Forest Hills High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest Hills, NY)

 - Class of 1955

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Forest Hills High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest Hills, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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,..i.,a I .T--4-fr ' -li fy' ,f A ' if , h'f"'wf , , X, If LV,-Z!!!-'I ff! 1 f 1 X , ri ,f 1,1 f if ,X pf- jv Qu- . 13, i!T . v I f F. 1 a R 9 1 ri 1 3 -1+ . -4 , 1-' .g 7 f if fx? w. I Qif, , -A ,, , a 'm K 5 1? , . ,Ar -f .. -E -1-. W Lx., ,I W: NX 1 ,317 S , ., ,. . , , ,I Y H. 4 :' ' 'Q 1 - 1 , . . gy . , fu' . fl H, v, , -' f.1,,:: ,X ' . , ,L V., ,Am w., ,vw Af., Az, 1 '. " . .- f V -Q. V. rf 1 , f , , , gy 1: ff 1,1 fi 'L .21 ff fx ,C 11: fl 'Q . Y vf " ' , 1 ' 3 - WWE , A .. -, 4, J ,J I, .V 5 V , 1 ' 9. , 1' , if ' 1, - ., W if ,,, . wi, w ' , 1 .1 - " ., , lf, ,- ' , I Q , .X AQ L , . , A. A N' f ,--. .,, - 11.!,,," . , vm .W V.. W V, , M ,A w- ,., - L, v -2 " If J' 41 -f,'.w 1' Xf 1 .N 2,- 5 m 4 Q, , vm 1 ,.- ,Q i . ., W, Avd - .f- , . M., ,- - ,4 -, 1 uw 1 "' 4 - - f 4 -' A -1 1' ', J ,H ,,' '-C? f. :nf 6 1 U' all Q li. if 'W '..4.g:.5fgg..1L,. T . ' 1 , fgfmtgforost iIjI I5' High School 4 A 'nw--'w nw """'i'i i Leo R. ,Rycm,i Principal CLASS or 1955 r i Forest Hills,'New York A 'sf 'fs-f. lx. 4 N i 1 . i ,W , - ' 4. wa, .Ai DR. LEO R. RYAN, PRINCIPAL BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK 5235551 HJEEPS '1'.E1E' HEEHOPP Principal Telephone LEO R. RYAN BOuIevard 8-3137 To the Class of June l9SSg Dear Friends: It is with especial pleasure that I felicitate you on your graduation this June. In the three or four years that you have been with us, many members of your class have earned distinction for themselves in the field of scholarship. From the beginning you have, as a class, participated whole-heartedly in the variety of extra-curricular activities that the school offers. You have given very generously of your time and effort to help carry on the many services conducted by the school. As a class, you have been outstanding in your cooperation with the school. There have been many instances of the very fine morale effect you have had upon younger students. For this outstanding record you deserve high co mendation and our sincerest hope that, in whatever plans you may have for the future, you may find happiness and success. Sincerel urs, LEO '. YA Principal Robert Cox, Art Jerry Mendel, Art Jhan Kao, Art Frances lger, Art Deanna Edelman Bette Friedman Sidelle JaFfee Johanna Blidner Toni Sawyer Ellen Rappaport Ruth lckrath Barbara Farsang Sondra James Barbara Krause Barry Abrahamson Judith Rabinowitz, Auditor Herbert Gershen Helen Farber Norma Lent Marsha Reinherz Norman Schapiro Edward Wolfe FGRESTER STAFF Production Editors Associate Editors Stephen Schuker, Sports Serena Young, Lit. Sheila Burke, Lit. Literary Staff Paula Glassman Ruth Friedman Edith Laulicht Lora Goldman Phyllis Miner Rhoda Lionell Jon Leiter Art and Photography Staff Robert Leichter Norman Goldstein Martin Ozer Fran Rosman Business Staff Audrey Scharter, Manager Associates Carol Marks Staff Dorothy Harter Sheila Savitz Carole Smith Francine Zitf Naomi Mutterperl Sandra Katz Faculty Advisors Lincla Greengard, Literary Susan Wartur, Lit. Dorothy Harter, Lit. Joan Young, Lit. David Reich Michael Magclott Ira Goldwasser Jerome Levine Martin Posner Mark Ettinger Robert Lipton Sue Gitlen Arnold Sealove Sheldon Block Stanley Zickerrnan Bernice Goldstein Suzanne Oringel Toni Sawyer Sheila Teitelbaum Renee Nierenberg Sylvia Ball Barbara Virshup Mr. Edmond J. Runge Dr. Jack W. Entin LITERARY STAFF BUSINESS STAFF VV ART STAFF Sy H It SENIOR cu-ISS ACTIVITIES 'ff I SII S ADVISERS V ',,, 'AS' g, Q12 fig ,"SI, 11 I S Q1 I YZ I 53 Mr Edmond ,I Runge Dr. .lCICk W. Entin l DEDICATION We, the graduating Seniors of Forest Hills High School, finally realizing and appreciating the value of the time and effort bestowed upon us, dedi- cate our yearbook to the Tower, which we would like to think represents a goodly share of all the things that have happened to us in school In our years at Forest Hills, the Tower has been the butt of many kindly, but nevertheless derisive, iokes. Remaining impervious to the laughter float- ing up to its lofty height, the spirit of the Tower, with a will made strong by many generations like us, has acted as a catalyst in the painful process of growing up. We have changed a great deal since we first stepped across the com- pass and gazed about us in awe, at the terribly impressive splendor of the lobby. Though, as a whole we are callow youth in the eyes of the more experienced, the symbol of which we speak stands for so much that was given freely of learning, understanding and friendship, that it is impossible for us to be anything but immeasurably wiser now than when we began. The Tower stands as a beacon by which we may guide ourselves. Each of us, enriched in myriad ways, begins a long walk, down an often obscure path which stretches far before us, yet, we leave confidently, hopefully, always knowing that this beacon light shines at our backs, illuminating our next steps. N ll ADMINISTRATION and FACULTY ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS .MYVM .'-,aw ,sg , I if Q 5 ? Mr. Marfin J. Delman Mr. Joseph Herschel DEANS ,ATT ', 12'-'55 2 - ' ' ' vs, I . 1'Z""Y' v. If W, 'S ' X if 1' f if 3 z Q, X hilt: Nt , - ff 31 .Mr. Paul Haber Mr. Joseph Tuzza Mrs. Helen McCanna FOREST SCHOOL HILL SCHOOL PARK G.O. ADVISER SCHOOL TREASURER ADMISSIONS wi I ' li, I I s ' ' , Q- ' E . T if Tr! . I ff Q .,a ff qh I X N I COLLEGE ADVISER Mr. Alfred Carfer Mr. Edward Reilly Mrs. Miriam Sufferlin Mr. Frank Barfleff 8 GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT PROGRAM COMMITTEE SCHOLARSHIPS COLLEGE ADVISER divine 1 2.5 2 X f ...,L.,.,. ,511 ' IM. ,, . hu.- ,I:.'-"1: " 931'-'-5.:::'f.s ifi? 'f "" I - I 'FZ'-"CZK iii'- Mr. Walfer Hefhy Mr. Bernard Uclane Mr. Morris Wigler Mr. Joseph Roemer COUNSELORS FOREST SCHOOL HILL SCHOOL -sr , X is 'f K I X I I 1 1 3 I I . jf! I :5' wa? I Mr. Joseph McCarfhy Mrs. Alice Vaughan Mr. Max Pollack Mrs. Nellie Greenlleld PARK SCHOOL MILITARY ADVISER PM SESSION IU' 'Qui -uf? s vs. Z. M A QL fi 33, I lj? X23 4 N. A X Q Mr. Marlin Drach Miss Gerfrude Farley Mr. Joseph Gleason Mr. Leon Meade I. - ,r..s. . rs..- ,....f.3,,qt pf I I, I Z' f! f M I , ' Qv 30 J 555' li? f IQ, , pf f' HI, 1 5 fx 'Mi f .5 1 as DEPARTMENTAL DITTIES ' by .loan and Rena Young We don't say "ain't", it ain't a word. We learned this rule terms first to third We then surged on to Julius C. "Et tu, Brute"' then cried we. Tale of Two Cities" we gave lots of kidding, As we traveled with Madame Defarge and her knitting. The ethics of SteFfens, Macbeth in term eight, Oh, English Department, you've really been great! IIA l -l- 1 : 2 is long since gone But trigonometry lingers on. In response to teacher's admonitions We memorized our propositions. Physics is fancy, geometry's plane, X -l- Y nearly drove us insane. But we've come to the end of the intricate path. When we count up successes, we'll do it in math. Modern History, ancient times, Charlemagne, royal crimes, Monroe Doctrine, war atomics, Engels Law in Economics. We found our way to A. H. 2, Mr Heine The Regents had us in a stew. Now here's to the course and those who fed it Into our heads for passing credit. "Veni, vidi, vici," said Julius Caesar, proud, As he took his laurel wreath oft to the Roman crowd. "Ach du lieber" fills the air in a German class. "Bonne chance," cries a French eleve, I hope we pass. Aleph, Beth, Gimmel start the Hebrew A, B, C's "La Leccion es muy facil," that's Spanish with some ease. The Language Department taught us quite successfully That Forest Hills is really a lingual Potpourri. Eighty words a minute, we'd never get it done When we were writing forty, stenography was fun. We thought we'd all pass typing with a maximum of ease, Then to our consternation-no letters on the keys. Accounting taught us neatness, to keep our columns even. We had to have some Business Law, before we were leaving. So when we start working in the hardened world outside, What we learned at Forest Hills will serve as our guide. Q 2 T3 w IA ' ' 1- - f 'cs Qfbffje I H ,N 'ww 4- ' 31 -. i mimics F 6 L ,,i,s, ,,i. mm 2 f .' .f ,fy .5 4,11-X , ,g ' 3, s ,,f,5'1, -lll ' K l ,' : 1 ,f,r -:-1, ,. , , ,U M, V 1 I 4 ll- ,. " I .f fi. .w,:f.- - ' ww, Ab, , I I ' ' may-:ext 4. ,z A 3, ,,,v,kt,t,,,.', . , "4-4 Mr Morrison BUSINESS SUBJECTS SCIENCE Q BOYS' HEALTH EDUCATION , I ?7 N-.ff i' Dr. Brandwein Mr. Spata .. w ESA' f Q . W. -21.7 GIRLS' HEALTH EDUCATION Miss Coghlan "Dem Bones, Dem Bones," a familiar rhyme. The fossils of an ancient time, Heredity, Punnett squares,- We've seen why genes occur in pairs. Sulphur has a peculiar smell, Ah, chemistry, we've learned you well. Our knowledge of science will never die, Because, Science Department, you've taught us WHY. Volleyball and basketball. They're on the ball, these boys. They're given all the benefits Of youth's athletic ioys. The coaches teach them sportsmanship On each athletic field, and then Sends them out into the world Not as boys, but as men. We got minuses for talking, for Iateness and for gum. We strained ourselves in exercises to the beating of the drum. We played the major sports from volleyball to track. We sat so straight for plusses We nearly broke our back. We wore our gymsuits faithfully, without a washing, til We threw them out, June 29th, Uncleaned and unwashed still. Amateur Da Vincis, High school Van Goghs "Art for Art's sake," hallway shows. From Art Appreciation through Fashion Design We now don't need rulers to draw a straight line. Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart and Bach, We were taught this musical stock. Throwing pennies in Music Class. Talking, joking, still we'd pass. Christmas Carols in voices ringing, Once a week of off-key singing. We were educated with a longhair crop But we didn't learn our lessons, for we crave shorthair bop. The speech department taught us to speak with care, Enunciation, pronunciation, diction every year. We tried all different kinds of food Over our results we fretted and stewed. We sewed pretty dresses, we're sad about The fact that the sleeve is sewed on inside out. We made silver rings, and wooden things Using every different tool That's Creation-Domestication-Enunciation In Forest Hills High School. SENIOR OFFICERS fmlw I-Y Y, . E4 Rl: Jig. f PRESIDENT I X LC Ii 1 STEPHEN DREZNER IRWIN KAPLAN 1: ar C3 2' ff' VICE PRESIDENT If I , , ,, II nt"I'- f up-V . BONNIE JOAN LEVINSON FRAN ROSMAN r. If 1 FN .,,. 4- , 'sn SECRETARY I Af . 17" R , ,iq RocI-IELLE SAMUELS TREASURER MONIQUE BRUNSCHWIG lf.-4. K.. 'N '-, its 1' -,T 's 5. .,,, 'Z E ' .I LINDA DIAMOND Paulo Glcssmoln Judy Bogcrd Tippy Prooslin FOREST HILL PARK V -1152 , I '23 Ja" A-5' ',,i' ' Q42 K Y 4, ,, 3 I 1 in 6553 XX L ll RUTH-ANNE ABRAMS C.C.N.Y., Teacher Section Class President and Vice-President. A O GW 155 "Listen, you may hear my laughter from a cloud." PETER J. BELTRANDI Queens, Engineer Marshal Squad, P.S.A.L. Silver Medal. "Keep true to the dreams of your youth." RUDY BRANT C.C.N.Y., Television Singer Soccer Team, Chess Club. "Aim high, low aim is crime." RICHARD A. BRUDER W1 rrr, . f .. American Institute of Banking, Banking Stamp Club, Merit Awards tor Service, Sgt. on Marshal Squad. "Life is a pleasant institution." ANTONIO L. CARPIO Queens, Lawyer or Engineer ' Basketball Team. "For such a bright manhood there is no i- such word as fail." 4 X' ROBERT J. CHIN Pratt Institute, Architect Fencing Team, Bio Squad "A strong face ornamenting a great mind." KENNETH H. CLARK - Army, Printing Trade 'wc 1 ,M ' 'S H1110 'V O ' . -J! ,vc -' Marshal Squad. "Disarm misfortune with a grin.' 9, N WILLIAM COHEN "Bill" - University of Denver, Hotel or Restaurant Management Marshal Squad P.S.A.L., Forester Business Staft. "Sir: your wit ambles, it goes well." NATHAN DASTIN Queens, Orthodontist Chemistry Lab Assistant, P.S.A.L. Award. "Men like this come one in a generation." DAVID DEMIAN Queens, Insurance Salesman Sgt. on Dawn Patrol, Hebrew Honor Certificate, Honor Roll. "The quiet mind is richer than a crown." 5' I rfimm .li . " , " ,' J f - XTC' A 'A , i. an as Q. aa Fa X 5 ! ,, In U ' it is if J Ml, JEAN A. DEZAGO STEPHEN M. DREZNER "Steve" Secretary, Policewoman Attendance Office Aide, Newman Club. "Speak softly and carry a big stick." LINDA S. DIAMOND Stratford, Clothing Buyer Senior Class Treasurer, Health Ed. Ottice, English Oftice, Exceptional Service Award. "O Diamond, diamond you knew little of the mischief done." Queens, Chemical Engineer Senior Class President, Marshal Squad, Honor Roll, P.S.A.L. Awards, Emergency. "He likes sweets, especially N 81 M's." DEANNA H. EDELMAN Cornell, Occupational Therapy Orchestra, Statt ot Forest Leaves, Junior Arista, Junior UNESCO, Service Awards. "Integrity is her mainspring." - , .ug .sg I 'f' an 5 N. f . ' - fs. ,-- ' -' ti Pd fv V . rfb M ,D .1 ei i yvs "' lx- I ,V W I I. 1 iq 'tu ' Ll 5,194 I Q - 1' ' ' I as 'E' 1 tt ltr, I 'ly -,J H' -af D 'Lk V f ,AW r, :af y 'fi-1 J! ,Q ' i p w A ' , .nE ' .QE hu, x 1 I I 4? ms: 'eg' 'rsi W ry. ' ...ff- JOHN EISENBERGER Business P.S.A.L. Awards, Marshal Squad. "He's all business." CAROL M. EPSTEIN N.Y.U., Social Worker G.O. Oftice, History Office Aide, Service Awards, President of Section Class. "I have cr heart with room for every joy. ll -A .r. sz, - A :ss fi? . as S fn .1 . Q if C593 , of A ' tt' ,fs ,vw .J iff- . ss , , fre! Psy? .3 f'.f.s-5 R S --A we , ff ' ,. . xf-.six f . ri . ,,,. f-ffn ,ri -, , " H is X 1. 5, .- J f .fe . -ff 5, K.LQi.z1f:. v i-we s i ,.',. fe L --f I is' i H of wt. f 1 'L' ,f 1 if f Q' l x Q L A' I 'N 4: , Y wi-,'f7r-Cs LYLA FENICHEL Queens, Marriage Section President, Honor Roll, Emergency Room Aide, Study Hall Attendance Aide. "Stolen glances, sweeter for the theft." BARRY M. FINK Queens, Advertising "Friends grow wherever he may be." SHARON FLATOW N.Y. Community College, Medical Assistant. Typing Award, Alumni News. "I am wealthy in my friends." ROCHELLE L. FORTGANG University of Arizona, Fashion Illustrator. Glee Club, Civilization Club, Service Awards. "Like a face with love capricious." BETTE M. FRIEDMAN Simmons, Retailing Forest Leaves, History Honor, Jr. UNESCO, Play production, Greeters Club. "As good-natured a soul as ever trod a shoe of leather." ROBERT GEIER Queens, Veterinarian Tropical Fish Club, Marshal Squad, Tutor, PSAL Awards, Advanced Science. "Lightly he takes his tribulations, seriously his tasks." STEPHEN E. GELLER Columbia, Law Captain Corps, Honor Roll, Service Pin. "Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know men." CAROLE D. GINSBERG Successful Career Woman Steno-typist in Language Oftice, Treasurer of Section, Forester Literary Staff, Perfect Attendance. "lt is her charm that strikes the sight." ANITA GLASS Borough Discussion Ottice Aide, Jr. UNESCO, Section Treasurer, Honor Certifi- cate on Scholarship. "We hope she doesn't grow any taller." BARBARA A. GOLDSTEIN Adelphi, Teaching G.O. Councilman, Service Awards, Secre- tary in Art Office, Cutting Office Aide. "Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life." ' fi , 1' 'Hi ' we-1 ' .SJ -V: 5, . . V , 114 4 L., , W ...L ,, t f kwa' "' 75 3 rx. W A 65 Qi 4 4 My 'C 7:4 , e '31 I A f , ttf LILLIAN GOLDWASER ELLEN F. HART WESLEY M. HIGNETT Queens, Teacher Flower Fifth Avenue School of Nursing, Wagner, Veterinarian Junior and Senior Arista, Language Honor Nurse Sgt. on Marshal Squad. Society, Science Honor Soc., Civilization CI. Attendance Office. "Towering in the confidence of lite "She profits who serves best." "Ellen the fair, Ellen the lovable." LORETTA HIRSCH ANNETTE GRAJOWER HENRY H. HEITNER "With admiration ever looking on her Barnard, Teaching Queens, Teacher Governing Board of Leaders Club, Lan- Senior Band, Social StUClieS OFHCS, PSAI- guage Honor Roll, Section Treasurer. Awards, Math Tutor. "Serious pursuits afford true enjoyment." "As merry as the day is long." ff .. RITA ISAACS N.Y. Community College, Legal Secretary Service Awards, Sten Club, Typist for Alumni News, Sten Award. "Her business is success." IRENE C. JACOBS Indiana, Social Worker Hr, 'iam 9' Ili W- ' Y! 4 Play production, Section Councilman, r V it Health Ed. Office, General Office, English I V Y Honor Class. A' y "Both little and sweet some say is best." A MIRIAM D. Joeis V, I 'V , 'V N.Y. Community College, Medical Assistant F 2 " A- , f I Problems of Democracy, Section Class Presi- ' , Q' V . VV dent, Hill Office Aide, Emergency Room 4. if , I A Aide, General Office. .fyy ,3 Ali' I fx , . if - - r n of ,7,:,V. Vf,VV V 'V 5 v lA W, , '-. I ...lg 1 , -6-r lililulghter is the universal everg ee V VfVV!V?,V,V, ' I -,-r 125 fir, i'. I fl i MYRNA E. KAHN f V I I Queens, Elementary Teacher , s It 2 Dramatic Club, Attendance Office, History 4' i J l Office Aide, Chem-Physics Squad. I V IV v y "A merry heart goes all day." V"f 1 H K Ku, l 4 ALICE KAPLAN O 6 ' Cornell, Merchandising Field 6 AVF., 4 , I 1 Play production, Service Pin, Arista, Hebrew " V2 is r " Q lil 'M Club, civilization Club. R I 1 "She says a thousand pleasant things." ilfillv' 'J' VV I x FLORETTA KLEIN ' 1 V' ' R 1 Queens, Elementary Teacher I I il I X Chorus, Chorus Award, Hebrew Club, Af- l VV Uilff 'f l I X tendance Office, Service Pin. I ,I "The smile that wins, the tints that grow." 3,12 qi SANDRA Kossorr fm' N.Y.U., Private Secretary Captain of Gym Squad, Program Office. "She smiled and the shadows departed." 4 V Charles L. Kerstein SUSAN KRUGLY Queens, Teacher AT my ' Arista, Problems of Democracy, Math Tutor, 'K V A Study Hall Aide. V 7' "Her heart is open as the day." ANN S. KURTZMAN Queens . Junior Arista, Math Office Aide, French Club, Service Awards. V gb-. "Fair and tair, and yet so fair." an ' 2 I MARILYN LABB 4, 'A-fy Queens, Teacher Program Office, Emergency Room, Art Office Aide. f "She is a little picture painted well." U ft.. ',f. Q T . "'A . .V M ' T' ' "i" ' 5 ' , " A ,.. I I A pi in It 4, I' an gr if Z -. l 713 it 417' fkailtj W, , ' ,VV e g ',', i IV m V V VVV'IM V ' sv A er. I ,ir. i . - I e f ll f'f , x 2 , ' Q 1 ft STEPHEN LAMM SHEILA LEVIN ELAINE LOPEZ Hofstra, Business Sgt. on Marshal Squad, PSAL Awards, Social Studies Aide, Squad Award in Gym. "Men of few words are the'best." RITA M. LEFTOFF Chic School of Fashion, Fashion Designer Secretary of Section Class, Attendance Monitor. "To be awake is to be alive." N.Y.U. Supervising Editor of Beacon, Literary Squad, Service Pin, Senior Arista. "Her pen from which persuasion flows." BONNIE J. LEVINSON Bennington, Music Career Glee Club production, Senior Board. "Eyes that laugh and lips that sing." Soloist, Program Office, Play Wagner College, Teaching Senior Orchestra, Leaders, PSAL Award, Received 'I5 point letter. "With feet that never tire." DANIEL MARKS "Dan" Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Chemist Chemistry Lab Assistant, Physics Squacl, Forest Office, Engineering Club. "No one knows what he can do until he tries." S . I ea ig f , 'Q inf-ad' Q qi ,B .V g if i. 11 1 .iz i' aes? " v .... M' X. ll. V .1 N. Q51 4: V .- is- I X , 1 77 4 Q M Q V 4 ,f-. .V ' Z' ,,, - 'ns' 1" R fs" F 1 F:-n .fx '- -Q vi' , J as-"tif X 1 4, bf' 2 61A 7 VINCENT J. PIERINI Brooklyn Polytechnic, Engineering Track Team, Marshal Squad, Newman Club. "His personal qualities will endure in life." JAY A. POLLINO Captain on Marshal Squad, Handball Team. "Man about town." ARLINE MILLER N.Y.U., Elementary School Teacher Cutting Ottice. "All that's best of dark and light are in her." CHARLES MILLER U.S. Air Force School-Texas Com., Airline Pilot Intramural Track Medal, Health Ed. Mar- shal, Band, Cafeteria Marshal. "Heedless of grammar, they all cried, 'That's him.' " ROBERT MONAHAN Fordham University Senior Band, Captain Corps. "As true as steel." ROSEMARY S. NATHAN Queens, High School English Teacher Senior Orchestra, Honor English, Meritori- ous Service Award, Chess Club, Library. "She looks at life with quiet eyes." ROBERT NUNEZ Fordam, Lawyer Basketball Team, Junior Varsity Baseball Team, Newman Club. "On the road to success he'll not falter." ROSALIND OESTRICHER University ot Pennsylvania, Psychologist Science and Admissions Ottice Aide, Beacon. "As tull ot spirit as the month ot May." ELYSSA D. PARDO Antioch, Field of Art Swimming Club, Health Ed. Ottice, Attend- ance Sheet Distribution, Forest Oftice, G.O. Rep. "Art is not the bread of lite, but the wine of life." CLAUDETTE PASTORET Secretary General Ottice, Health Ed. Award, Secre- tary for a teacher. "She steps as light as a tawn." FERYAL A. PERESS To teach Languages Attendance Office, Math Tutor, Hebrew Club, Band, Honor Roll. "Her modesty is a candle to her credit." PAUL S. PERVELER N.Y.U., Business Career Marshal Squad, Captain Corps. "Diligence shall have its reward." .gi fL'y'Qf ,CJ S 'M IJJ 6' S 4 4, . . I . V,.f'N I ' ,.,.f 79, ' ' .' . ' ..,, V, U-1 ' l, .yi ,-.5 ' , ,Q 4 VVV, .... ' . I 4" ac ' UL?-ff, I ...ffl 1 ft . 4 , vt.: M-V' s .- fy . ,f 57" I " L 3 ""1 ...J RENEE R. REINER N.Y.U., Business Career G.O. Councilman. "Serenity hides a dynamic nature." JOAN H. REINHARDT Cornell, Biochemist Advanced Science, Junior Arista, Service Pin, Secretary in Marshal Office. "Who ever is popular deserves attention." J.. I ,Z , ROBERT P. RIORDAN Manhattan Track Team, Basketball Team, PSAL Award, Marshal Squad, Newman Club. "Where brains and brown walk hand in hand." JERRY ROTH Miami University Marshal Squad. "The best advice we can give is marry the boss's daughter." EDITH E. RYNIAK To do God's will. 4 I Senior Band. ' "Ah! what delight a quiet life affords." ca. gs: , DONALD J. SAFF We 42 Q W Queens, Chemical Engineer fu-. T' 'ft-..,-t ' 'TI' Beacon Photographer, Assistant Manager 1 i' x of Baseball Team, Marshal Squad, Presi- dent of Senior Band. "A man with his face towards the future.' ROCHELLE S. SAMUELS Queens, Teacher Secretary of Senior Class, Study Hall At- ' tendance Monitor. Vi A ' , O 5 "Beauty is power, a smile its sword." Q if SHEILA M. sAvlTz C .-- Syracuse 3 " QEVA f l Service Pin, Attendance Office Aide. it O' 9 "Little friends prove great friends." I NINA scHERTz U of if Brandeis, Dancer Honor Roll, Secretary in Physical Science Office, Math Tutor, Arista. "Lilting feet that never tire." I. 4 JOHN J. SCHlMMENTl 'T I U A Columbia, Lawyer -. -f '. A Senior Band, Marshal Squad, Service 'TTT P V' Award, Attendance Award. " 1 X T "Destiny had better be careful or John 4, 4 will steal its scenes." TERESA SCHOEN N.Y.U., Private Secretary .75 'fy Miss Fulton's Office, Hill Oftice Aide. 4- 'V "Gaiety and laughter follow her." FRED L. SHAPIRO 'F 'FW Press Business, Salesman m- ' KTM" President of Marshal Squad, Captain on "ln Dawn Patrol, Service Pin, Captain Corps. Tse' K'-f "He is never at less leisure then when at leisure." DAVID .l. SILVERMAN Lt., Marshal Squad, Engineering Club, General Office Aide, PSAL Award, Play Production crew. V "A man who hopes to break the bank at ,-. . ye" Monte Carlo." N 'T T' 1. M HENRY s. SILVERMAN A 'Q -iff ' '-', Farmingdale, Conservation 1 ...W Lt. on Marshal Squad. Wt"-1' 59' "' "Save yourself, Hank, it's a long way ' l , ahead!" L ' . ', ' ' A f is I " - . " . 23 at W ,cs M ,lbw VJ- My M V 4 - Q HV 1 A+' fe ,.,.- av' " X 5 'H- e 1' 4,3 7 A wtf' Ti in I . ' f J I, AQ- h s Q 'W et SYLVIA l.. SINGER Mt. Sinai Hospital, Nursing Emergency Room, Study Hall Aide, Glee Club, Section Class Sec., Gym Co-captain. "This is what makes America what it is!" PHYLLIS T. SOLOMON Queens, Math Teacher Math Ottice Aide, Hebrew Honor Certifi- cate. "Moth will help her to count her successes." JON A. SPERUNG Queens, Doctor LEONARD SPITZ Philadelphia Textile institute. Advanced Science, Park Sophomore Repre- PSAL Award, Marshal Squad, Dawn Patrol sentative, Park President. Intramural Squad Awards. "Gentleman is written clearly on his brow." "The world belongs to the cool enthusiast." RHODA l.. SPlLKOWlTZ TOBY T. TRAUNER Pace Business School, Secretory and N.Y.U., Teacher Bookeeper Forest Office, Guidance Ottice. Treq5Urer'5 Office, "Hold flle f0Ifl TOby'S C0mll1glH "Moves as a Goddess, looks as a Queen." 6 V . A4 is FTA f A r c' Rm iff ...N x I ,A rs Y ,A QL -64" QL 9111 13' ' ia' '-sf , MYRNA H. UNGER Maryland University, Psychologist Problems of Democracy, Publicity Commit- tee of Borough Council, Chorus. "Such things as dreams are made of." FRANCISCA VERDONER Queens, Medical Doctor Play Production, Language Honor Society, Chorus, Library Squad, Greeters Com. "A wealth of thought lies behind those sparkling eyes." STEVEN B. WERNER Bard, Film Actor Play Production, Marshal Squad, PSAL Award. "Could it be Beau Brummel in the flesh?" SHIRLEY WOLF Queens, Popular Vocalist Chorus, Senior and Junior Arista, High Honor Certificate, Service Certificate. "With her it's a necessity!" GRACE A. WOLOSKER Smith, Language Major Honor Roll, Park Office, Service Award, Beacon Staff. "A sweet attractive kind ot Grace!" DOROTHY L. YELIN Cortland State Teachers' College, Teacher English Honor Class, Sec., Science Off. "To me nothing is more fun than a man!" ALLAN ZALE5NlCK N.Y.U., To become a Buyer PSAL Award, Otticers Service Award, School Service Award. "Strong and silent." JOYCE B. ABELMAN University ot Vermont, Happiness Chorus, Dance Club, Jr. Unesco, Park Office Aide, Sophomore Band. "A thing ot beauty is a Joy." BARRY D. ABRAHAMSON Hamilton, Engineer Senior Band lClarinetj, Yearbook Photog- rapher, Math Club, Engineering Club. "Ot science and logic he chatters." EDWARD L. ABRAMOWITZ X 'I Brooklyn Polytech, Electrical Engineer . s Bowling Team T954-55, President of Section gl , Class for 5 terms, Senior Council Rep. L' V' iiwiil "Popularity indicates quality." W -. A T.. rt 'Z gi ,. 'V' . S z 5 '24, V 4 if WW, f , f Xmu,,qW,, " I K , , ,, ' NEIL ABRAMSON AUDREY C. ADES "Audie" Hamilton, Doctor of Medicine Varsity Golf Team, Arista, Marshal Squad, Captains Corp. He'll rnend all the broken hearts he leaves behind." WILLIAM ACCLES "Bill" Fordham, Actor Play Pro, Band, Stage Crew, Marshal Squad "Where there's a Will, there's a lawsuit!" 11 Skidmore, Nurse Chorus for 2 years, Forest Office Aide, Meritorious Service Award. "Neither lemonAdes or orangeAdes are as sparkling as Audrey Ades." JULIAN G. ADLER University of Michigan, Engineer Jr. Arista, Social Studies HOHOI' 50CiefY, French American Stud. Math. Team. "The gift ot wisdom has many facets!" acl UMR is bum over - - m ' . f Q. :S ' ' 'f ' ff Nw f x Q fe' 4 X - . eu' .,,, , "q'i"' H f ji ,, J., A it . . is ROBERT AGNES "B0b' Queens College Junior Band, Marshal Squad, Public Ad dress Squad. "He's a ladies Man." LOU AKOP N. Y. U. Marshal Squad, Squad Award in Gym. "He's another Peck's Bad Boy." 2 I , .YV 1 Q 1 ,A N 1 uv 7.7 V. at 5,.v,v,. Sn Q..- 'Q. .Q..,Q , S t X X-N . . l V fl 'WG L JK, ll l l l ll l URNJXQ ox Q XB g Q Mrs. Alexandria Reilly HARVEY L. ALBERT University of Alabama, Psychiatrist Marshal Squad, Emergency Room, Intra- mural Award. "Women would run through fire and water tor this man." ANDREW F. ALBORO Baseball Varsity. "He who desires naught will always be free." MARILYN A. ALEXANDER Grace Newltauer School of Nursing, Sur- gical Nurse Junior Arista, Dancer in Play Pro's Finians Rainbow. "A white cap and red shoes." EDWARD ALLEN Renssalacr, Engineering Marshal Squad, Language Office, Cutting Ottice, Honor Roll. "He likes to like people, that's why people like him. SHELDON J. ALLWEISS Queens College Marshal Squad, Intramurals, P.5.A.L. Awards, Band. "He does nothing in particular and does it well." JOHN ALTINTOP "Johnny" N. Y. U., College Marshal Squad, National Hot Rod Associa- tion. "He'll speed down the highway of suc- cess." STEWART E. ALTMAN "Stu" Columbia, Medicine Handball Captain, Beacon Reporter, Lieu- tenant on Dawn Patrol. "Humor springs from the heart, power from the hands." CAROL E. ANDERSON Secretary, Housewife Typist in Boys' Health Education Depart- ment, Guidance Ott. Aide, Newman Club. "A merry heart lives long." SANDRA A. ANDERSON "Sandy" Adelphi, Physical Therapist Chorus "To know her is to like her," JUDlTH ANGOWITZ "Judy" Hofstra, Elementary School Teacher Junior Arista, Governing Board of Leaders Honor Society, School Service Pin. "Talks all clay about people who talk too much." I- '4 JUDITH C. APPEL "Judy" Stenographer, Private Secretary Dramatic Club, Attendance Squad. "Many a flower was born to blush unseen." MISAK APRAHAMIAN Fordham University Band, G.O. Councilman, Sgt. Marshal Squad, Service Pin, Six Perfect Attendance Certificates. "Misak absent is Misak still." ' psf' 45 Q C A .1190 in cfs, .U Q:-Lg, 1-ff-f ff .Q Mai 6. ,i V ff? . ...E Q 2 --of Us-I ia bm' A ,J 7 Q .ESV- if 4. - "2 fl tv 1 5 N X I Q .4 'J fl . L fx ! E f,,, l 'N I fb A ' - il' V l 5, l 3 K i , , t y ,Q 11:1 v,. sr' 'Vs . V ig YS My .1 , X gf l 5 , 9, his L X L MARSHALL ARFIN MARGARET A. ASHMAN "Peggy" N. Y. U., Teacher Secretary, Airline Stewardess "We'll be desolate when he's gone." "She'll keep people in Seventh Heaven." LUCILLE M. ARUNDEL Insurance, Secretary Language Office Aide. RITA C. ASHMANN Barnard Girl Leader of Arista, Beacon, Play Produc "A secretary like Lucill will be good insur tion, Secretary of Civilization Club, Socia 6 UFICS ICOI' Gfly COlTlpUl'Iy.H Studies Honor Society. "The only pony-tail with a brain behind it.' Na 754 er? 