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 - Class of 1943

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mf fax K1 - X -Q ' N , Aff? dl W' 'V -.fw3f-f.:jf-i- 4 , Q ' 54 v M In mu: , ie fe 9 if Q 5 '- - N : .. . 1 , :rm-rp-13 v - . --- Y - E- 5.-v.-. 1:1 R wg . 1 ' 4rf'f 443' ,lim livin ' in Y , , 1 L I ' l 1 , ' 2 fist' S241 if .i.. . P Q3 ,Q , ,,..,, I -if , i if VmVi A, Q Q ., . . ' Y ff-awww A ,M if si d K 's is I YQ Q' 1? P F' , ,f 3 UL W ,Mg L M , 5 , , A 52 A s 1A"""""' 3 1 . A K A :f.-:wvvmfw . as 8 mx xg QEQR 'ske- x H , tix . A 1 . Q 4 K A 4 ,P Q T E 'L 1 a Q, V rgafyal z.. f'W'1m.' f . ,JH 5 f-"Y .aw 91 A' fs ai J 1 1"- , . ,r 1 u' 1 Q V 7' . . ,. 5hU'S'ga?v-35 X L 4 If, -. If, , r 5 , ,fur i :Hmm : I S x . ig, ax TK ' 'N "' I Nl N 1 1 'Q A IEI TSI lil ,YL mt 5 BV QNX D 41,1 ' ' K .44 li ' 58' E 9 1r , ff, , , uf" sf 1 4 f 7W+ww"' K -, 13-3 Q In . ml 1 . V 3.53.1 8 2iv in K- ' 1' g -. ,. 2 x af' WC!" W HAROLD SELIGMAN BIRDIE FALK Editors-in-Chief JAMES EACHO LOUIS MARCUS Business Managers X, 4 w,wY4,'A -WM ,,. ,.,,,-.....---- 3: . Ill ll mi isis c-Wexfew fum 7943 THEP2'?iJ.'5z"N'i2 OF 92W5z'!9zzM Lgcffaaf gdhiflbwi Jfblyizfzff 1 . fknay 12505 whose inspiring leadership and pleasing sense of humor have won for him the sincere respect and admiration of every member of June '43, We respectfully dedicate our Forester 5 1 0 , ' 0 M Our Adviser in his Sanctum Sanctorum J tlln. 1 'Qu 1 'X 5 ,I 'A 1 Y 2. 'Nix '41 al Q W avan- .. If .Jin i I .- Y ' V , - 'H . . - N . .- ' Ks ' . . I ',1'L ' fn s. - .5 - .1 .., A tif' sf . - nl. ' , sf,' ' ,ffl . ..f' , , . ,, , I . , . . f. - 2, .li dugg , .ftznl 0-xg? , ge,-A it - gf ":'e'0" N " M '. 1-Q1 wig? 1 W6 ' 'f I'-'X :gf xl Xl lbnfx 1' Nusa - '.', ' . " 'Q .w .' s ' 1 ' .U .'9"', . W ,lk -I VO, ,I - I VL 4 I I S Q. 1-Q 'i 1 AQ ,, 3 , 4 Q 1 ,t 1 ig .JW n Q1 w-I Q 'U -M vu 0 cg 7 ,Q ya: .1 .. ft gs' LE 7, ,.'.. 'x I QQ. . i ff ' ' - . 2.0 ,M ., I ,L , . 1 I ' " I ' 0' My 'O' . A . A , f ' of I , u P ' ' X. - . .L s' ' , ' A I P I fx A ,K K , 1 ' ' ' Q ' . , 1, , -, , , . A , ' J!! Q ' 1 sg, LIEUT. U.G.i SAMUEL G. GOLDSMITH, our former adviser, who answered his coun- try's call. Mr. Goldsmith is now serving with the United States Navy. 492 fm? our classmates wllo lnave gone from lroolcs to battle- fields, from girls to guns. These boys, witll wlnom we worlc and learned and played at Forest Parlc--our classmates wlno left us tllis year to answer tlneir country 's call, our friends of wllom we are proud. Tlnese are our figlnters. Why slrould tlney be sacrlflced? Because tlus IS a war of tlle people-of all tlae people-and lt must be fought on tlne battlefield in tlle cltzes and in tlne villages ln tlne factorzes and on tlle farms n tlne llome and In tlle lleart of every man woman and cluld wlno loves freedom! Tlus IS tlle people s war! It is our war! We are tlne hglnters! Fight xt tlnen! Fxgllt lt wltll all tlnat IS ln us! And may God defend tlle rzglnt X- H017 C69 JU C, I Wgbypr USUN W 5, . . - . . . 9 9 9 I 9 Q . . 0 0 I 0 IP s 1 m 1 F 1 'An' I 'a .B ' ag I, .' .J ' fr k ff' f, 7 ' I 'rv i Y . .gh . I - ,I i, ..,,:f-2 ' , . V "hx ' 1".H'?'l, . : ' ""'-: 4 , . .' : Q if V K Zwewm' Days may come and go, wars may start and cease, and we may be dispersed to the four corners of the earth, yet we hope that thus book wlll be as a bond to unlte us In splrlt, so that we shall always remember the com rades wlth whom we grew up - Q . Q I Q . . o i l xxx., if ,ff K Q 'S K 2 ,5 'H ffl? me fy ' .,- . g ,Nil -' rgigfp. 4 - ' ' sk 1- Us 4 f , , I.'f 4 . K X .Jr saw M' , 4 Gfllf .no .uw .1 A W Ri,,:,,A ., tgf-:N-fer.. --KX ,A ' -0 . ' I an U lv g -on M , -v fI,ua5 K -- .... th- .-- ma k ft' 4 l ff gg. .K f,. .11 . ,, ,.:, , 4 3 I ' V . 0 A x ' 1' s fav, yy ,., . rf 'J- . I W A 1 out .4 1:-1 1- ar- A. ,C ' - u x .- - - ' , , 1 ' 3' -'f QF" BU-Q f- "2 I .I ,rqv M ly .gr vtxdv K Vw-.e,.,,. 'i 'Alf' ,,.3'B M --57' 3- X q :gf 'Mg to "'- 1 ' 1 i' ' Ni ' -3 K- a. ef- 4 so A wk. '- K ' ' , :Z -V ai. 9 4,4 '1 . u A K N' . , ,-y 3. ll" N 3 . 2.5, ifffp ' .. 9 R 1 5 ff vga - 'M' I X if K ' 'GQ ' 5 s JA-.:,-PQ:'fsA W'-'r,,1 Q . . we ,gtfxkss -if Url- "1 're - A -- ll. fcvlxf iljlfiflnv 2' , .I A...-iz A .3 A N V h ,iw .1--,,,,.l.,. .1 T L A 'S-...'.1"-,ll X' 4 Wen 4: K .mgvc , --- xy .rf "-,r.'l3.Y I ' V' fd. -.f.. lndig, :NL ,Km-xx . Q- ' + lusun S .1-1 nga.- "ls ,T ol q x '3' 31 7-5411? 56241 figivnw A-lg' Y, ' -' Mig 4 .. ,V :ff ,. F- ,A Y L. -0 ,. Y 'xv' Q . ,,.. My su-4, J. 1 vig ,fi STUDENT AND FACULTY AUTHORITY THE JUNE CLASS OF 'I943 OUR ORGANIZATIONS OUR ATHLETIC TEAMS FEATURES ADVERTISERS 5 A N I WP 2 Lgfufkfzf am' 92 Wf Std 9 'dns P nt pm-mm Y 'A Q I Q Q it A 4 mv. RN. 9 45 '-, yi 6 4 2, 5, ,'.'3?,. M , , , ' 1 Xi W, df. M, 46" 2 ' , "Y, .fini .if my . ,Z ,iz fn , V, 5.2 5' 1 DL:-' A ,g y ' .25 -Q':fffZ"1 PM-jx. ,gg if- - V I +5 ff, ,.f-,, , 5 . , ffv '. Vw M K ,L 4, W 4 ' . fs . M gizfwf W , fl 5: 'g 4 9 P1 Af-N - if 123' 9' 1 51751 4. xc., ,.,-, sr pk., A ! ,x5,5'A.i,Y-LL , K y k 't 4 E g : -Ei, zniw' Fgjfif? We-,, Q f, ' 5 1 ., -mfv ' . -- lf. . cr f sf 1 3 -2 A .1 4 , 4 'wggf ,nF1 ' vez ' y ," if 2 3 ,jg -. 5, uggif -52, .9 1 , f ' fx! V' DUNN weuvfl-L E' Mr. Scott, who is also adviser of the student participa- tion in government, has won for him- self the sincere respect and friendship of every boy and girl at Forest Park through his fairness and his vast un- derstanding of youth. Miss Becker's sterling character has served as an inspiration to higher ideals for the entire student body. To all three members of our faculty administration we leave our deepest appreciation for their wise counsel and ever-ready assistance which have helped to make our years at Forest Park profitable and enjoyable. SOPHIE M. BECKER Qfzculfy yyafffzzkzzkmftafz Democratic and sincere, Mr. Wendell E. Dunn, our principal, has successful- ly led Forest Park in all of its activi- ties for the past eight years. Assist- ing Mr. Dunn in the great task of per- forming the many administrative duties are Mr. Alfred P. Scott, Vice- Principal, and Miss Sophie M. Becker, Special Assistant. Q' S ' ALFRED P scoT'r ff F f' 457fwQfzf 5j'y!Z!77lll'Zl3!2dlQ2'7l MORTON MEYER Opportumtnes to practnce democracy In their everyday experlences are offered to all Foresters In Forest Parks program of Student Partlclpa tlon In Government Leading the Stu dent Government IS a president who as elected each semester by a school wnde vote Thls year the students chose Stanley Dawson a member of the class of June 43 Stanleys pleasing personality and sterling leadershlp won for htm the cooperatlon and sup port of the entlre school Asslstlng Stanley was Robert Bressler Feb 44 the Student Vlce President a proved has ablllty as a leader by his successful presndlng over the Senate Wnth Dawson headnng the executive branch of the Student Government and Bressler chalrman of the leglsla tnve group the judlcnal department was handled by Morton Meyer Chlef justlce of the Student Court The suc cess of the Student Court rn fostering a finer feeling of cooperation among the students can be In no small part attrlbuted to Mortons fairness and understandlng Chlef Justice Student Court ROBERT BRESSLER STANLEY DAWSON Student President 'n Student Vice President ,fwexifw 199433, , mf, 'if a fm, .3 ,Zi ws, ,. V , 4. J' ' ., , ,A xi ,. f -.5:f,Wj2a' .,,. ,Q M 15358 , 'ww bmp. Sm? q,'.31Qjim V at 41-,f :gy , . E f 1525 . m, U Mg M fa J, , "A mf... V, age. ww 'K i , ' Q- 1 - J ,491 If Jw. wg, i img, ' .1 s We hw 676155 7943 Amicneogle ffered ll They g forth t both tix d hcl mlm- , .4 YQWWK AN NE ACKL Y ROBERT ANDREWS BETTY AMS w IRGINUN AD ANNE ACKLEY Style ns the dress of thought Clee Club Homeroom Secretary J J J Student Offucer VIRGINIA ADAMS Wlth all the charms of woman Student offlcer Write up Staff Honor Roll ROBERT ANDREWS Art IS power Art Club Masquers Opportunity Club Boys Leaders Club Non Athletnc F Inter class Athletics Sergeant at Arms of Year Forester Art Staff J J J Class Representative Honor o BETTY APPLESTEIN Knowledge IS power Latun Club Home Economlcs Club Amerncan Consular Club Four S u Cl b T q are u ennus Inter class Volley Ball Numerals Lust of Merlt and Honor APPLESTEIN if ' I ,, ,Q ' N - I G . I .I eff 'sl J ' K , fig' , l V . I - , B-ff? f 294' II - II I I ' ' ' I ' II ' II 1 - 1 ' II ' Il - W 1 I I I I ' Il II ' - I - I - - I I ' ' I ' I J 11 . Il I I ' 1 I ' 1 I ., - CAROLY LD CAROLYN ARNOLD Stull sweet placud moonlught face Flrst And Club Latm Club Inter American Frlendshlp C-lee Club Inter class Athletics Numerals Victory Corps Manor MYRON ASHMAN All Good and No Badness Boys Chorus Library Club Camera Club Chemistry Club Masquers Inter class Soft Ball Homeroom Treasurer Class Representative Photography Commnttee for Forester Non Athletic F RICHARD AXMAN He s A Dame Dreamer Ethical Club Varslty Basketball and Baseball Student Offscer ROBERT AXMAN Cood clean humor as the health of the soul Ethncal Club Varsrty Baseball and Basketball Student Officer Rb i RICHARD AXMAN ROBERT AXMAN HHN''0'S"Nv SHIRLEY BABlNGTON MAHJOR SHIRLEY BABFNCTON idea'-Wivlfo Serene nn the mxdst of chaos Clee Club Corresponding Secretary of Junior Year Tree Planting Commnttee MARJORIE BENDER Her slnglng brought tears aown Plutos Cheeks Clee Club Special Chorus Secretary Muslc Appreclatlon Inter American Friendship Secretary Chemistry Club Inter class Basketball Fencing Numerals Tennis Jumor Prom Committee Student Officer Inaugural Commlttee JEAN BENJAMIN Labor Omnla Vlnclt Vice Presldent Typing Club Ping Pong Club Clrls Leaders Club Inter class Athletlcs Year Treasurer Ring Committee Lust of Merit ROYSTON BENNETT Loves all Does Wrong to none Varsity Football Ice Hockey Lacrosse Manor F Major F Ethlcal Club Homeroom Presldent l BENDER ukagvd Saou bmp if 1 Y-L sew-Dt QMXA Mn M fa 20 ix JEANS ENJPXWN ROYST ON BENNETT C E ' 1 II ' ' Il ' I I Il ' ' I I II I I I I - I I . I I I I 1 1 - II ' ' ' ll . . . A . . , ' 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ll 11 ' . ' II Il ' I ' ll I I I I I , . Q, 2 I Q K, my '1 . V F. W L sys: 7 Q H . it a J Q ' F d 1 J ' It 1 9 .va -6 oo ' " . f "FIAT fl! ,- " if ,X X, "' T x ,Z V ,.f"l u L ,. ' . ll Q ,VJ - via f ' " ,,, f-"" J ,X i.?gL,ZNgw. ' f 1, - -ll ZMJUCMJL SIMM 1 if HILDA BERMAN SHIRLEK BFRMAN HILDA BERMAN Wut IS the salt of conversatuon Ottlce Practice Club Inter class Basketball SHIRLEY BERMAN The quiet klnd whose nature never varnes Inter American Frnendshnp Chemnstry Open Forum Club Student Offucer PAUL BEZIAT Tho modest on hrs unembarrassed brow nature has written Gentleman Varslty Soccer Major F Varsity Track Inter class Ath letlcs Mlnor F Homeroom Vlce President Student Officer ROBERT BIRELY It s all IH the state of mund American Consular Club Craftsman Club Inter-class Track Homeroom Secretary and Treasurer J. J. J. Stage Crew. 1 'P T7- PAUL B EZIAT ROBERT B, RELY 21 JOHN BOLT AX SHIRLEY MARIE BOWEN ROY BRENNER JOHN BLAKELY His air his courteous manner Ah boys here s a man J V and Varsity Basketball Homeroom President and Vice President J J J Student officer SHIRLEY BOLTAX A cheerful little earful Art Club Inter class Basketball MARIE BOWEN Good nature and good sense are never separate Clee Club Camera Club Cultural Traveler s Club Homeroom President Student Officer List of Merit Chemistry Club ROY BRENNER He hath common sense in an uncommon way Boy s Opportunity Club Stage Crew Non.Athletic F Frosh Soph Basketball Numerals Inter class Athletics Press Sports Writer, Scrapbook Committee, J.J.J. Preview, Senior ln- augural Committee, J. J. J., Student Officer, Sports Editor of Lorester, War Bonds and Stamp Representative, List ot onor. M MADELINE BRODSKY lR"'W BRE5 OMF SLER HELEN BRO il' i CARWLLE BRIA N MIRIAM BRESSLER A trlfle meek and splendudly gentle Art Club Latm Club Inter class Basketball Press