Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD)

 - Class of 1944

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Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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'IA .Q W- N W ,-1. .vw- .A ,S '5'1f L h"""'f' w ' 1'7- ,,.-1 .rw ,ea-pv"q4f "1 2 ' . f xx xx XM , .T""w.,,k 4 . um, 1 ., It ,ik ' J ., . ,..l L 34,5 'A "5 "Qt 'v'.91, 1 wf' Q Q, A , ,, -' te. . ' . ' Us u -48 1 V fr 7. 1, 5 r v 5 E' N4 LIBIQIS I pledge alleglance to the flag of the Umted States of America and to the Republnc for whnch nt stands one Natuon nndmslble with liberty and gustnce for all 'i a n I . . . . . ,, , . THE IZCDQIESTER FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL BALTIMORE MARYLAND I D I V 2 u X . . QQ s. ,O I K A A A 7 i ' nv N' ' ' . I Wuth smcere offectuoh ond deep opprecuotnon we dedlcote our Forester to OTTO K SCHMIED fraerwd ond odvusor whose helpmg hohd wos olwoys reody to serve us ond whose sympothetuc urmderstondmg encourogemrnt ond counsel constantly mspured us QUI I I X? I"'l ET! PLEASE: O MRS MARYC MOORE We express our grotnrude to Mory C Moore who so obiy guided us un the orgomzotuon of our Closs ond odvused us ID our Junior Yeor 6 ' I I WENDELL E DUNN PIIIICIPGI ff fk ALFRED P SCOTT SOPHIE M BECKER Vlce Pnncupal Special Asslstant 7 I 45 nv N fr-' b I -I P' P vi? X It xy' .N f 1 fl 01 I as TO YCU THE MEMBERS CF OUR FACULTY who durmg our stay at Forest Pork have counselled and gulded us to a better and wuser course of IIVIIIS we owe a debt few wlll ever be able to repay We are eternally grateful to you for the thlngs you have taught us for the vvslons you unfolded before us and for every thought and memory whlch will In future days bnghten our llves Wendell E Dunn, AM Pnncupal Alfred P Scott, A M Vlce Pnnclpal Soplue M Becker, A B Specual Assnstant ART INDUSTRIAL ARTS Chairman Nellie S Norm, B S M A 25:1 riirwm K Yocum A B :hm VK Barnard B S Stanley Heylmun B S um" 'Y Thomas L Young coMM:ncu.L '-ANGUAGES Modern Language Head Otto K Schmled Head Edward H Goldstein BS MA AB LLB Helen G Brooks AB Ruth Corbett BS T' BCS Ancient Language Head .Iessle M Ebaugh m'i"Et""... B 5 Marlon L Martin AB AM J FredMoore AB AM Rossotta A Feldman BS MA Irene Roe AB Cothenne Kotencomp A B M A Ruth Ruhe A B Muchael Leupholz Nonnette Sllbert BS MATHEMATICS Madelme M Thompson Grover Wm Norris A B A M ary E Wells BS La ed Culley B S A M hm Hood. Angela M Broomng A B Florelilmk cl BS Margaret Cho A.B Luther Cooper Ng M Hudson Jones B RN LoScha Salnno, BS Shaffer B M A W Smith B S C Wright B M 4 5 HIFTORY ,Head Ifarry .Often S , 'Gro ll , n.Ii1f""2.2 La Mranro ham, B S 'M ar -A -M FI pon, E F1223 oly, IL Henry B Wallin BS MA Margaret Wlllla BS HOME ECONOMICS Head Dons V Church B S Blanche Rams B S lda A Whaley B S er A Dnce A B MA Fisher B S O Tome: B S Whntfseld B S MUSIC DIRECTOR Butler BS MA Lucy Y A1-r .lack .Ianot Grace Mgr! L Allll Mmm 6 w ode 5,JM.x NURSE imma Brown, R N muh-IAN Florence Mather B S M A STENOGRAPHERS Shnrley Freed Sensor Maldred Kessler Jumor I I I I , . I I I I ' . . ., ........,.......,..,..,..........,,., ,,.......,..,, , . . . . u up -..- -eee------- ,.--. -.....e ee.,e. . .....e..e. , . . ........, , , . ' . . . Q I ll---- Y--- ------A------ V ----- ....A. ....,,.,,, ..,..l,., . . . . . , 5 , , , , . . ., . . . . , . . . , . . . o ' vp . , . r ' -1 ' v . ., . . . 1 - -, I Q I . I ' . , ,. A.B, Va B.S. . , . ., . . . , . - ,-. . , . ., . , I I ' 'I ' ' I a a , . ,, u . I , , . ' so o , I , , .K 4 , .ls . ' . V X " ' 1 ' .I ' - . , . . J , . ., . . ' K . , . .I . , , H s if 1 - - 1 'Q ' , . . I g I 1 I' I 1 ' . . I ' ' w 1 . Y 4 . I . . , . ., . . , I ' I u - X K 1 v r - . I b I . . I ' I ' ' . t, . , . . ' r Willis, A.B., .M., LLB. . ' K u 1 I I L F 'I . .M W 1, o sv 1 v f A . 9 I ' Y ' " ' . . f 1, 4 ' ' , 2 A 1 ' BIXIQ ,p ' 'T rv , 'rj . 1 "W ' ff ff IIS. I 'Q 'V Q"v 5 J .k ,A ' . . - , , Q .fp v' . .-s 1 . - -f.. - ,, Q ., - ,A , we u , .J 0 p I Q ' A + A cm., V ' ' .:,. ",..' N . .3 Q . O A f 4 e H ,LI 'V Q: . ., 4 - ' me . s ff s v 1 5, ,, , . ' e v Sayid .M-, - , , ., A J - ,Q K.. , , , ow 4 'l. 1 1 0 1 v .1 1 5 L . ' " Q .7 .5 I - -. 4 , Am. 3, - , . ,. , 1 , , C, ' ' It ' ' I 5 -. . A' a tx, - ' r- 3 ' 'I ' . Q D 4 , f , . . ' ' , ' , we ' : , . I , , . . , , , f I . -I I a S - W ., 4 I. 4 I I , Y g ., h - ' 4 a - r 1 -r s f . . . . . . , ni, , , I -A , ' 5 , I . , xl' ' , wO V I , . ., . . , . , . . l t , . . 1 l . , . . I X ' ,, -I . "-'XF 'g if . Y' ff? P J . '41 ,QW I r rf mx: 4, , f Q 5 'Vi . fx '53 .V If ,fm gk ' 1231, 1 22' Ji Bl I g -Q s W I f 5 f 6 1 fffzviv f ,Q 1 Ss '.' n,,2'xS,, LQ? s f 5 Q, Y A E X P lg 3.- ,Q-v. ' ! if ,F . 1' J . ' fx ,,-af .sf ' SENICDRS j . Q , Q inv- -Au' ADLER AIKEN BENJAMIN M ADLER eh Genlus can never despise labor Acadcmnc Chess Club Treasurer Open Forum Club would make o good lawyer lnterclass athletlcs lst of Merlt as a whuz In Chemrstry lkes to lulltl mar airplanes non athletlc F expects to go to Johns Hopkins Accelerate Course DENA AIKEN Very quiet but you know she s there Cummcrcual lakes yutterbuq musrc Greatest clesnre as to bc on Army nurse MARGARET V ANDERSON Peggy Friendly as a white picket fence Academlc I . Gee, Latsn C ulns lnterclass athletlcs . , numerals . , where there's donclng, there's Peggy , , . . . . . wants to attend busuness cal ege. THORNTON ANDERSON, JR, Andy "Tall, blonde, and mechanical minded" Academlc . , . Leaders' Club . . , Drum and Bugle Corps . . . Asslstont Bs- s' Coachlng Dlrector Q , , lakes to putter with motors . , , Varsrty Track, Soccer, athletlc F . . . J,V. Soccer . . . e Morrnes for hum. l2 if ANDERSON ANDERSON, Jr E' 'ii- BALTZ BAITCH ,Qs- AsKlN BALACI-low CHARLOTTE ASKIN Chuckie A regular question box Commercial Code Typewritung Club collects records Photography Ring and Hospitality Committees Stamp Repre sentative would like to do office work DAVID Y BALACHOW Dave Lute is too short to work Academic Opportunity Club homeroom officer Basketball Frosh soph JV Varsity Varsity Lacrosse Base a numerals J V Varsity F wants to pursue engineering at college CERALDINE BALTZ Gerry Talks seldom but thanks o great deal Commercial . . , Chairman of Office Practice Corps on Press . . . likes to dance and skate. ALBERT BAITCH Al "His tongue is on involuntary muscle" Commercial . . . Open Forum Club . . I plays a mellow sax . . . interclass athletics, numerals . . . Swing Bond leader. . . will follow a musical career, l3 BAUM BEEHLER sAnmTcH HARLEY IRVI NG BARDITCH PY Brams broms and more brains Academuc Chess Radio Clubs homeroom offrcer llkes to tunker wuth radios Advusory Program Chairman Lust of Merit and Honor plans to pursue Chemrstry at college LUCILLE M BARLEY A lnttle frlend of all the world Commercial student offlcer Press enloys dancmg CERDI BAUM To be charmmg rs to be Gerd: Commercial Open Forum French Shorthand American Con sulor Music Apprecrotron Clubs ns fond of musnc and lutera ture homeroom offncer Lust of Honor and Dustmctron hopes to go to Hopkms BETTY D BEEHLER Bets Blonde and blue eyes a