Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD)

 - Class of 1929

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Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Cover

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.AF- Iffif , 4---.4--,, K --....., .,... .-....., 5-fa A X, I-H-N ,'l"!lll f. ,Q-QA ALT-.....,ff ,W Y , ,, A ""'f'QTli4-,, - -mr A rw C!?'K? I "' I a vf- A 'fin ,fx " mfr' 14, ""' ' A. Q. ,gg 511:-iw Y' 1 Mn W1-:X . -- "f Qlwsf ,aw hw if Q -WV L 2 ,Le-,a-, fra-.L v, ,,,r'5:-'qv "bv 1 4 Mah. :Q mafia ?q-Q1 1 -I Y- 4 uv, iff: exxww Pr' ' s.,f',, +t,:,!-g.X,ht55 z .. 33 61:1-f"'ts,f:g:V -. :Ak a-Fir! "' Nsixs N' d?'7"4Pir ' .,,.,,F"" s ,ix-fmf .er MIN Lak: vw . N we SM" "' My V.. 1' 1, mm.,-4 4,4 v. .1 x mix 9'-W1 n rfi. "' IK N -Ak f A X -gf,?,fq'f!.,,,. WP ish 1 -QQ-ass, ,A "-1 fm 3? .M--. ,,,,,5,-'2'5NQf25,2-" ,M ,ugh 1' Nts-,sgsfif '3- gr V,-.s'F9""'A' , Q 1 asv-X ,Q n Q- ,X 2 LE RIS .1 ..-., 10 1 fi-'--"f.. 2 f fltlu, 2-v g'-:--- '-ff,.,3,Q."-'fllzvf'-K f-fP',Q-: ff XY- ,.'Lw'i V 1 "...:f1wV si - 4:--TWT .,,k. . 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'x 5. up J ":,,,3 , 4 . -.,.:ggg., . - '3.. - ,153 53? .-4 fi--'ztl' ' ' " . . ., pg, 1" 3f?'?'g1f:,f.L:323Q,:'5f Q, jf, ' 1 -VH'f:1f-'1 L .r .S3f::'Strf'- "1 A Vf' arg -.'- ' .'-' '- ' -..- -'-.. L V.-, . .Vwiifi V -f-' - Y-U-"" in-+ I MJJMN ., Lknufa Sf' f 9-f2a'z7fLw,J..,7"f 771 ' , ff4LQf W H f -1 x' .. f, Q.,,,, X , , 1 X.'.'1T' -Y ,Qu Yvny. :Eglin-51 N ,.4,. - iff:-.N 1 N - W1 T224 :Si x , 1 xii fu H Un: Q. 3 iflx-1,115 N I ,v . , ,, 4 :sqwr l . . SM WWWWMWWWMWWWWW 'E W H IE 5 E! Q M HWQW i,," 'zx"H'-x-X QQ: W f ' Published by The Senior Class of 1929 Of FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Baltimore, Maryland G0217'0f G01G0f'0v'0IG01e?61 To . F LA TIMER Q4. CDICE 5' SENIOR CLASS ADVISER -1 wlrbscilxlzefp, frimzzixllip, and gNidtllICC,.f11l'H tlzeq part N two years lmsr taught us the frm' mmni-ug pf ' ' y Imdrrslzipiand co-operation, iw, the M I i H i I um' clmxy of 1929, gratefully . and s1'ncvrcI3' dedi- - - -' CGf0f111.S-,0'IH' Q 'W V' ' F orlfsfcr '0 'Two 57 L n N , lIti4DlIRlllf5M'7flDllRllD-4 '4 'k 0 RECORD in tangible form the spirit, achieve- ments and cherished ideals of our school, has been the aim of the Editors. In fthe following pages we have endeavored to enshrine forever--for those gone out from our school, for the present Seniors, a11d for those who will H11 our places in the years to come-the spirit which has inspired us in an effort to create and main- tain a befitting demeanor worthy of the name of Forest Park. The theme of our book has had its inspiration in the name of our school-Forest Park-and in the fact that we are the pioneer oo-educational high school in Baltimore. This 1notive our artists have tried to use in all their work. In the compiling of our F ORESTER we have set a goal of Hnesse and simplicity which, we hope, marks a for- ward step in these records of Forest Park 1-Iigh School, -J f, ,, ,,,l,, Four . J my , . 1 ., , F A lg - ' . Fr ,- - Af ,-pw . A Q : ', ' - , 1 ' 0' '1- ? ,,'Y- -f,,- ,I K, ,rlbxit . :P l ,- J. ' , "' ,-.J U A ' ' Y, ' '.-g'4 vi, f' ..f"- 'f. 5-1, f-ff ?-f," -' f' - . X ,K A ' Sushi-5-x! 7.:i V l . . -- ,if V J .Z ' 1:1 , A i x, , FT! , 4-K A- mf, Z Irvin j - '-- .' i-c g " f!"'Q+5Q r' I , ,... , .- A5 A ' Ai,g.y,4,,-, I ,, M: V- ,., 377, .Q Jlxmkawgb ,- ' , 'K,.A:f- ,- -f . ,mg-ff. .ff .14.a5f1.y -A A 51 H- M .',:- 1.-M,-9: If f I - - ., gf k Q lf i f ww , fight .- ' ' ,yu ' '- if ' . " 52332925 '. 'Q -Qi' 'VE X ' Z 'X 5 ., gf' i5"'+.l5f Y Y f-' ,nah fi g F, if 1 . ,f gzgegslf p ,gf . M lg, : ,- x whiff, A A P -if fry l ' 1' f' 32' QF. 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I- X U A A' , . .l . ,Qu 6 A yt, Q,-QI ' 51,::,:'p:,5:,5l1L fl-, . Q ' ' V w " 1531 " 5 F-W?-s.i.i-'ffr'i"V55: 'P --1 X , I. -5 . . X V5.e.f 1gr?g.I3fgg vQ M A e W- - X . ff? - mv-gdb' . ' ', 4. 41 A . 2 Ygw 5, ,743 1 I' 'ff I ' 'XIQNKX ' MESH! in fwx' IQ 1 " N -"K 'a a -' 5- -' -,fm '.i"'!' ai 'in' , S4511 ::, g:Lb' W, , . . ilu.. , 111. N THE SCHOOL K 2 , A 6 ' f N If u X , f - 3 175275, - z V . rt-, 1 X I . ' A ' ' , 4 , ,-. -, N . .L . 21 X. .... A, NA E I , f , x w A N X 1- 1 , A W , Lf. f , 5.74 - A. A- w 5 f x. Mn V . F , --- -1..- -w : w 1 c w 1 JF 4 1 , 5 1 .i,-xr 3 'fl-i?',.1v?" iif '-1,55-K -3' r- '3 A i ' -W fffsugfl A LQZYJF' , 1 ' E115 ,, bi wage, ,ximgigsg'1:.,w45fwg,.:.-fa. ' ' ' ..2Qf" Silk xi+4Q'?'f' ' , -,f ww if .U V Nkg?W:.,kig5q:v:fg 7 A .A gf 4.5125 .M --'.f'ff?7 -f Q ,Z -,Q 1 sliziff' 'ni : if " K ., A-"QW" '73 ,,, AKLA ,-,f. tg' x. Vi?" nl K L kg- L ,L r f L r -.A-y.,-Y. ...v,.-.. -.-.,-.-v .,.,, ,, , , . v-rr-v-5-1'-x N 4 -, 1 1 J 'F r-E T g. 6 raf- E. H -. 5' L. c s Q w N tqghl ,-. LH- x - ,Q . 9 .K, A 4 ,. .. V fs NWI Biff Q avg! eh K FACE LT Y N 3 2 J 7' I' MR. GLENN Ow1sNs, Principal J aw, W PART OF THE FACULTY I Q2 O- D CTHE FACULTY GLENN OWENS, A. M., Principal ALFRED P. SCOTT, A. M., Vice-P1-iwwipal I ANNABEL L. WHITE, A. M., V-ice-Principal A COMMEIRCE DRYDEN, HELEN KATENKAMP, CHESTER H., B. S., KAPLANI 'LEBAI A-3- Head . LEVIN-SON, FLORENCE, B. S. BROOKS, HELEN GOULD, B. C. S. MUSIC LEIPHOLZ, 'IMICHAEL C. THOMPSON, MADELEINE M. WELLS, MARY E. BARNES, MAY S. -CALDER, JOHN B. -GROTE, ADELE' HAFER, ROEERTA M. ' ENGLISH BROENING, ANGELA M., Ph. D., Head CHASE, MARGARET, A.B. COOLEY, FRANKLIN DEL., A. B HUDSON, RUTH H., A. B. JONES, .M. ELIZABETH,-A. B. LE SCHACK, ABRAHAM, B. S. SHAFFER, VIRGINIA, A. M. THOMPSON, ALTA E., A. M. BAUER, ALICE, A. B. BARRETT, RUTH, A. B. BECKER, A. .ROSALIEA FINESINGER, ANNA D., B. S. KOENIG, MENETTA E., B. S. KOESTLER, TERESE F. SMITH, ETTA W. TURNER, BEATRICE, A.B. WACNER, .LUCY, B. S. WRIGHT, FANNIE C. GRAPIHIC ARTS NORRIS. NELLIE S. BARTLETT, LIDA BRAINARD, NORA V. EVERIST, MARGARET MIRIAM 'HISTORY ADAMS, CHARLES E., Ph. B.,A. Head BROENING, GRACE E., A.M. LAYMAN, FLORENCE M. SCOTT, ALFRED P., A. M. BROWN, RICHARD T., JR., B. S. Thirteen BUTLER, IGENEVIEVE P. BAKES, :HELEN ' BHYS-I-CAL EDUCATION JOURNEAY, LUCY H., B. S. SIMS, HENRY-R. ' ANDERSON, C. MELVILLE, B. S. AXMAN, PHILIP ' I ' HYDE, LUCY . MANNINC, EDITH L., B.S. , SCIENCE FREDERICK, EDWIN L., Ph.D., Head BULLEN, IRENE, A. B. HUTT, MILDRED A., A. B., Lab. Assistant KRAMER, IRUTHQA., A. B. RUDASILL, DWIGHT A., A. B., Lab. Asst. BOONE, GERTRUDE ILEE, B. S. MAINSTER, J OSEPHINE NICKEL, ELIZABETH, A. B. VAN SANT, THOMAS, -B. S. HOME ECONOMICS CHURCH, DORIS V. . 1 RAINS,,.BLANCHE M., B.S. WHOLEY, IDA A. MALE, ELIZABETH NUNN, AMY D., B.S. VAIDEN, VICTORIA, B. S. A LATIN . ERAUCH, JESSIE M., A. B., Head BENSON, 'GLADYS M., A. B. ROE, IRENE, A.B. . , HARRIS VERA A B M" 'MANNIiNIG, F.,MARIbN, A. B. WELSH, DOROTHY B., A. B. . . MANUAL ARTS YOCUM, XVILLIAM K., A.B., Head JOLLY, WILLIAM H. HEDRICK, MELVIN D. HEYLMUN,'STANLI-:Y L. LONGLEY, EDWARD LEROY MEIIBY, ANDREW E. QUINAN, ALLEN. J. YOUNG, T..LORMAN 'A A AMATWHEMNDICS NORRIS, GROVER W., A. M., Head BECKER, SOPHIE M., A.B. BURCAN, ETHEL F., A. B. DICE, :LATIMER A., A. M. BURKE, MARY JEAN, A.B. EVERSFIELD, EUGENIA F. HASLUP, ANORMA V., A-B. LANE, 'FLORENCE R. SHAFFER, CORA -H. WELLS, FLORENCE E. YVHITFIELD, IHESTER IC. -' IMODIERN LANGUAGES SCHMIED, OTTO K., A. B., LL. B Head ' . MOORE, J. FRED, ARB. RUHE,.RUTH E., A.B. BURNER, .FLORENCE H., B. S. DEAN, DOROTHY . KLINESMITH, EDITH ' '- DAVENEORT,' MAREL ' SHUTT, ALICEG. . SIEGEL, 'CLARA -A SORAN, IDA G.. - ' .WALTHAM, MARY ' VOICATIONAL 'GUIDANCE GERMAN, BESSIE A. PARLETT, LILLIAN S, ' , DIETITIAN BALTZ, MARTHA S., A. M. V DIBRARIIAN MARTENET, ELLA LANGHORNE . NURSE KEMP, A. LILLIAN, R. N. ADMINISTRATION FREED, SHIRLEY M. ROSENBERG, SYLVIA Qtll MESSAGE Dear Se-niors, 'The happy years of close association are at an end. You are about to leave our school, to find for yourselves places in the wider sphere ofthe world's business. My wish is for your success in all your enterprises. I My counsel to you is this: -In all you do, be sincere, be loyal, be earnest, be trueg And4"Finally, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, what- sover things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely-if there be any virtue and' if there be any praise-THINK ON'Tl-IESE THINGS." I A My best wishes go with you. Sincerely, Your Adviser, LATIMER A. D1cE. '-1 -.LZ . .. fql' - -".".x ' xiii-1:',' fu., L-Ei.. .5 , H . jx -I l,',v.'1 ,xr -:.Lj2:fi '.: ".1.- A ' iff' ,4'. 4La ,,a. .f,. , 2, 12-. g g . .' - F -- 1 'WH' ff'f5'!ff'4A A ,.x"A ' - "J -'r' fi ."Jf' r "1 1-11" x ., YA: Q'-I 'I 3' ' f,'q"gf.". ,. -,fr . " ' A . is In 'J dx ,-. -.J , i .-1' ,MJ WL-1 - V. 13' -I "' I .gall X . . 4 . , 1-Jw, V, 1 , Q lu. -. ,L f V -'x ' 1, ' Q--uf? .K Y '-E f ' 4- , 4 , -A ' - ' ' :ffl 1- f i 41"-A Y e:..,,1 fm, " ::f:, , . . - A p'1-.JI-'f' f. If .,,:Q.-'l' .5 .' . 'gi - .M 1 - - 'f ., .f ,, -4 aw. , .2-: ,W -, f-14 .. .Q-5 -I J, -fig wh. un.,-f.l',.jf"' -Y .Q ffZgA,..'-,i ' th.-V we 1 j 1 az -'A-.AAF -'1 A'w'?'2l2W'-"f" f , .If 1 - ,egQQ. , -A fig-,5, .gl 1 45- 33,5 V , A A- , ...ij wr . 3 A .f 1 . - .. -. I ,Lf ' "2 if E A ,:- - V,'.' "' nz ll ' I 5.' ,.l,, f -.. I i f 5-'fag 93? Z 5' f ' ff: . nv .-, J ."fg, J' 1 1 1" . .- S .- f A - . .4 '-iff! v E, 1- ,, ' Vu. - muy, - -A--1, la: . 5- ,Z , dwg -' M.. 4, A "st if 9? . 'Q -BTP. .,. '4.f-Af.fJ'f A A- - 1 .--'egg if.: .A . if A . -N ! I 339 'IEW -Y V' ' 'V ' -fffwi ,Q 'mb if f' I-.l g.5,15, A :P ,f ,df -,ik ,Ll j.1,l5vQxggq2 . .. .L I vf- . .. 7wxL5'y Sff:-seem Ai ' 21.2-.. A' 'A . A ' , A -' 'A .-AIM.-:f ' . --Ya: . QU . -z-':'-'1' ini'-:.-H ki Ad 4, ' -- -A . . .- - -MJM, , . .aww -. -: . f . -' E V: L. ,H .ggi-1-5,-sf B '-l..f'w,- I ,fp -1. , ,-15. , ' nl - ,ws Y... , Htl f. .V . .4 . A, .Q V. . A-,.. i n -1 -H mu .-. f f A -A f ag W ' W' Av-'J 'Af 4 - ,gif W ' A .2 ELS A e .2 ASW, 59 5' .-: f' - 'Sw iw t3M,1I, . b, 4 :Vi W-,ij H, I f, V ,w.gAL..l , 51.1.4 4. , VN ,gg-.H W'-5 Y 4,. A ,XXX mf ., ,,-,ig v. K I .A i,,.m. Ek Fx,- 1-..f.: ,- - .,- .--A :.- - .ff . .4 -- , A.- --f5i-:E-.g151if:..- 1.2 f . 351'-yE?'., f2 " !Ii?1lE?5WiW-1' Fifi' "ij, -5'r'.Y1?Q'4Si'5.Ql A-1. , 'Af A 'I - if --iw is - . - - f -sw -Y- xi-'-L':lAk5f'QH'6n T- , 55171-V rf'-' 15 L' l'i?f'QJy'N-15 R Q. . , . 4 -,Q IQ , .M .K ,, ,, 1, .,.....,,,. ,, V. ,.f ,,.v5.l,. U U IIE., ,x,y-I'-rv-QLAQY, h .f.,,-ri :Akd.fjlhe?'2gg,EJw- r -. 8 ,,,- ' '--A- 1-'-65:1 '. ,k.,.Q:FA:gigv1JAg1SgE - -rA"',i aug! ar" 1143- Ll'-w , k ya- P'-iff ag' 3552 32 5 -f gg-WL - '- . ---lqe, glgi " . F 3- X I -:Tis X.. ' ffffix Q' :t g -' ' 'f-Q' ."xE 1y l, 4553552542 A if ,. .45 A 2 , Ji J?-kgiygflzrr I ' - I .. ..,. -. ,I lr-I - 1 , .I ..,V.3--3,15-Q.. -'w',4,.,..,,,-.- I V---eil x ,A J1i.g'i:g1:- f" I ' .""" . - A V -. . XR .,,' .w.,.,.-. ,:,..f.1. . . 1,1 Y E in ...,..,3.. '-S.-Vw ' V 15- f .. A, x an .EL 'Q-.pgri " A '- w i- 1'-:- -' uf' --wi-2' . x fffr' .g ' , Y Q..-1 5221145 'T-19. . 61,553 .." " Q .gf ' -5.-YySQ.1,'1lA:j? M "'f"'.f"', ,. A at ,,'5,:f..-Di., 5 lviiig 4 '-,ivan i, . 5 LA' A i ""s...,. ., -1 t"'"'vf"f'f'..fT1,g:4-1: Q H- W- ' A .9 . ' ' - E32-155 hs5':'-S .W -' - - ' -A ws - A- - Am- N .fvf.Ai,sM- +4 3 V :A-ss b , .. Q, x , l . wJ . .. ,I .. . - ,r.r-Ng, 1X ,. .1 :. . gt - 9' -- A Qggiif- - .. Q. '- '- ,ff . 11 , .. -- 'Wi' fy - - - . .. V l V xxx 1 I Q 11114. , :-L-. -X f ..Jv :L 45 t I '11 , ' A' - 1.55 ...uf--,y . Q, ,922 NA 'j N A1 1'.W ,, -f?"' 1 ,xi ,Q , x.-'ff . :QLE2ifj'- ,- . A ' .. X M mx' "ff" , ' . " - vip if AA .. .J I-OFFICERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS 7' ' First Se-uzvester Seconvd S61l1,6SI6V A President ........... ......... J . MARSHALL MELVIN J. MARSHALL MELVIN Vice-President ..... ......... H ARALD JORGENSEN A JACK SNYDER Secretary' ........... ......,.. R UTH E. GIBSON RUTH E. GIBSON Treasurer ............. ......... X VILSON B. ARCHER FRANK NICHOLS S6rge'ant-at-Arms ........... 1 .... JESSE TRAGER Q JESSE TRAGER . CHAIRMEN GF JUNE VVEEK COMMITTEES Senior Pfam. ........................................................ JACK SIEMON and EBILIA BROENING Senior Bauqubt ........ ....... D OROTHYA KELLER and HARRY SUSSMAN Tea Dqnce .................... .......... L EONARD GREBOVV and HERBERT DAHNE Farewell Assembly ......... ......... A NN CORCKRAN and EDWIN THOMPSON S6'1I'i0'l' Party ................ .......... H ARALD JORGENSEN and LESLIE LEGUM C fz-111 pus Carnival ......... .......... IN IIRIAM SEIDMAN and ROBERT SMOOT General CIzafi1'1rzan ....... .............,.................... J . MARSHALL NIELVIN Faculty Advism' ....... ......... IV IR. LATIMER A. DICE Y Sixteen l K s . Qll fwrlf ll N was-1 U 1A -. MARJORIE ELIZABETH ' AKEHURST Hockey, Basketball, Volley, Tennis 2, 3, 45 Girls" F Clubg Major F. ' 'fl 's 'wicked-l's 'm-ighty wicleed, no- l10'w.. I cmft help it." 'Q HILDA KRAFT ALEXANDER Latin cmb 2, 3, 4, Glee Club sg Masqu- ers 45 Class Athletics 4, ' "How should any sign post daruber know the worth of Titian?" 'E ANN .ELIZABETH ANDERSON Latin- Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club 4, Hock- ey, Basketball, Volley Ball 2, 3, 45 Minor F. "Her voice was ever soft, - Gentle, and lowg an excellent thing in 'ZU01llll'l1'.U ' N Y. EDYTH. E. APPEL ' Girlsf Leader Clubg Class Officer 25 Bas- ketball 2, 3, J. J. J: "Love keeps the cold out better than a cloa.le,' I t serves for food and ra-imeutf' WILSON BUTLER ARCHER Boys' F Club 3, 45 Boys' Leader Club 49 Class Officer 4, Varsity Football, Soccer and Track 45 J. J. J. 2, 3, 4. "The moon never beams witlzont bring- mg me dreams Of the beautiful Annabel Lee." ,. Seventeen WZ .. 'iffkf' F925-3' ELLSWORTH ARMACOST President of the Boys' Leader Club: Treasurer of 'the Hi-Y Clubg Usher at Commencementg Cafeteria -Oificerg D. S. Pledge. ' "And he is long and Iankf'-Coleridge. 'E . ELIZABETH B. ARTHUR Class -Basketball 2, 3, 45 Volley Ball 3, Numerals. "Good -mind, good find." 'E GERTRUDE WIONA BARTELL Manager of Hockey Team 45 Clais-s Oili- cer 2, 33 Glee Clubg Art Clubg Latin Clubg Chairmanof Ring 'Committeeg For- ester S-taffg J. J. J. 2, 3, 43 D. S. Pledge. "There swiins no- goose so gay but soon or late She'lZ find some honest gander for her mate." 'E DOROTHY BAUM Commencement Chorusg Interclass Ath- letics. "Oh this learning! What a thing it is." HERBERT BECKER Business Manager of the Foresterg Cashier of the F. P. H. S. Student Bankg Class Basketball and Baseball 3, 43 Track Team 2, 3, 4. "The first 'vi1'tue, sane, if than welt learn, Is to restrain and kepe well thy tongue." Eightcci u-I-vr - X, I Q2 9 i mtmu W RUTH MARIE BEGGS Home Economics 'Club 25 Latin Club 2 3 Glee Club 3, 49 German Club 3, 4. "Bcgoue, Dull Care! I pritlzee begoue from me!" , 'E KATHRYN DORIS BEHLER Latin Club 2, 35 Masquers 23 Art Club 2, 35 Class Athletics 2, 3, 45 Numerals. "Art quicken.: nature, care will 1-1-lake a face, Neglected beauty perisheth GPG-C6.U 'S FREDERICK RICHARD BEHRINGER Class President 2 5 Vans-i-ty Track 2, 3, 4g Interclass Basketball 2, 3, 45 Assistant Editor of "Forester", J. J. J. 3, 4. "Thought 115' deeper than all speech, Feel-ing deeper than all thought." 'i' 4 WERNER F. BEMMANN Art 'Club 33 Latin Club 2, 'German Club 4g Glee Club 4, "Cherry Blossom" and "Robin Hood". "Write me as one who loves my fel- l0'wmen." 3 MILDRED BERMAN Glee Club 25 Varsity Hockey and- Basket- ball 3, 45 Latin Club 4, Major F. "I may be small, but judge not a 'woman by inches." ' Nineteen JOSEPH CALTON BIDDIX, JR. Sen-ator 2, 3, 45 Boys' Leader Clubg Con- sul of La-tin 'Club 45 D. S. Pledge. "M en were deceivers ever, To one thing constant never." E PRESTON BLUMBERG Track 2, 3, 45 J. J. J. 3, Soccer and Bas- ketball 4g "Forester" Staif. "'In eaelz cheek ap,oea,rs a pretty dimple, Love made those hollows there." if FRIEDA PAULINE BOESSEL Class Officer 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45' Junior Clas-s Arbor, Day Committee' 23 Library Assistant 2, 3, 4. "But genius must be born, , And 141-ever ca-n be taught." Q , J CHRISTIANA BIRCHHEAD BOND Home Economics Club 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 2 3 Glee Club 2, 33 Commencement A Chorus 4, J. J. J. 3, 4. "Adore me, for I am cz ZU0'71lCl11i.W . E BERTRAM LEE BOONE Class Officer 2, 3, 43 Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 43 Boys' Leader Club 43 Hi-Y Club 47 Chairman of June Play 4g J. J. J. 2, 3, 4. E "Heads, I wing ditto, tails." Twentyl X, I Q2 9 ilQIl i333et3iH W EDITH LOUISE BOWER Latin Club 25 Class Officer 43 Treasurer of the Glee Club 43 Dramatic Club 45 Interclass Athletics. "They are vezever' alone that are accom- panied 'ZU!'lf11- 'noble H1-Oltgllffu 'E GERTRUDE BRAVE' Glee Club 23 Art Revue 23 J. J. J. 35 In- terclass Athletics 2, 3, 45 Tennis, 3, 43 Swimming 3, 45 Major Fg -German Cfub 33,Girls' Leader Club 4. . "Our Gertrudeis' a- salad, for in her we see Oil, vifzegar, sugar and saltncss agree." . CECILE BREVITZ Art Club 2, 33 Latin Club 43 Class Offi- cer 25 J. J. J. 33 Basketball 2, 33 Tennis 2, 3, 43 Numerals. "Nothing is impossible to cz 'willing 3 , EMMA C. BRTOENING Class Officer 2, 3, 43 J. J. J. 2, 4: Latin Club 23 Masquers 45 Interclass Athleticsg Numerals' and Minor F. I1 eartf' "Sl1c's beautiful and therefore to be 'wooedg ' She is o woman, flzerefore to be wonf' 'S HELEN BROWN Press Club 23 Art Club 2, 3, 45 Class Athletics 2, 3, 45 Numerals -and Minor F. "'Some drtists paint with one eye shut,- H elon, we believe., shuts both eyes." Twemyfone uuhf' 1929 IRMA BROWN Class Basketball and Volley Ball 3, 45 Glee Club 3. "Wlz.a.t's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name wouldfsmell as 3 MARGARET BROWN Class Officer 2, 3, 45 Press Club 23 Girls' Leader 'Club 33 Glee Club 3, 45 J. J. J. 33 Class 'Basketball Team 2. "The sweetestq th-ing that ever grew Beside a human door." 'Q MARGARET BRYAN Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 45 Varsity Hockey 4g Latin 'Club 45 'Girls' Leader Club 49 Numerals and 'Minor F5 D. S. Pledge. "Be good, sweet -maid, and let 'who will be cleverg Do noble things, not dream z'h.e1'rL all , day long: ' And so make life, deallh and that vast forever One grand sweet songff MARY LOUISE BURGESS Latin Club 23 Art Club 23 Class Hockey Team 43 Tennis Tjaugna-ment 2, 3g J. J. ".lally,' yet serious, Fun loving, yet sincere." sweet-" 'E EVELYN BYRD A Latin Club 25 Home 'Economics Club 3, 43 German Club 3, 4g J. J. J. 35 Refresh- -ment Committee of Junior Prom. "Evelyn likes her boy friend, Evelyn likes 'em strong, Evelyn likes 'em lza-ndsome, ' Evelyn likes 'em 'L0ng'." Twenty-two wtl tse le diw ELEANOR LOUISE CALVERT Class Oflicer 2, 3, Flower Committee of J. J. J. 3g Chairman of Refreshment Committee Junior Prom and .St. Pat- rick's Day Dance 3, 45 Home Econom- ics Club 4. "I sing to the hea'Ue-ns, for I am a 26707110-71.1, RUTH CAPLAN - Glee Club 2, 33 Irmterclass Athletics, "Forester" Staff. "The thing that goes the farthest to- ward 71161-k'i1Ig life 'worth while, That costs the least, and does the most, is just a pleasant smile." 'Q GERTRUDE C. CARTON Art Club 2, 35 Press. Staff 25 Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 43 Tennis Tournament 23 Varsity Basketball and Hockey 43 Num- erals and Minor F. "Z0undsl I h.a've been five minutes too late all my lifetime." 'E , BERNICE SENORA CHECKETT Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 4, Tennis Tour- nament 2, 3, 4g Numerals 'and Minor F, Latin Club 4. - "Sfmt komm-t ilztr-doch ihr kommtf' I You come la-te, yet you comelj 'E SOPHIE CHEVATT Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Masquers 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 25 "Cherry Blossom". "There was never yet fair 'woman but ' she made mouths 111. a glass." 