Repre sentatlve Honor Roll CARVILLE BRIAN He lnstens with has face only Art Club lnter class Basketball MADELINE BRODSKY The very plnk of perfection Latnn Club Four Square Club Inter class Athletucs JJ J HELEN BROOME Always doing her merry best, Homeroom President Student Officer Victory Corps. HELFN BROWN JEANNE BRUMBAUGH HELEN BROWN Jolly yet seruous fun lovnng yet slncere Red Cross Club Latln Club Ping Pong Club Badmunton Club Gll'lS Leaders Club Chemistry Club lnter class Ath letlcs Numerals Minor F Homeroom Offlcer Press Repre sentatave Club Edltor of Forester Student Otfrcer JEANNE BRUMBAUCH The world s better for your smile Inter class Athletrcs MARIAN BRYDCES A wlnnmg smlle and lots of grace Home Economics Club Red Cross Club Chemustry Club Tennis Volley Ball Student Offrcer CAROLYN BUCKANTZ Fnrst slgn of wisdom-contunued goodness Badmunton Club Radzo Wordshop Club Archery Club Press Reporter Homeroom Treasurer Scrapbook Committee Cadet Corps Sensor Inaugural ANTZ N BUCK cAROLY Mmxm H-RYDGE5 I SHIRLEY BUDLOW "Honor is the reward of a virtuous woman. Latin Club First Aid J J J GILBERT BULLOCK Aye mates the lad speaks sense Department of Sales and Publicity Aeronautics Club Secre tary of 'I s ROBERT BURKER And when a lady s in the case all other things give place Vice President of Ethical Club J V Football Varsity lce Hockey J V Letter F Varsity Letter F Homeroom President Year Sergeant at Arms HESSA BURKOM Oh would l were free as wind on the win ' 9 Four Square Club Inter class Athletics Numerals Minor F ' Press Representative J J J ROBERT BUR KER H ESSA BURKOM SHIRLEY BUDLOW GILBERT BULLOCK R osi CABN 'S' HN BQJERLY CA ROSE CABNET Hard work was her motto Camera Club Clee Club Four Square Club Latnn Club Red Cross Club Inter class Athletics Numerals BEVERLY CAHN Dlvlnely tall and most dlvlnely falr Art Club Inter American Relationship Presldent Inter class Basketball Volley Ball Badminton Art Committee Junlor Prom Committee Senior Inaugural Assembly Commit tee J J J Coach Press Student Offncer Honor Roll Vnctory Corps FRANCES CANHAM A pleasant countenance IS no slight advantage Glee Club Latnn Club Swlmmmg Inter class Basketball Homeroom Secretary Sensor Inaugural Commxttee EUNICE CAPLAN "Dancing eyes and dimples deep, help make her a pal to keep " Latnn Club, Four Square Club, Homeroom Officer, JJJ, Student Officer, Lust of Merit 'wal mga 9 I FRANCES CANHAM EUNICE CAPLAN , fiflf I sg I I I I 1 1 1 I 1 ' 1 ' , , . . . . . H 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 I - 1 ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 ll - Q 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 , . Eu GENE CARNEY EUGENE CARNEY Well tamed sulence hath more eloquence than speech Inter class Athletics BETTY CARR Always busy always merry Latun Club Clee Club Badmlnton Club Four Square Club Glrls Leaders Club Inter class Athletics Numerals Home room Treasurer Coaching Certnflcate J J J Student Officer Forester Staff Lust of Honor JOYCE CARROL Grace and charm and brllllance of mlnd Latm Club Clee Club Four Square Club Treasurer Bad mlnton Club Curls Leaders Club Inter class Athletncs Home room Vlce Presndent Coaching Certlfncate JJJ Co Club Editor of Forester Coachlng Dnrector Lust of Dlstnnctaon MARIE ELIZABETH CLARK She draws not only wlth a pencll Art Club Vice Presldent Non Athletic F Homeroom Presl dent Junior Class Recording Secretary Senior Class Corre mas Play Student Officer Class Representative JOYCE CARROL MARIE ELIZABETH CLARK BETTY CARR gl ll II - ' ' Il II ll - I . . I I I I . , . I . - 1 I I 1 . ' I ' I ' ' 'I I , . ll ' ' ' Il I I I I I ' . . , . 1 I . . I .-. I - ' 1 1 ' ' 'I - . ,, ,, . . . . . . I I ' ll T , - Il . . I . H H . I . - I 1 - I Q - I u 1 I. . - sponding Secretary, Junlor Prom Commuttee, J.J. J., Christ. l I ' . ' 1 " I af ' ln, lg mis!!! MARY LEE CLARKE CHARLOTTE COHEN MARY LEE CLARKE She s as gay as a parasol Inter class Athletics CHARLOTTE COHEN Farr as the day and always gay Glee Club Inter class Athletics J V Basketball Numerals Minor F Homeroom Treasurer Inter Amerncan Relation ship Chemistry Club Forester Ad Committee JJJ Stu dent Officer Vuctory Corps DOROTHY COHEN As merry as the day IS long Latm Club Clee Club Four Square Club Chemistry Inter American Relatlonshlp Open Forum Orchestra Inter class Athletics Numerals Homeroom Secretary Chairman Flower Commnttee Christmas Commlttee Student Officer U S O Campaign Honor Roll ELAINE COHEN Bug thnngs come In small packages Masquers Four Square Club Scrap Book Commrttee Senlor Prom Commlttee Student Offucer J J J Coach Honor Roll Vlctory Corps Inter class Athletics oaotl-IY COHEN D 2 8 EINNE QOH EN ' . 0' " ' Q 1 V Xxx mf. ,V ll I ll w I 1 ll - ll 1 " 1 ' ' 1 1 - II II - - 1 1 ' ' - ll II - 1 1 1 ' ' '1 , . Il - Il 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' , . II - - - Il I I I V 1 1 ' ' '1 1 1 1 ' ' I , I S ' H I 3 ' 4 I , ' A If MERIAM COHEN SY A COHEN MERIAM COHEN Llttle but mlghty Vlctory Corps SYLVIA COH EN Judge not a woman by her Inc es Four Square Club Inter class Basketball Tennis Softball Numerals Christmas Stockings Committee Llst of Merit SHIRLEY COHN So fair a face such angel grace Four Square Club Ping Pong Club Chemistry Club Inter Amerucan Frlendshup Club Inter class Athletics Fencmg Minor F Homeroom Secretary Press Scrapbook Com mittee Student Offlcer Lust of Honor Forester AN N E COLEMAN No one could ask for more sumple modest true French Club Department of Sales and Publlclty Inter class S HN Basketball Tenms Hockey J J J ANNE COLEMAN 29 .Af v Q . 5, vp I ,I af ,, .,,,..,, Il K ll - - ' X . 02 . I , II - ll 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' ll - , II , . - 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 ' I' Il 1 1 1 ' - - - ll Il 1 1 1 ' ll , - ll . , , . x 1 1 ' V. F g 1 1 1 ' ' ' 7 3' '. e., I 1211+ I . I L A , In ., If , . ,,, 1 "5 gp G ' ROB JEROME COLLER JEROME COLLER A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men' Radio Club Inter class Basketball Softball Student Officer ROBERT COLSON Sound the trum ets and beat the drum l p s Model Club Drum and Bugle Corps Drum Mayor Homeroom President, Inter-class Athletics. EDWARD CRAFT "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." lnter-class Athletics, Varsity Baseball. H ELEN E DACHSLAGER "A dillar, a dollar, a ten o'clock scholar." Four Square Club, Inter-class Athletics, Representative, Scrap- book Committee, List of Merit. Qu ERT COLSON if WWW EDWARD CRAFT HELENE DACHSLAGER ,I WILLIAM DAVIDSON MARJORIE DAS IAN DAVIS CH TH MARJORIE DASCH A merry heart thou hast and kInd Department of Sales and PublIcIty J J J THEODORE DAVID And a mIghty man was he J V Soccer VarsIty Football Track Inter class AthletIcs Class PresIdent WILLIAM DAVIDSON A mInd cultured and capable of human thought Opportumty Club Camera Club Inter class AthletIcs J V Soccer J V F Homeroom PresIdent Student OffIcer Club Staff LIst of Honor VIVIAN DAVIS Good nature IS the beauty of the mInd LatIn Club Masquers Club J J J Inter class AthletIcs Var sIty Tennls Ice Hockey Numerals MInor and Mayor F Forester Ad CommIttee CIrIs Sports EdItor Prom CommIt tee, FIrst AId, SenIor Inaugural CommIttee STANLEY DAWSON LEONARD DEITZ STANLEY DAWSON The noblest Roman of them all President of Opportunity Club V P Leaders Club Ethical Club President Sub Junlor and Junior Class Senator Student Vlce Presldent Coaching Certificate Varsity Baseball Mlnor and Major F Inter class Basketball Football Honor Roll Student President LEONARD DEITZ Cod bless the man who tzrst nnvented sleep Photography Club Table Tennls Vlce Presldent Tenms Soccer Inter class Athletucs J V F MARILYN DELKER The thoughts of youth are long long thoughts Clee Club Inter class Athletics Numerals Homeroom Press dent Handbook Commlttee Class Representatuve SONIA DESSER Dlmples like wharlpools In her cheeks ' lnter class Basketball Homeroom Vlce President Year Corre spondlng Secretary Chairman Rlng Commlttee Chairman Program Committee Cadet Corps SON, A DESSEP KER MptRu.YN DEL DANN DIETRICH A man of cheerful yesterdays and confndent tomorrows President of Model Aircraft Club Chemistry Club Inter class Athletics Coaching Certlflcate Press Representative J J J Student Offncer Vlctory Corps Lust of Honor THOMAS DORSCH For scuence and books he never had a wnsh lnfer lass Athlef ALMA DOXZON She seems luke a joyous slnglng blrd Scrapbook Committee JAMES EACHO When duty whlspered Thou must Youth replned l can Aeronautlcs Club Boys Leaders Club Frosh So h Football I3 Basketball 'Nlumerals Inter class Athletics Assistant Ad and Busnness Manager of Forester Student Officer AL MA DOXZON JA DANN DIETRICH THOMAS DORSCH El-E ANOR E IFERI Q Hmzom EUNIS ELEANOR EIFERT C-ood thlngs come In small packages C-lee Club HAROLD ELKINS Persuasion on has tongue? Inter class Basketball J V Basketball President of Camera Club Stamp Representative JUNE ELLIS Her eyes are rhapsodles In blue Table Tennis Inter class Athletics Student Offlcer MARGARET FAIRALL She s a wnnsome wee thnng Clee Club Inter class Softball H meroom President Merit Junior Prom Committee JUNE ELLIS MARGARET FAIRAI L lst 1' MER E N FARBEP BIRDIE FALK She sowed courtesy and reaped friendship Masquers Secretary C-urls Leaders Club Chemistry Club Inter class Athletxcs Intermediate Tennrs Numerals Home room President Coach Managlng Edltor of Press Co Edntor IH Chuef of Forester Rang Commlttee J J J Preview Junuor Prom Commlttee Sensor Inaugural Amerlcan Education Week Assembly Student Court Judge Student Officer Lust of Honor Vlctory Corps Non Athletlc F Publlclty Com mnttee Senior Play Readnng Commlttee MERELYN FARBER Her art IS her power Latin Club Art Club Inter class Athletncs Numerals Victory Corps JANET FEINBLATT To know how to hide one s abullty IS great skull Latln Club C-lee Club Masquers Occupational Therapy Club Inter class Athletics Numerals Junior Tree Plantnng Commlttee J J J Sensor Inaugural Commlttee American Education Week Assembly Lust of Honor Vxctory Corps DORIS FELD A disposition bllthe and merry Orchestra Latln Club Scrabble: s Club an Ii 6 JANET FEINBLATT DORIS FELD MRD 'E FALK Ph. E- 'lrgpivg ALMA RAE FISHER ALMA RAE FISHER Frlendly as a white plcket fence Pmg Pong Chemlstry Club C-lee Club BETTY FORD It s nlce to be natural when you are naturally nice Latm Club Inter class Ba k b I s et al Volley Ball Intermediate Tennis Numerals Homeroom Sergeant at Arms Forester Club Staff Student Oftlcer Chemistry Club Sensor I augural Lust of Honor Victory Corps Four Square Club MILTON FOX Jr Good natured good sport full ot fun There s not another luke thee neath the sun Glee Club Camera Club Chemistry Club Inter class Ath Ietncs J V Track Homeroom Treasurer Press Reporter Rmg Committee J J J Prevuew Student Offlcer American u cation Week Assembly Sensor Inaugural Chairman Co Ad Manager of Forester Wrlte up Staff Photography Staff IRMA FRIEDLANDER C12 H22 Ol, Personlfled ' M asquers Music Apprecaatlon Club Radio Workshop Special Chorus Inter class Athletlcs Homeroom Vlce President -BETTY FORD Latln Club FOX, Jr 36 MILTON IRM A FRIEDLANDER k . x , :fr I ,Q .1 I I , I 1236155311 ,SQL 1 .' I of ,I ' A 5 I 1 1 - - - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - I - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 n' 1 1 1 ' , . 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 , . . ., , , Ed - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - f 1 I . