Forest Lake Academy - Mirror Yearbook (Apopka, FL)

 - Class of 1960

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Forest Lake Academy - Mirror Yearbook (Apopka, FL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 160 of the 1960 volume:

- . Mr- XL V. , M,-,V-:L ,l.m.v A i. ,K . - K s 4' x .i. . , . .n v t. . 3-'Q , . C . .,.j I Lt, -"g.,,' I . If M-.' rw, ,, 4 - " -I-Q-sQ2Ii'E"'J'4 ' - Wzf ' 561 -'N 1.5 . ' , '-f 1,1 . A -t G HSM fw 5' v-. W f-51' '12 . 1-1 -, , , vw f 'I- rfg YI vu' 1'-2 L , - - ,g3..u 9 ,U j . ' fr 1 1 v ' ' v 5 ,Q ,, " Jw . ' VW. R t, ,.x 5 ,, , . L 5, - f- ' --, h .' fl , " . N . 1 L, Y - 5, . ' -A M '- . I f, ' ,Q wi: - 'f . I V 1 , . . ijiag ,J 1 'll " ,Q , 1 X . V X X , ' K .Q I - , ., Yi' X ' 1 lu 1, ' ' u - - . W . ,. A, , at 3 5 'fri' ' , -,Q - '. . ' ' W 5- - r I - ' A , . 1355, 1 -. '. A J M:iF5,'i R . , 1' , r 1 - 1 . 4- 1 . , ' 5, 1' 'M -, ' ,.x ' x - 1 W. 1 V If 4 ,- . -n x , r. . . if Y l I I1 Y K 5 xv A ' n, 4. X , I , . K . I ' 3 3-V wax Q, 52:2 'fi-se .v v w A Mem .1 VY .:. ,-1k,,,,,r5 , 3 g"I?f?Q' THE MIRROR NINETEEN HUNDRED SIXTY PRESENTED BY THE ISSIONARY VOLUNTEER ASSOCIATION ... si' .9 :X 1' FOREST LAKE ACADEMY N Maitland ,Florida .E I . , If gg QQ wk,,F,L:kef,if1M,i K ., , ,, f , goreword In this 1960 Mirror, it has been the endeavor of the annual staff to capture, in pictorial record, some of the most outstanding memories in this year of learning, living, and laboringat Forest Lake Acad- emy. As we look back on these signposts of mem- ory, they reveal results of developing spiritually, mentally, and socially. It is our aim to recall mem- ories not only of the campus beautiful, pleasant associations, and gems of knowledge, but of those who have served. In recognition of one who has faithfully served, we dedicate this book to .... , .Q f f 'l ' K ' 5 ' 'YHIUSQGA wA:?'jfitV:41'c Q ' ' -' 4' I i3X,AQn-5 ,ff-.2 7 ' 'fc' 'ilk , e V in ,EWR F"L?!:'H'wWlg! 'Aga gtg K' li X K -I ff. V'1? ikyt 1 A 4 W, till flik' ev i A to i prrp if fl -k it? Page i. . aww ifiicwscrfs . gpgg , ,R jp i 6 , rewpfd ,ft in a. . i ,fl . .p . L 2 "" ,seuicampn . rg .r ,e , it "W aw- Academ5s,Board w"',,,,,. . ., . . 1 . . ?r1nc1pal's Messtagefk cf' M . .A . . .W . . fd . 5 , 1 ' Sp1r,1tua1 . 1 . . ., ."f i ,Iii s . . A -K L . ' Scholastic ., . . Op .,. . x-sf, , , 6 Organizations, , . . y.-ry. J. i ,fa . K . .i . ' Work Departments, . . f T2 . ,fax . 104 , 2 Sponsors: . mx. , my A. :9124 ' yr Zig? ii ,.,kV Q iv 5, ,Q 5 Wg, ,ccf I kk ,ace 4 V X Q in VL L 4' 3 I Z 3 ni K k 4 f y 5 li' ,Q as 4 Q ss f 5 51" U A .awgmkwv 1-ai. W' K Q' QW t . W QA' Mrs, race Keith To one, affectionately known as Aunt Grace. Always striving for perfection yourself, you have made lasting impressions upon our youthful minds, spurringus to greater acheivements. Your friendly greeting to all, and your undying faith in God have been an inspiration to us. With gratitude we will always remember your honest efforts beyond the call of duty and your devotion to the students and their life problems. 3 5 Q !' i, E 2 'Ui-vu-v..,k, Principals Message Forest Lake Academy is a Christian school established in a land of excellent educational op- portunities at public expense. The Students who attend Forest Lake Academy could very easily attend a public school in their home town at no extra cost. Why then have these students chosen to attend a school such as this at additional expense to them and their parents ? Forest Lake Academy is a school of Christian standards established for a definite purpose in God's great plan for His church and its youth. Christian young people choose Forest Lake be- cause in it they find the fulfillment of their desires for an education that not only prepares them for this life but for the life to come. Forest LakeAcademy again this year is proud of the students who have completed their course of study here and now go forth from these halls witha stronger determination to serve Him better Who is the Source of all true knowledge. Not many years hence will find these young people, after having completed their formal education, serving God faithfully wherever and however He has led them. May this Annual be a constant reminder to students and teachers alike of another year well spent in service to Christ. .........M,..,,-A +,....-.M F J ,M um- - M..,,,,.,,. M, , NW my ,QM Fall Week of Prayer Speaker Elder W. C. Arnold One of our weekly prayer band groups. SeeQ ye Hirst Sylvia vonPoh1e M.V.A. Conducts a.Wednesday Morning Prayer Meeting With Student Speakers 5 tHe Kingdom of Qod Going home after church service. Z nnnmmmmmwmxmwm K x 5 s Sabbath School Classes and His Rig Ht eousness, Academy choir sings for a church service EW HK? QW? MQW! WE RSMW GE fef , vf 1 V1 X E K S, j ii? L L, , I .EJ-1 f9?:w, 5 mf ,114 sf if Jw 1, -ss 535' sb '5 - is f ZW ' Q' 'IM HEL 'f x W' 5 2 A' 2 A bi f Hin g s Dean Stella Kl1mosz fig H Ee added Top Solicitors unto you Elders Strickland, Cherry, Schmidt, Will, Mazart Inspire Ingatherers ...-.wr 68514 , ,..x,,,.-fmwfm, . ....,.,,,,, .,m,......-W. ,Nw-f .,...-'.......-.- ..A..f..............-.. 'f K ....-..-. 2 1 ...W HW ,.....,.-M. A.,.,....,N. . ..........,..,. ........v-1-M .1 1 .., K, .,A,..-.,..A..M,. .MM ,,..m,, 5 ,....,W NAL, A. . ,,. . An, M.-. w,,,.M.AA. ,N ,, .. , L"MMMg""' Q V Wwwf, 5 N M ,,,,,,i Y ze ' vnv . if i ,l ,evz v K H, Q gg. f , I A X If 'Q--1 uh MW 5, fnwv V .av-,NH ,... ,Mf- -f--..-A.. ...,.., M M...-V -,. 595 S c H 0 LA sun Ar f .1 " gr ' 1. , ,, J. 2 ef + 5 Y 1 ai f QW H31 lk ff , MQW X ' 5353 9' z M Y f A' -N f M if Going From School Coming To School 'Nuu,,. Ernest S. Anderson Biology, Industrial Arts "" Head of Refinishing Department Betty Anderson Physical Education Assistant Girls' Dean 5Hese, our Ethel Bowen Home Economics Head of Bakery Ruth Blair Typing ,. Z ,, . .4-,N U .f,:-Q J, 1' g fn Nancy Lou Cross Piano and Organ Unsfrucfors Jesse Jones American History, World History, English I fri' Gene F. Cherry Church Pastor Grace Keith Registrar, Secretary to the Principal I , K, t.,, H 1, P -4-1 Celeste Kirstein Spanish I and II, English IV fe Gerald Kenyon General Math, Accountant with gear of Qocl and Frank M. Miller English II and HI Stella Klimosz Girls' Dean, Shorthand Edwin E. Olsen Foreman of the Press Eove of Our Fellow Men Q NI x Burnell Paulson X' 1 Physical Education, Algebra J. E. Minesinger Geometry, Chemistry, and Physics Jack Quick Dairy and Farm Manager l l ,?W'f:Qv ' Joann Robbins Voice, Choir Dell Smith Matron 5 X W 'l . ,f is r """ a-E? . K4 ' Q mr . l 32, i t f ,a 12 f , A 5, r t . - Lili 2 -Mamma AVVV . Lester C. Rilea Boys' Dean, Medical Cadet Corps Pass on the Orville V. Schneider Bible Doctrines, Youth Guidance Nw-qw, Lloyd C. Strickland Principal, World History Zoran of fearning William A. Tetz Press Manager, Printing I XA John J. Staley Laundry Washroom Foreman Robert G. Swofford Head of Maintenance E5 .X if A I :aaa .. 'YM Mark Tompkins Head of Campus Department, Bus Driver Drew Turlington Laundry Truck Driver Aid to Henry Wooten Treasurer, Bookkeeping Mattie Wilkes Laundry Manager Wilma Wooten if 111 :WMM W . M- QW I WM Librarian Burton L. Wright Hebrew History, ' Early Church History QU e I S Assistant Boys' Dean William Young Band 011, that plmizog fd-ffhfv' .I IA shaggy... I 1 fl X S si WR Q? 'T 3 'gy it-, fi fl' nf X ,. gig -Q 1 12351. ik. 5 .533 452' -,rw 11, W A Th zu 1 V" iff 'fm' 764' G. SDU1 Yrlarl, E w 'I , 'fa -If ' I ,,., ' 'F f-' 1 th-'nk 5 u ll Fl"7l.Cl-III., Mr' cprylrs' have some mar-e, F-fn fc l-110.-H 0 Hs I renggrn ber, 44:1-LC cfufl Wir.. Staff . v iq Cvoklt -for A you r thoaahis. .Vg 3' Fo r-asf Lake Diiianqe U I I If Han fc .Selassve Q. . , , LL A il VVjiw,, My 1 -' X gy ' , Eff?" Q A ,, . ' f H LL H ? 1 '- A+ ,M !all- t! A 61 who? 'Q 1..- . .,,:v,:..m , .: L, A: ,- , 5:- 2 Q xl ', A ,Q K . 351 .4 ., ,wwf .. -:L 7 ,Jun H 3 Off Quaid JUSL is I 7044. W QW Sai. 'x It LQ - fe -da! 51611. -P5 'sw 1 ii 'Q Lx: 13, -ra. af? Fo...-. Q H Jeamnfe Ldkfe 6'-H I, Iivlk- Qunior Staff m f un-..n'I. 0-aookI'S , 5, 1 , N n,iu-'Al-ca -ni he -Fights inf' 0-nd Milf jlefgh- ,Suv-e. fgasfts acne! AL ra Z0 lrers 'Tie ldrfghf mobile T'ho.'f.'s Mme Sc.,-me-.I s 3 .,' f1w0 -v.. , -ni-in ,M L,hA ., ,,W,oW,...,o,,M,-,N,,m, ,C oo, V 'W' W 1,,,,,,,...N.,,, ..,,,,-,M ,,,,,,,,,, Q V ' W Mk ww-4 W. , 'Q 7"""""" '-+ve' -1--v--4-...V -ow o....... Q , , .....,...e m C . - sf. , .... ,.. "N" 'W' "W""""'me 'W R ,LK , ,.,..,,...a....,.w. LL.L ............, f"v,.-1v,,......- ..,, , . ., v,.v, ew V 'X , S ......,-.. V , .. S 5 -......o....:.w AM- Bk , es -s.,,,,,-,M. E eg ,A Q2-WS' ' A W e W ,..f.w ,J- ,,,, MH ., in-.,..,,..,....,.Q ., .Wx mwwwr-Ee .. o fin. 'Y' Aw, J.-fu-en:-1-.w"I...AM-f X, El To Finish Upgqishoed ' 1 Each for the Other and A11 For Christ Flgwger - Carnation Q M W Colors -e Red and White ' ' . K , I if , , A Q Q-if T A , if If if 1 4 v if if sf Q' 5 ,fmikf . President - Lanny Collins 'fgigk Vice-fPresident - JoycqB1ag:k M C A , Seqretzgry - Betty Janffzlhili' gm Treasurer - GeQrgefL?fQIQe1+ ' Pastor - Robert Murphy III W 1 Qe ffSgt. 21.15-WAIHIIS' 5 grad?-Smith M C lspongofse - Elder andfaivlrs. G. F. Cheri-y Q F , We 1 , K+? JS' GLENNICE EDNA ARMSTRONG Ambition. X ray Techn1c1an She has a way Both friendly and gay. AWN Nwlfiiw 532,441-. - 4, ff 5, ,QD 'f CQ C, KENNETH MANN BEANE Ambition: Undecided He's one all-round fella With coal black hair, The crowd is always merry When Kenny is there. ,cz ., . I , ., Ax W- V f f . 1- 1 ' V . L .L ct., Q. ff J 1 if I fgzc C, Ifqhf K ' I If I .ff If f 5' , A 'X fi' I K. I Lf, A gf K ff . 1 Q 5 H, 'X V 4,1 J 6 . ff' L' fm-f' RUBY JOYCE BLACK Ambition: Elementary Education Most likely to succeed Is this Georgia lass, And we've chosen her To uphold our class. 'Vi Q5 A ,gf in Wm 'Q WESLEY ALLAN CARLSON E. Ambition: Engineer V, wt V- lie quiet, faithful working kind 43? ii " ftruer1adis,ha ?t1to find. Atizsl 1 KX? Y' g,.,,.vf ff ,Q Wzy , , N V: Q, my V , G M f N SJ ' , 1 x, - -J ,i If ' .sry " NX' X lj 1 '9 ' nf- A CARRIE FRANCES CARTER A 'C Ambition: Secretary iA i - Full of pep and full of fun, A' A A A She's a friend to everyone. A' i 1 A-" I KATHERINE ELIZABETH CART ER Ambition: Nurse R Friend to all, enemy to none, 'Qs She never quits until done her work is 'CX "' 'mwhh , ,,., A LANNY LLOYD COLLINS Ambition: Business Administration President of our class andbest all 'round s L i . We know abetter fellow cannot be found. 