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" K in ' fm wk '42 - f N W f ff H ww . . A4, ,A 3F'w1'l9"'i54 FL, ff' . M' 7 TW Tx I "'Wf'?f335f 'fiW"mifE.5'1 " W .1-'YWQ ' ,i'?Q7??"1'WV , Wi 1 'zPf" ' -1 3 ' ,WB I 'L Y-ww 75 UW m f f d ' 1' 'ffl , f f - , mms X. . .,, Mf g, Q ,gl v t, Q, . - ' W gh ? 9:35 J I. iq? . MEX: 3 5,3 My fy rw QW A xg ,G Q M' . 1 . ig, u al ,M VA H a mm,-Eg w h w u b Wjaxfi, ig? Agia 91 -' + ggi K 1 nv 'Ap 23 ,ash My M ua , S345 F M gg? Y , M Q: 013 3- ps H Q , Mi Sv M 'P vf W X WP' WH Mi' 'Y w 'M ' M W ws J'1 'w" ' K , 1: wwf-. x 20- " !',S6'?x. . " k' 4E"3rf -Q, ,, 1 sr wwf ' ii' S ' M ff! 1 W 35" s ' ., F- ., ,, L M M W7 N ' fd WW' MTW W 5 H W K' 5 f k A 1 f 1 ?w ":szfw fE3 , + z Em' N4 W with R 2' S ' ' K N 132332 X 1 5 f 2, 4, 1 Jw ' T 6 wcff xv f f 1 f 4. A ' gm , J, ggi ip V , W , gg X, 4 , Pia Vw J, . if ifiw -waz me 3. .i,,,- -Az. ,'. . , ,, Q,,.,Q ,. . W ' ' :Psf 4 ' ah A : ' f " M M 2 , WM, .L ,T f fx 'Q M iw Ve A W fi ,M ,, , mm m M il, ' f,5,,W?g55g'QWv?i53-g.,wn'sl5i , Egan IH VW as R W A Q 'M '1 ' - Q 1. 1+ ' -52 wf ,L 2 H Y w - v I" f-1-Q "f W Wi .,f" " 'if-M "f.x'J' : JJ -W W ' 1."L- -1. . 1 L.. . 1, 1, 1 ' -w X 1 1 -- , M W - - 5- , gf ,. ,Q m a ' - 1'-f ,s ',3i5f3A ' 'M 14 35 132 f 9 3 ' - ,fgsggefi gf, qw " Agn.. w i - M 311 ar32,5f'- g45,,, , 4..' 1 5, 311' " 3-wh ,J',:, ., 5 3Pa . ' ML""K'1M?v M iw wQ '.5Lw :3gwm 'si' mv" fp Maw , w ww . fem fff-M. . p w f- yi ,iwggggfig - e ' 5 1 V V - M Jeaia- wwe, miiwmf 'Magi 36 . 5 , M V W, -wibfzg . N g. . ff ' 3 15ir?,:' f.f,'Y E , ,,,A3r ,,,!V ki Mx XL N piggy, glulglmfq, M ., W mais- ' " r w fam 1 Q M wfw Wmiwailfwiwgwiwie if ' 1111, . 1.-v 11 1 -. - .-- :.x , - 'mi 'Q 7' ,171- gf If fijfjgf :aff '-f""'Qg 'LV M Q 5 'WM QLJEEZ' ' I9 ' 11:5 ' ' ' " :c':':-, 1 . ' -1 0 ff I f ff if , X 1 f XL 5 if -I X Q Q Haw K . F ,wwf , , . ' I 5 ff ' 1 , X W ,, . - 'Wfflfl ,fx ' - ,457 wg " 4 fy VN ' - X 1' 32f5Tis'.' 2' ff ,:i'f1!'! 'N ' .-'.fLiif S 2- 454 , ' .gsgig-z,,cf. ,piliqg-.ff f,, , 1:2 L,-X-Ei ,2 "'5v'fz"1.. ,f-, ' A 7' ' 4 -. 5: 21 A- riff 1 -fx -V Vf ' " K f ' vat: . 1 ,- ,. L EX Ll BRI M in E 5 L S r r 4 w THE FOR STER O JUNE 1933 FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Baltimore, Maryland O Four F OREWORD N choosing a modernistic theme for our Forester we feel that we have succeeded in making our year book an expression of the modern age and particularly, of the spirit of the graduating class. '23 DEDICATION UR FORESTHR, the lasting memory of our life here at Forest Park, we dedicate to MR. ALFRED P. SCOTT, who as teacher, splendid friend, and inspiring fellow Work- er, has endeared him- self to us for all time. Five AN APPRECIATION l . . . -l-o Miss BECKER, our advisor and friend, we wish ix to show our esteem and affectiong for she is the one. whose memory-will always recall to us all the characteris- tics of a bond leader, a loyal friend, and a perfect lady. l ADMINISTRATIDN-j Eight JUNE 1933 FORESTER GLENN OWENS Principal FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Nine JUNE 1953 FORESTER Ton '34, 7 D. FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY ,f' GLENN OWENS, A.M ............4...,.4,.........,.....A, ANNABEL LEE WHITE, B.S., A.M., Ph.D.... ALFRED P. SCOTT, A.B., AM ......,.......,...., SCIENCE Head ,,.... EDWIN L. FREDERICK, A.B., P1-LD. Head Henry Hirsch, B.S. Mildred Hutt, A.B. Ruth A. Kramer, A.B. Joseph L. Krieger. B.S. COMMERCE Head ........., CHESTER H. KATENKAMP, B.S., A.M., Ed.D. John B. Calder Adele Grote George Hocker, B.S., E.D. Michael C. Leipholz Madeleine M. Thompson Mary E. Wells. B.S. Head ............ ...........Prmczpal ......Vice-Principal A ..Vice-Principal - LATIN 4 ........JESSlE M. EBAUGH, A.B. Irene Roe, A.B. I ENGLISH I ...ANGELA BROENING, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. l Margaret W. Chase, A.B. Clarence T. De Haven, A.B. Gladys Benson Eger, A.B. Ruth H. Hudson, A.B., A.M. Elizabeth M. Jones, A.B., R.N. Abraham LeSchack. B.S. Virginia Shaifer, B.S., A.M. Etta W. Smith, B.S. Alta E. Thompson, B.S., A.M. Fannie C. Wright, B.S. Librarian ..,..,.,....., MRS. DOROTHY KRAUSE, HISTORY Head .....,.. CHARLES E. ADAMS, A.M., Pl'1.B. Grace D. Broening, A.M. A.B., A.M. MODERN LANGUAGES I Florence M- LBYIWH Head ,......... OTTo K. SCHMIED, A.B., LLB. Florence Levinson, A.M. Alfred P. Scott, A.B., A.M. Thomas Van Sant, B.S. Edith Klinesmith J. Fred Moore, A.B. Ruth E. Ruhe, A.B. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MATHEMATICS Head ,,-.4,-, GRQVER WILLIAM NQRRIS' A.M. Head .......,..,....,.,,....,..,,........... REX H. SIMS Sophie M. Becker, A.B. C. Melville Anderson, B.S. Latimer A. Dice, A.B., A.M. William H. Jolly Joseph L. Krieger, B.S. Florence R. Lane Annabel Lee White, B.S., A.M., Ph.D. Lucy E. Hyde Lucy Journeay, B.S. HOME ECONOMICS Doris V. Churchn B.S. Ida A. Wholey, B.S. Head .....,.., INDUSTRIAL ARTS .........WILLIAM K. YOCUM, A.B. Edgar Bull Stanley L. Heylmun Thomas L. Young GRAPHIC ARTS Nora V. Brainard, B.S. Nellie S. Norris MUSIC Genevieve P. Butler, B.S. VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE Nora A. Stoll, A.B, ADMINISTRATION Shirley M. Freed Sylvia Rosenberg ATTENDANCE OFFICER Mrs. Elizabeth Gates DIETITIAN Neva C. Levvis Eleven JUNE 1933 FORESTER 1 l Miss Noiuus Miss BUTLER MR. DEHAVEN APPRECIATION 0 these best friends of ours of the faculty, Miss Butler, Miss Norris, and Mr. De Haven, we wish to express as much as is in our power of che vast appreciation we owe them. Miss Butler's hard work and untiring patience at rehearsals has assured the suc- cess of our commencement musicg in the development of the art work of our Forester, Miss Norris, always excellent judgment and good taste have helped us immeasurablyg while Mr. De Haven's production of a splendid Senior Play that was once more a success was almost the crowning event in our year. We have gained much from these contacts. That these friends of ours have enjoyed their work with us as much as we have profited by their unseliish assistance, is our sincere wish. Twelve . . ,, ..v. .,,.,..A ,. , ,,1,1m,- 1. ,-Y-iffi: ' -5--'iaH1'4f!9'2e,.?Jf?L-fYSZ-Ze?-E5ffS,94w':f:,'.iV::Q --'27-W ,Zl: ..f".-:..-:5 P'-1- 1 .4 'Z' " --1.12 : -pryH:.Ax2,alQ,'21q1:1f45f,l?jf,-,z,r,g',53y'1?5:53ixZf-13.-r,.a'-,vi -1, , " if-2-1 -j-:Q L,-2 3. W Q ,I ,Tay-,f,-,Ag:-,,'f.g1!fj3?-54-'5,'e,,g.A' ,352-V3-:."':fQ ga Ap, 1 -11 wg-2. ,: 1i.4-,i-- if '11 1- + -K -' ' f.A lu jjiirfli-wf-w:!wv..:'2':1wr-'E-w:,e1i5k 7f.'1.:ea ..'i, " -- . .- Y -T-.. - ---T - 'QA ,-14. -yy. :,.53.wgf?Ev,Lv,- -ff ,:4el.f21.114'1':'-f'-,,4- g-.- - -5' T:-.::..L..."' - -- , . l v "-ni.-f'. f-uw. -- ' 'fhfehffx-J1,' 'J 'fy' .: --12:24-. e ,4 :- '- 'LA ., --- . 32-"-jpg-12'-T 3-.,ife:fzri5Ze,.16. 16'-Z-'.fQf:g.f-'-v "mf -f.-f- ' '- '-.- -' -ff? f -4-A,..x, A Q, A -,M , M, ,J H ,- ,-In , .-I-,, -lv,x.A.:, U 145- , f--:Q -L1--'I - '- "-:-1"?'T 1'?25if225'1fs....,7-I' '- F.:sH5f"-':-.'.'.-34:3-SET? .- -1- " T13-:.-.i-r-7 T511 :Sf-.54 '., i x- jfs- - 'fur 'a m H'-4 '..-'1':"1'r:-s:f- .3, -.- - -A --5 ' A , V-. .. . - -fx L T ' 'f -i E??+ii5v7.'i'-9 ff?-'I-77'-Qff".' ?'?" ""fZ 'fl-lil -iw LT- A Lji,3f.'5,-y..'rq. 'f f , '.1','e-V+,-..-., Q- : , -15: V- - Y4-'Ti Ti:4 - E I L : '5'7 '? : F ' -f ' :A?z5: Ei "-L'-73'5' :' :1:ZQ:"Q2i'iV'1":T ' ':f-12"'-ff". E " " -A'-Z' A 4514 2-i ' + " . 125' 'Ziff '-' :F llz : -':?' i.2 --Yi . 94-21 .N,..g-.7.p:-'- . . , 2 3- 1 A- A. .A 1 '-- Ai.-....,:-f 1- -1. 'TL-ET 4.2.-f -."f"-i::f,f',. . lg LQ-, ,frgjv - ' ' f-?f'T3--ff:-,gf-' .ls-. -4-' eff'f:gmAi.qrf 1 wg,-'31--,ff-3 1 , Y-1 5 -l A gx - ' '-gf-ir ' ' ' - -.1-WA -- , ,-3-1 ,-: - 1-1+ ' 1- "Q,"- ",L2'fL L ii., f,'f- gf! ff "V -.- -2. 2 ' T A AAA: - 1 . -...- - - '5 Y -2 1 W- 4- -' :iwl-4'7--,-,, ,i A . K - -V - -e-i f? g-- - " 1 Q ,A - 4: -' ' --if A, , f' - ff I' f Y 1 :Q - - ' - -.-.. - , if Lv:-A-,-.2 Q--5 2 A if W g f, - -. .- ' ' ff " 4 :te-,ggtii l - ' , Q.: .-l-..- 1 -, , L17 A , 12- - ' -- .i-lx f' 1. . . I AHLY f , 'T-25' -,L-:..-v 3- - f - - Y' "n ' - f"f"f'. C' : -'5:L3" ' -I "' --,LST 535- - Mgt.. A. V b ., D -,,,,A W ,V V -J .-.3-. . . - A -- ? rg. A,l:,3 :- - ' 'T 5 -, A -r g.g5f:. ' , yzwgm ff 'S - I f-' 'L A .g2a'5E, -' - xl , -v " J... 1 i F- Q -- aus".'gSbf'i' . 8 w I! ,- ' ' -4 - f' , i f - , A ,. V ifg A 4 ' WA A, Y Epi, , -.f - -f ff Q ln Q, -- -' - Sf - 5 , b . U., ,A g A Y Y :VA- A A A - wi f 11 f Q-A A - A -- A 5-,.Z"1. '71 1 g . Y' ,gf ' L A 13, ' 'V A Y A Y 4-yr 1 , A - - :-. 'l '55 4 ,.,.,.,.,,.,..x-..,.,,.,-:..5. ,. -- M S U5 1 Q - '-- f ' ? ' f f '1 :: " 'z"5. ' P2 1 5 ' jsf .- . ff:--vri'-Q'z1'f1?4 a ?-- -'J 3- ' ' :1 'wt .. Xi.-:figs - 461-H A A .S A A... -. a. . L i M fi' ,ww V l L' 'iff' E f',fAE32Si?E-gk?-L75HfFff1'f"L:: -. 'l ' v W-"' ' ' -" :J 5--:,,-:T - ""i V. f v' 'g I A' gwq5+f,?fQ:L--Y 1- " 2 -'-'A 45' f- :fe-TT'-H U L l ,- f4'4?+i f'?1K J ' ff my:-1 ' -1-. Ip n 4 ., ..... . ?A , iL -v A-I E 2:4 Y A f, : 4 4 W ff Y U :-:ge -- f l-f-A.1,:AQ-A-W : Q , 4 ': .g..-? ' L"'l'l ' ' '- -.Z-QQ-'Ei' ' - -- -A - - --,-- g 4- 'M ' , L- ,gi 31-jg? ' .. .34.A.5 4g,1Z,f-1553.1 5.------,.. 5. .Jxx uf - - ' ' f - 2.2! 'Z ff: 'Rf 3:,.3:,Q,-...- Q, , 5: '- -. xx , 4 1.3 ,-., . M 'f '-'.- J,-'N,.'.-,'. " "" . -:. - ' . '1-' 3.1 -" 'J P ,f"N"'1'12"-.--. - I 'wx -1 K. 1 - f?fff1I .-g..g - ii'-3-'-T' Q-"LF V 1 ' "X -- 1 if Zn- WA-, 1- A Af x-L--P 'S"?-5-M' f ff-. A A . -f "1 A - 2 A 3 l- rt wx' -' - fi C 3111-11 c' "'-iff:-s1z::.-::" 'v m fe x A ff A ' ill . A. .,.' j M 'l r' M -? N, f,ff'f1 HU" '-ff:-' :Z MIN -.fa-,.. .,', K :v, I ,nfs X . .. . -V I I :,w:::PEta.i5s1-..l- -rf ,47",, ' ,,.. fzsl 1: L FQ + A---.ff :iffy iff f, f , 5 y- w- "g '.'? : f " ' ' ' " "" ""' "" -' - iw 3 Ag' w , .,'1iA-21' ll N137 ' ' f- gf A ir A--ij 'f 'MQ' ff' 'fr' -1 ' A," -f ' - .JSR-N: f f ,L'1'T. - it :- - - , V .7-V A1 -,N . UID.. .f-,:4?.7,,:'3'1--, rg ? 1' fl Eff ..-11 . 5. .. 4- 'Sym . . ig gf-:3 -'1 - 'ff -1 '! A , f f X - . T' fav, : -':1,',.g,:.-.g:m: - :" - 1 " .',-1- '- l 1, f f 1' --44'-' - Lk 1--l- Ph.1'- "x 'W '-" ??f - :-' 7 - " " .- -- if f fl f ,.....',,r,gA fr-..-,sf wwe, -A A r V- vL.-f':1- -' -fy x fgj ,g, yy Lg, 54555 5,55 UNL ' .:-- L...' A A - -4444, ' , -Y ' 311: 7 ' 1 " Va' im'-N qua:-, - GAQT W-' "ff -- gf--"1 E- f . . '22 - 5. f f f' f,-21'-A ff ,,. In A .fm-k1.'.4Y Y- .- .. -,.- 'fgy W 'diff -Z-,T Q. :- gl " I N, fl" -',, 'ful' 951: 'f-,.-Tix i K ff.: -:- V-L.?1 :"'- 1 :Hy M7 22: nf :- z wa .., .:f -f -.1 2---r .2 if - 5 'FM f' , 1'f,W:Pfrfw- f':"'-'-ff:1':'?'Z-'-"'7- 'Ma " ni' - ,. -" ----whxfi ' '-2 ""1-LZ " 1- 1.-.23.2-:':1 - 1 -J:-G ,.' vc. -1 -Q 5- 1-1 it?+t':?15'f-TixifI.i1i3E?:-5,52-1"-Iff,-"1i'Q.1'f254L15..,,i1f'3f:f1i53i-331 f' -Ai 4: -3-91:7 15.-' if -T -f!-9: T-f-L'-2 'V '-1 -ii-- .2 A T' 11" 'il if fl ,-R- - 7 " Ti Lb - '-f-.L - :- ff 11, f ig n-Lj-jf,,1.Ali-44 -Iftj Af 1 f gr ,1-A2'-.-.- 1 -fri TF... ZA,-1 T. -J -jr---i-ii-5-LQQ,--273,-l--i7 .-'..-- 4--- - H-:-' 1 ' ' ' Y r T JUNE 1933 FORESTER C H A R L E S A N D E R S O N, 2905 Mount Holly Street: Chemistry Club: Art Club: Masquers: Radio Club: Biology Club: lnterclass Athletics: Craftsman Club. Andy is the class humorist, although he doesn't mean to be. When he isn't imitating the sound of a wireless set, he is busily searching for his bookbag. W A N D A ' A V O L T, Campfield Road. Randallstown: Interclass Athletics: Art Club. A Wanda combines a business' ability, as is shown by her position as class treasurer, with an athletic prowess. A A R O N B A E R, l65l N. Bentalou Street: Leaders' Club 2. 3. President 4: Chairman Traffic Committee of Jubilee 4: Press: A. A. Baer has proved himself a real leader in the school. He was instrumental in putting "The Press" on its feet in our Senior year. His jovial disposition has won him many friends, who join in wishing him success. M I L D R E D B A E R, 4001 Barrington Road: Press Staff: Varsity Hockey: Interclass Athletics: Leaders' Club 4: Latin Club: Art Club: Honor Student 3: "F" Club: J. J.'J.: Year Basketball Team. '- "Mil"' accepts calamity with astounding nonchalance. Her dry humor has brightened manv a moment. What would have been the fate of the press and the 1452 basketball team without her. D'O R O T H Y B A R C L A Y. 340l Oakfield Avenue: Interclass Athletics: Tennis Team: Treasurer of Junior Class: Class Officer: Latin Club: Secretary. Leaders' Club 4: Junior Tea Dance Committee. ' Throughout her sojourn at'Forest Park, Dot's cheerful disposition has achieved distinction. With her genial blue, she has made us her friend forever: and so will she always make,friends. F: H E N R Y B A R C L ALY, J R., 3401 Oaklield Avenue: President of Senior Class: President of Sub-Senior Class: President of Junior Class: President of Sub-Junior Class: Boys' Leaders' Club: F Club: J. J. J.: Baseball: Tennis: lnterclass Athletics.. - Barclay's name alone can stand for his reputation. His popularity in the field of athletics, as well as that in student activities. is enough to start him on the road to success, J A N E B A R T E L L,-ill-730 Liberty Heights Avenue: Latin Club: Art Club: Leaders' Club 3, 4: Biology Club: Pour Square Club: Honor Student 2, 3: Interclass Athletics. Jbne, the humorist of the class, has a bright witticism for everyone. She believes in inter- minging jest with earnestness, ls not this the formula for success in this good old world? C A R O T T O B A'R T E L S. 3426 Mondawmin Avenue: Latin Club: Stamp fllub: German Club: Operetta: 'Masquers " i ' Carl, is noteil for his inimitable personality. His classmates will not quickly forget him. lf, ..,.. - . d-Bro R G E B A R T H, 3514 Walbrook Avenue: Art Club: Track Team: Soccer: 'inter- class Athletics. , ' ' '- This burly young Adonis is noted forihis good humor and deep-sounding chuckle. v- . , A . ' ' , 1 I R E N E T. B E A M, 2705 Beethoven Avenue: Masquersz Glee Club: Leaders' Club 3, 4: lnterclass Athletics. V ' "Sunny" firmly believes in' ,the fact that all teachers are human: and thereforeu she strives to maintain their approval. Her marry friends are her reward for her sweet disposition. ' S Y L V A N B E C K. 400.9 Barrington' Road: Orchestra: French Club: Chess Club: Forester W'rite-up Editor: Opportunity Cliib 4:"Ethical Club: Chemistry Club. ' "Syl" is an expert chemist, -according to himself. He also admitsthat his' English composi- tions are "pretty fair." He intends to 'study medicine at the University of Maryland. R O B E R T B E L T. 1618 John Street: Track: Chemistry Club: List of Honor 3. He is small, but so was Napoleon. Despite his short stature, Belt has proved himself a worthy person because of his superb arguments with Mr. Krieger in Chemistry classes. Fourteen FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Fifteen JUNE 1933 FORESTER I R V I N G B E R K O W' I T Z, 5207 St. Charles Avenue: Senior Inaugural Assembly: J. J. J. Though we have only just made his acquaintance because he has just come from New York, we certainly know well that he has real musical ability. R U D O L P H B E R R Y, 1722 Dukeland Street: J. J. J.: Interclass Athletics. "Rudy" is a good fellow and a good student. He has many hobbies and knows much about Natural History. M I-:L T O N B O T W I N I K. 3811 Norfolk Avenue: Interclass Athletics. "Milt" is often seen but seldom heard. However. he is well liked by his classmates. A L F R E D H. B O U S M A N. 3502 Fairview Avenue: Interclass Sports: Golf: Chem- istry Clubg Opportunity Club, Bousman is one of our examples of sartorial splendor. He has an engaging manner which we appreciate. J A M E S D. B R A G G, 4205 Liberty Heights Avenue: Varsity Football: J. J. J.: Inter- class Sports: Captain Ice Hockey: Leaders' Club 3, 4: Class Officer. "Jim" does not live up to his last name. He is modest: and after all, that is the best policy. M A R G A R E T B R I T T A I N, 4400 Carleview Road: Art Club: Home Economics. Margaret is a very fine girl with a pleasing personality. E D Y T H E EL Y Z A B E T H E B R O W N. 3000 Garrison Blvd.: Christmas Plays: Art Club: Latin Club: Operetta: Glee Club: J. J. J.: Hospital Association: German Club: Poster Committee. If it's a joke, Edythe is ready with it: for she has the happy faculty of knowing everything that no one else knows. V I V I A N B R O W N, 927 E. Baltimore Street: Art Club: Masquers: Interclass Athletics. To say that Vivian has many friends is putting it mildly. Her smile and her charm are irresistible. M A R T H A M. B R U N 1 N G S. 3135 Sequoia Avenue: J. J. J.: Interclass Basketball: Tennis. If you are in Martha's company for a few weeks, you realize what a fascinating, mischievous spirit she possesses. D I X O N S. B U R T O N. 2216 Mt. Holly Street: Radio Club: Track: J. J. J.: Oper- etta: Senior Play: Stage Lighting: Christmas Play: Glee Club. "Burt" is one of the silent members of our class, but he is right there for many odd jobs that few others can or will do. E L S Y E C A R T E R, 4016 Cold Spring Lane: Glee Club: J. J. J.: Interclass Athletics: Four Square Club. Elsye's predominating characteristic is being agreeable. Consequently she has many friends. R O B E R T E. C A R T E R, 3505 Copley Road: Member of Class of 1933. If he doesn't become manager of a store. Bob will be a lawyer. In either position, his good looks will contribute largely to his success. Sixteen FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Seventeen JUNE 1933 FORESTER J O S E P H C A R T O N. 5017 Denmore Avenue: J. J. J.: Art Club: Interclass Athletics. Who could ever forget this red-headed boy and his wise-cracks? C A R M E I. A C A T A I. A N O. 3700 Eldorado Avenue: Interclass Athletics: Numerals: Glee Club: Art Club: Press Staff: Class Oiiicer: Operetta: J. J. J.: Varsity Tennis: Leaders' Club 43 List of Honor l. Carmela is a capable, shv, and conscientious person. Her quaint, but interesting personality has gained her the respect and good will of all her classmates. PIE R S O N M. C H E C K E T. 4211 Maine Avenue: Interclass Sports: J. J. J.: Chem- istry Club: Art Club: Latin Club. Pete is a good friend. He is always ready and willing to help his classmates with anything, even "Vergil." A L F R E D C H R I S T I A N, 3905 Woodbine Avenue: Track: Class Officer. "Al's" ability to lead and to follow has proved an advantage in his school activities. His is a personality well worth knowing. C A R O L Y N B. C O H E N, 3118 Oakford Avenue: Leaders' Club 4: Forester Stall: Hockey Team: Major F: Class Teams: Year Team Basketball: Honor Student 3, 4: J. J. J.: Art Club: Latin Club: Interclass Tennis Tournament. Gaze on "Sis," the youngest member of her class and a born athlete. However, she does not let this activity take all of her time: for she is a member of many clubs and has maintained good scholarship throughout her stay at school. S E L M A C O H E N, 4138 Norfolk Avenue: J, J. J.: Operetta: French Club: Interclass Athletics and Year Teams: List of Honor 2: Minor Some day Selma will rise to fame for the artistic faces she insists upon drawing in class. 'Til then, we are satisfied to enjoy her giggling and good humor. C H A R L O T T E C O L E M A N, 4210 Elderon Avenue: Interclass Athletics: Four Square Club: F Club: Leaders' Club 4: Glee Club: J. J. J.: D. S. A. Pledge. Charlotte adds a dash of color to our class with her wavy red hair. G E O R G E W. C O L L I N S, 4512 Springdale Avenue: Treasurer Senior Class: For- ester Staff: D. S. A. Pledge: J. J. J.: French Club, President 2: German Club: Art Club: Latin Club: Junior Prom Committee: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3: Soccer: Interclass Athletics: Opportunity Club: Leaders' Club 4. Looking at the list of George's activities at Forest Park, one easily sees that George is a big reason for the success of the class. However, his sincere and earnest work has been felt through- out the entire school. W I L L I A M C O N N O R, 3708 Hillsdale Avenue: Hockey Manager: Track Team: Interclass Athletics. Bill's genial interest in everything makes him popular and admired by all. D A N I E L C O N R O Y, 4017 Chatham Road: Ethical Club: Opportunity Club: Inter- class Athletics. ' Dan has given us many enjoyable moments with his imitations of Carmen and Roland. There is never a dull moment when he is around. M I L D R E D C O O P E R, 3114 Walcott Avenue: Art Club: Glee Club: Interclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Inaugural Assembly Committee: Class Officer. Mildred's pleasing chatter and interesting discourse have' won her many friends. C O L E M A N C O R D I Sf H, 3300 Springdale Avenue: Interclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Stamp Club: Press: Latin Club, Although Coleman is not one of our master-minds, his hard work and willingness to cooperate have been outstanding in the activities of the class. Eighteen FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Nineteen JUNE 1933 FORESTER H E L E N C O R T, 5000 Norwood Avenue: Editor-in-Chief of "Forester:" Varsity Hockey: Varsity Swimming: Interclass Athletics: Honor Student l, 2. 3, 4: Leaders' Club 2, 3, 4: "F" Club: Press Staff: Class Officer. "Corty," besides proving herself very versatile in her school activities, is one of the very few who are able to succeed in both athletics and scholarship. E D l T H M. C O Y L E, 3718 Woodhaven Avenue: J. J. J.: Varsity Hockey: Home Economics Club: Interclass Athletics: Major "I::" Swimming Team. We have learned that Edie can take a joke as well as spring one. Her jolly, lovable disposition is prominent everywhere. M A R Y C R I S P. 4035 Boarman Avenue: Art Club: Latin Club: Ciym Show Chairman: Leaders' Club: Biology Club: Interclass Athletics: Press: Operetta: St. Patrick's Day Dance Committee. 'AI3ee" is marked by her Winsome personality and charm. VJith these assets we are sure she will be a great success, D A N I E L D A N I E L, 6310 Wallis Avenue: Art Club: Class Officer: Latin Club: Chem- istry Club: Interclass Athletics. Daniel expresses his carefree and jovial disposition by means of a cherubic grin. CATHERINE EMILY DAVENPORT. 