Forest Lake Academy - Mirror Yearbook (Apopka, FL)

 - Class of 1957

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1957 volume:

15' Remember ........ .-:n::,4 rm swan'-rmlvy Banque' ..J J, '1 we Hand WV Gm' Dpen H s ir" 6 X xil X . The neil-mor Campwgn The Hallowe'en Party , 5' we The results of skating backwards FQNJHN S Funniest - Judie Fenner with date Lois Finney - - Whoops! ! One of our Lyceum numbers - The man who blew three horns at one Time. Most original M- Marvin Williams with date Joan Dierks K The Florida Christian College Choir , Ag' F: X D. Q Qin AXJL WLM 2' 1. t. -1 --A l ,t NL' Vsxifghfwiit, ' .6 X ' V .ts 1 ,. a l if-arf 'ut Q7 t n.. 'gi-gf. ,i wtf' f. ' . it ,vxr-.'.,f-, 'Q:l,,'xy it "4 m- M4 r 3? '. 'Jw-+1 i 'X .A u t. 'lf - N N' 41 'za -.muy-self" ' -ff. ,, . ., W K ,if in .lm gf! 'Wg l f' tl, ,lf X. ' JL H f , 534 A-tn 4 .. 4 ' ,. in ' ,f,lx, ' S .s -tn' w' ' .3"',iv"'l"Te Qt ' t ,-v,5',',..ff1:. ,itil ' 1 ,,,. , :rw , ,g A ' 5 'v 5 L .4 n' 'n A " ' , . x kt-, 5,5 A: 5 K ,x A 1. V B el s wl- " I.. -35... 3-K-li. Editor-in-chief Associate editor Snap shot Photography Literary Make-up Art editor Advertisement Business Manager Circulation manager Typists ludie Fenner Shirley Dunn Faye Ioyce Underhill Betty Hurst Sonna Courson Carol Reile Ioan Dierks Pat Cross Warner McClure Roger Floren Arthur Roth Lois Borden Beverly Schmidt Barbara Schmidt 9 .0 L ,. Presenting the Friendly Academy KE ,S R 'kv enefk if New ? , , L. . V eww me Q eff f "rv"'ST AfN gi. fi 5- ' if A f My A .- . , :'L' ',.- f W ' ,Ng ww es?-q'9 qi :ff Rf,.gg - M." e QQ W fn. .V K se NWS XE? Q3 X X-, x i-1Ii1 l! -- i" .. . A ,H 70a When we first came to Forest Lake Academy everything was new to us and all very strange- There were all kinds of obsta- cles and blocks in our pathWCIYS that, at the time, seemed very large and complicated to us. But what- ever our problem, large or small, we always knew that we could rely on our beloved deans for safe Z, ,fr .A X '1 gf Q 1 M i, J , ' l 'K' pq, ill 1 M, 5- , . rg WW, ' Munn-my mmf'-V Y Q l V , 2 'ti slyt A Q tj, -," 2. if ii z ly V, 1 . "-- e ' i if V ..-' . is-5 yr 27 ,,,f Q1 Q ,wi fx i. ' it A , A . . if Z ,-,,:.f -5 .. is N QHI, i A I ig, ,ffffg yr:--,gg H: 4,5 Q, -Q, rt A -s .. - ' I ' f . I 'bs' ,t . A ,Q ,ye :ff 1 , Wet' ii L ' f U 'i Q i M . as ' , fri' fi 7 idance and counsel. They were always ready to share our joys, our troubles, our heartaches, our pains. If they could be of any as- sistance or help at all, they were willing to do so? We can not find in our hearts the words that could satisfactorily describe our sincere appreciation and gratitude for their never tiring QU fr ,, ,,t ,,. im., K efforts to guide and back us in the right way. A way that would best prepare us to walk with G-od and better influence our fellow men. All we can say is a simple "thank you," cmd that you have been Cn ennobling influence that will re- main with each of us the remain- der of our lives. May God further bless you in the continuance of your service for Him. To you we dedicate our 1957 Anni ial enum Dr. W. E. McClure. Ed. D. College graduafed 'Frorh Em- manuel Missionary College, B.A. Universify of Michigan. MA., Michigan Sfafe Universiiy Ed.D. Meiored in-Educafion and His- fory Taughf af--Direclor of Malamula Mission, Africa: Educalion, Sec- refary of Sou+l1 Easf Africa Union: Presidenf of Helderberg College College Position here-Principal i WW' ?"'a as we U-, The Academy Board Mr. Henry Woofen. B.S. College graduafed from-Souflw ern Missionary College Maiored in-Business Adminisfra lion Posifion here-Treasurer and As sisfanf Business Manager Business adviser for Refleclor Teaclwes--Boolclceepinq - s i. if Q-qs Q S - ' Q, -is Q CLK A e-5. T., -W ' 'gg 'M W K-1 ,A Y .M 5? cl' if fm ' X X , L 1 X he 5 5 L I C .C .X ' 4-1 li l H -M r .W ,... - D. A mm'1 f if - as hw- , l X N if ' .C ii ' , Qfy I . ii Ak'. I H I i Y " Mr. E. S. Anderson, B.S. College qraclualed from-Soiilhe ern Missionary College Majored in-lnduslrial Arfs Subiecls leaches-Biology, Wood- worlcinq, Mechanical Drawing I Mr. A. B. Mifchell, B.S. College gradualed frorn-Soufim ern Missionary Colleqe Maiored in-Business ,Aclrninislrfr lion Las? lauqhl-Birmingham Businies Colleqe Teaches-General Maflx. Posilion here-Accounlanl' Mr. J. E. Minesinger, B.A-. M.A. College qradualed from-Wash inglon Missionary College, B.A.1 Pealaodv College for Teachers, Nashville, MA. Maiored in-General Science Lasl faliqhl-Cumberland l-l. S. Teaches W- Alqebra, Geomlefry, Physics, Chernisfry, Biology Sponsor ol Sabbarlv School and Radio Club 5776 wwf Q Xfx 'I'-gx -i ki f'All the kings horses cmd all the kings men couldn't put the bones back toge- do Mr. Lyle Q. Hamel,B.S., M.A. Cdleqe qraduafod frnm'AVander Cool: Colieqe of Mx.fJQvCHEcaqO, MJX., Emmarwef Mlsslonary Col- W leqe, BS. Maiored in Aqricuifure. minored H . . . , ' In Sdemkeq BIS., MMC Educamnl Sometimes muslc apprecmczhon becomes deprecxcrtionf' M.A. Las? fauqhf a+fWWisconsEn Acad- emy Subleds fGdChGSfH96d of Music Deparfrnenf. Band, insfmcfor of band Ensimmenis sex ff 7'--'DF 2 wwf' ' M , ,Q . Y e e f W- ..L- : A nf Migg Daina Rameyl 35. Mrs. Rose++a Schneider, BIA. Bde' Jack JU5+- B-A- CQHQQS Qradmafed i,,mxU,We,, Graduahed from-Union Colfeqe COHeq,eA9"'dU'i+ed i'CmgS0J'7' Cdfeqe s Malored in+EducaHor1, Hkfory, em, M'5S'O.""3'V COH999 Majored in Music Educ-fiom mme' German .Mawned mQReHqi'jn' mmofed Last fauqlqfgunjon Cogyeqe Last fauqfw-Maplewood Acad- m Vance, Musif Teaches-Mixed Chores, Cm-M emY' Hufchinson, Minnesoha TeaC,"e2'C"'0"'- Mfffld CFOHQ Piano, Voice l Teaches-Orqan, Piano Voice as Mrs. Celes'I'e Kirs+ein, VALALA llzl E l , ...sf , .. 3, ,, . X - 's . Q if " .l , ffm U' If s if fm ll 1 A .5 A s f I Ns J? Q ij lf, ' ' 4 1' Og 'J ,E ww I f l l l B.A. M.A. College qradualed From-Pea- body College for Teachers. Nash' ville, Tennessee llsht 1 QM at Pdncipai of Majored in-English and Spanish as au - Waferfown School Teaches-English l, ll, lll, IV Sponsor of Sophomore Class Sponsor of Temperance Sociefy Sponsor of M. V. Soclely College graduated from-Souflv ern Misslonary Colleqe. BS., Uni- versily of Florida. M. Ed. Maiored in-Education and Enq- Teaclwes-Spanlsln I, ll and Enq- llsln III lV Sponsor of Refleclor l8ll1 year ol leaclnlnq lvere Mr. Jesse Jones, B.A., MA. Colleges graduafed from-Union Collefle- B-A.: Universily of Ng, braslra. MA. Maiored in-Hisfory Losf laugh? af-Cfampion Acad- EVVW- Loveland, Colorado TSGCHQS-HiS+ofv and Enqlish I 0:75644 and 7a'ze6gn .fmzgcmge V4 Tal? 3 "lf I find motlnr synoedache labeled mefonymy, l'll hit the ceiling, and lhaYs no luyporboh.". Mr. Henry Wooien, B.S. Colleqe qraduafed from-Souflv ern Missionary College Maiored in-Business Adminislra- lion Posifion lwere-Treasurer and As- sisianf Business Manaqer Business adviser for Refleclor Teaclnes-Boolrlreepinq ?'4 OSX Mrs. Jean Davis College afiended - Emmanuel Missionary College Teaches-Typing ll Sponsor of Senior Class 9 a,s.d,f,q.h,i.2:, 1,a,s.d,i,g.g,h. i.k,1. In-n . Ne- Mrs. Marilou Schriber, B.S. College qradualed frornfgoulli ern Missionary College Maiored in Home Econiumics Teaches-f-Typing I, Slworflwand I Home Economics Mr. O. V. Schneider, B.A., M.A. College graduefed from- Union College, B.A.: Drake Universiiy, Des Moines. Iowa, M.A. Maiored in-Bible, Hislory, Edu- calion Lasf faughf-Principal and Ad- minisfrafion of Tampa Junior Academy Teaches-Bible, English Business Advisor of ihe Mirror "Hand in your manuscripts, scholars." gi :,.....---' i"1.'-mf Elder K. R. Davis, B.A., M.A College graduefed from-Emmam uel Missionary College. B. A. Theological Seminary. M. A. Mciored in--Religion Las? faughf at-Befhel Academy Orpin, Wisconsin Subiecfs +augh'r - Youfh Prob lems, Denominalional Hisfory, Bi ble Doctrines Sponsor of Senior Class Sponsor of Mirror, Church Pasfo - -7 Wm' Mr. D. E. Barr, B.A. College qradufed from-Wasl1- inglon Missionary College Maiored in-Bible Las? fauqlnl al-DuOvicn Jr. Academy, DuOvion, Illinois Teaches Prinfinq Posiiion here-Prinlinq Press man Sponsor of "Li'l Gaim" publislwed by Prinling class Fore- Mrs. Be++y Anderson sionary College Educelion Subiecls laugh?-Girls' P.E. Dean of girls for firsl fwo monfh SJW "How did you say you did this?" xml,-4m College offended-fSou+l1ern Mis- Lasf lauqhf af-Colleqedale Phys. r .Q-or V 'si Deana l 'F 's A T t X Q Wm l X 'xi bw fl C i as T-:.g1Q.,,M .A"' ffl. X X xx 2 C' r M fl fl 1 'l 1 7 5 "Probably discussing what big problems we are." Mr. Lawrence K. Sfevens, B.A. College gradualed from-Union College Malored in-Mlnfslerlal 81 Educa- flon Lasf faughl-Wisconsin Academy Teaches-Physical Ed., Medical Cade? Corps Poslfion l'1ere-Dean of boys Sponsor of Junlor Class Mrs. Hannah R. Yanke, B.S., M.A. College gradualed from-Norlln wesfern Sfale College, Oklahoma Mafored ln English, Speech. Drama Lasl laughl'--Speech and Dru malics al Greaf Falls High Sclwool Monlane Posllion lnere-Dean of Girls Sponsor for Mirror-Llferary Sec- 'Hon ,if JZ Deep in our hearts we shall always cherish the fond memories of Mrs. W. E. McClure, the beloved wife of our principal. Her sincere christian life has been an ele' eating influenceg her ever-smiling face, a cheerful light in the darkest cornerg her deep understanding, a refuge for the troubledg her gentle patience, a goal to be reached by all. She trulg has been an inspiration to each of us. Not because of any one thing she might have done, but, rather the sum total of her life. With hallowed thought we place this lovinglmemo- riam in our 1957 Mirror. 