Forest Hills High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest Hills, NY)

 - Class of 1968

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Forest Hills High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest Hills, NY) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 164 of the 1968 volume:

T X- QLD X r. Paul lianlser Principal X X 'SEEK l l DRESTER l XX ffm Class of l968 lFm'es1t Halls Hugh School Rffva ln This Volume THE FACULTY Principal 0 Administration 0 Guidance 0 Chairmen of Departments K xx I THE GRADUATES OF 1968 SENIOR ACTIVITIES . f General Organization 0 Senior lass Officers 0 School Publications nor Societies Team Tnd Clubs I I I III I ION I S I I I, ,, f I I I I I D T' S II 1 f f I m l- witI1 III Phot raphy of ,Hi Im Ii. I XSS 1 I iff ot ItI1o5iiS hool ar. , I Ii X I X f I III If I f A ' I ' A Nix I f ,' If if I III- it s -- -is 5 X I I HIIQ ft 1 I I .ASX . I Ig zI'..,,,. ' I QI 'I I fo I I I -T' I -I . ,ff S ' S If fy l ff 'ij' b ,' Q J V J iq-QX . X' II ,, -airs h . N - AV fx,-E I I Xxqalfh f 1 T r .H I rf ,, ' x X ' ' 1-.iff ' 41 '- l I ' fr' -1 A its -AI. ., 9 I 'E -E sw' Ll, LI fx - --. h N s2,1'-my '61, I uf - II I It 45031. ,.f'1?:, I ' .I '- 'ffh' , 14 - f , Y - ' - 'x A t K I' X .XII I 2 jf F xt I II , .,2, Vi' T 5. is . ffm? ft, , tis .gg S AIX - in t"ji'g,,WI I 14: 5'f,1.l III 2 " ' 'M ' x?g5L, - N' gk, .1 I4 ,I H 5 D , 4- I - ,,i Inq' bg '15, Q, I I I , I-I I S max ' ' I IX 'ii' 4 U is 5 " W. . I ,iz - - , . S - .. :y i mg. I F' tffivs ,A , .. . xml h , T f "Ii,g 1, .y I ,PQ X ' x lx IIIX I I 6 full 7 I ,.,fA he in II I i I If I5 K IIQD iiI'4 "Qs IR 5. 1 if III W' I as I I --,Ixx ft 'X .PA s l I V3 gkrh ,lg Iv-I 5 - m 5 . i ,A J , I , at 'X all A 2 M X 4 K X5 V w4 Q A Y! W ' W Q.-.x fn- Z IlIIIW f s,o"""r sv K f M E XXV I X . lllltxgis' S xx Q Si 9' IW Ie. fs- A MESSAGE T0 THE GRADUATES Dear Seniors: K No longer do we think of your education merely as the sum of the courses entered on your record card. xv What makes your schooling unique and significant is the era in which it has taken place. Other classes l seem to have attended school in periods of calm. It has been your lot to attend school in an era of tur- , Q. '-4 moil, strife, and crisis, both international and domestic. Studies and polls clearly confirm that students today 5 are involved in the world about them as much as the adults. In some way, this is a new phenomenon for E American youth. It is obvious that these conditions have not only influenced your formal studies but have also E S ' affected your outlook and future plans. E The success of your high school education must, therefore, be measured by your growth as human 3 N , beings, and by your preparedness to pursue your goals in the world of reality. E E' 5 It is to these ends that your high school experiences were directed. During your stay at FOREST HILLS, you shaped many of your values of life. I have observed with approval the way in which you have increasingly dnlbl used the processes of reason in reaching your iudgments. You have proven yourselves to be self-reliant in your a individual and group activities. Your daily life in school and in the community evidenced your regard for others. l ill! Your indignation against iniustice has characterized your thinking. You are living the democratic way of life. .....- lt is to your credit that you have achieved a mature perspective. Your schooling has consisted of a wide s V diversity of activities. Your studies ranged from the abstract mathematics to the concrete studies of the prac- W -1 tical arts, from the humanities to the sciences, and from courses for leisure time living to courses for earn- 9 gg ing a livelihood. You have prepared yourselves for full and meaningful lives f lf X The transition you are about to make into the world of higher education or of work is paralleled by the V E transition a world in crisis may be taking. You have the task and opportunity to shape both. Your faith in your- hs selves and in the future, I know, is well founded. 5 Sincerely, ' ' ". ' Qui I A fQ..,..fsg.fcMM-,W - , , up -xt ' '4 AA Q PAUL sALsER W 5 V .To Principal 2 I N , so " s by-1' I 4 I - J Illlll vm!! M ' S' f 'L 'I , -als lllln f "' b IIIIMINISTIIIITIIIII MR. JOSEPH TUZZA ASSISTANTS TO THE PRINCIPAL Deans Mn. BERNARD uDANE f""N 41. .Mx MR. JEROME HARMON MISS CATHERINE CREIGHTON MR. HOWARD JUSTIN MR. MILTON SIROTA Park School Teachers-in-Charge MR. SAMUEL KLEIN School Finance 'Cv' MRS. RUTH SCHOR General Organizalion lFulI Term! MISS CATHERINE CAMPBELL Afiendance Co-ordinafor A.M. Session Seggicn DR. LEON MEADE MR. THOMAS LUCAS P.M. Session CHHIRMEN UF DEPARTMENTS ,,..,,...f- MR. JOHN HEINE MR. FRANK KEGEL MRS. ROSE SILVERSTONE Social Studies English Library fp.. MR. LEON RINTEL MR. SAUL GEFFNER MRS. MARY TUZZA MISS ROSEMARY TIGHE Physical Sciences MR. ELI BLUME Foreign Languages MR. HAROLD SACHS Music Art Mathematics Biology MISS MARY COGHLAN MR. SEYMOUR LEFF Girl's Health Education Stenography and Typewriting g. , MR. JOSEPH VARONE MR. BENJAMIN BICKERMAN Boy's Health Education Accounting and Business Practice .QL L . W-565 1 . 6' W . 3:14 V- vii- MR. JOHN RODGERS MR. BERNARD SCHOR arm' JU" MRS. MARGORIE GORE MR. ROBERT MILLER M MRS. ROSALIE KAPLAN MRS. DOROTHEA LEE R. FRANK BARTLETT MRS. JANE EVERARD GUIDANCE MR. WARD HARRIGAN MISS GERTRUDE FARLEY Counselors MRS. MILLICENT SCHUKER MRS. ROSE RUSTON MRS. ANNABELLE OSMAN F MR, MAX POLLACK MR. MARTIN DRACH College Advisors MR. Moms WIGLER 7 Q Www W THE GRADUATES Q Qdwc I N K 4 9 0 7 fu. QQ Ylill I4 -0 1 ,,"fa.::' .I If THEODORA D. ABAZIS CAREN MICHELE ABDELA Biology Lab. Squad Sing Teacher Teacher ANDREW ACHSEN GWEN ACKER Play Pro Arista Psychologist IBM Computers 'Mid -..f,,?' CHAVA ADLER ' RICHARD M. ADLER Arista Stock Broker Biologist WAYNE ROSS ALLEN RALPH ALMELEH Science Honor Society Senior Class V.P. Medicine gww--3" JOEL MARC ABRAHAMS New York Ranger Hockey Star ANDREA ADLER Sing Psychologist LISA D. ALBRECHT Carr. Sec., Leaders Club Head-Shrinker if PATRICIA L. ALTMAN Stenography Office Aide Stenography Teacher STEPHEN HARRIS ABRAMS Handball Team Lawyer Miss Francine Abrams Mathematics Guidance SHARON PENNY ALTMAN Fashion Buyer MARGARITA PATRICIA ALVAREZ Ely AMINIAN Library Squad Language Interpreter Mrs. Natella Astuto Mathematics JOHN VINCENT ANDERSON Marshal Squad Management Expert X ROY APPEL Sing Law ESTHER T. ARJE ALLAN MELNICK ARONOFF English Model Maior in Political Science ANNE G. ANDERSON Stewardess ANNETTE ANISMAN Forest Leaves English Teacher AMI R ARBERMAN Philanthropist RONNIE SUSAN ASBELL Assistant to Yearbook Art Ed. Fine Arts Major gg . CLINTON J. ANDERSON Band Theologist GEORGE ANTONI Dentist K 4. X e MAXINE LURLINE ARCHER Leaders Club Lawyer SEGUNDO FELIPE AVELLO Business Administration HOWARD STEVEN AVNET Manager of Gymnastics Team Ph.D. in Psychology 2.2! ELI BABAYOFF Marshal Squad Medicine GARBIS AGOP BALIAN A EVERETTE WILLIAM BANNISTER A Track Team Criminologist AVI I. AVNI A Electrical Engineer MICHAEL JEFFREY BAGWIN Gymnastics Team Engineer RONNI BALTER Modern Dance Club Poetess ANNE MARIE BARBASSO STEPHANIE ELLEN AZARIA Sing Biology Teacher LINDA CAROL BALDA Lawyer "wan-nf we DIANE BANKOFSKY WENDY GAIL BARKAS ' Beqgon Arista Teacher Science Teacher MICHAEL AZRAN A Chemist Mr. Edward Abramowitz Social Studies ROSA LEE BARKER Library Squad Clerk-Typist HARVEY M. BARNES Track Beacon Column Ediior ELIZABETH BASS Lawyer fu fggfws LESLIE BEATUS Art Mr. Mo rtin Bass Music PAUL JAY BECKER Engineer LARRY HOWARD BAUER Medicine HELEN BAUMOHL ' Arista Psychologisf JANICE R. BECKER NAN BECKER Art Sing Advertising GAYLE BARBARA BECKERMAN Sr. Arista Biologist MINDY LYNNE BEDNOWITZ RICHARD D. BEMPORAD Bowling Senior Band Serrefary Geologist JOAN MARY BENDER Ariist and Wriier HELENE JUNE BEDNOWITZ Bowling Teacher DAWN CHRISTINE BENDERMAN A Library Secretory or Veterinarian RICHARD BENDHEIM VERA BENKO Regisiered Nurse AUDREY BERGERA JOAN CAROL BERGER Secretary Sing Teacher 1 1 its-sux: f LANI ROBIN BERGSTEIN Sing Journalist VIVIAN BERGER if STEVE S. G. BENSHEM Writer SUSAN LOIS BERGER Sing Teacher ANN ROCHELLE BERKOWITZ Modern Dance Club Child Psychialry if PIRCHIA ZAHAUA BENSOUI Modern Dance Club Elementary Teacher Mr. Stephen Bergman English SHERRY BERKOVITZ MICHELLE BERLAND JILL KAREN BERMAN SARA-ANN BERMONT Work wifh children Orchestra Teacher Fores! Leaves English Teacher Sec. School English Teacher ji i 5 are RUTH MARIE BE RNARDON Secrefary Mr. Melvin Bernstein Maihemafics BARBARA H. BLEIWEIS Chorus Fashion Designer LILLIAN ROSEMARY BERNHARDT Orchesira Professional Dancer JAY DAVID BIEGELSON Play-Pro Engineering """9 ILAN M. BILU Baskeiball Beaver Trapper ILENE SUSAN BLUESTEIN Arisla Elemenfary School Teacher WILLIAM BERRY CHRISTINA BIANCULLI Cocoa Broker Legal Secreiary JACK BICKEL OLIVIA BILBOUL Accounting Airline Sfewardess DANIEL S. BIRNBAUM STEVEN BISKER Tennis Team Senior and Junior Arisia Scientisi Shepherd i AMY BETH BLUMENSTOCK ' Arisla Technical Wriier ALLEN BLUSTEIN ' Senior Band Open-Heart Surgeon .fi :x A 'S' 'sf Em 5 -' fiffsjs NANCY MARIE BOLLON Secretary DORIS BOROWER Sing Foreign Service MIRIAM BRAAF Arista Psychologist KEN BRANDT Varsity Baseball Engineering MARTIN BORAKOVE Law ALLISON BORDEN NATHAN BORG Sing Basketball Team Noyelisf Businessman TINEKE BOS LEONARD ALAN BRAMS Junior Arista C.P,A. MARK JORDAN BRAUWERMAN Marshal Squad Accountant IRENE BOUDAGHIAN " Modern Dance Club Registered Nurse A Mr. Murray Bovin 2' -h irir in ' Industrial Arts I GEORGE BRAND es., LORRAINE VERNE BRETT VIREE BERNICE BRITTON ' Writer Teacher Aide Data Professor GRACE BRIZZI MARCY SUE BRODY Sing Sing Doctor Teacher MINDY E. BROOK Elementary School Teacher Mrs. Eileen Breen English JILL BRYER HARVEY BUERGER GAYLE HOPE BURBANK MGYSIIGI Squad Fashion Designer History Teacher STEPHANIE BRODY Secretary of the G.O. Speech Therapist RICHARD MARK BROZEN Captain of Marshal Squad Engineer PETER S. BUCH Hospital Volunteer MARIO ANTONIO BURGOS ' Electrical Engineer MADELYN BRONITSKY Arista School Psychologist MARY CAROLYN BRYANT Commercial Artist CATHIE LOUISE BUHN Stewardess CAROL ANN BUTENSKY Sing Teacher DAVID BUTLER REGINA C. CALDARELLI Leaders Club Teaching SUSAN CARSTENS Modeling JOSEPH ANTHONY CASTAGNA Junior Arista Engineer EUGENE DAVID BUTT Social Studies Honor Society Lawyer PEGGY IVY CAMPBELL Senior Band Teach Instrumental Music in High School scott CARTER CATHERINE CASTELLI Bowling Club Registered Nurse DENNIS BYRNS A ROBERT F. CANTOR Science Program Doctor ANTHONY CASTAGNA Arista Engineer JERRY CAHN Math Honor Society Lawyer Mr. Edward Conlon Health Education .Iii ARLENE MARSHA CASTLEMAN GERRY CATANIA Chorus Math Teacher Wall Street PATTY PARVINE CHADI Sing Teacher Mr. Vito Consoli Chemistry CYNTHIA DE YVONNE CLARK Booster Fashion Designer ANDREA FAY CHAN Tutoring Pharmacy ARLENE MARIE CHERNENKO Senior Class Representative Executive Secretary OFRA CHITRIT GRACE ELIZABETH CHANDLER Forest Senator Diplomatic Corps ALLEN LAWRENCE CHERNIN Captain Track Team law pn.. CHAIM J. CHIZIC Rocket Engineering PAULINE CHAO Play Pro Medicine PETER CHIN A bn-- ROSEMARY TAI-SHEN CHOU Math Honor Society Medicine PATRICIA CLEARY STUART CLURMAN ARNOLD MITCHELL COCHIN Cheerleader Zeppelin Pilot Doctor DEBORAH M. COCHRANE Hostess Squad Arf Education BRUCE DAVID COHEN Junior Arista Engineer MORRIS DAVID COHEN Journalist ANDREA SUE COHN Asst. Business Manager, Beacon Elementary Education L Xiilx fx -49 .C at FRANCES J. COHAN4- ALAN MICHAEL COHEN Sing Political Science High School Teacher ANNE-LOUISE COHEN College Aide Art Hislory JEFFREY COHEN MARSHA COHEN Supervising Editor Beacon Physical Therapist Mr. Sheldon Diamond Physics MYRA COHEN PAULA COHEN Interior Decorating National Honor Society Psychologist ARNOLD COHN ARLENE COLEMAN PETER MARTIN COLEMAN Chorus Orchestra Registered Nurse Music CYNTHIA EVON COLLINS Captain of Boosters FRANK J. COLLETTI Marshal Squad English Teacher C.P.A. BARBARA H. COOPER Band Teacher Miss Virginia Dwyer Health Education CONNIE CORWIN Arista Linguist EVELYN COUSIN ARTHUR AMOS COYLEA Cowboy DENNIS CONOLLY A ROBIN VALERIE COOPER Computer Programmer I BERNADETTE COSTA Hair Stylist Nui MONICA SCHEHERAZADE CREMONA L Doctor CATHY S. CONTOS Medical Technician SUSAN CORNFIELD STEVE JAMES COSTA Aviation MARTIN CRESFI Chemistry Squad Chemistry Teacher ILEANA MARIA CULLELL Marshal Commercial Artist 'E' ALVIN L. CUSTIN Engineer ELIZABETH DAPCICH ELLEN SOPHIA DAVIS A DENNIS CUROW Electrical Technician NEIL ORLANDO CUNNINGHAM A LUCILLE CURCIO Civil Engineering Legal Secretary il X xr NAOMI DANIS Play Pro Writer PAUL DAMBOWIC Mrs. Eleanor Eldridge French BETH DIANE DAVIDSON DENISE DAVIS Senior Band Physical Therapist RICHARD DAVIS RUSSELL LESLIE DEAN STEVEN JAY DEITCH College Office Aide Basketball Warsilyl BBGCOD Football Aeronautical Engineer -lOUl'llGliSf an--5 MARIO DE LA VEGA Presidenl Marshal Squad Coffee Planter Miss Alice Fingerhut Foreign Languages GOLDE DUDELL 'WF 'Q-.4 S 1-.,,,.v--e 3 523 V, 3 - g I I : . - . I A ..Mim. , . " , I - M GEOFFREY BRUCE DEPINNA JEFF DEUTSCH Adveriising Field Bowling Team Sporlscasler Q' ""-vw . CHARLES MARC DIAMOND STEVEN DIAMOND Elecfrical Engineer Accounfanf Y 43' I? 6 19 2 ,. , ,z.f.'.! 