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+ Libris THE FORESTER 1-9-2-7 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL BALTIlVIORE, MARYLAND l a a i Doolttncwtnom I .en-eneneusuo- .ououet ueuxuo- -vmve. .eusus. esusnous-N :eueuo. uV-sus. t1 ' HEN, at the beginning of the school year, the Class of t 27 found itself confronted with the task of choosing an aduisor, they did not hesitate in naming Otto K. Schmied their unanimous choice. There was no doubt in the mind of any one as to whom the class desired. The only room for doubt wasewould Mr. Schmied be able to find time to leave his other duties and give us his help and guidance? The Senior Class is to be congratulated on the fact that he has been able to do so. Indeed, he has given us so une sparingly of his time and attention that we feel moved to com- miserale those from whom this time has been taken. In every one of the Senior Class: projects, of which you will be told on the following pages, Mr. Schmiedls hands shows only too clearly, and in this way: Every one of those projects was carried to a successful completion, and that is a Characteristic of any project in which Mr. Schmied has had a part. It is, then. with a deep sense of gratitude that we dedicate this Year Boole to him who. we feel. has made possible any suc- cess which we may have enjoyed. At this time also, we want to express, as far as it is within the power of words to express, the feeling of loss which we leave him who has been our teacher, our advisor, and our friende-Otto K. Schmied. .eugN-o-mue. ,Uno.nen-ousus..euouwuononw .wum.w.eusuo. 'wnsue. .1. .yueue- uwnsus.Ionsususuons. nouo-uouensuo- ueuonsueuv nsueno- nouxue 3 .0 0161313 K Schmigdl THE FORESTER THE FACULTY GLENN OWENS, AM, Principal ALFRED P. SCOTT, A.M., Vice-Princz'pal ANNABEL WHITE, A.M., Vice-Principal DEPA RTMEJ "PS Ancient Languages Jessie M. Ebaugh, A3,, Head Roe, Irene, ALB. Bey, Margaret Arnold, Edna, A13. Harris, Vera. A13. Manning, Marian. AB. Whitcford, S. Elizabeth. AB. Commerce Katenkamp. Chester, Head Leipholz, IVIichael Thompson, Madeline XVclls, Mary L. Grotc. Adele Harbour, Lillian XVellencr, Helen English Elizabeth Jones. ABL, Head Chase, Margaret, ABL LeSchack, Abraham, BS. Shaffer, Virginia. A,M, Thompson, Alta E A,M, Baker, Aime, AB, Becker, A. Rosalie Fincsinger. Anna DH ALB. Koenig, NIiucLLa Koestlcr, 'chrcsa Lconhart. James G. Magcc. Mary Smith, Etta Turner, Beatrice, AB. Wagoner, Lucy Wright, Fannie Graphic Arts Norris, Nellie, Head Bartlett. Lida Braimrd, Nora Everist, Margaret History Charles L Adams. ALMH Hmd Layman. Florence M. Scott, AIfrcd P.. A,M. Bambergcr. Stella Brown, Richard Dryden, Helen Kaplan, Leba. ALB. chinson, Florence. B.S. Mainster. Josephine Nickel, Elizabeth, AB. Home Economics Church. Doris, Head Rains, Blanche, B.S. Wholey, Ida Male, Elizabeth Paxson, Mary 13., BS. Shantz, Elizabeth, AB. Freed, S. M. Novick. Lillian Manual Arts XViIliam K, Yocum. A.B., 11.11;! Borradailc. Gilbert Hedrick, Melvin Jolly, XVilliam Langley, Edward Pettit. Alexander Quinan, Allen J. Young. Thomas Manhenmlits Grover VVilIiam N0rr.s, ALML. H.111 Becker, Sophie M., AB. Dis. Lntimcr Fox, Ethel H., ALBL Burke. Jeane. ALBL Eversiicld, Eugenia F. Haslup, Norma V.. Ali Lane, Florence R, Shaffer. Cora H. Shun, Aiice vWells, Florence E, XVhilfield, Hester C. Modern Languages Otto K, Schmicd. A.B., LIWBU Had Moore, J. Fred Rube. Ruth Hoffman, Percy Huntley Burner. Florence, ALB. Klincsmilh. Edith Music Butler, Genevieve PH Head Shanty. Elizabeth, AB. Bates, Helen Physit-al Educalion Journeay. Lucy Sims. Henry R, Head Axman, Philip Anderson, C. Melville Hyde, Lucy Manning, Edith Science Edwin L. Frcdcricks, Phil, Howl Bullcn, Irene, A.B. Dice. Francic RL. Lab. Assistant Hurt, lVIiIdred A., A.B.. Assistant Kramer, Ruth. ALBL Boone, Gertrude Shea. Josephine Soran, Ida G. VValtham, Mary Dietitian Squires. Martha C. Librarian Carmichael. Louise Vocational Guidance German, Bessie A. Pavlctt, Lillian Adminislrakion Kl JUMHHHI Hnmmmmlmmum w mmmm , I IIWUDMIJJJHHI I ADMINISTRATION SENIORS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS J UNIORS SCHOOL NEWS ORGANIZATIONS ADVERTISEMENTS .2241 .. , u' h- "hu- Id . dull'lil, w "um. .I'Il .1" IN: Iu IIv'HIHL H ,II""' , , w' yum: Vt... $- .1 WIN T :4. z ' ." $2.5... 10 THE FORESTER Stem DO 1? CM 618$ K? EHC'GJPS J ames G "aham ............................ . . .Prrcsident Charles Nichols .......................... Vz'ce-Prosz'dent Thelma Lautenberger ......................... Secretary Harry Cooper ........................... .. . . .T'rcasurev' Rollins Heath ......................... Sergeant-at-Awms THE FOBESTER 11 Nettie Abramowilz Constance E. Aclzerly Helen E. Anderson Helen G. Anderson Woodward Brice Angle Estelle Awrach 12 THE FORESTER Adelaide Babendrier James S. Bacr Dorothy R. Barnes Mildred Royslon Bassford Lawrence M. Bales John Claude Bil lenbender THE FORESTER 13 Adolph Blum Ely Blumberg Mary Boring Aledora Bowdre Margaret Elizabeth Brannan Emma Brockie 14 THE FORESTER Helen C. Brookhart Evelyn Belle Brown Milton Caplan Leanore M. Coard Dorothy A. Conrey Helen Virginia Cook THE FORESTER 15 Harry Cooper Evelyn May Crooks Cathleen Curry Goldie Dackman Virginia Elizabeth Duly Ruth Dunn 16 THE FORESTER Edwin Dickerson Audrey Spencer Dobson Henry Douglas Frances Louise Dove Mildred Manslead Drexel F. Rose Engel THE FORESTER 1'7 Florence Mildred Elmer Ida Pearle Emmerich Ruth Elizabeth Ensor Florence Falk Margery D. Fallon Rosalind Farley THE FORESTER 18 C larh F eick 1 L Pbyll Mary Feldman Um I tam F ill' John W Fitz berb Watrblze 4 liza E. Fitzgerald Stephen Dorothy Forwood THE FOR Kathleen A. Franklin Dorothy Ruth Frazier , Dorothy Funk Dorothy Brent Garland Margaret E. Gavan Philip J. Glasner ESTER 19 David Gomborou Dorothy B. Gore 20 T H E F O R E S T E R , L ' Rose Goldscheider Margaret German James M. Graham, Jr. Annie Greenwald THE FORESTER Margaret U. Griffiths Florence E. Haines Betty Gordon Hanson Willard Eugene Ham Martha Powers Hartman Louise Pledge Heath 21 22 THE FORESTER Strallon Rollins Heath Kathryn M. Hct'dgerd Fannie H z'berman Hazel Hz'lzelberger Harriette Hoffberger Ella Hoffberger to THE FORESTER Dorothy Hoffman Katherine Alberla Hoffman Leah R. Hoffman Sara Jane Holland Mildred Wilcox Hopkins Flossz'e F. Horney t. 24 THE FORESTER M. Louise Howelh Margaret Page Hunter Leslie Hurwitz Doro! by A. Ijams Dorolhy G. Imwold Genevieve Jackson THE FOR XVillz'am H. Kemper Dorothy May Kinnamon M'ary Bernice Kircher Anna Elizabel h Kirk wood Amatb XV. Knabe Ida Lee Korzen E STER 25 26 THE FORESTER Sara Krucolf Elizabeth Lane Katherine Lallier Thelma C. Lautenberger Bernard Lauin Lester Levin THE FORESTER 27 Anne Juliet Ligon Rz'clza 5. Lloyd Edwin VLochard Almeda 1. Long Ernesline Lubarshy Kayne Marcus 28 THE FORESTER Jeanne! le L. Masil Barbara Paxson McDonald 1 I 1 1 Ida Mazer Mary Katherine Mecaslin Martha Molm Medcalf Lee Medwgdeff HE FORESTER Belle Myerhoff Rose Mt'chaelson Normon Milbum Elizabeth Miller Alice C. Minor Laura Winfleld Moon 30 THE FORESTER Lillian Moore Marian Mornz'ngstar Anna Louise Morris Elizabeth C. Mueller Virginia A. Murray Mary Emilie Neavitt THE FORESTER 31 Charles J. Nichols Celia NouiCh Margaret Ellen Norris Lillian Norwitz Gertrude V. Olson Hazel E. O Neal 32 THE FORESTER Marie Charlotte Onnen Nellie Maude Owings Marie Palmisano Jack Pasoushy Bruce Winfield Peake E. Louise Phillips THE FORESTER 33 Elizabeth Plitt Reynolds Powell Mary Parks Price Margaret Adron Rafferty Gertrude Rausch Edith Marion Reed 34 THE FORESTER Elizabeth V. Rife Florence Elizabeth Riefle M'art'nette Gray Roane Olivia Kimberly Roberts Sylvia R. Rochkind Katherine Elizabeth Roger THE FORESTER Jesse Salzman Adele Salzman Aiildrea' Schiffer Leah E. Schiller Anita F. Scbofiela' Lillian Schofer 86 THE FORESTER Cecelia Schroeder Virginia Sewell Morton Shapiro A. Eleanor Shell Corinne Sherman George Neilson Sz'gler THE FORESTER 37 Lillian Alice Siluerman Ruth B. Smith Jesse Mae Small l Dorothy Virginia Smoot Harry G. Spaulding, Jr. Almira Louise Sproll 88 THE FORESTER Eleanor Estella Stumpf Virginia Katherine Starkloff Henry B. Suter Thelma Mae Taylor Clinton L. Templeman Bell ye R. Terren THE FORESTER 3.9 La Rue Trout Ruth Ulman Beatrice R. Walters Hazel C XVeil Gertrude XVeiner AMarn'n XVeiner 40 THE FORESTER W'illiam Ernest Wellman Loretta M. White Frances Regene Wilderson Hilda F. Wz'nahur Rose Wolfe Genevieve Wolfsheimer THE FORESTER 41. Ralph XV. W'ooden Jane IVIildred Woolf Jane Maynard Worthington Alirz'am Young Gladys Isabell Young Marie L. Zeller .12 THEFORESTER Junm Wiexek Cmbmmmitbee Chalirmmn Helen Brookhart ............................ Chairman Elizabeth Brannan ................... Farewell Assembly Helen Anderson .............................. Tea Dance Katherine Royer ........................... Senior Play William Kemper ............................. Boat Ride Normon Milburn .......................... Senior Prom Thelma Lautenberger .......................... Banquet THE FORESTER 4-3 Senior Class lllliisttory HEN school opened in September, the Class of '27 found themselves truly Seniors, and as such, they eagerly stepped into their new duties and assumed their new responsibilities. In order to get things under way they met early and elected the following oflicers for the first semester: President, Edwin Lockard; Vice-President, James Graham; Secretary, Thelma Lautenberger; Treasurer, Harry Cooper. The busi- ness or organization having been completed, the Class devoted their attention to their first unified project, the Halloween dance. This was given in the boys gym on the night of November the sixth. Thanks to the work of the com- mittee, headed by Norman Milburn, the affair was a huge success. Next came the Thanksgiving play, HThe Diabolical Circle." Under the coaching of Miss Thompson, this came off as per schedule. Arnath Knabe created quite a sensation as a gay young Puritan blade, and Norman Milburn's impassioned eloquence even caused Miss Sewell, the heroine, to swoon in the most approved fashion, at which Bruce Peake, supposedly her father, dis- played admirable cool-headedness and a knowledge of the latest methods of resuscitation in bringing her around. He probably learned it at the Boy Scouts along with many other useful little parlor tricks. A veritable fever for dramatics seemed to possess the Class, for hardly was this episode over than another play was attempted. This time it was HThe Loveliest Thing," the annual Christmas play. Miss Koestler coached the cast which consisted of Edwin Lockard, Stephen Fitzgerald, Henry Douglas, Juliette Ligon, Mary Price. and Helen Brookhart. Hltzy" did a masterly portrayal of the meanest man in the world, while Eddie made an ideal Santa Claus, enlivening the party with many playful little pranks, such as kissing the meanest manls wife tJuliette Ligonl, flirting with the governess tHelen Brookhartl, and leaving nice big logs in everybodyls stocking. Oh, well, boys will be boys! Henry Douglas and Mary Price as the reconciled husband and wife gave a demonstration of how it should be done under the mistletoe. Very pretty, very pretty? Soon after this, the Jolly Junior Jubilee began to occupy everyone's atten- tion. Seniors as well as Juniors. Its success no doubt, was in large part due to the help of the Seniors No one realizes this fact more than do the Seniors themselves. Tush tush Rove1, this idle horse- play. . 3 One must try to get into the spirit of the thing and not hinder the others Well, any how, as the story books so aptly put it came dawn and with it the mid-year reports. When the smoke had cleared a trifle, and the dead and wounded had been disposed of, that venerable body of oldsters, otherwise known as Seniors found themselves entering the last half of their last year at Forest ParkaGod willingt Also, it was necessary to elect oflicers for the second semester. Ac- cordingly, James Graham was chosen President: Charles Nichols. Vice-Presi- dent: Thelma Lautenberger, Secretary: Harry Cooper, Treasurer, and Rollins Heath. Sergeant-ateArms. Of course the last semester was a very full one for the Seniors Thoughts of graduation and after filled everyonels mind, and many were the anxious minutes spent in counting up one's licredits," and then hunting for a college that would admit one With only two years of Latin, or what-not tusually what-notl. However, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, at least duller than usual, if possible-eso there were matters of a less serious nature to enter- tain the Seniors in their lighter moments. Such trifles as stepesinging, tea- dances, the Senior Prom, the Banquet. You know what I mean. However, since I am writing this before any of those events have actually come off, I will leave them to your imagination. I only hope you will be able to do them justice HENRY DQUGLQS , sirEPHEM FITZGERQLD L HELEH'BRooRHART 'v EDWIN'LOCKBRDL" ,LJULIETTEEL LIGOH Senior pRay Qjalsts TALLLW .4 m r" W lLLLJ w : 3-5049 1W; a L34; ugwiok ' U $ m 3;; Ex H ,9 r. In HHHI'" L3 'K J4; EEMEMBEIZ? g R 46 THE FORESTER Class Staltislfitcs NETTIE ABRAMOWITZ. wreenyf, 96 lbs. 61 in. Light brown hair. Grayish blue eyes. On the porch. Talking. 3Don't be dumbf William Haines. Class Volley Ball Team. Class Numerals. Track Meet. Won shorthand contest in press. CONSTANCE ACKERLY. 2Connie3, 108 lbs. 65 in. Blond hair. Blue eyes. . HCome on GangW John Gilbert. Latm Club. Jolly Junior Jubilee. Dramatic Club. Class Volley Ball Team. HELEN E. ANDERSON. 2Smiles." 100 lbs. 5 ft. 2 in. Brown hair. Blue eyes. School. Laughing. 2Shucks." J.Gilbert. Committee Bazaar J. J. J. President of Class 2301, 2401. Year Book Staff. Chair- man Valentine Dance. Numerals and Small F. Vice-President Dramatic Club. Jumor Prom Committee. HELEN G. ANDERSON. 125 lbs. 61 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Dancing. 2Uh- hth Jolm Gilbert. Hockey Team. Jolly Junior Jubilee. Chairman Tea Dance. Dramatic Club. Tennis. ESTELLE AWRACH. 2Essie3, 1261bs. 62in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. G. Wis house. Day dreaming. 2He,s poisonous.n Harrison Ford. Vice;FPres.ident of Class 11, IV. Senator of Senior Class. Student Officer. Glee Club. enms. ADELAIDE BABENDRIER. nFooie." 140 lbs. 6414 in. Blond hair. Blue eyes. Driving a machine. HFor heaveniq sake? Antonio Moreno. Latin Club II. 111. Class Vice-President. Home Economics Club. Chairman of Re- freshment Committee of H. E. Club. Business College. JAMES S. BAER. HJimmie.H 145 lbs. 5 ft. 2 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. F'. P. H. S. 2Get hot?y Lew Cody. Track II, III, IV. Fencing- Team, 11, III. Fencing Club, Sergeant-abarms. Latin Club. J. J. J. Circus. Fencing Team, Manager. Fencing Club. VicePresident. MILDRED ROYSTON BASSFORD. 2Mi1? 95 lbs. 5 ft. 21A: in. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Central. Exaggerating. 2It is that!" William Haines. Latin Club, II, III, IV. Latin Club Play. Secretary of Class 1202. Dramatic Club. Art Club IV. LAWRENCE BATES. 130 lbs. CU. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Home loafmg. uHoly Mackerely Harry Langdon. Stamp Club. Latin Club. Chemistry Club. Latin Club Play. J. J. J. Committee. JOHN BITTENBENDER. 