'I'wcnty'tl1'rcc -1 MARY ELIZABETH COCKRELL Glee Club 2, 3, President 43 J. J. J. 33 Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 43 "Robin Hood"g Numerals and Minor F. "To know her is to love lzcrf' 'E BERTHA COHEN Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 4 5 Latin Club 4. "Mine eyes smell onions, I shall weep anon." .,, 3 , ANN CAROLINE CORCKRAN Class Oflicer 2, Praetor of La-tin Club 33 Girls' Leader Club 43 F Club 45 Major Fg Interclass Athletics 33 J. J. J. 3. "God will not lo-ve thee less Bern-use men lofzfe thee -more." 'S MILDRED ANNA COYLE Latin Club 25 Glee Club 23 Artistic Re- vue 2, 3g German Club 45 J. J. J. 2, 3, 43 Assemblies, Cheer Leader 4. - "Love me little, love me long, Is the bszfrden of my song." 'is RUTH CROWLEY Art Club 2, 33 Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 45 J. J. J. 3a "Those curious locks so aptly twined, Whose ezfery hair a soul doth bind." Twenty-four - X. 1929 smll rsitri W HERBERT N. DAHNE Indoor Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4g "Forester" Staffg Senior Tea Dance Committeeg J. J. J. 2, 3, 4. "Of manners gentle, of affections mild, In wit, a ma-n,' simplicity, a child." . Q 0 MELVIN I. DAHNE Indoor Baseball 2, 3, 4g Basketball 2, 3, 43 "Forester" Staff 5 Student Activity Bankg J. J. J. 2, 3, 4. A "Endurance is the crowning quality, And patience all the passion of great hearts." Q ' 'Q' HARR11-:T ELISABETH DAVIS Class Officer 25 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 As- sistant Chairman of J. J. J. 3. "Eureka! The mother of chori-n is dis- covered." i 1 ELLSWORTH DECORSE. J. J. J. 3, 43 Varsity Track 2, 35 Assist- ant Track Coach 4g "The Musketeersng Technical Banjo Trio, Assemblies, Inter- class Soccer and Basketball 2, 3, 4. "From every blush that kindles in thy ' cheeks , . Ten thou-sand little loves and graces spring To revel in the roses." 'E FREDERICK DEIBEL Commencement Chorusg Interclass Ath- letics. "You beat your pate and fancy 'wit will come, Knock as you please, there's nobody home." Twenty-foe F L --f' .prof ' ff F still? ff l 'ZTTASH im l eeeieewl IW V JEAN DEWEES Commencement Chdrusg Interclass Ath- letics. "Books should to one of these four ends comiuce, For wisdom, piety, delight, or use." 'Q , ANNA C. DIEDEMAN Art Club 3, 4. "A good name endureth forever." E' RUTH DISNEY Commencement Chorusg Intetclassl Ath- letics. "In cz polite age almost every person becomes cz reader and receives m0re instructions from the press than the pulpit." 3 e ZEVAH QOMNITZ Interclass Athletics 3, 45 Art 'Clubg 'Ger- man Club 4. "Zevah, Zevah V Has H ayfeoalzj I have heard S'he's an zmbelie'vah." 'E p ' ADA R. DONOHUE Art Club 2, 33 Latin Club 43 Volley Ball and Basketball 2, 3. ".S"z7le11-ce more musical than any song." ' Twenty-six A + K ef'-ffff J.. ll wwf ll D MAE CORNELIUS VAN TROMP DOWNS Art Club 2, 3, 45 Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Tennis 3, 43 Publicity Manager for Art 'Club 4. "I may be as good as I please, if I please to be good!" .E . HORACE KIRKUS DUGDALE, JR. Stamp Club 23 Latin Club 3, 43 Hi-Y Club 3, 45 Boys' Leader Club 43 Senior Christmas Play. "Youth calls for Pleasnurc. Pleasure calls for Low." 4 Q SYLVAN RAYMOND DUNN Class Officer 23 Press Reporter 2, 3, 45 Exchange Editor 4 5 Oratorical Society 4. "Knowledge is brought only with a care And wisclom means at world of pain." Q . RUTH ELLIS Glee Club 25 Home Economics Club 3, 43 Candy Committee of J. J. J. 3. "Silence is the best orncwnent of women." 3 MARJORIE ENGEL Interclass Athletics., P. A. L., Com- mencement. ' "Let men say 'whate'er they will, Woman, woman rules them stillf, 'Twentyeseuen Luglg-"' 1929 C' v l VIRGINIA CLEM ENTIN E ENGLAND "Cherry Blossom", Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Art Club 23 Secretary of Glee Club 4. "If -music be the food of love, sing ou." 'Q MARGARET ERDMAN German Clubg Glee Club 2, 33 Latin Club 23 J. J. J. 2, 3. "True as, the needle to the pole, Or as a dial to the sim." 'E . ALBERT STRUVEN FEHSENFELD Boys' Leader Club, J. J. J. 4, Cafeteria Officer, Footbalg Inierclass Athletics I 31 ' "If you get simple beau-ty and naught else, You get about the best thing God in,- 'uents."' A ANC I SAM FELDMAN Commencement Chorus, Interclass Ath- letics. "Good at fight, but better at play, Godlike in giwngg but the devil to pay.JJ E . MARTHA 'REBECCA FISHER Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 4 5 Tennis Tour- naments 2, '3, 43 Numerals, Minor F3 Glee Club 3, 43 Latin Club 3. "'I'm nothing if not- critical." Twcntyfeighz , l l sslisifbssll WW MARIETTA WARD FLATER Class Officer 33 'Class Basketball Team 2, 3, 43 Numerals. . "Whence that three-c'orne1'ed sznile of bliss? Three angels gafoe me once a kiss." N Q JOHN ALLEN FOARD Glee Club 2, 3, 49 J. J. J. 2, 35 Class Ath- letics 2, 3, 4. NAt one time my singing did me injury." Ye, HENLEY TAYLOR FOREMAN Hi-Y Club 3, 43 Stage Manager 2, 3, 43 Soccer and Track Team 3, 4s J. J. J. 3, 4g Assemblies. "A wifs a. feather and a chief a, rod, An honest 'IHCUIJS the noblest 'work of God." ii DOROTHY B. FRANKLIN Basketball 45 Volley Ball 2, 4g Masquers 2, 33 Treasurer of the Oratorical Society 45' Art Club 4. "A fashion plate right out of the band- b0:F.D as 5 SADIE FRENKIL . Latin 'Club 2, 35 J. J. J. 33 Home Eco- . nomics Club 4. , "Do you know I am a, woman? When I think I nz-nst speak." Tlventy-nine ff? ll ef-Qg,uQ29f ' ' ' HERBERT L-EE FRIEDBERG Sports Editor of the Press 43 Press Clubg Press Staifg "Forester" Staff. "H is keen, polite, inszfnuating style Could please at court and make Au- gustus s11nile."' A 2 ELIZABETH FORREST GATES Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 4g Latin Club . 2, 3, 4. uf47'1'll.S and the men I sing." Ufirgilj 'E WILLIAM A. GAULT Student Presidentg Hi-Y Clubg Boys' Leader Clubg Christmas Pl-ay 45 Football Squad 3, 4g D. S. Pledge. "Yours -is the Earth and Everything thafs in it, And-wlzich 'is more-you'lI be a man, my sou." Ni A Q ANGELO V. GIARDINA Varsity Swimming 2g Varsity Baseball, Basketball and Track 2, 3, 43 Boys' Lead- er Glub 43 J. J. J. 3. "Eat, dr-ink and be merry, for tomor- row you may have a headaclzfef' 3 'RUTH VESTELLA GIBSON Class Ofiicer 2, 3, 43 Secretary of Year 3, 4g Secretary of Masquers 3g Exchange Editor 43 Home Economics Clubg Girls' Leader Club 4. , "Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale H er infinite variety." ' Thi :ty H J 1929 R541-'NE I ROBERT STANTON GILL Class Officer 45 Secretary of French Club 25 Masquers 3, 45 German Club 3. "Some deemed him 'wond1'ous 'wise And some believed 1lfi11l. mad." 'E ' ELIZABETH GIST Commencement Chorusg Interclass Ath- letics. "Happiness, to some elafion, I s to others more sfagm1.tion." Y MARGARET AGLASCOCK Class Oificer 2, 35 Class Athle-ties 2, 3, 45 Art 'Club 35 Numerals and Minor F. Nf,Cli1'11C les Angla-is"'-I love the Eug- Iish! 'E BEATRICE R. GOLDBERG Latin Club 25 Art Club 25 Art Revue 25 Interclass Athleticsg Numerals- and Minor F5 J. J. J. 3. "The sweetest noise on ea-rth, a 'ZL'0'll1ll'Il,S tongue-" 'E MARY MILLS GOLDER Class Officer 2, 3, 45 Varsity Teams 25 J. J. J. 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 35 German Club 3, 45 Treasurer of the Girls' Leader Clubg Cheerleader. "'Tis no spell of eiwlzantment, no magical art, But the 'way she says 'Darling' that goes to my heart." Thirtyfone l A .A J F Y M dm eel ? 'Em R wig, u 929- PAUL G. GOSNELL Swimming Squad 2 3 Rifle Team 2, 3. "Those who in quarrels interpose Must often wipe a bloody nose." is , CHARLES RUSSELL GREASLEY Teller Student Activity Bank 33 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4. "Strange to the world, he wore a bash- ful look, The fields hisrstudy, nature was his bookfy' 'E . s. LEONARD GREBOW Class Officer 2, 45 Interclass Basketball Team 2, 3, 43 J. J. J. B-azaaxg Assistant Editor-in-Chief of "Forester". "An ounce of wit is worth 1: ,bound .of sorrow." 'E DOROTHY CAMPEN GREEN . Interclass Athleticsg Numeralsg Tea Dance Committee '35 Prom Committee 3g J. J. J. 3j June Play Committee 35 Home ' Economics Club 4. If Thereis' fun in e've' 'we meet,- Tlze greatest, worst and best,- Exristence is a merry treat, And every speech 0, jest." Q . FRANCES WISE GRESSIT1' French Club 33 Glee Club 3, 43 J. J. J. 3. "Frances! Frances! Naughty! N augh- ' ty! ' At him you always. yea.rn,' I f that's the way you carry on Your French you'll'ne'uer learn." Thirty 'two ,Qi uuxrfwvf -Js..L,L4 ep? ll r N H929 Q li tetestrttill ETHEL MARIE GUNDERSDORF Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Masquers 45 Presi- dent German Club 45 Interclass Athlet- icsg Class 'Officer 2, 45 Senior Play Com- mittee 4. "l'Vith flask and test tube, acid, gas, S he strives with all her mighfg An ejfervescent fluid or two Is Efhefs chief del-ight!"' V E HELEN TROY HAMBSCH . Swimming Squad 45 Varsity Hockey 2, 35 Interclass Athletics5 Numerals and Minor F5 J. J. J. 35 Vice-President "Le Cercle Francais". "A quiet tongue shows a 'wise head." E DOROTHY PAYGE HAMLEN Glee' Club 45 J. J. J. 35 senior Pl-ay com- mittee. "'He1' eye in silence hath a. speech llfhich eye best understzmdsf' IRVING AJ. HARMATZ Class Athletics 2, 3, 4. ' "Neither shall they shave their heads, nor - A Suffer their locks to grow long." A -Ezekiel. , 'Q DOROTHY V. HARRIS "Forester" Staff 45 Tea 'Dance Commit- tee 45 J. J. J. 3, 45 Class and Varsity A-thletics 2, 3, 45 Press Staff 3,45 Sec- retary Girls' Leader Club. "I f you would be loved, love and be lovable." 'I'hi1ty'th'rce XFN-M Gif ff fi M ttteitwlttnl tw s HOLMES HEIMERT Commencement Chorus, Interclass Ath- letics. "'ATl1c birds can fly, and 'why cmft I ?- Hot Tailspins ! lf" 'S FRANK DUNBAR HOLMES Commencement Chorus. 'Girls may come and girls may go, but I I love one girl forever." it BERNARD HONICK Commencement Chorus, Interclass Ath- letics. "Beneath the rule of 'men entirely great, The pw-1 is 'llligllfi-CT than the tongue." KENNETH J. HULL Hi-Y Club 43 J. J. J. 2, 33 Glee Club 3, 4g Junior Prom Decorating Committeeg "Cherry Blossom". nSlIl'flfJI1S share with thee ' K 7l07.i.'ICdg0,' but Art, O Mara, is thine alone!" Q 0 WILLIAM ERVIN E HUTTON Orchestra 2, 3, 45 J. J. J. 2, 3, 45 Inter- class Athletics 2, 33 Bovs' Leader Club 45 F Clubg "Cherry Blossom" and "Rob- 'in Hood". "Rugged is the breast that music can- not tame." Tlzirty-four ' Ei emo if gvfs-mL.q ici LA .Wu-4 Yt'Ai'L':5ni3'K5 ti t if' '55 MARTINA GERTRUDE HYDE Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Art Club 2, 39 Girls' Leader Club 43 Class and Varsity Ath- letics 2, 3, 43 Major F3 Assemblies, Class Officer 2. ' "There is no royal road to geo11z.etry."' --Euclid. 3 ISABEL JUDITH 1Dov Clas-s Officer 2, 43 J. J. J. 3, 4g Masquers 3, 45 Cafeteria Officer. "As soothing as the soft. strains of an old Spanish guitar." 'E ABRAHAM CLIFFORD JACOBSON Interclass Soccer, Basketball and Indoor Baseball 2, 33 Varsity Soccer 43 Radio , Clubg J. J. J. 3, Interclass Track. "He gave with a zest, and he gave his best." - 3 W A RICHARD H. JANDORF . A. A. Representative 3, 45 Oiiicer A. A. 45 Press Staff .2, 33 Swimming Team 33 Press Club 2. "Swans sing before they die. 'Twere ' no bad thing Did certain persons die before they sing." 3 ' LILLIAN CAROLYN JETT Class Officer 2, 35 Hockey and Basketball Teams 3. "Lips, 'whose plautattions fully show, All the year -wlzcrc cherries grow." 'Thirty-five 4 3 '1f'A?' X mea .5-S+? FREDERICK C. JOHNSTON, JR. Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 43 Varsity Swimming Team 33 In-terclass Athletics, J. J. J. 35 Latin Club 2, 3, 4. "I'Vl1o's your 1zatter?"--London Street Saying, 1830. 'i WILMA R. JORDAN Revue Artistique 25 J. J. J. 33 Home Eco- nomics Club 3, 43 Cafeteria Officer 4. "That all-softening, 0'erp0'we1'i1fzg knell, The tocsi-n of the soul--the dinner beII."' 3 JOSEPH HARALD JORGENSEN President Rifle Club 2, 3, Vice-Pre-sident Senior Class 43 Interclass Soccer, Base- ball, Basketball -and Track 2, 3, 4, Boys' Leader fClub 43 Hi-Y 'Club 4, J. J. J. "W'11a,t do the doves says? Curruck- foo, You Iofve me and I low you." E ROGERS JORSS Decoration Committee St. Patrick's Day Dance, Hi-Y Club 45 Art Club 2. "'His Tmmners were gentle, complying and bland." O 2 SOPHIA ANN KAUFMAN Latin Club 2 3 Glee Club 35 German 'Club 3, 4g Junior Prom Committee 3 3 Inter- class Athletics 2, 3, 43 Numelfals and -Minor F3 J. J. J. 3, 4. "Eyes too expressive to be blue, Too lovely to be gray." Thirty 'six .wt - M-effx X NCC T aging LET DOROTHY LILLIAN KELLER Masquers 43 'Girls' Leader Club 43 Latin Club 2, 33 D. S. A. Pledgeg Class 'Officer 2, 3, 43 Major F. "O noble soul! fzolzich ueitlzer gold nor love Nor scorn can bendf' E NAoM1 RUTH KELLMAN Class and Year Hockey Teams 2, 33, 43 Class -Basketball and Volley Ball Teams 3, 43 Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 33 Major F. "Worthy books Are not co11vz,po-nions-tlzey a-re .voli- tudesg lflfe lose ourselves in them :md all our ca-resf' CAROLYN M. KEMPER Class Hockey, Basketball and Volley Ball Teams 2, 3, 43 Masquers 43 Revue Ar- tistique 23 Track Meets 2, 33 Numerals -and Minor F. "Yet do I fear thy vzatureg It is too full of the '71'H.II? of hu-man E . CYRIL CECIL KESSLER Class Athletics 2, 3, 43 Varsity Soccer Teams 4g Class Officer 33 Latin Club 43 J. J. J. 3, 43 Boys' A. A. 3. - "As yet a child I lisped in 11f'll11ZfbE?7'.S'.U Y RUTH S. KIEHNE Class Ollicer 2, 3, 43 Art Club 2, 33 French Club 3, President 4g Assemblies3 "Forester" Staff. "In fra.m1'ng an artist, a-rt'l1dtlz. thus decreed To make some good, but others to exceed." V kindness." 'l'l1irty'seven MEEERESEEQSM lim I Q2 9' NATALIE KING Home Economics Club 23 Art Club 2, Latin 'Club 35 J. J. J. 3. "Though gentle, yet not dull." 3 JEAN DOROTHEA KNEIP Class and Year Teams, Volley Ball, Hockey, Basketball 2, 3, 4g Varsity Hockey 3, 43 Major Fg. Girls' Leader Q Clubg J. J. J. 3, 4. "Clad made all pleasurers innocent." 'i H DOUGLAS ROSCOE KNOX Latin Club 2, 3, Stamp Club 25 Glee Club 25 Class Athletics 2, 3, 4, 'Class Oflicer 35 Senior Class Play 4. "Lord, tl1ey'd hafve tasuglzt me Latin in pure waste."--Brownizzg. 'S GEORGE J. KREIS Commencement Chorus. "A wit with d-zmces, and a dzmce with wits."2 ' - E' HERBERT FRANKLIN KRIEL Class Oiicer '25 "B"'Squad Football 3, 43 Interclass Baseball, Basketball and Track Teamsg Md. Scholastic Champion, 880 yard Relay, 1926. "H e has those brilliant eyes that dream, Beware, girls! Beware I He has a- Soul that fairly beams, Take care, World ! Take care!" Thirty-eigllt "I .VA r tell ae-welll X D MARGARET ELIZABETH KUNKEL Latin Club 23 Masquers 45 "F" C1ub3 Girls' Leader Club5 Varsity Hockey 3, 45 Interclass Athletics. 'UT-is beauty truly blast, qwhose real and 'white Naturo's own sweet, cummig hand 3 DOROTHY KYLE A Commencement Chorusg Interclass Ah- letics. "Good things come in small packages." 'E MARGARET CHRISTINE A LA MAR Latin Club 23 Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 43 Numeralsg Minor F3 Year Hockey Team 3, 43 Masquers 4. laid on." "A happy heart ifmmeth mevvily all day." 'E . HENRIETTA LAND Interclass Athletics3 Numerals and Minor F3 School Typewriting Champion 3, 43 "Forester" Staff. "Great souls by iiisti-not to each other turn, I Demand' alliance and in friendship burn." - 'Q CHARLOTTE ALICE LANPHER "Cherry Blossom"3 J. J. J. 35 Home Eco- nomics Club 3, 43 Latin Club 23 Glee Club 25 Interclass Athletics. "Around the track she lightly trod With 1ze'er a single halt, Oblivious to c-rude earth's joys,- Cha-rlotte and Billy Gaultf' Thiftyeninc Qllilistilzifsstets N V 'fffff Q MII fs lmaslll CHARLES EDWARD LEACH Class Oilicer 2, 3, 45 Football "B" Squad 4g Interclass Athletics, Indoor Baseball, Basketball and Trackg Track Squad 2. HLt1ll1TC?Sl Dear Ladies! Please leave -me alone!" 'ii ROBERT LYLE LEAVERTON J. J. J. 2, 33 Track Team 25 Wrestling Team 33 Charter -Member Stamp Club, Interclass Athletics. "A Toast! A Toast! Ind-ividuality is thy name!" 'E CARROLL- C. LEAVEY Boys' Leader Club 4g Boys F Club 3, 49 Interclass Basketball and Baseball 3, 4. 'fHe walks the way of friendly hearts." Q . VICTOR D. LE BOW Class Oiiicer 3, 45 Varsity Swimming Team .35 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 3 Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 43 J. J. J. 33 Member State Championship Tennis Team 35 F Club 2, 3, 43 Boys' Leader Club 4. "I may not be perfect, bu-t I swear I have a sweet smile." E-. LESLIE LEGUM Varsity Track, C1ass.Basketballg Indoor Baseball 25 Varsity -Basketball Squad 3, J. J. J. 3 g Senior High Interclass- Track Championship 3g Varsity Football 45 F Club 4. "Pm not only witty in myself, but the cause that is wit in other men." Forty V "1 + DOROTHY LOUISE LEONARD Varsity Hockey 2, 3, 43 "Robin H00d',: Latin Club 23 Home Economics Club 43 Masquers 43 Interclass Basketball 2, 3, 4. "S 0 sweet the blush of balvhfuluess E'en pity scarce can wish it less." 3 EVA LEAH LEVIN Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 4g Varsity Ath- letics 2, 3, 43 Senator 23 Girls' F Clubg Vice-President Girls' A. A. 33 Vice-Presi- dent -Girls' Leader Club 43 Masquers 43 "Forester" Staff 4. "Ma'tlze'matics 'ma-fees men subtle." -Bacon. 'E MARIAN RUTH LEVIN' Intel-class Athleticsg Commencement Chorus. "Sweet is the pleasure itself cannot spoil, Is not true leiszwe won with true toil?" LIBBIE WINIFRED LEVIN Glee Club ag Art Club 2. "Ne'er blushed unless in spreading viceiv snare She blmulered in some zfirtue uu- wzvaref' - 'S THERESE DE LA TOUR LIGON Masquers 3, 43 J. J. J. 33 Glee Club 33 German Club 3, 4. "A noble type of good H eroic 'wo4ma'nhood." Fortyonc Arif-S?--mm ,,A., Wi MH eegseelll SIDNEY LIPSCH "F" Clubg Boys' Leader Club 43 Varsity Basketball 4g Baseball 3, 4g J. J. J. 2, 3, 4. f'Drink! F or yon know not 'whence you come, nor why! Drink! For you know not 'why you go, nor 'wlzeref' S WILLIAM HERBERT LONG, JR. Interclass Athleticsg German Club 3, 4. "If's Herbie tlzfis, and H erbie that, an' 'CIl'llCk him out, the brute! But ifs the sawoufr of '-is country, when the guns begin to toot." E FRANCIS KENNETH LONG Class Oiiicer 2, 35 Baseball, Basketball 25 Varsity Football 3, 45 Varsity Base- ball 3, 4g -Boys' F -Clubg Boys' Leader Club. "'Hail! H nsza., HwiIlA Spartan!" MILDRED GRACE LUCE Orchestra 23 J. J. J. 25 Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Junior Prom Committee 35 Art Club 3, 4. "I donft object to stoutncss-in mod- eration." 'E ISADORE MARKMAN Varsity Track 2, 33 Interclass Indoor Baseballg Soccer 2, 3, 45 Radio Club 23 Aero Club 4. "M y tongue within my lips I reing For who talks much must talk' in vain." Forty-two ,kT'?KfT"N'mFC S wll eewi lbw CHARLES MARTIN Commencement Chorus, Interclass Ath- , letics. "No 11411111 is a. hypocrite in his pleas- fares." 3 EDITH ELLSBETH MAYNARD "Robin Hood", "Cherry Blossomug Inter- class Athletics 2, 3, 43 Numerals -and Minor F3 Secretary Home Economics Club 45 Class Ofiicer 45 J. J. J. 3. "l'Vl1e1w'ver a. child says, 'I don"t bc- lieve in fll1TI'lTL?S," there's a little fairy somewhere that falls right dowrz. dead." E JESSE EUGENE MCGEE Rifle Team: Boys' Leader Club 45 Hi-Y Club 43 J. J. J. 2, 3, 4g Senior Play Com- mittee, Assemblies, Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 2, 3, 4. "O wad some power the giftie gic us To see ourselves as others see us." 'Q JANE DAVIS McMAs'1'ER J. J. J. 33 Ring Committeeg Vice-Presi- dent Home Economics Club 4. "Holy, fair, and 'wise is she." 'S JACOB MARSHALL MELVIN, JR. Christmas Play 2: Orchestra 2, 33 Presi- dent of Year 3, 45 Manager Basketball Team 45 J. J. J. 3, 4g Assemblies, 'Boys' Leader Club 4g German Club 3, 43 D. S. A. Pledge. "Be not afraid of grcatn-ess,' some are born great, some aclliofve greatness cmd some ha-'ve greatness thrust upon tllem-." Fortyfthrce LL'-4-Hxf' -fe -e W W if if M ll ALMA MERICAN Latin Club 2 3 Glee Club 33 German Club 3, 43 German Play. "Why don't the men propose, mamma? Why don"t the men propose?" 