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - ' I - HERBERT FRIEDMAN ROBERT FRIEDMAN HERBERT FRIEDMAN A keen wut and judgment crystal clear Table Tennis Club Vlce President Open Forum Club Amer: can Consular Club French Club Clee Club Chemlstry Club JV F Inter class Athletics American Educatlon Week Assembly Student Offucer Lust of Honor Victory Corps ROBERT FRI EDMAN Who mixed reason with pleasure and wisdom with worth Pnng Pong Club Chemistry Club Open Forum Club Inter class Athletncs Homeroom Treasurer Stamps and Bond Representatuve Coaching Certlfncate Student Officer BETTY FULLER Small but oh so dear to us Chess Club Bond and Stamp Representative Lust of Honor SHIRLEY CABY The musuc In her heart she hears long after he does not hear It Music Appreciation Club Latin Club Shorthand Club BE7-ry FUL E 'Wi SHIRL EY GABY 37 , , ' If Il ' ' ll ' 1 ' I ' 1 1 1 1 II Il ' ' ' V . . I ' I 1 1 1 ' 11 - - - - II , . - 1 I IA T 1 1 I I ' ll ll 1 1 - I1 - - - Il 1 1 - , .ii ,V jg. ' X . - , A eff N MARCVN GRN MARCIA GANN There s prlde In that head that she holds so hugh Latin Club Art Club Tennis Hockey Press Re orte V J ULI US GARONZAK Methlnks he dreams a but too much Inter class Athletics Christmas Commlttee School Orchestra Band GLORIA GEORGE A merry heart doeth good Art Club Chemnstry Varsuty Badmunton and Basketball lnt I er cass Athletics Forester Sports Wrlter Sensor lnaugural Committee PHOEBE GERBER Alway full of fun Red Cross Club Art Club Cheerleader Class Representatuve Press Vactory Corps GARONZAK JUUUS GLORlA GEORGE PHOEBE GERBER 1? gs .1 - B I . 4 . . ov ' , l ' , 0' . V , , . O. I 0 s f ' 1 .. I L ,. f st .. , , L ,, , . . - ll - lf I I I , p r, lctory : Corps. II - - II l' 1 1 1 II Il l 1 I I ' ' ll Il ' I I I II Il s . l I I I 1 , . I H RONA Guu.pEN ARRY GESSER BETTY GOLDBERG Q'-s ,ff 4 f ,www MQW ED um GILDEN HARRY C-ESSER Hugh aums from hugh characters Boy s Opportunuty Club Boys Leaders Club Drum and Bugle Corps Non Athletuc F Frosh Soph Ice Hockey J V Foot ball Ice Hockey Manager Varsuty Baseball Inter class Ath letucs Coachung Certufucate J J J Student Offucer Vucto Corps Internal Combustuon Engune Club Press Representa tuve Homeroom Treasurer EDITH GILDEN A gurl worthwhule us a gurl who can smule Offuce Practuce Club RONA CILDEN What s the use of worryung7 Inter class Athletucs BETTY COLDBERC- Her beamurug face we stull behold Lubrary Club Red Cross Club Tennus Non Athletuc Inter class Basketball Homeroom Presudent Scrapbook Com muttee Vuctory Corps , 'lj K f - g 1 MARILYN GOLDBERG "Better a bad excuse than none at all." Shorthand Club, Inter-class Basketball, Lis JEROME COLOMB "His laugh rippled like a volcano." Inter-class Athletics HANNAH CJOODMAN Her heart feels what her mouth expresses Homeroom Secretary Inter class Athletics JAMES GOODHAND A tree and open nature Homeroorn President List of Honor .X Y? sf MARILYN GOLDBERC JEROME GOLOMB HAND D JAMES GOO t of Merit. Ethical Club Boys Opportunity Club Varsity Football L crosse JV Ice Hockey Major F Minor F J V F HANNNJ CO ODWXN 11 ll , 1 - . ' ll ll . , I . . 1 1 1 GA - 11 11 - 11 11 11 11 ' 1 ' ' U . 1 1 1 - ' 1 , . I fs X . 59 o A ' N Q , X J . xg X 5 . K Q ' al X I . ' ' A V ' gf, . J A . - ' .V R Y l l 1 NANCY GORDAN Stull water runs deep Red Cross Club Inter class Athletucs J V Volley Ball Tennis Numerals Mnnor F Vlctory Corps SHIRLEY COREN Seldom seen wnthout a chum And never wlthout gum Pnng Pong Club Latln Club Amerlcan Education Week Assembly PHYLLIS GORRELL. Let fools the studlous despise There s nothing lost by being wlse Occu atlonal Therapy Nutrltlon Glee Club Red Cross Club P h t Non Athletic F Coaching Certlflcate Music Orc es ra Committee Chrlstmas Assemblles Lnsts of Merlt and Honor Victory Corps ELLIS COTTLIEB Oh lnsten and hear my smart volce Band Orchestra Glee Club Chess Club Non Athletic F C ttee Red J J J Tree Plantlng Committee Hospitality omml Cross Club Gauges and Measurements Club Vlctory Corps Specnal Chorus 5' WWW? pf-fYLL1s GORREL L ELLIS 9+ J' ,F NANCY GORDAN SHIRLEY GOREN NADNE GROSS R eowmo GREMPLE EDWARD CREMPLER For he s a jolly good fellow Q Egpwgj' If Vffw Q77 , Y N Vpf -,... Class Representatnve Inter class Athletics NADI NE GROSS He s lA In the Army and Al an my heart Typmg Club Lust of Honor MARY HALLMAN Why men prefer blondes if 'Q JL! Typmg Club Glee Club Shorthand Club Red Cross Club Archery Tennis Lust of Merit JOSEPH HAMPER Good mind good fellow Inter class Football Numerals Homeroom Treasurer f MARY HALLMAN JOSEPH HAMPER X , my , 5 . E Y I 0 D ll I ' II I - - 11 1 - - II , . , . Il ll I I I l I I ' u ' n , . ' I 1 - .' kk r, 4 ' ' fuk ,sim Y . "'u..,. I QM 42 ff . f' , RICHARD HA WES RICHARD HAWES Lnfe IS too short to work Inter class Softball Football Basketball MARILYN HARRIS She has a face as calm as custard Latln Club Masquers Shorthand Club Homeroom Secretary Vice President J J J Student Offlcer Press Reporter Amer: can Education Week Assembly Wrute up Staff of Forester Lust of Honor SONIA HARRIS A heart of gold steeped In mnschlef Treasurer of Shorthand Club Inter class Hockey Volley Ball Basketball Soccer Numerals Mlnor F J J J Class Repre sentatlve CLARA HA'l'l'AN A sweet attractive kmd of grace Inter American Frlendshnp Club C-lee Club Latin Club Inter class Athletics Numerals Minor F Vlctory Corps Qxgcf v , - f - I I SONIA HARRIS CLARA HATTAN MAR IL YN HARRI S DONALD HAUSE ORENE HEIGER DONALD HAUSE Clothes make the man but maybe he s already made Orchestra Band Non Athletlc F Homeroom Secretary Homeroom Vlce Presldent Stage Crew ORENE HEIC-ER There s a laugh and a jest among the best Glee Club Inter class Basketball and Softball Homeroom Secretary META HEIM Good thnngs come to some when they are asleep Office Practice Club Class Representative Press Representa e J J CHARLES HEYMAN The way to galn a frlend IS to be one Varslty Soccer Tennis Junior Varslty Soccer Frosh Soph Basketball Varsity F J V F Numerals Student Officer Opportunity Club Plng Pong Club M 44 META HU CH Ames HEY MAN GENEVIEVE H1665 BETTY HWTON C-ENEVIEVE HIC-CS As merry as the day is long Orchestra Latin Club Non Athletic F Inter class Basket ball Homeroom Treasurer and Secretary Christmas Commit t e J J J American Education Week Assembly List of Honor BETTY HINTON She has a good profile from head to foot ' Four Square Club Swimming Press Representative Scrap book Committee Happy Hills Tree Planting JJ J Senior Inaugural MARGARET HOARE Play up play up and play the game Red Cross Club J V Basketball and Volley Ball Tennis Numerals Minor F Student Officer Victory Corps WILSON HOERICHS Signs of nobleness shme on all deservers Opportunity Club Treasurer and Vice-President of Leaders Club President of Camera Club Non-Athletic F Home- MARGARET 1 HOARE room Secretory and Treasurer Photographic Editor of Fores- ter Augsburg Home Committee Student Officer. RIC!-15 Q 45 '5- JAN ARTH WILLIAM HOG WILLIAM HOC-ARTH Ars Cratla Artis Clee Club Sergeant at Arms In Art Club Presndent of Mas quers Non Athletlc F Homeroom President Senlor Play Reading Committee J J J Portraits and Scenery Pep Assem blle Halloween Play Shakespearean Assemblies Designs for all Stage Plays Honor Roll JEAN HOC-ARTY Shy but fllled with the sweetest goodness Red Cross Club Varsnty Golf HERMAN HOLLJ ES A man of broad shoulders and heronc slze Ethlcal Club Treasurer Varsity Football Basketball and Lacrosse Year Senator Homeroom President Sports Re porter Campalgn Manager JOHN HOPKINS Everythmg he does he does well and he does everythmg Vuce Presldent of Opportunity Club Open Forum Club Inter class Athletics President of June 43 Class Assistant Coach mg Dlrector J J J Representative Cabmet Student Offacer Lust of Honor Boys Leaders CIJb HOGAN HERMAN HOLLJ ES JOHN HOPKINS c ANITA Jossr ARL Hopf B JLL JAEGER CARL HOPF He Inves a ssmple lute Homeroom Representative BILL JAECER New arrlval-already nn headlines Ethical Club Radio Workshop Varsity Football Sensor Play ANITA JOBST Bless d IS the one who has heard her musuc Orchestra President Band Drum Bugle Corps J J J Non Athletic F WILMA JOLSON Actnve natures are rarely melancholy Fencang Art Club Corresponding Secretary Forester Wrute up Staff Flower Commnttee of Senior Inaugural Lust of Merit BE'l'l'Y LOU JONES JAY JONES BEl IY LOU JONES There IS llttle of the melancholy element In her Victory Corps Homeroom Secretary Advlsory Commlttee Bug Sister Commnttee JAY JONES Hrs smlllng countenance and confident way may help hum make good some future day Secretary of Table Tennis Club Opportunity Club lnter class Athletics Ping Pong Subscription Manager of Press J J J Student Offlcer JOHN PAUL JONES None named hum but to pralse hum Recordmg Secretary of Ethical Club Varslty Football Track Ice Hockey Varsity F Homeroom President Year Ser geant at.Arms Year Senator J J J NORE ANN JOSEPH A real friend rs known In adversity Latin Club Treasurer Four Square Club Vlce President Four Square Club Non Athletlc F Chalrman of Lost and Found Student Officer Vrctory Corps Inter class Athletics Nu merals EPl'l NN .los NORE A Joan PAUL JONES LLOYD JOYN ER "He was the mildest-mannered man that ever cut a throat or scuttled a ship." Ethical Club, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Ice Hockey, Chairman of Pep Assembly, Inter-class Athletics. SHIRLEY JOYNER "One to me are fame and fortune." Cilee Club, Art Club, J. J. J., List of Merit. CHARLOTTE KAPLAN "A smile cureth all ills." Shorthand Club, Military Clerical, Press, Stamp Representa- tive, Inter-class Volley Ball. - HARRI ET KAPLAN Beauty hath so many charms Homeroom Secretary Class Representative CHARL LLOYD JOYNER SHIRLEY JOYNER -f 49 17. Egt ELLE 'U' ANNE K AP-MAN ANNE KARMAN A glance like water brnmmlng with the sky C-lee Club Chemlstry Club J J J Christmas Assembly ESTELLE KATZ Her glossy hanr has cluster d o er her brow lnter class Athletics MARY KAUFMAN Her volce IS ever soft gentle low Inter class athletics RUTH ANN KAUFMAN So charmlng and falr to see Masquers Radio Workshop Red Cross Inter class Athletncs Sensor Prom Committee Locker Duty Vnctory Corps F I- , f gf MARY RUTH ANN KAUFMAN GENEVIEV E KAZM AIER GENEVIEVE KAZMAIER The red gold cataract of her streaming hair. Office Practice Club, Typewriting Club C-lee Club lnter-clas ' room Secretary, J J J Typing Staff of Athletics Home Forester PAT KENNEDY Her clothes are so designed that she s always seen in the best places J J J Cheer Leader American Education Week Assembly VINCENT KICAS A manly man Ethical Club Varsity Track Football Varsity F Athletic Representative Sergeant at Arms Fire Patrol BEVERLY KIRSON A willing worker with a ready hand H meroom Secretary Lists of Merit and Shorthand Club o Honor. 45f,?ZJvQ'?f'i9i'4'-' ' ,eg A-, w:1f,4gQg7,,-,,3f.A . Qi' ,fffziwi - -V T ,jul VINCENT KICAS BEVERLY KIRSON LENORA KLAWANS WILLIAM KLEIN LENORA KLAWANS Happy am l From care I am free Typlng Club Four Square Club Inter class Volley Ball Basketball Numerals Homeroom Treasurer and Presldent Ad Representatnve Honor Roll and Lust of Mernt WILLIAM KLEIN As Innocent as a new land egg Aeronautlcs Club F rosh Soph Football Numerals Class Officer RONA KOBIN Laugh and the world laughs wnth you Latln Club Shorthand Club J J J Inter class Tennls Basket ball Volley Ball MARVIN KOHN Who rellshes a joke and rejonces a pun Frosh So h F b p oot all Inter class Athletics Homeroo P dent Cl LMZWWM, ds-MA., ZZLCZ' 'PQ-L ,efzzm 1.7.46 Q41-XASELQJLQQZ 72701, j.4C-Aj fgsffmrff m res: ass Representative RONA KGB IN MARVXN KO HN ,,.. "' "' S Z N , X I . x X . .' J X N ! f l 1' arf ' lf 'T Lf , 1 f f if 2' ' - I f ,K', A 1 SI Af 1.1 1, , . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I , . ll - - II 1 ' 1 1 ' 11 - ll 1 1 ' ' -1 ' 1 ' 1 ' I ll - - - - ll ' 1 ' 1 ' R 5 I . Q 1 , V-M-Q JACK KOSKO ROBERT KRATZ JACK KOSKO And certainly he was a good fellow Aeronautics Club ROBERT KRATZ The power of thought the magic ot mlnd Opportunity Club Victory Corps DEBBY KRAUSE Deeds not words I bring Latin Club Glee Club Presldent and Vlce President Non Athletic F J J J Christmas Assembly Chemistry and Occupatlonal Therapy Club Nutrition Sensor Inaugural Music Committee Llst of Merlt Victory Corps ADRIAN KRELL Leads a date to date existence Scout Club Aeronautucs Club Varsnty Baseball Major and Manor F Inter class Athletics Student Offlcer KRAUSF A URIAN , KR- . be 53 BET YY lo UEHN NALDRFD K MILDRED KUEHN By nature a friend to glee and merrlment Chemistry Club Club Staff of Forester Varslty Softball Numerals Inter class Athletics Beginners Tennis J J J Student Officer BETTY JO KUNKLE She who values the merits of others and In their pleasures takes joy Latm Club Olee Club ELAINE LAFAYETTE Beauty like hers IS genlus Department of Sales and Publscnty Coach J J J Student Officer List of Honor Flower Committee Senior Inaugural Subscruptlon Editor of Forester JOHN LANZA J V Track Frosh Soph Football nter class Athletics Vac tory Corps Press Representatlv KUNKLE ELAINE LAFAYETTE JOHN LANZA 2 -is , ll ' ' ll - 11 V II. - Q 1 u . 1 . 1 5 1 ' 1 1 ' ' -1 ,, . . . ' If l , . ll - - - II 7 7 1 1 1 1 1 fl - - - ll ll A "There's a great deal of unmapped country in him." 1 1 .Q , ' ' 1 ' ' I ' 1 Y A Q ,mfr ROBERT L :RMA LEISH APORTE CHARLOTTE LENTZ rv ORA LEJBEN ROBERT LAPORTE Behold those beautiful curls Opportunity Club Varsity Lacrosse Frosh Soph Football Var slty F Numerals Homeroom Vice President and President Student Otflcer DORA LEIBEN Good cheer IS the first step toward good lute Scrapbook Commlttee J J J IRMA LEISH Well here I am Typing Club Red Cross Club Archery Tennis Press Repre sentatlve Sensor Inaugural CHARLOTTE LENTZ Brlght and peppy watch her speed Our majorette keeps the ead. Homeroom President J. J. J. Pep Assemblies Leader of the Drum Majorettes. 5 I GLORIA JANE LESSNER HAROLD LEVEY GLORIA JANE LESSNER The happiest of all. Clee Club Swimming Club Ice Skating Club Press Clee Club Assembly Christmas Assembly Student Officer. HAROLD LEVEY It s a wise hand that holds a still tongue President Natural History Club Aeronautics Club Victory Corps List of Merit BURTON LEV' -ISON Lite is just a bowl of cherries Varsity Ice Hockey and Soccer Class Sergeant at Arms Stu dent Officer MARION LEVFI AS Slender in form plump in spirit Special Chorus Four Square Club Cheerleader Press Repre sentative Junior Red Cross Inter class Softball Numerals Inter class Baseball and Basketball f-XIITAS N LEVINSO BURTON MILDRED LITVIN A few strong nnstuncts a few plam rules Latin Club Scrlbblers Club Stenographrc Club Inter class Athletics Homeroom Treasurer J J J Lust of Ment Fares ter Representative NATHANIEL LONDON A man young In years may be old un hours nf he has lost no time Natural '-' story Club Lust of Honor ESTHER LIBERMAN Easy come easy go Latin Club Glee Club J J J Shorthand Club American Education Week Assembly CHARLES LEITHAUSER Success follows every rrght effort Camera Club Vlce Presldent of Opportunity Club Treasurer Boys Leaders Club Class President Ad Commrttee Student Offncer ESTHER LIBERMA N MILDRED LITVIN NATHANIEL LONDON LO uls MARCO S Momorl MARCUS LOUIS MARCUS A carefree genlus Boys Opportunlty Club Inter closs Athletncs J J J Pre vlew Business Monoger of Yeorbook Last of Honor Cooch mg Certnflcote MORTON MARCUS He contrnbutes hls llttle but By hrs everlostung wut Ping Pong Club Lotm Club Vorslty ondJ V Soccer Manor F Aeronoutlcs Club Hospltolnty Committee Forester Representotlve Co Ad Monoger TERESA MARK Xi A if She con be umltoted by none ond porolleled but by herself Honor Roll ROBERT MARTELL Thy modesty is o condle to thy mind X lee Club Amerlcon Consulor Club Bonlltf of Court Coburet Vice Presldent ond Presldent Opportunity Club Presldent :- Boys Leoders Club Homeroom Presldent Student Ottucer 5 Vvctory Corps Lust of Honor TERESA MARK ROBERT MARTELL 4 5 rc 3 11 - 11 , . . 1 ' 1 ' ' '1 - 1 1 1 - ,, . . . . . . . ,, I . g ' , , . . , ,Y 11 II - - - - 11 11 1 1 1 1 L . W , . Q 'XL y H . . 11 s.-- l ' X ,f X K - --X-: "N v.-41 A - 11 , LJ, x . .. . ff I 1 1 l' , Q- ..,,.,J . . . . . ' 1 -A 1 , , . . , M- 1 f - 1 1 1 N GV- , , ' v BEU LAH MASSIM BEULAH MASSIMINI To know her IS to love her P :dent and President Table Cnrls Leaders Club Vlce res Tennis Club JV and Varsity Hockey JV and Varsity Basketball and Valley Ball Badminton Numerals Mlnor and Major F Homeroom President Press Sports Staff Forester Sports Staff Student Officer Honor Roll JEAN MCCLEAN Let a smnle be your umbrella Camera Club Lust of Honor CATHERINE V McKAY Youth wall have to swung Latin Club J J J Costume Committee SAMUEL MERWITZ They also serve who stand and walt Inter class Athletncs CA TH JEAN MCCLEAN SAMUEL MERWlTZ Y lNl , ,f ll ' ll . , , . . . ' I , . . , . . I I I ' ll ll ' I I I ll II ' I I ' II ' ll , . Il ' ' ll , . . ., . II ' ll ."f , ' EMILY MEYER MORTON MEYER EMILY MEYER Dlmple In chan devll wlthln Offlce Practlce Club Library Club Inter class Athletics Homeroom Vlce President Junior Day Transcrlptlon Editor of Forester Forester Representative Sensor Inaugural MORTON MEYER Tls the mind that makes the body rlch Coaching Certlflcate Write up Editor of Forester J J J Preview Ad Representative Student Officer Campalgn Manager Lust of Dlstmctlon Chief Justice Boys Leaders Club DAVID MILLER He took the voter to the rear and softly whlspered In hrs ear Boys Opportunity Club Presldent Boys Leaders Club J V Football JV F J V Basketball JJ J Prevnew Chavr man Augsburg Home Committee Chairman Junlor and Sensor Prom Committees U S G Committee Student Offlcer JULES MILLER Can one small head carry all he knows Chess Club Varsnty Tennls Lust of Merlt DAVID S MI LLER JULES MILLE R N MOSENFE lt THELMA MITCHELL JUNE MOORI- FHELMA MlTCHELL Sweet of nature sweet of face Four Square Student Officer JUNE MOORE Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace Chemistry Club Flrst And Club Numerals Minor F Inter class Softball Basketball Archery Fencing Volley Ball Var slty Swimming Varsity Hockey Homeroom Vlce President Augsburg Home Committee Stua nt Offlcer Victory Corps ROBERT MORRISON He has moved a little nearer to the Master of all Musnc Ches Club Orchestra and Glee Club Boys Leaders Club Secretary J J J Junior Day Assembly School Planlst Lust of Honor JAN MOSENFELDER The mlldest of manner with the bravest mlnd Latin Club Scrlbblers Club Masquers Club Llbrary Club Clrls Leaders Club Homeroom Officer Press Honor Roll 0 f . x., 11 11 , . , . 11 I Il I - - - - 11 ll 1 1 1 1 1 1 " 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' . . . . F: 1 1 11 - - 11 C 1 " 1 1 1 ' ' '1 1 1 11 . I . II . . 1 . 1 1 1 . , . 1 1 1 ' LDEP 61 ER RHODA MOS RHODA MOSER She has wut that flavors conversatuon Feature Editor of Forester Ad Representative MARY MOUAT Her pure and eloquent blood spoke In her cheeks Offuce Practrce Club JOHN NAPOLITANO e s the goodest man ever you saw Inter class Athletics lnter class Football Athletuc Repre Sel'1l'OfIVe ESTHER NEUSTATTER Her mlnd her klngdom her wnll her law Red Cross Club Chess Club Presldent C-lee Club Occupatlon Therapy Club Chemistry Club Speclal Chorus Christmas Assembl Chairman of Music Commlttee for lnau ural Lust Y 9 of Honor Vlctory Corps AT MARY MOU Jon-IN NAPOLITANO ESTHER NEUSTATTER 5 fe LOUISE NlcHo1.soN CATHERINE NI GILBERT NacKLAs CHOLS THOMASINE N 'CHOL5 CATH ERI NE NICHOLS A jest breaks no bones Typing Club Secretary C-lee Club lnter class Basketball THOMASI NE NICHOLS Attractive to the ooomph degree Four Square Club Masquers Club Clee Club Hockey LOUISE NICHOLSON You see her laughing you think she s all fun but the angels laugh too at the good she s done Latin Club Clee Club French Club Four Square Club Pres: dent Homeroom Vice President President American Educa mittee Student Officer Cabinet Member List of Honor Non Athletic F Senior Inaugural Write up Editor GILBERT NICKLAS A good athlete- nuf sand Ethical Club Secretary President Boys Leaders Club J V and Varsity Football J V and Varsity Basketball J V and Varsity F Varsity Baseball Minor F II ' II D I A 1 1 ' I II ' ll . I ' I I ' Il ' f I I I I ll . ' ' 1 I 1 I n I 1 n J '- 1 ' 1 1 ' tion Week Assembly, Coaching Certificate, Junior Day Comf 1 I 1 1 ' - ll ll - - - 1 ' 1 ' ' ll ' 1 - ll I . l - p 1 'J . I I . I ' . , . . , . . I ' ' Il Il ' ' ll ll I I Y ERLE NORTON 4AROLD NOVFY ERLE NORTON Modesty becomes a man JV Lacrosse J V Football Inter class Athletlcs Home room Sergeant at Arms HAROLL NOVEY Cons amy as the foundation ct virtue Stamp Club Llbrary Club Non Athletuc F Masquers J Nr Soccer Inter class Athletics ELIZABETH NUSSF UM Thou a t as great IH thought as In action Four Square Club Chemistry Club Non Athletic F Press Ping Rong Inter 1 lass Athletnrs Press Representative HOWARD OI FIT A bad as the worst as good as the best Frosh Soph J V and Varsity Basketball Varsity Tennus Inter class Football Homeroom Vice President J J J Sfi 'Q I-low ARD OFFIT M xzfxerw NUSSBNI at bw! -an SYLVAN OFFIT Leadership ln has heart Opportunaty Club Boys Leaders Club Inter class Athletlcs Frosh Soph Basketball Junlor Class Vuce Presndent Home room Vlce Presldent Sports Editor of Press Non Athletuc F Chairman of Tree Plantmg Commlttee HARRY ORTIZ Has the man wlth an Idea ever changed the world Aeronautucs Club Homeroom Secretary J V Football and Letter Varsity Track Major F Flrst And Corps VERNON OSBOURNE Llfe IS short but art IS eternal Clee Club Masquers President Art Club Radio Work Shop Non Athletic F Opportunity Club Senior Play Read :ng Committee J J J Portraits Scenery Slnglng Twelfth Nught Actor Art Edutor Forester EDNA PANOS Intent to reason pollte to please Clee Club Tennns Inter class Athletics Numerals Write up Staff of Forester Victory Corps Red Cross Club VERNO N OSBO URNE FD NA pANU-S -P SYLVAN OFFIT HARRY ORTIZ .6-'W' aft PETERMAN ER D PFEFF RICHAR JOHN PETERMAN "Better late than never." Forest Park Press Prom Committee RICHARD PFEFFER I am resolved to grow tall Inter class Athletics J J J MARY WEAVER PH I PPS A Iovd honord much respected trlend C-lee Club Chemlstry Club HELEN PIEL A friend worth having and retaining Chemistry Club Scout Club Four Square Club Department of Sales and Publlclty Non.AthIetlc F Inter class Basket ball Softball Ad Commuttee MARY WEAVER IHIPPS HELEN PIEI , . ll ' II - I - . . 11 1 1 Q - 11 1 1 ' , . ,, . . . , ,, 1 1 1 - ' - II ll 1 1 ' 1 1 ' . nw, I I . 5 .fl ' t P' ix, . ., as , 22 -W -tfartf . . , : 'S' ' 'Z "3 'W I 1 .3 . , A f 3.7" -1223 3545.1-3 1 3 Y 17 '-ff' 336 BFT7 Y 2 2 2 foo PITTMAN BETTY LOU PITTMAN Prnde Pomp and Curcurnstance 'nter class Athletncs NORMA POLAND S I ce ns more musical than any song r en Typnng Club Lust of Honor JANE POULTON Success treads on the heals of every rught effort tnve Press Representative Chaur Clee Club Class Represento Arnerncan Educatlon Weelf man of Chnstmos Comrnnttee Assembly PEGGY QUARLES Speech IS great Sllence greater Representative Clee Club J J J Stamp JANE POULTON PEGGY OUARLES IVORN1 A POLAND 'Q Q r ll ' ' ll I I ' ' t - . 11 - 1 - 4 11 , , H - H A 1 I 1 ' I . ll ' ' II , . . , . , ., . , ,-gi: ,, , fr.: .1 ELEANOR REDMOND THOMAS REEDER ELEANOR REDMOND Better to be small and shine Four Square Club Varsity lce Skatnng Press Representatuve Student Offucer Secretary to Senate THOMAS REEDER A most lncomparable fellow breathed to an untnrable an continual goodness Opportunlty Club Secretary of Boys Leaders Club J V Foot Ball Vorslty Football Track JV F Manor and Major F Cafe Captain Homeroom Presldent ALBERT W RHINE JR Radlo Club School Electncnan BURNETT RIVERS Too wnse to blunder too good to be unkind Plano Club Treasurer of C-lee Club Homerocm President Augsburg Home Committee Tree Planting Committee J J J Cadet Corps Specnal Chorus RHlN ALBUM W 3x BRN?-TT RNFPS Q f l' ' I 'f S T- ll ' II . I ' J I . I , . ,, . . d ' II . ' , 1 1 - ' ' ' II II ' ' I I I ' ' I II II A ' ' I I ' . , . "Deeds are better than words." , . ,, . V 11 , . . 