4501 KathlandAvenue: J. J. J.: Art Club: Glee Club. Catherine's self-possession is strengthened by a steadiness and consistency of effort. Then, too, she possesses a Quiet and agreeable personality. W E L L S D A V I S. 3806 Copley Road: Orchestra. It is said that "Still waters run deep," and we find this to be true in the Davis case. W I L L I A M D A V I S, 2913 Chelsea Terrace: Interclass Athletics. "Willy'i has the advantage of being small: so he can slip down out of sight in English and thus escape certain destruction. A L I C E D E A R M E N T. 3701 Callaway Avenue: D. S. A. Pledge: Leaders' Club 3, 4, President 4: Masquers: Latin Club: Art Club: Interclass Athletics: Minor "Pg" J. J. J.: Operetta: Class Officer: Cilee Club: Ring Committee. Every one knows and likes Alice, In her sweet, smiling way, she has become an inspiring leader and our truest friend. L E S T E R T. D E A R M E N T. 3701 Callaway Avenue: Cilee Club: Leaders' Club 4: Operetta: J. J, J.: Home Economics Club: Four Square Club: Step Singing Committee. Lester is a good soul. iust bubbling over with good nature. sympathy and personality. V I C T O R D E I T Z. 3714 Menlo Drive: Track Team: Interclass Athletics: Soccer Team: J. J. J.: Opportunity Club. Victor comes and Victor goes. Impeccable and urbane! A quiet smile of sophistication on his face, he moves among us as the perfect gentleman. E D N A G E N E V I E V E D E M M I T T. 1706 Poplar Grove Street: Four Square Club: Jubilee. Edna's frank opinion, and spontaneity have stood out as the most charming of her characteristics. D A N I E L D I C K M A N, 4159 Dalrymple Avenue: Track Team: Cheer Leader: Latin Club: German Club: Interclass Athletics: Basketball. 'Easy come, easy go"-Daniel's attitude toward his lessons has always been a bewildered sub- mission to necessary evils. Twenty FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Twenty-one JUNE 1933 FORESTER N I C H O L A S D I M L I N G, 3816 Sequoia Avenue: J. J, J.: Interclass Athletics: Inaugural Assembly Committee: Class Oilicer. Although Nick just can't seem to satisfy Mr. Scott's desires in the line of home study, he shows the disposition of his namesake, Saint Nick. in class. E LIZ A B E T H R. D O D S O N, 2425 Maryland Avenue: Interclass Sports: J. J. J.: French Club: Latin Club: Operetta: Leaders' Club 4: F Club. We have found in Betty the characteristics of a born leader. The athletic department has recog- nized her true value with the Major UF." E L I Z A B E T H A N N,E D R U M M O N D, 2804 Silver Hill Avenue: Latin Club: Art Club: H. E. Club: J. J. J.: Four Square Club: Interclass Athletics: Glee Club: List of Honor l: Tennis Tournament. Betty is alive with humor and good nature. Her friendship is an inspiration to anyone who really knows her. M I L D R E D D U K, E. 3915 Boarman Avenue: Art Club: Treasurer: Masquers: Glee Club: German Club: French Club: Leaders' Club 4: Interclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Operetta: Forester Staff: Numerals. "NIU" is an excellent artist but her refusal to accept laurels is one of her merits, as is her ability to arrive promptly with the 8:57 A. M. bell. D O R I S A. D U S H A N F., l709 Hilton Street: Orchestra: Interclass Athletics: Glee Club: Operetta: J. J. J.: Varsity Volley Ball: Tennis Team: Leaders' Club 4: List of Honor 2. Doris' fidelity and hard work are outstanding in everything she attempts. She isa most lovable person. E S T H E R E D B E R G, 4408 Groveland Avenue: Interclass Athletics: Four Square Club: Glee Club: J. J. J.: Numerals. In school she appears to be a quiet, thoughtful, little thing: but she's chuck full of fun and always ready for a good time. M A R S H A L L E D M O N S T O N. 2924 Windsor Avenue: Class Athletics: Class Oflicer. Let us introduce our Leonardo de Vinci. Edmondston is a fine fellow, and we are happy to have him as a member of our class. g W I L L I A M E L B U R N, 5604 Gist Avenue: Masquers: J. J. J.: Interclass Sports: Operetta. Little William. although his surname is not Shakespeare, seems to lean toward dramatics. His secret ambition, however. is to be able to speak English to Miss Shai'fer's satisfaction. D O R I S E S C H B A C H, 4018 Bonner Road: Leaders' Club 3, 4: Glee Club: Operetta: Interclass Athletics. Doris is an obliging and willing worker. Whenever you need "Sunny" Beam's assistant, just look for Doris. M A R G A R E T E S S I G, 6108 Park Heights Avenue: Art Club: Glee Club: Interclass Athletics: J. J. J. Margaret apparently has not a care in the world. She is always whispering to her class-mates. L O R M A E S T E R S O N. 3239 Powhatan Avenue: Class Athletics: Class Oflicer: J. J. J.: Opportunity Club: Chemistry Club: Leaders' Club 4: Tennis. Lofmm hzs outstanding ability and is sincere in his endeavors. L U C I L L E F A I N B E R G. 4506 Springdale Avenue: Operetta: Interclass Athletics: Year Basketball: Latin Club, Secretary 1: Step Singing Committee. Lou is one of our gay, giggling girls. Her fly-away curls and brown sparkling eyes signify plenty of fun and vitality. Twenty-two FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Twe11ty'three JUNE 1933 FORESTER L O U I S E M A R I E F A L L S. 5261 Nelson Avenue: Interclass Athletics: Glee Club: J. J. J.: Art Club: A. A. We can see great possibilities of a rosy future for Louise, if she combines her ability in art with her skill in dress-making. E L A I N E F E N N E L L, 4110 Kathland Avenue: Latin Club: Glee Club:1 Tennis: Home Economics Club: Basketball: Art Club: German Club. Elaine is charming. As a friend in need. she is unfailing. S A' D I E F E R T I T T A, 3925 Maine Avenue: Art Club: Interclass Athletics: Glee Club. Sad1e's ambition is to own and operate a beauty shop. Here's hoping you won't forget us when we need a beauty treatment in the years to come. R U T H F I E L D M A N. 2922 Ridgewood Avenue: Varsity Hockey: Volleyball: Basket- ball: Tennis: Major F: Leaders' Club 3, 4: Press: Interclass Athletics: Sports' Editor Forester. Ruth makes up with pep and energy for what she lacks in stature. J O A N N E F I S H E I.. 1700 Eutaw Place: Art Club: Latin Club: Masquers: Interclass Athletics: Minor F: Honor List 2. Joanne has won for herself a host of friends. M E I G S F L I P P I N, 3821 Granada Avenue: I-Ii-Y: Art Club: J. J. J.: Operetta: Masrluers: Camera Club: Glee Club. "Meigsie" is our western cowboy. Although in school he is usually quiet, he is always ready for a good time. T. L A T I M E R F O R D, J R., 2711 Chelsea Terrace: Christmas Play: Shakespearean Play: Masquers: Football: J. J. J.: Interclass Athletics. T. L. is an individual who enjoys taking an active part in many things, especially technical subjects. B E T T Y F R A N K, 6011 VVallis Avenue: Latin Club: Masquers: Art Club: Interclass Athletics: Numerals. So far, Betty, with her sandy hair. is Floyd Gibbons' only rival. We imagine she averages about two hundred words a minute. However. we realize that she is earnest as well as Witty, C E L E S T E F R A N K L I N, 3710 Liberty Heights Avenue: Honor Student 1, 2, 3, 4: Masquers: Chemistry Club: Latin Club: Art Club: Open Forum Club: J. J. J.: Interclass Athletics. VJith her flashing eyes and individual personality, Celeste has climbed the ladder of success at Forest Park High School. E V E L Y N F R A Z F R, 4012 Westgate Road: Interclass Athletics: Glee Club: Art Club. A cheery grin and a rippling laugh adequately characterize Evelyn, F R A N K F R A Z I E R. 1806 Dukeland Street: J. J. J. "Franky" likes to hunt. Sometime he may invite us around for a duck dinner. B E S S F R E E D M A N, 3708 Forest Park Avenue: Art Club: Latin Club: Press: Music Appreciation Club: Junior Tea Dance Committee: Masquers: Forester Staff: Open Forum Club: Operetta: Chemistry Club: Class Officer. If riches were measured by brilliance, Bess would rival the illustrious John D. With her many interests, we are sure to hear from Bess in the future as an intellectual success, 'lxwenty-four FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Twenty-hv jUNE 1933 FORESTER M O R T O N F R I E D E N B E R G, 2811 Allendale Road: Oflicer Leaders' Club: Oppor- tunity Club: Latin Club: German Club: Track Team: Interclass Athletics: Senior Piay Com- mittee: D. S. A. Pledge: Basketball: J. J. J.: List of Honor l. 2, 3. 4: Senior Class Play. The moral integrity of this southern lad is shown by the high positions he holds not only in clubs, but also in his teachers' esteem. M A R I E H E L E N G A R R E T T, 4811 Liberty Heights Avenue: Interclass Athletics. To be well liked by everyone is an honor claimed by this attractive young lady. We think she plans to settle down to a quiet CU business life. C A L E. G E R B E R, 4207 Oakford Avenuei Interclass Athletics: Camera Club. Carl IS one of those quiet fellows who is ever ready to lend a hand when one is needed. His ability as a photographer has been well displayed. S E L M A V I R G I N I A G I B S O N, 4102 Belview Avenue: Latin Club: Interclass Athletics. Se!ma's quiet charm and sophistication mystify us and make us wonder as to the content of her inner thoughts. W I L L I A M F. G I L L. 3414 Belvedere Avenue: Class Athletics: J. J. J. "Billy" is the man who can work miracles. By adept use of his skilful tongue. he fascinates teachers. E L L S W O R T H G I L L E S P IE. 3707 Barrington Road: Latin Club: Art Club: Masquers: Operetta: J. J. J.: Glee Club: Senior Play Committee: Christmas Play. Gillespie is one of those boys who know how to "tickle the ivoriesf' S I D N E Y G L A D S T E I N. 2234 Linden Avenue: Glee Club: Latin Club: Boys' Chorus: Chemistry Club: Music Appreciation Club: Senior Play Committee, Chairman. On becoming acquainted with Gladstein, you find there is something about him that brings out your dominating characteristics. His never ending arguments with Mr. Scott are celebrated. E L E A N O R E. G R A N D Y. 2202 Walbrook Avenue: Glee Club: Latin Club: Christmas Play: Interclass Athletics: French Club. With her sweet smile and her dainty. demure personality, Eleanor has danced her way into our hearts. B E T T Y G R A Y. 3509 Dennison Road: Latin Club: Operetta: Interclass Athletics: Four Square Club: Glee Club: Minor F. When there is pep, there is fun: and Betty has plenty of it. Although she has lost a great deal of time through sickness, she has shown her ability and earnestness by graduating with the rest of us. E T H E L G R E E N B E R G, 4ll0 Garrison Boulevard: Latin Club: Interclass Athletics: Chemistry Club: Honor Student l, 2, 3, 4: Leaders' Club 4: Inaugural Assembly Committee. Greeny, with her black curls and her bright eyes, is not only full of fun, but she is intellectual and musical as well. C A R L T O N G R E E R, 4221 Fernhill Avenue: Chemistry Club: Leaders' Club l, 2, 3, 4: Football: Track: Baseball: Club: Chairman Board of Student Representatives: Play Committee: J. J. J.: Interclass Athletics. Greer with his wit, his good humor, and incredible nonchalance has made himself a prominent figure at Forest Park. We admire his sincerity and earnestness. R A L P H G U N D E R S D O R F. 3708 Mohawk Avenue: Press: Glee Club: Forester Staff: Interclass Sports: Art Club: Latin Club: J. J. J.: German Club. Although "Gundy" may be neither a Babe Ruth or a "Red" Grange, he has given many hours to the success of both 'iThe Press" and "The Forester." Twenty-six FCREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Twenty-seve1 JUNE 1933 FORESTER G E O R G E I-I A M M E R B A C H E R, 2902 Garrison Blvd.: Varsity Basketball: F Club: Class Ofhcer: Interclass Athletics: J. J. J. There will be many broken hearts among the fair sex of Forest Park when George leaves. E L M E R F. H A N S E N, 3209 Grayson Street: Interclass Athletics: Christmas Play: J. J. J.: Radio Club, Secretary: Class Oflicer l, 2: Operetta Scenery: Managing Editor of For- ester: Senior Inaugural Assembly: Leaders' Club 4: List of Honor 1, 2, 3. Elmer has worked most diligently on the "Forester" His sense of humor. his level-headedness and his good judgment have made him a valuable member of all committees on which he has served. J O H N H A N S O N, 4301 Springdale Avenue: Golf: Ice Hockey: J. J. J.: Craftsman's Club: Interclass Sports. ' Johnnie's fine ability as a hockey player was outstanding at Forest Park. Many a thrilling moment was furnished by John as he swished the puck past the opposing goalie. B E V E R L Y L. H A R R I S O N, 3612 Clifton Avenue: Clrss Officer: Year Oliicerl Interclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Varsity Swimming: Operetta: Christmas Play Committee: Latin Club Officer: Leaders' Club 2, 3, 4: Honor Student l, 2, 3, 4: Press: Major F: Junior Prom Committee: Chairman of Ring Committee: D. S. A. Pledge. Bev's middle name should be information. Moreover, with her qualities of distinctive scholar- ship, true friendship, good humor, and capability, she will reach the goal of success. M A R Y L O U I S E H A R T, 2710 Chelsea Terrace: Art Club: Latin Club: Music Appreciation Club: Numerals: Interclass Athletics: Varsity Swimming: J. J. J. To her, the personiiication of moods, we are grateful for many enjoyable hours. Her interests cover many realms. E U G E N E B. H A U F, 4310 Maine Avenue: Football: Interclass Athletics: HF" Club. "Gene" is one of the best athletes in our class. M A R I O N H E A N E Y, 3706 Callaway Avenue: Leaders' Club 4: Orchestra, Secretary: President of Music Appreciation Club: Glee Club: Art Club: Non-Athletic Award: Interclass Athletics: Operetta. It is her sincerity and high principles of friendship that have made Marion so popular at Forest Park. M A R G A R E T H E I M, 4307 Forest Park Avenue: Art Club: Home Economics Club: Glee Club: J. J. J. Margaret's loveliness and charm are a source of great pleasure to her friends and classmates. D O R O T H Y H E I N Z, 5506 Wayne Avenue: Varsity Hockey: Captain Hockey 4: Varsity Volley Ball: Varsity Swimming: President F Club: J. J. J.: Operetta: Interclass Athletics: Advisory Class Officer: Latin Club. Dot is all wit, charm. and light-heartedness. There is something in her flashing smile that seems to be a magnet for friendship and popularity. V E R A H E L L M A N N, 4240 Norfolk Avenue: Secretary and President of Home Eco- nomics Club: J. J. J.: Chairman Tea Dance: Chairman St. Patrick's Day Dance: Leaders' Club 4: Honor Roll 4. Vera's earnest unfailing support in our class projects will never be forgotten. Her personality has enlisted other workers, for everyone enjoys her company. S A U L C A R L H E R M A N, 4135 Dalrymple Avenue: Orchestra: J. J. J.: Varsity Tennis Manager: Student Director Tennis Tournament: Forester Staff: Senior Inaugural Assem- bly: Interclass Athletics: Art Club: Operetta: Glee Club. Saul's name will go down in history as the founder of "Solnocracy," that noble order formed for the purpose of-well ask Sol for particulars. M E L V I N K. H E S S, 4301 Miami Place: Leaders' Club 4: Opportunity Club: Glee Club: Ethical Club: Class Ofncer: Varsity Track Team: Interclass Athletics. Of all our workers, here's one of the leaders! He puts his best into all he does, and he demon- strates his sincerity on all occasions. Twenty-eiglit X, xx A x sr- 1 N ' KX V' wx? , x - Au FCREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL .Wa 'b 9 X . Qi I xv 1 1 Twenty-11i11e JUNE 1933 FORESTER DOROTHY ROBERTA HILDEBRANDT,36O0 Rosedale Road: Oper- etta: Interclass Athletics.: Masquers: Glee Club. And then the fun began! Dotty arrived with a whole set of new jokes. Besides being an actress of rare talent. she is an athlete of distinction. R U T H L L O Y S H O F F M A N, l760 Park Avenue: Masquers: Leaders' Club 4: Interclass Athletics: Varsity Tennis Team: Forester Staff: J. J. J.: Junior Prom Decoration: Numerals. If you want a job done and done well, ask Ruth. Her bubbling good nature has given her an enviable place among us. S Y L V A N H O F F M A N, 3917 Forest Park Avenue: Interblass Athletics: Chairman Step Singing Committee: Art Club. Sylvan gets a great kick out of combing the class for ads. His daily speech in attempting to arouse the members of the class to action shows his determination and grit. Z E N U S H O O P E R. l520 Ellamont Street: J. J. J. Zenus is seldom heard from: but when he speaks, even "Andy" will stop talking long enough to listen. D O R I S E. I-I U R T T, l726 Ellamont Street: Interclass Athletics: Four Square Club: Latin Club: J. J. J.: List of Honor 2. "Dodie" is quiet and unassuming, but a better worker you'll not find. E V A H U R W I T Z. 4134 Norfolk Avenue: Cilee Club: Art Club: Interclass Athletics. "Eve's" desire to become a court reporter is no secret. She is continually thinking of the future and performs her school work conscientiously so that she may be better qualified to attain her goal. R U T H I K E N A. 5102 Cordelia Avenue: Interclass Athletics: Four Square Club: Glee Club: F Club: Leaders' Club 4: Varsity Basketball: A. A. Ruth is quiet and unobtrusive and enjoys sitting back to study the world: but she displays her inate ability and power to succeed through her athletic activities. A L F R E D I R E L A N D, 5320 Bellville Avenue: Art Club: Football: Interclass Ath- letics: J. J. J. We always find Ireland in a good humor: probably it's the Irish blood in him. H A R R Y L. J O H N S O N, 2l4l Chelsea Terrace: Interclass Activities: Commence- ment Chorus: J. J. J. The kindly attitude Harry shows towards his classmates should gain many friendships for him in the future. C A R M E N J. J O N E S, 2324 Longwood Street: J. J. J.: Operetta: Masquers: Glee Club: Art Club: Christmas Plav. Here is the prize singer and actor of our class. We appreciate his assistance at many of our proiects. and we have great expectations for him as an artist of the future. J O S E P H J O N E S. 4104 Fernhill Avenue: Football: Baseball: Jubilee: Leaders' Club Treasurer: Class Oflicer: F Club: B Squad Basketball: Track Team: Interclass Athletics. "Jay" is a conscientious student and is also a very able athlete and an accomplished dancer. J E R O M E K A P L A N, 4003 Norfolk Avenue: Latin Club: Interclass Athletics. Jerry spends his idle moments in thinking. Sometimes he'll tell you about what he thinks. 'I'hat's fun,-for it lifts the gloom from many a dull period. Thirty FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL 1 Thirty-one JUNE 1935 FORESTER S E L B Y K A P L A N. 3817 Norfolk Avenue: J. J, J.: Interclass Athletics: Glee Club: Operetta: Art Club: Tennis Team: German Club. When Selby is around. no one is ever bored: for her lively chatter amuses everyone. M A X K A T Z E I T Z. 3933 Boarman Avenue: Interclass Athletics: Chemistry Club. Max is one of the most industrious people among us. M A R I E K E A T I N G, 3507 West Garrison Avenue: Latin Club: Music Appreciation Club: Art Club. When Marie leaves Forest Park. she leaves a record full of high standards of scholarship and principles of intellectual appreciation. D O R O T H Y K E Y S E R, 4014 Norfolk Avenue: Art Club: Music Appreciation: Open Forum Club: Leaders' Club 4: Interclass Athletics: Chemistry Club: Honor List l, 2, 3, 4. Dot is studious and ellicient but never dull company. S A R A K E Y S E R, 3915 Forest Park Avenue: Leaders' Club 3, 4: Student Bank: Transcription Editor of Forester: J. J. J.: Christmas Play: List of Honor 2, 3: Non-Athletic Award. Sara will always be remembered as the girl who was invariably the center of concentrated envy when tests were returned to us. L O U I S E K I R K P A T R I C K, 4-lOl Chatham Road: Four Square Club: Home Eco- nomics Club: Latin Club: Interclass Basketball: Tennis Team. Although Louise is very Quiet and unassuming. her lovable nature and sweet disposition have enlisted many true friends for her. J. K. K N I G H T. 3707 Dolfield Avenue: J. J. J. Kepler is our future J. P. Morgan. Stocks, bonds, and other items of linance are familiarities to him. J E A N A U B E L K R A T Z. 4302 Springdale Avenue: Interclass Athletics: Numerals: Latin Club: Art Club: Chemistry Club: Leaders' Club 4: Honor Roll l. 2. 3, 4. Jean has been an honor student ever since she entered the senior high school. She is always interested in something worth while. S A R A W A R E K R I E C H B A U M. 4027 Belle Avenue: Class Basketball: Home Economics Club: Four Square Club: Glee Club: Operetta: J. J. J.: Tennis. Sally is known for her vibrating personality and lively spirit. However, we have learned, too, how she will work for a project! Her aid in hunting ads for the Forester was invaluable to us. R E N A K R I E G E R. 3614 Springdale Avenue: Masquers: Art Club: Latin Club: Open Forum Club: Captain Year Team: Basketball 3: J. J. J.: Four Square Club: Numerals. Rena is a born athlete, who seems to cast a magic spell on the basketballs as well as her opponents. M A R R I T T L I O N E L K R O N B E R G, 5ll4 Cordelia Avenue: Track Team: Soccer Team: Craftsman's Club: J. J. J.: Interclass Sports. He may be small. but his running of the Maryland State Championship in track events proves his athletic ability. A L M A K R U G E R, 2317 West North Avenue: Class Oflicer: Interclass Athletics: Glee Club: Leaders' Club 3. 