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if fune 1940 adfbdllylf "S-0,58 f N., 'f m5'N. .lg X ' Fw . I -Q 'g 1- S ir, -J J 1" , - i' H nn-e,,',,gl: f ' L I v 144 :- -... Nfl rj' ,T :A 1 Y 1 ,Q 1- 3 .A .5 3 1 A 1 F- fi ,ff"N ' , - ,v- x I X f : fc,- . ' QT' .. ' T., Ei 1 v G , X. X . E55 , fr" ' -wk. ' 4:1 b 1 1 - fn, - F., ,, I 'fl A ' ., " Jw.. . . L X y :I -xl 4: . I J. -11 ,x., , F, : - - '41 1 SY! Pi L? 2 1 ' ' fs", , 3 E., ,V . -..M gf Q A fa 3. . . . :nip 1 '5 K' f 'f""'e- SX ff I .L 1 I , 3 5 'l A , ' -.H Q "4f5. 1. .N z in. ,- A 2 f ' i 3 " x- - FV? QT? i ' 33 5 ifwwl if iv K? Vid K3 -I ,X s ' f -. 'L F ' fi. '?2"Qsb vi Q -- -5 5 . N , 1. : E 47 'W 1 ' Q f 1 X: . . , , g . . z 2 1 ' iv f f f f 1 : K3 V3 wa u ,.L vw, 'PQ 5 "1 L A 35 T Q51 3 -'sw he ii V ' 7 , , 6 2 .gW.. , f 11 LI - 51--. ' , 4 . ' " nr- 'fv A 7fze FUIIIEST PARK HIGH SClIO0L, BALTIMQIBE, MARYLAND T the moment of completing our successful careers at Forest Park, we cannot find adequate words to express our love and gratitude to our advisor. His outstanding leadership and sympathetic patience have guided us to goals of which we are justly proud. ln sincere and humble appreciation, we, the June Class of l940, dedicate this, our "Forester," to our lifeflong friend, Mr. Stanley L. Heylmun. frm' Qfrryunam mmf I V, ,N y HP If Txnvwn my ng gi 4 AY this book serve to perpetuate the memory of the fun, work, and friendships which we have enjoyed at Forest Park. The staff has tried to pack into this treasf ure chest all the precious reminders which in years to come will carry each and every one of us back to our high school days. The chest is now Full, lt is our hope that each time we run over its pages in the future, its jewels will gleam more brightly and the mem' ories they bring become dearer as the years go by. A ..- fml . U ggnl L mm 'QU4 ll , 4- Ki! Q l- il 'nm-H mmszzfw-2 111 .Hams E555 nv- ww ms ww E? .. M., ., A 'Ivy we mmqw., -uni 'N js H Q 13N M X xtx I! .F qw, 'lg AX 2 vlnmmfxg X., .X , A 7,231 ,J -., , -A , ., , . X 'r , s . P 1 I x w 4 A 1 i ? I L 1 I n-.A lux' 'W ,22'n .5 - +5 1 n a 4 7 Z J I ,b - .JN V x ',. r' ., 54,4 -1,-'Q 15:4 ' ff ,v 'u1m?5 FP' 1 . fffgg"""i? F' rw ...- .... -. .,,. -no .. . s , - . fvr I I-1 x. KW-.SF I' V' ll fr ii r l 4. Q' 71 P 'N 1 ff' T' " "' 'i U 9 !b', ff'i'1 Yr.. Z O those on the faculty of the school who have willingly lent their able assistance in the produce tion of our 'lForester" and the successful complef tion of our activities, we extend our sincere appreciation. Dr. Broening Mr. Burger Miss Butler Miss Church Mr. Cooper l ll lull Av Qllllgllljtg Q09 MUNI. Vlfll i WSU Mr. Hamel Miss Hudson Mr. Jolly Miss Rains Miss Schaffer ,j' l?4f X ,lIA,: . V.- I f A I I no ' nz- -fx 1-fl' 'V ' ' ','1J P L fn, . w 'nfl '-"' u , zz fu .: X1 pq? , in la Smam KZ? gem, H t. .t.I i H 45 3, f F . E X 'jj 436160121 Uanfeniii '7!re Zlaaedm Sing Ed1'tor1infChief Jim Perrott EDITORIAL STAFF Chairman Editorial Staj' Julian Shapiro Chairman of Advertising Committee Suzanne Cioldrich Chairman of Art Committee Barbara Lenderking Chairman of Club Committee Vivian Lowy Chairman of Features Harrison Langrall Chairman of Photography Committee Janet Davis Chairman of WritefUp Committee Robert Borenstein Assigned Head Girls' Sports Eleanor Scott Assigned Head Boys' Sports Norman Martell Assigned Head Transcription June Purcell Assigned Head of Feature Photography Holmes Wilbur Assigned Head Circulation Charles Leizear Eugene Stevens BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager Virginia Whittemore Assistant Business Manager George Rasch i, 9 53 I ,V A JIM PERROTT EditorfinfChicf VERY Friday afternoon, the chairmen of the "Forester" Comf mittees met with the Editorfinf Chief to discuss the problems and progress of their respective com' mittees throughout the week. The chairmen are the equivalents of edif tors and they have been ably as- sisted by ethcient sttts. N order to more efficiently produce our "Forester," a staff of over seventyftwo was engaged. Divided into committees according to their respective interests, these students worked faithfully and untiringly to make our yearbook a successful one. The WritefUp Staff interviewed each student by means of individual questionnaires, thereby procuring accurate reviews of June '40's life at Forest Park. The Art Staff not only designed the more artistic parts of our book, but also prepared the initial 'idummyf' The Photography Stall' organized the students for their individual pictures and worked with the ofhcial photographers in taking pictures about the school. The Club Staff interviewed the advisors of all school organizations, and wrote up their aims and ideals. The Feature Staff prepared all the lighter material of the book. The Advertising Staff solicited all the Hrms and arranged the adverf tising section of the book. The Circulation Staff handled the distribution of the yearbook. WHH UPf" 2: Qi! ,N Q, WM w TM IW, A Q ug, ' ,Jw uhm V gp fx Y +i -'id if ipxm c 0 Qi f M ,.,ilU"X" 763 2 C1 5? 4 - w LW-, j 0.2 mann". Zdwclell Z. fbwm A nn iig- ,QWA ,M fm- w, rrlung mm nun' W Gu ' M 8 E V U wi-112' o 10 61 'il 1' w M IIHW' " A ' I ANDERSON ARNOLD BARD BRAINARD BRITTINGHAM BROOKS BULL BUTLER BURGER CANN CHURCH COOPER DARROCI-IS DICE EBAUGH EKAS FELDMAN FISHER FREDERICK GOLDSMITH GoI.Ds'rEIN GREENWALD GROTE HAMEL HIRSCH HUDSON HUTT HYDE JOLLY JONES JOURNEAY KATENKAMP ADMINISTRATION MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Wendell E. Dunn, M.A. Alfred P. Scott, B.A., M.A. Sophie M. Becker, B.A. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Angela M. Broening, A.B., A.M Head Florence Arnold, B.S. Margaret Chase, A.B. Luther Cooper, A.B., M.A. Gladys B. Eger, A.B. Ruth Hudson, A.B. Elizabeth Jones, A.B., R.N. Menetta E. Koenig, B.S. Abraham Le Shack, B.S. Virginia Shaffer, B.S., M.A. Etta W. Smith. B.S. Alta E. Thompson, B.S., M.A. Fannie C. Wright, B.S. HISTORY DEPARTMENT Harry Bard, M.A., Head Grace D. Broening, M.A. Florence Layman Florence Levinson, B.S., A.M. W. Woodruff Marston, A.B. Elizabeth Ridgely, B.S. Alfred P. Scott, B.A., M.A. Vernon S. Vavrina, B.S. Henry B. Waskow, B.S., M.A. .H. Chester Whitney, A.B. Margaret G. Williams, B.S. Ph.D., Grover W. Norris, B.A., M.A., Head Sophie M. Becker, B.A. William H. Jolly, B.S. Florence Lane Walter D. Scheid, B.S. Katherine L. Tames, B.S. Hester C. Whitfield, B.S. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Edwin L. Frederick, A.B., Ph.D., Head Louise Brittingham, A.B. John F. Burger, Jr., B.E. Henry G. Hirsch, B.S. Mildred A. Hutt, A.B. Ruth A. Kramer, A.B. Joseph L. Krieger, B.S., LL.B. William McClean, A.B. David Scherr, A.B. Lillian Greenwald, A.B. ART DEPARTMENT Nellie S. Norris, B.S. Nora V. Brainard, B.S. W. Ramont Hamel, B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Rex H. Sims, A.B., Director C. Melville Anderson, B.S. Lucy Hyde, A.B. Lucy Journeay, B.S. 0. 5 ' 'I ' .YU 'X a ' X KRIEGER LEIPHOLZ RA N RID L KLEINSMITH KOENIG KRAMER LeSI-IACK LEVINSON MARSTON MCCLEAN MOORE NORRIS I S GE Y SCHERR SCHMIED SIMS SMITH STOLL TAMES THOMPSON THOMPSON VAVRINA WASKOW WELLS WHITFIELD WHITNEY WHOLEY WEISE WILLIAMS WRIGHT YOKUM YOUNG MODERN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Otto K. Schmied, A.B., LL.B., Head Mary Cann, A.B. Edith Klinesmith J. Fred Moore, A.B., M.A. Ruth E. Ruhe, A.B. Mary Sabine, B.S. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT William K. Yocum, A.B., Head Edgar Bull Stanley L. Heylmun, B.S. Thomas L. Young LIBRARIAN M. Bernice Wiese MEDICAL STAFF Robert W. Garis, A.B., M.D. Ruth Finkelstein, A.B., M.D. Rachael E. Feldstein, A.B., R.N. ADMINISTRATION STAFF Shirley M. Freed Rhoda Goldstein ATTENDANCE OFFICER Elizabeth Gates DIETITIAN Neva L. Coxen, B.S. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Chester H. Katenkamp, B.S., LL.B., A.M., Ed.D., Head Helen G. Brooks, A.B., B.C.S. Ruth Corbett, B.S. Esther S. Darrochs, B.S. Alice E. Ekas, B.S. Rosetta A. Feldman, A.B. Thyra W. Fisher, A.B. Catherine Freimann, A.B. Samuel Goldsmith, B.S. Edward H. Goldstein, B.S. Adele F. Grote, B.S. Michael C. Leipholz Madeleine M. Thompson Mary E. Wells, B.S. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Doris V. Church, B.S. Blanche M. Rains, B.S. Ida A. Wholey, B.S. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Genevieve P. Butler, B.S., M.A. ANCIENT LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Jessie M. Ebaugh, A.B., Head Irene Roe, A.B. VOCATIONS COUNSELOR Nora A. Stoll, A.B. fa 'ruff will MXN W U ,-1,5 ,,,, 1 ,w " ww adaiwfm Jim LONG with the handprints in cement of Hollywood's most famous stars are those of the June Class of l940. We have left not only two handprints, but fifteen, one for each of the highlights in our years at Forest Park. Backed by the pressure of four hundred and thirtyfthree students, the Hrst print was made on November 10, l938. At this time Mr. Stanley Heylmun Cnow Uncle Stanley to usj was introduced as our advisor, and the gavel of authority was presented to President Bob Mitchell by the outgoing President of the Class of February, l940. The success of the Happy Hills entertainment, presented on December ll, l938, made a second impression. On January 12, l939, the school scrapbook was placed in the custody of our class. In rapid succession three larger handprints were made, one to commemorate Junior Day and the inauguration of the first Color Day at Forest Park, the second to celebrate the success of the J. J. J. of March l0 and l l, l939g and the third to boast of the first Junior Prom to be held outside the school. This took place on May 29, l939. The distribution of our school rings stamped with an entirely new seal ofthe tower, on June 23, 1939, was a thrilling reason for still another print and supplied a pleasing satisfaction throughout the summer. At the opening of the new school term, a "Forester" Staff' of over seventy students, headed by Jim Perrott, was appointed. Next to the handprint dedicated to this occasion were placed-one in honor of the Senior Play, Tarkington's "Seventeen," produced in conjunction with the February '40 Class, and one in memory of the Farewell Dance given the outgoing seniors on January 31, l940. The first handprint of our senior year was that commemorating our Senior Inaugural Assembly on February 22, l940. Nearing the close of a busy year, we presented three outstandf ing prints-those of the Senior Farewell Assembly on June llth, StepfSinging on June l3th, and the attainment of our final goal, graduation, on June 20th. The final handprint was stamped on June 25th, at the Senior Prom and Banquet. We, the Class of June, l940, leave these handprints, not as tangible records, but as lasting impressions on the memory of Forest Park. IRENE RAY ABARBANEL ull' "I speak in a monstrous little voice." Latin Club: French Club: Student Coach: List of Distinction. CHARLOTTE SYLVIA ADL IN Charl "Her sense of humor will carry her over life's roughened paths." Four Square Club: Art Club: Culture Club: J. J. J.: Non-Athletic UF." MARY LOU AIKEN Lou "When lrish eyes are smiling All the world is bright and gay." Badminton Club: Glee Club: Student Officer: J. V. Basketball: lnterclass Athletics. DOROTHY ELLEN ALDER Shorty "What's the use of worrying, it never was wirthwhllef' Culture Club: lnterclass Athletics: Numerals. ANACKER ANOFF APPLEBAUM ARBOGAST f 'g Y ABARBANEL ADLIN AIKEN ALDER CARLISLE CHARLES ANACKER Corky "Success begins with a fellow's will It is all in the state of mind." "Forester" Staff: President Ethical Club: .Leaders' Club: Student Officer: Varsity Soccer: Varsity Base' ball: Varsity Ice Hockey: Major "F": Senate: List of Honor. EDITH NORMA ANOFF Edie "Quiet and reserved, she has won a place for herself." Art Club: Glee Club: Olhcer Practice Club: Music Ap' preciation Club: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J. RUTH APPLEBAUM Appie "A small bundle of sweet nothing, H But all nice things come in small packages, Four Square Club: Badminton Club: Art Club: List of Merit: Minor "FH: lnterclass Athletics. GORDON ARBOGAST A rlry "Gordon is never lacking a good nature or a bashful smile. Office Practice Club: lnterclass Athletics: List of Merit. 28 ARIOSA N. ARMSTRONG V. ARMSTRONG ARNDT DORRYCE CAROL BABCOCK "Slow, but sure." Four Square Club: Leaders' Club: Student Oflicer: lnterclass Athletics: List of Merit. PEGGY BACHMAN Peg "The glory ofa firm mind, wise to resolve and patient to perform." Four Square Club: Latin Club: Glee Club: President French Club: l nterclass Athletics: List of Distinction. ESTELLE BADDOCK Shrimpy "Grace lends charm to her smallnessf' Shorthand Club Credential Secretary: Art Club: Glee Club: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J.: List of Merit. RAYMOND F. BAER Ray "Ambition has no rest." Boys' Leaders' Club: Student Officer. DOROTHY M. ARIOSA Dol "Her many friends are her reward for her sweet disposition." Open Forum Club: lnterclass Athletics. NANCY HARRIET ARMSTRONG Nance "Steady, loyal, helpful in every way." Open Forum Club: Student Coach: Senior Chorus: List of Merit. VIRGINIA LEE ARMSTRONG Ginny "Not much talk, quiet. and subdued." Latin Club: Garden Club: Beautification Committee: Student Coach: Student Officer: J. J. J. BERNADETTE VIRGINIA ARNDT Bernie "With a twinkle in her eyes and a smile on her lips." Forester" Staff: Leaders' Club: Home Economics Club: Art Club: Library Club: Shorthand Club: "Press" Staff: Four Square Club: Major "F": Student Coach: J. J. J.: List of Honor: Student Officer. BABCOCK BACHMAN BADDOCK BAER 29 BETTY MAY BANDIERE Bundy "With her sweet smile and her dainty personality, Betty has danced her way into our hearts." "Forester" Committeeg Masquers Club, Senior Playg Student Officer: Golf. MARIE T. BANDIERE Frenclly "Talent, looks, and personality make Marie well liked." Art Club 5 "Forester" Committee. ROBERT H. BANGS Scotch "A fellow feeling makes one wondrous kind." Glee Club: Boys' Chorusg Fencing Club: J. V. Football. NEUMAN BANKERT Doc "Tallest of boys or shortest of men, He stood in his stockings just four foot ten," lnterclass Athletics. BANKS BANNISTER BARDOFF BARLEY B. BANDIERE M. BANDIERE BANGS BANKERT DOROTHY MARIE BANKS Dolly "Softly speaks and sweetly smiles." Masquers' Club, Latin Club, lnterclass Athletics, Stu- d . . - ent Coach, J. J. J., Prom and Banquet Committee JAMES ROBERT BANNISTER Tom "A Friend in need is a friend indeed." Leaders' Clubg Opportunity Clubg lnterclass Athletics: List of Honor. FRONA I. BARDOFF Murph "A happy smile makes many friends." Glee Club: Office Practice Club: Cultural Club: lnterf class Athletics: Senior Farewell Dance Committee: J. J. J. DOROTHY MARIE BARLEY Dol "A modest, lovely, and dainty girl." Art Club 5 lnterclass Athletics. 30 WILBUR BARON WILLIAM BARON BEACH BEACHUM DAVID BARTLETT BECK Duke "He steps where no man dares to trod." "Forester" Committee: Orchestra: Band: Swing Band: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Senior Play Committee: Student Officer. ROBERT E. BISCOE Lard "l have a heart with room for joy." Masquers' Club: Boys' Chorus: NonfAthletic "F": ln' terclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Student Coach: Representaf tive. BETTY L. BISH Bel "You can't help but love the lrish when you get to know Betty." Leaders' Club: Four Square Club: Badminton Club: J. J. J.: Student Officer: List of Nonor. DONALD NORMAN BLACK Don "Good sense and good nature are never ,, separated. Opportunity Club: Custodian PingfPong Club: J. V. Track: lnterclass Athletics. 3l WILBUR BARON Bobble No. 2 "A little humor now and then is relished by the best of men." Ethical Club: Opportunity Club: Masquers' Club: Latin Club: J. V. Track: lnterclass Athletics: Cheer' leader: Student Officer: J. J. J. WILLIAM BARON Bobble No. I "ln every rank of great or small 'Tis industry supports us all." Ethical Club: Opportunity Club: Masquers' Club: Latin Club: J. V. Track: lnterclass Athletics: Student Coach: Cheerleader: Student Officer. EUGENIA MARY BEACH Beachie "Ever able to serve a friend, and noble enough to conceal it." Student President: Girls' Leaders' Club: Viceelfresident Sub'Senior Year: "Press": Latin Club: Glee Club: Library Club: Home Economics Club: NonfAthletic "F": J. J. J.: School Social Committee: Student Officer: List of' Honor. RUTH BEACHUM Bccclzie "Silence is more eloquent than words." Glee Club: Advisory Period Committee: Senior Chorus. BECK BISCOE BISH BLACK S Q 'X SHIRLEY E. BLANK Blankie "Don't go by her name, she really has a lot of brain." Music Appreciation Club: Art Club: Shorthand Club: Badminton Club: Office Practice Club: lnterclass Athf letics: Major FRANCES KATHRYN BLIGH Fran "An enchanting and an disarming smile." Library Club. ELEANOR CARYL BLCOK El "Bright and peppy, watch her speed: Our drum majorette keeps the lead." "Forester" Committee: Masquers' Club: Art Club: Drum and Bugle Corps: Non-Athletic "F": Senior Play: Scrap Book Committee: "Press": Archery Club: Fencing Club: Student Officer. FLOSSIE BLUMENAUER Pal "There lurks within her big. brown eyes the secret of many mischievous pranks and hearty laughs." Office Practice Club: Glee Club. BOONE BORENSTEIN BOSSE BOUDER 3 BLANK BLIGH BLOCK BLUMENAUER JOHN REVELL BOONE Daniel A'Unconscious humor." Chemistry Club: French Club: Student Coach: J. J. J.: List of Honor. ROBERT LEE BORENSTEIN Bomic "The manly part is to do with might and main what you can do." "Forester Staff: Chairman of WritefUp: Ping-Pong Club: Chemistry Club: Track: List of Honor: lnter- class Athletics. JULIUS SHANNON BOSSE jul: "Back of the brawn there is a brain." Leaders' Club: Ethical Club: Boys' Chorus: Glee Club: All-Maryland Football: lce Hockey: Basketball: Major "F": SergeantfatfArms SubfSenior Class: J. J. J. NORMAN M. BOUDER, JR. BowfWaw "A true friend and a loyal companion." Orchestra: Band: Chemistry Club: Chess Club: German Club: NonfAthletic "F": lnterclass Athletics. 