3 SOPHIE ANN DORSEYA SHIRLEY DRAYTON Nurse SecreIary wi ELLEN PENNY DULE Sin BARBARA L. DYCKMAN 9 Guidance Office Elementary School Teacher Teacher SUSAN DEUTSCH Arista Teacher MARCY LYNN DORDICK Legal Secretary MARA LYNN DUCHAN Office Aide Secretary NORBERT ECKER Civil Engineering ,pup CATHY EDMONDS ' Commercial Arlisf JOHN EISDORFERL Commercial Arfisf 'S f I fm. 1" 6 I RONNIE CLAIRE EISINGER " Orchestra Advertising BERNARD ENTE Honor Roll Oplomelrist MICHAEL Y. EHRENTHAL Doclor CHET MICHAEL EISEN Arisla Man of the World LINDA ELLIOTT Future Teachers' Club Psychologisf JUDY EILEEN ENTNER Secrelary ADRIENNE ELLEN EICHLER Service Aide Stenographer .al-Qu ISABEL DEBORAH EISEN Beacon Business Edilor international Relations BARBARA ENDELSON Legal Slenographer ROBERT EPSTEIN Varsily Baseball Player Professional Baseball Player ' Jf, I 5 A A rll JOYCE EIN Modern Dance To Be Apprecialed Mr. John Fotlrell Teacher-in-Charge Mid-Session lSpring Terml SUSAN L. EPSTEIN Sing Speech Therapy MARK ARTHUR ERLICH Marshal Physician Mrs. Lillian Friedenreich Chemistry DENISE FELDMAN Modern Dance Club Psychologist SHELLEY ERLICH Sing Lawyer AMELIA FALGAS " Bilingual Secretary STEVEN FEINBERG History Honor Society Medicine ROBIN AMY FELDMAN Library Aide Thespian Quan-sl PIEDAD EZPELETA English Office Diplomatic Secretary 1 KENNETH STEPHEN FEDER Varsity Golf Team High School Math Teacher use ANN ELAINE FEINGLASS Stewardess RHODA FELLER Sing Art Teacher RON I SUE FAGIN Art Editor of Forester Fashion Designer l fin.- 2 1 i if, me , . , -1. ,A - ...Q 5 "fn A -gawk., A zgygwf' 1 , , . - .nmqffo if-me ,,,u-,,,,,,,gf-- V, ,. Q, Mg-'51-'awww f fmngu. 3, ,Z Q .',,,,,,'-Lew-an - 1 ,gy-gtg., 6i'4.1,.4,r , ,wow '- . ,gi-my ,HH nr' "" f sw 'z '.'.'.'-l f ' i- ,bl 'L -1753, 55 43.1, args . In-4. 'S . J ' iz. I f A up is 1 NEIL Ches X .QQ ,i', ' FEINBERG s Club Lawyer PEARL ANN FEINGOLD Office Aide Teacher STEVE FENN Asst. Photo-Editor of Yearbook Pho tographer PAUL ALAN FENSTER Photography LETTY FERNANDEZ-SILVA Co-Captain of Cheerleaders Executive Secretary -Mi , fm' 'mfggafeia ,v w fx- ggv fy- xii, ,: g,,,g:1:: , fs-Qaxif ED DAVID FEUERSTEIN Play Pro CELINA FIELD Orchestra English Teacher Psychologist GARY FIELDS Varsity Baseball Sing EFRAIN FIGUEROA, JR. ' F.B.l. Agent Language Teacher Ell-EEN FINK ARLENE FINKELSTEIN Attendance Office 55,19 Legal 5fen09fUPhef Executive Secretary NICHOLAS FERRANDINO Accountant RICHARD ALAN FIELDING Orchestra Musical Genius FRANCESCO FILIPPELLI Electronics Designing Analyzer BARBARA S. FINKELSTEIN Cheerleader Physiotherapist BARBARA N. FERTEL Laboratory Technician 'Finns Miss Teresa Fugazi Mathematics LINDA B. FINKELSTEIN Buying and Merchandising LORETTA P. FINKELSTEIN Captain of Cheerleaders Elementary School Teacher Mr. Leonard Gappelberg Social Studies MARSHA RUTH FINKELSTEIN Senior Orchestra Medical Technician PAMELA FISH Advanced Science Physicist '53 1 ,Q 5 A MARK FISHER Stock Broker MICHELE FLORES LIZA STARR FOLMAN NANCY DALE FINKELSTEIN RANDY ELLEN FISCH Junior Arista Teacher Teacher JAYNE ELIZABETH FISHELSON Sing Costume Committee Teacher GEORGE I.. FISHER Soothsayer JFK. MICHAEL FRED FLEFLEH ' Soccer Engineer JANET SARAH FONTAK ' G.O. Representative Scenery Chairman of Sr. Sing Sing History Major Art Psychology LAWRENCE ELLIOT FLON Math Team Physicist an 44 t , i ,, I . , . :'r':. . . . 125-'I-?'f5ir Y ,.Lg'1 f I'1".,wI-fl' . .fu-v",.. iirv? .1 4:-lzftffzwiygg 35117 4-Z 1 j:f. 5:2 'uj',:.jffQ'.'!4 v 1 1 1- -1:1 .-1:1f:':2' -""-2'-'-"::"!" JOSEPH LESTER FORMAN Marshal Business LINDA S. FORMAN Junior Arisia Biological Sciences BARRY FOX Language Translalor PETER FREED Bowling Team Electrical Engineering JOANN MARCIA FRIEDMAN Buyer and Merchandising HECTOR FORN ES S ESTHER E. FRANKL Pres., Language Honor Sociei' Professor we Wy, ALLYN W. FRIED Choreographer of Sing Art Teacher LESLIE l. FRIEDMAN' Junior Arisia Foreign Diplomacy HERMAN JOSEPH FOSSI ' NOREEN FOSTER avi lSE LINDA FRAZIER der's Club ild Psychologist Mr. Jacob Garfunkel Mathematics LARRY JAY FRIEDLANDER Prophef MAXINE MYRA FRIEDMAN Foreign Language Honor Society Chorus Linguisf Sociology MICHELE ELLEN FRIEDMAN ' A NANCY C. FRIEDMAN NANCY GAIL FRIEDMAN Cheerleader Library Squad STEVEN SHELDON ERTRACHTER Manager of Tennis Team Secondary School Teacher Librarian Public Relaiions NELSON D. FUCHS ' ADELE R. FUCHSBERG Physics Lab. Squad Play Pro Denlisl Teacher Miss Jean Geer English ADRIANA GALAINENAA JERRY GALEA CONNIE FRYE SUSAN PENELOPE FULFORD Program Office Nurse CYNTHIA GALLAGHER Forest Leaves lllusfrafor of . 1 I RONALD JAMES GANTT CARLOTTA AMARYLLIS GARCIA DEBBY HEDRA GASNICK Marshal Squad Captain Travel Social Worker Biology Teacher ANNE GAYER Junior Arista Teaching JAY D. GAYNER Physics lab. Squad MARTIN NEIL GELTNER Orchesira Eiecfronic Engineer PATRICIA LOUISE GERRITY Nursing lnslrucfor LYNN GERTZ Diefician ROZ GEIGER Teacher ANDREA SUE GELBER Speech Teacher HANNAH GELLERI ' Arista GEORGE GERO Chemisf GAIL FAITH GERSHBEINA Fashion Designer GRACE VALARIE GEROLSTEIN Private Secreiary ELLEN GERTSON Receptionisf 'G' GEORGETTE GESTELY ELODIA GIAMBALVO PAUL GIBSON Modern Dance Club Singer Maihemafician Mr. Fred Geier Earfh Science ,.. 5' ii-at JERRY GIL ' Fencing Team Brain Surgeon Miss Janet Grabau English STUART GLENWICK Chemistry Squad Medicine SUSAN GILBERT CATHY SUE GILLMAN Commissioner of Sing '68 Sing Ph sical Therapist Social Worker y HELEN GINOPOLIS MARIANNE KATHERINE GIOVE Teacher Omce Aide Legal Secretary MARSHA J. GITKIND ARNOLD LEWIS GLASS Senior Park Senator Feature Editor of Beacon Secondary Education Sorcerer BARBARA JANE GLUCK Musical Coordinator of Sing Mothematicion RUSSEL THOMAS GMUCA Forensics Education EUGENE ROBERT GILLMAN Math Honor Society Medicine GAIL GIRDA Artist BERNICE M. GLASSBERGL Showroom Model EDGAR GOETZL Lawyer SANDRA JUDITH GOLDBECK Sing Fashion Buyer MARCY GOLDBERG Secretary Y ' CAROL GOLDFARB Arista History Teacher DAVID GOLDSHALL AQ ELLEN J. GOLDBERG Attendance Ottice Aide Interior Decorator Q'-" F U .X . PAUL MICHAEL GOLDBERG Social Studies Honor Society Medicine we-'ff JANET ALISA GOLDFARB G.O. Councilman Executive Secretary- ROBERT IRA GOLDSMAN Accountant I JAY J. GOLDBERG Social Studies Honor Society Scientist 12:7 WILLIAM DAVID GOLDBERG Marshal Pro Football '53 RAFAEL GOLDFELD Engineering JOHN A. GOLDSMITH President of Math Honor Society Mathematician ,nv-51 LAURA GOLDBERG Junior Arista Elementary Education Miss Antoinette Giusto Acting Chairman, Foreign Languages lSpring Terml MICHAEL GOLDSMITH Sports Editor of Beacon Political Science ALAN GOLDSTEIN Mr. Chester Gusick Health Education 'K' lr JEFF GOLDSTEIN MINDY LINDA GOLDSTEIN Teacher BENAD ZEOV GOLDWASSER Doctor LOUREEN GONSALVES Chorus Nurse ROBERTA GOODMAN Attendance Omce Aide Fashion Coordinator JUDITH HELEN GOLDSTEIN ' English Office Elementary School Teacher SELMA GOLDSTEIN Arista Elementary School Teacher AARON GOLUB School Band Accountant ELEANOR GORDON Beacon Physician MATTHEW GOLDSTEIN Bond VIVIANE JACQUELINE GOLDSTEIN Associate Editor of Beacon Foreign Service Q9 JOHN GOMORI Math Team Mathematician Z 1 SCOTT NELSON GORDON Pres., F.H.H.S. Literary Society Novelist and Humorist BRUCE WILLIAM GOSDORFER ' Capt. Marshal Squad FBI Agent M ff , , 1 4' i g , IIII I' I. 5 1 LOUIS GOTTLIEB Arista Engineer fizmn K. 152,-xzim CARL L. GOTTLIEB Advertising SUSAN ARLENE GOTTLIEB Forest Leaves Lawyer THOMAS STEPHEN GOULD Editor-in-Chief, French-American Student Physician CRISTINA ROSA GRANDE ' G.O. Representative Secretary GARNETTA GREEN Secretary JUDITH ANN GREENBERG Sing Sociologist mme, cu: 09.61 'FA-X. Bgggg GCE, civvusll .uJvenJ, wuohnwqeu DEBBIE ELLEN GOTTLIEB LISA F. GOTTLIEB' Modern Dance Club Honor Roll Marriage Inferior Decorator MARYANN GOTTSCHA LK Teacher Mrs. Barbara Halper English PETER DOUGLAS GRAY Math Honor Society Veterinarian ,aaa inn' JULIAN GREENBERG ELAINE GREIF Scientist Secretary of Sing Psychology KAREN JEAN GREMSE College Mr. John Harvey Foreign Languages GEORGE MAYER HALIMI Mechanical Engineer HOWARD GROOPMAN Senior Band DIANE GROSSMAN ALLEGRA GROTAS Stewardess KURT THOMAS GROZINGER TERRI GURLAND SHEILA GUTSTEIN To Make Money Sing Sing Psychologist Dental Technologist LILLIAN JEANETTE HAAS WALTER HAGANS ARI A. HAHN A Language Office Marshal Squad Lieut. Musician Teacher Auto Mechanic LAWRENCE HALPERN CHARLES HUBERT HAMMOND JOHN THOMAS HAMMOND Junior Arista Office Aide Marshal Squad Judge Accountant Business '92 f MICHAEL HANOWITZ MARCY ELLEN HARNISH ETHEL ELl.lE HARRIS ' Teacher Accountant FRANCINE HARTSTEIN National Honor Society Teacher CATHY MERLE HARWITT RON H. HAR-ZVI SIMONE HASSOUN ' Play Pro Audio-Visual Attendance Oftice Art Education Electronic Engineer Teacher E x VICKI MARQUELIT HAZAN Sing Executive Secretary 'ii' JOHN HEAR CLAIRE HEBERT Stewardess Mr. Irving Heller Foreign Languages IFQII Term! MARALEE ROSE HELLER PETER EDWARD HELLER DEBBIE P. HENDEL ERIC HENLEY History Oftice Aide Stock Broker Booster Treasurer of Social Studies Honor Secmfa,-y Merchandising-Buyer Sgciety Psychoonalyst LEO HENNER Captain of Fencing Varsity Architect Mr. Samuel Hirschman Physics TINA IRENE HILL Adress MARCIA LENA HENVILLEA Accountant SHELLEY ESTHER HERSCH Medical Lab Technician RUTH HERZFELD A .lain JOYCE ROCHELLE MILLER Arista Fashion Design EDIE HERDE Writer BARBARA HELEN HERMAN Arista DANIELLE CLAIRE HERTZ RAYE HERTZ Sing College Aid Nurse Teacher 455 ww 'N ANDREW HERZOG Physics Squad SUSAN JANE HILF Sing Veterinarian TeacherfGuidance Counselor C'I""'7Y GERRI HIRSCH THOMAS HOCH Sing Journalist Political Science wif Ofefl 6951328 SM WK .my V WJ fstiiii MWVL ww SHIRLEY ANN HOCHBAUM IKM Sing TeacherfGuidance Counselor I X. MARSHA BETH HOLMAN ' Orchestra Physician BABETTE JACQUELINE HORN Senior Arista Chemistry Professor ROBYN JOY HOWARD Booster Commercial Artist HOWARD STEVEN HOCHBERG Junior Arista Biology Teacher PENNY CHERYL HOLTZMAN Sing Teacher SCOTT HORNSTEIN Editor of Forest Leaves Writer -If Xe MARY JANE BARBARA HSU Language Honor Society Pathologist x MICHAEL HOLLANDER English Department Aid RONALD DAVID HOLLIE Basketball Team Doctor Engineer VELINDA PATRICIA HOOVER Business School Mr. Ben Edward Holt English SUSAN JILL HOROWITZ ' Social Studies Honor Society Artist goii WENDY ANN HUBER President of Leaders Club Business Management LAWRENCE SAMUEL HUNT Mathematician BARBARA HUREWITZ RONIT HURWITZ Kindergarten Teacher in Israel EDNA ANTON IA INFANTE Teacher Mr. Charles Hoffman English SHELLEY ISAAC Forest Leaves Psychology KENNETH HARRY ITZKOWITZ JAMES A. IVANY Track Team Physical Education Teacher Civil Engineer MATTHEW STEVEN HUSCH BARBARA INDICH Physicist Sing Teacher ANNETTE INSDORF Executive Secretary of Sing MICHAEL GREGORY INGINO Business Executive International Lawyer LOUISE ALESSANDRE ISENBERG All-City Chorus Medical Technologist THOMAS ISOLA PATRICIA EDNA JACKMAN A WILBUR LAWRENCE JACKSON Booster Varsity Basketball Singer Engineering I l iiieor ,I ff, i ffffkml l l JAY S. JACKTER Track Attorney MICHAEL C. JACOBS Marshal Squad Engineering I STUART JACOB Lawyer ARLENE MONICA JACOBS Forest Leaves Elementary School Teacher CANDY JO JACOBSON ' Sing lawyer WENDY LOIS JACOBSON Sr. Arista Teacher STEVEN LEE JAFFE Play Pro Producer-Director ERIC .IACOBSON G.O. President Guru 'iii it BARBARA LYNN JACOBY JUDITH LIZA JAFFE Sing College Social Work RUTH JAMES Captain of Boosters C.P.A. E ii 5' fix SUSAN YVONNE JANO General Office Switchboard 35 HANA JACOBS Mr. Irwin Isser Health Education LILLIAN ANN JEKNAVORIAN G.O. Representative English Teacher JOCELYNE JESENOF MERLE ANN JOFFEA Sing Singer Teacher MYRTLE JONES Mr. William Kerr Speech JOEL KABAK SONNORA ANTOINETTE JOHNSON ' Leaders Club IBM Compuier Programmer JOAN JILL JOSEPHS ' Speech Therapist la--10' JAMES ANGELO KACHULIS Mathematics Honor Socieiy Physician PENNY KAMIN MURRAY KAMIONSK G.O. Councilman Commercial Adveriising Pqfeni Law I JANET LEA KANAREK Social Sludies Honor Society Senior Advisor ro Junior Sing DEBORAH DIANE JONES Boosler JUDITH JUSSIM Senior Band Psychologisi LISA MARILYN KALISH Beaulician STEPHANIE CANDICE KANE Secreiary, Science Honor Sociei Y BARBARA L. KANOF Sing Sociologist LAURIE ANN KAPILOW ' Leader Secondary Education Teacher HAROLD L. KAPLAN Debating Club Lawyer STEVEN MARTIN KARP Lawyer .af GWEN KANTOFF HARRY KANTOR CARLA KANTZER French Club Band Library Squad Music Principal of F.H.H.S. Language Teacher BERNARD DAVID KAPLAN Lawyer CHARLOTTE ANN KAPLAN 7 Play Pro Illustrator Mr. Edward Kaminski Foreign Languages JANET KAPLAN ' Criminology NANCY JANE KAPLAN Senior Arista Education IDS PATRICE KASSOF TOSHIRO KATAYAMA PETE KATONA G.O. Rep. Fencing Teacher Engineering, Math, or Philosophy ELAYNE KATZ Sing Journalism Miss Carolyn Kaminesfer Foreign LanguGg9S KEVIN PATRICK KENNELLY Electronic Engineer ELLEN KATZ ' ALANQST' ARTHUR WAYNE KAUFMANN V. Malh Teacher Effgineerl M' , . X, Secy., Science and Engineering -V ' i L J- 1 I L' li Club C fi i ' bf L4 Ll 'Ji' Q Nuclear Scienlisf - 1' " 1, if ii Y 1,u,'ai"i Y ' l ,I 'A "L - crgg JAMES JOHN KEENANL GARY DAVID KAYE Denlisf Airline Pilol GALE PENNY KAUFMAN National Honor Socieiy Teacher wr IRENE THERESA KENNEDY Foreign Sludenfs League ANDREW KEEVES A IRVING M. KEMPNER Sfockbroker Secretary srANroN HARRY KENT JACKUN SHAKE KE5H'5H'AN A cAnoL JOANNE KESSLER Lawyer Electronic Engineer Moih Honor Society Malh Teacher BILL KHANI Treasurer, Language Honor Soc. Physician STEVEN NEAL KLEIMAN Senior Class President Politician KAREN LYNN KLEIN Arista Bio Chemist I E Q,-H f 3 4,245 ' -35:5 , 1 ',4:4-'pg MSW '39, ,.1 .,., 2,323 Q, Mft? QM-93" .vie:::dgLmi:: :W - 45, ,Y I W.-.' ':,.:::::::r--v.."'wg-Q STEVEN KLEIN JAMES J. KHANI JUNE KHANI JAMES FRANCIS KICKEI. Social Studies Honor Society Sing P0liCe Dept. Lawyer Elementary Education HELENE KLEIN JILL DANIELA KLEIN psychoyogisf Elementary Education Mr. Michael Krutoy f Biology G.O. Advisor K J' MARLENE SHARON KLEIN RANDY MARSHA KLEIN ' Q . 