Forest Hills High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest Hills, NY)

 - Class of 1953

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Qgvswg K HW .7 ' 5912 . 1 uf? '. 'WJ WSE T in 'wr -is K .Wi A 5 5' -:5:::g:4. '. ' 8,-M .... ., "" -:f::.. , ,, : zfi ffiiff- "" ' 1' if .A if Q? H' 1:.:::5::s:"Av-' sEEEf 1 4:4-z-z-'--213.1 1 - . ..,,. ci 'S ' , -' K 1522. ""2s::..r4i21w:s2r125? . ' ,, 541 , Q W- 'g: 3:1-g :4:' f:' - .1 n'Qf:.,-:.:- :-g.,1. ,.N.:.: -13:5 . V ff E 3 1:52 .:.-5. M 'wsiazf -:K . 11 13 1 u e. . if -22.52.31-.f " Vim-4' I 9' figs 2 f:5:5,A, '. flaw . -' J .' ' 45, r I fgwvf 'W'-:::::5. ' .':-.iff .ff- --N ' .v- . ,,,.A "" 'g5,1:52g:11'fIsg::, "1:1-sitflmx Q,,,55525.gs55:'.g5e5QQ?-51. '4:'T'1 , 1 "" Q"' ,P Q3 L' nag" Q-flf' "" 'J 4Q:7:7"'fv:E:? 1 " gm- gg. px.-5, M ,.,.A., :5E5f5i?f- "W ' 222,-' , ..,.:- g : :A ' AZ' 5"5' 13 A-gr! 2 ,. 33,2 Ri' , ,:-::4 1 .1 :jf-' ' ::fEA'g:3:f .5 p , ., . :gil W 2:2:2.- 'G " -1 " .. Q ,uf 1 '14-, , ':.s.:5:f:ss: . ---4 f Wm. ffgffffififiiff fra- "f:E5EfE:2fQfQ5ffj5A5'- ,,, af 1: 4 31231 -:A :'5'5'5'-1-ag.-, 5:3 ' 5.35 ,uh ' 91 .Q:5.' ,5', """'Ww,,,. .. 5455: - 'H-.f.,, , :aff ix ' - ' . - ,-52 ,lff i Ev, 'mf'-"' ':::Z5513Er:5?'-. ffAf'f" -51535 f ' 7-l2 : ?i5frfr1 1 -:A:1:,.,. V ,1EfESE5E5E3E:fi'S29f,R + :::::::f?E?:'-HRHRV: g , ::5:5'f-fff :::ffffffEiE1:1- M X ol? rib 'P 441 r an H5 XQ' , S M-wi.. , , rv- , " haw- In. ffl' , .ann mann ,W '55 Ms bww ,Q-din. 1 J a we joredfer FOREST HILLS HIGH SCHCOL LEO R. RYAN, PRINCIPAL 0 J LI N E I 9 5 3 FQREST HILLS, NEW VQIQK R. RY Dear Friends: May I congratulate you upon attaining your graduation from high school and compliment you upon the fine scholastic and activity record you maintained while at Forest Hills. I am sure that you will give most generous recognition to the unselfishness of your parents who, by their devotion and help, have contributed in such large measure to your success. I wish you success in whatever field you are now embracing and may you offer to the fulfillment of your future careers a wholesome- ness of purpose and an integrity of character without which material success is of little importance. A Sincerely yours, Principal . J STAFF LITERARY EDITORS LILLIAN ECKER DOROTHY KLEINMAN IRENE Nownms STAFF Anne Bartlett Eva Berg Jeanne Charhonneau I.ouis Davidson Sihiia Ehrenicranz Sandra Fiichtenfeid Joan Gallatin Judy Hyman Edward Isenherg ART EDITOR Eleanor AndeweIt Judy Averbach John Bischoff Rya Chaitin Rhoda Darroit Miriam Eckhaus Deborah Epstein Rochelle Katz Dave Kissinger Doree Kiegfeld Barhara Korchien Niarion Levine Anne Liehrnan Sandra Iwlvilin Ixfiarion Newman Sai Vvestreich STEPHANIE WOODS I'IeIen Fehr .Ioan Goldsmith Eiien Lonner Elizabeth Matz Joei IVIiIIer Sharon Pottish Irwin Schmaiherg BUSINESS STAFF Cynthia Bender Ryu Chailin Cynthia Donner Iviiriam Eckhaus Stephen Friedman Barham Crayhoff Barbara Korchien Brenda IVIorris Arlene Myers RCUIJCII XKIHSSCFITIEID IVIartin Yudeii Herta Zoiier ADVISERS Art JOSEPH CASCIO Business EVELYN NIORHOLT Literary ETHEL DIFFENDERFER BUSINESS STAFF HRT SYRFF SENYOR COUNCIL 'NI' Am W' if I ck, 40 39 Q .An if ig I -91 if 1-M 2 'San- -37-Q. 1 f X - Q SX ? 'Es ,sf w L' A A X "'If wx. ,i JUNE 1953 MISS MORHOLT .Iechcafion To in-nuty and lo lfllilil, To joyous memories we will vilerisll liorvvvr. To lasling frienclsimips deeply rooted in our lwaris. To all wllo vc-nlure iorlil wilil spiril nncl clelerminnlion, Xve, lime seniors oijunv l933, clecliralc- our Forvsfvr. If, I'IIII.II'I'S IJ, KISSINGER N. SFIIICK A. CLASS R. XVEISS Cfaoa .Maier it was on a bright September morning in 1949 that a mob numbering over iive hundred trooped through the sacred portals of Forest Hills High School, their home for the next four, or possibly more, years. They plodded along, clutching in their moist little hands the postcards on which their names had been inscribed. They also carried the incriminating evidence that really marked them as "Freshmen": the big blue Home Contact Cards that stuclc out like sore thumbs. Vvhen their shalcing could be controlled they spoke thus: "What school are you in?" "Forest Hills High School, of course." "Don't you lcnow that Forest Hills is divided into three schools: Forest, Hill, and Parlc? Now what school are you in 7' "379." After the tirst few weelcs of buying swimming pool passes, lioor spots in the gym- nasium and elevator passes, threats of washing the Senior Staircase with a toothbrush. and cringing at the sight of dreaded marshals, we settled down to the slow process ol malcing our imprint on the school. When October rolled around, some of the Big Time Operators of the class put on their Sunday best, and after sufficient prodding by the parents, got up enough nerve to aslc "that cute young thing" in General Science to "Black Magic," the tirst dance of the season. The dance was the debut of the freshmen in school social lite. And then. on a cold mid-December night, the curtain rose on Play pro's production ol "Arsenic and Old i.ace,n something that very iew ol our freshman drama critics will ever forget. in the first year, the impression the freshmen made was faint, but we were acquiring the Forest Hills tradition. irwin Schmalberg and Harry Friedland, interviewed by a Beacon reporter, said Lunch was their favorite period and the girls were pretty. A girl interviewed at the same time said Lunch was her favorite period and the boys were horrible. Our first year was over and we were ioolcing forward to the peaceful summer ahead of us. The summer was liar from the peaceful one that we had hoped for, as war had hrolcen out in Korea and once again our country was battling to iceep democracy sate. Sophomore Year "The Fabulous Five Hundred" were augmented by three hundred novices from junior high school. The extra-curricular activities were banned, but that didn't iceep us big wise sophomores down too much, although it did perhaps hinder us from showing the school how versatile we really were. in December a concert was given and members oi our class were prominent in both the orchestra and the band. Martin Yudell, our class nightingale, was made a member ol' the All City Chorus, and Louise Falcetti ofthe All City Orchestra. Our first election made Herbert Henschel a senate representative. David Kissinger copped a prize in the G.O. talent show with his hot trumpet playing. Pierre Sprey won a scholarship to a French drama group and Mitch Zucicer was sent to a Junior Red Cross convention as a representative of our school. That year in the assembly the class saw two plays: "As You Like it" and "A Christmas Carol." KP' 'Riga 11 ef X X rf ff F7 .Q ii ,gf ar Q f-sg ,V 'S' iii . ff .Mira . 6- .Gff ' f an itil ,ff tj , ,i If 51 if J : i ik x QW raw .A,mpT,, kr' ., , it ff li,,a , I 6.3 A, ann. ' -"Ce 5 'jg 'fl' fm 1 fi M9 left "1 'Lili if:f.:R:i' i 4 ' X, ll f fi . ff? 639 .' :f 0.79, fi ia .. c fit Q i i f Q X it it X .ix , e . 'kt Iunior Year Our songbirds l.ottie Glauber and Pieter Vvijdenes inaugurated our Junior Year by singing with the All City Chorus. ln Marc'h, Anya Fourman won second prize in a city-wide contest, "VVhat the Bill ol Rights Means to You." April was the month ol tht- URoaring Twentiesn appropriately produced by the P.T.A. Many ol our classmates demonstrated their talents in this show, which was brilliantly emceed by George Porges. A month later, Play Pro presented the delightful "Out ol the Frying Pan" in which Judy Hyman and Eddie Stern distinguished themselves. The pleasures ol our Easter vacation were dimmed by the tragic death ol Tony Herbert, who would have been graduated with us this June. Commemorating Music Week, the first week in May, the Band, Chorus, and Orchestra combined their talents to present a Music- Festival. Later that month the Orchestra made its television debut, with Morton Gould as guest conductor. Excitement ran high during the G.0. elections. Nlitch Zucker became CLO. Presi- dent: Mike- Glantz, vice president: iris Solofl, secretary: and Stan Sulzer and Carl Hochman. Hill and Forest School presidents respectively. F.H.H.S. students were enlightened by the phenomenal award-winning series. HAre You Ready for the Service?" A lorum discussion ol the picture, with Marian Bachrach, Debbie Berlatsky, Bradley Davis, and Joan Goldhirsch participating, followed. ln the month before summer vacation, something called school spirit climbed noticeably lor the First time since the resumption ol extra-curricular activities. Forest Hills became aware of its bowling team, with members Luddie Gottlieb, Dave Gold- man, Jay Stekler and Al Mohr, and of its fencing team. in which Len Charney, Dick Everett and Don Gellers were doing a more than competent job. The new editors on the Beacon managing board were Anne Bartlett, Miriam Kaplan, Paul Karan and Nina Schick. All ol them had worked their way up through the positions of either assistant or associate editors. Hardened by our lirst three-year language Regents, we anticipated our . . . Senior Year Starting us ofl with a bang, Art Fertman won second prize in the Fisher Body's model car competition. The presidential elections found Eleanor Anclewelt distributing carloads of "lKE" buttons to everyone f ?i. ln this, our final year. the major assignments lor lrene Nowikas, history reporter lor the Beacon, were the Junior UNESCO Conference, Victor Besso's victory in the city-wide Ml Speak for Democracy" contest. and the selection of Marian Bachrach as honorary chairman ol the Mirror Youth Forum. Play Pro presented "Three lor the Money," a series ol one act plays, stage-managed by Eddie Langbein and business-managed by Eda Green. Features were: Eddie Stern, Beverly Baumann, and Greta Kerr in "Trial by Moonlight": Dick Mead as the condemned man in "The Valiantng and comedian Billy Chiswick in "The Vveddingf' Aside from our thespians, the track team-Erv Philipps, Paul Karan, John Fistere. Art Fertman, Marshall Fox, .lack McElroy, Eric Dattner, and "Little" Siegal- distinguished itself by winning live trophies. Lynn Carruthers showed her artistic talent by winning second prize in an art poster competition. The St. Gaudens award lor art was presented to Stephanie Woods. in the lirst month ol '55, the Engineering Clula. with seniors Steven Leiclchart. Harry Nlargolies. and Gregory Vvhitlinger was awarded first place in the 16th Annual School Science Fair. Arthur pearlmuttervs study ol meteors earned him third place in the National Vvestinghouse Science Competition. Janet Chace and .ludy Levine were accepted as representatives lrom F.H.H.S. to the All-City Chorus, while Judy Krumhein made the All-City 0rc'hestra. During the haslcethall season. the unpredictahle FH. Rangers. under the ahle management ol Diclc lxlead, ran rampant, hringing the North Shore Championship to Forest Hills. On this sparlcling team were seniors Carl Hochman, John Breeslcin. Al Nlohr, Lennie Ginsberg, .lerry Portnoy, lwlorty Beer, Diclc Vvachtell, Roclty Basile, and Elliot Reinhardt. Xvhile our hoys were challcing up victories, the Leaders' Club held its semi-annual elections, with Nancy Shaffer gaining the presidency. lxlarsha Tendler, Greta Savitt. and hilary Nelson were elected memlmers ol' the governing laody. On the memorahle day ol Fehruary I, l05'5. we. the memhers oi the graduating class, inherited lrom our nohle predecessors, the alienahle rights ol heing called "Seniors" The most prominent oi our reserved honors was the exclusive Ui right ol wallcing on the Senior Staircase. At the heginning ol' the term. the 777 new seniors liled into the auditorium to hold their lirst meeting and to meet their newly-elected ollicers: Erv Philipps. presi- dent. and Grace Erher, Anita Glass. Dave Kissinger, Cieorge porges, Nina Schicli. and Eddie Stern. ollicers. Wir. Bartlett caused excitement to run high as he rushed to complete tht- Senior ratings. Standing lirst in the class, Pierre Sprey was chosen to he valedictorian. Sonja Frenlcel and Herh Strauss were second and third, respectively. The Prom Committee had its liirst eventlul meeting in ixlarch ol 'Ti The Terrace Room ol the Plaza, just oil Central park. was suggested as an ideal spot. Play Prois presentation ol HA Nlidsummer Nights Dream" highlighted our last lew months at Forest Hills High. interrupting study lor Regents, Senior Day dawned: it provided an outlet lor lour years ol frustrations and inhihitions. ln June. l03'i. we attained the ultimate goal ol' all students, receiving our diplomas and completing a cycle which may he repeated in college. hut never duplicated. jon? .yerlerf 153 A quiet pool of sadness lies Amidst us on this day And, though youth be gay and reckless, Youth remembers trim today. :. i my fe.,,N Y flltffll ' iff N I X , x X 1 . 1 , of ' lil 'XXX .qw were Q 37 r ill ii' QQ- I td . jfs " ii ill l fi ,Qin 7 111 1' ffllfff ill. .W .li 'J' diy E,-5155-L2 K' Re UMTS Ktuicv 150 oVc'2N, U' X i fx 1 X f X R ' it sf me A ,i ' x ' KA-xtuu ASSISTANI' PRINCIPALS NIISS l"l7l.'lUN NIR. DI-QIBIAN HEAI JS OI" SCHOOLS 6 IIAHl'.R Xue, lll4.resm'r1ril. Nm. svxl x -1 .-XIJX'lSIiR 61.0. 'l'Rli.1XSlNRI-QR UO, .XIJYI NIR I'rXR'I'l.If'l'I' NIR. RIiIl.l,Y NIR, i':XR'lAl4R AI EMISSIONS PROGRAM COIVIIVII'I'I'EE NRS. 5l"l'I'IfIiI.IN NIR. IIICTIIY NIR. I'I7.-XXII CUUNSELORS lIII.I. SCIIUOI. PARK SCIIOUI. XIRS. fLRIiIfNI'lIfI.I3 NIR. I'UI.I..-XFK NIR. IJRAFII NIISS I'fXRI,IfY VETERANS FOREST SCI IOOI. SCI IOI ,ARSI III' I NIRS. m. ITARKAS NIRS. VAVGHAN NIR, NICCARTIIY NIR. XX'IUI.IiR goredf ri in ong an .gory Ijorgjivc- bk' ....... I'm Yours .... XViI1I Horsvs ........ OI., Happy Ilny ....................,f Ago uncI Fur Away ........ I Cam Ilrvnm. Caufl I? ...... CI:-l Hy ....................., TIN- XVisIling.E XVc'II ............... ffm-. Two, Iiullon Your Shu., .... Doggic- in IIN- XVincIow .,...... TIN-y Say Il's XVomIerI'uI ....... rw r-U I Ili' I IIIIILQ' ...............,............ IIEIII HS NIUCII ...... l'II H0 fxfllllllll ...... I1urIy I,JlrcI ....... cfm- NIQ-all I5uII .,......... Uulsndc- ol Ile-an-n. ,............,............ I'v1- Col an I,o1'Iu-I I:uII oI' Ure-suns ..... Sf'I'1'IlillI1' oI' IIN' ISUIIS ...............,.... ISVCHLINI' oI .............. I.iIn-rly I54-II ...................................,. Ijlllll' XXIIIHIS EIINI IIN' SPYPII SUHS ...... If Il Xvvrm- Up lo Bla' .............,.,..... I Aillvl clol an IIurrc'I oI' IXIon0y ,.... I.ox'm-In-sl NIQIII oI IIN- I 4-ur ........ Cullin gf fJI'I'iu' y foIIc-Liv lIml will Ixuvc mo DlSlIlISSdI ........GrauIua1lion - f .......,................I'l'1'SIllllilllX Pill' SVVPII ul 1 uml IiigI1lIl Study ........I'rograun CDIIIH- .oclwr Room Ifrunlilyurlc-r Spe'cia1I I:oiIure-s ......Am-ccI0luI Coral ..................SopI1s .......I'osl Grand ...................IJPIPIIIIOII Ye-sh-rmIuy's Spf-vial ......SvvenlIu Te-nm-r ...,..I5roIw on Irridny A. Systvm .Rvpvanlillgg Spanish I0 .......IiilfIIl Scivllre- RK'Ql'llIS .......Sf'llIOI'I3ll1'S ...,........Senior prom lull IIN' IZINI oI IIHN' ............ ........ X 6' IlK'llN'IllIJf'F I'0l'f'SI guofufion FRESHMEN - Four years and seven days ago, we entered the Institution ot Forest Hills as unusually fresh freshmen characterized hy our impudence and dedicated to tmecoming taig wheels in order to establish justice in the cutting ottice, insure domestic tranquillity in the cafeteria, provide for the common defense on the staircase, promote the general welfare in the emergency room, and secure the blessings ot education for ourselves. SOPHOMORES .. Vve have accepted the facts, and nohly await our chances to defend ourselves against the insidious wites of a government of the seniors, toy the seniors, and for the seniors. JUNIORS .. With malice toward all and charity for none, with tirmness in our step, we advanced toward the Senior Staircase. SENIORS - We hold these youths to he self-confident: that all seniors are created superior: that we are endowed lay our teachers with certain inalienable txlights: that among these are Math, Chemistry, and Senior Dues. Freshman: "Comedy of Errorsn Sophomore: "Much Ado About Noth- ing" Iunior: UAS You Like lt" Senior: uAll's Well That Ends Vvetln Freshman: ul don't know." Sophomore: 'Tm not prepared." Iunior: "I don't quite remember." Senior: ut don't believe I can add to what's already been saidf' BOYS VIEWPOINT - Freshman: 'Tm starting to save tor the Prom now." Sophomore: uGee, itts only three years away!" Iunior: "tt's expensive, taut we only graduate once." Senior: "All that money on a blind date?" Freshman: uThe Monroe Doctrine was a document showing a clear policy of isolation by the United States." Sophomore: "The Monroe Doctrine showed a clear policy ot' isolation." Iunior: "The Monroe Doctrine showed a policy." Senior: "Marilyn or Vaughn 7" Freshman: "This tzoolc is very interest- ing.H Sophomore: ul like it." Iunior: ult's Okay." Senior: Hz-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z." GIRLS VIEWPOINT - Freshman: ul wonder it' l'lI get aslced to the Prom." Sophomore: "Been going steady tor six months." Iunior: "Better meet someone soon." Senior: "My kid brother has a friend." mcg? ersonalky boy P Herb I 'Y' W. L . 4,61 mos! like V Bei Xb ,f , mmm , ',?"f W ogg 0 . YQ X MW" UPA Qr'e,.e-'S ECW UNK Krauss 11 JJ? ,f-X,x,.NL fN f" l Efwhff L fum N I X .Q .. E, f , 1 x M W L.. nf dvi mc:- X-x ,X-.X 5 1 w, 3 ,mpwiar o M'+ MZ ckcr 1 1 X X f F -'UF gifs jgsfe 195.7 1 D X K ssvnck 'JR asexggsgrey Y , X 1 X My lg, rg ,W 1 K QQ 1, U f' , x j FreThesi'Exrl EX 'LMP J P7 ' N ' A Rim Poppd X X If II X K- ' . K f gg x J K ,ff w X f X if 1 f YQ V ' flfvwos? X I X f'LW jx A lfmergcnaiiiy giri xl X V ,f Q W K hu Vassollo xx A X 5, mmf gnfexxxgenr gm I, X 44 N , ruin. Sch-'ck 5 1 V' ,XFY fx I f' I ' " t'7 ,4 X x ' ' Rx XXX 1, J d s rwsicign' och-ess XX, fx. pave Kuiilnagr F ' ' Judy Hyman -f' L. cf 5 ,cnooi w.. k Y J A .. 3.43223 M ,Xf'fx!" AIN AX AY - ,f I Laurie .X ,A R I4 ig f LX jk M i I K!! X cuhasi boy MX"" A , ,,,,Q,M Alonfviohr fa if ,,-?""X X L Q :v:.,W . :rf Vf' mg5+ Qfhlc-.Ha boy xt-NIA! Car-I Hochman 3El.,.f ' ' 2 Wa ff Stan NNVV odor " 5 dass cymc. Jil Sflfn ' fx Xfa! Reiss 'wwf F, SX kd + Qfhtem an Nancy Shafger' Q A fdoss dipXovm1'r l I I ,QS Dan Gellers does arm? f X ff xx Q W If 1 , X Q x X A xX L21 Mah. 'I X j X -sl' mir' ,gif f f ff- ...QM f' f ' ' x ,. nj x ,Q N K j Y R my N .K N- ! X l V,,,k .XX ,,!....,,-vqjxxfi xx ff K ' Xf K ,X fix lflif-VL A xxx M, ,X L lmosi versed-ile, f' ,-f' N 'y Q I X'X"XL-'fffff' ff gokn Breeskln ' f ,ggi-,bf X j ff..-. .wfX,hm,, f N X f 'X Y 1' PM-X Q , f fcxsss 5-znfgnrigi XV-K: N 5 . I LX X,,,,,,,.,,ff""f 1 f W as u+hur ear msdfzr f,QAf'l", C use www ' MOU M yf Ame Bmfllg -I-jzixbxxk sx- i-3 X 1 A 5 -,cc W 1- X N 1- s e V - e ,,F1.SQ1fr' 'xxx A KN MMV f If Q h Q Q. igiixxxkxicixix-I-i,1,--SRA ftxsxq X X A X X .X Wx . .tll't tt'.l1p': W, X X . l ' ' fn, ' ' S. 'll UI' .' -:' i' . .N W 1' t X N 1 f 1f'f1'f!'-,.' i 1 'f - 'H ii fa mln' l ' ' 'I.' l" , i .1 " f :f'fff1f f . ' .i it f w ., . 1 ltlli' U l""l'l,,"Vfflfl lt'llfll.ii'vlil,'f'ff1f Wf 'W 'lllwl A l ' " H fl ' ""e't'iWv,+,.if ,Z 'I i 'f !" 'ji'l It I- ' . f ,M .. f- " ' "W r1:,,., ,ff fy -' ' I, y in . . m x ,gif f.. , ,44,,,,,,!,f,,,wff i ww f ff24a'21 X D 912151 will emh instalment We, the graduating class of Iune 1955, our senior hats hattererl with use, our huttons dull from wear, our diplomas freshly inked, ancl our futures shining hrightly hefore us, rlo, in the hope that the next proud X . weurers of the senior pin will execute our wishes, herehy hequeath TO: hir. Vvilson ............ ...... ....... I 0 00 perfectly halanced equations. hflr. Kernan .................................................. The light of the Beacon. Miss Fimpel ........ An all purpose, deluxe, A-no.-I vacuum cleaner. X Nlr. Bartlett .............. A gold plated, diamond-studded hicycle clip. f Mr. Kerr .................................................... "P-R-O-,LE-C-T-I-O-N" lVlrs. Dineen..All the money A and B made working taster than C. hir. Ritchie ...................... A Scotch lcilt: also a woman of mystery. hir. palleri ..... ....................... S ome hoys that are also nice. I lwtiss Doran ....... ....... A perfect set ol' diacritical marlcs. hir. Vvigler ................ ...............,.............. A hoolc ol his memoirs. I' X Dr. Entin .............................. A class ol deep and profound thinkers. Ntiss Farley .... Xve leave - as we should have entered - quietly. hftr. Bernstein A 3-dimensional hlaclchoard to teach solid geometry lwlr. Starrs .......................................,.......... A picture ol Tony Curtis. Wir. Wteade ..... ....... A U.N. contestant who wins tirst place. , lwlilce .........,..... ................................................. A newsstand. To the Freshies ................ .......... T he swiminq pool, free elevator passes, and the titth tloor. To the Science Teachers ........ A mixture ot sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide, nitric acid, TNT, plus a match to malce things merry. I X And in conclusion, to the next writers of the Last Will and Testa- ' ment we leave an original idea. i i '- S I. i-, XNM5 we THE ei AS OF J JM ion I Q 4 Li 'dlp , ,pa X , 'M ff fw l S fi.. fiffi . wa f 'e ., , X .we l Fi 3l'1ff"i,fff,l I 5 ' il If f,,,' Hilti y . A 'f ', rl fi if iff ff 1 if , I iff f 1 .xx it . l' 'lf 4 f Ea if Eg f r' ff 1 ,i f I l flwl A ' . W i 'f A f,lf ,lf Wx ffffllfi fw ,I 74, l3'7f" ilE ff 'f'i'fT.f'?f..,.,f:1f74-W1 31" ffLf?,fk4..fk0f !'ll!fj4,4C'4,ffiW W Que if -1 me NS , 1 of f .f ,, nf 4 , fl Esxs ,...,j f f x xx www:-s Y - XVX2. QR .'.,1Z, 4 -.J t 3 I . i F' Z X f? fi! aff ff! ZZ? 427 47? 249 97? ff! If? Z f k N M mNW 9 f if XM x Z 2 f- i ff' -, I X g ? Z Q Z, 2 g ff 5 42 ZZ 2 Z4 ZZ Z 45 ZZ? 5 if 4a 7 44 ff 4 Z f Z if fy 1 f? Z? 'g XX jg 2 45 if Z if ff 4 22 'ZZ Z ff if X 44 ff' 4 if 2 f-4 Z7 j Z If ff ,I-:S 77' ff ff Z7 Z2 9 fd Z2 X-4 if if 5 6? ZZ Z 44 ff 1 X 2 2 2 2' ? ff i 7 5 ,4- f 5 ....-"' 4 -"' ii 4 LT-5 ,Ei RP 'lo UL AARONSON, lRlS Play Production: Golfing: Cllorus: Nleri- torious Service Award: Honor and High Honor Roll. College. ABELMAN, LAWRENCE E. Jr., Sr. Arista: Beacon Reporter: Gym lvlrnsllal: Service Award: High Honor Ro . College. ABRISS, CAROL Honor Roll: Physical Science Office: Athletic Awards: Certificate lor Excel- lence in Mathematics. Other School: Swimming Clulx. College. ADAMS, DONALD STEPHEN Play Production: Traclc Team: Captains' Corps: Engineering ClulJ: Marshal Squad. College. ADELMAN, JACK Traci: Team and X-Country Team: Serv- ice Pin Award: Captains' Corps: P.S.' A.L. Silver Award: Marshal Squad Captain. College. ACvHAZADlAN, ROBERT Captain. Soccer Team: Captain, Marshal Squad: lntramurals Award: Service Pin. Business. ALDOROTY. SUZANNE Section Secretary: Literary Staff ol For- ester. College. 22 ALMEIDA. LAURO O. L. Assistant Manager, Soccer Team: New- man Club: Sgt., Marshal Scmacl. Other School : Brazil. College. ANDERMAN, STEVEN D. Junior Arista: Senior Yearliooolc: Exccpf tional Service Award: Handhall Varsity: Tennis lntramurals. College. ANDEWELT. ELEANOR R. Library Assistant: Forester Art Stall.: Service Pin: Junior and Senior Arista: Section Vice-President and Secretary. College. APRAHAMIAN. RITA Senior Arista: Honor Roll: Exceptional Service Award: Chnms Soloist. Career. ARDITTI, LORRAINE ANNE Leaders' Honor Society: Language Hon- or Society: Junior and Senior Arista: Service Pin: Forest Hills Athletic Letter. College. ARlVlACvHANlAN. GLORIA J. Play Production: Honor Roll: Attend- flncc Ollice. College. ARNOLD. RICHARD H. Junior and Senior Arista: History Honor Society: Language Honor Society: Arista Tutoring Chairman: Service Award. College. THE FORESTER I ARONSON, GERALD JAY College. ASCHER. EVEREIT S. Arista: Chorus: Goll Team: History Honor Society. College. ATLAS. RITA DORIS Play Production: Meritorious Service Award: Program Committee 5 years: General Ollire Aide. College. AUGUST, PHYLLIS Beacon Re orter' Tennis Club Volle :mn Clulo: Igaskeiball club. I Y' College. AVELLA. IVIICHAEL G. Nlarshal Squad: P.S.A.L. Bronze Awarcl. College. AVERBACH. JUDY Entered April I952. Other School fray- lor Allderdice, Pgh.. Pa.l: School News- paper fArt Columnl: Scholastic Art Award and Key: Future Teachers of America: Senior Discussion Clull: Secre- tary ol French Cluln. College. AXEL. IRIS IVI. Secretary. Admissions Ollice: Marshal Squad: Honor Roll: Social Studies Ol- lice Airle. College. IUNE 1955 BACHRACH. MARION Arista: History Honor Society: Language Honor Society: Queens Leader Borough Discussion: .Iunior Unesco Service Pin. College. BAER. ALICE LILLIAN .lunior Band. College. BAIER. H. GORDON Marshal Squad: Traclc: Nlatli Team: Stamp Club. College. BALDERSON, .IUDY MARY College Office: Service Pin: Senior Ranlcing Committee. College. BARNET. SONDRA General Office: .lunior Dramatics: Study Hall Aicle. College. BARRY, FLORENCE GLORIA Newman Club: Chorus: Service Certifi- cate. College. BARTLETII ANNE IVIARIE News Editor of Beacon: Play Produc tion: Girl Leader ol Arista: Senior Or- chestra President: Social Studies Honor Society. College. 23 :Lx . 'E F BASILE. ROCCO P. President ol Nlnrsllal Squml: Varsity Buseimlla Varsity Buslcetlmll: Varsity Soccer: Servire Pin. College. BAUIVIAN. BEVERLY Play Ijroduction: Forest Leaves Stall: Service Ping Lnngunge Ollife: Ivlnrslml Squad. College. BAUIY, RENATE Lenders' Club: Service Pin: Nlaiiur Let- ter: All Pliys. Ed. Clulmsz l.alin Clulm. College. BAYES. PAT CLO. Ollice: History Ollirc: Englisln Ollice. College. BECKER, JOHN A. Senior Band: Newman Clulx: Must-urn Aide: Honor Roll: Matin Awnrd. College. BEER, IVIICHAEI.. Band: Ivlarslial Squucl. College. BEER. IVIORTON DONALD Basltetlmll Team: Ivlarslml Squncl: P.S.A.l... Award: Exceptional Servin- Awlnfd. College. 24 BEER, SARITA R. College. BEHRENI-'ELD, VVILLIANI H. Service Pin: Captains' Corps: G.O. Councilman: Intramural Award: Mar- slml Squad. College. BENDER, CYNTHIA SUE Cllurus: Spunisll Clull: Senior Section Clwairman: Senior Ollice: Clieering Squacl. College. BENDER. PATRICIA K. Honor Roll: Hill Ollice Aide: Parlc Office Aide: Clieering Squad: Healrh Ed. Office. Business. BENJAMIN, BURTON IRVING Arista: Senior Band: Advanced Science, IVIatI1 Club: Secretary ol Ivlatlm-Science Honor Society. College. BENZ. BRUCE VVALTER lieutenant. Ivlnrsllal Squad: Special Award, Marshal Squad: Meritorious Service Certificate: Exceptional Service Certificate. College. BERELSON, NIAXINE Beacon Stall: Hill Oliice Aide: Cvuicl- unce Counselor Aide: Service Certifi- fillffl Hflllllr Roll. College. THE FORESTER BERENSON, RENEE Genvral Honor Roll: Rvgr-nts' Typing Committee: Forest Ulllife Aicle. Otlwr Sclwol: Glee Clulx. Business. BERES, VALERIE V. Cliorusz Class l,rc'siclvnl: Secretary to l'rinripal's Svcrvturyz l'.S.A.l-. Awzrrrl: Senior Ranliing ci0IllIllllit'l'. Businvss. BERG, EVA H. Honor Roll: Treusun-r's Olilirv Aiclm-: Svrviu- Cvrtiliicatvc Cllr-Ning Sortion, Forester Lit:-fury Stull: Exrvplionnl College. BERGER. MARION S. Otlier School: English Department Aide. College. l5ERKOVVl'l'Z, .IAY lXlARVlN Captains' Corps: Ufiolclen Eyen Xvinf nc-rn: lntramurnls: Nlarslial Squarl: Band. College. BERLATSKY, DEBORAH ANN Junior and Senior Arista: Steering Com- mittee, History Honor Society: Servin- Pin: Steering Committer-,.lunior Unvsro: Borouglr Discussion Group. Collegv. BERMAN. JACK Vice-Presiclent ol Nlarslml Squacl: tl.-.ul of Uslwr Squacl: Trnrlr Tvmn Varsity: Service Pin Awarcl. C'0llt-ge. JUNE 1953 Y-V nw- -,. vw- . ,V-7,7--. .. , ,Y YW' -Y 7 777 BERNSTEIN. EDDIE G.O. Councilman: Svnior floss Svrtion illreasurvra lst Lieutenant in Gym: Vico- llrcsident. Section Class: Svrgvnnt, wlor- slml Squnfl. College. BERNSTEIN. SHEILA .IANE lvlvritorious Serviu' Awurclg lrorcst Ol- lirr' Aide: Serrvtmy ol Sf-rtion Class. Collvgv. BESHANY, ADRIENNE ANN fltlwr School: Attvmlunu' fxlirv. Cnllr-gv. BESSO, VICTOR RENE Arista: ylatli-Scienfe Honor Society: lmrlgurigo Honor Socivly: History Honor Society: All-City Radio Xvurlrsliop. Cnllegv. BEYER. MYRON SAUL Plmtograplwer-in-Cliief, Beacon: lxlgr., VFHICIC ilfld CYOSS-COUHIYY EIWPHHIZ Selvift' Pin: Honor Roll: Awarfl. flolls-gen ISIENEN, SANFORD MORTON Hlilnfll SCl'ViC6 AVVHYKIC llnllfll' lxlu- svum Curator. llollr-ge. BIRK, ALLAN Engincvring Cluliz Nlatll Clulmi Cllvss Cluln. Cnllr-ge. 25 BISCHOFF. .IOHN ROBERT Captains' Corps: P.S.A.L. Awarcl: For- est Leaves Art Stall.: Forester Art Stall. College. BISCONTI. ARTHUR Captains' Corps: l".S.A.L. Award: ln- tramural Awarcl. Business. BLA'I'l'. .IOAN KATHERINE Meritorious Service Award: Perl-cct At- tendance Certificate: Atllletic Clubs: As- sistant ljrinripnrs Ollire: Boys' H4-altll Ed. Dept. Typist. College. BLUMBERG, CHARI.O'I'I'E MAE Junior Arista: Language Honor Sofit-ty: Higli Honor Roll. College. BORIS. CHERYL NAOMI Marsllal Squad: Secretary to Mr. Katz. Business. BOGLIA. JOAN D. Service Pin: Forester Literary Stall: Secretary in Treasurerls Office: Secre- tary in lvlusic Dept.: G.O. Pulrlirity Comrnitte. College-. BONIFERA. VINCENT PETER Captains' Corps. College. 26 BOVERMAN, ROCHELLE Assembly Program lDelJatingl. College. BRADY. RONALD S. Senior Band: Service Pin: Marsllal Squad: P.S.A.L. Awarcl. College. BRANDES. BARRY MUSQUHI Squad: Band: Marshal Squad. College. BRATSKEIR, LARRY Forester: Track Team: P.S.A.L. lvlecl- als: Squad Awarcl. College. BREAKSTONE. SANDRA ARLINE Senior Band: Secretary of Senior Band: Meritorious Servire Awarcl: Exceptional Service Awarrl: G.O. Stuclent Repre- sc-ntative. C.,ll.fgc. BREESKIN. JOHN Captain, Marsllal Squatl: Basketball Varsity 5 Years: History Honor Society: Senior Class Captain: Service Pin. College, BRENNAN, ARLINE A. Park Scllool Olllicc: Regents' Typing Committee: Newman Club: "Flying Pens" Slxortlraml Club: Hostess on Par- .