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I -rf: if 1-21. .Q 'iii Q zlrgfpaghx -A V ', 5 f x. -. x 'zifikf-fSaEE?r1.fg:-f, :, J, X ,SX - ,.- x xxx tx T QNX N ' ' Q: Q A C X 'N 1, 'xx J x X RX X X X , 'Y nw 2, s X- , .Q X A X - - . i A , ix X it ,Ekj X "Q, N5 24 V X 1 . 3 . ,X .XL '.' q 2 A, Q ,IJ 5 fhlffg " nl 1,1 I f lag f. X x. 4,-'Wren f mx f 4 ' . 'A gl 3. f i ' L., , , xv I 4 . 1 .,.. 4 iff 'M 4 I , 2, f' ':i-.- . x ,'i. 'Jffg ,Vx f ,..,.d-" Yi ,iw x Kb iii ' 'X I 1' I ' f, Y, -Z kiss. eater ijhe jJUV SCHOOL XLLS X'XXC-H CW IRL VOREST H Y PXN, VVXXN LEO R. R I HRV WQBQ A .5PNVlXl New won FOR EST HXLLS, LEG R. RY December 4, 1951 Dear Friends: In commencement exercises in all parts of the country seniors in high school will be traditionally receiving from principals and invited guests advice and counsel upon the completion of a major part of their formal educational careers. The members of this class are to be congratulated upon a splendid record of scholarship and service to the school. Your success in these characteristics reflects the fine type of character training most of you have had from your parents. As one federal judge put it, NThe child is the gift of Godg the citizen, good or bad, is the gift to society from the parents.n In facing the problems that confront you as a young citizen, may you never compromise with Truth, may you ever defend Justice from the doers of evil, may you always possess Charity in your relationships with people about you Sincerely yours, JHHUHHU '52 MR. MANHEHVIER ibeakcafion To the world of the future, in which reason and understanding are time basis for action, in which truth and justice are the key words to success, in which ethical standards will have attained a new height . . . to sucli a World, which We shall endeavor to serve to the highest levels of our intellectual and moral capacity, We, the Class of Janu- ary, 1952, dedicate this book. umni Mociafion FGREST HILLS HIGH SCHOOL To THE CLASS OF JANUARY 1952: Congratulations to you aII as you reach a miIestone,-high schooI grad- uation. I thinIc it is justiIiaI3Ie pride when, on IJehaII of Forest I'IiIIs, AIumni, I teII you that you are entering the adult world with more than a cIipI0ma. You have just spent four of the happiest years of your Iives, Iout they are not reaIIy gone. For you, and we, have heen so fortunate as to have grown up in an exceptionaIIy fine scho0I. When most of the Iacts we have Iearned are forgotten, there wiII remain memories, ideals, a way of Iife never quite to he forgotten. It has hecome a tradition that every year, just before Christmas we gather at schooI to renew oId friendships and acquaintances. There is aIways dancing, and refreshments are served. We Iceep up with the activities of our IeIIow graduates through the Alumni News. Membership dues in the F.I'I.I'I.S. AIumni Association are 51.25 per year or 55.00 for Iife-time membership. We hope you aII wiII join. Please send us personaI news items for the HAIumni Newsu and inform us of change of address. I want to thank those facuIty members who have so graciousIy aided our Association, and who have heIpecI to maIce it the IriendIy active group it is today. We are very grateful for the continuous heIp given to us Ivy Dr. Ryan, Mr. DeIman and Miss FuIton. We, who have aIreacIy crossed from this same graduation pIatform to the stage of Iife, sincereIy wish you, the cIass of January 1952, good fortune and happiness in the years ahead. Sincerely yours, EMANUEL JAMES TRAKIS, President if i Q 5 5 -5? ,ff-3 5 A gi' dl' 5: 'X 'E 'XTUW Ig g"1f iJgxf1' f 551' ?"Z,a'5ca' f ? 5 Q ,H W 53' ' .. ,Q 'if -,ri T - .I I 5 Q .l v 0 ,J n n 15' :' 'hz '33 1? as ,, ff A M 3 H .rg s"' ff P. a... lg 'f' . 1 .6 it it Qu 4 aaa .Mafory "My salad days: When I was green in judgments, ,-4 Shakespeare The first day at Forest Hiiis was a thriiiing experience, one which icept recurring in our minds and hearts as we witnessed each succeeding group of freshmen. The thought of going to high schooi had made us ieei aduit, but somehow, on that first day, we couidn,t seem to achieve that air of poise and maturity which we had so urgentiy hoped for. And how we envied the seniors with their jaunty hats and air of superiority. They were so woridiyg they didnit worry about anecdotai cards, about being iate to ciass, or about finding the proper classroom. And they weren't afraid of marshals .... Nothing seemed to faze themi But not even the many iittie fears which seized us couid taice away from the pride and expectancy we feitg some day, oniy a iew short years away, we too would be big, wise, wonderful seniors. Perhaps that short iittie boy fthe one who could never find his way to class, peering so seriousiy through his horn-rimmed giasses wouid be the vaiedictorian, and when you received the first issue of the schooi paper, you vowed that some day you wouid be on the "BeaconU staff, maybe even an editor. Life was wonderful then: our tight iittie worids had now widened to inciude aii of Forest Hiiis High School, and the vastness of it overwhelmed us. We were enthusiastic about everything, and we went to work with a zeai. We bought CLO. cards the very first day, and we were terribly proud when our section was commended in assembly for having IOOWJ. By the time we mastered the mysteries of the combination iocic and couid distin- guish between the hot and cold iunch iines, we were about settied in our new home. We had become friendly with our ciassmates, and some of us were beginning to achieve reputations. AI Vviener, finding his gym ciass unstimuiating, sat on the iioor and read a comic booic, 'consequently receiving from Mr. Howlett his first iecture on the proper behavior of young gentiemen. The teachers, too, were beginning to assume definite proportions for us. Mr. Vvigier was the "mad chemistu who icnociced us out with his poisonous gas experiments in General Science, And Mr. Mcindoe piagued us with Time magazine tests, when most of us were just iearning to read the newspaperi Aithough Play Production was as yet beyond our reach, when they announced the presentations of You Can,t Take It With You and the Royal Family we bought ticicets for the whoie famiiy. Enthusiastic audiences haiied these productions as unsurpassed amateur performances. One of the outstanding successes of the Forest Hiiis sociai season was the mem- orable Junior Prom, the first of its icind to be held in our schooi. The gym was breath- taicingiy ioveiy, decorated in a winter theme of muiti-coiored iights and snow Hakes. Science was the subject of the most fascinating assembly of the year. A capacity crowd watched with amazement the fantastic effects oi stroboscopic lights on objects in motion in General Electricis Uiiouse of Nlagicu show. in another demonstration clay was made to ioounce, and in still another, an electric train oheyed the commands of the human voice. Although each demonstration was magic to our uneducated minds, we were told that a fundamental principle of physics could easily explain them. For some of us this was the beginning of an all-ahsorhing interest in science and hopes oi some day entering the Vvestinghouse Science Talent Search. ln lwlay of 1948, Forest Hills