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w l 1 an l 4 55, f W M3 X K ,W ? Xw Viffii - , 7 U ea aw A A , 3 A f B-'S 5562 ,?W,3gWmpeffvQ' Y ' THE 'FORESTER CC1112ic1,f 7195 7 Edited by DOROTHY BECKER Managing Editor EMANUEL ARONHIME Business Manager CHARLES GUGGENHEIMER x 3 i .lu Q2 v E qi ,s, s,' s., Q ' " E -w - -L .ww ffdwzusifi-il '-"14Mwwa,-,fp,',- Jw A ' - 1:wM1mm 'f 'Y?"?.EHWi!9td4',qw',W,,,4,., .. 4 i V! T 1 4 :I f 4 ' -,J S E ,EHR S S HHS fi it Z S H S t if f YL f if LLYL5 it + tl fr f if t t - PRESENTED BY R THE SENIOR CLASS A T FCREST PARK HIGH SCIHCOL BALTIMORE ff MARYLAND DEDICATION ,QI 4 To MISS GLADYS MITCHELL WHS, from our opening pertormance, through our most difficult parts, to the last curtain, was our prompter and director,-We, the tune Class of 1937, appre- ciativety dedicate this, our last gesture,-cur FQRESTER. Ip., Always she the victory sees, And looks to that aloneg Laughs at impossibilities, And cries, "lt shall be done!" .QI S Ip. Miss Gladys Mitchell Enter to Learn' ' ,QI 6 12:0 -"Go Forth to Serve QI 7 Inf, Your lofty tower points upward in the sky To you, Forest Park, we are loyal .QI 9 Ig.. .. ,A . ,. , V , .. 1 - ,. -..-wav-f.V-V""''l' " ' ' "4 ' . r 1- X 'fa X U2 -. if ' . , 3, , M 1 AUNV V5-1',q,3zvV-' sf, 1, og . :Q-.13 :::"f"" ff?"".f,V" , fr",,1jZ' , 1' L, , V ' , I. , 31 3 V1 VN.. ' ' V" J' .,. ' I ...vb .ivv I .4 V lc F L. . ' V . - V 'vu .. .V 16. . ' 'Q V .::?'.'.' ' ' 'f ff ' Q i V "5fVi?2?Egz, T .. " 5 . igig, '- . V53 .r . . . ' ,flu .- - . iff" ,H ' '.' .. -' V-VV':r feVv..,,.a L. , ...-sw" 0 .5 ' . V .- ' -. -V-kv: :P fr' I lr V --J. . V L V . 'f - - ,- V 'TV .sm V V ! . 1- V . . V. V55 - UL .. . . 5,531 ...J V,h,5m.,v,,... . ..VM ,- -r, V, . " 35 ,4 , ' V-:J 4 . 5 --11. 7"5rw. -Vf'f:4a 'X ' f ' 7 .'-1 . . ' ffl ' L if ' ' -V541 1 .Km Q V V ' 'Hi A V - f :Q n . ' " 1195. . ' -1 .,f.:-rVe1Vf'b.. . vf ' -f-- '- . - V' V .. I.-F .' 52? jgf'73,1, - 15 "3Q7'D '- v'5y, gV. . H1'f. 'ff rg' "'- V '. ' L' -' ' 'Vi' " H5 ' - VA V V V x., F' .vi-14,5 V 'L ' 're V 5 41'-1 ' -. ' ' . V . ' -14432. f ig' ' . ff' V V . V V -9, 3 ffiii' ,J-0 ,.-,-'G-m:V51.5:pv--:5 'Vf1'fVgW'i av- . VV.. ' - V. 1' V,. N " 2122: - '- ,-1e:.:.-'gp 'fri . , .5 54:5 -- .359 .,I5Gf?4ii,, . '-575355 , . 1- - - V ,, , 2 4 ' .fy .:q,fw3:V1':7, L 1: ,- -vi inf, Q.: -, ' ' V- ' - ' fi? KFTVH' ' ':525??!cfrE',2,fQ?4'Ii?1'V X?-3 ' cV.w,. 'V ' ' V 3.152 ' ,V f,V -.v hw '-,452 H f' ' V V 'H- . ..S Vi. ' , . .' - .: ff' - V '.5f::,'1VV - 1 A ' V-SIE: was 3' f - ef' . , 5' -V f ' ' ,cf-?.eff.t'. ig --iii z -f17'V.Gf.?f'H2 :A V 'Liv w ' 'J"f1'--I-til' I-. L N ,q'31fg:5?',3 .gi f 'f-EQf ,, 4. ,.. ' .f ? 9 f'5. 5?xVi, ' ,f3'?, ' gf? . ,-,' 5...fQ3,.12 A ,Ijf".5. '-1,21 z'ess'g.,"331f+F?F1f',i5:fzfQf19'-tim.. L2Z'fAy1"Q-5 513' . ww ' K .-HH 74 X ' ' .1.-swf? 3313? Q , V V S . -.- , ,shag mf, . M V . 3, 451.4-11.-,..V-'. ,? 'V ww. V' L . f wp -' V Tk X-Q-"1-'f:'fV . 41.-.V - .:,.., .M , . , Na... .. . ,, ,"1fV.,3 :V.ii '1'2jI' i ' : - . "Q -x. ki, ai J? wi:-I ,V ."". A V V 11315-5 if .TA gf ','55r,LV if ,K ff' -- V3 . - -f'- mu :'V. -ff .PJ Swv - 'A 'x V. ' - -. we VV f.: --9-za ff -gc -' 5545- . k V X -J ' ' -.1V,V 5 1 V' .L .r, '5',',:XVl, -174'.,': ' 4' ggf4' i.'.-v-fgc-2 "ixyV:gV.. -,Sf ' I . A gf- 5 PM -V ' ' 355: A f Eli:'V?,fQns:i-f.aiVi5V"2 L V ' VV .- -' . .ga .5p.,gV.v2f ' . . ag. Z ' vga 'f V, ff "if, 34 1, '. L - , , V Fm? . 5. .V V 5 -, .-w, :'rV..' . elf - ,Wil gh ' ' mf-, x-111,'f- 5- .5 " 'vt 1, Vg iz ,A .. . . -4. - ' 'g.a-5.- .r.2P?'2a :. Ef-AH: ' A X V ,--V '. . 2.1193 ff-'1 Q L- ' A up - ' .V -Q. ' " 5 . ' fag., 3 1 V VV Mx 1 - . aff .' I. z"V Hip- - v- 1: mf. ., ' ' . - . '. , -1, . ' xfipgf' '33-wf f.f'5fJ ,fy . .":.fg. "i- Q V 1- ' - wg.. .-, .A pw '-- - 3-.3 1, .. .J 'fy Q , , . .jug ,r-, 1 , ,VJ -:gk EV 5 A .- .Vw gf x. V 1 1 .1 1 .i5fi?f5f2w'.'-V f:?'f'fb' " 6-L5 1'1fYf3... m ' - - i Vi 5 .mi mv " N152 -q w - 'g. -' ' ,. 'f x.-iff. :ig f .' g.- MH- . 2 - -gf .125 f- 55.514- W 3-.V,1: .,n V yu- f K 5, . 9 -- V 'Q f 2425 HQ- 5 , .. . . 15- 'Er " ' N' :Um " ' ' ' 1 '13 52' ia y ' V SL' '1 'f 3 , V15-tgp : 'Q 5 . . V. .fw ew. .V -. . '. . .. 2 J- .511 'f, 'gfffq - ' 4. .QM , - " "'-4"-" .'- V .,.1,-.' , ,Q - 13. '- Wi-. 'kiiffgxinfg 'V GQQUEVZS, 'V ' "". """. "" "'- 'O' 9 ff .-Jive-V:f.VV fp-:, fig.. Q . ' V . J- - 'ra 35' wir V 25:4 QM- tv:-12 ' 'E Inv- wa. . ' '-"-' W V ' -in ' 1 ? 'EE ' . '-L. 7. ' . V ' " 4 11322: 3:5 H1 : meg . V- A ' ii '.V'f... V " si? ' 'S'-191 MT? 31 V f X!-3 A: .Vffif 11:55 V9 9 .grid Z 1g .gm . E 3 . .5 k-. M .n f-H I V A 5 . yr: , .x,.- ,- ....,.'----..,gx'.g 'pi' 1 Vff'4:f3"::--.W-,.,-L,.V-.,1g... '- -f.,-,VW . .V . 1 mm., 'my .. 1ifv..f'T'qJ'1-13? sir, ,V -.f-.-wil?-V?"f1f-5-1 "-?fr?z': iff'-fiv-vim' . . - , ' Sw' V- ffV-N fA?'iZ:.2 . 'ffif its nevwxb fgfwgw' - V VV TJ- -.- H V -' -wif.-.15-'f - . gf' Vr r ' ' , .. iii"-V Q . 1 936. 9' 'Y '. .V F K' ' y-'4.::-v'f'f I1 "PV-A ""'Z1'-i?"f4 . .- ' ' :Han IEMJ5 , if?-mf--V-Q-f.VV..'f.':::s:f?.?5-4'-Auf?" ' 'X V 'f'::V" -r-.4 A -3 .Q . : 7.yas,x4gggiQ:5 , fa-Z? 1 ' m"x,,ibQ?t,?E11:3,f?' -V . . 'V ' V. . f . . - V V. - . - V V V V gnu!!-iii. . ' -fda 'fxwgj'-1g,.,i.-j':.V 21, . , -LVlw:,p't9R.'1"'I"' ' 4 V- . . .-. .. .,. 1 " " ' g...., ' V. - ,. H'-"""' , . . - - V '. ,. V ,QI 10 In-V P R O L O G U E HAVE you ever thought how dull our school life would be without the events that take place onwThe Stage? How boring the passing days would be were it not tor those Weekly interludes of pageants and plays, songs and dances, instrumental performances and speeches that are presented on-The Stage! As We enter high school tor the first time, We receive instructions about our new school from the principal on-The Stage, While We are here, we are awarded what honors we earn on- The Stage, We finally end our high school years by taking our diplomas on-The Stage. And so, since it touches every phase ot our school lite and plays such an important part here at Forest Park, We, the editors, present tor your approval the lune 1937 Forester with the underlying themeQThe Stage. i' '-QI 11 In-' P R O D U C E R Wendell E. Dunn UNDER the inspiration of our producer, Mr. Wendell E. Dunn, We ,the students of Forest Park High School, successfully put on our show every day. His wise guidance is an absolute essential of our daily school lite. The lune Class of 1937 is proud of the fact that it is the first class to begin and complete its organized student years under Mr. Dunn. .QI Ip.. ASSISTANT PRODUCERS To present a successful performance a producer must have efficient and capable assistants. Here at Forest Park there are two. There is Mr. Scott, whose mere presence among us commands respect and admiration. He is always eager and willing to counsel us in our various problems, and his judgments are models of fairness and sguareness. His vibrant personality is a valu- Alfred P. Scott THE other assistant pro- ducer is Miss Becker whois an ever-willing source of help and advice. Her constant support cheers and guides us, and her services have won for her the admiration of the entire student body. We are sure that Forest Park's high standards will always be upheld as long as Miss Becker continues to serve as faithfully as she has in the past. .031 Ip.. able factor in the success of our school. Sophie M. Becker The Faculty D E P A R T M E N T S English Head- Angela M. Broening, A.B., A.M., P Margaret Chase, A.B. Gladys Eger, A.B. Ruth Hudson, A.B. Elizabeth M. Tones, A.B., R.N. Menetta E. Koenig, B.S. Abraham Le Schack, B.S. Virginia Shatter, B.S., A.M. Etta W. Smith, B.S. Alta E. Thompson, B.S., A.M. Fannie C. Wright, B.S. Science Head- Edwin L. Frederick, A.B., PhD. lohn F. Burger, B.E. W. Melville Childs, B.E. Henry G. Hirsch, B.S. Mildred Hutt, A.B. Ruth Kramer, A.B. Ioseph L. Krieger, A.B., LL.B. William McClear1, A.B. Anna Schoter, A.B. History Acting Head- Alfred P. Scott, A.B., A.M. Grace D. Broening, A.M. Luther A. Cooper, A.M. Florence M. Layman W. Woodrutt Marston, A.B Elizabeth Ridgely, B.S. Vernon Vavrina Henry B. Waskow, B.S. Chester Whitney, A.B. Margaret Williams Florence Levinsom, B.S., A.M. l'i.D. Commercial Head- Chester Katenkamp. B.S., A.M., Ed.D. Ruth Corbett Alice A. Elias, BS. Catherine E. Freimanri, A.B. Samuel Goldsmith, BS. Edward H. Goldstein, B.S. F. Adele Grote, B.S. Rosetta F. Harteld. B.S. Michael C. Leipholz Gladys Mitchell, B.S. Madeline M. Thompson Mary E. Wells, B.S. Industrial Arts Head- William K. Yocum, A.B. Edgar Bull Stanley L. Heylmun Thomas L. Young Ancient Language Head- Iessie M. Ebaugh, A.B. Irene Roe, A.B. Home Economics Doris V. Church, B.S. Blanche M. Rains, B.S. lda A. Wholey, B.S. Graphic Arts Nora V. Brainard, B.S. Nellie S. Norris lvan Rigby Physical Education Head- Rex H. Sims C. Melville Anderson, B.S. Lucy Hyde Lucy Iourneay, B.S. --5:1 141s-4 Mathematics Head- Grover W. Norris, A.B., A.M. Sophie Becker, A.B. Latimer A. Dice, A.B., A.M. William H. Iolly, B.S. Florence R. Lane Walter D. Scheid. B.S. Hester C. Whitfield, B.S. Administration Shirley M. Freed Sara Kessler Dietitian Neva Lewis Coxen, B.S. Attendance Officer Bessie B. Gates Modern Language Head- Otto K. Schmied, A.B., LL.B. Edith Klinesmith lames F. Moore, A.B., A.M. Ruth E. Ruhe, A.B. Mary B. Sabine, B.S. Librarian Vivian R. Boughter, A.B., A.M. Music Department Genevieve P. Butler Vocational Guidance Counselor Nora A. Stoll, A.B. Medical Rachel Feldstein, R.N. Robert Garis, M.D. Elizabeth Langeluttig, M.D. BEHIND THE SCENES THERE are three factors necessary for a successful performance: capable actors, an inspiring director, and efficient back-stage management. We, the seniors, in our roles of actors, and Miss Mitchell, our director, realize that our performance could not have been quite so outstanding if it had not been for the five teachers who worked so tirelessly for our benefit-behind the scenes. In every undertaking involving music, from our first official appearance on Arbor Day when we sang "Trees of Forest Park", to our last song at the Senior Farewell Assembly, Miss Butler worked patiently with us, encouraged, and advised us. When in our Senior year, at the height of our career, We appeared as proficient actors in our play, "The Admirable Crichton," the scenery, the costuming, the stage effects, and the acting were greatly admired. We are deeply grateful to Miss Brainard, who gave unstintingly of her time and energy in supervising and designing the setting, and to Mr. Yocum, whose careful construction and assem- blage of the scenery enabled the play to run so smoothly. Miss Rains' skilled assistance and authoritative advice on the costumes of the players were potent factors in our dramatic presentation. Then to Miss Hudson, who coached the actors until they reached an admirable degree of excellence, We extend our utmost appreciation. Never Without the help of these five untiring workers behind the scenes, would we be able to record for our class a four-star performance. dl' i' 'A' al' sql 15 Ip.. . if o + i' 3' if f as ,I 'Ir ,l ff cf: Q f me 5 'k -lr 'A' -A' if Ylllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Q THE PLAYERS THE bright iighfs grow dimg the audience becomes siientg the curtain risesg the show is on! Presenting The ieading players, the Seniors! Yllllllllllllllll 16 Ip.. 17 FBS R ASSISTANT DIR WILLIAM MARVEL . CHARLES DUDDERAR BETTY BROWN . . EDWIN KABERNAGEL LOUIS HATTER . . MAYNARD RUSSELL E ,,, ,,,E,,5- .. my ,7 1 3, -1 at gg, "m f, ff'-ar4?1,i"1 I 'lf- Z Y 9 , I 5 f wif f 2, x Z 1 it sv so 2 gwyf 1 w f 44 3' " X L,LL, T 3Z7,L , V , , TORS . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Sergeant-at-Arms BECAUSE ot their abilities, as shown in smaller presentations, these six persons were chosen by their associates to assist in directing our play. Two of our Assistant Directors, the President and the Secretary, have served us faithfully for our entire four seasons. The other Assistant Directors have successfully replaced their predecessors Who have taken other parts in this play. 18 GEORGE M. AGUILAR Got Me Again "Aggie" "A great ship asks deep water." lnterclass Athletics, Crattsmen's Club. EVELYN ALLEN Excellent Ability . . Obe , 1 "He who knows and knows he knows, He is wise-follow him." Leaders' Club, Senior Inaugural Committee, Major F, French Club, Glee Club, l. l. l. AUDREY N. ALMY Affords No Anxiety R I I I "Silence is more eloquent than words." Leaders' Club, Glee Club, Latin Club, Four Square Club, Inter- class Athletics. ,CHARLOTTE L. AMOS Charming Lovely Aphrodite ' ' Chassy' ' "With beauty and gladness All good and no badness." lnterclass Athletics, Latin Club, Glee Club. xSENI'OR GERTRUDE M. AMOSS G'fertrude's Merry Always "Gertie" "Laugh your troubles away.' Opportunity Club, Art Club French Club, Press, Minor F Four Square Club, Varsity Bas ketball and Volleyball. ANDREW ANDERSON Always Absent "Andy" "Out of sight, out of mind." l. l. l., Poly Chorus. DOROTHY F. ANDERSON Damsel Followed by Admirers HDO-tn "Silence is golden." Home Economics Club, Major F, Art Club, Step Singing Com- mittee. BETTY ANTHONY Bashful Arrnful 1.Bet,. "Sugar and spice and everything nice, That's what little girls are made ot." Interclass Athletics, Glee Club, Art Club. if-kTHE FORESTER OF JUNE 19371rf .QI 19 1 1 1 CHARLES W. ANTHONY Constantly Worries Advisers ' 'Billy' ' "Truth is mighty and will prevail." Chess Club, Latin Club, Forester Staff, Press, Editor-in-Chief. lOl-IN l. ARIOSA lests lolt Advisers "Johnny" "Gentle of speech, beneticent ot mind." Model Craftsmen's Club, Radio Club. EMANUEL L. ARONHIME Ever Lending Aid "Manny" "I came, I saw, I conquered." Student Activity Bank, Leaders' Club, Forester Staff, l. l. l., Coaching. THELMA C. ASKEW Tactful, Cute, Alluring lircleoll "See Where she comes, Apparelled like the spring." Art Club, Glee Club, lnterclass Sports, Archery. 1- -K 1- .:- .. , 4592322- -- A in "4" 'ii 1' Calls. 5 1-Qfililf. ' Frtitfb-iLiVasit: : Bw 81+ . wi 5 . -Saw P A 3, .S ,W in g.,-.E?:::- A te s 5 ta 5 N 555 Q s " fr smwm us 53323 f A ,,a':.,aa- - .af L:TL.5:.5': . ,niwgwag - f L -'fe 1 -wp .1 if a 6 1 if J 25' sm? t .5 at .Q-s m.: 11, i tg? ky ' . , Hf T,gs1fr:1"i'.l1 t ' . f , .,,,gg-QW .,.. A A Tw : W -. ,.- ga., .. ssr, ,M 9igvisrf s,, ,-U1 1" - ' ' WT'-Lit.L-" S. . , , W ,K ,L Y .sg Q if 3 S 5 2 2 -as .f -ki-SENIORSf1k THELMA D. ASRAEL Throbs Drum Ambitiously "Measles" "She has the rhythm of music in her heart and soul." Major F, NonfAthletic F, Forester Statt, Press, Archery Club, Lib- rary Club, Art Club, l. l. l. MALVA BABCOCK Much Benignity ' ' Buck' ' "Adore me, for I am a Woman." Art Club, Chemistry Club, Four Square Club, Numerals, Coach- ing Certificate, Senior Farewell Committee. DOROTHY JANE BAER Does lobs Briskly --D. J." "Born for success, she seemedg With grace to Win, with heart to hold." Leaders' Club, Art Club, Inter- class Sports, Latin Club. GORDON M. BAKER Glibly Makes Boners "Snakes" "Soft Words win hard hearts." Assemblies, Chess Club, Coach- ing. fi-THE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937++ A-al 20 Ia-- LEROY BALD Lavish Borrower "Baldy" "He also serves who only waits." Ice Hockey, Press, Ethical Club, Chemistry Club, I. V. Football. DOROTHY D. BARNITZ Daily Delights Boys "Babs" "We all love a pretty girl." Art Club, Glee Club, lnterclass Athletics. ELAINE BECK Every Day Better ' 'Lane' ' "A happy heart runneth merrily all day." Glee Club, Non-Athletic F, Nu- merals, Latin Club, T. I. I., Oppor- tunity Club. DOROTHY BECKER Darling Beak ' 'Becky' ' "Grace and charm and brilliant mind, Truly the very world is thine." Treasurer-lunior Class, D. S. A., Editor-in-Chief-Forester, Leaders' Club, Latin Club-Pres. yu. it ,Q if .A ,Q wiki? . . 4 fi , f ' -...,... '1'f T +SENIORSf . ...., . ... ,,,, 5, ANNABELLE BECKLEY Always Betoggecl "Anne" "Wise sayings often tall on foreign ground, but a kind word is never thrown away." Art Club, Glee Club. CAROLYN BEEBE Carries the Brains . . Kay. , "lt is not what you know but how well you know how to use what you know." Press, Commencement Chorus. VERA BERKOWITZ Virtuous Brunette ' ' Vits' ' "Big things come in small packages." Art Club, Biology Club, Glee Club, Home Economics Club, lnterclass Athletics. JANET C. BEVANS lolly, Careful, Bright .fJay,. "Silence is as full ot potential wisdom as the unhewn marble of great sculpture." lnterclass Sports, Art Club, Glee Club, Latin Club, French Club, Four Square Club, Year Commit- tees. +fTHE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937-ki --QI 21 Ir-- DOROTHY E. BITTORF Delovely Brunette "DOt'l:i.eU "Silence is one ot the virtues of the Wise." lnterclass Athletics, Art Club, Glee Club, I. I. I., Forester Statt. SYLVIA BLISS Snapshot Balmy ' ' Terry' ' "I never dare to write as funny as l can." Art Club, Camera Club, Press, Leaders' Club, Forester Staff. ,,. ., 'I Ze . Xb mx figrwsg r ,stiff 7' is X2 - .I 3 ggg 'L?gQ.LgI2, " ' -vs 5 . fir.,f,.r,f ' VW- W I ,,,.,:.,, ar H .ffm , wg. . E b ., V. zvzl- , 3 ggssiiwri . . W,--, , 1 :bw ,Vk, ,..H.k,. k.V:kV., l,V,,',..,. as ws? E F 2 1 Q, lf! ' w 4,-ef Ex f if Sify -1-Ira-f'i fr.fep::Q. - LUCILE BORENSTEIN - Loyal Brunette "The memory ot the just is I blessed.' ' I "" ZW Art Club, Press, Chairman- Iunior Prom, lnterclass Athletics. ' ' EDITH M. BOTWINIK A I Ever Batty A I V yg , I k"' A,,:-' ij ..Edie,, A "1f'SqOOdfObeH1erfY and Wise." Interclass Athletics, Art Club, lsy, ,,.l ,,,. , Arbor Day Committee, I. I. I., i s ,'V,'lV- i'V I ' Ottice Practice Club. - usa 'ifivgsszs . +SENIORSf GILBERT BOWERS Graciously Benevolent "Gil" "To understanchall is to pardon a . Interclass Athletics, Track, Ethi- cal Club, Basketball Manager. KATHERINE V. BRAUNS Katherine's Vigor Blossoms "Kats" "She has loved art in a seernly way With an earnest soul and a capital A." Art Club, Glee Club, I. I. I., Class Committees. FRANCIS E. BRENNAN Fates Endowed Brains "Fritz" "Wise to resolve and patient to perform." Class Officer. BETTY A. BROWN Better And Better "Brownie" "Innocence in genius, and can- dor in power, are both noble qualities. Leaders' Club. Secretary of year, Varsity Hockey, Basketball, Ten- nis, Chemistry Club, Class Com- mittees. 4,,o,THE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937+f+ wil 22 Ir-- DAVID BROWN Dates Blondes ' 'Aramis' ' "An honest heart possesses a kingdom." Basketball, I. I. I., Interclass Athletics. LEONARD BROWN Likes Brunettes ' 'Oranges' ' "They are never alone that are accompanied with noble thoughts." Sundial Committee, Chemistry Club, Interclass Athletics. ALLIE CALENDER Always Constant HAI., "Easy come, easy go." Band, Leaders' Club, Sub-Senior Class Officer, I. V. Track. ELLA R. CAPLAN Ever Ready Company "Ellie" 'lGod hath given her a wornan's charms Together witha wornan's tongue." Latin Club, Glee Club, Art Club, Interclass Athletics. 7' R i. . H M. 4 'i W if Q 1 . . h . K 3.2 V i Q ...,. 