'SI' rf, ,5,, .--:gm ffssaiftf 6 r NJ 433-s I .yi I I uixx, - 2 I .gg Q E'- X 1 X fi Q 3 - x-hr 43.1 3. ,X , l V fm G xl, ' fr-1' if iff? , ' Q1.',y'if'5g pa- 2525113 g 15- 12:51 fff'f'C'l- :' -gr... .-wr.-1. .,f-J-mir.. L30-. 'V-4. ' 'ML 1.1 "YL-ff Q L , '- , T .f. . v. Q f 6 X X. , 'I t V BARBARA BECKMANN we 'ff 4. vi kt ,..,. ..., 1 Q qi' x s 'SF' ss. ' -f-. . K .,,, u h ,q. , n ... .- K"'f ' .. ,f it 4 7? A NS! ...- Q 1.1 .3 X xiii "Barbie" Bucknell University, Elementary Teacher Civilization Club. "The only fault is that she has no faults." CONSTANCE M. BEEBER "Connie" Business School Program Committee, Secretary in Section, Secretary in Health Ed. Department. "Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking." CAROL AUGUST Adelphi, Legal Stenographer Honor Roll, Stenography Award. "Contrary to the weatherman, this girl is X real cool." MAXINE AUGUST Cornell Leaders, Play Production, Honor Roll, Service Pin, 2 Forest Hills Letters. "With her connections, she's a real live wire." SYLVIA J. BALL Queens College, Kindergarten Teacher Chorus 7 Terms, Service Pin, Arista, G.O. Councilman, Class President. "What joy is joy it Sylvia be not near?" - DORENE BARASCH rf . ' ' "Darie" 5 5 I Miami U., Model Aide for Mrs. Smiley. "A little peach in the orchard green." RICHARD P. BARFIELD Boston University, Law Meritorious Service Award, Marshal Squad, Language Department Aide. "Tis easier to make certain things legal than to make them legitimate." JANE P. BARRY Hofstra, Private Secretary Attendance Ottice Aide, Admission Aide, Aide in General Office. "As she thinketh in her heart so she is." PETER BARTSCH "Red" State Tech., Jewelry Track Team, Fencing Team, Senior Band, Captain Corps, Chorus. "He neither owns nor operates a "redhead temper." EITAN BASNER "Al" Queens College, Dentist "He would lead the world quietly." NORMA S. BASS N. Y. U., Executive Secretary Honor Roll, Meritorious Award, Dramatic Club, Sten Club, Attendance Office Aide. "She's a doll and that's no fish story." STEVEN BECKER Queens College, T. V. Cameraman English Book Room Aide, Honor Roll. "To do things well is his knack." V "'cl' ,. 't" 1 un.,-fr . - . " "l' .,. ... is 'ir' ' ., " H . . if nh t s l isis MARILYN R. BEIGE "Lynn" ROBERT W. BELLOWS "Bob" New-York Community College. Queens College, Lawyer Mrs. McCanna's Aide in Park Otitice, Sec- Marshal Squad. tion President, Mr. Lazarus' Aide. "I am the law!" "She's Beige, she's neutral, she goes with JQSEPH ji BENDER HJOYH everything." MARTIN F. BELITZ "Marty" Brooklyn College ot Pharmacy, Pharmacist Fencing Captain, Senior Orch., G.O. "lt is better to murder music outright than to keep beating it as you do." Track Team, Marshal Squad, Captain in Gym. "Sinner, charmer, and sa int." Talent is God-given, be humble." BARBARA B. BERGENFELD Cornell, Lawyer Secretary of Social Studies, Honor Society, Language Honor Society, P.O.D., Arista. "The will to succeed and she will!" ELIZABETH C. BERGER Parson's School of Design, Fashion lllustrator. "How tar that little candle throws her beams." JUDITH BERGER "Judy" Queens College, Journalist G.O. Sales Committee, Park Assembly Color Guard, G.O. Office Aide, G.O. Social Committee, Exceptional Service Award. "Compared to Judy, sugar tastes sour." ROBERTA P. BERGER Queens College, Legal Secretary. "She lives and laughs as only she can." STEPHANIE BERLEY Elmira College, Medical Technician Health Ed. Department, Section Council- man, Park Office Aide. "She keeps her face always toward the sun, and the shadows fall behind her." GLADYS BERNSTEIN Queens College, Travel French Tutor, Guidance Office Aide, Ad- missions Ottice. "A kind word for everybody." MlCHELE A. BERQUE Millinery Model Program Ottice Aide, Section Aide. "She's a model model." SANDRA R. BIENSTOCK Bookkeeper Mrs. Gray's Aide in Cutting Office, Cutting Office Aide. "Figures don't lie." ALAN M. BLANK Cornell, Medicine "Mackey f' llsandyll Forest Senior Representative, Boy Leader of Junior Arista, Senior Arista, Science Honor Society. "We know you'll amount to more than your name." LAWRENCE P. BLAUFOX "Larry" Michigan, Lawyer Member of Forest Hills Aces and Crusaders, Basketball Team. "Master on the Court." ,"i'. ' ' A TU' . . ? A A A I ., I' . - A rf- " ff , X 'Q il Ar , I t H b ai X r C. B " if jim? i 1 an CAROL BLAUSTEIN SHELDON L. BLOCH "Shelly" Model Columbia University, Pharmacist Mgfh Omce Track Team, Marshal Squad, Forester Pho- "Sure to give venus competioinf JOHANNA B. BLIDNER Queens College, Teacher Chanukah Assembly Program, Literary Staff of Forester, Junior Arista, Aide. "She shines by her own radiance." tography Statt, P.S.A.L. Award. "Not the chip oft the old block, but the old Bloch himself." BARBARA BLUMSTEIN Skidmore Play Production, Speech Office Aide, Honor English. "Lots of knowledge in a neat package." A in 'E 'lffzf it A ,-., V 'vs 2 1 , ner I' YY' 3. 4 L,- Q o . .nl-4" . sy- 1 V va f"x 3 161 as 1 f QV, ,, ,,, 'v Z A, L Ae If ,J ua . - , ,Q ..-Y..- 'V f 5-,1 .,- 'W' lf: ' . 34, Z' QE. .V fs , lui' " 'i "' t J? ' PHYLLIS M. BLYE Mt. Ida, Homemaker Study Hall Secretary, Program Ottice Aide, Attendance Ottice Aide, Guidance Ottice. "Our candidate tor Miss Rheingoldf' MARIAN E. BOENAU Goucher, Social Worker Beacon Advertising Manager, French- American Student Editor, P.O.D. "The spiritual prescient face, the always we. '-s-fv-H.1c-e:--c----'L--+--- , rr -fr-f grew---.,.. '2 X 2. I . , . -' qt- Wsff . 1 is . . ' he-'ll A "- , 'sz Q ,, . Cv Q., IA A L ,E c fs VL A N fi I in X 4' A vs-A' E93 x-- 1 sv I 3 A snlis -'5"i7 -'Q .gr , '73 R . ,K -S ' 1 ,,. D-" I . ' 'T .1 XX s-E, RONALD E. BRICKER "Ronnie" N. Y. U., Clothier Manager of Basketball Team, Marshal Squad, Service in other school. "'Tis strange What Man may clo, yet women think him an angel." BARRY A. BRILLIANT University ot Florida, Real Estate Manager. "May his name be his goal." JUDITH BOGARD "Judy" Syracuse, Journalist Senior Treasurer ot Hill School, Sophomore Representative, Chairman of Junior Prom, Social Committee Chairman, Color Guard. "A sunbeam in a winter's day." CLAIRE BOHRER New York Technical Institute, Buyer "A sweet remembrance of the past." ELEANOR R. BOLSTON "Ellie" Antioch, Ph.D. Civilization Club, Girl Leader ot Arista, Service Pin, Math Ottice Aide, Play Pro. "Ability is evidenced by action." ROBERT L. BORCHARDT Cornell, Music Publisher Marshal Squad "A boy atter our own hearts." MIKE BORUT Queens College, Teacher Book Room Aide "Soft ot speech, beneticent ot mind." NAOMI A. BOYAR Queens College, Dietician P. O. D., Junior Unesco, Cutting Squad, Meritorious Service Award, Dramatic Club. "The proof ot the pudding is in the eating." MARILYN R. BRAND City College, Executive Secretary Boy's H. Ed. Ottice Aide, Language Ottice Aide. "Marilyn's the Brand to look tor." SYLVIA BRAUNHEIM Ottice Worker, A Fashion Designer "Great geniuses have the shortest biog- raphies." EUGENE BREESKIN "Gene" Brown University G.O. Executive Vice-President, Varsity Basketball, Gold P.S.A.L. Badge Award, Orchestra, Senior Arista. "Heifitz in white bucks." DIANA F. BREGMAN Miami University, Housewife Guidance Oftice Aide, Secretary to Mrs. Pelkus, Aide to Mrs. Young, Service in another school. "Rings on her fingers, bells on her toes." f f , he fn A . , ' A-'T Q' rl by Z 9 f . I' SUZANNE BROWN "sue" University of Bridgeport, Teacher Aide in Study, Aide in Park Cutting Oftice, Captain ot Gym Squad, Attendance Office. "She's mighty little but mighty great." JOAN BRUNNER N. Y. U., Teacher Meritorious Award, General Office Aide, Park -Ottice Aide, GirI's Health Ed. Ottice. "So sweet she puts banana splits to shame." .I N5 A 5 Fifi? 111 I -7 'M 'W Q4 Y Q4 Lal' la Q -x 41- ho ,J xref MICHAEL G. BRUNSCHWIG "Mike" Rensselaer, Chemical Engineer Veep Language Honor Society, Arista, Moth Team, Westinghouse Talent Search. "A man of letters, manners and morals." MONIQUE M. BRUNSCHWIG "Mo" University ot Rochester Captain of Cheerleaders, Secretary of Sr. Class, Language Honors, Arista. 25 "An all-American French miss!" BRUCE .l. BUFF Manhattan College Marshal Squad, New York Air National Guard. "Ott we go into the wild blue yonder." BARBARA J. BURCH Vassar, Teacher Forest Leaves Literary Staft, Senior Greet- ers, Junior Arista, Forest Office Aide, At- tendance Office Aide. . ,Ae-51.2 ig ic R f we-P ff, . if L". 17:4 V 1, 1 s "A sure cure tor the blues-a smile from l ' Barbara." ff ,ig SHEILA w. BURKE gg University of Michi an, Journalist Q 9 If Play Production, Business Ed. Forest Leaves, '43 Arista, Assistant Ed. Beacon, Literary Staff , 13' . -V 6'5" 'ga of Yearbrook.. H K . X , sw-- ,,,-'-4"" Expression is the need of my soul. I y ,g. A ,, ..- A v ' ' f' - DORRIT CALLMAN Hoodie" yy, N C. C. N. Y., Retail Buyer 4 'I 3 "A girl who doesn't have to "buy" her way I, into people's hearts." ,Vu -.Q 'W W" PATRICIA G. CAMPBELL "Pat" ' i ' L Vassar, Teacher ' A is Junior Arista Member, Aide in Guidance I 49' Office, Aide in Science Office, Aide in ,.,, ' 'K Attendance Office, Typist. L A V lx I, "Um-m-m-m-m good!" - 1 lf! JANICE R. CAPLIN y I 5 . T xx Showbusiness A "There's no business like show business." new-ss CAROL E. CARLTON , -1 A 8 Adelphi, Journalist ' I ll Play Production, Eng. Office Aide, Library l f., in 'Ze Q Aide, Ushers Squad. i 'ry bu "lt gum chewing made one rich, she'd be , wr- a millionaire." i V , . QL, JOAN A. CARPENTER Hood, Gym Teacher 4 Leaders Club "A Gym-Dandy girl," ELAINE CARROLL "Bunny" ' Modeling It -N Attendance Office Aide for 2 Years. ' 2 fan' 'Ui "Bunny is going to make Vogues cover." I V A , 5' u PATRlClA CASTILLO 'W' Grace lnstitute, Fashion Designer ,W gg f Newman Club ,. l ifgl - "A girl who is always in style." ' ,ga , -2 M I :LK X1 Q f f be uv, l: L' 'Q -- I I ef, -5' , "ffl I gg- QT. T'ffN gg-7. so L N s gg of lp, 4 .sfv if lf 24-ii'-sa 4 ' f"l .xii li ti .Y Q lift NORA CHAMBERLAIN "Nonie" JERRY A. CHESSLER HOWARD CHOOK "Chuck" Katherine Gibbs, Secretary Chorus "Good nature personified." ANITA R. CHERKES Bucknell University, Journalism Chorus, Library Assistant. "Noisy as a falling snowfialref' Queens College, Lawyer "He always gets someone to love him, even it he has to do it himself." NANCY CHIN "Nan" Secretary Emergency Room Aide, Attendance Squad, Sten Speed, Sec. in Foregn Language Office. "As you are women, so be lovely." City College Marshal Squad "No one reaches a high position in lite without daring." NORBERT M. CHOTINER Columbia, Foreign Service Language Honor Society, Arista, Marshal Squad. "Have Tux, Will travel." P 3: . Y -... , 6 j 1. ' I -.- it 1 ' it Ii I Wt 7 K at X Q.. V' Q, .P f- N B 'ff is A . ,- , r tr. KT We . ' IP ' i as s- ae Q- r .I ' ,I kc e, p- , I ra., h R. ... we , - R'- .' t- K I .1 , f JUDITH COLCHAMIRO "Judy" Syracuse University, Speech Therapist Social Studies Ottice Aide, Flying Pen Class "A merry heart maketh a cheerful coun tenance." , TONY COLE Construction, Professional Fisherman, Mar- shal Squad Seargeant. "He fishes just for the halibut." KAY B. K. CHU Hunter College Orchestra, Attendance Aide. "Like a coke, naturaI." PAULINE J. CICH N. Y. C. Community College, Accountant Junior Arista, Newman Club, Aide Science Dept., Attendance Office Aide, Secretary in Forest Ottice. "Number's are her racket!" GRACE L. COHAN Legal Secretary Meritorious Award, Attendance Ottice Aide. "She's Grace-d our presence tor 4 years!" DOROTHY COHEN "Dottie" Secretary "Its the Cohen's and the KeIIy's that make up this great world." MICHAEL D. COHEN "Mike" Michigan State, Veterinary Medicine "Boys like Mike are tar too few." RENEE COHEN "Richi" Brooklyn College, Journalist Service Pin, Junior Arista, Senior Arista, Language Honor Society, Leaders. "Look, there's a rainbow now!" ROBERT COHEN Miami University, Veterinarian Marshal Squad, P.S.A.L. Bronze Medal. "A heart as big as his waistlinef' ROY H. COHEN N. Y. U., Accountant Orchestra "Good nature is a key that tits many locks." SUSAN C. COHEN Brooklyn College G.O. Social Committee, G.O. Publicity Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Treas- urers Office Aide. "Sweet Sue-just you." ALICE P. COHN Queens College Library Aide for 3 years. "Some books are to be tasted, some swal- lowed, and some digested." 45 in . -:' .gt-lv" 1- g I , E MARION E. COLGAN Secretary for Airline, Airline Hostess, Senior Arista, Junior Arista, Leader's Club, Hostess Squad, Park Oftice Aide. "The most manifest sign of wisdom is con- tinued cheertuIness." NORMA COLLA Barnard, Psychologist Beacon Business Staff, Guidance Office Aide, Service Awards, Arista, Math Tutor. "She'II Collar the market in success." "Fame is man-given, be grateful .ra 'N . ... fj- f U wx X' Q:':" . fy I. f 'ts MICHAEL A. CONNOR "Mike' N. Y. U., "To enioy lite" Marshal Squad, English Class President Accounting Class President. "He'lI live all the days ot his lite." MARTIN A. COOPER "Marty' Columbia, Medicine Junior Varsity Basketball, Swimming Squad P.S.A.L. Award, Jr. Arista, Forest Leaves. "A great guy to have tor a friend!" 1 1 7,- -. A i I Th ' LO" I I , ig. - I 'vh- . .,,,.,,4' . v I Q . -ft. 3' P ef 1'-jig! ii' my ' 11' ,ok ..., Q5 '? e ., Ii A. md DORIS A. DASSAU Queens College, Linquist Senior Arista "Silence is the fence around wisdom." LUCIENNE DAVIDSON Yale School of Music, Musician Play Production "The elves' gift to music." DONALD M. CORBIN "Don" Columbia, Dentist Junior Arista, Senior Arista, Co-Captain of Fencing Team. "He won't have to have "pull" to make something out of himself." RICHARD H. CORDES Navy Captain of Gym Squad "Anchors Aweighf' JOAN M. CORENS Elmira College, Teacher Senior Council, Class Treasurer, Girls Health Ed. Ottice Aide, Service Certificate. "Some girls find everything one Summer." JOSEPH P. CORONA Purdue University, Lawyer Treasurer of Drama Guild, Newman Club, Track Team, Captain of Gym Squad. "He'lI reach the top and hold it fast." ROBERT B. COX "CoXey" Brown, Artist Varsity Baseball, Co-Captain of Varsity Track, Art Editor of Forester, Varsity Cross Country, Co-Art Editor of Forest Leaves. "An artist should be fit for the best society, and keep out of it." PETER W. CUMMINS Colgate, Medicine Soccer Team, Captain Corps, Marshal Squad, Emergency Room Aide, Gym Mar- shal. "Nobody is as sophisticated as a boy of IB." FRANK E. CYLVICK Armed Force Vice President of Marshal Squad "As upright as the cedar." CLAUDETTLE J. V. DAMADIAN Drew University, Minister Play Production, Forest Office Aide. "The only Lolly that really pops." PHYLLIS L. DANENBERG Sarah Lawrence, Art Teacher Play Production, Junior Arista, G.O. Social Committee, Park Office Assistant. "This girl can Jraw on her talents to IILOHYH achieve success." ANTHONY F. DaSII.VA Air Force Academy C. A. P. "Da Silva is sterling." I' J '75 I , cg, . g,-, Jig ,,-,.. .17 l 0, ,..,,,g,M,, A , ' RICHARD S. DAVIDSON "Dick" University of Illinois, Business Administration Audio-Visual Squad "Can't you 'see' that he'Il be successfuI." NANCY G. DAVIS Secretary, Legal Secretary Teachers Aide, Cafe. Captain, Secretary "She had a dark and a roving eye." 'Sf :rg bf 'A-4 . fn . TR .Gt 'W ws . A V '. if limes 5.7615 Qs 'Wi , Q- V V. K, W7 i 'Z' C I W, 75 it I W , I QV, .V,v,,M, xl' I . 2 X ' I I 12? ' . 2 -' MARGARET M. DAW "Margie" Secretary, Modeling Newman Club, Marshal Sq., Section Sec. "See, saw, Margorie Daw." HERMINE DEIFIK "Honey" Queens College, Nurse G.O., Attend. Off. Aide, Gen. OH. Aide. "She's a Honey for the money." . '37 is 'X 1? ,T. .xvsvi . fi A jeg N 5' 'Q K2 .- e I bs s. -0- X Kerri' X f , . X I Q- - XY' ,S X ,. I Q i . 'K 'F -' as 23 L- ' L, ff J g 'sg - 2, LV- I cf' if GALE S. DOWNS Pratt Institute, Dietitian Park Oftice Aide, Study Hall Aide. "She's on her way up, not Down." BRUCE J. DUBOV University ot Maine Junior Arista, Marshal Squad, P.S.A.L. Awards in Intramurals, Captains Corps. "He knows his duty and does it well." RICHARD DERRY Queens College Mailing Ottice Aide, Band. "He'll be a lring at Queens. HARRY DEUTSCH Pediatrician Beacon, Language Honor Society, Latin Tutor, New York Orchestral Society. "None but himself can be his parallel." HELGA DEUTSCH Hunter College, Physical Therapist President of Leaders, Secretary of Arista. "She excels in smiling and baseball .... " ANTHONY N. DICHIARO "Tony" Purdue University, Medicine Swimming Team I3 yearsl, Captain Corps, P.S.A.L. Award, Class Letter Award, Mar- shal Squad. "Handsome is as handsome does." PAUL DICTOR Commercial Artist "One picture is worth a thousand words." VINCENT A. DIGIORGI Automobile Manufacturing Marshal Squad, Captain Corps. "He goes through life without a care." ROBERT W. DINSMORE "Bob" Columbia University, Bio Chemist Senior Band, Audio Visual Squad. "Art is I, science, we." GLORIA DJEMSHIDOFF Queens College, Nursing Junior Arista, Senior Arista, Leaders' Club, Service Pin, Forest Hills Letter. "Speeding the recovery." JON K. DOLLARD St. John's University "A dillor, a Dollard, an excellent scholar." BERNICE A. DORN Qucens College, Teacher Emergency Room Aide, History Oltice Aide, Civilization Club, Beacon's Advertising Staff. "Charm is the secret of a girl's attraction." fn is - N f fit, ei I ii ? I ,I . ANDREA JDUFAULT "Andy" St. Lawrence, Nurse Dancer in Finians' Rainbow, Intramural, Forest Office Aide, Mr. GIeason's Aide. "A good reason to get sick." DONALD EDELMAN Hunter College, Journalism Marshal Squad, Fencing Squad, Parade Bearer, Captains Corps, Drama Guild. "He talks himself red, white and blue in the face." "Conceit is self-given, be careful 5 'Q gs .N K s Ns' .,- ..-Y' f HERBERT S. EDLEMAN "Herb' University of Virginia, Lawyer P.S.A.L. Awards, Intramurals. "His worcls are the windows of his per sonality." CHARLES R. EFROS "Chuck' Miami University Swimming Team, Soccer Team, Track Team Varsity Letter Club, Marshal Squad. "In the swim." r I" .bet ...X I l tilts-u-unxnis t m Miss Catherine Campbell my CVQ DAVID EIG N. Y. U., Certified Public Accountant Marshal Squad "You can count on David when you need him." DANIEL EIN "Dan" Harvard, Medicine Language Honor Society, Social Studies Honor Society, Play Prod., Orch., Arista. "His words are so long they run in serials." ELITA B. EISEN Nl-eel' Adelphi, Nurse with B.S. Band, Physics Squad, Exceptional Service Award. "Good for all what ails you." FLOYD F. EISENBERG Blouse Manufacturer, Production Manager Marshal Squad "Hope he finds his Treasure Island." ELIZABETH N. EISENSTEIN "Nancy" College Marshal Squad, Guidance Office Aide, Service Pin, Program Office Aide. "Her gaiety is contagious!" HELEN EITELBERG "Honey" Boston University, Importing and Exporting Emergency Office Aide, G.O. Office Aide. "No amount ot bees could produce Honey this sweet." PHILIP A. ELLENBERG "Phil" Ohio State University, Journalist Honor English Class, Marshal Squad. "We can never get our till of Phil." ROBERT ENG HBOIJH George Washington University, Civil Engineer Bowling Team, Intramurals. "He'll be a good engineer" MERLE R. ENGLANDER Hofstra, Veterinary Medicine Research Leaders' Club, Play Production "She makes the most of all that comes and theleast ot all that goes." AUDREY EPSTEIN "Audge" Smith Play Production, Junior Arista, Senior rista, Language Honor Society. There is a garden in her face, where roses and white lilies grow." ,. ,rg I - if V 1 M Q 5- sf w . A 1 Alfbf , X ' BARRY H. EPSTEIN C. C. N. Y., Bio Chemist and Cure Cancer Marshal Squad, Tropical Fish Club. "Great hopes malre great men." JOAN R. EPSTEIN C. C. N. Y., Medical Assistant Service in another school in Canada. "Canada's loss is our gain." . 'ff . L , Ei, T! e if . Q 3' ' 743 Lt f' if-T I X JAMES A. ESPASAS "Jim" Queens College, Accountant Biology Club, Spanish Club, English Club. "Es un buen hombre." JEROME A. ESTERMAN "Jerry" University of Pennsylvania, To Be Rich Marshal Squad, P.S.A.L. Badge Award, Intramural Awards. "Money is o good servant, but a bad master." , ev?-N K' 5:1 sim '- - . . J at +- su K - 5 I xl' f 15 '42 5 .Q.391.?1hM ll 6- ff? -13 f K... x fr' r' li I ' i el G " 1: O ,Ls C r .,,., . sl 'S f. fi: ,, ' Z? ff uv! QL' Fw :-' 45 i'S ' 'vs ., ' 4 "u.v" V I sr, V ALEGRIA R. ESTRELLADO "Ginger" Queens College, Pharmacist Newman Club, Chorus "A smart cookie, but really a Ginger snap." AUGUSTA L. ESTREMADOYRO "Gu5sie" Pratt Institute, Architect Junior Arista, Newman Club, G.O. Ottice Aide, Attendance Office Aide. "Furthering our Good Neighbor Policy. . ." nil 4.- ...- Si1i5fEiii': 5 1? F 'Sm 1 4 . f " 1 55. fbi X. ... f '5 f' gf. 44 ' xy gt-are 5. yi ev .. ,six ' T57 N 4 ,QL 7' as YG 4...- X , O .sap . fi 'ON f g - MARK W. ETTINGER Cornell Arista, Math Team, Forester Stott, Beacon, Engineering Club. "Mark and his W are like Siamese twins." MARK S. FABIAN N. Y. U., Sales Manager Dramatic Club "Looking towards the future." MILLICENT FAIRHURST "Mil" Middlebury Orchestra, All-City Orchestra, Beacon Busi- ness Staff, Language Honor Society, Arista. "lf music be the food of life-play on." LILIANE H. FALLEK "Lili" Antioch, English Teacher Forest Office Aide, Park Ottice Aide, Hill Otiice Aide. "This 'Lili' has charmed us for 4 years." HELEN J. FARBER Simmons, Psychologist Business Staff of Forester, G.O. Councilman, Senior Council, Treasurers Office Aide. "Little and sweet, surely worth praise." BARBARA K. FARSANG "Bobbi" Barnard, Psychology Junior Arista, Senior Arista, Forester Art Staff, Senior Council, Play Production. "Good humor is wisdom and goodness combined." RONALD E. FASS "Reggie" Music Teacher Trumpet Player, Baseball Team. "Big musician-plays the victrola." PAULA S. FEDER Business Play Production, Chorus, Service Certificate, Attendance Office Aide. "lt's a woman's world." JUDITH A. FEIN my Queens College, Social Worker ' 'L A French Club, Hebrew Culture Club, Civili- A I i g' Q zation Club, Language Honor Society. ' 'Y 55 L "Earth's noblest thing-a perfect woman." Q. Q LINDA R. FEINSTEIN "Lin" I , Queens College, Elementary School Teach- 71 'li'-' er, Librarian, Attendance Office Aide. g "A wealth of thought lies behind those sparkling eyes!" . ' -as 9 s 'Tim if: , ' - s ' , ug. ,V ii?" -Q. if I. A l fi fir L MICHAEL S. FELDMAN MARJORIE D. FELLER "Marge" Queens Cgllege Colby College, Social Worker Marshal Squad, Exceptional Service Award Business Staff of Beacon, Hill Office Aide, Boys' Emergency Room Aide. "Should opportunity knock, let it in." ROSSEE A. FELDMAN Adelphi, Homemaker "She's always engaged with something important." Admissions Ottice Aide, Guidance Office. "Very feminine-despite her name." PHYLLIS R. FENlCHEL Brooklyn College, Fashion Illustrator Attendance Office Aide, Guidance Office Aide, Art Office Aide. "As pretty as her pictures." -e. wtf! ffhr 4 Sv' 1 .,,, '37 ,e MICHAEL FERBER "Miclcey' Dartmouth, Success Senior Band, Varsity Swimming Team, Var sity Handball Team, Marshal Squad. "A ball of tire that melts the ice." JUSTINE T. FEREANCE "Chris' Queens College, Registered Nurse Leaders Honor Society, President -of New- man Club, Junior Arista. "She stands out in buttons and Bows." 1 ROBERT S. FERGUSON "Bob" M. I. T., Physicist Swimming Team, Co-Captain of Gym Team. "Modesty and unselfishness, these are vir- tues which men praise." ELVIRA M. FERREIRO "Ellie" Homemaker ' Chorus r "Laughed and danced and talked." VS vm LEONARD M. FERTMAN "Lenny" L, ' University of Rhode Island, C.P.A. . ""' G.O. Senate, Captain of Bowling Team. 'XJ' ". . . abstract of all faults, a man that all Z men follow." Q JOAN FETNER 5 Queens College, Teacher ., Guidance Oftice Aide, Science Office Aide, ms Social Committee, Treasurers Ottice Aide. AQ 1 "What could be lovelier than so lovely a lass?" tiax . EDWARD FILHO "Eddie" fb., ll . X P' gl Cornell, Engineer if Soccer Team, Handball Team, Marshal . i' Squad. "I see before me an athlete." JOEL J. FINER C. C. N. Y., Tax-Attorney Finions Rainbow, Honor Club, Service Certificate. i "Nothing could be Finer. 5, LLOYD F. HNGERHUT I Hofstra, Accountant dm' Marshal Squad, Boy's Emergency Room ' Aide. "Count your blessings" M555 Elsie Dineen ROBERTA B. FINKELSTEIN "Bobby" Brooklyn College, Bookkeeper English Oftice Aide, Attendance Oftice Aide. "Her string of boys are like a string of pearls." DAVID M. FISH Engineering School Fencing Team, Section Aide, Captains Corps. "lt you catch this fish, you've got a whopperf' SARA l.. FISHKIN Brandeis, Speech Therapist Math Office Aide, Hill Ofiice Aide, English Office Aide, Meritorious Service Certificate. "Her good work for others will bring honor to herself." 3 ff , A-X rv. I I , A 1 F. ROBERTA J. FISHMAN "Bobbi" Radcliffe, Biochemistry Research Supervising Editor of the Beacon, Advanced Science, Arista, Service Pin. "intelligence -l- personality : success." SYLVIA E. FISHMAN "Syl" Bouve'Boston, Physical Therapist Chorus, Deans Ottice Aide, Exceptional Service, G.O. Councilman, Junior Arista. "All smiles, all gladnessf' We Y CI' ... l -5-,Q C-g J- ' I -Q'-!..,, RICHARD FLECKNER "Richie" Columbia University, Medicine Treasurer at Senior Arista, Math Depart- ment Aide. "Aim high-you'll make it." JON C. FLINKER Cornell, Electrical Engineering Orchestra, Band, Arista, Social Studies Honor Society. "Strumming his way to success." as '33 fx N F ' Y , 1 fi. ' 33,1 L . 1s5?g'.J.,, 4-3'iQ1s:'f' ,-Q :ig ,:..,,v,,, if ni. 'sl B111-' 1? ,4.o,t.c-Q rw-. L- f 1. L- J- ,'f-iftgfvm 1' 1 -. T' mr'- .U W, Q., 1-:xv X V ,5 if 'Rx as E' ' - l tn. , ,- f any--f . :nxt ,, iff .s L i tt. ff 1 'Q M . 12. X l 4-.15 ,--. 4 4' i : ' J. M' 4 N- 5' 4 X In ...,.. ,.,..' T Y H V g S' ELLEN S. FLUHR Hunter College, Dancer Honor Roll, G.O. Councilman, G.O. Sales Committee, Math Ottice Aide, Service Cert. "Waltzing and spinning on a cloud." ROBERTA M. FOERSTER "Bobbie" N. Y. U., Buyer Mr. Herschel's Ottice Aide, Emergency Room Aide, Marshal Squad, General Ottice. "Full blown flower of beauty." FT? Qi gpm :N . I ily X' R K -PN CT Q Q 'F' . y N 22 ' ir' I S I--" f . of SW! 4 vu .gg 4"' - Ei PM ca g 2 L4- .jeg fx 'TU '- 2 bs' . V1 T " -:Ziyi I 1 , Y VF .