heavenly combmatlon Acodemrc FORESTER Wrate up Co edrtor student offucer locker duty would luke to be able to see across the street Department of Soles ond Publrcuty non athletrc F Latm Glee Clubs homeroom offncer rntercloss othletucs numerals coachmg certnfacote Lust of Honor gomg to college I4 BELAGA BERMAN EUN ICE BELACA .lust a cheerful little earful Academic FORESTER Feature Edltor collects records lakes Chemistry Unlverslty of Maryland BETTY BERMAN e Its no sooner sand than done Academnc Travelers Scrubblers Clubs Open Forum Club Vlce Presudent Press non-athletic F Junior Prom Committee wants to go to college SH ELDON P BERMAN Berm Busmess IS hrs pleasure and pleasure IS Ins busrness Academnc mtercloss athletics numerals J V oot a Varsuty Lacrosse othletlc F :nformahon desk college here l come JEAN ETTE BERNSTEI N Berme Gentle manner Vlfll a wllllng hand Academnc Tea Dance Committee List of Honor hobby us stamp callectmg 15 A ot' BERMAN BERNSTEIN CLARE E BEYER Reds When the Devnl and the Angels get together Academuc Leaders Club student offucer homeroom offncer Scrlbblers Club has that artlstnc touch for her lufe work SALVATORE J BIANCA Forever rn the groove General Techmcal Ethucal Club Varslty Baseball J V Varsuty Football homeroom offncer spends hrs spare time lustemng to wax works Track Basketball mterclass athlehcs coIlegel9J Armyll MARVIN BLUMBERC- Marv Sooner sand than done Academuc Opportumty Table Tenms Clubs homeroom officer musuc and comnc books Representative Varszty Football Tenms J V Track Basketball athletuc F gold medal Champnonshnp Tenms Team mnnor F Duke here l come HORACE BOSWELL Hrs polly nature IS reflected ln hrs face Academuc Forester Subscrnptnon Edntor Leaders portunnty Clubs Cafe Captain student offlcer Pnng Pong Club Treasurer sports sports sports Scrap Book Tea Dance Commnttees mterclass athlehcs numerals J V Track J V Varslty Football Lacrosse mayor an J V F Lust of Honor hes a Navy man BLUMBERG BOSWELL l 6 it yr- BEYER BIANCA lr rr ll ' ll . ,E . A I I A' ...Off Bb n - u K ' 'Y -L," l .V ... ,... A n o F rl ' ... , ' ...I X I , , , .., I ' ,K , I ,,.. . . . H . .. . , , ,Op- , , , , , .. ....., 1 ... d, ' .. ' . ROBERT BRESSLER Bo A pleasant personalsty reaps a good harvest In friends Comrnerclal Student Presldent and Vlce Presldent Leaders Club Sub Junuor and Jumor Presldent Drum and Bugle Corps steak and French frues homeroom offrcer Frosh Soph J V Varsrty Basketball Varslty oftball numerals J V F Cheerleader Captain would luke to become an executuve IH a buslness frrm ANNETTE CLAIRE BROTMAN Anne From Wlfhlh comes a beautiful valce Commercual Shorthand Glee Clubs Speclol Chorus homeroom oftucer dancmg her specralty non athletrc F unterclass athletucs nts sungmng for her FRIEDA E BROWN When silence IS golden Commercial just shy JANE V BROWN Jayne To know her IS to like her Academuc FORESTER homeroom offrcer locker duty cafe offlcer Stamp Representative gonng to spend her future as a Navy nurse 495 fe' I BROWN BROWN I7 l BRESSLER BROTMAN BURBRIDGE BURMAN FRANCES E BURBRIDCE Never takes anything too seriously Academic Latin Art Glee Clubs nursing is her interest homeroom officer Tennis Badminton to pursue her nursmg at Maryland General Hospital HELEN BURMAN Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace Economics Clubs homeroom officer craves as many friends as Elsa Maxwell unterclass athletics numerals minor F List of Honor to enter the nursmg profession JOY BUTTERWORTH Shy but filled with the sweetest goodness Academic homeroom officer interclass athletics collects souvenirs wants to be happy MARTI N L CAPUXN Marty Academic Glee Ping Pong Clubs plays tennis likes to sing wants be a successful businessman University of Maryland BUTTERWORTH CAPLAN I 8 ll e v I ll n - I ll Academic . . . Press . . . Dancing, Latin, Home l'A" e"7""i"'led fellow 'Ml 'Nay' Vasu .llf ' " ...J.J.J..'.-.' ' . D , . . . I . . . to I '. . . ' ' , ,K ' ' ff .gg v I CAREY CHICKERING JEAN CAREY RHODA CHIPMAN chewy Always possesses that femmme charm She has wut that flavors conversahon Commercnal Glee Shorthand Clubs ukes Academic Latm Glee Clubs lnterclass to eo' and Sleep Student 0ff'Ce" home athletics knut one purl one student 'Dom Ofllcef FORESTER Flower Com officer homeroom offncer lakes Chemustry m-Hee L'5f of Hom' Wants fo be C' PV' plays puano gomg to college Vale 5eC"el'0fY JEAN CHICKERING c,,,c,ue HELEN M CLARKE Porky Knowledge comes but wusdom Imgers Academnc Latun Glee Clubs coachnng Cheerful and ""b'l'9"' award lukes to read Lust of Honor Academnc student offucer Latm Glee wants to be a success mterclass athletacs ClubS LIS? of H0r10r OS we Q0 rOll r0ll numerals expects to go to Umversnty roller skahng gang nntercloss athletncs of Maryland Accelerate Course locker duty expects to go to busuness college CHIPMAN CLARKE l 9 A , ue! E A FQ av' f I W ,Q f- , , . ' ' ll 5 ' ll u - - u - , . . . , . . . ' . ' I . , ' . . . . . . ' - - - , . . . . . . . . . ' ll o I I' . . , H - - U - - - , . . . , . . - A . . . . . . 1 . . . , , CLARK COHEN MYRICK CANFIELD CLARK JOEL IRVIN COONIN Mike Hls wut IS keen and ready Hls frlendshnp true ond steady S075 "0l'l""9 and 597' " Well Academic Leaders Club Opportunuty General Technlcal Honor Roll h s Club Vlce President quute an artlst speechless Drum and Bugle Corps non athletuc F Lust of Honor Orchestra year officer student offncer Representative ns hobbues are portralts ond muslc Tree Plant mg Commuttee J V Varsity Track major F mterclass athletucs greatest desure to become a flught surgeon nn the Navy Arr Corps now attendmg Umversuty of Mary PHY'-l-ls RAYLEEN COOPER ond Accelerate Course Phy NAOMI P COHEN Short and Sweet Nomle Owns one of those toothpaste :mules mg Clubs FORESTER Club Edntor Commerclql year officer Cgrregpondmg scraps for her scrap book mterclass athletics Secretary homeroom offlcer likes the numefols mmol F Ye0" 0ff'C9f l0Ckef horses duty mtends to attend Hopkms Acodemnc Leaders Home Economucs Donc COON IN COOPER 20 K X M Jo ,,. .. l U . ' H u - - u ' ' ' .,.ei , ' ... I I ... . l . I ll ll - . , , , , - ll 'll ' ' , , I ' I , -,. xfl ' 4 .- f , ' I .pr is COUNCELL J CRESSIN MARBURY LAYTON couNcELL JR PATR'C'A E CU'-LEN Hunk 9 One of the Flve A gurl worth while IS a gurl who can smlle Glee Club Representative homeroom Club homeroom offucer to go a ,und offucer student offncer Campus Patrol the world cafe student officer Rmg swlmmmg and sanlnng are hls favorltes Commlttee glrmmernng green fes Rmg Tea Dance Tree Plantung Commuttees Frosh Soph Hockey numerals sensor play nnterclass athletics Frosh Soph Football Umversaty of Puttsburgh would be an Off we go unto the wade blue yonder alrlnne hostess HAROLD CRESSIN Cress Tus the mind that makes the body rlch GLORIA Academsc FORESTER Photography Club Glee Vice Presudent Red Cross Radlo Clubs Wmy laughs all day to have has dreams come true homeroom C I GI Cl b T offucer nnterclass athletncs J V T k ommercm ee U reasurer non 'OC thItcF t I thlr td t Cross Country would luke to become an aff e I In ere GSS O e 'CS S U en h h t d t Y o lcer nurses assistant future sten orgamc researc c emust nn en s o go o Ogmpher college 154' Y-N? 