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3111? if 1 V S I ff ,, f .1 I r ,I ' 1976 RAMBLER sisimg i lim ij i , .af if ii s 3 Lil! gil I fi-M-e Te-1 is Iii. ieiii i -1 i Qsiff' W EK ' I i If 1 1 I if U. S. HWY, NO. BO FOREST HIGH - U.S.A. Forest, Mississippi Margy Lee, Edit A 'kwa W , X -,,.- lf A vs Z, "' i 52 - i RIELE 257 -1, T ,. QS 113 ry, Y Lf X 'Jn N 2 ' W M:-. xl . Mi nf ig: '. .m..,... 1, 2 : gf :E 1 X SQ 1: X ff, H Q if X ea V X ? W U if QW, KH H f , f igfggigfzw 5? J- 1 101, gf-,',L-W L-ii W' A -l fjliif '54, .' ' NI! IJ' " I ' 'QQ ,.j :pi ll W f ff N if A i X EN 'IX 1 'I 1 A f Table of Contents: Leaders .... Action ....... Involvement .... Middle School . . . Elementary School Closing ........ The-re's so much that We share in this small Ncommunity' of ours, Forest High. 7 .fiigg f ii . fe is 15' -if X Y '-1- MN X 1 'F ii K ig X i ing Jf A. Its faculty, its activities, and its traditions are linked together to form a chain of unity, making us Q one in America. ' 1 , ,,.. ,, ' .ig vw'-W www Q it Y 1,4 3 l o Q M KN t Sl a e -X7 -' ' - . ' fx K fQ w nf, K wt 4. 'Jw I iw s---,. -- "M, W pm-1-"A W , 1 , Nm. Luljrfu "'- , X W ,fi by to 4 - W" A , 15251 "Ai: J,-"A A ,' Forest High, U.S.A. - In the American mood. A . VV mg, 7 as. 'kin V . , .A F 2 'VE f 5 1 3 hifi! H :- 5. 5. '1 I cn .11 gee. 4 , Wav i 'sw 5F'?i4:1?5i'QE151f,Ef"52'- L aim - "ISN i'e12.1:,3::1::,gg41g5g,3i.B.W 5 , f :H:w::1n,1frW:-ik". " G Q w. if Y H W , nf JW, 3 M 2 Q ii .,L. Lgiil 15 E -M q .M . x 'H ,W 1 A A www - "Gi qv 1 ' 'ff ff 'I M ie ,H if mf x ' ' ' H ,AMY xkiegvfj, ,Y , f Y 4 Y 'K ga Q T ww' M 1 A ju N4 we ' w e Y 'aa -1 9 ' E wi':':w W F?"f+-fm ! 1 fjffiifiw' a"F1" xssf qfr:,, W-V , M1'w:W p- Niiii' , ,ww ..,,L4 a, Him I 2, -1 , uz,,,rWfw"? I ' ., , , -- ' W"m,,,,gM"j1N., W W This is America .f- 1 V --1 Ki -T-g. "fr JV- , 4 , 121:-Q"5s:f,: ' y f ff. A ,Q-wf:v'fsne " P 2, . I ' I H .A a. ii 4.2: 1976. . . A time to be FREE, to enjoy life to its fullest, to smile at the little things V -.5 N 5 P F I 1 f I my gg 4 L, QUEEN CINDY COLBERT ESCORT: Larry Posey HO ECOMI aan 5 5 yyyy My ly, NNW N ""Xes?w,iN Q M. , F QW y D SENIOR: Sheila Pryor ESCORT: Johnny Eure y i. A' X,-F af Vai 7 1 F - I JP.. J . , A ,WMM JUNIOR: Lisa colben ESCORT: Harry Myers 5 P v Q4 'W W A1 KW ,-M - 'FRY '3 G 1975 noon O 5 W , X 'Jw R L R .. , .W " 1: M wW,,,tifM1ii23:.:1 me :m,,1MWW5.JLZ- L1 'r GE? X , N whfiffsez U , , mp, if E w, 3 V G ,. gm, pf e N fx, M - 'Zz ini f,,..- i ia ,- ' .,, . ., 4 W A , MAID OF HONOR: CAROL PALMER ESCORT: Kim Sessums 5 Q 5 1 ry' .,N ,,c, big? , , , ,- 5, ,A ,, g W 15 9' 1: M 1 A I ..-N , , 5. ,W.,8-?-? ,11fVf3'???5 -7' 1 R ""Q.ff-1-ff? - R R ' ' 'Ek , M SOPHOMORB: Leesa Lee ESCORT: John Harrison , an . 11215 in F 1 L RM? .ke .4 . f: Mwif 'gm 'qw' 11 1, 'iaemawi -Q 5 :L :Ln 3- a -F321 P f f 1 J sry' , ,3- , :u:,,,J,.:..'w':1'::f , ,,,,,,,,. , ,.. , Aug. .ws 11-W3 4351,ii53:?PiE2V -' Hwlazmt SA ' 1 ., e .fbgqzo FRESHMAN: Dana Lee ESCORT: Eddie Chancellor The 1976 Rambler is Proudly Dedicated to Mr. L. O. Atkins Mr. Atkins has been a part of Forest High for twenty-three years. He came to FHS as super- intendent in 1953 and is retiring this year. In the years he has been here, he has touched the lives of many and has dedicated himself to his school. He is loved and respected by the school and the city of Forest as well. Thank you, Mr. Atkins, for the love and service you have given each student over the years. LEADERS -.MN Cl School Board 'gilt f :To E? Etqsv' 3 15' ,fi NX f my ,f " X ff" af S , """-1' 33?-1 Mr. L. 0. Atkins, Mr. Richard Hill, Mr. Henry Williams, Mr. Jerry Chambers Mr Lloyd Chancellor Mr Hugh McMurphy , Dr. Kermit Reynolds. Superintendent L. O. Atkins y gp sy, WORDS OF APPRECIATION FROM YOUR SUPERINTENDENT "The days may come, the days may go, But still the hands of memory weave The blessed dreams of long ago." - George Cooper How grateful we should be to those who have again given so graciously of their time , energy, and talents that we may live again, as often as we may wish, these happy days of school life. Little do we realize the magni- tude of effort required to produce this pictorial record of our happy association at the Forest Schools during this the Bicentennial Year of our country. This edition of the Rambler is truly of great significance. In years to come as you contemplate on the two hundredth birthday of the United States, you will find a source of renewed faith in a free democracy such as no people other than Americans have enjoyed. Mental recall of the days of one's youth is invariably refreshing: looking back to these happy days in 1976 should be even more significant. Thank you, Rambler Staff, for the pleasant memories which you have helped me retain for the remaining days of my life. Q x 3 ' in ., 5, , il w Principal Riflhard Hill -ws is We A SECRETARY BOOKKEEPER Mrs. Betty Robinson Mrs. Roseann Lynn GUIDANCE COUNSELOR TITLE III SECRETARIES Miss Frances Ishee Mrs. Rosie Tabb, Mrs. Shirley Keenum, Mrs. Rosetta Gaddis TITLE III COORDINATOR Mrs. Mary Nash , I' . r,, ' 1: . arrr'A Q I N Iare .1 I Department oi Music MRS. MEDERO CARR, Piano: MRS. EDNA EARL GIBSON. Piano: MRS. SUSAN LAMKIN, Public School Music: MR. DOUGLAS F. HARVEL, Band. Department of Language MRS. GAIL MCKEIVER. English: MRS. BARBARA BENNETT, English: MRS. MARGARET THOMPSON, English IV: MRS. SHIRLEY MCCLUNG, Librarian: MRS. MARGARET BARHAM, English III, IV: MR. WILLIAM LAMKIN, English I, Latin: MRS. MARY NASH, Eng- lish: MRS. RILLA DIXON, English Il: MRS. ELIZABETH ANN LOVETT, English III, Speech: MRS. PAT MITCHELL, English I: MRS. GWEN WHATLEY. English. Department .1 ifgziff. 