3JinkW 130 lbs. 66 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Eat- ing. 0God Bless Him? Rin Tin Tin. Sergeant-at-arms of 1205. Secretary of 1301. Treasurer of 1401. Jolly Junior Jubilee. Track Team 11, III, IV. Football Team 111, IV. ADOLFH BLUM. UBuddy." 1571bs, 65in. Black hair. Blue eyes. Room 315. Studying. 3Ghee Whig." Clara Bow. Member of Track Squad. Commercial Play. Jolly Junior Jubilee. Sergeant-at-arms Class 2201. ELY BLUMBERG. uBlummyW 1851105. 60111. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Anywhere. Athletics. 30, for goodness sakes!y Syd Chaplin. Representative Soccer Team 1925-26. Varsity Track Team, 1925-26. Sergeant-at- arms, 1301. Varsity Soccer 4. Varsity Track 3, 4. Minstrel Show of J. J. J. University of Maryland. 317w Club. MARY BORING. 106 lbs. 5 ft. 3 in. Black hair. Blue eyes. Room 411. Reading. 2Rea11y?" Ronald Colman. Latin Club 11. Art Club. Home Economics Club III, IV. Home Economics Club Play. Dramatic Club. J. J. J. Booth. MEDORA BOWDRE. 2Dora." 114 lbs. 641,4 in. Light brown hair. Blue eyes. Writing notes. H10h, for goodness sakes? John Gilbert. Secretary of Class. Vice-President of Class. Glee Club. Hockey Team, Numerals. Volley Ball. J. J. J. Booth. ELIZABETH BRANNAN. 2Libby3, 115 lbs. 5 ft. 4 in. Brown hair. Blue eyes. That Certain Place. Fixing things up. HI haven1t decided yet." Lloyd Hughes. Latin Club 2, 3, 4. J. J. J. Art Club. Chairman of Farewell Assembly. HELEN BROOKHART. 2CeCeJ, 120 lbs. 5 ft. 5 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. 2 E. Rogers Ave. Loafing. 31 had the craziest time." Conway Tearle. Treasurer Class 120341303. Secretary Second Half Class 1303. Publicity Committee J. J. J. Senior Christmas Play. Senior June Week Play. June Week Committee. THE FORESTER 47 EMMA BROCKIE. HEmmy Schmaltzf 108 lbs. 5 ft. 5 in. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. School. Gym. IISIterrible." Harry Langdon. Numerals. Dramatic Club. President of Class 2451, Third Term. Jolly Junior Jubilee. Basketball II, IV. ISecond TeamI. Commercial Play. EVELYN BELLE BROWN. 2Evesy 1C5 lbs. 5 ft. 2V; in. Auburn hair. Brown eyes. Carlinefs. Relating events of night before. 2011 helhp!" Ronald Colman. Latin Club II, III, IV. Art Club IV. Dramatic Club. Interclass Debate. Latin Club Play. Class Historian. Forester, General School News. MILTON CABLAN. HMilt." 167 lbs. 60 in. Brown eyes. Brown hair. Gym. Eat- mg. ."Thlnk youql make it? Ben Turpin. Jollle-umlog'2gubilee. Basketball Team. 2F,y Club Assembly. Class Indoor Champion- snp . LEANORE COARD. 2String." 112 lbs. 5 ft. 4 in. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Bel- vedere Masonic Hall. IIListening in? HSomethingk flukey in Denmark." Lew Cody. Glee Club 11. Treasurer of Class III, IV. Jolly Junior Jubilee. Dramatic. DOROTHY CONREY. IIDOH 122 lbs. 65 in. Brown hair. Green eyes. Reading. NYou arenIt even nicey Antonio Moreno. Latin Club. Glee Club. Dramatic Club. H. VIRGINIA COOK. "Cookiefy 117 lbs. 65 in. Light hair. Blue eyes. HWhy did I take ChemistryW, Trying to drive a car. Lloyd Hughes. Hockey Team 3-4-2. Varsity Volley. Latin Club. Senior BasketbaIl Team. HARRY COOPER. 2Harri Coops." 1161bs. 64 in. Light hair. Blue eyes. Collect ing money. Clara Bow. Student Ocher. Student Activity Bank. Varsity Soccer Sauad44th year. Treasurer of Junior Class. Treasurer of Senior Class. Manager of Varsity Tennis44th year. CATHLEEN CURRY. 110 lbs. V; ft. Brown hair. Brown eyes. HAm I supposed to laugh?" Wm. Harris. In Jolly Junior Jubilee. Varsity Volley Ball. Tennis. EVELYN M. CROOKS. IIEV." 1201bs. 64in. Black hair. Brown eyes. Ortmmfs. Writing notes. 20h. Goodye, Goodye." John Gilbert. Glee Club 11, 111. Meet at Fifth Regiment II, III. GOLDIE DACKMAN. 2G01dW 120 lbs. 63 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. 280 what?" Hangout, Movies. Occupation, Dancing. John Barrymore. Home Economics Club III. Home Economics Club Play. J. J. J. Pastry Booth. VIRGINIA DALY. IIGinF 123 lbs. 63 in. Blond hair. Blue eyes. Washington. 20, my goodness." Dancing. John Gilbert. Two Years Jubilee. Home Economics Club. Fashion Show. EDWIN DICKERSON. IITuckerF 1381bs. 6896 in. Blackhair. Brown eyes. Loaf- ing. IICrap." Clara Bow. Vice-President and President of Debating Club Senior Year at F. P. H. S. Art Club. AUDREY DOBSON. 2D0bby3, 130 lbs. 65 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Swim- ming. 2ThatIs a shameF Richard Barthelmess. Basketball II, III, IV.4Varsity IV. Jolly Junior Jubilee. Vice-Fresident of 1354. Dramatic Club. Valentine Dance Committee. HENRY DOUGLAS. IIDoug." 140 lbs. 70V; in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Doc MohrIs. Sleeping. 14O,He11!" Greta Garbo. Editor-in-Chief Year Book. Assistant Editor-in-Chief HThe Forester? Manager Foot- ball. IIFI, Club. Senior Christmas Play. Chairman J. J. J. President Home Room. Chairman Senior Ring Committee. Senior June Week Play. RUTH DUNN. uRuddy." 1061bs. 62 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Madison Ave. Temple. 21th: the truth, no kidding? John Barrymore. Glee Club. Basketball Team. MILDRED ELMER. IIMiIRy 1101bs. 63in. Light hair. Hazel eyes. 2ThatIs a help." 23806." Horseback riding. John Gilbert. Latin Club 1925. Secretary of Class 1303. Social Committee 1303-3nd term. Jolly Junior Jubilee43-4. Fall Frolic Fashion Show-4. Senior Prom Committee. PEARLE EMMERICH. IIPearlieF 64 in. 124 lbs. Brown hair. Gray eyes. Here and there. Walking. H.Oh, Hike." Ben Lyon. Latin Club. Hockey 11, III. Basketball II, III. Minor 2F". J. J. J. Chairman Class Feast Committee. Year Book Staff. Dramatic Club. Poe Assembly. Senior Farewell Assembly. RUTH E. ENSOR. IIBobbyW 128 lbs. 5 ft. 4 in. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Mt. Holly. Washing dishes. 20h,hunk31 Jack Mulhall. Class Vice-President III. Class President IV. Latin Club III, IV. Hockev Team Squad III, IV. Varsity Tennis Team. . 48 THE FORESTER F. ROSE ENGEL. 3R0? 130 lbs. 65 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. 3Oh! My soulP, Century. Writing poetry. John Gilbert. Secretary of Advisory Class 2, 3, 4. Hockey Team. Volley Ball Team. FLORENCE FALK. 21gnatz? 1031bs. 60 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. In F. P. H. S. Hiking. HMy Lawd." Lon Chaney. Glee Club-an, 3rd years. Latin Club44th year. Chemistry Club43rd, 4th years. Miss Cherry Blossom-Operetta. MARGERY FALLON. 2Marg3y 103 lbs. 5 ft. 2 in. Brown hair. Gray eyes. F. P. H. S. Driving car. 3How about some duesiw Clive Brooks. Treasurer of 1202, 1302, 1403. Latin Club II, III, IV. Dramatic Club. Art Club. Campus Carnival Committee. PHYLLIS CLARK FEICK. 3Phi13, 1051bS. 63 in. Brown hair. Gray eyes. Bridge. 2Neve1' heard of such a thing'f, Lloyd Hughes. Latin Club 2, 3. Senior Hallowebn Dance Committee. Fashion Show4Fall Frolic. MARY FELDMAN. HSandy, Rustyfy 1081103. 63in. Red hair. Blue eyes. uFm funny that way." Ofi'ice practice. Giggling. John Barrymore. Numerals 227.3 Glee Club. Art Club. Fashion Show. Tea Committee. Class Volley Ball 11. JOHN W. FILLER. 3Jack? 128 lbs. 5 ft. 6 in. Auburn hair. Brown eyes. F. P. H. S. Walking with Morelaml. 3Aw, Gee!" Bebe Daniels. Track Team 11, III, IV. Latin Club 11. III, IV. Fencing Club III, IV. Hi-Y Club III, IV. Dramati'c Club Play. Latin Club Plays 111, IV. President Class II. J. J. J. Booth and Stage Committee. ELIZABETH FITZ. 3Fitzy1y 120 lbs. 67 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Waynesboro. Reading: 2Hope you don"c feel hurt." Ronald Colman. Orchestra. Glee Club. Volley Ball. Basketball. Hockey. Small HF". Secretary of Class IV. STEPHEN FITZGERALD. HItsie,H 2Beni, 0r NSteve.H 165 lbs. Brown hair. Ditto for the eyes. Favorite saying: 2C0me, come, this is childishf Favorite occupation: Necking. Sergeant-at-arms of H. R. Class. 2. Vice-President of Radio Club, 2. Tennis Team. 2, 3, 4. Latin Club, 2, 3. 4. Tennis Team Manager, 3. Musical Comedy in J. J. J., 3. Chairman of Circus Committee in J. J. J., 3. 2Englishn Play, 3. HF'" Club. 3, 4. Hi-Y Club, 3, 4. Vice-President of Boys, A. A., 4. Managing Editor of Year Book. 4. Christmas Play, 4. June Week Play, 4. DOROTHY FORWOOD. 3D0t3, 921bs. 59in. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Mt.H011y. Dancing. HHope you donf feel hurt." Ronald Colman. Basketball. J. J. J. Home Economics Club. Club Editor of Year Book. DOROTHY FRAZIER. 2D0ttie." 124 lbs. 66 in. Blond hair. Blue eyes. Gym. Playing basketball. 2For goodness sakefy Ramon Navarro. Glee Club, 2. Latin Club, 2. President H. R. Class, 3. Varsity Hockey Team, 3, 4. Varsity Basketball Team, 3. 4. Varsity Volley Ball Team!Manager, 3, 4. Year Hockey, Basketball Teams. 3, 4. J. J. J. Bazaar Committee, 3. President A. A., 4. Secretary H. R. Class. 4. DOROTHY FUNK. 2Dot." 1021bs. 66 in. Blond hair. Blue eyes. Gwynn Oak Junction. Dancing. 2G00dy, goodyfy John Gilbert. Tennis43rd year. Basketball Team42nd year. Latin Club42nd year. Chairman of Committee of HBeautiflcation of School"42nd year. Member of Home Economics Club44th year. DOROTHY BRENT GARLAND. 2Dot1, 115 lbs. 64 in. Medium brown hair. gvslzgnn Oak Junction. Being in automobile accidents. 2Goodye, Goodyefy John i ert. Fashion Show in second year. MARGARET E. GAVAN. NMeg, Nutmeg? 116 lbs. 66 in. Light hair. Blue eyes. 2AW4CW 3Har-F'10N Traveling. Ramon Novarro. Vice-President of Advisory Class. Sophomore Hockey Team. Sophomore Editor of the Press. J. J. J. Orchestra. Junior Prom Committee. Chairman of J. J. J. Committee. Latin Club III. Art Club 111, IV. Varsity Tennis Team IV. Gradua- tion Committee. Thanksgiving Play Committee. Dramatic Club. PHILIP J.GLASNER. 3 hi1." 1301bs. 66in. Blackhair. Gray eyes. Club. Danc- ing. Doug. Fairban IS. 2F" Club. Manager of Baseball. Boys, A. A. Student Offlcer. Soccer Team. ROSE GOLDSCHEIDER. 2Goldie." 114 lbs. 64in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Girl. Southern. Keeping dates straight. nDth be an egg." Ben Lyon. Art Club II, III, IV. Dramatic Club. Debating Club III. Revue Artistique 11. IV. Class Hockey Team. Class Basketball Team. Class Volley Ball Team. Com- mercial Play. Vice-President Advisory Class II. THE FORESTER 49 DAVID GOMBOROV. 2Dave." 145 lbs. 70 in. Brown hair. Gray eyes. Spikek. Loafing. 214101" crying out softy John Gilbert. Secretary Radio Club. Track Team. Jolly Junior Jubilee. DOROTHY GORE. "Dots? 110 lbs. 64 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Windows. Dancing. 2Don1t call the wagonF Ramon Navarro. Glee Club 2, 3. Latin Club 2, 3. Jolly Junior Jubilee. Dramatic Club. Home Eco- nomics Club. Numerals. Minor 2F". MARGARET GORMAN. "Peggy? 106 lbs. 63 in. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Danc- ing. HYe Gods." John Gilbert. J. J. J. Musical Comedy. Dramatic Club. Senior Play Committee. Latin Club IV. JAMES GRAHAM. HJimmy." 165 lbs. '70 in. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Virginia. Hunting and 6shing. HIf you say so? President of Senior Class. Captain of 126 Football Team. President of Sophomore and Junior Advisory Class. Senator. J. J. J. Johns Hopkins. ANNIE GREENWALD. 2G1'eenie." 981bs. 5ft. Brown hair. Green eyes. Read- ing. nYouTe a ham!" Thomas Meighan. Basketball. Dramatic Club. Track. Volley Ball. Tennis. Secretary of Class 2451. Hockey. MARGARET GRIFFITHS. 2Huggy MargeW 1181bs. 6495 in. Blond hair. Blue eyes. HI declareW F. P. H. S. Having a good time. John Gilbert. President of Class 11. Secretary of Class II, III. Vice-President Junior Class. Chair- man Junior Prom. Chairman Bazaar Committee, J. J. J. Thanksgiving Play 111. Home Economics Play. Dramatic Club. Dramatic Club Play. FLORENCE E. HAINES. 0Flossie2 1151bs. 64 in. Light hair. Blue eyes. Gwynn Oak. Dancing. John Gilbert. Treasurer of Class-2nd year. Chairman of Tea Committee42nd year. Jolly Junior Jubilee. Tennis Tournament43rd year. Hockey44th year. Dramatic Club June Week Tea Dance Committee44th year. Committee for Year Book44th year. Expect to have a position. MARTHA HARTMAN. UMart." 120 lbs. 5 ft. 4 in. Light brown hair. Hazel eyes. F. P. H. S. Cooking. 6You would? Ronald Colman. Latin Club II, III. Home Economics. Nursing. LOUISE HEATH. 6Easie? 1101bs. 64in. Blackhair. Hazeleyes. Movies. Danc- ing. 2Eek3, John Gilbert. Secretary Sophomore Home Room. Jolly Junior Jubileef Home Economics Club. Dramatic Club. Fashion Show. Art Club. S. ROLLINS HEATH. 6Joe." 155 lbs. 61 in. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Golf course. Loafing. HPipedown." Wm. Haines. Sergeant-at-arms Class IV. Varsity Basketball Team. Captain Baseball Team. Art FANCDlIIE HIBERMAN. "Teenief, 981bs. 60111. Brown hair. Brown eyes. F. P. u . Glee Club. Thanksgiving P1lay4P1'ologue. State Normal. Class Volley Ball42ml year. Fashion Show. Tea Committee. KATHRYN HEIDGERD. 2Kay3, 5 ft. 3 in. Brown hair and eyes. 5006 Denmore Ave. Speeding. "11m too scared.H Richard Dix. Latin Club 11, III. Runnerup in Advanced Tennis Tournament. Varsity Tennis Team 111, IV. Manager Tennis Tournament. H. S. Day dreaming. 2Nothing else but." John Barrymore. ETTA HOFFBERGER. 2Ed3y 1101bs. 61 in. Brown hair. Black eyes. 2F4heaven,s sake? John Gilbert. Latin Club. Art Club. Calendar Committee. Chemistry Club. Goucher College. HARRIETTE HOFFBERGER. 6D011ye." 1061bs. 63122 lbs. Brown hair. eyes. Reading. HFor crying out." John Barrymore. Hangout, 403. Latin Club II, 111. Art Club. Dramatic Club. Chemistry Club. Goucher College. DOROTHY HOFFMAN. HDot." 135 lbs. 68 in. Blond hair. Green eves. Day dreaming. 66And I was so thrilledF Ronald Colman. 6 Latin Club. Art Club. Editor of Press, 2, 3. Assistant Editor-in-Chief Year Book. KATHERINE HOFFMAN. 2KittyF 133 lbs. 67 in. Blond hair. Green eyes. Movies. Reading. 2Any time." Llodeughes. Glee Club. Latin Club. Home Economics Club III, IV. Debating Club. Numerals and Minor 2F? In Jolly Junior Jubilee. Volley Ball. Basketball. Tennis. LEAH HOFFMAN. 66B00ts." 106 lbs. 61 in. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Drawing. 2Don,t kid yourself? Lloyd Hughes. Fashion Show. Latin Club. Class uaestor for Latin Club. I'SS ' Basketball Squad. Art Club. Q C d voney 13411 Team' SARA JANE HOLLAND. 2Dutchf, 114 lbs. 62 in. UWhen do we eatiw Antonio Moreno. Latin Club II, III. J. J. J. Committee. Hockey IV. Reading. Brown Brown hair. Greeh eyes. :30 THE FORESTER FLOSSIE HORNEY. "Floss." 112 lbs. 67 in. Brown hair. Blue eyes. WindOWS. 2Don1t call the wagonW Ramon Navarro. Glee Club II, III. Latin Club 11, III. Dramatic Club. Home Economics Club. Jolly Junior Jubilee. Class Volley Ball Team. Tennis Tournament. LOUISE HOWETH. "Lou." 135 lbs. 5 ft. 6 in. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Reading. "For heavele sake." John Barrymore. Glee Club 2, 3. Latin Club 2, 3. Chemistry Club. HAZEL HITZELBERGER. HHitzi." 135 lbs. 65 in. Dark brown hair. Blue eyes. Ortmank. Reading. nYouire too kind." Ronald Colman. Glee Club-an, 3rd year. MARGARET HUNTER. 2Maggie." 124 lbs. 65 in. Brown hair. Huylefs. Danc- ing. Rudolph Valentino. J. J. J. 111, IV. Hockey Varsity 111. Class Hockey 11, III, IV. Basketball II, III, IV. Sma112F". Dramatic Club. Latin Club. LESLIE HURWITZ. 2Blomly." 