5 X x O c,P'Q' Q Yi C , -'bQ2'?J .i'5'5'V, v ,m' Cur Senior Sponsors Elder and Mrs. K. R. Davis Vice-Presidenf JoAnn Jacqueline Hosfefler MJD.. Nurse "Charming, preffy, and pefife, buf nof more charm- ing 'fhan she is neat" ' Presidenf William Ronald Wafson "Ronnie" Denfisl' "A very nice boy we all admire, whose pleasanf ways are much desired." Jacksonville. Florida: Jacksonville Jr. Academy I,2: F.L.A.. 3.4: Dalelh Befh Gimmel 3.4: pasfor 3.4: Spanish Il A Club 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Choir 4: MCC 3, sergeanf: Reflector Sfaff. Boys Dorm Re- porfer 4. Campaign leader 4: Phofographer 3: Class Officer, Pasfor 3, Presidenf 4: Senior Com- mvffee. chairman of Transporfafion 4, finance 4' Senior Who's Who, Besf-all-Around 4. Lakeland, Florida: Springhead Jr. High School I: F.L.A. 2.3.4: Les Filles Du Roi 2.3.4. freasurer 2.4: femperance sociefy 3, represenfafive 3: mixed chorus 3.4: MCC 3, P.F.C.: Reflecfor sfaff, alumni 4: sfudenf council 2.4, secrelary 4: class officer, Vice Presidenf 4: MV officer, secrefary 3: assisfanf dean 3.4: senior Who's Who, Besl' all around 4. "' .L Secrela ry Barbara Ann Schmldl "Barbs Surgical Nurse "She was made for happy ihoughls for pla wil' and laughler Miami Florida Minneapolis Jr Academy l Mi Jr. Academy 2 FLA 34 Les Fllles Du Ron pianisf 4 Spanish ll A Club 4 Mixed Ch 3.4: Choir 3 secrefary 3 vice presidenf 4 N 4: Rellecfor Sfaff fyp1s'r3 Mirror Sfaff fypis Sruclenf Council 3 MV officer secretary 3 pi 4: Class Officer secrefary 2 3 4 Senior W Who, Mosl Talenled 4 Treasurer Salutaforian James Malcolm Lilley "Jim" Denfisl, "Don'+ measure Jim's abilify by his height" Mailland, Florida: F.L.A. l,2,3.4: Village. Club 2.3.4-: Spanish II A Club 4: Band WVYNCC 2.3. P.F.C.: Senior Commiffee, Food 4. ' A Paslor William Franklin Belser "Bill' Wriler or Liferalure Teacher "Al+hough he's rushed and on lhe go, he never fails wifh a good 'hello'." Burfonsville, Maryland Piffsburgh Jr. Academyl: Spencerville Jr. Academy 2: F.L.A. 3.4: Dalelh Befh Gimmel 3.4: Spanish II A Club 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Choir 4: Band 3,4: MCC 3. P.F.C. 3: Reflecfor Sfaff, Fealure Edilor 3, Edifor-in-Chief 4: Sabbafh School officer,"secre1'ary 4: Class officer, paslor 4: Senior Commiflee, Food Chairman 4, Finance 4: Senior Who's Who, Mos? Dependable 4. xx Y' . v .pt Sergeenl-ar-Arms William Coswell Lord "Bill" Undecided "This boy so +all and slim, we all lilce, because he's him." Miami, Florida: Miami Jr. Academy I,2: F.L.A. 3,4: Dalefh Befh Gimmel 3.4, Vice Presidenf 3. Presideni' 4: Mixed Chorus 3.4: Choir l,3,4: Quar- +e+ 4: MCC 3, sergeanf: Mirror Sfaff, campaign leader 3: Sfudeni' Council 4: MV officer, song leader '4: Class Officer, sergeanl-af-arms 3.4: Senior Who's Who, Mosf Talenfed 4. Valedictorian Carol Joy Reile "Carol" Undecided "Quick and lively, happy and gay: A smile for all who come her way." Miami, Florida: Miami Jr. Academy l,2: F.L.A. 4: 'rhree year graduafe: Les Filles Du Roi 4: Mirror Sialf, make-u,p,edi+or 4: Sabbalh School Officer, superinlenddhf 4. Ra 'if Rose Marie Baumender "Rose Marie" Secrefary "Lovely brown eyes, ideals of her own and a lceen sense of humor." Panama, Central America: Colegio Vocaiional, Cosfa Rical: F.L.A. 2,3,4: Les Filles Du Roi 2.3.4, Sergeanf ai' arms 4: MCC 2, P.F.C. v Thecla Fern Bearup '.Theda" Elemenrary Teacher 'One of rhose unusual girls who cloesn'+ 'Falk unless fhey have something 'ro say." Mailland, Florida? Key Wesr High Schooll: F.L.A. 2,3,4: Les Filles Du Roi 2,3,4g Spanish ll B Club. Vice Presidenl 45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4. Mar+ha Francis Beeler 'Merriam Psychialric Aid "Cure and arrracfive, clever, Tool When you're wifh her you're never blue." Melbourne, Florida: Miami Junior Acadernylg F.l..fX. 3.4: lhree year graduafeg Les Filles Du Roi 3,41 pianisf 43 Mixed Chorus 41 Choir 4: MCC 43 Senior Cornmiflee, Program 4. Maureen Pairicia Bowen "Pa+' Nurse "Never foo busy lo speak, never loo unhappy fo smile." Tampa, Florida, lmmaculale Concepiion, Kingsfon, Jarnaicalg FLA. 3,43 3 year qraduaie: Les Filles Du Roi 3i Village Club 4: Mixed Chorus lg Choir I3 MCC 3, sergeant Class officer, Presidenl li Senior Commiilee, Aim and Moiio 4. he if T ,V V. lf ,- A .Ji 1 A A fx ii -1 .ss-5 Frances Jane Brewer Frances Home Ee Teacher "She may be small and all of ihal, bui she has brains benealh her hal." Orlando, Florida, Madison College, Tennessee l,2, U, F.L.A, 3,45 Village Club I,2, Serqeanf af arms 25 hi' - , , ii. , M, , -ii? Q it ' W My .i4:.'L,i"?e4i9,'5iai?f?i r'M"""f MCC 33 Beliy Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award 4 Sonia Calhoun "Sonia" Privale Secreiary "Neal and slylish, smiles, and laughs always ad mired. I Panama Cily, Florida, Jinlcs Junior l-liqh School ly Fl.A. 2,3,4: Les Filles du Roi 2,3,4, Presideni 31 Mixed Chorus l.3,4: Choir 3,47 Reflecfor sfaif, iYPl5i 4? Sfudenf Council li Senior Commiiiee Flower and Color 4 Roy Clifford Colson "Cliiford" Medicine or Elecfronics "Smari', and nice, loo!" Miami, Florida: Miami Jr, Academy I,2: FLA. 3,4: Dalefh Belh Gimmel 3,4, Secrefary 3, Treas- urer 45 Temperance Sociely, Presidenf 4: Spanish Il A Club 4, Sergeani af arms 47 Mixed Chorus 3: MCC 3, Corporal: Reflector Sfaff, Business Man' ager 4, Siudenl Council, Vice Presidenf 4: Sabbath School oificer, Superinlendenl 4, Ciass Officer. Vice president l, Treasurer, 2,33 Senior Commiffee, chairman oi iinance 43 Senior VVho's Who, Mosl lnfelleciual 4. 'Q V ' Es ig f wr lsmlix 'Y i.,,,.,. 2 , , f K f 'Ai gi .,A, f i . Roberl Duane Cufhberf " Dua ne' 4 Undecided A 1. i J "A manner quief, a brain so fine, a beffer man is A Q hard fo find." 5 :sa Maifland, Florida: F.l..A. l,2,3,4g Villaqe Club K l,2,3,4g Spanish II A Club 4, Band 2,3,4g MCC , C ,M 2.3, Corporal. .i g Q fg geai ii g y .aw . ii. .. . ,.1, . ..Q, ' Z i az . .F Joan Marie Dierks ,L "J oa n i e' ,F A Medical Secrefary , 3 ii 5 "The reddesf hair, the blues? eyes fha? fwinlcle wifh mischief lilce sfars in fhe sky." Miami, Florida: Miami Jr, Academy I,2g F.L.A. 3,41 A Les Filles Du Roi 3,4, Secrefary 4: Spanish ll A ' V . Club 43 MCC 3, P.F.C.: Reflecfor Sfaffg Senior Who's Who 43 Mirror Sfaff, Arf Edifor 4: Senior L 4 fb, Commiffee, Flower and Color 4: Senior Whos 7' Who, Mosf Afhlefic 4. fi John William Duncan , ,V Il-lolml , Minisfer 5 "Friendly, nice, gay." Tampa, Florida: Shore Jr, High School Ig Jefferson Mmm. V- Ajy. ,,iggS?3'?" -, I High School 25 F.L.A. 3.4: Dalefh Befh Gimmel ,KM li? 1 3,47 Mixed Chorus 3: MCC 3.4, P.F,C. V i 'i ii' ziii 5 'E E ..5':fff..N: 7 i Ronald Colby Dunscombe "Ronnie" Docfor V "Heres a fellow nof sl1Y UO' bold' buf fles a friend as good as gold." P S h I P erfo Rico: Sella Visfa rivafe c OO llllall:llli.?iS'3,4lg fhree year qraduafe: Dalefh. Befh Giimmel 3.42 Mixed Chorus 3'47 Chow 4: Band 33 MCC I,3,4, 2nd l.ieufenanf,. Plafoon Leader 4: Sabbafh School officer, superanfendenf 3, secrefary 4: Class officer, Presidenf l. BeH'y Mae Eldridge "Beffy' Socrelary "Shes preffy fo wallc wifh, wiffy fo fallc wifh, and im pieasanf fo fhink on." Orlando, Florida: F.l..A. I,2,3,4: Town Club l,27 Temperance Sociefy, Vice Fresidenf 47 Spanish Il A Club 4, Vice Presidenf 4: MCC 2.3, Isf Lieiifenanf, plafoon leader 37 Reflecfor Sfaff, cam- paiqn leader 4: Class officer, secrefary 2: Senior Cornrniffee, Color and Flower 4. if K fi 1 'yn Lucy Belle Evans W I ' yrfi 3 "Lucy" aw! Secrefary we "The weak and fhe genfle, fhe bold and the rude: " MY she fool: as she found fhern and did fhem all I qoodf Barfow, Florida: F.L.A. l,2,3,4g Les Filles Du Roi l,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 3,45 Choir 45 Assisfanl dean in Old Mansion 4. 1 gs!" ,ar-r" William New+on Feagln Engineering "l-le holds his own aqainsr the world and in alh- lefics he leads." Jacksonville, Florida: Alachua l-liqh School, Alachua, Florida li Gainesville l-ligh School 3: F.L.A. 2,4: Dalelh Belh Gimmel 2,4, serqeanf al' arms 4: Mixed Chorus 2,45 MCC 2, serqeanf Assislanr plaloon serqeanl 2: Class officer, ser- gaanr ar arms 2: Senior Who's Who: Mosf Alhlef- ic 4. Judilh Ann Fenner "Fenner" or l'Judie" Medical Technician "Lois of lun and olfen wise, mischief wink es in her eyes." Cocoa, Florida: F.l..A, l,3,4: Three year oraduale: Les Filles Du Roi I,3,4, Vice Presiden+ 3: Spanish ll B Club 3: Mixed Chorus l,3: MCC l,3.4, ls? Lieulenanl, plaloon leader 4: Reflecror Sralf, 3,4: Senior Who's Who 3, campaign leader 3, campaign manager 4: Mirror Slalf 4, Edilor-in-chief 4: Sab- balh School Officer, superinlendenl 4: Senior Commilree, program, Flower 81 Color, Aim and Morro 4: Senior Who's Who, Mosl Lilcelv 4: Suc- ceed 4. Lois Irene Finney "Lois" Teacher "A quiel serenily is olren deceiving buf once you've known her, you'll never cease believinqf' Cocoa, Florida: Cocoa Jr. High I: Laurelbroolc Academy, Tennessee 2: F.L.A. 3,41 Les Filles Du Roi 3,4: Spanish ll A Club 4: Choir 4: MCC 3,4, Corporal 4: Senior Commilfee, Food 4, 1 .f. n if 'I 1 'I , ' ...if l , V Ji Vrkl ,,, it A K f.i:,f.i "e,.. '1-' K "'M. W ZS' . x .L . .,s.m,f:l24.E:: l K .,.,. E , ,,,,, ,W . , ' rl , ,f"""' .,A, MQ fifi Roger Chevalier Floren "Roger" Minisrer "Never idle, never still, always smilino, always will. Orlando, Florida: F.l..A. I,2,3,4g Town Club I,2,3,4g Spanisln ll A Club 4, lreasurer 45 Band 4, paslor 41 Reileclor sraii 4, adverfising manager 47 Mir- ror sfall 4, adverlisinq manager 41 Sluderl Coun- cil 4. Alice Louise Genfon "Alice" Secrefary ."Quiel and dependable." Bradenfon, Florida: FLA. l,3,4: Oneco Jr. Acad- emy, Oneco, Florida 2, Les Filles Du Rc' l,3,4, Mixed Chorus 4 Richard Edward Greene 'lRiCl'1z3f'du Business Adminisfrafion "l'r's a pleasure +0 know him." Orlando, Florida: Dallas Jr. Academy I: F.L.A, 2.3.43 Town Club 2,31 Spanish ll Pi Club 4: Band 2.3.47 MCC 3,4, Corporalq Reileclor S+ali 4, Adveriisino manaqer 4. Mavis Corrine Griffin Mavis Secrefary None buf herself can be herself. The Currenf Eleufhera, Bahamas: F.L.A. l,2,3,4: Les. Filles Du Roi I,2.3,4: Spanish ll B Club. ser- geanf-af-arms 4. Charlo'H'e Irene Horvafh "CharloH'e" . Secrefary "None know her buf fo love her, none name her buf fo praise her." Miami, Florida: Miami Jr. Academy I,2: F.l..A. 3.4: Filles Du Roi 3,4. pianisf 3: Mixed chorus 3: Choir l,2: Reflecior s+aff, fypisf 3: M.V. officer. leader 4, pianisf 3, organisf 3.4: class officer, vice presidenf 2: senior commiffee, card and announce- menf. v 'Wm Frances Elizabefh Jones "Frances" Secrelary "Twinlcling eyes, liny feel, small buf mighfy, quile cornplelef' Sneeds Island, Florida, F.L.A. I,2,3.4, Les Fllles Du Roi l,2,3: Mixed Chorus 3: organ guild, secrelary 2: MCC 3, sergeanl. Margare+ Marilyn Jones "Mugs" Elemenlary Teacher "Sweef and prelly, near and lair, loved by every- one. everywhere." Miami, Florida: Miami Jr. Academy l,2: F.L.A. 3.4: Les Filles Du Roi 3,4: Spanish ll A Club 4: Choir 2: MCC 4: Senior Who's Who, Kindesl 4. BeH'y Mirian Hursf "B-my" Nurse "Full of pep, full of life, lillle world of happiness." Miami. Florida: Miami Jr. Academy 1,21 F,L.A. 3,4, Les Filles Du Roi 3.4: Temperance sociery 4, secre. 'rary-freasurer 4: Spanish ll A Club 4: MCC 3, sergeanl: Refleclor slaff, campaign leader 4: Mir- ror slafi, pholoqrapher 4: Sabbarh School officer, superinlendenl 3: MV officer, song leader 3, leader 4: Senior commillee, Aim and Mollo 4, Proqram 4. 