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WQXL :W7Ji'2vI1!Ziv?25Pllxz?,'f9'f'Wf5J"CiElff1ZiWK?w3yX9SYW5i5ZxxiiILZ!fSIfHi2f34bh5?,1:2 ",JE..i."R"!1J '1.'r!JM7Ii.1MQBQ-iSE'i2ZM6lfmKl5L?A,H:'e"a!m?'23221ShW:iw,xiJs',k:E15Ei,'Ti'fml6fJlufikW'IWf2bw1.'l4f4m:'JMNz5f?Eidaw6L:1W4e,P!IHk'seG?7WlD9'??W5""'9'RfNWPMWil4'ff?iY9ii3W0MfPWbVI1EiifWeKnv15i'PWl'1f!Wl4'!fS5-Wi'HKi4'WfF4W'4X"?'C'SS"54flS9?5?9"fZ'Y'WT, , , , '?"'5"4f""" "" TH E FU H Iv J, Q K I K TEH PUBLISHED BY THE IUNE CLASS QE NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT FOREST PARK HIGH SCHCDGL BALTIMORE :-: MARYLAND 1924 f 1938 DEDIE DEDICATION WE DEDICATE this, our last achievement, to those boys and girls who will work tirelessly to uphold the standards of our school, who will receive the praise and the unfailing aid of the faculty, who will take our positions as the leaders of Forest Park. who will keep the Green and Gray in the spotlight of the sports World, and who will soon follow in our footsteps as we "Go Forth to Serve"-our fellow Foresters, 'PIU 559363 MISS KOENIG TO Miss Menetta E. Koenig, Whose faithfulness, sincerity and friendship helped to make our under- takings successful. Our love and admiration of two years is small in return for the high ideals which she has passed on to us. As We now go forth to serve, We cannot thank our leader enough for the courage and confidence she has inspired in us. EQQSBE i i . 4 1 72 THE ETCHING THIS etching of Forest Park Was made by one of the Senior Class's Hnest artists, Bill Peale, Who also is the cover designer. The View of our school is the one that Will always linger in our memory, for the tower of Forest Park sym- bolizes all of the highest ideals upheld by the student body , . l,x..i K ,i ' 'X emi X Q. X 5 N 4. X . 05 A - mr ws 7 SU- , ,w N- fx , ,. ,.,:Q, X Q CONTENTS June, 1938 0 sb Q... 'fx If -1,:..:??' .,. l. ' ji 1'--4 QL:-sl ii 5-f--K ,jj .L 9 ff :ji 'if' -4 ,gn 'Q .1 -91 'S .l is "J, Y J fi 1 nr S' cn' , -lx, .fx -1, Z X Zi3,gEfiaZy3 IW, 1 'Y 1 , -5-7','K,:x'xx. mag, ,,,f,.xx 0 1' l'.o 159 ff Q l fl S Y in li K: fi: "4f'T.".- -1 lr 54341 'S 2,- xy:'1T"?",f xrilf, .bi Q., si: '43 I cr NX 4775 1 if XX T X X' Q5- Wff' .: ,-- g.,f4 -5 f..' ...Q X Lf 1 ' 4 Q X IV: 5 : . ' rl: '4 X' - 5 X K: M I .T 7 1 ' t Q p L ,AAS sifg' .," ' A 'I . Q 5 I ll Xx X 1 X . ,- ' Qr' -b - - Q - :-- fl - -ff J A IW- , un' - 7:2 Y i A , : . -. ' 'A LE , ' Jifff-,,, , - 7 :J ' 5- X xx- 1. ' A ' ,L , ' 3575 A U 5 'cf ... f Q x f I -"W, - , 5: if-1 i TT "1 57.1-' "- 2 lvl' I 4 r A ! Y 'Y 7 4 . N -,- ' A : J-1f"Tf L., sb - -- Q 1, , V .. V l 'L' xx . ASI.. ' vv ..4f t ' xxx ' ' 'I 1 ' v ff' J' Page Twelve THE FoREsTER : 5 MR. VJENDELL E. DUNN MR. WENDELL E. DUNN, our principal, Whose un- seliish guidance and loyalty have been a great contribu- tion to the success of the June Class of l938. His true friendship and ever-constant cooperation will always remain outstanding among our class's most cherished memories. June, l938 Page Thirteen fa-1 ZW, 44 MISS SOPHIE M. BECKER CONFIDANTE and counselor to everyone who needs her, Miss Becker commands the love and loyalty of the entire school. We appreciate her guid- ance throughout our school years and Will recall with pleasure our friendship with her. MR. ALFRED P. SCOTT MR. ALFRED P. SCOTT, our vice-principal, Whose determination for fair play has Won for him great dis- tinction among the students. Without his untiring efforts and steadfast support of all of our projects, we could not have hoped for the success We have achieved during our life at Forest Park. Page Fourteen THE FORESTER Faculty WENDELL E. DUNN, M.A.-- L ,,,,,, -. ,. -.Prz'ncz'pal ALFRED P. SCOTT, B.A., M.A. ,, , ,. .-,Vz'ce-Principal SOPHIE M. BECKER, B.A.. ..a. Special Asszstanr ENGLISH DEPARTMENT HISTORY DEPARTMENT Head Head Angela M. Broening, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Florence Arnold, B.S. Margaret M. Chase, B.A. Luther R. Cooper, B.A., M.A. Gladys B. Eger, B.A. Ruth H. Hudson, B.A. Elizabeth M. Jones, B.A., R.N. Menetta E. Koenig, B. S. Abraham Le Shack, B.S. Virginia ShaHfer, B.S., M.A. Etta W. Smith, B.S. Alta E. Thompson, B.S., M.A. Fannie C. Wright, B.S. ANCIENT LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Head Jessie M. Ebaugh, B.A. Irene Roe, B.A. Alfred P. Scott, B.A., M.A. Grace D. Broening, B.S., M.A. Florence Layman Florence Levinson, B.SL, M. A. W. Woodruff Marston, B.A. Elizabeth Ridgely, B.S. Vernon Vavrina, B.S. A Henry B. Waskow, B.S., M.A H. Chester Whitney, B.A. M. G. Williams MODERN LANGUAGES Head Otto K. Schmied, B.A., LL.B. Edith Klinesmith Frederick Moore, Jr., B.A., M.A. Ruth E. Ruhe, B.A. Mary Sabine, B.S. June, 1938 Page Fifteen Faculty'-Confd. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Head Grover W. Norris, B.A., M.A. Sophie Becker, B.A. Latimer A. Dice, B.S., M.A. William H. Jolly, B.S. Florence R. Lane Walter D. Scheid, B.S. Hester C. Whitfield, B.S. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Head Edwin Frederick, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Louise Brittingham, B.S. John F. Burger, Jr., B.E. Henry G. Hirsch, B.S. Mildred Hutt, B.A. Ruth A. Kramer, B.A. Joseph L. Krieger, B.S., LL.B. William McLean, B.A. David Scherr, B.A. Lillian Schofer, B.A. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Head Chester H. Katenkamp, B.S., M.A., Ed.D., LL.B. Helen G. Brooks B Esther Darrochs Ruth Corbett Alice E. Ekas, B.S. Rosetta F. Feldman, B.S. Catherine E. Freimann, B.A. Samuel Goldsmith, B.S. Edward Goldstein, B.S. Adele F. Grote, B.S. Michael Leipholz Madeline M. Thompson Thyra Vdaltham, B.A. Mary E. Wells, B.S. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Head William K. Yocum, B.A. Edgar Bull Stanley Heylmun, B.S. Thomas L. Young DEPARTMENT Head Doris V, Church, B.S. Blanche M. Rains, B.S. Ida A. Wholey, B.S. ART DEPARTMENT Nora V. Brainard, B.S. Nellie S. Norris, B.S. Ivan Byron Rigby PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Head Rex H. Sims, B.A. C. Melville Anderson, B.S. Lucy Elizabeth Hyde, B.A. Lucy Holmes Journeay, B.S. ADMINISTRATION Shirley M. Freed Dorothy Misler LIBRARIAN Laura C. Bailey, B.A., B.S. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Genevieve P. Butler, B.S., M.A. VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE COUNSELOR Nora A. Stoll, B.A. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Rachel E. Feldstein, B.A., R.N. Dr. Catherine Blumberg, B.A., M.D. Dr. Robert W. Garis, B.A., M.D. DIETITIAN Neva L, Coxen, B.S. ATTENDANCE OFFICER Elizabeth Gates Page Sixteen THE FoREsTER APPRECIATION if MISS BUTLER Miss Butler, Her congeniality and unfail- ing patience have endeared her to us all, We extend to her our heartiest thanks for the line Senior musical programs she produced. USIC hath charms" when supervised by MISS SMITH WE ARE sincerely grateful to Miss Smith for her capable direction of our Senior Play, which was successfully given and en- thusiastically received. Without her willing cooperation 'AThe Youngesty' never could have achieved such heights. MISS BRI-XINARD QUR endless appreciation is due Miss Brainard for her splendid work in our art projects. The success of our Jubilee and Senior Play is largely due to her efforts. MR. YOCUM MR, YOCUM rightly deserves the grati- tude of our class for his efforts shown on the Senior Play scenery. Without his help our play could not have been so successful. lunc, 19 38 Page Sc'uen10cn w 1 1 Page Eighteen THE FORESTER 'K I rf A 1 .f ,555 ZL- f 1? K . Nix. as - Class Cffioers President ,,e,,e , Vice-President Recording Secretary eeeee,, Corresponding Secretary , Treasurer , ,EE Sergeant-at-Arms, , Sergeant-at-Armsw EEAUDREY SCHMIDT E ,eee KENNETH JAPFE ,JESSE BEERS ,WEDITH WEISMAN MELVIN SILVER LARRY MACKENZIE ,ALICE BLADES June, 1938 Page Nineteen AGNES ALLEN 'lPat" "Her gracious nature, her happy smile, Her personality well worth while." Camera Club: Library Club: Fenc- ing Club: Interclass Athletics: Cilee Club: Garden Club: Safe Drivers' Club. PI-HLLIP ALTFEDER "Phil" "Happy, in that he is not over-happy." Art Club: Camera Club: Safe Drivers' Club: Chemistry Club. PHILLIP AMATUCCI ..AmY:, "1'll fight till from my bones my flesh be hackldf' Baseball: Boxing Team: Manager Varsity Baseball: Track Team: Major Ethical Club: lnterclass Athletics: FORESTER Committee. JACKSON H. APPLEBY "Jack" "To be content is true happiness." Camera Club: Chemistry Club: FORESTER Committee. il, MYRTLE ARNDT "Myrt" 'fThere is no jewel in this world so valuable as a chaste and virtuous woman." Art Club: Interclass Athletics. LP , vi W t -,X :XY il. N . ' Maw. I ' ENRY ASTRIN X, 'C "Heni " "I c 1 nothing else so ha py as remembering m Student oach: Interclass Athletics: Ping-Pong Club, Vice-President: Chemistry Club: FORESTER Committee. LUCILLE ASRAEL l'Lou" "Angels listen when she speaks: She's my delight." Library Club, President: Art Club: Archery Club: Interclass Athletics: Major "EH: Tennis Champion Cbeginnersj, ESTA EVELYN BABLAN "Shrimpy" "She contributes her little bit, By her euerlasfing wit." Art Club: Four Square Club: Latin Club: Cilee Club: Library Club: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Com- mencement Chorus: Press: Student Officer: FORESTER Committee: Senior Play. x l Page Twenty THE FORESTER ANN BAER 'APanie" "The glory of a firm, capricious mind, Wise to resolve and patient to perform . ' ' Interclass Athletics: Numerals: Art Club: Latin Club: Camera Club, Business Manager: Year Commit- tee: Non-Athletic Senior Farewell Committee. l RCH RDB l f.....i:r "He abo the shape and ge ue 5 Student resi t: Student Court: Julmor an -Senior Class Presi- 'd nt: Bro D. S. A.: Orchestra: A ing-Pio Club: Non-Athletic . J.: Leaders' Club: Latin Clubl: !Chemistry Club: Ethical Club: Opportunity Club: All- Maryland High School Orchestra: Student Coach. Pro d ood like a tower." FLORENCE BARKER "Barkie" "Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today." lnterclass Athletics: Varsity Basket- ball: Art Club: Chemistry Club: FORESTER Committee: Leaders' Club: Major French Club. HELEN BARNETT 'ABarnie" "Silence is the friend that never will betray." Four Square Club: Latin Club: Glee Club: Home Economics Club: lnterclass Athletics: Minor , .. ,. I li. 'uf . it K f. us K q 8 ., 5, 'fi f f f ' 113 223 .fzifgw-, 5 : ,al ., Ma. .W . f ., KATHRYN BARNSLEY 'AKats" "Play up, play up, and play the game." Art Club: Four Square Club: Leaders' Club: Interclass Athletics: Varsity Hockey: Varsity Volley- ball: Junior Varsity Basketball: Advanced Tennis: Major "FH: Track Team. BERNICE BASS "Nicie" "Show us one who is not her friend- It can't be done." Bronze D. S. A.: Girls' Leaders' Club: Four Square Club, President: Student Officer: Camera Club: Latin Club: Student Coaching: J. J. J.: Year Committees: FORESTER Committee. ROBERT BAUM "The greatest truths are the simplest -and so are the greatest men." Varsity Basketball: Varsity Base- ball: Varsity Football: Office Practice Club. JESSE BEERS "Jess" "None but himself can be his equal." Bronze D. S. A.: Masquers Club, President: Coaching Director: Leaders' Club: Recording Secretary of Sub-Senior Class: Non-Athletic Senior Play June, 1938 Page Twenty-one JACK BEHREND "Jackie" "His uery heart has rhythm in it." ' ' Interclass Athletics: Orchestra, Presi- dent: Ethical Club: Leaders' Club: Ping-Pong Club: Band: Year Com- mittee: J. J. J.: Photographic Edi- tor of the EORESTER: Non-Athletic Award: Track: Soccer. HELEN BELL "Betty" "Her ways are ways of pleasant- ness, And all her paths are peace." Interclass Athletics: Pep Assembly Committee. IRENE BENJAMIN 'iBenjie" "How sweet and fair she seems to be." Art Club: Glee Club: Press: Office Practice Club: Interclass Athletics: EORESTER Committee. EDITH BENSON "Edie" 'Tull of life, and the joy of living." Eencing Club: Art Club: J. J. J.: Varsity Hockey: Ping-Pong Club: Girl's Leaders' Club: Student Olli- cer: FORESTER Committee. SIDNEY BERGER HMOQ., "The ear of the wise seeks knowledge." Lacrosse Team: Chess Club: Chem istry Club: Student Coach: Track Interclass Sports. ROSALYN BERLINER HRoz" "Silence is the perfect herald of joy." Home Economics Club. BEVERLY BERNHARDT "Beve" "As merry as the day is long." Interclass Athletics: Art Club Camera Club: Year Committee Senior Play: Senior Earewell Committee. ELISABETH BERNSTEIN "Betty" "Hang sorrow! Care killed a cat so let's be gay." Art Club: Camera Club, Treas urer: Masquers: Four Square Club Interclass Athletics. .E xx gKsb.SX,s.,, XOC-X-'-.2-N. TK., v Page Twenty-two H ,. 1 1. THE PORESTER HENRY JAMES BITTORE "OXie" " 'Tis infinite quality, not great quantity, that is worth while." Bronze D. S. A.: Boys' Oppor- tunity Club, President: Leaders' Club: Chemistry Club: EORESTER Committee. GEORGE H. BLACK "Blackie" "A cheerful heart has many friends." Opportunity Club: Open Eorum Club: Scout Club: Year Commit- tee: Section Officer. ALICE BLADES "Wishes" ''Flirtation-attention, without intention." Chemistry Club, Secretary: Art Club: Year Committees: Sergeant- at-Arms, Senior Class: Interclass Tennis: Senior Play. HOWARD BOLOGNESE "Bol" "They laugh that win." Ethical Club: Office Practice Club: Stamp Club: Varsity Soccer: EORESTER Committee. .., X , I 'zijn M f JY'lW,f if ' C I I VIRGINIA BOZZUEEI 'AGinia" "Beauty and grace, voice divine, Surely the very world is thine." Glee Club, President: Non-Athletic J. J. J.: Interclass Athletics: Art Club: Masquers: Year Com- mittees: Stu ent Ofiicer: Prom and Ban ue ommittee: Chemistry C : Commencement Chorus. fx JACK BRADY fr' A'IVIoe" "Wz'sdom is humble that he knows no more." Interclass Athletics: Sophomore Football: J. V. Ice Hockey: Var- sity Lacrosse: Chemistry Club. SARAFINA BROCATO "Sara" "A day for toil, an hour for sport: But for a friend, life is too short." Art Club: Masquers Club: Glee Club: Interclass Athletics: Pro- gram Committee. DOROTHY BROSIUS "Dot" "Wise to resolve, and patient to perform." Latin Club: Art Club: Garden Club: Eour Square Club: Non- Athletic "En: Interclass Athletics: Minor "EH: Chemistry Club: Senior Farewell Committee. June, 1938 Page Twenty-three KENNETH BROWNLEY "Ken" "Knowledge is power." Interclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Ping- Pong Club: J. V. Lacrosse, Captain: Scenery Committee: FORESTER Committee. ' VIRGINIA BRYDON ..Ginny,, "Life is a jest, and all things show zr, I thought so once and now I know it." Art Club: Latin Club: Interclass Athletics: Numerals: Commence- ment Chorus: J. J. J. EDNA MAE BURKE "Eddie" "A combination of Irish wit and humor." Home Economics Club: Art Club: Interclass Athletics. ELMA BURKINS "Pete" "When the angels and the devils get togetherf' Interclass Athletics: Tennis Team: Minor MEM: Home Economics Club. JOS. M. BUTTERWORTH, JR. "Mickey" "Laughter, holding both his sides." Press Staff: EORESTER Staff, Sports Editor: Manager, Football: Oppor- tunity Club: J. J. J.: Glee Club: Interclass Sports: Managers' Student Officer: Lacrosse. GWENQOLXN CAPLAN "Gwen" i'Too busy with the crowded hours to fear to liue or die." Glee Club: Masquers Club: Student Offlcer: Interclass Athletics: Project Committee: Leaders' Club. NVILLIAM CARROLL "XVillie" "Health and happiness and plenty of friends." Varsity Track: J. V. Soccer: Inter- class Athletics: Chemistry Club AUDREY LOUISE CARTER i'Audie" "A faultless body and a blameless mind, Words as sweet as honey from her lips declined." Latin Club: Glee Club: Interclass Athletics: French Club: Year Com- mittees: Art Club. Page Twenty-four THE EORESTER DE SALES CAVEY "Cray" "The learned man has always riches within himself." Oiiice Practice Club, President: Ethical Club: Art Club: Leaders' Club: lnterclass Athletics: Varsity Soccer: Varsity Baseball: Major ROY CHREST "Kid Can " ' "A of' rage never wants wea ons." ' Junior Vargj all: Varsity Football: Se ion O c r: lnterclass Athletics: Chemistry lub: Junior Varsity Ice Hockey Team. 5 -4 .Q :x-if 5,1294-MQ THOMAS A. CLARKE f-Jr,-5'-fx-1 J,"Tommie" "The will to win is half the Hghtg 'he wills'." Orchestra: Chairman of the Pub- licity Committee: lnterclass Ath- letics: Chairman of the Prom and Banquet Committee: Class Officer. HILDA CLAUSE "Clausie" "So fair a face: such angel grace." Library Club: Art Club: lnterclass Athletics: Minor MEM: Ad Come mittee of the FORESTER. PEGGY CLOPPER Mpeg., "Quiet and helpful." Art Club: Non-Athletic "EH: Glee Club: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J. , 'N 6,.,a?wi-jJt,. .T E. RITA COHEN "Rit" "Be silent and safe+silence never betrays you." J. J. J.: Chemistry Club: Art Club: Library Club. HELEN COHEN "Miss Quinn" I'The sprightly wit, the lively eye, The engaging smile, the gaietgf' Glee Club: lnterclass Athletics: Numerals. JUDITH COHEN "Judy" "The glass of fashion, and the mould of forms, The observed of all observers." Art Club: Latin Club: Camera Club: Interclass Athletics: Press: A J. J. J. June, l938 lj Page Twenty-Hue LEONARD M. COHEN "Len" "Never tire, never shirk, always doing some form of work." J. J. J.: Department of Sales and Publicity: Program Committee: Ring Committee: Opportunity Club: Club Editor of FORESTER: Press: Play Reading Committee of Senior Class. MELVIN COHEN "Mel" f'SiIence more musical than any song." Freshman - Sophomore Basketball: lnterclass Athletics: Student Officer: Student Coach: Chemistry Club: Varsity Track: Year Committee. ROBERT COHEN "Joe" "Wz'se men lay up knowledge." Junior Varsity Baseball: Student Coach: Interclass Athletics: EORESTER Committee. SYLVIA DOROTHY COHN 'AS'Dorothy" "Charm strikes the sight and merit wins the soul." Art Club: Non-Athletic MEN: Ping-Pong Club, President: Inter- class Athletics: J. J. J.: Glee Club: Leaders' Club. 6 . ,.,.., . :,: ff 75" W it: -1 c. at fs, ' se it NL .,t in tg, :J ee? iv. FJ ' 0-2 . WN Q, t AUDREY COLLISON "Betty" "Jest and youthful jollityf' Eour Square Club: Latin Club: Chemistry Club: Junior Varsity Hockey: Basketball: Major "EH: Coaching: lnterclass Athletics: Commencement Chorus: Tennis. RALPH COOLE "Hotboy" "Quiet, but not idle." Chemistry Club: Safe Drivers' Club. JOSEPH COOPER 'ABunny" "Strong men obtain riches." Model Craftsmen's Club, Secretary and Treasurer: Chemistry Club: Interclass Athletics. GABRIEL CORDISH ..Gaby., "Candor is a great virtue." Boys' Ping-Pong Club, Sergeant- at-Arms: Chemistry Club: Prom and Banquet Committee: EORESTER Committee: lnterclass Athletics: J, J. J.: Stamp Club. Page Twenty-six THE FORESTER HARRIET MAYFIELD COSTER I 'iIVIaitsie" "Zealous, yet modest: serene amidst alarm: inflexible in faithf' Glee Club: Camera Club: Art Club: Interclass Athletics: Minor "FH: Fencing Club: Step-Singing Committee. ,WMM VW D MARTHA CROWTHER 'AIVIats" "They're only truly great who are truly good." Latin Club: Ping-Pong Club: Home Economics Club. CLAYTON CULLER f'George" "I assume my work: it con- sumes mef' Chemistry Club: Safe Drivers' Club: Year Committee. NAOMI DAHNE A'Nai" "You see that girl laughing, you think she's all fun: The angels laugh too at the good she has donef' Art Club: Interclass Athletics: Glee Club: Class Representative: Office Practice Club, Vice-President: J. J. J.: FORESTER COITIITIIUQQ. WALLACE DANN A'Wally" 'fGood counsel is better than a great armyfj Interclass Athletics: Radio Club: Scenery Committee: Safe Drivers' Club: Year Committee: FORESTER Committee. DORIS DAVENPORT, A'Davy" HI-Ier popularity was not accidental." 