Forest Hills High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest Hills, NY)

 - Class of 1970

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iff' "Qvv:W"""'f-" " '- ,, 7 1. 174'-V ---F ' V f 1, ...., AN. .s',1ff - K 1 A ,K .- - .JY . A ci-noon. grin it.Q Q .4 0"' 'r A Q A 1 ,--45. GU Z, ' Q Og E ' 1 - Q Q 5.4! lvcjh ' T W ' L P' "'l. ' WY if 5 l J ij., . w 55:3 142 'X ., ,P , . M -5 r 1 1 'Y' ..5"s , Q15 .'b' vs 29 fu! E Principal s Message Dear Seniors: Youth has become the popular topic of widespread dis- cussion. There are those adults who are fascinated with the new 'iyouth culturen. Others feel that they ought to try to bridge the gap between the generations. Still others utter Cassandra-like predictions about the decadence of our youth and civilization. Perhaps this preoccupation results from the fact, to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, that the good Lord must have loved the young, He made so many of them. Those of us who have daily contact with our Hillites wonder about these facile generalizations. We see the youth in large numbers as so many individuals who pos- sess the wide range of opinion, perspective and philoso- phy that is prevalent throughout the community. The se- rious reader of history sees the continuity among youth in the development of contemporary thought and attitudes. Public opinion polls show this trend with some variation evident in each of the age groups. Youth is distinguished today by its heightened concern and involvement with the grave problems of society. Our awareness of this involvement is probably sharper be- cause high school youth a decade ago seemed far re- moved from these issues. While the problems of war and racial inequality have been the most widely publicized, there are many indica- tions that other issues are coming to the fore among the younger citizens. The poisoning of the atmosphere and the waters of our planet is rapidly becoming the prime problem. While we are striving to achieve universal peace, we are in danger of succumbing to the polluted air, rivers and oceans. Have we created a great technolo- gy which has liven us unprecedented material comforts and ever-increasing leisure and which simultaneously is destroying life on earth? The positive strength of youth becomes apparent be- cause youth is not accepting doom. It is frequently opti- mistic. It does not yield to dire predictions with fatalism. It has undertaken to correct the evils. It understands the problems and proceeds to attack them. Your readiness to combat the destroyers of life bodes well for your future. I am confident in you because you are neither frightened nor intimidated by these problems. You have demonstrated your ability to understand these forces and your eagerness to undertake a search for solutions. I wish you well as a senior class and as individuals. May you enjoy good health and happiness in the years ahead. Sincerely, 7 Principal ? M 1 4 v tr, 'Anka Q " l, -if - dministration Assistants To - Deans The Principal 2 if Mr. joseph Tuzza Mr. Bc lard Plotkin 7.31 jigtsirqi. L,i,y.XJ,ff,, ,, lysis? Wig' ' - HUF My .K ani m, ,ff-ff, ww 4 e K 23 9 gs' ms, Q 3 it , J, ' 51 f tv, Xmas 3 54-1' Mgr V A ly'-Y f nz I ig, Y W5 E5 X? s .f?f7'l M it , i n ,, ,,,A ,, - X.,.s W, ., .. 'K f is I 21 iii ffsfi 571' pizfffgfwfifiiavg get 'fe Mr. Milton Sirota Dean of Student Activities 5 S1 A - . it ',s!5.i, P Y wt its , . ,,,. ' g ,. i s. 62343 1222 , f Mr. Murray Rogovin Forest School Mr. Edward McNamara Miss Antoinette Ciusto Hill School Park School Teachers-in-Charge if - I ""k X S YW 2 ' -2 . :S I , en Q 'f K 1- ,-, -- .. 4 I - 6 Vu' H..,..n Lk, , J " ' ,. 225 21 .... t '- 1.. 1 fi i 4 ,-' 7 Mr. Benjamin Bickennan Mr. Iohn Rodgers MH. Year! Sann School Finance Program Committee Attendance Mr, George Alexie Mr. john Fottrell Mr. Mark Weiner A4M- Session Mid-Session P.M. Session 5 ,Q- . Q 1 ABRP3 QDAK Soc, L MR. SAUL CEFFNER Physical Sciences I If it 5 ,,-, I I' ' e MR. ELI BLUME Foreign Languages MR. HAROLD SACI-IS 5 V Music tirmen Of Departments f Q' MR. FRANK KEGEL English MISS MARGARET GLOSTER Library MRS. MARY TUZZA MISS ROSEMARY TIGHE MR. LEON RINTEL Art Mathematics Biology MISS VIRGINIA DWYER Girls, Health Education if! if ' If e.,. ' .,,, 1 , ,.-, , I W Q K 'l'k" Q ' 'l"L1 S W Y MR. IOSEPI-I VARONE Boys' Health Education MR. SEYMOUR LEFF Stenography and Typewriting rlltii A 5 L if -ff sz , Q fi MR. BENJAMIN BICKERMAN Accounting and Business Practices L iv Guidance Counselorf -ILL -lf as in S Z' MRS. MILLICENT SCHUKER MRS. CLEMENTINE HOLMES Mus. DOROT Teacher Counselors M'R. FRED CEIER MRS. ROSALIE KAPLAN MR. FRANK FALLON MR. MAX POLLACK 'BK MRS. ANNABELLE OSMAN MRS. HELEN RUNCE College Advisors MISS M ARYLIN BRANDEE MR. PAUL SOLCANIK MR. STEPHEN BERGMAN , 1 '4 Y' gm was sd 1 New , reams :-, 1 V .wiswi K 3, y sr sigigsgfii ' 577 V ,. n f i ww, rg' ,. , A sig, K g g E:2f?"' f 'S ir i i V . iw -"- ' I gfrgf? 'V 1- gym, .1 , Q ' ' ' ' I' f MR. ROBERT MILLER MR. JOSEPH ROEMER MR. MORIS WICLER W K X3 "iff" ' I Pia, .K V Lg 2. Na, K K K QKKKK ffm Kawai? E f ' , . FW- 'TQ . M WW" V' 1' f 'fs wg , .- A -Q. a'WiwK H ., if T 4 . X 5. p M43 ' -ef QQ 1 W ' -if ' ff ' W- ,Y f,:5s2f+, ,gif - 55.51. , swat, KK K1-if A K KKWKK Kg, ,gfwg JQQTEKQK ,fn , ,, 4 K 7gqKKKLKl+..':.1.K KVKKK5 0? K , K -K rw AKK: K K KE .,f.,, KKK LT' '-9 -- - wb H, 5 im, f' g ik 'di 5, , . " I , if A -MX? 5? W 'f 1? 'pg WM, 3 .Wg ' y is , , m. A ,. 'Y 3 . X 5? .K . 1 l ff'1?!""?f ' I, ' L2 K R., If jig. gr 4,3 KKK wwf '--' -W -if sys Q F, k-'- '33 .,,. .3 :gm , . K -.5 f 1 N K .1 H K .X , - 'Wa' ,x if '. Ei 5 if .,, 2 Q? 'V SW - 'XZ I .4 'YS-ani, iff. K in-.M .w-.K . It 'nl N Q- L."' LE if SWA-,K 75 I'-Ei 73' s. E 1 7 Q, , 'ff 5 ,S M5 ' X' frl' x M 'ff 'L Q K Q 9 if 3 ' ,F ,, -' gf sr-PS' N K ,D xv , wi ff -W 7: Q . - , -ff gg Zh. - ,W -V V J' ' 5 'A 5- im if d?w m..Qi 3 I f , .15 M Q f - f iff? ' ' E .5 H 5 '-'34 'Q4- 5"'?7f5w . f A Y W if iff. .ff 3 sf? F? E Q., it ,V 2 Q. N his Z X -4- ,.y 5u3'3-g- .wf . -. Y L, ' aid S Q ,f. . N 9 Lf , ww ,W 2. 4 . Aga,w,,5vM,,.jQ-Mvf"1' A 43, ,-'-. .R .K 1 '?gT5!',,1ff1, .K 3 gmi 33.12, ' f' A .ff K--- fi fb 'Q 'Q I ,SK- ip' J' J' fi 32, 1 - -fi V, J a '- nm w " 2.9 f . ff. P .W jf,, ,e- fa, ,,,Q'3"g'- ' Sf. ZA S fy ' af ,Q 4 ,NYY 'W-: ,, ' qs . Em' A .Q ek--.imff-'Lk' K, A J . 2- my i., ' 1-" N., .55 ,- SL .Q A SfjDff"1.?f his ' Q ' ..x, 'L V , ,fpffwiv jig 57556. V' fix gy K 2 , K KKKJKMK , Q K.f..,NK SK Q, E KKKKKK K , ji - 51.554 S KIQEKEK K 'K . KKfKK25Qii - g K3 ,Kamik 3 .MW 2 Nw' ' 1' is 1' x J. ,..i ff W' ,. f,. 'Y l'3gmfff. fl :K Sf nrqaf, fig Ai. ., , ff' ss ., ,lf KK K! K . K mv K! .. ,K KKK-KKKKK a A r K KKK., K ,KKK MK. . KK .gg le, ig KWKKEK . '.,:.LL F.. V, , KKK N... gQ5j, KK5 j: K y. K 55564 K. -. .Q KK .K is K4 , 4 ,K K i tggy. K K wfgr Kei: K EWKKKM.. .1 KHZKVKKKKMKKK, , . f, . .. .W .,f- . yi 1 Vw, Kuff-.ff --Eg, M. .., as .sv YE . 7. . 3.1315 M r s FW g 2 A if .1 x 543 ffiflqi 25 , nf 1 gn, 'K wglgf Qu Q ekfiv. '5 55.5 .ir 5 2, 'Y , . 'f , .5 Qfigiig Q gffi, Y i:11',F5 R, SL. 1 u 5 f' f,ff if 2. fs 1 iii . : . f . 2, M 1 w- -3 . 1 . U , ff ' My . ,V 1 '. f '- :- v.'- ' f -gf ' - 15.5 , 4 'V -- . , 1 - A 'Cf' J -- Ks.. 5 .EK K fl KK ,. EMKM? Kf ,159 - QM . ww, 6,5 4 Nj? K K 1.-K. 0,5 N IQ" ga E .ia - - fiif i L 5 ,J 4533, .3 xx -. ,AE " 1"f "J-' -:-fam .zs L J. ' ""'f,,Qf',Mfw1.f aw ,f K. f H ..Z is-' KP K. K p,K ?.K.! .K KL K ,K KKK?-F . KKl.l,fK if , at Kia Q K 'nl K. 1. , K KK 1. V - , . .:. Q, . fi . - ...wi .X -- 5-f . . 35 . n . 'rch -V -. .. . 2 Q.. J . - is - Kj fswf- Q s 5' .P-5? - - f ww ,ww . 5 I - ' . ., 043, 3 I , 2 2 i . 1 g,w+ AA A . if? 5, Yin -. f X 2 G 2 ' . 'fQ5' 1 . FE 'VE ' . 5555 , , ,, Q ' . . . ' , fi f . - I -. 5 Q gf., f f jf , 931 W' gm , . . -. .Q Q f f ,',.e:-f..5- : . , ., ' 5 ...lf Q, f..3,wf,Lv " 'A 1 . 5 Y , f- fs ll"'p-lx. 7 Q." ' 1 T53 a A "'f..v5'5?'?'1 Nsimiz 'VS 3 . Q' , .tv ,Q 1 ,- -A :f 2, . -,M . wr. 1 ., 1+ wg 7. f TJ 4- ,. -5 . i 1' .J .5 . - '.,N "'..., ,Q 3 ww Q-5-...J T5 . Q.. ff- ff - . f A -A-Qm,e2.i:.' '- wi N ' " hi. '7' wi . - " Q 2.2 H. Q.. .X Q -S M 1- 13. H ff v fa H in A ' A ir: fxmfg si fm M., ,J ' - " ' 4' Q , 3 XI? xq, ' :-3 .. Fl' L 2553 31 'ww K ,KA 'f' t ? is r 3 A 5 i li I ' Aug rf: any b'?i:'lffQE- 5 ' s 3 3 fi - mf: Hx riff, N 'A Wfefff' Y ' L N ,. fwfif? - W L .4 A A yan f Q . ' 'fi . fb 'M ' 1 , ft. 3. 1 ' v ' " Q-W 'K' K K g,g.f,,,K 5 'f . iag f - .Qi -. ,i f .t , H 3 K K, g .' .5 H. 1 u ...L E" Kg w fx K f"KA .K RK qewvwi Ki KK K fy? M55 K f.KK KK . fig V Aa K E -.. xg' K., 3,1 ?5ijMKK1yK K S31 E E f T? NM q .. -. f m H! . Y ' ' Y V Lx? is g W .. " ...ff ,Ma 'K qw A 4 ff vs, mfs. x. f ag 1, 'X 'M 1 . E q " - f g. . " 5,2 xx . . .- , H' Qi ' M ,ff 1 'M -1 .fum K ,wang K 11 ,x 433: m :-- , , K 1 5 3 KK - - vg .K ,D . Li " ,M wxffmx 3 I - K f., Y 'Lx , fi gm? if 7' M fa-mf... . 'W V, ,,, 9, . Q4 - if , 'gn Mg K Y A g K Km 9' gi , KKK . f . JMKK KMA X M31 349. M33 QM! we 'Q Y K 1 ' A K N Z k WZ, 3 K tw I- K up K . It KM K VK fV,W,2. , if K KK Q ,. K: , K3f.v+.K,5'fK w . My . qpgfffwi , W 1.3 , Q5 5 L F "'-' . 5 aff 'gf L Q- . .,., . " U . 'W ' MWF? . H 7 45? -5 X K 521 f . -- 5 ii 5 JR.. 2 'ww EK, ww 7g.,g,fgM:'1 Mn, 'ff..,'KKK - K k -7 ff? W , gy , , -- j .I gif' K ' :ff iv . q,.,5'iQ. '53 J Mu' ' W S3 NW, ' ' , 3. , Q 3' A ' ' . ,riifm '? ,:':5Q' 42 , , '13 .. "NJ if fm K AKK EWKK 5 wwf fp gg? K ...1,y,K.K, A . 'W 5 zigxji . xi . 5,,3.,5Kl,iKK,.K. . - ie fl 'L '45 Y , A M ' , , JT! - 1.'g?,:E22lff? . -T W 11 wa ?i fftlffif V it 2 2, 1- fii7'f?,,g5fA ' . 3 " .1 -: ' L fmfg K, ,,.. X Q3 NSNW-it 1 . .. . " . 2 wg- QFWKKK -i,f'KKK Kgg. qvgfiii w ., 1 . - K ., KK, 3.95. W W 'E '5 K 'Q W '3 5 W' sg A ' A A 1 K- " 5 Kp-W-P 3,3 - 4 jgflg Y, 53. , W -. Em im M5 EK MK 5.55553 K ,KKK JKK f :,W5,. H5 5 .. Q , M , SM J u, . Nw 2 71 iii f 1 ' L 3 Sp if ww , Agn .1 ,Ayr +L 'Rx .amy ,K K ,, I k 15 f ,W 3 . . in KM iKK+...,3 , K 1.,w,x 'wg ZF, P x Q QW K ,.f.. ' M" " Q 4 1 if ' , , x,KKKKeKKKK5?u,tf,KKK Kfgwggyw fa'-QKK K: K. KKKKQKK NK K K K s , WW V ff ' Y ' 5123211122-, 5 V. L ffm ' i N., M? 2 My 5531 gb ig QW. ,..., M S 'gy-5 .ZZ ' ,. pi.--f 1 , A - - A L-fL- ' 2 'g'. , " , ' Y ..,, . 5 .. 'W f W ,.. W . -N , . i .1 Mi. 2. W swf.. . K. f . , V .,... E 5 NK wif 5 3: KJ., im 53 if 'WM""'??"wv.w'N? 1 if 'E' . f.,..W,2 .H -Q, ,f ,I ,Qi . ' f I W . W gnKKKKKK4?'iK K3 M Kam jgmu if 2.5 WK K 5 gal .Tg,Ksi,5KK Km iw' M, A , RY' .5 H.. , , ' if i Y " fi " W, . 3 W f' 5 5w..,,. f QKKKK wffiwxw' Kg 'f ' 3 , -A f fin 23, Klgsf., V' 1 ,V , , Ig. . ,L 1 A" , , df . W, i Q 'W' j, fi ,f ml M W H5 ff' 'W .E . 1..g . ,zz W5 , ,gifs1,,,LA, 5 Y-mf 'W' af' if an ,,,,.,fgfS..Q..,5n1 WL: 'A' 3-fig wa! K?M.1iff'f'7'wiW'WW jawms, L ' QM, iw 'f'1gf?.wK? f 4 QKWNM XF M ' an '-., - . 'f,,, 1. 1 HT 'Y 5 .4 HW . K , 'fu ki,"-iff 3. E, 'Rt 2, 'K V Q M4 1, H W 2 ,el fm. gf, -ww, 2 , Q , ., ,,,, is f ,F si 7117403471 f- f V1 W fp 2..,.:g,. gQf:a3,3,x1 fx ,.. 5 fi 'M L l kk ' Q ,. ,ff Q.. . , . , X fs. 5 K L , , , . . V dy g. D3 T v1.fl-- The Forester Viviane Salama Mr. Irwin Wolfson Edii0l'-iD-Chief FaCulty Advisor Associate Editor-in-Chief Roxane Polak Bill Stark Sue Hacker Kay Lllsfbefg ' Photography Editor Literary Editor Art Editor c i siai tvii' -M 1 Heidi Steinberger Gail Svinkelstin Cynthia McClintock Associate Art Editor Business Editor Production Manager . 1.-M W. . . sr .. , . , First row - QL-RD, Kay Lustberg fArt Editorl, Heidi Steinherger tAssociate Art Editori, Roxane Polak fAssociate Editor-in-Chiefj, Viviane Salama tEditor-in-Chiefl, Mr. Wolfson fFaculty Advisori, Gail Svinkelstin tAdvertising Editorl, Sue Hacker tCopy Editorl, Bill Stark iPhoto EditorJ,Second row - Nina Cerstmann, Nicole Romanoff, Agnes Demeter, Judith Newman tC0py Assistantj, Monica Tietz, Stephanie Bialick, Debbie Katz, john Sosenko, Judy Katz, Third row - Judy Rosenberg, Fran Rappaport, Eileen Mahoney, Ervin Schleifer, Robert Weiss, Eliot Celwan, Abby Levine, Lester Salwen, Absentees - Robie Naparstek, Gail Shulman, Leora Binstok, Lucie Tamassy, Margaret Harriott, joy Sheppard, Alona Rosenbert, Sharon Lerner, Pia Kilm, Scott Lewis, David Dibo, Cheryl Tielis, Robert Halpern. 9 SENIGR OFFHHZ DOINGS Senior Execs. on 4-v 1-.-1- , . . . and the Yearbook Staff Cof ooursel. Senior ouncil Mr. Albert C. Bosch Faculty Advisor s Sieve Cymbl'0WilZ Marshall Crupp Abby Levine Iori Mandelman Co-Presidents Vice-President Secretary Cheryl Tielis Denise Agard Jackie Boas Forest Treasurer Park Treasurer Hill Treasurer First row - CL-RJ, Abby Levine, Iori Mandelman, Cheryl Tielis, jackie Boas, Denise Agard, Steven Cymbrowitz, Second row - Beth Cooper, Terrie Silverman, Diane Tullman, Vivian Diller, Marion Lepiner, Denise Klein, Debbie Katz, Third row - Howard Zryb, Nancy Cordon, jackie Belf, Margie White, Fourth row - Ioan Rosenberg, Elizabeth Sheer, Sandra Burke, Ruth Kandel, Monica Tietz, Susan Greenberg, Margot Biegelson, Fifth row - Larry Baily, Robert Halpern, Michael Thaler, Robert Garber, Roy Manning, Denis Peters. 