'ff w ll-:if 2, , . lr 4 M.. 9 Ruby Grace Kelley "Grace" Housewife "She's cule and peppy, mighly small, buf happy- go-lucky and liked by all." Daylona Beach, Florida: Flelcher Academy, Flelcher, Norlh Carolina l,2: F.l..A. 3,41 Mixecl Chorus I,2: MCC 4. George Meredilh Lessard "George" Minisfer "Gaie+y is his manner: seriousness is his lhouqhlf' Sanla Clara, Cuba: Newberry Park Academy, Ox- nard, California lg Lynwood, Academy. Lynwood, California 2.3: F.l..A. 4: Dalelh Belh Gimmel 4: Mixed Chorus 3: Choir 2, 3, 4: Quarlel 4: MCC 47 Refleclor sfall, 'fealure edilor 4, campaign leader 4: MV officer, song leader 43 Senior Who's Who. Mosl School Spiril 4. Marlene Ann Maier "Marlene" Undecided "So fine, so kind, so good a disposilionf' Winler Park, Florida: Hedley Place School. Buffalo. New York Ig FLA. 2.3.4, Town Club 2,37 secrelary- lreasurer 37 Spanish II A Club 4: Class officer, vice presidenl 2,35 senior commillee, Program 4: Senior Who's Who, Mosl Dignified 4. 19: il I M. ,X 5 . y IB at .vw - A f A Q i .1 are S231 Mk: its if 'F lux, ,. ,,Wg... 1 ,,...-nf H, ..., . ,,..., .', f rs ,X . ' ' 3 . .11 .agua LF, J, Y. ., Verda Gene Marshall "Verde" Undecided "l-ler care was never ro offend, and every person was lwer friend." For? Pierce, Florida: Forl Jierce Jr. Academy I F.l.,A, 2,3,4g Les Filles Du Roi 23,41 MCC 23. Pafricia Anne Mafhers "Pal" Medical Secrelarv "Oli fair slwe is, voifre sure lo friisl-loads of lun, personalily plus." Princelon, Florida: Soullm Dade Hiqli lg F.l..A. Z,3,47 Les Filles Di. Roi 2,3,4, secrelary 3, presidenl 41 Spanish ll B Club, secrelary 4: MCC 2,3,4, company clerk, lsr sergeant serqeanl 47 Mirror slafl, campaign leader 43 Sludenl Council 4: MV officer, secrefarv 3,43 Senior cornmillle, clwairman 4 ol' Aim and Mollo, clnairman 4 of Proqrarnj Senior Wlio's Wno, Wirliesf 4. Mildred Lorraine Ma'Hl1ews "Mildred" Arl' and Music Teaclier "Tiny fingers leave music on mv ears." Tfusville, Florida: Tilusville l-ligli School I,2g F. .A , 3,45 Les Fillex Du Roi 3,47 Mixed Cliorus l,23 x . af 'M ,U fm., ,.., .4 - ,- " m 4, ',. :..,,.i-..'::K , it . - -p --vs. Relleclor Slall, rvpisl 4. gj,,,.-...:g:3 4 .ei ,, , . f .1 11 rii. , fpfrag, - .Y W, ' ' K , so li .,,:' , 5,5 Q. ml, VZ., , L Q., V 4 , VA -. 'fer X .. ,. U Warner Merwin McClure "Warner" Business "Wha'lever faslc he was called on lo do, he did if well." Mailland, Florida: Helclerberg College. Cape Town, Soufh Africa I: F.L.A. 3.4: lhree year grad- uale: Dalefh Belh Gimmel 4: Choir 4: MCC 4: Mirror Sfaff, adverrisinq manager 4: Senior Com- mi'r+ee, Transporfalion 4. Myriam Moreno l'Myriaml' Secrelarial Nurse "Nice brown eyes and a laughing smile, always a friend very worfh while." Sanfa Clara, Cuba: F.l..A. l,3,4: lhree year qraduf ale: Les Filles Du Roi l,3,43 MCC 4, corporal: Senior Who's Who, Mosl lnlelleclual 4. 7 iw 3,1 - wk. an rw i 4 yizr "Tom" 3- ' A K ykkk K - Z i , Denlisf ' T "A rare combinalion of fun and brains." jf i Orlando, Florida: F.L,A. l,2,3,4: Town Club lT2,3,4: ig Spanish ll A Club 4: MCC 2, P.F.C.: Sludenf yizi T 5 it Council 2: Class Officer, Presidenl 2: Senior Who's 'Pl . , K Who, lvlosl Dignilied 4. 4 1 .1 if ' K. i 5 -irii 11 , Richard Ronald Nicholas Rfchard Nuclear Pl-nysnclsf A born comedlan always enlerlalmnq hls fellow classmafes rando, Florrda, F.L,A, I, , To n b , g lv1.C.Q. 2,4, sergeanf Isl class 4 plaloon leader: Spanish ll A Club Presidenf 4. C I, Kafhlene Blanche O'Brien "Kafhie" Mafhemalics "Dark curly hair and eyes 'rhar speak volumes." Silver Spring, Maryland, Spencerville Jr. Academy I: Takoma Academy 2: F.L.A. 3,47 Les Filles Du A Roi 3,4: Spanish II A Club 4: M.C.C. 2.3, P.F.C, 3. flfffz if Sylvla Lee O Brien "Sylvia" Music Malor "A light hearl loves long." Orlando, Florida? F.L,A, l,2,3,4, Town Club I,23 Spanish Il A Club 42 M.C.C. 2,3, P.F.C. 3. Linda Marie Peirce Linda Home Fc. Teacher Noi' loo serious, always gay, a rare mood 5DCVl when if comes fo lair play." mi Florida' Miami Jr Academy IZ' F.L.A. Ia L I . I i 34 Les Filles Du Roi 3,47 Spanish ll A Club 4: MC.C. 3, serqeanlg MV officer, orqanisl 4. Ar+hur Willard Pervls "A. X-Ray Technician "Speech is great buf silence is greafer Palma Sola, Florida: Manalee Counly l-liqh School I,2q F.L.A. 3,43 Dalefh Befh Gimmel 34 Spam ll A Club 4: MCC 3, corp ral Senior Who s Who Kindesi' 4. Mary Elna Pefersen "Maryl' Home FQ. Maier 'A qiiiel' way, a cheerful smile, a girl who is a friend worih while." S+. Pefersbmq, Florida? F.L.A. l,2,3,47 Les Filles Di: Roi l,2,3,4: Spanish II B, Presidenl 4: Mixed Chorus 3,47 Choir 4: Senior Who's Who, Mosl' Dependable 4. l it "fu--A. 4 I .ai 'dv Myrna Earlene Pierce "Myrna" Secrelary Ufxnolher like her would be hard lo find." Tampa, Florida: Franlclin Jr, l-ligh School, Tampa I Hillsborough High School, Tampa 2: F.L.A. 3,45 Les Filles Du Roi 3,47 Mixed Chorus 3: Choir 3 MCC 3. m ike y ' Gail Pafricia Pleasanls E" V "Gail" ir I Secrelary 1 1, "So hill of liTe and lols of Tun, a friend and pal ' I f f fo mos? everyone." ,, 'T' Orlando, Florida: F.L.A. I,2,3,4q Town Club I,2g Mixed Chorus 3,41 MCC l,2,3, 2nd Lieulenanl, . plaloon leader 3: Refleclor Sfalf, adverfisinq- man- . i "' aqer 3. f-'fa 'UI5 'fx James Herman Puclce'H 'ipuclcellll or "Buc:lcell" Denlisl "l-le may be shorl. bul whal a guy! Yoifll see lhal mischief lies deep in his eyes." Tampa, Florida: Tampa Jr. Academy I,2g F.L.A. 3,4: Dalelh Belh Gimmel 3,47 serqeanl-al-arms 3, secrelary 4, Choir 43 MCC 3,4-, lsl serqeani 4: Senior Commillees, Aim and Moflo, gill 4. A WWE ., 1 T ni' Arlhur Harry Rolh "Arlhur" Denlisl' . "He is iolly, willy, and rnosl likeable." mi Florida Miami Jr Academy l2' F LA 3 4' Mia . J . , , . . .4 , , Dalelh Belh Gimmel 3,4, lreasurer 3, vice presidenl W 4: Mixed Chorus 31 Choir 3,4, lreasurer 4: MCC 3.4 lsl lieulenanf, plaloon leader 4: Mirror Slall, Business Manager 4: Sludenl Council 3,43 Senior Who's Who, Friendliesl' 4. 'G- Ka+hryn AnneHe Rilea "Kalhy" Secrelary "Noi flashy, buf always glowing." Sl. Pelersburg, Florida: Sl. Pelersburg Jr. Academy 2' F LA l 34' Les Filles Du Roi l,3,4: Mixed Chorus 4: Choir 4, Sludenl' Council l. if QI Linda Anne Ryder ' Linda" Secrelary A kind hearl' and a level head." Orlando, Florida, Nalick High School l,2g F.L.A 3.4: Campus Club l, Journalisls Club 2: MCC 4 Sfudenl Council l. , . ,,,,...,. .Ny -.V ,. ,. W, ,. 4. K. .. , X, . . 5,5 V.. x b -4 x . . v or y Joyce Schmid? JY' .uri s laughing, forever glad, no one's ever seeh I.. Florida: Minneapolis Jr. Aca my I. Miami :demy 2: F.L.A. 3,4: Les Filles Du Roi 3,43 'si-of-arms 4: Spanish II A Club 4: Mixed 3.4: Choir I,2,3,4: Trio 3,41 MCX: 4: Re- Sfaff, fypisf 4: Sluden+ Council 4: MV Secreiary 3: Senior Commiffee chairman ' 4: Senior Who's Who, Mosr Friendly 4. figmymrr 4 933' a ' - . . 1 i: , :Nga - . K an 5 "7 ' -A A . 375 ri is ,BW af 'r hm, , A f -- ,, .my ,, .QA F in-1 Clarence Vlc+or SmrI'h "Clarence" "A friend lo everyone." ' Orlando, Florida, Highland Lake Jr. Academy I,2: F.L.A. 3.4: Dalefh Befh Gimmel 3,45 Mixed Chorus 4: MCC 3,4-: P.F.C. Helen Jane Sullivan "Helen" U ndecided lllllfi belief one lrnows her, lhe laelier one lilces i er. Palme++o,' Florida: F.L.A, I,2,3,4: Les Filles Du Roi p.F.C: Spanish Il B Club, Treasurer 4: MCC 3, f H . v ' Ts gk Jn. 'LM , I 2 3 4 5- .warg Clarence Dean Taylor Dean" Nulrllronisl "They llwal do flue mosl, make flie leasl noise." Mailland. Florida, F.l..fX. l,2,3,4, Village Club l,2,3,43 Spanish Il A Club 47 MCC 3, P,F.C. Faye Joyce Underhill ' Faye Joyce" Sienoqraplner l.Cl1GSl'lUlI'l6S5 and gaiely are lwer Two weapons." Orlando, Florida: l:.l..A. l,2,3,4: Spanish ll A Club 47 Mixed Cliorus 2: MCC 2.3,4, 2nd Lieulenanl, olaloon leader 4i Mirror Slalf, snap-sliol edifor 4, campaign manager 4: Senior comrnillee, chairman cl Program 4. Marvin Russell Williams "Marvin" Undecided "l-le is willy, he is clever, lie is an all-around qood lellowf Tampa, Florida: Tampa Jr. Academy 1,21 F.L.A. 3.4: Dalelln Bellw Girnmel 3.4: MCC 3.4, Corporal 41 Mirror Slall, campaign leader 4: Sfudenll Coun- cil 41 MV officer, pianisl 47 SSVWOI' Wl1OS Wl1O. Wirliesl' 4 Qu. gs! i V 'That's okay Oscar, your turn to wear four stripes will be here sooner than you think." Secretary Presidem' Vice-Presidenff Angelo Privefera Sue Franz Treasurer 5 iw x-iw 5 as Xwf Shirley Dun rw Eugene Anderson Serqeemrfaf-Arms . Pasfor 32 S 2 Norman Elliofr Lewis Glass 'f-v--"V -'- W -ff iQ r 2, X Steven Bielas Be'r+y Black Lois Borden James Bryanr 1" Mp, George Abraham Frances Albury Cyn+hia Bucalo Judy Burke Carol Caldwell Gloria Anne CreWS mill? Sandra Diclcson Judy Epler f' ' in 5. f f , f . xi. ar X Phyllis Clark Sonna Jean Comson Pa? Cross Sandra Day Alice Fowler Judy Fowler Raymond Sager David Granlier Angel Esquivel Cecilia Farr NW .av--5, 1,-Q' 1 P' Q iii- fa ." JF bH Ji, A . Cons+ance Gulledge Penny Gustafson O ' Fi tai X' wx xi . .Q .J FM - J wi - Z 'i ' -. -A I 2 X in ga sQ55'!? L"'5' s-q::5T- A ., . g i f g , M nf iH,w,i 7 9 .., ., r zn kgfgi f -A ,M X ' ,. .. . ' 1 1 'FJ -. ' fi'f-1-WW.. ? 'if 4' :xv '+f.zQ,f: Y? -xggipgp ' m y L.- 1 I ,, 4.15, ig ' 31 H in 5 l P' ,y f Q3 5 "-, Q- .,,,-: '- :-- -A ., -f- Q24 .., ., 4, -, , Randy Le-Baron Joanne Leifrwef Marqaref Lemacks Roy Lohr Eieine Keslake Gerald Koval I ,',L:if'3n ' :Qgz,.g A ,Ag ,,., A ,- 0 -x Ronaki Mclrfryre Evere-H M1Her Ns f-wx mf, f - K , Vi' .k.. A 3'-fu , kg , 1 12' wx in 1, ., aim si'-fy E':,,::2i'. :lv- f Linda Miiler Jennie Oswald David Powery Judy Pudceif Joan Pervif, Dale Pefersen Judy Pigq Bonnie Pope James Rifler Kennellm Sclwenlc Frank SCOH Myrna Rogers Terence Reilly Roberlr Rilea Sylvia Sellers Ronald Servoss Carolyn Slanley Eileen Sleele NW Be-Hy Thomas fr X' 4 "Q X . , . T , W . .Ml " . 1 ' Q- . -'Q ' k A nr, . ., 'sz-N, ,rv-fl Claire True David Villemaim ' 'sgig ,'-H54 T' 4. - .,,A. W-rf M5 51 I 91 ,li if , Q A f il r , 53,1 I K' Charlene Villenueve Donna Walker if bww! llwrnas Wlwilsefl James Wilson Sonja Wooley Q c Q .. E-'NCvLxSPf 4-MGT - E. Q n ' K , BX 9 aj-1-1-f :?" ' QF. ' A111- 2 v 2 W Presidenf Vice-Presidenr Donna Rees Sec,-e1-5 ry Treasurer Marjorie McClure LGVVY S!aU+e" Sergeanr-a+-Arms pasmr Glass Jack Brower 1 "v-of am Bollon 3ur+is Borsody Beverly Bulnl nan Burlcs Marjorie Byers R' X Manuel Bolivar Roberl Adkins Evelyn Asher David Balmer Linda Beasley Elaine Biggerg Rozella Blanchard aft Q? FQ J' X, W df Ill' iv-v""" arvin Elliorr Marvin Floren Sylvia Fowler Jger Greek Shirley Greek Sharon Grubb li few "2" ,141 Mg., V-zk ' N 1 21 W 1 mi .51 ffilfiiff' 1 4: Carrol Hamrick Barbara Horner Roberr Hickok Barbara Hornyak Rober1' Jones Susan Keppler Q 1 . ne '21 r 'W Charles Klein rra' Ruflfuena Laughfon f A,. V Leach A 3' 5' 2 M James McCaHis+er r Judy McClure 0196 ..,wv4" .2 ' R - , A A A V Philpoff Seorgie Pos? Shirley Prafher I Pumplwrey Shiriey Pumphrey T1 '- X Joyce Mafrhews is V"x J Ngzz he Henry Meek k W Sharon Menzie -gweffff-'af2"l'.N 'v.' A -I T ",,. i. . . ,. -I ' ' f K Rae Rera Meyers Ki ' f . A .4-A 'V: , M- .eye e yy "gy, Timofhy CHO .:.... ,.1,,gff::I may V I xx. Q if M'HOn Palmder 1' '-'. '- 4 rf 1 ..