'X CULLEN CUNNINGHAM 2l ix 5 Q , 'Q Q , L . at ' . . I H L, I be 5 , 4 , r. ' ' P I ll - ll n - . . . - , Academic . . . FQRESTER . . . Boy's Chorus . . , Academic . . . Cheer Leader.. . . Glee, Mascwers ' . . . A . . . . . . , ' . . . ' I V I 'I I . . . V- ' . . Q : u . .I ll . . I .I ' Il 1 Q u o .1 In Q s , . . ll ' ' ' ll A - I . . . . . . V , H . A . . . , . . . , , , , ' ' ' . . . . , . . . ' A xx! l 1 A -4 X . ,X X x K Q h . J DAVIDSON DOLINE SYLVIA LEE DAVIDSON Tvwv Small but not unnoheed Commercual lakes to sung and dance Glee Club secret ambutuon to grow two Inches to get marrned after bemg a prnvate secretary for a year IRMA DOLI NE She IS neat sweet and pehte Academnc Press lukes to keep a scrap book locker duty Latm Club would like to become a laboratory techmcuan mterclass athletacs rs now attendnng Um verslty of Maryland Accelerate Course BETTY B FALLIN em Sugar and spnce and everythmg mee Academnc Leaders Club Treasurer Glee Club FORESTER survlves on butter creams Department of Sales and Publrcuty non athletic F mterclass athletxcs numerals mmor F student offucer Scrap Book Commnttee Umversnty of Maryland MARJORIE FARBER Margie Always happy always gay always talking so they say Academnc Lubrary Club collects matches Softball wants to be good In everythmg she does Tennus seeks further knowledge 22 FALLIN FARBER FELDMAN FISHMAN rsrr FELDMAN LEON FEIT Cue bell Good nature and good sense ore usually companions Academuc Lust of Honor collects postcards and records greatest desire us to travel would luke to own a large department store BETTY FELDMAN A good dlsposlhon In lufe means everytlung Commercial Shorthand Code Typewrntmg Glee Club homeroom officer Stamp Representative non athletlc F Lust of Merut Press FORESTER to be prnvate secretarv C-ERALDI NE H FELDMAN Gerry ulet but very mce Commercual Tea Dance Commnttee Stamp Representa tive craves to go to Flornda unterclass arhletu s to work nn an offzce ELEANOR FISHMAN Ele Happy go lucky Academnc Dancung Glee Clubs plays pnano Lust of Merut nnterclass athletucs to be an Interpreter X FRIEDLAND FRIEDMAN Y FOGLER FORD RUTH ELLEN FOCLER Bumpsle When Ruth rs around you can t help but be merry Cornmercnal Red Cross Open Forum Shorthand Clubs Press Representotrve lnterclass athletrcs Varsrty Fencung Hopkuns at nrght for Psychology MARJORI E J FORD Morgue Easy to look at delughtful to know Academnc Glee Club Specral Chorus homeroom officer Representatnve Student Bank Department wants to stay happy rnterclass athletics non athletlc F Cate Captaun to enter the busuness world SHIRLEY FRI EDLAND Redtop Her power Iles ln her fingers when they touch the keyboard Comrnerclal FOREST-ER Photajraphy Edntor Code Typuna Club nnterclass athletics to work for Uncle Sarn ALVIN FRIEDMAN Musrc IS hrs greatest virtue Academrc Orchestra ecrc ary and Conccrt Master non athletrc F collects ta'nps rntcrclass athletlcs V tra V Var: Fat Varslty F Peabody scholarsh ps rn vral n go to tne Unryersry o Maryland 24 r O I I K, I if ll ' I Il H - ,, , of Sales and Publicnty , , . loves to eat , . . student otfrcer . . . . . , J. J, J ,.,. ' ' , . . H . - - ,, AI .. - - - . .. ' . . . , S 1 I . . . J. . ck . , . J. ., sty oball . . . ' , . . ' r ' I . . to , ' t' f FRIEDMAN GARONZIK HELEN JEWEL FRIEDMAN Smcerlty must rule over all Comrnerclal FORESTER Masquers Shorthand Clubs sleek black hour homeroom offncer Press Representatnve student offrcer unterclass athletucs Representatlve enjoys Vrrglnlo house partnes RACHAEL CARONZIK Raye Speech IS great sllence greater Acodemuc Arrplone Spottlng Club lnterclass athletics wants to be somebody Cadet Corps Tennls to attend buslness college JANICE L GARROT Reds A swell gal and a swell pal Academnc yeor offrcer Latln Club homeroom offacer Press Representotnve lukes to play puano student cafe offlcer Lust of Honor as now attending Wllson College Accelerate Course MAXINE CELINAS Maxle Speech IS great sulence IS greater Academlc Representatuve lnterclass athletxcs numerals llkes to knut Lust of Honor tall and sllm Tennls IS at Unnverslty of Maryland Accelerate Course 25 'UH' GARROT GELINAS GIMPELMAN GLASS SELMA CIMPELMAN Glmpy Always helpmg to make the world a frlendller place Academnc Press Representatuve Glee Club collects souvenurs and puctures Advusory Commutteee Department of Sales and Publucuty unterclass athletucs wlll attend State Teachers College JUDITH AVIS CLASS Judy Wltty gay laughs all day Academlc Corporal In Cadet Corps posses un hanr Latnn Anrcraft Identufucatuon Clubs nterclass athletlcs wants to be happy wnll answer present at Unlversnty of Maryland FLORENCE COLDBERG CY Good thmgs come In small packages Cornmercual Glee Club desures to be taller a secretory FRONA H ELLEN COLDMAN Freddne She opens her mouth with foolishness and wnsdom Acadernuc Sergeant un Cadet Corps Press Open Forum Latnn Alrcraft ldentsflcatnon Scrxbblers Clubs co lects odd pneces of costume jewelry Lust of Ment unter class athletucs Press Representative gournalnsm as late work will hang up hat at Northwestern Umverslty its f cj 0.1 'E GOLDBERG GOLDMAN 26 VIRGINIA G GOODELL Gmny She hos on answer for everythlng Academic Glee Club homeroom offncer just as nlce as can be cafe offlcer nnterclass athletics numerals bactenology career VERA ANNETTE GOODMAN Goody Glrl who IS always collecting for something Cor-nmercuol Glee Flrst And Code Typewrutung Clubs collects pictures mterclass athletucs FORESTER to be a typnst FLORENCE GOODMAN Flossle Leodmg stylist In 2450 Commerclal Inkes to knlt and skate do offnce work JACK GULLER Mayor Deeds not words General Technucal homeroom offncer Press Representa tnve boxmg fan student offncer to be a rodlo announcer GOODMAN GULLEK 27 GOODELL GOODMAN Q1 N... HENDERSON Jr HESS JAMES R HENDERSON JR ISABELLEM HEYMAN Jlmmle I ve got a pocket full of dreams Academnc Leaders Opportunuty Clubs homeroom offlcer Representatuve Geogra phy Consular Club Lust of Honor as at Dnckenson College studyang law Accelerate Course MORTON H ESS Marty General Technncal Representative year offlcer Sergeant at Arms Stamp Rep resentatlve would luke to graduate to college Dlx: A devotee of sports Academnc Four Square Archery Red Cross Clubs Varnety Hockey wants to be some body J V basketball collects souvemrs Vorslty Swummnng non othletnc F numerals minor F major F nursung and matrnmony COLDIE HIRRY A golden volce and o pleasing personchty are Commercnol Shorthand Club homeroom offucer collects mnnlotures Glee Club Secretary non othletuc F Press take vocal lessons HEYMAN HIRRY 28 . , . . Go "A smile for everyone and a joke for everything" NYG" it 'AEST HOFFMAN HORAN ESTHER PEARL HOFFMAN DAVID JACOBS Esne Dove A frlend ln need IS a friend Indeed Never takes anything too serlously Acadermc student oftncer FORESTER Academuc Varsnty Track Football collects mmlatures cafe offlcer mterclass otl'1letlcS Glee Club Special mtercloss athletucs to be a dnetntlan Chorus veteran of World War destination Penn State gomg to follow In the footsteps