERG His good trmpcr, liltc a sunny Jay, spmztls liglitnrss irlicrcrfr lic is. Camera Club, Band, Senior Boys' Chorus, Varsity Basketball Manager. Ambition: Lawyer. if 56 RAYMOND WEINBERG Buddy He furnishes plrnty of humor anil wit for ilu' class. Cliess Club, Open Forum Club, Captain Varsity Tennis, Intramural Tennis Medal, Iransportation Committee. Aniliition: College and business world. MILLIE WEINBLATT M il In luzr own quit! uuy, slit lias mort tlmn prowii lirr ll70Tlll. List ol' Honor, List of Merit, Homeroom Ollicer, Sliortliancl Club, Intramural Sports. Ring Committee, Kernan Christmas Party, Senior Inaugural Assembly Committee, Amliition: Secretary. JOAN WEISMAN Jonnic Chopin liail nothing on licr. Biology Club, Spanish Club. Art Club, Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Cilit Committee, Prom and Banquet Committee, Press. Foiusri R. Amliition: College. RONA LEE WEITZMAN Ron Har artistic aliility will lcail to siiccrsx. Girls' Leaders' Club, Booster Club, List ol' Distinction, List of Honor, List ol' Merit, Art Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," Non'Atbletic "F," Banner Design, Kernan Christmas Party, Winter Festival, Poster Committee, Senior Inaugural Program Design, Senior Inaugural Dance Program. Ambition: Commercial artist. HAZEL VIRGINIA WEST Haze A friendly, ltiml, and sircct nalnrc lms nmtlc licr tiicryoncfs frifml. Library Club, Red Cross Club, Glec Club, Maryland Club, Intramural Sports. Ambition: Nurse. CLINTON E. WHITE, II Skip Don't forget to lcccp your fact on the ground, wliilc your luad is in thc clouds. Lilac Club, President Special Chorus, Senior Boys' Chorus, Manager Track Team, Intramural Sports, Prom Committee. Ambition: Sing on television. BETTY JEAN WILHIDE Betts A luaming smilf lvaclcctl liy a lovalvlc clmrizctcr. Booster Club, Varsity Club, Student Ofbcer, Glee Club, Special Chorus, French Club, Maryland Club, Open Forum Club, Varsity Badminton, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Minor "F," junior Day Assembly Committee, Press, Foniasrisix. Ainliition: Western Maryland College. SHIRLEY WOLBERG Shirl To know lifr is a plcasnrc, to lic lifr friend is a privilege. Business Service Club, Home Economics Club, Ainliitionz Live in comfort. 5714 ILEEN WOLFE Bcttzr late than never. Glce Club, Special Chorus. CHARLES EVERETT WOOD An all-round fellow and a good pal. Senior Boys' Chorus, Intramural Sports. Ambition: Automobile mechanic. SYLVIA ZENITZ Bccausz sh: is so ambitiaus, slu will go far. Homeroom Representative, Homeroom, Ollicer, Library Club Maryland Club, Shorthand Club, Lawyers' Guild, Nurses: Aide, United Nations Club, Intramural Sports, Numerals, Non-Athletic "F," Kernan Christmas Party, Fonssnan. Ambition: Study Law. Ev 58 X qffmn X X df, X Ku X fr L-.5 T. NK X' J Sgiux fi I X, Z , N f ' R f 3? xX L' ' X - I K X N , ,1 X X ,' x ff'i?:'i'51r N". Lf- ff- '- '!'k'41 41? -Q -fff , 'Q X 'ZQQ 5 HAZ f sh f Q7 7 TC F2- Yx N ff 1 0 N 5. , ' ff 4 , 1 'fm Sy z 0-lcfiuiiied X. Q ' fi ,f f 'L ' M 2'H,xf 5,:'+f gi? w .1 gy ka ,Sw v I si CON 3 I h'6t66 5, sw ' :YMCA ,WSWS gl, .fi .W X. , X ff ,N , Wx. klcwi Kallins l'r.xnli'iil, Kl, fXlwr.iimon3 l im Vni l,i'i'siili'i1l, A, Miirigimling Srimiil Vlii l3i'i'.wiili'l1I, SUl1lIIl1klCl1EI'Q Si'-i'i'liiry, A. Qiultlstving lriixiii 1 l Kiitlimitxi girfd 7 ffeaclerd 2 l'J.VI-i'lIilSlII'l', liilulily, Fivnxl Piiifk' . , , directs maflnng, Hl'Tlg'J.I'lkl'llfflC Sister" Appoint' ments . . . lun-, loyalty, lniilcrsliiy . . . aims tn luster responsibility, high ideals, leiulcrsliip, lm-.iltv to school and scliool activities . . A Aili'ixi'i's: Miss Becker and Miss Krnimr Ufliucrw- Pinixitlpiit, C.irol rXlwr.iinsim , . , l'i'i'xiili'i1t, Alice Margoling S.'.'.+ii.l lift 3 t ilt'l1l,.l02lI1 Sliumticlierg Si'i'i'uliii'y, Ailccn Qin L Steing Cl'i'i'axiii'i'r, Elaine Kotlowitz. l'iuxnlm1, A. R.itltlnt-kg Vim l'riwnlin1,-I. liurtl, R.'iur.lmg, tl. iilnn i 5i'i'i'i'Iili'v, l, Sarlis, 'l'i'i'm1iv'ir', Oul' qllafe 9.114.111 .Nlli'i'!llIxQ '... .1n0tl'1Cr lint xcrvicc imrgiiiiizatioii ,... 1 ims to Llc' vclop liigli nioral clmructcr anil in ciliicnl iittitutlc . , . olltcn prcsents xpcalxcrx to nicmlwcrc i , . npcratcs lint .intl l'-ULIl1Ll . . , lircwcll tlutics . . , cnntrilwulcs to Real Cross pro-jf cuts . . . !Xili''i': Miss Stoll . . . Ullittiw' Pmi.l.'iii, Aileen Hitltlocltg Yi .'i' ljP'i',Nlilt'III, loan Fimrtlg R t'iAi irtliiig Niirtliiiv loiin Scliinltcr' C,iwri'txpiviiiliiiQ S .'.i Vul.irv, lris Ann Sficlisg Cli'ciisiiri'r, Kalllns Q.-wb Nntllttl, l nw! nw l. blttlel Sl1err,xX. llcucr. l' xllllllldii. 5...'n.l run A Liorney, R. Craxxlorel. P Raynwonel, N, l'lNl1I11.H1, lx. buyer llnnl run ll llarron, K fooper, S. l'vI'.H'!lx, li. Sumlerlaml, ll. Antlerson. Sldlitllblhdi Mr. Royer, Dr. lJl'K'klCl'lL'li 5094 ' .feaalera ' Club l...x.l.v.xlnf, ltlln'll'SllIl', t'0HlP'tUll0Il5lllpl . 4 . assists H1 all emergencies involving tlte gootl responsllwle for morning patrol, information name ollllorest Park . , . Atll'1'srv's: Mr. Royer tlesly and USl'ICI'll1g at commencement . . . and Dr, lrretlericli . . . QfKft.'ur's: Pr'fsi.lml, encourages and promotes leatlersltip in tlte Charles Amassg Vin' Pwxnltnt, Ronald An' xcltool . , . SPUFINOYS Cfutlflllng lor l7oj'S . . lr.l. lull Ivll' N llcrr M 'Ml tlersong St't'I't'ftIP'f', Theodore Milimang ?l'r.'.1s' nrcr, Earl Sumlerlanelg Mcn1lu'r' t-llwerg. l Reanter, R Nllultael. Q' lXl.ll'5.1Ull5. Nnunrl rnu Auf! dy-try Kenngth Guyer , A , 1 , Kvlatcr, Xl llntlxxnan, -I Lamplwll. N lllmcllarlw ,-X Lenowng. Lf laylor. l. tlrnan xllllI.lI't'l1 ll llrcclwr 5 lkll'll1, 3 Katzen, A foltcn,-I Hyatt, S Slwuxler, ' Klrecnlleltl P-t.rll.lunq Mr Rover. Ur l'lI'CklL'I'IClx 63 oya ' pportunify Uppurllnnryfor all! . . , assists tlte Bofs Leatlers' Clulw in carrying out its responsilwllities . . . morning pa' trol . , . elixtrllwutes tlte Prtixx , . . con' sists ol boys wlto prove themselves eapalwle ol lwecoming leaders ol' Forest Parlc . , , Atll'1.s.'v'x5 Mr. Royer anal Dr. Fretleriela . . . t't' rx: Prusi' .lrnI, Charles Margollsg Yr .'t' pI't'Sltlt'Ill, George Taylorg S t't' rumry, Daniel mang Mqml1rv"t1I'l.ar1qt', Revell Miclwael. C:fC6I1llI6lL'lQ'.'r, Cltarles Freel' N in-il, lfirxi row: 'If l':F.lI1ClS, C. Wiiesxelie, A. Krill, G. Mcfllcary, lf. Garlvec. Srmiiil ww: Furslmian, B, Stitz, R. Cravvloril, ll. Flcisli n, R. Iflwell. l. Glazcr. Stiuiiliiiq. E. Ucllwloom. C. Hiilwcr. V. Di Nicnlo. M. Urcllin, T. Kangas. Mr. Aaronson . ffftlucaf "ll ducsin't mattcr, win or lost, it's l1oii'yim'i'c girfdj Uardiiy "All for sports, and sports for alll" . , played ll1ClQilHlt'lH . . . promotes clean sports for all and laiglinstandards . . . sponsors pep assemblies and interfsoftlvall and basketball club . . . a very active club at Forest Park . . . Ailrisur: Mr. Aaronson . . . Olficcrs: pl'L'SlLll'lll, Aliln Kflttg Vlflf PYC5ldClll, Cl1HflCS Adliiyfygf Mrs, Biasi and Miss Ilapp V . Waescheg Sfci'cti1i'y, George Mcclearyg Cl-rms' promote girls' athletics in the scliool . . newly formed club tliis year . . . memluersliip open to any girl making one or more varsity sport . . . unites varsity girls into a well' coordinated group so that they may work to Offccrs: Prfsiilciil, Pat Greenlielclg Vifr Prfsi' nrtr, Edwin Garlveeg Colonel, Tom Francis. Jam, Dorothy Reyerg Simvmryv Betty Wil, laideg Cfrcasiircr, Pat Moore. lirsr wir, P. Greenfield. Scimlil mia' B. Friedlverg. D. Bluctt, E, Kotlowitz. QI. Tslcaisis. 'Tliirxl rivw: P. Moore, li. lirnsi, ll, Ni cr M. Dale. l"ourtli raw: N. Fowlwlc, N. Willct, S. Icnlons, M. Suitt. Filili run" K. Krauss, ll. Goodcll, B. Williiili-, IU. Iivans N ill wir C Grccnlvcrg, H. Williams, M Wi1ll.ii'e,S. Maclsaac. Sin-iiili run:-N, Rosenberg Nut xlioirn N Hutton El 64 Smlril D. hl.lgj1,lL'l, Mazor, A. B.1ddocl4, R. liultcr, Smmliug A, Cohen, li. Zarcswitz, D. Lorcclc, S. Freeman, B. Mcycrowxit C. Sinitlmhl. l.cvm, 'I. Qlolien, li. Moses, C. Lloopcr, A. Wcillc 5004 ter To promotr good clitrrf . . . purpose is to promote the welfare of Forest Parlc at all times hy word and deed . , . supports and advertises all athletic events . . . sponsors an annual dance A Spring Mixer , . . makes known all projects going on in the school by means of posters . . . Atlvisur: Mr. Peverill . . . Qlfirtrs: Pm-si.l.'iiz, Terry Dettorg Vice President, Pat Greenheldg Rctortliiikg Srciwliiry, Alice Mar' goling Coiwspoiitliiig Scti't'tai'y, Betsy Ernstg Twosiirtr, Lee Franklin. oredi farfc fred! The lifflim- of Forcst Park? . . . keeps stu' dents informed of latest school news . , . provides reading entertainment . , . trains future journalists . . . aims to improve the expression in writing . . , "Katty Korner," "Forest parlis 400' '... Adviser: Mr. Cann , . , Edirorfin-Cliiuf, Ruth Ellen Stanshuryg Mtuiagiiig Editor, Aileen Baddoclcg News Editor, Rena Eutterg Fcoturc Editor, Judith Mazorg Sports Editor, jerry Scherrg Business Mtiiiagtr, Herman Brecher. il nl. If llctiorg Vi.: lll'i''III. P. Lircenlicldg R.'ror.lnig S.'.rrt.iry, A lNlargoling fli'Y'l'i'Yf'i'P1.llllQ S.ui'rr.iry, B. ltrnstg Ti'r.ix14rcr, l.. Franlclin 65 Q Xhll RA K Lllli l7Y't'Nlililll, B. liluclsg Vu: l'i'rsr.lriit, G. Blolinig Srirrtiiry, R, Ts1.1irgitI, T iiiisiairiq S, VVivllcnhcrg NRI Ll l, li N..iI..l l" VVoll'r.iin, A Brislsnian, P. kiordon, D, Nick loslsy, Nl. VVciricr n.liiiig l' llcnlsin, FQ Ahrams, M. Sl11lIl1,C Bowen, H. Becker, l. Lihor, M, Smith. H llinlsin, l,, Sinulwitz, C Lirccnhcrg, B, Hanlon, F, Dc Pietro, S, Uuralnicls, Rayper , . 7 . L HI NN L ll B'nt, l Lilicli. li.: l7V'iNllllI ll Brccher. 5..rtt.iry, D Barron. Tmxsiiiir. :X Rciscr, Qi'l'Qt.1lll'JI'.'XVIHA, P Stoudt Camera Vliitcli Ihr liirtlitx' . . , furthers pupils' interest in photography . . . teaches shutter hugs proper tech' niques in different phases of photogf raphy 'i.. features demonstrations and talks on photography , . . pro' duces the photography of tomorrow . . . presents interesting displays for school . , . Atlrisrr: Mr. Culley . , . cQglt't'l'Sf Prtsidriil, Betty Lee Bloclqg Vita Pirsitluiit, Gwen Blohmg S t't' rcmry, Rehecca Maggiclg fl-Vt'ilSllP'H', Suzan Wcilleiiherg. afri l.rl's iitltl color to :lit wurltl? . . . de' velops interest of students in art . . . furnishes art work required hy the school, such as posters and scenery . . . official entries made in municipal and state competitions . . . aims to preserve and increase heauty of the school . , . Atlrisrr: Miss Norris . . . Qfhtrizs: Pl'CSltlL'Ill,, Alice Brislcmang Vim' Pi'rsnlt'iit, Frank De Pietrog Src' rcmry, Claire Greenherg. Chem Club Your iiiurre I say your iiwi-rl . . . meets every weelc for enjoyment and relaxation through the medium of chess . . , chess instruction .ivailahle . , . appointments made for inter' scholastic competition . . . reorgan' ized this year. . . Atlrisrrr Mr. Krieger . . . t'.' rs: l'rrsitltiir, Irving Cliclsg Virr l'rtsitlt'ii!, Herman Brecherg Suriv' tary, David Barrong Clvrriisitiw, Arnold Reiserg St'liQt'tlIll'iIl'AVHIS, Paul Stoudt. HI me eflnan Si'i't't'li.'ii sit' l7.'iitsrli? . . , tries to aeh German in a less formal setting an the classroom ...K 1 t their meet' gs an entertainment committee pro' tles songs, games, and plays in the nguage . . . strives to master Cer' an hy employing it in everytlay inversation ,,., A .li'is.'i': Mrs. Sahine . QHit't'i's: l7i'i'siilt'iit, Paula Fishmang in l'i'.''ii!, Inga Loehnhergg Rr filing St'ci't'tiii'y, Gwen Blohmg Cair- ipuiitliiilq Si'i'i't'lai'y, Lenore Selganilcg rrasiiiw, Susan G reenlwaum. panidh alila list.-il Esiuiiml? . . . lieeps in much with culture ol. Spanishwpeals' ig countries . . . programs planned 5' various memlvers ol the eluh . . inverses in Spanish A . . heeomes etter aequainteel with our neigh' . .mrs south ol the horeler , . .'ist'i': liss Ruhe . 4 , Qllit'i'rs: l'i'i'siilt'iil Ina ehuealterg Vim' l'i't'siil.'iit , Alma Singerg t'i'oi'iliiiilq Si't'i't'Iaiy, Marion Krohng ' St'i'i'rt.ii'y, Sura Uesheng 'i't'asiii'.'r, Louise Shapiro. renal! Club l'.irlt':'i'oiis fvi'.iiit'.iis? . . . malies some se ol' the language through songs and imple plays antl games . . . learns as iueh as possihle alwout Frenehrspealv ig countries . . . meinhers partiei' ate in songs, playlets, .intl games . . . ivites spealcers to attenel occasional ieetings . . A pictures antl slules se' uretl when availahle . . :Xili'ist'i': flr. Moore . . . QHiti'i's: Piwsiiltiir, flaine Nieholsong Vi .'.' l'i'.'siili'iit, Irma foling 5 t'tt rulary, Nessie Kleinl :l-mis! wig Faga Ushry. 67 UlillMAN CLUB Hminliiig P. lwslnnan. Stwiinl, l'ii'sl ruiih l. Loelinherig, Saths Xi'tuii.l run' 9, Lireenlwaum, L. Saigonilx, l' Lireenehauni,Al Clerlwer, D, linnis, Mrs Sahine Tlnixl run P levy. A Bernartl. N2 Ralwinels, ll l'ultl. ll Bass, S l xernltgain luuilli ian ll Lioltllwerg, U Blohm. P Xllllslltkl Lierlwer liltliivu S l"oreman. 