- Q Q., X 'ff K .NR . . so ANNABELLE J. FREEMAN Bookkeeper, Homemaker General Office Aide, Attendance Oltice Aide, Switchboard Operator, Senior Office Aide. "I never met a man I didn't like." FREDRIC I. FREUND "Freddie" Union, Engineering Captain of Swimming Team, Junior Arista, Math Club, Squad Award. "He may glide through lite even on dry land." I ' TTEVL' --I -- ls. x ETHEL FORMAN "Edi" Industrial Business Machines Service in Erasmus Hall High School. "Ecli was a lady." ARTHUR L. FORREST Colgate, Architecture Senior Band, Orchestra, Play Production, Swimming Team. "He has all he needs with which to build a great future." RENEE FOX Queens College, Maior in English Play Production "Blah, blah, blah, black sheep." CHARLOTTE D. FRANCIS lmmaculata Jr. College Attendance Office Aide "Softly speak and sweetly smile." MARGARET E. FRANCIS "Margie" Clerical Work, Modeling "Tall, dark, and happy-go-lucky!" BEVERLY T. FRANK Legal Stenographer, Singer Stenographer and Typist for Forest Oltice. "A smile as bright as her hair." STEPHANIE M. FRANK "Stefi" Forest Ottice Staff, Chorus. "Fashions wear out more apparel than the woman." TOBY C. FRANK Hofstra, Legal Stenographer Cheerleaders, Junior Arista, Junior Prom Committee, Art Ott. Aide, Attendance Ott. "They also serve who stand and cheer." LENORE N. FRAZER "Nicki" Swarthmore, Research Scientist Arista, Service Pin, Mufh Club, Civiliza- tion Club, French Club. "A little body often harbors a great soul." SANDRA J. FREEDMAN "Sandie" Jackson, Social Service Work Group Discussion Class, Junior Arista, Mr. Delman's Office Aide, Civilization Club, Meritorious Service Award. "She is of truth and pure delight." :J 4 A .L HUGO FREUND N.Y.U., Engineering Physics-Chem Squad, Junior Band, Marshal Squad. "He has the quiet steadiness with which to meet the world." MICHAEL M. FRIED "Mike" Harvard, Scientist Westinghouse Science Talent Search Final- ist, BEACON News Editor, Co-Chairman of Science Honor Society, Arista. tries explosive-he's dynamite." A W, .. - V933 " rg.. Y XZ ff f ll ll f f if I . I Q S :mf ull W Mrs. Jessie Galloway sf I A E6 RICHARD L. FRIEDBERG Cornell, U.S. Senator Honor Roll, History Honor Society, BEA- CON, Marshal Squad, Civilization Club. "I am not a politician but my other habits are good." SANDRA L. FRIEDLANDER "Sandy" State Tech, Housewife 33 Alumni Secretary. "Here's a very engaging girl." ,-gf , CAL! -,.,f-lg xg il I 0 Y W O fy - L v S 'TD 6 fc! 2 X ll ff HJLZ-f 0 T10 RONA L. FRIEDMAN Cooper Union, Commercial Artist Senior Orchestra, Jr. Arista, G.O. Publicity Committee, Tutoring. "She has an art for drawing." RUTH FRIEDMAN "Ruthie" Syracuse University, Journalist BEACON, Literary Staff of Forester, Vice- President ot New York City High School Press Council, Service Pin, Arista. " 'Vivacious' is her middle name." SHEILA J. FRIEDMAN Dean Language Office Aide, General Oltice Aide, Attendance Certificate. "Little friend of the world." ROSANNE FRISHMAN University of Bridgeport, Teacher Aide in Guidance Office, French Class President. "Sugar and spice and just a little bit of pepper." PHILIP FROHMAN University of Illinois, Medicine Marshal Squad, Squad Intramurals. "Integrity is his mainspringf' LOUIS A. FUCHS Bethany, Medicine Senior Prom Committee, Swimming Team, Marshal Squad, Emergency Room Aide, PSAL Award. "He can fix us up-anytime!" NOEL A. GAGE Dartmouth, Medicine Junior Arista Tutoring Squad, Math Club President, French American Student. "All the world loves a lover." ELLEN S. GARTENFELD Brandeis, Social Worker Senior Council, Service Pin, Honor History, Problems of Democracy, Language Office. "So full of cheerfulness, the more it is spent, the more it remains." PATRICIA A. GEDDES "Pat" Secretary, Homemaker Newman Club, Guidance Office Aide. "Charm strikes the heart." WILLIAM H. GEHRMANN "Bill" Queens College, Herpetological Work Orchestra, Captain Corps, Marshal Squad. "His quest for knowledge will bring him success." -N 4- - i. 43 'H' hi M -A W, all ALAN s. GELB Pratt Institute, Industrial Designer Gym Team, Sergeant on Marshal Squad Captain Corps, Exceptional Service Award "With craft and skill .... " HERBERT J. GERSHEN Brown University, Medicine Associate Business Manager of Forester Bowling Intramurals, Emergency Room. 'fWe don't want him any longer, he's al- ready 6 feet. f 7 f '5 . ,.fT9't'3 I ',. . , "x , I 'IQ .M 'M I 2 1 at 1 f Q, ' ,,, F- , ' 'mmf If f CLAIRE A. GERSHUNI Brandeis, Political Scientist Senior Arista, Social Studies Honor Society, Language Honor Society, Leaders Club, G.O. Councilman. "Simply swell." SONDRA L. GILNER Willit Secretarial School, Private Secretary Secretary to Mr. Blume, Flying Pens Club. "She can write it faster than you can say it " fx' "' Sb .,' LA fli t I IX . . i- ' ,ff 5 3? ,Le y ii... if X "1 ,P73 '57, 1, -ve. is Y I . il an l ' -ff:-'f ' "T: .17 , , f f l, f r ' . J. Y A ww W, wi' fix f t mi '- iz 2 , - l it 4 4 ii l ,ii , ,fr or i ,fs ,t 7, fe. ,,,. A SUSAN A. GITLEN "Sue" Simmons, Physical Therapist Forester Art Staff, Junior Arista, Forest Sophomore Representative, Service Pin. "Follow the leader." MARTIN D. GLASS Columbia, Chemical Engineering Math Team, Westinghouse Honorable Men- tion, Chmn., Science Honor Soc., Arista. "You must read his face to know him truly." 1. HANNAH E. GLASSMAN Queens College, Dental Hygienist Guidance Office Aide, General Office Aide, Math Certificate. "Here's a job she can really sink her teeth ' W' MIR in into." so s of R utr, PAULA N. GLASSMAN I5 V Russell Sage College, Dietetic Work A it Treasurer of Forest Senior Class, Play Pro- - duction, Prom Committee, Junior Orchestra. "South Pacific made a mistake passing up this Bloody Mary." . BERNICE GLAZER ,X -X Brooklyn College, Marketing - 'D , i "' Chorus, Meritorious Award, Honor Roll. 'L "Flaming youth." ,,,,,,.- "'ii L lVAN J. GLICK A C. C. N. Y., Marketing V Marshal Squad, Dawn Patrol, Service Pin, ly Honor Roll, Language Squad Aide. "He's eversharp-push, pull, Glick, Glick." F RICHARD J. GLUCK N. Y. U., to get most out of life ,.. , ,S Attendance Ottice Aide, Marshal Squad, 'YR 1 4' PSAL Award, Intramurals. l1"M A - "l can't attord to waste my time making Nt, gm' money." r C GENESE s. com "Ginny" A ul .iw Brandeis, To work in the theater 'V ' Play Production, Beacon, Social Studies Honor Society, Junior Arista. "Closest thing to a live Statue of Liberty." HENRY GOLDBERG "Hank" ,. Maryland University, Real estate. is CR Marshal Squad, Biology Lab Squad, Service T, 'll Award.,.Gym Sqaud Awards. N V W " "Ambition has no rest." HILDA M. GOLDBERG ffnindyff lf? 1 State Tech, Dental Assistant , N Attendance Squad "Secret, self-contained, ana' quiet as an " "" , oyster." LEE M. GOLDBERG "Willie" 2: ,T University of Buffalo, Medicine gi' Z 'V' "Where there's a will, there's a way." f Q? PATRICIA GOLDEN "Pai" ,I I Ex N.Y.C. Community College, Dental Hygienist it ' G.O. Representative, General Office Aide, Health Education Aide. "Silence is silver, speech is golden." CZ 1- ZR 5, 5: I ., ,K . W' i , ,Z '- if . V ,vig 5 .mv I L if hllkqlsekt LISA A. GOLDENBERG "Lee" JUDITH GOLDLEAF "Judy" LORA E. GOLDMAN University of Illinois, Bacteriologist Queens, Fashion illustrator College, English Teacher G.O. Publicity Committee, G.O. Sales Com- Service Pin, Forest Hills Letter, Typing Forester Literary Staff Civilization Club mittee, Service Certificate, Honor Roll. Award, Health Ed. Ottice Aide. Service Award Biology Lab Squad "She walks in eternal sunshine." "Fashion is her fancy." "First over the fence in pursuit of culture AUDREY GOLDENSTEIN JOAN R. GOLDMAN RICHARD M GOLDROSEN Micky Barnard, History Teacher New York University, Musical Comedy New York State College Millionaire Social Studies Honor Society, Junior and Chorus, Math Oltice Aide. Chess Club, Civilization Club Section Aide Senior Arsita, Switchboard Operator. "l'll sing you a song and it won't be a "He is well paid who is well satisfied "May not make history, but will teach it." sad one." ,VO ..f"" Qi M i, Miss Margaret Gloster SANDRA GOLDSMITH Secretary English Book Room, Cafeteria Office. "She'll make any boss happy." BERNICE M. GOLDSTEIN "Bunny" Secretary, Marriage Junior and Senior Arista, Attendance Office Aide, Business Staff of Forester, Secretary to Mr. Runge, Service Pin. "As merry as the day is long." CARYL B. GOLDSTEIN Adelphi, Merchandise Consultant G.O. Office Aide, Park School Aide. "l'd walk a mile for one ot her smiles." DONALD GOLDSTEIN "Donnie" C. C. N. Y., To become a C. P. A. Marshal Squad "He knows his figures well." JOEL GOLDSTEIN Cooper Union, Aeronautical Engineer Junior Varsity Basketball Team, G.O. Councilman, Honor Service Society, Chess Team. "Life is one big step." NORMAN R. GOLDSTEIN Brandeis Varsity Track Team, Senior Prom Chairman, Forester Art Staff, Service Award, Sergeant Marshal Squad. "A modest warrior has his charms." RICHARD S. GOLDSTEIN Columbia, Millionaire "Never say die." IRA GOLDWASSER University of Buffalo Literary Staff of Beacon, Literary Stat? of Forester, Track Team, Cross Country Team, Chemistry Class President. "A collegiate 'little Napoleon. Ill ARNOLD GOODMAN University of Pennsylvania, Lawyer Service Award, PSAL Award, Squad Award, Marshal Squad, Photography Club. "Ignorance of the law excuses no man from practicing it." x ,-5 as-.9 as 4, 5, . - .. l "ff-'fl yn 4 . x.,tX X p. 'fi yn ...A .... lcggg Qi fi'5"x ' Q' 'I 1 4 t ' - A P ,2'y N K 4 i iff" 4 -, v i .AQ KS- A- , f- -C " kr 'dr A ka l N, cgli--N "ff .1 f lf. v" -v .. rf 9 lbs. . lca fi V. rf' ' xx' ,, in I ' JOAN E. GOODMAN ' 'Hy' Syracuse, Teacher ,qi Library Aide, Assistant Principal's Ottice 5 l' Aide, Admissions Oftice Aide. "Modesty is the synonym." 'Rm 23" D765 "Rf" fam-. - 'fxf M, -f f 'lvl X wif' J I ls, x A SHEILA GORE Simmons College, Fashion Buyer Cheerleader, Service Pin, Forest Leaves G.O. Publicity Committee, Honor Cert. "The observed of all observers." MARJORIE K. GOREFF Wellesley Literary Staff of Forest Leaves, Jr. Arista, Health Ed. Ottice Aide, Service Award. "Collegiate, oh yes are we Collegiate." 1 BARBARA GOTTLIEB Queens, Journalist "Gentle in mind, beniticent of mind." ANITA L. GOULD Secretary, Singer "Where there's music, there can't be mischief." MARCIA GRANOFF Steno-Typist, Secretary Girl's Emergency Room Aide. "Only a sweet and virtuous soul." BARBARA C. GREENBERG Queens, To have my own women's clothing store General Office Aide. "Earnest and willing." YX ex , i 'US as R s xv X .. lf" xx A ' 1 .i . xt . i Q- ' ' 5- 1 tile' 1 li r' , K. y I Al .. t L. as Q gg Q Sir' 1 .1 L -4911 -'Q ..1' I rg, 1? "Ae 1: wt i L. 'L EJ 'E' .1 sid Qi if . 1. HARVEY I. GREENE N.Y.U., To be a certified accountant Service Squad, School Newspaper. "A good reason why girls go to a coed school." JOAN GREENFIELD Secretary "I would rather sing Grand Opera, than listen to it." LINDA A. GREENGARD Oberlin, Writer Play Pro., Chorus, Literary Editor of Forester, Civilization Club, Forest Leaves. "She who has an art, has everywhere a part." GERALD N. GREENHUT "Jerry" Farmingdale, Retail Meat Business Marshal Squad, Gym Team. "Here's a boy who'll 'meat' success." MYRNA B. GREENSTEIN Northeastern, Elementary School teacher Hebrew Culture Club, Forest Office Aide, Guidance Ottice Aide. "Teaching is her goal." EMILY E. GRIFFLER Queens, Teacher Service Pin, Library Squad, Junior Arista, Senior Arista, Park Ottice Aide. "The way to be happy is to make others so." STEPHEN M. GRONFEIN "Steve" City College, Business Administration Play Pro., Jr. Arista, Marshal Squad, Audio Visual Squad. "A merry heart that laughs at Care." MIMI GROOB Adelphi, Executive Secretary Girl's health ed. Aide, Hill Office Aide, Social Studies Department Aide. "A lion is society, a tiger for publicity." SHEILA GROSSBERG Secretary lOther schoolj Ottice Aide, Attendance Squad. "Everything new, is time." DAVID I. GROSSER Columbia, Pharmacist Co-Captain ot Handball Team, Marshal Squad, Biology lab. Assistant, P.O.D. "The boy with the school girl complex-ion." 51 2 f 2? N Qi V- "' x - A I Y Pj ' X T I Y? I gffxgii V KV V T-.!"rJL1 .A .. Q X 28. Fsieagi W., n I we , .f .'ss Eifssgf .. ROBERT J. GROSSFELD "Bob" SONYA R. GUGGENHEIM "Sonny" Queens, T.V. director Photography Squad, Marshal Squad, Physics Assistant. "If I represent anything, it will be my good behavior." BERNETTE GRUBMAN "Binnie" University ot Rochester, Elementary Teacher Arista, Potpourri, Drama Guild. "Elementary, my dear Binnie, that you'll be a good teacher." Radcliffe, Teacher French Club, Hebrew Culture Club, Civili- zation Club, Junior Band. "This will be the only sonny at Radclittef' RICHARD D. GUTTENTAG "Dickie" Law Office, Lawyer Intramural Award, Marshal Squad. "From little sparks may burst a mighty flame." 'S' n ca fs' .I 19 X' . l f'wc..f , X .s x x ,7 I 'I A ROBERT B. HASS Clarkson, Marine Engineer ffsobf Marshal Squad, Chess Club. "May Haas have whatever is to be had.' NORMAN P. HAFKlN William and Mary Bowling Team, Bowling Intramurals, Mar shal Squad, Section President, PSAL. "Strike this man on your list." it I N, 047 gf? 3? j , V iii-' sw 'tsig-' :Eg ' Z KATHLEEN M. HAGAN "Kathy" Flower Fitth Ave. Nursing School, Nurse Chorus, Newman Club, Attendance Squad. "A girl tor Mama to be proud ot." JOAN M. HAHN Bennington, Teacher Junior and Senior Arista, Beacon, Service Pin, Jr. Unesco and Borough Discussion Clubs. "It takes cleverness to conceal clevernessf' ELEANOR J. HALKIN "Ellie" Secretary, Marriage Treasurer's Office, Assistant PrincipaI's Office, Secretary and Treasurer ot Section Class, Service Pin. "Everythings just 'Ducky."' THOMAS R. HALLICK "Tommy" St. John's, Certified Public Accountant "A perfect gentleman in word and deed." ROGER J. HALOUA Columbia Managing Editor of "French-American Student," President of Language Honor Society, Social Studies Honor Society, Band and Orchestra. "All the world loves a lover . ' ILENE G. HALPERN Teacher's Aide. "Behold! A lass with long, dark hair." CAROLE A. HALPERT University of Wisconsin, Speech Therapy Forest Leaves, Beacon Distribution, Secre- tary in Marshal Ottice, Meritorious Service Award, Honor Roll. "So sweet she could be rationea'." GAIL R. HANDELSMAN University of Connecticut, Dancer Cheerleader, Meritorious Service Award, President and Vice President of Section Class, Girls Varsity Team. "Cheer, cheer! for a dancing doll." SANDRA S. HANNINGTON "Sandie" Secretary, Model "She's afraid of a mouse, but, oh, how she loves those wolves." ROBERT L. HARRIS "Doc" N.Y.U., Doctor Captain Corps, Gym Team, Track Team, Silver PSAL Awards. "Bob is fun and a track star, too." ,L W , V 4- -fs' ,V Q' K. .. ef' l . X1 Q? .6-X W, . ,1- I K C2 9 L.- RQ .Y , ! 2 . 7:5 C? 0 , ' 1 3 s . V v .WJ 'Tic . R, A , t l- I "Y -I if 1: ,, ff- 'Q . -:ar iw. of we QQ A .41 1- ' 'S ,, .V s - - I R, y ,A X I tc -. tv' STEPHEN- HARRIS "sieve" MARY s. HAsTALls BARBARA J. HAYNES I 'Qf'iDti5'sandy" "Some people have a perfect genious for doing nothing and doing it assidiouslyf' DOROTHY R. HARTER "Dottie" Byrn Mawr, Medicine Junior Arista, Senior Arista, Co-Editor of Forester, Business Stott of Forester, Service Pin. "As the occasion, so the behavior CCNY, Accountant Leaders Club, Treasurer of Leaders, 7" F.H. Letter, Service Award. "An amiable girl who's got what it takes." RICHARD HAUT University ot Rhode Island Band, Orchestra, Track Team, Service Pin, PSAL Award. "Actions speak louder . . ' Queens College, Veterinarian History Ottice Aide, Attendance Oftice Aide, Newman Club, Honor Roll, Senior Council. "She'll be the rainbow in lite's storm." SHIRLEY HAZEN Accountant Mr. Leed's secretary, Math Team, "She 'figures' to be a success in anything she does." 2 x Q sv' F' Ssf v I 5 Os, ske' X .J X.,1X I XX... xv 2 A l .f- 1 .L I I- 3 1 K Sf' .ii i W . vg S f5 A sm, 0 are N gy. - . '27 17 . -J. I il X' .1 is ,, , - Q-' N fr-TI' - l F ' . ri - ff Q , Am Nw ar' bw 'U' E' , st , Y rf. R ,iff ' X, cf JUDY C. HIRSCH University of Vermont Cutting Office Aide, Hill Office Aide, "Beauty is omnipotent . . . " PAUL M. HIRSCH Arista, Science Honor Society, Track Team, G.O. Councilman, Senior Band. "Laughter-the best 'medicinef' KATHRYN E HEIMBERG "Kathy" Queens College, Agriculture Chorus, Attendance Award, Guidance Ohice Aide, Museum Curator, Service Award. "She'lI make a cute farmer's daughter." HERBERT M. HEKLER Queens College, Chemical Engineer Senior Arista, Junior Arista, Vice-President of Social Studies Honor Society, Junior UNESCO, P.O.D. "The greatest truths are the simplest and so are the greatest men." PETER R. HELLER N.Y.U., Happiness Marshal Squad, Band, 3 Silver PSAL Awards. "I can resist everything except temptation." LISA R. HERSHAN Syracuse University, Elementary School Teacher Honor Roll, Exceptional Service Award, English Office, Forest Office, Language Office Aide. "Lisa-loving, interesting, sweet, adorable -Lisa." MADELINE HERSHMAN "Maddy" Queens College, Elementary School Teacher Play Production, Language Otfice Club, Forest Leaves Staff. "Busy souls have no time to be busy bodies." FREDERICK P. HEWITT Aviation "He's flying high." JOAN S. HILBERT Cornell, Dancer Senior Arista, Senior Council Representa- tive, Forest Leaves, Literary Staff, Chan- ulcah Assembly Dancer, General Office Aide "She dances well to whom Fortune pipes." ARNOLD HILLMAN CCNY, Stock Broker PSAL Award, Chorus. "Chance comes to all, but to change chance to account is the gift of a few." DOLORES L. HILLMER Wagner, Nursing Junior Chorus, Senior Chorus, Finian's Rainbow. "A good nature with a 14 karat heart to back it." DOLORES R. HIRSCH Secretary, Legal Secretary Exceptional Service Award, Library Staff, Forest Office Aide, Admissions Office Aide. "Sweet as any Hirsch-y bar none." 'Q .-. 1 ..,, L sw fx., Ns., VL' N ANNETTE HIRSCHBERG Legal Secretary Social Studies Office Aide. "Annette, Please say 'strong."' MARSHA R. HOCHBERG Brooklyn College, Court Stenographer Stenography-typing Award, Stenographer- typist in Forest Office, Service Pin. "She can type faster than you can say it." A, X 3 . f"",e-S T3 X 12:7 :-' T ' 1 i ' l - lei . tl , fl i 6 4' fx so -F f . in r 4 75: U ifsiki. , :rites-1,'l JANE R. HOFFENBERG Boston University, Teaching Play Production, G.O. Publicity Committee, G.O. Social Committee, Service Award. "She was doing the mambo . . . " JILL J. HOFFMAN Sarah Lawrence, Actress Play Production, Publicity Committee for G.O., Art Office Aide, Park Office Aide. "Her heart and soul are in the stage." ,iff -M- Dr. Albert F. Graa ll 1 Dont squander time, that is the stutt life is made ot." MADELINE P. HORN "Maddy" Queens College, Teacher Bio Lab. Squad, Hill Office Aide. "Information seems to stem out of me naturally." ARNOLD L. HOROWlTZ Lebanon Valley Marshal Squad, Captains Corps. "Captain, oh Captain, our fearful trip is done." BARBARA A. HOROWITZ "Bobby" N.Y,U., Home Economist Park Ottice Aide, Cutting Oltice Aide. "The discovery of a new dish brings more delight than the discovery of a new star." MARCIA A. HOWARD Secretary, Legal Stenographer Hill Ottice Aide, Mr. Delman's Ottice Aide, Volley Ball Team. "She's got that certain something." MARGARET HSIAO Hunter College, Teacher ,ta .f ., 4 cf., ' ' 'Gab Q' -" '11':1" .1 sf 1 jx 2: 4- 4" Q9 -. Library Squad, Emergency Room, Sergeant 4,1 f of the Marshal Squad, Chorus, Ottice Aide. - - "For a iollie good booke, whereon to looke, in V is better to me than Goldef' Q. ,Za 41, BEN HUBERMAN Tufts, Engineering . Senior Orchestra, Track Team, Service Pin, I T Arista, Honor Roll. x 1 N . "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." A V L 'it RUTH M. lCKRATH -. QW.. Secretory Sten Speed Club, Forester Art Staff, Play Production, Newman Club. X X "A girl of many talents." T FRANCES K. IGER V "Fran" 73 5' 0 Pembroke, Fashion Illustration . X 3- . . sr-L - Nb. Arista, Play Production, Co-Editor ot X' ' Forester Art Stott, .Iunior UNESCO, Service .kv Q., . Pin. 'L "Vitality plus versatility equal popularity." ELAINE H. ITZKOWITZ Miami University, Buyer Language Office Aide, Attendance Monitor, Meritorious Award. "Our Minnie ha-ha, we mean Elaine ha, ,Q ha. ,vi 1 BETTE .l. JACOBI f- V Pembroke, Success i2,,MV ' VV., Audio Visual Squad, G.O. Representative, Ri My 1 Jr. Arista, Hebrew Certificate, Service Pin. ii' TJ "Common Sense and Good Advice." 'ILT lkvgg K .,., 'R G1 1: f. . 15 :S . V Q V by 'V' " ,V 1 ,, .,? .1--N Q45 f- te oi? . 4 oQ V ARLENE JACOBOWITZ BARBARA L. JACOBSON Kzti N ' Cornell, Teacher 5eCI'Gtory 4 - :-L- 4 0 f t Senior Arista, Leaders, Problems of De G.O. Councilman, Play Production. ttice Aide for Mr. Lapp mocracy, Social Studies Honor Society. "Pretty to walk with and witty to talk with." " I 1,4 ning, the joy of art." "Tall, thin and sweet like licorice." HEI-ENE TV JACOBSON 111-ippyff JQA A. ' I Queens College, Model PTCITT, AClV9l'flSlf19 , BARBARA JACOBS UBObbi' N.Y,U, Elementary School Teacher Section Class President, Teacher's Aide, Cutting Squad, Senior Council. "Our sugar baby, sweet and refined." Chorus, Section President, Service Award, Senior Council, G.O. Ottice Aide. "Composed of beauty, of courage and youth." Play Production. "Go and catch a falling star." 'af Q C.: .3 Q ef Y rss., F .1-,A 4 ' r :Lx ft' "" ' . N' A ' ' A sf! '07 N 4 t-. f x K'iDf7'ii'g Qi N A ax i A fr R N l L., lv XL, SIDELLE S. JAFFEE Syracuse, Journalist Civilization Club, Switchboard Operator, Math Oftice Aide, General Office Aide, Forester Stott. "When once the itch of literature comes over one, nothing will cure it but the scratching of a pen!" ELSA E. JAKOBSONS "Kandi" Syracuse, Dramatic Actress Play Production. "Sweet as sugar-Kandi" DAVID F. JAMES Columbia, Medicine Secretary ot Math Club, Secretary of He- brew Culture Club, Representative of FHHS to Hebrew Culture Council for NYC. "This man David, his noble mien beguilesf' SONDRA P. JAMES "Sandy" Syracuse, Teacher Program Ottice, Art Stott of Forester, Junior Arista, Meritorious Service Award, Administrative Ottice. "Smiling face and twinkling eyes." BRUCE G. JANO Health Education Teacher N.Y.U., Track Team, Marshal Squad, Captain Corps, Gym Team, Track Intramural. "There are two things a real man loves, danger and play." JOY JANOS Secretary, Court Stenographer "When Joy is near ioy is everywhere." PAUL JARCHO University ot Pittsburgh, Civil Engineer "Gentle in action, resolute in action." STANLEY JARMON "Stan" Tennis Team, Senior Band, Runner up in Tennis Intramurals, Service Award. "What a racket he has!" BRUCE M. JASLOW Bowdoin Baseball Team, Track Team, Cross Country, I xi , ga Q Section President, Three Varsity Letters. i L, ,, ' . 'r 'S ' "He's on the right 'track' when it comes 3 ft,-4 ' to sports." AN' Q .g BRUCE E. JENSEN ' Middlebury, Psychology Professor i- Orchestra, Captain Corps, Marshal Squad. "A fest breaks no bones." .K F 7 -5' . I S-vn.,ii? in f KF s il . k g 'I Z ' - l f 51 LESLIE JOSEPHY Tufts, Medical Doctor Mcrshal Squad, Math Club, ing. "Patient men win the day." ANNY L. JUNGBLUT Art Center-Los Angeles, Artist French Club, Newman Club. "Parlez-vous francais, Anny?" Math Tutor- Commercial DIANNE A. JURAN Syracuse, Psychologist Problems of Democracy, Borough Discus- sion, Ottice Aide in Attendance Office. "Dangerous curves ahead." DORIS KAESZ Radcliffe Orchestra, Junior Arista, Honor Roll, Ex- ceptional Service Award. "Forest Hills' loss is Radclifte's gain." iii, x Q, ,JL X .5 ' 4. s T f- Q27 kdm . ix . , T g,,, Sw NATALIE L. KAHAN "Nat" Cortland University, Teacher Junior Arista, Library Stott, Forest Leaves Staff, President of Section, Tutor. "Good things come in small packages." LEONARD M. KAHN Syracuse, Automotive Designer Marshal Squad, Golf Team, Cutting Ottice. "He does all he Kahn." LINDA KAHN Pace Business College, Business World Forest Leaves, English Book Room. "A bundle ot laughs." 1 t MONA KAHN . 5 R Queens , tv' isis'- Problems of Democracy, Forest Freshman Fw? , Rep., Senior Prom Committee, Forest Ofiice . v . f ' .W A Aide, UNESCO ' ' if Pai "Small in stature, big in voice." I -ef RENATE c. KAHN "Ronnie" A-T Queens Attendance Office, Civilization Club, Office Work. "She says a thousand pleasant things." ' fx sHARoN M. KAMEN " A " Insurance, Broker ' 'I f I , Boys' Health Ed. Office, Forest Office. T "A personality that wins friends and keeps V 1 'J ,fs L, ff ELAINE KAMLNSKY L is Queens I il, x Service in another school. . 'Q ' x s K "lt is the tranquil person who accomplishes i X much." ' ,X 1' JARED s. KAMINSKY . 71 Retail Distribution 'ov ' 'PAA Fencing Team, Lt. on Dawn Patrol, Beacon. .K ' .ft "Reminds us ot a Cyrano with a nose fob." ,IVV :I J sLMoNA J. KAMRASCH . ilu A I Brandeis University, Speech Therapist L f gif ,' " L Foreign Language Squad, Meritorious Serv- ice Certiticate, French Honor Certificate, ' Honor Roll, G.O. Sales Committee. "lt's a long way to great neck." JHAN H, KAO CR ,,, Z- Rikkyo Daigaku CTokyoj V ,., Mr. Jerome Harmon Jr. UNESCO, Assistant Editor of Forester g Art Staff, Civilization Club, History Honor '-my Society, Borough Discussion Group. i ' I av "Tolcyo's gain is our loss." L. y f ' V 1 Q ELIZABETH A. KAPLAN 'fLi1" i ' Secretary, Housewife Program Committee, High Honor Roll. "Small in size but wordly wise." ELLEN w. KAPLAN ' Biochemist 4? W , 6' Science Honor Society, Beacon, Senior - 25" Arista, Girl Leader of Junior Arista, Editor P, 'ZF' of Social Studies Honor Society Journal. I X "Refined, intelligent, and admirably '75, poised." 67'-4 ,gf If: .Q AW' fer? 'gf . mfr' KVQY, H ,K- N 1 ftrv V .xf W' I, HARVEY KAPLAN RITA KAPLAN STEPHEN R. KAPLAN "Buddy" Queens, Engineer Queens, Teacher Medicine Intramurals, PSAL Award, Marshal Squad. "He's rugged, wall to wall rugged." IRWIN E. KAPLAN Dartmouth, Engineer President of Senior Class, Boy Leader ot Junior Arista, Treasurer of Senior Arista, Social Studies Honor Society Play Pro. "The pride ot the class and he enjoys it." ff Junior Arista, Service Pin, General Oftice, Program Office. "But joy is wisdom." ROSALIE KAPLAN American University, Teacher Band, Beacon, Attendance Ottice Aide, Jr. Dramatic Club, Mr. DeIman's Otiice. Remember that Peacock feather." Honor Roll, Captain of Swimming Team. "He can teach the fish how to swim." ELAINE A. KAPP Antioch Leaders Club, Forest Hills 7" Letter, Service Pin, Biology Lab Squad, Orchestra. "She'll be the Kopp on success's bottle." FRAN KARP Executive Secretary, Court Stenographer. "A treat for any senior class." 2 M .s S, IRWIN KARP I ,g X ' Syracuse, Marketing and Law .l 'Ns E Band, Ticket Squad, Service Pin, Tutor, 1 1 Marshal Squad. L' A "A great guy has many friends!" Th SANDRA D. KARP 'fsfmdyf' Merchandising, Buyer Ottice Aide, Aide in Study Hall, Table Cap- I tain in Cafeteria. "Womanhood's gift to manhood." I as g ALAN L. KASSIN . I Q an it N.Y.U., Dentist X "A I Section Class Treasurer. "He'll need a lot of pull for this job." 'TAPI 15,5 X' to AARON KAssoFF 0 I i' A Tufts, Engineering ag, xg ' I l'5T"- Senior Prom Committee, G.O. Council, "T Service Pin, Senior Council, Junior and ' f Senior Arista. V N - "Above my fortunes, yet my state as well, ' I, ' .rx I am a gentleman." - V ' " 83 GLORIA s. KATZ . ' I 79' " SEQ, km Private Secretary SG rs' Beacon Stott, Flying Pen Club, Attendance L 5' Office. K "Gloria is the coolest of Katz." SANDRA KATZ 'fsandy' University of Pennsylvania, Medical tech- nologist Business Staff of Forester, Chemistry and Physics Squad, Attendance Squad, Meritori- gg ous Service Award, Truant Officer Aide. L. "To know her is to love her." ti' ,..., ELLEN J. KAUFMAN N.Y.U. Attendance Office, Marshal in Cafeteria, Social Committee, Chairman of History Class. "Her face is her fortune." EVA KAUFMAN Sarah Lawrence 3 Forest Leaves, Biology Lab, Debating Club. 4 ' t "All about Eva . . ." -L: PETER E. KAUTZ "Pete" " A- Duke University, Science Field ' Swimming Team. Lt. on Dawn Patrol, Sgt. Y on Marshal Squad, 'lst Lt. in Gym. "A Dulce in any university." I I' vf.,.T?. V 5 iz om, 5 P0 ig 'gt' li its z Sv- A Q., A "' .fl Kimi: , ' x s- ld I' f ' , , Q S' Z A A , I if 4 HERBERT C. KAY LEE G, KEISER CAROLE L. KERN University at Pennsylvania, Economics Boston University, Actress Ursinus, Teacher Social Studies Honor Society, Service So- Play Production, Editor French American ciety, Problems of Democracy, Intramurals, Student, Arista, Language Honor Society. PSAL Awards. "Ah! the play's the thing." "He is able to think because he is able." JUDY KEMENY EDWARD F. KEELE Corsetier N.Y.S. Maritime College, Marine Engineer G.O. Rep. Marshal Squad, Newman Club. "She's pulled a real bone-er!l" "Don't get his Irish up!" Service in another school. "Of few words, but to great effect." ELLIN KESSLER "Ellie" Flower 5th Nursing Psychiatric Nurse Aide in Attendance Office and Program Oftice, Chorus. "Help thy neighbor, help thyself." FRANK J. KING N.Y.U., Manutacture Textiles Marshal Squad, Service Pin, Captain Corps in Gym, Host Squad. "His handshake makes a very good tourni- quet." CARIN E. KIRSCHNER State Tech, Lab Technician Junior Band, Junior Red Cross Rep. from Forest Hills. "Her modesty conceals her charms." LAWRENCE Y. KIRSCHNER "Larry" Queens, Medicine Sgt. on Marshal Squad, Dawn Patrol. "Knowledge is Power." STEPHEN D. KLAIDMAN University ot Illinois Track Team, Lt. Marshal Squad. "A man worth knowing is worth knowing welt." PETER L. KLAUSNER "Pete" Wharton School ot Finance, Certified Public Accountant G.O. Representative, Soccer Team, Sr. Arista. "May all go well for 'Pete's sake'." RENEE L. KLEEMAN Tobe Colburn, Fashion Designer History OFtice, Emergency Room. "Bright as a new minted penny." MARION ..I. KLEIN N.Y.U., Business Subiects Teacher Senior Greeting Committee, Junior Arista, Beacon, Service Pin, Admissions Office. "A head tor business and a heart for a guyln STEPHEN A. KLEIN "Steve" City College, "Playboy" Marshal Aide. "What did l get out of high school? Myself." RUTH I. KLETSKIN Queens, Nurse Senior Band, Ottice Aide, Civilization Club. "City girl with a country heart." I :LSA M. KLOTZMAN Queens Forest Leaves, Play Production, History Honor Society, Girl Prom Chairman. "To see her is a picture, to hear her is a song." ig- i Q 5- gg, Lf sk' -,-, If .1,xkg..