High School celebrated Field Day at Yanlcee Stadium to see the Yankees triumph over the Athletics, 5-0. Approximately 5,000 lighthearted students and forty or fifty harassed faculty memloers jammed the Sth Avenue suhway to see this great sporting event, the proceeds oi which went to finance our own hase- hall team. Qur freshman year also saw the puhlication oi two new texthoolcs hy memhers oi our faculty. Tops on the hest seller list at Forest Hills were Nlr. Schwartzis Outline Text in Biology, and A Studentys Handhooiq of Science hy lxlessrs. Gillary and Udane. And Forest Hills swelled with pride when it learned that one of our students, Barhara Xvollzf, had won first place in the Vvestinghouse Science Talent Search. Before long, however, the end ofthe term came, and we felt much older and wiser as we loolied haclc over our first full year at Forest Hills High School. nAnd friends received with thumps upon the hacleu HYoung The first day of the Fehruary 1949 term saw us loaclc in school as juhilant sopho- mores. Gone was the old stigma oi heing a freshman, and scorned, the popular con- ception that as a sophomore you just Hsoifer more and more." Vve were at home in Forest Hills, and confident in the lcnowledge that we were one year closer to the fulfillment of our cherished dream of heing seniors. Socially, we enjoyed a magnificent year. The Junior Prom was again held in the decorated gym, and the many Forest Hills couples in iormal dress presented a charming sight as they danced to the rhythms oi Vvalter. The girls received Revlon cosmetics. and their escorts. houtonnieres. Refreshments included an enormous calce with a prominent "2" on it four second Junior prom, , placed in lront oi a resplendent doll seated in a high chair. That evening will he long rememhered hy Hillites. To celehrate Halloween, the G.O. presented a Black Magic dance. The ioest adver- tising minds oi the G.O. concocted a splendid stunt lor that oneg as we entered the school early one morning, we were greeted hy a horrihle witch hopping around on a hroomsticlc to the accompaniment of hanging spoons and cat calls. ln addition, announcements oi the dance were printed on the hlaclchoards in six dillierent lan- guages. No one had an excuse to stay away from that allfairl Faces oi Forest Hills students hecame well lcnown throughout the 'country that year. Ken lxfleierdierclcs, selected as the cutest hoy in the senior Vox Pop, was chosen to appear on the cover of Coronet. in Nlay there were more copies of Seventeen around school than texthoolcs, and lor a very special reason. Twelve of our loveliest co-eds appeared on the cover of that magazine. We always lmew the prettiest girls lived in Forest Hillsl That year, a new organization was instituted, Junior Arista. Forty-seven people were elected charter memhers, and Marcia Alper became the first Girl Leader. Already our class was achieving distinction. . QENEQALC .U E ul' A - Q t, . m s ig gl' Z2, 9 ' -Q vw if ' .af A -- Vit 'Q Sinai of lg se' .. V J gismiitt iveot'-266 Rafi? X . F lX C0 fofffer .F C' 7 x. But we were lcnown lor other things, too. Everyone heard of the hiology class in which hir. Schwartz was attempting to show a film, and only alter twenty minutes ol trantic fiddling with the machine, discovered that Al Wiener had forgotten to put the plug ini ln lourth term we had music again, and in true Forest Hills tradition, we sat quietly as hir. Zarelco called out the seat numhers oi ahsentees '- A6, FS, JIO, etc., and then waited for a smart-aleclc in the rear to shout out "Bingo" That was the year a group ol European students came to America to visit, and our Alma Mater played host to three ol' them. Will we ever forget Australian Peter, whose charm and sparkling humor endeared him so completely to all ot us? And the following term we were all thrilled hy the news that our own Ben Zelenlco had won a ten weeli trip to England, all expenses paid hy the London Daily Mail. ln the field of sports we achieved other outstanding successes. Cleveland High School was the only school ahead ol us in the Queenshoro Soccer Championship, and our fencing team, under the very ahle leadership of Mr. Ritchie, placed second in the P.S.A.L. Eastern Tourney. But our outstanding accomplishment was the winning of the Queens P.S.A.L. Tennis Championship for the third successive yearl It seemed as il Forest Hills was always tops in every scholastic and extra-curricular activity. Twenty-tive ol our students won State Scholarships. ln the held of science we again triumphed when four of our contemporaries reached the Finals in the Xvest- inghouse Science Talent Search, and others attained honorahle mention. Play Production worlced hard to measure up to the excellence we attained in every other activity we engaged in, and scored two outstanding successes. Remember Hit the Deck with a cast of gohs and gals that included the finest talent of both students and teachers? The whole school was singing Haiieiuiaii lor days, and Connie Titus was nicknamed HLulu" from that day onward. in December Play Pro presented Arsenic and Old Lace. Vvithout eltort we can visualize Teddy Brewster shrielcing nchargefi as he galloped down the cellar stairs to continue excavating for the Pan- ama Canal. And weire still wondering if Wir. Kerr ever summoned enough courage to drinlc the hottie of elderherry wine which the cast presented to him alter the performancei All too soon came the end ot our second year at F.H.H.S. We viewed the future with mixed emotions, for we were beginning to wonder it the distinction of heing seniors could hegin to equal the lun of heing sophomores. Hour pleasures and our oiisconients, Are rounds hy which we may ascend." -Longfellow Qur junior year at Forest Hills was comparatively uneventful. The grammar school promotions on a yearly hasis caused a chronic laclc oi freshmen,-ra disaster for the upper termers. Vve had finally hegun to assume that all-important Hsavoir-faire" - at least we thought we had a hit ol the sophisticated poise we had longed for as freshmen. As juniors we could hreathe a sigh of relief. We had overcome the first prominent obstacles in our high school careers-regents. And we had come to accept them as necessary evils which eventually confront every student in the state. At least we weren't alone in our sutteringi XZ l The teachers' salary difficulty during our fifth term caused a cessation of extra- curricular activities, and atthough the hatts and ctassrooms were idie aiter 5:50, the tactc ot ciuhs and evening programs made tor more activities during schoot hours. The G.0. sponsored a taient show which was the sutoject ot a great deai ot discussion among Hitiites. Xve had never reaiized how much unrecognized tatent there was in our schoott Eddie Angardys Dixie Land Band hrought iusty cheers from the audience, and hiay Fuer, the winner, thriited us with her rendition ot the Eiwarsaw Concertof' Never to he outdone, Piay Pro carried on, staging severat untorgettahte one act plays during assemtoiy programs, Their most enjoyaioie productions were The Ro- mancers, and Dickens, Christmas Carol, which were presented with the ease and perfection of a Broadway cast. As membership was now