'sir A .ai 5 M '41 S I, LINDA ELIZABETH COMER Ambition: Nurse d Sf' " 'W M""""-wxm Abeautifulgirl witha lovely voice -A ge t - As the most talented girl she is our 4,5 choice. V N A -- V..-+ "" ii X I Cz' fy 1 A, jj ,glffx AV Lfiffpf 'jg QU , f .MN '- ff' V 'rr' M'-IQ, X V MZJQ1, WV NORMAN BANKS CROSS Ambition Veterlnarian Clever witty slightly coy These thmgs make him a happy boy QE. 4......lxu. , """"i""" 'H We all like ecause he's him. 4551 fri. . . ., gg, . www A ,A QBAV RLS DEERWESTER Ambition: Business and Economics This boy so all and slim " Jem , X , X K . Q"-9 QQ 5 'U Qi!! 5 y X e ut XC f WW xxx , I J .ff 'J t Mmm. in ig? ANNE BOYCE DENSLOW, JR. Ambition: Director of Nurses This southern gal with A long, long drawl, Is pretty and sweet And loved by all. MARY JOYCE EDENFIELD Ambition: Dental Hygienist In silence her many virtues lie With fun twinkling in her eye. 28 yr- BETTY JANE FAIL Ambition: Nurse Most thoughtful and dependable, too WWW 7 My .,5gnm-Qei,ffw:g',,,'H She's fun to be with and seldom blue. 'L,' ,.LM,A:'K,Qf5ff. ,"5:t,q5gf,:'w . . . , ...l, L, ,l.,, N -sm A , . Q- i V ,,.,, f,,-,,.W..7f,l.VVi Q , 1 v , ,. . .. V. My ,Ax iesfwfwsfwlzy we f- .iu,si.fw..ffif 1.awk-y4,fi5Q:P5wm?ffs3fgS?',2? wawglrlfwmmpmm Mwsmmmsrha Wi T, ,Q-:.,,.., , K - . ,Q in - - 1, i"-' ' iioi E' "-,.' fy' K WW ' "vii 5 ' 4 12. 5 - .. 'f ra ,az .ifnia i' A ey' g -- T fvf .fmwwe-we W- o 3-iQwxtu+: I in Q MQ: if , J fi-V 4 :gQ,.zssf'fi., 1'.i"ffig,f'1 , 2? M V DONNA JEAN FALTIN Ambition: Teacher With laughing eyes and a heart of gold She will have rewards untold. JUDY L P Ambition Nurse Big brown eyes A Qualities not Yes, Judy This fits y ww, ..,., f Many friends and much good will he Q A - V v 'Wm A WILLIAM DWIGHT FOXWORTHY I Ambition: Engineer He's our neatest boy and filled with fun, has won. JENNY ELAINE FRANZ Ambition: Secretary Some think she's quiet, At the first glanceg But they find out different When they give her a chance MQW U MARY ELIZABETH HENDERSON Ambition: Dental Hygienist Whatever task she's called to do She'l1 do it cheerfully and quickly too. 1 J -'-' J U fl Ambition: JAMES CARLTON HURT Ambition: Engineer My XM! Quiet and shy, 5 A real nice guy, With these traits 'fi ' He'l1 surely get by. Sv is ,, ,J ,-,f t,-V.. ..,, .cfurng In jf K BILLIE JEAN HUDSON Interior Decorator Charming, pretty and very neat With these traits she is quite complete. MU,- FAYE LEOLA JOHNSON Ambition: Medical Secretary Her personality is sunny, Her smile is warm. A Seventeen years ago this A Senior girl was born. Y :V 'i - 5 1 if fm Wi sir X If gf WILLIAM RUSH JOHNSUN E, , N, g Q Ambition'-f' Music Education t,.,,,.l ' He's a sxgell guy E . by A And a star athlete, s Withla' personality ix E A R Tha can't be beat. t N X S, Y 'XS , li a iq h 5 yr X N Xiu! . X w R My -.6 RFQ". N-. -- ,I N. I, A AW'iL?? . ,. D Vw ,.,. ,,,r N X And plays the organ with lots of vim. new DORRIS APRIL Ku-:RSTEAD It i i Ambition: Secretary Y Y V She's tall and slim V, X ELLEN JOAN LASSETER Ambition: Nurse From Miami our Most athletic girl hails, She's sure to succeed Because she seldom fails. 32 -I 1, .fv I, + ' r SHEILA ANN LEACH Ambition: Commercial Artist She is what she seems to be free. 1 I 1 s V p 1 I vfl , 1. 9 -1' She tones the outdoors and is care- ,Z,Qtt,Zit ' , f 'Z' QQ, 7' ' f as x . ,5 if i . " ,ff EVELYN HOPE LEADLAY Ambition: Private Secretary Twinkling eyes and tiny feet Small but mighty - yes, she's quite complete. E A J 'EEST ,"l via, Lg,hA,h A, ,Jh,A M l,L, "- f 35 it L,,,i,.,, ' I 3 X 1 on fy' A WM if eiit WM i a l ' JAMES GALE LESLIE 1, Ambition: Doctor A A ' 'iwl i A it Although rushed and on the go, 'S I ,Q He never fails with a good hello. A imk ':" n if . l mf ia'W"""'- iQ A A ' 21 ,X I 1 Q7"X,1 fff ' QA!-2 KENNETH DANIEL LOHR Amb1t1on Doctor He 11 work hard to become an M D And with his red ha1r he IS as pleasant as he can be. ,,.. , ' ii ,IIV Q A ff W k,,L,,.. 0 iq 7 , X,,,L V ,Y "'L Q C' ' f. fc. " , . 'LL 1 r., T?- L1 ff fc ' 94 A I A .ai . X I I C"""' gy W e ' 5 ii - ,, 5' ' . . Q' ff,,. nf 'A 4 u . 9 . .X S Y., 9 5 ii ? I Xe xy tr 1 A YQ. 2, 4 WW JOAN ELIZABETH MCCLURE 'W Ambition: Nurse Not very large, ff With a merry soul, i She is certain To reach her chosen goal. L"" e RAMONA NELL MCGAVOCK Ambition: Interior Decorator Some think the world is made for Fun and frolic - - and so do I! 34 SHARON SUE McLAUGHLIN Ambition: Elementary Teacher A girl of sweet and quiet grace, With kindness written on her face. BARBARA KATHLEEN MAXWELL Ambition: Elementary Teacher Ready, steady, always on the run When you find her it's in the midst of fun. 1 T i i i A ' A t i n,ti+ CAROLYN FRANCES MAXWELL "i:' g' 5 Ambition: Nurse A i ,,,ty Happy go lucky, fair and fine t,r, ttty y Always ready to have a good time. fry gl g XJ ll 'V,',, A X V V! I in , xr as .JJ kbpfwlrwl NN iki 'A x Y lf, XNA' t u U . E A i 1 i 13' WILLIAM HOWARD MEEK Ambition: Lawyer His friends, they are many His foes, are there any? Wim ,, f i gpm LMQQWQ QW , .. , f3,: gxfmkmrgv 3 , EK Q ig QS? W Q Q? M 1 F32 55 s 4 if an f : . , ' - -- Y at 1 1 0 'L vgf:aq5ag3!fZalt2 f-3' I X if 1. as ?ie5vf's2w?1zw S Q f f w we is K li H Siisfti eaa :E A f 55g1 j: : L ,", 735' 7 3555 f III ' X ::"5:55i:g ' -"- - A I ixgsfsgffmefff well . 5:5535 5, L5 ft 255 2' ' Y - 7 .. 'k" 293 V arise F - iwew.--:-3?zi?Gz15?,,::fi :wi -5 51151 A 'K I' uf .f I - 1, ' 2 5 ggggf ylfseggv Ji , H 3 I . . Xl l wg -21 ' - i I, ae? Pa ,WHT Q 3 ,,,i: ,, 3 , 6 W I It t N .... 52221511-ff ' . A K if My 2? 17, , fjggi 'K ,Wiatr g m , , I YTSPEW, Q . 57 ' '- , :iam GEORGE ARNOLD MILLER I H Q 3 . . . H ill? fig!-:L Ambition: Dentist IS 'CI'021S111'eI' Of 001' C135-S, V I 2 MOSI dependable too, , iff E' . ,511-+',1u fa'ff 1515- I S"':,V': YZ zsiveiffgifivi. He's been here four years fm t sez- So his face 1sn't new. I f J '5Z,'1?, if f S , TE' .21'2:'-2--' Tit YQ 3 ' I f --s:z,i"22 "k- 54711-' ,,-::Qv 4 f , 1: .xr H A - ,, 'gjlf'-'f5,S.Vl,1f' --E ff: ',': k:fg?7Qf',5- 5 -- ,- f . I , ' 1 JL ,W 1 fi X U ' my A X XA. Q. Xxx-.XH, X DON GILBERT MILLS Ambition: Doctor Perhaps someday you'll go to him with your ills Because he hopes to be Doctor Mills. ' to say and do. i te...,,,,Nk ANGELA LEE MORGAN Ambition: Office Executive Quick and lively, happy and gay, 1. KA smile for all who come her way. gif N O Xjxqhedkfix X QJx3Qf I, 1 E'E' 15 t 'Q fax Qi N UQ WX CLDQQE FXJQ E .--'.---' V:'i. N ,N . w fg ca UULQ. fy H m 2 ,ff wk, Q tow UW A scsi , ky C,-ff 'R 1 N ROBERT BRUCE MURPHY III Ambition: Minister He's noble, earnest, and true, NN And yet he's full of witty things Ambition: Undecided V' She puts all her troubles In the bottom of her heart, Then sits on the lid and smiles. BERTHA RUTH PADGETT I ggi -..,, ff auf ..--,,s,z1,,1,i'f'w ww Q2fei525w3z:'fff.K4gQzm5's':wfP,1,'L1if-:ffQ i 5l3E?1jf55zl'FLW2i,ffw5gw,g:iQ,wL2jf1:i1,ww ,- . Q Nga: ,Q 45511 ' , , QwZ5s5is1SiffM'e1'sfff f ss EX F5 .S - 3, fy 3 A K f ' 3 , f,, - 1 K M K K 8 P Q Q Q 3 Q we S R Q f K, ,, .5 ,f -- f W , x Q J X Q YY f .1 K, HW K , . l 5,3-,Q-z , A . Vw- , P31 1-'T' mi: " 'K ':5'27i2i'lff'f1L,ii2'L ,Ag .31 i , I . . .- , 4,.fI3m.:, ?:j'iz,, .. 61.2" Wi? 'if .f ' T Q, 5,3 5,33 :V my ' I :W Q' '11, M'12,:f'fff5Jilj?ggq, - ff ui" K ,e4,:ffi. , wwfw , ze-Mig, mv,1"1:L-'wr ' 'L V 'S f -,:: 411, ,,-': A ,-:f. gf-.,.f:Q.. .. . . ,. QW? :'fmfgh:p, . L, - . WM-Q ui ke m y nz, - J, ' A' X X' - , .-- -2 1 x 53Qg?15,,s: 3 fl x . f, ,vi S .. Q3 ?f f ,-71,4 I-152,13 'F'3 Wv'fw f lzfmvf-Mme..,:'.zi."fs,:41-,f- ff, , .fm ., ,i,,,f . f,g,:ym, . gjge2.4,li wf:5':f.ff, wigff w-m,.m ra.. ., fffgziswfr f.vs:gw E'gff'f,, f 'ff12,mi7sQgf'ffvs?1xf?:ggg:"ff:Q',Q,f:5 73,sw, . 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S :a::.f,:a,. ,,: am ,.. nh .. :, .. ,am -ves"gQg2y wsi gg.,--ug:-- :g .funn 'K v 5, by wx i ' I Eff kgiii ,",yfmfH' rsaifiinftz- fm-i,fzs, siIf -zifitffrf , ,w,, ,,l. . . .. ..-,::iV::- l -,,.,.fi E .::--.,,':: , 1 E - 31 msc ' rL,, 1 ' limi . swfxfggfggfiii giggle : ' W it Q ' 'L ff-. Q1 .-rmswfffiw z h--", i -- 5 Z",.m5?QZb2E5.Q2lfAfi time? A iv: 'NLE' . 15- it gs :.,gf1:MU f M fn, , . w gm N5 Ewin g L ' 5,1 fe is E12 K 2 My flaw 25 'ii gf S 6 g Wim W A , S s1'Z-wa-mas? Agway' Q- 2 Wi ihfisia gagpfifi L gh J M U, 2 fm ., 571237253555 S.: 5 DELMAR GENE SERVOSS Ambition: Band Master This tall boy plays a. trombone, He's planning to have a band of his own. 40 GRADY ED SMITH Ambition: Teacher Our wittiest - a confederate at heart Never lacks a wo to say, So he'1l m a-g d teacher someday MARTHA KING SNOW Amb1t1on. Undecided Her heart is like the moon - ever changing But always with a man in it. GLENDA ROBERTA STARKEY Ambition: Missionary Teacher She's always ready to do what she can And ever willing to lend a helping hand. M9kN GQ - f 5322 '2 Fc: Mk 1' , 41 ,A . Vi a L-'., ev ,,,-1. ,V Q, . t ami SONDRA SUE STONE Ambition: Nurse She's very smart and talented, too, She'11 take her place as a nurse, Faithful and true. j? ,,.1 CAROLE ANN STROHMAN Ambition: Registrar She's been a success In all that she has done, She wants to be a registrar And she'11 be a good one. K. EHMTE GEORGE MURRAY TALBOT, JR. Ambition: Optometrist He's tall and handsome and plays the guitar We're sure from his past, he'11 go far. t P1 Q71 K L! 'JK'-"5.Y,!g4f:f Y V2 4 Z f 5' V If JUDITH LEE THOMPSON Ambition: Medical Secretary Her wit makes dull moments brighter When she's around our hearts are lighter. W RODNEY HAMILTON TOMSON Ambition: Doctor Climbing the ladder of success, step by step, We're confident he'1l get there yet. JULIE ANN TURSKY Ambition: Secretary She's quite an artist is what they te l it 'A it Pleasant, witty and always gay. 43 ' 5 JANET ELLEN VanCAMP Ambition: Secretary Small and nice and real petite And to our president, she's very sweet. CAROL JANE VILLEMAIN Ambition: Journalist In her undertaking She strives to do her best, When you give up, She'1l be glad to do the rest. MARY ELIZABETH WILSON Ambition: Nurse Rather quiet, rather sweet 'lways nice and always neat. D , W2 , adn heal. to ioc- 2, The President speaks, Mickey and Lester - our mascots. Vocal duet - "I Heard a Forest Praying. W i-1 5-1 - ,l , f M - - rv -A-1 N M f ii -A tt 3. ?fiL'ge55:f:f'n T rm E' O 1-s . Q fi 5 K .x 'H 2 W, ,: 'M m.,-fx YH, f'4r'?f 7 N EFX, I if E ll 5 E e 5 5- if 5 ff lf-1.5 2' 1 Presentation Vice-president speaks. K ,.. K a- vw' .1 ' x Mwwwj ' " 1 Vocal trio - "Halls of Ivy.' Impatient seniors. H K Best All Around - Joyce Black, Lanny Collins S e n 1 o 1' Most Spiritual - Anne Denslow Jr., Robert Murphy III I - - , 5- --fy ,. of w ,f-.f:'t.f:,,-,.