117 lbs. 6114 in. Blond hair. Gray eyes. Looking; pretty. 2Where do we go from here?" John Gilbert. Tenms Tournament. Interschool Typewriting Contest. Class Volley and Basketball. Take a position. DOROTHY IJAMS. uDot." 108 lbs. 66 in. Brown hair. Green eyes. Windows. Dancing. 2D0n1t call the wagon." Ramon Navarro. VarSIty and Year Basketball Team 11. HI. Jolly Junior Jubilee. Athletic Association. Dramatic Club. DOROTHY IMWOLD. 2D0t." 125 lbs. 65 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Movies. Dancing. 5You would." Ben Lyon. Latin Club 11, III. Home Economics Club 111, IV. Tennis II, III. Volley Ball II. Treasurer of Class H. WILLIAM H. KEMPER. HBillR, 1251bs. 66in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Catch- ing up with time. 2Who cares?" Dred Scott. Chairman Entertainment Committee. Athletic Editor Year Book. Chairman First Aid Assembly. Chairman Exercise Committee. Manager Swimming Team. DOROTHY M. KINNAMON. 2Ouzzy." 5 ft. 714 in. Brown eyes. Brown hair. 302 Press Room. Reading. HHold 18m, Yale!" Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Press, 1927. President of the Chemistry Club. BERNICE KIRCHER. uBincie." 112 lbs. 5 ft. 2 in. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. F. P. H. S. Talking. HDarn gOOdW John Gilbert. Auditorium Committee J. J. J. Musical Comedy J. J. J. Dramatic Club Plays. Press Staff. Numerals 227". President Class III. Secretary Class IV. Commercial Play. ELIZABETH KIRKWOOD. 2Lib1by." 100 lbs. 65 in. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Gwynn Oak Junction. Dancing. 2YehW John Gilbert. Secretary of 1204. Vice-President of 1352. Fashion Show given in 1926. Fashion Show given by Hochschith at School 1927. Jolly Junior Jubilee 1926. Member of Home Economics Club. Member of Latin Club 1925. ARNATH W. KNABE. 1501bs. 64in. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Home. Loafing. 20h, yeah." Norma Shearer. Play Cast of Commercial Play. 2. Treasurer of Class, First Half, 2. Jolly Junior Jubilee, 3. Thanksgiving Play Cast, 4. Thanksgiving Play Committee, 4. Dra- matic Club, 4. Dramatic Club Play. 4. Hi-Y Club, 4. an Club, 4. Varsity Soccer Team, 3, 4. Graduation Committee, 4. Treasurer of Boys1 A. A., 3, 4. IDA LEE KOTZEN. uIde." 112 lbs. 65 in. Light brown hair. Blue eyes. Giggling. uThaUs a good gier John Barrymore. Volley Ball Team. 2. ELIZABETH LANE. 2Libby." 1081bs. 65in. Brownhair. Brown eyes. Tumbling. HTwo inches from his moustache." Colleen Moore. Latin Club II. J. J. J. Committee 111. Senior Hockey. KATHERINE LATTIER. HKittyP 17 years. 110 lbs. 5 ft. 2 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Hangout, 425. Harmonizing. Chewing gum. 20-h! let me tell you? William Boyd. Latin Club 11, III, IV. 1Quaestor IVJ Varsity Hockey Team. Junior Play. Junior Prom Committee. Christmas Play Committee. Debate. Minstrel J. J. J. Chorus of J. J. J. Class Basketball Team. Notre Dame College. THELMA C. LAUTENBERGER. HThelm." 138 lbs. 5 ft. 7 in. Brown hair, also eyes. 425. Lewis Stone. Latin Club, 2, 3, 4. Varsity Hockey, 3, 4. Secretary Junior Class. Secretary Senior ClaSS. Class Volley Ball, 3, 4. Class Hockey. Jolly Junior Jubilee. Class Basket- ball. Girls1 HF" Club. Secretary Girls an Club. Chairman Senior Thanksgiving Play. THE FORESTER 51 3. EDWIN LOCKARD. 2Eddie." 145 lbs. 5 ft. 9 in. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Gym thce. Athletics. HNo kiddilf." Milton Sills. Track Team II, III, IV. 1Captain III, IVJ Latin Club II, IV. President of Junior Class. Junior Christmas Play. Boys1 A. A. 1Secreta1'y and Presidenw. 2F0 Club. ELY Club. Student President. Football Team. Christmas Play. 1June Week ay. . ALMEDA LONG. 0A1." 1031bs. 51,42 ft. Light brownhair. Blue eyes. 425. Har- monizing. HMust have been two other people." Ramon Navarro. Latin Club, 2, 3, 4. Entertainment Committee, 2, 4. Hockey. Basketball, 2, 4. Christmas Play Committee. Jolly Junior Jubilee. Dramatic Club. Latin Play. Play Committee. Ring Committee. Play. Sniggles Family. Volley Ball. EARNESTINE LUBARSKY. 0Linie? 105 lbs. 60in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Harmonizing. "Don,t forget your dues." John Gilbert. Debaginlg; Club. J. J. J. Campus Carnival Committee. Treasurer of 1452. Chemistry 11 . RICKA LLOYD. uPinkie." 1101bs. 64in. Dark brownhair. Grayeyes. 425. Har- monizing'. 90h, Pauff Ramon Navarro. The UF" Club. Jubilee. Second Year Basketball Team. Varsity Hockey Team, 3, 4. Volley Ball, Class Team. Latin Club. Christmas Play Committee. Thanksgiving Play Sub-Committee. JEANNETTE MASIL. 0Mignon." 104 lbs. 60 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Movies. Eating potato chips. "Airft it the truth?" Milton Sills. Home Economics Club. Dramatic Club. Tennis. IDA MAZER. 0Reds? 150 lbs. 62 in. Copper hair. Brown eyes. HThis world and then another? Gym. Dancing. Ronald Colman. Fourth Year Senior Basketball Team. Senior Art Club. Senior Dramatic Club. Tennis. BARBARA P. MCDONALD. 14B0bbie34 1211bs. 66in. Brown hair. Manipulating the movies. 2H01y jump up and sit down." Ramon Navarro. Hockey II, III. IV. Basketball 11, III, IV. Volley Ball 11, III, IV. Latin Club. Chemistry Club. MARY MECASLIN. hPatF 1251bs. 63 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Drug store. "G1Bye." John Gilbert. Fashion Show 11. Latin Club 11. Art Club 11. Sergeant-at-arms III. Home Eco- nomics Club IV. Dramatic Club. MARTHA MOHN MEDCALF. 2Mett," 2Medtly." 1241bs. 62 in. Light hair. Blue eyes. Girl Camp. 0Teaching Cookie to drive? 0You1d be surprisedf, Ronald Colman. Hockey Team 11, III, IV, Varsity. Captain Junior Hockey, A. Hockey Manager. Girlsy "Fm Club. Varsity Basketball. A. A. Representative. Girls. KAYNE MARCUS. 107 lbs. 62 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Out of town. Think- ing. 0Not Really?" John Barrymore. Tennis, 2. Basketball, 2. LEE MEDWEDEFF. 0Meddy3, 130 lbs. 5 ft. 7142 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Any place with 011e1'." Track. 217101, crying out loud." Richard Dix. Sergeant-atearms in Second Year Advisory Class. Latin Club 11, III, IV. Latin Play. Soccer Team. Varsity Track Team 111, IV. Treasurer Stamp Club. Art Club. Chemistry Club. ELIZABETH MILLER. 2Libby34 120 lbs. 66111. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Gwynn Oak Junction. Tennis. 0Ain1t you smart?" Ramon Navarro. Latin Club. Art Club. Dramatic Club. LAURA MOON. 0Moonie3, 106 lbs. 64 in. Brown hair. Blue eyes Reading. uHoly Heck? William Boyd. ' Glee Club. Latin Club 11, III, IV. J. J. J. Committee. LILLIAN MOORE. 14Speedy31 100 lbs. 63 in. Red hair. Brown eyes. Peabody. Dancing. "Half-WitV Ramon Navarro. Member Latin Club II. Hockey II, III. IV. Basketball II, 111. J. J. J. MARIAN MORNINGSTAR. 0Kenf, 1131bs. 63in. Brownhair. Brown eyes. 0For flying a kite? Swimming. Dick Barthelmess. Hockey Team 11. Secretary 1203. Basketball, 2 Team, 11. 111. Latin Club. Fencing Club. Numerals "27". Jolly Junior Jubilee. Small 0F? Volley Ball 111. Chem- istry Club IV. ANNA LOUISE MORRIS. "Pee Wee." 105 lbs. 6034 in. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. 2C1mon,dof1 Gym office. Stuttering. Harold Lloyd. Press Club. Latin Club, 2, 3, 4. J. J. J. Committee. ELIZABETH MUELLER. 1Libby." 1081bs. 64in. Brownhair. Brown eyes. Gym. Talking. Well. Chester Conklin. Varsity and Year Volley Ball Team42nd year. Latin Clubean, 3rd and 4th year, Varsity Hockey-3rd, 4th. Varsity Basketball431'd, Manager of 4th. Varsity Volley Ball. 3rd, 4th. President of Girls, an Club. 52 THE FORESTER VIRGINIA A. MURRAY. uSneaks," 2Jimmie3, 105 lbs. 63 in. Light brown hair. Blue eyes. Have a good time. HGoody, goody, gosh darnf, William Boyd. Treasurer Home Room Class. Class Easter Sale and Tea. J. J. J. Junior Prom Com- mittee. Glee Club. BELLE MYERHOFF. 112 lbs. 60 in. Brown hair. Green eyes. Movies. Loafing. HYou would? Ramon Navarro. Latin Club, 2. Debating Club. Glee Club. Hockey Class Team. Art Club. Dramatic Club. MARY NEAVITT. 21301137." 107 lbs. 64 in. Brown hair. Green eyes. 425. Playing tennis. 2Holy cow!" William Boyd. Glee Club. Latin Club 11, III, IV. Minstrel Show in J. J, J. Class Volley Ball Team. CHARLES NICHOLS. 2Charley3, 172 lbs. 6 ft. 1 in. Dark hair. Blue eyes. Gym. Dancing. 2Crying out soft." Clara Bow. Captain of Basketball Team IV. Football III, IV. Baseball 111. Tennis IV. Student Court. Vice-President of Senior ClassgSecon11 Half. Sergeant-at-arms of Senior Classtirst Half. Sergeant-at-arms of Boysy A. A. 2F" Club. President of 2451. Sergeant-at-arms of Junior Class. Glee Club. MARGARET NORRIS. 2Peg31 1121bs. 62in. Chestnut hair. Gray eyes. Church. Reading. 20h, goody? Going; to Maryland State Normal. Debating Club President and Secretary. Latin Club President and Secretary. Art Club. Chemistry Club. Jolly Junior Jubilee. LILLIAN NORWITZ. uShorty." 1241bs. 61in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. ChikVS. Laughing. 2F0r heaverfs sake? John Barrymore. Interschool Typewriting Contest. Volley Ball. Basketball. CELIA NOVICK. 2Ceel." 1041bs. 60in. Black hair. Brown eyes. HFor goodness sake." F. P. H. S. Reading. John Barrymore. Tea Committee42nd year. Diobolical Circle-Prologue. Cherry Blossom, Operetta. Dramatic Club. Glee Club. Maryland State Normal School. GERTRUDE V. OLSON. 2T1'udy." 1101bs. 62in. Black hair. Brown eyes. Play- ing 2500.2 2You bet your boots." John Barrymore. Glee Club. MARIE CHARLOTTE ONNEN. 20nnen4Me-Me." 115 lbs. 62 in. Light brown hair. Blue eyes. Having a good old time. UFor goodness sake." Wm. Haines. Treasurer of Class. Chairman of Class Easter Sale and Tea Committee. Chairman of Booth in J. J. J. Junior Prom Committee. Glee Club. HAZEL E. 04NEAL. HIrish." 105 lbs. 5 ft. 1.6 in. Black hair. Blue eyes. Gym office. Combing Miss Hyde1s hair. HI want t04" Jackie Coogan. Latin Club II, III, IV. Press Club 11. J. J. J. Committee. NELLIE OWINGS. 2Toots." 95 lbs. 66 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. 425. Read- ing. 2Ratsiy Lloyd Hughes. Glee Club. Latin Club, 2, 3, 4. Tennis Tournament. Jolly Junior Jubilee. JACK PASOVSKY. 2W00psf, 134 lbs. 68111. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Drug store. HHey, Joe? Syd Chaplin. Jolly Junior Jubilee III, IV. Manager Track Team II. Revue Artistique IV. Chem- istry Club. uF" Clubf Sport Editor Press 111. IV. BRUCE W. PEAKE. 2Bob." 155 lbs. 5 ft. 11 in. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Maine Ave. 2Horses4BahW Christmas Play. Secretary 1201. Jubilee Committee. Varsity Football III, IV. Varsity Track 111, IV. Treasurer 1301. Soccer. Thanksgiving Play. LOUISE PHILLIPS. 213111111 101 lbs. 61 in. Black hair. Brown eyes. Church. Reading. 2Goody1Goody!" Secretary Half of Third Year. President 1402-1452. Dramatic Club Play, HThe Ghost Story? Latin Club. Home Economics Club. ELIZABETH PLITT. 2BettyHy 62 in. 1121bs. Black hair. Blue eyes. Mt.H011y. Dancing. HAw, GeeW Lloyd Hughes. School Orchestra II, III, IV. Glee Club II, III, IV. Latin Club II, III. Dramatic Club. Senior Thanksgiving Play. Art Club IV. Review Artistique 1927. J. J. J, Fancy Table Booths. REYNOLDS POWELL. 140 lbs. 68 in. Blond hair. Blue eyes. F. P. H. S. Hank- ing. nIf so, why. what for?" Treasurer of Hi-Y Club. Commercial Pla3r42nd year. Jolly Junior Jubilee. Johns Hopkins. MARGARET A. RAFFERTY. 2Peggy3, 126 lbs. 65 in. Black hair. Blue eyes. 2For heavelfs sakefy Ronald Colman. Ortmaniq. Glee Club. GERTRUDE RAUSCH. uGertieF 1581bs. 6734 in. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Latin Club. Junior Latin Club. Maryland College for Women. THE FORESTER 53 EDITH MARION REED. 2Edie? 107 lbs. 60 in. Light brown hair. Gray eyes. Gym. Tennis. HOh, Heck." John Barrymore. Latin Club 11, III, IV. Basketball III, IV. Hockey 111, IV, Varsity IV. 214m Club4 Girls. FLORENCE ELIZABETH RIEFLE. 21710.,y 127 lbs. 5 ft. 314 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Oakley. 2Really?" John Barrymore. Art Club 11, III, IV. Prom Committee. J. J. J. Committee. Basketball III, IV. Art Editor Year Book. Thanksgiving Play Committee. Dramatic Club. Small 2F". MARIONETTE ROANE. HMaurie." 126 lbs. 65 in. Light brown hair. Blue eyes. Gym. Athletics. Ramon Navarro. . Varsity Hockey Team B I, 11. Latin Club I, II. Varsity Hockey Team B. Semor Hockey Team A. Varsity Basketball Squad. Senior Basketball Team 1. Volley Ball Squad. OLIVIA ROBERTS. 2Libby." 115 lbs. 62 in. Brown hair. Gray eyes. Huylefs. Monte Blue. Art Club 11, III, IV. Glee Club 11, III, IV. Dramatic Club. Latin Club 11, III. Glee Club Assemblies. KATHERINE ROYER. 2K." 120 lbs. 5 ft. 3 in. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. HFor the 10V1a Mike? Ronald Colman. President of Advisory Class43rd year. Quaestor of Latin Club43rd year. President of Senior Dramatic Club44th year. Sergeant-at-arms of Student Court-4th year. In Cast of Senior Play4-4th year. Chairman of Senior Play Committee44th year. Latin Club44th year. ADELE SALZMAN. 2Slim Bug." 1041bs. 66 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. nEn- deavor to." F. P. H. S. Talking. Richard Barthelmess. Glee Club II, III. Latin Club 11, III. Basketball Class Team II. Art Club II, III, IV. J. J. J. Committee. Numerals. Chemistry Club IV. Tennis IV. JESSE SALZMAN. 2Jess." 145 lbs. 68 in. Red hair. Gray eyes. Driving; his rattling Chev. 2Dope." Tennis Team, 3, 4. Indoor Track. Cheerleader. MILDRED SCHIFFER. "Milliey 114 lbs. 62kg in. Light brown hair. Blue eyes. 2And how?" 2Corinne18 having dates? John Gilbert. Latin Club II. Art Club 11, III. Glee Club 11, III. Hockey Team 126, Squad, II, III. Basketball II, III. IV. Volley Ball III, IV. French Club 111. Chemistry Club IV. Dramatic Club. LEAH E. SCHILLER. "LesW 125 lbs. 63 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. 2You know? 425. Chauffeuring'. Lloyd Hughes. Class Basketball Team. Latin Club 11, III. Vice-Officer Debating Club. Press re- porter. Minstrel Show, J. J. J. Chairman Ways and Means Committee of Chem- istry Club. Tennis. LILLIAN SCHOFER. 2Lil." 111 lbs. 64 in. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Movies. Laughing. HDon4t be dumb." Lloyd Hughes. Latin Club, 2. Fencing- Club, 2. Part in J. J. J., 3. ANITA SCHOFIELD. 2Bi11ie." 124 lbs. 5 ft. 5 in. Brown hair. Green eyes. Any convenient dance. Dancing. U11m so thrilleu" Ramon Navarro. Hockey Team, 2 Squad 11, III, IV. Basketball 11, III, IV. Volley Ball 11, III, IV. Art Club 11, III, IV. Glee Club 11, 111. Latin Club 11, III, IV. French Club III. Jolly Junior Jubgge 4Musical Comedyy Numerals. Chemistry Club IV. CECELIA SCHROEDER. 2Celf, 130 lbs. 6214 in. Brown hair. Greenish gray eyes. Girl. Miss Norris, Room. Having good intentions. HFear not, Little Eva." Lloyd Hu 'hes. Presideit 2202-2451. Volley Ball Team. Vice-President 2301. Debating Club. Glee Club, 3, 4. Art Club, 3, 4. Dramatic Club. Operetta, Cherry Blossom. Business Manager of Art Revue. MORTON SHAPIRO. 2M01't." 145 lbs. 70 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. John Gilbert. Tennis Team II, III, IV. Jolly Junior Jubilee, 8. Captain Tennis, 4. ELEANOR SHELL. 2E1? 1101bs. 65 in. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Hong Cagn. Dancing. 