11 The General rganization , -1' sf ,rr--.a..,' e, 'lik 'le -2 David Dibo Jeff Braun Sue Shapiro President Vice-President Secretary Alan Rosenberg june Grant Marc Stern Michael Levy Treasurer Forest Governor Hill Governor Park Governor The GO. Senate Sitting QL-RD, Alan Rosenberg, Sue Shapiro, jeff Braun, Dave Dibo, june Grant, Mike Levy, Marc Stern 1G.0. Execs.J, Standing - Nancy Cordon, Robin Iacobson, Laura Cans, Lynn Bligen, Carol Klein, Natalie Glasser, Karen Drucker, Joanne Wilburne, fSenatorsl, Mr. Constant fFaculty Advisorl, Absent - Alan Stem. Beacon First row - CL-Rl Susan Reitler, Dian Massa, Jackie Boas, Janie Weinberger, Marcia Kanefsky, Mr. Robert Pospisil fFaculty Ad- visorl, Eliot Celwan CSupervising Editorl, Larry Baily, Susan Slovin, Ronnie Emden, Margie White, Second row - Alice Seidler, Ruth Kandel, Joan Berman, Susan Levine, Michael Steinberg, Sally Cohen, Margie Wiener, Renee Hoffinger, Nina Cerstmann Third row - Cary Katzmann, Neal Pachtman, Robert Sands, Scott Lewis, Lester Salwen, Robert Kattan, Absent - Laurie Edel- man, Jill Dariff, Robert Katzmann. s Forest Leaves First row - KL-RJ Sue Greenberg CPOetry Editorl, Robby Halpern CEditor-in-Chiefl, Janice Gaston tProse Editorb, Miss J. Hoschek fFaculty Advisorl, Second row - Cadi Posniakoff, Susan Weitzman, Pam Hecht, Jean Chin, Third row - Sandra Burke, Pam Ngai, Richard Shentowsky, Pam Noble, Debbie Mayo, Absent - Anne-Marie Whittaker. Ll Senior rista l Andrews, Marvis Ariat lr, Manoug Fail, Lawrence B: fin, Simeon B Jackie B. '-w, Michael Bc nan, Joan Bialick, Stephanie Biegelson, Margot Bftsxhzmi, Carol E sch, Kenneth Cohen, Martin Cohen, Sally Cwern, Toby Diller, Vivian Drellich, David Edelman, Laurie Elton, Lesley Emden, Ronnie Eule, Daniel Farhi, Chella Fox, Robert Friedman, Nancy Ganek, Cathy Gaston, Janice Gelwan, Eliot Gerstmann, Nina Glick, William Gold, Philippa Gold, Samuel Goldfarb, Jaclyn Goldberg, Charles Goldberg, David Goldstein, Barry Gordon, Linda Gottlieb, Stephen Gravino, Ronnie Greenspan, Harold Gross, Allen Gross, jay Haddad, Nicole Hak, Ioanna Halpern, Robert Handelrnan, Bruce Hauser, Dedra Iacobsen, Niels Ianoff, Charles juric, Evelyne Kaften, Charles Kandel, Ruthe Kanefsky, Marcia Kapner, Jamie Kattan, Robert Katz, Debbie Katz, Iudy Katzmann, Gary Katzmann, Robert Kung, Alice Levine, Susan Lichtenstein, Ralph Lichtmacher, Abraham Liebowitz, David Lilien, Mark Lipschitz, Sharon Lipton, Andrew Lockman, Zachary Mahoney, Eileen Mandelman, Iori Maurer, Vivian Mayo, Deborah Merino, Jane Muller, Rena Nelson, Heidi Newman, Judith Newton, Leonard North, Leslie Partel, Harriet Perlis, Sande Plump, Andrew Poliakin, Raymond Radice, Lyndia Ralin, Peter Ramsey, Maya Reichman, Robin Reitler, Susan Rosett, Robert Salama, Viviane Salwen, Lester Schachner, Susan Schanzer, Harriet Schleifer, Leonard Schwartz, Rita Seidler, Alice Sexton, Julianne Silberstein, Richard Slovin, Susan Speckman, Sandra Steinberger, Heidi Sturman, Barbara Svinkelstin, Gail Sztul Mariyn Tabak Ianet Vainer Adriana Vogelman Bennett Wald Alice Warixig Russell Werner Howard Weinstein Helene Weiss Robert White Marjorie Wiener Margaret Witkin Elliott Wolff Iudith Ziring Mark ww E IE EMM "LL 1 - , v , Physics Lab Squad Offs: ,cfffw 1 Front CL-RJ Leonard Newton, Mr. Tubile, Walter Heskes. Back - Dennis Monasebian, Gerry Albricht. Chemistry Lab Squad First row - Bennett Shatkin, Gary Feldman, Curtis Lorber, Mrs. Trisdorfer, Mrs. Schachner, Richard Stentowsky, Michael Edwards, Howard Hoffman. Second row - Neil Orenstein, Norbert Lempert, Phil Kantoff, Matt Movsisian, Robert Osat- tin, Howard Benjamin, Brad Goldman. Third row - Steven Hoffman, Curtis Brill, Robert Brauer, Ray Bass, Ronnie Seiten- bach, Jorge Perales. Absent - Bruce Heppen, Edward Anselm, Mark Gompertz, Allan Cohen, Michael Goodrich. Biology Lab Squad 111. ,...,1 First row - Marcia Lemer, Teddy Hak, Mabel Cheng, Mrs. Shatkin, Iudy Salamon, Vicky Monkevik, Nancy Marks, Anne Guthrie, Second row - Ronald Ornstein, Neil Ornstein, Thomas Salzer, Danny Marlick, Mark Hurwitz, Marc Ladinheim, Robert Meyers, Third row - Harold Carter, Aldred Salmon, Harry Mark, Kenneth Henley, Edgar Gonzales, Eric Goldsmith. Language Honor Society Firut row - Janice Gaston, Maya Ramsey, Susan Schachner, Marcia Kanefsky, Mrs. Eldridge, CFaculty advis0rJ, Marty Cohen 1Vice Pres.D, Joan Berman Q Sec'yJ, Robert Kattan 1Pres.J, Manoug Ansour CTreasurerl, Jane Merino, Second row -Jackie Belf, Margaret Wiener, Alice Seidler, Rita Schwartz, Stephanie Bialick, Sally Cohen, Heidi Nelson, Sandra Speckman, Judy Katz, Susan Slovin, Third row - Judith Newman, Robin Reichman, Lesley Elton, Nina Gerstmann, Vivian Maurer, Marjorie White, Harriet Partel, Susan Langsam, Toby Cwern, Philippa Gold, Top row - Daniele Doctorow, Mary Beth Price, Robert Shapiro, Stephen Gottlieb, Ralph Lichtenstein, Adriana Vainer, Evelyne Juric. Math Honor Society 5 First row - QL-RD, Morton Newburg, Laurie Steinberg, Karen Oberman, Mark Ziring, Gary Feldman, Mr. Garfunkel, Eliot Gel- wan CPres.J, Jori Mandelman, Sindee Robin, Anna Heda, Janice Gaston, Judith Wolff, Second row - Heidi Steinberger, Robert Kattan, Judy Politzer, Ilana Reiss, Ronnie Emden, Alice Kung, Lenny Schliefer fV.P.l, Manoug Ansour, Lenny Newton, Heidi Harrison, Third row - Susan VVeitzman, Seth Kupferberg, Steven Meyer, Robert Fox, Charles Goldberg, Margie White, Abe Lichtmacher, Richard Silberstein, Lenny Rodin, Steven Ross, Lance Kimmel, Fourth row - Mike Steinberg, Douglas Karel, Ken- ny Buch, Abby Levine, Steven Marmurek, Dennis Monasebian, Peter Kung, David Chan, Barry Goldstein, Robert Lowe, Fifth row - Dennis Kaye, Robert Weiss, Paul Goldberg, Mitchel Stein, Edmund Thompson, Richard Moskowitz, Michael Chernuchin, Jay Dwarkin, Michael Burstein, Orrin Tilovitz, Matt Movsessian. -1 il-1 Science Honor Society First row - CL-RJ, Morton Newburgh, Nina Cerstmann, Maya Ramsey, Marcia Kanefsky, Susan Schachne, Abby Levine fPres.l, Eliot Celwan, Richard Silberstein fV.P.D, Manoug Ansour, Second row - Alice Seidler, Rita Schwartz, Margot Biegelson, Heidi Nelson, Sally Cohen, Dennis Monasebian, Lenny Newton, Susan Slovin, Harriet Partel, Lenny Schliefer, Third row - Iulianne Sexton, Margie White, Marc Stern, Steven Bodine, Mark Ziring, Kenneth Buch, Steven Marmurek, Fourth row - Robert Katz- mann, Robert Weiss, Peter Rydell, Mark Lilien, Cary Katzmann, Charles Goldberg, Mrs. Friedenreich. Social Studies Honor Society Q A ' 5 xi to g 9 First row - CL-RJ, Susan Schachner, Anthony Brigis, Ervin Schleifer, Robert Katzmann fPresidentJ, Mr. Drucker, Cary Katzmann, Richard Silberstein. Second row - Zachary Lockman, Judith Newman, Laurie Edelman, Sally Cohen, Stephanie Bial- ick, Mark Ziring, Eileen Hronsky, Steven Krumholtz. Third row - Ronnie Emden fSecretaryD, Martin Cohen, Steven Marmureck, Robert Halpern, Eliot Celwan, David Shomberg, Alan Himber. Fourth row - Barry Weinstein, Seth Kupferberg, Lance Kimmel, Matty Movsessian, Steven Meyer, Orrin Televitz, Robert Lowe. Absentees - jon Birnbaum, Lawrence Feldman, Charles Cold- berg, jamie Kapner, Rebecca Lew, Darren Nichols fMember-at-largel, Andrew Plump, Morris Rabinowicz, Peter Ralin, Michael Steinberg. udio-Visual Squad 'Q V w., j an 1 uv ffdvf. ,Wa YK KKTYQLM , M YXZSEVQ ff , aww, r 'L Bottom row - CL-RJ Iay Goldberg, Walter Heskes, joy Sheppard fSquad Sec'yJ, William Manning. Second row - Keith Frantz, Paul Merrill, Mr. Sheldon Diamond lFaculty Advisorl, Gerry Ekman, Mitchell LaMont. Third row - Mitchell Stein, Charles jones, Charles janoff, Charles Kazian, Steve Moss. Fourth row - Marty Block, Barry Rice, jeminez Harrington. Absentees - David Hummel, Carl Kaplan, Bruce Laskin, Bruce Mack, Harry Neuwirth. ath Team FFOIII FOW - CL-RJ, Alice Kung, Mr. Garfunkel, Eliot Celwan fcaptainl, Ronnie Emden. Back row - Orrin Tilovitz, Manoug Ansour, Abby Levine, Richard Silberstein, Leonard Newton. 18 K Future Teachers ,. ,mx ,M s yep,-,M L. Wu., ,wa ' Y P f ,3T1,AX:SA2,f+.f ef Y First row - QL-RH, Roseann Moskowitz, Alta Indelman, Brenda Cannon, Fern Bligen, Mrs. Huebener, Lynn Bligen, june Grant, Sec- ond row W Gail Seylar, Dian Massa, Susan Schachner, Margaret Harriott, Lucie Tamassy, Third row - Paula Siegman, Debbie Lesser. Marshall Squad First row - QL-Rl, Ira Lepzelter, Scott Lewis, Mr. Fottrell, Steve Skelly, Steve Tracz, Second row - Marc Weber, Gary Taylor, Carl Constella, Gary Garfinkel, Terry Gilbeau. Prom Committee First row - KL-RD, Marshall Grupp, Cheryl Tielis, Cludia Flom, Abby Levine, Lori Mandelman, Denise Agard, jackie Boas, Steven Cymbrowitz, Second row - Susan Shapiro, Leslie North, Maureen Rahlens, Geraldine Thompson, Debbie Zimmerman, Lenny Stone, Karen, Third row - Karen Gavigan, Carol Bennett, Faye Perecman, Leora Binstok, jackie Goldfarb, Philip Friedensohn, Fourth row - Stephen Gottlieb, Judy Katz, Joan Rosenberg. Hostesses First row - CL-RJ, Laurie Rafkin, Fran Levine, Mr. Fottrell fFaculty Advisorl, Amy Budnick, Mindy Zasloff, Second row - Leora Binstok, Iudy Herskovitz, Judy Katz, Brenda Reisner, Ava Schmidt, Judy Levine, Third row - Theresa Tanyiel, june Grant, Sue Shapiro, Lucie Tamassy, Margaret Harriet, Arlyne Bailey. Leaders-in-Training First row - KL-RJ, Sheryl Fetik, Frances Manne, Lisa Minakyan, Elena Lichtman, Eve Stonehill, Mrs. Curka, Barbara Hermanek, Elaine Coynes, Marilyn Cooper, Bonnie Reiss, Susan Leffel, Second row - Sandy Hirschhorn, Cynthia Barnes, Iris Haynie, Brenda Gaines, Fran Lubow, Sandy Horn, Robin Rosen, Tamara Menteshvili, Lori Cross, Ioan Salem, Third row - Terry Wells, Pamela Tei- tler, Cynthia Parish, Daren Davis, Debby Danis, Marisa Ferande, jackie Margules, Mary-Anne Ost, Robin Morvay, Lisa Stern, Eve Bassuck, Fourth row - Cathy Kazan, Ann Miller, Cheryl Butler, Christine Neal, Ioy Kurtz, Beth Frank, Lori Frisch, Karen Lynam, May Tsui, Fifth row - Amalia Fried, Terry Cooper, Beverly Grant, Sharon Rilev, Tobitha Lee, Helene Howsepian, Carol Lehman, Corine Chance, Nechama Cancz. l , , , W Q L 4 ,1- o gs, E W s .M-Mr. 'a 'Q Y a 1 x E E 'J W-HW "lust as my fingers these keys Make music, so the self same sounds On my spirit make a music, too." Wallace Stevens 22 ., M '-1-L . e an, S 4-' y-M I as Y I K if J A, S? S 5. .K '. Y- if Music --q ,,.....- QM lil E mei ,,f s is my . .. ,gk s V ,.-' il fe tg 3 'gg f 45 F f 5 - ' ' .sziw wi wx. Xiuwf Q3-14,5215 mv f bwzgsfimsfigsififgiv gf W - if Q52 " if :ai A A K, .b-sf 15 .HIQQHEJQQQSEHL I .,,. L., ,, .e wx-fgscwzffe it QQ-J HI ended up with a broken fiddle - And a broken laugh, and a thousand memories, And not a single regretf, - Edgar Masters WN A-,F AIP' rt Department Ei? 1 eg-1 4 ' . UUE gg F raw' ll ,EQMIVE 1 'ag "Wun- X ,Eg Q ' 423 'Wm' I "Was something brushed across my mind That no one on earth will ever find?,, - Robert Frost A .....,.,.. r WL 3 "And him as for a map doth Nature store To show false Art what beauty was of yoref, - William Shakespeare 24 Ml , -1' 5 nw if .mm U kiwi "To see a world in a grain of sand And a heaven in a wildflower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hourf, - William Blake 'Wm 52 an xx A , , 4.52 if f , 2 ,, ff 2 fl. is'-vi fe Q w "So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to theef, - William Shakespeare we ,fi ,W f' -'-r -1 A :1g,::.gQg',i ' , I : NM? A --Q 4 - Play Pro w..,,,wM 2 QAQ i, WA Q... 2 2 1 ENTER LAUGHINC Most of us have ambitions to be something other than what we are. However, few of us ever take any steps towards achieving those ambitions. David Kolowitz is an exception, and his futile attempts at becoming an actor form the basis for the play ENTER LAU CHING. David is a delivery boy for a sewing machine factory, a job he doesn't like. His par- ents want him to be a druggist - but his idea doesn't appeal to him either. David wants to be a somebody, so he joins a semi-professional acting company, which for a price, will put anybody in any show. Davidis futile attempts at acting make for situations that are hilariously funny. In additions a live quadrangle between David, a secretary, the ham man- ager's daughter and Davidis school sweetheart creates scenes which are tenderly amusing and abundantly human. IMPROMPTU Of all the skits, sketches and playlets that Play Pro has presented to us in our assembly programs, "Impromptu" by Tad Mozel was probably the most interesting. An experimental play, it dealt with the nature of acting, and tried to determine the relationship between an actor's own personality and the part he plays. The cast consisted of Ernest, a popular, well- known actor, Winifred, an embittered actress who never really made it, Tony, a young actor concerned with the meaning of the situation, and Lora, an ingenue who wants to do what is expected of her. As the play begins, we learn that these four actors have been hired and sent directly on to the stage to improvise a play. However, they don't have much luck. Though they try to separate themselves from the scene and act within the setting they have decided upon, their own personalities are constantly interrupting them, and they find that without a script, they cannot be anything but themselves. They have discovered by the end of the scene that it is much easier to act a part in a written, organized play than it is to try to direct one's own impulses. Life, says Tad Mozel, is a play without a script. 27 ,,,gx...-.-- lil l it Play Production First row V- LL-Rl Andrea Lippe, Robin Gluck, Leora Binstock, Sharon Lerner, Meryl Rosen, Mr. Moss, Barbara Froman, joy Shep- pard, Rhona Rosenberg. Nicole Haddad, Bonnie Fishkind. Sr-cond row A Robin Iacobson, jane Walderman, Virginia Vitzthum, Paula Bernstein, Robin Pearlstein, Lisa Berkowitz, Cheryl Barrish, Leslie Regov, Dian Jaffe, Peter Aigner. Third row - Eric Coleman, jess Kalish, Lisa Feldman, Nancy Weinstock, Nili Torun, Laura Merrill, Elissa Aronoff, Barbara Oken. Fourth row - Walter Mantani, Gary Pagan, Gail Shulman, Robert Naparstek, Mark Lilien. Stage Crew vu,-H' First' row - Mike Pressman. Second row - fl.-RH Jeff Merril, Mr. David Moss, Mike Horowitz. Third row - Neil Preston, joe Fa- miglietti lStage Managerl, Stanley Stroe. Sing Executive Committee First row - QL-Rl, Ruth Kandel, jackie Goldfarb, Ioan Berman tExecutive Sec'yl, Gail Shulman, CCommissionerJ, Robby Halpern, Iori Mandelman, Robert Silver, Sr-cond row - jess Kalish, Roz Insdorf, Monica Tietz, Carol Bennett, Debby Katz, Toby Cwern, Ellie Kranz, Third row - Nicole Haddad, Susan Reitler, Charlie jones, Nancy Weinstock, Amy Budnick. I we' S 1 I i 35 sf... ? 