-:- ft:'aim-awe,:efw:1zeswifsa.a2w:f1.i:m.fs1-fef.Lw,.epzft-+1f:,i-1.1: ,. ..--' 4, -- -aw f-mu-:w.f,,::--,.n -". Qiimwsf .th- f:LQ::f-fnw-11.121faifw-su..-1?ww'fw.L,z.Q-fz,..w:r:Hk,,,,w,f 5, 3 5 Q 2 2 5 i Most Likely to Succeed - Joyce Black, Lanny Collins tUHo's LUHQQ Most Intellectual - Sondra Stone, Lanny Collins itgixiii fs'i1i-lll'1Y1.i1kax?Q e Xmawxwm y : Most Talented - Linda Comer, George Talbot Most Dependable - Betty Jane Fail, George Miller ffihlafcfh' , . .ra .LM 'K 'Y A ? F ,gif 2 f NM-ff 3 li fi h W ,ffm ' , '5 s S 3 ' l , gi? ' 3 llgfgisikw, fsiwgjlgfziifiiili Neatest - Elizabeth Wilson, E is giigg Lo liiiiiiil Friendliest - Judy Thompson, Don Mills William Foxworthy Most Thoughtful - Betty Jane Fail, William Foxworthy Wittiest - Judy Thompson, Grady Smith 5 ww14fmfs:A""m"T' ' f x Most Athletic - Joan Lasseter, William Johnson Most School Spirit - Joyce Black, William Johnson .Qi f..k Q krrk gorest fake Academy Class of '60 has reunion night. Monday, May 23, 1970 Orlando Sentinel ORLANDO - - The Forest Lake Academy senior class of 1960 met last night at Morrison's Imperial House for their class reunion. Using their class flower and colors, the large dining room was beauti- fully decorated with sprays of red andwhite carnations. Music and candle- light completed the background as the class members began to arrive. Joyce Black, vice-president of the class of '60, teaches the third and fourth grade at the church school in Louisville, Kentucky. With Joyce were Carole Strohman, who is the registrar at Forest Lake Academy, and Candis t, teacher of grades 1 and 2 at the Hinsdale Church School in Illinois. It is interesting to note that Grady Smith was sergeant-at-arms of his class at Forest Lake Academy and now he is the principal there. In her hometown of Bradenton, Florida, Mabel Pillsbury is teaching at West Coast Junior Academy. Billie Jean Hudson and Georganne Phillips are interior decorators for Ivey's Department Store. Recently they decorated the office of Kenneth Beane, a well known contractor. Janet Van Camp is his secretary. Bill Foxworthy, James Hurt, and Wesley Carlson just completed work on several new bridges in Arkansas. These men are successful young engineers. April Kierstead is their secretary. Lanny Collins, president of the class, is the administrator of a new hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. His staff includes IQ James Leslie, and Dan Lohr and Anne Denslow, Jr., director of nurses. BE Mills be- came a doctor and has a growing practice in Memphis, Tennessee. Elder Bob MurphyIII has his headquarters in Nashville where he is busy serving aEJresiHentH the Kentucky-Tennessee conference. Here in Orlando, Hope Leadley is secretary to Q Meek, Attorney at Law. Frances Carter is a secretary at a business firm in Alabama. Angela Morgan is one of the secretaries for the Voice of Prophecy radio broadcast. At a -children's clinic in Chicago, Fig Johnson is working as a medical secretary. Some of the fine nurses in this clinic are Carolg Maxwell, Betty Jane Fail and Elizabeth Wilson. 54 Several others from this class have joined the medical profession. Linda Comer is a pediatric nurse at a hospital in Palm Beach, Florida. .gag McClure is a surgical nurse in Washington, D. C. Sondra Stone is kept busy with her job as a public health nurse in New York City. .yy Flesher's work is that of aschool nurse in the state of Texas. Q5 IQ- man Cross is in charge of a large veterinary hospital in Houston, Texas. Seen at one of the banquet tables were Carol Villemain, a journalist just back from a trip around the world for Life Magazine and Q Lasseter and Katherine Carter, both nurses in an Army veterans' hospital near Baltimore, Maryland. At the same table were two dentists, Dr. George Miller and Dr. James Randolph and an optometrist, I2-13 Geo? Talbot. Since their graduation from the College of Medical Evangelists, they have set up their practices in New Orleans, San Francisco and Dallas, respec- tively. Arriving later in the evening were Johnson, who has been head of the music department at Emmanuel Missionary College for five years, Delmar Servoss, director of Laurelwood Academy's 60-piece band and Donna Jea.n Faltin, who teaches college mathematics at Atlantic Union College7Glenda Starkey, a recent graduate of Emmanuel Missionary College, has received a call to go as a missionary teacher to the Inca Indians of South America. She will leave for Peru in about a month. Julie Tursky is secretary to the president of Union College in Lincoln, Ne5raska. Joyce Edenfield and Mary Henderson are dental hygenists in Avon Park. Iiudy Thompson is working for her uncle, a doctor in Cali- fornia, as a Tngical secretary. Also living in California, Jenny Franz is a busy housewife. Sharon McLaughlin and Barbara Maxwell attended Miami Junior Acad- emy for several years. They are now teachers there. Near Miami Sheila Leach is associated with a commercial artist firm. Dollie Rolls married a minister and she is teaching Freshman Compo- sition and English at Walla ,Walla College. Carol 'Respess, who is also at Walla Walla, teaches college geometry. It is evident that many important and useful people have been graduated from Forest Lake Academy. It was here that they received part of their training in preparing for service to God, to their fellowmen and their country. 55 ,, Y Q--..............., Qin ,- ...- v ... .ff lf P43 f 5 K ...P F.. gk X if "ai ii i x .AM 1 -ii ff fx' ggi If V yn ,L K . A- i X 4 ,fm . , -, Ip if V11 Q I Q may Aix?-diff Jw V. W I, s wAim - Destination - Heaven ,V 1' WMotto'- Christ, Qur Captain ,filo ' Flower - Whiife Rose Colors J Gold :and White o ,W if X-. ,L-di ff' Sli? Presgdem - iwi1i1a'm?i5M2s eil? ? if N fs, AVice-Preri,idont'4 VVi1fgi,nia ffoxylibrif 11 Svcrgjggxfy - Bgendghgpphyyi o Qi Pi ,, o'I'Tei5'ufdr 5 Henyy 'Erjue 3 o " Q Pastor- Wgyne Stricgfland , N 133 Sgt. at Arms ii- Randall Crowson T ' i ' f -iSee Pagg6 cQ5J Spoxisors - M,r.oandfMrs. Henrywooten , is . H' K 6 K f K as lyk., 'ik 5 , VM as 5 A a 1 V ? A wi ........-.M 5 W. llll l r -fx , we Phylis Austin Robert Bolton Frances Buckhalter Charles Cooper Ronald Be-hner Linda Bowen Willard Campbell Bari Cruze Q 'CX gf" 'CN Bill Davis Kathryn Dillon Jane Eichhorn Donald Foster Darleen Davis Donald Dixon Christine English Marcia Fowler Clara Dickerhoff Russell Dortch Robert Erickson Virginia Fowler Carol Sue Dickson LaVerne Earley Mary Ann Ford Donna Greek 1 4' J' ann ,f V fi fi wmv! Bernadette Gressett Barbara Grundset Delores Hall Frances Hartwell William Haupt Ann Hawthorne Eleanor Hogan Donna Faye Hollingsworth Jean Illick Joyce Johnson Dorothy Jones Mirtha Keskinen K, Q Sf+i f -Af At ,ff HY' ' ul Florence Hand Leonard Hernoud George Jackson William Kirstein 4+-:Ng ,Q 1-hw ,wr ff' ' :- Clifford Klingbeil Sandra Landry David Martin Barbara Meister . -4 111+-A f , , .IVZ 1 ,I,b. - - Q94 A.--. ' 6 - ,kg. . f' . Q i,. - Q-. 17' , 1 , M if Leslie Knight Margaret Lauer Gail Martin Ronald Militana ,.. ff-Q al? f- A W qs r 'vu' Wm if ,zvff sb-W 4 may ix, ,,. Shirley Knowles Albert Link Diane Mathews Mona Rae Miller K 5 J ts-we 5 ,Sf Quai, X ,. 'X , v:f,f' 9'5"-sw. in ,il -'JE Mu-.., K K '- H Patsy Moore William Nelson Frank Palmour Judith Pillsbury 'Ev Brenda Murphy Sheridan Murphy James Nichols James Paxton Paula Rabucha Carol Olsen Norma Jean Pervis J eanetta Rasor . f-"M ' yJ.NV"' it Edward Neal Daniel Padgett Cecil Petty Gerald Reilly QW if , . ,i 'QW ,gpvw gi' ,pw lf" Darlene Roberts James Roberts Audrey Rolls Thelma Ryder Tanya Sawyer Barbara Silveria Judith Smart Beverly Spires if "ag .ag- Z- ' 'zgxy 2 .83 tl. ik 5 J 'UW ,AIYM Irma Smith Ruth Smith Nancy Steadman George Stephenson Sylvia Rushing Geraline Sims Raymond Spencer John Strickland X' . fry sgfiwif ti -Hari. . if ff., V3 1 , is t . 3, A 4 g , fs gs 'ff---at '-1 f' 1 W. Wayne Strickland Rebecca Swinson Ruth Thompson Jewell Trubey Nancy Waddell Cheryl Wagner David Wheeler Myron White is Janette Symonette Henry True Rex Ward Kingsley Whits ett Linda Thompson Sylvia vonPohle Marie Wetmore Charles Williams 45" ir' 'iii 1- llvfk afriew Ni L HJ 'wg Clayton Wilson Linnie Wilson Beverly Wingate Barbara Krone J UNIORS Robert Byers Ralph Camp Andrea Griffin 4 ' Byron Griffin 1? L17 Vhffwf A I Rose Marsh 6 n7f"ff" Elizabeth Trawick .4 Lorena Wilson Phillip Wilson X. AZN., . Z!! SOPHOMORES Arlene Ballweber Carole Culpepper Murel Fowler JoAnn J urgens Ellen Marsh Jan Parris Claudia Vinson il 9 ,YQ 'gl W A sf ftfigff W' i G foal' - ,af l V 'ff 11' CAL' 1 C C FRESHMEN William Miles Ralph Ricks Claude Wood Q IQ! t Well, I2 cfm fenlfg Y OOPS MJQ,ygtS fo ROOM!-v fu Q 'W x 3? 011, Jfcl 76011. haue, 60-- unior IF I 'asf LOUI: to lvafghe, fu sn-V Q - .7 , 1 i L I .M A fi .Q , i , f NW A 1 i , L H. fy.,-5.-L -V in 2 Q '.gsf-. S 'iifg ' ' 5 ' ' utr ,.- -' hu ffi'-f QQ.-7 1 ...JL '53 ' lamb" , Snaps nesf: An 'Edo ff- Lfgr. is Q., in 'Down Bra U12 OH. M.lfS'f'rvvll Jgg:5f,wf,E-,fy ,pov- ...Mu Q, , .--M ,' ,,..,M H91 rw' 1 ai' ,B V 1' ', , ? :A K E7 k m J 1 N lil a ak 1 M ,, , M qi 4 4- .KMW 1 1 ,S x 23 ..