1 . I . I . F . I I I ' ' , . E, 5' 'L F ALFRED ROBINSON SHIRLEY ROCKBERGER ALFRED ROBINSON He broke no promase served no prlvate end gained no tltle lost no frnend Aero Club Opportunlty Clu Offncer Captann of Victory Corps b JJJ JV Football Student SHIRLEY ROCKBERCER To make the world a frlendly place she shows to It a friendly ace Typrng Club Offnce Practnce Homeroom Secretory Rang Com mnttee J J J Club and Transcrlptnon Staff of Forester STEVE RODKY There s a time to wnnk as well as to see J V Fotball JV F ELAINE ROGERS To see her as to luke her Fnrst And Club Nurse s And Press Reporter STEVE RODK Y ELAINE R 69 OGERQ Lf- H fjgsfsif ' " A I . f 1 .f ff, - , L , , , ll Jff V .iw . ,L R, .. f"?,'ff .lsf ff- N' Q , . 4 3. , M4 V I M..,f" 4. - .. l ,, . . . . 1 1 1 - ll , , . . ., . . , , . ,, . . . 1 f Il I 1 I Y - ' - ll 11 , . . ., . 11 1 - - 11 11 II . . , . . . ll - - ll , ,V .. V I .bvr I I . s HARRWT R0 ROSEMAN MISHEL ROSEMAN There s a hldden meanmg In has gran Aeronautics Club Lust of Merit HARRIET ROSENBERG God hath gaven her a womans charms together wnth a woman s tongue Masquers Latln Club Chemistry Club Four Square Club Flower Committee Senlor Prom Commvttee Coach Student Offncer Homeroom Treasurer Victory Corps Inter clas Athletics Press Reporter DAVID ROSENBLATT They accomplish much who dlllgently and falthfully toll Chess Club Secretary Vice Presudent Opportunity Club Coachlng Certlflcate Boys Coaching Director Lust of Das tmctlon SYLVIA ROSENSTADT None but herself could be her equal lm shorthandl Shorthand Club ENBERLJ DAVID ROSENBLATT SYLVIA ROSENSTAD H JEAN RUBIN ERBERT RQSEN HERMAN RUDOLPH THAL JULIUS R OSENTHAL ww your V 9' 1109011 fk av -so eww.. 414 X fwdyn BERT ROSENT C497 A frlend In need IS a friend Indeed lnter class Athletlcs Numerals Varsity Baseball Major F Ring Committee Lust of Merit l JULIUS ROSENTHAL Of scnence and logic he chatters Pmg Pong Club Chess Club Radno Workshop lnter class Athletics Student Offncer JEAN RUBIN Her eyes have a language of their own Shorthand Club lnter class Athletics HERMAN RUDOLPH Phllosophy personified Inter class Athletlcs JUNE RUPP MINNA SALIT I? as T It X JUNE RUPP She has an answer to everythmg Typlng Club Clee Club Inter class Athletucs Student Coach Lust of Honor MINNA SALIT Where there s smoke there s fire Masquers Shorthand Club Inter class Athletlc Repr ser tatuve Press J J J Four Square Club Wrnte up Statf Student Offucer Amerncan Educatlon Week Assembly Latun Club NANCY SANNER A qulet tongue shows a wlse hand Scrlbblers Club Chemistry Club Cna h Table Tennis Team Student Offncer RUTH SCHINDLER She walks with beauty Typing Club Otfnce Practice Press Report lypust on Press Sensor Prom Committee Senior Inaugural ranscruptuon Edu tor ot Forester Secretary of Senate ea mm-I SCHINDL NANCY SPXNNEP l APl L C.HlAl VINO Her tnents ore the more sule mt Kuna Jlrl Table Tennns Club Vice Presldent ana rr s lent lypnng L.lul: Inter class Athletics Varsutx Table T nnls Nurnerals N nrr F List of Hono DYRK SLHNICK :hen helgh ho fle holly thus lufe IS most jolly Qefl F S Fly, Infpr fins: Athletlcs lx umerols HAROI D CCHOOLNICK Subtle as on avolanche J V Soccer Varsity Softball Press Representatlve lnter class Footboll and Softball LORETTA SCHULTE Women of few words are the best women Chemistry Club Fencnng Inter class Basketball Hockey and Softball 'YN HAROLD SCHQOLNICK K LORETTA Sc HUL IF 2 415 ISABEL SCHIAFFINO DYRK SCHINCK TZ new scx-ww AR PEGGY SCHWARTZ She opens her mouth wlth humor and wlsdom Latm Club Glee Club lnter clo Hockey Volley Ball Var snty Swlmmlng Amerlcon Education Week Assembly REBA SCHWARTZ A popular applause to one who slngs with sweet charms ulee Club Class Presldent J J J Current Events Commlttee MORTON SCHWARTZMAN Prlnt It and shame the fools Opportunity Club Non Athletic F Assocuate Editor Edntor un Chlef of Press Publlcnty Committee Play Readnng Com mrttee J J J Prevrew Cabinet THEODORE DAVID SCHWARTZMAN An unextnngunshed laughter shakes the sky Drum and Bugle Corps Student Advisory Commlttee Chemns try Club Ctlee Club Non Athletic F Inter class Athletics . I . '. ' SF ' ' I I ' ' '1 rl - - ll . u . I -1 n . 1 'lla' t . v I ' T ' . . ' - Il - - I 11 I - ll 11 I I - J - I I ' 1 ' J. J. J. 1 I 1 MORTON SCHWARTZMAN THEODORE DAVID SCHWARTZMAN CLIFFOR D SEGR 'Wes CLIFFORD SEGRAVES Slow but sure Ethlcal Club J V and Varslty Soccer Fare Flghter Squad HAROLD SELIGMAN Well done good and faithful servant CI b Nonfxthletnc Latm Club C-lee Club Boys Opportunity u k I ter class Football Homeroom Vice F Varsity Trac n Presudent Representatlve Sports Editor of Press Publncny Commlttee Junior Prom Committee J J J Cafe Oftlcev A an Education Assembly Forester ' Co Editor un Chuef mernc RAYMOND SHAFFNER All s right with the world Inter class Athletics LEATRICE SHAW Gentle In manner Pang Pong Club Open Forum Chemistry Inter class Hockey Basketball Softball Flower Committee tor Inaugural Amer: can Education Week Assembly Vuctory Corps 1:-'97 RAYMOND SHAFFNER LEATRICE SHAW HAROLD 5 ELIGMAN FORCE SHEPTFR STUART SHPRHZ GEORGE SHEPTER An easy minded fellow and anwa,s was Scout and Aero Club Drum and Bugle Corps Augsburg Home and Cbrlstmas Entertammenf Jursutv Track and Soccer Eure Fughtmq Squad STUART SHPRITZ Good scout what s mc re a pal a fllE,YlJ Ping Pong Club Boys Opportunity Club l :and Varsity Basketball Varsity Tennis lnter classl tball Homero n' Presldent Prom Cammlttee ESTE' LE SILVER Her face IS her fortune and runs Into a nlce figure Latin Clul: Cvlee Club Class Representative Rang Commuttee J J J American Education Week Assembly FRED SILVER A boy well-worth knowing. Art Club Opportunity Club Non-Athletic F ' Art Staff of Fo ester J. J. J. ESTELLE SWVESR 1-R 1 all-VER S CLARA SILVERMAN ARRY SILVERMAN LARA SILVERMAN Self poised Imperial yet of simple ways shorthand Club Mnlltary Clerucal Clee Club J J J ARRY SILVERMAN My ambltlon IS to make business my pleasure and pleasure my buslness Varsity Baseball Inter class Athletrcs Class Vice Presndent Scrapbook Chalrman Lust of Honor BYLVIA SILVERMAN No bigger than a soft whlsper Latln Club Glee Club Table Tennss Chemlstry Club J J J Prevnew FRANCES SLAC-EL Happy and satnsfned '-lomeroom Secretary Y LVM my ERMAN FRANCES l If - - - h - ll - , , . , , , . . , I . 1 ,, . . . . ' II 4 I ' 1 ' f - , . II 4 ' II I I I I ' Il ' ' ll . . . ' I Q ,W v I ll f rl 2 . V, ', If L I f sz! D , V. ,,4, . s JDO ' 1 ' . " 7 1 iff C V iff , A 1 J i Y Y 9' ALTEL 77 aff' M JANICE 5l'lNt JANICE SLINE Cood manners IS the art of maklng frlends Shorthand Club Current Events Commlttee DONALD SMITH Iron hand In a velvet glove Inter class Softball Athletic Representatlve HOWARD SMITH Silence as the frlend that wlll never betray Inter class Basketball and Football WILLIAM SMULYAN Too much effort causes over exertion Aeronautics Club DONALD SMITH HOWARD SMITH WILLIAM SMULYAN R' I MARIA HARRY SNYDER N YRK HAROLD SOBER ESTELLE MARIAN SMYRK A good heart never changes but keeps to Its course truly Latln Club Girls Leaders Club J V Hockey Volley Ball Vorsnty Hockey Fencing Manor F Homeroom President Lust of Honor ESTELLE SNYDER A mldsummer nights dream Shorthand Club Mllltary Clencal Inter class Volley Ball Homeroom Treasurer Vice President HARRY SNYDER Gentle manner with a wllllng hand Craftsman Club Non Athletic F J J J Homeroom Pres: dent School Electrician HAROLD SOBER When the angels and the devnl get together Latln Club Chemistry Club Inter class Athletics Athletic Representative Representative BETTY ANN SPRUIL JOY PIXON STAHL BETTY ANN SPRUIL A work of real merit flnds favor at last Clee Club Danclng Club J J J Horneroom Secretary Home room Vlce Presudent JOY DIXON STAHL Wlth her It s no sooner sand than done Latin Club Varsity J V Hockey lnter class Athletlcs Numerals Minor F Major F J J J Girls Leaders Club FULLER STRAWBRIDCE Art IS Indeed not the bread but the wlne of lnfe Scrlbblers Club Art Club Non Athletic F Homeroom President Vuce Presudent Representatlve J J J Student Ad vlsory Commnttee Student Officer Honor Roll JEAN ELLEN SUTTON A devotee of sport vlvaclous careful frollcsome Typnng Club C-lee Club C-urls Leaders Club Flrst Vlce Presldent Inter class Athletlcs J V and Varsuty Hockey Numerals Minor and Major F Presldent Badminton Club HomeroomOff1cer Forester Sports Staff Forester Repre sentatnve J J J Student Offncer Lust of Honor WBRlD6E A FULLER STR J EAN ELLEN N SUTT oN up 1 J 11 - - 11 1 1 ' ' '1 1 F 11 - - 1 - 11 1 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 - 11 11 - 11 11 - 1 1 1 1 - ' -1 - 11 - Q - - 11 , . - 1 v 11 11 1 1 ' 1 1 - 1 1 ' - '1 F 1 1 ' 11 , - - - 11 . , , . , . , . . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' r 1 - - 11 11 - - 1 1 1 - 11 11 11 11 1 1 1 - - '1 1 ' ik' MORTON TE NNER MORTON SWIMMER PAY SYKES M MORTON SWIMMER Days of youth are days of joy Craftsman Club Press Representative Ad Representative FAY SYKES She dnd nothing so nicely It became somethnng Four Square Club Pnng Pong Shorthand Club Inter class Athletncs Numerals Press Representative MORTON TENN ER A quiet and constant friend Camera Club Forester Photographer Honor Roll MARCELLA TERLITZKY Sllence IS full of potentlal wlsdorn Vlctory Corps NN ARCELL A T ERLITZKY 81 T ERRY x DONALD UNM RICHARD DAMIAN TERRY Now there IS a man Varslty Football Major F Student Offlcer DONALD TINARI Ambition has no rest Opportunity Club Aeronautncs Club Craftsman Club Red Cross Club JV and Varslty Track J V Letter Varsity Soccer Homeroom Presndent Fnre Fughtmg Squad MELVI N TROSCH He s all sunshine Pmg Pong Club Shorthand Club Varsity Tennis Major F Homeroom President Press Sports Staff Lust of Merlt RUTH ELIZABETH TRUMPLER She spends her life In solitary reflnement Homeroom Secretary Chemistry Club 3 1 MELWN TROSCH RUTH ELIZABETH TRUMPLER GLADYS VANTAM AN CLADYS VANTAMAN The Ideal of courtesy wut grace charm Rmerlcan Consular Club Lnbrary Club Red Cross Club Inter class Athletncs Class Secretary and Treasurer DOMINICK VESPICNANI Never takes anything too seriously Frosh Soph J V Track Numerals Homeroom President PHILIP VODENOS Well done IS better than well sand Chemistry Club Open Forum Club Vice Presldent Inter class Athletics Lust of Honor Homeroom Vlce President LEONORE VOLK Clee Club Mosquers Radno Work Shop Four Square Club Chemnstry Club Archery Inter class Athletics Homeroom Secretary Press Reporter Junlor Prom Commuttee Scrapbook Commuttee Wrlte up Staff J J J Student Offncer l I 1 X Il - , - II . ' 1 ' ' ' I I I 1 ll ' ' Il ' I ' ' I 1 . - II ' ' II "She's the mint in the julip of joy." . I I I ' I 1 ' ' . 1 I I I I - I . . . . I ,J 17 .I H I , PHILIP VODENOS LEONORE VOLK BERNICE wAcHs BERNICE WACHS Knowledge comes but wisdom lmgers BETTY JANE WAGGAMAN Shorthand Club Art Club Commercial Handbook Coach J J J Lust of Merit BETTY JANE WAGC-AMAN Everything splendld IS rare C-lee Club Red Cross Club J J J Chrustmos Assembly Homeroom Vnce Presldent RANDOLPH WALKER Tall and lots of quolnty to go with the quantlty Presldent Red Cross Club Scout Club American Counselor Club Treasurer Opportunity Club Treasurer Boys Leaders Club Varslty Basketball Varsity F MARY LEE WALLER She s worth her weight In gold Art Club Chemistry Club Student Officer RANDOLPH WALKER M ARY Lee W ALLER WASSERMA N WILMER BEVERLY WALTERS ELLEN WASSERMAN BEVERLY WALTERS I have heard of the lady and good words went with her name Latln Club Red Cross Club Forester Representatnve Sensor Inaugural Commnttee Student Offlcer Victory Corps ELLEN WASSERMAN Unthnnkmg Idle wlld and young She laughed danced talked and sung Shorthand Club J V Basketball Cheer Leader Press Repre sentatlve Llbrary Bulletin Board Committee Homeroom Secretary RICHARD WASSERMAN Success begms wlth a fellow s wlll Chemnstry Club Inter class Athletics Numerals Homeroom Secretary Prom Committee J J J Student Oftucer WILMER WEBSTER Behold the charms the women adore Scout Club Treasurer Opportunity Club Ethical Club Boys Leaders Club J V Soccer Varsity Soccer Track Student Court Judge WEBSTER 8 5 EP JEANETTE WHEEL NANCY LEE WHITMORE ROBERT wn.1.s OCK cl-mRLoTTE WEST CHARLOTTE WEISTOCK Out of the abundance at the heart the mouth speaks L atln Club Four Square Club Open Forum Club Clee Club Chemistry Club Class Basketball Valley Ball Rang Commit tee Christmas Committee Forester Staff U S O Cam palgn Lost and Found Coach Cadet Corps Honor Rall JEANETTE WHEELER She gave with a jest and she gave her best Art Club Inter class Athletics Coach U S O Cam tt mn ee Scenery for Audltorrum NANCY LEE WHITMORE Silence IS golden Inter class Athletics ROBERT WILLS Folly doth walk with hum Radno Club Aeranautlcs Club J V Track Inter class Ath 'letucs A A Representative R1ngCammlttee J J J Assistant Manager af Track Numerals Y P , I 1 J T T rv 4 ' 1 3 - . . 