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1 QQ .Q gif:-fvf'v t"':i' ff X 11?-jigs-: , K v xv fx., wx, .1 fig' ,f f s I ..2Q..- -Iv 'fibx ,V N s. ' '26, ..f i if Y?N-vii o.::t X f- - -I X '2- .,--7 qw. ,-ff - ' 1 .Qin g Sy , f ----- Y - , ,3.j"'Q.,,. 5 f f X R If N F5 I luis-L, WJ, ' V' ' Mg, x winkx LM A 1 N ' .. wwf x L AA .Q 2 -22290 'f- - ---sr --- f - Nm-, - Q. mm : . - -xige ". 'HX N - k S E M I N OL Er-25:1 :T In xxx ---xii lfh 'ag CLUB 'fl W' i V.V. - '1 frS?'Qr'Ve?" f m' -'iff'r5A1' f - A W 1 . ' L - x a-4, F-171,44-...,i .fig- 7-N- V' v R 4 'N " ESTAU FKA NT 7I'?E-3 W ' Y ' +5124-11 1 ' 'G-L. - ' 5- " Top -Lf?-,CEQA-sf' Y FUEENS Bly d. , F' --15 -L V I - S 23, , w S- U bn.-mv, 'gh fgfi. m 'A ut.---E, gp' . C-l1U.C'i'.-l"L-i??ll 3 DRU V 125 , 42? - 2:434- 1 L3 'H N . g ' A Lfg:f111.1g , 5 X - - W-TCW HAL ' ' "H ---' - Y wx H 3. ., Y . Tl! Q54 4 -'D "LQ,-,. ' 1 5 fi, ' E 25251 Q ' ' 2 f? W A -5 1' ' 1-3 -.:- . j, 'f: 111335314 ' MQ " - - A , Z- 9 , , V f4'i" 4,5,Q ,, Q- "" ' . , A Y . -7 , ""' f f' ' '. ,- 7' a Q:- fffii, -Fig ffw if 7- ?' xx' MALL , ,. +2 5. W H E. it Q v A ,5,..1'?:-'ff . O 2 2-' 4 "'5:-.3-E?-T O P Y f- ,! 'f' 5 I a ' X 'Q ,mix A' ' E' ' ' fr-Qlili' lvl- Hi 1 - - "f ff-G -'W A ' L "' I-.:.-2. n :gm ,' flli5Tiiif:'fb'5gfr-5-.2 - 1 A L S fi ' 13:53 AJ ' -1-1 , ds. 2 fgag 'I 2 I Egg! 'bums L X. .......... - rs-'K -1 av' J-A-el .J xx -f 5?-:!jE?r "T-EE. -1: S-A MfL1iL ?ii ,, -ww' w 1A4l 9 COIVIHUNIT Y .,fm,egff' X jf 'ffl 62 CLA -1 ew? TEE ESTER FOREST HXEES EXXGH SCHGOL JUNEWQA6 EOREST HXEES, NEW YORK ,F MISS RENEE J. FULTON DEAR SEN1oRs, During your four years at Forest Hills High School you have brought dis- tinction to your Alma Nlater. Vve, your teachers, are proud of your 'fine record. But, with profound humility, we must admit that our task is only half clone. Vvhile your comracies have laid clown their arms we are engaged in another big Ioattie. We are about to enter into a New World before all the lessons of the old world have been learned. Nearly three hundred years ago an English poet expressed a thought, the full import of which has not yet been felt in the 'conduct of human affairs: "T No man is an Hand, intire of it seifeg every man is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine . . . We look to you, the members of the Class of June 1946, to translate these worcls into reality. Nlay you he strengthened hy our confidence. May you go forth with stout hearts toward the One Vvorid We all want. XQLGHIZQ UEDIGATIUN Vve cieciicate our yearbookto the United Nations Or- ganization, our sole iiope of achieving' One Vvorici in which We may iive our iives in peace. Niay this ioooic, a record of four years of pleasant encieavor, be a symbol oi our devotion to time principles for which time U.N. stands. and to time memory of those whose sufferings have gone into its creation. CIASS OFFICERS JUNE '46 SENIOR ADVISERS MRS. J. GALLOVVAY MR. w. LEONARD Y-mf W Q B img Elise 2 ,,. Q I 3? in v -: mf,-1 NA 4 V f 'A y A "W CL SS HI TUHY FRESHMAN .- SEPTEMBER, 1942 M JUNE, 1943 The class ol lreshmen slowly ililecl into the classroom, toolc their seats, and waited expectantly lor the Civics teacher to loegin the lesson. The teacher leaned forward across his deslc, cleared his throat, and quietly said, Wllodayys lesson, hoys and girls, will deal with the early achievements of that lah- ulous group, Wlmhe seniors of June 19462 and their ellfect' on Forest Hills High School." He paused, allowing his words to penetrate. nFrom the day ol their entrance into the school in Septemher, 1942, it was ohvious that they were going to he in- fluential. The Board of Education toolc one glance at them - and added war courses to the curriculum. The soccer team celehrated their arrival hy winning the Queens Championship. Hlhe young G.O. memhers hemoaned their fate with Henry Aldrich as they watched 'What a Lilell, first ol the Big Broadway shows to he staged in Forest Hills. "An eventful fall semester ended with their elders suffering through Regents examinations, still three distant terms away. 'SNOW second termers, they clicl more than their share of misguiding the new freshman, and finally settled clown to the mechanical routine of high school life. The Victory Show occupied most ol their attention with its great collection of song- and-dance acts. Then they cheered along with the rest of the student hocly as their haslcethall team lought-d and lost- to Andrew .laclcson in lxfladison Square Gar- den, lelt a surge ol pride as Forest Hills went over the top with 351001100 in Vvar Bond drives. They were inducted into mysteries of school politics as the lndepend- ent, Progressives and Victory Parties loattled it out lor high student-government posi- tions during the lxflay elections. They were still happy, contented, little freshmen - hut the hlaclc cloud of Regents loomed slightly larger upon the horizonf, The passing hell rang, and the class noisily pushed its way out ol the class- room. As they shoved their way through the crowded corridor, two lreshmen girls hrolce into conversation. ucwee, lVlyrtle, that must've loeen some classlu "Yeah, Bessie. Vvell, gotta run -l have an English test next periocl, and l wanta he earlyf' vi- bk vie SOPHOMORES - SEPTEMBER 1943 H JUNE 1944 The loiology prolessor made ready to teach the sophomore class. He noticed that some ol the seats were empty, then closed his Delaney hoolc mlqoday l will discuss with you the second year of that hiological phenomenon ol science, Glhe Seniors ol June, 1946. At this juncture ol their educational exist- ence, many events occurred which were to have a marlced effect in later years. "Honor rihhons were distrilouted at the start ol their Septemher term and vague desires tokhe ieager loeavers' grasped hold ol them. mllhey grew more slcilllul in their selection ol suhjects and an epidemic of Latin- clropping lorought many a loright smile - and higher average. VY "All ilurnig thisihiQ tgmzthey loegamg uncomfortably awaremlthe nearness ol Regents, hut it wasnlt until the second half of their sophomore year that the full awful realization larolce upon them. uFourth terml A nightmare ol: frantic scurrying and hysterical studying through the long winter nightsl Almost unnoticed in the general panic was the very success- ful staging of 'Junior Miss' hy the Play Production Group, and the graduation of 'Tex' Davis, leaving a trail of shattered female hearts. H-lqhe horrible days of Regents Vveelc came rushing out of the luture, paused in the present, and whizzed into the past, ahandoning a haggard and weary sophomore class, that loolced dazedly ahout the halls and wondered 'What next? H The professor concluded his lecture and the class walked out ol the room. Une sophomore girl aslced, HHow,d you lilce the lesson, lVlyrtle?n Another answered, UAW, olcay, Bessie. l'm in a rush now. lym meeting my girl friend and weyre cutting Geometry together. See you later." JUNIORS H SEPTEMBER 1944 ,- JUNE 1945 As the history teacher hegan to spealc, the hall-'filled classroom moved restlessly. "The junior year of 'The Seniors of June l946', as talcen from a historical stand- point, is very interesting. 'Kit was during this period that they finally found their place in the hitherto confusing structure of Forest Hills High School. Several of them were accepted lay Aristag others held the posts of marshals, G.0. otlicers and office aides. "A certain student, in their class -his name escapes me for the moment-1 attained an average of QQAWJ and a looy named John Brinclcerholil was elected G.O. President. However, this did not malce them snohs. HAlong with the rest of the student hody, they were 'aslced' hy their English teachers to louy 'Forest Leavesl, went high-lorow at the Music Departments Spring Concert, and developed great slcill in leaving the school early. They toolc their anec- dotal cards calmly, and, as good juniors, had trouhle with their Modern European History and intermediate Algehra homeworlc. Mlqhey all waited impatiently for their Senior year, and, as a preview of things to come, some junior girls were asked to the Senior Promf, The teacher evidently wished to say more, hut the hell interrupted him, and the class evaporated. Two junior girls, sauntering through the corridor, were engrossed in conver- sation. upretty load, wasnyt it, lVlyrtle?', ul donyt lcnow, Bessie. l wasn't listening. Vvell, gotta run. lim meeting Donny in the lunchroom next period." GIG SF its SENIORS - SEPTEMBER 1945 M JUNE 1946 There were only a few students in the class room as the Economics teacher loegan his lesson. uVVe discuss, today, the final chapter ol lThe Seniors of June, 19461 "VVith their ascension into the higher realm of Senior-dom, the hitherto digni- ljed class dropped all restrictions. Senior hats - lit-up or twisted into weird shapes -1 dotted the corridors. Supposedly serious-minded students were seen going out of their way to wallc up and down the Senior Staircase. Mr. Zarelco vainly attempted to teach music for graduation to a horde oi students who were ioent on raising - er f- having a good time. Everyone oiotained eighth period Study and the tradition oi not attending hasicethaii games reached the height oi perfection. miqhere was the usuai iuii, then the rush ior Prom hids, and every unattached maie received iriendiy giances from Prom-iess giris. Aii cheered the return of Mr. ixfiorrison to the Hiii Schooi, noting particuiariy his crew haircut. The ciass effec- tiveiy captured the entire schooi on Senior Day. U-iihe oniy ioiacic spot in this picture oi unrestrained gaiety was the coiiege sit- uation. Haunted figures crawied through the corridors, desperately informing aii passershy that 'Tiiwasicus University is a great schooi., "However, it aii came to a ciose in June, when the ciass that had entered Forest Hiiis High Schooi four iong years iimeiore, undertooic its izinai exercises. it was diiizicuit to reaiize that the seii-assured grown-up hoys and giris who so confi- dentiy accepted their dipiomas, had once been quiet, starry-eyed freshmen, the same ciass which you studied aioout in 'first term Civicsfi, At this point in the iesson, the economics teacher stopped to wipe a tear from the corner of his eye, and when he iooiced up again, the period was over, the room empty. Two senior giris hurried through the corridor. nBrro-ther, iViyrtie, was that cornyin UYou said it, Bessie. Vveii, i'm ieaving schooi now. See you iaterf' Uvvhere you going?" 'Tm due at the Beauty Parior in haii an hour. Have to iooic right at the Prom tonight." We entered with an air oi utter urgency The sanctum which is iaioeied HGiris Emergencyu. We eyed the patients ithis had ioeen our missioni And viewed their types of physicai condition. sr Looici That one there - you're sure she isn't dead?H "A victim of Verhitisn, someone said. "That wretched one who's covered with hiue moidiu HA rare case oi Neuraigeiora, i'm toidf' uAnd here, this one. What iceeps her in such rnisery?H Hin medicai terms it's caiied 'Hystorics Quizzery., U "And this one simpiy suffers from a Cutf, Foriorn we shooic our heads, and said Htut-tutu. We ieit eiated, for the pains of education Have just one cure -1 and that is graduation. e i i BUY 'i SPORT Forest Hiiis may he a tennis town, hut Forest Hiiis High School has not confined its athietic enterprises to tennis. indeed, it has made its athietic prowess ieit in many other fields. Tricoior soccer, hasicethaii, tracic, cross country, fencing, and goii teams have been important parts of our sports program throughout our years at Forest Hiiis. in addition, hasehaii was added to the agenda this term. SOCCER Four first string soccermen, Stan Shuiman, Joe Locastro, Gene Greenwald, and Biii Freyherg, aiong with the first two substitutes, Eliot Benson, and John Brincicerhoii, depart with our ciass. Stan started piaying soccer in third term, was Co-Captain two years ago, and was Captain this year. He gained Aii-City honors for the iast two years, ioeing named to the second team two years ago, and the first iast year. His quicic thinking, combined with his speed and powerfui icicicing, made him one of the outstanding scholastic performers. Joe and Biii piayed just one year of soccer for Forest Hiiis, hut they provided a one-two scoring punch which made the Tricoior aggregation the highest scoring team in the City. Gene nahhed the 'first string goaiie joh this year, and proved that he reaiiy rated it hy racking up no iess than six shutouts. Eliot, in his only game in the nets, shut out Bronx Science. BASKETBALL With our ciass ieave the two taiiest cagers in Forest Hills, Dick Rogers and Joei Shore, and Eliot Benson, who finished up the season in a starting herth. Dick, sidelined hy an injury for the greater part of iast season, deveioped into one of the hest centers in Queens during his stay at Forest Hiiis. Joeiys height proved vaiuahie in many instances iast season, while Eiiot's southpaw shots seemed to find the nets at extremely opportune moments throughout the campaign. in hasicethaii, as in aimost every other sport, Newtown has heen our iceenest rival, with every game piayed hetween the two schools a toss-up. Vvhen the Pioneers of Forest Hiiis hit the court, form goes to the wind, and the team that tights the hardest wins. On that never-to-he-forgotten quintet of the 1942-45 season were towering Corny Simmons, hig Hanic Massa, Biiiy Bondanza, Fred Benanti, and Johnny Howeii. Some of the outstanding suhstitutes were Don Stutzman, Red Sommer- viiie, Butch Guida, and AI Chiappa. D Oi more recent renown are Bch Johnston, Dicic Eiicind, set shot Dave Coyne, and Jerry Panneii. Vvhen we entered Forest Hiiis in 1942, Mr. Edward Conlon was the hasicetioaii mentor. At the end of that season, however, he ieft for the Navy, and Mr. Joseph Hershei took over the reins of the squad 'for the war years. Now Mr. Conlon is hack from the Navy, and also hack at the heim of the Crimson, Biue and Gold cage squad. TENNIS Annuaiiy, the fait intramural tournament produces the nucieus oi our tennis team. A memher of our ciass, Leo Mahei, who captained the team this year, was a product of those intramurais. Last year he heid down a reguiar douhie herth on our team as it tooic its second City diadem. Tennis and Forest Hiiis have hecome synonymous. Going into this season, the team had racked up no iess than twenty-one straight triumphs. Since tennis was introduced to Forest Hills, the netmen have won forty-three matches, and have iost oniy tive. Newtown has been the oniy team that has been ahie to defeat the Tricoior, having turned the trick tive times. But the netmen have heaten the Pioneers six times i- the iast tour in a row. Tops among the netmen which Forest Hiiis has turned out are Fred Scribner and Ed Jacohs. Fred formerly held the Eastern boys' titie, and, with Aian Meyer, the Eastern interscholastic douhies crown. Other net standouts have heen Bennett Giazer, Newt Hofstadter, Vvaiiy Sawch, Ed Jewett, and Saul and Bois Silverman. Except for Leo, the team wiii return intact for another campaign, ted hy the two sophomore threats, Aian Fischi and Harold Lipton. Fischi was the winner of the intramurais two years ago, while Lipton won the titie iast year. Both of these iooys are destined to make a marie for themseives in the tennis worid. TRACK The tracic team, aiways a major part of the Forest Hiiis athietic program, ioses heavily with the graduation of our ciass. Cutstanding among the Crimson, Gold and Blue winged-iooters has been Stan Shuiman, ace sprinter, who has been timed in 10,2 for the hundred yard dash and in 25.1 for the two-twenty. Another major ietter winner, Buddy Bloom, has run his iast race for Forest Hiiis. Other boys in our ciass who have participated in tracic meets are Captain Joe Fishman, Dick Glasser, Joe Locastro, Gene Greenwald, Bernard Stoiiman, Saul Feidman, Sandy Poiiacii, Gerald Trippei, Biii