-ms' Night. Business. THE FORESTER BREWER, JERRY F. Senior Band flst TromIJoneJ: Service PiniJCoIor Slide Club Secretary: Clless C u . College. BROUN N . JOAN ELIZABETH Exceptional Service Award: 7 Terms in Clroms: Golf Club: Badminton Clulvz Tennis Club. College. BROVVN. ASHLEY M. Arista: History Honor Society: Higll Honor Roll: Marshal Squad: Excep- tional Service Award. College. BROVVN, .JOAN SOREI. Exceptional Service Award: IVIatI1 9: Scliool Office XNMIC: Tutoring. College. BUDNER. JUNE Senior Arista: Class Captain: Aide for Mr. Pollaclc: Treasurer's Squad tSeIIing Ixus ticliets. etc.. in caleterial: Calle- teria Squad. College. BURGER. THOMAS JOSEPH Swimming Team Captain: IVIarsImI Squad Lieut.: P.S.A.L. Badges GJ: Service Pin: Intramural Award. College. BYRNES, VIRGINIA MARY Newman CIuIJ: Regents' Typing Squad: Parlc Office Aide. Business. I UNE 1953 a i CAMINA, LOREITA Secretary in Social Studies OI-tice: Bas- IretIJaII Team, Volleyball Team: Aide in Attendance Office. College. CARELLI, MARILYN IVI. Other School: Third Term Rep.: Re- ceptionist: Chorus: Cutting Office. Business. CARUTHERS, LYNN JOYCE Attendance Olfire: Cliorusc Columlwus Day Parade. Art Sclrool. CASE, BARBARA FRANCES Junior and Senior Arista: Language Honor Society: Service Certilicate: Higln Honor Roll: Excellence in MHThCHlRtiCS fCertiI:icate Awardecll. College. CASEY. WILLIAM JOHN Marshal Squad. College. CASHUK, TEDDY Traclc Team: Clmms: P.S.A.I... Silver Medal. V2 IVIiIe Intramural: IVIarsI1aI Squad. College. CASTANO, ANNE MARIE Aide to Mrs. Vaugllanz Cllaimlan in Steno Class: Tennis CIUIJ: Golf Business. 27 af' CATFIN, .IEANNINE Newman Club: Attendance in Emor- gency Room: Girls' Health Ed. Ollice: Hill Office: Girls' Red Cross Repre- scntative. Nursing School. CHACE. JANET R. All-City High School Chorus: Senior Arista: Honor Roll: Exceptional Service Certificate. College. CHAITIN. RYA NINA Art Stall, Forester: Business Stall, For- ester: English Office Aide: Hill School Ollice Aide: Junior Unesco Cluh. College. CHARBONNEAU. JEANNE Forester Stall: Accounting Honor Roll: 'Meritorious Service Award: Athletic Award: Health Ed. Cluhs. Business. CHAR NEY, LEONARD l. Captain, Fencing Team: Math Cluh: Math Team: 2 P.S.A.L. Medals: Lieut., Nlarslml Squad. CHERNIACK. A, EARL lvlatll-Science Honor Society: Soriul Studies Honor Society: .lunior Arista: Senior Orrlmestra: Service Pin. College. CHlSWlCK, VVILLIAM DAVID Play Production: Marslml Squad: Cup tains' Corps: G.O. Rep.: G.O. Olliro College. 28 CHVVA-IT. DICK School Bowling Varsity: Marshal Squad: P.S.A.L. Awards: Play Produc- tion: lVlerit0rious Service Award. College. CLEMENTE. ISABEL ANNE Attendance Ollice. Business. CfJllEN. GAYLE Glen Cluh: Girls' Emergency Room. Cnllf-ge. COHEN, GERALDlNE LYDIA Chorus: Cheer Lenders. College. COHEN. IIOVVARD CHARLES Senior Arista: Orchestra: Band: Forest lmzvos' Asst. Editor: Exceptional Serv- irv Pin. Cult:-ge. FOI IEN, lN'lARll.YN liusiness. COLE, AMY L. Sm-nior Orchestra: .lunior Band: Nlarshal Squad: Junior Dramatics Cluh: Tennis Cluh. I cslillfgf. THE FORESTER 1- . ' COLE. EDWARD J. Lieut.. IVIarsIlaI Squad: G.O. Council- man. COLE. LAWRENCE ROBERT Meritorious Service Award: IVIarsI1aI Squad: P.S.A.I... Awards: Cvym At- tendance Olfice: Intramural Squad. College. CONNOLLY, JAMES F. Business. CONNOLLY. JOSEPH GREG Business. COONES, PEGGY Marshal Squad: Junior Dramatic CIuI1: Tennis CIuI1. College. COOPER, EFI-IEL B. Cuttin Ollice- Chorus' En Iisli Ollliri-: E - - E Play Production. College. COOPER, PHYLLIS H. I'IiII Office Aide: Language Office Aide: Regents' Recording Committee: Meri- torious Service Certificate: Typing Cer- tificate. College. IUNE 1953 . 117-1 I . 4 , I ' 1- COOPERSIVIITH. HERBERT JOEL Lieut., IVIarsIiaI Squad: Lieut.. Bus Squad: P.S,A.L. Silver Medals I4l: Captains' Corps: BasIcetIJaII Squad Award fl Yearl. College. CRUICKSHANK. IAN H. P.S.A.I... Award: Class President. College. . DAIVIASHEK, GINGER LYNNE Clnorus: Forest Oflice Secretary: Switrli- Ixoard Operator: Instrumental Class. Business. DANIELS, EDITH Business. DARROLT, RHODA J. Art Stall, Forest Leaves: Art Stal'-I. Forester: Administrative Olfice: Certifi- cate Ior Exceptional Service. College. DAI INER, ERIC Cross-Country Team: Indoor and Out- door Track: Co-Captain, Track Team: Senior Arista: Service Award. College. DAVIDSON, LOUIS Language Ollice: Secretary ol. Mall! Class: Senior Rankings. College. 29 DAVIS. BRADLEY B. Arista: Language Honor Society: His- tory Honor Society: lnterborough Dis- cussion Leader: John Marshall Contest Winner. DEANE. RONALD FREDERICK Varsity Soccer: Traclc Team Shot Put- ter: Captains' Corps: Captain, Mur- shal Squad: Service Awards. College. DEBELLIS. NADINE ANN Orchestra: Service Pin: Cones. Sec'y. Newman Club: Board ol' Associates. Beacon: Spanish 7-8 Club. College. DELGAUDIO. GEORGE EDW. Traclc Team: Lieut., Marshal Squad: Newman Club. Business. DEPAUL. BERNARD Marshal Squad: Squad Award: lntra- mural Traclc Award. College. DEUTSCH. DOROTHY Biology Lab. Squad: Tennis Club. College. DIEDERICH. ANNEMARIE N. Regents' Typing Committee: Secretary to Principars Secretary: Secretary in Beacon Office. Business. 30 1 I DiGIACOMO. LUCILLE A. Honor Roll: Play Production: Section Captain: Stall' ot Forester: Exceptional Service Award. College. DINSMORE. WALTER FRANK Business. DIVACK. MARILYN RUBY Forest Ollice Aide: Honor Roll: Steno Certificate: Volleyball Club. College. DLUGACZ, JORDAN SHELDON Senior Band: Senior Day Committee: Marshal Squad: Bronze P.S.A.L. Badge: Exceptional Service Certificate. College. DOBROHOTOFF, VLADISLAV V. Arista: High Honor Roll: P.S.A.L. Awards: Forest Leaves' Literary Staff: Math Award. College. DONNER. CYNTHIA LOIS Play Production: Business Stall, For- ester: Business Stall, Beacon: Service Pin: Chorus. DONNER. SUE ELLEN Play Production: Forest Leaves: Math Office Aide. College. THE FORESTER ll- x' If- DORNBUSH. JOHANNA Forest Scbool Senior Representative: Play Production: Forest Leaves: Physics Office Aide: Stall ol Forester. College. DRAMER, HAROLD Senior Arista: Orchestra: Language Honor Society: Service Pin. College. DREVV, RONALD J. Captains' Corps: Junior Band: Tennis Club. College. DUBIN, CAROLYN E. Senior Arista: Service Pin: Play Pro- duction: Orcliestra: Certificate ol Ex- cellence in Mathematics. College. DWORKES, JANET Forest Office Aide: Attendance Ol:l:ice Aide: Volleyball Club: Meritorious Certificate lor Service. College. DVVYER, WILLIAM PATRICK Marshal Squad: NQWTIIHII Business. EASTON. ESTHER Cutting Ollice Aide: Volleyball Club: Tennis Club: Softball Club. College. IUNE 1953 .. il .sf y . - ,117-hiv'-Y----:N ws he - -w ve- mliagms "wr" E" as A' it ECKER, LILLIAN Arista: Language Honor Society: Eng- lisll Ollice Aide: Forester Stall: Ex- ceptional Scrvice Certificate. College. ECKHAUS. MIRIAM RUTH Play Production: Art Staff of Forester: History Honor Society: .lunior Arista: Exceptional Service Award. College. EDLES, PETER .l.V. Basketball Team: Tmclc Team: ln- tramural Award: P.S.A.L. Award: Marsbal College. EHRENKRANZ. SIBILA other School: Honor Roll. Forest Leaves: Forester. Business. EICHEL, CLAUDE L. Fencing Squad: Nlarslial Squad: Honor Roll: Exceptional Service Award:Stamp Club. College. EICHHORN. JONATHAN College. EICKSTEDT. LEROY ANDREW Audio-Visual Aids Squad: Engineering Club: Attendance Office. College. 51 IiI.LlO'I', .IULES IVIarsIuaI Squavl: IJ.S.A.I.. Allllvlic Award: Iniralnural Award. Colle-gv. EPSTEIN. DEBORAH Senior Arista: Leaders: History Honor Society: Clrorusg Ijorvsivr Ari Sialll. College. EPSTEIN. PETER Beacon: Ifvncingz Hill Office: I-ieuIvn- ani: P.S.A.I,. IVIf'cIaIs. Coll:-gr-'. ERBER, GRACE RUIH Play Procluctlion: Prom Chairman: Ilis- Iory Honor Sofir-ly: Svrviu' Pin. College. IiRNS'I'OI"F, LOIS E. Arisla: Language Honor Souieiyz Forasl IA'Ul'l'5l ITOTUSIPTI CIIKYUIS. fwullvgv. IiRRIfI'I'. LYN ANN N1-wman Club. EVANS. IIOVVARIJ NX'ILI..IANI f'oII4-go OII-irv: Svrvirm- Pin: S1-nior Ranking KIDIIIIIIIIIPV, fiollvgv. 32 EVERE'I'I', RICHARD Ifvncing Tr-am: Honor Guard: Arisla: Svrvicc Ijin. College. ITADEIVI, JOEI. NIarsIxaI Squad. follvgc-. VADENI. RONALD NOEL BIIHISIIEII Squarl. Cnlli-gf-. FAGAN, BILL ROBERT Captains' Corps: IVIarsInaI Squad: Now- man CIuI'J: P.S.A.L. Silver Award: Co- Iumlrus Day Pararles. Navy. FAIR, IRENE Secretary to IVIr. Xvarren: 60 Min. Gregg Cerlillirah-: Typing Ceriilziralez Honor Roll. Husim-ss. I7ALCE'I'I'I. LOUISE .IEAN All-City Orchestra: Senior Orclleslraz Play Ijrocluclionz Honor Roll: Sf-rviiv Pin. Collvgv. I"I1'HR. HELEN IXI. Oulu-strag I:orvsIvr Ari Stall. THE FORESTER FEIBUSCH. GEORGE Varsity Baseball: G.O. Pulivlicity Stall: Forester Art Stall: Senior Day Com- mittee: .Iunior Arista. College. I-EIN, JEROME SAUL Marsllal Sergeant: Band: Intramural Awards: P.S.A.L. Badge. FELDMAN. VIVIAN Biology Laboratory: Art Ollicc Aide: Arista: Tutoring: Exceptional Service Award, College. FELLER, VVILLIAM MORRIS Captains' Corps: P.S.A.L. Badge. College. FENICHEL. RUTH LILA History Honor Society: Prolalems ol De- mocracy: Attendance Ollire Aide: Forest Olzlice Aide: Math Tutor. College. FERNANDEZ, OLIVIA LOUISE Newman Clula: Admissions OII-icc. College. l"ER'I'lVlAN, ARTHUR Treasurer, Senior Arista: Captain, Var- sity Traclt Team: Higll Honor Roll: Service Pin: Capt, Section Class. Coll:-gf-. IUNE 1953 FIESELER, BERNICE HELEN Attendance Office Squad: Junior Dra- matic CIuIJ: Tutor in Matlnematicsz Guidance Olfice Squad. College. FINK. LEONARD Fencing Squad: Cliess Clulx: Marshal Squad Sergeant: Assistant. Cliemistry Laboratory: Certificate ol Meritorious Service. College. FISCH. LO'l'l'lE M. Play Production: G.O. Pululicity Stall: Senior Prom Committee: Service Pin: Forester Art Stafl. College. FISHER. BURT DAVID Accompanist lor Cllonlsz Varsity Hand- Imall Team: Lieutenant, Service Squad: Hcaltli Ed. Awards lP.S.A.L.. Varsity Lettcrl: Other School: Awards-Lincoln High Scliool Swimming Team. College. FISTERE, JOHN CUSHMAN, II Varsity Cross-Country and Co-Captain. Traclc Team: Vice-President, MatIl-Sci- ence I'Ionor Society: Play Production: Senior Arista: Service Pin. College. FLICHTENFELD, SANDRA .I. Honor Roll: Meritorious Service Cer- tificate: Program Olliicez Attendance Ollice. College. FORMAN, ANYA Beacon: Forest Leaves: Prolzlems ol De- mocracy: IVIarsI1aI Squad. College. 35 FORNARI. VICTORIA I.. Forest I.vum's Literary Stan.: Iweritorious SFTVICO AWZIYKII l:ft'Illfll CIuIJ: c:N'nC'l'ilI f,IIi1'r' AicI0. COIIc-ge. I7ORS'I'I'1R. ROBERTA REGINA Progralli OII'iu- Aitlf-. c'0IIl'Kl'. I"0S'I'IiR, MICHAEL History Honor Society: I'IigI1 Honor ROII: Spanish Certificate: .Iuninr Unesco. CuII4'g4'. FOX, IVIARSHALI. 'I'mcIc, Varsity Cross-Country: Captains' Cinrpsz Service- Pin: I'.S.A.I-. Award. College. FOX, SELMA Treasun-r's OIIirr- AicIe: Assistant Prin- cipaI's Oifice AicIe: Emergency Aide: IVI4-ritorious Service AwarcI. College. ITRANKEI.. RUIII French CIuI'J: German CIuIr: Gem-raI OIIire AicIL-: Service in OtImr ScIwoI. Coll:-gf-. IIRANKEI.. 'IIIEDA I"asInion Show: Language OIIiu- Ai1Ic. finIIl'K1'. '54 FRANZINI. KATHERINE D. Attcmianu- OIIice Aide: Cutting OIIire AicIe. Busincs' FREEDBIAN, HAROLD lRlllnfI!,a'I Vlifallli Hilnflbilll Illtrilllluffll AWU rcI: BOW'IIng IlIIl'ilIlll1l'ilI AwarLI: Soccer Team: Captains' Corps. College. FREISINGER, JOAN Orr'Ilestra. FRENKEL, SONJA R. Orchestra: Arista: Language Honor So- ciety: Program Office: IVIatIi Tutor. College. FREUND, OTILIE RUTH Ciiorus: Forest Office Aide: EngIisIi OI- Iice Aide. IIRIDSHAL, DONALD Ixlllilfsllfll Squad: l"IRIIfIlli'lII illlfalllufillsl Intrainural Awards: P.S.A.L. Awards, College. IJRIEDLAND. HARRY MICHAEL Arista: History Honor Society: Biology I.aI1orat0ry Assistant: AucIin-VisuuI Squad: Sc-rvirn Pin. CoIIege. THE FORESTER I FRIEDMAN, EVELYN GLORIA Cutting Office: Volleyball Clula: Bad- minton Cluln: Tennis Club: Baseball Club. College. FRIEDMAN, HARRY ARNOLD Senior Band: Gym Squad Award: Or- clmestra Manager: Band Assistant: Ex- ceptional Service Award. College. FRlEDlVlAN, STEPHEN Cv.O. Representative: lVlatl1 Tutor: Ex- ceptional Service Award: Class Treas- urer: Forester Business Stall. College. FRIEND. BARBARA Play Production: Junior Arista: Excep- tional Service Award. Business. FRIND, DENIS BRUCE Arista: Band: l'landlJall Team: High Honor Roll: Service Certificate. College. FROST. FREDRIC G. ' Sergeant, lVlarsl1al Squad: Teaclxers Secretary. Business. GADARIAN, SYLVIA General Honor Roll: General Ollicc Aide. Business. I UNE 1955 GALLAGHER. CHARLES H. Swimming Team: Newman Clulm: Band: Orcliestra. College. GALLATIN, JOAN CAROL Junior and Senior Arista: Ticlcet Squad: Pllysics Squad: Junior Dramatics: Frenclm Clulm. College. GANDASEGUI. JULIO E. Captain. Varsity Handlzall Team: P.S.A.L.: Intramurals: President. Section Class: Organized Handball Tourna- ment. College. GARFUNKEL, MERYL Play Production: CLO. Council: Service Pin: College Olllice Aide. College. GASSNER, RlCl'lARD D. Service Pin: Senior Section President: Traclc and Cross-Country Team: Cap- tains' Corps: Silver P.S.A.L. Badge. College. GAUDIOSI. ALFRED Band? lVlHl'Sl'l8I Squad? AWEIICIZ Captains' Corps: Exceptional Service Award. GELLERS, DON G.O. Publicity Director: Varsity Fencing Team: Social Studies Honor Society: Play Production: Beacon. College. 55 GERBER, STEVEN EDWARD College Ollice Aide: Marshal Squad: Intramural Award: Exceptional Service Award: President, Stamp Club. College. GILBERT. ROGER SAMUEL Orchestra: Indoor and Outdoor Tracli Team: Cross-Country Team: Service Pin. College. GINSBERG. LEONARD M. Baslcetball Varsity Letter: Manager. Baseball Team: Cross-Country Letter: Honor Roll: Exceptional Service Certili- cate. College. GINSBURG, JEROME High Honor Roll: Matlr Awards: French Awards. College. GINSBURG, SAMUEL High Honor Roll: Math Awards: Mar- slml Squad. College. GLANIY. MICHAEL Vice-President. G.O.: Varsity Baselwallz Board ol Associates ol Beacon: Trnclc TEHH1. College. GLASS. ANITA Senior Treasurer: Junior Unesco: Sec- tion President: General Ollicc Aide: Meritorious Service Award. College. 36 GLASSMANN. MARVIN Nlarshal Squad: Exceptional Service Award: Chem Lalmoratory Squad: Meri- torious Service Award. College. G-LAUBER, LOTTIE SUSAN All-City High School Chorus: School Chorus: Junior Arista: Exceptional Serv- ice Certilicate: Senior Arista. College. CLICK, CLAIRE Attendance Office Aide: Business Honor Roll: Play Production: Home Economics Ollice Aide. College. GLUCK. MAX College. GOLD, STEPHEN H. Chorus: Marshal Squad: Service Cer- til:icate. College. GOLDBERG, ELAINE B. Bio. Office: Girls' Emergency Room. Business. GOLDBERG. ILENE JOAN Service Pin: Cutting Ollrice Aide: G.O. Office Squad. College. THE FORESTER J . . GOLDBERG, ROBERT JEROME Marslxal Squad: Englisli Oliice Aide: Captains' Corps: Traclt Team: Intramu- rals. College. GOLDBERG. SUSAN Admissions Oliice Aide: Otlwr School: Program Committee: General Office Sec- retary. College. C-OLDHIRSCH, JOAN R. Arista: History Honor Society: Panel Leader at Junior Unesco Conference: Cllem Laboratory Squad: Service Pin. College. GOLDIVIACHER. JOAN DIANE Forest Leaves Staff: Service Pin: Eng- lisll Ollice Aide: Emergency Room Aide: Cutting Office Aide. College. GOLDMAN, BARRY Play Production: Pliysics Squad: Audio- Visual Squad: Service Pin. College. GOLDMAN, DAVID HAROLD Bowling Team, Varsity: Exceptional Service Award: Intramural Award: Marslial Squad: Bowling Intramurals. College. GOLDMAN. EILEEN Nleritorious Service Certificate: Emer- gency Room Aide: Band: Healtli Ed. Ollicc Aide. Business. IUNE 1953 GOLDSCHMID, BETH-SARA Attendance Oliice Aide: G.O. Repre- sentative: Library Assistant: Volleyball Varsity. GOLDSMITH, ARLENE MARION Arista: History Honor Society: Senior Clmrus: Library Squad: Senior Day Committee. College. GOLDSMITH. JOAN LEE Play Pl'0dUCti0n: Chorus: Gold Service Pin: Forester Art Stall: Frenelm Oli-ici: Aide. College. GOLDSTEIN. HELENE S. Cafeteria Office Aide: Attendance Ol- lice Aide: Boys' Health Ollice Aide: Exceptional Service Award. College. GOLDSTEIN, PHYLLIS Study Hall Aide: Boys' Healtll Ed. Ollice Aide: Teacliers' Aide. College. GOMBINS, MARION Play Production: G.O. Ollice Aide: Attendance Ollice Aide: Exceptional Service Award. College. GONZALEZ-Y-ACEVEDO, RAUL Captain, Nlarslmal Squad: Soccer Team. College. 