Forest Hills High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest Hills, NY)

 - Class of 1950

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'Z we g0l"ef.fiel" FQREST HILLS HIGH SCHQQL LEO R. RYAN, PRINCIPAL O JUNE 1950 FOREST I-IILLS, NEW YORK JUNE 1950 MR. MANHEIMER KENNETH BERKIVIAN HOVVARD MORGAN BARBARA LANDA JOHN PAUL JONES MARTHA REED meabcafion NXT clvclirallz- ll1iS l'-on-slcr lo lllall illl0llyIll0llS llul 0llllIipl'1'Sf'l1l Q N' li'1'S " Qfvllllill wllu lurlcs XVillIiIl our svllool. ll is llc- lilo llllx clllllli SlIlll'2lli illlil 2lllUlf'Sl'l'lll Y0ll'l'S ll 1 rv'll4 . . . clrnills lillllllliliil pc-ns mlry . . . opi-ns wirlrlows ill winlvr and lIlY'IlS on lllf' llvill. in SIIIIIIINT .. rings lille In-IIS so Uilfly . . . puls ears ill lllc walls illlkl 4-yvs ill lllz llillili ol ll'El4'lN'l' S' llf'EiKlS . . . illlfl XVIIO XN'ill Dl'0llilllly lrip IIS HS XVI flilllll lllv plzllliorlll in rc-cvivfl our cliplclnlzls. l Now, ns we alrv lvzlvillg. wc' realize- lllali il is llc- wllo llilli pu! Ill: spzlrlcle- inlo illvse pals! lour years. cJlllf'l'S lllily SQ'ilI'L'll lor llinl. llu will llul limi llim, lor llv will llilvv pzlssvcl illlll llli' lulurv.. wiill us. RV IDI-ZAR Fmnsnsz During tile course of your career at scimooi you iiavc in-en given tile opportunity to 1-if-ct a wide variety of courses depending upon your vocational interests. For many. your work iiere inas been in preparation for admission to iiberat arts Coiiegesg ottxers ililV0 ciiosen courses tilal fit tiiem for iurtiler study in otilcr professional iieids oi applied arts and science. Stitt otilers ililVI' received training tilat wiii ire useiiui in tile irusiness and industrial iiie ol' time city. in addition to time preparation you tlave made in ttwsc various tieids, aii of you travi- woriced. studied and piayed togettler. in ctass and out of ctass, try iong association witil teaciu-rs and otiler scilooimates, we ilope tilat 4-act: one of you wiii constantiy strive to improve tilose quaiities to wilicil tile American iligfii SCIIOOI is dedicated. Far more important tilan tile acquisition oi knowledge or good marks is a wortily cilaracter. A iove for truttl, a respect for our neigimiwor, an unseitisil civic attitude. a ioyatty to tile American way of iife. Xve can oniy cvaiuate time eiiectiveness oi' time scinooi in ileiping to acilieve tilesc ends ivy your personal conduct and actions after you ivave ilere. Flay you by conviction and courage silow the wayi U Principal 9 Q5 Aw' If we Www lb' kiwi -'Y I If Agif ., - jig.. ,- ,Qhuuel 5. ,X W fe, si 131m'M35g Ph ,iff ,gi . ' s Q R, .f wsssfeffz ff: 93' We 'Y :MV .A faaa ,Maier 'Q A K 0175513 ' I aim' iii X fy N: 1 W .' fl 71' 4 . Z 1.42, 17 W? ef lv 1 yf'f Ziff 4? .1 fy! ff, f f t 514 C25 Il!! ij!! V f ig. f - 1 f f 5 ,,. Xl 96 LET US RAISE A SONG... Our songs for the past four years may have been biared in the wrong key or sung by a tenor with a changing voice, but thatys the way we want to remember them. Above ati. we want to remember -- the piays at Christmas time, the lighting of the Menorah candies as the choir chanted the traditionai hymns and the pyramid of candle bearers who formed a Christmas tree as caroiers sang "Att is caim, ati is bright" - the annual Spring concerts where we first heard the haunting voice oi the eiectronic instrument made by one oi our own students and the ioveiy harmony of our own chorus and orchestra -- the big musical productions, uEverybody's Dudin' it" and "Hit the Deck" with our bionde soprano Connie Titus. TO ALMA MATER STRONG... Remember how we - cheered our hard-hitting hard-headed soccer team to victory -1 watched the swirl of red sicirts as Ann Enea led the cheer leaders in the shout HYca teamf, for iviarshaii Lowe, Gary Pastoret, Ken Pollack. Danny Hirsh, AI Harper, and the other players i-1 marveled at our persevering swimmers who put dry land to good use - thrilled at the cry usaie at thirdn at the baseball games and at the burst of speed which carried our tracic stars over the finish iine-developed our biceps Chariestoning in the Ciiris' Gym. OUR GUIDE AND STAY. .. Let us pay tribute i- to Nir. Swirsicy who put over the best advertising trick of ali time when he sang UA, you're adorabien over the P.A. -1 to our Section Teachers and the patience with which they combated Freshman Follies and Senior Sophistication -1 to our pedal-pushing hir. Bartlett and the staff of Guidance Counselors -1 to all the teachers who tolerated our antics in class- rooms and praised each precocious offspring on Parents, Night i-f to such gems of advice as this from lovable Dr. Leonard who, when asked for his opinions on lipstick, said: HVVhen I have some old furniture around that doesn't took too weii, I paint it. soooo . . SHE'LL BE FOR AYE. .. How about that first time -1 we went to a school dance, awed by the muili- coiored tights, the imaginative names t- and t- Waiter? VVe were amazed by the sight of dignified seniors sporting! short pants, long beards, and ioiiypops --we carried home to ixiama a report card mariced Superior in some subiects, Delightful in others, and Unique in just a few -f we realized we could no longer pack our hooks two minutes heliore the end of the period -- we found ourseives rhumhaing on the lunch iine and munching in three quarter time - F.H.H. held a Prom for Juniors and we were iti IIER POWER WILL LONG SUSTAIN US . . . Vve were proud to he a part of the ciass of ,50 -1 when we bought the ixiay issue of "Seventeen" and found, on the cover, a ioevy oi Forest Hills beauties and, listed beneath the short story contest winners, the name of Louise Gold- wasser who had won first prize for "The Cocoon" - when our soclcing soccer star, Don Hertan. won the titie ol' ali-city goaiie - when tennis racqueteers Ken Poiiaclc and Boh Goidherg slammed their way to the P.S.A.L. crown for three years i- when aspiring Forest Hiiis scientists won second prize in the Cancer Exhibit with their miniature model hospital -1 when nine of our own Einsteins won honorahie mention -- when Shirley, Louise. and Niimi all had poems in the Teen ager's delight, Hseventeenu -H when we ioolced ahout us and realized how many wonderful friends weid made. VVHEN WE IVIUST PART... Nve spent four years iooicing forward to -1 the day when the hails ol: our Alma ixfiater would come aiive with the gaudy Hashes of our own senior hats - our day lor running for ruining, F.H.H.S. i- stalking the halts, fearing neither man nor teacher i- charging up the marhie stairs -1 perching self- consciousiy on the edge of the photographeris stooi i-f donning the iiowing robes and the mortar with glee and taking them off with sadness. DEEP GRAVEN IN EACH HEART... Then there are those unforgettable traditions i- like the Hower sate when everyone is reminded that Spring is just around thi- calendar-iiice the toting of the portable radios ali through the Series, knowing that some rooting teacher will aliow the ciass to catch a few innings -- iilce the April Fools Day issue ol' the UBaconH that ielit the whole school wondering for at least two seconds - like the inevitahie Freshmen girls hohhing down the hail after senior hats have heen distributed, with guess what perched on their hionde curis - like lazing on the grass of the haclc campus. VVILL LIVE FOND THOUGHTS OF YESTERYEAR . . . And the special things that occurred only during our high schooi career and no other. Things like - that smaiipox epidemic when everyone's number-one activity was getting vaccinated -1 the school wide search to discover where Kiiroy wasn't - the days when all that was needed to he Uweii dressed" was a skirt which swept the Hoor and ioveiy, practical, haiiet shoes -1 the night "Arsenic and Old Lace" was presented with ali the ieads played hy memhers of our own senior class - the way we cried over "Harriet" and laughed through "Out of the Frying Panu -1 the speech made by Harold Russell which inspired us as few things have ever done. AND DAYS AT FOREST HILLS! Us 4 " f 1 ' 1 1 K 1 'f gi ff , XXW f , if 1 I f 4 ,f 4? 5 9 X ga' ga 5 ,iw SX Foam NV .1 ,atfisi ,- ,- 4 rt N' df tk uw min 2 ,..fg'Xf-5'l+L"' , off U X 2-' ZLUVK . ,4,f., M0 Z Q 4' We . ,A W ' qt:- C? F. .I 4 L' . it Z Z' wet of ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS MR, DFIMAN MISS Fl ILTON HEADS OF SCHOOLS MR, HABER NIR. HERSCHEI. HRS. FL-FANNA C OI LIZGE ADVISER OO. TREASURER GO. ADVISER NIR. BARTLETI' MR. REILLY NIR. CARTER COUNSELORS HILL SCHOOL MRS, SUVIFRLIN NIR. POLLACK PARK SCHOOL MISS FARLEY HR, Tl IOM YliTERANS FOREST SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP MRS, me FARKAS HRS. VAITGHAN SIR. NIfK'ONN!fI.L NIR. XYIGIFR l"0l0A,QC It took twenty years helore someone realized that the Senior Pins of the Class ol' 1050 were radioactive. Something had to he clone immediately to collect all these menaces to mankind. and the school immediately set out to locate the owners. There were no official records of the class, since the school had refrained from using ink to conserve water during the Great Shortage of '50. The only reference guide was the prophecy in the Yearhook and it was the only hope of saving the population of the United States from these dangerous pins which were due to explode on June 2. The school investigators first called the uNew York Daily Bacon" hecause th.- prophecy had said that the Beacon Boys: Bch Amhrose, Donald Ruhy, Eric Salzman, Bch Kahan, and Alex Horne would all hecome editors of this paper. They were there as predicted and although not lull-lledged editors, they promised to send in their pins as soon as they finished sharpening pencils lor the rest ol: the stall. Next they got in touch with Sara Lee Moltz, the eminent woman scientist. Nliss Moltz had recently horrowed a formula from Rohert Vvolfl: who had taken it originally lrom Charles Eyring. Somehow she had discovered the secret of perpetual youth and had given the potion to Erika Graf. The other twin, Eva was very angry. Erika re- mained I7 while Eva hecame 59. Along with her own pin. Sara sent those of her associates. Boh Falise, Dick Daytz. and John Paul Jones, for whom the hook had forecast political success, were soon found at the Capitol in Vvashington where they shared the joint honor of heing the oldest page hoys in existence. Also down in Washington was Howard hlorgan who had just huilt a hetter mousetrap. Vvith him was Bch Ceisler who was helping to get the invention patented. Bch was very friendly with Dick Morganstern. They had heen putting atoms in jumping heans. claiming that they would jump higher. Theirs took six more pins off the list. Logically the next call went to Don Hertan and lvlartin Lindenauer, whom the Yearbook had seen as future athletic Ugreatsf, They were located on Park Avenue where they had recently opened a reducing salon. They promised to comply with the request ill their competitors across the street. Nlessrs. Pastoret and Harper would do likewise. Their messages were carried in relays hy those speed demons, the Schorr twins. Carol Berg, the next graduate in the list was appearing in Kenny Klopefs dramatic extravaganza. ucyanide and New Rufllesf, The Bacon in their review said that her male lead, Ken Berkman was stealing most of the scenes. Carol hecame angry and hy .W ' Q57 yt 15 A 19- I! , f U if WM- 'X' W ef ' A if J if 'M if Q Q? Kgn?'4ElQ L W "' means ol' a cup ot wine poisoned Ken and his two understudies, Harold ixlittleberg and i.arry Schafer. Luckily Dr. Don Chemaine was in the audience and with the help oi Frank ixiiete, a painless dentist, they were able to administer an antidote: thus the boys lived and were ahte to turn in their deadly pins. Even such hard to find people as Doris Schaffer, President ot the NVomen's League tor VVomen's Leagues, were heard from. The President and Veep oi a subsidiary organization, The Artists' Club of Greater New Yortc, were former graduates, and so Ntartha Reed and Susan Lowey sent their pins along too. Doris got' in touch with Helga hiarcus and Harriett Salinger. Helga was running a kindergarten for Sweet Young Chitdren and Harriett was abty assisting her as chitd psychologist and all around handy man. Together they rounded up tive pins because Harriett had hap- pened to meet ixliriam Blumberg in the street one day. btimi, the author of