Roth, John Brincicerhoff, Bolo Ana- creon, Kari Eldridge, Dick Donnelly, and Frank Spiegel. Sonnenhorn is undouhtediy the hest runner Forest Hiiis has ever produced, and his showing with the N.Y.U. two-miie reiay last year proved it. Among the leading sprinters to come out of Forest Hiiis are Adrian Boylston, Ralph Schmarsow, and Ralph Ogden. Tops among the middle distance men have heen Lew Cveer, Bob Geisei, and Jimmy Laricin. Vvith Mr. Nicholas Howlett coaching the tracicsters, they seem to he headed for even higger and hetter seasons. BASEBALL Among the more than three hundred hoys who turned out for the hasehaii team this year were a numher of seniors, and several ot these seniors made the team. Among them were Captain Biii Hughes, Joe Locastro, Gene Greenwald, and Stan Shuiman. Basehaii received an enthusiastic reception from Forest Hills students - as evidenced hy the success of the ticicet sale earlier this season. what wiii go down as the most spirited act of a Forest Hiiis student is that of Biii Ward, former Forest Hiiis soccer fuiihacic, who, after reading about the drive to expand the Forest Hiiis sports program, sent tive doiiars, ati the way from Guam as his contrihution. i i it GIRLS' SPORT Aiong with the arrivai oi September, 1942, came a reveiation. The targest ctass of girl freshmen in the history of Forest Hitis High Schooi was found busy buying beautiful blue gym suits and beautitui biue socicsg they were aiso iucicy enough to be able to buy sneakers before the inevitabie shortage affected the school. in their first term, the giris iearned how to countermarch to the right, and toward the end of the term, they were gaining siciii at voiieybaii, toot Dentais and medicais were piled high on the gym dest: on the tirst day they could be brought in, because the freshmen were afraid of getting a minus maria on their Deianey cards. Gym suits were taicen home and iaundered each weetc. The giris, however, soon grew up and discontinued these childish chores. As ueducated freshmen!! the girls went on to countermarching to the iett. it was in the same term that the Class ot June '46 first acquired its welt deserved recognition in the giris' gym. Led by Bobby VX7asserman, as captain of their team, fifteen giris won the hotty contested voiteybatt tournament. Outstanding mem- bers of that remarkable team were Pat Ughetta, Nancy Joel, Elizabeth Pia, and Claire Devlin. On the team that finished runner-up in the contest, Lorraine VVeseiy, Laura Ashley, and Helen Koehniein were prominent players. But that was only the beginning. Their Sophomore year gave the giris the thriit of iearning sito-the-rear-MARCH,', and after that they couid do aimost anything. Girls like Doris Rairden and Ritca Lax joined the leaders ctub. Qut for softbati that term were Judy Kanin, Adrienne Gittteson, Jo Rastcind, and Katherine Giti. The iiiustrious forty-sixers realty shone forth in att their briitiance at the end of the second year. Gloria O,Neiit and Joyce Baker won minor tetters for credits attained through the gym department, as did Eieanor Hombach, Eva Sahmet, and Rosalie Schusei. Bobby Wasserman distinguished herself by becoming the first girt in the history of Forest Hiiis High to win a tive inch letter white still in fourth term. By this time, in the gym classes, most of the giris knew the meaning of such commands as UAttention,H K'At easef, and even "Count otf by ioursf' it would be ditticuit to try to picture an army better trained. With the arrivat of exercises in the gym, conditions in the Emergency Room became extremely overcrowded. The idea of helping our glamorous damsets keep their giriish figures was given up, minus much success. Something new and different was added to the club curriculum when our extraordinary class went into its Junior year. The speedbatt ciub found, amongst its ardent members, Martha Ernst, Vvanda Dresicin, and Doris Rairden. Never- theless, the girls would not thintc of deserting the old standard clubs. Barbara Crrever, and Shirley Nelson went out for basicetbati and Leora Johnson added her tatents to the softbait club. Then'-fthe girls became part ot the Hsenior Gymfy Despite the tact that this realty doesn,t mean very much, not a soui 'could be found who would have wanted to be in the gym class ot any other grade. Now, the girls were oid enough to know. Yes, the time had come for them to learn. And so-they were taught'-fthe Virginia Reel. Square dancing soon hecame the nragen in the girls, gym. lylemhers ol the Hsmart setn could always loe uncovered in neat squares, practicing to the latest hillbilly records. Since the Virginia Reel met with such great enthusiasm, more difficult steps, such as, HHonor your cornerf, and Hpromenade . . . all promenade," Were added, and the girls soon realized to their great delight that they were ahle to do a variety ol square dances. It Wasrft long alter this that the girls were ready to learn the rhumha. School was proving itself quite economical, for the girls no longer had to pay for lessons at Arthur Murrayss. Ann Levy and Fanny lgnatios were foremost among the great dancers of the gym classes. When the girls thought they lcnew the rhumha fairly well, they Went on to the tango. Vvhile most of the delicate damsels struggled through the course, Dolores Steinthal and Barbara Leonard found that gym class Was a cinch, since they had had experience dancing in the Victory Show in their first year at Forest Hills. Jo Raslcind stepped out into the limelight this term hy winning the girls' tennis tournament. For adding more feathers to the class cap, which was already quite well hedeclced. she received the thanlcs of her grateful classmates. Still faithful to the leaders cluh at the end of seventh term Were Hermine Kivelson, Rilca Lax, and Elea- nor Homhach. Jaclcie Aptel was hard at Worlc malcing up for lost time since she had not become a leader until her Senior year. At last, the ultimate goal was reached. Yes, the girls had loecome honest-to- goodness, real, live SENIORS. Ch, those marvelous people! How wonderful they loolc strutting down the hall With their flashy Senior huttons and chapeaux. But, when we come to the gym, everything looks differentffo the horror of the department gym suits are torn, with missing lauttons, missing helts, loolcing as if they hadn't loeen cleaned since the previous summer fwhich in some cases may he truef. Part- ing With these precious hits of clothing that hold such fond memories will doubtless hrealc the girls' hearts. But why he sentimental when the new freshmen will need these gym suits because of the acute shortage of materials? So, f-1 with a remarlcahly unselliish attitude, We leave to the Girls, Gym Department of Forest Hills High School, our beautiful blue gym suits. Do with them what you Willl Pk P14 Pk ik Dk THE BELLS In the long years to come, we'lt remember the hells, VVe'll remember just how they rang, As early each morning, they totlecl out like knetts Anal called us to class with each ctang. But each afternoon, unlike morningys gloom, They sounded like calls clear and true, .L As their ringing tune quickly emptied each room, 1 I liked the last hell, diotn,t you? Y MXSS H. C-RXBBx1w -4: NRS. E. DEFAR STRATNE k ADNHNX AS SXST ANT GUKDANCE CH NRMAN KA l I GO. ADVXSER COLLEGE ADVXSER 1 MRS. H. McCANNA f MR. F. BARTLETY UMy teacher asked me to write a composition on the Forest School. That was three weeics ago. I have just completed the 'final draft of the manuscript, and ai- though I am not superstitious, and do not believe in homework miracles, I must admit that Lady Fate has smiled down rather favorably upon me. ushe began her magic speii on a Xvednesday. I re- member it was a Wednesday, because it was the first time I had gone to the oth period Study Hail. On Monday and Tuesday I had been chasing after Mr. Schwartz, trying to get my Chem. 21320 changed to Chem. ZPSO. You see, I aiways balance equations bet- 4 f ter in the afternoon when fm fuiiy awake .... MR' R' MCINDOE uHowever, fm beginning to wander from my orig- inal story. As I was saying iym sitting in the Study Hail, minding my own business, not making a sound, just reading my Daily News, when Mr. Mcindoe f-- heys the head of the Forest School f-4 comes hurrying down the aisle. He pauses near the piano, says a few words to Mr. Swirsicy, and starts iooicing around the auditorium. , UBeiieve me, there must have been at least three hundred students in Study Hall that afternoon. Weil . . . he glances over two hundred and ninety-nine of them and then his gaze fastens on me. ' 'Tm spell-bound . . . petrified in my seat. Bly brain starts whirling very fast. I see pictures of a 'tiring squad taking aim at a strangely familiar Figure blind-folded against a high, gray wail. Somebody yells KFireV and a barrage of anecdotal cards come Hying out of the rifies. 'SMr. iVIcindoe's shadow tails across my face, and I am wondering how he ever found out about my cutting history. usuddeniy, I realize Mr. Mcindoe is talking to me, and his voice is quivering, almost pleading. S . . . and we need a Hail Niarshai in front GRADE ADVISERS of the Library. You'ii get ' Mondays and Fridays off- duty, and a pass out of the building for the period. Youyii receive service credits too. Fifteen credits for the term and one additional credit for every Freshman you find wandering through the haii without a pass . . . What do you say? Vviii you take the post? . . . ' "FM the moment Tm COD- Miss G. FARLEY Miss M. wluviorr iused. Finally, I let out a deep sigh of relief and force a iittie smile. You see, 1 don't want him to get suspicious. Sure . . . sure, when do I start? U 'Tomorrow . . . y He hands me a white card. 'Show this Employment cer- tificate to the Captain of the Marshais and he'ii put your name on the pay-roll immediately., HThe following day, at the beginning of the 6th period, I take my post near the library door, and start reading my copy of U1-he Hail Marshaiis Code Book oi Ethics., The 'corridor is empty. Everything is quiet, peaceful. nAbout ten minutes later . . . it canyt have been more than ten minutes because I am stiii on the first page-I hear a strange noise, like loud chanting, coming from the vicinity of Mr. Keyes' room. H-1-he door opens very slowly, and a guy emerges into the corridor, his face hidden behind an open book, walking like he was hypnotized in a trance. I notice heys wearing a Senior hat, and he's chanting just like the other kids in the room. He's so engrossed in his book, he doesn't even pause to took into the library. in fact, he doesn,t even see me sitting near the door. "Hes mumbling funny words too. S . . . then speak for yourseives. Ring the aiarum-beiii Niurder and treason! Banquo and Donaibain! Niaicoimi Awake! Shake off this downy sleep, deathis counterfeit . . . , 'tHe keeps on Walking down the corridor. I jump up from my chair. I donit know about any murder and treason, or Banko and Donald-Brain. All I know is the guy doesn,t show me his pass. nl tap him on the shouider. 'Hey, wheres your Pass? 'tHe ignores my question. K . . . VVhat's the business, that such a hideous trumpet caiis to pariey the sleepers of the house? Speaki Speaki . . . ' ui move up next to him. I notice heys wearing thick-rimmed spectacles, squatting tow on the bridge of his nose. SListen, wise guy, rm speaking and this is the business. VVhere,s your Pass? uHe pauses near the swinging doors and looks up over high spectacles, eyeing me coidiy. Ki beg your pardon? H 'VVhere's your Pass? H 'iVir. Keyes has sent me on a very urgent mission., H Kvvhereyre you going? H 'Are you a Republican? v " 'Noi' 'tHe shifts his gaze from my face to the pastel drawings on the wait. SThen I am very sorry. I cannot reveal my destination., '5At this point, with the aid oi iogarithms, I start to mentally calculate how much trouble fm going to have getting this guy into Mr. Mcindoe's office. H KVViii you please come peacefully, or do I have to carry you? UI turn my head toward the Forest School office, indicating the general direc- tion. Suddeniy there is a rush of air, a cloud of white smoke, and pifift . . . the guy has vanished . . . disappeared . . . evaporated. Hes gone. MVVhen the smoke clears sufficiently. I notice a rectangular sheet of paper on the Hoor. itls an advertisement. it reads: " 'THIS SMOKE-SCREEN HAS BEEN FURNISHED THROUGH THE COURTESY OF MR. ERNEST B. WILSON-RM. l53.' uDeiectediy, I return to my post in front of the library. "The chanting has ceased from Mr. Keyes, room, the corridor is quiet again, and I am left contemplating what sequence of events will next evoive from the myriad of mysterious crevices of the Forest Schooif, - HILL CHUUL A tour of the fahuious Hiii Schooi shouid prove both educational and entertaining to the traveiier. The trip ioegins in the smoky, murky iaiix section. Peering cioseiy through the fog, one can see the iousy figures of ivissrs. Schwartz, Vviison, et ai. ever proh- ing into the weird scientific proioiems. it is truiy an awe-inspiring sight to see Mr. Vviison wrestling man- fuiiy with a container of iouiohiing suifuric acid, letting ioose a stream of picturesque Southern language, while a sieepy ciass watches. I The mood and scene rapidly changes as the travei- ler enters the region of the ianguage office and class- MR. A' MORRISON rooms. The Wayfarer is serenaded with beautiful ren- ditions of nTWinicie, Twinicie, Littie Starf, in Latin, and the Spanish version of "Jingle Beiisf' and is only too glad to speed ioy the boys' gym, with its hiood-curdiing screams and mortai groans of agony. The tomh-like study hail, ioustiing giris, gym, and the orderly attendance otiice are quiciciy passed, and the tourist soon comes upon the heart of Forest Hills High Schooiwthe Administrative Gftices. The sleeping or dozing Hill School students encountered along the way are more numerous here: half-heartediy carrying notes to remote sections of the school, comfortahiy at rest in Mrs. De Farkas, ottice. The General Ottice on the right hand is duiy inspected, and one iingers a moment to gaze at the poor creatures in the Guidance Ofiice pitifuiiy pleading for "any coiiege hut '--. Mr. Bartietti in Next door is the shame oi the Hiii School-the Cutting Office. The student of human tragedy Finds ample materiais here. The cold, austere room is tiiied with the pitiful, insufficient excuses of offenders. Truly the scene is one of horror. In a corner, severai Hiii Schooiites doze peacefuiiy. After the never-to-he-for gotten Cutting Office scenes, GRADE ADVISERS the rest of the trip is an anti- ciimax. issuing from the Prin- cipai's Office, one may hear the calm, judicial voices of the Principal and Heads of School discussing vitai edu- cationai prohiems. The hend near the English Office is rounded, and the tired hut happy traveiier reaches journeyss end, accom- panied hy the soft, rneiodious strains of the Hiii School Alma Mater: Z-Z-Z-HHH MRs. E. PETTIT MRS. E. DHIFENDERFER Hl'lere,s another funny incident that happened to me only a few weeks ago. lxflayloe l shoulclnyt he telle ing you this storyg l don,t think Dr. Brandwein would approve if he knew l was making the facts pulolic without his permission. However, since l have already loeen accepted loy Queens College, l don't think another anecdotal card will make any difference in my plans for graduation. Therefore, l will loegin my narration. in-lihe hell resounds through the louilcling, ending the third period. lVlrs. Sutterlin 'finishes her sentence and loeckons us toward the door. l pack my economics hook under my arm, smile pleasantly as l pass her desk and DR. P. BRANDVVEIN hurry out of the room. The corridor is filled with students-a huge, hungry crowd-moving toward the lunchroom. 