32 BOYER BRENT BRYAN BUNTIN G ALBERT L. BURKER Al "My only books were woman's looks, and folly is all they taught me." "Forester" Committee: Ethical Club: Glee Club: Art Club: Boys' Chorus: SergeantfatfArms Senior Class: Prom and Banquet Committee: Varsity Football: Var- sity Lacrosse: Major "FN: Student Officer: Varsity Basketball. MARY LOUISE CARTER Mary Lou "She is a maid of artly grace. gentle of form and fair of face." "Forester" Committee: Art Club: Glee Club: J. J. J.: lce Skating Team. AUDREY DORIS CARVER Audie "Accomplishes in a quiet, unobtrusive way." Office Practice Club: Music Appreciation Club: lnter- class Athletics. ROSE O. CHAIKIN HOWARD POWELL BOYER, JR. Bunky "l like work: it fascinates me, l can sit and look at it for hours." Art Club: Latin Club: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Student Officer. MARTHA ANNE BRENT Annie "Pretty as a picture." Secretary Junior Year: Chairman Prom and Banquet Committee: Student Officer: J. J. J. FRANCES CATHERINE BRYAN Fran "Music has charm. so has Fran." C-lee Club: J. J. J. ROSEMARY G. BUNTING Bunny "To set a goal and strive for it." "Forester" Committee: Art Club: Cultural Club: Glee Club: NonfAthletic "F": lnterclass Athletics: Senior Play Committee: J. J, J.: Student Officer. BURKER CARTER CARVER CHAIKEN A X Chickic "lf you're ever in doubt about anything. Q . A A ask Rose-she'll know-nothing." - S Four Square Club: Glee Club: Music Appreciation Club: PingfFong Club: Art Club: Shorthand Club: Badminton Club: Major "FH: lnterclass Athletics: Student Officer: List of Honor. S 33 RS ELAINE ROSE COHEN "Music has charms to soothe the savage breast." Leaders' Club: Latin Club President: PingfPong Club: Orchestra: Ensemble: NonfAthletic "F": Student Ofhcer: List of Honor. LORRAINE COHEN Nonie "Talk, talk, talk, oh what chatter." ?fl3ceJPractice Club: Open Forum Club: Archery Club: MERLE LEE COHEN Butch "Patience is a virtue, but vigor and zest are more becoming to Merle. ' Four Square Club: Glee Club: Shorthand Club: OH-ice Practice Club: lnterclass Athletics: List of Honor. HANNAH J. COLE Han "lf silence is golden, Hannah is bound to succeed." Office Practice Club: Culture Club: J. J. J. COLLINS CONSTANT INE CORAK CORNER ? E. COHEN L. COHEN M. COHEN COLE DOROTHY A. COLLINS Shorty "Dorothy's ready smile endears her to all of us." Glee Club: J. V. Basketball: lnterclass Athletics. MARGARET B. CONSTANTINE Margie "With malice toward none and charity towards all." Office Practice Club: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Senior Chorus. STANLEY CORAK Slan "Much can be said on both sides." Camera Club: NonfAthletic "F," JANE PONTIER CORNER Janie "One inch of joy surmounts of griefa span." lnterclass Athletics. 34 COWMAN CRISWELL CROCETTI CULLISON GLORIA DACHSLAGER Doc "An amiable chatterbox." Culture Club: Office Practice Club: Glee Clubflnterf class Athletics: Student Coach. JAMES L. DALY Jim "Life is too short to be sorry," Hi-Y Club: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Baseballil nter- class Athletics, ALBERT DAUGHTON Deacon "He sits high in everybody's heart." Senior Play. ADELE MARION DAVIS Dellie "She has perfected the art of friendship by constant practice." Chairman of Class Assemblies: Shorthand Club: Lead' ers' Club: Archery Club: lnterclass Athletics: Major "F": Student Officer: List of Honor. 35 PHYLLIS COWMAN Phil "The allfcollegiate girl of F. P." Glee Club: Art Club: Student Coach: Student Officer. HAZEL CRISWELL Hayes "For she was iust the quiet kind, Whose natures never vary." Office Practice Club: Glee Club: lnterclass Athletics. MARIE PATRICIA CROCETTI Bfook "A walking enccyclopecliaf' C-lee Club: Office Practice Club. ROBERT V. CULLISON Bob "Those who say the least accomplish much." "Forester" Committee: Art Club: NonfAthletic "F ': Varsity Track: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Senior Play Committee: Student Court: Student Officer. DACHSLAGER DALY DAUGHTON A. DAVIS li.- JANET MARSHALL DAVIS Davy i'True to her work, her word, and her friends." Cvlee Club: "Forester" Staff : Chairman of Photography: German Club: Vice-Presiclent Leaders' Club: Camera Club: Latin Club: NonfAthletic "F": Ring Committee: J. J. J.: Student Officer: Student Advisory Committee. LEIGH DAVIS Dave "Quiet, but not idle." "Forester" Committee: Chemistry Club: Music Appref ciation Club: Student Officer: Student Coach: List of Honor. PAUL HAMILTON DAVIS P. H. "To accomplish the impossible is quite a feat-he accomplished." "Forester" Committee: Shorthand Club: Manager of Track Team: Manager Letter: J. V. Soccer: J. V. Letf ter: lnterclass Athletics. PAUL THOMAS DAVIS Pele A fine fellow and a good student Pete is bound to succeed Chemistry Club Boys Chorus Opportunity Club J V Football Student Officer Student Coach List of Honor DAY DEAN DEITCHMAN DEMAREST J DAVIS L DAVIS P I-I DAVIS P T DAVIS MILDRED ELIZABETH DAY Mickey Efficient and cooperative Senior Play Committee J J J LESTER N DEAN Ganga A good heart is better than all the heads in the world. Boys Chorus President: Glee Club' Opportunity Club: Band' J. V. Basketball: J. V. Football' lnterclass Athf letics' J. J. J.: Student Officer. IDA RENA DEITCHMAN Dulcliy "She gave with a jest and she gave her best." "Forester" Committee: Glee Club: Literary Club: Music Appreciation Club: NonfAthletic Club: lnter- class Athletics: Playfreading Committee. BARBARA ELIZABETH DEMAREST Bibs "Charm and poise are hers to use at will." "Forester" Committee: Secretary Leaders' Club: Latin Club: Badminton Club: President French Club: Presif dent Four Square Club: Minor "FH: lnterclass Ath- letics: Student Coach: Student Officer: List of Dis- tinction. 36 DE MOSS DENSMORE DETTOR DI NICOLO JACK S. DITTMAR Delmar "A true friend is better than gold." Chess Club: Varsity Football: Varsity Ice Hockey: Varsity Lacrosse: Major "F": lnterclass Athletics: J.VJ. J.: Senior Play Committee: Step Singing Com- mittee. MARGERY RUTH DOPKIN Margie "It's nice to be natural when you're natuf rally nice." Four Square Club: PingfPong Club: Latin Club: Music Appreciation Club: Non-Athletic 'iF": Senior Play Committee: Student Coach: "Press": J. J. J.: Student Officer: School Social Committee. MARY HELEN DOUGHERTY Honey "A pleasant countenance is no slight advantage." Glee Club: Art Club: lnterclass Athletics: Junior Prom Committee: J. J. J.: Student Coach. MARY FRANCES DOWELL Tiny "Sweetness is a goodly virtue." 37 HARRY RAYMOND DE MOSS Skipper "A pleasant and warm personality." Opportunity Club: Drum and Bugle: J. V. Football: Student Officer. PEGGY ELAINE DENSMORE Bunk "Always ready to serve with a smile." "Forester" Committee: Masquers' Club: Latin Club: Garden Club: Art Club: Leaders' Club: Badminton Club: Step Singing Committee: Recording Secretary Eanior Class: Student Coach: English Staff: List of onor. FRANK L. DETTOR Slickcr "Frank relishes a joke and rejoices in a pun." Varsity Ciolf: lnterclass Athletics: Senior Play Com- mittee: List of Merit. ROSALIE DI NICOLO Peanul "The old saying, 'Good things come in small packagesf certainly rings true with Shorty." "Forester" Committee: Glee Club: Library Club: Lead' ers' Club: NonfAthletic "F": Major "F": lnterclass Athletics: Student Officer. DITTMAR DOPKIN DOUGHERTY DOWELL GERALDINE DUGAN Gerry "Get thee behind me, Satan." "Forester" Committee: Shorthand Club President: Leaders' Club: Badminton Club: Major "F": lnterf class Athletics: List of Honor. MARY ELIZABETH DUKE Dukie "Curly hair and laughing eyes, a devil's girl, but still she's wise." Glee Club: French Club: Art Club: NonfAthletic "F": lnterclass Athletics: Student Coach: Senior Chorus: List of Honor. RUBYE MAY DUNN Sunny J Jlljhe days of our youth are the days of our joy." ROBERT LEE DU PONT Du "One who laughs must sure do well." Camera Club: Chemistry Club: Student Coach. DYKES EANET EDMONSTON EIDMAN X Z1 ? Y DUGAN DUKE DUNN DU PONT GWENDOLYN DYKES Palsy "How sweet and fair she is." Art Club: Library Club: Chemistry Club: VicefPresif dent Home Economics Club: NonfAthIetic "F": lnterf class Athletics: J. J. J. YVETTE JEAN EANET Bulzie "Her eyes have a language." Open Forum Club: Office Practice Club: Shorthand Club: List of Merit. EUGENE R. EDMONSTON Ed "Life is too short to be sorry." Office Practice Club. ARMA M. EIDMAN Irish "Her air, her manners. all who saw admired." Library Club: Culture Club: Senior lnaugural Com- mittee: NonfAthletic "F": J. J. J.: Student Coach: Student Officer. 38 T EISEN E. EISENBERG R. EISENBERG ELLINGHAUS HELEN THELMA ELLIS Elly "Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you." Four Square Club: Chemistry Club: Minor "FH: lnter' class Athletics. ' GWYNN EN GEL "A fine example of manhood." President Leaders' Club: Ethical Club: Drum Major: Ensemble: Orchestra: Social Committee: Ring Com' mittee: Varsity Track: Minor "F": Student OfHcer: List of Honor. PEGGY ENGEL Peg "A true friend is better than gold." French Club: Music Appreciation Club: Home Eco- nomics Club: lnterclass Athletics: Scrap Book Com' mittee: J. J. J. CARLOS P. ENGLAR, JR. Skyroclgcl "The true elements of success are within one's self." Leaders' Club: Ethical Club: PingfPong Club: Opporf tunity Club: Varsity Track: Major "FU: lnterclass Athletics: Cheerleader: Student Officer. 39 X HARRIET ETHEL EISEN "Health, happiness and plenty of friends." French Club: Glee Club. ESTHER EISENBERG Essic "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world." Latin Club: Glee Club: French Club. RAY EISENBERG Raymie "To be content is true happiness." French Club: Home Economics Club: lnterclass Ath- letics: J. J. J. WILLIAM M. ELLINGHAUS Bud "There is a manhood in his look that murder cannot kill," Orchestra: Band: String Ensemble: "Forester" Com' mittee: NonfAthletic "F": Varsity Football: Minor "FH: lnterclass Athletics. ELLIS G. ENGEL P. ENGEL ENGLAR S ' i MIRIAM BRADFIELD ENSOR Glamour Girl Art Club: J. J. J. RITA EPHRAIM "A penny for your thoughts." Art Club: Latin Club: Library Club: Senior Play Com' mitteep J. J. J. RAYMOND FRANK ESPEY Ray "A friend worth having and retaining." Leaders' Club: Ethical Club: President Bicycle Club: Varsity Football: Varsity Softball: lnterclass Athletics: Student Officer. FRANK A. EVERITT, JR. Nulch "Laughter plays a big part in great men's souls." Ethical Club: French Club: Opportunity Club: Varsity Football: Varsity Track: Varsity Ice Hockey: Major "FU: Student Officer. FAIRALL FANG MEYER FANSEEN FIELDMAN N, 'A V :-.u w ? V, I ., is .i il . gc Y ENSOR EPHRAIM ESPEY EVERITT ROBERT LEE FAIRALL Mac "No care beyond today." Boys' Chorus: Glee Club: Varsity Track: Varsity Foot ball: J. V. Letter: lnterclass Athletics. DONALD T. FANGMEYER Don "A man of courage never needs weapons." Boys' Leaders' Club: Farewell Assembly Committee Sergeant-at-Arms Senior Class: Stage Manager: J. J. J. Captain of Colors: Student Ofhcer. HELEN MARJORIE FANSEEN "A fashion plate right out of the band box." Junior Prom Committee: List of Merit. EUGENE FIELDMAN Gene "A fine fellow and a good student, Eugene is bound to succeed," Music Appreciation Club: Office Practice Club. 40 E. Fu-:K L. Fmx M. FINK FIQUE KATHLEEN FISHER Kitty "A quiet charm about her." lnterclass Athletics. LENORE FORSHLAGER Lee "A beaming smile backed by a lovable character speaks for Lenore." Leaders' Club: Art Club: Shorthand Club: Major "F": J. J. J.: Chairman Senior Play Reading Committee: "Forester" Committee: "Press": NonfAthletic AHF"- Student Officer: List of Honor, I RUTH ELIZABETH FORSYTH Uobic "A sweet, attractive kind of grace." Student Coach: Prom and Banquet Committee: Step Singing: List of Honor. DENWOOD FORWOOD Dogwood "A merry heart is a good medicine." Boys' Chorus: PingfPong Club: lnterclass Athletics. 4l EUGENE J. FINK Gene "He smiles for the sake of smiling and laughs for no reason but fun." Masquers' Club: Chemistry Club: German Club: Open Forum Club: Lacrosse: Minor "FH: lnterclass Ath- etics. LORRAINE FINK Sissy "Silence is golden." Four Square Club: Culture Club: Maior "F": J. J. J. MARION FINK Sissy "Often seen, seldom heard but well liked by her classmates." Archery Club: Shorthand Club: Four Square Club: ulture Club: Office Practice Club: Bicycle Club: Senior Play Committee: J. J. J. GRACE E. FIOUE Gracie "How rich are they who have patience." Four Square Club: Manager Tennis Team: Numerals: "Forester" Committee: Senior Play Committee: J. J. J. FISHER FORSHLAGER FORSYTH FORWOOD JANE S. FOUNTAIN Dutch "Good sense and good nature are never separated." Glee Club: Latin Club: lnterclass Athletics: Beauti fication Committee. DORIS MARY FRALIC Dorric "l n Doris we find a charming girl whose cheery smile is an assurance of future success. Glee Club: Art Club: lnterclass Athletics: Vice-Presi dent of Senior Class: Student Coach: Student Ofhcerg J. J. J. , JANET FREDERICK Freddie "Charm is worth a king's ransom." "Forester" Committee: Latin Club: German Club: De partment of Sales and Publicity: lnterclass Athletics List of Honor. ROBERT R. FREEMAN Beau "He is the quiet person who accomplishes much." Boys' Leaders' Club: Basketball: Minor "FH: Tfalik gtgiiior Play Reading Committee: J. J. J.: Student FOUNTAIN FRALIC Cer- FREDERICK FREEMAN FREIMAN FRIEDBERG '. FRIEDMAN FROEHLICH JOSEPH FREIMAN joe "Joe is one who does his job, does it well and r doesn't want medals or glory for his work." lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Orchestra: List of Merit. 7 , 7 MIGNON DE VERA FRIEDB1-:RG , . 1 Midge -ti V: "Laughter, with thee l mean to dwell." ' Four Square Club: Art Club: Latin Club: Music Ap' '- J preciation Club: Chemistry Club: lnterclass Athletics: u V' Student Coach. ADELE FAY FRIEDMAN Judy . "Judy adds a dash of color to our class A with her wavy, red hair." . Art Club: Senior Play Committee: J. J. J. ' DORIS MAY FROEHLICH " "A girl worth while is a girl who can smile." Badminton Club: Archery Club: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Minor "FH: Student Officer. 42 GAFFEN GAITHER GELRUD GENTILE RALPH DAVID GIARTH, JR. Slim "To see him stride down the hall is a treat." French Club: Lacrosse: Minor "F": lnterclass Athf letics: J. J. J. PEARL GIMPELMAN Gimp "You'll never be denied a smile from this damsel," Office Practice Club: Art Club: Shorthand Club : Inter' class Athletics. SHIRLEY E. GLASSMAN Slzyrlee "Shirley's smile and jovial disposition are a source of delight to all." Art Club: Office Practice Club: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Senior Play Committee: List of Merit. MARY LILLIAN GLEIM Swecls "A perfect answer to why young men prefer blondes." Office Practice Club: Shorthand Club: Archery Club: Fencing Club: lnterclass Athletics: Cheerleader: List of Merit. 43 DOROTHY E. GAFFEN Dol "Fine feathers, they say, make fine birds." Open Forum Club: Shorthand Club: lnterclass Athf letics. JAMES NORMAN GAITHER, JR. Mike "Men of few words are the best men." Craftsman Club: Radio Club: Camera Club: Stamp Club: Masquers' Club: J. J. J.: Senior Play: Step Singing. JACK GELRUD Gill "A willing worker with a ready hand." "Forester" Committee: Track: J. J. J.: Cheerleader: Non-Athletic "F": Student Ofhcer. AIDA GENTILE Chatterbox "A petite bundle of personality plus." Glee Club: Music Appreciation Club: Non-Athletic Award: J. J. J. GIARTH GIMPELMAN GLASSMAN GLEIM CONSTANCE GOLDMAN Connie "Twinkle Toes is lots of fun: especially when hard work is done," Art Club: Office Practice Club: Music Appreciation Club: Shorthand Club: Student Coach. SUZANNE GOLDRICH Sue "Born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world is mad." "Forester" Staff, Advertising Manager: Ping-Pong Club: Masquers' Club: Play Reading Committee: Ring Chairman, lnterclass Athletics: Student Coach. MARTIN JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN Goldie "He has the rhythm of music in his heart and soul." Glee Club: Boys' Chorus: Masquers' Club: Football: Lacrosse: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Senior Inaugural Assembly. DORIS LEE GOODMAN Goodie "We will miss our brightfeyed Goodie who has left behind her a trail of friends." "Forester" Committee: Prom and Banquet Committee: Library Club: Chemistry Club: Latin Club: French Club: Art Club: Scrapbook Committee: Student Coach. DOROTHY GOODMAN D. GOODRICI-I GR IVAKIS GROSSFELD l GOLDMAN GOLDRICH GOLDSTEIN DORIS GOODMAN DOROTHY GOODMAN Dolly "She sees good in everyone." Ofhce Practice Club: Shorthand Club. DORIS E. GOODRICH joe "None but herself can be her equal." "Forester" Committee: Library Club: NonfAthletic "FH: Glee Club: Art Club: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Prom and Banquet Committee: Step Singing Com- mittee Chairman: List of Honor. ERNEST GRIVAKIS Ernie "Laughter and fun, good humor and fel' lowship rolled into one." Happy Hills Entertainment: "Forester" Committee. ROSALYN BETTIE GROSSFELD Rozzie "She will smile her way through life." "Forester" Committee: Open Forum Club: Art Club: Office Practice Club: "Press": Student Advisory Come mittee. 