- Y . ,., I is NORMA KNIAGER Queens, Nurse Service Pin, Forest Hills 7" Letter, H. Ed. Service Squad, Chorus. "Her future is sure to be lrbenttul." CARL S. KOENIG Rensselaer, Physicist Co4Chairman Science Honor Society, Treas- urer of Social Studies Honor Society. "Forest Hills' answer to Einstein." E1 JOAN E. KOGEL Vassar, "Win Nobel Prize in Chemistry" Leaders, P.O.D., Engineering Club, Junior UNESCO. "A noble aim MARY L. KOH Bookkeeping Newman Club, Corresponding Secretary. "A lot ot personality in a little room." A X deserves a 'Nobel' Prize." ,. KN ILA ,X it 'svn A'-X , f. ' .1 '73 I . 'T ix- 'V x g ng , rr '- sq . .ey ..T, V , is 5. t ' f to " -F 1 ' - ' 'Zi' A ' -x-f-M4-'fvrti f 2 Q ct, , " V '17 , . XV 'Q ' I . isa, . 1' A sf 1 - 'cs A M - .gy N- r-cc' sofa. , 'L uk ..., . ' ,jfs , ,151 ,- I4, "' I 4.- ve- f 15 , , of F' ' t 4' UT Cen' I, -, sl X. r ,fly Q' s ' T RUDY KOHN C.C.N.Y., Newspaper Reporter Service Squad, Captain Gym Squad, G.O. Councilman, Track Team, Silver Pin Award "All I know is what l read in the news- papers." SANDRA M. KORENTHAL "Scndy' Secretary or Dancer Attendance Ottice. "And she danced her way to tame." ii E ilsf 'TI' sg:- Q... s, .VI 5 J.. A sw- , 3' La... ' 43-S il. is A F. z FRED B. KRIEGER C.C.N.Y., Pharmacy Marshal Squad. "His prescription for from a bottle." CHARLES KRISCHER Harvard, Engineer .su XFX Ck , 'MN . . EJ' V fs :UN -ax g 'T I ,M ... pw, !:""" ALA 4134- , al if rf' ,s Q, .71 '1 Ss., r 2 All A success doesn't come Track Team, Orchestra, G.O. Councilman, Junior Arista, Marshal Squad. "Who gives you better advice than yourself." JAY D. KORNBERG l.l.U., Medical Doctor P.S.A.L. Awards, Marshal Squad. "Nature heals, the doctor takes the fee." JUDITH B. KORNBLUH "Judy" Queens, Social Worker Library Aicle, Park Ottice, Hebrew Culture Club, Columbus Day Parade. "Friends she will always have." RlTA R. KOSARIN State Tech., Dental Hygienist English Office, Study Hall Secretary, At- tendance Oftice, Marshal Squad. "There's no cosmetic like happiness." INA B. KRAKOWER Business Machines Operator "A short stick of dynamite." JUDITH M. KRAMER "Judi" Skidmore Biology Office Aide, Program Ottice Aide, Honor Roll. "Always in vogue." MADELYN KRAMER "Maddy" Bookkeeper Junior Arista, Park OFtice Aide, Stenogra- pher and Typist in Forest Office. "Shy, retiring and nice to know." AUDREY G. KRASNY Teacher Junior Arista, Beacon, Service 'for Park School, Problems of Democracy, :fonor Roll. "And gladly would she learn and gladly teach." BARBARA KRAUSE "Bobby" Queens, Teacher Play Pro, Leaders, Forester Staff, Junior and Senior Arista, Orchestra. "A multitude of talents." ELIZABETH M. KRAUSS "Liz" Secretary. "I am myself, my own commander." SHEILA E. KREITMAN Queens, Child Counselor Play Pro, Social Studies Office. "The world is but a stage . . " A 'D' 'W sr JW, 4 . f' wt., ,."r ROSE R. KRONSBERG University of Alabama, Secretary Attendance Office. "This Rose by any other name would be as sweet." CONSTANCE C. KRUG 'fnpprf Marymount College, Journalism Mr. Barlett's Oltice, Newman Club. "For my first exclusive . . ." Q 49 'im- Mr. lrving Heller h HARRIET R. KRYSHKA Brooklyn, to secure my M.R.S. degree "Gamin is, as gamin does." JOSEPH KUHN St. John's, Business Administration Newman Club, Marshal Squad. "For he's a jolly good fellow." "Joe 1 wb Q., FN ax Llyx 1 SEYMOUR KULICK "Sy" Lehigh, Business Career Captain of Basketball Team, Junior Arista, Service Pin, Shop Award. "He could live tor two months on a good compliment." RITA KUMJIAN Katharine Gibbs Business College, Secretary Newman Club, Honor Roll. "Smiling tace and twinkling eyes." NORMAN A. KUNIN "Norm" C.C.N.Y., Civil Engineer P.S.A.L. Awards, Engineering Club, G.O. Councilman, Marshal Squad. "Let's have another cup ot Lipton tea." ALFRED KURZ "Freddy" l A 'F' in L' -Q 1 "-51 411 I r Tm, ,1"',6- Gt. Q B Columbia, Engineering in Orchestra, Senior Arista, Math Club, Mar- ik in X1 T shal Squad, Engineering Club. . M ' ,Q ' "l prefer o comfortable vice to a virtue X- ' that bores." 'T ' l X EVELYN T. LANDAU A ii 'P l, E I R , Barnard, To travel around the world 2, 5 ' " l , Social Studies Honor Society, Language cl X Honor Society, Junior and Senior Arista. . pm DJ, ffmade to nf her halo." , .R 7,. X T mme LANDER ,P 'JV l Y Oberlin College, Teaching Q," J. in l t Problems at Democracy, Jr. UNESCO, Civili- ,WIS l 1 u l L zation Club, Language Honor Society. ' A' X Xi .g N it Q "History is merely gossip, that's why l c ' l Y, love it so." X l 3 ' GEORGE LANG :Knee-'Of N.Y.U., Civil Engineering Library Squad, Marshal Squad. "Let George do it, he's the man of the time." , ,WF - . 5 fm ' CAROL H. LANTER J ' s,,- A VA Queens, Teacher TWC! GZ' Business Manager of the French-American , 'rev- Student, Hebrew Club, Civilization Club. ' ' Mrs' Ellzabelh Huebener "She needs no LANTERn, she shines by her V , , own light." L 5' l ROSE ANN LARKlN Stenographer, Private Secretary .Y ' Arista, Newman Club, Flying Pens Club, M' Service Pin. , H . "By Gregg, she's good." his I E - Flon MARIA LARRACHE "Flor" 1 ly y Queens, Businesswoman H 1 Chorus, Marshal Squad, Library Stott. "She says with her eyes what others need .V - 1 words to say." x - cw f ' . 4- y "" -' or fs, ', Q6 my ,mst A5 'A M' A-A. i 1, Cv - , ' V 7' 'v,L 3 JP' 'Y -:gf .-H4 ,yr . i' ,fl ,Z ' L .A fl I fe BARRY M. LASNER EDITH R. LAULICHT "Edi" JOSE LAZARO Brandeis Orchestra, Other school service. "You that in music do delight." GILDA M. LATORRACA "Jill" Secretary, Marriage Newman Club, Flying Pens Club, Teacher's Aide in the Business Office. "Let the girl who does wish to be idle fall in love." Queens, Writer Beacon, Edit, Forest Leaves, Forester Staff, Guidance Office Aide. "Dependable, Commenclable, and Recom- mendablef' CAROL S. LAURETZ Cornell, Teaching Arista, History Honor Society, Beacon, Jr. Unesco, Problems ot Democracy. "Vogue, take notice." University of New Mexico Newman Club. "An asset to Uncle Sam." MICHAEL LECHTERMAN Annapolis, Electrical Engineer Stage Manager, All City High chestra, Senor Band, Orchestra. "Great behind the scenes." ffmikef' l School or- R ON T 5. fy, J. .,, . . C.. 5- - C, X yu- J , .- c as A A A - 1 'ru 1 - 1 A as 'D Z Q. w 'R' Q i 9 - 5 gf,.i:11fsssf:e Q-A , vhs . 9 qv, X Ig, . ' l - x ' , E x sf lf- gi ,J T 2 'Q . . ,.- ' g::.. X . 3151 2 X stef.:-'jj .--O .73 er' .,. E s, C? ' M fr-ff' 1 xx, , I 1Ef. liK V6.1 , Z Q "Xie V. A' ,tg .7 T: 2 XI l 4 - ,i ' I KENNETH A. LEON "Ken" Ohio State, B.A. and B.S. Degrees Swimming Team, Varsity Letter Club, Boys' Emergency Room Marshal, Honor English. ROSALIE LESONSKY Receptionist, Jewelry Showroom Assistant Attendance Ottice Squad. "Charming and full ot lite!" JOHN C. LEGLER "Jack" Brown, Architect Cross-country, Track Team. "He's building tor the future." ALLYN D. LEHRER Queens, To be a Linguist Language Office Aide, Honor Certificate for High Average, Columbus Day Parade. "Full of lite and spirit." C. ROBERT LEICHTER "Bob" University of Alabama, New Car Dealer Lt. on Marshal Squad, Forester Art Staff, G.O. Representative, Play Pro, lntramurals. "Before I begin to speak, l want to say something." DORIS LEICHTER Brooklyn, Buyer Senior Prom Committee, Exceptional Serv- ice Award, Forest Office Aide, Forest Leaves, Library Aide. "Unwed-will travel." JON E. LEIFER Columbia, Business Administration and Law Beacon Staff, Forester Staff, Track and Tennis, Bowling, Boro Discussion Leader. "A boy who bowls everyone over." JEROME LEIGHTON "Jerry" Syracuse, M.D. Pharmacist Marshal Squad, Vice President of Section, P.S.A.L. Awards. "He won't be 'late in' gaining success." WALLACE L. LEINHEARDT "Wally" N.Y.U., Lawyer G.O. Councilman, Sgt. on Marshal Squad, Lt. on Dawn Patrol, Service Award. "He's as apt as he is eager." DAVID LENEFSKY Yale, Psychiatrist Math Office, Math Award, Marshal Squad, Assistant Principal's Ottice. "Reaching for the sky and almost there." NORMA S. LENT Queens, Teacher Business Manager of Beacon, Business Staff of Forester, Aide in Admissions Office. "A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops." JERRY M. LEO Senior Band, Marshal Squad, Marched in Parades, Concerts. "Leo, the Lion!" fx? if , ' -5 sf 4 f' 16. ik. V-' 'Ac I, eff L? "' . 2 Wim f iff 1 l 1 HARVEY M. LESSER Queens College, Scientist Chemistry and Physics Lab. Assistant, Bio Lab. Assistant, Bus Ticket Squad. "What would school be without science?" ARNOLD LEVINE Yale G.O. Senate, Marshal Squad, Honor Roll, Forest Leaves Business Staff, Bowling ln- tramurals. "Why is it that big men like little girls?" "lf you keep one eye on yesterday and one eye on tomorrow, today is sure to be cockeyed ? 1 . s kc A as 'Q-fi ik BEVERLY A. LEVINE Katharine Gibbs Business School, Sec. Attendance Office Aide, Science Office Aide, Secretary of Section. "Carefree gay-come what may." HARVEY LEVINE Brooklyn College of Pharmacy, Pharmacist Chem. and Physics Lab Assistant, Junior Arista. "He has a good prescription tor success." '-if ' 'N if '-rf" Yi r 4 LINDA K. LEVINE "l-in" Adelphia, Dietitian Senior Council, Beacon, Civilization Club, Dramatic English, Boys' Health Ed. Office. "The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach." MARSHA N. LEVINE Queens, To run a nursery school Attendance Ofiice. "Sweeter than the honey in a honey comb." SONDRA A. LEVINE "Cosy" Ithaca, Musical Comedy Emergency Room Aide, Junior Dramatics, Meritorious Service Award, Section Aicle. "Let there be light." ADELLE LEVITSKY University of Alabama, Costume Designer General Ofiice Aide. "Stars fell on Alabama." HARRIET M. LEVlTZ Secretary "As merry as the day is long." BARBARA LEVY University of Vermont, Teaching Group Discussion, Secretary of Leaders Club, Service Pin, F.H. Athletic Letter, G.O. - Section Councilman. is l ily, I ,I Qi. Mr. Benton R. Leeds "Wonderful-'nut said?" ROBERTA B. LEVY Clerical, Artist "A smile on her lips, a twinkle in her eye." SANDRA M. LEVY "Sandy" Hunter College Junior Arista, Senior Arista, Beacon, Play Production. "The spark on the firecrackerf' ROBERT M. LEWIS "Bob" Georgia Tech., Electrical Engineer Foreign Language Office Squad. "A rambling wreck for Georgia Tech." SANDRA LEWIS "Sandy" Queens, Travel Emergency Room Aide, Civilization Club. "A happy heart goes all day." , ,-. QQQQ vw 419 1. ,, .f,,- 'cv -':' 'ff T auf . G ANITA LIBERT Business, Law Stenographer Hill Oftice, Typist in Attendance Office. "She never looks for trouble, trouble looks for her." SONDRA LINDENBAUM "Sandy" Queens, Language Teacher Senior Arista, Language Honor Society. "She listens to the voice of success." ff f ',-, ' n ie' A fs. ss .f . Y rs., sg, il. 'J ' VV U A, SUSAN M. LINNETZ "Sue" University of Conn., Teacher Exceptional Service Award, Junior Arista, Girls Health Ed. Dept., Drama Guild. "To be good is noble, but to teach others to be good is nobler." RHODA LIONELL "Rho" Queens, Public Relations Counselor Secretary ot the G.O., Forest Junior Rep- resentative, Beacon, Jr. Arista, Service Pin. "Ring the bell with Lionellf' fx . ' ff' f E67 4141 f' -4' ff- . 'sttr sv 1" Q5 A 5? ..., , Vg", we-, if ity r ' i ?'Q'cf'ilf 7' "Y , V ' V ., , 'T' i A I fl 4 1 40 1- 33" Q: ' ,ff ,M ,,, V I i I, 1 ,. LW t if A ' Q., ' N, ..., 2 V , wif ffef s. ANITA S. LIPSON Boston University Service Certificate, Beacon Staff, Program Off., Girls Emergency Room, Language Ott. "Someday she'll teach the Pope Latin." ELLEN L. LIPSON Katharine Gibbs Aide in Mr. Delman's Office, Service Pin. "Men make laws, women make manners." px 1- -,, as HOWARD L. UPTON "Howie" N.Y.U. President of Service Honor Society, Marshal and Usher Squads, P.S.A.L. Awards. ,ax .As V .X "The instinct of ownership is fundamental xx ' wel in man's nature." ROBERT LIPTON 'faobff Mi Adelphi, Certified Public Accountant I Junior Band, Marshal Squad, Yearbook. I "He's an artist-he draws women." RONALD S. LISSMAN I Syracuse, Patent Attorney Marshal Squad. F va? :I 3 "He holds a patent on success." s RITA LOBL wg? . N.Y.U., Teaching - ,K Otiicial Teacher's Aide, Vice-Pres. of Sec- ' kj Q tion, Marshal Squad, Miss CoghIan's Aide. I "A good heart is worth gold." ROBERT Loos University of Illinois, Engineering Varsity Basketball, Golf Team, Marshal Squad, P.S.A.L. Award, Varsity Letter Club. 4 V g "A veritable Adonis!" Q. f fs-X Q' PAUL A. LOTTIER qs iv 12:11 Draftsman N' k Leiut. on Marshal Squad, Chorus. ST' I Louise M. LUBELL "Tallu" k f' Emerson, Actress on Leg. Stage Play Production. Ag X- "But, dah-ling!" V MYRNA LUBELL "Taffy" , , University of Michigan, Writer 'N ai . fr: Junior Arista, Beacon, Chorus, Health Ed. bv QL. Department Aide, High Honor Roll. 'ri' ti' "A writer is rarely so well inspired as when I ' she talks about herself." X- CONSTANCE LUBIN "Connie" Queens College, Educational Guidance Counselor Beacon Reporter, Senior Band, Greeters' Committee, Junior Arista. 2: I: Q "She greets every day with a smile. f LYNN LURIA ' gh' Q Philosopheress W x-' ,. bk Board of Assistants on Beacon, Junior I 'J Arista, Civilization Club, Senior Greeters. "I shot a poem into the air, it was reprinted every where." Z f' . WA gl .i C CQ: 2 'til O -.g,., I aims surf' A -5:1 K 13 K 2 . . WT' A -sf f 3 Q, ' . gina? Vrtk QTEQN ts , ' ii" , jfs -.,. I A E 1 3' ,X A Q ,. A M 5 is AR ' l Q VINCENT MACALUSO CYNTHIA MACHIZ JOEL J. MAIMON N.Y.U., Business Hofstra College, Secretary University of Alabama, Business P.S.A.L. Award, Intramural Award, Captain Reporter for the Beacon. Audio Visual Squad, Lt. on Marshal Squad, Corps, Marshal Sq., Meritorious Service. "lt's nice to be natural when you're natu- Usher Squad. "Good at tight, better at play." rally nice." "He stops and asks tor it-a pass that is." ROBERT B. MacCRAW "Bob" BARBARA J. MAIER "Bobbi" JOHN E. MALONEY Wagner, Lawyer University of Michigan, Social Worker Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Engineering Meritorious Service Award, English Book- Senior Arista, Greeters Club, Section Treas- Honor Roll, Marshall Squad, room Aide. urer, Service Pin, History Honor Society. "Observe the opportunity!" "On his political toes." "Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." RL. W NINA E. A. MAMMANO Newman Club, Mrs. Greentield's Aide. "This girl is wise-personality wise." SHEILA MANES "Shelly" Secretary, Marriage Service in another school, Typist in Gym Ottce, Volleyball Medal. "She will achieve the Manes aims in life." LEONARD MARANS "Lenny" Long Island University, Business World Captain on Marshal Squad, Service Pin. "A wise man knows everything, a shrewd man everyone." HAROLD H. MARCONE Queens Cross-Country, Captain of Track Team, Lt. on Marshal Squad. "Destined to make tracks." WARREN R. MARCUS Accounting Bowling Team, Marshal Squad, Bowling Intramural, Vice-President of Section. "Here's to women-once our superior, now our equal." JACK G. MARK Queens, Engineering Photography Club, Engineering Club, Sgt. on Marshal Squad, Emergency Room Aide. "A little backward about coming forward, but go in all directions." ARO KS or la ta e, dacher n or Greeters Sophomore Representative n Park School Senior Treasurer of Section Jun r Prom Social Committee GO triencl list." DOROTHY MARQUARDT Dotty" ' E E E 'Marks' the top of everyone's best Concordia, Priv.-Secretary Switchboard Operator in Gen. Otiice, Ex- ceptional Service Award, Section Secretary. "The essence of refinement." MICHAEL M. MASLANSKY Bard, Actor Service in another school lPertorming Artsl "A whitt' of grease paint." RlCHARD A. MASS "Richie" Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Engineering Marshal Squad, Junior Band, Stage Crew tor Play Production. "An engineer with a record mind." ,wh A f' f ,ge 'R K A "' L- , A.. I ' vw , , t ,f . BJORN MATZ "BJ" CAROL E. McKAY M.l.T., Electrical Engineer Dawn Patrol, Treasurer, Engineering Club, Honor Roll, Electronics Maintenance Force. "We know why he took steno." THOMAS l. McGUlNNESS St. John's University, Law Enforcement Newman Club. "Give me the ready hand rather than the ready tonguef' Cornell University, Teacher Leaders Club, Junior Arista, S Tutoring, President of Section. enior Arista, "irish eyes are always smiling." FLORENCE T. MCKIERNAN Clerical, Stenographer Newman Club. "Humor, wit, and honesty." A ui e 9 ' I V X A 'Tl S is N it ' .rt .11-1-" K S , .11 s if , i ftf C' A Q . K df Q3 L ff! , . 'r 5" i any ati 'uv xr 4 v x, ' i :-P" ' , T f, , V 1? T V -3 W BARBARA G. MEER Bryn Mawr Arista, Leaders Honor Society, Section Cap- tain, Meritorious Service Adl, French Cert. "Her accomplishments, more than Meer luck." NORMA G. MEER Skidmore Sec. in Boys Health Ed. Ottice, Sec. in Eng- lish Office, Meritorious Service Award. "East is east, and west is west, and Meer the twain has met." at rib -7 gr sr - 5 k -4- ' s .Q cn XE- ,X i. ,, y in 3 yt L S 1 .ev V , V .- 'V' V, K y X ,. Q 40" lil e. he ELLEN R. MEINHARDT University of Vermont, Medical Technol. Language Oftice Aide, Honor Roll, Guid- ance Office Aide, Biology Laboratory. "A fair haired angel." HOWARD MENCHER Dartmouth, Lawyer Tennis Team Captain, School Orchestra, Junior Arista, School Service Pin. "He's got a racket-tennis that is!" JERRY M. MENDEL Columbia, Mechanical Engineer Arista, Assistant Art Editor ot Forester, Ticket Squad. "Men may come and men may go, but Mendel goes on torever." KAREN M. MERCY Ohio State, Elementary Teacher Junior Arista, Newman Club, Service Pin, General Oftice, Councilman. "Bright eyes and a laughing heart." CAROLE MERKATZ College, Home Economics Math. Ottice, Cutting Office, Tutoring, Guidance Counsellor's Oftice, Honor Roll. "A cheerful cook makes a dish a feast." CAROL MEROLLA 9 f Secretary, Marriage it Flying Pens Club, Newman Club, Aide-At- N tendance Office, Aide-General Ottice. "No Christmas Carols as charming as she." VIRGINIA C. MEYER "Ginny" State School of Agriculture and Tech- nolo9Yi Commercial Artist 2 as .1 gi., Chorus, Aide to Mr. Haber and Mr. Her- ig schel. .Bi .Sys -:L "Sugar and spice and everything nice." 1 ix JEFREY M. EY ff ff V 5, XY, . M ERS Jeff ,fy Columbia, Journalism K English Honor Classes, Beacon, G.O. Repre- XX sentative, Captains Corps, Marshal Squad. "Man has a wild beast within him." JACK MICHONIK University of Grenoble, Business Man dx Soccer Team. I A ,' 'VR - "Quietly, he'll make a success of his life." QD ' , N-gy THOMAS T. MlHOULlDES HTom" E1 . kj , X v S N.Y.U., Journalism it , Varsity Bowling Team, Bowling Intramurals 2, f X Medal, Major Varsity Letter. - l I "He'll bowl them over." V 1: lv. 335 ff? ,nasal . i 5 Y te? . li? X F' .. if' 1- R-L-1' . , I 'Wwe' V D PHYLLIS H. MINER "Phyl" VERA L. MIRSKY Syracuse, Journalism Literary staff of Forester, Beacon Literary and Business Staffs, Honor Roll, Service Pin, Excellence in Math Award. "A quenchless star forever bright." ELINORE MINTZ University of Bridgeport, Teacher Girls' Emergency Room, Girls' H. Ed. Oftice, Meritorious Serv. Ad. Forest Hills 3 letter. "Go west, young girl, go west." Michigan, Travel Math, Civilization, and French Clubs, Leader in Training. "Vera, Vera nice." CHARLES M. MONBLATT "Chuck" N.Y.U., Law degree Business staff of Beacon, Dawn Patrol, Fencing Squad, Marshal Squad. "lf l'm not studying wake me up." of , We ...av lj' 3 1 If ff . ,X X, i ffl , 1 fg J ' L . If l 5 lls N :UW I 'R Ot' Mr. Robert Mclndoe 5,541 Qs- VINCENT MONTALTO Villanova Varsity Basketball, Marshal Squad, Cap- tains Corps, P.S.A.L. Award. "Under the basket, on the ball." LAUREL S. MONTANE Burroughs Business School, Secretary Columbus Day Parade Marcher, Aide to Mrs. Forte in Cafeteria, Attendance Aide. "As pretty as a mountain Laurel." ANDREW E. MONTGOMERY "Andy" Dartmouth, Industrial Engineer Ticket Squad, Ticket Ottice, Service Pin. "Power dwells within cheertulnessf' RONALD C. MONTICONE "Ronnie" Georgetown University, Dentistry Newman Club, Senior Chorus. "A boy always has friends." AUGUSTO A. MORPURGO "Gus" Syracuse, Architecture Swimming' Team, Band, Orchestra, Section Treasurer. "The great hope of society is the individual character." MICHAEL H. MORRIS "Mike" Syracuse, Advertising Marshal Squad, P.S.A.L. Award, Service Award, Squad Award. "He'lI be his own advertisement." STANLEY W. MORRIS "Stan" Wesleyan, Engineer Arista, Hill School President, Social Studies Honor Society, Track Team, Band. "He's a true musician-sharp features and fiat feet." ANN SUE MOSKOWITZ Cornell, Teacher Junior and Senior Arista, Language Honor Society, Forest Leaves, Beacon. "Never too much of a good thing." BARBARA R. MOSKOWITZ "Binnie" Bookkeeper, Interior Decorator Service in another school. "She'll keep her books in a good tashion.' PETER C. MOSS M.l.T., Philanthropist Arista, Social Studies Honor Society, Senior Band, Tennis Squad. "Here's a rolling stone that will gather moss." NAOMI MUTTERPERL "Nimi" Queens, Teacher Junior Arista, Attendance Office, Senior Ottice, Forester Business Stott, Service Pin. "She's a pearl in any setting." JEREMY MYER "Limey" Columbia, Research Doctor Play Production. "I haven't been abroad in so long that l almost speak English without an accent." 5 32 1 ,fx w:""7i , -5' X , t MARILYN A. NATHAN State Tech, Commercial Artist Art Oftice Aide, G.O. Publicity Committee, Park Cutting Squad. "Art school is a place tor girls to pass time between high school and marriage." JOAN G. NEICE N.Y.U., Journalist "The pen is the tongue ot the mind." fa. 'tak H RENEE E. NIERENBERG Syracuse Math Oltice Aide, 1953 Math Team Secre- tary, Section Aide, Forester Business Staff, Meritorious Service Award. "A good example is the best sermon." CHARLES NISSIM-SABAT "Cub" Columbia, Engineer Civilization Club, Hebrew Culture Council, Language Honor Society, Fr.-Amer. Stud. "Will leave a footprint in the sands of time." -f.. .9 I 9" L. C., xx or 'Sf' 'Y' .P ef' f 'Xi 'i ii I 11 3, . X ' -nw , K . -V . 2g.,,jl,..,f4 il 'f' . Q l X l im. 'SD' -3 I L X P 1 sh 5' 5' L , 7? 'fx 1, A -5. S 45' ' yy EL mia... 'ith DOREEN A. NOVAR Fashion Institute of Technology, Artist G.O. Publicity Art Staff, Dramatic Club, Forest Leaves Art Stott. "Sl1e's very pallet-able." WALTER NOWIKAS "Wally" Pratt Institute Play Production. "Heedless ot their grammar they cried 'Tl1at's l1im."' ' 1 3-Q '55 ns. fv- Ex 'SN' I I Y QA -ct g . .W-I ,..., 9 XA s is iw' 'E if. "" f ' t QL "F .. ' N4 I X , 12 'Q 'V A lv!! -f-ff 1 lin f :gg J., llh 6 Ab'A z NINA E. OSIPOW Queens, Psychology Play Production, G.O. Publicity Committee, G.O. Councilman, Service in another school. "Adorned with so much art." MARTIN H. OZER "Oats" Pratt Institute, Cartooning for Television Art Staff of Forester, Lt. on Marshal Squad, Basketball Team, Emergency Room Aide, "Man's integrity is measured by his conduct." CAROLE P. OBER Business College "A sweet attractive kind of grace." EDYTHE OBERFELD "Edy" Skidmore, Accountant Arista, Play Production, Beacon, G.O. Pub- licity Committee, Prom Committee. "Weak as strong, silly as wise." BENJAMIN OCAMPO "Ben" M.l.T. Senior Arista, Engineering Club, Marshal Squad. "Our excellent ambassador of good will." DONALD P. O'l'IARE "Don" Pratt Institute Sgt. on Marshal Squad, Captains Corps, Newman Club, Service in another school. "Don't get his Irish up!" ELAINE M. OKEN Queens College, Business Forest Leaves, Cutting Office Aide, Study Hall Aide. "A ray of sunshine on a cloudy day." ROBERT J. OPPICI "Bob" "He came, he saw, he left." SUZAN ORGLER Secretary Chorus, Assembly Program. "It's so nice to be natural when you are naturally nice." SUZANNE B. ORINGEL Syracuse University, Buying Associate Editor of Forester Business Staff, Ticket Ottice Aide, Service Pin, Honor Roll, UNESCO. "A smile on her lips, a twinkle in her eyes." "Suzie" DAVID E. ORLINSKY "Dave" Singer "Of a good beginning cometh a good end." MELVIN H. ORLINSKY "Mel" Boston University, Show Business Park School President, Play Production, G.O. Sports and Newscaster, Service Honor Society, Senior Show. "The stars in his eyes shine like Broadway lights." -ox, We-1' . 137 5 rf: " iw , I , , ,gy if - ,Wk . I , A .. 4 .V -- , .,v .,- 11. HARRIET PAKUl.A Jackson Treasurer of G.O., Cheerleader, Play Pro- duction History Honor, Arista. "I am a firm believer in luck and it seems the harder I work the more I have." MAITA E. PALHOWITZ Mills School of Education, Teacher Treas- ure ris Office, Bus Ticket Squad. "Always glad to lend a helping hand." s , .11 I A W - it ,Wi s i 'vi' Q... te- g- f ...nv -. BENT PALMBLAD "The Dane" Import and Export Captain of Soccer Team, Perfect Attendance Certificate, Captains Corps, Gym Marshal. "He's a sucker for soccer." ALBERTA E. PALMERI Secretary Junior Arista, Treasurer's Oltice Aide, Ticket Squad, Newman Club. "Days that made us happy made us wise." ROSALIND PARNESS "Rozzy" Beth lsrael Nursing School, R.N. Gym Department, Honor Roll, Aide to Mrs. Greenfield, Meritorious Service Award. C ' . 75 'Uh "The virtues ot friendliness are manifold!" fb bk DANUTA PAYKERT E3 Hairdresser and Beautician gf "A fair exterior is a silent recommenda- tion." ENID C. PEARLMAN "Edie" Y f- v Vg, Florida State 'gf Switchboard, Guidance Office, Meritorious , Service Award, Dramatic Club, General :T Ottice. is 1- V 1. X "Here's one real swell kid." X ANNETTE PERDICHIZZI Concordia Collegiate lnstitute, Secretary M M General Office Switchboard Operator, Arista, Exceptional Service Award. "She'll be fired with ambition and hired ti with ease." AUDREY s. PERETSON "Sandy" 'R' Q 252 .3 Queens, Private Secretary -L, tv Y I "Ooh . . . that twinkle in her eye!" ' U3 .V ce? - vf' SHULAMITH PERIL "Shula" A in ,I1gyg3f'.yg5'5g:gg,5,gj,5 Nurse's Training School, Nurse 1 . ..s 'laltlt-:.f-fr "Woman in white." cLAumo D. PEssoA , H N.Y.U. Soccer Team lMaior Letterl, fs "As sturdy as an oak." 'gtg 1 'Y al V ff, ML, us. -V, W 4-r HELEN PETROFF Q I Show business, Ballerina is Aw H Marshal Squad, Newman Club. N "On with the dance, let joy be unconfinedf' A l ROSALIND PFEFFER "Roz" I - Lg A N.Y.U., Teacher ' f . English Ottice. . 5' i "One who always gives her best." V 6,3 - uw L- PAULA J. PISANI ,gr-' -Q71 1 The Flying Pens, Dramatic Club, Newman A Club, Chorus. I "Variety is the spice of lite." if' 2 V 'i', , W 4 i f .gf ffr 4,5 t . ...T ' , 1 . n 1 sir 45- 1 A tk-1 1 r -ee 2 we Y 1 -sf , 1 .1 i wi l ,yy ,JK I f , f I i ' Q ' 'wh g . We s.,, Hf ?"' ,- ll is . 'fx .l f T7 f v 'Tl ESTELLE A. PISTERMAN ROBERTA J. POLACEK "Bobbie" ALICE H. POLLACK Secretary, Marriage "Small of stature and big of heart." HENRY l.. PLATT "Hamlin Queens Senior Council, Section President, Marshal Squad, P.S.A.l., Award, Squad Award in Gym. "Shootin' his way through." Fashion Designer "Skill resides in all her fingers. LEONA M. POl.KOWSKl "Lee" State Tech, Medical Assistant Aide to Mr. Delman, Attendance Office, Dramatic Club, Cutting Ottice. "lt is just as well to be a little giddy if you are to feel at home on this turning earth." Michigan University, Political Science Problems of Democracy, Language Honors, History Honors, Junior Arista. "An argument out of a pretty mouth is unanswerablef' HELENE POPPEL Brandeis, Psychology Forest Cutting Oftice, Boys' Health Ed. Ottice. M V, "gp,rjyW5nEyg,jffEg, if . .. - . V Cine. M.. ed.. MM. .-... f tl e A.,,,umnm.muuu-..,lm.....' r r iv? Q, 4, 1 A k ' , K- N A-, K , 1 Q" X JF 'U CQ sf' Z W SF 's rl n . 1 .274 ' pl X I ' in T :UN C5 - -' , X li K Q X, 2,3 .A t , . 1 4-s, Q 'Aff "Q, ' X x.. ' V. A D , yi.. f- 1, ff? se 1 " hu 1 .. ,, , i 'se ff- ll'?" A ll g 7? -gp Rf.. Q ,gf ! 2. , -1 1 JUDITH M. RABINOWITZ "Judy" N.Y.U., Medical Secretary Auditor on Forester Business Staff, Guid- ance Ofiice Aide, Sten and Acct. Tutor. Sen. Class Auditor "She is the center of Ah-traction." NANCY M. RAE "Ned" Skidmore, Nurse Forest Office Squad, Newman Club, Meri- torious Service Award, Beacon. "Grand fhinas come in small paclcaaesf' PAUL POPPER Queens Band, Marshal Squad "Popper loves Mambo. MARCIA POSNER Queens, Psychologist 11 Math Ofiice, Girls' Emergency Room, Meri- torious Service Award. "A single sunbeam can drive away many shadows." i MARTIN S. POSNER Tufts College, "Success" G.O. Hill Senior Representative, Arista, Beacon Sports Staff, Social Studies Honor Society, Play Production. "A self made boy who worships his creator." SANDRA l. POSNER "Sandy" Syracuse, Teacher Chorus, Attendance Office, Honor Roll, G.O. Rep., Junior Prom Committee. "A symphony of form and grace." DOROTHY M. PRESKELL "Mickey" Secretary "Looks are cute and personality cuter." ROBERT B. PRIZER "Bob" N.Y.U., Certified Public Accountant Marshal Squad, Bronze P.S.A.L. Award. "Men who know much say little." ELIZABETH PRoosuN ffnppyn University of Wisconsin, Teacher Treasurer ot Senior Class, G.O. Council- man, G.O. Publicity and Social Committees, Junior and Senior Prom Committees. "Have another soda, Tippy, the senior class is rich." JAMES J. PURCELL "Jim" Yale, Medicine Senior Arista, Beacon, Problems of Democ- racy, Marshal, Math Tutor. "Fire above and in the mind." SUSAN l. QUARTIN "Susie Simmons, Buyer of Women's Apparel Cheerleader, Play Production, G.O. Coun- cilman, Exceptional Service Award. "A baby doll come to life." JOHN J. QUINN Air Force Career Officer on Marshal Squad. "He won't need wings to carry him to the heights of success." as 5 '2 4? .sf 3, "v .,,,Ay ,V Roci-:sue RAISIN ' ffshellyff Adelphi, Speech Therapist Junior Arista, Bio Office, Park Office, Meritorious Service Award. "The sweetest of all the 'Sunshine Raisins.' " SIGMUND RAND "Siggie" N.Y.U., Lawyer Baseball Team, Cross-Country. "Strong in body, strong in purpose." 