-r 5 y K? '33 an .45 M... ,k kk .4 . ,, , H ' 1 my eg 52 V : J gi 41 J 4 A Xi Y , 4 fQ n- X ' l Sayers Jean Schmfdl' Palricia Sheffield y . 'kin f W A i 2 3 x 'ia Srnilh Richard Speighl ' 7e Faye Spires Vance Reed Melvin Ringer Norman Rifchie Evelyn Salzmann Jean Sanliago Sarah Sallerlhwaile , l. ZR" W ' K -.1 eg fi, i . - . ,Zi kk, s , ,. -, , ,l 3 77' 7QJ t'f3E,f 2572 - zx'f"35?f:f1fI'-7 -is . AN 7 im,-vi. 3 A , .1 3 if , 12 9: if? 1 i L P .. .,,. m,.R,,,g,,Q ,,A. ,A Y M X if 1, 6 L 9353 wx Carolyn Wilkinson Joseph Young E, 15,1 , Z 5 Q Q wg Jw 12 M sw - YL M L Charles Slanford Phillip Slanley Carol Slevens Joni Slriclcland Ann Tillman Barbara Wheeler U X , 4- 'F Q1 X' ' Fix.. Q. . awww . LL bw: M . L.,LL W ,- ag, Q 8 ., as - W wr in M 7 3 1 e ,ip K 4 If 5 'YW H' Kenneih Beane Marilyn Beamp Joyce Bhack James Burke Clara Carl' Bev AsNRn Marfha Snow V' .L ,4- V X sl 3 , - .P .. ,. 'F' Eff? -- Robe'+ Murpl-y Preswdefd K ' K ' fx? .W , 5 . , De mar ervoss Lanny Comms t pasfor Janice Nichols 7 me t' W Secrefary ' 5 --3,6 .. . -VH , . L v :ezfffl-'75 f Q' 5' 3 ' J ri-1" ', Wu W 'wif , mi, 4 + A ' 5 -MH A .:W..-" .-' - Q f e, .,., . ,. W , K7 ' A ' , , -,.. -.,z1,, Sione Grady Srniih Carrol RESFN955 ' , arvef Va w Camp E "i g I me " if ff ' Larry Pafrick K. ' -' - Q Richard Parsons R uw if Q 5 H , 5 L, Q. 4 I W'I"5m Meek Mom: McGavod AMargaref Oswald Nancy Moore George Fvmer A r - ew A. 115 ' 1 its ff 1 F14 .. Ag 9 J, Q W xt 5 f . ,M W 3.5:-JS ,-Q 9, ,W ' 25 75 ' 1 . ' !i21.j, we U : 'fflmiii X 17 :ff g, .. 3f": g,2E k 1S : A ff xzfeizas,-L.m1:f,si gif Q4 He Com hman Q-r If ,H if 'M . 5 n y Dunsfombe -Presidenf fillemain 'Uk E 5 f if E A E v 2, V 'rf , gr. -un., 1... Wayne Cuilla 1 ,K ,i i .gt i James Tyroff Judy Cadledqe Sergeanf-a+-Arms Treasurer Sandra Wdflmlns n 1 Wnliam Wolcoff Emny Sue Cufhberf Gare Dickerhoff Joyce Carolyn Dreher John Guier Jackie Gusfafson A Frank Harper 'fm R 'S I ,S ll A xi X 52--n, gg 2 ': :eff 'E i 4, - z A 5 f X 5 ,N Nlr--A .l Ronald Hawkshead Dorofhy Jacobs hn MCG-avock Roger Ldncasfer Eveyene Knecm Jack King ADM Kierdead A , T ,, ff , , ' mn an . A n - -,af ,. U' ' 2 f gfzaflfzs CHOIR COUNCIL President ....,,..... Vice-President Treasurer .....,.... Sgt.-at-arms ,,,... Pastor ...,..,,,... Sue Franz Barbara Schmidt Arthur Roth Angelo Privetera . Dennis Jacobs First Semester Mr. Minesinger . Judie Fenner Clifford Colson Judy Fowler Ronald Dunscombe S. S. Officers . . Second s mester Superintendent .... Mr Mme-sung-or Asst. supt. ,, .,.... Clifford Colson Secretary B I Bels r MIXED LHUKUD ,l --K 4 g L 2 The Forest Lake Academy Choir Leaders ,... Secretaries .. Song leaders Organists .... Pianists .... M , '55 S 4 f f M. V. officers First semester Betty Hurst Leaders ......,.........,....,. ........ Ralph wm Secretaries ,.... ............ .... . V V Song leaders Pianists . ,... C Organists 8' if S, -xr , we - ' 3" 5 ' . f-f ual -1 -1-,lf-f f f rid: 'wie , 3 1 4 - -f as x 2 Z fdl 'W-ul w -r i T X 4 S Angelo Privetara Charlotte Horvaht Sylvia Sellers Joanne Leitner Judy Fowler Dale Petersen Mariorie McClure Donna Walker Shirley Prather INGATHERI Mavis Griffin Susan Kepplei' 5 nr., ,' f 312-'rx If r. is r4?F,1?ffiiQ ' 3 P y - . PM 4 Fees Sf,-fm-,dm C S ffiwl C .M ,M ze S- X P' 2:55 25,3 s- Y. iams Knot picturedl Patricia Mathers Cindy Bucalo George lessard Bill Lord . Rae Reta Meyers Barbara Schmidt Joanne Leitner ,, ...., Linda Peirce Charlotte Horvath NG WINNERS: Ronnie Dunscombe Warner McClure nn-sumo' S. 1 ' l 'PRN BOYS' TRUMPET TRIO THE GIRLS' TRIO Barbara Schmidt k FSIJCYSIZEIEP Beverly Schmidt Marvin Floren sue Franz GIRLS' CORNET TRIO Alice Fowler Carol Stevens P C af ross Donna Rees Carolyn Wilkinson Phyllis Clark GIRLS' CLARINET TRIO Elder Rae our first Week of Prayer speaker counsellng with Sharley Dunn iw... I . 53229 .- -gig: 153419 QNX Qiikill Our Second Week-of Prayer speaker. TEMPERANCE OFFICERS: President .. .......,,. Clifford Colson Vice President .. Beriy Eldridge Secretary-Treasurer .,.. Betty Hurst Public relations ., Eugene Anderson F , We remember the Sabbath Day "When we come to the end ol: a perfect day." P 3,4 '9 , s W 'L 'lk iii x Editor-in-Chief, Judie Fenner is showing, Anr oking over some old Annuals, are literary spon- r, Mrs. Yanke and literary editor, Sonna Courson Joan Dierks, Art Editor and Faye Joyce Undef- ...E ll, snapshot editor smile over some Snap Sl10l pages. rol Reile, Make-up editor is also looking over an annual from a make-up point of view. K gs-N sponsor, Elder Davis, and Associate Editor Shit Dunw some ideas. x , ,Eg . , .ii-Q V E' iii'4F"t ,: .f ,VK Q: 23,7 .pi , ,Y A . ' A 'e .Q -- .gp-mayb , ,449 we XX , ss. si? Business sponsor Elder Schneider is showing adx tising managers, Pat Cross, Warner McClure, 1 Roger Floren some Ad Pages. Photographer, Betty Hurst, Lois Borden, Circulat manager,and our 2 typists, Beverly and Barb Schmidt, are looking at another annual. Arthur Roth, Business Manager, is looking at annual also, because Elder Schneider told him figure out the price of each page. Stars and Stripes Si? 1565555 mg fa 4. k k -. , fm 1. .L ,f, ' 4515 :sawn -, wx -f .m .,: v1- - ,-"'M:fi- :- mmf uw 1f,,UgwQsg A Ag., .ww-22:14 vim, ,zkgf . ' - ,A f W .W , g L . ffia-4 .md K, .K ,. K, . ,K , ., i . .kQg,Z,,Q,:i,:g.V:,5,V, rw 4-5. .V,.. .my Editor-in-Cheif, Bill Belser smiles as he thinks back upon the last year. All the many problems, head- faf aches, rushing around trying to get everyone to hand in their columns and writing last minute col- umns for those who didn'r get theirs in on time. The iob of Editor-in-Chief is no easy job and Bill, we the students of 1957 wish to express our grati- tude in the work you have given. ri it .az 35, not :.-: :L 4 ::.'::::::::::::::::.:::::::::::: ::::::::::: THE REFLECTOR Publishd by the students of Forest Lake Academy the last Monday of each month during the scliool year and once during the summer. Entered as second-class matter at the post office at Maitland, Florida, under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1879. Subscription, 81.50 per year. Y-,, is Editor-in-Chief . News Editor .. Feature Editor .. . Makeup Editor .... Campaign Manager ................. .. . . . . . Bill Belser . . . Betty Thomas . . George Lessard . . . DennIs Jacobs . . Judy Fenner Business Manager , .......... ' . . . . . . . . ...... . . . . .... . ...... . Clifford Colson Circulation and Advertising Manager Richard Green, chmn., Roger Floren, Gall Pleasa Photographer ....................... .... , ......... , ..,. General Reporter ....... ...... . Religious Reporter . . . Girls' Dormitory . . . Boys' Dormitory . . ViIIage ........ Orlando ......... Alumni ........................ . . . ...--. -.------ - - - - nts . . . Sandra Dickson . . . . Judy Fowler . Barbara Schmidt . . Sylvia Sellers . Ronald Watson . .. Patricia Cross . . . . Bonnie Pope . Jo Ann Hostetler Alumni Association ......... ,. ...... . .....,...... 5 .......... T. F. Arnold Typists ....... Marjorie McClure, Shirley Dunn, Sonia Calhoun, Mildred Matthews Faculty Sponsor ..... . .... . . . . . . . . . . .......... . ....,. Celeste H. Kirstein Business and Campaign Sponsor ...... ..................... H enry Wooten W, 4: M ik The Legiqnnaires and the Arabs 'Q . i 'VR v f WT? l ' lr 3, 1 X ' r X. w - r , L..,,x , , X W. R, 'W A n DIIHCI fl1l3hH3Sl 31lH"l' 183101 A sectional practice under Mr. Hamel Mrs. Schneider giving organ lesson to Joan Schmidt. dy McClure receives a voice lesson from ss Ramoy A 23 X 'wif ' lt K :veg A up. ' N --fc i E ' M S l We '12 ,. ' 4 RM' V in 1' Q 3 ie, ,, N z ' ' W A ,.,,,....,c..,,4-fe, - ,mm f wifaew ,, ,. . 7f?'9'.agpg. 2. W, ,i,, w.,i,,.,c ,.. .ME mi fl 'H W ?QQsu.W., . SPANISH CLUB orrlcsns rump .lah SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS CIIBJ President Mary Petersen President ..., Richard Nicholas V. Pres, ,. Be!1y Eldridge Treasurer Roger Floren Sgt.-at-arms Clifford Colson V. Pres. ,..,.. Theda Bearup Secretary ,.,..., .. Pat Mathers Treasurer .,.. 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Lois Borden Vice President .. . Sue Franz Secrerary , . Pia-ist T'ensurer Sgt-at-arms Q . . Judy McClure , .. Marfie Beeler Joan-'e Leitner Rose Marie Baumendcr A study hall in rhe girls' d ye.-,4 i 'Sl L 'M l . Les Filles Du R01 Patricia Mathers Shirley Dunn Joan Dierks Barbara Schmidt Treasurer ..., ....., . .lo Hostetler Beverly Schrnfdf Q, Q 'ff lrW'5' 4 "I can't study ! ! V Boy's Club Ist semester Officers President ,. ,.,... , Bill Lord Vice President ,. . .. .. Arthur Roth Secretary ,,.. ..... ,,,.. J a mes Puckett Treasurer . Clifford Coison Pastor ....,.. . Ronnie Watson Sgt.-at-arms , Bud' Peagin Und SGITl6StGI' Qfficers President .. , Buddy Miller Vice President Eugene Awderson Setretary . Jimmy Wolcott Treasurer Angelo Privetera Pastor .. Rav Gager Sgt,-at-arms , .Roger Greek 746 Wm XX 774, 6' 6' X , A ""' 'W i , i 'A ? 1, ,W 'YA mf bm - . E , V QQ V. . .g Q Q. ., st ggi , 1 . A A-,B dgiays, :arg I t I Q Y 1 Q 7 , i X, . -,Q 1 X ,, ' ,- '. 4 f' '1 'M 1 4 ' , ., , , ,. x ,.-QL .N X' f , .. , win I' in . 5 ' ,A A' . rg, '-5,-4 ,ILM .Q,:f2Wff'm f gf X I L- ! ,A ,, Mi an ggi ' 1 2+ fr : . f M. H. ,Q 9, I 4 ., was .11 -N ff ,- z "'f'N' 5 , ,YW M ...A-.1 3 Jw D ,M A .f"" -I Hn-.Ne-nvwd MV A W M W . , ,S ""'f May W vY',- i I-T3 ,.' ' f. ,., XX-be-ff if .--' 1 , 1, X fi X , 1,05 A n 1 i I Q' f Z' K x M' 1 NW. E 1 5 X e 5 I I E 'S E Q v 3.1 5 ,.....