of J C Thomas J ks WILLIAM ROBERT HORAN "' Elms She was ever wullmg to do her port Academnc Leaders Glee Clubs FOR Why should llfe be all work ESTER beautnful complexuon student Commercial homeroom offncer Inter Offvcer PFGSS REPYESCYWOTIVC Rmg Com class athletucs ronses chlckens numerals m-'Tee ro PUYSUG fl COUVSS 'fl b0CYefIOl0QY Of V joln Navy C0 999 JACOBS JENKINS 29 ,xx s .13 3 'L ' ' . ll... ' ' ' . . RUTH E. JENKINS ..,J..E.ff1-' .A 1 4 x 3 I l JOYCE KADRON NANCY M JOYCE MARY JANE KEENE Nun Mmg Shy quiet and reserved Able wlllmg and ready Commercual Shorthand Club saves Academsc Stamp Representatuve would trrnkets and verses to be a good secretary llke to be Q nurge mferclqgs qfhlencg numerals locker duty Glee Club Lrst of Honor ded a flne 'ob IH the Sensor p ay expects to ottend Holyoke College Accelerate Course AUDREY REGINA KADRON K" THOMAS KEESEY Pretty blonde hour covers those brains Cheney Commercral Shorthand Code Typmg Open Forum Leaders clubs FORESTER Sports A W"'4'f"'9 """S"" ' Edrtor Student Bank Ice skatmg Academrc Leaders Opportumty Clubs homeroom offrcer rnterclass athletrcs perfect attendance up to l2th grade student numerals manor F mayor F Lust of offrcer J V Varsnty Track homeroom Merrt Honor ond Dnstmctron non athletic F otflcer to travel all over the country undecnded future Accelerate Course KEENE KEESEY 30 - X 4 Q . . ll ' ll ll 0 u ll I r ll ' ' ' ll ' 'I' I I ll Q I ll , . . . , . . . r . n I . 4 - . ' Q - . . 1 I I . . - . . . . I . , . . . ' . . . - - - . . KEISER KELLER ALVIN KEISER FRANCES KESSLER Kasey Tall and lots of quality to go wrth the quantity Let me write poetry Academic student cafe offncer to make Commercial Masquers Shorthand Clubs good to be o doctor Tree Plantm Commnttee to write our 9 nahsm career JA E LEE KELLER N VINCENT GEORGE KICAS Slender ln form plump m splrlt vm: Camouflage Art Lchn Glee Clubs repre Academsc Ethncal Club Varsity Track sentahve the perfect model mterclass Football major F athletic repre athletucs Library Asde to be a com sentatlve fire patrol destination un mercual artust known KESSLER KICAS 3 I AI Lee - Academic . . . FORESTER . . . open Forum, "NW-l'0'0'H'M"" 9 KmscH:NaAuM K'-'TFN'C SHERI E LEE KIRSCH ENBAUM Sher Sweet enough to be rotuoned Academnc Art Club Raduo Workshop student cafe offlcer Flower Commattee Chairman to be fashnon llustrator Maryland lnstrtute JACOB A KLITENIC Llttle Joke A regular guy ond o real swell fellow Commercnal Leaders Opportunuty Clubs Year Presudent Vuce Presudent student offncer mterclass athletrcs numerals homeroom offucer Cabunet J V le er Cheer Leader to play Basketball for a famous college Track and Basketball rrbbons A A representatnve college here I come MARGARET CAROL KOCH Pessv A gurl that s clever and sweet wltllout any trace of concert Academuc Leaders Club Secretary FORESTER Wrute up Co edntor year offlcer Secretary Department of Sales and Publucuty non athletuc F Scrap Book Commuttee homeroom offucer Glee Club Lust of Honor to attend busmess college AMELIA KATHERINE KONOW Blondue Always domg be It work or fun Academuc FORESTER Edntor an Chief Leaders Glee Clubs Treasurer Specual Chorus Senator thrrves on mulkshakes n hamburgers student cafe officer unter class athletlcs Scrap Book Tea Dance Commuttees homeroom offucer non athletrc F Lust of Honor has a beautlful vouce and hopes to do somethnnn wlth rt 32 KOCH KONOW LAN DY LeCOMPTE KRAMER KRIEGER SON IA KRAMER She has a qulet clngmty and strength of character Commercnal Shorthand Typnng Clubs Tenms a mnnton nnfercloss athlehcs Lust of Honor Acceler ate Course RENEE KRIEGER A quiet Ilttle mald with a qulet llttle way Academic Four Square Club Cadet Corps Press wants to marry a mnllxonalre lnferclass athletucs numerals non athletnc F Lust of Honor wnll appear at Goucher College Accelerate Course HERMINE LANDY Herm La bomta senonta Academlc Latm Club Press student officer locker duty would luke to see the world Lust of Honor hopes to go to Umversnty of Wnsconsm ADELLE S LECOMPTE She s got somethmg that attracts Commercaal Representative mterclass athletucs numerals Tea Dance Commxttee Press would I e to be a WAVE 33 LEVIN LEVIN LEIZMAN LESSANS WILLIAM LEIZMAN Utch Its a seruous thmg to be funny Academnc year offlcer Sergeant at Arms student offncer Band Orchestra non athletlc F nnterclass athletucs Football numerals Varsnty Basketball Soccer Track Baseball athletnc F Class Colors and Banner Commlttee would lrke to be seen at Umversuty of Maryland C-ERALDI N E LESSANS Gerry Small In size but worldly wlse Academuc Lust of Honor dark and lltfle Latln Meteorology Clubs Vice President rifle shootlng Novlce Tennls Cup at college Commercial would luke o nntends to do somethnng nn the field of scnence LILLIAN LEVIN Boots I love to dance l love to play leader of gurls dancrng chorus be a housewufe PHYLLlS A LEVIN Phyl So charming and four to see Academic Aurcraft ldentufucatuon Club homeroom offacer lzkes to wrlte stones and plays Stamp Representatuve Class Colors and Banner Committee non othletlc F busnness college 3 Lzvmsoun I-WINE MORRIS LEE LEVINE I dream too much Academlc would luke to be a constructor also takes an Interest In the Navy REBECCA H LEVINSOHN Becky Just a cut up Commercual Masquers Club mterclass athletucs numerals mmor F loves to Ice skate J V Varsnty Volleyball homeroom offacer to be professional Ice skater RUTH Ll BOVlTZ Her talents are numerous Commercnal Lust of Honor Shorthand Club musxcally talented loves to entertann STANLEY MERVI N LOEWNER Stan A man of cheerful yesterdays and conhdent tomorraws Academnc class offncer Sensor Inaugural Assembly 35 LIBOVITZ LOEWNER I Al... ll . ,Isla ' u . - 11. ' ' Run 'I ' .nv V A.. I . I .ll l LONGLEY LOTT E LEROY LONGLEY JR BG Art for art s sake Academlc Opportumty Leaders Treasurer Glee Art Clubs Drum and Bugle Corps can really draw Senator non athletuc F nnterclass athletucs homeroom officer student offncer to apply hrs obnlntues nn art and desugn BETTIE YVETTE LOTI' Square Lend me some wrntmg secretary Commercial lnkes to swum skate and dance to be suc cessful an the busnness world JOEL MARGOLIS Marple Nothing ventured nothing gained Academlc Alrcnaft Recogmtnon Pnng Pong Clubs FORESTER saves stamps class officer unterclass athletncs student offncer to go to college uf the war us over BETTYE JEAN MARTIN Sweet ot nature sweet at face Home Economacs Mayor Latm Glee Clubs student offucer numerals mterclass athletlcs lukes to roller skate MARGOLIS MARTIN 36 DORIS JOAN MATHENY "An all around gal and a real swell pal" Academic . . . Glee Club . . . student officer . . . interclass athletics . . . numerals . . would like to join the WAVES DORIS MAZER Dottie "Quiet, but still water runs deep" Commercial . . . Shorthand Club . . . J. J. J .... art work . . . very artistic . . . expects to attend Hopkins. EDITH MAZER Always heard but seldom seen Commercial enjoys listening to Bob Hope Last of Merit would like to become a secretary MARIE MCCABE Always willing to lend a helping hand Home Economics Mayor Glee Club Radio Workshop likes to sing Representative homeroom officer Inaugural Assembly non athletic F would like to pain the WAVES MAZER McCABE 37 MATHENY MAZER ip McCARTNEY MESSNER JEAN STUART MCCARTNEY Moc Srmle ond the whole world smules with you PHYLLIS EDITH MILLER Pem Always a srmle for everyone Academvc homeroom offucer loves to Commercual Code Typewrutnng Archery swnm FORESTER Lust of Honor Musuc Apprecnatlon Shorthand Clubs unter get unto avnatnon lnterclass athletics class athletucs homeroom offlcer a muslc hopes to go to college lover Representatwe ambntnon to be come o prvvate secretary Student Coach Rmg Commnttee student offncer non athletuc F expects to attend Hopkms CHARLOTTE DAVIS MITCHELL IRENE Rose MESSNER M""' Role' Liked because she IS so natural Commercual Glee Club Specnal Chorus AIWCYS BMOYS the l0Sf word mterclass athletncs numerals enloys Comme.