open to us tor Piay Pro and the various honor societies, many red, totue, and goid huttons hegan appearing on dress cottars and shirt iapeis, as did service pins and chevrons on the giris' age-oid gym suits. As the months ttew hy we found ourseives hurning the midnight oii, matting posters and devising ingenious campaign methods for prospective G.0. oiiicers, most ot whom were memhers of our junior ctass. The hig sociat and athietic event oi the year was the hastcethatt game hetween the New York Knictcerhocicers and the F.H.H.S. championship team of ,42-'45, it was an exciting game throughout, with our aiumni victorioust At the end ot the iast quarter the score was a ctose 67-65, and we cetehrated our triumph with an intormat victory dance, prearranged hy the Parents' Association. it was during these months that the Charleston was in fuii swing r-f titeratiy. in the Health Ed ciasses and on the tines in the cafeteria, iemaie coupies coutd he seen prancing ahout. How many speciats were mopped oft the ttoor in those days? Those days were happy ones. We were iootcing forward to our senior year, when we coutd waiii up the senior staircase without quatms, and tip the precious red, yeitow, and htue hats cociciiy over one eye. But in the midst of the fun and anticipa- tion of our tast year in high schoot came the reaiization that ati was not peacetut and carefree in other parts of the wortd. As our summer vacation commenced so did the Korean war, and the thought that many of our ctassmates might soon he forced to uphotd the ideais ot democracy on foreign soii, was a frightening one, especiatty atter hearing news of the drafting of eighteen year oids. The spontaneous shout ot wiiatce coveri' hecame a familiar one, and tacutty memhers were at iast hecoming familiar with parts of our anatomy other than our mindst This unfortunate 'crisis made us acuteiy aware of the need of a wett educated youth in order to keep peace in a worid, which, through misunderstanding, couid destroy itseti. in many respects our junior year was an important one. As we enjoyed tife in high schoot, as teen-agers atways wiit, we aiso matured and coutd give serious thought to the wortdis prohtems. Stowty hut surety we metamorphosed from carefree adoies- cents into thintcing adutts. HOur youth we can have hut tortayg We may always find time to grow otctf, r-r Bishop Bertctey in February, 1951, we entered the schoot tor our tast year r- hut as seventh termers. As such, we enjoyed a very unstahie position. Not yet high enough to enjoy the visihte signs ot seniordom, we refused to toe catted tower ctassmen. Consequently, we seized 1 J Z any v f FP fr NQETNM r r yn fi X, S VL Fxflg i J equi: I 5 . P .SV 'i ' " " 'ivitv ' 131' sf-:.. u sgtrirfra -I r 5 1:57 -1-. Q-'in' 15" - l F it . I 2 V S x ' Q Q 9 VPAQHQQE ! x rx 'K 'V ,Wg f ., ' Q Qxlifm 1 N ff LWQQL Q 2.7 K l 1 i U 7 n f W 6 115 3 i fa , ' 5 . . P :g,lP x , 1 . Q7 Q! A19 11111, QSM tl X O ln' ll, 54's 11 x 54,6 -,. 'tv . e so ' ,I 1-, l every available means by which we could bolster our sorely neglected egos. Nlany wore borrowed senior hats so we could stall: proudly up and down the famed marble senior staircase. And in the caleteria we surrounded the senior tables, glancing longingly at those coveted places. Vve were grateful, then, that we had school to occupy our time. Several ol the girls were brave enough to try and usurp AI Vvienerys position as the class Ubad boy.H Sue Cylinder and Roberta Schiff began playing tic-tac-toe in Spanish class, until one day the irate Mrs. Keyes ordered them both to lace Mr. Pred in the language office. And Mr. Nlanheimer was the mean faculty member who invited Nlargaret Hertzig to leave math class until "she could control herselif, But Margie fooled him, she stayed out all period! At last the day arrived for which we had waited so long, the day we entered the sacred portals ot our Alma Mater as eighth termers i- full Hedged, titled, and, most important, visible seniors. Vve sported senior hats at every ralcish angle, and peered out of the corners of our eyes to malce sure we were duly admired. But this newly acquired pride and conceit passed quiclcly. Much to our dismay we saw school continuing as usual, and realized, with a bit of grumbling, that we, too, would have to settle down. Vvhat a hectic term that wasl ln addition to the regular academic curriculum, we were constantly lcept busy raising money for senior dues and jewelry, filling out college applications, discussing job possibilities with Mrs. De Farkas, running to the photog- rapher for yearbook pictures, and straightening out various program difficulties. Nlany of us were assuming responsibilities in school. Vvith extra-curricular activ- ities resumed at last, Nat Soifer and lxflargaret Hertzig were elected to the managing board of the Beacon, Phil Gray was editor of the Forester, and lwlarcia Alper and Dick Mayer became the leaders of Arista. Remember the buzz of excitement that circulated throughout the school when senior averages were announced, and we discovered that Dick had attained the highest average ever achieved by a Forest Hills senior? 98.11,-that was really staggeringl The final dramatic production we were able to see was a splendid presentation of The Barretts of Wimpole Street, the love story of Elizabeth and Robert Browning. A Hurry of excitement was caused by a small fire in Mrs. lVlcQuade,s car, and Mr. Vvilson put on a fine display of Southern chivalry when he rushed to the chem lab and struggled furiously with a stubborn fire extinguisher. Thanlcs to him, a major catastrophe was averted. And so passed Senior Day, with the usual array of clever costumes and Conga lines. Only this time we were the uninhibited participants, instead of envious onlook- ers. Many of the boys will remember Mr. Wilson for his active participation. He insisted on depriving some of our mature and sophisticated friends of their trusty Water pistols, only to malce use of them on inattentive members of his classes! We couldnyt feel too gay, however, when regents weelc rolled around. This was the final challenge and we were determined to meet it successfully. As we donned our caps and gowns for graduation, the worries of marlcs and exams were forgotten. Vve rejoiced in the completion of our high school careers, but we couldnyt escape the feeling of sadness that tugged at our hearts. Former teachers and classmates were viewed through tear-filled eyes, and we lcnew that "thoughts of yesteryear, of days at Forest Hills" would live forever in our hearts. enior erena e Longing For You ................................ .......,..........................,,....... C ateteria ctmair Fiore Bounce to time Qunce ..... Xviote Qpen Spaces ..,........ Xvtlispering .......,................ Bty Heart Cries tor You ....,. . tit Be Seeing You ............. Bustiet and a Peck ............. t clot tjtenty ot Nottxing ......, Detour ...................,.............. tim Late, tim Late ........... til Get By ........,..,. Camptown Races tsitlte Sir Echo ......, Because ot Rain ....... Down Yoncter .....,...........,.. And So to Steep Again ....... Ntixect Emotions .............. The Tiling ....... Too Young ........ Ntatce Believe ............ Nty t.itoerty Beit .............. Bly Resistance is Lowa.. Cotct. Cold Heart ......... - I Cnet ideas ................. Because .................... ...... Say it Qver Again ..,.,........ Smoke Gets in Your Eyes .... penltrousc Serenacte ........... pomp and Cireumstance ...... Stairway to Paradise ...,.. Xvoncter VVt1y? ...... Good News ..,... . -t trou Swett ......,.. C7 U it it H. sweater gifts .........Girt's gym unitorrn ......,.....,..........tx'1i1tt1 lest ........Regents answers .........Facutty motto ...................Senior dues .........T6E1Ct1CFS' sataries .......Upstairs tbetore 9:07 section weetits pass ............,...Fortt1e 3:30 tvus ......Nir. Zaretcois USiiiinnng" ....................Cutting sctloot .........Cateteria sections ...........,.............LLCOIIOIYIICS ..,......Nigi1t betore Regents ..........,.,............Anecctotat card .......,l00'MJ on time History Regents .........Emergency Room .. . .Head ot sctloot tnomewortc .,.......Frenct1 orat compretmension ........Approact1ing the Rest Rooms tie Tower .......,..Dr. Ryants office ............,..Senior stairs .........Cottege rejections ................Graduation ...........Tt1e Facutty N , F , , .gg ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS MISS FULTON MR. DELMAN HEADS OF SCHOULS MR. HABER MR. HERSCHEL MRS. MCCANNA COLLEGE ADVISER GO. TREASURER GO. ADVISER MR. BARTLETT MR. REILLY MR. CARTER ADMISSIONS PROGRAM COMMITTEE MRS. SUITERLIN NIR. HETHY NIR. UDANE COUNSELORS HILL SCHOOL PARK SCHOOL NIRS. GREENFIELD MR. POLLACK MR. DRACH MISS FARLEY VETERANS FOREST SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP HRS. me FARKAS MRS. VAUGHAN FIR. FII-CONNELI. SIR. XYIGLER Z8 g0l"65t8l" Edi 'n Ch' I tor-1 - re ............. .......................,............ ......... P H ILIP GRAY ASSOCIATE EDITORS Richard Mayer FIorence Pomerantz Ruth Routtenherg NataIie Soiter Myrna Grzag LITERARY STAFF Chester G0ttIieI:m Anita Horowitz Roherta Schiff AIIrecI Smith ART EDITORS Barhara Haher Naomi Kramer ART STAFF Steffi BIumenthaI Leonore Portugal .Ianet McCarthy Lore Vvesch Arthur IVIitcheII Judy Weiss BUSINESS EDITOR GIadys KapIan BUSINESS STAFF SheiIa Cohen Sue Cyhnder ADVISERS .......... ........... A rt JOSEPH CASCIO Business WALLACE IVIANHEIIVIER Literary RUTH IVI. a WJ S1 nv UT ER,Px'r7-Y ST AF Y 5 Q, S o1FffQ I . - Pon LAUPEFFYE 4 CLASS vrp, Q ..,. f " . A CLHSSCYUW AL wlfwflk ff' 6 I . . fb? 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A X A Kp ff m WX til: Xfm w tw ,m.xqfm',1. ttt. we fm. f f A ' 'XA , fm. fy ' lit W Nw, I if W " ,'t!.lr N, 'WH fhf- H W 'JI' I V f l , A, fx ' 'if Q f .I ll? M' it Wm yi,4y:,1,i i1f,.f f2 i , f we f t fe W,:ffffyfW an ' Wt ,L f,f. r ffffzlf-fr" "" 'X f'fa4W1f 'ff' ,' f f A :' A A A ' X SL M" 7 "4fQe1f5 'A f l 'ff X fr' 1 X Rid 1 ie, ' ' t nl' , ' Limit 1 I zmh I vztamrut + Vtfe, the Graduating Ciass of Ianuary, 1952, now resicting in the ,QJ N City and State of New York, being of sounci minci, and mindful of the si uncertainty of life, hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our Last Witt anci Testament. To Nlr. Pred: An efficiency expert. To Mr. Nianheimer: An inverted periscope that he may observe the multitudes swarming below. X l To N1r.Ritci'1ie: A swivel-eyed dog. To iVIrs. Keyes: A Zero stalnper. To Brother ixficincioez A student who can get a ninety-five. To Mr. Carter: A course in penmansilip. A, To Fir. Niontgomery: A megapiione. To Miss Engieharcit: A years supply of her own candy. To Wir. Hurley: A course at Arthur Nlurray. To General Tuzza: A Napoleon i1at and a platinum Ioacige. To Dr. Brown: A driving course in ten easy lessons. To Niiss Stedman: An automatic winciow opener. RN To tile cafeteria: Chairs. E To the Freshmen: The air of confidence habitually worn by time Senior ' Class of January, 1952. 'Wx To the school: A teaciier who isn't a substitute. In witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our name and I t . affixed our seal to this our Lust Will anci Testament, this twenty-ninth N ' day of Ianuary, 1952. 4 ' ' THE CLASS OF JANUARY 1952 lf-1064, Q , L., 'f . ff , ' W 'im ki' ' i f?' Y:.. Q31 ,-nh . xl' rn 1 t Egfr' Qt" 5 f N , Y G t 'Xa 9 -2 W JU me I G' M ' . H f 1 4 131 A if! ., ojwmt M. A1 Hi , V 4' 1 WW V ft 1 . B-"1 Maw" . ffm: ,, . if 1, t +L? x xxx f f' 5' fWY"'f!fWff' i .. 1 W ff 'lf' 1'f' I WW li X i i I ' fit if "I A 'if "'f'ff'4:!, , f ' fb 'HV ' fff A i V." X f t 'lf 1' 4 f lfffl I i UW- P I 1, , , I I f f f, f,- 4 rXx,xltx 7v,: , f f j if m UE' ydwf y . if ljyljflrli l ff ji 0 x X . ,, r 2 f A A N E N ofzfgfza f. .L if , :ff 4 It 1' 'rf xx 1 W 'x xx WX - H ,,. , s fi. t f- XXWXNXXXXXX XXXWXXXWXWNXXXNWW Y xmxmxxxxxMWWWWWXXWN xxxxxxxxxxmxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxwxmxxxxxxxxxxmwwwx WN W XX WXXXXXW U Nkuluxuu Z f -"' S'-7 ..-4: -i. R- Paou ADISSI, ELAINE MARIE Forest Ottice Secretary: Section Secre- tary: All-ritorious Service Awarcl: New- man Clulw: Regents Typing Committee. Business. ALBERT, SHEILA R. Park .lunior Representative: Englislr Otrice Aide: Clreering Section: G.O. Office Aide: Honor Roll. College. ALEXANDER, ROBERT M., JR, lvlaior Letter for Traclc: lvlaior Letter for Baslcetlvallz Baslcetloall lntramurals: Nlinor Letter for Traclc. ALPER, MARCIA Twice Girl Leacler of Senior Arista ancl .lunior Arista: Secretary, History Honor Society: Nlatli, Scienre Honor Society: Forest Sclwol Senior Repre- sentative: lvlatlr. Team. College. ALTBIAN, MYRNA Volleylwallq Baslietlaallg Girls' Emer- gency Room Aicle: Attendance Olllliee Aide: Aclministrative Office Airle, College. ABIINOFF, SHEILA ESTHER Forest Office Aide: Englisli Boolc Room Aide: Classrooms Aicle. College. ANGARD, EDXVIN HOVVARD Gold Service pin: lntramural Basliet- luall Award: ylajor and lvlinor Letter tor Banfl: Swimming Team, College. 24 'Fo ANGELOS, NVILLIANI JOHN Varsity Soccer: Tracli lntrnmurals: Bas- lietlnallg P.S.A,L. Awarcl. College. APPEL, NIARLENE BEVERLY Nlarslial Squad. Business. ARCURI. PAULA NINA .lunior Arista: History Honor Society! Secretary, Treasurerls Olticeg Prololems of Democracy Class: Flanager, Fencing Team. College. ARON, FLORENCE ROSE Beacon Stall. College. AUER, PAUL IVAN SOCCCI' TCZITU. College. AUERBACH, MARTIN Service in Otlrer Higlm Solrool. BASNER, MIRIAINI College. THE FORESTER I I BELLLJSCI, GLORIA AI. Park Oll-ice Aide: CLO. Representative: Volloylmull Clulo: Arista. Business. BERENSON, BIELVIN NlElfSllill Squilll: fxvvarfl. College. BERNHARD, LESLIE D. Service Olqliceg Lilorary Squarl: CLO. Representative: Biarslxal. Cnllege. BERNIKOXV. LEONARD Play Procluction: P.S,A.L. Awarfls: lniramural Awarcl: Englisll Olzlzicc Aiclc. College. BEYERS. ROBERT JOSEPH Att:-nclanre ylarslwal. College. BIRK. CLARE S, Associate Beacon Editor: Literary Eclis Tor, Forest Leaves: Language Honor Society. College. BLOONI, FRANCES Hill Oll-ite Aicle: Orchestra: Language fylico Aicle: Softball Clulvg Vnllcylmll Club. Busines IANUARY 1952 BLUBIENTHAL, STEFFI SUSAN Home Economics Aicle: General Oll-icc Aicle: Ollice Aiclc lGermanl, College. BRANDEIZ, MARILYN BARBARA Arista: Beacon stall, BROVV N, RENEE Service in Anotluer High SCll0llL College. CALLAHAN, WILLIAM J. Captains' Corps: P.S.A.L. Awards. College. CARRANO, SAUNDRA JOAN Meritorious Service Certificate: Program Olzlzice Airle: Library Squacl: Attend- ance Olllice Aide. Cl-IERNIS, PAUL Journalism. College. CHU. CONSTANCE BAO-IIXVA Recent arrival from Clminag outstamling worlc in ylusic ancl Art. College. 