44 GUTMAN GUTTMAN HALL HAMLEY DONALD S. HARRIS Uncle Happy "A man so various that he appeared-to be not one but many." lnterclass Athletics: Student Officer. NORMA LEE HART Lee "lt is nice to be natural when you are naturally nice." Latib Club: Shorthand: lnterclass Athletics: Student Coach: List of Merit. VERA MARGUERITE HASSELL Hasscll "Vera has a bright smile for everyone." Glee Club: lnterclass Athletics: Alumni Chorus: Senior Inaugural Assembly. DONALD J. HAWLEY Hank "With his small smile and modest manner, Don is a friend to treasure." lnterclass Athletics. 45 CLAIRE W. GUTMAN i'Her cheerfulness and gay manner account for her host of friends." Archery Club: PingfPong Club: French Club: Music Appreciation Club: lnterclass Athletics: Major "FH: List of Merit. FLORENCE BEATRICE GUTTMAN Flifmy "A light heart lives long." Chemistry Club: Home Economics Club: Glee Club: Music Appreciation Club: Four Square Club: Major "FH: Playreading Committee: J. J. J.: Student Coach. ROBERT S. HALL Shorty "Be what thou seemestl Live thy creed." Senior Play Committee: J. J. J.: Step Singing. ROBERT LEWIS HAMLEY Ham "Such joy ambition finds." Boys' Chorus: lnterclass Athletics. HARRIS HART HASSELL HAWLEY S X X 7 LOIS V. HAYES Boots "Let me be what l am. Seek not to alter me." Shorthand Club: Four Square Club: lnterclass Athf letics: Student Coach: Student Ofhcer: List of Honor, BETTY LEE HEAGERTY B els "Happy am l, from care l'm free. Why can't they all be contented like me?" Chemistry Club: Music Appreciation Club: lnterclass Athletics. GEORGE W. HECK Moc "Happy go lucky." Baseball: Major "FH: lnterclass Athletics. JOHN D HENKEL Hen Learn to smile at trouble and half the battle s won Boys Chorus HENSEL HERBST HERMAN HERPEL HAYES HEAGERTY HECK HENKEL MARGARET ELIZABETH HENSEL She works quietly and with reserve and determination Forester Committee Art Club J J J Student Coach BERNICE A HERBST Bunny "Silence is more eloquent than words." Library Club: Badminton Club: Art Club: Cultural Club: Latin Club: lnterclass Athletics: Student Coach: List of Honor. DOROTHY HERMAN Duchess 'iAll the world's a stage." Chemistry Club: Music Appreciation Club: Masquers' Club President: Senior Play, LORETTA HERPEL "Her sweet and charming manner plus her quiet, determined way will surely lead her to success." Latin Club: Glee Club: lnterclass Athletics: Repref sentative: List of Honor. ' 46 G. 1-ness J. mass HILTON HIRSCHOWITZ MARY ELIZABETH HODES Belly "Slumber is more sweet than toil." French Club: Art Club: J. J. J.: Senior Playreading Committee: List of Distinction. KATHERINE HOFFMAN Kitty Kitty is alive with humor and good na' ture. Her friendship is an inspiration to anyone who really knows her." RUTH E. M. HOFFMAN Hofic "Ruth has always succeeded in making her friends as gay as her nature." Home Economics Club: Music Appreciation Club: Culf tural Club: J. J. J. AUDREY I. HOFFMEYER Hujf 'iSome on ancient authors pour: I love life and ask no more." Glee Club: Orchestra: Bank: lnterclass Athletics: Prom and Banquet Committee. 47 GUY C. HESS Blinky "He walks along with a preoccupied gaze, serious, and most unobtrusive. Leaders' Club: Opportunity Club: Ethical Club: Ore chestra: Band: Track: Major "F": Student Officer. JANET L. HESS Jay "Everyone loves a pretty girl." Four Square Club: Office Practice Club: Glee Club: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J. JAMES GORDON HILTON jimmy "A fine fellow and a good student, "Jimmy" is bound to succeed." Chess Club: Library Club, Vice-President: Model Club Treasurer: Lacrosse: lndoor Track: Basketball. DORIS HIRSCHOWITZ Doltie "Gentle of speech, beneficient of mind " Latin Club: French Club: List of Honor. HODES K. HOFFMAN R. HOFFMAN HOFFMEYER f WILLIAM HOFMANN, JR. Bill "Oh why should life all labor be?" Soccer: Major "FH: lnterclass Athletics: Student Omcer: List of Honor. KATHARINE MAY HOGUE Kalhy "Kitty's gay charm and wit have made her well liked among her classmates." Home Economics: Cultural Club: Oflice Practice Club: Non-Athletic "F": Minor "F": lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J. NAOMI FLORENCE HOLLAND Nonic "To know her is to like her." Office Practice Club: Cultural Club: Archery Club. LOUISE H. HOOVER "A bundle of femininity in spite of her nickname." Glee Club: Shorthand Club: lnterclass Athletics: Stu- dent Officer. IRVIN INGRAM HOUCHINS JACOBSON , 2 f Z , HOFMANN HOGUE HOLLAND HOOVER PEGGY IRVIN "Calm, cool, and collected," Leaders' Club: German Club: Badminton Club: lnterf class Athletics: Student Coach: "Forester" Committee: Assembly Chorus: List of Honor. DONALD A. INGRAM W hip "You can count on Donald to show you the funny side of life." Omce Practice Club. JANET W. HOUCHINS Ginger "Girl ofthe quiet hands and trim poised head." Leaders' Club: French Club: Art Club: Ring Commit' tee: "Forester" Committee: Student Officer: List of Distinction. BERNICE JACOBSON Bunny "Busy all the while, always wears a smile." Art Club: Glee Club: Office Practice Club: Volleyball: Major "FU: lnterclass Athletics: Student Coach: List of Honor. 48 E. JOHNSON M. JOHNSON N. JOHNSON D. JONES JAMES C. JONES Jimmie A man of courage never wants a weapon. Leaders' Club: Ethical Club: Boys' Chorus: Baseball: Football: All-Maryland, l939: lce Hockey: lnterclass Athletics: Social Committee: Student Officer: J. J. J. BOB JOYCE Slorky "A joke is Bob's motto, a smile is his em' blem, a host of friends his good fortune." lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J. ISABEL JUDEFIND Judy "Not too serious, not too gay: Just reserved in every way." Four Square Club, Secretary: Home Economics: Non' Athletic "F": J. J. J. GLADYS RITA KAHN Gladdie "Clever, charming, and bubbling over with personality is our lovable Gladdief' Leaders' Club: Ping-Pong: Library Club: Shorthand Club: Music Appreciation Club: Major "FH: Student Coach: "Press": "Forester" Stalin: J. J. J.: Student Officer. 49 EVELYN JOHNSON johnny "l laughed and talked and danced and sang." Latin Club: Clee Club: Music Appreciation Club: Non- Athletic "F": lnterclass Athletics: Student Officer. MARY ELIZABETH JOHNSON jolmnic "Silence more musical than any song." Garden Club: Music Appreciation Club: lnterclass Athletics: Minor "F": List of Honor. NAOMI JOHNSON Nomie "Her merry iests have brightened many a gloomy day." Office Practice Club: Typing Club: Home Economics Club: NonfAthIetic "F": J. J. J. DOROTHY JONES joncsie "Dorothy believes that old saying, 'Love thy neighbor,' for she has a smile for everyone. J. JONES JOYCE JUDEFIND KA!-IN i S KATHLEEN LOUISE KANE Kalllie "Brightfeyed Kathleen, so sweet and serene." Office Practice Club, lnterclass Athletics ' : J. J. J.: Stu- dent Coach: "Forester" Committee. ANNE SYLVIA KATZ Anne "Her giggle a day, draws friends her way." Art Club: Ofhce Practice Club: Glee Club: Numerals' lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Student Coach. v MYNA KAUFMAN Minkey "Never a worry, never a care: she's as bright as a sunny day. Shorthand Club: Olhce Practice Club: Four Square Club: Numeralsg lnterclass Athletics: List of Merit. HOWARD W. KAZMAIER Casey "He's rre, but he's real." Office Practice Club: Golf: Soccer: Track: Major "FH: lnterclass Athletics. KERNGOOD KIEHNE KINC ANNON KITT f KANE KATZ KAUFMAN KAZMAIER HERMAN ALLEAN KERNGOOD Hank "There are two sides to every question, mine and the wrong side." Leaders' Club: Opportunity Club: Masquers: Scout Club: "Press": Student Officer: English Staff: Inter' class Athletics. CHARLES w. KIEHNE, JR. chuck "ln framing an artist. art hath thus decreed: To make some good, but others to exceed." Art Club: NonfAthletic "FH: Latin Club: J. J. J.: Senior Play Committee: Student Officer: Representative. EDITH KINCANNON Edie "She is creation's crowning word." Junior Prom Committee: Student Ofhcer. MILDRED RACHELLE KITT Kill "Her name implies her personality: cute and kittenishf' Four Square Club: Library Club: Shorthand Club: Art Club: Office Practice Club: Glee Club: lnterclass Ath: letics: List of Honor. 50 KLEIN KLEINMAN KLITENIC KNIGHTON JOHN CHRISTIAN KNIPP, JR. Budd "He does his best, no one can do more." "Forester" Committee: Leaders' Club: Opportunity Club, President: Chemistry Club: German Club: Boys' Chorus: Art Club 5 Department of Sales and Publicity: Student Officer: Major "FH: Lacrosse. BEVERLY I. KOHN Rebel "No lipstick or powder, but plenty of 'make up'." Shorthand Club: Office Practice Club: J. J. J.: Inter- class Athletics. PHYLLIS SORYL KOLODNER Phyl "Ffhyl is one of our quieter friends, yet her sincerity makes her presence felt." Four Square Club: Art Club: Cultural Club: Latin Club: Glee Club: J. J. J,: Senior Play Committee: Prom and Banquet Committee: lnterclass Athletics. GLADYS ELYSE KONIGSBERG Happy "Gladys always wears a bright smile to go with her pleasing manner." lnterclass Athletics. 5l LE ETTA KLEIN Sneaky "Le Etta with her pleasant, feminine man- ner is all that a lady should be. Four Square Club: Art Club: Office Practice Club: Glee Club: J. J. J.: lnterclass Athletics. MILDRED E. KLEINMAN Mimi Hlfsilence were golden, Mildred would be a pauper. Cultural Club: Office Practice Club: J. J. J. ZELIK KLITENIC Zel "Thru his music he expresses." Opportunity Club: Music Appreciation Club: Chemf istry Club: Fencing: List of Honor. MARSHALL WILLIAM KNIGHTON Swampy "Quiet, well-mannerecl, self-confident." Chemistry Club: PingfPong Club: NonfAthletic Award: lnterclass Athletics: List of Merit. KNIPP KOHN KOLODNER KONIGSBERG YW S ALICE BERNICE KRAMER Ambition hath no rest." Open Forum Club Shorthand Club: Office Practice Club Senior Play Committee Numerals: lnterclass MARVIN J LAMBERT A real Southern gentleman." E L LANDAUER Fora light heart lives long." REGINA LANG Quiet charming personality." Forester Committee Cultural Club: Home ics Club Office Practice Club J. J. J. LAPIDES LEE Z fl KRAMER LAMBERT LANDAUER LANG HARRISON M. LANGRALL, JR. Tabby "The best man always wins." "Forester," Chairman of Features: Leaders' Club: Chemistry Club: Boys' Chorus: Student Officer: Repref sentative: J. J. J.: lnterclass Athletics. DONNA LAPIDES Twink "She laughs and the world laughs with her." Glee Club: French Club: Latin Club: J. J. J.: List of Honor. FRIEDA LAPIDUS F rui ls "Write me down as one who loves her fellowmanf' Four Square Club: Open Forum Club: Office Practice Club: NonfAthletic Award: lnterclass Athletics: List of Honor. - RAYMOND R. LEE, JR. Ray ' "All who know him, like him." Ethical Club: Chemistry Club: German Club: Bicycle Safety Club: Track: Major "F": lnterclass Athletics. 52 LEESE LEIBOWITZ LEIZEAR LENDERKING SHIRLEY LIBERLES Buzz "She walks in beauty like the night." "Forester" Committee: Badminton Club: PingfPong Club: French Club: Basketball: Tennis: J. J. J.: Senior Play: lnterclass Athletics: List of Honor. SEYMOUR ARTHUR LEVIN Reds "A genial fellow. liked by all." Boys' Opportunity Club: Biology Club: Chemistry Club: Student Coach: Tennis: Fresh-Soph Football: List of Honor. MERRILL LEVY Lecv "Firm of purpose." Biology Club: Student Coach: lnterclass Athletics: List of Honor. AGNES JANE LEUTBECKER Lieutenant "Laugh and the world laughs with you." Four Square Club: German Club: Glee Club: Archery Club: Hockey: Major "FH: Ring Committee: Student Coach: J. J. J.: List of Honor. 53 CHARLOTTE M. LEESE V Lcesie I "A hard worker, full of zest, She's sure to be a great success." "Forester" Committee: Girls' Leaders' Club, Treasurer: Badminton Club: Shorthand Club: lnterclass Athletics: Honor Roll. LESLYE S. LEIBOWITZ Les. "A little nonsense now and then ls relished by the best of men." "Forester" Committee: Latin Club: Music Appreciaf tion Club: French Club: "Press": J. J. J.: Prom and Banquet Committee: lnterclass Athletics: List of Merit. CHARLES W. LEIZEAR Bucky "A little fun is never out of place." "Forester" Committee: Latin Club, Secretary-Treasf urer: J. J. J.: Soccer: List of Honor. BARBARA LENDERKING Ba5s "Her heart is a palace where laughter is king." "Forester" Committee, Chairman of Art: Girls' Lead- ers' Club! Art Club: Non-Athletic "FH: Glee Club: Junior Class Treasurer: J. J. J.: Student Officer: lnter- class Athletics. LIBERLES LEVIN LEVY LEUTBECHER L ANN ELIZABETH LINDSAY Lynn "All succeeds with people who are sweet and cheerful." Latin Club: Glee Club: Masquers' Club: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J. FRANK SARGENT LIPPY Curley "For he's a jolly good fellow." Senior Play Committee: Football: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J. ALVIN FRED LIPSITZ Lip "Cheerful company shortens the miles." Office Practice Club: Soccer: Major SYDNEY LITMAN Lil " 'Syd's' rule of life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure his business." Opportunity Club: Glee Club: Boys' Chorus: Track: Major "F": lnterclass Athletics: Student Ofhcer. LITTLE LOESCHKE LOWY LUTZ .1 3 Y s LINDSAY LIPPY LIPSITZ LITMAN GEORGE E. LITTLE GoofGoo "Little, but enjoys earned popularity." Scout Club: Latin Club: Track: J. V. Letter: J. J. J.: Student Officer: List of Honor. DONALD B . LOESCH KE Don "Great minds and modest conduct go well together." Boys' Leaders' Club, Treasurer: Boys' Opportunity Club: lce Hockey: Lacrosse: Major 'iF": lnterclass Athletics: Senior Play Committee: List of Honor. VIVIAN BETTY LOWY Bimie "l would help others out of a fellow feeling." "Forester" Staff, Club Chairman: Open Forum Club: Glee Club: Music Appreciation Club: NonfAthletic "F": lnterclass Athletics: Favor Committee: Step Sing' ing Committee: J. J. J.: List of Honor: Coaching Certificate. WILLIAM RALPH LUTZ, JR. Willie "Many days shall see him, yet no day without a deed to crown it." Boys' Leaders' Club: Opportunity Club: Radio Club, President: NonfAthletic "F": Model Craftsman's Club, President: J. J. J.: Senior Play: Step Singing: School Electrician. 54 LYON LYONS MAC DONALD MADDEN VINCENT A. MAGGIO, JR. "Oh, mel Truth is stranger than fiction." Boys' Ch ' Cul orus, ee Club: Track: J. J. J.: List of Honor. W. H. MAJESKE Mac "Men, like bullets, go fartherest when they're smoothest." Senior Play: J. J. J. ELIZABETH A. MALDEIS Bcllye "With her sweet smile and pleasant per' sonality, Bette has climbed the ladder of success at F. P. H. S." Open Forum Club: Four Square Club: Glee Club: Inter' class Athletics: Student Officer. WILLIAM E. MANGER, JR. Willie "A smile for every fellow: two for every girl." 55 HENRIETTA CLAIRE LYON Hcnny "Interested in all, and thorough in her doings." Art Club: PingfPong Club: Glee Club: Shorthand Club' Garden Club N l : umera s: lnterclass Athletics: Senior Play Committee: J. J. J.: Student Coach. ALBERT LYONS Al "Ever smiling, he's just naturally nice." gppgrturgty Club: Office Practice Club President an an Orchestra, President: NonfAthl!etic Award? Ensemble: J. J. J.: Student Officer. MARION MAC DONALD Mac "Those who are good are truly great." "Forester" Committee: Art Club: Glee Club: Music Appreciation Club: Major "F": List of Honor. HENRY BOYD MADDEN Mac "I assume my work. It consumes me." Football: Softball' lnterclass Athlet' S d , ics: tu ent Coach: Student Ofticer: Student Representative. MAGGIO MAJ ESKE MALDEIS MANGER A XX S CHARLES MARANTO Chuck "Quiet! But not idle." Student Coach: lnterclass Athletics. f .JULIAN MARCUS "A pleasant smile, a grand disposition and a true pal. ' Fencing: OFF1ce Practice Club: Soccer: J. V. Letter Student Advisorya Committee. J 5 NORMAN MARTELL Norm "He has well proven that obstacles are no barriers to success." V "Forester" Committee: Office Practice Club: Soccer: lce Hocke Non Athletic Playreading Commit' yi f . tee: "Press": J. J. J.: Student Coach. DOROTHY JEAN' MATHERS , Shorlie - "A modest and silent person, with a defif nite something behind the quietness." Girls' Leaders' Club: Coaching Certificate: Glee Club: Varsity and J. V. Hockey Team: Minor "F": Senior Play: List of Honor. MAYERBERG MAZER MCGEE McNEIL X ,. x X MARANTO MARCUS MARTELL MATHERS FLORENCE MAYERBERG Wee One "Happy as the day is long." President of Home Economics Club: Art Club: Chem istry Club: Non1Athletic "F": Senior Play Committee J. J. J.: lnterclass Athletics. JEROME R. MAZER Muze "A joke, a pun, a little fun is Maze's recipe of life." BETTY MCGEE Bcllsy "Her capacity for hard work and her cheerful disposition have endeared her to us all." Art Club: Glee Club: Garden Club: Office Practice Club: Numerals, J. J. J. JANET MCNEIL i Neily "Gently but firmly is her way of doing things." Glee Club: Latin Club: Music Appreciation Club: Non Athletic HF." 56 a MEHNER MELMAN MERRICK MERTZ CHARLOTTE E. METCALFE Flea "Charms to strike the sight and merit to win the heart." Four Square Club: Senior lnaugural Chorus: Numerals: Minor "F": J. J. J. MAURICE MEYER i I fob "There are two ways to do anything- Maurice's way and the right way." lnterclass Athletics. X' IRWIN MEYERS "Everything a friend should be." President of Chemistry Club: Biology Club: Ping-Pong Club: German Club: Football: Student Officer: lnter- class, Athletics. SYLVIA M. 