2What a life I lead? Ramon Navarro. Jolly Junior Jubilee, 2 years. Senior Play Committee. Dramatic Club. Latin Club. Tennis. Swimming. Girls1A. A. CORRINE SHERMAN. "Oren." 110 lbs. 63 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Mil- dreWs. Talking. uCrazy looking thing.U John Barrymore. Glee Club 11. Dramatic Club. Art Club 111. Hockey Team III. GEORGE NEILSON SIGLER. nJoe Zigler." 175 lbs. 72 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. nMexican Athletic." Ice cream store. Automobiles. Lon Chaney. Vice-President 1353. Jolly Junior Jubilee. Interyear Soccer. Hi-Y Club 111, IV. 1Sec- retary IVJ Chemistry Club, Sergeant-at-arms. John Hopkins University. 54 THE FORESTER HARRY SPAULDING. 150 lbs. 74 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. 21 know a guy that did it but he is dead now." Athletic field. Athletics. President Hi-Y Club. Secretary Hi-Y Club. President Fencing Club, 3, 4. Vice- President Fencing Club. Secretary Fencing Club. Member of Track Team, 2, 3, 4. Captain Fencing Team, 3, 4. President Advisory Class. Secretary Advisory Class. Member of Soccer Team. JESSE MAE SMALL. nJess." 108 lbs. 63 in. Brown hair. Gray eyes. Easy chair. Reading. 20111, for Pete1s sakeF Wm. Haine. Latin Club, 2. Class Basketball, 3, 4. Volley Ball Teams, 3, 4. Numerals. RUTH E. SMITH. 2Smissy? 115 lbs. 5 ft. 2 in. Light hair. Blue eyes. Movies. Sneezing. uThafs a help." Ramon Navarro. Latin Club II. Art Club II. Class Basketball II. Gym Exhibit 1Stadium1 II, 111. Class Hockey III. J. J. J. Candy Booth. Chemistry Club. Volley Ball IV. DOROTHY SMOOT. 2D0t3, 1101135. 66in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Music Room. Singing. "Why donW; you stop that?7 Lloyd Hughes. Member of Debating Club42nd year. Secretary of Dramatic CIuFSrd year. Member of Glee Club. President of Glee Club44th year. In Cast of Cherry Blossom. 32116101 Editor of the Press. Member of Dramatic Club44th year. In Jolly Junior u 1 ee. ALMIRA SPROLL. 2Al.n 127 lbs. 66 in. Brown hair. Green eyes. Movies. Swim- ming. HTell me some moref John Gilbert. Glee Club II. Hockey III. Art Club III, IV. Class Volley Ball IV. Dramatic Club. VIRGINIA STARKLOFF. 2Jimmy, Kid? 102 lbs. 63 in. Light hair. Brown eyes. 2Si11y." Three blocks north. Giggling. Richard Dix. Latin Club 11, III, IV. Art Club IV. Dramatic Club IV. ESTELLE STUMPF. 2Stumpy? 112 lbs. 6114 in. Light hair. Blue eyes. Girl. Ol'tman1s. Day dreaming. 2You1re not so dumb? William Haines. Secretary of Second Year Class. Interschool Typing Contest, 2, 4. President of Third Year Class. Secretary of Fourth Year Class. Commercial Assembly. Class Basketball. Class Volley Ball. Dramatic Club. HENRY B. SUTER. 2Henri." 1311bs. 6614111. Brown hair. Brown eyes. uTen thousand blood-red curdling curses." Press room. Collecting stamps. Ben Turpin. Editor-in-Chief of Press. President Debating Club, 3. President Stamp Club. 3. Latin Club Play. Delegate to Second Interscholastic Press Conference 1927. President, Secretary 1304, 1354. President 1204. THELMA MAE TAYLOR. 2T1he1." 108 lbs. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Movies. Dancing. "That makes it right bad." James Hall. Class Hockey Team II, III, IV. Latin Club 11. Dramatic Club. J. J. J. Booth. Class Volley Ball 111, IV. Tennis IV. CLINTON L. TEMPLEMAN. 2Temp? 150 lbs. 69 in. Black hair. Brown eyes. 2No kidding?" Boys1Gym. Athletics. John Barrymore. President Class 2. Hi-Y Club, 2, 3, 4. Swimming Team, 2, 3. Boys4 A. A., 2-3. Varsity Football. 3, 4. Manager Varsity Basketball, 3. Varsity Track Team, 3, 4. Treas- Laelk; Class 1303. Captain Varsity Swimming Team, 4. Vice-President Hi-Y u , 4. BETTYE R. TERREN. "Betty 105 lbs. 63 in. Light brown hair. Brown eyes. Girl. John Gilbert. Review Artistique-2nd year. Art Club43rd. 4th year. Dramatic Club. Vice-Presi- dent of Class. Class Numerals. RUTH ULMAN. 2Rufus, Ru? 117 lbs. Brown hair. Blue eyes. 2Well!" Art room. 44291. Drawing. Lloyd Hughes. Latin Club. Glee Club. Art Club. Chemistry Club 1Secretary1. Basketball Team. Volley Ball Team. Track. Tennis. BEATRICE WALTERS. 2B2 136 lbs. 66 in. Chestnut hair. Hazel eyes. Church. Swimming. 20h, MarieW Antonio Moreno. Glee Club, 4. Home Economics Club, 4. Chemistry Club, 4. Senior Dramatic Club, 4. Home Economics Club Play, 4. Home Economics Club Committee for Tea, 4. Flower Committee for Jubilee, 4. Fashion Show, 4. Debating Club, 4. HAZEL C. WEIL. HWiley." 123 lbs. 65 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Harlem Ave. Dancing. "Gee Whiz." Monte Blue. J. J. J. Committee. GERTRUDE WEINER. 2Weenie." 118 lbs. 6414 in. Light brown hair. Blue eyes. E. A.,S house. Manicuring. 2Isn"c that cute?" Ben Lyon. Class Basketball. Class Volley Ball. Tennis. Class Vice-Pl'esident. Numerals. Tea Committee. State Normal School. WILLIAM WELLMAN. 2Bi11." 1201bs. 70in. Dark brown hair. Gray eyes. Gar- rison and Liberty Heights. Music. Lon Chaney. Radio Club. Camera Club III, IV. J. J. J. Minstrel Show. Varsity Soccer III, IV. Varsity Track III. Orchestra. Year Book Photographer. THE FORESTER LORETTA WHITE. 2DetP 108 lbs. 60 in. Chestnut hair. Blue eyes. Movies. Reading. 2Good grief." Monte Blue. Home Economics Club. Art Club. Dramatic Club. Tennis. Basketball. Volley Ball. FRANCES WILDERSON. 2Freddy." 110 lbs. 63 in. Brown hair. Ye Towne Hall. Dancing. 2Know any scandal?" John Gilbert. Jolly Junior Jubilee 1926-27. Varsity Hockey III, IV. Basketball Team 1927, II, III, IV. Girls, 2141,, Club. Dramatic Club. Vice-Pl'esident Home Room IV. Secretary Home Room III. Valentine Dance Committee. Latin Club 11. Treasurer of Home Room 11. Girls1 A. A. Class Volley Ball Team 111, IV. HILDA WINAKUR. 2Hilf, 110 lbs. 64 in. Black hair. Blue eyes. Music. 2That7s a helpF John Barrymore. Hangout, Home. Latin Club. ROSE WOLFE. 2Rosie, ROW 1451bs. 66in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Cafeteria. Doing nothing. "Is that so?" Bebe Daniels. Latin Club II, III. Class Volley Ball 11, III, IV. Class Basketball III, IV. B Hockey Team 111, IV. Dramatic Club. Glee Club. Varsity B Hockey IV. RALPH WOODEN. 2Rats." 67 in. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Hotel Danees. Sleep- ing. 2Lemme see that? Harold Lloyd. Glee Club. Soccer Team. JANE MILDRED WOOLF. 2Rustyfy HPepF 152 lbs. 5 ft. 6 in. Titian 091D hair. Blue Eyes. Gym, 302, the Press Room. Talking. "Gr-reat-day-in-the-morning.1y John Barrymore. Treasurer of Class 1203. Hockey Team H, IV. Basketball 11, IV. 131 Squad. Volley Ball 1C1ass1 11, .IV. Latin Club 11, III. Fencing Club 11. Jolly Junior Jubilee Committees. Art Club III. Judge of Student Court. Treasurer of Chemistry Club. Varsity Tennis Team 1Gi1'ls1. Exchange Editor of Press. JANE MAYNARD WORTHINGTON. 2BB." 119 lbs. 5 ft. 4 in. Green eyes. A Marmon. Dancing: 2Darnf1no? John Gilbert. President of Advisory Class H. Latin Club 11, III. Vice-President of Advisory Class III. J. J. J. Committee and Chorus. Junior Tea Dance Committee. Secretary of Advisory Class IV. Dramatic Club. Art Club. Latin Play, 2011' With His HeadV, William and Mary College. GLADYS YOUNG. 2Happyf1 1061bs. Brown hair. Blue eyes. that all you wantiw William Haines. Hangout, Ortmaws. Secretary of Class. Glee Club. Class Basketball. Class Volley Ball. Valentine Com- mittee. Minstrel Show J. J. J. Tennis. MIRIAM YOUNG. 2Mirna." 105122 lbs. 60 in. Brown hair. Chemistry lab. 2Your darn whistling? Richard Barthelmess. Chemistry Club. Latin Club. Basketball Team. Volley Ball Team. Tennis. Gouchel' College. MARIE ZELLER. 2111511." 100 lbs. 62 in. Blond hair. Blue eyes. Movies. uHow funnyfy Lawrence Gray. Latin Club II, III. Dutch Dance in Gym Exhibit. Home Economics Club. Home Economics Play at Clifton. Home Economics Booth in J. J. J. Treasurer of Home Economics Club. Home Economics Play at Hood College. GENEVIEVE WOLFSHEIMER. 2Gen." 135 lbs. 5 ft. 6 in. Blond hair. Blue eyes. Automobile. Asking questions. HSure muff." Richard Dix. Art Club. Latin Club. ELIZABETH V. RIFE. 2Libby? 1281bs. 6695 in. Blond hair. Blue eyes. Girls1 Gym. HGyming." William Haines. Vice-President Second Year Home Room. Hockey Team II, III, IV., Captain Varsity IV. Basketball II, III, IV. Varsity Volley Ball II, III, IV. Chairman Christmas Play Committee 11, III, IV. Vice-President of Junior Class. Vice-President Class 11301-511. Vice-President Girls, A. A. Girls4 2F" Club. Vice-President Class 11401-511. ALBERT WOOD. MARTIN WEINER. Varsity Track Team III. Chemistry Club. LILLIAN SILVERMAN. 2Lil." 115 lbs. 63 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Wash- ington. 2What is it to youfw Milton Sills. MARY PRICE. Art Club. Latin Club. Review Artistique, 2, 4. Secretary Art Club. J. J. J. Committee. Assistant Art Editor of Forester. President of Art Club. Chairman Banquet Committee. Christmas Play. VIRGINIA SEWELL. 2Ginnie." 117 lbs. 64 in. Brown hair. Blue eyes. 2Fresh." Hangout, Hawthorne Ave. SYLVIA ROCHKIND. "SylF 108 lbs. 5 ft. 3 in. hall. Sewing. 2And how?" John Gilbert. MILDRED DUFUL. Home Economics Club, Latin Club. Business College. LA RUE TROUT. 'HRue." Brown hair. Brown eyes. Ortmanrfs. Reading. 2Y0u would-you're Just the typeF Antonio Moreno. Brown hair. Having crushes. 21s Blue eyes. 408. Century. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Dance Critic 0f Debating Club. Member of 56 THE FORESTER MILDRED HOPKINS. ttMiIlie." 1181bs. 64in. Blond hair. Blue eyes. 50h Blah!" Hangout, front porch. Buster Keaton. WILLARD EUGENE HARN. ttBillW 165 lbs. 7214 lbs. Brown hair. Gray eyes. Forest Park movies. Swimming. ttSoft soapf Wm. Haines. ELIZABETH HAMSON. ttBetty." 1201bs. 64in. Blondhair. Gray eyes. Home. Horseback riding. 50h, mercy." John Barrymore. KATHLEEN FRANKLIN. HKay." 135 lbs. 62 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Movies. Reading. ttFor Pat1s sake." Lloyd Hughes. MILDRED DREXEL. ttMillie." 1201bs. 62in. Brownhair. Hazeleyes. Movies. Swimming. ttOh,rea11y." John Barrymore. ROSALIND FARLEY. ttTotoF 1001bs. 64in. Black hair. Blue eyes. t1My soul? Ortmalfs. Writing notes. John Gilbert. FRANCES LOUISE DOVE. nFranie." 105 lbs. 5 ft. 4 in. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Home. Reading. 1tBe yourself." Wallace Beery. DOROTHY R. BARNES. ttDot." 107 lbs. 5 ft. 2 in. Light hair. Blue eyes. Music room. Playing plano. Conway Tearle. WOODWARD ANGLE. ttWoody." 117 lbs. 5 ft. 5 in. Brown hair and eyes. Mt. Holly. Reading. WOh! My LordV, Victor Varconi. JULIET LIGON. ttJudy." 1301bs. 67 in. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Anywhere. Athletics. HTo be or not to be? Lloyd Hughes. GENEVIEVE JACKSON. ttGennieJ, 100 lbs. 621A, in. Blond hair. Blue eyes. UGoodie." Hangout. Daydreaming. Wm.B0yd. SARA KRUCOFF. ttBillieP 1081bs. 52in. Brownhair. Brown eyes. 403. Danc- ing. 5J0 Crack." Richard Barthelmess. ROSE MICHAELSON. HMike." 1251bs. 60in. Black hair. Brown eyes. Home. Listening. ttAnd then?" John Barrymore. MARIE PALMISANO. KtPolly." 115 lbs. 61 in. Brown eyes. Brown hair. "Any kind With a rumble-seat attachmentf Reading the college catalogues. Drawing. 5And how?" Lloyd Hughes. CLASS STATISTICS We take great pleasure in announcing the following results of the statistics of the Senior Class: Most popular girl ....................................... A udrey Dobson Most popular boy ...................................... Edwin Lockard Best looking; girl ........................................ Louise Heath Best looking boy ........................................ Arnath Knabe Best dressed girl ....................................... Kayne Marcus Best dressed boy ...................................... Norman Milburn Best female athlete ................................... Elizabeth Muller Best male athlete ...................................... Charles Nichols Best mannered girl ...................................... Elizabeth Fitz Best mannered boy ..................................... Edwin Lockard Wittiest ........................................... Stephen Fitzgerald Most serious ........................................... James Graham Hardest worker .......................................... Henry Suter Best natured ............................................. Jayne Woolf Nerviest ............................................. Morton Shapiro Hardest to rattle ................................... Stephen Fitzgerald GENERAL PREFERENCES OF THE CLASS OF 427 Most popular movie actor ................................. John Gilbert Favorite pastime ............................................ Dancing Color of Eyes .................................................. Brown Color of hair .................................................. Brown Average age of girls .......................................... 17 years Average age of boys .......................................... 18 years Average weight of girls ....................................... 120 lbs. Average weight of boys ....................................... 145 lbs. Average height of girls ...................................... 5 ft. 4 in. Average height of boy ...................................... 5 ft. 10 in. Hangout .................................................. F. P. H. S. g? r .IMIX :. ... . 3:5. .553. . z , : . .. ; 5.: THE FORESTER 59 FOOTBALL Coach HAndy" Anderson in his second-year as football mentor at Forest Park, developed a team that stood high in prep school ranks. Four of the seven games that were scheduled by manager Douglas were won, and even in defeat the boys covered themselves with glory, also a little mud. Several players were outstandingeCaptain Graham, Ed. Lockard, HBone-Crusher" Templeman, and the two Charlies, Clabaugh and Nichols. Ben Goodman, guard, and HGreenie" Morrison, quarterback, were chosen by Mr. Anderson as the two players most valuable to the team. Scores: Army-Navy Prep ........... 0 Forest Park . . . . . . . . . . , . . 27 Severn .................... 0 Forest Park ............... 26 McDonogh ................ 13 Forest Park .............. 6 Wilmington ............... 13 Forest Park ................ 0 Friends ................... 0 Forest Park ................ 33 Hopkins HFroshH ........... 6 Forest Park . . . . ........... 18 Hagerstown ............... 33 Forest Park .............. 