55. Q5 J I A . xl A il l X ' x dm. 4 Mr. Bernard Plotkin I. Rf ...U RS. x J A ELLEN J. RAPPOPORT University of Vermont, Psychology Literary Staff of Forester, Forest Leaves, W.N.Y.E. Contest, Play Production. "She is proud in humility. Proud in that she is not proud." BARBARA A. RATNER "Bobbi" N.Y.U., Secretary Junior Arista, Meritorious Service Award, General Office, Honor Roll Certificate. "Never in want of charm." HELENE RATNER ,. Cornell University, Education Major 'gh Arista, Feature Editor of French American I Student, Editor of Potpouri, Assistant News ,N ,s Editor of Beacon, Language Honor Society. A PM Ni at "But why can't I edit the encyclopedia?" G, f Q' T LYNN J. RAVITZ kk I Q I Adelphi, Teacher I Z , 4 Junior Arista, P.O.D., Switch Board Oper- , f ator, Math Club, Service Pin. A , Q ' "" " ?, ,',.-4 "Her merits many, her faults few."H H I I STEPHEN M. RAVNER . Steve all Brooklyn Polytech, Engineer I Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, Senior '. ' 'ua Council, Marshal Squad, Service Pin. ,rg x -- Q- A I "The reason why girls like co-education." .g ' i ' I 'S ' ' DAVID L. REICH QQ. I I, .' I Wesleyan, Mathematician I' its I ' Boy Leader Senior Arista, Engineering V" . I f l Club Pres., Beacon, Science Honor Society. , ff V J, ,li ,Qlmih ' ft 4 "Nothing so much worth as a mind well , gf-E .L f5QQijQ,, 1-ig jf. 1 instructed." 4 EILEEN M. REILLY , QM ll Private Secretary Newman Club, Alumni Secretary, Library Tift? ' . Squad, Gregg ICO wpm Certificate. ,we zz, fs ' f'Those endearing young charms," ' gl B, ,A .V tw MARSHA M. REINHERZ "Rickey" -V "N" N Adelphi, Kindergarten Teacher - Business Stott of Year Book, Girls Health ' ' .A Ed.Ottice, Taught Mambo in Gym Class. 1 41m' "Good neighbors-Marsha and the Mambo." ' ' 'ii ' BEVERLY A. REMPEL "Bev" wsu Columbia School of Dramatic Arts, Actress 1 Play Production, Chanukah Show. , ,, , . , . ,, Miss Grace Rivoli Elhxerps ggslgliisiness like show business. an S 1: A Swarthmore, Artist yvvd. ' ..- Language Honor Society, Play Production, Q K """ Civilization Club. J X'---V "There is a painting within my heart's 4.1 f X, 6 portals," ' JUDY S. RESNICK l N.Y.U., Kindergarten Teacher Beacon Circulation Stott, President of His- tory Class, Secretary of French Class. "Pretty as a picture and neat as a pin." I, ,c fs ROSALIE REUBENS "S " "" University of Florida, Fashion Designer :ft .I Play Production, Section President Terms 7 , X , and 8, Ottice Aide-Mr. Delman. Q Y 7 "Beauty that doesn't make a woman vain K l A makes her very beautiful." ' H I 'i' 'A"'LwMC' M f he 5 4. I .si he is We , M if tr' If I ts-t I I f I 1- f, I -I I B' " "" I' . .. . sf z 1 4 'Q . 'T' C 9 ff 1 NORMAN S. RICH "Cookie" GEOFFREY RICHSTONE 'iGeoft" PATRICIA A. RICKARD "Pat" State University of Morrisville, Food Tech. Haverford, Medicine Secretary Senior Band, Captains Corps, Greeters Bowling Varsity, Second highest game in "What I have written, l have written." Committee, Marshal Squad. 'the City Individual Championships. SAUL M, RIFKIN "Should gain as much as his name implies." "The hunter who became a wolf." Columbia ROBERT S. RICH "Bob" WILLIAM L. RICK "Riki" Service Pin, Hebrew Award, Play Produc- Princeton, Financial Lawyer N.Y.U., Surgeon TIOYL Senior COUHCIIVUUH- Senior and Junior Arista, Senior Orchestra, Library for six terms. "Everything comes to him who hustles G.O. Pep Band, G.O. Councilman, Photog- "For many a joke had he." while he waits." raphy Club. "Always in time with the world." toes-- ff 'S "' i f QTL. .- qu' fi M Ay . -:ef -. 2 'v- 'sif ' 1 -wr' ' -. ASL 'A . S' gi i s sa" fl . A 2 :ix - Q C55 ia YL h LY -, , 0, , , xtf N . I 1 J-Fees , A-'f"ff'? ii, P' 'X ,fl if gl n - Q' 1 ' I A ' 4 ik! 'Ry ' 'X CHESTER C. RINGEL "Chet" C.C.N.Y., Engineer Marshal Squad, Senior Councilman. "Maybe ain't ain't so correct, but lots ot talks who ain't saying ain't, ain't eating." RUTH C. RINGEL Pratt Institute, Art work and writing Won Youth's Friends Association Award, Medal in end-term contest. "Ruth will Ringel all the bells." SHEILA R. RIXON Eastern School tor Physicians' Aides, Med- ical Assistant and Technologist Alumni Secretary, G.O. Councilman, Secre- tary in Boys' Health Ed. Ottice, Honor Roll, Exceptional Service Award. "There's a lady sweet and kind!" YVONNE L. RIZZA Secretary "She will never walk alone." JOHN A. ROBERTS Cooper Union, Commercial Artist "lt's clever, but is it art." ISADORE W. ROBINSON "IZZy" Business School, Businessman Gym Team. "Izzy or is he not?" LOIS P. ROBINSON "Duchess" Bryant, Merchandising Chorus, General Office. "Competition tor the Duchess ot Windsor." HELENE D. ROCKMAN Business Program Ottice, Honor Roll, General Oftice, G.O. Office. "She is as solid as her name implies." JILL I. ROEBURT N.Y.U., Teaching Nursery School. G.O. Councilman, Meritorious Service Award. "She will take a hand in molding the tuture generations." ww 5: -,I S' L.- N 6 ,I x PETER A. ROEMER "Pete" 1 "..Ak Physicist I Nab: Honorable Mention in the Westinghouse C, Science Talent Search, Arista, Math Team, Q Bowling Team, History Honor Society. "A small guy with a big brain." fs , .V 1 .,,,s. , V..,,, 'TT Zig, - 1.5, ' , QW' wx l JOAN M. ROISTACHER ".locnie' LINDA ROGERS Cornell, Economist Junior and Senior Arista, Language Honor Society, Social Studies Honor Society. "Her smile is as bright as her hair." MARIANNE M. ROHRBACH "SchimmeI" Secretary Library Staff. "Laws die, books never." Brandeis, Psychologist Senior Arista, Beacon, Problems of Democ racy, Service Pin, Junior UNESCO. "The winners have the will to work." ENY ROSARIO Queens College G.O. Ottice Staff, Attendance Ottice Squad Newman Club. "South America's Loss was our Gain." .-uc t' .1 D , 1 'ill rp 'FW C.onf-'wsion fl. :rg ij ...s ttti ,il MARJORIE E. ROSE "Margie" Cornell, Kindergarten Teacher Feature and Column Editor of Beacon, Leaders Club, Arista, Service Pin, Lan- guage and Social Studies Honor Societies. "Queen rose ot the rosebucl garden ot girls." EDWIN B. ROSEN "Eddie" University of Connecticut Service Squad. "Merit wins the heart." -74' JUDITH ROSEN "Judy" Juilliard School of Music, Music Teacher General Office Aide, Emergency Room Aide, Chorus Accompanist. "Music is the speech of Angels." MARTIN J. ROSEN N.Y.U., To make motorcycle tour of U.S. P.S.A.L. Award, Track and Cross Country Teams, Library Squad, Marshal Squad. "He must be a sailor, he has a girl in every class." CLARICE ROSENBERG Brooklyn College, Medical Secretary Admissions Office. "Common sense is not so common." MICHAEL P. ROSENBERG Bard College, Doctor of Medicine Biology Lab, Marshal Squad, Tropical Fish Club. "Good hopes make great men." RUTH ROSENBERG Bryant Junior College, Singer Chorus, Seven Terms. "Eddie Fisher's counterpart." ARTHUR J. ROSENBLATT N.Y.U., Business Olticer on Marshal Squad, President of Class, Junior Arista. "Silence, with him, is just a figure of speech." STANLEY R. ROSENBLOOM Brandeis University, Business Marshal Squad, Gym Lieutenant, Vice- President of English Class. "No 'monkey business' with this boy." EDITH M. ROSENBLUM "Ede" Queens College, Elementary Teacher Junior and Senior Arista, G.O. Representa- tive, Section President, Senior Council. "With varied interests . . . a success in all." ' l.. fo , .,, A, ik- it v sr, s X-,,, ifra- ag. ft - I 2' -.0 . var, ff-Q , , PV' vi il 'efjivfi I -ETX . .. , 'ir K Q I ,- C".."Ng,'i, Cf.. . AV K. i..,,, .Q I ,Xi ALAN W. ROSENBLUTH "AI" W University of Michigan, Accountant Section President, Marshal Squad, Emer- gency Room Squad, Worked in Guidance Office and General Otiice. "Sky high designs on the future." , If HARRIETTE A. ROSENBLUTH .Q . ,"' Eastern School for Physicians' Aides, ,lvl wsgj' Secretary ,, EY!! Service in Study Hall and Attendance I Office, Drama Group in Roosevelt H.S. I I - f "Though only here a short while she's ' , proved her worth." X ' 42 I 5. if " mf .,--f V1 J, 11" 'ff , ., Q" . s. f m ,, 1 u Q N .1 f I f iii. f, 'T' ' x JUDY C. ROSENFELD Queens, Teacher Senior Orchestra, Arista, "Graceful and useful in all she does." STEPHEN ROSENTHAL Rensselaer, To become a successful Engineer "He'll engineer a successful life." RACHEL J. ROSENZWEIG " Queens, Language Teacher Rae" Junior Dramatics Guild, Chorus 3 Terms, Orchestra 'I Term, Junior Arista. "A ray of sun wherever she goes." THOMAS S. ROSING University of Michigan, Metallurgy Hill Office, Marshal Squad, Aide in Gym, Captains Corps. Service Pin. "Versatility personified." FRAN ROSMAN Queens, Nurse G.O. Councilman, Service Pin, Section Treasurer, G.O. Forester. "How the wit brightens, how the style refines." HOWARD L. ROSOFF C.C.N.Y., To be President of a Corporation Marshal Squad, Junior Band. "Such ambition desires success." ...- CTF 5 f,,g A '- x ag wt T dw-.7 11.335 " A4J X Y I Qs EEF? sfiiff Q T. g AA - ' gg 'fe' -- I .ff if Wy, A 'Q , ff' li 'nn P ' 'I' "sd, XJ A l if +-:- hw as - as w ,. xr N N,,...f x, 13. J-.:. 6...- ., Y' JEROME A. ROSSMAN "Jerry" Syracuse, C.P.A. and Law Junior Arista, G.O. Councilman, Marshal Squad, Honor Service Society, Section President. "Breathes there a man with a hide so tough who says two hides isn't enough." MARLENE ROTHSTEIN Queens College, Registered Nurse "The woman in white." MARIO ROTTENBERG Engineering Engineering Club, Language Honor Society. "He'll make a successful equation of his life." RHODA C. ROWNIN Cortland State Teachers, Teacher Beacon Business Staff, Civilization Club, Forest Office Aide, Emergency Room Aide. "Teach me, tonight." ANN J. RUBIN N.Y.U., Physical Therapist Switchboard Operator, Service Pin. "Her smile's her trademark." MARILYN RUBIN N.Y.U., Legal Secretary Administrative Office Aide, Health Ed. Office Aide, Park Cutting Office Aide. "Don't tell everything you know." MARTIN H. RUBlNSTElN "Marty" Allegheny, Production Management Lab. Assistant, Bowling Intramurals, Physics Squad, Marshal Squad. "He'll make a fine production of his life." ANNE RUDDER Parsons School of Design, Fashion Designer "A personality like Anne's is always in style." ANN M. RUDMAN Medical Secretary Forest Office Aide, Administrative Office Aide. "Her face and figure will never die." MELVYN J. RYTERBAND "Mel" Queens, Veterinarian 9 it if 2 X l0Q Ulm. ' Mr. Joseph Roemer omce Aide for Mr. oelmun, 3 P.S.A.L. i j . Awa rd s. " f 'giiivgf , nMeIvin?1l 4 K K ' 2 fs K lrrt A cf 'R gi- ,Q -' 'Q' as 5- as gl .- A ii'-'L ,I Ni s-.. I . A if ' -X " . fs T, -I .Q ,f ' A .L i . - f 'X 'x MARTA SAFAR GORDON M. SAKOLOFF "oQfdie" PATRICIA SAMPLE "Pat" Queens, Journalism Health Ed. Office Aide. "Australian edition of Audrey Hepburn." FELICIA S. SAFIER "Felice" Queens fEveningJ, Secretary Steno Certificate, Class Secretary, Class President. "Her ways are ways of pleasantnessf' Indiana University, Accounting P.S.A.L. Award, Beacon, Engineering Club, Marshal Squad, Honor Roll KZJ. "My wealth is health and perfect ease." RUTH SAKS N.Y.U., Buyer Speech Office Aide, English Office Aide French Club, Honor Roll English. "A loveable Chatterbox." Barnard, Journalist P.O.D., Social Studies Honor Society, Civilization Club, Office Aide, Jr. UNESCO, "A sample of wisdom and sweetness." RICHARD A. SANTO Rider College, Accountant Bowling Team, Marshal Squad, P.S.A.L. Awards, Emergency Room Aide, "Tell a man's character by his amusementsf' !fx,,Qf"k . , iv K 4 W I L 'tm' el '4 " if 'v-6 T. Qt? ,i 1 1 M Miss Anne Schrage JUDITH SASONKIN "Judy" Queens, Social Worker Honor Roll, Attendance Office Aide, Guid- ance Ottice Aide, Health Ed. Dept. Aide. "Quiet and refined, a credit to the class." MARLENE S. SAUBER Coburn, Retailing Program Oltice Aide, Home Economics Aide, Section Treasurer, Service Award. "Toast of the Town." ANN T. SAWYER "Toni" Mt. Holyoke, Journalist Assistant Editor of Beacon, Literary and Business Staff of the Forester, Arista. "Tom had nothing over this Sawyer." FRANK P. SCARANGELLA Manhattan, Health Ed. Teacher Marshal Squad, Usher Squad, Captains Corps. "It's better to build boys than to mend men." BARRY M. SCHAFER C.C.N.Y., Businessman Bus Ticket Squad. "The strong and silent type." ROBERTA SCHAFFEL Potsdam Admissions Office Aide, Park Office Aide, "Bobbi" Beacon, Meritorious Service Award. "Kindness is the kingpin ot success in life." MARSHALL I. SCHAMES N.Y.U., Business Marshal Squad, P.S.A.L. Award, Intramural Award. "Business? Quite simple, it's other peopIe's money." NORMAN H. SCHAPIRO Boston University, Business Business Stott of Forester, Hebrew Club, Marshal Squad. "He believes in eat, drink and be merry. Only when you drink Schapiro's wine." AUDREY SCHARFER Queens, Psychologist Business Manager of the Forester, Junior Prom Committee, Social Com., Service Pin. "She signifies flaming youth." 5, 3 'M I' sz' " 1 ,X A X 11'.fv .El Q3 --:sv 4' ce . ' f-f f -sg 4, . qt. fy , N , M.. . ' x Qs M' KSN: sci N 3-C rvssk .,,,i . 11. . 1, , I is 1 fi-1 , N 'W X f 1 X, - . M' ,- I . , : v- 5,1 T' 2 , so - me-If V' " ' i .X It -W, I B ,h . ,V -r-S, ,V cw 7 I wr, ALICIA A. sci-IEITEN "Lee" X School of Nursing, Physical Therapist NP "In this case-Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes." . N. . , . , , ' Ii' wg "., mimic' ? . . . ffm ft 5. Am ' ,Q 4- Q sf , """ fs' lk " " ft' , w Q ,gg H We so Y . - - S- 1 , I I 'W - C, N . R. mm. -, 'ZS H7 Y A..-fi" Wir' YM, 1.4 y sr: -V . 2-s -, .' :I " ' A 1-::'1' J "sh 1.2. '- 's g . fuk, , 4 M5353 ' Jxiflflrifgn w M "iff ' " "1- MQ ' .35-Wiifliirh 'I X . XX ' 1 . ii.. flfiilifht F 3 " s 1- . ' I S JAY SCHENFELD Buffalo University, Pharmacy Marshal Squad, Secretory of American History Class, Squad Intramurals. "He is his own prescription for success." ELAINE F. SCHICK Queens, Nursing Newman Club, Honor Roll. "Her helping hand will gladden many hearts." THOMAS SCHICK N.Y.U., Businessman "The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it." LAWRENCE F. SCHIFF "Larry" Harpur, Certified Public Accountant Junior Arista, G.O. Councilman, Service Honor Society, Problems of Democracy. "There lies a great deal of deviltry .... " SHELDON F. SCHIFF Syracuse, Business Intramurals, Marshal Squad, Arista, Senior Council, G.O. Councilman. "Shelly" "Mama's Boy, and Poppa's joy." MARION E. SCHILD C.C.N.Y. Honor Roll, Cafeteria Ottice, Language Oftice, Exceptional Service Award. "Her heart is young and gay." ... ' y. ., , fx .- ' , -' 'K A 9 ' 9 9 if tif , M., - x env- K f' ' I X N' Q 4- it 'fill g i - I ' x X .. -Q. Q r- 1 f i X ng .N ti gi? en . Q .,- ' 'TI ,7 , Q-fw t vw j . A Yvfqifr H 3 Ivj ,Q , f 67, i 'ct L- ' g M-Q ' C' . l t. b,,, 4, if ,Qi A .- .2wfWQs1?" f' f -V' ' 7'z,"9'L, " 'O L' ' f-...ff , 5.7, ,Q V1 th Vu- ,,., f IRIS SCHWARTZ Sten Club, Music Oftice Aide, Chorus, Civilization Club, Program Office Aide. "Merit is worthier than fame." LOUIS SCHWARTZ C.C.N.Y. "This type is hard to find." PETER J. SC HMEI DLER Engineering "Schmeid" G.O. Councilman, Language Office, Junior and Senior Arista. "He is wiseg follow him." AARON I. SCHOENWITZ University of Alabama Swimming Team, Major Letter, Band, Mar- shal Squad, P.S.A.L. Awards. "My life has passed like a razor, in hot water and in scrapes." ROBERT E. SCHOMBERG "Bob" N.Y.U., Engineer Orchestra, Fencing Team. "En garcle." HELEN J. SCHORR "Schwire" Cortland, Teacher Guidance Ottice Aide, Boys' Health Ed. Office, Meritorious Service Award. "Schorr to succeed." DIANE SCHUFMAN N.Y.U., Dancer "Belle on her toes." STEPHEN A. SCHUKER "Steve" Scientist President of History Honor Society, Beacon and Forester, All School Honor Societies. "Genius has an infinite capacity taking pains." IRA J. SCHULMAN Singer Marshal Squad, Chorus. "The world will take note ot his singing." DOROTHY C. SCHUP "Dottie" Business School, Secretarial Work "As good as gold and just as precious." ELEANOR SCHUSTER "Ellie" Bookkeeping, Successful in Business World Program Ottice, Language Office. "Big, brown, mischievous eyes!" ARNOLD H. SCHWARTZ University of Alabama Marshal Squad, P.S.A.L. Award, Service Award. "A high school bread-a 4 year loaf." ,wg fs V fr! MADELINE F. SCHWARTZBERG "Maddy" Farmingdale G.O. Councilman, Senior Council, General Office Aide, Boys' Health Ed. Office. "She knows that kissing shortens single life." GLORIA A. SCHWARTZMAN Queens, Teacher Aid in School Ottice, Secretary of Section Class. ' "Toast of the town." get So. - P-ovonqe 1. , ...rr A- BARBARA E. SCHWARZ N.Y.U. "Be good, sweet maid, and let who will be clever." ETHELMAE SCOTT "Eth" Katharine Gibbs School, Secretary Honor Roll, Historian of Leaders' Club, Junior Arista, Junior Red Cross Rep "Like a typewriter-noiseless ana' efficient." imma ARNOLD M. SEALOVE "Arnie" University of Arizona lnd. Management f Marshal Squad, Photography Editor ot gl Forester, P.S.A.L. Award. "He takes pictures but he's never in them." lm K. 7: : sims SEANDEL "Si" A .,- , , Adelphi, Textile Business f 'T' 'M Worlced on Bowling Squad and Golf , X 5- " Squad, Boys' Emergency Room, Bio Lab. VVVL A ig, H . "lt is men who make the world." K ,L 5 A' Think well of yourself, and pro- - . . . JUDITH P. SEEGER "Judie" t claim it to the worlcl-not in louol . . . . . . Miami University, Designer I ,fy words, but in gfedl deeClS.H "Tell me pretty maiclen, are there any A' QV A R more at home like you?" K " l MARCIA S. SEIDEN F Teacher R, :gf :L Attendance Office Aide, Emergency Room Q ,,, ,Y Aide, Columbus Day Parade, - is "Like cr chocolate puddingJshe's mighty ' 1' fine." L MYRA SEIDEN "MiClci" Rhode Island School of Design, Designer I Attendance Ofticef- ' ' , "Designs'of the future." 5, 9 5 4 ROCHELLE SELKOWlTZ 1 "Shelly" State Tech., Medical Assistant ' Girls' Emergency Room, Aide to Mr. Her- V schel, History Oftice. og V , As' "Her face was like cream, her mouth a " l ' rose." LOIS G. SELTZER Ann-Reno, Kindergarten Teacher "1-AU, Chorus, Treasurers' Oltice. 5' "As her name implies she's eFfervescent." K Tw -0 r'- A-L. SHEILA E. SENK ff. -9 5 Accounting ' Program Oftice Staff, Alumni Seretary, Attendance Ottice Staff. I "She will always reach her goal." EDWARD J. SHAPIRO Maryland, Certified Public Accountant Orchestra, Band, Track Team. "No one will beat him in the race for 9 V tg success. 4 A 7 sly HOWARD 1. sHAPiRo "Howie" A .T fi, 'T' University of Pennsylvania, Accountant V' " Honor Roll, Junior Varsity, Marshal Squad. ' Q. 4' l i "With eyes fixed on the future." '-he iff is ' 1 4? I ' 2 qgi-'os -Z 4. K If Q 4 I ,N , is Q. , 1 , ' 5 use so YA -. Vg sg: -er , ff ,. X A it A 1 , l 'lie . s I A, ,, , ' - .-'il 5747-77 L' gl. ' ix , f AUDREY L. SHAR "Audie" LARRY SHER GEORGE SHILLING Queens College, Fashion Designer C.C.N.Y., Make a million Queens College "Where more is meant than meets the Secretary of Marshal Squad. Track, Cross-Country. ears." "Desires always increases our possessions." "He'll be the first over the hurdles of suc ANNE SHAVEL RICHARD A. SHERRES "Dick" Cessfl Homemaker N.Y.U., Salesman V DIANE M. SHUGRUE Forest Office Aide, Park Oltice Aide, Cut- Marshal Squad, Section President Colby Junior College, Actress ting Squad. "For they can conquer who believe they "Gentle in manner, strong in performance "A pleasant smile and a winning way." can." 1 'Q' N- 'pg 4' 5 si :.4Lfg,.N A Z ,A 1. it-A sv: me. I - . i I i is s :gn I -- , x ,Q iyx 7 in "fi 1' fi: V Q , . X- "Q ' s e 2,1 A . ' Y.. 1' 1 ' ig, .. ,sig KX , ,V , W is F . r A , Q Z. Q--.. BARNETTE L. SHURE "Bob" Community College of Applied Arts and Sciences, Architecture Junior Band. "Success is a Shure bet." EDWARD SIEGEI. Orthodonture Swimming, Marshal Squad, Stamp Club, P.O.D., Queens Youth Council. "Big in build and heart." JEROME SIEGFRIED "Ziggy" Fordham, Pharmacist Senior Band and Orchestra, P.S.A.L. Awards, Service Pin, Captain Corps. Track. "A smile a mile long with shoulders to match." THOMAS SILBIGER "Tommy" Cornell, Mechanical Engineer Varsity Tennis. "He must be romantic, he always scores love." LEONARD SILVERFINE "Lenny" C.C.N.Y., Civil Engineer Soccer Team, Track Team, Capt. Corps, Junior Arista, P.S.A.L. Awards. "I enjoy convalescence. It is the part that makes illness worthwhile." MICHAEL SILVERSTEIN "Tommy" M.I.T., Engineer Physics Lab., Math and Science Tutors, Photography Club. "Tall, dark, and scientific." SUSAN SIMON "Sue" Brooklyn College, Teacher Emergency Room Aide, Attendance Oftice Aide, Forest Ottice Aide, Cutting Office, History Ottice. "Bright smile, warm heart." MELVIN A. SINGER "Mel" Columbia, Doctor Committee of State Scholarships, Tutor in Mathematics and Chemistry, Orchestra and Band, History Club in Stuyvesant, Section President. "A leader among men, a leader among women." STEPHANY B. SINGER "Stevie" Barnard, Commercial Art Assistant in Forest Oftice, Assistant in Park A Y VN!! Office, Assistant in Boys' Health Ed. Office, V is Booster for G.O. Civilization Club. ' l "She's a singer that really hums." I 4 Q K RONALD N. SINGERMAN 'fizonnieff ' i L.I.U., Pharmacy Marshal Squad, P.S.A.L. Awards, Service Award, Intramural Awards. "Disarm misfortune with grin." I :MV :fi- - 4? f l : , A L :sc 1. 5+ W A 'FY . V ew. A- 'I 'ff we I - N- M se STUART SITZMAN ffschmzff LINDA J. SMALLEY N.Y.U., Dentist Service Award, Marshal Squad, Play Pro- duction, Forest Cutting Office, Intramurals. "Men always seem to remember blondes." PHYLLIS SKOPP Eastern School tor Physicians Ottice Library Squad, Senior Treasurer for Section Class, Service Pin, Math Tutor. "Clearer than noondayf' Colby College Meritorious Service Award, Girls' Swim ming Team, Chorus, Honor Roll. "Self possession-the greatest possessionf AUDREY G. SMITH Hunter Play Production, Chorus, Junior Arista, Chess Club, Exceptional Service Award. "High and Mighty-fine in singing." ,, 'I I 1... ,X Lou "vane g f f 1- 91 ilk' f -aff 0 'I I M 1 X I L I ' . 1 7 f f E ll 1 g all it fl-Pi I ' Miss Helen Smith f i' 2 C-.4 'V I 1:- CAROLE R. SMITH "Smitty" Syracuse, Success and Happiness High Honor Roll, G.O. Representative, Library Service, Forester Business Stott. "Fate tried to conceal her by naming her Smith." DAVID A. SMITH Cooper Union School, Commercial Artist "ln the battle for success, talent is the punch." ' clJ'1lr'Y1 , ,, iff, 4 r i lf W 'I' I I I A . 47 X Jr - 'fx-tra-Ccuwicwlmr DOROTHY A. SMITH Cornell, Research Scientist High Honor Roll, English Honor Class, Math Honor Class, Certificate ot Excellence in Math, Meritorious Service Award. "She protits most who services best." RALPH J. SMITH "Smitty" N.Y.U., Veterinarian "People named Smith." MARION SOBEL Syracuse, Elementary School Teacher Chorus, Meritorious Service Award, Aide in Math and General Oftices. "Who is it can read a woman?" AUDREY SOLOMON "Rusty" Fashion Modeling Library Staff, Art Oftice Aide, Guidance Office, Administration Ottice Aide, "lt's so nice to be liked when you're likeable." FRANCES C. SOLOMON "Fran" Syracuse, Interior Decorator Civilization Club, Senior Arista, Forester Art Staff, High Honor Roll, General Office, "The wisdom ot the king!" FRED W. SOMMER "Bill" University of Vermont, Medicine Marshal Squad, Play Production, Meritori- ous Service Award. "A boy after our own heart." MICHAEL SOMMERMAN State Tech., Haberdasher Marshal Squad, Senior Band, Emergency Room Aide, Track Team. "This I set down as truth. l'm no angel." HANNA K. SOR Cornell Arista, Service Pin, Chorus, G.O. Council- man, Math Club. "lt she had a penny tor her thoughts she'd be a millionaire." QA ,Y tv 'Q' gi 'ff' 1 ti f Xwr ll ' ii. his 'PYP 'IR Gt Q ,,. 'Ch- Yefs - z S ff. 5' K- : 1.115 Xt.. V - V 'X 7. 1 .l ga,-Fi fe LOLA SORNSTEIN ' Secretary 'N Aide in Foods Room, Chorus W' N "She'll make some boss a tine secretary." - lf, I 3 Q CHRISTIAN W. SPECHT "Chris" t Y' ls,- Electronic Technician 'C A I Captain on Marshal Squad, Captain Corps, Service Pin, P.S.A.L. Silver Award. xi "An all around good fellow." il Ifwiwi' A , i ii K' 1 N W V 4:7 ,Q ea? 1 I -r' "WI N w. -"in 'E' A as . " -" - fir eff 2 If ' 1 . - 4-in ' 'V , ANNA SPIEGEL BERNARD D. SPIRGEL "Bernie" CAROLYN H. SPRING Adelphi, Art Teacher Steno Class President, Captain of Lunch- room Table. "On the road to success she'll never falter." RONALD C. SPIELBERGER "Ronnie" St. John's, Engineering Junior Arista, Marshal Squad, Captain Corps, Service Pin, P.S.A.L, Silver Award. 'fEngineerin' himself right into our hearts." University ot Maryland, Civil Engineer President ot Senior Greeting Committee, Bio Lab, Marshal Squad, Emergency Room "Not a tailor but he keeps us in stitches." WILLIAM M, SPODAK "Bill' University of Michigan, Astronomer Junior and Senior Arista, Ticket Squad Aide in Treasurers Ottice, Engineering Club. "Don't let the stars get in your eyes." I Wellesley, Model Aide in Study Hall, Booster tor F. H. H. S Basketball Team, Park and Forest Office. "She'lI be her Springboard to success." MARSHALL l. SROGE "Mal' N.Y.U. Biology Club, Biology and Science Service Editor of Experimenter Club. "Of science he chatters." f . If C2 -' gf- If I -'T W Q- .K M . Q it . P ii. h. 'IL-"" X' .6 b , 535 1 . Q -we , I - .15 ef' xt V .3 ,Lf ' ,A '35 T , X - , ' 5 .,,- 7-'S W.. mbsf., 'VN '63 x FS 5 i - . 'Q' '-Q? In AUDREY R. STARR Miami University, Buyer "No other star so bright." KENNETH L. STEIN "Kenny" University ot Pennsylvania, Lawyer Play Production, Senior Councilman, G.O. Councilman, Honor Roll, Bowling Team. "Like a mathematician, always surrounded by interesting figures." JUDY STEINBAUM Queens, Bio-Chem Office Aide to Mrs. Greenfield, Junior Arista, Secretary in Dr. Brandwein's Office, Service Pin. "A cute Microbe-hunter." IRWIN M. STEINBERG Queens, History Teacher Intramural Award. "Men of few words are the best men." ERIC STEINBERG University ot Florida, Electrical Engineer Amateur Radio Society of F. H. H. S., Engi- neering Club, P. A. Squad. "Oh, Earth! of which he is a noble crea- ture." RUDY F. STEINTHAL Aviation, Commercial Pilot Play Production. "He'll wing his way to success." JOAN A. STELTZER Cortland State, Physical Education Teacher Leaders Honor Society, 3" 81 5" Letters. "One ot the sportive sort." FRED STOLLNITZ Swarthmore, Chemist Math Club, Engineering Club, Vice-Presi- dent of Greeters' Committee, Senior Band. "Soon it will be the worlcl's turn to greet him." ELLEN S. STRAUSS "Ellie" Alfred University, Bi-Lingual Secretary Orchestra "Petite and sociable!" EUGENE A. STULBERGER "Gene' Queens College, Medicine Audio Squad, Marshal Squad, Band. Ci "He'll surely know his 'genes."' 1. .-arg g .33 Ont, 4 fy? 4471 SN 'vc A 1. ez.. e 'T-1 it 4754 if ,.'., I Vfnv , X 7 , fit' f fsifift . 'Hs M L ' fan fr? E SAUL l. STUMER LlBBY SUN'DEL Antioch, Dramatics. "My interest is in the future because l'm going to spend the rest of my life there." RICHARD N. SUKENIK Cornell, Research Scientist Usher Squad, Junior Arista, Service Certifi- cate, Marshal Squad, Language Honors. "Man with a mission." Simmons, Teacher Senior Arista, Play Production, Service Pin, G.O. Council Secretary, Senior Prom Com. "Personality is the key to her popularity." JEROME M. SWICHEL L.l.U, College of Podiatry, Chiropodist Audio Visual Squad Official. "He's going into lite teet first." 7 W .S . 4, 1 . A .v - 0 1 A 1 N 5 If ff' l Hz lil!! Y 5 8 f AM! 1? 