'l Off E 123 Sophomore Sing The course of true love never did run smooth. Martha O'Brian is devotedly in love with john, the butlerfi, However, their love is frustrated by lack of money. john, being a worthy and responsible butler, refuses to marry her, for fear that he will not be able to support a wife and children. Luck seems to strike when vMartha invests in a Wildcat stock and becomes a millionairess overnight. But things never seem to wor out for poor Martha. When she approaches john with her newly acquired fortune she finds that John i s not one to live off the earnings of a lady. When I get married he says I want to work with my wife toy build a life for the two of us. Q ,Downhearted though she is, life goes on for Martha. Attending a party in her honor slre hears a talk of lan impending stock market crash and the next day it becomes a reality. But the loss of her fortune turns? out to be a blessing in disguise. Now when she returns to john he welcomes her with open arms. Vowff ing never to part again they live happily ever after. Qf 3 5 9 3 7 7 3 tlSome of the tunes used in Sophomore Sing were: "Inside Daisy Cloverf, Ulf Ever I Would Leave Youn Sand the most sensational number of the show, Rita Tabb,s solo - "He touched Me." H ,E . I D 3 N 3 3 Junior Sing up andemonium breaks loose as Bo Weevil and his daughter Patty discover gold on their land! The whole 3 eevil family - including Bo and Peep and their daughters Maxine Patty and Laverne - is ecstatic. But they soon discover that the possession of gold is not an unadulterated blessing. The town speculator, informs them that their taxes will run into the millions! Unless these taxes are paid, the land will go to, the person who can pay them, namely himself. s or. One major obstacle to their marriage is the family tradition that the oldest daughter Cugly Maxine ,V must marry first Laverne eliminates this problem by setting up a match between Maxine and a neigh' bor but the fact remains that the speculator s job conflicts with the interests of the family. Strange as it may seen under these conditions, lovely Laverne has fallen in love with the town specula 5 All seems lost for Laverne until a nosy neighbor takes it into her head that perhaps the gold isn t gold at Rall. Bo is furious at the suggestion but to his surpise daughter Patty confesses to a strange deed was feeling overlooked and neglected and planted gold-painted rocks on the family s land in order to get? 'ff hrows down his shovel in despair only to strrkeorllll 9 5' o 9 Z 3 Y ' 3, ittle problems are solved, but to Farmer Weevil it seems like killing the patient to cure the disease. He .. Q. W y. . ,,,,,,... .,.g..Vg y .., y ,- .... ,V g 4,,, .y ..... . . ,, . r ., W ., .y I A '." ? i I 5, Q , ia. at L35 5 9 ,. it f ,ai Q? J 'fig 9, rf ' .ff , me sg- Cl! W , . N fr If The hit number of junior Sing was Anrse Tepper s solo to the tune of Some People O hx S ON I f , ' - 2 .av I 'Q f attention' ff i A s I . I 0 r S . - A 5' 'L VQ 'f j l. g W N' J y 4' 'L fl -P ggg ' y , y, .Wy ,,.,. r, WAM. , . 0 P , , A Senlor Sing 'S 3 P' i X 5 g , 4 A Af? a K a . .. . . . ejf' is . ,As incense wafts through the auditorium, the stately procession of the Sultan of Persia and his court. ,,ss yXYkL i M L Q lders of slaves - and respectful emissaries of foreign kings bring up the rear. When they reach thel stage, attention is focused upon a large covered box occupying the center of the court. The Sultan or-Q if Qders it unveiled, to disclose a cage containing the Princess Ravina, his daughter. She has been confined? ends its way down the aisle. Swaying harem girls precede the Sultan - who is borne upon the shoul- 5 ,there in order to be kept chaste for her impending marriage to Prince Atashtuyu, son of a powerful Cal-K iph. But the independent-minded Ravina rebels against a union with a man she has never seen. And she objects strenuously to being imprisoned. The Sultan allows her to go to her chambers, with a guard to. ikeep an eye on her. iAlone in her chambers, Ravina glances through some of the gifts her father has discarded, and notices ian attractive bottle. She is absent-mindedly rubbing it when suddenly a Genie appears and announces? 1' S kg that he is ready to grant her three wishes. Ravina, of course, immediately asks for a gorgeous man. Al- is i O r . .. ... y ylle , U U v U ' S gk 2 .. , H . .. .' ,,, . 1 , . ha ,f g t ' X 1 . , r g do 4' r S fl - 4 G J hough the Genie wishes to oblige, he has fallen in love with her himself, and his first two creations are 'fdismal failures. But as he begins to incant the charms for the last time, Prince Atashtuyu, who has ar- rived in the palace, wanders in. Ravina, ecstatic, thanks the Genie, believing the Prince to be his crea-i ' - .f 4 JJ' wi. Ns' , L 'M .M fi: iii IT? .S iq iw Ei ion. She falls in love with Atashtuyu immediately and, in a scene full of misunderstandings, the Princ 5 idecides that though she might be a little bit crazy with her belief in genies, he loves her anyway. 2 , gThe Princess is summoned to entertain the bridegroom, her father, and the court with a song that eve lning. While singing, she sees that the man she has set her heart on is the man she will marry, and her if lhappiness knows no bounds. After the song, she brings Atashtuyu to meet the Genie. They decide to use fthe third wish to free the Genie and his wife from the bottle forever. f iSo as Senior Sing ends, everyone is happy. Ravina and Atashtuyu are married in an ancient ceremony of Qomp and ritual befitting the union of a royal prince and princess. And as the bride, bridegroom, Sul? itan, and court march down the aisles, the audience is left with an evening to be remembered as the t ulminating achievement of one of the most successful classes in Sing history Hhe tunes used in Senior Sing included Step to the Rear This Plum is Too Ripe The Lonely Goatherd I ll Never Fall in Love Again Flesh Failures and Robin Pearlstem s solo whlc rought down the house johnny One Note 0,-3 were 0 .sf 5 0 A vi 'C 'rs 9 . , 'Q S .ga 1 his Sophomore Sing 1. ii. - l ""!fW"'W ,,. ' f Nfm,,,f . I , , f "I have a weak back - got it 'bout a week back" People will look at us together and say, "Oh Mar tha darling, wherever did you find Him?" 31 Iunior Sing I NA, 'W , "fQff"4 or 1 'i x ka' I S5,756,483.29 in taxes?ll I think I'm going to be sick. Look Clem, will you please marry her , . . as a favor to me? 32 I pity the kids in ruts - got the problems, but not the guts. But not me. I'm different! if -f Sv Protect me as you.see fit, confine me, guard me - but release me from this cage! Y W Y "Fa I w ' 1 I refuse to be a pawn in your game. I will not be stuck with some stale Whata body! mate! . ....l-,,,.,, YV , ix5,.1,,f! Q1" ff M Does no one here understand me? I order one eunuch - and see that i't's well done! X . 16' , MA is ox, i 2 Iam Atashoot . . . Ashat . . . Atashtuyu, that's it. After all those masters Ilve finally got a mistress! , "How did you find my daughterfy' 'iOh, up the stairs and down thehall and there she wasf, 36 X Why must we live in this bottle? There's no room! Look at Genie jones' bottle. His is no deposit no return. What about Lon Genie - he has a grecian urn! And you know what they say - a grecian urn is a giecian saved. . Quiet in there or weill play spin-the-bottle with you! Marge! Youive redecorated again! I told you not to do that while I was in the bathroom!! I can do anything! Oh my Cod! Wait 'til my psychiatristxhears about this! 37 Senior Spirit Senior Power This Is The Hour To Win. rrr. rrr S S ,I think that I'm in love with you , 38 5 D0n't you understand? It's having to live in this abomina ble bottle! Those were noilildies - that was my harem. fly v fn- Q-Yin I. L , Lk 7,1 25 A gf X s - T! ji i E :, Vk'. 3 2 5 Q Z. -X , i ! ,. s .mf w. 'I R QM ,f M gr Y.. . ','. - 'Nm , x X , W As we look back in time Through the days of our years We will fondly recall through our Laughter and tears Hopes and dreams we have shared VVith the friends we hold dear VVhen we walk hand in hand we have nothing to fear With our arms open wide Our tomorrows will dawn Bringing peace to mankind Hope will rise on that morn If the young and the old will stand by our side We can build a new world that will he all man's guide VVith one echoing voice that's resounding in truth Colden rnenfries of life Fleeting days of our . . . Senior Sing Alma Mater' ,,, L1 ff? 5 f 4 . E gl E W if 5 455' "Where have all the young men gone? Gone to soldiers everyone . . .U K , ,r , - i Q fr? , :Q x 1 1 5 , ' 3 Y, g ff A 5 r?.-e. 5 gawx ,, X-4 , - .L ,Dr s I . ., , k ?f?:'Q Hex a , af E pg 1Zf4?a-X Ei 1 ,M 9 ii'S gi 'L se aw' 'E- ff ,, zu, .fl H si K 'Y I J af K ' f 5 S , ul f 'N K A ' Q X 5 , M fe sl ,, 5. li M me s , ijt: 'W 1- as if . Q 2 if 2 '- ,V -1 4 5 js we 4 HW. 9 I Q sages! Mm. 5 M' 4' .f -F ,,f, X -f ' df Qi if 4 ' ,L 4, , - .Q .Q ". . . when willvthey ever learn? l l when will they ever learn?" - Pete Seegerf Q? Tex I YB Share the splpndurs tid be shared, 1 john Sosenko Q Z 1 1 1 2 4 5 1 1 T 1 As J I 5: 5 I 4 5 4 Z 1: I 1 A X' K , Q ,Q ff x vs if A, 195 J WMS 5 egwfwf We uw ' 4 If G i P' 5614.6 ff", Q? Q' ,, . . , ,.,- i "fe 4 if , Q , ,-5 1-Q 5 FMA ' i ',saQ'km'- 1- .3 '71 - . F1 xp. QW? e, V UI 3 'Q Q 1' , i 4 J 3 -5 3 i' 5 4 1 4 f 1 Y i Magic places to cxploref' 4. 5 . 1 Q 5 A 4 s . 1 4 '6Dare the dangers to be dared, Life is all of this and more, This and Moref' - Norman Gimbel j w MW, . A ' P Mmm .. Q i ,n fi: 1. HI' . 4 4 1 W, bg Lf, .S . . 3 5 J 4 nd, if, L .mmm A . . . each man must move to the sound of his own special music 47 ? 'WW A ' -Q Q Q , ' Y -,ilk f, F imfw A ,J 'Q F5 3X www 5 M si? 51 1 if ' f iff? Q I r E E r Q 1 vuwii l X f W M Q W' f 45 if-3 QQ g' ' 'Sq W 5 ,sw L45 i N Q i bi if V -V Y in . , ,i K if ""1 ff, . ' 1 'fb only the , ' . blbom Q - ,... 4.- ,M.-,,,k 4 A- ,,. - 4 Wifi. ,J A Anguil. ' - ... I fvff HT'-1 Q r----+ :Il g -f ,Q ' 5-.gms 4 ,Y ffff am Wm ff 1'---Y. M 1 LL! He! l""I"..-'4 f .11-. l l l I The Forest Hills baseball team, a victim of mediocrity for many years, goes into the new season with high expecta- tions. While another Met miracle is not guaranteed, improvement seems likely. The team has lately been characterized by good pitching but erratic hitting. Last year's team lost seven games by an average of 1.42 runs per game. Coach Cusick, however, predicts a much better performance this year. He feels the hit- ting has improved and this year's team is good for a full three years, as opposed to the one-year teams of the past. There l are many new, young faces. Coach Cusick feels they have a good competitive spirit and are very aggressive. If the pitch- ing keeps up and the hitting improves, Forest Hills may have its first divisional championship in a decade. l -J 4 i I 4 E . i s first row Cl-rj - Steve Hoffman, Andy Helfman, Paul Venta fco-captainl, Alex Macalena fco-captainj, Mark Jacobson, Kevin McQuillen, second row - lay Lonshein, Tommy Conyalas, Wayne Wattenberg, Bob Epstein, Dominick Scarangella, Neil Malmud, Lloyd Lipman, Ricky Wilson. third row - Steve Bendheim, Al Adolff, Mark Cittler, Mark Weinberger, Cary Lober, Dave Arkuss, Dante Cozzi, Caro Aliksanian, Alan Rosenberg, Mike Levy, Mr. Cusick, Absent - Dave Leonardi. 50 ,E if z 1 M1 Q My' qoqyw M , f 4f-9514.5 lr li X I BA KETBALL front Cl-rj - CCaptainJ Marshall Grupp, fCaptainJ Bill Banton. standing - Neil Pachtman fManagerJ, Dan jordan, Mike Crupp, Ken Thompson, Peter Ifell, john Mixon, Coach Irwin Isser, Howie Talks, David Arkuss, Tony Bansom, Herman Creen, Brian Thompson, Sonny Barnes, Scott Ellis, Richard Silberstein CManagerJ - Absent - jeff Spears. It was a year of mixed success for the 1969-70 varsity basketball team. "So close, yet so farv could easily characterize the team's play during the year. During the first half of the season, we lost two games in overtime, two games by two points, and one game by a point. If these games went in our favor, we would have an 11-7 record as opposed to our record of 6-12. The second half of the year was much brighter, and in the month of january we won 5 of the 7 games played, in- cluding 4 in a row. Coach Isser calls the first half Ufrustratingv. Six home games during the first half were decided by four points. Coach Isser attributes the dismal first half as the result of poor ball handling. Three year man Billy Banton was the top defense player on the team, and also had a 1,4 point average. john Mixon, center at 6'4',, was the high scorer with a 17 point average. He also averaged about 9 rebounds a game. Marshall Grupp, co-captain along with Billy Banton, was characterized by coach Isser as "an unselfish playerf, He din,t score much, but was the team,s "playmaker." Junior Mike Crupp was the backcourt starter and Coach Isser believes that when he settled down during the second half of the year, the team played better, bringing us out of the cellar to third place. Reserves David Arkuss, Howie Talks, and Lester Ifill saw varied action during the season, and their play is worth mentioning. Coach Isser feels very optimistic about next yearis team, although only one starter will be back. HI looked over the IV, and I liked what I sawf' Coach Isser was proud of the team's spirit during the first half, when they looked like the 1962 Mets. The most impor- tant thing, he says, is the fact that they didn't give up. - Howard Zryb 52 1 BOWLI Bowling Blues The familiar but ominous thundering of that black sphere sliding swiftly towards the pins was accompanied by much excitement as well as frustration. Despite Captain Howard Immerman's gallant attempts to inspire victory and Sandy Kamhi's scoring ability, the Forest Hills High School Bowling Team finished this season with the ostensibly meager rec- ord of one win and nine losses. However, the coach, Mr. Varone, intimated conclusive proof that this record was an inac- curate reflection of a team with winning capacity. Little known to us was the fact that meets were lost by a mere, yet immensely exasperating 15 points. As if that weren't enough, defeat struck only within the tense, final moments. Thus, for their performance, the bowlers deserved not only commendation, but sympathy as well. - Robert Weiss FENCIN Practice Makes Perfect Like all things at Forest Hills High School, the dynamic fencing team has managed to keep up with the astounding strides of modern technology. The team now fences electrically, which may seem shocking. For three days every week, Captain Stan Hiefetz and other prominent members, such as Billy Click and Andy Szilagyi, abandon their sweaters and don metal vests. With a gleam of determination to match the gleam of the foil, they proceed to gracefully assault each other, but with electricity as their stringent referee. A score is affirmed by the flash of a blue light and the painful sting- ing ofa buzzer. However, a little white light betrays an off target scraping of the floor or slash to the opponent's head. The effect of this equipment, coupled with the prolific efforts of the teammates, can be summed up in the words of Mr. Sirota, guardian and protector of the fencing team, '6At least we have something to be happy about, a losing team has no place to go but up!', - Robert Weiss 55 C1-rj, Mr. Sirota Coach, Steve Berlin Mgr., Dave Rubel, Ioe Leibowicz, Andy Szilagyi, Stan Heifetz Capt., Billy Click, Hector Kohn, Bill Rossman, Bob Greenwald, Steve Seligman, Absent - jeff Laudin, Howard Lichstrahl. OCCER This year the inconceivable occurred: the event was marked by reactions ranging from elation to a stunned incredulity. The Forest Hills High School Soccer Team provided Hillites with one of those rare occasions for jubilation when they completed the season with a winning record of 16 wins and 2 losses. In the process a pride-boosting total of 66 goals was scored, while the opposition was limited to a mere 12 goals. Already overwhelmed by this break with tradition, many students were observed gasping in the halls when it was announced that the soccer team had achieved the distinction of being Class B City Champions. When asked, Mr. Kleiner, who coached the team for the first time, cited the superior per- formances of Uri Chachami, Harry Kishkelak, Ierry Tate and co-captains Ofer Levinberg and Willie Keshishian. CIn ad- dition, he noted that none of the boys were available for autographsj - Robert Weiss - x ,wszwmg 'g,',n,,,f:g"' X L, Qfra'j-my . if .lar Lying down - CL-RD - CCoalies - Sevin Puskal, Alex Buder. First row - CL-RJ - Neil Pachtman - fManagerJ, Alex Dennery, Ofer Levenberg - 1Co-Captainl, Willie Keshishian - CCO-Captainl, Uri Chachami, Luis Vegard, Harry Kiskelak, Lester Salwen - lTrainerJ, Juliette Davidson - QAssistant Trainerl. Second row - Mark Weber - CAssistant Managerl, Mitchell Berger - 1Assistant Managerl, Nestor Kletzel, Roger Jovanovic, Steven Leib, Raymond Liu, "Dr," Eric Goldsmith - fTrainerJ. Third row - Elliot Sherwin - f3rd As- sistant Managerl, Haim Cohen - 1Assistant managerl, jack Lippman, Coach Mr. Kleiner, Charles Habib, Claude Laniado. Absentees - Ierome Tate, Everett Wordsworth. 