23 COHEN, SHEILA LAURA Hill dolllice Aicte: Sergeant, Marshal ua , Sq . Business COHEN, RICHARD Captains' Corps: Swimming Team: P.S,A.L. Awarcl: Squacl Awarcl. College. CORBETT, GLORIA YVONNE Costume Clutn: Soltloall: Volleylnall. College. CYLINDER. SUZANNE Arista: Language Honor Society: Sen- ior Council: Forester Stall: Pliysical Science Department Aicle. College. D'AMlCO, THOMASINA ROSE Attenclance Aide: lvlodel tor Clotliing and Fasliion Classes. Business. DCBONIS, DOMINIC lntramurals: Captains' Corps: Senior Band and Orcliestra: P.S.A.L. Awards. College. DESHAZO, NORMAN P. lvluseum Squacl: 0.0. Councilman: lvlarslial Squad: Intramurals. Business. 26 DeVOTl. VVALLACE JAMES Varsity Soccer: Designer ol Senior But- ton: lntramural Baslcetlaall: Awarcls: Silver, Bronze: Captains Corps. Business DOMPH, NOEL E. Service in Another Higll Scllool. DONNELLY, SALLY JANE G.O. Representative. Art Scliool. DREVV, DOROTHY MARY Art Ollice Aicle: Baclrninton Clulv: Volleyloall Clulo. Business. DREXV, FRED JOHN Vice-Presiclent, Senior Class: Play Prof cluction, Stage Crew: Band: Excep- tional Service Award. College. EDELMAN, ROBERT lvlarslial Squacl: Captains' Corps: Sen- ior Bancl: G.O, Councilman: Scrvile Pin. College. EHRENSAAL. JAY College. THE FORESTER EHRLICH, SHELDON J. Varsity Track Team: P.S.A.L. Awards: lntramural Awards: Glficer, lvlarslial Squad. College. EYRING, JANET M. Health Ed. Club: Chorus: Art Clula: ylrglrslial Squad: Aclrninistration Ollicc Ai c. College. FEINSOD, RlCHARD College. FERRAND, LORRAINE ALMA Orcliestra: Attendance Office Aicle, Cliecr Leader. FINHOLM, CAROLYN MAY Junior and Senior Arista: Parlc Ollicc Aide: Service Pin Award: Regents Typing Committee. FINK, SANIN Engineering Clula: Plrotograpliy Club: Beacon: Program Cmninittee: Excep- tional Service Award. College. FINKELSTEIN. RUTH Heallli Service Squad: Attendance Ol- liice Aide: Hill Office Aicle: lvlatlie- matics Certilzicaie. College. IAN UARY 1952 FISHER, ALFRED JAMES Marshal Squad: Orcliestraz Play Pro- duction. College. ELUHR, SHEILA D. lvlatli. Office Aide: Service also in Anotlier Higl1 Scliool. College. FRANK. STEPHEN lVlarsl1al Squad: Squad Award: Service Certificate. College. FREEMAN, ELLIOT JOEL Service also in Anolller School: Play Produciion: Marshal Squad. Colle gc. FREILICH. JOSEPH DAVID Captain, Gym. College. FUSCO, THOMAS ANTHONY Squad Awards: lntramurals: Newman Cluln. College. GALYON, REECE r Play Production. Stage Manager: Ex- ceptional Service Award. Business. 27 GENTILE, NICK L. Play Production: lillotograpliy Clulo. Academy ol Dramatic Arts. GOLD, BIICHAEL SHELDON Captains' Corps: P.S.A.L. Awards, College. GOLDBERC. HELEN S. Senior Clmrus: Switclllaoarcl Operator: Ivlatlm Certilifatv: Exceptional Service Awarrl: .lunior Banfl. College. GOLDBERG. IVIORTINIER M. Captain, Ivlarslial Squacl: History Office Aicle: Gold Service Pin: P.S.A.L.. Badge. Business GOLDNIAN, BERNICE S. Secretary, Art Oli-ice: Secretary, Stucly Hall: Baslcctlyall Clula. College. GOLDSTEIN, SANIUEL IVIELVYN Tracli Varsity: Soccer Varsity: Service Certilicate: P.S.A.I.., Baclgc: Traclc ln- tramural Award. College. GOLLON, JEANNE L. Boys' Healtlm ELI. Olllirc Ainle: Art Ol- llicc Aide. College. 28 GORDON, BIELVIN J. Tl?HIllS I-LOGIN: Tracli TCHIIIQ Awarcls. College. GOTSCHLICH, EFIIL CLAUS Clwnlistry Awarcl. GO'I'l'LlliB, CHESTER XVALTER P.S.A.l.. Awarcls: Forester Stall: lvlatlu. Certiliratvz Ivlarslialz Section President. College. GRABENSTEIN, DANIEL E. Senior Bancl ancl Orcllestraz Honor Or- cliestrap Swimming Team: Arista: Serv- ice Pin. College. GRAVE. FRANK A. AWHTCIQ Senior Section TFCKIS' llfefi I-lwfilfli AWHYJ. C-RAY. PHILIP D. Eclitor-in-Clniel, rl-lie Forester: Senior Representative, Hill Sclloolz Arista: Vice-Presirlent, IVIatl1.-Science Honor Society: President, Engineering Cluln. College. GREENSTEIN, BARBARA G.O. I:rc-slnnan Representative: Cutting Squaclc Switelilboarcl Operator: Excep- tional Se-rvire Awarcl: Aclininistrativc Olliu- Aifle. THE FORESTER GROSS, LLOYD RONALD Nlarslial Squaalg P.S.A,L, Awards: ln- iramurals. College. HABER, BARBARA LEE l'lealil1 Ecl. Squaclg Play Procluctiong Forest Leaves Art Stal-ig Ark Staff ol Forester. College. HARDVVICK. ANNE Alienflance Oliliice Aiole. Business. HEIBERGER, META CAROLE Healil1 Servire Squacl: Hill Office Aicle: Art Ol-lice Aide: lniramural Vol- leylaallg Intramural Tennis. College. HEINTZ. JOAN ANN Clwrusg Clieering Section: Hill Sclioul Ol-lice Airle. Business. HERTZIG, MARGARET EVA lunior ancl Senior Arisiag Social Stuclies Honor Society: Secreiary, Senior Clnssg Service Pin: Supervising Ecliior, Beacon. College. HOLTZ, RICHARD ARNOLD Senior Band. Cliorusg Swimming Team: Program Office Aifle. College. JANUARY 1952 HOROVVITZ, ANITA Airle. Forest Olliiceg Forester Siallig lvlatlr. Certiiicale. College. HO'l'ZEL'I'. NVILLIAM l3.S.A.l... Awarrlsg lnirainurals Awarmlg Nlarslml Squacl: Swimming Team, Business. H UGHES, ANTHONY DAVID College. HUGHES, JOAN FRANCES Secretary, Seclionq Parlc Oliliice Aiflcz .lunior Arista: Newman Club: Regenls Typing Committee. Business. ISLER, SUE H. Service in Anotller Higlr Scllool. Art Scllool. JACOBS, PAUL DAVID College. JAHRMARKT, ARLENE Slucly Hall Aideg servecl also in An- otlier Higlr Sclxool. College. 29 JOHNSON. JOYCE A. Senior Band: Section Secretary: Basket- ball Clutm: Volleyluall ClulJ: Program Oiiico. College. KAHAN, JUDITH ELLEN Language Oli-ice Aide: Attendance Of- fice Aide: Cutting Office Aisle: Art Office Aide. Colle ge. KAIVIBERG, STEPHEN Junior Arista: President, Senior Sec- tion: Service Pin: Forester Staff. College. KAPLAN, DOLORES Business. KAPLAN, ELAINE Junior Arista: Senior Orcliestrag Cro. Councilman: L:-aclers' Clulb Secretary. College. KAPLAN, GLADYS PERA Hill Oil-ice Aicle: History Office Aide: General Oli-ire Aicle. Business. KASKAXVITS. MARVIN MARK Play Procluction, Assistant Stage lvlan- agerg Exceptional Service Awarci. Business 50 KATZ, HARVEY I. Captains' Corps: J.V. Baslcellmall: ln- tfanlufaiS Baskeibilli. College. KELLIVIAN, ARLYNE HARRIET Arista: Forest Ollice Aicle. College. KING, ALAN EDVVARD Service Squacl: Service Awarcl: Bowl- ing Team: Science Awarci: P.S.A.I.. Awarcl. College. KITRA, CHRIS I". Attenflance Office Aide: Class Secre- tary: Cv.O. Councilman: Senior Cvlce Clulo. Business. KLEIN, ARLENE RUTH Nlarslmal Squad: Volleyball Clulu. College. KLINTBERG, RUTH L. Program Office Aicle: He-altli Aiflv: Nlarslial Squad: General Office Aiclc. Business. KOENIG, JEAN PHYLLIS Attenclance Qliiicc Aicle. THE FORESTER KONITS, CLAIRE Service in Anotlier Higll Scliool. College. KRAMER. NAOMI Senior Band: Hebrew Club: Assistant Art Eclitor, Forester, College, LAZAR, DORIS S. liorest Oliice Aide: Englisli Office Airle: Attendance Ollice Aicie. College. LEAVENNVORTH, VVILLIAFI M. Forester Stall: Business Eciitor, Forest Leaves: G.O. Sales Committee: Junior Arista: Service Pin. College. LEDERMAN, GLENDA B. Administrative Office Aicle: Nleritorious Service Awarcl: General Office Aide: Clleering Section. College, LESCHACK, LEONARD A. Camera Clullz Healtli Service Aide: Auziio-Visual Squncl: Secretary, Engi- neering Collogv. LEVINE. FIELVIN Service in Anotlier Higli Scliool. College. IANUARY 1952 LEVINE, ROZELLE S. Exceptional Service Certificate: Cllorusz Senior Day Committee: Dramatic Clulw. Business. LEVY, CHARLES BURTON Nlarslial Squad: P.S.A.L. Awarcls. College. LEVY, JOEL NORMAN Senior Band: Senior Orcliestra: Honor Orcliestra: P.S.A.L. Awarci. College. LIDICKER. GRETCHEN Social Studies Honor Society: Solitlrall Cluln: Frencll Certificate: Ativancerl lVlatl'l. Class. College. LIEBERIVIAN, MIRIANI RITA Senior Council: Treasurer, Senior Sec- tion: History Office Aicle. Business. LINDER, JOAN TOBY Attendance Airle: General Office Aicle: Journalism. College. l.l'l'TON, ARLENE Attendance Olltice Aicie: Class Secre- tary: Junior Arista: Nleritorious Service Certificate: G.O. Councilman. 