1 Sing Kindergarten Teyher Teacher of Underprivileged Children CIM .f JEFF I. KLINGENSTEIN PHYLLIS KNEE SHOSHANA KOCHAV ' Play Production Junior Arista Accou,-,pam Veterinarian LLOYD KOHLER MARIO KQHN Fencing Team Archifecf ELENA KOSTIW Vice President of Leaders Club Fashion lllusfraior Mr. Frank Konopasek Health Education EILEEN KOWLER Language Honor Society Biologist RICHARD c. KRAUS srfvm KRAU5 JONATHAN KOLLIN Lieutenant, Marshal Squad Engineering SIDNEY ELIOT KOTLUS Senior Band Business Adminisiralion BONNIE LYNN KRAMER Fashion Buyer i ELIZABETH BENNETT KOSTING Play Pro Illusrrafing ERNEST KOVARI ' Navy CANDY CARYN KRAMER ' Marshal Ofiice Kindergarien Teacher 5 DINA KREVINSKY ' KENNY ROBERT KRINSKYA Doctor Sing Psychiafrisf Auto Mechanic DIANE SUSAN KROLL Sing Biologist 466 iw xx fwwflg' MARC ANDREW KUPPERSMITH Bowling Team Dentist GEORGE DONALD KWAST ' Arista Education NANCY SIGRID LAIGHT G.O. Elementary Education WILLIAM KRONE FERNE KUNEN BARBARA BRYNA KUPFER Manager of Track Team Sing Social Studies Office Medicine psychology Secretarial Science 'l'f Q MARK KURFIRST DENISE KUTNER' Entertainment Hostess Squad Education Mr. Gerald Larkin Social Studies STEVEN HUGH LABESA REBECCA SUE LACKER Model LORRAINE RACHEL LANDAU JEFF LANE DENISE DEE LANES Orchestra Doctor Senior Representative Dada, Math Teacher RONNIE MARSHA LANGER National Honor Society Elementary Education Mr. Paul Lauren Chemistry SUE Z. LANTZ ' DAVID EDWARD Editor, French American Student President, Social Studies Honor Teacher Society CHRISTINA LASSEN English Ottice Medical Assistant CECILIA LEB MIKE LEBOWITZ MARIA EUGENIA LATORRE Program Office Aide Aviation Pilot TERRY R. LEDER Hygenist JOAN LEDERER STEPHANIE LEDERMAN ROBERT LEFKOWITZ TODD STUART LEFTON Science Honor Society Sing Tennis Team Veterinarian Pediatrician English Teacher ur-f' f My I MT LINDA ANN LEGGIO Typisl or Model wwwev RITA LEHRFELD ROCHELLE LEIBOWITZ HERBERT C, LEIFER Cutting Squad Ef'9ll5h TBUCHSF Junior Arista Math Teacher Aeronautical Engineer DOROTHY LEINER ' Forest Office Secretary GARRIS LEISTEN LIGIA LEIVA' Sing-Actress Trail Blazer Z- mm isAsEL LEIVA' DEBBIE LENIER STUART LEONA Spanish Teacher Nurse iss Barbara Leonard Biology KAREN LYNN lEONARD MARC LERCHER ALEX LERNER BARRY LERNER College Aide Bowling Team Senior and Junior Arista Baseball Team Elementary Education Medicine Engineer ROSS MICHAEL LERNER Business Executive Mr. Murray Lichtman English ROBYN D. LEVINE Chorus Teacher YVONNE G. LERNER Sing Secretarial Studies ELLEN LESTER Attendance Monitor Model BARBARA J. LESSER Senior Representative Speech Therapist LINDA JOY LEVIN Secretarial Studies Ottice Teaching KAREN LEVINE Beacon Teacher LAURIE LYNNE LEVINE Arista Veterinarian ARNOLD LEVITT PATRICIA A. LEVITT Artist MARILYN .IANICE LESSER Senior Arista Teacher IRIS SUZANNE LEVINE Senior Orchestra Executive Secretary MARK LEVINE MORRIS LEW Electrical Engineer ' CHARLES H. LEWIS Track Team Attorney DIANE HERMIONE LEWIS Sculptor RHONDA LEWIS' SHELDON SAMUEL LEWIS Gymnastics Team Medicine STEVEN SAUL LICHTENSTEIN HOWARD LIEBENSTEIN Civil Service Dentist -Q...-2' ARTHUR J. LIEDERMAN STEWART FRED I-IFF Baseball Team Yearbook Art Staff Commercial Arlisf HILLARI W. LEWIS Play Pro Commercial Artist MICHAEL HAROLD LEWIS Arisla Attorney ERIC ALLEN LICHTEN Clinical Psychologist BERTA INA LIEBHOFF Business Manager of Beacon Psychologist LORNA JAY LINDENAUERL Buyer Mr. Victor Mare Health Education MARGIE JANE LINDENAUER Lawyer JEFFREY IRA LITTLE Vice President of Marshal Squad Accountant Mrs. Rose Lippe Foreign Language RAY M. LUSSE PETER E. LLANO Baseball Team Aerodynamics Engineer RAY LOH ABRAHAM L. LoNDoN DEBORAH ANNE LONDON .Junior Arista Teaching CAROLINE H. LOWY Senior Class Representative Elementary Education DIANE EMERSON MacINNES Fashion Designer ROY LORENZO LILIAN LORENZSON Yearbook Photography Staff Economist HELEN JOAN LUBIN BARBARA LUKE Mathematics Honor Society Forest Leaves Anthropologist DENNIS MAIKA MARSHA RUTH MALICK Mdrshfll Squad Senior Class Park Treasurer Lawyer Biologist GAIL CARYN MALIAN Spanish Teacher NANCI ANNE MALIN Teacher CLAUDIA JOAN MANN Senior Arista Teacher BARBARA E. MANSOUR French Teacher KEITH ROBERT MARGRILL Handball Team Chemical Engineer E SHEllA JAY MARKS Fordham U. Creativity Proiecl Creator 'Cf' JUDI ROBIN MARIN Play Pro Teacher 'T LlLLlAN MARTIN 1 KHK0 KAMIYAMA JUDITH ANN MANDELBAUM Teacher play pro Medicine STUART MARCHER N112 1'-'Q . sive .-sq, Mrs. Janet Mayer English JANICE MAXINE MARKS Modeling MEL MARX SANDRA MARX Office Aide Associate Copy Editor of Beacon Actor Journalism '45 RONALD MICHAEL MARZLOCK' NOEMI MASLIAH Senior Class Foresl Treasurer ALBERT RICHARD MASON A Psychoanalysf STEVEN JAMES MATTISA Policeman BARBARA ELLIN MAYER Elementary Educafion Mr. Sidney Mathis Social Studies TERRY MAZER Play Pro DALE MAZZA Modern Dance Club Theme' Courf Reporter JFNNIFER MCMIUAN TODD JOHN McNAMARA SHARON MARSHA Meisms Library Aide Tmck Teacher Axounlanl Foreign Service OLIVIA MASRY ' Doctor ERIC DENNIS MAUSS ' Band Astro-Physicist LYNDA M-:KENNY A ARLENE MELNICK Sing Elementary School Teacher I x X RONNIE MAE MELNICK ROBERT L. MELNIK MARGARET HELEN MERKER Play Pr? Forest Leaves Secretary Q Political Science LUWYSV .X K, X3 fn . VX NNN 1 P x NN XMLJ I I K. Q 'Viv LU ' ty X N It 'xl NX N Qc NL X R V .1 LAURENCE T. METZGERA susAN Merzcsn JASON pl MEYER Senior Band Beacon Graphologist Dentistry Clinical Psychologist r' LYDIA JOYCE MICHAELS Legal Secretary PHYLLIS ANN MILLER Play-Pro Al-ICE MICHAEL-Y ARTHUR MIGLIO A Library Aide Marshal 50501097 Electronics MALLORY MILLS N MILMAN BONNIE W. MERZER Arista Elementary Education Miss Anna Mercaldo Mathematics if COREY Al-A LINDA MINEO Fencing C.P.A. MICHAEL L. MINOR Senior Representative Broadcaster '53 Miss Iris Morris English KENNETH BARRY MORGEN Director of Sing HGPPY 6""?' 'hu MASAO MIYAMOTO ' Engineer MILDRED HELENE MINTZ ERIC MICHAEL MITTLEBERG Arista Medicine Fashion Iiiustratcr J I' .ta 1-ns. 'Hur 'Hu- ' ' LILLIAN MOOALLIMA ROSEMARY MOONEY JACQUELINE MONTAG ' Secretary 'P S' MARILYN MORRIS STEVEN ALLEN MORRIS MARGARET MORAN Sing Graphic Arts Theater JAY MOSKOVIC ANDREW E. MOSS Gymnastics Team Senior Orchestra Psychotherapist Musician EDWARD N. MOSS News Editor of Beacon Medicine ELLEN HOPE MUELLER CARQLYN MULLER 1' CAROL MOY KAREN WINONA MOY Secretary Guidance Aide ' All CNY Chorus Language Honor Society Fashion Li arian Psyghglogigf OROTHY MULLER ' MARILYN MUSS ANDREA SHERRY NAIMARK D Senior Arisla Senior Arisia gjnger Psychologisf Math Teacher Mrs. Cornelia Petersen Home Economics PAUL NANY KAREN H. NAPARSTEK JOANNE NARKIR ' Sing Music RBERT ALAN NEWBORN JOANNE NETT'-E TOMMY NEUMAN LAVERNE NEVIS HE Arista Chess Club Accountant Scientisf RUTH NEWMAN MICHAEL BARRY NEWMARK Fashion Merchandising Teacher SUSAN NGAI ' Mr. Oscar Plosker Foreign Language ROGER CRAIG NORDEN Chemislry Lab Squad Civil Engineer ARNOLD NG AYISIU Beaufician Psychologist JOAN ANN NGAI BARBARA JILL NIGEN GIDEON NOEL Pres., Future Teachers Club Lawyer JACKIE ROBINSON NORMAN Track Team THADDEUS LORENZO NOTO Audio Visual Squad Health Ed, Teacher Archeologisf JOHN OHANESSIAN CHAIM GEORGE OHEBSHALOMA NANCY or-ILBAUM ROSAMARIA CASPARY Teacher Soccer Team Docfor Junior Arisia OLIVEIRA A Medicine Teacher JEFFREY ROBERT OPPENHEIMER KENNETH BRUCE ORANSKY PATTI ANN OLSHINA Sing Tennis Team MCH'Sl1Gl Commercial Artist Lawyer Science T9GCl1el' LORETTA ORLANDO Airline Stewardess JAMES MARK ORPHANIDES CLAUDIA ORVIETO Arista Math Teacher DAVID OSIECKI Captain of Basketball Team Athlete DANIEL OSTER HARRY OVANESSIAN Doctor Marshal fx- ALICE PALATNICK Play Pro MARCIA DEBORAH PALLY' BRUCE RICHARD PALMER Arista Play Pro Stage Crew Nursing 50Ci0l Woflfef Electrical Engineer JANINE ORDENTLICH ' Staff of Fr. Am. Student Journalist x OS., Mr. Bernard Plotkin Mathematics JOHN PALUMBO DENNIS CHARLES PATURNO Naval Career LEAH FAU'-L SHIRLEY PEAKE Teacher Leaders Club Health Ed. Teacher HELENE E. PERLMUTTER G.O, Representative College Career Mrs. Anna Ponaras Speech STEVEN ALBERT PEISAK ENID PELTZ Manager of Basketbal Team Sing Success Teacher . H g Ctlt ttlc i JORGE PERALES Ai-FREDQ pEREZ Architecture Dancing Mechanical Engineer SUSAN JEAN PENN Language Honor Society Interpreter RICHARD PERROT Construction Engineer PETER JOSEPH PERRUCCI JOAN ALICE PFEFFER WARREN PFEIFER BETTY JANE PICKMAN Marshal Squad Aircraft Designer Social Wo,ke,- Medicine 'Wil ADAM Picuisici oessie JOAN PINCUS EMILY PINDUS Aide in Guidance Office Physical Education Teacher FRANCINE B. PINTO Sr. Sing Leader A What-Cha4Me Call lt? DEBORAH MARILYN POLLACK Mathematics Honor Society Elementary School Teacher CAROL BRENDA PORTNEY Senior Arista Research Scientist MINDY SUE PIPERNO Writer ROBERT EDWARD POLLACK Band Textiles STEVEN B. POSN ER Arista Lawyer JOHN MICHAEL POIRIER Law LOIS PORTER ' Elementary School Education LINDA SUSAN POVMAN Sociologist AMY PINKIERT Attendance Monitor Fashion Coordinator Mr. Dominic Potenza Industrial Arts DAVID A. POWELL Captain of Varsity Track Team Dentist 'T'-..."?' MERRII. PRESKELL KAREN PRICE Chorus Bio-Chemist fs.. ""'-r BURTON JOEL PRINCENTHAL Marshal Squad Dentist Mr. Harvey Pollack Physical Sciences Acting Chairman lFaII Termi RALPH PATRICK QUINNONEZ Lawyer HARRIET A. RABUNSKI Language Honor Society DAVID RADDOCK PAMELA MAXWELL PRICE Editor-in-Chief Potpourri Physicist ROSE MARIE PROVENZANO Legal Secretary DEIDRE LOUISE RABB G.O. Representative Lab Technician MARK BRUCE RALIN A BARBARA LYNN PRICHEP College Aide Biology Teacher 'hr PHILIP CHARLES PUGLISI Accountant JOYCE RABER National Honor Society Teacher JEFFREY KEITH RAFSKY Fencing President of the U.S. HOLLY JANE RAHLEN5 IRWIN HARRY REICHEL AUDREY REID IRA ALLEN REID Chairman Senior Sing Biochemisf Lieufenanf on Mqrghql Squad I-UWYEV Lawyer DEBBY LEE REILLY VALERIE LOUISE REILLY HAROLD EDWARD REISER T.V. Commercial Producfion Teacher Arigiq Engineer Mr. Joseph Roemer Stenography Guidance JUDY H. REISER' CHERYL LOIS RESNICK BATIA BETTY RIBACOFF Program Office Aide Nurse Teacher RHODA RICE CHAR'-E5 5- RICH BONNIE NAN RICHTER " GAIL RIVERSL Advertising Manager, Yearbook Debdfing Team Maihematics Honor Socieiy Elementary Educafion Re-9e0fCh Speech Therapisf ISA CARY RODACK Writer Mr. Murray Rogovin Industrial Arts ROBERT IRA ROSENHECK Beacon Photographer Securities Broker HENRY RODRIGUEZ Computer Programming mms, .3 R' SUSAN MARIA RODRIGUEZ Teacher . za JANE ELIZABETH ROSEN Orchestra Doctor EVE ROSENTHAL ' Arista Mathematician LORENE RODRIGUEZ Elementary School Teacher CARLOS ROLLAN A MINERVA RODRIGUEZ RICHARD KEITH ROSDAL Sing Actor STEVEN ROSENBERG LINDA SUSAN ROSENBLUM Photography Sing indian Pfle-'I Child Psychologist Q, ROBERTA WENDY ROSENTHAL HAROLD BRUCE ROSENTHALER Guidance Oftice Aide Junior Arista Fashion Engineer MICHELE AUDREY ROSENZWEIG Dramatic Adress ALAN ROSS GALIA ROTH A Help Unclerpriveleged Children L RAYMOND EARL ROTHSCHILDA MARC DAVID ROSETT Vice President of Science Honor Society EUGENE R. ROSS Debating Team Architect MARTIN S. ROTHKOPF Lawyer CAROL ANN ROYER Vcledictorian Medicine MARTIN ROSMARIN GEORGE ROSNER Philanthropist Engineer ALLYSON ROBIN ROTH Language Honor Society Psychologist 9 my ESTHER R. ROTHMAN ' Honor Society Linguist 4. 'N-. FRED MARK RUBENFELD Psychologist Mrs. Helen Runge Stenography CAROL J. RUBENSTEIN Sing Elementary School Teacher STEPHEN ROBERT RUBENSTEIN BEATRICE LYNDA RUBINL CHARLES RUBIN Social Studies Honor Sociely Dress Designer Psychologisl KENNETH H. RUBIN Fencing Team Orlhodonfisf SHARLYNN RUBIN Teacher Mrs. Elsie Schachat Home Economics HELEN A. RUDNITSKY CARL RUSSO Arisla Teacher CHERYL HEDDA RUBIN Junior Arisla Teaching WENDY JANE RUBLER ' Leaders Club Physical Education Teacher STEPHEN JOHN RUUD El'-EEN SACK ' LINDA DIANE SAFANI STEVEN SAGER YVONNE SALVI1' r C0mmlS5l0nef Of Sing Foreign Language Honor Sociely Social Sludies Honor Society Anendqnce Office Aide Linguisf Shepherd lnfe,-prefer 2 CELIA SALZMAN Orchestra Psychologist LESLIE ELLEN SANDERS Buying and Merchandising SIMON SAPOT Medical Photographer RICHARD SCHAEN Manager ot Fencing Team Dentist STUART SALZMAN A ROBIN ELIZABETH SANDLER Advertising MITCHELL JAMES SASSOWER Valedictorian Medicine JOANNE SCHATZ Prom Committee Fashion Illustrator BEVERLY SAMUELS ALAN SANDERS Golf Team Cowboy DANIEL STEVEN SAPOSNICK Chorus Business Administrator Mr. Jay Schloss Biology RITA SARAH SCAPA Junior Arista Teacher di!