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S QF? .E ..m.,,.wg K Q J- X if f ,,....M F gf Q ' wg :':iN"WlH"0gq5 x , SX R Y ' Liiiii gina Eiiimigu emi SU Q .Q -L: A Q gwwwn I :mg 16125 . 'yiigamf' i i 'I - Q 5 I' 2 ix 9 5 af 'Q Qi 'E 'I n X, 'f E CQ R' 4 , ww gi ALA XY X , .17 "' Q1 vs if If W Y I A ,-we H L Q. . . .5 - LAN mb- V, 6.3 , .. , , ,ww 1 ,gn v X I M k H. T.. 'W ' .x'f:'fSf,.Q'e2? Y 7 Lf L 3,3 5- - ' Z -Fai' :2'7?9iF"' . AW 5 imp: qi, ,U 1 f. ,GR.'w?7 1.. -kk ,- -ii ' ," in Q P- ,irjgiw , , , ,, ' .3 .V 'I . "N ,,f.w 5.-uf , J , A . ,1 .WV ,, ,. H- 'K an Q 4 ,. 1 - ' 4, I f' L A ,nf.g? qi J. r uf , F ,4,.. Y, M' ' , .Sw . . ,sry-y,,,.f ., . .M , .' 4? L , 1 N1 f 3 I1 ,Vi-iii' 'LM K ,' 'ju ,., ,, ,, ,. -lg, Alla 1, A 'Q Q, ' yi Vw, ,, ,- g ,TEf'if -1' 1 X, wxfvff- Q, lfffijfi' f. ww'-17' I ,J A, I +1 .' ' ,ih'M.55, 'x:,g4f,f- , f,- --iw L Aki.:-f-,I 1 Q A 5 V-1.-: an-f . x F4 ' J , ' Yi' ,ft , Aw ..3v5,,, v. M +-Axim ..x 1 'Q Q ' v 1 . n A R! x v x , 'Q . .."' V .1- 'ss 1 5. Q v n 1 1,1 L . V 3,1 wig! x W M W -if , -' 4 1 I4 X 4 -x ' u JF 1 . A P 4 Yi my 1. af UW WW +1 I IDR!- V 2 lil Ill lzlnl , V9 'f OTZWOTX In this, the first year book with which any of us has ever been connected, we have aimed to do just two things: first, to attain an annual that is not just an annual, and second, to please you, our readers. To achieve the first of these aims, we searched far and wide through other school publications, considered all their ideas, and then made this book original. To accomplish the second and far more important aim, pleasing you, this june 1936 FORESTER is a glorious combination of that originality, a bit of continuity and smoothness, and a great deal of enthusiasm and hopefulness. Hope- fulness indeed! We hope that you enjoy our book. T1-is EDITOR I lf! -P :if I -.- --ff-,"'5.u e - -ag,-,q 1- , , .,.... I A be f A f ' . Z f. ', -'ff' ' . :k ftfjgajzm ' ii"-M' - ,.,. V 3 . . -. .- ..,- -,. 1 ., ,1,. .. , 1 :. J-:ws , -- 4 - . ,,t:.rf , .2 . 'elf-on-X, ' ,,,,,.',.:.-Af -,K-,."'1.2 - ' 1-L" C"..,:.-'f-"""-4 Nik ' I -- :5f.'g!7f'i2ffEL'i,f--"-2 5 ' Q , jg, N' ,.3,-L,-Q.lV,s44 11.1-p Mlm,-fig? '54 V twvhlgigln 4 i A- uf., Miggpgjfi-::g".:1 if 'A - l-D, I -,,...- . '--155, I . 55 ,-' '-',:-12, gi-dwgtgpt-'i ' ' aff. - - "fini '-fiflzil-,Jigga-.lz'3" n -. . . 1 "e' ww "u 1 ff. min '5a1'f.-.:v- - -. . 2.4-' "'a'1-4- --Q .e swift v i A A . - A , it - t uv-neun: we-sn. gl: -:xi-hi- I 1 ia ""'31L:'li"!' iikhif' ii i"3"'wi- igvx' .nr M JL ass, if -mm .Na 0 'f r,5j::"' gg '-5,5j"',,-1'-M. , .:,14.:-.5-,P W V-h' 5. fry : -. ,ms fwww.rm,t-wfw,s....-+ 'w,waW., ., M Q 'Mif,.,x.,m.,1,srw,t-...4w...-.i.m nmdalwv-u-was " -'L ?:-':i-14:"1--' fighig.. ,tg ,A 'Mo .F .Str--xSf'. rs-.5-1j,,J1f' - N. -ff-151' -43, ' . mp ..f--,.- 'wg .V . '- Hifi-:vi-91? -'.,.55?gf V..'--':'Qi'iv!'lf-2.-S AQ -'ii - , - -- , . " ' " - , ' ' "t -- ' 4 . , - . . -- . . 1- .'-zu.-, ,YI U.:,,-, , .-. '-,.x- I - Pi'-L32 - -:' -4-' :"5f1f"1t?n ,: '. lf x..e',,f1:mt:--a:.:aa-:free-Q-ew-'feewa-4-unease,-zurrfseavweasakxuuas-twmmrmapmhmhau , -.-A., 4 4 - f- x. rr., f - -,fha . ,, - - vu-, -e -, v ,-2.1. , W:::.1" N- - ,e fi,':?'-2 it 12? , - I f,eg44E ,i 5, Q.-1 'Q:,-g,-z-Z'-:1.'v,5.- 'yi 'x . e - ', ' , 'Aki' 1 .- "ff-1f:.Qfi3 "' ' ' "'M"""""""' W" ""M""""""""""'i" """""""""" i""""""""""' .' ' A ,- ',L,', fygfg, fliifffliiii , ,,-r-341212-iumf 'iEs ' " " ' 'VA "H I 1-v -:.. on fe n z' 4 ADMINISTRATION S E N I O R S LOWER CLASSES CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS WNW peaficificfni Iris the fond wish of each and every member of the Class af 1936, that we show our gracious adviser, Miss Donrs. VIRGINIA CHURCH, by this humble token, a portion of our acltniration, our respect, and above all,' our appreciation. We herein express our admiration for the fine example she has set for all, our respect for her sterling leadership of our class, and our appreciation for her invaluable aid in all our projects to the end that we saw them to a successful finish. 6 7 , .V ' A 1v.ffzi.4-bmi .1i-fini,-a.'Qf'ai.+.Qn1'1A I ., xr' I 5? a v 5 P I A fx l C. i E 5 5. 2 5 . 5 9 5 ix Y . y, n 1. if E ii t 2 'z x 1, Q 1 .- E E E 5 in Jn!! path Mzfinia MANGA f f XXL fl- Cf? A bfi! MR. WENDELL E. DUNN, Principal WELCOME, MR. DUNN! Proud of the fact thazt we are the first June Class to be graduated since Mr. Dunn began his administration, we, the june Class of 1936, designate this page to the welcome of our new principal. JUNE FORESTER 19 MR. ALFRED P. SCOTT Vice Principal MISS SOPI-IIE M. BECKER Miss Becker, dean of girls, serves in a capacity similar to that of Mr. Scott. We doubt if many of the girls have found any better friend on the faculty than Miss Becker, for she is one who is always ready to lend a helping hand in all types of activities. MR. ALFRED P. SCOTT In our vice-principal, Mr. Scott, the school as a whole and the boys in particular find a helpful adviser and a staunch friend. His clear-sighted vision always has a favorable in- fluence on the decisions that have to be made by pupils during the semester. JUNE FORESTER Miss Som-us M. BECKER Special Assistant Ill I F a C u l t y Wendell E. Dunn, A.M.. . . . . . . . Principal Alfred P. Scott, A.B. ........ ,.,..,,. . . Vice-Principal Sophie M. Becker, A.B. ..,.,.,..., . ,,..,... . . . .Special Assistant INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Headgwilliam K, Ymum, A.B- Head-Grover William Norris, A.M. Edgar Bull Sophie Becker, A.B. Stanley L. Heylmun Latimer A. Dice, A,.M. Thomas L. Young William H. jolly, B.S. Florence R. Lane Hester C. Whitfield, B.S. DEPARTMENT PHYSICAL EDUCATION Head-Jessie M. Ehaugh, A.B. DEPARTMENT Irene Roe, A.B. Head-Rex H. Sims C. Melville Anderson, B.S. Lucy Elizabeth Hyde HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Lucy Holms Journeay, B.S. Eloris V. El1lUI'Cl1, 25- ADMINISTRATION a A. W 0 ey, B. . - A Blanche M. Rm, AS. gggglgyggjggfi DIETITIAN GRAPHIC ARTS DEPARTMENT Neva Lewis Coxen, BHS' Nora V. Brainarcl, B.S. Nellie S, Norris ATTENDANCE OFFICER Ivan Byron Rigby Bessie B. Gates 10 JUNE EORESTER Faculty ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Head--Angela M. Broening, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Margaret M. Chase, A.B. Gladys Benson Eger, A.B. Ruth Hudson, A.B. P Elizabeth M. Jones, A.B., Abraham Le Schack, B.S. Ivan Byron Rigby Virginia Shaffer, B.S., A.M. Etta W. Smith, B.S. Alta E. Thompson, B.S., A.M. Fannie C. Wright, B.S. Menetta E. Koenig, B.S. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Head-Edwin L. Frederick, A.B., Ph.D'. John F. Burger, Jr., W. Melville Childs, B.E. Mildred H. Fleischman, A.B. Henry G. Hirsch, B.S. Mfildred A. Hutt, A.B. Ruth A. Kramer, A.B. Joseph L. Krieger, A.B., LL,B. John W. Musselman, A.B., B.S. HISTORY DEPARTMENT Acting Head-Alfred P. Scott, A.B., A.M. Grace D. Broening, A.M. Florence M. Layman Florence Levinson, B.S., A.M Henry B. Waskow, B.S. Elizabeth Ridgely, B.S. Anna C. Miller, A.B. i W. Woodruff Marston, A.B. Luther A. Cooper, A.M, H. Chester Whitney, A.B. William W. Wood, Jr., A.B. 1936 JUNE FORESTER COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Head-Chester Katenlcamp, B.S., A.M., Ed.D. , Michael C. Leipholz -Gladys Mitchell, B.S . Madeline M. Thompson Samuel Goldsmith, B.S. F. Adele Grote, B.S. Rosetta F. Harfeld, B.S. Mary E. Wells, B.S. Catherine E. Freimann, A.B. Edward H. Goldstein, B.S. Alice A. Elcas MODERN LANGUAGE . DEPARTMENT Head-Otto K. Schmied, A.B., LL.B. Edith Klinesmith James F. Moore, A.B., A.M. Ruth E. Ruhe, A.B. Mary B. Sabine, B.S. LIBRARIAN Vivian R. Boughter, A.B., A.M. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Genevieve P. Butler, B.S. VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE COUNSELOR Nora A. Stoll, A.B. 'l 'l ..,.pu-.,u-s...-Af...a. .N , , , N , .,.. , .I . . . .V ,,,, V , V 4 .,, , V. -. - . , .V - , . ,, ,, , ,,,. . ,, . ,. . N f- . 7' ' " - Q f - 4 ,f. :...N..ff-.f. tips.. . ..:.f...1f ' ' V f .- ca anew-- awe.-saw ......M... . sz., -.f.. , ., . ,, 4 -LH a u L. new AQ was-ang,-r .4 .iw-..e0u, .an .4 fi APPRECIATION! Cnly the Seniors can realize what it means to be a participant in a graduation. There is continuous hust- ling, preparation, rehearsals, and long hours of miscel- laneous duties. The June Class of 1936 was fortunately able to present a successful play, and we hope for a fine commencement. None of these things would have been possible with- out the invaluable aid of certain people on the faculty. Miss Genevieve Butler made the Seniors sing as they had never sung, Miss Nora Brainard contributed the scenery painting, Miss Smith made the play the success that it was, and Mr. Yocum supervised the making of scenery. , JUNE FORESTER O M1 v w sl HELEN ADAMS A cheer for Helen whose calm serenity has a soothing effect upon her companion! Her dreamy eyes and artistic temperament have captured the hearts of many. Art Club Z, 35 Latin Club 2, 35 Four Square Club 35 Opportunity Club 3, 45 Inter-class Athletics 2, 3. JANE ANDERSON "Andy', is an all around girl if there ever was one. She has a charm all her own and is sure to be a success in whatever she undertakes. Art Club 25 Glee Club 2, 35 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 2, 3g Opportunity Club 3, 45 Inter-class Athletics. 0 JIMMY .AIKENHEAD Forest Parlcis champion cheerer, as is evidenced by his lusty sup- port of our teams. -I. V. Ice Hockey 3, 45 Class Representative 1, 25 Inter-class Ath- letics 1, 2, 3, 45 Commencement Chorusg 35 Pep Assemblies' A. A. Representative 1. ANITA APPLEBAUM Beauty plus brains are hers-what more could you aslc? Opportunity Club 3, 45 Coaching Certificates 45 junior Prom Committee, Non-Athletic Award5 Inter-class Arhlericsg Minor "Fug Major "F", Leaders' Club 4. y O CARROLL ALBAUGH "Full many a flower is born to blush unseen." Commencement chorusg Chemistry Club. LEROY APPLEFELD Leroy is an all around high school boy with a standard worthy of following. Art Clubg Opportunity Clubg German Clubg Craftsmen Club, Inter-class Athletics, Board of Student Representatives, Forester Staffg Soccer, Section Class Oflicerg Committee. 0 WILLIAM ANACKER Bill is the "brain trust" of Forest Parlc. His continuous boasting has won him this name. But, true to his title, he has carried out his boasting. Boxing Club 3, 45 Baseball, Inter-class Athleticsg Boxing Team. HELEN ARMACOST Helen's capacity for friendship, her utter sincerity, and her splen- did executive ability are qualities which have drawn many people to her. Opportunity Club 3, 4, President, 45 Four Square Club 3, 4, Secretary 45 Chemistry Club 45 Latin Clubg Major "F", 35 Inter-class Athleticsg Commencement Chorus 4, Leaders' Club 4. O ESTHER ANDERSON This gentle, blushing maiden avows that "Absence malces the heart grow fonderf, Latin Club 2, 35 Opportunity Club 35 J.5 Four Square Club 35 Art Club, Inter-class Athleticsg Minor "F", SHIRLEY ASH The things which impress all those that meet Shirley are her utter franltness and that New York Accent. Masquers 35 German Club 35 Chemistry Club 45 Four Square Club 3, 45 Inter-class Athletics 4. JUNE FORESTER 4-up-gn.. , ,fvgw-r l 1 l 1 a -vlvrwfwwr YO pg . CN ..,.-Wie- f.. La CI Z U1 '11 O 7-'J LTI VJ '-l U1 FU DANIEL AUSTERLITZ Danny has won a permanent place in the hearts of fellow students through his athletic and scholastic ability. A. A. Representative 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, City Champion 2, V. Basketball 3, Varsity Basketball 4, Major "F", Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary of A. A., Senior Play Ticket Committee. MARY LOUISE BANNISTER Mary Louise's kind and gentle character has won a place in our hearts. She exemplifies the maxim, "Still waters run deep." Glee Club 3, 4, Four Square Club 3, 4, Athletics. ' f C. ROBERT AVERY Q Bob's good disposition and personality should be of invaluable as- sistance in his future work. Opportunity Club, Leaders' Club, Radio Club, J., Junior Prom Committee, Open Forum, German Club. MARGARET BASS Margaret's ready smile and pleasing dimples are just a sample of the attractiveness of her personality. Four Square Club 2, Home Economics Club, 3, 4, Chemistry Club, 4. O LOUIS BACHRACH This ambitious business man has two excellent tools with which to make his way in life namely, a good head and an industrious hand. Latin Club 2, Opportunity Club 2, 3, Secretary Z, Chess Club 4, Inter-class Athletics Z, 3, 4. JOSEPHINE BAUER "As merry as the day is long" is the perfect description of jo, nothing ever seems to worry her. Her good nature and attractiveness are an essential part of our group. French Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Four Square Club 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Art Club 2, 3, Glee Club Z, Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4, Major NF". 0 WALTER EARL BADER "Foolery doth walk about" when Walter roams the halls. Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Leaders' Club 3, 4, Oppor- tunity Club 2, 3, 3, Ethical Club 1, Senator 1. S. DEMAREST BEERS This hard-working, handsome, blonde boy will go far as he has the knack of acquiring friends and keeping them. Art Club, Fencing Club, Stamp Club, German Club, French Club, Senior Play. O ,ee 130116 ' BALLARD' e io b bles fort li ' .-- g i f m YH ' y's lips. Art ub 3 b 3, 4, SL I- , , 5 class Ath- letics 2. 3, . 'L F, ICTOR R. BELSINGER Victor is one of those fellows who are often seen but seldom heard Although modest and, retiring, he has always cooperated fully in our projects and often brightened a dull period with his witty remarks. Student Representative, Coaching, Boxing Club, Inter-class Athletics. www .1 may -AA,-as-win-1+-aa A-ef 1 , .. ,. . .,,,f .J 1,i an ,aa ' , 'rf ' ,f z..--.M . ., . .V . f W A M- H- -. - x S . ,przryzresi ii ne JOSEPH BENYO Joseph has consistently shown his loyalty to both school and class. Coaching 2, 3, 4, Inter-class Athletics 3, 4, Banquet and Prom Committee. RALPH BOLGIANO A super scientist and a master chemist is our golden voiced Ralph who just entered our school and has already made a high place for himself. Art Club, Glee Club, Chemistry Club, Radio Club, Step Singing Committee, ' " 0 RHODA BERKOW ' Rhoda's constant good humor is an outstanding feature of our class. Inter-class Athletics 2,-3, 4, Basketball year team 2, Minor "F", Art Club 2, Chemistry Club 4. ELIZABETH M. BOND If you appreciate a good sense of humor, a joke well told, or fine qualities of leadership, then acquaint yourself with Elizabeth, she possesses all these characteristics. Leaders' Club 4, Opportunty Club 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, Art Club I, 2, Glee Club 1, , Varsity Basketball 4, Non-Athletic "F", Four Square Club 4, Major HF". O I IRENE BERLIN Irene ambition is to become a good dancer though her current are in the line of talking. Club, Press Reporter, Library Club, Inter-class Athletics, Glee LOUISE BOWEN Attractive and a bit sophisticated, Louise is one of the outstanding feminine seniors. Four Square Club 2, 3, 4, Home Economics Club 3, 4, Inter- class Athletics, 3, 4, Assemblies, 3, Coaching 4, Minor "F", O EMILY BLAKE Emily can always be identified by her ready smile, but what would she do without her partner, Jane? Art Club 2, 3, 4, 2, Inter-class Athletics, Step-singing Committee. WILSON BRATTON "Willie" possesses a quiet nature, but when one gets to know him, one finds that he is a regular fellow, energetic and helpful. Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, Camera Club 3, 4, J. 1. 3, Ring Committee, Radio Club 3, Assemblies. 0 ALMA L. BLATT Although Alma seems to hold herself aloof, she really invites friendship, and once this is gained, it is well worth keeping. Art Club, Inter-class Athletics, Numerals, German Club, Minor "FH, Chemistry Club. LAURA BREEDEN Laura's laughter seems to bubble over from sheer good humor, and yet she puts every available ounce of energy into her work. Latin Club 2, 3, Four Square Club 3, 4, Leaders' Club 4, Oppor- tunity Club 3, Major "F", Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, Coaching Certificate 3, Bronze D. S. Award, Coaching Director 4. JUNE FORESTER 1936 Y lc HELENE BRENNER Despite her talkative instincts, Helene has made a fine showing in the field of scholarship. Art Club 1, 2, 33 Chemistry Club 43 Inter-class Athletics 4. ANN BRODKIN Ann's contagious smile and sparkling personality will not easily be forgotten by the faculty or the students. J. 23 Press Representative 33 Library Cl 43 Art Clubg Glee Club3 Opportunity Clubg The Press 43 F Advertising Committee 4. R1c fh Richard's drowsy appea e is mere a xse to conceal his brilliant mind. 1 ll. 3g Inter-class Athlet Class Officer 2, 33 Class Representative 43 Senior Farewe ance Committee 4. EDWARD BROWN Steady, loyal, helpful in every way-that,s Edward. We know he will realize his ambition-to make a non-Stop flight around the world. Boys' Opportunity 23 Class Representative 23 Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3. O ZELDA BRENNER Zelda is eternally good natured, sincere, and cheerful no matter what the situation. Latin Club 2, 3, 4g Chemistry Club 43 Coaching Z3 Minor "F,'g Inter-class,.AAthletics 2, 3, 4. . HENRY BUCI-IM ?'4llow than 'Butchn ' o find. His entire class wi e mber him o is good, sportsmanship and his willing- ness to! s' tp eryth' . ' Oppo it lub x?ilQQbrs' Club f l'-. 3, 43 A1 - Club 43 xing Club 3, 43 ter-clas ' h tics ,ff ' ? -- 3 om- mitteeg Press 2, 4. O JOSHUA BRESCHKIN "Chick" has succeeded through athletic and scholastic powers in winning the esteem of his fellow-classmen. Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4g Major "F"3 Forester Staff 43 Ethical Clubg Chemistry Clubg 33 Vice-president Senior Class 4g Junior Inaugural Assemblyg Leaders' Clubg V. Basketball 3, Captain 33 Sub-Senior Class Officer. MINNIE BULL Minnie, our star athlete, has caused many exciting minutes as she exhibited her powers on the gym apparatus. Latin Club 23 Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4. O ROY BROCKMAN Hard working and obliging, Roy is a fine fellow and welleliked by his host of friends. Inter-class Athleticsg Commencement Chorus. VAN NESS G. BULLOUGH Despite the English appellation, Van Ness is a reliable and de- pendable fellow with a broad sense of good fellowship. J. 2, 33 Boxing Club 33 Opportunity Club 3, 43 Inter-class Athletics: Boys' Leaders' Club. JUNE FORESTER 1. v M ' SL s ,. li 5 5 r. f E . 5 K MARGARET BURKINS Margaret, who is always willing to lend a helping hand, can be depended upon to adapt herself to any situation. Art Club5 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Opportunity Club 35 Leaders' Club 45 Varsity Hockey Z, 3, 45 Varsity Volleyball 2, 35 2, 35 Senatorg Coaching. EVERETT CHECKET A coming statesman, Everett is one of our outstanding debators5 and to top it all, he is a fine actor and a hard worker. Boys' Leaders' Club5 Opportunity Club 3, 45 Treasurer 35 Open Forum Club 1, 2, 3, 45 President 35 Masquers 3, 45 Ping Pong Club 3, 45 Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 45 Coaching 3, 45 Chemistry Club 45 Assemblies5 O DOUGLAS CASSEL Many people behold in him the friendliest of fellows. His per o 1 ality guarantees him success. , i Latin Club Z5 Senior Playg Varsity Track 1, 2, 3, 45 I ass Qfvby Athletics I, Z, 3, 45 A. A. Representativeg Art Club 6! DJ ' J ROBERT COCHRANE ' "Touchdown" Cochrane's exploits in sports are wel own His Varsity Football 4, Varsity Soccer 3, Varsity Track 3, 4, Inter broad shoulders and fine personality have made him ia popular boy. ff J M7 class Athletics 3, 45 Ethical Club 45 Boxing Club 3, ' 0 MILDRED CHALK JJ C Mildred is distinguished as a gifted pianistg but her greatest gift is saying what she thinksg and this blonde Forester is a very good thinker. , Minor "F"5 Non-athletic 'Fug Glee Club5 An: Club5 Orchestta5 J. 1.5 Inter-class Athletics5 Opportunity Club5 Chairman of Step- singing Committee. C BLANCHE COHEN er ngsfmurh, but we are sure she'll be missed by her classmates. VaIsH1,fBa-ketba 5 ' Volleyball5 Inter-class Athletics5 Art Club 15 M ' 'C' O FRIEDA CHANDLER No class could function properly without Frieda's persistent cheer- fulness and willingness in helping to fulfill its tasks. Press 35 Club Editor 45 News Editor 45 Arr Club 2 35 Masquers 25 Inter-cl ss Athle ics. - ---' mwah , Ni Gilda i known as the 1 with the most graceful hands in Forest Parkg in addition she has good thinking qualities to dictate to them Art Club Z5 Commencement Chorus. . O MATILDA CHANDLER One look at Matilda will explain why gentlemen prefer blondes. Any of her classmates will vouch for "Til's" abundance of personality and charm. Varsity I-Iockeyg Hockey Year Teamg Inter-class Athletics5 Oppor- tunity Club5 Major "F"5 Four Square Club5 LOUISE COLEMAN With a ready smile and a joke for everyone, Louise has easily won the hearts of many ,Forest Parkers. Inter-class Athleticsg Volley Ballg Basketball 3, 45 Glee Club 4. 