5 6 ' Mr. Edward Sussman . Q, J. ,--. A , X 5. if .f A 1- x .X w-:gf-V J u . K V X ARLETTE TABOH Queens College, Marriage Emergency Room Aide. "I am seeking a man." MARCIA A. TAFLER "TaHy" University ot Bridgeport, Physical Ed. Leaders Club, Governing Board of Leaders, Girls Health Ed. Oftice Aide, Honor Roll. "Excels in all sports, even JuJu." 65 H555 CAROLE TAIN Queens College, Teacher Hill Ottice Aide, Group Discussion Class. "Like Pepsi Cola-she hits the spot!" JEANNE TANANBAUM Rochester, Teacher Vice-President ot Leaders, Meritorious Service Award, Emergency Room Aide. "We dream ot Jeanne with the light brown hair." SHERRIL B. TARLOWE "Shell-i" Syracuse University, Art Teacher Library Squad, Art Oltice Aide, Junior Arista, Senior Captain, Forest Leaves Art. "Art tor the love ot art's sake." MICHAEL E. TARTER "Mike" 9 Queens College, Doctor - Photo Club. 1 siwy f I ki , X mf ,f no "lt's not truth that makes man great but man that makes truth great." LINDA D. TAUB Adelphi, Secretary English Ottice Aide, Assistant PrincipaI's Aide, Cafeteria Aide, Attendance Office cfs .s 'YR' fy wfvx- it i XR .V lr N ' x ii-r i ! 'Q -P fi fi-i . ' ' i 6. T fi - 'fi .f ,fra ,. ',fL..'Q L NI Aide. M ,Q ,J 'lx 1 ". . . l count all the charms about Linda." kv X. f" ROBERT K. TAUBERT "Robbie" 'tr Q I 459 fu ' Manhattan, Teacher I 5Z 1Track Team, Fencing Team, Gymnastics If X Club, G.O. Councilman, Museum Squad. "He fills his lifetime with deeds, not inac- tive years." K "mx H MARJORIE J. TAYLOR "Midge" i i qi, I WG.. ' -- Centenary, Performing Arts or Business I I , 'ill' Play Production, Honor English, Dramatics. -X fx ' K' D "Screen-test material." 'N' 1' 0' 'T DiANNA s. TEHEL 'foebbie' " fi N.Y.U., Legal Stenographer . 'A is t ll Service in another school, Attendance 0 X i N--Z Office Aide, Volley Ball Winning Team. di fees! X 9414- MO "F'ailty, thy name is women." I J SHEILA J. TEITELBAUM Middlebury, Interpreter V Leaders Honor Society, Orchestra, Service Pin, Forester Bus. Stott, Lang. Honors. 'S ffm W 4,5 Hoiii, si, Sheila." "' "" 'H SEYMOUR TEMAN "sy" ew' I Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Electrical I Engineering X .I Class League Award, P.S.A.L. Awards. V 1 I "The Quiet Man." X , Q rn: ,., R, M y ,.,h A G3 .,. 1 -H "" gi V, ,A R f i ' I if i ff i X ir I 'f - , . LYNN B. TENDLER Carnegie Institute of Technology, Architect Junior Arista, Service Pin, President ot French Club, Park Otiice Aide, Junior Prom. "Architect-one who drafts a plan at your house and plans a dratt ot your money." ELEANORA G. TERMINE "Ellie" Bookkeeping, Business World English Office Aide. "Best cure tor the blues, Ellie's Smiles." MICHAEL S. THALER "Mike" University of Rhode Island, Law Sgt. on Marshal Squad, Photography Club. "Here's to Rhode Island and her gallant sons." JOHN A. TIRPAK Pittsburgh University, Musician Marshal Squad. "Don't worry about him, the only strings attached are musical." JUDITH P. TOBACK Eastern School for Physician's Aides, X-Ray Technician HiII Ottice. "She has the knack ot seeing through things." JOAN S. TOGUT Duke Park Ottice Aide, Teacher's Aide, Excep- tional Service Award. "She can laugh and cry both in a wind." ' fa- .- ?cjf:::.. -6' "3 . 3 . ' Hes- C in , twig 5' N--' Q- -wo" I-.Q , ik-wr. , , an kg, fs" sri. Q.. an -- E I ff" ... wp. - MICHAEL S. TRAUB "Mike" University at Miami, Lawyer Mr. Delman's Ottice, Class Aide for Mr. Leeds Dawn Patrol. "Pride and ambition here." CHARLES UMANSKY Tufts, Dentist Dawn Patrol, Mr. Delman's Ottice, Aide to Section Teacher. "He can sink his teeth into his work." FRANCES D. VICCARO "Fran" Secretary General Office, Marshal Squad, Chorus. "A good heart is worth gold." BARBARA P. VIRSHUP "Bobbi" Syracuse, Psychologist G.O. Social Committee Booster, G.O. Pub- licity Committee, Senior Council. "With the confidence she has, success in life is sure." DONALD A. VITALE Queens, Correspondent Dawn Patrol, Marshal Squad. "Strong, silent, and ohhh . . so good- looking." MARIE A. VON HALLBERG Typist Chorus, Aide for Mr. Barnett in Study Hall. "Forest Hills Contribution to all City Band." RUTH ANN WALKER Bucknell, Teacher Greeters Club, Athletic Award in Intra- murals, Cutting Oftice Aide, Hill Ottice my QA? fb Aide. H- "She won't miss when shooting for the Q., fs- basket of success." l f ANITA S. WALTER X l University of Bridgeport, Dental Hygienist 9 Program Oltice, Emergency Room Aide. "A parcel of good cheer." ELIZABETH H. WALTUCH 4 A . Skidmore, English Instructor ' J iflxl .U Play Production, Athletic Award, Attend- R V4 A ance Office Aide. lil fl" ' fx . 1' qv- If "The lady with the manner." 2 fe me -L- NANCY i. WANDERMAN - Adelphi, Nurse Y ' Group Discussion, Problems of Democracy, Attendance Office Aide, Health Ed. Office. "I found most of talking and thinking." I It-ai .,, - ' - . l' ri QTL 5 .. L i if it . . f "" ' Y' I f fll 1' -1 SUSAN B. WARTUR "Sue" JOSEPH WEINBERGER "Joe" Comell Yale, Doctor Beacon, Junior Orchestra, Attendance Oftice, Language Honors, Forester. "She was made for climbing the tree of knowledge." WILLIAM WATSON "Bill" Cooper Union, Electrical Engineer Marshal Squad, Excellent Service Award. "He's not afraid ot girls but runs fast!" Swimming'Team, Soccer Team, Band. "Who said swimming and soccer don't mix?" MAXINE M. WEINER "Marcy" Secretary Language Office Steno., French American Student Steno., Hill Office Aide. "SI1e'lI have no trouble getting hired." N ' I .A- in-mx nf-1' JAX Allllllllllllt jlliq ill ii X if E1 ii :Q - 5 dm. O Mr. Alexander Swirsky , "N fx . 2 SUSANNE B. WEINIGER "Sue" Queens College, Zoologist Program Ottice Aide, Play Production, Honor Roll. "For she is sweeter than perfume itself." JUDITH WEISS "Judi" State Tech., Dental Hygienist Park Cutting Office Aide, Marshal in Dawn Patrol. "Her heart is young and gay." pe ,i . v ,Q MICHAEL F. WEISS College, Dentist Service Pin, Engineering Club Secretary, Physics Laboratory Aide, Library Squad. "Worth makes the man." ANNE WEISSER Bookkeeper Social Studies Office Aide, Mr. Hershel's Office Aide, Section Teacher's Aide. "Like a hard to get book-she's reserved." DEBORAH JHWEISSMAN "Debbie" Columbia University School of Dramatic Arts, Playwright Arista, Play Production, Social Studies Honor Society, Forest Leaves. "She plays-wright, she works wright, she thinks wright." MARTIN J. WEITZNER "Marty" NYU, Engineering Marshal Squad. "Good, better, best." STANLEY A. WERNER "Stan" United States Coast Guard Marshal Squad, Usher Squad, Dawn Patrol. "Sailing, sailing, over the bounding Main." JUDITH L. WERSHALS "Judy" , 1 Bookkeeper, Marriage up. "She should work for Sunbeam, she's mixed GERTRUDE WESTLER "Trudy" . Queens, Elementary School Teacher l , f f '1"",v f kj I Z fi I A ix l ,til f G.O. Social Committee, Office Work. "None so tranquil, none so sweet." CALVIN F. WIECK "Cal" Mrs. Ma ry Tuzza Columbia, Engineer Junior and Senior Arista, Section Council- man, President of Senior Section Class, Marshal Squad, Service Pin. "A man with looks and ideas!" MICHAEL WIENER "Mike" N.Y.U., Manufacturer of Brass and Copper Sgt. on Marshal Squad. "Honor lies in honest foil." 'ri'-'-SQ. ':,, 'E.1w..f -.- ani Q r -,,,. I I nl-'I .i . IN if .J I if .hy GJ, lx x if 75- .- .A ,.-. X vs . ,. l .ic .I AM? . ANGELA M WILKINSON il S I x if ' " ecretary f . Senior Office. I I i A "Gentlemen prefer blondes." 1. . IQ X? "is no I 'gtk x 5 - I, i 'xi 58 ,Q ,Q A X A .1 , ix, 5 X, . Q-5 --. -A? WL x K -eff? . Vt? V A Y .. . A "V I R f Xf ', ' ' 5 X My fl 4, X 1 f J.. Q .A - f i MICHAEL D. WILLEN "Mike" JACQUELINE A. WINTER "Jackie" EDWARD L. WOLF Annapolis, Electrical Engineer President of G.O., Park President of G.O., Baseball, Basketball, Junior Arista, "The man who would be King!" JOAN WILLIAMS Secretary Chorus. "Destination-bosses lap." Bryn Mawr, Lawyer President of High School UNESCO, Social Studies Honors, Arista, Science Honors. "An all around girl-complete in herself." ROBERT W. WOBBER "Bob" T.V. Technician Marshal Squad "A woman's man-'cause he can Iell-a- vision when he sees onel" University of Bridgeport, Lawyer Senior Band, Play Production, Forester Business Staff, Parades and Concerts. "He's good looking-he looks good when girls walk by." JUDY D. WOLF Cazenonia Junior, Buyer Prom Committee, Publicity Committee, Gen- eral Oftice Aide. .f:nm.,..L..-of. men' r-e..e- " ,7- f .29 2 xf x XJ s xx :K ' '- my X A . yr . '4 A 2: 'W f Q ., M 2 KA 'ire if 'S'-fi X g. X a gig . Elia L EBL. x A idlstixx 3, S' gt 52' v .ti 'ff' A ' , ,luv z x - at 'f P N ' fax N C' . tslt ss, I 1. ... ii. wg SYLVIA D. WOLFE Colby College, Interior Decorator Civilization Club, Typist in Boys' Health Ed. Office, Service in Another School. "Don't ask her where she's from, it she's from Texas she'll tell you, if not, why embarrass her." EVA S. WOLFSOHN Queens Hebrew Culture Council "A phantom ot delight." CAROLE G. WOLINSKY Pratt General Office, Assistant Principal's Ottice, Meritorious Service Award, Honor Roll. "A good nature and a soft smile with a 14 Karat heart to back it." JULIAN WOLlNSKY "Julie" N.Y.U., T.V. Technician Audio-Visual Squad, Auditorium Projection Booth, English Department Sound Squad. "School movies just aren't shown without Julian." GARY H. WOLK Alabama University, Dentist Varsity Basketball Team, Moior Letter, PSAL Awards, Exceptional Service Award. "He has all the brown needed for pulling teeth." OCTAVIA E. WOODS "Tavie" William Smith Forest Office, Intramural Winner. "Betty Co-ed is loved by every college boy..." MIRIAM WOOLFSON "Mimi" Secretory, Housewife "Personality Plus with a glowing smile." MARION WROBEL Katherine Gibbs Business School, Secretary Leaders Club, Junior and Senior Arista. "Brains and beauty all in one." PEAR'L R. WRONA Queens, Psychologist Meritorious Service Award, General Office, Attendance Ottice, Aide for Miss Rivoli. "She has the stamp ot a true lady." PETER M. WYMAN "Pete" Yale, Philosopher Arista, Play Production, History Honor Society, High School UNESCO Council. "A tour time winner." , C '-' Q, QW-' -ff' ' 'S i g 1:7 if W , lgiiiikeilm ,., ,, GORDEN F. YASWEN "Gordie" University ot Vermont Captain Corps., Naturalists Club. "His grin is a tonic, his wit atomic." BARBARA J. YOAST "Bobbie" Secretary Deans Office, Honor Roll, Teacher's Secre- tary, Secretarial Club. ". . . and marry the bosses' son." is .H K SILVA A. YORKIADIS Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School. Forest Ofiice. "Here's Silva that shines brighter gold." JOAN I. YOUNG Jackson College, Lawyer than Lit. Editor of Potpourri, Associate Editor of Forester, G.O. Publicity Committee. "We are afraid this girl will be spoiled, she'll have no competitors!" K, Sv- Cewfwsron fix , 'V . 'vs tl fu' I . M I r f-v g 3 VZ' f 'jsp f MELVIN W. YOUNG "Mel" Columbia, Dentist Play Production, PSAL Award, President of History Class, Honor Roll, Service Award. "No task too steep tor the human wit." SERENA M. YOUNG "Rena" Jackson College, Lawyer Senior Arista, Language Honor Society, Lit. Editor ot Potpourri, Forester. "The world belongs to this enthusiast." V wt' Ol' 'sz df' r STUART H. YOUNG "Stu" Cornell, Medicine Arista, G.O. Councilman, Beacon Business Staff, Hon. Mention Westinghouse. "He builds up, he pulls down, he changes squares into circles." ARTHUR R. ZABARNlCK "Artie" Army Band, Sgt. on Marshal Squad. "Art for Art's sake." BURTON ZARO "Burt" Alabama, "Rich" Marshal Squad. "He is as silent as the "p" in pneumonia." NORBERT J. ZEELANDER "Ziggy" Columbia, Doctor Varsity Track Team, Bio. Lab., Junior Arista, Service Pin, Problems of Democracy. "He lacked only a few vices fo be perfect." MARCIA L. ZIBIT - Model Junior Arista, Service Pin, Hill and Math Offices. ll 4... . N , -cs' "' - X. I I it il.. . - 5 X . wr : gg. .' fini ' .mi "Cheerful and Attractive-u model model." Q ' " F Y JOEL F. ZICKERMAN "Zack" iz., K, N.Y.U., Veterinarian 'C' ig "':"', Track Team, PSAL Award, Captain Corps., .- Marshal Squad. "He's like a cock who thinks the sun rises T' to hear him crow." BARBARA ZIEGLER "Bobbi" New York Community College, Stenographer Newman Club. fs ' "Like Nestles, she's sweet, nutty and liked K its Q QQ by everyone." lv, , W7 ' , i-ev X FRANCINE R. ZIFF "Fran" V I F'-H7 State Tech, Fashion Consultant 'ghd Math Oftice Aide, Forester Business Stalt. ' i f X "Fashion a la mode." DAVID ZIMMERMAN "Dave' University of Pennsylvania, Doctor Contemporary Problems Club, Science Club, Social Service Squad, Marshal Squad. n - -- 1 'll ' Serious soul isnt he. V - NANCY R. ZUCKER 7.. , Barnard, Teacher 'V AQ' by Arista, Social Studies Honor Society, V V V 2 Forester Art SMH, Problems ot Democracy. fy . 7 5 ' "As many facets as a gem." if 9 ,-A 'iq ' , fe .. Q. , ,ess ra 6 l Q Qi if., 'T ll ' -Lis - I, .pe ,pcm 1, j , e ' 1 ew' 'QV' V ,iw A K ' V I V blviv 'I . : qi. fs. -V H I n -X K 1: In I . 'iw it L ' A II' 5 li f WILLIAM N. ZUCKER "Bill" DOMITIAN P. ALLEGRO RONALD l. CHAlKlN "Ronny" Miami University Track Team, Marshal Squad, Basketball Timelceeper. "He is a very strong character-he eats rock candy and brick ice cream." BEVERLY ZUCKERMAN Bookkeeper Meritorious Service Award, Flying Pens Club, Girls Health Ed. Service Squad. "All's well that ends well." Pratt, Commercial Advertising Car designer Marshal Squad. "Allegro means happiness." VLADIMIRO BORJA Cornell, Engineer "Thoughtfulness is the universal language." Percussion lnstrumentalist Marshal Squad, Band, Orchestra, Captain of Dawn Patrol, All City High School Orch. "Born with a silver clrumstick in his mouth." IRIS L. DANOW Miami University, Designer "Pretty as the flower of her name." , 1? Q ... I V A g 'Q . - X K A . m, A ., 'R in I1 ,- S-.. ' r - i' l ' Q 5 '55 ie , . ., Y, B' fe . ttlliii' QE? it N., .2 xifz 1: 4, S . ,,. 1 gg, PAUL DIAMOND "Goose" Farmingdale, Draftsman Marshal Squad, P.S.A.L., Bronze Award. "Diamond is a girl's best friend." PATRICIA A. EDWARDS "She'll hold her own." CHARLES L. FELS "Charlie" N. Y. U., Veterinarian Marshal Squad. "Many students stay in bed Monday morn- ings because they're sackbreligiousf' ROBERT L. FRIEDMAN "Bob" Nichols College Bowling Team Varsity, Bowling Intramural P.S.A.L. Winner, Marshal Squad. "He'll bowl them over all his life." ALAN GARBER N.Y.U.g Business Manager P.S.A.L. Awards. "He'll be sure to get to first base." RICHARD M. GLASSOTTI "Richie" Successtul Business Marshal Squad, Newman Club. "The business of America is Business." JAY GRAYSON Florida Southern College, Show Business Swimming Team, Study Hall and Emer- gency Room Marshal. "He doesn't go with women, they go with him." ROGER HALL N.Y.U. "To make a million dollars" Three P.S.A.L. Awards, Marshal Squad, Track Team. "He'll go through Hall and high waters to make his millions." PHYLLIS J. HIMMELSTEIN Miami University, Modeling "When beauty has no ebb." ROBERT E. IMMENDORE Public Relations "Woodie" I Sgt. on Marshal Squad, Capt. and Lt. in wx. K C Gym Squad. . i "He'll blaze his way to success." XXV-if I hai R YI 1 ' f f I 71" -.sir '5' A' p 'D L , g A Eb-f' H Z 55 ,M,,' .f - L, r . f ' .-ff' 1 . A 'fit PHYLLIS N. ISRAEL "Phyl" ISAAC KHEDOURI "Ike" Legal Stenographer C.C.N.Y., Businessman Office Aide, Stenography Award. Marshal Squad. "In this case P. I. doesn't mean Poison "We like Ike too!" Ivy." ELAINE M. LACHENMEYER EDWARD T. KENNY JR. N. Y. Tech. Institute, Secretary Asheville-Biltmore Jr. ,Newman Club. "Nothing could be finer than to be in "Elaine the fair, Elaine the lovable." Carolina." h I .J r 4' fs- Ycgd Q. I iiii E . 3 W4 V A S4N!"" 1 B-A 1 'Q l lm Mr. Henry Wepner .14-. il , "'1u'i'x ,. . X -I. be Ii YT? ' HELENE LANDAU State Tech., Bookkeeper Study Hall Aide. "A sweet thing in a lot ot fancy dressing." FRANK J. LAURENT Business Career . Marshal Squad. "Business is like oil, it won't mix with any- thing laut business." -l GERTRUDE E. LEOFFLER "Trudy" Telephone Co. "A sunny disposition." B F JOHN A. LUHRS "Johnny" Cz' '0 . Civil Service ' Q H-' 5' Lt. Marshal Squad, Capt. Corps. ' TE-gi 'Q T:- "He'll be a service in any service." A ' xi?- X .W ARLENE MALVIN N A-' -. Business . A, Art Office, Program Ottice. JP: A ---7 , , "Ah-lene." " A JOAN B. MATHEWS "Joany" 'vi "" 6- State Tech., Buyer ' gg-:'?,', A y A H Drama Guild In V " S I "She's cooking with Crisco." V Q! ' rf' . 4 , X . l tj, f xg ' -. PAUL J. McDONALD "His ol cl-ffl I Z Zf in iii Mrs. Helen J. Wieting Business "A diamond in the rough." nRickyH RICHARD A. MILLER Notre Dame, Baseball Player Baseball Team. life's average will be as great as his batting average." SANDRA NADLER State Tech., Dental Hygienist Attendance Office Aide, Service Certificate. nsandyu "A smiling face shows a smiling beard." ROBERT A. PALMA "Bob" A.T.M.Y., Television Captains Corps, Marshal Squad, Attendance Ottice. "T.V. or not T.V., that is the question." JERRY H. PASTER Advertising, Pilot Lt. Marshal Squad. "Ghost writers in the sky." RONALD D. RATNER "Ron" Farmingdale, Dairy Farmer Sgt. on Marshal Squad, G.O. Rep. "How the onna' kee him down on the Y 9 P X A . Yr as 3 H :- Ng ' 'T-' " 'Q-ifgfxf - f . l h A ' in -'iii , , t , uf fail ali. t lt-. J- N l Mk 1' X be A N - f L ,' K!! ' X, X 5 SU! 'Ji' farm." A is , M ' ' H 5,5 Q, , I ,, 7' '. 6 so i..,. 3, ee kg , i , ' 'Z X T , ' ' "i- . ' "-. , ' j V. Y. Q I 5: " A' 7:7 I ..-f V- ,fry ,sv PATRICIA J. REILLY "Pat" WILLIAM H. ROSS "Bill" ANlTA L. SANN Newman Club, Jr. Dramatic Club, Library Staff, Aide in Program Office. "She's living the life of Reilly." MARION M. REINDL Private Secretary Chorus, Park Otiice. "Sweet Maid Marion Service, Business President of Marshal Squad. "Bill Ross-first our gain, now our loss." SANFORD A. SACHS "Sandy" N.Y.U., Veterinarian Sgt. Marshal Squad, Gym Captain, Three Gym Awards. "You can spot him anywhere by his hair." "Nita" State Tech., Dental Hygienist Emergency Room Aide, Attendance Aide. "There's nobody neater than Nita." ROZANN B, SINGER Model Attendance Ottice Aide, English Office Aide. Hui... .2..,. ,fear N .rg 4' -I it 117' tgfg f at I 1 X.. X gg' - . ra . i . S Q Q Y ' LL .- S S . iw- X li .615 'R' :Q L 7 , ,' 1 " - he 'S - fk-A kia' 2 ,fzfi 3, -vi.--' HARRIET R. STEINER Secretary and Typist "A good addition to any firm." DENNIS B. STEPHENS University of Virginia, U. S. Army Marshal Squad. "None but the brave deserve the fair." PAUL J. STURM U. S. Merchant Marine Academy, Photographer Capt. Marshal Squad, Ushers Squad, Stage Crew, Baseball Team, Beacon. "The world knows little of its greatest men." DONN A. SULLIVAN "Donnie" St. Bonaventure Basketball Team, Marshal Squad, Captains Corps. "A high scorer with everyone." LlLLlAN M, TANSEY "Lil" IBM., Accountant "Lillian figures to be a good accountant." JOYCE L. VIRGA Business Marshal Squad, Emergency Room Aide, Pro- gram Office Aide. "lt's the little things that count." JEROME P. VITARELLI "Jerry" University of Pittsburgh Marshal Squad, Engineering Club, Fencing Team, Museum Squad. "Seek and you shall find." JOSEPH WOLF "Joe" Brooklyn College, Used Car Salesman Captains Squad, Marshal Squad. "He'Il steer his way to success." BARRY S. YOUNG N.Y.U., Business Administration Captain Marshal Squad, Usher Squad. "Work tascinates me-I can sit and look at it for hours." v-'W vii S' L x1?T' -NC' STANLEY J. ZICKERMAN ir I Bronze Award, Bowling Intramural Award, , Yearbook Photographer. "He's given 'proof' of his capacity." 1 yt' 1 . , 9.11 Q9 ,.-- I gy 1 ,, N Q l '. A 651:- : 5 .1 A ,gr ' .lf Xxx' Ar- 43 E .---, , n44.Ff,,1'f fp 3' ev. -0' 'I' , VB'.!'Qf, 453 T i ., J '11 . 1 X I ,, S . . 4 J it I ., l 4 f T' . i i .1 .. t I . l I 'A' 1 i I l 14" JFQT,-' xi L so A as A f 1 :iii 4 l ' ,. i! ii 1 0 X l 'ii M, v Q... 1--6, 4, i ci .. 73 'I Can See You" ................................ Teacher warning pupil during regents , ,,,, ,,,,,, , A , , A 4 I , . . - :-11:1:1:1:l:21Izigiglgriigrgtgigcgqzg:5:::3:5:::51:21Qz2zE:-:I:1:2:I:I51:S55I:S1I:I:I1IzigrzlzigigrztgtgrgzgtgI3I51g:2:E:2:::::::1:2:i:3:i:f:I:I1IzI53I:2:I3I:13Igl1Igig1:1gIg2gtgIgi5I3IgIgr1:1:5:3:5:5:5255:V12:3:Q:g:::?:213:5:i:f:1:3:?:1:5:1:5:1:f:1:2:i:1:1:2:5:2:Ig15311111:C:2:S3:521:g:g:::3:::::3::::::::::: J ..,........,.,. "Oh What a Beautiful Morn' " ..................... ........... O h! No! lt's Monday "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder" ............................ That's why I cut "I Walk AIone" .................................................... A trip to the Cutting Ottice "AIways" ........................ ....................... ....................... L a te for school "Because of You" ............... ...... l got a minus for talking "I Ain't Got Nobody" ........... ........ A tter Gym Exercises "Can't Help Lovin' That Man" ......... ..... H e passed me in French "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" ...... ..... l lost my program card "The Happy Wanderer" .................................................................. Mr. Lapp Show Me the Way To Go Home" ...................... I wore dungarees to school 'Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me" ................ ......... 7 th and 8th Study with 6th lunch 'Fairy Tales" .................................................................... Homework excuses 'I Didn't Slip, I Wasn't Pushed, I FeII" .. That's why l'm in the emergency room 'Come On A My House" ................................ l'll help you with your Argyles 'Home Cooking" ....................................... ..................... l bring my lunch 'That's My Desire" .............................................. HARVARD, Here we come! 'I Don't Want To Set the World On Fire" ........ Just give me a light, will ya? 'I'Il Build A Stairway To Paradise" .................................... For seniors only? 'In Some Secluded Rendezvous" ........................ l'll meet you at the flagpole 'On That Great Come and Get It Day" ........ ..................... G raduation day 'Auf Wiedersehn" .................................... ....... S ee you on Alumni night JANUARY I . . ,,.,,i . , H . g 1 ,, tm M, 7 M' X577 Jw l- 5 d if' 4 - V 'K F . 1 . . K, F . Most v rsatile I za 'ff ' iq Steve mni , E " ' x K R , i, NXVX " Best dr ss d gi I ' r' f f Rene Reiner A , , , d I' Best dressed - r d 1 j 1 , t t Jerry Rot! ' . , if gg iff 'ff V 4.44-X V7 K k,b, , A lb? I A Did most for P' 5 V Fred Schd , E d d at dd-'dd f ..,, ' x . fx A' ' X Ula' 95" waz " d Lew-Son e ' v we? fr y' k',V Q- 3 fd. A Class I d d Q O r e Y Carol Ep H Xg, 'Mosf P 2 ulmr N fl! 0 1 ' ff, Stephe r Drezn ,. Q f X s I - I ,fs - eil " 4,df f b0Y athlete Antonio Carpio d , ww 4' F' Addt tj 5, X N ,, 'L - ' Ae yu class a or Vvr. . 5 1 Steve g rner rr X e t f e e e t X fe ,-'ee A ik Cl s writer e st f l M 2 foldwaser d driiyn lctbb f X ,t" e Y 'O succee ,,',, 4 f E V f V ' , ,,,,2A Q ,Af"'VV V ,Q h - , J? X , M if N V , t A 'iz 75 FS.FA1sm4fg ,,4.l-.1-nl WE'VE HAD IT FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE JUNIOR SENIQR Detention It will never It can't Never again l'll keep this happen to me happen to me seat permanently College I'II go to W l'lI go to I'Il go to See you at Harvard M. I. T. N. Y. U. Queens G' O. dues I want to help I want my class I want the They'll have to y the school to get TOOGK: service credit Catch me fi,-Sf Societies and Clubs I want to get into things fgirlj The cutest boys join this one l'm working for a service pin I'll ioin anything if itfll go on my Coll. application Clean gym suit, Clean gym suit, Note from my GYW' white socks, GYW' Sulf sneakers CIOCTOI' sneakers F- H- H- 5- Best School Best School Good school What School? in New York in Queens ime'9e"'CY only when Only when sick Got a headache QUT late 'OSI 00m deathly sick night Marks Ill get a Ill get an You can pass Marks donw count 95 average 85 average H with 65 Senior LITTH wah ii' run unit lisa Senior staircase Now I never even Staircase in can use ey won ca c -so what! See it It me fgirll I like the , - - hl Rah! Ive got too S h I S t RC' Q C oo pm Rah! boys on 'he much homework what School basketball team Assemblies They're always They're inter- Pass me the ZZZZZZZI so interesting esting newspaper You mean you You get them FOI' 5C1l6r Senior Hats I think my sister has an old one got it from a free with your Senior pin . . . BOY? Senior Dues Hot thrown in Baskefbcll I'll go to I'll go to every I'll read about it Eoresl E"'1S'!' H Games every game home game in the Beacon as G Us el 0 team? Homework It's a necessary I fl-tink VH be l'll do an extra Ilomevlirk' me evil absent tomorrow l'eP0"f Insiecld ,ey S I, V giving it? Cafeteria Better than the Beiief 'IIWGH Better than Illlnhcwe Chocolate Specials Waldorf Addie Vallins Penn Drug Cookles and mi Passes Here 'I 'S' It's somewhere MUST have WI-mf arg they? right here dl-Oeped if It's a privilege Where's a book I could buy The iglfll I hope I-lbfC'fY to have G library on spurious book ahead she'll believe like ours talipes valgus? ' Y' pm Bob jones Lunch Hour Mybmother slgid Lets go Watch 'fm going to do Nglhen do you to Uy 0 We ' the boys run track. work for Mr- - - - O your balanced meal homework? Report Cards l'll iust die if I don't get all S's Who can forge a good signature? You don't have to work till the last third It's a cinchg they NEVER tail Seniors School in General Enjoy every minute Some teachers are interesting Everyone has to have an education Finishedwrny third pair of argyles Bette Friedman Deanna Edelman L-iii CROSSING AHEAD-EYES FRONT! Hello out there, here's the news of the world today, June 28, 1975. Let's take a look around this big nation of ours .... On the Political Front- President Willen today announced that he is not a candidate for a second term. lt was revealed today that Jacqueline Winter, United States delegate to London, plans to meet with world powers on treaty talks in the very near future. Last night, at Convention Hall, Sheila Burke, noted authoress, addressed massed forces of the Republican party on the subject "We Will Rise Again." Secretary of the Treasury, Harriet Pakula, announced that plans for mauve dollar bills are now under way. On the Home Front- Newly-elected Governor Stanley Morris began his much-discussed "Music in the Park" plan today. Nobel prize winning scientists Roberta J. Fishman and Michael Fried today told the world about their dual proiect on radio-active boll weevils. Man-about-the-world Peter Wyman having iust completed his greatest opus, The Wyman Saga, told reporters today that he plans to tour the world in the lead role of Why Wyman?, written, produced and directed by Mr. Wyman. Linda Greengard, new editor of the New Yorker, was given a testimonial dinner at the Waldorf last night. Speakers were Sheila Levin, editor of the New York Times, Edith Laulicht, Pulitzer Prize winning author and president of the fire prevention league, Lora Goldman, poet of "What's the Point" fame, Lynn Luria, syndicated columnist and llsa Klotzman, famous poet and artist. Philosopher Irene Lander returned from India today after having set the world's Yogi headstanding record. -FLASH-Famous snake-fancier William Gehrman, at his snake farm in Southern California, was iust swallowed by a pet Boa constrictor. Mr. Gehrman commented from the depths, "Just tickle his stomach." In the Theatre- Lee Keiser, who opened, last night, in Mel Orlinsky's new play, which was directed by Debbie Weisman, was unanimously acclaimed by the critics. Star-studded charity benefit for the Orphans Fund, last night, featured Gene Brees- kin, violin virtuoso, Irwin Kaplan, noted dancer and well-known actors, Stephen Gronfein and Mel Young. Robert Cox's controversial portrait of nuclear physicist Peter Roemer has just been accepted by the Museum of Modern Art. In the Sports World- Home coming Olympic champions Helga Deutsch and Sy Kulick are expected fo'r the Heroes' ticker tape parade down Broadway today. The Davis Cup is once again in U. S. hands thanks to Stanley Jarman and Tommy Silberger. Well, that's the news for today. We will be back again same time tomorrow. Good night and good luck. Qmevm .tim if M HLHEU., X f O 5 X 7 X Q Q. Q- i f X X. , fx 1, L" Q D L Q kv VNAPL-AN 'AA Koxwiimr xriTTv??i4NOlNu , . EJ 1, N ff N ,Q 0 ,X if gk , ' .' X f N, ,J 'VJ j . .,' I, " Q .uf f M I 9- J' yf i wg ff F ' 95 YN X A -4 J 'sf' W X 'CE f XV? ' WX f F If M X X 7 Ka Qvxv-N f 1' V ' rf' X QW x f f SX . Q' 2 ow 150 l Q Ji M Q K XX' ff Cf Q 3 ff' fp Q if X. QI' -if ,ax ML N D 55 Xu ' A F. Q11 ' , Q2-:TW Va 1. 2 KXKAYN 4 if XO X254 if Q-I -sri, 1 fi we vs, CJJYDS 1 jf! 'XJ f an ix , J xi ' ' Lk www fr we 'QV X ff ag: XQOMCO .,JxlX'6emN?G ',C3, w R X f ' -11" ' Q spfncfu , ,, U-ff QGQSMAN "XX ' AN S' X XX? l Z-X f ff' 'xx ' ' , K I-N J' I S 'W 3 gk was QA QWCK I 'A f N. f MSU XX 'V ,4 L ACTOR Q9 X D , LJNORSAHZ GN Vu -ix if X, f 6 V 1 11' " 1 ' K f V ' V 'K ' " ff Y W 5 ,Z G K f . 1 K X Q37 ' X 1 x 5 al 49 3 ff WA x J 7X 5 1 is U X518 H!! 9 1' ,rx-'ffn I 1 d rg Sk VQQ Gr, i 'jx Aw M I ..: 1 ff, 4 W s 5. A "7 g j I-X 12 9 jjirx' I .ff 11- I ' 4 j ' .. ff KA v7w mXg 5 , Af y, 4, ,M H 1 LQ' V 4 VUKQ' PRKED 1 Jw If K ' ,ft-Z N' I . 