'i LILLIAN S. MILLER Commencement Chorus. "The stoutest ladies love me tallest men." E . LUCINDA MILLER Latin- Club 2, 43 Art Club 33 Masquers 3, 43 Manager Girls' Basketball Team 43 Assemblies. KIMJIIUWI is thy learning? Ha-th thy toil Oier books consumed fizc midnight 0iI?"' 'Q ' REUBEN .MILLER Latin Clubg-Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 43 Christmas Play 23 J. J. J. 33 Class 0Hi- cer 2,-3. "I like zcforkj if fasciuantes me.-The idea, of getting rid of it nearly breaks my Izmir!"--KO ycslj 3 Q NATHAN MINDELL Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 43 Varsity Ath- letics 3, 43 'Boysjf Ibeager Club 43 F Clubg . . . 3. "'Whoopoo! Can he play baseball- and how!" Fonyffour uuemg-f' 5. X mea as-f-3 I l lmwlswllwllh CHARLOTTE S. M1Rv1s Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Art Club 23 Intel-class Volley Ball, 'Basketball and Hockey 2, 3. "Do4n't argueg you know I mn right." 'E AGNES LILLIAN MONAHAN Class Athleticsg Commencement Chorus. "The cooing stops with the honeymoon, but the billing goes on fore'zfer." 3, MARY VIRGINIA MONMONIER Latin Club 25 Art Club 23 Class Oilicer 3, 43 Assembliesg Tennis Tournament 3 5 J. J. J. 3. ""lVo-nzcn will love her that she is a 'wo-man ' More 'worth them- any man. .Men, that she is The rarest of all 'ZU07ll!?'7l.'u 'i ROBERT ELBRIDGE MOON, JR. Latin Club 33 Glee Club 3, 43 Class Of- ficer 2, 3, 4. "One inch of joy surfmounts of grief cr span, ' Because to laugh is proper to the -man." ii WILSON H. MURRAY Class Officer 2, 3 3 Varsity Track Te-am 2, 3, 49 Varsity Basketball 4g Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 45 La-tin Club 33 J. J. J. 3. " Where ign.ora.m'e is bliss, 'Tis folly to be wise." Fortyqive h L. X. mee ...ig-'XE SHIRLEY EATON NEALE Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 2, 33 Numerals and Minor F3 German Club 3, 43 J. J. J. 2, 33 Assemblies. "A happy heart 11.-taketh a. blooming visagef' 'ii DOROTHY G. NEWMAN Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Revue Artistique 23 Art Club 23 Interclass- Athletics 2, 3, 43 Major F3 Class Oflicer 23 J. J. J. 2, 3, 4. "Mit-se' of the many twinkling feet, A whose- charms Are now extended up from legs and arms." Ni Q FRANK N. NICHOLS, JR. Secretary Boys' A. A. 43 Year Officer 3, 43 Manager Baseball Team 33 Varsity Football 2, 3, 43 Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 43 F Club 43 Hi-Y Club 43 -Boys' Lead- er Club 43 Bookkeeper Student Activity Bank 4. W "Love is like the measles,-we all have to go through it." 'S WILBUR CHURCHILL NICHOLS Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 33 Boys' Leader -Club 43 "Robin Hood"3 Ch-i'ist- mas Play 4. "I love my friends well, but myself better." 'ii ELIZABETH VIRGINIA NICHOLSON Glee Club 2, 33 Class Officerg "Cherry Blossom"3 Numerals and Minor F3 An- nouncement Committee. "Behold the child by nature's kindly law, Pleased with a rattle, tickled with a straw." Forty-six 4' xg ll -K-ua Mll isses liillhlur DOROTHY VIRGINIA NIEDENTOHL Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 4 5 Numerals and Minor F5 German Club 3, 45 J. J. J. 35 Masquers 3, 4. "'How like af Cameco her face, her pro- file zcfortlz Fa'me's Hall! The lady of the So-mrcis? No! Vir- ginia Niedeutol1l."' 'E ELAINE C. NORRIS Latin Club 25 Glee Club 25 J. J. J. 35 Class Officer 25 Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Numerals and Minor F. "Tlwn- it occurs to me as now That A all that casts can-L say 1s 'llleow-w-w' ."" 'S HULDA OPPENHEIMER Interclass Athletics 45 Commencement Chorus. "The cautious seldom err." ' 5 'as HELEN ELIZABETH PARKER Latin Club 1, 25 German Club 3, 45 Christmas Play 25 Basketball 3, 4. "The fairest garden in her looks, Ami in her mind the 'wisest books." 'E HELEN PASSANO Art Club 1, 25 'Glee Club 45 St. Patrick's Dance Committeeg Commence- ment Chorus. "Let the girl who does not wish to be idle, fall in love." ' Forty-seven If v . sf my ulwlflff ,M -S' . 1 mf" l air A -'if ,'- -- . 'SfTA-" E. ZELDA PAYMER Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 4, Secretary Oratorical Society 43 Masquers 23 Num- erals and Minor F. "'Words learned by rote a ,barrot may rehearse, Butdalking is not always to con- verse." 3 ELIZABETH EUSTACE PEDDICORD K Commencement Chorus. "That caressing and exquisite grace- nezfcr bold, Ever present-which just a few women. possess." . 3 CHARLES HENRY PEPPLER St. Patrick's Dance Committee 45 Com- mencement Chorus. I I n German Classj-"Wl1a.t signifies me here if me no understand?" MARY ELIZABETH PHILLIPS J. J. J. 2, 3, 43 Revue Artistique 2, Swim- ming 3, 45 Art Club 2, 3g Glee Club 2, 3, 45 In-terclass Athletics 2, 3, 4. "Mary loves as serpent, Illary loves a snake- Auy crawling reptile She cha-rms for Zo7Je's sweet sake." A. N. SOPHIA PODOLSKY Varsi-ty Hockey, Basketball and Volley B-all 2, 3, 4, President-Girls' A. A. 4g Ma- jor Fg D. S. Pledge, Feature Editor The Press 4, "Forester" Staff 1 Girls' Leader Club, Poetry Club. "The thorn in the cushion of the edi- torial chvairfi F ortyfeight sf- -,- W frfif' ' " . i t lmasshsi 2 l - ' 1 Q2-Q-M A KATHRYN JANE POLLAK Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 33 Class Officer 43 Interclass Athletics.2, 3, 4g Varsity Athletics 3, 43 Masquers 43 Minor F3 Tennis Tournament 2, 3, 4. ff The 'wind relaqrririg in-to needful sport, Should turn to 'writers of an ablor so-rt ' W'lzose wit well mai-zaged, and 'whole classic style, Give truth a lustre a-nd make 'zcfisdom smile." I 'Q DOROTHY CHRISTINE POWELL Interclaiss Athletics 3, 43 Hockey Year Team 3, 43 Tennis Tournament 2, 3, 43 Class Oificer 2, 3, 43 Major F3 Track I 2, 3. "I f 'wits were wisdom-Ye gods! a female Solomovrz !" Y CHARLOTTE ALICE RAUCH Class Officer 2, 33 Latin Club 2, 3, Treas- urer 43 Art Club 23 Masquers 43 Cafe- teria Officerg Manager of Swimming Team 4. "To God, thy country and thy friend be true." 'S MATTHIAS F. REESE, JR. Varsity Athletics 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 33 Christmas Play 43 J. J. J. 2, 33 Craftsman Club 43 President Aero Club 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Glee Club 3, 4. "M y only books were 'woizzerfs looks." 'E ROSE REISER Commencement Chorus. "In every rank, great or small, 'Tis industry that .vupports us all." Fortymine Q - Al WI LUCY ANNA RICHARDSON Inierclass Athletics 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Art Club 23 German Club 3, 4. HL-zfe is a jest, and all things sho'w itg I thought so once and now I ki-tow it." 'E LQUIS WILLIAM RITTER Hi-Y Club 3, 43G1ee Club 25 J. J. J. 35 Junior Prom 3. "His heart is as free from fraud As hewven is from murder." J Q RAUL ROGERS Class Officer 23 J. J. J. 3. "Fli1'tation, attention, Without iutentioiz-."' 'I MORTON EUGENE ROME Class officer 2, 3, 4g Latin Club 2, 3, 4g Ant Club 2g Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 45 Varsity Athletics 2. "Did nothing in f7Cl7'fiC'l'tI!l-1'LG71d did it , 'very wellf' -' . Y ERNESTINE RORAPAUGH Class Officer 35 Interclass Athle-tics 2, 39 Latin Club 23 J. J. J. 33 Cafe Oiiicer 4. "This zcflzining, 'za'ay'zvard boy, This giant dwarf,- Joe Cupid." Fifty ELSIE E. ROSENFELD Art Club 2gG1ee Club 25 J. J. J.'23 In- terclass Athletics 2, 3,'4. "Sweet as the primrose flzat peeps be- ' ' Neath the fll0l'71-.U 3 SYLVAN L. ROSENTHAL Varsity Track and Soccer 2, 3, 43 Inter- class Athletics 2, 3, 45 Boys' F Clubg Boys' Leader Club 4, "Forester" Staffg Commencement Ch-orus. "In arguing, too, this person o'wn'd lzis skill, For e'en though vanquislzed, he could argue still." 'E MYER RUBENSTEIN Publicity Manager J. J. J. 3g "Forester" Staff, Senior Christmas Play 4g Inter- class Athletics 2, 3, 43 Track Team 2, 3, 4. "'AIz, take the rash and let the credit go, Nor heed the rumbling of a- distant drum." - 'Q WILLIAM A. BUTTER Interclass Athletic Champion, Basketball 4, Commencement Chorus. "He bl-nslzes-all is well." ,g 'E ROBERT LEHMAN SADLER Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Ride Club 2, 35 Assem- blies 2, 3, 4g J. J. J. 2, 33 Operettas 23 Revue Artistique 2: Interclass .Athletics 2, 3, Perfect Attendance 5 Years. "Some folks are wise, and some are ' otherwise." Fifty-one m WYE? 'ff Q ttf Q rw Afttlggtal ADELE SALZMAN Interclass Athletics 2,' 3, 45 Varsity Hockey 3, 45 German Club 3, 45 J. J. J. 3, 4. "'.S'l1e was thi1zk-ing of a hunter Young, and tall and 'very handsome." ELSIE B. SANDLER Home Economics Club 35 J. J. J. 35 Home Economics Club 4. "Beware of her dark hair, for she- er- cels A All women in the Tllfl-g"lfC of her locksf 'E MURIEL SAVADOW Glee Club 2, 35 Art Club 25 Class Offl- cer 3, 45 Interclass Volley and Basket- ball 3, 4. "Rest is not quitting the busy career, Rest -is the fitting of oneself to its sphere." 4 3 AUDREY SCHAEFER Class Officer 2, 45 Art Club 2. "LVhate'er she did, was done with so much ease, In her alone, 'twas material to please." 'E , MARGARET DAISY SCHMIDT Laltin Club 2, .3, 45 Art Club 25 Inter- class Volley Ball and Basketball 2, 3. "Silence tis a friend that will never betray." Fiftyftwo g w '- . g.- Fgflef-QM Qfell seeifsllblui LEONA SCHROEDER Girls' Leader Club 45 Girls' F Club, Var- sity Basketball, Hockey and Volley Ball 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 2, 3, 43 German Club 3, Vice-President 45 Christmas Play 4. "But 'wouId'st thou see the secret chain PVhich binds us in your h'u.m.bIe train., To hail you queen of all creation, Knozwz, in a word, 'tis Atnimatz'0n." 'E DONALD SCHUSTER Latin Club 23 German Club 4. I ca.u't sing. As a singist I am not a success, I atm saddest when I sing. 50 are those who lzcar mr. They arc even saddcr than I am." 'E JACK SEGALL . Interclass Atchletics 2, 3, 4, J. J. J. 2, 35 Latin Club 23 Secretary Stamp Club 3. "'I had 'a- little po1zy.'i--Motlmr Goosv. 'S CELIA SEIDMAN A Commencement Chorus. rr "Her highest !111lI7l'f1i0lI-fl'Ul2 feet, one inch-" 'ii MIRIAM R. SEIDMAN Glee Club 2, 3, Secretary 45 Masquers 45 Assemblies. "Give me some music, -music -moody food Of us that trade in I0'Z,'l7'.ii' Fifty-tlrree me QW HAWLEY HOWARD SEILER Art Club 2, 3, President 4g Hi-Y Club 3, 4 3 Revue Artistique 2 5 Orchestra 2g Press Staif 2, 3, 4g Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 43 Masquers 45 Christmas Play 45 Assem- blies. "'Tis the good reader that makes the A good book." 'E LOUISE SEIM Latin Club 2, Glee Club 2, 4, J. J. J. sg President Home Economics Club 4, Inter- class Athletics 2, 3, 45 Perfect Attend- ance 2, 3, 4. 'Notlzing lovclicr can be found In woman, than to study iwuselzold good." 'E . J. NEWTON SEITZ, JR. J. J. J. 3, 43 Operetta 43 Varsity Soccer 3, 45 Major Letter, Assemblies, Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 4. "I .had rather be a kitten and cry meow Than one of these .mme met-re ballad- 1l107Zgt?f.S'.n 'E ' DONALD SHAFFER Track Team 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y Club 3, 4. ".S'pero hoc bonz-nn factnrmn arse." 'E VELLA SHALOWITZ "Cherry Blossomug 'Glee Club 2, 3, Ger- man Club 3, .4. "WitI1 eyes that looked into the very soul-- ' 'Bright-and as black and burning as a coal." Fifty'fou'r N .1 A 1, '-L'-QC" xl K-L f i -gf." A' - 'N 929' I 1 , TANI SHAPIRO Glee Club 2, 3, 4g.Masquers 3, 43 "Cherry Blossom", "Robin Hood"g J. J. J. 33 Art Club 2. "Thy wit is as quich as thengrey- houmfs mouthg tt catches. Q s JOSEPH S. SHAVRICK Pre-ss Staff 3, 43 Press Club 3. "H e thought as a sage, though he felt as a mah." 'Q EVELYN V ELIZABETH SHEATS Latin Club 2g Class Officer 2, 3, 43 In- terclass Athletics 3, 4g Tennis Tourna- ment 35 J. J. J. 3g Junior Prom Commit- teeg Ring Committeeg Assembliesg Girls' Leader Club 4. "S he has two eyes that sparkling shine n'EUerything, She has those rad-icmt locks div-ine 14'E'verything." 3 HOWARD SHPRITZ Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Interclass Basketball, Indoor Soccer 2, 3, 4. 1'Thy modesty's a eandle to thy merit." +3 . GEORGE E. SHRIMPTON, JR. Interclass Athletics 3 Commencement Chorus. "So many worlds-so much to doll' Fifty-five l 44 my , . - mfs., N W N 19335-Eligf-M-ELL ' p KATHRYN ESTELLE SHUGARS Art Club 2, Basketball and Volley Ball 2g'Termis Tournament 33 Hockey 3. "Good 7411111171611 and soft words have brought -many a. diferent thing to pass." 'Q , JOHN ALFRED SIEMON Interclass Athletics 2, 39 J. J. J. 33 Sec- retary of Orchestra '4g -Chairman of Sen- ior Prom Committee, D. S. Pledge. "Ono small jarcle can lift a. mr, But it takes a lot of jack to keep it up." 3 RUTH IRENE SMALL Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Ant Club 25 Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 45 German Club 4. " 'Tis something to bo 'willing to com- mend ,' ' But my best praise is, that I am your fr'ic1zd." . 2 LUCILLE SMITH Latin Club 2, 3, 4g Tennis Tournament 2, 3, 45 Intercluss Basketball 2, 3, 4. "Frailty, thy mzme is woman." 3 . ROBERT C. sMoo'1', JR. Hi-Y Club 2, 35 Interclass A-thletics 2, 3 3 Varsity Athletics 2, 3, Masquers- 43 "For- ester" Staff 45 Press Staff 4g Christmas Play 4, Assemblies. "'Begoue Eve. I scorn thee and thy apple." Fiftyfsix M JOHN STEWART SNYDER Varsity Athletics 2, 3, 43 Interclass .Ath- letics 3, 43 Class Officer 23 Camera Club 23 J. J. J. 3, 43 Vice-President Masquers 43 Vice-President of Year 43 Assemblies3 Editor-in-Chief of1"5'orester" 43 Leader Cu 4. "'That best portion of cz good's life His little, mzmeless, unremembered acts Of kindness and of love." fi , SIDNEY SNYDER German Club 3, 43 Manager of- Tennis Team 43 In-terclass Basketball and Soc- cer 4. "Play up, play up and play the"' E Louis SOBER Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Assemblies. "H e loves his sweet brown gal." 3 , ETHEL IDA SOULE Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Masquers 33 Officer 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Major F3 Leader Club 43 Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 43 Swimming Team 3, 43 Class Officer 2, 3, 43 Revue Artistigue 2. "Life is less thcm nothing without love." CHARLES STERN Stamp Club 2, 3, President 43 Numeralsg J. J. J. 33 Glee Club 43 'iCherry Blos- som" and "Robin Hood"3 Latin Club. ""He droweth out the thread of his ver- bosity fewer than the staple of his arg:-mtentf' Fiftyscven QQ Leleeeswslllw BESSIE STICHMAN Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Tennis Tournament 2, 35 Masquers 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4. " "Tis the voice of a sluggardg I hear her complain, Y oufve 'walked me too soon, I must slumber again." Y SYLVIA STICHMAN Glee Club 3, 45 Masquers 3, 45 Basket- ball 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 3, 45 Secretary of "Forester" Staff. "To laugh were want of goodness and of grace, . And to be grave, exceeds all pow'r of face." , 'E AN TOIN ETTE ELIZABETH STOCK Latin Club 25 Interclass- Athletics 2, 35 Class Officer 45 Glee Club 3, 4, Vice- Presidentg Masquers 45 Senior Christmas Play. , "W e poets are in every age and nation A most absurd, wrong-headed gener- ation." 2 MARIE B. STRAUS La-tin Club 25 Varsity Swimming Team 2, 3, 45 Major F5 Girls' Leader Club 45 Interclass Basketball and Hockey 2, 3, 4. "Cupid Lv a knavish lad Thus to make poor females mad." A 2 SARAH EDITH STROMBERG Glee 'Club 2, 3, 45 Hockey 25 Volley Ball 2, 35 Latin Club Zgfress Staff 25 J. J. . 2. "Defiant yet cheerful, active yet re- signed." Fiftyfeight MARY SUSAN STROW President Masquers 4, Interclass Ath- letics 2, 3, 43 Numerals and Minor F3 Girls' Leader Club 45 "Forester" Staffg Glee Club 2, 35 "Robin Hood". And still they gazed, and slill the 'wonder grew That one small head co-1-1-ld carry all she knew." if H NATHAN H. SUMMERFIELD German Club 3, 4. . "Welcome, Sweet .S'pringlim.e-Tra Ia Tra Ia-" 'E HARRY SUSSMAN Commencement 'Chorus. "W'hen the angels wld the devils got together-" 'E BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SWINDELL Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Interclass Soccer, Bas- ketball and Baseball 2, 3, 43 Varsity Soc- cer 3, 4g Major F5 Class Officer 43 Cafe- teria Officer. "Youth, youth, how bouyant are thy hopes." THOMAS SWOMLEY Lacrosse 23 Football-3, 45 Hi-Y Club, F Club, Boys' Leader Club 45 J. J. J. 25 3, 45 Interclass Athletics 2, 3, 45 June Week Committee, Assemblies. "Lowe and naughtiness are always in their teens." Fiftywxinc , if O m HH 1929 ANNA ELIZABETH TAYLOR. Interclass Athletics 2, 35 Tennis Tourna- ment 3g Art Club 25 Latin Club 2, 3, 4. "A womailfs lzair is llong, but her to-ngue -is longer." E . J. EDWIN THOMPSON Track Team 2, 3, 43 J. J. J. 3, 43 "F" Clubg Hi-Y Clubg Boys' Leader Club 45 Cheerleader 4g Class Officer 49 Interclass Soccer, Basketball ang Indoor Baseball 2, 3. . "llfIid-niglzt shout and revelry Tipsy dance and joll'ity." Y l DOROTHY TIOKNER J. J. J. 3, German Club 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 35 "Robin Hood". "A smile tha-t gloufd Celestial rosy red, L0z'e's proper lzuc."' 3 JESSE TRAGER Varsity Athletics 2, 3, 4 3 Class Athletics 2, 3, 43 J. J. J. 35 Class Officer 43 "F" Clubg Boys' Leader Club 43 German C'1ub 4. "I sh-all be a gewn'lJm'n myself, .vom-e day-fwerlza-ps."' E OLIVER S. TRONE, JR. Hi-Y Club 43 Interclass Athletics 4. "S I zmzlzer is mow' 5'ZU6l6'If than tall." Sixty X womb .5--as W WILLIAM RANDOLPH TUCKER Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 43 Interclass Soccer, Indoor and Basket- ball 2, 3, 4. N.llfIl11'l is his own sta-r,' and that soul that can Be honest is the only perfect man."' W JOHN H. TWELBECK Interclass Athleticsg Commencement - Chorus. "A ha-ndful of commolz sense is 'worth a buslzel of learm-1zg." ' 'E SYLVIA BELLE ULMAN Latin Club 2, 3, 43 French Club 3, 4. "Little bod-ies have great souls." 4 2 FREDERICK VAN DEN BERG Class Ofiicer 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 3, 4, Hi- Y Club 3, 43 Boys' Leader Club 49 Inter- class Athletics 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom, As- semblies, J. J. J. 3, 4. "Under standard cowzditions, tempcm- ture is directly f77'0P0I'f'l0Ml'l0l to pressure." Va-n's Law. 'E LOUIS VON LOSSBERG Hi-Y Club 3, 43 Class Officer 23 "B" Squad Football, J. J. J. 3. "I speak, and the world listens, I sing, and the angels throw away their lzarpsf' Sixtyfone F' 1 u.z..t.xff-rS,.,--m,,,Nd wks.. X ' ' sf.: F Q GRACE WAGNER Latin 25 Art 2, 3, 45 Interclass Hockey, Basketball and Volley Ball 2, 3, 45 Num- erals and Minor F3 J. J. J. 33 Revue Artisvtique 2. Hsftl-l'kL1'1lg eyes with a wondrous be- wztchmg smile." ' 3 VIVIAN SIMS WAGNER Class Officer 2, .43 Art Club 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 25 Revue Artistique 23 Interclass Basketball and Volley Ball 2, 3 5 Track 23 Numerals and Minor F3 J. J. J. 4. "For there's sure a. charm about you." 'S MARY ELIZABETH WALKER Basketball 45 Masquers 43 Art Club 4. "Kindness is wisdom." 'S MARY CATHERINE WALKER Hockey 2, 3, 4 5 Interclass- Basketball 3, 4. "Conscience is harder than om' en- emiesf' E ARTHUR THOMAS WARD, JR. Editor-in-Chief "The Forest Park Press" 45 Assistant Editor 35 Art Editor 27 D. S. Pledgeg President Press Club 33 Boys' Leader Club 4 3 Senior Christmas Play 45 Orchestra 2, 3. "Ma.1zy a. flower is bo-rn to blush un- seen, And waste its sweetness on the des- ert air." ' Sixty-two Wll eeeieolilw RUTH F. WEINER Interclass Hockey, Basketball and Volley Ball 2, 3, 49 Varsity-Hockey 3, 4g Latin Club 43 Girls' Leader Clubg Major F5 Track 2, Senior High Point Scorer. "My mind to me a kingdom is." E 2 SARA FRANCES WELSH Commencement Chorus. "Silence is become her mother ' tongue." 'E CLEMENTINE WEST Commencement Chorus. "The glass of fashion and the mould of form, The obserzfd of all obsc1'7Jers." Y ANNA B. WHEELER Latin Club 23 Glee Club 3, 4j German Club 4g J. J. J. 35 Class Oflieer 2. "'Tis noble to be good and kind and sweet." 