5 Ji 4 Ni lg I 5 ? i 2 t . ,45 , it S. ? L 2 sei? ' 1-SENIORS+x GEORGE CASSIS Great Calmness ' 'Cassius' ' "Without fear and without re proach." Chess Club, Press. LOUISE D. CAVALIER Laughing, Delightful, Clown "Wl1eezer" "Sharp's the word for her." Four Square Club, Glee Club, Leaders' Club, Major F, Inter- class Athletics, Class Committees CHARLES S. CENTOFANTI Can Successfully Collect ' 'Centi' ' "Do your best, leave the rest." Chemistry Club, I. I. I., Inter- class Athletics, Craftmen's Club. DOROTHY I. CHALK Dependable, Intelligent, Coop- erative . .Data "Speech is great but silence is greater." Coaching Certificate, Masguers Club, Glee Club, Leaders' Club, Interclass Athletics. -A-fTHE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937++ -Dil 23 Ip.. HELEN CHERTKOF Has Cheerfulness ' 'Cherry' ' "Helen is a loyal friend, To everyone she knows." Latin Club, Art Club, Glee Club, Interclass Athletics. MARY CLAYBROOK Most Cunning ' ' Claypool' ' "God will not love you less Because men love you more." Glee Club, Art Club, Press, Interclass Athletics. CAROLYN D. COHEN Calm, Delightful, Composed ilKicll "I am the Very pink of courtesyf Leaders' Club, Latin Club, Art Club, Ping Pong Club, Chem- istry Club. LILLIAN C. COHEN Little Cunning Creature "Lil" "Big things come in small packages." Glee Club, Art Club, Senior Farewell Committee. 1--kSENIORSff PHILIP P. COLE Prepares Problems Cautiously "Phil" "Ambition, the soldier's virtue." Masquers Club, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey. VIRGINIA L. COLEMAN Vivacious Little Cutie "Ginger" "Happy art thou as it every clay thou hadst picked up a horse- shoe." Latin Club, Art Club. GRACE L. COMMO Grand, Lovable Classmate ' ' Gracie ' ' "Teach me to do thy Will, tor thou art my God." Forester Staff, I. I. I., Art Club, Interclass Athletics. I EAN CCNREY lust Cute "Jinks" "Laugh at your friends, and it your friends are sore, So much the better, you may laugh the more." Glee Club, Art Club, Home Ecoa nomics Club, Year Committees. -Af-:THE FORESTER OF JUNE 193'1+f+ .QI 24 AUDREY COOK Always Careful "Cookie" "Is she not passing fair?" Interclass Sports, Art Club, Glee Club, Commencement Chorus. FRONA CORDISH Frankly Coquettish s scordys 9 "Know not that I am a woman? When, and if, I think, I must speak." Interclass Athletics, Latin Club, Ping Pong Club, Art Club, Var- sity Tennis Champion, I. I. I. DOROTHY A. CORT Diligent and Careful "Punkie" "She is a maid of artly grace, Gentle in form and fair of face." Forester Staff, Glee Club, Four Square Club, Major F, Leaders' Club. DOROTHY M. COTTON DoesMarvelousCharacterizations "Dotten" "The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king." Art Club, Masguers Club, Press, Interclass Sports. I ' gl - ':ll5'. ..' ' 'I : 1?:' :-:'f' , Jfr X a i, .i ,, I fi "r R I N.. . " f p f. ii, , III. l . -it I ,,,,, ,. Lb, , f-1-V :vu f . 55? uf AT ri: . nijzx 1' I ft if if . .41-,,. vi ,f if .. it 1 W, , t 1rSENIORSf 'it , I I 5 hx K h ff -is 12 GEORGE D. COURSEY Gosh Darn Cute "Georgie" "Self control is more often called for than self expression." Chemistry Club, Interclass Ath- letics. A BERT R. CRAMER, IR. Bravely Renders Courtesy "Athos" "Your wit makes others witty." Class Officer, I. I. I., Interclass Athletics. BEATRICE CROOK Best of Company ..Bea, , The most manifest sign of wis- dom is continual cheerfulnessf' Art Club, Glee Club, Leaders' Club, Play Reading Committee, Interclass Sports. RITA L. CUCINA Right Cute "Ricky" "Rita! life is sweeter, Completer, when you are here." Glee Club, Ping Pong Club, Interclass Athletics, Year Com- mittees. 1937 l -A-,QTHE FORESTER OF JUNE if --QI 25 Ir-- BERNARD DANKER Budding d'Artagnan "Bernie" "Spirits ot the age." Art Club, Fencing Club, Glee Club, l. l. l. lOEL S. DAVENPORT lust So Dutiful "Joe" "Man is the miracle in nature." Chemistry Club, l. l. l., lnter- class Athletics. MILDRED DAWES Modest Damsel "Milly" 'lA happy smile tor every clay, She gives to all who come her Way... lnterclass Athletics, Band, Senior Farewell Committee, Orchestra, Latin Club. CHARLES L. DAWSON Colortul, Ludicrous Dreamer "Swifty" "My eyes make pictures when they are shut." lnterclass Athletics, l. l. l., Glee Club, Art Club, Senior Play Scenery Committee. EQ 1 S al, X 9 ffl x it X 7 X xv get 5 Q Q .1 l S . . 4 We 9 , E 9? A 32 as Was' me K it 9' . 5251- - .. A .W . . ,. W .r5t..:vV: . .,, ..., . if A .Mfr W ima- ' its 'l yy., 3, V Qaiflefgwzs " Wigfiylsz me gf 1 1415+ . .,, . ,....,...-.. L ... Q1 51212 f -ft leavin-Wear: 52552255 - 4 ' ' , V97 xiizlgi' f- f .f 1ff:i95i .:wf1'H. -f . gizrfszggn s-ftazaft:1.:1.1 Q -wrif'a,, wiimslff ft'- . , tv ,igggii an ft 3' Ii " ffl .iiifslii M... .. ..,. I1 Vi- A' - .1 A 4 2 . xx H59 we . . . Q5 . .4 1 , . W, . -kSENIORSf was x 5 a 12593 as i . W my ' is it .. FRANCES A. DILLAWAY Funny And Darling "Dilly" "Write me as one who loves his felloWman." Latin Club, Four Square Club, Cvlee Club, Non-Athletic F, lnter- class Athletics. lOl-IN D. DODD lohn Disowns Dishonesty "Jack" "As he thinketh in his heart, so he is." lnterclass Athletics, Glee Club, Art Club. FLORENCE DUBIN Frankly Daffy ' ' Fritzie' ' l'Woman's chief weapon is the tongue, and she will not let it rust." Art Club, Crlee Club, Latin Club, lnterclass Athletics, Class Com- mittees. CHARLES M. DUDDERAR Character Modifies Destiny "Charley" "His highly erected thoughts look down upon him." Cheer Leader, Leaders' Club, D. S. A., Ethical Club, l. l. l. ffTHE FORESTER OF JUNE 193'Zaff tsl 26 Iu- ALBERT DUKE Admirably Defiant . .Ar , 'The word, impossible, is not in my dictionary." Basketball, Boxing, Baseball, Leaders' Club, Ethical Club- Pres., Prom and Banquet Corn- mittee. RUTH I. DYKES Really Intelligent Drawings "Renee" "Life is short but art lasts long." b Glee Club Non- Art Clu , , Athletic F, Year Committees. IACK M. EBERHART Iocundly Emulous "Jack' ' "Everyone to his taste." Opportunity Club, Chemistry Club. IDA E. EBERT Ideal Enjoyment ..Ebie,, "A perfect woman, nobly planned, To warm, to comfort and coma mandf' Glee Club, Art Club, Interclass Athletics, Leaders' Club, Senior Inaugural Flower Committee. ,,.., '22 . ff H ' 5555115 .. .... ,.,, , A. N, 1 12 2 Q 2 f , . . swiss, 1 f ,.sa:,f .-I at :Q .Q1'ewfHf. 6 , K . f,..vf,, , ,,, W 8 . ,Wig if 1 R' . as 'M A ...-ff: f, X 'fgwhmz "f, ' zz, , s Q ' 3 t Q y 2 is fi m f if. ,E af ,fu A it ' Wifi' 2 f ty r. Qs szvf' Q' '52, "1 IQW5' BETTIE ANNE ECKENRODE Bubbling Energy "Eckie" els and the devils got together-" b Cflee Club Four Art Clu , , Square Club, lnterclass Athletics. 'When the ang LEONARD N. ECKENRODE Life Never Evadecl "Neil" "Safe, by taking heed." Ice Hockey, Leaders' Club, Sen- ior Inaugural Committee, Base- ball, Ethical Club. DAVID F. EDWARDS, IR. Drives Forward Energetically "Eddie" "I-Ie who is firm molds the world to himself." Radio Club, Interclass Athletics. DONALD L. EIRICH Dresses Like Esquire "Jim" I "For he's a jolly good fellow." , Leaders Club, Fencing, Numerals, Inter class Athletics. I. V. Football, Lacrosse -k-kSEN I O RSf+ f,o,THE FORESTER '-:JI Z7 It-' OF JUN E 1937+ EDITH LILLIAN EMERICK Ever Lending Energy "Edie" "Women of tew words, Are the best of women." Glee Club, Latin Club, Year Committees. RUTH EVANS Really Excellent ' ' Ruthie' ' "One of those happy souls which are the salt of the earth." Glee Club, Art Club, Press, Interclass Athletics. DOROTHY R. B. FAIRLEY Dangerous Female "Dottie" "lack of all tradesg good at all things." I Leaders' Club, Forester Staff, Bronze D. S. A., Varsity Baskets ball, Hockey, Volleyball. DOROTHY FELDMAN Doesn't Fail . .Dotn "Speech is great, but silence greater." Art Club, Glee Club, Com- mencement Chorus, Interclass Athletics. ,. .5 . HK' , ww st , 3 dr X Q f ,, S+ 3544 3 jf .. X.. x f ii fli f ".1 ff A El , ,,,, , Q,fSENIORSf ROBERT L. FELTER Really Lotsa Fun snhegsss "An ounce of enterprise is Worth a pound of privilege." Radio Club, Craftsmen's Club, lnterclass Athletics. CONRAD C. FINK Cautiously Controls Fury "Charlie" "We learn ourselves by teaching others." l. l. l., Track, Interclass Athletics. LILLIAN M. FITZPATRICK Loves Making Fun . .peggyi , "An illustrious and ancient name." Glee Club, l. I. l., Interclass Athletics. DOROTHY T. FLAX Defiant Temperament Flames . .Dov , "Dorothy, sweet Dorothy, where studious of ease, Four years did I sleep and still got my degrees." Art Club, Latin Club, Interclass Athletics, Final Gift Committee. f+THE FORESTER OF JUNE 193'1wff --:I 28 Is-- IEAN FLEISHMAN Iust Fickle "East Cake Society" "There may be danger in the deed But there is honor, too." Leaders' Club, Art Club, Major F, Ping Pong Club, Year Com- mittee. ELIZABETH K. FLEMING Educated, Komical, Fun "Lizzie" "Memory, be sweet to me." Art Club, Home Economics Club, Minor F, Interclass Athletics. RUTH L. FLIPPIN Restless Funmaker . TMP, , "What's this dull town to me? Henry is not here with me." Latin Club, Art Club, Glee Club, Ping Pong Club. FRANK F. FORBSTEIN - Fame, Fortune, Fortitude "Forby" "The end crowns the Work." Interclass Athletics, Ice Hockey. 'S W' P -iitgga' Y N t S X ...V gf. .t xy ig ,..,. S kt t Ii K' xx -.A 'X at 'ft-el' X1 N 1? wits, -sw. - - f -- f i. W5 Rvbett:-Q. siwtit ' f .. s.f-., ..-it . A E Q N wa ws. E fx Ria be we We XXX? ff i"55i3?5sQ- we l sails. X Q 2, NI' QR NX 1 S N Q Sa Y mr X N X . in xnxx Qt EX X N xw - it ' gsssff' ' 5 ' fsfgsigitsrg :ii f 'f "-5.572 ,L I ' ' +SENIORSf+ ROBERT F. FORD Run Faster, Flash ..Bob,, "Gently in manner, strongly in deed." Ice Hockey, Leaders' Club, Chemistry Club. DORIS E. FOREMAN Darnsel Facetious "Dibby" "She with all the charm of Woman: She with all the height of man." Chemistry Club, Latin Club, Press, Art Club, Year Com- mittees. BETTY FOSTER Betty's a Friend "Dootsie Pu" "Thou who hast the fatal gitt ot beauty." Latin Club, Tennis, Safe Driving Club. LORRAINE FOX Lasting Friend "Rainey" "Friendship is a sheltering tree." Art Club, French Club, Chemis- try Club, Interclass Athletics. if-:THE FORESTER OF JUNE 193'1++ ETHEL E. FRANK Excessive Energetic Fever "Scrubby" "Ambition has no rest." Art Club, Ping Pong Club, Nu- merals, Opportunity Club, Play Reading Committee, Coaching, Varsity Athletics. IOHN D. FRASER Ioyously Dates Femmes "Porthos" "Silence is the mother of truth." Opportunity Club, Latin Club, Interclass Athletics. LORETTA FREDERICK Lot O' Fun "Freddy" "Eat, drink, and be merry, For tomorrow you may have a headache." Camera Club, Library Club, Interclass Athletics. MORTON T. FRENCH, IR. Monumentally Formed "Mort" "He conquers, who conquers himself." Leaders' Club, Radio Club, Chemistry Club, I unior Inau- gural Assembly Committee. M5 6 jj 7 , . . l"' Q' i f , 5 ' fSENIORS+ 'bw MARTHA FRIEDMAN Marvelously Funny ' 'Snooky' ' "As yet a child I lisped in numbers." Interclass Athletics, Minor F. ROBERT F. FULFORD Ready For Fun "Bob" "Take things as you find them." Assemblies, Masguers Club, I. I. I. IEAN C. FULTON Iubilant, Carefree, Friendly "Skischy" "Music hath charms." Glee Club, Art Club, Interclass Athletics, Year Committees. IAMES G. FUNSTON, IR. Iust Good Fun ..Jim., "One cannot be a gentleman in manner until he is a gentleman in heart." Leaders' Club, Track, Soccer, Class Officer. -k+THE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937f+ ANN SHIRLEY GARFINK Airy, Swell, Giddy s sNunus s "The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business." lnterclass Athletics, Minor F, Office Practice Club, Year Com- mittees. LAURA A. GARRETT Laughing And Giggling "Annie" "There's the humor of it." Glee Club, Latin Club, Inter- class Athletics, Prom and Ban- quet Committee. EDITH M. GILDEN Ever Giddy "Babe" "Nobody weighed the threads of care." Prom and Banquet Committee, Glee Club, Art Club, Interolass Athletics. MAURICE GLAZER Merry Gentleman ' 'Mars' ' "Strength from on high." Opportunity Club, Track, Ping Pong Club, Chemistry Club, l. l. l., Prom and Banquet Com- mittee. w f ,As 5 N 'fav it ,tits T af f- T it A fSENIORSi- SELMA M. GOLD Stunningly Gowned ' 'Selm' ' "Knowest me not by my clothes." lnterolass Athletics, Art Club, Numerals, Prom and Banquet Committee. NANCY BELL GOLDEN Nice, Bright, Genuine ..Nan,. "A will inflexible." Leaders' Club, Home Economics Club, Four Square Club, Minor F, lnterclass Athletics. ESTELLE l. GOLDSTEIN Energy, lest,Gaiety "Skippy" "In every deed of mischief, she has a heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute." lnterclass Sports, T. l. I., Minor F, Class Committees, Art Club. MILDRED GOLDSTEIN Mistress of Graciousness ' 'Millie' ' t'There was ease in 'Millie's' manner And a smile on 'Millie's' face." Leaders' Club, Masquers, Press, Bronze D. S. A., Dept. Sales and Publicity, Forester Staff, Non- Athletic F. f+THE FORESTER OF JUNE 193'Ifa- -al 31 Is-- ROBERT E. GOSNELL Receives Excellent Grades "Stooge" "Duty done is the sou1's firesidef' Student President, Bronze D. S. A., lce Hockey, Leaders' Club, Foot- ball, Lacrosse. . MARION L. GRAULICH Modern Little Girl "Mickey-de-mice" "l shot an arrow into the air, It tell to earth, l know not where." Archery and Fencing, Leaders' Club, Minor F, Script F, Senior Farewell Committee. EDWIN R. GREASLEY V Earns Respect Graciously I SEA S l "ln this world it is not what we do, but what We give up that makes us rich." Interclass Athletics, T. J. I. IRVIN GREENBERG Independent Guy -'Hank-' "l'm a part of all that l have met." lnterclass Athletics, Chess Club. .3 a 1 ,Q , .S l bg ti f ' .,,. gg., . ,-1 .55: . . , t Q .S .r,, .. , - ,.. - twgfff. ww 2 2 R Pi f S N S ,K , .,'. , I S' L W 5 .Wi .X ., W.,-1. 1 . y it , .sw 1 rm 2 3 gg -V ti? ,Q P3 . , S ., Ja- W 25 X at ' Sxgslyggjjgzxzg . iw, . ,U . . 'Qin - -' -xSENIORS+ DORIS L. GREENFELD Darned Great I 5Dodol l "I don't object to humor in moderation." Art Club, Latin Club, lnterclass Athletics, Minor F, Prom and Banquet Committee. ELIZABETH R. GREENWALD Enjoys Giggling "Bettie" "A taultless body: A blameless mind." Latin Club, Chemistry Club, Masquers Club, Senior Gift Committee. OTTO P. GREINER Our Prize Golter "Oscar" "The rnildest ot manners with the bravest mind." Leaders' Club, Student Vice- President, Bronze D. S. A., Soccer, Basketball, Maryland Scholastic Golf Champion. MARY IANE GRESSITT Most lolly and Gay "Itch" "All tongues speak of her." Leaders' Club, Bronze D. S. A., l. T. I., Interclass Athletics, Glee Club. -A-fTHE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937++ --QI 32 In-- CHARLES M. GUGGENHEIMER Creates Many Guffaws "Guggie" "He is gifted with a woman's weaponva tongue." Glee Club, Masguers, Coaching, I. I. I., Forester Staff, Library Club, Latin Club, Safe Drivers' Club. T. NELSON I-IAASE Truth Never Harms . .Tom. , "The pen is mightier than the sword." I. V. Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, I. I. I., Art Club, Safe Drivers' Club, Leaders' Club, Forester Staff. RUTH MOWBRAY HAGGETT Really Honest ..Babe.. "There are deeds which have no form, Sufferingswhichhavenotonguef' Art Club, Leaders' Club, Senior Farewell Dance Committee, Class Cabinet. PHILIP P. HAMBSCH Patiently Performs Homework nphilu "He is truly happy who can make others happy." Student Court, Sub-Senior Trea- surer, Chemistry Club, Leaders' Club-President, Craftmen's Club, Bronze D. S. A. .," I f 2' , 41 ti W1 , fi 6. ag. f W . W ,W I ,,,V HL A ,..,.,, +SENIORSff WILMOT H. HANSELL Will Have Happiness "Willie" "Man is a reasoning animal." Chemistry Club. WILLIAM E. HARRIS Will Earn Happiness "Bill" "You'll find a lot of satisfaction in looking cheerfully on the dark side of life." Interclass Athletics, Safe Drivers' Club, Radio Club, Camera Club. LESLIE R. HARRISON, IR. Laborieux Homme "Les" "Art is long, life is short." Leaders' Club, I. I. I., Bronze D. S. A., Art Club-President. ROBERT HART Really Handsome . . B ob, , "The power of thought-the magic of the mind." Art Club, Interclass Athletics, Class Representative, I. I. I. ffTHE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937-A'-k 33 Ig.. ELLIOTT B. HARWOOD Earnest Helper "Hardie" .. As proper man as one shall see on a summer's day." Leaders' Club, Camera Club, Chemistry Club, Forester Staff. LOUIS HATTER Laughs Heartily . .I-lou, , "One out of many." Leaders' Club, Ethical Club, Forester Publicity Committee, Baseball, Ice Hockey, I. V. Foot- ball. ANNE HEARN Always Helping "Ann" "Deeds, not Words." Leaders' Club, Bronze D. S. A., Four Square Club, Coaching Director, Step Singing Com- mittee. HUGH M. HENDERSON His Manners Highborn "Budd" "I have more zeal than wit." Glee Club, Chemistry Club, I. I. I., Opportunity Club, Interclass Athletics. gifi si B WA L fl Li' 451' . ' -- ,aw '- 1 3 iii .5 .,5z f 211 R, if - -- et ws :Q .gm ef . M I K ' . X wx ., .. .. 4 h ew X . . ,, ,, K -.Msgs-Q. fSENIORSf AUDREY HERMAN Attractive Heartbreaker "Hermie" "Maid of Athens, ere we part, give, oh give me back, my heart!" Latin Club, Art Club, Glee Club. HERBERT HESSON Happy Heart "Gwinn" "Tenacious of purpose." Senior Inaugural Assembly, Or- chestra. RUTH HEUBECK Rather Hot-Headed "Ruthie" "As head strong as an alligator on the banks of the Nile." Glee Club, Interclass Athletics. NANCY W. HILL Never Works Hard y "Bunker-1" "Noisy, wilful heartbreaker, could I love her less, I should be happier." Glee Club, Latin Club, Art Club, Interclass Athletics. if-:THE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937vff '-11 34 In-r CHARLES F. HOBELMAN Cheerful Helper "Charley" "His words are bonds, his oaths are oracles, his love sincere, his thoughts immaculate." l. l. l., Fencing, Forester Staff, Chemistry Club. TACOUELINE HOFFBERGER lolly and Happy "Jackie" "Cheer up, the worst is yet to come." Masguers Club, Chemistry Club, lnterclass Athletics, Commence- ment Chorus. VERICE HOFFMAN Vigorous Harmony ' ' Hoffie' ' "Music hath charm to soothe the savage beast." Latin Club, Art Club, Major F, Leaders' Club, lnterclass Athle- tics. ELIZABETH L. HOGAN Especially Happy ' 'Lizabeth' ' "Let the world slide, let the world go, a fig for care, a fig for Woe." lnterclass Athletics, Glee Club. Q .,ta, 4 T if f f-f., ,, .. fe Wt ff Q . y ' , . . ,, 9 S . I stt- We fSENIORSf BASIL W. HOLMAN Big Woman Hater "Honey" "The days of our youth are the days of our joy." Cheer Leader, l. l. l., Leaders' Club, Bronze D. S. A., Ethical Club, Press, Non-Athletic F, Cflee Club. SYLVIA C. HONICK Seems Constantly Happy nscissyss "How her fingers Went when they moved by note through measures fine." Glee Club, Latin Club, Art Club. lnterclass Athletics. MARILYN C. HOOK Mighty Happy Hhynn., Hlolly, yet seriousg funloving, yet sincere." French Club, Step Singing Com- mittee, Manager Varsity Hockey Team. MARIE-LOUISE HOORNBEEK Makes Life Happy ' 'Frenchie' ' "She has been a stranger in a strange land, but she has made good." Masquers Club, French Club, Art Club, Publicity Committee. f+THE FORESTER OF JUNE 19371:-k 'al 35 Is-- NANCY S. HOOS Nancy Satisfies Hundreds "Steppin" "Gentle ot speech, beneficent of mind." Latin Club, Chemistry Club, lnterclass Athletics. AUDREY I. HORNER Always High I IAud! 5 "She wears the rose of youth upon her." Art Club, French Club, Chem- istry Club, Coaching Certificate, Chairman Senior Farewell As- sembly. EUGENE HOWARD Everybody's Helper . . Jeep. . "Heroes themselves have fallen behind where he went before." Football, Opportunity Club,- Pres., Lacrosse, Fencing, Senior Inaugural Committee. ELIZABETH R. HUDSON Enjoyable Honey "Willie" "I'll speak in a monstrous little voice. Interclass Athletics, Latin Club, Art Club, French Club. 1- S EI Ii I CJ IR S f ELIZABETH F. HUTZLER Excites Hearts "Liz" "My only books were woman's looks." Camera Club, Numerals, Art Club, lnterclass Athletics, Latin Club, Chemistry Club. ETHEL B. HYMAN Enjoys Beefing in History A "Edie" "The sweetest voice in the world -the sound ot a woman'stongue." Art Club, Glee Club, Varsity Hockey, Basketball. IAMES E. IGLEHART lust Eaqerly Industrious HIQQYU "Our silence is sufficient praise." Track, Interclass Athletics. CONSTANCE IMBRAGULIO Coquettish, lrresistable ' 'Connie' ' "The men call her sweety The stairs as she treads them, Kiss her feet." Glee Club, Art Club. f 1- T' Ii EI E' CJ I2 El S 1' II I2 CJ I' J IJ I1 El 1 9 3 7 -x w ..:,gI 36 Ip.. BETTY IRVIN Blissful Indifference ' 'Irv" "Let the past be kept in the past." Art Club, Glee Club, Interclass Sports, Safe Driving Club, Year Committees. GEORGE W. IANSSON Great Wit and Iester "Po:-gie" "An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of scorn." Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Press, I. I. I. HENRY E. I ON ES He Ever I okes "Casey" "A sound mind in a sound body." Chemistry Club, Lacrosse, Inter- class Athletics. WILLIS IONES Will Iest "Bill" "Labor conquers all things." Leaders' Club, Interclass Athle- tics. ns I I M . ,,, I . A , 'tiz 3 - 'I ..,,, .., tSENIORSi' EDWIN M. KABERNAGEL, IR. Everybody Must Kiss Iunior "Eddie" "One becomes accomplished, not by what he says, but by what he does." Senior Class Officer, Leaders' Club, I . I . I ., Interclass Athletics. HARRY KATZEN Helpful Kid "Katz" "Silence is Golden!" Stamp Club, Glee Club, I. I. I. IRVING B. KEMP, IR. Industry Breeds Knowledge ..Irv,. "The world's better for your smile, it seems." Interclass Athletics, Glee Club, Class Officer, Chemistry Club, Manager Lacrosse Team. CHARLOTTE M. KING Cleverly Makes Karacters "Scarlet" "Art is indeed not the bread, But the wine of life." Interclass Athletics, Art Club, Forester Staff, Latin Club, Mas- quers, Biology Club, Publicity Committee. if-THE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937ff --QI 37 Ia'- DORIS KLANK Darling Kid ' ' Dore' ' "Happy am I, trom care I am free: Why aren'tall contentedlike me?" Latin Club, Biology Club, Ping Pong Club, lnterclass Athletics, Senior Farewell Assembly. GERTRUDE KLEINHENZ Great Kid Countess' ' "I would applaud thee to the very echo, That should applaud again." Glee Club, Art Club, Home Economics Club, Press, Inter- class Athletics. NATHAN KLITENIC No Kibitzer ' 'Nates' ' "Honor is the reward ot a virtuous man." Sun Dial Committee, Interclass Athletics. GERDA M. KOLLOSCH Glowing Kindness "Gerdi" "What is yours is mine and all mine is yours." Press, Art Club, Interclass Ath- letics. fi-SENIORSf+ DOROTHY KRAFT Dangerous but Karetul "Dottie" "There is not so variable a thing in nature as a lady's head-dress." Numerals, Interclass Athletics, git Stub, Gflee Club, Ping Pong u . EVELYN KRAMME Enjoys Rhythm Kings "Beetle" "Art is power." Art Club, Glee Club, Latin Club, Non-Athletic F, I. I. I., Numerals, Year Committees. IRVING S. KROLL Internal Self Kind "Irv" "Hard work was his motto." Chemistry Club, Lacrosse Team Manager, Coaching. LOUIS P. KRUMM, IR. Let's Kid Iunior "Bullet" "I think, therefore I am." Farewell Dance Committee, Interclass Athletics, Scrapbook Committee. +fTHE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937i-k --al 38 In-r MARY C. LAMSON Many Cadets Loved "Mickey" "So sweet the blush of bashfulness, E'en pity scarce can wish to less." Art Club, Glee Club, German Club, Step Singing Committee. ROBERT E. LANDAUER Renders Enthusiastic Laughter "Bob" "A man of many letters." Opportunity Club, Archery Club, Safe Drivers' Club, Chemistry Club. GERTRUDE LERNER Good and Delightful "Gerty" "Such joy ambition finds." Art Club, Glee Club, Office Practice Club, Interclass Athletics. BLANCHE LEVIN Bashful, Loving I iLevl 1 "A wild boar is often held by a small sweet dog." Interclass Sports, Masquers Club, Ping Pong Club. ? ,I , 2 I , My g 4. 1 A i 59 .4 5 :tml ti wi "W if X 2 ,fy I-1 2 QF' f Y ' n ip ., V M , . Ziff.: Q 7. me J., .. M 112 X' 6 KM df! .ef f , Z! , 4-4-SENIOR Bs? fry ' if' I 'u z' . M5.,.. f. , ,V . V EVELYN S. LEVIN Enjoys Levity ..Eve,, "Laughter makes the heart grow fonderf' Interclass Athletics, Masquers, Art Club, Glee Club. HELEN LEVIN Helpful, Loyal "Lin" "The sweeter sound of woman's praise. Interclass Sports, Masquers, Ping Pong Club. ETHEL L. LEVINE Extremely Likeable "Tuckie" "The face-the index of feeling." Art Club, Glee Club, Four Square Club, Press, Year Com- mittees. MILTON LEVIN E Makes Love I I l S "Seek till you find, and you'll not lose your labor." Chemistry Club, Coaching, lnter- class Athletics. 1-QTHE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937-ki --QI 39 IEANETTE H. LEVINSOHN loyful, Helpful and Loving "Nettie" "All work and no play will make 'Nettie' a dull girl." Leaders' Club, Four Square Club, Major F, lnterclass Sports. ELIZABETH LEVIS Entertaining, Lovable 5 l "Our patience will achieve more than our forces." Art Club, Glee Club, Interclass Athletics. STANLEY LEVY Shylock's Likeness "Lev-toi" "A chip off the old block." Soccer, Track, Ice Hockey Manager. ANNE LINTHICUM Always Ladylike ' 'Punkie' ' "Greatest thoughts and great feelings come to her unaware." Numerals, Final Gift Committee, French Club, l. l. L, Latin Club, Glee Club. f 5 ff if is , gm? , gin' 'F ,Q f X 'A 4 my W5 f ' " ' 2 7 4 I 5 'Sf f XV . W ., ,..... M, Q Q. ' " . ,Q--kSENIORSti' ROBERT N. LIPPENS Renders Needed Labor i 1 5 "Success treads on the heels of every right effort." Leaders' Club, Ethical Club, Basketball, Track, Senior Play. MARIORIE LOWY Marjorie's Art Lasts I i Mardi, , "Silence is true wisdom's best reply." Minor F, Non-Athletic F, Art Club, Opportunity Club, Glee Club, l. I. I. FRANCES LYNCH Forever Loyal "Fran" "Youth will have to swing." Art Club, Press, lnterclass Sports. RICHARD C. MacDEVlTT Really Can Move ' ' Dick' ' "Waste not, want not." Track, Chemistry Club, Art Club. Press, Sales and Publicity Committee, Senior Publicity Committee. -A-,o,THE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937-rf .QI 40 Ip.. WILLIAM H. MAISEL Whimsical, Honest Man "Bill" "For he was studious." Ethical Club, Chess Club, Stamp Club. EVELYN MARKS Expressive Madcap . . Ev. . "Life is a jest and all things show it. I thought so once but now I know it." I. I. I., Cvlee Club, Numerals, lnterclass Athletics, Home Eco- nomics Club. HELEN MARKS Heavenly Mystic "Hess" " 'T is a contracting personality which has claimed many a friend." Interclass Athletics, Art Club, Glee Club. PATTY ANNE MARSHALL Playful And Merry ..Pat,, "I have been five minutes too late all my lifetime." Art Club, Latin Club, French Club, Four Square Club, Inter- class Athletics. 9 I , ,ii Ziyi , wc 2 f K ' W I ',':,, If . g - i.,ti afSENIORS+ WILLIAM W. MARVEL Willingly Works Marvelously "Billy" "Let tools the studious despise, There's nothing lost by being wise." Year President, Coaching, Leaders' Club, Student Court, Bronze D. S. A. WILLIAM MAZER Will Meditate "Willie" "Secured by virtue." Track, Ethical Club, Major F, Ping Pong Club, Latin Club, Prom and Banquet Committee. MARGARET MARIE MCLAIN Mild Merry Maid "Reetz" "Her smile is like her wave- It s permanent." Art Club, Latin Club, Glee Club, Interclass Athletics. ETHEL V. MCNEAVE Excellent Mannerisms ' iE1:tS' ' "So charming and fair to see." Art Club, Glee Club, Garden Club, Home Economics Club. if-A-THE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937+f '-:AI 41 Is-- DOROTHY M. MELCHIOR Dottie'll Make Millions "Dottie" "Full of fun, lull of pep." Basketball Year Team, Art Club French Club, Four Square Club: Glee Club, Press. ROBERT I. MENDELSON Rich In Mirth ..Bob., "Ripe in wisdom, wise, but simple and patient." Manager Fencing Team, Oppor- tunity Club, Archery Club. LOUISE MERFELD Little Meri ' 'Stooge' ' "To see her is to like her, To know her is to love her." Leaders' Club, President, Fores' ter Staff, Major F, Chemistry Club, Coaching, Varsity Sports, Art Club. MERRILL M. MEUSHAW Merry Madcap ..Meu,, "He set his heart on the goal, not on the prize." Boy Scout Club, Fencing, Op- portunity Club. In in -A .i ki , . ss, ,,,,..v my ...Ag , .9-.:a,::.e:f-2 i.'i,371I.i.i Aw12:fv.'- .. ..i:ef.!e5?ffaa:- 1. If 'S Al K! Ki X! 5 . , . , if 4. '52 A me I IQ 82,5 M474 M 4 A st ,?5g'K M.. ' ,V7y,V.S:m .VH .5732 ....... . - if ww .2 in .5 K 1 Eg 1 5 3 4 M G 9 X W 4 gid dy Sv Y 5 3 , 1i.1.....1i..fii.. 1 . f.a..i.i.....i .. .. ,...,.f,,i5.aff .s.m.1.-.1-1.fwfi.. M1 35:.1.g:,gEz:j. :mf ' 1.-1142.-mgif MSM fu -.f' I .w.1.1.-if-f-f :..1gwgr.,,,,,,,al,,,i,g.. .. .. f ' liiliszfsa q an 2 is :gi :Ii iz Q .K rs L Q5 V 4 3 I A as 91 W 4 H, -f..- :5Sg,,wT1e1if: ,gnu 'L . 1121-if " se?1ibi.e.. . . .. .. . .. is 1 iw .iissteiiifli ' . am.. -. wgsifet 5251: ' W f 1 M E .... . 215555 Tw: -, . ,... . , ..... W.. V 111.1 we ,.-. ...L 12. .mm . if 4115574 W it wiwsme .: . ............. . .. .. Mn . . . .... ...... . . 1. su 1.1 W: iii: ii,t':iig .1 .. ......... . .W I gag-g,.,eQ,. Ts isisini 11 its 'f J T H 21 is Q -1.52.51 155125 2.-ff-fizfi' :sis-.iff-tis: '2.i"2'lSfQ!sys6re?5 L . , ' ' fs 'T .. . T ." fefsf' .. .. iw.: "V'li?f2 .. . :iii 521525 1:-xfzrszf g iesw..-zrsl,.- . . 'liliii Hwfgfstifs' .11.fg'1z1s223!ii5's zen.. i f ieisrz.-: .- 1: , - K ifgiilfiisfgff11fs'fei:f2f:i: Q . ffsifaex. .. .5zg1Qg:sv.'h1sSifiisiiswf '1 ifTaiii?1'sf2557.fH342Lgfli+igf'A' -pf-kSENIORS-k .,f7.1.1 Y' asevstzf... .. me... f 155355-2T.i . gay.,-,. , - snmsi-1. . .in-.av 1LfiffLfsz.w..s .uw 4:2 :- ..:z,i . s, '. .nEm5iEE5?izFf:h W.. :IQ E1 , 555 1... 'W' lg. S L .AEZQEFQYIII iifiaf' ..5...e.1.1..aisw - . .-..f..e. mi . .fa usassw i ff 5 S iii Z ,F if 5' 1' if 2 S .. .. .. . ...W ..... ...V WILLIAM C. MILLER Will Certainly Marry "Carroll" "Foolery doth Walk about." Class Officer, Glee Club, Chem istry Club. ERVIN MILLER Easy Money "Irv" "Silence is Golden." Ping Pong Club, Football, Chem- istry Club, Track. IEAN CAROLYN MILLER Iust a Coy Maid "Sandy" "Good things come to some when they are asleep." Art Club, Latin Club, Interclass Athletics, Step Singing Com- mittee. RAE MILLER Rollicking Merriment ' ' Powerhouse' ' "Age cannot whither nor custom stale her infinite variety." Press, Leaders' Club, Varsity Basketball, Non-Athletic F, Play Reading Committee, I. I. I. if-kTHE FORESTER OF JUNE 193'1+f A-sl 42 Ir-- SEYMOUR MILLER Sees Much ' 'Diller' ' "What I am to be, I am now learning." Interclass Athletics, Senior Play Scenery, Chemistry Club. FRANK H. MONTGOMERY Friendship Holds Much "Monk" "Modesty becomes a young man." Commencement Chorus, Inter- class Athletics. LILA C. MOORE Lives Merrily ' 'Toodles' ' "A disposition blithe and merry." Forester Staff, Leaders' Club, Major F, Varsity Basketball, Volleyball, Latin Club. IAMES H. MORTIMER Ieune Monsieur "Jimmy" "Friends, though absent, are still present." Camera Club, Tennis, Art Club, Chess Club. 'I-if 1 f if V, Wi 3? Y.. ,gi wi ' me .I I it ' 2' wx Q Q 'W 333 ll . I -as-an-as f.,-ig,-fm- ., ..,, ? H wy' XV Bw? fSENIORS-rf HENRY G. NATHAN His Greatness is Noteworthy I5Hankll "Absence makes the heart grow tonderf' Chemistry Club, I. I. I., Pres. Scout Club, Assistant Manager Lacrosse Team. ALLEN H. NAUSS Always Nonchalant iKAb!! "Silence is the friend that will never betray." Track, Press, Interclass Athletics. NORTON NAVIASKY No News "Navi" "I'm saddest when I sing." Glee Club, Non-Athletic F, Inter- class Athletics. LEONORA R. NEEDLING Little Nonsense ..1-lee.. "A little nonsense now and then, Is relished by the wisest man." Interclass Athletics, Glee Club, Flower Committee, Latin Club. f+THE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937i-if BERTIE NEILD Bashfully Naive "Bert" "I am but an innocent mortal.' Minor F, Glee Club, Latin Club Senior Farewell Assembly, Inter class Athletics. PEARL NEIMAN Pleasing Nature ' 'Nee-high' ' "He most lives, who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best." French Club, Major F, Art Club, Leaders' Club, Play-reading Committee, Varsity Tennis. CAROLYN NICOLS Coy Nature "Nick" "On the stage she is natural, simple, affecting." Leaders' Club, French Club, I. I. I., Non-Athletic F, Latin Club. M. ELAINE NORRIS Mostly Nice "Toots" "Good mind, good fellow." Four Square Club, Glee Club, Latin Club, Numerals, Senior Farewell Flower Committee. F rtaat . ex A fy I Q 4' fi-SENIORSff HELEN LOUISE OSTRANDER Honest, Loyal,Oriqinal "0ssie" "She is not poor who has the use of necessary things." Art Club, Commercial Club, Interclass Athletics. IDA PERKAL Is Pleasinq "Perkie" "She that goes slow goes far." Glee Club, Art Club, Interclass Athletics. ARTHUR PERKINS Always Playing "Perk" "Rhythm is my business." Orchestra, Band, I. I. I., Chem- istry Club. DORIS E. POEHNERT Dependable Pupil . .DOF , "For she was jes' the quiet kind whose natures never vary." Latin Club, Glee Club, Inter- class Athletics. if-THE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937w+ --sl 44 Is-- BETTY ANN PRENTISS Betty's Always Playful E l l "With a twinkle in her eyes and a smile on her lips." lnterclass Athletics, Glee Club, Major F, Art Club, Varsity Track, Volleyball. CLARA PUMPIAN Clear Personality ' 'Clare' ' "Patience and gentleness is power." Glee Club, Four Square Club, Office Practice Club, Step Sing- ing Committee. RUTH QUIRMBACH Rare Quality "Ruthie" "Modesty is a beauty of woman." Glee Club, Home Economics Club, Interclass Athletics. VIVIAN BERNICE RAICHLEN Vivacious, Reliable . .VF , "I love my friends well, but l love myself better." Latin Club, lnterclass Athletics, Minor F, Basketball, Hockey Year Team. IQ 4 l f . I ,, ,f V 7 1 L . . ,,,,,, , . ,,. 5 1 , " H - ff' .I ts fe izl if? , , pg A if V ,,,. Q - ..,v: 2 -kSENIORSfvr ELISABETH RASCH Emits Radiance 1 s "The fair, the chaste, the unex- pressive she." Leaders' Club, Minor F, Senior Inaugural Committee, lnterclass Athletics, Latin Club, Four Square Club. CHARLES A. RAUSCH, IR. Cooperative And Reliable "Charlie" "To those who know thee not, no words can paint." Model Craftmen's Club, l. l. I., Safe Drivers' Club, President, Manager Tennis Team. LILLIAN REAGAN Leader Reliable "Pete" "Ambition has no rest." Varsity Sports, Minor F, Glee Club, Interclass Athletics. MARIE HELEN RECKTENWALD Most Reasonable "Micky" "God made all pleasures innocent." Varsity Hockey, Basketball, Art Club, lnterclass Athletics. if-A-TH'E FORESTER OF JUNE 1937-kt WILLIAM A. REED, IR. War "Bill" "Talent grows in silence." Stamp Club, I . I . I ., Play Reading Committee, Interclass Athletics. HARRY L. REEDER Hominus Regius "Panama" "A merry heart doeth good." Interclass Athletics, I . I . I ., Chem- istry Club. MARY A. REINDOLLAR Music And Rhythm "Merk" "On their own merits modest women are silent." Leaders' Club, Orchestra, Minor F, I. I. I., Non-Athletic F, Inter- class Athletics. DOROTHY V. REITZ Darling,Virtuous, Reliable . . Dot , . "The ideal woman ot a young man's dream." Glee Club, Latin Club, Minor F, Senior Gift Committee, Archery Club, Interclass Athletics. f': . I I .,.. H ZIZV . . ',il . A if 1? ' I' lif .3 Q, ' fSENIORSf VIRGINIA RITOTA Voice Resplendent ' 'Ginny' ' "Music overpowers the listener's brain So sweet, that joy is almost pain." Leaders' Club, Glee Club, Pres., Non-Athletic F, Art Club, Inter- class Athletics, Year Committees, I . I . I . MARGARET V. RIVERS Memory Relapses "Margo" "Whose wit in combat is as gentle as bright." Leaders' Club, Forester Staff, Press, Orchestra, Art Club, Minor F, Script F. ARTHURINE W. ROBERTS Always Ready "Scotty" "Those that are reputed are Wise for saying nothing." Interclass Athletics, Glee Club. EVA M. ROBINSON Ever Ready ..Mae,, "Her talents were more of the silent class." Interclass Athletics, Latin Club, Flower and Program Committees. -k+THE FORESTER OF JUNE 19371'-k ,QI 46 ADELE F. RODMAN Ably Raised ..De1,, "Not much talk, a great sweet silence." Minor F, Forester Staff, Year Committees, Glee Club, Inter- class Athletics. RAYMOND RODRIGO Readily Recognized ..Ray., "Iust an old Spanish-custom." Glee Club, I. I. I., Art Club, Latin Club, Masguers Club, Camera Club. RUTH ROLFES Ruthlessly Remarkable "Queenie" "More lovely than Pandora." Art Club, Glee Club, Interclass Sports. EDITH R. ROSENFELD Ever a Romantic Red-head "Reds" "What one has, one ought to use and whatever he does he should do with all his might." Interclass Sports, Forester Staff, Glee Club, Minor F, Art Club. 4 if tx if 4522! A K I - SI. 1 .- ' ff "" A ,,,' r Q I V as f 2 QSENIORS4. ETHEL ROSENFIELD Encourages minor Romances "Ets" "Let the path be open to talent." Art Club, Interclass Sports, Senior Inaugural Committee. LOUIS L. ROSTOV Let's Love, Rusty "Rusty" "Sit in your place and none can move you." Football, Ethical Club, Lacrosse, Chemistry Club, Final Gift Coma mittee, I. I. I. OSCAR N. RUDOFF Obligations Never Rejected "Oscar' ' "In native worth and honor clad." Camera Club, Press, Stamp Club. ELLEN RUPPERSBERGER Ellen ever Reliable . .Er , ' 'The music in her heart she bore.' ' Glee Club, Leaders' Club, Opera Club. ar-kTHE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937+f -11 47 In-' MAYNARD RUSSELL Mighty, Reasoning ' 'Sturdy' ' "lt I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way." Baseball, l. l. l., Senior Play Scenery. FRANK SACHS Friendly Spirit ' 'Sack' ' "Prepared in mind and re- sources." Orchestra, Track, Boxing Club. l EAN SANDERSON lust Sweet "Mania- "Sweet of nature, sweet of tace, A winning smile and lots of grace." Leaders' Club, Minor F, Bronze D. S. A., Varsity Hockey, Fores- ter Staff, Class , Committees, Coaching Certificate. ELLEN A. SANDLAS Ever Striving "Sandy" "Sweet food of sweetly uttered knowledge." Numerals, Latin Club, Scrap BookCommittee, lnterclassSports. +SENIORS+ MIGNON Z. SAUBER Mannish, Zealous, Straightfor- ward "Mints" "Her pencil was striking, resist- less, and grand." Leaders' Club, Art Club, Forester Staff, Bronze D. S. A., Non- Atliletic F. ICHN S. SCHAD lust So Sweet "Jack" "A truer, noble heart, more loving or more loyal, Never beat within a Mortal." lnterclass Athletics, Opportu- nity Club. MARVIN S. SCHAPIRO Mistaken Scholar "Hornsby" "Be merry if you are wise." Stamp Club, Vice-President. ALBERT SCHERR Always Snooping ' 'Scoop' ' "He writes with a pen of iron, with a point of diamond." Editor-in-Chief ot Press, Bronze D. S. A., l. l. l., Forester Staff, lnterclass Athletics. f+THE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937+-if 48 Ig.. CHARLES H. SCHMENNER, IR. Can Have Success "Charlie" "The most manifest sign ot wise dom is continued cheertulnessf' Art Club, Glee Club, Senior Inaugural Committee, I. I. I., Interclass Athletics. KENNETH SCHOMBORG Keen Scholar "Ken" "All the world's a stage, And all the people players." I. I. I., Glee Club, Art Club, Masguers Club, Latin Club. HENRY M. SCHULTE His Manners Suttice "Allah" "A truly modest fellow." Fencing, Camera Club, Chem- istry Club, Senior Publicity Com- mittee. ix LILLIAN SCHWARTZ Lazy Sphinx "Lil" "I may be as good as I please it I please to be good." Art Club, Latin Club, Minor F, Interclass Athletics. is 'Hf::.." , 1 . , ,,, . ,W Wiz. f' vziflvlf' ' 'W , . ',--5' ff f aff Q: f, . ' A . .,,w2 gtg.. .V, ,V,x , I ,,2, ,, 'f if Cf f i if V ffnfw, ,, .,. H: H , Q. 5 , 4 1 ' T fi U Q 9 Z f sf if f f My , W me 4, . . ffm,-1 Ms: w,:i1- . , ,M -. . iit I A , , , ,,,. .V f A J, if 3 .. , - -- View 4 . M. .. aa,,,,, .f W . f, , ,t ,,f 71, ,'f. uygtfiyyn .V-' 3 fgiiw ',i' :H K -wwf 47 ie 2 v 4' 5 f ...Q-. --.WW- , ,,, ,, -- ,. , ,M7g2,,3f,, 'f , We .al - ' - ,2,,,,,,.,, ,A , ,,w, t, I , .Z aw- fawezf , .. ,,f. if if , V ,., . 