1 Art Club: Masquers Club: Girls Leaders' Club: Student Coaching: Hockey Year Team: J. J. J.: Inter- class Athletics: Four Square Club: Minor MPH: Field and Track Meet, Ribbon: PORESTER Committee. RUTH DAVIS "Rudy" "Soft and gentle as the music that would charm forever." Art Club: Non-Athletic "FH: Leaders' Club: Glee Club: Class Representative: J. J. J.: Interclass Athletics. NORMA DAVISON "Ned" 'ACool, calm and collected, but with hidden mischief." Art Club: Non-Athletic UPN: Interclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Leaders' Club. June, 1938 Page Twenty-seven JOSEPH DEAN "The greatest blessing is a pleasant friend." Interclass Athletics: J. V. Track: Stamp Club: Office Practice Club. MARCIA DICKSON "Mitzi" "Write me as one who loues his fellow-men." Art Club: Non-Athletic 'AF": Glee Club: Commencement Chorus: J. J. J. WILLIAM HENRY DIETZ I Hwiir' "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." Art Club: Camera Club: Stamp Club, Sergeant-at-Arms: FORESTER Committee: Senior Play. LEONARD DIPAULA ,.Dip., "Work is well done when it's done with a willf' 1 Interclass Athletics: Varsity Foot- ball: Major "FH: Ethical Club: Leaders' Club: Year Committee. ELAINE DODD HNed" 'AStudious of humble things." Latin Club: Ping-Pong Club: Major Interclass Sports: Bas- ketball Year Team: J. V. Basket- ball: Hockey Year Team: Year Committee: Field and Track Meet, Ribbon: FORESTER Committee: Chemistry Club: Home Economics Club. VIRGINIA DODGE A'Ginny" Wlilh a twinkle in her eyes and a smile on her lips." Glee Club: Art Club: Home Eco- nomics Club: Interclass Athletics: Major JOHN T. DOUTY .iq-immyy, "When I'm not thanked at all, I'm thanked enough: I'ue done my duty and no more." Glee Club: Press: Open Forum I Club: Senior Play. EDGAR DRAKE ..EgO:, "Merz't is sure to rise." Art Club: Interclass Athletics: Step-Singing Committee: Boys' Chorus. Page Twenty-eight THE FORESTER LILLIAN DREIBOND MLW, "A fair exterior is a silent recommendation." Library Club, Vice-President: Art Club: lnterclass Athletics: Minor "EH: Student Coach. MARTHA DWORKIN "Marty" "Big things come in small packages." Glee Club: Art Club: Four Square Club: Non-Athletic MEN: German Club, Vice-President: J. J. J.: Leaders' Club. FRANCES EBAUGH 1 iliranf Y "She opens her mouth with wisdom." Varsity Volleyball: lnterclass Ath- letics: Numerals: Cilee Club: Art Club: FORESTER Committee. PAUL EDMONDSTON ..Ed,, "A great man, living for his neigh- hors, ' Is the diuinesr thing that can be seen on earth." Varsity Baseball: Varsity Soccer: All-Maryland Boxing Team: D. S. A. Committee: Senator: Oppor- tunity Club: Ethical Club: Office Practice Club: Leaders' Club. W if lse S -13 e -i . Na., , Q N T 1 1 . we ... -, -1,51 .'-- ts. . -. E' ' t K Wihir A A Lis: - MARY EISENHART "Eisie" "They only babble who practice not reflection: I shall think-and thought is silent." lnterclass Athletics. KATHERINE EYLER "Kats" "The law of kindness is on her tongue." lnterclass Athletics: Major "E" , d " , LJZA BELL EA' ALL f J, WLLCjmpf' KL' . "Cheerful company shortens the miles." Interclass Athletics: Chemistry Club: FORESTER Committee. DAVID A. EALCK HStreamline" "Those who say the least accom- plish the most." Latin Club: Year Committee: Interclass Athletics. June, l938 LEONARD FARDWELL .Buddyn 'Wllhere therelsw will, there's a way." J. V. Track: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Cilee Club: Stamp Club: Boys' Chorus, President: Oppor- tunity Club, Vice-President: Leaders' Club, Treasurer. ALLAN H. FISHER, JR. 'AFish-face" "True as the needle to the pole, Or as the dial to the sun." Coaching Certificate: Opportunity Club, Treasurer: Advertising Editor of FORESTER: Chemistry Club: Ping-Pong Club, Treasurer: Inter- class Athletics. BETTY MARJORIE FLEGMAN 'ABets" "She smiles for the sake of smiling, And laughs for no reason but fun." Art Club: Latin Club: Four Square Club: Camera Club: Play Reading Committee: lnterclass Athletics: Minor "FH: Write-Up Editor of FORESTER: Senior Play. CHARLES FLITTON 'iCharlie" "A merry heart is a good medicine." Glee Club: Safe Drivers' Club. Mgr . , ,.', taei ' K ,... . f f ' , I ff if ,J Page Twenty-nine ,Jil CAMPBELL F. FORD HCam" "The best man always wins." Bronze D. S. A.: Freshman-Sopho- more Football: J. V. Ice Hockey: Varsity Ice Hockey: Varsity Track: Leaders' Club: Opportunity Club, Year Committee: Student Officer. JOHANNA FOSTERLING HJOH "And yet a spirit still and bright. lnterclass Athletics: Swimming: Year Committee. PEGGY LOUISE FOX "Petey" "A daughter of the gods, Divinely tall, and most divinely fair." Art Club: Latin Club: Masquers: Camera Club: Interclass Athletics: Press Staff: Minor FORESTER Committee. EVELYN FRANKLIN HEV., '41'Il speak in a monstrous little voice." lnterclass Athletics: Four Square Club: Masquers: Year Committee: Art Club: Chemistry Club. 1 , . THE FORESTER Page Thtrtlyot' 1 ff' m id ,JJ .. 69" ' V! j jf! Mfr 1 I X I V! 1 . .Ill lf' l Ml f' ' I ' A l IRENE FREED "Rene" "As a wit, if not first, in the very first line." Press: Glee Club: Interclass Ath- letics: Coaching Certiiicate: Student Officer. SELMA FREEDMAN "Sel" "Judge not a woman by her inches." Art Club: Badminton Club: Inter- class Athletics: Numerals: Office Practice Club. STANLEY FRIBUSH "Babe" "What'er he did was with so much ease, In him alone 'twas natural to please." Interclass Athletics: J. J. J.: EORESTER Committee. DOROTHY FRIEDMAN "Dot" "A devotee of sport, Uiuacious, care- ful and frolicsomef' Art Club: Glee Club: Ping-Pong Club: Archery Club: lnterclass Ath- letics: Tennis: Track: Major FLORENCE ERUMAN 'ASnooks" "Fond of fun, and fond of dress So mere a woman in her ways." lnterclass Athletics: Numerals. MILDRED GARRETT "Millie" "Her words are bonds, her bonds sincere: Her thoughts sent from the heart." Student Officer: Eour Square Club: Chemistry Club: lnterclass Ath- letics: Numerals: Glee Club: Leaders' Club: Commencement Chorus. ALINE GATTENS 'AP2seY" "A soul of power, a will of lofty thought." Leaders' Club: Home Economics Club, President: Art Club: Inter- class Athletics: Numerals: Student Ollicer: Year Committees: Com- mencement Chorus: Non-Athletic Chemistry Club: J. J. J.: Student Coach: FoREsTER Committee. BEVERLY GENTZ A'Bev" 'ISO charming and so fair to see." Art Club: Ping-Pong Club: Home Economics Club. f Art Club: Glee Club: J, J. J.: June, 1938 Page Thirty-one ALICE G SS ALVIN GOODMAN ' 'iGoody" e d kts." "My only boolis were uJ'omen'si' F qu'a Cu 3 'try Club: looks, and folltfsyall they L tin b: ra Cl ' nter- taught me' - class thletics: umer l .J J.: Commencem t Chorus: Year Committee. LEONARD M. GLASS VW A VkL !mVAz yL :Z 'iReds" 2 "Learn to smile at trouble and half the battle's won." QEI. xe , Varsity Soccer: Ethical Club: Scout iivl X 'iii Club: Chemistry: Year Committee: ' "' - ' ,e'- f V T.: 'G Manager Baseball Team. EVELYN GODWIN , When a woman posses es h , she needs nothing e 1 ' ' f . J.J.J..AftC1ubf6l gfe,41pGm- Athletic MEM: ass Athletics: FORESTER Committee. f if RUTH GOLDMAN E "Doots" N is :ff-1' e "On her cheeks blushes the richness ' of an autumn sky, ', With ever-shifting beauty." 'W Interclass Athletics: Numerals: Stu- dent Coach: Art Club: FORESTER Committee. Chemistry Club: FORESTER Com- mittee: Glee Club: Boxing Club: Interclass Athletics. MALCOLM GORDON "Flash" "He is noble who performs noble deeds." Opportunity Club: Student Officer: J. V. Baseball: J. J. J.: Pep As- sembly: Varsity Baseball. ESTHER GOTTSCHALL 'AEggie" "If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way." Latin Club: French Club: Four Square Club: Varsity Hockey: Var- sity Basketball: Interclass Athletics: Major Leaders' Club: EORESTER Committee. RICHARD H. GROSS 'ADick" "A friend to all." Radio Club: Art Club: Interclass Athletics. Page Thirty-two THE FORESTER LORRAINE GRUBBS "Rain" "A pleasant maid with a sweet smile." Latin Club: Scrapbook Committee: Glee Club: Interclass Athletics. BARB JEAN AMP M f I O wr iswr andmu bedoe But a I lz I have fun." Interclass Athleti la e din Committee: Germ Club anag- ing Editor of FOR TER: . J. J.: Student Officer, EDGAR HANKIN ,.Ed,, "The true elements of success are within oneself." Interclass Athletics: Model Crafts- men's Club: Scenery Committee. ANN HARALSON "Lee" "The readiness of doing doth ex- press, No other but the doer's willingness." Glee Club: Masquers: Commence- ment Chorus: Latin Club: J. J. J.: Orchestra: Art Club: Non-Athletic Interclass Athletics: Year Committees: Chemistry Club: Gar- den Club: Student Coach: Leaders' Club. KAY HARANT .Kaya "So calm the waters scarcely seem to stray, And yet they glide like happiness away." Art Club: Holme Economics Club. YW if W W l DORIS I-IARDING 'ADorie" f'Generosity is the flower of justice." Glee Club: Art Club: Interclass Athletics. LOUISE HARDY A'Little Weiner" "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Art Club: J. J. J. WILLIAM HART "Will" A true friend is better than silver and gold." Art Club: Interclass Athletics: J. V. Basketball, is June, 1938 Page Thirty-three MARGARET HAUSMAN "Brother Margot" "The rul'rof'7r1y life is to make business a pleasure, And pleasure my business." Art Club: Interclass Athletics: J. J. J. ROYCE I-IEINTZ UROYH "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Interclass Athletics: Commence- ment Chorus. MARIE HEINZ "Pinkey" I'She draws4not only with a pencil." J. J. J.: Art Club: Non-Athletic "EH: Glee Club: Interclass Ath- letics: EORESTER Committee. VIRGINIA HENDERSON "Jinnie" "Silence is the gratitude of true affection." Art Club: Glee Club. G Of' ,fr 7, . A . S ' i. :,E l J . f PM U GLADYS HERCHE "Glad" "Thy modestyls a candle to thy merit." Four Square Club: Associate Editor of FORESTER: Interclass Athletics: Student Coach: Year Committee. MIRIAM HERMAN "Mimi" "Rich in wisdom was she, but also patient and simple." Ping-Pong Club. PATRICIA HERNDON iipatsyn "Continual cheerfulness is a sign of wisdom." Art Club: Year Committees: FOR- ESTER Committee: Interclass Ath- letics: Minor "Fug Pour Square Club: Chemistry Club: Class Rep- resentative: Senior Play. CHRESTON C. HEROLD 4 icresf Y "Tho' modest on his unembarrassea' brow, Nature had written-gentleman." Ethical Club: Leaders' Club: As- sociate Editor of FORESTER: In- terclass Athletics: Minor J. J. J.: Student Ofhcer. THE FORESTER Page afrftpjylbe' f SHIRLEY HEYMAN "Shirl" "All good things which exist are the fruit of originalityf' Art Club: Badminton Club: Pour Square Club: Student Coaching: Publicity Committee: Interclass Athletics: Chemistry Club. ESTHER HIKEN "Eddie" "A friend who bears her friend's infirmitiesf' Four Square Club: Glee Club: Interclass Athletics. LAYMAN HILLIS "Hill" "Go bravely, go serenely, go au- gustly- Who can withstand you then." Interclass Athletics: Leaders' Club: Glee Club: Chemistry Club: J. J. J.: Boys' Chorus: Class Repre- sentative: Ring Committee: Circu- lation Editor of FORESTER: Crafts- men's Club: Year Committee: Senior Play. CHARLES' HILTON A'Buster" "Promise is most given when the least is said." Ofiice Practice Club: Interclass Athletics: J. V. Basketball. , Ag- . -: x':1f:1:' sbs f r 4' . .r if P . .. it eg 5 MSP 39" as . 5 F Q ef x 9 S af .ji g .N , A ' .wx-U... Q ,,1' ' f f " t if - . t t . Q 'HHS Xb . . . P at .bfi Q S N 'N xr'-'q GEORGE DEVER HOBBS 'iColonel" 'IRight is might." Varsity Ice Hockey: Varsity Ten- nis: Soccer: Sophomore Basketball: Ethical Club: Opportunity Club: Leaders' Club: Year Committee: FORESTER Committee. AGNES HOCKSTRA nAggie,, "They are never alone that are ac- companied by noble thoughts." Glee Club: Latin Club: Interclass Athletics: Numerals: Commence- ment Chorus. LOIS HOFEBERGER SLOW A'Rare compound of frolic and fun, Who relishes a joke and rejoices in a pun." Art Club: Latin Club: Pour Square Club: French Club: Interclass Ath- letics: Year Committee: FORESTER Committee: Open Forum Club. DOROTHY HOLOFCENER "Dot" " o is the happiest of all? S who values the merits of others and in their pleasure takes joy." Square Club: Non-Athletic E : Art Club: Chemistry Club: Latin Club: Glee Club: Interclass Athletics: Leaders' Club. June, 1938 Page Thirty-five KATHRYNE HOOPES "Petey" "The light of love, the-purity of grace: The mind, the music breathing from her face." Art Club: Glee Club: lnterclass Athletics: Numerals: Badminton Club. JACOB HORNSTEIN iijaken "He set his heart on the goal, not on the prize." Press, Editor-in-Chief: Non-Ath- letic MEM: Ping-Pong Club, Pub- licity Director: Year Committee: Student Coach, Certificate: Open Forum Club, President: Non-Ath- leric " "1 FORESTER Committee: . Bronze'D.S,A. 1 ' ' NJ. fx FJ J tj J 'l',J,,lg"'1gfnIfi.5'LsIfJi'1iJB fiib ' t x . . 3 ,Y LP ' Bcfflld U. . . Tcy- e -bid' friend zs a privilege." Coaching Certificate: lnterclass Ath- letics: Art Club: Masquers: Play Reading Committee: J. J. J. EORESTER Committee. MARJORIE HUYCK 'iSmidge" "Gentle in manner, strong in deed." Bronze D, S. A.: Leaders' Club, Secretary: Art Club: Latin Club: Non-Athletic "EU: Interclass Ath- letics: Minor Four Square Club. .QS I xi' ' 1 f f Q is DORIS IKENA "Dottie" 'The integriiy ofvlhe upright shall guide her." Latin Club, Secretary: Eour Square Club: Leaders' Club, First Vice- President: Chemistry Club: Varsity Hockey: J. V. Basketball and Vol- leyball: Student Coach: Class Rep- resentative: Senate: Student Court: Bronze D. S. A. EVELYN R. ISAACS UEVQY.. "Her srnallness is in size alone." Leaders' Club: Four Square Club: Chemistry Club: Coaching Certifi- cate: Non-Athletic Student Officer: lnterclass Athletics: Nu- merals: J. J. J.: Project Committee, Chairman: Ad Committee of the PORESTER. BERNARD JACOBS 'ABernie" "On with the dance! Let joy be I unconfinedf' J. J. J.: Class Representative: Masquers: Cilee Club: Library Club: Track: Major "En: Student Court: Class Committee: Project Commit- tee: Prom and Banquet Committee. KENNETH JAEEE "Kenny" "An addition to any school." Bronze D. S. A.: Leaders' Club: Senior Class Vice-President: Busi- ness Manager of the EORESTER: German Club: Orchestra: Ping- Pong Club: Non-Athletic "EH: Ethical Club: Band. Y Page Thirty-six DONALD JAMES "Jesse" "A good name is rather to be chosen than richesf' Freshman-Sophomore lce Hockey: lnterclass Athletics. . pr i A VJ ' I Wfififftff ' ' . J' , !f' ,,-J Q , " I , 1, ' ,I if I .f I DORIS MILDRED JAMES "Jimmie" "Great thoughts, like great deeds, need the trumpet." Scrapbook Committee: Library As- sistant: Library Club: Chemistry Club: Four Square Club: Commit- tee for J. J. J.: lnterclass Athletics. CORRIE JOHNSON "Johnny" "A kind and gentle heart she has, To comfort all friends and foes." Cilee Club: lnterclass Athletics: Bad- minton Club: Home Economics Club. GERALDINE JOHNSON "Jerry" "She has the rhythm of music in her heart and soul." Glee Club: Latin Club: Commence- ment Chorus. . :illt " ' 1 L V' '--- .- ,, . . 5 T I ,-at : 'if- . gm, '?'2W ?1f4El-56152 I, . l All THE FORESTER . ' K' ti l .ff . X' i A Ulf . EDWARD ALAN JOHNSTON i "Eddie" "Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit." Varsity Golf: Varsity Soccer: Major MEM: Student Coach: Student Oili- cer: Ethical Club: Leaders' Club: Sports Editor of the EORESTER1 Senior Play. CA WINE' .ES "Kar" "Happy ar tho , as if every day thou has iclze up hlhorseshoef' Glee Club: emist ' Club: Art Club: - J. QJ J.: ommencement If Chorus: P oject Qommittee: Non- ' Athletic ' A xl JOHN WESLEY JONES, JR. "Jake" "I am part of all that I have met." Opportunity Club: Leaders, Club, President: Ethical Club, Colonel: Press, Editor-in-Chief: Department of Sales and Publicity: Varsity Football: Varsity Lacrosse: Latin Club: Class Representative. CHARLES KAMMER "Charlie" "Nothing to blush for and nothing to hide, Trust in his character felt far and wide." Masqucrs: lnterclass Athletics: Art Club: June, l938 Page Thirty-seven V: vzqwd' . 'CQ' , 'Ei 4751.1 R UW' Q in, Athjebfheart 'K ' x Glee Club Sec ' Mas uers Y rv. q 1 Chemistry Club: Art u : Com- mencement Chorus: Bron e D. S. A.: Project Committee: Play Read- ing Committee: Non-Athletic Leaders' Club. ANITA KANNER "The power of thought, the magic of mind." Four Square'Club: Coaching Cer- tificate: Student Of'Hcer: Latin Club: German Club: Library Club: Non- Athletic "EH: lnterclass Athletics' Leaders' Club: Senior Play. ELIZABETH KAUEMAN 'ABetty" "Ever charming, ever new." Girls' Ping-Pong Club, Vice-Presi- dent: Chemistry Club: lnterclass Athletics: Glee Club: Art Club: Chorus. ' I ff JUJTS fp! c ,f J- fl tt "The secret of success is' constancy in purpose. Masquers: Art Club: Non-Athletic "FH: Archery Club: lnterclass Ath- letics: J. J. J.: Senior Play. PEGGY is , P t i "' " JANICE KEYES "Jan" "Such joy, ambition finds." lnterclass Athletics: Hockey Year Team: J. J. J.: Minor Home Economics Club. WILBUR KIDD "Will" "Courtesy pleases much and costs little." Crchestra: Glee Club: Boys'Chorus1 lnterclass Athletics: Opportunity Club. JANE KING "She walks in beauty like the night." Glee Club: Art Club. ROBERT PRICE KING V HBOH "Bright and peppy, watch his speed, Our drum major keeps the lead." Ethical Club: Leaders' Club: Stu- dent Court: Band: J. J. J.: Glee Club: Step-Singing Committee: lnterclass Athletics: Student Officer: Chemistry Club: FORESTER Committee. Page Thirty-ei,ghr THE FORESTER CHARLES KIRKLEY RAYMOND L. KOLMAN "Kirk" "No care beyond todayfl Glee Club: J. J. J.: Safe Drivers Club: Opportunity Club: Boys' Chorus: Band: EORESTER Commit- tee: Lacrosse: Student Officer: Com- mencement Chorus: Section Pre ,3 M , MIRIAM KITT "Kitt" I think 'twas made of Atalant 's heelsf' French Club: Project Committee' " .' New ww 5.3 ez 3.11 . .fs 1 Q f .2 11 wir? K 6 Ni is 335 N. N we -X P ,aw . fa, . ::w- - -sf: - : "You have a nimble wit: Glee Club: Photography Commit- tee: lnterclass Athletics. ANZA KNIGHT HAH.. "Music hath charmf' Cwlee Club, Treasurer: Non-Athletic J. J. J.: lnterclass Athletics: Art Club: Student OHicer: Prom and Banquet Committee: Com- mencement Chorus: Leaders' Club. CHARLES KNIPP "Charlie" "l'll have sport and knowledge, too." Interclass Athletics: Section Presi- dent: J. V. Soccer: Craftsman's Club: EORESTER Committee: Scenery Committee: Opportunity Club. e it .MJF HRW., "Music,s force can tame the furious beast." Orchestra: Band: lnterclass Ath- letics: J. J. J.: All-Maryland High School Orchestra: Inter-High School Orchestra: Jazz Band. VIOLA KRAMER 'iVicki" "A merry heart that goes all day." Cilee Club: Art Club: lnterclass Athletics. mw "Square without being angular, Brilliant without being showy." lnterclass Athletics: Latin Club: Cwlee Club: Four Square Club: Student Coach: Year Committee. MARY LOUISE LANGELLA "Lou" "A girl worth while is a girl who can smile." Masquers: Play Reading Committee: Interclass Athletics: Senior Play. June, 1938 Page Thirty- nine ANNETTE LATIN "Anne" "To know, to esteem, to know." Latin Club: Four Square Club: Art Club: Library Club: J. J. J.: Inter- class Athletics: Minor MPH: Senior Play: FORESTER Committee. THERESA LAVEZZA "Thres" "Mischief, thou art afoot." Art Club: Ping-Pong Club, Secre- tary: Press: Staff: lnterclass Athletics. ALLAYNE LEIGHT i iLane, V "I haue heard of the lady, and good words went with her name." Glee Club: Art Club: French Club: lnterclass Athletics: Year Commit- tees: Four Square Club: J. J. J.: FORESTER Committee: Senior Play. BEVERLY LEIKIN 1 iBeve, V "True to herself, true to her friends and true to her duty always." Art Club: Leaders' Club, Treasurer: Four Square Club: Student Coach: Masquers: lnterclass Ahtletics: Minor Play Reading Com- mittee: Non-Athletic "FH: Year JOSEPH LENTZ "Joe" 'KThere are some quiet people who are more interesting than the best talkers." lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J. Nv+Jiflel?1MQ"'MwwM ESLIE lf. Iv 'iChamp" I. .fGdod scout-wlmfs morgi a gal, a frre'f1d.'i-J XA-f Qheiixsbeyvcelubgshllasquers: lnter- class thletics: French Club: J. J. J. FLORENCE LEVIN "Flo" "From the crown of her head to the sole of her foot, she is all mirth." Art Club: Glee Club: Chemistry Club: lnterclass Athletics: J. J. J.: FORESTER Committee. JERRY LEVIN "Lay" "Slow, but sure." FORESTER Committee: Chemistry Club: Model Craftsman's Club: Committees: J. J. J.: FORESTER if J' i Year Committee: Art Club: Radio Committee. Club: J. J. J.: lnterclass Athletics. 