'Nl Liorinan 9PANlSll CLUB' l'i1''i1t, l Suliiicaller, Vin' l'ri''iit. Singerg R..ivr'.liriQ Si'.r'.'I.1i'v , Kroling C'.vi'r't'sp.iii.lirig Nqtrftarv, S Lleslaeni li'r.zsiir'.'i-, l. Shapxro FRVNCII CLUB- l'ri'ai.lml, l' Nieliolsoiy Vin' l'i'i'siJi'ixt, l. Coheng Suirrrai-y, N. Klein Tmimi'rv, F. Ushryg St'Y'gi'.HII'.II 'lVH1N,,I Solnle ai-iilidbi B. Goodman, S. Davis, A. Reiscr O , O C flbblefd An art in itself! . . . reorganized just this February . . . encourages creative writing among students . . . theory and practice of writing discussed . . . publishes magazine called The lnlcliulc every two months, con' taining best articles Written by the club . . . Adviser: Mr. Cooper . . , Officers: President, Barbara Meyerowitzg Vice President, Ad' nanni Stienbergg Sccrctary, Elita Sohmer, fl'rcasurcr, Robert Cooper. Stahl B. Meycrowitz, R. Cooper, A. Stienbcrg. Stamling: L. Fine, lx Zartswitz, H. Schlafler, R. Hyman, S. Eppel, N. Willct, N. Hxmcllirb, Mr. Cooper, A. Levy oacfzing epartment A fricml in nerd is a -fricnul imlccdl , . . direc' tors lind student coaches for failing students . . . no charge made for services . . . coaching carried on before and after school and during study periods . . . student coaches receive letters and certificates and later, silver pins . . . sponsored by Leaders' Clubs . . . Di- rcctors: Beverly Goodman, Geraldine Willet, Sonny Davis, Arnold Reiser. L fury Books arc trcasurcsl . . . learn about library Work as a profession, members serve as stu' dent assistants in the library . . . sponsors Book Week . . . encourages love of books . . . members Work hard in order to make our library a better and more pleasant place . . . Adviser: Miss Loomis . . . Qfjqccrs: Prcsirlcnt, Anna Belle Miller, Vice President, julie Schlenger, Sccrctary, Betty Herbert, Cl-rtnsiircr, Harriette LeBoW. Stated: H. LcBow, E. London, R. Rosenberg, Miss Loomis, A. Miller E. Strouse, P. Breyer, N. Fowble. Stamling: L. Slmtlicr, LI. Sclilcngcr C. Whitman, A. Zimmerman, F. Manachcr, B. Herbert. C. Weiss F. Levine, l. Riel, K. Koman Student cvlcliuified funk Rrspunsil-I.-, tlrpcmliililc, rgiriciitl . . . assists B. S. A. hooltlceeping department . . . work includes accepting deposits, writing and recording checlcs, and sending out monthly financial statements . . . handles accounts of B. S. A., Foiuss'i'En, and Prcss . . . gives excel' lent experience for advance training in this held . . . Atlvixcr: Miss Feldman . . . Mcmlwrx: .Ianet Portney, Elayne Shapiro, Carolyn Smith, Mildred Suitt. lzortlzancl Cfalcr a lcllrr! . . . practices for higher speeds than are possible in class . . . earns awards for speed in dictation . . . demon' strates new office techniques . , . trains mem' hers to be good secretaries in the future . . . eleventh and twelfth grade students eligible to join . . . Adviser: Mrs. Broolcs . . . Officers: Prtsidcnt, Ann Niemiller, Vicr Prcsiulcnt, Peggy Paulson, Srcrrlary, Patricia Tobing CTreasurcr, Miriam Friedman. S il l l'1rxl ruiv: C. Noll, A, Nehmcyer, P. lwohin, P, Kelly, E. Ring, cnit:. Siiilllil riur: P. Moore, Mrs. Broolxs. M. Stouclc, L. Folus. Sim mg: H. Hanlun, D. Dcsscr. S. Sidlin l l. Portncy, C. Smith, M. Suitl, li. Shapiro Budinedd :Service Scrvirc with ri smile! . . . does stenographic work for teachers in the school . . . occasion- ally does some outside work . . . trains mem' bers to he future secretaries . , . gives experience in office procedure . . . provides training in manuscript typing, stencils, ditto, letters, and special forms . . . Atliircr: Miss Corhett . . . Qfficcrs: Prcsidtnt, Adelle Barrett, Vicc Prcsialcnii, Betty Applegarth. Stutnl, R. Gcrmanero, R. Dc Girolamo, G, hloncs, l, Kitt, Kitt, M Kaplan, Ii. Berkowitz. Snuiiling. li. Kronhcrg, -I. Hummel, L. Hansgc -I. Goldhcrg, N. Dull, M. Gross,'I. Bloom .flludic Say it with musicl We at Forest Park seem to have more than our share of music. VX'e'x'e grown musically ancl are continuing to grow. 'l'vventy'hve years ago, Forest Park startecl with a small, hut spirited, glee cluh. From that heginnmg we have expanclecl until now Forest Parlc High School is ahle to hoast an orchestra, a hand, a glee cluh. a special chorus, an a cappella choir, a senior hoys' chorus, ancl a senior girls' chorus. Loolfing hack over the past year, we lintl li x 2 Ki .-Xilecn Goltlstcin that many ol' the most pleasant times we have spent at Forest Park have heen at assemhlies in which musical entertainment comprised a major part ol' the program. Never shall we forget the accompaniment ol the Crchestras hrislq marches to our ass semhlies, nor the Band, smartly paratling at foothall games. We shall prohahly remem' her, too, the honor ol' having our school participate in the musical festival ol- choral groups ol' all senior high schools, ancl in various raclio and television shows. Perhaps this growth is a result ol' the eager response ancl genuine appreciation ol' the stutlent hotly and faculty to all musical activities. Perhaps it is hecause ol- the respective memhers of these groups, who faithfully attenclecl rehearsals and matle their organizations outstancling. Perhaps it is a result ol' the elliorts of several inclivitluals who have unsellishly given their time antl energy in order to improve the musical status of the school. VVe all sincerely appreciate the untiring services of Miss Butler, who, when she came to this school in 1927, alone formed ancl clirectetl a hand. orchestra, tlrum Lil I I Lil llll lil'-l'.Nlill'lll, A Uoltlstcing Vin' l,I'i',XIilL'l1l, U. Amassg Rriiiriliiig Snr'rtai'v, B, Schcrr, i'ui'i'i'.simii.liiig Sm'r!ai'y, M Wlllll'I1.ll'h, li'..iu4i.i'. l VVollsoni lil'r.iri.1ii, Y liiwseiial If 70 n u e cor s, ins rumen a cl lw gl p t t l nsemhles, glee clulv, hoys' horus, ancl girls' chorus. She ow leads the Glee Cluh, ipecial Chorus, Senior Boys' Ihorus, Senior Girls' Chorus, irects music at assenilwlies, ancl as made successful our lovely racluation tracliti0nsA fare' vi-Il, step singing, and com' iencement. We can never thank fliss Butler enough. lvlr. Pev' rill, who has huilt up the Urchestra .incl Bancl to twice heir former sizes, also is cleserv- ag ol' our thanlis. Everyone as marvellecl at Mr. Serposss K Cappella Choir, our newest iusical organization. Also, our verfpresent gratitucle goes to kileen Goldstein, our loyal ehool accompanist. Certainly, music has clone its iart to enrich our lives cluring iur stay at Forest Park. B.-XND V--St.iir.l. C Cooper, S. Weinhcrg. A. Schleitler, A SCl1Vk'.1I'lZIIllI1..l Weiss, F. Bisgyer L Levy, F. Weinherg. S. Herr. Srmcling. lwrir rim- W. Miller. M Levy. D Mermelstcln, M. Salan Ci Wemlwerg, U. lj1ClilL!,F. Mcl7onaltl, A. Fitch,l7.Aclell1erg,Cl. Smith, F. Pelton, A. Rosensweip, S Oranclle. L. Bien, Mr. Pevcrill Srtmiil run' l. Ahel, N FlNl1II1.1l1, W Kraus, R. l"r.itll4iii. ll. Silver R Higgs UllClllfS-l'llA-' Cfiiiiiwl M.uli'r, C. Cooper l5l'L'lAl Lil'lUllllS KlIi'i'llllQ. llll'.Nl run' Shaller, Uolclherg, Wol' xim, White, Wl1llCl1klCh, Konicls. Stein S.'..m.l rim" Bald, Levin, ', Schwilll. lllolim, lllocls, l'rout, Llrizcr, Cole Fsin, cliiityilicr, folin, llolleiilvcru, Salganils, Cohen, Bernard, Stuck, A LiAPl'.l.l.A Cl"lUlR- l'rtsi.l.'iil. H FllYLl, l'i.:l,,VV Santlcrs Vohlmuih, VVilliitlc, liirlxislii, Seltzer, Lfollison, Weil. Speck Suii'i'i.iryTi'u.ni4i'.'r, ll. Ernst, l.ll'I'iH'liIH, D. Wchster mls 'Ff WU CI ITB- l iiwt run Mr l'ischlcr. L. Doonis, N1 Hare, W. Sanders, A. Pritzger. N 11.1 ri-ii' U. Yon Meyer, R Ncumyer. li l7ocll,,I. Meyers. L1 Perry NO WORKSHOP A Miller, lf. Sohincr, P. Raymond, S. Hcrshman, B. 'l'horn, l Sitlis. L' .'Xhr.iinson, l :Xhr.iins. B llciman, N1 qalan. kv, SllCYI11.ll'1. h. Hirschinan. I Im ' rsch, I Fine. I liscnstem. .N Monlired, H Nlyerson lllOl'I'l'R9 lwsiiliiii. A. hstcrsong Viir l'i'uiili'iit, M. lscving hrirrt.iry, li, Hcnnang Ii isiirrr, IT. lionlcls Radio Cllzis l'SSlt1liUll FPHW . . . gives its memhers experience in constructing radios . , . provides instruction in morse code and radio theory . . . aims to form an amateur radio station . . . meetings include shop work, code practice, and an exchange ol' inliorf mation . . . Atlristr: Mr. Fllischler . . . r'i' rs: Piwsitluiil, Murrell Harcg Vin' l'rt'siilrnI, Frederick Doellg Srrrtiiiry, Claggett Perry. Radio orfcdlwp Riiiliasriirs af Ianim'ruii'l , . , open to all students interested in radio work . . . learns the voice qualities neces' sary when using a microphone . . . study the contents ol' good radio script . . . good experience for any' one who expects to go into radio hroadcasting or television . . . Atl' iiistr: Mrs. Kane . . . OHiri'i's: l'i'usiia'cii!, Anita Monfredg Vice l'v'fsi.icii1, Eileen Kirshg Srci'ct.ii'y, Gerry Shermang l'iilvliriIy llircrlur, Elaine Eisenstein. rouperd Ciirlain, -hrs! tzirtainl . . gives memhers a chance to act , . , hrings honor to the school . . . encourages participation in all phases of the theatre . , . current productions dis- cussed . . . fosters growth of dramatic inclination in the school . . . gives instruction in malxefup and stage de' sign , . . Aili'isri': Miss Hudson . . . Qlliruvzsz l7i'usiiltiil, Aileen Estcrsong Vic: l'miiiltii!, Mary Levin: 9i'rri'tiiry, Bluma Heimang Ti'tii.siii'ri', Doris Koniclc. 1-I 72 iology Scimtillit' lill0ll'lt'tlgi' is i'oii'crl . . . arouses scientihc interest in minds ol' the people . . . renders services to the school and community by beauti' living the premises, providing flowers for the sick, and securing specimens for classes . . . holds round table dis' cussions . , . has conferences with outside speakers . . . Atli'ist'r: Miss Vogel . . . Qfliurrs: Prtsitltut, Gene Ciogelg Vita Prcsitlciit, Robert Lam' bertg Rtrartliiig St'tv'tti1rv, Shirley Hon' lcolvslcvg Cftiriwspumliirg Strr'ct.ii'x', VValter Prestong Cl'raisi4 wr, .Ie rome Hettleman. ar land "M.iryl.uitl My Miu'yl.1vitlf" . . . strives to acquaint students with the historical and cultural background ol' Maryland and to malce them civic' minded . . . prepares its members to take part in its expanding future . . . activities include business meetings, held trips to historical places, and social functions . . . Atlriscr: Miss Carnes . . , Qflit't'rs: Prcsitlcnl, Nancy Lee Avery, Vim' Prtsitltnt, Bonnie Townerg Srcrtttiry, lrma Cohn, Clirras' iirtr, Harriet Davidson. Open .g0l'ul1'l Thu rants afixfrt-t'tltiiii spailcsl . . . pro' motes interest in world alliairs, conhdence, poise, and worthwhile thoughts . . . all members are eligible to talte part in discussions, debates, panels, trips, and tours . . . has .joint meetings with other schools and organizations . , , Atlrisur: Miss Broening . . . Qllitfrs: Prt'si.lciit, Faye Kovensg Vita' ljI'L'Sltlt'IIl, Edwin Hirsch' mang R t't' uriliiig S t'tt rctary, Elaine Nich' olsong Ci0l'l't'Sf'0llalllllQ S t't' rclary, DeVera Maggid. mit I BIOLOGY CLLlB-Smlnl, ln-st raw: R. Powderinalter, B. Hoflman, R. Fradltm. Srtunil raw: VV. Preston, A. Stienherg, C. Coleman, F. Levine, F. Wolfram. Slauilivig: ll. Zales, A. Reiser, Miss Vogel. Ci. Gogel, xl. Hettleman, K. King, l.. Marks. S. Honkofslty, Nl, Cohen MARYLAND CLUB ' l'rrsiilcvit, N. Avery, Vin' l'rtsi.l.'iil, ll. Towner, Y..v','1.iry, l. L40l1CI11 l-I'i'.lXlH't'V. H. D.1N'ILlCLlI1 OPEN FORUM C1.LlB-l'mi.l.'i11, F, Kovensg Vin' ljl't'Xltli'Hl, ll. l', Ri'mr'ilil1g Sm'.'I.iry, E. lXllCl10lSOl1Q c't'l'I'iNl'UIl.lIIlQ Si'ii'rf.1rv, D. Maggltl Stage rew dents to malce and handle stage equipment . . . creates a general interest in stage work . . . students set up and handle the stage equipment . . . plays an important part in all sehool assemblies , . Adviser: Mr. Yocum . . , c?U'lCCYSf Prcsidmt, Kenneth Guyerg Clif ni'Jiiialm', -Ioe Davidsong Via Pri'si.l.'iiI, Sig' lnund Katzeng Trcaxiarcr, Murrell Hare. los! ri-ii I llixiilson N...