2, , ' n.,ftQ. ,5f2!f5W.5fgT ' I f . -f - , QSENIORSQ .. - ,I '- ,gm - . - A1215 , , . .- ,'a2W,,sH ft , Q 052 i' 4 AV f ,. 2 A LOUIS SCHWARTZMAN Loves to Slumber ' 'Roughneck' ' "The only laughing animal is a man." Leaders' Club, Press, Baseball, Chemistry Club, Ethical Club. DOREEN M. SEITZ Demure, Mischievous, Sweet HDD.. "Her Voice is ever sott, gentle and low, An excellent thing in woman." Glee Club, Play Reading Com- mittee, Masguers Club. GEORGE B. SEWARD Great Brawny Slugger "Georgie" "Silent and strong." Baseball, Football, Captain ot Boxing Team. BETTE E. SHACKELFORD Brunette Sweetness "Shackie" "'Tis well to be merry and wise, 'Tis well to be honest and true." Glee Club, Press, Non-Athletic F, Script F, Senior Farewell Flower Committee. f+THE FORESTER or JUNE 1937,H. A-QI 49 Ir-- T. FRANK SHEEHAN, IR. Truly Faithful Scholar "Pos" "Towering in confidence." Chemistry Club, lnterclass Ath- letics, L V. Baseball, L V. Football. SIDNEY SHER Silently Serious i Esidl l "They like him most who know him best." Track, Ethical Club, Interclass Athletics, Prom and Banquet Committee. ANDREW N. SHERMAN Awtully Swell . .Andi , "Sir, your wit ambles wellg it goes easily." lce Hockey, Ass't Manager, Boxing Team Manager, Chemis- try Club, Leaders' Club. BETTY SHOFF Blushes Sweetly ' 'Shoffie' ' "Laugh and the world laughs with you." - Art Club, L If I., Glee Club, Script F. f it f 4 My M. E S ",, . wi 11191, ,Q x i 5 Ji' mt? J .Alun if 'gk 1.4 S 2 "1t T ,... , y -A--kSENIORS++f ELEANOR CATHERINE SMITH Ever Swinging "Punky" "lt's a very good world to live in To lend, to spend, to give in." Minor F, Glee Club, Art Club, lnterclass Sports. CHARLOTTE A. SMYRK Catches All Smiles "Charlie" "A resolved mind has no cares." Major F, Year Teams, L L l., Glee Club, Coaching Certificate. MARGARET V. SNYDER Many Vivacious Smiles "Maizie" "An' kin' ot smily roun' the lips An' teary round the lashes." Art Club, Glee Club, Four Square Club. HAROLD SOLOMON He Strives . .SOP . "The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, and the hand to execute." Track, Press, Senior Play Chair- man, Leaders' Club, lnterclass Athletics. +1-THE FOREST-ER or JUNE 19371-+ ROBERT SORIN Real Swingster . .BOF , "Here are no storms no noise ll ! I lust good deeds. Orchestra, Leaders' Club, Prom and Banquet Committee, All Maryland Orchestra, l. L l., Non-Athletic F. ANITA V. SPICER Always Swell "Ginger" "A lady so richly clad is she Beautiful exceedingly." Glee Club, Home Economics Club, Step Singing Committee. JAMES L. SPIES loking, Laughing Soul "Jimmy" "Keep well thy tongue and keep thy friend." Chemistry Club, Interclass Ath- letics. HUGH M. STEINBERGER He's Mighty Slick "Hughie" "He is truly happy who can make others happy." Lacrosse, L V. Track, Ice Hockey, Stamp Club. , HQ .,- i ":V7'.e55'-1 fe. f 1.-1' V 5 . ii ,, L " f i V: ,,.. kqyy "'1 so -... L 1 iiiv- . 4 ." ,iii i . y ls, i +SENIORS1- HENRY A. STOKVIS Helpful And Scrupulous "Stokey" "Do as I say, not as I do." Interclass Athletics, Glee Club. MARGERY A. STRASS Merry And Sunny ..Margy,. "You hear that girl laughing- you think she's all iun, But the angels laugh too, at the good she's done." Ping Pong Club, Leaders' Club, Coaching. SYLVIA STUL Sophisticated Senior . .Syl . , "I would live to study, and not study to live." Ping Pong Club, Interclass Ath- letics, School Scrapbook Com- mittee, Nurnerals. ROSE STUTMAN Radiant, Sweet "Rosie" "Her color comes and goes, it trembles to a lily, It wavers to a rose." Latin Club, Glee Club, Inter- class Athletics. -k+THE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937i-A' -QI 51 DORIS MAY SUSEMIHL Dresses Stunningly "Susie" "They are never alone that are accompanied with noble thoughts." Leaders' Club, Forester Statt, Interclass Sports, Major F, Glee Club, Varsity Basketball. HERMAN A. TAPPER He's Always Trucking "Herm" "Some are born great, Others achieve greatness." Track, Interclass Athletics. R. LEE TERRY Rare Lovely Tenor "Leebo" "He has moved a little nearer to the master of all music." Glee Club, Non-Athletic F, Fores- ter Staff, Program Committee. tt -M -- - 5, 9 45 1 . fn :gre 1 I' X f 1 ti fi H 8 5 Je X- V K v 1 if is EVELYN HARRIETT THORNTON ' 11" ' Ever Timid ' ..Ev,, , i f i "Little said is soonest mended." ' " Art Club, I. I. I., lnterclass Athletics. K -it -pf-gSENIORS+f ALICE L. TIMANUS Always Tittering "Bootsie" "Sweetest noise on earth, a Woman's tongue." Glee Club, Latin Club, Leaders' Club, French Club, Senior Fare- well Dance Committee. CAROLINE H. TOWSON Crowned, Heavenly Thing ' 'Car'1ine' ' "Loves all-does wrong to none." Latin Club, Art Club, Safe Drivers' Club, Glee Club, Chem- istry Club, I. I. I., Varsity Volley- ba MERLE E. TUCKER Mighty 'tractive "Tommy" "A pleasing countenance is no slight advantage." Glee Club, I. I. I., Interclass Athletics. ELEANOR K. UNKEFER Eleanor's Really Useful "Beanie" "Be silent and sate- Silence never betrays you." Latin Club, Chemistry Club, Senior Farewell Flower Com- mittee. if-kTHE FORESTER OF JUNE 193'I+i- A-QI 52 Ir'- EDGAR C. URBAN Eager, Cooperative, Unselfish "Urbs" "l'll sing you a thousand love songs." Art Club, Glee Club, Lacrosse, Chemistry Club, lnterclass Ath- letics, Final Gift Committee. lACK VAN COLLOM lesting, Valiant Classmate , "Joe" "There are plenty of acguain- tances in the world, but very tew real friends." Football Manager, Ping Pong Club, Farewell Dance Committee. THOMAS VAN WINKLE Truly Very Wise ..Rip,, "As fit as a fiddle." lnterclass Athletics, Chemistry Club. STANLEY L. WAGENHEIM Silence Wanting "Stan" "A great devotee ot the gospel ot getting on." Opportunity Club, Chemistry Club. f 5 f A y , ,y . . 125. V '5?944 fsfi i ' ' I y . 42' Q- if ,.-Q .. it N Wi? -sf X S., fs .f 1 47 C A A e if-A-SENIORS4.-,of DORIS WAGNER Diligent and Willing "Toots" "Only the acts of the just Smell sweet and blossom in their dust." Glee Club, Home Economics Club, l. l. l., Opportunity Club. MARIORIE IANE WANTZ Most lolly and Witty ' 'Margie" "An iron hand in a velvet glove." Art Club, Glee Club, lnterclass Athletics, I. l. l. S. CECILIA WARNER So Completely Winsome "Cecil" "Your deeds are known ln words that kindle glory from the stone." Latin Club, Art Club, l. L L, Interclass Athletics. HOWARD H. WARNER He Hath Wisdom "JL-edge" "The end crowns the work." Camera Club, Fencing, Inter- class Athletics. +1-THE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937+-k -2153 It-- FRANK G. WATKINS Fairness Gains Wealth "Buck" "There is no argument equal to a happy smile." I. V. Ice Hockey, I. I. I., Inter- class Athletics, Senior Play Sce- nery Committee. BEATRICE WEINBLATT Best Woman . . Baby. , "The brave, impetuous, yield everywhere, To the subtle, contriving head." Art Club, Glee Club, Minor F, Interclass Athletics. MARY ANNE M. WETTE Mighty And Wise "Jim" "Midnight shout and revelry, merry dance and jollityf' Latin Club, Glee Club, Chem- istry Club, Ping Pong Club. I OHN WEYFORTH Iust Willing "Johnny" "Smooth Words make smooth ways." Chemistry Club, Press, Glee Club. 5 -k4fSENIORSrf RICHARD M. WHEAT Really Makes Women "Dick" "Zealous, yet modest." Chemistry Club, Latin Club, Interclass Athletics. MARGARET THELMA WHITE Tempting and Wise nwhityu "Ot manners gentle, of affections mild, In wit a woman, simplicity a child." Interclass Athletics, Forester Staff, Minor F. DOROTHY ALBERTA WIEDENHOEF T Does Able Work s nDottys 1 "Small matters win great com- mendationf' Art Club, Interclass Sports, Year Committees. DORIS WIEDEY Delighttully Witty ' 'Dotty' ' "Play up, play up, and play the game." Art Club, Four Square Club, Major F, Opportunity Club, Interclass Sports. is-kTHE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937+-A' --QI 54 It:-A HELEN D. WILSON Hates Dry Writing "Chickie" "The blossom on the cushion of the editorial chair." Press, Glee Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, Art Club, Inter- class Athletics. EILEEN E. WRIGHT Emanates Wrighteousness ' 'Eensy" "A good name endureth forever." Leaders' Club, Glee Club, Var- sity Hockey, Basketball, Volley- ball, Track, Major F, Latin Club, I . I . I . ELIZABETH H. WRIGHT Entertaining, Helpful, Willing I iwhigl ! "The force of her own merits makes her way." Art Club, Glee Club, Horne Economics Club, Interclass Ath- letics. FRANCOISE E. WRIGHT Funny Woman "Fr-enchy" "Come and trip it as ye go, On a light fantastic toe." Glee Club, Latin Club, I. I. I., Masguers Club, Art Club, Inter- class Athletics. ' ..,.., I ' "-L'f"' ' ff 4' ,,'i iii' - A F3 I . ,f ' .T " 1 ,I .I fSENIORS+ STANLEY N. YAFFE Still Yelling "Yaff" "Still water runs deep." Forester Staff, Leaders' Club, Interclass Athletics. SELMA PATTIE YOFFE Sincerely Yours nspyu "Faithful friends are hard to find, Every man will be thy friend." Art Club, Glee Club, Interclass Athletics. LEONA ZACKON Likeable, Zealous ' 'Zackie' ' "One on another against the wall, Pile up the books-I am done with them all." Glee Club, Art Club, German Club. ELIZABETH A. ZENTZ Ever Above Zero "Miss Zentz" "A quiet tongue shows a Wise head." Leaders' Club, Glee Club, Four Square Club. -ki-THE FORESTER OF JUNE 1937+-k --il 55 Ir-- if 56 Ir-- S T A G E 'A' PLAY READING COMMITTEE HAROLD SOLOMON Chairman ETHEL FRANK PEARL NEIMAN BEATRICE CROOK DOREEN SEITZ ROBERT FULFORD IEAN CONREY SCENERY COMMITTEE MIGNON SAUBER Chairman LILA MOORE KATHERINE BRAUNS MARIORIE LOWY LESLIE HARRISON CHARLOTTE KING RUTH DYKES CAROLINE TOWSON GERTRUDE AMOSS EVELYN LEVIN G-RACE COMMO EVELYN KRAMME PUBLICITY COMMITTEE PEARL NEIMAN Chairman RUTH FLIPPIN HENRY NATHAN ANNE LINTHICUM ELAINE BECK. LOUIS SCHWARTZMAN LOUIS HATTER DOROTHY BARNITZ SENIOR FAREWELL COMMITTEE AUDREY HORNER Chairman MILDRED DAWES DORIS KLANK MALVA BABCOCK GILBERT BOWERS GERDA KOLLOSCH HOWARD WARNER WILMOT HANSELL ELEANOR SMITH LILLIAN COHEN MARIE RECKTENWALD H A N D S 'A' STEP-SINGING COMMITTEE ELLEN RUPPERSBERGER Chairman VIRGINIA COLEMAN ELIZABETH LEVIS MARY LAMSON I EAN MILLER MARILYN HOOK DOROTHY ANDERSON HELEN OSTRANDER CLARA PUMPIAN ANNE HEARN ANITA SPICER NORTON NAVIASKY FINAL GIFT COMMITTEE LOUIS ROSTOV Chairman ANNE LINTHICUM ALICE TIMANUS BETTE GREENWALD ETHEL MCNEAVE EDGAR ROBERT GOSNELL CAROLYN NICOLS DOROTHY REITZ OTTO GREINER URBAN SENIOR FAREWELL FLOWER AND DECORATION COMMITTEE LEONORA NEEDLING Chairman RUTH QUIRMBACH LEONA ZACKON ELAINE NORRIS ELEANOR UN KEFER EVELYN MARKS I AMES SPIES ELIZABETH HOGAN DOROTHY MELCHOIR BETTE SI-IACKELFORD MERLE TUCKER HELEN LEVIN I ACK EBERHART THOMAS VAN WINKLE PROM AND BANQUET COMMITTEE I AMES FUNSTON Chairman WILLIAM MAZER DORIS GREENFELD SIDNEY SHER MAURICE GLAZER ROSE STUTMAN GERTRUDE KLEINHENZ LAURA GARRETT DORIS WIEDEY SELMA GOLD EDITH GILDEN PHILIP HAMBSCH VERICE HOFFMAN ALBERT DUKE ROBERT SORIN --2157 la THE SENIOR PLAY CAST OF CHARACTERS GEORGE IANSSON . . Crichton BILLY MARVEL . . . Lord Loam PHILIP HAMBSCI-I . . . Treherne CHARLES SCHMENNER . .... Ernest ROBERT EULEORD . . . Lord Brocklehurst CHARLOTTE SMYRK . . . Lady Mary MARION GRAULICH . . Lady Catherine DOROTHY CORT . . . Lady Agatha MILDRED DAWES . . . Tweeny BETTY ANN PRENTISS . . . Miss Fisher MARY ANNE WETTE . . Lady Brocklehurst MISS HUDSON ...... Coach of Play About a dozen assorted blondes, brunettes, males, females, and one red-head, either on the stage or assisting Miss Hudson. SCENE The Eorest Park High School Auditorium at 6:30 RM. on an April afternoon. The cast is just about to rehearse the tirst act tor the titth time. Miss Hudson-"All right, everybody, guiet please! Now, Charles, let's start." Charles S.-"I perceive, from the teacups, Crichton, that the great function-" CAnd on and on through the script untilfl Charles S.-CSpeaking to Lord Broclclehurst about his engagernentj "Mother pleased?" Robert F.e"Mother is very pleased." --QI 58 Is-- "THE ADMIRABLE CRICHTONH Miss Hudson-"Now, Robert, please try to act that part as if your name is Percy Algernon Fultord lil. You are supposed to be tied to your mother's apron strings." Robert F.-CMeekly, just as it his name were Percy Algernonl 'lYes, ma'am." Miss Hudson-'Fxcellentl That is just the Way you should read your part." CAnd still on and on.D George J .-CShoWing the servants into the drawing room to have tea with Lord Loamj i'Miss Fisher." CBetty Ann Prentiss sails in as the superb Miss Fisher. It seems that Walking around with a book balanced on her head has given her a very statuesgue posture.-The clock skips about ten minutesj Billy M.-CComes in fuming because his valet, Rolleston, refuses to accompany him on the yachting tripj "The ingrate! The smug! The top!" CThe cast, familiar With the word l'fop" coming from Lord Loam's throat in a sort of falsetto sclireech, look at Billy with amazement. Billy explains that he had to moderate his sckreech for fear oi seeing his tonsils ily through the top of his head.D And on and on through what seemed to be numberless days, until the night of May 22, when the lune l937 Class ot Forest Park High School unveiled its senior play, i'The Admirable Crichton", and a certain red-head breathed a huge sigh of reliei. --QI 59 It-A THE JUNE FORESTER STAFF Managing Editor EMANUEL ARONHIME Associate Editors STANLEY YAFFE WILLIAM ANTHONY Art Staff MIGNON SAUBER LILA MOORE - CHARLOTTE KING- Feature Editors I EAN SANDERSON LOUISE MERFELD LEE TERRY ADELE RODMAN Editor-in-Chief DOROTHY BECKER Assistant Business Managers n I ANE GRESSITT MILDRED GOLDSTEIN Photography ELLIOTT HARWOOD SYLVIA BLISS Transcription EDITH ROSENFELD DORIS SUSEMIHL .QI 60 Ig.. Business Manager CHARLES GUGGENHEIMER Sports Editors ALBERT SCHERR DOROTHY FAIRLEY Write-Up Editors NELSON HAASE MARGARET RIVERS THELMA ASRAEL Club Editors DOROTHY CORT CHARLES HOBELMAN THELMA WHITE DOROTHY BITTORF THE STARS THESE students are the stars of the Senior class! Out of the two hundred and ninety-seven players, they so distinguished themselves as to receive the bronze award, a pin that is presented to only six per cent ot the cast at the Inaugural Assembly. It was given to each of these people for an outstanding contribution made to the school,-for exceptional service rendered to advance the high standards and the many activities at Forest Park. Three per cent ot the graduates will become recipients of the gold award, the highest honor, bestowed upon Foresters at their Farewell Assembly by the Distinguished Service Award Committee which also makes the bronze awards. The recipients ot the Distinguished Service Awards, however, whether the pins be gold or bronze, are the leading workers to whom the I une Class ot 1937 owes the smoothness of its performance. They are the four-star performers! William Marvel Charles Dudderar Dorothy Fairley Philip I-Iambsch Robert Gosnell Dorothy Becker Robert Ford Albert Scherr Anne Hearn Otto Gfreiner Betty Brown Louise Merfeld Leslie Harrison lane Cfressitt lean Sanderson Basil Holman Mignon Saulcer Mildred Goldstein 61 If:-M 1 ir if if t i. if ,I f ,I ar f C74Gf tj 'lr 'k 'k t 'k ir 'lr ll' if lf' Ylllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll OFF-STAGE BUSTLING activity varied interests, well-informed groups Well-advised groups! Presenting Ott-stage at Forest Park! Ullllllllllllllll -.11 ez 1b. ' Www. kq 'U ' 11 V .1 ,,-iw :ff ,il MVA: 44 --fi, me-,,. 531- - -L "-g1.Qfv?3yz'b3-Xv1':1-.A-fr-ax. N.,-, ,. --. . -. :, ,- . :sf-Q ,mg--r.-Q-. :L , . Q. ,gglfn '.4'Qfj3:-j5- -,f1--fv.-'j--,- 11.I,,.g3-5-L-iff'-' ' f2S5?ii.'5r?Q15f5' : 5 '.z'Ni'i 'l'f',' ' , ., Q 5:35-Mx, - Q-'i1:1,ff,fg , ff-5,-gfff .a.f-197' " ff- ff 1 --m,'wf2J- 4 , ,-"f -' UW: -.f,:x?v '. ,-,.. gg' ,,,,, Q IPF:-f ff? ifg 3:3 - . ,. ,.,. -- ,, L- - -,sw M'-5:Y.2fQ,fx,'21' I , - ,,,.,A . , .N ,:2if.-4-.xv -1125-.-' u um ,-,g., -..--i, "2 -3 ' J- .4n.4g:,g,q .:'- - 1f'm,..Q f:,,,,+, g wxyg 1' --5.55 -A-54-, ,V ' " 4- -wa, FG- -J' Q. - .- .. . V A 4 A , 4- , A-.1-5, --wx j,.,11L' -- " -.-3' , f. - - , 3- .-P.,-.'2, -,-14-f.:-13-..: -' - " 6 15:,Lea-?v-,5224-PAQ--:-x-:-4- 9 4, Q' 1 ,. ' ,Q F5 9,::'nTia.e15t:'fL1:'f?Z,2.ii5Qa.-.'ef"fY'7'U I ,. V ' :MQ , ., - . h -L,.'1ggf:J',.3qg4.1.3.--x-,-1-jg,-,Qf::1.:.-,fav-,3.-f--kj:-,535 . '- wg 4 - A y '. ."-.5 L51 f.1j'fz4ff--I N-gju .-5,1 1,-11-I-3 f. 5,,..,,m5:'.M.?,JM-,,hazv W, , nb , , 'fAf-135'5fff+'f'iCw:1'f:-M - 1-,. -h -Y' 4' M- 'I-1-32? 5"Ti:2w"' " ': .,2-iii' If 1,6 1-ea. 1. . f--ff " 1 1,1 . ' , 1"-'Hz 2, xawfgfi f' .. -1, n-.-. . '-1 " I , , mi:s:5?w,fZ,', f ' 'W .5 Q: gd ' -ff-22-313-Qvxi . ?fs?f1'4. ' im -if, Hiffz- H S1 TY?'fgu"i755ai- 3 3? ix-iwssnffg-ap'-'.-'iv-fl 2 -' I: 1,-1. - . e--, 7113.5-il" lu - SU -. 3' " - ' xg11",'-'-'WE-,4'55 7"f H ,. - .f , ' 3.14 5 , 2 3:-if-.,-1-1 iff x 57' 'F fn -1: .- Q -f ,-.- Af .4 , 35125. ' Zgia-l,fTaig3,?2 .gl P551 1 -s :- ref--LF ' . v--.-wr ,yr 4, ' - fi'-Smfwwrz-541 ,, my S5551 NAP ' -lv-fswwaf,wg,,,g,,M 3 156, , pw 5 Q...-..,. ww 1 , . : 3 ' 4 + 1' ' 5 If A5 ,, Ik f N55 r Q Q55 ilg-mi - x ,fb '-Q x I '.1:-:f-mf,,"45"f'-' J' ' , ' ., if - ,, --fd, 'i ' A - eR'if , , ,A . i .- 5 fn' F- - Hn :gf A .'Vf:'1'Q5-- "fl xx' , xv" 1 ' 1 -U 3 - fi - -, .L 1, , 'W fo eff I ,fir ,.. ,ga -, j 5, , , , . W' 553' v, , . . fum v :I ' 7 .',' rf' :K ,,. 'fE' Y '. 'B 1' 'Ffzff -3 jc ' 1 ' 'iff : lys- , .-,U ,f ,1 ' fm., . ,. .ic '73, N7 N 2U .Y':3' . . "'.':. "5 fr: -f .I .z fd.-" - W Y -A Q, .- -1- - ,s , '- .S 1 ,Z fi ' " -, :--lfz' 451. ' 2'4TfH-T: - .. ,gf - 'L ' "H, ,+ ' . -ff 11-,Av Y. - J' -l. -. '- - "f : 9215.-, g - -"T-.w U-,xi V ,ff . ' 131, . 4. -L31-4,,,3-k ,, , :,-' ue L, fn. . - q 5? gg ggg . S- 'Q ,LQ . .f .sx'.-.-K 1512. L , 55" 154- 1 ' . ' 'L' P5--5 3 --," Q ' -5 , 'S' f'L: f-Iwi f 4--r ls: ' ' ' 'E ' "f--.-4 .- , 2 V - rg.--,Q-. Q Kg , ,i f ,.