57 GOODMAN, JAY Vil'1'-l,IPSillClll, Senior Oulu-sim: Ullice Nlanagvr ivlusic Office: Service Pin: Sen- inr Bancl. Coll:-ge. GOODMAN, RANA PATRICIA Lilllgllilfltt llonor Society: llencl ol' Tutor- ing Stall' lor Language Honor Society: Asaiislant l'rinripal's Ullice Aicle. Co vge. GOODMAN. SANDRA LEE l':nlergi-my Room Aiclf: Altenclanci- Siu-M Distrilrutor: Nlarslml Squaml: Re- gents Typing Squacl:'Jmry Squail. College. GOODMAN, SHEILA ROBERTA Biology Lalroratory Squad: Ala-ritorious Service. cfnllvgv. GORRELICK. .IOAN Senior Arista: History Honor Society: Exceptional Se-rvire Award: Attendance fjllin' Aille. College. GO'ITESINIAN. BARBARA Sr-nior Aristn: Senior Chorus. College. GO'I'l'l-QSMAN. SUSANNE Svnior flrrlu-extra: Play l,roclu1'tion: Sri- ernu- Clulr: Alutli Ollire: Alusie Ullixre. College. 58 CO'l'l'l-IEB, LUDVVIG Captain, Bowling Varsity: Bowling ln- tramurals: P.S.A.l,. Baflge College. COULD, SALLY Attrnclanre Slim-t Squad: Teavlu-r's Sec. rotary: lvlarslnal Squacl. College. GRAF. PETER G. History Honor Soriety Follege. GRAYBOFF, BARBARA LUISE Senior Cliorus: Honor Roll: Service Pin: Senior Se-rtion Captain: Business Stall, Forester. College. GRECO, 'IERESA ANN Newman Clulw: Typing Certificate: His' tory Office Aicle: Attendance Oil-ice Aide: Clif-ering Squarl. Business. GREEN, EDA Business Manager, Play Prncluclion: Arista: Social Studies Honor Society: Senior Section Treasurer: Language Honor Sorieiy. follegc. CREENBERG, SHARON V. l,HlgI'illll fllliri- Aide: ll0lll0 El'0HUlllIL Lalioratory Airle. f'oll1-ge. THE FORESTER GREENBERG. SONDRA FAITH Hill Office Aide: Junior Arista: Study Hall Aide: other School: Library Squad: Representative for Sclxool Mag- azine. Business. GROSS. FRED Gennan Science Reading Clulo: Admin- istrative Ollice Aide: Gym Squad Awards: P.S.A.L. Award: Honor Cer- tilficate. College. GROSSBERG, IRIS LOREITA Program Office Aide: Social Studies Office Aide: Stenograplly Club: Basket- ball and Volleyball Club: Chorus. Business. GROSSMAN. JAMES I. Scrvice Squad: P.S.A.L. Awards: ln- tramural Awards. College. GUASTELLA, ROSALIE MARIA Parlc Ollice Aide: Museum Squad: Re- gents Typist. Business. GUBERMAN. MEL S. Junior Band: Class Aide. GUERRA, MARISOL Newman Cluln. College. IUNE 1953 GUTHRIE. BABEITE M. Attendance Office Aide: Senior Chorus: Perfect Attendance Award: Exceptional Service Award: Lilararian. College. GUTMAN, GABRIELE Junior Arista: Assistant Principals Ol- lice Aide: General Ollice Aide: General HDDOT Roll. College. HALPERN, SYLVIA HARRIET Play Production: Cutting Office Aide: Meritorious Service: Honor Roll. College. HANDELIVIAN, JOEL JAY Marshal Squad: Handball lnhamurals: GYWI CHPlHin! Gym Squad Awards. College. HANDLER, JOEL Parents' Association Slmw. HARRIS. JANET C. Cutting Office Aide: Study Hall Secre- tary. HARRIS, LEONARD Service Squad: P.S.A.L. Award: lntra- mural Award. College. 39 HARRIS, PAUL Senior Or1'IlesIra: Senior Band, College. HARRIS. SYLVIA RUTH Switchboard, General Office: Chorus: Music Office Aide: Guidance OII:ice Aide. Business. HARTIVIAN, JOEL B. IVIarsI1aI Squad: Intramural Award. College. HAYES, IRIS JOY Attendance Ollice Aide: CLO. Office Aide. College. HEATHER. HANNAH Leaders CIUIJ: Service Credit Award. College. HEFFNER. STEPHEN Guidance Office Aide: Honor Roll: Per- Iect Attendance Certificates: Prolwlems ol DBIIIOCYBCY Colle-ge. HELD, HELENE LESLIE History Office Aide: Emergency Room Aide: Service Pin. 40 HELD. PATRICIA ADRIENNE History Ollnice Aide: Englislr Ollice Aide: IVIatIi Office Aide: Secretary. Study I'IaII: Emergency Room Squad. Cnlli-ge. HELLIVIAN, PHYLLIS Program OII-ice Aide: Language Oflice Aide: Regents Typing Squad: Honor Roll, College. HENSCHEL. HERBERT J. Senior Band: G.O. Senate: G.O. Coun- eil: G.O. Social Committee: Service Pin. College. HERSH. LINDA MAY CIIOFUSZ Volleyball. College. HERTZOG. JACK Ca rtoonist. College. IIEYIVIAN. MARTHA RUTH Orchestra: General Ollfice Aide: Honor Roll: Exceptional Service Award. College. HILL. BARBARA Section Captain: G.O. Councilman: Program Committee: Clmms: Excepe tional Service Award. College. THE FORESTER I 5 ,. ,'.i..--.. ...,...,.. ,. -.....--.W ... H- ..-H fl , . ' 4 l'llNTZ. lVlAR.lORlE ANNE Tennis Clula: Cvoll Clulzs: Speeding Pen Club. Business. HIRSCH. GAIL B. HIRSCH. JOHN LEWIS Co - Captain, Audio - Visual Squad: Arista: Service Pin: Special Studies Honor Society: .lunior Arista. College. HIRSCHHORN. GERALD A. Honor Roll: Biology Laboratory Squad: lVlarsl1al Squad Sergeant: Service Pin- Senior Council. College. HOCHMAN, CARL S. Captain, Basketball Team: Varsity Base- lmall Team: G.O. Forest Sclmool Presi- dent. College. HOFSTADTER, CECILE Guidance Oflice Aide: Program Com- mittee Aicle: G.O. Representative: Stu- dent from France. Business. HOLTZAN, IRA D. Auclio-Visual Squad Co-Captain: His- tory Honor Society: Engineering Club: Biology Laboratory: Exceptional Service Award. College. I UNE 1955 F?f"'B"' ""f"' 'Y " ' """ " HORNICEK, CATHERINE ANN Newman Club: Parlc Sclmol Office Aide: Regents Typing Squad: Report Card Squad. Business. HOROWITZ, LEON other School. Colle ge. HOWARD. MAYBELLE ELIZ. Parlc Olllice Aide: Newman Club: Clio- rus: Report Card Squad. College. HSlAO. GRACE College. HUNOLD. NOEL R. Plmotograplmer, French-American Stu- dent: Camera Clulm. College. HYLAND. CATl'lERlNE JANE General Office Aide: lVlGfil0l'i0US Sew- ioe Award: Newman Clulm Secretary. Business. HYMAN, BETSY E. G. Glee Club: Language Ollice Aide: Honor Ffench Awards. College. 41 IIYINIAN. .lllDl'III RUTH I'lny llroclurlionz I.angunge Ilonor: ljrom Committee: Arislo: Foresler Lilerary Stall. Collvge. ICKRATI I, IIIiI,IiN MARIE Ilonor Roll: N4-winon Clulmz I"lying Iii-ns Clulv: Girls Ilvallll Dvpl. Aillo: c'lll"l'fIlIg Se-vlion. Ilusinvss. lN'l'RA'I'IfR. Al7lil.Ii Ilvri-asurvr's Ulliu- Aimle-5 Clic-cr Ls-acl:-rs Clulx. fiollvgv. IROI'4I", IRNYIN VV. I'.S.A.I.. Silvi-r Bmlge Awarlls lxlarsllal Squacl: Inlranlural Awarml. Coll:-gr. ISAACSON, JEAN Meritorious Service Award: Nlalli Ollice Aiclv: Alli'n1lan4'v OIIii'n- Aiclv. folla-ga-. ISENBERG, IQIJXVARD Forvslvr Slnlzlc Srnior Arisla: Junior Arista: Dawn Ilalrol. fwollvgm-. .lABl.0NER, HAROLD Clnorus: lVlm-rilorious S1-rvirv Awarclz lllllllllf Roll. folle-gc-. 42 JAFFE, CYNTHIA LOIS Englisli Ollliu- Aiclc-1 Tuloring: lvlerilo- rious Serrvirc Ce-rtilicalvg Ge-neral Honor Roll: Spanisln Cn-rlilirnle ol Excellonre. Chili-gi-. .IAI IRMARKT. MARC CARY lx1ilI'Sllill Sqllilll. College. JAMES. IRIS H. Honor Roll: Play Procludion: Svrvicv I'in: Ari fllliu' Aifli-Q Language Olllire Aisle. Uollvgv. JANIS. STEIFANIE College Guizlanrr- Ollire Aide: Honor- alrle lVIs-nlion in Sl. Gauclcns Conlesl: l'.'I'.A. Roaring Twc-nlif-s Slxow: Honor Roll: Se-rvirc Awarcl. Collvgv. .l0SPIf, SUSANNE Arista: Honorable Nlention, Science Tal- vnl Svarvlxg Treasure-r, lxflillll-SCIPHCK' llonor Society: Language Honor Soci- olyz flrrlwslra. Collvgv. JUCIIIIEIBI. IZLSIIZ l500lil'00lll Airlv: Ari Ollire Aiclv: Tcarli- c-r's Aid.-. fullvge. .IUDG-Ii. ELLEN .l. Ijarli Olliw Aifleg Busins-ss Law Honor Roll: Rvgenls Typing Squarl. Business. THE FORESTER JULIAN, ROBERT other ScI1ooI: Camera CIuI:: GoIf CIUIJ. CoIIege. KAHN, FIICHAEL DAVID I,.S.A.I.. Gyn' Awards: MarShaI Squalll Squad Award: Grout NefIz High ScIiooI 'Nwfafk Tlqeillll. CoII:-gc. KAHN, ROSALIE CLAIRE EngIisIi OII-ice Aide. KALB. CAROL RUTH Senior Ranking Committee. COII6ge. KALOS, DIANE ROCHELLE Junior and Senior Arista: History Honor Society: Library Squad: High Honor RoII: Service Pin. KAMINSKY, NINA I'IiII Ogice Aide: Forest Leaves Stag: Drilnlil CIUIII Honor RUIII Ge-neraI OI'- Iicc Aide. CoIIe-ge. KANTOR, ARTHUR L. MarsImI Squad: Meritorious Service Awaffl. CoIIege. IUNE 1955 KAPLAN. HERBERT T. Manager, Track Team: Certificate Ior ExceIIence in MatI1: High Honor ROII: Service Pin: Sortion 'I'reasur0r. CoIIcge. KAPLAN, MARVIN SHELDON AmpIifier Squad: Physics Squad: Cer- liIic'atc uf NIeritorious Servire. College. KAPLAN. INIIRIAM .lljDI'I'H Feature Editor, Beacon: Arista Secre- Inry: Language Honor Society Serretnry: Math CIuh: Service Pin. College. KARAN. PAUL RICHARD Managing Editor oI Beacon: Senior Arista: SociaI Studies Honor Socir-ty: Varsity Truck 'I'uum: Service Pin. CoIIege. KASMIR. MARVIN K. other SrI1ooI: Varsity FootIraII Team: Gym Locker Room Squad: Guidance OI-Iice Squad: G.O. CIass DeIcgato. CoIIege. KASS. HERBERT M. Other ScI1ooI: Honor RoII: IVIarsImI Squad: Engineering CIuI1. College. KATES, CHARLOTTE FAYE Tennis CIuIJ: SoItIxaII CIUIJ: Liimrory Aide: Attondance OII-ice Aida-. College. 43 KATZ. ARIJQNIC RITA R4-gn-nts fnllnnittm' Typing Airl--: fim- rus: Buys' iivailii fliiin- Aith-, ISHSIIIPSS. KNIAZ, l'llYl.l.lS Idlllgllilgl' ffii-irv Aiiivg civltvfili fin-irc' Aitiv: Svrviu' Kv1'f"il1il'iIll'1 Atta-miam1' fliiiiu- Aiiin-: Nliliil Tutor. f'nii1'g1'. KATZ. ROCIlIil.l.lf ILFNA Liilrary Squacig St-win' Pin: .lunior Arista: Se-niur Arista. fqniivgv. KATZ, RlVl'H Sm-nior Arista: Iranguaga- Humor Sunil-ty: S4-rvirv Ping I:fl'lll"I Amvrivun Slruivnt Nr-wspnln-r. Cniivgv. KATZ. St YSAN Hunur Roll: Henitil flffiu- Aid.-g Sfimni fliiiiu- Airiv: Sc-rvirv Pin: Hustvss. liuiia-gin KATZMAN. SARELLE Higiv Honor Rail: Svrvirm' Squsui: .tun- inr Arista. f'0ii1'gl'. KAY. GIZRAID IQDXVARD Niursimi Squaai. lvoiii-gr-. -111 KIZAR NS, CEOR Gif DEXVEY Trarii: Uaplains' finrps: Awartis: intramural Awarci: XIEIYSIIRII Squati. finiivgv. VINCIQNT JOSEPH ixiarsimi Squaci: Newman Ciuim, tvllllflgln KELEIIAN. RAYMOND JOHN Svnior Band: ix1l'fiI0l'i0lIS Svrvirc- Awami. IsllSilH'SS, KliLl.lfR, RIC! IARD Honor Roll: Play Protiurtiunz Nleritori- aus Svrvic 1- Awani: Captains' Corps. Cuiivgv. KERR, GRI-fI'A Forvst Office- Aide: play Production: .lunior Arista: ixieritorious Service. fwoiivgv. KtfSSi.ifR. EVA LUCIE Play Proriurtion: Farris! Lenvvs Staff: Svrviu- Pin. f'0iivf.!1'. KESSIIQR, JOSEPH Se-niur Banci: Svnior Or1'lux'stran: Exwp- tionai Svrviu- fir-rtiivisatv. Calif-gt-. THE FORESTER KHANER, STANLEY B. IJ.S.A.L. Awzurcls. College. KIIARNIADJIAN, LILIAN SOPHIE Language Honor Socioty: Frenflx CIuIr: Lilmrary Squaclz Attendance Squacl' Nlcritorious Ccrtilifate. Collegv. KIRSFHNER, LEONARD JOEL .Junior and Senior Arista: Play Produc- tions: Social Sturlios Honor Society: Cape Iains' Corps: Service Pin. fwollvgv. KISSINCER. DAVE Beacon Eclitorz Play Production: G.O. Councilman: G.O. Talent Sllow: Senior Vice-Presiclent. College. KLAR. KURT L. G.O. Counrilnmnz Intramurals. College. KLEEFIELD, RICHARD History Honor Society: Junior Arista: 5Iovie Squacl: Cluem Lalmoratory Squacl: Pllysics Lalmorutory Squad. College. KLEGI-'ELD, DOREE R. Forester Stall: Play Production: Lan- guage Ollirc Airle: Program Olzllirc Aiclc. College. IUNE 1953 KLEIN, JOYCE N. Spanish Clulmg Lilwmry Aicle. Collogc-'. KLEIN, KATHERINE ANN Exceptional Sf-rvirv Awarcl: SWILFIIDORTKI Operator. Gr-neral Office: Vollvylmll Cluln: CIIUYUS. COIL-gr-. KLEIN. LINDA II. Spanisll Flulmz Englisln Ollir 1- Aid.-. College. KLEINMAN, DOROTHY JOAN Junior ancl Senior Arista: Service Pin: Forester Literary Stull: Prolslems ol Dc- lll0Cl'3Cyl CDDYUS. College. KOCH-NVESER, GISELA C. Arista: Language Honor Society: Ur- cllestmz Matlu Tutor: Program Office Aide. College. KONSTANT. MARIE Gem-ml Honor Roll: IVIarsImI Squutl: Bank Representative. Businvss. KOPPYIZ HANNELORE other School. Collc-ge. 45 KC JRVI IIIQN. IIARISARA ROSE S1-niur l'uum'iI: S4-4 lion I,I'4:SIlIl'llII I Ionnr IIUII: FII-riloriuus Svrvirv: I'orvsIvr I.iI1-rury SIHIIII. I I ull'-g--. KORSI-IN, RIFI IARD 3IursImI Squad: Cnplnins' Corps: InIrn- IIIIIYZII AW'ilYIISZ fxYVIlI'KIS. iI0IIl'Il4'. KOR'I'Il'K, NIYRNA fIIIwr SIVIIUUI: Nurs:-s' Ai4I4': Ifuuslvrs SquufIg III:-m'Iu-r's Aid.-. I5IISIlll'SS. KK JS'I'IiR, SANDRA I-II.AINI-I AIIvmIaunu- Uffin- AicIv: VuIIa-yImII un:I IIIUIIIIIS f'IuIng IIunur RUII, fInIIA'p14'. KOVAI., I'fS'I'IfI.I.If 13.0. KJIIIIL1- Aid:-: 'IIt'illIlt'l"'S Ai1Ic'. Ifusim-ss. KRAKUXVIQR, NIEI. D. INIIEIYSIIIII SqumI: I'I0nIIIn Svrviw: Gym Sl'fVIl'l'. fIoII4'g4'. KRAI '55, SI IIRLEY GLORIA lIInorus: 5IursImI SQIIINII Ifxu-pIZonnI Svrviu- fm-rIiI.ic'alIa': NI4'riIurious f'4-rIiIi- ulIt': AIh'mIum'1- C1-rIiIIIrnI0. IIUIIUHP. 46 KRAI IT, YIIEIJIIEN FIARTIN I'Iuy I'rmIum'li0n: 0.0. CuunciIumn .Iuninr IIIN-sro: c2lIl'l'llSIJOY0llQIl Disc1ls sion: Cum-nl Eve-nts CIuIw. COII4'gt'. KRI INIISIQIN. .Il YDITII IIJUMI: flrrIwSIrn. fI0II1'gl', Kl VLIBERG. ROISIiR'I' clylll SCIUIHI AXYIIUII LIIIUIII I,.ilIl0I'ilI0fy Asslsizud. f'nI If-gf-. Kl II.C'I IIN, FLORENCE Svvlion S1-rrelnryz Svnior Svdion Vin'- fnpluinz Gum-mI Offiff- Aide: Sludy llull S4-rr:-lnry: IXII-ritorinus Service Cvr- IiIIi1'nIn'. Iiusinm-s, Kl II.ll'K. IIAROID NIHFSIIHI Squad: I,.S.A.I.. AwzxrcI: In- lrumurnIs AwurfI: AIKIQ' in II:-nIlIx Coll.-gf-. KI VRZ. DIANA UrrIu-sim: Play I"rocIucIion: Sc-rvico Ping Iivuvun: IInnor RUII. Cullpge. KYIIFBISIQ. XX'AI.'I'IiR EDXVARD fn rgv. THE FORESTER LAHNI. FLORENCE Honor Roll: Girls' Healrlr Ed. OIfir'c- Aide: Boys' HeaItI1 ECI. Office Aide: Atllletir' Awards: Ivleirtorious Award. College. LAHSI. RIITH LOUISE Honor Roll: Forest Office Aide: Nliss FuIInn's Omre: Cvuidancc fJI:I:iee Aide: Attendance Olilire. College. LAIKEN. MARILYN Leaders CIuIu: Other School: Instrumen- tal Grollp: Attendance Ollirie Aide. Coll.-ge. LALIN. HILL MARVIN Marshal Squad: Captains' Corps. CoIIege. LANDI, DANNY ANTHONY IVIarsIraI Lieutenant: P.S,A.I... Award: Captains' Corps. Business. LANG, IVIAIDA R. Nleritorious Service Certificate: Honor Roll: HcaItI1 Service Squad: Certificate lor Excellenre in Nlatlrematies. College. LANUBEIN, EDVVARD E. IVIarsI1aI Squad Captain: Secretary- 'rl'6ilSlll'Cl', x'1iH'Slliil Squad: In Cllilfgff Usher Squad: Stage Mzinager. Play Pro- duction: Selrool and IVIarsI1aI Squad Service Pins. College. IUNE 1955 ngqgfn., .,,, ,.aN.r...f. LAROCCA. JOSEPH A. IVIarsI1aI Squad: Language OII-irc: Honor Roll: P.S,A.L. College. LANVSON. XVILLIASI I"roI'mIenrs of Denroeraey: Exreptional Service Award: IVIarsIraI Squad: Ofliicer in Recitation Classes: Clin-rrristry Squad. College. LAZARUS, SAN!