5 JUNE FORESTER 1936 ,SV i 1 i '35 . . . 3 I i - 5 gif J X. ll ll Nr I I X I 5 C 'A THELMA COLEMAN ,J As in the case of most girls, Thelma is made of "sugar and spice and everything nice." She is fine and true in all things. J. 3, 4: Home Economics Club 45 Inter-class Athletics Z. NEWTON COX "Rick" is one of the most colorful figures in the school. We can't help but like him. Varsity Ice Hockey 3, 45 Varsity Baseball 45 Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 45 Senator. O OLA CONWAY "They also serve who only stand and wait." Ola's faithfulness has proved her loyalty to her friends and the school. Biology Cltib Z5 Art Club 25 35 Home Economics Club 3, 45 President 4. ELIZABETH CRAIG This young lady has worked hard for the school. She is well known in the class for her friendly smile and general nonchalance. Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Four Square Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 35 Home Economics Club 45 Commencement Chorus 45 Inter-Class Athletics 2, 3, 4, J- J- J- 0 BERTRAM COOPER Bert is concrete proof of the old saying that "good things come in small packages." A ready wit and a good friend is the impres- sion he makes nd u lds. ' Orchestra 5 nter-class Athleticsg ommencement Chorus. MARG ET :J ai? arg 's vivacious and li . r have won her many 0, frie . if logy Club i ar Club 25 Major "F"5 Home Economics 3, . . 5 Four Square Club 45 Latin Clubg Inter- s tics. O MARVIN COPLAN Despite his evident lack of study, Marvin receives some of the highest marks in the senior class and is well liked by all. Latin Club l, 5 Art Club 1, 25 Chemistry Club 45 Ping Pong Club 45 Inter-class Athleticsg V. Ice Hockeyg Golf Teamg Boys, Coachingg Chairman Gift Committee 4. " FRANCES CROOKS ' "Fran" possesses those outstanding qualities char will be of aid to her in whatever s e plans for the future. tlClub 1 , . . 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Inter-class Athletics. O M MURIEL COSTER ur l 's wonderful girl and one that we will all miss. She his er ality, popularity, and perseverance, three undeniably fine u i s. rack 2, 35 Inter-class Athletics5 Library Club 4. JOHN CROWLEY ,John doesn't wait for fortune to shine down upon himg he goes out and seeks it. Boys' Opportunity Club 2, 35 Track Team 2, 35 Art Club 25 Section Ofiicer 25 Junior Prom Committee 35 Class Representative 45 Coach 4. 1936 JUNE FORESTER Q Mfli i , mf xr' I 4' L Q 1 r F . E E i I i if 6 'ff E fp E 5 Q l 5 v J . . 1 si 19 if g 5 -im-. . 4 i 5 5 , i s S i S 3 fl 4 3 1 E i 'S 1 ,5 1 I i i ,i 1 VICTOR CULLER Nothing seems to worry Victor except thinking up wise cracks. His "artistic" ability, as witnessed in the Jubilee, will certainly make him famous in the realm of the melodrama. Ethical Club Z, 3, 4, Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4, 4. INGRAM DEAN Ingram is a modest chap whose knowledge of many different sub- jects has earned him the title of the "Human Encyclopedia." Art Club, Glee Club, J. J. J., Commencement Chorus. Q RUTH DANE Probably our leadng exponent of the terpsichorean art, Ruth is known to all for her nimble feet and constant humor. Glee Club 3, Four Square Club 3, Inter-class Athletics 4, Chemistry Club 4, J. BETTY DE BOIS Betty of the raven tresses is one of our best athletes as well as a most capable worker. Hockey varsity 2, 3, 4, Basketball varsity 2, 3, 4, Volleyball varsity 2, 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Opportunity Club 4, Track Z, 3, 4, A. A. Representative 2, 3, Forester Staff 4, Major "F", J. J. 3. . PEARCE DAVENPORT The school is really worried as to what to do without this out- standing member of our orchestra. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, Z, 3, 4, J., Ethical Club lg Track 1, 2, 4, Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 4, Non-Athletic Award 3, 4, Soccer I. JEANNETTE DE MILLE Jeannette's carefree spirit and pleasing manner have made her well- liked by all who know her. Home Economics Club 3, 4, Inter-class Athletics, Basketball 3, Hockey 4, 3. . MARVIN DAVIS Marvin's ability as a photographer has been well displayed. He has been known to shout, "My kingdom for a camera!" 'I Camera Club 2, 3, 4, Ofhcer 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Forester Staff 4, .Senior Play-Reading Committee, Section Class Ofiicer 2, Chemistry Club 4. KATHERINE DEMING Kitty has that certain something that goes with natural blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. Art Club, Glee Club, Four Square Club, Inter-class Athletics, Numerals. . KATHLYN DAVISON Kathlyn is one of the best sports we know and the most loyal friend anyone could have. Opportunity Club 3, 4, Four Square Club 2, 3, 4, Home Econ- omics 3, 4, Art Club Z, Inter-class Athletics, Varsity Hockey 2, 4, Volley-ball year team 3, 3, Major RFU. FRED DENHARD Fred's specialty is chatter. I-Ie's a blonde henrtbreaker with a winning smile. Inter-class Athletics, Junior Varsity Ice-Hockey 3, 4, Commence- ment Chorus, 3. JUNE FORESTER 1936 I rw ." ' 5 3 -ne Makin! Q XVILLIAM DEPP Bill's dependability, efliciency, personality, ancl perseverance mark him as one of the true leaders of Forest Park. Student Presidentg Leaders' Club, Presiclentg Senatorg Sub-Junior Class Presidentg Press, Associate Editor, Coaching, Latin Clubg Mgr. Basketball team, Bronze D. S. Award. KENNETH CYRIL DRAKE "Ken" is our budding Paderewski. He hasn't been around here long, but we know all about the grand way he can "tickle the ivories." Glee Club 4, Opportunity Club 4, Vice-president 4, Masquers' Club 45 Invincibles 4, Step Singing Committee. O BLANCHE De VINCENTIS Although she doesnit say very much, she makes up for this by her interest in her fellow classmates. Art Club lg Glee Club 1, Biology Club 3. LEORA EDRINGTON Leora is a petite, vivacious red head whose charm and unfailing humor have made her many friends. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Art Club 25 Latin Club 3, 45 Inter-class Ath- letics, Chemistry Club 4. O SAMUEL NELSON DIENER Sam is Forest Parkis super salesman. Actually a good student, Sam spends much of his time in amusing the members of 's clas and in hunting ads for the Forester. gfzfbiylf J. 3, Press 3g Chemistry Club 4, Inter-cl ew Cheerleader 3. ESTHER ELLIOTT - Esther is a very charming girl who possesses these u -intelligence, poise, loyalty, and modesty. Coaching 45 Swimming Club 4, Four Square Club , nter-class Athletics 3, 4, Ping Pong Club 43 Vice-Presidentg Chemistry Club' Numerals. 1 i SANFORD Dig-EY QQ? gsziwwvfx-U" Here is a boy with a charming manner all hi own a a rhis chievous twinkle in his eye. ' , Opportunity Club 35 Inter-class Athletics 3, 4g Latin ub 2. CALVERT ELLIS Calvert, with that never failing smile and sense of humor, is always ready to lend a helping hand in any project about the school. Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Coaching 3, 45 J. 3, Non-athletic awardg Inter-class Athletics. 0 CATHERINE DITZEL Catherine is easy to get along with and is a well-liked member of her class. Her ability to make friends and keep them is one of her best assets. Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4, Tennis. BENNET ERDMAN B is the jovial r of o ss. ver here are re arks being made, he su e H .- f m, ti l , Clu e rig 4, J. l g b. JUNE FORESTER ,X ,,j QQ -1 ff-"' i fK"???"!'!W VIRGINIA FARDWELL "Ginny" is one of our fair and lovable blondes whose charming personality has attracted and held the attention of many admirers. Glee Club, Vice-president, Art Club, Inter-class Athleticsg Minor "Fw, Hockey Year Team, Latin Club. LILY FLICKINGER Both modesty and amiability make up Lily's character, which in turn makes up a grand sport, Art Clubg German Club, Glee Clubg Coachingg Inter-class Ath- letics. 0 SHIRLEY FEINBERG Shirley is a clever little artist whose beautiful charcoal drawings are well known to all. Art Clubg Inter-class Athleticsg Commencement Chorus. AUDREY FLINT Here is little Audre the " etitef' However this hrase seems Yr P r P untrue when one sees Audre "strut her stuff" in the mnasium. I Y sy Inter-class Athleticsg Glee Club. 0 BEVERLY FERTIG Beverly, the song bird of Forest Park, is just as sweet as her lovely soprano voice. We're going to be proud of our "Bev" because her success in the musical world is assured. Art Club, Latin Clubg Glee Clubg Inter-class Athleticsg Oppor- tunity Clubg Coaching. MARGARET FOGARTY Althw r fseemb quiet a a bit shy, she is actually a very co e ia an in . n L . Latin Club, Art l Fqu CI T oachingg Inter-class Athletics. FRIEDA FELSER "F" is for the frankness which Frieda possesses and for the faith- fulness which she shows toward her many friends. Art Clubg Inter-class Athletics. MARGARET FORD What would we do without our vivacious, quick-witted Margaret? Her humor and personality are welcomed by everyone. French Club, Glee Club, Leaders' Clubg Inter-class Athletics, I Masquersg Ring Committee, Coaching Senior Play. O . , 9 ANNABELLE FISHER ' A pleasant smile, a grand disposition, a true pal-all these things rolled into one, describe Annabelle. Glee Club, Latin Club, Library Club, German Club, Opportunity Clubg Inter-class Athleticsg Coaching. LEON FORMAN Although Leon is usually quiet, his marvelous wit makes us all sit up and take notice. Athletic Representative 1, 25 Coaching 4: Inter-class Athletics l, 2, 3, 4g Track Team Z. JUNE FORESTER 1936 i l l l ' -Ll ELIZABETH FOSTER Elizabeth's dark eyes and southern drawl make her a very delightful specimen of the sunny South. Art Club5 Glee Club5 Inter-class Athletics. RUTH GARONZIK To those who know her, Ruth will always be remembered as a fine and sincere person. Her quiet charm and gracious manner always impress those who meet her. Chemistry Club 45 Art Club 2, 3, 45 2,f3-rOpei1 Forum Club . I i 1 JDM Joi. K s NLEY GORDON Fox Stan and his fid are hxtures at Forest Park. He is a good student, a better than average athlete, and a fine fellow. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Non-Athletic Awarcl5 1.5 Ping Pong Club 3, 45 Forester Staff 45 Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club Z5 Boys' Coaching 3, 45 Chemistry Club 4. DOROTHY GEIGER Dorothy's ability to do things well should assure her future as it has established her reputation in the past. Student Activity Bank 35 Forester Staff 45 Non-Athletic Award 45 Chess Club 45 Inter-class Athletics 1, Z, 35 Varsity Hockey 25 Major "Fug Senior Ring Committee5 Assemblies. 0 ROBERTA FRANKLIN Roberta is the little girl with the energetic ambition to graduate with all "E's". Masquers 25 Inter-class Athletics Z, 4. FRANK GEIGER Whenever someone wants a discussion of intellectual interest, Frank's name is sounded. His motto is, "Education makes the man." Inter-class Ath ics 1 Z, 3, 45 Basketball 35 Asse lies. , 0 . ' I I F ' is t otic ember ' c sp, o has made many male rts s ' ry - u ' r , ortunity Club 35 Inter-class Ath- , 3 5 Minor "5 Nu als5 A. A. Representative. DORIS GERBER "Di s"' ui smil a nt disposition have always been e 'den c ucia moments. Club5 GI u ' Latin 5 Art Clubg Inter-class Ath- ' letics' fber-usa' . HELEN GAITHER As the old saying goes, Helen has personality plus. Although she has only been at Forest Park for a short time, she has made a good name for herself. . Art Club, 3, 45 Four Square Club 45 Gift Committee. GILDA GERSHENSON C1ilda's gay and sunny disposition matches her golden hair. Art Club l, Z5 Glee Club 45 Library Club 45 Inter-class Amh- letics l, Z, 3. JUNE FORESTER i BERNICE GETTIER Though Bernice is very susceptible to laughter and is usually found smiling, she is always ready with her sympathy and help at all times, Gift Committee5 Art Club 25 Inter-class Athletics 25 Numerals5 Tennis Z, 3, 45 Track 2, 3. ROBERT GOLDMITH A true exponent of the art of tennis. He has repeatedly shown his ability and loyalty by his stellar performance on Forest Park's tennis team. Tennis 2, 3, 45 Inter-class Athletics Z, 3, 4. 0 CHARLES GERWIG Charles is very unassuming5 but when it comes to the topic of Forest Park, he claims to be one of its most loyal sons. Ring Committeeg Inter-class Athleticsg Baseball Team. SELMA GOTTLIEB "Still waters run deep,', applies to Selma. Her quiet personality will leave a deep and lasting impression on her fellow Forest Parkers, Biology Club 3, 45 Library Club 4g Inter-class Athletics 3, 45 Press Reporter 45 Section Class Ofhcerg Coaching. O SOPHIE GILDEN Sophie's quiet distinction arfd rare qualities are the key-notes to her success. Coachingg Art Club 1, 25 Glee Club 15 Opportunity Club 45 Class Officer 4. DOROTHY GOTTSCHALL Here is a worker if ever there was one. In the office, cafeteria, and schoolroom, she can always be found busily carrying out her duties. Her motto is "Service.', Leaders, Club Z, 3, 45 Viceapresident 45 Farewell Assembly Com- mittee5 French Club 2, 3, 45 Four Square Club 2, 3, 45 Varsity Athletics 3, 4g Forester Stalf5 Major "Fug 35 Non-athletic "Fug D. S. Bronze Award. O BETTY LEE GOETZKE Her attractive and infectious smile have won for her the esteem of many. Art Clubg German Club, Commencement Chorusg Inter-class Athletics. DOROTHY WILLIAMSON GRAHAM There is something in "Dot's,' smile that -seems to be a magnet for friendship and popularity. Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 45 Varsity Volleyball 35 Varsity Hockey 45 Senior Dance Committee5 Major "Fug Hockey Year Team. O ALBERT GOLDBERG Wherever we go, whether to a game, a play, or a boxing match, "Albie" is always there lending his splendid support to the school. Commencement Chorusg Track 1, 25 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, , Athletic Representative 3. Bw PEGGY GRAULICH Pe ya ra tib rowess has shown itself ma y time both in and out sch l. ic Club 4 Archery and Fencing Clu g Masquers H e X g N 45 X er-c ss Xethgqicsf 3, 45 2, 4. Y X l X 1 X ' X l X ii NW Y W' 1Xi??Xi'F'WwlsUXNE FORESTER I il le, l l 4 1 l E CHARLOTTE GRAVES "She walks in beauty"-was Charlotte Byron's inspiration? J. 1, Z5 Art Club l, Z3 Glee Club 1, 2. MILDRED HANSELL Mildred is reaching the goal which she has set for herself by ad- hering to her high ideals. Art Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, Jubilee Chorus, Chemistry Club 45 Inter-class Athletics. O JEAN GRAY jean is a winsome lass with a temperamental disposition and a Flare for poetry. If , Glee Club 25 Art Clg'2TdfcJ.N'f'i3?Tnter-class Athletics 2, 4, Home Economics Club 4. f ' ' ,- 24? DOROTHY HANSEN Dorothy is a shining star in scholarship and amiabiliry. She takes an active part in school activities and is a willing worker. Leaders' Club 4, Secretary 4g Opportunity Club 35 Secretary 3, Latin Club, Four Square Clubg Art Clubg Minor "Fwy Forester Staffg Glee Clubg D. S. Bronze Awardg Coaching. O STANLEY GREENBLATT I J, jf Despi is meek - h . - tmey is? e mosf des . .,,, u p -- ' ' r of broken chemi try lab a . us . ,WY e efhist ry of our school. S Stamp ub lg e istry Clubg Biology Clubg Inter-class Ath- letics 2, 3, 4. FANNYE JEANE HARRIS Whether you want to buy something or not, Fannye jeane's sweet but firm persistence will always succeed in selling you her product. Her energy as a super-salesman is unparalleled. Open Forum Club 3, 4, Masquers 2, 3, 49 Press 3, 45 Music Appreciation 43 Opportunity Club 3, 4, Art Club 23 Leaders' Club 4. O HOWARD GREENWALD Howard's theme song might well read, "News, News, my gossiping friends, I've wonderful news to tell!" Editor-in-Chief of the Forest Park Press, D. S. Bronze Awardg Trackg Opportunity Clubg Inter-class Athletics. JANE HARRISON jane's artistic ability rates high as can be seen by her talented contributions to the school. Art Club 1, 2, 3, 43 29 Glee Club 25 Inter-class athletics 3, 4. O WALTER HAMPE Walter, otherwise known as the misguided intellect, has a marked ability for breaking test tubes in the chemistry laboratory. In spite of this one colossal fault, he is one grand fellow. Assistant Ice Hockey Manager 2, 3, Assembliesg Commencement Chorus. HARVEY HART Harvey is a swell fellow with a heart that is as large as he is tall. Boxing Club: Art Club, Glee Clubg Inter-class Athletics, Track Tenmg Lenders' Club. JUNE FORESTER 4 FUI" EVELYN HAYNES Dynamic, sparkling with an irrepressible love of life describes Evelyn. Art Club Zg Home Economics Club 4, Library Club 4g Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 45 Ping Pong Club. MOLLIE HOLLANDER hflollie has a quiet charm and a natural grace that seem to draw people to her. Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3g Art Club lg Jubilee Committeeg Commencement Chorus, Chemistry Club 4g German Club 4. O ALAN D. HECHT In our editor-in-chief we find a fellow who is always ready to enliven his surroundings with attributes of personality, originality, and humor. Editor-in-Chief of the Forester 4, Vice-president of Sub-Senior Class 4, Feature Editor F. P. Press 4, Assistant Manager Ice Hockey 33 Manager 43 Assistant Manager Soccer 2g Chemistry Club 43 Leaders' Club 4g Chairman junior Inaugural Committee 33 D. S. A. Pledge 4, Non-Athletic "Fw 4, Major "F" fManagerl 4g Coaching Certificate 3. JESSIE HOLLENBERRY Jessie sometimes gets lost in the crowd, but she always manages to come out on top. As a conscientious worker and a loyal friend, she is certain to be a success in life. Latin Club Z, 3, 4 Four Square Club 3, 4, Major "Fug Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 4, Opportunity Club 3, 4, Commencement Chorus 4, Student coach 3, 4g Ping Pong Club 4. O AUDREY HEINZ A Audrey's ability, sincerity, and sunny disposition have brou many a friend to her side. A Camera Club 49 Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 4g J.,j. JAMES HOLLEY W' l Good old "joe" is a perfect jokestet but as ne friend as any one could have. His infectious grin and dynam mile make him a great ladies' man. J. 2, 33 Inter-class athletics 2, 3, 4. O DOROTHY A. HEINZ Dot is faithful, understanding and helpful to the end, and we all admire her individuality. Art Club 1, 25 Inter-class athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, Commencement Chorus, Assembliesg Minor "F", ' CHARLES HOLLYDAY , i The lad who has gained a noteworthy, placlyarrf Afifellow classmates is Charles. Everyone knows m to and rue. Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4g J. g - ce!'l, 2,3 Crafts- man's Club 3, Commencement Chorus ' ' 0 DAN HEUBECK Dan, with his excellent musical ability is in constant demand to present his art. He has served the school long and well. Inter-class Athletics 25 Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Art Club 2, 35 Boys' Leaders' Club 3, 45 Non-Athletic Award, D. S. A. Pledgeg Biology Club 2, Senior Play. LILLIAN HONICK Lillian is a good studentg moreover, she is thoroughly dependable and works conscientiously for her school. Opportunity Club, Varsity Hockeyg Coaching, Inter-class Ath- letics, Junior Prom Committee, II., Senior Play. JUNE FORESTER 9 ! i MARION ROBERT HORAN "Windy" is the quick-witted quarter-back of the football team. He's the man who knows football like a book and can use his knowledge well. J. V. Football 3, Captain 33 Baseball Z3 J. V. Basketball 33 Foot- ball 43 Ethical Club 23 Leaders' Club 43 Ice Hockey 43 Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4g J. J. 3. ELIZABETH INGLIS Modesty and quiet simplicity are Elizabeth's invaluable possessions. German Club3 Commencement Chorusg Glee Club. AUDREY HORNSTEIN Distinguished by ability in many lines, Audrey takes as one of the most outstanding students in our class. J. 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee3 Inter-class Athleticsg Omcer. EDNA IVARSEN It is evident to all that Edna is as true as het eyes of blue. Ar: Club 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 43 Inter-class Athletics. A X O I I . s , J'l?MANUE OR ITZ " nnie" gamble anythi t might come his way. l gamlyd at anyon o has n wn him will not forget his X ppy s il and fi qNj:3owl. . Ethicaqwelub kxigriss 3g Itakw, 3, 43 Art Clubg Inter-class Athletics. ' W 1 K MIRIAM JACOBS Miriam has two fine attributes: her big brown eyes and a heart which has endeared her to all. Art Club 1, 23 Inter-class Athletics 1, Z, 3, 4g Major "F", 0 CARROLL S. HUTTON Carroll breathes the air of lofty heights. He's always ready to do his part3 all have continuously enjoyed his fine singing. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Leaders' Club 3, 43 Camera Club 3, 4g J. J. J. 3, 4 Soccer l, Za Opportunity Club 2, 33 Tennis 2. SADIE JACOBSON Have no fear of the future, Sadieg for if you continue as you are, you will be a leader, loved and respected. Opportunity Club 3, 43 Art Club 2, 33 J. J. J. 23 Chess Club 43 Press 3, 43 Inter-class Athleticsg Forester Staff 4g Minor "F"3 Com- mencement Chorus. O FRANCES HYMAN Frances is an energetic worker with plenty of good ideas for het class and school. Art Club 1, 2, 33 Press 3g Open Forum 3, 43 Masquers 2, 3, 43 Music Appreciation 43 Chemistry Club 4. E. LEE JETT His amiable disposition and pleasing personality are the reasons for Lee's popularity, or is it his blond hair? Varsity Tennis 3, 4g Inter-class Athletics I, 2, 3, 43 Ethical Club 4g German Club 43 Open Forum 43 Athletic Representative 2, 3. JUNE FORESTER MAR, t 4 i . i L A . y , Q l . Q , -Q Q . 5 . X . J M . I i Q l H i ' x ALAN PAUL JOHNSON Although Alan has only been in Forest Park about a year and a half, he has achieved many enviable records. Boxing Club, Section Class Oflicerg Trackg Inter-class Athletics. HERBERT KATZENBERG "Katzenova" Katzenberg is one of the best liked members of the senior class because of his genial nature. Ethical Club 3, 45 Varsity Soccer 3, 43 Ping Pong Club 43 Inter- class Athletics Z, 3, 43 Class Representative 2, 3, 33 Art Club 3, 4. O VIRGINIA JONTIFF "Ginny's" sparkling eyes certainly do radiate friendship and a fine personality. Art Club, Inter-class Athleticsg German Club, Glee Club' them- , istry Club. M- 5 ax ' yt x 5, ALLYNE KATZENSTEIN ,Y-. cnt Combine a bit of fun, some seriousness, a sunny mitio: and you have Allyne. -'XA' German Club 3, 45 Inter-class matics 2, 35 Commencement Chorus. O JUANITA JAHELKA Juanita is a very quiet girl, but what she says usually goes for much. Art Club, Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4g Chemistry Club 4. HARRY KAUFFMAN Harry is a truly sincere fellow. He is a good sport and faithful in whatever he does. His object in life is to make himself of service to others. Ethical Club 3, 43 Inter-class Athletics 2. 0 NANCY LEE JUELG Nancy Lee's pleasing personality and winning smile have made her a true Forester. J. J. J. 3, 4g Girls' Opportunity Club 49 Leaders' Club 45 Art Club 2, 35 Home Economics Club 3, 4, Four Square Club 3, 45 Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4, Junior Day Committee, Commencement Chorus 4. ELLIOT KAUFMAN Now, Elliot is our chemistry expert but who knows, some day his curiosity and endurance may lead him to a great height. Stamp Club lg Ping Pong Club 3. ESTELLE KAHN Estelle's jolly temperament and jovial manner have been important factors in her success at Forest Park. Chemistry Club 49 Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4, Commencement Chorus 43 German Club 4. , O EUGENE KAUFMAN Eugene is an excellent scholar who finds time for many hobbies. Press, J. J. J.g Senior Play Committeeg Inter-class Athleticsg Senior Play, Art Club, French Clubg Stamp Club. fU"01Qf fi fo fy JUNE FORESTER 1936 I if 5 E 1. 5 l - r l J . 1 , 1 Q 4 I 2 t ang 3 3 4 . 4 ..., EDGAR KEEFER Edgar is a leader, not only in the Art Club, but he is also out- standing in many other lines around the school. Art Club 2, 3, 4g Senior Play Scenery Committee 4g J. J. J. 2, 3, 4. MARGARET JANE KIMBLE Take a look arounclg and you'll see Jane as an athlete, leader, and a great pal. She is charm and grace personified. Secretary of Sub-Senior and Senior Classg Latin Clubg Opportunity Club 3g Glee Club 3, 4s Leaders' Club 3, 43 Four Square Club 3, 43 Minor "F"3 Inter-class Athleticsg Prom and Banquet Committee 4, 1. J. J. 3. O COLUMBIA KELLEY Personality, rhythmic dance steps, and originality are all present in one girl, our own "Kelley," Latin Club 23 Art Club 2g Farewell Dance Committee 4g Inter- class Athleticsg Opportunity Clubg Volleyball 3. ALBERT KIRWAN Persuasion on his tongue, a twinkle in his eyes, and leadership in his heart, are the only words we can use to describe "Al". Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3g Track Tea 1 Z3 V. Football 2, Opportunity Clu 33 Leaders' '43 C Prom and Banquet Committeef My Qywk ol jf AN5 ic NEDY Frank is another one of our carefree seniors. Wherever we see the largest crowd and hear the loudest noise, we are sure to Find him. Commencement Chorus3 Inter-class Athletics JOHN KITTILA John is a genuine son of Forest Park. He is willing to help anyone and to let anyone help him. Ice Hockey 3, 43 Inter-class Athletics 3, 43 Commencement Chorus. O ROSE KESSEL Rose is one of our laughing, dark-eyed classmates whose gay remarks have upset the equanimity of many a class. Art Club 23 Library Club 4g Fencing Club 3. ALBERT KLAFF Albert hails from the sunny South and is not half as slow as his lazy drawl. Inter-class Athletics l, 2, 3, 43 Craftsmen Club 2, 3g Radio Club 1. O ERNEST KIEHNE A remarkable blond youth with an eternal desire to have fun, is our scholar and athlete, "Ernie". Varsity Ice Hockey 2, 3, 43 Varsity Golf 4g Coaching Certificate 33 Major "Fug Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4g A. A. Representative 2. FRANCES RHEA KLEIN One of our youngest classmates, this smiling little friend has, in her quiet manner, proven herself a leader. Press 3, 43 Associate Editorg Bronze D. S. Award 43 Leaders Club 43 Opportunity Club 3, 43 Masquers 2, 3, 4. 1936 JUNE FORESTER r XX .I l I M' F ,,, y fx . . . xvwf l ALBERT KLEY "Al's" versatility in athletics, scholastic ability, and club work plus his pleasant grin have made him well-liked by all . Track team, Soccer Z, 3, 4, Football Mgr. 4, Opportunity Club 3g Leaders' Club 4g Ethical Club 2, 3, 49 Bronze D. S. A., 3, 4, Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 43 Ring Committee. MARGARET KRUGER Margaret is a shining star who can always guide her classmates through darkness to success. Senior Inaugural Committee, Coaching 43 Opportunity Club 3, 4, Leaders, Club 43 Biology Club 33 Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4g Press 23 Class Olricerg Minor NF". . WILLIAM E. B. KLINEFELTER, JR, Bill and his camera are a familiar sight around these parts, I'Iere's to you! We know that you and your photos will go far. Camera Club 2, 3, 4g Vice-president 35 Ethical Club 3, 45 Glee Club 4, Forester Stal? 4. BEVERLY LAMM It is so confusing, so everyone agrees, as to who and which is Dorothy--or Beverly, if you please. Inter-class Athletics 1, Z, 35 Art Club 1, 23 Glee Club 4g Home Economics Club 3, 4, 33 Dorothy's sister 1, 2, 3, Q I xl5a,Vyy,, JO " jr. 3- 1 . M VA, ' as QUE? KTEIEE ,RutT hose sw e , incer people whose friendship will 9711395 e' re. Glee l l, 2, Latin Club Z, French Club Z, 2, Inter- class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, Four Square Club 3. DOROTHY LAIVIIVI This sophisticated lady is the other half of two, she adds to the confusion as all twins are bound to do. J. 3, 4, Home Economics Club 3, 45 Glee Club 4, Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 35 Class Representative 3, 45 Numeralsg Art Club 1, 29 Beverly's sister 1, 2, 3, 4. . IRVIN KOVENS "Easy come, easy go,', this motto of Irvinis, so expertly depicted in his school life, renders him one of the most well liked and widely known members of the senior class. Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, A, A. Representative 2, 3, 43 Chemistry Club 4g 1. J. J. 3. DOROTHY LANE pw! "JB How many times has a class room period been revived by Dorothy's unexpected emotional outbursts? Art Club 1, Z, 3g Inter-class Athletics l, 2, 3, Minor MF". . GEORGE KRILL "Here are no storms, no noise, just good deeds." Boys' Leaders, Club, Art Club, Track 2, Craftsmen Club 2: J. Z, 3, 49 Coaching, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Scenery Committee. KERMIT LATIN Kermit, our 'lmaster mathematicianf, can really accomplish things when aroused. When not studying, he spends his time working Chess Club 2, 45 Biology Club 1, 25 Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. efliciently around the school. JUNE FORESTER 1936 l f 1 I l i I 1 i I MIRIAM LATTIN lVliriam's curly black hair and ready grin have endeared her to all. Inter-class Athletics I, Z, 3, 43 Minor "Fug Art Club 1, 23 Glee Club 13 Numerals. JANE LESLIE Although Jane is practically a newcomer to Forest Park, she has made many friends by her sincerity and her charming manner. Art Club 43 Inter-class Athleticsg Commencement Chorusg Prom and Banquet Committee. O JEAN LARASH A very prominent and attractive young miss, Jean spends ninety- five per cent. of her time working hard for her friends, her class, and her school. Leaders' Club 3, 43 Managing Editor Forester3 Four Square Club 2, 3, 4g Chemistry Club 43 Opportunity Club 33 Art Club 1, 2, 33 Coaching 2, 3, 4g Chairman of junior Prom Committeeg Major "Fug Varsity Basketball Z, 33 Inter-class Athletics. ALDRA LESSN ER In spite of her slow, graceful stride, she will achieve what she sets out to accomplish. Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Inter-class Athletics 1, 23 Art Club l. O RUTH LAZINSKY Was Ruth first in line when brains were distributed? Art Club 1, Z3 Student Bank 33 Opportunity Club 3, 43 Major "F"3 Non-athletic awardg Inter-class Athleticsg Section Class Ofiicer 3, 4g J. j. 43 Senior Inaugural Assembly 4. SARAH LE STOURGEON Sarah's earnestness and helpfulness are vouched for by her many friends with whom she has worked. Inter-class Athleticsg Biology ClUbQ Commencement Chorus. 0 LYDIA LEESE Miss "Penny-For-Your-Thoughts" is absent never, early ever. Her sincerity and perseverance make her well-liked by all. Latin Club 4g Glee Club 43 Four Square Club 43 Intereclass Ath- letics 2, 3, 4. HELEN LEVENSON Helen is a girl who is always ready, willing, and eager to lend a helping hand. Inter-class Athletics, 3, 43 Numerals3 Chemistry Club 4. O JEAN LENTZ jean disproves the statement, "Beautiful but dumb." Secretary Junior Yearg Major "Fug Secretary Masquersg Archery Club 43 Secretary Opportunity Club 3, 43 1.3 Inter-class Ath- letics I, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play. RALPH LEVY Ralph's good sportsmanship and pleasing personality are in pro- portion to his large frame. German Club 4g Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 43 Chemistry Club 43 Commencement Chorus 4. 53 il it QW. W 9 ff ll 1 X Q55 I- l RQ! -, kt L JUNE FORESTER Q E E EDYTHE LEWIS New York's gift to Baltimore is Edythe, a sympathetic and de- voted friend with a lot of personality. Chairman Senior Play Reading Committee, Press Z, 3, Chemistry Club 4, Masquers 3, Open Forum 4, Home Economics Club 3, 4, Four Square Club 3, 4, J. 3. f igfaj, , ect, 'xivlaiffltce LONDON Here we have "Prof. London", the great question asker. This inquisitive nature and other attributes assure his future success. Inter-class Athletics Z, 3, 4, Fencing Club 3, 4, Art Club 2. O IRENE LEWIS Like that of the bee, Irene's life is one of ceaseless activity. A brilliant mind and an admirable bit of radicalism make her a vibrant character. Latin Club 2, 4, Opportunity Club 2, Leaders' Club 4, Vice- president 4, Four Square Club 3, 4, Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4, Major "Fw, Senior Play Committee, 3. W. NEWTON LONG, JR. A giant of knowledge, a golden-tongued orator, and a polished gentleman, all describe Newton -as one of the outstanding scholars of the senior class. Business Manager Forester, Chemistry Club 4, Boys' Leaders' Club 4, Asst. Coaching Director 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Press 3, J. 2, Bronze D. S. Award, Senate, 4. O VIVIAN LEWIS Vivian's ability in athletics is well known by her classmates. Her genuine sincerity and helpfulness are true assets. Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Four Square Club 4, Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4, Class Oflicer 3, Art Club 2. I EUNICE LUBITCH Eunice, always intelligent and gracious, is forever offering her lassistance to the school. She is "true-blue". Leaders' Club 3, 4, Opportunity Club 2, 3, Four Square Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Cl Z, French Club, 2, 3, 4, Coaching Certificate, Non- Athletic "F" nter-class Athletics, Major "F", Forester Staff, D. S. Bron . 0 5, MARY LINK At- Mar s a cl personality and a smile for everyone. If you are ever need a good friend, look for Mary. Latin Club, Glee Club 3, 4, Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH LYDDANE Elizabethys disposition is like honey-smooth and sweet. Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, Four Square Club 4, Numerals 3, Commencement Chorus. O HARRY R. LOBE Forgetful, yet brilliant, the rotund Richard is a super ping pong player and a zephyr upon the ice. Varsity Ice Hockey 3, 4, Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Representative 2, Boys' Opportunity Club 3, 4, Chemistry Club 4, Commencement Chorus, Major MF". JAMES MAGUIRE "Mac", of the class's jesters, can be depended upon to do anything. Here's hoping his slow drawl will carry him sailing through life. Latin Club 4, Boxing Club 4, Inter-class Athletics 3, 4. JUNE FORESTER Qffdw Q l EDQARD MARGOLIS ' i J I 4 , l JEANNE MALAMBRE Jeanne is one of those vibrant personalities of our class and has lent her artistic ability to the school on many occasions. J. J. 4, Four Square Club 2, Art Club 1, 2, 3. REBECCA MARSHALL Rebecca's sweetness, sincerity, and willingness to help will long be remembered by her class and school. Section Class Officer 2, 'Open Forum 4, Step Singing Committee. 0 PHYLLIS MALKIN Sweetness plus a subtle sense of humor equals "Phyl's" personality. Glee Club, Art Club, Inter-class Athletics JOHN MARTIN Besides an active mind, John has been gifted athletically as he has been a member of three varsity teams. Leaders' Club, Ethical Club, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Major "F", Ice Hockey 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. o JENNINGS 'M R lhough Jennings' se quiet ubdued in class, he is actually an a and sincer w W ever there is any work to be done, s alw s wil' t ' full support. Inter-c etics mencement Chorus. RAE MAYERERG "Laugh, and the world laughs with you" is Rae's motto. Although we sometimes find her telling dumb stories, we usually like our punster pretty well. Masquers 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Art Club 2. ' X-Jwvcdtfgcnk, Max with that perpeual smile, so typical of happy-go-lucky is a perfect exponent of "I Got Plenty of Nuthinf' Boxing Club 3, 4, Ethical Club 3, Opportunity Club 3, 4, Masquers 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4, Chemistry Club 4, Open Forum Club 2, 3, German Club 3, 4, Ping Pong Club 3. ROSS MAYMON Ross's wonderful personality will bring him happiness and success in life as it has already on the athletic field. Varsity Football 2, 4, Varsity Basketball Z, 3, 4, Varsity Baseball 4, Ethical Club 3, Junior Varsity Football 4, Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4. 0 HOWARD MARKOWITZ Because of his ability in sports and his alert personality, he has won the admiration of his classmates. Open Forum Club 3, 4, Opportunity Club 2, 3, 4, Art Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, Ping Pong Club, Glee Club 2, Boxing Club 3, 4, Track Team 2, 3, Basketball J. V. 2, Football J. V. 2. HARRY RAYMOND McCAULEY, JR. A cheerful grin and a cooperative sport combine to make "Mac" one of the best fellows we know. J. J. J. 3, 4, Track Team 1, Z, 3, 4, Chess Club 4, Chemistry Club 4, Stamp Club 1, 2, Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Scenery Committee 4. 1936 JUNE FORESTER 5 , BILL IVICCLEARY Here is another one of our carefree Seniors who believe that slumber is sweeter than toil. Ethical Club 1, 25 Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Baseball Team 2, 35 Varsity Ice Hockey Team 2, 3, 45 Captain of Ice Hockey Team 4. VERA MESSERSMITH Verals charm and personality are the reasons for her popularity. Forest Park will miss her friendly smile and pleasing manner long after she has gone. Art Club Z5 35 Camera Club 45 Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 45 Chemistry Club 4. O AUDREY J. McCLURE Her dexterous fingers have wrought many a thing of beauty. Art Club , 3, 4' G e Club 2, 35 Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 45 Z, 3 ' N0 etic NPI. ' SHIRLEY MICHEL S ' y i a o ng, modern miss with an airy viewpoint about life ,gjugep l. Ar 25 nter-class Athletics Z, 35 Home Economics Club 35 il. . 35 Che 'stry Club 4. 0 GAYLE MCKNIGHT If silence were golden, Gayle would be a pauper5 yet Gayle, with her constant good humor, is one of the best liked girls in the graduating class. Art Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 45 Inter-class Athletics Z5 Latin Club 25 Opportunity Clubg Numerals5 Invincibles. .IEANNE MILBURN She is one person who never grumbles about her troubles, for she doesn'r believe in worrying. J, J. 35 Art Club 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Chemistry 45 Inter- class Athletics 4. 0 MASON MEGINNIS Mason's long list of activities shows that he is in everything at Forest Park. We know his curiosity will lead him to success. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Chess Clubg J. J. J. 35 Radio Club 35 Oppor- tunity Club 2, 35 Camera Club 3, 45 Craftsmen Club 35 Senior Play Scenery Committee. FRANKLIN AUSTIN MILES Franklin is one who does his job, does it well, and doesn't want medals or glory for his work. Camera Club 3, 45 Inter-class Athleticsg 4. 0 MARION MEISER "Cutie" is everyone's friend. Her unusual ability and magnetic personality are known throughout Forest Park. Art Club 2, 3, 45 Non-Athletic Award5 Masquers 25 Opportunity Club 3, 45 Leaders' Club 45 Ring Committee 35 Tennis 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 2, 35 Hockey Z, 3, 45 Bronze D. S. A.5 Forester Staff 45 J. Z, 35 Inter-class Athletics. JEANNE MINDELL We wonder if the teachers will miss 1eanne's wise cracks as much as we will. Art Club 15 Masquers 15 Inter-class Athletics. JUNE FORESTER 1936 JEAN MITCHELL A shadow of our most capable musical instructor, Jean may be found wherever there are musical activities. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Art Club 2, 3, 45 Non-Athletic Award5 -I. 1.5 Opportunity Club 2, 3. LUCILLE MUNROE A friend to all, Lucille has a sense of humor, vitality, and every- thing that goes toward making a grand girl. Latin Club 2, 35 Inter-class Athletics5 J. 1. j. 3. Q RUTH ANN MORGANTHALL Ruth Ann is a little girl with a smiling face, a tinlcling laugh, and a heart truly "Four Square." Leaders' Club 45 Opportunity Club 3, 45 Four Square Club 2, 3, 45 ,Secretary 45 Vice-President 45 Chemistry Club 45 Art Club 1, Z, 35 , V35 Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 45 Coaching 1, Z, 3. ' . ' MARGUERITE MUNROE Qjjfzaslwayficapable and poised, she knows just what she wants to l ff aqhleve and reaches her goal by a great steadfastness of purpose. I7 Home Economics Club 2, 4. . RUTH MORROW Because of her genuine honesty and sporting diposition, she is well-lilted both by class and school. Biology Club 2, 35 Fencing Club 3, 45 Archery Club 45 Art Club 35 Latin Club 3, 45 Glee Club5 Opportunity Club 45 Coaching 2, 3, 45 Inter-class Athletics 3, 45 Varsity Hockey 3, 45 Major "F',5 Senior Play Ticket Committee. L' 1 1 CIJQ-,u,c,l4,, ANN MYERS guy. nm-Xu-A-J Ann is a girl with a great disposition. She is quiet but by her pleasing manner has cultivated the friendship of many. Chemistry Club 45 Inter-class Athletics5 Commencement Chorus. W 0.1 ' Herb is a hard-working and sincere fellow. Flis ambition in life is to be a good and faithful servant of the Lord. lfnter-class Athletics5 Commencement Chorus, Senior Play. MARCIA E. NEFF Marcia will always be remembered for her lcind and unselhsh assistance to students, both new and old. Art Club 2, 3, 45 Coaching Staff 45 Home Economics Club5 j. 2, 3, 45 Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 45 Chemistry Club 45 Non-Athletic "Fug Publicity Committee for Senior Play. O DOROTHY MUNGEEM Although small in stature, petite Dorothy malceg K being large of heart. Home Economics Club 45 Inter-class Athletics 25 Chemistry lub . GERALDINE NESBITT jerry is the kind of girl everyone lilces because of her cheerfulness and sunny smiles. Besides this, her faithfulness and sincerity malce her welcome in all circles. Commencement Chorus5 lnteraclass Athletics. UNE FORESTER ,- i s -ff '-'-5 - i bs 'N I fl E lf. . s l Q, r Ei' I E7 ALVIN NEWTON Alvin, with his dependability and efficiency, is a true always aiming toward improvement of our school. Latin Club 35 Opportunity Club 2, 3g Leaders' Club l Forester 4 g Press Staff 3g Coaching Certificate 2g Boys' Coaching Director 43 Cabinet Student President 45 Bronze D. S. Awardg Senior Play. BETTY ORRELL Besides her feminine attractions, Betty is one of the and most versatile members of our class. Leaders, Club 3, 45 Four Square Club 2, 43 Varsity Opportunity Club 3g Art Club 23 Chemistry Club 45 M Coachingg Prom and Banquet Committee. 0 HELEN NICHOLSON smartest Holkeyg ajor up-ng Helen's chief charm lies in the fact that she is so completely natural and sincere. Art Club 25 Four Square Club 3, 45 Home Economics Club 3, 4g Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4g 3. JOAN ORTI-I Joliet High School in Illinois certainly did do us a fa it sent us Joan, vor when Swimming Club 45 Four Square Club 45 Costume Committee for Senior Play 4g President, Ping Pong Club 45 Chemistry Club 4. 0 MARGARET NICHOLSON Even though Margaret has a weakness for evening gowns and parties she has an excellent sense of humor and a grand disposition. Glee Club 25 Latin Club 25 German Club 3. JULIA OURSLER Tactful and capable of handling all situations, our Julia is destined to succeed. Home Economics Club 3, 4g Commencement Chorus 0 DONALD SPOER ER ONNEN charming Donald, a steadfast leader, has found truth in the saying, "What is done wisely is donc well." Boys' Opportunity Club Zg Treasurer of Leaders' Club 3, 4: Treasurer of Model Craftsmen Club 2, 33 Camera Club 23 Senior Ca inet mber., I I X X pri-1 ow1NGs u is au 'ng a ie in whom we suspect a touch of the A .2, lg ing 35 Inter-class Athletics 43 J. J. 3. 0 JEAN OREM Jean's loyalty and sinc 1 are hard makes her outstanding w. -ver she A Art Club 2, 3g Four S are Club Z, 3, 4g Chemistry Club 49 'me Economics k JUNE PA June's favorite motto is 'arie' certainly lives up to it! Glee Club 4g German :X b ji' P 4.9.x J ka X 'YV Q gvjirf' JJ JEAN PAUSCH Jean is one girl who is willing to help anyone. All who lc her know she is a swell classmate and a fine friend. Inter-class Athleticsg Glee Club 4. MARGARET QUARLES E Margaret is always willing to accept responsibilities no m how busy she isg but with all, she is pleasant and amiable. Leaders' Club 3, 45 President 45 Director of Girls' Coachin Opportunity Club Secretary 35 Varsity Hockey 2, 45 Major ' Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 45 I. J. J. 35 Latin Club 25 Four Sq Club 15 D. S. Award 4. O JACQUELYN PEDDICORD "jack" is a lively Forester who is a credit to the saying, "G things come in small paclcagesf' Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Four Square Club 45 Opportunity Club Ping Pong Club 4. ADELAIDE RAIBER Adelaide's friendly giggle and willingness to cooperate have her many friends. Latin Club 25 Opportunity Club 3, 45 Fozur Square Club Hockey Year Team 45 Coaching 2, 3, 45 Minor HF". Morris has a rare sense of humor and a sparklin it that him as one of the class's most jovial members. Chemistry Club 45 German Club 45 Inter-class, letics , 3 Coaching 3. j MILDRED REA' ,P "Millie" is lcnown throughout the school for rfea charm. We shQ always remember her for her simp y an le manner toward all. I Glee Club 2, 3, 45 J. J. 1. 3, 45 Inter-class Athleti J 25 Chairman Costume Committee of Senior Play 4. O WILBUR PRENTISS Imagine a personage tiny of size, but mighty of mindg and visualize Wilbur. He is our "big, little man." Radio Club 45 Chess Club 45 Inner-class Athletics 3, 4'5 men Club 45 2, 3. QQ WN! O MORRIS PERL , If JEAN RENNIE f jean is quiet enough among strangers, t K ose wg? r know her can appreciate her lively nature. Art Club 25 Home Economics Club 45 Inter-class Athletics Z, E Four Square Club 3. O MATILDA PROSER Here is a 'mall package of dynamite who is r ' versatility. When 'er f i 36 counted of qs 2, 3, German C ' DOY REYNF I helped mm to gain many frienc "ter-rl Athletics 2, 3, 45 Bc JUNE FORESTER as . ...wwe ...W A-...,, me 'VI'- Q A-Wo Us .eww 1.41.4 4. ,mum wen.. .Daz .wean ,, u 'i 1 1 1 i 1 1 i 1 E GLADYS RICE Gladys's quietness does not mean that she is lacking in ability. Art Club 4, Open Forum Club 45 I. J. 3. MARY LEE ROSE "A rose by any other na e is still as sweet" is an old proverb wh rl ts J my u , 1, 29 o rn.encementfQheggyInte 2, 3, 4. FRED RIEHL Fred is a quiet, good-natured fellow, gentle as a lamb, with abilities galore. Senior Play Publicity Committee 4, Art Clubg Inter-class Ath- letics 2, 3. BERNARD L. ROSEN The rosy-cheeked Bemarcl, though he presents a youthful appear- ance, has mentality and spirit which rank with those of the most mature. Inter-class Athletics l, 2, 3, 43 Art Club 33 Chemistry Club 4g Latin Club 2. 0 JOHN RIFE John is a happy-go-lucky optimist and also the "worry wart" of the class. Football 3, Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Re resentative l, 2, Craftsmen Club 25 Hi-Y Club, 2. E J i 6 5 RALPH ROSENHEIM Lf l , Ralph certainly leads the way as one of the lm t c 'v members of the senior class. Opportunity Club Z, 3, Leaders' Club 3, 45 Latin Cl g'Seni Farewell Assembly Committee, D. S. Bronze wardgf ing 2, 3, 49 Chemistry Club 4. V . 0 I, CAROLYN ROGE A lovely voice, a pretty smile and a charming personality all help in making Carolyn the grand person that she is. Latin Club 23 Art Club 23 Four Square Club 33 Inter-dass Ath- letics 2, 35 J. J. J. 39 Glee Club 3, 4. MARJORIE ROSENTHAL Marjorie is a demure little girl, with a sweet smile and a sunny dominating all who know her with a natural gift of wit. 2g German Club 3, 4, Coaching 35 Chemistry Club 43 Inter-class Athletics 2, 3. 0 KEMP ROGERS "For he,s a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny", fittingly applies to Kemp. Art Club 1, 2 Latin Club lg Senior Play Property Committee 4, J. J. J. 3. WILLIAM ROSENTHAL The youngest, yet one of the largest in stature in our class, Bill is athletic and scholarly. Track 3, 4, Varsity Soccer 43 German Club, Inter-class Athletics. JUNE FORESTER 1936 i E 2 SYLVIA ROSOFSKY Whenever Sylvia is around, all are assured of a hearty laugh and a grand time. Art Club 1, Z, Commencement Chorus 4. ANNE SAKELOS Anne is always looking for new worlds to conquer, her success is assured. Biology Club, Secretary 2, President 3g Junior Day Committee 3g Opportunity Club 3, President 4, Girls' Leaders' Club 4, Press Staff 4. O ROCHELLE RUBIN To all who know her, Rochelle is a friend who can't be beaten. Opportunity Club 3, 45 Coaching Certificate 35 Chess Club, Treas- urer 4g Press 43 Play Reading Committee. MILDRED SALAWITCH Mildred 'tis said, is responsible for many a bleeding heart in Forest Parlc, Home Economics Club 4, Commencement Chorus. o RUTH RUPPERSBERGER Ruth, in her sweet, smiling way, has become an inspiring leader and a true friend to all. Leaders' Club 4, Opportunity Club 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Inter-class Athletics 3, 4, Home Economics Club 3, 4, J. J. J. 3, 45 Ring Committee 3. BETTY SANDLAS , Betty is a demure little somebody, shy, sweet, and a bit independent. Art Club 2, Latin Club 2, 3, 43 German Club 3, 4, Vice-president 4, Coaching Certificate 4, Non-Athletic Award, Opportunity Club 3, 4. O KATHLEEN RUSSELL Kathleen's silent demeanor and gentle character make for her a spacious niche in the senior class. Library Club 45 Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, Art Club 2, Commence- ment Chorus 4. M BEVERLY SANDY J Jdwfolleberly is, as her record shows, an outstanding athlete and an active scholar. Art Club 2, Varsity Basketball Z, 3, 4, Major "Fug Representative 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, Tennis 2, 3. 0 NANCY RYTTENBERG Nancy's clever ability as a writer and poetess, along with her charm, should really bring her success in the world. Press, Feature Editor 4, Opportunity Club 3g Latin Club 1, 35 Numeralsg Forester Staff 4, Leaders, Club 4g Non-Athletic "F", IRVING SCHERLIS Aside from being one of the intellectual masters of our class, Irving has proven himself to have abilities in many fields. Boys' Leaders' Club 4, Boys' Opportunity Club 3, Open Forum Club 1, Z, 3, 43 Masquers 4, Chemistry Club 4: Senior Inaugural Com- mitteeg Non-Athletic "F", JUNE FORESTER A J fffw JN 155:01 W6 ff 'vlwlfl l E if i I , ,uf yfyf . I 1 l l 1 1 i 4 I I l i 1 l I 1 40 E i HARRY SCHINDLER Here is one of Forest Parlc's "brain trusters," especially in the line of history. Wherever there is a debate or argument, he is usually in the midst of it. Open Forum Club 3, 45 Ethical Club 45 45 German Club 45 Chemistry Club 4. BANCROFT SCHULTZ Bancroft's "eccentricities" have earned her the reputation of being unusual, but isn't every genius unusual in youth? Art Club 1, Z, 3, 45 German Club 15 Glee Club 3. O RALPH SCHINDLER Ralph is one of the class's most likeable fellows. Whenever there is something to be done, his cheery manner is sure to help carry the job through. German Club 45 Chemistry Club 45 Inter-class Athletics 45 Mas- quers 4. MARTIN SCHWARTZ Martin proves the old maxim "Silence is Golden", to perfection. Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 45 Ethical Club l, Z, 3, 45 Boxing Club 45 Basketball 2. 0 JUDAH SCHKLOVEN Judah is one of our favorite pals. A great lcidder, he can talce a good Joke with a happy smile. Chemistry Club 45 Ping Pong Club 45 French Club 15 J. J. J. 35 Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4. NATHAN SCHWARTZ Nathan, whose ambition is to rival P. Nlorgan in the held of finance, is certain to succeed in the business world. Ice Hockey 1, 2, 35 Track 2, 45 Latin Club 25 Open Forum Club 45 3, 45 Masquers 45 Inter-class Athletics5 Chemistry Club 45 Ethical Club 4. O MIRIAM SCHMUCKER How fortunate is she who possesses the magnificent quality of "honor". Glee Club 45 Masquers 45 Archery Club 45 J. J. 35 Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 45 Opportunity Club 4. CALVIN SC WARTZMAN ' ' e 'o vi i a ood athlete and a 's ndid student. I -c s Atliletics 1 22, 4 Boxing Club 5 Chemistry dub 45 0 4' C225 CECILIA SCHOEN f It is s a '.- - o .5 A -5- erous and charming, but "Peggy,' i a excepti . - t 1 former o these, Fencing and Archer b 45 Pin P ng Club 45 Home Economics 45 Chemistry Club 4, .'..fv:fiA,1 Open Forum 35 Swimming5 Golf5 Inter-class Athletics 2, - 5 quet and Prom Committee. RICHIE SCURRY Richie's artistic talents and scholastic standing will make a place for her in the world as they have already done at 'Forest Park. Art Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Opportunity Club 45 Leaders' Club 45 D. S. Bronze Awardg Non-Athletic Award5 Forester Staflg Coaching 3. JUNE FORESTER 936 'ef 'A I I 3 i RITA SEARS Rita is a girl never to be forgotten. Her obliging manner and sin- cerity make her the wonderful person she is. Art Club 49 Chemistry Club 49 Opportunity Club 49 J. 1. 39 Open Forum Club 49 Tennisg Golf 39 Swimming 3, 49 Non-Athletic Award9 Step Singing Committee 4. EDITH SHAPIRO It is said music hath charm, so hath Edith. Along with this charm is a tendency to carry on, which should carry her far. Inter-class Athletics 2, 39 Commencement Chorus. O EMILY SEIDENMAN Although Emily cannot always be seen, she is usually heard and in an interesting manner. Latin Club 19 German Club 3, 49 Treasurer 49 Art Club 19 Inter- class Athletics Z, 3, 49 Minor "F"9 Chemistry Club 45. IRVIN SHAPIRO "joe" is a nick name that stands for one of the finest and most active fellows any of us has ever known. Ethical Club 49 Basketball V. 39 3, 49 Open Forum Club 49 Ping Pong Club 49 Inter-class Athletics I, 2, 3, 49 Chemistry Club 49 Latin Club Z9 Track Team 1, 49 Masquers 49 Art Club 1, 2. O BRUCE SEIM Bruce is one of the members of our class who goes about his job in a quiet manner and usually succeeds in his purpose. Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 49 Boxing Club 49 Junior Prom Com- mittee 39 3, 49 Boys' A. A. 1, 3, 4. ALBERT LAWRENCE SHERMAN Versatility is a remarkable quality belonging to Albert, who has shown outstanding ability in many fields. Orchestra 49 Masquers 49 Opportunity Club 49 Leaders' Club 4g J. 3, 49 Track Team Z9 German Club9 Minor "Eng Non-Ath- letic "F"9 D. S. Bronze Award: Camera Club9 Ethical Club O REBECCA SELLERS Becky's heart and size are completely out of proportion because the former far exceeds the latter. Art Club 1, 2, 3g Track9 Inter-class Athletics9 Prom and Banquet Committee 4g Minor NF". HERBERT SHUGAR Short an stocky, Herbert has proven his tennis ability, as well as other abi ties, V his two successive years as captain of the tennis team. ' Var' en Team , 2, 3, 49 Chemistry Club 49 German Club 9 A lu 29 Int ass Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. O XSIVR s1NA SERIO Roes arm and affability have assured her position as one of ll 1 Y! 3 ' ost popular girls of our class. Leaders Club 3, 4, Student Court 4g Student Activity Bank 39 Opportunity Club 29 Senate 49 Non-Athletic "F"9 Senior Farewell Dance Committee. FLORENCE SIEGEL Gold comes by good fortune9 a good disposition is a gift of natureg and in Florence, nature certainly has out-done herself. Arr Club l, 2, 39 Chemistry Club 49 Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. JUNE FORESTER i STANLEY SILVERSTEIN Stanley, a flash on the ice, was chosen as a member of the All-Mary- land Ice Hockey Team for the past two years. He also rates high among his classmates. Ice hockey 2, 3, 4g Major "F" 2, 3, 45 V. Football 45 Chemistry Ilub 45 Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, J. J. J. 3, Art Club 23 Coach- ing 3, 4. ,H 3 I M ANNE SPEAR A R' T 3 'j,M,vt,Q-, Vitality and charm are only part of "little Anna's" personality, as those who really know her can readily attest. ' Art Club 1, 25 Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 45 J. 33 Home Economics Club 3, 4g Glee Club 43 Latin Club 1, 2. ' , . MILLARD SINDLER Millard comes and Millard goes. Impeccable and urbane, he is a perfect example of what the best dressed man will wear. J. 3, Intereclass Athletics 1, Z, 3, 4, Commencement Chorus. KENNETH SPREEMAN "What thou art, we knqw not," can readily be applied to Kenneth, whose accomplishments cover such a wide field. Freshman Football, B Squad Football Team, Varsity Soccer Team, J. 35 Boxing Club 43 Scenery Committee 4. 0 BETTY SMILEY Betty is doubly blessed by the fates. Not only does she possess a winning smile, but she also has a scorn for worry that keeps her smiling constantly. Art Club Zg Home Economics Club 3, 43 J. J. J. 2, Camera Club 45 Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 45 Minor "F", ' MEYER STEIN Meyer's 73 inches of fun make him almost as tall as some of his stories. Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 45 Commencement Chorus 45 German Club 4. 0 . MARION SMITH We can only say, "Happy are we that she has been in our midst." Leaders' Club 3, 45 Opportunity Club 2g Glee Club 2, Art Club 23 Latin Club 3, 43 Coaching Z, 3, 4g Sub-Junior Treasurerg President Sub-Senior and Senior Class, Student Court 4g D. S. Award, Var- sity Volleyball and Hockey, Major "F", BEATRICE STEPHENS We have been wondering how one person could possess so much intelligence and such an abundance of wit as does "Bee". Art Club lg Glee Club 1. O MARY SOLLAWAY Mary is one of many people who believe that "Silence is the best ornament of women". Her calm, unruflled manner is refreshing. Latin Club 3, 43 German Club 3, 43 Open Forum Club 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 2, 35 Coaching 3, 4g Numeralsg Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN P. STEPHENS John, with his car, is quite a familiar sight around the campus. Here's hoping that he rides smoothly through life. Inter-class Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4g 2, 3. JUNE FORESTER 1 1 i 1 4 l I I i MELVIN STERN Melvin is a fellow who likes to have a good time by working on some project about the school. Not only does he work hard, but he also works well. Art Club 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 33 Inter-class Athletics 2, 35 1. 2, 4. A SELMA TALLES ' With iiashing black' eyes, and a brilliant smile, her attractiveness is more than complete. Art Club 1, 23 Glee Club 23 Inter-class Athletics Z, 3. 7 . o ILUAAA, . IRVIN STRAIN Here is a great guy who supplied half the fun of the class and ho was always ready to lend a helping hand at the first request. Track 2, 3g Inter-class Athleticsg Stamp Club 23 J. J. J. 2. ROWLAND TAYLOR ' e. secret of success is constancy of purpose," and this trait is dcled in Rowland s character p ortunlt Club 4 unior Prom Committee 3 Glee Club Z 4 i . P ' Y s J ' ' s . 4 J p Forum Club 43 Ethical Club 4g German Clubg Chemistry Clubg . . . . KATHRYN STRAN "Kitty's" odd and naive remarks are a vital part of her sunny disposition. Art Club 25 Home Economics Club 3, 43 Four Square Club 33 Camera Club 4' . . . 3' Inter-class Athletics 2 4. f I ,J'i A TERL i W Here iwwh has always worked industriously for his friends as well as his school. Art Club 3, 45 Radio Club Z, J. J. J. 3g Inter-class Athletics, Ger- man Club 45 Chemistry Club. QAM DOROTHY SUTHERLAND Dorothy is one of the fairest seniors that ever t these ancient halls of learning. Art Club 2g Inter-class Athletics 2, 3. 4 PHYLLIS TILLEY Phyllis's London accent is the envy of everyone. A very garrulous young lady, she is quite brilliant and energetic. 77 Glee Club 3, Ar Club 43 Masquers 'W wif'-4-f' -26 9-CZ y Melvin is an industrious boy with a wi e ange o mtere ts. M t t some a he will r lize is ambition, to enlighten furt r t e eld of ' . ' it ommenceme , - etics' erman Club 4. HALL E. TIMANUS Who will ever forget Hall's stirring oratory, his strong magnetism, and his extreme vitality? Football 2, 3, 43 Ice Hockey 3, 45 Opportunity Club 23 Leaders, Club 3, 4, President 4g Track 2, 3, 43 Student Vice-President 3. 