uGenius Turned Housewife," an autobiography. rounded up the pins of Louise Goldwasser, star ol' stage, screen, radio, television, the opera. and ballet, and Shirley Henschel. otten referred to as the .Robert Frost oi Queens County... Several members ot the class had been piclced tor prominence in the musical world. Finding them was comparatively simple because alt had won tame and fortune. Roger Hiller was a soloist with the Forest Hills Philharmonic, and Ruth usophien ixtaurer and Connie Titus were featured with Pat l.ombardo's Royal Rangers. in this group too. were Bob Van Gutteld and his ctairvoyant 'cello. The hand's slogan was "The Sweetest ixtusic This Side oi 110th Street and 67th Roadf' Jacques l.ipetz and Neil Silverman, as press agents tor the group, had made the world lmow who they were. Big names in the news were those of Tony Banome and Toots Bron. Tony danced with his famous stuffed doll at Toots Bron's nightclub. Sharing the bill was that hitarious funnyman, George Cohen. The clique was very glad to he ol' help and so remitted their pins without detay. Ken pollaclc too. was easily liound. Having talcen the Xvimbledon and tjavis cups the past summer he was then organizing the first co-ed baslcethatl team. On this team were hiarshal l.owe, Danny Hirsh, Ann Enea, Charlene Solow and Barbara Landa. Their tirst game was against Carol Fasslefs "Lafayette Boys." All these people were glad to search through old attics to find their pins. Joan Robbins, Bunny Rostyn, Helen Schenker, Paul Sanders, and Herby Germaise had set up their own Supreme Court. They claimed that Rudy Nlantet, the "Flying president." had his head in the ctouds. Defending Rudy were Jerry Evans and Glenna Lewis: however, they stopped their great trial to return their Senior Pins. After the remaining pins had been collected in this manner, the schoot rushed them down to a vautt where they were buried. The pins went oft on June 2, as expected, but nothing was damaged except a lew trunlclnuls ot old Regents papers which no one missed anyhow. I' qi -is fix b if Q. fs ' ' gf-XM an 543 is O J' " ' is KRHMER 1950 IIUREST HILIS HIGH SCHOOL umni Mociafion 'tio Tltl-1 Class or .ILJNIAQ I030: Xvelcome to time Greater Forest Hills Community consisting ol' some tilree tll0llf sanct graduates ol' our scllool. organizecl as an Alumni Association. Ttlrougll tile :Xssociation you can lceep in touclw witll your sctwol and fellow classmates tlwrougli tile years to come. Fine lirienclslwips can lJe maintained tilrougll tile Association. anti aulctecl lo your growing circle ol interests and contacts. Xvitll the llelp oi Dr. l.eo R. Ryan and Fir. ixtartin J. Delman tile Alumni Asso- ciation was incorporatect uncter time memlderstnp Laws ot tile State ol' New Yorlc on Ntay Vi. l940. TllllS an organization was Created wllicli will encture tllrougll ttie years. Tire following memlmers ol tile faculty have given us lielp in founding ami maintaining tile Association: ixliss Renee J. Fulton, ixlrs. ixtccanna, iwtessrs. Spata, Snizelc. Cascio and ixlilllll6tlIlf'l'. All memlmers ol' time statti llaye contrilwuteft in many ways. Vvlxat part can you play in time Association? I. Attend Alumni Reunions eactm year. 2. Become an active lnemlyer of your class committee. Consult your Per- manent Ctass President. 3 Volunteer tor activities ttlat interest you. as suggestect from time to time in time "Alumni News." ft. inform us immecliatety at time scimoot ot ctlange of actctress. 6. Sencl personal news items to ttie "Alumni Nexx's" at tile scllool. 6. Pay your clues annually oi 31.003 or 333.00 for a lite Ntemlaersilip. Permit me to wislm you gooct luclc in all your encteavors ami rememimer tllat we will always ine interestect in your progress. Sincerely yours. KA'I't'tl.EliN SXVI.iti'l'MAN .l.-XNC.-X. President we padding ara e LUNCHES Freshman: Spefiat, vegetaibtc ptute. Iwo miIIcs, ctessert Sophomore: Satact, two mitics, ctessert Iunior: Sanctwictl and miIIc Senior: I.unvI1 Irom Imma- CLUBS l:l'PSIll1llUlI Al'Iil1!? ITIHHIIDPI' Off CIIPSS CIIUID, I,Il0IOQ'filpIly Litlltl. XJIOIIPYINIII LWIIIII. Tennis CIUIJ, and Chee-ring Squad SOPIIOWIOTPI AIUYTIBQT Of! SIRIIIISII QTIIIIJ, FI'f'l'N'Il CNIUIJ, EIFKI I:OI't"St I.9ilVt'S Iunior: Belongs to: Be-aron Staff Senior: Inactive AISSENCE NOTES Freshman: Ijear Sir: IDICIIS9 PXFUSC' lily EIIISCIHY' Inst ,I-IlllI'SKIily HIKI Ijfiflily US I Ililii cI0utJIe DIIPIIITIOIIIH. SOPIIOIIIOTOI To WI'l0IYl nlily COIICCFIIZ I was absent Iast XVecInescIay, Tilursctay, anct Frictay In-cause I Inari to visit ttle ctortor ami tI1e ctentist. Iunior: Sir: I Ilact a r0IcI Iast weeti. Senior: Atmsent In-cause ot Spring Vvf-r-In-mt at Corneit BOYS' GYM Freshman: Ran time track IIIFCC times toctay. Fe.-I gfreatt Sophomore: It was tough but I ctici it. Iunior: Harctty got started Senior: Iim Ilere. arentt I? 01715 0 NIT. IDHICII ...... Fir Ixtr. . Gittary ...... Lazarus ..... Ntr. Zisowitz ....... Ixiiss Stedman ....... ixir. Xvitson ........ Fir. Kerr ............. Ntr. Barttett' ............. Ntiss If:llQ't'IIlitl'lII ....... IJCIIOFC tilt' NVIIISIIC IJICXY ,MAJ 0l'l'l Lam LU' ZCLCAQPJ .....MI'I1is year I'm reaIIy cravtcing ftown just so Imappens that I have I1ere -- ...."IXIr. Niantieimer atways says tI1e cute things on your teel. I.ittIe IBTOIIIPFI's matte a propottion ................"PR0IEC"l'!.I!!! BONI!!! UTOIIIICIH ZPI' -- n 0 MA ibonlf ,Have HUT 'UM Ciba .jvlaue Valley Stream... A wedding ......... Haynes .......... Rita ..... Glacier .,.... pyramids ........ Yasmine ..... Nectar .... Double ....... Alaraliam ...... Jury ....... . Violiaisi ............ A Bob for Rent ......... ........ lwIOlIlIT1H ............. Duet .......... His sunburn . w bllip ....... ...... Clark .......... Cosines Lander Salt ......... Lesser ................ A Young Nlan A Spring Son er. ,, ...... ,. . XVH FS il NV .... Platinum .................... .......,. C :old fsteins, Vve Arelfl Good .......... ................ B ul x Roslyn flfnunnyl Lopin lljuvlcyl ...........VVelrsier Uudyl ...........Kal'1an fRoberll .......Berg lcaroll Colxens fall of ilmeml ..............Rose fRol3erU .......Ambrogi0 QLydial ........Trippel fGeraldinel .,.......Strauss fHar0lcll ..........Judge fliernarrll .......,.......Harper flxllmerll a Bolm Falise fRolJertl ..............Popper flrenel ...........Solow ccllilflenej ..............Hi-rlan llbonalcll ....Scla0rr CNQ-il and Herlaj fclennal ....Grafs fliva and Erikab ................Si-harer fl.arryl ...........Pepper fI.0isJ .........lXlnurer fRurh7 Home mlexb A Mendelssohn fllonalcll Danzig flvlurrayl bergs, ings, wassers, insl ve arenvt Eyring lCharIi.-J 6QlfL0fe ana! Magna 2,7 Youngvr ttmn Springtime -........ ............... t :rc-stnnvn t Dictrft txtvun an Xvorct t Suict ....... ........, A nerctotut Cnrcts t.ong1 Ago unit Fur Away '........ ........ t ftc-nu-rilnry Srtioot t.oote txtu, t'm Dnrwing ...................................................................................... fiirts' Gym You Xvonit tio Sntistic-ct untit You tgfttilti Nty tt:-nrt .... tJtl'l'l't0l'0t.i'xltIlltSSt0l1S - Yate- f2LltCti Sitver .....,..,....,,............................,............. .. tt tsntt Fair ..,............... ,I-tl0l'l"S No TOIII OITONV ..,..... Staugtlter on ul l0tt1 Strvvt ...,. illllt Igtllf '......... ............ tjttte Fisti in an Big Ponct ........................... NOIM' ot' NVOUI' l:UIllly S - - - 1 tu-nanigans Now. ....... t Qant fret Starts-ct ......................,......,...... X'Y0lI'I'0 !XtXYilyS rrtllffi' ....... ':ilI' AXYZIQ' I,till'l'S ........ ix Cup ot cx0tttNt'f', it SiillltXN'tl'tl, flfllt NVOU ....... .... Smotcf- fic-ts in Your Eyvs.. ,,. Nllltl' lfcllll .... ,.....,........ .lKltlllS1lllRilQ' ....... Don t C ry. ,lov ..........,............................. . ci0l111'. .toss-ptiim-. in txty Flying ixturtiim-. .... . Xvtlo s Sorry Now! .......................,...... ........Senior Dues ,.....Finnt txtarti ........t,rrrl1lNigtit ........Bu5 Lint- .......Boys' Gym ........Tt1e Spf-fiat .......S1-nior Day ............Gv0lm'try ........tNturstmt Squact .......Swinnning Pont ...toos truncti Xvagfon ......Fire Dritt .........t.unrti ........fiirts' Gym Suits .xigtlt tx-tore Regt-nts ..........txIitiP,S Etl-valor ............CuttinQ fjttirs' Silllt. NVOU Nlilftl' I,ilI1tS 'FOO IAOIIQ ...... ...,. r i4l1X ttOl' SPllt0I' IDYOIH 't'tlf'y'tt Nl'X'C'f lgl'ttPVO Nt 1' ...........,....... ttttu-rv Coos Ttmt Song Again... Surv, tl's in t.itttv Bit ot Hviwvn ........ ......,IEl'TlFI'Qf'lN'y te00lYl ........!xtlllil txtatvr .......F.H.H.S. 6? - A-. .s III!! CW CA Q 9 1 - 1 '33 A ..- - -- '-'vw My X - v-...-'.-v .. ..' ., KZELR1? fl " V 1 ZX oo U I Y. ' Sf Sx f I i SSN X :Q,R . -xx X fy QE? ' 35 iM ,. Q X ff? - 9373? of 4 we Soda mgififer lxlosl Popular Girl ...... olosl Popular Boy ............. . Nlosl Personality fcirll ....... lxlosl' llersonaliiy llfoyl ........ Nlosl lnlelligenl Girl ...... Nlosl lnielligenl Hoy Cul:-sl Girl ............ Culesl Boy ................ Bc-sl Dressed Girl ........ Best Dressed Boy .. Class NVritf-r Poet l.aureale .... Prelliesl Girl ........ Hanclsomest Boy .. ............... .. Nlosl l.ilcely lo Suvreecl lQ:irll Flosl likely lo Surceecl flsoyl 1 Bc-sl Crirl fxtl"llPlP ........................ Best Boy Atlllelm -....... Class Cynic ....... Class Nlusifi nn l Jiplomzxl ..........,... Class Svienlisl ......... Class Romeo ...... Class Adress Class Arlor .. Dirl llme lxlosl lor llle Svllool .....,. .........lonn Rolmlrins ..........l...B0l, Falisv .....Clmrlene Solow ...........D0n Irlerum ........Sam l,ee lxlollz .,.........,Alex llorne .......l5arlmrn l.uncln ...Jolm Paul .lones Eleanor Rosenlxlnil ljnylz ..........l.ouise Uolclwusser ..........Sl1irley llensvlmel .....Susan Olxleara ........Uary Pnslorel ........SilI'il Lee lxlollz .......l:runlc lxliele .......Carol Dnleo .......Don llerlnn ,.......,....B0b XVOIH ....l'IONYilI'Kl lxl0fLfl'll Greene Riclmrcl lwlorgunslern ..............K9IlIly' liillliifli .........Cz1rol Berg .........Ken Berlunaum ..........l3olr Faxlise 0l"Q5f8l" ffcliiorfin-Ciiivf SHIRLEY HENSCHEL .ierry Evans Niiriam Blumlmerg Carol Berg irene lgf'SlJl'iS Susan l5l'0l'I1iN'fLf Elien Bron Rutli Donalme ixlarlene Fanla Angfeia Foriunalo Roileri fiolciimerg .ioan Gray Pliyliis Hanll Don Herian i'ran fiolrlin ,iusline Iillvlflllllll .ioel Elkins llerimerl Kramer llalrieia iiarlensle Niary Devlin Sliiriey Hensfliel flrianllie Karavis Ari liusine i.iIerarx Literary Eclifors Sluff Alex Horne RolJerl Kalaan .iean Kales Pat Kirwan lflaine Klenowsliy Viclcy Kraver i-eonarcl Kreselu Pat Lomimarcio Helga ixiarcus Vielor Nlarvus Sara l-ee Nlollz iris Nacieiimavlu Ari Editors Siaff Toni nliller Business Editor liV6'lyI1 Vl4l'iil'2' Siu flrivisers Carol ifassler Harriell Salinger ixiarllm Rr-cd ifrir Salzman ifslelle Seliafliler Doris Schaffer Helen Seiienicer Nc-il Silverman .-Xnneiiese Singer .ioy Slomanson Constance Titus iilaine Vveeiisler isaimel Vorzimer i ieien Zueiu-r ix iarllla Reecl Joan Kuian Barbara Lancia Rose Leonarcii i'ranm'ine lmsiuer Neil Silverman ,ioy Slomanson Eleanor Xvarsiiaxx MR. CASCIO MR. MANHEIMER MRS. DIFFENDERFER BUMNE55 STAFF ART STAFF SENIOR COUNCIL .Ll TERARY X K Q N Y it 1 T165 fig 'rflffff W X A' N'-Q as-T 1.'-s3xQsIsxNf2"-'f 'x" . . it A . ' f A it y' 710, 4 'M 21 Miami 135111 Ellifl Efvztamrxrt XV . tlc floss 0 1050. turing 0 soun minc auf tmrly. Nu Iuquvullu rl 0 ouing to our tw 0101 pungogufs mu rienrs: r. Ryan ur 'Attention A r. tJr'u'i1 A nyu nyi ' Air. Vvurren A listing in Dun 'nnct Brwxtxtru t. Inf. ,A ixtr Wir. Vvigler i-f A state sctnotarstlip . ixictrldoe -- Joe Litftl ixiiss Stedman -1 Bifocats Air. Bartlett-1 A tlandtelaar mustache J 524' Qs , Q 1 N X Mffff, X QW XX UH' Q ffflf f 4 XX X N, X N , N X X X MK 4,1 4 xx XX XR X N , X X xxx :K xxx - X x, xx xx .xxx X W X xxmxs XX , fi, mi--.,.. it 'X i X. llf lff, X X X " f' Q. , . r awe 1 In A 7 W ' "?"fl' ff ,' ' nf ' J IM., , We Wilt! Lf, Mug! , W we ,fxly l z y h iq Ifffvif ff' , . ' 1 f , f'!:,,pA A ' 4 lvl ' I J My H N' ' My N f 1 00,4 W ffffwff ff W is ff' xt X I ' " ff! 