7 BASKETBALL Under the capable leadership of Charles Nichols, Coach Axman's basket- ball team was a most successful one. Early in the season the team caused an upset by defeating the confldent Poly aggregation, and followed this with sev- eral other Victories. An even better season may be expected next year, in spite of the fact that it will be losing its star center, Nichols. SOCCER This year marked the initiation of soccer as a varsity sport at Forest Park, under Rex Sims' coaching. The championship of our division was only one point, the team being eliminated by Gilman, two to one. The out- standing players were Badart, Harris, Lipsitz and Knabe. Norman Milburn proved an excellent manager, and the team's apprecation of Captain Badart was shown in his election to the same post for next year. BASEBALL Since the baseball season is just getting under way as the YeareBook is gomg to press, not much can be sard except that since we have won our opening games with St. Alban's and Annapolis High, everything seems set for a successful season. TRACK The track team has for its captain, Ed Lockard, who last year was state champion in the hundred and two-twenty-yard dash. Ward Mitchell is the manager and Morgan ScharfiC is his assistant. Athletic Director Rex Sims is looking forward to a successful season, as the team came back strong after its defeat by Mt. St. Joe and easily defeated McDonogh by the score of 87 to 22. THE FORESTER 61 TENNIS Forest Park's racqueters have started their second campaign for the Mary- land Interscholastic championship. Last year the team was runner up to the strong City College team, and this year it looks as if the Foresters will Uclean up" without much trouble. Rex Sims, athletic director, has built his team around Morton Shapiro, Captain, and second ranking prep school player; Henry Clabaugh, Stephen Fitzgerald, one of last year's mainstays, and Salzman, Nichols, Lebow, Feldman, Seidenman and Earp. LACROSSE Lacrosse, while not yet a varsity sport at Forest Park, is making rapid progress. The team, which is being coached by Mr. Skilling, a former Harv vard star, has played games with Park, Friends, Gilman and Calvert Hall. Next year in all probability, our Lacrosse team will make its initial bow as a varsity team, in prep school circles. SWIMMING In the second year of its career, our swimming team exemplified the spirit of Forest Park. Though eight of the ten meets arranged were lost, the tank squad can boast of having carried one of the most difficult schedules ever at tempted by a prep school team. Several of the men made quite creditable recordsfaSomerVille, with a total of 48 points: Giardini, who placed well in many races, and HFish" Templeman, who as captain, amassed a total of nfty- six points. As the team loses only one man this year, next year should find Forest Park High 21 strong contender for honors. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Forest Park Girls' Basketball team was one of the most successful ones that the school has been able to boast of in its career. Out of the eight games that were played, four were won and three of the others were lost only by a few points. VARSITY TEAM Elizabeth Baker Audrey Dobson Bertha Ruthke Margaret Barnard Dorothy Frazier, Capt. Elizabeth Mueller, Manager 8. Podolsky Jean Grafllin Marinette Roane E. Stumpf GIRLS' HOCKEY The Girls' Hockey team for the season of '26927 was one of the most successful ones in the school. Dorothy Frazier, HLibbyll Mueller, and Libby Baker were the most outstanding players of the season. Jean Stewart Edith Reed Elizabeth Mueller Ruth Ensor Dorothy Frazier Jean Grafflin Marion Brooks Ada Hirshkowitz Martha Medcalf Thelma Lautenberger Elizabeth Baker Elizabeth Rife THE FORESTER 63 GIRLS' TENNIS From the advanced tournament seven girls have been picked for the var- sity team that will represent: Forest Park in matches with other schools. Kath- ryn Heidgerd, manager of tennis and captain of the varsity team, has arranged matches With Eastern, Western, Friends, Park, and Annapolis High Schools. Ruth Ensor, Kathryn Heidgerd, Mary Cockrell, Edith Reed, Margaret Gavan and Jane Woolf are the varsity players. SWIMMING Swimming, the newest sport to be developed in our school, has been divided 1nto three classes: Beginners, intermediates, and advanced. The ad- vanced class forms our varsity squad. The swimming squad: Margaret Templeman, Captain Jean Kneip Ethel Soule Edithe Sullinger Eva Leah Lavin Francis Stalter VOLLEY BALL The varsity Volley Ball team was picked by Miss Manning, under whose coaching two representative teams were produced, to play Eastern and Western. HA" Team uB" Team M. Roane J. Pollack D. Frazier M. Bernard J. Gramin D. Harris M. Brooks E. Weiner 'D. Keller A. Dobson E. Mueller D. Putman E. Baker M. Hyde B. Ruthke J. Wooden A. Kreis M. Willower B. Seiderman E. McGreeny A. Royer EIGHTH? AND NINTH GRADE BASKETBALL The existence of the eighth and ninth grade basketball teams is a material proof that our slogan, HSports for all, and all for sports" is being well carried out. It is to the players on these junior high school teams that Forest Park must look for its future stars. Forest Park enthusiasts owe a debt of gratitude to the Gym instructors who have given of their time to develop this Hraw material" into stuff that will soon be seen on our courts as varsity teams. The eighth and ninth grade teams were chosen as carefully as the varsity team and it is safe to say that every member of the team felt herself more closely allied with the ideals of Forest Park, for her participation in athletics. 64 THE FORESTER . W? Junior CIass IIIIisitory IWO old men lounged before an open fire in a room that was lined a , A with books and that smelled of pine logs. old leather, and tobacco. One was a wiry old fellow, his black curly hair streaked with gray. t He had the gout in one foot, which was tied up and propped on a I If M H59? I chair. He was a silent old gentleman who seemed to be always think- L134 ing, with bowed head. The other man was so tall that when he stretched out his legs he had to move back to keep his feet from getting in the fire. He had kind brown eyes and a still kinder smile. He shook his head, interlocked his fingers, and pushed on the arms of the chair with his elbows. uJimmy," he said, iiitIs funny how we've bumped into each other so often through life, and its a blessing were such good friends now that we are old and have nothing to enjoy but memories and companionship. You know, I shall always love old Forest Park High where we were boys together, for it rooted our friendship." UYes, Henry," agreed the wiry one, 'I have that to be thankful for, too. But to me of all the time we spent in the old school our Junior year leaves the fondest memories." "You and I both served a term as president of that year, too. It meant more to us to be Juniors than it did to be Seniors, for as Juniors We first felt the real responsibility of serving our school and leading in its activities." uThose were certainly good old days, far better than We realized then. Henry, go over some of those times to me. I think I love them better now than I did while I was passing through them? Jimmy pressed his long nngers against his fast graying temples and waited for Henry to begin. Henry stretched out farther, moved back his chair, and started. THE FORESTER 65 T'First there was the Jolly Junior Jubilee Say, Jimmy, that sure was a piece of work but those Juniors stuck to the end and made it go over big. Most of them have made their whole lives Hgo over" like that. Remember how we all worked so late in the shop where we painted the scenery for the show and bazaar? The circus was a circus. too. We had a pretty good crowd both nights. even if there was a Hbaby blizzard" on Saturday. 'lThe next big event was Arbor Day, also Junior Day. The Juniors had a peach of an assembly, plenty of talent of their own. Every member of the class wore a jonquil. Then, I couldn't forget the tree planting and the picture taking. The photographer was a good sport. He took his time so we missed an extra period. Funny, wasnlt it, how we used to love to miss periods? That afternoon there was the Tea Dance. Most all the Juniors came, some bringing their friends. I remember that punch pretty well. We drank till the cups were all used. Dr. Frederick stepped out. too. He went sliding and spinning around as gayly as anybody. Good old Doc! My. he was a good friend and adviser. He sure did fill the bill. uAnd, Jimmy, I donlt guess anybody could forget the Junior Prom. I should never have to recall memories of that. I might spoil it all if I tried. Wasn't the gym a maze and whirl of color. laughter and happiness? That ended our Junior days, Jimmy." The wiry old fellow raised his head and looked into the fire. He twitched his shoulders and tried to move his lame foot. It made him wince. The tall old man rested his head against the wing of his leather chair. He closed his eyes and relaxed. He had a kind and friendly facevthe same that won him so many friends at Forest Park High. The Student Activity Bharcdl The Student Activity Board is composed of the Principal, four members of the faculty, and the Student President. The members for the past year were : Mr. Owens, Mr. Scott, Mr. Sims, Mr. Schmied, Miss Lane and Edwin Lockard. THE FORESTER 67 GQEIUMBJPiiIH SCiiltOtOTi NTEWS SENIOR HALLOWEEN DANCE The flrst social event of the Senior year was the Halloween dance. The gymnasium was invitingly decorated in black and yellow paper, cats, witches, and goblins: while the Black and Blue Jay Orchestra played behind great shocks of corn stalks. Attractive decorationse-good musicionly a friendly crowd was needed to make the dance a huge success, and this was by no means lacking. THE THANKSGIVING PLAY The Thanksgiving Play given this year by the Senior Class was one of the most delightful ever presented at Forest Park. The play was called HThe Diabolical Circle" and concerned the efforts of a Puritan girl t'Virginia SewelD to marry a handsome cavalier tArnath KnabeT against the wishes of her father tBruce Peakey. The latter had chosen for her husband an ideal young Puritan tNorman Milburny. The play was so successful that Miss Alta Thompson arranged for its presentation at the Homewood Playshop. THE FOREST HIGH FROLIC The Fall Frolic took place at Forest Park High School on Saturday, No vember 13, 1926, from 2 to 10 p. m. A delicious turkey supper was served and was enjoyed by all. In the auditorium was a fashion review where many graceful models displayed the latest fashions by the courtesy of Hochschild, Kohn 8 CO. There was dancing and character reading. and in the gymnasium was a bazaar with fancy work and good things to eat. The aHair was under the auspices of the Parent-Teacher Association. It was a Frolic and a Success. CHRISTMAS PLAYS Just before Christmas the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes presented three one-act plays which, it has been decreed by the traditions of the Forest Park High School, shall be given before the holidays. This year the plays did not fall below the standard set; indeed, they raised that standard both by their selection of material and acting, and by the scenery used. The Sophomores, as their contribution, gave a play entitled HThe Beauti- ful Deed," which is an adaptation of the story of UBeau Geste." The cast was as follows: Lady Brandon ................ .Helen Etheridge Isabel ....................... Margaret Templeman Claudia , , . . ........... i . . . . . V .Helen Parker Digby Geste. i . V ................. John Andrew Michael Geste. . . . ................ Marshall Melvin John Geste .................... , tDuncan Brown The Juniors gave HSpreading the News," by Lady Gregory, a story of the devastating eHect of the Irish peasants eager desire for news. This play, a comedy, was well acted and presented, having been coached by Miss Fox and Miss Jones. The characters were: Bartley Fallon ....................... .Tom Beck Mrs. Fallon ...................... . Mary Gill Jack Smith ....................... Milton Bergen Shawn Early ................... . .Frank Smalkin Tim Casey ...................... . .Milton Smith James Ryan ......................... Gilbert Horn Mrs. Tarpey ............... . . . .Phoebe Engleman Mrs. Tully ........................ Elizabeth Reed Jo Muldoon ........................... Paul Jones Magistrate. . 4 . ..................... Morris Pearce L8 THE FORESTER Last, but not least, the Seniors presented T'The Loveliest Thing," by Roland Pertence. The play was well suited to the occas1on as it takes place on Christmas Eve and has as one of its characters Santa Claus, che man who wasn't expected. " The characters were as foll ows: The Man Who Wasn t Expected ..... Edwin Lockard The Husband .................. Henry Douglas The Wife ........................... Mary Przce The Child ................... . . Clarise Finger The Husband's Father ............. Stephen Fitzgerald The Wife's Mother. . ........ . . . V Juliet Ligon The Governess . . . . , . . . Helen Brookhart The plays made a fitting and entertaining close of school before the holi- days The next thing on the program was the Alumni-Senior dance, on the evening of the thirtieth of December at the Alcazar. Considered from any and every viewpoint, and notwithstanding the fact that the Seniors did not have any part in running it, the affair was a great success! Will wonders never cease? While we are on the subject of dances, it would be well to mention the Senior Valentine Dance. This, of course, like all the others, went over big. Bill Kempsr's jugghng of the lights was really masterful. JOLLY JUNIOR JUBILEE The annual event of the Jolly Junior Jubilee took place on February 18 and 19. On the latter night in spite of the bad weather outside, inside of the walls of the school a good time was had by all the Visitors In the auditorium a musical review was presented with an all star cast: in the boys gym was the circus and such acrobatic feats were never Viewed before The bazaar was in the girls' gym. All the tables were prettily decorated and all the dainties were tempting. Parents, children, young and old, all turned out and enjoyed the diversity of amusement at the Jubilee. ARBOR DAY ASSEMBLY The Arbor Day Assembly marked the first assembly in charge of the Juniors. The whole programme was furnished by the Junior class, and after the assembly they marched to the campus and planted ivy and a tree. This assembly has become one of the traditions of the school, and each year will find the Junior class taking over the Arbor Day Celebration and following it by their f1rst tea dance. INTER-CLASS ATHLETICS Girls: The inter-class athletics for girls include basketball, volleyball and tennis. In the basketball Tournament each home-room entered teamseone or more according to the proportion of girls interested. Having finished this there were five teams in each year who played a Hround robin" tournament with the nnal result that about two hundred girls in the Senior school participated. Following this came volleyball horne-room tournaments in which approximately two hun- dred and fifty girls participated. And finally there is the tennis tournament which is now in full sway and will probably continue until the middle of June. This sport has been divided into three classes, namely: Novice or beginner's class which has an enrollment of ninety girls, the intermediate class with an enrollment of one hundred and ten girls and the advanced class with an enrollment of twenty girls who have been playing for three or more years. THE FORESTER 69 Boys: Inter-class sports for boys are of a more varied type, consisting of soccer, tennis, indoor baseball, track and basketball. In the whole school approxi- mately seven hundred boys participated in soccer tournaments, two hundred and fifty in tennis, eight hundred in indoor baseball, three hundred in track, five hundred and fiftyesix in the flrst basketball tournament and six hundred in the second. In that last basketball tournament there were four hundred and eight games playedemorc than any other tournament in the city. The results obtained from