4: J. J. J.: Operetta: Senior Class Play Committee. "Lanie" is a very sweet-natured person. Her winsome smile and pleasing manner have gained her many friends. Thirty-two - if FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Thirty-three JUNE 1933 FORESTER A L B E R T H. L A N 3820 Fernhill Avenue: "B" Squad Football: Operetta: Mas- quers: Art Club: Chess Club: Secretary of Chemistry Club: J. J. J.: Interclass Sports. "Alu is our chemistry class wizard. managing to make more mistakes in one recitation than even Phil Wise. should the latter be awake at the time. D O R O T H Y L A U B E R, 2306 Nlonticello Road: Latin Club: Giee Club: Four Square Club: Interclass Athletics: Secretary of Music Appreciation Club. "Discretion of speech is more than eloquence," so Dot believes. But when she speaks, you can always expect something Worthwhile. J O H N S. L E I G I-I, 3514 Fernpark Avenue: President Radio Club: Interclass Athletics: Tennis Tournament: Junior Varsity Football: Chemistry Club: Opportunity Club 4: Senior Play Committee: Orchestra. John is the class radio eXpert, an excellent student, a conscientious worker. and the best of fellows. M A R Y L E N N O N, 4022 Cold Spring Lane: Leaders' Club 3, 4: Four Square Club: Secretary Girls! F Club: Varsity Hockey: Basketball: Volleyball: Tennis Tournaments: Student Activity Bank: A. A.: Class Officer: Operetta: J. J. J. Mary is the true scholar and excels in all her studies. It can easily be said that her athletic ability passes all others in the class. E A R L L E N T Z. 4403 Thornton Avenue: Soccer Team: Art Club: Latin Club: List of Honor l, 2. 3. 4: Interclass Sports: J. J. J. The fact that Earl is one of the hardest workers in the Senior Class has been demonstrated by his activities. Quickly recuperating from a leg fracture sulfered during a soccer game, he came back in his Senior year to make the varsity. M I L T O N L E V I N E, 3901 Bonner Road: Latin Club: Chemistry Club: Track Team: Interclass Athletics: Basketball. Milton's inimitable witticism and Latinisms have made many a dull period shine. T R E V O R L E W I S, 3061 Spalding Avenue: Track Team: Interclass Sports: Golf Team: Chemistry Club. Lewis is not only outstanding because of his towering height, but for his brilliant titian hair. He used h's tall stature to good advantage when he played center for the team which won the interclass basketball championship. R U T H L I N D L E Y. 5007 Bzllville Avenue: J. J. J.: Operetta: Art Club: Home Eco- nomics Club: Four Square Club: Leaders' Club 3, 4: Class Basketball: Class Volley Ball. Hard working and yet jolly-that's Ruth. No matter how hard the job or how little credit she receives, she is there to lend a hand. S A M U E L L I T M A N, 3300 Gwynns Falls Pkwy.: Operetta: G'ee Club: Boys' Chorus: Cheer Leader: "B" Squad Soccer: Interclass Athletics: Stamo Club: Christmas Play: J. J. J.: Opportunity Club 4: Track Team: Camera Club: Tennis Tournament. Sam is good-natured, obliging, and always ready to help his class-mates. J E A N N E T T E L U B I T C H, 3400 Oakfield Avenue: Latin Club: German Club: Glee Club: J. J. J. Jeannette, the professional chemist CU, will be greatly missed by the chemistry department. Her humble assistants, Hart and Raichlen, will long remember the lungs full of HCl and Jean- nette's never tiring energy and good fun. E R N E S T R A Y M A T T O O N, 2701 West North Avenue: Art Club: Latin Club: Chess Club. Vvfhenever someone wants a discussion of intellectual interest, the name of the serious and wise Ernestine is sounded. W I L L I A M A. M A R R, 3923 Carlisle Avenue: A, A.: Track Team: Soccer Team: Ice Hockey Team: Interclass Athletics: Latin Club: German Club: Honor Student l: Leaders' Club 4: Forester Staff: Science Assembly. Tall, blonde and handsome, Marr wends his way through his many and well-executed activities with a quiet demeanor. Thirty-four FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Thirty-tive JUNE 1933 FORESTER E S T H E R M A Y M O N. 2513 Garrison Blvd.: Home Economics Club: Art Club: Four Square Club: Class Treasurer: German Club. To uss1sEsther's sunny disposition is a valuable asset. If you know her. you appreciate what a real pal is. R I C H M O N D M E A I. Y. 5202 Bellville Avenue: Interclass Sports: Football Manager: J. J. J. Although Richmond is silent, he has shown much ability as manager of the football team in his Senior year. A D R I A N M E H R L I N G, 3210 Westwood Avenue: Baseball: Ice Hockey: Tennis: J. J. J.: Interclass Athletics: Senior Inaugural Committee. Being an ice-hockey player. Adrian is used to skating on thin ice. The school loses a good fellow, when it loses Adrian. . D O U G L A S P. M E I G S, 5823 Ethelbert Avenue: Junior Prom Committee: Junior Tea Dance Committee: St. Patrick's Day Dance Committee: Soccer B: Art Club, Officer 3, 4: Senior Play Scenery: Opportunity Club 4: German Club: Senior Interclass Debate: Leaders' Club 4. The school would be at a loss for signs if it were not for the genius of Douglas, scientist-to-be, artist, historian. and scholar. B E R N A R D S T E R N M E Y E R, 6216 Wallis Avenue: German Club: Forester: J. J. J.: Latin Club: Art Club: Assembly: Honor Roll 2. 3. 4. Although in athletics, he does not excel, in his studies he does ad-Meyer-ably well, he says! D E B O R A H M I L L E R, 4139 Dalrymple Avenue: J. J. J.: Glee Club: Latin Club: Operetta: Tenn.s: Interclass Ath.etics: Home Economics Club: Treasurer of Glee Club: German Club. "Deb" has a keen sense of humor. She is faithful and persistent in her projects, too. H E R B E R T M I L L E R. 2216 Elsinor Avenue: Class Ollicer: Latin Club: Interclass Athletics. A steady worker, one who has ambitions in the business field! N O R M A N B. M I L L E R, 2608 Dennison Street: Opportunity Club 4: Chemistry Club: Masquers: Craftsman's Club: Interclass Sports: Senior Class Play: Tennis Tournament. If Norman is not tearing around the campus in his two cylinder red car, it's because he's chang- ing a flat or repairing his motor. C H A R L E S M I N D E L L. 2900 Allendale Road: Varsity Basketball: J. J. J.: Leaders' Club 2: "F" Club 4: Interclass Athletics: Latin Club. Although "Mindey" is the wit supplying the humor for many a dull period, he has also shown his athletic prowess by achieving the captaincy of the basketball team. K A T I E M O R M A N N. 5247 Reisterstown Road: Class Officer: Treasurer Girls' Lead- ers' Club 2, 3. 4: J. J. J.: Operetta: Transcription Editor of Forester. Katie is a happy-go-lucky, fun-loving person. Her educated baby talk draws the admiration of all her class-mates. D A N I E L H. M U R R A Y. 3505 Powhatan Avenue: Latin Club: Art Club: Calendar Committee: Scenery Painting Committee: Forester Staff: J. J. J.: Art Club Officer: Poster Committee. 1 - I I Dan is an expert "paint-slingerf' Sometimes, of course, he flips a bit on his own face, but--- oh well! E S T H E R M Y E R B E R G, 3635 Liberty Heights Avenue: Latin Club: Leaders' Club 4: Chemistry Club: Interclass Athletics: J. J. J. Esther has a way of laughing that is quite entertaining. However, she has the reputation of one who has thought much. ' Thirty-six FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL w 1 Thirty-ssiveu JUNE 1933 FORESTER S T A N L E Y N I C, O L L, 4504 Kathland Avenue: Photographic Editor of Forester: J. J. J.: Interclass Athletics: "B" Squad Football: Banquet and Prom Committee: Chairman of Auditorium Show of J. J. J. 3: Art Club: Latin Club: Song Committee. A cheerful grin, a cooperative spirit, and a courteous attitude combine in Nicoll, one of the best fellows and nnest "sports" in the class. W I L L I A M A. O B E R N D O R F, 3409 Fairview Avenue: J. J. J.: Ice Hockey: Assistant Manager of Football: Manager of Football 3: Treasurer of Camera Club: Interclass Athletics: Art Club. "Obie" is responsible for some of the pictures in this publication. He has spent much time in working for the Camera Club. DOROTHY DE RUYTER O'BRIEN, 4608 Springdale Avenue: J. J. J.: Operetta: French Club: German Club: Interclass Athletics: Art Club: Art Work for Junior Prom: Senior Prom Committee. Everybody knows Dot. She fairly radiates vivacity and pep. THERESA MATHILDA O'CONNOR, 2513 Garrison Blvd.: FourSquare Club: Art Club: German Club. In a genteel, kindly way, Theresa is known to everyone. Her friendly smile and sympathy have made her presence felt in our class. " B E R T H A L O U I S E O R T M A N. 3418 Gwynns Falls Pkwy.: Interclass Athletics. Ever since we first made her acquaintance. we have known Bertha to be studious and hard- working,-laying up a good store of knowledge to help her in her future career. P H Y L LIS G E R T R U D E P A C K. 4510 Groveland Avenue: Art Club: Glee Club: Interclass Athletics: Masquers: A. A. 1: J. J. J.: Operetta. Gertrude's hobbies are art and photography, and in them she excels. S U E P A L M E R, 3914 Cold Spring Lane: Varsity Hockey: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Tennis: Interclass Athletics: A. A.: Captain Basketball Year Team 4: Leaders' Club 4: Latin Club: F Club: J. J. J.: Advisory Class Officer: Tea Dance Committee. Sue has charm and is loved by all of us. H E L E N P A P P A S. 3708 Liberty Heights: Interclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Latin Club: Home Economics Club: A. A.: Glee Club: Class Officer: Minor F. With a snap of her fingers, Helen can dismiss care to the four winds. T O M P A R K. 5454 Jonouil Avenue: Latin Club: Ethical Club: Interclass Activities. Our son of 'AGawgia" has been with us for his senior year only, but Tom's broad grin and winning personality have become very famous in our class. W A L T E R P E A L E. 4203 Ridgewood Avenue: Leaders' Club 4: Latin Club: J. J. J.: Interclass Sports: Honor Roll 2, 3: Manager of Baseball 4. Good things come in small packages. Here is a concrete example in Walter. who is an excellent student and an accomplished athlete. R O B E R T P H I L I P S, 5105 Denmore Avenue: Interclass Athletics: B Squad Basket- ball: Latin Club. Although we seldom find Robert practicing the habit of "preaching," we do, however, find him a staunch supporter of interclass athletics. M A R Y E T H E L R A F F L E, 4004 Belle Avenue: Art Club: Leaders' Club: French Club: Latin Club: J. J. J.: Posters: Class Athletics: Junior Prom: Operetta: Glee Club: Calendar: Forester Staff: Honor Roll 1, 3. 4. Mary has certainly made her mark at Forest Park. In all activities, she has remained until she has attained her goal. As a distinguished artist, she has won a place on the Forester Staff. Thirty-eight FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Thirty-nine JUNE 1953 FORESTER R E N A R A I C H L E N, 3212 Garrison Avenue: Latin Club: German Club: Glee Club: Interclass Athletics. Rena's good humor and wit are the bright spots of every chemistry "lab" period. J A C K C. R A M S E N, 4704 Springdale Avenue: Ethical Club: A. A.: Track. Team: J. J. J.: Ice Hockey Team: Interclass Athletics. Jack is quiet: but after all, only empty barrels make much noise. E M I L Y R I N G E R, 4412 Belview Avenue: Art Club: Latin Club: Chemistry Club: Honor Student 1. Without Emily's generosity, her kindness, and her sunny disposition, we should have missed a personality that is always needed in life. L O U I S H. R IT T E R, J R., 4401 Bellview Avenue: J. J. J.: Tennis Team: Soccer Team: Ice Hockey Team: Track Team: A. A.: Class Athletics: Orchestra. Undoubtedly, Lou's ruddy face and blonde hair are thc envy of all the fair sex. CATHERINE RUPPERSBERGER, 3611 CallawayAvenue: Latin Club: J. J. J.: Glee Club: Refreshment Committee Junior Prom. To all outside appearances, Kitty is a reserved, unassuming student. However, you'll soon dis- cover that little spark of mischief when you learn to know her. T U R N E R R U S S E L L, 3907 Dorchester Road: President Chemistry Club: Chairman Opportunity Club: Leaders' Club: J. J. J. Turner makes a good leader in everything he does. If his present record is any criterion, We predict that he will some clay be our president. E L I Z A I3 E T H S A D L E R, 4119 Hayward Avenue: Interclass Athletics: Glee Club. "What say, Hess?" is Libby's pass word. Everyone is familiar with her odd and witty remarks, especially during English class. S H I R L E Y S A G N E R, 2607 Talbot Road: Art Club: Christmas Play: J. J. J.: Home Economics Club: Chemistry Club. Whenever you see a crowd of boys, you may be sure that Shirley is in the center. She is not only a walking fashion plate and of great theatrical ability but also a store house of wit. E S T H E R S A L Z M A N, 3202 Baker Street: Interclass Athletics: Latin Club: Art Club: Class Oflicer: Year Ofliceri Honor List 2. 3. A Wee, little girl bubbling over with merriment and brilliance-that's Esther. E L L I O T T S A R O N. 1731 Braddish Avenue: Glee Club: J. J. J.: "F" Club: Inter- class Athletics. Here he is girlsf Adonis, in person! That black shining hair has caused many a heart throb and will cause many more. J E A N S A Y M A N, 2925 Silver Hill Avenue: Varsity Hockey, Basketball, Volley Ball: Leaders' Club: F Club: Pour Square Club. President: A. A., Secretary: Tennis: Latin Club. What would we do without Jean's lively spirit and wit? She excels in many fields. R U T H D O R O T H Y S C I-I O E 3302 Oakneld Avenue: Art Club: J. J. J.: Interclass Athletics. YI." Ruth is quaint and inquisitive. She asks all kinds of questions and is usually heard to exclaim. 'iOh, I see!" when they are answered. Forty FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL ,Qf'RQf7 xb XX' 4, xffbgc X ,N w ,gf-f Q25-5 44" .J ,.q,1'N JUNE 1933 FORESTER D O R R E L L S C H O M B O R Ci, 3515 Forest Park Avenue: J. J. J.: Business Man- ager of Forester: Class Oflicerg Vice-President and Treasurer of Glee Club: List of Honor 2: Operetta: Ring Committee. Dorrell will be remembered as the pleasant, brown-haired boy' who was always "Johnny on the spot" when there was work to be accomplished. E V E L Y N S C H U L T Z, 4107 Belle Avenue: Interclass Volley Ball: Latin Club: J. J. J.: Home Economics Club. This cute, petite, black-haired maiden is one of sophistication, light-heartedness, and happy-go- luckiness. MIL T O N S C H W A R T Z M A N . 4113 Norfolk Avenue: Onchestra: Glee Club: Chess Club: Chemistry Club: Jubilee: Press: Masquers. "Milt" is our silent partner: for, 'though quiet as the proverbial mouse, he has accomplished much here. K E N N E T H S E C H R I S T, 3517 Hayward Avenue: Interclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Class Treasurer. Just because "Sech" is blond is no sign that he is light-headed. His fast method of working math problems proves that. V I R G I N I A M. S E I T Z, 4801 Hamilton Avenue: Latin Club: Glee Club: H. E. Club: J. J. J.: Interclass Athletics. Here is a young lady who believes and practices the maxim "Silence is Golden." We seldom hear i'Ginny" speak: but when she does, we can always hear something worthwhile. S A R A S E L F E, 786 Grantley Street: Interclass Athletics: Glee Club. Is it 9:30 to bed, Sara? Oh! no-just on certain nights, when the giver of a beautiful, glit- tering diamond, which is lodged on the third linger of the left hand is not present. J E R O M E S E L I G S O N, 4406 White Oak Avenue: Ice Hockey: Track: Football: Interclass Track Cup: Soccer: A. A.: Junior Tea Dance: J. J. J.: Christmas Play: Class Officer: Interclass Athletics. Jerry is the great big boy with the cherubic grin. H E L E N S H A DD I C K, 4200 Carleview Road: Latin Club: J. J. J.: Junior Tea Dance Committee. Helen's poise is found by her friends to be just one characteristic of a very sincere, whole- hearted comrade. Her friendship is valued by us for its wholesome qualities. E L L A S H A N K, 5142 Reisterstown Road: Press: J. J. J.: Leaders' Club. Treasurer 4: Art Club: Library Club: Interclass Athletics: Varsity Hockey: D. S. A. Pledge: Honor Roll 1. 2. 3. 4. Ella is an all-around good sport, has an outstanding personality, and is an excellent student and leader. D O N A L D B. S H A P I R O. 3808 Woodhaven Avenue: Varsity Basketball: Leaders' Club: A. A.: German Club: Golf Team: Latin Club: List of Honor 4: Class Oflicer. Athletic genius, combined with good scholarship, goes to make up this jovial bit of humanity We know as Donald B. Shapiro. F R E D A S H A P I R O. 3802 Dorchester Road: Latin Club: Interclass Athletics: Mas- quers: Leaders' Club: J. J. J.: Art Club: Open Forum Club: Music Appreciation Club: Chem- istry Club: Honor List 2. 3. Freda is a girl who is overflowing with willingness to work, earnestness to help, and the sin- cerity of good friendship. E A R L S H A V E R, 3113 Baker Street: Varsity Tennis: Varsity Soccer: F Club: Inter- class Athletics: A. A. Earl should live in Arabia. If you don't believe us, ask him for a look at that "Rogues Gal- lery" he carries in his bill-fold. Forty-two FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL 5 F orty-three JUNE 1933 FORESTER A L B E R T S H A I V I T Z. 3927 Dalrymple Avenue: Leaders' Club 2, 3, 4: "F" Club: Vice-President Senior Class: Class Ofliccr: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Football: Varsity Base- ball: Junior Tea Dance Commitee: Senior Play Committee: J. J. J. "Al" excels in athletics and popularity. Many a dull period has been enlivened by his banter with the teachers. R O Y H. S H U M W A Y. 3821 Pernhill Avenue: J. J. J.: Interclass Athletics: Art Club: Class OHicer: Junior Assembly Committee. NVe may sometimes get "the blues" but never while Roy is near. His witty wisecracks always keep us laughing. E L I Z A. B E T H S K I L L 1 N G. 4107 Liberty Heights Avenue: Latin Club: Glee Club: Art Club: J. J. J.: St. Patrick's Day Dance Committee. "Skill" always looks on the sunny side of life: and we all value her sincere friendship and earnestness. B E T T Y A. S M I T H, 3211 Dorchester Road: Art Club: Masquers. Although Betty is a newcomer to the school, she is very popular. Her quiet, charming manner keeps you wondering what her hidden thoughts are. M A R G A R E T R. S M I T H. 3807 Femhill Avenue: Latin Club: Masquers: Leaders' Club: J. J. J.: Senior Play Committee: Honor Student l, 2, 3, 4: German Club: Class Ath- letics: Assistant Editor of Forester: Press. "VJisdom is better than rubies." So Peg thinks and rightly, tool She certainly has proved herself a great intellectualist. She is also blessed with the charm which is certain to please. V I R G I N I A S M I T H, 3617 Hillsdale Road: J. J. J.: Latin Club: H. E. Club: Art Club: Interclass Athletics. "Smitty" always carries with her a never ending line of chatter and wise cracks. S Y L V I A S O R I N, 3028 West North Avenue: Hockey Varsity: Track: Interclass Athletics: Swimming: Art Club: Latin Club. In sports, as well as in studies, Sylvia is a hard worker and well deserves the success, she enjoys. J O H N W. S O U L E. 4008 Norfolk Avenue: Manager of Basketball: Orchestra. Presi- dent: Leaders' Club 3. 4: Senator: Junior Prom Committee: St. Patrick's Day Dance Com- mittee: J. J. J. John has done a great deal for Forest Park. He is well known for his excellent trumpet-tooting in the orchestra. J O H N W. S P R, A N K I. I N . J Ra. 3020 Garrison Blvd.: Baseball: Leaders' Club: Junior Senator: Chairman Junior Prom: J. J. J.: Vice-President Junior Class: Hockey Team: Latin Club: A. A. John's long list of activities attest to his ability. His scholastic standing is also no mean one, C H A R L E S S T E I N M E T Z, 5811 Clover Road: Interclass Athletics: French Club: Latin Club: J. J. J.: Assemblies: Leaders' Club: Honor Student 2, 3, 4: Orchestra. Just to demonstrate his extreme versatility. "Steiny" has placed his name in the records of prac- tically all the activities in the school. C H A R L E S S. S T E P H E N S, 2659 West North Avenue: J. J. J.: Interclass Ath- letics: Class Oflicer. "Chollie" is an expert in extracting thin dimes from thinner wallets. His training as class treasurer well Hts him to be a professional magician. D O RIS S T E R N, 5516 Reisterstown Road: Glee Club: Art Club: Latin Club: J. J. J, Doris is one girl who loves to have a good time. As she was willing to Work hard for F. P. H. S. projects. we are confident that she will be successful in other proiects. I'or'ty- four FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL 4 Forty-flve JUNE 193 3 FORESTER F R E D E R I C K S T R A S S T E R N. 3304 Bateman Avenue: Chemistry Club: Track: Class Athletics: Ethical Club: Press: Stamp Club. If you have ever passed the Chemistry Lab. and suddenlv heard a piercing noise, do not be frightened: nobody is dying from chlorine poisoning. It is just "Fred" laughing at one of Al Lane's blunders. F R E D S T I D M A N, 5205 Belleville Avenue: Radio Club: Craftsman's Club: Stamp Club. Fred shows great ability along electrical lines, but his great weakness is his German. "Ach, well," says Fred, "There's no connection between the two anyway." V U G H N S T R E C K F U S. 4001 Barrington Road: Class Officer: Glee Club: Art Club: Four Square Club: Leaders' Club 4: Junior Tea Dance Committee: Interclass Athletics: Minor F: Volley Ball: Forester Staif: Senior Tea Dance. Vaughn is a most capable, as well as popular young lady, as her long list of activities will testify. JUNE HILDEGARDE SYMONDS, 2209 Linden Avenue: ArtClub: Mas- quers: Class Oflicer: Interclass Athletics: J. J. J. June shines in the field of dramatics. Her cheerful, jolly, good-natured disposition has earned her many friends. L O U I S E T A B L E R, l7lO Dukeland Street: Class Ofhcer. Louise usually remains in the background, but her ready willingness to help a friend will not be forgotten soon. W M. J A M E S T A T E. 3005 Winfield Avenue: Track: Jubilee: Orchestra: Varsity Soccer: Interclass Sports: Christmas Play: Ice Hockey. Jimmy has led us to believe that music will be his life work. His fine scholastic average and his music should bring him success. 