31 LITZKY, LEWIS Senior Band: Senior Orcl1estra: Honor Orcliestra: lntrarnurals. College. LONDON, JACK Alarslial Squad: Program Committee. LONDON, LAVVRENCE .l.V. Baslcetluall: Prom Chairman: Sen- ior Representative, Park Sclwol: Play Production: Dance Chairman, G.O. College. LOPATE, JOEL L. Basketball Intramurals: Nlarsllal Squad. Business LUBELL, ROBERTA Volleyball Clula: Science Clulu: Volley- lmll Intramurals. College. LYN N E, HARVEY ALLEN P.S.A.L, Awards: Squad Awarnls: Fore ester Stall. College. MARCUS, JANET C. History Office Aide. Business. 52 IVIARTIN, JACK Arista: CLO. Sales Committee: Lan- guage Honor Society: Junior Arista: Hebrew Cluln. College. IVIAURER, DORIS E. Cafeteria Marslral: General Ollice Aide: Healtll Ed. Office Aicle. College. NIAYER, RICHARD LUDXVIG Associate Editor, Forester: Boy Leaclcr, Senior Arista: Play Production: lVlatl1.- Science Honor Society: Social Stuclies ancl Language Honor Society. College. MeCARTHY, JANETTE C. Softball Club: Volleylzmall Club: Span- islr Cluln: Attendance Olzllice Aisle: Art Stall, Forester. College. IVIEEDER, CHARLES EDXVIN Track Intramurals: Varsity Baslcetluallz lVlarsl1al Squaol: Swimming 'I-cam: Baselmall. MEITERNIAN. MORRIS Varsity Soccer rlleam. College. MERGET, GERALDINE ROSE Englislr Office Secretary: Volleylmll Clulw: Badminton Clulag Intramurals. Business. THE FORESTER KIETZGER, ISRIGITIE I. Rvcenlly nrrivr-fl lirom Frame College. N IEYER. .IACQUELYN Lvmlers' Clnlm: Volleylmll Cluln: Soli- Imll Clulm. Business. NIEYERSON, CARL Nl. Sqllild lHll'ilIllllI'illSC AVVEITCISC lvllill'SlIill Sllllillli SCIIIOI' BFIHKII TFBCIC ilieann. flollc-ge. NIICHAEIS. MARCIA Clnorus: Progrmn Office Aimlc: Play Prozluclion: General Office Airle: Sen- ior Day Cl0IlIlIlilil'f'. Business. MIELE, MARILYN C. Leaders' Club: Service Pin: Presiclenl, Newman Clulw: Prcsiclf-nl, Leaders' Clulz. College. BIILLARD. JOYCE MARILYN Culling Office Aicle: Treasurefs Ollicre Airle: Science Ollice Aicle: Hostess, Alumni Dum-vg Clmrus. llusim-ss. MILLER, IIARRIET ROSLYN Culling Ollirr- Aicle: Progmm Office Aicle. Follr-gv. IANUARY 1952. - MILLER. MARILYN If. Clmrusg Allenrlnncc Oll4i4,r- Airle: Sec- rc-Inry, lsuresl Office: RUEECIIIS TYPIIIS Connnillev. BIl'l'CHEI,l., ARTHI 'R IIOXVARD Squacl Awnrcls: Oil Painting Clulw: For esler Ari Skull. College. BIOHR, RUTH Auclio-Visual Squacl: Volleyllall Cluliz lvlalli. Ollifc Aiclc: Altenclimce Ollisc Aide. Nursing Sfliool. MOI-IRBIAN, MILES FREDERICK Sound Crew: Engineering Club: Ama- teur Rarlio Clulog Shop Squacl: Biology Club, Business NIOREHOUSE. SUE I., Art Awarcl, Tliircl Prize: Alhmclnrire OIl:l:lffC Aiclv: Volleylmll Cluln: Solllmll Cui. Business. NIORRIS. MARIA JULIE English Honor Class: Health Servin- Squacl: Volleyball lnlrrnnuralsg Dm- maiicsz Plny Prorludion. Collr-gl-. MORRISON, PETER Treasurer, Senior Class: llresiclenl, Slu- zlent Conductor, Senior Band: G.O. Council: All-City Orclleslm imcl Senior Orclreslruz Service Pin. College. 35 BIOSKONVITZ, JOYCE C. ' Junior Arista: Social Stuclies Ollice Aiclez Forest Ollicc Aide: Cliorus: AI- lcnclance OPI-ice Aicle. Business BIUSACHIO, NICHOLAS J. Captains' Corps: lvlarslial Squacl. College. NASH, PAULA S. lxlarslial Squacl. College. ORSZAG, MYRNA Senior Council: G.O. Councilman: Aclveriising Stall, Beacon: Slall, For- ester: Senior Day Commiiiee. College. PADDI, CAROLE ROSE Treasurer, Senior Seclion: Newman Club. College. PANAGIS, GEORGIA Hislory Aicle. Business. PATETE, IVIADELINE Volleyball Club: Clleering Section: Baslcetlnall Club: Play Procluclionz For- est Leaves. College. '54 PERDICHIZZI, PHILIP Arista: Engineering Clula: Vice-Presb cleni, lwlarslxal Squuclg I'IigI1 Honor Roll Cerlilicafes. College. PINE, CONNIE S. Clieerleaclerz Senior Section Caplaing Culling Ollliice Aicle: General Ollife Aicle: Hosless. College. PLATKIN, AARON Col lege. PLATT, RUTH J. Bancl: CLO. Councilman: Presicleni, Seciion lor Iluee terms. College. PLESSER, THOMAS F. P.S.A.L. Awarclsg Captains' Corps: Intramurals. Business. POLLACK. RICHARD IVIYRON Advanced Nlath. Class. College. POLLANE, LARRY Nlarsllal Squaclz Program Commiilee. College. THE FORESTER POMERANTZ, FLORENCE Senior Arista: President, Language Honor Society: Forester Staff: Social Studies Honor Society: Biology Lalnora- tory Squad. College. POPOFF, ANDREW P.S.A.L. Aworol. College. PORTUGAL. LEONORE BELLE Principals Office Aide: Cutting Office Aide: Volleyball Club: Softball Club: Forester Art Staff. Business. PROTASS. RHETA S6Cretary, Study Hall: Attendance Ol- fice Aide: lVlusic Office Aide: Cllorus, College. RABINOVVITZ, EILEEN P. Nlarslral: Clwrus, Business. RADZYNER. HARRY LAVVRENCE lVlatl1. Certificate: Advanced lVlatl1. Class: Nlatli, Team: lntromorol Soccer Team. College. RARES, JOSEPH VV. Marshal Squad. IAN UARY 1952 RAYMOND. GLORIA DANVN Softlaall Clulo: Volleyball Club: At- tendance Staff: Study Hall Staff: ln- tramurals. College. A RICHTER, BARBARA J. Volleylaall Cluloz Softloall ClulJ: lntra- murals: lxfluseurn Staff: lntramural Award. College. RIVKIN, DAVID JOEL Dawn Patrol: Cafeteria M8FSllBl2 Hall Nlarslral: Engineering Clulag Camera Cluln. College. ROYIANO. ANTHONY President, Senior Class: Captain, Mar- slmal Squad: .lunior Arista: Nlatll. Honor Award: Service Pin. College. RONDINELLI, CAROLE SUSAN Softlaall Team: Hostess: lntramural Award: Emergency Room Staff. Business. ROSEN, BARBARA Attendance Office Aide: Girls' Clsiorus: Forest Qffice Aide: Cutting Office Aide: Service Pin. College. ROSENBLUME, ELLEN B. Attendance Office Aide: Music Office Aide. College. 55 RUSNER, BERNARD CHARLES Swimming Team: Qur-1-ns Sympluonic Orrlir-slrn. Collcgv. ROl,"l"l'ENBERG, NAONII Language Honor Snriotyg Senior Or- aliestmp Exceptional Sm-rvim Ccrtilicatcg Arista. Collvgc. R O L"l'I'ENBERG, RUTH Vice-Prvsiclent. Language Honor Soci- r-tyg Social Studies Honor Society: Sen- ior Coumilg Associate Frlitor, Forester: Aristn. Cnllt-gc. Rl,3l5lfNS'l'ElN. PAULETFE M. Sr-rrvtury, ,lunior Dramatic Clulig Aitlr-, Olliu- ol Arlministraliw- Assistant, f ollc-gc-. Rl THIN, Ll-IONA l5IISllN'SS, RUBLINSKY, HERB SOi'lTf'l" Y-FCZHUQ TIHCIC TCillllI CHlllHlllS. KYUFIISI l,.S.A.L. AWilFIlSZ FOUN- ul. f nllr-gnu RUSSELL, ETHEL MAY Leaclc-rs' Clulnz Beacon Stall: Attffnrl ance Ollice Aiclc: lvlnrslial Squml Healtli Eml, Service Squnrl. Businoss. 