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Pliysics Lalmratoryg Senior Council: Wlatliematirs Honor Certilicate. College. Numlwrs are luis racket. AMBROGIO, LYDIA PATRICIA Section Captain: Council Representa- tive: Ss-nior Section Captain: Senior SPCll0ll rl'If'ilSlll'f'fI SHlC'S CDOIH- mittee. lfxrelsiorl AMBROSE, ESIELLE MARIE Play Procluctiona Junior Arista: New- man Clulx: Exceptional Scrvire Awarcl: History Olliue Stall. College. Her merit is wortlnier tlzan funw. AINIBROSE. ROBERT F. Nlanaging Boarrl ol Beacon: Steering Connnitts-if ol llistory Honor Society: Arista: Language llonor Sorivty: Cap- tains' Corps. Collage. llvliolzl tlm roving writer! ANCONA. SANDY FRANCES Spanisli Soriety: Ivlarsllal. Girls' Heallli Erlucatinn Squiul. Colli-gf. Xtllmt SltII'l'l mlvliglnt a quiet life uffonls. 26 ANDERSON, IfRED VERNER AWilfllSI Squacl AVVHFLISQ Gymnasium lxlarsllal: Scionrc Awarcl. Colle-ge. A lrivml in nverl is a frivml imlcml. ARKUS. NANCY ll. Aclininistration Olfia-1 Program Squad: Vice-Prcsiclent Helwrew Club: Volley- lwall Team: Exceptional Service Awarcl. College. A goorl lwarl iS rvorlll yolrl. AUSTRIAN, DANIEL Service Pin Awarcl: Intramural Awalflg Lieutenant Nlarslml Squarl: Stamp Club. College. Hu mulevs friemls easily. BALKIN. ROBERT G. Arista: Tcnnis learn: Play Procluctiong Language Clulys: Section Captain. Cnllvge. I funnot say. aml l will not say. BALLIN, IRIS MARILYN Treasurcfs Ollice Stall: Clieering Squacl: Parlc Ullire Stall: lVlnrslnal Squad: Tennis Clulr. College. Green Eyes. BALTZER, GEORGE J. P.S.A.L. Awarcl: Squacl Awarcl: Four Attvnrlanfc Cr-rtiliratvs: Gymnasium Sf-are-tary: Nlarslial Squacl. Collegc. lt is tlw tranquil pr-rsnn wlro anon plislws rnucli. ISANOME, TONY .IUSIIN Hit tllc Declc tplay Proclurtionl: Golrl Service Pin Awarcl: Silver l'.S.A.I.. Awarcl. IJUYIUU, Slllg, UH!! IN' llI,l'fl'yl THE FORESTER I5ARBAGAl.I.0. NINA ANN Sh-nogmplny flulv: Newman Club: i'll1'l'fil1g Squaulg filmrusz Typing Rr-- gvnis ci0IlllllillI'l'. liusine-ss. Fun in lznour i5AR'l'ifNS,l'iflN. l'A'l'RiCiA JOAN Arisin: Arista Tutoring: iii-alll: Exilim- iion Squmi: Pulling Ollirv. finllvgv. KllIllI'll'llfll' l'0lII1'S. 'Ill' II'i5lIlllIl lillgprs. NIARGARIYI' ANN Airlie Forvst fjlliirvg Svrrvlnry Seclionz llonor Cn-rlilimk-sz Slenogruplly and lypm-wriling Awnrils. folla-gc. 'lvlw wry yrinlz of pvrfvdiurl, l5Al,iifRNSCiiFlllJ'i', JUAN MARILYN Miss Fulloifs Ulliu-: Cliorus: Secre- lnriul flulmg Nl4'Yil0I'i0lIS Se-rvirv: Tennis flulm. lfyvs limi hvinielv mul ilwn winlziv. lHfl'KifR, RICHARD .l. Vnrsiiy Gylnlmsiix' iliomnz Foresi Leuvvs Ari Stull: Captain Corps: ix1illll0l'llHliK'S Awami: Srluolurslnip Awami. cillllQ'gf". Points unxl Pulvllvs. ISIQLSKY, NIARl.IfNli Language fllliiu- Se-mrclnry. liusina-ss. Suivvl unil fllllflllillg us fun iw. BIQNJAMIN, ALAN Fill 'RLAND illness flulz. Colli-gl-. Quirlz lo Hllllll' luis marie. l UNE 1050 liifllll. UAROL GAY lilny ljrocluulionz llislnry Honor Soci- r-ly: l"n-nrll flulm: Ex:-vpiiomnl Sm-rviw Awnrfi, College. ifnivring ilu' slugo floor. Five-viiwss, pvrsonulify. populurily yu- low. ISERGER. JOAN ANNE Progrmn Olliu-: Girls' lillll'I'Q.Z1'lN y Room: S4-flion Aid.-: Rogvnls 'llyping L1UlIllllillQ"C'. Slufs go! Iliul cvrluin sonwllling. l5liRUXX'ERK. CELIA li. llc-lrrivw Club: Clwmislry l.illlUl'ill0YyZ Rmlio Xvorlisllopg play Prurluclionz ixlvriiorinus Si-rvirv Awnrri. Collvgv. Clmrm ami beauty Sllinv fnrvvvr urouml liwv. BERKMAN, KENNli'l'll S. Presiclvnl Senior Class: Arisln: ilisinry Honor Society: Play Procluciion: Tracie ,l.l'1llll. Voile-ge. Dvsiinml for grvahu-ss iml Dvsliny limi lwllvr iw vun-ful or K1-nny will slvul Hs sivvrws. BESBRIS, IRENE liorvslvr Shall. Collvgv. Her guyviy is contagious. HINGULD, JOHN Awnrtl: Hi! lilo IDN-k lljlay Proclurlionl: G.O. Sales Commiliec: l.oclu-r Room ixlarslml: llc-ulilu Eclum- lion: floss preside-nt .lunior in-rm. Colli-go. Louie, Mil, rm flaming. BIRNBAUNI, FRANKLIN .IAT Baml: Swimming 'lin-mn: l.S,A.l., Baclgv: lntmmurnls: Trmlc. College. Young mun lI'Ull u lmrn. 27 I3I.At'IOIAN. LARRY NInrsImI SquanI: Squad Aw.rrrIsg In- trnrnurnIs: Ifxrc-ptiormI Sr-rviw: IIormr Roll. mln.-g.,, xviwn yu 'r srniIing-. lSI.ASENS'lIfIN, RONALD GORDON IntrnnlumIs: l'.S.A.I.. AwnrrI: BIIITSIIIII Squad. fInIIr-go. H1-'II "IIIu:v" Iris wuy tu Slut l5I.l IBIIIERG. BIIRIAM CLAIRE Arista: Lzungnuge Honor Society: Lit- vrury I':cIitor Iuxrestarg Literary IfrIitor Forvst I.vur10s: Sr-rvire Pin. fwnilvgv. It's nirv to In' nuturuI if yorfrv nntnruIIy nirv. IILITME, SHEILA J. UirIs' tl.-nlili EcIucution IJPDRUIIIICIII. Ifusinvss. Hon' is ll rnuirivn, siuvvt unrI IeimI. BI.lj3IENI"Iil-D. MYRON I. I"renr-I1 Captain: IVIicroscope CIuIm: Iiurum CIuIm: Engineering CIuIw: Ping- pong IntmrnumIs. C0IIr'gr!. Iwyron Inns ll',lllfl'l70f' Counts ISOLIIAFK, MARCO Swimming Varsity: Gyrnnusiuni Tenn: Varsity: Captain Corps: 5InrsImI Squad: Cutting Squad. lJ0IIr'g4'. SPIHSIIUS Iris rvuy to victory. IIOI.'l'SON. DONALD Arista: Excl-ptionaI Service Ccrtitimtci Honor Roll IERICII Term. CuIIOgC. QJrlir'Ie wit uruI Imomirlg IUUHII. 28 BONACIO, LOUIS JOHN 5Ivritnrious Sr-rviu' Cvrtiticate: ScvemI Pr-rIf-rt Alt:-rirInrir'v Cvrtitiratesz INIarsImI Silllillll .. .AVVZIITII Sqllflll I-t?TKIf'f. f'oIIr'ge. IL 'lily IIJIII UIIIIIIYS ,MIS IYIIPIIIIS. BONSIUNORE, ANN RITA fJirIs' IICHIIII ErIurtntion Sorvirc SqunrI: Ne-wnmn KJIIIIJ. Business. If sIn"s not mIIvcting, slufs SIwIIing out. BORKOVSKY. JOY R. Chorus: VnIIr-yImII CIuIs in IIcnItIn ErIur'ntinn. Cnllegf-. 'ny to tim w0rIrI. ISORTSCIIELLER. ELAINE MARY Chorus: Cutting CJIII-ICC: Tennis CIuI1 College. I.iHIo RAY of sunshine. ISOIYLANGER, MICHAEL GUY 'I'rar'Ic Team: BIIZITSIIEXI Squad: Intru- rnuraI Nvinner. CoIIcge. He wIm runs IIIP good ram BREDIN. BARBARA He-nItIi Svrvirv Squad: Secretary oI SUFIIUII 2 Yr-airs: AttcnrInnce OII-ice: Latin CIUIJ. C0IIc-gr. A frieruuy smiIr', n rIwr'rfuI Jispositinri -u swf-II guII BRIGATI, NIARIO JOSEPH Hill Offirr-: Newman CIUIJ: Cutting Squad: NIzirsImI SquarI: Sf-rvirc Pin. Cnllf-gr-. 'Hu' vpilrrnu' of inte-grity. THE FORESTER BRILLSUN, NARl.liNli Alive lu LYIOIU. BROMBERG, SUSAN Nlemlwr ol Arista: History llonor So- viety: Language Honor Society: Cllarter lvlemlwr ol Junior Arista: Senior Scr- tion Captain. Colle-ge. f IIIIFHI is llw svvrvl of a girlls nllruflion. BRUN, ELLEN .luninr and Senior Arista: Recording Sec-ri-tary of Leaders: Language Honor Society: Forester Stall: Service Pin. College. 'l'oot-Toot-Tootsie-goodbye, BROl Tl'l'. DONALD l. Banrl: All-City Bnncl. College. lx1llSlF lllllll FIIUTHIS. BRUXVN, JOHN L. K. lvlatlionmtics Certificate: P.S.A.L. Silver Awarilg Prvsirlent ol Clncss Clulpg Honor Roll. Gill.-g--. fur, lolinniol BROXVN. XX'll.l.lAM ARNOLD Arista: flu-niistry Clulwg GO. Council! nmn. College, Tin' gill of lt'lSCI0l1l luis many farels. lllllflf. ARTHUR A. Varsity Soccer 2 Years: Captains' Corps: AWHTCISI Sqllilfl Awzmls: Newman Clula Secretary. Coll.-gt-. ln snrcvr, un artful buffer. IUNE 1950 BUNN. .IOIIN li. College. Bunn is fun! CAMP, DICK 'lf Award: lfuslu-tlmll lllllillllll rals: lxlarslml Squaci. Business. Gaiety mul luuglller follow llllll. l'Al'LlN, BARBARA S. N lsr:-slmmn Reprf-scntautivvz GIJ. fflliu-1 llrugraluing Ollitez .lull Cluir: Play' Prorluctinil, A tliing ol. lmuuty is ll fny forever CARROZZO. MADY .IOANNA The Flying Pen Club Vice-Prcsirlent: 'lille N9W'lIlilll Clulwz Airle in the ciirls' l':lncrgem'y Room: ijrvsiilvlll in Spnnisll Floss. Business. A fun-loving lass lI'llO.S nice to lenmv. CEISLER, ROBERT FRANKLIN Arista Tutoring Clminnan: ixlallienmtf ics-Science Honor Society: Treasurer Language llonor Society: Social Studies Honor Suri:-ty: Bourtl ol Assistants Beacon. College. As lzrigllt us llis smile. CERGOI., ANGELINA T. Secretary Language Ollife: Aiil Attend- unre Ollirv: Stenogrnpliy nncl Typing Certificates: Secretary Slenogrnpliy flass: Vollcylaull Pin. Business. ITFPSII as ll IH'Plllll of Spring. CHAKIQRIAN. ARPY Xvorli in Cllelnislry Lulburuturyg Art Club. College. A goocl nature mul u soft smile' will: n 14 leurul lwllrl lo lumix il. 29 CllllNll':Nlf, DONALD Cancer Exliilrit Committccg Higlm Honor Roll: Clxemistry Squaclg Auclio-Visual Squarlg Biology Squacl. College. Xxlisflfllll S1005 'Hit Ulll'llyS Vpllr LTOHEN, BARBARA JANE Nlatliematics ffllicez lVlarslial Squacl: Healtli Sc-rvirc Sqlmrlg Camera Clulv. College. Guy as tlic spnrleling lime niglll slay. COHEN, BEVERLY SYLVIA llonor Roll: Arista: Lilnrary Squacl: Attenrlance Ollit-og lvleritorious Sc-rvire Awarrl. College. Tlwrcls n wvv lnit of Hclevilryn ln tlw eyes of swvvt Beverly. COHEN, EDVVARD N. College. lvlunnvrs muleo ilu' mlm. COHEN, ESTELLE SHIRLEY liilnrary Squarl: Play Production: Arista lutoringg lxleritorious Service Certifi- Cato. College. An ull vfllllllll su-ull gal. COHEN, EUGENE B. Uaplains' Corpsg Basvlnall Tea-un: Cor- tilirzatc lvleritorious Service: lntramurals llaselmall, Sonor. Baslictlxallg P.S.A,L. Awarils Silver, Bronze. Collegn-. l:ri0'llIS fllllfvflr IIYIIOYPIVPI' Ill' nuly ITP, COHEN. GEORGE ROBERT Lalmoratory Squacl fclicmistrylg lxlu- seum Squacl: Senior Council. College. xx7'lPl'Pl'l-'Y' IH' IPKIJS, Illlflu I-UHOIU. 30 VOHEN, MARC JEROME Aurlio-Visual Squacl: Sc-rvire Pin: lVlar- slual Squarl: Attenrlanrf- Awarclg lvlu- seum Squml. llollvgv. A strong miml, u great lwart, mul true fuitli muleeill llw perfvct man. CONKLIN, FRANCES AGUSTA Newman Clulv: Attenulanre Ollzifvg Parli cjlllirv: Olllc's'. Business. Dnncv on wlnvels. CONNAH, PATRICIA D. Hostess: Cliorusz Exceptional Service Awarclg .lunior lVlusic Awarrl. As Mnirrv goes so goes Palsy. COOPER. HERBERT Plmysifs Squaclg lvlarslial Squarl. College. our Uflnryu Cooper. CROOK, RICHARD ANDRENV Orclicstra. College. Our offervesceni musician DAHL. ERNEST VV. Biology Lalmmtory: Program Olliicg Exrr-ptional Servire Cortillcate. College. Hr' profits most wlm sf-rm-s lmsi. DALEO, CAROL ANN Leaders' Cluln. Varsity: Junior Arista: Ncwlnan Club: G.O. Service Awarcl: Atliletifs Awarrl. College. Slle muy lm seen will: u lmsclmll llul But lmr famv wus won by liar senior lull. THE FORESTER DANZIU, MURRAY Forvst Lvolvvs Businvss Stall: ln Cllilfgl' ol lfnglislx Office lxlirneogmplling: l'.S.A.l.. ll:-tlgr-. College. Carefree, guy-vonw mlm! mos DASZEVVSKI. MARYANN E. lxliss lfultolfs Office Squad: Rmlio Xvorlislmp: N1-wnmn Club: Cao. Sell- ing Stull: Sr-rretnry AIllIlil1iSlTilllS'0 Afl- visor. Collf-gc-. xvultzing, spinning-lligll on a Cloucl. DAVIS, FRANCES QS. .lunior Arista: Class Secretary. Collegv. Softly spvule unri swvvtly Slllillh DAVIS, MYRA CLAIRE Junior Arista: Lilvrary Squzul: Biology Clulm: Lit:-mture Clulm. Collvgv. Trim as lwnpvrml slflvl. DAYTZ. RIFHARD N. 11.0. Vivo-llrvsicleixlg All-City Orclnrs- tru: Arista Tutor: Presiclent Radio Xvorlisllop: LE0llIllliSSi0Ill'l' Sotiaxl AC' tivitivs. College. uvevpu forpmfr, Dirle. DEI ,BOI TRGO, JOSEPH Auclio-Visual Squacl. Colle-ge. Rvmling lTIllll0lll a full mrm. DELIHAS. NICHOLAS Senior Band: P.S.A.L. Award Bronze: Nlatllelnatirs Certificate: Honor Roll. College. Mlrsit. Miisi1'. lwusic. IUNE i950 QlflVlBUXV, HELEN Rlflqll Cliorusc Scarf-tnriul Squmlg ITM,-Sh., Colle-gv. L TIN, mos' """1if"5f Sign Ui- wisrionl 1 roniinrwil 1'lu'vrfulnvss. DEl YTSCI I. STANI .EY Aristn Tutoring Cl0IllIllillt'f'l lllirlwl mul Door Squucl: l'.S.A.l,. llmlgo: lnlm- muml Awzmis. College. l cluim cliplomutir imruunityl DEVITA. ANNE I'A'l'RlClA Newman Clulm: Airh- Dia-tifimms Ol-lim: Aimle Cutting fjlzlivv. Business. XV? guarantee tlmt onu' you nu-'01 lwr, Youll rwver forgo! our Ann Dvviia. DEVLIN. lN'iARY lfl,l,EN Qirls' Emo:-rgcnry Room: Girls' llvnltli litlumtion Ollirv: Cutting Ollice: Pro- Hmlll cJl'llif03 Rvgvnts Typing Com- mittee. College. Sim rufliolvs sunslrinv DOLGOV, NATALIE Forum Club. Gvnlleness, lily swvvt viriuu. DONAHUE, RUYH E. Secretary Spanisli 7-8 Society: Arista: Language Honor Snrivty: Tim Forcsivr Staff. Coll.