-4, , 1 J' , was 15, f-1.2 mq- 1 fa," M SUB-SENIOR CLASS GEF in the wings stand the promising under- studies. Silent, Watchful, they study carefully the actors performing on the stage. By close observance of these performances they gain a Wealth of knowledge that will prove invaluable to them in the near future. Nor are they idle in the meantime. Already they are embarking on their theatrical careers. Their ability has been proved by the successful conclusion of the Iunior Day Assembly and the 1937 Iubilee. Now they have cast and started rehearsals on their crowning achievement, TI-IE EORESTER. CLASS OFFICERS LAVINIA WHTTEHURST . ....,. . . President ALBERT LUCKE . . . Vice-President ROBERTA ATKINSON . . . Secretary STANLEY BECKER . . . . . Treasurer FRED BLAINE Sergeants-at-Arms DON STECKMAN HENRY G. l-HRSCH . . Adviser 64 It-l A. .. , 2 fy 1 JUNIOR CLASS DCWN in the front row sit the members ot the Iunior Class, eagerly watching the performance being given by their predecessors. Their lips move silently, they are memorizing the part that they hope some day to play. Already they anxiously await the time when they can really "tread the boards", for they desire to add still more to the prowess accorded them by the successful conduction of their three great accomplishments thus far: the Iolly Iunior Iubilee with its new 'lSalon International" feature, the Arbor Day Assembly, and their Iunior Prom. CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD BAKER . ....... , . President AUDREY SCI-IMIDT . . . . Vice-President IESSE BEERS . . . . Recording Secretary MARICRIE HUYCK . . Corresponding Secretary MELVIN SILVER . .... Treasurer MARGARET METSER . . . Sergeants-at-Arms ROBERT BAUM MISS MENETTA E. KCENIG . . , . Adviser --:il 65 Ib'- ' A .Q " - l - ' SUB-JUNIOR CLASS HIGH up in the gallery seats, the Sub-luniors have taken their places. They sit in the low-priced seats, for they do-not yet Wish' to invest heavily in a drama that is both new and strange to them and which they do not yet fully appreciate. At first they look on a bit disinterestedlyg but as the play progresses, they Watch it more carefully, tor they are beginning to put themselves in the actors' places ancl to see themselves in the glorious roles being enacted. CLASS OFFICERS STUART KRUPNICK . .......... . . . President 1oHN F. BURGER .... . . ' . lf. . Adviser A ew we y EMM-ted! My I Nw 0'-1-14 , my i301 mea? M IJ-2a,,vn..fJ2'-v 771-u.Afln-Jfj 59,0405 f9d1 66 A THE CENSORS THE members of the Student Activity Board act as our censors. They, as a group, approve all productions such as the Senior Play and the Tolly lunior lubilee, charter new clubs, and regulate school finances. The Board, composed of the principal, vice-principal, girls' dean, athletic director, three teachers, and the student president, is one of the most important groups in the school. THE CRITICS TT is the difficult task of our critics, the Distinguished Service Award Committee, to present outstanding players in the senior class with the bronze and gold awards. The committee is composed of the advisers of the three organized classes and the president and senator of the sub-senior and junior classes, all of whom are to be commended for their unpre- judiced criticisms and for their final decisions. --:AI 67 Is-- Boys' Leaders' Club PHILIP HAMBSCH President LOUIS HATTER Vice-President IAMES FUNSTON ' Secretary BASIL HOLMAN Treasurer MR. ALFRED P. SCOTT DR. EDWIN FREDERICK MR. C. MELVILLE ANDERSON Advisers Girls' Leaders' Club LOUISE MERFELD President I ANE GRESSITT First Vice-President MARION DAVIS Second Vice-President DOROTHY FAIRLEY Secretary DOROTHY IANE BAER Treasurer MISS SOPHIE BECKER MISS ADELE GROTE MISS RUTH KRAMER Advisers A D V A N C E EVERY troupe ot actors has its advance agents-those people who lead the Way from city to city or town to town, test the route, and assure the players ot an agreeable welcome. Here at Forest Park, the leading and test- ing are done by tour outstanding organizations. First, there are the Boys' and Girls' Leaders' Clubs, elective groups, that have become the rnost powerful organizations ot the school. Their name implies that they are to "lead"gand, in truth, like the advance agents, it is their task to make the Way more comfort- .-QI es 1s Four Square Club ANNE HEARN President ELIZABETH ZENTZ Vice-President GERALDINE NEWTON Secretary VIRGINIA HESTER Treasurer MISS NORA STOLL Adviser A G E N T S able for the players in our drama ot school lite. They lead and advise their fellow-students, provide the highest standard in Work and in sports, promote friendship among Foresters, and aid and improve all phases of school activities. Then there are the Ethical and Four Square Clubs, two non-elective groups, Whose duties, standards, and aims are those ot leaders. Thus as in every stage show, there must be advance agents to lead the way, so the producers, directors, and players at Forest Park depend upon their "leaders"-their four groups of ad- vance agents. -QI 69 It.. Ethical Club ALBERT DUKE President PAUL EDMONSTON Vice-President GILBERT BOWERS Secretary ROGER NATTANS Treasurer MR. WALTER SCI-IEID MR. HENRY HIRSCH Advisers Student Senate l2A-Robert Ford l2B-Edward Stonesifer llA-Paul Edmonston HB-Earl I ones lOA-lohn Siegmund lOBfRobert Powley 9A-Betty Edwards QB-Wallace Carter Student Court Iudges: Robert Gosnell Otto Greiner Philip Hambsch Mildred Goldstein Edward Stonesifer Lavinia Whitehurst Doris lkena ASSISTANT WTTHOUT proper supervision any play would be a complete failure! No one realizes this better than the players in a drama. That is why We, the seniors, are so thankful tor the cooperation and help ot the producers and their student helpers, the assistant directors, who through their strict enforcement ot school rules and upholding ot standards guided us through our years here at Forest Park. The assistant directing organizations are the main organs of student government, headed by the student president and vice-president. There is the Student Court, a highly efticient body, composed ot six members, presided over by the student president. lt is their duty to try justly all student offenders. The special aim ot the court is to --QI '10 Ib-- Representative From Each Advisory Class DIRECTORS promote school spirit and to develop unity and harmony at Forest Park. The Senate, presided over by the student vice-president, is the highest represen- tative body in our student government. The purposes ot this group are to establish student participation in government and to develop a more united spirit at Forest Park. ln addition, a representative from each advisory class and the student president make up the Student Representative Board. Through this body each student is kept in touch with what is going on in the school. How vastly important and capable the assistant directors have proved them- selves is shown by the tact that Forest Park High School is continually being cited as the A-l example ot Baltimore schools having student government. V-sl '11 In-A ROBERT GOSNELL OTTO GREINER President Vice-President al '12 In-A PUBLICITY AGENTS MILDRED GOLDSTEIN President LORRAINE TERRALL Secretary IACK IONES VIRGINIA HESTER EDITH HYDE ALBERT ADLER ROBERT WHITE ADELE STRAUSS MR. WILLIAM IOLLY Adviser Every play needs publicity, so here at Forest Park we have our own press agents. The Department of Sales and Publicity, created during the last year, takes care of the publicity and sale of tickets for games, dances, and other school affairs. Under the guidance of its able adviser, Mr. Iolly, it has been a great asset to the school. ir The press, too, is a publicity agent, announcing future events and re- cording past acts in our play. WILLIAM ANTHONY Editor-in4Chief CHARLOTTE SCHWARTZMAN Managing Editor IACOB HORNSTEIN HARVEY LONDON Associate Editors HELEN WILSON News Editor RUTH EVANS Club Editor RAE MILLER Feature Editor GEORGE IANSSON Sports Editor GERTRUDE AMOSS Assistant Sports Editor GEORGE CASSIS Copy Editor MR. ABRAHAM LE SCHACK Faculty Adviser MR. CHESTER WHITNEY Assistant Adviser ik' Another type of publicity agent is the Camera Club. In taking, devel- oping, and displaying scenes from our play of school life, it arouses the interest and enthusiasm of the play- ers. Thus these three publicity agents are especially important in informing the newer members of our cast about the play they are to enter. MARVIN GOLDMAN President ROBERT I OI-INSTON Business Manager ROBERT GOLDSMITH Secretary ALBERT ADLER Business Treasurer MR. IOHN F. BURGER Adviser TECHNICAL ADVISERS Every play does not have an Ameri- can setting, but instead a foreign country is the background. Then it becomes necessary to consult com- petent sources about the life, customs, and dress of that country in order that the play may be au- thentic in every detail. At Forest Park there are always present three such advisers. 'k FRENCH CLUB EVELYN ALLEN President MARIE-LOUISE HOORNBEEK Vice-President RICHARD SCHOMBORG Secretary VIRGINIA PANFELIS Treasurer MR. I. FRED MOORE Adviser The French Club, through lectures accompanied by slides, songs, and games, and French newspapers and books, endeavors to acquaint Fores- ters with French life, government, music, and literature. i' GERMAN CLUB EDGAR KEMPER President SELMA IACKSON Vice-President PEARL NEIMAN Secretary WILLIAM ROSENTI-IAL Treasurer MRS. MARY SABINE Adviser This club acguaints interested For- esters with the historical and cul- tural background of German lite in a more informal, more interesting, and more enjoyable way than is possible in the classroom. 'A' LATIN CLUB DOROTHY BECKER ANNE LINTHICUM First Consuls ALMA VIRGINIA LYONS Second Consul RAE MILLER, Princeps Ouaestorum ELAINE REICHBAUM Aedile BETTY LEE PODLICI-I Praetor MISS IESSIE EBAUGH MISS IRENE ROE Advisers The programs of the Latin Club are of educational and recreational value. Through dramatizations, games, lectures, and moving pic- tures, the club promotes a deeper appreciation of the life, customs, and literature of Ancient Rome. '13 In -sl '14 Iz- CASHIERS DENA SANDLER Bookkeeper SHIRLEY MICHELSON Auditor VIRGINIA DODGE Paying Teller MR. MICHAEL C. LEIPHOLZ Adviser In all productions there must be someone to handle the money. The Student Activity Bank was formed for just this purpose. Its duties are to receive and deposit money from clubs, plays, the press and other groups, to pay out all money for expensesp and to keep accurate and complete records. Without this important cog in our machine, our play at Forest Park would not run so smoothly. 'A' TRAINING FIELD CAROLYN NICOLS President MARION GRAULICH Vice-President IESSE BEERS Secretary LILLIAN SHAPIRO Treasurer MISS ALTA THOMPSON Adviser To attain perfection in his profession, every actor must be well-trained. At Forest Park, the Masguers provide a training field, for this club was organized to promote a love for good drama and to develop interest and ability in dramatics. It turns out finished players who are all the more able to excel in difficult parts because of their early experience. K if ART DIRECTORS LESLIE HARRISON President SARAH BLOCK Vice-President MARIAM TUNICK Secretary MARIORIE HUYCK Treasurer SIMON KLITENIC Sergeant-at-Arms MISS NELLIE NORRIS MISS NORA BRAINARD MR. IVAN RIGBY Advisers How essential an understanding and a knowledge of art are in the presen- tation of a play! Background, arrangement of the stage, colors, and costumes-all these are under the care of the art directors. The Art Club trains our directors. It brings to its members an appre- ciation of beauty and a knowledge of various artistic skills and tech- nique and is thus an indispensable part of the Forest Park play. PROMPTERS Boys LEONARD SCHERLIS Director ROBERT IOHNSTON Assistant Girls ANNE HEARN Director AUDREY SCHMIDT Assistant Occasionally the best actors need prompting. Year by year, as our parts grow more and more difficult, we players at Forest Park realize how utterly lost We would be without our prompters, the members of the Coaching Department. By securing outstanding members of our cast to instruct those who find their parts too difficult, this department renders a valuable service to us all. 'A' RESEARCH WORKERS DOLORES WOOLFORD President LILLIAN DRIEBOND Vice-President ELAINE IVARSON Secretary MRS. VIVIAN BOUGHTER Adviser As We carry on our play, there often arises a need for thorough infor- mation on a particular subject. Then the players consult the adviser or members of the Library Club who are in charge of the books that are used in research. The task of mend- ing these books, checking them, and cataloguing them is Well taken care of by our research Workers. ak SCENIC ARTISTS IACK DUNSTER President SHIRLEY SIEGAL Vice-President MARGARET MEISER Recording Secretary DOROTHY BROSIUS Treasurer MR. W. MELVILLE CHILDS Adviser Our scenic artists, the garden club members, add the aesthetic touch to our production. They provide for the flowers and shrubs of the cam- pus, the background of our theatre. -sl '15 In The Orchestra JACK BEHREND ROBERT SORIN KENNETH IAFFE President Vice-President Librarian MISS GENEVIEVE P. BUTLER M U S I C A L IN our play here at Forest Park, a melo- dious background is provided by our Glee Club, Band, and Orchestra, all under the able conductor, Miss Genevieve P. Butler. The Band, composed ot approxi- mately torty members including a drum major, Robert King, and a band master, lack Behrend, provides gay martial music that cheers both our rooters and teams at football games, at pep assemblies, and many other school activities. Without a doubt, the Band is essentially important tor arousing the enthusiasm and support ot the students tor our school and its varied extra-curricular activities. What would our weekly assemblies be without the Orchestra? How would we ever present the commencement exercises that have won for Forest Park High School such commendation without it? Its general standard ot music has reached a high degree ot excellence, and a few members have won individual honors. Among the honor members is Robert Serin, who plays the bass viol. -'QI '16 Ik-- The Band ROBERT KING Drum Major I ACK BEHREND Band Master INTERLUDE Robert was one of two boys chosen to represent the state of Maryland at a national music convention in Buffalo. Certainly he owes some of his training to his work in the Orchestra, and again that organizations high standards are proved. The Glee Club has always been an outstanding group in our school and has been very successful this year in its accomplishments, not only in school but outside as well. A mixed chorus of Foresters presented a choral program for the Maryland State Teacher's Association meeting held at Polytechnic Institute. In addition, the club has brought to Forest Park the distinction of being the first senior high school to sing over a national hook-up, its program being sponsored by the Music Educators' National Conference. With such talented and cooperative groups to help us, it is inevitable that the "Musical Interludes" of our play should be delightful as well as of high standards. -sl T1 Is-r The Glee Club VIRGINIA RITOTA President I EAN FULTON Vice-President ELAINE BECK Recording Secretary BASIL HOLMAN Corresponding Secretary LEONARD FARDWELL Treasurer HUGH HENDERSON Sergeant-at-Arms 78 In-V PROTEGES DOROTHY CORT President ALICE TIMANUS Vice-President DORIS SUSEMIHL Secretary EVELYN ALLEN Treasurer MISS SOPHIE BECKER MISS RUTH KRAMER MISS ADELE GROTE Advisers The proteges of the directing organi- zations ot our play are the members of the Boys' and Girls' Oppor- tunity Clubs. These members have been elected to their respective clubs because of leadership abilities that indicate they will be capable ot taking leading parts in the direction ot their own play later on. ROBERT JOHNSTON President LEONARD FARDWELL Vice-President MERRILL MEUSHAW Secretary CAMPBELL FORD Treasurer MR. SCOTT DR. FREDERICK MR. ANDERSON Advisers 'A' GENERAL SERVICE There is always extra work to be done in the course of productionp emergencies arise, and there must be someone to handle them. The Boy Scout Club meets all these unforeseen occurrences, and, in so doing, renders an inestimable a- mount ot service. HENRY NATHAN President MERRILL MEUSHAW Vice-President IOSEPH WIESENFIELD Secretary MR. VERNON VAVRINA Adviser THERE are some persons who, after taking their parts in the play, find themselves unsuited for an acting careerp so they turn to the pursuit of other occupations. Here at Forest Park, ample opportunity is given such people to prepare, through clubs, for their future life. uk MODEL CRAFTSMEN 'S CLUB CHARLES RAUSCH President RIDGELY FRIEDEL Vice-President CHARLES CONREY Secretary JAMES FRASIER Treasurer MR. STANLEY HEYLMUN Adviser The aim of this club is to stimulate the student's interest in developing his manual skill, mainly in the use of fine tools. Most of the members specialize in the construction of model steam engines. uk RADIO CLUB MR. THOMAS YOUNG Adviser This organization is one of the oldest clubs in the school and also one of the most active. It is now attempting to develop its members into Amateur Radio Operators. 'A' OFFICE PRACTICE CLUB WALTER SHERMAN President DOROTHY HALLMAN Secretary DE SALES CAVEY Treasurer MR. SAMUEL GOLDSMITH Adviser The Office Practice Club is the newest club in the school. lt meets to acquaint the members with the operation and use of office machines. So far it has been very successful in accomplishing its purpose. --2179 In I 80 Ii:-P HOME ECONOMICS CLUB NANCY BELL GOLDEN President DORIS WAGNER Vice-President GERTRUDE KLEINI-IENZ Secretary ETHEL MCNEAVE Treasurer MISS DORIS CHURCH MISS IDA WI-IOLEY Advisers The Home Economics Club is one of the school's outstanding organi- zations tor girls. Its main purposes are to create an appreciation ot home economics, to form a connect- ing link between the home and the school, and to connect the club with outside commercial industries. 'A' CHEMISTRY CLUB MORTON FRENCH President MAURICE GLAZER Vice-President CAROLINE TOWSON Secretary DR. EDWIN FREDERICK Adviser The Chemistry Club stimulates a desire for a better knowledge ot chemistry and helps its members to gain this knowledge by experiments, visits to chemical plants, and prac- tical application ot classroom work. -A' OPEN FORUM CLUB LEONARD SCI-IERLIS President ALLEN SAGNER Vice-President RALPH GREIL Secretary IACOB I-IORNSTEIN Publicity Agent MISS GRACE BROENING Adviser Even the routine ot acting grows monotonous and dull at timesp players must have some interests less burdensome than their chosen career to which they may turn for diversion. There are several ot these diversions or hobbies right here within the theatre ot Forest Park in which they may engage. First ot all tor those whose interest lies in oratorical fields, there is the Open Forum Club, which through its discussion ot current events increases the knowledge ot the members, and through debates de- velops their poise in speaking. THE PHILATELIC SOCIETY RALPH GREIL President ARNOLD LITMAN Vice-President MARIE-LOUISE HOORNBEEK Secretary IAMES GOLDSMITI-I Treasurer MISS LEVINSON Adviser The Philatelic Society strives to encourage the hobby ot stamp col- lecting, and to bring the collector into closer contact with the history ot the various countries represented in his stamp collection. uk CHESS CLUB WILLIAM MAISEL President GEORGE CASSIS Vice-President ROBERT LANDAUER Secretary ROBERT WASKEY Treasurer MR. WASKOW Adviser The interesting game of Chess is promoted at Forest Park by the Chess Club. Its purpose is to tur- ther interest in Chess and to en- courage good sportsmanship. Chess tournaments are held with other schools during the year. -A' SAFE DRIVING CLUB CHARLES RAUSCI-I President BENEDICT ROSENBERG Vice-President CAROLINE TOWSON Recording Secretary FRANK SHEEHAN Corresponding Secretary IOHN MARTIN Treasurer BETTY FOSTER PHILIP ALTFEDER Sergeants-at-Arms MR. YOCUM Adviser This new organization turthers the cause of sate driving by studying the principles of sate driving, con- ducting assemblies, poster work, study ot motor laws, studying printed material, and learning how to make a minor repair or two. A-QI 81 In The Boys' Ping Pong Club BERNARD FRENKIL President MILTON CHECKETT Vice-President MELVIN SWEREN ERVIN MILLER Secretary Treasurer IACOB I-IORNSTEIN Publicity Director HENRY SCI-IAEFFER MR. WHITNEY Sergeant-at-Arms Adviser The Girls' Ping Pong Club MARIORIE STRASS President CHARLOTTE SMYRK Vice-President EVELYN SCHWARTZ Secretary BOBETTE LOWENTHAL Treasurer MISS WHITFIELD 5 Adviser I N T E R - DURING the intermission, that is, after school, the actors take part in many activities. Among the activities are those offered by the clubs pictured hereg they present opportunities for both exercise and fun. The game of Ping Pong, though not as fast nor as popular as tennis, from which it undoubtedly originated, nevertheless is a very exciting and interesting sport. The Boys' and Girls' Ping Pong Clubs have become very prominent in the school, and consequently, are among the first ones to come to the mind when one is looking for diversion and entertainment. The tournaments, held within each club, between the two clubs, and with other organizations of the school, are becoming more popular each year. Archery, the sport of soldiers and kings, is once more taking a lead in the field of athletics. Formerly used as a means of protection and securing food, I --SII 82 Its-- Gir1's Archery Club MARION GRAULICH Manager MISS RACHEL FELDSTEIN Adviser M I. S. S I O N it has been developed into one of the most graceful sports of today. The requirements of every bowman are a steady hand, accurate eye, and the ideals of fine sportsmanship. Though it is one of the newest sports in the school, its beauty has intrigued many Foresters, and the only danger connected with it is that ot failing. The age of chivalry has passed, but the art of duelling, which was a necessity in days gone by, has come down to us as a hobby. Although the name has changed to fencing, the sword to the toil, and the purpose of self- protection to that of recreation, the principle is still the same. This popular sport helps develop grace, poise, and sportsmanship. The Fencing Team, organized two years ago, has become increasingly proficient, and now engages in interscholastic competition. --QI 83 In-V Boys' Fencing and Archery Club BERNARD DANKER Captain ROBERT MENDELSON Manager MR. IOHN BURGER Adviser if if if if f it if if ,k if tcqftt i' i , 76155 -k 'k ik llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Q ll' SPORTS BATTLING teams breath-taking suspense, lightning ac tion, cheering crowds! Presenting The Sports Masque Ullllllllllllllll --:AI 84 It-' .SX ' 5 ' 'i'G-iE? - A eiflffr PSSA f . ' wg.