-n.l wit S lxatzen, K. Guyer, R .iuliiigs lhinliuu X1 Hare, R 'itanshury i 1 lr is lwtlcr rukqiix' than In m'tit't'.' '... helps to support all projects carried on hy the National Red Cross , . . promotes good will in the school . , . gives baskets to the poor Red Cf-044 Club did outstanding work during the war . , . Adviser: Miss Elms . . . QUim'x: ljrusitltiil, Myrna VVagnerg Vit: Piwsiitlgiit'Tmisiirrr, Le' nore Salganilxg St'tr't't.iry, Gwen Coggin. and need durin Christmas and Easter . . . Y g Nixitixl Miss lil-s Lf. lfi as, A. VVolle St.ux.ling Xf Freeland. Li. Cogan, N1 VV.igner. R. Lhirlincr, l' l isenstein. I. Nlierlmxx H74 Cfcstiiigf 0l1t"lll'0'llll't'C'fUlH'l . , , trains stu' 3 I , . will 1 . M mn- 'N-, I niteal afiond you fl: "My tviiixliw' 'tis af' ill L'L' ' '... aims to help memlwers understand the organization, ac' tivities, and accomplishments ol, the United Nations A A A holds periodical planned meet' ings A A A has citywide meetings with other United Nations Youth groups A A A Ailiutrs: Miss Carnes and Miss Broemng A A A Qffittrs: l7rrsi.ltii1, George rliaylorg Vim' ljrrsitlriir, Bar' hara Mversg R t't4 uriling St'fVt'lill'V, DeVera Mag' gidg CiUl'l't'Xf'0IhllllKQ gtci'ut.iijv, 'Sylvia Zenitzg Truisiii'i'i', Martin Cohen. Kntiliug li .'Xl'1I'.ll'I1N, IW M.u.:gitlA I7 l,orccl-X lim v in B Fox R Sl1lllI11.1I1, ll Myers Yriiunl wir Li l.iylor,,lA lfulc Clzeerleacferd XVitli ii rim? A A A Forest Parlc is very proud ol. all teams . A A give the players inspiration ol its cheerleaders A A A lxeep up the spirit ol A A A truly deserve a great deal ol' credit A A A the school . A A urge the players on in time ol Atli'iisrr: Mr. Peverill A A A Html Cflitriltatli'i': defeat A A A practice hard and come to all Charles Cooper. games, rain or shine A A A are the real haclchone lxmilmu R IM-kiirol.ii11uA P Nclimiti I' lylcrA ll Bass, Niiimliiig I7 VVel1ster,Li Iones, Li Lq.ll7lC.g.KiUL'I'lI1f.L. X lliot.iio,l .'XllXX.lICI' L' Cooper 73 H-1 4 x , l 1- 'Z ,A 'vw- Iiigzigqigir.. ,ggrwyfyf Eur 'EIQPQQ se" "Ev.Ei'.f llll Ill 'Ill ll- ll ll 'lll l Ill I I 'gil' :all f ag' 35 yy ..:- ---K , ff L-5 4 Lg pork! ? I X , , x 1 Bxf QQ . ' ' .Q gx hw: Y f 91' 0, , nf 'Km S5 ,K ,V -4 X, F1 f uv" ' Nitin' .. Q ,- fm- I porid at goredl fark "Enter to learn, Go forth to servel' is the famous slogan of Forest Park High School, but the students who really enjoyed their years at our Alma Mater will long remember the schoolls motto for athletics: "All for sports, and sports for all." These seven words describe to exact perfection the policy of sports and athletics at Forest Park. We, the members of the graduating class of-lune, 1949, may loolc on our academic record with swelling pride, but we must be and are equally proud of the many worthy achieve- ments we made alon the lines of varsity games, intramural athfetic competition, and general high school athletics. We all know that a hi h school would be a very dull lace wit out athletics and varsity ames: Tilcewise a yearbook would be a wortiless periodical without a section completely devoted to sports and athletics. Cn the following pages will be seen the pictures of the many teams of which we all are so proud. We seniors easily will recog' nize the individual photographs of our fellow classinen who possessed the ambition, the willfpower, and the vigor to re resent Forest Park in various phases of athletics. The following ages contain the actual rec' ords of each athllvetic team of Forest Park and a brief summary of the most important events in the teamls history of the years 1948 and 1949. It is needless to say that Forest Parltls records in comparison with other larger and stronger schools are by no means the best, but we, the members ofthe student body can always say with utmost ride that our team was "in there lighting liardf' The Class ofjune 1949 talces pride in presentin the records of Forest Parlcs teams, and tie active parts played by mem' bers of this graduating class. Forest Parlc always has recognized the value of sports in relation to the we1l'being of her students. The Athletic Awards As' sembly is one ofthe most popular assemblies every semester. The varsity "FH has become a goal of achievement in athletics to the many students who talce great pride in representing their school in different sports. Most students do not take time to realize the fact that Forest Park is one of the best equipped schools for athletics in the city. Forest Parlc has two excellent gymnasiums, a line athletic field which will soon be enlarged when bleachers are constructed there, and each year the school allots a size' able sum of money for the purchase of uni' forms and sporting equipment. The student body makes "all for sports," and the school malces possible "sports for all." '68 A 6 v f ,M .x...X,I. wif Ralf- " K 1149! .. il r. A l 4 X i www xi ,,..x X .. XL! 5. 1 1 V I ,gb ---' L Q K -- "IT W . xsyamxfzxr Q fri-eg A H A Q .Y , x -jg -245.-V, Q 35 bf' if ,ff ' ' -r gootball In 1948 such great schools as Purdue, Wisconsin, and the U.S. Naval Academy witnessed one of the most unsuccessful foot' ball seasons of their history. Forest Park High School also belongs to this group. Like Navy, Forest Park went to the football field on nine successive weeks against a strong opponent each time, and did not attain the achievement of victory in any one of these instances. The team started practice in the hot days of late August. After three weeks of hard tackling, blocking, passing and learning plays, a squad of boys donned their green and gray for the first time in 1948 in the Baltimore Stadium on September 17. Coach Andy Anderson's squad took to the field against the powerful Patterson Park eleven and the outcome of the game was exactly as the experts had predicted- Patterson 30, Forest Park O. The following week our boys met Southern High School and lost by a score of 19 to O. But the Foresters were not discouraged yet. Forest Park met Calvert Hall at Gibbons Field in what many people believe to be our best game of the year. The Green and Gray dominated the game throughout the entire first half, but the Calvert Hall team put on a terrific rally in the second half to win by a score of 26 to 12. After the Calvert Hall game, the season results did not improve by any means. The scores of the next three games were Mt. St. Joseph 43, Forest Park O, McDonogh 20, Forest Park O, and Poly 45, Forest Park O. Although they might have been discouraged, all the boys on the team kept coming to practices so that they might be able to play in the next week's game. City won 43'O and, as usual, the boys went to Wilmington High School in Delaware for their tradi- tional game and finished the season by losing 20 t0 O. There is the record. Although their record is not by any means the best in the con' Anderson Carr Crawford Hoffman Stitz also lfirxt rnuw Grillin, l7iNicolo, Anderson, liney, Leishear, Wriggins, Ruppercht, Dye. Srcoml rmv: Glazer, Garby, Dixon, Caplan, Fursch' man, liwcll, Llarbcc, Francis, Flcishman Third row: Andy Anderson, Cmflig Bill Sturm, Cuatlxg Huber, Schroder, Grimm, Carr, Orem, Stitz, Near, 'N1.m.igcrg Kclssling, ference, the Forest Parlc football team has many things of which it can justly be proud. There is no doubt that the school is proud of them. Many unfortunate instances aided the boys in their bad luck throughout the season. lnjuries hampered the squad con- sistently, Before the third game of the year, all three quarterbacks were out ol action with injuries. Cver twofthirds of the boys on the squad were playing their first year of varsity competition. Coaches Andy Anderson, Phil Aaronson, and Bill Sturm certainly deserve all the credit and praise that is Worthy of them. Rupprccht DiNicola jenkins Nolker Dye 'Q-wr' ails Badkelbalf The 1948419 Basltethall Team of Forest Park is one that surely' deserx es many Favor" able comments The team hegan practice tn early Novemher. Plnl Aaronson was tnatle varsity eoueh this year whlle Andy Anderson took over the joh ot' coaching the Alayvee Squad Despite several hantheaps, the team made a rather good showmng throughout the year, Forest Paris 47 .AKILIINITI 46 Forest Park 49 'lkowson I7 Forest Parh 51 X1eDonoeh Sl Forest Park -ll KFIFHLII1 -L3 Forest Parls 65 Polt -38 Forest Paris 7:9 St. Pauls 53 Forest Park 30 Southern -13 I"'orest Park 26 Calvert Hall 55 Forest park 35 Lats Loilt-et 17 Forest Parts 55 Patterson 47 Forest Park 51 St Pauls 44 Forest Park 55 Fthson 33 Forest Park 45 Loyola 47 Forest Park 52 Poly 57 Forest Park 30 Southern -U1 Forest Parts 43 Lats Lbollegt 35 Forest Park 73 Flhton Hrgh 29 Forest Park 33 Patterson 57 Forest Park 65 Fidrson VS tarlxen L ox The Foresters ended the season on March 4th with a record of 8 wins and l l losses. However, there is sulhcient reason to helieve that the squad had a good year, On Decemher l4th, the Foresters en' countered Gilman School in one of the most exciting games of the prep season The game was a wild allair with the lead chang' ing hands throughout the contest. Finally C1lman's Boh Cooper dropped a hasltet the hnal flu' .'.' ol' play to edge the Cvreen and Cray hy a count of 43 to 41. The Forest Parlx Baslxethall Team played one ol' the hnest games this school has ever wit' nessed when the Foresters trounced Poly 63 to 48, This year's haslcethall squad holds the distinction ol' defeating hoth City and Poly during the same season. The team compiled its highest score when it defeated lillqlon High hy a score of 78 to 29. The Foresters sullvered their worst deleat of the season when they lost to the Puhlic School Champions, Patterson Park, hy the count of 57 t0 33. Several ol' Forest Parles I11OSt important games were lost hy the narrow margin ol two points. Phil Aaronson's squad was composed mostly of hoys who were playing their hrst year of varsity competition, and for this reason Coach Aaronson helieves that the team will he even more successful next year, Ed Cox, Filmore Chailten, and Stan Carr were the only three seniors on the team. All ol! these hoys compiled worthy records. Even though they lost more games than they won, the hoys on the team did not heconie discouraged hy any means. Accurate records show that attendance at all practices was perfect an outstanding example ol' loyalty to the school. There is no question that 1948419 Baslrethall team is one of which we seniors are proud and will long remem' her when we think ol' our last days at Forest Park. liiwt ian kilaicr, Llox, Schapiro. kfreenlield, Lihailccn mu Nlr .'Xaronson, Lau. li, I loro' witz,, Carr. lluher, Yilxer, McNulty, Roper, WeiiiIwei'g, Cohn, Maiiixgrr ce Hockey Qur lce Hockey Team was like our foot' ball team in many respects. The years 194849 brought one of the most unsuccess' ful lce Hockey seasons ever to be experienced by Forest Park High. From early December to late in March the Foresters practiced faithfully and played even harder, but not once did they achieve the fruits of victory. Mr. Bill Sturm took care of the coaching duties this year. With such fine players as Dave Exley, joe Qrem, Dick jones, and Bill Clover, Coach Sturm had high hopes for his team at the beginning of the season. The powerful teams of the other schools repre' sented in this league were just too powerful for the Forest Park Pucksters. Forest Park met Loyola for the first game of the season. The score was Loyola 3, Forest Park O. Our next game was with Calvert Hall and we lost by a score of 4'3. This ame was a very exciting one. The lead cEanged hands several times, but Calvert Hall pushed in one goal in the last minute of play to edge out the Foresters. The month of January was doubtful to our Ice Hockey team. We lost to Poly 4'l, Mount St. joseph defeated us by a score of 6'3. Loyola again "turned on the heat" and Wal' loped the Foresters by a count of 7-3. 4 l Clover When February came, Coach Bill Sturm's worries were increased a great deal. Three of the finest players on the team, Dave Exley, joe Orem, and Dick jones were mid- year graduates. The team was severely handicapped by the loss of these three boys. Bill Glover, the only june 1949 graduate on the team, was a spark plug to the team throughout the season. Bill played ex' Knrrlmq' Clriswalduloncs, Love, Mitchell, Exley, Clover, Kiitt, Orem. Staniling: Nusinov, Hiniagrr. Sturm, Ciurlig R. Llarriqucs, Ford, Crossnun, B.irdofT, D. Garriqucs, Hare, Cunningham Lerner, Floger, Enney, Furshman - V -af - . if 84 9-us. f -- -sf-:'-ri sers 7 .1 gf ' l K X R ssw I it X R X ks X xx N st E W is A--E. .