-ge. Xvisclom is milnml ulxovv rulxivs. DOSCHER, KENNETH R. Postman G.O.: lntrzunuruls, Business. Let your skates roll you to fume. 5l DRING, A. LOUIS l,.S,A.L. Awurflz lxflnrslml Squmlg lu- lrumurals Awarrl. Business. Tlllt S!'lll'l'llCf' ,OF U ll GX DRUCKER, CAROLE Secretary lvlatlxematics Ollife: Secretary Nliss l"ulton's Ollice: Secretary Cutting Olllice: Senior Ycnrlmolc. College. Stars in licr eyes DUBIN, KIVE'l'I'Ii FRANCI-15 Cliorus. Quiet uml refinwl, ii crerlit to tlie class. DVVORKES. SHIRLEY SUZANNE Attenclance Ollicc: Science Office: Bas- lcetlmll Clulo: Volleyball Clulir. College. Tliere is no cosmetic for lxenuty lilac lmppiness. EIEELING, ALVVIN 1 I Play Pmcluctiong Traclc rlezuu: Boys Clnorus: lvlarslml Squacl: P.S.A.l.. Awards. College. A mon witli u magical lvrusli. IiCKIiRLli. EUGENE CHARLES P.S.A.l.. Awnrfl: Squml Awarcl: Mm- sllul Squuzl. Business. All flll lfllllllll H0011 fl'll0ll'. EDELNIUII I, .lUS'I'INIi lvleritorious Service Certificate: Forester Art Stull: History Olliu- Secretary: lxlr. Delmanls Ollime. Business College. ,lille Spin' ol lilo. 32 EDXVARDS. DORIS V. Certificate ol Exceptional Service: Li- lxrury Squacl: Art Clulm: Englisli Ollircg Bowling Clulm. College. Merit Il7lllS ilu- lwart. EICHEL. PAUL M. Bantl: Orcllestrui Play llrotluction. Cnllcgc. xvlwrv lllPl'8,S musifl EISIER. BARBARA Pe-rlcct Attendance Certilimte: Service in Attendance :mtl Cutting Office: Ernergenry Room: lxlf'lllfll'l0llS Certifi- Cute. College. Spflrleling personality, ELKINS, JOEL R. Stuilent Council Two Terms: Art Stall Forester: Soccer Intramurals: Prolzlems ol' Dvnmcruey: Lieutenant Maursliail Squail. College. A little iolze. a little clieer, A little misclliel-loel is lu-re. ENEA. ANN M. Captain Clieerlemlers: Hostess: Servici- Pin: Exceptional Servire: Senior Day Committee. Business. More lzulzlzle tlxan ri glass of clmmpagmz. ERRICO, ANNE'l'I'E PIIYLLIS Secretary Newman Club: Clxorus: Cer- Iilicate ol Exceptional Service: Secretary Semtion Class: Junior, Senior Awnnls Nlusic Department. College. If music lm tlw foocl ol love, ploy on. ESPOSITO, PALNA MARIE Healtli Service Squml: Tennis Clulm. A lrienrl in nperl ls Pam incleecl. THE FORESTER ,--W ..- - - li'I'l'INGl-IR. IiRNliS'l' A, Vnrsily Swimming: fimrus: Silver I'.S.A.l.. fioiivgv. Ernie will gn fur: limi wo imow. ffvvryorw iron' ,IHS iiiwci llilll su EVANS, .IIZRRY Sc-rrelmy Alisha: i..ih-rury Eciilnr Year- imnit: Hislory Honor Smie-Iyi Forest Lvuwvs Sinn.: Bvumn Shuii. c'UllflISl'K'? his u girii I-QYRING. l'IlARl.iiS I-. Bvurnn: fimirnmn Senior Daly: Usixer Squmi: iimmruimia' Nicnlion Xvesting- imusc Scivnu- iiinic-nl Svnrril: Svrvirc Pin. lioiic-gr. Sfivnrv unci ifrusvr lfZRA'l'l'Y, DONNA xiusim' Awnrti: Exri-pliunui Service Cer- Iiiimlf-: Cimrus: G.O. Office: Secrelary Serliun Cinss. Coiivgv. :iiwuys in voguv. FAIIRNER, MARION Uiris' Hf-nili: ifriucnlion Sc-rvire Squaci: I5 Poini Aillilqif Awnrci: Busiielimii fiiuix: Tennis Ciuir: Honor Rnii. Busim-ss. Xva iovv ,wr for iwr smiiv, iwr ionic-1 Hvr way of spvuieing gvniiy. FALISIQ. ROISERT A. i'n-sicin-ni. Us-rn-rni Orgnniznliunz Park Srimni Pre-sicienl: Prvsicivni Captains' fnrps: Arisln: Suriui Sluciis-s Honor Sorivly. lioiivgv. H0 is ixolll riyill firxin lll'PSill4'llf. I-'AI.l.ll'K. MARILYN .IUYUE Baumiz xiursimi Squnci: Bnsiietimaxii U uim. finiivgr-. Sill-'lll'l' i IIHIH' oiuquvnl illllll morris. I l fNli IOSO ,ww-1arg'ewwmm -- ..-Mine-faux I"AfN'l'A, NIARl.l'INIi D, Lila-rary Siuii Furvsl l.l'lll'1'SC ijlcrury stuff of Foresivr: Piny ijromiudioni Rauiio Xvorirsimpz l':llgiiSil Oiiiicv. in this cusv-gvniivnwn pn-fer izrunvlles. ITARHHR, Ziil.DA Senior Bnmi. Coiic-'gi-. A nwrry IIPKIH iivvs inng, FASOLINA, GEORGE LOUIS Prvsicie-nl Sz-niur Bzlmi: Niursimi: Or- l'ilf'Sil'aI i3ilSkl'ilIi-iii Alfliili illifillllllfilll l'.S.A.l.. Awami Xvinm-r. Hr muiws su'1'f'l rnusif. FASSLIQR, FAROI. Piay Prnriurlion: Us-rliiirnlv of Exrvp- tional Serviw: G,O. Oififc Slnif: Lit- e-mry Efiilor Forvsler. Coil:-gs-. SHCI! "liYlQS US JTUIIHIS llfl' llllllll' Of. FEIN, IiI.I.liN l-INID fioiivge. To pvrsvvvrr' is lo Slu'1'4'v4i, l"El.D5lAN, NORTON G. Arisla: Iil'llK'0lI: Funds! l.vul'0sq Play i,l'0lllll'ii0lIC S4-nior linunqii, fioiikgv. If you ic-uri lin' worici quivliy, you must icvvp il mnusmi. I-'lil.l.I-IR, MARVIN LICXVIS Ari Squmi. foils-gv. Ari fur firfs suiev. v.-. ,JJ I"IiI-SIfN, MARILYN lVIa-xrslmlc Service Pin: Biology I..aIJora- tory. College. Smiling lace mul twinlcling eyes. IJILAN, NORINIA Clnorusc Cutting Olliveg Us-nerul Office. College. KIVIIIIPIIIPII 'Irv'-Or lnlonrles. FINK, NANCY ELIZAIBETH College. 'Tis tllv smiling face Illot slwows Illc smiling lleori. I-INKEL. BARBARA General Ollice: Cllorusz Healtlr Edu- cation: Secretary Boys' Heultlr Depart- ment: Typing Stall' Forester: Secretary Business Law Clnss, College. Lila- u flower ever lair Quiet, mlm mul rlelmnair. IfI'I'ZCI-IR ALD, ALICE MARGARET SIHIIIISII T'-3 Society: Newman lust Iilw sugur-sweet mul refirwrl. I-'I'I'ZPA'I'RICK, BERNARD If. Newman Clulmg Intramurals. Business. Tlwse Irisli eye' ure always smiling. FLEISIG, MICHAEL Certificate Meritorious Service: Intra- mural Basketball, Baseball, Football: IJ.S.A.I-, Bronze and Silver Award: Squacl Awarcls: Captains' Corps Four Years. College. Strong in minrl and body. 34 'W FORTENBACHER. LOREITA E. Switclxlmnrcl Operator: General Office Stall: Newman Cluln Ixlerilorious Serv- irf' Awnrxl. College. gllllll, all QIUKIYIUSS AII smiles. no saclness. IfOR'I4UNA'I'O. ANGELA 'IERESA History Ollifez Stamp CIuI1: IVIerit0- rious Servire: Forester: Honor Roll. College. Forturufs own cllilrl. FRANCIS, CAROLINE Secretary IVIr. IVIorrison: rlvlle Flying Pens: Cutting OII-ire. Business. Slre mlm Ilus Ilze lnrigllt lace and sluin- ing lmir. FRANKLIN. HERMAN PAUL Business Not Ben Frunlelin lmul our Frunlzlin. FRANZBLAU, CLAIRE N. Junior Arista: CTIIPIIIISIFY Lulrora-ilury Squacl. Her lwauty is more llum slain rleep. FREYDBERG, HANNELORE Arista: Secretary Language Honor So- ciety: QIIIOKUSC Exceptional Service. College. Music IIUIII clmrm-so llatll Hnnnclore. FRIEDEVVALD. ANITA Cllorus, Home Economics Lalxornloryl Perfect Attendanrc' Awarrl. Business. Virtue and lflldl are respected every- wlzere. THE FORESTER GAINES, SANDRA E. Arista: Junior Arista: Governing Bnarrl l-enclr'rs Clulmg Blnjor Lcttori lntm' lllllfiili. Colle-gc-. Bright smilv. ll'tll'lIl lwurt. GALLO. MARILYN Y. Attenrlanrc Office: Clnorus: Nlarslml Squad: Enwrgvnry Room Svrvire. College. A star is lmrn. GARR. BARBARA ENID Attf-nclanre 0Fl'ir'0: ljlmmry: BTC-ritorious Awarrl: Forvsf l.PllI'PS, fiollegv. Snpliistiruiwl Lmly. GERMAISE. HERBERT S. Play Production: Muse-um Squad: Nar- sl-sl Squazl. Business. His Honor. ilu' lvluynr of Forvst Hills. GINOCCHIO, JOAN MARGARET Typist nl' Attvnclanu' Slieetz Secretary Blr. Blclnerney anrl Blr. H6fSC'llClC Servirv Pin: Varsity Vnlleylmll mul Soltlmll. Srliool ol Nursing. As a nurse, Ioun will soon lu' remly to nssist llvr fuvorih- NLD. ULADS'I'ONli. ROBERT Nlarslml Squacl: P.S.A.I-. Awnrrl: Bi- ology Squml: Lost nnrl Founcl Ol-lirv. College-. For lwls ri folly goorl follow. GLASSMAN, MIGNON M. .lllnlllf CTIIQYUSC SPIITOT CTIIOIUSC Alll'lIIl' nnrc- ffl-ire: Soltlwall filuln. Collvge. Xvilli Ilw employment of sulmllv wif Milli: mn rnuleo any siclv splii. IUNE 1950 GOLD, l..OREl'l'A flirlsl Hcultll Eclucntion Svrvirv Squnrlg Spnnisll 7-8 Club. Cnllvgv. Slle luis u lmurt will: room for oven i0!'- GOLDBERU, NYRA Bnskecball Cluln: Cliorus. Always glacl lo lvml ci lwlping lmnzl. QOLDBERG, ROBERT B. lennis Varsity: Play Prorluctiong llis- tory Honor Sorir-ty. College. 'lvlw pluyvs tlm lliing. GOLDIN, FRAN LORli'l'l'A Art Editor Forester: Blake-up Dircrtor Play prucluvtion: Presiclvnt Art Clulm: l'llUl'USC Exu-ptimml S4-rvirv f'vrtilifuts'. Collegf-. Har friemlslzip is as vuluulmlu as lwr IICUYIP. COLDING, ALDA SXVitl'lll70Ell'Kl Opcrnlor: lxlvritorious Svrv- irs' CPflilifiil1'Z Exroplionul Svrvire Cvrtilimtrz Svrvive Pin. Uollege. A goml lwuri is worlli gyulrl. HOLDING. RONA Service Pin: lfxvvptioiinl St'fYlt't' Cn-rtil-it rate: Nlvrilorious Serviu- Cvrtilimlv: Switflilmnnl Operator Gr-ne-ml Ollirv. Colle-go. llnppinvss wus lmrn u twin. GOIDSAFK, SAUNDRA LEE lxlonitor Bunrrl: LTIIUFHSQ Nlvritorinu. Cvrtilicnh- lor Svrvifv to Scliool. llusinvss. lfurllils rmlilvsl lllillg, n pvrfvrt woman 55 GOLDSINIl'l'H, JANE BETIY Ixlc-ritorious Service Awarcl: Flying Ilen Stenograpliy Clula: Attenclance Ollice: Forester Ollire: Radio VVorIcslmp. College. luney ufitlr tlle rlurlc llrouvn lurir. GOLDSMITH. VVARREN GERARD Souncl Squad: P.S.A.L. Awarcl: Squacl Xvinnerz Ivleritorious Service Awarcli Ijliysics Laboratory Squad. College. A true lrieml is tlie greatest of all men. GOLDSTEIN. .IUDITH Attenclancc Ollice: yleritorious Certilia vate: Honor Roll. College. Keep true to tlle clreams of tlry youtlr. GOLDVVASSER, LOUISE LINDA Managing Boarrl Beacon: Editor Forest Leaves: Arista: Language Honor So- ciety: l:rcncli'Arnerican Stuclent. College. Golclen Toucli. GOLFINOPOULOS. VVILLIAM 'llraclc Vlleanl: Cross-Country learn: In- tramurals: lNllilI'Sll2ll Squacl: Biology Laboratory. College. lvlervury in a gym suit. GORDON. RUIII History Honor Society: All-City Band: l:fEHCll-AIIICFICHII Student: Senior Or- cliestraz Service Pin. College. The Magic Flute. GORMLEY, JAMES J. Senior Council: Ivlarsllal: Newman Clulm. College. A genial larl anol very smart To lie lzotli is quite an art. 36 GOLILD, DONALD MOORE Captains' Corps: Banrl: P.S.A.L. Sil- ver Baclges: Nlarslial Squacl: Intra- lllllfilli. one swell fellow. GRAF. ERIKA J. Arista: Presiclcnt Language Honor So- ciety: Social Stuclies Honor Society: News Erlitor Frencli-American Stuclent: Boarrl ol Associates Beacon. College. Tliouglrtfulnes is u universal language. GRAF. EVA F. Girl Learler ol Arista: Language Honor Society: Social Stuclies Honor Society: Feature Editor Frencli-American Stu- rlent: Boarrl ol Associates Beacon. College. Lass ltlltll a rlelicate air. GRATZ, ALMA Arista: Social Stuclies Ilonor Society: Language Honor Society: Exceptional Service Certilicate: Helmrew Clulm. College. Friemlsliip is the wine of life. GRAY, JOAN SYDELL Forester Literary Stall: Spanisli S Clulmg Ivlcritorious Service Awarcl: Study Hall Secretary. College. A smile tl1at's warm uml a future tllafs sunny. GREENE. ALVIN History Honor Society: F.I'l.l'I.S. Rcp- resentative to All-City CLO. Council: lfreslnnan Representative: Beacon Stall Ixlenilaer: Discussion Leader on Radio Station VVNYC. College. God lorretlr tlie cheerful. GRIFFIN. JOHN DAVID Baseball Varsity: P.S.A.L.: Secretary in Section: Intramural Baslictlaall. Count on lrim wlren it's 3 aml 2. THE FORESTER GRONFEIN, PIIYLLIS Spanisli 7-8 Society. College. xvomnn of Distinction. CROSSMAN, SALLIE Secretary, President Fomm Club: His- tory Honor Society: Art Stall: Forest Leaves: Oil Painting Clulm. College. Speech is tlre irulex of tlie miml. GROSSMAN, STEPHEN B. Tennis ancl Baslcetball Intramurals: SQIIHKI LCR! glli' xX'linIlPl'1 NIUSCUIII Squad. College. Ilonor lies in Ilonest toil. IIAAS. PIIYLLIS INIILLICENT Meritorious Service Award: Band: Lan- guage Office: Aisle Ivlr. Xviglerz Biol- ogy Club. Cullegc. Tim Queen of Smiles. HACKEL. ALICE ANNA Secretary Business Office Two Years: Secretary Section one Year: Vvinning Volleylnall Team: Aide Forest Office: Secretary Str-nograpliy Class: Awarcls Stenograpliy ancl Typing. '30 'YOU YPIIIPHIIYPT SIIVFPI AlIt'l'? IIALISREICI I, AR'lIIL7R IAN llllf2lllllll'IllS2 Awarrl: Service Certilirate: Biology Lalrorntoryg Lan- guage Ullire. College. A smile for emrx na HALPERIN, JEROME ROGER l:l'l1KiIIlg Team: Arista: Social Stuclies llonor Society: Captains' Corps: Serv- ire Pin. College. lfn gorflvl IUNE 1030 HANFIX PHYLLIS NORMA Forester Literary Stall: Ifrenclm Cluls. College. Ir is tranquil people wlio accomplislz mucli. HANLEY, NARILEE R. Newman Club: Marslial Squacl: Secre- tary Hill Sclioolz Cutting Office. Best cure for tllc blues-11 smile from Mrnrilce. HARPER. ALBERT I.. Baslcetlwall: Basellall: Sorter: Intmnlu ral Football. I see Imfore me tIle atlllete. HARRIS, lNIARII,YN GERTRUDE Honor Roll: Art Club: Englisli Honor Class. College. A merry hear! goes a long way. HEIIAMAN. MURRY lVIarslmI Squaclz Frencln Clula: Intramu rHl Sqllflll Awfafflz MIIFPIIHI, rl hue friend. HIQNSCIIEL, SHIRLEY Eclitor-in-Cliiel Forest Leaves: Eclitor- in-Clliel' Forester: Business lvlanager I7rencl1-American Stuclent: Boarcl of As- sistants Beacon: Service Pin. College. Lost in tlnc stors. IIEPCKE. ANN T. Tennis Clull: lvliss Coglilanls flllirc. Business. Ann ol. tl tllousoml clulrms 37 IIERMAN. LEONARD NORTON IIIOIIOI' Roll: .lilll Clllli. llollr-ge. A frienfl lo one anti all. IIERTAN. DONALD IVI. All-City Socrer Team 319: All-Queens Soccer Team '48, '49: Presiclent Hill Sclrool: Arista: History Honor Society. College. He will always reacll llis goal. IIEXVINS. BARBARA ANNE Helper Lilmrary: Serretary. Business. A little pencil in tile OTCIIUYCI grew. IIILLER, ROGER LOUIS Banrl: All-City Band: lVIarslial Squad. Maisie for millions. lII3IMELS'l'lilN, DOLORES D. 