this extensive inter-class athletic program have been gratifying to say the least. In former years. and indeed in some schools today, if a student was unable to make Hvarsity" he was consequently unable to participate in any way since every effort was spent on the Uvarsity." But with the coming of the inter-class policy this evil has been abolished. It has been estimated that eighty per cent of the girls of Forest Park and ninety-six per cent of the boys have participated in some form of athletics this year. MISS CHERRY BLOSSOM HMiss Cherry Blossom," our first musical performance presented by th: school as a whole, was presented on the night of April 30th. Alice Minor took the leading part, that of Miss Cherry Blossom. Gordon Forsythe character- ized John Henry Smith, Robert Scheck took the part of Togo, Kokomo was enacted by Nlilton Rosenfeld, and Margaret Murphy was Jessica Vandenpaal. Several choruses, composed of members of the boys' and girls' glee clubs, be- sides others from the student body, all helped to make the Operetta a success. The costumes Were sewed by the Horne-Economics department and were de- signed and embellished by Miss Norris and several girls of the school. The success of lilVliss Cherry Blossom" was due to Miss Genevieve Butler's untiring work in coaching, and to Miss Nellie Norris for her wonderful art effects, Credit must also be given to many others of the faculty for their efforts in different lines. Our school has thus advanced another step by adding a still different type of performance to the already varied ones that We have produced. clJUNE WEEI l, This event to which the Seniors are looking forward With so much pleasure will mark the severing of their connections With Forest Park. The Senior Farewell assembly will be on Tuesday, May 31, and will be followed by a tea dance on Friday, June 3. On Friday, June 10, will be the Senior Play. The Senior Prom to which every senior is looking forward with expectancy Will be on Wednesday, June 15, closely followed by the Banquet on June 17, and finally Commencement and the Alumni dance on June 20. ttTHE PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION, The ParenteTeacher Association of Forest Park is a live, wide-awake or- ganization. It has helped the school in many ways; both by taking an interest in, and encouraging the activities, and by appropriating generous sums for the aid of the school and the pupils. Some of its appropriations have been $500.00 to the library: $200.00 for a school band: $500.00 for students making their own way through school: $10.00 monthly for pictures for the class with the best attendance: $250.00 for a scholarship and other sums to aid the school. It also uses its influence to bring matters of importance before proper authori- ties. From this brief account one may readily see of what importance and with what appreciation the school regards this organization. :mum Qwu$aza:n anwxi M THE FORESTER 71 STUDENT GOVERNM ENT In no other school in the city is the student body represented in so many ways as in Forest Park. Our Student Government includes a Student Presi- dent, elected by the students: a Student Board of Representatives composed of the advisory class presidents: the Senate whose members are elected by the students: and student officers appointed by the Student President. These officers take charge of certain study halls, assist in the supervision of the cafe- teria, passage on the halls, or on the campus. This plan of Student Government has been in the nature of an experiment. So far it has inspired confidence and a sense of responsibility in the students, which is most desirable. THE SENATE The Senate is an executive body composed of two representatives from each grade. These Senators are elected by popular vote. The Senate meets every Thursday during the advisory period. It discusses ways and means for improving school conditions, and recommends laws and gives suggestions to the Board of Student Representatives. The Senate has also made preparations for the election of new Senators and a new Student President for the coming year. INAUGURATION OF STUDENT COURT The newest idea in student government at Forest Park is the Student Court. In this court students who have disobeyed cafeterial rules or the cafe- teria ofiicers are given a trial: and after the testimony of witnesses, are either punished or dismissed. This court gives a meaning to student authority, and its success has shown it to be worth while. The members of the court this year were as follows: Chief JudgegEdwin Lockard Judges-Char1es Nichols Jane Wolf Henry Sandlas Elsie Elsworth Elsworth Armocost Margaret Templeman ClerkeHerbert Siedenman THE BOARD OF STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES The Board of Student Representatives tpresided over by the Student Presidenty is composed of the President of each advisory class. This body meets every Wednesday during the advisory period, when it discusses ways of improving the school. This body deals with complaints and suggestions about affairs of the school in an effort to improve the school conditions. All ques- tions and problems arising in advisory discussions are brought up at these meet- ings, for answers or suggestions. At the meetings announcements concerning the school are made. After every meeting of the Board each home-room presi- dent tells his class what occurred at the meeting. In this way all the Students in the school are kept in touch with what is going on. 72 THE FORESTER Formter Sitting O. K. SCHMIED, Faculty Aduisor STEPHEN FITZGERALD, Managing Editor HENRY DOUGLAS. Edz'zor-z'n-Chz'ef E?muitorian Steam: WILLIAM KEMPER. Bogs' Sports DOROTHY HOFFMAN, Assistant Edzlor DORm HY FORWOODv Clabs JULIETTE LIGON, Gz'rls Sports E. BROWN. Historian PEARL EMMERICH, Biographies - WILLIAM WELLMAN, Photographer FLORENCE RIEFLh, Art Edzlor HELEN E. ANDERSON. Transcription E00 lAv; D: j DYCLWUNW OQC$ 923:1. lACH THE FORESTER 7:3 The Glee Clludb The Glee Club Of our school was reorganized in October, 1926. This' year the Boys' Glee Club and GirlsT Glee Club were combined forming the Forest Park Glee Club. During the past months of this school year the Glee Club has done many valuable things. The club made its first public appearance last fall when the members sang several selections at an assembly. At Christmas time the club sponsored the Christmas Carol Assembly. When the Jolly Junior Jubilee came along the Glee Club stepped willingly in and did its best to make the Jubilee a success. The boys put over a Minstrel Show while the girls danced several Oriental Dances and the Baby Doll Dance. The Glee Club expects to present an Operetta "Miss Cherry Blossom" on April the 30th. Aside from all this the Glee Club has provided special music for many assemblies. Several of its members have sung delightful solos and others have supplies lovely instrumental selections. Fi 1 SWETAS EEWANA SENHQR SECTHQN Q MEEWN S $ ME:- ELECUON OF OVHCEDS NWAWTALLMWN 0F QFHCEDS WWCAL XbMEMXL CANE MUHC ----- BANCXNQ VDEQRWE IMUDWXWA DOWN - WV TEWDXEWXN ANFCIAUADT CHOW CHADADEI CONUNDDUM f MREDZWCff 'lOff MW Wf WAD" APR DWONfVOOD MUfoW A Y: BAWQ Off I C l. V gamma Mm THE FORESTER 77 The GTtBCGIUI 6111Mii Gray ATCiiiltBTy Ciilldb The officers of the club are: President .......................... Howard King Vice-President. ....................... Jack Boyle Secretary ........................ Earl Wellschlagez' Treasury ....................... . ..... Alton Short A newcomer in the ranks of Forest Parksi chartered organizations is the Green and Gray Archery Club. Organized March 4, 1927, the club already boasts a number of active members. Membership in the Club is strictly limited to boys. A number of girls have displayed interest in such a project and it is hoped that before long a rival organization Will be formed by the fair sex to give the boys some com- petition. Boys in the Archery Club make their own paraphernalia in the shops and hold target practice on the athletic field, Mr. Allen J. Quinan is advisor of the Organization. The boys have adopted for their purpose Hto revive interest in the ancient art and pastime of archery" and hope that it may become so widespread that it may be given a regular place among the athletic activities of the school. 78 THE FORESTER ' PISTOL 6y ' AMERAL .cuoe Tlhe Girls? Ml??? Clulh Charter Members New Members E. Mueller, President E. Baker D. Frazier G. Gramin E. Rife B. Ruthke M. Medcalf R. Lloyd A. Dobson M. Roane F. Wilderson E. Reed V. Cook M. Brooks T. Lautenberger, Secretary R. Ensor OUR AIMS 1. To support all school projects. 2. To promote athletics, both intra-mural and varsity for boys as well as girls. 3. To take measures to secure facilities and adequate equipment for athletics. 4. To promote good sportsmanship in all phases of school life. 5. To act as hostesses to Visiting teams. 6 To assist intra- mural sports by voluntarily undertaking to stimulate playing to teach the sports to act as referees leaders and coaches to other school teams. 7. To honor the major HF" and the girls who wear it. THE FORESTER 79 Eihme Ecwmromiics Cihmh President .......................... Mary Boring ViceePresident .................... Dorothy Imwold Secretary ..................... Lillian A. Siluerman Treasurer ........................... Marie Zeller A little more than a year ago, the members of the Home Economics Major Food Class decided that they wished to form a club. This club was to in- clude all Major Home Economic Classes, and those members of the school who wished to join. Accordingly a constitution was drawn, oihcers were elected, and the Home Economics Club embarked on its career. It was rather difficult to become known, but after the Jolly Junior Jubilee, where we had full charge of the cake and pastry booth; the Tea for Mothers, which has since become an annual affair, and the numerous interesting field trips taken, pupils became aware of our increasing activities. This year we started by giving a Halloween Party, to which all were invited, and where new members were able to realize just the sort of Club we were striving to be. At the Annual Meeting of the Home Economics Association of Maryland, held at Hood College this year, the members of the Club gave a short playlet, which proved a delightful suc- cess. As a fitting climax to the yeafs work, came the Motheris Tea, where faculty met parents and enjoyed a pleasant chatty afternoon. Just as a baby learning to walk have we progressed2ef1rst crawling, then walking unsteadily, gradually becoming firmer, until now we are walking upright, unsupported, and can take our place among the other clubs of Forest Park High School. 80 THE FORESTER The press Club The Press Club has two dennite Objectives: to instruct members in the science of journalism and to improve the official publication of this school, HThe Forest Park Press." N0 thought has been given to pleasure, except in so far as the achievement of those ideals gives pleasure. Editors and reporters of iiThe Pressti make up a large part of the Press Club's membership and have been largely instrumental in fulIilling the second aim of the club. uThe Pressyi has evolved from a school paper to a school newspaper. Its popularity among the students has been shown by the fact that 70 per cent of them are buying it each week, and the average circulation of 1,800 copies is the largest of any high school paper in the state. Mr. uJimrny,' Leonhart, advisor Of UThe Pressft has compounded a style sheet and, due to his previous experience in the newspaper field, the editors are speake ing in terms of iileads," Hbanks," Hheads," etc. During the first annual Press VJeek, held under the supervision of this club during March, two assemblies were presented, booklets on newspaper-mak- ing were distributed, and talks were made to the various classes. This will be a fixed project on the Press Club program in coming years. THE FORESTER 81 TEMP: qugst pamk prgss EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-m-Chief ...................... Henry B. Suter, 27 Assistant Editow-in-Cln'ef ........... Dorothy Kinnamon, ,27 Club Editor ......................... Dorothy Smoot, 27 Art Editor ............................ Arthur Ward, 29 Exchange Editor ......................... Jane Woolf, ,27 SPORTS Jack Pasovsky, 27 Margaret Kunkel, 29 FEATURES Mildred Hopkins, ,27 Myra Gill, ,28 REPORTERS Marjorie Baernstein, Virginia Catlin, Bernice Kircher, Gilbert Hillman, A. Leonard Mogol, Muriel Silverstein, Samuel Sprol, Susan Strow, Thomas Rosser, Pauline Michelson. FACULTY ADVISERS Mr. Le Schack Mr. Skilling Mr. Leonhart 82 THE FORESTER E 38M 3 The Camftfsmuamys Ciuh When the boys in the shops saw that students Were board with plane and uninteresting clubs, they determined to give them a square return for their time. On the level. the Craftsman's Club is unique. But now we must get down to brass tacks. Ochers of the organization are: President ......................... Maurice Pearce Vice-President .................... Charles Torsch Secretary-Treasurer ..................... Fred May The CraftsmanTs Club marked the beginning of the third year of its existence by enlarging the sphere of its activities. The club extended its pro- ductions to include products of the tin shop and members of the club Were allowed to use this shop in perfecting their handiwork. Mr. Edward L. Long- ley was made associate advisor with Mr. Allen J, Quinan, Who supervises the woodworking division of the organization. The boys entertained several teachers at a club feast immediately before the Christmas holidays and at the fmal feast of the year, held recently, each member in good standing was awarded a siiver pin bearing the initials of the club, uC. C." In addition, Mr. Owens was presented With a pennant of the club. Many interesting. ornamental and useful articles have been fashioned by members of the CraftsmanTs Club. THE FORESTER 88 Rhys? Athletic Aswciwtihn OFFICERS: President ........................ Edwin Lockard Vice-President ................. Stephen E. Fitzgerald Secretary ....................... Herbert Seidenman Treasurer ......................... Amath Knabe Sergeant-at-Arms ..................... Carl Dohme The Boys' Athletic Association is composed of one representative from each home-room class, both senior and junior high school. The meetings are held on the hrst of each month, after Which each representative explains to his class the proceedings of the meeting. In this way the entire school is kept well informed of the athletic business of the school. The purpose of the organization is to support both varsity and intra- mural athletics, to keep the school informed of athletic activities, and to influ- ence the entire school to attend all athletic contests. It is also the duty of each representative to have his class represented in all intra-mural athletics, Whether it be basketball, soccer, or indoor baseball. The most important activities of the association throughout the last year were selling of athletic assOciation tickets and the selling of tags to football and basketball games. 