-:.: ' ,SR 1f5fY'g:ifQQ: ' i ceptionally hard and verv well in all of the team's games. After Fehruary first, the team was supplemented with 'jayvee material and suhstitutes, and the season's results became no hetter. Poly won from Forest Park lay a score of 6'O. Mt. St. Joe won a TO victory over us, However, the last game of the year was one of the most exciting high school Ice Hockey contests ol' the season, Forest Park and Cal' vert Hall played a very tight game and the score at the end of the contest was tied at lfl . The teams went into an overtime period, hut still no one was ahle to score. Then in the last minute of the second overtime period Calvert Hall pushed in a goal to defeat the Foresters in a wellfplayed contest hy a score of Z-I . Even though the team lost seven straight games, everybody at Forest Park can justly leel proud ol' them. The hoys were never discouraged and not once is there any record of a hoy missing a practice. Our own .Iimmy Dye took care of the managing duties. -limniy was always around to do work and took his 8534 unpleasant job in good humor. We seniors can rightfully take pride in our Ice Hockey team of 194849. ,iw Qwmllviiii get X L M , t aCl'0JJe The 1949 Lacrosse Team of Forest Park High School began practicing early in March. Varsity Coach Andy Anderson put his boys to work learning some basic fundamentals and each day the boys were put through a difhcult and long physical workout. The team was composed of a few holdovers, and there were many boys who were playing their first year of varsity lacrosse. The team suffered a severe handicap when Coach Anderson was sent to the hospital for medical treatments for his eyes. Bill Lewis and Buddy Dubin coached the team for the remainder of the season and we have reason to believe that the season will be a rather successful one. We seniors are particularly proud of this year's lacrosse team for several reasons. It was our own advisor, Mr. john F. Burger who organized the first varsity Lacrosse Team here at Forest Park High many years ago. Since then, lacrosse has been a major varsity sport with many enthusiastic ad' mirers. Several of our fellow classmen took a very active part in the activities of the lacrosse squad of 1949, Al Kiessling, jimmy Stine, Bill Stitz, Charles Waesche, and Wally Benner were all varsity letter men. Despite this team's record we shall always enjoy looking back with pride to the boys who carried the netted sticks for the green and gray in our last year of high school. Benner Kiessling Stitz - A ,A r.,..,a- yr BI86 IDD' -1.1-nz .JL Wacsche Stine Chailccn Forest Park Forest Park Forest Park Forest Park Forest Park Forest Park l'1r-st 1-nu" Stitz, Stine, Chail-ccn. W.iesclie, Kicssling, Benner. Srroml rawf Schroeder, Furschman, Grossman, Gclhlum, Heischmrin Didier. Tluvul ron: Dougherty, Reamcr, Xlilllslgflf Volk, Garhce, Scherr, Nicholas, Clark, Near, Nlilihlglf, Mr. Anderson, Cfnuclig Gros lcld, Wncsclie Annapolis High Southern High Navy ,Iayvees Gilman School Glen Burnie High City College 4 8 11 17 2 12 Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Park Park k Park Par Par Poly 12 Friends School 17 Mt. St. Joseph IO Severn 8 McDonogh 8 1 87 ll Cox Our 1949 baseball team made a rather favorable showing throughout the season. The team was coached by Mr. Phillip Aaron' son, whom the boys will long remember for his generous support and kind leadership over the team. The team began practicing during the early weeks of March and opened its season early in April. The scores of the season were as follows: A Forest Park 3 Loyola 9 Forest Park 7 Annapolis- High 2 Forest Park 11 McDonogh 6 Forest Park 4 Calvert Hall 7 Forest Park 4 Mt. St. joe 5 Forest Park 1 Patterson Park 7 Forest Park 7 Edison High 3 Forest Park 4 City 1 Forest Park 3 Poly 5 Forest Park I Southern 3 Forest Parlc 1 Patterson Park 3 dyaaeball Forest Park 3 Edison High 2 Forest Park 6 City College 10 Forest Park O Poly 7 The team was sparlcled by the performance of four outstanding seniors. "Hall of Fame" candidates Ed Cox and Stanley Carr each played tirelessly throughout the season, Carr was valuable in the outfield and Cox proved his worth as a pitcher. Pitcher jimmy Dye won two games as a starting hurler. Vince DiNicolo was a spark plug to the teamg he handled his unpleasant job as a catcher ex- ceptionally well in almost every game, The team's biggest day was on "Loyalty Day" when the Foresters defeated City College by a score of4 to 1. High school baseball fans saw baseball at its best when Forest Park met Mt. St. joseph in their first encounter between the two teams. The game went into two extra in' nings, but Mt. St. joe pushed across a run to edge the Foresters. The team finished the season with a record of 5 wins and 9 loses and was placed fifth in the league. Another senior, Gerald Taylor, was the team's faith' ful and reliable manager. alas First wmv: Granisky, DiNicolo, Eney, Boring, Lunter, Greffcn, Sccnnd row: Huber, Volk, Fogler, Erdman, Cohen, Friedman, Manager. 'Tlurd row: Mr. Anronson, Coarlug Lietuvnikus, Cox, Brooks, Carr, Dye, Taylor, Managfr Dye A5 ii 3 DINICOIO '.fQu - l,.,,,554 , x Carr 8914 ln-xl run' McCle.iry. Anderson, Cashman, Roper, Orandlc, Fleming, Crawford. Srmiitl riur: Spath, Moller, Krause, Bien, Kaufnian. Tliiril riiuuz Horowitz, Weinherg, Klieman, l7iPictro, Mr. Tylcr, fidilili. Fmirlli raw: Duhoisc, Miller, Rosenberg, Ruark, Scligman, lipsticn, Famularo, Glazcr. Ififili row: Rex Sims, ffoachg Roll, Fricman, Recd, Holinann ltlwcll, Armigcr, Block. Sixth run' Eckhart. Xltxiugcrg Leonard, Hussins, Ford, Ballou Orandle l'aCk The 1949 track team of Forest Park High School was one of the most suc' cessful teams sponsored by the school this year. Athletic Director and Coach Rex Sims had only six varsity holdovers from the 1948 season. The team's record for the lirst four meets was rather exceptional. Led lay cofcaptains, Lane Urandle and Lee Roper, the team achieved victory over Annapolis High in its first meet of the year. The Foresters made an excellent showing against City, but the Collegians de' feared us by a narrow margin. The athletic upset ol' the season came when our hoys in green and gray defeated Poly on our athletic held. This was a great accomplish- ment for our boys. Everyone was surprised at the results, and we believe that the Poly boys were more surprised than anyone. Forest Park lost to Mt. St. joseph in the fourth meet of the season. The seniors on the team were Charles Hofmann, Ray Crawford, Dick Anderson, Dave Rosenberg, and the cofcaptain, Lane Qrandle. Crow Conn by The 1948 cr0ss'country team of the Forest Park High School is certainly one that requires many favorable comments. This year's team was sparkled by all newcomers to varsity crossfcountry compe' tition. There was not a single veteran runner on the squad. lfirxi mir. Shatter, Liriswold, Bien, Cashman, McClc.1ry. Smit! run" ltxlcy, Coles, Ford, llorowiiz, Burnstcin, Rex Sims, ffoinli A practice meet with Belair High marked the beginning of the season for the harriers. The Foresters lost, hut they were not discouraged hy any means. The team went on to heat Mt. St. Joe, Gilman, and Towson High and then howed to City. The season record was three wins and three loses. Gorman Griswold came in first in all six meets, and set a record for the mile and a half at Clifton Park. His record time was eight minutes and three seconds. As usual, the team was coached hy Athletic Director Rex Sims. 9190 rs! nur' OHTI, Katz, ClUl1l'l,'l.lC0l"5SllI'l, Tepper. Sccmxrl i'nu': Mclanda, Weinberg, Dixon. aus, Murmclstcin, Margolis f o Kaya Zennw Coach Gilbert Blumbergs varsity tennis squad of 1949 made a very ivorablc showing against all opposition. The Foresters defeated 4cDonogh 5'2 in the hrst match of the season and scored another Vic' :wry of Mt. St. hloe in the second match by a score of 6'1, Poly defeated 'orest Park 245 and in the next match, Cat. Buddy Weinberg led the eam to a great TO win over Calvert Halgl. City College edged the 'oresters by the score of 4'3. Buddy Weiiiberg, one of our seniors, is one of the finest high school ennis players in Baltimore. ln two years of varsity tennis, Buddy has .ever been defeated. On May l7, Buddy met joe Lacey of Loyola. Both if these boys were undefeated until Weinberg showed his usual master- ul style of playing and won from Lacy. The Forest Park tennis team lefeated Loyola by a score of 68. There is truly a distinguished record. The team has won four matches nd lost two. Buddy Weiiiberg, Charlie Margolis, Simon Olfit were he only three seniors on the team. As usual, Forest Parles "old faith' ul" of tennis, Mr. Gilbert Blumberg, was always on hand to coach the aoys. Qirfd T Zennid As the girls' varsity tennis team took the courts for the first time this zpring, they loolced forward with hoepful anticipation for a most suc' 'essful season. The team was under the direction of Miss Katherine Barnsly and was captained by Barbara Friedberg, a junior. Represent' nt the Senior Class were Claire Greenberg, Paula Fishman, and Irma johen. The team met Westerii, Eastern, Friends, and Parlc. Greenberg, Arnhcini, Fricdbcrg, Fishman, Cohen, Barron, Spielman Oilit Weinberg Fishman Greenberg Sanding: Dettor, Managcrq Greenfield, Capming Reyeur, Fowble, Ernst, Ortisi. Kncnling: Heise, Schultz, Crew, DeFerd1nando. Sratrd: Tsluris, Kotlowltz, Sigler, Evans Kotlowltz .Hockey Although the scores of the past held hockey season do not indicate much success, the members of the team played a fine game and gained much satisfaction in their com' petition. There were three varsity hold' overs: Pat Greenfield, Elaine Kotlowitz, and Cecila Schultz, The team built around a nucleus of these three girls andj. V. material, developed a hard-lighting hackheld and ag' gressive line which enahled the Green and Gray to score its lone goal of the season against Eastern. Ann Heise was the lucky lassie to push the ball over the goal line. The girls on the team practiced many long hours under the direction of Mrs. Biasi, who was aided by the manager, Terry Dettor, D192 93 .Hockey :Scored Forest Park Forest Park Forest Park Forest Park Forest Park Park Eastern Western Southern Patterson Reyeur Sigler Greenfxeld nrfnmq V. Ihpp, Chrrlu, rX1.lEINJ.lL', Wxllmnw. Krausw Seidel, Potecl, Mm1a,qrrg Kvzvtllng' Bluett, Moore, Slgler. Smlul: L1I'CCI1fiL2ld, VClII', fllyfrlxbtj Kxnlowlt: Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Kadkefball Park Far Far Par Par Fark Park k lc Kenwood Towson WCSICTII Eastern Southern Patterson Alumni PH 22 Z5 24 55 23 32 3 .Z 94 Early in Decemhcr a group of Foresters hegan to practice with a hope for a suc' cessful hasltethall season. Dorothy Reyeur, the only varsity holdover, captained the Green and Gray sextet which started out on the road to victory hy defeating Kenwood. During the season the team suhrered several casualties and there arose a need to move up several girls from thej. V. team thus vvealcing hoth teams. Although hampered hy these unfortunate happenings, the girls fought hard until the last whistle was hlown at the end ol' each game, and vvon for themselves a record they could he proud of. Cirecnhcld Moore Siglcr Kotlowit: Nlaclsaac 95 lla Seidel K rauss valleylall As the Warmer Weather came, some For' esters could be found in the girl's gym hard at work on their volleyball game. The team was composed of a number of seniors, several sub-seniors, a junior, and a sophomore. The team had only one varsity veteran, Katherine Krauss, but there were many girls from the previous year's V. team, which had been undefeated. The team was captained by Pat Greenfield and coached by Miss Hyde. Much valuable practice was received from the games played with the various boys, organizations. The team went out to win their games and was only brought to defeat by a superior Patterson team which really lcnevv that there was some opposition on the other side of the net. Forest Park 34 Parks S Forest Park 32 Catonsville 13 Forest Park 24 Towson 26 Forest Park IZ Patterson 23 Forest Park 32 Southern 23 Forest Park 34 Alumni 28 . .,4. -.le2...... -.. Q- --- .4-ge - ..Y- ' - - - a A --- - . v W lixrs! row: Bien, Ernst, Greenfield, McCullough. Sammi row: King, Maclsaac, Krauss, Williams, Reyeur, Herbert B196 Maclsauc Reyeur Grecniield Krauss McCullough girfd areutg Kadmmlon All the 1948 hadminton team was formed in Septemher. Their coach, Miss Edith Manning, was pleased to had that she had three varsity holdoversg Katherine Krauss, Barhara Friedherg, ancl Nancy Hutton. Witli the aid of Elizaheth Poteet, manager, Miss Manning assemhled a squad of eleven hard' working and hardfplaying girls. Ranking on the top for the second successive year was Katherine Krauss, a senior, who came through the season as the only undefeated memher Hutton of the squad. The only other senior memher of the team was Nancy Hutton. The hard worlc and etllort put forth hy each girl was well rewarded when, at the end of the season, the team found that they had a record of three victories and two defeats, Forest Parlc IO Girls Latin O Forest Park 5 Friends 6 Forest Park 8 VVestern lFirst game? l Forest Park 2 Eastern 7 Forest Parlc 9 Western lSecond gamel 0 nlxu lcnlsuns. Krauss, C'.xg'l.iiug llotccl, Nl.ir1.ig.'rg Roscnherg, Wallace. Krirrling' VVilson, Fricdhcrg, Suctt, tt! ricdlwrg TE :J 3 Tw , E Sf f xg? , x li, EW YQ 5 4 ,Z s , J, XX ,Eff fi , ,, , 9 :Lf 3 L57 J Z5 I M.. 4 Xl 1 f ', ' Uk Z- W' X f fr 5 4 - V k , Z 'A A N K an 1 ,. ff' - , n " I' ,K A, I. ,' Q' ,fl W Eg' -' A . K . - - s N' l I E ' - J X524 ' K yea fared Q 49' nk T" L A 'H , f 5 S. ggi-55 X t sk L, Li ...,, P5 3 ,.:- 1 Wmxs 4 'Nw X Q , ' 'Ag 5, Y 1? NW.. . . .MX . iw. L .f X -V.-ry V X K K fi - M L' N i-- as t , 2 ' ,W fu f "' 1 W sgf' ,fwfi-xv '-L 23.4, 3 S K . .,,, . 'L - 1 - AW. X. g A brig? ,. - 145,31 1, ,, A :kan-ju, A- n' -' ' . X 1 ,isgiw l gf Massa' ,, .Lx . C HMWHQU HooL R pkom TQ' M fails f Qs! A -. L, M mylar? ,W , M I Baurcfqfnl 3 H5 J E5 L?'H'AN1f11 . .. 