4. Page Forty THE FORESTER LILLIAN LEVIN 'ALil" "The price of wisdom is above rabies." Interclass Athletics: Major DORIS LEVINE "Dotsie" "She is wealthy in her friends." Interclass Athletics: Latin Club: Glee Club: PORESTER Committee: Chemistry Club. REUBEN LEVITAS 'iRube" "He that inquires mach doth learn much." Interclass Athletics: Office Practice Club. ROBERT LILLEY "Bob" "And a mighty man was he." Interclass Athletics: Varsity Ice I-Iockey, All-Maryland: Varsity La- crosse: Leaders' Club: Ethical Club: J. J. J.: FORESTER Committee. 5, if :. in 3 X 5 i , WILLIAM LINDLEY "Bill" "A smile for every fellow, And two for every girl." Glee Club: Boys' Chorus: Stamp Club: Art Club: J. J. J.: J. V. Football: J. V. Basketball: Inter- class Athletics. JANE LINTHICUM "Dutch" - "What'er she did was done with ease, ln her 'twas natural to please." Glee Club: Latin Club: Interclass Athletics. LAWRENCE J. LOANE i'Laura" A'When once our grace we have forgot, Nothing goes right." Art Club: Model Craftsman's Club: Opportunity Club: Press: Interclass Athletics: Chemistry Club, President. in Ja." . ggiibfitlgl LLOYD LOCKARD "Locks" "I hear, yet say not much." Tennis: Interclass Athletics: Chem istry Club: Art Club. June, 1938 Page Forty-one MAXINE LODENKEMPER "Mackie" "The greatest truths are the simplest, And so are the greatest women." Glee Club: Art Club: Eour Square Club: Press: J. J. J.: Interclass Athletics: Commencement Chorus: ,grid eww' 4 HARRY LONDON "Mike" "Friendship is no plant of hasty growth." Press, Associate Editor and Sports Editor: Ping-Pong Club: Non- Athletic Award: Student Coach: Publicity Committee. JUDAH LONDON "Ike" "My best praise is that I am your friend." Year Committees. ALMA VIRGINIA LYONS i'Jinxie" "I will transmit this commonwealth not lessened, but better than 1 A have received it." Latin Club: German Club: Leaders' Club, President: Coaching Director: Four Square Club: Open Forum Club: Interclass Athletics: Non- Athletic UPN: Minor J. J. J.: Student Court: Commencement Chorus: Bronze D, S. A. 91 ,--.. i i S' t :P N 22 ,..: Ii. 3 K' . . 3 ,....,...., 5: - , ?i s- A if Q Y. . is Y A .S DORIS MALLONEE "Microbe" "Compare great things with the small." Art Club: Interclass Athletics: Year Committee. FANNIE MAE MARGOLIS "Fan" "Not too serious, not too gay, Just reserved in every way." Art Club: J. J. J.: Chemistry Club Interclass Athletics: EORESTER Committee. Z . SYLVIA MARGOLIS HSYV, , "There is no satisfaction compar able to that of making one's neighbors happy." Library Club: 'Year Committee Office Practice Club. LEE MAROWITZ 'ALee" i'Great works are performed by perseverance. " Latin Club: Fencing Club: Inter class Athletics: Erosh-Soph Basket ball: Ping-Pong Club: Track Man ager: FORESTER Committee. Page Forty-two THE PORESTER GEORGE MARSHALL i'Marsh" "Actions speak louder than words." Boys' Chorus: Fencing Club: Glee Club: Band: Latin Club: FORESTER Committee. IRVING MAZUR "Irv" "Look, he's winding up his watch of wit- Soon it will strike." Art Club: Non-Athletic MPH: Manager of Varsity Ice Hockey Team: Interclass Athletics: J. V. Track. BARBARA A. MEDENBACH "Babs" 'IA merrg heart makes a cheerful countenance." German Club, President: Fencing Club: Non-Athletic MPH: Inter- class Athletics. MARY MEHLMAN 'iMare" "Happiness was born a twin." Glee Club: Interclass Athletics: Major Project Committee: Ofhce Practice Club. MARGARET MEISER "Marty" iiMore nimble than words, her fiery grace." Leaders' Club: Art Club: Garden Club: Pour Square Club: J. J. J.: Interclass Athletics: Sports Editor of the FORESTER. W7 RHEAIg SG Giiiisgiazz, rfb Leader lub: s uers Club: Non- thletic HP' atin Club: Coaching Certificate: Interclass Ath- letics: Minor Student Officer: J. J. J.: EORESTER Committee. MARJORIE MENEFEE i'Marge" "'That gracious thing, made up of tears and light." Interclass Athletics: Art Club: Year Committee: EORESTER Committee. GRACE ELIZABETH MERRILL "Rowdy-Dow" "Take things as you and them." Interclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Chemistry Club. June, 1938 Page Forty-three SHIRLEY MICHELSON "Shirl" "The sway is easy o'er the just and good." Student Coach: Student Bank: Non-Athletic "FH: Oflice Practice Club: Interclass Athletics: Nu- merals: FORESTER Committee. HANNAH LEE MILLER A'Millie" "She speaks with infinite deal." Interclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Stu- dent Offlcer: Latin Club: Art Club: Cilee Club: Year Committee: Pep Assembly. MELVIN MILLER "Mel" "The hand of the diligent shall rule." Interclass Athletics: Art Club: Oflice Practice Club: Basketball: Accuracy Champion in Typing in IZB: Student Coach: Year Com- mittee: J. J. J. RICHARD MILLER "Dick" I "Fair play is a jewel." Year Committees: Interclass Ath- letics: Chemistry Club: FORESTER Committee. MARGARET MOEBIUS "Mobi" "Lively things come in little packages." Interclass Athletics: Varsity Hockey: Major "F": Badminton Club: FORESTER Committee. JEAN MORTON, .ues "She just sparkles", Band: Orchestra. VIRGINIA K. MUNDELL iiklinnyfy "She is jolly, yet serious: fun lou- ing, yet sincere." n Four Square Club: Leaders' Club: Glee Club: Art Club: Latin Club: J. J. J.: Commencement Chorus: Student Coach: Interclass Athletics: FORESTER Committee: Senior Play. FRANK MUSGRAVE "Frankie" "The world is so full of a number of things." Interclass Athletics: J. V. Football: Varsity Football: Varsity Lacrosse: Leaders' Club: Open Forum Club. Page Forty-four THE FORESTER MORTON MYERS liummyyy "For 'tis the mind that makes the body rich." Freshman - Sophomore Basketball: Interclass Athletics: Year Commit- tee: Student Coach: Chemistry Club. A if LARRY ' ENZIE ' alifornian - l 1' . arsity blul'XBasebal'l': nt Vice-Presi t: Leadeisl-Club: Eth- ical Club: Setyi i Rss Sergeant-ab Arms: Student ourt: EORESTER Committee. WALTER MCCAULEY "Mac" "A good sport-enough said." Varsity Football: Varsity Basket- ball: Varsity Baseball: Leaders' Club: Ethical Club: Ping-Pong Club: J..J. J.: FORESTER Committee. RUTH MCCOY i'Rufus" "Thy smile is like a sunrise, glad- dening and warm." Interclass Athletics: Numerals: Art Club: Student Coach, Certificate: Eour Square Club: Senior Play. e's tartea' gm " JJQ MARGUERITE MCCURDY i ' .... , . t, "Marg" l ' "She looks as morning roses newly N . - . 1 -fag gf' . ,, washed with dew. X mi :t gf' Junior Prom Committee. 1 - -' - 1. ,. . ,. :ills Www 5' . W . . Si s- -yn C2e.3,,.i..,gv gk KATHLEEN Mei o A FX 11. 'iKay" - "Good nature and good sens ever joinf' k Art Club: Glee Club. FRED MCGARRITY "Mac" "Good sense and good nature are neuer separated." lnterclass Athletics: J. C. Lacrosse: Craftsmaxfs Club: Scenery Committee. ' HENRY NEWBURGER . A ar . ' -f tiillt . . ff' , "Sl " , fi vii-igit iii K if - - v u: V:,, bbkq t '::t AQ- How natural is joy in my heart!" ' iii Opportunity Club: Chemistry Club: 1 lnterclass Athletics: Year Commit- tees: Sophomore Football: Senior Play: FORESTER Committee. K June, 1938 Page Forty-tive GERALDINE P. NEWTON 'AJerry" "Mind cannot follow it, nor words express her infinite sweetness." Glee Club: Four Square Club, Sec- retary: Leaders' Club: Home Eco- nomics Club, Vice-President: J, J. J. Committee: Student Officer: Non-Athletic "FH: Interclass Ath- letics Chemistry Club: Coaching ELMER H. PACKIE, JR. "Pack" "Cheerfulness can drive away a world of sorrows." Chemistry Club. Certificate. RUTH RICHARD D. PAYNE " ut ie" jj HDickH . "The greatest blessing is a pleasant sed t t mpe se - friend ,, clouded ray, ' Can makeitomorrow a c eerful as PhotO8f3PhY ,C0mmitf99 Of the today," FORESTER: Opportunity Club: Art Club: Interclass Athletics. Pmglpong Cillilfbirpenclng Team: if o eam. ,W X ' ' f W L P My DQR V HYY 'HK IL IAM EALE 1 7 f ' 'ABill" mln all labor there is profit." .f he-Imovgs a -qodd!eQ and Wg .V . a q n." ' : . ench Cl ', asquers Clulb: Glee ,lClub',f emistry Club: Scrapbook ommittee: J. J. J.: Art Club ' Student Coach. X, 5,9 ET PABST sw, "Age cannot with her, nor custom stale her infinite variety." Home Economics Club: J. J. J. Fencing Club, Captain: Art Club, President: Art Editor of EORESTER: Chemistry Club: Class Representa- tive: Non-Athletic MEN: Golf Team: Interclass.Athletics: German Club. KATHERINE PERKINS 'AKitty" A'Success treads on the heels of every right effort." Art Club: Latin Club: Leaders' Club: Major Varsity Hockey: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Volley- ball: Commencement Chorus: In- terclass Athletics: Student Coach. j I .n ,. xr, Page orttj-six THE EORESTER .'J" .-N.. Q 7 ' " yi . ,J 1 "-D, xx ,J .1 JAMES PETERS "Jim" "I dare do all that may become a man, who does more is none." Varsity Soccer: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Eootballz Ethical Club: Leaders' Club. BEATRICE PHILLIPS "Bee" "Gentle in manner, resolute in deed," Art Club: Glee Club: Press, Tran- scription Editor and Exchange Edi- tor: lnterclass Athletics: Press Rep- resentative: Year Committee. BETTY LEE PODLICH "Beetle" "The heart to conceive, the under- standing to direct, and the hand to execute." Editor-in-Chief of the EORESTER: Leaders' Club: Pour Square Club: Latin Club: lnterclass Athletics: Student Coach: J. J. J.: Bronze D. S. A.: Commencement Chorus, AUDREY J. PORSTMAN "Peanuts" "The power of thought, the magic of mind." Student Coach: Latin Club: Four Square Club: Home Economics Club: lnterclass Athletics: J, J. J.: Minor Qi' 4' -v ak, 'xi 7. if, f -, as 3 ' 1' .X i F iw f A ikrff f ALBERT POTASH "Pot" "None but himself could be his parallel." Press: Eeature Editor of EORESTER2 lnterclass Athletics: Year Commit- tee: Chemistry Club. ROBERT PRAGER "Bob" "A penny for your thoughts." lnterclass Athletics. MIRIAM PRUCE "Mim" HAI sight of thee my gloomy heart cheers up." Art Club: Office Practice Club: Year Committee: lnterclass Ath- letics: Numerals. ma- ADELE PUMPIAN 'iDelly" 'IA contented spirit is the sweet- ness of existence." Art Club: Office Practice Club: Year Committee: lnterclass Ath- letics: Numerals. June, 193.8 Page Forty-seven DONALD PYLES "Don" "By wisdom, peace: by peace. plenty." 'lvl Boys' Chorus: Glee Club: Ethical Club: J. V. Baseball: Varsity Soc- cer, Captain: Golf: J. J. J.: PORESTER Committee. LEROY RAITH . i'Sleepy" "But the hand of the diligent maketh rich." Art Club: Interclass Basketball: In- terclass Soccer: Ofiice Practice Club. CATHERINE RAKOWSKY ..Kitty,: "When youth and pleasure meet, To chase the glowing hours with flying feet." J. J. J.: Leaders' Club: Four Square Club: Masquers Club: Student OHI- cer: Interclass Athletics: Bronze D. S. A.: Art Club. WILLIAM P. RAMSEY, JR. i'Bill" "Muc'h can be said on both sides.' Ping-Pong Club: Track: Year Committee: FORESTER Committee. SIDNEY REMINGTON "Gossip" i'Firm of purpose." Interclass Athletics. WILLIAM RHOTEN "Willie" :'Tall, and lots of quality to go with quantity." Interclass Athletics: Craftsman's Club: Scenery Committee: FORESTER Committee. EDWARD ROBINS RICH "Rob" "Than man is great, and he alone Who serves a greatness not his own." Latin Club: Interclass Athletics: Track: Opportunity Club, Presi- dent: Leaders' Club: PORESTER Committee. JANE RIEELE .Jaya "How her fingers went as they moved through measures ine." Latin Club: Glee Club: Interclass Athletics: Pour Square Club: J. J. J. Page Forty-eight WILLIAM RIEHL "Bill" 'fTime, play and action may with pains be wrought, But glories must be born and never can be taught." Interclass Athletics: Glee Club, Boxing: Boys' Chorus: Oppor- tunity Club: EORESTER Committee. ANN RIFE "Riff-Rife" "Ambition has no rest." Cilee Club: Art Club: Latin Club: Interclass Athletics: Press: Student Coach: J. J. J.: Year Committee: EORESTER Staff: Commencement Chorus: Numerals. CHARLES W. ROLLINGS "Chuck" "A faithful friend is a strong defense." J. V. Ice Hockey: Baseball: Inter- class Athletics: Art Club. BENEDICT L. ROSENBERG A'Ben" "When a lady's in the case, All other things giue place." Art Club: Opporunity Club: J. V. Soccer: J. V. Football: Safe Drivers' Club, Vice-President: Chemistry Club: J. J. J.: Camera Club: EORESTER Committee: Senior Play. BERNICE ROS nqj 4 iBeI-nn "A fashion plate right out of the band box." Latin Club: Art Club: Interclass Athletics. PEARL ROSENBERG A'TWinkletoes" "On with the dance! Let jog be unconlinedf' Art Club: J. J. J.: Oflice Practice Club: Interclass Athletics: Nu- merals: Bronze D. S. A.: Student OH5cer: Student Coach: EORESTER Committee: Leaders' Club: Minor "EH: Class Bookkeeper LEAH ROSENBLATT "Lee" "Your deeds are known ln words that kindle glory from the stone," Archery Club: French Club: J. V. Hockey: Latin Club: J. J. J.: Masquers, Vice-President: Non- Athletic Interclass Athletics: Minor Bronze D. S. A. LUCILLE MAY ROSENFELD "Lucy" I'Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind." Art Club: Library Club: Interclass Athletics: Publicity Committee: Year Committee. June, 1938 Page F orty-nine MERRILL ROSENFELD l'Rose" "The more the merrierf' Interclass Athletics: Varsity Foot- ball and Baseball: Junior Varsity Track: EORESTER Ad Committee: Year Committee. JOEL ROSENHEIM l'Rosie" "Life is too short to be sorry." Junior Varsity Ice Hockey: Inter- class Athletics: EORESTER Commit- tee: Chemistry Club: ALVIN ROSENTHAL "Windy" "Lots of friends lead to success." Varsity Ice Hockey: J. V. Football: Lacrosse: Transcription Commit- tee: Camera Club: B. A. A.: Typing Club: Interclass Athletics: Commencement Chorus: Art Club. NAOMI ROSENZWEIC1 4 .Nomei 1 "An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow." Glee Club: Interclass Athletics. BERNARD E. ROTHMAN l'Bernie" "Noble by birth, yet nobler by great deeds." Boys' Opportunity Club, Treasurer: Leaders' Club: Student Oilicerz Ping-Pong Club: J. J. J.: Inter- class Athletics: Latin Club: Open Forum Club: Student Coach: Year Committee. GEORGE ROUILLIER 'ARue" "He takes it out in thinking." Chemistry Club: Interclass Ath- letics: Track. FLORYNE RUBIN "Flo" "A little nonsense now and then, ls relished by the best of men." Art Club: Typing Club: Oflice Practice Club: Glee Club: Press: Non-Athletic Ad Committee of FORESTER: J. J. J.: FORESTER Committee. JEANNETTE RUDICI-I iiklennyn - "Let her speak, and whatever she say, Methinks I should love her the more." Art Club: Glee Club: Interclass Athletics: FORESTER Committee. Page Fifty THE FORESTER ALAN RUDOLPI-I HAY, "The force of his own merit makes his way." Chemistry Club: Year Committee: Interclass Athletics: Varsity Base- ball: Student Ofhcer. ALVIN SACHS HAY, "When Duty whispers low, Thou Must: Thy youth replies, I Can." Interclass Athletics: J. V. Track: Varsity Track: Cheer Leader: Manager of Varsity Basketball Team: Student Officer: Oppor- tunity Club: FORESTER Committee. 64.1 3 0 au . WILLIAM SADLER 'ABill" "It's a friendly heart that has plenty of friends." Interclass Athletics: Model Crafts- man's Club: Scout Club. I ARL-LQ, ., x ln! fi e fl -rfJ. ,V gQ2.ti .M ff 114. ' 'I A A ll' I . HOWARD SALE 'AChic" " 'Tis deeds must win the prize." Ethical Club: Football: Baseball: Interclass Athletics: EORESTER Committee. fears. SADIE SALMERI "Sad" 'IOf every noble work, the silent part is best." Cilee Club: Interclass Athletics: Press: Student Ollicer. GERALD SAMET "Tubby" "What's the use of worrying? It never was worth while." Lacrosse: J. J. J.: Interclass Ath- letics: Band: FORESTER Committee. DENA SANDLER "Dee" "Be merry if you are wise." Art Club: Culee Club: Office Prac- tice Club: Executive Committee: Interclass Athletics: Numerals: Stu- dent Bank: Non-Athletic Student Coach. 1 I ' f -Z4 I I ,. GLA' yfadva., Kiel , f'if!:""'1- 'Am' f QT? "L ARTHUR SAWYER "Otts" "Learning is the eye of the mind." Camera Club: Chemistry Club: Student Coach: Interclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Class Representative: FORESTER Committee. JUH9, 1938 Page Fifty-one aeffffffi RUTH SAWYER URuthie" "Simplicity most rare in our age." Art Club: Year Committee. VIRGINIA SAXVYER i'Jenny" "Elegant as simplicity and warm as ecstasy." Year Committee: Ollice Practice Club: Art Club. . I I Ml RU HERR iisnoop yy "What Winchell is to Broadway, Snooper is to as." Art Club: Cwlee Club: Interclass Athletics: Press: Feature Editor of FORESTER: Numerals: Office Prac- tice Club, Secretary: Year Com- mittee: J. J. J. CARYL R. SCHLEISNER HCarrie" I'She wears the rose of youth upon her." Art Club: Camera Club: Interclass Athletics: French Club, Vice-Presi- dent: Year Committee: Student Coach: Numerals. SYLVIA SCHLOSSBERG "Sis" "A disposition blithe and merry." Class Representative: J, J. J.: Art Club: Glee Club: Interclass Ath- leticsg FORESTER Staff: OH-ice Prac- tice Club: Senior Prom and Ban- quet Committee. AUDREY SCHMIDT 'AAudie" "To those who know her not, no words can paint, And to those who know her, all words seem faint." Leaders' Club, President: Senior Class President: Assistant Coaching Director: Department of Sales and Publicity: Coaching Certilicate: Minor "FH: Interclass Athletics: Bronze D. S. A.: Chess Club: Art Club: Press. EDNA GRACE SCHNEIDER "Ebbie" "There is a kind of character in thy life, That to the observer doth thy history fully unfold." Leaders' Club: Four Square Club: Latin Club: Garden Club: Photog- raphy Editor: Project Committee: Interclass Athletics: Minor Glee Club: Non-Athletic 'AF": Student Officer: J. J. J. DOROTHY SCHWARTZ "Dots" "Pleasure and action makes the hours seem short." French Club, President: Chemistry Club: Four Square Club: Latin Club: Interclass Athletics: Minor Page Fifty-two THE FORESTER FLORENCE SCHXVARTZ "Flo" 'fHonest labor bears a lovely face." Interclass Athletics: Art Club: Year Committee: Executive Com- mittee: Ollice Practice Club: Nu- merals: Student Coach: FORESTER Committee. G. SCHWARTZ M' Mff1"lt0ff"' " he ngblest m' the best con- 'ten ent has?" I A I Jlaour Sqifyilleo if emistry Club: ass A tics: J. J. J.: s fl Mi r , AN X 'Charlee" K l Stiff? FIJQSVIT. SCHWARTZ- QJ5Thegyke her most who know x her best." ress, Managing Editor: Camera Club: Manager Varsity Hockey: Year Committee: Non-Athletic UPN: Leaders' Club. DESSIE SELLERS 'ADess" "Her smile was like a cherub, but Satan took possession of her soul." J. J. J.: Art Club: Interclass Ath- letics: Commencement Chorus: Year Committees. IRVIN H. SENTZ "Irv" "He learn'd the arts of riding, shat- ing and gunneryf' Varsity Ice Hockey: Class Repre- sentative: Student Coach: Interclass Athletics: FORESTER Committee. f I X CD ' D . PEGGV ACKLEP VQJV' .. - rv I ijllfh e a he devils ge? ther." ,Cl bg I ercla s thletics: ennis: J. J. J.: ESTER mmQee., ffl' Y LILLIAN SHAPIRO 'ALil" "She is the greatest artist then, Whether of pencil or of pen." Art Club, Vice-President: Leaders' Club: Masquers, Treasurer: Non- Athletic FORESTER Staff: J. J. J.: Year Committee: Bronze D. S. A. I-IILDA SHAVITZ "Hilda" "Let me have friends about me who are gay." Four Square Club: Latin Club: J. J. J.: Interclass Athletics. June, 1938 Page Fifty-three FRANK SHEFFER "Shef" "The secret to success is constancy in purposef' lnterclass Athletics: Craftsman's Club: Ping-Pong Club: Scenery Co mittee. H M ,Ally '7lll'f MARY SHEFINSR "Little One" 'KVariety alone gives joy." Art Club: Latin Club: Four Square Club: Culee Club: Home Economics Club: lnterclass Athletics: Minor WALTER W. SHERMAN, JR. "Uncle Walt" "He who weighs his responsibilities can bear them." FORESTER Committee: Class Rep- resentative: lnterclass Athletics: Office Practice Club, President: Student Officer: Junior Track Team: Art Club FLORENCE SHOCKET "Sis" "She is a maid of arlly grace, Gentle in form, fair of face." Masquers: Cilee Club: lnterclass Athletics: Program Committee: Scrapbook Committee: French Club: J. J. J. . iv K Q. az? 1, ' V XS -,i. .3 A mg' r s I 1 1 . ,Q N , , ,: .ff- NORWOOD SHPRITZ "Joe-Joe" "I profess not talking only this, Let each man do his best." Latin Club: French Club: Inter- class Athletics: Student Coach. MILDRED SIEGEL UMW, "Let her who is blessed with a com- petence wish for nothing more." Art Club: Ping-Pong Club: Four Square Club: Oflice Practice Club: , lnterclass Athletics. '7ZJ'D-f-11-c., -93--6,11 TF", FTE? X SH RIJEA' S GEL -. X .fr C2 --TO-J be .fbor with a 'yn of laughter, and a sense thftivthe world is fi' V' , Leaders' Club: Garden Club: Latin Club: Ping-Pong Club: Masquers: lnterclass Athletics: Minor "FH: Year Committee: Student Coach. NATHALIE SILBERSTEIN "Nat" "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Masquers Club: Home Economics Club: Four Square Club: Latin Club: Art Club: ProjectCommittee: lnterclass Athletics: Numerals 38. z'w.. 1 THE FORESTER Page ' -fozgwf I MELVIN SILVER ,.Ag,, "For he's a jolly good fellow." Opportunity Club: Leaders' Club: Ethical Club, Secretary: Boys' Ping- Pong Club: lrxterclass Athletics: Senior Class Treasurer: J. V. Soc- cer: Varsity Soccer: Cheer Leader: Senior Play: Year Committee. SARABELLE SILVERMAN "SuZibee" "AIl's right with the world." Art Club: J. J. J.: FORESTER Committee: lnterclass Athletics: Typing Champion. NAOMI SNYDER ..Na,, "Trifle with perfection, but per- fection's no trifle." Garden Club: Art Club: Four Square Club: lnterclass Athletics: Minor "EH: Chemistry Club: Step- Singing Committee. SYLVAN SOLMSON USVI., "One for all, and all for onef, lnterclass Athletics: Art Club: .,' , .1 . ez - ' Yes . f 51 02 :try 4. .. 