-Mr --. ,. -.,, ,, , A.,,...q.A . gn-f vwfwx , L, 'FP' 'Wm N 7 My fa ' v -A ,,-1-,W .mf uf- , .,..A...,, ., ,. .MMM , ,...,.M.,.. ., 1 .MN A Q Q ,w.,,A .. ,-. .l'Q fMMW , ,wen-A Vvwmm ww V- W , W 1, ...,.,.. L s ' or 'M 1 ,M Ah. 4 LQW . fi 3'iJ 3:Q Af, ?L V V L A fgvaf + Lku I , A M , v idk K ak., Ik., jx, ,INN 'M qV,,5,tY . I D W , M 1- t .A x'figg,g5,,,'1f" 2 Q ' V PAr es1denJ:,f- Jqh-gmGattiS A 2 f in A Vice-Presidgng f"- "!3ai1 T5ue"f 2 ' 5 ,. Seggetarfwfr G2gy-Iefwjlliiiuris f f ff ' Tregsurbr iflbillfian Ric Pastdr - Mark Emde F1 ' Sgt. qt Arms U- Bill Wade ' Sponsor - Frank Miller W I kiwi r , Hi., Aa, . wa - 1 Q m L . , A 5 if ,V QW ' 5 'a g 8 , , , f I L 1 .,. Q awk , ' w is S 1.. MQ, i 4 f P -, V e .M 7 ,. :Q if ,'.. if R K J' , - ij IU A W ff' ' 'I 7 - 775141-f 2 Ji. D , kkkk Y 1. D - 4 View toy Adler Dorothy Brewer David Clark Dorothy Gardner ltephen Hall W1 egg- if 'J f xl fy , L ey lgffilfy nt, ZLL, :AIU Ruth Adler Linda Baldwin Rodney Carlson James Davis Jeanette Givens Harry Janke A . I ig! ew Jn 5, .. wi. 4 ul sf ,fix X John Ballard Q A wi Rebecca David Castno Patricia Du James QR? E Marvin Knec-he - iw Darleen Bradwell Carol Burnham Myrtle Claus 5 John Gattisy f Ivan Hurt 'U' Richard Carter Diane Drew Shelia Gordon Waldemar Janke Y X 'Ky C G1 A g g I il ', xt, Kay Cherry Mark Emde William Grundset Lennette Lester x 'f'W'L.f'if4 'flux I , I ., . , .. M Z X , 63 ex -as ' I, , A L , x y i .,,,-DJ A? f N Y Q . ' s :hi sez, i l Joanna LMS ' :,- Patricia McLaughlin Judith Mole ,af David Mowry Sharon Rauch etsal t A119113 Beams Lois Robison i f f, hE- 15I i mxi'l Grady Sapp Delores Snapp ":. , A Dorothy Stanley 4? Carol McGavock Joan Morehead Robert Read William Russell Jon Spanos W. ,K Mary Ann Miller Ralph Nobrega Joy Ringer Kimber Schneider Peggy Strawder num Alexander Mol- Mary Paricos Sharon Roberts Andrew Scott Carol Swofford Cheryl Mason - ,V Paula Nabors A 5 W' ' . Lillian Rice a Ls ' Carol Schmidt fig Vfyylifw? Donna Stevens i.itt, M f ,W Vk , S V Q, 'f ' 1. 'G' K 2 I is ii ia iffih Jean Tanksley Eloise Thomas William Wade Sandra Walker Frances Zeak Marlys Zill A ,Tl 0, , J V l F q2,,fz.pwl l gm 4 Gail True James Vandenberghe Claudia Vinson , glbwalter Kenneth Webster Marshallann Weeks Gayle Williams l E4 - W 1 QU Cv ' .J , -5 f' 4 . L f NJ- . Q g H t - 15' L, 5 K .sl 1, rfi. LQ cafe! ,.,.,,,-.. ....--.....,...... W-.- Qi-1. . .W ,-, ....... ,.......... ..,,...-................. H-W -.9-. - , lg Q ff, Q' ef F WJ Q ,f 4 A 1 W. ,. x : ,M ,.M.,,....-em , jsr,f1V .W K X 6.14 1 i L f li , f G M L5 jul .5 if yi 'gf A K. 1, ' . 'fgvxxiixisi ' J' MVUK W 5 k . .V .ww K I I ,5 I ,T Q L' ,, I Q T A K 'k ' 4.5, 1 4 ,L m 5 ' ., L fm ,A ,L ,f I , ' 6 - gm , I president ,, Joel 4Eem,-,eg W 0 ii fa ,, K . Q Vice-ppesid6nt, 5Sharyn Hall . nf f ecreti1y - Betty Greenew ff ""' ' f' lreasuger -'Wendy Faltgm, M fm " 5 Pgstdrm-hfWi1Li2'm Murphy 1 M W it Sgt. at Qrms yxlaines Ogmgaxld f 3 Y Sponsors Mrnnd fxnderfjscrg . ,A K , ky' Q M bv' in ,V ..ff 9' ,, 5 , rf' ' 9 Q, 1 Q 564, f Q i, 14 " M -1? lx V w Q! w I I x 1 1 l e e 5 ar -R ! 5 a my flat t ,,ff7f,37f' H H .QV Thomas Anderson Q19 V t ' 5 David Asher M tit fQQ. i.,.. X .FQ A-,Q - Craig Ballard . a h .. .2 Joseph Ballard 4 ww if ' f t J, , X QT, ' Eileen Beane ef. - S S gk xy 7 E9 M,-'fy Al l wifi' eenfrrs ll d Y MW J K V5 ' ie, . by t feel C I-Q fl 2 ' ' 'vw- Jane Beaulieu fd' Q 'J 1 , Jerry Carter 5' Vt f ' . Nancy Clark 5 A -me f 'II L , , . Emmett Cleveland ' ' "" Eugene W ge 'Q B gay, as ? ft 5 J ' Mae, x pa 2? . ff' x L f M ' Madalyn Crenshaw . ..L' fx 'Lf " James Crews 'N 4 Roy Croft t Linda Curtis A i l ,VPI f X Forrest Decker -Q Robert Earley Carol Eldridge Jack Faatz Wendy Faltin Joel Ferree James Foster Az Qi Rozann Hall ' Sharyn Hall Sue Hall . Betty Greene 59 4 sr Grace Hamilto Jeanne Hawkes William Hawkesc Belle Hawthorne Rose Henderson be I I -. 1 'W' ,, '-'Di Q - f., ,X , 4 f 'Cf r l ' sf.. J ' ,L E , Uv' wr ff m! 4 .y , :iz L., 'fv- M Q .F . 4 K A l ,ii 1 M I 'if' Ag .. ,,. q AES LEX i Q , , f? '5 , x X I ff h ,. Sci J .1 xgjfl KY,-4 Q' L4 .sgwml A-' ,W K 1 ,J ! in 5, , fn f e - 74 A 'sv SL' Akx,- 3 NV .I ,gud :gifs 7, ppl rf J, ,, l l ff ki'-f f..5f"24 ' , ,- ull, sv " if 3' 1 W . . Stephen Hopkins Juanita Jackson Julia Jacobs Earl Larson Vivian Lester Ann Lewis Ronald Lloyd Donna Lundmark Ronald Lynd Walter Maier Rita Maudlin William Murphy David Northrop James Oswald Rita Pervis Cry Dennis Randolph Jeanne Rauch John Rauch Eugene Reams Robert Respess Gerald Rivers Eugene Roll David Ruffin Irene Russell Nobert Sammer Marcia Shrode Jean Smith Martha Snider Theresa Stitcher Ed Strawder Barbara Suggs Irving Tait Donald Trawick Laurence Troha Lana Umlauf Joy Wemmer Julian White Sandra White James Whitt Emily Wilson Calvin Wood in . . ,.- 4 a J t C ,A Q' ' fel W 5 W a llis , 6 A I A, x WIA., 00 1 s 1 e its f 45 N Q, K 5 wr ir, IJ, er f? - . 457 .. , A. , Njf, I fn ' 17 U if X Q, f f 36453 xy , I! qgg J px iff 0-4 C-IIC-V152 Look al: all the wereekles. T30 I Look Swett Enough? If-'s so v'n'Lev-asbng. T'l19L'l: S fi' i f fs? -we me Linda Comer Soprano Soloist fw George Talbot Nancy Lou Cross, Accompanist Tenor Soloist Joann Robbins, Director Trio Rebecca Beeler Linda Thompson Margaret Lauer Accompanist Trio - Faye Johnson, Julie Rebecca Swinson Tursky, Joan McClure if Gayle Williams Soprano Soloist . . John Strickland Chow Offlcers Baritone Soloist roups Quartet Robert Murphy III George Talbot William Johnson John Strickland, Robert Bolton Ralph Nobrega Quartet - William Foxworthy, Frank Palmour, Qin 1959 t tt a ,,Af L.,x A ,Ln, ggiys .-." ": V W5 EQEZ at LL 1 f 3' 4. -'f: 1 L Q i QQQ It I fi ,f e jx, Kb it 'N 9 xy sa fl? A 1 ., .l,Ag tgg,Q!, :-5515555 W. F. Yotmg, Director Cone eff Band Brass Quartet Clarinet Quartet X----.......,,,,.,......,,...,...,,,, And Qroups Saxophone Duet Wayne Strickland, Robert Bolton Band Officers L as , . f- 4, 2nd Lt. L. C. Rilea Medical Sgt. O'Grady says . . . Girls' Platoon my ,--f iw- -,a.:fu,W:,':-fQ:.f L, -,,- , , , , . , . , . , .f ., .il L,., .:m.A...,...,Wm...w..,..m.,,,,.,,Mq.,N.,M.,.,,,Ww,...,.V,,,N . Cadet Corps At Attention for inspection Boys' Platoon AWWM,,mmmniw,M, uW,,Mm,,mJ,,wM,,mw,,5Wm,Wmu.. i, f .,L.-, , ,,f-,ff. W-f,,QN.,,n,-4 ,,f.,, , , ..,- .,'L N W-,ffw wwf LL,. ,ninmemenmsmfmwmassszww.zwmm,Q-w.f,,fq.o11,1,u-Im..,,,,.W,,.L-,f if F54 Sv 4 rf .ix I I Vi ,,,.....-....A. , V Q ,,,,.......... ..,N.,.W.....,.....-.-..-..,- .pq ......N...i ,....M.,- ,V . ..... ...M ...rf A-fA A V ,M Nw f f' V., -,..,.MM f f .Aw 1, ,. V f ..M-qvr1V,.Vw- 2' Au QM , , .fr . ai L. ,.,,, ,, W ,WV ,,...-4-M ,A ,HM A...-.V ,.,,,....1 , ,.A.W,.v,,W, ,-.,.., .......,,,-V --Q M 4, 'xwr v h- J Q , , I 4 V -1. ww' . ' L M-. Q 3,3 - Fw . V 5 K , if 1 nt' '33 1 , D 'So ' .. V ' A A A W, ' V 1 :V V V Q Vsuiii . ,Ah '3 , .V 4 V 5 Q 4, 1 , , ,..r W R A 4 , u 1 , 5 . 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Religious Activities Committee and Student speaker in chapel .vi.,,,,-Qefmef 7-,, -,: --., M-ifmw,We,ssinwf - '- no 1 i Sabbath School class with student teacher - Bob Bolton Some of Qts Activities Student Sabbath School officers. i , ,mmmewesnunlzad llaznwwww-ffri' ., Jann-I 'n: z seks2zgs:i ,, Sv Joan McClure, Chairman, Linda Thompson, Carol Schmidt Glenda Starkey, Carol Olsen, Phillip Wilson, Bill Johnson Y . M an ' N ' .a I J: i wg .15 ie, . .-im -f-gt, M.V. Nature hike at High Springs Programs Committee Programs Co mm itte e con- ducts a Sabbath afternoon M.V Meeting. ,M-f 4 X5 Glenda Starkey, Chairman, Carol Schmidt, Bob Bolton, Phillip Wilson, Linda. Comer Bands Committee A Sunshine-Jail Band Y gisiiq ,i.,,, MMwmW,.N.-.-- 'f ,,,. W 'wx 'iii 59 i i 1. x s x H ki DMMWWMWOWHWH is g , , , X n I 4 i 3 Phillip Wilson, Chairmang Elizabeth Wilson, Buddy Talbot, Bill Kirstein, Carole Strohman, Jimmy Vandenberghe, Becky Beeler Mm L' .JJ Recreational Activities Committee and Hard times party i......d Some Cf fits Acfiviiies A Christmas party for the children from the chi1dren's home Swimming at the school picnic ...J sf? . 'e . ,xx . v -4 'iii R 5 ' 'ifl. bm. mf . . ,l ,K Sk ,. WSL XV .. u f :Um 3 .5-ix, I 1 73,5 PA, 1 ,an 4 U EVM sf. 2- f:.5f.l U QW' gy. . gan' ..! 1:-.1 if X . 'ws 1 '11 I I 1 -uhh? , as Saw: 'Q .,., f. y , ff fi , g f? Egg. Iii. I 3L?'2l"L511f: R s Q fn: 1 S 9,14 A . S W . H K, 4 z Q 4 X , s s Il, 'W E' N 1 H x I Xu ,.:,.,:f'5x, A 1 -NYM., ,-by ,, 32 ' ' ff . gf.. THE 1960 MIRRO zz? my 45 .ipf.:.5 fie5iffj'fq2Y?f5-W i if z-fw.e.i . lumix:-w.f:. efvffs : 'vm' -K f Uv ' W ff f" 1-if-y,.., 48:36 X 1.2.-i-': 1 f 55.5 mfg!! 1 :gfQxE'a.H.N11s,-.3 :fi '1 603 1VK.'KXZ,E' ?13Wf .Wg VJ. 1 -,,... 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Circulation Manager Bids Good-luck to "Ad Go- Getters". After leaving West Hall we made "if feel, -WWW? 11265 . ft-tie? ,Q K5 ' :Q RS " F t l A lx .1:.'. if , ' e I . l- I " "T LT-T -z'I-ef-1-.Li - E- 3'-Em -E 5. -"M-fr: f-:aa ee : 4-24-- tl p e rt -ai e is e 'fc ei he or he 'em 'ie'- t tttl l E -Ei. . - E - ' - .. E: .- . 5 : - Eli-E -J ii i-El - - l-Efliizf-gifieieiefie ie 5 1l55e3f5 5 A VOL. XXV MAITLAND, FLORIDA, OCTOBER, 1959 No. 2 Daleth Beth Gimme! Reception Yea Senior-3 gf P I Z Z E Hem-Y True Betty Jane Fail vow .' 'llfltff maflrerrjd in for On the night of Decent ly, K, Q rg . QQ tw 519 ll"l9 Daleth Glflllflfiz 1 ' Clggks x'f'7iy1jf..'-x . ception was held in the Acadetfy ECW g,,,C'i V l MH: K-dm Gymnasium. The boys' reception this year differed from years in the past in that the girls held their Open l-louse on the same nieht. The evening began at 6:45 when . we started touring West Hall. All the rooms were very lovely, and we enjoyed our visit immmensely. our Way' to the gymnasium. Every- one was greatly surprised Whe' they passed through the P' and beheld the unif" lining the Wall ceilino enti. beat, pendi paper kin. blendec and rigi which the First on Ception wa greatly enjc To top the f a hilarious pl "The Amos a Hour." The a. "Kingfish" Steve ire, Amos, Andy, mirthful character ence in stitches. prudent and fac- ultv members alike agreed that it had been one of the best programs ine audi- CContinued on Page AD VVQTED Ullif'5SOl,' it 'lift ' ec. the tollciwitiqf ottlv . we i' t, lnrinv C1'3llEPi-1fro'i1 ' 7 fron, 7 Via: vice- presifjiertt, ' vf- B5 f,'- 3' V Ate lanta, Gecfrrfifif secretarwu, fi e t ty lane Fail lrcwrti Mobile, ,Alabarnay treasurer, Oeorge M i l. l fa f tyrant lwlaitland, Fhvririag par' Wur- phy lll from U-' geant-at-' SGI'- STH ' J' Q A' gh y my , largest dfiake up more .. or the student body. y natural, though, because ie best class in the history of Forest Lake Academy should have a lot of representatives. Still, size is only one of the desirable traits of a class. The real value is the result of the training put into it. Anderson Rewards Sub-Getters Board Members Present "All you can eat" was ample reward to the 85 people who had secured at least seven subs each during the first week of the Re- flector campaign, and who had met in the gymnasium at six p.m, Tuesday, October l3, for the pay off. Besides the sub-getters, and a few of the board members, pizza, spaghetti, hot cinnamon rolls, and cool drink were very much in evi- dence. Although pizza, the prom- ised "feed", was most popular, spaghetti was the choice ot others. 