56 RUSTIN. RANDALL Outstamling worlc in Art. Collegr-. RUTA, NASCHA M. ljrom Los Angeles Higli Scllool: For- i ester Stall. 1 SANDAK, LAURA Chorus. SARAN'l'lS, PETER A. Captain, Marshal Squacl: l'nrli Ollicc Aisle. College. SAUBER, BURTON Councilman: Council Ste-4-ring twljllllllll' teeg Forvst Leaves Stall: G.O. Salcg Committvvg Alf-ritorious Svrvirr- Awarfl. Collego. SAXON. JERRY VVARREN Service Ping lJ.S.A.l... Awnrclsg lntra- mural Squacl Awarclsg lvlailing Ylan- agor. ljrmlcll flnwrifun Stuzlvnt, SCHAPIRO, NORMA Cliecring Section: yleritorious Service Awarclg P.S.A.L. Atllletic Award: Aide, Attf-ndunce Ollice: Cutting Office Aide: Vollnylmll Collf-go. THE FORESTER SCHIFF, ROBERTA F, cIllZlIIIl'IHl'l, Senior Day: Stall, Forester: Ijlay Profluctionz Senior Arista: Lan- guage I'Ionor Society. fiollego. SCHLACHTER, BERNICE R. Clrorus. Business SCHXVARTZ, ARLENE RHODA SIBNER, ROBERT JULES Presiclent, Nlatlr.-Science Honor Soci- etyg Regional Award, American Maths' niatical Association Contest: Swimming 'Iac-am: Arista: Iwatli, Vluearn. College. SILVERBIAN, ALAN Play Production: Baslcetldall Intramu- rals: Class League Awarcl. College. SILVERSTEIN. SHELDON S. lgilllfli IXIIRTSIIGI Sqllild. SINION, SARABEL Did Ilre First Iiall ol Irer Iriglr sclrool worli in Ilminas ,Ie-Ilerson in Brooklyn: Ilas folnpleterl Irigll srllool work in 5V2 vs-are Igusine . IANUARY 1952 SINGER, LEE NIill'SllEiI Squad. College. SINGER, RICHARD Squad Award. College. SMITH. ALFRED IVI. NIHISIIHI Squad: Forester Staff. College. SFIITH, DONALD Nlarslral Squad: Fencing Team P.S.A.L. Awards. College. SOCOL. STEPHEN H. Captains' Corps: 5IatI1. Certificate. College. SOIFER, NATALIE lVIanaging Board, Beacon: Senior Arista: Language Honor Society: Forester Ass sociate Eclitor: 1:11-'IICII-fxlYl9I'ICClIl Stu- dent Stall. College. SOLOSKO, DIANE R. G.O, Councilman: Girls' I'IeaItI1 EQI. Service Squaclg Drarnaticsg .Iournalisrng Certificate lor Nleritorious Service. College. 57 IVIarsI1aI Squarlz Swimming Teamg STEINBERC-, 'l'llELlN'lA T. Attendance Oli-ice Aideg Art Ol-lice Aide: Baclniinton Club! Volleyball Clulxg Clicering Section. College. STRAUSS, ALFRED RENE Fencing Squnclg Souncl Squaclg Biology Laboratory, D1ilFSllEll Squad. College. STROHMAYER, ALFRED R. Nlarslial Squurlg Forest Ollice Aiclcg Forester Stall. College. SUGAR, LUCY S. Cliorusz Arlministrative Oliice Aicleg Hill Office Aifle: Cinema Procluctions: Clieering Section. College. SULLIVAN, MARGARET MARY Newman Clulv: Tennis ClulJ. Business College. SUTTON, GERHARD L, Cinema ljrocluctiong Auclio - Visual Squaclg Engineering Clulag lntramurals. College. TANNENBAUIVI. SYDELL Volleylwall Clulog Science Cluln: Clio- rusg Exceptional Service Certificate. College. 58 TAYLOR, DAVID Business. TENENBAUIVI. VRIEDA Aristag Cliemistry Laboratory Squad: Biology Laboratory Squad: l'lelarcw Culture Clulmg Volleyball Clula. College. THIEN, DOROTHY-ANN Captain, Clieerleaclersz Cl'l0fUSQ Service Ping Junior Arista: Attenclance Oil-ice Aide. College. THOMAS, CAROLINE LAVVLER Service Pin: Cliorusg Nlarslrlal Squacli Language Oil-ice Aiclc: Cutting Office Aide. College. THOMPSON. ANNE E. Recording Secretary, Senior Class: Play Procluction: Cliorus: Service Cor- tiliicateg Tennis Cluli. College. TRAEG, VVALTER JOHN Nluscum Squad: Blatliematics Certili- cate: Attendance Certificates: P.S,A.L. Awarcl. UNGER, FRANK ylanager, Traclc rlleaniq President, Cver- man Clulng Treasurer, Secretary, Nlar- slial Squaclg Uslier Squad: Cliorus. College. THE FORESTER UPBIN, ETHEL R. Play Production: English Ollice Aiclei Park Office Aide: Service Certificate: Clieering Section. UVLIN, BARBARA Lilirary Squad: President. Senior Sec- tion: Service Pin: Cllorus. College. VAITL. ALICE .lunior Arista: Exceptional Service Cer- tificate: ylatli. Certificates: Attenclance Certiticateg Arista Tutoring. College. VARTANIAN, EDVVARD Colle ge. VISCUSI, INNOCENZO Language Honor Society: Presiclent, Spanisli Club: Varsity ancl Intramural SOCCCF. College. VORNDRAN, RUTH Service in Anotlier Higli Sclloolz Clotli- ing Class Treasurer. Business XVEINER, SAM Nlarslral Squacl: Intramurals: Silver P.S.A.L, Award. IANUARY 1952 VVEISS, JUDY Treasurefs Office Aiclc: Honor Cer- tificates: Forester Art Stall, College. VVEITZNIAN, MARILYN NORMA Prolilerns ol Democracy Class, College. XVEITZNER, GERALD lVIarsl1al Squacl: Intramurals: P.S.A,L. XYEITZNER, NOEL Squad Awards: Baslcetlnallg Intramu- rals: P.S.A.L. College. XVELZ, DAVID lxlarslial Squacl. College. VVERNER, HARRIET SUE Aolministrative Ollice Aicle. XVERTHEIIVI, LENORE GLORIA Secretary, History Office: Junior Arista: bervice in Otlicr Higli School. College. 39 XYESCH, LORE Biology Laixoratory Squntt: Orchestra: Junior Arista: Senior Arista. College, XVHITE, EDXVARD J. Senior Grctrestra: Harsiiat Squart. XVIENER, AL Biology Laboratory Squuci: intramural Awards: Awami: Associate Eciitor, Forester: Certificate ot Ficrito- rious Service. Coiivgc. VVIGDOR, MYRA Liiirary Squad: Junior Orchestra: He- iwrew Club: Bilf,lITlil1tUll Club: Junior Dramatics. Nursing Sciiooi. 40 CAMERA SHY CRIECO, .IOHN COHEgP. HERSH, STUART Coll:-ge. IVIARCLTS, ARTHUR College. XYILSON, BARBARA GLADYS Ctievring Squad: Chorus. XVOLFSON, ELLEN Art Qftire Secretary: Girls' Hvnitir Ed. fjifire Serrctary: Voiivyimii Ciuio. Cottage. YAO. PEARL Re-rc-nt arrival from China: nutstanciing work in Air-xiii, and Scif-nrc foiiege. ZUCKER, ELI NT. Program Committee: iVToTwiTc- Ampiificr Squad. THE FORESTER ggdffffi lf'0l0 QC As my helicopter landed on the aerostrip ahove the 1970 Vvorldis Fair, l tooli my trusty pad and pencil from my purse, preparing to cover my new assignment tor the cityis most cosmopolitan newspaper, The New York Beacon. Almost directly in lront ol me was the impressive Building of Science, which l entered with thousands ol other curious visitors. No sooner had i passed through the swinging doors than t noticed Dick hlayer, lecturing to a lascinated audience. l managed to squeeze through the crowd until I was hut a iew inches from my former high school colleague. I extended my hand, which he grasped. saying to the audience, Hljlease ohserve. when l pull this lever. the calculator . . . oh, lvm so sorry, l thought you were part ol my experif ment. Xvhy Nat Soilert I didnvt recognize you. Xvhat have you heen doing since graduation if ltis heen almost twenty yearstu U-ldhe Beacon has enlarged quite a hit since high schoolg in lact itis offering some stitt competition to the New York Times. live remained with it since graduation. and lim on a story right now. Vvhat ahout you, Dicli? Last l heard. you were interested in mathematical researchf' ul am. A tew years ago l received my lull prolessorship in mathematics at Harvard. Nty latest theory is that all parallel lines are actually perpendicular. l came to this conclusion alter my associates, Dr. Rohert Sihner and Dr. Harry Radzyner. succeeded in splitting the electron. Their formulae are similar to mine. You do rememher Bolo and Harry, donit you? Theyire tooth prominent nuclear physicists, now. And if you'd like to say Khellox to Phil Perctichizzi and Naomi Routlenherg, theyire in the northeast wing, working on their