1: i , , QW 11 ll A , . 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' - 11 Il 1 1 1 ' ' ' - 1 1 1 1 - ' 11 - - 11 1 ' 1 ' 1 I I I .4 WM, ,Y ' ' lf' ' ..3 T:ly!53',l 11 - - ll II ' ' ll 1 1 ' - 1 T ' 1 - ' 1 1 ' ' '1 , . GOLDIE WOLFSON AUDREY JANE WOODALL f is BETT RUTH WILSON BETTY WILSON So sweet you get a lump ln your throat when thlnklng of her Latln Club Four Square Club Varsity Hockey Numerals Mnnor F Inter class Sports Home Nursing Cnrls Leaders Club Fenclng Archery Fnre Flghtmg Representative Coach RUTH WILSON A good name IS worth more than rlches Art Club Inter class Basketball COLDIE WOLFSON A luttle humor now and then as relished by the wisest men Shorthand Club Inter class Volley Ball J J J Coach AU DREY JANE WOODALL Sentnmental as babnes shoes War Stamp Representatlve Student Officer IH' ROBERT YOUNG HARRIET ZABRISKIE ROBERT YOUNG Late to start-But nothing missed. Varsity Cross Country and Track Student Officer HARRIET ZABRlSKlE A charming manner and a winning way Glee Club Library Club Chemistry Club Non Athletic F J V Basketball Inter class Deck Tennis inter class Volley Ball Numerals l-lcmeroom Secretary and Treasurer Student Officer SYLVIA ZATMAN As fine a smile as youll meet in a mile Latln Club Shorthand Club Homeroorn Treasurer Fduca tion Week Assembly Homeroom Vice President PEGGY ZIEMANN Sweet enough to be rationed Latin Club Four Square Club Scout Club Girls Leaders Club Varsity Hockey Inter class Athletics Minor F Mayor F President of l-lomeroom Representative Student Officer List of Merit l N PEGGY UEMAN AN SYLVVA ZATM mm 674255 WMZW5 794 John Hopkins-modest, help- ful president of June '43 has led the class through a suc- cessful senior year. Taking over this executive position at the start of the sub-senior year, John has gained the popularity and admiration of all his classmates by his wil- lingness to work. Class Officers: lLeft to rightl-Sonia Desser, Robert Andrews, Betty Clark, John Hopkins, Jean Benjamin, Larry Silverman. 'QQ ui' cg E ELAINE LAFAYE'lTE Subscription Editor HAROLD SELIGMAN Sei BIRDIE FALK Co-Editors-in-chief ...,.....,,i,77v. ,7...,.,.. H arold Seligman ond Birdie Falk Co-Business Managers Aii..ii,f ii.,..i,ii.... J ames Eacho and Louis Marcus Co-Advertising Managers s..,....... ...,,..,, M ilton Fox, Jr. and Morton Marcus Photography Editor ...,..o.,.........,....... .....,........,,.........,c..c,,...............,, W ilson Hoerichs Assistants ..c... --- .... -L-- - ..................,... -..Myron Ashman and Morton Tenner WRITE-UP STAFF Editors ,...,.......................,...........,..................,........ Morton Meyer and Louise Nicholson Marilyn Harris Harry Snyder John Hopkins Morton Marcus Milton Fox Virginia Adams P SUCVER Beverly Walters Beulah Massimini U 'Qty Onager Leanore Volk Wilma Jolson Edna Panos it vIvIAN DAVIS and ROY BRENNER MORTON MEYER and LOUISE WCHOLSON RHODA MosER Sports Editors Write-UP Editors FEATHERS MILTON Fox, Jr. and MoRToN MARCUS W'L5ON HOEWCHSI MYRON ASHMAN, Co-Advertising Managers MORTON TENNER :ul--'W nw ffl 0125 W JAMES EACHO and LOUIS MARCUS Co-Busmess Managers CLUB STAFF Editors Helen Brown and Joyce Carrol Wnlluam Davndson Betty Ford Harriet Rosenberg SPORTS STAFF Editors Roy Brenner and Vlvran Davls Randolph Walker Bob Young ART STAFF Robert Andrews Wlllnam Hogarth and Vernon Osbourne Transcnphon Edltors Emily Meyer and Ruth Schindler Publlcnty Manager Fred Silver Subscription Manager Elaine Lafayette 1 HELEN BROWN JOYCE CARROLL Club Edltors EMILY MEYER RUTH SCHINDLER Transcription Edntors THE STAFF OF THE FORESTER JUNE 1943 Y A "' I 13. 'A , . . . I I . I J I I I l . I Q 4 Feature Editor ......................,r.,...,.,..........,.,........... ..L--------- ............. - .... ---Rhoda Moser i 'v n H- 1 f J I been ot Forest Pork to conform to the needs of o school ot he Victory Corps t e te n a world J -, at u 'H-op. .o, ' .,- I ' K , xv fl . . ,iv sh F" , ' r' I.. Q , -a' -. - . "nn- Y .ff ' , ,fr I r .lv,,4 f ' f o x W - - .. A-'Q - 2 -' ' , 'f-4' . , ' va- tu " Y, u ew V- ps X . il Y' dr 4 Q l xl ,4 'F ' ,- ' " 4 , Q ,f 1 ,' in ,- i - A I kv 'K ' x . "'! . pg ' I- . D ff' . 7 ' , 1. , vu.-.. ' , 0 rm ' ' ,. . , ,-,.. A 3'-v qaibaf A.. f:: f5"?" "" ff. qi' we f ,Vw , ., -4. lid, -' .,.,, hw 4 I . Xiu, 5 A A , - A i. , 'iv . . .I , f -al .- ..' ' f ' f ,A-Af - ..: '-f . '- 'fssf " 'Y N " ' . r 4. .1- .ul Q g. . ,Arr 1 ' . 4-ifhff Q ' f . ". -Q ., Vs 'Y S ,mq,, , : .y fa - Q3 . '51 'u' 1 ,-1.5, - .. ' " ' 1+ . gn, ' . LQ , . ' .I f3Fw3't"7-gflg' ,'.' if - f .14 - . 3" .gn ,. - x Q., f A., ,- . . bk, D: :Hy In M . era" fr' ,V x ,.. ,' "wr N' 'X , + x.:f:f's ' A 3 Q, 4' - nQ,ff. . '2'T Mp, ,KBS igfxfsiafr f la .41 '.' if A '. 'l ., 4 F- . -fl 1 x Sq S - '- v- - Jffyr' :X A." ' . P. A ' F Q. 'I , ,Q - , 'Aa'-fi.. ,ffgqlag 'I ' 1 - .. , '-2. " ' wiv 'fm-'12-W-fa:-'Y f . " ., : ,' fy, 'H' "YN: f' ' " .--49 .Q 1 '91, a ,iQ""7g -ff- .lfiya an 5, "P-,.ur ."1f, , , 2 ink 7 ,U J : 1 ,Q 5 f ,ff !'i,, 742' ffw' -1 'f.- " I' "". ,Q N,,' -1 'fa w, fr h 5-El'-:4??fgRf..?' ' 9' stag ilsg5 44. -A.-X W . . ff3f'y94,,, .-2 . . ' ,T Q' h- X: i ,7-fN?S,: 7 f-..':1t'ag,. , - , ..-"-qw 1-'A ,Y -rp, 1' 71? A-,Y '- I " " -w 7 . 3"-" x .lg "' Q' 1' ,NMS 1 , 4.1 T .xLi,,'gLv. -M-L hgvi 4 .' ,- .U n GIRLS' LEAD sas CLUB LUB E C Fcuk SQUAR QQ' 1 .uf .Iris 37. Q' ff ' X' 3 ar J 'Q 'ff J' 2 l f us Q. i TY Cl-UB i f, Q QPPORTUN' it I ir. ETHICAL CLUB BOYS' LEADERS CLUB The honor clubs ore the out- standing service clubs of the school, The membership in these clubs is considered to be one of the highest honors o Forester con receive ond is limited to those students who have shown some ouolity of Ieodership. PRESS STAFF These service clubs are the back- bone of Forest Park. The Bonds and Stamps Committee has taken care of War Stamps. A weekly newspaper is the result of the efforts of the "Press" Staff. The Coaching Department as- sists students who find difficulty in their subjects. COACHING DEPARTMEN All sales of tickets for school events are handled by the De partment of Sales and Publicity, while the Student Activit Bank takes care Y of the school's finances. DEPARTMENT OF SALES AND PUBLICITY REPRESENTAHVES CABINET ln order to practnce the hugh :deals of democratic govern ment these organnzatlons have been formulated It s through this partlclpatao Stude t n rn n government that we Foresters hope to U make better nnted States crtuzens s'fuoeNT COURT SENATE A INTE SHORTH CLUB AND CLUB N-l1!-FAISTR Y CLU B Our peace tame curricula has been extended to meet the demands of war time require ments Thus our after school actrvltnes whnch deal with our dally studies have now taken on a new and deeper purpose c ons rYPswRmNG ART CLUB bah MASQUERS ,, X... 'fd' W,.,,,g,:'f' LIBRARY CLUB GLEE CLUB OPEN FORUM CLUB HOME NURSING CLUB OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY FIRST AID CLUB The cultural aspects of our Ilfe those Ideals for which our nation IS flghtmg are bemg preserved and appreciated through many of our extra curricular actlvltles Stirred by the Victory Corps im- petus, Forest Park's airplane lovers have organized numerous fine clubs. They are thus able to improve or use their knowledge of motors, the differ- ent aircraft, nature of flying, radio and other important aviation interests. N, MODEL 'LAN MH if p,0LOGY METEO GI AERO vi: 11' YUUF Bm' 'iii' -I AIRCRAFT IDENTIFICATION E CAM OFLAUGE f0llfl IIB If in the athlehc department was the fun! tute a commando obstacle parhclpated their i K ,Y , ,al ,- 2 I V' , I 'I j'iit'1r . I' 1 4 ' ' 1-on ! V 'if O. . 1 v 'O ' BA I I' . L 09' ' A V 0 Q fx 'T' w ,AP 'viii' 44 1' gf 1, f' jaw, M 'ff 1 K vu: 1. f' . . In 4 4 W - .... . .v""..'L -Kring, R SA ,K x - .. a gg 1 ' , R 4 vp .- 7 g If I . Q f ' A I K v' 4, 1 T V 1. ' 1. -'Ql 1 L . il- - " , - -v . n n - , 'i Y - V lf u N x PYN ' . A K". . :xx xl U i N V V ,- - , . - 4'f' ' x ' 'V ' 'I 4 -, I t s N - ' X 4 A ,Q I lf .. . 1 N . ' ..' ., .' . Q NL . ' - - , , .Q , "'.' 4 w""' "' I I 4 H ,"',s 'v :Q f' ' if :-191, I ,t t A Ax Q , 'f ' ,-4-rl' 1, r-A . 1 A"' 0 - ' x ' 1 1 - , ' I ' 1' J L- 'l V K ' J .lf,j !,' K -4 . x -Tr, , ,q x f - f', 'SIL VN n Q.-. wfgJfN,ij- - ,a' ' ' Q -5 V A " ,a V ...f , Y f- 1 - '. - 'J'-1- ' W, K' gx ,, f A -1 A 'J' ,I - N at ,.. 1 L.. 'Xb V V ,f , r . , V..- x- - , X -.3 ,Q-1' V . . xx. 1.-g'-1Rx J-QL Q 'fr' -fp , -pf ,A Cl ,,N x 'fffyffis 4' 1 I I 103 I, xi L i A P an 6 xt, ,N B 4 FOREST PARK 13 PATTERSON PARK 'l0 FOREST PARK 0-SEVERN 0 h Fleldmg a startlng team of veterans Coach Although they outplayed t e heavner Severn John Boyda gunded has Green and Grey eleven to team Par rld a 'I3 to 'IO ln vantage a Pat as he Paul s T e hmd to score The Crusaders time But In the tack began to by Sklnny Hewltt Jacobson was a touchdown The penod when FOREST P The Foresters their grid to McDonagh on hampered by the juries the battle rnors proved no ably led by T :mx FOREST P flrst defeat at his Mt St Joe In all posltlons for the Gaels Joe as they the flrst second CCH19 e e when P 'Y ut The pnx Park and Calvert then' annual game als for the In the Sorenson and a run by Tom Gorman placed the ball on the opponents two-yard llne from where Jacobson scored Chalk tallued for Calvert Hall In the last perlod PARK 0-POLY 22 Polytechmc for three charges were overcome latter part of the game the the Poly team all over the that Forest Park would one drlve and a stubborn To offset thus Poly managed to turn a Green and Gray fumble unto a score and go on to compile a 22 0 tally FOREST PARK 0-CITY 33 By tackmg a 33 0 defeat on the Foresters helped Forest Park end a dlsapponntlng Dan Anders tallied three tlmes for The Cnty game saw many boys last game for the Green and Gray the June 43 boys were Jaeger Nncklas Terry Joyner Jones David Ortiz nd Bennett Thus was the flnal game in s reign as Coach at Forest Park H January to become an enslgn ln the States Navy . . . I . . I A , , V , gp, 9 ' 9 I . , b I h- H II - ll 1 ' ' I ' to . I . I , . l' ' . ' An , I ' 1 as ' ' 6-6. ' , ' , I d I I I I I th . N ' ' . e CROSS COUNTRY ln Its only meet of the season For est Parks Cross Country team de teated Mount Saint Joseph Robert Hodgson and Wllmer Webster ably contributed their efforts to the squad which was coached by Athletic Du rector Rex Sums BADMINTON The racket wlelders under the guidance of Mlss Edlth Manning went English on us xn a game of badmln and the lmpetuosnty of the new comers helped put In second place thus fall Beulah Masslmlnl Clorla George and Betty McGraw were the most out standlng players on the team VARSITY SOCCER three lost three and tled one for of the team . I 1 I - ll - ll . . . I 1 n Q I . ton. The experience of the veterans ' I I , . I Of thelr seven games Coach Henry Waskows varsity soccer squad won a mediocre record Charles Heyman and Jack Packard were the mam cogs FIELD HOCKEY "Every Corner is a Goal"-this is what Coach Lucy Hyde and Manager Betty Wolfel drilled into the hockey squad of l942. Although they did not win every game, they made a good show considering that the team was new except for a tew returning veter- ans-Jeanne Sutton, Marion Smyrk, Beulah Massimini, and Vivian Davis. The Jay Vee team came in second place. A l'BALL Jch, Mr. Sid l.lpoL.ll, Wu: ulullcu Ill l'T1ld'SeUSOn, the varsity cage squad turned in a win- ning average. Shpritz anci Jacobson were the high scorers of the team and were assisted by Otfit, Walker and The Axmans, Mr. August Jansen, who succeeded Mentor Lipsch, helped highlight the season with a decisive win over City. FENCING ' The fencing team, under the au- spices of Mrs. Brooks and Mr. Cohen, is advancing rapidly. 