-'ORD HandI1aII Team: Soccer Team: Track 'I'earn: IVIarsIraI Squad Sergeant: Play produrlion. College. LAZER, DAVID Frenclr Class President: other School: English Class Representative: Honor Club: Adviser Aide: Guidance Director Aide. College. LEDERER, PEGGY ANN Clroms: Servire Pin: Attendance OII-ire. College. LEEDS, BARRY AII-Queens Swimming Team: Varsity Swimming Team: Locker Room Ixlarslralc One of Top I0 Free Style Swirnrners in New Yorlc City: Baslcetlrall Intranrural Awards. Cjnllvge. LEGLER, NANCY ANN Pa rIc OIIir'e Sf-ereta ry. Business. 47 Ca l.lilCKllARD'l'. DANIEL P. S. lfngim-1-ring Clulw: Squml Awaml. liusim-ss. LIC PAVK. GERALD Swimming Tc-mn: Cuplnins' Corps: 1 ylurslml Squml: llvnlili Ollic'4- Aiclv: Howling 'll-urn. l.iiS'l'ER. CEFILE D. Busim-ss. I,liVINlf. .lUDI'I'II K. Chorus: All-City Higll Scliool Cllorus. Full:-gr, LIQVINIC, MARIAN Biology Lnlioruinryz bi l:ullon's O Sf-rviu-: Class flllirvrs lljrvsidcnt o Sl'1'fi0lll . fiullvgv. LEVINE. NIARLENE PIIYLLIS 0.0. Rc'prvsvl1lulivl': Alh'mlnnc'v Ollliu Aid:-. Busim-ss. I .liVY. NX'l'fRNER S. Q-h'l'lllillI SC'il'lll'l' R1-mling Clulr: Gym Squml Awunls: 3 llnnnr t11'flil-i1'Zlll'S in Srllulurslnip, f'nll1'ge'. 48 1 ss : lirv: Tn-usury fylliife- Ani.-: lxlerilnrioui LEVVIN, MYRNA Play Prmiudion: lxlutli Tutor. LIEBBIAN. ANNE llluy llrocluriion: Englisll Office: Excep- tional Servicv: Honor Roll: Forester Businvss Stull. Coll:-gv. IJEBSUHER. DIANE ANNA U4-nm-ml Office Aide: Language Onice Aidv: Nluss-um Aiclf-: Lilbrary Squad: Se-rliun S1-frm-hury. llusim-ss. l.lGH'l'-ORR, GEORGE Fencing: Marshal Squad: Engineering flulw: Wlusi-um Squad: Meritorious Serv in- fc-riil'ic'ul4'. Cnlli-gt: LINDE, SHIRLEY .lunior Unesco: Borougli Discussion Group: Oilwr Srlmol: Dramatic Vvorlc- sliop. I nllvgv. UNDER. STUART D. Nlorilnrious Svrvirf-: Honor Roll. lwollm-get I.lNE'I'I', BARBARA CAROL Sc-rvirv Pin: Nlnjor Letter: Executive- Vire-Prfsirla-nt lxaclers Club: Olller School: Lvmlers Ululmz Allxle-lic Clubs. ti0lll'g1'. THE FORESTER LlNKER, MERLE HELENE Boys' Health Ed. Office: Senior Chorus: Service Pin: Shop Squad Art Metal Class: Aide, History and Art. College. LINKER, VVILMA H. Attendance Office Stall: Marshal Squad: Meritorious Award: General Office Aide. Business. LIOTTA, CONNIE R. Business. LlPETZ, LEON lVl. Service Squad. College. LIPSHITZ, IRIS SANDRA French Clulaz Orchestra: Class Presi- dent: Teachers Aide. College. LIPTON, MARTIN S, Captain ol Base-hall Varsity Team: Traclc Squad: Honor Roll: lvleritious Certificate for Service: P.S.A.L. Silver and Bronze Medals, College. LOIACONO, JOSEPH MARTIN Secretary G.O. Councilmen: Health Ed. Captains' Corps: Lunch Marsllal Squad. College. IUNE 1955 LOLLO, .lOSEPl'llNE JOAN Attendance Office Aide: Sten. Cluln. Business. LONNER, ELLEN .l. Miss Fulton's Office Aide: Cv.O. Ollicc Aicle: Attendance Oli-ice Aide: Forester Art Stall: Exceptional Service Certificate. College. LOPEZ. JAMES JOSEPH Representative ol School Magazine Marshall Squad. College. LORENZO. VALENTIN V. Swimming Team Manager: Marshal Squacl: P.S.A.L.. Awards: Exceptional Service Certificate. College. LOURIE. BERNARD Play Production: Forest Leaves: Social Studies Honor Society: All-City Radio VVorlcsliop: Language Office. College. LUBECK, CARL DAVID Chess Club: Cliess Team: Forest Leaves College. LUDEN. EUGENIA Forest Leaves: Chorus 2 years: Meri- torious Certilicate: Spanish 7-S Cluh: .lunior Dramatics. College-. 49 Ll YI-'l'SC'i IEIN, STANLEY Arisl'l: Smiui Stutiiex iionmr Suiely I I 5 1 , : Piny iirociurliunz Captains' Corps: G.O. f un ilnrm 3 1 r 1 ll . y -u s. fioiiege. Ll fgiiifi. i.AXVRifNCif IIARC DID ixinrsimi Squaui: i'.S.A.i... Awnrcis: in tnunumi Awnnis. fioiie-ge. MAC Q'AR'I'Nl-IY, JEAN M, fliiire Aifiez Regents Typing fiom mittee: cil'lN'Hli iinnnr Rnii. Business. NiAt7IIOVl'fR. RUlSl'fR'I' KARI. Piny i,m1iuftiol1: Senior Day Lilllllllliuvf' iionnr Roii: Srimui fliiife Aicie. finiiege. NIAJDAN, JOAN lil.l,IiN Cimruiz Language Oiii4'q: Aide. Business. NIALKIN, RONALD A. Coiiegv. NQIAMNIANK D, .IC QSEPI I ,PIQTIQR 4 finss i'n-suit-nt: C uptznns f orps: C inss Airie: Awami. College. '30 NIANDEI.. HOXVARD Class Presiaientz Niursimi Squmi: ii.iiA,i-. Awnrci: Squnci Award, 0 nge. MANDELL, DONALD G. ixiill'SilE'll Squad: P.S.A.L. Award: Class President: Squmi Awnrci: Reritution fiinss Presirient. Coil:-ge. HANNLEIN, STANLEY A. Senior Bnmi: S1-rvire Pin: intrannurnis Awurci: Honor Certiiirnte in Sf'il0iill'SiliIl. Cniiege. MANNO, ANGELA Cutting Squad: Suitizaii Teanu: New- Illilll Business. MARCUS. RUTH Band: Sucini Studies Ciuix. Cniiege. iNiARGOi.iS, IRVVIN Ninrsimi Squnrig Bnnci: Class Aicie. Coiiege. MARGULIUS. HARRY Arista: History Hnnor Sofia-ty: Language Honor Society: Vice-Pr:-sirient Engineer- ing Ciuix: Editor Nintin Ciuix Newspaper. foiiege. THE FORESTER 7 I , MAR KOXN'ITZ. DIANE FRANCES Cafeteria Ollice Secretary. College. MARKS. ALAN JOEL Arista: Senior Council: Cv.O. Council- man l5 Termsl : lvlarslml Squarlg Service Pin. College. MARKS, .IOY MARION Otlier Scliool: Captain ol Talsle in Luncllroomg Englisli Olilzice Aide. College. IVIARTELL, C-AIL Math Ollice Aide: Forest Ollicc Aide: Volley Ball Club: Baseball Cluln: Reci- tation Class President. College. MATZ. ELISABETII Art Eclitor ol Forest Leaves: Arista: Beacon Stall: Program Committee: Play Production. Calif-gf-. MAXXVELL, JIM J. Capt. Corps: iVIarsIiaI Squacl: I,.S.A.L. Awarcl: Intramural Award: Loclcer Room Nlarslial. Business. MAYO, BELLA College. IUNE 1955 MAYO. LINDA Business. MAYOR, DONALD FREDRIC Language Ollice Aide: Marshal Squacl: Captain in Luncliroom. College. Mn-CANN, LOUISE LORRAINE CLO. Councilman: P.S.A.L. Award: Play Pmcluction: Clnorus: Section Treas- urer. College. McELROY, ,IOHN JOSEPH Track Team IVarsityl: Cross Country Team lvarsilylz Captains' Corps: Mar- slial Squad. College. NICGINNIS, PATRICIA General Honor Roll Every Term: Sec- retary in Business Subjects Ollice: Ciiorus: Regents' Typing Squacl. Business. MEAD. RICHARD A. president ol Hill Scllool: Play Procluca tion: Honor Roll: Captains' Corps: Manager Varsity Baslcetlmll. College. MEER. DOROTHY lvlenlbcr ol Costume Clull: Aide in Amlf nlinistration Ollire: Pllysics Lilll: Gen- eral Ollire Aicle: Perfect Attenclancc Certilirate. College, 51 NIHISNER, VICKI cll'flll-lfilll' ol' lfxfvplionul Svrvitv. fiollz-go. NllflS'l'liR. ELLEN ll. Sorinl Slumlivs Ulliu- Airlv: Nlusic' Ollicm: Aiili-: Sllup Squml: Swimming Flulr: Ill-4-lah lfcl. Clulns. flollvgv. NlliLLlN, SANDRA A. l.ile-mry Shall ol l7Ul'l'Sll'l'. Full.-gf-. NIERZON, .lliRRY P.S.A,l.. AYVHHISQ 31llfSlliIl Squilfl. College. MEYER, FRANKLIN A. Vlurslxal Squad. BllSlI'll'SS. MEYER, JOAN CAROLE Pllysics Lulu. Squad: Scrviu- Pin: Al- lvnclunu- CI'fllrll'illl'. follvgv. NlliYliR. NlAR.lURlli JUAN flow-rnl ful-liro Aiclm-3 De-lmling Clulx: Flu Clull ,nl 1 f ull.-gf-. 52 lllny Pro: Arl Olliu' Aiclcg Sofrvlury llc-ullll Efl. Ollic'e': Cnlvls-rin Ollirm-' l'luy ljroclurllong Arisln, .lr.: Plnysifs anal QTIIUIII. Squzul: S1-nior Dany CflIllIlllllf't" S1-nior Bnmlg Foruslvr: Svrviu' Pin: NIICHELSON, MARLENE S. Sc-crvlnry Guiclnnrc Ol-lice: Coacll. Booster: Ollxer Sclzool: Pan-Anwrican filulr: llolxn-w flulr. fiollvqv NllLCl'l, DEBORAl'l ANN Progrmn Ullirc Alclr: Olllvr Srllool: Clulwsz Servicos :incl Commissions: At- I1-mlmu-v fllliirz' Aillv: Class Aiflv. fiollegv. lVlll.LER, AUDREY .l. llill Ollire- Sccrvlnry: Nc-wnmn Clulr: Sh-nogmplly Clulm: volley Bull ancl liilskvtlliln cwlllllil Iglonor Roll. llusiness. MILLER, JERRY Gym Squml Awarcls. Clollc-go. 5lll.l.liR. .IOEL ALAN Fluior Lf-Her in Swimming: lnlrumurul 'l'm1-lc Awnrrlg P,S.A.l.. Award: Yvm-A lloole Ar! Skull: Honor Roll. Collogu. 5lll.l.lfR. l.ESl.IE CLU. Ullliu-r ll'ululirily fonnnitlu-l. cillll1'Hl'. NIILO, CLAIRE Nl. rliyping R1-gm-ills cNlllllIlllilQ'l'I -liypisl in lloys' l'l1-alllll Eclllrzilirmll Dvpl. llusinvss. THE FORESTER MINDEL, STANLEY DAVID Sergeant lvlarsllal Squad: President Reeitation Class: Nleritorious Certificate. College. INIFITELDORF, ROBERTA Girls' Healtlr Ed. Ollice Typist: Gen- eral Ollice Aide: Typing ol Regents Boolclets: lx18l'Sllill Squad. Business. MODICA. RALPH J. Biology Lallz Cutting Ollice: Nlarsliul Squad. College. IVIOHR, ALAN S. Baslcetlnall Team: P.S.A.L. Silver Award: Bowling TPHIII: Captain in Gym Class' Recitation Class President. College. NIOHR. RICHARD ALLEN Alarslial Squad: Englisli Dept. Aide. NIOKOTOITF. INIALCOLBI JOEL Lilurary Squad: Wluseum Squad: lVlar- sllal Set: lvleritorious Service Cer- tilicate: College Dvsk Aide. College. NIONDLOCK. JANET D. Aide in Cale: Forest Ollliee Aide. Business. IUNE 1953 I MORRIS, BRENDA NORENE Jr. and Sr. Arista: Social Studies Honor Society: Cliainnan, Business Stall. For- ester: Service Pin: Prolalems of Democ- racy. College. INIOSER. ADRIENNE H. Junior Arista: Aide in Attendance Oll-ice: Secretary lor Latin Teacl1er lor Two Tenns: Nleritorious Service Award: Otlier Scllool: Switclilooarcl Operator. College. NIOSKAL. LYNNE Play production: Language Ollirc Aide. College. IVIOSKOXVITZ, CAROLE ROSE Arista: G.O. Junior Representative: President ol Latin Clull: Service Pin: History Honor Soriety. Coll.-gt-. MOSKOXVITZ. HELEN RITA Orcliestra: Volley Ball Award: Baselxall Awaril: Baslietlxall Award: lxleritorious and Exceptional Service Certificates. College. NIOSKOXVITZ, HERBERT S. Cllairman, G.O. Social Committee: Senior Day Committee: G.O. Sales Stall: Forester lvleritnrious Award. College. MOSS. SANDRA Aide Attendance Ollife: Aide General Olliee: Aide Parli Office. Business. 53 All ILLER. IfI.IZABI'f'I'I'I G. Atii-mlanro Offit 1- Aiclv. full:-gi-. MUNEY, BARBARA FERN Rt-purtorial Stall ol' Beacon: Atlvnclamtv flllhife' Airli-: Sorial Stutlies OIIi1'e Aide: Sc-nior Arista: IIonor Roll. Call--gf-. Ml7RI'IIY, GEORGE BRUCE l'.S.A.I.. Awarmlsz Capt. Corps: IN'IarsIuaI Squacl Sgt. Ifusim-ss. MYERS. ARLENE LEE Sz-rviitv Pin: Aicls- in Amlniinistrativi- Offin-1 Aiflf- in Assistant I,rincipaI's OIIiu': Sfnior OII-irc Aidv: Business Stall' ol Forvstcr. Coll.-gf-. NAIHANS. JOAN CAROL Miss I"uIton's 0IIir4- Aide: Vollvy Ball Clulig Nlorilorinus S4-rvirv. College. NEAI.. LEILA M. Exrvplional Cvrtiliratvg Aide Forest OII-icv Typist: Aide in IVIiss FuIton's OIIit'c:3 Aillc in fnvnvral Ollivm IVIPmIwr ol I:Iying Ijons Clulm: Contestant Hunk-r Collvgv. Ifusinvss. NEI-ILNAN, EDl'I'II Sorrvtary Ilealtli Ecl. Ollllifv. Collt-gi-. 54 NEIRICK. LINDA SUE S1-rrvlary in Stutly Hull: Prvsirlvnt ol Englisli Class. cfoll.-g.-. NELSON, BARBARA B. Sr. Arista: I'Iay IJroCIuc'tion: Svrvice Pin: Forest Lvuvvs: Sr, Sliow Committee, Ist-nior Day, CIOIIIIIIIIIQP. Collf-gm-. NEI SON, MARY E. Leaders' Club: Newman Club: Girls' AIIII1-tif Clulrs: Genrral OII-ire Aisle. COIL-gt-. NEUNVIRTH, SAMUEL EDXVARD Curator ol IVIuscun1: Swimming Team- Ixlajor Letters: IVIHTSIIHI Squad Sgt.: I'IigIl Honor Roll: Exec-ptional Service Awilfll, Coll:-go. NEVVMAN. MARION Forest Leaves Stall lliteraryl: Lilfzrary Stall: G.O. Councilman: Tennis CIuI'J: Yeurlmoole Literary Stall. College. NEVVMAN. NANEI IE Valley Ball CIUIW: Urrlwstraz IIIQRCIIPIIS Aiile-, 4 ti-rms. Coll.-gf-. NICIIULAS. NICK ANGELO Play Promlurlionz NIQ-rilorious Sc-rvicv Awarcl: INIarsIiaI Squad. Collvgv. THE FORESTER V .. NIEGO, EDVVARD VICTOR Swimming Team: Marshal-Sergeant: President ol lVlatl1 Class: Certificate ol' Meritorious Service: P.S.A.L. Award. College. NOBLE, PAUL RONALD Arista: Language Honor Society: History Honor Society: Radio Vvorltsliop- VVNYE: Service Pin: Higli Honor Roll. College. NOVVIKAS. IRENE Beacon-Associate Editor: Forest Leaves Stall: Treasurcfs Ollire Aide: Junior Arista: Yearlzoole Stall. College. NUSSER. LEONARD VVlLLlAlVl Clmcss Cluim: Cliess Team. College. OBER, JILL Basltetixall Clulv: Baseimall Club: Play Production: Forest Leaves: Cliecr Lead- ing Squad. College. OPPENHEIMER, BRUCE H. Bowling Team: Marshal Squad. College. ORING. HEATHER L. Senior Section Treasurer: Social Studies Seen-tary: Language Oliice Secretary. Business. IUNE 1955 41lyluw'vl- .-Y. N- - ---.Y ORLIN. JAY ERVVIN Marshal Squad: Proimlems or Denl0CrflCyQ Ciiess Club: Dclmating Society: Matin Ollice Aide. College. OSTROVV. ROBERT H. Marshal Squad: P.S.A.L. Award: Other School: Honor Roll: Certificate of Meri- torious Service: Bowling lntramurals. College. OZIIVIEK, THERESA MAGDALENA Junior and Senior Arista: Bus Ticicot Stall: Service Pin Award: Program Office: Frencli Honor Certilirate. College. PANZER. JOAN Treasurer's Office Aicle. College. PASTER, JOAN Service Pin: Health Service Squad: Boolcroom Aide iifnglislll: Study Hall Secretary. Business. PATRAKA, ALAN Ollicer on Marshal Squad: Safety Engi- neer in Simp Class: Squad intramural Award. College. PEARLMUTTER. ARTHUR EDW. Arista: Editor-Journal Math.-Sci. Hou. Soc.: Cliess Cluix: Engineering Cluil: President: Junior Astronomy Club. College. 55 PERITZ, RICHARD ALAN Mutlx Tutor: Pllysics Tutor: Exceptional Service Certiliirate: Niarslmi Squaci-Sgt.: 14 terms,-lst Lit-ut. H4-aitll Eli, fvoliege. l'ERLS'l'ElN. SUZANNE UID. Oliicv: Forest Ollicc: Lilmrary: Englisil 0lli1'i' Airle, College. PERSKY, NANETIE S. l,f0KI'illll Ollire Aicleg Guiclance Oliice Aide. College. PETROVVER, JOEL BARRY Curtoonist lor History Class: ciill'f'l0ftil Aitlt-: General Honor Roll. College. PHILIPPS, ERVIN President of Senior Class: Capt. Varsity Traffic: Honor Roll: Service Pin: Arista. College. PIERRO. VINCENT G.O. Councilman. Coilt-gt-. PILATSKY, PHYLLIS Asst. Principal Office Aide: President of Section Class: Secretary in Science Class: Secretary in Art Class: Treasurer in Section Class. College. 56 PINCUS. ALEX R. College. POLLACK, FAYE Cll0fUS. College. POPOFF, ELIZABETH Library Squad: lVlutil Tutor: Program Ollie:-5 Exceptional Service Certificate: Honor Roll. College. POPPEL. RITA Park Sr. Representative: G.O. Ofii4'e Aide: Honor Roll: Service Pin. Coll.-gf-. POPPER, PEVER Sciiool Bancl: Scilool Orciiestra: G.0. Dance Banci. College. PORGES, GEORGE VV. Senior Day Chairman: Tennis Team. 9lCllCSlf8Z 0.0. Representative: Service i College. ll. PORTNOY, GERALD MANUEL Letters, Basketball Varsity: Capt. Golf Varsity: Traci: Medal: CLO. Representa- tive: Exceptional Service Certificate. College. THE FORESTER I POTTISH, SHARON D. Play Pro: Art Stall ol tlie Forester: Art Aide. Business. PRESS, lVllCl'lAEL A. Captains' Corps: Problems of Democ- racy: Aide Asst. Principals Office: Cer- tificate ol Nleritorious Service: Squad Award. College. PRINCE, ROCHELLE A. General Olllice Switchboard Operator: Girls Cliorus: Attendance Office Aide: Service Pin: Study Hall Aide. College. PRINS. BETTY lVlARCvARETA Language Ollicc. College. PURIFICATL LUCY MARY Newman Cluln: Parlc Office Aide: Mar- slial Squad: Soltlwall Clulw: Cutting Squad. Business. QUINIERNO, ANNETITE 'rom Secretary to Mr. Spata: CLO. Counril- man: Girls Emergency Room. Business. RABADAN, HAZEL D. Secretary Boys' Healtli Ed. Ollirc: Aide- in Girl's Emergenry Room. IUNE 1953 RAFF. NEIL CHARLES History Honor Society: Cliess Team: Advanced Science. College. RAHINSKY, IRMA Tennis Clul'1: Vollf-yl'Jall Club! Basket- lmall Clulwz CllE9IIE8dEf,S Section Clulrc rlvwo Honor Roll Certificates. College. RAINVILLE, ROLAND E. Second Lieut. in Her-lil. Business. RAIVIAKUS, GLORIA 'IHERESA Honor Roll: Meritorious Award: Gregg Dept. Stan. and Type Speed Awards: Parli Office Typist: Secretary in Senior Section. Business. RAMIREZ. EFRAIN A. Newman Clulr Pres.: Marslial Squad. RANHREZ, GABRIEL Lieut. Marshal Squad: Lieut. Dawn Patrol Squad: Foreman Sluop: 3rd Prize Winner in Spanisli Contest: Language Oll-ire Stall. Business. RAPPAPORVV, SANFORD DAVID Business. 