'FPYITIIS Cllllll Hl'illIll F:lIlPl'gPl1Cy Sqllkifll Nvorlcecl in Cafeteria. Uollege. flood Neiglllzurs. . . Dolores urul llle IIIUYYIITO. IIIRSCHBERG. HERBERT I.. lVIarsl1al Squarl: P.S.A.I... Awarrl: Nleri- torious Service Awarcl. Af.LEGAROOl HIRSH. DANIEL Captain Varsity Baslcetball: Captains' Corps Four Years: P.S.A.L. Silver and Bronze lVIecIal: Intramural Soltlwall, Soc- rer. Baslcetlball: Honor Roll. College. lfvery incl! tlle allllete. 38 J A-1 - wrt, -:- -vffyv-K: l'lOl"l-NAN, RUIII H. President Leaders: Exreptional Servin- Awarfl: All Atllletifs: Swimming Team: Intramurals. College. Lively as a criclzet mul pretty too. HONIBURGER, IIANS Varsity Baseball Team: Varsity Swim- ming Team: .lunior Arista: Orrin-stra: Baslietlwall Intramural. College. May you continue to Ire a lui! will: enerynnel IIONOR, PAUL Dllrarlc Team: lvlatliematics Certificate: I'.S.A.L. Awarrl: Service Certiliratc: Nlarsllal Squacl. College. Tlxere can Ire only one. HONOR, PAULINE Cllorus: Senior Awarclz Attcnclunre Ol'- lire: Hcaltll Erluration Service: Tennis. Volleyball. College. Xvnman in Vtfllite. HORNE, ALEXANDER D. Beacon Wlanaging Board: Presirlcnt Language Honor Society: Arista: Social Stuclies Honor Society: Service Pin. College. I pray tllee malze my column reml Anil give me tllus my claily lnrearl. HORONVITZ. ROGER S. President Camera Clulr: Vice-Presiflenl Engineering Clulx: Beacon Stall. College. Slmtter Img. HO'I'ZEL'l', JOHN Business. Unassuming, will: a heart of golrl. THE FORESTER l'lUt:'l:', ELLIOT MARSHALL Q Nlarslial Squad: lnlramurals: Squad Awards. College. A contagious pvrsonaiity. Ill YGHIES, MARGARET R. XIIIISR' Office: Exceplional Scrvirc Awarci: Senior yiusic Awarfi: Cliorus. fwollogi-. Hvr voice is Prior soft ami gentle. dn wwviirfnt tiling in ruomvn. IGNATIOS, PEGGY Spanisli 7 Er 8 Society: G.O, Council- man: Aiclv Alle-iiciarifc Office: Aiclc General Ollin-. Collvgv. Portrait of Grvrian imuaty and grace. JAFFE. JUDY Nlusic Office: Alle-ncianrc Office: Malli- omaiirs Scrri-tary: Program Committee. Coll:-gc. Niusii' at in-r Fingertips. JANOS, MARSHA S. lx1llSl'lllll Sqlliidl Basliellwali rillfiillll DHI' mativs: Art Clulv. flollego. i.vt gvntlorwss my strong f'7l-'QOVCPIIIPIII in-. JANUS. BLANL'HIrQ 'IHERESA Arista: Girls' Heallli Eclucalion Squad: Atiomlanro fjillirvg N1-wrnan Clulm. Collogo. Always willing to ivnli a iwiping Izumi. JARMON, HAROLD Sonior Orrin-stra: Square- Dann- Clulm: lrollc lxiusir Clulr. flollogo. A imwvr oi. rnusir is in inarrnony with tiw woriri. I UNE 1930 JARUSSY. .lACQl IELINE ANN llc-nnis Clull: Hoaltli Sorvifo Sqnaal Clive-ring Squafl: Flying Pens, Business. Coirlen-izpaderi . . . Goiiion-ilearfed . . , JASKOL, NORMAN Auclio - Visual Eclurationg cwaptaing Corps: Service- Pin. College. Qriivi in manner, Strong in performance. JONES. JOHN PAL Tl. Trvaslimr Senior Class: Varsity 'fnfk Varsity Surfer: Junior Varsity Basin-I: lmallc Captains' Corps, College-. First across tim tupv. KAHAN, ROBERT SIDNEY Editor-in-Cliicf Forest Leavvs: lxlanag- ing Boarcl Beacon: Arista: Languagm- Honor Socioty: Treasurer Senior Soction Collegv. Tinoso :vim con, rio. Lvl as imui our Hoi: who "Kaimn." KAHANER, HARRIET FAY College Records: Alloncianrc' Ollirv-: Secrf-tary Auclitorium. College. VVimt siiouici one rio init im nu-rry? KAISER. RUIH I. Arista: Sorvifv Pin: S4-flion Trrasurcr: Spanisli Soriviy Senior Cluli: Volivy- imall Pin. College. VFIIP Ciwiu' of tiiosi' :vivo insist on tim best. KALB. RENEE J. Honor Roll: Frosliman Rcprvscntaiin- l,l'0l3l1'lllS ill lJl'lll0I'l'Flt'y CEYOIIPC Forum Clulm: Bowling Clulr. Colle-gr-. Xviult multi iw iUl'I'liC'T tilan so lovely' a III 7 SS. 30 KALKIN, DONALD Beacon Boarcl of Assistants: Ivlarslial Squad Sergeant: P.S.A.l... Award: Stamp Clulb: Section Captain. College. The world belongs to flue entlmsiast wlxo lzeeps cool. KALTER, IIELENE CIIOFUS. College. Personality plus. KAPLAN. RUTH Brimming over with pep ami lmmor. KARAVIS, ORAIANTHE Chorus Accompanist 8 Terms: Cosmo- politan Cluln: Senior Music Awarcl: Service Award. Colle ge. Miisic has Cliarms KA'lES. JEAN VALERIE Arista: Hostess Squad: Art Office Sec- retary Two Years: Meritorious Service Junior Arista. College. Wl1o's the girl who really rates? None other tlmn cliarming Ieanie Kates. KATZ, MARILYN Pretty unit ctemure. KATZMAN, PAULA GLORIA Chorus: Secretary Attendance Office. College. Sweet and very lvrigtlt too. 40 KALTITMAN, ROSE HELEN G.0. Office: Emergency Room. .lunior College. In tier :lark and ftasliing eyes Rosas clmrm and beauty lie. KEAT, MOLLYANN Arista: History Honor Society: Library Squad: Junior Arista: Language Honor Society. College. Ave atque Vale. KESSLER, .IULES YALE Senior Banrl. College. Trust follows his wont. KING, BETTY JO Kings are Kings But Betty lo is a Queen, KIRXVAN. PATRICIA ANN Newman Cluln: Latin Club: Secre- tarial Squad: Forester: Regents Typing Class. Business. Her modesty is a candle to tier credit. KLEIN, MARVIN Track Team: Marshal Squacl: Basket- lwall Intramurals. College. Good humor is always welcome. KLEINFELD, PHOEBE ANN General Office: English Otlice: Attend- ance Office: Attendance Sheets. Business. On the road to success she'tl never falter. THE FORESTER KLENOSKY, ELAINE MARION Play Production: Sergeant lxlarsllal Squaol: Switclrlgoorcl General Office: Stall Forester: Service Pin. College. liriemls sim luis many. emnnes none. KLOPER, KENNETH JEROME Arista: Social Studies Honor Society: lwlatlternatics ancl Science Honor Soci- ety: Honorable Nlention Westinghouse Science Talent Searclrg Board ol As- sistants Beacon. flollege. 'lf' lil'PS Hill, IUIIQIIS US Ollly lit! Ctlfl. KNOW". HARRIET Soltlsall Club: Nleritorious Award: Ex- ceptional Service Awarll: Clrorus: Switclxlmoarrl Operaxtor. College. Hlitlw nml fwrrrefrve. KUGEL. ISOBEI . TOMSON Arista: Senior Ranking Committee: Service Pin: Forest Leaves Stall. College. Am you sure, Dr. Freud? Now l lllinlz . . . KOHN. ZELDA I. Lilrrary Squaclg Nliss Fultonys Ollice: Business Erlitor Yearlmooli. Business. To lenow lwr is to like lwr. KORNBLUH, MARCIA BARBARA lxleritorious Service Award: Senior lxlusic Awanl: cJll0l'tIS1 Spanish Tutor: 'liypewriting Awarcl. College. Brown lroir, lzriglzt smile, Lnuglzing eyes all tile wllile, KORNHAUSER, MARK H. Senior Banrlg Solo Trurnpcl: Solo Bari- tone Horn: Captains' Corps: Marshal Squarl. College. Great music is only us great as its interpreter, IUNE 1050 KRAMER, HERBERT ALEXANDER Designer l950 Senior Button: Clremistry'1oratory: A.lVl. lNlli'lfSllillI Art Stall lrorvsterg Senior Council. College. lplligvllfl? lms its rewurcl. KRAVER. VICKY D. Arista: Forester: lvleritorious Service Certificate: General Ol-lice: Clrarter lxlernlmer Junior Arista. College. Bruins mul lwauty cornlzinetl. KRAVITZ, t'lARRlET SYBH. Library Squad. College. Ol1to's loss- Nlvu' Yorlfs gain. KRESCII. LEONARD Arista: lxlatlrernatics and Science llonor Society. College. A goorl lrrnin possesses rr leingrlom. KRONFELD. JEROME llonoralrle lvlention Xvestinglrouser Play Promluctionz Lalmoratory Sqrracls: Ticlcet Sales: Arista. College. A rnnstvr of Arts mul Scivnee KULAN, JOAN D. Oil Painting Clulx: Forest Leaves Art Stall: Forester Art Stall: Service. College. Designs lor tim future. KUNIN, JOYCE L. Girls' Service Squarl: ll:-lmrew Cluln: lvlarslral Hcaltlr Eclucation Department. College. Dressorl in. tim latest morlrn 41 .Rini l.A5IBER'l', .lAl'QUELINIi I.. Arista: Language Honor Sosietyp Lily. Representative: t.:llilI'tCI' N1ClIll'll'l' .tunior Arista: Exfeptionat Serviic Awarrt, College. Tile worici ut iler fingertips. LANDA, BARBARA LOUISE title:-rteacter: Secretary Senior Class: Attntetic Awarct: Art Statt Foresterg Ntvritorious Servirvz Girls' lll'illtll Edu- iation Service Squait, fottege. flur vivueious riieerienrier. I.AN'l'ER. BENJAMIN Intramural Basin-ttmallg Intramural ttanct- traltg Intramural Baseinattc Ivtarsliat Squad: Cin-ss Clutx. Business. He wim Iiutil I-zuowterige sparetii iris IUOHIS, LAUBER. RITA Play Procturlion: Ixtarstnat Squact: Eng- tisli Office: German Club: ttonor Rott. fiottege. Sine mntzs iiigiz in our esteem. LAY, LESTER .I. Awarct Silver Iviertati IJ.S.A.L. Awarrt Bronze BI:-itat: Exreptinnal Serv- ire Certitirate. ,I gooit sport umi lots of fun, I.AZARl'S, NIYRA Emergency Room Service: Altcnctancc Ollie:-1 Nlarstuat Squaet: Seen-tary Ixir. YIXIIZZH. 50 Sllllu SIN' SPHI. LEDERER. SUSAN MARGOT Ijtmmry Squamt tlmree Years: Bamtnlinton Ctuti: Spanisll T ti' 8 Ctutl: ttasliettmatt fitutr: BI:-ritorious Award. Her air. Iver manners-uit :vim see, uztmirv. -12 are-n-H + .ray rn. .1 I.IiIfKOXVIhI'Z. EVALYN Seen-lariat Squaft: Servirc Fir. Reilly: Service Ftrs. Nllftiilflllill Flying Pen. Busim-ss. rt iuugii liiufs merrv ami contagious. LEIDER. BARBARA NAIHALIE Honor Rott: Secretary Orciiestmg Pian- ist flrctlestra. College. Recipe for beautiful music: one Boizlmy Leirier adrieci to H8 Iaeys. l.EI'I'L7S. ROBERT tfrenrztl Editor t7renixtl-American Stu! cient: Language Ottieeg Society ot Frenrtl Tcactling in Arnerira Contest: Native Prize. ':I'llllK'P.S Gooii Xviii Amimssmior to Forest Hills. LEONARDI, ROSE TI-IERESA Ottifer Newman Ctutr: Hitt Ottic-cz tn- ctivictuat Heatttl Training Ctutzz Forester Art Statt: Ottirer Rceitation Classes. College. Time perfect rose to remember. LERNER, ALVIN N. t,.S.A.I... Awarcts: Ixtarstiat Squmt: Stuctent Assemtmtyz t"n-nrtn Ctulr. Tire wil is free. LERNER, BARRY IZLLIS Ctr:-mislry Claim: Engineering fwlutng Service Ftrs. flsman: Service Nils. fjes. Roeieeling uiiemi. LESI IER. ITRANUINE .IUDITII Secretary Business Actlninistrativo fit- tire: Art Slatt Newspaper fixtonroe Ntirrol' nnft Pifturvl: Itasliettmtt Clutrg tlontvcey Ctutm. College. SllllS'linl' IUHUIIIS 5 ll THE FORESTER l.liSNlAK, JOHN Bl. S0lIi0l' Billlfll IXIHISIIEII Sqllillll lsiillllgy flnlrg Ari lslulig fain:-ra Club. Ctxuvgv. Fo nuiny um! vurivil inivrvsis. ILSNICK. liLliANOR Q Survlarial Squad: Hislory Onan-. Business. A rnufiihuli' of lulvnis, LILVINE, BARBARA Culling OHic'e: Attendance Umm-g Latin Club. Dvsiyns in Ohio. LEVINE, NORMAN PHILLIP 'rifles-l ami Door Squad: lniraniumi Awarrls: P.S.A.L. Awards. Follrgu A lmsleeifui of success. l.liVOR, ERIC liollvge. A great guy! You guesserl ii. il's lfric Le-vor. l.lfVY. ANDREA ll. Latin Tuiorz Foresivr. l'IlIIPgf'. Nirniiiv hngvrs on ilu' piano. l.liVY, ELISSA Language Offiri-: Boys' Heallli Educa- lion Offifv Vvorlcc-fi Mr. Delman: Nlarslial, A iiss ylcvey. Businvss. Tlivrifs n look in Elisscfs eye Thai ions us slufs noi so shy! IUNE IOSO .,., LEVY, GIZLLA N. Enwrgi-nry Ronin: BhlSl'lllll Squad: Tennis Club. Cnllvgv. A rnvrry ,mari iliws gooil lo UH. LEXYIS. GLENNA PAT Play Promiuriion. Colin-go. Star of ilu' fninn-. l.lCH'l'ENS'l'ElN. MARILYN JANET Xvilli. a smile un lier foci' Ami u glean: in 'wr vyv, l.lNDENAUHR, MARTIN Varsity Swim Team: Arista: Svnior Band: B1i'idlEYIllilHK'5 anal Sricncc Honor Sofieiyg Orciieslra. Couegv. A good skate! l.lI'ETZ. JACQUES Vivo-Ilrn-sideill Hislory Honor Samir-ly: Servirv Pin: Siu-ring fxolninih-v Forum Club: Prvsiclenf Chemistry Club: School Reprcsvnlalivc Foreign Polity Associnf iion. follegf-. He win slrivv for ilu: iuollierliooil of Hlflll. I.lTI', ALVIN t Cross-Couniryz lxiarslial Squad: l'.xn-l- lc-nl Svrvice Award: Scllolaslic Honor Cerlifiralc. Coll.-gi-. There' has u clvul of flifviliry. LOCASTRO, ROSE-MARIE Park Ol-fire: Hill Office: Scrn-larial Squad: Newman fwlulx. Business. The ross' is fnuliling fair, 45 LOMBARDO. l'A'l4RlClA M Arista: Forester: Service Pin: litlcet Seller: Spanisli 7 tl 8 Society. Pulp, clover, uml nice tn lw witln. LOPIN. ELLEN ROSE Arista: Language Honor Society: AS- sociate Boarcl Beacon: Exceptional Serv- ice Certificate: Senior Section Treasurer. Colle-gr-. Everytl1ing's "n..Cr.y," LOVVE, MARSHALL Basketball Varsity: lntramuml Awarcls: P.S.A.L. Awards: Chorus Awards: Flarslial Squacl. College. Umlvr tllc lluslevl aml on llle LOVVEY, SUSAN Q Arislu: Secretary Mathematics and Sci- ence Honor Society: Art Stall Forest Leaves: Biology Squad: Science Talent Searcll. College. D4-up siglitetl in uvisclonl, nrt, mul atoms. MACCA, LOUIS JOSEPH Aicle Boys' Emergency Room: lJ.S.A.L. Awarcls: Newman Club: lntramurals. College. Mllll ulzout town. MACKIN. XVAIIIER J. Nluseuru Squad: lVlBlllf!I'llHllIS Honor Certificate: l'.S.A.l.. Awurcl. College. A muster spealzs lmt few worrls. MAGRINO. ROSE L. Forest Ollice: Gym Ollliw. Business. Tllis Rose by any otller norm' would lm just us sweet. 