-bg pq f fi f 'EFA' ar - ,,,, . P' '15 ' " S " 7 K --. -ab, f 91 , ' ff. f af. . .gf 5 - 'gi 2 " K - ' f--f Yi -2 . L . 'af Q121:h:.fx::-14, 5' 2 mf: 1-11 1 J: ' Gia? 45 ,51 -51.171 -. 2 3:3 gv ,'-, ,N L, .Q , W . . ..... M' .ap-, ggi, , ewf' , . ,,,., .M ., 4, ..,,1 I ., . - ,1 .M,:4, E my wir, , V , Ysggfy, i ' 7. . :W -1- . " 1 ' w g 1: V- gm v w... . A - ' aig ' .Q If ,.ieg, .Q agggjgf. Qi egg'-' ' 1+ 4 -4.3-fm-W. ,ljfflsg -1,-.-1-ye.: ' , .' v.,::..,gp3vg,'-1 w " 1 -1 i tifflg ii? 19.112--'i,55 Q-ig?-155. .- iv? f .1 -4 :IL W"52l6?54 E ' gif Mhiiffiii f 'v al 5522 - ' - Jgfff' .3-'fgngf -mv .5 V.. ---:w- t w r ,x ' J. f' :J ' . I ', .n . wfwmg- X 9 .5! ,si , . LW? 'xl Jw". w.2?.jgi'z21'. 'rf-14 ' . :i r 5f,'.5,':lE,F, -5, :ef YW . .f-,. xi, is xl.-1 i.,,gg , -.5-My - q xiyafx ,sf " ..' ' . 1, '71-:" ,J " s ,- ,e , -' A- Qfqfffzs .. , A 'gf,,.'7' .l,4f"'. ' N33 . f' 3,3 .1 .V -5-f -mf5,, . b 5 J . . v w -yllf 4-, : 'uw 615341, . 1 ,gc 2 ip g'1.5:.Q.,..1.-fi, ,, :HL . - S62 85.3 " ' .,?1z4f?'g4z91i. . ' KT '.r'f..ffl:Ti2 - - 2"1E',I14 zisf. , .5277 r 4 :ff-wi-,fy-1.1 1, 8 af QW ' . ffiie F: Wifi ' 4 v f' ' xv' 'H v-1 1 '-,J 5"5',.1 . '-' ., 2 "-'3-iZil",,-,:-- .1 Z4 ,QRS gielfv. . fam: " 1:5911 x f.i "'ifi7iZ:'? 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N , 'S ?1gP"' ,"'f'J,+':-j'r i.i,, 11,SLiq'f1 t'j, B., f Wffbf... EQ' A 1, 153 ig Q , 7' .1 - 'fffh f ...V-2 fs? WI . H M , . if f,ig,',gl,.. asf, ' 'K -" T-'T-'N "iw 114-Av' "'. ' "W ,'-'-.ff-n..Bk'?,-"33"LiEi5 55:-1 1? rs .ALGJCVQ P 'wfzlg 'Fw .ali a 9- A .Jw -1 . .':-f--.aff 2-, r W M- f-vb . , f Bm... . . I 5. -4 HL, ,.,,,,.-, ..,- , ,,..,,., , , Jfw. , fn,-V, . fx.-. .1 fi 3. ,E .142 ., Q A .144 ,.,,,f, . ,,I,k .,Z5E,:i,,g.g..g,,ff ,c,,.,.-- , .-lg? ' 'L A, ...Up 7".1,5.' H, 'qlfl - "' ' '57, ' ' f' -.1 I 'N' 3 5'1? iif5f'5' 1' 'f ,Q rgvg--M L. A-'ww x 5 ' -L -V hiv. n 4- . in, 1. E ,A , SF,Z,fff,,s.g3 .wm.-Wmmmuewmwmnuaxmusan-wucwwzfwswfmrMavm4u" h 'U 3" umwhm' . " '-ifiityvbxwah' " ' , --:JI 85 Ib-- ' ., -FBFHIP. .,2' Wie 3790 ,,-4wZ-'f- ICE HOCKEY Iiosiiic. the majority of their games by one or two goal margins, a scrappy but unsuccessful Ice Hockey squad wound up a season that saw them win only three loop tussles in a sche- duled card of twelve games. The puckchasers, how- I ever, succeeded in taking the measure of Calvert Hall twice and Poly once. The diploma I route will call Captain Forb- stein, Bald, Ford, Cfosnell and Eckenrode from the Varsity squad before another ice campaign gets under way. The Maryland Scholastic Association eliminated the post-season Harvard Cup Series and replaced it by having each team playing an opponent twice. Heretofore, each team played each opponent once, with the squads finishing among the first four entering the Harvard Cup Series. BASKETBALL FINISHING second to the Maryland Scholastic Basketball champs, Southern High, in the Division I cage race and turning in a record of sixteen wins against six losses, the Varsity dribblers completed one of the most successful athletic cam- paigns of the '36-'37 school year. Only two guints in the Foresters twice, those being Southern and City, both of whom entered the state play- offs for the coveted Evening Sun Trophy. Although graduation will take the toll of Captain Otto Greiner, Lou Schwartzman and Al Duke, Coach Andy Anderson is in a position to turn in even a more success- ful season next year from the material he has on hand at the present time. circuit can lay claim to the fact that they defeated the --QI 86 Its-- f 1 W4 ' - V' .1 if-1--'LW-,af at '- s-- fd BOXING WI T H i l l n e s s stalking their trail throughout the entire ring warfare, the Leather Larrupers surrender- ed their 1936 Public School Boxing title to City College in the second annual Public School Tourney. Captain George Seward , and loe Hartlove, both of whom won the individual crowns in the 1936 Tournament, and Al Duke, regular 135 pounder, were all claimed by illness on the eve of the second meet, in which all tive Public High Schools had full squads enteredL Milton Berger, 145 pounds, and Marty Hart, 165 pounds, both went to the finals, but lost out to more experienced opponents. LACROSSE .AFTER making an impressive showing in the lunior Varsity lacrosse ranks during the 1936 campaign, the stickmen were entered in the Maryland Scholastic Association's "A" Conference. However, the move does not seem to be a wise one at the present time as the lacrosse sguad has absorbed many a sound lacing from bigger and more superior rivals in loop competition. Although they did lose the majority of their games by top-heavy scores in their cir- cuit debut, Coach lohn Burger hopes to put his sguad on an equal basis with other schools in the ancient Indian game next spring. And, as he particularlyencouragedlower classmen to come out, the stick mentor has something to look forward to when another season rolls around. --QI 87 Ir-- B A S E B A L L INCLEMENT weather and the blacklist A - teamed up to force the ball . tossers to drop their first two games of the season as Coach Andy Anderson endeavored to turn out a club that would be regarded as a pennant contender for the Maryland Scholastic flag. Losing 7-2 to Mt. St. loe and 3-l to Gilman in non- league encounters, the sguad finally rounded into form and soundly trounced a supposedly strong Calvert Hall nine, l7-3, in another non-league game. Following their lopsided triumph over the Cards, the run-thirsty Forester squad fattened their batting averages at the expense of two Catonsville hurlers and walloped out a 14-4 win. With four games under their belts, the Green and Gray batsmen entered the scholastic flag chase as a dangerous contender. GOLF TURNING out a team that is capable of suc- cessfully defending the Maryland Scholastic Golf diadem for the third straight year, is the task that befalls Coach Henry Hirsch for the l937 season. With Captain Otto Greiner, who also captained last year's championship golfers, and Eddie lohnston returning to the greens, a strong nucleus for a formidable ,squad can be foreseen. lncidentally, Greiner holds the Maryland Scholastic lndividual school- boy crown, which he won last year at the annual state golf tournament. As in the past, the state title is decided in the annual scholastic tourney, in which each school enters a squad. Awards are made for team and individual championship. '-:XI 88 Ib-- TRACK As this book goes to press, very little is known about the possibilities of Coach Rex Sim's 1937 edition track sguad. Greatly crippled by the graduation of several excellent performers, Mentor Sims faces a tough assignment in the rebuilding of the cinder-pounding ag- gregation. However, as Forest Park has been noted for some of the finest track squads in the Free State, we feel safe in saying that this year's will be no exception to the rule. From the annual Inter-class track and field meet, Mr. Sims usually uncovers new talent to fill gaps left by the diploma route. GIRLS'BZ-XSKETBALL Tl-IE Basketball team representing Forest Park for the l937 season was composed of three Seniors and three second year students. ln the non-league encounters, the team played Franklin, Seton, Sparks, Catonsville, and Park: while in the league tilts our players met Eastern, Western, and Southern in a double Round-robin. Probably the most excit- ing contest was the home game with Eastern. With the score only a few points apart during the whole encounter, both teams played their hard- est. The forwards of each side missed a foul shot that would have won the game, so when the final whistle blew, the game ended in a tie, 24-24. 89 is TENNIS LIKE Volley- ball, the tennis team has a championship to protect, and the team offers every evi- dence of being successful. lt is the custom for the last year's number one player to become the captain-elect, and Frona Cordish will act in this capacity. Besides this, there is a wealth of new material to take the positions left open by graduation. There has always been a large and enthusiastic turn-out for the tennis squad, and this year proved to be no exception. Miss lourneay, who coached last year's championship team, will do her best to help the tennis team repeat its previous triumph. VOLLEYBALL IN 1936, the Volleyball team won the City Championship and represented the city in the play-offs for the State Championship, held at the Stadium. This year every chance is given to recapture the championship, since many of the players on last year's team have returned for practices. Added to this group, there are the returning lunior Varsity players and some excellent new material. Miss Hyde, who acted as coach last year, will again coach 5 and through her efforts and those of the team, Forest Park should bring to the school the second champion- ship team of the '36-'37 campaign. gg --QI 90 It:-t G O L F GOLF will make its debut as a varsity sport this year. When one con- siders that this is the first time it has been attempted as a major sport, the turn out for the team was very good There are, in all, about twelve girls trying out for positions. There will be a few practice games played before the reg- ular schedule begins, but so far the team has only contacted one opponent-Western. Eastern and Southern, however, will probably put teams out and they will provide some needed competition. HOCKEY HOCKEY, the fall sport, brought in a champion- ship. Many experienced players from last year returned, and the Vacancies left by graduation were filled by newcomers and lay Vee players. All of the games were exciting and well-played. An especially good contest was the one played for the championship with Eastern, which the Foresters won l-O. Since Eastern is never an easy adversary, it was a hard fought game with guick passes and well- timed plays. The score shows how closely the teams were matched. In all the contests, Forest Park showed itself superior in teamwork and scoring. --QI 91 Is-- A C H E S Completing his twelfth year as Athletic Director at Forest Park High, Mr. Rex Sims has gained for himself a reputation as one of the outstanding track coaches in local prep circles. When he has failed to bring home a track championship, his squad has always been in the running for top honors and close to the final winner. Besides track, Mr. Sims coaches lce Hockey and Soccer. uk An Anderson-coached squad in the Maryland Scholastic Asso- ciation always is respected, regardless of past records in any field of sport. Coach Andy Anderson is noted for teams that play a clean, fast and fiery brand of ball, whether on the gridiron, court or ball diamond. ir Miss lourneay and Miss Hyde alternate in coaching the four major sports each year. Miss lourneay's ability to put a winning team on the field is shown by the results of her last two teams in hockey and tennis. In both of these sports, Public School Championships were won. Miss lourneay has a long line of winning teams to her credit, a fact proving that she is an excellent coach. ir Miss Hyde, for the past two years, has coached Basketball and Volleyball. The latter team won the Public School Championship last year. To prove that Miss Hyde really has her heart in her work, she coached the team for an important game, even though she had the grippe. Every girl who has worked under her will vouch for her ability and good humor. .QI 92 Ip., FALL SPCRTS THE fall sport season at Forest Park saw two new changes in policy that had never been in effect in the athletic history of the school. The first of the two changes was the inauguration of the spring football session and a two week session previous to the opening of school in Sept- ember. Second was the new form of soccer schedule issued by the Maryland Scholastic Association. Getting an early start in preparation for garnering the title, the gridders were called together by Coach Andy Anderson on August 23rd. Reputed to have one of the best grid combines in local prep circles, according to pre-campaign predictions, the squad lived up to all expectations by rolling over Calvert Hall, Southern, and Vocational in succession. McDonogh changed the complexion of affairs by pulling a 13-6 upset over the Foresters. From then on Severn, Poly, and City College each took the measure of Forest Park in hard-fought battles. ln the season finale, the pigskin toters found their old form and easily disposed of Eichelberger High of Hanover Pa., 13-6. Injuries and black-list proved to be the pitchmen's nemesis as they turned in an unsuccessful campaign from the standpoint of league standings. Forest Park opened up by tying St. loe, l-l, but later suffered a sad letdown as the championship City College team scored at will for a 7-O win. All in all, the Green and Gray soccerites fared well from the standpoint of a won and lost basis. They turned in a record of five losses in thir- teen starts. -il 93 In 'ar if if i' ir ik 'A' 'A' ir 'A' 046 if if i' own if ir if Ylllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll X' If ll' GRAND FINALE A summary of the past, a glimpse into the future, write- ups of a day in school, our legacy to the school! Presenting Grand Finale, the features! 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On the third of October in '35, The day that made our class alive, Billy Marvel began his long career. ir We met about quarter of three that day To give Miss Mitchell a chance to say That she was glad we were on our way To our Commencement that seemed so far Two years have passed, and here We are. ir Ot the many things we did that year, The first was to letter, neat and clear A set ot name cards tor each door Ot every room on every tloor. if We gave a party in Christmas weekg Excited children could not speak At Happy Hills where a happy throng Was entertained by dancing and song, Holiday joy was at its peak. al' Qur lolly lunior lubilee Was a great success with attractions three The melodrama won a hearty "hand," And couples danced to a "snappy" band, The auditorium show was fine, With music and dance and girls divine. .sl 98 is UNE 1937 CLA 'kuki' Our lunior Prom was a big success, With girls and boys in formal dress. The Bachelors' Orchestra was there- Waltzes and fox trots filled the air. Each couple was a happy pair. 'A' To bid farewell to the Senior class, We gave a chance to each lad and lass To dance at Forest Park once more Before on them she closed her door. 'lr 'Mid ferns and flowers We made our bow For we were mighty Seniors now. We Walked with dignity down the aisle And saw Miss Mitchell proudly smile. The speaker gave a fine addressp Our program was a great success. al' "The Admirable Crichton" was our play Which we gave the latter part of Mayg And then our Forester came out! Tt is the best without a doubt! Following this we bade farewell To the school we had learned to love so well V-:AI 99 Ib-- P R O P H E C Y ALL the school's a stage Capologies to W. SJ and all the students merely players tif any members of the faculty read this, We're only kiddingl . ln school the Seniors are the stars. In life's eternal show they will be scattered in the supporting cast. So, let's look ahead! Have a program! 'A' Time-1950. The Cast-The lune Class of '37, Place-All points north, east, south, and west. 'A' DRAMATIS PERSONNAE Dorothy Becker-editor of "Brogue"-having usual friction with business manager. Mignon Sauber-living in Greenwich Village-reduced to ranks of comic cartoonists. Virginia Ritota-crooning lullabies. Harold Solomon-dean of greeting card poets. Robert Sorin-professor of music in Billy Marvel's College of Fun. Beatrice Crook-signed by Walt Disney to direct Mickey Mouse pictures. Rae Miller-a soap box orator-making lots of noise, but saying nothing. Carolyn Cohen-a model Cot courselj Charles Guggenheimer-recipient of medal for Public High Pressure Salesman No. l. Basil Holman-still recuperating from being a member of the Iune '37 Class. Robert Mendelson-a radical, shouting, "Down with everything." Otto Greiner-still teaching Betty to "swing it" .Ci.e. a golf clubl. LeRoy Bald-buyer for Anthony's Exclusive Apparel Shoppe. Ethel Hyman-filibustering senator from Maryland. --QI 100 Im-- FOREST PARK'S DAILY DRAMA iii 9:05-Girls and boys of 1452, gossiping about latest plans and last night's telephone calls, 9 :OT- enter Chemistry. Midst general confusion, Dr. Frederick takes roll-adds as usual, "Has anyone seen Miss Goldstein?" 9:08-With a smile of importance, Malva Babcock ambles in. Cl-las she just seen Gosnell?J 9:09-As door opens, Millie enters and, grinning, hands her season pass to Dr. Frederick. 9:10-Like faithful sheep the class follows the leader into the fold Clabj. 9:15-Knock! Knock! Who's there? Boys of 1453 from study. 