'MICHELSON Mike "She looks as morning roses newly washed with dew." ,I "Forester" Committee: 'Camera Clubp Latin- Club: French Club: Music Appreciation Club: Senior Play Committee: "Press": Non-Athletic "FH: J. J. J. 57 GERALDINE MEHNER Jvtfy "For sincerity, ability, and true friendlif ness, no one can excel -her.' Glee Club: Office Practice Club: J. J. J. JOSEPH MELMAN joe "His rule of life is to make business his pleasure, and pleasure his business." "Forester" Committee: Music Appreciation Club: Chemistry Club: Boys' Chorus: Senior Play Commit' tee: Non1Athletic "F": Student Officer: Student Coach: J. J. J. JEAN JEFFRIES MERRICK "She's the kind that loves her work." - Library Club: Glee Club: French Club: NonfAthletic "FH: J. J. J.: List of Distinction. WARREN A. MERTZ Sieve "HeadsJl win: ditto tails." V Boys' Chorus: Track. F METCALFE MEYER MEYERS MICHELSON R X X S S FLORA MILLER Honey Chile "Efficient in her projects, charming with her smile." Leaders' Club: Library Club: Shorthand Club: Ring Committee: Student Coach: Student Officer: "Press": Non-Athletic "F": lnterclass Athletics: Major "F": J. J. J.: List of Honor. HENRY C. MILLER Chief "Merit is sure to rise." Student Coach: List of Honor. IRIS MILLER I "She's beautiful and therefore to be wooed. She is a woman. and therefore to be won." "Forester" Committee: Four Square Club: Glee Club. LESTER MILLER Les "A quick wit, a ready smile, Make 'Les' able to beguilef' Senior Play Committee: Scrapbook Committee: Stu' dent Officer: Cheerleader. R. MILLER Y. MILLER MITCHELL MOLLOY Z' 'z F. MILLER H. MILLER I. MILLER L. MILLER ROSE S. MILLER RosicfPosie "A leading worker, she puts her best into all she does." Shorthand Club: Coaching Certificate : List of Honor. YVONNE FAYE MILLER Vonnie "Her eyes are deep pools of beauty." Glee Club: Fencing Club: Student Officer. ROBERT L. MITCHELL Milch "Tho' modest on his unembarrassed brow Nature has written-gentleman." Leaders' Club: Ethical Club: Boys' Opportunity Club: President of Senior Class: Ice Hockey: Track: Major "FH: Student Officer: J. J. J.: List of Honor. FRANCIS X. MOLLOY Mike "Work and play are the elements of success." 58 MORRIS MORROW MOYER MUELLER BETTY MUSSINGTON M uss "Her lively nature, her happy smile, Her personality well worth while." "Forester" Committee: Girls' Leaders' Club: Four Square Club: Glee Club: Student Coach: Student Officer? English Staff: lnterclass Athletics: NonfAthf letic " BERNARD MYERS Doo "Slow but sure. Better late than never." Softball: Basketball: Letter. HAROLD N. NATHANSON Na! "Happyfgoflucky and always in a hurry." "Forester" Committee: Chemistry Club: Camera Club: Biology JClub: Boys' Chorus: "Press": NonfAthletic "FH: J. . J. ELIZABETH L. NEELY Lou "A pleasing countenance is no slight advantage." "Forester" Committee: Latin Club: Glee Club: Prom and Banquet Committee: Favor Committee: Student Representative: Numerals: List of Honor. 59 PATRICIA BOONE MORRIS Pal "With a twinkle in her eyes and an impish smile on her lips, she can dismiss all of her troubles at a snap of her fingers." "Forester" Committee: Latin Club: French Club: Glee Club: Hockey: Basketball: Numerals: J. J. J. JANET MARIE MORROW Moc "When the angels and the devils get together-" Glee Club: Student Coach: Student Officer: J. J. J. CARSON MOYER Acc "The force of his own merit makes his way." Opportunity Club: Student Officer: Senior Play Com- mittee: Track: List of Honor. THELMA LOUISE MUELLER Teddy "Her quiet personality will leave a deep and lasting impression." Four Square Club: Culture Club: Home Economics Club: J. J. J. MUSSINGTON MYERS NATHANSON NEELY S FLORENCE CAROL NEIMAN Ncim "Pruclent and smiling, chattering as l go." Four Square Clubg PingfPong Clubg Art Clubg Music Appreciation Club: Chemistry Club: French Club' Stu dent Coach: Varsity Tennisx lnterclass Athletics1,Non- Athletic HURBURT NERENBERG Hurb "He has no care beyond today." "Forester" Committeep Boys' Athletic Association' Band: Drum and Bugle Corpsg Senior Play Committees Minor EUNICE EUGENIE NICOLS Eunic "She's one who enjoys sports and gayety." Leaders' Clubg Student Coachg Student Ofiicerg Hockeyp Basketballg Volleyballg Major HAZEL K NORJEN Y Her eyes are pools of dark beauty Home Economics Club Ping Pong Club G ee C ub Beautification Committee NORTON OKUM OGILVIE ORNSTEIN - v. .il NEI MAN NERENBERG NICOLS NORJEN ELIZABETH GRAY NORTON Clue lfwits were wisdom a female Solomon Girls Leaders Club Chief Justice of Student Court: Art Club D epartment of Sales and Publicity Class Representative Senior Play Committee StudentOfl"if cer lnterclass Athletics Numerals Minor F JJ J.. M VIRGINIA OGILVIE A brownfeyed blonde whose winning smile rewards her with many friends." Forester Committee' Student Coach: Student Officer' Scrapbook Committee: Basketballg List of Honor. JEAN HOPE OKUM Tim-vy "Simple and sweet, a friend to all who know her." Ping-Pong Clubg Music Appreciation Clubg Shorthand Club: lnterclass Athleticsg Numerals: Minor "FH: J. J. J.: List of Honor. MIRIAM E. ORNSTEIN Sis "Blonde, petite, and so very sweet." "Forester" Committee: Ofhce Practice Club: Glee Clubg Senior Inaugural Chorus. ' 60 PADGETT PARELHOFF PENNEY PEREGOY JAMES A. PERROTT jim "A true leader and scholar is Jim, and one of the wits of our class." EditorfinfChief of the "Forester": Leaders' Club: Mas' quers: Student Court: Senior Playreading Committee: Prom and Banquet Committee: Student Representa- tive: Student Officer: English Staff: Student Coach: B. P. S. Radio Committee: "Press": J. J. J.: List of Honor: Assembly Committee. H. ALBERT PETZ, JR. Honest Al "Though he is not a backslapper, he makes friends thoroughly." Glee Club: Boys' Chorus: Senior Play: Softball: Nonf Athletic "FH: lnterclass Athletics. J OSEPHINE PEZZELLA jo "Even with a boyish name, you can't deny she's very feminine." Cultural Club: Art Club: Typing Club: Student Coach: Numerals: J. J. J. ' MELVIN HOWARD PLACK Mel ' - ' "Lots of friends lead to success." Football: lnterclass Athletics. 61 Q9 HELEN JANE PADGETT Padge - "Looks, personality, and charm all rolled into one." Art Club: Shorthand Club: Student Officer: Numerals: List of Merit. MERRILL E. PARELHOFF Benny 'AA genial fellow, and a willing worker." Boys' Leaders' Club: Chemistry Club: German Club: Orchestra: Band: Ensemble: All-Maryland High School Orchestra: Bailiff of Student Court: Student Officer: J. J. J.: List of Honor. CORNUS ROBERT PENNEY Penn "Clother make the man, but maybe he's already made." Lacrosse: Football. DONALD PEREGOY Perry ' "Speech is great, but silence is greater." Student Coach. PERROTT PETZ PEZZELLA PLACK ii- i- A S JANE GRAHAM PLANT "Wisdom is to the soul what health is to the body." Four Square Club: Chemistry Club: Model Club: Glee Club: Music Appreciation Club: Fencing: List of Merit. MARILYN PONTIOUS Mal "She moves like a goddess and looks like a queen." Glee Club: Culture Club: Shorthand Club: Student Officer: Senior Chorus: Basketball: Numerals: Minor "F": List of Honor. DOROTHY A. PRENTISS Dolly "She's a sweet little headache." Glee Club: J. J. J. WILBUR PRESTON Woody "I dare do all that may become a man: Who dares no more is none." "Forester" Committee: Leaders' Club: Ethical Club? Opportunity Club: VicefPresident of School: Student Court: Student Officer: "Press": Golf: Basketball: Minor "F": List of Distinction: J. J. J. PRICE PURCELL PYLANT RADINSKY ? l PLANT PONTIOUS PRENTISS PRESTON ELAINE W. PRICE Boots "lt's a friendly heart that has plenty of friends." Latin Club: PingfPong Club: Softball: J. J. J. JUNE PURCELL J. P. "Breathes there a soul who doesn't know her smile." "Forester" Staff: Leaders' Club: Opportunity Club Glee Club: Shorthand Club: Office Practice Club: Corf responding Secretary of Senior Class: Prom and Ban' quet Committee: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J. VIRGINIA LEE PYLANT Lee "A silent partner, but as 'busy as a beef" Culture Club: Commercial Club: Student Coach: Spe- cial Chorus: lnterclass Athletics. MITCHELL RADINSKY Mickey "A joke is Mickeyis motto. a smile his em' blem, a host of friends his good fortune." "Forester" Committee: Student Coach. 62 RASCH RASHBAUM REDDEN REEDER DOROTHY MARIE REHM Rellmy "Honest labor bears a lovely face." "Forester" Committee: Glee Club: Shorthand Club: Office Practice Club: Inaugural Committee: Ring Com' mittee: Student Officer: Senior Chorus: Editor of Com' mercial Handbook: List of Honor. PAUL REINGOLD W lliley "Paul is little. but so was Napoleon. His constant cheerfulness attracts everyone. n Office Practice Club. FRANK RESTA Res. "Nothing great was ever achieved with, out enthusiasm." Orchestra: Band: Boys' Chorus: Safe Drivers' Club: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J. VIRGINIA LEIGH RINE Ginny "A good disposition is a gift of nature." "Forester" Committee: Glee Club: Art Club: Scrapbook Committee: Senior Play Committee: Student Officer: lnterclass Athletics: NonfAthletic "F": J. J. J. 63 GEORGE C. RASCH, JR. "He who is firm in will molds the world to himself." Assistant Business Manager, "Forester": Leaders' Club: Opportunity Club: German Club: Department of Sales and Publicity: Boys' Coaching Director: lnter- class Athletics: List of Honor. PEARL RASHBAUM Pearlic "Gentle of speech. beneficent of mind." Masquers. SHIRLEY REDDEN Sherry "Her quiet charm and sophistication make us wonder to the content of her inner thoughts." Four Square Club: Glee Club: Masquers: List of Honor. BOYD F. REEDER Long john "One who leads, and a friend above friends." Ethical Club: Opportunity Club: Football: Lacrosse Major "F": lnterclass Athletics. REHM REINGOLD RESTA RINE S X I L I ROSALIND E. ROBINSON Rozzic "Her art is her power, her power her art." "Forester" Committee: Art Club: Senior Play Come mittee: Student Coach: Student Officer: NonfAthletic "F": lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J.: List of Honor. BEBE B. ROSEN Baby "A -contented spirit is the sweetness of existence." Glee Club: Culture Club: Ofhce Practice Club: lnterf class Athletics: Numerals: Minor "FH: J. J. J. DAVID A. ROSENBERG Roscy "l have a heart with room for joy." Scrapbook Committee: Senior Play Committee. FRANCES I. ROSENBERG Franyc "Her merry jests and jovial disposition have brightened many a gloomy day." Glee Club: Student Coach' lnterclass Athletics. ROSENSTEIN ROSENSWEIG ROSENTHAL ROSNER 1 2, ROBINSON ROSEN D. ROSENBERG F. ROSENBERG ELAINE ROSENSTEIN fo "Merrily she plods life's way, easy come, easy go." Culture Club. BERNARD ROSENSWEIG Rosy "He is truly happy who makes others happy." Office Practice Club: Prom and Banquet Committee: Basketball: Soccer: Junior Varsity "FH: Varsity Soccer Manager: J. J. J. ELEANOR BETTY ROSENTHAL E. B. "A sweet quietness enveloping her." Art Club: French Club: Ping-Pong Club: Senior Play Committee: Student Coach: lnterclass Athletics: List of Honor. SONIA ROSNER Sunny "Full of fun, full of pep." Office Practice Club: lnterclass Athletics: Numerals. 64 ROSSKOPF RUBIN RUDOLPH RUSSO LEONARD SACHS Saxapllone "The power of thought: the magic of the mind." Latin Club: List of Merit. TANIA SAIONTZ Toni " 'Toni' is always 'on' her toes." Secretary of Glee Club: Masquers: Senior Play: lnter class Athletics: NonfAthletic "FH: Major "FH: J. J. J JEANNE K. SALABES "Enjoys sports and jollities." Four Square Club: French Club: Student Officer Ping-Pong Club: Tennis: Basketball: Major i'F": J.J.J LOUISE LUCILLE SAM UELS Lou "Laugh and the world laughs with you." Culture Club: Office Practice Club: Student Coach Class Representative: Senior lnaugural Chorus: lnterf class Athletics. BERNARD ROSSKOPF ' Rough Sluj "Friendship is no plant of hasty growth." A, FLORENCE RUBIN ' Flo "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Office Practice Club: Student Coach: lnterclass Ath- letics: J. J. J. HOWARD RUDOLPH Oils "The world of business will find him a willing worker." Leaders' Club: Ethical Club: PingfPong Club: Senator: Student Officer: Soccer: Basketball: Track: Minor "FH: Major "FU: Coaching Certificate: Typing and Short- hand Championship. BETTY MAE RUSSO Bets "The wondrous charm of her." Glee Club: Shorthand Club: Treasurer of Senior Class: lnterclass Athletics: Numerals: Minor "F": List of Merit. SACHS SAIONTZ SALABES SAMUELS 65 MARGARET ELIZABETH SAUERWEIN Marge "Sweet, charming and so good naturedf' Culture Club: lnterclass Athletics: List of Merit. MARGARET KATHERINE SCH M IDT Scllmidlly "Light-hearted Margaret combines laughter with seriousness." President Glee Club: Office Practice Club: Non-Athf letic "F": lnterclass Athletics. ROLAND B. SCHNICK Rollo "A quiet fellow who is always ready to lend a helping hand." "Forester" Committee: Boys' Chorus: Student Coach: lnterclass Athletics. NATHOMA SCHREIBER Nicky "l laughed, l talked, l danced, and l sang." Office Practice Club: Home Economics Club: Senior Play Committee: Class Representative: NonfAthletic "F": lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J. SCI-IULZ SCHUMAN SCHUNICK SCHUSTER SAUERWEIN SCHMIDT SCHNICK SCHREIBER BETTY SCH ULZ Bels "Beauty and grace, voice divine. Surely the very world is thine." Badminton Club: Glee Club: Music Appreciation Club: Non-Athletic "FH: Student Ofhcer: lnterclass Athletics. HARRIET G. SCHUMAN Har "lt's a friendly heart that has plenty of friends." VicefPresident French Club: Cvlee Club: Latin Club: Student Coach. EDWIN PAUL SCHUNICK Sailor ., ., A man of courage never wants weapons. Bicycle Club: Chemistry Club: lnterclass Athletics: Soccer: Major UF." READ B. SCHUSTER "l count myself in nothing else so happy as remembering my good friends." Boys' Opportunity Club: Student Coach: lnterclass Athletics: List of Honor. 66 SCHWARTZMAN' D. SCOTT E. SCOTT P. SCOTT RUTH SCOTT Scotty "There are no words to express the talent she doth possess: no matter how big the job or how little credit she receives." Badminton Club: Student Ofhcer: Basketball: Hockey: Softball: Numerals: Minor "F": Major "F": lnterclass Athletics: Happy Hills Committee: Cheerleader: J. J. J. MIRIAM DORIS SIEGEL Sigie "Cheerful, fun-loving pal." Ofhce Practice Club: PingfPong Club: Non-Athletic "F": Senior Inaugural Chorus: lnterclass Athletics Numerals: Minor "FH: Major REVA A. SHAIVITZ "A laughing classmate whose gay remarks have upset many a class." Four Square Club: Music Appreciation Club: Chen-mis Senior Play Committee: Commencement Committee Farewell Committee: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J. GERTRUDE D. SHALOWITZ cr 'Though Gert is very susceptible to laugh- ter and is usually found smiling, she is always ready with her sympathy." Four Square Club: Music Appreciation Club: Chem- IRVING SCI-IWARTZMAN Hershey Hlfclothes make the man, then 'Hershey's' made." Track: lnterclass Athletics: Cheerleader: List of Honor. DONALD BRUCE SCOTT Scolly "Actions speak louder than words." Bicycle Club: Drum and Bugle Corps: lnterclass Ath- letics: J. J. J. ELEANOR F. SCOTT Scolly "Service and charm go hand in hand." "Forester" Committee: Four Square Club: Senior Play Committee: Varsity Hockey Manager: Varsity Volley- ball Manager: Numerals: J. J. J. W. PARKER SCOTT II Ike "Here is another of our carefree seniors who believes that slumber is sweeter than toil." Craftmans' Club: Photography Club: Radio Club: Stu dent Coach. R. SCOTT SIEGEL SHAIVITZ SHALOWITZ Rc try Club: Home Economics Club: NonfAthletic I F G l istry Club: Senior Play Committee. 67 Z1 JULIAN SHAPIRO jule "Justitia per Scientiamf' "Forester" Staff: President Open Forum Club: Leaders' Club: Camera Club: J. J. J.: List of Honor. ROBERT B. SHEEHAN B017 "They like him best who know him best." Art Club: Safe Drivers' Club: Craftsmans' Club: Boys' Athletic Association: Class Representative: Boys' Chorus: lnterclass Athletics. PEARL SHIFREN shff "Can 'Shif' fo' herself: won't be left on the shelf." Culture Club: Ofhce Practice Club: lnaugural Chorus lnterclass Athletics, SELMA SHOCKET F rec kles "She writes with a pen of iron. a point of diamond." Shorthand Club: Open Forum Club: J. J. J. SHORTESS SILBERT SLOAN SMELKINSON Z1 SHAPIRO SHEEHAN SHIFREN SHOCKET RICHARD T. SHORTESS Dick "His size does not affect his success." "Forester" Committee: Leaders' Club: Boys' Opporf tunity Club: Latin Club: Scout Club: Non-Athletic "F": Student Officer: Softball: Numerals: J. J. J. ROSALIE E. SILBERT Tools ' "A true friend is forever a friend." Student Coach: Senior Play Committee. LEWIS W. SLOAN Army 1 'Army is bashful at times, but he is really concealing a most pleasant and warm personality," Boys' Athletic Association Representative: Track: Minor "F": lnterclass Athletics. SHIRLEY SMELKINSON Smclkic "Smart as a whip, straightforward and diplomatic." "Forester" Committee: Music Appreciation Club: Latin Club: Masquers: Step Singing Committee: Favor Committee: Senior lnaugural Chorusg Student Coach: lnterclass Athletics: List of Honor. 68 B. SMITH J. SMITH M. SMITH SNOOPS DORIS SNOWDEN Snowic "Fun loving, gracious, a possessor of charm." "Forester" Committee: Shorthand Club: Badminton Club: Student Officer: J. J. J. DAVID SNYDER Dave "The 'gift of gab' has Ethical Club: Lacrosse: Junior Varsity Football: Junior Varsity Basketball: lnterclass Athletics. ELIZABETH L. SOWERS Belly "Here's to the charmer whose dimples we prize." Glee Club: Ring Committee: Prom and Banquet Com- mittee: Chairman Favor Committee: Student Officer: J. J. J.: List of Merit. BETTE LOUISE SPENCER Lou "Who broke no promise, served no private end: Who gained no title, and who lost no friend." French Club: Latin Club: List of Distinction. 