44 NIALLON, ROBERT VINCENI' Varsity Soccer Two Years: P.S.A.L. Awarcls Silver, Bronze: Newman Club: Nlanager Baseball Varsity: Meritorious Service Ccrlilicate. College. An all-'rouml boy? Xvlny sum! NIANGAN, XVILLIAM V. Business. His personal qualities will emlure. MANN. JOAN EILEEN Play Production: lxfleritorious Service Awarcl: .lunior Banrl. College. lvitll grace and praise liar life is marked. On the pntll of success loauie's em barbed. MANSKER. ARLENE RUIH Attendance Office: Biology Lalmuratory: Study Hall: Art Clulmg Baseball Teuin. lnfinite riches, in a little room. MANTEL. RUDY E. History Honor: Engineering Clulva Honor Roll: Civil Air Patrol: Pilot. College. Slzy l1igln rlesigns on tlm future. NIANZO. ANN MARIE 0.0. Ollice: Clmrus. College. Flashing, flaring lzrown eyes Xvaiting tlxere lo lrypnotizel MARANS, MARTIN Mulshal Ifllflllllllffllsl I-j.S.fx.l.. Awalll. ' College. xK70I'lll mnlws ilu- mun THE FORESTER MARCUS, IIELGA II. Sociui tTIIilIl'lIlillI Arisla-1: VIIQ'-IJIQ'SIKIEIII Language Honor Socivlyz Sorini Sludics Honor Such-ly: Service Pin: Foreslvr SIHII. Culli-gi-. Her wil, Iwr wuy, Her Iuugin so quyi MARCUS. VICTOR ALAN SpvrinI Assignment IXIIHIIIPIIIHIIKTSQ IX'IuII1- enmlifs and IIonor Ccrliiiruivsp Canrcr Sociciy follulniiie-P. lIuIIegc'. III' will IIIIIIH' ilis muriz ill n1lIIlll'HlUIiCS. MARINO, 'IIIONIAS D. I'.S.A.I,. Awami: InIrnlnunnI Award: RIRIYSIIZII sqllilll SPYQPZIIII. IIUSIIIPSS. A vmxivsl warrior Ims Isis rimrms. MARKS. I"RI'fDRIC fnplains' fnrps: Honor Roll: Junior Arisizl. ciUIIl'gl'. Iiviii I1-uve' isis nlllllflln in Iii.-. MARKS, MARILYN PIuv IJI'0lIlll'II0III Senior Ori'I1cslm: VoIIvyImII1 I'n'sicIvnl Spanish CIHSS. CoIIe-gen A Inss unpuruiivimi. INIARSII, HAROLD lqupininsi forps: 'I'rau'Ii I1l'illll2 l'.S.A.I.. Awurci. foIIc'gc'. Svrious, yvl ioiiy. NIARSII. MARILYN f'oIIf-gr. Sopiuislifulvii Lmiy. IUNE l050 NIAR'I'INIff. NIARUARHI4 .Iunior Arisln: Vin--I'rvsicIc-nt S1-nior SPEIHISII CIuIn: IxI4'IllIN'l" Rn-gn-nls Typing LIUIIIIIIIIIIIP. CoIIf-go. iiw quwi lIIilllIIS riviwr Iiuln u iroun BIASLANSKY, I'Al 'I. Vursiiy Swimming: Senior f,riIl4'sIm: Senior Band: NI:-min-r AII-iiilv Iligl. Sa'I1ooI Bnnsig S4-rvirv Awards. i Coll.-gf-. Xviiil nlusirui Iuivlli umi u sinsv of Immor. BIASI. MARILYN ANN Us-m'ruI Office-: 'I'n-nsun-r's 0IIii'c'. ISUSIIIHSS. A winning UNIX! u pivnsuui smiiv. 5IA'I'I'E, .IANIES ALLAN Cross-f'ounIry: 'I'rufIc: Cuplnin Cross- Ciounlryz FI:-mIn-r Aiuniaipni I.iI'i-gunrri Training Course: 'I'mcIx InIrmnumI Dialup Fim. Mary' Im wing iris IUUY Io I-IlHIl', NIA'I-Z, SIZYAIUI FR Gym Iemng I5nsIiclImII InImmurnI XXVIHIIUI: lgilsvlulll 'lI'rillllllrIlI xxvillnlxr: I,.S.A.I-. Awnnis. Ifusine-ss. fxll uprigilf ciownriginl ull riyiil guy. NIAl'RER. Rl fI'IIE ANN Language IIonor Sorin-ly: I'Iuy I'ronIuc- liong Chorus: II:-Irrvw l'IuImg Spanish T fi' 8 Sorieiy. College. HuIIoIufuInI 5Ir'CAI.LI'5I. IfII.IfIiN NIARIIT IBUSIIIUSS. Gnmi Iilings f0f'l'I'l'l' uri' pruiswi. 'IT Str-CANN, NVILLIAM JOSEPH lxillilfbilllll Squarl: Cross-Country: Cap- tains' Corps: Squaul Awnrfl: lvlvrilorious Sc-rvirc Awami. llollc-ge. For lrevs u jolly goocl follow. Mr-MEEKIN, DOLORES ROSE Co-Captain c:ll6Cl'lBElClCl'S1 Newman Clulz lVlcrnl1er: Meritorious Service Awarrl: Lilwrary Squad: Cv.O. Coun' cilrnan. College. Clreerl Clreerl for olrl Forest Hillsl MENDELSOHN, RONALD Nlusicinn. Tim worlzl lenows little of its greatest HIPYI. METZGER, BARBARA MARY Clrorusz Honor Roll: Newman Club: History Office. Businc-ss. To see lrer is u picture, To lrear ller is ll tune. MEYER, ALl5liR'l' Senior Prom Coffllrairrnan: History Honor Society: Sc-nior Section Presi- rlent: lvleritorious Service Awarrl. Colli-ge. Calif lIllUlliHl0ll5 l'll0ilf0. MEYER, EVA ALICE lrorurn Clullg Poster Painting. Tire stuciy ol quietucle. IVIICHAELS. LARRY Sonior B:-xml: Ciyln Tc-nur: Captains' Corps: lx'1ilfSllEll Squarl. College. propriety of manners mul consirivrution for otlrers, 40 MIELE, FRANK Boy Leader Arista: Language llonor Soriety Treasurvr: History Honor Soil' 1-ty: G.O. Councilman: Servife Pin. College. A l'00flHll',lP, a small, painless uvuy to r re, MILLER. HERMON BARRY Prcsiclent History Scrapluoolig Senior Award iBandlg lntrarnuml Awarcl: Exceptional and lxleritorious Awanglg Dramatic Vvorlcslrop. College. Young man uvitll tim rlrurns. MILLER, 'l'ONl Souncl Crew: Biology Lalxoratory Squacl: Pulmlirity. College. lust lilec silver-sterling uml lrriglrt, HILLS, ROBERT A. Captains, Corps: Scivnrv Squatl. College. Tire virtues of frienclliness are nmnilnlml. NllRRO. SUSAN ANNE Chorus: lVlarsl1al Squad: Secretary Nlusic Room: Senior Letter. Business. Anal tire nigllt slrull lie filled will: music. MISSEXVICZ. XVANDA Business lxlanager Beacon: Serrvtory lvlrs, VVeil llzlnglisli Offiurl: Aide llill Sclrool Ol:FiL'e: Aicle Attendance Olliczrz Business lvlanagvr Forester. Business, Big zloingsl MITFELDORF, MELVYN P.S.A,L. Awarrl: lntrarnurals Squzul Awarcl: Nlarslral Squacl. College. fin uffulile anrl vourtvous gentlmnon. THE FORESTER VI Ml'l'I'LEBURG, HAROLD ARTHUR Play Procluctionz Aristag Seience Clubs. College. Strong in performnnte. MOIILE. JUNE RUIH Girls' Healtlt Eelucation Ollitze: Re- gents 'llyping Conttnittee. lime is smiling out ull over. MOLTZ, SARA LEE M. llonoralmlc Nlention Vveslingliouse Sail enee Talent Searcllc Vice-President lvlatllematics and Science Honor Soci- ety: St-ere-tary Social Stuclies Honor Society: Arista: Language Honor So- riely. College. Reaclling for llte slay and almost tltere. IVIONTANE, IWADELEINE H, Secretary Nlr. Bovin: Art Club: The Flying Pens: Tennis Clulyp Regents Typing Committee. Business. Q -it at - i 0 SIUUPL ll'l' ll'l5l S IQ IUPTQ lllllns. MONTE, THEODORE LOUIS Swimming leant: D1ill'Slli'llQ Newman Clult: lntmnturals. College. Fortl's new rompetitor. MORGAN, HOVVARD GREGORY Vin-'Presidetit Senior Class: Cltairrnan .lewelry Committee: Nlanager Basket- lmall Team: Prc-siclent Pltysics Class: ljresinlent History Class: Nlarsltal anal Uslter Squaels. College. Heres Morgattl MORGANSTERN, RICHARD Arista Honor Society: lxflatliematics and Scienre Honor Society: History Honor Society: Senior Council: Clternistry lulzorator Squad. oott.-gc. Y XKIIIPTP loolzs llllfl bfllllls LUCIHQ ,lllftll in hand. I UNE 1950 NIORGEN, HOXVARD HENRY Cltess Clult: .lazz Clulm. College. 'lwlte worlrl is always wailing lltitlt open arms for talent, 5lORRlS. GLADYS KATHRYN Tennis Clulm. Business. As merry as tlie clay is long. MOSS. GENE SHELDON Arista: Language Honor Society: His- tory Honor Society: Biology Lalmratory: Pllysics Laboratory. College. A man of letters. IVIULLER. .IULIANNA Clrtorusg .lunior-Senior lxlusic Awarrls: Hostess Squacl: Nleritorious Service Awarfl. College. Serenity ltitles a tlynomio nature, MURPHY. KATHLEEN MARGARICT Business. Her lieauty so pure: Her loclzs so rare. NADELBACH, IRIS DIANA Attenrlanee Ollie:-: lvliss l'4ulIon's Ollire: Forester Stall. College. Artistic ability. Aml versatility. NA'IHEL, ALVIN College. A swell pal ls Ullr 47 NEBENZAHI., JUNE ELLIN Arisla: Language Honor Snail-ly: Clio- rus: Allvlulalifr- fjllire. fiollege. Hilrll your wagon Io u slur. NENVMAN, PEARL Sucrclary ixlusic Department: Niarsliul liealili Education lJeparln1entg Secre- tary QANCIILIUIICC, Slucly Hallg Hostess Latin Class. College. Simply swell. NEXVMAN, SANDRA Il. Spanish 7 5 8 Socieiyg Play Produc- liung Forest Office: Plmioslai Squad: Atlunciancc Office. Colle-ge. ,FU IQIIOII7 'IPI' lo love IIPY. NICKOLAS, JOSEPH E. School Clll!fUS 'llliree Years: All-Cily CZIIOIUS Vlvllfifif YIfilfS: lfltrflnlufillsf Newv- man Clulvg Senior iviusic Award. Xvoe to the worlci if loo ever contrucls luryngilis. NICOLOSI, DOLORFS A. ci'l0l'llS. lffficiency pvrsonifiecl. NlEHOIfI'. ELEANOR LYDIA Newman filulr: All:-llclnllfe Ollirc. Business, A sunlwmn to file giruixlvllecl varllx. NOVICK, NARLENE VVYNNE flies-ringi Squmlz. Exceptional Service Award: Spanisln lulor: Altemlanfe Ol'- live: Hostess. Coll.-ge. I um wvulflly in my fricmls. 48 OTIEARA, SUSAN Hoslvss: Senior Prom cTIlllllllllil'l', Business. Tllli CIIIIFYII of 'IIC' llflllf, OPPENHEIM, SHIRLEY I"AlTll lvliss Cogl1lan's Ollirr-: Girls' llc-alll: Eclucalion Departnu-nl. Ari College. 'Tis lwauly lruly lrlvnl. OSTROV. ENID IRENE Play Procluciion: Honor Roll: G.O. Represenlaiiveg Ruclio Vvorlisllop: ixleri- lorious Service Ceriilirale. College. Hilcll your wagon lo Illis skir. O'I'l', CYNTHIA DOROTHY Slenograplly Awarmlz Typing Awami. Business. Swim! us mmly mul just us wvll lilac-xl. OZINIEK. JOSEPH STANLEY Captains' Corps: P.S.A.l.. Awanl. lntrumuruls Squad Awarcl. Business. One look tells us lim! liis success rs insurezl. PADAXVER, Ml YRIEI. Arisia: Secretary Social Sluclir-s ilonnr Society: Language Honor: Forvsler: Biology Lnluoraiory Squarl. College. I Art is inzleeci no! llw lrrvzul, lm! line wine of life. PALMER, B-iARGARE'I' AGNES Cllurming ami SIIWPQ. THE F ORESTER PANLICCIO, SAIXI PETER Captains' Corps: Gymnasium: Gym Vllffhllli Intramurals: Nlarslial. Navy. He ftoots tlirougll tlle air uritll tlie great' est of ease. PAPPAS. GUS D. Varsity Soccer: VVinner Baslcctball In- tramurals Junior: Xvinner Soccer In- tramurals Junior: I".S.A.l.. Award: Ilonor Roll. College. fjlyrnpic Iiope of '52, PAPPEL, ALITRED LEONARD Prlll' PKHIIS of PQITYIUSIIIPSS Iencl to SUCCPSS. PASTORET. GARY Captain Varsity Basketball Team: Var- sity Soccer Team: Varsity Traelc Team: Silver PS.A.L. Awarcls: Certificate Ivleritorious Servife. College. He Irorinces luis way to rfietory. PEARLMAN. MATER IS. ylarslnal: Acting Captain Gymnasium Squad: Hobby-Railroarls. Business, As true as su-I-I. PENZER. MARK Dramatic Club: Biology Club: Lieuten- ant. Ixlarslial Squarl: Boxing Club. College. As gorxl-nuturecl olsoul as ever on a SIl00 of Ientlrer trml. PEPPER, LOIS JOYCE Arista: Baseball Club: Alumni Typist: Iforest Seliool Secretary: Ixleritorious Service Awarrl. College. The spice of life, I UNE 1950 PEREZ. NARUJA Secretarial Service Dlr. Spata: llresi- clent Spanisli Honor Soriotyg Volleyball AW'iIffI. Venezrielcfs gift to tlie Unitemt States, PESSAGNO, GEORGE R. Hanclball Cllarnpion Forest Hills Iligli: P.S.A.L. Ixlc-dal: Squad Awarcl. Renrling maleetli a full man. PETERINIAN, JUNE BE'l'l'Y IIUIU'-'IUIIYHI llllll Sllllfly. PETERSON. SUE KATHERINE Literary Stall' Forest Leaves: Business Stan' Forest Leaves: Spnnisll Club: Language Ollice Squad: Englislx Ollice Aide. College. Brown eyes anal Iilorule Imir, Very sweet uml very fair. PETIX, ANN MARIE Presiclent Cliorus: Senior Ixlusic Letter tAwardl: Clieering Section: Stunts Club: Exceptional Service Awarrl ICN- tilicatel. College. An upriglit, rlownriglzt, all riglit gal. Pl IILIPP, URSULA Stamp Club: Gregg Sliortliancl Award: Atliletic Awarcls. Business. Lorie as ri womlerful tliingl PINCUS, FRED lntralllurlllsi P.S.A.l1. Axvtlfdsi Cap- tains' Corps: Sqlmrl Awarrl: Ivlarslial Squacl. His Ieingrlom for lt Imrse, 49 PIROZZI, NEIL JOSEPH AWHIIII Squad AWEIILIQ Ixlldf- slnal Squaclg Attenilance Ccrtilzicatc. Business. lurnciicifs gilt to Forest Hills. PISACANE. LOUIS A. Intramural: Newman Clulmg Ij.S.A.l.. Awarclsz IVIarsI1aI Squad. College. One of CGTIASIJIS admirers. I'I.A'l'l'. HARVEY JAY Varsity Swimming Team: Baslcetlaall Intramurals: Handball Intramurals: Awarrlsg BIIHTSIIRI Squad. College. Our Harvey i no invisilxle ralnllit. PLOTSKY, FLORENCE JOAN Program Committee: I.iIvrary Squaclg Tutoring. College. Personality--wittyg Versatility-pretty. POLLACK. KENNETH VVILIJAM Varsity Tennis, P.S.A.L. City Clramp 1948 lcapiflilll: Varsity Basketball: Forest ScI1o0I Presiflent: Play Procluc- tion: Servicc Pin. College. Tall, rlarlz unfl- Girls Izewurel I'Ot'l'ER, IRENE College. Portrait of u latly. PRICE, JOANNE MARIE Junior Prom Cliairmang Junior Repre- sentative Hill Scllool: G.O. Commis- sioner ol Clulnsz Hostess: Hill Scllool Color Guard . Business, With a twinkle in ller llig lllue eyes. 50 PRIEST, BARBARA Hostess. To live in llearts we leave lzelrirul. PUGACII. HELENE RUBY Forest Ollice: Exceptional Service Award: Attendance Ollice: IVIarsIraI Girls' Loclcer Room: Tennis Clulw. College. She sparlzles and lmlnlmles like a glass of clurmpugne. QUEN, EDVVARD MARC College. We seele to lmow, mul lmowing, seele. RABENOU, ESTHER Art Institute, Here's a girl wlw is gay ancl lrearty, RAIRDEN, THOMAS MARK P.S.A.I... Badge: IVIarsI1aIg Intramurals: Squad Badge. All must respect lrim wllo respects himself. RAMO, MARIA ANN Bliss FuIton's Secretary One Year: Girls' Emergency Two Tenns: Secre- tary lor a Few Teaclrcrsg Secretary IVII. Halacr in Forest Sclloolz Secretary IVII. Reilly in Parlc Sclrool. College. Slle excelled in art From tlre very start. RAPPAPORT. ELAINE SUSAN Activity in Otller Sclrool: Secretary Health Eclucation Department. College. Sweet and Perl. THE FORESTER RAZI.IiR, I.ANX'RIiNCIi D. Squml Awnnlg Awunl: Ixlur- sl-al Squmlg Gymnasium Ss-cn-larry. Cullrgv. A pleasure' Io I-anon' Ilim. REED. NIARTIIA GLADYS Sl. Unumlm-n's FI:-cIaiI: Arisln: R4-1 onling Serrc-tary S1-ninr flnssz Captain Hoslr-ss Squad: Ari Erlilor I:urr'sI I.vrwvs: All Shall' Foreslvr. College. All Ilia world Iovvs un nrlisi. REICII, IZNID Blliifillill. College. Tllis Rvirli nwu IS rirll in virluvs. REI'I'I:IR. ANITA B. Biology I.uI1ornIory: Ilurli Sflmul Onuicme Sccrelaryg Ifflm-rg:-m'y Ronin Aid.