57 -'z-. .JN--Q-, L READE. EMILIE G.O. Olllicez Boy's Health Ed. Office: General Office Aide: Meritorious Award: Marshal Squad. College. REICH. ELINOR Meritorious Service Award: Secretary. Boy's Health Ed. OIIice: Aide, Cutting Ollicez Aide, General Ollice: Senior Jewelry Representative. College. REIIJENBERG, WALTER .Ir. and Sr. Arista: Social Studies Honor Society: Language Honor Society: Chem- istry Lah. Assistant. College. REINHARDT. ELLIOT RICHARD Bax-1IcetIJaII Varsity: President Senior Sec- tion Class: Intramural Awards: P.S.A.L. Silver Badge in Health Ed. College. REISMAN, ARNOLD H. Marshal Squad: Play Production. College. REISS. AL Service Pin: 0.0. Sales Stall: G.O. Puhlicity Committee: Marsliril Squad: Bio I.aIx. College. RESSLER, MICHAEL HERBERT Business. 'ES REYNOLDS, ROBERT RAYMOND Senior Band: G.O. Representative: Serv- ice Pin: Marshal Squad: Gym Squad Award. College. RICHTER. FELICE Emergency Room Squad: Language and History Office Aide: Physical Science Office Aide: Certificate of Meritorious Service: Honor English and Honor Roll. College. RIEGELSPERGER. ROBERT E. Sergeant, Marshal Squad: P.S.A.L. Award: Squad Awards. Business. RIMMER, ARLINE G. Beacon Exchange Editor: Excellence in Math Certilicatez Service Pin: Program Olliceg Senior Day Committee. College. ROBBEN. VVILLIAM F. Marslial Squad: P.S.A.L. Badge: Ger- llliln Business. RODRIGUEZ, FRANK DIEGO Marshal Squad: P.S.A.L. Business. ROEDER. FRED P.S.A.L. Awards: Industrial Arts Award Ior Art Mctril Proiert Ford Company. Business. THE FORESTER --- ,-me ,,,,... .'f. I .. HJ. , 49 ,M 1 ROESSLER, HOWARD FRANK Other School: Swimming Team: Secre- l tary in Health Education Department. Business. ROSEN. STEPHEN Forest Leaves Magazine: Museum Aide: Guidance Ollice. College. ROSENBAUM, LIBBY DOLORES Tennis: CI1orus. College. ROSENBERC-. INA SANDRA Meritorious Service Award: Chorus Girls' Cvoll' Club: Aide in Administra: tive Ollice. Collage. ROSENBERG. LOIS Emergency Room Assistant: Library Squad: Tutorin g. College. ROSENBERG, RONAlD l. Beacon: Senior Band: P.S.A.L. Awards Capt. Marshal Squad: Service Pin. College. ROSENBERG, ROSLYN PEARL Costume Mistress ol Play Production Forest Leaves: Mathematics Office: His- tory Ollicec Service Hn. College. IUNE 1955 Honor Roll: Volley Ball: Science Office- wf:-qn 'vw -1- . ROSENFELD, ARTHUR H. Member ol Engineering Club: Members of Problems ol Democracy: Supervisor of Social Studies Ollice. College. ROSENTHAL, MARGARET Meritorious Service: Library Squad: Typist lor Mrs. Holalian. Business. ROSS, BARRY CHARLES Cross-Country fFresl1man Team, : Honor Roll: P.S.A.L. Award. College. ROTH, ERICA MARIA Junior and Senior Arista: Service Pin: Program Ollice Aide: Heallli Ed. Office Aide: Forest Leaves. College. ROTH. PETER Marslial Squad: Intramurals: Captain in Caleteria. College. ROTH. WILLIAM Dramatic Club: Marslial Squad: AI- tendance Office: Joumalism. College. RUDOLPH. JOAN ANNE Secretary in Treasurefs Office: Cliorus. Business. 50 RUSSO. RUSALIE C. follogv. SADOVV. ALAN l7. 1 Ollwr School: llocliey Vleamg Lcilvr Men's Clulmg Ycurimolc Stall: News- paper Stall.. Collvgv. SAFIAN, 'l'ULl.Y N. Nlarslial Squad: Exceptional S4-rvirv Cn-riiiimlug Tropiral Fisli Clulv. Coll:-go. SALINE. RICHARD VVILLIAM Ar! Slalll, Fares! lmuiws: Capiain, Nlar- sllal Squad: Caplnins' Corps: BCGCUVI Arl Sialnl. farloonisl: lJ.S.A.l.. Awards. Uullegc. SALOMON. S'I'lfl'HEN Editor-in-Cliief, French-American Slu- ilvnl: Junior Unesco: Language Honor Sock-ly: Sn-nior Arisia: lin-ncli Club. folli-ga-. SALl'lfl'lfR. RICI IARD Board nl Assistants, Beacon: Golf Team: Srlmol Band: Niall: illuior: Cirrulaiion Manager, B1-uma. fwollvgv. SALZMAN, SHIELA Fl. lfxwplional Sorviu' Award: Girls' ll:-alllu l':duc'aIion Ullirr: Aitundanrv fflfiu-. folic-gv. 60 SANIFLNIAN, HAROLD Bilsilu-ss. SANDS, BARBARA RUTH .lunior and Sc-nior Arista: Play Produc- tion: Aide in Miss Fullon's Olluicvc Gen- :-ral rUlfiu- Aid.-Q Exe-optional Service Fvrii ifalv. College. SARET. SCO'i'l' lXll'llllN'I' and Co-Captain Audio-Visual Squad: Sc-rvire Pin: Served on Biology. Pluysirs and General Science Squads. Colli-gc-. SATNICK. MARSHA IVIICHAEL Play Production: Biol-ogy Laimoralory Squad: Flarslnal Squad: Svrvicv Pin: Gi-m-ral Science Squad. Valli-gi-. SAVI'l'I', GRFTFA Nivinlu-r ol' Leaders' Club: Treasurvr ol- lA'illIl'I'SY flair: Ali-rilurious Service Award. Follvplv. SAX. ALIVE H. Aida' in Hvallll Educaiion Dvparimeniz Aiilv in Park Oil-in-: llonor Roll: Nivri- l0l'i0l.IS Sl'fX'il'l' .AM'ill'll. fullvgv. SCADRON. PETER Svnior Band: Coll' Squad: Exceptional S4-rvirv Cvrlilicalr-: lniramural Ping- pong Clxamp: Niarslial Squad. Follvplv. THE FORESTER SCARANGELLA, ANNA M. Senior Arista: .Iunior Arista: Flying Pens Club: Student Secretary, Business Department: Newman Club. College. SCHAEFFLER, MARY ALICE Arista: Higlm Honor Roll: Exceptional Service Awarcl: Aicle in Parlc Ollice: Flying Pens Cluln. Business. SCHARF. SHEILA E. Play Production: Cl1orus: Nlatlmematics Tutor: Exceptional Service Awarcl: Ad' ministrative OlI:ice Aicle. College. SCHICK, NINA IVI. Girl Leader ol Arista: Column Eclitor ol' Beacon: Service Pin: History Honor Society: Play Production. College. SCHIFFMAN, JUDITH Arista and .Iunior Arista: Service Pin: Clmms: Senior Day Committee: Library Squad. College. SCHILLER, BETTY B. Secretary in Language Oltice: Tennis ancl Baclminton Club: Stenograplly Cluls: Cafeteria Olfice Aicle, Business. SCHMALBERG, IRNVIN Captains' Corps: Marslmal Squacl: Typ- ing Certificate: P.S.A.L. Award: Squad Awards. College. IUNE 1953 SCHIVIERTZ, HERMAN Latin Tutor: Nlatliematics Tutor: Cap- tains' Corps: Section Cliairman: Higli Honor Roll. College. SCHNEIDER, MARILYN JOAN Cutting Otlice: Attcnclance Office: Cale- teria Ollicez Senior Section Captain. College. SCHNEIDER, MARILYN MAXINE Lunffllfoolll Marshal: Pf0dUfti0n. College. SCHULMAN, HONVARD L. Play Procluction: Marshal Squad: Cliem- istry Office. College. SCHULZE. ARTHUR WILLIAM Orcllestrag Newman CIulJ: German- Science Reading Club: Meritorious Serv- ice Award: Honor Roll. College. SCHUPPEL, PATRICK JOSEPH Squacl Awarrls: P.S.A.L. Medal: Mar- shal Squad. Business. SCHVVAIVI, SIIVIA ANN Service Pin: Honor Roll Certificates: VIYPIHS Certificate: Aide in Mr. Del- man's Office: Aide in Attendance Office, Business. 61 SCHXNARTZ. ANN ELLEN Park Ull-iw: Typing in Olliws-Ri-gc-nts w',f'l'k. Businvss. SCHVVARTZ, LENORE C. Forest Leaves: cl9llI'l'ill Ollice. Business. SCHVVARTZ. SANDRA R. Library Squad: Service Squad, Health Fxluvation Department: Section Aide: Attrcmlancc Ollllire Aide. College. SCHVVARTZIVIAN, PEVER N. lvlatln-matics Tutor. Coll:-ge. SCRIBNER. LILA K. Play Production: Service Pin: Hostess Squarl: Hill Officer-: Forest Office. Collvgc. SEFF, SANDRA LOIS Girls' Healtli Eclurntion Airlc, College. SEIDLER. DORRIT BIMBI Honor Roll: Girls' Hr-alll: Education Departnwnt. Collcgv. 62 SEIFFER, SUSAN H. Program Ollire: Attendance Office: Aide to Assistant Principal: Service Pin: Aicle in Art Nl:-tal. College. SEISSENSCHMIDT, AUDREY Band: Orchestra. College. SELDEN. BILL Nl. Marshal Squad: Track Team. Colle-gv. SELIGMAN, FRED History Office Aide: Orchestra: Cap- tains' Corps. College. SELXVYN, DONALD College, SEXTON. NVILLIAM Track Tvmn: Cross Country Team: N1flfSllfll. College. SHAFFER. NANCY SUE Presirlc-nt ol' IAPEIIIUPS' Honor Society: .lunior aml Senior Arista: Language Honor Society: Service Pin: Senior Sec- tion Captain ancl Vice-Presiclent. Cnllegf-. THE FORESTER I 'I -'f' SHALER. BEITE ANN Yearboolc Art Stall: Emergency Room Aide: lvlarsllal Squad: President ol His- tory Class. College. SHAPIRO, BARBARA Aide in Miss Fulton's Olllice. College. SHAPIRO. BERNARD DAVID F. H. Varsity Swimming Team: Honor Roll: Audio-Visual Squad: P.S.A.l... Intramural Awards: Certilicate ol Meri- torious Service. College. SHAVV. VV ALTER JOSEPH Swimming Team: Soccer Team: Traclc Team: Cvemian Science Reading Club: Exceptional Service Award. College. SHERIDAN. HAROLD R. Squad Award: AWHTJI MHP' slml Squad. College. SHIRY. JACQUELINE IIORENCE Mathematics Tutor: Cllorus: Emergency Room: History Ollice. Business. SHOREMAN, ANDRE Higll Honor Roll. College. I UNE 1955 SHUPACK, HAL S. Service Award: lVIarslial Squad: Intra- IIIUTBI Awards. College. SIEGEL, MARCELLA Dramatics Clulrg Frenclx Clull: Helper in Home Economics Laboratory: Parlc Sclnool Cutting Squad. College. SIEGEL, VVALTER HENRY Traclr Team: Senior Day Committee: G.O. Social Committee: Beacon Busi- ness Stalll: Ivleritorious Service. SIMON. ALICE JANE Senior Orcllestraz Beacon Stall.: Associ- ate Board: Senior ancl .lunior Arista: G.O. Service Pin: Program Committee. College. SIMON, DOROTHY ANN Program Olllice: Newman Club: Baslcel- Ixall and Velley Ball Clulss: Honor Roll: Exceptional Service. College. SINGER, GERALD IRWIN College. SINGER, LOUIS J. CLO. Representative: lVIarsl1al Squad: P.S.A.L. Award. College. 65 SINOVSKY. SONDRA FAY CIUII CIuIi: 31iIIIl6'lllZIIICS OIIife AIQIUI Ce-rIiI'ic'uIv Ivor EXW-IIvncf' in II1'I'1rew1 Ifxrc-pIionnI Svrviu- f'vrIiIirntc-1 AtIvnLI- una- IDII-iw Aifh-. Coll.-gt-. SKIDMORE, DONALD B. Sergeant in CImrgv oI IVInrsImI Squad: Cnptnins' Corps: IIsInvrs' Squad: As- sislunt Slings INIunugvr, I'Iuy I"ro. Collr-gr-. SKLAR. MARILYN Assistant to IVIrs. IVIrCunna: Svrrclary In Iwiss KEURIIIIIIIC Tutoring h1ilIIll'IlltlII!'S. Business. SOFI-', HARVEY G. Senior I3umI: HuncIImII Varsity: 'I'Inrcv IntrnmurnI Awnr1Is: Service- CcrIiIicut:': Sc'IloInsIir Ac'IliL-vvlllvnt Cc'rIiIil'uIo. f'oIIvg4-. SOLGANIK. PAUL JACOB Language IInn0r S0111-ty: .Iunior Arista: S4-nior Arista: Language OIIirc Squad: Service Pin. Follt-gt-. SULUI"I", IRIS RUTH 0.0. Svvn-tnry: IJIny ProrIurIiong Arista: Svnior Dny CEOIIIIIIIIIPUI Chorus. Colle-gt-. SC JLOMON. HARVEY A. I.unrIlroom SqumI: IVInIIlvlnnIiCs CIuIJ S1-rvirv SquntI: CIIIIIPTH CoIIc'g0. 0-fi SOLOMON, PHYLLIS NIAY XVorIier,I in IXIatI1 OIIic'1-3 XVorIcmI in Cutting OIIirv. CoIIi'g0. SONENBERG. MAURICE IRVING Sc-nior BzuuI: ExceplionaI Service Pin AVVEIIIII xllilrsllill Squild. CoIIegc. SPANTON. DONALD MARTIN Arista: I3usc'ImII VII:-mn: Service Ping Lic-utenunt, IX'InrsImI Squad: History Office. Collegv. SPETF, CABY' R, Senior Arista: IIistory OIIice AimIc-. CoIIcgc. SPIEGIQI.. STANLEY XV. Intramurals: I,S.A.I... AwarcIs: Squad AwurLI: IxIursImI Squad. CoIIf-gc-'. SPINDLER. ARTHUR Captains' Corps: INIarsImI Squad, Ser- geant: P.S.A.L. Awards: IntruinumI Awards. fIoIIvg0. SPREY. PIERRE M. 'I'mcIi 'IIs-ning Aristu: Secretary oI MllIIl' Sri:-mx' Honor Suri:-ty: Language Honor Sufi:-ty II'rcs.Ig History I'I0nor Society. Coll.-gf-, THE FORESTER STAPELlVlAN, SHERRY Clioral Group: l:asl1ion Sllow. College. STEIN. .IANICE SYLVIA Attendance Olfice. Business. STEIN, LARRY Captains' Corps: Squaol Awards: Honor Roll. College. STEIN, MARILYN M. Business. STElNNlE'l4Z, ARDEN LYNNE Cao. Councilman: Chorus: Honor Roll: Section Treasurer: Newman Club. College. STERINBACH, ABBY MAY Honor Roll: Certilicate oi Exceptional Service: Secretary, Boy's Healtlm Ecluca- tion Ollice: Bus Tivlcet Aiclc: Clievron. Baselvall. College. STERN, EDVVIN H. prom Clrairman: Play Production: Councilman: Service Pin: Biology Lalmr- atory Squacl. College. JUNE 1055 STEUER. MARILYN Softball Team fcilcvroniz Boys' Hcaltli Ed. Oliire: Nlarslual Squaciz Speedling ,Pens Club. Business. STEVENS, MARY Parlc Qllice Aide: P.S.A.L. Award: Tennis Club: Volley Ball Cluixz Honor Roll. Business. STILLMAN. LOUISE JEANNE lVlatli-Science Honor Society: Junior Astronomy Clulo: Nlatliematics Clulmz Arista. College. STRASS. PEGGY LOUISE Atliletic Clulws: Miss Fulton's Otlice: General Ollice: Orcliestra: Service Pin. College, STRAUS. ROBERT V. Senior Bancl: Senior Orcliestra: Service Pin: Captains' Corps: lvlarslials' Squad. College. STRAUSS, ESFIHER J. Section Captain: Girls' Healtlx Ed. De- partment Aicie: Cutting Oil-ice Aide: Senior Council. College. STRAUSS, HERBERT LEOPOLD Arista: Matllcmatics and Science Honor Society: Language Honor Society: Social Studies Honor Society. College. 65 STRAUSS, MAX lzmguugc' flllirt-: liXf'Cllll0llill Service: N i1ill'Sllill Squillll ilifilfli 'I-Pilllll Squad Awurcls, fiolln-go, S'I'RliSINU, ANAISEI. Arising Play l'rorluclion: linngungr' llonor Society: l'i1lll'rgolu'y Room Aicle: Business Offii 1- Aiclo. Coll--gi-. S'I'l YRNI, Sl IIRLEY IIARRIET pulling fllliu-g Forest lmonpg- fiollf-gr. SULZER. STAN lJ'n'siflc'nt ol ilu- Srllool: Boy l.c-arlvr ol Aristn: Plny l,f0fllll'll0ll1S0flillSllllli95 llonor Sorivty: lmngunge llonor Society. full:-ge, SUMMER, ALLEN Cross Country lrarlc loain: lncloor rltfilllil Captnins' Corps. Business. Sl YSSNER, MYRNA C, Q.O. Olllice: Study Hall Aide: fclulmsl lf-nnis, Volli-y Ball, Baselmall: General fjllicc. Business SUVER. BARBARA E. cEf'IN'l'Hl H0llflr QCVCTY lfflllll SYT' retnry in Business Sulwji-cts Ollie:-: Typ- ing Regents Boolcs. Business. 66 SXVAAB, ALEX M. Captains' Corps: Tracli: lntrzunural Awanls: Silver Nic-dal P.S.A.l-. Awarcl. Gill.-gi-. SXVANTON. ANNE B. Nf'W'lllillI Clulx: Aicle in History Ollie!-. Business. SXVARTZ. JON MARTIN Plllllflgfilfllly Ctllllll MilfSllill Sqllildl P.S.A.L. Culli-gi-. SNVILLER, ELAINE LEE Lilwrary Aide: Secretary. Guiclanre cT0llllSf'll0l'I c,l'N'l' SCIIOOII Svlvifc CVT' lilicule. College. SXYIRSKY. HELEN EVHEL Junior and Senior Arista: Language Honor Society: Forest l.eov0S: Niall: Team: Service Pin. Collt-gc. TANCRATI, ROBERT .l. Shop Safety Engineer. College. TASCH, PHYLLIS F. Aicle. Business. THE FORESTER TASHMAN. BARRY HERBERT Ist Tmmpet in Senior Band. Marching Band and Pep Band. College. TASHOFF, EUGENE HOWARD Intramural Award: Aide to Miss Sted- man: Malin Aide. College. 'I'A'II.E, SUSAN Junior Unesco: Queenslzorouglx Discus- sion Group: Current Events Club: Prob- Iems ol Democracy Class: Service Pin. College. TAVERNA, FRANK PEFER Squad Intramural Award: On IVIarsI1aI Award Squad: President ot IVIecI1anicaI Drawing Class 5: Shop Safety Engineer. College. TELLER, ANNETTE Z. Attendance Oil-ice. Business. TENDLER, IVIARSHA G.O. Publicity Comm.: Sec'y Leaders Honor Society:: Vice-Pres. Arista: Serv- ice Pin: Girls' I'IeaIlI1 Ed. Office Stall. College. TENENBAUM, BARBARA Volleyball Club Iwon cI1evronl: Gen- eral OIII-ice Aide: Attendance Oli-ice Aide. College. IUNE 1955 -A ... ,.1Fl!l!?.