57 12 41.- is. -if i i , g , . ,,,pw,we A . X 5 wb " 9 WM A A A V ff l," ?i' 1. 5A . - f , , g' :-' fi A"a Egigkl 5 Q ,, TRACK AND CROSS COU TRY On Your Mark Get Set Go! The 69-70 cross country team proved to be the best in Forest Hills history, as it compiled a 4 - 1 duel meet record, and established themselves as the5ii4 team in Queens. The squad was led by outstanding seniors Dave Dibo and Captain Alex Smith. Dibo capped three years of varsity com- petition by placing ninth in the Queens championship. Alex Smith highlighted a brilliant varsity campaign by becoming theif 1 runner in Queens, and seventh best in the city. Alex has been acknowledged as one of the finest runners in the city as he dominated the middle and long distance runs whenever and wherever he competed. Completing three years of noteworthy competition Captain Alfred Kerendian and Bernie Zygelman both deserve cred- it for lifting Forest Hills to a 12-4 three year duel record. Looking forward to the indoor and outdoor campaigns, Forest Hills boasts seniors Tony Smalls in the Open High jump and Nat Lightbourn in the hurdles and triple jump. Rounding out the squad, cross-country stand-outs Mike Patrick, john McIntosh, and Mike Watford, Mike Jacobs, jerry Tait, Brian Tait, and Bernie Taylor help to balance a squad capable of becoming Queens champs in the '70 season. The team was under the capable leadership of Coach Milton Sirota who guided the team to many victorious meets. Complementing the team, Larry Baily, Scott Geffer, and jeff Schwartz assisted in compiling statistics as managers. Cross-Country The 1969-70 cross-country team tied for second place in our division. In league competition, FH registered a 4-1 rec- ord. Co-captain Alex Smith placed first in the Queens Championships, while FH as a whole came in fourth, and would have done better if we had had a stronger fifth runner. Outstanding individuals on this years' team includes the aforementioned Alex Smith and Dave Dibo, who won two in- dividual meets and placed seventh in the Queens Championships. Mention should also be given to co-captain Al Kerendi- an, soph Iohn McIntosh, and junior Mike Patrick. - Leora Binstock - Scott Geffen first row - Cl-rl - Scott Geffen Mgr., Scott Lewis, Orrit Everett, Tony Smalls, Dave Dibo Co-Capt., Mr. Sirota Coach, Alex Smith, Co-Capt., Al Kerendian, Nat Lichtbourn, john Freeman, Bernard Zygelman. second row - Larry Baily, Mgr., Keith Hemingway, Glenn Watson, Alfred Salmon, Harold Carter, Bob Spigner, Mike Jacobs, Curtis Goode, Jerry Tait, jer- ry Neuberger, Alpha Nickelberry. third row - Robert Smith, Gary Mickens, john McIntosh, Doron Weber, Eugene Elli- son, Ioe Taylor, Mike Saxman, Ed Platkin, Ronald Cobin, George Honesty. 59 f, 'sf'- U is 'mfim .. 9 ,k 5.5 TENN ',Q':i'f'.7'1'.Z'!ff'f,fsi L 4 ,ea A L 1 if f , 4 4 .L ...g,-.f.--W--mea.,,.,,,..f r " ' 'W' ' kneeling - Cl-rj - Stan Heifetz, Len Schliefer, Coach Irwin Isser Steve Marmurek Martin Sturgess second row lManagerJ Neil Pachtman, Alan Kirschner, jeff Gottesman, Richard Silberstein, Steve Rosenberg Xbsentees Claude Lanlado The Forest Hills Tennis team is one of the few bright spots on the Forest Hill athletic scene. The togetherness and resourcefulness of the netmen is what makes them of championship caliber. The surprising rise of the team is not, however, thought to be a one shot affair. Coach Isser, feels that Forest Hills will remain a tennis power for some time to come. The team's strongest area is singles play. Matches con- sist of three singles and two doubles contests each. The starters, as a group, have a terrific comeback capacity, but the team would not be where it is if not for the quality of its substitutes. Home games are played at the West Side Tennis Club and at Kissena Park. One might con- clude that these days, Forest Hills is noted for excellence in high school, as well as professional tennis. - Ervin Schleifer 1 4 r 4 4 1 3 li E 3 5 X 1 Z 5 is Z 4? , Q 2 if 3 LEADERS,S CLUB 3 W, V, 5' 7 we 3 Z in-, .. 1 A ... ' ma' aid, wwf first row Cl-rj - Beverly Wallyn, Fern Bligen QRecording Seclyj Barbara Mayfield, Magda Cross fHistorianl, Mrs. Aron- stein, Mabel Cheng, Theresa Iohnson, Vanessa Robinson. second row- Doreen Bligen, Helen Edwards, jennifer La Moni- ca, Clara Cautnen, Phyllis McGee, Meryl Rosen, Jacqueline Fox, Barbara McCreary. third row - Shirley Palmer, Lynn Bligen 1Recording Seclyl, Marie Speranza fTreasurerJ, Cheryl Wallyn, Ianice Dillello, Karen Ward, Vicki Monkevicg Ab- sentees - Casel McDuffie fPresidenU, Sonja Clendenin lVice-Presidentj. CYMNASTICS CLUB first row - fl-rl - Barbara Hermanek, Sandy Horn, Mabel Cheng, Mrs. Curka, Lisa Minakyan, Paula Klein, Eve Stone- hill. second row - Terry Cooper, Cynthia Parish, Eve Bassuck, Lisa Stern, Robin Rosen, joan Salem. third row - Clo- ria Van Demark, Ildilco Creguss, Ianet Stein, Tobitha Lee, Carol Lehman, May Tsui, Helene Howsepian. CHEERLEADEB first row Cl-rj - Cindy Korzeniowski, Doreen Bligen, Ellie Krantz, Fern Bligen fcaptainl, Diane Nero, Cheryl Wallyn, Beverly Wallyn second row - joy Kurtz, Sonja Clendenin, Lynn Bligen. 63 Sitting at our Graduation Ceremony, listening to the barrage of speeches, our high school lives pass before us. We can see ourselves three years ago, as naive sophomores entering a new world through the side doors. Who can forget the first day we saw the flagpole where we were to spend most of the next few years? That day seems so much closer to us than the day, two months from now when we will listen to Orientation at some launchpad for higher learning or career. As we face this unknown future, we feel closer to our past at Forest Hills. We realize how much we have changed since that first day, and to what extent Forest Hills has changed us. For FH was different for us than it was or will be for any other class. And it has made us somehow different from what we would have been in any other place, at any other time, with any other people. So we recall here what it was to be a member of the class of 1970. In our sophomore year it was showing up at one oiclock every day during the teachers' strike and standing outside talking to friends from our ninth grade classes, it was freezing outside the Girls, and Boys, entrances for twenty min- utes before they would open the doors, it was a banner that said "Welcome Sophs and Freshmenv, it was filing into the auditorium every morning under the eyes of Dr. Meade, Mr. Lucas, and Mr. Plotkin, it was finding friends who had lunch your period. The first term it was finding people from ninth grade in your new classes, the second term it was from the first term in your new classes. It was seeing McCarthy and Kennedy buttons in the lunchroom, it was a mo- ment of silence in the auditorium for Martin Luther King, it was listening to radios in all your classes to hear whether Bobby Kennedy would make it. It was deciding what to do during the student strike for peace. It was going home in the dark. In our junior year it was having two months off to do your first homework as- signment: It was the Presidential election, it was three days of Christmas vaca- tion, it was knowing who to sit with in lunch. It was music in the cafeteria, it was slacks for the girls, it was never thinking of who came from which junior high school anymore. It was worrying about rank and average and the SATS, it was knowing all the faces in the hall, it was watching the class celebrities emerge. It was deciding which courses to take in your senior year. In our senior year it was starting on time, it was waking up every morning while the streetlights were on, it was watching them build a private school on the lot kids used to run across to make the bus, it was listening to Mr. Bergman give college guidance in the cafeteria, it was dropping a prayer in the Transcript Box. It was hygiene instead of gym, it was the Moratorium in MacDonald Park, g it was dodging the soot on the way to school, it was starving. It was wearing your seventh grade gymsuit for the last time. It was trying to decide whom you wanted to become lifelong friends with by june, it was wondering what was going to become of you . . . gf ?These memories and many others we hold as souvenirs of our years at Forest gHills. The substance of these years has become part of us. Judith Newman Robert Halpern 'RGCDCIZOGH J Q- is ""'1?' T... X ' 5 ff A ' fn QQQQSA X XEQW ' , fl iv Y' X Y H5QyxR Q . .al Q " W 9 'wxik RSXX-1 A Af. N 4'-Z no ' fZf'!a1ggg:..?:.nW.,,,r, - R H V H A f 9 3 U 0 -fa 1' vin -.., ' Qu' .--. 1 ll: 'lib' I 1 A V K ff! iss? fl 61 mu ku si em K ., . ' K U 1 V v . K JE September 8 - Schools open for the return of the natives. 12 - Bus passes sold. "Easy Rideru. 22 - Yom Kippur, already? That's fast! 26 - The first G.O. Dance of the year features two bands. What one band didn't know, the other didnit either. 2 . ,f rj! A 'Vic gy ffl' .1 .,m October 3 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 25 28 The G.O.'s movie, "To Sir With Love", is cancelled. Sidney Poitier gets a Dear john Letter. Senior pictures taken. The photographers go home and watch the Seniors develop. During the first C.0. Assembly, the Executives ask, "What would you do if we walked out on you?', By June we still cannot come up with a good answer. Regents Scholarship Examinations. You had to be a scholar just to figure out how to open and re-seal the test envelope. "To Sir With Loven is cancelled again. Sidney Po- itier is stood-up for the second time in one week. He'll develop a complex. The Mets lose the World Series openers. So what else is new? The Mets win on Columbus Day. Nirvana, at last. Schools closed for Columbus Day, but everyone thinks they're closed to honor the Mets, victory. Mets win, again. Theyive gotten themselves into a rut. The first Vietnam Moratorium brings FH students and faculty together to lead the community in a "meaningful dialoguei' on Vietnam. The Govern- ment refuses to listen. "IFS Academic" taped for a January broadcast. Eliot Celwan, Zachary Lockman, and Marjorie White hitch their wagons to a star and are shot down by Erasmus Hall High School. Report Cards and College Night. After receiving our Report Cards, we searched for a college more willing to accept them than were our parents. 67 Wiliam.. ,.... ff" 1 November 4 - Election Day. Schools close to permit N.Y.C. citizens to choose a mayor. When asked who would win, one candi- date said that he may or Lindsay. - Mayor Lindsay wins, Senior elections held. You win some, you lose some. - Half-day of school. Winter must be coming, the days are getting shorter. - C.O. movie, i'Seven Days in Mayu. In Novemberl? Must be something like "june in Ianuaryn. - Veterans' Day. In memory of past seniors. - Open-school afternoon is a closed-school afternoon for us. 14 - The Second Vietnam Moratorium brings one-half mil- lion citizens to Washington to pay a visit on the Presi- dent and to meet the Silent Majority. 28 - Thanksgiving. Give thanks for two days without school. 68 - grfffiis l December 4 - Chanukah begins. First in a long line of candles. 5 - G.0. Dance. Hillites can now stop by at school before mov- ing on to jahn's. 6 - Achievement Tests administered to see what we've learned in the last four years. We're all doomed. 9 - Report Cards. i'Well, ma, I'm a senior now, so it d0esn't really count, anywayf, 11 - The N.Y. Post explores F.H.H.S. and to our astonishment decrees it to be "a storybook school - a little red school house in a modern setting"! 22 - Alumni Dance. Returning to the scene of the crime. 24 - Christmas vacation begins. A cloud with a tinsel lining. ALUM I DANCE FOREST F ES, " ' '.v- 9 as: :f, gx- - Y. .- J.. january 1 - New Year's Day. Another first week of ruined school headings and dates. 6,7,8 - Finals the first week after the vacation. Adding in- sult to injury. 12 - Senior Executives beat the C.O. executives at basket- ball. We look for some symbolism in this feat. 15 - For the first time, schools are closed in honor of the birthday of Martin Luther King, jr. 16 - C.O. Dance. If they keep having these dances, we,ll end up spending our entire lives in school. 22 - Arista Induction Assembly. 4' . . . that this Arista As- sembly, for Arista, of Arista, and by Arista, shall not be in vainf, It wonit be in December, either. 26, 27, 28 - january Regents. The men in Albany make one last attempt to give us ulcers. 