'The group this year has only three veterans on its roster, the other girls being promising newcomers. With this year's prac- tices to bank on, the prospect ot next year's team is very good. I lO7 TEN NIS BASKETBALL Tennis has proven to be one of the most popular sports at school Char lotte Cohen and Vivian Davis are back in the ranks side by side with the new aspirants The team having come in second place last year has high hopes of winning the Championship this Spring anno ,gf 'W' " 't1.5vs.A ICE HOCKEY In a closely contested league race Forest Park's Ice Hockey squad came in second behind Mt. St. Joe. The team won five games while losing only two and tying one Coach Walter Scheid s lads led by Roy Bennett Bob Burker and Bob Cunningham rank favorably with those of preceding years With but three veterans from last season as a foundation Coach Edith Manning tackled the Forest Park bas ketball schedule of l943 Although unable to strike up winning scores the team always played clean hard ball Buelah Massammi Charlotte Cohen and C-lorsa George were among the outstanding players on the team TRACK The track team, coached by Athletic Director Rex Sims, appeared very strong in the field division since Vince Kicas, Ted Davis and Tom Reeder remained from last year. Paul Beziat and Bob Young were promising new comers ' As. ' VOLLEYBALL With the interscholastic champion- ship in their hands for four consecu- tive years, the Green and Gray nine opened their 1943 season with high hopes. Coach Lucy Hyde's charges are being set through vigorous prac- tice sessions and promise to be strong contenders for the title. BASEBALL Mentor Sid Cohenl varsity baseball nine was composed ot veterans who show promise of compiling a good record. Herbert Rosenthal, Bob and Dick Axman and Stan Dawson were experienced and helped guide the team to a successful season. 109 TABLE TENNIS Table tennis no longer a club but an interscholastic sport, is advised by Mr. Dar- roeh. The group had a Round Robin Tournament, and the winning members automatic- ally became the varsity team. Forest Park came out in sec- ond place in the tournament held at Eastern High School. . LACROSSE The stickmen's hopes ap- pear bright since Jim Good- hand, Roy Bennett, Dick Ter- ry and Bob LaPorte returned from last year. Mr. lrv lMurphl Schuman took over Mr. William McClean's job as coach of the team. 110 Q BOYS' TENNIS Led by such veterans as Stuart Spritz, Howard Oftit, Mel Trosch and Charles Hey- man, the varsity tennis team is out to cop the league cham- pionship. Coach August Jan- sen's lads turned in a good showing last year and should have little trouble in winning the title. 1 L PHYSICIAL EDUCATION STAFF vw 4,1 The department of physical education at Forest Park IS headed by Athletic Director Rex Sums Mr lrv lMurphl Schuman coached the varsnty lacrosse and assisted Mr Walter Scheld with the varsity :ce hockey squad The varsnty baseball nlne and jay vee basketball team were guided by Mr Sud Cohen who came to Forest Park from Cnty College when Mr Sud Lnspsch varsity baseball basketball and major varsity football mentor left for the army Mr Johnny Boyda varsity football lacrosse and jay vee track coach left school early IH January to accept a commnssnon In the navy M Sums In addltlon to has other duties coached the varsity track and cross country teams whale Mr August Jansen guided the varsity tennns squad Mass Lucy Hyde coached gurls' fneld hockey and volley ball, whlle Miss Edith Mannmg gulded the gurls' basketball and badminton teams The gurls' tennns squad was coached by Mass Lucy Joueneay 1. A 1 ,,g,,,....,- f, -M' " 4 ' ' r 1 ! . , , ,...J.. .V-1 U R , . ' 'C J A . - 1 Q , 5 L- ,....a-I-V v ,, 5 0 1 f ,- .-----f ""' ' v 4 6 B I , , . ,,.. P.. ,V .J V . 'A , .,-no ,J- .-f I ' nf , . A - -14 N 1 5 , , ' ' an WI' 'Q , , , 1 J surf ' I ' I I . . , 1 ' 1 . l'. 1 1 tory have peace o schoolam P5039 ., ' 0 S we was am C75 ' 144-Cff 4,v!J cjltr-ALJ I ll 1 I H4 galil. nd f 424'14..f":4-1 MW zdfw' An-um ummm, ,609-QL," t 147'-Afif'-J,Zl.d-frr-LQ wW"'4Zw QQ'-ff1""":,w-ffwl PMN?-75, ' Q 4 mwfw WW WW awfdd mm an-dJ,a9uffJ4,4.-09' ,Q-un! Wmgifwf Rnfwwqx Aww? Zim Um Jfwu dc I5 sux 1 ' I' el . x 'A 0 I "' W day! I 'Il ' I . ' - 4 ' ilfifi 2 M ,if-Nt ' .K I: Y " . ' In - www wb" fffyv WW W' y7LJ pfvyaxmy WM ff Mmdwify f4LJ19mJ gww 4 W ' J fwuw AQ,w,d,,a-uAJ4cA.vv5A.ww7v iv f-415'-dJAJ'4vv'-1,5 :du f.wA.n22 mwah Jn,L4,aLwu-1V WWMMWMW an-"""a'U MWMJW ,ama.z,f:A.Jfn-..f,JQ..v,79n.,., azawagx fx N 5535351-H ' ' l W . . . , l 0 , ,l J If i 1 , A an I ' H7 'lfzffry-wud! 'tcdf' fan'-c1.JAu.4.4,,,,,e:--'---. ,wdjcwnwummqw 1 4 4 J Q ,WM , ad -'.. -GVAJIHJ A. 'AAICW-I-Jfanfdfvt ' 1 0,6 L AMNDAI. lr a,.,.4,.,,L.w,wf.duJ,a4fuf e l p in 1 w , - I il I. N !- , UN I 1' A WM f 1 f' 1' fl .f lf' ,.- Iv: lf' ' -,z' 1" . , J . HW 3 .,.' . '???QQ 'PC 'ff'-f 1 ,1.' ff- S , . 1, f t, inf 12,29 T2 , 3' 7 1 :fm M5-2461 Av,-Y-1 ,f A ' A C ,fn J-.1 f-1.frs- ,- BEA STENOTYPE SECRETARY SALARIES S2 000 to S3 200 up Learn STENOTYPY No Sugn No Symbol shorthand system Easy to write 150 to 250 words a minute on the nouseless portable Stenotypo rnachme English Prunt letters permit fast accurate transcrnptnon lNo Pre Stenographnc Trannnng Needed? Advantages of Stenotypy over Hand Written Shorthand mean 0 Bett r Pay 9 More Enloyable Work 9 Job Securnty In Wartime or Peacetlme 9 Greater Opportunities In Private Business Clvll Servlce Defense Work and Mllntary Service TYPING ENGLISH and OTHER BUSINESS COURSES also OFFERED Coeducahonal Day and Evening Classes Enroll Now For Summer or Fall Term STENOTYPE SECRETARIAL INSTITUTE 12 W Madlson St SAratoga 6910 BEST WISHES TO THE JUNE FORESTER COMPLIMENTS OF SYLVIA SILVERMAN Phones LIB 8100 8101 .I O Hughes Pres CQNSUMERS COFFEE COMPANY THE HUGHES LUMBER C0 2561 Edmondson Avenue LUMBER DEALERS Our truck passes your door Can we serve you? 5012 5026 Rensterstown Rd Arlington C0ff9e to SUIT CNY IGSTS BEAUTIFUL DRESSES CASH CREDIT FOR STREET EVFNING DIAMOND JIM BRADYS Inc S10 95 and UD JEWELERS and OPTICIANS Jumor sizes as well as Misses nz The Diamond Center of the South s es JEANETTE BECK Calvert 1727 106 N EUTAW ST BEL PARK RESTAURANT UNIQN WALL pApER co SPECIALIZING IN SEA FOOD Special Luncheons Regular Dmners FAYETTE and GREENE STREETS 5143 Park Heights Ave Phone Llbeny 4678 BALTIMORE MARYLAND COMPLIMENTS OF Thanksng You For Your Patronage MR and MRS MAX BERMAN During the Past 36 Years COMPLIMENTS OF MILTON PHARMACY DR E M BRODSKY MARYLAND PLATING CO Inc COMPLIMENTS OF MR and MRS J WILLIAM BROOME Now Engaged IOOV? an Our Countrys War Program, Wlll Again Full Your Electro BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS from BOB BURKER Plating Needs After Vuctory I I ll ' ll I . . . I . , . e . I I ' I I O I O By a Friend of H3711 1 ' - Q I . - 1 .I I I I - I , . . . . . H , I, . . . I . . . ., . ' I THE ARUNDEL CORPORATION BALTIMORE MARYLAND DredgIng ConstructIon EngIneerIng AND DISTRIBUTORS OF SAN D GRAVEL STONE AND COMMERCIAL SLAG HOOD COLLEGE He ryl Stoh AM DD LLD Presdet cedted II ge f A cI d BS e c ache to g Tw Ive o e REGISTRAR HOOD COLLEGE FREDERICK MD COMPLIMENTS OF Globe Solvents Co Inc Bt eMd ROLLER SKATING C O L I S E U M 2201 N MONROE sr EV s 8t II MATINEES sm 8. s 2 5 FRI MoRNINcs-Io to I COMPLIMENTS OF S S KRESGE COMPANY 3805 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D COMPLIMENTS GOOD HUMOR COMPLIMENTS TO CHOCKIE WEISTOCK FROM A E Rl E N I: CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT R d M ll S e 1211 1213 E 25th St I n . r, . ., . ., . . i n Ac r i co e or women. .B. n . . in Hom E onomics. " ' Te r. r inin . e m d rn weII-equipped buildings. I25 CICFGS. EAST AVE. cmd TQQNE ST. For catalogue address A n ol imor , . E. 0 ' ' ' - . un. - D u Chesapeake Supply 84 Equipment C OF . . . allroad an I upplI s EATIINXIBURNETT BUSINESS CIIILEGE Spec al es In BUSINESS EDUCATION MORRIS BLDG DAY and NIGHT Offer ng Moden Tho ough Sec etor al Charles 8, Sal-afo SCHQQL Stenog ophc Bookkeep g Acco tng Plaza 1453 ond Complete B s ness Courses fi Funeral Home of 5 WILLIS LIIMonEIIu WALBROOK THEATRE r' J gf H532 ganna We ha o de o d t make e most b a tif l tab!! hme t o ts ki d 1 B ti ly I tt It THE USE OF OUR HOMI IS WITH OUT EXTRA COST TO OUR PATRONS E WILLIS LAMOREAU Succenor to Jo ph B Cook Fun ID1 ct 4510 Llborty Hdlghtt Ave A HIIIldI d F0 rest 4848 J I SE as I 1003 w sAI.1'IIvI8IIl rr :rr PI ous Phone LIB 4147 Hours 9 A M to 8 P M ARLINGTON BEAUTY SHOPPE BETTY SMITH Prop 5I26 ReIstertowrI Rood WE DO ALL LINES OF BEAUTY CULTURE IIUIZLER BISQTIIEIQ Gi COMPLIMENTS OF THE INDUSTRIAL SALES COMPANY BALTIMORE MD JOHN G GREER 8. CO Inc IRON AND STEEL BALTIMORE, Mo Fo est 7225 Mod so 4836 3IOO W North Ave HILTON THEATRE Madnon 4836 Forest 7225 311719 W North Ave HARFORD THEATRE U versty 3715 26I6 Horford Ave OORSUCI-I S T W I S H E HOWARD W JACKSON MAYOR of BALTIMORE fmrxteinff' JEWELERS and OPTICI ANS IO35 LIGHT STR LT BALTIMORE Mo COMPLIMENTS OF GENERAL REFINING CO COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D An I In I f i iz i r , r r i r i , in , un i u i , I r we ' ,aft " 'Lyla L . 0' A R Y- I I H ,L 'I E- 'fi I 'T ' 2 ' ' 3 W,- -,.L-1.5! . . - . "' ' L, 'TA' is 2 R ,,. A ff I N ve n av re o this th e u u es 's n X u f 1 n 'n al more You are cordial nvlted to come Ol' In and see the unusual se ing of ou new home with s lovely gardens and spacl s driveways. I .re . N ora 're or X I ao R . ni I Ono Block East of Gwynn Oak unctio W tll I taln our downtown ' lea .isI1m:I'1: nwhoro we have been of Jaco od vor Kenra A ua :J I , . . , Y I . E- , . 