'S mg f X G-mm Y Liwifixmzw :iss M -f A In Tfffu Charles Cooper ,lean Kitt Rita Ue Ciralomo Betty McCullough Simon Ofrirt Charles Amass Harold Barshook William Clover Alwin Kicsslini, Claw of june '49 In September of 1946, we entered the portals of Forest Park for the first time, as a group of bewildered sophomores, Even though we were a little uncertain as to what the future held, it didn't take us long to get in step as loyal Foresters, aiding our school's every endeavor and supporting its every enterprise. As the leaves were turning crimson in October, 1947, we were organized as the june Class of 1949. We met our friend and adviser, Mr. john F. Burger, Jr, Shortly afterwards We had our elections and our leaders were chosen. It was under the guid' ance of Charles Cooper that our class entered into and successfully completed its many activities. As two of our first projects, we decorated the Christmas tree in the main entrance, and for the children at Kernan's Hospital we gave a Christmas Party. Early in 1948 We were measured for our class rings, and it Wasn't long before We were exhibiting them with great pride. f Un April 14, 1943, we presented to the school our blunior Uay' Asseinlaly, It was a variety show displaying all the talented menihers ol our class. Keeping in accordance with tradition, following the assenihly, we planted .1 tree on the front campus in com' menioration ol! Arhor Day. ln great splendor, we attended our Alunior Prom on May 22, l9-lg. As our ,Iunior Days ended, and we rose to the height ol suhfseniors, we laegan malting plans and forming committees for the year- hoolx. On March 4, 1949, the solemn strains ol' the Hllriests' March" ushered us into the auditorium, and it was then that we were inaugurated as seniors ol' Forest Parli. illhis was reason enough for celelwration the following evening at our Senior Inaugural Dance. During our last few months in school we tried to give the school the kind of guidance it deserved. We will always reniemher our glorious years at Forest Parlcg how we "Entered to learn, to serve we now go forth." 'lab' ' Ltr flair cyl' Alliflt' Iggy FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR PROM iffy Qc Tk .QF , U XJ 1 xxd vi S3 XX XHEX x of f CJ X Q-GN Qtr ul' MIILOI' Lag Olddehlbly April 14, I9-48 marked the day that we appeared before the school for the hrst time as a class. We wer very proud to wear our ribbons with the word "juniors" spelled out down the front. Our assembly was a great success, and the student body thor- oughly enjoyed the talent show which we presented. Vocal selections were offered by Stanley Frank, .Ioan Konow, and a special junior Chorus, Musical selections, hy 'Ioan Weisman, Charles Cooper, Bonnie Towner, and Betty Weiiibaunig and dance varieties, by Sura Gesben and .loan Goldberg. Nancy Lee Avery presided as chairman of the as' sembly and Nancy Hutton was moderator. The various committees which helped malce junior Day such a success were headed hy Bassie Seltzer, Estelle Berkowitz, June Marie Rose, and Mickey Stouck, and lram Cohn was General Chairman of Junior Day, 911104 an I O I To complete our installation as Juniors, shortly after the assembly, we carried out the tradition of planting a tree on the front campus. Our class president, Charlescooper presided over the ceremony as we planted a japanese Cherry tree. To help the tree get its new start in life, our advisor, Mr. Burger, our class ofhcers, Mr. Dunn, Miss Becker, Mr. Royer, and members ofthe tree planting committee all sprinkled dirt on it. Thus, We presented a token of our loyalty to Forest Park, In the coming years this tree will serve as a symbol whereby We, the Class of june 1949, will be remembered by future Foresters. By planting this tree, we have been tied in an everlasting bond to Forest Park. ree f antmg 105 la Zlren Our unior rom Wonderlhull is the only word that can describe our junior Prom. The fun we all had, the hours We spent planning for it, and the tremendous success that it turned out to be. Cn Saturday night, May ZZ, 1948, at the Alcazar Main Ballroom, the entire junior Class danced to the enchanting music of Bill Maisel and his orchestra. It was hard to believe at one o'cloclc that four hours had passed so swiftly. This was a night to be long remembered, another pleasant memory of our years spent at Forest Park. Hinos .Q. L,.v x I 1 'S ge- 1' - W ikgzh S - . 9 -Q-mx-,Qi -. ,V wx .. 2' y . , Q, : A 4 T as 45: ,A fab, ri' ,gg S 5 'J 22 ff gp ,f . U 9 5 5 ."' fi p f. gh f 5 ' f: - is I W .fxflgq,,f Q 2 aff fad! Uur Senior naugura SENIOR INAUGURAL ASSEMBLY PROCESSIONAI Hprirsls' Xlartlin .,... .........,. S chool Orchestra "Tin Star Spiiiiglul liiiiiiirru The School Chairiiiaii ...... . ...... Irma Kitt Scriptiirc. . .,............... Pete Raymond "Smit l.0r.l's Pr.iyrr" The Senior Class "C rvvn si.lcr and Hciir Xiu". , ..... The Senior Class INTRODUCTION or SPEAKER . , .Elaine Kotlowit: ADDIIESS ,...............,.,,,. Rabbi Uri Miller "Prcliitlv in C Sharp Miimruf ffRachmaninoll', Aileen Goldstein Cuss PizEsiDExr ..,.. ,...,. C harles Cooper "Sa ln l.m'r"APorter, . . ........ Dick Anderson Cmss ADX'ISOR ...., .... M r. john F. Burger, jr. "Carisxiim1"--Penn ..,.,.,.,.... Phyllis Goldberg "Thr VVl1lH.CI1pO0f SOIIKQY 'fPomeroy, Senior Boys' Chorus SCHOOI, Pnixcimi ......,.., Mr. VVendell lf. Dunn "A Heart Tlmfs Frau fRobyn ...,..,. .loan Konow "Ei'ccrpts"ffROg,ers and Hammerstein. , .Senior Class R ECESSIONAI. "Prirxts' March " ..............,. School Grchestrii Chorus under the direction Of Miss Genevieve Butler Orchestra under the direction of Mr. joseph Peverill Acroiiifuiiiist ......... .......,... A ileen Goldstein MARSHM s Miss Ruth Hudson Miss Elizabeth Ridgely Asscmlily Cfhairniaii. . . ........ Aileen Goldstein Program Cfliaifrniaii i..,... Irma Cohn Dccumti iiii s Chair iii. ui .... joan Schumacher Spcalccr Clitiiriiiizii. .,.,., Irma Kitt if ios I IL VT , - rl. I' - . .-I4 L- ' F:!DE- '- I.. ,':a S. - .X , -gwqfifmf X . ' 1 . Uh, Q f K , - Q A K , . X X f . W., f 'x 2 5 'Wi ,S 1 gg., A I X gr 5 3 : :Lg 4, ,. . . f Y f A L .. .F -A g i ' P X A Eff' 'A :Nix f Ns, ' .. ' Q H A Q gg i' M. his 4 - 5. si x-'..' A . M A A ,XI v Li 5 0. X 'A . A KJ .X U -A K . 'sg' is Qc Q E .X X X . - L Q Q , EN ' 15. , .5 we, QL' sg ' ., Q ii, r Q5 X. .X , 5 , S X .f k I .gk X. Y Hi ' f L X.. . . A L g 1 X. - A 5 3X wk T Q ' ' ' A f 1 f ' es S gg 3 S gf if SK X .XY fs gk.. 5 X . is its K 3 , F 3 f 'K if if as 1 F. , f it Q 3 , i , I sl' E . 4- .. .1 f kr V "r 5 f1'.' . lv Q Y 6 . . 1 Y V' I . Gain sa: A EI' Q X U X Y, S v X Q' 3 A ii v g ll ,L " lx' .X U A 1 , ' ' J ' ' - h . . . ' 4 1 ' - 5 "' Aa r . ' a. ., ' it . 1 T Z . , . ,lv ,Q V 1 I-- Q- , Cv .X ' 'I' X" - Y ' W' X X ' f -YQ' -XX XXX. S X ,.: f' Q L N ., , - aim - . f Z .. X ,,.. XX. Q15 .Y V s i- 1 TN ., - Lf " Q. . W- A I U " iff-13g if-X f , X " ' XXX Nfxf- PX . 1 A93 ,f ' - I , 'I' Q5-N. l v . b X " -'fl' i . , X X w .X. .af - - QXXA Xs.,..XfX . . .., 1, - X .XM 8. .. . ,LV ' U I ASS -If X .Xg 5 . , "5 '4 X. .Q-' ' vi ,N f X. 1-.. . ' . km K Lf Q 1.42 2 . uw x X fx . X. Q J . S - new f. . 23, ' Q.. ws., , 'f -Mm X - fi 4 ef 915' XX Qt if 1- - 1 ' , ' W any fi WT. ,.. k Sm .. K sg.A?y -..X Y in X . 1 " ' 2 -vf X-Y .Q 4 7'-1.3 X- ., Q5 . A X Y Q ' .J Qi SQ X . -. .X wx, i Q .X.. 1 . . m f, J x - - 1 f 9-5,y5'-1..1' Q 2 .1-EfiflNn'-7'1:g'W:1''?'i"54WnN"".r.' . A X .Q 1' H9-2' ' 9', v ,L SH SMA' x' ff .',. 1 ZR' , A , . ' ., 14. ' ,f -b AS? 'f P . F if Y . sf E. 7 9,4 ' ff .Q.54' 5i' Z ws' S" Q Rs ww-Q . TEQWEQJ-,?'j, u I " 'V' xr ' Y. " 9 sg Q if f If gr f .QQ U 2 gi H T ,J f on , x afncl a wonderful Senior jnauguraf .lbance Do you rememher the night of March 5, 1949? Of course we clol That was our Senior Inaugural Dance. The very atmos' phere of Levering Hall breathed excitement. VVith heautiful dresses, flowers, and gay laughter everywhere, our hearts couldn,t help hut skip a beat. To the romantic music of the Melodiers, we danced on, and on, and on into the night. We were most thankful for the efforts of the dance committee, and chairman, Mayhelle Beck for providing such a wonderful time for us. "All good things must come to an end," and as the clock struck one, this gala evening was brought to a close. The fun and merrif ment slowly died away, but they will never he forgotten. PHIIO i ik 5 :Me ' V f W M92 X S -.,4g- Q-N, A fx. ., , Y 1 qw fy ' - , QQ ' I 2 i y I J is . 1 s Q , A xg - Q . Wm 5 'V Q iz 3 I K X i x 'ao 'fs Ev Q 4-Q .N '21 '57 -1 ' , ' f . ' 9 -. . - ' g .A 4: .1 4 x fam- ,f b , .rf " - .. . ESQ' Q - . . 5 q iv? 1: 5 W , . . 1 N sk wiw,-M54-.Qs,, "wx-. ' A-lay., fy I7 in v Al Q , .V . L : ' 1 ff 7: k X : -.,,, 5 , I A WF' ff ' J' , .,L., ,, E . '. ,- 2 , I Ka Q: .:4 QI. W .1 K X i' x I ' Q ' x ' 'f . W. . S ,. '04 K . if '6.....' - A+ N f , ,-"' 2 fv.l .", Q 4.3 E ' 7' - 4' ' xfff gy"-A 49 , Q , lm- I 'A W 9-- 1 I. if 3 i i' 2 3 1 Y f 1. 1 ' E fi h'iQ,"Q-fl 5 7' :"' , 1 1 5 ' 'lt f f" 1 1 . ' 2 , 1 f x , v f ws. 'Q my -Qs I xl X in I 5 X . ' 3, 11. 5 x x' x gf 'X 4 .K . M: . X! Hx 'ff J if +R , Q' 'x j, Wxi H , - ' , ,f ' v Y , fl. Q- 1 ii g : I , O ' 'bk fr I 34. 45 t r A ' , K1 I . 1 I Q fe X. , VI' X ? 1.,g..,Q,i AR x .,,. N ..,: f Ni? ixgk A x. - -- - , , ,. ,, f 4 -- '-w1Lo4A X Fe f S 1 5 Q3 .1 V1 f 7 , , J ' . ' 2 y i' JW. ww L V .A f c f 'W uf ever orget llze enior a4JJem5lg On March 16, 1949 the Sentor ss surprtsed the school wtth a most ento tw L vartety show, wtrh Marty Buclsntan ILI Y as Master 0f1Qi6fClNOHlCS. Many talLntLL tnenthers of' our class, hestdes a few unL Lr chtssmen, parttctptttett tn the LISSLINIU y The school was entertained In L scene, some Llance selectlons, xartous xoLt anLl tnustcal presentattons, and the ftmous Maharalah of Magadtrr. The AILILIL L went tnto an uproar ot' laughter VVITLI1 out graceful Ktclvchorus oi' hoys tnaLL appearance upon the stage 'lhe LtanLL s looked very Ltatntth' sweet, LIVCSNLK ptnls hallertna costumes and long LL How shocked everyone was upon huttne the voice of Sidney Clreenstreet com Y from Forest ljarles own stage. WL soon Lhscovered it was a gifted Forester TLHL Ll ing nnpersonattons. This was .1 st whtch was ahnost entirely organt:L wx Lhrected ht, and presented hy the SLINUF lWLlI XVINCI1 NYJS XX'l'lUlIf' CH-IUf'CLI INN' IH' ra we gareweu lo the strains of the 'kcoronation Marchy' and "Aida March" we were ushered into the auditorium on the morning otijune lO, 1949, for our Farewell Assemhly. Leatrice Smulwitz presided as chairman for our last formal appearance before the school. The Reverend Don Frank Fenn, DD., the guest speaker, was introduced hy Nancy Hutton. Various musical selections were offered by the Senior Class and hy soloists, Our Class President, Charles Cooper, and our Adviser, Mr. Burger, each spoke a few words in farewell to the class. Then, as a surprise to everyone, we presented, as our gift to the school, a portrait ol' Mr. Dunn, painted by our own 'Ronnie Anderson, As the Twentyfhfth Anniversary Class, we were honored hy hearing incidents of the history of the school from the hrst principal of Forest Park, Mr, Glenn Uwens. Following this, Mr. Dunn graciously thanked the class for our IHOSI thoughtful gift, We bid farewell with the singing of "Auld Lang Synen and then conducted our Recessional. l13lr1 girdt Our anquef Our last social affair hegan with .1 hanquet held at the Sheraton-Belvedere Hotel, on the eighteenth ofvslune. Mar' tain Bueltman, toastmaster, introduced our numerous guests. Gifts were pre' sented to a few memhers ol' the class for their outstanding work and also to Nliss Butler and Mr. Burger. 044 'we ga thereof for Step inging As dusk was falling, we, the memhers ol the Class olijune l949, proudly passed through the war memorial gate and as' semhled on the steps of Forest Park for the traditional Step Singing ceremony. Friends gathered on the campus to listen as we sang some of our favorite songs. The hearts of all of us were touched with sadness as the strains ol' "After Graduation Day" hlled the air. We realized that this was to be one ol our last sweet memories of Forest Park. en The hanquet hall was cleared in prepara' tion for the dance. The music of Carl Hiimilton's orchestra hlled the room with an air of iiestivity. Al 11:30 the traditional ul' I'0H'l Ring Ceremony was performed, at which time our school rings were turned to face outward. Pleasant memories of this night will linger with us for many years to come. ll'3iIliJ ur ina! Step . . . ommencemeni The long awaitetl tlay ..,. The class matle a picturesque appearance seatecl on the stage, the girls in white gowns and the lwoys in tuxeclos. 