69 BETTY BERGER SMITH Fif "A good head and industrious hand are worth gold in any land." "Forester" Staff: Girls' Leaders' Club President: Stu- dent Court: Volleyball: Hockey: Basketball: Major 6F": Student Coach: List of Distinction: Student fficer. JEAN MOOR SMITH Snujfy "A girl worth while is a girl who can smile." Glee Club: French Club: Student Coach: Senior ln- augural Chorus: lnterclass Athletics: List of Honor. MARGARET E. SMITH Belly "To say that Smitty has friends is put' ting it mildly: her charm and smile are irresistible." Four Square Club: Open Forum Club: Office Practice Club: Shorthand Club: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J. LILLIAN BETTY SNOOPS Peck "A happy heart and a mischievous air." "Forester" Committee: Badminton Club: Archery Club: lnterclass Athletics: Numerals: Minor "F": Student Officer. SNOWDEN SNYDER SOWERS SPENCER 5 S S X KENNETH STARR Brighl Star "Let fools the studious despise, There's nothing lost in being wise." English Staff. IRVING H. STEELE, JR. Irv "Happy am I, from care I am free." "Forester" Committee: Boys' Opportunity Club: Presif dent Camera Club: Chemistry Club: NonfAthletic "F": Craftsmans' Club: Student Ofhcer. JAMES TOWNER STEHLEY Ben "Reserved, but confidentially speaking." French Club: Craftsmans' Club: Golf: Major "F": J. J. J. BERNARD STEIN Bernie "In all labor there is profit." E- STEIN STEINER STERN D. STEVENS 3 i f - ' . . V... 2 '45 ' . -F' Y X Y. Q tg' STEELE STARR STEHLEY B. STEIN ELANE STEIN Laney 'When I think, I must speak." Music Appreciation Club: Chemistry Club: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J. CARLTON M. STEINER Slzorly "The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, and the hand to execute." Ethical Club: Ollice Practice Club: Basketball: Track: Minor "FH: Maior "F," DEBORAH STERN Debbie "Her words do show her wit uncomparablef' Pingflaong Club: Senior Play Committee: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J.: List of Honor: Numerals. DOROTHY V. STEVENS Sieve Hlfyou know her well, you know she's swell." "Forester" Committee: Glee Club: Class Representaf tive: lnterclass Athletics: Junior Varsity Volleyball: Minor 70 E. STEVENS STIDMAN STOLINSKI STOUGH KARL STRAUSS Dutch "Through his untiring perseverence, Karl is certain to succeed in everything he attempts." Boys' Opportunity Club: Boys' PingfPong Club: Scout Club: Office Practice Club: NoneAthletic "F": Prom and Banquet Committee: lnterclass Athletics: Soccer: Major "F": J. J. J. PEARL STRAUSS "The only way to have a freind is to be one." Library Club: Latin Club: Badminton Club: Com- mencement Chorus: lnterclass Athletics: List of Honor HERBERT NEILSON STRAWBRIDGE Neil "Hide not your talents, they for use were made." Carftsmans' Club: Orchestra: Band: Ensemble: Non Athletic DONALD DODD STUMP Stumpy "A pleasant smile, a grand disposition, a true palwall these things rolled into one describes 'Stumpy'." 71 WALTON EUGENE STEVENS Uncle Steve "Laughter holding both his sides." "Forester" Committee: German Club: Camera Club: Senior Play: Happy Hills Program: Student Coach: Varsity Track Manager: lnterclass Athletics. JOHN CHARLES STIDMAN Oh! jolmnic "Always happy." Boys' Opportunity Club: Latin Club: Senior Play: Junior Varsity Football: lnterclass Athletics. ALVINA ELEANOR STOLINSKI Veen "Gracious and refined: a leader in her crowd." "Forester" Committee: Glee Club: Office Practice Club Junior Day Assembly: lnaugural Chorus: Class Repre- sentative: Student Coach: lnterclass Athletics: Numer als: Minor UF." EVELYN PAULINE STOUGH Eve 'The pleasing manner which Evelyn pos- sesses holds her in great esteem by all." Glee Club: Office Practice Club: NonfAthletic Class Representative: lnterclass Athletics. K. STRAUSS P. STRAUSS STRAWBRIDGE STUMP UFH DENA SWARTZ Diana "A ready wit and full of fun." Four Square Club: Masquers: Library Club: Music Ape preciation Club: Chemistry Club: Varsity Tennis: lnterf class Athletics, Numerals. ELIZABETH TALLARICO Belly "She is jolly, yet serious: fun loving, yet sincere." lnterclass Athletics. DORIS E. TAYLOR Dol "Cool, calm, and collected, but with hide den mischief." Glee Club: Scrapbook Committee: Beautification Com' mittee: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J. SYLVIA TERL joe "Youth, charm, and a merry heart." Typing Club: Culture Club: Office Practice Club: In- terclass Athletics. THOMAS TRUITT TVER UHLER g Z SWARTZ TALLARICO TAYLOR TERL SHIRLEY JEANNE THOMAS Tommy "Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you." Student Coach: Senior Inaugural Chorus: Varsity Vol' leyball: Junior Varsity Basketball: Junior Varsity Hockey: Numerals: Minor "FH: Maior "FH: lnter- class Athletics: List of Honor: J. J. J. L. VERNON TRUITT Baldy "There is no argument equal to a happy smile." Office Practice Club: Varsity Soccer. DAVID TVER Dave "Sergeant Tver is quick and snappy. He's the guy to make you feel happy." Leaders' Club: Opportunity Club: Masquers: Class Representative: Senior Play: Soccer: Track: Major "FH: lnterclass Athletics. JEAN W. UHLER 'She dances as though endowed with the winged sandals of Mercury." Glee Club: Class Representative: Student Ofhcer: J.J.J. 72 G. WAGNER WAGNER WALL WALTER WILLIAM STONE WARNER Duke "They like him best who know him best." Boys' Leaders' Club: Treasurer Opportunity Club: Stu' dent Officer: lnterclass Athletics. W. SCOTT WARRINGTON, JR. Torclly "For he's a jolly good fellow." Boys' Leaders' Club: Boys' Opportunity Club: Foot' gag: Boxing: Senator: Class Representative: Student cer. GILBERT WEGAD Garlic "Figures and figuring help to keep a head level." Boys' Leaders' Club: Boys' Opportunity Club: Short' hand Club: Non'Athletic "FH: B. S. A. Bookkeeper: Student Coach: List of Honor. IRENE S. WEINBERG Pep "A good way to have a friend is to be one." Olee Club: Home Economics Club: Ping'Pong Club: "Press" Staff, 73 GEORGE WAGNER Shorty "He lends his grace to skating, and he knows how, too." Class Representative: List of Merit. E. JEANNETTE WAGNER jean "Time for work and time for play." Four Square Club: Fencing Club: Inaugural Commit' tee: Alumni Chorus: J. J. J. REUBEN WALL Rube "Without music the days are dull," Orchestra: Bank: City High School Orchestra: Non' Athletic "F": J. J. J. TERESA BERNARDINE WALTER Sis "Sees all! Hears all! Knows all!" Art Club: Culture Club: lnterclass Athletics: Numerals WARNER WARRING TON' WEGAD WEINBERG i ' i. X SHIRLEY WEST Chick "Fine feathers, they say, make fine birds." Latin Club: J, J. J.: lnterclass Athletics. ETHEL VIRGINIA WHITE Els "Silence is golden and so is her character." lnterclass Athletics: Numerals. ROSE LEE WHITE "Hair like spun gold, and manners be' fitting a queen." Badminton Club: Minor "F": J. J. J.: lnterclass Atha letics. VIRGINIA WHITTEMORE Ginny "Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be clone." Business Manager of "Forester": Leaders' Club: Art Club: Shorthand Club: Non-Athletic "F": B. S. A. Bookkeeper: Student Officer. WIEDEFELD WILBUR WILCKE WILLIAMS 4 I WEST E. WHITE R. WHITE WHITTEMORE ROBERT H. WIEDEFELD Weede "Those who say the least accomplish the most." Camera Club: Craftsmans' Club: Safe Drivers' Club: Boys' Chorus: J. J. J.: lnterclass Athletics. HOLMES OTIS WILBUR Will "Good taste arises from judgment rather than from wit." "Forester" Staff : President Leaders' Club: Opportunity Club: Glee Club: Bugle Corps: NonfAthletic "F": Stu- dent Officer: Senior Play. EMILY WILCKE Winky "Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower." Fencing Club: Cheerleader: lnterclass Athletics. PATRICIA ANN WILLIAMS Topper "Talented, funfloving, a possessor of charm." Treasurer Office Practice Club: Music Appreciation Club: NonfAthletic "F": Student Officer: J. J. J. 74 WILSON WIRTZ WOHLMUTH WOLF MILDRED G. WOLFE Mili "Vim, vigor, and vitality." Student Coach: Senior Play: J. J. J.: lnterclass Athi letics: Honor Roll. LILLIAN WOLFSON Lil "Sincerity is the keynote of her personality." Office Practice Club: Senior lnaugural Chorus: J. J. J. BETSY HOLMAN WOODALL Bets "Full of life and the joy of living." "Forester" Committee: Leaders' Club: Secretary Four Square Club: Latin Club: French Club: Badminton Club: Girls' Coaching Director: Student Officer: Engf lish Staff: lnterclass Athletics: Numerals: List of Honor. MURIEL WOOLF Muz "And still they gazed, and still their wonder grew: That one small head could carry all she knew." "Forester" Committee: Cvlee Club: Masquers: Open Forum Club: Music Appreciation Club: NonfAthletic "F": Student Coach: lnterclass Athletics: Numerals: List of Honor. DELLORA WILSON Willie "Heart on her lips, smile in her eyes." Office Practice Club: lnterclass Athletics. VIRGINIA OLIVIA WIRTZ Ginger "A lively thing in a little package." Latin Club: Student OFficer: J. J. J.: lnterclass Ath letics. HOWARD WILI,IAM WOHLM UTH Wahl "A carefree genius." Student Coach: lnterclass Athletics: Honor Roll. RUTH WOLF Rulhie "An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow." Office Practice Club: Student Coach: Inaugural Chorus: J. J. J. WOLFE WOLFSON WOODALL WOOLF ,'Forester" Committee: President Art Club: Masquersi 75 NAOMI REGINIA WRIGH'l' Nonia "Faithful friends are hard to find." Office Practice Club. RONALD N. YEAKLE Yeah UA man's a man where sports are concerned." Ethical Clubp Boys' Chorus: Farewell Dance Commit- teep J. V. Basketball: Varsity Football: Track: lnterf class Athletics: Honor Roll. FRANK M. ZAPPACOSTA Zapp i'Ohl to dance all night and dress all day." Ethical Clubg Leaders' Club: Senior Farewell Commit' tee: Student President Scrapbook Committeeg Student Oliicerg Soccerg Minor "F"g J. J. J.: lnterclass Athletics. WRIGHT YEAKLE ZAPPACOSTA efadfl Sang, We are Seniors now, For we have taken our vow. We have been true to you, Forest Park, You've always been close to our hearts. Faithful to the end, For you have been our best friend. We've proven our worth, To serve we now go forth for- We are Seniors now. Words-Betty Schulz. Music-Ruth Scott. T"N..f' .. .I ' .ff Ccached by Miss Ruth A. Hudson, this year's senior play was prof claimed a great success by a capacity audience. Because of the cooperation of the February l940 and June l940 Senoir Classes and because of the talent in the play, it was made a success. This pref sentation marked an epoch in the history of the school, as it was the Hrst time that the Senior and Subfsenior Classes collaborated in presenting a senior play. "SEVENTEEN," BY BOOTH TARKINC-TON CAST OF CHARACTERS William Sylvanus Baxler Homer O. Wilbur joe Bullitt H. Albert Petz, Jr. David Tver Eugene Stevens John Stidman Jean Mather Dorothy Herman Shirley Liberles Mildred Wolf Genesis Mr. Parclzer Wallie Banks jane Baxlcr Lola Prafl Mary Parclier Mary Brooks The above are members ofthe June Class of l940. - , Q00 ,loan 3 QU L. lb .. Qg E 3 1013 Wfifllmn 9.- 'L WT U? -- - 'f-'w..a 5 .j ,V . K x Q 54? L' Q' -1- , . l 'im' -R: -'7'q!:,Hf: . M 4. it' ' N' '. 1, fv-..12ji,l,3, I .. N . -57 ,' 4. -ff' i-76255 -..-1 LL w .HB rv? -I ' . n- . -.UM-gr Ix' Ni.: 'fnikgzg Y' ,ag 1,2 gg' Af 5,fi4li'wfg,,g. 'SQ --1'-J3'1rQsF'!"w:f '.f '. ""ge2f',,i,-5 1, Eilff g 4-Qggrwfi ibn-'R - " ol., V' Quran ' 'Q :P " "' v A U .-A js ,.-552' 5- khggw v1,"'4e.v2g":l 'A' A 5,7 . '.-. in V , 27' ' -- - , . I 'cg - lu kt ,.:,. 'PQ' '- T , I- if I-.lg .- ' L9 ', ,Pi .W-1 : vga I fl' W U M-.tlghv "X 'WEE I'- s , 43' f:f4es:f '53 G, , f h , -. 'J' 5"5f-"-4: A ' ., Q s L -,A ' if rp 1 .v h Q, 'rg 4 ' 'Q 'YY' ' , . -4-'L .iw ji , N ,N -v,i',:.1,f1Q?,Nffw - J, gff 1 ' - ftv, , .li ,f '- , 555 .- , ff 'vw " . '. in h wi WM 2 n an 1-if' , X ,I . ' 55, I ' .ff i M t 4 .5 X 'fs x f . 1 I , 'Y K 1 tug? l az 9 3 H m ' , E f fy , , v X 1, :,. 1 ' f' 1 Hx" ,A . if' -W 1 9 gr 5 W' XX z ' f ff I A a Y , ff V 1'-Q fr. Vs rf 1- t g 7117 1 , ' gn J 510. J' fl L ' ' 'fY'!'+l" .J .35 Q . 1 A 6' ' Sf W 1 it A Z R We ik +I, 45 Y '2 Jw ', ' f- X ' 4 A ' br, I - 5? ' fi. t 'z l i u ig l Z"1r"'-. . ' J' fT -Q' rar u an M Y 7' G . qw' .C an if 'rf Fi.: ' 'YY '54 "M ' fri' - 'f ' v - I 1 'K FQ Q 'FM If 9 h fi 0 A 5 XL 1 are 445 5 4 W' 59+ tk! I X me .L fwgg i -r"1- , f . 4 -fc? -1 . A nxt-P 1 1' -. f .'L 'V"Yr, ,- -A -. J 'fi " ?::G'f'dg.4. ' 49 g . . - 1 , . - - gg' .A f f 'A -f 4'p.e'.- v-u "- ,','- -' ,. . -f2.f5s5n1'. 'lf -1 .A l ' - ':', v. "Lv:-+.' .5419 I gjgizql '- - 'H riJff2f,2,3?',i!'.g,f:,5Ef-A ,Q 3, V. ,A f " qetgbigfiml .QM Aga? :if-s,,5:,.+'.,.5,Q4x , wi'--1 ,LQ v 1 1,--s:g...,gR iVijg.1' .-Egg., PJ - H6 xml- .- A 1 x V-rf!-' -vm 1 .-+0-fb' 4 - ff3tf-,.- 'QQQQEE riiteiizs .lf -sg., .swf i33r,,gQg5- gg A:-gif 3-gfyhgggflifaffbgfqpsg. -uM.4E1?z ni .3 ,Q L:fp.x,-.:1v:s1fv:eq45g Xv:ff-.Q- Lgnegwf -,guy fx ' f':f1-fum 'Q' '- 1 -"2 .- 'imuxphfgiig 1,g: ."Y?'.f , f 1v.1,535,j5,4a5p 954-,Q :fm - sm,-.11 . '- gy -5 - 'QW mi s ".---f - - .1 1-IHA-gf?--4.1 4--" 'V-is "' 'Q " .5 f-32' ,- f 4 4' ffY".gg-I-'H' Ah 'M-' .- M mf- 'Q-iQfv1 .. za .ana-if' ' ff-1 aj ' ' W ' ,if 'H 32 if 1 W , f Q-,,, Jig. ' ggi? . L ... 55. 19' I. if 'X 5 TI. x iivcfgdgfl ' gb' -Q' " ,f 5- ,QQ : .1 gglcxil pr I 1 xx-bi M 4'.3'1'w'v 'W V.,-s :B -'-. w 9 ' , .-V . 1 + 1 .f'41,',fy, in., ,r3.r.-la! . ,, . ,.,1Ql. h 47 - g .et-. vu, -- Q ' ' 4- w e-282 pei'-ggi: .5 ,M . - : , q ? "lr .,.-f,-We ,'?5,f'f+2?f5f?:51'+,x,,!qfa-, H' P D Q -' ',.,'?-'Q 4, 11-if 'Y -.Q ,W . qt GP. . .2 ' M ,Bb ,QM A-it Q. 1 vw H ,, ,' SIPISF ' Af., 'Q wb ' y -'N 'T?2""i'!"i ,5....-fx .-.Q-3-W 4-7 -' -, F-. . -A r-'v ph--lgifsfun' . 2,fa?"3ff,-f'xM?c3?5VS, M .: 1 1' J, " .2iff'Q:,-M- -f-- w - -R. , ' 4 I e i!!-' x fu., litwfw A : Saw f f ' ff? -if -, '-'S' ' -"V . ' fi' .' ,ry -- " -- -rg -f + - J- . A .-Hal , a ff?-Six! i g ,. gig, ,QMS - i s . " x'7 '- "S""' -V+' fg,gk"". 9' 'H M'-sf: :asa Ae - f' QL , 4 5, 4 ' '- f +I, 1 ' 3 " I ,, , 1' Q1i'gg5Qv : ' ! -A P 15? - " ' x 4 L' 5 Sui-Senicvz GM Ruth Corbett, Advisor Presidcnl Neil Albright VicefPrcsidcnl Dick Macl.ellan Treasurer Milton Shapiro Recording Secretary Eva Gerhardt Corresponding Secrelary Ruth Bowen Scrgcanlsfalffirms Stanley Terrell Bob Perilla ' - X - A L. 1' - fi? Ruth E. Ruhe, Advisor President VicefPrcsidenf Treasurer Recording Secrelary Corresponding Secrclary SergeanlsfalfA rms Ira Marks Robert Steele Melvin Udelewitz Erlaine Dietrich Miriam Dolf Teddy De Bois Clarence Creswell Sai- 61644 Walter D. Scheicl, Advisor Prcsiricnl VicefPresialcnl Treasurer Recording Sccrclary Corresponding Sccrclary Sergeanlsfalffirms Robert Baker Erwin Rudolph Sonia Silberman Betsy Gallagher Mary Wills William Ropka Spencer Sullivan .foqallfq Sang To you, Forest Park, we are loyal, To you, we will always be true, And our love will survive, for we always will strive To keep it alive, Forest Park. Our records may not be the longest, But our spirit is ever the strongest, We want our standards higher, for love's undying fire Calls us and urges us on. Our flag of green and silver waves on high, O, may its pride and glory never die, And may its influence at Forest Park High Be sterling and clean and alive! For after all of us have gone from here, and Forest Park expands from year to year, We'll know the school will still belong to us, For we belong to Forest Park! a,,,,f,,, Lanai QW UU? mg ,- Q "W A .fiH1H'1 Baaacf of Siucfenl' Nd' This allfimportant aclviscry hoard assists the principal in making decisions which affect the extrafcurricular activif ties of Forest Fark. lt is composed of the principal, vicef principal, special assistant, student president, three mem' hers of the faculty, and a member of the Athletic Depart' ment. lt charters all the clubs and so works that there is no overlapping of aims or conflicts of performances in the student activities. EUGENIA BEACH WlLBUR PRESTON Sludenl President Sludcnl Vice-Prcsidcnl . -. - I an . 1' .,.-sw Slucfenl Gown! Representing the judicial branch of our student government, the Court tries stuf dents for offenses against student govern' ment and renders decisions. fzepaedenfaiiaav Striving for the improvement of the school and representing the students at the elecf tion of the student vicefpresident, the Stu' dent Representative Board is composed of delegates from each advisory section. lt is presided over by the student president. 8644616 Composed of elected delegates from each year, the Senate is the lawfmaking body of the school. It functions in school as the U. S. Senate functions in our federal govf ernment, passes on all new school programs, originates its own plans to improve the school, and tries to give all classes equal representation. Gnu' fwdm' Glad Bag! feadma' Glad Composed of girls outstanding in rendering their services to the school, this organization is another high honor club. Striving in every way toward the betterment of Forest Park, these girls do all in their power to uphold the school's high standards. The highest honor organization for boys in the school, this club has as its motto, "Brotherhood, Loyalty, Cooperation." Its members aim to help new boys and to encourage the right attitude toward Forest Park. 88 Bag! 0 Glad Members of this service organization subf ordinate to the Boys' Leaders' Club accept responsibility in every positive manner by using all legitimate means at their disposal to carry out the aims set up by the Leaders' Club. 4am Squaw Gini The thoughts, acts, and creed of this service organization of girls are all embodied in the verse: "Four things there are that one must do lf he would make his record true, To think without confusion clearly, To act from honest motives purely, To love his fellowmen sincerely, To trust in God and Heaven securely." Zzfhical Glad Led by their motto, "Not to Conquer but to Aim at High Standards," the Ethical Club urges cooperation, loyalty, and clean sports from and for all. This honorary athf letic organization aims, through the enf couragement of good character and clean living, to build fine, upstanding citizens. B ' 0!uvm4 0474 An indispensable vocal group to the school, this organization is a division of the Glee Club. lts members are enthusiastic singers and help out at commencement exerf cises, Parentffeacher Association meetings, broadcasts, and other important school activities. 