-CIO! Shorfhgnd Club Q0 rg sports nomeroom offncer Year Secretary College, . . student offucer . . . llkes secretanal work. MILLER MITCHELL 38 W'-'X MOSBY MULLINIX ADA WINSTON MOSBY SHIRLEY MUTCHNIK Cleo Slml To be versatule IS to be fortunate Judge not a woman by her mclues Commercial Art Club Press enloys Art Mayor Latun Art Clubs Lust of JEAN M MULLINIX FAY NEWBURGER Ch k A sweet attracrwe lund of grace m Home Economncs Mayor Leaders Club She sm9S "ke 0 b"'d Aeronautncs Course Representatuve Commercial Glee Club Specual Chorus FORESTER Lust of Honor would luke Advlsory Committee wants to be a pursue nursmg smger MUTCHNIK NEWBURGER 39 X Lugif- X - '.:tiqyp?f,' V . ' ll ' ' ll ll ' ll ' . . . . . . . . . . l . . . I , . . . ' art work. Honor . . . quite an artist . . . Accelerated Course. ll " ' ll - h I ll ' ' ' ll . . . ' ' to . . . ' ' . . . , V 'K ' f A 2 I V we 5 X gg., NORRIS PALMER JAMES PHILIP NORRIS BETTY PHILLIPS An ambuhous person always succeeds One of the Fave Commercnal Shorthand Club lnkes to ga Acadermc Opportumty Glee Chess Clubs T0 C0f1CeI'fS l'k9S fo meet famous DGOPIG Student Offmef likes to eqf Frosh nnterclass athletlcs Representatuve numerals Specual Chorus sue medncune as Ilfe work Corps homeroom offncer expects to attend HopkmS Drum and Bugle Wants fg pw- Baltnmore Accelerate Course LIDIA A RAIMONDI Topper Muslc In her heart and soul RHODA VIVIAN PALMER Acodemuc student offucer Glee Club Rudle Preszdent Specnal Chorus Masquers Representahve Rang Commuttee Chaurman Enjoys life nn her own qulet way collects records talented Commerce' FORES-I-ER Giee Club svnger wants to travel expects to attend lakes to bowl lnterclass athletucs Strayer Buslness College PHILLIPS RAIMONDI 40 Q X J. P. .. . . ,, So-ph, J. V., Varsity'F-ootball . . . mojor'F . , Listiof Honor . . . nowtattending University .ol "' ' ' ' " REAMER IN EZ L REAMER Charm and porse are hers to use at will Art Major Camouflage Art Clubs neat would luke to attend Unuversnty of Syracuse Accelerate Course AU DR EY A RECK Kltty Quiet brllllant and likeable Commercval Leaders Club Vlce Presldent Open Forum Glee Typing Clubs unter class athletucs non athletuc F Year Treasurer homeroom offlcer Lust of Honor wants to do secretarlal work 'Kg 'E' RECK MYRON HAROLD REISS Pee Wee Men of few words are the best men Academic Frosh Soph Football numerals the sax would luke to attend the Unuversuty of Maryland RAYMOND R ROCHKI ND Woymon I havent anythmg to soy Academuc REISS ROCHKIND Al 6. l X I - ll f ' ll ll ll as a pm . . . Tennls . . . qulte an artist . . . . . . interclass athletics . . . Orchestra . . . plays ,, . . . . ,, I . , . . I . . . - , - h . . . , , . . . ' . . . - ' , . . A H , , ,, nobr korea ROBERT STANLEY RODY Ready wlllmg and able Acodemuc Chess Club Presudent Open Forum Club Secretary Press Oppartunsty Leaders Club student offucer Boys Coachnng Dlrector rnterclass athletlcs Hopkrns BRUCE E ROPER Spruce Modesty becomes a man! Commercnal Drum and Bugle Corps Cheerleader Senior Vice President student offlcer rnterclass athletics non athletnc F numerals cheerleadmg letter lukes to dance Leaders Club homeroom officer wants to be a busuness man IRENE R ROSEN Ireeme A but of temper adds a zest to llfe Commercual Shorthand Club lnterclass athletucs Basketball would like to be pnvote secretary mtends to go to college ELIZABETH ROSENFELD Betsy Takes to water luke a flsh Academnc Occupatlonal Therapy Club Secretary ca e officer loves to swam Coach hopes to go to Goucher then to Wllluam and Mary 42 ROSEN ROSENFELD 5' 7 ' A sflfnf? ' Bob ll U I ll I - - - , It . . . I , non-athletic F . . . likes collecting stamps . . . hopes to go ll ll J.'i.J .... ' U '. ' . .ll ,, . . n I ' , ,, I ' , .. . f SAMSON SCHERR ROSENFELD RQSENTHAL LEE ROSENFELD Stepped out of Esquire Academic Stamp Representative Special Chorus Drum and Bugle Corps Color Guard likes to swim horseback riding a favorite Glee First And Clubs pects to go in the Army MALCOLM ROSENTHAL Rosy You ve got to be o football llero officer Press Representative FORESTER Sports Editor Frosh Soph J V Varsity Football Basketball Baseball numerals athletic F us undecided what to do MI RIAM SAMSON A sweet quiet mm Commercial Shorthand Club mterclass athletics List of Honor Accelerate Course ANNE'l'l'E ELAINE SCHERR Anmo A gurl who hates to deport with her llalr Commercial Glee Red Cross Typing Clubs cnterclass athletics likes to collect books and records mtends to go to Strayer s Business College 43 Leo ll 0 ll , . .. . l' I . . . ' ' ' . . . , . . . ex- ll I ll Academic . . . Leaders', Ethical, Opportunity Clubs .' year . . . ' , . .-, I . ,h , . . . ll ' ' ll I ll ' ' ' ll l . . . , , l . . . A FU' uv F' SHAPIRO SHAW SHANTY SCHMIDT LOUIS SCHMIDT Clothes make the man but he s already made Academic Ethical Club Treasurer homeroom officer student officer J V Varsity Football mayor F J V Varsity Track AGATINE SHANTY Aggie Just o whiz in everything Commercsal FORESTER nnterclass athletics List of Mernt xkes o swim skate and collect pretty things MARTHA SHAPIRO Marty Our sophisticated lady Academic Airplane Spotters Club Secretary saves letters . . . lnterclass athletics . . . Badminton . . . intends to go to Eaton and Burnett. JACQUELYN ELAI NE SHAW Jackie There s o devilish look in her eyes Academic . , . 