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 - Class of 1939

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1 4 yy? ' ff" .f y if 7' 32 K ,, AA N M, ' :Rf . -- Q. vs . . ,Va Q iv? . . I Q 3 1 g v'4:,,v, ' 5 X i A.A, , g f . . A ' f ' I i 4 5 , K E l 1 K in l I 5 f Z , 4 : . E, 1 Q 4 . l I 6 v I , , , f X g , , . 5 ' 1 i 1 4 2 I 4? ' 3 1 A 5 1 1 ix 1 ,Q 1 at . gx , iz 1 K 3 4 A I 1 nv al -. - ' ' . ' F-- "1 'Q xv.. ,A 1 f 4 ' 4- . . .,. :Til ,gi ,. f F5 is , . QQ , 3122 g Sa V--,mn 1 'YE ,E 9. fa REX KL Xl NB XD MIS X Q41 fn 4 MA S X QX 1rlHlE fUlQlfITlflQ K3'D'U4t4D W Qv 35 Q' DUIBLIIHED BY THE JFIENIIIDIIQ 'IIILASS Ol: THE If 'D ID IE S TI ID A IIQ Ili IH II'l5IH S'IIII'i'D'UIL IBALTIMDIDE, MADYLAN D ID IE ID II IC A If Il ID N We, of the February Class of 1939, feel mere Words inadequate for the expression of our grati- tude to the one who has guided our numerous endeavors since our organization as the Sub-Jun ior Class. Those who have had the unequaled privilege of working with him, Whom all respect and love, know and appreciate the extent of his efforts. We can but mention his name and humbly dedicate this, our 'QForester," to Mr. John F. Burger, Jr. JI,-, 0101111 Qurqer, Jr. IF 40 ID IE M' 'D II2 ID Certainly it is unnatural to break off suddenly friendships and bonds which we have revered for years. We shall think and dream of our school days as we all reflect on the activities in which we are most interested. It is for the purpose of per- petuating our most cherished memories, associates, associations, and activities here at, Forest Park that We have produced this February 193.9 Forester. Ccmma gardiner Ccdifor-in-Glzief fC'DNTfIIfNTfS FACULTY SEN IORS CLASSES ACTIVITIES LL EC C E ATHLETICS FEATURES :iw 'Y' saggy, A ' . W1 in 'HSA ? 1 ,Wm-zmm, n,L ae Q-7ri1zcipalGfnJ ae SCM A C U L T Mr. OJQHJZIZ 8. IDLM Q9 ' ' l l'UZClp6L MR. DUNNIS CHEERFUL COOPERATION AND FRIENDLY SUPERVISION XVILL REMAIN LONG IN OUR INIEMORIES. .XMAS Sophie jecker Special Gfssisfmzf All students know and admire Miss Becker because of her enthusiasm and her interest in them. mr. Gfffred scoff Moe- Qrincipaf Our entire school life has been affect- ed by the forceful personality and the democratic principles of Mr. Scott. 9 V ' ' . :. B N 'F' - f. " 5' Q .. Q.. 4-: - -1.51 L- .. M- was . 1 f '- QS' ip EGF, " - . ..,,. - "2 N . 1. , ' Q' L' .3 .1 . 1. 5 f It .9 Q W. ss. W . X 5 P 5 Q Q W2 I 'W' we . , t A S EW x it L K . SPR r ff, Q 9 J 'X ii? J' ?'1 'i ff .x,, .Q P5 'Ni 3 , . . Q 5 A as , S 4' i ... X ,N f ., ,. ., . , if 'G .Aki Ks e' 6 xr 31' it . ' I 'r i fe , - X .X . , V W Administration WENDELL E. DUNN, M.A. ALFRED P. Scorr, B.A., M.A. SOPHIE M. BECKER, B.A. English Department . X ANGELA M. BYKOENING, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Head X Florence Arnold, B.S. X Margaret M. Chase, A.B. Luther R. Cooper, A.B., M.A. X Gladys B. Eger, A.B. Ruth H. Hudson, A.B. Elizabeth M. Iones, A.B., R.N. Menetta E. Koenig, B.S. Abraham LeSchack, B.S. X Virginia Shaffer, B.S., M.A. X Etta W. Smith, B.S. Alta E. Thompson, B.S., M.A. Fannie C. Wright, B.S. History Department HARRY BARD, B.S., M.A., Head X Grace D. Broening, B.S., A.M. Florence Layman X Florence Levinson, B.S., A.M. W. Woodruff Marston, A.B. - Elizabeth Ridgely, B.S. EZ.3JJ.'l'z?..tT1Z? X A Alfred P. Scott, B.A., M. . Vernon S. Vavrina, B.S. Henry B. Waskow, B.S., M.A. H. Chester Whitney, A.B. Margaret G. Williams Mathematics Department X GROVER W. NORRIS, B.A., A.M., Head X Sophie M. Becker, B.A. Latimer A. Dice, A.B., A.M. William H. Iolly, B.S. X Florence R. Lane Walter D. Scheid, B.S. Katharine L. Tames, B.S. Hester C. Whitfield, B.S. Science Department ' ,EDXVIN L. FREDERICK, A.B., Ph.D., Head Q ouise Brittingham, A.B., Assistant ,I n F. Burger, Ir., B.E. nry Hirsch, B.S. 'ld A. Hutt, A.B. R A. Kramer, A.B. X ph L. Krieger, B.S. X, illiam McClean, A.B. David Scherr, A.B., Assistant Lilliam Schofer, A.B. Librarian M. Bernice Weise Music Department Genevieve P. Butler, B.S., M.A. X No picture Modern Language Department ' - Orro K. SCHMIED, A.B., LL.B., Head g Q P i we 'S Rf X Edith Klinesmith f , A . I -iF"". N, W E, I. Fred Moore, lr., A.B., M.A. A g ,N ' . SS 9 Ruth E. Ruhe, A.B. fp E 1 , Q X Mary Sabine, B.S. ' f - " Ancient Language Department " ' IESSIE M. EBAUGH, A.B., Head . .,.. . 5-' ii .. .. . .. Y A X Irene Roe, A.B. -E AM. Edin., Head Q, f c X ..' ,Aj .,'k . f 'H Q, CHESTER H. KATENKAMP, B.S., LLB., " ' E Helen G. Brooks, A.B., B.C.S. Z Lf' Y A ' Ruth Corbett I s ,.e: .... ,...,, . Commercial Department QS' .4 .f , Sl a Esther S. Darroch, B.S. M Alice E. Elias, B.S. 1 Rosetta A. Feldman, B.S. c . L4 X Catherine Freimann, AB. ' i A M E A xx ,x Samuel Goldsmith, B.S. - -'I' l--' it --': 5 Edward H. Goldstein, B.S. ' ' "'- it 'Q Adele F. Grote, B.S. ,.-' f iiii V iii ' -llrz 1 49+ Michael C. Leipholz A 1 i Madeleine M. Thompson. A:,, 3 "g ::" - . Thyra C. Waltham, A.B. f': i I ., is ffl Mary E. Wells, B.S. - f ' H X . . .. Art DePartment -t - V .sr :-: Nellie S. Norris, B.S. ' A . .gs '35 .. Nora V. Brainard, B.S. "j "'. H F Ivan Byron Rigby ii F Industrial Arts De artment ' P rrt i'f: il Q. 9 ' , . . M oc 1 ea W Ai E X WILLIA K. Y UL , A.B., H d J . Y if , 5 i E. . g . it Edgar Bull .1 b'-"" V . Stanley L. Heylmun B.S. gm W- 45 Thomas L. Young , Eat t".se -' '57 z ' Home Economics Department p Ida A. Wholey, B.S. A ' F ' Doris V. Church, B.S. '- Blanche M. Rains, B.S. .,, , 5 Physical Education Department is..V "" bqhi 5 . X sf. REX H. S1Ms, A.B., Director f ,t.. K A i' C. Melville Anderson, B.S. KE: N Qriz ---' E if " Q 5 sms K rv 1. " NX' Lucy Hyde, A.B. , U 'il' I Lucy Iourneay, B.S. A' 6 Vocational Guidance Councilor F gl L . i w iii A 5 . ' Nora A. Stoll, A.B. ' ii '.,, S N' A . ' - . Administratignftaff FEW HG ii W , f KFC FF X Shirley M. Freed i" .' A X Dora Y. Kaplan A ' g N' 3, - In Medical Staff V W , I Q i A 7 X Rachel E. Feldstein, R.N. t'et V tl't 7 F b e , F X Catherine W. Blumberg, B.A., M.D. t X Robert W. Garis, B.A., M.D. ff- D- - ' FN W i zetztzan ,i .4 - -I . x Neva L. CoXen, B.S A Attendance Ojfcer ' A A lil El'1 G I . ,iles ' ' VVA, X iza. e a es if ,AAA u VV,,, nk I X No picture MILA, X:!'A,.5jQ4 Q 5 M 'L II A 7f II 'D N me, the Qeniors, shall never forget the culmination of all our efforts in school-Graduation. W D2 v H Pf v -4 A 1 T4 5 5 5 E S S 1 1 . s f ' R gp , . x 53' E , 5 , vw -4 , FM. ...M ,X ,, ,. , . .,,.,, ..,,,.- ., . . . 3. . V, . K V K Q Zim Gfryviser Gflfza Che Gfass If N I U I2 x 5, 51111 R ..'V QI .. ' ' T 211 R ERRRR RR . - W ' ' M . , . 'fi Hallman Railley Witz Hyde Larrimore Lowenthal 'C ILAXSS 'D llzllzll 'C IEIDS President. . . ,.,.... EDITH HYDE Vz'ce-President .. .... HERBERT E. WITZ T1'ea.fu1'c1'. . . Recording SL'61'6lLlI'jl ,... Corffesponding Sew'eza1'y, , . . . . Sc'1'geants-at-Arms ..,, . . .RAW1.1NOs GEORGIUS . . . .ROBERTA RAILLEY .DOROTHY HALLMAN , . . . .ROBERT LARRIMORE BOBBETTE LOWENTHAL 20 . 4 1321 qi Georgius IPD II2 IE .lf lf IE ID if lf A IF II: Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Emma Gardiner Herbert E. Witz Editorial Staff Associates Elaine B. Ivarsen Kenwood G. Powers Write-ups Athletics filctiifities Miriam Tunick Marie Altieri Kathryn Sheely Miriam Kellman Bessie I. Pecora Lucius P MCKin1e Dorothy M. Beach Irving H. Schuman Al. El.. b h F Y Gwendolyn Saunders Leonard Sussman we 123 et Oster Features Historian Mildred Lewis Iane Noble Geraldine Merican Art Stal? Photography Earl R. Weiner Rosalind Michelson Albert Adler Graphics Dorothy G. Podolsky Dorothy M. Herndon Esta S. Cook Howard M. Coleman Walter Lowensberg Business Staff A iiifertisin g Managers Circulation Manager Charles Hoffberger Bobbette T. Lowenthal Lillian Bliss Transcription Stag Bella Erdman, Illanager Irma Barber Gertrude Norwitz Eva Adleberg Marian R. Cohen Nina Rosenthal 21 EVA ADLEBERG FORESTER Staifg Library Clubg Office Practice Clubg Year Committees Evals even disposition d bl asset to our class. an epful attitude make laer an ALBERT ABRAHAM ADLER FORESTER Staflg Pressg Student Coachg Camera Clubg Office Practice Club Our ace reporter. If you donlt believe it-ask lriml MARIE ALTIERI FoREs'rER, Sports Editorg Senatorg Leaders' Clubg J. V. Basket- ballg J. V. Volleyballg J. V. Hockeyg Badminton Club For sincerity, ability, and true friendliness, no one excels lver. EDWARD J. APPEL Opportunity Club, Secretaryg Student Coachg Student Ofiicerg Latin Clubg Chemistry Clubg Chess Clubg Safe Drivers' Clubg Year Committees His interest in clremistr y is going to filler his life to tlae finer points. WILLIAM ARTHUR Student Officerg Student Coachg Chemistry Club Serious and silent, "Bill" has glided tlvrouglr tlrese years with the utmost calm. MARGERY AGNES ATKINSON Varsity Tennisg Minor "F" The pleasing and quiet manner which Agnes possesses lrolds lver in great esteem by all. IRMA GERALDINE BARBER FORESTER Staffg Four Square Clubg Art Clubg Latin Clubg Oi'Iice Practice Clubg Ping Pong Clubg Year Committees Irma's ready smile and sparkling eyes have endeared her to us all. LUCILLE BASTIN Student Ofhcerg Badminton Clubg Interclass Athleticsg Year Committees One simply can't imagine "Lou" witlrout a smile and a jolly Word for everyone. DOROTHY MARIE BEACH FORESTER Staffg Student Oiiicerg Pressg Student Coachg Glee Clubg Chemistry Clubg Minor "Fug Year Committee. Spontaneous witticisrns and a natural manner have made "D0tty', everyoneis friend. LOIS RUTH BECKER Student Coachg Art Clubg Latin Clubg Home Economics Clubg Year Committees Lois's vivacious personality is accentuated by ber blonde beauty. 22 , 'F N DOROTHY BEITLER List of Distinctiong Office Practicc Clubg Badminton Club "Datsy,s', warm hospitality befriends the shyest person .1 d h d ' ' n er eep understanding has Won a permanent place in our hearts. MYRA H. BERG Fo ur Square Clubg Art Clubg Office Practice Clubg Open Forum Club, Secretaryg Varsity Hockeyg Badminton Clubg Major "Fug Non-Athletic RFU "Bergie" is an intensive Worleer and, in addition, possesses outstanding athletic ability. LILLIAN BLISS List of Meritg FORESTER Stalfg Pressg Student Ofiicerg Student Coachg Chemistry Clubg Year Committees "Lil',, bland and sophisticated, is Well-known for her alluring smile. ANNETTE BLOCK List of I-Ionorg Four Square Clubg Student Coachg Glee Clubg Art Clubg Office Practice Clubg Open Forum Club "Block,' relishes a joke and rejoices in a pun. BEATRICE BLOOM F our Square Clubg Glee Clubg Art Clubg OfIice Practice Cl b u Bea's" good nature is equaled only by her attractiveness. ELAINE LOIS BLUM List of Honorg Glee Clubg Art Clubg Office Practice Club A small bundle of sweetness-and merry as the day is long. JEANNETTE MARJORIE BOWEN Glee Clubg Office Practice Clubg Minor "F" Her happy go lucky nature reminds us that we should take things as they come. DOROTHY MAE BOYETTE Glee Clubg Interclass Athletics Attractiveness and intelligence are two of "Dot,s,' out- standing qualities. A LEONARD BRESSLER hemistry Clubg Office Practice Clubg V. Track Leonard is one who is o C ften seen but seldom heard. ANNE ELIZABETH BRIGI-IOFF Pressg Office Practice Clulng Numeralsg Interclass Achl ' etxcs Anne enters every activity enthusiastically and with a will to succeed. 23 IRVING MANNING BROWN, 1R. Student Officer, Interclass Athletics He walles around witlv a preoccupied gaze-serious re served, most unobtrusive. C. VIRGINIA BURKE List of I-Ionorg FoREsTER Staff, Glee Clubg Oflice Practice Cluhg Minor RFU, Interclass Athletics Smart as a whip-straight forward, but diplomatic. N ORMA RUTH CAPLAN Glee Cluhg Ofhce Practice Cluhg Numeralsg Interclass Athletics Norma's sweet manner and smile lrave conquered many friends. GUY PARKER CLIFTON, 1R. Chemistry Club, 1.V. Ice Hockey, 1.V. Football, Track, Minor "FH 1oe's grin and jovial disposition are a source of delight to all. BEATRICE LIBBY COHEN Office Practice Club, Numeralsg Interclass Athletics Tlre memory of "Bea's', modest manner will long remain with us. BORGIA MATHIAS COHEN Year Ofhcerg Student Ofhcerg Soccer, Managerg Trackg Major NF, The more the merrierg that is the molto of tlris congenial and most friendly Forester. MARIAN R. COHEN FORESTER Staffg Student Coach, Library Club, President, Ofhce Practice Cluhg Numeralsg Year Committees Her dimpled smile helps make you feel her friendliness at your jirst meeting. HOWARD MILTON COLEMAN Representativeg Opportunity Club, Art Club, Office Practice Clubg Year Ofiicer Always smiling, ever helpful, Howard is popular in his class. RUTH E. COLEMAN Senior Class, General Secretaryg Student Coachg Student Of- ficer, Latin Club, French Cluhg Year Committees Service and clvarm go lzand in hand with "Putt,'. She is a girl who can always smile and is just naturally nice. WILLIAM CONNETT COLES, 112. List of Honor, Leaders' Clubg Opportunity Club, Presidentg Student Officer, Student Coach An intelligent, comprehensive mind, you know, is enough for one persorfs repetoire of good qualities, but "Cappy" has received more than his slvare. BETTE CONSIDINE Glee Club, Art Club, Office Practice Club Bette is full of life and fun. Her ready smile ana' a blusb greet all nfbo meet ber. BETTYE LEE COOK Varsity Volleyball, Minor "FU, Interclass Athletics A small bundle of cbeerfulness witb a pleasing personality. Remember, "Good tbings come in small packagesf' ESTA SELMA COOK FORESTER Staff, Press, Arr Club, Open Forum Club, Non- Athletic HF", Year Committees! Tbere lurks witbin ber big brown eyes, tbe secret of many miscbievous pranks and bearty laugbs. LEONARD HENRY COPELAND Student Coach, Chemistry Club, Varsity Track, Captain, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Football, Major MPN, Year Committee Speed-demon "Cope" wbo stars in tbe class room as well as on tbe track, is living proof tbat "Still water runs deep.', CLAYTON CHARLES DOBBS, JR. Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Varsit Track, Major RFU k You can count on Clayto a i o life always. A I R MILDRED A. DOBRES Glee Club, Office Practice Club, Ping Pong Club, Varsity Tennis, Badminton Club, Minor RFU lflfitb a twinkle in ber eyes and an impisb smile on ber lips, sbe can dismiss all of ber troubles at a snap of bei' fingers. DAVID W. EISENBERG Office Practice Club To know him is to like bim. MARY HILDA ELSEROAD Nlinor "F", Interclass Athletics Sweetness, sbyness, and basbfulness are tbe cbaracteristics of Mary. js. BELLA RUTH ERDMAN FORESTER, Transcription Manager, Art Club, Office Practice Club, Year Committees Bella is our loyal, conscientious class typist. Her capacity for bard work and ber cbeerful disposition bave endeared ber to all of us. AUDREY VIRGINIA EVERHART Ofbce Practice Club, Ping Pong Club, Year Committees Audrey, with ber willingness to belp, deserves success everything sbe undertakes. FRANCES FINSTEIN Q List of I-lonorg Student Coach, Latin Cluhg Camera Clubg Chemistry Cluhg Badminton Club, Minor l'F,'g Year Committees Her clveerful disposition and helpfulness makes Frances a welcome companion at all tirnes. ALICE ELIZABETH FOSTER FORESTER Staffg Four Square Clubg Art Clubg Latin Cluhg Archery Clubg Non'Athletic "Eng Year Committees Pretty "Betty',, with lrer refined and genteel manner, is a friend to all who know her. DONALD LAUBERT FRAZIER Art Cluhg Craftmen's Club "Little Caesar" never has much to say, but when you really learn to lenmv him, you discover lvirn to be a most outstanding, courteous, and lronoralrle lad. DORIS JEANNETTE FREY Student Ofiicerg Year Committeesg Interclass Athletics Partial to none and friendly to all, Doris is tlve darling of our lrearts. RUTH E. FRIED Cultural Explorers, Clubg Glee Clubg Masquers, Clubg Office Practice Clubg Rutlv has an ability in singing which is indeed rare. LEOPOLD FRIEDMAN List of Meritg Chemistry Cluhg Stamp Club, Treasurer Leopold, an excellent sport, lras proven "he can take it." JAMES WILLIAM FUNK Representativeg Opportunity Clubg Ping Pong Cluhg Trackg J. V. Soccerg Major "F" A pleasant smile, a grand disposition, a true pal-all tlrese things rolled into one describe "Iirn." EMMA M. GARDIN ER FORESTER, Editor-in-Chiefg Leaders, Clubg Student Coachg Student Oflicerg Department of Sales and Puhlicityg Safe Drivers' Club, Secretaryg Minor "FW Due to lrer unsurpassalale editorl'in-clriefslrip, "Cissie' well deserves lrer widespread popularity. CHARLES RAWLINGS GEORGIUS Senior Class Treasurer, Leaders' Cluhg Opportunity Cluhg Student Officer, Traclcg Inrerclass Athletics We could never lvope for a more efficient treasurer. In this offce, "George" has proven himself a real man. EDITH RONA GERBER Four Square Clubg Glee Cluhg Open Forum Cluhg Office Practice Club Her smile and effervescent personality always can lze de- pended upon to liven up any gathering. 26 EDGAR H. GOLDMAN Leaders, Club, Vice-Presidentg Opportunity Clubg String En- sembleg Bandg Orcliestrag Non'Atl'1letic "Fug Year Committees "Buddy,s perpetual smile an-d cordiality are as much a part of him as his ability to produce scintillating rhythm. ROBERT H. GOLDSMITI-I Leaders' Clubg Press, Editor-in-Chiefg Student Coachg Camera Clubg Ping Pong Clubg Non'Athletic 'tF',g Year Committee "Goldie" is distinguished for his inimatalrle style of Writing human interest stories. ZELDA GOLDSTEIN Pressg Cultural Explorers' Clubg Glee Clubg Office Practice Club Zeldais success will be due to her patient and sincere per- sonality. HANNAH H. GOOREWITZ Latin'Clubg Oflice Practice Club A modest and silent individual with a dejfinite something behind all that quietness. C. ROSALIE GORE i Glee Clubg Art Clubg Fencing Clubg Badminton Club A good time is her hobby, dancing is her specialty. SHEBA GORFINE Student Coachg Glee Clubg Art Clubg Chemistry Club A joke, a pun, a bit of fun, is "Coz's" recipe of life. Her high aim at scholarship is never diminished nor neglected. JULIA MASSIE GRAY Oflice Practice Clubg Interclass Athletics Rest assured "Ching" is in the center of any crowd of happy people. MYRTLE CAROLYN HALL Varsity Volleyballg -I.V. Hockeyg Major MF" "Myrt" is a very quiet girl who deserves the best that life can give her. DOROTHY WINCHESTER I-IALLMAN Senior Class Secretaryg Leaders' Clubg Glee Clubg Ofiice Practice Clubg Minor UFWQ Year Committeesg With her high ideals and cheerful ways, "Dot" has made many friends at school. DAGMAR BARBRO HANSSON List of Honorg Student Officerg Art Clubg Chemistry Club Our hit of Swedish charm is found in silent, studious, ff - ss Babbin. 27 ROSALIE HARANSKY Office Practice Clubg Numeralsg Interclass Athletics Her gracious demeanor and admirable poise make Rosalie well liked. MARION M. HARTZ Glee Club, Art Clubg Oflice Practice Clubg Numerals "Hart2ie'1 has a laugh or a smile for everyone she meets. GEORGE HEIM Student Ofiicerg Art Club, German Clubg Stamp Club Although unaware, "DMD has taken many a heart with his captivating, nzelodious voice. He is, verily, a gentleman. DELIA A. HEINTZ Home Economics Clubg Tennisg Numeralsg Interclass Ath- letics Who would guess that our meek and lrashful "Dee," has a talent for drawing? She is also talented in making friends with her disarming smile. RUTH R. HERBST Cultural Explorers' Club, Glee Clulag Office Practice Club "Rul7y,' works well both alone and with others. DOROTHY MARIE HERNDON FORESTER Staff, Art Clubg Non-Athletic "F',g 1.1.1. Talented, fun loving, fascinating, and a possessor of charmg she needs nothing more. MARIE LOUISE HESS Library Clubg Latin Clubg Home Economics Clubg Minor "Fug Interclass Athletics Our sweet little seamstress is "Reeul She never finds it hard to make friends with her helpful and winning disposition. RUTH MARIE THERESA HESSE Glee Clubg Art Clubg Badminton Clubg Minor "FH "Snooks", quiet and subdued, is a sincere worker. DOROTHY HICKEY Glee Clubg Art Club, Office Practice Clubg Interclass Ath- letics life will miss our peppy, bright-eyed "DOF, who has left behind her a trail of friends. GORDON HIMELFARB Press, Managing Eclitorg Coaching Certihcateg Student Of- ficerg Ping Pong Club, Treasurer, Non-Athletic "FU "I-Iimeln is a triple threat man with a ping pong paddle, a one finger demon with a typewriter, and a great managing editor. MARY MOORE HINEBAUGH Glee Clubg Art Clubg Numeralsg Interclass Athletics Mary's quiet, conservative manner is excelled by none DORIS EMMA MARY HIRSCH Glee Clubg Art Clubg Interclass Athletics Though "Bank" is conscientious in her studies, she is always ready for a good time. GEORGE R, HODDINOTT Leaders' Clubg Student Ofiicerg Chemistry Clubg Ping Pong Cluhg Fencingg Senior Play George is a capable person and will be remembered for his performance in the Senior Play. CHARLES HOFFBERGER List of Honorg FORESTER, Advertising Managerg Leaders, Clubg Ethical Clubg Coaching Certiflcateg Chemistry Club, President Everyone knows "Hoff" as a prize scholar, an efficient leader, and a superb salesman. EDITH RAYMOND HYDE List of Distinctiong Senior Class Presiclentg Student Officerg Student Courtg Representativeg Leaders, Clubg Student Coach De artment of Sales and PUl3llClI g p ' 'yg Latin Clubg Varsity Hockeyg Major "FU May we quote: "She who knows and knows she knows, she is Wise, follow her." HORTENSE EDYTHE ISAACS Four Square Clubg Library Clubg Office Practice Clubg Ping Pong Club "Horty', is an easy-going sort of person 'Who puts her man- ner over. YETTA ISAACSON Glee Clubg Office Practice Clubg Numeralsg Interclass Ath- letics "Yett's" sincerity and friendliness have obtained for her . R many permanent friends. fl ELAINE B. IVARSEN List of Meritg FORESTER, Associate Editorg Student Oiiicerg Library Clubg Camera Clulsg Numeralsg Non-Athletic "FU Elaine is studious and conscientious, but her appealing devilishness is evident. ARTHUR EDWARD JOHNSON Opportunity Clubg Ethical Clubg Latin Clulag Varsity Soccer' Basketballg Golf "Eda'iei' can usually be found strolling about with a far- away look in his eyes. His 'prowess on the athletic field will be missed here at Forest Park. HERMAN A. JOHNSON Leaders' Cluhg Opportunity Clubg Boys' Chorus Independence personified, plus an electrifying personality establish "I-Iarnmerv as a full fledged friend of everyone. . ,iwy fnr re or ,. c W ..... ' 29 X , .5 H ,- ,-osgsaf SOPHIE KANDALIS Four Square Clubg Glee Clubg Chemistry Clubg Office Prac- tice Clubg Year Committeesg Senior Play Our potential Bernbardt, "Kandy,' Kandalis, is as sweet as ber name implies. MIRIAM M. KELLERT Glee Clubg Art Clubg Office Practice Clubg Numerals During lrer time here at sclrool "Mim" lras been a real pal to lrer associates. MIRIAM KELLMAN FORESTER Stalfg Chemistry Clubg Numeralsg Year Commit- tees Petite and vivacious, "Mimi" is a small bundle of per- sonality plus. ETTA RUTH KIERR Pressg Four Square Clubg Student Oflicerg Library Club' Shorthand Clubg Officer Practice Clubg Badminton Club? Major "F" Slre Wants to be a newspaper reporter. We wager she will be, and a good one at that. SIMON KLITENIC Orchestra, Presidentg Art Clubg Latin Club Simon is our virtuoso on concert stage and tennis court. Some day, Forest Park will receive glory reflected upon it by Simon and lris violin. JANET MILDRED KLOCH Office Practice Club "fan" is noted for lrer sweet disposition and quiet manner. MARY R. KORMAN Art Clubg Latin Clubg Numeralsg Interclass Athletics Liglrt-hearted "Mare" combines lauglrter with seriousness SARA ANN KRESHTOOL List of Meritg Ollice Practice Clubg Numerals "Sally,' is an ambitious student and lras made an out- standing record in her classes. STUART M. KRUPNICK List of Honorg Sub-Junior ancl Junior Class Presiclentg Stu- dent Courtg Senatorg Leaders' Club, Presidentg Opportunity Clubg Glee Clubg Chess Clubg Non-Athletic "Fug Saunfe and sophisticated Stuart lras skimmed to tlre supreme summit of success in school. NORMA KUHN Art Clubg Home Economics Clubg Year Committees Norma fairly sparkles with life. Her spirited merrymaleings are as much a part of her as lrer twinkling blue eyes and clreery smile. 30 - L . ROBERT MATTHEWS LARRIMORE, JR. Senior Class Sergeant-at-armsg Leaders' Clubg Chemistry Clubg Safe Drivers' Club, Presidentg Student Oliicer A jine fellow and a good student, "BudJ' is bound to succeed. THEODORE LEIZMAN German Clulng Chemistry Clubg Varsity Basketluallg Major "F" He's rare but be's real. "Teddy" expresses bis carefree and bappy disposition by means of a cberubic grin. BESSIE GERTRUDE LEVIN Ofnce Practice Clulug Numerals "Bess,' is sincere and can be depended upon. Sbe will be remembered for her quiet manner and cooperative spirit. GLORIA S. LEWIS List of I-Ionorg Student Coachg Glee Clubg Art Clulog Latin Club. Lovely auburn bair, bazel eyes and a golden voice. Tbe bost of friends wbicb sbe attracts is proof enougb of ber cbarming personality and attractive manner. MILDRED LEWIS List of Honorg FoREs'rER, Feature Editorg Leaders' Clubg Stu- ch Student Ofiicer' Minor 'QFH' Interclass Atla- clent Coa 9 , , leticsg Year Committeesg Senior Play A real leader and scbolar is "Millie", and one of tbe wits of our class. SIDNEY LIEBERMAN Office Practice Clubg Year Committees Tbe world of business will find bim a willing worker and a very congenial associate. ROBERT LILLEY Leaders, Clulng Ethical Clulng Varsity Ice Hockey, All Mary- landg Varsity Lacrosse, All Maryland "B" Conferenceg Major SFU He flies across tbe ice as tbougb endowed witb tbe winged sandals of Mercury. JONAS I. LIPMAN German Clubg J.V. Footlnallg Tennis No introductions are necessary, for everyone knows "WbiteyU by bis blonde bair and admires bim for bis eternal sunny nature. SYLVAN LIVINGSTON Masquers Clubg Open Forum Clubg Cheerleaclerg Year Com- mitteesg Senior Play "Syl" bas had many a sore tbroat from bis efforts as cbeer- leader. We will always remember bim for bis fine acting in tbe Senior Play. WALTER LOWENSBERG List of Honorg FoREs1'ER Sralfg Student Coachg Chemistry Club' Biolo Clubg Open Forum Clubg Year Committees a gy Our best wisbes to "Walt" wbo bas so well proven tbat obstacles are no barriers to success. 