8 Another of the school's many musical units, the String Ensemble, plays chamber music repertory, the acid test of real musif cianship. lt is composed of enthusiastic boys and girls who are interested in inf creasing their skill and technique on the P. Bmflm Music at Forest Park is Miss Butler, and Miss Butler is music at Forest Park. There' fore, the tradition of excellent music at our school is the tradition of a wonderful woe man. The most fitting tribute we can make to our 'lone and only" is the perpetuation of our appreciation of music she stimulated in our years at Forest Park. stringed instruments. X. ii-3 1 5 s.,QQ .-,fi fbwm ana! Bugle 004724 Along with Forest Park's band, this fairly new organization works to arouse school enthusiasm and support of various activities of the school. It has proven itself to be an indispensable unit at all the school's athletic events, '7!1e Gachewm Aiming to further an interest in group playing and to clevelop a knowledge of the sound and a skill in the performance of musical instruments, Miss Butler has led this valuable organization in the presentaf tion of assemblies and in entertainments at Farentf Teachers' meetings. fb afsaza .Wen -' An organization of unending value to the school, the Department of Sales and Pub' licity helps advertise the activities of the school to their best advantage. Its members aim to promote the sale of tickets to the various productions in which students par' ticipate. Sifucfwrf 14 Bank Managed exactly like any commercial bank, the Student Bank takes care of the deposit and withdrawal of money for the clubs and other school organizations. The handling of school money is entirely under its care. Pam An organization which has produced a publication rated as fine throughout the country, the staff of the Forest Park Press aims to provide training and experience for those interested in journalism and to make students and the public at large better acquainted with the activities of the school. lt is a four page, five column, tabloid size paper. 7 EMA With the typewriter as its main tool, the Typing Club aims to give to students a broader knowledge of the use of the type' writer than can be given in a regular class period and to foster a greater interest ln typewriting. 8 Glad One of the practical educational organif zations of the school, this commercial club aims to study the vocational possibilities of shorthand, to develop speed in taking dictaf tion, to qualify for Gregg Artist Awards and to study the many qualifications for success. Ufffze P Gm Commercial students are given, through their membership in this organization, an opportunity to acquire knowledge in the manipulation of office machines. They are greatly aided in their preparation for the business world. 6 LTIGIIFH N ' Glad Science Glad With the purpose of stimulating interest in chem' Aiming to stimulate scientific discussions among istry, the members of this club study the lives of its members, the Science Club reviews topics dealing important chemists and the practical application of with science and performs experiments to illustrate chemistry in everyday life. They also learn many those topics. ,important chemical processes. 6' Glad Because of a keen interest shown by stu' dents in the taking of pictures and the def velopment of them, the Camera Club was formed. lts aim is to stimulate interest in photography and to aid students in become ing good amateur photographers. lts annual project is a schoolfwide camera contest. Nu' Glad Members of this highly cultural club not only enjoy learning from others but also are given opportunities to try out various phases of art for themselves. They learn how to obtain the best results in poster making, etching, and other fields of art. The club aims to bring about a keener appreciation of the various fields of art both by student participation in art projects and by provide ing speakers from outside the school. '7!1e Mu 744014 A faithful group of troupers, the Masquers strive to uphold their three aims: to develop interest and ability in dramatics among the students of' the school, to promote a love for good drama, and to establish high standards for the selection and presentation of plays at Forest Park. The club members learn to use their leisure time enjoyably and profitf ably while they are in school and also after they have been graduated. S 'Glad Students interested in writing are taught new and easy methods at meetings of the Scribblers' Club. This recently organized group aims to keep alive the old art of writing, Qwwh glad Aiming to cultivate an interest in the romantic language ofthe French, the French Club provides an opportunity for French students to exercise the knowledge they have acquired in their study of the language. Members become familiar with French newsf papers, songs, books, leactues, and games. Glad Giving its members a deeper background of the German language and literature, the German Club holds informal meetings at which speakers make addresses in German, and songs and stories are exchanged. Upm Qcvuun Glad Aiming to discuss and study problems of world significance, to promote intelligent interest in naf tional and international affairs, and to mold intellif gent public opinion, members of this modern organif zation participate in debates, round table discusf sions, and open forums with each other and with clubs of other schools. .Balm Glad Characterized by their motto, "Amicitia et Scif entia," the members of the Latin Club aim to prof mote a greater friendship among Latin students and to increase their knowledge of the life, customs, and literature of ancient Rome. Their annual activity is a banquet held in the style of the ancient Roman banquet. Buff Scan! Glade Members of the Scout Club aim toward service and leadership in aiding both the scout movement and the school. Character building and citizenship training are the two purposes of the organization. Gheu Glad Having as its purposes to provide recreaf tion to students, to encourage a hobby, and to teach the game of chess, this club strives to stimulate interest in chess. lts members are aided in developing their skill by comf peting in contests with other clubs of its type. P' Sacie Participating at the meetings ofthe Phila' telic Society and interesting discussions about the origin of their unusual stamps, members aim to encourage the hobby of stamp collecting. This club has been in existence as long as the school. Goadndnq I Aiming to render assistance to those stuf dents who are falling back in their subjects, the Boys' and Girls' Coaching Departments bring together students anxious to help others and students in need of help. Many failures are thus prevented yearly. Q'0LL1'f71h9-pang glad Deriving its name from the sound of the ball hitting the table, this club brings interf ested girls together to play in open contests. lts aims are to improve the games of its members and to teach good sportsmanship. Bcufi'f9in7-Pcwq Glad Aiming to stimulate interest in the game of pingfpong, this club gives its members opportunities to meet with enthusiasts of the game and helps develop a spirit of friendf ship, leadership, and cooperation among them. 0 '4 Glad ln all of the school's stage productions, this club plays a vital part. Its members construct scenery and build stage sets to be used both indoors and out. Working in the shops building, the craftsmen turn out sets for every senior play. Made! Glad Members of the Model Club have specialized in the construction of model steam engines and various other types of machinery. The purpose of the club is to stimulate the students' interest in developing their manual skill and in working accurately with mind and body. .fidfmfuf Glad Members of the Library Club are taught the routine of clerical work in a library and are given opportunities to put their knowlf edge into practice by being permitted to assist the school librarian. The reading of worthwhile books is one of the aims of this valuable organization. Glad Organized in the Hrst year that Forest Park opened, the Home Economics Club strives to bring to its members close cof operation between home and school. It prof vides opportunities for its members to visit places of commercial and industrial activif ties that are connected with the club's inf terests. Very often it has interesting spealv ers at its meetings. Gulifuae Zmploaezffi' Glad Giving its members opportunities to see government in action and to visit many imf portant cultural institutions of Baltimore, this organization aims to familiarize its members with the many interesting historif cal and cultural activities of our own monuf mental city, Hr. fn Viqil Q1 'SEE lg "' w Niflnnn ' l g. .1 ' 4 X! 2, 1 ..- f f 1, vf AM 4001643 Finishing another gridiron season, the Green and Gray again proved their ability and spirit by romping through an eight game schedule with five wins and three defeats. Victories over Vocational and Southern opened the season. Then followed the first loss at the hands of McDonogh by a 7 to 0 score. Not disheartened, however, the squad counterattacked on Severn and at the final whistle the totals were Forest Park 25, Severn 0. A triumph over Calvert Hall followed. A highly spirited Poly eleven was enf countered next, and a second defeat was at hand. Later, with full power, the Green and Gray lads gave the powerful City champions the surprise of their campaign by outplaying them in every respect during the entire game, but losing by one touchdown. Patterson Park, the last foe, fell back in defeat bu a score of 25 to l2, to end the cam' paign. CEI? Raqa' B While not particularly successful, according to league standing, this season was made interesting by the fact that a sparkling brand of basketball was seen at times. Had it not been for injuries at the start of the season, a better record might have appeared. As it was, the Green and Gray remained the underdog throughout the greater part of the campaign. Memorable, however, were the decisive wins over Mt. St. Joseph, Du Pont, Park, and Vocational. Seam The pitchmen started their season off with a bang as they took their first two games. After losing to Poly the Foresters came back fighting to down Calvert Hall. Patterson Park was not to be denied, but the Foresters bounded back the following week and Southern fell. The Green and Gray then became victims of Mt. St. Joe and City as they finished their season with a not halffbad record of four wins, four losses and a tie. ice Jfockaf Even though they finished in second place, Forest Park was chosen best in the league when selected by the ice hockey coaches to play an allfstar outfit comf posed of top players from the other five teams. The game ended in a tie, proving that Forest Park was equal to the league's best. 74646 Giving evidence of another highly encouraging season, the varsity track squad got under way by downing last year's lnterfscholastic Champions, Mt. St. Joseph. Highfjumpers, javelin throwers, pole vaulters, discus throwers and shot putters, particuf larly strong this year, have been the main factors in keeping the Foresters among the leaders. 7enmZ This season was another successful one for the tennis squad when they made the playfoffs for the title. Only one loss, to Poly, blackened the record. A high point of the campaign was the defeat of Loyola for the first time. fawmue This spring's season is especially notable because the stickmen are again in the A Conference. lt was in l938 that the team entered the B Conference where they earned two championships. Now, back in the strong Conference competition, they are facing tougher foes but are holding their own. Banda!! Smart playing, good fielding, but only fair pitching marked the season's baseball campaign. A smashing ten to four victory over Poly saw a display of batting power, and a nonfdecision one to one game with Vocational showed pitching and sharp field' ing. While the nine was not brilliant, it provided plenty of good baseball. M 7m Since its beginning, Forest Park has been traditionally strong in golf. Practically all ofthe teams coached by Mr. Henry Hirsch have been contenders for the State title. This year's outfit was no exception since it finished second only to City College in the Maryland Scholastic Tournament. Dual matches were completed with a fiftyffifty record. 0 Working with the spectators to rally school spirit at all sports activities, the cheerleaders do a great deal toward spurf ring school teams on to victory. '7fze gm' Although it is the newest sport to be organized for girls at Forest Park, the Girls' lce Racing Team shows signs of becoming one of the most prominent. Under the able coaching of Miss Lucy Journeay, the team won the racing meet in which Eastern, Forest Park, Southern, and Western High Schools took part. B Glad Organized to develop interest in badminf ton and to promote good sportsmanship, the members of this club participate in tournaf ments and in badminton games with each other. wazzqwz After capturing the city championship for two successive years, the volley ball team went out to uphold the standard set in previous years. Miss Hyde, who acted as coach last year, again coached and, through her efforts and those of the team, Forest Park again won the interscholastic cham- pionship. ah' 144:-Jwuf Glad Members of this sport club aim to develop good posture and good sportsmanship. They not only stage club tournaments, but come pete in tournaments with other schools. GMM' '7evuuJi The tennis team, as in previous years, is trying again for the interscholastic cham- pionship. The team is ably coached by Miss Lucy Journeay, who has turned out many winning teams in her stay at Forest Park. So far the players have done very well, and if their success should continue, the chamf pionship will be in their hands. GM' 004 Miss Lucy Hyde's golf team must play with high standards in mind, as the teams of the past have not lost a game for many years. As usual, the only inter' scholastic competition of the season is a friendly match with Eastern. All the players this year were new material, but carried on in the true Forest Park style. Ill 7!w Ewa! The band plays an important part in rallying school spirit during the football season and at nu' merous other school activities. It aims to keep alive an active interest in martial music, to teach its mem' bers to march, and to hold their ranks and play their instruments at the same time. :Cx M JE!! 4, 4' 3 L5f"' 223 ,, E,hNN! Ejf?r, 'J1fN1 1fWH1M ,.. -41 ,,-, . V4 14, 194 F ray '.,, 1. .i 15? ,Hs gif-ff-E :Tina 1- U i . xg, Y s, K. 415 ?i3gt'fW:9'7vf" ' 1:-Q95 .fl , ,- :PQ2-'efp 'N .. ,.. wa- -- f- V , , -F4 4, .-4Q.f!fQf'+'-1-n,4,' ,.f-es?-veazff-maffnwe . ,,ss'Ff,u1f'e1:,g.i :gi f ' I . .. xl.,-J, -.1 1, ,,,3x?.::Lv2741, -f,,.,,,,5g lmh, wwf 1 g. ,,w, A - -If 54,5 ,sv if if Q R. N vu J ' . - 1 ,, 1 -- l"'as'3o.'!nf,Ij5"i 1 4 .- I.. A P . I A -Y -X-4.5.4 :wa . . ' f .U A. i4Q4.Q gig Y.V. 1: n ,fi . , Q rig? I 53' J? . 'i ?" " ' Aix- 1 ln ,, ,.::'.'.. ,::,iv-...Q M. I8-31. dj., E., N I V ' 'bv .I 1 7 ,Q LH. vi 24 i . ,. '.A. Ek: ,,,K ,W ' f fi" . 4 x ,, x Y . v Q ' ' fe ". - Y K 'wif'-3' -f N ' ',. . " - , A p 'A x . ' v "1 i 1- ' . an 'xi t r . I ly , f ,- , ' ,I fl 1, 1 1 " . - , I ., .s f E " 1 x ' x . ' 'J 334. . A X-I1 1 ' 1 n v' 1, -1' '-tn: 'I V 2- . " L' ' ' X 'N my . . 'Q K my XP4 l 'jf 'I 1.15 ani? x' c 'Shih' c W M L Y x L " 41 pai Y ' , 4 ' 4'-7 , is-'H ' ' N 4-:F , 'Q ' ,ff - V I I J Y V' ' I 1 X' I X.-o Mg, with lv "xiii ,il , ' Z ' -.5 ,KZ " xv 94,1 5 -,, .. ' 5' ' .Nix , A 1 . I Q'-r ., , W 3 ll in V 4,44 ' fkx - 1 -A g f- .. A Q -, ,' " iH' p2 " . 1-N4 ' ff '- A , A w1m1:,':A- .3 4. , , f " v f 1 'Q--Q. A Ss-.F I ' . ,QS If :iii - J ' , V MJ, x V' ' ' J S - ' - . ' . " ' "M" 1? gg A X N V. j 143 ff , ' . 1 J , ' ' - X , , ' A ii' Q , -E3- - I N 3 W. np 1 5 4 3 -,!?g?iEf'. ,I --T,:Y. x . , J:-,I rl: I -k4fiag,,g,q J., 7. 1 X 5 -13 ",1 - ' 'Y , ,' 1 ' ' ' '- ' A gzf' " M ' f 1 - 'vw ff, I " 'K f a S G- ff: ' f "1 A 2, 43 lf ., .,- .5 ' ,. K - , 'ji-' ' 'WJ ' r 1 ' J.:-55' 4.1 -I , L., Vnffiws' . . , :L A-V, '--r .,V mg- 3, I 11, , , , M 'flkiiii fa-'1a3i53-Ci gylygygggib Arg,-1-t -45. - q . '- " 19 -5:11 '1 5 .- ' 5, ' " m . N .Q . -:J " " ' ' ' u, : ri-gli 1 ,J 'Qtixfiq ', A , J. hi I H V I. 4 ,F - 1-mngag Eglin . 'li .,5,f-My , l I ,A ul v in A ' ' .H- 1 : 7':R'Q?"f':"r ., l V. A, .-r ,D ., A a . QU1' . ,cup ' 1 F ,mtT'3' A ' 2 rmiqgbs A - 0 'fu A 17' 'Lai' ith? mu rf, an h W, ' , ' - ' lugtwyfg bvrlil Q W 3-92. 4 ' I 1 Q' 4 f 1 , , . . A . 5 zfizln' to ff-f 1 :'I', 1:2 4' usa R ' , ft , ,-43-,.. wii 5 ml Q M? za, uv ,Q J ' x 'ff' -E H A +' "'-?,.f.s. K 1-QL". v v- Q ffm 'lin -q'x:N,A dx Srvl 1 1 il 3 - -r P , Us ,NJ , , u K N ' X ,. I Q, El fax ,,.,-X! f K 1 I . J an 'J 'U 1 ? lr 99 J 'k 81 'ig ieef' R91 , "' J 9' ME? L 7 . ,1 'nh I A ' A r -g. 5 .9 H - :- K ill, f F 1 . 