29, 30 - Sing! The Class of ,70 wins for the second year in a row. Who said that variety is the spice of life? February 2 12 22 25 Beginning of the Spring term. The beginning of the end. Schools closed for Lincoln's birthday. The Emancipation Proclamation lives! Washington's birthday. "First in war, first in peacen, first day of the week. No school on Monday. Eliot and Manoug go to Washington and bring back a capital - Westinghouse winners. 27 28 29 Student-Faculty Talent show. How Hillites get to make their teachers dance to their tunes. The C.O. offers students a chance to go on a ski trip and break their legs. Its all set. Cancelled, along with Leap Year. 71 March 2 - Play Pro publicity show. "You're going to 'En- ter Laughingi? That,s a good school, but what are your Boards?', 18 - Report Cards on the day after St. Patrick's Day are green. But what color are the marks? 20, 21 - Play Pro presents joseph Steinis "Enter Laughingn. "What does a nice boy like you want with the Theater, M r. Actor?" 24, 25, 26 - Black Expression Explored Show. One group of FH students present their tal- ents for the rest ofthe school in a well organized show. 27 - Good Friday, the start of the Spring Recess. Any Friday without school is a good Friday. 29 - Easter, no school. The Ecumenical Council is unable to schedule Easter so as to coincide with Passover, this year. 72 April 6 - Back to school after the Vacation. All good things . . . 15, 16, 17 - Midterms. Oh, what joy to come home from taking your midterms to find five thin letters from your col- leges awaiting you. 21, 22 - Passover. Pass over to May lst. May 1 .. 5 ... 10 - 16 - 18- 22 - 30 - The annual dance around the Maypole cancelled because someone chopped-up the Maypole to use as scenery in Sing. Report Cards. "What do you mean, I failed Gym? I was there . . . once." Mother,s Day. Father knows best, but Mother knows first. Armed Forces Day. A day to honor those who stand on the lunch line in the cafete- ria and successfully reach the cash register. The Selective Service Act was passed 53 years ago today. Othello sings and dances his way into our hearts at Stratford Connecticut. Memorial Day. For those who stand con- stant vigil around the flagpole in front of the school. 711 june 2 - Thomas Hardy,s 130th birthday celebrated by the burning of all copies of Return ofthe Native. 2, 5, 8 - Finals. How do you take a final in Senior 3 .51 14 15 basket-weaving? The Prom was held in the Fillmore while we were watching Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. fAnnQerg,ry Day-no school. Must be the anni- versary of the day we had off from school last year. Flag Day. Thanks to this year's new Federal Court ruling, you can run that up your flagpole and see who salutes it. City Wide Exams. For one day, all freshmen around the city are united in misery, regardless of race, color, or creed. 16, 19 - june Regents. "I thought they took enough 21 24 30- July 4 blood from us in january!" Father's Day. Wave to him as you drive by the house. - Graduation - 'iYou mean to say that they allow me 20 absences, and I've only used up 18 so far?" End of the term. fSee below.l Independence Day! " Robert Halpern Westinghouse Semifinalists eest i 53 :1 -gf A W . H .,.. , 1 it first row Cl-rj - Eliot Celwan, Mr. Garfunkel, Mr. Pollack, Manoug Ansour. second row - Leonard Schleifer, William Click, Abby Levine, Marjorie White. Westinghouse Finalists ingh '4 x f ' ., A Q, - . , , ,E fy ,..,, . , ffm . ,,1 ' .f.,ffj,..5ggfy-H.. 15.V:5,, . , .Q fi .V i - -f -V . 1fnw,,g':7fmgs It, a Sigrl ofth Tunes Y' '-:- ix 3 ,, -W 12 ff H. H M 4 5 ggi 33.2033 ' im gif? . me 'Q 3 - LV , f. --".,1 : , ,i ,r NETS ssaescuu-wg . h 5 Y . ,S mu Q . -..,h- -,.. K A - -we ,V ' ' W. . ' -.., i X . ',--' L, . K' '-1 ' 'af ww -ww X 52157-l "' 1 ifig J 1 If gg ,.,Mgx..,.,.. M f - f t , e . i R X "-- Asif. 5 xl as -3 , y frfw -. Lu,V. , --..-,' A, , , iwgfgg- gigww-...ft V',f . i W A - A . K, . ,. ,..:, . , . :wsu -' zfeff riffs ,ul-uxrum . nvv'w,,, Wg 1 I fv- mv M Q wk 2 Qi 'S yi I, by fxjf H ' X f 'X ,.,,,- 1 K ...wx W U EM Vg 3 V ,i :f 1 "K'- ,,L- 3 5" - -L -Eg , . J' 5 if'-hw A N y mf 2 1 ,. '-mwfk 2 - i'i5.tx.f5fQ S 5 5 E Hi X ' XE K-iff' "Q W'-3.5 Z-E effhx ,ak 1 - 4 5 X .X . I W lf-, ,V ff 2 ,fm ...C vi i f -"- f ".- A .9 NA .,.S?s 3 . YQb Zifj R.. if - i - V ,,k. . r 2 - if-1,:z7w wfA:fL-6 , . - .. ,.v , .f. i. 11...-.. A 2. . ", Q. f - X H WSXXXEQS WLDOL9 .Quia I i AWWQ Randi Greenbaum Best Looking Girl David Dibo Denise Agard Most Popular Girl Most Popular Boy uf! Eliot Gelwan Most Likelv To Succeed 'V may , 2, 4 1 asv!! Kijjl i if 3311+ vv-...ww W1 I W.. HH ' rr. 42 91 Cheryl Tielis i Aw Steven Cymbrowitz Boy Who Did Most For Th Girl Who Did Most For The School gig l 'Y l A X wi 3 Q 7 'Q , - Q N H ig," X 3 3, . 1 :i w . , "' 4 ,., , , K 1, s VAL 3, ,, hdwiw-,-1 x vw .. N ,,.. i. .rp g , 14" ,Z .1 "'L i jonathan Feldman Class Musician v W -R snss n ix C 1 l if Alex Smith Class Athlete Robert Naparstck Most Versatile Gail Shulman Class Actress Class Actor VValter Mantam JOYCE ABBOT Secretary NANCY ADATO Computer Programming QER1 ADLER DENISE ACARD National Honor Society Piifk TFHISUTPF journalist Certified Public Accountant nccirr f 'iit 2 BARUKHA AHARONOFF CHARLOTTE ALZAE PETER JOHN AIGNER xg, Fashion Designer Play' Pro 'Q Business 'iii . - ,:. - L E miti, I ii.i . rr. . DWARD ABRAMOWITZ ,,, - Social Studips l yn i 17 I 5 m . , J ' ' ,Al .fo J W - S ff' MICHAEL ALBERT MARLENE ALTMAN MARVIS AN REWS Honor Roll Clinical Psychologist National Honor Society N c:.P.A. 'lf 'MX DEBBY CAMHI MAN OUG AN SOUR CARLOS ARGUELLO WILLIAM ARRINGTON Artigt Treas. Of Language Honor Doctor Society Physicist 82 ll , '-A- A is like GARY ASBELL HARRY AVADISYAN Honor Roll Computer Programmer Psychologist MR. GEORGE ALEXIO Mathematics ARLYNE BAILEY Hostess Squad Dental Hygienist ASTRID AVELLANEDA CHERYL AVERY Senior Chorus Psychology SALVADOR AVILA BERNADETTE BACON JAMES BAHAMONDE Orchestra Bowling Team EIU-IIIIBCI' Doctor Bank Teller LARRY BAILY MINDY BALAMUT Beacon Sports Editor Biophysics IUDITH BALSAM PATRICIA BANDLER WILLIAM BANTON CHERYL BARASH Forest Ranger Merchandising C. O. Member PIHY PTO Armed Forces DFHWHUCS TONI BARAT SIMEON L. BARDIN MARCIA BARNED School Aidp To Do Nursing Teacher Of Pc-ace HELEN BARK Sccrcta ry LINDA R. BARTFIELD BATRA MANIIT BARTON H. RAUCH NEAL BAUM EDWARD BAYONE Gymnastics Team National Honor Society Pharmacist Teacher SANDRA BEAULIEU RICHARD BECK RHONDA BECALMAN Nursing Build Elementary School Teacher Nuclear Physicist fl as 5 E -e21s,a??Q"" -lx it K, .i s i l lf' X Q 5 X :is t MARLEEN BARR jr. And Sr, National Honor Society Teaching MRS. NATELLA ASTUTO Mathematics MICHELE BEKTEMIRIAN Liberal Arts JACKIE BELF Language Honor Society Psychologist MR. MARTIN BASS Music MARK BERKMAN Honor Roll Lu wyer ROGER BELCRAVE CHRISTOPHER BENSON Black Expressions Committee Lawyer HARRIET BERGER Fashion Buycr VICTORIA BERLIN Office Aide Psychologist . I H N" flyiaas-sw '1-f-fm. K' .fl 2? If ff 'QS' jg-f' .au lsr:-1. we . - 3: 'ff - 1? 3' .Q 4 -3 : i ' . 'N' ' :1-1115. is-h ing, ,gm V :HE H 5?i.'?...g,-"1"133IfW'gf'?.f92 "4 :IQ ii. ' ?3f313"r5, fir 'r A 1 llf -f,E,"f'-:. ,f' 1' .'ig.f:'.C-....::.,- HOWARD BENJAMIN Lawyer SHERRY BENSON Medical Or Dental Field MITCHELL BERGER CAROL LYNNE BENNETT Director Ot Senior Sing Music Education ZIPORA BENSOUL Writer And Traveler SHARON BERCER Work In Dr, Offiifff Dental Technician MICHAEL BERLOW ERIC BERMAN French And Physics Tutor 5f'Ui0f Bliflll Physician Computer Technician X JOAN BERMAN IOANNE BERNSTEIN Executive Secretary Of Sing Yearbook l970 Art Teacher Teaching English LAURIE BERNSTEIN junior National Honor Society Chemist F V , A i---i. f- A k , f ' A ,ig i-' A PAULA BERNSTEIN STEPHANIE BIALICK MARGARET BIANCULLI MARCOT BIECELSON Social Studies Honor Society Secretary AriSt21 Political Science Early Childhood Education LYNN BIERENBERC Sing Nursery School Teacher FERN LORENA BLIGEN First Captain of Cheerleaders Elementary School Teacher 86 LEORA BINSTOK Yearbook Staff Education S .V P ": 1 i.- f g f J I I ff X aditt YY: '1' :'- A f LYNN BLICEN Leaders Cluh - Corr, Seoy Teacher JONATHAN BI RNBAUM SI-IELLEY BLISS Legal Secretary MR. STEPHEN BERGMAN English CAROL LINDA BLUM Senior National Honor Society Career ln Art JACKIE BOAS STEVEN BODINE PATRICIA BONURA Feature Editor Of Beacon Captain F, H, Chggg Team Medical Assistant To Be Successfully Happy Bio-medical Engineer EUGENE MR. SAMUEL BERCMAN English DINA BRASS Sing Business Q nf 1 11.1 na if g E Q l 5 5 5 if ANITA BRAAF The Theatre , U - 1 ii ass JEFF BRAUN C. O. Vicc Prcsidcnt Pope LARRY BORAKOVE National Honor Society' Business Administrator CAROL C. BRAHAM Arista Child Psychology STEVEN BRAUN Medicine RANDY BRAVER FAYE R. BRAVERMAN JANE DENISE BRENNER ILANA BRESLERMAN Secretary ,Sing Psychologist Art Education 87 ANTHONY BRIGIS Social Studies Honor Society Science DONNA BRUMER LLV-' - 'W i i NN :'::' f MARIE L. BUCKHEIT , ',:' -'A'-A- BYBLE - MATTHEW BRODSKY MITCHELL BRONSON G. O. Councilman Engineering ow do O CATHY BRYANT Singing Typist AMY BUDNICK Senior Advisor To junior Sing Language Major ' , 2 fsfggrwgifttf Jinx., DIANA CABOULI Sing Art Field KENNETH BUCH Science Honor Society Medicine SANDRA BURKE Sing Social Worker DONALD CALLENDER LINDA BROOKS Art Field ' MRS. VIVIAN BERNER Girls' Health Education DORIS CAMMORTO LINDA CAMPBELL JOSEPH CARDINALE C. O. Representative Business Executive Business Administration LILLIAN CARO Secretary BERNARD CARVAIAL MR. MELVIN BERNSTEIN Mathematics SUSAN CHADICK junior Sing Chairman Specialized Teaching CASSUTO DAVID CHAN Engineer BRUCE CHAPLIN FRANCIE CHIN CLAIRE CHODOSH Chemist Sing Ballet Dancer Senior Orchestra Dramatics ALFIIEDO CARTACENA Ka rate Merchant Marine up., J an l 3 3 J 1, H n 5'l 1 1:3 ..:. ., ,, 'fQ::, N .. ,gk 4 ,L fi' 5.3122 lu s Q ' - will Qing .nwrf ' 2,Qw,-22 Q' '.ft:1.J,i:"- .lu wwf? 'vilwvlti ?i!f IK- Wir" G525QSQi!LIaf rf, . CLARA CA UTHEN . "7 ,A, 5 11127 -W , 1 my V- . , I - so '1': S A - LESLIE CHANDLER Social Worker . N W ur - I fi! f I .:f,1r 5 .. . , a t if I ' ' fgifffrs TANYA CHORON Chorus Astronomy 1 KENNETH CHOW Officer On Marshall Squad Computer Engineer L 'gms 'TS K' i A PAMELA CLAUSS Tennis Club Teacher VALERIE I. CLYBURN cg A i ADELE CIACCIO :-: glz SONJA A. CLENDENIN V. Pres. Of Leadefs Club Math Or Science Field ARTHUR COHEN Political Science LINDA COHEN MARTIN COHEN Boosters V. P. Of Foreign Language Teacher Of Retarded Children Honor Society Phrenologist 90 riff! i?f2ff"1a it .jig ' ,:'.-4 . I CINCER PAT CLANCY KAREN COBURN Sing Teacher 1 . K N if x X MRS. ELLEN BLOOMSTEIN .leel ,'.. in English N -'-h GARY COHEN ROCHELLE DEENA COHEN SALLY COHEN Attendance Office Elementary Education SHEBRI COHEN Teacher SUSAN COHEN Chorus Music Teacher In College Ji 1 A I U' ', .. ,fl ' , , is IACQUELINE COLLINS Secretary MR. MELVIN CHERNOFF Social Studies CARL CONSTELLA PAUL COOPERSTEIN LYN COR-IN Forest Hills Chorus Art ERIC COLEMAN ISABEL COLLAZO Play Pro KATHY CONNELL SUE CONNORS Theatrics BETH COOPER DALE COOPER Chorus F, H. Ice Hockev Team Music Teacher d ju gc At Rangers Home Carnes DAVID CORMAN ARLENE CORTESE Math Office Radio Work Secretary WARREN CRICHLOW Manager Of Basketball Team Physical Education Teacher TOBY CWERN Language Honor Society Elementary School Teacher PATRICIA DANZICER National Honor Society Racc Car Driver ,f ELLEN CUBITZ VIVIAN CULLELL Sing journalism STEVEN CYMBROWITZ Senior Class Co-President Biological Research JOHN D'AMELIO Marshal Squad IILL DARIFF AKHAYA DAS Beacon Doctor Photographer CHARLOTTE CUNNINCHAM lrsl 2 ,,.:- vlll, I - fp 1 -- H gif' ma, yrfrv, 3, . ..g-gs ':f,sy,, v u New ,. Teach e r ,a'r-' 'ins ,gT11t:si,:w:- ' 1 af ss .4 ,,:-if-s., , 3' ., -'QQSEAL' 4 ' X 3rfsff.fwQf,sf. ' i ,.,. iyzz Lflii- 4 '0 riff riffizgi MR. GEORGE COLBY Earth Science HOWARD DAVIS DEBRA D. DAYE SANDRA DEITEL SANDY DELINSKY 92 Research Biologist Sing Teacher ALIX DENNERY ' AGNES DEMETER Forester Staff Soccer Team Art Designer Mechanical Engineering VIVIAN DILLER Arista Dancer MR. VITO CONSOLI Chemistry DEBORAH DODGE Nurse C. E. DOUGLAS DAVID DRENICH I i,i- syis' a 1' PATRICIA DENNIS Emergency Room Aide Secretary ELEANOR DOBKIN Interior Decorator EVANGELINE DONG Secreta ry CAROL DRESSLER National Honor Society Medicine ik DAVID DIBO C. O. President journalist DANIELE DOCTOROW Senior Orchestra Cellist PAUL DONNELLY Teacher BETTY DREXLER Business Administration 93 ESTHER DUKES Teacher RICHARD DUNPHY Scientist IRVINC ECKSTEIN Entomologi st Q 1 HELEN D. EDWARDS JEFFREY DUNAYER HOWARD EBER LAURIE EDELMAN Beacon Column Editor Aliyah LYNNE EDWARDS Sing Elementary School Teacher BENNO DUNN Library Aide Engineering i AVIRA ECKHAUS ELANA EDWARDS Nursery School Teacher KAREN EHRLICH Human Relations Club Child Psychologist ILANA DUNNER Sing Child Psychologist MR. EDMOND DRUCKER Social Studies BARRY D. ELFANT Psychiatrist ARTHUR ELLNER PAUL ELSDORFER Lawyer ENCELTBERC MRS. ELEANOR ELDRIDGE French WENDY ETTLINCER National Honor Society Elementary Education EVERETT JOSEPH F AETH LESLEY ELTON BONNIE EMDEN Language Honor Society Column Editor Of Beacon Happiness BONNY EPSTEIN FARZAN ETESSAMI Teaching Businessman ,.. iii . '-Q- DANIEL EULE KAREN EVANS Psychologist junior National Honor Society Psychology JOSEPH FAMIGLIETTI CHELLA FARHI Stage Manager AfiSfGl Technical Producer In Theater MufhGII11lfiCi2Hl And Film 95 BARBARA FEINBAUM MARSHA FEUERSTEIN offiu- Aide Psychologist STEVEN FINESTONE Cl. O. Councilman Stock Broker BONNIE FISHKIND Play Pro A rt 96 IONATHAN FELDMAN LORI FELDMAN EILEEN FENSTER Art Psychologist JUDY FIALKOFF MARILYN FICHMAN J A Biologist 55 MRS. ADA EPSTEIN JUDY FINK HARRIET IOANN FIRESTONE Art Office Monitor Career In The Field Of Art IOHN FLANAGAN NANNETTE T. FLEMINC R-ITA FLIECE-L Law Enforcement MCTEF Maid Typing And Stenograph y CLAUDIA FLOM MAX FLORVILLE Chorus Fashion Buyer MRS. LILIAN FRIEDENREICH Chemist ry STEPHIE FRANKEL Track Actor SUSAN FORD Political Scientist CHDEONFORCACS Electronics RALPH FORGACS CHARLOTTE D. FOSTER ADRIENNE FOX Senior Band Office Aide Obstetrician Psychologist DOLORES FOX fwMQiiM,, "i' -l.