31 BOBBETTE T. LOWENTHAL Senior Class Sergeant-at-armsg FORESTER, Circulation Man- agerg Student Courtg Leaders' Clubg Office Practice Clubg Ping Pong Club, Presidentg Major UF' A real girl, thert is not a task too tedious nor a sport too difficult for her to attack. ROBERT LUCK Bandg Traclcg Soccer A joke is "Lucley,sD motto, a smile his emblem, a host of friends his good fortune. ETI-IYL PAULINE MAIER Ping Pong Clubg Interclass Athleticsg Year Committees When duty calls Ethyl, you can be sure the answer will be to the best of her ability. ESTELLE MAY MAIN Four Square Clubg Student Coachg Glee Clubg J.V. Basket- ballg J.V. Volleyballg -I.V. I-Ioclceyg Major "F" "Stell', views the world with untroubled eyes and silently forms her own opinions. JANE BONSAL MAIN Four Square Clubg Glee Clubg Chemistry Clubg J.V. Basket- ballg J.V. Volleyballg J.V. Hockeyg Major 'RFU jane never worries about tomorrow but lives only for today. Her mischievous nature will long be remembered. BEVERLY MARKMAN List of I-Ionorg Four Square Clubg Student Coaclig Glee Clulag Interclass Athleticsg Year Committees "Bev's,' sense of humor is one of the refreshing things in our class. Her open, frank nature is admired by all. H. PAUL MATTHEWS, JR. Office Practice Clubg S:out Clulng J.V. Ice Hockey Through his untiring perserverance, "WillJ' is certain to suc feed in anything he attempts. GRACE MAYN ARD Art Clubg Interclass Athletics Grace is the quiet and unassuming miss with the reserved manner and rosy blush. . DARLEE MCGREEVY Student Oflicerg Glee Clubg Masquersg Latin Clubg Open Forum Clubg Assembliesg Year Committeesg Senior Play Energetic Darlee has contributed much time and effort to many of our activities. LUCILLE P. MCKINLEY FoREs'rER Stalfg Glee Clubg Chemistry Clubg Open Forum Clulug Interclass Atlaleticsg Year Committees "Lucy'! is a person one is privileged to have as a friend because of her winsomeness and high ideals. DOROTHY ELIZABETH MCLAUGHLIN Glee Clubg Ofnce Practice Clubg Law Magazine, Co-Editor A willing worker, quiet and friendly, is Dorothy. ALMA MERICAN Art Clubg Chemistry Clubg Assemblyg Interclass Athleticsg Carefree Alma is utterly frank and casually critical. GERALDINE H. MERICAN list of Honorg Representativeg FoREs'rER Staffg Leaders' Clubg Student Coachg Student Ofiicerg Year Committeesg Assemblyg .l-.l-.l- "Gerry,' is a hard working Forester whose fun-loving nature is known to us all. ROSALIND A. MICHELSON FORESTER Staifg Four Square Clubg Student Ofiicerg Camera Clubg Chemistry Clubg Badminton Clubg Major 'tF,'g Non- Athletic "F"g Interclass Athleticsg Year Committees "Mike" has proven that there are exceptions to the saying "To tell a woman is to tell the worldv. JAMES ARTHUR MILLS Student Officerg Opportunity Clubg Varsity Soccerg Trackg Major "F" "Sleepy" is a real friend and a grand sport, who doesn't believe in getting things the easy way. FAYBIAN H. MILNER Ofiice Practice Clubg Student Coachg Interclass Athletics "Fay', has proven himself to he one of those fellows whom it is always a pleasure to count among our close friends. JUDITH MOGOL Four Square Clubg Interclass Athleticsg Year Committees "fua'y's', earnestness in all her undertakings will never be forgotten. FREDA FRANCES MORGENSTERN Art Clubg Glee Clubg Office Practice Clubg Year Committees Freda is one of our quieter friends, yet her sincerity makes her presence felt. ROSE MORRIS Glee Clubg Art Clubg Ofiice Practice Club Rose has a quiet sort of dignity about her, and makes her influence felt wherever she goes. BETTY ARCHER MUNDY List of Honorg Art Clulng Chemistry Clubg Year Committees "Tuesday", with her pleasant, feminine manner is all that a lady should be. 33 w AL Q. fri 3 ' . 5 ffiili ii R - I . 3 I is ,Y I . if an-,this HARRIET LOUISE NACI-IMAN Office Practice Clubg Interclass Athleticsg Numerals Because "Nacie,' is quiet and refined, she makes friends Wherever she goes. MILDRED D. NARON Four Square Clubg Badminton Clubg Minor "F" Her cheerfulness and gay manner account for "Millie'sj' host of friends. JOHN EDWARD NEFF, JR. Pressg Student Coachg Band: Varsity Soccerg Major "F" "Ed'sv ability on the athletic field is rivaled only by his ability to Win friends. SIDNEY R. NICHELSON J.V. Ice I-Iockeyg J.V. Soccer "Chick" is little but so was Napoleon. His constant cheer- fulness and optimism attracts everyone. MELISSA JAN E NOBLE FORESTER Staffg Student Officer-g Latin Clubg Open Forum Clubg Year Committeesg Senior Play Who of us has not been entertained by Iane's animated manner and sparkling personality? Who 'Will ever forget her characterization of Elizabeth in the Senior Play? GERTRUDE NORWITZ FoREs'rER Staffg List of Meritg Student Coachg Badminton Clubg Year Committees The proverbial expression "Silence is Golden" applies to "Gert". Her pleasing personality and magnetic charm have conquered many. MARGARET MENZIES NYDEGGER Four Square Clubg Glee Club, Treasurerg Latin Clubg Inter- class Athleticsg Minor "FU "Peggy', believes in mixing earnestness with ioviality. Her merry jests and bright smile have brightened many a gloomy day. DORIS VIRGINIA PAUL Latin Clubg Badminton Clubg Interclass Athleticsg Numerals "Kiddo's 'i educated baby talk is a source of wonder to us! VIRGINIA PAYNE Masquers' Clubg Chemistry Clubg Ping-Pong Clubg Inter- class Athleticsg Minor uF"g With "Iinny's" light hair, pert nose, and deep :et blue eyes-she ought to be able to face her way into the limelights of success. BESSIE JOAN PECORA List of Honorg FORESTER Staffg Oflice Practice Clubg Ping- Pong Club, Vice-Presidentg Badminton Club, Treasurerg 'Varsity Hockeyg Varsity Basketballg Major "Eng Year Committees Bessie has Won a permanent place in the hearts of fellow students through her athletic and scholastic ability. PHYLLIS D. PERRY Four Square Clubg Student Ofiicerg Glee Clubg Latin Club Phyllis's golden hair shines brightly and illuminates a girl Whose school life has been Well spent. DOROTHY GORDON PO DOLSKY List of Honorg FORESTER Staffg Four Square Clubg Student Coachg Art Clubg J.V. Hockeyg Major "Fug Year Com- mitteesg Interclass Athleticsg With her clever pencil, "Dolly:' is drawing her 'Way through life. EVELYN POSKE Hockeyg Numeralsg In Evelyn there seems to have been instilled an overflow of good spirits. KENWOOD G. POWERS FoREs'rER, Associate Editorg Student Ollicerg Art Clubg Chemistry Clubg Chess Clubg Safe Drivers' Club He has a great affinity for retaining knowledge of a diverse number of subjects-the proud possessor of ready Wit. EVELYN PRESS v'Masqf1ers' Clubg Art Clubg Office Practice Clubg j.V. Volley- bal "Evie" is a girl with an ideal sense of humor and a laugh that is hard to resist. RESSA RADINSKY Student Coachg Glee Clubg Art Clubg Office Practice Clubg Stamp Clubg Ping Pong Clubg Chess Club, Secretaryg Non-Athletic "Fug If silence were golden, Ressa would be a pauper. ROBERTA ANN RAILLEY List of Distinctiong Senior Class Secretaryg Representativeg Leaders' Clubg Coaching Certificateg Chemistry Club, Secretaryg Minor UF' A happy combination of charm and intelligence is "Bert,', poised and self-conjident. NINA M. ROSENTHAL List of Honorg FORESTER Staffg Office Practice Clubg Bad- minton Clubg Numeralsg Interclass Athleticsg Year Com- mittees A grand sport With an engaging personality. This makes "Nil, the "regular gal" she is. HARRY R. ROSOFSKY List of Meritg Arr Clubg Office Practice Clubg An understanding and sympathetic friend Whose future is easily foreseen as an excellent dancer. MELVIN FRANK ROTTMAN List of I-Ionorg Chemistry Clubg Office Practice Clubg Ping Pong Club "Mebbe" retains his remarkable composure even when the teacher informs him he has made one of the class's highest grades, which occurs repeatedly. 35 RAYMOND WILSON RUSSELL Student Coachg Interclass Athleticsg - "Russ,' is never lacking in good nature and a bashful smile. RICHARD SALLEY List of I-'Ionorg Student Coachg String Ensembleg Orchestrag German Clubg Ping Pong Clubg Non-Athletic "F" "DickD is one who does his job, does it Well, and doesn't Want medals or glory for his Work. IRVIN H. SAMUELS Chemistry Clubg Open Forum Clubg Interclass Athleticsg Year Committees His interest, his personality, make the name of "Irv" Samuels unforgetable. EDITH SAULSBURY Library Club, Vice-Presidentg Numeralsg Year Committees Edith has one of those rare personalities that wins the respect and sincere admiration of all those Who come in con- tact with her. GWENDOLYN SAUNDERS FORESTER Stalfg Student Oflicerg Ping Pong Clubg Badminton Clulzg Varsity Sportsg Major "F"g Year Committees "Gwen", our varsity interest, can always find time to lend her invaluable aid to the' class. DORIS E. SCHAAL Four Square Clubg Office Practice Clubgi Major "Fug Year Committees ln Doris We find a charming, vivacious girl whose cheery smile is an assurance of future success DAVID SCHNEIDER Student Coachg Open Forum Club, Presidentg Chess Clubg Tennis, Managerg Non-Athletic MFWQ His extraordinary oratorical ability has Won for him the dis- tinction of being the most outspoken boy among us. EDWARD KING SCHULTZ List of Honorg Leaders' Clubg Student Coachg Craftsmanis Clubg J.V. Ice Hockeyg Safe Drivers' Clubg Senior Play "DutchJs', honest, obliging nature has enlisted many friends for him. His famous chariot is a familiar sight about the campus. IRVIN BERNARD SCHUMAN Art Clubg Latin Clubg Varsity Footloallg Major "FH Hlrvv, our football hero, is a Htacklev among his friends as well as on the field. IRVING HERBERT SCHUMAN FORESTER, Sports Editorg Leaders' Clubg Office Practice Clubg Varsity Ice Hockeyg Footballg Lacrosse, All Maryland "B" Conference "Murph's" rule of life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure his business. HAROLD LEONARD SEIDMAN Chemistry Ciubg Open Forum Ciubg J.V. Basketbalig Varsity Trackg Cheerieaderg J.J.J.g Year Committees A varsity cheer leader, "Len" is well noted for his invalu- able service to Forest Park's school spirit. KATHRYN GERTRUDE SHEELY FORESTER, Club Editorg Chemistry Clubg Open Forum Clubg Year Committees X Beauty and hrains, surely the 'very world is "Kitty's". BETTY SHELLY Latin Clubg Interclass Athleticsg "Pee Ufveev is known throughout Forest Park as the petite girl with the delightful personality. i ELI SHERMAN Office Practice Clubg Interciass Athletics "Curley,' has the most trustworthy disposition that we have come in contact with for a long time. CHARLOTTE FREDA SIEGEL Giee Ciubg Art Clubg Office Practice Ciubg Year Committees She entertains her many friends hy her clever humor, ARNOLD ROBERT SILVERSTEIN Ice Hockeyg Boxingg German Club Here is another of our carefree Seniors who believes that slumber is sweeter than toil. ' LAURA GRIFFITH SMOOT FORESTER Staffg Art Clubg Year Committees A lasting friend, always happy and ready to aid others. HELEN SOLINS Office Practice Clubg Hereis toast to your future in law. We know you'll make good. THOMAS SOUTHERINGTON To see hirn stride down the hall is a treat. He hasnit heen with us long hut he has instilled a great liking for him in the hearts of those that lQnow.him. MURIEL STAPPLER Art Clubg Office Practice Club "MicleeyJ' has always succeeded in making her friends as gay as her nature. X . 'MW ,we-' .1-" SYLVIA RUTH STERN Latin Clubg Office Practice Clubg Year Committees "Silby', is one of our gay girls. Her laughing countenance signifies all that is fun and vitality. KATHRYN MARCELLE SULLIVAN Latin Clubg Interclass Athleticsg Year Committees If riches were measured in lovableness, our pert little "Martyi' would rival all far-famed millionaires. LEONARD SUSSMAN FORESTER Staffg Office Practice Clubg Varsity Ice Hockeyg Major "F" "Len" is not the back-slapping type of person. He makes friends rapidly but thoroughly. SHIRLEY F. SUSSMAN List of Meritg Student Coachg Latin Ciubg Badminton Clubg Year Committees Shirley's gay charm and wit have made her well liked among her classmates. ETHEL ADRIENNE TAUBMAN List of Distinctiong Leaders' Clubg Coaching Directotg Coach- ing Certificateg Four Square Ciubg Glee Clubg Chemistry Clubg Numerals Ethel is respected for her intelligence, admired for her kindness, and loved for herself. WALTER EUGENE THAIN Glee Clubg Art Club, Chemistry Ciubg Varsity Track "Walt', is hashful at times, but he is really concealing a most pleasant and warm personality. DOROTHY M. THOMAS Office Practice Clubg Fencingg Badminton Ciubg Minor "FH Dorothy Thomas is our years whirling dervish on the ice She laughs from sunrise to sunset, and grins in between. LEONA CAROLINE THOMAS Office Practice Clubg Year Committees Leona seems to he our gay butterfly, hut we all know that her manner displays real ability and worthwhile thoughts. BETTY ANN THUMAN . Art Ciubg Latin Club A happy smile, a grand personality make Betty definitely Forest Parle's "All American Girlv. MILDRED TOBACK Glee Clubg Art Clubg Office Practice Clubg Chess Club "Tol2yJs" charming smile and pleasing personality will long he missed in the corridors of Forest Park. 38 . ETHEL ELIZABETH TUCKER Student Ofliceg Office Practice Clubg Chess Clubg Minor "F" "Come close to me and sit thee down and prattle." MIRIAM TUNICK List of Honorg FORESTER, Write-Up Editorg Student Coachg Art Club, Secretaryg Latin Clubg Camera Clubg Year Committees Comely "Babe,' combines a face that broke a thousand hearts with a personality accented by delightfully queer quirks of humor. BETTY VAN COLLUM Year Oificerg Library Clubg Ol'Hce Practice Clubg Non- Arhletic "F" Loyal, unselfish and outstanding, that is Betty. With such traits it is needless to say she has acquired a number of sincere friends. MARY LOUISE WAGGAMAN Chemistry Clubg Oiiice Practice Club Many a day will pass before We forget Mary Louiseis capti- vating southern drawl. ALICE NORMA WAGNER Glee Clubg Office Practice Club If you want a fine recipe, put in some laughter, and some fun, then a pinch of "pep", mix Well, and out comes the finished product-Norma. EARL ROBERT WEINER FORESTER, Photographic Editorg Camera Clubg Chemistry Clubg Open Forum Clubg Safe Drivers' Clubg Senior Play We have never heard much of Earl. He works quietly and with reserve and determination. CLAIRE ROSALINE WEIS Student Coachg Badminton Clubg Numeralsg Interclass Ath- letics Earnest and frank Claire has gained the respect and ad- miration of her classmates. JOSEPH WEISBERG French Clubg Chemistry Clubg Traclcg Safe Drivers' Club "foe" has not an argumentive thought in his good-natured head. He makes his 'Way with a grin and "Hi Ya". JUNE LUCILLE WHITE Office Practice Clubg Ping Pong Clubg Badminton Clubg Year Committees "LuisJ' Winning smile and charming manner will take her a long Way in life. DORIS DEANE WIGLEY Oflice Practice Clubg Ping Pong Clubg Year Committees Light haired "Dodie'i has won