-. Collegv. Spriglxlly on Iivr wav REITBIAN, SANFORD Fvnring: Nlnlion Iiidun- Ilroclurlion' Calnem Cluliq Mirruscopy I Iulr: Ixlu- SPUIII Squilll. CoIIf'ge. Knvpvr of ilu' fmuls. RILEY, ljA'r u Q Iloslvss Sqlliilli NIWVIIIZIII L llllll Ijilfli fjllirv S4-crrlary: NI:-riiorious Si-rviu' .AVVZITTIZ lilllllfil' Rllll, College. XVI' UII lllinle Iligllly of our Iluisy Rilvy. RINI. I'I?I'RlNA XV. Ari Clulig Clwmislry Iiilworailory: Ilonor Roll. Cull-gi-. xlffulrlv mul fun Irwing. I UNE 1950 ROBBINS, JOAN A. IQIOSIPSS Sqllfllll llflllll till-cwllilifll I Servire Ping Ilonor Roll: Clmrus. coll.-gi. prolly as u pidurv. RODRIGUEZ, ALICIA 'I'. IIIII fill-irt': SIRIlIISll-Allll'fIKiilll Sluclm-nl. IillSIIlt'SS. SPIUIISII 1-vvs u ilancing. ROSE, ROIII-IRT XVILLIAINI Play Prorludion: Bnslie-Ilmll Inlnuml- mls: I'.S.A.I.. Awurllc IIiII Olliu-. ctulleg.-. Hefs go! Ilml wrluin somvllling. ' ROSEN, IJIIYLLIS Mr. DvImnn's Offiu-Q Allvmlnnu- fjlltirv. Ijaslnion Acuclemy. Quivl uml flepomlalmlc, ROSENAK, NICIIAEI, Hislory Honor Sorivlyz I'4urum CIHIIQ Clwmislry Ioalmornlorya III-Im-w Clulx. College. Looleing Iowunls Ilue fuhirv. ROSENIIERG, RONALD .IIZROBIIC I,.S.A.I.. Awnrrlsz Inlrzulnllrnl Compvli- lions. Cullf-gi-. TIM' voivv of Xvvlbsivr. ROSIiNI3LA'I'I', IiI.IiANOR R. AI:-ritoriuus Awunlg Sorrvlury NIL Spalffs Ollicu llfoys' IIm-uIIIi Ifzlurn- Iionl: Svionrr- Office. College. For IIIP npprmfl of! provluims IIN' UIOHIUYI. 51 R OSENVEI D. l lOXVARD JAY Orvliestra: Clleliiers. Meri of few morris ure tire imsl men ROSLYN, ELLEN QBUNNYJ Treasurer G.O.: Senior Banci: ixlajor Ntusic Letter: Language Honor Society: Service Pin. College. Cayer tiion. laugixter. ' RUBY, DONALD N. Sports Eclitor Beacon: Arista: Tutoring: Niarsiral Squad: ix'1FltiI Teani. College. A gooci sport. RUDIKOFF. BARBARA Honor Roll: Senior Bancl: lvteritorious Awarri: Language Office: Frencll-Anleb ican Stucient. College. There is a iuriy sweet ami ieinct. SALINGER, HARRIETT ll. Arista: History Honor Society: Literary ifrtilor Forester: Girls' Health Service Squad: Nlatlieruatics Honor Certificate. College. Beiieve me if nil tll0S9 endearing young vimrms . . . sAl.Kor-'li DIANE Clmrus: lvieritorious Service Awarcl: .lunior lvlusir' Awarri. College. Mary tile keys of tile pinno be your izeys to success. SALZMAN, ERIC Nianaging Board Beacon: Vice-Presb cient Niatiienlatics and Science Honor Society: Arista: Sociat Stuclies Honor Society: Language Honor Society. Genius at Large. 52 sAi.zMAN, 'l'l'lEODtDRE N. Intramurals: P.S.A.L. Awarci: Otltire Nlarslrnal. fx Hlllfl Hlifll Looizs llllll Iflftfls. SANDERS. PAUL H. Ntarsiiat Squad: Language Honor So- riety. I came . . . I saw . . . l'm leaving. SANZO'l'l'A, MARIE C. Secretary Language Ott-ice: Secretary Attendance Ot-tice: Service Awards and Pin: Stiortlianri ancl Transcription Cer- tificate: Volleyirall Pin. Business. As merry as tile riuy is iong. SA'l'l'lNGER, SAM Captains' Corps: Lieutenant, Biarsiial Squad: Silver and Bronze P.S.A.L. Awards: intramural Squad Awarcls. College. This man's a man, ami master of izis fate. SCANDIZZO, PAT M. Treasury Oitir'e. Business. Earnest ami wiiiing. H SCHACHTER. ES'l7ELLE Treasurerls Office: Nir, Dclman's Ot- ticc: Yearbook Staff: Forest Leaves. College. lr is better to be short and shine, Titan to be tail, ami cast a shadow. SCHAFFER. DORIS R. Arista: Play Production: Social Studies Honor Society: President Radio Vvorlc- sliop: Language Honor Society. College. Angels listen when sine speaizs. THE FORESTER SCHAFFNER. .IOHN ARTHUR P.S.A.I... Awarrl: Squacl Award: Ixlnr- slml Squail. College. Oli lolinnyl SCHARER. LAXVRENCE LESLIE Presiclent Ivlatllematics anti Scivnfc Honor Society: Play Production: Arista: History Honor Society: Svrvicc Pin. College. f RIIUFQPI SCIIEID. JOAN GERTRUDE Art Clulv: Girls' Houltlr Education Squad. College. Sim points o pretty picture. SCHENKER. HELEN N. Secretary CIO.: Meritorious Scrvirc Award: Foreslor Stall: Cutting Office: Arista. Collego. Popularity uml personality personifivrl. SCHER. LESLIE ALAN Varsity Basketball, Kolmut: IVIarslml Squmlz Aide Ivlatlmrnntics. College. A IPUKIPY' of fllf'Yl. SCIIII"I", ELI.IO'I'I' ROBERT Sergeant, DJIHYSIIHI Sqnarlg Slfiffnflf Awnrrl for Project: Museum Squad: Squfill AVVZINI CIYIIITIQISIUIII. College. This rnun's fortune is in Iris ulnility. SC'IIIFI", IIOXVARD BIELVIN .lunior Vnrsity Baslwtlmll: Bnslictldall anti Soltlmll Intramurals: P.S.A.L. Bronze: Exfvptionnl Sc-rvirr' Certilicntvz Squall Awiirils Captains' Corps. College. Shift to suvress all your lift-. I UNE 1950 SCIINIALBERG, DAVID Play Ijroclurtion: Biology Clulrg Ivlnr- sh.-I Squmlg Stork Room: Sr-rtion Councilman. College. XXIIICIKS in a name? Hifs toil, ciarlz, and Imruisonw SCHMIDT, RICHARD Ixiarslmlz Squail Awnnlsz I'.S.A.I.. Awnrrl. Business. Goocl mimi, gooci Cilnrncter--just oil IIFOUIIKI QUOII. SCHNITZER, CAROL LYNNE Beacon: Arista: Play Production: For- est Leaves: Forester. College-. cwllllflllillg anti full of life. SCHORR. HERBERT Varsity Trnrlc Tonrn: Soccer: Captains' Corps: Trafli Intramurnls: Cross- Country. Collegv. On wingm-:I fcvl lowurfl grvntvr goals. SCHORR, NEIL Cross-Country: Captains' Corps: Intra- murals: Sour-rg Trurli. College. Luuglr anti tim uvorlci lnugius will: you. SCIIUMER, JACK Lnngunge- Honor Society: Exu-ptionnl uncl Nluritorious Certiliimti-s: FYCIICII- Arnericzm Stuilent Stoll: lviinor Cross- Country. College. A joyous fellow Ilus rnuny frivnris. SCHLYPPEL. GEORGE N. Senior Sortion Captain: Donal: Ifootlrull Intramurals. I :Io not Clloose to run for presillunt. 53 V... l SffllXVAR'l'fMAN, LEUNA ll, Our gill lrom lloslon. SENIONS, STEVEN LEE Swimming Varsity: Sergeant, iVlarslual Squarl: Sevlion Captain: Squml AW'llfKlS clyIllI1i'lSllllll. Colle-ge. A vvrilulrlv Amlonis, SEYMOUR, .IOAN MARION Busirwss. A cwUlIlN'l'lll'lIl Yunleev. SHAFl"lR, GLENDA N. if Prvsidenl lin-nrlx Class: Sm-rn-lary Spanisli Class. Coll.-g--. Swevl us llw clay is lung, SHAFRAN. ALICE Honor Roll: ivlalllemalirs Cerliliirnlvs: .lunior Arisla lolluer Scllooll, fiollege. Dance, llullerinu, Dante. SHERIDAN. MARY Newman Clulx. Business. lvlury--ll's u grand old name. SIEGEI.. MEI . Senior fjll-ire: Squacl Awanl: ixlnlllc- lnalirs Oli-ire. Swell, llllll'S lxlvl. 54 SILVERBIAN. NEIL IRXVIN Arisla: Hislory Honor Socielyi l'lny Procluclion:, lx'1ElfSllRl Squml: .lunior llanrl. College. xxllll-'fl persollulily wus given oul, Neil was on lille len limes. SINGER, ANNELIESE MIRIAM Language Honor Soriely: Junior Arisla: ljoresler Skill: Senior lvlusic Awarclg Exceplional Svrvire Awanl. College. Clzurm wins llle siglll Merit wins llw lleurl. SISKIND, GAII. li. Nl:-ritorious Se-rvirv Cerlilicale: General Oilic:c': Allemlanu- cjl:lilI'9I Language Ollire. Collegv. lvlaiclen will: llw rnvvle lxrown eyes. SKOIVIORONVSKY. PETER Pliysics Squarlg Camera Cluli. College. Tllere is no limil lo llw power of llu' minrl. SLATER, HERBERT A. Vice-pre.-siclenl Senior Secliun Class: Hill OlEl'k': Service Pin: B1ilfSlli'il nml lfsller Squnrl fill-irer. College. Xvlwn lwllvr lrrirlges ore lmlll, Herlz will lmilrl llwrn. SLICKLEN. Nl. ARTHUR Allenrlanu- Awanls. College. Peurv of mind is u gill of llle gurls. SLOMANSON. JOY L. Arista: Language Honor Soficlyz Lan- guage Ollire: Spanisli T' fi' S Soriely: Forester. College. 1057, fl Hllllll' IIVPU Fl!-OSRYL THE FORESTER SMITH. JEROME ROBERT Beacon Reportorial Stall: Cosmopoli- tan Clull: Ivlarsllal Squad: Ivleritorious Service Awarrl: Awarrl. A man of many interests. SNYDER, HARRIEI' ELAINE Auclio-Visual Squad: Exceptional Serv- ice Certificate. College. Tlle Iurly witll flue manner SOKOL, BABS I'Iay Ilmtlurtiun: Att:-nclame Ollifcz Scierlfe flltirep Forest Scllool Ollicc: Aleritoriuus Servire Certificate. College. Briglrt us u new minted penny. SOLOXV. l'I'IARLI'1NI'I ELAINE Play Prorlurtionz Language Honor S0- eiety: History Hunnr Soriety: Leaclers fvlulr: Arista. College. Durle uml sweet. Uoorl emmglr to out SOTO, ELOISIQ Attenclarlre Ollire Belore Serliong Class Serretary V2 Year: presiclent Home Nursing Class: VoIIeyI1aII Team. Business. Tllis Fllylllf' fits to It HTH Sweet, petite, uml nice as run lu' SI'IiCtI'I'. DOROTHY LORRAINE Vive-Presirlr-nl Learlers Clulu: Intramu- rals: Varsity Awarrlz Lilmrary Squaml: Ifxrvptional Sc-rvire Awarcl. Gym Gem, SPIINQTER, BEATRIK If Aris'a: Language Honor Soriety: Play Ilrmluetionz Poster Clull: l'-IPIICII f'nrtwIweling up tlre putll to suceess. IUNE 1930 SPINI'fI-I.A, PHIL .IUSEPII Gymnasium Team: Cnplning' Corps: Senior Banrlg IXl2ll"Sllill1 Intramurals. College. Ilvrsnnulity plus. SPIVACK, BARBARA I.. I General Ulliu- Assistant: Switelrlmoargl Operator. L rlllege. Slle 'lI'IQllll'llS up our rluy. STARR. JAY Captain Varsity Ifaselxall: Varsity Sof- eer: .Iuninr Varsity Baslietliall: Cap- tains' furps: P.S.A.I.. Awarrl. Business. Tlnis Starr is clown to eurtlr-Im! lm slrines anyway. S'I'IiliLE. MARILYN Newman Club: Typist in Lilrrary: Ser- rvtary Section: Stenograplny anel Typing Awarnls. Ivlurilyrfs Iilw Iwr Inst name-of goutl qlmlityl STI-IIN, ANITA B. Ijlay Ilmclurtion: Ixleriloriuus Service Awarrl: I'I0norary Ixlatlwrnatics Certifi- cate. Cath-gr-. Ilolrl fast to your rlreum STEIN. MARION I.ILIANIi Language Honor Suri!-ty: Serrelary Language Olqliee: Reporter ITFCHCII- American Stuclent. Unllege. Tlm mature minrl. S'I'I'fRNIIEINIER, PAI YI- .IOSEPII 0.0. ffounfil. Uollegt-. He is a llltlll wlm nets Iilee mr In In 35 S'l'Ol.l,NIAN, SI IIRLEY Arista: ffrrln-strn: l.r'nclr'rs: lfxu-plionul Sz-rvirv: lxlurslml Squzirl. Colle-gr-. lirvvity is tlw soul of wit, S'l'RAlfS, HAROLD N. llistory llonor Sorivtyq Cnplnin All lxlnrslml: Svnior Council lxlernljcrz lxloritorious Svrvirf' Awarrl. Colle-gm-. flnrv u gvntlvrnun ulwoys u gvntlmnun. S'l'Rl YSSER, ROSALYN fifj. Ollirte: Fomst Srlmol Oltirc': All- rninistrr-xtivv Ollirr: llonor Roll. Collegr-. SIIIUH H'0lll'lPI'. Sl 7ESKlND, LEXVIS MORDECAI Arista: lvlmslial Squaclg Arista Tutor: Hi ll Honor Roll: lX!IEllll9lllBtll,'S ClulJ. Collegv. A firw fellow. SXYENKEN, CORA LEE c,:ll0I'l1SQ Play llrorlurliong Attemlurrrc c,ll'FlCP. College. Inst full of low- ulnl joy. TAYLOR, CEUILIC Honor Roll: Iixmllr-mv in Nlatlwmnt- ics: l:renc'l1 Secretary: Wlcritorious Serv- ice Awurcl: Exreptionul Service Awaul. Collvgv. Goorl lnnnor urul many o ivsting plirusv. 'l'ELt"EYAN, RICHARD HARRET Captains' Corps: Gymnasium Team: Nlarslml Squml: Pla y Production: lJ,S.A.l.. Silvvr Awurcl. Business. Mr. America 56 TESSER, RHODA Arista Tutor: Section Svcretnryz HC- lvrPw Clulmz Cicnvrnl ffl-liirf-1 Cutting Ultima College. Tlzosu unzleuring young ulmrrus. 'l'l'l'US. CONS'l'ANCl'i A. .lunior ancl Sonior Arista: Cliorusg Play llrocluctiong 'liiclict Squml: Forester Stall. College. our Laolon, tlie swevtlwurt ol' "Hit tlie Deck," TOBIN. SHEILA liar Rnclcaway lligll Srliool: Sc-rr:-tary G1-neml Office. Cullvgv, Maile of sugar unit Spice anrl all tllings nite. TOZZI. FRANK VINCENT Gymnasium Team. Business. Strong unit silent. TRAEG, EVIZLYN E. Secretarial Squad: Flying Pens: Volley- llilll ctlllltl Sl'lll0l' OfCll"Sllil2 lx1llSffl.Ull Squacl. Business. Svritm of llxe Hljlying Pe-nsf' TRIPPEL. CERAIDINE LOIS Nleritorious Cc-rtilzimtv: Forest Ollicc: Stenograpliy Clulx. follegv. Guivty mul a twinkling cyv. 