'lwhe invocation was given hy the Reverend Don Franlt Penn, D.D.. alter which the Senior Class sang "The l-orcl's Prayer," liollowetl hy "Prayer," The class was recommentletl to Dr. Carey liaylor, Assistant Superintendent of Schools hy Mr. Dunn. The diplomas were conferred hy the Honorahle Thomas I7'Alesantlro, Mayor ol' Baltimore, Musical selections were ol'l'erecl hy a hoys' chorus, girls' chorus, anal the Senior Class. The presentation ol awartls was perliormecl hy Mr. Dunn, alter which the henediction was given hy Rex- erencl Fenn, VVe enterecl to learn, to serve we now go forth. firm lim! Look ing Charles Amnss Carrol Alwrtimson BNI Alllilfit' Filmore Chiiiken Katherine Krauss Xlosr Popular Cum! Bm Personal ity Irma Kitt Charles Amass Betty McCullough Charles Cooper Bobby Lee Scott Martin Buclcman Brst Drtsml Cfuttst Couple Dont .Xloit For Schoo Carol Abramson Nanccy Moll Pete Raymond Simon Oflfir Bill Glover Aileen Goldstein Brit SUN! of Humor Mort Cllzlmtctl Most Lilccly to Succtctl Martin Buekman Aileen Goldstein Carol Abramson Betty McCullough Ronnie Anderson Ronnie Anderson my uperfa lived O! lie gdilorial Staff the une 1949 goredler Editoviiiff fiiicf JOAN KONOW Associate Editors M1'RA GROSS BLUNIA HEIMAN MARTIN BIICI-:MAN Fcaturf Editor BEVERLY SCHRETER Clubs Editors EARL SUNDERLAND FRANCIS SINDLER Boys' Sports Editor CHAlil,ES SIILLIVAN Girls' Sports Editors KATHERINE KRAUSS PAT GREENFIELD Photographic Staff SONIA SIDLIN ESTIIER GOLDSIEIN EI I:ARETH POTEET SYLVIA MANACHER Writv-ups Staff SARAJANE GOLD NANCY LEE AVERY WlI,MA HIMES JOAN SCIIINKER EISA RING LFA'I'RlCE SMULWITZ ANITA MEY'ER MARIAN SEIDEI. PAULA FISHMAN ELAINE ABRAMS JOAN HARRIS NATALIE OR'rIsI -IESSA KAl,l.lNS MAROI IN CLDHEN 3 Konow Art Editorx IUNE MARIE ROSE -IIINE ROSE Art SIIIH RONNIE ANDERSON CLAIRE GREENBERG HELENE HANKIN RONA WEITZNIAN Truilscription Eoiitor ESTEI I E BERIcOwII: Traitscription Stiiff MARIORIE MONFRED IRNA Kin' ELAINE KARl.OIfF JEAN KITT Proofrvuding Editor JOANNA CHRISTIAN Proofrvading Stqff NANCEY MOLI, IRIS ANN SACIIS JEAN HIMMIZII I DEVERA MAKICDID jI'nITH BADDOCN PI 118 eng I Kaplan Busilwxs Mdllcl-QL'T. . Adurriiving Manager. . , . .MIIIDRED KAPl,AN . . . . .PETE RAYMCJND Patron AJ Managfr .... BETTY MCCUIIOUGII . .HAROl.D BARSHOOK C Olilllitfffidl AJ xldildgff ...... SIJJJQ IRMA COIIEN TIIAIIA DRAGON NORh1A DIIIPIY' LIBBY FOIIIS SIIARON Fox JOAN C-OI.mIERo S'I'ANI,EY HERR MARY MARGARET LENTZ DONNA LORECR ' JERRY MIECIIANICK 11911 ANITA ME!'ER RHONA POLLACK DOROTHY REYEUR RONNIE ROSENBERG EILEI-:N RUDICK ELAINE SAGNER BOIIIIY LEE SCOTT HELEN SIGIIER LIIIPY TOPAZ JOAN WEISMAN he Budinedd Staff of the une 1949 goredter DiSfYil7l4li0l1 Manager. . . ,.,. . .ELAINE K0'TI,lDWlTZ Staff MAIKCIA COIIN BETTY HAll'l'Z Subscription NI.1nI1gfr. . ........ LEATRICE SHUI WITZ Stuff ISABEI I CHRISTl.E HILLARY HOLl.ANDER RITA DE GIRAl.0hi0 NANCY HUTTON DERIIY ENNIS JIIIJY Kll.PATRlCK HARRIET FOHRMAN ADELE KLAWANS LENNA HANSGE DORIS LEVIN MICK EY S TOUCK Epilogue The work is done! The goal is won! The aims of our enrollment have been fulfilled. Our prospec' tive efforts have coined rich rewards from every corner and height of the school. Many of us have met with high success, but all of us have enjoyed the prosperity obtained from the rich gold We have mined-membership in the student body of For- est Parlc High School. The value of our prospecting is foimd in the friendships formed, the school spirit shouted, and the in' spirations incurred from an everfpatient faculty. We entered this field of opportunity realizing it would begin a new era. Our expectations were not dissapointed. In looking baclc we see it as a distinct part of our life-three years of comradship and devotion to school and friends-three years of adventure in leaming and on fields of contest-three years of growth- physical, mental and social-three years, swift, but a distinct era to us. We entered as youth unaccustomed to taking obliga' tions. We have so grown that on the momentous evening we received our diplomas we felt as though it was not only the hand of the mayor of Baltimore we clasped but that also of the world introducing us to a great new era which awaits. We are prepared for this era because of the rich rewards obtained from a great school, an institution, Forest Park High School. Today, imbued with the spirit possessed by the pioneers of '49 a cen- tury before, we face the world ready to accept the positions for which our beloved Alma Mater has prepared us. To her we turn this last page of an era in heartfult thanks of gratitude. JK. 120 121 Abby and Arlene Arlynn Abrams Elaine Abrams Sam Abrams Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Abrams Margaret Addison Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Adler A Hopkins man Helen and Mel Aiken-Alumini Mr. and Mrs. Carl Akehurst Miss Rosalyn Akehurst Miss Rose Alasiia Alice and John Alpha Pi Theta Sorority Ed Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Gladys Anderson Ronnie Anderson Thornton Anderson Ann and Ed Ann and Morris Anne and Gerry Mr. M. H. Annenberg Mrs. M. H. Annenburg Anonymous Betty Applegarth Edward A. Applegarth H. Applegarth Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Armacost Betty Lee Arthur Mr. and Mrs. Artz Babe and Bunny Aileen Baddock Burton Baddock Mr. and Mrs. Victor Baddock Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Baker Elsa Baklon Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Bald Mr. and Mrs. Alan Ball Mrs. Harry Ball David Banks Barbara and Bill Barbara and Stanley Paul Barber Shop Mr. lsadore Barr Mrs. Jeannette Barr Adelle Barrett Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Carl Barrish Mr. and Mrs. lsadore Barshook Linda and Judy Bass Edna K. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. George Baylin Mrs. W. E. Bear Mr. W. E. Bear Mr. and Mrs. John S. Beasley, Sr. Maybelle Beck Gordon Becker Mr. and Mrs. Bemie Behelman Mr. Ben Mr. and Mrs. lrving Benner Dr. Eugene Bereston Estelle Berkowitz Walter I. Berlin Elaine Berman Jacob Berman Mr. and Mrs. Louis Berman Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Berman I4 Pa trond Bernice and Jerry Leonard lvan Berstein Bett and Hobie Betty and Paul Bev and Arnie Bev and Lou Bill and Celeste Bill and Joan Bill and Mary Margaret Bill and Marla Bambi Bishopl Edna and Elmer Blez Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bloom Phyllis Lois Bloom Gilbert Blumberg Bob and Gene Mr. and Mrs. John Bond John W. Bosley Mr. and Mrs. James Born Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bowers Calvin Bozeman Mr. and Mrs. Brinsfield Eli Briskinan Mr. and Mrs. Morris Broth Jerrold Brotman Mr. and Mrs. D. Brown Ester Brown Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brown lrwin M. Brown, Jr. Miss Mary Lou Brown Mr. and Mrs. Sidney L. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brownstein Mr. and Mrs. David Brozer Lillian M. Bryant Charlotte and Hy Buchner Carolyn Buckman Mr. and Mrs. H. Buckman Martin Buckman Mr. and Mrs. Walter Burke Betty Bums Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Calder Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Caldwell Carol and Frank Carolyn and Al Mats Carp Mrs. N. Carr Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Carrick Mr. and Mrs. George H. Carrick Mr. and Mrs. David Carson Lottie Cassel Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Chait Charles and Leona Charlotte and Teddy Elaine Jolfe Cherney '42 Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Chernoll Chick and Chuck Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Christie Thelma H. Clarke Eileen Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Leon Cohen Martin Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cohen Eddie and Dickie Cohn Mr. and Mrs. Irving Cohn Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cohn Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Cohn Mr. and Mrs. S. Charles Cole Elvin B. Collector Compliments of L. and A. Compliments of Joe Miss Elsie Conklin Rev. and Mrs. Clarence Cook Mrs. Vernon G. Corrie Mr. and Mrs. George Counsey Mr. John Lee Cronise Danny and Bunny Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Datres Chester Daughton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Davidson Sonny Davis Mr. and Mrs. David Davison Gene and Sue DeCamp Mr. and Mrs. Madison Deal Mr. and Mrs. Pedro DeLaRosa Dom Deludos Benny Der Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Dettor, Sr Diane'Marv Donna and Bob Mr. and Mrs. John C. Dondhue M. W. Donaoni Daughter of Dorcus Dot and L. Doug and Sarajane Richard Dragon Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dragon Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Dragon Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Dreite Mrs. Jessie Dull Mr. and Mrs. Jess Dull Mr. and Mrs. l. Dubick Mr. and Mrs. Donald D Durrah Mrs. Helene Eaves Wm. Eberhart Mr. and Mrs. Ray S. Escard Edmond's Jewelry Edna Lee and Al Ed'Myrna'Val-Nancy Stella Engman Mr. and Mrs. A. Ennis Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Epstein Mr. Philip Epstein Eric and Ellen L. Ermer Betsy Winslow Ernst A. H. Ershine Robert C. Eltermann Barbara Elaine Epstein Sonia Florence Epstein Ethelyn and Lillian N. Eullan Eunice and Leon Mary A. Falter Faye and Abe Donald H. Feemster Miss Betty Feeser Celia Feldman Marcia E. Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Feit Mr. and Mrs. Max Feldman Neal Fertitta Ephraim Fine Mr. Harry Fine Mr. Melvin Fine Harry Fink Mrs. Charlotte Fix Fishman Family Rose Flam Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Flickinger Florell and Marsh Williams Florist Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ford Betty and Bob Forhman Harriet Forhman Mr. and Mrs. Jack Forhman Mrs. C. Roland Fowble Pat Fowble '48 Jan and Al Fox Mr. and Mrs. S. Fox Sharon Fox Mr. and Mrs. F. Franciscus Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Frank Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Frank Mr. and Mrs. Louis Frank, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Frank, Sr. Minnie Frank Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Frankel Fred and Ben and Steve Freddie and Sarah Frederick Construction Company Bill Frey Friday 3rd Period Cafe Barbara Friedberg Jake Friedman A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Morris Friner Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Fritz Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Fix Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Futter Gary Jewelers W. H. Gemell Mr. and Mrs. E. Gerhardt Mrs. Rae Gertz and Children Sura Gesben Harry G. Gesser, Jr. Mrs. Eleanor Giarth Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Giarth, Jr. P. Nelson Giarolfo Mrs. Robert S. Gill Mr. Robert Gill Mr. Robert S. Gill O. Gillio Mr. and Mrs. H. Ginsberg Mr. and Mrs. M. Ginsberg Mr. and Mrs. S. Glass Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Glenn Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Glover Joe Gold Bemice and Vemon Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goldberg Howard H. Goldberg Joan Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Goldberg Irene Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Jack Goldberg Phyllis and Harriet Goldberg Rneben Golden Mr. and Mrs. Goldschmult Aileen Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. David Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Eli Goldstein Ester and Hy Goldstein Harriet Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Maurice P. Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Lou Goloskov John A. Gooch Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Goodell Judith and Alan Goodhart Aaron Goodman Robert L. Goodman Irving Gordon Stanley Gordon Mrs. Gladys Gosnell Jean Goszka Marjorie Greenbaum Mrs. Meyer Greenbaum Elaine Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Elliot W. Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Abe Greenstein Mr. and Mrs. Jacob A. Gross Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Grossblat Mr. and Mrs. Walter Greenberg Steve and Jay Grossman Saul David Gurney June Haddaway Emily Haines Patricia Hamersly Virginia A. Hammond Walter C. Hammond, Jr. Mrs. Vera Hampton Compliments of Hankin Bros. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hanover Albert H. Hansge Albert P. Hansge Lenna Hansge William W. Harden G. Vinton Harden Robert B. Harney Harriet and Allen Mr. and Mrs. Albert Harris Betty Harris Charles W. Harris Doris Harris Hillard and David Harrison Mr. and Mrs. B. Hart Mr. and Mrs. T. Hartz T. Hartz Haywood Heights Florist Hazel and Fred Mr. Peter Hefner Fay Heintzman Howard C. Heiss Helene and Morris Mrs. Roscoe N. Hendrix Henry's Credit Jeweler's Betty Lou Herbert Emmanuel Herr Mrs. Evelyn Herr James L. Hessenauer Mr. and Mrs. William B. Himes William B. Himes George M. Hoffman Joyce and Richard Mr. and Mrs. William L. Hoffman Hog Maws and Chittlin's Mrs. John J. Von Hogel J. Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Albert Holstein Edward L. Holt Sonny Holzman Simon C. Horstein Mrs. F. Gardner Houck Mr and Mrs. Willia L. Humbert Mr. and Mrs. Greg. Hunt Mrs. Lillian Hurwitz William F. Hutchins C. S. Hutton Mrs. Edward S. Hutton, Jr. Mrs. E. S. Hutton Nancy Hutton Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hyman Dr. and Mrs. Nat B. Hyman Ida, Jane, and Nancy Lee Mr. and Mrs. Ingram and Son Irene and Gil Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Ireland, Jr. Iris, Iris, Esther and Margie Irish and Harvey Irv and Rhona Isabelle and Don Elanor Isaacson Jackee Sue Mr. and Mrs. John H. Jacobs Nadine and Beth Lynn Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Sam J. Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Milton Jarrell Janqiline and Maraline Jean, Peg, Ann Mrs. Winnie Jenkins Jean's Beauty Shoppee Jenny and Cliff Jo and Joe Joanie and' Murray Milton Jolie Paul E. Jones Mr. and Mrs. E. Roland Jones Betty Loc Jorss Mr. and Mrs. E. Bradley Jorss Mr. Josephs Judy and Morty Kalb Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kallins Jessa Kallins , Linda and Marsha Kaminsky Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Kaplan Kappa Sigma Tau Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy T. Kappelman Mr. and Mrs. Albert Karloff Sharon Ray Katz Mr. Isadore Kellner Kitty Kelly Patricia Kelly James Hobart Kent Mary Lou Keyes Rosalie and Ellen Kershman The Kid's Friend The Kid Mrs. Paul M. K. Kilpatrick Lou Kiessling Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Klawans PI 122 123 Aileen Klein Milton Klein Mr. and Mrs. Edgag Konow Eclw. H. Konow Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Kooke Mr. and Mrs. Morris Kopilnick Elaine Kotlowitz Mr. and Mrs. A. Kovens Mr. and Mrs. E. Kovens Mr. and Mrs. J. Kovens Edith Kramer Mrs. F. Krauss Mr. F. Krauss Katherine Krauss Charles Kreiner H. Kreiner Mrs. J. Krohn Marion Krohn Peter Krohn Stanley and Gerson Kroiz Mr. and Mrs. James Krometis Mrs. Ruth Kull' Mr. and Mrs. Hyman L. Kurtzwile Herbert Kwash Michael Kwash Helen Lacks, '45 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lahu Bobbie l.aPak Sam Lee Laundry Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Lautenbach Mr. Layden Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lebolf Betty Leboff Rachael Lebofl' Lee and Harriett Mrs. Egon Lelfman Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Lenhart Norma E. Lentz Mrs. Leonard Lentz Mr. Joseph M. Lessans Mr. Nathan Levin Sol Levin Stanley Levin Mr. l. E. Levin and Doris Harriet Levin Buckie Levin Louise and Joel M. Levin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Levinson Leonard Leirtas Lewis Levy H. S. Levy Dr. and Mrs. H. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Harry Licktenstein Mr. and Mrs. Epharim Lieberman Mr. Frank Lingan Frank and Nancy Liss Sidney B. Litvin Mary Claire Livingston Mr. Llewellyn Harry John Lobe Mrs. Margaret Lockard Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Lodge Mr. Lester Logan Lois and Jane--Feb. 46 Lois Merilyn-Phyllis Joane Mark S. London Alvin Loreck Mr. and Mrs. M. Loreck Lorraine and Jerry Freddie Love Mrs. W. D. Luby Mrs. C. Luechart li Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lufburrow Lynn and Bill Mr. and Mrs. John Maclsaac Mr. and Mrs. John Maclsaac, Sr. M. Madairy Charles Maeer Mr. and Mrs. August Maggid Mr. and Mrs. Bob Magin and Jimmy Mr. and Mrs. W. Mannion Mara and Rormie Mr. and Mrs. Marcs Beverly Markman Lila Marks, B.B.G. Mrs. C. Marlatt Mrs. and Mr. S. S. Marlatt Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Marlowe Linoleum Mart Paul Martin Marty and Al Mary Low and Bob Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Matthews Mildred Mason Mr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Mazer William Mazer Mr. and Mrs. J. J. McKenna Mr. and Mrs. F. G. McNab E. A. McPareaerd Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mechanick Marie and Bob Medcalf Mr. and Mrs. C. Menke Mr. and Mrs. Harry Meriean Meslee and Joseph Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Messick Arch Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Norman Meyer Marcia and Barbara Meyerwitz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Michael Jimmy Michel Mignon and Herk Mil and John Mrs. Doris Jean Miller Mr. and Mrs. Hyman P. Miller Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Miller Julius Miller Stephen Wayne Miller Charles Mindell Sam Minsky Mitchelli Miss lda Momenthy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Monfred Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Monroe Mr. and Mrs. A. Morstein Birdie Morstein Janice Morstein Reva Moss Mr. Henry Mund Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Murph Marlene Mutchnik Barbara Myers Nancy and Eddie Naoma and Leslie Linda Elaine Nasif Nat's Food Market Little Nell Melba Lou Nelms Nelson and Sandy Peggy Newman D. Nichelson J. Nichelson Minnie Nichelson Rita Nichelson Mr. Noble Evon Nobles Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Nolker Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. Noll Earl M. Norris Leon Okem Franny Kalkenson-Phylliss Oppel Mr. and Mrs. Charles Orandle Sgt. and Mrs. D. L. Omdorfl' Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Ortisi Natalie L. Ortisi Mr. and Mrs. Morris Oshry Joyce Otto A. Herrnan'Palm Mr. and Mrs. George Pappas Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Paris Virginia Parsons Mr. W. L. Parsons Mrs. W. T. Parsons Ted and Jane Patridge Pat and Art Pat and Don Paul Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Paul, III Elmer F. Pease Esther H. Pease Inez Penell Mr. and Mrs. Pelovitz Norma Pierce Pimlico Barber Shop Pinky and Fusty Mr. and Mrs. James Pistolas Bob Pittman Albert M. Plaine Mrs. Elizabeth Plitt Linda and Janice Posner John W. Poteet, Jr. Katharine R. Poteet Virginia K. Poteet Hugh M. Potter Captain and Mrs. E. Potoin Mr. and Mrs. M. Pozanek R. Press Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Price Kenneth W. Prince Blanche M. Rains Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rankin Mrs. Davis T. Ratcliffe Elaine and Harold Levin Mr. and Mrs. George Reingold Michael Reiser Reta Reisman Allen Rentschler Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reyeur Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Riale B. May Ribley Mrs. Richmond Mark Richmond Mr. and Mrs. H. Richtman A. Riclclin Mr. and Mrs. Max Ricklin Neil and Mike Ricklin Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Rill Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Ritter Elsa Ring Rocket and Dorf Mrs. Wm. F. Rogers Ronnie and Elaine Harry Rorb Rosalie, Marty, Rhona, Phyllis Mr. and Mrs. George Rose Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rosenberg Ellen Ruth Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Jaclc M. S. Rosenberg Ronnie Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Floyd O. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Ross Edward l. Roth Mrs. Rothstein Ann Rountree Louis Rubenstein David Rubin Jerome Louis Rubin Mr. and Mrs. M. Rubin Marcia and Lennie Rubin Tucker and Rubin Madelyn Rubinstein Mr. and Mrs. V. R. Rudd Barbara and Ronald Rudick E. Rudiclc Eileen Rudiclc Milton and Eileen Rudiclc Mr. and Mrs. Simon Rudick Lillian and Gilbert Rudo Robert E. Rich Mr. and Mrs. Willard C. Rush Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Russell Ruth-Barbara-Paula Mayer Rutenbin Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. Ryan William F. Ryan Carolyn Sachs Mr. and Mrs. l. H. Sachs Mr. and Mrs. LouisJ. Sagner Mr. Max Sachi Shirley and Hank Sachs Phyllis Goldberg and Eddie Salem Mrs. Louise Solley Arthur Satren Larry Satren Mr. and Mrs. Morton Sarubin Susan and Molly Scheinberg Frona and Michael Scherr Miclcey Schiller and Sondra Schucalter Lesslie Anne Schloss Mrs. M. Sclineppe Mr. John H. Schneppe Mr. and Mrs. A. Schreter Dr. and Mrs. Morris Schucalter Sondra Schucalter Mr. and Mrs. Max Schulman Mr. Clinton H. Schultz Max Schulman William S. Schultz, Jr. Lanny Schuster Leon Schwartz Selma Weinberg and Doris Schwartz Bobby Lee Scott Mr. and Mrs. Franlt L. Scott Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seidel Margaret Seitler George Seitz Betty Seldin Selma, Betty and Rachael Emile H. Serpass Mr. Bob Shall Mrs. Georgia Shagogue Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Shagogue Mr. and Mrs. Milton Shagogue N. Shaman Compliments of M Shapiro Ceil Shapiro Sheldon and Carl C. Sherfey Sherman and Joan r. and Mrs. Bemarcl Sherman's Meat Marltet Lillian Shevitz Reuben Shevitz Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shirley and Lou S. Shpritz lrwin Shure Shullingberg Mr. and Mrs. Harry Siger Sigma Phi Fraterni YY Andrew W. Silbert Miss Nannette Silbert Marjorie Sillcermann Ellen and Arnold Silverman Bobby and Rozzie Singer Mr. and Mrs. Morris Singer Mr. and Mrs. S. H Mrs. Ida Sjolander . Sirltin Mr. and Mrs. Skaist Carol and Ronnie Sless Speedy, lrish, and Robert E. Small Sugar Mr. and Mrs. L. Crawford Smith Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Smith Smith Mr. and Mrs. Louis Smith, Jr. Marian Smith Mrs Nathan Smith Snyder Mr. and Mrs. A. Swartz Vilma Tailors Leo Taubenfeld Samuel S. Tamburo Tau Epsilon Delta Sorority CPhiJ Tau Phi Sorority Mr. and Mrs. lsadore Teigin Jean Tellem Miss Betty Thornasson Max Tobaclc Toby and Harold X Tom and Coz Mr. and Mrs. S. Topaz Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Towner Bonnie Towner Betty Lou Towner Thomas W. Trout, U.S.N.A. L. Tugwell Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Vollc Louis I. Wachter Mrs. Alma Wagner Melvin and Jackie Wagner John G. Wagner, Jr. Teddy and Gene Walman Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Walters Mr. and Mrs. G. Walters Wm. Ward Mr. James Warthea William J. Watson, B.T.C. T. L. Watson Mrs. Edna Weber Mr. J. L. Weber lsadore S. Weinbaum Clara Weinblatt Mr. and Mrs. S. Sollod Joyce Soloman Mrs. William Solomon Sonny and Obbie Arden Stahl, '48 Mary Jane Staiti Stan and Henry Stanley and Gale B. T. Stansbury Roland Stansfield Dollield Texaco Station Laurence Steinbaclc Howard Stein Mr. and Mrs. Leon Stein Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Weinblart Myron an lrvin Weiner Mr Mr. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs Arthur Weiner . and Mrs. . Nat Weisfeld . Harry Wm. Weisman . Lawrence l. Weisman . Theo. Weitzman Judy Weitzman ' Mrs. W. l. Wentz John West, H.W.W. Dr. Wheeler Delores and Whitey Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Whitney Tommy Whittingham Chocltie, Walter and Paul Stein Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Mr. and Mrs. H. S Steinberg . Steinhorn Mr. and Mrs. Morris W. Steinhorn Bonnie Stern Mr. and Mrs. Hym Elaine Sternstein Steve and Allen Johnny Stevens an Stern Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Stran Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Stranz Tommy Stretch Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Stump Sue and Phyl Charles R. Sullivan Mrs. Charles R. Sullivan Eugene Sullivan Louis Suroslcy Harry Suter Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sutton Mrs. Wm. Whlhorn Billy and Midge Wiggley Barbara Wilhide Mr. Donald E. Wilhide Hilde Mae Williams Herbert E. Witz Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Wolf Mr. and Mrs. S. Wollc Mr. Charles E. Wood, Jr. Mrs. Chas. E. Wood, Jr. Miss Doris Wood Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wood Miss lva Wood Robert Wood Mrs. Charlotte Yeagle Miss Ruth Yeagle Lillian Yospe Miss Florence Zalltovitz Zems Elliott Zerivitz Sidney Zerwirz Pl 124 Compliments of A STUDENT'S FRIEND Compliments of RODNEY Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of GAIL and SUSAN DORSETT JONES, INC. 730 F ELECTRICAL CENTER, INC. REDERICK ROAD CATONSVILLE 23, Catonsville 2237-XV Since 1911 FOrest 9809 EBERHART'S SERVICE STATION 2012 FOREST PARK AVENUE Auto Repairing - Used Cars FRIENDS OF 1451 Compliments of A FRIEND LESLIE and ALINE Tomorrouxs Fashions Today 3 for the Ultra Discriminating' LEVY'S SMART WEAR Compljmenfg of Best to the Graduates H, M, A FRIEND Compliments of THE MAY COMPANY Compliments of X, A FRIEND Compliments of SARA and MORRIS Congratulations! Class of '49 THE DAVIDSONS A FRIEND JOAN and SALLY MEROWITZ Compliments of Meadow Cold Ice Cream Co. X- Ctmpgmenfa .fdnal Mai ,Milan fl RI-IONA POLLACK 3-Om HER DAD FRIENDS OF 14 SEWARD BROS. FLORISTS 3030 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE At Wabash BALTIMORE 15, MARYLAND MOhawk 7261 FLORAL DESIGNS - WEDDING BOUQUETS JOS. D. STARK OIL CO. Ou. BURNER INSTALLATIONS Sleum and Hot Water Heating Plants - Domestic Hot Water Nights - Sunday - Holiday - PLaza 5678 4113 W. BELVEDERE AVENUE MOhawk 8092 For Your Dam-ing and Listening Pleasure MELODIERS ' BERNARD GOODMAN 3819 LEWIN AVENUE Liberty 4171 Compliments of MAURICE WIENER HOTEL SOUTHERN OCEAN