'S . H. MORRIS WHITEHURST Radio Club 2, 3 g Swimming Team 2. " 'Tis a wise n-mn who hides his own importance." Sixtyfthree J' F929 wil I' W REGINALD S. WILDERSON Commencement Chorusg Interclass Soc- Cer. "O, Young Loclzn-wafr is come out of the W est!" - ' ' HOWARD WILKINSON German Club 3, 4g Latin Club 45 Mas- quers 25 Art 23 Assemblies. "I mn called little Butte-rc-up, Dear little Buttercup- Though I never could tell zvlzyf' 'S VIRGINIA WILLIS Latin Club 2, 3, 4g Art Club 25 Revue Artistique 2g Glee Club 43 Interclass Ath- letics 2, 'Orchestra Oflicer 2. "A little nonsense, now and then I s relished by the wisest nz-en." E NELSON STANLEY WINTER Art Club 2, Treasurerg Class Chicer 2, 33 Track Team 25 J. J. J. 33 Boys' Leader Club 4 3 Senior Christmas Play. "O mischief, thou art swift To enter in the thoughts of desperate men." ' E NORRIS B. WOODALL "F" Club 2, 3, 43 Leader Club 43 Hi-Y Club 43 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4g Varsity Baseball 3, 43 Riilei Club 3, 4, Vice-Pre-si- ent. "In the lexicon of you-th, which Fate reserves for bright manhood, there is no such word as fazlf' Sixty-fo U1 N I 92 9'f I IW F JANET MARKES WOODEN Latin Club 25 Art Club 25 Varsity Volley Ball 2, 3, 45 Varsity Hockey 2, 3, 45 In- terclass Athletics 2, 3, 45 "F" Club 45 Girls' Leader Club5 J. J. J. 4. "Jack of all fra.dcs, good at them all From mak-ivzg fudge to playing ball. 'E RICHARD W. WORTHINGTON Class Ofllcer 2, 35 Interclass Basketballg Lacrosse 35 Swimming Team. "'Hc loves nature, and mxrt to na-ture --?!.v'V,,!?" 'E HOWARD HUBBARD WRIGHT Glee Club 2, 35 Latin Club 2, 35 Soccer, Basketball and Baseball 2, 3, 45 J. J. J. 2, 3, 4. "Look, 11013 'winding up the watch of his wit- Soon it will strike." E MARY' ELIZABETH WRIGHTSON In-terclass Hockey and Basketball 3, 45 J. J. J. 35 Dramatic Club 45 German . Club 4. "Popularity is 'worth a king's 7'0'7lJ0l'll.'U DOROTHY WYSOR Latin Club 2, 35 German Club 3, 45 In- terclass Basketball and Hockey 2, 3, 45 J. J. J. 35 Revue Artistique 2. "Patience is Us flower that grows not in e'veryone's garden." Sixtyfive If l' .Q l A' A 75+-.., B it G'TiEgf'1Q2lEF-N W STATISTICS OF CLASS OF 29 Best looking girl ..................................................... ..................... .... ........ J a 1 16 McMaster Best looking boy ........... Best dressed girl .......... Best dressed boy ........... Most popular girl ......... Most popular boy ......... Best student Qgirlj ...... Best student Qboyj ......... Best dancer fgirlj ....... Best dancer fboyj ........ Sll1'l'1,1'H'CSl girl .............. Slinnnest boy .......... Fattest girl .......... Fattest boy ....... Tallest girl ....... Tallest boy ...... Cutest girl ........ Cutest boy ....... I-Vittiest girl .......................... llfittiest boy ......................... Sweetest disposition Qgirlj Sweetest disposition Cboyj ....... Most industrious girl ...... A ........ lllost industrious boy .......... Most punctual girl ............ Most punctual boy ....... M ost studious girl ........ Most studions boy ........ Best athlete fgirlj ........ Best athlete Qboyj ........ Best artist C girl j .......... Best artist Qboyj .......... Best 'vocalist f girl J .......... Best vocal-ist fboyj ......... Best pianist lgirlj ............ Best pianist Cboyj ....... Most versatile girl ............... .Most zzersatile boy ............... llflost elzarming personality llflost charming personal-ity "ZQk33iZj'ffffff f fboyj ......... .. Afaerage lzeiglzt fboysjmi ................. . ..... .......... 5 ft. S inches Average lzeiglzt fgirlsj .......... ....... Average 'zwiglztt fboysj ......... Average weight fgirlsj ......... Azferage age fboysj ........... Average gage Qgirlsj ........ ......Albert Fehsenfeld ..Dorothy Franklin ............Edward Leach .....Ruth E. Gibson .......VVi11ia1n A. Gault ...............Susan Strow .........Horace Dugclale .............Isabel Idov Edward Thompson .....Charlotte Rauch ...........jack Siemon .........Dor0thy Tickner .........Louis Sober .........Cecile Brevitz ........I-lerbert Long .........Emma Broening .........William Gault .....Eva Leah Levin ..i.I-Ioward Wriglmt ..........Margaret Bryan ..........VVi1liam Gault .........Susan Strow .............JaCk Snyder ....Elizabeth Taylor .............Robert Gill ............Susan Strow ..........Sylvan Dunn ....Sophia Podolsky .........Kenneth Long ..........Ruth Kiehne ........Robert Smoot ........ Mary Cockrell ........,Newton Seitz ....Miriam Siedman ........Elbridge Moon ....Sophia Podolsky ........William Gault ........Eve1yn Sheats Dorothy Keller ........William Gault ft. 4 inches lbs. lbs. yrs. ll months ........l7 yrs. 3 months Sixty-six r', . -F.. l -a,.L.iTu' 0 nu .- f ., 1? NLR"-6-5 -Q1 ' .. k,,':'l A i. " " .'.' 'f' Ln QQ. ' 91 , Y ' ,XFX F 'Q if ' , 1- 7, :f 1g,q .-gg, -,. , .xx , A i ff':1f'f.f , ., -1' ' "C W Q ' -:ff 1 1' ,QQ I ffj - " 1 , "' yr, " 1' , f aff yy? " f "'5 :?' i,f"J ', -' 5" v- "V . - .-J' --':'5"i51-"1 3.751 tg-11" ,T ,,.' Ta gfQp.f..,f.',Vf LL ' ' ' 4 '- -yr' ,ii f 9 4' .- 79 I .- .A 5' viii! 'I lp I it -15'1'ir,Q,,,' 1 , hi.-23 I " - K A", a- , ' ET ir - -.ff hp if I If 1 Mfg .13 f , .I . ' . ,wg , -,fff-:H 'gr '- 1 , , - . lx.-Q2-2f'??lJ..lf. . ,t '- ,r ,fgzw I 5, -. f A' ff vp ' 2 I -, - .gf 1" if 1 f' 2- . Q" 'i3Fg',' 1- .gin 4x J! , , ' . 'V ' ' c'-,ef-Yflga i t 1, , fp .5 X -'mf-ff. , - ' :'f,gEf4ia wLj.w' -2 X w ail ' ' ' "fx ' x' 'isis' - ,. rg' Ax 25151 LV My K I 'ug' we 5 15, .,. L3-FV ,jxu A , v K 4.1-W Q V 60121. 45.1.-'fQ.,31, ,f i .qgf3.!ai5:f,:.,,g435 Y'-'? if Q fm ,', Ef-,1.'5!:fx.K ,P Q cQ.',i,1 11ira5' 1 J, N Q gIFivfgv-.':f?5i,lL+:jAg1-:fi .. I .423 . Min .4,pi'11'5gf.y::nilf,s ' - .QW . 1' . 'fq-rp -,:-7.-. fff' ga" 'gk?Q!,'E?,f9','fy1',5q, ' 3 '-1 x-7 ' "H ' '. ' '-'1!f3"M PA.-HL. - 7- : fi I V ,I '. 4X"L,..f':'flfI.-- fi Q.. - A , N gh ,:?:j3',,x. X , Q - - 1 - pf.. - -'ab 'QA .rf555..f 1 ,tt S , . , , 'SSG 33" 1" If .f-,',,-F' I I, -., rl.. . , - 1 Q... - - 4 ' f 'rua' .. .3 FN. H- . I X - 'wav W .ff -Q. . 1' .,M fgdi- I M., Sigh t,, K' . . X J' Liv, ,fguegsssl .1 Zi -,K .4 ., QA' 'Fiji-I., Q.1 , " LE.r 1 ,KA xv A'. , Q Q11 1 I iwfisr, - E-46 'A-5Qff.x5,?fw, , .. . X -- ff, rf "wc A P . Wx, f' Wai". 2. N. 1 H' ' 'fYJ.fEr .-err?-5:2 . uk -pm 5-fsf,,2Is .. in .fi -,NJ j u .-Q N Fgwgii- gif- N 1121- ' ' ' ' ' 1s-.-,a'4:59i' QT 'U' 'J ' x 5 , ny. ' ' .Jw , . 1, ' '-'-IQ-I-rrf' ,JJ-s,. ,! ' if 'jf --,,, 1L'.1. . v -, ' ' 'L " 4-11 kr 4 ' -U" Qui! WP " f Q X 1' : f . . ,j .gy-M C S UB-SENIOR CLASS HIS T OR Y HE SUB-SENIOR class was lirst organized, but it was not until last Sep- tember that we had the good fortune to get Miss Butler for our Aadviser. We helped the present Juniors put over the best jolly Junior jubilee that the school has ever had. NVe also helped with and attended the Senior St. Pat- rick's Day dance, which everyone thought was a great success. The class is also well represented in athletics, having seven men on the football squad and at least one man in every other sport. This is a very good representation for a class of approximately seventy members. A V VVe are not only well represented in athletics, but in scholastic showing also. We had several members in the last scholarship list. However, in' the coming year, we hope to do even more and graduate with flying colors in February. y " , S757 Sixtycight L x g.: XZ . D JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY HE RECENT Sub-junior class, now organized as full fledged Juniorsj will have the honor of being the first class to complete in full every grade at For- est Park. Our class has fulfilled excellently the prophesies made in the be- ginning of the term. This has been made possible because our class has suc- cessfullyovercome many difficulties which presented themselves to us from the time Forest Park opened in 1924 until now. Ourpast successes, such as the Ninth Grade Tea Dance, Sophomore Boat-ride, and our Christmas play, added to making this year's enterprises? more successful than any. . At the present time we find the most outstanding accomplishment of this class was the Jubilee. It was the best we ever had,-i1:,greally was. The idea of having a pantomime and a revuette was entirely different and very novel. The pantomime, which was "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves?', was most clev- erly presented. Many members of the Junior Class who participated in the Musical Revuette showed that their ability was excellent. The boys, as well as the girls, excelled in various parts of the jubileet This was proven by a circus in the boys' gym. Dancers, singers, tumblers, black-faced comedians, made up the program for the circus. Then, but a few steps into the Girls' Gym revealed to one's eye many novelty booths of all descriptions. Our suc- cessful Jubilee was followed by an equally successful Arbor Day Exercise. The Junior class, which assembled on the campus, viewed the planting of trees by members of their class. Then the step singing, which resounded with the fine spirit of every member of the class, was followed by a most suc- cessful Tea Dance in the Boys' Gym. g Q t Aside from the social activities of our class, our part in athletics is worth mentioning, As an example of this, we can cite jack Boyle, our class presi- Sixtyminc M-Hr" 1929 Q dent, who has distinguished himself on the varsity football team. Bill Pin- clell has won the captaincy of the soccer team for next year. Then we have several tennis-champions, track stars, hockey and basketball stars. There are niany other athletes in the Junior class of whom we are very proud. You now' know only a few of the outstanding facts concerning the junior Class. We are sure, however, that they have proven the worth of the Class of '30, You may look forward to stillbetter things next year when the Class of "SO is in the climax of its school career. VVe hope to make the final year as great a success as the one which we have already completed. As a matter of facti you will find the Juniors are- rather a hard lot to convince that they can't do anything well. ' Q ' XXUW f fl x!,kk'1 A Seventy S UB-I UNI OR CLASS HIS TOR Y LMOST EVERYONE thinks that February classes are out-but were we? No, we didu't allow it! Even back in 7th grade days, our classmates swelled greatly the attendance of the various clubs, especially the History Club and the Art Club. VVe have always had our share of athletes both boys and girlsg and our class teams have played and won in many of the tournaments. XVe were the first class to have our Certification Exercises at night and have our parents and friends present. Need I mention the Sophomore boat-ride? Our boat-ride was the hit of the season--it was attended by everyone from sev- enth graders to condescending Seniors-and a good time was had by all! Those who have attended the Latin-Club from time to time know that we are not lacking in "home talent". Hardly a Latin Club meeting goes by but some member of our class contributes to the program in one way or an- other. Speaking of clubs, we have a number of people in the Art Club and the French Club-pardon, "Le Cercle Francais." VVe have been represented, and represented well, in all of the operettas and jubilees-"Miss Cherry Blossom", "Robin Hood". I'm sure you all re- member Doris Marburger as "Sally", in the Jubilee justpast. Sylvan Nus- baum, Beverly Greene and Myra Entmord were also in the Jubilee. And what do you think? VVe were invited and went to the Tea Dance just like regular Juniors. Really, I do not believe we can find much to kick about,-we've had a wonderful time. VVho said February classes were left out? Seventy-one SOPH OM ORE HISTORY a YEAR AGO, no one ever knew what Sophomores really were until one be- came acquainted with the Sophomore Class of 131. Although not quite as sin- gular or lengthy as the sophisticated juniors or the almighty Seniors, we do have a history all our own. The Sophomore class as a whole is not organ- ized, but eachhclass has its group of oliicers. From appearance, the Class of '31, in the coming years, will contribute to our school not only in scholarship, but also in athletics. Possibly, the school has already recognized our "mid- night oil" students, and our outstanding athletes, many of whom represented the school on the varsity teams' this year. One of the affairs that was ac- knowledged a success by the Seiiior school, was our Christmas play, "The Wisdom Tooth", which was coached by Mr. jolly. This demonstrated the dramatic talent of some of the Sophomores. Our accomplishments, so far, are neither numerous nor very spectacular, but what we shall do is yet to be seen. :WL . .el-I 9 I Seventy-two in '02 :EUR Y if? -4' ef' yi' xl. 11 .,.f wwf? XX CIQ BS X O6IRT QL UB President ........,..... .. .,..,,.,,. HAWLEY SEILER Vice-President ................. ........., . HENRY DAVIS Recording Secretary .......... .,.,,., H ELEN SAUSE Corresponding Secretary ...,.. .,,,....,,,.,,,, A LICIA BANQS Treasurer ............................ ...................... A DELE PLITT Sergeant-at-Arms ........... .....,... S TANLEY BLUMBERG HE FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL may well 'be proud of its largest club- the Art Club. Although the club started with only fifteen members five years ago, it has grown steadily, year by year, until it boasts of an enrollment of one hundred and sixty students. The club, which is open to every student in the school, meets monthly and some form of artistic entertainment is offered at every meeting. During the past year the club has entertained such prominent artists as Mr. H. B. Dillehunt, Jr., the animal artistg Mrs. A. T. Mallick, the Persian rug critic: Mr. Paul Roche, the well-known etcherg and Mr. Haynesworth Baldrey, the Baltimore sculptor. The members also accepted an invitation to visit a Marionette Show, which was given under the direction of Mrs. Moore, at Hutzler Brothers' .department store. Through the interest of Miss Norris, one of the Art Club advisers, the club held a very successful reception in the new Baltimore Museum of Art, on May 10, 1929. Miss Ula Milner, educational curator of the Museum, acted as hostess. The Art Club had the pleasure of viewing the Jacob Epstein and the Theodore Marburg collections of art. A The Art Club has, without a doubt, completed another successful year of combined artistic instruction and social enjoyment. ., u, Scventyffour W I 2 i Q' CRAP T SMAN CL UB President ............... ....... C HARLES HoovER Vice-Pres-ident ...... ...... A LLEN QUINAN Secretary ........... .......... D ONALD STUCK Treasurer ........ .,.,....,...... J OHN KOCKER Advisor ........ ....... M R. A. J. QUINAN HIS MEMBERS of the Club are making model-airplanes, lamps and useful articles for the home. Two members of the Senior School are working on a mon- oplzme which is 27 feet long. It is rumored that their ship will be in the air by April 1, 1929. The main purposes of the club are, to teach skill in the use of toolsg to develop manliuessg and to obtain a better unclerstanding between pupils and teachers. elif Seventyfsix CTHE GERMAN CLUB President ............ t ..,,.. ETHEL Gunnnnsnonr Vice-Preside-nt ...... ........ L EONA SCHROEDER Treasurer ..........., ............... H ERBERT LONG Secretary ,,.... ................. D OROTHY Wvson Advise-r ....,. ...... M R. O'r'ro K. SCHMIED HE GERMAN CLUB comprises in its membership most of the students of the second year class in German. This club 'in its meetings undertakes to stimulate and provide for such activities as cannot be fostered in the regular class periods. It attempts to acquaint its members more closely with the German language, litera- ture, songs, and writers, and customs. , The meetings of the organization are conducted as far as possible in German. The minutes are inscribed in German. The ,specific activities in the meetings vary. sometimes consisting in games, sometimes in the singing of German ballads and lyrics. At Christmas time a special celebration is held, at which time the German Christmas customs are presented to the organization. Christmas cakes and cookies were served to make the celebration more realistic. 2,7 , Wqxui- all Pi- A Q51 1 l.I ' Seventyfscven ! GLEE CL UB i President ........... .,........... M ARY COCKRELL Vice-P-resident ..... .......... A NTOINETTE STOCK Secretoury ,,.,.... ........ C LEMENTINE ENGLAND Treasurer ....... .................., L OUISE Bowan Adviser ....... .......... M ISS G. P. BUTLER HE GLEE CLUB is worthy of the highest praises. It has successfully pre- sented two operettas, namely, "Miss Cherry Blossom" and "Robin Hood". The club has always contributed its members to help the "Jolly junior Jubilee" to be a success. The members have given solos, duets, quartets, etc., to 'weekly assem- blies and have been highly approved. The Club sang at the Maryland Casualty on March 10, 1929. The selections were sung so well that Forest Park Glee Club is booked up to sing next year in the same kind of concert. Due to the repairing of our school, the Glee Club did not give another operetta, but just wait until next year! VVatch Miss Butler, the adviser! A Seventy-eight HIS TOR Y CL UB President ........... ............. B EVERLEY L1-:GUM Vice-President .... ........ C HARLOTTE COLEMAN Secretary ........ .................,............ R OBERT BEACH T' ..---- - . .'.......................... G1-:RTRUDE Krwzss Advisers ....... ......,. M Iss LEv1NsoN, Miss KAPLAN HE HISTORY CLUB is an organization formed by real citizens at Forest Park. The purpose of' the 'club is to create a wider interest in the study of history in order to help them become more intelligent and useful citizens. To accomplish their aim, they dramatize some of the important events and learn about the history of other nations so as to better understand our relations with other people. m ini r Seventy-nine -1'-' CTHE HI-Y CLUB President ............................. ,......... W ILLIAM A. GAULT Vice-President ....................... ............ IW ILLIAM PINDELL Cor1'espon'ding Secretary ........ ................. W ILLIAM DE Wow Recording Secretary ............. ....... D ONALD SCHILDWACHTER T'Y'6l1fS'Wl'8'l' ......,..................... ,...................... O LIVER TRONE PURPOSE ' To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character. V PLATFORM lean. Speech lean Sports lean Scholarship ' lean Living The Hi-Y Club started off the year by conducting an assembly in which Dr. Olsen, a well-known speaker, addressed the student body. The club was rep- resented at the Older Boys' Conference in Cumberland. As to our future work, on May 3rd we intend holding a private dance at the home of William Reese, one of our members. ' Eighty HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Preside-nt ............. .....,........ L0 UISE SEIM Vice-President ....... .............. J ANE MQMASTER Secretafry ............ ......... E LSBETH MAYNARD Treasurer ........ ......... C HARLOTTE LANPHER HE HOME ECONOMICS CLUBAvaries its activities to meet the desires of its members. The meetings are always interesting. Sometimes the club has an educational meeting, with speakersg some meetings are trips and some are purely social. The members are going to give a Mothers' Tea, at which time they expect about one hundred guests. The club is affiliated with the Maryland Home Economics Association and with the National Association. Every year a group of girls attend the spring meeting of the Maryland Association, where they meet members of other High Schools and College -Clubs. A student club section of the Mary- land Association has been formed, and one of the members has been elected an officer. lim Eightyone Q 4 CTHE JUNIOR CIDRAMATIC CLUB P-resident .,.............. ........ M ARGARET Honucurmn V7:C6-P1'8Sid67lt ...... ....,............ G EORGE COLLINS Secretary ............ .................. D AN MURRAY Treasurew- ....... ....... ....... M 1 ss WRIGHT HE JUNIOR DRAM.-xTIc CLUB has always been an important factor in the activities of the junior High School. It has presented a number of assem- blies, among which the yearly Christmas pageant has been the most impor- tant. VVith the cooperation of the Art, the Music, the Home Economics, and the Technical departments of the school, these pageants have been real school projects. This year the club participated for the First time in the Jolly Junior Iu- bilee, sponsoring a pantomime, "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves". Our meetings are interesting and entertaining, usually featuring some clever and original form of entertainment. The membership is large, and it is our aim to have as many members as possible participate in the projects of the club. D I e TQ -1 , If 1 Eightygtwo JUNIOR GLEE CL UB President .............. ...,...... J osl-:PHINE M. CIRRI Secretary ...... ..,............. M ARY J . Cmnr Treasurer ..... ............... D oius ESCHBACH Adfviser ...... .......... M ISS HELEN BAKES HE PURPOSE of the Junior Glee Club is to learn songs which are not taught in our classroom work, andto study advanced music which we do not have the opportunity to get in the music period. Even though our membership has been small, it is gradually increasing. Under the excellent leadership of Miss Helen Bakes, the club takes an' active part in the assemblies. The outstanding assembly is the Carol Assembly. The meetings are held every VVednesday from three to four o'clock. Eighnyerhree J UNI OR LATIN CL UB HE TWO-FOLDEPLITPOSC of the Junior section of Societas Romana is to pro- mote a greater friendship among the Latin students and to increase their knowledge of Roman customs and the Latin language. This is accomplished at regular monthly meetings through Latin plays, tableaux, moving pictures, crossword puzzles and games. Our motto is. Scientia ct Amicit-ia, knowledge-and friendship, exemplified by a pin which members are entitled to wear. A Eiglltyffour p 'SOCIE TAS QPOMANA " First Consul .........,.... ........ C ALTON BIDDIX Second Consul ,....,,,....... ............. M ILDRED KATZ Princeps Quaesto-rum ,.,.. .....,.. C HARLOTTE RAUCH Praetor ........................... ........................... .................... R 0 WLAND WATTS Aedeile .....................................,.................................................. CLARA FAULEY Advisers-Miss EBAUGH and Miss Roi: Motto-"Scientia et Amicitia" ' HE SENIOR LATIN 'CLUB has completed Five successful yearsg the active membership for two years has numbered one hundred and fifty. The monthly programs this year included four plays, "The Latin Sentence", "In Gallia", "The Catilinian Conspiracy", and "Minerva vs. Man". At the Roman Ban- quet, held in May, a musical program was given. - m vw. if , i 3 mimi -4-4, 4 19? 2972? f l S' 'xg U, 4, It ,Q f It FQ' V Eightyffuc 'LE CERCLE FRANCAIS" President .............. ............ C HARLOTTE Cnssmm. Vice-President ..... ....... H ELEN TROY HAMBSCH Secretary ................ ............ J Enom: SANNER Q Dramatic Director .... ........ F RANGES GRESSITT Faculty Advise-r ,.... ........ M R, J, F. Moonn N THE FALL of last year, "Le Cercle Francais," whose adviser is Mr. Moore, reorganized with about fourteen enthusiastic members. Since then -we have invited ten new members and our membership is now twenty-four. . The first thing we did was to subscribe to "Le Courier des Etats Unis", a French weekly paper, which has been presented to the Library. ' From time to time during the year, we have presented three one-act plays under the direction of Frances Gressitt. Two of the plays, "Rosalie", and "L'Anglais tel Qu'on le Parlen, were presented at the biweekly meetings, the other than "La Faim est un Grand Inventeurn, at an assembly on May 1. Eightylsix QJJASQ UERS President' ..,......... ......... S USAN STROW Vice-President ..,.... ...,... J ACK SNYDER Secretary ,,,....... ................. R UTH GIBSON Treasureer .,,... .......,............. E THEL SOULE Adviser ...... ........ M ISS ALTA THOMPSON HE BTASQUERS are continually before the critical eyes of the student body with a high ranking position of the clubs of Forest Park. They presented a play entitled "A VVelsh Honeymoon", by Jeannette Marks. This won the approval and admiration of the audience and was urged onward. At Christ- mas time the Seniors presented "Don juan's Christmas Eve", by Harry Kemp. The play was again a success under the direction of the Masquers and their Adviser, Miss Thompson. - They are not only dramatists but they have contributed something worth while to the school. They have purchased screens to make the stage smaller when desired. These have been used to a great extent. The purposes and aims of the Masquers are: to teach the students to dit- ferentiate between good and bad playsg to appreciate liner acting and to bring better drama before the students. Eighty-seven Il., in . - ., CIHE QJRESS CLUB His SCHOOL organization, under the supervision of its experienced adviser Miss Gertrude Boone, has set for its purpose, the' instruction of mem-bers of the stair' along lines of newspaper and journalistic work. Through the help of Miss Boone, the club is able to hear from time to time, some of Baltimore's best speakers along lines of literary work. Since the club has irregular meetings and does not follow the usual formal plan of meetings it has no permanent officers. Those who head the club in its activities are: Arthur T. Ward, Editor-inJChief of the Forest Park Pressg Hawley Seiler, Sports Editor of the Pressg and Virginia Beck, a member of the Junior Class. Although plans are not under way, it has been rumored that the Press Club and the Literary Club may combine in the future to assist in the material or physi- cal make up of the Forest Park Press. Wi? ll IM Eightyfcight ,Y Yi CRADIO CL UB Presakient ................ ......... S TANLEY BLUMBERG Vice-President ........ ......,...... I .... H ENRYIJAVIS Secretary ,,,,... g .... .......... D AVID PARLE'1"r Adviser ...... ........ T HOMAS L. YoUNG HE RADIO CLUB is doing some excellent work in the field of wireless teleg- raphy. The members have completed an amplification unit which will be used in the auditorium and gymnasiums. It is available for radio receptions, public speakers and dance programs. They have purchased an omnigraph which is of great value in teaching the Continental Code. . The aim of the Club. is to help the beginner in purchases and hook upsg to have interesting talks and to visit broadcasting stations. A - fmt , Eighty--nine CTHE' STAMP CLUB President ....................... ............... C Hamas STERN Vice-President ..................... .......... . LEONARL ROSENBIIRG Second Vice-President ....... .....,..... G ILBERT HILLMAN Secretary .......................... ................ R IVA 'LONDON Treasurer ...................... ........ M ELVIN SoLLoD Adviser ...... ........... M ISS DRYDI-:N HE STAMP CLUB can look back on the season of 1928-29 with a great amount of satisfaction because it has been, by far, the most successful year of its history. During the year the club has held a number of exhibits. At the Jubilee, one of the features was a display of stamps arranged by the club for the public. The largest exhibit of the year, however, was held with the Stamp Club of the Polytechnic Institute. While the final score of points was in Poly's favor, Forest Park made a fine showing and managed to carry 0E the majority of the prizes. The Club celebrated its 150th weekly meeting on April 3, with a party, attend- ed by a number of teachers, the Principal, Mr. Owens and VicelPrincipals Miss White and Mr. Scott. The membership has greatly increased during this season. The motto of the Club is: "The Stamp Club is like a postage stamp. It sticks to its job till it gets there and always delivers the goods." Ninety O ' f-1,,,,...-v"" ri?" 'f , Q 'gn V. 5. . ' . , 1' 'iq E25 . 1 ' L N . ' fi' 31 .5 - Yi' S' , 1 'Gif I -pnifNQ?:"':.Q'p.' . . b .f 49, 7 'fifilv '-jj" ' .- . ff- ' A Tffff1!',E ' , .give-,,3f 554 111 -.41 'T S' H I tl"f51f -wif' ' " .n " , 2 ' 4 .1 - ,- . . . . 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'-'fk Z' a-j.l.1....1',f-'x . ig?-Q ' n . Lf Il ,425-fir' r ' . 'Q ,." ,- '. 1.1 .H M,-x , - :.f.,w1f.sf'-Q 3: 3 r Y ,A . . X.. I -v-Hin" . "l'i. Hiya - "",." - gal-Saw-'44 ff' glvq. J x a XV..-, 1 l if 5 A 'V' 1' -'-L "1-',xfT:,i"'.,'I.g'i. 2 I x..,, 44? ,NAA fr ", gg. mf 4 7' 9. 4 gi rl' Y-17' , . , , . .--elif . Q .- Q Q. : 1, 1-. '3""I,,4' II A rdull I f-- IAC . - ,...4 ., . , , v ,..... ,u 5 2. , . .nv . ' 10:45-..-a, - , .iiiifr-LSAT iff' -.0 -.w':.5.,.. f A n ' .. - h " 1 1' J ff ff i 5 X X , fi' .. 'U : Egg 1 V 5 A . . gy? 'tg' r 9 I .. bg.-f I x I JN' ,422 A 5 1 V ,mu sg w 2 -.lynf HQ..-Ji. uf ,I fir-E fp. 'NMI J 5 I'f. l S 5 . 1 hi I 1 Y ' ' 5 .I 'liz 5' ' U ! ff. E uw ymlllllllllll ,IMI 'IMI lltlvl. ll A' Q' -1 fl-x f 5 . ug. , , . . ! S if W in Q lib' r It K XR-fz.f'. . - 5 """N... ,-. .4-fn .-w.qw..,.., 1.11: 4 U.. , www-J F' ww -VN' .sv""f' 'Sf we JS 'mar' vu In Han-l -4" APE? rw Pr ,. .. .mgfgs I9 1 A Q., , . :-51. ,Q-I .4191 '3.".y.- -. Q 2. m'N?!lQ-- Q 1 1-1 4' . 3 '...!'5..1, V N. ,.' I ,-114' u il A r :Q L fa-FF" C3 " 'W 'R' K if , M AM , f "QS ,, -. T 1 'ff ' 3 P xi. he A i,g1 1 i' 0 ' M E .A A fini! 'F' - . " -v, , ' '- +- ' I- . , K ' 4 9' . if . ew 11 "f'.W'- '-" , ' - X -in N. -. .. , -. ..... ,-' ' ' f X if Ml , . Fu 1 j'.'3'-f.f-:f.,,,g,-' I .. - . -, . 1 - -..Sr1fAj'y.', . iff'QS754:?'Qf51l". f- 1. , V . . 3 J . I -rx , 1 .,-...I I , r,'f1 Y QL.. bfi? V.: Y V-I in . K - M,:71,: .., f 1- fy - - -yy .1 -' ,Lrg-',.'-:U , - L - 5,43-5, 1, 'S H ' ff fig---rkxt' -f' - S '13 EL Yiflfff-Qqfrfz. ,., A - ""'.'.,.:..w 11 I s ' "Bf22,.'f,3 Ur. fx 1..- N. 353- . 'N'---" "1-""'-5'1" 'f ,.' 1' 'A 1: 'V M, we A " -e f -1+ aw . .-Y . ., ...auf 1 r' A " . 'Glu , 6' f --E11 . 1-. 'rm-" ' 1 fi- .-t-- 4. . H . u , 1 . .. ,Q .., . ...,' . .. y.3,w ,HQ . .QQ 1, .1 MY 1. gm. - .K , qu X Q.-, A--. V. ,,.-'A W - -,.-My 5 ,,, . 4' . .. U: . V: . .Q ff- LP-ff' 115 - ' if-H' 'FJ v J, ,yflk gf.-F-bi Q f: K. a if I: ,gig -3 ' - ' '. ' '3 ,. . Eli 1' . 11" "'. - ,Q x"?k"'J .. ' f' P.'.1.Q5afia4g5"?' "-bl, , 1 ' H71 '- K A A 1.5. -5.g1f.w .-21-1"'-":ec- -1 fish? . .1 X ., sf- - .gw .,. . - . . ---1 . 'A .1 ' .' A .' T" vt' ' A- mil 14' ,- V A ' N. Q' ' fx -.f - .1 K X. x ,' . x ,., . . N 'QV QJ1 4,-' N ' K- 'inf . N AGN! ' ' '4 ---P J, ., I X. -R , xxx . J' ,W it U .K H ,Y -ug , I v, U-SKS. , P , g A -. CTI ITIES 'X I i 4 CBOARD OF STUDENT QQEPRESEN T A TI VES HE BOARD is composed of a representative from each advisory class. This group is presided over by the Student President, and under his leader- ship, it devises plans for the -betterment of school conditions. All questions and problems arising in advisory discussions are brought- up at these meet- ings for answers or suggestions. After every meeting, each representative tells his advisory class what has occurred at the meeting. In this way, all students in the school are kept in touch with what is going on. The Board has been a part of the school ever since the school's begin- ning, and has been the means of fine cooperation between the students and the Faculty. Here the problems which call for the wisdom that we get by combined study and the tasks that need the energy that we get from com- bined eiforts, are discussed and solved. Here big things are made BIG and little things UNIMPORTANT. In other words, the Student Board is a Ucounciling-together" regarding our efforts, our problems and our responsibilities concerning Forest Park High, in which every student through his class representative may have a part. But, aside from this, these meetings-for discussion train students to think and give them the opportunity to know the value and pleasure of co- operative work. I I Ninety-two ' .Zawya I-50 CBO YS ' A THLE TI C ASSOCIA T I ON 1 x President ...... ........ C OSBY THOMAS Secretary ............. ......... F RANK NICHOLS T-reasurer ........,....... ......,........ J oHN KALB Sergeant-a-t-Ao-ms .... .. ........ R ICHARD JANDORF Advisers ,................. .......... M R. PHILIP AXMAN MR. ANDY ANDERSON MR. REX SIMS HE Bovs' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, an organization conducted to support 'all forms of athletics in the school, is composed of one representative from each home-room class, both Senior and Junior. Its main functions are to inform the school of all athletic contests, and to influence the attendance at games. It supervised the selling of tickets at basketball games and tags at football contests, and was a huge success financially. Another function of the Asso- ciation was to hold two athletic assemblies, in which varsity- players were given their letters, and interclass champions were given their awards. Other important features of the Association are to hold the annual interclass basket- ball tournament, the interclass-indoor-baseball tournament, and the interclass track and field meet. The work of this organization for the past year has been largely on a high-scale basis, and its great success can be attributed to its ad- visers, Messrs. Sims, Anderson, Axman and its energetic members. Ninetyfthree CBO YS' LEADER s OL UB HE BOYS' LEADER CLUB is one which has been newly organized since Sep- tember. It was organized by Mr. Scott, who is its chief adviser. The Club has for its members students who have received their major letter in ath- letics, and other students who are an asset to the school. The meetings are held every Tues-day at 3:00 P. M. in room 101. The aims of the club are: 1. To help new boys and to encourage the right attitude in the boys who are indiiferent to the best interests of the school. 2. To influence right conduct among students on and off the campus. 3. To assist in all emergencies involving the best interests of the school and in'extra activities. H The slogan. of the club is: Brotherhood, Loyalty, Cooperation. The Boys' Leader Cluib has made a wonderful start and has laid a foundation so that in the future it will be the most respected organization of Forest Park. Ninety-four l 1- CTI-IE CDIS TIN G UISHED SER VI Q4 WARD COMMITTEE URING the school-year 1926-27, by action of the Faculty and the Board of Student Activities, a plan was adopted for an award which should not be an athletic award but which would recognize the scholarship, character, loyalty, and cooperation of the student as well as his outstanding service to the school. This is known as the "Distinguished Service Award".' The preliminary award, a bronze pin, may be made to not more than six percent of the Senior Class at the beginning of the second semester. The linal award, a gold pin, may be made to not more than three percent of the Seniors. This award is usually given at the Senior Farewell Assembly. Of the February Class of 1929, Ida Gettier received the gold "D.S.A." award. At the present time, Ellsworth Armacost, Gertrude Bartell, Calton Biddix, Margaret Bryan, William Gault, Dorothy Keller, Marshall Melvin, Sophia Podolsky, Jack Siemon, Susan Strow and Arthur VVard, members of the June Class oi 1929, are entitled to wear the bronze award. The final selection, from a list of nominations submitted by the various organizations, is made by a committee composed of the Senior Adviser, Sub- senior Adviser, one Vice-Principal, the senators from the Senior, Sub-senior and junior classes, and the Principal ex-officio. Ninetygfiue V 1 E GIRLS ' A THLE TIC ASSOCIA T I ON President ............. ......... S OPHIA PODOLSKY '29 Vice-President .....,......,. ........, D OROTHY BECK '30 Secre-ta-ry-Treaswre-r ....... ........ V IRGINIA BLAKE '31 HERE IS no doubt as to the fact that this year has been a most successful one for the Girls' Athletic Association. At the iirst "Get Togetherl' the girls were entertained with a very interesting, illustrated talk by two members of the "All English Hockey Teamf' The second meeting was also very attrac- tively arranged. After the Association business had been taken up, there were minstrels, solos and chorus dancing which provided entertainment. A one- act comedy was presented at the third open meeting. This was a howling success. A Saturday in April was devoted to the annual A. A. hike. The girls hiked to a very lovely picnicking ground where a campfire was made. After toasted hot-dogs and marshmallows had been enjoyed by all, the hikers started for home agreeing that this had been a wonderful day. .531 .h It l Ninetyfsix 5 f ' . . GIRLS ' LEADER CLUB P-resident ............. ......... D ono'rHY KELLER Vice-President ,...... ,.,,,.,,, E VA LEAK LEVIN Secretary ......... .......... D OROTHY Hiuzius Treasurer ..... ........,..., M Amr Gonnmz Miss WHITE Advisers ....... ..... M ISS JOURNEAY p Miss Gno'rE T IS THE purpose of the Girls' Leader Club to lead the girls of Forest Park High School in such a way as may benefit the school and the individual. It shall be their endeavor to set a standard in character, behavior, and appear- ance in work and in sport, at all times. The definite aims of the club are: courtesy, sportsmanship, loyalty, obedience to all school rules and regulations, personal appearance, care of personal and school property, conduct, honor, co- operation and to be ready to be of service to the school and thereby to make Forest Park High School a better place for having been here. The aim of the Girls' Leader Club is to help and cooperate with all school projects. The girls have helped much in the sale of the Senior Play tickets of February and June. Many families at Christmas Time were benefited by their workg the cafeteria and hall problem was helped by themg getting books for the library during National Book VVeek was another activity. The teas given to the sister years have been a great success. The Club also had a hike on April 20th. This was supervised by Miss Grote. Ninetyfseuen C171-IE 'HOLL Y JUNIOR IUBILEE " NE OF THE outstanding events of the school-year at Forest Park High School is the annual "Jolly Junior jubilee". This is presented by each Junior class of the school. The Class of 1929 presented its "J, J. J." in the school on the evenings of February 24 and 25, 1928. The features of the jubilee were: the Minstrel Show staged in the Boys' Gym, the Big Show in theiAuditorium, and the Bazaar in the Girls' Gym. Committees of the class were in charge of the various activities, assisted by a number of members of the Faculty. The Ju- bilee of' the Class of 1929 netted about two thousand dollars, which was paid into the treasury of the Board of Student Activities. A The picture above shows some of the features of the jubilee of the Class of 1929. On March l and 2, 1929, the Class of 1930 also presented a very success- ful Jubilee, under the general supervision of the Board of Student Activities. I R 5' Ninetyfeight ORCHESTRA AND CBAND President ............................ ........ M ARSHALL MELVIN, JR. Vice-President ....................... ............... W ILLIAM :I-IUTTON Corresponding Secretary ...... .................. .J ACK SIEMON Librarian .........,.....,............... ...,........,.,... W Ann DAVIS Record-ing Secretfvry .............. ........ H ERBERT SANDLER HE ORCHESTRA has played the operetta scores each year and has also played several numbers at the commencements, under the leadership of Miss G. P. Butler. It has entertained us faithfully and well at our weekly assemblies. It has given two striking assemblies which proved to be very successful. The members have learned many new pieces which have been played at our as- semblies. l'There Is No Other Organization in the 'School More Deserving of Praise and Support than the Orchestra and Band!" Ninetyfninc of CTHE FOREST PARK PRESS Ed't-07'-i'n-Chief ........ ............................ A RTHUR THOMAS 'WARD Assistants .............. ......... J EROME BLUM, GILBERT HILLMAN Feature Editors ........ ........ S OPHIA PoDoLsKY, DOROTHY HARRIS Sports Editors ........,. .,.,.. A HAWLEY SEILER, HERBERT FRIEDBERG Commerciwl N ews ...................................................... AUDREY EMACKENROTH Jwnior Editor .....................,........... : .............................. ELLIOTT C. WINNER Reporters-Dorothy Connor, Dorothy Dillow, Lucenne Engleman, Clara Ward, Joseph Shavrick, Charles Stern, Leonard Paymer, ' Adolf Shapiro, Edward Rubin, Stanley Whitehill, Albert Flax, Stanley Rappeport , Advisers ............................ ........ M R. COOLEY, MISS TURNER, MR. CALDER HROUGHOUT the year the Press stood for its steadfast and unchangeable pur- pose-To make the School a unit and to guide the student opinion and ideals of the school for its good. Among the outstanding improvements in the "Press" this year, were nine cuts or pictures more than previous years, with an equal number of six or eight page issues plus all oversize final issue. The printing of the Forest Park Loyalty Song, along with the music, was a nov- elty in that nowhere else can the words be obtained with the music. One Hundred 45+- WN xy W 1 Y ----V - in -- SENA TE HE SENATE is a group of selected students elected to represent the student body, and includes a member of each half-year. This group meets each Mon- day, during the advisory period, in the Principals office, to discuss matters of school interest, its purpose being to encourage self-government. Wfilliam A. Gault, President, presides at the meetings. In other words, the Senate is a kind'of "Board of Directors", who devise plans and seek remedies for old troubles. Its main purpose is to improve the morale and create a school spirit which will make Forest Park High the out- standing school in Baltimo-re. Centering all their thoughts and actions on constructive measures for the school, this board works hand in hand with the Board of Student Rep- resentatives in everything looking toward the welfare of the student body. As the result of its efforts, we may enjoy the best opportunities the school has to offer to lit us for the work in life, and in turn create in the heart of every boy and girl a spirit of loyalty to the Faculty and to our school, which makes a strong "pull-together" for better thoughts, greater effort and liner achievements. ' Que Hundred and One STUDENT O4CTIVITY BOARD HE BOARD or STUDENT ACTIVITIES is a supervisory board appointed by the Principal to assist him in decisions affecting the extra-curricular activities of the school. It consists this year of the President of the Board of Student Representatives, XVilliam A. Gaultg a member of the Athletic Department, Mr. Rex Simmsg a member of the Faculty representing the non-athletic in- terests of the students, Mr. Otto K. Schmeidg the two Vice-Principals, Miss Annabel VVhite and Mr. Alfred Scottg and the Principal, Mr. Glenn Owens as Chairman. This Board charters all groups, supervises all student activities, budgets all funds, and in general so articulates the student activities that there is no overlapping of aims nor conflicts of performances. In addition to these spe- cific acts, the Board has been active in helping to establish the ideals and to direct the policies in extra-curricula activities. 'fff' 'TW' One Hundred and Two l THE SENIOR CHLA Y NDER THE capable direction of Miss Dorothy B. Welsh of the Faculty, the Senior Class presents this year a comedy in three acts by James Montgom- ery, entitled "Nothing But the Truth." The play was chosen from a list of thirty plays read by a committee headed by Bertram Boone. The choice was based on humor, adaptability and suitability. Tryouts for the cast commenced in April, during which every member of the class was given an opportunity to win a place in the cast. The iinal choice, after these tryouts and after much consideration by the Class Adviser and Miss W'elsh, assisted by the committee, was as follows: Robert Bennett ...... ..............Jesse McGee E: M. Ralston .............. .......... H erbert Friedberg Dick Donnelly ............... Clarence Van Dusen Bishop Doran .......... ............Robert Smoot .........Bertram Boone .Charles ,Stern Gwendolyn Ralston Broening Mrs. E. M. Ralston. Ethel Clarke ............ Mabel Jackson ........... Sabel Jackson ........... ...... M arth-a, the maid .... One Hundred and Three ........iLeona Schroeder ...............E'thel Soule ..,..............Isabel Idov ..t.,..Sophia Kaufman 'Clementine England HELEN PASSANO M a.nagi'ng ,Editor JOHN STEWART SNYDER Associate . Editor T LEONARD GREBOW Sports Editors NATHAN IMINDELL HERBERT FRIEDBURG DOROTHY HARRIS DOROTHY, KELLER Club Editor GERTRUDE BARTELL HENRIETTA LAND BESSIE STICHMAN DOROTHY BAUM 'FORESTER " STAFF Literary Editors MARY SUSAN STROW EVA LEAH LEVIN Art Editors ROBERT SMooT RUTH' KIEHNE KENNETH HULL MELVIN DAHNE Advertising Managers MYER RUBENSTEIN PRESTQN BLUMBERG A Typists NIARJORIE ENGLE Business Maazagcr- HERBERT BECKER "Write-ups" Editor SOPHIA PODOLSKY Photograph Editors HARALD JORGENSEN FRED BEHRINGER SYLVAN ROSENTHAL Subscr-iption Managers ELLSWORTH ARMACOST WILLIAM GAULT v RUTH CAPLAN . IVIARIAN LEVIN ELIZABETH NICHOLSON J EAN DEWEES MARGARET BROWN ' Faculty Advisor . MR. LATIMER A. DICE One Hundred and Four ' ,gf ' is! 'P ' Y-TL-'Ji' 2" - ' ' " : f'1..'.-1" -f' ' ' Qgqxgi Q. ' 1, , 5 4, L Q -xiii' sl, A -' ,if ' '- ' 'Z-" 4 f fb-Q-V 35' ' ,a ' , uf-"-ff Q 355' .f:a3'. sr','wA Cf2?5 ' :Q 5r?i? yafkiaf --hd: f ,pi ll -- Q: 1- U Q-ff 'gf ' fi f . i- A , , ., " Q 'il ":.'f ,5?f1?1 ' . .' 'rr N Q . ' QQ Qi QJScfyQg'. :li Q.-' . -ijlljgjfw' -'Q Q M Q, ' ff-aff ., " -Q J 3 3 'f ww' ', 5 F" I T' ,-, F ' - - Q Q ,YQ if egfgvff i,2qfg1w i' -.iA- is fzggi E5??55H 5 ax ,A 'xf:'e4.W wif-1 X E' A ' 1" 'J' 34-' " if' 'N yilfwhfazf ,5 , f ,. . 1 - 4 ,- f ' 'inf' f J? fd il .f 1' .1 v': 'f. ff- 'iff' .,-f A . F1 ' "' ' '- 4 -- 'Ek-35"-1 ' fl . ' 5 .-fi -A f' - f Sag: 1151 -.-1 .vi . Q P A Q V ,.! . J .. ,Bi A . . ' f ' , ', Q1 'Sz' -ian . 2-L-:r - ' wo- r' , . .. f . ' 4 '- ... ,, , f' 'f , ...Yu -bf' ...ff 4" hr' "fi H.. 'mfrir ' . 2 ' IQ' Q .,5QQ 'Qf 9.9, 'Vg' I ,df nd- Q ...Q ,r-I ' -x ' , my 1 ,.f, ,ff 6, . . 1 . ' , ' .M ,1 I 4 A . 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LM, w.--:irn-+4 1 ' -ei-1 93.5 N 1 . j' Q ' rig-:':.,,5.iQ, - 1- K ',, Q W i962-ff S- - 4" " v - ., -Q., g -- es. 'gg Q .QQ : 4 11, .Jw -H x .- r Q,-13... "-1. '31, Y . -. fldxff 5 4' -' -6 '-3 , nl'-',i.,Q511z5 . -'- 1 f ' ' .s b A , A :Q Q' ,Q ,Q X . 4- ' lk fii-.Q 3 NPT: 1 T' ' i " ' .. . ' fm., ' ' . 'QR "gf :rd ' - fr . '. ' -. '- ' , 1 - Q 'g' Q .Q 41' ' Ll - A v 2' ' Vis.. , - ' - 5 ' 'H-Uj' . I ' ,- I , . 'cn J ,ff i V Q , mm jg Q . im N ' ' , f',... - Q, A H, . , I - x. ,V X ah' 4 Q .lik Qf . I : A., x- :J Q Q ' 5.1 ' HJ - A. - .Ju .g. , ..... ., -'rf 15 .--. Q - V' I -L v- fr ' .. W qt V -gtk' Xtxff . Z Q1. NV - , .. "S r , I X r KL ,W , ,f FOOTBALL OACH ANDERSON, with a squad composed mostly of raw material, transformed the Green and Gray gridiron warriors, into a strong offensive eleven. The Foresters used the forward pass cleverly, and made no small use of their line-bucking powers. St. James, rated highly in scholastic circles, fell before the powerful' onslaught of the Foresters, and Hopkins Freshmenand 'Charlotte Hall also were doWned'. Ken Long, fullback, bucked the line for many a gain, and 'Clabaugh, iiashy halfback, proved a triple threat against all opposition. On the strength of this season's.'fshowirig Forest Park is scheduled to meet City College and Calvert Hall for the 1929 season. FBASKEYBALL g OREST PARK'S quintet, under the capable coaching of Coach Axman, completed a fairly successful season. Although they were twice nosed out by Poly and Mt. St. Joe, they triumphed over Loyola, McDonogh, Donaldson, and Park to finish the league season with seven hits and five defeats. Captain Rosenthal, 1928 All-Maryland for- ward, played brilliantly the whole season, and the clever work of Thomaspand Mindel should also be remembered as important factors in the success of the Green and Gray cagers. The players that graduate this year are Lipsch, Mindel, Murray, and Giardina. Next year the team will probably be built around Captain-elect Thomas, Hess, Taylor, Shavitz, the Fox duo, and White. With these players and promising material from the Junior High, a' strong contender should be molded. SOCCER OACH REX. SIMS' booters, although not turning in many victories, furnished strong competition for many of the veteran. teams. The squad consisted of all new- comers With the exception of three regulars of last season. ,The strong City College aggregation, runners-up for the scholastic championship, barely managed to defeat the Foresters on two occasions by the scores of 4-3 and 4-2. Sophomores will practically compose next year's team, and the experience gained this season should help to form a good squad for the 1929-30 season. 'Captain Woodall, Lipsitz and Rosenthal were the bright lights for the s-occerites. Woodall had the distinction of being placed on the All-Maryland Second Team for 1929. The booters have elected William Pindell to the captaincy for the coming year. One Hundred' and Seven -nr 'K . v- wg., f' - ,Q :mp 'ZEFAKX : . ' . j . -1 ozieo-if-P5 GIRLS' BASKETBALL-SENIOR HOUGH Forest Park did not win the P. A. L. tournament, the season, accord- ing to Miss Manning, the coach, was very successful. The team, led by its captain, Sophie Podolsky, worked as a unit and deserves commendation. There were eight games: Park,,'Friends, Catonsville, Towson, and two with both Eastern and Western. Of these games but Eastern and Western were league. games. "B" TEAM Doris Struven, f. Ruth Weiner, f. Sarah Baisch, f. Anna Roettger, j. c. Margaret Piggott, s. c. Evelyn Kansler, g. Margaret Moore, g. Catherine Chester, g. ' V "A" TEAM - Sophie Podolsky, f. Emma Ruthke, f. ' Dorothy Beck, j. c. ,- Eleanor Dew, s. c. Leona Schroeder, g. Martina Hyde, -g. HOCKEY S OUR first active form of athletics after re-entering school last fall, hockey was eagerly sought after by all feminine athletes., With Miss Journeay as our coach and a wide and varied amount of material to choose from, our teams were -the best ever. Not that we did not have to struggle for the championship, for-we did. With- out the first .team the second team would not have been worth mentioningg and if the first team hadn't had the second team, we would not have the championship. As it stands, we all worked hard and each team made an excellent record. Putting two and two together, we now hold the city championship in hockey. Forest Park's regulars on the first and second teams are as' follows: , FIRST l S-ECON D Dorothy Beck Hazel Foreman Eva Leah Levin Troy Hambsch Leona Schroeder Jean Kneip Anna Roettger Marie Melcher Evelyn Kansler Ruth Weiner Gertrude Brave Virginia Blake Elenaor Dew Martina Hyde Dorothy Harris A Margaret Bryan Sophia Podolsky Margaret Moore Dorothy Keller Betty Rouzer Helen Todd , ' Evelyn White GRADUATING ATHLETES-FALL.. SPOBTS h FOOTBALL BASKETBALL HOCKEY Long .A1'0h9I" Sophia Podolsky Ruth Weiner Leg'-lm SYVOYUIGY Leona Schroeder Eva Leah Levin Trager, V N lchols' Martinaf Hyde gliertrude grave BA K T AL Jean Kneip ., argaret ryan Lipsch S EMETHNIQ Troy Hambsch Janet Wooden Mindel Giardina Dorothy Harris Sophia Podolsky Mildred Berman Dorothy Keller ' SOCCER Adele Salzman Leona Schroeder Woodall Jorgensen Dorothy Keller Martina Hyde Swindell Foreman - Jean KIIOID gacobson Qirffier 'lgfoytgafillgiggls eitz i er ' 01'0 Y Thompson Dugdale Mildred Berman Rosenthal Van Denbergh Adele Salzman , Knox One Hundred and Eight CBASEBALL ORBST PARK'S baseball team inaugurated its season by overwhelming St. Alban's of Washington 17-0. In amassing this large total of runs, the Green and Gray team ex- hibi-ted a strong offense and a well-balanced defense. Forest Park's second encounter wa-s a league game with Severn, which it won by a 14-7 score. Kalb, veteran twirler, hurled a steady game, and Baer, second baseman, crashed out a pair of doubles. Smarting under last season's defeat, the Foresters continued their winning streak .by administering a 13-4 trouncing to City College in a non-league tilt. :Brown held the Orange and Black batters well in hand, especially in the pinches, but was relieved by Long in the seventh session after a streak of wildfness. Hendleberg sparkled afield, on one occasion going deep into the field to execute a remarkable running catch of a texas- leaguer. The Collegians used five pitchers in a futile effort to check the Gre-en and Gray's batting altillery. . Gilman's baseball team gave Forest Park its first setback in a non-league game 5-4. The Roland Parkers tallied three runs in the opening frame and two in the fourth. Forest Park rallied in the fourth and sixth innings to net four runs, but was unable to push across the tying marker. Hess slammed a double and a triple in four times at bat. The game proved to be a pitchers' duel between Kalb and Samuels of Gilm-an, in which Samuels had the better of the argument. - Prospects at this date appear bright, and Coach Anderson is pointing his tossers for the scholastic championship. "Izzy" Hendleberg, last season's brilliant shortstop, was chosen to lead the team. A large majority of last year's veterans- are back, and these include Brown, Lipsch, Leavey, Baer, Hendleberg, Long, Kalb, Smoot, Mindell, Mason, Greasley, and Shipley. The rest of the roster consists of Rutherford, Gooden, Kirwan, Knox, Hess, and Hershberg. Manager Rosenstock states that the schedule includes games with City, Loyola, Poly, St. Joe, Calvert Hall, Vocational, and Dunham-s. Last season Forest Park came through victorious in its own league, but met defeat at the hands of Calvert Hall in the finals. ' ' One Hundred and Ten e CTRA CK AND FIELD HE TRACK TEAM, which has won nine championships, is working out with .eighty would-be champions, all striving for positions. Seven trophies have been compiled by the Junior Team, while the Seniors have gained the honor twice. The Juniors have won the "C" cup of Washington four successive years, and the Maryland Scholastic Banner three times running. In 1926 and 1927 the Seniors captured the Maryland Scholastic Title. This year's team has a group of seasoned veterans to form an attractive nucleus. Captain Ed. Thompson, Md. Scholastic Pole Vault King, is ready to lead his sprint and field artists, aided by Wilson Archer, dash m-an, Leslie Legum, 100 yard sprint man and discus thrower, .Fred Behringer, discus and javelin tosser, and' Jack Snyder, speedy half-miler. With nine titles as an incentive, the Foresters show every indication o cap- turing top honors for the '29 season. These accomplishments are attributed to Coach Rex Sims, who has been given a hard schedule by Jack Siemon, manager. The first meet in which the Green and Gray track athletes meet stiff competition is the Penn Relays, where the cream of Inter- scholastic trackmen vie for top honors. Following this is the University of Delaware meet at Newark, after which the squad will contest in dual meets with Mt. St. Joseph and Central High of Washington. The next five names on the schedule indica-te the championship calibre to be met. Opening with the Public Championship for Juniors, the Md. Scholastic Championships and the Md. Scholas-tic Junior Championships follow in quick succession. The Sims coached team expects to close' a banner season by com- peting in the City Championships, June 4th, and trying for the State diadem on June 7. The members of the team will be giving their bes-t, knowing that they are uphold- ing the reputation of Forest Park on the cinder path. One Hundred and Eleven CTENNIS OREST PARK'S racqueteers are out to defend the Maryland Scholastic Title, which they won from City College, who held the crown for six consecutive years. The play- ers who helped win the championship and who were not lost by graduation are Victor Lebow and Harold Fox. Both were ranked among the first ten in their respective divi- sions, Junior and Boys'. Robert Reid, Randolph Tucker, and Harig- have won the places vacated last year. Reid was placed in No. 4 of the Boys' division, while Tucker and Harig have shown well in tournament play. The schedule shows promise of the team competing against local leading teams and strong out-of-town aggregations. Central High, the opening opponent scheduled by Manager Sid Snyder, was nosed out in a 4-3 tussle. A-t the end of the required singles the score stood 3-2 in favor of the invaders. The Foresters gained their slim margin of victory by gaining the upper hand in the two doubles matches. Due to the inclem- ency of the weather the next two contests with Western High of Washington and Tow- son were postponed. The racquet wielders face a busy season, engaging in contests with Calvert Hall, St. Joe, Tome, Navy, Poly, Gilman, Western High, Loyola and City. Before gaining the finals this year it is necessary to down five strong teams. The same teams, Forest Park and City College, who met each other in 1928, will meet again provided they close without losing to the other local courtmen. Since the varsity is made up of three high ranking stars and two players who have advanced far in tour- naments, the outlook appears promising. One Hundred and Twelve VOLLE YBALL-SENIOR UTH KIEHNE, manager, has arranged a very interesting program which inchides games with Towson, Catonsville, Arundel, Eastern and Western. This is the first time Forest Park has played Arundel, which has one of the best teams in the state. Those on the squad are: - Dorothy Beck, Virginia Beach, Anna Roettger, Emma Ruthke, Lillian Polan, Doro- thy Harris, Dorothy Keller, Ruth Weiner, Sophie Podolsky, Margaret Piggott, Doris Struven, Leona Schroeder, Jean Kneip, Ida Beck, Margaret Moore, Jane Pollak, Janet Wooden, Martina Hyde, Helen Todd, Audrey Mackenroth, Troy Hambscn. One Hundred and Thirteen sig? E ff-1' fl ,Ll1.,jff'," 31 ' IE . fps- ' ,- , .. ' - . X ' J. h I-,j:,.-:fi ,gif -it ft l 3 I ,- . .yy J. ' 3.315 3 7 " 2 1 V -'I " 49" ' ,Mgt ' if -' ffg-f g: .f x3l.i ' ,- W K 41 .1i9TA'?f3 T HF' ' ,V .5 , V -N 5 55,1 - ,-,-e " , - ' -- 1 xx 'u fn .- .- 4"ff2gg-1'-15 r' ll. ' '.' " gy ,Q ' ' .f'f1"jLf5 ,--3 .53 . """""--:Ln -, . ,fx in :V - - :,'1,xf 'fg - , snr, ', N 5 .45 - -,fa -f Q' . . .QQ-gfEf?k1'j'?' 25,1-,-j':j,.v'f:f 'gf' S:--in-'Qs' me--...,,,..,,,. j Y 1 I.-. V Q5 V . df.. : l,xy,.- -I . . tw- - 4' U . tg , ,,fE.r, gg.-J 3.5. ""'- . x Ill ' new - if 4 , ,. f.: F:ij?v' 1 ' A i,N.-F'-'wx' - 13 it V- .4 H ' Q A 'igrf . - if 3 W ' ' . g fx -. ' . , 5 ' s rr 9 ., . ' .4 -V ,f V- ' fi!! 4 ff: . It sv --1. I u ., '. , ' Qi? A N695 t - ..f: -E. -. ' ...' 1 I V - A ,X -' 1. gf .X if! Q, , " '. N., . 1- , ,ff-,HEL Q z A ' Q' 595' I X' . , "'f-Z,"-1fC'sg4'fMfli'j1' 4:1143 W. ea... - ' " 1,3 ' - - .. . . -ff'-Q2 -A -'fpwzf-A - Ab i - ,Q f - J 12,1 f -. ll" - .li -. ' ,:,-'fgif V, 4:4-. F s i'.fzvgg1f1f.,. -girl. A5 , Q 1, - - g., .. , . ,. -4,--J ,' ' .5 KQV f' , g - skit,-frifgii' bs' , . ., i .. g Q M 5 - P 1 ' 'j IQ'-za " Q1 P EV:-. Y. -.Qui ' XV" A- ' y-,o.: !'1'!51f4 'K -1' - '..-+1 .f ' 4' - '? -' W. . ,-'tix' :,,1. .-.ra " 1 1 ' ffkk. A 1. ' I' " , ' W 1 1 - Xu 2+ -,J -. 