- E- X 1" ii'i LINDA FRAZIER Library Squad Airline Stewardess ROBERT FOX Golf Team Medicine AMY FREEMAN C. O, Alternate Help Emotionally Disturbed Children BEAFRANKEL Treasurc-r's office Teacher 5 TNQ? jfimeehf Q ttris f iwg 3 gibs trust' 'f', QW, ', fl VT Trails ' ' """ i n k,,, ?v'xikwmwQ.EQm tttst JOHN FREEMAN Varsity Track Education 98 FREMA FRENKEI IRA FRIEDBERG A PHILIP FRIEDENSOHN NlL1fllCITluIiCS Dentistry DENA FRIEDLAND NANCY FRIEDMAN Alumni News College Aide Art Teachcr Child Psychologist ROCHELLE FROHLICH BARBARA FROMAN Cl. O. Offics-r Play Pro Tcacher Musician 1 'Y' A L f fm AQ 6,53 JOHN FULTON U MARSHA FUNK Marshall Squad ' r4-is 1... n Wf1.cgal Secretary Sociologist A ,, 'L' LHXQY' Nice Guy EUGENE FRIEDMANN Doctor Yi. " ,, :- EE EE PATRICIA FRUMAN Beacon Public Communications HELAYNE I. FURMAN JANE FRIEDENTHAL MR. LEONARD GAPPELBERC Social Studies JOSEPH GABAY Accountant MELVIN GABRIEL College Aide Economics RUTH GAINES Chorus Registered N u rse PETER GAL CATHERINE GALLAGHER Oceanographvr is E MR JACOB GARFUN KEL Mathematics MICHAEL CALLO MAGGIE GALLOP CATHY GANEK Accountant LAURA GANS ROBERT GARBER STEVEN CARBUS C, O, Senator Millionaire Biologist 4 l 4 1 l 1 K 3 Z I l ELLEN GARFINKEL GARY GARFINKEL IANICE CASTON KAREN CAVIGAN P cow X Q Marshall Lieutenant Prose Editor- Forest Leaves Elementary School Teache E Electrical Engineer Creative Writing di joumalism x X li r l l W 1 . W fx i l 5... 4' ' ' J STEVEN CELB ELIOT CELWAN National Honor Society Beacon Editor T0 B9 Great Astrophysicist LINDA GEBSPACH IOANNE LQERSTEIN Fashion Designer Teaching ,VV i s L' . . -. - ': , 12 1 :,' I JOHN H. CHEDINI MICHELE CIANCUERCIO G. U. Representative Legal Stenographer :-' 'L' l DEBBIE GIORDANO ANTHONY GIQVATI Social Xvryrkpr Business Administration WILLIE GERMAN RONALD CERSON Marshal Honor Society X-ray Technology Biology NINA CERSTMANN Secretary - Science Honor Society Teaching MISS JEAN GEER English FRED CILMAN College Aide Medicine BONNIE CITLITZ GARY CETTENBERG Teacher Aide Registered Nurse MARK CITTLER LAURIE CLASS Bsisclaall Yarsity Debating Team Captain Communications Diplomat EVELYN CLOUBERMAN Secretary MRS. LESLIE CURKA Girls' Health Education PHILIPPA COLD Language Honor Society Teacher CHARLES COLDBERC SANDRA COLDBERC Science Honor Society Social VV0rker Mcclicinc JACK GLAZER BILLY CLICK I-'cncing Team Psychiatrist LARRY CLUCK ROBIN CLUCK Stunlcnt Activist Associatc Playbill Editor Biologist Elementary Education SAMMY COLD Arista Lawycr lg RACHELLE COLDENTHAL Sccrc-ta ry DAVID COLDBERC JACLYN GOLDFARB Collcgc Aidc Education L ERIC GOLDSMITH junior National Honor Society Xlcdicine-Surgery EDGAR GONZALEZ Biology I,ah Squad Dentist SANDRA COODHART Human Relations Club V.l.S.T,A. NANCY GORDON Play Pro journalist 102 ,. LA - BARRY GOLDSTEIN ELLEN COLDSTEIN KAREN GOLDSTEIN Math Honor Society Park Office Aide School Counselor Welfare Business Elementary Education English Teacher THOMAS A. GONZALEZ RAMSON K. GOODE MR. CHESTER CUSICK Boys' Health Education 1 a- JJ . , .-il l iii-,xg ws' fiiim. L qiewizma- . -1 :swam 11 .,wt.'fmm E, 41- :Mn-1' E !":fs:-v:4 i"3'4-?:,- - 555.3 J'-S245 EW: QZPV3 -35: 2-: ' F ,'frE:k:df I 12551 . .., i A ...N ., L of fist STEVEN GOODMAN LINDA GORDON Biology Lab Aide Poet STEPHEN COTTLIEB KAREN COULD SHERRYL GRALLA Language Honor Society Attendance Office Aide Doctor, Medical Researcher Elementary School Teacher L, .J JACKIE D. CRANEK JUNE GRANT Q Forest Governor Elementary School Teacher 25 22 35 gm-1 En if 725 ggz o ,mi fi'e'Kf fzvfl -:, 'iii fi?-ze! s,-W, 2ixf'f,l:'3'Z'74'-f WW U V ' 7' -, , -- , ,img , ,4 ,NH,,9,-5,25 ' " :,:g:155i...' g'. , , Q , , , .. -, - ,, , WW 'W ' , Y 5 2 5 iysigfa-ir ffrf5iif,g:1sii1yQQ:,': Q Y MARK GREEN MINDY GREEN Library Assistant Attendance Office Aide Accountant Nursery Education MR. JOHN HARVEY Spanish f PAUL CREENBERC STUART GREENBERG Library Aide Marshal Squad Grape Farmer Medicine HAROLD GREENSPAN Cl-IERYL GREENSTEIN RQBERT QREENWALD National Honor Society Aide In Admissions Office Fcncing Team Manager Biological Researcher Mathematician Engilmering SHARON GRAY Administrative Dietitian RANDI CREENBAUM Cowgirl SUE GREENBERG Forest Leaves Radio ZS: Television Production ANNA CRECUSS Psychologist 103 fm Q1 .wg w il an gwgafkhaaaaa QE5S25?i3i5f aw 7233? U. ,Y ,,,fgihlqn55 ig.. MLS ,La,.q..,. J ' -L si i ,L,.. , .aw wma ,.4D., ., . .. wa .i,S, H G, sgyxt. v,..L 5, . U aan . .. mar mv aaa- -iii: cs11r-- Marisa , S E ALLEN CROSS DEBORAH GRIFFITH EMILY CROEN DAVID CRONSBELL CAROLE CROSS Play Pro Drama w- 3-. 1 ' 2 i 5 fafariili ' x WE rg i vw- J Q A Q i 33 ' if .. gf . .. an-.::::f. wmW,35,4??f.v' -1- E 1, as rw gkgg in ,C gn . if SUSAN CROSSMAN Strive For Peace 4 RANDIE GUBERNICK Sing Libra ry Squad Secondary School Teacher American To Be Part OfThe NI.I.CI. JAY CROSS . Lihrary Squad Mathematics Teacher MARSHALL GRUPP XM tw., MARTHA CUSTINE Worked In Gym Office Medicine STEVEN CROSS journalism MR. SAMUEL HIRSCHMAN Physics CRYNER Representative Astronaut F,Sg g15:,?wi5i ::-, Q35 .. , yuwk: ,. K iii A fi' 6 THOMAS CUTTMAN .TULES HAAS Mechanical Engineer junivr Arista Lawyer RONNI I-IACKEN Sing Lawyer MR. BEN HOLT English BRUCE HANDELMAN Bands Musician W LZ, W7 SUSAN HACKER NEIL HACKMAN Literary Editor Of Forester Marshall Squad Peace Corps Lawyer PATRICIA HACER Physical Ed. Teacher IUDITH HAIDU Attendance Office Professional Secretary ALFREDA HALL ROBERT HALPERN Soft Ball Editor-ln-ChiefOf Forest Airline Stewardess Leaves Writer SETH HANDELMAN SHERRY HARLEM Musician-Rock Groups Cqjmmgrcjal Artigt Major In Science NICOLE HADDAD Soph 61 Senior Sing Director Classical Drama IEANNETTE HAK LARRY S. HAMMER JEMINEZ HARRINGTON Track Electrical Engineer 105 MARGARET M. HARRIOTT BRUCE HARRISON JENNIE HARRIS HEIDI HARRISON Senior Band Member Of GO. Legal Secretary Senior Honor Society Elementary School Teacher Motion Picture Cameraman Field Of Mathematics KENNETH HARRISON Pyschologist LISE P. HEBERT CARYL HENDLER Brain Surgeon DEDRA HAUSER PAMELA HECHT QW Artist MR. LAWRENCE HOCHSTEIN Social Studies STANLEY CHARLES KAREN HEIMRATH HEIFETZ Peace Co rp Worker Captain Of Fencing Team Orthopedic Surgeon . - . . Zif.ff,f , 1 " S'-Qliny.. ,L-if sf S 1 f vw-rw' r:19i51E'?:.' 531' Jw Z 1 jr, , 'rw KH ' ..,, l -x MURRAY HENNER CO. Representative Politician ROSE HERBIN LAWRENCE HERSCH Legal Secretary GO. Representative Oceanography ,W 17' ..-ad' ,..Zflf SANDI HERSCHBERC CLADYS HERSKOVITZ LYNN HERWITZ College Aide Sing Beacon T0 Be Needed Legal Secretary Public Communications ALAN HIMBER High Honor Roll Security Analyst STEVEN HESS Marshall Squad Electrical Engineer H. of ,Q ,iit S . !iga555IQ?- MRS. JANET HOSCHEK English L s WALTER HESKES Physics Lab Squad Electrical Engineering IANICE HIRSCHHORN National Honor Society Famous Actress DAVID HOIDA JAMES H0 RENEE HOFFINCER National Honor Society Beacon Kibb RANDY HOLDEN WILLIAM Y. HOLDER you-B HOLLAND Cinema Writer-Director Airline Pilot JA!! BARBARA HOLLANDER Chorus Computer Operator 107 O8 A N TX 'RD E53 55 RICHARD HOLZER College Aiclc' Erlgilicvriiig MICHAEL HOROWITZ RICHARD B. HOTBERT GARO HOVSEPIAN EILEEN HRONSKY ELLEN TERESA HUGHES Svnior Band Worked ln Attendance Office Sciencv Major Stgwm-41955 BRENDA HUNT WILLIAM HUTNER HOWIE INMERHAM Fashion Buy-r National Honor Society Psychologist MRS. ELISABETH HUEBENER German QL. ROZ INSDORF DAWN IRBY ISAAC ALISON IACOBS Leader Of Sing '68,'69 8 'TU .'Xtf6IlCl11IlCE' Ofliicv Officv Sviiior National Honor Society Spec-cl1'I'hr-rapist 'I'c'aCh0r Of Thi- A rts Nm-gp liiemeiitary School Teacher VICTOR JACOBS ' Baslwtlvall loam Activist Orthoclontist MR. IRWIN ISSER A Boys' Health hducation EDWINA IEFFERSON GO, Repwseritutive Laboratory Technologist NIELS JACOBSEN MARK JACOBSON Senior Honor Society PllYSiC21l Ell- 'll621Cll0f Lawyer CARY IACOBY DIAN IAFFE Business Administration Play PFO History Professor BERYL JANOFF CHARLES JANOFF Siflg Arista NUl'SiI1gZ. College Touching +1-"fini SHARON JACOBSON Progruni Cioinmittvt' Aido 1 Sciencv Heseurcli ELAINE JAFFE Bowling Club Condolivi' In VI-nice ' , . si i ,. .ZZ , , . 5 , 1 'W tbl it 1 -: ' .uma f :wet I HAIM IANOVICS Cartoonist GLENN JENKINS CATHY JETT FRANCINE JOHNSON Truck Tcain Airlint- Work office Aide History Teaclivr Teach Nursing 109 X f liyflih JOSEPH JOHNSON LYDIA JOHNSON EDWARD JONES MARTINEZ JONES fl D Biologist Human Relations Club gl gl X Elementary School Teacher ' M7 GLENN JUDGE EVELYNE JURIC ELLEN KACHMAR Library Assistant French Editor Of Language Cheerleader Real Estate Lawyer Honor Society Teacher In An Orphange Language Professor MISS CAROLYN KAMINESTER French LIZ KACZOROWSKI CHARLES KAFTEN ELLEN KAHANA Teacher College Office Squad Archeologists Physician JJJJ L J use -W - f :Maeve :S - 195-if ALAN KAHN Band Musician 110 Harm aili i' ' VIDYA KALE JESSICA KALISH MARVA KALISH Tutor Chairman Senior Sing Diplomat Biochemist Anti-Deontologist lf wwf! MURRAY KALISH Marshall Squad Electronic Engineer MRS. ROSALIE KAPLAN Biology LAURENCE KAPIT Lawyer 777 ,7 , CHERYL KALTER Guidance Office Rich And Happy RUTHE KANDEL Script Chairman journalist MARCIA KANEFSKY Beacon Lawyer IANA KAPLAN Marshalls Secretary Secretary v..-:if SANDY KAMHI SANDRA KAMPF Bowling Team Attendance Office Philadelphia Lawyer Market Research of DEBBY KANE ELLEN KANE Secretary Sing Actress BETHE KAPILOW Happiness And Peace ELAINE KANOWITZ National Honor Socicty Teacher Of Mentally Retarded Children JAMIE KAPNEB MARTIN KARP Arista Marshall Squad Phrenologist Business Executive in.. 112 RICHARD KASSOF Chemistry Squad Business .'XflHIiIllStl'Llti0Il 9451 ' I-'wiv 5 gsm. H - I CAROL KATZ Hath Office Aide Teacher ROBERT KATTAN ALAN KATZ President Of Language Honor OPfiCiHIl Society Doctor DEBBIE KATZ IANE KATZ Yearbook Staff Interior Decorator Elementary School Teacher M IUDY KATZ STEVEN KATZ CARY KATZMANN Foreign Language Honor Senior National Honor Society Copy Editor Of Beacon Sgciety Lawyer Translator , w,pwf11L"12i1fY'r K , at d' r V' ,W 6. " was -Q, 5933555 r . f,3Gftf,: ,, .g4gg5,,.,', Q-,,,,gw1: BARBARA I. KATZ MR. FRANK KONOPASEK Boys' Health Education ROBERT KATZMANN DENNIS KAYE LAWRENCE KAYE ROBERT KAZER President Of Social 5tLldiGS Sing Band Leader National Honor Society Dentist Honor Society Xiathematician Gynecologist Lawyer l MARLA KELLMAN DAVID KEMPLER IRA LEPZELTER ALFRED KERENDIAN Student Marshall Squad Captain Cross Country Child Psychologist Psychiatrist Lawyer MRS. RAE KORNREICH English PAULA KIRZNER Airline Career RICHARD KESSLER Commercial Airline Pilot PIA KILM Business Administration . A Ei, ii E i 'ii' vm - .. STEVEN KISHLAASKY H. Q. V ...' V MARSHALL KESTEN ROBERT KIENZLE Sousaphonist in Band Electronics Pharmacist , A , 1 ' sf FQ if wiffwesm 3 2 X Q I fm J A ,PP QE, V "1 1 NILUFER KIPCAKLI IZZET KIRIM Turkish Tutor Pilot Airline hostess LOUIS KLAFF IUDIE KLAPHOLZ Singer Peace Sociology MICHAEL KLAPKIN AIMEE KLEICER Aquaman Human Relations Club Speech Therapist DENISE KLEIN Office Aide Elementary Teacher MATTHEW I. KLEIN STEVEN KLEIN NESTOR KLEISEL Senior Representative Soccer Team Dentist Aviation Engineer ANDREW KLIVAN CARY KLIVANS CINDY KORZENIOWSKI National Honor Society Library Aide Cheerleader International Law Executive Secretary ROBERT KOSTER ELLIE KRANZ IUDITI-I KBAUS Orchestra Sophomore Sing Advisor Psychologist Social Worker 4 JANET KLEIN Sing Elementary Educator MRS. MARGARET KRISTT Mathematics DEBBIE KRESH To be very rich 'fbi' BETH KRIECER PATRICIA KRISTOF PAULA KRONE ROBERT KRUGEB GO. Councilman Senior National Honor Society Lawyer Teaching Of Elementary Teacher Education Ai. ,..aamga - Hr-f, , I e e ' Q4-"iii, JM li' 7 ' I I g4m1i'??IZgf STEVEN KRUMHOLZ SUSAN KRUMPER BLANKA KUDEI Social Studies Honor Society World Traveler Library Aide Medicine Teacher MR. HARRY LOUNSBURY Attendance VALERIE KURTZ Mathematician I-IANNA KUNATI-I Honesty, Honor, Humor WILLIAM KUTNER Senior National Honor Society Medicine ALICE KUNG PETER KUNG Math Team Mathematician b,,,., ,,. STEVEN LEBER ' MIRTA LABRIT Lawyer Elementary Education 115 SUSAN LANCSAM Senior National Honor Society Teaching STEVEN LEIB Soccer Team Certified Public Accountant ANNE LEMBERCER Teaching DAVID LEONARDI Baseball Team Fireman 116 ABBYE LAPIDUS Attendance Office MARCY LAPMAN Senior Band Teacher MICHAEL LEFF FRED LEIBOWITZ Accountant LAWRENCE LEMER Service Squad Lawyer MARION LEPINER Senior Representative Biology ALLISON LEISTEN . NANCY LEM OINE Reading 5 2 A 4Rn4 Q""""y OFER E. LEVINBERG Captain Of Soccer Team Military Career In Israeli Defense Forces MISS BARBARA LEONARD Biology ABBY LEVINE President of the Science Honor Society Easy Rider ANDREW LEVINE FRAN LEVINE Dentist President Of Hostess Squad Elementary Education MITCHELL LEVINE ' Sports Of All Kinds Sports Writer X LEVINE Health JEFFREY LEVY Accountant if iirts wk ffigpa ROSANNE LEVY SANFORD LEVY Teacher Dean's Assistant Broadcasting HELENA LEVINE Arista Teacher JUDY LEVINE Hostess Squad Teacher ROBIN LEVINE Senior National Honor Society English Major ,s ga 139 5 iZYiifEi52 'ii' is. 1 Y 'QI lie. ' V 'f ' 1555 A V fwfr'-sf -K 4 Q an 8 w s J Aigfm ' 4 .1 it kg' L lv" I mf! ....... 