'Slowly l make my way toward the Boys, Gym, and just as l am passing through the main lololimy, a small dwartish-looking man steps out from behind the hulletin hoard and raps me on the shoulder. H Tm a reporter from the New York Times., " Oh, really? U KNO, 0'Reilly., i ul pause, not knowing whether to laugh or grimace. Kvvhat can l do for you? H sl have an appointment for an interview with Dr. Branclwein at . . .' He glances at his wristwatch. C. . . in about ten minutes. Could you please take me to his olzlziceff nO,Reilly looks at me hard, with small heady eyes. 'VVell, first you'll have to get a visitorys Pass in the General Utliice. Thats right around the corner. Follow me., '4 escort him into the Gen- eral Gfliice. As l open the GRADE ADVISERS cloor, the period loell rings. lVliss Braun is checking some papers at the desk. " 'Yes?' U0'Reilly steps forward. 'l have an appointment for an interview with Dr. Brand- Wein. This young hoy . . . , He waves vaguely in my direction. ' . . . tells me l need a Visitor's Pass., H'l'lere you are, sir., She hands Him the pass- Then MRS, M. PRATT MRS. A. KOELSCH she looks at me. You know where Dr. Brandweinys ofiice is? I nod muteiy. HVVe finaiiy arrive at the door of the Park School office. Dr. Brandwein is seated ioehind his desk near the window, gazing over a portfolio of top miiitary secrets. "Although he has regained some of his composure, Mr. OyReiiIy is stiii a iittie pink behind the ears. 'Thank you, you dear, dear iooy., HI iean against the doorway, peering toward the museum and listening. H Tm O,Reiiiy from the New York Times. fm here for that interview., H 'Oh, yes. Vveii, I haven,t much time to speak with you, Mr. O,Reiiiy. I have to make a very important telephone caii to Washington. However, Hi arrange to have Richard Lewontin sent here, and you may ask him any questions., HHe sees me leaning against the doorway. 'Write out a pass for Richard Lewontin to he sent here immediately., nlnside my iorain there is a Hash of lightning, and a ciap of thunder, followed hy a phase of genuine inspirationi HI write out the Pass okay. Qniy I don't write it out for Richard Lewontin, Forest Hiiis' contrihution to the Atomic age: I write it out for Godfrey Dentz, ace shot-putter of the track squad. Uwieanwhiie, Dr. Brandwein is talking. ' . . . so you see the entire school is working on a scientific hasis. On this Hoor we have the Nature Museum and the Biology iahoratory. You know, Mr. OyReiiiy, a great deai of the preliminary work on the atom homh was conducted in our iahoratory. Aiso we have a competent detachment of freshmen wheeling the hand-trucks iaden with experimental equip- ment. None of these hit-and-run drivers. No, siri All of our operators have licenses signifying the completion of a ten-week course in the mechanics and maintenance of the hand-truck. They have heen trained to move a 28-inch truck through 50-inch doorways, which is quite an accomplishment, even for a sophomore. Our staff . . ., 'Standing outside the office, I think I see Godfrey Dentz turning the corner behind the swinging doors, down near Wir. Sussman,s room. I take a couple of deep breaths, giving the impression lyve heen running up the stairs. Then I stick my head in the doorway. H 'Washington caiied the General Uffice, Dr. Brandwein. They want you to cali hack immediately. They said something ahout "0peration Crossroads? Urgent., u0'Reiiiy seems to recognize me and grins disdainfuiiy H 'I'lI have to ieave you, Mr. O'Reiiiy. Vvait right here. H611 . . . he . . . here - . . 3 ...rn...just...a...m1nute... HDL Brandwein is already racing down the stairs. UO,Reiiiy sits gazing out the window, watching the Gym ciass out on the field. Godfrey Dentz iumhers into the room, smiiing at me. I whisper in his ear. KHe,s a reporter. Wants to interview you., UHe Hexes his arm muscles, sticks out his chest and sits down hehind Dr. Brandwein,s desk. 'You wanta see me? Huh? u0'Reiiiy gives him the crooked smile, too. U 'Teil me Mr. Dentz, what do you think of the new isotron, the eiectro- magnetic mass separator using an extended source of ions, in contrast to the siit sources used in ordinary mass spectrographs 7 Hcvodfrey throws a pleading iook in my direction. I shrug my shoulders. God- frey ciears his throat and says very impressively, Kcertainiy, Mr. O,Reiiiy.' miiiuis batties him temporariiy, but be bas anolber question. Swhat about Fermiis Woric Witb U-2557 miibis time Godfrey doesnyt even ilesitate. KA two ilundred and tifiirty-five pound weigimt is icinda ileavy . . . but be ougilta be abie to timrow for time distance., SKQ'Reiiiy is siliiting uneasiiy in i1iS ciiair. KiVir. Dentz, Dr. Brandwein teiis me you do better tilan anybody in the scbooi., 'HTi1at's rigbt., Godfrey puts on a big smiie. 'Before i ilurt my icnee I used to be abie to do thirty-six feet., A 'Oh reaiiyft' H KNO, originaiiy., ucvodirey breaics into iiystericai iaugiiter, i aimost fait oft my ctiair and O'Reiiiy turns red in time face again. Wi-iianic you tor your very interesting inter- view, iVir. Dentz. And when you see Dr. Branciwein. piease convey my regrets tor taicing up so mucb of bis vaiuaioie time., uHe stomps out of time ottice, burning iiice a iobster. uperixaps i do ieei an occasionai twinge of pain in my conscience widen i tbinic about O'Reiiiy, but itis never serious enougix to caii a doctorf, AND NOW ? For four iong years weive sweateci, Weirle toiled until the bell '- Yet Harvard cloesnit want us, Ancl neither does Cornell. Although we've boned and iiustiecl, Anct worked from nine to three, Chicago keeps refusing, And so does U.S.C. Northwestern piainty scorns us, Wisconsin just says no. Kentucky says, Htry iaterf, Anct so does idaho. Away, fond dreams of college, it seems tiiat learning wills That next year fate will find us, Post gracls at Forest Hills. it seems it was but yesterday i came ilere iiice a jester gay. i biitimeiy tripped tbrougil term and term Escaping education's germ. But now ive reached tire 'tinisir iine, Stiii bead above the foaming brine, I came upon a tbougbt so ilugez it's Startling bow oid Tempus Fugitsi 3 x Xxxgx Xxx xx WY.. RX K SSE X X QKXEF 1 ' K hx xx K J X l x 1- 5 5 Nvx f , mx f 4 ff xXN fm NX' ' . M f r X X W www ' 3 , C: W ff Q--. X. YNY 7 XS -- 1 , 'xiwx g, fl X , - A f N Q ff f 'll' G ww J -X ' X - XX -. ew . . Q V 1 1, XXXL ,X X X ,- QU' xx X - XNXQ K X JX' Y X i W ' X X ,H21 N X19 w Gm . v N -X f FY XXX N 1 f MOST oNT X X X? SEQ XX 1 X X ,N - xs 'Y 3 GX 'ihtd N ' fx X if 2 ' xisixw X X X X, 1 Xe . c ' ff- Q Q SEG xltihwwo- DHME RASKIND fi :Z Ti XX! 5' X, XX All xiig XXX RQ- i l M ffqfp' Xb - N-X X Q.'f'Y::,:,u Vg Xi , ' 'I QOL ? fi A x W -wa 'ez QQ Y , Q 5 gX 3 ' Q A f 1 W 1 N X Q QW sq2Q N f ' M ' -we-1-Qlfgx 'if 2 K 'gm If I pf 'fxfqb Syn ,,4,i:Va1"e. ,Q SQ5, X X Qi 1 'y ,.- ' WU" 79 HANDSOQESTR ,. X 1 A ,dx rf ' W , ,V :N . 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CLASS, SR. presents SENIORS IN REVIEWIIIII featuring THE CLASS OF '46 PRODUCTION BY FOREST HILLS Executive Director, Everett SChlTlidt Assistant Director, Lita Phillips Executive Secretary, Emilie Sue Yott Financial Director, Lillian Peterson U Executive Recorder, Pat Delaney MUSICAL PROGRAM fSuI:Jject to Change, Act I i- FRESHMAN SCENE I Can,t,You Read Between tI1e Lines .............,.................... FiIIing Out DeIaney Cards I Cant Say No ..............,............,..... I,m Afraid of You .......... ........... SI0wIy ......,.................... Dues ..................I:irst Report Carci ...................I:oocI Line How Sweet You Are ........ .......... 9 AFX: Average SCENE II I Get a Kick Out of You .....,.............,..,............. ......... T Ile Victory SI1ow I Don,t Know Enough About You ....................... ..,........, G .O. EIections As If I DicIn,t Have Enough on My Mind ........... .................. M iciterms Speak Low ..............................,...,......................... ............. T Ire Library Iym Still Crazy for You ....................................................... .......,... 9 l.7'Kz Average SCENE I Act II - SOPI-IOMORE It Started AII Over Again ........................................... Q .................. More DeIaney Cards 'I-Iuere Must Be a Vvay .......................................................................... War BoncI Drive How Deep Is tI1e Ocean? ...................................... ........ M atI1 Pr0IuIem of the VVeeIc In an Eighteenth Century Drawing Room .......... .................................. S tucIy I'IaII Too LittIe Too Late ...........,................................. .......................... 8 TMJ Average SCENE II Too MarveIous for Words ..................... How Many Hearts Have You Broken? ........ Woe Is Me ......................................,....... I,m Riding a CIoucI ................................. Doing It tI1e Hard Way .............,....,...... SCENE I Act HI IVIust FaII ................................................ Goodbye, GoocI LucIc. God BIess You. I,m Making BeIieve ................................. The Jive Is Jumping ............................... Iyve I'IacI This FeeIing Before ..... SCENE II One MeatIaaII ............................... And There You Are ........................ Temptation ............................................ Iym Beginning to See I Can,t BeIieve It .................................... SCENE I A Door VViII Open .......... .............. At tI1e Crossroads ............. These FooIisI1 Things ......... Let,s DanCeI ............................ Itls Too Late Now to Vvorry ........ SCENE II I-4 FINALE Stairway to tI1e Stars ...................,...... Ainit Got a Dime to My Name ........ TI1riII of a Liftetime ............................. TI1ere's a Great Day Comin, Manana Till We Meet Again ....................... Act IV JUNIOR ..................Iunior Miss ...........Regents Exams Marks ..........The School Bus ...........84.7'MJ Average ....................DroppecI Latin the Light ............ .................... ,...... for Forest Leaves .In tI1e Emergency Room Concert Average PIate SpeCiaI Ritchie To Cut or Not To Cut? ....................Trigonometry Average SENIOR Last'-1 A SENIOR ............................CoIIege? ...............................Passes ...........CoIIege Acceptance Staircase ............PaicI Senior Dues ............................Senior Prom ..................................GracIuation At tI1e AIumni Meetings My N 7 Z Q AW W xxw N XXXX f ,nf Z af Z Z ff? y Z gi 1 l 5 74 Z5 4 7? f 47 Z4 Z ff Z ZZ ff 5 IZ Z Z 2 fi X ff 74 1 Z! Z if if 5 ff y 44 47 y 47 X If fy 4 47 Z Z4 Z4 2 X! I If ff Z if 7 ff If 4 ZZZZZZZ Z yi ff? Zz Z If ff! ,ff 4 if XZ! If 1' ZZZZZ?Z 2 Ziff? 2 QZZZZ Z 2 ZZZ2Z 2 ZZZZ gg Z Zi47ffZ 2 4 E 2 Z ,Q 5-'fi fi 4 2 Z Z f Z :...:-T XX f 1-.-:j , iff R. PADUL ANACREON, ROBERT E. 'liracli Team: Capt., Senior Section: Meritorious Service Certilicate: P.S.A.l,. Awarcl: Hi-Y. Altlio in liis classes a stuclent of note, He is liigllly acclaimed lay popular vote. College. ANDERSON, SHERXVOOD XV. President ot Forest Scllool: G.O. City Council: Arista: Captains' Corps: Sopli- omore Representative. Anclerson was lrorn a learler of men: Hislpower lies in liis sworcl - a pen. Coll:-ge. APTEL, JACQUELINE F. Leaclers' Clula: Girls' Healtli Service Aide: Hall lx'18ISl'l8l. Efficient, quiclz to get tliings done. Xklitlt time to spare, tlris merry one. College. ASHLEY, LAURA J. Hill Scliool Office Aide: Gym Ollicc Aicle: Volleyball. Yvlien Laura tllru tlie liullway posses. UI-llllllllln 9Cll0ES -l-TOYI1 VIQKIFZIY classes. BACHARACH, BURT A lletter musician tlirm Burton, Wolild lne lzurol to fincl, nwlre certain. Business. BAKER, JOYCE F. Leaders' Club: Forester Stall: lwlarsltalg Baslietluall Clulo: Minor Letter. loyce is vivacious ancl full of lun Vvlitli greeting gay for everyone. College. BALASH, JOAN CAROL Clioral Speaking Clloir: ixlinutcmanq Bowlin Club: Home Nursing Clulo: 5 Volleyball Club. Wlieri worlzys to lie clone Tlierrfs Ioan, for one. College. 30 BALDINO, ROBERT A. Exceptional Service: Captains' Corps: P.S.A.l,. Awarcls: Pltysical Fitness Awarrl. Spring lras lzrougllt a reel geranium No, No. lt's only Bolzlniels cranium. College. BANOBIE. LYDIA Quo. Representative: Bloclern Dance Group: Choral Speaking: History Ol- llice Stall. Wlonderfrillrl lye our llarslz reality, If eucli one lmacl your personality. Business. BARCLAY, M. CORNELIA Forest Leaves Art Boarcl: Nluseum Squacl: Gym Oiliice Aicle: Cliorus: Art OFli1'e Aicle. Some lull darla man may lllltld ller llearl, But to ncornyn alone lzelongs ller art. College. BARON. EDMUND Forester Eclitor: Beacon Stall: Varsity Baslietldall: Captains' Corps: Gylli Nlarslml. Ar tlre Senior Yeurlnookls lieocl Sits. Conimuncling, Baron College, BARON, MARTIN D. Lklllli TLll0l': Study Halt lvlarsllalz Pres- iclent, Biology Class: Sectional Discus- sion Conlerenccs. It tlrere slroulol lne u lourl commotion, lts only Martiels jaws in motion. College. BARON, SUZETTE Arista: Forester Stall: Associate Stall of tlle Beacon: Science ancl lvlatli Journal: Science Bulletin, Her murlzs are liigli, quite near llll' lop, A real go-getter, liarrl to stop, College. BARRETT. PATRICIA E. Boys' Healtll Ecl. Ollice: Flarsltal: I-lOSlf'SS CUlllIll,Z V0ll6y'l78ll Yliefllll. Ol tliis gay lilonfle Vtfelre miglily fond. Business Scliool. THE F ORESTER BATZ. JOE R. Yllracli Team: Senior Bancl: Captains' Corps. To do tlwings well is incleecl lris lenackg Tliis inclurles music as well as truclz. Business. BALTMAN, ELEANOR Art Bletal Foreign Policy Club: Forest Office Aide, ylarslial, Sweet anal clulrming, Utterly flisarming. Business. BENNETT, LEILA P. Senior Banclz Clwering Section: Bowl- ing Clulnz lvlarslmlz Emergency Room Aide. Brilliant of lreacl, anrl skillecl ol lrancl, May' slie malee music in swingtime Banrl. College. BENNETT, SALLY .l. Art Stall oi' Foresierg Cleric in General Ollice: Class Officer: Marslial. Sally Bennett will someday lne Anotlier Hattie Carnegie. College. , BENSON, ELIOT H. Baslcetlnall Team: Soccer Team: Sclmol Correspondent to L, l. Press ancl L. l. Star .lournalg P.S.A.L. Awarcls: ixleri- torious Service Certificate. He aspires to lie a legal giant: May Heaven lielp tlle unwary client. College. BERRICK, ELLEN D, Clwrus iVlemizer: lvlajor ivlusic Awarcl: Nleritorious Certificate, Section Captain. Eyes of lnlue, l1air of lnrown - Never Ellen witl1 a frown. College. BLOCK, ROBERT HARRY BHTIJI Ol'Cl'lCSlI'H1 BEiSCbBll Tefllll. Our tootin' Bleek witll eyes of lJrown, lvlisses little lnelninzl tliat frown. College. JUNE 1946 l . N BLOOM, BERNARD DONALD Pllraclc Team, lxlajor Letter: Prom Com- mittee: intramural Baslcetluall, Hancl- lrall, Soccer: Senior Play. His lnlue eyes glint in roving glance, Ami Builfly is ripe for anotl1er romance BOLLAG. NONIQLYE Secretary in Healtlx Ollice: Baslietlnall Team as l"rcsl1man: Xvciglit Lifting ancl Xvrestling. powerful, init weale, Feminine, Moniqiie. BOVONE, l"LORl.