66 A ' ff y' f CLQUENUC-J of? f R v r 6 , 5' X ww fi 7 f rw f K f 1 X X HELQ Aqlk Cfv Q X, J ,7,f M X f , if Q 1 . ! ff'?f" 9 Q gf U ' k' X f - :f-5? , X ' 41 Eg A ' " 7 X JN M111 H XXWx N Jzaer QMQMMTG I 3 QL A65 or wwe X55 R :EH Q 4 '3 , .ii gn W , I uf' ' Q ' A 1 X1 I 'LJ 1 , ff P A ig .19 X x 66 Nt X-SA. 'I x N ,Rx Q Xxx X ...ff f ff-La K X-. aff 5 f N AX s w f A xx ig, fb :YR 3 -N V , f ,ff Y : g e MA jx X. M-' fs Q N " rw X - f AQ -f Q . 1 a,9,uk4,.v, ,J 5, ff Y f Nfcgm X '- ,, CX ' bw y RL pg? 1 5' X. 1 5 K Lew x V fx V 5510 MT 1 w + 1 A 1 Q4 , , , 'Q :"Ev ' . 1 s If 0 U . 3 Q30 I XWN fx I ,g A. x Y QL, , t fl ,M 5 1 ' 8 'X M7 K f :f A 5 - ' T 5 fs' ffk W f X, 'N J SX K Y' X g V ll ku 31 s k Y f-K A W. y .en 'K i a , , 5 8 sc f" 5, JY if I ,S I X N L L51 'mg ,, , , .' .S Q 3 'rf' 'v -' , ka , 5 2 , Q, 0 M 'tx p A4659 ,, W , f N545 sv K, A QQ 0 ,- bf 5 - X , gy, 4, 5 1 , I A , 4, , XS LE LS' If I ,"' I 1 I I f V R" ,--3 ? I 'b' wjxcpcggkcvxbfwl 4 K 1- Q , , V G XZ -Z' Tiff xr 1 ' Q AARRXQSJLP V , 4 - l , I , ' T J SX 4 QP M .N 1 1 , F A M, 4 wb., M 1' , , PNNLQ 1 K xx NX f-Q A K ', ' N xiii um- X, , I ,fy , fx wx 44-f QLTK ET , l f ' I? X' jr X I XC f t A u N . 3 LQ' fi A V f 7?Q O , gk, , QS? kg A 2 ' XQNNL! X ' tk. W ' 9 I S STUN Ni 5 ' I , Z yi . g f - 11 04-'GX ,I jj u J EL Y V X2 1 Icy? E f , , Wf ' ,T f ,V M ,fy ,Ev J XX 21- 'Y 3:71 if 4 , A ji if W' I, 'T A , 4 A x Q 5 ,QV y S - ' TK' if X , f ,K in I wif X MOST Qfbfxx Y C' ' f X kkverem LYNX l-UWA 1 ,112 Mgoewefa .ef Cl-M1 WPHTHK f 5 3 Ml! -ei 1 3 Q54 xg VV A ' K fi f 1 3' - O!! . X X 9 V 1211 X,.,, - ' fx ' af, , X z ,ffgfij I J X 7 ff A 'Wfv Q9 XX N39 W x X xfwf Ui X 52 CGW Km-X, Last Will and Testament We, the Senior Class of 1955, being as sound of mind cmd body fdespite contrary faculty opinionslj, as is humanly possible after our four year ordeal, and realizing with conflicting emotions that June draws inex- orably near, do hereby publish and ordain this, our last will ancl testament. A decade and some years ago, our mothers brought forth into the waiting world of public schools, 866 new pupils, happily unshackled by knowledge and dedicated to the proposition that ignorance is bliss. Since that time we have been engaged in a great civil war to test whether our ignorance for anyone else'sj so depressing and so unfathomable can long endure under the rule of better and wiser men otherwise known as teachers. It can't, and we lost. So ,... we tried to initiate new traditions, as instance the radically new blueprint designs for the Tower swimming pool, the student erected newsstand on the front campus, fnow leased to "Mike"1, and the marvelous knitting class under Mr. Wolfsie's tutelage. lncidentally, when electing this latter class, ask for "Chorus." Enslaved students will little note nor long remember what is said, fa fact borne out by B. of Ed. testimonyj but they must listen and help to finish the remaining portions of our monumental task. We implore them to see that Mr. Wilson has some little token of appreciation for the farm back home, Mr. Bartlett does not want for a spanking new College Handbook, Mrs. Weil has students so willing to please that they will act as much like Walt Disney characters as they can. Please give Mrs. Finnegan an expense free trip down Memory Lane and do let Mrs. Keyes have her mother-of-pearl knitting needles, and Mr. Morrison a solid supply of imported cigars. To les ieunes filles we address a special plea that they keep their hair long for Mr. Palleri's sake and because of Mr. Roemer we hope to see one among them such a paragon of virtue that she does not chew gum ancl can rattle off 150 words a minute in Sten. class. Look into Mr. Pred's desire for an Honor Class that really is . . . ancl always be prompt with Dr. Entin's deadlines. A fund, to be administered by able and honest students will enable the Cutting Office to have ten Lapps around the school. Let these wishes be carried out, so that the faint traces of the Senior Class of 1955 shall not perish from the earth. A Long Glance Backward We were the very models of those freshmen so uneducated As we entered Forest Hills with our egos very much inflated. Grammar school and junior high were now the past historical And life at Alma Mater was to be the allegorical. We set to work with fervent glee, embraced the life scholastic Wore freshman beanies with such love, 'twas almost tres fantastic, Our class of '55 was new, with goals, ideals to be obtained Our years of work, of love and life, we'll now with pen set to explain. 'Twas basketball, of basketball, the team would soon achieve renown With points much scored, esprit de corps, we were the victors of the town. Our tennis team and soccergogihwe gave them praise with fervent pride While backing them pheartycheersiour cheerleaders hastened to their side. A fi 1 D KX . 2 , wr To see and r o - of all these games, of news .imp nt and recent capers We leaf' kvvithgvigor 4 mparte through our ',-, . ' ff M . g Scho ' f ' wt -7.3!-L-tai? an-ar gg-59 'wfiyigfl' ff' .' P- .- The editors of o affgwafg - A o nd track the f tures is . , M., . - . ' VW --f nf F"-mr. ,-'.'r " - - ...stsilsa They work with Q." ,- to -sl eachers 5 Egg- , ' Agsjgf 3, ' M ' Our diplomats t . ' flaw--f:.,e. T'-?'?.'.gf:f"0' 2 -, ' . . n ' . Q2.f..:L... "T .Qi F - ' ,. ' ' F 9 For social lustic , s, I f ' elr constant song. We must dram ,5..,-tai... g, en ates the Bard , g A lg,-sift' -- For Play , ig,,g:fH"" . ' , showe ha espeare true regard. '. V- ' " , As we pro f 1' keen, throu -if 5- ctivities many and new We recall o A . ith growing zeal, ath, French and now Hebrew A group of stalwart hearty men, 'tis one we must remember For our marshals stern with true blue rule, discipline did they engender. The lunchroom, too, serene with peace with specials flying high Is one which evokes from one and all an ecstatic scholastic sigh, The marble white gleam, with daily polish, hark! the senior stairs Not outdone by futile pranks, recalled by all, e.g. bomb scares. Books to read and books to love, the library beckons us in Where an overdue book or overloud voice throws us deep in a life of sin The greeters greet, the leaders lead and the teachers teach evermore While College Boards and Regents, too, all clamor for ever high scores I The poet laureate and writer inspired, Forest Leaves they profoundly praise While pen in hand and head in clouds, they search for the everlost phrase Our G.O. has risen since years gone by and established new reign supreme With Senate and Council all in accord to uphold the new regime The Senior prom and Junior hop, alas, they're far in the past But their memories of fun and other such stutt will last and last and last Every year, only once, the becolored day comes, we don now our colors true And follow the halls with heads held high, decked with red, bright yellow or blue, Scientists, too, converge in these halls to discuss the amoeba minute And after discussion submit to Westinghouse findings based on the astute We pass through these halls, where echoes now call to us as we leave And remind us in between goodbyes of all we did and did not achieve This is our history, little or big, ancient or Greek, 'tis not But merely recall of that which seemed little and now seems to claim a lot if 'k 7? We're now the very models of those seniors so well educated This goal achieved by methods stated, then again reinstated To leave our Alma Mater, no choice is given, 'tis claimed by fate For diplomas we clutch, in cap and gown, memories will not abate We bid farewell, we say good-bye, au revoir and other such calls As we walk with hope, through our well known and always remembered halls Forest Hills is far, the tower looms, a speck with a distant gleam But we will never forget, never let down that ever familiar scene. Sheila Burke wi -1, f f . i x i Q 1, --4-u-. Jf fi ii' ,. -4 ,,,,, ,A Can You Picture . . . Mike Willen without a crew cut . . . Bobbi Fishman with a double failure . . . Doris Dassau in "Levis" . . . Roger Haloua failing French . . . Rhoda Lionell without a collar . . . Ellie Boltson without an Arista pin . . . Mr. Bartlett riding a bus . . . Mr. Kernan without the BEACON . . . Helga Deutsch failing gym . . . Mr. Kerr without "Project" . . . The cafeteria without lines . . . Paula Glassman ever sad . . . Mr. Gleason without "Julius Caesar" . . . Carol Marks not in a dither . . . Gene Breeskin a brunette . . . Mr. Schwartz without T.V .... Jr. UNESCO without Jackie Winter . . . Gym without exercise . . . Dr Entin withbut a wink . . . Miss Rivoli not changing shoes . . Ruthi Friedman not arguing . . . Irwin Kaplan without white bucks . . . Annabelle Freeman speechless . . . Phyllis Miner without a Senior Hat . . . Nina Osipow not dancing . . . Sy Kulick without a basketball . . . Dotty Harter not chewing gum . . . Sue Wartur with a long pony tail . . . Oli Johnson without a Marshall badge . . . Mr. Ritchie condemning Scotland . . . The Problem of the Week without Carl Koenig . . . Mr. Lapp without a school sweater . . . Marty Posner without "horn-rims" . . . The G.O. without Mr. Carter . . . Naomi Mutterperl without Steve Drezner . . . Harriet Pakula without S signs . . . Mel Orlinsky not hamming . . . 8th termers without their staircase . . . The orchestra without Stan Morris . . . Hanna Sor without that gleam . . . Senior Dues Collection without Judy Bogard . . . Tommy Silbiger without a tennis racquet . . . The swimming team without Steve Kaplan . . . Marion Boenau and Norma Lent without ledger books . . . Bernie Spirgel without a laugh . . . Shelly Bloch without a camera . . . The Young twins without college sweatshirts . . . Toby Frank talking slowly . . . Linda Greengard not editing . . . Bobbi Blumstein without those "sun-Tips" . . . Forest Hills without Alumni . . . we hope not, for we the future Alumni want to remember Forest Hills as it has always been to us --l-- "our guide and stay .... " ' -Ruthi Friedman Phyllis Miner A Visit From the Mob 'Twas the period before lunch, when all through the school Not a thing was stirring, fNot even the poolj The "specials" were shaking and quaking with fear For they knew that the students were perilously near. The cream cheese was nestled all snug in the salad, The yogurt to the lettuce was singing a ballad, When out through the hall there arose such a clatter And everyone did know just what was the matter. For into the lunch room there flew with a crash Thousands of students quick as a flash. More rapid than eagles they sped for their lunches fAt ll o'clock some do call them brunchesj They shouted, they pushed, they whistled and stomped When they met with an obstacle, through it they romped, And then, in a twinkling, with their lunches they flew Up to their tables, their hair askew. They rushed through their meals with, oh, such babble KBelieve me, my dears, 'twas no game of scrabbleli And after, they ran with their trays to stack Then with their tokens, to tables went back To talk, and sing, and some, comb their hair Then, after that, an anecdotal card fair, 'Twas only in a place like the cafeteria Where 'twas found such a case of mass hysteria! Then blew the whistle, and away they raced Clear through the doors, their bodies braced. Butl heard one say, as he ran out of sight, "Marciano, l'm sure, never fought such a fight!" Johanna Blidner lf Q5gQj'g1g:',.'q?LA- aw ' 'w,w.'y,p3gvg,.f,w,-s ,H VI- I - I j-,N,,,,. ,... ,., T, W 1 I A My-WWI' I ' ,- -v Y' f-"!'!'.'f"",-M T- f",,1f ' ' -I PROM COMMITTEE IQ SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL ' w SENIOR SHOW COMMITTEE Il Speak louder... x 5:52515 :f:1:f:5:T:55:i:3:2:2:5 f ,,r,':- I ,. 5 " ffm:-x-Q' 'U .151 5 f 1' , " I-' .5.5, 5.g.5.5,5.5,5.5. 5,55 5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5.5.5 W- .0 '5:5:5:5:5 "ig .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-:3:f:2:1:?:5:f:2:215:7:3.-.- -.-,-.-.?:1:3:f:-.-.-.-. -.-.2:i:-.-.-.-.-:TzIz3:2.-.-:2:5:5:f:i:I:7:1:Q:f:-:-:-15:51-:5:515:515:5.5,5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5.5.5:5:55:5:5:5:5:5.5. 5.5.3152 " -"S5i1q,- --' :1:1:" " -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-'-2:-1-1-2:-z-:---:-1-:-1-:-:-:-:-:5:5:515:5:5:5:5z5:5:5:5:5:5:55:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:g5:5:5:-:-'5:5'-:- 55.5.5 .5.5.5,5. -.-Q., 5:5.5.5. :5:5:fz2:f:5:f:f:2:i'2" -'Q 42" '1'3?5:g:5:2:Q:5:2if5:5:5.5.5:5.5tg5.5:5:5:5.5.5:5:f:5:5.5:5.5.3I5:5:51gE15:ggQgg5Q1Q3Q5Q3ggQgQgQ3Q5Q1Q:25Q:Q1Q:Q:512:5:1:2:5:2:21Q15:Q:5:5:2:E:f:Q:512:2:5:2:f:Q:E:f:55:f:E:f:3f:5:5 ":2:f:Q:2:Q:5:5,5.5 5 H5.5,5:5:f:2:f:5:5:2:215:5: n 5E5iI?1f5iif"'I- .5 ' J'L'55E12-.-.TEIEIEIEIZIE-E-2-222 '7'5':':'1':'5-ZIEIfiffifififlfifliifffif - J A -.-.5151-:5:5:5:5:5qj' 'fq:gCg:5:5:5:5:5 We , P' -5, -" L. 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Qx -2 ic U--ur' 7 ' . .-5:-' . f-L,-Qu: - 1-1' ' --c 'X ,- . .5 4 4' . -.vb ,.' fi-"'ge.y1. f-,- , 1-' 'WA -.. ,V ' mf . - ,--.L 9-.g,....5-,.q,5cfg 15 ,sw --.Q . ,..-.1-3-.Lu - 1 -- Ji .xeqlfpfggq ' , -2 f 1555 - 25 1 -1 - 'ug g.p-5f,',a79,:x U '71 " -"fl'f0"32?-if' G ' .-1 1- ' QI'-1.-EFF- 'E' ' A - .. -C. g f?24f, ' v "1f1fip!f35,9'f' ' I ' 2 ' g l' "' - ' -' " bi- T " :QE-5 - 'ffl-I ' ' A' ' -if, 351' 4,4 1-1,-r,..55,::, ff n zip, FH FH 279' ON THE COURT The '54-'55 hoopsters gave Forest Hills a season that will long be remembered for its wide range of excitement. Games decided by less than five points were not uncommon, as a relatively short F.H. squad fought the decidedly taller Bayside, Bryant and L. I. C. quintets. An overtime game with Bayside, second ranking team in the league, was the biggest thriller of the season, as our opponents squeeked through on a single foul shot. Bryant, top squad on the North Shore listing, also pulled a close contest out of the fire in the final five seconds of an action packed game. Forest Hills' largest point spread of the season was in a game with Edison that ended 89-29. Thus, when all the dust had cleared, Coach Conlan's Rangers stood in third place with a 9-5 record. Largely respon- sible for the favorable side of this tally were Sy Kulick and Stan Needleman, co-captains of the team. Their expert playmaking and shooting carried the squad past many formidable adver- saries. Stan, a junior, was high scorer for the squad. Don Sullivan and Gary Baum, both measuring 6' 3", carried the height for the squad as they controlled the backboards in many contests. The cry "Get up there, Sullivan," issuing from the bench, was a familiar one that usually gave rise to a good lump. Bob Loos came in many times when these top men faltered, and held his position very effectively. Another factor in the success of the team was its fighting spirit. Vinnie Montalto and Maurice Rind provided more than their share of drive, and gave the team the spark it needed. Tony Carpio played only half the season, as he was graduated in Jan- uary, but he still racked up a terrific foul shooting record. The remaining members of the team, Mike Willen, Gary Wolk, who ioined the squad in mid-season, and Donny Lefkowitz, showed fine ball playing whenever they were called upon to back up the regulars. Most credit of all, however, is owed to Coach Ed Conlan for his fine work. The precision teamwork displayed by all the men was made possible only through his untiring efforts. ON THE DIAMOND Following their most successful season in years, the Forest Hills nine looked forward to bettering that record. Big righthander Ritchie Miller and southpaw Bruce Jaslow, both seniors, were the outstanding campaigners who had lecl the team to a brilliant third place finish the year before. Sluggers Mike Willen and Siggy Rand were expected to reverse those close one and two run losses of the year before, while Phil Huang nailed down the previously dubious backstop position. The predictions on the outcome of the approaching season were optimistic. Coach Lapp had only one weak position to contend with, short- stop, and the quality of the candidates in line for the job disspelled any anxieties. When the season came to a close, the prognosticators were far from disappointed as the Forest Hills Baseball team again commanded cheers from its followers. 3,1 ,- . . N s V- M 5 4... I . , --A A , ,,, x ,. 1... ' 't""'--M new Wfagqw' " . ' if - . iff' TRACK I U .. f 'V TX ' A-w- f gif' ,ZA H - ,, A With the running of the Queens and New York City Public School Athletic Championships, the T954 cross-country season sprinted to a climactic close as the Forest Hills thin-clads captured team honors by copping eighth place out of a vast field of New York high schools. With ace varsity harrier Bob LaRocca setting the pace, the Rangers rolled across the two and a half mile course at Van Cortlandt Park, and competed successfully in over eight runs. Bruce Jaslow, captain of the team, was respon- sible for the spirit that prevailed among all the members of the squad. John Legler, the silent speed- ster, consistently turned in clockings under fifteen minutes. George Shilling also competed in his usual grand manner. The nucleus of the team is incomplete without the iack-of-all-trades, Bob Cox. Four weeks aft'er the x-country season ended, Q 1: us the indoor tracksters started their meets. The Hillites competed in many group dual competitions, a ma- iority of which were won. The team was sparked by co-captains Bob Cox and Harold Marcone. Norm Goldstein, the 60-Yd. Dash sprinter, chalked up many points by consistently winning his event. The Mile and Half-Mile relay teams consisted of Bruce Jaslow, Eddie Shapiro, Bob Harris, Shelly Bloch and Paul Sheffield. The Mile-Relay copped gold medals in the Metropolitan IC4A Champion- ships. George Shilling, the star 880-man, was always depended upon to hit the tape first. Bob Cox, the team's 60-Yd. High Hurdler, finished iust short of win- ning in the United States National Championships at Madison Square Garden. The shot putter, Bob Taubert, was responsible- for the very close victories over many of the powerful Queens high schools. ff " "-' j - Sl I-N113 RJ' ' ' -V ,, .. ,,.., .,,,,.,,,,,,:m 7 1 ' K. ll l .A 1 3- - ' .Zh ,' , l ,- 'ffl ' M' ' r - fl l 3 K- N, v. fx, z A' g-. gh f K i S, V 4 , . t J w ' '- J T y . HAND FIELD The Forest Hills soccer team, perennially near the top of the league, compiled a 6-3-3 record this year and finished in second place. Coach Raymond Doyle was largely responsible for this successful season. Scoring honors were taken by Captain Ben Palmblad and Artie Boodaghian. Ilan Rothmuller led the team in assists and his brilliant play won him a berth on the All-Queens team. Claudio Pessoa, Bert Blum and Eddy Manousott excelled on offensive positions, while Co-captain Sait Derinsu, Shelly Weiss, Al Aghazadian, Lloyd Werner, and Jobi Kaemmerer spearheaded the defensive drives. Goalie Eddie Filho played superlatively through- out the season. His indispensability was recognized by all, and he was selected as goalie for the All- Queens team. The substitutes who gave their all for the team were George Pino, Kenny Wheck, Pete Cummins, Dom Messina, George Mah, Manny Monogenis, .lack Ruben, Louis Gandasequi, Bob Haas, Jack Michonik, Norm Fass, Rudy Brant, and Jerry Levine. ALL WET The Forest Hills swimming team compiled a 4-4 record. Many mermen excelled, but the team was not strong in the breaststroke and diving depart- ments. lt was these two Achilles' heels that kept the mermen from higher honors. The two co-captains, Steve Kaplan and Fred Freund have been pillars of strength throughout their high-school years, and were selected as members of the All-Queens team. Chuck Efros, Joe Weinberger, Bob MuroFF, and Gary Wallace also won coveted All-Queens berths. Ken Leon and Mickey Ferber dominated back- stroke competition, while Steve Josephson, Aaron Schoenwitz and Ritchie Mintz comprised the medley relay team. Ed Siegel and Artie Forrest were the most versatile members of the team. Gus Morpurgo was the team's standard bearer in diving, and An- thony Dichiaro excelled in the free-style. This year, for the first time, the mermen began to use the new pool which opened up at the Forest Hills Jewish Center. 3 f ww ,, af '-if v t ,,. g ' "' , if fi: A ' 'iff' '54 3 ' , Us' 'rr ' 1, ' - s fi y .lp 3 , , ' f- ,,'-f'-Siwgsz ,lf 9, xliflltfl, ff Forest Hills has a world-wide reputation of being the center of 1 5 3 tennis activity in the United States. And some of the glory has rubbed 1 .. ,l,r A off on the tennis team here at Forest Hills High School. N Traditionally the pacesetter of the Queens Tennis League, the Y ..., 'V ,V In 1 VV., A A ,I FHHS net team has capped the circuit championship every year the June 1955 class has been in school. To top it off, our racquet whizzes V S " 0 f also won the city crown in 1954. Many factors have contributed to the phenomenal success of the tennis team. Chief among them is the enthusiasm for the sport which the student body-both male and female-exhibits. Another is the inspiring leadership of Mentor Selig Bernstein, who has sponsored intra-murals, instruction clinics, and participation in outside tourna- ments in addition to regular team activities. Of course, the "big three" netmen of the Class of '55 . . . Tom Silbiger, Howie Mencher, and Stan Jarmon . . . are the boys whose performances have brought home the honors. Tom Silbiger, seeded number one on the team, won the Max Jacobs Memorial Tennis Tournament for two years in a row. Tom's devastating backcourt game is his most effective weapon. Howie Mencher and Stan Jarmon shared second honors in the ff W Ng- annual fall tourneys of 1952-1954. ' Howie, who relies primarily upon his sharp net game, and Stan, 1 1 v 1 ' ' whose play is strong both at the net and in the backcourt, have com- ? lv X piled enviable records. Among the seniors who have also served on the squad are Paul .ex ff? Hirsch and Peter Moss. Steve Schuker has served as team manager for the past three years. Harold Weber and Steve Halpern, two juniors, should also be given credit for their excellent play. w" fe M., Q: , 1 1 .xr j QQ - 1: .4 Rf iii .if l .H I ,A I, M Nnxg Q CHAMPS OF THE ALLEYS WQTQQ " ii. E 5 K thi, Y xx., 1 YS-v 6- x The Forest Hills bowling team enjoyed the finest season in its history, winning the Queens champion- ship. The team clinched the title in its final games. The keglers carried the largest squad in the league. Jonny Leifer was the team's top scorer, with a 208 high and a 175 point average. Next was Bob Friedman, another T75 bowler, who finished second in the team's scoring. Third man was Geoff Richstone. Geoff, a T65 bowler, bowled the team's top game, a 216. Rounding out the starting team was anchor man and Captain, Lenny Fertman. Lenny, who aver- ages l55 was a key figure in the team's drive to victory. Fifth and sixth men were Tommy Mihoulides and lra Kaskel. Tommy, a senior, and lra a junior, 'K ,,,.i Eg. if s r - 'F J its -2 if . l iifi' .. . -,...' . - r 'eff , x tt isss ,Hs N: fs-H filled in ably when one of the big four faltered. The other seniors on the squad were Kenny Stein, Warren Marcus, Pete Roemer, Ed Abramowitz and Robert Eng. During the season, over 'IOO boys bowled in P.S.A.L. Queens competition. Four of our bowlers finished in the top twenty. Johnny Leifer ranked fourth, Bob Friedman, sixth, Geoff Richstone, ninth, and Lenny Fertman copped sixteenth. ln the New York City standings, Leifer placed tenth and Friedman fifteenth. At the individual tourney, Bob Friedman won the top honors in Queens. EN GARDE The Forest Hills fencing team, under the able direction of Mr. Victor Ritchie, bettered their second division finish of last year. Marty Belitz led the graduating men in perform- ance. He was closely followed by Captain David Fish and Don Corbin. Eugene Glazer, a sophomore, was the up and coming man of the team. The rest of the squad consisted of Jared Kaminsky, also a senior, Lada Simek, and William Kao. High indi- vidual performances is expected from many members of the team next year, and the prospects for the future are bright. Under the inspired, able leader- ship of Mr. Joseph Tuzza, Forest Hills' handball team, always a strong contender tor league leader- ship, came through as expected in fine style. Coach Tuzza stated, "ln my opin- ion, Stu Altman is one of the best strategists in the game. He has a good 'kill' shot and plenty ot fight." .M Q Hwy r OFF THE WALL Stu was the spirited captain of the Rangers. Stan Cohen and Artie Meyerson rounded off the singles team. Richie Mintz, Davy Grosse, Al Berkowitz and Arnie Finklestein made up the doubles teams. Congratulations are in order to Forest Hills High School's highly successful wallmen. FORE Under the watchful eyes of Mr. Joseph Herschel, the Forest Hills golf team has developed into one of the most well balanced teams in the PSAL league. This year's graduating members are Neil Abramson and Robert Loos. Bob was referred to as the inspiration behind the team. Neil played every match last season, winning nine of the team's matches. The team ended the season with a 7-2 record. The untiring efforts of all the boys will probably lead them to the championships next year. BO-BO-BADITTEN-DATTEN -uv 1-1 1 l 1 l I ri I ....,.-1 , Basketball games at Forest Hills are highlighted by the eleven red- skiried members of our Cheerlead- ing Squad. These energetic spirit- boosfers are Monique Brunschwig, captain, Maryan Piliero, co-cap- tain, Sherry Olan, Marianne Sina- cori, Gail Handelsman, Toby Frank, Sheila Gore, Harrie? Pakula, Sue Quarfin, Sally Weisbarth, and Joan Reinhardt. The girls are supervised by Miss Coghlan. i iii T E 1' lx If ' 5 - QLD i M. 1 , l MZ" il. UI. .IA.1l..l.L.l. .ul vu! A at -,,ummud MU Boys' Robert Lox, nanny ' -'19 , , . .. ' , d L Pakllla, '1Yeasurer. Sidney xB - x ln mittee are Lubei-t Stryer, 3P6, and ,xstein, Park Sophomore Represefixtg- Chesgei-nice Fi-evert won i I . Don Zaty, 3F5. Membership in the AHOY The complications f litfve, and Ruth Friedman, Beacon Girlstfond Prize, and hone A ,tj club- is open to any student. Putting' of the PSAL Ergo :ma DMR? nhwdl Daw-'A'A:"'t respeqivel HL tl D e n C 1 Abyone- interested in Om ' U fag- "r"""m""'-'- -- -- .H My mm., ,-,-,r I' A more ii , - - A I . ' . A, y ,VJ , M6230 Seniors Vie E . 4 S I V . , , sr. - V i ' For Scholarshii A A i Lin e 7 Y Regents scholarships exam, Y - " Rtions Were taken by about The - .D i . March 1j01 i get I , -2 ' ' ' r V p fue-1116-6 .. ---,....--L i . n nl """- ' f. -seniors at FHHS, Barbara opmny. 'H , 'friug V1 ,H-nmdbilk 1 33 'E , ' . 1- ' ,,,' r felifs, !W3fq51Ti5iIF3F95?s S it Returns to Forest Hills: D ketball Biggest Attraction 3353353325 in fi i' T F 'T ,Y K-'A H "A 7 eu in eerrnin-a.1on,i ,an su. -BR t usd 5lZ1Qds.egiwhiQjiI11iSfglsli1ZQ.aE-E532 ion ot.Mr.xgT5 o Pourrl . .n ' i ' 1 i S fi 1 '!f23iiZ2iZ,'5ZnhL'1.5m epresents United- States trim snow y syn i ,, S i i i hree Years FIIIMS ,issziiui The 0 Lipilidzfdtl tnanagzdy if ' oppressivz :i1::ei'?2i A s oo co ors into their." serve as m'E?,CfPl15e. ' i C 5 assigned by the G,Ohe Qigiilldhenis ar 1 g I is dm, Q ,. :.1ffAnLt:ueigsIILa ,GGL-,shi mb Scores .Ryan Aslg -fthe fourth time in fi s Forest'Hi1ls High Schl sturbed by a bomb scare. uccessive days last moxi V igig one calls received by FHF i ited a thorou l1iQS:P9CtiQHE, 0-I0 iersbs' at Biirs Tennis been nQti0ing unusual lately. Intro-mural 'W being held to uncover for 'che F01-est Hills slider to fiii this c ' N is expected to have have all graduated., Ray yPrqtoi Present 'Chimes' g nd, wi!B5f0"f0fmQ0!0r Xmas Assemblies i ffm 3 Hg envelope marked Senior Dues to Say hello, but she did manage to wave 'as she swished ,to too large quantities offthe anti- biotic. I You can't tellfwhat may yet be X off in the direction of the Shoe ldistilled in the FI-IHS Retort, . A' I K --R. Bf department. ' i 'r it ' i Q l 8 an woes QQ . 'nm W-.ii L-mmf 1-haf 1T'llTT-IR chi-: VVQ have-n't heard anvfhing fr-nm N ,....,-...f Oif F1-DHS ha' A fighting, ibut: 11 Quintet fell. bi drive and spit 9I1.f'Ed9Y,t9lE1l..4 ng W WY.,--f-' '4 r Sc on M ie' 1 The 'Town ani which is being General OISHUW in the boys' Sym L ,qi:f0JNL"" wiqjerfl equitti Pio, has aeam Su, mirabie goals, 231915 iicin: -ui on .1ya'inv.i,y yi.-yu'idLl:gi....4'1 ':iheTJl0ng?' by POST Soulsfwhoiofie, who finished in 1:13, d mms ., - ie ' o rom, . . o u - , ti tsuplfcelme as 5 g Dnds better than vsraiy. , A WAR the action-ill Wondering about the Sevoody Davis was the only Range? Superior Court ofa extinction of the ieihargic, br ELYLJNS .mtlei . H532 thefiesellt 'Ima tive FI-IHS student, pass inprbf: ' A Q ' . 