-.:' 15 1,1 .Alan 3 1 Q? QM D0GHOUSE Q :quam ,ff-il 3, wr 'Q 5 9 I pk 1? Q Q x ix J rw . h,,, mm ,M ,ig if f ,T .ii H ..,.., , ,T,.,, .,,..,...,,,,,k WWW? we n f 2 3 rf.....1""1s..J"""'f,......M mf "Wm QQ 4 E :4:.l,....""" --+ QQ' , .., .mv Aw w yew -fi 4, ,wg if vm BEST ALL AROUND Jo Hosietler Ronnie Watson fA True Didurn nf Smnl-mrn rl-mvmx .U -wi .3-ive 1:44, KS 1 x sv" lv fi xi ,, I S 'P DQ NY i' Ds SX .1 1 lay' IV , ,tasrnri K ,, MOST ATHLETIC Joan Dierks Bud Feagin KHA, Ha, I have ya beafllb I, Clarence Smifh, being VSVY Qlad I am a Senior, do will lo George Abraham and Ray Gager nny quiel polileness and genlle maflflef- I, Arihur Rofh, having spenl fwo years al F.L.A. and subsequenlly acquiring a warped mind do hereby will all my quiel, sludious habils in my classes lo Dennis Jacobs: and lo Sylvia Hayes I leave my ambilions in M.C C. in hopes lhai lhey will bring her beller resulls lhan ihey broughl me. I, Sir Richard Ronald Nicholas Jr. lll Esquire, being of sound mind and body do will TO Penny Gusiafson my abilily lo lranquilize Mr. Jones in American Governmeni class. I, Mary Pefersen, being of smell body do will my underslanding of Spanish and my abiliry lo chew gum in sludy hall and gel cauqhl lo Carolyn Slanley. I, Sonia Calhoun, being of unsound mind and complefely wrecked body ldue lo rwelve years of schooll do hereby will ro Frances Albury, my room on basemenl floor. cell No. I, in hopes lhal she enioys living lhere as much as I. To my cos horl and fellow conspiralor, Judy Fowler, I leave my chair on rhe iron? row in choir, providing she behave while rhere. And lo Cindy Bucalo I leave my abiliry io keep our ol frouble unlil my scnior year, I, Dean Taylor, being brighl and sludious do will lo Roberl Rilea and Fred Haerich my good grades which I have worked so hard lo gel. GIS SOON TO VGCILVW TUG QOGI TCF WYIICVI Wi? VIGVC IOTII and arduously labored and being oi a kinc' ein. magniliceni nalure wilh much lcsrellioughl an senlimenl do will, leave, and bequeafh ro our ben eiiciaries, rhe members ol ll-e class oi IQSE, Ihr varied accumularion ol our lreasured posse'si9n and acquired endowmenls procured by our lemoo rary residence ar Foresl Lake Academy as ermpli proof of our sincere apprecfalion for lhe warm hearled companionship ol' cur comrades ir 'hr above menlioned Jcinicr Class. Bur firsl, lo Dr. McClure, our appre-cialiow io your undersfanding and eve' ready guidance o lhe pasl year. To rhe leachers and rema ning wfafl oi Fores Lake Academy, our deepesl gralilude 'or lhv pa lien? spirir you possess and exemplify. And now, the final dispensalion of lhe afore menfioned arlicles: individually we bequealh rc fhe members ol lhe junior class, our righriul we rs lhe following: I, John Duncan, weak in body and weak in mind do now' hereby will lo my fellow Tampan, Gerald Koval, my M.C.C. rank of Pfc. which I 'Measure inquiry." l,Tommy Morlon, do will all my new cars anc lhe greal variery oi girls which fhey brouqhr me fo David Villemainp and I will all ol my digniry lc Judy Fowler in hopes 'rhal she will make conlinua use of il. WITTIEST Pa? Mathers Marvin Williams CIr's fun fry it some timell gl lllalid llllllllllli :-..: i I, Belly tldridqe, beinq qrey of head and loose ol brain, do boqueaih willinqly lo Elaine Keslalie all my qianl efonomy iars ol Noxzema in lhe hope Ihal They will piove more benelicial lo her lhan Ihr- said have proved lo me. lShe may also haye, ronfequenlly, all my greasy pillow casesl We, Grace Kelley and Frances Jones, beinq ol wilhered minds and shrunlcen bodies, wilh much qlee and reioicinq do hereby leave lo Carol Cald- well and Eugene Anderson our mosl prized posses- sion, min lillle, blue Ponliac, leddy-bears and all, in hopes lhal fhey will wash il once a weelc, Our abilily In qel alonq so well Ioqelher we leave lo anyone who may need il. l, Marlene Maier, endowed wilh all lhe reason- able lacullies and beinq enunieraled wilh lhe ex- uberanfe ol my own veracily, do hereby bequealh lo Pal Ellen Cross any unlirinq ellorls lo enliqhlen lhase around me lo mosl anylhinq lhal comes 'ro mind. I, Rose Marie Baumender, beinq complele .'exA i:aiis'ed bul slill mainlaininq a reasonable amyinl ol inlelliqence, hereby will lo Judy Burke my abilily no? lo sludy and qel such wonderful qrades. I, Richard Greene, beinq lull ol wisdom and mnowledoo, do will lo Elaine Keslalte my musical ability find arcomplishmenls I display so pro! loundly in band. I also will Io her my paper unrh bags in exchanqe for her briqhl red plaid Eng. MOST DIGNIFIED Marlene Maier Tom Marion lf Q u 5 C My ,yky ,.,,. , .,..., me :Kiwi-a sf. y , 4 - - Q X, I fs HW ,, .,, .. V? L it-,512 .gl ,Aww ., ie. . ., .. a.,,t-j.V,.' , fl s . h 4 ,, 1 4 KM Q s I H jg.,-4: Q 51,6 X 'i 1. 1 5 1 ifnxlas X ' I ff. sf- - ., ,I V? 5 . A V., l . ,,,-,...a... V VW, ,W ,L 'wmv' rw-M""' ' VVLL 5 HK . f- ,, ,,,,...... . 'Q 5 if 'M W viii M , is S as S Lv if fx W...- f", 'zur ,Mui is lit lLet's hurry, or we'Il be late for our appointment!J i Q MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT hefty Nurs! George Lessard Uhe paint brush is a little small, don'1 you fhink?i W' W . I I if I, Mildred Mallhews, beinq a "nafuraI" brunelle, and being ol unsound mind and body due lo Ihese Iwo years ol school here, do hereby will lo David Powery all lhe lhinqs lhal I loolc from him in hopes Ihal' he may use lhem someday: and. aso my ability fo play lhe piano in hopes i-hal he will berome as famous, if noi more lamous lhan Lib- erace. To Ronnie Mclnlyre l will a free season lickel Ia Ihe "Draq Races" lin Tilusville, lhai isl in hopes 'rhaf he wiil qo in lhrouqh the qafe in- slead ol using - llhe lrunlc ol lhe car, m'aybe?l Well, Ronnie, you lcnow whal l'm lallcinq aboul. To Myrna Rogers, I will her room No 5 in The base- menl lloor ol lhe qirls dorm since she iusl In-,ed lhal special room lasl year. l, Bill Belser, being lean of body, do will In Larry Wilson my unique ollice ol Ediior, of lhe Re. lleclor in hopes lhal he will nol mis-use lhe re- sponsibilily, I, Dwaine Culhburl, havinrg ri lnvef heed ,fl lceen cwnsrience do will In James Brvanf and Lewis Slrawder my abilily lo slucly so leyerishly, and also my slronq will-power, I, Bud Feagin, do will lo Daniel Houghlaling and Franlc Scolf my qreal alhlefic abilily Io lill' W9'Ql'lff and mv Gbilily lo play baslrel-ball so well, xx FRIENDLIEST, Beverly Schmidt Arthur Rolll flf we don'1 gel sick-Q l, Joan Dierks, being cl a quiel and generous nalure do will and leave lo Sonna Courson my lille ol "Red" in hopes lhal she will never lail lo blush whenever embarrassed. l, Lucy Evans, being small bul powerlul. do will lo Connie Gulledge my abilily lo work hard and slill lind lime lo sludy. l, Eslher Hancock, having a greal desire lo pass on, do leave and will lo Phyllis Clark my long, blond hair, because hers is so shorl. l. Warner McClure, being meek, mild, and quiel, bul slill lull ol mischiel, do will lo Kenny Schenk and Asler Jones my carelully guarded abilily lo skip classes, and slill mainlain my high grades. l. Arlhur Pervis, being quiel bul you always know l'm lhere, do will lo Angelo Priverlera and Dale Pelerson my slrong, masculine build, hoping lhey will nol acquire il lhrough lhe help ol lree labor. l, Marvin Williams, being exlremely liqhl-head- ed, do will lo Tom Whilsell and James Riller my lille ol "Williesl" because l always seem lo have somelhing brighl lo say. l, Alice Genlon, being quiel and sludious, do will lo Donna Walker my piano music and my praclice periods, provided she someday makes hersell lamous. I, Lois Finney, having a vague idea aboul lhings do will lo Alice Fowler and Joan Pervis my brighl "Gleem, wilh gl-70" smile, provided lhey always use il lo lheir advanlage. l, Charlolle Horvalh, wishing lo rid mysell ol some burdensome lalenls do beslow upon Judy Puckell my innocenl look in hopes she will use il whenever she is caughl lalking. l, Bill Lord, being ol slrong characler and weak mind. do hereby will lo Sue Franz my lille ol' "Mosl Talenledu in hopes lhal she will use all her lalenls. l, Marlie Beeler, being ol sound body and un- slable mind do will my good grades, seriousness and aln"ilv lo keep oul ol' lrouble lo Sandie Dich- son. fxlfo my ollice as girls club pianisl. l, Jim Lilley, being 6 5 and weighing 240 pounds. due lo lhe immense amounls ol knowl- edge l have acquired during I2 years ol sludy do will lo Lewis Glass' my lille ol Hlviosl Lilely lo Succeed," and my back seal in Bible Docls. 'n hope lhal he will gel as many good grades as l have. l, Kalhv Rilea, since she has lrouble losirq weighl, wills lo Linda Miller my abilily lo gc can diels and my chapel seal. l, Margarel Jones, being ol lired mind ard sound body do hereby will lo Margarel Lemacks -.vilh my blessings, my Spansh ll lexlbook, which l have grown lo love so dearly, hopng she has beller luck wilh lhis subiecl lhan l had. l, Roger Floren, being ol queslionable slale cl mind and unsound body do hereby will lo Judy Fowler lhe halo l inheriled in Spanish ll class and lo Kenny Schank my abililv lo gel along wilh Mr. Hemel: and lo Linwood Jones my abilily lo :skip classes wilhoul gelling caughl. KINDEST Margaret Jones A. W. Pgrvig iIsn'1 it a beau1y?J iVi ?lH 57? "f , , , - ,,,,,,, oss., o, ,.,.eu,., pvc., unc. lame brain, do lovingly bestow upon my dearest triend. Jonnie Oswald, my "rug" skirt, my old Bible Docs. book with all the answers, and my ability to keep from slamming doors during study periods which was willed to me last year by Eleanor Lohr. I, Mavis Grittin, because ot my soon departure trom these halls ot higher learning do hereby will to Gloria Ann Crews my black, curly hair,.and my ability to type tast in typing, hoping that in tue ture years it shall be ot help to her: and to Sharon Inman, my privilege ot not having to work, and all my old shoes. l, Linda Ryder, being a blond but not so dumb I?l do bequeath to Sylvia Hayes my sweet dis- Josition and my ability to walk into anyone who gets in my way. I, Judie Fenner, being very strong ot voice be- ause ot my immense lungs due to intense holler- 'ig practice in lvl.C,C. do will and leave to Sandra lay my beautitul operatic voice in hopes that he can give other people headaches as well as I. I, Pat Bowen, being ot weak mind do hereby fill to Betty Black my ability to get into the hos- iital at the end ot every school year: and to Da- id Grantier my naturally straight hair and mv bility to keep on the road when driving a car, I, James Puckett, being .simple but extremely seedy do hereby will to Randy LeBaron my abili- 1 to sneak out ot' Mr. Minesinger's classroom while is back is turned. MOST DEPENDABLE Bill Belser MarY Penne" lboss wants these all out tonight-l 'ww g "fm-, r f-4 'Ein ,.. x i 3 i i i i -- I Q fl he .' L--.,l ,,,Q I MOST TALENTED Barbara Schmid! Bill lord lWhich one shall we fake?l I, Verda Gene Marshall, being ot unsound mind do hereby will to Judy Pigg my iob in the press in hopes that she will enioy it as much as I have. I, Linda Peirce, having a large trame but a very little brain, do leave to Betty Thomas my room- mate, in hopes that she can keep her under con- trol as well as I have. Also having a surplus ot weight and height I do leave her as much ot it as she desires to own. I, Gail Pleasants, being ot stong mind and weak back, because I soon shall leave these tair halls, do willingly leave and bequeath to Shirley Dunn the intense pain in my neck due to my necessary ability to look up to people because I am so short. I, France: Brewer, being ot unsound mind and pain wracked body, and knowing I have but a short time here, will to Frances Albury my tallness because she-is so short, and l tope she'lI take good care ot our name. I, Ronnie Watson, being terrible shy and bash- ful will to Ray Lohr my ottice ot "Senior Class President," and to Cindy Bucalla I will "a rose and a Baby Ruth." l, Thecla Bearup, being completely sound ir body and mind but knowing I am near extinction do leave and bequeath to Cecilia Far the tollow- ing: my short height, my aggressiveness, and my ability to pertorm in public, and I do hope that she will get more out ot them than I did, X ' M.