1936 JUNE FORESTER M F .ll DAVID TISSENBAUM Dave is one of our best business men with a football physique and a winning smile. Manager of Soccer Team, Forester Staff 4, Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4, Ping Pong Club 43 Commencement Chorus 4. MARY ANNE TROLINGER Mary Anne is a "little bit independent in her walk" and "a little bit independent in her talk", but is she easy on the eyes? Coaching 23 Home Economics Club 4g Art Club 2, Inter-class Athletics l, 2, 3, 4. 0 PAUL TOWSON Paul i good friend and a swell pale--very frank and straight- f rwa ja , D sity Foozfall , 4. W' X MYRA TUCKER r 's most outstanding characteristics are talent, brilliance, at- tr tiv ess, kindness, and a bit of sophistication. Ger an Club 3, 4g Glee Club 43 Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4. 0 MARIAN TRAVERS Marian's sportsmanship, not only in athletics, but also in everything she attempts, has earned her the reputation of being strong, upright and true. Opportunity Club 4, Four Square Club 3, 4g Glee Club 3, 49 Inter- class Athletics 2, 3, 4, Hockey Year Team 3. ROY TURN EY If a goal is scored or a hit is made, Roy is bound to have figured in the play. He is athletically prominent and not lacking as a student. Varsity Ice Hockey 3, 43 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4. . SHIRLEY TREGER "Treg" thinks her tap dancing is almost as good as Bill Robinsons The funny part about it is that her dancing is really good. Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 45 Library Club 2, 4, Ping-Pong Club 4. EMMA VOSS 5 "Em's" cute little figure is a perfect model for her smart clothes. Arr Club 25 Chess Club 4g Inter-class Athletics, Commencement Chorus. O PAUL TREIDE Although Paul is quiet and unassuming, he is liked by everyone who knows him. His aims are accomplished by that very trait of silence. Inter-class Athletics 2, 35 Commencement Chorus. VERA WAGNER Vera is known everywhere for that contagious laugh that scatters trouble as a west wind scaters leaves. Art Club Zg 3, Inter-class Athletics 2, 39 Camera Club 4. JUNE FORESTER I i Ili , .l 4 1 x fx I fn ' x A -1' l ' .1 1 01' X! 1 V DOROTHEA WAILES Whenever you want a good answer, call on our pretty, unsophisticated UD t3l' lslasquers 3g J. J. 33 Home Economics Club 43 Inter-class Ath' letics 3, 4. STANLEY WAXMAN Stan is a great fellow and a hard worker in school activities. He is not only a good scholar but a swell basketball player. Ethical Club 3, 43 Basketball 4g Opportunity Club 43 Baseball Mana- ger 43 Inter-class Athleticsg Major NF". . DORIS WALTON Although Doris is a quiet, soft-spoken person, she is really as good-natured and fun-loving as anyone could possibly be. Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Chemistry Club 43 Open Forum Club 43 Senior Play Committee 4. L I ' ,EVERETT W TZEL f " ' ie', ng leader in - has put its trust. ot all 2, 3, 43 ,Soc 2, , 23 aseball 43 Leaders' Club 7 3, 43 Forestgmflf ress 2, , 43 Bronze D. S. Awardg 43 Student Vice-President 4. C RICHARD WARREN Dick possesses "the smile of salesmanshipn. His theme song might well be "Your dime is my dime". J. V. Football l, 2, 33 Inter-class Athletics 1, Z, 3, 43 Ethical Club l, 2, 3, 43 Leaders' Club 43 Senior Class Treasurer 3, 43 'Giairman Ticket Committee Senior Play. 'Nl ' I M5 V93 Wig' EDITH WIENEKE n 8?Uhere'er you walk, therlight of beauty is shed'.' "Edie" is the rin of our heart, and rightly so J. 33 Art Club 23 Inter-class Athletics 2, 33 Home Economics 3. 0 BERTRAM HENRY WASKEY Bertram admits that one thing he has learned is never to speak sense when nonsense will do. Scenery Committee 4g Radio Club 43 Chess Club 43 Camera Club 33 Inter-class Athletics 3, 43 Announcement Committee 4. U0 MZQAM-N ALAN WINNER ongated friend, Alan, has that remarkable quality of cool- eaded ss, as he so well illustrated by his first aid work for the footbal team. J. 33 Property Committee, Senior Play3 Inter-class Athletics l, 3, 43 Masquers lg Art Club 13 Football First Aid 4. o CHARLES R. WATSON Such a winning grin as Charles possesses is a gift of the gods. It has won him many friends3 surely it will continue to do so. Track 1, 2, 33 Inter-class Athletics 3, 43 Senior Play 4. DORIS WINTER Doris's blonde beauty has made her the answer to gentlemen's prayers and the fulfillment of the saying "Gentlemen prefer blondes." Art Club l, 2, 33 Glee Club 23 Inter-class Athletics 1, Z, 3. JUNE FORESTER J rj I ,Q,A nl... l ffl ,j!j cf MARION L. SMITH President JOSHUA BRESCHKIN Vice-President 46 - POLLY WORME Polly is just a small bunclle of femininity with a big heart and a gracious smile. Art Club 1, 25 Glee Club 23 Home Economics Club 3, 4g Four Square Club 3g Inter-class Athletics 2, 3, 4g 3. 0 ERWIN YOUNG Erwin is the lad, who is usually found anywhere in the school from the stage to the shops. Vice-President Radio Club 3, President Radio Club 4g Chairman Scenery Committeeg Chess Club 45 Craftsmen Club 35 Chairman Scrap Boolr Committee 33 Chairman Farewell Assembly Committee 4. LOUISE WOLF With the South in her soul and her bright flashing eyes, who can't this crooner tantalize? .- Glee Club 1 25 Vice-presicle 4g 1, 4 l'- W tive Z, 3g I te lass t , , are ' ' ----- y 't . D UK: DORIS ZINSER 6 ' 1 A , 51,0 Her sparkling e s and ever-ready smile hep I ne of the sweetest girls in our class. - Art Club 1 2g Inter-class Sports 1, Z, 3, 45 emistry Club 43 1 1 Step-Singing Committee. ' . CARVEL LOANE - 1918-1935 IN MEMORIAM Senior Class Officers RICHARD WARREN Treasurer JANE KIMBLE Secretary JUNE FORESTER 1936 . 1 . 4 ,i Senior Committees GIFT COMMITTEE Marvin Coplan, Chairman Bernice Gettier Helen Gaither Dorothea Wailes Albert Kley STEP SINGING Mildred Chalk, Cfzairman Rehecca Marshall Ralph Bolgiano Louise Bowen Rita Sears Doris Zinser Emily Blake Kenneth Drake INAUGURAL ASSEMBLY Margaret Kruger, Chairman Irving Scherlis Ruth Lazinslcy Margaret Burlcins Laura Breeden SENIOR FAREWELL Erwin Young, Clmirnmn Dorothy Gotrschall Louise Xvolf Ralph RK5SCnl1CIn1 CIYKIIYII ROgSf5 SENIOR PLAY Edythe Lewis, Clmirnian Marvin Davis Irene Lewis Rochelle Rubin Miriam jacohs Eugene Kaufman Howard Greenwald, Chairman jean Malamhre Mildred Hansell Fred Riehl Marcia Neff Doris Walton Mildred Rea, Clmirman joan Orth Richard Warreii. Cfiairnian Daniel Austerlitz Irving Shapiro Williaiii Anacker Ruth Morrow Beatrice Stephens Henry Buchmaa George Krill, Cjbdlifllldil Kenneth Spreeman Edgar Keefer Mason Meginnis Franklin Mi' Harry McCauley W'iIscn Br. james Ailcenhead Alan Wfinner, Chairman Harry Lohe Margaret Quarles Ola Conway Edna Ivarsen PROM AND BANQUET Alhert Kirwan, Cfmirniari lfdith Wieiieki' Cecilia Schoen Rehecca Sellers jane Kimhle Betty Orrell .lane Leslie .lames Ailcenhead joseph Benvo JUNE FORESTER . I 1 il J UNE FORESTER 1936 WM tugs . The 1936 June Forestor Editor-in-Chief ..... Business Manager ..... Managing Editor. . . STANLEY Fox Jos:-:UA Bmzscxm Berry DsBo1s Eu NICE Lunrrcl-I Write-up Editor .... Circulation Manager ....,.......,.......... WILUAM KLINBFELTER Feature Editor. . SAnxB JACOBSON JUNEFORESTER ...,AJ.AN D. Hncl-rr . . . . .W. NEWTON LONG ........JBANLAnAsH DOROTHY Go'r'rscHAx.r. MARIAN MEISER Evsnsrr WETZEL Lmzoy APPLEFBLD . . . . .Dokon-:Y I-IANsnN . . . . .Dum TISSENBAUM MARVIN DAvxs , . . .NANCY RYTTBNBERG DOROTHY Gslcsn MJ uf J' xv 12' ,MQI ,J-1 A , 5-V1 gy- f..,,-v-,,-Q.--vve-H. ..,-W zrvrzv win? . , ,T5fT',."7W" , 'wrrxfr-.:' ":f":7f4'f'f't"V'?"':f M . nv-1 W... .. r ,Q-Gm, M,-,, A CAST OFUDULCY'-SENIOR PLAY m JUNE FORESTER LGWER CLASSES .1 t i - . 3 , L! E ll 5 a.,Lfef'.1 ji X Jwaf f . lt , Sub-Senior Class Under the able leadership of its friend and adviser, Mr. Moore, the Sub-Senior Class has gone far in its endeavor to uphold the high standards set by those who have gone before it. Not only has the class as a whole responded whole-heartedly to each and every plan sug- gested by the faculty and student government, but each member of the class as an individual has conducted himself in a manner behtting the name that Forest Park has cut out for herself. Wliile in school. a class is judged upon four points, namely: its Junior Day Assembly, Jubilee, Forester, and Senior Play. The Sub-Senior Class has attained great success in the first two projects, and will, according to all advance indications, come through with flying colors on the last two mentioned activities. Preridmt . EUGENE FEINBLATT VlL'L'sPTL',fif1'C'Hf HELEN Eiciintnsnc, Secretary DOROTHY EMICH Tn-amrcr A .EDWARD COLEMAN A SQ JUNE FoREsTER 1936 un :az 3 his el .i ii 1 -is e eg! Junior Class President ........ . . ,WiLLIAM MARVEL Vice-President ..,,. ..,, Or TO GREINER Secretary ..,,.. .,... B ETTY BROWN Treasurer ......... ,4..........,.... D OROTHY BECKER Sergeant:-at-Arms. . , .... MORTON FRENCH, LESLIE HARRISON Adviser ..,........ .,....,.,..,.... M iss GLADYS MITCHELL The three most significant events of the Junior year have come and gone. Nevertheless, the accomplishment of certain goals by the class of June, 1937, has not slipped by unnoticed. The combination of the earnest interest of Miss Gladys Mitchell, class adviser, and the hard work and co-operation of all the class members has produced-first, the jolliest of Junior Jubilees, second, the annual Arbor Day Assembly, and third, an unusual and highly successful junior Prom. The prospect of a fast moving Senior term is now in view. If the beginning of a job means anything, there is every reason to believe that the graduation in june, 1937 will close the high school career of an "accomplishing" class. - l-7 r 1936 JUNE FORESTER 53 35 . . , - ' ' -- ff 6 Sub-junior Class President. . . ..... WILLIAM SARDELLO 5 Vice-President. . . ..,. L.iv1NIA WHITEHURST Secretary ....... .,.,.,. . MARION DAVIS Treasurer ,,...,..,. ,... .... W 1 LLIAM Discs Sergeants-at-Arms .... ..,. A LBERT LUCKE, ALEX PAPPAS Adviser ,A..,,.,,.A..,,..A.... ,....,. M R. HENRY G. HIRSCH Seldom has the school been fortunate ' see a class organized in its Sub-Junior Year. This February Class of 1938, however, has so many projects in view that they are now well on their way to success as Seniors. This class has adopted the cabinet form of administration of their activities. Under Mr. Hirsch's excellent advisership, these Sub-Juniors can well expect a bright future. 54 JUNE FORESTER - Mg.,rv..... ns- 6 CLUBS and ACTIVITIES l 1 The Distinguished Service Award Recipients LAURA BREEDEN DANIEL HEUBECK E. ALVIN NEWTON WILLIAM DEPP ALBERT KLEY MARGARET QUARLES DOROTHY GOTTSCHALL FRANCES KLEIN RALPH ROSENHEIM HOWARD GREENWALD W. NEWTON LONG RICHIE SCURRY DOROTHY HANSEN EUNICE LUBITCH ALBERT SHERMAN ALAN D. I-IECHT MARIAN MEISER MARION L. SMITH HALL TIMANUS EVERETT WETZEL To those students in the Sub-Senior class who have rendered exceptional service for the welfare and advancement of the school and its activities, the bronze distinguished service award is given. This pin may be presented to six per cent of the class at the Senior Inaugural Assembly. Only three per cent of the graduates are eligible to become the recipients of the highest and linal honor, the gold award. The latter honor is bestowed upon the Seniors at the Farewell Assembly, their last formal appearance before the school. .1 A committee, consisting of the advisers of each of the organized years, the presidents and the senators of the Sub-Senior, Junior, and Sub-Junior classes, is appointed to determine the recipients of these awards. 56 JUNE FORESTER J, F. 1 Student Activities Board The Student Activities Board is a supervisory board composed of Mr. Dunn, Chairmang the Vice-Principals, Miss Becker and Mr. Scottg four members of the faculty, Miss Jones, Miss Wlioley, Mr. Schmeid and Mr. Simsg and the Student President, William Depp. The Board meets weekly to discuss and regulate the extra-curricular activities of the school. This board grants clubs their charters, supervises all student participation, budgets all funds earned by and raised for extra-curricular activities and manages the student activities so that there is no over-lapping of aims, nor conflicts of performances. This group is also the final judge of the eligibility of the persons whose names are submitted by the committee for the Distin- guished Service Award. the highest honor which a student at Forest Park can earn. 1936 JUNE FORESTER 5 7 l ,- E LI nfagzmrzvs tg l r 1 I 1 0' 1 Q u . t '22 gl-Inns!! Q0 The Senate This group, presided over by the Student Vice' President, Everett Wetzel, is the highest representative body in our Student Participation Government. The Senators are chosen each semester through nominations and elections made by the home room classes. During the past year, the administration suggested that the Senate foster a desire for heautifying the building and its surrounding campus. IZA W. NEWTON LONG IOA DORIS IKENA 12 B LOIS KIRKWOOD I0 B EARL JONES llA ROBERT FORD QA DONALD JONES ll B E. STONESIFER OB HENRY XVESSFL Board Of Student Representatives The Board of Student Representatives is the group which "bridges the gap" between the faculty and the student. By means of this Board, the administration can utallcw to the student. Reciprocally, the student can "pour out his troubles" into a lcindly faculty ear. Ar the beginning of each semester, a representative of high calibre from each home room is chosen for this duty. He must be a reliable persong for his duties, while not hard, are very exacting. He must attend meetings every Monday and at odd times during the weelc. He must be able to report accurately to his class the business transacted at the meetings. Student Court This organization has developed into a highly efhcicnt and powerful part of our school life. A new depart- ment of this body is a detention system which penalizes for offenses against Student Government. Those in charge of this room are the student judges of the Court who are appointed by the Student President. The Court of 1936 will be remembered for its strength and initia- tive in helping to better unpleasant situations in our school life. Judgev WILLIAM DEP? XVILLIAIVI Nl.ARVl'l, MARION L, SlS'llTH CARROLL S. Hi ITTON HELEN EICLIZLBERG EVERETT XV, Xvlfiliflfl. JUNE FORESTER 1936 58 1 I K " Tlefllfy lest Park Press nfl ,llv Editorial Board lfditor-n-Chief HOWARD GREENWALD, '36 Acrorinte Editors , FRANCES KLEIN' '36 ALVIN FAINBERG, '37 Feature Editor NANCY RYTTENBERG, '36 News Editor FRIEDA CHANDLER, '36 Editorial Staff Club Ifditor PEGGY FOX. '38 Copy Editor CHARLOTTE SCHWARTZMAN, 38 Ifxclvange lfzlitor .IUDITH COHEN, '38 Sporty Editor ALBERT SCHERR, '37 Aixistaut Sports lfclitor DOROTHY BAER, '37 Student Coaching Girls' c.'0dc'l7I7lg Director LAURA BREEDEN Hojvi' ffoiiclring Dirrrtor E. ALVIN NEWTON Boys' Axft Cfooclvirig Director VV. NEXVTON LONG, JR. The Coaching systems are sponsored by the Girls' and Boys' Leaders' Cluhs. Those students, who are willing to help their schoolmates in their studies, volun- teer to coach pupils who are failing or who are in the danger zone. This coaching is carried on during study periods, before and after school. The coaches receive credit for their coachingg and when they have accumu- lated a total of fifty points, a certificate is given them as recognition for their services. Student Activity Bank Auditor, , EMANUEL ARONHIME Paying Teller ROBINA ROETH Bookkeeper THELMA KLAGES Advifer MR. MICHAEL LEIPHOLZ The Student Activity Bank is operated as a con- venience for classes, clubs and special funds of the school. In organization and routine, it is like other hanks. Three students under the supervision of Mr. Leipholz fulfill the duties of paying teller, boolclceeper, and auditoci The paying teller malces out checks and reconciles hanlc statements. The hoolclceeper keeps a daily record of deposits and withdrawals and makes a monthly statement which gives the halance of cash on deposit. The auditor verifies all bank work daily to check on mistakes. The position of receiving teller is handled hy the adviser. 59 1936 JUNE FORESTER 36 E Girls' Leaders' Club Previaleril MARGARET QUARLES LHR-Prnidclm 5 DOROTHY GOTTSCHALL A 7 IRENE LEWIS Serrelary DOROTHY HANSEN Treasurer EUNICE LUBITCH H X IVIISS SOPI-IIE M. BECKER A"'V'f"'f MISS ADELE GROTE l MISS RUTH KRAMER The Girls, Leaders' Club is composed of those girls who have distinguished themselves in trying to better the school. It is the elective honor club for girls. The club attempts to carry on a constructive program through its many projects. Some of these during the past year were the get-together for all the girls of the school, the continuation of the club scrap-book, the "Big Sister- Little Sisteri' plan, and the sponsoring of the girls' coaching. Girls' Opportunity Club President JANET LLOYD Vice-President DOROTHY BAER Secretary JACQUELINE PEDDICORD Trearurer .IACQUELINE COONRAD s MISS SCPHIE BECKER Adviffff MISS RUTH KRAMER l MISS ADELE GROTE Since every member of the Girls' Leaders, Club must hrst belong to the Opportunity Club, it is the purpose of this organization to develop leadership. Extempo- raneous speaking, debates, and socials are some of the projects of the club. Membership is limited to those girls who have shown interest in the school by some outstanding service and who have upheld the standards of scholarship and conduct in the highest possible fashion. Four Square Club Presiderif NANCY l.IiIi jUIfI.G Vice-Presizlerit RUTH ANN MORGANTHALI, Secretary JESSIE I-IOLLENBERRY Treasurer ANNA HEARN Adnwn 3 MISS NORA A. STOLI, I MISS FANNY G. WRIGHT Every first and third Thursday of the month, the Four Square Club, under the supervision of its advisers, meets in room 121. The club stands for the preservation of the high ideals and traditions of the school. One of the most interesting programs of the past year was the Christmas social at which several of the club members presented a very amusing play. Another interesting program was Dr. Mark Depp's talk on his trip through Palestine. JUNE FORESTER 1936 60 Boys' Leaders' Club l'reinlenr HALL E. TIMANUS l'm'-I':i-inlmi ALBERT KIRWAN S .'.' yi-nm' RALPH ROSENHEIIVI 1'n'.oum DONALD ONNEN . MR. AI.IfRED P. SCOTT fl'l"""" MR. C. MISLVILLE ANDERSON l DR. IZDXVIN I.. FREDERICK The Boys' Leaders' Club is one of the outstanding honor clubs in the school. The membership in this club is entirely elective and is limited to those boys who have shown some outstanding quality of leadership. The club assumes the responsibility of preserving order in the building and on the campus, of instilling a higher sense of loyalty and responsibility among the students, and of furthering the best interests of the school. In addition to these regular duties, this yearls pro- jects included a reunion. an outing, a joint banquet, and a handbook for the members of the club. Boys' Opportunity Club Iwwiileuf BASIL HOLIVIAN l'i.-e-Ilieiiilunr KENNETH DRAKE .S .-.