2 Lf' A., I ,isa " P3 r 3, I ' y. -5 ' 1 A .ll -. W4 -Q 'Q i M b bgvf' v -f . ,Q . H 'YJ -J-. Y r-, -, , - 1-4-. Q 'x fs., J. 155, , , ,Q 5 .L5 .vi ,yr 1 ' rw .ew -f'-1-- 2 . uf -,, -w 'QD -' Q 'A ,L K is ,A 5.-3 4 gr 1 U .W will tj- 64 .. 5 ,QI Fm x I ' , ,ge rl ' I '. - . fn? --- ,.'. .. .. .'1,wfgi-Q,xf,3'a-AA xg-9:31. -,Y - . . 1 :gf-aft,-1,-.Q H--fp 4- -af: 4: - " , -.1 - ' Q. 'Ifl'f"1ff"' .nga ' ' li. 4 5 '-'Y Q.. ' 3 ' 54' lg - 1 .x:.s:2-Q-ef-M f. ,aw - qw.. 'wr , v L?-Q35 A df 1 , . im x ' 1 A.. ,, ' ,x 'Hair' 'wlgf-f:'fg32vf,?2'?!i-fwfr ' V -wav . 1. ' . s-A-,J 'v. wf53,- f" 1 ?fQ'H"A " if " 9-::f:?'p3':?-fi 45' -. .. 4- 4 '. 45 .' Q ir.. Q21 - ' I 'waz I' " 1 1 A, fflfgx i -4 ' M' 'QV' f ' ',,' ff 99922, -f "' . ,-Z u ' I f ,ef ff' gb- f My if F if .3-Wi ' S 332 4 I?" ' '62 ,lf ,l , wifi?-T' :lf 'F' :f1 'f' u V i: - ':2'!:'Q- Af .-,f1Qgq'g,'-ggi , - +w:i9'w. '-+P, 1 - I, sv, Y.. A ,'v- I my 'F N?- 1. 'Q LM P3 'f. -iff: -. - f- , A' -n 'A . ' 'linkwi - ..,. , 2, - . - . A f 4-QQ? cfgfx" " ' ,i- ,, .Qt y .i v K in I f Y : A I -l .- A U ,U . vt- . - - W5 4 - A I . . ,ML . -7 , . . . .J ,stef 'u g- A . A , E ., W . HM T A ' "' Q F rs fr" " 1 V' f:a j- fn- 1. fri: :, ': q .1-.2 "R X-nf , ...R M ' . ., ,. , B, vzmfzwmz BILL WILLIAM BOWERS HE June l940 "Forester" could never have been published without the assistance of William Bowers, the custodian of the shop building. "Bill" has stayed overtime without request, has kept our office clean and bright and above all has done much in bolstering our spirits when things went wrong, His philosophy and outlook on life will remain with us long after the lesser teachings of our school life are forgotten. We find no better expression of our appreciation and admiration than a humble "Thank you. I Weight 7401 SJW, I WRIGHT this story about the DEAN of MAJESKE College out in WEST SCHUSTER, Tennessee. I FINK, before I start, I should tell you a LITTLE some- thing about the Dean. He had the WIRTZ reputation of any member of the faculty. He was STERN, BOSSE, had the SOWERS face you've ever seen, and could get MADDEN no time at all. His eyes were STEELE gray, he had BRENT shoulders, and was known to be the SHORTESS man on the campus. Now the Dean had no friend at all but a WHITE MALDEIS cat, who was always WAGNER tail MOORE and MOYER when her master was near. But the Dean was a GOODMAN, and tried, at any PRICE, to make his students like him. Well, LUTZ get on with the story. One KNIGHTON April, the Dean was going to RESTA while in his MORRIS chair, before preparing his lecture on the RUSSOfGerman Pact for the MORROW. He NEELY fell out of his chair, when he heard a loud and furious barking out' side his BARON home. He jumped FORWOOD and dashed outside to protect his poor cat and WARNER against Nick, the dog that lived on the CORNER. He was almost deafened by the "WOOLFfWOLF" and "Me-ow" of the cat and dog. "SCHUf NICK," he screamed, running to pick up his cat. But he was too late, for the dog had taken a KNIPP from the Dean's beloved cat. Alas, the frail cat was dead-and the Dean, with a broken HART, had no friend left in this whole wide world. And so for a week, in mourning, he wore BLACK. "Poor man," thought his students. The HASSELL good heart after all." The students thought they should show their symf pathy in some manner, so they saved their NICOLS and dimes to buy the Dean a REDDEN green PERROTT to take the place of the deceased pet. This gift, they GAFFEN him, filled the Dean with JOYCE. "Because I know you WOODALL like to come," said the Dean, "and to show my appreciation for your gift, I am inviting all my newly found friends to the BEACH for a shorefpartyf' Finally, the day on which the party was scheduled to be held rolled around. Guests were starting to arrive on the beach at the appointed time. And many of them were climbing the high sea WALL, which ran along part of the beach. Now these DYKES Clike those in HOLLANDD were meant to keep the sea out. But they were no longer needed, inasmuch as the sea never came much higher than a EOOTEN a half from the wall. Suddenly, the guests that were already there, heard loud BANGS. as if a STARR had fallen on a dynamite factory. When the strange sounds were investigated, they found that it was only more guests in their l9l2 PLACKfard, which contained mostly food stored in great SACKS. They had gotten the sacks from the village MILLER. When everyone ran to see what was in the huge bags, the Dean called out, "Please don't be such big SNOOPS." The Dean further explained that the reason the guests were late was that they had had a flat tire and had been obliged to PADGETT. When all the guests had arrived, the Dean, himself, spread the table' cloth up under the trees where DEMOSS was greenest. And what a meal it wasl There were cakes that the COOK had just taken out of the IRVIN, fresh baked trout that were caught by a local Englar flishermanj, and many other GOODE things, which a rich COWMAN's son had supplied. To top the meal off, everyone could either have a GLASS of SAUERWEIN, or a STRAWBRIDGE ice cream COHEN, or both. After the meal was over, the refuse was gathered up and put in a trash di-SPENCER and burned. A lone SEGAL flew over the water, and a GOLD moon shone brilliantly. DENSMORE COLE air blew in from the west, and the little gathering on the shore slowly drifted homeward. Raymond Lee Gwynn Engel John Knipp Edwin Schunick Jim Perrott Boyd Madden Martin Goldstein Betty Heagerty Helen Fanseen Paul T. Davis Merrill Parelhoflf Barbara Lenderking June Purcell Maurice Meyer Mary Gleim Betsy Woodall Elaine Stein Herman Kerngood Gerry Dugan Irv Schwartzman Gladys Kahn Eugenia Beach Frank Zappacosta Buddy Ellinghaus Peggy Bachman Leslye Leibowitz Peggy lrvin Gilbert Wegad Sylvia Michelson Qamawii' "1 demand a recounl "Don'l bolher me "The billcr end "Hey-Lislen "Well, GOOD When I played foolhall fora 'il was alzscnl "0h! How awful "Now, oul in Missouri Hsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayl "Peachy "H i, Kced "Rockum jockum "ll's hyslcrical' "1 disagree Hfeczy pcezy "Hi, Cookie "Gosh! Hc's wunncrful "Is lherc anylhing 1 can do? "Smoolhc "Shrcwd "Oh, Coodo "Oh, 1 was soooo embarassed Who wanls lo buy some eggs? "Well, now, lc! mc see "How aboul an inlerview? "Andy" "Who look lhc cork of my lunch? r 1 "1 lhink l'll sing' "Machl schnell' "I don'l know' r 1 r 1 1 r 1 r IN: HISTORY . . PHYSICS GERMAN. . ENGLISH. . Wind We feafmed . . How to enjoy those cartoons in the manual. . "Sound travels in all directions---the higher the tempera- ture, the higher the speed." . . To laugh at German jokes. . . The proper use of ain't. CHEMISTRY LAB. . . How to prevent dishfpan hands. GYM CG I RLSD .... ART . . CAFE. . TYPING . . SHORTHAND. . MUSIC . . COOKING . How to refrain from g-i-g-g-Ififnfg while doing the gypsy dance. How to appreciate C75 modern art without going "utterly bats"l How to eat, study, talk and Iook at the "scenery" at the same time. . . How to control one's temper while tabulating. . . How to doodle artistically. . . How to enjoy a swing arrangement of a classic without moving a muscle. . . How to boil water without burning it. STRAYER COLLEGE Charles and Fayette Sts. LExington 5626 Conzjzlfffzf l31Lsim's.sE 'l'mUzing SECRETARIAL - LAW - ACCOUNTING BUSINESS MACHINE CALCULATION DAY AND EVENING CLASSES ENTIRE YEAR PLACEMENT SERVICE FREE! WESTMINSTER STUDIO lN.S'flIll'flY'l' l'orlmil111f' School 111141 College l,llOl0gl'.llJllf' CO1l1111Cl'Cll1l l'l1olog1'z1pl1y wfgw- RUSIQIN ll. IYARRI-iN, Profl. IYlfS'l'MlNS,l'l'lR. Nlll. J. JENKINS SCNS etwefers 'A' 'Ir ir 20 West Redwood Street MANUFACTURERS OF YOUR S c h o ol R in g DESIGNED BY THE JUNE CLASS I 940 COPYRIGIITIED IQRQ if if ak MANUmc'1'URr:Rs Forest Park High School RINGS, PINS and BELT BUCKLES UNIVERSITY OE BALTIMORE Approved by the Maryland State Board of Education. Recognized by the State Law lllarj and Accounting QC.P.A.j Examiners. All courses are for both men and women COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DAY AND EVENING DIVISIONS Courses for Bachelors Degree or Certificate Special Inrlivirlual Courses or a Full Curriculum lllay be Taken SCHOOL OF LAW Qualifies for State Bar Examinations LLB. Degree awarded to those with a High School education or the equivalent upon completion of the Law course JUNIOR COLLEGE Member of lim American Association of junior Colleges Intercollegiate Athletics Employment Service College Activities Low Tuition Scholarship Plans Catalogue sent upon request UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE 847 N. Howmzn STREET A COMPLETE CLEANING INSTITUTION - "One call for all" l. Guaranteed Laundry Service. 2. Guaranteed Sanitone Dry Cleaning. fl. Mirza Rug Cleaning and Storage. Al. Drapery and Chair Covering Sani- tmng. .. IVeatherseal Bat Renovating. 'w 0. Curtain Cleaning and Cobliniling. 7. Aladdin Pillow Processing. 8. -Iensen-XVoell'el Blanket Cleaning. 9. Fur Cleaning, Repairing and Re- modeling. l0. Triple Guard Storage lor Furs, Clothing, Drapery, Portiers, Curtains and Blankets. Guaranteed Srztisfczclicm, of course Zlde .E lay efeaninq 8686 , Mulberry T6l6fIll0716.' V1cRNoN 0005 LOYOLA COLLEGE Eigllly-Eighlll Year A DISTINCTIVE COLLEGE- Developing true men ol character. A CONSERVATIVE COLLEGE- linparting the culture heritage of the ages. A PROGRESSIVE COLLEGE- Training for modern leadership under experienced educators. DEGREE COURSES IN - The Arts and Sciences and Business Adininistratiou. PREPARATION FOR - Medicine, Law, Engineering, Account- ing, etc. FRESHMAN Rl'iGlS'l'RATlON CLOSES Sl'Il"l'l'IMBl'iR 2l Classes Limited For informnlion wrilc THE REGISTRAR LOYOLA COLLEGE 4501 Nokrn CnA1u.r:s Sramyr Phone Chesapeake 1020 SECRETARIAL ACCOUNTING BUSINESS COURSES D I C H M A N N EATON and BURNETT W R I G H T BUSINESS COLLEGE d QSixty-Second Ycarj a n An .'ICCTf?1Il'l6lI Con1111m'1'1'al P U G H , I I1 C , School Q Q MORRIS BUILDING , csewnd Floor? Steamslazp Agents CHARLES AND SARATOGA S'1'R15E'1's Q O BALTIMORE Sem! for ll Catalogue A, BURKER A Cirzuluatc in style . . . in CLOTIIILS Irmn IVl1ol1'snlf' nnd Rrlnil 3 LIVE AND DRESSED lfoulfrlu' TVHE "nan" 512 ENSOR ST. B,u.1'moR1-i, Mn. .OI c'HARLIt5 5 I Rhhl CENTURY OIL BURNING C0l7lflIl.Hl67IlS of . . . HEATING EQUIPMENT A FRIEND qu. HJ ComjJlimf'nIs of ilu' Franklin Uniform Co. HUDGINS SERVICE STATION Sll1'l'Zl'U0d Pro1lur'l.v l.mriR'1'Y I'IlilGH'l'S RICAR mf Clfxklm' Forest 9424 Motov' 'l'1me-up mul Rejmiors CONIfllI.Illf'HfS of . . . A FRIEND GENERAL ELECTRIC OIL BURNERS Cnll Llm1R'1'Y 9000 CUIIIIIIIHIIWIIS of H. BORENSTEIN AND SONS T.-XNF,Y'I'OXVN CLO'l'III".S ARMACOST FUNERAL HOME Hxmu' N. Akxluzoal -4201 RIDGICWOOD AVICNIII-I Lllil-RIX 1518 -01'-A I.uu-klx' 0lli5 "I"m' good furrlilurz' Hasm1nI1ly prir1'd" john C. 8: Sons HOOD COLLEGE Hmm' I. SIXIIR, D.D., I.L.D., I'rc.v. flffrvdilcd Collfgz' for IVOIIICII A. B. and B. degree in Home Economics. Teacher training. Twelve Furniture modern well-equipped buildings. 125 Slmwmmn: auch. For mlrllogul' fzcldrms Cr111inf'I Slmps: 343 NORTH REGISTR-'AR G00 S. PULASKI ST. CHARLI-is ST. HOOD COLLEGE 7 if 71? H M A R G A R I N E iff A 9 . Mrs. FILBERT S C""'P""'e"fS QUALITY of PRODUCTS A FRIEND V if? M A Y O N N A I S E 'iff il? A C0mj1lime11l.s' CfHILflll'lIlf7l1fS Of Of VIC FRENKIL A FRIICND Liberty Bowling Academy -1720 Lim-:RTV Higiums AVENUl'1 BEST XVISHES TO THE CIASS . . ' 1 Bowling lrom ll A. M. to G P. M. ' fum CHILDREN-10 CENTS AL BURKER AlJUI,'l'S-2 FOR 25 CENTS Compliments of the FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ' OFFICERS President ....... HALL E. TIMANUS Vice-President . . . HENRY SCHAEFFER Recording Secretary . . . . Lois BECKER Treasurer . . . . . RIELVIN SILVER Corresponding Secretary . . . DOROTHY HALLINIAN Adviser ...... Miss GENEVIEVE BUTLER A C T I V I T I E S Alumni Dances for Graduating Classes Social Meetings Student Aid Fund Board Meetings Organ Fund Athletic Compensation Fund Alumni Chorus Scholarship Fund Alumni vs. Varsity Basketball and Ice Hockey The Arundel Corporation BALTIMORE, MARYLAND DREDGING - CONSTRUCTION - ENGINEERING and DISTRIBUTORS OF SAND - GRAVEL - STONE and COMMERCIAL SLAG He'z11Iq1u1rter.v for . . . ARROYV SHIRTS NECKXVEAR UNDERXVEAR M c P H E R S O N ' S 1 1 E. ISAL'1'moR1Q ST. X? Compliments of A.1Hjend Pi? KELLY BR6TI3IERSQ PIMMAZQ Gxxkxsox .xxu 151-.1,1.1-1 .-Xx'1cNl'1-is 1lilJe1'1yU?5511i f i f W EI'F7"j'flII.lIg Il Alan VVcf11rs A. NADELMAN cJl'I'OSlTl'f Axrlsasmlmcak 'l'Hr1ATR1 1 1 COHlfI1I.I1If'lIfS 1 A of A FRIEND 1 R E G A L THE SOFT WATER 1 LAUNDRY N REGAL-ZURIIQ REGAL soF1' MlA1'ER DRY CLEANERS PHONE MADISON 2752 THE HOWARD FORD CO. 1.01 rllrd Ilf 41721 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE. 2 A. TVIARSIGISTA AND SONS' ' Fancy F1'111'l and Produce STALI. 747 L1-ix1Nm'oN AIARK1-Tl' C07lIl11lf1lIl'IIlS of flu' BARD - AVON SCHOOL S. DOPKIN AND SONS HENRY Dovxm 1110 E. PRATT STREET H. J. M.xRsIIxLI. SI'I1w.xRr W. ,MI-Rx' SINCIAIK All Forms of Inszmmce PALMER GARAGE Sales Nash Service BOURSIC BUILDING Cusiom HKJl,'5li AVENUE AND XVATER ST. BAI.1'IMoRIa, Mu. Plume Calvert 4262 3l0l YV. BELVEDERE AVE. Comjllezfe Sf'I'11I'Cf' for Yom' Cm' LIBERTY 5273 lfouI-:sr 9777 Forest Park High School Parent-Teachers Association GILORGE R. XVEI'I'zIaI. P1'r'.s'if1mI! Crnrrzjrlirrfmzts of , . . Forest Park Service Station LIIII-:Iz'I'x' I-II-I1:II'I's fwn Iirzkwxx Aw. Your TI'.Yll!'ll IJVIIIUI' G-,I s'1'oIiEs H. L. HESSON i 4-101 LIISI-IR'lY I-IIcIoIIIs ,XVI-1Nl'li I,ilIeI'Iy 8100 RICHMAN BROTHERS lilcclric lfloor SQIIICICTS Rcmcxl - Hll!'liXS'Lll'C - l'l.IIIls :Ind Homclxold lfurnixlxiugx RCA Radio Tulacs JoHN T. WILLS X-Hay IVI1I!ffI'i1Ils and ClIf'Hlfl'tIlS I. S0I'III-R. Prop. LIBIRIX' 9058 637 N. I-IUWARII Sl'REIi'l' REGINA RYSANEK CORDI , I-'Rom A FILIEND Studio of ' OF IJRMIATIC ART .mr IILXIIRIQSSION Claiws for Buys and Girlx ' - BAI.'rIMoRE - ROUND BAY, MD. THE B035 R. A. KREILING 8: BRO. - The Best of Everything for Your Table C0ml'l'mg'm of ' ' ' LIBERTY 3345 W. GARRISON A FRIEND 0046-0047 NEAR PARR HI-'Inurs MADISON 7644-45 1001, IndependeIIt C' ROYAL FARMS DAIRY Highest Quality Milk, Butter, Cottage Cheese, Buttermilk, Orangeade, Chocolate Milk STUDIO OF MUSIC Every Lesson Interesting 521 N. HOYVARD STREET Vernon 8298 ANGELO J. PEZZELLA Interior Deroralor Distinctive Draperies, Slipcovers, Bedspreads Mulberry 8319 131 E. NORTH AVENUE Compliments of . . . I. THOMAS Compliments of . . . GEILFUSS MOTOR SERVICE General Auto Repairs A FRIEND FOREST 9802 HOWARD PARK AT LIBERTY HEIGHTS Compliments Compliments of of Mayor A FRIEND Howard W. Jackson HARRISON-LANDAUER SCHUMACHER 86 SEILER, Inc. Commercial Artists Advertising Illustrator 325 N. CHARLES STREET BALTIMORE MARYLAND Wholesalers of PLUMBING ANn HEATING MATERIALS BALTIMORE, MARYLAINIQ Main Oljire Branrlz Store 900 li. iNl0NUMI1N'l' ST. 2611-I7 IVOODBROOK Ave. Ve. 84711-5-6-7 Ma. 0900'000l, Ve. 8-174 THE J. F. JOHNSON LUMBER COMPANY GLEN BURNIE, Mn. Plaza 0969 Compliments of S. S. KRESGE CO. 3805 Liberty Heights Avenue Insist on LANGRALUS MARYLAND CHIEF QUALITY CANNED FOODS -I. LANGRALL Rc BRO., INC. Compliments of . . . A FRIEND lllarylanrlk Largest and Finest Chiropractic Institution DR. SPECTOR'S CHIROPRACTIC HEALTH CENTERS 20 N. HOWARD ST. 1425 LIGHT ST. Compliments of . . . A FRIEND KEYSTONE MARKET Fancy :md Staple Groceries, Select Meats, Fresh Fruits and Groceries at all times 4400 BELLE IAVE. NEAR ELDORADO AVE. PIMLICO MARBLE CO. S. F. GARDNER 5255 PARK HEIGHTS AVENUE HARDIVARE - PAINTS - RADIO Coynljljmgnts Of I . . ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES A FRIEND RICHMAN BROTHERS 4703 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE. Balto., Md. WILLIAM F. MYERS 86 SONS ' PORK PAERKEIRQRILIID SAUSAGE MANUFACTURERS LIEUTENANT A. YV. BRYAN Country Brand Meat Products At All Independent Growers COCHRAN-BRYAN INDEPENDENCE MADE AMERICA Trade Independent SCHUQL J. F. ROMING COMPANY v QUALITY GROCERS SINCE 1915 ANNAPOLI5 MARYLAND 3501 NV. BELVEDERE AVENUE For Delivery Service C811-FORPZSI' 9700 "The Book House for Children" Sales Illanager, MRS. IYIILTON A. Hours 3821 COLDSPRING LANE Zlaarrp CEE. butter Dependable Eatalzles 2862 YVAIJIROOK AVENUE Phones: LAFAYETTE 3018 L-TF.-xxx-xl Il-1 3019 Compliments of . . . A FRIEND Compliments of . . . A FRIEND LAFAYETTE 0251 WM. D. HOFFMAN Sanitary Plurnbing and Drainage-Steam and Hot Water Heating GULF OIL SERVICE STATION IREISTERSTOYVN ROAD 8: WYLIE AVE. Shop - Rl-LAR OF Residence . 1958 IVKLBROOK Aw. 1948 WALEROOR AVE. BALTIMORIA' MARYLAND . Q - . . Compliments of . . . deliciously I I A FRIEND diferent GINGER ALE G. WILLSON KELBOUGH IVALBROOK PHARMACY NORTH AVENUE AT ELLAIVIONT STREET E - MILLER BROTHERS W0men's Apparel 1110 N. CHARLES STREET CLINCHFIELD SAND and FELDSPAR CORPORATION 517 I-IEARST TOWER BLDG. me Quarries - RIARRIOTTSVILLE, MD. fue Flag and Building Stone 1 GRAN1'I'1i MARBLE ' - 'F ,,., ' 1E5l5T54f'5"2'.'9'xE'f"f"5' ' 1- 7 3+ R G MERKIQE M Mamonlmnss gti6 Xf??ig,53s?xv A., 2 I fffiiri? if firwf ST , . . . if - A1 . ' ' -Q 'iw -9. ' f, Yfzfgsli' . 4o...m.1 , ,.'s.f,1 fix his f- .1 ,-' 1 Fi -- '-- - ' ' - 1 cfm f. n v ' x ' . ':'J,'S.- A ' .. M .. .N QA- A ru -:1v..+,v,. -la 5.-..'..5:,r "f E 'QV . .W W' 'sv 27" wiznyf- '13'Q:'fi.Q.g , .1-,.. 