fame in the class by her friendly smile and infectious laughter. MARY KATHRYN WILLING Representativeg Typing Club "Mary Kay" always wears a bright smile to go with her pleasing manner. PLORA THERESA WILSON Interclass Athleticsg "Flor's,, combination of personality and beauty is one so rare that it makes her the envy of everyone. JANET WILSON Ofnce Practice Clubg Interclass Athleticsg Year Committees "Willie,, is the possessor of a sense of humor equaled by few. Her wit keeps us always in a jolly mood. DOROTHY WINOKOUR Student O'l'Iicerg Four Square Clubg Office Practice Club "Doty" gushes forth with laughter, is always congenial and willing to help. RUTH WINSLOW Student Coachg Glee Clubg Chemistry Clubg "Rufus" is too good for her own good. Her sweet and whole- some disposition is just as attractive as her blonde beauty. HERBERT E. WITZ Senior Class Vice-President, FORESTER, Business Managerg Leaders' Club, Office Practice Clubg Non-Athletic "Fug Board of Student Activities Bookkeeper, Law Magazine, Editor A gentleman, a scholar, and an indispensable factor in the welfare of our class. WELLINGTON G. WOOD, JR. Glee Clubg J.V. Football "A little f oolishness now and then is relished by the best of men". DELORES THELMA WOOLFORD Leaders' Club, Secretaryg Library Clubg Varsity Baslcetballg Year Officer We wish we were all able to make friends as quickl as LV Delores. Making and keeping friends are her greatest talents. NANCY CLAIRE WORTHINGTON Glee Club, Presidentg Tennisg Assemblies Nancy is a placid and unpretentious person with the gift of a voice resplendent. JAMES R. WRIGHTSON Senateg Leaders, Club, Secretaryg Student Coach Everybody loves "Iirnmy,' for his inhorn leadership and his delightful human touch. ROSE ZUCK Latin Clubg Office Practice Club A rose in our midsl, tr'1is if the flower of our class ilu Memnrmm EIIIIII Jjztnuarg 1919 ,Unne 1938 Ignuis Q5 3 L 41 SIENIIUIIQ IDILAV A fast Mrs. Klmplegaz , . Douglas Rimplegar , , . Kenneth Rirnplegar .. Ienny, the maid Ed Rimplegar ...... . Elizabeth Rimplegar . . . Donald ....,....... Dr. Allen Stevens .... Kitty , . , , .,.... ,A.... A UKILFEZ garnered .MO0IZ,, Gertrude Tonlqonogy moving, light, modern comedy in th re Presented by THE SENIOR CLASS or FEBRUARY 1939 School Auditorium 8 P.M., Friday, December 9, 1938 Directed by MR. I. FRED MOORE Cast in order of appearance C acts. , . . Sophie Kandalis ., George R. Hoddinott . . . Sylvan Livingston . . , Mildred Lewis E. King Schultz lane Noble Stuart M. Krupnick . . . , Earl R. Weiner .. Darlee McGreevy At approximately ten minutes past ten, on Friday, December 9, the curtain dropped for the last time on February I939,S presentation of Gertrude Tonikonogy's delightful comedy, "Three Cornered Moonv. The involuntary and instantaneous burst of applause, to us in the cast, could mean only the successful culmination of our combined efforts for a month, and, believe me, it sounded good. There is one person who knows how hard we worked, knows it because he was With us at all rehearsals, Working with us, urging us on. To Mr. Moore, our coach, we offer a sincere vote of thanks. It was his, "Give it all youive gotw, the second before the curtain rose, that made the talented performance worthy of being classed along with the best senior plays ever given at Forest Park. Back- stage, as We listened breathlessly for the enthusiastic response to the brilliant rcpartee going on "out in front", excitement ran high, but at the climax of our heroine's great emotional scene, even I, who had watched it a dozen times before, stood in admiring silence. Yes, it was hard work, but we were well paid by the fun We had and the ovation that We rieceived. Now it isnjust a fond memory, but I have heard more than one member of the cast, since that momentous evening say, with a reminiscing glance, "Our Senior Play, how I miss itn MILDRED Lewis 42 Scenes gl' 0172 gzlfee Gornereg ..M001Z 43 . , 55 921 ' "M ref, Si ,S at 5, E 51 Q 3 i 5 1 7 , - "A Q 'X " 1' '. ,wmgizil . :QQfz,41,:a.L 3.5 gjfgpgg -1 3-lze Gflgvisersj group Books fo- grafyuafion LASSE SIU II3'-SIEN II 'DID 'C ILAS5 The graduating class of February 1939 has passed through the portals of Forest Park for the Hnal time, and the responsibilities of leadership now rest upon the shoul ders of the Iune 1939 class. It has proven itself worthy in all past endeavors. President ..,..,. Vice-President ..,., Secretary ....., Tffasurer. . . . . . . Sergeant-at-Arms. , , . , . . Adviser. ..,.. . . . , , . . . .ALBERT RUPPERSBERGER , . . . .HELEN LoUrsE BUCKINGHAM . . . . . . . . . .MARGARET BROWN , . .,....,,,..............,.... DORIS BARTON ,FRED SCHILDWACHTE-R AND IACQUES HESLEY .,...,MR. VERNON S. VAVRINA 46 JI IUN IIIDID 'IZILASS The first two terms of achievement since its organization show that the February I94O class is making long strides in helping Forest Park become better because it was here. P1'esz'dent ..... MERVIN BALLARD Vz'ce-President. . . ,..... ANNE RIEs Recording Secretary ,.... .... B ETTY BOYD Corresponding Secremry .... .... R AIDA MILLER Ti'6LlSM1'67' ,.......,..,.. .....,.....,,,..... D OROTHY SUTTON Sergeant:-at-Arm: .,....,..,.,.,, AINSLIE BURKE AND WILLIAM BAUM i AtQi567'5 .... MRS. MARGARET WILLIAMS AND MISS ELIZABETH RIDGELY 47 SIU ll3"Lll 'U N ll 'U ID 'C ILAXSS The Sub-Iunior Class, although newly organized, has already shown itself ready to take up the task of carrying on Forest Park's high ideals. President ....... Vice-President . . . Treasurer' .... . Sec1'elm'y ,...,... Sergeantf-at-Arms .... . . , . Adviser , .,., . . . . . ,ROBERT MITCHELL , . . .EUGENIA BEACH . . . , ,BETTY BEAVERS ...............,...........ANNEBRENT .BERNARD WALLENHORST AND IULIUS BossE .....s.......,MR. STANLEY L. HEYLMUN 48 'D IU IIQ 'C IU ID ID II 'C IU ILA We, of the class of February 1939, came to Forest Park from junior high school 230 strong, eager to see what this 'inewn school had to offer, and found that we had a choice of 37 curricula. These fell under the heading of either Academic, Commercial, or Technical. After making our decision, our choice, having been made on the basis of our personal interests and adaptability, the Academic cou1'se contained fifty-five per cent of our class, the Commercial course listed forty per cent, and the Technical course the other five per cent. After completing four years of study of our chosen subjects, we now find a great many of our class ready to enter college next fall and others going out into the world of work. TDD 'DIUIIQ IUNIDIEIIJIDILASSMKIEN The Senior Class of February T939 extends its best wishes to the incoming classes in their every endeavor. We recall with a great deal of pleasure our organization as a class, and the many interesting projects which succeeded. As sub-juniors we followed a precedent in giving a party to the children at the Happy Hills Home. Each junior class at Forest Park sponsors several activities, among which are the Iunior Tea Dance and Prom, Iunior Day Assembly, and Iolly Iunior Iubilee, the latter being a presentation given in collaboration with the sub-seniors. We remember quite clearly that our Peggy Stewart Assembly given on Iunior Day was an outstanding success, due to the fact that it was quite original and different from those formerly given. As we embarked upon our sub-senior year, we were confronted mainly with the project of giving a farewell dance for the graduates. This affair, which attracted many students from both divisions of the year, made a hit. Then came the long awaited Senior Inaugural Assembly, which was one of our first endeavors in our final year. As seniors the extra curricular projects which confronted us dealt largely with the two assemblies we staged, our Senior Play, the FORESTER, and finally graduation. We leave behind, our hope that the following classes will carry out the precedents set by former classes, and inaugurate new ideas as we have done, making each project a little better than that which preceeded it. 49 i 5 E c s 5 2 ,,mwm.L.4Qf:u.m,.zx1mgg,,..,.-:.2rmza:wu,a4.m,' A,,s.4if-4:.2,A.szVmf.y.ff,sw,..yJ..f Che joarg S1fuJemf C5-'flcfivi1fiesAGflnJ Cgxfra Gurricufar Orqanfgclf ACTIVITIES -W1 f All QW , .if 1 t . 1 , 1 7 If 'E f ,, ' .77 f ,f iqyjlilljfln Linn ' rf! if ,2 I V M Student Ojfcers Raymond Hardesty, the stu- dent president, and Walter Baker, the efhcient vice-president, have served the school for the past semester. Student Court The student court is the judi' cial branch of our student gov- ernment. It tries students, offenses against the school government. Senate The senate is the law making branch of our government and plays an important part in our student government. Representatives The Student Representative Board consists of a delegate from each advisory class. This body de- vises plans for the betterment of the school. Girls' Leaders' Club The Girls, Leaders' Club, an honor club in which membership is elective, is composed of girls who have rendered outstanding service to the school. President, Ieannette Reibetanzg Vice-Presidents, Corinne Smith, Ianet Mitchell, Treasurer, Ioan Leibermang Secretary, Dolores Woolford. Advisers, Miss Sophie M. Becker, Miss Adele F. Grote, Miss Ruth A. Kramer. fray, Lf 7 Q Boys Leaders Club The aim of this honor club is to help new boys, and to en- courage the right attitude in those boys who are indifferent to the best interests of the school. President, Stuart Krupnickg Vice-President, Edgar Goldman, Treasurer, Donald Loeschke, Secretary, Iames W'rightson. Advisers, Mr. Alfred P. Scott, Dr. Edwin L. Frederick, Mr. C. Melville Anderson. Boys' Opportunity Club The Opportunity Club, a sub- ordinate organization of the Boys, Leaders' Club, has the same objective as the Boys! Lead- ers' Club. President, William Coles, Vice' President, Hugh Roper. Advisers, Mr. Alfred P. Scott, Dr. Edwin L. Frederick, Mr. C. Melville Anderson. Ethical Club The Ethical Club stands for cooperation, for loyalty, and clean sports for all. President, Maurice Hart, Vice- President, Carlisle Anackerg Treasurer, Bernard Wallenhorstg Secretary, Robert Mitchell, Colo- nel, Arthur Iohnson. Advisers, Mr. William Mc- Clean, Mr. W. Woodruff Mar- ston. Four Square Club l'Four things there are that one must do If he would make his record true To think Without confusion clearly To act from honest motives purely To love his fellow men sincerely To trust in God and Heaven securelyf, President, Margaret Hazard: Vice'President, Mary Clair Pfeif- fer. Adviser, Miss Nora A. Stoll. Press This weekly paper has become- an institution of Forest Park he- cause of its schoolvvide appeal and its high literary value. Editor-in-Chief, Robert Gold- smith, Managing Editor, Gordon Himelfarbg News Editor, Irvin Samuels, Feature Editor, Ioseph Weisenfeldg Sports Editor, Merle Disney. Advisers, Miss Ruth Corbett, Miss Virginia Shaffer, Mr. H. Chester Whitney. Boys' and Girls' Coaching It is the aim of the coaching department to secure capable coaches to aid students in schol- astic Work. Girls' Director, Ethel Taub- mang Assistant Director, Lillian Scheinkerg Boys' Director, Wil- liam Woodsideg Assistant Direc- tor, Iohn Wheeler. Department of Sales and Publicity The aim of this club is to in- crease the sale of tickets and to advertise all school activities. President, Gray Norton, Vice- President, Ioseph Connelly, Sec' retary, Elizabeth Dietz. Adviser, Mr. Willian H. Iolly, Student Activity Bank The purpose of the Student Activity Bank of Forest Park is to take care of the funds of the classes and activities of the school. Bookkeeper, Norma Lee Stein, Auditor, Marie Vizzinig Paying Teller, Gertrude Grundg B. S. A. Bookkeeper, Gilbert Wegad. Adviser, Mr. Michael Leipholz, Culture Explorers, Club The purpose of this club is to familiarize the members with the historical and cultural activities of Baltimore. President, Emily Barnard, Sec- retary, Hilda Bloom. Adviser, Mr. Harry Bard. String Ensemble The String Ensemble is an in- strumental group of potential artists. President, Ioseph Melmang Ac- companist, Edgar Goldman. Director, Miss Genevieve P. Butler. Band Providing music at football games, pep assemblies, and many other school activities, the band has proven that it is important for arousing the enthusiasm and support of the students. Drum Major, Gwynn Engel: Drum Majorette, Eleanor Block: Librarian, Ion Crosby. Adviser, Miss Genevieve P. Butler. Glee Club The Glee Club gives its mem- bers an opportunity for training their voices and enables them to acquire a deeper appreciation of music. President, Nancy Worthington, Secretary, Virginia Burke, Treas- urer, Peggy Nydegger. Boys' Chorus A division of the Glee Club is the Boys, Chorus. President, Dale Cundiff, Secre- tary, Warren Guerkeg Treasurer, Lorenz Albright, Librarian, Mar- tin Goldstein. Adviser, Miss Genevieve P. Butler. Orchestra Our Orchestra provides an in- valuable service to the school through its music at assemblies and school activities. President, Simon Klitenicq Vice-President, Albert Lyons, Librarian, Edgar Goldman. Adviser, Miss Genevieve P. Butler. l L4 The M asquers The ideals of the group are: to develop interest and ability in dramatics among the students of the school, to promote a love for good drama, and to establish high standards for the selection and presentation of plays. President, Phyllis Meyerhoffg Secretary, Arla Guild, Treasurer, Eleanor Block. Adviser, Miss Alta E. Thomp- son. The A rt Club The aim of the Art Club is to foster art appreciation and en- courage the making of art ob- jects. President, Ainsley