35 5 if it Nga? .. . 25 KT' URSULA SPEIER "spirals "Every language is a temple in which the soul of those who speak it is enshrined." French Club: German Club. ERANCES STEEN 'ADimples" In each cheek appears a dirnplef' if Press: Coaching: Art Club: Inter- class Athletics: J. J. J.: Commence- ment Chorus: EORESTER Staff: Prom and Banquet Committee. MARY STEFFEY Ustugn "There is more here than meets the eye." lnterclass Athletics: Minor' Eour Square Club: Leaders' Club: Latin Club: EORESTER Committee. BETTE STONE "Stoney" "Personality is to a girl what per- Chess Club: Student Coach: Stu- Eel 4f.:-if. ii... . fume 'S to the Howerfi dent Oflicer: Varsity Track: Pin- ii. ..:' lnterclass Athletics: Glee Club: Pong Club: Safe Drivers' Club, ' Chemistry Club: Latin Club: Vice-President. J. J. J. June, 1938 Page Fifty-Hue MARGARET STONESIFER nstonyn "Her smile is like a wave-it's permanent." Interclass Athletics: Minor "FH: Vice-President of Sub-Junior Class: Student Officer: Press: Club Editor of the FORSTER. MARLIN STORM "Storm" "A fellow feeling makes us wondrous kind." Varsity Football: Varsity Track: Interclass Athletics: Chemistry Club: Opportunity Club. MILDRED STOTTLEMYER i'Millie" "Let fools the studious despise, There's nothing lost by being wise." Latin Club: Art Club: Cilee Club: Student Coach: Interclass Athletics: FORESTER Committee. ADELE MURIEL STRAUSS "Adle" "Full of fun, full of pep." Year Committee: J. J. J.: Latin Club: Four Square Club rt Club: FORESTER Commlilvie' e m- mittees: Interclass A h?eti s inor ent O er. if 'QB al? I W. WILSON STRINGER "Ole Man" "His bark is worse than his bite." Football: Ice Hockey: Chemistry Club: Art Club. GORDON SUGAR "Sugah" " 'Tis better to be brief than tedious." Football: German Club. RICHARD C. SULLIVAN 'ADick" "And 1'm your humble servant." Fencing Club: Student Coach: In- terclass Athletics: Ping-Pong Club: Lacrosse. ROBT. LAURENCE SWEM, JR. 'ABob" mln framing an artist, art hath thus decreed, To make some good, but others to exceed." Leaders' Club: Bronze D. S. A.: FORESTER Staff: Ice I-Iockey: Art Club: Non-Athletic 'iF": J. J. J.: Chemistry Club: Year Committee: Senior Play. Page Fifty-six THE FORESTER PHILBIN SWEREN "Ping-Pong" "Determinations the way to success." Ping-Pong Club, President: Oppor- tunity Club: Student Ofhcer: Inter- class Athletics: Student Coach: Chemistry Club: FORESTER Ad Committee. IRENE SYKES "Butch" "Whatis the use of worrying? It never was worth while." Interclass Athletics: Glee Club. GERALDINE SZYMCZEWSKI 4 fDeey , "Private sincerity is a public welfare." Glee Club: lnterclass Athletics. BETTY TARBELL 4tAnn,y "Silence is more eloquent than words." Art Club: Home Economics Club: Interclass Athletics. if iq? M t .., W ' . -. -.,i,w-.i:. .,gf . w we -5. 7 .E i 'Tix 5-31. tl' 2 Q' i.. fir. ab 1:2 it at . ...... Y 15. COLEMAN TERRY 'iShorty" " 'Tis good will that makes intelligence." Interclass Athletics: Latin Club: Year Committee: FORESTER Committee. Q BETTY THOMAS "Deb" I'Grace and charm and brilliant mind, Truly the very world is thine." Student Coach: J. J. J.: Latin Club, Treasurer: Four Square Club: Glee Club: Leaders' Club: lnter- class Athletics: Commencement Chorus: PORESTER Committee, vflifil- ,i :bw ,JC DOROT YCJFHOMPSQN if - 6 ,, ,f f" T' C AM Omflifyy Y . . ff' n MA perf ct womanhnoblyiryyzufeafbv T ' arm, to comfQrt'f and to V! 93 command. Eour Square Club: Badminton Club: Class Representative: Inter- class Athletics: Scrapbook Com- mittee: EORESTER Committee. s - JOSEPH THORN HPlayboy" "Happy are they that hear their detractions, And can put them to mendingf' Stamp Club: Chemistry Club: In- terclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Student OfHcer: EORESTER Committee. od X L., OJ 5-To 41 i wll XL- Page F ifty-seven June, XMXWL MAXINE TOOR "Mac" "She has perfected the art of friend- ship by constant practice." French Club: Art Club: Four Square Club: Student Coach: Inter- class Athletics: Numerals: Circu- lating Committee of EORESTER: Project Committee: Senior Play. fl' JAY EDMAND TREXLER, JR. "Trixie" "Those that say the least accom- plish the mostf' Photography Editor of EORESTER: Golf Team. JOE C. TUOHEY "Tue" "To gain thy ends lay bashfulness aside." Senior Farewell Committee: Camera Club. WANDA TYERYAR . A Hxvandie' y "W1'th malice toward none: with charity for all." Art Club: Interclass Athletics: ' Home Economics: J. J. J. ROSE UDELL "Marie" "Health and happiness and plenty of friends." Interclass Athletics: Art Club: Home Economics Club: Archery Club: Badminton Club: EORESTER Committee. EVELYN UI-ILER "Evie" "To know her is to love her." Interclass Athletics: Minor MEM: Glee Club: EORESTER Committee. DOROTHY URBAN "Dot" "Silence in woman is like speech in man." Interclass Athletics. ELEANOR USSERY ..Us,, "A great soul will be strong to live, as well as to think." Glee Club: Art Club: Class Rep- resentative: Program Committee: lnterclass Athletics. Page Fifty-eight THE FORESTER LARUE VAN TASSELL "Fringy n The world is so full of a number of things." Interclass Athletics: Ping-Pong Club: Year Committee. a 'O .tix . V 0 1' V.' V, do 1, .ll Vfgjij f xt I I ,- 5 :J , V E0 fl . ' X? RISES? NEI WALTHER .a it 'J Sis" I 'X "Devout, ye cheerful: active, yet I , 3 resigned." I I' Four Square Club: Latin Club: Interclass Athletics: J. V. Basket- ball: J. V. Hockey: Major "En: Manager of Varsity Tennis Team. GRACE VIRGINIA WARD 'AWorry-Wart" "Her eyes in floods with laughter." Home Economics Club, Secretary: Chemistry Club: Interclass Ath- letics: Minor MEM: Publicity Committee. CHARLES WARNER liChuck" "I will make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business." Student Coach: Latin Club: Track: Year Committee. rf, - ' . . if V r - .'1:'t.,,wf. 5 "..t. :!9 : 7 c Q is is Ku , .... ' l gi Fil 51 I , I Va. Wh- ri a V5. 1 ,.- .,f., gr- V i:.- it A . , ,., M: 1- I we -'.'.- fa: 453 -' . ' fig: Hit' 'f , i i I Q Z la! if 5 Y . K .,... ., .... ' 1 If 1 t P, me . I . ' i skim: ,. z sf' , tyf, ' ' A . :.... .,..., SELMA WEISE "Connie" "Let me be what I am: Seek not to alter me." Glee Club' Home Economics Club' Badminton Club' Interclass Athletics. 61. . .att W t , ' ' y 7 EDITH WEISSMAN I., L "Edie" "Love and friendship are in their 'teensf' Interclass Athletics: Minor MEM: Year Committee: Student Coach: Corresponding Secretary of Senior Class: J. J. J.: Pep Assembly: Stu- dent Oflicer: Transcription Editor Track. MARIAN WELCH "Grape Juice" "Her voice was ever soft, Gentle and low, an excellent thing in woman." Chemistry Club: Glee Club: Gar- den Club, Vice-President: J. J. J.: Art Club: Interclass Athletics: Stu- dent Coach: Non-Athletic Commencement Chorus: Program Committee. FRANCES MARY WI-IERRETT "Erannie" "She sows courtesy, and reaps friendship." Interclass Athletics: Minor Home Economics Club: Chemistry Club: Latin Club: Publicity Committee. ., K NW Page Fifty-nine June, 1938 ala ny -nuff '11, f Juni-I f - I ' Lift X f-W "' .i ARRIET W E i'Chick" fg'Q""'J . X it 'L "A pleasing countenance is no slight aduantagef' Interclass Athletics: Art Club: Home Economics Club: Badminton Club: EORESTER Committee. EMORY WHITTINGTON .,Em,, "I would help others out of fellow- feeling." Junior Varsity Soccer: Junior Var' sity Ice Hockey: Junior Varsity "EH: Interclass Athletics: Chemistry Club. KITTY WHITTINGTON "Kits" "Her smiling eyes with simple truth were stored." Glee Club: Interclass Athletics. ANN WILSON "Willie" "Our deeds determine us as much as we determined our deeds." Art Club: Latin Club: Four Square Club: Glee Club: Interclass Ath- letics: Home Economics Club. Mew x PEGGY WILSON Mpeg, "Happy am I the lioelong day." Glee Club: J. J. J.: EORESTER Committee: Chemistry Club. MARGARET WILSTORE "Mickey" i'She's beautiful: and, therefore, to be wooedg She is a woman, and, therefore, to be won." Art Club, Secretary: Glee Clubg Interclass Athletics: Commencement Chorus. CARMEN HELENE WINDSOR "Carmen "The days of our youth are the days of our joy." Interclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Man- ager of Girls' Basketball: Home Economics Club: Minor Var- sity Track: Year Committee. HARRISON L. WINTER 'AI-larry" "Learning is the eye of the mind." Boys' Opportunity Club: Year Committee. Page Sixty THE FORESTER ALTON WINTERS "Gabriel" "Smile and the world smiles with you." Soccer: Band: Orchestra: Chemistry Club: Year Committee: J. J. J. GRACE WOOTERS "Gabbie" "I am content, I do not care." Interclass Athletics: Numerals: Glee Club: Latin Club: Chemistry Club: Class Representative: Art Club. CLARENCE E. WISE, JR, "Eddie" "What good I' see, humbly I seek to do, And live obedient to the law." Write-Up Editor of EORESTER: Student Coaching Certificate: Eth- ical Club: Chemistry Club: Leaders' Club: Manager of Varsity Soccer Team: J. V. Soccer: Opportunity Club, Vice-President: Latin Club: Student Officer: Track: Ring Com- mittee: Bronze D. S. A.: Com- mencement Chorus: lnterclass Athletics, SUZXLQAJO 'io jgxfx I QM. Gp .rm A. I Q lun? M x Cx . X V OJ :Xml yr' i L .fp D by' DO . HY YUST i X "Dot" "Her air, her manners, all who saw admired." Art Club: Latin Club: Glee Club: Pour Square Club: lnterclass Ath- letics: Home Economics Club. June l938 Page Sixty one The Senior Class WE PRESENT to you this final picture of the Senior Class as a whole. We are proud of the class's record at Forest Park and We only hope that as its members go out into life they Will find success and happiness. At this time, also, we should like to bring to your attention those Seniors who have distinguished themselves in the field of athletics. They have served the school and to them goes the praise due fine athletes. In the "A" Conference com- petition, Paul Edmonston has been elected for two years to a position on the All- Maryland Scholastic Soccer Team: Bob Lilley and Campbell Ford, members of the championship team, were chosen for the All-Maryland Ice Hockey Team: Lilley, the co-captain of the squad, being selected in the 1936-37 season, too. The lacrosse aggregation, aside from being the Winner in the Varsity HB" Con- ference, placed five members on the All-Maryland Varsity "B" Conference Lacrosse Team. Three of them were June '38 Seniors-Frank Musgrave, Jack Brady and Fred lVlcC1arrity. Three cheers for these outstanding boys and for the other hard-working members of the teams who helped to make a successful athletic year for Forest Park. i it Page Sixty-two THE FORESTER The Sub - Senior Class l l OFFICERS President rrrrrrrrrrrr , 7,,,,,A,,,,,,,, , Vice-President ,,,. ... Recording Secretary ,, ,, , Corresponding Secretary ,oo,,o, S Treasurer eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Sergeants-at-Arms ,,,,o, Adviser, TN OUR Sub-Junior year, the traditional Happy Hills Party was our first undertaking, and its suc- cessful outcome assured us of a most pleasant and auspicious career as a class unit. Our next project, given in our Junior year, in accordance with the historical A'Peggy Stewart Day," a "Peggy Stewart Assembly" was given, consisting of a play and tableaus to illustrate that famous day. A tea dance was given in this same year and, as our former projects, it was a success. The football season was at hand and as a third production we sponsored a "Pep Assembly" for the game with Polytechnic. A fitting climax to a EDITH HYDE HERBERT WITZ ,,,,,,,ROBERTA RAILLEY r rrrrr DOROTHY HALLMAN RAWLINGS GEORGUS E BOBETTE LOWENTHAL I ROBERT LARRIMORE W ........ , ,,,v,,, MR. BURGER successful year came when the class rings were dis- tributed in our last class meeting as Juniors. No sooner had we begun our Sub-Senior year when we were busy with the most talked of event of the year, the J, J. J. After many weeks of preparation, the show was set to go, and on the nights of Friday, March ll, and Saturday, March 12, this gala production was given. The Juniors, and we as Sub-Seniors, worked splendidly together to produce a J. J. J, of fine caliber. The Sub-Senior Class has endeavored to coop- erate with other classes and to make all projects in the school successful. June, 1938 Page Sixty-three The Junior Class OFFICERS President, ,e,,e,,e, , Vice-Presidenta, ,,e,,,e,,,eY.e, , Corresponding Secretary ,o,,,,. Recording Secretary .,,,,o,, Treasurer , ,,o.,, e,,o , , Sergeants-at-Arms ,,o,o Senator o,,,,,,, Aduiserw THE last large project for the current year was the ever-popular Junior Prom, which was held in the girls' gym on the evening of May 27. It is the wish of Mr. Vavrina, our adviser, that the members of his group keep in mind at all times that class projects should be developed in the in- terests of the entire school. Mr. Vavrina writes: HI Want to congratulate the oliicers and members of the Junior Class for a most successful year. May I express my sincere wishes that the June 1939 Class keep before them at all times high ideals of scholarship, loyalty and sportsmanship." EWALBERT RUPPERSBURGER DONALD JONES -VMCEMARGARET BROWN HARKER LANGRALL C DORIS BARTON JACQUES HESLEY FREDERICK SCHILDWACHTER , cccccc,cc E cccccoccacc JACK SIEGMUND MR. VERNON S. VAVRINA Soon after the organization of the Junior Class in October, 1937, preparations were begun for the Happy I-Iills project. The success of this project was largely due to the wholehearted cooperation of all the Juniors. In conjunction with the Sub-Seniors, our class sponsored the annual J. J. J. in March. The class was ofHcially presented to the school on May 4 at the Junior Day Assembly, Which was entitled "Trees That Have Played an Important Part in History." Page Sixty-four THE FORESTER The Sub-luniors OFFICERS President ,,e,,e, L s- Vice-President ,,,,, Treasurer ee,,,,, ,, ,,e,e, LW, Recording Secretary e,,,ee, , ,L Corresponding Secretarg, o,,,oo L Sergeants-at-Arms ,,,oo,.,, L L ,,,,,,lVlERVIN BALLARD ANN REIS DOROTHY SUTTON ,WWDOROTHY HANKIN ,,,,,,,,,RAIDA MILLER It AINSLIE BURKE L WILLIAM BAUM . MISS ELIZABETH S. RIDGELY Advisers ,,,,, ,,,, L L, THE February l94O Class, the Sub-Juniors, have already shown their interest and enthusiasm in their class organization by their large attendance at the first oflicial meeting, when the above Officers were introduced and installed into their respective oilices. The two hundred forty members of this LMRS. MARGARET G. WILLIAMS group will endeavor to carry on, successfully, their aims and projects for the next two years. To uphold the traditions and high standards for which Forest Park is known will be the object of all their activities. Page Sixty-six THE FORESTER Editor-in-Chief ,,,., ,7 , Managing Editor ,, C, Business Manager Associate Editoru H Sports Editors o,o,, Art Editors ,,,,,,, Wrz'te-Up Editorsou C, Feature Editors , ,.,o L Club Editors ,, Photographgow, Transcription ,,,,, Circulating Editors ,o,,o ,,o.., Advertising Editors t,,oo, r,,, Forester Staff BETTY LEE PODLICH BARBARA HAMPLE KENNETH JAFFE GLADYS HERCHE CRESTON HEROLD EDWARD JOHNSTON MARGARET MEISER JoE BUTTERWORTH LILLIAN SHAPIRO BoE SWEIVI MARIE HEINZ BILL PEALE BETTY FLEGMAN EDWARD WISE RUTH SCHERR ALBERT POTASH LEONARD COHEN MARGARET STONESIFER JACK BEHREND EDNA SCHNEIDER JAY TREXLER RICHARD PAYNE EDITH WEISSMAN IRENE BENJAMIN ROBERT COHEN JERRY LEVIN DOROTHY THOMPSON LAWRENCE LOANE LAYMAN HILLIS WALTER SHERMAN ANNE RIFE ALLAN FISHER Page Sixty-eight THE FORESTER June 1938 Page Sixty nine Senior Play ANOTHER dramatic success, under the able coaching of Miss Etta W. Smith, Was scored when the Senior Class presented "The Youngest" on Nlay 21, 1938. Written by Phillip Barry, the play was a modern version of the Cinderella theme, in which the youngest son of a self-centered family plays the leading role. As the plot developed, it involved many 'comical situations. The well-chosen cast presented a fine amateur performance. "The Youngest" was enthusiastically received by a large audience. The Senior Class regards its play as a very profitable activity. The characters of "The Youngest" are as follows: Richard Wz'nslow ae,e,,e, Nancy Blake aa,,.eva, Muff ,,c,. t .,.c.,,c.,c Oliver Winslow c,ca,ee Mark Winslow a.a,e,,, ae---,,Bob Swem ,,,,e.Allayne Leight Peggy Kemper wtlohn T. Douty Henry Newburger Mrs. Winslow acecc,cccc.,cccccc , t c-,Anita Kanner Augusta W'inslow Alan Martino Martin .e,ece ,ec,,cc, V irginia Mundell Katie, the Maid ,e,,ee,, Jesse Beers . , ,,Annette Latin Paae Seuenla THE EORESTER Committees PLAY READING M. I-Iubbert, Chairman Latin D. Kammer Elegman M. Langella Hample B. Leiken Schwartzman J. Beers L. Cohen EXECUTIVE A. Schmidt, Chairman I-Ierold A. Leight Cattens D. Hobbs DiPaula R. Scherr Brocato M. Stonesifer Peale C, Knipp Beers M. Silver SENIOR EAREWELI, D. Brosius, Chairman A. Baer M. Silver Ci. I-Iersche K. Whittington A. Straus