4 lJ ll Q ,J of 1 1. Social Science MR. BOOKER T. MITCHELL, Mississippi History, World History: COACH MAL- COLM ROBINSON, American History: MR. HULON CARR, American History, ' Driver's Education: MRS. MARGARET RICHARDSON, American Goverment, American History, Economics: MRS. ROSIE M. KERSH, Mississippi History. Department of Science MR. JACK EVANS, Biology, Chemistry, Physicsg COACH HAYWOOD REEVES, Algebra I, Math: COACH GARY RISHER, General Science: COACH RALPH BROWN, Biologyg MRS. MATTIE CHARLES BEASLEY, Algebra II, Geometry. Senior Math: MRS. LOUISE WILLIS. Math: NOT PICTURED: COACH FREDDY BAGLEY, Algebra I, Geometry. Department of Teehnolog MRS. IO MARLER, Home Economics: MRS. MARY ROSE THOMAS, Commercial Studies: MR. CHARLES PARKER, Agricultureg MRS RUTH CARLETON, Commercial Studies: MRS. .TUDITH GATEWOOD, Home Economics. Department of Athletics ny ,i was x 46 'ijfif L t,,, ,fig . ,, if.,-,s,a.sf f A T S tttt .ttt it if MRS. KATHY MYERS, Tennis, Drug Counselorg COACH MALCOLM ROBINSON, Boy's Basketball, American History: COACH RALPH BROWN V ' ' - ' ' ' , arsity Football, Biology, COACH JAMES CLARK, Varslty Football. Physical Educauon- HEAD COACH GARY RISHER Varsity Football, General Science: COACH HAYWOOD REEVES, Girl's Basketball, Mathg COACH FREDDY BAGLEY, Ninth Grade Eootball, Math. i Mr. Ira Weaver Mrs. Maxine Little DIRECTOR SECRETARY Scott County Vocational - Technical Center Faculty Mr. Tommy Anthony Mr. Billy Beaver Mrs. Gwen Cooper Mr. Harold Harris Mr. Frank McCurdy Mrs. Martha Muse Mr. Freddie Owens Mr. Charles Thomas Mr. David Usry ON I CT A Q-if fx WN. 3' X x tif . W . 4 t 1 They worked together as a smoothly-functioning team and separately as skilled individuals, always paying the price for victory. The 1975 Forest Bearcats 451, a,.,,, ,,, ,, ,, , Ill A A A - FIRST ROW: Ronnie Coulter, mgr. Tommy Sawyer, Richard Rushing, Greg Robinson, Kevin Reynolds, Rocky Jones, Ricky Smith, Larry Elkins, Mike Crowell. Michael Turner, V-Less Shephard, mgr. SECOND ROW: Gary Patrick, Mark Chambers, Evan Thompson, Paladin Dearing, David Webb, Ricky Moore, Mark Gaddis, Leonard Horton, Pat Barnes, mgr. THIRD ROW: Robin Risher, Coach Gary Risher, Coach Bill Barham, Kristy Walsh, Margy Lee, Cindy Colbert, Pat Tucker, Sheila Pryor, Valerie Gilbert, Carol Palmer, Kay Smith, Teretha Col- lins, Coach James Clark, Coach Ralph Brown, Coach Freddy Bagley. FOURTH ROW: Billy Patrick, Jerry Bowie, Paul Lowery, Dan Webb, Hiram Wilkerson. Lee Stegall, Micah Hendry, Bill Everette, Ray Neal Qualls, Ricky Cox. Terry Russell, Sammy Benton. FIFTH ROW: Clyde Kilpatrick, Ralph Edwards, Theodore Ealy, Joe Lee, Billy Mays, Michael Walden, Alexander Ealy, Randy Gibson, Terry Bates, Charles Brumfield, Luther Ray Smith. Season Scoreboard FHS OPPONENTS Neshoba Central Brandon Mendenhall Clinton Pearl Newton Forest Hill Philadelphia Florence Morton V 31 354 ,, f-I ,JF K Q I-Qmwj .-vw Q h XP 'ff N- f"fg,,33"33f2i F 44 g fi W U, iw, ,I I - x.'Q.i.,..... www ai' ,gf A iff Q? :Sig ' Q5 v Vip, MP' ' www Q .251 ? 'I is? ,Sf gk C 421' Football Cheerleaders "ilu .mp-J M U ihnv "l 0lh' uni u aqzaegm W if him if at " Q i n-. Margy Lee Carol Palmer Patricia Tucker Valerie Gilbert Kristy Walsh Cindy Colbert Teretha Collins Kaye Smith Sheila Pryor I -f:. ,.. 1' 9 +--at ,J :el . fx Q 3 is' 1 Q, wisp! . 'Us .f.o fi Boys, Basketball FIRST ROW: Larry Derrick, John Harrison, Tim Schumaker, Phil Harrison, John Fairley, Jackie Longmire Theodore Ealy Wayne Jones K1m Sessums Terry Qualls. SECOND ROW: Coach Robinson, Mark Case, Billy Patrick, Thomas Robinson, Alexander Ealy Michael Hayes Biff Power B111 Lee Gary Patrick . 34 The 1975-76 Bearcat basketball team was on the small side, but had one of the most hustling teams in the school's history. They were Scott County cham- pions and were runner-up in the Central Mississippi Basketball Classic. Their record was 14 wins and 11 losses. Because of their defense, desire, and hustle, only three teams were able to beat them by more than 8 points. ff , '-W ' 35 Girls' Basketball 'J swf mv it 2 3 .s -A FIRST ROW: Angela Goodwin, Anna Beth Lee, Betsy Walsh, Karole Sessums tl fi 'I Ofbwf Mona Tucker, Lynda Harvey, Charlene Jones, Pat Tucker. SECOND ROW: Tami Power CManagerD, Kristy Walsh, Rowanna Pope, Sheila Pryor, Coach Reeves, Valerie Gilbert, Chris Rushing, Carol Palmer, Diann Calhoun CManagerJ . The 1975-76 basketball season was a fantastic one for the Bearkittens. They finished the season with a 28 and 5 record. They were Scott County Champi- ons, Central Mississippi Classic Champions, District Six A Champions, runner-up in South A Mississippi, and State A Semifinalist. We are proud of Coach Haywood Reeves and the Bearkittens for a job well done. 36 wif' vw .. .,.. .,,fMfN.wwwmwv-w f M l 1 .,4 ,,f The girls' track team finished third in the North Little Dixie. They won District Six, Class A for the third year in a row. The 300 yard relay team composed of Shirley Griffin, Sandra Mayers, Shirley Payton, and Shandra Wash qualified for State. Rowanna Pope is the State Champion in the baseball throw for the second consecu- tive year. Girls' Track . -'TZ' in 'ffi fl!" ' " ' . nal. . k,, fy 1: 'fl In it -ff if .4 ' . 