- rehny LEONARD SCHERLIS 'l're.moer 3 LEONARD I5ARDW'ELI. 1 MR. ALFRED P. SCOTT flilfi-'fff DR. EDWIN i.. FREDERICK I MR. c. Mutvittu ANDERSON The Boys' Opportunity Club is a subordinate organi- zation of the Boys' Leaders' Club. Tts main purposes are: to encourage the proper attitude among those boys inditierent to the best interests of the school, to influence the right conduct of students on and off the campus, to assist in all emergencies, and to help in all extra- curricular activities. Ir is understood that membership in this organiza- tion may lead to membership in the Boys' Leaders' Club, provided the candidates assume all responsibilities to the best of their ability. Ethical Club l'riwiJef1! RICHARD XVARREN I'i t'i'- 1'reinlenl EDXVARD COLEIVIAN .Nrczetiirv ALIIERT KLEY l''r ALBERT DUKE .'llI1'lH'I MR. HENRY G. HIRSCH On Iiriday mornings, the Ethical Club is privileged to hear various prominent men who are authorities in their chosen fields. Hearing these men gives the mem- bers of the Club splendid opportunity to profit by the experience of others and also furnishes interesting enter' tamment. The important thing in the Ethical Club is not merely aiming at, but conquering high standards. The essential habits prescribed for the members are coopera- tion, loyalty, and clean sports for all. 61 1936 JUNE FORESTER Camera Club Previderit WILLIAM Kl,lNIiliIfl.TIfR Virc-Prerideiit . MARVIN DAVIS Secretary BERTRAIVI VUASKIYY Azlviser MR. JOHN F. BURGIER, -IR. The Camera Clulw was formed when it was found that there was prevalent in the school a keen interest in photography. Its purpose is to foster interest in photog- raphy and its kindred sciences. At the weekly meetings, talks are given pertaining to the subject. Hikes are often taken for the purpose of photographing unusual scenes. The cluh also takes pictures for other cluhs, classes, and individuals in the school. Radio Club Prerideut FRWIN A. YOI ING l"ire-Prerideiit BERTRAM WASKHY Serrelary DAVID HDXVARDS Aflvirer MR. TFIOIVIAS I., YOUNG Because of the distinction of being one of the oldest cluhs in the school, the Radio Cluh holds a very prominent position at Forest Park. Ar one time, the cluh had city-wide recognition because it had more licensed opera- tors than any other local school. The operators have gradually diminished through graduation. However, at present, there are many memhers who are studying to take the test for an Amateur Opt-rator's License. Model Craftsmen Club President CHARl.IiS RAUSCH Vice-Prcxidriit RIDGELY FRIIZDFI. Secretary FRANK SHEFFER Adalifen i MR. STANLEY HIQYLMUN MR. XVILLIAM K. YOCUM This year the Nlodel Craftsmen diverged from their set plan of modeling only aircraft and took the responsi- bility of caring for all scenery needed in the school. This includes the construction, the classification, and the storage of all sets used on our stage. Another project of the cluh is the modeling of various types of machinery for study and amusement of the members. JUNE FORESTER 1936 69 The French Club President ELIZABEFFIHI BOND Vice-Prryident MARGARET WEHRMAN Serrclary EVELYN ALLEN Treamrer .IEANETTE SI-IOUL Azlvirer MR. FRED MOORE The French Club aims to give students a more cultural knowledge of France, a country having a rich historical and literary background. During the past year, the club carried out many successful projects. It has suc- ceeded in getting song-books containing French songs, the singing of which added to the enjoyment of every meeting. The club was also able to secure a leatherette cover in which the weekly French newspapers, to which it subscribes, are bound. The Latin Club First Consul E. ALVIN NEWTON Second Consul DOROTHY BECKER Priucepx Quuestonmi DORIS IKENA Acdilc RUTH MORROW Pmetor JEAN SANDERSON MISS JESSIE M. EBAUGH MISS IRENE ROE Adviverv The Latin Club, because of its outstanding aims, has attracted many new members. To promote a deeper appreciation of the life, the customs, and the literature of Ancient Rome, to bring about a fraternal feeling among the members, and to present a phase of Latin not found in the text-boolcs constitute these aims. The programs are of educational and recreational value to the members. The pupils not only display their talents, but are entertained by dramatizations and brief articles about Caesar, Cicero, Vergil, and other great Romans, by games. and by having moving pictures on Latin subject matter. The German Club President LEROY APPLEFELD Vice-President BETTY SANDLAS Secretary EMILY SEIDENMAN Tretuiarer ANNABELLE FISHER Arlvixer MR. OTTO K. SCI-IMIED The ur ose of this club is to ac uaint its members I P .P . Q with the historical and cultural background of German life through the medium of songs, games, plays, and musicals in a more informal, more interestin and more . . . , g enjoyable way than is possible in the class-room. A new ro'ect, carried on b several members of the P 1 gy A club was a scra 1-book containin ictures of scenes and H h I S P people in Germany. 63 1936 JUNE FORESTER 4 L. 4.4 A A. :E , Mi zz -, J-M A 5 ' ,af - K. Orchestra Prefzden! ALBERT I.. SHERMAN Ijbrariaiz HERBERT POXVLIZY .fldvfrer MISS GENEVIEVE P. I3UTI.IiR . The orchestra, under the expert direction of Miss Butler, provides music at all assemblies, Parent-Teacher's meetings, commencement exercises, and plays. Those students who are capable of playing an or- chestral instrument with some degree of slcill are eligible :o participate in the activities of this group. Witli the increase of membership, the orchestra has been able to raise the standard of the music it has pre- sented to a high degree of excellence. Glee Club I,7'!'.fIdL'7lf DANIEI, I'IIfLIIIIfCK I"irc-President VIRGINIA FARIDWIiI.I. , . ANZA KNIGHT Secretarzer 71 4 MARGARET PURCILLI. Treumrer CARROLL S. HUTTON Advixer MISS GENEVIEVE P. BUTLER The Glee Club is composed of boys and girls who are interested in voice culture. This outstanding organization adds prestige to the school through radio broadcasting, musical shows. and its service, to many school functions. Among the admirable accomplish- ments of this club are its everasuccessful carol and popu- lar song assemblies. Besides fostering an appreciation of music, the club also promotes real friendships and furnishes afternoons of genuine enjoyment. Invincibles President . BEVERLY FERTIG I"irc-Presidcnz KATINA AGNIiW Secretary LAVINIA XVHITEHURST Advixer MISS GENEVIEVE P. BUTLIER The Invincibles, an organization begun in 1935, was reorganized this year under the supervision of Miss Butler. Its aim is to learn and appreciate music. In addition, the club fosters real friendship among its members. The group is made up of exceptionally musical persons from the student body. UNE FORESTER 1936 64 Masquers Club l'n'fitleul ALBERT L. SHERMAN l'i 4'1'- Preiidenl . MILDRED GOLDSTEIN S 4'1' remry JEAN LENTZ Vlllfslfllfff EVERETT CHECKET .-iilvixer MISS ALTA THOMPSON This dramatic society has attained an enviable position among the organizations of the scbool because of a constant efIort on the part of the members to carry out several fine ideals. These are: to promote a Iove for good drama, to develop interest and ability in dramazics among the students, and to establish standards for the selection and presentation of plays at Forest Park. Art Club llrevirleut EDGAR KEEPER I'i t'4'- llreiiileuf AUDREY McCLURE S t'r' remry MARION DAVIS Vllnunurer RUTH DYKES fmffff A Miss NORA v. BRAINARD I MR. IVAN RIGBY I MISS NELLIE NORRIS The Art Club is the largest and one of the most active clubs in the school. The aim of the club is to bring about a lceener appreciation of the various fields of art. Prominent artists of Baltimore are guests of the club each month. They give demonstrations of etching, water color, oil painting, clay modeling, plaster casting, interior decorating, rugmaking, and Cartooning. Ar the close of the year, the club has an exhibition of well-known artists' worlcg this is followed by a tea at which these artists are guests. Open Forum Club President IRVING SCHERLIS Vi i't'- Prexideut EVERETT CHECKET Re t'tw filing Secrelmy HOWARD MARKOWITZ C irrri' tptmaling S e't' retury FRANCES HYMAN Arlvixer MISS GRACE BROENING A few students, realizing the need of a rather sound knowledge of world atIairs, grouped themselves under the guidance of Miss Iiroening to discuss problems of an economic, social, and political nature. The spirit and aims of this organization are summarized in the motto, ujustita per Scientiamu, which means, "Justice through Knowledge". 65 1936 JUNE FORESTER Chemistry Club Pretzel c'11 I RAIPII ISGLGIANO I'i 4'Q'- Preridenl XV. NIiWTON LONG .Y 4'4' retary JANET HOY .'IL!'VlfCf DR. ITIJXVIN I., I7RIiDTiRICK This year the membership of the Chemistry Club reached an all time record totaling over seventy mem bers. The members have shown a corresponding degree of interest in details of chemical processes and applica- tions which cannot be thoroughly treated in class dis- cussion. Some programs featured spealcers who tallied on the use of chemicals and the various chemical manu- facturing processes. Wlhenever possible, films were borrowed to illustrate these tallcs. Students who find interest in a particular branch of chemistry may arrange special programs. Stamp Club Prefiflerit STANI,IiY GRI3IZNBI,AT'I' If'ife-Prefldcfzl RUISIN IBERMAN Secretary-Treaszuer RITA GOOIJMAN riilviter MISS I7I.ORIiNCIf I.IiVINSON The Stamp Club, besides providing an interesting hobby, helps to develop the knowledge of countries both historically and geographically through the medium of pictures and inscriptions. The collector is brought in closer contact with the history of the various countries since practically every important event in history is com- memorated in stamps. Various contests and exhibitions which are held throughout the year are received with much enthusiasm. Library Club I' i't' vid i-ii 1 RAIS lVlII.I.IfR Vi t-.-- I'rei'ia'mf ANNBRODKIN .Secretary I.UCII.I.If AZRAHI, Aa'1fifer MRS, VIVIAN HOUGHTHR The objectives of the Library Club are: helping others to obtain an interest in books. encouraging members to consider library worlc as a profession, and acquainting students with the use of the library. The members of the club do all they can to malce the library cheerful and attractive. They mend the boolcs which have been torn by careless users, and they help the Librarian to checlc incoming, as well as GUI going boolcs during the busy hours. JUNE FORESTER 1936 66 Boys' Ping Pong Club I' r4'x11 f L'rl I l5lfRNARlJ TTRANKET, lilci'-T' r4'x iifenl HARRY R. LOBI5 .3ii'iri'l.1iv-Cllr L'.1x11r I STANl.liY G. FOX .cliff lx4'r hill. H. C. XVHITNIYY Interest in this pastime has alwavs run high, hut this year the hoys have heen more enthusiastic than ever. Under the advisership of Mr. Wfhitnev and the tutoring hy the more advanced memhers. nearly every "Ping Pongei-" has gotten the fascinating game Hdown to a science." Upon investigating at any time. you will see hoys running around the gym halcony striking at a celluloid hall. Ar the present rate of advancement, .indouhtedly the cluh will reach the pinnacle of success. Boys' Fencing And Archery Club ml ding lv-IIVIJIH ALVIN SCFTLTGANT flhiriiileei VERNON KUNITVTET. f,'Uilt'l7 lN'lR. JOHN T". BURGER, JR. Fencing is a sport which develops poise and ahility through constant practice. The cluh reached a point where it was ahle to enter into competition with other schools. lVlatches were arranged with Poly and other local schools. The Archery division scheduled its matches so that they did not conflict with the fencing season. Chess Club l'1vinIen1 KERMIT LATIN 'l'miim-1 SADIIZ ,IACGBSON S t't-i'i' lazy ROCHELLE RUBIN Athi it'1 MR. XVIILIAM M. CHILDS The Chess Cluh is one of the oldest organizations of out school. The ohjectives of the cluh ate: to further the playing ahilitv, and the enjoyment of chess through- out the school, to assist novices in hecoming expert players, and to compete with other cluhs and organiza- tions. This season, the cluh had the opportunity of listening to a well-known chess player of Baltimore who gave various rules and hints on the method of playing the game. Contests are held among the mem- hers of the cluh to determine the hest players. 67 1936 JUNE FORESTER Qi . xg A xx , ' 1 Girls Ping Pong Club President , JOAN ORTH Vice-Preiizienf ESTHER ELIJIOT Secretary , LOUISE MERFELD Treasurer JEAN FLEISCHIVIAN Adviser MRS, MARY Ii. SABINE The Girls' Ping Pong Club, which is newly organized, has already gained prominence throughout the school. As yet, the club is limiting toumaments to its members. However, in the future when the organization is perf fected, the members hope to arrange matches with other clubs and schools. Girls' Archery And Fencing Club Captain RUTH MORROXV Manager MARION GRAULICH Advixer MRS. ROSETTA F. HARFIELD The membership of this club consists of those girls who desire a knowledge of the two ancient sports of fencing and archery. Since both of these sports are seasonal, archery is practiced in the spring and fallg and fencing engages the interest of the members in the winter. As this is a newly organized club, inter-scholastic matches have not yet been arranged. However, in the near future, the club hopes to participate in such contests. Home Economics Club Presidenl OLA CONWAY Vice-President .BETTY SMILHY Secretary IVIARCIA NEFF illreuturer KATHERINE STRAN Advisers MISS DORIS V. CHURCH MISS IDA A. WHOLEH' The Home Economics Club is one of the school's outstanding organizations for girls. The three definite purposes of the club are: to create appreciation of home economics, both in school and outside, to form a con- necting linlc between the home and the school through social activities, and to connect the club with the out- side commercial industries through field trips and lec- tures. The most enjoyable meeting of the year is the tea held in May for the mothers of the members and for members of the faculty. JUNE FORESTER 1936 68 ATHLETICS Wyff fav, X ' X Ice Hockey Living up to the records of the past years, Forest Parlc's puck-chasers have once again concluded a successful season. The record of 6 wins, 4 ties, and 4 losses will bear witness to the ability of Coach Sims's proteges. In league play, Forest Parlc's slcaters finished with victories over Poly, Calvert Hall, and Mc- Donogh and with losses to City and Gilman. Dur- ing the post-season games, the team broke even with a swamping victory over Atlantic City, a tie with Philadelphia, and a defeat at the hands of Hershey. As a result of its showing in the league games, the team won a position in the Harvard Cup se- ries. In than particular held of competition, Forest Park defeated City College Z-0 and fought Poly- technic to a scoreless tie. However, due to a heart- breaking 2-1 defeat at the hands of Gilman, the Green and Gray found itself in second place, two points behind Gilman, and had to be content with the mythical public school championship. nc? 'IU U Varsity Football Excellently coached by Mentor Andy Anderson and ably captained by james Wharton, the foot- ball team that represented Forest Park last fall was not only a well-conditioned team. but one dis! playing an unquenchable fighting spirit through- out the entire season. In sending Poly, Southern, and Vocational to defeat, Forest Park was able to tie City College for the Public School Championship. Forest Parlc's challenge to play off the championship was rejected because this game would have interfered with other prominent fall sports at City College. Although eleven letter-men have graduated, a very strong eleven will again represent Forest Park on the gridiron this coming fall. Ten members of the Varsity squad plus a returning successful Jay-Vee team will constitute the forth- coming football material. e. T 2 4 ,Xc':, f VV-,-1 Ai- K "-. C I. 1 J' 1 A 3 Qfyfhfb VXfx' MAN' Boys' Basketball Of all the sports that were damaged by the February and june graduations, the basketball team, without a doubt, suffered worst of all. Probably the most outstanding feature of the whole season was the double defeat of Poly in the two games scheduled with it. Numbered among the team's victims were: McDonogh, Sn. Martinls, Vocational, Boys' Latin, Calvert Hall, and Park. After having only a fair season up to February, the squad was crippled beyond repair bjy the graduation of four of its first hve men, namely, Smith, Wliarton, Hoffman, and Kimmel. All through the season, Danny Austerlitz was the spark plug of the team, his play at the forward position helped to keep the team in the running game after game. Much time and effort were put forth by Coach Andy Anderson toward the develop- ment of the material in the "under classes". His work for this past season is to be lauded even tlzougli the squad did finish with a "split seasonv. However, next season gives promise of being very successful. g LiQa aliifwffil i Soccer Very little attention is paid to the Soccer team of our school although it brings in more than its share of victories- The heavy snowfalls, followed by biting sleet and heavy rain, forced the squad to be contented with the playing of only half of the games originally scheduled. Without a doubt, this team compiled the best record that any Soccer squad has turned in here for many seasons. It can point with pride to its record of nine wins and two ties. These tie games were played with the State Teachers' Col- lege which completed its season as state champion. It was the only team to defeat the light, but fast, Green and Gray pitch-men. This team scored a I-0 victory after a hard-fought game which was played in freezing weather on a slippery, treacherous field. Coach Rex Sims selected a fine team to wear the Forest Park colors, and, although nearly fifteen men will be lost by graduation, he has high hopes of turning out a team next year that will be as good or better than that of the past season. ,N 5 sg 1 , 1 .5 -I .V X W , X I ,f 4. , I 1. il ' ff 14 Girls' Hockey An enthusiastic and loyal hockey team made this year's hockey season a successful one. Great credit should be given our girls for their splendid technique and fast stick work in this major sport. We were indeed fortunate in having many of last year's players on hand again this season. Al- though not entirely successful, the team was crtr- tainly praiseworthy. As may be seen from the scores, the games were all close and very hard fought. The playing was characterized by strong defensive as well as good offensive work. The high spot in the season was Forest Park's victory over Eastern by a score of 1-0. The even match with Western made us tie for second place in the league. In several games the team was barely nosed out. Miss Journeay, the coach, deserves congratula- tions for her splendid and successful coaching. Girls' Basketball To say that basketball is Forest Park's most popular sport would not be quite enough. A most enthusiastic season was enjoyed this year by both the players and the rooters, for Forest Park came very near to winning the champion- ship from Eastern High School. Although we were leading at the half, we lost in the end by a score of 24-12. The Southern game, the most exciting one of the season, ended in our first tie. The final game of the season, with Western, ended in another tie. In the last minute of the game, one of our guards made a technical foul, which gave Western a free shot and caused the tie. The results of the games were: four victories, two ties, and one loss. Miss Hyde deserves con- gratulations for her excellent coaching of one of Forest Park's finest basketball teams. , tal . .