1 - ' I o I Compllments of FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICERS PRESIDENT Dr Rlley Wllllamson VICE PRESIDENT Marlon Davls TREASURER Doris Struven RECORDING SECRETARY Allayne Lelght CORRESPONDINC SECRETARY Charlotte Rau ADVISER Mlss Cenevleve P Butler ASS T ADVISER Dorls Struven ACTIVITIES Alumnl Dances for Graduatmg Classes Student And Fund Social Meetlngs Organ Fund Board Meetings Alumni Chorus Athletic Compensation Fund SCHOLARSHIP FUND Alumni vs Varsnty Basketball and Ice Hockey Congratulat ons a d best w shes to the Graduates from IIQJQIHQLIPPP BALTIMORES FINEST HOTEL GOUCHER GARMENT COMPANY FAYETTE a d HANOVER STREETS Lad es Coats and Su ts COMPLIMENTS OF THE Segell-Majestic Studio COMPLIMENTS or ROBERT LAPORTE ROBERT YOUNG ARMACOST FUNERAL HOME Harry N Armacost 4202 RIDGEWOOD AVENUE L be ty l5l9 Liberty 0456 COMPLIMENTS OF THE ANN LEWIS SHOP WURZBURGER S The Up town Specialty Shop 5lOO PARK HEIGHTS AVE FO est 5 IOO STOKOL STOKERS CUMBERLAND COAL co 2l7 E REDWOOD ST Phone CA 5300 H. W. STIGLER Watchmaker 47lO LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE O I - . . . . . i n I I N i r or ' I I ll ll n - i ' i . r Y M C A Schools 60 YEARS IN BUSINESS EDUCATION Offerlng a varlety of buslness courses and subjects for young men and young women Baltimore College of Commerce Maryland s Oldest School of Accountnng and Business Management Courses an Accountung Business Management Credit lvanagement Traffic Management C P A Review Also wade variety of unut subjects such as Aavertlsmg Auoutmg nngusn I-'uollc opeamng oalesmansnup mc Tax Corporotnon Fmance Statlstucs Economucs etc Evening classes Y M C A Business College Shorthand Typewrntmg Secretarual General Clerlcal Bookkeeping Business Machines Cnvnl Servnce Revlew Courses lndnvndual mstructxon and progress begun any time Moderate tuntuon convenuent payments Morning afternoon or evenlng classes send for catalogue Educational Office YMCA Schools Room 400 Central Y M C A Bulldmg Franklln 8. Cathedral Sts Baltimore Telephone Lexlngton 7350 COMPLIMENTS OF The Louis Marcus Corp Manufacturers of Masses, Womens and Jumors Coats and Suits NEW YORK CITY 500 Seventh Ave BALTIMORE MD Mount It Eagle Sts. CHICAGO ILL. 318 W. Adams St. Products are sold by leadmg department stores and specialty shops throughout the country. l l l I O I e . . I . u . I . . .X I . , . . . . . .. . .. .... .. .. ,. .. I . . I I . . , I urne I I . I I ' onlyg send for catalogue , Q 4 O O O O I .. I . I . I . I. . I I I ' 5 . . . I . . ' . ' : - 1 s Q n o 1 1 D I I I a s e 1 I of e I O o 1 o I coMPLIMENTS OF MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM KEYSTONE SELF SERVICE MARKE 4028 Belvedere Avenue SAVE BY SERVING YOURSELF COMPLIMENTS NEW YORK LOAN OFFICE COMPLIMENTS OF Western Maryland College WESTMINSTER MD COMPLIMENTS MADAME J COMPLIMENTS MARCO SHOE COMPANY COMPLIMENTS JOSEPH SACKS J W SCHAFER Dependable Eatables 5300 GWYNN OAK AVE TH E MART, Inc Womens Mlsses and GIrls Apparel 3II 313 W LEXINGTON STREET MECRORY S s Ioe STORE HOWARD and LEXINGTON STS COMPLIMENTS R H SCHMITT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS THE MODERNAIRES Baltumores newest sensatnonal orchestra Popular wnth school crowds Phone Mad 2400 NATES and LEONS The place to eat after dates 850 W NORTH AVE ADVANCED STYLES REASONABLE PRICES MARY LEE DRESSES SPORTSWEAR 4740 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE South 1792 'I793 Cash or Credrt SHOFER'S FURNITURE 930 938 S CHARLES ST BUY WAR BONDS AT N E I L CHARLES and LEXINGTON STS SNOW WHITE CLEANERS 8I2 WEST SARATOGA RUN RIGHT TO R E A D S For all your drug store needs Llberty Helghts 81 GarrIson Avenue Gwynn Oak 81 Llberty Heughts Ave THE HOWARD W FORD CO 4721 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE COMPLIMENTS A F R I E N D COMPLIMENTS MR and MRS AUGUST F TEMPLE ALBERT W RHINE INC PAINTS and LACQUERS 4I6 N HOWARD STREET Vernon 7818 The RIGHT Clothes for Sprmg and Summer HOCHSCHILD KOHN 8r COMPANY THE FLAG BANNER 8. PENNANT SHOP IR H TAYLOR Successor to SISCO Brothersl Stamping Hand and Maehrne Embrolderln 302 PARK AVE NUE BALTIMORE MD SHURE S DRUG STORE COMPLETE DRUG SERVICE 9 COURTESY OF ENTERPRISE RUG CLEANERS I5 W North Avenue Phone MUlberry 7900 COMPLIMENTS OF THE HERBERT SHOP 3830 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE T OF ' ' OF OF OF ' ' I I ' I, ' I. C n Do your part in the war effort O ' L S QI: OF I ' - O I O 9 Help Win the Wor and Help Yourself' STRAYER tr e te o r ers a T s rge tly eede y OVCI' eh I'YOeI1 I' Attroctlve Solories D y d Eve g Classes the year 'r d Q ASK FOR CATALOG IT'S FREE STRAYER BRYANT 8. STRATTON COLLEGE LE 5626 CHARLES a. FAYETTE stains BALTIMORE MD COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D TLK ITS SMART TO BE HEALTHY DRINK CLOVERLAND FARMS M I L K BI Ldgldpdrory 'I910 WINDSOR AVE MONROE ST COMPLIMENTS OF Mr and Mrs H B Sellgman aind S ngaph nd ypits u n n db G nm tandpi I' i dusty a an nin , oun C 0 0 0 or WM P DAWSON 81 COMPANY HEATING 81 PLUMBING CONTRACTORS VE ms ,oo Mmm Ave THE UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE FAMOUS MAKE APPAREL eXfe"'dS FOR THE GRADUATE Congrotulotlons T H E IIIEIIII H U B ,O the BALTIMORE CHARLES FAYETTE COMPLIMENTS OF THE CLASS CF I943 DOLFIELD MARKET If we can be of assistance to any member of ELINOR BEAUTY SHOP your class please feel free to caII upon us 4710 GWYNN OAK AVE Ll 3842 COMPLIAAENTS Phone 7986 We Dehver ROBBINS PHARMACY FOR YOUR DRUG NEEDS F R I E 44OI Liberty Heights Avenue U T S C H COMPLIMENTS OF JUNIORS MISSES and WOMENS WILLIAM J TATE ZIO N LIBERTY ST Phone CAIverl' 6774 Est 1814 LA 4321 COmpI'menIS of wM J TIOKNER s. sONs F Funeral Directors A RIEND NORTH and PENNSYLVANIA AVE COMPLIMENTS OF FOrest 9606 ARLINGTON STATION WESTERN MARYLAND RESTAURANT FOX S MEAT MARKET Ing SI36 Reusterstown Road C PANOS Prop COMPLIMENTS OF LORD MOTT C0 , Inc BALTIMORE Mo CANNERS OF PURE FOODS SINCE 1836 Our Iatest gift to housewives LORD MOTTS NATURALLY DEHYDRATED VEGETABLES In paper packages Ask your favorite grocer I OF A N D ' - O E ' s HALF-SIZE APPAREL SHOP I . , . , . nQ.:7Qq,,C9TQ.9u COMPLIMENTS OF C HOFFBERGER COMPANY safe COMPLIMENTS OF EPSTEIN S GREATER DEPARTMENT STORE 38I8 Eastern Ave 565 573 N Gay St SARA B GOODMAN Inc SMART APPAREL FOR WOMEN MISSES JUNIORS ALHAMBRA APARTMENTS LINDEN AVE at LAKE DRIVE Lexington 0275 HAVELOCK 8. SELENKOW MANUFACTURING FURRIERS 221 N LIBERTY ST BALTIMORE MD CONGRATULATIONS SENIORSI from BARD AVON SCHOOL Secretarial Department Complete Secretarual Courses Pre College Courses Summer Classes Special Courses Expresslon Department Radio Drama English COMPLIMENTS OF MR and MRS C T PRITCHETT COMPLIMENTS OF JACK W HUNTER Prnnter of PRESS Fe 32 KELLY BROTHERS PI-IARMACISTS Garrison and Belle Avenues Liberty 3516 Forest 9508 1 PRIVATE GARAGES. EVERYWHERE S3 00 Up EDWARD HOOK LAfayette 3936 29I2 Poplar Terrace COMPLIMENTS OF A F RI E N D STAR OIL COMPANY an ENTERPRISE GARAGE 902 MCCULLUH ST COMPLIMENTS OF HOLLAND CLEANERS and LAUNDERERS 2ll4 2 26 MADISON AVENUE BALTIMORE MD Madlsan 9000 CORDIALLY YouRs STEWART 8. COMPANY I 0 n ' . I l a I A - First Class Remodeling . . . Cold Storage 905 NORTH CHARLES ST, Vernon 1155 . d ' b. ' LOYOLA COLLEGE A COLLEGE OE Tl-lE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES EOR MEN Two Year Wartime Program Courses leading to the Bachelor's Degree in the Arts, Sciences and Business Administration. College Training for Medicine, Law, Engineering, Accounting, etc. College Training tor Prospective Officers in the Air Corps, Army, Navy, Marines, etc. Next Registration June 26-Early Application Advised For information write: THE REGISTRAR, LOYOLA COLLEGE 4501 N. CHARLES ST-, BALTIMORE, MD. Phone: Chesapeake 1020 Send your laundry to Regal and save health, money, time li. Cllr LAUNDRY The look of newness will be restored to your garments after a trip to REGAL ZORIC DRY CLEANERS PHONE MAdlson 2752 310 N Paca St Vernon 1052 The John Throckenbrot Company MANUFACTURERS OF B Ing P 1 s Banquet Favos College School Club Lodge Je elry Buckles T oph es for all Events W tcn a d Je el y Repa g Damond Sett g Att act e Selecto of Fo est Park Je el y BALTIMORE S DOMINANT THRIFT STORE Eutaw Saratoga and Clay Sts Calvert 2222 Mad son 5225 N ghts Fo est 3272 H B CHAPMAN COAL CO HARD and SOFT COAL 704 w Noam Ave BUSINESS TRAINING INSTITUTE ACCREDITED susmsss MACHINE AND wma, s1'isNoGnAPHic 3? glam COLLEGE iglosgiii Complete Tra n ng a d Short Courses DAY AND NIGHT CLASSES C FELIX WITKOWSKI 108 W Fayette St Lexington 4254 D 1 owi ri e r I I . 1 w I a n w r irin , i in ' , r iv i n r w r Qt .Q 42 -. , , 1 , H BRA R E SEN R 'E' Q, Cornptorneter, Dsctapnone Or GE I BE G . s Lg . . , Q Oth r usln ID . r n, i , n i 1 ' DSX, an illng. i i n i i - r . . . . u U ' L.. CLASSIFIED ADS AYD S PHARMACY 2737 W North Avenue BIDDISON NOVELTY CO 1426 Pennsylvame Ave MRS JEANETTE BIRNBAUM CY S TOGGER 719 Frederuck Ave 1670 J Catonsvulle Eastervood Flsh 8. Produce Market EBERHARDT SERVICE STATION 2305 Presbury St MA 6243 DR DAVID P FRUCTBAUM Denhlt 4664 Park Hen hts Ave MRS THOMAS GEORGE 9 Hours 9 A M 8 P M LI 3276 HARRY JONES Gr CO Alsqulth Street UN 5555 HUMPHREY 5 SEA FOOD 1801 Longwood Street Madlson 0745 Mr 8. Mrs Wm J Bren Class 2451 ROSE COAT I. DRESS SHOPPE Rose Krakovltz 5015 Park Helghts Avenue LANGS WALBROOK MEAT MARKET 3129 W North Avenue MAD 3210 LUSCO PHARMACY JJUL Edgewood St Ll 7888 PIMLICO RESTURANT J nr um He A C L Fo 9428 THE SOCIAL CLUB STAR FRUIT I. PRODUCE CO 27 W Camden Street CAlvert 5628 MR FRED G CARNALES and MRS WILTON I EACHO FRIEDA S FIEDLER Flortst 3016 W North Ave LAI 0613 HAVELOCK In SELEN KOW 221 Luberty Street Furruers I-EX 0275 DR and MRS J W KETSKY Dumbarton PIKCIYIIIG Complnmenh of PRINTERS FINISHING CO THE TERRAPIN C' UB GEORGE WEBER and SON Funeral Home 2503 Edmondson Ave TORSCH 8. FRANZ BADGE CO 3 N Lmmy sm.: SA un THE HOT DO NUT SHOPPE 1535 W Fayette St Gllmor 5665 WEINER BROTHERS FOOD MARKET 2947 Westwood Street MA 9457 THE ZENTZ PHARMACY W Cor Park Heughts S Rogers Aves Llberty 8686 A FRIEND MR and MRS I LAZARUS The Le Whnte Flower I. Glft Shoppe 2200 172 Eutaw Plate A FRIEND E L M FISHPAW Pamtung Contractors 11 N Gnlmor Street 3 36 SMITH I WARRINGTON Insurance of All Kmds MOhawk 1 OS Llberty 5516 YOUNGER I. COMPANY Statuoners Prnnters 22 St Paul Street PL 1772 MR I. 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Mrs Jack Benpamrn Mr Sol C Berenholtz Berger Ruth Berman Shrrley Berman Mr Wllllam Berner Mrs Wllluarn Berner Mrs Wnllvam Berner Bernlce and Bert Bernue and Frono A Frrend Betty 6. Marvln Fredenck H Bezrat Tommy Best U S Navy Bull and Pot Lt 8. Mrs Jules Bullard Robert H Burely Mr Wllllam Blrnbcum Marlon T Blakley A Fruend A Fruend Mr 8. Mrs Claude Blame Mr Lmwood Blachard Rona 8. Bonme Blankrnan Mr P K Bloxam Mrs Frany Barschern Mnss Louls Booth Mr Vaughn Bossom Mr Wnlllam S Bonder Mrs Wm Bonder Calvm K Braecklerrn A Frlend Mr 8. Mrs Charles Brauns Aux Kathenno V Brauns- WAAC Terry Bressler Dr 8. Mrs E M Brodsky Robert L Brown Rubm Brodsky Helene T Brenner Mr 8. Mrs W D Brydgcs Bruce 8. Jeane M! 8. Mrs S J Buckantz A Fnend L80xOfd s..Cs.r.e.r Pvt Howard Budlow Mr 8. MIS 0 Budlaw Buy War Bonds Mr Austun Byrnes Sr Loretta Lee Austln Byrnes Bessue E Cabnet Dr 8. Mrs Charles A Cahn Mr 8 Mrs J Caplan Mr 8. Mrs Saul Caplan A Frrend Mrs Dora Carr Mrs O Leorr Mr Albert Carter H B Chapman Cool C K F Ralph Clme S Carroll Coale Mr 8. Mrs Lours Cohan A Friend C P O Leonard M Cohen USNR Mr Lee Cohen Mr 8. Mrs Jullus Cohen Mr 8. Mrs Harry P Cohen Mnss Evelyn B Cohen Dorothy Cohen Benpamm Cohen Mr 8. Mrs Beyarnln Cohen Ensugn S Mrs Bernard I Cohen Sergeant Burgue Cohen 39 A Friend Mr 8. Mrs Samuel Cohn Mr 8. Mrs George B Cole M 8. Mrs F E Colltns A Fnend Mr 8. Mrs Claude Colson Ben Cooper Marren Coynd The Dachslager Famrly D 1 Danker Mr 8. Mrs J W Dasch Mr 5. Mrs B D Davrdson Vrvan Davrs Sam DeBIasc M G. Mrs J Dnetz A Frrend Mr 8. Mrs J Dnetz Mr Charles E Delker Mrs Charles E Delker Rose Delker Delta Kappa P M 8. Mrs D H Dretruh Mr Albert Druscoll Duddy Roland F Echeart Elkm 8. Schoolmck Edgewood Shoe Reporr A Frtend Mr 8. Mrs Edward Ell s The R C Emerlch Co Mrs Harry S Falk Mrs J Farber Eugene M Fernblatt A Frrend Mr 8. Mrs Segmund Fernblott Robert Felder Rossetta A Feldman Mr 8. Mrs John A Fisher M 8. Mrs L o n Frsher Vnrgunna Fisher Vrrglnua Flsher Vurgrnno Frsher Mr 8. Mrs Ben Flaks James Flaret A Frnend Mr 8. Mrs Robert Ford Mr 6. Mrs Melton Fox Forest Park Market L J Faurc oy Mrckey Fox Joseph Frred 8. Mrs Albert Frredlander 8. Mrs H N Frtedrnan Hyman Fruedman Isadore Frredrnan A Frnend Mr 6 Mrs Max Gaby Wrllram Gebhardt General Rehnmg Co Mr 8. Mrs Gershmers Mr 5. Mrs HarryG Gesser Bo Gll A Frnend Larry Gnnsberg Mr SOI Glass L Max Gold Mr 6 Mrs B Goldberg Mr 8. Mrs J Golomb Bll G00dh0r1d Vurgunua B Gordon Mr 8. Mrs I Goren Mr 8. Mrs Samuel A Gottheb A Frnend r ' CA i ' I Md. MR. . - r --, ':"'P--'-..agh::,-.fn-e ,- . i' . , ' GIL, 5 I l. 19 ' . ' . . '35 ' . . , . V . A - I 2 ' ' . . . . Mr' ' ' ' Mr. 8. r . . . V 4 I I I , Mr. 8. , . . Q , . ' Mr. 8. , , Alpha Pa Theta Soraruty Mri 8. Mrs. J. O. Blakely Mr, L Mrs, Abraham Cohen Mr. MrS. l. Feld A ' - " ' , ' ri ' . J H ' I ' 1 I ' Sgt, . . r I ' I Mr, , . . . . . 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Suggestions in the Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) collection:

Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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