-KN RICHARD Tutor in Spanislmg President ol Section Classes: P.S.A.L.g ivlarslial in Cale- teriag Presiclent ol lxlatli and Sp2lI'tlSll Classes. Faitlxful, UlllI7lll0US, loyal, true--I Tliis is tlre image we llave of you. College. BRASCH, ARNOLD C. Queens Sectional Discussion Confer- r-ncesg Biology Squacl: Marshal: Soil Testing Squad: Forum Club. Our Senator Claglxorn is Artie Brascli, ln lialls resonncling, in speecli ever rasll. College. BRAVERMAN, INA MAXINE Senior Orcliestra. Darla aml petite. Clxarming, sweet, College. BRESLlN, LORRAINE D. Forest Oli-ice Aiole: Hill Office Aide: Stenograpluy ancl Typing Awards: Sten. Club. Hear ye, lieur, witli note of clieerl Dancing slre's clwsen lor lmr career, Business. BRIMBERG, LORRAINE J. Exceptional Nleritorious Certificate: Leaclers' Club: Art lvletal Club: Arista Tutor. Artistic clesign slze's goorl at, very: Slle will go lar at Xvillium ancl Mary. College. '51 BRINCKERHOFF, JOHN Presiclent of CLO.: All-City Band: Sen- ior Council: Tracliz Soccer. Socially, scliolastically giftecl lolm: Oli, pity tlie G.O. wlien liels gone. College. BRODELL. ANN B. Eclitor, Beacon: Arista: Stall, Forester: Stall, lVlatlx-Science Journal: Science Bulletin Boarcl. Hriiilor slie lius, lzeen mincl, imagination, Creative sleill, unrl quiet contemplation. College. BROSSEAU, INA Arista: Cliorusz Play Procluction: For- ester: Language Honor Society. Ina, Ina, wllat sliall we say? Beauty speales in a quiet way. Colle gc. BROWN. GLORIA IVI. Nleritorious Service Certificate: Atten- clance Awards: Cao. Council: Nlatli Awarcl: Cosmopolitan Clulo. A lovely miss with a magic smile r-1 Away, you camel, for tlie glory mile. College. BROXVN. JUNE l. Prcsiclenl' ol: Forest Sclluol: Vicitory' Council: Frcsliman Rep. Forest Selwel: Exceptional Service Certificate: Coni- missioner ol Publicity. Tall. slim, and most clirrinely fair, Slie stimulates flue rlry, tlie stagnate air. BURNS. SALLY AIDA Vvlliat a popular gall "Hubba, turbine," Sul. College. BUSCHBIAN, DAVID Beacon Stall: Baslietlaall, Tracli. Soccer, I'IanrllJnll Intramurals: Senior Play. Section teacliers liacl to uvait For Durvirl Buselirnun, always late. 52 CANTIN, IRENE M. Nluscuin Squaclg Play Procluction: Flarslial, At Irene were sure youll like to loole: About lier uve coulcl write a lzoole. College. CARACO. RENE D. SOCCBI' FFOHIIIZ lx7lEll'SltZll. xvlien winter comes, not liarrl to please, He climlws a lrill f- glicles clown witlz ease. College. CARILLO. MADELINE BI. Art Bletal Clulnz History Olllice Aicle. Flitting lilee proverlzial lzee, Vital, efferriescent slie. College. CARR. CYRIL L., JR. Senior Section Captain: Captains' Corps: Senior Office: Forest Hills Civil Air Patrol Squaclron. A section captain cloes liis cluty, If lie malzes eyes at every cutie. Ll. S. Navy. CAVERS. ALICIA M. Library Squacl: Hill Ollice: lvlalie-up lor Assenilmlies: Ixleritorious Certificate. Features alluring, and reclclislz lrair, All tlie lmys at Alicia stare. College. CHEIKEN. STANLEY ALLEN Service Squad: Cliorus. Over teaclwers and stuclents lie lrolils sway. Anil never a girl but glances liis wav College. CHERNOXV. GAY N. Play Procluction: Leaders' Clulwz Bac- lcetlnall Clulmg Ping Pong Cluln. Her favorite place is in tlre gym: Tliere Gay reveals lier pep uml vim. Colle ge. THE F ORE S TE R CHETRON, ALAN I. Spanisli Cluln: Stucly, Lunclr Room Nlarslaal: Geometry Tutor. Vxllien Alanls on a talleing spree He fills tlie Spanisli class witli glee. College. CHRISTIANSON, MARY JANE Lalnoratory Tecllnicians Squad: lvlatlr- Science .lournalg Beacon Stall: Girl Leacler. Arista: Forest Leaves Stall. Hsliall l compare tllee to a summer's clay? Tlrou art more lovely, more temperate. COHEN, HELEN EDITH Home Economics Aide: lxlarslral. Helenls cute: Helenfs smart: Sliels a girl for any lieart. College. COHEN, PAULA .IUDITH Beacon Stall: Forest Leaves: Play Pro! cluction: Curators Clulag Forester. Paula's a pal f-1 slie's never spiteful, No noise, mucli poise f-1 cleliglrtfull College. CONOVER, FLORENCE B. Arista: Language Honor Society: l.FfCHCll-AmEflCHH Stuclentng Hill At- tenclance Office: Forest Leaves. Her, sweet cllarm Protects from liarm. College. CORDTS. DIANA Exceptional Certificate: Hostess: Hcaltlx Service Squad: Aide in llill Scliool Olllice: Study Hall N'lElI'Sllill. Diuna's lveauty is surpussecl lpy few, Her eyes afspurlzle uritli tlie morning rlew. Business. CORNICK. JOYCE Art Stall, Forester: Guiclance Olllicel Art Ollice: lx'1EIfSllillC Poster Clulm. Concerning loyce it must be sairl, Success Iias never liurt liar Iieazl, Business Scliool. I UNE 1946 CUTTER, CHESTER F. Lieutenant ol Hall anal Cafeteria lVIar- slialsz Souncl Squacl. Stage Crew: Hill Atlenclance Ollice Aide. Vvluslzington. anrl IVlarsliall's claim to fume As generals are nauglit, lJy Cliestefs ITUHLC. College. COVVAN, JANET R. Lilnary Squacl: lvlarslial Service. The promise of laugliter slze ever re l71'UlS In eyes tlml sparkle --1 all sorrow con ceuls, CREGAN, MARY C. Nlarslialz lvlinutcman. A moclest maiden, self-containerl, Her conaluct recorrl quite unstainerl. Business College. CURRAN, PATRICIA A. Secretary, Attendance Oli-ice: Section Captain. A liigli l.Q. anal marlzs still lriglrer, Vile sing Izer praise on dulcet lyre. College. DALLO, PETER K. Nlatlr. Science Awarcls: lVlatl1 Tutor: President, Stamp Clulo: Meritorious Service. lvluclr we'rl say of lmrown-eyeol Peter ,-. Had we sucli comrnanrl of meter. College. DANMES, XVESLEY R. ljrcsiclent ol Hill Scliool: Lalaoratory Sqllflfll lX'7lill'Sllal. An artist, yes, lm! to a certain flame is Wes a zlream. Tell me wlzat lzer name is. College. DAVIDSON, ROBERT H. Scliool Bancl. Boli plays tlie flute in liigli sclrool lzarul, XVitIi Iilting lip ancl nimble lraml. College. 53 DAVIS, DON lntramural Hanrllnall. l'le's rnailzernatically inclined: His Spanisli, too, is most refined. College. DELANEY, PATRICIA Nl. Senior Recorrler: Senior Council: Treas- urerls Office: Section Secretary: lVlerl- torious Servire Certillicate. For someone witty, nay, slxels lurainy, Clioose our clever Pat Delaney. Business DERINGTON, CAROLE L. Yvlren first slie joinecl us, somewlxat porous, An element, now, in. tlte Senior cliorus. College. DEVLIN, CLAIRE E, Secretary, Attenclance Olilice: Section Captain: Nlarslial: Secretary, Latin and Englisll. A pert little nose we find on Claim 'lo lend lzer a lilting, iaunty air. College. DEVLIN, PATRICIA C. CXO- RePf0SC!1fHliVC: Attenclance Olf lice? Sl?1'10SffiPl1Y Certificates: Secretary to Boys Healtll Eel: lvlarslml, ln political fielol tliis Pat is well namerl' Her executive art lias macle l1er furi famed Business. DIAMOND, ARIHUR H. Nlemlmer ol All-City Bancl: Presiclent of F.I'l.I'l.S. Band- Section Ca tain. - P Simllg, Sfvlli. and rotlter clever, No possible rloulvt, none uflmtever. College. DICKMAN, CARYL J. Art ixletal Club: General Gliice. Yvlitli soclzs unol loafers, sweater, slelrt, -leen-age appeal to o sclzool-lnoy flirt. College. 54 DIINIOND, JEAN A. lforest Leaves: Cllorusz Goll Clulmg Englisll Olzlicc Aiile. A pert young miss, witlt truculent air -1 Plzilosoplzyls leanniels particular flair. College. JOLIVEIRA, JULIO V. lntranlural Baslietlballg ylatlx lnstru- ments Clulo: lX!lZll'SllEll. fl Latin genius - leorneil lie: Xvitli notliing less tlzan 95, College. DONNELLY, RICHARD F. lraclsz Golf. . Because lieys full, witlt eyes of lnlue, Colleens fall - ancl uioulclnlt you? College. DOVVNEY, IVIILDRED R. Exceptional Service: Forester: Science Oliice: Cao. Council: lxlatli Certificate. A constellation flying low, But still uliove our lxeulls, lnelow. College. DRESKIN, XVANDA Typist in Lilwrary Ollic'e: Secretary in Ollicc Practice: Baslcf-tlmll Cluly: Soc- cer ClulJ: Nlinute Alan - V. Bonils. Seemingly quiet, Sliess really u riot. Business Scliool. DRING, JOAN E. lxleritorious Certificate: Vice-Presiclent ol yluseurn: Nluseum Squad: Caletcria Nlarslial: Recitation Class Secretary. Tell us, loanie, wluo's llie male Xvlio always follows on your trail? Business. DRON, JOHANA C. Alarslml: Guiflance Ainle: Cutting OI- lice Aiclc: Section Secretary. Xve cunvt clescrilvelier in only one line. Because slie is so lVlY-T-Fine. College. THE F ORESTER DUERNBERGER, RUTH J, Museum Squaclg Secretary: Volleyball Club: Rangerettes: General Science Club. Friemls sliels won, Thru sense of fun. Business DXVORETSKY, PEARL V. Honor Certificates: Meritorious Service Certificate: Basketball Club: Ollice Aide: Radio Debate. Sometimes giftezl Pearl writes Hpomesf' Transforming notebooks to wortliy tomes. College. EHRENFREUND, THELMA General Office Aicle: Switcliboarcl Op- eralor. Cool anzl quiet, sweet, serene, A girl so poisecl is selrlom seen College. EHRHARDT, ARTHUR R. Senior Orcllestra ancl Senior Band: Prom Committee: Cllem Lab. Senior Olzlicec Poster Club. A little jolee, a little cbeer, A lot of rniscliief -1 ATlllUT'S liere. College. EICHLER. FRANK K. Mathematics-Science Journal: Cllemis- try Laboratory Squaclg Pliysics Labora- tory Squacl. Tlzo' Frank may be quiet, lie is sounolg Where lwnors are liigllest, lie is founcl. College. EISENBERG, MARVIN H. A goocl companion, rain or slrine, Vxfitli turlzulently lmmorecl line. Business. ELLNER, CONRAD N. Presiclent ol Language Honor Society: Biology Lab. Teclmician: Ecole Libre: Fencing. Varsity: Cliem. Lab. He IRIS Iflfaifls, IJTOIUH, Clftfl Illll '-' In a nutsliell, Connie's I ttf' College. 1946 ERNST, MARTHA E. torious Service Certificateg Leaclers Club: Tennis Club. Belxolrl our Martlwa, fair to see, Vvlitli cliarm enougli for tivo or tlrreei College. ERNSTIN, DONATA M, Leaclers' Club: Baslretball Clubg Alan sbalg Cutting OH-ice Aicle. Donula. clmrrns ,em with ber smile - Soon sl1e'll walle riglit clown tlie aisle. College. EZRIN. FLORENCE 80 Vvorcl Steno Club: Secretary in Healtli Eel. Olhceg Marsllal. Vfitlr winning smile and llelping lrand, A loyal friend in great clemaml. Business. FARIS. THOMAS M. Arista Treasurer: Vice-Presiclent ol See- tiong lVlatl1 Instruments Club: Luncb- room Marslialq Curators Club. Vvlitli girls ancl music, sports ancl Aris- Ta. a luclzy guy is Tommy Faris. College. l'ElTLER. MARGE Nlarslialg Presiclent. Sten. Class: Secre- tary. Sten. Class: Presiclent, Home Eco- nomics Class. Darla and vivacious, with flasliing eyes, Marge is a magnet to all tlie boys. Business. FELD, THELMA R. Cutting Olliee Aicleg Parlc Office Aicleg Stucly Hall Marsllal. ln. chatter, Tlrelnufs never out: Sliefrl win in any talleing bout. College. FELDMAN, LEONA J. Arista: Beacon: Forester: Guidance Ollice Aiclc: Language Office Aicle. Loquacious, pretty and ever gay -- Leona, is genius always tliat way? College. 5 5 Leaoler in Gym: Speeclball Clubg Alcrii FELDMAN, SAUL Arista: Traclc Team: Beacon: Cliorusz Biology Lain. Here is Einsteinis little lwrotlterg To rival ltim tliere is none otlter. FESSELMEYER, DORATHEA M. Secretary in Section: Girls' Emergency: Captain, Lunclmroom Marslialsz Hall Marslral. To be a nurse is lter amlnitiong Marriage? Uncler no condition. Business. FIRESTONE, JUDI Cutting Office Aicle: Guiclance Office Aide: Language Office Aicle. Sll8,S faithful to Ed, in cold or lzot, Finds time in French to clream a lot. College. FISHMAN, JOSEPH S. Captain, Traclc Team: Assistant Man- ager Baslcetloall Team: Loclcer Room Marshal: Hall Nlarslial. Tlle luncll loe eats so gaily, At traclz lie worlzs off olaily. Business. FISK, JANET R. G.O. Office Typist: Cvuiclance Office Aide. Mischief anal noise, Mingled with poise. Business. FOWLER, RUSSELL S. Orchestra: Presiclent oi Class: lVlarsl1al: Captains' Corps: Vice-Presiclent Senior Class. Formed, according to ancient plan, A true, a lnrave, an lionest man. College. FOX, EILEEN T, G.O. Office Aide: Cvuiclance Ollice Aicle. Tall anal slim is Fox, Eileen: ln clate lnooks fmalet, slie rates as lzeen. Business. 56 FRANK, MAXVV ELL VV. DliH'SllEll. At F. H. cornerstone, Frank may gaze Anil fondly recall tlle goocl olfl clays. College. l-REUND, DIETER N. Lit. Eel., Asst. Eel., Forest Leaves: Forester: Cosmopolitan Clului Clnoral Reaoling Group: Soccer Clulo. Heis truly Britislw, clonit C110 know lt's not Hgoocl-llyen lzut clmeerio. College. FREUNDLICH, BURTON D. Beacon Reporter: Orclmestrag Dance Bancl: Cilorus: Bancl. ln lwanols, may friendly Burton play, Anil lwlvlny-soclzs, witli music, slay. College. FRIEDBERG. JUDY Guiclance Office: MafSll8l2 Foreign Pol- icy Clulo: Bio. l..alJ. To tallz to lady is a must: Sl1eis a girl wl1om you can trust. College. FRIEDLANDER, CHARLES D. Staff Sgt.. Civil Air Patrol: Section Captain: Prom Committee: Bio. Lab. Squacl: Assistant Lieut., Hall lVlarsl1als. A Hregalar fellow" liis classmates say. Vvylwt greater trilnute can tluey pay? College. l:RlEDNlAN, ADRIENNE P. Art Clulo: Victory Sllowz Lunclnoom Nlarsllalg Volleyball Team. Adrienne is very fair Like tlie rerl tlu1t's in lier lwair. College. GABRIEL, BERNICE M. Bernice neecls must tulze a swim, To lzeep lwr lovely figure trim. Business. THE F ORESTER GAILING. CARL H. Varsity Tennis. lxlajor Letter: Excep- tional Service: Art Nlctal Club: Cap- tains' Corps. For a goocl-looleing guy, give Carla vote, "Handsome is lie." HOW tlie girls clotel College. GARTNER, ELAINE G, xleritorious Cc-rtiticate: Altcnclanfc Ollice: Healtlt Service: Hall Ixlarslualg Tennis Clulq. A smile on lrer face, uiul ilignifiecl air, Tlmtls our lfluine, so poisefl nncl lair. Business Sclxool. GEEN, EVELYN Girls' Healtlr ECI. Office Aicle: General Olliftrf Aide. ' XXlllPfl stuclerlts are noisy, tlien Evelyn Coen, ln silence, rleep-rootezl, seems a queen. Business. GELKE, MARION E. Art Eclitor. Forest Leaves: Secretary in Senior Section: Secretary in Englislnz Art Stall, Forester: Hall IVIarsI1al. Lovely smile, unrl sparleling eyes: Sire is sweet uml very wise, Nursing Sclmool. GERIVIAISE, IRXVIN LOVVELL Beacon Eclitor: IVIuseum Official: l.aIJ Squad. Hels really funny, liates to Be serious: Gave Prof a liot-foot uncl got olelirious. GIBER, GLORIA L. Ciuiclance Ollirte Aide: Attendance Ol- lire Aizleg Cvrapltic Arts Clulvg Delnale Clulx: Hall Nlarslmal. fm lute to class, llut tliut can wait, Until my lipsticles on quite struiglil. College. GILBERT, JOAN R. Enlitor, Forest Leaves: Cluorus: Forester: Beacon: Choral Reading. nl lenew lner urlienu you all will say Vxflien sire is u poet, tire Pulitzer url V. College. I UNE 1946 GILL, KATHERINE E. Secretary, Section Class: Ivleritorious Ce-rlilicatc: Captain. Volleyball Cluln: Flarslwal. Sports are lacing playerl ulitli slzill: Lemling time line, is Katlrerine Gill. College. GINCH, CHARLES JOSEPH Ivlarstlalg Healtli Eel. Awarcl. To please a lacly is a cinclr If you are lmilt lilze Clwarley Gincii. College. GIOIOSA. CLAIRE Secretary, Boys' Healtll Eel. Ollice: Al- tenclance Oll-ice: Stcnograptiy Certifi- cates: Tutor in Stenograpliy: NJlill'Slli1l. Perfect lmstess, perfect poise, Xvins respect from Senior lzoys. Business. GVITLESON, ADRIENNE Secretary ot Ijrencli Clutu: Language Honors Society: Leaders' Clutzg Span- islx Clulnf Re Azlrienne, weyll be specific, in speaking Frenciz, slie's, well, terriyqc. College. GLASHOFF. GERTRUDE Secretary in Guidance Office: Clxorus Gregg Speed Club: IVIeritorious Serv- ice Certificate. Her recorrl is commenrlalzleg Sires utterly flepenolalzle. Business. GLASSER. RICHARD B. rllraclc Team: Ptlysics Squacl: Clmem Squacl: Clress Team: Captains' Corps. flur lmnner is, for Diclz, unf-urlecl: A friend lie is to all tire worlcl. College. GOLDBERG, LAVVRENCE I. . Honor Roll: Intramural, P.S.A.L. Awards: Nlarslmal Squad: Presiclent ol History Class: Presiclent ot Frenclx Class, Larry, Larry, a rloctor woulol iw? loin tile fleet for a mural IVI.D. College. 57 GGLDBERG, SHEPARD t. Alanager ol' Traclc Tczun: Nlatli lnstru- ments Clulw: yleritorious Service Cer- tificate: Section Aicle: Gym Secretary. Six'-foot slzrimp is Slwip-Sliape Slxep: He managerl tracle to gain liis rep. College. GOLDFARB, NIILLICENT A. Secretary in Language Oiizice: Secre- tary in Cutting Qilzicc: Tutor in Nlatllg Emergency Room: Class Oliicer. ln poem of mine to :lo justice to Millie, ls lleyonrl :ny power - l feel plain silly. College. GOLDMAN, BEATRICE Full of laugliter, full of spice, By tlie way, we tliinlz slm's nice College. GOODMAN, CHERIE Cutting Office Aicle: Administration Aiclezilxflarsllal Squad. Clierie sluys witlz gleaming glance, Pierces, tlnzs, with slrarpor lance. College. GORDON. NlAE B. Guidance Aide: Hill Oli-ice Aide: ltill Attendance Office Aide: Tutor. fl girl so quiet, modest, slay, fyn lWae's sincerity rely. Business CRATE. BEVERLY VV. New-come, tllis term, witli sunny smile, Sll9,S one of us, tlris little wlzile. Business. GRAVES, BARBARA M. Yeteran ol tlmc Royal Canadian Air l'orce. Sire spent tile past year in tlxe sleyl Slielll lm u liouseivife ily and lay. College. 