-A w.-.-uv...-.........s....,.. MOST INTELLECTUAL Mya-iam Moreno Clifford Coleen 1These magazines have some of the cutest i I, George Lessarcl, lull ol vim, vigor, and vilaiily, do will and leave lo Norman Ellio++ all my school spiril and all lhal goes wilh il. I, Myriam Moreno, endowed wilh a reasonable amounl ol inleliigence will lo Shirley Dunn and Lois Borden my llashing brown eyes, and my abili- ly lo lrill my rls. We, Barbara Schmidl and Beverly Schmidl, do will and leave lo Claire True ard Dol Hyde our red hair, our clolhes we have alike, and our lalenls in mosl anylhing. l. Faye Joyce Underhill, wilh much sorrow and crying do have lo leave lo Ronnie Servoss my rule, lillla car, in hcpes he will nol drive il loo lasl, and always keep il lull ol gas. I, Myrna Pierce, being very iovial almosl all ol lhe time do will lo Sonna Courson and Everell Miller my abilily lo cul-up like mad and slill slay on lhe good side ol lhe leachers. I, Carol Reile, because I am lilled wilh wisdcm and underslancling, do will lo Bonnie Pope my in- nocenl look in Mr. Millers English class, my wavy hair, and my abilily lo relain lhal which I allow lo sink inlo my gray-maller, Slale ol Florida l Counly ol Seminole I BE IT KNOVVN lhal lhe above inslrumenl, cen- sisling ol seven pages, was subscribed by lhe Senior Class ol I957 in my presence and ac- knowledged by lhem lo me: and lhey al lhe same lime declared lhe above lo be lheir Lasl Will and leSlGm9nl: and I, al lheir requesl, and in my presence have signed my name as wilnegg lherelo. ' ISionedl Belly Eldridge. I, Jo Ann Hosleller, having cvmpleled my I2 years ol school ard surviving il wilh only 5 'ni'1i- mum ol knowledge sinking inlo my gray maller, do hereby will lo my rorimmale, Jo Ann Leilrier, ny nickname "Jo" wilh lhe promise lhal she wil al- ways answer lo il and nol hide in 'he :Iosel as her predecessor usually die. To Sonia Wooley, a lellew lakelander, my back seal in Biole Dcclrires in hopes lhal she will keeo Elder Davis as busy as l. I, Pal Malhers, slar ol slage, sgreen, racio awd Bible Docls. Class, do hereby will lo Eileen Sleele, my lille ol "Williiesl' which I really earned. I, Belly Hursl, being uwiversally renowned in mosl anylhing I do, hereby begueallc lo Sylvia Sellers my music abilily in excharge lcr lhe Iil'le she knows. I, Sylvia O'Brien, being ol unlourd niiid and weak body, do will lo Judy Fowler 71V aburdiinl abilily lo nol gel canghl lalking in .npanisw lass, hoping lhal she has beller luck lhan I. l,RonaId Dunscornbe, being ol queslicnabe sl.-le ol mind and unsound body, do hereby will lo Angel Esquivel lhe "Shel" garbage liuck, cn crin- dilion llwal he will lake beller care ol il lhar I have: and lo Roy Lohr lhe privils-ge ol becoming plaloon leader in lvl.C.C. and lheln , . . I, Helen Sullivan, being ol unso ind mind do will lo Sonia Wooley my abilily lo ,ew and I hcoe lhal she will be able lo use il in lhe lulure. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Judie Fenner James Lilley Professional, no doubt ..... I QL. Six Af .fi-3 'Z ff? ' y fy f 2 ffffff X277 X IN Z5 7 fy 7 ff if 2 fb XI' Q f--6 l U fx N V! Lf my me-ig hwy The Business 0fHee fe if ,f f' l, ,,...,...e:..... ,pdl .rinv Q Mr. A. B. Mi+chelI, B.S. College graduafed from--Soufiv ern Missionary COHSQS 4 I I Maiored in-Business Adminislra- Tion , Las? laugh?-Birmingham Business College Teaches-General Malls. L Posi+Eon here-Accounfaqn. Mr. W. A. Teh Colleqe aflended-Canadian Un- ion College, LaSalle Universify Orlando Jr, College Maiored in-lndusfrial Manage' menl Las? lauglif - Canadian Union College, Lacornbe, Alberfa Posifion here-Press Manager Mr. D. E. Barr, B.A. College graduled from-Wash! ingfon Missionary College Maiored in-Bible Lasl +augl1+ af-DuOvion Jr. Academy, DuOvion, Illinois Teaches Prinfing Posilion lwere-Prinling Press Fore- man Sponsor of "Li'l Gaim" published by Prinling class- The Press ,ff Mrs. Grace Keiih i L Colleqe a+lended - Emmanuel Missionary College and Soulliern Missionary Colleqe Position here-Reqislrar and Sec- relary lo llwe Principle The Personnel 0fHee N Q A 'M ff'-,ve . e V-ell! The KHehen ,ng hu , .4 M Mrs. Dell Smi+h Graduafed from--G + H' h Scleo-ol, 6rove+on. T323 on Ig POSlllOI'1 here-Direclor of Foods Mas. senvoss - ASSISTANT I Mrs. Alva Wilkes Gracluafed from-Boomles Coun- fy High Posifion here-Manager of Laun- drv Mr. Luiher W. Chasfeen Graduafe - Boys High School, Anderson, Sou+l1 Carolina Posiiion here--Enqineer'af Laune drv The laundry The Maintenance 1 z.. ., A K fki- - in fc 5, e egg if ' g' A iw ., . ,Mei + gfz ev me 7 lf' , -.e,,,-W. Q. e.., i f. x, e Isggglie? - - .. '- Q . ,ef f ff, ' V- 1 - ,,.. mem aw ,. , 7 3 ii fe, ' ' f".?fei YQYT' if .. A M fy on , Mr. Roberi Swoffor cl. BLK. College graduafed from-Souflm ern Missionary College Maiored in-Bible, minor in His- fory Posifion l'1ere-Superinfenclenf of Mainfenance Fire chief of fire pro+er+ion de- parfmenf Q E Ami : as . P fha ,. W , . Q :gf if -1 ' in Q o EQJPE H5955 W, fjii. fl Jw z V x x 1,54 The Campus , W lf - .,.. l ewamww V ,-1 . Mr. H. C. Love'H', B.S., M.S. Graduafed from-Louisiana Sfafe Universiiy Maiored in Agriculfure Posifion here-Farm manager Freshman Class sponsor Mr. E. S. Anderson, B.S. College graduafed from-Soufh ern Missionary College Maiored in-lndusfrial Ar+s Subiecfs reaches-Biology, Wood working, Mechanical Drawing NP The Dairy -v i. .,,,, Yu saw: . sum Mrs. Joanne Sfevens, B.S. Colleqe qraclualed from-Union College Mafored inhlfducafior Doslllon here-Librarian -ew The Library ,Lg We T-'?w'f,-"ik-ffl?'fH Hmfiiiim' ' , ,k5,gii,,v? FffQ . Qi 9 i Q X ti K .t f 'M Bustodians Mr. Jesse Jones, B.A., MA. Colleges gradualed from-Unior College, B.A.1 Universily of Na- braslca, MA. Maiored In-Hislory Las? fauglnf af-Campion Azad emy, Loveland, Colorado Teaches-Hisfory and Enqlislw I Each jnh is important whether large or small Readers Switchboard a ' l 0 Aceompanist Bakerll Um Sainte 9 ,f 5 , ' .PX Q 'fu1am.4xXBWE N '74 Om z4dunl!c'w24 ALBERT DRUG STORE, INC. Congratulations to Personalized Prescriptions 2201 Edoewoter Drive the Senior Class of 1957 Phone 2-2481 fI'0m the ' 1 of 1957 ORLANDO - FLORIDA 'Tumor C ass HP, A EIV1 E R AtL'S AUTO R-EPAIR MUSIC HOUSE-i..... Ray L. Kraomer' Prop Next to Nichol? Store New cmd Used Instruments Supplies - Rentals - Accessories Maitland, Flo. - Phone Winter Pork 25-3804 Complete Repcrir Service 493 N. Orange Ave. - Orlando, Flo. .Trout Wheel Augnmentu Phone 2-4907 build the BETTER way with HOLLOVVAY CONCRETE PRODUCTS, INC. izifzclnilbs ambulance efwice RADIO EQUIPMENT AND OXYGEN EQUIPMENT ORLANDO WINTER PARK 2-81 18 Phone 3-1291 COMPLIMENTS OF The GCGAZWZKI pfless PHONE w. P. 26,2601 MAITLANDI FLORIDA Laundry Service - Mothproofing "The Road to Home Starts Here" 0 , Waterproofing - Alterations P I T T M A Zodege pack Zleanefza BUILDERS, SUP-PLY C0. PhOne4594 21 N. Garland St. Dial GA 2-3108 ORLANDO, FL A, 2217 Edgewater Orlando, Florida Congratulations to the Selnior Class of '57 from ROGER HOLLER OLDSMOBILE CO. 2400 N. Orange Ave. Orlando, Florida Your best deal is cm Oldsmobile GREETINGS FROM WILLIAM A. ILES - Class of '38 and his "Insurance 8: Bonds 45 W. Washington St. Orlando Tel 3-5581 Service Beurmrl the Policy lfonlfvwt SOUTHERN MISSIONARY COLLEGE COLLEGEDALE, TENNESSEE THE COLLEGE FOR SOUTHERN YOUTH 0 Courses for a liietime oi happiness and usefulness you may pursue: Leading to a Bachelor's degree 0 Engineering 0 Secretarial 0 Ministry O Bible Instructor 0 Premedical I Teacher Training 0 Secondary Training 0 Home Economics Leading to a Certificate or Diploma 0 Predental , Elementary Teaching 0 Industrial Arts 0 General Otiice Secretary 0 Pre-X-Ray Technician 0 Bible Instructor And many other Courses 0 Unexcelled opportunities for Christian Fellowship. 0 Your college where you may secure your education in a delightful environ ment. under well-prepared teachers, with splendid. library and laboratory iacilitios. 0 For further details, write the Director of Admissions. Colleqodalo. Tenn. . Your 4- ,, 1 ' , . kt' Headquarters ,sw f le , . G M.. 'M ., x 3 H -Qi' ' Forthe ' '- Finest WOOD and METAL WORKING EQUIPMENT Over 30,000 Types of Items From More Than 750 Manufactures to Serve You larry P. Leu, Inc' 100 W. Livingston 22 N W 20th St. Orlando Miami Ik Vi rel. 9891 rn. 9-3404 , - ' 1 . 'Wx All , Ht tt f mt. e l , lt 'A HALL BROS. AGENCY 7 E. Robinson Ave. - Orlando, Florida Real Estate and Insurance Phone 3-8525 five Carefully, you may hit one of our Customers." BU DDIES CORNER Corner ot Orange and Washington Luncheonette 6: Fountain Service Fresh Donuts "Where Friends Meet" Bob 6: Ray Holcomb CHRlSTOPH'S PET 8: HOBBY SHOP 5405 Edqewater Drive - Orlando, Florida Phone 5-3426 Pets and Supplies Art Craft and Hobby Equipment Model Planes and Boats We love to make it possible for everyone to own his own home William F. Asher "Builder of Homes" If you are interested, Write or call and We will explain how we have made it possible for many of our S. D. A. people to do this 416 Lakeview Ave. Phone: Orlando, Florida Orlando 3-1460 DARNOLD AND DORSEY, INC. NICHOLS CORNER SERVICE Two decodes of service to the community" "Confidence creates contentment" Brilliant Bronze Gus Groceries Automobile Kerosene G Fuel Oil - Delivery Flre Corner Hi-Way 436 61 Lake Brantley Rd. Phone Winter Pork 26-3804 Casualty GOOD SERVICE 62 E. Pine PHONE 2-0716 Come ond See tor Yourself. TELEPHONE 5-3020 ' 5610 EIDGEWATER DRIVE - ORLANDO, FLORIDA TRUPIGAL TILES, ING. FLOORS WALLS BATHS HEARTHS STORE FRONTS PATIOS WALK WAYS TABLE TOPS WINDOWS SILLS DECORATIVE TRIM FURNITURE "Tropictile" ceramic Cement Tile Clay Tile ---- -- ---- -- - -Al-.. f'-..1...