44 MM SHOFER SILBERMAN MYRA J SHOFER Shof Good things come m Iuttle packages Academlc Red Cross Latun Clubs Press Representa tive student offucer nnterclass athletics numerals Flower Commnttee coachmg certnfucate loves horse back rldnng and dancing Lust of Dustmctnon would luke to be a gournalust Cornell JAMES SILBERMAN Sndney Greenstreet One who asks questlons wlll come out on o Academlc student offncer lnkes to bowl IRVING SIMON Smokey Ads! Ads! and more Ads! Academuc FORESTER Busuness Manager Leaders Chess Opportumty Clubs student officer to see thus war end Representatnve Tea Dance Commuttee homeroom offucer Lust of Merut :nterclass athletucs Chanrman of lnaugural Assembly Chief Justice of Student Court Cabnnet to be an Aeronautucal Enguneer ADELAINE M SINSKEY Her bug eyes overlook nothlng Commercnal Shorthand Club student offncer 45 l SIMON SINSKEY SINSKY SNYDER ADELE PEARL Sl NSKY A cllampron of cheerfulnus Academuc Glee Club cafe offrcer mterclass athletics Volleyball athletnc F numerals coaching cer tnfncate lnkes collectmg forengn dolls and letters from servuce men hopes to go to Goucher EDNA E SNYDER Just clreammg of a soldier Commercnal Glee Red Cross Typmg Clubs mterclass othletucs lukes to collect most everythmg would lake to work for the government MELVI N SODY Weedeet What can I If book worms get mdlguhon Commercnal Stamp Representahve mtercloss athletlcs J V Football sports are has greatest mterest expects to travel after thus war ELAINE SORRELL Lrttle One Her blue eyes are defmately an asset Commercial Representatlve lnkes sports desires full a secretarual posmon SORRELL SODY 46 MARILYN STEIN Abnlnty slnnes by its own Inght Academuc Home Nursing Home Economics Clubs Leaders Club Inntuatuon Charrman FORESTER Advertnsmg Manager Hospstalvty Scrap Book Commnttees Class Banner and Colors Commnttee Chanrman rnterclass athletncs numerals mmor F coaching certufucate nurses assnstant Lust of Honor and Dnstnnctuon student officer wants to be a French teacher Penn State HERBERT SWEREN Herb Though vanqulshed I could argue shll Commercial homeroom offncer student officer Leaders Club Representative mterclass athletics J V Basketball numerals a great sports fan wants to be a flymg Cadet for Uncle Sam C WILBUR TAYLOR Our favorlte announcer Academrc Raduo Workshop Glee Club Advlsory Committee plays psano would luke to b 0 radro an nauncer LORRAINE MAXINE THIER Cookue Slmple four and square Commercnal Glee Shorthand Clubs Stamp Representatuve non athletnc F would luke to study secretarual work at Strayer s Busmess College THIER TAYLOR 47 X STEIN SWEREN if TRACY TURK BEI I Y JANE TRACY PHILIP HAROLD VOLK Trace u A combmohon of charm and intelligence One of the Fave Academnc student offncer Cafe Captam Acqder-mc Glee Leaders Opportunity homeroom offlcer Llsf of Honor Ethlcal Clubs student off.-:er Specual loves to spend money Accelerate Course Chorus Lacrosse Varsnty Ice Hockey Senator Vorsuty F0otboIl non medals for Track Orchestra homeroom ofhcer talent IS musec would luke to lonn Army Arr Corps HELEN VOLKIN JEAN TURK Sh any Red halr but no temper slende' 'ende' and MII Commercnal Glee Shorthand Clubs Academnc Advnsory Chanrman Glee Club homeroom offucer desnres to become a good desires to be a slnger saves recordungs secretary ns talented -on the would luke to go to Hopknns vlolun and nn voace VOLK VOLKIN 48 Af M A VIAI I K ' VI Pwr athletic F . . .'J.'J'. J .... Pep Asserhblaek . . I Lee x ' Q Y, ZITA WALDERMAN A jolly disposition helps o lot Commercial Glee Shorthand Clubs co lects pictures Tennis woud like to be a stenographer Accelerate Course BEVERLY DEBRA WEINSTEIN BY Good cheer is the first step toward good life Commercial Shorthand Club homeroom officer B S A Bookkeeper collects foreign coins and post cards . . . desires to be- come a perfect secretory . . . is going to attend Baltimore Business College, X 'Q' LDERMAN WEINSTEIN ALMA ANNA WEISSMAN A touch of laughter now and than Commercial Shorthand Club collects records MINEQVA WlLK Mlm A real chatterbox Commercial . . . interclass athletics . . . ikes dancing and bowling. WEISSMAN WILK 49 WILSON WOLFE ROBERT FRANK WILSON ALICE WORLEY Wick Shorty Snlence as better than empty character I can t be bothered l didn t know anyway Acadernnc Orchestra Band Vuce Press Cornrnercual Glee Club non athletuc F dent Drum Corps non athletec F Inkes musuc wants to graduate and get unterclass athIetucS plays a nnce tune on the a ob trumpet FRANCES WOLFE DOROTHY M ZOLL Fran Dor She llkes the world and the world lakes her A gurl who enjoys lute Commercial Typung Club greatest desure Commerclal homeroom otfucer nnterclass to make a success of her lute desnres to work Gfhl6TICS HUIYISYOIS l0veS t0 dance and for government swam just wants to graduate WORLEY ZOLL 50 u J , 'gqglfmt ,,,5,:, n - - u u 1 . , H r . . . . . . , - - . . , . , , - ' u - - H n - - - u .Jin JACOB KLITENIC Pres dent B R UC E ROP E R Vnce Presndent PHYLLIS COOPER Recordmg Secretary CHARLOTTE MITCHELL Correspondmg Secretary AU DREY REC K Treasurer WILLIAM LEIZMAN Sergeant at Arms MORTON HESS Sergeant at Arms JACOB KLITENIC Pres dent The leadershlp of our class was entrusted to modest hard was elected to the presidency ln hls Sensor year and the confidence of has classmates In his executive abnllty was not mlsplaced for under his guld ance our Sensor projects were all brought to a successful conclusion CLASS OFFICERS H EY GO FORTH SOL CAPLAN MILTON KRIETZER OLIVER CHARLES CO ROBERT HASELBECK ROBERT HICDON JAMES H INCLIS BURNHAM CERSLEY CLARK LANCRELL 52 NN .- Q A " v A Q V t . A DONALD HAMPE GRANT FLUKER FRED LIPNICK JAMES MCCLOSKY V GEORGE MEDCALF GORDON MILLER -Q WILLIAM PRINCE DONALD ROWE in ELI RUBIN ALDRIDGE D SIMPSON CARSON WILEY BERNARD SMITH Q ROBERT MOORE JACK ROYAL 53 T O S E R E . E.-sv 0 Q ' X I I 5 4 I f ' 7 rg G t .,, as 4, I 'v , V bl, XX I I SX X FORESTER Eclltorlal Staff AMELIA KONOW Edutor nn Cluef 54 Ed to n Ch ef AMELIA KONOW Manogmg Ed to JEAN MCCARTNEY Spo ts Comm Hee AUDREY KADRON MALCOLM ROSENTHAL Co ed tors VERA GOODMAN RUTH FOGLER Write up Committee PEGGY KOCH BETTY BEEHLER Co edltors RUTH JENKINS JEAN MULLINIX MARBURY GOUNCELL ADELE LGGOMPTE HELEN FRIEDMAN ii r I I ir-i-i ' ir r i -i STAFF Bus ess Manager IRVINC SIMON Ad ert s ng Comm Hee MARILYN STEIN Manager HELEN BURMAN ESTHER HOFFMAN RHODA CHIPMAN ACATINE SHANTY BETTY FALLIN JOEL MARCOLIS JEAN MCCARTNEY Club Comm ttee PHYLLIS COOPER Ed tor LEE ROSENFELD CHARLOTTE MITCHELL RHODA PALMER IRENE MESSNER Feat e Co Hee EUNICE BELACA 1 Jw iii' IRVINC SIMON MARILYN STEIN Tra scr phon Comm Hee A" Comm me PHYLLIS MILLER CLARE BEYER Ed fo,- Ed 'O' BETTY FELDMAN Edu' JANE LEE KELLER ANNETTE BROTMAN FRANCIS BURBRIDCJE DORIS MAZER WILLIAM LEIZMAN HQENE RQSEN TEA DANCE COMMITTEE C-ERALDINE FELDMAN Cha rman HORACE BOSWELL IRVINC- SIMON SHIRLEY CARTER ADELE LeCOMPT'E TREE PLANTING COMMITTEE MYRICK CLARKE Chalrmnn MARBURY COUNCELL CLASS SONG GEORGE MEDCALF SCRAP BOOK COMMHTEE simon mAuGuaAl. commune: PEGGY KOCH 'RIQ,fff,,,,f,'MON HORACE sosweu. MARIE McCABE C' c"""""" LEE ROSENFELD BEI IY BEEHLER BETTY F MARILYN AMELIA RING LYDIA RUTH PAT COLOR MARIL ROBERT PHYLLIS CLASS I DONALD ROWE Cho mon CARSON WILEY AMELIA KONOW NAOMI COHEN STEIN ASKIN FELD LYN STEIN JEAN MCCARTNEY JANE BROWN ELIZABETH ROSENFELD SHERIE KIRSCHENBAUM Wffwwlwzf MW 7932 Qs' 2- WWW zfw 2 MQW UM Q3 WGLTHCW W ki W .1 X, Xgflgk JNL ' ,f QQ 45 J 'gwfigf WE' Cfjwfiww A WMJWW uf 6 MSJQM Mwfgnffwfflfvw ff JV W,5gmd7 QW W q . Wmvlff' H1455 QM Y Q ,H bmw Maw , 6 fx fm K M 5 EKXXHKQQ, Qwwgg- MWWMQW UWM 1-QwW Qfffff' QM f ,ff Dy 520 MQgZ ffrQ C 6!wW Ha W 654 0432-SQ ,.f LSE? A L25 9,eP ff " f ,f f A 4724 4 , ' 1 0 7:27671 W.'7 V f,L Lim , . Jw WW W 5 MW WM XM ff' W Mfg WW! 