4 M I G N O N J A N I C E T A Y L O R, 3602 Rogers Avenue: Glee Club: Operetta: Leaders' Club 4: Interclass Athletics: Inaugural Assembly Committee. By keenly appreciating the high lights of music, Mignon has made this art her one hobby. To this humorous and sociable young lady, we wish the best of success. J A N I C E B. T I E R N A N, 5002 Norwood Avenue: Four Square Club: Art Club? Glee Club: Home Economics Club: Latin Club: List of Honor 3: J. J. J. Janice is an earnest worker. who is ready to lend assistance at any time. E L L E N T I M A N U S. Windsor Mill Road, Woodlawn: Art Club: German Club: "F" Club: Leaders' Club 4: Interclass Athletics: Varsity Hockey and Basketball: Press: J, J. J. An Al athlete, a true sport. a real pal, and a fun loving girl-that's Ellen. W I L L I A M T O W S O N. 4306 Miami Place: Football: Basketball: Leaders' Club: Ethical: "F" Club: Chemistry: Interclass Sports: J. J. J. Bill is well known for his good nature, and he's a handy man on the football field, too. E R N E S T T U C K E R. J R., l60O N. Hilton Street: Radio Club. "Ernie" is quiet, but he accomplishes things while you're not looking. F R AN K LIN T URN E R, 3101 Gwynns Falls Pkwy.: J. J. J. The handsome gentleman of the Technical class is Franklin. His experience as a "Fizzician will help him to do great things in the field of medicine. Forty-six FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL I WWJJY . 5 1 Forty-sex en W ,., wif' dj , C fwfi Xp X ' 1 f Wx! X ,x 'U Q X 1 4 'X 'Q f JUNE 1953 FORESTER S A R A U L M A N, 3613 Springdale Avenue: Hockey: Basketball: Volley' Ball: A. A.: Vice-President: "F" Club, Vice-President: Swimming: Home Economics Club: J. J. J.: Tennis. As an all-around American Girl. "Sas" is an outstanding example. M A R G A R E T U R B A N, 3327 Piedmont Avenuez Latin Club: Glee Club: Operetta: Manager "B" Hockey Team: Interclass Athletics. Ask Margaret what her four favorite letters are, and she will answer "A, B, E, R." With a constant smile and a ready comeback, she has completed a joyous career at Forest Park. M I L D R E D V O L K M A N, 3200 Grantley Road: Masquers: Interclass Athletics. Mildred's sunny disposition and hearty good-will have taught us what a real pal she is. A N N A E. W A I L E S, 4122 Fernhill Avenue: Art Club: Masquers: Glee Club: Inter- class Athletics: History Club: J. J. J.: Latin Club: Honor 3: Leaders' Club 4: Forester Staff: Operetta. Anna, the girl with a charming manner, Winsome ways, melodious giggle, and always ready, "I'll do it." is well liked by us all. B E T T Y H O L L I D A Y W A R N E R, 3606 Vv'oodbine Avenue: J. J. J.: Varsity Hockey: French Club: German Club: Interclass Athletics. The boys are still wondering what Betty's hidden charm is that just seems to "rope them in." "Won't you let us in on your secret, Betty?" C A T H A R I N E W A S K E Y, 3613 Callaway Avenue: Art Club: Interclass Athletics: Hockey Year Team: Hockey Manager: German Club: Forester Staff: Leaders' Club 4: Minor F: Latin Club: Intermediate Tennis Cup l: Honor Student l. 2. 3, 4. A glance at Kitty's innumerable activities will tell you how versatile she is. A R T H U R W E I N B E R G, 4026 Boarman Avenue: Mxsquers, President 4: Boys' Chorus: German Club: Operettag Christmas Play: J. J. J.: Open Forum Club: Senior Class Play. The dramatic genius of this young man has long been recognized not only in school but out. He is already a member of the Junior Vagabonds. G E O R G F, R U S S E L L W E L D E N, 1302 Longwood Street: Soccer: Varsity Soccer: Track: Opportunity Club 4: J. J. J.: Press-Manager: Ethical Club: Interclass Basket- ball: Junior Tea Dance: Interclass Athletics. George has been a great pal to many members of the class. E S T H E R W E Y E R, l907 Longwood Avenue: Latin Club: German Club: Art Club: Interclass Athletics: Numerals. This blacked-haired damsel, no matter how small she may be, is always over-flowing with ideas and giggles. J U D Y W I L L S O N W H E A T, 4406 Kathland Avenue: Art Club: Music Appre- ciation Club: Glee Club: Masquers: Jubilee: Interclass Athletics: Poster Committee: Operetta. Here is the girl with that southern drawl and northern vitality. As she succeeded in catching Aloysius in the Jubilee, so we wish her the same success in everything she attempts. S Y L V I A W H I T E, 2433 Dennison Street, Interclass and Year Teams: Latin Club: Art Club: Honor List 2, 3. Sylvia is one whose excellent scholarship has made her a distinctive member of our class. IR V I N G G E O R G E W IE S E, 3506 Howard Park Avenue: Track Team: Inter- class Athletics. "Irv" is a past master in sleeping with his eyes open. He can also make speeches, although his eyes will be the only ones in the room that are open. Forty-eight FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL i V 5 Ii , H I 5 J 1 I Forty-nine JUNE 1953 FORESTER J A N E W I E S E N P E L D, 5505 Rush Avenue: Art Club: Latin Club: Interclass Athletics: Numerals: A. A. We shall all miss our peppy, little, bright-eyed Jane, who with a trail of friends has reached the height of success at school. P R O C T O R W I L S O N, 5503 Park Heights Avenue: Christmas Play: Glee Clubg Operetta: Track Team: Masquers: J. J. J. Wilson is the fellow with the serious look on his face. He has proved that he is good natured, by his willingness to cooperate in school projects. P H I L I P W I S E, 3703 Milford Avenue: Interclass Athletics. Everybody who knows 'iPhil" likes him. He talks little. but knows much. W A L T E R H. W I T Z, 3020 Windsor Avenue: Leaders' Club 4: "Fu Club: Junior Tea Dance Committee: Senior Class Officer: Class Athletics: Varsity Football Team: Senior Inaugural Assembly: J. J. J.: Track Team: A. A. Wherever he goes, Walt makes friends, and whatever you need done, he'll promise to do it. ELIZABETH CLARKSON WOODEN. 5300MerceronAvenue: Glee Club: Library Club: Four Square Club: Interclass Athletics: Tennis: Golf: Operetta. Elizabeth is modest and retiring: but her cheerful, hard work has shown how trustworthy she is. R I C H A R D W O R M A N, 4002 Alto Road: J. J. J.: St. Patrick's Dance Committee: Interclass Athletics. Behold the radical member of the class. Where there is an argument, there is Worman. M A R G A R E T D A L C E D A Y O U N Ci, 4209 Wentworth Avenue: Glee Club: Art Club: Operetta. We shall long remember l'Peggy" with her dark curls and brown eyes. She is sweet and has all the characteristics of a perfect lady. C H A R L O T T E Z I E G L E R, 9 Gwynndale Avenue: Leaders' Club 3, 4: Masquersg Latin Club: Art Club: Minor E: Interclass Athletics: J. J. J.: Operetta: Home Room Class Officer: Junior Play Committee: List of Honor 3. Anyone who has seen Charlotte's smile has seen one of the sweetest expressions at Forest Park. We shall miss her kindness. her eliicient leadership, and her cheery personality. H E L E N Z I E G L E R, 9 Gwynndale Avenue: Leaders' Club 3, 4: Vice-President: Latin Club: Art Club: Interclass Athletics: Operetta: Varsity Swimming: Major E: Music Apprecia- tion: List of Honor 3. Everybody loves "Ziggy," a true friend and earnest leader, and one who is always ready to laugh. with an eternal desire to tease. Fifty FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL E Fifty-one JUNE 1933 FORESTER CLASS , Q OFFICERS F Henry DarClayJ1't l PRESIDENT 4 i ! George W.Co17in5 Beverly L.Harri5on Albert Shaivitz RY VICE-PRESID TREASURER, SE CRE TA ENT ,James O. Walter H . W1Lz SEIQGEIXNT-AT SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Fi fty-two FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR CLASS HISTORY A E, the June Class of ,33, having reached that point in our school career where We may pause to stretch our weary limbs and gaze back fondly at our past, now assert that unlike that newly discovered, widely advertised rubber product, our elasticity is not confined to the two way limit but has the ability to extend or contract itself in any direction without fear of rusting or cracking on the edges. The first exhibition of this admirable characteristic was our ninth grade commencement, at which function doting parents and teachers watched us burst our two hundred and fifty young throats while we were compressed within the confines of the auditorium stage. Unfortunately, the fabric had to be sent back to the laboratory for improvements when we found that as the Sophomore Class we were still too stiff to snap up the quarters for our Tea Dance. However, our chagrin is somewhat lessened when we notice how athletics, dramatics, clubs, activities, and scholarship were being caught in the pattern of our firm web even at that early date. During our Junior Year, we may be said to have reached that stage in our adapt- ability at which we had become a stable and tested product. Our Junior assembly with its impressive and entertaining features was only rivaled by the charming social after- noon of dancing that followed. The hilarious gayety of our Jolly Junior Jubilee em- braced so many different phases of the world of enjoyment that to say the affair was a success would be superfluous. However, the climax of the entire season was our first venture into the world as a more versatile fabric, the occasion was our Junior Prom, the memories of which will never leave us. The "Golden Age" of our development was naturally our Senior Year. Guided by the gracious hand of our advisor,sMiss Sophie Becker, and the leadership of our officers, Henry Barclay, president, Albert Shavitz, vice-president, Beverly Harrison, secretary, and George Collins, treasurer, we branched out in capability and adaptability with no small degree of success. After a quiet half-year spent under the great scientist Sub, we were reintroduced to the world as a most versatile textile called Senior-our debut took place at our Inaugural Assembly, the success of which was outshone only by the brilliancy of our St. Patrick's Day Dance. Moreover, during all these activities, our elasticity was tried to what would have been well past the limit for an ordinary stuifg we were soliciting ads for the FORESTER. Let America's only regret be that the floor of the Hall of Fame is too weak to bear heroic statues of those audacious persons who braved the many threats of death in saying, "Buddy, can,t you spare a few dol- lars?" during the bank holiday. Perhaps, our greatest stretch was in the choice of our class play, "Cock Robinf' To Mr. DeHaven and his talented cast we owe great admira- tion for this mysterious success. Following close upon our heels was June Week, that brightest spot in our whole career. But proms, banquets, and other activities stand in awe of that auspicious occasion towards which we once more lift our voices and contract our vast number in our farewell to Forest Park. You may not agree with us when we say that we are the best class that has ever followed this course, but none can doubt that, "The June Class of '53 can take it." Signed by The not so vcvzeralale MARGARET SMITH, Class Historian. Fifty-three JUNE 1933 FORESTER CLASS WILL E, the June Class of ,33, having lived through the election, bank holiday, return of beer and one year of senior responsibilities,'do hereby make this last will and tcsta- ment with what energy we have left, hoping that the possessions we leave behind will somewhat reconcile the school to our departure. , :To Mr. Owens, Dr. White and Mr. Scott we leave our FORESTER to remember us by. To our advisor, Miss Becker, we leave room 128 minus the seniors, and the pros- pect of a new year with time to fulfill her social engagements. To Dr. Frederick and Mr. Krieger, We leave our broken evaporating dishes, beakers and so forth to be used as jig-saw puzzles during free periods. To Dr. Katenkamp, we leave our best intentions to study Economics and a pack of chewing gum thrown in. The technical fellows leave the Mechanical Drawing room to all future draftsmen as a scene for arguments on any sort of topic whatever. To the members of the next senior class we leave our German, Latin and French literature books with a clear conscience because we know they won't be able to read our writing anyway. The boys from the Electric Shop leave their ability to do amazing quantities of jobs per period to any Juniors who would like to know the secret. At this time, also, we make the following individual bequests:- Ray Mattoon leaves his ability to argue successfully with Miss Shaffer to any intellectualist who has enough nerve to accept the responsibility. Jane Bartell leaves her wide, handsome smile and also her 19 day diet to Helen Britton with the hopes that Helen will have more will-power than she had. Morton Friedenberg and Turner Russell leave their executive ability to any eight men who can take it. Walter Witz, the idol of the feminine sex, leaves his readiness to blush on any occasion. Robert Carter leaves his good looks and personality to the highest bidder. George Collins, the push and pull king, leaves his accordian to anyone possessing enough energy to pump and carry it. Fifty-four FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Alice De Arment leaves her red hair as a danger signal to all girls Who apply make-up in the cafe. Dan Murray leaves his polka-dotted socks to anyone Willing to spend study periods displaying his ankles to the public gaze. Sara Keyser leaves her gift of gab to Churchill Raiberg it may come in handy in her senior year. June Symonds leaves her vanity case and ability to primp in class to Theresa Boyd. Carl Bartels leaves his feet to the cafeteria crowd to keep down the dust on the track. Bee Crisp leaves her personality to the school in general to be used on rainy days. Dorrell Shomborg leaves his vibrant personality to Watson Donovan. Earl Shaver leaves his rare sense of humor to Houston Reese. George Barth leaves his "Waving,' hair to any Junior who is likewise troubled. Selma Cohen leaves her copyrighted giggle to Lucia Serio with the admonition: "don,t be too unrestrainedf' Shirley Sagner would like to leave her originality, but can find no one but Gracie Allen, who, fortunately, is not in the school. Carolyn Cohen, the peanut philanthropist, bequeathes her charitable oiferings in chemistry and history classes to the next misguided victims of Forest Park,s insatiable appetites. Ruth Fieldman leaves the first sunburn of the season to any person with heroic- enough character to grin and bear it. We do hereby constitute and appoint Miss Becker, sole executrix of this, our last will and testament. In witness whereof, We, the Class of 1933, testators, have to this our will, set our hands and seal this thirty-first day of May, Anno Domini, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-three. Fifty-five JUNE 1233 FORESTER CLASS STATISTICS LL were excited and on their toesg an air of nervousness prevailed throughout the staff roomg for the returns of the greatest election since the election of Hayes were pouring in. Girls were busy tabulating the returns with the frenzy of panther women. The results of the toothpaste vote were most exciting. Ipana started out with a valiant spirit but was soon overhauled by Pepsodent. Then Squibbs left the other two in a cavity while he sped ahead. Ipana,s first spurt was evidently not in vain, however, for it passed Bon Ami and came out first. One set of returns completed, we turned to find out where Forest Parkers hang out. The Arundel ran up a large score, followed by the Forest Park Academy of Scientific Billiards. We also still have a large number of home lovers here at Forest Park. Well, well, is Miss Shaffer's face red? After all her lectures about good literature, see what the seniors read. First of all, Cosmopolitan, not so-o-o-o bad, secondly, the American, on about the same par, but, oh look, at the literary value of the following: College Humor, Ballyhoo, Judge, and Peppy and Snappy Stories, my! my! Aaron Baer just nosed out our friend and colleague, Carlton Greer, in the returns to decide who was the best all around Forest Parker, and the one who has done the most for Forest Park. Now, let's see which sport the Forest Parkers prefer. Swimming was the unmis- takable victor. One fellow went so far as to specify swimmin' with uwimmin, ', as his favorite sport, what-a-man! Seniors also like tennis, baseball and football, but these fans are in the minority. One sport, gate-crashing, probably did not occur to many males, but I am sure that it is the most popular exercise for many. Many and varied names were offered for the most sophisticated girl. From the looks of some of the names offered, it seemed that our sagacious seniors forgot to look up the word "sophisticated," in the dictionary before they voted. Out of a long list of candidates, Lester DeArment managed to emerge victorious. Barclay beat Carlton Greer who seems to have gotten votes for everything except the most popular girl, to the stately position of the most dignified senior. Roland Nuttrell, the console genius, also ran. Shaivitz and Sara Ulman were voted the best athletes with Spranklin, J. Jones, Jean Sayman and Ruth Fieldman taking places as runners up. Jay Jones walked away with the first place as the best boy dancer, but some of the other candidates were plenty funny. A dizzy group of the weaker sex Qmost likely girls who had never danced with himj Voted for Stanley Nicoll. Nicoll as many girls know fmuch to their disgustj is one of those fellows who keep the shoe-shining parlors in business. Dancing honors were carried off by Dot O'Brien supported by Dot Heinz, Marie Garrett, and Betty Warner. A write-up in last year's FORESTER said that a certain senior dances right into your heart. If you ask your correspondent, that also goes for all of this charming line-up. After Greer had lost many polls by the skin of his teeth, he was at last victorious with a large majority hailing him as most versatile boy. This word must have also stuck many noble seniors, if the names handed in, mean anything. Let's hope the next Fifty-six FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL class profits by our mistakes when making up its statistics sheet. As for the most versatile girl, Dot Heinz and Bev Harrison were running neck-to-neck almost to the end, but Dot finally pulled away to win that title. Dot Heinz, whose name like that of Greer's appeared in almost every poll, was also elected the most popular girl. An orchid to Dot! As everybody expected, Jay Jones, the old Wessoii Oil Hound, was elected the most popular boy. His southern accent and cheery manner have surely won him many warm friends here at F. P. The hearts of the "fems" of Forest Park seem to flutter and miss three beats when the image of Frederic March is flashed upon the screen. Oh, how I envy you, Freddy, the best-liked motion picture actor. Norma Shearer shared the honors with Frederic March, for she was elected the most popular actress. And are Betty Boop and Minnie Mouse mad! March was almost beaten by the sauve brunette with the large eyes and big ears, no, I don't mean Clark Gable, but none other than Micky Mouse! Henry Barclay, our president, piled up the votes over Wells Davis and became the quietest boy in the June Class of '33 with Jean Kratz remaining silent on the girls' side. One senior fellow remarked that, he hadn't seen a quiet girl, as yet. To this opinion we hear many dissenting feminine voices, which only go to prove that maybe that person was right after all. However, perhaps the boy had just returned from a date with Shirley Sagner or Dot O'Brien, who were respectively voted the most talkative. Turner Russell was elected the most loquacious boy, and, I am sure, the 1452 English class will endorse his election. Shaivitz was not far behind Russell, with Oberndorf and Nicoll on his heels. If Mrs. Krause sees any of the above-mentioned talking in the library, I hope she will realize that they are only trying to live up to their reputations. If you're still awake and reading this article, you have a real laugh coming and your time has not been wasted altogether. But first let me tell you that Shirley Sagner was elected to the title of cleverest girl, polling one vote more than Margaret Smith. And now for the funny part-there was a triple tie for first place as cleverest boy. Meigs was one of the members of the deadlock, Mattoon, another, and Nicoll fof all peoplej the third. When interviewed, Mattoon and Meigs both admitted that they were clever, but Nicoll was so overcome, that even he, was almost at a loss for words. Thus ended the strangest set of returns ever handed in by a senior class and thus also ends this article. Anyone who wishes to enter suit against the writer will please call Information and ask for a clever person. Fifty-seven JUNE 1933 FORESTER NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS FROM THE NOTEBOOK OF A GRADUATE FAMOUS MUSICIANS PREPARING FOR DEBUT OF FLEA ORCHESTRA IN ROCKEFELLER CENTER Harlem, New York, Aug. 12, 1943. The celebrated musicians, George Col- lins and Elmer Hansen, are rehearsing daily for the debut of their flea orchestra this coming in the Rockefeller Center season. This innovation in the world of music may be attributed to the ingenuity of Messieurs Collins and Hansen in using a collection of miniature instruments, the a cigarette case prize piece of which is piano of perfect tone quality. ADMIRAL REGRETS MISSING MARYLAND BISHOP'S FAMOUS ADDRESS ON "LOVE AND HOME" Baltimore, Md., April 15, 1940. Bishop Turner Russell, recently ordained as Bishop of Maryland Diocese, delivered his famous sermon on "Love and the Home" yesterday at the 1 church. The eminent admiral, James Bragg, wait- ing for his little daughter, was heard to express regrets for having missed the Bishop's excellent sermon. NATURE DEVOTEE MUSES THAT ONLY "LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE COUNT" Granite, Md., July 4, 1967. Mr. Ray Mattoon, gentleman farmer and philosopher of the back-to-nature movement, putting aside his hoe on this holiday, told me, the reporter of the I. P., that he had a new view on life. "It is the little things in life that count," he mused, through his long, white beard, "not whether my friend, Mr. Groundhog, sees his shadow or not, that makes the world go round.', POLICE ON LOOKOUT FOR LOQUACIOUS AUCTIONEER New York, Jan. 17, 1945. Special dispatch from Police Gazette All squad cars have been instructed to apprehend Walter Witz, alias Witz, che Fifty-eight Gabber. Mr. Witz, by his loquaciousness, has made quite a name for himself as an auctioneer. He specializes in the sale of bridges, monuments, sky-scrapers, etc. JOKE-WRITER, READY