3 , K W-,,,af-we 1 , .1 MICHAEL LEVY Park Governor Medicine STUART LEVY SUSAN LEVINE Beacon Staff Member Teacher Of Political Science MONA LEVY Orchestra Teacher SCOTT LEWIS Sports Editor Of Beacon Scout Executive 117 c , LYDIA LI Chorus GO. Representative Chemical Engineer PAT LICATA Private Detective ABRAHAM LICHTMACHER DAVID LIEBERMAN Math Honor Society Library Aide Medicine College MARK LILIEN DENISE LINDEN Actor In Play Pro Borough President WAYNE LIPMAN ANDREA LIPPE Musician Sing Psychologist 118 RALPH LICHTENSTEIN Language Honor Society Engineer MICHAEL LICHTENSTEIN DAVID LIEBOWITZ National Honor Society Physicist MR. MURRAY LICHTMAN - English PHILIP LINDENAUER Marshall Squad Hotel And Restaurant Technology MATTHEW LIPPMAN ANDY LIPTON Senior National Honor Society AriSta Psychology Mathematical Engineer MR. AL MARCUS JOHN LITTLE Play Pro Mechanical Engineer Business Administration LEON LITTLEJOI-IN fe" 14" K 5 f it 133' 2 a wsiaifg if ZACHARY LOCKMAN Accounting '- '71 ' ssrr f v trs' SUSANNA LORANT Orchestra Advertising RAYMOND LIU RICHARD LIU Soccer Team Engineer Engineer ELAYNE LOEB Lawyer Political Science Teacher JAMES W.B. LONCSHORE CHARLES LORINI DANNY LOUIE JOHN LOUREIRO STEVEN LUEL Revolutionary Theorist Physician MARA LUKIN DIANE LURIE Attendance Office Senior National Honor Society Bible Educator Child Psychologist 119 KAY LUSTBERC Art Editor Of The Forester To Be Fullfilled DUNCAN MACOMBER Senior Class Representative Professional Tennis Player LEONARD MALIVER Senior Band Veterinarian IORI MANDELMAN Sing Secretary 120 KATHLEEN LYNCH HOWARD LYNN IAMIE FRANCES Cheerleading Peace Activist MACEACHERN Secretary Stock Broker Honor Roll EILEEN MAHONEY FARIDA MAKSUD-BEK Arista Sing Medicine Airline Stewardess MR. VICTOR MARE Health Education EDWARD MALLORY LARRY MANDEL Business SOCCBI' Team Physical Education Major JUNE MANN ROY MANNINC WALTER MANTANI Sing Track Team Siflg Women's Merchandise Buyer Marine Biology ACUWT LINDA MARIN Sing Elementary School Teache MICHELE MARIOTTI Orchestra Elementary Education S42-1 STEVEN MARMUREK Captain Of Tennis Team Doctor President Of Relati0n's Club Sociologist MARION MARX Captain Of Cheerleaders Commercial Artist DIAN MASSA IANICE C MATIAS Beacon Teacher VIVIAN MAURER MICHAEL MAYER Arista To Be Loved DEBORAH MAYO AVA MCCAIN Arista Human Relations Club Artist Biologist MORRIS McCAIN X-Ray Technician , 9 r A .A 9 LN A as CASEL McDUFFIE C.O. Councilman Physical Therapist DENISE McKINNEY Modern Dance Computer Programmer ATHEA McLABTY CYNTHIA McLINTOCK ARLENE MENACHEM Nurse 122 EDDIE MEEHAN To Be Happy If if, f JACK MENASHE Draftsman PHYLLIS McCEE ANGELIA McKENZIE Leadefs Club Business Work KATHY MCLAUCHLIN To Live in Switzerland MISS GERALDINE McMAHON Attendance CHARLES MEHLER Sing W riter JACK MENCO ROBERT MERCHANT Architect O JANE MERINO Senior Band Teacher aff ERIC MEYER DANNY MICHAEL SHARON MILES Deanls Aide Forester Chorus Millionaire Wealthy Artist Teacher Of Special Education i , I MISS ANNA MERCALDO Mathematics ANDREW MILLER CALVIN MILLER FRAN MILLER English Office Aide GO. Council Senior National Honor Society Oceanographer Medicine Math Teacher LOIS MILLER SCOTT MILLER ROBERTA MINTON Orchestra C.P.A. Elementary Education Teacher RAYMOND MITCHELL DAN MITTLER YONA MITZMACHER DENNIS MONASEBIAN Architect Legal Secretary Science Honor Society Neurobiological Research 123 IAN MONCOL HENRY M. MONECRO Lawyer KATHLEEN MOONEY Medical Assistant RICHARD MONTELEONE JOAN MORSE RENA MULLER Sing Arista History Major I , of iuevllig, 111 . -'Rami mx ROBERT MYERS LOUIS NACER IUDD MUSKAT Dean Of Admissions at are MR. STANLEY MONSOWITZ 9 M, Mathematics A,3t,, w if A53- 117115 v ' 1 ,fs ::.. sgees1av M.,.':: xgf'f,, ' iifwegr wvtrgi ,tu-1, 44" 132149, 11','g-f af, ,. an emfznspf: fn w as f,,:,1 yggmng , - 1' wr' . - Q , ass aff ,fir ff ,.::22.':,: , - , ...... - F' ff sf r-wish " rzxzzz RICHARD NAMM Music-Band Co-ordinator Of Sing Child Psychologist fi ' ROBERT PAUL HEIDI NELSON IUDITH NEWMAN MICHELE DALE NEWMAN NAPARSTEK Arista Prose Editor - Forest Leaves Siilg Play Pro Socioeconomic lunar 1969 Teacher Biological Sciences phygjologjgt A Jovful Noise Maker 124 U' ,. 2 ,I , g f "-'Q W. , N I Q. New 5 1,-1:10.-12.11 r - , ww-,'z i T 1:?1 HARRY NEWMAN LEONARD NEWTON Physics Lab Squad Physicist ' 4 if f!-W DONALD I. NC PAMELA NCAI HUE-VINH NGO Librar Aid Pharmacist . ,yi E L.- .,A. W Mila 't r i A ,y y i i MII. DAVID Moss A ,. ,113 Speech ,,A' i LESLIE ROBIN NORTH Sing Advertising , i- f a BON OBERLANDER BETTY-JANE 0'CONNOR I-13WYef Airline Stewardess DARREN NICHOLS PAMELA NOBLE Social Studies Honor Society Psychiatrist BERNARDO NUNZIATA SUSAN OBERFEST Lead Guitar In Rock And Roll Band Professional Racing Car Driver if f Wa, 1 K ' ll 5 if W I I 2 I ROBBIN SIMONDS PAUL ODIAN Orchestra Psychology 125 LUISA OGILVIE I Sewing BEN ORLOWSKI Band Teacher JERRY OK0 KAREN OPERT ANITA ORLANDO Marshall Squad Teacher Aid Veterinarian Pilot Teacher X X 9' N-f JOAN OSBORN ALAN OTTLEY NJQ N .S- 5: Artist MISS CORNELIA PETERSEN Home Economics MELVIN OWRUTZKY IRIS OZIEL LINDA OZIEL Teacher Physical Therapist x-QQ, x xx Asc 5 N ' X4 A ill lf, 15 ' N ,gli NEAL PACHTMAN DALE PACER SHIRLEY PALMER MARK B. PANISH Business Editor-Beacon SiI1g,70 Leaders Club Dentist Elementary Education Physical Education Teacher 126 E- :I 'Lf DIDI GARABEDIAN ffl. " - A 1' ,af Q -1-if f 2 "' sf f 5 it s x 1 HARRIET PARTEL Scicnce Honor Society Language Major id"'? Pi' ROBIN PEARLSTEIN Play Pro Theatre MR. OSCAR PLOSKER Foreign Languages JORGE PERALES Chemistry Lab Squad Chemist PHILIP PERLMUTTER Dentist F AY PERECMAN DENIS PETERS GO, Councilman Mathematics Wil IEAN PINCUS DAVID PINCUS BARRY PINES Teacher ELLEN PEPPER English Major SANDE PERLIS Band Psychologist JANE PIEPES Orchestra Nuclear Physicist AL PISTOLA ANDREW PLUMP ROXANE POLAK Social Studies Honor Society Associate Editor-in-Chief Of Lawyer Forester Teacher EDWARD POMAROLE EDWARD PONEMON Wall Street job Play The Clarinet Business Management Psychology HARVEY POPOLOW LILY PORAT Band Accountant Law CLAIRE R. POTOKER WILLIAM POTTER Student Psychologist 128 ww' RAYMOND POLIAKIN FRAN POLLOCK National Honor Society Program Committee Medicine Education V JOE POPIK MISS PHILOMENA PASCALE Mathematics MARTIN PORT Yearbook Photographer Professional Guitarist NEAL PRESTON MARY BETH PRICE Play Pro Language Honor Society Professional Photography Flautist 5 i ff? kk'q if 5, EV - .4 A SANDRA PRINCLE IOANNE PROCEBIN Chorus Deanls Aide Accountant Dental Hygienist LYNDIA RADICE Senior Band Musician MR. HARVEY POLLACK Physics LAURIE RAFKIN , ffg,,,.1c f 4552 A-fsf :ee-f5n:t'.?,f - -Q,-15155j5'::.5i.5?.33g2f,.. me-,.r:: t.f. 7-lust ff-A . ..:--s - -2 - W 1a3Qgz:,"1': Q ' ' - x?1'.j,'?liEE5 , f ,11ezm:s.:s a-:,5e:w.f ,5 K . ,yt-W, Q ,..... .t , - -- ' ,sf wt . - . Q Rwkf 'wtirrif . gay w 2+-Aw ,Qu E it Y ssl Kew? .. . , ti -1. X 1 Q , ip w W :if N32 we ' .,+ Wt POONAM PURI GEORGETTE RADNAY National Honor Society CARY RAFSKY Attorney General Of The United States PETER RALIN NIVA RAMON Arista Social Worker Biochemist MAYA RAMSEY Science Honor Society Physician --2... LESLIE BADEN NICK RAFEBATOS . 225- H X W s E 333 "." -f 1 . fi, S5 MAUREEN RAHLENS Sing - Actress Thespian ROBIN RAPHAEL Psychologist 129 FRANCINE RAPPAPORT Play Production Graphic Artist LINDA REESE Senior Sing Teacher ws. M' . . SUSAN REIN Senior Honor Society Elementary Education ILANA REISS 130 TOBY BAPPAPORT Program Office Aide Elementary Education ROBERT RATTNER Lieutenant On Marshall Squad Electronic Engineer KENNETH REED LESLIE REGOV ROBIN REICHMAN Play Pro Sing Actress Elementary School Teacher tcrri cta A MRS- ANNA PONARAS A ' A - ' Q iet 2 ttt 9 cf W U 4447 LW14 SUSAN REIS BRENDA REISNER W2 Spanish Teacher Hostess Squad 6 I C' lf Cul 'if Life In Israel V .. -' H 5 M ,.:. ..'-' :H srre ' S -ti. 1 ,Q M all "" V - -XY 1 l,'i, , A , LINDA REISS OWEN REITER SUSAN REITLER Fashion Merchandising Copy Editor Of Beacon 4-9 JILL REITMAN MARILYN REIZBAUM DOMINIQUE REPOLT Beacon Studying To Be A Minister Teaching Clinglishl Full Time Ministerial Activities 1 ' I A ' tii ' ENID REYNALDO Commercial Artist MR. ROBERT POSPISIL English SHARON RICHTER LAURIE ROBERTS ADELE ROBINSON Sing Office Aide Geneticist Medical Secretary HARVEY RIBACK National Honor Society Medicine FRANK RIVERS ROSE ROBINSON Chorus Amer. Hist. Teacher ANDREW REV Medicine KATHY RICCO I0-ANN RIZZI A Stenographer EDGAR ROCHELSON National Honor Society Business Administration 131 CAROL LYNN ROCOFF Park School Office journalism mf,-1 -W E , few DEBBIE ROGERS Grape Smasher NICOLE ROMANOFF Sing Motivational Researcher MERYL ROSEN Play Pro Physical Education 132 JAMES RODGERS Forest Hills Student Union An Intellectual REUBEN ROLNICK National Honor Society Dentist ELSYE ROSCH Guidance Office Psychologist MICHAEL ROSEN Political Science LEONARD RODIN Chorus Millionaire MADELINE ROMANO Secretary LYNN ROSEMAN Education THEO ROSENBAUM VIRGINIA RODRIGUEZ Language Office Architect MR. DOMINIC POTENZA Industrial Arts JANET ROSENBAUM Attendance Office Executive Secretary IANICE CAIL ROSENBAUM ALAN ROSENBERC JOAN MARJORIE JUDY ROSENBERC Teacher Treasurer Of C-.O ROSENBERG Senior Band Politics Chorus Teacher Biologist MR. EVAN ROBINSON Physics STEVEN ROSENBERG Tennis Team Doctor VICTOR BOSENZWEIC ROBERT ROSETT Language Squad Philanthropist Veternarian RI-IONA BOSENBEBC BHONDA ROSENBERG SAUL ROSENBERC Play Pro Senior National Honor Society Theater-Speech Child Psychologist RONNI ROSENKRANTZ Retail Merchandising IEFF ROSNER Honor Roll Electronics Engineer RICARDO ROSENTHAL Work College 15 0' ' 7? ,Q - YVETTE ROSS Publicity Committee Kindergarten Teacher 133 ROBIN ROTH HARRY ROTHBERC Fashion Designer Nuclear Physics Cartoonist ROGER ROTHMAN RONNEY ROTHMAN LAUREEN ROWLEY National Honor Society if A-V . xi-in . tp ,. I zz t swag f ' A , '-iff J! ,V 'fi1fi5?ii?fi?S255sfES?Ef CLAUDIA ROTHMAN Office Aicl First Lady Astronaut RICHARD ROTHMAN Debating Team Lawyer JVWP- fm Lawyer STAN ROZANSKI ALAN S. BUBENSTEIN LARRY RUBIN Student Senior Band Forest Hills Moratorium Doctor Playboy Committee History Teacher MR. MILTON ROTHBURD Biology RICHARD RUBIN HOWARD RUDE JULIO RUMBAUT YAEL RUTH 4 Working In The English Bookroom Engineer PETER RYDELL DAN SADO Computer Lab Scientist LOUIS SAFRIN VIVIANE R. SALAMA Editor-in-Chief Of Yearbook Pediatrics RUTH SALAMON Bio Lab Chemical Researcher MRS. ROSE RUSTON Health Education DALE SAMELSON Forester Psychologist JORDAN SAMSTEIN JACK SAMUELS Business Administration MARTY SALTIEL LESTER SALWEN Handball Make-Up Editor Of Beacon Computer Engineer Architecture If - Q. Wa r-st,,t, STEVEN SAMSON MERLYN SAMPSON Library Squad Office Aide Registered Nurse The President RICHARD SANDERS VALERIE LYNN SANDERS jr, National Honor Society Honor Society Science Teacher 135 ROBERT SANDS JULIA SAPORTA Beacon Photographer National Senior Honor Society Teacher HOWARD SCI-IALLER HARRIET SCHANZER Library Squad Interpreter 0 Biology U gba' wi o dex? Wadi veil + HOWARD SCHILIT LEANNE SCHILLINCER Arista Chorus Lawyer Physical Education Teacher KENNETH SASSOWER High Honor Roll Member Medicine WAYNE SCHECT Track Aeronautical Engineer S34 X! fwpwy PHYLLIS SCHINDLER Y' NN A ' lick S i A 'iw .ST K .,,2" , it rz. - :.V. :.L:, ..,.. Q . k 2 1 i , i SUSAN SCHACHNER Science Honor Society , A Language Teacher ' WV Win tri vom by MRS. ELSIE SCHACHAT Home Economics ERVIN SCHLEIFER LEONARD SCHLEIFER CAROL SCHLESINCER RANDALL SCHLESINGER Yearbook Varsity Tennis Bowling Team Doctor Tennis Bum Doctor 136 JANET SCHLOSSBERG N, A. S. A. MR. JAY SCHLOSS Biology AVA SCHMIDT Hostess Club Psychologist DONNA SCHNEIDER Arista JOAN SCHORRMAN Senior National Honor Society Psychologist GARY SCHUMAN Stage Crew President Of U.S. LESLIE SCHWALBE M edicine 'UIQ BENSON SCHNEIDER DAPHNE SCHNEIDER Head Hunter Cannibal LOIS SCHNEIDER JEFFREY SCHONDORF Teacher National Honor Society Medicine BARRY SCHOSID Senior National Honor Society Teacher HELEN SCHWARZ Corporation Secretary RICKY SCHRIEBER Computer Lab Captain Computer Designer JEFFREY SCHWARTZ Manager Of Track Team Physicist 137 ik M ,X A55 E C ,f Ns RITA SCHWARTZ SUSAN SCHWARTZ SUSIE SCHWARZ National Honor Society Pediatric Nurse Business School To Discover My Ambition PAULA SCIACCA MARLENE SEARA Airline Stewardess LAURIE SEIDE National Honor Society Elementary School Teacher ALICE F. SEIDLER NORMA SERRANO IULIANNE PATRICIA Copy Editor Of Beacon Volleyball Club SEXTON Psychologist Registered Nurse Sing Biologist MATT SCHWARTZBERG Human Relations Club Peace MRS. IRMA SONNENFELD Chemistry ABE SHAMPANER ARNOLD SHANER DEBBIE SHAPIRO Mathematician Baseball Guidance Office Oceanography jetsetter 138 ROBERT SHAPIRO Language Honor Scoiety Political Science 8: Government 21 - l SUE SHAPIRO GO. Secretary To Stay Happy MR. CHARLES SMUKLER Social Studies ANITA SHATTEN JEFFREY SHAW Secretary Tennis Team Medicine ELIZABETHE SHEER CLARENCE D.R. Senior Representative, SHELTON, IR. H.S.S.U. Chemical Engineer Writer ga, S 0 3 3 f S if g E' X iw at fx e 'te JAMES SI-III-I JOY SHEPPARD To Be Successful Play-Pro Theatre-Dance DONNA SHEARER RICHARD SHENTOWSKY Forest Leaves journalism 521105 'RV' 121 "" H E229 Wk' w a ' S rrr. ,, ..,,:.1':'z'::fr.n-Lv . ,gr as -'ff H vN,Q.....,.,,a5.5.,.,,r I . ,- J.. ' .,. .:fEfE21:l5-eff-. 1-iiky v+.,,s4,r,:.1glig1 Q - r' M ' . ..v'?tE', , : , ,G hd BQ,-5:2 Y A. K 5 4 val: ' wb", ' ,-wa -. . we v R R' if , iv, ,v - - -Au-neg """7"4 in 1 4 9 ' .,,x..s. , 1 M 2 2 ELLIOTT P. SHERWIN Trainer Soccer Team Heart Surgeon FRANCES SHLITTNER FAY SHLUSSELBERG DAVID SHOMBEBG MARK SHORE Teacher Social Studies Honor Society Honor Societb' Lawyer Chemical Engineer 139 CHRISTINE SHU LOUIS SHU GAIL SHULMAN NATHAN SIDES Chorus Architect Commissioner Of Sing 70 Engineering Mathematics Dramatics PAULA SIECMAN PATRICE SILBERMAN RICHARD SILBERSTEIN Orchestra Teacher ROBERT SILVER Music Coordinator - Sing '69-S70 Cov,t Attorney SHELLEY SILVERMAN Dean's Aide Speech Teacher 140 Secretary LARRY SILVERBERC Civil Engineer TERRIE SILVERMAN Senior Representative Boy Leader Of National Honor Society Science MISS BARBARA SPARK Health Education DARYL SILVERMAN Psychology HAROLD SINGER RENA SINGER Honor Society Senior Honor Society Lawyer Child Psychologist LESLIE SITNER LINDA SKLAR Teacher Personal Secretary JOYCE SLUTSKY Program Committee Aide MR. WILLIAM STARK English LARRY SLONIM SUSAN SLOVIN Beacon Medicine DEBORAH SMALL National Honor Society Language Teacher ELAINE SMALL PAULINE SMITH JERRY SMOLIN DAVID SMUKLER Volleyball Team Computer Lab Squad Dietician Sociologist 1, I Tins . , I, : V ,f:2?eHWfi,i'F 4 K 3 or I rgii tric I ALAN SOBEL LYNNE SOHMER United Synagogue Youth V. P. Gymnastics Club Accountant Teacher LEON SOBIN JOHN SOSENKO Yearbook Photographer Movie Maker W 141 I if I 5. .k':k i 2 L K. nl I in :'- :kk .. , - 1 , 5 57 tx ANCELINA SPAVENTA SANDRA SPECKMAN Attendance Office Arista Private Secretary Elementary Education IAYME RUTH SPIERER Play-Pro Actress STEVEN SPINNER PHYLLIS SPORN SUSAN SREBROLOW Chorus National Honor Society Art Education Teaching ARNOLD SPECTOR National Honor Society MIRIAM H. SPOONER Guidance Aide Elementary Teaching BILL STARK Forester Photo Editor Veterinarian ION SPECTOR Senior Class Representative Professor of Philosophy MR. MORRIS STERN English MICHAEL STEBEL BARRY S. STEIN RAFAEL KOYPEL KEITH STEINBERC Yoga Math Tutor STEINBACH Play-Pro Guru Neurosurgery Narcotic Squad Cinematographer 142 ' H a ,L 1, 1 at is HEIDI STEINBERCER Forester Asst. Art Editor Advertising MISS ANNA SULLIVAN Mathematics DWIGHT SUCGS KEVE STEINER Lawyer LESLIE STERNE Undecided BARBARA STURMAN Actress Broadway Actress x, ' fa CAIL SVINKELSTIN Forester Advertising Editor Scientific Research -1 'A i i f ,LZ i IOANNE STEINMACHER Secretary KARIN STBAUSS National Honor Society Language Field JOHN SU Electronic Engineer PAULETTE SVOZIL JERRY STEBNBEBC Band Lawyer STANLEY STROH AJ A orae ' A 1 iel 2 L LINDA C. SUKENICK National Honor Society Secretary In T.V. Media MARY SZONY College, Teaching 143 wi gms QD.. iw MARLYN SZTUL Elementary School Teacher LUCIE BETH TAMASSY Chorus Phys. Ed, Instructor Mmmhuk BRENDA TAYLOR Nursing JOSEPH TAYLOR 1 44 i s" mf b ri t - 'Sufi V K Q 'zg' Af JANET TABAK Senior Arista Teaching PAUL TARADASH Track Team Stunt Man CARY TAYLOR PAMELA IACKMAN AUDREY TARR School Orchestra Elementary Education Teacher HAROLD H. TAYLOR CONSTANCE TAIBI Library Squad Work With Children MM in MR. ALEXANDER SWIRSKY French i f - K: ,'-' f 'W ROBERT TAYLOR EDUARDO MARCELO WILLIAM TEMKIN Football And Basketball TELLO Captain Corps X-Ray Technician School Chorus And Band Mathematician Music MILTON TEPER EngineerfPilot MIKE TERKELTAUB Singer KENNY THOMPSON Basketball Co To Work MR. MOBTON VOCEL Music MICHAEL THALER Political Career f:35:,gL'ei3iE, . . .. .1 . 