3 gi - is f -. .wsww-.a4ze,,+,.'1:.f. s f.. fn.-V, 5,-mt-,c ar r , ,f - . it " . 'K mx ly W t ,h ' ,. 1 6 Y' .J ',',. Y L' - - - 3 ,- :::.g .,, , .Aix -t, ki' 1 Ji ,"' K if - 1. t -A ef- ' W ? ,,:, ,,.f. ., . ,. Q, . .. . fa I T . ' - 7 tnfiif 245.4 3' i ...m3iiH'f'i?2ii "' wr. -iafifnw 'Sri'-.14-1.11. rf -'- -V-952 ' A' "ri 40 Lak .rf The 1976 track team finished fourth in the Dis- trict VI track meet. Kim Sessums won first place in the high jump by clearing 6'0". The 880 yard relay team composed of Kim Sessums, Luther Smith, Jerry Harper, and Mike Turner won first place with a time of 1 min. and 33 sec. The mile relay team composed of Jackie Longmire, Greg Robinson, Ricky Moore, and Jerry Harper also won first place with a time of 3 min. and 30.2 sec. Boys' Track - Q asf , t H AWS m i M Baseball Team AQ. ,. T M'-rg Golf Team iv ,, 'MQ-1 31 ' .. W , 3 e Y ,V .L I yu: ,,'ai2fj:i,, Lee Stegall, Joe Lee, Tony Dobbs, James Moore Tennis Team FIRST ROW: Tony Windham, Morgan Madden, Rowanna Pope, Alex McCrory, Donnis Lassetter, Kelly Walsh, John Fairley. SECOND ROW: Tim Shumaker, Mark Case, Kevin Reynolds, Betsy Walsh, Cathy Crosby, Kathy Demuth, Karole Sessums, Carol Palmer. inth Grade Football Coach Bagley, Jeff Watkins, Darrell Brown, Tony Wolf , Mark Keenum, Ray Meador, Clyde Curry, Ricky Shepard, Sam Warnsley, Coach Wright, Tim Russell, Johnny Adcock, Terry Moore, Billy Ray Evans, Bobby Pierce, Ray Flowers. Truitt Neal, Ross R.'sdale, Ben Lassetter, Morgan Madden, Adam Dennis, Timothy Hodges, Eddie Chancellor, Ricky Rawson, Alan Smith, Elliott Jones, James Moore, Chip Strode, Alex McCrory. 5 W if CHEERLEADERS: Terry Windham, Dayna Lee, Tonda Sawyer, Kelly Walsh, Jamie Douglas, Tesa Posey, Bonnie Pope. ' C 1 inth Grade Girls' Basketball FIRST ROW: Linda Martin, Shirley Griffin, Kelly Walsh, Bonnie Pope, Dayna Lee, Donna Wooten. Gayle Robinson. SECOND ROW: Kim Watts, Andrea Bates. Mary Ealy. Betty Thompson, Sandra Mayers, Tonda Sawyer, Terry Windham, Coach Bagley. , i-ff?,!7,, 45 r-4 Pathways Staff x"x,!' ,X 'Rf' MEMBERS: Dawn Graham, Lynn Lackey, Paula Dixon, Kim Sessums, Donna Blackwell, Arleue Pace, Cindy Busbee, Donnis Lasserter, Lanay Sawyer, Marsha Carleton, Brian Warren, David Walsh, Richard Gatewood. 47 Beta Club Bill Blackwell, Donna Blackwell, Greg Broadhead, Diann Calhoun, Marsha Carelton, Cathy Crosby, Clair Crowell, John Fairley, Kayla Graham, Lisa Lane, Margy Lee, Gina Lackey, Carol Palmer, Arlette Pace, Tami Power, Kim Sessums, Charlie Taylor, Jeff Thomas, Kristy Welsh, Leslie Webb, Susan Webb, Cindy Busbea, Kay Chadwick, Judy Cox, Kay Eure, Kim Eure, Lori Fountain, Jenny Horton, Anna Beth Lee, Cathy Lewis, Donnis Lassetter, Betsy Walsh, Donna Gibbs, Leslie Blackwell, Lowery Brown, Mark Case, Paula Dixon, Anita Ezell, Philip Gaddis. Angela Goodwin, Frances Halford, Lynda Harvey, John Harrison, James Hendry, Angela Ledkins, Lisa Pace, Lori Red, Kevin Reynolds, Tim Rigby, Pam Sadler, Karole Sessums, Tim Shumaker, Linda Thomas, Michael Walsh, Bryan Warren, Mrs. Margaret Richardson, sponsor. Latin lub un -"N Mark Keenum, Alex McCrory, Darrell Brown, Tony Wolf, Richard Gatewood, Tim Rigby, Ken Carleton, Linda Thomas, Chip Strode. Mike Turner, Lori Red, Frances Halford, Ricky Rawson, Ray Meador, Mike Walsh, Mr. Lamkin, sponsor. Chorus s f "" U f ,if ia Q, , , JF "'f' 1019 kid' -Z' A ff' M R., I M, 1 f- . "Q . f-M--.,+v.,2, , V , , ' A133 ,Q.,51,a,Hm ' f -W ,- , fi-1f'W?:fT3:z.fxf,fm'2 WM 1. ' 7 .A . , V, H Ty 5f""T'Qf5v7 if ' M K - ,,,,,, A,,Lg...ic , ., , ,L ,pa W, gm- F .gg--. ,- , I , MEMBERS: Donna King, Renae Gunn, Annette Crudup, Carol Lyles, Alfredia Holmes, Connie Brantley, Carl Carter, Pam Anding, Mar- tha Bell. Cheryl Squires, Arlette Pace, Stella Wells, Mary Alice Martin, Renae Derrick, Tesa Posey, Wanda Chambers, Gail Windham, Brenda Mommin. Patricia Warren, Linda Hamilton, Sandra Patterson, Brenda Glass, Debbie Luke, Evelyn Smith, James Williams, Pat McMurphy, Joe Bradford, Phil Harrison, Phil Tate, and Darwin Hatch. Sextet vPxf " ul! r.,,..d MEMBERS: Donna King, Renae Gunn, Mary Alice Martin, Harriette Odom, Stella Wells, Arlette Pace. Drug Counselors' Club MEMBERS: Rose Moore, Kevin Reynolds, Michael Crowell, Tony Hughes, Joe Lee, John Boozer, Sammy Benton, Gail Windham, Pam Anding, Gerry Lynn Scherret, Cathy Crosby, Sharon Meeks, Valerie Gilbert, Clair Crowell, Tami Power, Kay Chadwick, Kenny Dobbs, L. D. Barron, H. B. McCrory, Richie Hosey, Evelyn Smith, Nadine Smith, Anna Beth Lee, Donna King, Becky Barton, Rowanna Pope, Diann Calhoun, Kristy Walsh, Phil Harrison, Paul Lowery, Paladin Dearing, Kenny Baker, Cindy Colbert, John Moore, Don Broadhead. Drama lub 1 , MEMBERS: Margy Lee, Kim Sessums, Arlette Pace, Gina Lackey, Jenny Horton, Martha Measells, Leslie Webb, Stella Wells, Richie Hosey, John Moore, Pat McMurphy, Darwin Hatch, Jeff Hosey, Susan Webb, L. D. Barron, Donnis Lassetter, Charlie Taylor, Paul Low- ery, David McDill, Lisa Lane, Chris Rushing, Joe Bradford, Paula Dixon, Cathy Crosby, Lori Harvey, Sponsor, Mrs. Lovett. FCA