1' we visited Mr. George Lapp. T13 we learned from the head Qv-334, -' 1. 1 V I , A wil , Marshal Squad that thef , making things hot fort 4 . 1 foolish Hillites who roam tt I without pass or reason. X cided that the best way 1 . ' niiestions to be answered nn a , S faux- w "f i i fi merFE'e5'ifhl?"nJ'3' l al and , - . i'Tf'-'i-'-':g,:.fgg,Lz. to carry a bottle or Air- lulinlg 'func' I ' Y f ' -Luo hll mile, I' H115 l.4alCl?I'la Vick with them to counteract the cn Ere' A - . -nien- Forest Hills High School was Efect. It is, indeed, a re ' ' L ' a Eduqalmope among several high schools. .. J-lilllqa-TYWQ 1Z9"P01't. 135-9' gl iq, RM U , ,N 1 W.. 1 - gl ' ' N, V 4 ill., .-.ul W P . Sr. Rank ' 'lc for the June, ing class was an- ctionlelass teach- ' Leading the list S is Roberta J. i an average of lbe the class val- llowing Roberta LSHlGH SCHOOL li ir, 96,503 Stephen 5 Rita Ashman, Lander, 95.403 95.31j' Barbara 7.132 Peter Wy- , Linda Rogers, ' A F ried, 94.233 ' 94.203 Doris .mil .-5-9 -------ff-far -1 ursea think, Pe1'haDS. that this issue - . . - . . Q I 6 mest Leales has more Varietv of FHHSvlU1l be distributed Fri- I n p F Foo ' any of the r " - - Miss BIa1'gargredlZZfeifSTl5ng these adviser of the publication Ample ' itgszi-'ffY:f0lll' pages :ha m',.l'Vhe only erald H. Students In md I-City Concert g -New , - the e All-City High School Chorus the Jrchestra gave Yitgwgenli,-anmlal .sun at Needy P GY f hundred cans of stood froo n I S 7 e poor fanulles of our c B U Q . , I A Q to brighten their Th emsed, Nextlefm S udentsg larents X For College Nigl Representatives from over fortyll College Night, December 2, at 7:45 p .ents -first-hand infonnation on the their higher education. 'College Night will be run in thn T 'ishfew' tained fig? gil Next Play I1 Peter Wyman and Lee Keiser in Wi11 play the leadingf5noleso11i'fThew, -m-- - -- --- - fx me-h will. A H N . 5 t .S Stem. Taming of the Shrew,.,,,w 1 The Forester, senior yearbook ervlce CX lglnlgv the FQHSOIIS fibe produged by Play PY0duct10riV 1 P o's'ComedY'VlDlF. Ryan Cautions H reiSeff0fASSemb"eS' Secret Societies , e . . 1 asenior Arista, under thelilirectioni Officials ,Chosen Dr. Leo Ryan, Pflnclpal Og Fig Au 'Hoe ol new me were ine the socil the old Entert were ple all who provider Steve E Herbert Eleanor on the l of Mr. Mcrnuoe, collecte l 'i "'f"LM1lll-llc reef-HU-ls H-W-11-Schoollfisue ..5..l-- 4 verannino essions r rieflman Will' nito Vie for . . f G.0. Elections to be Held J tl . Eall Register' o ' .1 Highest Ever V. A . 5- The primary election for various offices in fsYoo Marie l 1 . f- Mr' Edm--ond Runge, Social ien ly Joinso . nd ei a relaxing r f studies teacher and Aggid aF3Siis'stin1uEating 7 l Offlce SUPQFWSOF' has 'if ff, of se their-.sehooif 7"-mSeni0r Class Advlsef to his wma' a while." sa .The 'fegister 'of Forest Mills' Hlzh School jumped again as the names of 467 freshmen from , P.s. 101, ns. 144, P.s. 99, ns, 117, and P.lS. 170, were entered P on the rollbooks .jf twelve new sections on September mu 1951. . D 1 'Clmnu ah, Chrlstm , Q A Q ' " -.Feahlre in Assem featured a bfrimgyytkotl-sraelrgmxt -iveelzie Christmas: in -lylay Prefs perflorimallee ol' "YVhy th lterm, the llmelionsumufg JO ear game Whol Oc -, H 1 ous ivhms . ' jewelry, a'P Foasillllsulouseoolligoo M h f'?7.B8llC01l jInPq1-3:12 ntry Dance cred by the ' Published by the SfUd?nl5 of V , '- .,.,.- . , R., M will he held' Foxes? GH SCHOOL X-H-,mf . .- .-.--- H , me ndre edlt d downyand seemed to laugh with the human crowd as the gious merriment of the even- ained mofentum. V They Cl5Se1've the highe Dedesffal to stand on, Only through their in that the' Prom emerged an-cl .orchide bdbfbed syslenfiiblsios d5Tw1ceInnoce11tKare 9 7 '32 By HQIO.. Facultyg Consi . I Q ight gf I-anual l6.,lf3 gl Revision. Possible Rgesgg -1- - e ,J ,. , ' 3,1-ff"if" gffgison or the V .. rooks Dnfmilfaylor bu f - Bus Strike Confuses FHH. gl I January. School Begins at 10 A.M4 7 Varsity Wipes Court 1 m me Gadfly which God im attached to the Utah. and all day long and in lll plucel am always fastening upon yon, growing and persuading' and repronchlnz , you"-Analogy by Plum. Ann. ' - by PETE WYMAN ffeffffeiining SDUFFS Silent Gift the YCHU While tripping merrily through the hall: 'l'0TL'1ql'f''F0f6St Hills High Sami, as well faculty. ,. . A Q ' I 3: as , , Fone In what is usually the most en- ' W I ' Q A ' 1 . - P at Forest Hills, the varsity basket-N . . ball. squad opposes a, combined i 1 , I. g K gre faculty and alumni team. This . .. I H ' d b t - lrh ' Er? -years score was 49-46, in favor of ' We , WS 800 ' Ye ime- GPF' 4 i the undergraduates. - - - uui ' ' 1 V my 'ns . 1 . - . K- U he 'a'mmse Whlle hankles ani' mi The 'members of the varsity came wary to class today, I stopped to ask m "Where have you been all my life?" Shocked at suchia personal question, I figure out why I'd asked it. I usually dc to myself unless no one else will listen. I c L'-E9 R' Rylfl, Principal. PUBLIC sc!-low. Nf- I - ASSrIG!1'vgN- To 1 H . DvE '1' E N T I 0 N orlflca oF'rx-xr. PRINCIPAL LEO R RYAN-vu BCHOOL ABSENT ' . P A k COMMENDATION CARD FROM REC!-F mllfpsl W uS'f'lu-fm FIRST N:"'E Q..--I ATION q ,S I -I l ff AND su are to report, to +I.- -- ' U CHOOL 5 4 am HILLS HIGH F X . FO LEO R- pf,-.N, PvnntlPa Xxx . Ayiqgool COLUMN 4 ECTION LAQE l ,M 1 T., PASS l' Sm I T ' N : be 51,0 ,il Asa I mvm A om T X R00 I WH Official Cl I iwx SZTLZT, K Date ameri K. fl O Fa ass fvacher 3, NO- I ,, v--4' , ms, I Hi . my or Il I lg asm mme XX , C131 Us r1v.,,, below C! JR, , L ' ' ' of Aviv : Om K " use Of Sus I I Mg . ,,-.k-f'1'7'f ER, f :I cm C73-vs Te f . Ion, ISISI M H-S A, Dale ffflfl , wx ll lxx -,f1--Aff' "--- : "af no - :7-mms mn-as 3. u V, Q ix .- Y 0 "4.,,ffT- N l 1 QCEZSS -XI-ff-fy B o A P. D o F E D u c AT I o N Nlxlx 9 XX! ,Q Y . I l ' .f xs se I. I Il, I THE crnf OF NEW YORK ' is , , A X l l , 1 C"""P 'l I X I DAILY A I I ENDANCE REPORT i I , X 5 l -V --- I V - osmcm. cuss :Toon oFFu:An. cuxss -rsAcHsR DA-rs 'lff ouunsa. -lawn I unscrunezw new uso. V Assam' I Pnssr W "W aovs I I f F eww 0 .Q .- " Y ' 1 8' S f ,, .- GIRLS 67 I ' ' YV , , '-O1 fi I 1- ' 7, TOTAL. I I 110221, L L s , 41,1 Yam 1 Sire If I K V I ,, et 0 - GWUP Asssrrr sous. v-.c. LATE H 5 .i ' 1 nun.-1 mms sms-r mu asm- FAMu.v NAM: Fmsv LE0 R por C H 'f W , 1 RYAN est H 0 0 Z . I uw vol-14 Y " PEM 1113 65,141 I In G'moN,c11g':Cn00b 'Y f -f Deal. C-IPAL I' N' Yi! I U 1 som, orygw mwls 1x1CLmNcl,,,., Y I golf ' ,NAN- uio R' 7 ' ' 4 X 5 Q' s h - ' 55 - ,. e r Imaam. PPI thorn 1 c G ,taxon , A QBOOK N We ard issue RECEIPT zndh ff to ff ,md 'Um' ,fd N RC I Pm.I-l-lmlw Nam S I I . "' -'-'-4 cmd of mm' I ull, 1 N'-V" ..f , " I Uliflll I 'U001' , QQ ul 2,1 PM ,. , V Q :-num rm... I ,QM I 1 HLCEIPT STUB I F A SL... Em. 1-nl, P5'm,.N:5l, '..,, ws -l--W .mf cuff: ' E I 'ig . emi To mscHARGE dm W A Mm' my---. ,. 2,1 nm ol ll, L" I Hu' 5 ., we ff, XZ nf-P-508 rf! Q not rlllmlll, 111 Od Vs 2. V' mein l f I T ff 'I ,gp N ,V frslas-Glllmlmj I QORY-5 l f A'f'ff,. wig, I el-,don , f' I A "7 f'l,,,, :I 4-71QN 'x'x,X I Room ,,..---f V -In IV A Q II If " - ,. .,,. "M" 'paw "f""J' f . f' P . Y ,Aff xr pawns. and gm wx I, + 74 7- N nf' 'ved by :Tied mess lheioums mlm . K , f fl JILL c- , game ...Vv - , Nm-SENT YF 5 fl! K W Y , Q.: 5001 J he W0 For-est ,, I 'XI 1 "'fw,, , 4 1 S TWC of ,,A,, M, I me, Hills Hi ff' il ,, ' OH 1 A Dxpxom .. ama-mms M1 01 0 fTo!IjECD0TAL15l?.'Schou1 RN RX' ff ' , If fzl Dol' To Sw-Damn. on progfwti xc C CHASGE NMR of Pu I -'Ned wld, me CORD R J ' , in mol, I .V mm ov ,-aI Z pl! Had of S! lvo 0 . ua ., fp, A ll 1 . ll wi I Tnvf RUTH Mme ol Oh no I ISI , U.. f- ' if l Src H , i ' J!Wf,-f' RO? GMM q?x nm. fri, Nm, 'Q Dfscllman 'sbix Plug Kconxinul, nn oth: X M A V, , W ...W H ,..,.,. , V l sidel: -x: :F t 6 md wana ,, ,,. - Z..----f' , xi I , iff, wwf, . ...,., :Q ---A M r N-A V V Mgwq, ' - vcxdff F217 llvzsuu, I ,. mt M J ,N I 6 ,A ' g me Changes 0 equcsuv My reasons im' K A ,, M .,,,, . . med aye mx ' 'V -V ' I me iw-S Wag, .,, couvsdo' V ' Q" 'ind and he Nd' V 1 S pst! we, mo 1 ,L , , st ,gem nd dcIX Uxakz Bn, Quan sul-,.,m ' Ti me YCQBC Ce bdow 3 00vM,y,,, I il'l .,, s-nu-1-As img-S l - vhe 593 F P ----R, lmu, - I 5"'1wm, ROGRAM ll. W I - fl- --x 1 N CARD ' 4.1 Mfxfirlw : M217 "1J 4 me . fuk ,I--:---R J 'V'--IRIX T Z'l'A'--A--f--J, el-'lu-N-+4 1 ,, X WX "'---N- I I 'ARP-I-nu l H+ I N V XX -1.1 N ' Iii 1--lg-M T4 I 'S fJ., L , ,l 5 --, il 'Qu-,X 1 . ' llg 3, pls ' V- A .'.ALAvwih7 tIR"i:L-,fY5 I S X iw ycW"" th I . Chl +-,Y l S I R S nu ,V " 'RIN-gi X Pkml 'xx 'F-f-i . ,mn in 5 .ff ,S rw--Y, I Q' " SOCIAL STUDIES HON 5-4' "' SOCIETY IJ amd ',.-,.i'I wb "ir1 ,I III 5 m 6 Q ,I,.,S LOWE 'vo SIII f A Q35 A I ,- 'FI' 0 f qs T' 'A I nf? W G PL 57 A D O fl AWE 1 'Q' ,, 1" SENIOR ARISTA G.O. SENATE U :I IPI 21 SQUAD SCIENCE HONOR SOCIETY 17 'III MATH CLUB FRENCH-AMERICAN STUDENT T f E1 ffl "TT ,Q T T A ' V. 'L n 'Q :I in Q E 2 E V , F 1 . . A , t' ' T Y- 'T-1 . ,Sf T if ' jf gf? '. W n in ' F5Gf5fi'3"5G fn Q ' S LEADERS CLUB DEBATING AND DISCUSSION CLUB V, 4,1-5. ' 1 sw T ,,j":.iT:. 'T ,f ENGINEERING CLUB O '98 Sf- ' 4- 4 f A Q .I ' , g 1.44" 7 - . gg, 43 I 5 gpsagmsa, 'W 9 A-V PROJECTION SQUAD BIO LAB SQUAD 953 FLYING PENS LIBRARY SQUAD L4 ,Ia '? GREETERS' CLUB BAND S! P ' ff, Y '91 Qp '90 1 f X J' ? f 6:9 63: HOSTESSES NEWMAN CLUB 5 milf, I Av X X Q' x 1 1 , E N PX X. TIQAY PRODUCTION CHESS CLUB in 'Y L SW A, A 5 W, X -- f ,ASQ-Q A , fx ff 4 WWAA 1 X if , , in .55 ni, ,, EM HF N fx 1:13653 53 gb V 'Q?f,,J.ef , ,.4. P N ' A V 4 X ,X ,gg X- 1 4 'V W' W-ffffk fc.. X , f x 9 ' , H , 100 -Q. A 65- 3 GB ' - ,dd-ff x i THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES ln the time allotted for the traditional dervish dance upon the greensward, each being discovers one spot that to him is forever sacred and inviolate: for many of us it will be this cheerful brick building where after, say, the rigours of gym, we rested our bumped-twisted-and-traveled posteriors while trying to figure why x equalled 26 instead of 37. Some will look at it with gleeful ioy when all they remember is loitering by the flagpole or walking the halls without their program cards after having been expressly forbidden to do so. Some will give it only a passing glance, seeing it as a place from which they gladly escaped. But . . . for the others, it is an Eden left behind. Here, they were forced to discard careless ways and begin to question the why and wherefore of all things. This, then, is the place they will yearn for when time has passed and even a fool would never dream of asking them to touch their toes. Around this place, the sun will always fall comfortingly. Eternally the trees will wear the fresh green of spring. The scoffers will not see these things nor will they call to mind the time when all days wore a halcyon complexion and swaggering cavaliers marched gaily Cif subconsciously a trifle ill at easel, side their chosen ladies. Perhaps, they will sense vaguely that something is missing, though unlike Peter Pan and his shadow, no one will know exactly what or how to go about finding it. No one, that is, except the dreamers, for they will never have lost it. Here, within familiar walls, they can come back, at any time, and even as gray and settled as the rest, looking backward for a stolen moment, they will be young. Linda Greengard X V T v' s 2 XXX V X X. N i A 'x X xx ee' X T X Z ililiiiifihi by X ggyy ig , , X X l N W ii ff T by-ff fy f f f , , .,,,.,,,v f ,,,,,, 4, , 1 ,, I y Q, gf 51 'K ' Mhz vs-'A l f 61 7' W' f 'l f l N XX WK 2 x i" -""f T V ,mi M X X, Wham tm A Q Q af CT ' , 1 , at N Q Miclis . rx Q ., y ' , .R D ' Q' K . A1'4 if . fn 5 - 4 . , 54,43 , gg 1, ., , jgf.-.-:rp 4. ,ff ,pi .- 'V " - v A ':r f' ,," fwvrw .7 'mv ,fff-Y , ' ,, 4 , ,fwgzffww ' Q , F"M1f"'Afwfvww'f II, ,vb 1 - -j . XX 7h'W f , 4. Q, 0 ," if W, x ' sf' 'I , , . vnu f5,',',., Y., T A S4 ff f' , , 1. H ' ' J 4 - 'A I I N N x - W' fe ., 'X ,. ? f 3 y V .4 1 X RN' v Y f , f f Q , s " ff :Q-.. s if ffw ,f -' "' X ww .. , w X l' lg S .W 'E 4, 1 f X. u0:: , 061 gy, 1-1 -. Q- fi 1, .. s , A A , A 1 ff 3 I W. ,,-: 1-4 ,-11:4 " fa " , A,:Q A " , V-f--'fi 4 ' 4 Q X 'aj W , ,, If - ' i ,,,,,,,. f ?r"P4f,.,g35QQ , ' f X l, Z ,, L2 ' 3.35433 4 X A ",.. ,.,,, 'di 0 1 ' ,pf "yy, 'K 'qv 'ETF' . V' V4 If ,y if ' -Q- 's w'- ,-A -1 --Q., ' " . N I -sa-...Q 5 ii vu I ,A . E41 ' 'Que-5-, X F'-5x"q,4, 5 ty.: I5 . I 64, ,-,,, .Ej Q f dx' 'Wg alla'-1 K A -. if ' - 'XF9 u Eh' , , , , - ----0 N "-Msv . qv- '-f, I .-A " .rg I ' 3.2 ' -rrvf-""t 1 H c ,. l.aV,.. 1 , uv'-.g,,gn1 - H----L--f'f f' Q, A lr. f 1 V , --,,,,.fv- ' V f 'I 1 ' ' fax ' I 1. r ." 'Q V ' X, fi Q 'Q-v 12-x' ' 1' A A ' 5-bs., Ei. X 11' ,- ' sm " nun H P Kimi . r V ' sh. Wind 'Viv 'ff .-L , i l X la' A' v , , fs, la 1 41 - - ,Feminine Appggl at F. H. Q X. N"-A A, Jes OF '55 .xx If 5, -x 3 ,. o 4 s,,N I N.. A x X I , W ' i 1 X X If . QC XM-...,, X V .K 'figqfxi- , 'srl . 4- L -11 .S ' V . " W' ,AQ 4 ' ,AM sQQgiQZQQDmvx,Qi2?f AES, M x 'Q .'!V , X: 2324, GRN, ,-,Y . ' x . -W2 A,,', '5f1'ff1g.rv!HXg', qwrx 'EWQ9ii5viMwQ5? 1 'Y ? X xf x 5 f' X x EAL V' I ,Ap4,vw, xv vi-.K 1 -" NF ' 2 -L hw-wfyf-ma,,X w'x. V M f, f fs, ,,315XwX' A ' w w2Q,9?'+- '."'?,X: , HRW , . X at V ,Q 5 ,X A' if .. . ww' A 'U 1 ,Z , ,f,Nw. W , fr if 'y .. Vi 6. S' vhs Li: 3 ,J x, 'Jef ' WV AM ' gy? VW' A AA may X K E 4' 1 2, smMgV HiL S4 A? fJLiKAIiQ,T' n- 1- phi! K , W, E,:,,, ff we . x V' ::-'K' 7 V i b V X 4 Q W is N a. 'f s ,MW Q5 t -41? X V c ,1 ,W as 4 ,M pf , 1 .Q-' JH- , , Q ELFks,,rj?f ff l' A , . ,.f,nn-up-Q., MH.. 421 Nm? Hiya Watha By the shores of Flushing Bay By the U.N. Housing Proiect Sits that ever famous building Known to all as Forest Hills Come to that wigwam, large and learned Braves from all surrounding woodlands And amidst them, hale and hearty Comes little freshman known as Watha He enters now Tepee of learning Book under arm and pencil sharpened Through halls he walks with silent tread Until he scouts out home room section Here he meets now new sub-chief Courageous leader of the sub sub tribes Now he goes to strange new courses Learns new language, learns of Caesar Taught by sub-chiefs, smart and witty Watha wrestles with trig and nometry Eat his deer meat in the lunch room Called by tribal name - cafeteria Warriors brave patrol this eating place Known by that famed name of Chief Lapp's marshals They seek with threats of Indian torture Birch bark with a mark by sub chief After many moons of learning Love comes to our little Watha For in class of strange new language Sits Indian maiden Minnie Haha Now together through learned wigwam Stroll Minnie and Watha hand in hand Who face together the brave fierce marshals And learn together from Chief Alma Mater Watha no longer a brave young freshman He now has gained to new scout status Called a senior in tribal lingo A position of title to our proud Watha Soon he will seek another hunting ground And new adventure will claim our young hero Comes the day long awaited for the final pow WOW The great chief signs the Laudatory Wampum And we leave our little Watha As he steps from learned tepee To search new woods with his Indian maiden Minnie ln that ever loved village - Sacred Hill of the Forest. 7? 91 95 By the shores of Flushing Bay By the U.N. Housing Project Sits that ever famous building Known to all as Forest Hills. Sheila Burke ALMA MATER Words and Music by Wilbur Hamje Let us raise a song To Alma Mater strong! Our guide and stay, she'll be for aye, Her pow'r will long sustain us. When we must part, Deep-graven in each heart Will live fond thoughts of yesteryear, Of days at FOREST HlLLS. THE F.H.'s HANDBOOK FOR INCOMING FRESHMEN I. DIETARY LAWS A. B. C. A piece of bread must accompany daily specials, such as corn, potatoes, AND spaghetti. All melba toast and "rabbit" food must be digested with ice cream. The cafeteria ceiling, in order to maintain high standards set by past Hillites, must be plastered thoroughly with straws and butter pats. II. HALL PROCEDURES A. Passes may be replaced only by Senior hats. B. Warning all marshals: "Respect your elders!" C. Drop what you're doing when the pledge begins. . . Remember you're in Forest Hills now. III. LOCKER REGULATIONS A. Prepare excuses BEFORE leaving coats in friends' lockers. B. Gym locks must remain open at all times for inspection and honesty drills. C. Materials must collect in lockers until the last day of every term. IV. TEACHER TECHNICALITIES A. B. C. Favors should be requested only during first or last periods, when the teachers are either invigorated from rest or too tired to say no. Do not solicit the use of ink unless you've a penny handy. Good marks are never achieved by asking teachers ques- tions that are difficult to answer. We, the graduating class of June, 1955, have abided faithfully by the above rules. While they are subiect to amendment, they can never be revised, as students, te'achers, and traditions fcommon only in Forest Hillsj live on forever. 3:10 .......... Freshman ..... Sophomore ...... Junior ........ . Senior.. Dorothy Harter Frances lger get out at four anyhow. . . . .........I'm staying in to help my teacher. . have to do work this afternoon .........l've got detention. . . . v A 5 VX, nv K xx X 1 Nalj X .J I WQ J 'f4W nv gs , Tl?" can X QW 9 A 'fax N oat? 'P P D 'l T X ' -9 v O L! ,.--nl' A 1 A ,MG X 2? y ixX 'f, T N 'aw ME? f- f' 1 'Q as .V wg f Q , 1 , Q10 l 69 fa if ww ,f of' -,,,,,.-'X fi 5 O39 A ff X .. af ll . ' ' 1 -1 'ff' ' ' fi 4' X Mme Defpoarib 'rmyr-e. all clomg rl' ' ' 433.55 I faf24lEw. 3 I ., . -Q Kiwi Q K, W fi, .. 0 Bn' ' 1 99' i f H f fxa W ,f lk T 3 , - L . ' M , fff fq i gf f Q i , 461 g QX A? F f has My X f70.X f , 5 L, I yf --ff? M 4 f X 5 5 47 'ig rl +. fpmQQ62LN Q xJ.f 1 Q4 K cv W7 A Sf fwfr v I N f rx DoN7r FR!:T lame, A f ' , Vou cAN'1' r-1eMoQrZE Y., X X' N 1 1 yi-NS. oem IAXSYORVVINAK! X V A Nl' owe Nxunx AN uf --- 1 L j xq X 2 I ,,,,,, X 1 v MOV N SC ff af' Y Ewlggigifg HE LX QT 'xfxg E' E k -4? ' K N A g??EggEfVG5NT5?A if 0 f L : X V EIS 4 x X M so VX ' ' O " C 0 :I xr F X Y inf Q' T f ff f ' Lf ' M QQ f 1 Wg, 6, X W , s fi ,..,, 8 fwauqkx N 53 , Z .I K , 1 XX , vi Q g ? Q xv, .S O , RE V fgp X kg-J q 5 H..-" 9 y 'V 1 Z "NonEDffF':???DlQ12a?f!e tl ff 'I - X I sewxons . I W X Q 1 ff CB,!-.i.L-E11-3 KW f J Q L ,A fax , P X R 'Q ' fgnil., 4341 - WN, fu, M IX- Q XV 'I fi? ! 1 ZA ', X iii' Qlila Q72 . ,ff fa ffiljzfgga 1 ? 2 4 3 XX XXX Q 6 1 ? , L Xxx R A ., Xqxzfl N 'X f fav-1 59 M Efifin W I A 1 wx f , X KK? ,gi f " ,U ,ry X 'N !' , ' . ..' if 32 f W' NX , vffg gi- 9 ' X K 'ff' If R . Q l XY, xca iu 1 , X Eumoaf v KA., CX 17 ' N NJ f, , , vii R W kj l, 41' - A ! 1' ' qsmv. WEAMN6 N Rr 'ru g,f,HgQ,,.'! l "MAYBE HE WILL' C 5.0 ya cf 4 N X Y f X, .Q f 5 KW SENIOR DOES HND PRQN1 f 4 BAY THAT THIS YEAR 1 HAPPX ' awe ARE NO JANUARY GRADUATES 65 7, 7655 s jf f 1, 2 , ' X fy 1 7 ? 7 X f x ff! 'T QQ l Q. , 1 , ' ' ,J 713 H fig V ff! , 'SHI 'fi 1 fM+f?'W7 125 f- , !,,, X 'ilk - fiff f Q3 A-mia Q J j 1 , 6 Qfxl ,lv Q5 Q7 Q I, Qffii ' fb, U 3 , Q, V! X 1 WW Q 4 ' 'R' X Q 'V 55 X X ' C-A 1 Www' Q -.I xx 1+-5.23 X x:Lr X . ' . ff 9 , Qi 'UW ' Xlq N 1' 1 8 M ff , L 122' J lj XXQEX ', , jf xf. M f yi f , W QQ,-SM M 3 MT! V51 S Q fi W W W W ,W y . if 5 I X iz, MAYBE HE WONT cmL.,. ff! , X2 , ix , I ,I X-j' 2' J I X ' - - , XL-'yt' -.I N . K ,, I fm, ,., 4,4-fm 'A f ,V W we I A J ,af 5 . ' . :Lgzfi if f JZ, - tl.. if ' I I 7'f ml .. ' I 0 I 'Q' -I 'H I' F I ' ' 11 f, -X, wvinr .4 1? T' V - 231, .. mga? :S ,asf N :::... ,nl , 2, Em- . ' . ' az 45:11 .::., f - --ff' . - w , . X F HH 1. . y ul sax J I 'I' I I ' . ' I Y,,-ff-v"' ,I . W' V ' Z' 'T I , ,-1 . ff, :nit H2521 5 ' Wy M. I, I W, 551+ gm! 4 ,if ,IJ .fy ' . ry rf' L, A ,za I'-tlwgf q ""'z X Lg ' ,' 1' I-:H - -ew--I ' I' , .ft wt . V - ef if-F' ' , ' "nf, ' - .-2 THE AWAKENING So come, and listen, Freshman. A Senior and a Freshman PGY heed fo ml' UCIVICG- Were walking by the school. MY voice is Qeffing wevker Said the Senior, "When I entered, And I SITUVIII fepeal if twice. Ah, me, I was a fool. But now, just four years later I feel that I am wise, For as I look on Forest Hills, I see with Senior eyes. 110 X ,Y When I first came to Forest Hills The doors were opened wide. Three thousand upperclassmen Beckoned me inside. V I rushed with youthful eagerness, ,f I wanted so to learn. It all seemed so inviting ' That I wondered where to turn. The day when classes started L I was so deeply thrilled. I A feeling of awakening l Was then in me instilled. f I spied the shining marble steps. ' SENIOR smms, I read. I longed to reach the topmost stairl But would not dare to tread. ,V V , I knew the day would come at When I'd Iook down and see Three thousand underclassmen, Gazing up at me. I joined in all activities, I unIatched every door. I strove to give my services For rewards that were in store. I rushed through the busy halls At Iast! this was my schoolf Till I found the passes worthless For the tower swimming pool. 95 v -V X , FW I 4 ' , But when I was a Senior I indulged my little whim, And invited all the Freshmen To join me for a swim. The time has come," the Senior said To talk of this and that. Of why we pay our Senior dues, And wear our Senior hat. Of why we have a saddened heart As memories unwind, As we see three thousand underciassmen Close the doors behind." Rena Young 1 + 4 , .1 ' J 9" 'fi ! ' X- ' i 1 I tk f iran iz. 2 ...I 1 ! ,."T2f:iff:Fr-r ,up I - ,A f,.' fb! ' xy :J , f f ', ' f 12 ff- y f ug x :M 115 Q31 Q ,c lf' My j 'Flu f,, . 4: A . '1 ' xxx:- I, uf i1l!H" 5,,, M., a g .f .. 'J fi? , Q . , . ,, 4 '. f,.v ., wg A . ,af Mk. 547 v x, 7:6 I, . S 5? A . X X 'fi' 3. . ' K li ,L , Rhllf NL Q 0 4 1 uw, .Q"f', Q Q s ' L .1 64 4. , 1, Q, ' Q04 'lihuiuuua .,,a,,'f. as as ,, 1 4 4 lv o 49, .,v.a,a n' . 0 :D v4o!f-wvlnpsarvn. 6.5 X x 4' v F' hug,-Ld ,nv M G. --4' .9. 4 Intl :Wg D .. if ,I "hh , 7 --v.f.,,1 1 4? lf . f' r 5 E Z WJ 1 'ffl Q, G I ,S 4 72 - I 1 I ' . ? 4 1 .. :X 'T ff 1, fi , 'nys ' - 'x 'JL' L I 5 Agn 4 3 M , , , - . 1 f Q- - 1, , ' .rl ,:' if L V, 7fE','f1. f Q- 7 A V A-rf , ' 1-447 :TL . M Q "M ' ,fp,m','.r WY V4 ,Mflk ' ' ' E 1 ' P rf! i,,,,MM Y 1, ,-. 5 SQ" , 31 7 e ZW, fa u wa , , 'fa f ' s as ,f 3' '. Y, , ' -ff, P V , W 'vw . f , . ' - - V 'A f I ' V A ' . QQ 1 ? ' If Y ,B i 1. ,z-1 Q KY g 'mn W aww U ff GREETINGS ALUMNI The day was gay, the day was bright Graduation is here, new lite's in sight We shall bid farewell and 'leave our fair High For we leave Alma Mater with nostalgic sigh. The days, though, will return, with memories clear We wonder and think ot the days then so dear .... What happened to whatsis, where's dear ol' Joe Smith? How will we know, is there no end to this myth? There is a way for Forest Hills to be known still The Alumni Bulletin, there's a way when there's a will For we did subscribe, and monthly does it come And remind us of school days, of laughter and of fun Our addresses we gave, upon long sought graduation Now it's news and reunions we hold, in anticipation The reunion, which yearly calls alumni from far The marriage of Joe G., the birth of Joan R. They're all right there, in the Bulletin much read So give your addresses when you leave your 'stead We leave now the portals, the tower looms tall But she will always remain, as symbol to us all For Alumni knows all, we hear all the news And memories remain, we never lose view So remember the Association ot Alumni so great And sign the list before it's too late . . . No! No! lt's never too late .... n f-.gqvigw . ST' 'gf -91 Tfrfff- 159-A, mfg . f" . gr 'Q " FN' I-FL, f. 45: A " 1"- ,-,- ,O 'Qs ' 'Q,x wf'+i4m5.a iw- ' fy fg. vii --Y " :ffxf 1'?7 r 3?'?4 fi " - V , 'IF 4? x,:'.'-5.1, , " " 'W' . - ' if xif f . . , K hw! 515' "' 'A . ' 'qjf ' f" - . 1- - --:f 4 '1 7'f3'-"'.'.f-ne w ' A - . .--gm Tix 7535 ' if . 'K -- -K if ' ' Q:-' L' "J .. 1' fig--,W-X-'i 'Q -fwfkgm, f 'Q KIQQQL I 'II VM' .,- ffl- ,gy :A I1 I I ' .1 r r W H 4, 'I QUJQIC, I ,A III 5 17 3 - m- f '.gJ 4 A , A . i, Q 5 ' 5,1351 I I' 1, , -:Sr .QS-Y-,5"5VK ffggg..3,, In Ei' IAISX ' QI, tw .qqgi ""T " if-I::ES'i, 7f.I.wgg8A 531524745 1g'yf:.f,?I?!'5" ! , X It M1 X5-I, N - g ,I vm .xx I I, ' Wu. , 51: .--. gk -:I.fI- ,JII IAI 1,1 . I , NI A A -A IF,, ,,4,., ' , ,I - ,jqgf Q f . ' A ' ' -fig?"'i"'1'-W-f15:A'f316Fr, gg, ,f --qt' A ,Q fy - 11,1 GW! X-56 - its 'iff wife- X N , ' ' 'iff ' ww H mf' "- 4- w,cfrT,ff, 'H+ ' Hx EAT: X if L 5 eh N . 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BOulevord 3-0517 Prompt Delivery KAHN'S MEAT MARKET QUALITY MEATS, POULTRY and PROVISIONS 66-75 SELFRIDGE STREET Forest Hills New York TWining 7-238i DION'S HAIRDRESSERS 99-19 QUEENS BLVD. Compliments of . PENGUIN LUNCHEONETTE T03-T5 QUEENS BLVD. IL 9-9837 Forest Hills Complimenfs of . M. WIDMER ANNE'S BEAUTY SHOP All Branches of BEAUTY CULTURE and PERMANENT WAVING 81-21 LEFFERTS BLVD. BO 8-9843 Kew Gardens, L. l. HEgeman 3-9022 Open Evenings RIDGE FURNITURE CO. "Everyfhing for fhe Home" CASH OR CREDIT 815 SENECA AVENUE Cor. Cornelia Sfreef Ridgewood, Brooklyn 27, N. Y. Complimenfs of . DR. ROBERT A. JACOBS Complimenfs of . . PINSKY'S STATIONERY STATIONERY and SCHOOL SUPPLIES To Safisfy Sfudenfs' Needs Compliments of . MURRAY F. ROSE, D.D.S. 99-32 66th ROAD Forest Hills, N. Y. Twinang 7-4700 FEMINA BLOUSES - SKIRTS - SPORTSWEAR 96-18 QUEENS BLVD. Rego Park 74, N. Y. Compliments of . F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 71-14 AUSTIN STREET Forest Hills, L. I., N. Y.. 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PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY 93-17 63rd DRIVE ILIinois 9-3564 - 3565 Rego Park, N. Y. TO THE SUCCESS OF THE 1955 FORESTER A PARENT TW 7-0648 LA CHARMANTE FOUNDATIONS - UNDERWEAR - BEACH WEAR HOSIERY 99-09 QUEENS BLVD. Forest Hills 74 EXPERT CORSETIERES All Garments Custom Fitted . . BEST WISHES . . PARENTS' ASSOCIATION F.H.H.S. C plimenis of . . BEST WISHES TO METROPOLITAN INDUSTRIAL BANK THE GRADUATING CLASS OF ' QUEENS BLVD. af 66th ROAD Foresf HIIIS' N' Y' Mr. 84 Mrs. A. BLUMSTEIN NEMOW TABLETS THE SUCCESS OF Give prompi relief from "periodic pain.' TI1ey're New, DiHerenfI THE SENIOR cLAss OF 'ss Em C,,,,,,,,S uf, Dem, Relieve Headaches A FRIEND NEMOW COMPANY sRooKLYNf N Mr. 8. Mrs. A. Ball Bobbi and Norman George Boenau Al Bruder Mary Bruder Mr. 8. Mrs. John Colgan Community Book Shop Al Daitch De Luxe Drive-ln Cleaners David 8. Kathleen Farsang Mrs. Fanny Forman Hugo Freund Mr. 8. Mrs. Philip Gershen Mr. 8. Mrs. M. Goldenstein Flo Grayson Maurice Grayson Mr. 8. Mrs. Ralph Hannington Dr. 8. Mrs. Harry M. Harter Mr. 8. Mrs. R. Haynes Fred Hewitt Mr. 81 Mrs. David L. Holzer Mr. 81 Mrs. Lawrence lger J 8. G Luncheonette Dr. 8. Mrs. J. Jacobowitz Edward Jaslow Rosalie Kaplan llsa Klotzman Barry Lasner Mr. 81 Mrs. Ben Lionell Foods 24 Section 2Hl Section 2F2 Section 4P'l Section 4P2 Section 4H2 Section 4F3 Section 4H3 Section 4H4 Section 4P4 Section 4F4 Section 4H5 BOOSTERS Mrs. Milton G. Loefiler Maxine Loubel Morris Ludmerer Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Machiz Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry Mass 8. Family' Steven Nathan Susan Orgler Sol Pred Student Tours Barbara Ratner Francine Rick Gary 81 Sheryl Rosen Edith Rosenblum Nedra Rosing Mr. 8. Mrs. Sidney Sawyer Mr. 8. Mrs. S. Scharfer Charlie Shapiro Morris Shapiro Showgirl Hair-Stylists Phil 81 Millie Simon Mr. 8. Mrs. Thomas Smith Florence K. Stephens Steve and Nimi "TROPICANA" Fresh Orange Juice Eric Weiniger Mr. 81 Mrs. Raphael H. Weissman Mr. 8. Mrs. E. Westler Isabell Williams Madeline Williams Mr. 81 Mrs. I. Jesse Winter David Zimmerman li Section 4F6 Section 4F7 Section 4F8 Section 4H8 Section 4F10 Section 6H'l Section 6P2 Section 6H5 Section 6F6 Section 6P7 Section 6F7 Section 6P8 Section 6F9 Section 6Pl0 Section 8P'l Section 8H2 Section 8P3 Section 8P4 Section 8F4 Section 8H4 Section 8F5 Section 8P5 Section 8P6 Section 8P7 Section 8P8 THE COMET PRE NEW YORK w w r V 1 , ff "' ,fgf ,ff - !,,-f"""""W X yff' ,ffff ff' ff ' 'Z -h-,. "E+ vig - Q- 4. W. XJ 3,6 4 ,4- 1. Q A T. -V299 'xii Ub . nf.:-X H , xv.. -u...,, , 4. -f.4'v

Suggestions in the Forest Hills High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest Hills, NY) collection:

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