FOR TRIP, ANSWERS INTERVIEW IN FAMILIAR STYLE Baltimore, Md., July 16, 1938. The well-known joke-writer, Miss Jane Bartell, interviewed by our reporter, Mil- dred Baer, as the former was going on board the "Bremen,' gave out the follow- ing statement, "There are boards and boards. I am not afraid to go aboard. I have been on boards before, and it nearly bored me to death." GREER LEADS NICOLL AND BAER IN CLOSE STRAW VOTE OF DIGEST The results in the Literary Digest straw vote showed Mr. Carlton Greer, Socialist candidate, leading Mr. Stanley Nicoll, Con- servative, by a small majority. The Peo- ple's Candidate, Mr. Aaron Baer, was be- hind in this vote. This straw vote fore- casts a very close election and no one is able to predict the result. OPENING OF SHAKER THEATRE FULFILLS SCHOMBORG'S DREAM Baltimore, Md., Dec. 2, 1944. With the opening of the new Shaker Theatre which is sponsored by the Com- mercial-Art Players, the dream of Dorrell Schomborg, Baltimore's young playwright, actor, producer, and business man, is real- ized. This group, which Schomborg heads, is the Hrst theatrical group in America that has successfully proven that com- merce and art can work hand in hand. PACE OF SCHOOL IS YEARS BEHIND STUDENT, COMPLAINS MISS CORT AT P. T. C. A. MEETING Baltimore, Md., April 15, 1947. Miss Helen Cort, in private life the bril- liant young Mrs. ----, editor of the FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Green Leaves Magazine, head of the Ra- tionalist Movement in literature, and an active member of Baltimoreis Communal Intellect Society, spoke last night before the P. T. C. A. CParent-Teachers Child Associationj at Forest Park High School on the "Relationship the Modern School Should Have to the Child." Mrs. l-'s complaint against the school system was that the general pace of the school was several years behind the student. Her many daringly rational ideas on che sub- ject lead one to expect great things from her. BARCLAY AGAIN WINS CHAMPIONSHIP DESPITE YOUTHFUL DEMEANOR Forest Hills, L. I., Sept. 20, 1942. With a clear follow-through that ranks with the legend of Tilden, Hank Barclay played off his championship games this year. Under the management of Albert Shaivitz, the Barclay lad has rolled up a name in the firmament of tennis stars that belies his youthful and quiet demeanor. STAR OF "PANICKIES" GIVEN ROLE IN "THE COLLEGE FLIRT" New York, Dec. 24, 1948. The title in "The College Flirt," by Margaret Smith, the brilliant young play- wright who has been electrifying Broad- way, has been given to Miss Shirley Sagner, star of last year's "Panickies." Miss Sag- ner is particularly well-fitted for this role and the play undoubtedly will have a long run. THREE F. P. H. S. ARTISTS FEATURE IN OPENING OF PARIS SALON Paris, France, Sept. 9, 1940. The latest news reports coming from Paris, feature our three Musketeers, Duke, Raffle and Murray. A brilliant affair was the opening of the latest salon, which dis- played gowns designed by Madame --l, formerly Miss Mildred Duke of F. P. H. S. and Maryland Institute. The building and interior were designed and executed by Miss Mary Raffle and Mr. Dan Murray, also of F. P. H. S. and Maryland Institute. FIRST VVOMAN SPEAKER OF HOUSE FORMALLY OPENS INITIAL CONGRESS SESSION Washington, Jan. 18, 1948. The first session of Congress was for- mally opened today by Speaker-of-the- House, Harrison. Miss Beverly Harrison, the first woman ever to hold this dis- tinguished office, is expected to display her usual capability and intelligence dur- ing the forthcoming session. BABE DIDRIKSON CONCEDES ATHLETIC TITLE TO JEAN SAYMAN Olympic Stadium, July 31, 1940. At last Babe Didrikson, world renowned woman athlete, has conceded that Jean Sayman, brilliant Olympic star, should be given her crown of "Miss Olympia." Miss Sayman who received her initial athletic training at Forest Park has been a danger- ous competitor of the Babe for the past four years. NOTED DANCING TRIO WINS PLACE IN GALLERY OF FAMOUS PERSONAGES New York, March 15, 1939. The world famous dancing trio, com- posed of the Misses O'Brien, Heinz and Warner, has been given a prominent posi- tion in the United States' Gallery of Fa- mous Personages. Having danced their way to fame in shows of Earl Caroll and George White, the dancers won interna- tional popularity during the past few years. Their shows have been outstanding successes all over the world, both finan- cially and otherwise. FORMER FOREST PARKERS TO TOUR BALTIMORE Baltimore, Md., Aug. 31, 1942. That brilliant troupe of young actors, now completing its third summer touring the New England villages with its stock of O'Neill dramas, is a charming group of people. One of their number, Weinberg, has a truly Shakespearean swagger, and Miss June Symonds is another discovery. Her splendid acting of character roles has Fifty-nine attracted much attention. The promising Miss Hoffman and the enterprising man- ager, Mr. Gladstein, are also distinguished. Having taken the New England country- side by storm, they are planning a summer on the Atlantic seaboard and will probably honor Baltimore with a visit. AGED RECLUSE DISCOVERS FUNCTION OF STILL COILS Saskatoon, Canada, Nov. 29, 1989. After many years of diligent research, John Spranklin, the aged recluse who for- sook a successful career as a veterinary to conduct personal research in the field of distillation, 'has satisfied his ambition of Hfty-eight years standing by discovering what function the coils in a still serve. When asked whether he thought that his life had been wasted, the septuagenarian replied that since he could not recall a single instant when he had digressed from his original train of thought, he considered his time well spent. SCIENTISTS FIND WORLD TO BE RHOMBIC Heartsandflowers, Texterania, Jan. 10, 1958. Following their startling discovery that the world, mirable dictu, is not round- not flat, but is of a rhombic shape, Milton Schwartzman, Marritt Kronberg, Ralph Gundersdorf, and Earl Lentz, the well- known theorist-scientists, have retired to the isle of Heartsandflowers. STEPHEN'S SON DISCOVERS E LOST CHEMICAL IN " PROF'S POCKET Baltimore, Md., Nov. 9, 1963. Charles Stephens, president of the Cold Earth Company, proclaimed to all former chemistry students of Forest Park High School that a long, conical cornucopia of ammonium chloride has been rediscovered in the chemical laboratory of the afore- mentioned school. Mr. Stephens' young- est boy of his seven children found the long-sought for deposit of ammonium chloride in a pocket of Dr. Frederick's laboratory apron! Sixty JUNE 1933 FORESTER ERNEST TUCKER TO MAKE SECOND MARS TRIP Boston, May 23, 1974. Ernest Tucker, the inventor of the first rocket to carry men to Mars and also the discoverer of the radio-thermomic waves which propel his craft, announced today to the United Press that plans were com- pleted for another rocket. This rocket, the smiling, middle-aged scientist explain- ed, will carry fifteen passengers instead of three and will make the journey in one month rather than two.' Mr. Tucker, along with his associates Proctor Wilson and Albert Lane, who became famous as "the three rocketeers," will also go on the second voyage in the rocket along with twelve select volunteers. The first man to volunteer, Philip Wise, stated that he had stepped forward because of domestic troubles and would like to make his per- manent home on the planet. "The first rocket," said Mr. Tucker, "worked very aptly, the only reason for another and larger one being the need for men to make observations, take photo- graphs and explore Mars in the vicinity of Little America. It is a known fact that Carl Gerber will be che photographer of the expedition be- cause of his marvelous achievements in that line. WALL STREET STARTLED BY NEWS OF CONSOLIDATION New York, Sept. 3, 1965. John Keplar Knight startled Wall Street financiers today by announcing the consolidation of the John Soule Trumpet Corporation with the Steamship and Fac- tory Whistles Incorporated. RETIRING ASTRONOMER TELLS AMUSING STORY San Francisco, July 1, 1987. Marshal Edmonston, prominent astron- omer, recalled today for the press an amus- ing occurrence from his career. Q Dr. Edmondston said, "One day, Zenus Hooper and Latimer Ford, my co-workers, and I were observing the movements of a shooting star from our station at the giant CContinued on page 1123 FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL FORESTER STAFF Business Manager Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor DORRELL SCHOMBORG HELEN CORT ELIMER HANSEN Assistant Business Manager VAUGHN STRECKFUS Assistant Editors Circulation Manager Art Editors DAN MURRAY MARY RAFFLE MILDRED DUKE RUTH HOFFMAN MARGARET SIVIITH GEORGE COLLINS Write-up Editors CATHERINE WASKEY SYLVAN BECK Club Editors RALPH GUNDERSDORF CAROLYN COHEN Transcription Editors BEss FREEDMAN Photographic Editors, STANLEY NICOLL SAUL HERMAN Sports Editors WILLIAM MARR RUTH FIELDMAN SARA KEYSER KATIE MORMAN Sixty-one JUNE 1933 FORESTER 'IEA DANCE PRCHWQAMKNCQJET ponzm SEN ROR PLAY STEP DAY DANCE FAREWELL ASSEMBLY sENl0ncLAss COMMITTEES Sixty-two FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR COMMITTEES SENIOR INAUGURAL COMMITTEE Chairman ..,.........,....,... DOROTHY HEINZ Helen Ziegler Ethel Greenberg Nicholas Dimling Mignon Taylor Mildred Cooper Adrian Mehrling SENIOR PLAY COMMITTEE Chairman .................... SIDNEY GLADSTEIN Charlotte Ziegler Margaret Smith Dorothy Barclay Carlton Greer Morton Friedenberg Ellsworth Gillespie Albert Shaivitz Alma Kruger Latimer Ford ST. PATRICK'S DAY DANCE Chairman ....,.............,..,, VERA HELLMAN John Leigh Elizabeth Skilling Mary Crisp Douglas Meigs James Bragg John Soule Richard Worman POSTER COMMITTEE Chairman ........i.,i,.,.,.......... DAN MURRAY Judy W7 heat Edythe Brown Anna Wailes TEA DANCE COMMITTEE Chairman ,.,....,4...,,., VAUGHN STRECKFUS Harry Johnson Lorman Esterson Betty Warner Sue Palmer SENIOR EAREWELL COMMITTEE Chairman ...,,.,......,.,...,.....,.... AARON BAER Alice DeArment Anna Wailes Saul Herman Ruth Hoffman STEP SINGING COMMITTEE Chairman ....,......,..4.... SYLVAN HOFFMAN Lucille Fainberg Esther Myerberg Earl Shaver Lester DeArment PROM AND BANQUET COMMITTEE Chairman .....4..,.......,,,.... ROBERT CARTER Virginia Smith Stanley Nicoll Dorothy O,Brien Betty Dodson GIFT COMMITTEE Chairman ...,4.,......,.......,.. WILLIAM MARR Betty Frank Ella Shank Louise Falls Judy Wheat Sixty-three JUNE 1933 FORESTER IXIX IOUI' FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL "COCK ROBIN" N ,Iune 9 we killed "Cock Robin"-killed him thoroughly, completely, once and for all. For generations, kiddies have been told the story of the murder of that hand- some birdg but not until the June Class of '33 took the situation in hand, did I fully realize the tremendous purport of that dramatic tale. I used to feel sorry for the poor Robin when my mother told me the story years ago as she rocked me to sleep. Little did I realize what a villain that red-breasted bird was. I did not know that he was a fly-by-night, a ne'er-do-well, a roue of the worst type. Ah, what a rude awakening I had on the night of June 9! And what a lot of satisfaction I got seeing the rascally villain shot full of holes. Legend has it that Cock Robin was killed by an arrow shot by a sparrow--what Ll rhyme, what a rhyme-but don't you believe it, Mister, for dat boid wasn't kilt by no arrerg naw, he was plugged wit a gat-a gat what wasn't loaded! How was that possible did you ask? Well, if you were there on the night of June 9, you know, as well as I, that everybody around Cock Robin that night had good reason to Want him to be dead. Eleven other players in the cast and a thousand people in the audience. If you weren't there it is your loss unless you can bribe someone who was there to tell you about it. The play is the combined effort of Phillip Barry and Elmer Rice, two of America,s outstanding contemporary playwrights. It is chock-full of drama, mystery, and humor. The characters are finely drawn from the villainous Hancock Robinson to the rough and ready stage-director, George McAuliffe. Carmen Jones plays the title role in an easy and intelligent manner. He is just enough the oily, suave and polished gentleman to make him thoroughly disliked by the audience yet not melo-dramatic. Carlotta is easily handled by Dorothy Heinz, the sweetheart of Lord Harry. This writer does not blame the men for fighting over this charming person. The most difficult part in the play is that of McAuliffe, the stage-director, and Arthur Weinberg does a piece of acting that he need never be ashamed of. He plays it with a good, round, robust quality that shows his internal interest in his work. June Symonds counter-balances McAuliffe with her fine portrayal of Mrs. Montgomery- the guiding social light of the community. Black Tom, in the play within, is done by Morton Friedenberg, whose real identity is that of a pompous and dignified lawyer. His modulations from one character to another are splendid. Dr. Grace is an elderly medico who causes us great perplexity -we can't just decide whether he is in league with the villain, the police, or simply himself. These baffling attitudes are adequately handled by Aaron Baer in a refined and dignified manner. It takes two to make a fight and Dickie Lane, played by Dor'rell Schomborg, is just the lad to start one. The other person, of course, is Cock Robin. Mr. Schomborg is as hasty and quick-tempered as he should be, particularly when the subject for quarrel is that aforementioned lovely young lady, Carlotta. His pal and confederate is handled extremely well by Dixon Burton, a small bit that could easily have been overdone but 1sn't. The comedy is handled chiefly by two people, Clark Torrance, Albert Lane, and Maria Scott, Shirley Sagner. Torrance is a near-sighted, girl-shy young man who sub- Sixty-five JUNE 1933 FORESTER stituted for'Dickie on the night of the play. The situations that arise cause all the trouble. Maria Scott is the assistant to McAuliffe. She has a camera eye, she takes notes on everything she sees, and she sees everything. She slips once, though, and almost causes an innocent man to be arrested for the murder. Celeste Franklin who plays Carlotta's mother and Norman Miller, the sleepy stage manager, Briggs, round out the cast. The production department was ingeniously headed by Sidney Gladstein, chairman of the committee. Charlotte Ziegler was mistress of the wardrobe assisted by compe- tent people. Properties and furniture were handled by Dorothy Barclay and Alma Kruger. 1 The set, costumes, and properties were designed by Mr. DeHaven, the director, and executed by a splendid corp of workers under the direction of Mr. DeHaven and Latimer T. Ford. Invaluable technical advice on stage-management was given by Mr. R. J. Binau, stage technician of the Vagabond Players. Albert Shaivitz had charge of the publicity, devised by Mr. DeHaven, that had the town asking itself for a month "Who killed Cock Robin?', Then last, but not least, an orchid to that person whom the audience never saw. The person who was assistant to the director and under-study of all female parts, Ruth Hoffman. Take it all in all, the finest thing we can say-is "What a Show!" NATURE'S CATHEDRAL A mightier nave than ever mortal made From cold gray stoneg a living being Whose walls and aisles are formed by many a glade, Whose swaying roof lets God,s bright sunshine in. Sacred and mellowedg where incense pure Is swung by countless pines the aisles along. A wanton breeze, lifting the tufted dome, Draws from the choir a paean of sacred song. No priest is here to offer up a prayer, The sun himself, a living orb of fire, An emblem of all might and truth and living, Goes to the altar in the west, and there Is sacrificed: his life blood stains the sky, As Death rides on to claim the daylight's king. TURNER R. RUSSELL June- 1932. RAINBCW Sunbeams stretched taut to the earth are sliding boards. Happy, bubbling raindrops come sliding gaily down And land bumping and bouncing And roll laughingly on their playground Until the sun calls them in at tea-time. CAROLYN COHEN Sixty-six ' Aug, J.. - ' H Q f -zwvfj-'-' V - . ,M . sv Ni? SY amz ,f f 1, CTIVITIES JUNE 1933 FORESTER BOARD OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES HE Board of Student Activities is a supervisory board, appointed in part by the principal and in part elected by the faculty, to assist the principal in decisions affecting the extra-curricular activities of the school. The Board consists of the principal, the two vice-principals, the president of the Board of Student Representatives, a member of the Athletic Department, a member of the faculty, representing the non-athletic interests of the students, and two faculty representatives, one of whom is elected each year. The personnel of the Board this term was as follows: Chairman MR. OWENS Vice-Principals President of the Board of Student MR, SCOTT Representatives DR. WHITE HOUSTON REESE Elected by the Faculty MISS WRIGHT MISS BROENING Representing the Athletic Department Secretary MR. SIMS MR. SCHMIED This Board charters all clubs, supervises all student activities, budgets all funds, and, in general, so articulates the student activities that there is no over-lapping of aims, nor conflicts of performances. It also awards the highest honor which a student at Forest Park can earn, namely the Distinguished Service Award. A carefully selected committee considers nominees made by the Senior and Sub-Senior Classes and by members of the faculty who have had opportunity of working with the Seniors in the various fields of activity. Six per cent of the Sub-Senior Class are eligible for the bronze award, while to only three per cent of the Senior Class is the gold pin awarded. Sixty-eight FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL THE SENATE HE Senate, one of the most important organizations of the school, meets every Thursday during the advisory period. The Senate is composed of two senators from each year, each representing a semester of the grade. The meetings are presided over by the Student President. The Senate endeavors to continue the student court, which was organized by Ray Shipley, a former student president. This court aims to impress upon the offenders the fact that they are being justly tried by their elected representatives. In this way, the student participation program is carried out. Since this group has more power than the Board of Student Representatives, it is an honor to have the office of Senator bestowed upon any student. Through the aims of the Senate, namely, to promote school spirit, to further understanding between the student body and faculty, and to establish student govern- ment, a higher morale and a closer, more united spirit is developed at Forest Park. Sixty-nine 9 JUNE 1933 FORESTER ls xx K LJ? ,V THE BOARD or STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES D THE Board of Student Representatives is composed of a representative from each advisory class and is headed by the Student President. The conscientious aim of this group is to devise plans for the betterment of the school. At the meetings, all ques- tions and problems from advisory discussions are brought upg and improvements are suggested. In this manner, each student in Forest Park has a method of aiding in the amelioration of his school. Since the opening of the school, this body has promoted a feeling of cooperation between the students and the faculty. Here, the problems which call for combined effort and combined study are introduced and taken back to the individual advisory classes. The Board of Student Representatives is a compact summary of our problems, our efforts, and our responsibilities in Forest Park High Schoolg and as a body, it is unexcelled in its training for the student and the opportunities it oifers to the student to learn the value of cooperative work. Seventy FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT ACTIVITY BANK Auditor Paying Teller MARY LENNON GLADYS STECKMAN Bookkeeper Statement Clerk HELEN MCGUIRE SYLVIA TALLES Advisor M. C. LEIPHOLZ I XT Forest Park, one of the outstanding organizations is the Student Activity Bank, which was started shortly after the official opening of the school in the autumn of 1924. The Student Activity Bank handles the finances of the school. All money received from games, clubs, and teachers is deposited in the bank, which issues its own deposit slips and pass books, in which notations of all deposits are recorded by the receiving teller. Every day, the bookkeeper records the deposits and withdrawals of each account. The auditor checks over the books daily and sees that no mistakes are made. V State- ments are issued monthly by the statement clerk to see whether or not the bank balance rallies with individual balances. - - . The financial services of the Student Bank are very advantageous to the school organizations. The bank is not only one of the most beneficial, but also one of the most unique organizations in che school. , A -- Seventy-one JUNE 1933 FORESTER THE SUB-SENIOR CLASS President Secretary WILLIAM 'REINDOLLAR JANET Roov Vice-President Treasurer JOHN GERWIG CARROLL JONES T the sound of the musical note, the class of '33 came on the Forest Park network. Loose connections marred the richness of tone in our first social appearance,-the Sophomore Tea Dance. However, our willingness to profit by our own mechanical mistakes resulted in a dignified and perfected program in our Junior Assembly and an equally perfect, but far more hilarious hour of social enjoyment at our Tea Dance. Moreover, wholly without a trace of static was that musical cocktail which was spiced with dancing and singing, stirred by a humorous minstrel, and mixed with "bazaar" festivities into our Jolly Junior Jubilee. Gliding along the wave