- MICHAEL SCHECHTER MEL SCHERZER College Teacher Art Editor of Yearbook Instructor in Psychology '48 HILARY SCHIFFMILLER Office Aide Elementary Education Mr. Charles Smukler Social Studies Guidance WILLIAM N. SCHREIBER Biology Lab Medicine AUDREY F. SCHILIT ' National Honor Society Psychology LAWRENCE MARK SCHLEIFER Tennis Team AMYE CAROLE SCHOLES Speech Therapist f""7 ELLIOT SCHULMAN Script Chairman of Sr. Sing Used Chariot Salesman NORMAN H. SCHILLER Electronics Engineer RAQUELLE SCHNALL ' DOROTHY E. SCHORRMAN Senior Arista Psychologist DEBRA SCHUSSLER Play Pro ' Hearing Therapist ELLEN SONDRA SCHINDLER ' Orchestra Science Teacher NITZA SCHNEIDER ' Honor Roll Language Teacher NANCY MADELYN SCHREIBER Forest Leaves Magazine Journalism LESLEY SCHUSTERSON Forest Leaves Psychologist ILENE SUSAN SCHUTZMAN Hostess Squad Science Major IGAL SCHWARTZMAN Captain Marshal Squad Physician JANIE SCOTT ARLENE S, SEIDENBERG ' Recluse ARTHUR JAY SCHWARTZ Marshal Squad Accouniant -as N., 1 MICHELLE TINA SCHWECHTER ' Arisia Speech Therapisi BARR ZION SEGAL Bio-Medical Engineering BRADLEY SEISER Fencing Team Teacher effing BERNARD WESLEY SCHWARTZ DANNY SCHWARTZ Baseball Team Track Team Engineer Veterinarian DEBORAH ESTELLE SCOTT Secretary of Leaders Club Teacher ii.i SE Miss Anna Sullivan Mathematics Guidance JUDITH SEGAL Arisia Tycoon IRWIN JAY SEITENBACHA JEFFREY SELIGMAN Chemisf HARRIET SELLS Sing Elementary School Teacher VIVIAN SELL Language Honor Society LLOYD SHACTMAN Nuclear Physicist Mr. William Stark English HOPE E. SHAW Guidance Squad Teacher DEBORAH LEE SHELBY NANCY EuzAsErH SHELDON Senior Band Hosgess Aflfesf Creative Writer W SUSAN JANE SERGIACOMI Secretary JACQUELINE ANNE SHAPIRO Sing Elementary Education JACQUELINE SHAW Play Production Psychologist N .. MARIO AURELIO SERRA Engineer JEFFREY BRIAN SHAPIRO Make lots of money MICHAEL E. SHAW Fireman EMIL Junior Arista Teacher lilll' ,LL J ' lf LIN GAIL SHERMAN "l'L".?" RQNAP SHERMAN DEBRA EUEN SHOP LINDA GAIL SHORE CARMEN TANIA SHRAGAL 5ClenllSl Modern Dance Club Teachef, Aide Modem Dance Club Fashion Coordinafor Nursing Teacher JILL SHULMAN ILENE SHURPIN BRUCE A. SCHUSTER Yearbook Slal"f Teacher's Aide Program Office Ari Teacher Teacher Opiomefry PATRICK A. SIBONY BONNI ELLEN SIEGEL BRUCE DAVID SlEGEl. -lUf1lOY AI'lSlCl Merchandising and Buying Baseball Team Physician 'N--if ELINOR SIEGEL Senior Councilman Psychology l had LILLIAN SIGAL ' ROBIN P. SILECHNIK Beacon Linguist Mr. Morris Stern English MARJORIE ANN SILLS A Accounianf SANDY J- SILVER NANCY ELLEN SILVERBERG NOREEN SILVERBERG ROSALINDA SILVERIO Aflsla Hostess Senior Arista Spanish Teacher Advefllslng Elementary Education Speech Therapist LARRY ROGER SILVERMAN PHYLLIS SILVERMAN ELAINE B. SILVERSTEIN Commercial Art Senior Arista Beacon Copy Editor Math Teacher Journalist Mr. Harold Swahn Chemistry KENNY JAY siMANsKY JESSICA M. SIMON PAUL SIMQN Vice Pres., Social Studies Honor Play Pro pf-,ysicisf Society Speech Therapist Scientist LINDA SINGER ' CAROLE SINOWWZ MARC STUART SIROTKIN srevem Louis smcorr Beacon Copy Editor JU""o' Ando Computer Ff09rammer Captain of Marshal Squad Journalist Teacher Oceanographer GERALDINE CELESTE SKEETE Booster Computer Programmer ROBERT ALAN SMITH Handball Team Engineer VICTOR KENNETH SOFFERL JOSEPH MICHAEL SOLOMON Aerospace Engineer RICHARD ALAN SKOLNICK Golf Team Physician KAREN LYNN SMITH Dromatics Club Interpreter SHEILA KATHLEEN SMITH Beacon Column Editor CONNIE SOKOL Brain Surgeon STUART J. SOLOMON Public Accountant ANDREA MAY SNOW Senior and Junior Arista Mathematician :MFT 'Sewer wf A ?ifi??1fffm-igfg EILEEN PHYLLIS SOLOMON Senior Arista Biology Research if I SARAH BETH SOLTANL Senior Chorus Teacher MICHELLE GAY SMITH Play Pro Fine Arts -:E Mr. Alexander Swirsky Foreign Languages DOROTHY R. SOMEKH Sing Psychologist EMIL SOORANI ' ANN MARCY SPECTOR JOAN A. SPERLING Doctor Social Studies Honor Society Nurse Teacher SHIRLEY SPIEGEL National Honor Society Psychologist Mrs. Mary Schoen Stenography DAWD G- SNEGLER ' SUI' B- SPIESMAN MONIKA sPnzNAGEL Marshal Fashion lllustrator Chorus Chemist Teacher MICHAEL STEVEN SPIVACK SHARON ROBERTA STALWORTH MARINA STAMATIOU Mdndgef of Busfketbull Team Switchboard Operator Play Pro Medical Technologist Legal Secretary Theater Major ANDREW YALE STANTON RICHARD DOUGLAS STARR Marshal Squad Math Honor Society Biologist Physicist AILEEN JOY STEIN Junior Arista ANDREA T. STEIN ' Orchestra Elemenlaff 5Cl"90l Teafhef Elementary School Teacher HILDA STEIN " Orchestra Model or Research in Biology STEVEN KENT STEINFAST Business Management KAREN E. STEVENS Nurse RICHARD STEPHEN STIMMEL Architect MARK STUART STEIN RAFAEL STEINBACH ci-IERYL STEINBERG Lawyer Sing .- 2115? s.. ' 'i f I .iS,:i':" Hai I. LESLIE DIANE JOYCE STERN Orchestra Psychologist JANE PAMELA STIEFEL Play Production Language Teacher STEVEN MARC STERN Program Committee Electrical Engineer PAUL STIEFEL ' Mr. Morton Vogel Music ROBIN S. STOCKMAN Sing Business World IRA STOLLAR ARNOLD T. STORCH Entertainer CAROL MARJORIE STRAUCH EN Beacon French Teacher Mr. Jay Walker Physics DONALD STRAUSS DEBORAH JUNE SUSSMAN Ohice Work Business Administraior MICHELLE DENISE SVOZIL Sfenofypisf DANNA SYZCER RACHELE TABORI Wriies in "French-American Student" RONNIE STRAUSS JOHN SUBERA Dental Technician JANE SUTTER ROSLYN SUZAN Secrefary GWJGET SWMP ANNE szANTo Modern Dance Teacher Executive Secretary HARRIET T. TAMARKIN DORON TAMIR Nurse x QJc"10" wlL'fv'0' ,ww Md BLKW A Awww giwiff fwpn 5 N CECWA M- TAN IRA RAY TART RAFAEL TAUBER SHARL LEE TOWBER ' PFW 'KF Gigi leaders Club Murshdl Yearbook Photography Sing M Mulhemallcs OPlUme"'l5l Chemical Engineer Teacher AQ We A ww ,ji wg V QW' N-AIPQK was f M gm wif L law W ' KNAW? SABRA HOPE TEICHER' LESLIE 1. TELLER AL XANDER TERZLAN Chorus Sing . I gineer Music Teacher I Mr. James Warren 'Cl Social Studies ip QQ A REID STUART TESSLER HARRIET LYN THAILER STEVEN MICHAEL THALER l Program Office Booster Guidance Omce Aide Medicine Elementary School Teacher Hisiory Teacher ENID M. THIRER RONALD JULLAN THOMAS JOAN MARIA mo MAYA TOsLAs ' SH19 G.O. Treasurer Arista play pro Teacher Elecfronic Engineer Teacher Args, 75 SUZAN TOBIAS GLADYS TOBON PIUY PTO Attendance Office ACNGSS Stewardess or Secretary GARY A. TRAGER Language Lab Medicine Mr. Max Weiner Mathematics SHERI TSANOS ' Sing Teacher FAYE TOPOREK A Dental Hygienist PAUL VICTOR TOKOSH Oceanography LYN DA TROTTA L Stenographer Sing SCOTT ROSENCRANTZ TSANOS Lawyer LAURIE B. TUERK PATRICIA ANNE TULLY Art Teacher JOAN TUTT5 RONALD M. TUTTELMAN TOMMY J. ULLMANN CHARLES UNIVERSALA Social Studies Honor Society Accounfqnf , Attorney A Le .4 ,f fvz'vldJz.dL f My Jfuczddg . ffm Ml , M2 W ffffvkf ,L 6547 if A ffowfk M Jager, E, 7444242 ,Lf ,ff if 1 ' j,,g',1f7 7,0 ILENE USSIKER BARBARA A. VALENT ' LAURA VALENTE MARIA VANDOR 644061, P5YCh0'09Y Muiof Senior Band Senior Band Sengor Band l"'9"P"efef TeGChef Psychologisf EDITH van ELKANA ALVIN VARTANIAN ALFRED VAUGHAN Secretary in Admissions Office Archifeci Secrefary ofr Airlines ROBERT F. VELARDI Marshal Squad Business Adminisfrafor Mr. 005 fig D ""4'L. , Martin Weissman Mathematics 1 ...W N. CONRAD VENT-A EUGENE JOSEPH VERRONE CAROL-ANN VHA M. EUGENIA VILANOVA WAYNE ALLEN VINE MICHAEL v. viscorsm, JR. Sing Bi-lingual Secretary Math Honor Sociefy Gymnastics Veferinary Medicine Veterinarian Lawyer 77 ROBERT M. VOLKMAN Vice President n Mr. Henry Wepner Social Studies ROGER VON OEHSEN Marshal College LAWRENCE WALD Electronics Engineer TOM WALLACH Doctor PAUL WILLIAM WASSERSTEIN LYNNE HOPE WATTEL History Honor Society F.B.l. Agent Attendance Office Aide Art Education JUDY M. WADLER ' Arista Teacher SUSAN WALD Play Pro Writer ' is A 5 JAMES WILLIAM WALLERSTEIN Junior Arista Engineer EVELYNE WAHBA Social Worker GRACE MIRIAM WALDMAN Language Honor Society Bull-Fighter CAROL SUSAN WASSERMAN National Honor Society Statistician ,X if MARCIA WECHTER Speech Therapist MICHAEL WEIDEN Lawyer LINDA ANN WEIDNER Secretary WYNNE CAROL WEINREB ' Phychology MARCY MERLE WEINTRAUB Library Squad Elementary School Teacher ROBERT WEISSER Law aww Mcumi Cc I tm ijwwmmww QEWQQX - Q K:f,. I K e ed heb form mfg M mg,,j'N!5iwq" NJVL . LINDA B. WEINBERGER SUSAN WEINFELDM be l FELlClA WEINER Asst. Sr. Representative Junior Arista ' sing Marketing and Retailing Teacher of blind ami-gdb-CJ Nurse ,S Reb UQ, 9 K' weigh 'P' Sv' JESSE WEINRIB BARRY WEINSTEIN A Band Commercial Artist Physicist Mrs. Ann Willen Foreign Languages DAVID WEISBROT BEVERLEE wEl55 Truck Team Elementary Education Shepherd Al-ICE L- WEISSMAN PATTY PARASCHIVA WEISZ CYNTHlA WELCH Switchboard Library Aide Secretory Bio-Chemist 79 N STEVEN THOMAS WENG ANITA WERBERA SYLVIA FRANCES WERTHEIMER BARBARA ANN WHITE SHIRLEY ANN WELCH Legal Secretary Chorus Senior Hill Treasurer Afchlfefil' Foreign Service 'K il f BEVERLY ANNE WHITE NUl'Slf"9 President, Science Honor Society Bio-Physicist PERRIN CHARLES WHITE SANDRA WIENER Teacher's Aide Spanish Teacher SHERYL NANCY WILENS Sing Speech Therapist ROBERT R. WILLIAM Chess Club Olympic Waterskier JANET LOCKHART WILLIAMS ROBERT WILLIAMSA IACQUELINE WILSON PAUL WINOGRAD JUDY A- WINZEMER AYISTC Science Honor Society A,-im, PSYCl"0l09lSI Physicist Child Psychologist I L si li TAMEY WISHNATZKY WENDY L. WISHNIE BARBARA WITT RACHELLE WIZNITZER MAGDA WOHLA Teacher Sing Sing Language Dept. Aide Sing Teacher Psychologist Linguist Fashion Buyer 80 VV AI-AN STEVE WOI-FZAHN BONNIE MAE WOLINSKY MONTE WOLFE A lawyer Marshal Arisiq Photography Psychologist ea- s 1 li YVONNE Y. WU IRENE ROSE WOUTERS Cosmetician and Beauty Expert Math Honor Socieiy PHILIP DE WITT WOODSON Lawyer Mathematician PHILIP T. YELEN DIANE LILLIAN YOUNG5 NITZA ZADIKOFF Artist Model Nurse 'K' ABRAHAM J- ZEI-KIN MICHAEL LEO ZELKOWITZ ABRAHAM ZELLER MGH' HOYWI' SOCIEIY Fencing Team Fireman Electrical Engineer psychologisy di I ' Vi A I If JOYCE DEBRA woo RQSY WOO AVISIU Associate Editor of Beacon Teacher Missionary DAVID ALAN YADGAROFF ISABELL YARDA Business Administration FRANCINE RENEE ZELIN Senior Council Representative MIKE ZAFRAN Make a lot of money Elementary School Teacher JACK ZETLIN MADELINE GAIL ZIEGLER Yearbook Photography Editor Advertising Graphic Design Freedom 8I ANDREA ZIEUNSK' HAROLD ANTHONY zlEsAT Lewis zlMMERMAN DEBORAH fuse zuaow Mode' Truck Team Marshal Squad Afgsfq Philosopher Science Teacher Philosopher PAUL IVANY HOWARD ZUCKERMAN IRWIN DAVID ZURKOWSKI GERI PENA Geologisy Accountant Modern Dante Sociologlsf JOHN HAGONYA JACQUELINE WOLFSON ROBIN SUE SHERMAN EDMOND MIMON BENSIMON TGUCITGF Sins French Teacher Croupier El-YSE SH-VERBERG RAYKA DJAJIC OBREN PETRICIC Leader Archifeciure l .4vL'f'i'53"?- L K ,H Lf A.fI4f-255113193 ' - x f ' fy!-Lyn' , """rIf ' X,-X 1 ,L1:7,,...5'2. 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'fii'e.g: '!3QX Q- M25 waz: W ew Qgvxd- X Q ' Nw ff X f w""'Q .Km 'Q - 83 THE GENERAL UBGHNIZHTIUN Officers EMC JACOBSON MicHAEL coLDsMl'rH RONALD THOMAS President Vice Presidenf Treasurer STEPHANIE BRODY SCOTT GORDON FRANK POLITZER PHll.l.lP MERRILL 59Cf9lUfY Forest Governor Hill Governor Park Governor G. 0. Senate IL to Rl Scot! Gordon, Lenni Gordon, Frank Polilzer, Grace Chandler, Sonia Clendenin, Phillip Merrill, Howie Schechter, Renee Welner, Marsha Gilkind, Ronnie Emden, Steffi Brody, Michael Goldsmith, Eric Jacobson, Ronnie Thomas, Mrs. R. Schor fAdvisorl. SENIUR CLASS IIFFICEBS MR. ALBERT BOSCH Senior Class Advisor STEVEN KLEINMAN RALPH ALMELEH BARBARA GLUCK Presidenl Vice President Seffemff v NOEMI MASLIAH SYLVIA WERTHEIMER MARSHA MAILICK Hill Treasurer Park Treasurer Senior Council Forest Treasurer Sylvia Wertheimer, Steve Kleiman, Noemi Masliah, Mr. Albert Bosch lAdvisorl, Marsha Mailick, Barbara Gluck, Ralph Almeleh, Joanne Schatz, Grace Chandler, Ronnie Langer, Annette Insdorf, Sandra Wiener, Esther Frankl, Mary Hsu, Jane Stiefel, Lisa Albrecht, Janet Kanarek, Liza Folman, Jackie Shaw, Barbara Lesser, Denise Lanes, Karen Klein, Susan Epstein, Ellie Siegel, Gayle Beckerman, Charles Louis, Viviane Goldstein, Elaine Silverstein, David Weisbrot, Kenneth Morgen, Francine Zelin, Arlene Shernenko. The Forester ALLYN FRIED BARBARA GLUCK Managing Editor Production Assistant Forester Staff Q 2? an 4, 'E "0 SYLVIA WERTHEIMER Copy Editor A Steve Fenn, Elliot Schulman, AI Minns, Stewart Liff, Kenny Morgen, Ray Lorenzo, Mike Goldsmith, Marsha Mailick, Susan Horowitz, Liza Folman Elaine Greif, Holly Rahlens, Francine Pinto, Joyce Ein, Marlyn Szful, Sue Zuckerman, Susie Gilbert, Robin Shenker, Barbara Rosenberg, Sue Shabanowltz Jill Shulman, Barbara Gluck, Allyn Fried, Mr. C. Gellis CAdvisorl, Roni Fagin, Ronnie Asbell. MEL SCHERZER RONI FAGIN Art Editors JACK ZETLIN Photography Editor i R H O DA RIC E Advertising Manager School Publications The Beacon Standing: fl. to RJ Vivian Sell, Rosy Woo, Eleanor Gordon, Elizabeth Bass, Sandra Marx, Karen Levine, Vivianne Goldstein, Eric Jacobson, Roy Lorenzo, Elaine Silver- stein, Andrea Cohn, Susan Metzger, Sylvia Wertheimer, Robin Silechnik. Seated: KL to R5 Linda Singer, Arnold Glass, Edward Moss, Jeffrey Cohen, Mr. Pospisil iAdvisorD, Michael Goldsmith, Isabel Eisen, Berta Liebholl. Forest Leaves its AFX fe., if .,,2' First: CL to RD Jane Riegelhaupt, Annette Anisman, Arlene Jacobs, Allan Rosen, Malvina Scherzer, Michelle Smith. Second: CL to RJ Jackie Shaw, Celina Field, Barbara Luke. Third: KL to RJ Miss Grabau CAdvisorD, Sara-Ann Bermont, Scott Hornstein, Shelley Isaac, Michael Visconte, Nancy Ludmerer, Laura Valente. Absentees: Pauline Chao, Paul Dambowic, Nancy Schreiber, Acker, Gwen Adlor, Chava Allen, Wayne Bagwin, Michael Barkas, Wendy Bass, Elizabeth Beckerman, Gayle Bemporad, Richard Bisker, Steve Borower, Doris Bronitsky, Madelyn Buch, Peter Butt, Eugene Cahn, Jerry Castleman, Arlene Chandler, Grace Chao, Pauline Chou, Rosemary Cohen, Anne Cohen, Bruce Cohen, Jeffrey Danis. Haomi Deutsch, Susan Ein, Joyce Eison, Isabel Fenn, Steven Finkelstein, Arlene Finkelstein, Barbara Fish, Pamela Flon, Lawrence Friedlander, Larry Friedman, Leslie Friedman, Maxine Gelleri, Hannah Gero, George Gostely, Georgotte Gilbert, Susan Gillman, Eugene Glass, Arnold Gluck, Barbara Goldfarb, Carol Goldsmith, John Goldsmith, Michael Goldstein,, Matthew Goldstein, Selma Gomori, John oGttIieb, Louis Gould, Thomas Greif, Elaine Groopman, Howard Halpern, Lawrence Honley, Eric Hernan, Barbara Horn, Babette Horowitz, Susan Hsu, Mary Jane Huber, Wendy lnsdorf, Annette lsenberg, Louise lvany, James Jacobson, Wendy Jaffe, Judith Jussim, Judith Kabak, Joel Kamionski, Murray Kane, Stephanie The Senior Kaplan, Harold Kaplan, Nancy Katona, Peter Kaufmann, Arthur Kessler, Carol Khani, James Khani, William Klein, Karen Kochav, Shoshana Kowler, Eileen Krone, William Langer, Ronnie Lantz, Sue Lapin, David Lasker, David Lederer, Joan Lehrfeld, Rita Leiter, Herbert Liederman, Arthur Little, Jeffrey Lubin, Helen Mailick, Marsha Mandelbaum, Judith Mann, Claudia Marks, Sheila Marx, Sandra Masry, Olivia Mazer, Terry Melnick, Ronnie Merzer, Bonnie Mintz, Mildred Moss, Edward Muller, Carolyn rista Muller, Dorothy Muss, Marilyn Naparstek, Karen Newborn, Herbert Hg, Arnold Pally, Marcia Penn, Susan Pinto, Francine Pollack, Deborah Portney, Carol Price, Pamela Rabunski, Harriet Rahlens, Holly Reiser, Harold Rice, Rhoda Richter, Bonnie Rosenthal, Eve Rosett, Marc Roth, Allyson Royer, Carol Rubenstein, Stephen Rubin, Cheryl Safani, Linda Sanders, Alan Sassower, Mitchell Schilit, Audrey Schorrman, Dorothy Schultzman, Ilene Segal, Barr Sell, Vivian Siegal, Bruce Silverman, Phyllis Silverstein, Elaine Simansky, Kenneth Singer, Linda Smith, Sheila Snow, Andrea Solomon, Eileen Soorani, Emil Starr, Richard Stiofel, Jane Tito, Joan Trager, Gary Tuttelman, Ronald Vine, Wayne Wadler, Judy Wald, Susan Wallerstein, James Wasserman, Carol Wasserstein, Paul Weiner, Felicia Weisbrot, David Wertheimer, Sylvia White, Perrin Wiener, Sandra Winograd, Paul Kinzomer, Judy Wishnie, Wendy Wolinsky, Bonnie Woo, Joyce Woo, Rosy Wu, Yvonne Zelkin, Abraham Mrs. Rose Lippe, Senior Arista Advisor ttendance Squad FU., s ,s -as-JY I5 3 QQ' Carol Dressler, Mina Maiidian, Mindy Ross, Mrs. R. Pospisil CAdvisorJ, Rita Lehrfeld, Michele Feibel. d' V' I S u I0 - lsua quad fx vm First: CL to Rl Walter Heskes, Charles Kazian, Thad Noto, Morton Glasser, Richard Namm, William Banton, Ray Schwarz, David levy, Perry Shier, Joel Berger, Charles JanoH. Second: CL to RJ Jeff Sosnick, Adam Weil, Tineke Bos, Mr. Diamond fAdvisorD, Fred Hummel, Tom Jarsay, Malcom Sealy, Absent: Leslie Kalman, Jef? Spears, Carlton Thompson, Fred Scott. 