'W 'L flu Cf' 'fab TIVIT M A In Q ' . STUDENT PRESIDENT COURT 60 gals --nv? gud CABINET REPRESENTATIVES STUDENT VICE PRESIDENT SENATE 61 GIRLS LEADERS CLUB BOYS' LEADERS' CLUB ETHICAL CLUB OPPORTUNITY CLUB when is, roun SQUARE LIBRARY CLUB ART CLUB COACHING STAFF ORCHESTRA GLEE CLUB CHEMISTRY CLUB SHORTHAND CLUB OPEN FORUM CLUB MILITARY CLERICAL CLUB I SEA SERVICE CLUB PRESS 1338 DRUM and BUGLE CORPS DEPARTMENT OF SALES and PUBLICITY BANK DEPARTMENT OF STAMPS and BONDS I-II. ICE HOCKEY A scrappy Green and Grey Hockey Team capably gulded by Coach Walter Scheld fought sts way unto a tre wrth Poly for second place durnng the 1942 l'-743 season FOOTBALL The l943 Football season records two wlns two tres and fave losses The team was coached by Bull Thomas form er Western Marylawd star now on the staff at Carrlson Junior Hugh School SOCCER A new coach Jack Rosser former Forest Park Soccer cap tam, guided the Green and Cray through a successful Soc cer season IH the fall of l943, wunnlng three games and los ang three In league compet: tlon, and ranking as the high est scorung team In the con ference BASKETBALL The Basketball Team of For est Park loomed as a strong contender for the loop cham puonshup early In the season but was sidetracked by Febru ary losses rt complied how ever nn the l942 l94o sea son the best record of a For ester court team an recent years wlnnlng ten out of nune teen games L gn BOYS TENNIS The Forest Park Tennis Team tutored by August Jansen now Lieutenant lj g 7 Jansew U S N R cmd Latlmer Dnce was the only boys athletuc squad to brsng home a championship an the school year of 1943 The Tenms Team was awarded the Maryland Scholastlc As soclatlon Tennis Charnplon ship LACROSSE Greatly hlndered by the loss of star players through mud term nnellglbuluty and the dnt flculty of obtalnlnq a coach the Forest Park Lacrosse Team dad not fare well agannst the other city teams TRACK Ably coached by Athletlc Du rector Rex Sums the Track Team upheld our school stand ards wuth a hnghly successful I943 season February 44 sensors Vance Kucas the states leadmg wenght man Thornton Anderson and My rick Clark capable hurdlers and Tom Keesey hugh gumper led the team to many vxctorues Including a third place In the Cnty Champaonshlps BASEBALL The Baseball Team coached by Sud Cohen dad not have a successful season on the dna mond After wlnnlng the flrst three tnlts handnly the Green and C-ray hut a prolonged slump losnng seven of nts last eight games I I Af , , I I , . . ' 1 1 1 I I I l I 1 I I 73 GIRLS HOCKEY lhe untnrmg efforts and capable abled these glrls to complete a very successful season guidance of Coach Lucy Hyde en- VOLLEYBALL The Volleyball Team ended :ts sea son by wnnnung the Baltimore Cnty Champlonshnp Snnce th s IS the fifth time Forest Park has won the Championship Cup becomes the permanent possession ot the school I Sl-IINING HCDUIQS " "T U 'Vf"'f9 ,. 2 - ty ' 14" f- l! 1 mf ,fm be ,ai "X ki "EH 'ff Q r f' fx r Swv' F 4 Q film v if W f + f J 13.75 Q 33 I I ,mr , H ? lt wi' 17' gL.g.+fQn ?-Q.. "ilk 'lf as-iirof Qi .N B if A. ., I .L . Q "R ' 'O L All I 1 A ik 'Biff I wad 1-.J 1' A rf 5 Q 'x X , 9 ,N ? kr, 1 . I x s Q g v 2,1-.L-:hi 7" r .. IF., W IJ f . ll X. A --n-Q.. ,AA ,,., m, , . iii! U U - , Vxiwb P v"fTI2f9'rgw-' , x f"'N flu. W M.. " I wsaxxss' 'Klip .. . x I mf , 1 . ,'gQqg,,g ' ""Ifif'vE!Yff 'br . .,--,f A-ww .., 1 -au. Q' .,, lg: . "' u w. Q Ybt, 5 'yy U .'-'31 W - Q f 1 - 153 X 9' N ' ' 3-L Q ' l' .5 1 mf E I ' 3 L . g I I A E?f3'f?f,.' ' 1 'iii' ,sg H5 1 'a1' 4,4 4f'xt I , ' f.f vi?'4- '55 J JENKINS SONS CO DISTINCTIVE SCHOOL AND COLLEGE JEWELRY -of Forest Park Hugh School Rmgs and Plns 20 W Redwood Street CAIvert 3394 Manufacturers THE ARUNDEL CORPORATION BALTIMORE MARYLAND Dredglng Construction Engineering Dlsmbufors of SAND GRAVEL STONE COMMERCIAL SLAG Co pl me 'rs of ASHBURTON PHARMACY Che st D oldE Teets Phormoc st C pl e ts f JAMES S ARMINGER 8. CO C pl e ts f SAM APPEL NEW YORK SHEILA BELAGA C pl etsf 8fMs Lo sBoshay8fFomIy BUY WAR BONDS pl e ts BEL PARK RESTAURANT 5143 Pa k He ghts Ave Co pl e ts CUMBERLAND COAL CO 217 E Redwood St CAlvert 5300 Compllmenfs of The EAST COAST FRUIT CO TO A GOOD FRIEND In the FEBRUARY 44 CLASS I O O m i n mi - on . - I om im n o om im n o Compliments of om im n o Mr. r . ui r i Com im n of , I r I . m im n of Best Wishes To The Class FEBRUARY 44 Planters Manufacturing Co CAMPUS STYLES A LA FOREST PARK' Checks double checks tweeds plards galore' The latest ln date dresses Everythmg you could want Sport Coats Sport Suits Dresses Sklrts and Sweaters Handbags Cloves Moccasms Blouses Rndmg Apparel De Luxe Saddlery Co Importers 336 North Charles Street Mr 81 Mrs Wm Hoffman Liberty 8286 Womens 86 Childrens Apparel MODERN SPECIALTY SHOP 3823 Lxberty Helghts Ave Baltlmore Compllments of MR M HESS BEST WISHES TO SISTER BETTY FELDMAN from SHIRLEY 81 RONNIE Complnments of BUTWENIG PRODUCE CORP Complxments of L FISHMAN 81 SON Wholesale Sewmg Threads 410 W Baltxmore St GUDIS BROS 1482 115 East Street Props Irv ng Guds Nathan Khoze L 8753 Complxments f NATES 81 LEONS lnc 850 W North Aveme Qualxty Servxce Dependablhty GRAND FURNITURE C0 38 S Howard St LE 9299 Complxments of THE BENNETT FOODS CO Manufacturers of Quality Food Products Garr son Boulevard 86 Western Md Railway Phone LI 2330 Baltimore Md. "' 1 I ' II ll ' of in . . . 1 . ' . LE. S H I R D A N ' S Cash Paid for all Kinds of Junk : i i , ' e. ' ' . ' , Md. ' i 0 Q 1 . i . ' COMPLIMENTS OFA FRIEND Glve a Gnft Wxth A Forest Park Hugh Seal THE JOHN TROCKENBROT CO Designers of School College Club Lodge Rmgs and Pms For all Local Schools and Colleges Founded 1782 WASHINGTON COLLEGE Chestertown Md Marylands Oldest Chartered College CoEducat1onal Hlstorxc Lxmxted Enrollment Grade A Accredxtment Excellent Faculty Banquet Favors Trophies 310 North Paca Sz VI: 1052 Moderate Expense Attractive Selection on Dnsplay Wrxte for Information Congratulations and Best Wxshes To The February Class of 44 Compliments of LOUIS AND JACK LEVIN 313 W Franklm St Opp Md Theater MAX KLITENIC Tuxedo Full Dress Cutaways 4355 Park Heights Avenue FOR HIRE Slxp Covers Draperles Gxfts LE 1219 Baltxmore Md THE GREATEST SHOWS IN RADIO ARE ON W B A L 'I090 On Your Dual Compluments or Rlverslde Manufacturing Co Baskets Crates Boxes Frunt and Vegetable Packages - "' , . -. -... l , 9 4 I , . . , . n 0 0 0 0 0 I a , - MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM SERVED EXCLUSIVELY IN THE FOREST PARK HIGH CAFETERIA The University of Baltimore Extends Congrotulotlons to the CLASS OF 1944 If our Junior College College of Business Administration or School of Law can be of assistance to any member of your class please feel free to call upon us Compliments of FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Officers G7-1'-14"-'J R WII g Ay Lgl K And Activities 3 d A x 1 Alb 1 t H Compliments of Langenfelder, Burton 81 Class Compliments of John G Lenhoff Advanced Styles Reasonable Prices MARY LEE DRESSES SPORTSWFAR 4740 Liberty H81ght5 Ave Compliments of Mace Produce Company Compliments of KIRSON DRUG CO Gay St corner Central Ave WOlfe 8864 FOrest 9859 Myra's Beauty Shoppe 5453 Pork Heights Ave Compliments of Henry Melsz and Sons Compliments of C N Merritt and Bros I I I resident , ,,,, ., .. ,,,,,,,,,,, L, .,..,,,,,s, Dr. iley i iamson , ice-President ,,,,,, ,,,, , , Marion Davis reaiurer ,, ,, , , , ,, , ,, , , Doris Struven ecordin Secretary ,,,,, , . lla ne ei h orrespondin Secretary ,,,,, W , ,, , , Charlotte Rau Adviser ,,,,.,....,,., L.. ,,,, ,, ,,,,,, Miss Genevieve Butler ' V ss' A viser ,....,.,.s.