Yrs! Terry Qualls, Bill Everett, Lynerd Horton, Ricky Smith, Alexander Ealy, Mark Gaddis, Cindy Colbert, Gary Patrick, Billy Patrick, Paladin Dearing, Billy Mayes, Randy Gibson, Jeff Watkins, Theodore Ealy, Dale Worrell, Kevin Reynolds, Paul Lowrey, Carol Palmer, Kristy Walsh, Rowanna Pope, John Fairley, Phil Harrison, Joe Lee, Karole Sessums, Kim Sessums, Anna Beth Lee, Diann Calhoun, Ralph Edwards, Rocky Jones, Lee Stegall, Dan Webb, Biff Power, Ricky Cox, Jackie Longmire, Teretha Collins, Kay Smith, Tony Hughs, Michael Turner, Charles Brumfield, Clair Crowell. Susan Evans, Tami Power. Lisa Colbert, Charlene Jones, Nadine Smith, Pat Tucker. Shirley Peyton, Chris Rushing, Margy Lee, Angela Goodwin, Betsy Walsh, John Harrison, David Webb, Terry Bates, Luther Smith, Phillip Gaddis, Tami Power, Mike Crowell, Larry Derrick, Valerie Gilbert, Greg Robinson. Phil Harrison. FFA ,. - , ' , K r ' Larry Derrick, Theodore Ealy, Palladin Dearing, Bobby Henson, Hal Patterson, Irving Horn, Wayne Jones, E. J. Shepard, Raymond John- son, J. C. Brantley, Daron Johnson. Alexander Ealy, Sammy Benton, Thomas Robinson, Michael Arinder, David Flowers, Vless Shepard, McGuffy Swan. Bobby James Butler, Van White, Benny Harrison, Aaron Jennings. ' Library Club MEMBERS: Lisa Myers, Pat Warren, Sandra Patterson, Nelda Sorey, Wanda Taylor. Sherry Waller, Mrs. McClung - Sponsor, Linda McWilliams, Brenda Monnin, Ken Carleton, Linda Wilson, Jennifer Streeter. FHA MEMBERS: Martha Bell, Debbie Luke, Cheryl Squires, T onda Sawyer, Jan Mitchell, Susan Horton, Cindy Kirkpatrick, Denise Rogers, Wanda Chambers, Kayla Graham, Dawn Graham, Shelia Pryor, Lynn Lackey, Valerie Gilbert, Jamie Douglas, Linda Harvey, Michelle Parks, Mary Ann Butler, Marilyn Jones, Maxine Shepard, Bonnie Wesley, Edna Harris, Virginia Nicks, Rosie Jane Ousley, Mildred Spi- vey. Band Council Cathy Crosby, Marsha Carleton, Susan Webb, Jeff Thomas, David McDill, Gina Lackey, Don Broadhead, Cindy Stringer, Lisa Lane. Cindy Busbea, Gay Gaddis, Julie Lackey, Gina Lackey, Lisa Lane, Kathy Damuth, Lori Harvey, Lowery Brown, George Boyles, Jeff Hosey Bill Blackwell, Donnis Lassetter, Jeff Thomas, Glenn Holifield, David McDil1, Frances Halford, Kenny Baker, Don Broadhead, Lori Foun tain. Marsha Carleton. Drum Majorette Student Conductor 1 I Af I David McDi11 1 4 Lisa Lane Majorettes 54 Lea Ann Wright, Lori Red, Becky Barton, Gina Lackey Rifle Team Lori Fountain, Cathy Lewis, Lori Harvey, Susan Webb, Martha Measells, Robin Ball. Flag Team Q 1 I 'fluff' .TN ,, , . 1 f 1. M ., ' - -4- ' W Cl 'I X - 1 1 ,all L If--H' yin' 'X f,. - , i-.-.4 ..., 1.. .. . . , - - ' . W .......- Y... 11, I ..,, ....,. fi, . - r s . . -ff if-.3 '5.1"'Q: "'425""'l W " ' ' E ii 5 ' - 1 22' - Y TNQ' h L11 'f-'54, . af: ', L ir, T, 'Y Q .Q c, 1' 4 " 1 1 , ,X ,-I 'G ,.,. ,A lv v'1i"': .- --ff sa.. - ,.:" "'gv,.... C ff - -f a . 1 1 ". -Q N ew G , Va -A ir: --Q-' r I P ff ' 'NPSA' " 4-ff: -eee' W, nf, .' n ' 'is + i "" '. " ' ' - ' H ' if ,. fp- F Y ' , ff . .v-Q, 4 5 , fu 15 M415 .. 1 ,. wa, -W 1 v A ., f -P ii, 1 .f R, . A .dt -f , .,.. . - .,,,, ,... .1 . ,, ,.e,,gz,, Je gm Q., .,., . 5. - . . -V - :z N -' f ' -fa v, ' , .V fa 1 - "mf gi fnfigli ,, .pf ' MT?,, C ., B I V i A C ., 'Q 5 C' 1 i A' ,, .C A W . ,f ,. ,,.. , 1 Y-5521, , . ,. A 4-1 . J, ,530 ,E - . ,, -' , T, 4 - ., . f ' .- f f me " .C C j ' H , ,A , .. gp ' T 1. 5 I - 1 ' - 'J' " . ' v f-.4 sa, , 1.4: , -4, .1 ' . - g si - ',,,,-. .:-iff. QEv,,3-,'-1,111 aw -594.1 . e w ,f -- an N , a , f -if-iff. Q , b U K j V -a ev: " , - 4 , . e , ' N , - ' ' Q " - C f . - ,np .ia-fi mf- ' 1- mai.. 141511 -aiwsffu 5 '. V a. I vis:-he -I -f-- ' mi - f,,Y,f:-Q--'1.:. .' -1-5-y',g..f ay 4. 1 . , '. .-1 . viii.-. ',.gh.s fg i-15.3, f: 1.1: 5, ,sz WM fgk., ,E an ., --fi, gylfm - S- , f m,f,x,3a,,:f: 5, I . if. LM ' "-9.1-ff - 'f . ws i .iii if- 195- w a , 411 - - 'f-W45 Ewa 'F' 1-i-"l,eJi.- r f l i Cindy Busbea, Anita Ezell, Marsha Carelton, Donnis Lassetter, Cindy Stringer. Arlene Pace, Pam Sadler, Cathy Crosby, Kathy Demuth. -W Q I Forestl-Hgh 5 l I ? Director All Superior for Douglas F. Harvel ational Class FIRST ROW: Lori Fountain, Cindy Kirkpatrick, Pam Sadler, Patricia Tabb, Diane Bishop. SECOND ROW: Lisa Lane, Cindy Stringer, Susan Webb, Sandra Sonyes, Martha Measells, Donna Gibbs, Jean Watkins, Denise Rogers, Jenny Horton, Becky Barton, Anita Ezelle, Cathy , Lewis. THIRD ROW: Cathy Crosby, Lori Red, Beth Busbea, Susan Horton, Robin Walter, Elizabeth Eichelberger, Cindy Busbea, Marsha Carleton. Karen Tucker, Lori Harvey, Kathy Demuth, Gay Gaddis, Julie Lackey, Gina Lackey, Mike Walsh, Gerry Lynn Scherret, Bryan W Warren, Lanay Sawyer. l 56 t School Band W M y 19 Consecutive Years ASSiSIHH1l .N J h J h Concert Champs 0 my 0 HS FOURTH ROW: Lea Ann Wright, Linda Thomas, Robin Ball, Darla Gibbs, Ian Colbert, Vicky Weems, Shari Crout, Andy Wolverton, Sheila i Strickland, Mark Henderson, Renee Chambers, Glenn Holifield, Richard Gatewood, David McDill, Frances Halford, Jeff Thomas, Dana Colbert, Leslie Blackwell, Angela Ledkins, Judy Cox, Donnis Lassetter, Joe Clark, Danny Thomas, George Boyles, Jeff Hosey, Bill Black- ' well. Lowery Brown. FIFTH ROW: Rickey Rawson, Arlette Pace, Charles Brumfield, Charles Ware, Jackie Longmire, Kenny Baker, Lisa Pace, Tim Rigby, Bobby