89 Biology Lab Squad FIRE Olliti, Slilllill SHELL KL fo RJ Maria Alaazis, Mary Jane Hsu, Mrs. Lumnilz fAdvisorD, Rosemary Chau, Aileen Slein, Theodora Abazls, Amy Blumenslack, Dana Szycer, Oscar Cskelelonl, Cheerleaders KL fo RJ Marla Casuli, Sandra Marx, Nancy Friedman, Evelyn Katz, Esther Kowler, Nancy Friedman, Donna Wexler, Barbara Flnkelsleln, Palricla Cleary, Sheila Erlich, Lelty Fernandez-Silva, lorella Finkelslein, Lee Jean, Grace Brizzi, Mrs. M. Coghlan fAdvisorl. Chemistry Lab Squad First: CL to RJ Robert Bernstein, Paul Ho, Roger Norden, Wayne Allen, Craig Howard, Roger Cassuto, Robert Pintoff, Tomas Friedman. Second: KL to RJ Mrs. Henrietta Trisdorter fAdvisorJ, Stuart Glenwick, Stuart Leon, Jay Rosenberg, Jerome Spunberg, Simon Singer, Milton Teper, Ronald Strauss, Leslie Yu, Elliot Abemayer, Mrs. Edith Schachner lAdvisorl. Third: lL to Rl Burt Littman, Gideon Forgacs, Neal Levy, Curtis Lorber, Bill Stark, William Hutner, Richard Silberstein. Future Teachers Club First: KL to RJ June Grant, Doreen Bligen, Nancy Friedman, Rona Siegel, Ellen Pliner, Linda Reinhold, Karen Campbell, Anne Louise Cohen, Joan Tito, Calvin Miller, Elaine Small, Barbara Nigen, Mrs. E. Huebener fAdvisorj, Lynn Bligen, Frank Colletti. Second: CL to RJ Sharon Waite, Michele Stephens, Martha Gustin, Fern Bligen, Gail Simmons, Agnes Marshall, Brenda Taylor, Harriet Partel, Lori Glass. History Honor Society QL to Ri Eleanor Gordon, Gabe Leemor, Jerry Cahn, Alice Palatnick, Sheila Smith, Ann Spector, Gayle Beckerman, Edward Moss, William Krone, Harriet Rabunski Michael Goldsmith, Alex Lerner, Barry Lerner, Louis Gottlieb, Arthur Kaufman, Steven Sager, Sandra Marx, Stephen Rubenstein, Eugene Butt, Paul Goldberg Murray Kamionslri, Isabel Eisen, Viviane Goldstein, James Khani, Jory Goldberg, Thomas Gould, Judith Jatte, Harold Kaplan, Helen Lubin, Herbert Newborn, Paul Wasserstein, Michael Zelkowitz, Rosemary Chou, Ronald Tuttelman, Jeff Cohen, Linda Singer, Steve Feinberg, Steve Posner, Elizabeth Folman, John Goldsmith, Carol Royer, Perrin White, Matthew Goldstein, Deborah London, John Gamori, Arnold Glass, Joel Kabak, Susan Horowitz, Charles Rich, Eugene Ross, Mitchell Sassower, Sandra Wiener, Emil Soorani, Mr. E. Drucker lAdvisorl. ostesses First: lL to Ri Suzi Gilbert, Margo Diamond, Robin Shenker, Diane Mark, Debby Cochrane, Donna Waxler, Stephanie Brody, Marsha Mailick, Barbara Penn. Second: ll to Rl Elena Kostiw, Denise Glickell, Daniele Doctorow, Robin Sheingold, Diane Bernstein, Mary Beth Price, Nancy Silverberg, Robin Bailey, Brenda Reisner, Tina Liweant, Pauline Benavente, Nancy Sheldon, Ilene Schutzman. Third: CL to RJ Francine Levine, Michele Kamen, Susan Brust, Rhoda Rice fVice Pres.J, Mr. George Lapp lAdvisorJ, Esther Frankl fPresidentJ, Jean Lee lSecretaryl, Susan Zuckerman, Karen Ziegler. 1 1 Language Honor Society First: fl to RD Miriam Braaf, Pauline Chao, Carol Royer, Rosemary Chou, Allen Wayne, Marcia Pally, Eugene Butt, Jeffrey Cohen, David Lapin, Jerry Cahn. Second: CL to RJ Eileen Solomon, Grace Waldman, Harriet Rabunski, Barbara Finkelstein, Sandra Marx, Perrin White, Thomas Gould, Suasan Penn, Joyce Woo, Suzi Gilbert, Sylvia Wertheimer, Maxine Friedman, Bill Khani. Third: ll to Rl Allyson Roth, Vivian Sell, Carolyn Muller, Dorothy Schorrman, Annette lnsdorf lVice Presidentl, Esther Frankl lPresidentJ, Pamela Price, Judith Mandelbaum, Babette Horn, Eileen Kowler, Linda Safani, Mr. O. Plosker CAdvisorJ. Leaders X 5 . xii m 5 3 i ,J 4 if . ttt, T D ex i s K 1534 f F-f J' it by y zz l Q..: y First: QL to RJ Wendy Rubler, Babette Horn, Lisa Albrecht, Regina Calderelli, Wendy Huber, Elena Kostiw, Deborah Scott, Darlene Missewicz, Jackie Barbasso. Second: lL to Rl Kirsten Jacobsen, Casel McDuffie, Maxine Archer, Marie Speranza, Pauline Chao, Marcia Pally, Third- lL to Ri Zisa Rockmore, Shirley Peake, Laurie Kapilow, lris Varady, Minerva Rodriguez, Cecilia Tan, Rayka Diaiic, Sharon Walker, Sonia Clendenin, Mrs. R. Ruston lAdvisorl. iii Ns Debating eam Y vu D sf" . A Front: IL to Rl Jeff Morris, Dennis Monosebra, Eugene Ross, Mathew Berliner, Perrin White, Brent Arnold, Kenneth Dean. Second: ll to Ri Rosy Woo, Charles Rich, Harold Kaplan, Mrs. Lehrer CAdvisorJ, Arnold Glass, Laurie Glass, Paula Krone. Library lL to Rl Herbert Newborn, Nancy Friedman, Catherine Castelli, Ernest Kovani, Pauline Chao, Alice Michaely, Charlotte Langston, Edward Feuerstein, Jennifer McMillan, Patty Weisz, Jerry Cahn, Rosy Woo, Claudia Orvieto, Maxine Friedman, Mrs. Hines, Miss Gloster, Mrs. Silverstone lAdvisori, Mrs. Redmond, Selma Goldstein, Audrey Schilit, Margarita Alvarez. The arshal Editorial Staff Johnathan Kollins, CAssoc. Boardl, Miles Susskind CAssoc. Boardb, Dennis Maika Ccirculation editorl, Mike Bagwin fassist. Editcrl, Frank Colletti CEditorJ, Mr. Lapp fAdvisorD. The Marshal Squad First: CL to RD Steve Polkow, Jeff Schor, Mitch Goadstein, Irving Kass, Abe Zelkin, Daniel Weingast, Arnold Zak, Jonathan Kollins, Arthur Liederman, Robert Kot'fler,, Larry Metzger, Paul Gibson, Clarence Shelton, David Ruddock. Second: IL to R2 John Freeman, Patrick Sum, Harvey Gamm, Ira Reid, Brian Thompson, Steve lurie, Eric Mauss, Miles Susskind, Bruce Schuster, Bob Romano, Mike Zelkowitz, Bruce Eisenberg, Walter lichtenberg, Ed Luwisch, Arthur Kaufman, Eli Babayoff. Third: Cl. to RD Mike Bagwin, Richard Brozen, lgal Schwartzman, Mario De La Vega, Mr. lapp CAdvisorD, Jeff Little, Ronald Gantt, Frank Colletti, Bruce Gosdorfer, Denis Maika. Math Honor Society KL to Rl Rosemary Chou, Carol Royer, Rosy Woo, Helen lubin, Vivian Sell, John Goldsmith iPresidentl, Mr. B. leeds lAdvisorl, Larry Flom, Pamela Price, Eve Rosenthal, Estelle Bleiwas, Elaine Mandell, Michele Fiebel, Mark Rosett, Mitchell Sassower, Peter Catori, Joel Kabak, Jefiry Cohen, Jay Reingold, Ira Flax, Mitchell Goodstein, Susan Sill, Joyce Woo, Babette Horn, Barbara Gluck, Elaine Greif, Pauline Chao, Murray Kamionski, Herbert Newborn, Abraham Zelkin, Perrin White, James Wallerstein, Ronald Tuttelman, Eugene Gillman, John Gomori, Daniel Unger, David Lasker, Richard Starr, Ronald Strauss, Leslie Yu. Math Team l '15 .f GF? 'K qfi CQCCCC n :nn-nll1"""" First: KL to RJ Lawrence Flon, Perrin White, Mitchell Sassower. Second: CL to RJ John Goldsmith, John Gomori, Helen Lubin, David Lasker, Mr. J. Garfunkel iAdvisorl. Science and Engineering Club ll. to Rl Marc Rosett, Perrin White, John Goldsmith, Jory Goldberg, Harold Kapla n, Frank Filipelli, John Gomori, Abraham Zelkin, Arnold Glass CPresidentJ, Mr. Jay Walker CAdvisorD, Herbert Newborn Nice Presiclentl, Arthur Kaufman, Sandra Wiener. Physics Lab Squad CL to RJ Murray Kamionski, Dennis Schneider, Bill Jacobs, Dan Unger, Ellen Cohen, Walter Heskes, Mr. Tubiel CAdvisorJ. Science Honor Society First: CL to R7 Murray Kamionski, Joel Kabak, Jerry Cahn, Frank Politzer, Wayne Allen, Larry Flon, Barry Lerner, Arnold Glass, Mitchell Sassower, John Goldsmith, David Rose, Robert Kaplan. Second: CL to RD Gary Trager, Ronald Strauss, David Lasker, Barry Lefkowitz, Michael Jacobs, Edward Gold, Douglas Fine, Jerome Spunberg, Jay Rosenberg, Robert Kregs, Leslie Yu, Paul Winograd, Elliot Abemayor. Third: CL to RD Heidi Nelson, Pamela Price, Pauline Chao, Babette Horn, Perrin White, Mrs. Lillian Friedenreich fAdvisorD, Marc Rosett, Susan Schachner, Marcia Honig, Carol Royer, Sandra Wiener. Sing xecutive Committee CL to RD Mickey Goldsmith, Ilene Schutzman, Noemi Masliah, Steffi Brody, Marsha Mailick, Janet Kanarek, Lisa Folman, Allyn Fried, Roni Fagin, Linda Singer, Kenny Morgen, Francine Pinto, Elaine Greif, Barbara Gluck, Annette Insdorf, Suzi Gilbert, Leeny Sack, Holly Rahlens, Elliot Schulman, Mr. M. Bass fAdvisorJ. Basketball Team Firsf: KL to RD Manager-Marvin Slrongin, Manager-Leo Goldrupp, Wilbur Jackson, Alan Sfolberg, Bill Banion, Andy Diamond, Jeff Diamond, Mr. Isser fAdvisorJ Manager-Joe Bufnick. Second: QI. to RD Russel Dean, Ira Klean, Joe Taliafero CCo-Capfainb, Ira Rubenstein, JeH Meltzer, Ronnie Hallie. Tennis Team QL fo RJ Marc Rosetf, Manager-Steve Erfrachter, Larry Schleifer, Jeff Oppenheimer, Mr. Larken fCOGCl'l,, Dan Birnbaum, Bob Lefkowilz. Gymnastics Team BI B R l if First: Cl to Rl Mr. Krufoy lAdvisorJ, Marshall Kesien, Jay Moskovic, Scoh' Hornstein, Edward Livingsion, Carl Sumpter, Edward Hogans, Bruce Rind, Steven Klein, Neal Baum, Howard Avnet fManagerJ, Second: CL to RJ Andrews Keeves, Harvey Gamm, Peter Kiss, Ricardo Rosenthal, Michael Bagwin, Larry lewis, Sheldon Lewis, Clarence Shelton, Steve Levin, Roger Cassuio. Modern Dance wah. ...- 'Nl u-an .-4 . Debbie Shor, Margie Lindenauer, Cecilia leb, Judith Jaffe, Maggie Mobley, Patty Weisz, Mrs. R. Ruston iAdviso0. Minerva Rodriguez Abseniee-Joyce Ein. I00 1 M N - 3 f I IX I Annan f f , J ' ,f If 'f , - W ff 1? ,Nix 1M1gVg3 Y X g gnk pn f' M, fx 'QR ' 1 3 fi Q mf' ff Wad, K sv J l y V !Qx 1, 1117! W J ,ff ' wg,-f y f w if ' - W " ff M y R , x""1N w x f J X f f ' Q N H I V off i, , f 1. 'W f -'14 i "Hr -- ' Ulyff A ,1 ! 1 'Y - I l 'Q N, X 4 I ,,, J 'af' A ' x 1 f I Q f , 3 Y ' A if .,,, , L X I X I ' r V f" ' A477 X I V X X I A X 1 , W , Y , , X V , X X P ' X X xx '. 1 A J ' I gm s sr Y ' Y b f " 'vef"1f 1 H uf MXW-'X W yi 'Q f fl 1 9. f M fa? " V f E if fi j fl , Xa , f7 Ex 'Q I , f' K 1 N f X ff A r I jig 4" x 1 1 M.. I y aw: N 55' W L ' v' H ,J "1 v N Q SX N - 2 f v ,ffl f X f , X ,ff W J df V V! 1 X K7 xx? X K . ff ' 'i . .1 Y X ' V fy A X - 1 f ,- Q H 4 Y x -'-, f 47 g x X A ff J' MX 15 3 xx V f ,f l X X Z Af f ! J 1 f 'A X X I W if I ,xgyf 8,73 J , -YZWYI lj? x , ' N X K' ,Q f f f' A7 A 15" f f i W fx nw f W, XX 0 C X X Hg, 4' Al , I X ff, K 1 Q I ' I ,ff X ,,' Y W A ' J uf , x 05' I f N , f Ny Q, by H - J - X X UM i X ' 4? y fx I hx "iss ill, kx N X ' w "4f'1! fx I fp' f x X Q' V, up yr - , fx H jo ,W wi X X + 4 fs ' E , h A MX ' X M if XF X ' X M ,f M ..f X 4 K Q N lxx J E X' ' N M fr? ff X X I7 bf I Ewa A A ,K f, xx X X X x N Q5 XX Y I, -7' Q! X XXV' Soccer Competing in the Class A Division of Queens, The Forest Hills Soccer Team compiled a 5-7 record this season. After a fine start in which they won five of their first seven games, the Booters slumped badly, losing their last five games in a row. lniuries on the of- fensive Iine, causing a lack of potentcy in the attack, were the basic reason for these losses. The squad recorded only six goals during its losing streak. However, Coach Varone, in his second year with the team, stated that he was not at all disappointed with FH's performance, despite the fact that the Booters finished the '66 campaign with a 6-5-l record. "This year we played in the best league in Queens, which is tougher, much tougher than the other divisions." The international composition of the team was one of the main reasons for the squad's strong showing at the season's start. The FH squad, except for one native, is composed entirely of foreign students. Whatever success FH enioyed this season was due to the elimination of several weak spots during fall practice, and the skill of goalie Meir Benzur. Meir was noted throughout the league for his catlike movements and agility. The forward line was strengthened with the addition of Hari O. Hanesian. Hanesian's main function was to back up Obren Petricic. Petricic has been cited as one of the stars of the team. Other members of the team include forwards- Levon Antreasyan, Rafy Blumenstock, Henry Falt- lowiez, George Halimi, Jack Israeli, Luis Nichols, lgal Schwartzman, Anthony Zaccaria, and Janover Moshe, Fullbacks-George Aghazadian, Alex Au- stin, Sam Avneri, Moshe Gancz, Steven Lieb ithe only Americanl, halfbacks-William Keshishian, and George Ohebshalom. Soccer Team Dennis Mvilw, lM9I'-i, George Ohabshalom, George Aghazadian, George Hailimi, William Keshishian, Henry Faitlowitz, Sam Auneri, Alex Austin, Obren Petricic, Harry Ovenessian, Mr. J. Varone, iCoachi Charlie Oslomboly, Jack Israeli, Moshe Janover, lgal Schwartzman, Meir Benzur, louis Nichol, Rafy Blumenthol, Levon Antreason, Steven Leib, Moshe Ganez iabsentl. Help'-ws Gffef mer' Sizing up the opposition S:- X NH Nah, couldn'f be, must be ca trick picture. ,,n - J x. "Qu 1 L-,' 2-'1,'r,a 1 ' -1 -4, w 5.0 x, A , ' Y - 5141, I ' , 4' VY! I ' . 'F . ., 1, ,, . ,. wx l I, g. g - -af ! , X' W-5 '1 f, . 