Burke, Vice- President, Grace Reinemer. Advisers, Miss Nellie S. Nor- ris, Miss Nora V. Brainard, Mr. Ivan Byron Rigby. The Library Club This club instructs its mem- bers in the use of their school library and promotes a love for worthwhile books. President, Iean Merrick, Treasf urer, Muriel Lipsong Secretary, Phyllis Mann. Adviser, Miss M. Bernice Wiese. Latin Club "S0cz'etas Romana" The Latin Club promotes ap- preciation of the life and litera- ture of Ancient Rome. First Consul, Marian Foster, Second Consul, Betty Boyd, Prin- ceps Questorum, Shirley Lerner, Praetor, Elaine Cohen, Aedile, Clayton Coursey. Advisers, Miss Iessie M. Ebaugh, Miss Irene Roe. French Club "Le Cercle Francais" A deeper knowledge of the French is attained through edu- cational and social activities in the French Club. President, Iohn Wheeler, First Vice-President, Morgan Gibson, Second Vice-President, Robert Bender, Secretary, Elizabeth Heard. Adviser, Mr. I. Fred Moore. German Club The purpose of the German Club is to give its members a broader understanding of the German language, literature, and culture through the medium of informal programs. President, Eva Wctberg Vice- President, Irma Iacob, Secretary- Treasurer, Henry I. Silbermang Adviser, Mrs. Mary Sabine. Camera Club The Camera Club Was organ- ized to arouse enthusiasm in the taking and developing of pic- tures. President, Irving Steele, Ir, Business Manager, Harold Na- thanson, Treasurer, Rosalind Michelson, Secretary, Rosellen Keene. Adviser, Mr. Iohn F. Burger, Ir. Chemistry Club The aim of the Chemistry Club is to stimulate an interest in chemistry and to enable the members to obtain a greater knowledge of the subject espe- cially with respect to its practi- cal application. President, Charles Hoffberger, Vice-President, Philip Fogarty, Secretary, Roberta Railley. Adviser, Dr. Edwin L. Fred- erick. The Boys' Biology Club The Boys, Biology Club pro- motes sooial relationships and aids in cultural and educational advancement in the field of biolo- SY- President, Alvin Berman, Vice- President, Lester Brillg Secre- tary, Alec Resnick, Treasurer, Vernon Goldberg. Adviser, Mr. Henry G. Hirsch. Typing Club As set forth on the Charter the purpose of the Typing Club is: To give to students a fuller knowledge of the use of the typewriter than can be given in a regular claus periodg to teach artistic typing. Adviser, Miss Alice E. Ekas. Shorthand Club To study vocational possibili- ties of shorthand, to prepare for Gregg Artist Awards, to develop speed in the taking of dictation and to study qualities for suc- cess, is the purpose of the Short- hand Club. President, Shirley Wootteng Vice-President, Charlotte Amossg Secretary, Helene Braflman. Adviser, Mrs. Helen G. Brooks. Ojfice Practice' Guild This club meets to acquaint the members with the operation and use of office machines. President, Albert Adler, Vice- President, Ruth Sirking Secretary, Rosalie Kovitz, Treasurer, Elaine Goldman. Advisers, Mr. Samuel Gold- smith, Mr. Edward H. Goldstein. Home Economics Club This club aims to form a link between the home and the school, to create an appreciation of home economics, and to connect the club with outside commercial in- dustries. President, Beatrice Iacksong Vice-President, Eugenia Beachg Secretary, lane Coveyg Treasurer, Beatrice Goldberg. Advisers, Miss Ida A. Wholey, Miss Doris V. Church. Radio Club The members act as techni- cians lin the school. President, William Lutz. Adviser, Mr. Thomas L. Young. Model Club This club endeavors to pro- mote accuracy in working with mind and body. President, Iane Plantg Secre- tary-Treasurer, Robert Iohnston. Adviser, Mr. Edgar M. Bull. Craftsman? Club The club constructs soenery and builds sets forthe stage. President, Iames Richmondg Vice-President, Robert Raithg Secretary-Treasurer, Iohn Dog- gert. Adviser, Mr. William K. Yo- cum. Open Forum Club The Open Forum Club is or- ganized to discuss current events and world problems, to promote interest in national and inter- national alftairs, and to develop poise in speaking through de- bates. President, David Schneider, Secretary, Esta Selma Cook. Adviser, Miss Grace D. Broen- ing. Philatelic Society Through stamps, a knowledge is gained of interesting places and significant events in the United States and foreign coun- tries. President, Thomas Moss, Viccf President, VVilliam WCjVfOYIll1 Secretary, Lawrence Sappersteing Treasurer, Leopold Friedman. Adviser, Miss Florence Levin- son. The Boy Scout Club The motto of the Boy Scout Club is Allie Prcparedf, President, Alan Ossermang Vice-President, Paul Guggen- heimer, Secretary, Stuart Wilcox. Adviser, Mr. Vernon S. Vav- rina. 1 If Girls' Ping Pong Club The purpose of the Girls, Ping Pong Club is to promote good sportsmanship and Worthy use 'of leisure time. President, Bobbettc Lovventhalg Vice-President, Bessie Pecorag Treasurer, Marjorie Dopking Sec- retary, Marilyn Michelson. Adviser, Miss Thyra C. Wal- tham. Boys' Ping Pong Club To furnish recreation and social icontact among the boys of Forest Park, is the purpose of this club. President, Kaufman Otten- heimerg Vice-President, Milton Checketg Treasurer, Irving Ober- felder, Secretary, Irving New- man, Custodian of Equipment, Bob Borenstein, Sergeant-ab Arms, Carl Strauss. Adviser, Mr. Luther L. Cooper. Chess Club The purpose of the Chess Club is to create ability and interest in chess. President, Paul Perkins, Vice- President, Daniel Long, Treasur- er, Mitchell Radinsky, Secretary, Ressa Radinsky. Adviser, Mr. Henry B. Was- kow. lfII'llIf IBUAII2 ID 'OIF Slfllj ID IENW Allllf IIW II lfll IDF The Board of Student Activities is an advisory board appointed by the Principal to assist him in making decisions affecting the extra-curricular activities of the school. It con- sists of the principal, as chairman, a member of the athletic department, three members of the faculty representing the non-athletic interests of the students, the Vice-Principal, the Special Assistant, and the Student President. This Board charters all groups, supervises all student activities, budgets all funds, and in general so articulates the student activities that there is no overlapping of aims nor conHicts of perform- ances. For twelve years this Board has given freely of time and energy to the development of the school policies in these activities. All points of view are presented to the Principal in the weekly meetings of the Board, and his actions have been guided by the advice he has received. The responsibility of putting into effect the school policies is that of the Principal alone, however, and this Board, competent and unselfish as it has proved itself always to be, has not been delegated power over any of the curricular activities of the school. 65 f f Q A 4?5Qg5.f5g, 1 . ' , V - - M WF? , , ,, . f M . ' ' , , 1 , , T, 1: 'f . ' L.. 1 w,g2f":J ,, 5 151 41- -Z.:1,Q-Qw.:A .. ' , ,k,W.14-W g',M.w.+v.,,L .Mx,LQ-wumw-NAW.1,,.:A4...,M, 11.1214-,,g', .,k,,g,,,-..w.sfxz'xsEf..v.,L4w5mJgL..e.s:..Q Q-,,.g,,,,,, .L wi Wa- 4 lilillll Illllll IRI! 1 J'X7"' X fha Gfflzfeiic Qirwfor omg file Keanu f V AT ETICS 9 3 S Q ul , xl 3 6 R www S- , J FOOTBALL The varsity team played Bullis School, Calvert Hall, City, McDon- ogh, Patterson Park, Poly, Severn, Southern High, and Vocational. Coach: Mr. C. Melville Anderson. Team: Center, William Baum, Quarterback, Julius Bosse, Left End, Maurice Hart, Right Tackle, Hugh Keefer, Left Guard, John Cline, Right End, Harry Lowenthal, Left Tackle, Walter Phillips, Right Halfback, Wil- liam Port, Left Halfbaclc, Harry Rob- bins, Right Guard, Irvin Schuman, Fullbaclc, Bernard Wallenhorst. Reserves: Richard Adleberg, Milton Berger, Compton David, jack Ditt- mar, Clayton Dobbs, Charles Fitz- patriclc, Leonard Frank, Ridgely Frie- del, Marvin Jolson, James Jones, Carl Ortman, Albert Ruppersberger, Mano Schwartz, Gordon Sluss, Robert Smith. ICE HOCKEY Maryland Scholastic Championship 1937-1938 The schedule included Calvert Hall, City, Gilman, Loyola, Mt. St. Joseph, and Poly. Coach: Mr. Rex H. Sims. Team: Center, Charles Godwin, Goal, Donald Loeschlce, Defense, Southey Miles, Defense, Irving Schu- man, Wing, Leonard Sussman, Wing, Roger Young. Reserves: William Baum, Julius Bosse, Nelson Cox, Arthur DeHoFf, Raymond Hardesty, Robert Mitchell, Fred Nordholf. ' BOYS' BASKETBALL The schedule includes Boys' Latin, Calvert Hall, City, Friends, Loyola, Mt. St. Joseph, McDonogh, Patterson Park, Poly, Southern, University of Maryland Freshman, and Vocational. Coach: Mr. C. Melville Anderson. Team: Guard, Robert Eisenberg, Forward, Elliot Goldberg, Center, Maurice Hart, Forward, Melvin Ker- ber, Guard, Bernard Wallenhorst. Reserves: Richard Adleberg, Walter Baker, Clayton Dobbs, Donald Fritz, George Hess, Theodore Leizman, Ross Price, Samuel Ressin. LACROSSE Varsity "B" Conference 1938 Championship. The team played against the Alum- ni, Boys Latin, Catonsville, Friends, Gilman, Loyola, McDonogh, and Park School. Coach: Mr. John F. Burger, Jr. Team: Goal, Kenneth Brownley, Point, Irving Schuman, Cover Point, Frank Musgrave, First Defense, Lloyd Mallonee, Second Defense, Jack Jones: Center, Norman Adams, Second At- tack, Southey Miles: First Attack Robert Lilley, Out Home, Jack Brady, In Home, Fred McGarrity, Reserves: Irvin Brown, Edmund Cade, Parker Clifton. Ralph Giarth, Harker Langrall, Leonard Lizansky, Donald Loeschke, Robert Mallonee, Boyd Reeder, Richard Sullivan, Frank Van Schmidt, William Weltner, John Wheeler, Roger Young. BASEBALL The opponents were Calvert Hall, City, Loyola, Mt. St. Joseph, Poly, Severn, and Southern High School. Line-up: Catch, Julius Bosseg Pitch, Paul Edmonstong First Base, Robert Baum, Second Base, Carlisle Anackerg Short Stop, Irving Kramer: Third Base, Walter McCauley: Left Field, Howard Sale, Center Field, Robert Holsingerg Right Field, De Sales Cavey. Reserves: Compton Davis, Malcolm Gordon, James jones, Edward Neff, Lawrence MacKenzie, Samuel Ressin, Merle Rosenberg. TRACK Baltimore City Track and Field Championship, 1938 The opponents were McDonogh, Mt. St. Joseph, Park, Patterson, and Poly. Coach: Mr. Rex H. Sims. Squad: Carlos Englar, Melvin Cohen, Leonard Copeland, Clayton Dobbs, Bernard Jacobs, James Justice, William Phillips, Albert Ruppersber- ger, Alvin Sachs. VARSITY SOCCER The opponents this season were Cal- ert Hall, Catonsville, City College, Mt. St. Joseph, Park, Patterson Park, Poly, Southern, and Vocational. Coach: Mr. Henry B. Waskow. Line-up: Goal, Melvin Kerberg Full- back, Edward Neff, Fullbaclc, Arthur johnson: Halfback, David Tverg Half- back, Karl Strauss, Halfback, Donald Roesslerg Outside Left, Edward Schu- niclcg Outside Right, Arthur Mills, Inside Left, Merle Disney, Inside Right, Joseph Reppettig Center For- ward, Carlisle Anacker. Reserves: Leon Carton, Howard Ru- dolph. BOYS' TENNIS Maryland Scholastic Championship 1938 The team played against Calvert Hall, City College, Gilman, Loyola, Mt. St. Joseph, Patterson Park, Poly, Severn, and Vocational. Coach: Mr. W. Woodruff Marston. Players: Dever Hobbs, Elliot Gold' berg, George Herr, Richard Conway. Reserves: Lloyd Loclcard, Richard Lyle. BOYS, FENCIN G A newer organization in the school, the fencing team played City College, McDonagh, Patterson Park, and Poly. Adviser: Mr. Joseph L. Krieger. Team: Joseph Aronhime, Zelik Klitenic, Russell Sindler. Reserves: George Hoddinott, Julian Marcus, Hollingsworth Pittman, Har- old Sapperstein, Nathan Straus, Frank Tillen, Melvin Udelewitz, John Ul- rich. BOYS' GOLF After winning the scholastic champ- ionship for three years, Forest Park missed a fourth victory by one stroke, Matches were played with City, McDonagh, Poly, and Tome. Coach: Mr. Henry G. Hirsch. Team: Arthur Johnson, Edward Johnston, Howard Kaznaier, Wilbert Preston, Touner Stehley. JUNIOR VARSITY ICE HOCKEY Maryland Scholastic Championship 1937-1938 The opponents were Calvert Hall, City College, Gilman, Loyola, and Poly. Coach: Mr. Walter D. Scheid. Team: Goal, Amos Worthington, Defense, Robert Smith, Defense, Charles Fitzpatrick, Center, Douglas Young, Wing, James Jones, Wing, Robert Tallorico. Reserves: Carlisle Anacker, Hugh Bandiere, Vernon Conway, Carl Ort- man, Donald Roessler, Owen Stans- bury. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL The team played Calvert Hall, City College, Gilman, McDonagh, and the School of Printing. Coach: Mr. William McClean. Team: R. E., Fred Nordhoffg R. T., Boyd Reader, R. G., Robert Perrillag C., Robert Powleyg L. G., Owen Stans- bury, L. T., Frank Everitt, L. E., Scott Warrington, B., Matthew Becciog R. H. B., Arthur DeHoffg L. H. B., William Hobang F. B., Jack Pasarew. Reserves: Paul Freeman, Sylvan Levin, Frank Lippy, Frank McCou- brey, Jack Stidman, Robert Yealcel. JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER The team played against Ctiy Col- lege, Patterson Park, Poly, and Voca- tional. Coach: Mr. Henry B. Waslcow. Team: Goal, Ross Hornsby: Full- baclc, Paul Davis, Fullbaclc, David Sny- der, I-Ialfbaclc, Kurt Lowenthalg Half- baclc, James Hines, I-Ialfback, Thomas Miller, Outside Left, Jerome Dettor fcaptainJg Outside Right, William Byrd, Center-Forward, Arnold Reil- lingg Inside Left, Frank Zappacostag Inside Right, Lewis Doggitt. Reserves: Morgan Gibson, Raymond Gold, Julian Marcus, Bernard Rosen- sweig. GIRLS' VARSITY HOCKEY The opponents were Eastern, Park, Patterson Parlc, Southern, and Western High Schools. Coach: Miss Lucy Hyde, Team: Center, Marjorie Stump fcaptainJg Right Wing, Doris Linthi- cum, Right Inner, Jeannette Reibetanz, Left Wing, Joan Robins: Left Inner, Bobbette Lowenthal, Center I-Ialfbaclc, Bessie Pecorag Right Halfbaclc, Eunice Nicolsg Left Halfback, Eleanor Wolfe, Fullbaclc, Madeline Houck: Fullbaclc, Gwendolyn Saunders: Goalie, Myra Berg. Reserves: Right I-Ialfbaclc, Catherine Pecorag Left Halfback, Myrtle Hall, Right Inner, Janet Gray. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Eastern, Patterson Park, Southern, and Western High Schools will be the opponents this season. Coach: Miss Lucy Journeay. Squad: Anna Adams, Mary Arnold, Doris Barton, Dorothy Collins, Wanda Cooke, Jean Davis, Mary Frampton, Mildred Gilbert, Helen Horan, Clara Jaspert, Shirley Levenson, Shirley Li- berles, Doris Linthicum fcaptainJ, Charlotte McCarthy, Marilyn Michel- son, Eunice Nicols, Catherine Pecora, Jeannette Reibetanz, Joan Robins, Jeanne Salabes, Ruth Scott, Betty Smith, Mary Ethel Stanley, Marjorie Stump, Eleanor Wolfe, Muriel Zell- man. i HV- .S -S xi all 3 . J xii xl I, N GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL City Volleyball Championship 1938 The opponents were Eastern, South- ern, and Western High Schools. Coach: Miss Lucy Hyde. NA" TEAM Betty Lee Cook, Doris Ilcena, Bob- bette Lowenthal, Bessie Pecora, Kath- erine Perkins, Joan Robins, Gwendo- lyn Saunders, Marjorie Stump fcap- tainl. Reserves: Doris Linthicum, Betty Smith. GIRLS' TENNIS City Championship Sixth Consecutive Year Alumnae, Annapolis, Eastern, Friends, Park, Seton, and Western High School were the opponents. Coach: Miss Lucy Journeay. Varsity: Jean Davis, Mildred Dob- res, Ann Ketzky, Marilyn Thomas. Doubles: Agnes Atkinson and Kath- erine Barnsley. Manager: Ernestine Walther. JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY The team played against Eastern, Patterson Park, Southern, and Western High Schools. Coach: Miss Lucy Hyde. Squad: Anna Adams, Edythe Ag- nor, Elaine Austin, Frances Bartlett, Natalie Bartlett, Doris Barton, Marie Ford, Mildred Gilbert, Mary Green- field, Ethel Greer, Ruth Houseman, Jane Leutbeclcer, Emily Massamini, Patricia Morris, Anna Schminke, Katherine Stephens, Shirley Thomas, Jessie Yates. GIRLS' GOLF The only opponent of the season was Eastern High School. Coach: Miss Lucy Hyde. Players: Margaret Hazard, Ruth Soper, Eleanor Stratten, Peggy Wood- en. GIRLS' FENCING Fencing aims to develop poise, grace, and agility. Adviser: Mrs. Helen G. Brooks. Officers: President, Muriel Zellmang Vice-President, Arla Guild: Secretary, Catherine Stevens: Treasurer, Jane Plant. N WMP Y if mf' J JULY! ' , ' J gw LJV Q Y JW ' X 1 'K ,V, GIRLS' ARCHERY This sport develops a steady hand, an accurate eye, and fine ideals of sportsmanship. Adviser: Miss Thyra C. Waltham. Olhcers: President, Doris Daven- portg Secretary, Adele Davisg Captain, Claire Gutman. BADMINTON This sport was organized to devel- op interest in the game and promote good sportsmanship. Adviser: Miss Lillian Schofer. Squad: Elaine Austin, Geraldine Dugan, Elaine Ellis, Frances Green- field, Mary Greenfield, Joline Kaplan, Charlotte Leese, Dorothy Sutton, Lucille White. CI-IEER LEADERS At all games there is a group of Mspiritv promoters, those who work with the spectators, for the teams. Boys: Wilbur Baron, William Bar- on, Carlos Englar, Jack Gilrod, Har- ker Langrall, Sylvan Livingston, Lester Miller, Leonard Seidman. Girls: Frances Bilt, Mary Gleim, Hilda Julius, Ruth Scott, Mary Ethel Stanley, Emily Wilcke. if LJ6 AV' i MAJOR "FH The students who have proven them- selves outstanding in athletics re- ceive, for this distinction, the highest token presented by the school-the Major "FH, The followng seniors re- ceived this honor. Leon Carton, Borgia Cohen, Leonard Copeland, Clayton Dobbs, James Funk, Arthur Johnston, Theodore Leizman, Robert Lilley, Arthur Mills, Edward Neff, Irvin Schuman, Irving Schuman, Leonard Sussman. Marie Altieri, Myra Berg, Myrtle Hall, Edith Hyde, Bobbette Lowen- thal, Estelle Main, Jane Main, Rosa- lind Michelson, Bessie Pecora, Dolly Podolsky, Gwendolyn Saunders, Doris Schaal. A If Il'I IL IE If Il 'II 'IZ 'D A 'C Il'I IE S The success of Athletics depends largely upon the coaches. At this school the coaching staff is made up of members of the Athletic Department and other departments of the faculty. The Forest Park High School is known for its good sportsmanship which is fostered by the school and its coaches and is instilled in the student body. At Forest Park there are Varsity, Iunior Varsity, Freshman-Sophomore and Inter-class teams. Major Sports A Mr. Marstong Mr. Andersong Miss Hydeg Mr. Sims, directorg Miss Iourneayg Mr. Burgerg Mr. Waskow. Minor Sports Miss Walthamg Mr. Scheidg Mr. Hirschg Mr. Kriegerg Mr. Scherrg Miss Schofer. 76 ILUYAIUIW ssowls To you, Forest Parlq, we are loyal, To you we will always he true, And our love will survive, for we always will strive To lqeep it alive, ForestParlq! Our records may not he the longest, But our spirit is ever the strongest, We want our standards higher for love's undying 5 Calls us and urges us on! Our flag of green and silver on high O, may its pride and glory never die, And may its inj7uenee at Forest Parlq High Be sterling and clean and alive! And after all of us have gone from here And Forest Parlq expands from year to year, We'll lqnow that th' school will still belong to us For we belong to Forest Parlq. 77 Ft? l Clzesfugenfsl Quvfilovk - Q3dSff'Ql'ZYEIZf Gfzzfgfrvfilre I: If A I2 If S IH II JI lf 'D ID V Let memory take you back to 1924 when we, the present Seniors, were absolutely una- ware of the trials and tribulations of school life. It was the year when, six years after the World War, financial affairs of the United States were on an uptrend, when the horrors of the war were, at least partially, obliterated, and the year when Forest Park High School was founded, with Mr. Glenn Owens as Principal-the first coeducational high school in Baltimore. With an attendance of approximately twenty-eight hundred pupils, our school opened its doors as a junior-senior high school, and took its place in the school system. During its opening years, we were just entering elementary school. The time passed quickly and smoothly until 1929, when vague rumors of "depres- sion" and ureliefs' began to reach our ears. To us, engaged in elementary affairs, such talk was irrevelent, particularly when help was needed with our homework. In 1932, when we were still in elementary school, Forest Park Senior High School opened its doors without the junior high division. While We were coping with our school problems, the problem of Government was coped with by the harassed and careworn President of the United States, Herbert Hoover. On March 4, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated. However, to our uninformed minds, elections were dull incidents when explained to us in our junior high school years. Little did we realize that the school life in which We were characters was preparing us for our future endeavors. Our first year at Forest Park will long be remembered. ln spite of the lack of esteem with which we were treated, we felt secure in the knowledge that we were senior high school students. We thought of little other than our own problems and did not realize that Europe was gradually approaching war. In the fall of 1936, a war was raging in Spain. ln February 1937, we became a sub-junior class, organized under the leadership of Mr. Iohn F. Burger, Ir. The following students were elected officers: Stuart Krupnick, president, Marie Altieri, vice-president, Dolores Woolford and Dorothy Hallman, corre- sponding and recording secretaries, respectively, Rawlings Georgius, treasurer, and Bobbette Lowenthal and Borgia Cohen, sergeants-at-arms. The party which our class sponsored at Happy Hills met with great success. In Iune, we received our first invitation to a social function of the school-a Iunior Tea Dance. We have many pleasant memories of this first term. l 80 In our junior year, Betty Van Collum was elected vice-president, Dorothy Hallman served as corresponding secretary, and Roberta Railley became recording secretary, Howard Coleman was elected sergeant-at-arms. With these exceptions, our officers remained the same. With the presentation of the Peggy Stewart Assembly, and the planting of our magnolia tree, we made our formal debut before the school. At our own Iunior Prom we danced "in the little red school house" to the music of a popular orchestra. And so, with great expectations for the future, we fared forth into our sub- senior year. Unanimously elected, Mr. Burger retained his advisership of the February 1939 Classf Edith Hyde was elected president, Herbert Witz, vice-president, Dorothy Hall- man, corresponding secretary, Roberta Railley, recording secretary, Rawlings Georgius, treasurer, Bobbette Lowenthal and Robert Larrimore, sergeants-at-arms. One of our most important projects, the Iolly Iunior Iubilee, met with unprecedented success, and, im- mediately following, plans were made for the distribution of our class rings. A Farewell Dance for the seniors marked the end of a highly satisfactory term. The last milestone, our senior year, arrived all too quickly. Those officers who had served in the sub-senior year again were elected to lead us. As seniors, we were presented to the school at our Senior Inaugural Assembly. Beautiful music and a' dynamic speaker made our assembly a triumph. Next, praise for our Senior Play greeted our ears. And then, one final appearance before the student body-the Senior Farewell Assembly. For the last time, to the tune of the Priests' March, we walked slowly down the aisle of the auditorium. When this, our FoREsT1iR, goes to press, we have only the Prom and Banquet, the last social function at which we meet as a group, and the com- mencement, when we bid farewell to the school, to which to look forward. Realization of our approaching adieu dawns upon us and many throats thicken. Through our years at high school, the name of Mayor Howard W. Iackson has been familiar to us, and the name of Governor Herbert OiConor, recently inaugurated, is often heard. President Roosevelt still holds his position as our national leader. In February 1939, we can only say, We entered to learn-we go forth to serve. IANE NOBLE: 81 A IDAXY Alf IFDIIQIEJUI iDAIlQIK The two-minute bell signals, three-quarters of the class blithely strolls in while Miss Iones announces that, unless the class can keep silent, they will have a ten minute repentance period at 2:45. At last-the bell and Miss Iones reads further in the forty- Hfth psalm. Opening exercises over, one-half of the class reports to duties The class is again in an uproar. The first period, being study, is uneventful except for notepassing, notebook passing, homework. passing, and innocent chatter. And then comes the bell and on to chemistry. and Buddy Goldman walk in report after class, or do they class settles down for a lecture, ment. Up go all the windows, Gerry Merican, Darlee McGreevy, "Krup,, Krupnick, late from hall duties and Mr. Krieger tells them to have duties? They all answer affirmatively and the when Mr. Krieger states he will do a sulphur experi- also, the handkerchiefs. The class is silent except for chattering teeth. We have just decided that we are suffocating from trying to hold our breaths, when relief comes in the form of the bell. The class hastens out, and the girls, breathless, are down in the gym before the first floor classes have been dismissed. Slamming lockers add to the general confusion until, in precisely two and threeeighths minutes, we are in squad formation. The first bell, and we have showers to take! Showers are Nfakedv, We are dressed. Then to history. In come Leizman and Silverstein-late, and right out they go. The class is offering prayers of thanks for the news in the morning's paper, because that only means that a dicussion will follow fbetween Miss Broening and Iimmie Wrightsonj and outlines are discarded. The period speeds by and we are again on our way to English, where Miss Iones proceeds to tell us how logical Tanner is. As the period nears the close, there seems to be a sudden epidemic of clock watchers as thoughts of food penetrate the students, mindsCPj. Comes the bell and a hurryng to lockers. After removing all elbows from out stomachs and dazedly clutching our coats, which by now look as though theyid been through meat grinders, we stumble to cafe, where there is a general scramble for tables. After wiping up the mixture of spilt soup and milk, we hear the "may1bell", but donit bother to do anything about it. After the "must-bellv, we reluctantly amble past the door with the aid of cafe officers, who mainain we must leave immediately, but must finish what we're eating on the inside. After due consideration, we decide to throw away our ice cream and walk out. After wading through the crowd of car-token pur- 82 chasers, we are able to secure a licorice stick on peril of our lives. Upon looking up from French books, we hnd ourselves deserted on the far side of the track and come to the realization that the rapidly diminishing crowd is drifting in the general direction of all doors because the second bell has signaled for the return to studies. ."How we shiver with ajrighz Az the melancholy menace of their zone! Belle, bells, belle, Bells, bells, bells, bells, Bells, bellf, l7ells.,' CApologies to F. A. Poej And the long trudge to French. VVe must encounter the pet of 1451, Mr. Schmied, who has captured many a heart among the fair members of the class. Farther down the hall we are trying to edge our way around a growing circle of "studes", when we discover, as the nucleus, Mr. Burger, who is successfully talking to everyone at once. We pause only .briefly QMiss Ruhe is already closing the doorj. We hurry in ahead of her and skid to a stop at our desks, hurriedly erasing the pencil marks from our trans- lations. Iimmie Wrightson has started to 'Khgure outl' whatever seems to be puzzling him at the moment and Simon Klitenic sits opposite him, splitting his sides. La Lecon begins with the incoherent and slightly cracked-brained exaggerations of "Tartarin of Tarasconl' fa real case for Phipps Clinicj. After a struggle of forty-five minutes, the bell pierces the silence to announce the salvation of class I45I. While leaving French room to go to report period, we hear dismissal bell f"What a world of happiness their harmony foretellslnj, and arrive in our homeroom in time -to hear Miss Iones announce that a faculty meeting has been called, and for everyone to leave promptly Ccheers from the rear of the roomy. And so ends one-one hundred and ninetieth of our school term. Mildred Lewis 83 IDU WUIU IDIEMKIEMKIBIEID- 'DID IHDMV DDIUILID WDIU IFIUIIJIEIEIF Herman Iohnson's vocalizing after school the day before the Senior Inaugural Assembly? Darlee McGreevy's "radical coilfuresw? 