58 GRECO. SARA C. History Gliice Aide: Boys' Hcaltli Ecl. Aide: Cvuiflance Oilii'e: Repre- sentalivo. Tall anrl slim anil full of fun, Popular uvitli everyone. Business. GREENBAUM. ELOISE Forester Stall: Engineering Clulzg Arista Tutoring: Nlarslral Squacl: Plwysirs Lair. Squacl. Heres n lovable little miss: ln science class - ller moment of lzliss. College. GREENE, JUDITH T. Arista Honor Society: Language Honor Society, Recording Secretary: Excep- tional Service Certificate: Beacon Stall, Reporter: Forum Clulu. fuclyls always running to and fro: If news you want, Sl'I9lS sure to lmow. College. GREENFIELD, BARBARA F. Forester Staff: Forest Leaves Staff: Of- fice Squad: lVlatl1 Club. To star in radio is lxer ltope mul aim. Wie wisli ller lots of lucle ancl fame. College. GREENHOOD, XVALPIER C. Aide: lxflarsllal. To many Seniors liels u mystery, But not to tlwse witll liim in liistory. Coll:-ge. GREENSTEIN, IRNNIN Arista: Cllairman oi Caps ancl Gowns: Section Captain, Senior: Senior Repre- sentative: Arista Flutor. To lrwin we uplift our voice: Of many lails lie Hrst, our clioice, College. GREENVVALD, EUGENE C. Baseball Soccer: Seflillr Cprflleslfaf Captains' Corps: Tracli. Asia not for Cupial, Iupiter, Mars - ,rlley lift' for 11.911171-'ll, llut Gene is ollrsl College. THE FORESTER GREENVVALD, EVELYN Arista: Language Honor Society: Lan- guage Oli-ice Staff: Frenclr-American Stuclent Stall: Forest Leaves Literary Stall, A willing lreurt, u lielping lzaml l:0T SPY'UlCP -' Pll0I' lil CIPTIIUVIJ. College. GREENNYALD, ROBERT XY. Cll0TUS. Slenoler unll lull, lie will rarely tulle. A favor you asle? H0 will never loulle. Business. GREIFER, DORIS L. Beacon: G.O. Sopln Rep.: Lilvrary Squacl: Class Offices. Clever sclzolar, leacler, too: In fact tllerevs notlring slre cont flo. College. GREVER, BARBARA A. General Science Clulr: Plrotography Clulv: Lilurary Squacl: Nluseurn Squaclt Coacln in Spanislr. ln archeology slw will be Tlte greatest of tlie century. College. GROSSMAN. HERBERT Clerical xvorlcerz Forester Art Stall: Senior Office: Nlarslral: Senior Play Production. A quiet fellow, everyone knows, - A lieart-warming clzup, ruitlrout any foes. College. GROSSMAN. LILA Forest Office Aisle: Language Office Aisle: Treasury Office Aide: Nlarslral. A friencl to ull, lrer personality ls one of rliguifiecl regality. Art Srllool. GRUNEXYALD, RUTH L. Leaders' Clulvg Laboratory Squad: BI'3COH1 Gylll Olqflfel CjllE6I'lCEiClCl'. Her face aglow, aliglrt nzitlx inner fire: Let Fate uwurcl wlraterwr slw aspire. College. I UNE 1946 HAISS, ELIZABETI-l F. Assistant, Program Committee: Bloclern DBl11'i'kClUlJZ Volleyball Clubg lvlarghgll in Caleteria. lflizalretlr, uritlr lrer moving grace, A gift, imleezl, to tlne masculine racr College. HANITI1 JOYCE Class Ollirer: Nleritorious Service Cer. tilicatv: Attenclancc- Ollice Aicle. For our clroice, Give us Ioyce. coll.-gn. HANLON. MAUDE E. Hostess: Secretary, History. An ,actual rnorlel slielll lie some cluvg blies ulruays perfect, tlie amalenriway. College. HANSEN. JANE C. Q:-lptain of Hostesses: Nlorlern Dance cJf0uPC SSCf0tary of Hi-Y: Exceptional Certificate. Sllels UP, 5ll9'S flown, sliels on tlre run. lflflie, llliliv. so muclz fun. College. . HARDY. DIANE K. Diane is always so merry arul gay ... Sllelll surely chase your lllues away. College. HASSARD. JOHN R. Gym Squad: Section Aicle: Section Presiclent: l.uncl1room lxlarslral. Altlzo our Iolrn is quiet and slry, mfs lenow lllat lie is quite ll guy. HEFFNER, ELAINE L. Arista: Forester Stall: Tutor: Senior Play Committee: General Ollice Aide. Personality, popularity galore, Cflttlll you asle for rmyllling more? College. 59 HENNESSEY, EUGENE Gene lms ever an innocent loole, But we ull reacl lrim lilae a boole. Business. HENNESSY, ANN Nl. General Office Attenflant: Aide in Ad- ministration: Aicle in Emergency Room: Aicle in Hill Sclrool Attcnclance Ollice: Bowling Cluli, Sweet anal lovely, lull of pep, personality p- tliat's lier rep. Business. HERSCHEL, MARTIN J. Varsity Golf Team: Captains' Corps: Section Airle. Held ratlier slioot lilee lug Mcspaden Tlwn receive top Senior ratin'. College. HERSHON, NORMAN E. lVlatl1 lnstruments Cluloz Gym Awarcls: Marshal: Section Officer. HGTSIIOHJS face, so strong anal silent, Mrist mask emotions somewliat violent, College. HESSEKIEL, RALPH J. Cliorus: Play Production: Hall lvlar- slrial: President Spanish Class: Tutor. A girl is coming clown tlie street: Lift your liut, Ralpli, not your feet. College. HOFFMAN, DON Ba nil: Section Captain. personality f- lris claim to fame: None will eyer forget liis name. College. HOLT. ERIKA J. Hostess: Nloclcrn Dance Group: len nis Tournament: Art Clulwz Prom Com mittee. Riclzey, please obey rlirection. Never eat your luncli in section. College. 40 HOBIBACH. ELEANORE A. Nleritorious Service: Senior l,4CEld6l'S, Cluln: Clrorus lVleml9er: Specrllnall Clula: Volleylnall club. A Leaclers' memlner for many terms, Anil Emergency aid in figliting germs. Business. HORN, MICHAEL C. Stage Blanagcr: Senior Bancl: Wlaior Nlusic Letter: Play Production: Excep- tional Service Certificate. Hes a fellow tlwt's lull ol lun, A laoy tlmtys always on tlre ran. College. HYMAN, PAUL D. Arista: lxluseum Squaclz Nlatli lnslru- ments Clulng Marshal. Slim and llarulsome, ruptivating P-1 Sorry, girls, lie's graduating. College. IGNATIOS, FANNY Victory Slmw: lvlinuteman: Oflice Xvorlcerg Emergency Room Aide. Gay aml lovely is Fanny lgnatios, Xvitll manner refinerl anrl ever gracious College. JACOBS, AUDREY Guiclance Olzlice: Language Ollice: Yleritorious Service Awarcl. Ricling's lier lwotzlzy -1 wlmt a seat' But to Spanislr, lwrv slie clrags lier feet. College. l JAEGER. JOAN History Office Aicle: General Ollliice Aide: Class Treasurer: Baslcetlaall Clula: Rangerette. Xvell vcrsecl in liistory's affairs, Anil sleillezl, as well, in splitting llairs. College. JAEGER, JOAN H. Section Secretary: Clerk, Hill Qllice: Clerlc, Parlc Office: Guiclance Ollliceg Fleritorious Service Certificate. A lovely smile, Outstanrling style, Business. THE FORESTER JAFFE, ERIKA Cllorus: Soltliall Clulnz Emergency Room Aicle: Cafeteria lxlarslial. Vtfiih lauglxter, smile ancl joyous song, blue leeeps us lmppy ull rluy long. Business Scllool. .IARRETI1 JOANNE Vice-Presiclent ol Senior Section: Arista. Popular, pretty, witlz. cliarm galore, None clisilairn lier - all ailorv. College. JARRY, BIAUREEN P. Curators Clulog Cliorus. Lilzes excitement, rloes tllis lass: Slies tlfie one from Boston, Mass, Business. JARVIS. JOAN M. Section Captain: Senior Office: Forest Ollice: Section Secretary: Gym Ollicc-. Vioacious, cute, petite and pert, Xvitlm clancing toes, ancl minrl alert. JOEL. NANCY A. Beacon: Forester: Presiclent ol Section: Secretary in Hill Office. Her art is sucli tllat often slle will sport ln competition at tlie tennis court. College. JOHNSON. LEORA H. Nleritorious Service: Leaclc-rs' Clulv: Baslietlmall Clulv: Speerlball Clulo: Salt- lmll Club. ln tlie emergency room Sl19,S seen: flt luelping otliers, Leoras been. Business, JOHNSON. ROSALIE A. General Oli-ice Aicle: Emergency Room Aiile: Art Stall ot Forester: Switcli- lJDilfCl. Rosalie lias a winsome smile, l'or wliicli tlie lyoys woulrl walle a mile. College. IUNE 1946 KAHN, JUDITH M. Play Procluction: Senior Section Treas- urer: Matli Tutor: Nlarslral: Aclulinis trative Aicle. R0lllbTUn!ll, PlCClSSO Uflll HOU! ll IIPIU name '-4 liirly's a girl wliols sure to win fame. College. KAHN, MARCO Emergency Room Aide: Forest Atten- clance Ollice. Self-assurerl, witli worlclly air: Scliool-girl comlnination rare. College. KANIN, JUDITH Nl. Senior CLO. Representative: Arista: Class Captain: Language Honor S0- ciety. cplt, slrie sparkles like cliampagne, an 'l'liut's wliy we love lurly Kanin. College. KAPELSOHN, ZORAH K. Beacon: Guiclance Olllice Aicle: Cutting Ollice Aide: Senior Office: Forester. A Beacon column lier claim to glory. Vylitty anal funny is Zoralis pot pourrif' College. KARLE, JANE L, Hostess: lxflarsllal, As lwees to ltoney, so luoys to lane: Oli pity poor lane, so sliy -1 it's vain, Business Scliool. KATZ, ARLINE Secretary to lVlr. Forslieitz Nlarslial, Honor Roll: Hill Attendance Office. Nice disposition, a friend to eacli, ln otlier worcls, quite a peacll. KATZ, SONIA Language Honor Society: Stall ol For est Leaves: Stall ol Forester: Frencli Clulo: Spanisli Clulo. For foreign language quite a flair, Anil Spanisli spealzs iuitli native air College. 41 KAUFIVIANN. LOUIS R. Illay Prociurtionz Art Ntetal Clulal Biar- slml. For pictures Iu' rIeIigI1ts to pose: Oli IIQIS IIH- guy witI1 the stmrpy 4'IotIres. follege. KELLER, IVIORTON Ifclitor, Beacon: Literary Board. I'-orest Leaves: Forester: Btanager, Tennis Team: NIinute 5Ian. I,iIees to write -1 tire papers straw il: Is pretty goori '-- and does Ile Imow it. Ciollege. KIVELSON. HERMINE Leariersy Clulw: 80 Vxvorci Ixtinute Sirorl- Inanci CIUIJ: Bactminton Clulr Social Studies Office Aide: NIarsIiaI. Atiltetic, romantic, you'II agree: A pretty IJIonrIe, us you mn. see Business. KLEINIVIAN, DANIEI. Language Honor Soriety: Artministra- tive Oitiice Airte: Fteritorious Service Certificate. DunieI's smart in ouerytlzing. Daniel, 'tis of you we sing, KLEINIVIAN. RALPH E. Never seeies trouI1Ie, nor muses strife, Quietly mrrtees u sufcess of Iris Iife. College. KLINTBERG, DORIS J. Sgt. in Civil Air Patrol: NIeritorious S4-rvife Certiiifate: Forest Leaves: Rep- resentative on Forester: Exfeptional bervire Certiliiate. By IVIuses Imiest, urtisticnity inctinect, bill' fur outslrines tIre orriinury minri, Chili-go. KOIBURGER, ROBERT D. Slurlent Conciuitor: Orelurstra: Band: Swing Band. Trumpet musir every rtuy: He COILLIUCIS in cr sIeiIIfuI muy 42. gr. KOIJINLEIN. IIELIZN NI Ileten, I'IeIer1, none more tuir. XN"Iiere rIirI you get tI1ut Iorwly Iauir? Ifusinrss. KOIIN. EDITH S. W Bowling Cluin: Servifr' in Gym: I'nreign Disrussion Group. Something gay, sIle'II uluruys limi, To mulee u IurIz of sr'ImoI-rIuy grirut. Collrge. KOLIBRENER. IJHYLLIS I. FTQIICII HCJIIIB ECOn0IllIl'S Cluoral Reading Group: Class Ollicerg Hostess. Slender-, Ivlue-eyert, not too taII: Pirit Ixus won tI1e Irenrts of aII. College. KOPPEL. REYNOLD S. Arista: Forester: Language Honor S0- ciety: Secretary. Guidance Ollice: Sec- retary, Language Oiiirc. He Iypect it alt, tIris Forester complete: A muu of Inruwn, unit Iprains, ami no conceit. College, KOZAK. STANLEY J. All-City Chorus: Srlmol Cluorusz IX'Iu- Sl'Lllll Sqllildl CIlt'SS CIIUIJZ DIEIIII CIUIJ. CIreruI1icuIIy ciieerful is Stanieyls voice: For fun mul guiely Iieys our vIroiee. Business KRAIVIER. DONALD G. Forest Hills Banri: Baslietimall Intra- llllll'ZlISQ Handljflll llltfillllufiilsi Cap' tainsv Corps. SKICCPSS, Illfty Slly, OH. DOY! IIIIH IGH! TITIPII lttily SIIUILIJ III' COYIIPIUIYI ut KRANZ, MELVIN N. Senior Olliice Captain: Presicient, Eco- nomies Class: President, History Class: Presiflvnt, Englisll Class: DIHYSIIEII, His rIurIe Iwir r'urIe4I, airove u form rliuine, Ivo ufuurter Faitir Irus fallen for Iris Iine. Colin-ge. THE FORESTER KURTZ. CAROL G. iviinute Ninn: Aiuseuni Squzifi: Biztrf ini Srienu Ollire Bioioq' Coaciiing s f : '- 5 1 ky Squafi. 'liliis one luis beauty, wil, unxi flaming lmir llmt cries u ciiullenge to tlie urnivient air. fioiiege. LAPIDLYS, HARRIET R. ' Language Olfcci Aicifrz Park Atten- cianco Oilire Aiclr-: ivlarsliai. ll' iiupicius means stone, us trulli to toll lt clues, tlicn, previous gem, farewell. L,xRL'FFA, DOLORES C. Secretary in Soriai Studies Office: Aiarsliai: Cliorus: Tutor in Stenngrapliy. Teil me, inaiclen, is it true, More, tiiere are, at IIUIYIG like you? Business. LAX, FREDRIKA Sefretary ol Arista: Presirient of Leami- ers' Club: Forester Stall: Exceptional Service Award. XVIIPYI writing fails, Frecirilea rnuiees reply, Aiulnin1iviylroin lter fingers, rliytiims College. LHFEVRE. LEONARD F. Junior Representative: Basiietimii Teain: Sou-er Tc-am. A very lmnrisome imy is Lenny Loves 'em uii, not true to any LEHRNIAN, RENEE J. G.O. Secretary: Forest Leaves: Play Prociuction: Exceptional Sorvime Certi- lzirate. Reneeis interest lies in lielcis politiful, Tuctful, to rival with problems Criticcii, College. LEONARD. BARBARA A, Clieerieacierz Forester Stalii: History Office: Engiisii Olilirez Baciminton Ciuix. Vvyitii Barimruls ciieers weire sure to min: lust mutcli lier wlien tlie games iwgin. College. I UNE 1946 LEVINE, TEDDY Captain of Senior Class: Awarris: intramural Awards: Niatii in- strument Cluli: Class Oliliicc-rg Senior ciOUl'llii. Hes iiig, lieis liancisonieg got lirains, too: Xve all lilee Tericly, wifi so will you. College. LEVINS, JAMES G. Biology Laii. Squad: Pri-sicient oi Art fxietai Ciuii: Lieutenant, Aiarsiiais. Hevs large ol' musfle, large ol iimim, llie equal ol any, tlmtis our lim. College. LEVY. ANN V. Honor Ccrtilicates: Exceptional Service Certificate: Victory Siiow: Loaders' Club. Slie Iwiris mul taps to muster tlie flUl'lt'U, Puviovu-to-ive, lier qlrenm romance, Coils-gr-. LEXYIS, BIARCELLA 'I'. Art Staff, Forester: General Gfliceg Basics-tivali Clula: Library Oiiliictcg Emer- QOIICY ROCJIIIQ 5IHfSititi. iirieml of all, not lzoruuf to one, To cloudy skies slie iirings tile Sllll Coiiege. LEXVONTIN, RICHARD CHARLES Lal: Tcciiniquos Squad: Nlatil-Science Honor Society: Arista: Biatii-Science illlufnilii Cti'l0l'US. Unequaiieai among us is Dicifs sagucity, But pray, wlio eise iius liis capacity? LIEBERBIAN, DAVID Track Team: Cafeteria Biarsiiai: Hail ixiarsiiaig Niall: Club Nieniiier. You suy iieis quiet? Tliat Dlfly be true, But wlien Dunes urounfi, no one,s iiiue. Coiiegn. LINK, ANNE Fl. Senior Orclieslraz Hoiiie Nursing Ciuldt Serretary in Ot'c'liestra3 Nieritorious Scrvire Certificate. Tlio wit from liefuity often slirinizs. Slie iinlzs lmrli qualities. tlie rninxi Business. v fb LINKER, MARCIA S. Leaders' Clulo: Guiclance Ollice Aicle: Nlarsllal. Rociirfs statue of tire mfliinlzery' Mrist lze lasliionecl from Mcircia Linleer. LIPPERT, CHARLOTTE Meritorious Certillicate: Language Ol- lice Secretary. Here sae is, so cute ami tricky -1 Cauit you guess lier name is Clriekie? College. LOCASTRO, JOSEPH A. Baseball Team: Soccer Team: IV. Bas- lcetloall: Track Team: Captains' Corps. Heys helped in winning many a game: No sparle is ire, izut a laurning flame, LOPIN, RUTH R. Beacon Stall: Forest Leaves Stall: Badminton, Softball. Volleyball Clulds: Rangeretlc. Xvitlr eyes agleam, eacli laci is liopin' To win tlre lieart of Rutliie Lapin. College. LUBELL. TONI E. G.O. Representative: Nlarslralg Emer- gency Room Aicle. One in a million, tlie saying is true, So we propose a toast to you. College. MABEL, LEO P. Sports Eclitor, Beacon: Captain, Tennis Team: Forester: Treasurefs Oll-ice: Souncl Squafl. True to tlre Beacon. to tlie very emi. An. atlzlete, scliolar, unri loyal frienrl. College. MMCORMACK, PEGGY L. CllOl'USI N1ilfSl1?ll. Peggy is witty, pretty ami quiele, ilxistence means notlxing, minus Dielz. Business 44 MADY, NVINIIIRED E. Business Erlitor, Forester: Hill Srlrool Aide: Guitlance Ollice Aicle: Language Olilice Aicle. A smile, u song, u liearty jest -1 Xvliy tliatls our Vtlini at lter lmest. Business. NTAINELLA, GLORIA J. Stenograplry Awards: Nleritorious Certif- icate: Spanisli Honor Certificate: Tutor in Stenograpliy: Secretary in Hill Ot- lice, Uonvt you envy tiiis steno's lross, Anal pity Forest Hillvs great loss? Business. NIANES. CORINNE P. Biology l.al3. Squad: Cosmopolitan Club: Curators Squad: Oliliee Squacl: Language Society. 