4' X . ' I Nxbxx-yfff v. K Lf D, , 1 -. .x x L fl, N W, xx! I X 1 it gil: it xv , , ,Q , 1 1 X N ' 7 31 rl 'K ' 'KA K NX 1 x ,x x I V S f ' f ff .f ' W f www fr M E E! ,f r A ,I Nw Q L L ,AWAXXS 429 01 U :E K x ' X f 4 of 'f ' A n 43 X f VS V1 ' 1 K 'Iv 3' xXx 'X I rf XX x X' x ll' : X? X XF A f 1 I X Q .XR ..' N x .I X 5 :ip X F X 5 L I ,J V I w N 1 f X N 1 X iixf f' ev ki X X f f. 'if 6' XC ' AF?" J! xx gh: 6 ' 4- V v , , '11 I . 1 I N 1 . ,., Q ,... . 13, fil m I MM - 2:3 X X-rw' gs , v -4 0, x ' - ng - K 2.3 j ' -f 'Tiff-f ,f :LA----..-H V .11 .-- gr 1 V R J U "f r 5 W3 .rf .P 'ai .fv vkfh- K J ' 'f It's up, if's good!" ' N X -, :lf V M, 1"-+9 A 'lv---A g -F-ggqffb- Wvpg , v x 'Q ix X' Qt ff 'lx f -'X 'I ff has X' A f'Q '-T 45 f X X v u Q ' X,-Q - V3 Q 0 af. F M 95 1' N 6 1 Z5 If U X t k X I' .xf E 'lf -kflyfx X X If - X I .WJ A,,.fg ,..,x:, - , , , x --, --f "Vw 'iff . " Right info the nef. Sports pictures by Fenn, Zetlin, Lorenzo and Tauber Basketball The Forest Hills Basketball Team certainly did not establish a new precedent in the campaign of 1967-68. Under the leadership of Coach Irwin lsser, completing his second year with the squad, FH placed last in Northern Queens. After achieving success in their home-opener by defeating Bowne, the Rangers dropped their last 14 games in suc- cession to compile a dismal 1-15 record. Nevertheless, there were some bright spots in an otherwise bleak season. After several early losses, Coach lsser decided to devote 1968 to rebuilding and several bright young stars emerged. lra Ruben- stein, a iunior, was the team's leading scorer with a 14.5 average. Sophomore Bill Banton also dis- played fine form and recorded a 12.8 average per game. Other iunior standouts were Ira Klein and Jett Diamond. Nor was the squad devoid of competent senior performers. Wilbur Jackson, an aggressive guard, sparked the team through a good part of the year before an iniury sidelined him for the final games. Captain David Osieki provided the team with capable leadership in times of need. Other players who closed out their high school playing careers in 1968 were Ronnie Holle and Russell Dean. i lit W1 5, ' . Q .XX 1 ii J . xk A. X -X XV K N QN X IIM X -tn' - 01 1? iv - jf, xl . xx xiii , "' , Ni ki , x ff i l I 2' gf! 4 I V 'tix 11 N 1 Right Game Game ht Nig B k Ighf. FHF I .31 X X uc.-,ik 751' ' ff k . , X fi - LM lv -2' N' iq! Q19 L- 447 Pa 'Y .W 15" 'X xxjg X' xlfg AXA NX NN i N- x Xwix X 4. W, A Qi, 19 k. L E' U , 3 xy . 3 . 1- .ET- Fav W., v I K N Russell has a hear wave. N f .,-, X - , X . b 'T':':9' 'Us .. si XJ! . 5 ew , X k fl" ' Q ' 921' N. X ' A . -X x 1. 4. Q q' QM ff x'-1. Q, ff' f A 7 4.1 11 ,, gi , f N X' Y .VX t 7 A ' ",..', 'f .E?'1 P L I X 4, 0 ,- ' . K 1 HBH! f f 'fkx' -ff X I wg .rf ENN in X ' , Q x. xx M 4 x ii Q limi :ff 4 ,.,f-f 5 , .. - . LJQ ., , .-., ,:,-. , , mg' Ili E -,n ii - MW ' as ,, , , , ,J . f ...A ' M.-. 4. R-r-r-r-rip! W X ff X X ffl? fl JV 3 9 l XE .Vg I NW., " I NMX I L I Ax V YLXVS, X y F115 x X Y H I I, Lf , A , m JJ I' 1 if 4 il J J 1 17 if ,fu-J X 2 , W ,W , NN x X x 1 X I 2 I N ! xv.. fx 5 V' ,Q ,X I XF C P fy MT l09 Bowling Sport A 1 12,1 - f 45 if Wi he 'li 'i li N 'AE'-if i' -T f V? fl' 'F VN , ff - r if fi ff U' T ,,,i ill .. .f , ,QQ 'Y 44'3,9 , ,A X 3:-- I' e e in V i ,fj,'v V! ' , lf 1 --1, gg, W ,,,, it ,ffm K I ,I I l ' fi Fr, :lg ., lug - H wnfk ,lx-3. ' if ,f V1 1 ,K XX -Q, Qi B, x Az - o X -g r X fi " . :-,4"71'TSNsx'vFQx , - L , f SOM , X 5-3, M f f f o iw V i r r 1 F ki wslbai nf if fx X e H, Q 1' 4,1 , Y- X Xx"2b x' M ESL 'tfhgiwt 'I ' l , J Aft , f?,f,xQ1,M G, lg' "f4Lf":' 39141 e . .L l rixv rfiwl-Q V 1 l.qxNi'.lq,: ,fi ' wwf l His! W o -- 'ow L-' 5 'lk-'Wg l ii if li :WY I , 411' fi 'wi' 5 .1 , R E ,P Wage A if - ,A if .'4-N152-J M 2419 '-1 if 5' 3:5 -- sim R, .3959 A ' qA,.Qsw.i:Ve,Li!,4vI! iuyliij 5 if L5 fr 1 N, Y' x fig -,35QQ'.-ei-MMLH 5 LIZ - : - if M- Q- 1 Nrzefvsifffmew3.51152 - r K e e EQZYN: no iff? r Qi 'il Q 5 1 . H o f . ,, Y i, 7, ,,,,, .-., 1, , .H 'x ,- If X 1 W Y, X S X, ff 5 X f , nl, 1 , Bowling Team ll fo Rl Bruce Klein, Jeff Deutch, Herbie Newborn, Marc Kuppersmifh, Cliff Turiansky, Frank Friedman, Steve Polkow, Peter Fried, Mr. V. More fAdvisor7 For the Forest Hills Bowling Team, 1967 was a season of disap- pointment and rebuilding. The Keglers failed to defend their league title successfully as they finished the campaign on the short end of a 3 and 7 record. ln general, it was felt that the key to the squad's sudden demise was the loss of several notable seniors from the '66 divisional champs due to graduation. They iust couldn't be replaced as Coach Mare cited that "he didn't get as much support from the newcomers as was previously expected." The season, however, was not completely devoid of high spots as Coach Mare succeeded in developing a squad which gained much experience in i967 and which should be of championship caliber next fall. Also, the Keglers defeated Cardoza High School twice and split their season's series with Bayside. i967 also marked the first time in recent years that a iunior was named as team captain. The honor was given to Frank Friedman and he handled the responsibility quite competently. Throughout the campaign, Frank performed notably and compiled an average which exceeded 160. ln addition, Frank, along with Bruce Klein and senior Marc Lercher, participated in the Individual Borough Championships in December. Friedman placed ninth in the borough while Lercher was forced to drop out of the competition due to illness. It should be noted that Bruce Klein, a iunior, bowled the highest game of the year for FH as he rolled a 257 in a losing effort against Bayside. ln another contest against Bowne, he recorded a 228. Captain Frank Friedman was the only other kegler to break 200, hitting the mark in the final match of the season against Francis Lewis. as-TNT-usMN'5t'w.a A little luck, Oh team! Hands Up! Fencing .ff U , , M W 6' .K 5 xv 'Aix D . 61 ,gf W The FH Fencing Team, led by captain Leo Henner, xilil! 6 i i, ' Thy compiled a record of l-5-2. The Foiler's only win 'L fy. T' 'Q T was achieved against Brandeis H.S. in the final meet - . I , l N. A' 4, Xl, l X' ' 'T' Lvl-X fdif ' I fx, f' of the season. ' i f 1-' ' 4s,. ,IX " if ' Coach Milton Sirota stated that the main reason . "-- - Q" Ki' gi, of ff all is for the squad's poor showing was "a lack of con- ' - Z 'Q ' f . s.f,,' s i . . 0 'f' Vfkisi- 5 centration" cmd "not enough eiTort." Mr. Sirota V " if ,f-:31, reported that although the performance of the -,-Xgqifxwx .. . . . X is-, .yr -5, ,fe LX' luniors in 1967 was not particularly encouraging, 7 ljitx, ' h F Y . they have developed good attitudes and with ad- Xs , , y . NX' ' 'XX " Q9 ' J ij ditional work should improve. Q SS' s Ax 1 Individual standouts during the past season were pil R" x' fix' Leo Henner, the team's leading scorer with a 9-7 f.g',g"'kl"'fj X N X , record, Mike Lebowitz and Abe London, both of 2 X , vii fx! hi' ' ' M my ix whom re istered four wins Mario Kohn with three Q- X , l .K 9 I ' N 1, A victories, and Tom Gould and Peter Katona with f swf-l fl H 55111 I -. one win each. ur, fl H, sages , i f 'tx i l iff- -J l l ' '---If 2:--W 'f i is , Y., , -s - fp- -L A , J- xx is . ...jl l ' :QC , 'TEE-'il' " 'i 5" Y ' T f W, Em 'll Www "Sure is a heavy turnout today, isn't it." Fencing Manners x 'mem-Mc., "Now This is what I mean by Touche!" F'- Crifical coach. Fencing eam , V2 4 6 - fluff .wa my I Back: KL To RJ Dan Weingasf fManagerj, Mark Bassuk, Stan Heifefz, Mr. Siroia CCoachJ, Jerry Jaiie, Mark Sfeinberger, Radu Mihail, Richard Schaen CManogerJ. Fronf: KL to RD Miles Susskind, Mike Zelkowiiz, Kenny Rubin, Pefer Katana, Leo Henner iCo-Capfainb, Mario Kohu CCo.CapiainJ, Abe London, Brad Sieser, Elliof Abemayer. Absenf: Mike Liebowifz. Track and Cross Country For the FH cross-country, indoor, and outdoor track teams, 1968 was a year in which considerable success was achieved. lt was generally felt that had the breaks fallen in X . vs -. X, 1 . X'-:j. Q?-x ' Ig the right places, the Harriers could have attained recognition X, .5 fs, X on a higher level. X Q ,355 ' ' The FH cross-country team recorded a 2-3 mark in five E! 4 L , Vs. dual meets. They were led by Dave Dibo and Danny V -XXX TV Schwartz. Unfortunately, co-captains AI Chernin and Dave 'lt " 'r f Powell were constantly hampered by iniuries. Coach Sirota A s een!! Ts ' , ' cited the cross-country season as a "period of conditioning." , x M llgllir XX X As for the indoor track campaign, FH showed strength 'A in 'il' C X on two of its relay teams, the novice 880 and the open E !- L mile relay. The mile relay team placed first or second in tra' 'x fgg ' , iQ practically every heat of the year. The team consists of am YQ-Cv.. Lonnie Lepore, Irving Kass, Al Chernin, and Obren Petricic. Jvmiyf- 1 Ken ltzkowitz, Jay Wollenberg, Curtis Jones, and Dave Q," it l2 1 Bishop formed the 880 Novice relay squad. They ran well 5,Z,fll"'e ' Zftllll fl. ? rf 5 . , Z . X 5 I throughout the season and barely missed qualifying for the time finals on various occasions. Individually, Al Chernin, Dave Powell, and Mike Callendar I sparked the team. ll , In the outdoor season, with the addition of Wilbur Jack- N son, Bill Banton, and others, FH performed creditably. It X ,gf lFf- x-1-eb, 2 it .. Q .,, T Lg' I My y Track Team T L.: TOPS ll- to Rl l'lf-Wold TGYl0I', Dwight Suggs, Jeff Smith, Curt Jones, Dave Goldsholl lMgr.J, Fred Scott, Marty Wexler, Scott Geffen, Bernard Zygelman, Dan lewis. Third: CL to RJ Phil Benifeld, Charles Lewis, Mike Seiler, Dave Margrill, Dave Bishop, Jeff Goode, Jim Harrington, Paul Ho, Al Kerendian, Art McCombs, Max Florirlle, John Freeman, Jett Schwartz lMgr.J. Second: QL to RJ Billy Krone fMgr.D, Lonnie LePor, Jack Norman, Dan Schwartz, Al Chernin fCo-Capt.J, Mr. Sirota 1CoachD, Dave Powell lCo-Capt.l, Ken ltzkowitz, Arnie Glass, Harold Ziesat, Leo Zygelman lMgr.J. First: Cl. to Rl Chaim Wachsberger, Dave Dibo, Joll Berman, Ira Kass, John Credaroli, Obren Patrick, Jay Wollenberg, James Ho, Jacob Armon, Ralph Celiero, Cabsent-Bill Banton, Wilbur Jacksonj. Yum , M,..mev,, W "'- 'f ME,-,Q V- V I M-wfffsl, ff ,Awww . Roll Call. 59 Hey, get off my foot! On dry ground at last. Member of the inner circle Getting high. Under the leadership of newly appointed coach Mr. Michael Krutoy, the i968 Gymnastic team finished the cam- paign with a .500 record. Undoubtedly the outstanding performance given by Larry Lewis had quite a bit to do with whatever success the squad enioyed. Larry, only a junior, won the Queens division cham- pionship in rope-climbing. During the course of the season, Lewis registered times of 4.5 seconds and under. But Larry Lewis was not the only "shining light" of the team. Other FH athletes deserving mention are Bruce Rind, Roger Cassuto, captain Sheldon Lewis, Steve Levin, and Ricardo Rosenthal. Rind gave competent exhibitions in both the tumbling, and tree exercise events. Roger Cassuto achieved a first place standing on the long horse vault in a meet against Francis Lewis. Sheldon Lewis more often than not placed second behind his brother in the rope climb in practically every meet. Steve Levin and Ricardo Rosenthal excelled on the parallel bars and the high bar respectively. sow' S' GYMNASIUM W I I Whose next? "Look ma-no hands!" Muscular swinger. F Gymnastics "Stop the world, I want to get oFf!" A ClUlCk QSLUWUY' Easy does ll' "l can win hands down! Baseball Team I B, . , .0 :QR fyw mf is , mst Mr. Gusick, lCoachl, Howard Avnet, lMgr.l, Billy Goldber, lMgr.j, David Osiecki, Barry Lerner, Arthur Liederman, Charles Dutcher, Donald Cohen, lMgr.l, Steve Persak, lHead Mgr.l, Jack Troper, Peter Llano, Kenneth Brandt, Alan Jacobs, Andrew Fonfa, Wayne Watenberg, Robert Epstein, Steve Langston, Anthony Calisto, Ralph Celeiro, Robert Williams, Bruce Siegel lCo-Capt.l, Gary Fields, lCo-Capt.l, Lloyd Kohler, Robert Stevens, Barry Wulkan. ll7 Give me Cl hand Mabel. ti 'wi-it ,i,,' 16' r ., we - ,. ' 44- A f Mi, X. . XE ' ,A ... i 41+-ka 9 . Going with lefty. Peanuts - popcorn - .Jw Whoosh! l'll get that photographer. It's Ken Brandt at bat. Knee Action. "ff ? W - , .5 i eval? Li, T:?.0z. s if-wmff f 9- X 1 y., 1:51:57 Mr! fs' .m.i,.,.ge"gg'f 491 Q X x .-av f Q www-'Aa-0 - X P ' 6 :Q 9.-iw: ff yiya l ifiqi' v X ' iqx N xA, -Z' , 21- ' Q., ,-' . ' -'Z' I ' ' K- " V ' ' ' 9-231 4 L A7 f -- N 5+ f ,Q 5 D 94 lV:'s Cxx'h 2 1 W I T 1 9'-D1 ' lf ffs Ulf Q 'I QP 1 Sew! ff aff" I f Of? X f ," 6, fy 0 W xx i J O 5 lr y, M 'Q QQ 5 6 I M H10 4LQ7,1:' g II 1. y , 'eg le I I I n 3 ,. 439 , '-g I , 1 P 2. gkw ,W 35,45 , -wrffz, ' 'W " tucimiv Jimi' 41,4 N 1 Q 41: 5, 4, 0 Q Q 5,4 .Q ' if I -I NZ-X, X aux lu U If if 4: is ter' -QQSAQ-" I 'f.'ghQ?-Qi fA4rga'5'j4f:,,",- 36' , b-gf- , -i. f,ggj?. 1191 ' 1 im qc '55 EMQAQ7' 'I v 4 J ' ,V , ffu.-11 -'Air-Za-4 go:-L-if ' -. fkgccyg-3,1 'ISL' -fysagfljfi-, Q :' -- - 1 x ' 4.f-:.f22?'f2Jfg7E22?mtv- -X - -f - -Q N X N5 X A -fx 316- 'f!a.,fl,1'--'- -'D0nhgl,6'bj 9fN 25 "a.Qn'f? - ' xisliigflz A A -Qi Rx-XQX - ,. L, F-... S .. Q-Cv , '- 1--,, , . " . , '23 1.f:Qaf, Q' . 9 -N N - . .-f ,' N . 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'l ' M35 1 ,T' +5fs f.fQAff4iff1iI.p::!'f' !j f' dpi :ft i- MFL' pg, I 5,52 jig i gi gr, t 24 , M kk., V, 51, sale'-xr f Q , twigs 1 ' tx ' T if at ia, ,gf , I ff' f 4.2s3sf 'gw:5f fr' 1 W ' "f f H .1 1" -' . 1. 125 fl nsn's ...Jw i :if ',s' if f ' L gifff' i'i'Slw.:i.'-.. . . ,.,, 5 ,., , fe, f- ' if ,ir :I V - . cl - ' ' 7 '1 :fn ' A' ,fl 9 ' wi-' . Lilfg' iggi 1. f V F i' .gg . it Q is 2 i Ei ,lf .5 if E .5 V . J .5 . .4 i if I - l it if VVVAV , 5 ' R 'ttgffrits t":.w.fY1a , f sly ,:,iV5L . S MT' fi.. ,S V X Q l vii I . .g . f fi r ' . if ' X . g .apr all X .N 5 inside, teachers-outside, chaos both inside and out. 15-Today's exciting lesson-which way to hold that little slip of yellow paper when signing one's name. I8-Teachers' strike enters second week. Superintendent Donovan assures anxious parents that strike cannot last much longer. 