2 cv, T 'mfr-V' fc- 'flu .wr-f f aew::w:. , nv' 1 GERALDINE THOMPSON Volleyball Club Social Worker VALENTINA TICHY BIENVENIDO TICSE GO. Member Engineer CHERYL TIELIS MONICA TIETZ MICHAEL TICHE Sr. Forest Treasurer Sing Marshall Squad Nursing STEPHEN TRACZ ELI TRAUNER Captain Of MHl'Shall Squad Science And Foreign Lang. State Police Squads Medicine CRAIG TULEPAN Member Of The Captain Corps In Gym Physical Education Teacher DIANE TULLMAN Orchestra Physical Therapist 14 LISA TURKEN SUZANNE ULMANN M a rsh al Secretary ."A Q ecss fl E. ROSARIO VECINO PAUL VENTA Glee Club Baseball Varsity Musician VARDA VIDAL DENISE VILLANUEVA Fashion Illustrator To Be A Secretary AGNES UNGAR Sing, GO. Medicine ROBIN VERSA Sing Elementary Education ROBERT VILLI Actuary ADRIANA VAINER Language Honor Society Physician MR. IAY WALKER Physics DANIEL VOLINSKY LINDA WACHSBERCER ALICE WALD BRENDA WALKER Sports, Fantastic Athlete Travel, Piano, Guitar Senior Honor Society Secretary Successful Engineer Teacher 46 KATHYN WALKER STEVEN WALLNER BEVERLY WALLYN KAREN WARD Modern Dance Orchestra Leaders, Club And Leaders Club ' Certified PUhliC ACCOUIlfal'1t Engineering Cheerleaders Sail Around The World Science Teacher V A Ingz A ' Iqq I 7 H T RUSSELL WARINC WAYNE WATTENBERG EDNA WEAVER Sec'y Senior Natll Honor Baseball Team Society Politics Engineer MR. ALAN WEINER Mathematics MARC WEBER ROBERT WEBER FRED WEINBERC Officer On Marshall Squad Marshall Squad Stock Broker Architect IANIE WEINBERCER MARK WEINBERCER ETHEL WEINER HOWARD WEINER Business Editor Of Beacon Baseball Team -- 2 years Guidance Assistant Skiing Sociologist Teachers Elementary School Teacher Pilot 147 KAREN WEINER VICTOR TOMAS ELISABETH WEINMANN HOWARD WEINREICH WEINERTH Evangilist Accountant Fashion Designer HELENE WEINSTEIN IEFF WEINSTEIN NANCY WEINSTOCK Arista Beach Bum Editor, Play Pro PLAYBILL Elementary Education Educational Theatre MRS. RHODA WEINSTEIN Social Studies SHERRY WEINTRAUB ESTELLE WEISS , ROBERT WEISS Artist CATHY WEISSFELD National Honor Society Nursing 148 Social Worker Yearbook M edical Doctor tits A -E itsr " i ff f 2 ARTHUR WEISSMAN JEFFREY WEISZ BRENDA WELLS C.P.A, Marshal Girls' Volleyball Club Importer Computer Programmer ,, MARTIN WEXLER DAISY WHITE MARIORIE WHITE Accountant News Editor -- Beacon Bio-chemistry BONNIE WIENER LINDA WIESENFELD Computer Engineer Music Involvement MISS ARLENE WEINSTOCK English WAYNE WILLINCHAM - Black Expression Explored English Or History Teacher KEVIN WILLIAMS IOANNE WINER MICHAEL WINTER LISA WINTERS On Staff Of French-American Psychologist Teacher Student Linguist MARGARET WIENER Feature Editor Of Beacon Philosopher LAREINE WILLIAMS Gymnastics Accountant MALLORY WILSON Architect ,fa Q 5 ' f S , 1' W Q .f K -z E A unufv 3 , Wil ' . ELLIOTT WITKIN Natl Honor Society Lawyer 14 DAVID WOLFE IUDY WOLFF RALPH WOLFZAHN MICHELINE WOLKOWICZ Computer Programming Sing ati Psychologist Section Class President Sing - 1 Psychologist SAM WONICKI LYNNE WOODS MARIELLE WOOLLEY Registered Professional Nurse MRS. ELLEN ZUCKERMAN Music RISA YOUNG VIVIAN YOUNG ANNIE YU Sing All-City High School Chorus Singer Advertising Artist MARSHA ZAIENTZ MINDY ZASLOFF STEVEN ZERIN WARREN ZICMAN Sing National HOI10r SOCi6ty National Honor Society Chem Lab, Physics Lab, Legal Secretary Elementary School Teacher Business Finance Computer Lab Business Administration 150 DEBBIE ZIMMERMAN President of The Human Relations Club English Teacher LINDA ZIMMERMAN VICKI ZIMMERMAN Switch Board Operator Human Relations Club - Dental Hygienist Seciy Child Psychologist -arf "-: ,,LL, A HOWARD ZRYB BERNARD ZYCELMAN ROBERT CASSELL Varsity Track Team Engineer MARK ZIRING Yearbook Staff Engineer MERCEDES CONSUEGRA Library Squad Language Teacher fkisql wav SUSAN FRIEDMAN IOANNE CIRAOLO JAMES GIRARD HARRIET IASSEM Sing Play Pro Art Illustration Drama ZORAIDA NAVARRO BENNETT VOGELMAN GARY LOBER RAYMOND MCCOY Medicine Track Team Varsity Baseball Team X-Ray Technician Field Of Pediatrics Physical Education Teacher 151 - v rw 409' qfw, K-...,nP" MARIE SPERANZA ARLENE KAPLAN ROBERT ROTHMAN VVritCr Dental Te-chniciglll X QW! in S . Z 1 ri 'E 1 4 Pri Now the time has arrived to go our separate ways .P- FY" YU! - ' 'Exmvy li'-1 vi WY' C3'W112.e1 A . f mg., umm vcazxzsa QWRURBQHIQGYG 'Q Wx-4 A J VW' .swf X, .F M, ,AQWM ' qw N" X uw- X, X sr A '? HN , fd gy 3,11 , 1 ,W N MNA. ,- K www Y., X W W- M ,W WMM ff -,, ' , -iw' , N5 W- ,ww 2 .wfK"W' 'MQ W" ,,.wN ' , 4s,fCMMw,,,W:f""uA miff' mi-4?"6 X' 'vw -". 1 hw Ki It vm X, w 'W ,mA,,,3 'M' MW ,M mx ww' M wef- w: ' rm ,Ml X if .N ' -V QMQA 5. A , mm V aww' .Q X Mix K - fwf Q V A' L . -r f A ,A HX W r New 53 M' . A nv ,mai qiwww. M an , 6 'M V M w M ' ,Q ,mv-4f'K A ww , . W,.. 1 E4 N ,K vw' ,,,,'w ,Wwh vs W QKAL W x ,,,,,Q Ll wiv Koay S k uf iwidv by HM 1,,.:f' K 4,4 q,',?1i ' in i-if W , gf-ML .af .ww , 15 5 f wmh 4 . wen remember th 6 da Ys yOu John Sosenko ,,, ,V . ,,,,MA, ww M fw f.+,, fig' 4 'A ii rg C D C GUN? i -.14 ... 1 -'sf 15435 IREM? Mike Levy 4 and the glow from that fire can truly light the worldf' -- john F. Kennedy 1961 Inaugural Address Q . ' W v Y Ei ,N ly fi Atl All f'S !'W T N! TA fL'1 ", 1 Xvf XY! X X! E X 5? 'l'+ '4' F55 if LK M icq wi? 35 Q DJ M Ebay? u 9 These prominent people contributed this space to the Forester Viviane Salarna - Editor-in-Chief Roxane Polak - Associate Editor-in-Chief Bill Stark - Photography Editor Susan Hacker - Literary Editor Kay Lustherg - Art Editor Heidi Steinberger - Assistant Art Editor Cail Svinkelstin - Advertising Editor Cynthia McClintock - Production Manager john Sosenko - Photographic Consultant a ' Let it Brighten your Every Dayl Congratulations And Good Luck to the Class Of 1970 av v ri! Q wr . Q iff x,'i' A if 'W IW' as J .. nd' ., .. . hk-f ' lf' , . . . f A Lana. . ,,, 8 vvgq if ' if -W iv . .2 Q, I J RE E 1 QE: 7' W K , . , E411 iw, ' W V I 332 E 6, If Q ifwv l af gf 'f I ,Zz Qf' E ' 3? M if Q Q jg f ' 5 'gb .'ki . S' 1. H i,,, 5 5 X dk! , . 4 V K Ji . six Q .Vx K mf . 2 5 .ri K Mg , I ' if , Q 2 M, .i I , :.f' " . WJ. ggi i , If , fs: ' 'W -Y .Lf- 312 .Q S ff ,T, I rv' Q .wr 4 , 6" 4. fi ,V ,ik HOur Daddy is Wigs by Stephano, See How They Hold Upf, Wigs by Stephano 95-56 Queens Blvd. Rego Park, N.Y. 11374 Tel: 275-7306 THE F.H.H.S. ALUMNI ASSQCIATION WELCOMES THE CLASS OFIUNE,197O TO ITS RANKS. Leaders in Photography Since 1905 Qfftff Official Yearbook Photographers for 1970 Forester 15 W. 39th Street New York, N.Y. 10018 Te1:279-1990 BEAU BBHMNMEL 'Wu iq-- Compliments of Neal Levy Elizabeth Wollheim Compliments of Sharon Richter Barry Reingold Compliments of Frank Politzer Robin Baily Elizabeth Silver Compliments of Nancy Ludmerer Howie Schechter Phyllis Lcwenthal Compliments of your YEA RBOOK REPRESENTATIVE jerry Gladstein ik Compliments of ORON CONTRACTING COMPANY T N S 'X O 420 , W Paraphernalia 72 Compliments ofBR1D For the complete Wedding Party Prom Gowns 111-80 Queens Blvd. Forest Hills, N.Y. 261-0561 AL LAN D, Inc. 'r wig I ,L 44 5 1 l 1 li fl X 1 1 BO 1 - 7077 illahg Austin "FASHION WITH A FLAIR" ,I 'rl ' 'Xl' 1 1 WX 4 'fx . 0' .Wa " 9gNQlQ5"l'N 1 N 'Sv' EP 5253? . 'QM as . ,A 1:29 7'I - 15 Austin Street Forest Hills, N. Y. 11375 THE CAESAR S RESTAURANT THE CLOTHES BARREL Catering 81 Cocktail Lounge 0 Your Headquarters for R 81It'l' S ' lt Oman a lan pecla Y The Perfect Campus Wardrobe 97-12 63 Rd. American Express F 5 1 , , A ,, Rego Park, L.I, 11374 Diners Club Q"30QAIli?ffn ifffct 5009188 NewYork Muster Charge Grist I S' A ' ' DOUBLE :SDH CLEANERS Dasol Cleaners, Inc. Compliments of 107-00 Queens Blvd. 268-9974 Forest Hills, N.Y. H375 , Dave Coldfarlv Sol Kleinman EVELYN S PASTRY SHOP The Finest in Hungarian-French Baking X A PHONE: LI 4-8148 All Baking Done on Premises we 97-11 64111 Ave. , 3 5, Wl-lAT'5 A 11, 9-9490 I SN 'wi P62 H-I Rego Park, N.Y. , A . S I iff ,..A11 Aulewrune um: unusuu! ff A Qusfrom 8: CASUAL BOUTIQUE 539 Q fills un. 07-10 715' RD AT AUSTIN ST FOREST HlLLS N Y 5 173 Congratulations to Q judie Compliments ol Saul 61 llaroldis on her graduation Mr. and Mrs. Sam Klapholx and Ceanie 64-19108 si. Compliments of Forest 1'1ills,N.Y. Phelps AVON CARD SHOP Phone TVV 7-7272 Free Delivery Stationery- Paperhaclcs VICTORIA BUTCHERS Candy - Monarch Notes Strictly Kosher 100-11 Queens Boulevard ELI JEDWAB ' 54-30108th St. Forest Hil1S,N.Y. Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 EVERYONE'S TRAYMORE DAIRY GROCERY DRUGS, INC. 110-74 Queens Blvd- 166-17 lamacia Avenue 1-101051 111115, NY. Phone AX 7-1140 jamaeia, N.Y. 11432 Compliments of Tfxl- 253-7272 AUSTIN PHOTO LTD. Photographic Equipment Sony Tape Recorders R' 1' '-TY Forest Hills, N.Y. dc ms Dartmouth Pharmacy 71-68 Yellowstone Blvd. BQ 3-6060 107-32 Continental Ave. Forest Hills, NY. 11375 The In Market Compliments of 107-12 71st Rd. Forest Hills, N.Y. LANE CLEANERS GIFTS or H EA D 81 HUM E 1 COLONY CARD SHOP 103-19 Queens Blvd. Review Books - School Supplies Greeting Cards - Gifts - Art Supplies Open Sunday STAGE CARD SHOP 6:3-29 108111 sim-1 Forest Hil1s,N.Y. 11375 TW N888 T1-1 - 891-3282 BO8'98'6 , . .. ., SIMON'S KOSHER BUTCHER Fashions Inthc-Bag at BAGS 'N THINGS The Complete llandhag Department Store 71-07 Austin Street , A Forest Hills, NY. B0 l-17160 112-06 Queens Blvd. BO 8-9343 174 Flowers by Telegraph Wle Deliver Everywhere ROYAL GARDENS FLORISTS of Queens IL 9-5333 HI 5-6700 99-15 QUCGHS Blvd. 41-20 Main Street CCommercial State Bank Blclgl CNear Prospect Theatre? Forest Hills, NY. Flushing. NY, TW 7-081.5 THE DOBBY SHOP INC. Embroidery - Tapestry- Fabrics Covered Buttons - Notions - Buttonholes 99-11 Queens Boulevard Forest Hills, N,Y. Best Wishes to Mr. 81 Mrs. Hy Stark on their 25th Anniversary Shields 81 Company Members New York Stock Exchange 97-77 Queens Boulevard Forest Hills, N.Y. 11374 Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Svinkelstin Thank you SING l7O. Love, Gail and joan TWT-3112 Distinctive Catering With A Delicate Difference Nathan's Restaurant Catering Barry' Sz Vic 64-51 108th Street Forest Hills, N.Y. To judie: Washing You all the Luck and Happiness in the VVorlcl. Norm P RE S,ASSOCIATIO OFF.H.H Congratulations to the Graduates 0f1970 EXECUTIVE BOARD sfo Barbara Cavigan, President Marina Kachulis, First Vice-President Vivian Singer, Second Vice-President Trudy Kuhn, Treasurer Edith Elton, Recording Secretary Thea Friedmann, Corresponding Secretary Lucille Grant, Senior Representative Irma Hill, junior Representative Peg Buckley, junior Representative Isobel Shanley, Sophomore Representative Virginia Ray, Freshman Representative Sara Avery, Health and Welfare Doris Lipman, Bulletin Editor Ruth Cohn, Bulletin Distribution Marge Glasser, Fund Raising Lee Lederer, Fund Raising Vivian Singer, Program Norma Shaw, Membership Vivian Enzel, Membership Ruth Horowitz, Membership joy Renshaw, Forest Hills-Rego Park Coord. Rep. Harriet Pensig, Publicity Frieda Breitsch, Scholarship Irene Lockwood, Tea and Hospitality joan Mitsinikos, Tea and Hospitality Cussie Fisher, Community excellent design skilled crajsmanship superb quality RINGS ' PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TBOPHIES YOUR CLASS JEWELER DIEGES 81 CLUST Philadelphia 17 john Street, New York N.Y. 10008 Providence MANUFACTURING JEWELERS Compliments of Elsie Goldberg Compliments of PRIME ELECTRICAL CONTRACTERS Compliments of the Schwebel Family Compliments ofthe Key Punch Operators of Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. General Electric Section 3 To Cassie: Compliments of Eddie and Mommy To judie: Congratulations and Best Wishes on YourACraduation. The Kaishs LQNK DQAN0?C:x hsflkxo Qialgegi in HN K fb QS- EUS 3 in Oi' Q u xmlg QB 58358 SXJYSYNA ow? QOXQCKQVZ N Ami FXSXLV QQ M vqoXNszv'-Esouxdx Q, Vx slnlfal N 5 X A Q X121 A QavoLYsl-kv, NNE CfO"ED ww Emi semis Begg To Judie: - LY 1 Lots of Luck! V ALQXXB ' Wbwa Reel-A x. - X Judy and Juley iuavcgmaeqvsiirvi 9NT3.YfIQ'u?,iS1Q essential Mist 180 ff ff!!! llfwdv 7Wf9Hw W WHMQ QM www P QMLW LC www Wjlfmg 6,660 W Aw QELWWB' wMQ! WUMMM 5743 , iw! M' 'N wif? XY QW Mffflw QMWMWLQ y Sf X a4L if x Ziff 70 Olfwlfm, jp Q2w6MMf21Jmwf Q 05 . M, W 2 S62 'Z5455 viii? M Qawjv Auf? A as ff K W WW QW wwf -W , WWSOQM ,,, aj Qwffgx . I QD gf W W mg xA 5 3 f of W W? Qw lx PO fimfffggxfgg MQ fgfffarg . f fb CQ E17 'A Q b ,bw wb if W Tim P pf? QGHKENBQ X g?figA:rQxQfCQg'gE W K ffd'QQ,fOf5 A Q80 Q fi Qqigyfw 5336 6 A62 A ' iv'--v-gr I EMFSW WW wif KNMUJOWMTL' Q UNM WJ M M1 y Q wffggfg W W of? Tddf lj X535 It HLI. 1 . ' 1 f 'K Wm A , LW L 4 J 55557 fx w ESQ 2,52 xA 3 A62 Em wb W- I 0 01 2 ' fjv Q JK MDQ355 , J XSL WL WGN XQOJM Q x N-LL J A V XQQiK?JW'LfY'N Q ff' U

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Forest Hills High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest Hills, NY) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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