P, Edmonston B. Phillips B. Bernhardt A. Leight SCRAPBOOK M. Dworkin D. James I S. Margolis C Jung, 19 38 Page Seuenlyfone he Senior Class PROJECT AND PUBLICITY E. Isaacs. Chairman l. Krieger P. Herndon M. Toor K. NVherret M. Steffey C. Ward K. MacDonald C. Pairall E. Schneider STEP-SINGING M. Coster, Chairman T. Lavezza C. Flitton B. Bass J. Levin M. Stonesifer N. Snyder PROM AND BANQUET T. Clark, Chclirmcm D. Sellers A. Knight 1 P. Rosenberg A. Carter V. Bozzuffi G. Cordish H. Astrin L. Hillis l M. McCurdy C Rakowsky i A, Class L, Jacobs L. Fardwell . PROPERTY L. Rosenblatt, Chuzrmrm 1 C. Schwartzman P. Altfelter 3 H. Sliavitz P. Kemper l J. Tuohey M. Langellaw . LD LL. l l l Page Seventy two THE FORFSTER Distinguished Service Award Recipients THE June Class of l938 has the largest number of Seniors ever to receive recognition for their services. At the Inaugural Assembly a bronze pin was presented to only 6 per cent of the class. It was given to each of these people for an outstanding con- tribution made to the school-for exceptional service rendered to advance the high standards and the many activities of Forest Park. At the Farewell Assembly the most distinguished of the workers, just 3 per cent of the graduates, will receive gold awards, the highest honors which are given to Foresters. The recipients or both pins, either bronze or gold, are selected by the Distinguished Service Award Committee and approved by the Student Activity Board. The Senior Class is proud of its twenty outstanding leaders, RECIPIENTS Richard Baker Bernice Bass Jesse Beers Jack Behrend Henry Bittorf Campbell Ford Jacob Hornstein Marjorie Huyck Doris Ikena Kenneth Jaffe Dorothy Kammer Alma Lyons Betty Lee Podlich Catherine Rakowsky Pearl Rosenberg Leah Rosenblatt Audrey Schmidt Lillian Shapiro Bob Swem Edward Wise June, l938 Page Seven! y-three Student Activity Board TIIE Student Activity Board is composed of the officials of the school, four members of the faculty and the Student President. lt acts in the capacity of adviser of student government, awards charters to clubs. supervises all student ac- tivities, and budgets all school funds. The Board also approves the Dis- tinguished Service Awards. lt assists the principal in any extra- curricular activities of the school. The Student Activity Board is as follows: Mr. Dunn, Mr. Scott, Miss Becker, Nliss Stoll, Miss Schaffer, Mr. Schmeid, Mr. Sims and Richard Baker. The D. S. A. Committee The committee this year is as follows: Adviser of Senior Class Sub-Senior President Sub-Senior Senator Miss Menetta Koenig Edith Hyde Stuart Krupnick Junior President Junior Senator Junior Adviser' Albert Rupersberger Jack Seigmund Mr. Vernon Vavrina X. ,K N., ' X, C-A 9 -K f G, x , is Q iii " 5 din! X ef Q. S., ki X N i f . X l FOR the sole purpose of, recognizing the untiring' efforts of certain mem- bers of the Senior Class, the D. S. A. Committee is organized. The awards are presented at the Senior Inaugural and Senior Farewell Assem- blies. This committee is composed of the Senior Class Adviser, the Sub- Senior President, Sub- Senior Senator, Sub- Senior Adviser. Junior President, Junior Sena- tor and the Junior Ad- viser. Sub-Senior Adviser Mr, John Burger, Jr. Sub-Junior Advisers Miss Ridgely Mrs. Williams Page Seventy-four THE EORESTER STUDENT COURT Chief Justices so Richard Baker Associate Justices Bob King Larry MacKenzie Alma Lyons Stuart Krupnick Edith Hyde Helen Buckingham Student Government THE fundamental organs of Eorest Park's student government are always seeking something for the betterment of the student body. The Student Court, the main judicial body of the school, consists of seven justices: the chief justice being the student presi- dent. Meetings of the court are held every Monday at 3 p. m., trying offences against the student government. This court has the full backing of the oflice in all its undertakings. The Senate, the basis of student government at Eorest Park, promotes school spirit, a further understanding between the student body and the faculty, and establishes and maintains student participation in government. SENATE Presiding Officer , Larry MacKenzie Senators Senior ,,,ee c ,,cee,, ,,cPaul Edmonston Sub-Senior ,,,, c ,,,, Stuart Krupnick Juniorn, 7 cece, Jack Siegmund Sub-Junior ,,c,,, , c,Bob Powley Sophomore ccc,,, as ,,,.Carlisle Anacker Sub-Sophomore s,,,, Robert Perilla Fr?-Shmflr? ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , Frank Bowen Sub-Freshman, , Charles Eitzpatrick REPRESENTATIVES A member from each advisory class. June 1938 Page Seuenlq Hue Student Government- eee- Cont'd. Senators are elected from each half year and are presided over by the student president. The Student Representative Board, an- other of the legislative bodies of the school, discusses problems con- cerning the school in general. This group meets during advisory periods and is presided over by the never-tiring student president, Richard Baker, who is responsible for the efticient functioning of our student government what it is now. Supporting "Dick" in all of his undertakings has been our efficient student vice-president, Larry MacKenzie, who, through his untiring efforts, has tried to help raise student government to its highest peak. Student President Richard Baker Student Vzce President Larry lX7l3CKCH7lL Pczue Setentu sw. THE PQRESTER GIRLS' LEADERS' CLUB The Girls' Leaders' Club is composed of those girls who have distinguished themselves by their hard work to better the school. The aims of this club are: To lead and advise the girls ol' the school, to promote the highest standards in work and sports. and to aid and improve all phases of school life. This club meets every Thursday morning. fl41'L'fS6'fS W W H ,,,,, ,,,,, . Miss Becker Miss Grote Nliss Kramer Presldem' ,,,,,,,,, . ,,,, ,,,,Alma V, Lyons First Vice-President . LW, Doris lkena Second Vice-Pres.,,Charlotte Schwartzman Secretary. ,,,,,,,,, . ,,,,,,,,,,,, Marjorie Huvck Treasurer W . ..,,.Beverly Leiken BOYS' LEADERS' CLUB Vvfhen a large group of people work to- gether, it is only natural that some of them should stand out as leaders. To take advantage of these qualities of leadership and coordinate them into a group, the Boys' Leaders' Club. one of the honor clubs of Forest Park High School, was formed. The club meets every Thursday morning from 8 to 8.45 o'clock to transact business and give careful consideration to any sugges- tions for the improvement of our school. Advisers .W H ,,,, .lVlr. Scott Dr. Fredrick Mr. Anderson President W L , Jack Jones Vice-President Jack Behrend Co-ordinator., , ,,,,, Henry Bittorf Secretary. ,,,, ,,,,, Creston Herold Treasurer ,,,, L . Leonard Eardwell BOYS' OPPORTUNITY CLUB The Boys' Opportunity Club is a subordif nate organization of the Boys' Leaders' Club, and was created for the purpose of giving opportunities to the younger potential leaders of the school. Whenever possible they assist in extra-curricular activities and help in han- dling any emergency which might arise. The main duties of the club are morning patrol and after-school patrol. The meetings are held at 8.15 o'clock Monday morning. Advisers . ..,,,,,,. . . .,,,,,,,, . ,.Mr. Scott President . Vice-President ,,.,, ,,,, . Secretary .,,,,,. Treasurer -. . Dr. Frederick Mr. Anderson Edward Rich Edward Biden Ray Hardesty ,.Allan Eisher June, 1938 Page Seventy seven FOUR SQUARE CLUB The lfour Square Club, one of the most active service clubs at liorest Park, aims to exf tend a high ethical feeling throughout the school. to bring the students in contact with outside speakers, to develop a personal and moral character. and to discuss social problems at its meetings. which are held every other Thursday afternoon. Co-adUisers.,,. ,,,,, ,,,,,,, M iss Nora Stoll President nw W, Vice-President ,,,,, Secretary Treasurer W Miss Fanny XVright W , ,. Bernice Bass Mildred Garrett 7 Evelyn Isaacs ,, Margaret Hazard ETHICAL CLUB Sharing the distinction of being among the foremost clubs of Forest Park is the Ethical Club. Under the co-leadership of Mr. Mcl.ean and Mr. Marston, it strives to fulhll its pur- pose. which is implied in its name. Ethical. and in its slogan. "Cooperation, l.oyalty and Clean Sports for All." Co-advisers., .,.Mr. Mclsean Mr, Marston President ,, , , W, Paul Edmonston Vice-President W Dever Hobbs Colonel ,,,,, 7 Robert King Secretary , W ,,,, Melvin Silvers Treasurer W W Bernard Wallenhorst THE PRESS The Press is one of liorest Parles most im- portant publicity agents. lt announces future events and records past activities of the student body, The Press is published every liriday by the students of liorest Park High School, The stall is as follows: Faculty flduiser ,,,, Assistant flduisern, Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor , News Editor ,W Sports Editor , W, Transcription Editors Nlr. H. C. XVhitney Miss Ruth Corbett ,Jacob Hornstein , , Harry London Robert Goldsmith Cordon Himelfarb Sarabelle Silberman Beatrice Phillips Sadie Salmeri Page Seventy-eight THE FoREsTER DEPARTMENT OE SALES AND PUBLICITY The Department of Sales and Publicity has established a perfect system for handling school funds and stimulating the sale of tickets for Various activities at Forest Park. Adviser, ,,,,,, W . ,,,, Mr. Vvlilliam Jolly Presiden! ,,,,,,, , ,,,, Lorraine Terrell Executive Secretary , W Marvin Ballard THE BANK The Student Activity Bank Was formed to handle the unances of the school. receiving and depositing money from plays, clubs. the Press and other groups: to pay out all money for expenses, and to keep accurate and complete records. The bank is one of the most advanf tageous and beneficial services of the school. AdL'lS9F,, , ,,,,, ,, Mr. Nlichael C. Leipoltz Boolzkeepera c,,, , Y , Louise Peel Paying Teller , , Joan Leberman Auditor Joseph Aronhime STUDENT COACHING Rendering one of the finest services to the school, the coaching departments. both boys' and girls, aid those pupils who find their studies diflicult, by securing for them coaches who excel in certain subjects. Without the aid of these volunteer coaches, many students would Hnd it difhcult to keep up with their daily assignments. Boys' Coaching Director ,,,,,,,,,, Jesse Beers Girls' Coaching Director,,Ethel Taubman June, l938 GERMAN CLUB The German Club furthers an interest in German literature and culture among its mem- bers. Lives of famous men are read and their works discussed. German games are played and folk songs are sung at the meetings, which are informally conducted. 'l he club meets every third Thursday of the month. Adviser Mrs. Mary B. Sabine President Barbara Medenbacb Vice-President W , ,,,,, Martha Dworkin Sec'retaryfTreusurer , ,,,, ,,,,Eva YVeber FRENCH CLUB The French Club promotes a better under- standing and greater interest in the language itself. and acquaints its membsrs with the cus- toms and habits of the lfrench people. Meet- ings are held every Hrst and third XVednesday afternoon of each month. Adviser 7 Y Mr. J. Fred Moore President , , ,,,, Dorothy Schwartz Vice-President , ,nn Elizabeth Herd Social Vice-President,W Caryl Schleisner Secretary , , , Arlette Teter Treasurer , , Jack XVheeler LATIN CLUB The Latin Club. one of the largest organf izations in the school. promotes a greater ap- preciation for the life, customs and literature of ancient Rome. Meetings of the l.atin Club are held the second XVednesday of every month. Advisers W Miss Jessie M. Ebaugh Miss lrene Roe First Consul ,,,, Mildred Stottlemeyer Betty Lee Podlich Second Consul W ,,,, Corrine Smith Praetor M , ,,,, ,,,, , Miriam Tunick Aedile ,, U . Charles Laizear Princeps Quastorum Betty Thomas .,, Page Erghry THE FORESTER ART CLUB The Art Club is one of the leading clubs of the school. Distinguished men and women in each field of art are guests of the club once each month. The club is active in many school projects where artistic talent and skill are required. :lduisers L ,,,, Miss Nellie Norris Miss Nora Brainard Mr. Ivan Rigby President , ,,,,, , ,,,, Bill Peale Vice-Presidenl',,,,, ,,,,,Lillian Shapiro Treasurer ,,,,, ,,,,,, E velyn Godwin Treasurer , W , ,,,, , Ainsley Burke Corresponding Secretary Doris Davenport Recording Secrelaryew Margaret Vsfilstorf Elaine Vxferking Sergeantsfut-Arms ,,,, ,,,,Edgar Drake Lawrence Loane Bob Swen MASQUERS CLUB The Masquers. the dramatic society of liorest Park. has been recognized, both from the inside and outside. for its brilliant man- ner of interpreting the great dramatic produc- tions of the ages, It promotes a love for good drama and develops keen interest and ability in dramatics among the students. Meetings are held every Thursday afternoon. Adviser ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, M iss Alta Thompson President ,,,,,. , Rheabel Mendelsohn Vice-President ,,,,,,,,,,,, Leah Rosenblatt Secretary ,,,,, XVilliam Blanchard Treasurer , ,Lillian Shapiro Jung 1938 Pagefughqfone GLEE CLUB The Glee Club, one of the most outstand- ing organizations in the school. aids its mem- bers to gain a deeper musical appreciation and develops their voices more fully. lt brings much glory to lforest Park through radio broadcasts, musical entertainments and at school functions. The meetings are held every Tuesday afternoon at 2.45 o'clocls. Adviser ,,r,, Miss Genevieve P, Butler President , Virginia Bozzuffi Vice-President , ,, ,,,, Norman Young Secretary , Dorothy Kammer Treasurer Anza Knight BOYS' CHORUS Due to bring oustanding honor to Forest Park is the Boys' Chorus. begun bv Bliss Butler in September, This training of male voices has and will furnish material for as- semblies. musical plays and for the semi- annual graduation chorus. President W, , Leonard Fardwell Vice-President ,,,,,, , H Layman Hillis Secrelartlflireasurer XVilliam Lindley ORCHESTRA The Orchestra, under the able leadership of Miss Butler. is one of the leading organiza- tions of the school, lt has gained much praise and recognition from outsiders, Rehearsals are held every XVednesday morning at 8 oflock. flClil.'liS0f, ,,,,, Miss Genevieve P. Butler President ,,,,, ,,,, , ,, , ,, Jack Behrend Vice-President ,Buddy Goldman Secretary ,. Kenneth Jaffe Librarian ,Charles Kerkley -f te www wffmmmmnmm ,gym 4. E me f A H- ".w,,. f , Sif t t 'R i'2- if Page Eighty-Iwo THE FORESTER i THE BAND Making great strides in its enrollment this past season, the Band has become more efficient and inspiring because the members have en- joyed practicing and preparing for perform- ances. Through all triumphs and victories- even unforeseen defeatsgthe school has al- ways been indebted to this organization for its service and usefulness to Forest Park. Informal rehearsals are held in the music room. Adviser ,,,, Miss Genevieve P, Butler Special Instructor ,W ,,,,Mr. John Bohl Drum Major ,, ,,,,,s Bob King Bama' Master ,s,, Jack Behrend JAZZ BAND Notwithstanding the fact that it was just permanently formed last year at the Popular Song Assembly, our Jazz Band has become one of the finest institutions of the school. Miss Butler's leadership has encouraged its interpretations of the new craze, "swing" to be an important factor at step-singing, assem- blies, school dances and the Jubilees. Maeslro . , ,,,s , . W ,,,s Jack Behrend Adviser ,,,, ,,,, M iss Butler LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club is made up of those stu- dents Who stand Well in their studies and have those qualities which are necessary for good library assistants. a desire to serve the school, a wide-awake interest in books and ability to work with people, and the ultimate aim of carrying the experience gained in the Library service here into future work outside of school. Advisers, ,,,, ,,,,,,. M iss Laura Bailey Preszidentgn , . , ts., Marian R. Cohen Vice-President ,,,,, ,,,, , ...,,Ciladys Kahn Secretary ,, ,,,,, .,,,. F lora Miller Treasurer, ,, Anne Erbe June. 1938 Page Lzghly three OPEN EORUM CLUB NVith their motto. "Justice Through Knowledge." this group ol' students. realizing the turther need of sound knowledge of world JH-.1ifS, has joined together to discuss world problems. to promote interest in international and national aflairs, and to aid in molding intelligent public opinion. Adviser ,W Miss Grace Broening President L John 'lf Douty Vice-President. ,,,, Felix Paul Secretary ., . Myra Berg Minister of I'ropugcma'a Jacob Hornstein Muster of Program , Frank Musgrave CHEMISTRY CLUB The Chemistry Club stimulates a desire for further knowledge of chemistry. going more deeply into sections of the course which. due to lack of time, can only be mentioned in class. The club meets the last XVednesday of everv month. rlduziser . ..Dr. Frederick President ., . Lawrence Loane Vice-Preszidenl . Alvin Rudolph Secrettzrtf W.. , Alice Blades Sergeant-alt-rlrms W Robert King Program Committee ,, Richard lVliller Clayton Culler Campbell ldairall HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club aims to create appreciation ot home economics both in and out of school, to form a contact between home and school through social activities, and to connect the club with outside commercial ac- tivities through trips and lectures. lt holds its meetings the second and fourth Tuesdays in every month. Adviser .,,. Miss Doris Church President . , Aline Gattens Vice-President ,W ,,,, Geraldine Newton Secretary W , .,,, ., Grace XVard Treasurer W W Frances XVherret Page Eighty-four THE PORESTER l TYPING CLUB Vwlhen it comes to the acquiring of skill in the field of typing, we need only look to the recently organized Typing Club. As a result of the instruction and advice of the adviser, Miss Ekas, this group has prospered and ad- vanced from its very beginning. President . ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, Muriel Lipson Vice-President ,,,,,, -. ,,,,, Lesley Treger Secretary ,,,,,,, . ,,,,, Pauline Sacks Treasurer -. .. ..Norma Englar SHORTHAND CLUB Thriving under the supervision of Mrs. Brooks is one of the youngest members of our club family. the Shorthand Club. As its name implies, the members deal specifically with shorthand. though not only in a school-day fashion. The tricks and speedy steps developed are truly fun and the participants certainly will not be lacking in skill by the end of the year. Adviser ,,,, . . ,,,, Mrs. Helen Ci. Brooks President ,,,,,,c . c,,c ...Rosalie Kovitz Vice-President. . -. Elaine Beck Secretary .. . .... . Shirley NVootton Treasurer -- . Joan Leberman OFFICE PRACTICE CLUB Meeting to acquaint its members with the operation and use of office machines. the Office Practice Club aims to promote skill, speed, accuracy and expert knowledge in the use of the machines. It has been successful in all its undertakings and the school is indebted to it for the work which it has done for the school at large, Adviser ..... .