19-Once again, Seniors are reassured that the strike will have no bad effects on their college applications. lf there's nothing to worry about why does everyone keep on reassuring me? 2'l-Seniors privileged viewers of sole performance of new smash hit, "How to Review All Your Math in iust Forty- Five Minutes," starring Miss Rosemary Tighe in her stage debut. 25-Teachers' strike enters third week. Superintendent Don- ovan assures anxious parents that strike cannot last much longer. 26-Teacherless students are reminded that the end of the first marking period is only one week away. 28-New contract ratified. Teachers prepare their first lessons. ln history, first topic will be-"The Power of Labor Unions in the U.S. today." 29-Teachers return to frenzied students, crowded halls, and thirty-five brightly colored program cards iust waiting to be filled out. OCTOBER 2-Teachers sorry they have to give us so much work. "But after all," they say, "school did start three weeks late!" 3--Seniors, with four hours of school behind them take seven hour Regents Scholarship Exam . . . Help!!! 10--All right, Mom. l'll rise at 6:30 in the morning, but don't expect me to shine. 'll-Things really started to get back to normal today, as l failed my first test of the year. 12-Columbus saves the day for exhausted Seniors. After seven hard--fought games, the Boston Red Sox lose baseball's exciting World Series to the St. Louis Card- inals. 13-First general Sing meeting. For three years we've known that we're the best . . . we iust haven't been able to convince anyone else of that yet. I6-Congratulations to National Merit Scholars and Com- mendation Winners. l7-FH course in confusion gets under way. First Assign- ment-fill out those program worksheets! 24--Tonight was College Night. Ran from room to room trying to find a college that wants me. All I can say is "Forget it!" 26-Had meye colledge intervyou today. Eye know eye'm no ieanyus . . . but eye'm luvable. 31-Trick or treat anyone? or Senior Exposure Give us cz Colgate smile! Clicking ot Flo cnt lflOOfh. Now, who would you really like To look like?" My right side is more photogenic. 'FZ' . xv- lm I I X 2 c g l 1 . s. u c-s.u,u a.. CCDLLECE NICI-IT TUESDAY, 0Cl0BEli 24th, 1967 XZ-X SPONSORED av THE X PARENTS' ASSOCIATION f N 1 0 AND ALUMNI ASSOCIATION wm-4 THE O 9' - GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT S 5,119 4 AND SENIOR CLASSES 4,' fi ffwxs H' 4T" f , . uv, Qty. fl' Y via ,,' ill l , s- ,y XX X X x OF SEPTEMBERVJUNE 1967 PUHEST HILLS HIGH SEHUUL NlEHT Beauty Corner Lost cmd found A large part of the Senior year at high school is spent worrying about college. To help FH students get a better idea of the life and environment at various colleges around the country, the FH guidance de- partment organizes a special College Night every two years. This year, representatives of seventy col- leges and universities came to Forest Hills High, to talk to all interested students and parents about the opportunities and courses of study oFFered by their respective schools. The speakers were frank and informative, and while all Hillites may not have been encouraged by what they heard, most of them did emerge with a far clearer pic- ture of college requirements and college life. COLLEGE WHICH ONE! COLLEGE WHICH ONE! COLLEGE WHICH ONE! COLLEGE WHICH ONE! COLLEGE WHICH ONE! COLLEGE WHICH ONE! COLLEGE WHICH ONE! COLLEGE WHICH ONE! COLLEGE WHICH ONE! af! " " , V' 'I I Y Cf fl C I lla xx I ji, , ,y 'ff' X A ,We ' I fe! L K 1' X Flights to Alaska U. can be arranged." DECISION DECISION DECISION DECISION DECISION DECISION DECISION DECISION DECISION DECISION DECISION DECISION DECISION DECISION DECISION DECISION DECISION DECISION , J , N .M !..! ,L So I sand, you're bound to learn something at college." "l W0Uldn'! feC0mmend fef1Cln9 GS 0 Cafeef College Night "Is this cz way to run on airline?" Rather bookish for Cornell. A stylish note from the F.I.T. Representative COLLEGE NIGHT o COLLEGE NIGHT o COLLEGE NIGHT o COLLEGE NIGHT o COLLEGE NIGHT Music to soothe- Food to nourish- -cmd Stony Brook! NOVEMBER FH students stunned by news that Sing has passed away. Thousands go into mourning. -This week l got a white card, a yellow card, a blue card, and a report card. The first three were nice . . . but the last one l could have done without. -Hundreds of Hillites attend tirst G.O. dance where Sing '68 is brought back to life. -Candidates for Senior Class offices race past be- wildered marshals, breathlessly enter senior section classes, and are courteously listened to in between the teacher's shouting, students' yawning, and Frank PoIitzer's numerous announcements over the PA. They did it! They did it! The FH Rangers finally won a basketball game! -Scholarship-minded Seniors suFfer with iuniors through two-hour PSAT. -Do New York State teachers know their names, marital status, and sex? State Education Department finds out all on Teacher Information Day. -Seniors elect their class oFl'icers and wish them lots of luck! -Stuffed myself with pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and ten delicious pieces of roast turkey. Boy, what a stomach ache! -Midterm time is here again, time to sit down and cram into my limited capacity brain everything I should have been learning for the past eight weeks. "You mean this isn't Brooklyn Tech?" 'Swv 1 L 1. "Down the hall to your left." "First period is not too early for History .i....s.s.v "But you've got to believe me-l am a teacher." "A musician he's not." l nv 'f..w new-rf - . -- - X f Many parents interrupted their daily routines to pay a visit to their children's teachers. During the short period of time that the parents and teachers talked with one another, they found that they had a lot in common- they both have a hard time putting up with the youth of today. "-and put that in your pipe and smoke it." "Can l help it if he can't add." Cpen School Week "You say he is like an Excedrin headache." a .Q f '-now let's put that into plain English." "You think you've got problems." THE MIRACLE WU KER Terry Mazer's and Marina Stamatiou's Miracle Worker was indeed a magnificent performance. Marina, as deaf, dumb and blind Helen Keller, and Terry, as her teacher, Annie Sullivan, performed three scenes from William Gibson's play. The two Forest Hills seniors developed and played their difficult roles beautifully. The directing and staging of the production was also due to the effort and hard work of Terry and Marina. It was a rare experience to see two actresses work so well together and also present a fine quality of professionalism. Terry Mazer and Marina Stamatiou in scenes from the play. HOW The Forest Hills Review of 1967 was our Talent Show in disguise. It provided an evening of mad- cap hilarity by dozens of talented Forest Hills stu- dents. The show consisted of a variety of entertain- ment, including solo singing of folk and show music, and dancing to African music. The slightly corny, but often humorous iesting of the emcee, Scott Gordon, added additional spice. Harmony Bring on the dancing girls Guitars are cheaper than ever An array of Alumni attracted attention . . . as always, and Lively laughter lingered long. This Union of university undergraduates unfolded Matters moderately mystifying, magical . . . and misleading. Numerous nobodies were noticed, and nostalgia was Instantly instilled with intangible intensity in all minds. And so they . . . Danced, our dear Alumni, Never, never ceasing to Enjoy everlasting, existing memories of Forest Hills High. "lt's so wonderful to see you I30 When grads get together, there's always a full house. lumni Dance , 13 23' X 1rfi'fNNNSu'.m ' ,vt 'X A s -flttvaisffm , T-NM? Fascination "Let's have a sit in." .x W , X fivex '55 ' ,ff SH "b 345 fig? tw W 4" 1 W S N MAX NN 1- , I fr.. ANI I ' V xii 1, 'f'f,,!l I K' 's WM A f i' ' ,wif t,,o,w my f .a , ':- , -2' ' ey C' X 'Q K ,5 3 ' 5 - QF 1 1' xt 41 it 0 M Q ,J N - - L ' tr- 'Y Tv F 3? et ft de , X Q . X. I!r 2 n K!! ,O 4 Ax X ,X 4' t . , ' X "9 "X - ' , 1' X 1' 1-Llfgzweg 1: J of ,e r aaaa -ff e X Rl ' 2 1: 5i32-,gz.- 5 - vi 1.9.14 mhl, if hex A , ' '51 V, 1 XG ' 3:j:4,i'5'iZi--ig-f -7 N , -tw: '-,-.H mx A - va 1, .' 1-gg-.' .:Q,:, ' aj xx 1 1, et t t 'Y "It's too sweet, honey." x ,., V M,,,-ff ,.'.m.,' ' " ,,flg..g,. . A5-.,, "I think the food has improved." I3l DECEMBER 2-For a change, Seniors have to get up bright and early-this time to take the SAT's. I think l'd rather go to school. 5-FH cheerleaders really have something to cheer about, as FH Rangers beat Bowne. 7-Seniors get some bad news-RSE results. I5-Play Pro puts on a miraculous production of the "Miracle Worker" for FH English students. 21-Familiar faces reappear at FH as members of the class of '67 return to tell this year's Seniors all about H X college life. X , X 22-Hillites are filled with the Christmas spirit-even if there isn't any snow on the ground. JANUARY I--Happy 1968. Another blissful year has "gone with the wind." 2-Nothing can prevent the inevitable. And so its back to school for a final six months of drudgery. I4-Second Super Bowl game. lt doesn't take much brains to figure out who won. 24-lntersession-another week's reprieve, and boy do we need it, Christmas vacation was really exhausting. 1 ,,.,fesF" 25-Seniors bid farewell to history, as they take the Ameri- . can History Regents. P d S C Y 30-Sing Dress Rehersal-At last everyone can see iust how great the Seniors really are. 31-Good luck to the l56 January graduates. WHAT WOULD THE SING BE WITHOUT US. Good luck to all the other Seniors who have to go home and show their report cards to their parents. Dave Raddock, Bob Lechterman, Bob Unshuld, Avi Avni, Bob Pintoff, Stewart Leon Austin Webb, Jonathan Schanin, Howard Kassoff, Anthony Maloney, Stewart Glenwick, Andy Keeves, Lane Gore, John Little, Phil Haultcoer, Steve Reubenstein, Mitch Reiss, Phil Merrill, Peter Volano. fix if , 3 'Xw fu Aim O 'N "Do you knights know what happens to strangers who intrude here? 0 O Here I am-the R-Royal fool!" 1 g E g mhg are thvar knightn hiffvrvnt frnm all nihvr knighisa? "Ye-e-es Snookums." K" ,I 'S' ML, 7 1 i M vrgg, , W V t "Announcing Lord Bczrfington, 55 his wife Lady Clcxirol, and their daughter, ,i ' i L d Ag 5 L ' W J' i "What if you and i took it?" M-m-m-m. "Men of blood and f-i-r-e." "R-r-rather let these good people tell it to you GC i of E ig . 59x Wu iff' ,slim Seniors are gonna win tonight! is? FEBRUARY l-Opening night of Sing '68. Seniors put on quite a show. 2-Last term at FH gets under way. Go to new classes. Happy to see familiar faces of students. Not so happy to see familiar faces of teachers. A truly wonderful "knight" to remember, as Seniors win Sing '68. 8-New York City is covered with garbage. New show makes Broadway debut. lts title-"Oh dad, poor dad, he's up to his neck in garbage and he's feeling so sad." l0-FH loses close contest on "lt's Academic." lt's so re- assuring to know that even geniuses can make mistakes. 15--In a battle of the generations, the FH faculty basketball team wins a decisive victory over a team of zealous FH seniors. l8--Garbage strike ends. For city, the crisis is over, but for Governor Rockefeller it's only beginning. 27-Brotherhood Assembly. Wonderful sound of music. 27. 28, 29-lts contribution time again. This month's worthy cause-the Senior class treasury. 29-Leap year is here. Girls, go out and grab yourselves a fellow. You won't have another chance until 1972. MARCH l-March really comes in like a lion, as it makes its entry in a whirl of snow. 4-FH first school in country to have three Westinghouse finalists. lf FH is such a good school, why couldn't it make something out of me? 12-McCarthy makes surprisingly strong showing in New Hampshire Presidential Primary. l3-RFK no longer able to conceal his presidential ambi- tions, so he, too, enters the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. 31- 20-Some Seniors feel great honor as they are elected Senior celebrities. Most Seniors feel only great envy. 25-Prom thermometer goes up in main lobby to measure steadily rising prom fever. 27, 28-Just saw terrific Play Pro Assembly, but still don't know what "the Crucible" is. Seniors stand in line for cap and gown measurements, and hope that, in June, it will be proven that these measurements have not been taken in vain. LBJ shocks country with announcement that he will not seek reelection. i""N "Today we are going to learn my famous recipe for chicken soup.' 1 tc I" '38 "Quick, slip if in While She? not 00 ms- "rn put if in while they aren't looking." l l APRIL -lt's April Fools Day. FH students should be very honored that a special day has been set aside iust for them. -The nation is deeply shocked by news of the assassina- tion of one of the truly great men of our time, Dr. Martin Luther King. -New York City schools are closed today, but for once no one is happy. For, today is the funeral of Dr. Martin Luther King. -Seniors breath a sigh of relief as the Easter vacation is here at last. Just imagine, there will be no need to cut classes for an entire week. -For most Seniors this is iust another fun day of Easter vacation, but for those Seniors who applied to lvy League schools it is a day of nervous anticipation and prayer. -To school or not to school?-that is the question. For, the first international student strike will be held today. Student attention turns away from the burning of draft cards and toward the burning of witches, as Play Pro presents Arthur Miller's "The Crucible." lillillilli -, l-.x A-EQ. , 3 EQ an LE at it Vi llarl So what do we do when we're over the border? SPEGAL Scuooi ivsmsl I l 1 .K-U55 . 