CITY, NEW JERSEY Overlooking Park and Ocean Public Dining Room Write Now For Reservations SEASON OPENS MAY 21, 1949 American and European Plans RALPH D. GIARTH Ownership - Mariagement 0288 - Phones - 1350 CIIMPLIMENTS 0F Rhona and andra Epstein Compliments of SELDIN COAT CO.. INC. Compliments of "UNCLE LOU" A FRIEND Compliments of THURSDAY'S THIRD PERIOD CAFE Best Wishes To The CLASS OF JUNE 1949 BUDEKE'S PAINT Since 1868 418 S. BROADWAY BALTIMORE 31, MARYLAND BERLIN BROS. CLEANERS 5456 PARK HEIGHTS AVENUE FOrest 8668 6717 REISTERSTOWN ROAD MOhawk 8180 Congratulations To WILMA SCHULMAN HERMAN BERGER and FAMILY Compliments of MR. and MRS. AARON GESBEN The Latest Record Hits GARRISON MUSIC CENTER sm GARRISON BOULEVARD Compliments of MR. and MRS. MEYER A. GOLDSTEIN Complimrnts of GRIEBEL MOTORS, INC. 814 LIGHT STREET BALTIMORE 30, MD. Compliments of BERSTEIN FURNITURE CO. II04 W. 36TH STREET JUNIOR MISS DRESSES not an nge-but a figure 1950 LINDEN AVENUE AT NORTH O'TOOLE GENERAL TIRE CO. I0 E. MT. ROYAL AVENUE Kraf! Sysfem of Tire Recapping DUVALL PHARMACY Llberty 7353 F rom A FRIEND CAREFUL LAUNDRY, INC. TO THE EDITOR ROLAND PARK FLORISTS Flowers for All Occasions IIIIIUEIISI!,IlullLRIIlTIIll0IIE SCHOOL OF LAW 3-YEAR EVENING Program leading Io 'lhe LLB degree, qualifies for lhe Marvand Sfafe lar Examlnailons. PRE-LAW 2-YEAR DA or EVENING Program quaII'IIe3 for SCHOOL OF BUSINESS. INDUSTRY. AND MANAGEMENT 4-YEAR DAY and 6-YEAR EVENING Programs leading 'Io lhe l.S. degree in Accounilng, Business Mana emenl, Flnsngr, Induslrlal Manaqemenl, Marketing, ands Trans- pc a on. Law School. JUNIOR COLLEGE 2-YEAR DAY and 3-YEAR EVENING Programs In Liberal Arfs and 2-YEAR DAY Medical Secrelarial Program, Ieadlnq lo Ihe A.A. Wrlfe or Cell for looklef 1420 N. CHARLES ST. BALTIMORE I. MARYLAND Complimenls of E. A. SCHAFER 537-S 3 9 LEXINGTON MARKET Cornplimenis of ELSIE'S Dress and Sui! Allerafion Shop 5144 PARK HEIGHTS AVENUE Compliments of AL-LON MFG. CO., INC. Compliments of JUNE '40 ASSOCIATION MARSHALL MOTORS mo REISTERSTOWN ROAD Home of Hallmark Greeting Cards WALBROOK GIFT SHOP nos WEST NORTH AVENUE Compliments of JUDY and MARGIE NI A Rl F N L U Z V N FLOWERS - GIFTS MOhawk 0 3 8 2 WHITE RICE INN CHINESE AND AMERICAN RESTAURANT Orders To Take Out 320 PARK AVENUE MUIbcrry 6790 RICHMAN BROS. Retail - Wholesale I. Sopher, Prop. Plumbing aml Eleetrival Supplies Hardware - Paints - Household Furnishings 4627 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE Llberty 9058-S9 We Are Proud To Be The Photographers For This "1949 IUNE FORESTERU SECALL-MAJESTIC STUDIOS PORTRAITS - WEDDINGS Specializing In School and College Photography MUlberry 5621 909 N. CHARLES STREET BALTIMORE 1, MD Compliments of the CAPITOL GLASS 85 MIRROR CO. PAUL DIGGINS CO. Floor Surfacing Contractor Old Floors Relinished Like New Hardwood Floors Installed 3822 HAYWARD AVENUE Llberty 8425 Complimenis of WURZBURGER,S For Catalina Bathing Suits A 5100 PARK HEIGHTS AVENUE, PIMLICO Compliments of ABRAMS COMPANY HYMAN POTLER'S GROCERY House Furnishings and Wearing Apparel 3000 WINDSOR AVENUE 29 S. CARROLLTON AVENUE PLaza 0151 Sunday Dinner 12:30 - 3:00 Luncheons Good Luck "49,ers" CHARLIE COOPER Best of Luck MR. and MRS. HENRY KAY SNYDER Scholtes and Keller Metal Products Co. Ornamental Iron Porch and Step Railings Elertric Welding and Machine Work Phone: Towson 2 3 S 8-J Compliments of A FRIEND Evenings 5:30 - 8:00 HILTON COURT DINING ROOM 3306 N. HILTON STREET Llberty 3290 COMPLIMENTS PARKVILLE PHARMACY N. N. Cooper, PILG. - C. N. Cooper, M.B. 7719 HARFORD ROAD HERBERT W. SHIPLEY Plumbing - Heating - Drainage Towson ll94 RUXTON 4, MD. CARL HAMILTON AND HIS ORCHESTRA Compliments of TOPP'S DRIVE INN LIBERTY HEIGHTS AND WABASH Compliments and Best Wishes To To ELAINE RHONA POLLACK from ffvm UNCLE CY, AUNT SARA, HOWARD AND UNCLE LOU MURRAY WOLMAN KELLY BUICK SALES CORP. C. MARRLAND KELLY, President OLD COURT INN Compliments of MR. and MRS. A. LEVIN Best of Luck To The BUSINESS MANAGER Best Wishes To The Class of '49 E. s. HUTTON, JR. HADDAWAY'S ESSO SERVICE COLD SPRING LANE AND GREENSPRING AVENUE BALTIMORE 9, MARYLAND TORSCH 85 FRANZ BADGE CO. Badges - Buttons - Pennants - Banners - Felt Emblems 3 N. LIBERTY STREET BALTIMORE, MD. READ'S Pharmacists Sinee 1883 DEI-END ON READ,S Fon ALL Youn DRUG STonE NEEDS-' Compliments of LUSKIN'S TELEVISION AND FURNITURE Compliments of KRAMER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of POP'S CONFECTIONERY NORTH AVENUE and ELLAMONT STREET Good Lark To RITA NICHELSON FROM MOTHER AND DAD Compliments of SAGGY Compliments of MR. and MRS. AARON MARGOLIN FRIENDS OF 2450 Congratulations To WILMA SCHULMAN Mn. AND Mas. Moluus BERMAN MORSTEIN'S fQuality jewelers Sinee I898j 1035 LIGHT STREET BALTIMORE 30, MD. CHESAPEAKE ROOFING CO. Rocx WOOL INSULATION S012 REISTERSTOWN RD. BALTIMORE 15, MD. Liberty 5675-S676 For the FORD In Your Future- For the Best Deal I n Town-See Goldy UNIVERSITY MOTOR CO. J. MILLER at soNs The Class of February 1939 Congratulales THE CLASS OF JUNE 1949 On Its Graduation Congratulations To THE GRADUATING CLASS RABBI Hmsu HETMAN SIDLIN'S PORTRAIT AND PHOTO SUPPLY TO MR. BURGER From IEMA AND STANLEY Compliments of MARCEL and MILDRED and A FUTURE GRADUATE Compliments of JERRY and MIKE Home of The Asia Chicken Chow Mein ASIA RESTAURANT 710 N. HOWARD STREET VErnon 8193 Compliments of THETA KAPPA SIGMA SORORITY GAMMA CHAPTER Compliments of MR. and MRS. WM. KELLY MOSES KAHN 8: SONS, INC. Ladies Ready To Wear and Furniture GAY AND AISQUITH STREETS BALTIMORE, MD. The Flag, Banner and Pennant Shop QR. H. Taylor, Successor to Sisco Brothersj Hand and Machine Ernbroidering 409 PARK AVENUE BALTIMORE I, MD Compliments of MR. and MRS. BERNARD FREEMAN Compliments of P. 'B. GMI? Al'I'L8fLt5 0 THE FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President ...I..I,.......4 .........,...........,....,...I..,... ..,....I4., R A Y BEVANS Vice-President ,....4 , .... ..,.... GRACE MASTERS Treasurer ,....... ..,....,.I...... ......,,,. D O RIS STRUVEN Recording Secretary ....I.... ............, E ILEEN MANKO Corresponding Secretary ....,.,... ...................,.......,..,....... A NN VAN DITTI Adviser ..,. ,........s. ..... ....,..,,.,. . . . MISS GENEVIEVE P. BUTLER Assistant Adviser ..s..,. .4...........,...,...,.,.....s,....... D ORIS STRUVEN ACTIVITIES ALUMNI DANCES FOR GRADUATING CLASSES STUDENT AID FUND SOCIAL MEETINGS ORGAN FUND BOARD MEETINGS ALUMNI CHORUS ATHLETIC COMPENSATION FUND SCHOLARSHIP FUND ALUMNI vs. VARSITY BASKETBALL AND ICE HOCKEY Send Your Laundry To Regal-Save Health, Money, Ti-me. R IE G A IL Ula Sit 'lffhhf laundry The Look of N eumess Will Be Restored To Your Garments After A Trip To RIEGAILEZQRIIC DRY CILIEANIERS MR. and MRS. M. KOVENS Wish The june '49 Graduates The Best of Lack THE PETITE BEAUTY SALON Have Ux Rrxtyle Your Hair In A Manner To Flutter Your Individuality RILLING COLD WAVE - KOOLER WAVE AND EUGENE NIAGARA CELLULAR MASSAGE SAratoga 5967 224 W. FRANKLIN STREET Compliments of MR. and MRS. JOE LENKEL SAratoga 2683 Established 1892 SEIF'S Clothing - Hats - Furnixhings - Shoes 423-25-27-29-31 N. GAY STREET BALTIMORE 2, MD. J. JENKINS SONS C0., INC Manufacturers FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL JEWELRY 20 W. REDWOOD STREET MUlberry 3394 FOUNTAIN HAV-A- SNAK GRILL 4611 GARRISON BOULEVARD Llberty 7071 Free Delivery 4 P. M. 'til 10 P. M. . . . Featuring . . . AMBASSADOR "HAV-A-SNAK,, COFFEE IQMAIJE To ORDERU SANDWICI-IES DELICIOUS CRAB CAKES SUCCULENT FRENCH FRIES CRUELLERS AND DOUGHNUTS BUNS, PIES AND PASTRIES BETTAR ULUXURYH ICE CREAM ALL FOUNTAIN DELICACIES POPULAR BRANDS OF CICARETTES FINEST CIGARS AND TOBACCOS CANDY CUPBOARD-SCHRAFFT,S JOHNSTON,S-HUYLER,S-PAGE 81 SHAW AND OTHER QUALITY CANDY Store Hours-8 A. M. to 10 P. M. Compliments of CROFTON COMPANY HOME BUILDERS BALTlMOBE BUSINESS COLLEGE Register Now Day Classes Begin Iuly 5 and Sept. 6 Evenings Classes Sept. 7 BBC students receive the BEST training BBC graduates obtain the BEST positions SECRETARIAL AND ACCOUNTING COURSES For Arademic and Commercial Graduates BALTIMORE AND LIGHT STREETS-2 PLaza 1241 Compliments of WILSON D. RUTHERFORD MEDICAL SUPPLY COMPANY 215 EAST z1sT STREET BALTIMORE 18, MARYLAND Best Wishes For Success To The 1949 Graduating Class Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Berman and Family JOY-CUP COFFEE Your Wisest Choice QUALITY COFFEE COMPANY BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Congralulaiion From The 6 Roberts Square Deal Jewelry Stores Compliments of HOCHSCHILD, KOHN 86 CO. Best Wishes Of A FRIEND TUTORING . . . class or individual For high-school graduates planning to sit for the College Board aptitude and achieve- ment tests. For the student whose progress is impeded by large classes, and who is eager to advance rapidly and thoroughly. For students now attending high school or college meeting with diiliculty in Latin, English, mathematics, science, and foreign languages. YBZI' For adults who consider their academic and cultural qualifications inadequate. Faculty approved by State Board of Education LOUIS M. LASKY PREPARATORY SCHOOL 703 ST. PAUL STREET SAratoga 4555 Telephone For Appointment Day or Evening Sessions Attractive Selection of Gifts For All Local Schools and Colleges S13.50"' FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL RINGS Immediate Delivery On Most Sizes "The Ultimate in School Ring Perfection" and other FOREST PARK JEWELRY PINS - WALLETS - BRACELETS BUCKLES - TIE CI-IAINs - NECKLACES Pay Weekly The Iohn Trockenbrot Co. 310 N. PACA STREET MUlberry 105 2 'P Plus Taxes BALTIMORE CONTRACTORS, INC. VICTOR FRENKIL, Pres. 711 SOUTH CENTRAL AVENUE BALTIMORE 3, MARYLAND Since 1 887 SINDLER'S HOME FURNISI-IERs 1613-21 EASTERN AVENUE Phone: PEabody 3603-04 MR. and MRS. HARRY L. WEINBERG For Delicious Meals Eat At The BELWOOD 226 W. FAYETTE STREET MOl1awk 7510 HENDLER'S TEXACO STATION 6201 REISTERSTOWN ROAD Corner Strathmore Avenue BALTIMORE 1 5, MARYLAND Don't Get Mad Get MYSTIK TAPE MYSTIK DIST. OF MARYLAND 1617 GUILFORD AVENUE Phone: Llberty 9812 Trucks For Hire - Hauling H. J. MCCARTHY Conveyors of Ash, Trash and Rubbish All Holidays, WMU Be There Daily - Weekly - Monthly Pick-up Service HOTELS - REs'rAuRANTs - TAVERNS 6626 BRIGHTON AVENUE BALTIMORE 15, MD. Good Luck and Success To The CLASS OF '49 omla imenfri 0 .fd jzriencl EATON 8' BURNE11' AN OUTSTANDING SCHOOL WITI-I AN OUTSTANDING RECORD OFFERING THE BEST IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. NEW CLASSES-JUNE 13 AND zo. INTENSIVE SI-IORTHAND, TYPEWRIT- ING, SECRETARIAL, ACCOUNTING COURSES. Veterans Accepted Under G.I. Bill S18 N. CHARLES STREET SAratogz 5511 THE ARUNDEL CORPORATl0N BALTIMORE 3, MARYLAND DREDGING - CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING and DISTRIBUTORS OF SAND - GRAVEL - STONE and COMMERCIAL SLAG ZENTZ PHARMACY Best Wishes To Class of june '49 Compliments of A FRIEND OF BARBARA BERMAN Compliments of ANITA MEYER JACOB SCHAUB Manufacturer of Home Made Polish Kielbaxa and Kiszka Best Meats Used In Our Products 45 LEXINGTON MKT. 254 CROSS STREET MKT. GENERAL WOODWORKING CO. Store Fixtures - Interiors Ofite and Bar Fixtures - Kitchen Units GLEN BURNIE P. O., MD. Glen Burnie 1192 Worman .yah Artistry In Flowers 3838 FOREST PARK AVENUE Near Garrison Blvd. Telephone: Llberty 7140 THE ARTISANS 5 E. HAMILTON STREET Gifts To Use and Treasure DANNY'S Formal Rental Service 3805 FOREST PARK AVENUE For Your Bowling Plvasurc'-Visit HILLTOP LANES ROGERS AND REISTERSTOWN ROAD Landscape Service and General Contracting MARSHALL F. HARDEN S308 DOGWOOD ROAD Woodlawn 672-M Good Luck To The CLASS OF '49 BELAIR MOTOR CO. Bertrum Koppel, Mgr. 101 S ORLEANS STREET MEMBER OF E ANNUAL PRODUCERS ASSOCIAT OF THE UNITED STATES 0 IHIIIIISEII-EIIIS-HUIIIIII CU W BALTIMORE NEW YORK COLLEGE ANNUALS VIEW BOOKS ' CATALOGS ADVERTISING LITERATURE PRINTERS OF THE NINETEEN FORTY NINE FORESTER 1112 111 11 i Hun". ','f,jT,'1 "1 V533 1' ' Q? ALY. L 'f , 11? 1 53135 EZ, W' if 51611 7 ., . Q I 'Q 1. 1 it -1. ,1't', 1 ' , .l: , lf' 1 ' .' In 1.-K' . - H' C . 1 'l ' 'Fa 1' 31-j -M wi- 1 11. .4 ,Q N 'Q 11,1 1, sur ,si - 1 ' - 14 i 11 mfft ' 11 "1-'11 11-1 Qfggifff . 1 'f s. c 11 X111-11 1' '1 J 1 1 e 1 1 1.1. 1 1 1 l . 1 11 1111 5 Y v H P 41 1 ' 111,1g'lMQ111 111 -Q -1171311111119 11 1 iii: 11 1' 11, 1, 1 1111! 1 1 1. 111 1 11 1 1 ,P ,1 1 1, 1 1 I. Y 11 11,1 I-fm 1 111111 1 Yu M1 --1--rg: 2 f11SL'aL 11111 Q .Q H 1 11'1k1W11W1 11 1 1 111911111111 111 .-1,, .11111?Q1 Lil 3 7111 1111114 , ."f': 1 'Kia 'I 1'11VWUH5f 1g A -.11 '11 11111 1 111151111111 as-1' ,. 1 11 11111 111 1111111 'Leif-: ,"" ii -,513 14, ,. 1117 " 111 11u111"11'11'Q "'.:'1111t 11111'3111'111' 1 i N '1 I V M xi L E W I 4 I I i I ! 1 I I 4 . I x n

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