9:17-Richard MacDevitt, the Scotchman of the class, gets data from Louise Merfeld for experi- ment due three Weeks ago. 9:23-Ethel Hyman and Doris Foreman industriously perform experiment mentally, and with help of neighbors get correct results. 9:25-Crash! fair damsels jump-fifty cents more for Margaret Rivers and Mary Ann Wette to pay. 9:30-Girls who have been looking for chance to question Mr. Childs, corner him. 9:32-After careful deliberation, while they gaze rapturously into his eyes, he pronounces the verdict. 9:33-Betty Eckenrode giggles, and Bette Greenwald chimes in, "That's just what 1 said!" 9 :35-Margery Strass searches frantically for misplaced stencil. 9:40-Fumes of ammonia escape-boys snicker as girls rush to windows. 9 :41-First bell-mad rush. 9:45-Calm after storm-class dismissed. 9 :5O-lean Fulton rushes into the German room only to find Bill Maisel and Charles 1-lobelman there ahead of her. 9:57-The last stragglers of our brilliant group of young German students amble in with the 9 :58 light of knowledge shining in their eager faces. -The class, as a Whole, takes one look at the right-hand blackboard where the daily home assignme-ntsfareieeptfanel-the-usual protests aissueeferth.41Mrk Saleine-threatens te- add more torture, and several members of the class mumble something about a sit- down strike. 10:00-Lester CDizzyJ Dean attempts to explain to Our 1-lero why Dizzy Dean, the original, has finally signed his contract. --QI 101 Ib-- FO REST PARK'S DAILY DRAMA ukirir 10:13-Our lone P. G., Billy Rosenthal, for lack of anything better to do, starts to pull Virginia Roe's hair. 10 :15-The class receives its first great shock when Walter 0'Loughlin translates with perfection. Gordon Baker crawls out of his shell to congratulate the leep. 10:17-Stanley Levy, the class Cnitl wit, cracks his daily joke, and Pearl Neiman goes into hysterics. Harold Solomon catches Louise.Cavalier gazing blissfully at Eugene Howard, and resolves to become a gossip columnist. 10 :ZO-Charles Dudderar gets so excited when called on to translate, that lesse CGas-Housej Beers, Forest Park's sophisticated ruffian, has to come to his rescue. 10-23-A certain red-head tries to conduct a long distance conversation with Dorothy Cort. The conversation, about the bulletin board in the Forester room, is pierced by a glare from Miss Sabine. 10:26 to 10:31-All quiet on the western front. 10:32-Merrill Meushaw suddenly wakes up and attempts to lift his desk off the floor. This seriously inconveniences the one who sits in front of Merrill. 10:35-The class receives its second great shock when Solomon fumbles his translation. Mrs. Sabine says something about even geniuses having to study sometimes. Our Hero hides his face in shame. 10 :36-The first bell rings, and sighs of relief are heard. 10:40-The last bell rings, and the athletes of 1454 break the world's record in a dash to the nearest exit. 10:55-With great effort and last, longing looks at Virgil, la classe 1451 tramps lightly to its third and most cherished C??????J period of the day-Francais-taught by the witty, clever, and sparkling Mr. Moore. CAnd to think, in spite of all these adjectives, the writer still received an FQ 10:583A-After the last lassies enter the room amid girlish giggles, three bass voices, and soft chatter, the class is prepared for the worst. 11 :OO-Doris Greenfeld sweetly aids le professeur in obtaining the roll. Hmrnmm-lean Miller 11:01- -absent! l-low unusual! At last the long awaited lecon is to begin. Three cheers! fOh yeah?D But stople- Vivian R. is combing her lustrous locks., Time takes a deep breath, and Vivian takes a naught. A-QI 102 Irs-- F O 11:02- 11:05- 11:10- 1 1 :20- REST PARK'S DAILY DRAMA 'k'k'k A sudden, solemn, stern standstill and then an abrupt awakening. "A la page deux cent un." Teacher calls on Tempermental gal no. 9999. I. Q. no. four nine whispers, "Surprise! I no can do." Teacher murmurs, "Double surprise-three naughts you can take." Note to children-l'Crime does nuts pay." Another attempt. Anne Linthicum recites. Teacher beams. Everybody's happy. Dot Fairley contradicts Mr. Moore for the one thousand and eighty-fifth time. The class yawns. Thelma Asrael takes a bite of her tuna sandwich. Tsk tsk-it's the cannibal in her. 11:25-Teacher makes hilarious wisecrack. Stooges Kincluding Temperrnental girl no. 99995 roar with glee. Bertie Neild doesn't understand. 11:25 to 11:35-Dorothy Becker rapidly translates: Charlotte Amos smiles, Carolyn Nicols looks puzzled, Billy Anthony appears intelligent: and the rest of the wide awake "stoo- gents" sleep. 11 :35-Ding-Dong-Aw heck almost the end of-Ccensoredl. 11 :40-And out of the valley of death marches 1451. 11:40-With general uproar the Drama class swaggers into room 228-small male population 11:45 11:46 11:50 amuses weaker sex with clever CPD antics. -Sudden ceasing of sound-Miss Thompson enters-written work is announced. -Class finishes groaning. ' -Verice Hoffman finishes marking roll and studiously starts to work-Merle Tucker indulges in much needed sleep. 11 :53-Estelle Goldstein gets called down. 11 :55-Class finishes assigned work-finds it wasn't a test after all-resents getting grey hair over something that doesn't count. 11:58-Haase gets an answer right-class is dumbfoundedl 12:00-Carolyn Cohen, as charming as ever, answers remaining guestions. 12 :03- Teacher looks daggers at Estelle Goldstein. 12:05- 12:10- Iean Sanderson wakes up dozers by forgetting to stifle her super sneeze. Miss Thompson reviews grammar rules for quarterly-students determine to have their say-Goldstein says the most. 1-:JI 103 Ir:-A FOREST PARK'S DAILY DRAMA 'kiri' 12:11-Miss Thompson, "I thought I was speaking!" l2:11M4-Rodrigo, "You was!" 12 :13-Elaine Beck asks what's funny. 12:15-Schomborg makes faces at Dorothy Barnitz. 12 :2O-First bell-everybody relaxes. 12 :24-Miss Thompson makes last minute approach to Goldstein. 12 :Z5-Last bell. CAFE Freshies tlit-Sophs sway-luniors jaunt-Seniors swagger. Trays clash-soups splash. The mad scramble for food is on. For once the entire school pushes in same direction. Trash- Gossip- Cramming- May bell-"Boy Meets Girl". Must bell-exit stragglers with cate officers at heels. Candy stands- Track-couples "go 'round and 'round." Four minute bell-officers guard golden pavement. Last bell-mob scene. 1:10-Breathless with eager anticipation, 1453 enters a certain room on the third floor. 1:12-Bald walks in with his usual nonchalance. He's been talking to a certain attractive red-head. 1:15-Lou Rostov cracks a joke that already has whiskers. Nevertheless, Ford and Schwartz- man are rolling in the aisle. 1 :2O-Duke moves his seat-couldn't sleep where he was-no elbow room. 1 :21-Nancy Hill and Ethel Levine resume the battle ot the ages- tit-tat-toe. 1 :25-lohnnie Weytorth asks Verice for a date Cagainj, she says no Cagainl. 1:27-Ruth Dykes does her daily doodling. A-QI 104 Ir:-Y FO REST PARK'S DAILY DRAMA iff 1:30-Boy Scout Harrison performing his daily good deed, leaves to get a history book for 1:31- Elliott Harwood. Flippin and lones start looking knowingly at each other. 1 :35-Hansell comes to and catches them in the act. 1 :39-A burst of applause greets Sheehan's announcement that he can remember things, and awakens Duke. 1:40-Leslie returns with a history book Cnot Elliott'sJ, and deficiency cards are distributed. 1 :45-Lou Rostov wakes up and asks a question about the last week's history, only to be shocked at hearing that inflation does not concern balloons. 1 :SO-The class catches dear teacher trying to hide a laugh, and they break into a mild panic. 1 :51-Dorothy Chalk gets out her mirror and makes eyes in it at Lou Schwartzman. 1 :54-Nancy Hill, the victor of tit-tat-toe, announces that the score is 20-7. 1 :55-Alas, the last bell rings and the class leaves with regret CPD. 2:00-Class 2451 staggers into room 308 for Economics CPD. 2:05-Girls start adding war paint to their lovely CPD faces, and comb their silky, wiry, or kinky hair into lustrous Cthey thinkl curls. 2:10-Thelma White CAmateur Snake lmitatorl hisses at surrounding students for silence. Talent for Major Bowes? 2 :15-Virginia Ritota and lane Gressitt go off to dreamland. CGood thing they don't snoreb. 2:20-Jeanette Levinsohn dishes out a big, juicy orange to her friends. fDisgusting, but deli- ciousj. 2:23-Was that a southern girl? No, just Askew going highbrow. fWhat, again?D 2 :25-Eleanor Smith munches on a piece of thickly buttered Matzoth. CSome crustl. 2:26-Dorothy Kraft and Annabelle Beckley make their exit with Martha Friedman following 2 :Z9 close behind. -Notes fly back and forth CUncle Sam is getting cheated out of some revenuej. 2:31-A red-head CP. Geerl passes the door. Riddle-Where's Mary Claybrook? 2:33-All the gals return. , 2:40-Everybody pays attention while Sachs twirls his watch chain. 2:41?Gressitt and Ritota wake' up. CFresh as dalisiesfflj-anyway, fresh! A 2:42-Notebooks away, girls repeat primping process. 2:45-Class dismissed-Lee Terry hollered at by everyone for keeping them awake-C1-le didn't distrub l. G. or V. RJ --QI 105 In-A LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT THOUGH we aren't really entering the realms of Heaven Cthis applies to most of usl, We are leaving, as is customary, a last will and testament. Large, or even small amounts of money, large estates, or oil Wells will not be presented. We give you the free and simple things Which, after all, are the best in life. Since we are of sane CPD mind and sound body, we, the sterling Seniors, eagerly endow to unique understudies, directors, extras, etc., the following gifts. May they use them to the best of their advantage, or else return them within ten years. 'A' To the February '38 class, we generously leave our very desirable assembly seats. CWe warn you, the location is not suitable for doing homeworkj Billy Marvel endows his tireless efforts, charming disposition, and helpful headaches to the incoming Senior president. Stanley Levy just leaves his guaint phrases-no one could coin such funny ones. Dorothy Becker gladly gives a gross of aspirin tablets, a few wrinkles, many gray hairs, and happy times to the future editor-in-chief. To the school, Betty Brown bestows her engaging personality and mellow disposition. Nelson Haase and Doris Foreman give up their friendly feud to any one who has the vim and vigor to carry it on. Charles Guggenheimer throws his ability as a super-salesman to anyone that wants it. lean Sanderson and Andy Sherman leave the corridors to the various romanticists of Forest Park. Stanley Wagenheim leaves the school-that's sufficient. To Miss Mitchell, We leave nothing but a "better than ever before" Forester, lasting mem- ories of joyous hours together, and the respect of 296 students. sl 106 Is-- EPILOGUE The play is done: the curtain drops, Slow falling to the prompter's bell: A moment yet the actor stops And looks around to say farewell: So with this book We take our bow And go, but 'neath our players' masks A certain sadness lingers now As We finish this, our final task. --Q1 107 ls P A T R O N S A N D Mr. L. W. Eirich Mr and Mrs. M. Glazer Mr. and Mrs. George Greiner Mr and Mrs. Carl Weytorth Miss Gertrude Lee Boone Mr. and Mrs. loe G. Yatte Dr. and Mrs. C. A. Ruppersloerger Mr. and Mrs. E. Aronhime Mr. and Mrs. N. Bliss Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Chertkot Mr. and Mrs. Gustav A. Rasch A. Francis Ritota Mrs. Nathan Sauber Dr. and Mrs. Ross W. Sanderson Mr. and Mrs. l. W. Shoff Mr. and Mrs. l. Allen Schuster Mr. and Mrs. M. Recktenwald Louis Sagel Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Haase Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Haggett Mrs. D. M. Kraft Mr. D. M. Kraft Dr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Marvel Mr. Rube Miller A Mrs. George R. Marks Earl G. Terry Thomas Vincent and Co. Mr. and Mrs. Earl B. Wantz Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Wette Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Warner Mr. and Mrs. V. Leslie Zentz Rudie's Drug Store Complimentary Contribution M. L. Wright R. H. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Claybrook Mr. and Mrs. l. L. Eckenrode l. C. Fairley Clara Fairley Philip Glorioso Mrs. Mary Goldstein and Family Mr. and Mrs. Leslie R. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. W. Holman, lr. Mr. and Mrs. George R. Mueller Mr. and Mrs. S. Howard Phipps Greenberg Bros. Mr. and Mrs. George lansson Mr. and Mrs. Morris E. Zackon Mr. and Mrs. A. Lee Amoss Thelma Askew Mr. and Mrs. Thomas l. Carmine Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Reeder Mrs. Evelyn Cook Dr. and Mrs. Llewellyn M. Dykes Mr. Harry Freidman and Family Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. German Calamity lane Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. lessie R. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Hill S. Hamilton Mortimer Lynch Carl Brown Luther Susemihl Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Alice E. Compliments Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Brown Bell of a Friend Charles A. Chalk Leon T. Powers l. E. Robinson Frank Sher Henry M. Schulte Mr. and Mrs W. Marvin Von Schultz Mr. 81 Mrs. Geo. Hogan Sz Family Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Harwood Mr. l. lmbragulio and Family Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kleinhenz Henry Kammer G. L. Loper Mr. and Mrs. Abe Marks Mr. and Mrs. l. F. McNeave Mrs. Walter A. Strass Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. I. H.gTerry E. O. Van Tassell Walbrook Meat Market Dr. lesse E. Trager Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Peregoft Mrs. Elizabeth Norris Compliments of Friends of Forest Park Beth Alpha Club Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig A Friend Miss Sylvia T. Abrams Sylvan Abrams Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Babcock Lillian and Shirley Barshook Mr. and Mrs. Walter Crook Loretta Beauty Shop A. L. Nusbaum Mr. and Mrs. William Quirmbach Mrs. W. l. Rivers Mrs. Schneider's Home Laundry Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Spies Mr. and Mrs. Ellis D. Hutzler Mrs. R. H. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. David A. layne Dr. Howard H. Warner Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Yewell Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Linthicum A-dl 108 lr-V Mr. and Mrs. l. K. Kollosch Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Max Levy Bernard Merteld P A T R O N E S S E S Variety Five and Ten Cent Store Mr. and Mrs. John P. White, Jr. Dr. G. L. Timanus Mr. and Mrs. A. Wiedenhoett Mr. Otto Hoenes Mr. John Linthicum C. W. Anthony L. A. Cavalier, Co. Dr. and Mrs. Joel Fleishman D. M. Frankel Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Hearn Raymond Louis Golden A. Griftner-Shoe Repairing Julius Hellman Mr. and Mrs. Henry Louis Golden Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Brennan Mrs. Samuel A. Mortimer Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Shackelford Mr. and Mrs W. H. Stoner Mr. Joseph Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. S. Honick Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Susemihl Sub-Deb Club of Forest Park Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. Kabernagel Raymond R. Almy Myer Cohen Albert R. Bevans J. Wilbur Bittort Frederick Becker M. R. Stul W. H. Sandlas Mr. William T. Smyrk Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Joseph E. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf M. Winterling Harry L. Wilson Weinblatt Harry Flax Quillen William Foreman Louis Greenteld Mr. and Mrs. J. Melvin Anthony Mrs. Elizabeth Apper Edith Claire Ashton Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Beck Charles F. Brauns Mr. and Mrs. John D. Brawner Margaret Brown Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. M-r. and Mrs. Helen and Bil Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Rankin Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Cort John L. Nichols Earl Ostrander William Quirmbach J. L. Rosenfield 1 Reindollar Charles A. Smith John Susemihl S. Raichlen Wm. Mawson Smyrk T. W. Heimiller C. D. Huebeck Little J ett's Store Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Klank Fred Frank Edwin A. Fitzpatrick Mr. Joseph Gallon Mr. and Mrs. W. Franklyn Garrett Ed. Greasley Robert Fultord Mrs. J. J. Ariosa Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Ford Mrs. William Fraser Baldy and Pat Philip Cole Urban and Kemp Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schmenner Philip P. Hambsch Mrs. Dora Harris Verice Hoffman Audrey Almy Mrs. Helen Davenport Mr. and Mrs. William P. Dawson Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Rausch Mr. and Mrs. William A. Reed Mrs. Myrtle E. Tucker Mr. and Mrs. John S. Schad Mr. and Mrs. Mitchel Miller Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Hart Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lippens Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Russell Jacob Norwitz Mrs. Wm. Dodd Mr. Wm. M. Meushaw Mr. N. Mendelson Miss Myrtle Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Allen J. Schapiro and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey J. Fleming Kenneth Schomborg Dr. and Mrs. Earl M. Norris From a Friend Mr. David Edwards V Mr. and Mrs. George A. Hoos Mr. Milton Hirschberg Mrs. J. B. Littaner Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kramme Mrs. Alice V. Hatter Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Gosnell Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Coursey F. C. Centotanti --QI 109 IP:-1 Mrs. David Edwards Pimlico Barber Shop Compliments ot a Friend Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Rodman Parent -Teachers' Association yffke Forest Park High School Q oRoAN1zED IN 1924D Dear Graduates of The june 1937 Class : The Parent -Teachers' Association of your school is happy to congratulate you upon the successful conclusion of your work here. With pride we bid you, "Go forth to serve," knowing that wherever you go the ideal you will have before you will be the ideal upheld at Forest Park. Whether you go in search of higher learning or into the commercial world, a sincere desire for knowledge and truth, a spirit of fair play, and a high standard of honor, integrity and courage on your part will make the world a better place to live in and show the world what a true Forest Park man or woman can be. The P. T. A. meets on the first Tuesday in each month at 8:15 p. m. at the school. Every parent is invited to become a member and to cooperate with what is being done by this organization, by the faculty and by the Board of School Commissioners of our city, for our children. Complzmefzff 0 f FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION ir The Arundel Corporation BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Constructors and Engineers Distributors of Sand, Gravel i and I A Comnfxereialslag A AA AA AAA Cowphkfzefzfs of U4 Friend The GREAT AMERICAN DESSERT I Smooth - Freeze I MEADOW Z. GOLD C P I f ICE CREAM uf Friend if Sold Exclusively in if FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA EDUCATIONAL See the WILLIAMSBURG RESTORATION J AMESTOWN YORKTOWN OLD POINT COMFORT