'rf . Z, Coming Attractions! -.x::fQ3,'.f,E-15,-,,., 'ifijii xx -'Q3a:3e5!i' 1gg...1lt,. -FwQf1i1:95:sWeim ,.+fr-if 3gsS'ezy.'ggi'.1aEg.xgQafg9 !5ffg5fEg,.,,, .t:F'S"' ' R 5 f1:15'.E-UG! and u- ka-.,... vi' X png... .2-,fo ,-,-,O 4Q,,,s",,u!'.4,1, 2,1 qiyp. 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MA 'J -- T 4- Y '-"QL EE? 1 ' -M ', QE - L 'F f 30. Qguzis 'frwg-,izlw 1 I ,Qs-we Q-'. wr- V ' ,yssa1g?, : W J' 1 ,. . :-Q" ,ii': Y I agfg 5 if 1 W' 5.35 f ff!! I! K f 1,121 , Ace - f ff ,.-4 f' ,ov,, 2, 117- 1 f xywg. f Z .f154.53 X f lv- ff , ' , '-,,,. P1 Sur D , -A 15 f Eififfifgilll f". 1,1 ' '11 .ff 1.5, f'jif- ' I I fp W im wwf.:-1:::a.,Mvgwo Q fimyf-zzfiffazz 9.0, , .,:p1!,7 , ,l J X35 Prom Committee Suzi Gilbert, Stephanie Brody, Ralph Almeleh, Joanne Schatz, Barbara Gluck, Ilene Schutzman, Kenneth Morgan, Elaine Greit, Noemi Masliah, Sylvia Wertheimer, Ellie Siegel, Steve Kleiman, Lisa Albrecht, Andy Achsen, Annette lnsdorf, Mike Goldsmith, Marsha Mailick, Nancy Friedman, Carol Goldfarb, Dennis Maika, Karen Levine, David Weisbrot, Merril Preskell. Janet Kanarek, Absent. Play Production David Ruddock, Hellene Orenstein, Rochelle Winetsky, Karen Schnider, Karen Naparstek, Allyn Fried, Marina Stamatiou, Terri Mazer, Holly Rahlens, Marilyn Morris, Elizabeth Folman, Robert Unschuld, Joan Kamiola, Ronnie Melnick, Bruce Klein, Jerry Jaffe, Jay Biegelson, Ed Feuerstein, Steve Jaffe, Mike Zelkowitz, Paul Dambowic, Bob Rintoff, Jill Shulman, Jackie Shaw, John Little, Pauline Chao, Sue Shampain, Diane Blumberg, Sheila Erhlich, Lane Gore, Toni Maloney, Richie Kreziminski, Phillip Haultcoeur, Stuart Glenwick, Austin Webb, Mr. Moss CAdvisorJ. l 'Q mfif ,A A Q, fiWlfTfA2I.l.L1f1tn s xg? gl SQ exe! J' A E fi T-1, ' lllli1 94' , 5' 1, U ,lf 1 O ., LTAE. U ? 1 f' t f J at f""i f.yffs l- f f! 5: y if any pf L-g et Qrlilviiex -ff y af, J - irq, D -QA s ' 142 l-K S A I -J 5 D as ll as be - C so X4 e - MAY l-End of second third, only one more to go-hope I have the strength to last, with this much aggravation behind me it would be silly to quit. 14-Last assembly at FH ll hopel. Still don't know school alma mater. 29-El Patio Beach Club brightens up for FH Senior Prom. Took me two hours to find the place, but once there -wor, what a marvelous night. 30-Memorial Day. Gee, I haven't been to school yet this week. JUNE 5--Finals, not again. Can't be tested on too much, after all l haven't learned too much this term. i7--Our last Regents-we hope! 24-Graduation Rehearsals. So tired-tired of waiting for you. 26-Hundreds of tearful mamas and papas proudly watch as FH Seniors star in the latest version of "The Grad- uate." From every member of the Forester Staff to every graduate-the very best of luck. i w I if " 1 X , , t xJ fi xqy Xlt,XX a - lt fl. z'TvTi , W A, , Q ik, it l n f' ' X . E I Y I gm l ,.,s 9' J l 13 ,ll "Such art! It gets me right here lifxl Q. I'0lfU'lC! GHC! agouf i0llll'l-' Lleel?-if KOLLAUCLPJ it N. li' Qs! sx 351 -- N Lf if? 11 'I-Q 'UQ Qt Q, 'Rf wr V Forest Hills Out. Speedy Racer. Long May It Wave Are you sure this is the FHHS Cafeteria? The food is really worth waiting for. 1 Q X 5 I Illllllllllllllllllllllll' TheH:15to Miami. can Gimbelsbefqfqway- I 11 'S ki? 'Y 5 E 9 321 Z , X M 141531, J N X . ft? f2" o E iv L.-V. E Q Cool it Newman. '45 TE'-WH I TEu-revxomifa -1l1l--il-19-1 SENIOR L , it r 7. CELEBRITIES RICHARD RDSDAL ITELEPHONE 'E' WILBUR JACKSON Best Athlete uv 'Wilco lllll Ci , ze I HMNN X x I 3R55 f-I SGOTT GORDON Glass Domed if ALLYN FRIED Q GRACE CHANDLER Girl Who Did Most For Schogl-I ANDY Glass Performa we LEPH ONE -I SDORF Must Versatile 7 ANNETTE IN I I TERRY MAZER Glass Actress TE I Most Likel TOMMY GOULD y T S d AREN NAPARSTEK ,LEP-HONES I SHEILA smml L LL I T' E LE? H Q N Class Writer LIZ BASS PERRIN WHITE T E L. E IQ V! 17 I RALPH ALMELAH SUZI GILBERT Must Pgpular Boy Most Popular Girl Y A L I I Ll THUMAS K I! X CIass0rator jf J I ....,1.i. ,, QE? TELEADHONE A ..f" g ,AIIL I Cf, IMES DRPHANETES MARINA STAMATIUU I 5 L ERIC JACUBSUN RUNI FAGIN Besi Looking Boy 3 t L k g Girl l Boy Wh D'd M t F S hool glass mist P I . I I W I ' l l ill icit' if B l C? B lm 5 .la ti, t 4 A -ef . Q A . it E East will emit illwtamvnt qt :Q BK gsj CPBK l il , N 'T 4 i if , ,. xv K ,f'x . 'QW ,, f Miss Fish-a strong desk Mr. Lapp-a new sweater Miss Hoar-what's in a name? Mr. Sachs-an assembly that knows the FH alma mater Mr. Hirschman--a dead chickadee Mr. Balser-guest emcee at a professional show Mr. Gappelberg-an alarm clock, a faster car, and a parking Miss Giusto-an elevator pass Mr. Blume-around the world in eighty days Mr. Plotkin--Phi Beta Kappa cufflinks to match his tieclip Mr. Pospisil-less G.O. executives and more "Beacon" editors Mr. Krutoy-less "Beacon" editors and more G.O. executives Mrs. Schor-a double period for the A.P. history class Mrs. Stern-Mr. Bergman's course in "country matters" Mr. Bosch- Mr. Justin- a booming business in Senior Clearasil an honorary FH degree in oratory Mr. Sirota-the American Civil Liberties Union on retainer Mr. Harmon-a directive allowing girls to wear pants . Bergman-a copy of SILAS MARNER Mrs. Tuzza-window shades and window poles for the fourth floor fl Miss Grabau-a copy of Incognito Mr. Lichtman--a razor Mr. Swirsky--a course in philosophy Mrs. Kaplan-a fetal pig The Program Committee--a course in riot control Mrs. Huebener-20 I discount on earrings Miss Coughlan-a new drum The College Office-a computer to find the perfect college for everyone Mr. Kegel-an original Tommy Steele ukulele Miss Tighe-a slide-rule that works Mr. Sondak-a tax-free safari to Africa M . Leff-a space 7, 25" 1 15323 4 4 li? a 'iii . U ,I ' ' i lee ip? Xl, 2 ff' f private secretary 0 Mr. Varone--a winning soccer team 0 Mrs. Lippe-a ten year supply of Arista labels Mrs. Pilgrim -up up and away Mr. Gellis-a do-it-yourself yearbook for 69 gqal' GFX -iz! Q ff-" ff Mr f ,Z - 5 , S 7 K x xx i , oo if M1 'ALM' .93 1 O6 .Q X I A I' Q 4 f to cl ? 5- 1 'C' 1 ' K Q I , 'y f ff Lg? 6 ,Zia , " 4 "l4 f , 5 ' 1 xr f,?iiYf I .1226 4, :- SN 19 f Q! figf 1 5,-" K, ,X A, , X X X ' ' fi ' ' " f'P"ff559 , if 1-' ' A, ' ' ,ff ff' 1-1" J Ts f X15 ff f If 1f4f 14,0 A4?T' N gf' lv -f-mr K xi- fl - K ' .k'- '. ' ? m A QS 'L ' A 'E' L! s I s w av-,, . 1? Q mix k C s ,fffffygw f Y-"MV gal' 52 A v 51, A ,N N 5. f V' -K i, 1 I- ' fd iv' V ax ,--.. ', 'f 2.11 1 5 if wiqcigff., mx 6'fe:f.- if F' 1 'fm ' f ' 2 ' f ., i , f' ' "ff QkN,'751Qvw4, L1 Q 3 " K N' Q 454 ' nu . 'H 'VX 4 IA . kg' klix R ,, -E 1 A L 5, Y KM tw yt. Ax ? A A1 ,1 K , I s , , if X Q5 ,Y-'7 'lf 'fgzyg ' M9234 3541 L gf s r:!"fDg i ii :jf i' It I I I A glygql '!,,6'x..f . . . kkyy 1 , V ,.,, 1,5-sl. ff! ,' M , V ,, .-, . , i Kzigffz' 1' ,1 W 'I 'rv ',, 2 , - I ! , . fi Vw .W M: ' . Y ,K 4 tak I a AM ffgl Ai", , If ,V .1 Q f' ' Q N A ,4 f , if-W 1,1 I S 5 lfll' 3 Q, gif: "A, J af ,, Q' 'L V if, 4- f ff"f'. 1 "f2?4k"?3:agL '45 ' A 19 r, 'ang , -- . 1 in x , 4 " a' ,,. 4.-Y'-,xjm,f4': W"-,,.':,i,f , ' P' tt IM ,iv A - ' A ,W.,, , x, g.'-', ' ,,,,:.n, W 4 - I . za Q Y L, 3 1 , ,, , - 'ggi' i a m: ..,v Q f ,w f1 ':1if45h-'rff'.ffw Q, 9 . "TJ 'l -ff .V n , ,u' ' ' 'v e A 1 ,2 .25 ' ffnfffl' :9?Z.'-i,5f"1':'3, Qu 'f .yf v nfl" 14-fLf2f:3Mf' f A 1- ., 'fb-,gg ,if 4-QQ.. A ar mfvxubh- K ,Mi as Qi.. ' ff . Q 1.yf,, A L' 'f GW' 'Q ., H--'una-s A iff 'q,,.W if 5.5 f :f.,gAx4 A .ef in-,qgfgz ig, 1 A? rr wg! was -V . ,.,' - v"' ww Q' 9 'In-., A .. Aa. u , .n, "f -'r .s WX., , ,,, ., ,,, ' . . q,,. J ji 'iii -21' ' Ll: 7n,,?"i .7 .1-51:74 ,,1ygf',..3 .Mk , 2 -gift: ,,3Q:aj, ui' ff, p.f V ,A Q"- i , f f.' 2 ' V, .VA-my V 4 M1 rf Q. 5: is Q I EW! n Ha. I Parents Assoclahon Forest Hllls Hugh School Executive Board 1967 68 President Flrst Vlce President Second Vrce President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Senior Rep Junior Rep Sophomore Rep Bulletm Drslnbutlon Bulletm Dlstrlbuton Bulletm Publicity Fund Rarsmg Fund Raising Prrzes Program Program Tea and Hospitality Tea and Hospitality Commumty and School Commumty and School Scholarshrp Health and Welfare Mrs George Kaplan Mrs Evelyn White Mrs Roslyn Chassm Mrs Helen Ross Mrs Madelyn Gosdorfer Mrs Manna Kachulns Mrs Mae Archer Mrs Mary Grafleo Mrs Barbara Gavlgan Mrs Roberta Bangelman Mrs Louise Segal Mrs Belle Moss Mrs Marne Von Oehsen Mrs Bernlce Gold Mrs Marahlea Abrams Mrs Ann Forman Mrs Ruta Muller Mrs Ednth Elton Mrs Irene Brozen Mrs Thea Friedman Mrs Gladys Kaplan Mrs Gussle Flsher Mrs Ins Beckerman Mrs Helen Mahoney Congratulatzons to the Graduates o 1968 PARENTS ASSOCIATION CDF F H H S excellent design skilled craftsmanship superb quality RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPI-IIES YOUR CLASS JEWELER IIIEGES 8. IILIIST PHILADELPHIA 17 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. 10008 PROVIDENCE MANUFACTURING JEWELERS '66-'68 A nn L enni A I ndi S ylvia K aren A lbrecht, Lisa from pinata to College! REMEMBER 'I'IIE IIEEIIIEST IIIIII OLAF FOLK MUSIC: p.v.: HODES: bookmaslers: nicky: PAT SKY: m.g.: MIKE 8. TIMOTHY: monterey: ronni balter: baby roos: central park: ABOLOFIAI: 4fl5f67: m.d.: Sam Goody's: ioyce ein: RICHARD AVEDO NIS A PHONY: MKJC: david collins for what it's worth: CARNEGIE HALL: festival: TURTLES 8- CATS IS. CATER- PILLARS TOOI: MOVIES: AFRICA: flowers on the wall: records: N MY WILD LIFE AND AFTER: trip to the moon on a spoon: roscoe: guitar strings break . . . devil's food cake . . . AND YOU DON'T CARE?? VERONICA RENEE SENIOR LEADERS Wendy Huber Elena Kostiw Regina Caldarelli Deborah Scott Lisa Albrecht Maxine Archer Pauline Chao Liz Dapcich Denise Frazier Babette Horn Shelia Marks Shirley Peake Minerva Rodriguez Cecilia Tan Though as members of the court Our existence has been short, Thoughts of knighthood will always bring Fondest memories of Senior Sing. SENIOR EXECUTIVES Holly Elaine Francine Barbara Elliot LADY AUSTIN Casual Apparel for Women 7l-I5 AUSTIN STREET Forest Hills, N. Y. BO I-7707 INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF THE ARISTOCRACY Prime Minister - Ilene Schutzman Viceroy - Esther Frankl Secretariat - Rosalie Strober Minister of the Exchequer - Sue Gilbert Matriarch - Rhoda Rice Diplomat ilfl -- Karen L. Klein Diplomat F52 - Denise Kutner Diplomat 953 - Marsha Mailick ATTACHES LINDA B. SUE Z. MAXINE M. WENDY E. KAREN Z. ROBIN R. MICHELE K. TOBY C. MAUREEN R. SUE S. DEBBY K. MARLYN S ROBIN S. JANE S. SOMETHING Most Cherisher ' B0 3-1030 Jackie Shaw H . B A K S 1' TO Debbie Pollack OPTOMETRIST Arlene Jacobs Prescriptions Filled CHERISH Sue Gottlieb 71-36 Aus11N smear Cheryl Resnick Forest Hills 75, N. Y. Laura Valente and . Take a Trip to Marcia Wechter Selma Goldstein U H Denise Lanes Louise Levine Francine Pinto THE IN MARKET Harriet Rabonski Carol Wasserman F '0f'L?l7"j'f0n'175 , , , ores rs, . . Patti Olshma Marlene Klein for All Your Psychedelic Needs TW 6-3131 HARVEY and ANDI R 8g X DRUGS, INC. HFEEU Prescription Specialists 97-48 63rd ROAD Rego Park, N. Y. To the Sing Chorus of '68 -- IL 9-8145 YQU WERE GREAT! FOREST PARK PHARMACY, INC. Francine 63-31 108th STREET Forest Hills 75, N. Y. BO 8-5625 LI 4-7600 AUSTIN FABRIC CENTER Silks - Velvets - Woolens - Cotton Goods - Felts Plastics and leatherettes - Drapery and Slip Cover Fabrics Draperies and Slip Covers Made to Order 107,03 71 ROAD McCall's Patterns - Trimmi-ngs . 72-01 AUSTIN STREET, comer 72nd sr. Forest Hils 75, N. Y. Fam' """5' N' Y' H375 TW 7-3965 GOUBAUD DE PARIS Lashes and Make-up for Your Prom Cosmetics and Gifts for the Graduate! AR-I-IS-nc DECORA-I-'ONS 71-53 AUSTIN STREET 64-23 loam STREET Forest Hills 75, N. Y. Forest Hills 75, N. Y. 275-2828 MANNY'S Specializing in Teen Handbags and Hats Reasonable Prices 72-10 AUSTIN STREET Forest Hills, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES from P I N S K Y ' S 71-34 AUSTIN s1REE1 ENGELKE'S WINES AND LIQUORS WILLIAM F. ENGELKE 63-50 108th STREET lOpposite Bohack'sl Forest Hills, N. Y. 11375 Cover Design by MEL SCHERZER riyie-if by AL MINNS LHQTIEIIH PRESS, Im: Letterpress - Offset Printers 33 Flatbush Avenue ' Brooklyn 17, N. Y. Ulster 8-2500 SINCE 1915 we have been serving high schools and colleges of Greater New York . . . We take pride in having at your service our staff of expert typographers, artists and advisors . . . Printers of "Forester" Q- 135 Annette nw Burhuru -7 Annette cl Carol Dorothy Elaine Gayle Karen Linda Nancy Noreen 0969 BABY DOLL 3 PAJAMAS 1 G4 ' FZ! N A ist? Barbara 991 18 ESB ff Q . 5 1- ff' Forest Hills' Cheerleaders close this season by wishing you success!!! . . . 3 ,. N It K gif N , xx N ,Qu Loretta Finkelstein, X Captain XC Letty Fernandez-Silva, J Co-Captain shenq Erlich Q Barbara Finkelstein Nancy Friedman Esther Kovler Evelyn Katz Donna Wexler Jean Lee Grace Brizzi Sandra Marx Marta A. Casali Pattie Cleary 'Mug Best Wishes . . . Chocolate Company of America Fund Raising for Schools, Clubs and Organizations Polly Doodles One-quarter Pound Personalized Milk Chocolate Bar with Whole Roasted Almonds ALAN MOHR 89 MclNTOSH COURT Malverne, N. Y. Tel: 516 887-9104 Andrew J. White Commercial and Social Printers 62-57 WOODHAVEN BLVD. Rego Park, N. Y. 11374 The Clothes Barrel Your Headquarters for the perfect COLLEGE WARDROBE featuring- THE VILLAGER LADY BUG JOHN MEYER OF NORWISH 71-30 AUSTIN STREET Forest Hills, N. Y. 30 flw CAM 0 '68 jk? UHF? Lerff 0 OFMCL Your Phofographer M U R R A Y T A R R 9 wEs'r 48th smear New Yomc cmr 10036 CI 5-6684 Copies of Senior Photos can be had at any time 1'1U1'11-'-

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