'verybody, of course, was happy, 'd some of us are wondering at we can do to get some more 'a "a la Anderson." e Reflector campaign is in full rp a lively spirit prevails as 'itinue our efforts to obtain a 1 2100 subs and incidentally, an extra day of vacation at Thanks- giving time. , Thank you, Schmidts and Rolls, for helping us celebrate the first lap of our victory. And Won't all you who read this send in one dollar accompanied by your ndme cmd address to Cir- culcttion Mdncrger, Reflector, For- est Ldke Academy, Mditlornd, Fld. Feature Writers and Religious Reporter Discuss New Writing Ideas. More Staff Members at Work Campaign Manager and Sponsors, Business Manager and Sponsor pose. Columnists Pause to Pose. 0' 'Wx The Future Nurses' Club officers look at the bright side of nursing. President - Judy Flesher, Vice-President - Julie Tursky, Secretary - Faye Johnson, Treasurer - Carolyn Maxwell, Sgt. at Arms - Joa.n Lasseter, Sponsor - Mrs. Wright. gufure urses' Club Members of the Future Nurses' Club listen intently as student nurses from the Florida Sanitarium give them helpful counsel. ' 'W ' W . K A ., , f5'72fYf??l2.if1?53f5f,ifK7ff'??'?Pie439K'7'Kf5ib75 it 'M""""n-M-w-,.,,,-an I I ig l . ' f .,.. . V,..,A.,. .,,. 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Andy's Taxi. if Reception Bain Qimmel L... 455 on K Q21 i A Q i' M 'N M 7 kk, , xv H' 'v K' , gk ,nv Q L Second Semester Officers Gateway to a wonderful evening The lost is found. fqchew-I I f,lon'f tl-ffnfc 'Um sw -F fr ng 15 ovme. Q ii On, sweet wmv.. m ! L-4,27 Bangs t Veek-af boo. oo 0 'm maize qv'-l betfief wuff-L cuff l'm mad. ' JMC, run fllsafzrmce- Vw Y JE? o -XL. - ei: can nes be 'Eggs nes .fp 'X SGW 4 . .f ,W L. -ef Q 5 Wpfba! o-Q David. ? l-.gfffog mpmr art 'pod Pep 1 f viivb xKnoau wlefq, Rnne is? W. M: I' wud. ,.m K-J 74+ , if X ,A my , . , .1 5 : 'w.waJ.fgQ-. wh C f . K in A xi wx 6 k 2 VF V ww-. , 2 up 12u.":" V' 9- .. . gy' , ,- KL ', H M , , m, ,.,. :.,V, Z is fx Q . Shit! Qwv bafrnssmenf. I . 3 va. , 1 x l ' W A . fgfi wake udp, Frank., opour SCDYC QTQY, garspggl E 1191-l'Y'!. :va LOQYSLJP. 8 4x E -,L S 3v4?D Cnss an cya. ,7""H 561 s 0A,m.5 5.36. Must Liste agai- :Mg ISI K M Ill IIN ull.: '4 ll tl Ill II! I G-,r'a.nma. Ha.u,'n' :fr-oubfes? N--' p lag? Of oo. 'J 3, Chrfrlsrnxs yn west Half O Y' lu fse ' 82 .. " f 4 Sri 5 f 4 4 k k 'Better watch oat, rn mu!! CY! Q P-r-ating Bog! K V P' A .A . , .V emlbv-fmSS1 m1f jf ,Q ll if X .,mf:gg,A,.Jf . - f- - f . .:. ' ' - N f .. M'Yi'SEkQ'S 1 ., Y .,,,, h ix K 6 K H ,J -,...ra 3,3 5 in . J 511: N' 4 A K. 1. - .,'.. y,-, . V ix., Q 1 I Ex X Q 2 52 EQ ?. , -ag , ia fy If K rhmfggi Q K Q Ur X .nh iq Y . A vs ag' 5 'fig 11 xg Lf W ' 35,3 , I Lulggii 5 1 igl x NTg"P'?l9 IQOY "Le'f','6 eatfll vw I K N xy, ,, ' A lx F gg. An g a, ' . ,ga KA z, AP, K: Q 2, fi. . A M .1 'L , 5 5 J. ' ik' Q K W - ,qu :f ,V VL 'SR yr 552 QL 5 K3 J f T ,wx h A-1. 1 is 99' 1' 5- rim Y f- z,:6.,,,,. wif i!-, f f. use L:eh"hlL'El1ose Ennis? F XX ,.,.-1-1' Af , K 15 :5""'2,f'TWQ5a Eg M sg is args sg Ch BS P cfook CL bottle washvr 5 w f 1 7 S9 171 cal e ls A 3?-A lf. A v A.'. f " 4 467, if X Mfr vvl x ,, . Q3 I v Vqlfr r i E ,Q 34 ,Q S.-,fh cal falazc ' ,..----- C , IYYYC f'0O7'YQ'Y"f. so brpghtj I have LD K weqv 9, lampshawle. 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Kefifg " '5 2-H will-p-U Wikia f 5 3 R s.'Iw it I 5" 1 f' Dow e 'Wf"' W' MPG- 'ff' '1'f"f'ff 'EV 2 7 .,:V ' Bo IJM9 on oUc3:'lPhonc Mol: an fcecfflm Cone ' Wig f MN Q . . .:::,? 1-F15 W f""' " :" i ww J A : V f. - NMMA V ,yv ,fu 5 Aa X f' ,f ou fell fwfm, 'Doi:'6f1.' S ,leer Conv-i2Sy, penny -for Q01-lffjxouaugs H frfaghlz , Boulotg! No l'r-Y"1- J I'm 'f,'Hrou1al7!f 4- ,,,,,,,... .., ...w fi' f,...,vw.......f ..,q..w--...r.........,..,...f -W- 'Q f .MW F, E ki 5" . M ,MA , .W...a 5 ,, ww-w--,...,A -' f ll., V ...W A f sv 'hi , I w 1 1 4 N 8' A , -.,.,,..., S X fy, , ga ff ..,....mA MW L 5 Qu.. , 'Q . --.-M -nf , as , if if ,Q -mf Qs Y .N ' iff 9 f I1 K , . , Mfmgsw V Mfg - .QM writ- is W ph, Nun Y , I vain W' in ' 9 X ' , ,, I .ai 'Q M K ,K , v.AV an 'H VH W Mgt. Q if .Q K -K " . ,f Q P' A f , Us 5 ' 1. 'S -- 1' 6 f ' A - 5 fff - J ' JU: L. f f ' V: - ,fam K K 5 . . ff, JL ,1 V ' ' i V, I ' Jn . ,Q ' K 'V ,, ' X my ' 'aff . 'Sim k in Q. Y ,Wag , A, f Q A Q QF." M , X ' QW' ' I 456 t 3 , ,fl 1 y ,r H 4 " K ' . gt fb. 24 W A 5 fi ,V .jug Q . is X W . . , Q yn 2 2 M . Q 3 ' , ,QV 5 f :Y i "f'm5. K 252131 f Reception Office 25 ff L, w., rv- 1-uzrv ' Phone calls, people to take care of, attendanceg this constitutes the job of "the three musketeers" in our office. - , .. ...J'i.. , .L., W: W, A .'f-f-..f . V' .W . fm' K 'Z 'P'-i4"'77i!E:.fli'-f'1"',t'9?!H"'s1vf?e':v-vfznv.., ks, '-...ans its 2f"'I ...i 3 2 3, E? I in Q E - K-Q 3 vi.. A. .- .,,. ii . Q 'fm' f 3 ig mv, 5, 15. .,,.5, 44 ww E y W . ,, Q- i " - is , .,,, , Y WW t 1 A uv- ii ... 44 f-Q at 9' M s H-5130- Y N . Ns.. Business Qffice Nickels, dimes, and quarters - - this office has plenty of cents. V QVWW? I Personnel Office Always ready to help in so many ways. A per- sonal interest in the personnel. .vw Campus This department keeps our campus beautiful. We are thankful for our nice surroundings. Q . 4 ' , A .. as . 'L x you want - they 11 meet your need gig it A busy place indeed - games, skating - anything I . , Q .. f.f:-'-2f1'ml5f41f1,'mi 1 1, msg. ffi5rary A nice place to spend leisure time, and nice people to help you. Readers A teacher's right arm. We can thank them for our good f?J grades. f N 5W,fg.m,.,, w N 51,3 L f.,, f- 51559 1"f'HNLQ 35 Nb ff: ww -af ,fri - W ' 37M 'iff , .. f WW! A X Eiimfrrzgzwg RefinisHers Tables, chairs, and dressers - - take in the old and bring out the new. Ad Building Qaniiors Brooms, mops, buffers - - these keep our janitors busy and our Ad Building looking fine. HELP WANTED: Some more janitors Upper: Dean Klimosz and Head Monitor, Anne Jr., check on dormitory details Lower: These girls keep our Home clean M i 5. gl, . ffvxl I 1 I C 4,54 L 'A ' R ff? ee ll 1 I u ,Q Q R, V , , 5,g:f,f,' , , - fi, ,, i t I K ., . x',t5'f' ' A 'K F9391 .31 rl..-1 ., 'Et ,- 4-2: " sg-Qi , - west Hall These girls keep our Home quiet and pleasant W, Upper: Dean Rilea and Head Monitor, Bobby III, Discussing Topics for Wor- ship Lower: These boys keep our Home clean 52151 Hall These boys command order in East Hall Press The press produces so many of our programs here at school - announcements, bulletins, and programs. They're prompt and accurate too! 35 j T' ' ' -! Maintenance They fix anything from cars to doorknobs - just ask and they will gladly offer their services. wmmw t A ,f-f- f- , Music Monitors Here our talents are developed and the monitors help to keep us practising. s ma,a ,Nm .fr -ue nv wr w we 4 if Switcfigoarcf "Operator"A very important job and seven very nice operators handle it fine. 'Ummm il? and E x 1 5 f KiicHen M-m-m good. So many nice things to eat come from this department. K ,L f .f 11 Q f' JL xi! X fqpj, 1 4,755 ,, 39'-f' 'gif' I lf f We ur! ,Aff f AW a LK ' sms' K '23 , ,.f,44uw K' ,K w 'M 4 2 Q L L N 1 X f , fn, w fb 1 X Wm fwm "' , -. v. ,Vi ,KKV .www . E v , 7 5 .5 m, , ,w a 'flmlf ffj ing. swim: 'fl E wx-f Dairy This department produces the number one pro- tein in our daily diet - wholesome, refreshing milk. 11 Eauncfry For clean clothes and linens - this is the place to go, ig.. ,-'. A .g.., . H N17 ' M iff , -L ' The Old must make way for the New! Even though the old is so "good". Our Old Mansion once was in its glory and our pride. Year after year its de- caying frame was nursed to satisfy the cry "Spare the old building so dear." But nothing can hold back new changes. The modern new homes have come to take its place - new homes appreciated by two staff families - New homes, you are wel- COIHC. 5He Old , K' M-.W -' - fffffbe-.a. . , A -M... . 'Ai-Hawes: 1-,!,,,,-,.,,, ., , , N1 hx - AA" 7' M a A , L3-Aw ,Lp b sew, y.f,w?f'w 09,- W A I A f-,A F , Ni A K' w m iikm . . Q, X fag.,M.,Y: - ,-Ji' ,M , fwisfiiffln , ,x K w,,,,,Q..A"' if ,.., K '- 1 . a- , ""'-ff as-V fa-ww 'Ai -'wr ,' ' L Y 1. M ff, ef . , ,. , S41-if "i"f"" K si, K 5,4 , A' W --aging, Q - a, A - W ., -5 " g , -- ' ' 'ha 5"" . -. ' ' 2 , '. , . - 1 ' And ew Aki The Old must make way for the New. Our old"faithful" bus is doomed. Its paint may have shone at one time. Yet trip after trip has shattered high hopes of"making it" - except as "one, two, three push" encouragements revived its tired mechanism to motion. The high hopes of "making it" have become a reality with the arrival of our new blue, gold, and white highwaybus. The heart of many activities for the choir, band, seniors and all is the new bus. J i if s .. NEEDED: 4' Ministers "' Literature Evangelists "' Teachers "' Physicians "' Dentists "' Nurses "' Secretaries " Business Leaders "' Writers "' Technicians "' Specialists in Numerous Vocations NEEDED: Adventist youth conscrated and dedicated -- and edu- cated -- to meet the chal- lenge of the hour! A TREMENDOUS FUTURE ........... . . . . . . WithUnexce11ed Opportunities To every Forest Lake Academy Student is offered a tremendous future with unexcelled opportunities--right here in the South. The work of God needs YOU in any one of many capacities. We urge you to set your sights high so that with a balanced perspective you can do the work God wants you to do in this unprecedented period of the wor1d's history. SOUTHERN UNION CONFERENCE OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS 437 East Ponce de Leon Avenue CP. O. Box 8495 Decatur, Georgia l iuiu K C l - tra tm ,iw fi ,S 'ifefitffzg - . - ,,., -- 1-lil' , an " fi . Q, I ff f pf . A, ' t :1'11lx31zs'zr1:'-H ':,:..ri'ma, y f yxgnuyk V,Afj3Ji fill W srz ..,31fi"ffQ',1'3l9'z".9-lssftifisfflf Eiirffffff'fbz,f'zEA9 ""' I-if-1-f' Q .M '. H 3 , V , f"'sO'., TWH' N . . . a V - , w as af ' V , ,,- A i. -1 ' -''Iwslfrifzeffnwg,1.1. 