NORFOLK O L D B A Y L I N E Students' and Teachers' Tours as low as 510.15 with two nights on steamer and one whole day sightseeing COLONIAL VIRGINIA Send for EDUCATIONAL TOUR FOLDER - 354.00R19,Yf1',D Every Week End to NORFOLK CLD BAY LINE Phone:Calvert 1400 PIER 10 LIGHT STREET COMPLIMENTS OF if REDMAN-VANE SHIP BUILDING COMPANY C'0mplz'mem'.v gf MARINE RAILWAYS Q1 Fr je 72 d -A' KEY HIGHWAY 'A' BALTIMORE, MD. MATTRESSES BOX SPRINGS STUDIO COUCHES 0 R. C. HELLER CO., INC. GOLD BOND MATTRESS MADE SINCE 1879 BALTIMORE, MD. O PHILADELPHIA RICHMOND HIGHPOINT COMPLIMENTS OF if BALTIMORE SHIP REPAIR C0mp!z'mem'.r gf C O M PA N Y U! Friend 1' ir 821 KEY HIGHWAY BALTIMORE, MD. PROVIDENT SAVINGS BANK 114,000 26,500 140,500 of BALTIMORE, MARYLAND SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES Central Office South West Corner Howard and Saratoga Streets 15 Conveniently Located Branches . . . . SAVINGS ACCOUNTS . CHRISTMAS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS . . TOTAL ACCOUNTS o o cj2l,51l0,0ll Depllsits A I L I CHARLES C. DUKE, President The Cafey Machinery Southern Hotel and Supply Co. BALTIMORE'S EOREMOST Baltimore, Maryland I C T: X, TS I Af A 1 'I ' eie ee e ggl fx Q J , Vg ' '67 Machine Tools x. ,,E-.ggfg :L I QA - W ,' V W' 3 1 'hifi ,, M I5 , v E l 2 K 4 izfgf' gg: K.. I El P mf! 1 ,r e A2 Il, .I f i' I ' i vfniillaii Cfi'l2'l 13 , Compressors f, 5 igi.l' nl . . Ll 1. Industrial Supplies IL . in i ' A Hotel of Distinction BUILDERS OF BOILERS, ENGINES, TANKS AND SMOKE STACKS O CHESAPEAKE MARINE RAILWAY CO. 8? THE MARINE ENGINE AND BOILER CO. Wood and Iron Ship Builders YACHT REPAIRS A SPECIALTY Day Phone : Wolfe 1190 Night Phone : Liberty 2609 4 Marine Railways BALTIMORE, MARYLAND O ALL KINDS OF SHEET STEEL AND PLATE METAL CONSTRUCTION Baltimore College of Commerce ESTABLISHED 1909 7 28TH YEAR Evening Division : Accounting, Business Administration, Credit Management, Traffic Manage- ment, C. P. A. Review Courses. Day Division : Four-year Business Administration course leading to the B. A. degree. Offers to ambitious young people who plan to make business their career, the opportunity to get a full college education at low cost. No matriculation fee in either Division. Strong faculty, limited-size classes, moderate tuition, convenient monthly payments, if desired. Over 150 Md. C. P. A's have studied at this college. All classes open to men and women. Y. M. C. A. Business College Fifty-fourth year. Shorthand, Typewriting, Secretarial, Bookkeeping and Accounting courses. These courses include instruction in all standard types of business machines. Low TUITION! Day school S518 per month, evening school, 557.75 per month, 4-period day school course, 3512 per month. Individual instruction and progress, positions for graduates, classes open to men and women. Approved by the Maryland State Department of Education. Y. M . C . A . FRANKLIN AND CATHEDRAL STREETS Telephone : VERNON 8650 FOUNDED 1782 WASHINGTON COLLEGE CHESTERTOWN, MARYLAND MARYL,ANIJ,S FIRST CHARTERED COLLEGE ,More than a century and a half of service 'A' Co-Educational Historic Limited Enrollment Modern Curriculum Excellent Faculty Moderate Expense if Vilashington College is a standard, Grade-A, accredited member of Regional and National College Associations ul' Beautiful New 5550111 Dining Hall ancLSocial Bfuildingg opened in 1936 V ir Write for Information GILBERT W. MIErXD, LITT. D., LL. D., President Producers Wholesalers Retailers Cumberland Coal Co. C. G. KIRWAN, Sales Maiiager Phone : CALVERT 6376 Compliments of A FRIEND i' Phone : Wolfe 4482 Established 1877 WVORK CALLIED FOR AND DELIVERED T. B. SUSEMIHL Es' SON Cleaners and Dyers We specialize on LADIES' FINE DRESSES 119 SOUTH BROADWAY Piano Instruction in All Grades Caroline Lerch Polster A former member of tlze Faculty of the Peabody Conserva- tory Preparatory Department, is arranging to teach a limited number of piano students at her home 12 Gwynndale Avenue Station F Baltimore, Md. Telephone : Woodlawn 75 WESTERN MARYLAND COLLEGE WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND FRED GARRIGUS HOLLCJXVAY, D. D., LL. D., President 'k For Young Ellen and Young Women 'A' Unexcelled Location, Modern Curriculum Complete Equipment, Moderate Rates HOOD COLLEGE HENIQY I. STAHR, A. M., D. D. LL. D., President Accredited college for women. A.B., and B.S. in Home Economics, Teacher-train- ing. Twelve modern well-equipped build- ings, including new dormitory. 125 acres For Catalogue Address if REGISTRAR Catalogue upon Application HooD C OLLEG E FREDERICK, MD. 85th YEAR A Complete LOYO L A C 0 L L E G E Cleaning Institution EVERGREEN "ONE CALL FOR ALL" if 1. Gu aran teed Laundry services Fully accredited. Standard courses leading to Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Courses meet entrance requirements of Grade A Medical, Law, Dental and Post Graduate Schools. REGISTRATION FRESHMEN ........ September 15 UPPER CLAssMEN ..... September 16-18 FOR CATALOGUE Write : REGISTRAR, 4501 North Charles Street Phone : Chesapeake 1020 2. Guaranteed Sanitone Dry Cleaning 3. Mirza Rug Cleansing and Rug Storage 4. Drapery and Chair Cover Sanitizing 5. Weatherseal Hat Renovating 6. Curtain Cleaning and Coblinizing 7. Aladdin Pillow Processing 8. Jensen-Woelfel Blanket Cleaning 9. Fur Cleaning, Repairing and Remodeling 10. Triple Guard Storage for Furs, Clothing, Draperies, Portieres, Curtains 81 Blankets Guaranteed Satisfaction of Course ELITE LAUNDRY, DRY CLEANING Telephone .' VERNON 8686 Complzmemif of VY Fffiemz' o Our Sincere Good Wishes, Class of 1937! 'A' May your Commencement be the Commencement of success and happiness in years to come 'A' . CZTI . 11112 JEWELERS 8: SILVERSMITHS -k 105-113 N. CHARLES ST. PALMER GARAGE BELVEDERE AND PALMER AVENUES Complete Service for Your Car Phone : Liberty 5273 I. MARSHALL STEVVART VV. AVERY SINCLAIR Nagel's Quality Food Market MEATS, GROCERIES and PROVISIONS 5243 Park Heights Avenue Telephone : Forest 7706 Compliments of SNYDER F5 STUL ak Class Wfjune I Q3 7 Flowers by EARLE KIRKLEY 3413 Greenmount Ave. Baltimore, Md. TELEPHONE I UNIY ERSITY 4200 J. TROCKENBROT 8: COMPANY Manufacturers of COLLEGE SCHOOL, CLUB, LODGE RINGS AND PINS D.-XNCE FAVORS AND TROPHIES FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL JEXYELRY 310 NORTH PACA STREET Vernon 1052 RUN RIGHT TO R E A D'S for ALL your drug store needs ! LIBERTY HEIGHTS and GARRISON AVENUES Phone Forest 8968 forfree delivery UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITER Leader of the World First in Speed-Durability-Simplicity and Lightness of Tourh Underwood Elliott Fisher CO. 107 W. Fayette Street Baltimore, Md. Compliments of Baltimore Copper Paint Co. at Phone : VERNON 7134 Funk 81 Ennis, Inc. DISTRIBUTORS Chrysler and Tbfmoufb Jlffofor Cars ir SALES AND SERVICE 1309-11 CATHEDRAL STREET nk Used Cars of Quality Expert Repairing Cars VVashed and Polished nk BALTIMORE, MARYLAND ELECTRIC XYELDING Spedden Shipbuilding Co. MARINE RAILWAY WOOD and IRON SHIPBUILDERS 'A' MACHINE AND BOILER WORKS BRASS AND IRON FOLNDRY COPPERSMITHS PLUMBERS CARPENTERS CAULKERS AND JOINERS Boston Street and Kenwood Avenue Phones : VVolfe l703-O4 BALTIMORE, MD. Complzknentf of THE CURTIS BAY T O W JI N G COMPANY Compliments of S. S. KRESGE CO. i' Phone : FOREST 8842 COMMUNITY TAILORING CO. CLEANERS AND DYERS 4712 Liberty Heights Avenue Liberty 8400 H. L. HESSON FINEST TABLE SUPPLIES za HOME NECESSITIICS 3304 Garrison Blvd. BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Since 1868 A. T. JONES 81 SONS THE BALTIMORE COSTUMERS 823 N. Howard St. Phone : Vernon 3473 Costumes for all Occasions Dress Suits for Hire C. HOF F BERGER COMPANY MANUFACTURERS - DISTRIBUTORS Ice Coal Fuel Oil 'A' General Ojice MONUMENT AND FORREST STREETS BALTIMORE, MARYLAND American South African Line INC. 26 Beaver Street New York City 'k'k'ki"k'k'ki"k'k'k'k'k'k'A"k All Inclusive Cost Cruises 105 Days . . ff?-558.00 Minimum CABIN STEAMER 93 Days . . 35980.00 Minimum 1ST CLASS STEAMIER INCLUDING Four Weeks Touring in SOUTH AND EAST AFRICA One Day al ISLAND OF ST, HELENA and TRINIDAD, BRITISH XVEST INDIES Compliments of Watson Automatic Equipment 'A' Plzone .' PLAZA 7361 Young 8: Selden Company Stationers -k LITHOGRAPHERS BLANK BOOK MIAKERS PRINTERS STEEL ENGRAVERS ir Calvert and Saratoga Streets BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Complzmefzff 0 uf Friend' JOHN R. FoLGER .Mruzugcr L S THE PLACE to entertain yourself, your family and your friends . . . THE BELVEDERE goes on the Honor Roll and gets a whole flock of major F's. f f It's the Assembly Room of Ba'ltim'ore's social life 'rg . the John Eager 'Howard Room for a delightful luncheon or dinner. . .the Coffee Shop for a tasty snack 'mid cozy surroundings. When you " go places," graduate to THE BELVEDERE Complzmenff 0 uf Friend if SE REGAL' Complete Cleaning Service 0 Regal's Sott Water Laundry Service 0 Tailoring Service, Linings Replaced, . Regal-Zoric Guaranteed Dry Cleaning Buttons Covered, Button Holes Made 0 Hat Renovating, Regal-Zoric Method 0 Fur Cleaning, Remodeling, Repairing 0 Curtains, Draperies, Slip Covers Ren- O Rug Cleaning ovated 0 Storage, for Furs, Clothing, Draperies I Pillows Feather-Kleened Rugs, Curtains and Blankets I Blankets Cleaned, Original Fluttiness Restored I Shoe Rebuilding Service 0 Phone :Madison 2752 I The Soft Water REGAL- ZCRIC DRY CLEANERS Main Office and Plants: GILMOR and MOSHER STREETS I R. S. STERN BALTIMORE SALES t f as SUPPLY OO. Wholesale Dealers ' if Camplzmenls WF MEATS PROVISIONS VEGETXBLES t DRY STORES 1 Q1 Ffjg 71 Q7 DECK AND ENGINE STORES t A New Zealand Steer Beef in Bond Ik ir 424-26 West Conway Street BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 1 is A7 ? Y ve N . pn O I, va Xin uf!! Aboard ! 6 '-' 'A FOR Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Old Point Conifort FOR a grand trip down the romantic Chesapeake FOR a gay time in the cocktail tounge FOR a niiniatnre lnxnry cruise with ocean-liner comfort Steamers leave Baltimore for Norfolk every night Cincluding Sundays D, at 6:30 P. M. SEND FOR COPY HSUMMER VACATION BOOKLETSH 5 CHESAPEAKE STEAMSHIP CO. I l PIER 18-19 LIGHT STREET Phone: SOUTH 1310 Best Wishes MAYOR HOWARD W. JACKSON i Compliments of STROUSE-BAER AND COMPANY 'A' Compliments of JOHN SCHUMM t Compliments of ' A FRIEND 'A' Prescription Service BEELI'S DRUG STORE S. E. Cor. Park Heights ani Belveflere Avenues Phone : Liberty 2540 BALTIMORE SAM ROSOESRV THE FOREST PARK MEAT MARKET 4101 NORFOLK AVENUE OILS GREIASES FRANK W. DRYDEN 8: SONS Braddish Ave. and W. M. R. R. AIR CONDITIONING INC. 1119 NORTH CHARLES ST. CHOICE CUT FLOXVERS FUNERAL DESIGNS C Osfltfries PAUL EDEL BROADWAY FLORIST STORE 231 South Broadway C. 8: P. PhOIIe:VVOlfe 3234 213 West Centre Street BALTIMORE, MD' Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of THE BLUE ASTER TEA ROOM 2109 GARRISON BLVD. AT XV.-XLBROOK JUNCTION Compliments of LEWIS PHARMACY PARK HEIGHTS AND ROGERS Liberty 7073 PLYMOUTH, DESOTO SALES AND SERVICE BRADFIELD BROS. 81 SCHWARTZ, INC. 4800 BELAIR ROAD HAMILTON 4096 GOOD USED CARS FOR SALE Compliments of Sub-Deb Club of Forest Park VVeddingInvitatioI1S,ComIIIcncementAI1IIoIIncemer1tS,ViSit- ing Cards, Business Letterlleads engraved by SAMUEL H.KIRBY 81 SONS VERNON 5157 506 PARK AVENUE POFLTRY KILLED TO YOUR ORDER CALVERT 1701 BAND AND CRCHESTRM' INSTRI-MEN1-5 A. BURKER Wlzolesale and Retail 512 ENSOR STREET CONN LTD' LIVE AND DRESSED POULTRY 521 NORTH HOWARD SIREEIL Compliments of DOMINIC J. PISTORIO Compliments of WAGNER sl WAGNER, Pharmacists 3300 GARRISON BLVD. Compliments of A FRIEND i' Compliments of A FRIEND 'A' Graduate in Style with G L O T H E S from e IIIBIII- ub A' OF CHARLES STREET " A Friend of FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL 'A' Compliment! of U! Friend Call LIBERTY 2948 for HARDWARE PAINTS GLAZING CARROLL A. READ Expert Locksmithing 4722 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE CONVEYOR AUTO LAUNDRY SYSTEM COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE RIFE GARAGE, INC. EALLSWAY, FAYIETTE AND HARRISON STREETS THE DOWNTOWN '1Standard" ESSO Dealer C.-KLVERT 162-1 CALVERT 5891 All BRANCHES of BEAUTY CULTURE by EXPERTS From Tfwzan Beauljl Salon P1MLICO'S NEW AND MOST IVIODERN BEAUTY SALON A FRIEND 5113 PARK HEIGHTS AVENUE SECOND FLOOR wk Open Evenings FOREST 6133 Compliments of MRS. DANIEL MOHR VANSANT 'A' HOWARD W. FORD COMPANY Dodge and Plymouth Dealers 4721-31 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE. LIBERTY 1341-2 GENERAL AUTO SERVICE USED CAR SALES 4710-22 GNVYNN OAK AVENUE FOREST 5778 Compliments of WORDEN L. CASTLE 'A' You'll Like Bowling at llle A R C A D E ATOP NORTH AVENUE MARKIET NORTH AVENUE AT MARYLAND A " Bowling amid Ideal Surroundings" 22 ALLIEYS 22 Highest Quality Milkfrom Carefully Selected Herds " LEST WE FORGET " ROYAL FARMS DAIRY 100 Per Cent Independent BUTTER COTTAGE CHEESE BIITTERMILK MPXLTED CHOCOLATE MILK ORANGEADE F. E. SAUMENIG Madison 7644 - 45 A MR. and MRS. W. B. DUDDERAR and FAMILY ir COMMERCIAL AND YACHT REPAIRS YACHT STORAGE MARINE PAINTS A. SMITH 8: SONS SHIPYARD Two Electric Marine Railways CURTIS BAY Telephone Cuelle 0238 BALTIMORE, MD. Telephone Liberty 3433 T A R L O W Manufacturing Furrier 3583 PARK HEIGHTS AVENUE BALTIMORE, MD. -A' BRANCH STORE 4812 ROLAND AVE, Telephone Tuxedo 1557 Compliments of THE BACHELORS ORCHESTRA E. B. ERVIN Liberty 7147 Patronize Your A' NIEIGHBORIIOOD ST.-XTIONH RICHFIELD BETHOLENE OUINN'S SERVICE STATION Lubrication Specialists 5100 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE Complirnenls of ANDERSON'S FINE FOOD STORE E. L. BRADY 4603 GARRISON BLVD. INSURANCE Liberty 2671 Reffeshmems MAH Kinds Libertv 2360 Hardware Paints Radios Electrical Supplies LAMBROS RICHMAN BROTHERS Prompt Service LIBERTY HEIGHTS AND GARRISON I-XVES. 4703 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE NEIMAN STORE FIXTURE CO. ,Manufacturers of FINE STORE and BAR FIXTURES 706 EAST BALTIMORE STREET Plaza 5325 Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of D. M. VANSANT 81 CO. SAMUEL W. MICHELSON WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING J. NELSON GATES Slnre Fronts Nu Luck Construction Framed Mirrors Plate Glass CAPITOL GLASS 81 MIRROR CO. LIFE INSURANCE "WI ANNUITIES Flaw 6700 712 N. HOWARD sr. Vmmn 2175-2176 713 LINDEN AVE. 1000 Fidelity Bl:'g. Proviflent Mut'tal Life Insuranre Cu. Baltimore, Maryland Nianicure Firger-VVavi'Ig Pcrmanents Facials VAUGHN - I-IAYWOOD STUDIOS l CAR LOU BEAUTY SHOP 319 NORTH CHARLES STREET Plaza 10967 3829 LIBERTY HEIGPITS :AVENUE Phone : Forest 71-17 Women WEARING APPAREL Children THE STYLE SHOP 3114 WEST NORTH AVENUE GAS OIL TIRES BATTERIES SpeoiatizedLubri1'otion JOHN L. CHARLTON G71 ynn Oak and Maine Aves. No Branches Forext 7545 SCHAFER'S GROCERIES 5300 GXNVYNN OAK AVENUE Compliments of FRANK R. SULLIVANT sr CO. Insurance CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BUILDING ff'Z? . 5 " M1444 FORMAN, IHC. Compliments of .77 5:9 L 1 4 P F ' 5 502123551 Independent 5-10 to S1 Store "" 1:117 63- Baltimorels Most Modern Garage if Parking Center FAYETTE AUTO PARKING, INC. 114-124 W. FAYIETTIE ST. BALTIMORE, MD. Telephones, Plaza 3196 Calvert 0053 Compliments of DAVIDSON TRANSFER 81 STORAGE CO. 'A' V7 ARTISTS' AND QNGQEERS' SUPPLIES W IDRAXYING MATERIALS THE HIRSHBERG COMPANY 214 W. FRANKLIN ST. BALTIMORE, MD. Silcees.s.and IIappines.s..taClas.L0f 1937. me HARRY W. NICE GOVERNOR OF MARYLAND 'QDU LOGGI 79 A guafify name. . .011 ll guafify product The entrance to "Dunloggin" from St. Johns Lane It is the largest and unquestionably the best appointed dairy farm of its size, supplying the citizens of Baltimore with its own milk-produced on the farm and delivered directly to your door. Produced under ideal conditions, from its perfectly healthy prize winning herd of pure-bred animals it offers its custo- mers a superior product-fully approved by the Health Department of the City of Baltimore. Its proximity to the city makes it an enjoyable ride for your inspection and you are always Welcome. From the address in the city Clisted belowj you can obtain the various dairy products such as milk, cream, chocolate milk and cheese-upon call. The several routes are able to serve any part of the city and we are confident when once you try a bottle of "Dunloggin" milk you will be satisfied with no other. Try it and con- vince yourself. D UNLOGGIN FARM DAIRY University 77o8 at goth and Falls Road Baltimore, Maryland SECRETARIAL ACCOUNTING BUSINESS COURSES EATON 8: BURNETT BUSINESS COLLEGE An Accredited Commerical School Second Floor-MORRIS BUILDING CHARLES AND SARATOGA STREETS SEND FOR CATALOG Compliments of BALTIMORE STATIONERY COMPANY 115-117 EAST LOMBARD STREET VIVID DUPLIOATOR VIVID COPIES are Cheaper Than Carbon Copies ORDER YOUR INIACIIINE AND SUPPLIES FROINI L. C. Smith 8: Corona Typewriters Inc. 25 WEST FAYETTE STREET Plaza 6860 WARNER 8: CO. SUITS HATS FURNISHINGS foryozzrrg men A WARNER 81 CO. 18 EAST BALTIMORE STREET MILLER BROS. The Place to Eat 119 XY. Fayette Street BALTIMORE, MD. I I 1 l European Conservatory of Music will L, HIENRI WEINREICII, Director I 905 SAINT PAUL STREET Thirty-seventh Summer Session JUNE 15, 1937 Piano, Organ, Harmony, SingingViolin Progressive Series of Piano Lessons Telephone Vernon 2898 El Compliments of EBERHART'S SERVICE STATION Windsor Mill Road and Forest Park Avenue VVOODLAXVN, BALTIMORE, MD. Liberty 0466 A FRIEND R. A. KREILING 81 BRO. wk Grocery and Meat Zlflarket 3345 W. GARRISON AVENUE Phone Lib. 0046 or 0047 SPECIALIZING IN REPOSSESSED CARS 100 to Select From ARLINGTON BEAUTY SHOP REPOSSESSED CAR CORPORATION Bm, SMH, PROP, Verrtort 6611 131 WEST NORTH AVENUE .5122 REISTERSTOWVN ROAD Liberty 4147 T H E J U N E C L A S S O F 1 9 3 7 hvzlflzes W T 'F EWBCR UCATR Y lfll CTL AEST ODFWD 1 9 TT XZZCCEXX IN ITS FORESTER y THE NEW CD coLLEeE or ToDAYv 0 lt's the age of a new photography! Almost magical has been the develop- ment of equipment 3 surprising has been the photographer's cleverness and skill in using this new equipment, and most avid has been the college and school appetite for results of this definitely forward step in photography. I This is the story of a Studio that has kept abreast of the times, that has acquired the new equipment. and whose operators have enthusiastically developed the technique of this new photography. This extra expense has been incurred and the effort extended with the sincere hope of offering to the colleges and school a studio capable of producing today's modern photography. 0 When skill and service of such high order are available today, there is no reason why colleges and schools need accept mediocre photography. ZAMSKY REPEATS AGAIN! ZAMSKY STUDIO, INC. 902 Chestnut Street . Yale Record Building PHILADELPHIA, PA. NEW HAVEN, CONN The 1937 FORESTER printed by The Horn-Shafer Company BALTIMORE MARYLAND Established 1905 Distinctive Printing Year Books . . . Catalogues Sales Literature 'A' Members of the College Annual Producers Association of the United States QM SCll01,b. QW o ij':z'z'i' ?1':'rf EEE '?f5SAssociWt

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