2' aw- wr-'Q 1. ,, 44, ,,L,j1 ...v .:.. lg W., H W, ,-'XM ,.1ff:a+.Q",Q g l, l '54 I :or , i ?'.L5fi?P'?' . Qfff "' ' " " 4' S651 -,X Isla N . A .ix gr p W1 ,Pa V nm 'Ax Ip. ff f gsm- M 1' Lr 5.73 -,N ff ... ggwf 'M' 'Q wx I -Q 159 il hx 'T asf ms- E E: ' NQWRQQN5 M.- xi 'ws 753' A -vw.: .4 v-A, ,.,.xs img, A um-91, 555 fvsm Pussy me 4 X I . -.K 1 H ' r-1 . 'fkv'-rx , ,V 5 1,-wg' ' . 1 4 "r - J ' -- ,- ..-' .. lg ' 1. fr, I "9 . ':.' 5-f ff' M. M. "' ' LN 1" -- as-iii Q' . ' N " 1 Q, ' gig" 2' , 2" "Aa - v'5-.f.'f1'.:..g,.'1.:-if '.?- -1:-if . 9 1 Q H gm' ' Wm-.-. . , L, .-,, 5 '? J: 1 '.-'.-aw v 4. -ni .-..1v.,.. A are- A . Eve, v J,-4, 1 -,' 'V Ti lj EQ5'n,'ggy', HQ,-5 . .455 fi 4 ' - -. ' '-E45 'fl ,.g"f'.1i12'YfiiW-195 ' "A-rj 'Q T5-. f 1- ?'1":' ' 12'.a.ff:ig:.-.'N.f1'S."fQ4. - is-H Vik f-- ef . '- ff.f.fe'A3:-11: .f - W3 za ' ' - X554 Q-Q -In Q- " 'H' f' l' ' ,""+'.j 'z . 'Q G ww- . "' Ex --xf ' . s , ..-",,:,,,. ,iii-"M M: -X r 4 Fl' , . fl if :S-iQ':'.:d5i.' .,,,,,..,- -f'-" ""' nf-I at uv' if .ZF - ' - T 'v ' -43+ . , 'V Q-f. ., r we. K.- -- t ,g4. , . al- -, -, . nm, . . .-,. Z ' ffff 'Lg ,L 1"-:.,.m, 3 5 ' 1 , -: naassqk W" -Gif!! -4g,,,.:Z53f'g.1f'-If -I-. Ivy-. , 1 5 , , 1 . 1 ' 'Q V. M.: 111- ... --I . -, 3 I. ff-, - 't - g,,'- " . -v , -1,3 ',,,...,' A. . . Key 1:-v M4 V' Eg' 1. -- 1 iq M ,. 5 . L-i.,i,,,,g.','y ...Q . -A . :ww . A5 . y 5 ,,. ,- 4-Q ,X 3 '- K lf. J.. A'-, A-,, --,.,.., ,.:.,:,y3'lg-A K . in b !m.i?r- 5: .f "":"jf' ' J - I P V h ...X--X W J ,L Q U --mf... 3.14. ' . ' 'X 1 'E n 5 'S 7E."5-'fl'1"f2? fig - 3 Q ' at I , in 'L if V I' My-ai'-'lfxv ,Q Nfl. , , - Q55 . 1 ,ff 5. X, x , ' a, , r ' me .mf g ' . 1 5.53.5 8 X 11 x.wxYv ,ifkhw 5 .put-V' qu' N y .X , b . l , -.fla p v X , oy ' 1 V .ya r.-F' 5 Qu-5 N . F...-:I-.:,, , QX A .4 U --' - ' x . X f f ' ADS b w A it A J L w J L CARR-LOWREY GLASS ft C o M P A N Y H Manufacturers L of Perfumers', Pharmaceutical AND ty I Proprietary Bottles 5 X P A Hand and Machine-Made M Factory and Main OHice L BALTIMORE - - MARYLAND A NEW Yom: OFFICE CHICAGO OFFICE 41rE. 42nd Street 1944 Conway Bldg. 1 N 4 I1 F X L, E , E C 1 A E -EF -C EF. - C :E CC ,J 0000o00000000 00w:000 0100 000000 00m we .W U J L O M FX i PARENTS AND TEACHERS ASSOCIATION it of the . FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL ' 4 I Organized in 1924 it 6. i 029 . OFFICERS, 1928-1929 . W President i CHARLES CARROLL CLABAUGH l p Vice-President Corresponding Secretary W ALFRED P. SCOTT MRS. L. H. BLAMBERG 4 Recording Secretary Treasurer i MRS. lvl. S. ROSENBLATT MRS. R. H. KATHERMAN l 1 Chairman Health Committee ..,........ ......,..,.......... D R. WM. H. BAISH . li Chairman Membership Committee ......... ......., M RS. T, J. NORMAN Chairman School Facilities. ............. ,... . .,.., H OWARD C. HILL i T Chairman Publicity Committee .....,., ......... M RS. W. W, WYSOR T 9 Chairman Reception Committee ,............,......... :...: ........ MISS ELLA MARTENET li Why not join the P. T. A. and help this live association in an effective l manner? You believe in scholarships for worthy students, needed books in the ,i library for your children, proper equipment for the athletes, elevators for crip- T l pled children, swimming pool for the students, prizes and medals for certain N students. The P. T. A. has done things and it will continue to grow and prosper p because the service rendered is real and timely. 7, Ask Miss White about the noble Self-Help Fund. i The P. T. A. meets on the Hrst Tuesday of each month at the 'L Forest Park High School. Watch us grow! i li r l ?9?990 K C I 522 , BANKS B B ww, srwmmnf?s,aL?'PlE G1 Established 1832 'N PHILADELPHIA 5 l SCHOOL RINGS, EMBLEMS, CHARMS AND TROPHI ES of the Better Kind 5 1 THE GIFT SUGGESTION BOOK Mailed Upon Request-Illustrations and Prices Jewels, Watches, Clocks, Silver, china, Glass Leather and Novelties R From which may be selected distinctive Wedding, Birthday, Ti Graduation and Other Gifts 1 ' BALTIMOREKS' A ' LARGEST HABERDASHERS 1 1 5 I YELLOW CAB BENTLEY AND MELVIN STAND AT 1 Smart Fixings for Young Men LIBERTY HEIGHTS AND wx GARRISON AVENUE 5 ii 324-326 W. BALTIMORE sT. Assures you of N PROMPT AND EFFICIENT SERVICE 1 F. C. BOWER F. C. STRIBLE 1' F. C. BOWER 'id COMPANY Wholesale Dealers in Fish and Oysters Section M-WHOLESALE FISH MARKET BALTIMORE NO EXTRA CHARGE for EXTRA PASSENGERS VERNON 1212 2 5 l?K7h00G710fI?4717 201l?'0fl?G0N02i70510P'-?f036WG0W0'W55P k X' - A, Perkins Studio C. E. LANTZ, Mgr. 340-342 N. CHARLES STREET Vernon 4444 w , ,l..1..-.-- W, I Official Photographers for the 1929 "Forester" We wish to thank the Class of '29 for their co-operation and wish l them Success and Prosperity 1, i Keep Youthful- l lllwashing the family's clothes in damp basements soon 1 brings lines of age and worry. The price is too great to l pay when the Regal service costs so little and saves wear and tear on your clothes. ' Ill Try the Regal service now and you'll never go back to y home laundering. 5 l "'Where Your Linens Last Longer" GILMOR and MosHER STREETS Phones: Madison 2751 - 2752 - 2753 - -2754 l REGAL Tl1eS0fr Wafer LAUNDRY - v Ill ls a veryheasy accomplishment if you re- 9 j lieve yourself of heavy, burdensome tasks. L . R10-0 '0N-0'R01'02f-0061 ' '0f6'H01s0w-0rc0'a 4 How Much Money Are You Capable of Earning? When you start to work you'll find that you are paid according to your knowl- edge- You set your own salary according to the hind of work you are able to do. A recent inquiry into the earning power of many thousands of students yielded the following facts: S20 a Week V The student who stops after grammar school, goes to work at fourteen and reaches at thirty his maximumincome of 31.200 a year. Between the ages of fourteen and sixty. he earns about 345.000, Not more than 52,000 is earned in the four years that would have given him a high school education. h he g ' S35 a Week The high school graduate goes to work at eighteen. passes the average untrained man within seven years, rises steadily to his own maximum at 32.200 at forty,- and continues at that level'for the remainder of his active life. His total earnings from eighteen to sixty are about S78,000, The 333.000 difference between his lifetime earnings and those of the untrained man represent the cash value of a high school course. , 375 a Week The college graduate begins work at twenty-two, and at twenty-eight is earning as much as the high school graduate at forty- His total earnings from twenty-two to sixty amount to 3150.000-372,000 more than those of the high school graduate, a measure of the cash value of a college course. . A S100-and Upward High school graduates who prepare for a definite career in life by taking a university course-such as Law, Accountancy. or Business Administration-can easily step into the S100 a week class within five years-and then go on to un- limited incomes. The average lawyer and business man. in fact, considers 55.000 a year as a mighty small income. Prepare to earn the big incomes by studying Law, Accountancy or Business Administration at the UNIVERSITY OF 2 BALTIMORE CO-EDUCATIONAL--DAY AND EVENING DIVISIONS Write. Call at School or Phone for Detailed Catalog Mt. Vernon Place at St. Paul Baltimore 3 X IX i'0N0'5"7'0"'0" 00 Q 4 H0vf0K02l0'R0w0f 200202-0Nf010'-0"H0'f'0f01'-04021-0'f Quality and Service Have Made The ELITE LAUNDRY ONE OF THE OUTSTANDING LAUNDRY ORGANIZATIONS IN THE COUNTRY , SWIFT AND EFFECTIVE SECRETARIAL TRAINING Under Personal Direction and Tutoring PARK BUSINESS COLLEGE HANNA G. RAMSAY, Principal 331 NORTH CHARLES STREET Res.: HOmewood 0507-J CAlvcrt 1833 I A f For Bread, Cakes and Pastry with a zum paswor 5 U59 Begt Flour ' Q , ia... BEIHOLINE . THE WONDER MOTOR FUEL" WOODEN at BENSON CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT MUNSEY BLDG., BALTIMORE Phones: LIberty 8400- 1-2-3 H. L. HESSON Finest Table Supplies and Home Necessities 3304 GARRISON AVENUE FOREST PARK Complimenfs of THE J. R. M. ADAMS CO. Hardware and Paints EUTAW AND FRANKLIN STREETS EAT ICE CREAM FOR HEALTH 60108080101 'nwxowo-wwxofaw-A wxwffawswafmwbememfaw-w1wI0w:w:faw-fa-aw 1 I A 'I 5 I THE ARUNDEL CORPORATION V 5 AI 5 BALTIMORE, Mop U E S '1 N Ei coNTRAcToR,s 2 'I ' and 5 Q 5 ' 5 2 ' E N G I N E E R s . 5 and 5 i DISTRIBUTORS of E 2 SAND AND GRAVEL Q Y ' Phone: Llberty 8277 1 B R O W N ' S Novelties, Notions, Kiddie if Toys, School Supplies IL l I Lingerie ' N 5 ii 3815 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE I 2 ' 1, Phone Orders Solicitea' Free Delivery W Phones: Llberty 1292-2670 L. B. ANDERSON YS CO. i S Groceries, Provisions W Oysters, Fish. Poultry and Game in Season ' 4603 GARRISON AVE., cor. Belvieu Ave. 5 WEST ARLINGTON, MD. 5 5 . A A A A A :A A A A-A AA A-A A AA 6522 A 555 I-0'v-01f02'-0H710N0'f0ff0ff?W1l0i10f05'0120'5f01h02G0N0"01201l0I20'2f-020'0'2'40'K?y9lh?b0'f5f'0l201'4 la e-e ' n m n f e' 'U l' n 7 0 1 l , JUNIOR COLLEGE n Qu S CGRADEJ W 3? W COIVIIVIERCIAL TRAINING Q Q w' - 'X We shall be glad to mail a Catalog to any HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR ' interested in one-year or twofyear Commercial ' 1' ' Courses. The following are some W of our most popular courses: r 'm BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Y l HIGHER ACCOUNTING " SECRETARIAL J 'N . .. TJ? 1 1' xl 1 ' -1 lg lx Write, phone or call at the school for aiicatalog ' Y i ' ' 3 1' ' ' x a r 1 '-ii' 1 , BREWBAKER COLLEG'E. J ' ' i e ' PARK AVE. AND FRANKLIN STREET VERNQN 0221 ' 5 w ' ' i- i 1 ' , 1' . l' 1' Courses offered in this School are approved ' by the Maryland State Department of' Education . 1' ' l 1' ' L it inf i rw gif J V f JAY' f Y i V kai Y ' M33 l Y Y An Y 'Y CWA 7777: V YY: 77777 V W V Y Y V Y W Y Y l 4' l Social Engraving Calling Cards A , Wedding Announcements FRANK J. COOK A 9 9 East Lexington Street Baltimore, Md. I l I PLaza 3618 l 1' ENGRAVERS OF FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS 1 gl I I . 1 Il L THE OUTSTANDING CHEVROLET 4 OF CHEVROLET HISTORY It I I A Six in the Price Range of the Four! I ' SEE ANY CHEVROLET DEALER I , l I WHEN BUYING WINDOW SHADES AF TER THE SHOW OR DANCE , INSIST ON VISIT I BANCROFTWS ANDERSON'S I SUN FAST HOLLAND 23 WEST SARATOOA STREET I, The only Holland that absolutely will not Next to the Rennert jx 5 J' ' fade bY GXPOSUW to the Sun- Dine and Dance Never Closed l DAVIDSON INSURANCE IN ALL ITS BRANCHES I 'I TRANSFER 26 STORAGE CO. JOHN G, STOCK ' BaItimore's Leading Movers GENERAL INSURANCE AGENT i Get our estimate when moving in or out L AND BROKER I of town-cargoes Insured-padded vans. , T 34 SOUTH EUTAW STREET Suite 1225. MUNSEY BUILDING BALTIMORE MARYLAND PLaza 2908 Phones LAfayette 2083 The NORMAN-REMINGTON Sunshine is denied them, COMPANY But courageous hearts are theirs, Won't you patron 'z them, CHARLES STREET AT MULBERRY And let them ciznia your chairs? I' , BALTIMORE I I Books Engraving MARYLAND - S . P . . ""'0"e'y """"f' WORKSHOP FOR THE BLIND ' N Compliments 601 NORTH FULTON AVE. of Help the Blind to Help Themselves Through W lx Work T, I ' A FRIEND This Ad Donated by 3 Friend Q xl 5Q?w000000000000www000000 000000 Q eil 52,92 ll 19 l Q . i D fs Jil' '5 J Qu v EQ? C Y li il JERSEY ICE CREAM i lu l. Served Exclusively U in the l FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA ll Builds Healthy Children '05'Q5Z'5P3i0i '05l0P'935 G W0N0I'016"01'0P6"'0' 01f0'10Pf0X0l20'1-?h0Pl0140N020'f01 f7 L so w , ,y Your Gpportunity -to set new records 9 -to iind new friends 5 -to attain new ambitions , i -to get ahead ll N L L ,I STRAYER-BRYANT 8 STRATTON ' i COLLEGE ' Aceountancy and Secretarial Courses i Day and Evening Sessions CHARLES AND FAYETTE STREETS L PLaza 5626 ' E. S. DONOHO, A. B- 'Q President l 5202? ' 5215 t?1?f0'-?G0M?G0'2?u76N?W16N?'?G76N0Pl7f01 1717C2fQt01G7f0f0 95491 10' '02 at - 1 R P I 1 1 AN I 1 4 4 THINK Your Money, Plus 655 SAFETY, Returns to You 81.00 a week for 1 year ........ 853.44 85.00 a week for 1 year .... 8267.23 810.00 a week for 1 year. 81.00 a week for 2 years .... 8116.12 85.00 a week for 2 years .... 8550.72 810.00 a week for 2 years .... 81,101.50 81.00 a week for 3 years .... 8172.25 85.00 a week for 3 years .... 8851.26 810.00 a week for 3 years....81,703.04 81.00 a week for 4 years .... 8284.04 85.00 a week for 4 years 81,170.83 810.00 a week for 4 years ..., 82,841.44 81.00 a week for 5 years .... 8301.73 85.00 a week for 5 years 81,508.84 810.00 a week for 5 years .... 83,009.31 With nn charze nf any kind to open this tfree share account. .......8534.49 And the 602 interest is calculated on monthly balances, notwithstanding withdrawals. And this rate of 6072 interest is returnable because money deposited with us is invested only in first mortgage loans on fee and leasehold properties, examined by a competent committee and approved by the Board of Directors. Money you deposit in our CHRISTMAS AND VACATION SAVINGS FUNDS brings 401, interest. CAN YOU GET A BETTER RATE OF INTEREST WITH SAFETY ON YOUR MONEY? We invite you to open an account with us THE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF BALTI- MORE CITY, INCORPORATED it1321.5??i'1Z?ei1?2g.1Si?.2S22i A 2546 Edmondson .....21se:fM Arthur L. Keigler, Treasurer J. Francis Hock IRf,ifnii'1iieiT:a'3 mmm 2 Avenue A ii3iE1inTo.Vi"i'2'ii't Davigsi SSIQE-giry-Treasurer Mondays 7 to 9 P ?IloTvi1J:dml..GT'xEli1e:li1ardt A. Walter Kraus, Counsel ' . ' ' William B. Henkel Money to lend at all times upon well secured productive fee simple or leasehold real estate WESTERN MARYLAND ' COLLEGE Q ' FOR+Classroom ' ' i Campus WESTMINSTER ' MARYLAND Club Rggm ALBERT NORMAN WARD. D.D.. LL.D. ' President A',? nga.-1 hqauna realign- O 5 .i-5' Z: 71 I ml N J' ,, ,X f' 'M For Young Men and - 1 .-4'.'1--g35if"7'il Young Women The Bow for Unexcelled Location, Modern Curriculum, Dad Hts Son A. SCHRETER '13 SONS CO. INCORPORATED Complete Equipment, Modern Rates- Graxiuates from approved High Schools admitted without conditions. . 113 SOUTH HANOVER STREET Catalogue upon application BALTIMORE MARYLAND XT K 7: 101 G0'v0N0w10+'-0101 5 I I 5 5 I 5 I X, R5 '05505'5f050l09'7'05'05405!0T90N0N7 '0"04f7'91f01l790"05 l7 THE MOST LAND FOR LEAST MONEY WOODLAWN PARK BELMONITHPIEIGHTS LOTS, szso Up C. EDW. SCHAUMLOEFFEL, Owner WINDSOR MILL ROAD. WOODLAWN BALTIMORE COUNTY Have Your Hair Dressed for Commencement by the GARRISON BEAUTY SHOPPE Phone: Llberty 2351 4732 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE R. A. KREILING 8 BRO. Select M eats, Vegetables Fruits and Groceries WEST GARRISON 'id OAKMONT AVES. Phone: Liberty 1.178 I STEWART 8 CO. Howard and Lexington Sts. Let Us Supply Your School Needs COLUMBIA-KOLSTER RADIOPHONOORAPHI Selected by Forest Park High School in preference to all others. This is an amazing instrument. A radio one second! A phonograph the next! Ex- quisite tone qualities. Orchestral volume if desired. Columbia Kolster Electric Phonographs and Radio Phonograph Combinations KOBSCA PIANO CO. zoso WEST NORTH AVENUE Phone: LAfayette 0048 M. BALSER, Prop. WALBROOK HARDWARE 'ZS SUPPLY CO. OILS, VARNISHES, HARDWARE TOOLS 3101 W. NORTH AVENUE Corner Rosedale 'WOlfe 1743-1744 Established 1870 H. J. GETTEMULLER 8 CO. PAINTS, OILS. VARNISH, BRUSHES, POLISHED PLATE, ORNAMEN- TAL AND WINDOW GLASS 600-604 ENSOR ST. BALTIMORE. MD. ARMENTROUT '66 PIERSON Prescription Druggists PARK HEIGHTS fd ROGERS AVES. Phone: FOrest 8922, 8930 Baltimore, Md. BENJAMIN SHEPPARD Manufacturer and Retailer of CHIPPED BEEF. COOKED HAM TONGUE, ETC. Stalls! 943-5, LEXINGTON MARKET Phone: PLaza 3800 BOWLING WEDNESDAY 'ES SATURDAY NIGHTS 2 GAMES. 25c. Afternoons-10 Cents a Game 36 Perfect Alleys KING PIN BOWLING ALLEYS 2614-2620 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE ,NEW YORK FANCY BAKERY 860 WEST NORTH AVE. Our Own Baking Phone: MAdison 3422 M A N O S W A R T Z Furriers Since 1889 225 NORTH HOWARD STREET BALTIMORE, MD. 0 201 VIP'-01 S I I I I '0' l710'5097"059054055'57'9'C9N05'0540559C0'C0055i01 '0'-10' ANNOUNCING the OPENING of '-0'f'01'-o X HOWARD PARK CONFECTIONERY 4735 Gwynn Oak Avenue OUR OWN HOME MADE CANDY It Light Lunch Served Forest 53 I9 I Home Cooking I We Deliver Compliments of COMMUNITY PHARMACY 1 THE DEPENDABLE STORE LIBERTY HEIGHTS AND GWYNN OAK AVENUES BALTIMORE MARYLAND Your Neighborhood Bank X UNION TRUST COMPANY LIBERTY BANK OFFICE 4707 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE tl I FINEMAN -. MAKES THEM BETTER Tailor I . 227-29 EAST BALTIMORE STREET BALTIMORE, MD. I FRANK IKEE i High Grade Laundry I 4700 GWYNN OAK AVE. Please give me a call, as I claim todo any I' S kind of laundry in a superior manner, both il in cleanliness and finish. Any articles not done up to your entire satisfaction may be re- ' turned and then be done over again. After I I have once served you I am sure you will recommend me to your friends and acquain- tances. Give me one trial. - P Smart Apparel for Spring- IN THE HUTZLER SHOPS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS. AND SERV- ICE BASED ON THE UNDER- STANDING OF YOUTH. H TZLER BIQTHEIQ Q3 I 1' I COUPON SPECIAL 85c RAG RUGS Extra heavy Rugs. smooth, solid ' and well woyen Rag Rugs, 18x36 , inches. Beautiful colors- For Bed- rooms. Baths, etc. Limit. one to purchaser. No mail or phone orders. . Sold only with Coupon. lj COMMUNITY HANDY SHOP fl Gwynn Oak and Liberty Heights Avenues X, 10f'0'201'0N-0110's 10N-OKOQ'-0N0N 062901 Y-00 '-0' 105'-05 ' THE HOWARD PARK BAKERY 4733 Gwynn Oak Avenue WE SPECIALIZE IN HOME BAKING , A Full Line of Cakes, Pies, Buns, E tc: Come Around and See Us Phone: Liberty 6269 in Our New Store Offering At All Times A DELIGHTFUL SELECTION COATS DRESSES GRADUATION GOWNS Moderate Prices L U R I E S 17 WEST LEXINGTON STREET Ride the Cars- The most Convenient, Comfortable Economical, Reliable means of going from where you are to where you want to go. A 24-HOUR SERVICE. 365 DAYS THE YEAR Free Transfers RIDE THE CARS United Railways 25 Elect: of Baltimore i AUDITS SYSTEMS TAX REPORTS U Member American Institu te of Accountants ELNIER L. HATTER Certified Public Accountant CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK BUILDING BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Branches: Hagerstown, Md. Cumberland, Md- Lancaster, Pa. '0N?'C9i'07C05Q0'5 '95f05 E ,Ze C :S X X 101 l0I'0W20"-02J"0"'20N0v0'0'0f-0f'-0" '0"f'-0'S'6 X l il Compliments of the . NVVUIN JEWELRY SHOP I ly h b Makers of '-...I-I' Your Class Ring I 657 'XVEST BALTIMORE STREET J l l li I 5 f .N Women designed the NVESTINGHOUSE I IRON: suggested the beveled base that lets , 4 lnnammam But mm'EXPl95lV9 you see you-r work: the tapered point that W 5 XI R goes under buttons and into frills or ruiiles. - A ' w XVomen tested the shape of the handle and ' "i the balance of the iron? approved the broad It A REMOVES: ,base and even distribution of heat. That's 5 S if ou' Gf:f'2n'i':,':Z1i'2::fgG"m' why it's an iron you'll like to use. Get one-- W' ' 5 FROM: b make your next ironing day different. Woolen Clothing, Suits, Chiffons, I Silks, Laces and Fine Fabrics, . , I ' Leathers: DNPGHGS, UPFIOISMYU- Your nearest dealer can supply the YVcst- I' P' Excellent for Cleaning Type. h A l I ii , ing ouse utomatxc ron. S 'i MANUFACTURED BY J 5 ' D MILLE PRODUCTS co. ' i pw t E BAL-I-'MORE' MD. t This Iron Has Them All! Q Comm-1-1111s W E S T I N G H O U S E ' xl in I Shorthand in Thirty Days Secretarial Training ' Z. SHORTHAND, TOUCH TYPING, BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE, 'N EDIPHONE. DICTAPHONE, FILING-ALSO ENGLISH AND FRENCH COURSES + l INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION, POSITIONS N DAY 'AND NIGHT CLASSES N l T G I L L S C H O O L ,E 519 NORTH CHARLES STREET Vernon 6718 ' O of as O s t on new 14'-040' 51!0Wl0P5i'0i'01G0Pi-7 '01 . !ff0N0"02'0'f '10+'?101'0N?0i l0I6'v0'N?'0i6'f0Ib4 THE MAY OOMPANY A Modern Store for K Modern Young Men and Women Z WAGNER 'id WAGNERI Pharmacist 3300 GARRISON AVENUE Phone: Plaza 3 73 2 F. Fred Kranz Music Company R. C. A.. KOLSTER, ZENITH RADIOS Victrolas, Victor Records, Columbia-Kolster Viva Tonal Columbia Records 303 N, CHARLES STREET, at Saratoga THE OUTSTANDING CHEVROLET OF CHEVROLET HISTORY A Six in the Price Range of a Four FOREST PARK MOTOR I COMPANY I H. L. BANGS, General Manager Liberty 7038-7039 LIBERTY HEIGHTS at GARRISON AVE. Liberty 7 9 8 6 We Deliver MILTON E. MOHR Ye Towne Hall Pharmacy 4401 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE H. D. SCHMENNER CHOICE GROCERIES -:- PROVISIONS Fresh 8 Smoked Meats, Fruits 8 Produce ALLENDALE STREET and XVINDSOR MILL ROAD THOMAS THOMPSON Prescription Pharmacists PURE DRUGS TOILET REQUISITES, Etc. Cor. BALTIMORE 25 LIGHT STS. BALTIMORE MARYLAND HENRY VOLTZ FINE PLUMBING Steam and Hot Water .T-Ieating, Sewer Con- nections. Roofing, Spouting Agent for Ruud Water Heater, Hart Oil Burner, Fire King Ranges 3110 WEST NORTH AVENUE The Pure Home Made Ice Cream R. C, DAVIS Confectionery and Sundries 4707 GWYNN OAK AVE. F. B. Hammamfs Music Store Sole Agency for BUESCHER SAXOPHONES and BAND INSTRUMENTS - Reliable and Dependable Store to Buy Anything Musical 206 NORTH LIBERTY STREET When You Think of Flowers, Think of VINCENT And Phone Lafayette 1947-1948-1949 THOMAS VINCENT CO. FLORISTS and DECORATORS LONGWOOD STREET at North Avenue INSTRUCTORS OF THE SAXOPHONE ALBERT HOLLOWAY EDWARDNDMEYERS 206 NORTH LIBERTY STREET Study. Proper Tone, Technique, Tempo and Tongueing Phone: Calvert 1768 Phone: Forest 6335 -Special Appointments Forest Park Barber Shop and Beauty Parlor ARTISTIC HAIRCUTTING 3 3 2 7 GARRISON BOULEVARD was R so-Qosmio.