- Mr. Samuel Goldsmith President ....... . ...... . DeSales Cavey Vice-President ...... . .... Naomi Dahne Secretary -. ..... .... R uth Scherr Treasurer - .... .... Herbert WitZ Chairman of Committees Shirley Michelson June, 1938 Page Eight y-Hue THE SCOUT CLUB NVith the purposes of character building and citizenship training-service and leadership -the Scout 'Club meets every other Tuesday afternoon, where the scouts are given an op' portunity to aid the scouting movement, the individual scout and plan to aid the school. Adviser ,,,,,,,., c,,c M r. Vernon S. Vavrina President ,,,, ,,,,,, , ,Joseph Weisenfeld VicefPresident ,,,,,Sherwood Vkfimbrough Secretary ,.,, , ,,,,,, 7 ,George Little RADIO CLUB A veteran of our extra-curricular organiza- tions, the Radio Club is also a pioneer in scholastic radio stations. Through the operaf tions of our Station W3MX. the club partici- pants have developed increasing skill in the art of amateur radio communication, Adviser ,,,,, L Mr. Thomas Young MODEL CRAFTSMANS CLUB The aim of the Model Craftsmans Club is to stimulate the students interest in manual skill. These members specialize in model en- gines and other various types of machinery. They also aid in the construction, the classin- cation and the storage of sets used on the stage. Adviser r,,e,, ,,..e,, aMr. Edgar Bull President ,,,, ,. ,Charles Conrey Secretarye , ,,,, ,,,,, X Villiam Lutz Treasurer ,,..,, ,,,, J ane Plant Page Eighty szx THE FORESTER STAMP CLUB Encouraging the interesting hobby of stamp collecting, the Stamp Club also brings the col- lector in contact with the history of the vari- ous stamps. This organization encourages Forest Park's stamp collectors in the art and science of philately. The Stamp Club has participated in numerous projects, among which were stamp exhibits in the main hall and library showcases, Meetings are held the Hrst and third Vkfednesday of each month. Adviser , ,.,,,, , wlvliss Florence Levinson President , ,,,,, ,,,,,, , , , ,,,,,, Arnold Litman Vice'Presidenr s,,, Billy XVooters Secretary , ,,,,,, , ,,,, ,Thomas Moss Treasurer , ,,,, James Goldsmith SAFE DRIVERS' CLUB The Safe Drivers' Club is one of the most useful clubs in the school. Driving is taught to those who are desirous of learning. and the members also study the causes of automobile accidents and how to prevent them. Co-advisers ,,,, , ,,,,, ,,Mr. Latimer Dice Mr. Stanley Heylm un President , , ,,,Robert Larrimore Vice-President s,,, ,,,, S ylvan Solmson Secretary , , ,,e, Emma Gardiner Treasurer ,,,, ,,,,, , N Mr. Dice Sergeant-at-Arms, , Edward Appel CHESS CLUB The Chess Club has rapidly grown and become one of the most popular groups in the school. The three fundamental objectives throughout the school. to assist beginners in becoming expert players, and to compete with chess of other schools. Adviser ,,,,,,,,, , Mr. Henry Waskow President ,,,,,,,,,,, ,W Leonard Carton Vice-President, ,,,,, A, , ,,,Paul Perkins Secretary ,,,,,, , ,,,,, Ressa Radinsky Treasurer, ..., , Daniel Long June, 1938 Page Eightyfseuen BOYS' BIOLOGY CLUB The purpose of this club is for educational and cultural advancement in biological facts DOI taught in the regular curriculum. lt pro- motes social relationships between members. Meetings are held the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Aduisern, Mr. Henry G. Hirsch Chairman , ,, Alvin L. Berman Secretary 7 Joel Rosenblatt GIRLS' PING-PONG CLUB The Ping-Pong Club teaches the rules and regulations of ping-pong and tends to pro- mote a more friendly feeling between those girls who are interested in the game. As yet the club has not established the precedence of having interschool tournaments. Meetings are held every Thursday afternoon. Adt'iser,, ,,,, Miss Hester XVhitlield President ,, ,,,,,, Sylvia Cohn Vice-President,, Elizabeth Kaufman Secretary W mn Theresa Lavezza Treasurer ,, ,,,,, Bobette Lowenthal BOYS' PING-PONG CLUB The Boys' Ping-Pong Club stimulates in- terest in the game of tahle tennis, develops a spirit of friendship. cooperation and leadership among the boys of the school. Meetings are held the hrst Thursday in each month and the playing days are on Tuesday and Thurs- day afternoons. AG'UiS0f. Mr. Cooper PfUSl'd9f7l' ,,,, ,Philbin Sweren Vice-Presia'ent,, H Henry Astrin Secretary , , ,sliaufman Ottenheimer Treasurer ,,,, Gordon Himelfarb Custodian , . . Robert Borenstein Assistant Custodian ,,,, ,,Morgan Gibson Sergeant-at-Arms , ,Gabriel Cordish Publicity Director Jacob Hornstein V, E ...IH , H . H . gg ."5..I5 rm- Page .Eighty eight THE FORESTER BADMINTON CLUB The Badminton Club is ol' comparatively new origin. and was organized to develop better badminton players for school and home recreation. The new and popular sport has also promoted closer contacts between the girls of the school, There are no actual meetings. but every NVednesday afternoon both the boys' and girls' gyms are occupied by those girls who are members of this organization. Adviser Miss Ruth Corbett ARCHERY CLUB Archery, the sport of kings, is once more taking a decisive place in the Held of athletics. XVith a membership ot more than one hun- dred, the Archery Club aims to develop one of the most graceful sports by a steady hand, an accurate eye and the fine ideals of sportsman- ship. As yet there has been no interscholastic contests, but it is hoped that in the near future this club will hold an important posi- tion, so as to warrant interscholastic tourna- ments. Because of the size of this club, groups must be assigned specinc days on which they may practice, Meetings are held informally, but practices are held every day when the weather is favorable. Adviser ,,.,, , ,,,,,,, Miss Thyra Vvlaltham President ,,,, , ,,,, , ,,,. ,,Doris Davenport Secretary N ,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, A dele Davis Captain of Teamm, .,,.,, Claire Gutman CAMERA CLUB To stimulate an interest in photography and to aid the students in becoming good ama- teur photographers is the aim of the Camera Club, For the accomplishment of this pur- pose, the club sponsored a contest, partici- pated in by the interested members of the stu- dent body. Meetings are held every Tuesday afternoon. Aduiserw., , ,,,,,, Mr. John Burger President ,,,, ,,.. , ..,,,, D aniel Caplan Vice-President ,,,,s ,L ,, .,,,. Ann Baer Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,e E laine Reichbaum Treasuren, ,..,, Betty Bernstein Page Ninety THE PoREs'1'ER Varsity loe Hockey THE Varsity lce Hockey Team, due to its brilliant performance and excellent coaching by Rex Sims, won the Maryland Scholastic lce Hockey Cham- pionship for the first time in the history of Forest Park. The team took possession of the Harvard Alumni Cup and the Maryland Scholastic Associa- tion Shield, awarded to the title holder each year. Handicapped by a back start, the team had a long up-hill fight through the entire season. ln the first game, a practice tilt with Gilman, the team was defeated by a score of 3-2, but they avenged this defeat in the league contests with the Gilmanites. The Foresters won their first league game by beating av weak Loyola team 5-3, but lost the next two games to Poly, after a rough battle, and to City, in the overtime period. However, the team rallied after these two defeats, taking six straight games from Calvert Hall, 2-O: lVlcDonogh, 3-l: Ciilman, 2-O: City, 3-O: Loyola, 5-2, and Poly, 3-2. This string of victories put Forest Park in first place, and they were never overtaken for the remainder of the season. After taking a 3-0 defeat at the hands of lVlcDonogh, it was neces- sary to win the remaining two games to clinch the championship. The team proved equal to the task by defeating Ciilman 2-l and Calvert Hall 3-l. Co-captain Bob Lilley and Len Susman were the team's high scorers, and were second and third, re- spectively, in the league scoring. The fine playing of Co-captain Schuman, at defense, and Campbell Ford, in the goal, also proved a large factor in the team's success. The second line, composed of God- win, Sentz and De Hoff or Hobbs had many tough breaks, but began to click in the closing games of the season, when the strain became the greatest. The squad loses Lilley, Ford, Sentz and Hobbs by graduation: but with the material coming up from the championship Junior Varsity, the team should make a good showing next year. June, 1938 Page Ninety-one lunior Varsity Ice Hockey THE Junior Varsity ice hockey squad, under the capable leadership of Coach Walter Scheid, emulated the varsity, bringing Forest Park a championship in the Junior League. Undefeated in the league starts, the team's record was blemished only by the fact that City and Calvert Hall held them to l-l and O-O deadlocks, re- spectively. The outstanding event of the season was, as in the case of the "A" team, two victories over Gilman by l-O scores. Members of the team were: Barker Clifton, Fred Nordhoff, William Cox, Bill Boyd, "Lefty" Weaver, Chester Gardiner, Ray The team was awarded 'the Old4Masters and Hardesty, Bob Mitchell, Don Loeschke and Roy Maryland Scholastic Trophies, by virtue of win- Crouthemal. ning the championship. Football EXCIELLFNTLY coached by Mentor Andy Ander- son and ably captained by Bobby Baum, the foot- ball team that represented Forest Park last fall was not only a well-conditioned team, but one display- ing an unquenchable fighting spirit throughout the entire campaign. Looking back over the season, we realize it has been a great success. Coach Andy Anderson was able to hurl at opposing teams a powerful machine which rolled over Calvert Hall, Southern and Vo- cational, with scores of 33-O, 38-O and 25-O. re- spectively. In the game with McDonogh, the squad fulfilled a three-year-old ambition by winning, 6-O. On a rain-soaked gridiron, with the breaks defi- nitely against the Foresters, they suffered their first defeat at the hands of Severn. Following this, the squad enjoyed a much- needed lay-off, which gave the injured players time to recuperate and regain their best form. Tech's Engineers then made a brave stand against the Green and Gray squad and held it to a score- less tie, as the game ended with the pigskin in the Foresters' possession on Poly's 6-inch line. Again rain proved to be a nemesis to the Andy- men, and they closed their campaign as City swam and slid its way to a l5-O victory. Page Ninety-two THE FORESTER Varsity Basketball THE l938 season was successful, the Foresters winning l3 out of l9 games. The Green and Gray ran through seven of their first eight practice matches. The highlight of the season came when our Liberty Heights crew snapped Southern High's three-year, fifty-one-game winning streak with a 44-43 victory. After varied success in several more exhibition contests, the Foresters entered league play as a favorite to gain the finals. However, after beating Poly and Loyola handily, the team ran into a slump and lost badly to Calvert Hall and was nipped l9-l6 by City. In the second round Boxing WITH three veterans returning from last year, Forest Park's boxing team started training under the able guidance of Coach Marston. Dogged by lack of material and bad luck, the team was only able to salvage one dual meet. Close matches were dropped to Vocational, -City and Southern. In the lO5-pound class, Billy Byrd showed a great deal of courage and gameness, but did not have the ability of his larger and stronger op- ponents. The ll5-pound class was dominated by .loe Hartlove, who went through the season undefeated, but was tied once. ln the scholastic finals, Billy Byrd was defeated early in the meet after fight- ing gamely against greater experience. Charley Harrison, in the l25-pound class, and Milt Burger, in the l55-pound class, were also eliminated early in the meet, after stag- ing closely fought, split-decision battles. The only two to gain the finals were Hartlove and Rosner. Both succeeded in winning championships of league play, Poly, Loyola and Calvert Hall were beaten, but once more City nosed out our bas- keteers, 30-28. As a result of this defeat, the Foresters lost their last hope for the championship. The success of the team was due entirely to the coordination of the players, with no one player standing out above the others. The starting team consisted of Bob Eisenberg and Elly Goldberg, forwards: Marty Hart! center: Bernie Wallenhorst and Bob Baum, guards. Bosse, Dobbs, White, Leizman and Korber formed a body of staunch reserves. in their respective weight classes, this being Hart- love's second championship in as many campaigns. Forest Park finished in a tie for second place in the championship finals, although the warriors of the squared circle were confronted by great odds. June, 1938 Page Ninety-three Varsity Soccer THIS year's soccer campaign started OH' with a bang. In fact, the pitchmen impressively bowled over their opponents in all three practice games. Their victims were Towson Teachers' and Park School, twice. Then to start the scholastic league rolling, the Foresters played a 0-0 tie with Calvert Hall. The tilt was started in a drizzle, which, by the end of the first qurter, had changed to a driving rain, lasting throughout the game. In the booters' second league encounter, they met Mt. St. Joe. St. Joe was victorious by the score of l-O, the goal being registered when Kerber, Forester goalie, slipped on the wet and soggy turf and failed to reach the ball. Next the soccerites battled Voca- tional to a l-l tie: Hobbs scoring the Green and Gray's goal. Then they journeyed to Clifton Park to engage Poly in a game. The contest was played on a slippery pitch, familiar to the boys from Tech. Poly, although outplayed, won this game 2-0: the r' nn' -.q-Ma only time the Foresters had more than one goal scored against them. Then came the final game of the season with City, the undefeated champions. The Foresters, again failing to push over a counter, lost at a score of 1-O to the Collegians, who had been winning by scores of 4-O and the like from the other teams in the league. The Green and Gray, with most of last year's team returning, had an excellent defense, as the low scores of the opposition show. The offense, too, was made up of fine performers. However, only two of the booters were picked on the all- Maryland team, namely, Kerber and Edmonston, the latter being elected the previous year. The team was ably coached by Daniel CHappyj Groom, formerly an East Baltimorean booter. The boys outplayed or played on even terms with all of their opponents, but were unfortunate in the breaks of the game and lost by close margins. Lacrosse THIS spring the outlook on the lacrosse season grows much brighter. After a season in the HA" Conference, in which the Foresters gained much needed expe- rience, the team will join the UB" Con- ference. Coach John Burger has several letter men returning to bolster the team's chances. The varsity men returning are Captain Ken Brownley, Bob Lilley, Jack Jones, Frank Nlusgrave and Jack Brady. From the second team come sev- eral promising players. Fred lVlcGarrity, the star of two years ago, is returning to the team after a year's lay-off. The Foresters loom as the team to win in the HB" Conference. Also in the "B" Con- ference will be Mt. St. Joe, Loyola, Park and Calvert Hall. Page Nintey-four THE FoREsTER Baseball UNDER the watchful eyes of Coach Andy Anderson, the 1938 edition of Forest Park's baseball team will take the field with a lineup studded with experi- enced letter men. Walt McCauley, the team's heaviest hitter, will cavort at third base, with Bobby Baum getting the nod at shortstop. At second base we have an experienced man in Bobby Eisenberg, These three men will present an air-tight defense and will do more than their share of hitting. First base is an unknown quantity, as there are no letter men returning for that position. However, there are a number of likely looking candidates among the newcomers and a capable man will probably be found. The outfield will be picked from Larry Mac- Kenzie, Chic Sales, De Sales Cavey and Bernie Wallenhorst, who are all experienced men, and the men who are newcomers are showing no little promise. Varsity Track .ALTHOUGH the outdoor track season had not officially opened at this writing, Forest Park's Green and Gray cinder pounders were looking forward to a highly successful season. The Foresters had six letter men returning and several promising youngsters up from last year's Junior-Unlimited team. Bill Phillips, Maryland State 440 champion, and Len Copeland, dash man, led the Held of veterans who re- turned. Sylvan Solmson, Clayton Dobbs, Bernard Jacobs and Al Rup- persburger also donned the Green and Gray togs for the second season. Among the most promising material up from last year's Junior-Unlimited relay team were Al Sachs and Nlel Cohen. During the indoor track season, the Liberty Heights lads met with fair success. In the Mary- The all-important combination of pitcher and catcher also comes in the category of unknown quantities. Paul Edmonston, with two years' ex- perience, will be the number one pitcher: while Alan Rudolph will very likely land a twirling as- signment. Julius Bosse did not play last season due to the blacklist, but he appears to have the inside track for the catching duties, land scholastic indoor meet they placed fourth with only a week of practice. The best showing in the University of Maryland-Fifth Regiment Meet was made by Bill Phillips when he leaped to a height of 5 feet 9 inches in the high jump, June, l938 Page Ninety Hue Golf TlllS year's team of par-busters has a destiny to fulfill, For three preceding years, the boys who hit a little ball from tee to green have reigned supreme among the scholastic teams in Maryland. Re- turn to the golf wars this spring are Captain Eddie Johnston, veteran of two championship campaigns, and Arthur Johnson, member of last year's squad. The team, when selected, will play a dozen matches, more or less, and then participate in the scholastic champion- ship at Hillendale Country Club. The team title goes to the school whose four players have the lowest aggregate score in the qualifying round. The individual title is the past two seasons This years squad like the decided by match play extending over two Satur previous teams will be coached by Mr Henry days. Forest Park lost its golf star, through th Hirsch graduation of Otto Cireiner, who won this title Boys' Tennis llllITH one of the best tennis squads re- turning in years, Forest Park's diadem hopes are very bright, Dever Hobbs, Elliot Goldberg and George Herr are the three returning reguf lars, and will fill the number l, 2 and 3 positions. lncidentally, everyone of these is well up on the list of the States fifteen best Junior tennis players, Dick Conway, Lloyd Lockard and Dick Lyle, at present, appear as the most promising newcomers: as Conway has played tennis here previously, he will probably play the number 4 position. Lockard, up from the Jay Vees, and Lyle will fight The contest with City on May 9 appears al it out for the number 5 post. most certain to decide the championship Page Ninety-six THE PORESTER Fencing FOR a team that was only in its second year of competition, the fencing team has acquitted itself in a manner indica- tive of unlimited success in the future. Under the guidance of Mr. Joseph Krieger, the masters of the thrust and parry proved stubborn opposition for the other more experienced teams. They engaged in six matches, winning three and losing three. In downing Poly and McDonogh, they showed marked im- provement and in bowing to the supe- rior teams of Patterson Park and City College they waged courageous though losing struggles. City handed them two setbacks and Patterson Park one. The three regu- lars of the team were all holdovers from last sea- son: William Peale of last year's first team, and Joseph Aronhime and Russel Sindler of last year's reserves. Peale and Sindler