84 THE FORESTER Somiettets Rtmmqalnet Uunior Sectionl Consul ......................... Douglas Lochard Princeps Quaestorum ................... Vera Coster Aedile ............................. Samuel Sprol Ego certe meum rei publicae atque Societati Romanae oflicium praestabo. Students who are members of the Societas Romana will be enabled to get a background for the study of Latin and to enjoy interesting entertainment at the same time. The club which meets only once a month, plans its meetings with a two-fold objective, to entertain and to instruct. At Chtistmastide the attention of the students was turned upon the Roman NSaturnalia" and they perceived that the Roman celebration was very much like our Christmas. Dramatizations of classical stories have often occupied important places of the clubs program and have given the students insight into history and mythology. On St. Valentine's Day, members of the club vied with one another to write the best Latin valentine. HHigh Lights of Roman History" also was recently dramatized by the club. Other entertaine ment, in the form of games, musical selections and recitations, abounds at the meetings of this organization. THE JUMOQ GLEE CLUB " The Jam'or Glee CXub meds Once a week in room 101. 7515 club flack a special ParT in me ChrfsTmOS pageanfoflq- 26. Euf 1170 high sperm 7'ch work ofTBo year came May 12,11 when 7170 61.66 Cyub wl777 several oler schools, Iaok parf in jho slon'nq fesTILral 0W6 Lyric. 777a club was plhed bya chorus from $1200! $46, and 7770 camblncd chorus. 3009 selecmns from Codman's "Lela walq." 86 THE FORESTER A GIOUPES? Athletic JASSOCiafiDn President ........................ Dorothy Frazier Vice-President .................... Elizabeth Baker Secretary ......................... Nlargaret Bryan Hockey Managert ................. JVIarlba Medcalf Basketball Manager ................ Elizabeth NIueller Volley Ball Manager ............... Belle Seidenman Tennis Manager .................. Kathryn Heidgerd Junior High Representativeg Dorothy Beck Hst terme : Jane Edwards t'Zd terme Every girl automatically belongs to this association. In every class, a representative was elected to attend the meetings which were held on the third Tuesday of each month. At the December meeting a playlet, "The Sniggles Family," was given by the Senior hockey team. In January the Sophs gave a pantomime movie, HWild Nell" or hHer Final Sacrifice." At the February meeting two talks were given on Athletics at Goucher College, Miss F. Burkhalter and Miss Helen Dodson being the speakers. Miss Journeay and Miss Manning danced clog dances, which were much enjoyed by everyone. THE FORESTER 87 The Juniror Dramatic Club Every year, in addition to other performances, the Junior Dramatic Club has presented the Christmas pageant. This year, the play, UQueen Christmas," was a better one than ever before. The scene in which Santa Claus appeared, wellewords just fail to express it! At our meetings we have had minstrel shows, games, musical programs and charades. We are sure that the members will never forget our Valentine Party. With the help of the officers: President ........................ Margaret Hinds ViceePresident .................... Elizabelh Schloss Secretary ............................ Isobel Ports Treasurer ........................... Miss XVrighz our party certainly carried out the slogan, HA good time for a113, Although we are busy producing HA Pageant of Workers," we are not too busy to have hopes for the future. After a talk on the history of "Puppets and Marionlettes," given by Miss Thompson, several of our members attempted to make some puppets and we are all hoping that next year will fulfill our aspirations for a puppet show at Forest Park. We know that this would please our advisors, as well as the members, who always have the future of the Junior Dramatic Club at heart. 88 THE FORESTER The 661999 Ciuh The HF" Club is an organization of varsity letter men, banded together to support all school projects. It is different from the majority of the other clubs of the school in that it has no officers, nor does it hold regular meetings. Questions at once arise: How can the club function, how can it accomplish anything of consequence, what does it really do? The answers to these ques- tions are quite simple. The HFTT Club has no ochers because the club has for its ideal, the furtherance of school projects, and hence no directors are needed since every man is striving to do his best toward this end. Whenever an occasion arises a meeting is called by almost anyone Who needs help on any- thing of concern to the school, and needless to say, this support is always given, Whether it consists of selling tags to athletic contests, talking up some school project to the advisory classes, or serving as ushers at a performance of a play. An TTF" man is always of the highest type. He knows that Whether it be on the athletic field or in the classroom, he must honor the uF" that he wears. It is because of this ideal that the TTF" men are always identilied With the successful efforts of the school. To repeat; it is because of this ideal, this willingness, this spirit, that the F" club is always one of the biggest factors in the success of any project of Forest Park. H THE FORESTER 89 The Chemistry TCTuh The Officers for the Club for the school year 1926,1927 are as follows: President ...................... Doroiby Kinnamon Secretary ........................... Ruth Ulman Treasurer ............................ Jane Woolf Sergeant-ateArms ..................... George Sigler Vice-Ocher ......................... Willard Ham Adviser .................... Dr. Edwin L. Frederick The Chemistry Club of Forest Park High School is a new organiza- tion, the aim of which is not merely to entertain its members, but to create and foster an interest in practical chemistry. The Chemistry Club offers the only way in which high school students who are interested in chemistry may obtain more information on the subject. It offers an excellent opportunity to those who wish particularly to learn some of the methods and devices employed in industrial chemistry to become more familiar with the subject. The Club also offers chemistry from the stand- point of history, since discussions are held which bring in the part chemistry has played in the different: wars. 90 THE FORESTER The Art TCTTMTTD OHicers: 1926-27 President . . . ..... Mary Price ViceePresident . .Florence Rt'efie Treasurer. . . . V Nelson XVz'nter Secretary. . V V Milton Bergen Advisor. y . . . . . Nellie S. Norris WHAT THE ART CLUB MEANS TO YOU The Art Club plays an important part in every phase of your school life. Those who have worked for the Club have derived most of the benent, but all have enjoyed the results. This year, members of the Art Club have made new friends, and gained valuable knowledge along the lines of stage work, travel, sculpture and cartooning. You are perhaps unacquainted with the wide scope of our activities and the enthusiasm with which we greet school projects. The Club has endeavored to cooperate whenever possible with every department of the school. Have you noticed posters along the walls or in the rooms? Or have you ventured a guess as to how the costumes, scenery or stage settings have been made? Have you ever noticed the pictures in the library and in the halls? Besides these activities the Club has a project all its ownethe HRevue Artistique." In producing it We develop ability in stage work, besides giving to you a product of art in costumes, scenery and lights which sometimes sur- pass our fondest hopes. Behind the scenes is our energetic and untiring advisor, Miss Nellie S. Norris. Too much credit cannot be given here-a person vitally interested in art and in you! THE FORESTER 91 quTle RaLtJHD CHMHD HTO conduct experiment and research in any line related to radio teleg- raphy: HTo instruct and encourage students who own or are building radio sets: HTO promote interest in radio, both for pleasure and for experiment." With the hrst aim in View, the Radio Club has made several radio sets and electrical instruments among them, a spark transmitter. To effect the second purpose talks on radio are made at various meetings and a single tube and four- tube set were made by the club. The set-building contest, won by Henry Berwanger, forwarded set-building activities. Many students are attracted to the Radio Club through its club feasts and others come to listen to the recep- tion of important broadcasting. Many students became interested in the club when members Utuned in" on the worlds series last fall. The officers of the Radio Club are: President ............. . t . . . . . e , .Stanley Blumberg Vice-President ....................... Victor Brian Secretary .......................... Charles Hoover Treasurer ..................... Benjamin Grol'haus 92 THE FORESTER VlFiillLB 141136114035 CHMTB I wonder how many people in Forest Park High School know that there is a French Club in it and that they are welcomed at any of the meetings? The first meeting was held in Room 403 on October 12th, 1926. At this meeting the purpose and aims of the club were discussed and the officers for the year were elected. It was also decided that this club should meet on the second Tuesday of each month and Miss Ruhe was made advisor. The following meetings were very interesting, quite the contrary from what many would expect. At one meeting Mr. Otto K. Schmied, head of the modern language department of the school, gave a fine talk and although it was in French he made us understand by translating for us, for you see we have made it a point not to speak much French as it might interfere with the interest in the club. Another meeting was devoted to games while still another to music, at which Mr. J. F. Moore, one of our French teachers, played one of his own compositions for the piano. You all remember, I suppose, the play given by the French Department, at the assembly on March 2d, but did you know that every person in the cast belonged to the French Club? The club has only fifteen members, but we are willing to wager that no other club has more interesting meetings than we do. If you ever 13nd the second Tuesday in the month lagging, come up to Room 403l THE FORESTER 93 The MiaY Chub The Hi-Y Club has been devoting its efforts to carry out the formally adopted purpose of the club: HTO create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian characterfh At the Hi-Y assembly wherein Reverend Oscar F. Blackwelder deliv- erzd one of the most impressive addresses ever heard in our school auditorium. these standards were clearly set forth, and the club was presented as a nonesec- tarian organization for self-improvement and school betterment. Last winter the club gave a UClean Sports Banquet" for all members of the HF" Club, to promote the second plank in the Hi-Y platform. Discussions of the prob lems found in 21 high school form a large part of every Hi-Y meeting. The Hi-Y Club always has and always Will stand firmly upon the plat- form of: CLEAN SPEECH CLEAN SPORTS CLEAN SCHOLARSHIP CLEAN LIVING OFFICERS: President ...................... Harry Spaulding Vice-President ................. Ctr'nlon Templeman Secretary .......................... George Sigler Treasurer .......... . , ............... Jack Filler Advisor ........................ Mr. Francis Dice 94 THE FORESTER Cyrchgstrca VIOLINS: Herbert Lessans, Billy Dobson, W. Wellman, L. Sober, V. Edmaos- ton, A. Ward, N. Kaminsky, W. Lambre, D. YaHee, P. Reichardt, M. Meyer, S. Jacobson, W. Mitchell. J. Tamburo, M. Swartzman, C. Jones, M. Ccntineo, E. Frankel, M. Luce, D. Barnes, E. Shores. E. Lalchumas, D. Lockard, D. Anderson, C. Hamilton, W. Hutton. SAXOPHONES: N. Milburn, L. Taylor, D. Levinson, L. Schrctter, A. Mason, B. Hickman, J. Elfont, L. Sherman, C. Monmonnier, W. Bandel, M. Melvin, H. DeMoss. BANJOES: D. VanAtta, C. Shennwick, L. Tillman, R. Mullikin. TRUMPETS: H. Sandlas, C. Kessling. CLARINETS: Normon Milburn, George Kessling. FLUTE: Howard Creighton. DRUMS: Billy Faust, Frank Hatter. MELOPHONE: Hawley Seiler. GENEVIEVE PLACIDE BUTLER Conductor BETTY PLITT V INCENT CATALANO Accompanz'st Concert Master VINCENT CATALANO HENRY SANDLAS Librarian Manager THE FORESTER 95 The Masquers The Senior Dramatic Club was organized in February, 1926, under the leadership of Miss Alta Thompson. It chose the name of HThe Masquers," and has a shield-Iike pin of black and silver. The officers of the Club were: Kathryn Royer, President; Helen E. Anderson, VicreePresident; Marguerite GrifE-ths, Secretary. Many things of worth have been sponsored by HThe Masquers." Every- one remembers the lovely tea given in the honor of Miss Moore, Who brought her marionettes to show to us. Under this club the members of the Senior Class played HThe Diabolical Circle" at the Home for Incurables and at the Homewood Playshop of the Johns Hopkins University. The Club had a theater party to see HTrelawney of the Wells," and several times members of the Club were invited to the Homewood Playshop to tea to meet the members of the casts of plays at local theaters. Among the actors Whom it was the Club's pleasure to meet were those from HYounsz Woodley," ttThe Round Trip," UCvraig's Wife" and uTrelawney of the Wells.' On May 4th The Masquers gave Booth Tarkingtonts comedy, HThe Ghost Story," at the Senior Assembly. At the last meeting, uBarbara," a play by Jerome K. Jerome was given, followed by a tea. At that time the oflcers for the next year Were elected, and the club was thrown Open to members of the Sophomore, Junior and Senior years. THE FORESTER The IHHSLEQDry CHINE OUR OFFICERS: FIRST TERM: PresidenvaRichard Mulliken Secretary Margaret Winkel Treasurer- George Hyman SECOND TERM: President-Fred Schloss Secretary Louise Fee Treasurer George Hyman OUR AIMS: 1 -To train for citizenship. 2 T0 visit historical places 3 4T0 train in historical research. 4 To furnish historical plays for for school assemblies. THE FORESTER 97 The phllhaitelhe Seeiety The officers of the Philatelic Society are: President ...................... Millard 'Littlepage First Vice-Officer .................... Horace Dugdale Second Vice-Omcer. . . . . . . V . . . . i . . Stanley VVbitehill Secretary .................... XVorlbington Bowling Treasurer .................... . i .Charles Stern Advisor ....................... Miss Helen Dryden The Philatelic Society is like a postage stamp: it sticks 10 its job until it gets somewhere and always delivers the goods. However, it is not in the least stuckeup. This organization, which is more familiarly known as The Stamp Club, has for its purpose Tithe collection and study of stamps in their relation to the several studies in the school's curricula." With this in View, the group has arranged talks on various topics of stampic interest and has held two essay contests during the year, in which one of the subjects discussed was iiWhat I Have Learned from Stamp Collecting." Several exhibition contests brought forth frames of stamps Which were both interesting and beautiful. The world's first stamp, issued in 1840 by Great Britain, was the center of interest at one of the exhibits. MMMMMMMMMMMM MM MMIMMHMMMMM MMMMMMMMMHMMMMMM MMMMMMl MMM MMMM MMMMJ "MM MMMMMMM MMIIIMMMMM MMM M MMMMMM llllll '"MMMM MMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMIMM I I IIIII IiIIIIIIMMM M'MMM' MMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM MMMM MMMMMMMMMMIIIIMIM IMMMMMMM PLEAS7E PATRO7 QUIZ AD VERHSEQS Triangle SportingGoods Corp. 306 PARK AVE, above Saratoga St. Headquarters for F.P.H.S. Athletes TEN N IS TRACK BASEBALL LACROSSE GOLF SWIMMING Tennis Golf Raquets Sticks Restrung Repaired Prescriptions Called For and Del vered Phone: Forest 8981 HARRY S. SCHAPIRO DRUGGIST Woodland Avenue at Allendale Road Forest Park EMERGENCY NIGHT SERVICE Phone: Forest 8981 wdakvgwggo COMPLIMENTS hofh. A FRIEND FOR YOUR WINDOW SHADES insist on Bancroft Sunfast Holland The only Holland Shade madC-in the world that will not fade by exposure to sunlight. Tenth Anniversary 11 means a good DEAL when you trade here. The Gwynn Oak Tailoring C0. Cleaning, Pressing, Dyeing, Altering and Weaving 4716 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE. Opp. Liberty Bank Phone: Liberty 2260 A. H. FETTING MANUFACTURING JEWELRY C0. 