plans lor a tocldess canal through Nicaraguan A section of the science huitding was devoted completely to displays of ultramodern means oi transportation. Ann Harwiclc, helicopter stewardess, was acting as guide. The strilcing differences hetween these atomic-powered devices and their outmoded predecessors, the train and automohile. raised many comments among the spectators, especially the children, who couldn't understand why gasoline had been used so widely when a small capsule of atomoline could easily run any cralt tor tive years without relueling. ixiany ol the jetmohiles were designed hy the Famous artist, Connie Chu. An added attraction was the recent invention of District Attorney Pele tylorrison twho linally induced Harry Gross to and His Honor the Mayor, Fred Drew. This contraption hurgtar-proofs all vehicles, lor, attached to the door, it auto- matically photographs, fingerprints and handculiis the thief helore he can eitect an escape. As l approached the adjoining hledical Building, I noticed the unmis- talcahle lace of .AI VX7iener, with his three sons, all of whom were carrying little haslcets oi chips on their shoulders in preparation for their senior year in high school. Through the clouds of chemical smolce I noticed several other Forest Hills High School alumni. Harvey Lynne, director ot activities, was showing slides demonstrating the use of his new antibiotic-painlciller, penisutlamycinhenza- drine. Dr. Alfred Smith, Chief Surgeon at lylount Sinai Hospital, and Dr. Chester Gottlieh described a lunctional heart and lung apparatus, as- .:.y. -'??:."lz ' '-11: -512 5, t , , 'Q . 5 y ' 692' iitti A 1. tel A W f ' 5 " A.. Z3 iy.i. J.: 41' 49 D. uf . .g+yf ,I ' i f M, . 'Ig' -xg 0 .. di .QV ,:'., 1 g f F i -f '51 O ' u 1 - . if 1 r X - . . y. ,Ali-, J X, U ,A'.' IVII . -- ', 9 Q5 4 ff tiff! fx-I fill fi' ,I J ,f i I i ll if , 'tgp E 0 2- f x ,gif -S -Q-" f.-1 .fi ., y sisted by nurse Joyce Johnson. On a wall, prominently displayed, were charts showing the Kaplan method of rehabilitating spinal meningitis vic- tims. It was named alter its founder, Elaine Kaplan, who, lilce Sister Kenny, has astounded the world with her radical treatment. No fair would be complete without a fashion show, and ol course no fashion show would he satislactory without Carol Rondinellfs lamous creations. The most recent fabrics were ol artificial synthetic yarns, which, through a harmless radioactive process, became unstainable. The latest styles were shown to best advantage by the lovely daughters ol Connie Pine, Sue Cylinder, and .laclcie Nleyer. Background music was supplied by Richard Singer and his all-girl orchestra, with Lorraine Ferrand, soloist. Stage settings and intricate lighting effects were provided by the two out- standing artists in the field, Lore Vvesch and Reece Galyon. The Hollse of Today occupied a prominent section ol the Fair. The exterior, of opaque glass briclc, was in stunning contrast to the colorful landscaping. Although electric eye doors had been in existence lor a num- ber ol years, this modern home was equipped with an electric eye to shut oft the electric eye. The attached garage was of flexible, atomized rubber. as durable as briclc but conveniently smash-prooi. Hostess Paulette Rubenstein had to admit that this feature was added primarily lor the woman ot the house. Inside, an automatic duster was invisibly installed in the walls, thereby eliminating the need of housecleaning-a tremendous aid to the housewife whose hardest task was pushing buttons. Phonovision. a combined telephone and television, was convenient for the teen-agers oi the iamily, since it cushioned the shoclc ol blind dates. Phil Grayis three- dimensional television set had linally been perfected and installed, with an aerial so powerful that a chassis was unnecessary. Wlyrna Orszag and Carol Paddi were constantly husying themselves in the spacious icitchen, preparing their famous atomburger for an appreciative clientele. Cin the baclc lawn of the house was the Chiidrenys Paradise. lvlarilyn lxfleile, director, joined hundreds of youngsters on their first ride in the atomic-powered robot-controlled roller coaster, and emerged rather shalcen by the experience. Head counselor Anita Horowitz was manipulating a miniature streamliner for fascinated onlookers. ln the Building of Finance and Industry Gloria Bellusci and Joyce Nloslcowitz were demonstrating modern means of speedy and efficient office management to Stephen Kamherg, president oi the General Atomic Com- pany, and Joel Lopate, manager oi Bulinger Mills, inc. Sam Goldstein, salesman extraordinary, supervised the panorama Industry Through the Ages, depicting the development ol manufacturing from its crude state ol mass production to the present system that has Finally eliminated the middleman. The World Federation Building was magnificent, symbolizing world unity by its clever architecture. At an open conference, Anthony Romano, president ol the organization, Nlarcia Alper, United States representative, and honorary guests Florence Pomerantz, Dean of the Sorbonne, and Ruth Routtenberg, Ambassadress to israel, discussed current topics. They stressed the need of international unity and cooperation in order to pre- serve world peace. ln the center ol the fair grounds the Hag ol: the world symbolized the end ol tension and the beginning oi a new era ol harmony and good will. ,JG24Afff,kJv Hsfeq 2-my MQW ig, of we MM 'RX9yQ43f M iii x ' Cm 014 ' J Y' 64 Y 0 Q 2 3 gf bg AN WW P 935231175 il- - NP, w -an-,L Q A if 2 Mm . . ww!! gi C2 ow WWW V 5 J R .' - n SW Jaw WWQ,w"'M ' mf iff? wgg Wifi 5531 5 QM fcA wJ5,, rg? 1 , 426 ,M - xi Mmlwmmw -sg. ff A ,,, A' i f-fm HW M, Q gp I bv' W Q-, QX pf up-9? R0 'Wadi "' 'A I J 2 QZQQ 'e"'59u, My ff JY Complimenfs of E. TA R R OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER TO THE CLASS JANUARY 1952 425 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK I7, N. Y. REED AND COMPANY Senior Emblems Diplomo Coses Celluloid Buflons ond Bodges Fell ond Chenille Leflers Bonners MUrroy l-lill 4-5663 373 FOURTH AVENUE NEW YORK 16, N. Y. PINSKY'S Compliment Ol Eoresl I-lills' only Slczlionery cmd A FRIEND Sclwool Supply Slore Colerlng loll1e Sluclen+'s Need 71-34 Auslin Slreel, Fores? Hills Complimenls of MR. AND MRS. CYLINDER AND SUE M. H. LAMSTON, INC. 7I-40 AUSTIN STREET FOREST HILLS, NEW YORK "WHERE THE CUSTOMER IS TREATED LIKE A GUEST" PICK'S HARDWARE "The onIy sfore wiII'14OOI iIems" CQII Us cmd Find GUI for prompI Deliveries 96-23 69+h AVENUE FOREST HILLS, NEW YORK BOUIevc1rd 3-035I SCIENTIFIC ENGRAVING CO. PI'1oIo Engravers 406 WEST 3Is+ STREET NEW YORK I, N. Y. CI-IicIrerIng 4-I396 MARLIN PRINTING CO., INC 45 Rose Sfreef, New YorIr 7, N. Y. BEeIcmon 3-OI38 Prinfers of II'1e Foresfer YOUR CLASS RING wos produced by BALFOUR-monulocrurer of I-Iigh School ond College Jewelry, Commencemenlr Armourrcemenls, Diplomos, lvledols ormcl Trophies. L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY 521 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK I7, N. Y. Compllmemls ol COLONIAL STEEL CORP. 855 EAST I40'Ih STREET NEW YORK 54, N. Y. MEIrose 5 I5I8 . may ein- 393

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