'lille clratter of Corley ever increases '- A cascade in spate, its flow nel er ceases. College. MANGAN, JOAN L. ' Section Secretary: Secretary, Boys Healtli Eel.: lvlarsllal: Foods Lain. Slie loolzs so meele anri silent, too, But tlieres surprise awaiting you lfusiness MARCUS, JERRY J. Wlarslmal: Cllelll Sflllafll SCll00l IBTOZICIA cast over C.B.S. Always luugliing, always gay. Late to section every riay. College. IVIARKOVXTIY, SUSAN .l. Aclininistrative Aiclet Plarslial. Sire is pretty: sl1e's ainusin' -1 Naturally uw speule of Susan. College. MARKS, .IOY C. Leaders' Clulmg Arista Tutor: Hill Ol- lice Aicle: B1E1ISllEll. Quiet: efficient in. every eurieuvor, Denture Miss Mrirles is a Ioy forever College. THE FORESTER MARSHALL. BIARILYN .I. Secretary ol All-City Clxorus: Secretary in Language Olliice: Certificate ol Ex- cellence in Spanislr: Senior Play: Vic- tory Corps. Nature saiil, Hltls time to give ri voice 'lo some sweet girlf' ancl mazle tliis clloice. College, giART1N. JOHN Ilracli: Blill'Sl'IZll2 Class Captain: Elim- eograplm Squacl. livery clay you will see Betsy and Iolm in SPS. College. MARXHAUSEN. JEAN L. Aclministration Aicle. A strip of material, a sewing macliine, lust ll19S9 two items will satisfy lean. Business. . BIASER, ESFIELLE E. Senior Olliice: Senior Prom Committee: Hill Attendance Aide. some llolvliies are lun -f some are not: Her lwblay is lnugs -1 lzelieve it or notl College. MACRO, LUCY S. Emergency Room: l'lealtI1 Service: Cliemistry Cluln. Slle raiserl lier lleacl in proucl clefiunfe: UA man? Forluiill My love is science." College. NIAXXVELL. SEYMOUR Associate Erlitor ol Beacon: Stuclent Cllairman ol Queens Sectional Discus- sion Conlerence: Varsity Traclc Team: Current Events Cluldz Forum Clula. ln scliool. M. Sy is very sliy, But on tlie outside, Myl ol: Syl College. NIAYER, GABRIELLE Square Dancing Cluln: Guiclance Ollire: Emergency Room: Loclcer Room: Vir- tory Sllow. A memlzer of tlie Victory Slxow, Sliels llle girl youlcl like to lenoui. College. I UNE 1946 blcGtIIRE. VIRGINIA M. Treasurer ol G.O.: Arista: Exceptional Service Certilicate: Gregg Awarcls: Volleyball Awarcl. Decimals will luring ller fame: Our treasury clvpartment lws lier name Business. INICNAFIEE. KATHLEEN Nlarslial: Presiclent, Accounting Class: Forest Scluool OI-liicc Aicle. Sltels got tlie most enclranting smile: Let's linger for u little ufliile. College. IVICNULTY, IVIURIEL A. Exceptional Service Certiiicate: G.O. Council: Forester: General Qliliice. Vifitli stenograplry lzer special art, Anil lmeauty -1 to win employer's lieart. MEYERS. GEORGE E. Cliem ancl Plrvsics l..al1 Squacl: Presi- tlent ol Cllem Lala. Squad: Exceptional Service Awarcl: Science Award: nwlan- lsattan Projectf' Look lor a paper witlr. lierulline laolcl, Or George, wlio will all news unfold. Business. MEYROVVITZ, LOIS E. La Vanguarclia: lvlarslmalz Cutting Ol- Iiice Squarl: Emergency Room Squacl: Healtli Service Squacl. Always laugliing, never lzlue, Clever, witty -1 pretty too. College. MICHEL, ALOYS A. Boy Leacler ol Arista. Al Mioltel is our man of tlre lmur: On. lrim, aumrrls, we Lnouf, will sliower. College. IVIILSTED, HELEN IVI. Arista: Cllemistry ancl Pliysics Squacls, Language Honors Society: Lalooratory Ilieclmicians Squacl: Exceptional Serv- ice Award. Sl1e's ever so nice in more ways tlzan one, fnclinecl to lace ltelpful, anol so rnucll fun. College. 45 IVIOONEY, BE'I"l'Y A. Boys' l'IealtIx ECI. Olliu-: Girls' Healtli CDH-IC02 AXN'iIfClSI ylHI'SlIZll1 Soltlaall Jlleam. Smart to loolz al, apt in class is Betty lxloolwy -1 lt'lIlIl a cllassisl Business Srliool. MOORE. JOAN A, Forester Stall: Secretary in Science Ollice: lvlarslial, Stucly I'lnllg Secretary, Hill Attenrlance Ollico. Slenrler ancl tall, B9lOI7Pil by itll, College. BIORRIS, FERN C. Play ljroilurtiong Rarlio Xvorlisliop: Clroral Spealcing: Senior Play Com- mittee: Class Olilicer. luclys companion in ulnnior Missl' Filled our clmcleling liearts rvitli lzliss. College. MORRIS, GORDON J. Play Production: Nlarslial: l.alJ, Squarl: Latin Clulv: Stamp Clula. GOFJOII-'S alert, anal canny, mature, Apprecialivc of caricature. College. MORRIS, VALERIE J . Cl1OHlSC Sulnject Class Ollicer: Arista Tutor: Marslial. A gem in. tlw cliorus ls Valerie Morris. College. NIORRISSEY, JOSEPH E. Captains' Corps: Section Captain: In! lfiillillfill rllfillfli Awarrl: lX12Il'Sl1Hl. Herels a Loy we all arlrnire -1 Gramlnating, lielll go liiglwr. Business. MOTSCH, XVILLIANI A. Lieutenant ol Cafeteria lxlarsllalsp Intra- murals Awarclg Section Class Qllicerz Science Cluln. Wliile olliers talk ln sing 'ri play mucli Vtfilliam sits f-1 and cloesnlt say Motscli. College. 46 NEELNIAN. HERBERT It. Nlanager. llaslcctluall Team: Aeronauti- fal Assotiation. Avid for auglit tl1at'll run, or float or Fly - for lwls unntsl' ulzout a motor. College. NICHOLAS, XVILLIAM MARTIN Arista: Beacon Eclitorg I.alJ Tecll Squad: Cliorusq lla:-ester. l'le's miglily clever, uttestezl Ly peelzin' Az llis snappy articles in F. H, Beacon College. OBERBIAN, MARILYN Rlatlwniatics Honor Certilicate: Latin Tutor: l..f'ilfl9YSl Clul3: Baslietliall Club. Always lluppy, Agreealrle, snappy. College. OCONNOR, HUGH C. Cltemistry ancl Plmysics Lalm. Squacls: Victory Sliow: Cllorusz Calf-tcria Blar- sltal. Lovulvle, lauglmlnle, all-arounrl Htlgll, If you neecl clieering, lierels your Cli9. College. O'KEEIfE. PATRICIA .Junior Representative, Hill Sclmolg Sen- ior Council: Co-cliairman ol Prom Committee: ljrcsiclent ol Hi-Y. Put lias a love wlio is rlarlz anal tall: blie s never alone, on stairway, in lmll. College. OLIVA, JEAN D. General Ollico Attenclant: Arlministra- tion Aiflvg Hill Attenclancre Ollice Aiclc. In class slirfs liappy, smiling, gayg Her lauglilvr always learls tlie way. Business. ONEILL, GLORIA D. cjjilrljillllilltt, cilIf'eflCaClCTS: PFOIH RCPIC' sentative: Isearlers' Clulo: Senior Office: Exceptional Service Certilicate. Conover wants lier, anrl so clo we' Gloria s popular, llll1l'S plain to see Business. THE FORESTER OSTBERG, HENRY D. Excellent Service Awarcl: Varsity Fenc- ing: Delnatingg Beacon. Four long years tlxat slowly passezl: Bet youyre glurl youvre out at lust. College. PANZINI, ELSIE D. Aicle in Guiclance Qllicez Secretary in History Ollireg Captain in Section, Our Elsie's rmliant smiling face Ivlulzes snnsliinu in u sliazly plum. Business IJAPE, DOLORES E. Sleruler :xml lull, ljuvorezl of ull. College. PAPPAS, CHRISTINA N. Nlemlaer ol Clmrus: I..il9rarian ol Cllorusg Secretary, Guiclance Oll-ice: Secretary, Clnorus. - Cliristinu Pr ppu on all tlie rui- liows, . . 1 5. 1 , 5 Sixty-four clollur questions slie lenows. College. PARETZKIN, VERA Language Honor Society: Forest Leaves: Forester: Guitlance Ollice. If tl1ere's sometliing you want clearer, Simply call on little Vera, College. PASCHKES, MICHAEL Arista: iVIarsl1al: Curators Clulu. fl! Prom lze spent u merry clime, ftnrl genre flue girls a glowing. tinw. College. PASKES. ROBERTA Clmeerlearlerz Hostess: Forester Art Stall: Class Treasurer. Sol!-spolzen. very sweet. liolnlbie is tlw girl to meet. College. 1 UNE 1946 PAUL, LEILA J. Secretary, Healtll Ent. Ollice: Leaolers Clullz Exceptional Service Awarcl l4lPilltll AVS'2lI'llZ NlZlfSllEll lll Cilfe teria. lntroilucing Leila Paul, lolly soul, a frienrl to ull. Collf-gc. PECK, ROSE Icatin Tutor: Stufly Hall Blarslxal Volleylsall Awarnl. Alllio reluctant to join. in noise, Rose is gil-terl nritli clmrin of poise. College. IJERLFILYTH. XVILLIANI A. Fllracli Team: Intramural Atliletics Ixloritorious Service: Council lXIl2ltll6l!lHllCS Certilirates. Big mul jolly, mul oli, so smart, wins Iris way to u l!lflylS lleurt. C tillage. PETERSEN. LILLIAN Senior Treasurer: Senior Council: Treas- ure-r's Ollice: Section Secretary: Excep- tional Service Cr-rtilifatc. lluts off to Lil. Anil to ller Business. PETRIE. NIARY H. Honor Roll: Class Secretary: Nlatln lsatin ancl Frenclx Honor Certificates Slwe placecl stress On cleverness. Business. PVOERTNER, I'HYI,l.IS A. lietllall Clulil: Art Stall ni Fotos Leaves. Xkllwn llorses are near, You can lleor Pliyllis clieer. Business. PHILLIPS, LITA Cillillftllflfl, Senior Play: Foresterg For- est Leaves. xvill tlie senior Vice-Prvsiclent Be ri Xvliite House resirlent? College. 47 Curator in IX'lus'c-um: Tennis Clulwz Bas' t Vine-Presiclent, Senior Classg Cliorus: PIRON. JEANNE C. Forest Leaves Art Stall: Clioral Reacl- ing Group: Hostess: Radio Vvorlcsliop. Oli, l coulrl sit anrl stare mul stare At leunnie witli. tlie liglit lzrown liuir. College. PLA, ELIZABETH R. Secretary, Art Ollice: Secretary, llill Ollice: Gregg Awarcls: lvlarslxal: Vol- leylnall Awarcls. iluenos alias, senoritu, goorl clay, Miss Pla: . Slxels lzetter tlwan u e in tlmt Spanislr blah. Business Sclxool. POLLACK, SANFORD 'llraclc Team: Clrcmistry Lalw. Squacl: Exceptional Service Certificate. ln, ltistory class, wlien argument ran rife You'rl Sancly Hnrl, in center of tlie strife. POLLOCK, JOYCE lVIarsl1al Squacl: Englislr Ollice Aiclc. To lzeauty add a clisposition Equalvle in composition. College. POXVER, MAVIS C. Clxorusg Aclministration Typist, Class Ollicer. Morris power's clxeer is sucli -1 You rlont miml influenza '-1 mucli, Business. PROPPER, LEONARD H . lvllvl 5fC, USS. Iowa. U. S, Navy, M1111 of tlze lxour witli Van lolmsonls smile Our ex-sailor cramps aflolescents' style. College. PROPPER, IVIARY ELLEN Forester: Forest Leaves: Cliorus: ljlay Prorlucliong Clloral Spealxing. 1411 0lJ0f'U. Sltlt' tt7tJtIl!l Mllfy llllvtl IJUI Sire will lie, loo H lier liigliest note is C. College. 48 PUSTILNIK, JEROME NI. Arista: Senior Representative, Hill Scliool: Associate Eclitor, Forest Leaves: Lieutenant ol Marslials: Cllem. Lalo. Squaol. In. affairs political ferry is ul1ep,H He macle a most glorious Senior Rep. College. RAIRDEN, DORIS NI, Leaclers' Clulv: Exceptional Service Award: Specdball Club: Volleyball Clulm: Deloate Clulo. ulllest Atlileten is wlmt tliey sairlg Dirl you really fail Healtlt Ecl? Busines RANNEY, ROBERTA N. Meritorious Certilicatc: Clxoral Reacle ing: Hostess. Sill-7,5 UllUGyS flelllf SlIQ'S YIPIIPT IUTOYIQ, Anal leeeps lier sunlnurn all year long, College. RASKIND, JOSEPHINE B. Girl Leacler ol Arista: Eclitor, Science Journal: Tennis Tournament: Lalnora- tory Teclmician: Ecole Libre. Girl leader of Arista, our loe: lllre sclrool will lzate to see lrer go. College. RAUSCH, PETER C. Nlatlx lnstruments Clulbz Plmysics Cluln. Peter, with liis quiet mien, Helrl lzy all in true esteem. College. REICH, LORRAINE Guiclance Ollzicc Aicle: Stucly Hall Rlarslral: Ping pong A smile arresting, Ever iesting. College. REUBENFELD. MARILYN S. Section Secretary: Olllice Aicle. A lait of cliatter, twinlele in lier eve, lvo lletter frienrl can we supply. Business THE FORESTER RIENVERTS. CHRIS F, Captains' Corps: l3.S.A,l-. Awards: Gym lVlarslral: Class Olticer. Cllris draws near witlr stealllry air, Youlll lve lIllOtUgl'lLpllK'll -f lJewarel Business. RILANDER, LENORA Art Stall ot tlre Ycartmoolcg Ctroral Spealiing Cluln: Secretary in Section: Art Bazaar Committee: Secretary in Art Oltice. For pen anal paints slre lras a passion: We liope slne malees lzer marle in fasl1ion. College. RIVLI N, ELLIOT BIZll'SlltllQ Inlfalllufill Avtfilffl. Unless lie lrritzes a willing proctor, Can lflliot ever lie a rloctor? College. ROBERTS, MARTHA E. Meritorious Service: Latin Clulaz Grapluic Arts Clulo: Nlarslual Squad. Martlrals intelligent, gay aml sincere: ltls always a joy to lrave lrer near. College. ROGERS, RICHARD Varsity Baslietloall: Captains' Corps: lVlarsl1al: Intramurals. No optical trick: lt's Hlittlen Dicle. Business. ROSE. JANET .l. Language Honor Society: Language Oltice: Forest Leaves: Cutting Ottice. fl lauglr, a smile, a quicle retort, Our janet is tlre sportive sort. College. ROSEN. BERNARD f Class Ollicer: lvlarsllal: Tutoring: Cateteria Squad. Full of fun ancl miscliief, too, Doing tlrings lie slroulclnlt clo. College. I UNE 1946 ROTH, VVILLIAINI C. Senior Section Captain: President ol Orctrestraz 'llraclc Team: Nlemlver ot Orclleslra. His sparleling wit anal clzeerful smile Awake "5 IWPPY fill llle wlrile. collage, ROTHHOLZ. PETER L. lilay Production: Cosmopolitan Clulv: l'0fU'H Clulr: Englislr Dept., Radio XN'orlcslmop. Lute urrilrerl from Englamlls sllore - vtlislr tlleylrl sencl a couple morel cvolleg.-. RUFFOLO, HENRIETTA A. Sfffelary, Attendance Otticc: Tutor in l4l'CHCllC MHfSllal. Her Frencli marlzs slzow lzer sleill in lzooks: Her lmngs reveal rz taste in looles, College. SAHMEL, EVA M, Perfect Attendance: Ctlorus, Senior Let- ter: Leaders' Clutlc Biology Equipment figs: Badminton: Volleytmall: Speed. Jil . Maisie, art anal lzanclicrufts too, Hardly a tlring tliat slre canlt clo. College, SALTER. DOROTHY D. Hostess: Ctloral Reading Group. Pretty, lxlonxle. tlnat's Dotty Salter, Soutlrern drawl - Quiclzl Wl1ere's tlre altar! college. SANFORD. ROBERT F. Plmotograplry Clula: Forest Leaves: Cap- tains, Corps: Forester. Talzing pictures, stealing too, Bolfs u cliampion tlzru anal tlrru. SCANLAN, PAT Cutting Ottice Aide: Boys' Healtlr Ed. Ollice Aide: Guidance Ottice Aide. A little iolee, a little clieer, A little miscliief r- Pat is l1ere. Business. 49 SCHAFER, MARILYN E. Forester Art Stall: Hostess: Nleritorious Certilicate: Tennis Club. Marilyrils languisliing, graceful stroll Stimulutes' tlre masculine soul. College. SCHMIDT, DORIS E. Nleritorious Service Certificate: Hill Al- tcnzlance Olljice: Emergency Room: Clworus. Clever nncl lull, of lzlonnlisli liue, Girls like Doris are fur too few. College. SCI-IMIDT. EVERETT E. Senior Pr:-siclent: Intramural Baslcet- lmall: lVIarsl1al: Section Captain. Tim presiclent of our Senior class, lvo one possilvly coulcl surpass. College. SCHOENBERGER, LISA Language Honor Society: Biology Lalm. Squacl: Clroral Reacling Group: Guiml- ance Office Aide: Forester. Your coal-lJluclz liair, your pensive loole, Ali, Lisa, Lisa -4 can you coole? Cullf-gn. SCHOENLEIN, CHARLES F. P,S.A.L. Awarcl: l..llIlClll'00Ill Lieuten- ant: Hall Marslial. Clzarlie may not lie a very gooil cook, But let lxim slip into tllis Senior laoolz. College. SCHUIVIANN. RULEF VV. Plwtograplly Club: Lieutenant Cafeteria Squad: lvlarsllal. Aclrl to llis Arlonis gift A wit tl1ut's sliurp, witli quite ri lift. College. SCHUSEL, ROSALIE M. Clieerleaclerg Beacon: Forester, Lawlor in Girls' Gym, Nlarsllal. Slle dances, sings, this real-lnairecl cute: Wlrile slze sings weyre liappy, mute. Coll:-gc. 50 SCHXVEIZER, ANITA C. NIEll'SllElI lor Healtli Service: Baclmintou: Tennis: Volleylrall. Wrlelll see Anita jump witli glee X,V7,I0ll clress clesignel' slle will lie. Business. SEGAL. PEARL Forester: Art Ullice Secretary: Spanish Clulmg hfIilI'Sllill. A clmrmiug aufl a clever girl, Precious us lier name of Pearl. Coll:-ge, SERKIN, BERNICE Hostess. Spanislr Class: Nlarslml, Stucly I'Iallg Scliool Olzlice Aicle. To everyone u frierul in neecl, A cliarming girl. slie is, inrleerl. SHANLEY. PATRICIA D. Victory Show: Cllorus. Tlie nuvy toole over at siglxt of Pat: Slle will admit, ul iliillft minfl tl1ut.H College. SHAPIRO, DAVID M. Section Captain: Nlatll Instruments Clulwg COSHIOPUIIIEIH Clulw: Cll1fHl. l.Hb. Squad: Lieutenant ol lxlarslrals. Let Daviil have no scllolurly fears -1 Tllru F. H., lie, in seven lmll years. College. SHARPE, .IACQUELINE H, Play Production: DQIUSCUIII Squiuil: Fot- est Office: Guiclance Ollice: Ivlinute Man. Boys UIIIO S89 'IPI' lll ill? llllll Vv'oulcl tulle lner to tlle Senior Boll. College. SHORE, JOEL Varsity Baslcctloallg Intramural Athletics: I:rencl1 Certificates: G.O. Council. No acuilemic life for Iovl: He clwse a more utlzletic College, THE FORESTER SIEGEL. JUDITH A. l-ilJrury Squacl: Baslictlaall Club: Sec- tion Secretary: Soltluall Clulm. Full of fun, lzriglit unrl gay, Xvelll ialee Iucly, any clay. College. SILBERMAN. SELMA Selma will never miss a triclz, Because lier minfl is liglltning quick. SILVERMAN. GERALD MURRAY Traclc Team: Captains Corps: Boy Lcacler of Arista: Clmoral Reacling Club: Latin Clulo. Not many tliere are as clever as ferry, Conscientious in worle, consistently merry. SKLAR. ROBERT Beacon Reporterg Biology Lain. Squacl: Lt. ol Cafeteria lvlarslxals: Cross-Counl try Team: Nlatll lnstrunlents Club. There always lzeams a smile upon luis face: ln personality lie rates first place. College. SMITH, VlRGlNlA S. ylinute Nlan: Cro. Representative. Surely Snuffy will get some place, Xvitli ller lovely form anrl face. College-. SOCOL, VICTOR B. lntralnural Baslietlvnll, Tennis: lVlatl1 Club: Book Clulag Raclio vlllleory Clulw. To clo liis lies! is tliis IJOy'S nim. f- A necessary step to fame. College. SOHMER. JOAN H. Park Attendance Ollice Aide. Vvitli all tlie boys slie loves to clance -4 Shell steal your claie witli lialf a clmnce. Business. I UNE 1946 SOLOR, SOBEL Switclrlaoarcl Operator: General Ollife Aicle: Cafeteria lxlElfSllillQ Flinute Blau. Aitractiuvly clever, tlie capalzle sort, Popular, too f-1 inclulges in sport. College. SPIEGEL. ANNETFE L. B1ill'SllEll. ln mercliarulising welll Annette: buccessful, too, we safely inet. Business. SPIEGEL. FRANK A. Vice-President ol G.O.: Arista: All- City Higlr Sclmol Clxorusg Language Honor Society: Varsity Traclc, Soccer. ln all trarles a laclz, musician of note, No womler tlre girls euerlastingly clote. College. STANDERVVICK. BEVERLY R. Secretary, Home Economics: Secretary, Hill Attenclance. TIM? tlrree nG's" Gentle, Generous and Genuine Business. STAUB. XVOLF Arista: Language Honor Society: Bi- ology and Cllenlistry Lab.: lvlarslmlz Baslcetloall and Soccer Intramurals. His name'll leacl to a wrong conclusion, Or liowls this wolf in rleep seclusion? STEIN, SONA E. Science Secretary: Stucly Hall lVlarsl1al: Hall Nlarslual. Her aim is high ,-1 lwr grasp lmeyoml tlie few -f To reacli tlie top, laols, in spite of you. College. STEINTHAL. DOLORES R. Victory Slxow: St. Gauilenls Art lvleclal: Forest Leaves Art Editor: Forester Art Stall: Exceptional Service Certificate. Picasso, Goya, Wood --1 Dolores, too, is goocl. College. 