-,JJM!WA, xl .Nl flew! Volleyball Forest Park's volleylaall squad shows a fine chance of winning the championship this year. Several players from last year's squad have re- ported for practice. There will he an A and a B team under the capahle coaching of Miss Hyde. The squad consists of a large number of new girls in the junior and Sophomore Years. A few new changes in the rules make the game more interesting than formerly. Instead of each player rotating after every serve, the whole line moves after three serves. This keeps one in the same position hut in a different line after the completion of serving. Games were arranged with Seton, Sparks, Park, Catonsville, and Towson, hesides the usual games with Eastern, Southern, and Western. As the Forester goes to press, we learn that the Girls' Volleyball team has won the city champion- ship. Girls' Tennis Tennis, although not the most popular sport in our school, has proven to he one of the most enthusiastically followed. This year over three hundred girls entered either into the novice or the intermediate tournaments. The championship cup for 1935 and 1936 was won by JEANETTE SHGAL1. who put up a hard fight against AUDREY HEINZ, the other semi- finalist. Although the team has not started to compete against other schools, it is looking forward to winning the city championship cup for the season of 1936. As the Forester goes to press, we learn that the Girls' Tennis Team has won the city champion- ship. 73 Baseball Because of the rainy and otherwise unsettled weather, Forest Parlc's baseball team has just got- ten a fair start. But taking all this into considera- tion, the tossers did turn in a good record, regard- less of all the misfortunes that befell them. As a whole, the squad represented one of the best bal- anced teams that has worn the peaked hat and spiked shoes since Forest Parlc's championship team of 1933. Much of the '36 season's material will remain and should be molded into an excellent team next year by Coach Andy Anderson, who coached this year's team so well. Mi-if all , Q . B 0 x 1 n g Another laurel was added to Forest Parlc's crown when the boxing team, which grew from the box- ing club, annexed the Public School Championship in its nrst year of competition. It was a highly successful campaign which was waged by the Green and Gray mittsters ending with the well de- served victory. George Seward and Joe Hartlove were the only two Foresters to be undefeated for the season and were recipients of golden gloves as their rewards. The big silver cup in Forest Parlc's possession must be won by one school three times before a perma- nent claim can be laid to it. Forest Park holds one leg of the cup and needs only two more to lceep it for all future years of Forest Parlcis existence. Us K tf , cf -Q- The Track Teanz Track has always been a major sport at F. P. H. S. ln our earlier years, we earned consecutively many city championships, and lately, when Forest- ers have not won championships, they have always been strong contenders The 1936 track season is very promising for our men as the Forester goes to press. The backbone of the line squad is the well seasoned group "Bernie" Rome Qwho is captainj, Elmer Rigby, Eugene Feinhlatt, and Robert Taubman. More- over, Coach Sims thinks most of his newer mate- rial is shaping up nicelyj. Taking all into consid- eration, therefore, we would not he at all sur- prised if "our boys" romped 05 with the city championship. A K 1 if F X , Xx 'f,W1e,,,,,, 'W 1 ,f 5 - K .--etfvife , ff-.- X Boy! Tennb The tennis team of i936 was one of the strong- est to represent Forest Park on the courts for sev- eral years. Returning with Captain Herh Shugar this season were three other veteran racketeers and, combined with the excellent material from the lower classes, the Foresters were a feared and re- spected foe in this sport. June graduation will cripple the team for next year, but the outlook isn't really as black as it appears. There will be quite a few layers returning who will form the nucleus of 19353 which should be just as strong as orer Athletic Coaches Few students realize the tremendous debt that we owe our athletic coaches. We are all exceedingly jubilant when one of Forest Parlc's teams wins a championship. However, without the long hours of pushing, driving, and training on the part of the coaches, few of our teams would ever achieve glory and success. Therefore, we, the members of the june Class of 1936, and the rest of the school, we are sure, express our gratitude to Miss Hyde, Miss journeay, Mr. Sims and Mr. Anderson. It has been a pleasure to have been on their teams, and it will always be a pleasure to call them our friends. Intra-Mural Sports The intra-mural sports at our school gained an outstanding position during the past year. With but one exception, these sports in the male division were carried on in the usual manner. That exception in this inter-class competition was a new sport, which introduced a dillierent method of carrying on inter-class athletics. Football, although not a new sport to the school, was new for the boys who were unable to make any of the school squads. The Freshmen and Sophomores formed teams that played in combination against other schools and also com- peted against each other. As a combined squad they turned in a very creditable record, and against each other, the second year, after two scoreless games, eked out a hard-fought, well- played 6-to-0 victory over the first year squad. The 1936 Basketball tournament was met on all sides with great enthusiasm. Class 1454 and Class 1302 were the teams that battled victoriously through their respective divisions and were the only teams from the senior divisions to boast unmarred records. In an exciting game that went over-time, 1302 won by a score of 14 to 12, after overcoming 1454's six-point lead. This class was the first section, not in the senior year, ever to win the boys' inter-class basketball championship. The bad weather that was predominant during the fall and winter months was respon- sible for the cancelling of many soccer games that were attempted. Because of the inclement weather, no champion was proclaimed although several classes made fairly good records. .Better fortune was enjoyed by the classes who entered the inter-class track meet, at least, as far as the weather was concerned. The response to this meet was better than ever before. Because of this fact the competition proved to be much more serious than in previous years. The winner of the inter-class cup was Class 1403 which succeeded only after a two-day meet. Ross Maymon, a Senior, and Eugene Feinblatt, a Sub-Senior, tied for the honor of being the individual high-scoring participants, with totals of 18 points each. This personal contest between Ross and Eugene continued for two days. This, in brief, is a summary of the boys intra-mural sports. Now, let us take a hasty glance at the results of the girls' intra-mural competition. In the female inter-class sports, probably the outstanding event of the past year was the Hockey Championship of the City which our Freshmen year team won. This team also competed in intra-mural athletics for the other year teams. The hockey championship of the school was won by the Senior year after many well-played games. The Seniors were also prominent in the basketballcontest as they won the championship in this sport and figured actively in class competition. In the inter-class tournament, Class 1351 was the winner and, from the scores posted, was well deserving of the honor of being champions. Class 1401, a Sub-Senior class, was the winner of the volley ball crown. They defeated every team who opposed them by decisive scores. Aside from this, volleyball was carried on only as an inter-school varsity sport. Ar this writing, golf, tennis, and the annual girls' track meet were not completed. The first calls for these sports were sounded, but the outcome has as yet not been ascertained- This comprises Forest Park's 1936 intra-mural competition. May success in the future be as assured as it has been during the past years. 77 78 FEATURES and Advertisements 'QQ Tennis Champ At the club the other day, Bill Thornton lounged up to Bess who was quietly absorbed in a corner, knitting two and purling one. "Where have you been keeping yourself these days?" he asked. "I just came back from my summer vacationf, she replied. "Tell me about it, Bess. What did you do?" "Well, when I was away, I met a very unusual couple, unusual in this respect-the girl and her fiance were deeply in love with each other, yet each saw the faults of the other clearlyg and both realized that they were really uncongenial. Instead of trying to adapt their tastes to one another and to find some common ground of interest, they decided to forget their engage- ment for a year and see nothing of each other. "She, the Tennis Champion of her state, decided to practice for the coming championship. She settled in a small southern town. Her fiance, a college professor, went in the opposite 5direction. He went to Maine for the summer. "Katherine invited me to spend a few weeks with her. I have a rather good serve, and she wanted to warm up her backhand. "For the first week, Katherine would spend hours on the courts. Invariably, she won. At the beginning of the second week, she did not appear as often at her beloved sport. One day I tied herg the next, I won. "Once she threw her racket down in despair crying, 'I can't play any more. I can't keep my mind on the gamel' "I didn't mind her losing interest in the game, for I never liked playing in hot weather though I was considered good. "Then one day I discovered the cause of her preoccupation. She was sitting in the arbor poring over books of social psychology and philosophy. I divined her purpose and decided to help all I could. --"Oh, of course, Bill. She was trying to master some of -the studies that her fiance was interested in. "Well, all summer long that girl devoted to educating herself. She began to turn up her nose at tennis. One day she said with something like irritation in her voice, 'How can I be interested in chasing a ball around when ideas are so diflicult to catch and hit well.' My jaw dropped. However, I let her study. "The week before Labor Day she invited him to visit her before he started back to work. When he arrived, she rushed up to him and cried with delight, 'I've been reading Rant and Freud. What do you think of Freudfs idea of?-' 9' 'That's fine, dear,' he said, with an air iof abstractiont 'Want to try a set before dinner? I've got a surprise for you.' She agreed but was not so pleased. "After he had won three sets in a row he cried, 'I've resigned from the faculty. Flinch, my tennis teacher, advised me to try out in the Ollympics. We dan play our doubles to getherf Bess smiled to herself and ceased speaking. "Well, what happened?" Bill demanded. "She got a job on the faculty of his former university, and he is an Olympic entry-" With that she put her knitting in the bag. Suddenly Bill noticed the Hash of a diamond on her linger. "Are you engaged?" he cried. Bess walked off and called merrily back over her shoulder, "I improved my back stroke this summer. Love-Game-All set for Olympics." -NANCY RYTTENBERG. 80 What, No Last Will And Testament! Maybe it will mean our Waterloo, maybe we'll even hang for itg certainly we'll hear lots about it, but we're not writing our will! No, weire not leaving a headache cure to our faithful adviser, Miss Church. We're not leaving our conspicuous seats in the auditorium to the "up and coming" Seniors, though theyill probably get them anyhow. And ALAN D. HEC!-rr is not leaving his good humor and other attributes of an editor to HENRY HOLLJES, the Managing Editor of the February 1937 Forester. DANNY Ausrsaurz is not leaving the basketball team to anybody. We don't have the captaincy of the football team to leave, so we'll not make much ado about that. Another thing we're not leaving is HALL E. TIMANUS,S ability in speechmaking. Be- sides, we wouldn't have the heart to ask him to give his art away. To Dr. Frederick, we're not leaving broken test tubes and flasks, because nobody in the June 1936 Class should break anything. Miss Church is not leaving her cheery smile and helpful hand to Mr. Moore, because she'd hear plenty about it later on, if she did. MARION L. SMITH is not leaving her affability and good nature to EUGENE FINEBLATT, president of the succeeding class. These are things he should develop after undergoing a few torturous months as president. MILDRED REA is not leaving her good looks or secrets of success to anyone. From all these negative appropriations which add up to a nonentity, it would appear that the June 1936 Class is selfish, ungrateful, and certainly not charitable. To offset these aforegoing factors, we call your attention to our one lone gift, which, we feel sure, makes retribution for our not leaving all of the usual bestowals. We do leave this, the June 1936 Forester, a record of our entrance, our matriculation, our activities, and our faces to the school, the faculty, and the administration. 81 2929 Baker Street, Baltimore, Maryland June 30, 1936. Dear Marion, Last night, while I was thinking about my plans for next winter, and realizing that Forest Park was not included in them, I had a strange, left-out feeling. Then, be- fore I knew it, I had begun to reminisce on the days "way-back-whenf' Remember our freshman year: the days when everyone "picked" on us? Oh me, the trials and tribulations of the underclassmen. How- ever, in June, I933, we exuberant freshies took part in ninth grade graduation exer- cises. Our Sophomore Year was inactive fwe l11L1St have saved our energy for the future parade of hitsl , but the Junior Year started with an outstanding event-the organization of the June Class of '36, Before many days had passed, this new class wanted to do something to show its school spirit. The flag, after weathering ten years of very changeable weather, was quite worn out. So. plans . . . action . . - Result? a new green and gray standard that we could proudly claim as part of us. The Jolly Junior Jubilee was our next important project. Our bazaar and audito rium show went over in a big way, and the dance was a great success. Remember, Smitty, we were the fin! to . introduce e jubilee programl These r of 1935 prominent, so nancially. In the spring, at the Ar ay Assembly our class made its first formal appearance before the school. This assembly was well received by the Forest Park students, and we sat back to relax, hut not for long, for May was coming, and with it the Junior Prom, On May 31, 1935, A1 Mason and his or- chestra played for the juniors and their friends. Once again we showed Forest Park how well we could put on social atfairsg and 1'm sure that, for those who were on hand, the melody lingers on. The date, May 31, is rememhered also for another event, the junior Press. This issue of the Press con- tained only the articles which had heen writ- ten hy students in the junior Year. Witlm these outstanding projects, the Juniors closed a very active term, and loolced forward to the next year, and Seniordom. l.ast Septemher, wasn't it great to come haclc, a Suh-Senior? Our last year was opened with the election of oflicers, and activity fol- lowed activity. The lcev positions of our Forester were filled: and Alan Hecht, a very capahle manager, saw a freshman day-dream come true when he was made Editor-in-Chief. The Play Reading and lnaugural Assembly committees were chosen, and plans for the Senior Farewell Dance decided upon. The day for this dance was not long in arrivingg and, on the afternoon of january 31, 1956, a gay crowd gathered in the hoys' gym. Social successes must have heen one of our specialties, for this "hop" was just that. Soon the Priests' March ushered the se- rious-minded Seniors into the auditorium on that memorahle morning when the june Class of '36 assumed ershi of For- est Parlc. Do you ar compli- ments we received o 15, and the way we held our hea en more than one teacher said that ourx was the best lnaugural Assemlwly which has heen given at Forest Parlc? Then, after that day, we were really at the top, and as husy Sen- iors, we had little time for a good breath. Our senior play, Daley, was one of the star events of the last half of the school year. This modern comedy was enthusiastically received by the many Foresters who attended the largest group of graduates bid Forest Park "Cheerio,', and as it's time for my ramblings to come to an end, that "Chee rio" repeats itself. Sincerely yours, the performance. After a short intermission, JANE . . . -Quia 4 A5 . ft F , J, lx cj CQVM f W 5 'ZZ j I if -5 '71 RD! warm X ' ' , S '84 lP 1 QP 'P 'P In I 'P I I P P I P P P P P P P P P I P P I P P P I 1 1 'I 1 1 1 1 'P I 1 IP I P I I P I P I P gfs: Patrons A Friend Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Anderson Berlin Bros. Carolyn Mae Brichey Class 14-55 Community Barber Shop Mrs. John F. Denny George J. Dolle, Tailor The Duton Boys Forest Valet Service Charles E. Fountain Mr. and Mrs. William J. Gray Henry G. G. Hirsch A Friend Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Kirwan Mr. George W. Krill Mrs. Mae Krill Lusco Pharmacy S. M. Meginnis Mrs. Anne S. Mitchell Mrs. Elizabetl1'0'Dell II Mr. John S. O'Dell Mabel Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Seeger Ernestine Wimmer Mrs. H. D. Wirsing A Friend A Friend Mr. and Mrs. G. Norman Anderson Dr. Robert Bruce Berry Capt. and Mrs. George L. Breedon Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Chandler Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Davison Mr. and Mrs. Earl P. Fertig Mrs. Grace C. Fisher Mrs. Howard W. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Mordecai M. Garonzik Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Gottschall Mr. and Mrs. James Rodney Graves Mr. and Mrs. John A. Heinz The Herbert Shop Charles F. Herbold W. E. Herbold Mrs. Glenn A. Hollenberry Paul E. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Wm. K. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kimble Mr. and Mrs. Albert Louis Kley Mr. Roy H. Cassel Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Levy Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Devilbiss. Earl G. Terry A. Griffner, Shoemaker Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Compliments of Little Jeffs', Pimlico Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. McCauley Mr. P. P. Messersmith Meyer's Grill Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Orem William Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rosenheim Dr. C. Howard Scheid Mr. and Mrs. J. Schkloven and Family Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Sears Robert Snair Mrs. Thomas C. Sollaway Thiemeyer's Confectionery Thomas Butcher Shop Mr. H. George Wendel Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Wetzel Dr. and Mrs. Edgar W. Young Lord Baltimore Painters and Decorators A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Adolph De Bois XClass 1454- Wilkinson Flower Shop Trusheim Service Co. William G. Fink Mrs. Van Reuth R. H. Kuler Jacob L. Idov Miles Confectionery Truman Lee Anderson Wylie Pharmacy Lee I. Hecht A Friend Mr .and Mrs. George J. Blake Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Hansen N. B. Lobe Mr. and Mrs. W. Newton Long William H. Marshall Rev. and Mrs. V. J. Munger Dr. and Mrs. C. Albert Ruppersberger Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Tissenbaum Mrs. Helen H. Wailes Independent 5-10 to 81 Store Louis F. Fink Mrs. Mary Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. William H. Davenport Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Morrow ----, -- vv-- 0,- COMPLIMENTS OF THE ALUMNI Of Forest Park High School HENRY ALBERT, INC. Mechanical Engineers and Contractors 5310 PARK HEIGHTS AVE. All Makes - Standard and Portable TYPEWRITERS - SOLD ON TERMS BUSINESS EQUIPIVIENT CO., INC. 500 St. Paul Place VEmon 3183 AMERICAN LUNCH Home Cooking - Regular Meals - Short Orders Home Made Pies 1308 REISTERSTOWN RD. Pikesville, Md. Llberty 8246 CHARLTON AUTO SERVICE GWYNN OAK and MAINE AVENUES The Graduates of '36 will be satisfied customer: al ours 1 soon ARLINGTON LODGE No. 168, I. O. O. F. Meets Every Friday Evening Reislerstown Road at Belvedere Avenue A hearty welcome awaits members of Ill: Order ALBERT A. DAUM 1602 BLOOMINGDALE RD. LAf. 0720-4600 The Quality o! Our Material and Wnrlzmamhip Will Remain Lung After the Price is Forgotten Compliments of ' ff ARUNDEL ICE CREAM CO. EBERHARTS SERVICE STATION Windsor'Mill Road and Forest Park Avenue Woodlawn, Baltimore, Md. Llberty 0466 Have your next Prescription compounded at JOI-IN AUSTERLITZ, Phar.D. 3612 ELDORADO AVE. BALTIMORE, MD. FROM A FRIEND OLDSMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE BACKUS IWIOTOR SALES CO., Inc. 4010 BELVEDERE AVENUE at Reisterstown Road Baltimore, Md. -Phone Llberty 9000 Compliments of D. F. BLATT, D.D.S. MARTHA WASHINGTON C A N D I E S JoHN J. EVANS af COMEANY INSURANCE - Fire, Casualty, Life, Bonding 111-113 Chamber of Commerce Building PLa'a 3248 Llberty 1577 FIDELITY SHOPPE High Class Merchandise at Popular Prices Ranging from 57.99 to 817.95 212 N. CHARLES ST, Baltimore, Maryland CAlvert 5083 CO MPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND """""----- -A---------------A:::::::::::::::::::::::::y: 1 ..