McDill, Ken Carleton, Don Broadhead. Rambler Staff Jeff Hosey, Howard McCrory, Raymond Johnson, Gina Lackey, Kathy Lewis, Margy Lee, Kay Chadwick, Irene Chapman, Kristy Walsh, Marsha Carleton, Lea Ann Wright, Jenny Horton, Cathy Crosby. Richard Rushing, Kay Smith, Ivy Smith, Judy Cox, Richie Hosey, Donnis Lassetter, Don Broadhead, Joe Bradford. Editor: Margy Lee Assistant Editor: Kay Chadwick Photographers: Greg Broadhead Richie Hosey Sponsor: Mrs. Margaret Thompson Catas eow Staff MEMBERS: Tami Power, Don Broadhead, Clair Crowell, David Flowers, Paula Dixon. Kim Sessums, Becky Barton, Carol Palmer, Kristy Walsh, Donna Blackwell, Valerie Gilbert, Diane Calhoun, Rowanna Pope, Chris Rushing. Career Club ost Beautiful ,542 W E 51' 24 A ar, Q 15 MS' ' Wag, V "' 3 ' I af M 1' Q SA QL 'sz Q. 1 1 ,L W ,. ,,. M Wa f ,J my Q. f 455, Sheila Pr or we , i .Mm M. fi' gre' Q :El 'V -Zi ,, 49 11N wg W , A .,,. . an ,AQ W W' 'Mi H Q 47 iw Q wi V .,., Q 2 Q A ,X .. 4 ,,., ,, M Q2 Q, L Most Handsome John Fairley 1 5 Cindy Colbert Beau . Linda Bland Kelly Walsh ies A 1 Al, ggi 44 3 , Sandra Faye Smith z Patricia Tucker Leesa Lee r. and iss FHS r 5' 'L ,Q-.xx 'gr'-"""' .. Q W. -as .K o M9 mpgs- NNN' s,,, - f'Vf5:.". -?52f.f s A 'ff win 1 - ' . ' ' is Q 1 z N. . I , I , .V TL .j's, - ' fusifs'-?f'?:-'A' ,. VA, 'Kwai-S? 'W Mr "" ' . as qi: "' V- --Av.--..5m"' ., - - A 'N--., N Phil Harrison arg Lee x 65 Senior Most Likely to Succeed 4 Greg Broadhead Most Athletic ' pq fag . 4m,,A, 9l"'?f'GS2s'4: ,:-i".f'f'51qa5 .. V. Q, . uf-Jg"V"f" 2' '4',f"gAff3N .. un. 5 . .. . .' 4 , nu tf t t Betsy Walsh Kim Sessums ,.ww"""""'.mmA ff M iede 5 , "Wh-n r i ll .ff z E :Q , V Q , 'Rn ff, , 'kk x F , Q H ,as 2 ' Student Body Officers President Phil Harrison Vice-President Richard Rushing 68 Student Council Anita Ezelle. Karole Sessums, Mike Pope, Jeff Watkins, Rowanna Pope, Carol Palmer, Richard Rushing, Diann Calhoun, Chip Strode, Darrell Brown, Berneue Bobbit, Mary Alice Martin, Nadine Smith, Linda Bland, Michael Mapp, Greg Robinson, Mike Turner, Phil Harrison. fd f 1 ,mf ff figs- 'rl 3 ' ,fig A I , ono TF FYHSM Hall of Fame John Fairley. Diann Calhoun, Marsha Ruth Carleton, Lisa Lane, Joe Lee. Q7 M 6.3- .5 1 Kim Sessums, Carol Palmer, Greg Broadhead, Margy Lee, Jeff Thomas. K wg My i '-.. mv z . . 521 .gg ,iixiw wif- :SELL-if Jwwarffr an . ww A W- M ..,, , V 'I .. , WM AE I W I -,-" -' A - 5 ..-- ,. Z., s. .41 ., - b Q . 55' 4. f.. N 5 5. wx ,- 3 1 Q, v7 , - W .A 1 , i vg- ,Q l96 Cheryl Lynn Ansell John Michael Baggett Horace Lamar Barton, Jr. Curron Terrell Bates Leroy D. Barron Donna Lynn Blackwell William Burlon Blackwell John Singleton Boozer Douglas Earl Braddy Gregory Lawrence Broadhead Roger Don Broadhead Sandra Diann Calhoun Marsha Ruth Carleton Barbara Lynn Carpenter Robert Wayne Chambers Ronald Delbert Chambers Irene Chapman Cynthia Joyce Colbert Patricia Ann Collins Cathy Lynn Crosby Clair Lea Crowell Brenda Yvonne Estes Susan Lynn Evans John Daniel Fairley, JI. V ,,yt y yybyyqy , 1 A kV,y W ,V I V iv A i'rwi fa rzl' J YY. I ,. David Flowers Darla Joyce Gibbs Valerie Gilbert Kayla Allyson Graham Elizabeth Mae Hannah Shirley Ann Harris Phillip Alton Harrison Darwin McClain Hatch Michael Ray Henderson Norman Keith Hodges James Malcolm Holyfield Howard Bryant McCrory,11I Richmond Clay Hosey Antonio Hughes Johnny Dwight Hurtt David Calvin Jones Dorothy Lafay Jones Jeffery Smith Kennedy Gina Lee Lackey Jean Elizabeth Lane Joseph Austin Lee, Jr. Margaret Mae Lee Neveland James Longmire Paul Edward Lowery Nd raduates 4 I , , wwf' 23 J-IQ David Ray McDill Patrick Hugh McMurphy Billy Glenn Mayes Martha Lillian Measells James Jeffrey Mitchell Brenda Jo Monnin James Howell Moore Rose Mary Moore Purvis Lane Morgan Melinda Arlette Pace Carol Clare Palmer Sandra Irene Patterson Mary Rowanna Pope Kristy Ann Walsh Randal Scott Pope Charles Anthony Ware Larry Brent Posey Bobbie Carol Gray Wash Tami Elizabeth Power Thomas Erwin Watkins Sheila Rene Pryor Leslie Carol Webb Joe Nick Revette Susan Beth Webb Demery Mack Richardson Jo Diann Welch Gregory James Robinson Edward Dale Williamson Kathleen Robinson James Ferrell Williamson Chris Ann Rushing William Hiram Wilkerson Joey Kim Sessums Samuel Dee Windham Lonnie Ray Shepard Dale Gene Worrell Stella Lee Wynne William Charles Shepard Ivy Rene Smith Luther Ray Smith Sandra Faye Smith Susan Ann Luke Smith Alan Squires Roby Lee Stegall, Jr. Cynthia Lynn Stringer Patricia Anne Tabb Charles Allen Taylor Jeff Vernon Thomas Letha Ann Tucker 7 Senior Presentation to r. Atkins Diann Calhoun i x X. i is 1 .