51 STERN, JOAN Play Procluctiong Foreslerg Senior Play: publicity C0llllllltt6C1 Art Ollicc Sec- retary. Energetic, witll plenty to say, Her only neeil - more liours per rlay. College. STERNIN, STANLEY Nluseum Squacl: Nlatlr Clutxg Frencli Clulog Atllletic Awarcls. An enormous quest for learnin' Has our lnoy, Stanley Sternin. College. STOCK, PETER D. Cliairnian, Prom Comnliltee: Senior Representative, Forest School: Section Captaing lvlcritorious Service Certiticate. Oli, so suave and very cool, He smiles at all tlie girls in scliool. College. STOLLER, .IOANNE Hall MBfSllalZ Art Metals Clulm. For classes Ioanne is always late f- A stroller - tarfly for a olate. STOLLMAN, BERNARD Ecole l.ilJre: Language Honor Society: Forester: Beacon: Traclc. Berniels a witty young man to lenowg xVll9Hv llels UFOIIHJ U79 Caflll feel IOIU. College. STRAUSS, EDYTHE Cvuiclance Ollife Aicle: Parlc Sclmnl Ollicc Aicle: Hill Sclwool Ottice Aide: lVlarsl1alg Parlx Scllool Attendance Ol- lzice Aicle. ln section witli. a powcler puff aoleptg ln class, oli Jearl occasionally slept. Business. STRESINO, LOUISE A. Ecole Libre: Sorial Studies Otlice: Badminton Club: Cutting Ollicicq Gyllll Office. Louise is sweet ancl cliarming, too: We lenow yaulil lilze ller as we clo. College. 52 STRIPPOLI, FRANCES C. l:orest Oltice Aicie: flarstial, Cafeteria: Captain, Spanislr. Cllarining, quiet, sweet as well: Her name trips ringing, lille a llell. Business. SULAHIAN, A. VVILLIAM Fencing Team: Banclc lJ,S,A.l., Awarclsz Nleritorious Service: Nlatli Otticc Aicle. To ive a doctor is luis aim: Soon lwlll surely rise to fame, College, SULLIVAN, HELEN Bt. Cutting Oltice Aicle. Full of giggles, lull of spiee - By tlxe way, we tliinlc slies nice Business. SUNDSTROM, THELMA G. Chorus: Victory Straw, Nlarsluil: Hill Attenclance Oltice. Xve call l1er Sunny f- so apt a name Can only lecul to sunlit fame. Business Scliool. SVVEEZY, BE't'l'E .IEANNE Cll0fUSQ Aicle in Attenclunce Office: Qt'- ficer in Section: Latin Tutor: Boclruinton Club. Bette, rlignifiecl ancl so sincere, Slie will go places, never fear. TAORMINA, CATHERINE A. Goorl-lnimorecl, witli on ever-reacly smile A girl lilee Kitty really is wortli wliile. College, TARDI, AGATHA BRIEFS llill . Friends wlio lenoiu ami love lner well, Of inner lainrlliness will tell. College. THE FORESTER TOPALIAN, ROSEIVIARY Forest Oliiiiceg Arista Tutor: Healtli Efl. Office: Science Club: lxflarsilal. If rememlwrance is rosemary, Tlien no one votes contrary. College. TORBERT. ELAINE E. Forester Art Stall: Forest Leaves Art Stall. Vxfliutls to lve seen in yon crystal liall? Torlaert anrl otlners - Designers all. College, TOTSCI-IEK, JOHN J. Parlc Sclwool Airie: Forest Sclxool Aicle: Forest Hills Forum: Foreign Policy Clulo. Silent, smart. Slie plays lier part. TRAUBE. ANNE IVI. Nlarsli al: Latin Club. A quiet girl of sterling wortli ls more tlzan all tlie golol on eartlw. College. TRIPPEL, GERALD E. TFEICIC TCHIIII lntfalilllfill AWG ITIS: Clremistry Lain.: lvlatll Tutor. Gerald witli an intellect rare, Goes tliru seliool witlaout a care College. UGHEITA. PATRICIA A. Secretary in Stucly Hell: Aifle in First Aid: Ciiorus: Victory Slww. XViih really smite, yet tliouglitful. cleepi Vxfliat flreams, my Pat, disturb your sleep? College. VALLE, LOUIS C. Presiolent. Ciiess Clulv: Engineering Cluim: Cliemistry Clulo: Tracli. Tennis, cliess: never clally: Graole-A liustler I- our friencl Valle. I UNE 1946 VALLE, SERGIO V. Forester: Clienlistry Clulag Bronze P.S.A.L, Medal: Marslml. Serg. youlre clever, really so: lust wliat is it rnalees you go? College. VAN CLUTE, SUSAN Englisli Ollice: Forester Stall: Tennis Club. A liorse lover, Sue, And a morlel, ,tis true. College. VAN DER RYN, FREDERIKA H. Biology Lab. Teclmician: Secretary, Arista: Tutoring: Volleyball Club: Lan- guage Honor Society. Freflcly is cliarming, one of tlie lzesi, Ancl clever enougli to pass any test. VAN GALEN. PETER J. Physics Lair.: Guiclance Office: lvlatli ancl Piiysics Awards. lvlien Peter arises in class to speak, Yve all relax i-1 l1e'll talee a week. College. VOGEL. EVELYN G. Class Office: MHTSII al . For luncllroom gaiety just watcli Evelyn: Tlie social wliirl starts lier to revelinll College. VOGEL. INES F. Frencil-American Stuflent Paper: For- est Leaves: Forester: Language Honor Society: Leaders' Clulo. Tlie lzirols sing sweet wlien Vogells near Sliels clear, and utterly sincere. College. VOYNOW. ROBERT B. The prirle and joy of SFI. He always lias liis liomeworle clone. College. 55 VVAGNER, RENEE H. Clrorus: Guidance Office Aide: Parlc Sclrool Oilice Aide: Meritorious Service Award: Language Ollilice Aide. A lovely girl is our Renee, Vxflioyll proudly smile Diploma Day. VVALDER, lVllRlAlVl J. Lillrary Squad: Englisli Office: Frencli Office: Tennis Clulu. A quiet clwrm of sweet appeal The ever-passing days reveal. NVALSH, NATALIE A. Secretary, Senior Section: Secretary, Math Class. Quiet anol sliy, witli ltardly a peep: But clon't forget still waters, oleep. Colle ge. NVARD, ROSElVlARlE lVl. Secretary, Home Economics: Hill At- tendance Oiiice: Meritorious Service Certificate: Volleyball Award. Her liair is clark: lier skin is lair: Your ills, lter aid, Sll9,S quicle to sliare. Business. VVASSERMAN, ROBERTA Forester: Leader in Gym: Secretary. Commercial Otiice: Secretary, Guidance Office: Baslietlaall Club. Roberta is always smartly dressed, Dainty lzlouse, anal skirt well pressecl. Colle ge. VVATSON. RUTH L. Secretary, Healtll Ed. Oli-ice: Secretary, Hill Attendance Office: Volleyball Team: lVlarsl1al: Gregg Certificates. Dainty, gay, in very trutli, Sparleling laugliter i-f little Rutli. Business. NVEBSTER, HOVVARD A. lntramural Awards: P.S.A.L. Awards: Color Guard: Marshal. Oli, ltere's tlie lvoy wlio's got a lieaol, Tlie very lzriglttest slulole of red. Business. 54 VVEINER, PHYLLIS T. Home Nursing Clull: American Junior Red Cross: Parlc Sclrool Office Aide: Cafeteria Marshal. Pliyllis Weiner, small and slim, Helped tlie Real Cross leeep in trim. College. NVEISS, DANIEL ROBERT Pres. Sec. Class: Pres. Bio Class. A pretty girl attracts ltis eye, Despite tlie fact lie's lzimml of sliy. NVEISS, JUNE Guidance Office Aide: Attendance Of- fice Aide: Graphic Arts Cluln: Drama-' tic Club: Hall lVlarsl1al. We envy lane lier lovely liuir, A goddess, slze, divinely fair. College. VVERTHEIM, GEORGIA Attendance Office Aide: Guidance Of- fice Aide. Brown-eyeol, witlt climples in lier clieele: Oli, Georgia, 'tis of you we speale. College. VVESELY, LORRAINE F. Curator in Nluseurn: Hill Attendance Office: Marshal. Personality, plus a smile tl1at's glowing, Lee is really a girl wortli lmowing. Business. WESTNIAN, ABE A. History Office Aide: Intramural Bas- lietball. Boys and girls, come gatlzer round: Alwe is lzere f-1 let joy alzourul. Business. VVETTERER, ERNEST W. Cliemistry Lula.: Marslialz Cartooning Club: lntramural Baslcctluall: Class Band. Altlio liis name flemaruls a pun. Sucli worcls as Hivettern we will sliun. College. THE F ORESTER NVIDDER, IRWIN H. Senllll' Balldl LlLU1l0l' Band: Ilitfallluffll Squad Awarcl: General Science, Biol- ogy. Plrysics Honors: Caleteria ancl Hall lvlarsllal Squacls. Alrlm lie's Sliy, Hes quite a guy. College. NVIELE, ALICE T. Senior Ollice: Aclministration Aicle: lxlarstral, Gym: Nluseum: lxlinute Nlan. Acquiesce, sweet Alice will, If aslzecl to lny a certain Bill. Colle gc. XVIENER. MARCIA E. lxluseum Squad: Secretary to lVlr. Smulqlerg Nlarsllalg Baclminton Clulm. One of tl1e sweetest of all our grads. Equally loveol lay girls and lacls. College. VVIGLER. PAUL VV. Cllemistry-Pllysics Lalo.: Tutoring Room: FOFUIH Club: Foreign Policy Cluln. A scientist we lrave riglzt ltere: ln class liels never in tlre rear. College. VVIMER, HELEN General Honor Roll: Nlatli Certificate: lfrcnclr Certificate. Petite, sweet, Helenys a treat, Business NVINBERRY. DOLORES V. Senior Qllicez Guidance Olllicc Typist' Emergency Room Aide. Vtfirlt clmrm lner nature ever glows: lts powers to lreal, eacli Senior lznorvs. Business. VVOLF, JANE A. Emergency Room lxlarslral: Healtli Sc-rv. ice Leamler: Officer in Section: Barl- minton Clulo. Curly liloncle lane is always smiling ,-.4 Ever lwewitcliing, quv anil beguiling. Business. I UNE 1946 VVOLFORT, CAROLINE A. Victory Show: Art Bazaar: Blarslml: Attcnclance Ollice Airle: lVlinute lvlan. Pat Boycl ancl Georgia Carroll, too: Heres moclel competition, true. Art Sclrool. YACZKO, EMMA E. Forest Ollicc: Girls' Emergency Room: lVlarsl1al: Secretary, Trigonometry Class. Emma slroulfl ltave a stoclz in "Bell" Besiiles, in art clues slle excel. Business. YOTT, ElVllLlE S. Senior Secretary: Tutor for Arista: Sten. Spcecl Club: Secretary, Art Office: Sec- retary, Senior Ollice. Secretary. always taleing notes: Popular, too: slie got our votes. Business. YOUNG, MILDRED S. Secretary, Attcnolance Ollice: Aicle, Guidance Oltice: Study Hall lx!lHfSl'lEtl. Milly is ever sweet and cllarming: Nary a troy will finil lier alarming. College. YZQUIERDO. MARIO P.S.A.L. Award: Language Honor So- ciety: Nlarslialg Clulo 4X. Tlm' lzarcl to pronounce is lVlario's name, W'e'll lznow Yzquierclo, on reacling llis fume. Business. ZACHER. JOAN F. Guiclance Ollice Aicle: Emergency Room Aiile: General Ollice Aicle: Switclrlooarcl Operator. A little lzunclle of joy is loan, Vvlitlr. never a fault for one to conulone. Business. ZISSER, HARVEY Science Ollice Squad. Harveys tlre lnoy witli tlie willing feet, To seelz tlle friends lie will often meet. College. 55 ZUCKER, MATVHEXV H. Chorus: Biology I.al1. Terlmician IXJIHFSIIBI Lieutenant. His smite, u tonic: His nature, sympllonic. U. S. Army. Bureau ei Hlissing Seniors BERMAN. .IANICE IVIarsI1aI: Cliorus. Each winter white me trurtgeft ttiru snow, She Izasleed Izy Carit2I1ean's ftow. FREYDBERG, VVILLIAM E. SOCCCI' TCHYIII TIHCIC. There Ire goesl He's off tilee a flash! At the rate lie runs I1e'll win every clash. Colle ge. FRIEDMAN, MARTIN Frencll Club: Spanish Club: IVIatI1 Club: Marslmal. In the fietrt of merticine tie will tae: Heltt ctoctor you fine - you wait amt see. Collcgc. HUGHES. WILLIAM Captain Varsity Baseball: Gym Cap- tain: Intramural Baseball: Nlarstlal. At baseball Bill will never lose, Because his name is Bitty Hughes. College. VVILLIAM KELLY Clrnorus: Banclq Victory Show: Concerts The gods on Kelley Courtesy bestowed: We have reaped urliat they so Ieinctty SUIUGCI. Veterans MEROL FREDRICKS CHARLES GROSS RAOUL PECK MCNICHOL, EDNA To Forest Hills stie came not long ago, And soon we tznew leer gem-like glow. METCALF, MARY LOUISE Secretary of I'Ii-Y: Hostess: Senior Ot- ticc Squacl: Nlarstialz Forest Leaves. The stage is Hue for Mary Lou, its a writer slxeyll ctn, too. REFERS, HOWARD A. Intramural Awarcls: IWIatI1 Club: IVIatI1 Spanish and Latin Awards. In chemistry, Iie's the latest rage: Our contribution to tti' Atomic Age. RICHTER, LAVVRENCE High Honors Awarcls: P.S.A.I.,. Awarfl lVIatI1 Instruments Club: Ctiem Club. The class toctay has a pate complexion, For Larry came on time to section. College. STELLING. EUGENE Here we 110179 our friend, E. Stelting, And what 'IBIS up to, tI1ere's no telling. NVESTMAN, MARY The silent, sliy and quiet type, With suntit smite, however, ripe. Business. RAYMOND MCCORMICK HOVV ARD NAYSBIITH THE FORESTER Weatlier Forecast: Have YOU All P li Fair, Fat and 40 AIEEQYSEES? Volume I, Number 1 June 21, 1971 Forest Hills, New York , Forest Hills.Athletes Gain Recognition At Annual Reunion Cincxoo, June 21-Last night, at the 15th annual Athletes of America Reunion. trophies were awarded to several national sports tigures tor their outstand- ing achievements during the past years in haseball, basketball, liencing and golf. The presenta- tions were made by Honorary President Nicholas Spata, who said, ul am glad to see so many liormer Forest Hills athletes gain- ing national recognition here to- night. These boys have gone tar to IHHICC H TIHIHC tor 1ltElllSClVCS in the sports world and justly deserve credit for their excellent performances." Leo iwlabel, who last Septem- ber captured the National Nlenis Singles Championship tor the third straight year, was awarded a bronze statue as the stand-out tennis player ot the year. On the basis of their sterling court play during the lnvitation Tournament held at lxfladison Square Garden last week, Dick Rogers, who incidentally broke George b'1ikan's record of 55 points tor a single game, and Eliot Benson, star forward, were awarded twin trophies as the two most valuable basketball players ot the year. ln the field oi golf, an award was given to Mattie Hershel, winner of the P.G.A. open tour- nament last winter and top money-winner of the year. Three ot the outstanding var- sity men ot the original Forest Hills baseball team received gold plaques. They were Billy Hughes, now a catcher for the New York Yankees. and Joe IAOCHSUO illifl Gene Gl'CEnVt'Elld. Honorable mention designated Billy Sulahian, who is touring Europe at present, as another one ot the many athletes ot the year. President Spata, in closing, stated that he hoped that next year would hring a flock ot new stars to the annual gathering. as well as the old familiar iaces of tonightis audience. Town Hall Concert Captivates Happy' BHl'l1l'2tCll, YHIIIOUS iZlZZ pianist. has arranged another concert to be given at Town Hall on Saturday night, ilune 22r1d. The program will teature an original composition tor clar- inet and piano. and a medley ot old 1945 songs, Tickets tor the concert will go on sale at the box oilicc next week. Columbia University To Invite Millionaire Playboy Next Fall lVll,xMl, June 21-Mr. Louis Kauliman, wealthy lvliami resi- dent. who purchased the Uni- versity ol' hliami two years ago and abolished all academic courses. has been invited by the Dean ot' Columbia University to come North in September and reorganize the school. Nlr. Kaufman gained nation- wide attention in 1958 when he decided to inject a new progres- sive system ot education into the curriculum ot lxliami students. lvlajor subjects included Social Relations and Yachting, with a six-month mandatory course in the Treatment tor Sunburn tor all candidates seeking gradua- ll01'l. KHUFIIIHH I'f'IIl0VBfl ll1C athletic ticld, and in its place, constructed a race track around the campus grounds and two small night-clubs hehind the dormitories. Faculty advisors tlrom Oxford, Rome and Harvard declared that Mr. KElUflllBH l18S'llliiClC IIIOTC ot an advancement in the field ot education in the past two years, than any other man since Cecil