213 N. LIBERTY ST. Baltimore, Md. Compliments of A FRIEND FOREST PARK PARENTS AND TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OFFI CER $01 92 6-1927 President MR. HOWARD C. HILL First V'ce-President Corresponding Secretary MR. H. BARTRAM FRENCH MRS. A. H. SIEMON Second Vice-President Recording Secretary MRS. J. K. HARPER MRS. W. H. PINDELL Third Vice-President Treasurer MR. JACK L. OTTENHEIMER MR. WALTER D. BARNES Chairman Program Committee ............................ MR. C. C, CLABAUGH Chairman School Facilities ........................................ MRS. 0V. J0 LAXVRY . ..... MRS. R. H. TILLMAN .................... MRS. M. SCHENTHAL Chairman Health Committee ...... Chairman Membership Connnittcc Tho Associatiwn mccts once :1 month. Since its organization in 1925, it has made the following contributions: $500.00 for the Library. $00.00 for student self help. 250.00 for a scholarship award. 200.00 for musical instruments for the band. 123.19 for lumber for 0bleachersf 150.00 for prizes and medals. 60.00 for equipment for Art Department. 40.00 for this page. A number of appropriations for smaller amounts. In addition. the Association through its VZlTiOUS officers and com- mittccs, has assisted in the follmving ways: Moving of the statuary to the school. Recommending increased salary for teachers. Securing extension of Garrison Avenue car l'nes, and shifting car-stop from Forest Path to School Path. Improvement in heating plan for building. Fund for emergency use of hospital. Installation of lights on School Path. Telephones, Ere gong in Cafeteria, dark curtains for Art Room, entertainment of visiting h3gh school boys at State Athletic Meet. Other projects on which the Association has been working, some of which are now dchnitcly assured, arc: Exits from Cafeteria, 2m Athletic Ficld at Hillsdalc Park, Uwercd lessagcwny Cmmccting Main Building and Slums, Completinn of Tennis Courts, Painting 0f Interior hYaHS. x 1 f College Grade Business Courses sFOR: High School Graduates Spud fbr a aimlog H ighr 1? cm 101 mmy Secretarial B Mina: jdministmtim GNIFIYII Bminen Sfmogmphv 'I'mdwr Training B oaMrrpi 11kg Smrrmrial Samce Ehe Erefvhaker $thnnlg Park Avsnue and Franklin Street Vernon 0227 School of Business Administration Brewbakerss Secretarial School Baltimore The Arundel Corporation Maryland Contractors anal Engineers and Distributors of Sand and Gravel Compliments 0f 11 :51 Av Li. MARYLAN D TRUST CO. Established P110110: Incorporated 1915 1112174141018 1924 GROSSMAN 8z HIEL, Inc. Manufacturing Jewelers 22 W'EST LEXINGTON ST. 2d and 3d Floor Baltimore, Md. Class Pins Rings PHONE: FOREST 8100 EVERYBODYS CLEANERS AND DYERS 19 erviccf, THAT SATISFIES 5216 Park Heights Avc., Baltimore, Md. YOU GET Miles and Miles and Miles of Smiles EEIHOLI E Wm: wounzn moron mu." SAVE EVERY DAY THE CALENDAR BANK W'AY an exclusive feature of thc CHESAPEAKE BANK OF BALTIMORE 7 :71: PAUL STREET Vlalbrook Branch Fulton Branch W. North Ave. and Fulton and Ellamont St. Penna. Aves. Branches Open Every Evening, 6 t0 8 p. 11L Samuel S. Linthicum Harry F. VVaidncr COMPLIMENTS OF HENDERSON, LINTHICUM 8; C0. Wholesale Commission Merchants CAMDEN kK' CHARLES STS. Baltimore. Md. New Summer Apparel for Young Fashionables Who Desire Quality at Moderate Prices HOCHSCHILD, KOHN ?x CD. BALTIIVXORE D A V I D S O N TRANSFER and STORAGE CO. 34 S. Eutaw Street Moving ahead with Baltimore for nearly a third of a century CARL SPOEREIYS SONS C0. Samson Tires Swinehart Solid Tires Brockway Trucks Auto Painting 901409 3. CAREY ST. Tel. Calvert 5100 MCCALLISTERS Baltimords Best Sport Store 124 W. Baltimore St. Basil Wagner, Pres.-Mgr. Theo. W. Smith, Treas. A. G. ALFORD SPORTING GOODS C0. PHONE: PLAZA 0967 212 E. BALTIMORE ST., Ba1t0., Md. GWYNNS FALLS QUARRY C0. Building Rip-Rak Crushed STONE Flag2 QuarryIVVEST BALTIMORE ST. Phone: Gilmor 2730 Office2MUNSEY BUILDING Phone: Plaza 7074 BALTIMORE, MARYLAND H. G. ROEBUCK 8c SON Quality Printing 119 XV. MULBERRY STREET Specializing in School and College Publications Charles W. Littleton Frank W. Littleton T elephone Liberty 1555 C. W. LITTLETON 8c SON BUILDERS 4313 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVE1 Baltimore. Md. Suburban Homes Repairing FRANKLIN TAILORING COMPANY Ladies1 and Gentsy Tailoring, Cleaning, Pressing and Dyeing 3414 DUVALL AVENUE Corner Edgewood, at Garrison We Specialize in All Kinds of Remodeling Give US a Trial and XVC will Always be Your Tailor. M. PERKAL, Prop. Phones: Plaza 0297-029820299 CHAS. M. STRUVEN 86 C0. Steamship, Factory and Machinists1 Supplies, Ship Chandlers and Wholesale Grocers 114-116 S. Frederick St, Baltimore, Md. Agents for RITCHIE LIQUID COMPASSES i? AKLAN Ezallm mun Q't; l, PENN BROS. 4109 REISTERSTOWN ROAD Baltimore, Md. HARRY N. ARMACOST 4204 Ridgewood Ave. UNDERTAKER 2 PORTRAITS COPYING F. PAUL FEDER Photography Studio: Finishing Plant: 1305 N. CHARLES ST. 114 CLAY ST. Vernon 7052 Plaza 7843 For Your Tennis Racket Restringing 3 Features of Our Service 1 Exc1usive Use of Armour Gut Z-Finest of Workmanship 3-8-Hour Service BACHARACH-RASIN CO. 14 N. Howard Street, Baltimore. Md. HAsk for KONIG the Banjo Man" A. F. KONIG MUSIC SHOP 4712 Liberty Heights Ave. Forest 8164-W Records, Rolls, Sheet Music Specialists In Smart Footwear For the Growing Girl LINCOLN SHOE STORE 208 w. LEXINGTON ST. YOUR GROCERIES COST YOU LESS AT BOERNER BROS. Fremont and Laurens Sts. City and Suburban Orders Deliveries Solicited Offlcc Telephones Penna. R. R. Yard Calvert 3731-3732 Vernon 3901 SHI PPING LETTER 0 HOWETH-TATEM C0., Inc Wholesale Fruits 8: Produce Receivers-Distributors 220 S. CHARLES STH Baltimore, Md. Class Pins and Medals Made To Order Mfg. of College Seals and Pins Society Emblems WM. J . MILLER Fine Jewelry, Diamonds and Watches 28 EAST BALTIMORE STREET Camp for GIRLS Lochearn on Fazrlee Lake, Vt. 11th Season Three Camps-Junior, Senior. Clan Horseback Riding, A11 Land and Water Sports. Experienced Councilors. Trips to White and Green Mountains. Illustrated Booklet on Request. MR. and MRS. F. M. CHUBB Highland Ave., Mt. Washington, Md. Calvert 1761 A. BURKER Live and Dressed Poultry 516 ENSOR STREET General Insurance H.CKILMER850NS 504-6 Citizens National Bank Bldg, PHONE: CALVERT 3234 Compliments of THE FISH DRY CLEANING C0. Main Office and Hunt: 2551 PENNSYLVANIA AVE, Branches: 925 W. North Avenue 5130 Park Heights Avenue Garrison 5k Liberty Hgts. Aves. 2428 North Charles Street Smartly Fashioned Footwear At Popular Prices1$6 to $12.53 Queen Quality Boot Shop 9 1Vcst Lexington Street am SCHOOL FASHIONS UP TO DATE The Junior Store anticipates every Clothing need of the Girl and Boy in High School SMART APPAREL FOR SPRIN G -in the Hutzler Shops for Boys and Girls. And service based on the understanding of youth. HUTZLER BFQTHERS 1 Compliments of Morris Kramefs Pharmacy The Most Popular Drug Store in Forest Park Cor. GARRISON ik PIEDMONTAVES We have a complete line of Toilet Articles, Drug Sundries and Patent Medicines. PRESCRIPTIONS a Specialty-called for and delivered. For Real Service Call Forest 6071. Call1 FOREST PARK MARKET - for - Fancy Groceries, Meats and Vegetables 4101 Norfolk Avenue Liberty 5227 H. L. HESSON Finest Table Supplies and Horne Necessities 3304 GARRISON AVE. Forest Park Phones: Liberty 2307 1125- 0013 Our Motto-fCourtesy and Service" BELVIEU PHARMACY Chas. H. Jahelka GARRISON and BELVIEU AVES. Baltimore, Mil. Agency Whitmarfs Chocolates and Confections EDGEWOOD MARKET Finest Table Supplies Edgewood and Liberty Heights Aves. PHONE: LIBERTY 1794 BALTIMORE BUSINESS COLLEGE Baltimore and L'ght Streets ENTER NOW' Thorough courses of study, experienced teachers, delightful surroundings. Persunal instruction in Creeg' Short- hand, Touch Typmvriting, Modern Bookw keeping and other subjects. D'w and Night School open all the yam: Visit the School. Write or Phone St. Paul 1241 for Catalogue. E. H. NORMAN, President. POWERLENE More Mileage-More Powsr LESS CARBON Smoother Running Eng'ne CROWN OIL 8c WAX C0. THE ANCHOR PACKING COMPANY 716 E. PRATT STREET, BALTIMORE General OEces: Lafayette Building, Philadelphia F.L.STICHEL Optometrist 1433 XV. BALTIMORE STREET Phone: Gilmor 1897-W PERRY W. F ULLER 419 N. Charles St. Phone Vernon bOHb DEALER IN STAMPS FOR COLLECTORS Complete Line of ALBUMS, PACKETS, SETS, Etc. Baltimore, Md. For Accuracy, Purity and Quality, Have Your Prescriptions Fi11ed at 2 KIRSHNER DRUG CO. 201 W. FRANKLIN STREET We Clean A11 Furs Cleaned Kinds of Dresses and Remodeled W'e are not only Cleaners and Dyers, butn FIRST CLASS TAILORS GWYNN OAK TAILORING CO. Cleaning, Pressing, Dyeing and Repairing 4716 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE Telephone: Liberty 2260 Fourth Fluor Sprcx'alists in Tala' Elm'utor Silk Fabric: THRESHER BROTHERS, I nc. HThu Spatialiy Silk Store" 17 W. LEXINGTON STREET ESTABLISHED 25 YEARS The only "Natural Daylight" Silk Store in Baltimore Hfglzmt Quality SILKS AND VELVETS Sell Hvrc for Less Than Elsewhere Not for one day or one week, but month after month and yvar after year- Rccnuse we are H.Silzcrialixfx in Silks" and the lnrgcst retail silk organization in the United States. We are locamd on the fourth Hmor. thereby clim- inating exorbitant street Hour rentals. Mail Ordrrs Ifz'llrdilf you can't Came in, lel shop for you as quickly and carefully as possible. Samples cheerfully given or mailed upon request. 0pm :1 Charge Account for Your Conwnicucn. Slum by xllaililln'c luxury and Deliver Frce liverywlzcn'. THRESIIER BROTHERS, INC. the Specialty Silk Store" 17 XV. Lexington St. Great Eastern Oil Co. TEXACO PRODUCTS SERVICE STATIONS Fremont and Hamberg Streets. Monroe and Presstman Streets. Washington Blvd. and Cross Street. Woodland Ave. .and Reisterstown Rd. Hanover Street nBeyond Bridgen Harford Road and 20th Street. P??PNH R'hcn you graduate from school you,rc just starting in the world. Remember, this is your bIg lesson: Wyhilc clothes don"t make the man-they certainly make a good impression for him. ISAAC HAMBURGER 8c SONS Baltimore at Hanover Y. M; B. o. D. THE FOREST PARK BARBER SHOP and BEAUTY PARLOR 3327 GARRISON B OULEVARD Artistic Hair Cutting High Class Service Best wishes of STEWARm o. J. TROCKENBROT 6:. CO. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS 310 N. Paca St., near Saratoga St., Balto. College. Club, Class, Lodge. Fraternal, University Seals, Pins, Medals and Rings. Diamond Setting. Original and Special Designs to Order; PIMLICO THEATRE The Theatre to Bring Your Family for Entertainment Every Section of the City and Suburbs is Reached by Cars of the UNITED RAILWAYS 85 ELECTRIC CO. The most Convenient. Cmnfort- able. Economical. Reliable Means of going from where you are to xx'hurc you want to go. A 24-hour service 365 days of the year. Free Transfers. Ride the Cars UNITED RAILWAYS 8a ELECTRIC CO. OF BALTIMORE Engraving Printing VERNO N 7964 NORTH AVENUE CARD SHOP 323 E. NORTH AVENUE Greeting Cards for All Occasions IWakers of Your Class Stationery Stationery Embossing V. E. STUMPF Beauty Shop Spccialist in Permanent Hair Waving - and 2 All Other Branches of Beauty Culture 5122 PARK HEIGHTS AYE. Liberty 2286 2 PHONES - Forest 7215 YELLOW GAB STAND 2 Liberty Heights and Garrison Aves. CForest Court Pharmacw ASSURES YOU Prompt and Efficient Service NO CHARGE FOR EXTRA PASSENGERS 2PHONE VERNON 1212 -- FOR A 2 YELLOW CAB Bryant 86 Stratton College FOR BUSINESS TRAINING LEXINGTON STREET 11nd PARK. AVENL'E BALTlMORB, MD. USINESS offers splendid opportunities to those who have been adequately trained. Our courses in Gregg Shorthand, Typewriting, Penmanship, Spelling, English, Commercial Arithmetic, Bookkeeping and Accounting are most practical, leading to executive positions. DAY AND NIGHT CLASSES ALL THE YEAR Call, Write, or Phone PLAZA 2947 for Complete Information. hTHE SCHOOL THAT GETS RESULTS" TRAYEReS BUSINESS COLLEGE CHARLES and FAYETTE STREETS BALTIMORE, KID. Secretarial, Gregg Shorthand, Typewriting, and Twentieth Century Accounting Courses, ably and thoroughly taught DAY AND NIGHT SESSIONS THE ENTIRE YEAR For Detailed Information Call, Write or Phone PLAZA 5626 PHONE, LIBERTY 2823 SANITARY WORKSHOP Liberty Cleaners, Dyers and Tailors Now is the time to think of your Coat. Before the rush you can get a better price and prompt delivery. XVe also have a complete line, Hf beautiful linings at reasonable prices. This promises to be a big season for black coats and we can dye any color black. Estimates Gladly Given CORNER EDGEXVOOD and LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUES The Flag, Banner and Pennant Shap R. H. TAYLOR Successor t0 SISCO BROTHERS Flags, Banners, Penants, Emblems, Church and Society Goods, Gold, Silver and Antique Braids, Fringes, Tassels, Beads and Novelties. Silk Banners for Schools, Societies and Fraternities. - . 302 PARK AVE. VERNON 2355 BALTIMORE, MD. Established 1879 MONUMENTAL STORAGE 8; CARPET CLEANING C0. 1110-1116 Park Avenue, Baltimore, Md. ABSOLUTELY FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE Furniture Storage, Packing, Moving Carpet Cleaning MAIN GARAGE Fred. A. Kluth Gasoline, Oils, Grease and Auto Accessories STORAGE REPAIRING 5023 Reisterstown Road First Class Repairs on All Make of Cars I452 ULMAN BROTHERS Caswell Drug Store Cor. Baltimore and Hanover Sts. Baltimore, Maryland Compliments of A FRIEND DVLANY- VERNAY I I I I I I I I I I I I I ?xHE value 0f the printing I I ., I , I , contract of a school I I I I I annual lies not alone I I I I in its specifications, but, in I I I I addition, there Inust be incli- I I I I nation and abilifg to give fhe I I I I best. I I I I I I Wye render 01119 the finest I I I I craffmanship in building our I I I I annuals. - - - - I I l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I The I Z I I Dulan - rna I I 3 V8 g Compang I I 337-339-341 North Charles Street I I I I Bulfinlore, Maryland I I I I I l I I I I I iiilaJAIiAr , If: V 4.41 1133 anW Va ,. HM. ., . . . .. . V . .szwa .tgfjv 4:4... . .. , N.

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