-A-..- DENMARK SPORTING GOODS Opposite Post Office - Telephone 52525 North Main at Jefferson Dver 9 yrs, As Your Neighborhood Hair Stylist ALLEN 'S NOREEN'S IRBER SHOP BEAUTY SALOON We enioy living on Hair-Please bring us Yours. Phone: Orlando 3-3762 47 Edgewater Dr. One block North of Fairbanks JONES BROS. CLEANERS Hwy 441 - Apopka, Fla. Quality Dry Cleaning G Laundry' Phone TU 6-8811 REI-IBAUM'S HARDWARE ESTABLISHED 1915 FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES MOUNT DORA, FLORIDA EXUM'S GROCERY Phone 3-8961 Choice Western Meats Groceries and Vegetables Frozen Foods Lockhart, Florida - We Deliver Compliments of HAWTHORNE FUNERAL HOME Iames T. Hawthorne, Funeral 'Director Phone 5-2589 - Orlando, Florida Compliments of HEINTZELMAN5 INC. YOUR FORD DEALER FOR 20 YEARS Orlando, Florida FOSGATE CITRUS CONCENTRATE COOPERATIVE Manufacturers of FLORlDA'S FINEST CITRUS BRANDS Duncan Hines Ace High Orlando, Florida I l-un-ul 1 SANITARIUM AMOCO SERVICE STATE OPTICAL SUPPLY 2501 N. Orange - Phone 2-6001 33 East Iackson ORLANDO - FLORIDA Orlando. Florida ED. 6 HERB IOHNSON Prop. n Congratulations to the Graduates of 1957 from Compllments of A 8: A S T O R E GORDON POTATO CHIP men G boys DISTRIBUTING CO. 25 W. Church St. Philip D. Morton ORLANDO, FLORIDA Orlando Florida Complimentd of Wm. G. Talton 85 Sons Real Estate-Insurance 36 East Fourth Street - APOPKA, FLORIDA .20 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, Fla. Phone 3-5771 BUY SELL TRAD1 Flowers by Wire, Inc. COLLEGE PARK F LORIST "Say it fll'iHL flowcrx mul my il with ours Clean One Owner Cars 20721 discount to all students . Jack Pettigrew Nighl plmm' 2-0894 BILLY WYNN MOTORS NTY 0F FREE PARKING Garland at Amelia Orlando, Florida Ph- 2-U52 Orange Blossom Trail al Church SI. 150 N. Orange Compliments of Vtafldcuz Zlldffdv '7aa. COMPLETE TERRAZZO WORK 701 Clay Street Phone: W.P. 5-5371 P.O. Box 1301 - Winter Park. Fla. STUDIO OF JOHNS CABINET SHOP Route l - Apopka, Florida Phone TU 6-3688 jf lesigns, builds cmd installs cabinets using the PHOTOGRAPHERS utmost skill cmd craftsmanship. 'or free Estimates contact Mr. Iohn Partin two Poggmig photographs, miles west of Forest Lake Academy on High- for 'th' 1957 'mmf' way 436. 388 N. ORANGE AVENUE ORLANDO, FLORIDA Compliments of SlI..BER'S SURPLUS STORE HOWARD OPTICAL CO. ORLANDO. I-'LA 225 N. Main - Phdhe 3-1352 VV. Churcll St. Phone 3-6959 O - FLORIDA 0 M A R B . R I N G E R Registered REAL STATE Broker A HOME FOR YOU X NEAR FOREST LAKE ACADEMY 'El l ' 'Y 3' 5 LOTS HOMES RENTALS WE BUILD ON YOUR LOT Maitland, Fla. Rt. 2 Box 160 I. G. LORENZEN DNE 5-432.1 Mi-5 Wfvic-.INT-.TILL co 116 WEST ROBINSON AVE. ORLANDO, FLORIDA COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE Think Twice, call "Rice" to Buy or Sell Homes -- Groves - Acreage -- Lots WILLIAM F. -RICE, BROKER 60 E: Fourth St. IConner-Rice Arcade? Phone Tucker 6-2163 or 6-3827 Apopka, Florida Russell A. Carr, Associate Business Opportunities T. C. ROGERS BUILDER 61 CONTRACTOR It. 2, Box 178 Maitland, Fla. Phone W. P. 26-4306 "Builder of Modern Florida homes" the TREND is to Citizens NATIONAL BANK OF ORLANDO 3'k PAID ON SAVINGS Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System. Each Depositor Insured up to SI0,000. CONNER - SHANK Insurance Agency 60 E. Fourth Street - Apopkql pk GENERAI. INSURANCE P. o. Box 1296 phon, 1-U 5, ?.z'?I-,25L'W'5ifpivlziie .ff . 1. 0 . . Wu.. V W Y , ,. I f .eff Jw' '?- ex.yai?'rlsf af5?Q 'Illl 0Pl'0llTllNlTY MAY BE lN SUNNY FMIHDA 8 311 Norill liosolind 4 Post dfiiee Box 1313 2 0rlondo. Florida Q Telephone 2-3131 if Il ll Nffllllfdll President xg llorold E Boll Q Aeereiory- Treasurer Specialists on Buick General Repairs QUINBY AUTO SERVICE UNITED MOTORS SERVICE Automatic Transmission Repairs Quinby Phone 2-4503 Orlando, Fla. 44 West Jefferson Street la Mem Substitutes Whole Wheat Bread Sunflower Seeds Orqanically Grown Foods Vitamins Minerals Herbs Salt Free Foods Foods for the Diabetic Cook Books "Back to Eden" Health Books ln CHAMBERLIN NATURAL FUUDS Your Dietary Food Store - Mail Orders Prompily Filled 1 18 E. Church st. Orlando Phone 4:7282 Branch Store: 107 Orange Ave, Daytona Beach, Fla. CONGRATULATIONS 74 75a Haw af 7757 ll. LESTER ,-------I The Southern Union School of Bible Prophecy opens the door wide for all seekers of truth to understand the Bible lN SIX YEARS OF OPERATION THIS CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL ' Has enrolled 650,000 students ' Baptized well over 4,000 students I ' Distributed over 9,000,000 free lessons and leaflets ' Given away 100,000 truth filled books ' Maintained a Sabbath School of over 10,000 ' Supported a group of soul winning ministers in all parts of the Union ' Furnished free courses to S. D. A. church members as follows: Drama of the Ages, Great Controversy Studies, Denominational History, and currently for 1957, The Testimony of Jesus The labors, prayers and support of every member of the church is needed that through the Bible School medium, every soul in our territory may be warned, and as many saved as possible. OUTI-IERN UNION CONFERENCE - CRUM'S FUEL OIL SERVICE, INC. Howard Crum - President Ieffrey T. Ray - Sec.-Treas. Fuel Oil and Kerosene 'S Duo Therm Heaters - Sales G Service I lay at Fairbanks Winter Park Congratulations to the Senior Class oi 1957 APOPKA DRUG CO. Comer of Park and Fourth St. Apopka, Florida Phone TU 6-1671 "Drugs, Sundries, and Fountain Service" OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC. F CENTRAL ENGRAVING CO. 2435 Boone Street ORLANDO - FLORIDA Phone 41-2011 Compliments of BURT RUTLEDGE OPTICIAN. 392 N. Orange Ave. Orlando, Florida Phone Orlando 3-3321 Compliments of THE STATE BANK OF APOPKA Orange Countyls Oldest Banking Institution APOPKA, FLORIDA I7 IAIT ROBINSON ORLANDO, FLORIDA TELEPHONE 9801 N Member -U 396 on Gu Savings x l 1 HOW ANN JERSEY DAIRY HWY 441 - FAIRVILLA Phone 2-5626 JERSEY MILK - THE DIFFERENCE IS DELICIOUS Milk "DRIVE-IN" to Save Home Delivery for Convenience -I Cool: Industries Cook Lumber Co. E. D. Cook Lumber Co. Phone 2-1004 ' Phone 4-2965 Phone 3-0229 Lake-Worth Tampa. Florida Orlando, Florida 7UZhdauuk:4ZmmwQn Long Leaf Yellow Pine Hardwoods 8c Short Leaf PROCESSED' LUMBER DEFIES ROT and TERMITES AVAILABLE AT YOUR DEALER WEICUME T0 FLURIDA! Homes, Lots. Groves A R E wary, ..1-,...,,.X,...,I .F ..f'.L'. aaaae X ,,oa. A Acreage - Homes Built Zee Sales -- Rentals CECIL B. WALLER, Realtor Convenient Drive-In Office - Highway 436 54 Mile East of Forest Lake Academy MAIL - ROUTE 2, BOX 124 - MAITLAND, FLORIDA See ECHOLS Before You Buy Bedding 8. Furniture ALL TYPES OF MATTRESSES - HOLLYWOOD BEDS - coucl-:Es OOOPER'S gt GREGORY RENOVATING AND REBULLDING OF ALL TYPES OF BEDDING Music Co. V I X Hammond Orqcms New 6. U ' - sed P , BEDDING co f mms ""c' 201 M ' - The Finest in Bedding and Furniture at Factory Prices Since 1920 Ggnoha Orlando' FIG' Factory, Show Room and Main Office - Winter Park, Florida Phone 5-0505 Rentals - Studios STORES ALSO IN ORLANDO - WINTER PARK - SANFORD DELAND - DAYTONA - GAINESVILLE - WINTER HAVEN "1 i l CONGRATULATIONS to Class of I957 SOUTHERN UNION CONFERENCE - DECATUR, GA. Kenneth E. Knecht BUILDER OF FINE HOMES Rt. 2 - Box 135 Maitland. Florida X L K lim V- 54, 'MINS IAMNAL V FIST OIITROI. Assocuman WALKER CHEMICAL 8: Exterminating Co. 3210 Clay St. Orlando, Florida Termites 6: Pest Control Wood Preservatives - Lawn Spraying Fog or Spray for household Pets BONDED - INSURED Free Estimates Tel. 5-9882 or 3-6251 other offices Ft. Pierce, Daytona Beach Member mrida and National Pest Control Ass. LYND 8: CHUDEUSZ Corner Lee Rd. G Edgewater Phone Orlando 3-0619 CERAMIC CLAY - CEMENT TILE New work or Remodelling Phone: Winter Park 26-3555 OOOPER'S 8: GREGORY Music Co. Hammond Organs - New G Used Pianos 201 Magnolia - Orlando, Fla. Phone 5-0505 Rentals - Studios BEST WISHES TG Seniors 66444 af 1757 HUGHES SUPPLY INC ELECTRICAL PLUMBING 8: E TING SUPPLIES O l do L k G ll Daytona Beach S b S Dress-up your printing . . . G o o d engravings "dress up" booklets and programs lik body's business. We are happy to have b able to work with ou Y l' X yearbook, and we'll be glad I f help you anytime than we Congratulations for a job ll , done. ff! I L 'SWL We take this opportunity to congratulate the SENIOR CLASS OF 1957 U65 flzgzauzzs XQ77, Ugg Jlffizzoz FINE ENGRAVINGS - ART WORK ORLANDO ENGRAVING COMPANY 64 E. PINE ST. PHONE 2-6720 Orlando, Florida A. C. Quixley Realty Co., Box 211, Mt. Dora, Florida. Al Davis Auto Machine, Apopka, Florida. Atlas Sewing Center, 123O'E. Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida. Barton's Electrical Appliances, Winter Park, Florida. Bil'lingham's Service Station, Winter Park, Florida. Compliments of. Connor-Shank Insurance Agency, 60 E. 4th St., Box 1296, Apopka, Florida. Citrus Culture Corporation, Mt. Dora, Florida. Colonial Florist, 1216 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida. Carton-Heathcox Co., Central Avenue, Apopka, Florida. Compliments of SAMMIE BETHEA'S RESTAURANT 2304 Edgewater Drive ORLANDO, FLORIDA Phone 3-731 1 Dale Hall's Barber Shop, Apopka, Florida. "Compliments of Dale 81 D. E. Wald's 14 West 4th Street, Apopka, Florida. Dr. Paul Foster, 1230 Hilcrest, Orlando, Florida. Favor Taxi, 118 E. New England, Winter Park, Florida. F. M. Friestad, Brodhead, Wisconsin. George's Thrift Shop, Apopka, Florida. GilIiard's Dept. Store, Central Avenue, Apopka, Florida. H. M. Summers Cabinet, 1498 Gene Street, Winter Park, Florida. Jack" Hogue's 5-10-25 Cent Stores, City of Hornes and Lakes, Winter Park, Florida. James Kerr, 300 East King, Orlando, Florida. Compliments of John's, Plants, Seeds, and Bulbs, Apopka, Florida. Lemlnn Shoes, 236 Park Avenue South, Winter Park, Florida. Miss Ann Lowe, 229 E. Princeton Avenue Orlando, Florida. Mrs. C. J. Swinson, 4802 10th Avenue, Tampa 5, Florida. Parker's Market, Mt. Bora, Florida. Rauch's Plumbing, 921 Balch Avenue, Winter Park, Florida. Royal Sundries, 157 E. Robinson, Orlando, Florida. Thompson Gulf Service, Apopka, Florida. Western Auto Stores, 1244 East Colonial, Orlando, Florida. Winter Park Sport Shop, 160 Park Avenue, Winter Park, Florida. Winter Park Photo It Art Supply 150 Park Avenue Souh, Winter Park, Florida. Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1957 from I RYAN AND COMPANY Lumber and Building Supplies "Everything for the builder." PHONE Tu. 6-3141 APOPKA, FLORIDA Q PROFESSIONAL sPoNso Rs 1 C. w.wi1lmfh, D.D.s. C. F. Dillon, M-D. J. W. lflickman, D.D.S. J, C, C,.,w,,, M,D -B. E. Taylor, M.D. HA F,ie,,,yf L. P. Foster, M.D. L- L- Kline, MD- Compliments of wauzefz fmemozial ganifafzium G Hospifal all Q up 5 .M AVON PARK - FLORIDA as 'B QQ 9 if if f Ef Dx X ff if .,.. 