lengths of time at a merry rate, we reached our first'Sub- Senior success, the St. Patrickis Day Dance. In like manner, we hope to attain such distinction as stars of the ether, that we shall become firmly fixed in that elevated solar system of classes in the network of Forest Park. Seventy-two uh Q2 1 ,V ,. . I Q FOREST PARK- G SCHOOI7f R A J j I .flu THE JUNIOR CLASS President Secretary DULANY FOSTER FLORENCE JONES Vice-President Treasurer BERTRAM SCHILLER HELEN CONNOLLY Advisor MR. JOLLY . E, as the Junior Class, have already begun to show our several and diverse abilities. At our entrance to Forest Park High School, we were insignificant seventh-graders, over- whelmed by the 'large school that we were so fortunate to attend. However, we cer- tainly have come up in the world since then. Our ninth grade Tea Dance first brought our class to the attention of Forest Park. In this social event, we proved ourselves capable socially of making a' name for ourselves in the school. Individually, as Well as collectively, we have done much for Forest Park. In the Glee Club, in dramatics, in athletics, as well as in the scholastic fields, our members have won many laurels. This year, our management of the Jubilee was voted a huge success, despite unfortunate economic conditions. The two highlights of this year, our formal presentation to the school on Arbor Day and our Junior Prom, were acclaimed by the whole of Forest Park. Arbor Day saw us grouped on the campus, planting trees. Not many weeks later, we gathered in the Boys' Gym for a glorious evening of dancing to the strains of a popular orchestra. Our Junior year was almost too wonderful to be true. Seventy-three JUNE 1933 FORESTER THE SUB-JUNIOR CLASS E, the class of February '35, hereby disavow any claim to genius and agree to follow our motto, l'All for one and one for all," as everyday students in our stumbling, struggling, bumpy route to whatever knowledge may fall to our lot. Whatever obstacles have hitherto presented themselves, we have fafter many a fruitless attempt, we admitj surmounted. Although we have not had opportunity to participate in any of those activities which seem to call for a wider experience and wisdom than ours, we have been gaining the aforesaid practice and knowledge through our voluntary apprenticeship in the projects of our elders. However, we are not a laggard class, so we are already anticipating the organiza- tion and introduction of our class. We are young and healthy, ambitious and capable, loyal and responsible, therefore, we are giving fair warning to all who have preceded and all who are to follow us that the last notch belongs to the February class of '35, Seventy-four FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL THE SOPHOMORE CLASS THE FRESHMAN CLASS Seventy-five JUNE 1933 FORESTER THE GIRLS' LEADERS' CLUB President Vice-President ALICE DEARMENT HELEN ZIEGLER Secretary Treasurer DOROTHY BARCLAY ELLA SHANK HE Girls' Leaders, Club had its origin in October, 1928. Under the capable guid- ance of its advisors, Dr. White, Miss Grote, and Miss Kramer, and its efficient officers, it has continued to be a powerful organization at Forest Park. The aims of the club are: flj to lead and advise the girls of the school, QZJ to promote the highest stan- dards in work and sport, and Q31 to aid and improve all phases of school life. Last year, 1932, the standards of the club were revised into a new, specific form by Annette Katz. The initiation ceremonies were also changed by the introduction of an impressive candle ceremony. This year the organization has shown great advancement in both the extension of its membership and in its achievements in general. Although its regular meetings on Tuesday mornings are held to transact all necessary business, the club also has its social side. This year a joint banquet and dance with the Boys' Leaders' Club was held. The club also gives several teas a year, either for the initiation of new members or for the faculty. Seventy-six FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL THE BOYS' LEADERS' CLUB President Vice-President Treasurer AARON BAER MORTON FRIEDENBERG JOSEPH JONES Secretary Honorary Advisor DULANY FOSTER MR. OWENS Advisors MR. SCOTT MR. ANDERSON DR. FREDERICK Slogan: "Brotherhood, Loyalty, and Cooperation" THE honor society for boys of Forest Park High School is the Boys' Leaders, Club. It is composed of boys who have shown outstanding qualities of leadership, who have supported the high principles of the school, and who are willing to strive to uphold the high purposes of the club, which are: Qlj to help new boys and encourage the right attitudes in boys who are indifferent to the best interests of the school, Q25 to influence right conduct among students on and off the campus, C3j to assist in all emergencies involving the best interests of the school and in extra-curricular activities. The Boys' Opportunity Club is a subordinate organization of this club. It pro- vides an opportunity for the younger boys of the school to develop their leadership. Seventy-seven JUNE 1933 FORESTER ETHICAL CLUB HE Ethical Club has rapidly become one of Forest Park's foremost organizations. This may be attributed to the unselfish efforts of itsadvisor, Mr. Thomas A. Van Sant, who is a colorful leader as well as a good fellow. Moreover, the important thing in the Ethical Club is not to conquer, but to aim at high standards. The essential aims are co-operation, loyalty and clean sports for all. Due to the increasing popularity of this club, an attempt has been made to limit the membership, but despite this action there is still a long waiting list. The club meets on Friday to discuss business and to listen to talks given by prominent athletes and business men. On Saturday, however, a special privilege is accorded the club. Through the courtesy of Mr. Sims, Mr. Owens, and Mr. Cluster, the boys are permitted to assemble for two hours in the gymnasium and partake in any athletic event that may appeal to them. Up to date a very formidable wrestling team and a crafty basketball quint are available. Seventy-eight FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL THE SOCIETAS ROMANA Consul Second Consul Praetor CELESTE FRANKLIN MARGARET WILSON ADA DAVIES Aedile Princeps Quuestorum ANNETTE CHALLIS FREDA SHAPIRO Advisors Miss EBAUGH MRS. EGER Miss ROE HE Latin Club because of its outstanding aims has attracted many members. The pledge of this club is: "Ego certe meum rei publicae atque societati Romanae officium praestabof' This translated, means: "I shall do my duty to my state and to my club." Its motto is: "Scientia et Amicitia' or "Learning and Friendshipf, To promote a deeper appreciation of the life, customs, and literature of Ancient Rome, to bring about a fraternal feeling among the members, and to present a phase of Latin not found in the text books are the aims of the Latin Club. The club continued this year to present interesting programs that are of both educational and recreational value to the members. The pupils not only display their talents but are entertained by dramatization and brief articles about Caesar, Cicero and Vergil, and other great Romans, by games and moving pictures of Latin subject matter. This year the club has enjoyed singing many modern songs translated into Latin. Seventy-nine JUNE 1933 FORESTER f 7 'J FOUR SQUARE CLUB President Vice-President Secreiary JEAN SAYMAN ELSIE CARTER VAUGHN STRECKFUS Treasurer Advisor RUTH LINDLEY Miss STOLL Slogan: Square Living Square Thinking Square Scholarship Square Sports The theme of Four Square miglot well be expressed by this verse: You can make your life a circle, Never getting anywhere But the life that's everlasting Is the life that's Four Square. -l-HE name "Four Square" signifies four squares for four aims within a larger square which represents the body. The aims of the club are: to extend a high ethical feeling throughout the school, to develop a personal and moral character, to bring the girls in touch with well known outside speakers, and to discuss social and moral problems. Eighty 1 FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL ART CLUB President Vice-Presidenf Treasurer. DONALD STUCK DANIEL MURRAY MILDRED DUKE Recording Secretary Corrcsjlonding Secretary MARY E. RAFFLE BETTY CRIDER Advisors MISS NELLIE NORRIS Miss NORA BRAINARD Sergeants-at-Arms JOE MERFELD JIMMY ROBINSON DOUGLAS MEIGS HE Art Club, one of the largest organizations in Forest Park, is closing another successful year. The purpose of the club has always been to bring an appreciation of beauty and a knowledge of various artistic skills and techniques into the lives of the students. Moreover, the activities of the club cover a wide scope, and these have become indispensable to many school projects. Besides the monthly meetings held on the first Thursday of the month, there are various committees, such as etching, oil-painting, costume design, that work during the week. The meetings are very profitable, as people of high standing are invited, who offer us worthy information. One of the most fascinating meetings was when Miss Mary Schultz gave a short talk on dancing and then executed several dances. Other pro- grams have included the making of etchings, pageants, a talk by Mr. McKinney and demonstrations by Miss Helen Journeay and Miss Coursey. Eighty-one 1 JUNE 1933 FORESTER Presidents Vice-Presidents HELEN BRITTON KATHERINE RUPPERSBURGER TURNER RUSSELL DORRELL SCHOMBORG Secretary Treasurer EVA PHOEBUS DEBORAH MILLER HE Glee Club, which is under the capable supervision of Miss Butler, is composed of the boys and girls who are interested in music and voice culture. This outstanding organization adds prestige to the school through radio broadcasting and musical shows and contributes its services to many school functions. Among the admirable accom- plishments of this club are its ever-successful operettas, its lovely Christmas carol assemblies, its spring broadcast, and its popular assembly. This club has made rapid strides not only because its leader is efficient and inspiring and its ofiicers are Willing, but also because there is a spirit of co-operation among the members. At the meetings the members practice and prepare for future accomplish- ments. The club not only fosters an appreciation of music but it also promotes real friendships and furnishes afternoons of genuine enjoyment. Eighty-two FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL THE ORCHESTRA President JOHN SOULE Vice-President Secretary DAVID Encx MARION HEANEY Advisor Miss BUTLER HE orchestra, under the leadership of John Soule and Miss Butler, has done wonders in the past few months. Under the student conductor, David Erck, the orchestra has played at all the assemblies, commencements, and plays. Concerts have also been given outside the school. The P. T. A. of Forest Park and the radio public have also heard from this organization. Many new selections have been mastered and, at present, a most difficult overture is being perfected. The membership in the orchestra has been raised considerably and, if it continues to increase, the pit will certainly have to be made larger. The growing prestige of the orchestra has ranked it with the important clubs of the school. Rehearsals are held every Wednesday, and from the atmosphere at these rehearsals, one would think it a symphony orchestra. Eighty-three JUNE 1933 EORESTER MUSIC APPRECIATION CLUB y ,M President Vice-President MARION HEANEY JANET DE4WOLFF T Secretary Treasurer ' ISABEL TALLARICO ELEANOR KRATZ Advisor Mlss BUTLER HE Music Appreciation Club, under the capable leadership of Miss Butler, has endeavored and succeeded in stimulating an intellectual interest in music at Forest Park. The club has had interesting discussions given by its members, and the material is not only instructive but interesting. They have carried on lectures on various composers and their respective styles. The music is furnished by the talented members of the club or by records which are collected from various sources. The meetings open advantages for a widespread critical opinion. Although the club is an invitation club, membership may be easily obtained by request. If you are especially interested, you are welcome. The club meets in Room 104 every second, third and fourth Thursday in the month. Eighty-four FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL MASQUERS President Secretary ARTPIUR WEINBERG JUNE SYMONDS Vice-President Treasurer ' RUTH HOFFMAN TOM O,CONNOR HIS club, which has been an important part of the school since its charter in 1926, isga dramatic organization having for its chief goal the promotion of love for good drama. The Masquers helps to train persons interested in stage craft, acting, directing andthe theatre in general. Many assemblies have been favored with plays given by thef"M'asquers. This year it staged a triumphant success when it presented, "The Monkeys Pawn to the school. Everyone knows the club for its wonderful Shakespearean assemblies given each year as a memorial to Shakespeare on his birthday. In this assem- bly much talent of the school is realized. Indeed, the whole performance is quite a talked about and highly important event. The club is under the able advisorship of Miss Alta Thompson of the English Department. ' ' II.. " Eighty-five JUNE 1935 FORESTER pl-img,-A N., bis' Q' Q THE HOME CLUB Prcsidenf VERA HELLMAN Vice-President Secretary RUTH SMITH SHIRLEY SAGNER Treasurer SARA ULMAN HE Home Economics Club, under the advisorship of Miss Church, holds its meetings the second Tuesday of every month. Because the major home economics students in sewing and cooking constitute a large part of this club is no reason why outsiders should not find our meetings entertaining as well as educational. Every organization has a leaderg therefore, Vera Hellman was elected president of the Home Economics Club. Ruth Smith is now serving her second term as vice-president. To keep account of all our records and correspondence we must have a secretaryg therefore, Shirley Sagner was elected for this position. Since a treasurer is also needed in order to carry out the work of a club, Sara Ulman was given this duty. After a short business meet- ing we have a variety of programs. We have been fortunate enough this year to have the stylist and interior decorator from two of the large stores give us illustrated talks. The club is affiliated with the Maryland Home Economics Association, and every year a group of girls attends the spring meeting of this association. Remember, our doors are always open to new members. Eighty-six FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL CHESS CLUB President STERLING KLEIN Secretary Vice-President ALBERT LANE PHILIP KLEIN Treasurer ABRAHAM SCHNEIDER HE Chess Club is one of the older institutions of the school and meets every Thurs- day afternoon in room 237 under the competent guidance of Mr. Krieger. The club has several objectives: to promote the good playing and enjoyment of chess throughout the school, to assist novices in becoming expert players, and to compete with other clubs and organizations. Needless to say, under Mr. Kriegeris piloting, the club stead- ily progresses towards the perfection of these aims. This semester saw the club in a very favorable position in its regular tournaments with Poly and City. The splendid record of the club was due to the efforts of this term's team, one of the very best, according to Mr. Krieger, that the club has ever turned out. ' By means of a contest between the members of the club, as a result of which Sterling Klein was hailed as the most competent player, a team was chosen. The players were: Sylvan Beck, Philip Klein, Sterling Klein, Albert Lane, and Abraham Schneider. Eighty-seven JUNE 1933 FORESTER LE CERCLE FRANCAIS President Vice-President Treasurer LUCIA SERIO MILDRED RUBIN PHYLLIS SHAIVITZ Secretary Advisor ESTHER GOLDBERG MR. MOORE E CERCLE FRANCAIS, sponsored by the French department and under the advisorship of Mr. Moore, is of great benefit to the School. It is one of the three language clubs of the school. The club meets the first and third Wednesday of every month in room 104. The meetings are quite enjoyableg the programs are very stimulating. The aim of the members is to improve their French and appreciation for this beautiful language. Their programs have consisted of talks on French literature, art, music, and drama. The school also has been given the benefit of the club's talent in a few French plays. The club has sponsored many assemblies in the past. The members and advisor join in an invitation to all French students to join Le Cercle Francais to improve their French, and to enjoy the fellowship of French students. No one who attends the meetings can forget the enjoyable times had by everyone. Eighty-eight FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL l DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN President MORTON FRIEDENBERG Vice-President Secretary SYLVIA SALZMAN EVELYN GLASER Treasurer NORMA F OXMAN VERY second and fourth Monday of the month a most congenial group of German students meets and under the capable supervision of Mr. Schmied discusses German literature, language, Writers, songs and customs. The latter part of the meetings is devoted to the playing of modern games in which the German language is spoken and to the singing of popular German folk-songs. Although the German Club had to start out this semester with the handicap of an almost entirely new membership, before the end of the quarter the club succeeded in establishing itself as an active organization of the school. The members entered into che spirit of Der Deutsche Verein with a zest which put over the best German assembly presented for Forest Park in several years. "Germelshausen" was a success which left no doubt in the minds of the club members or of the faculty of the ability of the club members. Der Deutsche Verein wishes to take this opportunity to express its appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Schmied for his guidance and willing assistance throughout the past year. Eighty-nine JUNE 1953 FORESTER THE BIOLOGY CLUB President JEROME ALLSCHUIL Vice-President Secretary JOSEPH SCHOUL , HELEN L1sT Treasurer ISABEL WESTON HE Biology Club, like the Chemistry Club, attempts to study the phases of its science which must be omitted in class due to the lack of time. It aims to stimulate an interest in biology and in natural surroundings, and to make its members feel the universal appeal of biology. For the attainment of these aims, the club has discussions on subjects of biological and general interest. Biologists of note will be asked to address the club on occasions when possible. The club plans many unique experiments and makes many enjoyable field trips to collect specimens. The past fallL the club went to Lochearn, where the members gathered moss and other interesting plant formations. Visi-ts to museums and other places of interest in and around Baltimore are planned, including a trip to the Academy of Sciences. The Biology Club, under the advisorship of Miss Hutt, has progressed rapidly and now ranks among the schoolls most important organizations. Ninety FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL THE CHEMISTRY CLUB President TURNER RUSSELL Vice-President Secretary SIDNEY GLADSTEIN ALBERT LANE HE Chemistry Club, reorganized in September, has made fine progress this year. Many interesting and helpful programs have been presented under the direction of Charles Anderson, Chairman of the Program Committee. In previous years, the club met twice monthly, but the executive board decided to have one meeting per month with something 'lspecialn on each program. It further decided to have outside speakers and club members alternately participating in the program every month. T. A. Russell addressed the club on "Chemistry in the Laundry" at the December meeting. Dr. Frederick enlightened the club with an account on the "Use of Gas in the World War.', This was given in a very interesting manner, for Dr. Frederick was in charge of a detail during the War. The Chemistry Club was formed with the hope that those interested in this particular science would come to the meetings in order to learn about chemistry fin more detailj than time in the classroom permits. Only those students who are taking chemistry are eligible to membership in the club. Ninety-one JUNE 1933 FORESTER THE LIBRARY CLUB President Secretary ELAINE WILHELM MARTHA STAPP HE Library Club, though comparatively small in number and rather young, is one of the most constructive clubs of the school. The membership consists chiefly of those persons who spend their leisure time in assisting the librarian in the routine work of the library. However, such employment is not a requirement of the club. Some of the aims of the club are: 1. To stimulate an interest in books. 2. To help others to become acquainted with books. 3. To interest members in library work as a profession. 