-km FRONT ROW: Margy Lee, Highest Honors, Hall of Fame, Balfour Award: Kristy Walsh, Highest Honors: Martha Measells, Honors: Tami Power, Highest Honors: Brenda Monnin, Library Award: Arlette Pace, Honors. Choral Award: Carol Palmer, Honors, Hall of Fame: Rowanna Pope, Babe Ruth Award, Scholarship to Miss. College. BACK ROW: Gina Lackey, Highest Honors, Danforth Award, John Phillip Sousa Band Award: Lisa Lane, Highest Honors, Hall of Fame, Piano Award: Susan Webb, Highest Honors: Chris Rushing, Highest Honors: David McDil1, P.T.A. , Estelle Roberts Scholarship: Kim Sessums, Highest Honors, Babe Ruth Award, Hall of Fame: Charlie Taylor, Honors: Jeff Thomas. Highest Honors, Hall of Fame: Pat McMurphy, E.C.J.C. Fortnightly Scholarship Award, Choral Award. Message From the Seniors Greg Broadhead "Preserve the Past: Create the Future" .l FRONT ROW: Marsha Ruth Carleton, Highest Honors, Hall of Fame , Home Economics Award: Diann Calhoun, Highest Honors, Hall of Fame , E.C.J.C. Achievement Scholarship: Greg Broadhead, Highest Honors, Hall of Fame, Dr. George Townsend Scholarship: Don Broadhead, Honors, John Phillip Sousa Band Award: Bill Blackwell, Honors, Danforth Award, U.S. Naval Academy Appointments: Donna Blackwell, Highest Honors: Terrell Bates, E.C.J.C. Football Scholarship: Lee Stegall, Delta State University Football Scholarship. BACK ROW: Clair Crowell, Honors: Cathy Crosby, Highest Honors: Irene Chapman, E.C.J.C. Achievement Scholarship: Babs Carpenter, Highest Honors: Joe Lee. Honors, Hall of Fame, Miss. College Football Scholarship: John Fairley, Highest Honors, Hall of Fame, Weitzenhoffer Scholarship: Phil Harrison, Service Award: Valerie Gilbert, Honors. WHAT IS A SENIOR? Being a senior is being at the top of one ladder, and realizing it's just the bottom of another. Being a senior means being special, being the heart of the school. It's knowing you can make the school a school. Pres.: D. Calhoung V.P.: L. Posey: Sec Lee . .-Treas.: K. Walsh: Rep.: M Cheryl Ansell John Baggett Ricky Barrett L. D. Barron Butch Barton Terry Bates , ,.. Senior Class of 19 6 :FQ x 1 emi' QQ' Bill Blackwell Donna Blackwell John Boozer Levolia Boyd Doug Braddy Don Broadhead Greg Broadhead Charles Brumfield Ruby Butler Diann Calhoun Marsha Ruth Carleton Babs Carpenter Senior Class of 19 6 , , ' , 'fa 1 EV I Q Q Robert Chambers , ifwlwffr f , , Ronald Chambers Irene Chapman v . 'fiaffgzr' 1464- . , Q -W AL,1J-ff..fL5-,WV Q ig,1'-'-'i'3.i'31W5'Ei2723?-Q'451i5a1xT' ' V - v1fllahwM-'ff.1W2r9l4s132151l' Cindy Colbert Patricia Collins Cathy Crosby mf' Senior lass of19 6 Clair Crowell Tim Derrick Brenda Estes Susan Evans John Fairley David Flowers Darla Gibbs Valerie Gilbert Kayla Graham Elizabeth Hannah Linda Harris Phil Harrison Dwight Hurtt Tony Hughes Richie Hosey Keith Hodges Mike Henderson Darwin Hatch David Jones Dorothy Jones Jeffrey Kennedy Gina Lackey Lisa Lane Joe Lee Senior Class of 1976 Senior Class of 19 6 Margy Lee Jackie Longmire Paul Lowery Billy Mayes Howard B. McCIory David McDi11 .U , ax 3 Pat McMurphy Martha Measells Jeff Mitchell Brenda Monnin James Moore Rose Mary Moore Senior Class of 1976 fiie- x enior Class of 1976 4,9 . 1 ,N-....,, Arlene Pace Carol Palmer Sandra Patterson Randy Pope Rowanna Pope Larry Posey Tami Power Sheila Pryor Nick Revette Mack Richardson Kathleen Robinson Chris Rushing Kim Sessums Lonnie Shepard William Shepard Ivy Smith Sandra Faye Smith Susan Smith Allen Squires Lee Stegall Cindy Stringer Patricia Tabb Charlie Taylor Jeff Thomas Senior Class of 19 6 4138. Senior Class of 19 6 ow., I' N. 5 , S... X 5 . E .tt 13-13. .pr-45 Leatha Tucker Kristy Walsh Thomas Watkins Patricia Watts Leslie Webb Susan Webb Jo Welsh Stella Wells Hiram Wilkerson Dale Williamson Ferrell Williamson Sammy Windham Dale Worrell dm? A, Q' ' WH 3 if , Q 1. 'M' ' ' o.,' f A 5 Qs ke- 1 ....--Q, ,, N X455 " , t wg xx WHAT IS A JUNIOR? Being a Junior is like a sandwich. There is some- thing above you and something below you. But it's great to know that you're in the middle, and being in the middle makes you the main and best part. Sue Armstrong Babs Baggett Pat Bames Sammy Benton Diane Bishop Lynn Bland Bernette Bobbitt Jerry Bowie Chris Braddy Annette Brantley Connie Brantley I. C. Brantley Joe Bradford Cindy Busbea Kay Chadwick Pres.: N. Smith: V.P.: B. Everett: Sec. Treas.: L. Fountain: Rep.: R. Gibson Juniors Mark Chambers Lisa Colbert Teretha Collins Ronnie Colter Judy Cox Nancy Cox Ricky Cox Tony Cox Aileen Curry Hal Daigre Larry Derrick Paladin Derring Paula Dixon Tommy Dolan Audrey Dozier Alexander Ealy Theodore Ealy Ralph Edwards Elizabeth Eichelberger Larry Elkins Kay Eure Kim Eure Bill Evererte Ricky Foreman Lori Fountain Mark Gaddis Donna Gibbs Randy Gibson Clementine Gilbert Jimmy Halford Sheri Hamil Alice Harris Pat Harrison Lori Harvey Micah Hendry Bill Hodges Alfreda Holmes Jenny Horton Leonard Horton Gail Hughes Velma Hutchinson Ram Idom Raymond Johnson Charlene Jones Jessie Jones Rocky Jones Wayne Jones Benny Joyner Clyde Kilpatrick Bobbie Kimble Donna King Mitch Kirkpatrick Donnis Lassetter Andy Ledford Anna Beth Lee Cathy Lewis Larry McCurdy Bobby McDill Ramona McMillain Sharon Meeks Judy Mills Ricky Moore Harry Myers Homer Myers Melanie Myers Carolyn Patrick Deborah Patrick Mary Payton Shirley Payton Albert Pinkston Juniors WHAT IS A SOPHOMORE? A Sophomore is difficult to describe. You're older than a Freshman, but still younger than Juniors and Seniors. The Sophomore year is the year to plan ahead, set your goals for the future, and realize who you are and what you want out of life . Pam Anding Michael Arinder Kenny Baker Becky Barton Douglas Battle Martha Bell Leslie Blackwell Jennifer Bobbitt Lowery Brown Mattie Brown Margie Bufkin Bobby James Butler Mary Butler Keith Cabe Mark Case Pres.: M. Mappa V.P.: I. Hendry: Sec. Treas.: B. Barton: Rep.: L. Lee Sophornores Wanda Chambers Johnny Chisolm Mack Crout Diane Croxton Mike Crowell Annette Crudup Bennie Crudup Kenny Dobbs Carl Doris Betty Evans Lou Ann