emerged with flying colors: Aronhime showing remarkable improve- ment. The two substitutes, William Blanchard and Zelig Klitenic, were both newcomers: the for- mer experiencing his first taste of baptism under Ere. In addition, there were three promising re- cruits who did not compete in any matches: they were Julian Marcus, Joel Rosenblatt and Robert Sinsky. The team is looking forward to a highly successful season in '39, with all their regulars and reserves returning with the exception of Peale. Girls' Hockey THE hockey team this season, though not en- tirely successful, was indeed worthy of some praise. The team was not defeated in any game it played, but tied every opponent. Brilliant playing and ex- cellent stick work was featured by Marjorie Stump, Joan Robbins and Kathryn Barnsley. Although the team will lose some of its players in June, the veterans and Miss Hyde, an excellent and compe- tent coach, are looking forward to the champion- ship next season. June, 1938 Page Ninety-seven Girls' Basketball THE 1938 girls' basketball season here at Forest Park provided many tense and exciting moments. The varsity, under the fine coaching of Miss Jour- neay, developed a fast, hard-lighting team and it was directly in line for the championship, but they were forced to relinquish claims to the title when they lost a close, well-fought game to Southern on Southern's own court. The Hrst league game of the season saw defeat for the Foresters at the hands of Eastern, the score being 42-29. The folowing week the team defeated Western. The varsity squad followed their first win by de- feating Southern, 20-11, on Forest Park's court. The lineup of the team is: Doris Ikena V The girls next avenged their previous loss to Eastern by a 17-10 victory on Eastern's gym floor. Forest Park captured its fourth consecutive league game with a 20-15 victory over Western. The hopes of the championship were crushed when the girls fell at the hands of Southern, who outscored them 18-15. Four members of the team will again be available for competition next year and with the potential ability displayed by the Jay Vee, Forest Park ex- pects nothing less than the championship in the 1939 season. Marjorie Stump F. C. Jeannette Riebetantz Doris Linthicum F. G. Joan Robbins Florence Barker S. C. G. Page Ninety-eight THE FORESTER ir a ir Girls' Volleyball THE volleyball team representing Forest Park for the 1938 season is composed of many experienced players from last year, and the vacancies left by graduation are filled by capable newcomers and former Jay Vee players. There has always been an enthusiastic turnout for volleyball and this year has proven to be no exception, Miss Hyde, who acted as coach last year, is again coaching and through her efforts and those of the team, Forest Park hopes to obtain the inter- scholastic championship. ir ir Girls' Tennis AFTER capturing the championship for five suc- Way to the top fairly and squarely. Although the cessive years, the tennis team is out to uphold the team lost a number of valuable players through standards set in previous years. Under the able graduation last year, there have been many Willing coaching of Miss Journeay, the girls will fight their and capable volunteers. Ann Ketzky Marilyn Thomas SKathryn Barnesly and Betty Weed The 1938 team: Jean Davis Margaret Meiser Doubles lAlma Burkins and Agnes Atkinson June, 1938 Page Nine! y-nine Girls' Golf ALTHOUGH the school does not carry on a championship meet with other schools, a friendly competition is en- forced yearly against Eastern. A school tournament is waged, in which the girls compete according to their scoring average. The l938 team, according to aver- age, consists of: Peggy Wooden Margaret Hazard Eleanor Stratton Ruth Soper Cheer Leaders FOREST PARKS student body has plenty of school spirit and it has cheer leaders who know hovv to lead that zest in the right direction. Three cheers for the Pep Committeef The cheer leaders during this year at Forest Park were: Silvan Livingston Melvin Silver Alvin Sachs Benjamin Solomon WX Page One Hundred 'T ' ' .ifffiiisg ,V . cu 1 Coaches MR. SIMS JUST completing his thirteenth year as ath- letic director is Mr. Rex Sims. Besides ar- ranging the schedules, Mr. Sims coached the track and ice hockey squads. Due to the mentor's ability for producing line teams, Forest Park reaped the Maryland scholastic ice hockey championship. ir MR. ANDERSON C. MELWLLE QANDYD ANDERsoN is the coach of our football, basketball and base- ball teams. I-Ie is noted for teams that play a clean, fast and fiery game of ball. ir MISS HYDE UNDER the capable and competent direc- tion of Miss Hyde, our school has been proud to present the fine, skilled hockey, volleyball and golf teams she has led. RSX f MISS OURNEAY WORDS cannot express the value of her friendship and guidance have been to us. We extend our sincere thanks to her for coaching the clean, fast and able basketball and tennis teams she has brought forward. June, 1938 Page One Hundred One We Uwe It All To: 'A' Whip-cracking teachers and homework galore, Fashions and movies and girls we adore: Pop and the car every Saturday night, And good old Dick Tracy who always did rightt, The swingy "Big Apple" which came here to sway, And lassies who trucked through the halls all day: "Foo" and "Nerts" which shared their reign, Along with the tune "Bie Mir Bis Du Schoen": The "Dipsy Doodle" which was a thing to beware, It seemed always to be getting in our hair: The Seven Dwarfs and lovely Snowhite, And empty wallets on Monday night: The noisy cafe and breezy gym, Shirley Temple's smile full of dimples and vim: Sodas and sundaes, cake and ice cream, Adventures and ambitions of which we would dream: Charlie McCarthy whose quips so beguiling, Had the charmed power of keeping us smiling: Chic dresses, hats, and passing fads, Heightened girls' envy and beckoned the lads. 'A' Each of the above played an important part In making us happy, in soothing the heart. Had it not been for the joy they brought, We would not have reached the success we sought. Our troubles and woes they helped us forget, And therefore we know that to them we're in debt. We'l1 always remember, though our hair may grow sparse, And we began to realize that life's but a farce, That though their gay and carefree caress may not rate, They helped us in one way to graduate. Page One Hundred Two THE PORESTER June, 1938 Page One Hundred Three W A XP Page One Hundred Four THE FORESTER Last Will and Testament Inherited IT HAS been the custom in former years for the graduating class to leave in their FORESTER a will arranged in an official manner and be- queathing unto the school various items of note. The Class of June 1938 in an attempt to hur- dle the repetitions of time, lists a few of the memories that it shall wish to retain upon its exit, for it cannot force itself to cease cherish- ing them: We wish to take with us Audrey Schmidt's faithfulness, her cheerful disposition and her un- tiring efforts to keep our class on top. Richard Baker's loyal, inspiring work as our student president. Larry MacKenzie's handsome profile and physique, which won for him the title of the "Adonis of the Gridiron." Alma Lyon's inexhaustible supply of energy and efficiency. A picture of the luxurious wealth of hair which adorned the scalp of one "Beetle" Pod- lich. However, these locks may have been de- pleted by the strain of wielding the whip over the heads of the members of the poor FORESTER Staff. Miss Smith's graciousness, which she used faithfully to help us produce '4The Youngest." We should like to keep in our thoughts the look of strained bashfulness which Bob Baum bestows upon each member of the fairer sex, for although Bob has displayed his power on the football field, the crimson blush of shyness is easily brought to his cheeks. Jack Behrend's rhythmic pounding on the drums and his magic touch on the Xylophone. He was the nucleus of our orchestra. Virginia BoZzifH's melodious singing voice. Jacob Hornstein's power of speech and his temperament created by the art of being a journalist. Miss Koenig's everlasting loyalty, together with her sincere, motherly devotion. We reserve all rights to Barbara Hample's devilishness. Albert Potash's mirthful poetical works. Edith Weissman's contagious giggle and con- tinuous curl wiggling. Melvin Silver's knack for doing away with Scotchmen, Sylvia Schlossberg's resemblance to Eleanor Whitney. V Robert Swem's art work. Ruth Scherr's scoops which came from the keyholes of Forest Park. Catherine Rakowsky and Joe Butterworth's companionsip. Barbara Medenbach's trucking, Alice Blades' charming smile and vivacious personality. "The Youngest," our Senior play, which will live with us always. Also, this book, the FORESTER, to which we will come, years hence, and linger longingly over the joys and sorrows of four short years spent at Forest Park. We sincerely hope that the student body will not think us selfish for keeping these items, rather than bestowing them upon others, be- cause, although the years may come and the years may go, and the Class of June l938 may sever, the memories of our activities here we'd like to keep in our hearts forever. Signed: THE JUNE CLASS OF 1938. Witnesses: QMISSQ MENETTA E. KOENIC. CMISSD AUDREY SCHMIDT June, 1938 Page One Hundred Five Believe lt Or Not fWith apologies to Ripleyj Nine out of ten students have always wanted to pull Esta Bablan's pigtails, but not one has gotten up courage to do so. With all of Jesse Beers' sophistication, he has a temper. Ray Coleman told Miss A. Thompson that he had a stop watch-he said it stopped every few minutes. Although Betty Thomas has all the qualities of a debutante, she has red blood. Al Rudolph has gone all through school, being called Alan: yet his parents dubbed him Alvin. Reuben Levitas drove to school every day in that '29 Whippet and he's still living. Bob Baum, demon of the gridiron, has never in his seventeen years of life "dated" a girl. Melvin "Ag" Silver, one of our most famous 'Aswingstersf' danced in the Russian Ballet at the Lyric on March 7, 1938. if 'k 'A' lust Picture Ann Rife minus a new "crush," Paul Edmonston as meek as Zazu Pitts. Marcia Dickson not surrounded by football heroes. Mr. Dunn ending an assembly without saying, "I sincerely hope." Naomi Dahne not imitating Tizzie Lish. Stanley Fribush worrying. Alma Lyons flunking a test. Richard Baker dancing with Esta Bablan. Jesse Beers in love. Bernice Bass without a smile. Phillip Altfeder in silence. Audrey Schmidt frowning. Forest Park without the ice hockey title. Page One Hundred Six THE FOREQTER Ellildilllillillli ziimillllhl , l 1 Q 9 O!" ,, QQN Q0 v 2' Q 'P , . s sr S: ' 6389 o .262 Q4 iiam '- QQKQWQYW swim- fbvgzm liao? lH'f I I I I A Hx ? . K f , . 0 v uhhh, -'-I B 069 SXUSL ll f Q llliflllflinlliii lille-Kllulisfifefillih m::u mir 5155? I'-'IIE N Q K ., if 'QL slfgizf, 5 m ' 0 sw, ,I X Q51 "3 ' A .Qu 9 "5 54' 657' 521' Ax, E YHAIIWIFJIII'-II E EiTiIiEliiS'iIIClG'IhllIlIIl1E EllAYli2TIIIlii 5 5 IW IRIMYIE 'H 14- X., - F '23-'rw 5' U. I I : 'KAN X ' gl 5 Lb f Q llll 5' 1 X 'V t' ,Q 1 gm lg Ei h, K H G 1, P " 1 1 fo .killililllilliil 0 IRI A I u.IHl0-D Q38 shop... Jung, 1938 Page One Hundred Seven ummmn:1a'l-rceuanmum llllllllllSill:-IQINCHIIIIIIIIII ly . - K V ' if 5, 9 ef 4. ' 4 fy' ,ff SK fa I fm, m f , 1 ESRC , .:g:,, '.':a ,. 3 kgwf A 2- A ,f :1r 11 - ,I 0 -,L - llllllllIl1ll'llIl?h'll:llllllllI lllliiilRUIIINIIIIYIIEIIII lllllilllll-13NIO!I-IIYATIIHIIRYAIIIIIZIIIW ff, I T' U Q 1: H XX A A R 3 " Vg-9' ,5 I S ,V i n Y 4 f . " ,jill -Al n 'f 3 4 -K1'fill:TiiIiiY:li: - El -Vllllix . mia LO A - AY lBEHIl lEEHIl IIBEEIIIIC BEHII 4 1 XX N II!! W 1 X T W ff . - , gg' Q 7 sl' N K 7 Y av! X Z - , xg ff his W , I l N 1, 9 f + Q X21 '1 I - " L? J W ri -ji I Es' K 'Alu Z El E 0-Bob Kgmbe Page One Hundred Ezght THE FORESTER The History of the luno Class ol H938 'A' We trudged along for ten odd years, 'Mid smiles and sorrows, joys and tears. Nobody knew us, nobody cared, Nobody bothered to ask how we fared. 'A' Finally We reached our Junior grade And were presented with Miss Koenig as our aide. Whereupon We elected Jack Jones as our head. Thus, along the road to success We sped. 'A' We marched along to Happy Hills And staged a program with, oh, such frills, The kids enjoyed it, they begged for more: It was packed full of laughter and fun galore. ir The next thing we did to brighten our way Was to present an assembly on Arbor Day. Speeches, music, and flowers, too, Were all significant of our debut. 'A' We had such leaders as Baker and Schmidt, Who certainly helped to make June '38 a hit. Audrey held on until the last, Encouraging our Work by the sunshine she cast. ir Everyone came to see our Jolly Junior Jubilee. And had a Wonderful time for so small a fee. Our Salon Internationale, auditorium showiand band Made everyone pronounce our Jubilee grand! June 1938 Page One Hundred Nme The Hlstory of the Tune Class of 1938 Contd 'A' Our Junior Prom, we presented in May. Dressed in formal attire, everyone was gay. The girls' gymnasium was the place Where the boys and girls waltzed with grace. 'A' We gave the Seniors a farewell dance, Our Pep Assembly placed the school in a trance. To the drum major we added some new attractions, And a new microphone continued our actions. F if One February day we marched up the aisle And were presented as Seniors in perfect style. Our appearance and singing they did commend, When we promised the honor of Forest Park to defend. ir "The Youngest," by Barry, we put on our stage, It was one of the inest productions in Forest Park's age. The play, a hit, put us in the spotlight: We surely made history that Sat. night. 'A' Our FORESTER was our very next test. Of all the books we've read, we think this the best. A book of our thoughts, a wonderful art: We'll cherish its memories close to our heart. 'A' Following this we bid adieu: We had entered to learn, now we are through. As we go forth to serve, we promise to try To keep showering glory on Forest Park High. Page One Hundred Ten THE FORESTER Hymn to the Green and Gray ir Here stands the school that guides our youthful years And shows the path that we will climb somehow To seek the light of wisdom without fears, And spread its rays, if darkness nears. O, Forest Park, we give to you the vow: To guard the gleam revealed us now, 'A' Our school so dear thy name will always glow Within our hearts no matter where we go: Our youthful dreams are born within your rooms, From your bright halls our future looms. O, Green and Gray, that wave so proudly nigh, Our home is here-at Forest Park High. i' Your lofty tower points upward in the sky, Bids us to hold our gleaming standard high. We came to learn: to serve we now go forth, Our deeds shall show our inner worth. We pledge our love and loyalty to you. Your faith will lead in everything we do! if BEST WISHES Consolidated Engineering Co INCORPORATED Contractors PP PP Builders vw 75 PP PP Engineers vw rv PP Baltimore Maryland Your garments and linens handled as carefully as if they were our own-in our modern laundry and dry cleaning plants Safeguard your health, keep that school-girl vim and vigor, save time and money by sending YOUR laundry to R E G A L THE SOFT WATER LAUNDRY Your clothes Will always look clean and smart if you have them dry cleaned regularly by the REGAL-ZORIO nnv cimtns Phone: MADISON 2752 Main Office and Plants: GILMOR AND MOSHEB STREETS UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE COEDECATIONAL A High School Iiriuealion Qualifies for Entrance lo All Courses LAW SCHOOL Three'Year Evening Course for LL. H. Degree and Qualifications to Take Bar Examination An Optional 4'Four-Year Law Course of Three Evenings a Week" IS Also Available SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Day and Evening Divisions COURSES FOR DEGREE: JOURNALISM ADvEI:TISIxC GENERAL EDUCATION SECRETARIAL SCIENCE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTING ffor C. P. AJ .IUNIOR COLLEGE General Vocational Courses for Diploma Training for Semi-Professional Occupations Two Years Day School or Three Years Evening School COLLEGIATE ACTIVITIES PLACEMENT SERVICE Registrations Accepted Now For September 1938 Term CATALOG SENT UPON REQUEST UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE 847 NORTH HOWARD STREET Phone: Vernon 6095 TI-IE ARUN DEL CORPORATION BALTIMORE, MD. Contractors and Engineers and Distributors ot Sand :: Gravel :: Stone and Commercial Slag ParentfTeachers, Association OF THE Forest Park High School COrganiZed in 19245 DEAR GRADUATES OF THE JUNE 1938 CLASS: The Parent-Teachers' Association of your School is happy to con- gratulate you upon the successful conclusion of your work here. With pride we bid you "Go forth to serve," knowing that wherever you go the ideal you will have before you will be the ideal upheld at Forest Park. Whether you go in search of higher learning or into the commercial world, a sincere desire for knowledge and truth, a spirit of fair play, and a high standard of honor, integrity and courage on your part will make the world a better place to live in and show the world what a true Forest Park man or woman can be. The P. T. A. meets on the first Tuesday in each month at 8.15 p. m. at the School. Every parent is invited to become a member and to cooperate with what is being done by this organization, by the Faculty and by the Board of School Commissioners of our city for our children, TI-IE IUNE CLASS OF 1938 1 wishes SOUTH JERSEY AMALGAMATED THE FEBRUARY CLASS CLOTHING WCRKERS 9121939 OF AMERICA Y Success PHILIP RUDICI-I, Manager IN ITS SENIOR YEAR Q?Y5fTSQ Compliments ot Forest Park High School Alumnae Association CS.5L.Jg,LZD sis Quality Dry Cleaners N579 2205 North Charles Street .da 0.9 WATSON SECRETARIAL SCHOOL for Girls Individual Instructions- Rapid Advancement- IN Secretarial and Stenographic Courses Specializing in Training Medical and Legal Secretaries MARY WATSON REIK, Prin. ESTHER NORRIS TAYLOR, Asst. 2102 Maryland Avenue Chesapeake 0816 American I South African Line fincorporatedl 26 BEAVER STREET NEW YORK CITY A-rfffff-me-:fum All Inclusive Cost Cruises 105 Days . . . 5558.00 Minimum Cabin Steamer 95 Days . . 