-aim fo: to-towtawfozfowfowaweo-10-v R I I 2 I sag ' ' ' W 'A ' 'W Y ' ' 'H' "T T ' 1 7777 ' " 1 1 1 i Phone: Liberty 2300-2303 COMPUMENTS xl Y of the i FOREST COURT WVYSOR NINE ' PHARMACY Gilmor 2589 Armiger 26F-12 i LIBERTY HEIGHTS AND L. S. ZITTLE ' Paper Hanger and Decorator T GARRISON BLVD. H . . Ouse and Fresco Painting , 2112 WEST LEXINGTON STREET 'V , . 1 I. TUCKER 8 SON Meat Market lg COHIPHITICIICS Groceries and Provisions 1 3201 OAKFIELD AVENUE P of 5 THE LORD BALTIMORE HOTEL KIRSHNER DRUG CO' IOW DISCOUNT 1 . TO Students On All Makes X FOUNTAIN PENS F W E B E CAMP SHILOH 1i ' R C 0' CFO: Boys 8 to 14 Years of Agej X offer to the Students ALLEN J. QUINAN, Director 1 of FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL 3317 ST- AMBROSE AVENUE il Their Line of Artists' Materials and Mechan- ' ical Drawing Eqnipment at 1 E Speml PWS 4705 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE , Call Plaza 2650 or Visit our Local Hdqrs. Community Shoe Repairing Park AVQIIUB Done While You Wait Phone: Liberty 1 ' I ' ' 1 1 Compliments of the Z1 ' '1 FOREST PARK ALUMNI 4 I . PZEVPP N wi' P525 'A f0N0N0'K0M0N0161 101021-7 '0N0vk 0Pf?G02f?6R?6N?64'71?1?172?6Hs?W'06vs?6w7s?4720P'?f?'7f0K? l r- O x w U 0 12? En. 1112, Bs E 82: EEE 31 EE' .I , m FU , U' l 1 IN ALL DELICIOUS FLAVORS 62 f-02 !0'N-?fZ'l2'-05 C021-01 I-0119 '0' 3 r Large Family Size Bottle l0c at Yo-ur Naborhood Store l T THE SOUTHERN HOTEL S Baltimotds Newest Positions Are Open I ll and Finest For Young People who have a l SECRETARIAL AND BUSINESS- 'X TRAINING 5 ' 'vm ' , rv, Nfl Thousands of young men and women owe ,l fa! 1 ' 'lx 175: 5 b ' F E WW X: their success to the thorough and prec- 1 I txcal trammg at the, r im fr' rf? ,Q ,X u f one Q FV' g ' '-ll" 5 V5 N Z N B NETT X :gn ,mga WEN, EATO ts UR youn g' new I'-F Fw p ,J s as a ill: an COLLEGE l 2 5'5-525 21335 ' fi g!! if A Fianna pl l Sf! Baggigg 54535 : Who have been successfully training young f 2 1 NPD EFF 3 Silt: '6+1i'1: , 3 Q 5 . . .- F il ljwi. people for the past fifty years 'E -- f? :'f:Q'MA Z' 3 TE?-E . , Lu -' Write today for catalog outlmmg courses f je ' , A' Aifgrw. , and rates. Select your course, enroll with us i 1. A . , 0' and prepare yourself now to frll a good position. 5 A HOTEL gf U 7-9 E. BALTIMORE STREET ATMOSPHERE and ENVIRONMENT Q l PHONE: VERNON 2355 l Y THE FLAG. BANNER AND PENNANT SHOP R.i H. TAYLOR Successor to SISCO BROTHERS l Flags, Banners, Pennants, Emblems, Church and Society l I 4 Goods, Beads and Novelties T Silk Banners for Schools, Societies and Fraternities ' 302 PARK AVENUE BALTIMORE, MD. . 3 3 3 E 5 3 5 3 E 2 s 3 gm 0G00'0'N0"04'-0' 1020201 LIBERTY CONFECTIONERY LAMBROS BROS. Ice Cream Parlor-Music YE GIFT SHOPPE YOUR COMMUNITY SHOP at DOWNTOWN PRICES Goods Delivered 4027 GWYNN OAK AVENUE Service De Luxe-Ample Room at All Times LIBERTY HEIGHTS at GARRISON AVE- BALTIMORE COSTUMERS A. T. JONES '25 SONS C ostumer For Mask Balls. Tableaux and Cantatas 823 N. HOWARD STREET QUALITY COUNTS BALTIMORE COLLEGE agen ioubbuyfa bm! is of DENTAL SURGERY et t e est rom IQ , 554. fi... -I' B1SHOp'S V v ggi k UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND -A A Requirement for admission is graduation from an accredited high school. Further 311 N- EUTAW ST- "' information on request Esfab- 55 Years Address DR. J. BEN ROBINSON, Dem l "The Bird House with U II LOMBARD S5 GREENE STS. National Reputation" BALTIMORE ' MARYLAND P R E M I E R COMPLIMENTS BaItimore's Largest of Cleaners and Dyers MOOERS BUTTER COMPANY MONROE ST. at CLIFTON AVE. Highest Quality Work Prompt Service I Phone: Lafayette 1234 HAWKINS OFFICE TRAINING SCHOOL D 2324 North Charles Street SI-IORTHAND CBoyd sysremy TAUGHT IN SIX WEEKS INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION DAY AND NIGHT CLASSES TYPEWRITING-ENGLISH-FILING Homewood 6592 - M. E. HAWKINS. Director , f" if The Shops of Youth I k 'xi . b I.: .Ili ATHLETIC 5 OUTFITTERS to i f Forest Park High School '9 I 5, , 45.43 MIK' . ,A QMH F. - ' 'RI T "" :Hr D I BALTIMORE, CHARLES AND MCCALLISTEIVS EAYETTE -STREETS Catalogue on Request , 124 WEST BALTIMORE STREET '01 h7'01 S '0N-004200-0N01'-0"0N?101'-0201201 l0'46N0'1'-0' I 'X GEO. A. PRATT, JR. THOMAS L. RAY xl Phones: Wolfe 0990-0991 HARRY T- EDEL Q F O R D NATIONAL 5 L SPORTING GOODS CO., INC. MANUEL-REULING MOTOR 309 E' BALTIMORE ST' 1 Equzpment .l CO., IHC. BASEBALL GUNS 5 BACSSISI-1ET?4liLL REVOLVERS FO BA AMMUNITION 9 ' 225-2749 S' HIGHLAND AVE- Athletic Outfitters to Leading Schools ' B M and Colleges, includ'n For t Q ALTIMORE ARYLAND Park High 8620921 95 ,' COMPLIMENTS W of It MITCHELL S5 NORWIG T AUBMAN'S Makers of . Men's tastes and men's needs are closely X- Cgngidefgd xl RINGS PAR MAC SHIRTS l Years of familiarity have only enhanced their ,I favor with the public 6 See the newest patterns MCPHERSON'S 11 EAST BALTIMORE STREET I Insure with l J. NEWMAN is sONs 249-253 CALVERT BLDG. Established in 1884 Homes for Rent or Sale EDWARD S. STUBBS 1007-8 COURT SQUARE BUILDING I N0 Bfangh Sfgfes . CBIVCH ' Forest 9-Ay I F 1 E D L E R f S Inter City Motor Coach Co. - INCORPORATED Flomts DE LUXE MOTOR COACH FOR HIRE 902 SOUTH CHARLES STREET BENJAMIN M. HOUGHEY, Manager Phones: South 2310, 2311 Special Trips Arranged Permanent Waves of INCOMPARABLE BEAUTY LOUIS THOMAS X Vernon 8377 Il W. CENTRE ST. Phone: Liberty 1216 J. ERNEST SMITH THE GWYNN FOREST PLANT AND SEED STORE Seeds, Bulbs, Plants, Shrubs, Garden Supplies Cut Flowers 4729 GWYNN OAK AVENUE BALTIMORE MARYLAND I . Q J COMPLIMENTS of L The OPPENHEIMER COMPANY TROCKENBROT Makers of College, School. Lodge and Fraternal PINS and RINGS, Etc. Makers of Forest Park High School Rings 310 N. PACA ST. Vernon 1252 '00I0l l? f-0Y0N0"-0'0N01f0'l X Phone: Lafayette 4 9 20 CLOVERLAND FARMS BALTlNlORE'S LEADING Independent DAIRY IRVING B. KEMP, Prop. 1910 WINDSOR AVE. at MONROE ST. Always A XVEEK TO A J MONTH AHEAD ALWAYS in advance of fashion - always first with the new fashions-that is why Baltimore's young people have picked LAM- 1 PELL'S as their Mx'Ilinery I Store. That is why LAM- PELL'S is largest. Oglm ellis I' .sz uz LEXQIQWOH sat I I 1 l I BELVIEU PHARMACY CHAS. H. .IAHELKA GARRISON is BELVIEU AVENUES BALTIMORE, MD. Films and Developing Liberty 3209 Forest 8960 Phone: Madison 5480 -f Open Evenings POLLY ANN BEAUTY sHoP It 729 WEST NORTH AVENUE Edmond and Realistic Methods of Permanent Waving Beauty Culture and All Its Branches THE BAXTER PAPER COMPANY Fine Printing Papers . 400-406 EAST PRATT STREET BALTIMORE MARYLAND HOWARD CLOTHES SHOP 227 W. BALTIMORE STREET 'N Manufacturer Direct to Wearer COLLEGIATE The Latest and . , . OFFICE ---- 1700 E. 29TH sT. EARL SIMPSON si YLES Finest Fabrics yl ' fl and 2. Pantsj . i li Compltments l of.: ,' QRCHESTRAS F. T. GATCH MOTOR CO. , , 5937 BELAIR ROAD Phones: Baltimore Country Club ' University, 2701 Pen-Mar Authorized Ford Dealer Homewood 4391 High Rock Hour , WCAO Hamilton 4120 Hamilton 4121 I 1 T T -My I I PM In' l ORCHESTRAS Phone: Madison 2821 i - H. B. HULL 8 CO. Q f Anthracite--COAL-Bituminous L FULTON AVE. is LAURENS ST. T BALTIMORE N HARRY N ARMACOST . iw WALTER S. ROUTSON 1 4204 RIDGEWOOD AVENUE T Fraternity and Sorority Dances V Phone Laf. 1206 2238 W. NORTH AVE. Funeral HDirector The Standard Floor Surfacing Company 1250 NORTH FULTON AVENUE Phone: Madison 535S Old Floor Resurfaced to Look Like New jf' . 7 COMPLIMENTS L The Junior Shop xl OF , COMMUNITY e Boys Shop SPECIALISTS MEAT MARKET To YOUTH . 5 G A U L T . Compliments A H. MATTHEW-GAULT H. KELCEY G:KULT L from Bfllrimvffs 3rd Generarron 4th Generation Newest Mminery Shop MONUMENTS """"" SIGMU'T'-ND LAMPELL 25 WEST SARATOGA STREET Next to Hotel Rennert .-.i....,.i.-wi.. 24 W. LEXINGTON BALTIMORE MARYLAND See Bill Gault ii' 4 4, w N l, P 5 N r 5 P 4 K., - -1-A, - 1,1 Y K . W- -,-, L SE :70f0W?l?f0'f?l70?l?G761f?'7C?f75N-70ZzLa5lG7516:z7 r01eQ4'a . .wvdwfj Pfacena - Q ' - " W ' 'bllmgwm-1 dw .neva-'K h W I A V I1 -' - 7 Q 1 E KUIIVAZIAEYI Zdtfihlflkl .Il.hA5i3'l'dllD1lTHl' x vswnhw Us-nulxul v.'-uaxT'vI4'1BJ ua mx. u Auun.A.m: tuna au.u.uu.r.4n-u nnmswmmmm mmm: E2 A 1 1 1 UNDIVI YL? RLSIOYSIIUII X Harry J Read 77:-e de f V 7' 611az'les?4 Taylor' V P d t frvml Szlvez' S vet y T ' 342903 Taqlqov Qompcm Sizkoof Annuaf Kngravung 5.,a..1.: I-0 E E llombavd and ,Sfmth greets 'ff' ZlBolhmore,- I I HL ll fi Q 5 . ,:'. 5 La T1- . Q 1 ,i I : V A '- Q Zz 5 l S0 f 2 . 5 Q ' 1 4 . .5 , 1 z 5 , ' ' X , i r L E Q E . I E , 1 , A , i . ' ' A Q , . E . ' , , 'A " , .iv Liu 9 V..w Y .J I 47-X ., . . I 4 - N X 4 pf, if N. 1 ' X. 7 . Q 1' 1 3 5 5 n Q .- ' .' ' ' ' I - 1: 1 1 i Y i V k ' i i fig ' U l i fr 11 -1 1 1 ' all 1: f . N65 . , si n z-easurcz' - Q' I ,I Z W ' -. f U Y . . , ice- vesi en . I ', ec ar Y 1! . L. , . , 1 1' , ,, J ' , - , .- ,-.V - V - ' EY V P H 1 1 1 ,' g - 1! 'z 2 E 1 ' , 1 ' '1 T - ' fl k, ' -Q, - ' Q 5 M E i 1 .iz V A' 'N 1 1 Q 5 - I 2 Q 'RE R ,I - ' f qs W Q 1 1 f.-4 g 7 - P 2 1 , om-:wa--4 15 1 T I W ' L vin . I I f g 1 ' . . 1 f . 5 4 gglinling F 1 I 1 Mui gt 0 : , 1 1 R 1 A , 3 i , 11 M A, , 31 1 f 2 fj . . . A . . F111 . . - - 1 Ml"!I'1'5m'l hues ws In Q0 em inllxlllfl 64- ern-nee an dfqfleen Grlrcs ' ARL: Ei, . . . , ' Ni. K '.m,'nar:4-..'vansaTf1Lv:-xx-.-.-4-1-lf--uv.1ue,:::.1se:f1xr:-s.-514.-1-s:':r1.sxs'xv.m-1n.wn!2-ir-fifSKVBSYK'V"-:V'kW0"l'5'15"2"l24 A N In 4, my A -- I : is Ima!--4,17-ff,.Y4g.w,-ZgTmuE'.TL,,1:1-4-7:ii..., '- N . . , . -... ,,,,,,,a5,., ggnx1-dmv'-nmmmf.1gnr:1-3, f0N0'4'0'N0r0f0' A School Discount allowed on sporting goods to all Forest Park High School girls and boys WIESENFELD Sport and Toy Shop 3 NORTH HOWARD STREET BALTIMORE NIARYLAND Phone: Forest 8842 Work Called For and Delivered COMMUNITY TAILORING Co. CLEANING, DYEING, REPAIRING Remodeling of Ladies' and Gents' Garments Suites Made To Order COMMUNITY BLDG., GXVYNN OAK JCT. 4613 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE. Insist on Chocolate M :Ik THE HEALTHY FOOD AND DRINK " I BIEMILLER DAIRY 6003 EASTERN AVENUE Wolfe 8033 Baltimore, Md. Compliments of I-IocHscH1I.D.KoHn 8gCo. Phone: Plaza 0967 ALFORD'S B. WAGNER, Pres. Y5 Mgr. THE YOUNG MAN's STORE G O L D H E I M ' S Established 1875 Tailoring, Clothing 212 EAST BALTIMORE STREET Habefdasbefy BALTIMORE ' MARYLAND , . 107 EAST BALTIMORE STREET Near Light K OUTJTTERS To MEN VVALTER GoLDsTE1N JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN 3 AND BOYS Phones: Plaza 2215-7859 The TWENTIETH CENTURY Isaat Hamburger PRINTING CO. I ,PRINTERS-PUBLISHERS 8 L M. B. O' D. Prompt Service-Our Prices Are Right BALTIMORE AT HANOVER 404 W. REDYVOOD ST. Q BALTIMORE NIARYLAND i3lil2 03 f0 0120f61'0561f01'01 a ,AJ 3 D n' ., H W-"M az yfffzw Gow. udfkzgqp 94 " 01w7w!C? 61. wgwfwny '30 uf?" 777 L WMWEMZQ fd +,Q'?3-BSUMJ fab Ja W H' ' 'cw 'K Q H . Qnazp 321-,Qwfwsrv 'ao .fqjszwrfzgj Wfdim. 7 6315417 27711 j I Hu,-ol LQ-fd JY, Q "VI Compliments of A Friend CHAS. DIMMLING Choice D Beef, Veal, Lamb, Poultry 1637 FLEET STREET BROADWAY 8 NORTHEAST MARKETS AT YOUR SERVICE ALL-WAYS ELDORADO PHARMACY ELLIS G. KRUPNICK, Ph. G. ELDORADO Ed HADDON AvEs. Opp. Forest Park High School Calvert 3524. No Convert Charge l'a Golden Pheasant Restaurant Dining and Dancing S-s Libeffl' 4700 Balflmofer Md- l 1 1 Park Ave. 110 W. Liberty St. LEWIS DELICATESSEN Phone' Llbml 8826 U HARRY S. SCHAPIRO Good Things To Eat Pharmacist , WOODHAVEN AVE. 3817 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE. BALTIMORE MARYLAND Phones, Lafayette 315 0-1 EUGENE JENKINS HARDWARE AND GARAGE SUPPLIES METAL WEATHER STRIPPINC Fulton and Pennsylvania Avenues Baltimore, Md. Compliments of A Friend THE HOSIERY SHOP Specializing in Hosiery and Underwear For Men, lVomen and Children 215 NORTH CHARLES STREET "THE VERNON" N-5 Hair Dressing Parlor 2-A 202 MONUMENT STREET Compliments of The Park Heights Grocery Phone, Wolfe 4482 Established 1877 Work Called for and Delivered T. B. SUSEMIHL Q5 SON Cleaners and Dyers We Specialize on Ladies' Fine Dresses l SOUTH BROADWAY COSTUMES Thealriral Historical, Classical, Bal Masque, Make-up. Wigs. Masks PAUL EDEL 213 WEST CENTRE STREET Vernon 6722 Phone, Wolfe 6986 Established 1884 HERRMANN'S Florist 2421 E. NORTH AVE., COR. MILTON Flowers of Quality Open 8 a.n'I. to 10 p.m.-We Telegraph Flowers Suburban Delivery GEO. P. CROWTHER Lamb and Veal 181-182 LAFAYETTE MARKET SERVICE TERMINAL CO. INCORPORATED Storage - Warehousz'ng - Distributing 409 N. HOLLIDAY ST. BALTIMORE MARYLAND, .la we-A 1-Tig?" 'Ay S -.E . 1.-I -L .- bl:-lx :-"wifi . K ,, I Q.. N.. an Phone, Vernon 1910 Funeral Chapel GEORGE J. RUTH Funeral Director Moderate Prices-Pierce-Arrow Cars 1735 HARFORD AVE. - Compliments o f a F r1'en J THIRTIETH SEASON ' of the . For I I Hz h Grade Shoe Repazrzn European 9 I ' g Conservatory of Music Founded by JOHN ADAM HUGO I-IENRI XVEINREICH. Director Since 1904 905 ST. PAUL STREET L-s J. MARSIGLIA POPLAR GROVE ST. E5 NORTH AVE. Phone. Lafayette 2941 Compliments of - - DR. FRANKN. OGDEN I Phone, Madison 10077 POPLAR BEAUTY SHOPPE HELEN LANG, Prop. Marcelling, Permanent Wauz'ng Our Specialty 1821 POPLAR GROVE STREET At North Ave. For High Grade Shoe Repairing -Try.. S. MUEEOLETTO E5 BROS. 1737 N. PULASKI STREET Phone, Madison 3166 FIBUS DRUG STORE Full line of Coty and Houbigant Toilet Articles S- GARRISON 8 CLIFTON AVENUES Phone, Lafayette 2941 PHONE, PLAZA 0275 - HAVELOCK E5 SELENKOW MANUFACTURING FIRST CLASS REMODELING 221 N. LIBERTY ST. BALTIMORE. MD, End of Season,SaIes-Great Reductions Largest Bottle in the World 5c Q14. oz.j 1 Quality Guaranteed LORD BALTIMORE GINGER ALE CPa1e Dryj SARSAPARILLA Ar' Good Stores All American Stores Have It For Quality and Service - - - ' GROSSMAN BROS. Grocery and Meat Market Phone. Madison 2822 1802 LONGWOOD STREET CAMP MINNETOSKA HUTTON. MARYLAND A Mountain Camp For Girls Age 6 to 16 Years 300 Feet Above Sea Level Special Stress Given To Tennis, Horseback Riding, Swimming Lucy E. Hyde 1918 Mt. Royal Terrace A C THOMAS E6 THOMPSON CO. PRESCRIPTION PI-IARMACISTS Pure Drugs, Toilet Requisites, Etc. Q . COR. BALTIMORE AND LIGHT STREETS COR. CHARLES AND CENTRE STREETS A. W. LOCKARD Y5 CO. UNION TRUST BUILDING Plaza 7 l 79 ' Q Investment Securities 'We invite you to consult us about your investment problems. Phone. Calvert 2 3 34 WATTS DRUG CO. INCORPORATED IRETAIL DRUGGISTS Spec'al Attention To Prescriptions Phone. Libertv 5672 PHILIP BECK PINE DRESSED POULTRY Stalls: 29-I Hollins Market 738 Lexington Market Residence: 4026 Boarman Ave. Baltimore has learned that if it is new-and smart-Stanwick's introduce it. The most distinctive Coats and Frocks in the New Sil- houette-are showing now. Moderate prices. e STANWICK' S 204. W. LEXINGTON STREET Compliments of HERRON's BAKERY L. GORDON '55 SON, INC. Producers of 'Sales-Stimulating PAPER BOXES AND PRINTING 1050 S. PACA STREET BALTIMORE IVIARYLAND NORRIS' DRUG STORE Phone, Liberty 3534 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE Phone. Forest 6-I 89 -'W Forest Park Shoe Repair A. C3R1EENER lVork Called for and Delivered 3 317 GARRISON BLVD. BALTIMORE IVIARYLAND South 1634 South 0912 M. R. SEGALL '55 CO. Anthracite-COAL-Bituminous 901-919 E. PORT AVE. BALTIMORE MARYLAND F R E D L E Y' S 227 N. HOWARD sr. "That smart Howard Struct shop" chosen by so many clever young things who want the same chic in their Frocks and in their Hats. Thank you for your purchase. And please remember. too. New cards and friendly service Are always here for you. M XVhen You Think of Greeting Cards ' Think of THE MODERN SALES CO. 233 PARK AVE.. Near Saratoga St. BALTIMORE NIARYLAND I i I CAMP CODY A FOREST PARK INSTITUTE 'For Information See .Mr. Axman "Ask A Boy Who Has Been There" -4 Maker of Fine Jewelry OSCAR CAPLAN 207 WEST SARATOGA STREET Best Wishes to the Graduates Phone. Gilmor 4713 C I THELMA P. EBERT Omp lmen S Studio of Dancing of Aesthetic, Toe, Character. Tap and , Smal s A Graduate COR. FRANKLIN 26 ASHBURTON STREETS Calvert 6490 Realtor-Appraiser Member of the Real Estate Board CI-IAS. GREENBLATT Industrial- -CommerciuI- - Residential REAL ESTATE 214 ST. PAUL STREET BALTIMORE. MD. Permanent Wave. S5 Hot Oil Treatments Finger XVave Eyebrow Arcbing The CLAUNITA BEAUTY SHOPPE NANCY M. TAMES Vernon 4016 10 E. PRESTON STREET XVhen you desire limousine service for wed- dings or funerals I respectfully solicit your patronage. 1929 and 1930 Cadillac limou- sines that are clean and well kept. JOHN A. MORAN 42ND is YORK ROAD Phone. Hwd. 7970 IP INTERESTED IN ETCHINGS OR ANY OTHER TYPE OP GRAPHIC ART, SEE THE PRINTS POR SALE BY- LWB LlI3ElZl'Y STREET KT SADAEPOGA ' ' BALTIMORE - ' FISKE Confectioner and Caterer 701-703-705 W. NORTH AVE. TONGUE, BROOKS '65 ZIMMERMAN, INC. A Consolidation of T. T. TONGUE 8 CO.-J. XV. BROOKS '55 CO. Insurance Underwriters 213 ST. PAUL PLACE BALTIMORE mfag.. The Junior Shop FERDINAND ROTEN The Boys' Shep Plaza 7900 231 E. Redwood Si. Specialists To Youth Old Cars Made New G. H. MARTIN Z5 CO. AUTOMOBILE PAINTING I AND REPAIRING DANCING GOLF THE WATERS FINE AT Y. W. C. A. POOL COME-ON-IN! Monroe St' 8 Elgin AW' Lafateffe 0765 Franklin Sr. at Park Ave. Vernon 1460 lVerlding Invitations Calling Cards THE MAY CO. Bnllimorrfs Metropolitan Store Announcements SAMUEL H. KIRBY '25 SONS ENGRAVERS 42 SOUTH STREET BALTIMORE. MD. Compliments of A FRIEND 1 . , f 5 L Ft Lr ulfvutch The Qualitgi' HE value of the printing - I contract ot' a school ' ' annual 1165 not alone 'Kia-fit -r ' S, I a 1 in its specifications, but, in addition, there must be incli- E nation and ability to give the best. Q We render onlg the finest craftmanship in building our annuals. - - - 3 The Dulang-Vernag Compaizg 337-339-341 North Charles Street Baltimore, Nlargland .mmimlfira 1. e 1" ,K,L", , ?v1'?Ew Q -, ,'5ZZgvI,LZ1E,g-- - x d . .. V., V, x 1 K f ' ' J , , 1 ' .., I ,. , J, 5 1 1- H I 0 f l 3 ' X L A ,QT f "Fm 5 X KY: V' xr 1 f w-my . H.. ' L m 4.11.

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