'fffmt'ifg,1f - N " if , ' ' I ' -f f V my-. .i1.,. - , -if-'.w,w:1 .MH A f ,z-.1-www-'v, ,-1 L, K , , .3959 . Above is the architect's sketch of the new women's dormitory now under construction at Southern Missionary College Come to SMC, a College Noted For Its Spiritual Atmosphere Where Friendliness Prevails And Southern Hospitality Reigns "Full Accrediatation "'S330,000 Student Labor Last Year 'Liberal Arts Courses 'Pre-Professional Courses 'Collegiate Program in Nursing 'The College of Standards For Information, Write Secretary of Admissions SUUTHERN MISSIUNARY CULLEGE '...lIAJ'5 ...4'Lnu- .Q. , Q,---, YOUR OPPORTUNITY MAY BE IN SUNNY FLORIDA 62 CHURCHES .4 43 PASTORS o 4 BIBLE INSTRUCTORS o 3I SCHOOLS 78 ELEMENTARY TEACHERS o 24 SECONDARY IEACHERS o I6 FULL-TIME COLFORTEURS o 4 DENOMINATIONAL MEDICAL INSTITIITIONS FLORIDA CONFERENCE OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS BOX I3I3, ORLANDO, FLORIDA The FLURIDA SANITARIUM 81 HOSPITAL Orlando, Florida Provides the Clinical Facilities for the SOUTHERN MISSIONARY COLLEGE Division of Nursing Opportunities: A B.S. Degree in Nursing in Four Academic Years Preparation for Licensure as a Professional Nurse Christian Association Two Years in Beautiful Semi-Tropical Florida for information write to CHAIRMAN, Division of NURSING SOUTHERN MISSIONARY COLLEGE Collegedale, Tennessee BEST WISHES TO Senior Class of 1960 HUGHES SUPPLY INC. ELECTRICAL PLUMBING 8: HEATING SUPPLIES Orlando Lakeland Gainesville Daytona Beach St. Petersburg Sarasota Clearwater STARKEY PRINTING CUMPANY PRUFESSIUNAL SPUNSURS E. J. Stevens, M.D. W. L. Belding, M.D. L. L. Kune, M.D. C. K. Eldridge, D.S.C. R. T. Hoover, M.D. C. W. Willruth, D.D.S. L. E. Svennevig, D.D.S. R. E. Delgado, M.D. Judy Randolph, D.D.S. R E L C L J. L. C. M. C. P. E. Cole, D.D.S Ron, M.D. Sutter, M.D Hall, M.D. Foster, M.D Crews , M.D Burton Bornstein, D S C J. L. Hundley, M.D R. F. Swanson, Optometr1st A Congratulations and best wishes to the class of '60 at ORLANDO MLMRLVVLW. R, wt :f:,:en'.U-,. ON , Nrw1:M,,Nw.,A wwfawt, cn Of emacs ,.. ' --5:5 F LQJRI D A NATI NAL BA NK QE, 1- .pnhsg-,Mw Qt . O igtyxi Q BUILDER - DEVELOPER "'wt"3'3 Phone VA 8-3561 Route 2 LET ME SAVE YOU MONEY ON YOUR HOME Maitland, Florida CONGRATULATIONS H. LESTER SILBER'S SURPLUS STORE Tents - Tarps - Clothing 50 W. Church St. Phone GA 3-6959 Orlando, Florida ARDIS CORSAGE AND NOVELTY SHOP Artificial Floral Arrangements COur Specialtyj Special Party Rates 928 N. Mills Orlando, Florida LAWTON BROTHERS Janitor Sz Sanitary Supplies Floor Consultants Janitor Service Phone GA 3-7603 2305 N. Orange Orlando, Florida JOSEPH BUMBY HARDWARE CO. Established 1886 Kelvinator Sales Service Buy Sell Trade Clean One Owner Cars BILLY WYNN MOTORS Garland at Amelia Ph. GA 2-0529 Orlando, Florida 'FSL EH? 1 Of Orlando Central Florida's Most Complete Maternity Shops Ruth M. Beaty, Proprietor GAI'den 3-5965 GA1'den 5-7225 Orlando Winter Park 649 North Orange Ave. 949 Kuhl Ave Open Friday Nite till 9 Compliments FROM A FRIEND CONGRATULATIONS to THE CLASS of '60 Compliments of RIVERSIDE BARBER SHOP 8707 Forest City Road FRANK'S BARBER SHOP Near Academy Rt. 419436 at Corner Lake Brantly Rd. Don't Hide Your Head . . . Bring It to Us for Quality Grooming YANCEY'S ELK SERVICE GROCERIES GAS Riverside Acres AL DAVIS AUTO MACHINE MOTOR RE-BUILDING AND CRANKSHAFT GRINDING Homes - Lots - Acreage - Groves C. F. FIELD Multiple Listing Service State Route 436 - 1f2 Mile West of Forest City Phones Winter Park APOPK2 BOX 758 VA 8-3201, VA 8-3908 TU 6-2651 TU 6-2641 Mau Route 2, Maitland 7 NA JACK KNIGHT Bear Lake Telephone Orlando Cy 3-3811 Lockhart, Florida 1- 4'iI bail, np., , tif I , V S-,.-I f, ,..-'f' 3 ' Q. I - 4,2 "I A' 1 Sf' U KELLER'S, COOPER'S AND GREGORY MUSIC CO. 201 Magnolia -- Orlando, Florida Phone Ga 5-0505 Rentals -- Studios Hammond Organs -- New gl Used Pianos -.1 , V nm.. FIST OITIOL RIIUCIAIIII WALKER CHEMICAL AND EXTERMINATING CO. 3210 Clay St. Orlando, Florida Termites Sz Pest Control Wood Preservatives Fog or Spray for household Pets Bonded - Insured For Free Estimates Tel. GA 5-9882 or GA 3-6251 other offices Cocoa- Ft. Pierce-Daytona Beach Member Florida and National Pest Control Associations Bank Modern Bank Citizens CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK of Orlando Corner of Orange 8: Robinson Ave. 3121 PAID ON SAVINGS Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System Each Depositor Insured up to Sl0,000. - J Plenty of Free Parking k! , Mol O. B. Trail gl chureizzrisirzi 260 55-,si gguhl 1 CH 1- GA - 1 - .gf,,,,l,.-ff - -6vEl!JL --I 11' lE' I lf X IGH X KI ,Q-G. -,e:'s2-rev--'lf T 1 ?-Z:-2131 1 11111:-51-:.f.'7i f 151515:-' f I 1 1'11fe??:5ef:fff ' if-HQ Ui' li"-SE'.1Er':5.E:'-v" Compliments of A 8' A STORE For the "Rest of your life" , . , , PULSE-A-RHYTHM FAMILY UNITS Orlando s leading men s and boy s store MATTRESS CONNECTING ROOMS 25 W' Church St' Route 1, Box 302, U.s. 17-92 Orlando, Florida 3352333 fi an E. D. COOK LUMBER CO. H WHSSEZALE L memes nor AND TERMITES S! J! 'I' if Cook Industries Cook Lumber Co. Phone JU 2-1004 Phone 4-2965 Lake Worth Tampa, Florida E. D. Cook Lumber Co. Phones CY 3-1811 CY 3-3820 Lockhart, Florida Ed Cook has been serving Florida Retailers Since 1925 G.H. BROWN CORNER SERVICE Ng., Groceries Kerosene Sz Fuel Oil - Delivery Brilliant Bronze Gas Phone VA 8- 3804 Corner Hi-way 436 Sz Lake Brantley Rd. Maitland, Florida Congratulations to the Class of '60 H O ME f N f urnlture co CRUM'S FUEL Oll SERVICE, INC. Howard Crum - President Jeffrey T. Ray - Sec.-Treas. Fuel Oil and Kerosene O I ass N, omxncc Ave. Duo Therm Heaters Sales Sz Service Midway 7-2893 Clay at Fairbanks Winter Park Caifziacif I fv2llNwrlLt co PAINT H. G. LORENZEN BRUNIN Phone GA 5-4321 GA 4-4851 116 West Robinson Ave. Orlando, Florida "The Road to Home Starts Here" PITTMAN BUILDERS' SUPPLY C0 Dial GA 2-3108 321 N. Garland St. Orlando, Florida ALBERT DRUG STORE, INC. Personalized Prescriptions 2201 Edgewater Drive Phone GA 3-7611 Orlando, Florida Compliments of STREEP MUSIC 641 N. Orange - Orlando Your headquarters For Everything Musical "From a piccolo to a Steinway" whether its new or used! 1 STUBBS PHARMACY Prescriptions Expertly Compounded Phone VA 8-5471 Forest City, Florida GEORGE SHRODE PLUMBING , LetGeorgef1oir CONTRACTOR UBI.-,if p a I V iT l'lins .:m Y 1919 Lee Rd., Orlando ,pci , 1 i ..N .7 mi l v ,nom K om A W" ,Q Repairs - Residential tirs., 1, 1 . ,,.. Commerclal .dri Night Dial CY 3-2337 Compliments of PERFECTION CLEANERS "Taylor-ed Glass for Every Purpose" TAYLOR GLASS COMPANY 2920 N. Orange Avenue Mirrors Tub Enclosures 3008 N. Orange Avenue Store Fronts Table Tops Window Glass Shower Doors Orlando, Florida Phone GA 3-3029 Orlando, Florida ? ? '?DoesYour? ? ? Washington Machine or Mower Need Attention? We sell the new Speed Queen Good Used. HANSON BOHALL COMPANY Phone GA 2-9716 291.0 N. Orange Orlando, Florida Flowers by . . . PEGGY JO Telephone GA 4-0544 2319 N. Orange Orlando, Florida William A. Iles - Class of '38 OLIVER JOE BAILEY CO. Insurance 8a Bonds 45 W. Washington St. Orlando Tel. GArden 3-5581 Service Beyond the Policy Contract Meat Substitutes Whole Wheat Bread Sunflower Seeds Organically Grown Foods Vitamins Minerals Herbs Salt Free Foods Foods for the Diabetic Cook Books Whole Grain Flours Health Books CHAMBERLIN NATURAL FOODS Your Dietary Food Store - Mail Orders Promptly Filled 18 E. Church St. Orlando Phone GA 4-7282 Branch Store: 107 Orange Ave., Daytonia Beach "You Can Do It Better With Gas" THE PROTANE CORPORATION I All Gas Systems - Gas Appliances - Ranges Water Heaters - Servel Refrigerators The Store of 1024 N. Mills Fashion Ka Quality GA 2-0714 Since 1894 Orlando, Florida " FLORIDA' S FRIENDLIEST .... MOST CONVENTENT FOOD STORE" Open 7 A.M. 'Til 11 P.M. Daily Featuring: Variety of Groceries - Picnic Supplies Bev erages - Cold Cuts - Dairy Products - Quick-Cook Meats Frozen Foods - Crushed and Block Ice State Rt. 436, Forest Lake, Fla. You Are Always Welcome SODDING CLAY PRODUCTS Wholesale 5: Wholesale gl 8.x Retail K' K,,. Retail ,r 'H . WV' ETF " 'Bitter Blue "St. Augustine 'Centip ede iz ' Oysla Contractors--OUR SPECIALTY 'Drain Tile 'Flew Liner 'Sewer Pipe CONRAD F. YELVINGTON CLinton 3-7118 800 Big Tree Road EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING For 20fZg Less All Service Guaranteed CARLSON WATCH SERVICE 638 Edgewater Dr. at Forest City Rd. Orlando, Florida Mail your watch for Repair Compliments of CENTRAL ENGRAVING CO. 243 1X2 Boone Street Ph0I1B CH 1-2011 Orlando, Florida 0 I W I 1 Compliments of TROPICAL TILES INC 5610 Edgewater Drive Orlando, Florida Exclusive Manufacturers Of Tropictile Products Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1960 from RYAN AND COMPANY Lumber and Building Supplies "Everything for the builder." Phone TU 6-3141 Apopka, Florida Compliments of WAYNE'S BARBER SHOP 2311 North Orange Avenue Orlando, Florida Furniture for People In Love With Their Homes Compliments of BUDDY'S CORNER WHERE FRIENDS MEET 70 N. Orange Avenue Phone GA 3-2888 CONGRATULATIONS! CLASS OF '6O! ROGER HOLLER OLDSMOBILE CO 2400 N. Orange Ave., Orlando, Florida Compare Any Deal With Oldsmobile! .