1.1. P .2 f .- -f .v-'-.:fR'w,vg:,.,,--Aw., ' Qjqf',S'r:1 -5. 711'fka::Ca4f?:2f-jk-.fF:'ilQ':'1 J Q-.H I' F" -ff' .- A S411 :'1f'f'f,lff' Y"'C'w - . qw.. i .-.W W ., Y .. .,..,.Y7: ,. 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Littlepage's Furniture BALTIMORE AND CALHOUN STREETS Manicures Permanmzt Wumfr Gwynn Oak Beauty Salon Hair Slyling ri Spefially 55025 GWYNN OAK AVF. Miss GREGORY LIBERTY 0505 Compliments of . . . A FRIEND LIBERTY FOOD MARKET H nun Iftut-nt XNIDI-R. I'mjni1'lor MEXIS. IfRllI'liS ANU GROCERIES l'rc'c' I,l'lI1'l'lj' JOHN L. CHARLTON xluto Sl'l'ZliCf? - .Motor 'I'ttr1c'-11,11 E501c.tvtj N Q.ttg!tt'1-1. tt' oss 4707 GWYNN U.-NK AVE. REXI. ESI.-Yl'E For. 3573-8575 R. A' KREILING 85 BROTHER NATHAN L. COHEN H v e , W M :mn tsEt.t.E Avia. tsstfmwkt., sn.. IihCflf4gmlftEf71 CHXRRNW M R- Sltozt' Room UNION WALL PAPER CO. I"AYE'l"IlE Axn GREENE STS. IUIIIPTIIIII, Wuslmlzle Wctll Pajiers t t t W. H. KIRKWOOD 86 SON P!ll'Z'6-X'0l'.Y of Ifiite Ifoocls HANOVER Asn DOVER STS. lieu ttxtoiu-. Meuurusn l9l0-Il-I2 ART SUPPLIES To mc-et the most exacting requiretnents of the proiessicmnl or zttnarteur ztrtist. We curry at conrplete litre of Iletoe Paints. Iinzunels nncl Yzunishes. Tc'Ic'plzonc' I.IixtNGt'clN 0977 BUILDING SUPPLIES CO. 23 NoR'rH r.tnt-1R'rt' s't'Rt-:nr INDEPENDENCE ROY.-XLTY FUND Fstzthlishecl 1032 and has paid Iiherztl returns each xettr since PENNEY, HANSL 86 CO. Fiscal Agwtts H06 MUNsr:Y Brno. BAt.1'1MoRr1 Y. M. C. A. 'NZTEEEGE 757111 Year-Classes Open lo Mwz and Wommrj DAY AND EVENING DIVISIONS Shorthand, Secretarial, Typewriting, General Clerical, Bookkeeping and Accounting courses, including instruction in the operation of business machines. ik' Before sou clecicle on the business college sou will zrttencl. tisit our school and yet tts show xou our tnoclern. tip-to-dale facilities. Learn ztlmottt our inditicluarlilecl instruction methods which allow students to :lclvzrucc as rztpiclls as their own :thilitx will permit: see our school in actual operation. Ottr school continues to ruztintztin its well-known record for placing its cluatlified students and gratcluzttes in good positions. Regttlztr contzret with orer 2500 of Ilztltirnores largest ernplorers is nrztcle in the interest of ottr plztcenlent sertice. 'ffl' Send for it copr of our IICW l!ll0 czttztlogue. giwiug full cletztils zthout courses. suhiects. t Learn How to Earn More Our inexpensive course has taught hundreds of girls how to be Inde- pendent. Get into this profession NOW .... Let us teach you corn- plete beauty culture . . . RI ELLO tuition, etc. Sghogl of We Have No Solzcztors , Y. M. C. A. Franklin and Cathedral Sts. Vernon 8650 Charles and FaYette fAf1jnn:fc'cI 113' ilu' .llamlzmcl Marc' DF1IHl'iIIIl'llf of laclttcicttimtj PLAZA 3434-5-6 C I, t C01nj1Iim1'r1ts of the Om I 1171671 S 1 SEABOARD BRASS AND Of COPPER COMPANY 35-3' S ' G S' 3' H' L' C' BAI.'1'lMORlil OLTH AY 1ml6ITARY1.AND LIBERTY 8276 We Call For and Dl'IIlll'7' J. Ross MYERS sf SONS WEST ARLINGTON TAILORS Cleaners and Dyers Flour 470-I GYVYNN OAK AVENUE 4 I V 4 ENGRAVING STATIONERY . . 229 PARK AVFNUI-I BALUMORIA MARYI'AND LEWIS R. CURI.IiT'I NPWION R. HAI-iN TOWER INN EUTAYV AND REDYVOOD STS. Good Food Cocktails Phrm1'9 Lllil'R'l'Y Sl00-8l0l THE HUGHES LUMBER CO. "Where Tbere Is A Material Diferencen Offer and Yarrlv 5012-5026 RlilS'l'liRSTOWN ROAD q.xR1.txc1O1xy BALTIINIORIC MARYLAND Engineering Construction Company 6 VVEST EAGER STRICICT TYPEWRITERS PORTABLE and STANDARD NEW and REBUILT ALL MAKES FREE-Until september 15, l9l04With the pttrclmse of any Stzlnclzlrd or Portable Type- writer--A new All Steel Typewriter Stand 135.50 valuej. UFFIGE EQUIPMENT CUMPIIIIY fI'I0lllCl4 D. Mayersj Xlzlding lllarltimfs, Dll1Ill'l'HflJf.9, Office Furniture 500 St. Paul Place Baltimore, Md. FRANK DELLA NOSE Fwmeml Dzrector 322 S. HIGH ST. AT TRINITY Dov Plzone: PL tzx 3205 Night Plzmw: CILMOR 5551 BUY YOUR ICE CREAM FROM CHESTER on the JACK AND -IILL TRUCK SYFER'S FUNERAL HOME 1600 WEsT NORTH AVI-ZNUI-I Mxxuti COOK STEER INIAIIISON I685 lfuly EIIIIJHIIIIFT KIDDIE KLOTHES KO. ME. SKUI. KAUEMAN 20 HOPKINS PLACE Phone: FORIST 9883 Specializing in S011 F0041 B E L - P A R K Restaurant 51-I3 PARK HEIGHTS AVENUE Phone VERNON l2lEI OPP. M uumxn Tttt-1.x't'k1i TUXEDOS, FULL DRESS AND CUT-A-IVAYS FOR HIRE MAX KLITENIC 3l3 W. FRANKLIN ST. BAI.'l'lMORI'l, Mn. O'TOOLE GENERAL TIRE CO. General Tires 10 EMT MT. IROYAI. AVENUE Lafayette 0189-0509 H. A. WARFIELD SANITARY PLUMBING AND HEATING Bl.0OMlNGDAI.l'I ROAD AND ROSEDALE ST. Wo Sperializr' in Repair Work WILL SCOTT, Inc. Packard Motor Cars NORTH AVENUE AT MT. ROYAL CLASSIFIED ADS A Robert Abrams YVINFIELD MARKET 3202 Chelsea Terrace Mr. Howard August CLUB ALUMINUM Tuxedo 1 1 15 Auman 81 Werkmeister The Leading Furriers 311 N. Charles Street Bardoif's Paint 8: Hardware 1111 YV. 36th St. Belmont 7825 Berlin Brothers 3609 Rogers Ave. Benjamin Realty Co. 100 E. Lexington St. Plaza 5458 Belvedere Food Market 5129 Queensbury Forest 1164 Bonoli's Shoe Repairers 3211 Belvedere Ave. Liberty 3689 George W. Boring 85 Son Plastering C07Il1'!ll'f07'S 4036 Roland Ave. Brooks Tire Co. Reisterstown and Garrison Liberty 8574 Broadway Storage Co. Fayette St. at Broadway Broadway 1870 C The Courtiers Gentlemen of Swing Liberty -1888 Car-Lou Beauty Shop 3829 Liberty Heights Caplan's Kosher Meat Market 5111 Park Heights Ave. Carver's Dress Shop 522 N. Eutaw St. Dash and Alberts 3700 Taylor Ave. Hamilton 4372 Deluxe Tailors 1005 W. North Ave. Madison 1117 Eldorado Beauty Salon 3612 Eldorado Avenue Forest 9682 F Forest Park Barber Shop 3308 Garrison Blvd. Liberty' 4340 Forest Park Motor Service 5519 Reisterstown Rd. Forest 9875 G Gilbert's Lady 85 Children Ready-to-Wear 5113 Park Heights Ave. Gilman 85 Son 1803 N. Longwood St. Lafayette 0819 Harry Gold's Bakery 4240 Park Heights Ave. Griflin Shoe Repairing 3310 Ayrdale Ave. Forest 1085 Gwynn Oak Lunch 4704 Liberty Heights Ave. H Hecker's Meat Market Hayword Park Grocery 3507 W. Hayward Ave. Forest 9586 Harry's Tailoring 3131 lVoodland Ave. Forest 2352 J Johnson, G. W., 85 Sears G VOIP is K Kling's Pharmacy 4685 Park Heights Ave. Forest 9629 L Lara Lee Beauty Shop 5121 Queensbury Ave. Liberty 0041 Lewis Pharmacy 5500 Park Heights Ave. Leibman's Meats 3201 Oakfield Ave. Forest 3435 Samuel Levin 2135 N. Monroe St. Madison 7001 M Mandel's Restaurant 118 E. Baltimore St. Morrison's Value Shop 5224 Reisterstown Md. Industrial Towel Supply 2846 Rayner Ave. Lafayette 4393 Mogg's Home Bakery 3141 Virginia Ave. Miller's Beauty Shop 3327 Garrison Ave. Forest 9748 P Pezzella, Biagio 3343 YVoodlawn Ave. Forest 5976 Phillips Service Station 5512 Reisterstown Rd. Liberty 8289 Jos. Purcell, Builder 3609 Milford Ave. CLASSIFIED ADS R Rogers Plumbing 5501 Jonquil Ave. Liberty 5283 Rosopky's Grocery 4101 Norlolk Ave. Rabaiis French Baker Y 5110 Park Heights Ave. S. Rubin, Paper-hanger 4807 Reisterstown Rd. Richmond Clothes 500 E. Baltimore St. Calvert 5063 S Scheurich Market 1700 Rosedale St. Schofer's Grocery 5300 Gwynn Oak Ave. Liberlv 3-110 Syfer Funeral Home 1600 XV. North Ave. Madison 1685 ---f , Si1ber's Bakery 1727 N. Monroe St. Shell Service Station Berwood and Garrison Forest 9854 Saiontz Electric Co. 2819 YV. Garrison Liberty 4580 Shapiro's Pharmacy 2601 N. Hilton Liberty 4819 Shell Station 5300 Park Heights Ave. XV. C. Hutchinson, Prop. 1 T Tugwell Confectionery Oakland and Druid Park Forest 9785 W Wallace Roofing Co. 11919 Reisterstown Rd. Libertv 3100 Wilbur, Holmes O. Photography 3511 Copley Rd. Liberty 1757 Louis Wincor, Barber 2600 Sisson St. Madison 10,000 Woodlawn Tailors lVood1awn 316 Liberty 7616 PATRONS A Friend . A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Fink Mr. John H. VVeller Mrs. Noea C. Biscoe Mr. Sc Mrs. L. T. Lenderking G. Van Ness Bullough Dr. Norman Sloan Mr. Lewis VV. Sloan Homewood Laundry Mr. David Scherr Best Wishes From Your Art Adviser Mrs. Rose Terl Belview Pharmacy Mrs. Charles F. Scott Hamilton Radio Co. Henry and Elaine Mr. Harry NVagner Mrs. Harry Wagner Mr. C. Vernon Thomas Mr. and Mrs. 'I'. F. Sheenan Mr. and Mrs. XV. C. Daly and Mrs. Lawrence Mr. M111 ittemore Ruth Whittemore Mrs. M. G. Linthicum Miss E. G. Linthicum Sam's Barber Shop Mrs. M. -1. Aiken T. Frank Sheenan, Jr. A. 01. Martel Avalon Pharmacy A Friend Capt. Sc Mrs. vVm. M. Fralic Home Service Station Mr. and Mrs. 1. Nieman Mr. and Mrs. F. Einwalchter Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Zerhusen Mrs. Mr. Xfvlilliam M. Miller and Mrs. Chas. F. Smay Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Cullison Mr. and Mrs. Philip Fogarty Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Levy Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Levy Mr. and Mrs. H. Hensel A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Charles Herbst Mrs. Edward H. Menner Mr. Stanley Levin Mr. 84 Mrs. G. A. Leutbecker Mrs. Adaline Leese Aetna Construction Co. A Friend Mrs. F. NV. Loeschke Mr. Roland D. Stump Mrs. Roland D. Stump Mr. and Mrs. Mlm. A. Bryan E. Allen Bryan Mr. Lee Ogilivie Mr. Xllendell Ogilivie Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Rudolph Mrs. N. Gentile Harry H. Hartlove A Friend Heinz and Harry Mr. and Mrs. Max Katz M. E. Kleiman Joseph YVall 'lack Cohn Mr. and Mrs. Louis Blank Hlellington Yehudi Ramond Christian Morton Mr. Jack Hunter Mr. Read Viemeister Julian Leonard Simon 5 PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. B. Goldrich "lVes" and Larry A Friend Xl'inlield Courts Continental Home Improve- ment Co. Mrs. Arthur Appler Mr. and Mrs. Fine A Friend Mr. and Mrs. George Krill A Friend D. Lieberman Mrs. L. Handelan Eugene Preis A Friend Eugene Preis A Friend Mr. lValter L. Smith A Friend C. A. Grivakis I.. Ridgaway Mary C. Keene Betty's Beauty Shoppe Miss Phyllis Taylor Mr. Linnie M. Taylor Mrs. B. O. Maass Allen Kerngood De Boys Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Reeder Mr. and Mrs. E. IN. Cowman A Friend David Meyers C. L. Davis A Friend Mrs. Care Davis A Friend Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Hook Julian Leonard Simon lVilliam A. Berry, Jr. Morton M. Frank Miss Helen Bish Hochheimer Sisters Mr. and Mrs. YV. V. Cowman George AI. Dolle Mrs. lVm. L. Ensor XVm. Leroy Ensor Mr. Harry Gimpelman Benj. lVolfson Ruth N. Myer Mrs. L. E. Hamley Micky Schreiber A Friend Mr. James Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Strauss Mrs. A. Cohen Clay ton Dobbs Harold Cash Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Lyons Daniel Highto Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Wlarner H. XV. lVarner Dr. and Mrs. Mrs. Herman F. Bartell Mrs. Herman F. Bartell Mr. and Mrs. B. Shugam Mrs. Anne Eisenberg A Friend A Friend Miss Dorothy Hance Mr. Sc Mrs. H. B. Stocksdale A Friend Maurice I. Parelhott Lester C. Meyers Mr. and Mrs. S. Meyers Carlin's Roller Rink Chelsea Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Langrall Stuart YVooton Mr. and Mrs. J. Y. Davis Mr. and Mrs. UI. Y. Davis Mrs. John L. Nicols Carolyn Nicols Mr. and Mrs. AI. C. Perrott Edward Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Robert Irvin Mr. and Mrs. E. Frederick A Friend Mr. and Mrs. R. XV. Smith I-Iurburt K. Nerenberg Mrs. C. Nerenberg W. Gelston McNeil XV. Gelston McNeil Eugene Buckman Irvin Buckman and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Bc Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Brent E. Reindollar Meyer Salabes A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Macks Paul S. Hingard Virginia Gatt Mr. E. L. Brady Holmes. O. lVilbur Mr. EQ Mrs. C. M. Bandiere Mr. 'lack Bandiere Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Merrick A Friend Mr. and Mrs. XVm. H. Engel Dr. and Mrs. G. YV. Metcalf Mr. and Mrs. II. Abarbanel Carl and Jimmy Tewin A Friend Melvin Roedel A Friend and Mrs. Edward Lang Gerson M. XVoolt Mr. Dr. Mr. George Bahlke Mr. George Bahlke and Mrs. C. Demarest Mr. Mr. and Mrs. C. Demarest A Friend Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Giarth Rev. and Mrs. II. M. Rogers Iohn H. Buchheister Mrs. Lillian Gleim Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Bunting A Friend A Friend Mr. and Mrs. P. Conson janet Mitchell Dr. and Mrs. XV. L. .Iudelind A Friend Mr. William L. Herpel P. F. Carter Mr. and Mrs. XVm. R. Smith A Friend Dr. and Mrs. Meyer Ephrain Mr. and Mrs. Frank Corner Shirley Liberles Ianet McNeil EQ Mrs. J. I.. Mussington Mr. Mr. K Mrs. -I. L. Mussington Mr. and Mrs. A. E. lNalters and Mrs. Mayerberg I.. . ,. Dr. Mr. and M s. Morris Blo.k Mr. and Mrs. L. Michelson Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Salabes A Friend Compliments of "Speed" Mr. and Mrs. R. Hughes A Friend Mr. and Mrs. .Albert Landay Mr. and Mrs. XV. Kincannon A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Fink Yppil Knart E. B. Marx PATRONS A Friend Miss Evelyn R. White Mr. Wm. A. VVhite M. Solomon and Son Philip Fine Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Gisriel Mr. and Mrs. II. Hayes Mr. -lack Fitzgerald A Friend Mr. and Mrs. M. Edmonston Frank Rubin Mr. 8: Mrs. E. H. Landaner A Friend Benny and Oogie Benny and Oogie Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Fanseen Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Fanseen B." -Iesse T. Dowling, Sr. Mrs. Grace D. Knighton Mrs. L. G. Penney Mrs. Edith NV. Harris Mr. Guston Zappacosta Robbins Pharmacy Carlton M. Steiner Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Steiner Mr. Albert Smith Mr. YV. Scott lvarrington F. C. Bankert Mary M. Bankert Adolph's Food Market Mr. Sc Mrs. N. A. Ellinghaus UI. Donald Schuster Mr. and Mrs. N. Schuster Bernard Levy Edna Patella Mrs. Geo. E. Hilton Mr. Geo. E. Hilton Mrs. V. A. May Mrs. YV. II. Clark Mr. Sc Mrs. Wm. E. Pontious Barre Monument Co. Miss Katie Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hatner Mr. and Mrs. H. White Mr. and Mrs. AI. Berkowitz A Friend "X Y Z" P. L. Thorren Bernard A. Brennan Mrs. Joseph Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Milton Swartz Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Samuel A Friend A Friend A Friend Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Snoops james J. Sjolander Mrs. Cecelia Ornstein Belvedere Restaurant Mrs. Kathryn L. Fleishman Mr. and Mrs. A. Cohen Mr. Sc Mrs. P. Schwartzman Captain E. A. Wilcke Mrs. E. Wilcke Mrs. Melvin O. Marcus Anne S. Engel Engel Dr. John H. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Rasch Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. lfVilbur -I. N. Merritt Nathen Levin D. Preston Mrs. W. G. Majeske Mrs. W. G. Maieske Mr. and Mrs. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Russo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Resta Mr. 8a Mrs. J. H. Wiedefeld A Friend A Friend Mr. and Mrs. bl. C. Sowers Mr. and Mrs. VI. C. Sowers Rosalind Michelson Sylvia Michelson Mr. N. L. Uhler Mrs. Viola Uhler A Friend A Friend Lorraine, Tania and Marion and Mrs. A. Kloze and Mrs. F. Streeks and Mrs. YV. A. Manger Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. V. Graham Lee Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Snowden Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Hoover and Mrs. Hoover Miss Doris Litchfield Geraldine Humphries Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Froelich S. G. Dell Mrs. Wilson Morrow Mrs. lVilson Morrow Miss Doris Hellstern Mr. and Mrs. M. -I. Hess Mr. james N. Pryor, Jr. Mr. Carlos P. Englar, Sr. Martin -I. Goldstein Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Goldstein Mr. Y'Vm. C. Mertz Mr. XVIII. C. Mertz Mrs. Bertha A. Mertz M. Milford Schuman M. Milford Schuman Mr. Sol Kalis Mr. Sol Kalis Miss Jean May Leland Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Albert F. Betty Maldeis A Friend Mili G. XVolf Mr. -I. C. jones Mr. and Mrs. R. Muffoletto Mr. Morris Friedberg "Dick" Schapero "Dick" Schapero Mr. Morris Friedberg Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Crosby Maggio's Confectionery Goucher's, F. P. Alumnae Goucher's, F. P. Alumnae Miss Mamie Meier Mr. and Mrs. W'm. Hofmann Mr. R. AI. Street Mr. R. XV. Hawley G. P. Butler Mr. Chas. H. Taylor Mr. Geo. A. Scott Mrs. T. WI Katenkamp T. VV. Katenkamp Leroy Ensor Leroy Ensor G. Ensor Erle L. Norton M. Adlin B. Kolodner B. Kolodner Maldeis Mrs. lfVn1. Wm. Alva Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Banks Geraldine Humphries Alva G. Ensor Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Banks Dr. R. H. Gordon, A Friend Bernard A. Brennan Chiropractor A Friend .2 5 14 LTHOUGH the June 1940 Forester is a combination of the talents of many, for which we express deep appreciation, there are those who deserve some special mention. To the following persons, without whom we could not have prof duced our book, we offer our grateful appreciation. To Mr. William G. Horn, and Mr. S. Harold White of The l'lornfShafer Company, who helped us in planning our book: Mr. W. Ramont Hamel who supervised the art work, Mr. Ruskin B. Warren, and "Charlie" for their photographic suggestionsg Barbara Lenderking for the cover clesigng Bob Cullison for the work on the dividers 1 Marion McDonald for the title page: and Janet Davis for always lending a hand to help out the other fellow. JIM PERROTT, Edilor-in-Chief

Suggestions in the Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) collection:

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