351150.00 Minimum First-Class Steamer INCLUDING Four Weeks Touring in SOUTH AND EAST AFRICA One Day at ISLAND OF ST. HELENA and TRINIDAD, BRITISH WEST INDIES Founded 1782 Washington College CHESTERTOVVN . . . MARYLAND A Iirafyzamrs Oldest Chartered College A Grade A-Accredited Member Regional and National Associations 'Ir MODERN CURRICULUM COEDUCATIONAL HISTORIC EXCELLENT FACILITIES MODERATE EXPENSE 'A' Write for Information GILBERT W. MEAD, Litt.D., LL. D. President LOYOLA COLLEGE EIGHTY-SIXTH YEAR A DISTINCTIVE COLLEGE4 Developing True Men of Character A CONSERVATIVE COLLEGE- Imparting the Cultural Heritage of the Ages A PROGRESSIVE COLLEGE- Training for Modern Leadership Under Experienced Educators Degree Courses in THE ARTS, SCIENCES AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Preparation for MEDICINE, LAW, ENGINEERING, ACCOUNTING, ETC. Freshman Registration Closes Sept. 24 CLASSES LIMITED For Information Write THE REGISTRAR, LOYOLA COLLEGE 4501 NORTH CHARLES STREET Phone: Chesapeake 1020 Compliments of A FRIEND fb THE E. EYRINO SL SONS COMPANY Builders 808 S. CONKLING STREET BALTIMORE, MD. Offce: Phone Wolfe 4328'432Q Compliments of A FRIEND 1 1 Y A-C1 P. Flanigan SL Sons, Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Harford Avenue and 25th Street Compliments of the HUB FURNITURE CO., INC. R. E. CARTER, Mgr. 710-12-14 Pennsylvania Ave. Baltimore, Maryland VERNON 3601 O YOU FURNISH THE GIRLg WE'LL FURNISH THE HOME Compliments of A FRIEND iff- JENKINS jewelers 20 WEST REDWOOD STREET Manufacturers of FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL RINGS AND PINS YMOA. SCHOOLS ICH Sses open to Men and Women! BALTIMORE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE CEstablished I909D E Day and Evening Divisions. Four-year courses in Accounting and Business Management. Day : Division courses lead to B. B. A. degree. Low tuition: no matriculation fee. Over 200 Mary- : land C. P. A.'s have studied at this college. Y. M. C. A. BUSINESS COLLEGE C55th Yearj : Shorthand, Typewriting, Secretarial, General E Clerical, Bookkeeping and Accounting courses. E Individual instruction and progress: enter any E time. Low tuition. Send for catalogue. We E have no solicitors. Y. M. C. A. FRANKLIN AND CATHEDRAL STS. Vernon 8650 TASTE THE DIFFERENCE IN THIS FINE TEA .. ICED . ,. LL ZW' ml H O T RICHER - SWEETER - FULL FLAVORED THE McCORMICK SALES CO. BALTIMORE, MD. PURNELL GALLERIES 407 North Charles Street PICTURES FOR THE HOME AND SCHOOL Pictures Correctly Framed Paintings Expertly Cleaned Phone: Forest 7545 GWYNN MOTORS Baltirn0re's Finest Used Cars Gwynn Oak at Liberty Heights Avenue MARYLAND OFFICE SUPPLY CO. OFFICE FURNITURE STATIONERY PRINTING 128 W. Fayette Street Phone: piaza 7616.7 HOOD COLLEGE Ilrcwm' I. STAHR, A. M., D. D., LL. D. President Accredited college for women. AB. and BS. in Home Economics. Teacher-training. Twelve modern well-equipped buildings. I25 acres. :-: :-: :- For Catalogue adrlress REGISTRAR Hood College - Frederick, Md. BUSINESS MACHINE and STENOGRAPHIC COLLEGE Trains You For Modern Business Shorthand. Typing. Dictaphone. Comptometer, Calcu- lating, Adding and Bookkeeping Machine Courses Complete or Individual Courses DAY AND NIGHT CLASSES C. FELIX WITKOWSKI 6 E. LEXINGTON ST. Phone: Plaza 1606 Compliments of . . A FRIEND "For Good Furniture Reasonably Priced" JOHN c. K IPP st soNs FURNITURE Cabinet Shops Show Rooms 600 S. Pulaski St. 343 N. Charles St. CLOPPER ARBOREAL SERVICE Scientijic Care of Trees Since 1912 H. STEVENSON CLOPPER, Arborisz Compliments of . . Mr. and Mrs. William A. White 2831 Ridgewood Ave. Phone: Liberty 6081 RADIATOR WESTERN MARYLAND COLLEGE ENCLQSURES WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND w ig, f f! I That Truly' Beautify FRED CARRICUS IIOLLOWAY. D. D., LL. D.. President aq ui , Aw- , fifi Your Home For Young Men and Young Women Artistique Radiator Enclosure Company Factory and Office: 515 NORTH EUTAW STREET Phone: Vernon 2858 Unexcelled Location, Modern Curriculum Complete Equipment Moderate Rates Catalogue Upon Application BILL,S SERVICE STATION WAI. A. PEAK, Prop. Indexed Lubrication Thirty-sixth Street and Falls Road LOANE MACHINERY COMPANY 208 SOUTH HANOVER STREET Phone: Chesapeake 9238 BHIl3i1T1OI'C IVI3I'y'I3Hd Liberty 1518 Liberty 0465 Meadow Gold Ice Cream ARMACOST Funeral GDirectors 4204 RIDGEWOOD AVENUE Served Exclusively in OUR CAFETERIA McPHERSON'S Haberclasliers anal Custom Shirt Makers Since 1862 11 East Baltimore Street Compliments of .... A F R I E N D A. T. JONES 86 SONS The Baltimore Costumers Since I868 COSTUMES FOR ALL OCCASIONS DRESS SLITS FOR HIRE 823 N- Howard St- Phone: Vernon 3473 Phone: Forest 028041 C A M P S H I L O H For Boys Compliments of .... The GOWN and HOSIERY SHOP ELLA SKILLNIAN PFEIFFER GRADUATION DRESSES A F R I E N D 3501 Berwyn Avenue 1 q 'est of Liberty Heights Ave. and Garrison Blvd. B M y H Y V I S Phone: Forest 6300 Mileage llletererl Motor Oil Run Right to READSS DISTRIBUTORS GENERAL NIACHINERY AND SUPPLY COMPANY 4-I1 East Lombard Street For All Your Drug Store Neerlsl Gwynn Oak and Liberty Heights Avenues Pl lcriicr : Liberty 8400 H. L. HESSON G A Store LIBERTY HEIGHTS AND ELDORADO Compliments of .... SELIGMAN 86 HITE Compliments of S. S. KRESGE COMPANY 3805 Liberty Heights Ave. SAMUEL I. ROSENBERG Insurance 1530-31 Baltimore Trust Building Phone: Liberty 8900 ESKRIDGE BROTHERS USED CAR SALES AND SERVICE Liberty Heights Ave. and Garrison Blvd. ROGER SULLIVAN CHRYSLER . . . PLYMOUTH Sales ami Service 11110 Bloomingdale Rd. Pl 1111 1 ez Madison 1645 Compliments of VIC FRENKIL Builders and Engineers The Right Clothes .... At Low Prices BRAGER-EISENBERG Baltimore7s Dominant Thrift Store ELITAYV, SARATOGA AND CLAY STREETS CALVERT 2222 Phone: Vernon 7134 EXPERT REPAIRING FUNK 86 ENNIS, Inc. h DISTRIBUTORS Compliments of .... Chrysler and Plymouth Motor Cars SALES AND SERVICE A F R I E N D 1309-15 Cathedral Street Used Cars of Quality Cars Washed and Polished f'Every Lesson Interest' g" Phone: Vernon 8298 CONSUMERS COFFEE COMPANY m,..,Q.x 2561 EDMONDSON AVENUE BERBU5 ' STUDIOS Coffees To Suit Any Taste - OF MUSIC T Give Us A Trial POPULAR PIANO PIANO ACCORDION 52l N. Howard Street, 2nd Foor The COLONIAL HAIRDRESSING SHOP C . . , l , omplzments of Distinctive Service Moderate Rates 3826 Liberty Heights Avenue Phone: Liberty 2771 BROADWAY STORAGE CO., Inc. llllUIlt'Z Mohawk 98-12 66 A Z Z Learn to Play the Latest Songs-Piano, I Guitar, Accordion, Banjo, Saxophone, Etc. - IDA I- BIi3GI'3Lf Pfilllflemf Free Booklet Beginners or Players Low Rates Permanents Facials Tinting Bleaching 3603 Rogers Ave-1 nf- Park Heights Ave- 211 N. LIBERTY sT., 2nd Floor Plaza 5926 Compliments of .... A F R I E N D If It Is Made of LEAD Wie Can Make lt! BALTIMORE LEAD BURNING CONTRACTING CO. Practical Leazl Burners 3801 Granada Ave. 1'h.,m+1 Liberty 9038 FRAIN IE BROTHERS Builders I9 West Franklin Street Graduate in Style . . . in CLOTHES from THE IIIIEIIII HUB Hof CHARLES STREET" Patrons and Patronesses Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop H. Bulmer Mr. Earl B. Haines Mrs. Elmer Storm Mr. and Mrs. Charles Glass A Friend A Friend Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Stone Congratulations! Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. John B. Purcell Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Aaron The John B. Adt Co. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy B. Porstmann Mr. Albert Fiedler Mrs. Charles F. Brauns Mrs. Henry C. Kammer S. Howard Phipps, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Schneider Mr. F. Murray Benson Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ford Dr. Guy O. Lyon Howard C. Heiss Mr. and Mrs. James H. Leslie Hankin Brothers Emily Sorenson Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Hobbs Mr. and Mrs. Gotschall Mr. Jesse Beers, Sr. A Friend Mir. and Mrs. Louis M. Silberstein Compliments of Silber's Bakery Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Ford Mrs. William Fraser Mr. and Mrs. T. Silber A Friend Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Carrie Mae Bru Chey Truman Lee Anderson Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Hiken A Friend Keller's Barber Shop Leona Irene Betschler Hammann's Music Store Little Jeff's Department Store Kahn's, Park Heights Avenue 1-1--QD-1...? Mr. Abel S. Cowell Mr. Louis Platt Mr. Rudy Serra Mr. and Mrs. I. Margolis Mrs. Elwood O. McCauley Compliments of 3301 Mr. Elwood O. McCauley Compliments of 2300 Compliments of Zentz Pharmacy The "Dizzy Dozen Club" Mrs. Robert A. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sweren Mr. and Mrs. Henry I. Bittorf Mr. and Mrs. Chester C. Coster Dr. Clinton Rich Mr. Howard Clifton Mrs. J. H. Geiger Dr. George J. Baylin Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Appleby Dr. George J. Phillips Mr. H. XV. Herche, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. G. Sonntag Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Burnett Compliments of Martin's Bakery Mrs. Eugenia Arnold Dr. and Mrs. Henry Shapiro Mr. Herman Medenbach Jack Surasky Pimlico Barber Shop Anonymous Mir. and Mrs. Paul Norris Mr. C. Edwin Rife Mr. Donald C. Solley Mr. William Hill Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Steen Mr. E. L. Bowen Mr. and Mrs. John B. Barker Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Kriszmaul Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Wheatley Mr. and Mrs. L. D. McDonald Sidney Enten Mr. and Mrs. Carl N. Wilstorf Cecille Austin Mary and Randolph Mfrs. Millard F. Minnick Richard Baker Dr. Lewis Mrs. William H. Rife Mrs. June Kanner Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Fox A Friend Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Loane Dr. and Mrs. Clarence E. YVise Miss Florence Thalheimer Kelly Brothers Mr. and Mrs. Edward Holofcener Charles R. Cohen A Friend A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Robert Guerke The "Two" Virginias A Friend Mr. and Mrs. A. Vernon Collison Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Levin Mr. E. Dorsey Loane Howard Park Pharmacy Dr. and Mrs. F. C. Herndon Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Arntz Mrs. F. W. Fvoslef A Friend Daniel Jay Eisenstadt and Sister William Carr Broughton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Harvey Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Compliments ofa Friend Compliments of a Friend J. R. Brady Cohen's Tasty Coddies Miss Ella Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Mifiiin L. Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Brown Mrs. James H. Riefle Troy Laundry Mr. and Mrs. Aaron J. Isaacs A Friend Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Coole Gaile Beauty Salon Mr. John Mundell Oakfield Tailoring Co. Mr. and Mrs. S. Howard Phipps Compliments of Friend Miss Florence M. Layman Mrs. Anna Hillis and Family Dr. William Schunick. D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Shackelford Emily L. Buchholz Patrons and Patronesses A Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend L. C. Smith i'5Corona Typewriters, Inc. Mr. E. H. Norman Dr. M. A. Weinberg Mr. Louis M. Lasky Mr. Frank Perilla C. M. Smith Piedmont Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rothman Mrs. Elsie F. Herman Dick Tinkler Mrs. F. M. Saumenig Mr. and Mrs. A. Kirsten Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seymour Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Dodge Mrs. M. B. Sudler Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Sodergren 26 Son Mr. and Mrs. George L. Wagner, Jr. .M,GD.M- Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Fisher Mr. J. Fred Schalfer Mr. Julius Cohen Mrs. A. R. Rosenblatt Mrs. Grace K. Overton H. Mortimer Kremer Nlr. and Mrs. W. N. Linthicum Mr. and Mrs. A. Nadelman Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brosius Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Ashley Mr. and Mrs. A. Sam Becker Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Prodaehl Mrs. Esther Hornstein Miss Claudia Honrahan Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mendelsohn Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Rosenheim Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Johnson Mrs. Albert H. Wehr Mrs. Alma M. Lyons Edith XV. Mills F. W. Stringer Compliments of Class of 2301 Mrs. H. S. Stottlemyer Mr. and Mrs. David Blumenthal Mr. and Mrs. 1. Dworkin Mr. and Mrs. Hoffmeyer Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Follmer Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Uhler Mr. and Mrs. Julius Sugar Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Behrend A Friend Victor Cleaners and Dyers Louis Baum A Friend A Friend A Friend Compliments of a Friend La Metia Sociale ALBERT H. JAFFE 86 CO. .Manufacturers uf JAYCRAFT APRONS BALTIMORE - - MARYLAND Sold By All Learling Department Stores 1, ,Ugg F ,WW ! Laundry - Dry Cleaning IS COMPLETE Compliments of .... A F R I E ND Compliments of .... A F R I E N D ELINOR BEAUTY SHOPPE QCATHERINE E. LESSNERT 4710 GWYNN OAK AVE. Phone: Liberty 3842 Phone: Forest 9779 Be Sure to Come to THE HERBERT SHOP 3816 Liberty Heights Avenue MANHATTAN AND ARROW SHIRTS Ties and Other Graduation Necessities Compliments of .... A F R I E N D Compliments of .... A F R I E N D BUY YOUR COAT OR SUIT DIRECT AT THE FACTORY lSave the Stores' Markup! GOUCHER GARMENT COMPANY S W Corner Fayette 61 Hanowcrfts Phone: Vernon 1052 Established 55 Years THE JOHN TROCKENBROT CO. Manufacturing Jewelers BANQUET FAVORS TROPHIES BOWLING PRIZES SCHOOL, CLUB AND LODGE PINS RINGS FOREST PARK JEWELRY MEDALS 310 North Paca Street .... ............... A -- ---7 COMPLETE 1 A 4 H ij R E' A DRUG SERVICE E Q u fs 5 TC EES - ai: -.-Ceeyttz. , There Is One Near You. Highest Quality Milk 1000729 Independent ROYAL FARMS DAIRY BUTTER COTTAGE CHEESE BUTTERMILK ORANGEADE CHOCOLATE MILK Call Madison 7644-45 Bass's Quality "G-A" Store "Good Things To Eaf' 3801 Boardman Avenue Phone: Liberty 2450 Compliments of . . . A FRIEND LIBERTY HEIGHTS BOWLING ACADEIVIY Bowl For Your Healtlfs Sake For Reservations Phone Forest 9898 WM. F. BRUENINC, JR., .llanrzger HOWARD W. FORD COMPANY Dodge and Plymouth Dealers 4721-31 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE Phone: Liberty 1341-2 General Auto Service Used Car Sales 4710-22 GWYNN OAK AVENUE With Best Wishes for the Future Success of Each Graduate of 1038 J. B. Wailes 86 Sons Company COAL -:- FUEL OIL COMPLIMENTS or . . . Frame, Isaacs 86 Rodbell Store Fixtures 609 NORTIAI EUTAW STREET Phone: Forest 5778 I I I 1 V European Conservatory of Music -A :X IIENRI WEINREICH, Director 'ff' 'E I I 905 Saint Paul Street I 5 .I 'I 1 38th Summer Session-June, 1938 l ' I I I PIANO ORGAN HARMONY C SINGING VIOLIN i' fi. Progressive Series of Piano Lessons 44 - Telephone: Vernon 2898 Complimuenls of Phones-Market, Madison 08785 Residence, Liberty 1458 ' ' ' WM. H. PEPPLER 86 SON A Slaughterers of Baltimore Dressed Lamb, Veal, Beef, Pork STALLS: 180-182 LAFAYETTE MARKET' SELECT MEATS FROSTED FOODS RUDOLPH FUR C0MpANy tTeodorowich :Sz Seivoldj FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES Fine Furs For Coats Made to Order 4028 Belvedere Avenue 4400 Belle Avenue 825 North Charles Street Phone: Vernon 0255 Phone: Madison T110 or Liberty 7891 WALTER BROOKS BRADLEY, Inc. Coniplinienls of . . . - FUNERAL HOME - A 1922 W. North Ave. Cor. Eldorado and Elderon Aves. Swan sz Halpttlto Swan ss Sttnpv DEPENDABLE MANUFACTURING CO. SJQSOH .mau 'anu9AV SIIIEISPI :fled 651743 Manufacturers of BOND SEAL ' ASBESTOS FIBRE COATING Quality Guaranteed GOHS Hggavg SOIIXIVH-'31 Durable Elastic Economical Waterproof ' ' ' NIRIOLS 'IOOHOS 'EII-LL 360 N. HOLLIDAY ST. Phones: Vernon 4570-1822 BEST WISIIES MAYOR HOWARD W. JACKSON Phone: Plaza 0275 HAVELOCK 86 SELENKOW Mzmufacturing FLH'I'IiEfSm1'llfSl Class Remodeling 221 NORTH LIBERTY STREET Designers Importers Manufacturers FISHER FUR COMPANY The House of the Three-Year Guarantee 325 N. HOWARD ST. Phone: Vernon 6087 Custom Furriers Remodeling Storage Fresh Poultry Our Specialty Delivery Service PIMLICO MEAT MARKET tPaul Scheurich, Prop.3 GROCERIES FRUITS PRODUCE 5226 PARK HEIGHTS AVE. Phones: Liberty 0260-0261 Conipliments of . . . A FRIEND Complinients of . . . A FRIEND Phone: Liberty 4472 PIMLICO MARBLE COMPANY CEMETERY MEMORIALS AND STATUARY 5255 Park Heights Ave., above Belvedere Ave. Engraved Wedding Invitations, Commencement Announcements, Visiting Cards, Business Letterheads SAMUEL H. KIRBY 86 SONS 506 Park Avenue Phone: Vernon 54.57 CHATEAU FLOWER SHOP tLILLIAN M. RRYANTT Fresh 5siZ.I''ii''ed P'a"'2fZii2eSignS d FANCY MEATS AND GROCERIES 4401 Liberty Heights Ave. Phone: Liberty 9217 33510 W. Garrison Ave. Liberty 00460047 COMPLIMENTS OF - - - MILK CREAM BUTTER CHEESE AUMAN 86 WERKMEISTER The Leading Furriers 311 NORTH CHARLES STREET KOONTZ CREAMERY, Inc. 5600 REISTERS-TOWN RD. Where Quality Rules Calvert 3831 M I T C H E L L , S Vernon 6077 Phone: Woodlawn 53 W. C. SHEPPARD ALL-PORK SAUSAGE BUILDER LEXINGTON MARKET NORTH AVENUE MARKET 6406 Tvindsor Mill Rrl. Wrmrllawn. Baltimore. Mil. COMPLIMENTS OF KOLMAN'S . . . Fine Foods 2313-I5 RGISIGISIOWH Rd. Phone: Nladison 0278 TOMMY CANDY Co. 1013 E. Darley Ave. CAR TOKENS CANDY ICE CREAM MEYER 86 THALHEIMER STATIONERS - - - PRINTERS I0-I2 North Howard Street BEL - PARK RESTAURANT SPECIALIZING IN SEA FOOD Crab Cakes and Oysters for Home Use 51443 Park Heights Avenue Phone: Forest 7954 LEW'S LAUNDRY 2904 Garrison Boulevard Phone: Liberty 3963 JOSEPI-PS BEAUTY SALON 4734 Liberty Heights Ave. WAGNER 86 WAGNER Compliments of . . . PHARNIACISTS 3300 Garrison Blvd. Phone: Forest 3600 A FRIEND Compliments of . . . Phones: Wolfe 0222-0223 McKENNA MOTOR CO. A FRIEND CHRYSLER . . PLYMOUTH 338-340 South Highland Avenue Baltimore Sales and Supply Company L. H. WHITTINGTQN mR. S. STERNI Wholesale Ship Merchants and Ship Chandlers PAINTING DECORATING 424-426 West Conway Street 3802 Ferndale Avenue Phone Forest 8738.11 YOUR HUDSON DEALER HARDWARE PAINTS MILLER MOTORS 41341 Harford Road COMPLIMENTS OF . . . FOREST PARK MARKET Norfolk Ave. and OakHeId RICHMAN BROTHERS 4703 Liberty Heights Avenue RADIOS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Phone: Forest 9720 WM. QUINN SERVICE STATION 5100 Liberty Heights Avenue Compliments of . . . A FRIEND For Really Coozl Eggs ..... Call Plaza 2767 THE PURITY CREAMERY CO. LEXINGTON 8: PACA STS. GOOD PRINTING-ON TIME THE LITTLE PRESS 2312 West North Avenue COMPLIMENTS OF . . . EARLE KIRKLEY . . . Flowers 3413 Creenmount Ave. COMPLIMENTS OF . . . The Rosenstock Jewelry Company II6 N. IIOWARD STREET Next to May Co. Phone: Calvert 5099 Compliments of . . . A FRIEND Phone: Chesapeake 7891 EDITH .IOESTING Studio of the Dance COMPLIMENTS OF . . . James T, Vernay Sons 86 Company 6lI CATHEDRAL ST. Classes Now Open. I8 East LCXII1glOl'I Street Compliments of , i i Nate's and Leon's Restaurant LICATESSEN A FRIEND DE 850 W. North Avenue Phone: Woodlawn 6-F-I1 HENRY I. RIDDLE, Prop. HEBBVILLE GARAGE Studebalrer Cars Baltimore's Only Complete Line of New and Used Cameras NEW YORK LOAN OFFICE Hebbville ---- Baltimore County CAMERA DEPT. 118 N. LIBERTY STREET CARROLL A- READ ROBBINS PHARMACY HARDWARE PRESCRIPTIONS Gwynn Oak .IUYICIIOH 4401 Liberty Heights Ave. Phone: Liberty 7986 The New College Photography ot Today lt's the age of new photography! Al- most magical has been the development of equipment: surprising has been the photographers cleverness and skill in using this new equipment, and most avid has been the college and school appetite for results of this definitely for- ward step in photography. This is the story of a Studio that has kept abreast of the times, that has ac- quired the new equipment and whose operators have enthusiastically devel- oped the technique of this new photog- raphy. This extra expense has been incurred and the effort extended with the sincere hope of olfering to the col- leges and schools a studio capable ofpro- ducing today's modern photography. When skill and service of such high order are available today, there is no reason why colleges and schools need accept mediocre photography. Zamsky qfepeats f4gainf ZAMSKY STUDIO, INC. 902 Chestnut Street Yale Record Bldg. Philadelphia, Pa. New Haven, Conn. GeorgeW King Printing Co ESTABLISHED 1899 SKILLED CRAFTSMANSHIP FOR THOSE WHO KNOW AND WANT THE BEST 40 and 42 S. Paca Street Phones, Plaza 6560-6561 Baltimore, Md. wsfgelw Printers ot the Iune 1938 Forester AUTOGRAPHS

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