-Ti I HUGO PILAT, FLORIST Flowers For Every Occasion Flowers By Wire Phone TUcker 6-6761 Rt. 2, Box 65 Apopka, Fla. Compliments of RONAlD'S BEAUTY SALON 2129 W. Fairbanks Avenue Winter Park, Florida ViS1t Compliments of RIVERSIDE SUNDRIES LAKE HARRIET ESTATES for Phone VA1ley 8-5561 Maitland, Fla. All your toiletries - patient medicines - school supplies - greeting cards - magazines - etc. 8601 Forest City Road Student Roster 1959-60 A Adler, Roy G. Route 2, Box 557 Maitland, Florida Adler, Ruth J. Route 2, Box 557 Maitland, Florida Allen, Robert S. 601 E. Rollins Ave. Orlando, Florida Anderson, Thomas A. Route 2, Box 446 Maitland, Florida Armstrong, Glennice E. 6511 Anvers Blvd. Jacksonville, Florida Asher, David C. Route 2, Bear Lake Manor Maitland, Florida Austin, Phylis A. 737 N.W. 2nd Ave. Boynton Beach, Florida B Ba.ldwin, Linda S. Route 2, Box 414 Maitland, Florida Ballard, John S. F.F.A. Station Gustavus, Alaska Ballard, Joseph C. F.A.A. Station Gustavus, Alaska Ballard, R. Craig 20 Minnehaha Circle Maitland, Florida Ballweber, Arlene J. 2705 Greenleaf Dr. Orlando, Florida Beane, Eileen L. Route 2, Box 298 Maitland, Florida Beane, Kenneth M. Route 2, Box 298 Maitland, Florida Beaulieu, Jane M. P. O. Box 176 Mango, Florida Beaulieu, Ronald W. P.O. Box 176 Mango, Florida Beeler, Rebecca F. Route 2, Box 641 Lake Shore Dr. Maitland, Florida Behner, Ronald L. 521 Ololu Dr. Orlando, Florida Black, R. Joyce Route 2, Box 412 Tucker, Georgia Blow, Sally C. 3437 Rockhaven Circle Atlanta, Georgia Bolton, Robert M. Route 2, Box 366 Maitland, Florida Bolton, Ruth R. Route 2, Box 366 Maitland, Florida Bowen, Linda J. P. O. Box 496 Altamonte Springs, Florida Bradley, James O. 3948 Edgewood Ave. Fort Myers, Florida Bradwell, S. Darleen 3633 Dubsdread Circle Orlando, Florida Brewer, Dorothy J. B85 N.E. 146th St. Miami, Florida Buckhalter, Frances 2606 Greenleaf Dr. Orlando, Florida Burnham, Carol E. Route 2, Box 740 Maitland, Florida Byers, Robert J. 336 Thalia Dr. Orlando, Florida C Caldwell, N. Bruce 2430 Lincoln Ave. Miami, Florida Camp T. Ralph 3487 Harrison Road East Point, Georgia Campbell, Willard Route 2, Box 422 Sned Island Palmetto, Florida Carlson, Rodney L. Route 2, Box 482-A Maitland, Florida Carlson. Wesley A. Route 2, Box 482-A Maitland, Florida Carter C. Fra.nces 3150 Pleasant Valley Rd. Mobile, Alabama 147 Carter, Jerry F. Route 7, Box 549-A Orlando, Florida Carter, Katherine E. Route 7, Box 549A Orlando, Florida Carter, Richard W. Route 7, Box 549A Orlando, Florida Castro, David A. Cobonel Bringas 4F61 Camaguey, Cuba Cherry, J. Kay Route 2, Box 743 Maitland, Florida Clark, David A. 42 E. Steel Ave. Orlando, Florida Clark, Linda J. 42 E. Steel Ave. Orlando, Florida Clark, Nancy S. Route 2, Box 670 Bonnie Dr. Maitland, Florida Claus, Myrtle H. Route 2, Box 454A Maitland, Florida Cleveland, Emmitte M. 30 Preston Ave. Orlando, Florida Cleveland, Eugene G. 30 Preston Ave. Orlando. Florida Collins, Lanny L. 110 E. Winter Park Ave. Orlando, Florida Comer, Linda E. 1206 W. Ninth St. Lakeland, Florida Cooper, Charles H. 3211 San Juan Tampa, Florida Creek, Mary Jane 708 Howell Ave. Brooksville, Florida Crenshaw, Madalyn F. 948 N. Fern Creek Orlando, Florida Crews, James J. 640 Manor Rd. Maitland, Florida Crews, Jerry R. 640 Manor Rd. Maitland, Florida Croft, Roy E. 786 Central Ave. Macon, Georgia Cross, Norman B. Star Route Dunlap, Tennessee Crowson, Randall E. Warren Drive Huntsville, Alabama Cruze, Bari M. 1025 Locust Avenue Pinecastle, Florida Curtis, Linda L. Route 2, Box 322 Maitland, Florida D Davies, Judith A. 40 Vesta Circle Box 223 Melbourne, Florida Davis, Bill C. Route 2, Box 531 Maitland, Florida Davis, Darleen A. Route 1, Box 228 Maitland, Florida Davis, Jim Bob 3220 Amherst Orlando, Florida Davis, Lynn F. 601 E. Rollins Ave. Orlando, Florida Decker, Forrest E. 2103 Karolina Ave. Winter Park, Florida Deerwester, David C Box 475 New .Jersey Ave. Maitland, Florida Denslow Jr., Anne B. 5503 Shady Grove Terrace Memphis, Tennessee Dickerhoff, Clara E. Route 2, Box 550 Maitland, Florida Dickson, Carol Sue 8520 N.W. 30th Road Miami, Florida Dillon, Kathryn M. 209 E. Evans, Ave. Orlando, Florida Dixon, J. Donald 279 N. Holly Drive West Palm Beach, Florida Dortch, Russell P. 6975 Rock Springs Road Lithonia, Georgia Drew, P. Diane 1418 Sanford Road Mount Dora, Florida Duska, Patricia L. 601 E. Rollins Ave. Orlando, Florida E Earley, LaVerne M. Route 2, Box 917 Apopka, Florida ' Earley, Robert M. Route 2, Box 917 Apopka, Florida Edenfield, M. Joyce Route 1, Box 431 Orlando, Florida Eichhorn, Jane A. 1833 Harmon Ave. Winter Park, Florida Eldridge, Carol L. 223 E. Winter Park Orlando, Florida Emde, Mark D. Route 1 South Sioux City, Nebraska English, M. Christine Route 1, Box 484 Sanford, Florida Erickson, J. Robert P. O. Box 595 Canal Poin.t,. Florida F Faatz, Jack B. 1643 Lakeland Hills Blvd. Lakeland, Florida Fail, Betty Jane 900 Delmar Dr. Mobile, Alabama Faltin, Donna Jean 2323 Amherst St. Orlando, Florida Falti n, Wendy J. 2323 Amherst St. Orlando, Florida Felts, M. Dosher Route 2, Box 568 Maitland, Florida Ferree, Joel W. 4414 Edgewater Dr. Orlando, Florida Flesher, Judy L. 1201 N.E. Terrace Miami, Florida Ford, Mary Ann Guaro Oriete, Cuba Student Roster 1959-60 Foster, Donald E. 1303 Azalea Lane Winter Park, Florida Foster, J. Roddy Route 1, Box 910 Oviedo, Florida Fowler, Marcia E. 1623 Old Shell Road Mobile, Alabama Fowler, Murel D. Box A Avon Park, Florida Fowler, Virginia L. Route 2, Box 193 Leesburg, Georgia Foxworthy, William D. 832 30th Ave. E. Bradenton, Florida Franz, Jenny E. 206 E. Evans Ave. Orlando, Florida G Gardner, Dorothy E. 2000 Jewell Ave. Winter Park, Florida Gattis, John W. 3825 Conrod St. Columbus, Georgia Givens, Jeanette D. 305 Wingedfoot Rd. West Palm Beach, Florida Gordon, Sheila L. Lake Shore Drive Eustis, Florida Greek, Donna M. 1112 Ohio St. Cocoa, Florida Greene, Betty C. 1 West Rosevear Ave. Orlando, Florida Greene, James A. 1 West Rosevear Ave. Orlando, Florida Gressett, Bernadette Route 1, Box 702 Cocoa, Florida Griffin, Audrea E. 601 E. Rollins Ave. Orlando, Florida Griffin, Byron K. 601 E. Rollins Ave. Orlando, Florida Grundset, Barbara J. 10450 50th Ave. Circle St. Petersburg, Florida Grundset, K. William 10450 50th Ave. Circle St. Petersburg, Florida H Hall, Delores A. 3322 Sunnybrook St. Jacksonville, Florida Hall, Rozann A. 2200 Bedford Rd. Orlando, Florida Hall, Sharyn E. 2714 Norfolk Rd. Orlando, Florida Hall, Stephen A. P. O. Box 311 Altamonte Springs, Florida Hall, Sue A. 3322 Sunnybrook St. Jacksonville, Florida Hamilton, Grace M. Forest Lake Drive Maitland, Florida Hand, Florence M. W. Hereford Ave. Cape May Court House New Jersey Hartwell, Frances A. P. O. Box A Avon Park, Florida Hasty, Jimmy H. 601 E. Rollins Ave. Orlando, Florida Haupt, William A. 601 E. Rollins Ave. Orlando, Florida Hawkes, Jeanne Route 2, Box 566 Sand Lake Rd. Maitland, Florida Hawkes, William E. Route 2, Box 566 Sand Lake Rd. Maitland, Florida Hawthorne, Ann R. Route 2, Box 239 Maitland, Florida Hawthorne, S. Belle Route 2, Box 239 Maitland, Florida Henderson, Mary E. Route 2, BQX 978 Apopka, Florida Henderson, Rose E. Route 2, Box 978 Apopka, Florida Hernoud, Leonard J . Route 4, Box 39 Ocala, Florida Hogan, Eleanor L. 317 W. 10th St. Jacksonville, Florida Hollingsworth, Donna Route 1, Box 112 Arcadia, Florida Hopkins, Stephen L. 601 Mayflower Lane Route 2 Maitland, Florida Hudson, Billie Jean 301 E. King Ave. Orlando, Florida Hurt, Ivan C. 324 N. Adams Carthage, Illinois Hurt, James C. 324 N. Adams Carthage, Illinois Hyde, Otis L. 4404 Ola Ave. Tampa 3, Florida I Illick, Jean S. Route 2, Box 355 Maitland, Florida J Jackson, George A. 3033 Commonwealth Jacksonville, Florida Jackson, Juanita 2211 Pinetree Dr. Orlando, Florida Jacobs, M. Julia 4460 Edgewater Dr. Orlando, Florida Janke, Harry 2507 McRae St. Orlando, Florida Janke, Waldemar 2507 McRae St. Orlando, Florida Johnson, Joyce D. F Florida San. and Hosp. Orlando, Florida Johnson, L. Faye 7945 S.W. 28th St. Miami, Florida Johnson, William R. Route 2, Box 650 Maitland, Florida Jones, Dorothy MQ 3109 1X2 54th Ave. N. St. Petersburg, Florida K Keskinen, Mirtha E. Preston Oriente, Cuba Kierstead, D. April New Jersey Ave. Maitland, Florida Kirstein, William V. 2211 Edgewater Drive Orlando, Florida Klingbeil, Clifford T. 1035 Cherokee Street Marietta, Georgia Knecht, Marvin E. Route 2, Box 255 AA Maitland, Florida Knight, Leslie J. Route., Box 518 Lockhart, Florida Knowles, Shirley J. 12- 18 W. LaFayette St. Perry, Florida Kribs, M. Sharlene 4167 Oxford Ave. Jacksonville, Florida Krone, Barbara R. Route 2, Box 636 Maitland, Florida L Lancaster, Roger B. 4447 Edgewater Dr. Orlando. Florida Landry, Sandra A. 1444 N. 28th St. Baton Rouge, Louisiana Larson, Earl W. 126 E. Hazel St. Orlando, Florida Lasseter, E. Joan 2623 N.W. 22 Ave. Miami, Florida Lauer, Margaret R. 1524 Levern Clearwater, Florida Leach, Sheila A. Route 2, Box 263 Maitland, Florida Leadlay, E. Hope Route 2, Box 456 Maitland, Florida Leslie, James G. 2326 2nd Ave. E. Bradenton, Florida Student Roster 1959-60 Lester, Lennette M. Route 2, Box 70 Apopka, Florida Lester, Vivian F. Route 2, Box 70 Apopka, Florida Lewis, L. Ann 106 Bonnie Dr. Maitland, Florida Liers, Joana M. Route 2, Box 486 Maitland, Florida Link, Albert G. . Route 2, Littlestown, Pennsylvania Lloyd. Ronald H. 2837 Roxbury Rd. Winter Park, Florida Lofland, Jean E. 5072 Sycamore Dr. Baton Rouge, Louisiana Lohr, K. Daniel 3009 Myra Jacksonville, Florida Lundmark, Donna L. 211 E. King Orlando, Florida Lynd, Ronald M. Route 2, Box 311 Maitland, Florida Mc McClure, Joan E. 4256 Cottage Hill Rd. Mobile, Alabama McGavock, Carol J . 2307 Spruce Orlando, Florida McGavock, Ramona N. 2307 Spruce Orlando, Florida McLaughlin, Joseph E. Route 2, Box 366A Maitland, Florida McLaughlin, Patricia 1511 Indiana Ave. Winter Park, Florida McLaughlin, Sharon S. Route 2, Box 366A Maitland, Florida M Maier, Walter A. 270 Orange Terrace Dr. Winter Park, Florida Marsh, Ellen L. 26 W. Vanderbilt Orlando, Florida Marsh, Rose A. 26 W. Vanderbilt Orlando, Florida Martin, Gail D. Route 2, Box 683 Craig Dr. Maitland, Florida Martin, L. David 512 N. Bradford Ave. Tampa 9, Florida Mason, Cheryl E. 916 Palmer Ave. Winter Park, Florida Mathews, Diane E. Route 2, Box 341 Maitland, Florida Maudlin, Rita S. Mt. Plymouth Homes Apopka, Florida Maxwell, Barbara K. 3222 N.W. 101st St. Miami, Florida Maxwell, Carolyn F. 3222 N.W. 101st St. Miami, Florida Meek, Barbara L. Route 2, Box 337 Maitland, Florida Meek, William H. Route 2, Box 337 Maitland, Florida Meister, Barbara J . 263 21 Avenue South St. Petersburg, Florida ' Miles, Willian A. 1345 Westchester Ave. Winter Park, Florida Militana, Ronnie A. 315 9th St. West Palm Beach, Flor Miller, George A. Forest Lake Academy Maitland, Florida Miller, Mary Ann Forest Lake Academy Maitland, Florlda Miller, Mona Rae 1109 Carlton Ave. Falls Church, Virginia Mills, Don G. 1307 Tyne Memphis, Tennessee Mitrakas, Diana E. Orienta Gardens Maitland, Florida I49 ida Mole, Alexander H. Route 1, Box 445 Orlando, Florida Mole, Judy A. 1635 Steven Ave. Orlando, Florida Moore, Patsy R. Route 2, Box 288C Orlando, Florida Morehead, B. Joan 727 Society Ave. Albany, Georgia Morgan, Angela L. Box 289 Altamonte Springs, Florida Mowry, David H. 118 E. Winter Park Orlando, Florida Murphy, Brenda J . 