'ACissieU Gardinefs belated sneezes? Edith Hyde's modest leadership? Dorothy Hallman's raised eyebrow? Harry Rosofskyis terrific tap dancing? Bella Erdman's tireless typing? Qltis a wonder her fingers arenlt blisteredj The Merican girls' Njunk' bracelets? fAre you listenin, Miss Ruhe?D Ressa Radinsky's yodel-e-0 singing? Uust a cowgirl from Baltimorej Irvin Samuelis answering Miss Ruhels HWhy do you place the pronoun there?', with "Because it belongs there". Lois Becker's unexcelled imitations of certain members of the faculty? Betty Ann Thumanls navy man? Gloria Lewisls "Whee, Fm gonna see my "Butchie" tonightv? QNelson Eddy is now running a poor second, we fearj. Ed. note: I don't blame you, Gloria. Babe Tunickis bored sophistication? QOh, these high school childrenll Rozzie Michelsonls amiable disposition? "Wimpyv Wood's cat naps in classes? QWe hope reports come out before this does, for your sake.j Arnold Silversteinls snappy suits? Teddy Leizman's New York accent? fToidy-toidj Charlie I-IofIberger's candid camera? CA dangerous weaponj Bob Goldsmithis bookbag? CIt'll come in handy if he's going to be a lawyerj Buddy Goldmanls, Ditto Krupnickls ability to play piano duets and inability to exist without each other? 'Walter Lowensbergis ability to do chemistry fthe doggone geniusj and draw caricatures? Millie Lewisis return, after a visit in Pittsburgh, with a boyis green hat? Ruth Coleman's genius for putting Mr. Burgeris desk in order? fAnd that's true geniusj lane Noble's beautiful speaking voice? 'gChing,' Gray,s hair ribbons? Bette Slhelly,s tinyness? CEven in high heelsj Frances Finstein's bureau of recreational information? Marian Cohenis chewing gum? fCrack, crackj. Edward Appel's silence? QWonder?j Leonard Seidmanls energy? f???j Sylvan Livingston's cheerleading? Herbert Witzis faithfulness to the Senior Class? Rawlings Georgius' smile? CTooth paste adj King Schultzls car, automoblie, machine, vehicle? Kathryn Sheelyis amiability? S4 Laura Smoot's squeaks, bird faces, and fuzzy elves? Doris Freyis charming manner, blue eyes, and brown hair? QWant her phone num- ber, boys?j Bob Larrimorels responsiveness to a raised eyebrow? CSee above, if you've gotten this farj "Bobbie,' Lowenthal's giggle, chuckle, laugh or what have you? fNothing to equal itll Irvin CAcademicj Schumanis singing? flf only he could carry a tunelj Earl Weinerls explicit explanations? CHGO down and eat your cafe-HD Ed. note: Quick-a good remedy for indigestion! "CookieU Cook's excited dash into study hall with a wild i'Congratulate me girls, I 'madel the Pressw? fShe was in "Oscars, column.j '4Bev,' Markman's chemistry definitions?-K'An 'electric light, is a compound whose solutions conduct an electric currentn. fCould she have meant an electrolyte?D Iimmy Wrightsonls '6The way I figured it out is-3' IEW IIIHIESIE WMDIIQIDS VIE SIHAILIL IKNDMV IFIHIEMK Miss Ebaugh: "Look at your map, if you're lucky enough to have a map." Mr. Krieger: i'Reverse your pencil and erase thatf' Miss Shaffer: i'You're such childrenf, Mr. Marston: "Will the room please stop talking? Miss Levinson: 'Tll give you nought." Mr. Burger: "I want a couple of boys with strong backs and weak mindsf' Miss Klinesmith: '4Will the absentees please raise their hands?,, Miss Kramer: "Raise your lily white handf, Miss Iones: 'LHe CTanner, Burke, Long, or Dickensj is just as smart as he can bef' Miss Broening: '4Now donit quote me on that?" Miss Lane: "The third girl in the second row is chewing spearmint gum. I can smell itf' Miss Hudson: "Assignment: Monday, Ianuary 30, 1939, for Tuesday, Ianuary 31, 193915, Miss Freimann: "Now in that line-up-i' LMLSS CQFQEEZ ALDQEHYQUC 5-iq Paffflf 3 CCfElff1EatC?il,,a,,:Lf,, L, LIC it 75 C 65 7 935 l Mr. ipholz: Thanks for keeping quiet. Chorus: You re welcome. Dr. Katenkamp: '4Two babies down, one cigar to gof, 85 N g..g.....gng..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..5..g..g..g..g..5..g..g..g..g.,g..g..g..g..g..g ag i.g..g..g-.5- PARENT-TEACI-IERS' ASSOCIATION of the FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Organized in 1924 To the Members of the Graduating Class of February 1939: Congratulations. You have reached a most important stage in your education. Some of you will carry on in other schools, others will seek other fields of endeavor We wish you well in your chosen field. Remember that one of life's priceless treas- ures is knowledge and you sh-ould not tire in your search of it. The P. T. A. meets the first Tuesday in each month at 8:15 P. M. in the Forest Park High School. Every parent is invited to j-oin in the effective work carried on by this organization, for the benefit of the students of our school. COMPLIMENTS OF FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL ALUMN AE ASSOCIATION 'ki'i"k'k Drive In At- STHEHOTSHOPPES For Famous MILK SHAKES BARBEQUES A 86 W ROOT BEER TOASTED SANDWICHES REISTERTOWN ROAD AT PARK CIRCLE if if if nk 'A' g..g..g..q.....g..g....,, 'ki"A"A'i' THE EMPIRE RE-ROOFIN G COMPANY ASBESTOS and ASPHALT Roofing and Siding UNiversity 8650-61 417 EAST 33rd STREET ttuktt . MEYER'S FLOWER SHOPPE 5508 PARK HEIGHTS AVENUE LIBERTY 4503 "FLOWERS THAT PLEASE" POPULAR CJONFECTIONERY 2843 CLIFTON AVENUE Madison 4828 MR. L. E. NORFOLK COMPLIMENTS OF Lord Calvert Beverages Inc. COMPLIMENTS OF MR. WM. A. S. WOOTEN COMPLIMENTS OF WILSON M. BRADY COMPLIMENTS or I. S. ROBBINS COMPLIMENTS OF REBECCA'S BEAUTY SHOP 4314 REISTERSTOWN ROAD MOHAWK 9877 INSURE AGAINST LIVING TOO LONG OR DYING T00 SOON MR. LEWIS 1407 Court Square Bldg. COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D COMPLIMENTS or EUGENE' JENKINS 86 SONS The Shop of Individual Service Liberty 3842 ELINOR BEAUTY SHOPPE Catherine E. Lessner, Prop. 4710 Gwynn OBE Avenue "" Bifffmore, Md. COMPLIMENTS OF y QRl and MRS. WILLIAMfV fREY H. A. WARFIELD PLUMBING Lafayette 0489 HEATING H. B. SMITH BOILERS AUGUSTA BEAUTY SHOPPE 4116 FREDERICK AVENUE Mrs. Louis Bookhultz CROSS COUNTRY GARAGE EDWIN S. SCHMIDT, Prop. CURTIS BAY Baltimore, Md. ................,..g..q..s..o..a. ..p.....g..Q..g..........................,. COMPLIMENTS OF H. D. F. Jr. MOHAWK 3360 ELEC. CONST. HEATING WORK OIL BURNERS GAS FITTING MORGAN C. NAUDAIN Electrical Contractor I00I RECTORY LANE BALTIMORE, MARYLAND JOHN J. COWAN at SON FUNERAL DIRECTOR 901 HOLLINS STREET BALTIINIORE, MARYLAND FRANK 1. COVVAN PHONE PLAZA 2062 COMPLIMENTS OF URBAN LAUNDRY IQZO CLIFTON AVENUE BALTIMORE, MARYLAND LAFAYETTE I 7 I 7 COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D GILMOR 2368 GEORGE WEBER 86 SON Funeral Directors 2503 EDMONDSON AVENUE BALTIMORE, MARYLAND COMPLIMENTS OF ACKERS RUGS INC. Oriental ana' Domestic Rugs 225 EAST 25th STREET BELMONT 7172 Western Maryland College WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND PRED OARRIOUS H0LL0wAY, D.D., LL.D., PRES For Young Men and Young Women Unexcelled Location, Modern Curriculum Complete Equipment, Moderate Rates C atal 0 gas upon Application COMPLIMENTS OF FALLSWAY SPRING SERVICE SOUTH 1804--05-06 John Greer 86 Co., Inc. - Iron and Steel - OSTEND and RIDGELY STREETS BALTIMORE, MARYLAND COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D F aultless LADY N OBELT - Pajamas - EMPIRE STATE BUILDING NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. R D LINCOLN ZEPHYR WEHREND CBROTHERS 1501-1513 N. GAY STREET F O Baltimore, Maryland Stamping-Hand and Machine LIBERTY 8064 . HAMS Emhoidmg H. PAUL MATTHEWS T h e IQOO ROSHDALE STREET Butter - Eggs - Poultry Flag, Banner 86 Pennant Shop CDiref: from Nearby Fm-my SUGAR CURED PURE PORK 302 PARK AVENUE ..g ,.g..g-.O--O.........., 4.4. .g..g..g..g.....g.....g..g..g..g..g..g..O-o..g... COUNTRY BAOON COUNTRY SAUSAGE g..9..g..g..g.....,..q.-cup--O.. 0.4--0.-9-O--0--J--of-O--O--0--0-'m ,. E 5. il 6 51 2 i 5 5 6 6 Q 6 9 5 6 9 2 i 9 i i 9 6 6 6 5 5 Q Q 5 9 i 9 6 9 Q i 6 6 BardfAvon Schools e ESTABLISHED I892 9 -- . . "An atmosphere of culture and dzgnztyu ..g..g..g..g.4..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..Q.-5..g.4..g..g..g....4..g..g..g.4.4....4..g..5..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..guy..g..g..g..g..g..q..p .g..g..Q..g.-x1.g..g..g..g..g..g Z EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL The In addition to the fundamental subjects of stenography, typing, secretarial science, EBRU X A fl 9 etc., BARD-AVON students pursue special- F O 939 ' ized courses in diction, speech, and expres- . ' sion, qualifying them for the better type Wzshes secretarial position. DEPARTMENT of EXPRESSION The For the young Woman who wishes to continue her education in the cultural sub- gf 1939 jects. EVENING CLASSES Success In PUBLIC SPEAIQINC f TYPEWRITING PSYCHOLOGY . ENGLISH ECONOMICS Its Projects 2 9o5 N. Charles St. BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Telephone Vernon II55 . Q..Q..g..g..g..g..g.....g..g.-Q-.0-Q-.g..g..g..g..g..g ..g..p..g g..g..g..g..g..g..g....... 1Ns1s'r ON mvnovnn Ol SULARINE IMPROVED BLEACH ji? ILQNVIBEIKJ BLEACHES, DEODORIZES, DISINFECTS, ,. GOOSE f i s I REMOVES sTA1Ns, SCORICH at MILDEW I Indispensable in Laundry, Kitchen, Bathroom. "Solarine" is the one dependable Bleach--The only one HERIVIETICALLY SEALED at Factory assuring you full strength and purity always. L FULL - SIZED BEST QUALITY CAssorted Colorsj PENCILS WITH l p BEAUTIFUL YOUR NAME AIN OOLO, ON g SELF ADIUSTABLE RING EACH PENCIL OR A l . l I 1 With Your Own Two Initials Sent upon receipt of only ONE DIME KOR STAMPS! and two Q21 smiling yellow faces taken from any SOLARINE PRODUCT. GIVE FIRST AND LAST NAME OR TWO INITIALS FOR RING, SEND T0 SOLARINE COMPANY SMALLWOOD AND EAGLE STREETS BALTIMORE, MARYLAND THE ARUN DEL CORPORATION BALTIMORE, MD. Contractors and Engineers and Distributors of SAND - GRAVEL -- STONE and COMMERCIAL SLAG g....g..g....g. 5.4. .. . .. .. g.....g.....g..g..g..g..g..g.. g..g. ..g..g.....q..g..q 6. . Secretarial - Accounting - Business Courses EATON AND BURNETT BUSINESS COLLEGE 61st YEAR An Accredited Commercial School Second F loor-Morris Building Charles and Saratoga Streets Send For Catalog Meadow Gold Ice Cream Co. 1726 EAST PRATT STREET Baltimore, Maryland Compliments of A F R I E N D UNITED CLAY and SUPPLIES -COMPANY 504W ST. PAUL PLACE Bricks, tiles and building materials Vernon 0171 Gilmor 6870 J O H N T . W I L L S 637 NORTH HOWARD STREET The Place To Buy Photographic 6? X-Ray Material J. P. ROMWING co. 3501 WEST BELVEDERE AVENUE QUALITY GROCERS Since 1915 Phone Forest 9700 POSN ER PRODUCE MARKET 3577 PARK HEIGHTS AVENUE FOREST 9588 MERIT CUT RATE PERFUME 3201 GREENMOUNT AVENUE 5142 PARK HEIGHTS AVENUE Compliments of J A Y D A s H E N "The Sewing Machine Man" Complimentspof T. K. S. Engraved Wedding Invitations, Commencement Announcements, Visiting Cards, Business Letterheads SAMUEL H. KIRBY and SONS 506 PARK AVE. Phone: VERNON 5457 Compliments of TI-IE STYLE SHOP 3114 WEST NORTH AVENUE Wearing Apparel ..,........,..,..,..,......,.......,.....,..e..,..g..-..q..,.., COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND -5. ..g..g..g..g..g. g..o..q.q...........g..q.-0..0..g..g..g..g..g..g........g..g..g..g..g..g G. H. MARTEN 86 CO. 2300 N. MONROE ST. Ola' cars made New ..,........,............................., ..... "Food at its Best" N A T E S 86 L E O N S Delicatessen and Restaurant 850 W. NORTH AVE. BALTIMORE, MD. Liberty 1518 Liberty 0465 A R M A C O S T F 0 ,- 4204 RIDGEWOOD AVE. KEEPSAKE l CO'MMENCEMENT GIFTS Funeral Directors KAY'S PHARMACY, Inc. A Prescription Drug Store Free Delivery 2906 GARRISON BLVD. Liberty4240 HOWARD W. FORD COMPANY Dodge and Plymouth Dealers 4721-31 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE Liberty 1341-2 GENERAL AUTO SERVICE--USED CAR SALES 4710-22 GWYNN OAK AVENUE Forest 5778 J. TROCKENBROT 86 COMPANY Manufacturers of College, School, Club, Lodge Rings and Pins Dance Favors and Trophies FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL JEWELRY 310 N. PACA ST. VERNON 1052 JOHN B. GAITHER, SR. Florist 5009 LAWNDALE AVE. BALTIMORE, MD. TUXEDO 2238 Bus: Calvert 6156 Res: Liberty 1907 HARRY COHEN Specializing in Heath and Accident and Hospitalization nsurance I Speral Agent BANKERS NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. 