4. To stimulate a knowledge of the use of the library. At the beginning of every school semester, new officers are elected. This term Elaine Willielm was selected from the group to become presidentg and Martha Stapp, to be secretary. No treasurer was chosen because the club has collected no dues this year. The club, as a whole, is very helpful to anyone wishing to know more about books and libraries and to those interested in becoming acquainted with work in the library as a profession. Anyone wishing to become a member may ask our school librarian, Mrs. Krause, for information. She is most helpful and has done much to inspire the students at Forest Park with a desire to know more and better books. Ninety-two FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL THE RADIO CLUB President JOHN LEIGH Vice-President Secretary CHARLES EARP KENNETH HAMLIN Vice-Secretary ' BERNARD WHITE HE Radio Club has several objects in view. These are: flj To aid the members in gaining a knowledge of the theory of radio, QZQ To instruct them in the fundamentals of radio construction, 131 To train them in the requirements necessary for having and operating their own stations. The business meeting is held every Monday and is followed by a lecture on various topics suggested by the members. On the following days of the week, due to the kind- ness of Mr. Young, the club advisor, the licensed operators work the station WSMX. At one meeting, the accomplishment of various aims of the former term were reviewed. It was noted that the club had ten licensed amateur radio operators fthe largest num- ber in any public high school in the cityy. Seven of these had earned this distinction within the past semester. The amateur radio station is now in full swing, and the club extends a hearty invitation to all students of the school for inspection. Ninety-three JUNE 1933 FORESTER THE CAMERA CLUB President Vice-President Secretary LAWRENCE HANAWALT MYRON MYERS ALVIN WEINER Custodian Advisor WILLIAM OBENDORI2 MR. JOHN CALDER HE Forest Park Camera Club was first organized on November 11, 1925. In Febru- ary, 1930, a complete reorganization took place. Through the years, the Camera Club has progressed and has become a definite part of the school,s extra-curricular activities. Many of the club activities are of special interest to all who have taken pictures, or who would like to learn photography or any of its allied sciences. Not only does the club conduct its own informal discussions, but it has many interesting talks given by professional and expert photographers. Contests and exhibitions also form a part of the programs. The members of this organization are especially fortunate in having a well equipped laboratory where they can develop and print their own films. The main objects of the organization have been to develop in its members the ability to take good pictures and to increase an appreciation of the features that constitute a good photograph. The fact that pictures can be taken the year round makes photog- raphy ideal for filling leisure hours. In the near future, great accomplishments can be expected from this band of conscientious, prospective photographers. Ninety-four FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL THE OPEN FORUM CLUB President FLORENCE JONES Vice-President Secretary DOROTHY KEYSER BESSIE FREEDMAN HE Open Forum was organized this past fall by Miss Grace Broening of the History Department to fill the need of the school for a group whose purposes should be: C11 To secure and maintain an abiding interest in public affairs, QZQ To secure and main- tain an abiding interest in World problems and to help create and mold intelligent, public opinion, UQ To promote a spirit of fellowship among the members of the club and the school, Q41 To train for discussion. Reports on problems of international interest are made by members at the meet- ings, and then the questions are laid on the floor to be threshed out by everyone. This procedure develops the ability to address public gatherings and to debate a question intelligently. The organization plans to have guest speakers with a reputation for presenting both sides of a question. Since there are no expenses, there are no dues in the Open Forum, and member- ship is open to every student of the Forest Park High School. Ninety-five JUNE 1933 FORESTFR WR Aunsrokluuf 5 vi' i:sX'N S wi if 3? Q, fb PY W P Q, M: 5 -- get 5 2 " We 3. .... , , .N Bw 1 -4 r fs in -., gs' - if? v, xiii ,sy 1 ggi!! in ws ,A 'Lvl 1. . V ,, -1. K'- am X. V 1 Ninety-Six SPORTS ol XA!! 5 T fbfd? v Nj JUNE 1933 FORESTER NW ' . flflf l THE 'ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIONS THE purpose of the Athletic Associations is to further the interest in sports among all the students. The members of both associations promote and organize all types of athletics and handle the distribution of A. A. tickets throughout the school. The school slogan, "Sports for fall and all for sportsf' has been carried out to the fullest extent by these organiiations. The girls' association annually plans several hikes and a "Play Dayf' On this da , the irls are divided into sections in com etition. These sections la arnes, do 8 P P Y g stunts, and stage fashion shows to amass a high number of points. The boys' association meets once a month, and the members discuss the athletic situations in the school and means of improving conditions. The advisors of the boys, club are Mr. Sims and Mr. Anderson, while Miss Jour- neay and Miss Hyde are the advisors of the girls' association. Ninety-eight FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS' "F" CLUB President DOROTHY HEINZ Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer SARA ULMAN MARY LENNON Advisors Miss LUCY I"IYDE Miss LUCY JOURNEAY AIMS l. To support all school projects. 2. To promote intra-mural sports. 3. To promote good sportsmanship. 4. To receive visiting teams. 5. To honor the major "F" and those who Wear it. HE "F" Club consists of only those girls who have won their major F, which is equivalent to one hundred points for athletic activities. The number of points given for the various activities varies, and it is impossible for a girl to Win her letter in the first year and highly improbable in the second year. The "F" Club and Wearers of the "F" have tried to develop and foster real school spirit. 'They promote interest in athletics, so that their slogan, "Sports for all, all for sportsf, may be recognized as actually in operation every day. Ninety-nine JUNE 1933 FORESTER BOYS' CLUB HE "F" Club is an organization that has as its members all of the boys who have won the coveted varsity letter. This club has no officers and does not meet regularly. The aim of the Boys' "F" Club is to help promote all school projects and the organiza- tion meets only when they feel there is a need for so doing. The members give support to the school by selling athletic tags, by serving as ushers, and by talking up school projects in advisory classes. Since every man in the club strives to further school activities, no director is needed. The "FD is the highest award that an athlete may obtain, and the man that Wears the "F" must honor it. Therefore, the "F" Club is made up of men that are of the highest type students in the school. One Hundred FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS' HOCKEY HE 1932 hockey season could not he classed as a glorious season of continued vic- tories, but the teams learned the meaning of the Words spirit, courage and stamina. The girls have learned to take defeat standing up and fighting. They have learned that today they may loseg but tomorrow, with constant work, they a line season, and it is a hard task for the coach to honor any one girl. Mention should be made, however, of the captain of the team. Standing on the side lines, it could be readily seen that time after time the team was saved only by her quick thinking. She seemed to be always on the spot, a bulwark of strength for the tea that Dorothy Heinz is leaving us this June. A Squad R. Fieldman D LINE-UP may Win. It was m. We are sorry B Squad Goal 4....., ,...., M . Zimmerman . Heinz .....,. .... L . F ..,,... ,... E. Leidenroth M. Lennon ...... R. F ,....... .,....... D. Knause S. Ulman .,.... ,..,..,. . , ...,. L.H ........ , ,..,,.. L. Spehnkouch J. Roop ...,....... C. H ....... .,........,.... K . Essig M. Montgomery ,.,..,. . .... MR. H ......., ...,...,.... M . Schroeder S. Palmer ........, ..,. L . W.. ..,., ,. ,... J. Cunningham E. Liberles ......... .... L .I ,...... .. .....,............ P. Cort E. Coyle ,.., C ....... ......,.. M . St. Martin B. Kahn .,..,., R. I .....,... ....,. , ,, M. Sherman J. Sayman ,.,., W ..,.... ,..,.,. C , Cohen One Hundred One JUNE 1933 FORESTER GIRLS' BASKETBALL HE Girls' Basketball Team, ably coached by Miss Lucy Journeay, made a commend- able record this season. Although the "A" team lost to Eastern and Western, in such cases the loss was due to one quarter's rally by the opponents. The remaining three quarters of these games were always a neck-to-neck fight. Against Southern, the Foresters rolled up 65 points, the highest score in the league, incidentally, and held their antagonists to 11 points. Annapolis High and Park School were also victims of our teamg but at the beginning of the season, Seton showed its superiority over us. Thus the "A" team ended the year with 4 victories and 5 defeats. The B team was more successful. It conquered Eastern twice and Southern once. The results of the other games were precisely like those of the UA" team, making its record 5 victories and four defeats. Although a number of veterans will be lost by graduation, a successful season is expected next year. "Av Team "B" Team D. Todd ......,., ,,....., F ..,...... ....,,. M . Sherman B. Kahn ......,. .....,. F ......... ..,.... M . Bullock M. Lennon .,.. ....,. C ........ ........ D . Knouss J. Sayman ..,.,. .....,, S C ..,.... ,....,.....,,. S . Ulman R. lkena ....,.. ...... G .,...,... .,.,.. M . St. Martin E. Timanus .,..., ....... G ......... ,..,.... L . Holbrook One Hundred Two FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL VOLLEY BALL FOREST PARICS volley ball squad, under the coaching of Miss Lucy Hyde, expects to come through the season with high colors. The members of the squad have worked very hard this season, they reported regularly every morning before school on Mondays and Thursdays. There have been several changes in the rules of volley ball. The net has been raised three inches, and there are nine players on the team instead of eight. A great number of aspirants, including several of last year's players, came out for the Hrst practice. Consequently, Miss Hyde has a large amount of fine material from which to pick her teams. The squad consists of L. Bauersield, L. Spehnkouch, E. Leidenroth, A. Kauffman, R. Fieldman, H. Horwitz, C. Essig, B. Kahn, S. Ulman, S. Peltz, M. Bullock, M. St. Martin, M. Hyde, M. Montgomery, M. Cort, M. Sherman, M. Muller, N. Tuvin, D. Knouss, D. Todd, J. Cunningham, C. Coleman, J. Sayman, and M. Lennon. ' Gladys Steckman, the manager, has arranged games with Seton, Park, Catonsville, Towson, Southern, Eastern and Western. T One Hundred Three JUNE 1933 FORESTER GIRLS' TENNIS ENNIS has proven to be one of the most outstanding sports in the school. Although the tournaments within the school were played in the fall, the games with other schools will take place in the spring. Thirty-two girls are trying for positions on the varsity team, which is being selected and coached by Miss Lucy Journeay. The Burnett Trophy, the object of much competition among the Various schools in the city, has been captured for the last two years by our tennis-itesg consequently, this year's team has a fine record to uphold. Several members of last season's team, including Dorothy Barclay, Captain, Janet DeWolff, Mildred Duncan, and Elizabeth Wooden are back in the ranks side by side with new aspirants. The latter class consists of V. Smith, L. Parker, D. DuShane, P. Liberles, R. Hoffman, L. Taylor, I. Quarles, H. Horwitz, E. Dyke, E. Greenberg, V. Streckfus, and V. Brooks. Matches are planned with Eastern, Western, Southern, Catonsville, and Annapolis. We are confident our girls will recapture the Burnett Trophy this year. One Hundred Four FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL BOYS' TENNIS FOREST PARK can always depend upon its Varsity Tennis Team to bring home honors. With the completion of this school year, Forest Park loses its most valuable men, Captain Earl Shaver and Henry Barclay, both of the class of '33. The team is man- aged by Saul Herman, a member of the Senior Class, and is coached by Athletic Direc- tor, Rex Sims. Alex Keiles, a graduate of Forest Park, is acting in the capacity of assis- tant coach. We at Forest Park always feel at ease regarding the outcome of a tennis match, either local or outside, and are feeling confident that the team will retain the title of the Maryland Scholastic Champions. The Foresters started this season in the right way by impressively defeating Gilman Country School 4-3. The team this year also matched State Normal, Central High of Washington, Tome School, Loyola, City College, Southern, Western of Washington, Calvert Hall, Polytechnic, Mt. St. Joe, Franklin Day, and Severn. The season, as scheduled, was full and difficult, but as in the past years, the Forest Park racketeers have made the season successful. One Hundred Five JUNE 1933 FORESTER FOOTBALL Coach Manager MR. ANDERSON RICHMOND MEALY LTHOUGH its record was nothing to boast about, Forest Park did have a fairly good team this year. This merit was shown in quite a few games when Forest Park, rated the underdog, played heads-up football. The season started at Hanlon Park with a Forester victory over Franklin Day. After this auspicious beginning, Forest Park clicked sporadically during the scoreless tie of the Vocational tilt, the St. James rally, the beautifully executed Severn battle, and the disappointing affair with Calvert Hall. Our next game, scheduled as a breather, was with Donaldson at Hanlon Park. Despite its small team, Donaldson put up a scrappy fight. Our encounter with Poly at Home- wood was the game to which we had all pointed all year. Indeed, the team looked like a championship outfit when it reeled off four first-downs in the opening quarter. Nothing but praise can be given the Andymen, although they were defeated. Our last game of the season was with Southern, an experiment that terminated in defeat. The "Bu squad under the direction of Mr. Axman did not win a single game. Forest Park ..,,.... 263 Franklin Day .......... 6 Forest Park ....... 0: Calvert Hall .......,.. 45 Forest Park ..,.,.. 0: Vocational ............ 0 Forest Park ,....... 19: Donaldson ,. ...... . 6 Forest Park ..,.,.. 6: St. James ....... ...... 2 l Forest Park .....,.. 0: Poly .... ...,... l 2 Forest Park ,,..,... 0: Severn ...... ...... l Z Forest Park .....,. 0: Southern . ....,. 38 One Hundred Six FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL WA AAji23 fi JLJXVMA? J'T rN4-f A SOCCER HE soccer team of 1932-33 was one of the most successful Forest Park has ever pro- duced. Coached by Rex Sims, the team captured second place honors in its divisiong this is a good record in view of the fact that the team as a Whole was more inexper- ienced and much lighter in weight than its competitors. For the first time in years, Coach Sims' booters conquered their old foe, Gilman High School, with a score of 3 to 1. Forest Park played league games against McDonough, Gilman, Severn, and City, and the first two schools were vanquished. Out of the eleven prep school soccer games, the Green and Gray booters Won seven. Organizing the team was a difficult task as there were only three regulars remain- ing from the previous season, these were Saron, goal, Kuhl, center halfback, and the inside left, Captain Spranklin. The new players on the team were Trainor and Shaver, fullbacksg Lentz and Greiner, halfbacks, and Beach, Marr, Wright, Kinsley, and Ritter, line men. Under the capable management of Jerome Goldberg, these players led the Forest Park soccer team through its most successful soccer season. One Hundred Seven JUNE 1933 FORESTER BOYS' BASKETBALL THE 1932-33 Basketball Team rounded out a mediocre season after its tumble in the last half of the schedule. The loss of Captain Bolognese, Hammerbacker, and Shaivitz caused the five to slump badly. However, to the remaining regulars, Mindell, Captain for the second half, and Krieger, sharpshooting forward, Coach Axman judiciously added Carey, Jacobs and Coplan. Although the new boys participated in only a few contests, the high caliber of their play should win them positions in the next season. In the midst of the throes of reorganization, Mr. Axman was transferred to City College, and the eighth year regime of Axman's trained teams on the court was brought to a close. To Mr. Axman, our boys owe much in the way of gratitude and still more in the way of friendship. The graduation of Mindell in June leaves Andy Anderson, our new basketball mentor, familiarly known to us as football and baseball coach, with Eddie Krieger, and the new material as a nucleus for the team. With a new and clean slate and an all- around new deal, Forest Park is looking towards the next season with high hopes. One Hundred Eight FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL :S ICE-HOCKEY HE Hockey Team under the expert coaching of Mr. Sims shows promise of becoming one of the most popular and most successful teams of Forest Park High School. The first practice was called during the Christmas holidays, and the boys carried on a twelve- game schedule which terminated in the middle of March. In the first year of its exist- ence the team has made an enviable record. After a slow start, the puck-chasers rounded into form and won runner-up honors in their league. The Green and Gray skaters then climaxed and concluded the season with an impressive 3-0 victory over Calvert Hall, the runners-up of the second division. Coach Sims has been assisted during the season by Eddie Somers, Louis Boiselle and Danny Danielson, three mainstays of the Oriole Hockey Team of Baltimore. Regulars who will be lost by graduation are Captain Jim Bragg, John Hanson and Bill Marr. In spite of this handicap, Coach Sims expects an equally successful team next year. One Hundred Nine JUNE 1933 FORESTEP, TRACK HEN the track season approaches at Forest Park High School, it is received by the entire school as an opportunity to gain new championships. As a rule, a great number of both team and individual honors are carried away by the wearers of the green and gray. A glance over the candidates for this year's squad will disclose to the observant person that this season will more than likely be another proof of this rule. The school lost some efficient performers by graduation in the past year, but the ranks of the Foresters are well fortified by those boys who have advanced from the junior classes. The junior divisions also have enough material to uphold their former enviable records. At the beginning of the season, the squad appeared to be lacking in boys who could compete admirably in the field events. However, under the watchful and trained eye of Coach Rex Sims, some capable jumpers, discus throwers, and the like were devel- oped. The dashes and distance runs were well taken care of. In addition to dual meets with McDonogh, Polytechnic, and Mt. St. Joe's, the Forest Parkers competed in the Maryland Scholastics, the "C" meet at Washington, and the City and State Championships at the Stadium. One Hundred Ten FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL HE Varsity nine opened its campaign this season with mentor Anderson at the head of the coaching staff. Three veterans of last year's team, Jones, Spranklin, and Saron, were the nucleus about which this year's team was built. Foit, Ritter, Sale, Berkowitz, Smith, Carey, White, Jacobs, Ringold, Euker, Lease, Pyles, Brent, and Reindollar com- pose the remainder of the squad. The team, as usual, has entered every conflict' with confidence in its ability to conquer its jobs. The "Andymen" got off to a flying start by defeating Severn School with a score of 3-0 in the first league game. The brilliant pitching of Carey, who struck out 16 men, and a homer by Jacobs were the outstanding features of the game. Many of the new men made a creditable showing in this game which was played under very bad conditions. Calvert Hall was the next foe to be met by our redoubtable baseball aggregation. Although Calvert Hall boasts a fine team, nevertheless, we are confident they met their nemesis when they opposed the Foresters. Although at the time of this writing it is impossible to say how well the team will complete its season, we are certain that Forest Park will have a championship ball club. Needless to say, we wish them the best of luck and hope they continue to win. One Hundred Eleven JUNE 1933 FORESTER TEN LITTLE SENIORS Ten little Seniors toeing the line, One rode in Tucker's Ford, then there were nine. Nine slavingf?j Seniors soon will be great, A boy had no gym suit, then there were eight. Eight little Seniors, one won a bet That he wouldn't graduate, then there were "sept." Seven young Seniors staging some tricks Right before teachers, soon there were six. Six modern Seniors, a boy took a dive Into our swimming pool, then there were five. Five little Seniors, school work was poor Five little "quarterlies,', then there were four. Four future actors, soon you will see One portrayed Robin, then there were three. Three little Seniors singing so true The soprano's voice cracked, then there were two. Two little Seniors their school work was done One lacked a credit, then there was one. One little Senior soon will be hurled After Commencement into the great world. E. F. H. PROPHECY LContinued from page 605 micro-telescope mounted at Salt Lake City. Ford began to complain of "some fool with a model T rocket" continually ob- structing his view of the star. Upon mak- ing an investigation, Hooper and I found that a gnat was caught in the space be- tween the two lenses." WORLD COURT JUDGE DISMISSED BECAUSE OF IRRELEVANT WITTY REMARKS Geneva, January 8. Coleman Cordish, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., LL.B., P.D.Q., famous international law- yer, was dismissed because he constantly made witty remarks which kept the judges from concentrating on the cases to be tried. His dismissal caused a furor in the United States and called down much criticism on the heads of those who dis- missed him. Miss Jean Kratz, head of the Interna- OneiHundred Twelve tional Women's Suffragette Movement, and delegate