2900 N. Westmoreland Dr. Orlando, Florida Murphy, C. Sheridan Forest Lake Drive Maitland, Florida Murphy Jr., Robert B. 222 Oglethorpe Orlando, Florida Murphy, William E. 222 Oglethorpe Orlando, Florida N Nabors, L. Paula 126 Fifth St., S.W. Moultree, Georgia Neal, Edward C. 6918 Forest City Rd. Orlando, Florida Nelson, William S. Route 1, Box 45 ' Palatka, Florida Nichols, James T. Route 1 Titusville, Florida Nobrega, Ralph C. Route 2, Box 443 Tallahassee, Florida Northrop, David M. 16 2nd Ave. Fort Walton Beach, Florida O Olsen, Carol J. Route 2, Box 598 Maitland, Florida Oswald, James F. Route 1, Box 202 West Palm Beach, Florida Student Roster 1959-60 P Padgett, B. Ruth 3101 29th Ave. Tampa, Florida Padgett, F. Daniel 3101 29th Ave. Tampa, Florida Palmour, Frank M. 975 Stoval Blvd. N.E. Atlanta, Georgia Paricos, Mary K. 3418 Blvd. Texarana, Texas Parris, Jan E. 6523 Emerson Ave. S. St. Petersburg, Florida Paxton, James R. 4250 Cottage Hill Road Mobile, Alabama Pervis, Norma J. 914 Peninsular St. Tampa, Florida Pervis, Rita M. Route 2, Box 753 Apopka, Florida Petty, F. Cecil 1725 E. 32nd St. Savannah, Georgia Phillips, Georganne Box 795 Longwood, Florida Pillsbury, Judith A. Route 2, Box 430 Palmetto, Florida Pillsbury, Mabel L. Route 2, Box 430 Palmetto, Florida Q Quick, Ronald R. 1030 W. Bradley Road Milwaukee, Wisconsin R Rabucha, Paula D. 4516 S. Cooper Place Tampa, Florida Randolph, Dennis W. Box 128 Clewiston, Florida Randolph, James S. Box 128 Clewiston, Florida Rasor, Jeanetta L. Route 2, Box 97 Palmetto, Florida Rauch, Jeanne E. 1800 Lorena Lane Orlando, Florida Rauch, Sharon L. 1800 Lorena Lane Orlando, Florida Read, Robert D. 424 Yucatan Dr. Orlando, Florida Read, Sandra E. General Delivery Florahome, Florida Reams, Allena L. Route 2, Box 534 Maitland, Florida Reams, Eugene L. Route 2, Box 534 Maitland, Florida Reilly, Gerald L. 4625 McDill Ave. Tampa, Florida Respess, Robert E. 441 Allen St. Winter Park, Florida Respess, R. Carrol 441 Allen St. Winter Park, Florida Rice, Lillian E. 9017 Brassie Dr. Overland 14, Missouri Ricks, Ralph 1132 Lemor Rd. Orlando, Florida Ringer, Joy E. Route 2, Box 461 Maitland, Florida Rivers, Gerald R. 2000 West Dr. West Palm Beach, Florida Roberts, Darlene A. 512 Ololu Dr. Winter Park, Florida Roberts, James Route 2, Box 46 Lutz, Florida Roberts, Sharon F. 1120 W. Harvard Orlando, Florida Robison, Lois E. Route 2, Box 71 Apopka, Florida Roll, H. Gene 4015 Anchor Ct. Orlando, Florida Rolls, Audrey E. P. O. Box 207 Altamonte Springs, Florida I5 Rolls, Dolores G. 156 No. Washington Dr. Sarasota, Florida Ruffin, David V. 602 Magnolia Ave. Orlando, Florida Rushing, Sylvia J. 5446 Altoona St. Sarasota, Florida Russell, Irene S. Route 2, Box 417, Magnora Maitland, Florida Russell, William C. 801 N.W. 4th Ave. Fort Lauderdale, Florida Ryder, Nancy L. Route 2, Box 479-A Maitland, Florida Ryder, Thelma J. Route 2, Box 479-A Maitland, Florida S Sammer, Nobert H. Route 2, Box 313 Maitland, Florida Sapp, Grady R. 1404 South Center St. Eustis, Florida Sawyer, LeAnne E. Route 2, Box 255 Lake Harriet Est. Maitland, Florida Sawyer, Tanya J. Route 2, Box 255 Lake Harriet Est. Maitland, Florida Schmidt, Carol A. P. O. BOX 1043 Collegedale, Tennessee Schneider, Kimber L. Forest Lake Academy Maitland, Florida Scott, Andrew S. 601 East Rollins Orlando, Florida Scott, Candis D. Ilesdale Manor Route 2, Box 575 Maitland, Florida Servoss, Delmar G. Route 2, Box 469 Maitland, Florida Shrode, Marcia R. Route 1, Box 570 Lockhart, Florida O Silveria, Barbara J. Route 2, Box 621 Maitland, Florida Sims, A. Geraline Route 5, Box 249 Lake City, Florida Smart, Judith A. 8717 Delter Ave. Tampa 4, Florida Smith, Grady E. 313 Park Ave. Titusville, Florida Smith, Irma L. Route 2, Box 609 Maitland, Florida Smith, Jerry W. 1304 Santa Anita Orlando, Florida Smith, Larry R. Route 2, Box 623 Maitland, Florida Smith, L. Ruth Agricola Brewster Rd. Fort Meade, Florida Smith, M. Jean Agricola Brewster Rd. Fort Meade, Florida Snapp, Dolores L. 1991 Biscayne Dr. Winter Park, Florida Snider, Martha B. Route 2, Box 469 Maitland, Florida Snow, Martha K. Route 5, Box 43 New Bern, North Carolina Spanos, Jon K. 2770 Link Rd. St. Louis, Missouri Spencer, Raymond A. 3034 S.W. 26th St. Miami, Florida Spires, Beverly L. 1317 Piney Rd. Fort Myers, Florida Stanley, Dorothy A. 105 N.E. 11 St. Homestead, Florida Starkey, Glenda R. 701 Greenslake Rd. Rossville, Georgia Steadman, Nancy S. 1639 Talbot Ave. Jacksonville, Florida Stephenson,.George H. 7211 Taliaferro St. Tampa, Florida Stevens, Donna S. 2904 N. Westmoreland Dr. Orlando, Florida Sticher, Theresa A. 817 Georgia St. Key West, Florida Stone, Sondra S. Route 1, Box 595 Lockhart, Florida Strawder, J. Ed Route 2, Box 3041-A Maitland, Florida Strawder, Peggy I. Route 2, Box 301-A Maitland, Florida Strickland, H. Wayne P. O. Box 437 Lennell Dr. Maitland, Florida Strickland, John M. Route 2, Box 555 Oak Haven Dr. Maitland, Florida Strohman, Carole A. 7950 Country Club Rd N. St. Petersburg, Florida Suggs, Barbara A. Box 200, Springfield Sta. Panama City, Florida Swlnson, H. Rebecca 82 Pine Valley Rd. Savannah, Georgia Swofford, Carol A. Forest Lake Academy Maitland, Florida Symonette, Janette C. Current Eleuthera Bahamas T Tait, Irving G. 601 E. Rollins Orlando, Florida Talbot, George M. 3633 Ida Dr. Columbus, Georgia Tanksley, W. Jean 2520 San Ave. Orlando, Florida Thomas, Eloise E. Route 1, Box 173 Bushnell, Florida Thomas, Joseph K. Route 3 Bonifay, Florida Thompson, Judith L. Route 1, Box 575-A Orlando, Florida Student Roster 1959-60 Thompson, Linda C. 1064 1! 2 Haverhill Rd. West Palm Beach, Florida Thompson, Ruth M. Route 1, Box 575-A Orlando, Florida Tompkins, A. Ann Box A Avon.Park, Florida Tomson, Rodney H. 6286 6th Ave N. St. Petersburg, Florida Trawick, Donald G. 2518 Webber Ave. Orlando, Florida Trawick, Elizabeth J. 2518 Webber Ave. Orlando, Florida Troha, Lawrence E. Route 1, Box 213 Bigtree Rd. Daytona Beach, Florida Trubey, Judy L. 3220 Formosa St. Orlando, Florida True, Henry H. 438 N.E. 8th Ave. Fort Lauderdale, Florida True, N. Gail 438 N.E. 8th Ave. Fort Lauderdale, Florida Turner, Charles W. Route 2, Box 436 Maitland, Florida Tursky, Julie A. 1850 S.W. 2nd Ct. Miami, Florida U Umlauf, Lana M. 2810 Musselwhite Street Orlando, Florida V Van Camp, Janet E. 730 W. Fairbanks Orlando, Florida Vandenberghe, James G. Route 2, Box 560 Tampa, Florida Villemain, Carol J. 1568 Spruce Ave. Betton Hills Tallahassee, Florida Vinson, Claudia O. 2413 McGregor Blvd. Fort Myers, Florida von Pohle, Sylvia M. Apartado 50 General Peraza Havana, Cuba W Waddell, Nancy J. 4462 Edgewater Dr. Orlando, Florida Wade, William D. 435 Longfellow Dr. Lakeland, Florida Wagner, Cheryl J. 2154 Clifton St. Ocala, Florida Walker, Sandra A. Route 2, Box 397-X Homestead, Florida Walter, Thomas E. 1928 Azalea Ave. Winter Park, Florida Ward, Betty C. Route 2, Box 716-A Maitland, Florida Ward, Rex M. Route 2, Box 304 Maitland, Florida Webster, Kenneth 600 13th Ave. N.W. Largo, Florida Weeks, Marshallann A. Box K-301 Holly Hill, Florida Wemmer, Joy M. Route 2, Box 535 Maitland, Florida Wetmore, Marie L. Route 2, Box 345 Maitland, Florida Wheeler, David W. Route 2, Box 456 Maitland, Florida White, Myron H. 2 W. Steele Ave. Orlando, Florida white, Julian Route 2, Box 443 Randall Avenue Maitland, Florida White, Sandra L. 2 W. Steele Ave. Orlando, Florida whitsett, Kingsley P. 1021 E. Third Ave. Mount Dora, Florida Whitt, James D. Box A Avon Park, Florida 5 I Williams, Charles L. 241 Rippling Lane Winter Park, Florida Williams, Dolores V. 241 Rippling Lane Winter Park, Florida Williams, Gayle M. Route 6, Box 288-F Tampa, Florida Wilson, Lorena F. Route 2, Box 342 Maitland, Florida Wilson, Clayton Box 176 South Lancaster, Mass Wilson, M. Elizabeth 101 E. Fourth St. Bay Minette, Alabama Wilson, Emily R. Route 2, Box 432 Maitland, Florida Wilson, Linnie Y. 1979 Lee Road Orlando, Florida Wilson, Philip W. 101 E. Fourth St. Bay Minette, Alabama Wingate, Beverly A. P. O. Box 563 Fort Meade, Florida Wood, Calvin T. 201 E. King Ave. Orlando, Florida Z Zeak, Frances A. P. O. Box 563 Eustis, Florida Zill, Marlys A. 813 N. Federal Highwa Delray Beach, Florida achus etts Y Zfiank youu, TO our staff photographer, Mr. Wooten, for his time and patience in taking many of the pictures you see in this 1960 yearbook. TO Elder Schneider for taking "time out" to take some "more pictures for the annual." TO Anne Denslow Jr. for writing the senior class prophecy. TO Bobby Murphy III, Candis Scott, and Anne Denslow Jr. for sharing their poetic talent in writing the senior sketches. TO all those who contributed to the snapshot collection. TO the Mirror staff for your willing efforts and hard work. TO all our faculty members who so kindly helped in any way to make this annual possible. TO many others for your encouragements. May this your 1960 Mirror hold many memories of a year well-spent together living, learning, working together in preparation for service to honor God. Editor Joyce Black, Assistant Editor Carol Olsen and Sponsor Stella Klimosz celebrate the completion of the 1960 Mirror. l 152 V' L'k?1?.Y ' ' " '- ,. , ., I Cnr-om pa ,W M fgghzaq . - , , -J lx I N 1 ff' f f 2 w -ff , , , UL -N, 1- . ,I c7fLv ji -dchjvf fn. I ' ff V ,.,. .1-,fn M v -... "KIA- , fff 'fbi Awkli 'fill ,Y--"' I I X1 fx, 'I' . I I ' J A 0 i , I Lv' ,i-ff, . 7 V ,, ,, gn?" "' ' C K ' ' - r 196V"L""' , , ,z ,A,,,, --"' Ai' I I! Q. J---Q7 ff - V ,,' 4 0 WJ, 47.1, vzboecyciz 54 . -1,67 ZAWZ, I Y Y ," v ' A f ' ' I ! j'. J! Hr P! L' A C ' u f N-" I fl- JA ,I aptly 7L, JV:,f,,,xf' xt I ji " sl A f pw f ga X-4:41 1-J K W XX x x I ,, . . w JL, A . il ' lj JI yw Lv, 1 ,X I ali Q, , V, , 5 X X 4 WLS xg V K., 'N Sr. , O",, X QJX' xl' U X 1,2 X I QW L N , A QJ X. ' SR pf ply CV I-' "' 1 X, ., f', j K I M W ' s U X185 QV ,J I MMT? fb i xx QW QM Sf 35 iss? R3 9 Q XEEQMQX

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