-V, I f TESSER, DONALD Track Team: Captains' Corps: Intra- mural Awards: Major Letter in Soccer. College. THORN, GERALD DANIEL Forest Leaves Stall: Tennis Team: In- tramural Tennis Cllampion. Coll.-ge. TRIANSKY. CAROLE R. Healtli Ed. Office: On IVIarsI1aI Squad. College. TROLIVIAN, DAVID STEVEN CLO. Representative: Intramurals: Aide in .Senior Ratings: I"IiII Office. College. VASSALLO, ALICE VIRGINIA I'IiII Senior Representative: Captain of Cheerleaders: Hostess: Senior Day Com- mittee: Service Pin. College. WALDMAN. CHESTER C. other School: Baslcetlzall Team: Mar- sI1aI Squad: Football Team. Business, WALLACH, PAUL HARRY Service Pin: Problems ol Democracy: Junior Unesco: Debating Society. College. 67 VVARDEN, CYRUS ELY Clit-ss Clulx: Cupluins' Corps. Full:-gc-. VVASSERMAN. REUBEN NV. Auclio-Visunl Aiclvs' Squiitl: Biology Lnlmmtory Squad: Treasurer ol Senior Suction Class: Service Pin: Stump Club. Coll:-gc. NVAXIVIAN, FRED lVlnrslml Squml: Tutoring Svrvicc: Ac- counting Honor Roll. Colle-gi-. NVAXMAN, .IUDITII ANN History Ollifv: Attvnrluncc- Ollitv: Clmrus, Senior: Service Awanls. Colle-310. VVECKER. MYRON S. lVlnllif-nmtirs Team: History Honor Society: Engineering Clulm: lx1Ellll9!llHfil'S Clulr: Aurlio-Visunl Squucl. Collvgv. VVEIN, ROBERT College. NVEINER, .IUDY Aiflt- in l'rngmm Ollirc-: Gull Clulv: Aidt- to lVlr. De-lnmn. full:-ge. 68 NVEINER, VVILMA other Scllool: Exceptional Award: Art Olfifel Ellll'fg0nCy ROOIII Aiflv: H0hfPW Club. Fullvgfh VVEINIGER. TOBY MIRIAM Service in Otlier Scllool. Business. XVElNS'llElN, FRANCINE D. Cutting cT0lllllllM1'i'Z Secretary Boys' Healtln Ed. Ollicc: Exceptional Service AWHNII cjllovroll, Bflseball, College. XVEISENBERG. DAVID Pre-siclz-nt ol Social Studies Honor So- ciety: Senior Arista: Cao. Councilman: lVlatl1 T1-mn: Service Pin. follegv. VVEISS, BARBARA Arista: Social Studies Honor Society: G.O. Pulxlicity Committee: Frencli- Amvrirnn Student Newspaper: Servici- Pin. College. XVEISS. ED. ARTHUR Mflrsllfll Squncl: Illlfillllllfill Avvnrds: P.S.A.l.. Awnrcls: G.O, Rvpre-sc-ntativc: Captains' Corps. College. XVEISS. NORMAN Wlarslml Squacl: Swimming Tc-nm: l'.S.AL.. Awards: lntramurals. College. THE FORESTER V NVEISS. RHODA ANN Business. VVEISS, ROBERT lVl. Treasurer ol Senior Class: President ol lVlatl1-Science Honor Society: Arista: lVlatl1 Team: Social Studies Honor Society. College. VVEISSBACH, YEHUDA College. VVERTHEHVIER. JACK BERNARD Marshal Squad: General Ollice Aicle. College. NVESTREICH, SAL Literature Discussion Club: Stamp Club: Meritorious Service Award: Frencln and Hebrew Honor Awarcls: Literary Stall ol Forester. College. VVEXLER. PAUL lVlatl1 Team: Attenclance Certificate. College. VVHIDDEN, JAMES JUDSON Swimming Team: lVlatl1 Team: Newman Club: Engineering Club: Matll Club. College. I UNE 1955 NVHITLINGER. GREGORY l.. Arista: President ol Engineering lhlulr Presiclent ol Clless Club: Member ol Math Club: Member ol' Captains' Corps College. NVIDDER, JUDITH HELEN Biology Laboratory Squad: Service Pin: Volleyball Club. College. WIDING, GAIL H. Volleyball Club: Cutting Olfice: Emer- gency Room Aicle. College. VVUDENES, PIEFER C. Clmorus: All City Clrorus: lvlarslral Squad. College. VNWNBERRY. WILLIAM L. P.S.A.L. Award: Newman Club: Squad Awarcl. Business. XVISHEART. JEANEITE H. Cllorus. College. VVISHNOVV, DONALD Arista: Social Studies Honor Society: G.O. Councilman: Senior Councilman: Scliool Service Pin. College. 69 VVOI.I-SON. BARBARA .IOAN Orrin-sirn IS1-niorl: Ollwr Scllool: Or- vlwsirn: Ilrogrann RQUIIIIIIIIIPCI S1-rvir A- in flllifv. 1. ..1l.-H.-. VVOOIJS. S'l'I'fl'IIANIIi NNILEY Ari Skull.. Forest Leaves: Art Slnllf, For- ester: Winner ol the Sninl Gauclens Awurcl for Druuglxlmunslmip: Honor Row: Assistant in tlme Art OIIice. Fo 4-go. VVORDEN, EDSON A. flrrlwsirn: Nlnrslml Squzul: Flush De- purllnr-ni: CIN-ss Clulx. Collvgv. YAO, YING lxollvgv. YlIDIfLL, MARIIIN DONALD All-City Clnorusz Serviu- Pin: Senior cjllfifllii lgronlv ilnd Silver: P.S.A.L. Awurcl: Music' Awnrcl. Coll.-gf-. ZAIFF. GLORIA Forest Lvovvs: Volleyball Club: Baseball Clulmg G.0. Svrrvinryg Girls' Enlorgvnry Room. f'0lll'Kl'. ZAMPIERON. ALESSANDRO SOKTCI' 'rl'ilIllC Slillllp Clull. Collegr. 70 ZELMAN, SANDRA PHYLLIS Arisin: Nlr-rilorious Scrvire Awarml: Nlnllie-inaiirs uncl Frenrlu Awurrlz Honor Roll Cvriilimtvs: Ixlailu-rnalirs Tutor. Uollvgv. ZIEGLER. ROBERT STANLEY M1'lllIl1'f ol IJl'0l'llC'lllS Of DQ'lllOl'l'fK'y. Coll.-gn. ZIELINSKI. VIRGINIA V. Tennis Clull: Fri-nclu Tutor: I7-roncll Cer- Iilimiez Honor Ceriificaies in Sclxolnr- sllip: Perlvrl Ailvnrlnmw-' Cvrlilliriniv. Coll:-ge. ZOLLER, HERTA ROBERTA CIIOYUS Isvniorlg Program Office: Ger- nmn Tutor: Baslcf-Ilmll anrl Vollylmall Clubs: Attenrlance Office. Coll:-go. ZUCKER, MITCHELL HARRIS President, General Organizaiionz Presi- zlvnl ol Forffsi School: Captains' Corps: I3.S.A.I,.. Bronze unrl Silver Award: Hllllilr College. ZUNNO, LOUIS .I. Sorrcr Team: Captains' Corps: Captain on Murslnul Squacl: I7.S.A.I... Awards: Squad Awards. Navy. ZUTRAUN, RENATE Cllorus: 0.0. Representative Badmin- lon Club: H9EllIll EQI, Olllico: Hill Ollirv. Collvgv. THE FORESTER 1. ZWART, BOBBIE Language Honor Society: Junior Unesco: French Club: Queenshorough Discus- sion Conlerence: Assistant Principals OmCev College. CANDIDATES FOR SEPTEMBER GRADUATION BABAT. NORMAN BARRY Marshal Sergeant: lntramurals. College. BANGERT, EDWARD Award: Track TEHIH. College. BARON, RICHARD MICH Marsllal Squad: President ol Class: G.O. Council: Beacon Staff: Intra- murals. College. BERMAN, ARNOLD Marshal Squad: Meritorious Service Award: Gall Team: President ol Class: General Office Aide. College. BERMAN, EDWARD A. Marshal Squad: Senior Class Captain: G.O. Council: Attendance Office Aide: Senior Class Treasurer. Business. JUNE 1953 BOGO. RENEE Attendance Oil-ice Aide. Business. COOPER. JACK Baseball Team: Marshal Squad: Senior Class Treasurer: Section President: Academy ol' Aeronautics. College. CULLEN. JOSEPH A. P.S.A.L. Awarclg Marshal Squad: lntra- mural Award. College. CURCIO, JAMES ANTHONY Marshal Squad: Captains' Corps. College. FIELIVIAN, SHELDON Marshal Squad: Shop Foreman: Section President. College. 71 I-REED, GEORGE S. lVlurslml Squutl. Business. FRIEIJNIAN. SANDRA LEE History Ullircr Aiclcg Purlc Ollimtc Aiclv: Otlwr Svlmol: Plmoenix, Arimna. llusincss. GOLDIIAFISIER, CAROLE .IOAN Bio. l.nl1,g fill Rm-pri-svnlnlive-: S4-rlion Prvsicle-ni: Slucly Hr-II lvlonilorg Caplnin in Uym Class. College. IIl1GHES,'I'HOIVIAS A. Nlurines. KAESZ. ERK Sgl. lvlnrslml Squml: Clit-:ss Clulb, finllvgv. KANTROVVITZ, CAROL ANN Mnrslml Squncl: Exceptional Service. Cnllf-ge. KIELY. KATHRYN F. N1-wmnn Cluln Program Ol-lim Airla-1 Slurly Hull Aide: Clic-cring Squml. College. 72 KLUGE. KENNETH CHARLES lVlnrslml Squnfl. College. KOSIITOR, GLORIA Clnorus, Se-rr:-larry. Business. KRAI ISS, RICHARD PAUL CLO. Councilman: Senior Class Repre- senlntivc-: Class Treasurer: l,.S.A.L. Awiml: IHURIIIIINIIS Awnrcl, Collrgc. LEIBSTONE. NIARVIN ARTHUR Play Production: Nlarslml Squad. Collr-go. I,,ENEl'I', SANFORD .I. H P.S.A.L. Award: MBl'Sll I Sqlliidl lllllld' lwall Tc-am: lntramurals. Businvss. LEVV IS, LEONARD G.O. Counril: Nlarslml. Business. NIUKIERNAN, ELEANOR CECILIA Nr-wnmn Clulm: Class Tre-ansurcr. Business. THE FORESTER I MESSINA, ANTOINETTE Englisli Ollive Aicle. Business. INIIHOULIDES, JOHN C. Irrilckl MHTSIIHI Squad: P-S.A.L. Award. Business. ORLANDO. GLORIA ELAINE Play Production: Honor Roll: Atteml- ance Olllicc Aide: Newman Clulm. College. POMERANTZ, ELIZABETH H. Senior Clioms: Cao. Councilman. Business. SHERMAN, LEONARD Marshal Squafl: Section Presicla-nl:TracIc Team: P.S.A.L. Award. College. SOLLOD. LENORA Vice-President Senior Section: Intra- murals: Nursels Assistant: Ollwr School. Business. IUNE 1955 CAMERA SI-IY: BLOMQUIST. CAROL K. DAVIDOWITZ, DONALD J. SPIVACK, MARTIN HOME INSTRUCTION: HOFF, RONALD STEINBERG, .IOAN AUDREY Bio I.aI'r. Squad: Section Treasurer. Business. TANNER, ALAN H. Marslual Squad Sergeant: Intramurals: Otlzcr School: Handball Team: Class Officer: l'.S.A.l... Award. College. TRUEN, JERRY HOVVARD Captain Corps: Ivlarsllal Squacl: Service Pin: Beacon Stall. College. VARTABEDIAN. ARIVIAND Marslual Squad: Captain Corps. Business. WACHTELL. RICHARD Varsity Basltetllall: IVIarsl1al Squad: lvlaior Letter: lntra mural Awarcl: P.S.A.L. Awarcl. Collr-gr-. VVISOTSKY, JOYCE MARION Senior Section Class Treasurer. Business. 75 Q VF Qrgl iff! sill., ir 5 Q60 if x H gig!! this f l x 15,9 .QQ ff L V-'T-'YO' IE viii, .-etbhagf. C Q. la 'iidegsla-5:S'eeP'B9' C4565 POIOA QC Forest Hills - June 1975. There was a welter ol confusion as the class of June 1953 congregated about the llagpole of F.H.H.S. for the first reunion in twenty years. Everyone was anxious to see what changes had talcen place in the dear old Alma Mater, and what their classmates had been up to since graduation. When the last helicopter was parlced on the rear campus, we made our move for the front door. The first surprise came when we were met at the door by the new principal, the ever smiling Mitch Zucker. He was accompanied by his private secretary, lris Sololzf. Mitch and lris expressed delight at seeing their old friends again, and suggested that we hold a general meeting at Hochman Hall, the new gymnasium named alter Carl Hochman, who surpassed his high school efforts by becoming the outstanding player on the winning U. S. Olympic Basketball Team. The entire class showed amazement over tht- new scoring board, invented by Art Fertman, which automatically scores four points for every F.H.H.S. baslcet. Our shorter alumni gazed with admiration at the ropes with footholds, and the stirruped uhorsesn. Nlitch Zuclcer then introduced Alice Vassalo, head of the department of school spirit, who gave a cheer and announced that we were going on a grand tour of the school. Feeling more at home, we rushed to the door and scurried out into the spacious corridors of good old F.H.H.S. Our first stop turned out to be the Marshals' office, where Rocco Basile held sway. Rocco, connected with the Marshal Squad for nigh on to twenty-lout years, spolce of the robots that were around the building to checlc passes and run errands. These robots, he said, were the combined worlc of the Marshal Squad and Dr. Herbert Strauss, professor of physical science at the University of the World. Our next stop was the Boys' Health Education Department, where James fffoolciei Grossman presided. It was interesting to note that the traditional blaclc sweater of the department had been replaced by white bucks and sloppy brown jackets. Taking the overland route to the girls' gym, we dropped in to see that famous old character actor, Edwin Stern, who now, as director of Play Pro, was putting on a revival ol the smash hit of twenty years ago, "A Midsummer Nights Dream." As we approached the girls' gym we could hear the strains of a rhumba band. peeking in the door we were amazed to see Nancy Shaffer, head of the Girls' Health Education Department, dancing with that old pro, Joel Handler. Nancy explained that she had hired Joe lo teach the girls a few basic steps. Hearing the new six-minute chimes, we all scurried out oi the gym into the new Beacon Office where we were not too surprised to find Paul Karan the new faculty advisor. We did not want to disturb Paul, for he was busily engaged in giving a policy tallc to a group of eager young reporters. We noticed that the walls of the office were decorated with lull length pictures ol' Nadine DeBellis, and Alice Simon, now reporters on time Tribune, and lrene Nowilcas, loreign correspondent for time Times. We slipped quietly away to time G.O. ottice wlmere we met Mike Glantz, faculty advisor of time wl'mo was going over time small gold mine collected at time last G.O. dance. At lmis slioulder was Anita Glass, time scbool treasurer, wlmo was busily clmeclcing time small borde. Aslcing one ol lVlr. Basile's robots we found tlmat time senior escalator lmad been extended to time basement, so we rode riglmt up to time second Hoor wlmere we proceeded to time library. We were met tlmere by Roctmelle Katz, clmiel librarian, wlmo began to deliver a slmort lecture on time comparative uses ol time lmorizontal and vertical files, and tile significance ol time Dewey Ilecimal System. Vve noticed fondly tlmat time library was time only place tlmat was just as we lmad lelt it twenty years ago. Leaving time library, we approaclmed Faculty Row wlmere time lmeads of department lmold lortlm. VVe found lbem all in time Frenclm office, in a nostalgic mood witlm Steplmen Saloman gayly slmouting, "Vive La France." Joining in time spirit of time occasion we were overjoyed to see Nina Sclmiclc ol time Englislm Department, Bob Weiss of time Matlm Department. Brad Davis ol time Social Studies Department, Mimi Kaplan, Susan Jospe, and Pierre Sprey ol time Biological and Plmysical Science Departments, and Elizabetlm lVlatz and Steplmanie Woods, co-lmeads ol time Art Department. Clmairman ol time Commercial courses was lVlary Slmattler wtmile Barbara Suter was time new Sclmool Treasurer. We leit tlmis lmappy scene and beaded toward time mysterious iourtlm lloor. and time tower. Upon reaclming tlmis lmeiglmt we were lmappy to see George porges conducting a combined orclmestra and band. Sensing an air ol surpressed excitement, our gaze drilled upward wlmere we were astonislmed to see Artlmur pearlmutter at time very top ol time tower, at worlc on F.H.H.S.'s first telescope. Always lmaving wondered about time old swimming pool mytlm we spied a lilcely loolcing door and swarming tlmrougla, discovered a large sign wlmiclm said. "Under Construction'-Barry Leeds Swimming Pool. Keep Outf' So we did. Feeling in need ol a little rest we started down to time auditorium getting time surprise of our lives wlmen our eyes were cauglmt by a glass enclosed terrace tlmat certainly lmadn't been tlmere twenty years ago. inquiring about tlmis plmenomenon, we learned tlmat Don Gellers, Republican State Senator lrom New Yorlc, witlm time aid of .loan Boglia, llirst woman District Attorney, lmad finally succeeded in establislming a Root Garden at F.H.l'l.S. Following a generous dose of Forest Hills' sunslmine, we again boarded time escalator and lmeaded lor time auditorium wlmere speeclmes and entertain- ment were next on time agenda. Sinlcing baclc into time red pluslm cuslmions and adjusting tile tilt, we fixed our attention on time platform, wlmere Diclc Mead, time Assistant Principal, was intro- ducing several guest spealcers. Vic Besso, wlmo lmad written, produced, directed, and starred in several lmit radio slmows, spolce on time importance ol time continued use ol earplmone radios in time study lmall. Anne Bartlett, first woman editor ol time Herald Tribune, gave a slmort tallc on, "Should time Marines get out ol Nicaragua?" Marion Baclmraclm and Deboralm Berlatslcy, clmairman and vice-clmairman ol time U.S.'s envoy to time U.N. debated on time topic, "ls time U.N. witlmout a doubt?" Diclc tlmen introduced a few sports celebrities: Erv Plmilipps, 100 meter sprint clmamp and Marshall Fox, top lmall miler. Ronnie Dean, famous "All-Pro" Taclcle, filled time audience witlm awe as lme described lmis off taclcle mousetrap play, witlm illustrations. K 25 N x Xl lkliprcgxcgf W XFX . ', J . . Xfl A 4 7 49' 2' Q6 . C. ii Yi .is Dfw k..