Rhodes. Vvhen asked about the report that he will accept the ottier to come North this tall, hir. Kauf- man declined to make any delhi- nite statement, saying, ul have received a similar invitation trom Yale University, and have not yet decided in favor ot either school. Traveling accommoda- tions are so difficult to acquire these days, you know." 66 ' 99 Body Beautiful Awarded Buddy Bloom, asked it he had anything to say when presented with the silver cup tor having the most beautiful body tor 1960, said, "All the credit tor this award belongs to the 156 special at Forest Hills." President Brinekerhoff Holds Press Conference United States Steel Head Interviewed Foncsr Hn.i.s. June 21-At his Fleet Street summer house, Nlr. lrwin Germaise, President ot the United States Steel Cor- poration, granted a private inter- view to Ruth Lupin and Paula C0i1en, FOYIIIPI' BCBCOH I'Cp0l'lCl'5. Nlr. Germaise, a round, bald- ish man in his early iorties. lleld the CODFOTQHCQ OII lite SUD patio overlooking his beautiful gardens. Xxlhen asked his opin- ion on the present steel strike which has threatened the entire industry with a complete shut- down, he answered, Ml have told Fir. Hugh Oiconnor, the C.l.O. union oil-icial, that l will not pay the workers a penny over fifteen cents an hour. That is my plat- torm. and l will stand upon it until the planks rot from under my feet. l believe that a salary ot 39.60 per week is sulticient to uphold onr-'s everyday needs." Vtlhen questioned about his success in husiness, Mr. Ger- maise, a one-time struggling comedian, said, ul attribute my current success to a college career. Upon completion oi a Business Administration course. United Steel politely asked me to enter their organization as President ot the Corporation and put the firm back on a paying basis. l accepted the position, beginning with a meager salary ot 350,000 a year. ln the past eleven years, U. S. Steel has become the most valuable stock on the marketf' Mr. Gel'l'llt'iiS6,S adVHI'lCI'lllC!li in the business world stands out as a shining example to the younger generation, proving that hard work and knowing the right people lead to ultimate success. Art Exhibition Opens Todayg Excellent Contemporary Works At a special press unveiling early yesterday evening, Freder- ika Van Der Ryn opened the east wings ot her spacious Park Avenue ivlansion tor a limited exhibition ot paintings by dis- tinguished American contempo- rary artists. Vvorks by the emi- nent Doris Klintberg, Cornelia Barclay and .ludy Kahn depict lite in the tirst periods ot Ameri- can expansion toward the Vvest. Judith Kanin and Erika Holt have collaborated in a series of paintings covering the years of America's development into an industrial nation. portraying the conversion to modern machinery. Dolores Stcinthal's classic mural uAmerican Youthn is also on display, along with contemporary advertisements by Robert Block. The exhibition is, undoubtedly, one of the Finest in recent years. Frank Spiegel Nominated for World Confederation XXVASHINGTON. .lune 20-At his weekly press conference at the Vkihite House yesterday, President .lohn Brinckerholit de- clared that hir. Frank Spiegel, well-known New York statesman has been nominated to be the Chiet United States delegate to the new Xvorld Federation, The HIIHOUFICCIIICII1 Calllf' HS H0 SUI'- prise here in the Capital, serv- ing only to confirm the rumors that have been circulating through both houses ot Congress tor the past several days. It is expected that the Senate will sanction the nomination early next week alter prelimi- nary work has been completed on the Hyman-Ellner Bill. Sena- tor Arnold Brasch, N. Y., has stated that he will lead the tight tor approval it 'Amy stubborn political antagonists tecl that the time is ripe for party differences to interfere with the world peace movement." However. early reports from Capitol Hill seem to point to a quick confirmation. since it is widely known that Mr. Spiegel has the complete support of Sec- retary ot State Gerald Silver- man and several other inlluential cabinet members. The Secretary has previously spoken highly of the Presidentls nominee, declar- ing that he is one of the iew men in the country capable of luliilling the Xvorld Federation post. An authoritative source said today that Aloys lvlichel will depart tor Europe early next month tor a series oi conferences with high-ranking British officials and Prime hlinister Freund. Ac- companying the Presidentis per- sonal envoy will he lvlichael Paschkes, newly appointed UNNRA director, and .lerome Pustilnik, retiring Speaker ot the House ot Representatives. Dis- cussion is expected to revolve about the question ot renewing the Security Council's 320,000,- 000 loan to France. Vvorld capi- tals will be greatly interested in the outcome ot the meetings, and it is hoped that the loan will be extended tor another three years. Page 2 tlune 21, 1971 A Class Prophecy CLASS PROPHECY Published by Class of '46 Vol. 1 No. 1 Editor-Fredrika Lax Ann Brodell Paula Cohen Barbara Greenfield Renee Lehman Joyce Baker Inquiring Reporter Question: Now that you have been out ol Forest Hills High School for a number of years. what predictions can you recall, made by members of the faculty, that have come true or other- wise? Joyce Balcer: Mrs. Seale once told me l had an exceptional talent for short-hand writing. and suggested that l major in Stenography cluring my last term at Forest Hills High School. l had already completed three and one-half years of an academic program. but decided to remain in school another two years and devote my study periods to practicing strolces. Today, l am still practicing strolces and have worn out eighty-six pencils and one hundred and twenty-nine writing-pads. Gene Greenwald: When l was a student in Forest Hills High School, lVlr. Hamje stated that l had been chosen to play First bass-fiddle in the school or- chestra. He added that he thought l possessed a great deal ol musical talent, and should consign myself to exercise lessons in order to perlect my string technique. l followed his acl- vice. neglected my daily home- worlc assignments, and was able to graduate with the minimum number ol credits. Now, after carrying my loass-fiddle for ten years, l am tired, haggard. and physically exhausted. l thanlc lVlr. Hamje for his guiding inter- est. New Faculty Appointed lVlany former Forest Hills High School students are once more walliing the corridors of their alma mater-as teachers. .loan Stem has been appointed assistant to Miss Schrage, head of Play Production group, and is in charge ol haclc-stage light- ing. The science department has an addition too. Mr. Conrad Ell- ner, summoned out of retirement, is again teaching Biology classes. News Around the Town Congratulationsl To Virginia Smith, lovely New Yorli model. voted the most attractive cover girl ot the year . . . To Cherie Goodman. lor producing the best radio program oi the year . . . To Audrey Jacobs. who recently inherited a million dol- lars irom a lost relative . . . To Rosalie Schusel, a tour star hit in HCan't Stop Singing" . . . To lvlarilyn lvlarshall, for her suc- cessful opening at the Metro- politan Opera House last Sat- urday night . . . To Roberta Vvasserman, newly appointed Health Education teacher at Forest Hills High School ,... Lots of luclc . . . Seen in front of the Penn Drug Store: lVlelvin Krantz, driving his new convertible de- livery car . . . Robert.Koburger, lVlr. Hamje's talented assistant in the music department. Says the school- orchestra has signed a union contract and is now worlcing a strict six hour day with a fifteen minute intermis- sion between songs . . . Colonel Chester Cotter, putting up bill- boards. ENLIST IN THE NA- TIONAL GUARDI . . . Elaine Torhett, going downtown to open her model agency. All Forest Lost and Found Lost: An Egyptian mummy, in the vicinity oi Cairo, prob- ably in a pyramid. Generous Reward--Philip Spencer. Lost: A manuscript, near Bal- dinois Grocery Store, Call BO. S-5624 -'Leona Feldman and Zorah Kapelsohn. Found: A compact in the parlc. inscribed. "To lna Bros- seau, with love.H Pat O'Kceie. HA. 4-7069. Found: Athletic award loe- longing to Hermine Kivelson. Vvill owner please call BO. 5-8659. Lost: A valuable portfolio oi society notes. Reward f-1 Vera Paretzlcin. Lost: A Forest Hills Senior hat, .Tune 1946. Sentimental value-Bernie Rosen. Lost: A tarnished Arista pin, red and blue with a gold diag- onal stripe. Generous Reward-1 tlo Rasliind, Kew Gardens. Found: A brief case contain- ing manuscript of new boolc, "Death Under a Microscope" by Dr. Richard Lewontin. Call Vves Damnes, G.O. Advisor at Forest Hills High School. Hills students who lcnow their figures are welcome . . . Lucy Mauro and Diane Hardy, aclver- tising new pamphlet uYou Too Can Graduate from Forest Hills High School." . . . Rumored: Dieter Freund wallcing along lower Basin Street with a Broolrlyn accent . , . One ol Al lVlichel's applications to college was rejected. His marlcs were too low. . . Aged Albert Einstein disagrees with Professor Franlc Eichler's new revolutionary theory of Rela- tivity. Says he erred in comput- ing the answer with De lVloivre,s Thcorum. Should have used log- arithlns instead . . . Zorah Kap- elsohn has forgotten what HPo't Pourriu means . . . See you again. World Figure Revisits School weelcs ago, the world Two famous explorer. Rilca Lax, re- to Forest Hills High to relate her experience turned School to a group ot several hundred lreshmen students at a special assembly. The renowned woman- traveler, organizer ol the cele- brated Lax Expedition ol: titty high-honor students, which dis- appeared into the jungles oi South America several years ago, spolie chiefly about the new Arista colony she has established on the banlcs of the Amazon River. Natives with averages above eighty-tive percent in Jun- gle l..orc are, at present, being interviewed as possible candi- dates lor induction into the honor society. Miss Lax stated that she in- tends to leave lor South Africa somewhat early next year to continue the Arista organization which was begun by Dr. Liv- ingston almost one hundred years ago. BOOK CORNER Greifer Announces New Novel To Be Published Soon Doris Greiler, owner oi the Greiler Publishing House, an- nounced that the award lor the best novel of the year has gone to Vvilliam Nicholas, one oi the youngest writers of the day. His booli, .life in Forest Hills High School." will be published on or about .Tune 24. 150.000 copies ot the first printing have already been delivered to the stores . . . Morton Keller, noted literary critic for the New Yorlc Times, says Joan Gilbertis new collec- tion ot poems. clue to be pub- lished some time next tall, is sure to be a best-seller. The pro- logue, written by Nancy tloel, will aid circulation . . . Lita Philips, well-lcnown Broadway stage director, revealed that her latest production 'Senior Fol- lies" will be published in boolc lorm early next season by Grei- fer House. N0 mention was made ol the cost of printing rights. The play, completing its second year on Broadway, stars Abe Vvestman as the Court jester . . . Ann Broclell, cur- rently running a series of short stories in the New Yorlcer Maga- zine, declares she will leave lor Georgia in a few weelcs to gather material for her new novel, exposing conditions in the haclclands of the South. Announcements Vvantedz A complete collec- tion oli Biology contracts for my younger sister. Saul Felclman, 67-54 Fleet St., Forest Hills. Dear John, l didn't mean to marlc you cutting when l was secretary in history, Please forgive me, and lctis be friends again. Betsy Advertisements SHERWOOD ANDERSON COURSE For Eyfective Public Speaking FREE LECTURE SOON. Xvill the motorist or person who saw the Ridgewood Banlc crash into my car at Continen- tal Ave. and Queens Blvd., lVlarch 7th at 2 a.m.. please call BO. S-5950-Pete Stoclc. Xfvantedr A pair ol Adler- Elevator Shoes--Arthur Dia- lll0rlCl. L APPLY NOW! CLARINET LESSONS Eight Year Guarantee. Learn to Play Don Hoffman's Way BO 8-1205 Vvanteclz A jar ol shaving cream and a razor-lrwin Green- stein, For Sale: A worn pair of hair tweezers--lrwin Greenstein. - l.- i.. To To To To To To his To last will anti Testament By leave of seniors, small and great, We hereby wish to plainly state The myriad objects we donate. The Beacon: A peace treaty with the G.O. Wir. Vvepnerz A scale with which to mark his students, reports. The Custodial Staff: Non-siip Hoor Wax. Nliss Gandia: An accent mark. The Lunchroom: 578 games of checkers. Wir. Udane: Vve cIon,t have to leave hir. Udane 42 ioyai hearts, because when section first saw him, the hearts were his. The Language Department: Better students to competewith the Science and Niath. Departments. To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To FIYO 'I 'o To To Mr. Keyes: A Republican in 1948. Mr. Paileri: A toupee. Dr. Branciweinz Two tickets to the uTown Hail Meeting of the Airf' Mr. Sussman: A Varga girl. Nliss Fimpei: A jar of Benfcvay. Nlrs. Dineen: A ciictonary of slang. Mr. Morrison: A hottie of Vvilct Root Hair-grower. Mr. Drach: A larger bank for his chewing-gum fund. Wir. Mcindoe: A hox of homemacielfucige fpreferahiy chocoiatef. Mr. Carter: A good conduct medal. Miss Grihhen: An invitation to Room 143. Miss Coiucci: A secretary and eight free periods a clay. Miss Vvhitcomh: Two wacis of cotton for a cafeteria assignment. Mrs. Seaie: A stop watch that worics. Niiss Soiey: All her utittie ones.H Mr. Wilson: A lah. room with southern exposure. Miss Coghian: Two tickets to 'Bloomer Girif, Mrs. Mccannaz A balanced budget. Mr. Lazarus: An inciestructihie ammeter. ixirs. Koeisch: The solution to uso what?H Attested to on this twenty-first Jay of Iune by Sue Baron, for the class of 1946. DIEGES 81 CLUST I7 JOHN STREET Q NEW YORK 8, N. Y. OILIICIOI JeweIers for Ihe Clcss of I946 RINGS, PINS, MEDALS, CHARMS, ATHLETIC AWARDS NEW YORK ' BOSTON ' CHICAGO ' PITTSBURGH ' PROVIDENCE Engravings Ior Ihis Issue OI TI-IE IZORESTER were mode by SCIENTIFIC ENGRAVING CO. 406 WEST 23rd STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. Besf Wishes Io Ihe CLASS OF JUNE I946 McCARTI-IY 81 SIMON. INC. Monufocfuring SpecIc:IisIs 7-9 WEST 36II'1 STREET, NEW YORK Jus? OPI Fiffh Avenue SpecIc1Iis+s in CHOIR VESTMENTS - PULPIT GOWNS Cups, Gowns, Hoods, for AII Degrees Ouffirfers Io 2500 Schools, Colleges, and Churches COMPLIMENTS OF E. T A R R OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER TO THE CLASS OF JUNE 1946 425 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK I7, N. Y. KINGS DELICATESSEN HO-80 QUEENS BOULEVARD FOREST HILLS, N. Y. BO 8-0050 NESTOR PAPPAS, Prop. REED 81 CO. SchooI Speciolfies 373 FOURTH AVENUE NEW YORK CITY MU 4-5663-4 Blvd. 8-50845085 BIRK'S MARKET Choice Meofs Fresh KiIIecI Poulfry ond Seo Food I07-31 SEVENTY-FIRST AVENUE FOREST HILLS, N. Y. CompIimen+s of MR. and MRS. N. S. MORRIS MARLIN PRINTING CO.. Inc. 45 Rose Sfreef, New York 7, N. Y. BEeIiman 3-0I38-0I39 CAROL and STANLEY ABE STARK, INC Men's Cloflwing cmd Furnishings 1514 PITKIN AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. Besf Wishes +0 Jrhe COlUmbus 5-8850-8851 SHERMAN AUTO CORPORATION Groduolres of June IQ46 Selecf Used Cars SURREY SPORTSWEAR Anfhony Carillo 1879 BROADWAY NEW YORK 23, N. Y. Corner 62nd Sfreef Complimenfs of 01 MY MAN MARLIN PRINTING CO

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Forest Hills High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest Hills, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Forest Hills High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest Hills, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Forest Hills High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest Hills, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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