to the Geneva Court, ably ex- pressed the thoughts of her American col- leagues-"The dismissal of Mr. Cordish is absolutely preposterous-It is an outrage," she exclaimed, "Where in the whole United States shall we Find another lawyer of his worth?" CABINET MEMBER VISITS SOCIAL LEADER HERE Little Town, Tenn., June 17, 1950. We, of Little Town, were roused from our'state of lethargy by the long ex- pected arrival of the famous feminine cabi- net leader, Mrs. --, the former Cath- erine Waskey. She visited the home of Mrs. X, formerly Miss Sara Keyser, where she gave a most interesting lecture on "Scandal and Scandal." Mrs. X will be remembered as the foremost feminine ex- plorer in the realms of conversation. FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL THE OPERA By ARTHUR WEINBERG Standing in the hall surrounded by countless others I watch the crowds go by, A High hats, dress suits, canes and derbies, Evening gowns, mink wraps, necklaces and rubies. Old men, young men, fat men, thin men, Pretty girls, ugly girls, stout girls, women. Programs rustle and papers crackle Young men laugh, old women cackle. On either side along the wall the box seats rapidly B11 With debutantes and their fiances. Opera glasses are levelled upon them as they stand there Laughing and chatting-displaying their gowns To an eager populace. The orchestra enters the deep cavity between the stage And the first row of seats, Excited whispers whirr on every tongue As necks crane forward expectantly. The director threads his way through the crowded pit and mounts the rostrum Amid the applause of the audience. He raises his baton and exchanges a final sympathetic glance Of understanding with his men, The late comers hurry to their seats as the stick slowly moves- The magical wand suddenly speaks with the mellow voice Of a hundred instruments: Violin bows sway softly to the scintillating motion of the baton Hearts beat faster-Eyes grow brighter, As the music mounts to a Crescendo- Then-without warning the curtain rises on a scene of beauteous splendor, From far off a voice is heard--sweet-melodious, The baton speaks again-the voice answers This time in louder tones, . A figure clad in garments of a clown comes forth And from its lips pours out the pathos of its soulg The dreamer closes his eyes and pictures himself in the Valhalla- The curtain falls and the dazed aesthete Unconscious of the milling crowds about him, Stumbles wearily homeward-The heart rending cry Of Pagliacci still ringing through his soul- 'KLe Comedie C'est Finit!" One Hundred Thirteen THE STUDY HALL-fThe First Dayj Clatter of feet, slam of books, Bawling-outs, threatening looks, Buzz and murmur of active voices, Warnings about disorderly noises, Still a disturbance going about, "Stop that, or I'll send you out!" Strains of songs, occasional humming, "From what direction is that coming? JUNE 1933 FORESTER Now listen, if you've any honor, For if you don't, you'll be a "goner! No more noises or sounds of voice, For if I get mad, you'll have no choice- But to come to me right after school, And then and there you,ll learn the rule, By helping me serve afternoon tea Of five long divisions, made up by meg That's the punishment for one and all Unless you behave in my study hall!" By CAROLYN COHEN. THE FOREST PARK ALPHABET Arundel-P. G. course for Forest Parkers. Blue-Monday. Cafe-the pause that refreshes. Dungeon-Forester staff room. Exams-Amusement for teachers. Forest Park High School--To whom we shall always be true. Gum-Not intended for fountains. Hypocrite--One who professes to like modern poetry. lncimfralor-Collins' pipe. Iazz-Music adapted to high school intelligence. Kiss-Undefinable. Laboratory-Whence came the shattered test tubes. Money-A minus quantity. Notes--Useful in the late-room. Odoriferous-Rotten eggs from the Chemistry lab. Pony-Another variety in life-savers. Quaricfrly Reports-That which brings forth tender messages from Father. Ruler Over Many-Our principal. Study Period-Strange interlude. Terror-Inspired by a call to the office. Useful-The eleven A. M. lunch. Varsify-Yea, Yea. Waist-That which makes the arm go 'round. XYZ-Continued in our next. One Hundred Fourteen FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL 3807 Fernhill Avenue Baltimore, Maryland. February 20, 193 3. Dear K, So seldom does one stumble upon an individual who admits that the ruling motive in his life is selfishness that you make me wonder whether we are all not impelled by some selfish force. Among our modern writers, we often find the idea that we are all so engrossed in ourselves that we can never completely realize that we are all but small units in the cross-section of life, although this attitude is supposed to prevail univer- sally, yet those outstanding persons whose chief characteristics are ability, initiative, and perseverance, unconsciously demonstrate this belief at its height. One of the greatest characteristics of a leader is said to be ability, but what could possibly stimulate this skill to achieve except selfishness? After all, a babe is given the ability to express himself, but not until he wants to draw attention to himself or to his wants, does he attempt to employ this means. Moreover, when employing that talent that is commonly called initiative, a leader is activated by purely selfish reasons. He may lack the skill to achieve, yet he realizes that his one chance to attain a prominent position is by taking the first step in a defi- nite direction. On the other hand, he may know that he has the ability and that another could also succeed under the circumstances, so he strives to be the first to act. Thus, many men conceive the idea of a cheaper preparation of aluminum, but the first man to place his plans before the world is the man to whom the credit goes. The old adage could be revised, "The selfish bird gets the worm." Why not be selfish, K? Perseverance is pure selfishness, and we all take great pride in our ability to follow a thing to the end. Our world is full of people whose chief claim to greatness of character is that selfish desire to see themselves reflected in the work and completion of some thing. Moreover, you can not count the number of times you have found that you are clinging to some material or immaterial project in order to deny that you will fail because no others have succeeded. What could be more selfish than such perseverance? Yet ability, initiative, and perseverance are the defined qualities of leadership, that measure of claims to greatness in the world today. I have seen you exercise all of these characteristics, but not until you drew attention to your selfishness, did I realize that we are all more or less selfish. You are not unusual in your characteristic, selfishness, but you are unusual in your franknessg and I admire you for that honesty. Yours sincerely, MARGARET R. SMITH. One Hundred Fifteen Parent-Teachers' Association of the Forest Park High School COrganized in 19241 Dear Boys and Girls of the June, 1933 Class: Congratulations. You have reached a most important stage in your education. Some of you will carry on in other schools, others will seek other fields of endeavor. We wish you Well in your chosen fields Remember that one of' life's priceless treasures is knowledge and you should not tire in your search of it. . The P. T. A. meets the first Tuesday in each month at 8.15 P. M., in the Forest Park High School. Every parent is invited to join the effective Work carried on by this organi- zation, for the benefit of the students of our school. Fraternity, College and Class Jewelry Commencement Announcements and Invitations Jeweler to the February end June Graduat- ing Classes of Forest Park High School SQ L.G. Balfour Company MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS ATTLEBORO, MASS. The Southern Hotel fjf Il .ff 1 . ,l I ' .mi id jaw, l l -f" 'lfr,:- li v s- law s. I ,wi I' ' levy A ff.. ,S I ilqlflfl Elle i '14 . HVQQI ,vile l I ' :ff I' 1: 1 gtii H ,fc ls 1, Q g ffl, an I 1 E P cn V I ' E ' gal fm 14 51, , E c .Wil I J v i use Zi: il I . 5 I ' "',,g1j.blrQB5lf: 1v ., J-, 1 2 , 5 iQ! 3 Baltimorels Foremost Hotel of Atmosphere and Environment Park Business College Eflicient Secretaries Trained and Placed INDIVIDUAL TRAINING THOROUGH MASTERY Essentials Possible in 6 Vlleeks. Speed Oifice Practice English, Spanish, etc., if desired V H. G. RAMSAY, Principal 2735 MARYLAND AVE. Belmont 9587 E .E X D I P ., 1 wrs'wg.,e,,,,.,1,. .,.. : ,pf i : gsm-Q as we Meg ai 1: lx" ' fTi2?it3,5i'sl .I H if sf ff 'em 1' T751 gl as sf 'ff' ,Q 1 5:4 It xt. sw . . G Ji- f 1 5 N? Dry-Cleaning in they we s - is lex f is I uri gl-Ipme is Easy and Safe I 1. gf-A with Rich - sol - and gl sg 1' fwhat a Saving! 53 ,-Q23 . -5 s, A gg 5.0 bg. l R IC H- S 0 Ls we E Siu. 'X Fe-9. 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Leaders for 75 Years Compliments of A FRIEND Harry N Armacost 25 Son Funeral Directors Sl 4204 RIDGEWOOD AVENUE Liberty 1518 Liberty 0465 SE "Bowl for Your Health's Sake" 36 Perfect Alleys V King Pin Bowling Alleys 2614-2620 PENNA. AVE. An Ola' College for a New Day Washington College CHESTERTOWN, MARYLAND Write for Catalogue Shapiro's Pharmacy 2601 N. HILTON ST., Cor Piedmont Ave. Phone. Liberty 4819 Meadow Gold Ice Cream Served Exclusively In FORESTPARK CAFETERIA We Telegraph Flowers FRIEDA S. FIEDLER FLORIST 3016 W. NORTH AVENUE Arundel Ice Cream Parlor ICE CREAM AND FANCY ICES Bakery Goods Fresh Daily Toasted Sandwiches, All Kinds of Candies We Deliver Free 5114 PARK HEIGHTS AVE. Phone, Forest 5408 Lord Baltimore Hotel BALTIMORE and HANOVER STS. dc Dinner Dancing Every Evening Including Sunday, in the Florentine Room No Couvert Charge Music by LOU BECKER and His Orchestra "We Appreciate Your Patronageu Morris Kramer's Pharmacy The Most Popular Drug Store in Forest Park Cor. GARRISON AND PIEDMONT AVES. For Quick Service -- Call Forest 6071 L. B. Anderson Y5 Co. Groceries and Provisions 4603 GARRISON AVENUE Corner Belvieu Avenue Phones, Liberty 2670-2671 Free Delivery Heating Plumbing S P I E S 5100 PARK HEIGHTS AVENUE Phones, Liberty 2504-6541 Roofing Spouting Smart Apparel For Boys, and Girls of High School Age HUTZLER BROTHERS HOWARD, SARATOGA AND CLAY STS. BALTIMORE, MD. Compliments of HOCHSCHILD, KOHN E6 Co. B A L T I M O R E Run Right to READ'S For All Your Drug Store Needs 15th ANNIVERSARY T H S A Good Cleaning for the Better Class HE OT HOPPE of Work A. 'B W. Cleaning. 75c Pressing, 35a Root Beer J' I-1' Delicious Bar-B-Q THE GWYNN OAK TAILORINC. Co. 4716 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE. Compliments 1 of HOWARD W. JACKSON PARK CIRCLE 5 BISHOP,S PET SHOP ' BISHOP'S CANARIES Guaranteed Songsters ,B ' Goldfish and Aquariums 311 N. EUTAW STREET 'Eli 514 if MOORE 8 COMPANY, INC. 109-111-113 SOUTH STREET BALTIMORE, MD. Bookbinders and Paper Rulers Edition Work, Pamphlet Binding and Blank Books, Loose Leaf Sheets and Binders Compliments of THE HIRSHBERG COMPANY 214 W. FRANKLIN STREET Artists' Equipment - Drawing Materials WO1fe 1 120 ERNIE VELTEN Eastern Sporting Goods Co. Athletic Equipment of All Kinds 1808 EASTERN AVENUE BALTIMORE, MD. Phone, Liberty 4527 We Deliver R. C. DAVIS CONFECTIONERY. AND SUNDRIES The Pure Home Made Ice Cream 4709 GWYNN OAK AVENUE BALTIMORE MARYLAND CHAS. H. JA1-IELKA BELVIEU PHARMACY Prescription and Sick Room Requisites GARRISON AND BELVIEU AVES. BALTIMORE, MD. SAMUEL KIRK S6 SON, INC. 421 N. CHARLES ST., Cor. Franklin BALTIMORE, MD. Kelly Tires Gas land Oil Compliments Wiillard Batteries Lubrication O, CHARLTON'S Auto Service A GWYNN OAK AND MAIN AVES. Phone, Liberty 8246 Phone, Vernon 7134 FUNK 8 ENNIS, INC. Distributors Chrysler and Plymouth Motor Cars Sales and Service 1309-11 CATHEDRAL STREET H. D. SMITH Hardwood and Parquet Floors Old Floors Renovated Estimates Cheerfully Given Surfacing Floors by Hand and Machine Have the Best - Forget the Rest 6025 GWYNN OAK AVENUE Phone, Madison 1937 Learn to Play POPULAR MUSIC ON YOUR EAVORITES INSTRUMENT EDWARD C. 'BERBUS 525 N. HOWARD ST. Vernon 8298 Compliments of Cohen's Grocery 26 Delicatessen Stores, Inc. Compliments of Blumenfeld's Confectionery Cor. NORFOLK and OAKEIELD AVES. Gilmor 0990 Est. 1890 SOLMSON'S , Rustless Fly Screens and Metal Weather Strips of the Better Kind Glass Porch Enclosures Drawings Furnished M. SOLMSON FLY SCREEN CO. BAYARD AND NANTICOKE STS. Gwynn Oak Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS GWYNN OAK AVENUE at Rogers Avenue Delivery Service Liberty 1393 Phone, Liberty 8 2 7 7 BROWN'S NOVELTIES, NOTIONS, KIDDIE TOGS SCHOOL SUPPLIES. LINGERIE 38145 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE Cffiailflz I me Compliments of RETAIL STORES SERVICE, INC. CLARENCE L. JARVIS Builder of SUBURBAN HOMES Remodeling and Alterations 3604 WOODIBINE AVENUE The E, Eyrzng '55 Sons Co. Builders S08 S. CONKLING STREET Wolfe 4328-4329 BALTIMORE, MD. GEORGE J. DOLLE TAILOR - CLEANER - DYER 4726 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE. Liberty 2890 BALTIMORE, MD. HESS 'ES RIEF, INC. Hardware and Paints of Reputation 3132 VJ. NORTH AVENUE Liberty 3942-1042 Charles H. Feldner Insurance and Bonding BOURSE BUILDING Calvert 4262 BALTIMORE, MD. With THOMPSON 'Ed JONES Fine Shoe Repairing and Hat Cleaning Done By SAM BRACATO In the 3100 BLOCK W. NORTH AVE. Joseph and Mamie Syfer UNDERTAKERS Lady Embalmer 1600 W. NORTH AVE. Madison 1685 HOWARD PARK SHOE REPAIRING 4731 GWYNN OAK AVENUE Work Guaranteed EOrest 6528 Expert Service Le Rae Beauty Salon "We Make Loueliness Lovelier" 3613 PARK HEIGHTS AVE. Compliments The LEWIS Pharmacy f Prescription Druggists 0 5501 PARK HEIGHTS AVE., Cor. Rogers A BALTIMORE. MD. W AGNER and WAGNE G. Fred Kranz Music Co. Home of Music 327 N. CHARLES ST. PHARMACISTS BALTIMORE. MD. C I. t DUNN'S T72 lfnen S O O? 'he 308 V?ecS'AlR!AT6OlGtApS,'1qREET Candy Man in the White Truck pimfe, Vernon 5554 FOR GOOD CANDY See SAM The Candy Man GREENBERG BROS. MEATS - POULTRY - SEA FOOD VEGETABLES Fruit and Fancy Line of Groceries 4722-24 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE Branch Store 6242-6244 Bellona Ave,, Pinehurst Phone-TUXedo 1414 Phone-FOrest 8842 Community Tailoring Co. Cleaning, Dyeing, Pressing, Scouring and Remodeling on Ladies' 25 Gents' Garments Furs Remodeled to the Latest Style All Work Guaranteed 4712 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE. THE HOME OF DAVIS DE LUXE TIRES Western Auto Supply Co. HASSLINGER'S HAMMANN'S 3114 W. NORTH AVENUE Music Store MRS. WILLIAMS, Manager FOresr 7510 206 NORTH LIBERTY STREET H. PAUL MATTHEWS BUTTER and MAYONNAISE North Ave. Market - - - VErnon 7628 LIBERTY MEAT MARKET 4740 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE Phone-Forest 5954 MANHATTAN Cleaners, Dyers and Tailors 3002 WEST NORTH AVENUE IRVINE ROLL, Jeweler8z0ptician Eyes Examined - Glasses Fitted 3124 W. NORTH AVE. Llberty 6401 Forest Park Shoe Repair 3317 GARRISON BLVD. CRearj BALTIMORE, MD. A. GRIFFNER Phone-FOrest 6489-W Garrison Auto Service General Auto Repairing - Car Washing Battery Charging Rear 3319 Garrison Blvd. Llberty 3653 Windsor Mills C1eaners'i5Dyers 3708 WINSDOR MILL ROAD Work Called For And Delivered SPORTING GOODS The Sport Center 3329 GARRISON BOULEVARD COMPLIMENTS of AL MASoN'S ORCHESTRA Baltimore Motor Coach Co. RESTIVO BROTHERS GWYNN OAK JUNCTION Llberty 8826 FOrest 7318 THE Flag, Banner Y5 Pennant Shop R. H. TAYLOR Successor to SISCO BROTHERS Stamping, Hand and Machz'ne Embroidering 302 PARK AVENUE Baltimore, Md. VErnon 2355 CONSUMERS' COFFEE Co. 2561 EDMONDSON AVE. Coffees To Suit Any Taste Our Truck Passes Your Door Can We Serue You? Call Gllmor 6507 Phones--LIberty 9217-6861 Chateau Flower Shop LILLIAN BRYANT 4401 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE. BALTIMORE WALBROOK BARBER SHOP GEO. A. DIACONT, Prop. 3133 WEST NORTH AVENUE Compliments of ' BERNARD BRILLIANT SPECIAL OFFER to Students of Forest Park High School A Special M echanics Course Compliments for S 5 O' OO of Y plete it during sum A F R I E N D EASY PAYMENTS CURTISS-WRIGHT AIRPORT SMITH AND GREENSPRING AVENUES Phone, Forest 5100 THE ARUNDEIQ CGRPORATION BALTIMORE, MD. Contractors and Engineers and Distributors of Sand and Gravel EATON 8 BURNETT BUSINESS COLLEGE SECRETARIAL and BUSINESS COURSES AN ACCREDITED COMMERCIAL SCHOOL EIETY-FIFTH YEAR 7 and 9 EAST BALTIMORE STREET HENNEGAN '25 BATES CO. BUILDING Catalogue Sent on Request Costumes To Order Costumes Shipped Everywhere Outfitters to A. T. JONES '65 SONS Since 1868-COSTUMES YOUNG MEN AND Mask Balls - Tableaux - Theatricals - Operas WOMEN 823 N. HOWARD ST. - BALTINIORE, AAD. 0 Compliments of WARNER and COMPANY A FRIEND 18-20 E. Baltimore St. P A T R O N S MR. AND MRS. HARRY A. DUKE VARIETY 5c, 1Oc, and 351.00 STORE C0mPllmef?f5 MRS. GRACE E. SHUMWAY WILLIAM ESSIG of the J. R. TABLER FOREST PARK A L U M N I MORRISON'S VALUE SHOP THOS. JONES CO. .IACQUELINE BEAUTY SHOP - E. A. SHAEEER JAMES J, MQCORMICK ALFRED C. MARON HARRY HARMAN HARTLOVE MR. GEORGE E. BERWAGER MRS. HARRY EAINBERC1 MISS HELEN REINDOLLAR MRS. CHARLES SCHAD YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO SECURE ADEQUATE TRAINING FOR BUSINESS DAY AND EVENING CLASSES THE ENTIRE YEAR College Courses Walton Higher Accounting Business Administration Teacher Training Special Evening Courses English for Business Public Speaking Salesmanship Advertising Applied Psychology Business Finance Economics Business Courses Secretarial Stenographic Complete Business Junior Accounting Dictaphone Filing and Indexing College Preparatory Complete Course 2 Years-Day 3 Years-Night V BUSINESS MEN SEEK OUR GRADUATES Call, Write or Phone PLaza 5626 for Catalogue Strayer-Bryant SL Stratton College CHARLES and FAYETTE STREETS Llberty 8826 FOrest 7318 Harry S. Schapiro PHARMACIST WOODHAVEN AVE. is ALLENDALE RD. We Deliver E. H. CALMEN, Ph. G. EXPERT WATCHMAKER Trained Y5 Equipped to Repair or Make Any Part of a Fine Watch, Clock or Chronometer. Dean K. Robinson 3410 GARRISON BOULEVARD Phone Llberty 4359 Compliments of The Hub Piano Company 304 N. HOWARD STREET Compliments of SAMUEL BRILLIANT Eat More Canned Goods COMPLIMENTS OF I. L. CARTER Forest Park Paint '55 Hdwe. Co. 3825 GARRISON BOULEVARD Phone: Llberty 1363 Compliments of V A FRIEND ROBERT J. THOME Insurance In All Its Branches Minimum Rates Maximum Service Associated with LEE E. HARTMAN 25 'COMPANY Since 1912 26 LIGHT STREET Call 5090 PLAZA C3665 Qawaplimenu of A FRIEND QJOOQJ COMPLIMENTS OF The White Transportation Co. 400 KEY HIGHWAY BALTIMORE, MD. When in Need of Lumber PHONE LIBERTY 8100-8101 The Hughes Lumber Co. Orrice and Yards 5012-5026 Reisterstown Road iAr1inHtonJ Baltimore, Md. T. OLIVER HUGHES, President and General Manager PROVISIONINC SHIPS our SPECIALTY STERNS STANDS SUPREME R. S. STERN PLAZA 5898-5899 Night and Holidays-ff-LIBERTY 4909 424-426 W. Conway Street BALTIMORE, MD. VValbronk and Forest Park V CANNATELLA'S ORTHOPEDIC SHOE SHOP Free Delivery Service 3409 CLIF'roN AVENUE LIBERTY 1970 Phone Gilmor 2454 BUCHHElSTER'S CANDIES N01iTH AVE. AND HOLLINS MARKETS Factory: 3819 Wilkins Avenue COMPL I MENTS OF The Rosenstock jewelry Co., Inc CDI'amona's, W'atches, jewellry EXPERT WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING 309 W. Lexington Street BAL'I'IMoI:E, MD. PERNwooD BEAUTY PARLOR STOP BY 3818 FERNHILL AVE. Liberty 9176 lst Anniversary Special-Permanent 53.50 BIOS, Drug Sf0l'e FOREST PARK MARKET FANcY GROCERIES AND MEATS AND VEGETIXBLES 4101 Norfolk Avenue, Corner Oakfield A. Burker Wrwzmze and Retail LIVE AND DRESSED POULTRY 516 Ensor St. Baltimore, Md. Forest 6866-W THE RAMBLERS 6Dance i7VIusic JOHN SOULE, Business Manager COMPLIMENTS OF F. H, REAGAN COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF A FRIEND MCMULLEN SECRETARIAL SCHOOL Boyd System Short Term Course Shorthand. I'ypeW1'iting', Filing, General Otlice Training Cal. 21l2 Fidelity Bldg., Charles Sz Lexingtoni Sts. COMPLIMENTS OF EDWIN N. MUSGROVE On Your Way- Take Home a Brick Garrison and Belle Avenues Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of Catalano Construction Company Eldorado and Haddon Avenues W. T. COWAN, INC. Fast Slflotor Freight Bush and Hamburg Sts. Baltimore, Md. Fast Truck Service to WASHINGTON, NEW YORK, PHILA- DELPHIA, NEWARK AND POINTS NORTH 1' ' als at .-lbovv Noted Location The Carroll-Independent Coal Co. DISTRIBUTORS FAMOUS READ! NC ANTI-I RAC ITE Best Grades of Maryland Bituminous, and Pocahontas and Virginia Hard Coal Main Oiice 756 E. 25TH STREET Downtown Office 1301 GAS AND ELECTRIC BLDG. Branch Oflices and Yards LOYOLA COLLEGE Evergreen, Baltimore, Maryland Courses Leading to CBacl7elor of Q-Arts, CBachelor of cPhilosopl1y, and CBachelot of Science Accredited by Maryland State Department of Education and iAssociation of Colleges and Secondary Schools of Middle States and Maryland. Catalogue on Request Address: THE DEAN 4501 N. CHARLES ST. Dine at The Hidden Garden Tea Room 72I St. PAUL We serve only the choiccst foods at the right price. Special attention yrivvn to school parties, banquet dinners and business mer-'s luncheons. VERNON 4483ff-VERNON 4243 COMPLETE TRAINING All business subjects. Modern Methods: class and individual instructions. Day and night classes. Reduced tuition. A Practical Course in Advertising Edmunds Commercial College sos PARK Avenue VERNON 0227 COMPLIMENTS OE 25th Street-Opposite Homewood A FRIEND Avenue A 23d Street-Near Oak Street Phones-University 1066 CQMM-IMENTQ 1067 I 1068 QF 1069 1070 Tl-IE ALCAZAR Alma Mater, Columbla UHIUETSIIQ, New Prodncenr of Fine Year Books o THE SILVERS CGMPANY Defignincg 'PRINTING - Engraving 617-623 s. SMALLWOOD STREET BALTIMORE York. N . J L 7 4, ,A fVf.QyL,,,f'2 ,- ,-'X 1, - if ' 1 Kbivglv 1, ,b qw -A .V 1 aww! qlmaw 'gf cwmm5I!Fzi , Q4 wyM5'Mti, GKPQMEWWWW? 2 QW W mWxmQMMM MQ Mlwgwif w M W' XWEWWCQMV of 55 " jolt x Z 3 QW f - . i ILVERS COMPANY. BALTIMOREV ND- 'W'

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