'l'l,,73lAROFF. Rl'I'A 'lille Beacon. Colle-go. I Tlie gracious toncll of friemllinoss. THE FORESTER ,, ,vV,,, W-, TYGIER. ROGER Servire Squnll . follvgv. 'IP lltllti 'IIS 0ll'l VAN GELDER. JILL lllny Proclurtiong Forest Ol-life Sorre- tnry: Gvrwral Ollife Svrrelnry. Cnllegf. limi? um! Sweet, mul surely wortln pruisv. VAN XVART, DOROTHY MAE Arlministn-tive Olhcez Pnrli Olllifez Clmms: Flying Pen Clnlx. Business. lrrivmis grow wiwrerver sim muy lie. VIGDUROVVITZ, .IANICE S. llealtli Eclumtiun Service: Folli Say Clulm. Business. HPI' ff'iPnl1S flff' fl lllllllK'I'0lIS US IIPY' nltrilmles. VINCLYILLO, CAMILLE ANNE Aicle Forest Ollirreg Aiflc- Section Orin Year: Stenogruplly and Typing Awarfls: Vive-Presiilent llorne Nursing. College. f'lmrming, sweet uml wise, lvlio multi resist tlmse lxig llrou-n eyes? VUGEI., DIANE RENEE Business lxlzxnnger Beacon: Secretary Nlrs. Vveil, Englisli fjllife: Slenogrnpliy filulig Gm-nvml ffl-life. Fullt-g--. Flower of youtli. VON Cl 'l'l"El.D. ROBERT' Arislai: DllilllN'IllillllS nnil StlK'lIt'1' llonor Soriely. fir-llo witli u young mon. Il lNlf I930 VORZIMER, ISABELLE HELENE Cliorus: Play Procluction: Spanisli 7 6 8 Clulv: Servirc Pin: CID. fllllirv. College. Darla eyesl VOSS, RONALD AUGUST Varsity Server: lntraniuruls: l'.S.A.I.. Bnrlgei Sqllilfl Awarcl. Business. A lmettvr sport Cunnot iw foruul. VVAFKER. ERNEST ANDREW' Senior Arista: Orclir-stm: History Honor Society: Auclio-Visual Squncl. College, Always in earnusl, XVALLER, RAYMOND Beacon Stall: Poster Club. College. Art is power. XVARSHAVV. ELEANOR Cliorus: Lilmmry Squarl: Volleylmnll Team: Advertising Stall' Ye-nrlmnlcg Service Awurcl. Cnllr-gf-. Sire llus lxoyfrit-mis ,ry llle flocks, But wiiirln one gels tile urgyle sorles? XVEBER, .IUDITH lN'li'il'Sllill Sqllilfll lsilSkt'lllilll ClllllL Heultli Erlurntion Department. College. Virtue is lilce u prefious storm. XVEBSTER, .Il 'DY Cutting Ollifv. College. Tile rlevil will never meet lllis Xx'l'IJSit'Y. 57 VVECHSLER. ELAINE Q Cin-mistry Lalmoratory: Forester Stall. College. A living proof tllat goozi ilrings come in small paclzuges. VVEINSTEIN, FLORENCE JOY Forest Office. lVlr. Vvigler: Otller Scliool Activities Lafayette Higil Scllool: Grade Aclvisor: l:rencl1 Clulo. College, Twice as sweet. XVEINSTEIN, LIONEL A. Cllemistry Lalooratory Squad: Forest Leaves Editorial Static Activities in Lalayette Higll Sclloolg Biology Labora- tory: Lilorary Squacl. College. Douizly swell. VVEINSTEIN, NORMAN Vice-Presiclcnt Marsllal Squad: Cap- tain, Marslial Squad: Lost and Found Clerlc: Physics Laboratory Squacl: Ciiemistry Laboratory Squad. College. The iligilest distinction is serrice to otluers. VVEINTRAUB. GERALD HARVEY Marslxal Squacl: Usliers Squad. College. Good llumor is immor and wisclom comlzinerl. VVEISBERG, VVILLIAINI IRVVIN History Honor Society: Souncl Squacl: Camera Clulag Cross-Country: Agassiz Society, College. lndeedl Here's a man IUHII u llrigilt future. VVEISS. MANUELA President Spanisll Clulir: Secretary Forum Clullz Literary Stall Forest Leaves: Honor Rell: Steering Commit- tee Forum. College. Sl'L9'S sure to lie a success in tile field of medicine. 58 NVEISSMAN, RITA A. lVlatl1ematics Office: Sottlzall Club: Vol- lcybilll VrCill'IlC HODKDY College. Goori ltumor is goodness ami wisdom comlminecl. VVERNER, MARILYN HELEN Secretary Nlr. lvlorrison: Clleering Sec- tion. Size walles in izeauty lilze tile nigilt. VVETCHLER, CLAIRE Hill Ofgcea Cutting Office. College. Honor is tlle reward ol virtue. VVIDMAN, DOLORES E. Camera Club: New Utrecllt Higln School: Cheerleader. College. Good taste is tim flower of good senle NVIKOFF, ALAN G. Chemistry Clulrz Engineering Cluln: Nluseum Squad: Nlarsllal Squad: Honor Roll. College. As nice a man as one can find. VVINOGRAD, ELAINE Frcnclx Conversational Cluln: Basliet- lwall Clulaz Soltlmall Club: Secretary History Office: Exceptional Service Award. College. A cute little paclaage of wisdom anll wit. XNINTON, NAOMI L. Arista: Band: Square Danfing. College. Blonde, fair, ami liappy. THE FORESTER - FF'.'- -. XX'I'l'OIfI", ROBERT H. Language Honor Society: lin-siclent Spnnisli 8 Sofiety: Honor Roll. lxollege. He llolcls Ilw levy to surfvss-wistloln. XVIVCHAR, DONALD I". Captain Vnrsily Soccer: Varsity Swim- ming: .lunior Varsity Baslietlrullg Scllol- nrslnip Awnnls: lx1illllPlIlilllfS Awards. College. A smile u yunl long u-itll slioulriers to lllllllfll. XYOLI-'I-', .ll,'IJl'l'H Clin-'ring Section: Honor Roll: Arista Tutoring: N14-ritorious Sc-rvife Award: Girls' llc-ultli Eclucntion Department: G.O. Office. College. Br-only is power a smile is its sword. 'Ol Iflf ROBERT PAUI XX - . . , Iillnufillllf' Nlr-ntion Sl'it'lll'0 'l.illC'lIl Search: Cnnrrrt Nlnster Orchestra 3 Treasurer Arista: Captains' Corps: RIilllll'lllilliK'S mill Srienu' Honor So- rlely. tinllegv. Vvrsrililily ywrsonifivcl. XX'OLl'l'l. STANLEY NV. 'BOYS' Ellll'fgl'lll'y ROIJIIII Aiclv College. His quality rings true. XVOOD. DONALD REYNOLDS Business. Tlw lull, silent type. IUNE 1050 rvgrw .-. Jrvvnr... .-. , VVOOD, RONALD ll. Sqllilll AXVHHISZ P.S.A.L. ANVHILIS. fw'l0PT-'ill' Ulu! IIITUIIIP. XVOURSELL. MARFIA Art Oli-ire: Spunisli 7 flulm: Spainisli 8 Clulm. Slufs sweet, S'l0'S rlmrming with u sense of lnimor. YODER, .IOIIN FRANKLIN Autlio-Visual Squurl: ixlnrslml Squall: Exceptiorml Sm-rviuv Certificate: Engi- neering Clulm: Nlusvurn Squnrl. College. 'Ulm is nimlrlv, lolm is quicle. lolux is tile llunu- of tim mmllvslirlz. ZAGNI. BRUNA lsezirlersg l'1rr'nrli T tl 9: Austin ru- toring. Coll:-ge. Busy, Bee Zoe. ZIMMER. MARILYN N'lill"Slli-il SQIIKHII lI!'lTfQ cjllllli lhllllll' 'w Roll. College. A l-zimlor frioml luis no on ZISSER. MYRON lfenring Clulmg Art Clulr. Folic-gc-. An- all Ifllllllll follow. ZUCKER. HELEN IIORENCE Aristn: Volleylmll Clulx: Senior Ramir- ing Cornrnitte-oz Forester Captions Coni- mittee. College. A wealth of Ilmuglit lies lmlilnrl l,l0S0 spurlzling eyes. 59 --. -,,-.,.vv....,,m,,.x,,,..,..,t Vw V Y CANDIDATES FOR SEPTEIVIBER GRADUATION DOUGIII-QRIY, THOMAS FRANK College. llcrsunrrlily plus. I-'A'l'ONVli. SAMUEL LOUIS Varsily Trzutli Vllezung Varsity Captains' Corps: lnlrmnuml VVinn1-r: Service Pin: I'.S.A.I., Awnnls. Business. Swift us nwrcury. IJINUER, RICHARD ALI-'RED A fingcr in every pie, ' ' 'IN NIARVIN I-INKl2LbIl1 . I BHSKfl1iIll Vllfhllll SOCCPI' TLYHIIIQ lnlfalllu' ral Soccer. All 'rouml ullulvlv-llc uses luis lrencl. FIORELLA, PAUL ALOYSIOUS Senior llmul: Cnplulnsl Corps. College. He plays lo lwul llw lmml. FLECKER. HAROLD ROISERT Awnnls: IVlnrslmI Squnfl. Allllvlivully imtlirwrl. KOCI I, ROISERT .IOIIN Nlarslml Squnclp Class Ollircr, Collrge. Hels sure lo gvl lo first lmsvl 60 LAZAR, ANITA A plvusurv ln rnvvl llvr. LE VINE, DIANA P. llelxrew Clulo: Cll0l'USC INIUSCUIIIC SVVIIII' ming pn-'tty slxe is: prolly slw rlnes. LLOYD, RICHARD lJ.S.A.L. Awarcls fBrunzeIg lnlmmum Trrxclc Award: Two Yours Boys' Cluo rus: All-City Clmrus. College. Till? Unite of IIIITHIOUW MEADE, RAY NVALTER Varsily Baseball: Varsity Baslu-Ilrull AYVilfd2 llIlfillllUfillS2 Sqlllll Awarcl. Business. ll's llne pilrlwr llmt wills llm game. MITCIIELL, JOHN LEE 'llrarlc 'lleamg GYIIIIIUSIUIII 'llc-mn. Business. He runs the goorl race O'BRIEN, IVIARYLOII Hosless. Blunrlr- unrl lwuulifnl. RIEGELSPERGER. HERBERT CHARLES Business. A wonrlcrful friwul. THE FORESTER S'I'l-IVENS, .ll DI IN G. xlilrdlill Sqllillll Igkldgfl lrnrk: Sqnnml Avsnnl. Businvss. fQuir'lesifl'vr' VARTANIAN. ANDREXX' ANDRANILTK I" -n ine: T4-'nn' guru! Awwrrl Bukit 4 4 I 4 . . 1 4 4 4 4 ' - lrnll IYUIITIIRIIIIPIIIZ Cnplnins' Corps: P,5.A.l,. Bronze Awnrclg lirmk Team. f ollvqv. lwxrvsl Hilfs gif! In llw ullllm-fir nvnrlrl. ll VNE 1050 CAMERA SHY IUDUE, BERNARD lust lmslxfnf. XX'llI'I'NliR, BARBARA IfRANClfS Girls' Fnn-rg:-my Rnnnl: Culling ffffiro. Sunny mul srvvvl. XYISIQ, IRXYIN Nlilfillill Sqllilll HPYQKRIIII. A won' lo ilu' nfisv... 61 Milifgz, J '45-Q: pf NMQMJ 21,1 ""v4 f 5 2 'H wr 14" K wb S242 v 5f,'332'v':wf lm QR R 7' V I qb"FH.f'1w JA-,, 4 ow W gE "wi,WaU1LWQff? W1 A W W fl Qiwafw fm gif gi 5 WW3Jf,,ggQ?5 S xy ' v Qmfiiiwfgq W Qwwg-ww?-Nw 5 M dfu':JHMm?ci A, GW 'QHRMQAQHW .df ye, f ff - , . . S I - 0 Q J n 0 1 ' . , ': S - f Q ,ff ,Maw ,I , , av 5 BWM,,:xsf1'e,, X . Q Mlm, GMA Fi eff 5 ' 31 . 'Wy 49,5 'z I sw if 1 M " A: :xv N ju 'V , W A , 4, J, - - ' img, K N Z-. '.-.-A-:J A Q XL:-X Qfg X 77 ' - , " i my Q. . M s ' . ' 1 L . f . , v E9 J 6 idwwfwf " - Q-Ya. 'G , 4' We WM 1 MZ-:Hg gum H R33 ' X . +0 1 ' I - 'qi-I. X N 9 .5 QW I .X X lil V is f 1 , K fe X ' ' W ' ' . W If x if 'X I QM, ,g P x l H N- 6 Q ' if Q21 QI ' Wk N . 2,1 I 1 -vig' X N if V X-I KE l ' ef . S ,5!" . N' li . D . X - ZIMLPX 'A gf? M, XX Xi JE' A ' I ' 17", . ' ,::' Lf' I .,:':: of el ' - x J I , COMPLIMENTS OF E. TA R R OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER TO THE CLASS OF JUNE 1950 425 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK I7, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF BUNGALOW BAR CORPORATION BUPIGALUW BAR CREAM ww' A ,,,...,...,.v-..f'f.-.........-.,.,...w- ,. j,g3,:"",.,.,.':'.:'.."......"'7'.., .....,., .w,.,...32'3,. 1...-r .-' -no00a0v0l-AlinhD'A96n0'0000G10090lRlEl""""44.'l . ,.wuWqm.dw,,.wf,wwmw...u,..5-gm ' , 4. -"f':'.,. ....... .... .,,.,.. .m,.,. ..........w - F- Isa' , Q ', . X I 1 if Qi? -Viv 4-gh? i 25,1 15:1 fi -.,,,-7 COMPLIMENTS OF PARENTS ASSOCIATION OF FOREST HILLS HIGH SCHOOL MRS. FREDERICK MULLER, Presidenf MRS. SAUL SLATER, ISI Vice Presiden+ MR. ALTON B. KATES, 2nd Vice Presidenf MRS. SAMUEL GOLDWASSER, Treasurer MRS. FLOYD WORTHINGTON, Recording Secrefory MRS. CHARLES MCCORMICK, Corresponding Secremry MRS. GEORGE GROSS, Finonciol Secre+cry' MAC SILVERMAN COMPANY STATIONERS - PRINTERS - ENGRAVERS ' - - OFFICE OUTFITTERS - ' LOOSELEAF BINDERS ALL STANDARD MAKES FOUNTAIN PENS 81 PENCILS DI UNTS PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS LIBERAL SCO ANDSUPPLIES TO STUDENTS 1370 BROADWAY A+ 37+h S+ree+, NEW YORK PENNSYLVANIA 6'24I 9 - 2420 EngrovIngsIorII'1IsissUe of TI-IE FORESTER MARLIN PRINTING CO.. INC. were mqde 45 Rose Streei, New York 7, N. Y. SCIENTIFIC ENGRAVING CO. BEekmun 3-OI38-0139 Priniers of The FORESTER 406 WEST 31st STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. 102,001 MUCO!k7Z66. . . RINGS in design PINS Menus crahsmanslnip CHARMS a cups and quality PLAQUES TROPHIES JEWELERS FOR YOUR CLASS RINGS W MANUFACTURING Igwglggg nlfcrsllldlclusl aoswu - 17JOHNSTREET,NEWYURK8,N.Y. . rnuvlnsncs Complimenls ol C. J. GOLDSTEIN Genesee Coun+y's Only Exclusive Furrier Esloblislwed 39 Years 202 MAIN STREET BATAVIA, N. Y. BOuIevord 3-OSI7 Prornpl' Delivery KAHN'S MEAT MARKET Quolily Meols, Poulfry ond Provisions 66-75 SELFRIDGE STREET FOREST HILLS NEW YORK Tel. Nlfwlown 9-6460 ' RUDY'S DELICATESSEN R. soHLiMMEYEi2, P-Op. I-Iome Cooking 63-I2 WOODHAVEN BOULEVARD REGO PARK, L. I. Complimenls of MR. 81 MRS. I. WETCHLER 81 FAMILY 6310 DIETERLE CRESCENT REGO PARK, L. I. Complimenls ol flue OPTICAL DIE 81 TOOL CORP. 73-35 GRAND AVENUE MASPETH, L. I., N. Y. R. J. F. for E. W. MUrray Hill 4-5663 REED 81 COMPANY Senior emblems - Celluloid bullons and badges Diploma cases - Fell and chenille lellers - Banners 373 FOURTH AVENUE NEW YORK I6, N. Y. BOuleyard 8-9794 WITT'S CONFECTIONERY Ice' Cream and Candy "Our Own Malte" I05-29 METROPOLITAN AVENUE FOREST HILLS, N. Y. BOulevard 3-7223 ELIOT SHOP Boys' and Young Menls Clofliing and Accessories 72-II AUSTIN STREET FOREST HILLS, L. I., N. Y. TWining 7-6498 Open Daily II-I A.M. -- Salurday II-3 A.M. CHINESE GARDEN Specializing in Mandarin Family Dinners ORDERS PUT UP TO TAKE OUT Lunclw Served from II-4 P.M. Dinner Served from 4-IO P.M. 64-43 I08+h STREET FOREST HILS, L. I., N. Y. L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Your Ogicial Jeweler for Ilie Class of l95O DISTINCTIVE CLASS RINGS Commencemenl Invilalions - Diplomas Personal Cards Club Insignia - Medals and Trophies 535 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK I7, N. Y. Complimenls of The EQUITABLE BLUEPRINT 8: PHOTOPRINT CO. 47 ANN STREET NEW YORK CITY MARLIN PRINTING co., inc. SSS

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