200 Chamber of Commerce Bldg. Commerce 86 Water Streets Baltimore, Maryland A FRIEND H. W. STIGLER W A T C H M A K E R 4710 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE. BALTIMORE, MD. VISIT BONWIT LENNON'S NEW Mass JUNIOR FROCK DEPARTMENT on the MAIN FLOOR fStizeS 9 'EO 173 57.95 to 539.95 FOR NEW CLASSROOM FASHI ON S I-Iochschild Kohn8z Co. Compliments of A F R I E N D PHOTOS OF HIGTI-I QUALITY AT POPULAR PRICES Ma estic Photo Company 342 N. CHARLES STREET NEXT DOOR TO HOPPER-McGAW A FRIEND A .g. g..g..g..g..g..g-.pq ..g..q..5..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.....g..g..g..g........g..p..gng..Q..g....qug..g..g..g..g..Q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g. ...g.....g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.. 6 9 6 9 6 ? 9 9 a 3 I S O if 9 Q a S 9 Q 2 5-0-0-0-0-O'-0 .4-.go-...g..g..g..g TELEPHONE LIBERTY ooo3 ALTQN T. NICI-ICLS efifrchitect and GBuilder 3500 WABASH AVENUE T3ALTIMORE, MARYLAND ir 'vkkwwwvwvvi-+0i0wM--wiwm-0-+mwnvk wv4+M MRS. IHRIE'S,Inc. POTATO CHIPS - BUTTER PRETZELS "Visit our modern and sanitary plant" g g g g g g g 9 g..g..g..g..g..g..5..g..,,..g..g..g..g..g g g g g..g.....9..g..g Compliments of MR. and MRS. A. E. SULLIVAN The MODERN INSULATION CO. 511 NORTH EUTAW STREET VERNON 8790 HAMMANN'S Music Store 206 N. LIBERTY ST. Records 1 Radio Phonographs Sheet Music FLORIST - DECORATOR SCHULER-THOMAS 318 W. Saratoga St. Telephone Vernon 0967 Member Florists Telegraph Delivery Compliments of W . K. F R E I E R T KELLY BROTHERS Pharmacists GARRISON andd BELLE AVENUES Phone: Llberty 3516 ROYAL FARMS DAIRY 1525 BRADDISH AVENUE BALTIMORE, MARYLAND GOLDIES 3827 Garrison Boulevard Delicatessen - Grocers - Dairy Products Phone: FOREST 9783 Free Delivery DR. LOY'S PET HOSPITAL 2240 REISTERSTOWN ROAD Canine and Feline Specialists Lafayette 0886 COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D Compliments of A F R I E N D COMPLIMENTS OF HOLLAND CLEANERS and DYERS, Inc. Liberty 3222 Women's 6' Childrerfs Apparel WURZBURGER'S, Inc. "Up-town Specialty Shop" Headquarters for Prom Dresses 5100 Park Heights Ave. Pimlico, Baltimore, Md. Stores fully equipped for rummage sales. Apply MR. STEVE EDWARDS 946 LINDEN AVE. For Reservations Vernon 0426 Compliments of A Friend of CHARLES HOFFBERGER JEAN BEAUTY SALON 'Best Permanent In Town' 2109 GARRISON BOULEVARD ROGERS and SEWELL, Inc. 4024 W. BELVEDERE AVENUE BALTIMORE, MD, ITTNERS ESSO STATION PARK HEIGHTS and BELVEDERE AVES. Tires - Batteries - Accessories FOREST 9678 B O W L I N G Is Great Sport CHARLES BOWLING CENTRE LIBERTY HEIGHTS BOWLING ACADEMY 4720 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE Phone FOREST 9898 BEST WISHES MAYOR HOWARD W. JACKSON COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D Compliments of AFRIEND Liberty 8276 We Call For and Deli-ver WEST ARLINGTON TAILORS Cleaners and Dyers 4704 GWYNN OAK AVE. Baltimore, Md. NELSON SERVICE STATION CAR WASHING and LUBRICATION 5250 PARK HEIGHTS AVENUE Service With a Smile Forest 9419 Compliments of LA FRANCE BEAUTY SHOPPE For all have sinned, And come short of the Glory of Gods -Romans 3:23 L. E. HOOD SERVICE STATION Sunoco Gas and Oils NORTH AVE. and ELLAMONT ST. Baltimore, Maryland FOREST PARK SERVICE STATION LIBERTY HEIGHTS and BERWYN AVES. TEXACO PRODUCTS A. W. SMITH, Proprietor Compliments of D . R . B O O N E Phone orders receive our prompt attention Phone, Forest 3577-8626 Open Sundays MARNAT MEAT BL GROCERY MARKET High Grade-MEATS - FRUITS - VEGETABLES 7 Mile Lane 86 Marnat Road Baltimore, Md. ..g..g..g..g.....g..g..9..g..g..g.....g.4.4.4.-5..g.....g..g..g..g..3..Q.....g..guy..g..g..g..g.....g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.....3..g..gag..9..g..g..g..g..g..q..g..... Learn ALL the facts about Air- Conditionetl ICE refrigeration The recent development in food protection is the new AIR CONDI- TIONED ice refrigerator. It does much more than just keep foods cold . . . provides cool moist air con- stantly moving in a gentle cycle that helps to preserve natu- ral crisp freshness . . . retards rapid drying out. The air is actually Washed, reducing odor transfer-eliminating cov- ered dishes. Best of all this newest refrigerator costs only one-half to one-third of any other kind. Ice cubes in three to five minutes. 'k'k'ki"ky C. HOEFBERGER CQ.- GAY AND CHESTER STREETS WOlfe S225 .....g.....g..g..3.....g..g..Q..g..g..g..g..g............... ..g..g.....g..g..g..g....-g..g..............g..g..Q After Graduation PREPARE FOR BUSINESS at STRAYER COLLEGE Secretarial, Accounting, and Business Machines CHARLES 86 FAYETTE STS. PLAZA 5626 , Guy Wood Lil jlifauflfuf Bockeurlz Y Walt Ed 690 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE. A 0 f KN 5 f b k Joe THE Leo communit o Homes 0 Houses o :ic , im ir' St""i::3'h,,.5i.:fe522551522 Reds ESQUIRE Geo- Ziirubbery. Elqlilipirnzri?thilaiixzxiemsiiiciiixjgyggtdso cfozi in-:ounty taxes makes possible payments of only 545 per month. Legs Ken P. M. TH'O'MPS'ON ORGANIZATION A k Community Builders Ce lc Y Manufacturers of FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL-RINGS and PINS J. Jenkins Sons Jewelers 20 WEST REDWOOD STREET -o--o--eg 9 i 5 9 9 9 Q 9 5 9 6 9 9 i 5 5 5 P 6 E 9 9 9 Q ng. ? o 9 6 6 5 Y. M. C. A. BUSINESS COLLEGE 55th Year-Classes Open to Men and Women A good business education is your best investment. Be sure that you select a good school to attend. This well-established school offers you Secretarial, Shorthand, Typewriting, General Clerical, Bookkeeping and Accounting Courses University-trained facultyg individual in- struction and progressg a friendly, helpful interest in each student. Positions secured for graduates and qualified students. Low fees: 3 and 4-period day school pro- grams, 312.00 and 315.00 per monthg even- ing school, 35.75, 37.50, 58.50 per month. Send for catalogue. We have no solicitors Y.M.C.A. Franklin and Cathedral Sts. VERNON 8650 Approved by the Maryland State Department of Education THE GIBSON 86 KIRK CO. WARNER AND BAYARD STS. Phones-SOUTH 1024-25 IDAUFIIJDNJF AN ID IDAUFIIQUN IEJHFIEJI Compliments of a Friend M. Robert Free Mr. and Mrs. W. Schaal Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cohen Joseph Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Morris Princeton Cycle Co. Mrs. M. A. Seeback and Daughter Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Powers Mr, H. G. Powers The Lackard Family Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. John Georgius Mr. and Mrs. Charles Merican Compliments N. Y. Loan Oliice OHice C. and B. Horwitz Compliments of S. H. K. Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. S. Gardiner Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Siegle Eugene Christopher Mrs. Nellie M. Atkinson Mrs. Edward L. Desvernine Mr. and Mrs. C. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. Alt Mrs. S. Karnes Mrs. Charles W. Saulsbury Compliments of a Friend Mrs. C. L. Saulsbury Mrs. E. M. Todd Kahn's-Park Heights Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Adleberg The Misses Colemans Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Ward Millard Folt Sam Soltz Mrs. Leon Jablon J. Eskridge Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Sussman A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Taubman Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Brown Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Reese Compliments of King's Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Francis Thuman Patricia Herndon "The Walbrook Tailor" Otto W. Bishop Dr. and Mrs. F. C. Herndon Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Lewis Mrs. Parcie Hall Mrs. Tena Pecora Robert G. Justis Mrs. Mamie Saunders Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Wrightson Miss Meme Winchester Mr. and Mrs. Clarence L. Foster A. B. Schapiro Blue Ribbon Laundry Mrs. A. E. Thain Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stappler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I. Bellus Albert D. Hallman Mrs. Samuel Isaacs Mr. H. W. Podolsky Mr. Louis Caplan Mrs. Carolyn Nydegger Mr. Roland Schaal Dr. Elizabeth Schied Compliments of Agatha Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Smoot Mrs. Wm. H. Maynard Mr. and Mrs. John N. Railley Mr. and Mrs. A. Edwin Schmidt Mrs. Odney R. Payne Naomi Kellman Mrs. Harry T. Kellman Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Johnson Compliments of a Friend Mrs. Josephine A. Boone S. Howard Phipp, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur F. Hendricks Dr. A. Overbeck Williarn S. Tragey U. S. Royal Tires Fisk-Air Flight Tires S. W. Binswanger Joseph H. Wentz Mrs. Sarah Lipman Mr. Julius Rothans Mr. and Mrs. D. Milner Hilda H. Claus Mr. and Mrs. Sol. G. Block Miss Betty Ford Janet Lammers Mrs. S. Tucker A Friend Samuel Sacks Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Witz, Jr. and Mrs. E. King Schultz and Mrs. S. L. Rosen and Mrs. Robert Bers Emmet Gary Frankel and Son W. Ward Scott Mr. J. Nelson Rigney Mr. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Louis Naron Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Hansson Mr. and Mrs. Earl Norris Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Mundy Mr. and Mrs. Louis Michelson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sussman E. R. Burch W. H Nicholas . A Friend Mr. Harry F. Sallow Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Mallonee Dr. and Mrs. R, R. Hyde Mrs. A. Tucker Arthur H. Lehmann Mr. and Mrs. H. Holfberger Zandy Leademan Donald Mealy Christ Panor Belview Pharmacy Peg and Bud Peggv's Gymnasium Mr. Mannie Berg Mr. Jos. Rigney Bonolis Shoe Repairing Mr. and Mrs. Herman Barr Compliments of C. G. Miss Esther Isaacson Mr. and Mrs. Leo Falt Mr. and Mrs. lames A. White Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Dockman Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Burke Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Willing Mr and Mrs. J. 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Thain Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Gorline Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tunick Hartman's Bakery Bobby and Essie Beitler Beitler's Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. George Thomas Dr. Herbert Orman Baltimore City Parking Lots, Inc. Betty Seldin Beauty Shoppe Mrs. Bessie S. Poske Dr. A. C. Smink Mr. and Mrs. Howard Eyler Mr. and Mrs. W. M, Heinbaugh Greetings to V. B. Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Solins Mr. and Mrs. M. Henry Goldstone L. F. Bradshaw Dr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Mandy Mr. and Mrs. H. Franklin Sheely and Mrs. A. Bernard Eskow Dr. Mr. Elmer Baucke Miss Margaret L. Hodson Car Lou Beauty Shoppe Mr. and Mrs. G. Clark Polk Janet and Isabel Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Caplan Mr. and Mrs. Herman Cohen A Friend Kurtz Marvin Martin Charles L. Miller Compliments of a Friend M. Bessie Harriman Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Boyette Walter E. Thain The Royal Cleaner Dr. R. R. Merryman Harry Steinhorn Wm. Friedlander Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Buxton Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Saunders Mrs. A. M. Tattersall Mr. H. R. Burlcle Compliments of a Friend L. C. Lowndes W. W. Lowndes Mrs. C. White Mr. and Mrs. La Mar W. Mills Compliments of a Friend Pleel's Delicatessen and Lounge-Pimlico Leo Ambrose PATRONS-Continued Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hansson H. G. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Cohen J. Wilmer Hardy Mr. and Mrs. C. Hoddinott Mr and Mrs. W. C. Hoddinott Mrs. C. V. Kloch Mr. David Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hesse Compliments of a Friend Mrs. William C. Mertz Mr. and Mrs. G. Porter Kuszmaul Wendell H. Baker "The Butchers of Borchersn Compliments of a Friend Mr. Woofie Poo Cook Mr. and Mrs. Wellington G. Wood, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Lentz Mrs. Clyde Bastin Mrs. Van Collum Compliments of a Friend A Friend Business Machine 61 Stenographic College Misses Elizabeth 56 Mary Seebaclc Compliments of Little Jeff ENGRAVED, PRINTED AND BOUND BY H. G. ROEBUCK 6: SON BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Norbert B. Saunders Mrs. Francis Thuman Miss Louise A. Burger Mr. and Mrs. William Dungar The Vincent Florist Co. Sussman and Schuman Sylvia Stern Mrs. Leona Thomas Mr. Henry Hilda Stringer Mr. and Mrs. James A. Funk Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Symons Sylvia Michelson Donald E. Kent Mr. and Mrs. David C. Schuman A Friend J. Weslev Edel, M.D. Barbro Hansson Hortense Isaacs Raymond Hardesty Mr. and Mrs. Van Sant Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Dobbs Miss Rebekah Galoon Miss Mattie Shannon Mrs. Wm. H. Maynard Miss Hortense Isaacs fi'-01-00000400000000'-O'-O"l"O0O"lvO'fO0O"O'lO-O'-O4-O0ON fO"l"O'-O"00O-'OvO"OvO0l0O0O'4O0O'-OHO"O"O-' D ' Z! on z' fe you? . . . on ot QMYA fee 720' you MW it L31 ide MdZdoo,4?duz' If you desire a recent photograph to send to friends in honor of graduation from high school, we are in a position to supply 0116 01' I'1'1OI'C copies OI1 1'CqLlCSf. CONTACT Merin 84 Balihan Studios T010 Chestnut Street ' philadelphia, pa. I I I OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHFR FOR THE FEBRUARY 1939 FORESTER -0-0--0--0--Q--0--cv-0--0--0-+0-vm - -0--Q--0--0--A--m -- -0--0--0--0--0--on -ofa--v-owe-wow-,Quo--0-4--0-vo--anruo-0 9-4-

Suggestions in the Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) collection:

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