Evans Anita Ezell Johnny Gaddis Phillip Gaddis Dorothy Gammage Richard Gatewoo Don Gilbert Brenda Glass Angela Goodwin Dawn Graham Michael Graham Minnie Gray Frances Halford Becky Hancock Billie Hannah d Jerry Harper Larry Harper Edna Harris John Harrison Lynda Harvey Michael Hayes James Hendry Bobby Henson Dwight Holifield Glenn Holiiield Melinda ' Holifield Mark Holmes 91 WHAT IS A FRESHMAN? Being a Freshman means making new friends, renewing old friendships, creating first impressions, and sharing new ideas and experiences . Michelle Byars Ken Carleton Renee Chambers Eddie Chancellor Luddie Chapman Ian Colbert Jolm Crane Liane Crisp Sharon Crout Timothy Crudup Clyde Curry Lillian Curry 94 Johnny Adcock Robin Ball Andrea Bates Doris Bell Linda Bland George Boyles Jerry Brantley Darrell Brown Beth Busbea Billy Butler Pres.: D. Brown: V. Pres.: C. Kirkpatrick: Sec. Treas.: A. Batesg Rep.: L. Chapman 51155 Semor F avor1tes Larry Posey Lisa Lane Charles Ware Rowanna Pope Jackie Longmire Rose Mary Moore Lee Stegall Faye Smith Junior Favorites i - 5 Sammy Benton Anna Beth Lee Mike Pope Shirley Payton Sophomore Favorites Kevin Reynolds Shirley Rankin Rickey Smith Anita Ezell QC X Iii 59902 Jeff WHtk1HS Juhe Lackey Elliot Jones JCSSIG Sanders MIDDLE SCHOOL XX x la. 1 pu Title I Administrator McClaii1 Hatch Mrs . Janice Boozer SECRETARY Principal Chuck Wade Mrs . Lanita Webb SECRETARY , ..,. Q, x L, 5 S .Q . ,. "1 ' 'isa ,.x1.,.M . , X.,,,. , ,,,- - J e H ffaif-1 Ya., w if , i 'if K f V ' 1 .2 Q 7 , . K ,f S . I i f 5 my j XX R E , hex V 1 iw .. 1 A K .1 2 LW' ' Q S l - . -' f 1 . K 'lf ---,?T',15gff ,: gtffsggfgey ' 2 si'wf:Q2.?.39'f:fx " ff " ' ' K , i7 X 'fifw ' ' .Z W Wifi" ' V 5? 1, . ' ,. fli.'f2 " 1' ' H elf" 1, ff I H 'E . . N W ,,., , I , , - 'W 'ws j 1 I Y .jgfijy K ' - 1 Q if: x if W. -. . fi? V . YYYV. V . , :if - ' rw-.5 ,-k . - .N - N I z. 'wifi lki " 1' f ' 5. ,. . I N l 1 r k .. , ik 1-..-Q 'x l s v--X 'Q"' fry' X , Y . Ri 4 . Mr. Ronnie Allen Social Studies Coach Bill Barham Social Studies, Science Mrs. D'El1a Barron Guidance Mr. Lloyd C. Brown English Mr. Willie Brown Science Mrs. loan Calvary English Mrs. Mable Carr Science Mrs. Nancy Chambers Social Studies Mrs. Louella Clayborne Science Coach Jerry Cleveland Social Studies Miss JoAnn Coskrey Special Ed. Mrs. Marguerite Davis Social Studies Mrs. Syble Dobbs English Miss Janys Flake Math Mrs. Sue Guyse Special Ed . Mrs. Delie Shepard Science Mrs. Bertha Smith Librarian Mrs. Frances Thompson Reading Mrs. Rita Waggoner Math IO6 Mrs. Burnette Hamil Science Mrs. Joyce Harvel Math Mrs. Mira F. Hays Music Mrs. Vickie Huff Reading Mr. Johnny Johns Band Director Mrs. Virginia Mapp Math Mrs. Willie Mae Mitchell Piano Mrs. Mary Molpus English Mrs. Kathy Myers Drug Education Mrs. loAnna Parker Social Studies Mrs. Patricia Reeves Math Mrs. Beverly Rhodes English 'v- r Y-Teens Library Club :-. Jr. High Chorus Sixth Grade Band Fifth Grade Band Eighth rade Girls' Basketball Q, .1 ., A ff 2 J .r xf-2 Q vu tolli.: Z! ghli git FIRST ROW: Kim Shumaker, Debbie Henson, Jackie Ingle, Delora Thomas, Paula Chambers, Callise McDill, Margo Marveggio, Mary Bowie, Nancy Bell, Jackie Lyles. SECOND ROW: Coach Cleveland, Dawn Robinson, Kay Goodwin, Sherry Tadlock, Ruth Wilkerson, Angie Weems, Michelle Braddy, Melinda Stewart, Sandra Hughes, Laurie Calhoun, Julie Kaskie, Anita Shoemaker. J 12 High Beta Club Seventh Grade Boys, Basketball Seventh Grade Girls' Basketball Eighth Grade Football Team if . 2 Seventh Grade Football Team 4 lVlost Athletic Charles Longmire Melinda Stewart Favorites 'Q il- Kenny Brumfield, Sherry Tadlock, Bobby Tadlock, Leiah Gilbert, Will Reed, Sandra Wash, Laddarron Moore, Stacy Hollitielcl Michael Adcox Douglas Adcock Paula Barnes David Barrett Carmen Bates Nancy Bell Ellis Benton Mattie Benton Ramona Benton Cheryl Black Billy Blackwell Bobbie Bland Shauranda Body Mary Bowie Michelle Braddy Kenny Brumfield Teresa Buckley Milton Butler Joy Cabe Laurie Calhoun Paula Chambers Joe Clarke Kitty Clarke Christy Colbert Jimmy Coleman Diane Cox Joe Crane Janet Crout Britt Crowell Bobby Davis Lisa Davis Tony Dobbs Michael Dozier Sandra Duncan I im Durham Buddy Eichelberger Howard Elkins Terri Engle Lewis Evans Phyllis Evans Sharon Ezelle Julie Finderson Steven Gaddis Elena Garcia Kathy Gentry Kay Goodwin Darlene Hancock Bonnie Harris Calvin Harris Lois Harris Lynn Harvey Anna Hendry Debbie Henson Claude Hodges Rose Mar Holifield Lorraine Hornsby Sandra Hughes Jackie Ingle Bobby Jackson Jay Jones Julie Kaskie Willie Kimble Emerson King Duane Lamb John Laster Jeff Lee Alfredia Lindsey Charlotte Lofton Charles Longmire Jackie Lyles Carolyn Macon Lisa Macoy Johnny Malone Gregory Mapp Charles Martin Margo Marveggio Sandra McC1endon Callise McDil1 John McLeroy Nancy McWilliams Wanda McWilliams Jan Mills John Mitchell Daphne Moore Katherine Moore Rena Morgan Mickey Myers Milton Noblin Rickey Odom Lee Ormond Joyce Pace Kay Park Bruce Parrott Donald Patrick Mary Patrick Cassie Pierce V, .,,- . Ei hth rade . ,.. - ig H 4 K 3 ! ,fri x ' ws M 5' I F ,,4, Q J J J Qy 11 Q' flak -Q -1' -K i- -- Q? Xl f 'YS e J ,, , VE S is K I , A KN K Q , X va "1 as . as is Eighth rade U 5? :J 1. 1 N si: - 'st . E55 Q, if 5 .3 .f ' wg. em , , K ,. so i -K Vi, ., , .5 g 8 a . 