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,., ,,,,,,,,,.,.,, D oris Sn-uven , . . . I ' I , Alumni Dances for Graduatin Classes - Stu ent id Fund Social Mee ings 1 Organ Fund Board Mee ings , Alumni Chorus le ic Compensation Fund Alumni vs. Varsity Baske ball 86 Ice ockey I . Q O I O . Compllments of Western Maryland College Westminster Maryland For Dad And Son SMOOTHIE TIES Are Best Buys at Your Favorite Men s Store Compliments of OFFICE FURNITURE INC 305 Fourth St. S W Wash ngton D Camera Department NEW YORK LOAN OFFICE 118 N L betty Street Compliments of J H ROGERS 8- CO Compliments of AI Okum and Fanny Mae Neuberger Compliments of ROSENS HOME EQUIPMENT A FRIEND Qual ty T lots SIMON BERGER 1 8 W B lt mor St CAIvert 2159 RHODE BROTHERS rson Edgew d and Duvall Avenues SMITH S GULF STATION 54l8 Park Heights Ave Rohlman s Sunoco Service Station Cars Calld F Del YkRdadWodb 'I'U97S8 SAratog 4229 859 N H t State Window Cleaning Co SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO l40O E North Avenue GEORGE M SUWALL Fl r S op Compliments of SOUTHERN DISTRIBUTING CO Compliments SHOFER FURNITURE COMPANY Best Washes to the Class of 44 STEWART 8. COMPANY Compliments of IRVING STEIN Compliments of SCHERLIS AND KATZ Compliments of Compliments of Mr 8rMrs G Wllham Schafer Jr ZENTZ PHARMACY 5460 Park Heights Ave Compliments of RAG COUNTRY CLUB S S KRESGE A FRIEND Baltimore Maryland ll ll I n 1 . . i , . C. , 5 . . . ' i ai , 51 . a i e . I . Gar 1 , oo I , . , . . owe h Washing and Lubrication 829 N0l'fI'l Charles SING! e or and ivered , or . n o ourne Ave. . a . oward S reet . of I O O . , - 1 0 o . . I a D O I NOW IS the tune- STRAYER COLLEGE the School to begun preparahon for war and post war posnhons Secretanal Stenogra.ph1c Typewrxtlng Accountmg Busmess Machmes Day and Evenlng Sessuons the Year Round Outstandmg Faculty Modern Equlpment Intelhgent Placement Catalog for the askmg STRAYEFI COLLEGE THE CHOICE OF THOUSANDS 18 N Charles Street Phone LExmgton S626 CLUB CHARLES Brungmg Broadway And Hollywood To Baltimore For Reservations Call VErnon 8020 James Wm Chenoweth DIRECTOR 90SPlSt. Blum vIs1T THE W B 81 A RESTAURANT 1oo s H d sf o B 1 S D 4707G y ORA h FO 9457 HAYWOOD HEIGHTS FLORIST gn W dd g Pl t ls-Sh bbry 3606 Kelox Rd near Lxberty Heights For S! 4548 Graduate In Style In Clothes From THE lllell HUB of Charles Street lllllZl,ER l3FUllll5liS C For Smart Jumor Fashions GAXTON C0 214 N Charles Street CALL Liberty 6970 DELIVER POLOVOY T l rs--C ld St l 4401 '1' A C ld Sp 3 Compliments of SMITH PRODUCE CO Compllments of MR 81 MRS MAURICE STEIN WILLYS PACKAGE CO INC For Current Classroom Fashuons HOCHSCHILD KOHN 81 CO SHURE S DRUG STORE Complete Drug Servxce Compllments f UNIVERSAL MACHINE CO 1200 S Eutaw St Baltimore 30 Md. THE MART INC Women s Mnssea and Gu-ln Apparel 311 313 W Lexmgton St DOLFIELD MARKET 3519 Doliield Boulevard . . , ll-I European Conservatory of Music ' 'M I I I 5, ll lllll ' ' X ll, ' an ' Ik S t. au 1 ' ore, Md. . . own: . 690 e air Road Glen Burnie, Md. Annapolis, Md. Compliments of ho : w nn a ve. P one: . ' .I . Funeral Desi s- e in Decorations Potted ans-Perennia ru e . Phone e , . 1 ff ,P ' o o- . ' . . , I 9 ' 1 ' I I , u Clemerl-Dyers- ni o o orage Odeo and Pam owmdn ve. Car. o rin Lane Youll Fund lt Easy To Sprung lnto Fashuon ln The New ANN LEWIS Lexlngton at Park BARD AVON SCHOOL Complete Secretarial Tralnmg Pre College and Pre Nursung Courses Special Courses Day and Evemng Classes 905 North Charles St VErnon I l55 FRIEDMAN DRUG COMPANY Monument and Gay Streets Help save man hours materials and shlppmg space by returnmg your bottles promptly THOMAS VINCENT CO 1807 North Longwood Street LAfayette 1947 8 9 Ask For :'Reg U S Pat Off RU FF I E The Tue that can take xt' At Your Fa orzte Mens Shop Department Store SAMUEL KIRBY 81 SONS Statxonery Engravers Busmess Letterheads-Cards-Wedding SL Commencement In xtatlons LExmg'ton 5458 506 Park Avenue Compliments of MR GMRS GERSHI MOSS WURZBERGER S The Up Town Specialty Shop Complnments of M P B CO ESTELLE FANCHON 1007 N Charles St. Yo ng Sophlstxcates Shop Here Op n Monday Nxte Trl Nme BRAGER EISENBERG Baltm res Dominant Thr ft Store Euta Saratoga 86 Clay Sts Calvert 2222 H M BIDEN COMPANY Statnoners Prmters Oiiice Equipment Calvert 5858 19 N Liberty St HILLMAN COOKIE COMPANY Oatmeal Cookies Congratulatlons to JAKE KLITENIC 8. BRUCE ROPER CARLIN S ROLLER RINK Open ve y afte noon 2 to 5 P M Every evemng 8 to 11 P M Beginners S ctlon For Delicious Home cooked Meals try The Madlson Apt Hotel Dining Room 817 St Paul Street VErnon 8360 KELLY S PHARMACY 383l Carrnson Blvd Congratulatxons to HERBIE F om Your Brohters BALTIMORE CONTRACTORS BUILDERS ENGINEERS BRoad ay 2800 FLOWERS GIFTS PLANTS JERRY GEARY PIMLICO GREENHOUSES S353 Park H xghts Ave Llberty 3838 , . . . . - - o Y . . . . 'I - I ,ll I 0 I l v ' ' or V' l I QP I ' ii ' ' ' 5100 Park Heights Ave. FOrest 5100 I I 0 I u I I B . . . i 0 ' ' i ' - ' w, . I 1 1 C I' l' . - ' ' ' . , e . , , . ' r W e' . LEARN Compliments of STENOTYPY Nat Sumo HABERDASHER I823 N Charles St Compluments of THE BLUE MIRROR KING PIN BOWLING ALLEYS 36 Perfect Alleys 26l4 2620 Pennsylvania Ave Greetings THEODORE R McKELDIN Mayor Compliments of ATLANTIC FISH COMPANY 'I BEA STENOTYPE SECRETARY zr oh N dd ENGLISH PRINT LETTER STENOTYPY the MACHINE SHORTHAND y 150 250 ry H dWu 'I' ybl b Locl Opp W W TYPING ENGLISH d OTHER BUSINESS W ySchI STENOTYPE INSTITUTE 12 WEST MADISON ST c 1 c Telephone SAratoga 6910 There IS always a good show at WALBROOK AND HILTON The Walbrook Theatre Forest 7225 lf no answer call Madnson 4836 3100 W NORTH AVENUE Corner Rosedale Hilton Theatre Madison 4836 If no answer call Forest 7225 3ll7 I9 W NORTH AVENUE Opposate Walbrook CASTLEON DAIRY M LK BAR OpenD ly 10 AM TlI12P M te st R ad Compliments of J J De PAOLA H COARD S SUN OIL STATION Bt Ig atdWk 453l 4533 Falls Road CH 9761 Compllments of MR ond MRS HY EDELBERG CASH CRE DIAMOND JIM BRADY S INC d Opt c T D 106 N E I DIT Compliments of EWING 81 RILEY INC Compliments of A FRIEND Photoplays In Their Highest Development Conqratulatnons to MARILYN . No Pre-Steno a ic . Training ee e is Ea: to write to ward: a minute an the noiselesx portable Szenozype machine Advantage: of Steno pe over an - ri en Shorthand mean: 'I' Better PGY More Enjo a e Work 'Jo Security in War or Peacetime 'I' a ortunities in Private Business, Civil Service and ar ork. - ' Y an COURSES also OFFERED For Men and omen-Enroll Now ' Da oo -Night School - r , , lfietween har es and athedral Sts.l ' I ai . . ' I . . Reis r own o Pikesville i I I aIimore's Best Ceanin 86 Simonizing Gu ran ee or 56.00 - 1 ' 1 Jewelers an i ians " he iamond Center of the South" . u aw St. Ca. 1727 S12 S. Broadway .1........ ,AQ Ki, 4 V5 'if v i Q

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