-kb 43" 4-f'5J 6 we 93 if jf 'X 1 fi 0' "' - f ,Z If l I s 57 S fo f Q4 l it s ft sw O C, O I" -. if f' ' " Pg f,t't" 1 cA -ol lr ll ' V.:'??-6' , ,. 4f?' Qf- -of-'ff 7 Z , - 6 5 5-lg we , 2- fm ' - E . , jxl-I M187 is George Feibusch, that slugging outltielder lor the Yanlcees, and lxlarty l.ipton, short- stop lor the Dodgers, spolce ol the clean living and health conditions ol the athletes on their respective teams. The long and short ot the N. Y. Knicks, John Breeslcin and AI Mohr gave us a demonstration on the manly art of dribbling. Ronnie Rosenberg. and Diclc Salpeter, famous sports writers, spolce a few words, and that ended the speeches for the day. The audience applauded their heroes and friends. settling baclc for some lighter entertainment. Rita Aprahamian, Janet Chace, and Lottie Ulauber. all ol the Nletropolitan Opera House, sang a lew selections to the great delight ot' the audience. They were followed by those two famous ballet artists, Charlotte Blumberg, and Anabel Stresino. A very special treat was in store for the audience next. Judy Hyman, taking a holi- day trom her seven year run on Broadway, appeared in a play written especially for the class ol' '55 reunion by Sonja Frenlcel. Playing opposite Judy, as usual, was Stan Sulzer, also appearing in a hit Broadway play. Besides these stars, the play included Bev Bauman and Greta Kerr, both renowned eomediennes, and Barbara Friend, John Fistere, and Lenny Kirschner, all lamous Shakespearean actors. The slcit was directed by Anne Liebman and Barbara Nelson, who have collaborated in directing at least three major hit plays. Nick Nicholas, the most famous scenic designer of the day was responsible lor the set. The excellent matte-up job was the worlc ol Jo Dornbush, head malce-up girl for Broadway T.V. Theater. Eleanor Andewelt and Roz Rosenberg, head fashion designers for Bonwit Teller, lent their talents to the creation ot the beautiful costumes. The audience, thrilled at seeing so many noted personages on the old F.H.H.S. stage, greeted the play with great enthusiasm. The al'ternoon's entertainment was brought to a close by the hilarious comedy team ol' Billy Chiswick, Les Miller and Donny Shift. Herb lvloslcowitz, right hand man to Jimmy Fidler, and temporary head ol' the Alumni Social Committee, an- nounced that food and dancing could be had in the new French Cale, We rose with a roar and rushed out, anxious to see the changes in F.H.H.S.'s cafeteria, Upon reaching the lower regions we heard the strains ol' beautiful music. Entering, we saw Dave Kissinger, Forest Hills answer to Harry James. We had organized an all star band for the occasion, headlining Bert Fisher on the piano, Jerry Brewer on trom- bone, Peter Popper on sax, Pete Edles and his guitar, Ray Kalejian on drums, and Chuck Galleger and Barry Tashman helping Dave out on the trumpet. Listening to the band, in deep discussion, were Bob Nlachover, who helped bebop advance one hundred years in only twenty, and Howie Schulman. the Dixieland advocate YVll0 evened olzt tllf' advance. The whole class expressed amazement over the changes in the old cafeteria. Tiny tables with red and white checlcered table cloths were scattered about the room. We looked at the menu lor the next day and saw, "Roast beet, mashed potatoes, green beans and gravy. No more tolcens will be sold alter tomorrow." We laughed at the uchangeu in the cafeteria and feeling more at home, we began to dance. A wave ol' familiarity came over us as we waved hellos across the room. Vve thought ot all that had happened to us since we had graduated and then, felt that it was only yesterday that we had been dancing together, and not twenty years ago. Stopping to blinlc the mist ol imagination and dreams from our eyes, we realized that it was - only yesterday. I1 mtl"0:5l08C Can YOU Picture: lxlitch Zuclcer and .ioann Dornbush not going to Senate or meetings . . . Pierre Sprey with a double failure. . . Herbie lwioslcowitz 3 il without his white bucks . . . Carl Hochman without a basketball . . . I S Liz Nlatz without a paint brush . . . Barbara Korchien not being pres- v iclent ol lxlrs. Clesi section . . . Nancy Shatter failing gym . . . Anne Bartlett without Dave Kissenger . . . Eleanor Anclewelt not wearing ll an ul LIKE IKE" button ...t Ioan Boglia speechless . . . Diclc lVieacl being lelt alone by the girls . . . Play Pro without .iucly Hyman . . . et K gb ig!! Victor Besso without contest money . . . Cafeteria without Senior Signs . . . Cheerleaders without Alice Vassalo . . .Don Gr-llers with- out a microphone .... iohn Breeslcin without his guitar . . . Irene Nowilcas without a temper . . . Arthur Pearlmutter without a tele- scope . . . Lunch Without tolcens . . . ivlarshall Fox wallcing. . . Room l0l without a leak. . . George Porges not being in trouble . . . Herby Kaplan without a traclc team to manage . . . The Beacon without Paul Karan ancl lxlimi Kaplan . . . Erv philipps without tracic medals N . . . Miss Vvhitcomb without her brief case . . . lViiss Schrage without ' fl ucaesarn. . . lxlr. Vvepner without Uproceeciu. . . lxir. Gillary without a mustache . . . lxfir. Zarelco playing jazz on the organ . . . Mr. Ritchie without a loil . . . Nlr. Kernan without the Near Yorker . . . Miss Coghlan not giving back-brealcing exercises . . . Mr. Bartlett not rid- ing to school on his bicycle . . . lyir. Kerr tallcing with a Brooklyn accent . . . Forest Hills not being the wonderful school that it is . . . Xve cant, ancl lor that we want to thanlc the Forest Hills stucients anti laculty for the happy memories we will talce with us. 'Q +.f? X 51 CF'bAx 1 f gfxia umni :Mociafion FOREST HILLS HIGH SCHUUI. 'Iwo 'rmi CLASS or JUNE l055: CongratuIations to you all as you reach a miIestone i-1 high schooI grad- uation. I think it is justifiable pride when, on IJehaII of Forest HiIIs' AIumni, I tell you that you are entering the aduIt worId with more than a dipIoma. You have just spent four of the happiest years of your Iives, hut they are not reaIIy gone. For you, and we. have been so Iortunate as to have grown up in an exceptionaIIy Iine schooI. Vvhen most oI the Iacts we have Iearned are Ijorgotten, there wiII remain memories, ideals, a way OI Iife never quite to he Iorgotten. It has hecome a tradition that every year, just before Christmas we gather at schooI to renew oId friendships and acquaintances. There is aIways dancing, and refreshments are served. We Iceep up with the activities of our I'eIIow graduates through the Alumni News. Membership dues in the I".H.I'I.S. AIumni Association are S125 per year or 55.00 for Iife-time membership. We hope you all wiII join. Please send us personai news items Ior the uAIumni News" and inform us of change of address. I want to thank those IacuIty memhers who have so graciousIy aided our Association, and who have heIped to make it the I7riencIIy active group it is today. We are very grateIuI Ior the continuous heIp given to us hy Dr. Ryan. Mr. DeIman and Miss FuIton. We, who have aIready crossed from this same graduation pIatform to the stage ot IiIe, sincereIy wish you, the cIass of June 1955. good Iortune and happiness in the years ahead. Sincerely yours, CHRIS GOLFINOPOULOS President v. 2-r.x R9 W I 'I J 1 K 11 9' ,HVZEX N1 5 'sl RL W' E 5 N - P x ' 3 SEZ, gg Q, F' .9 I N all 11 K. 'I 'fix' I 1fii+Ewf'Ai Q? 6, -:if 4 5 ' 7' 5 Q 3 S, X tgi'-2?-in Qjy5,ef'5G.'3,,beQ 3 'Xu B kxvfgiilek . it ' I is-gig-X. Q QYAQX 390 , V f xxx Q . 9 X r- , X X X" " .. Rfb N E V' f I EN si X K fi ' QOLHQJM I ,- X4 E, ga-ixk . if f WZ? .J YQ 2 2 ' N946 A A F Sfzfww 2 M Q M2400 M M, Q X xr bm w W - sk, 36 ERD 5 M 9, . .vi azyq . QQHQQEQ I Ng l5 My f Q . -' 9 af fs jg 'f.f91n.,.j , 4qQli.'k a-LAESN glxxmyx? 'xoQ y V ' XE- 'YP Q tg EP - ,9t C10 Qv'D5,f if 5140?-rfw 'YN H9EM"":'lf'ff M ' 'e N , f' 'L V ' "f.ffwafw iim k AifwJ gadofgi M Vx I V fx 1, A Ru-.Su..lh'mv"Rn,,.::4o"' mum M h . 4-"A, 0 XM fe M , h?,gf E?0f2N:..':3,,,fwWwW if mum scumvsrue 'V 6. 444 , 29' ffk. jf? 4143 : I vie' . 5 ' 'fl Phone BOulevc1rd 8-6620 75Ef?2lmm QUEENS BOULEVARD and 75+h AVENUE FOREST HILLS, L. I. Complimenfs of E . T A R R OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER TO THE CLASS JUNE 1953 425 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK I7, N. Y. Complimenfs of METROPOLITAN INDUSTRIAL BANK QUEENS BOULEVARD AT 66+h ROAD FOREST HILLS 74, N. Y. Complimenfs of HOLLYWOOD BOWLING LANES 99-23 QUEENS BOULEVARD Iin Mefropolifon Bank BIdg.I 30 Brunswick Lones - Snack Bar T Monnie Rose, Manager Besl Wishes +o Jrhe Graduafes of June l953 from +he PARENTS' ASSOCIATION of FOREST HILLS HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK BOOSTERS Manhaffan Qualify Super Marlcef Flamingo Bake Shop Medical Hall Pharmacy Arfrose Gills by Marie Caruso's Barber Shop K. Slanley, Beaufy Shop Arrowbroolc Hardware Theodore Riclcermann BOUlev BO 3-O 35l Visif Our New Slore PlCK'S HARDWARE 96-09 69141 AVENUE FOREST HILLS, N. Y. Foresf Hills' Mos? Inferesfing S+ore "Pick II' A1 Pick's" Complimenls of THE FOREST HILLS MUSIC SHOP 108-42 QUEENS BOULEVARD FOREST HILLS, N. Y. Dlscounls on All Records orcl 8-4398 Cl'liclcerln Joseph Rossi, Presidenf R O S S I , I n c . Jeweler Wolclw ond Jewelry Repairing Prolecfed by Insurance 7l-27 AUSTIN STREET FOREST HILLS, L. I. 9 4.1396 S C I E N T I FIC ENGRAVING CO. PHOTO ENGRAVERS 406 WEST 3Isf STREET NEW YORK I. N. Y. G TWIning 7 CITY SAVINGS nd LOAN ASSOCIATION Accounfs Insured Io Sl0,000.00 Currenl Dividend Zlfzn II6-I0 QUEENS BOULEVARD Hb-2 -6lOO SENICICS MEATS For Flnesl Qualify in Meals 6 QUEENS BLVD., KEW GARDENS KEW GARDENS '5' NEW YORK 96-as QUEENS BLVD., Reeo PARK raw Complimenfs of MAISEL RESTAURANTS ke' Complimenfs of CHICK FRANKEL Llggeff 4-2500 ROBERTS, REILLY 81 SONS Air Travel Agency No Service Fees I20-82 QUEENS BOULEVARD lOpposi+e Boro Holll KEW GARDENS. N. Y. BOulevard 8-5084-5085 BlRK'S MARKET Choice Meals Fresh Killed Poulfry and Provisions We sQf.a.a Your Meefs und Poultry IO7-31 Tl AVENUE FOREST HILLS, L. I., N. Y. BOulevo rd 3-7223 ELIOT SHOP Ouffiffers 'ro Boys ancl Men 72-08 AUSTIN STREET FOREST HILLS Open evenings unfil 9 P.M. Maury Rernler 96-08 QUEENS BLVD. REGO PARK. L. I. lLIinois 9-8028 THE FLOWER BASKET Flowers of Qualiiy "We Deliver and Telegraph Everywhere" CHANIN BLDG. I22 EAST 42nd STREET NEW YORK I7, N. Y. LExingIon 2-4442-3 MUrray Hill 4-5663 REED AND COMPANY Senior Emblems - Diploma Cases Celluloid Builons and Badges Fell and Chenille Leflers - Banners 373 FOURTH AVENUE NEW YORK Ib, N. Y. Complimenfs of W. L. CAMPBELL, Inc. Aufhorized Lincoln-Mercury Dealer TW 6-Ol I0 Soles Service 99-23 QUEENS BOULEVARD 65-90 AUSTIN STREET FOREST HILLS, N. Y. FOREST HILLS. N. Y. TW 7-9090 For BeHer Coffon Dresses BENITA'S Lingerie ond Sporfweor 64-44 108 STREET BOuIevC1 rd 8-6909 RICKMERS BROS. Delicofessen I08-21 QUEENS BOULEVARD FOREST HILLS, L. I. BOuIevord 8-9439 Liggeff 4-8301 SWISS TERRACE Dining ond Doncing I20-20 QUEENS BOULEVARD Opposife Queens Boro Hull KEW GARDENS, I.. I. PEnnsyIvonio 6-485i Complimenfs of SIDNEY CHAITIN Fu rs 236 WEST 30+h STREET Beiween 7'rh and 8+I1 Avenues NEW YORK I, N. Y. A producf of TOUCHSTONE PRESS 34 PARK ROW NEW YORK 38, N. Y. WOrIh 2-4692 You con, buf will you? The fufure is yours! Congrcfulciions ond good luck MOWRY BUICK Fokssr HILLS HOLTZMAN CARPET SHOPS, Inc Brocdloom Linoleum . . . liles Arfloom Armsfrong Wunda-Weve Kenlile Needlelufl Kencorlc Firllw Robbins Vinyl Hardwick 81 Magee Sloane Magee Cove Base Alexander Smiih Goodrich Rubber Sleplwen Asplwall Tiles Gulislan Pabco Mohawk Koroseol "OUR CUSTOMERS ARE THE NICEST PEOPLE" I44-I5 UNION TURNPIKE 722 FLATBUSH AVENUE KEW GARDEN HILLS, L. I. BROOKLYN, N. Y. Axlell 7-8500 lNgersoll 2-I4OO I BOuIevard 8-5940 Board, Pluclcing, Efc. FOREST HILLS DOG AND CAT HOSPITAL 7I-05 AUSTIN STREET FOREST HILLS, N. Y. Dr. H. J. Sachs, Velerinarian TWining 7-2044 DECODATOI-'JS INC. "bONb"" WIN IDI-I8 QUEENS BLVD. FOREST HILLS, N. Y. Modern Furnishings of Disfincfion LI 4-I869 Orders Delivered Free ARROWBROOK Sfriclly Kosher Meal and Poullry 68-24 MAIN STREET FLUSHING, N. Y. Ben Erbsf, Prop. Llggell 4-IO05 Piclc Up and Deliver Experf Tailoring by George The Tailor ENCORE CLEANERS, Inc. "Where Cleaning ls an Arr" 68-32 MAIN STREET FLUSHING, L. I.. N. Y. KEW - FOREST Privafe Taxi Service KEW GARDENS HILLS AXIQI 7-2212 Punclual and Reliable Service Wlsconsin 7-3048-3049 Sporfswear Separales S U N K I S T FASHIONS, INC. 566 SEVENTH AVENUE NEW YORK IB, N. Y. Cy Bablove BOulevarcI 8-3253 L1ggeff4,9500 Correcfly Filled Popular Prices Fine Picfures and Frames Resforer of Oil Painlings Pholographs Framed II2-51 QUEENS BOULEVARD Near 76th Avenue FOREST HILLS, N. Y. David Weisz Fealuring Women's Exclusive Foolwear 71-60 AUSTIN STREET FOREST HILLS, N. Y. Y BOuleva rd 3-6754- GILBERT SCHWARTZ Oplomefrisi' 72-55 MAIN STREET KEW GARDENS HILLS, N. Y. Hours: Daily 9:30 A.M. 'ro 6 P.M. Monday and Friday 9:30 A.M, fo 8:30 P.M. SALKO'S 72-73 MAIN STREET Hobbies - Toys ans ieIcI CLOTHIERS . . . HAIERDASHEIS . . . MATTERS lecturing 866 Clolhn I I II- I6 Queens Blvd., Forest Hills, N. Y. al 75Ih ROAD lLlinois 9-2945 CODY AUTO SCHOOL Hyclramaric Fluid and Convenfional Shiif Taughf on Dual-conlrollecl Cars by Licensed Insfrucrors 9716 64+h ROAD and QUEENS BLVD. REGO PARK, L. I. BO 8-9456 Complimenfs of L U I G I ' S Kew Gardens' MoslDisIinguisl'1ed Halian American Resfauranf 120-46 QUEENS BLVD. KEW GARDENS. L I. Llggeff 4-9700 Maine fo Florida Chicago-California GOLTZMAN BROS. Modern Sforage Warehouses Local and Infersiafe Movers Insured Carriers I20-78 QUEENS BOULEVARD QUEENS. L. I.. N. Y. Besf Wishes +0 +l'1e GRADUATING CLASS CHRISTOPHER FLORIST, Inc. 64-23 I08 STREET FOREST HILLS, L. I. IL 9-0010 BO 3-8500 FAUSTO'S ART SHOP II6-25 QUEENS BOULEVARD FOREST HILLS. N. Y. Cusfom Framing - Arrisfs' Marerials - Waler Col Efchings Come and See Our New Colleciion of Fino Oil Painfings OTS Complimenis of QUEENS COUNTY SAVINGS BANK 76-02 MAIN STREET FLUSHING, N. Y. For Hond Mode Shades ond Cusiom Mode Tobies I'I'1e LAMP and TABLE shop H3-22 QUEENS BOULEVARD of 7691 Avenue, FOREST HILLS BO 3-IBSI Complimenis of WALDBAUM, Inc. Compiimenis of CLASS aFz and MR. PALLERI Complimenis of SECTION 8F4 Groduczfes of June I953 MRS. LAZARUS Complimenis of SECTION SF3 Complimenfs of A FRIEND BOuIevcr d 8-3022 RUTH HILTON, original designers of Modern Furnifure 107-I0 QUEENS BOULEVARD FOREST HILLS, N. Y. Norman Plcinicic TOUCIISTON E PRESS -15'

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Forest Hills High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest Hills, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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