4 ,, 4 15:3 it 19" gh ga 2, if if 'ff , 1, Q lf SBf6nEux A aham, Adeeb Geo D N. W. 7th St. mi, Florida zins. Robert Meryle 7 McRae St. ando, Florida ury, Frances Elizabeth 0 N. W. 29th St. mi, Florida lerson, Eugene Forrest 5 Flamingo Drive anta, Georgia er. lda Evelyn ite 2, Randall Road itland, Florida lin, Beverly Daniel 43-G. Route 2 itland, Florida icoclr, Cecil Cornelius E. Winter ando. Florida er, David Charles 4 Nolcomis Ave. ist Palm Beach, Florida ber. Doris Odell D. Box 326 lrhart, Florida imender, Rose Marie rid, Chiriqui nublic ot Panama ine, Kenneth Mann ite 2, Box 298 itland. Florida irup, Marilyn Ruth ite 2, Box I4l itland, Florida irup, Theda Fern ute 2, Box I4I iitland, Florida isley, Linda Florence W2 Rollins Ave. lando, Florida aler, Martha Francis s l I37 ilbourne. Florida ser, William Franlrlin 'tonsville. Maryland las, Steven Lee ute 3 dillac, Michig ggers, Thelm laine D3 N. Ora -lando, Fl da ack, Be Laurie lute 3 ox 4l2 clrer eorgia aclc, Ruby Joyce loute 3. Box 4l2 Tucker. Georgia Shale lii' T' itffootez 1950-57 Blanchard. Rozella Marie 308 Palm Ave. Cocoa, Florida . 'var, Qnuel Otto C ra 20A if I6-22. Bogota, D. . lombia, South America Bolton, N 'am Alice Route 2, i- K., 5l-B Maitland, F -X-3 Borden, Lois : Guanaia lsland X' Spanish Honduras, K ' Borsody, Curtis Delber 34 West Par Orlando, Florida Borsody, Larry Edward 34 West Par Orlando, Florida Bowen. Maureen Patricia Route 2, Box 225 Maitland, Florida Brewer, Frances Jane IO7 E. Spruce St. Orlando, Florida Brower, Jacl: Arlinus Route 3, Box 376 Lakeland, Florida Bryant, James Robert I8l7 Whaley Ave. Pensacola. Florida Bucalo. Cynthia Gupton IOB7 N. W. 5lst St. Miami, Florida Buhl, Beverly Ruth IOOI Forest Hill Blvd West Palm Beach, ,orida Burlce, Miriam Jddy 203 S. W. 2n fsf. Fort Meade' lorida Burke, J ies Wesley 203 S. m2nd St. Fort eade, Florida B, Plus, Teman LeRoy o Florida Sanitarium Orlando, Florida Buyers, Margaret Ann 336 Thalia Drive Orlando, Florida C Caldwell, Carol Joyce 527 West King Orlando, Florida Caldwell. Donald AldwYf1 527 West King Orlando. Florida Calhoun, Sonia IOO3 West I2th St. Panama City, Florida X Cartledge, Judith Gaile 57 Mobile Ave., N. E. Atlanta, Georgia Chasteen, Brenda Joyce Forest Lalce Academy Maitland, Florida Chew, Barbara Claire I24O N. W. 33rd Si. Miami, Florida Clark, Clara Marie Route 2, Box 256 Maitland, Florida Clarlr, Phyllis Ann Enosburg Falls, Vermont Coachman, Edy Clarlxette oute 2, Box 6l2 t Palm Beach, Florida Co s, Lanny Lloyd l I0 A5 Winter Park Ave. Orlan orida Collins, L Lea ,, I 36:0 2nd V, LaCrescenta, by lit ia Colson, Roy Cl' 86 N. W. 33r S Miami, Flo 'da Conerl ,Jerre Monr Rout I Th sby, Alabama X onken, Barbara Faye ,Rosetine St. Cocoa. Florida Corbitt. Christine Elizabeth 82I8 I9th St. Sulphur Springs, Florida Courson, Sonna Jean IOO3 W. Peninsular St. Tampa, Florida ' Crews, Gloria Anne Route 2 Maitland, Florida Cross, Pat Ellen IO4 Winthrop St. , Taunton, Mass. Crowson, Sinderia Faye P. O. Box 78l Clanton, Alabama Cuilla, Dennis Wayne Route 4. Box l53 Pensacola, Florida Cuthbert, Robert Duane Route 2. Box l38 Maitland, Florida Cuthbert, Emily Sue Route 2, Box l38 Maitland, Florida D Davis, Daniel James Route 2, Box l95 A Maitland, Florida f Day, Sandra Leigh 4600 66th Si.. N. St. Petersburg, Florida DeBie, Madelyn Carol 85l Lakewood Rd. West Palm Beach, Florida Diclcerhott, Clara Elaine Route 2, Box I76 Maitland, Florida Dickson, Sandra Ann 8520 N. W. 30th Rd. Miami, Florida Dierks, Joan Marie 9l4 S W. lOth Ave. Miami, Florida I Dreher, Carolyn fi ce Route 2, Box l f Mamma, n as DuBose ltred Leland Rout I, Box 270 Cl rmont, Florida Duncan, John William 2002 Elmwood Ave. Ta r' pa, Florida Dunn, Shirley LaVina Route 2, Box 26 Maitland, Florida Dunscombe, Dorothy Lee Box 839 Mayaguez, Puerto Rico unscombe, Ronald Colby .X X 839 aguez, Puerto Rico E Eden A h Joyce Mary Route ' x 43I Orlando, - ida Eldridge, B Mae 223 E. Winte k Ave. Orlando, Flori Elliott, Marvin Le Box A Avon Park, Florida Elliott, Norman Leslie A Box A Avon Park, Florida Epler, Judith Ann Route 2, Box 254 Maitland, Florida Esquival, Angel Julian Santana 3l0l V. de las Tunas: Ote. Cuba Evans, Lucy Belle l5I0 E. Georgia St. Bartow, Florida F Farr, Cecilia Belle 8l3 East '3rd St. Fort Lauderdale, Florida Feagin, William Newton 2I56 Allendale Circle, N. Jacksonville, Florida X. X Fenner. Judith Ann l003 Pineiiale Cocoa, Florida Finney, Lois lrene Box 84 Roclrledge. Florida Floren. Marvin Jo '- 749 S. Lalre Dav' rave Orlando, Flor' 'X Floren. I Chevalier 749 S alce Davis Drive Or do, Florida owlar, Alice Rachel l8l3 Avalon Albany. Georgia Fowler, Judy Anita 70I 2nd St.. S. E. Moultrie, Georgia Fowler, Sylvia Ann Forest Lake Academy, Box Maitland, Florida Franz, Margaret Sue 7I6 Boabadilla Miami, Florida G Gager, Ray Claudious 4360 N. W. 7th St. Miami. Florida Genton, Alice Louise Route 2 E. Bradenton, Florida Glass, Lewis Martin R. R. 45 Rock Creek. Ohio Glass, Thomas Douglas Route 45 Rocl: Creek, Ohio Grantier, David Raymond Route 2, Box 238 Maitland, Florida Grantier, Margaret Anne Route 2, Box 238 ' Maitland, Florida Greek. Roger Clarence ' l I l6'Ohio St. ocoa, Florida X -. elc, Shirley Rebecca Clear Lake Road Y. oa, Florida Grae ichard Edward I Wes . sevear Orlando rida N Griffin, Corinne 3 The Current fx uthera. Bahar Grubb, Sharon 1 Box 659 ' N Lalreland, Florid N Guier, John Edwin Route 3 Hartselle, Alabama Gulledge, Constance Rose Box 63I rrento, Florida Gus . , Frances Penelope Rt. I. 3- Lake Road Milton, sin Gustafson, Jack ee Rt. I, Bowers Lake -. Milton, Wisconsin H Harden, Martha Grace Route 3, Box 3I6 Albany, Georgia Harnage, Ottis Stanley 3I9 E. Spruce St. Orlando, Florida Harnage. Ronald Chester 3l9 E. Spruce St. Orlando, Florida Harper, George Franklin Box I72 Lake Helen. Florida Haerich, Fredric Donald 2l30 26th Ave., S. St. Petersburg, Florida I-Iamrick. Carrol Mitcham Apopka. Florida Hancock, Esther Yvonne Box 57l Okeechobee, Florida Harris, Sidney Starr 9I6 Rudolph Road Lake Worth, Florida Hawkshead, Ronald Ashley Route 2, Box 3I-Z Theodore, Alabama Hayes, Sylvia Rachel 243 Shearer St. Jacksonville, Florida Hickok, Robert Glenn 2658 Roxbury Road Winter Park, Florida Horner, Barbara Jean ' Route 2, Box i028-l'l Lakeland. Florida Hornyak, Barbar enore Route 2, Box I Maitland, Fl 5 l'lOffIvak, S n William Route 2. Bo 67 Maitland, Florida Horvath. Charlotte Irene 4810 N. W. 4th St. Miami, Florida Hostetler, JoAnn Jacqueline Route 3, Box I84 Plant City, Florida Houghtaling, Daniel Leighton 2540 3Id St. Fort Myers, Florida Houghes, Harold Everett Box A Avon Park, Florida Hurst, Betty Marian 9300 N. W. 2nd Ave. Miami, Florida di' Hyde, Dorothy Ann 4404 Ola 'Ave. Tampa, Florida I Inman, Sharon Pauline Box II3 Lady Lake, Florida J obs, Dennis Eugene A ado 50, General Per Ha ,Cuba Jacobs, rothy Fairey 4460 Edg ter Orlando, F - a Johnson, Walt ohn 2I90 Venetian X Winter Park, Flori' Jones, Albert Linwo 7l3lf2 Arlington Ave. Orlando, Florida Jones, Astor Clive I508 E. North Street Tampa, Florida Jones, James Robert 7I3lf2 Arlington Ave. Orlando, Florida Jones, Frances Elizabet 0 Z6 X ,f 0 . All Kline, Lois Lynette 580 Manor Reid. Box 396 tlafitland, Flori a Knecht, Evelene Mae Route 2. Boi i35 Maitland. Florida Koval, Gerald Niel Route 2. Box 457-K Tampa, Florida L Lancaster, Roger Vance 4447 Edgewatorrbriva Orlando, Florida Laughton, Ruthena Louise 4I5 Rollins Ave. Orlando, Florida Leach, Sheila Ann Route 2, Box 263 Maitland, Florida LeBaron, Randy Maxie I I74 Ovingion Road Jacksonville, Florida ,f Leitner, Joanne L 4 5454 Clitton Rd V, Jacksonville, F da Lemacks, . . garet Elaine xg me cis Ava. ort lf' Florida 3 d', George Meredith do 329 nt ara, Cuba Lewis, Kathleen Box I082, Vx 2 Fort Pierce. da A "'.3 2706 Sanitariu venue P' 1 Orlando, Florida If Jones, Margaret rilyn 9l4 S. W. lOth e. Miami, Florid . K Kell Ruby Grace 28 ' onway Road 0 - ndo, Florida elly, William Michael 24I4 Bedtord Road Orlando, Florida Keppler, Judy Ellen Route 2, Box 256 Maitland. Florida Keppler, Susan Ellen Route 2, Box 256 Maitland. Florida Keslake, Sara Elaine 3l5 Bay Run St. Orlando, Florida Kierstead. Dorris April Route 2. Box I67-B Maitland, Florida King, Carl Jackson Route 4 Moultrie, Georgia Klein, Charles Edward 40OI Windsor Ave. West Palm Beach, Florida Lilley, James M E5 lm McGavock, Mona Nell 2507 McRae St. Orlando, Florida Mclntyre, Ronald Hayel BoxA X Avon Park, Florida M Maier, Marlene Ann 2I I2 Staunton Ave. Winter Park, Florida Marshall, Verda Gene .f l307 Florida Ave. V Fort Pierce, Florida f Mathers, Patri ' nne P. O. Box 9 ' Princeton, ' rida Marti - 4 udith Sharon 3IO irth Iowa Ave. L and, Florida athis, James Fulton Box 605 Mulberry, Florida Mathis, Kenneth Eugene Box 605 Mulberry, Florida Matthews, Joyce Lynn 405 Dummit Ave. Titusville, Florida Matthews, Mildred Lcrreih 405 Dummitt Ave. Titusville, Florida Meek, Henry Moris Route 2, Box 232 Maitland, Florida Meek, William Howard Route 2 Route 2 Box 236 Maliland' Florida XS, Maitland. Florida Lohr' John Roy XIX entzer Bill Richard 3009 MW' Si' tif Miller Ave. Jacksonville, Florida Lord, Bill Coswell 540 N. 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Florida Young. Joseph Richard 2300 Bedford Road Orlando, Florida Y. X, ,XXX cf? J sfwia BUILDER - DEVELOPER HOMES, HOMESITES, and ACREAGE Property for sale in FOREST LAKE ACADEMY AREA LET ME SAVE YOU MONEY ON YOUR HOME Phone W. P. 26-3561 Route 2 Maitland. Florida Qutoqwphs aufogfzafrlzs if 4 'W Fw" ' 29km R C ' Wm, , e 1 my xx: .q W ? ig ,dw L ,sf 4 V 111 ,fu-!"L V ,-I 11.-WM: 1 . L17 CLI' I 121 i',l"jfe,.'iq NE., 2l?l'1f-P s.1'7W'I' ?WW 4. , 1- fx A fixu- f ' N ,M-M Y E, Q rum' W v.',,nf.'-"L'7f1 "' W :M "ff -q v x ' Eaqggpi .. .y ii Qu '12 mwwjmf' ,Af r A" L ,, . w'A'vI ff xy. -Q 1 W V 'J an A . :a,:,1L , p,yyH ,,W"f'K v ' Y-,xx '-L ' etk - 1 " TH, 'fs ' QWNIQ If , II'J1,,'J w " X.'LH'j,,8 X' , W fr H i Wing tie .load ward detween me and the wddde we me ahead! one from media. ,.'f1'PWe 54 ' f... . ws 5 JW I ' A very interesting Iyceum was the man who made many interesting balloon figures. A monkey sh that ow was one of our Iyceum numbers both young and old enioyed 'I' The night of Interior Guard , x The Senza' Banque: av Em Pun 1 . 'xp- mm 'fl swim Pmemw an

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