- is SHIP VIA W. T. COWAN, Inc. FAST MOTOR FREIGHT Main Office and Terminal 1 U BAYARD and CLEVELAND STS. Baltimore, Maryland Phones GIlmor 4630 - 4631 - 4632 From Baltimore, Md. Binghamton, N. Y. Washington, D. C. Newark, N. J. Philadelphia, Pa. New York, N. Y. Wilmington, Del. FAST, DEPENDABLE, CONVENIENT, COURTEOUS SERVICE Liberty 1518 Liberty 0465 A R M A C O S T FUNERAL mREcToRs 4208 RIDGEWOOD AVE. CONSUMER'S COFFEE CO. 2561 EDMONDSON AVE. Coffees lo Suit Any Taste Our truck passes your door -- Can we serve you? CALL Gllmor 6507 THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR CERTAIN TY 36th Season of the EUROPEAN CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC HENRI WEINREICH, Director LOHN ADAM HUGO, Founder, 1900 Flags, Banners, Pennants, Emblems, Church and Society Goods - Beads and Novelties - School Belts and Buckles The Flag, Banner 8 Pennant Shop lR. H. Taylor - Successor to Sisco Bros.l 302 PARK AVENUE BALTIMORE, MD. Compliments Of HOCHSCHILD, KOHN SI CO THE FAVORITE OUTFITTER OF BALTIMOREYS YOUTH 'llie Hub "-of Charles Street" NO MATTER WHAT THE MOMENT IS - HUTZLERJS HAS THE CLOTHES OF THE MOMENT FOR THE SMART YOUNG SET HUTZLER BFOTHEIQ Q Compliments Of INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Co. 920 E. 25TH STREET J. JENKINS' SONS CO. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS School and College Jewelry - Belt Buckles Repair and Special Order Work 20 W. Redwood St. Baltimore, Md Compliments Of S. S. KRESGE CO. LORD BALTIMORE FLORISTS rnowsns ron ALL OCCASIONS Orchids and Gardenias Daily LORD BALTIMORE HOTEL HANOVER STREET SIDE PLaza 2782 PLaza 9400 -AAAAAAA -A,-A, --::v.:::vi-, .... ---------,--------,---,- -- The SOUTHERN HOTEL Baltimore's Foremost If ' 1 3 l ,Q , 1- 'LVTEFI 1' A F' :F ' U15 L L :diff rx 1 uh?-BENQ y'ev- .,.fi'351f It 91 x I Y" . sr '- me . 'uf '. 1e?S5"iE.?1i'l W f" iklZ1i ii' 5 ' ?- 2' ' Il A HOTEL OF DISTINCTION Compliments of the FOREST PARK MARKET 4101 NORFOLK AVE. UNDINE Nestle's Newest One-Minute Permanent Wave 4608 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE. Forest 6723 J. NELSON GATES LII-'E INSURANCE and ANNUITIES Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co. 1000 Fidelity Bldg. PLaza 6700 H A M M A N N ' S MUSIC STORE 206 NORTH LIBERTY STREET Just Above Lexington St. Phone, PLaza 6739 H A R V E Y " S PET and NOVELTY SHOP Feed, Garden Supplies, Seeds 4734 Liberty Heights Avenue Llbrty 6391 HORIE LAUNDRY CO., INC. In Business Since 1907 231-241 S. CLINTON ST. Phone WOlfe 1286 BERNARD A. HOUSE FLORAL DESIGNS and CUT FLOWERS 132 E. Montgomery St. Baltimore, Md. Phone, SOuth 1114 Compliment: of HYLE OIL BURNER FLEET and CENTRAL AVENUE Baltimore, Maryland Compliments of MAYOR HOWARD JACKSON "COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND" S. P. J. COMPLIMENTS OF JETT BROS. 22 W. FAYETTE ST. EARLE KIRKLEY F L O W E R S UNiversity 3885 3413 GREENMOUNT AVE. COIWIPLIMENTS OF THE PHI THETA TAU SORORITY L A M B R 0 S LIBERTY and GARRISON For Your Everyday Needs Free Delivery Llberty 2360 We Deliver Established 1870 C. H. LARKIN SONS - SEA FOOD Fresh Smoked and Salt Fish - Crabs - Oysters 400-402 W. LEXINGTON ST. Phone, CAlvert 4685 Baltimore, Md. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Moderate Prices Phone, FOrest 6528 LE RAE BEAUTY SALON Hairdressing ol Distinction 3613 PARK HEIGHTS AVE. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND KEYSTONE MARKET Fancy and Staple Groceries - Select Meats - Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at All Times 4028 BELVEDERE AVE. Baltimore, Md. Phones: FOrest 6062 - Llberty 1314 Everything for the Table MILLER BROS. 1 WEST UNIVERSITY PARKWAY J. NORWITZ - G. A. STORE CHOICE GROCERIES and PROVISIONS Longwood, Corner Brighton St. Phone, LAfayette 2127 PIMLICO MARBLE CO. 5255 PARK HEIGHTS AVE., Above Belvedere CEMETERY MEMORIALS and NATUARY Baltimore, Md. Phone, Llberty 4472 FRED A. REUWER Wholesale and Retail - Fruits and Vegetables Stalls: 744 and 746 LEXINGTON MARKET Cor. Lexington and Paca Streets Daily in Attendance Phone, CAlvert 3605 RICHMAN BROS. Electric Floor Sanders Rented Hardware, Paints and Household Furnishings Radio and Electrical Supplies 4703 Liberty Heights Ave. Phone, Liberty 9058 -------------------------,,--:::- --- --------,--- --- 6'Lest We F orgeti' ROYAL FARMS DAIRY 10024 INDEPENDENT Highest quality milk from carefully selected herds. Also Butter, Cottage Cheese, Buttermilk, Malted Chocolate Milk and Orangeade F. E. SAUMENIG MAdison 7644-45 GR-ANT PRESS COMMERCIAL PRINTING 113 - I5 - 17 Water Sn-ee: H. R. Schaake PLaza 6668 A FRIEND ROGERS - SEWELL, INC. HUDSON TERRAPLANE 4024 Belvedere Ave. Llberty 8209 Repairs on All Make Cars Run Right To READ'S for all your drug store needs! Phone Forest 8968 for Free Delivery Liberty Heights and Garrison Avenues COMPLIMENTS OF ZETA TAU, TI-IETA Always At Your Service BRUNSON'S GARAGE General Auto Repairing 4810 Pimlico Rd. LI. 0441 Baltimore, Md. A Friend W. L. SUMMERS F L 0 R I S T Phone MAd. 1701 Res. For. 8552-W We Telegraph Flowers 1542 PENNSYLVANIA AVE. Baltimore, Md. WHEN ORDERING YOUR FUEL OIL Call WOlfe 9148 WALTER J. RUPPERT CORP. Philadelphia Rd. and Haven St., Baltimore, Md. Phones: Hollins Market, CAlvert 4121-W Residence, CAtonsville 261-J CLYDE W. SCHAFER Sugar Cured Meats, Country Sausage and Pudding Stall, 191 Hollins Market Geo. W. Little Robt. S. Little Little's Funeral Home Phone, LAfa.yette 8470-3471 2700 EDMONDSON AVENUE COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND M. WEISS - JEWELER and OPTICIAN 3831 Liberty Heights Ave., FOres! 6035 2410 Pennsylvania, near North Ave. Complete Line of Fine Diamonds, Watches and jewelry - Convenient Terms Welch and Jewelry Repairing our Specially COMPLIMENTS OF THE SIGMA KAPPA SORORITY COIVIPLIMENTS OF AMERICAN WRITING MACHINE CO. COMPLIMENTS OF PHI BETA KAPPA MARYLAND WORKSHOP FOR THE BLIND 601 N. FULTON AVENUE THE PAUL-RICE ENGINEERING CO. Quality Heating Plants At Prices Little Beyond Ordinary Work 306 W. MULBERRY STREET ELINOR BEAUTY SHOPPE Complete Beauty Service Try Our Machineless Permanent: 4710 Gwynn Oak Ave. LI3842 Baltimore, Md. Cv Q..-:::: - :ff 41 41 41 1 41 41 41 41 1 41 41 1 41 41 41 :1 1 41 41 1 41 1 41 41 41 41 41 1 1 1 1 41 41 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 1 41 41 1 41 1 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 1 11 1 41 41 1 41 41 41 41 41 1 1 1 :1 1 41 1 1 1 1 41 41 1 41 1 41 41 41 Qc EDMUNDS COMMERCIAL COLLEGE "THE SELECT SCHOOL" Secretarial and Accounting Courses All daylight, fireproof building Hygienic Surroundings Group Instruction All graduates are holding positions Special Shorthand and Typing Course Complete, 360.00 THIS COURSE MAY BE COMPLETED IN THE SUNMMER MONTHS 506 PARK AVENUE VERNON 0227 Enjoy the Great American Dessert Compliments of "S m o o t h F r e e z e" Meadow Gold ICE CREAM Provident Savings Bank S. W. Cor. Howard and Saratoga Sts. Cgmplimgnfg gf LAMBROS BROS. Gwvnn Oak Iunction Fifteen Omces COMPLIMENTS OF THE MARION COAT COIVIPANY ' A MODERN HEATING SYSTEM will bring' genuine oomfort and pleasure into your home. Standard Supply 6: Equipment Inc. 2202-2204 BOSTON ST. WOlfe 9800-9801 "One Near Your Home" AAA.v-oo-04-AAAA --A- - 41 41 41 1 1 41 1 1 41 1 1 41 1 41 41 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 41 41 41 1 1 1 41 41 1 1 1 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 1 41 41 41 41 41 1 41 1 1 41 41 41 41 1 1 1 1 41 41 1 41 41 41 41 41 1 41 41 5 41 41 41 41 1 41 41 41 1 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 0: - A - vvv- - - v J-tv ::::.1-c:::: A A A: AAAAAAA :::::::::::::r0Q BALTIMORE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE fEstablished 19101 DAY DIVISION: features cooperative education, or the work-study plan of in- struction. Students, after the Freshman year, divide their time between classroom stugdy and work in industry, in alternate 3-month periods. Customary wages paid :luring work periods. Course leads to the B. B. A. degree. EVENING DIVISION: Accounting, Business Administration, Credit Manage- ment, Traffic Management, C. P. A. Review courses. Over 150 Maryland C .P. A.'s have studied at this college. All classes in both divisions open to men and women. 9 Y. M. C. A. BUSINESS COLLEGE Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typewriting and Secretarial courses. Low tuition: Day School, 518.00 per month, Evening School, 37.75 per month. Individual in- struction, enter any time. Good positions for graduates. Classes open to men and women. Approved by the Maryland State Department of Education. 0 Y. M. C. A., FRANKLIN AND CATHEDRAL STS. VErnon 8650 , . , PRODUCT OF GENERAL MOTORS ' - . .' 'WB mvffasloe Aauroln . E esstlyggysye ' 1 nllvivl 1 . I 5 , .,- lllli ,,. - , V Y 1 if J, A Balffmgrg-Oypngd Inglilufign, Delco-Heat Condirionair Delco-Hear Oil Burner HMEATS OF QUALITYN I W 1904-22 LIGHT STREET SOuth 2400 ff ,S Ygvrr VV Ygrrr Y gh I Delco-Heat Boiler DISTRIBUTED BY Oil Burners Distributing Co. 1100 CATHEDRAL ST. BALTO., MD. -Q'4'::::,4-0::: -:::: - - A A PARENT-TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION ofthe Forest Park High School l0rganized in 1924-J Dear Boys and Girls of the June, 1936 Class: Congratulations. You have reached a most important stage in your education. Some of you will carry on in other schools, others will seek other fields of endeavor. We wish you well in your chosen field. Remember that one of life's priceless treasures is knowledge and you should not tire in your search of it. The P. T. A. meets the first Tuesday in each month at 8:15 P. M., in the Forest Park High School. Every parent is invited to join the effective work carried on by this organi- zation, for the benefit of the students of our school. THE ARUN DEL CGRPORATION BALTIMORE, MD. Constructors and Engineers Sand, Gravel and Commercial Slag A. Burker 86 Co., Inc. Wholesale Commission Merchants FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 209-11 S. CHARLES ST. POULTRY DEPT. - 516 ENSOR. ST. Baltimore, Md. BLEND M A R Y' J 0 H N S 0 N Corsages with your evening gowns Mary Johnson, Inc. Howard and Madison Streets VErnon 0120 2201 N. Charles St. UNiversity 6168 INSULATE NOW HOMXQULATION HOMES AND APARTMENTS E R C O Liberty 7021 -- Liberty 44-93 An effective barrier against the hot rays of the sun. While others are sweltering your home will he 15" cooler. Free Estimate-Terms If Desired Enterprise Roofing Co. 119 Light St. CAlvert 24-68 AUT0 SERVICE McKnight Real Estate Co. 3614 Fairview Ave. Baltimore, Md. ' ei11's Charles Street at Lexington THE JOAN AND JANE SHOP is Noted for Its Cay, Young F ashions. . , .lunior Sizes 11-17 O'NEILL'S SECOND FLOOR A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND THE CRITERION S "BALTIMORE"S SWING ORCHESTRA" FOREST PARK 1936 MID-YEAR PROM AD LIEDER WOlte 4153 A. C. WASKEY 86 CO. CHOICE BEEF, PORK, LAMB, and VEAL 193-195 Lafayette Mu-ket - MAdiaon 0339 157-159 North Avenue Market - VErnon 0282 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND TROCKENBROT 86 CO. Makers of College, School, Club, Lodge and Fre- ternal Pins and Rings, Medals, Sport Novelties Frat Dence Favors Prize Cups and Balls lor all Sports 310 N. PACA nr. SARATOGA VErnon 1052 MAKERS OF FOREST PARK PINS COMPLIMENTS OF SOLOMON 86 SONS 603 W. BALTIMORE ST. ROBBINS PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST 4401 Liberty Heights Ave. Llherty 7896 We Deliver Anywhere, Anytime- Give Us J Trial STORAGE-For Household Goods, Rugs, Draper- , t . Mo'iERel1ANs-For Local and Long Distance Moving. PACKING-Goods packed and forwarded to all ports of the world. RUG CLEANING-By the most modern process, with experienced cleaners. APPRAISALS AND INVE TRUNK ROOMS-For Trunks and Small Pack- A 'bl ll ' . ages, ccessu e at a times ART ROOMS-For Works of Art, Pinnos, Paint- ings, Statuary, etc. LIFT VANS.For Inter-state and Foreign Ship- ments. BURGLAR PROOF VAULTS-For the Storage of Silverware and other valuables in bulk. NTORIES-B E y xperts thoroughly familiar with this distinctive service. CALL VERNON 7900 FOR SECURITY SERVICE IT COSTS NO MORE -- 4 1 YEARS OF SERVICE SECURITY STORAGE COMPANY 15 WEST NORTH AVENUE 5? I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I Founded 1782 WASHINGTON C O L L E G E MARYLAND,S OLD!-:sT COLLEGE Co-Educational - Historic - Adequate Equipment - Moderate Expenses Modern Curriculum Limited Enrollment Excellent Faculty Gilbert W. Mead, Litt.D., LL.D., Pres. Write for Catalogue CHESTERTOWN, MD. WOODLAWN CREAMERY Wm. E. Morrison LIBERTY and KELOX ROADS Woodlawn, Baltimore, Md., and Lexington Market A FRIEND 24-HOUR SERVICE WEST NORTH AVENUE GARAGE 2720 W. NORTH AVE. BALTIMORE, MD. Automobile Repairing ol All Kinds Body and Fender Work Specialists Complmenu of w A G N E H R A G N E PHARMACISTS 3300 GARRISON BLVD. FROM A FRIEND Compliments of a Friend QA. J. I-IJ Compliments of GAMMA DELTA FRATERNITY MADELINE DRESSES Graduation Dresses That Are Different MILLINERY - HOSIERY Liberty Heights near Garrison When You Think of Flower: Think of VINCENT and phone LAfayette 1947-1948-1949 LONGWOOD ST. at NORTH AVE. Compliment: of JESSE TRAGER, D.D.S. Clan of '29 Forest 6558 STREEKS HOMEMADE CANDY SHOPPE Made Fresh Daily Colored Mints to Order Baltimore, Maryland 3627 PARK HEIGHTS WM. A. SNYDER Sausage - Cooked Tongues - Cooked Hams Drened Rabbits all Year Round Smoked Tongues a Specialty CAlvert 0824 732-34 LEXINGTON MKT. SI'IERMAN'S MEAT MARKET RIDGEWOOD and GWYNN OAK AVES. Phone, Llberty 2911 SHOEN - RUSSELL, INC. I M P 0 R 'I' E R S Millinery - Suits - Coats - Gowns 335 N. Charles St. Baltimore, Md. S A N D E R S 0 N ' S BEAUTY SALON, INC. 201 N. Liberty St. at Lexington CAlver! 0113 C ornplirnenlr of MR. and MRS. LOUIS A. SALAWITCII AND FAMILY The EMERSCN HOTEL One of Baltimore's smartest hotels that provides for its guests an exceptionally high order of service, cuisine and comfort. Private rooms and banquet halls for every occasion. Attractive lounge and cocktail room on lobby floor. Moderate Rates II Q::::::.-:::::::: ,::::::::::,,:: -,::::,,::::::::::,::::::::: :v Phone MADISON 2752 -for the odorless, greaseless dry cleaning that meets your highest expectations REGAL - ZORIC DRY CLEANERS -for the completely satisfying laundry service you've always wanted-at the right price. R E G A L THE SOFT WATER LAUNDRY Main Ollice and Plants: GILMOR AND MOSHER STREETS Your garments and linens handled as carefully as if they were our own- in our modern soft water laundry and dry cleaning plants-under personal supervision of the owners. DICKEYVILLE An Early American Village of Character and Charm Stone and Frame Houses Restored and Remodeled-Come Out and See What Has Been Already Accomplished ARTHUR LEE HOFF COMPLIMENTS OF RU-DO BEAUTY SHOPPE 8010 w. NORTH AVE. Provisioning Ships Our Specialty STERN'S STANDS SUPREME R. S. STERN Phu 5898-5899 MUNSEY BUILDING Night and Holiday! - Llbeny 4909 424-426 W. CONWAY ST. Baltimore. Md. INSURE AGAINST Lum Gm Living Too Long , D For Complete Drug Service ... Free Delivery or Dying Too Soon M . L E W I S 1408 coUR'r SQUARE BLDG. SHURE'S DRUG STORES LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE. cor. Ayrdale Prenriptiom Called lor and Delivered Compliments of A FRIEND ASBESTOS RIDGE FARM MILK AND MILK PRovUcTs Produced and Puteurized If the Farm For Delivery - Cnll Woodlawn 152-J A-----------,-------------------- Compliments of TI-IE SOUTHERN PRESS PIANO INSTRUCTION IN ALL GRADES CAROLINE LERCH POLSTER, a former member of the Faculty of the Peabody Con- servatory Preparatory Department, is arrang- ing to teach a limited number of piano stu- dents at her home, 12 Gwynndale Avenue, Baltimore. Address 12 Cwynndale Avenue Business Machine And Stenographic College C. FELIX WITKOWSKI 6 E. Lexington St. PLaza. 1606 Courses in Instruction on Typing Adding, Calculating Stenographic and Bookkeeping' Comptometry Machines DEAN K. ROBINSON Trained and Equipped to Repair, or Make, Any Part of a Fine WATCH, CLOCK, or CHRONOMETER Phone. Llberty 4359 3410 Garrison Blvd. COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLES E. MERRICK . I Compliments of Station F, Baltimore, Md. THE GARRISON PAINT ac HARDWARE co. Telephone-Woodlawn 75 F0rE:tm20g: d-Hw:'fi:1am 3307 Garrison Blvd. Baltimore, Md. . -Qutoftajah . 9, hx WMM ::: ::: 0:::: :: ZAMSKY STUDIO, INC. Sittings Telephone: by Pennypacker Appointment 6190 - 8070 There Is No Substitute For E X P E R I E N C E The Zamsky Studio, Inc. has successfully handled Year Book Photography for twenty years. The skilled personnel and up-to-date equip- ment necessary for such a record is reflected in this book and is your assurance that you may - "Count on Zamslcyv 902 CHESTNUT STREET, YALE RECORD BUILDING, Philadelphia, Pa. New Haven, Conn. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES FROM NEW ENGLAND TO THE SOUTH 0::'0:::.-- :::::::: ::::: :: WWWWWMWWWWWWWZWW - ga - -ez . avg- -ef -ez 'xg T . 19X . . W wwiwi win V-I Vu 5- WL . IQX . Q, , , , ,ze - 3 ,54 MAKE YOUR BOOK A pa . . pa. Lick- '.'.' r - ew - - we gis t-Q9 ve ,Ax ,Ax ' . g - kg W w,w gg 3- 'R i 554 l ' ' X4 l Yi Open to You -- our Treasure Chest of Fei . A Orzgznalzty - Versatzlzty lgualzty -Serwee .SA . . . t 1.x . 5: 5 O U R past four years have able treasure chest of a completely Q - 5 - xg, - been glorious! They are be- equipped plant, years of college ' g f - . Q . - ing culminated in this, your book. craftsmen experience, quality . Ft. Ei ' CE printing and willing service. EI ' 5 ' XV ' The Treasure Accumulated ' Xvl ' 74? . . 14? . ' , Familiar scenes, faculty, The Treasure Pl'CSCl'VCd , . V , friends and events deserve a pre- pl-Oper opening of 3 book cn, , vi . 1 24g i Sentatlon Wlll embody all thc surcs 3 long subgtantial life' . ' Q i ffflings fhaf this memorable PC' you treasure your annual preserve gg ' :Q ' 594 ' Nod Chcflshcs' it by following these simple direc- ' get A - - tions. Hold the book with its - K2 CE I The Treasure Presented back on a Hat surface, let the front ' ' Throughout the production cover down gently, then the back ' ' ' ' I of this, your book, every care was cover. Open a few leaves at the ' ' A ' exercised to build an annual that back, and so on, alternately open- ' A ' , I . would be a credit to you and to ing back and front, carefully I H: :E ourselves. We offer to the school pressing open the sections until - - and college annual staffs our verit- the center of the volume is reached. ' aa , as A a as-A -4 as-as +4-we-A . fa. tt' W J? 6 A Y Q Q v . VR . . hi . 5 . Q 02 HC' 5 .Qn g g O ,, , ge, ee 4 tit, WEST MULBERRY STREETJSALTIMORE 5 , 5 i EIQ H P 'f'elf,T,eE 7f,efQfQ'fffQ,fffilil 5 Rf, lv ff 'fe i EK i 'g.' O - g,K' mp g g Qp kl k y gi k i k,i g.y k7 k.2 . ' v 7 ' Y 4 D 4 P 4 V P 4 P . flax . me . y,wfBEf4r3'E:a . . as , ai . , fi , za 1383, 1 -, 1 1 g , X , o y Q D .r v I - V 7 4 V . 4 Y V 4 W 4 V I 4 I V 4 V 4 D tm. . .fau na Ili.lei..Zi'agK3'g7Zi. .1x..7xag1Ai. a U - - - isa an u - - - - - - - sea - - - - is k'f W If i:,i.l"',,i':.f7 E365 f' Q dp, . Y ' ""wsfef1: A x , ' I V f -N4 AR ' , f ww , '-f- lm 4 lv " 4 we K, muff. 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Suggestions in the Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) collection:

Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


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Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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