'vs it Nathan Pinkston Billy Price Lillian Qualls Shelia Qualls Kenny Rankin Liianne Ratcliff David Reid Chris Rhodes Joe Richardson Earl Riley Beverly Robinson Dawn Robinson Nancy Scott Anita Shoemaker Tommy Shoemaker Kim Shumaker Michael Smith Myron Smith James Spivey Gina Squires Thomas Squires Sherry Stegall Melinda Stewart Shelia Strickland ff 'X F t ... s ssssvsgss Willie Ray Strong Foreign Swan Sheree Tadlock Alvin Thames Linda Thames Danny Thomas Delora Thomas Brenda Touchstone Cynthia Touchstone Joey Upton Annie Ward Robert Ward Ricky Warren Annie Wash Keith Wash Angie Weems Paul White Perry White Robert White Bob Wilkerson David Wilkerson Ruth Wilkerson Jerry Williams Randy Williamson Sherry Wilson Andy Wolverton Vicky Worrell Jeff Wright 117 Bill Anderson Penny Anderson Michael Autry Kelly Ball Dee Ballard Deborah Banks Danny Battle Shirley Battle Phyllis Body Paul Bridges Rhodah Brown Stephen Brown Charles Buckley Cynthia Butler Jim Carpenter Renee Case Fannie Chapman Ellis Clark Willie Ray Coleman Darryl Croxton Albany Crudup Lisa Dennis Lynn Derrick Troy Lee Ealy John Elmore Carolyn Evans Angelia Everett Kevin Everett Donald Gammage Ronald Gammage Mike Gardner Ray Gardner Alicia Gatewood Ransom Gatewood Leiah Gilbert Oretha Glass Andy Godfrey Betty Gore Celeste Graham Albert Gray Juanita Gray Angie Greer Joe Griffin Danny Gunter Mart Hamilton Melissa Hammons Arletha Harper James Harper Seventh Grade J ,gr :awk A is H Q J, not 3 K ,fl as ,si ,cf 1 ii. RIF an xx -v- A, we f 'la U' Y' A 'S a s f . X' :I in W ,WE WSW 'f x 4 Seventh fade nnggiv EQ I Y R dev V if J . S5 X X! PX ,fished J, 'Nauru ee libs fl 5 as X gigs t , Sf. . Y K R , I-.wsvif Qt M r. J K Refi' f x 6 s X ra is J? QV, 1 iii 5 F i at ,iiir A 4 eaa+xn" 1:-r ,W . ,, Ck V.-Juli' :v 3, fy, L:':.,k . vw x i vi! N 234.2 V Jeffery Harrison Lisha Harrison Jeweline Hays Shelia Hill Jerry Hollifield Jerome Hord Diane Horne John Hornsby James House Barbara Hughes LaDonna Hughes Sharon Hughes Woodrow Jackson Ralph Jennings Gladys Johnson Timothy Jones Wanda Jones Danny King Mike King Pauline Kirkpatrick Kelly Krout Steve Lackey Wanda Macoy Marlon Mapp Linda Mayers Donna McC1ung Sherry McDaniel Cliff McGinty Felicia Mitchell Mitch Mitchall Joe Mixon Wade Moss Kay Park Kim Parks Denise Patrick Jamie Patrick Jeanetta Patrick Vonda Patrick Alicia Patterson Pete Pearce Patsy Perkins David Pilgrim Bobby Joe Pinkston Elmer Pinkston David Rasco Kenny Reed Marilyn Reed Jerry Richardson Lisa Richmond Herry Riley Jackie Ringo Judy Risher Melanie Roberts Blake Rushing Bryon Rushing Eugene Russell Mary Russell Bill Sawyer Suzy Sawyer Sharon Shaw Seventh fade fi Ai' at Dorothy Shepard 1 Charles Sigrest Denise Sinclair Dianne Smith Jerry Smith Loise Smith i M Tina Smith Tommy Smith Yvonne Smith Vincent Soloman g Judy Sones , ,Nw R1 Ricky Stewart Mildred Stiltner Deloris Stinson Bobby Tadlock Billie Taylor Mary Helen Thames Billy Ray Thipen Portia Thompson Joe Thrash Oliver Triplett James Tucker Cindy Walter Sharon Ward Barbara Ware Albert Warnsley Jennifer Warren Angela Wash Scottie Wash Cindy Watkins Fannie Mae Wells Carolyn Wicker Wayne Williams Ann Williford Paul Windham Vincent Windham Amy Withers Joe Worrell Jeanetta Youngblood Terri Youngblood ,sy 3. il Q ,Q ing 1 1 ' 25 .331 " 1 ' f 'ali W ,lt . c y 9 iff, -tw-fi J 5 31, 'X ,ll if N ss? ' with 'n -'SX TQ' ff 6 if -inf" 'ir- SF ,XE ,,EN avg! 1-XR? ,..V ij, -W -fly' . k,.,:.:.5. ,A , .3 gm -wzssafm , .X 'X 1 X L 'LA v .k. st: X ' it-might 1 " AW A vars, .L al 1 Viz 'fs t sf - 2515251 i772,2f9li f-2 awk' I 0 'W' KID' 25 p Q I Ep , fi: K ' f: o K ,L.L 4 V - ' s . at - Sw if 1 14 S , 1 Kathy Allen Stella Anderson Charles Bell Virginia Boozer Lisa Bradford Kenny Brown Vernon Lee Buckley Linda Burkes Bobbye Burrell Calvin Butler Eugene Carleton Robin Chambers Eric Chancellor Mamie Childs James Chisholm Alma Clark Terry Clark Frank Colbert leanetta Coleman Patricia Cox Barbara Crane Aaron Crisp Alton Dennis Suellen Dennis Tanya Dobbs Brian Dolan Scott Dry Randy Dunn Marie Ealy Sonya Elkins Bobby Engle John Evans Tommy Finderson Felix Garcia Thomas Gatewood Danette Gibbs Paul Gregston Brenda Hall Michael Haralson Larry Harper Vivian Harper Philip Harrell Idell Harris Mary Charles Harrison Edna lean Hayes Homer Hodge Angie Horne Eric Hosey Johnny Ingle Timothy Jenkins Dorothy Joiner Shuntau Jones Stevie Jones Brian Kaskie Mike Kelso Robert Kimble Terry King Terry King Beth Kirkpatrick Jamie Lanthrip Laura Ledford Shel Lewis Wanda Lewis Howard Lindsey Keith Long Kenneth Longmire Bobby Lyles Glad s Macon Y Mary Frances Martin Melissa Marveggio Debbie McClung Teresa McDaniel Winford McWilliams Milton Menard Detra Moore Lisa Moore Robert Myers Howard Nicks Maxine Nicks Tammy Nicks John Glen Norris Jeff Pace Ron Park Rob Parrish Ricky Patrick Michelle Patterson Melanie Pearce Ray Perkins Louise Pierce Thomas Pinkston Benita Qualls Perry Qualls Jamie Rankin Melvin Rasco Ronnie Rawson Charles Rayford 3.1. .,f .s 4: ' N tfis,y Jtnt J J iw js si' is 5 I N 0 TW 1 " '--1 1 x "ibn: , , X rg i n V A' Nigga it if N x RUM .3 Sixth fade NM' ' '--s,' ff-:qs - .ss,s,w aa, N.. ,445 vie Q v - V ' 'Ivy ll N27 , 415 i""x+ ks . , . WN is Sixth Grade if ,jfifri 3 H5 Q id ii 5142 alfa? ,i .i.:3,iar:y: 5 f it 2 ' t ,,,2 -f I in f N ,Q ' . 5 Q ' Vk: ,.. . sv Q 'oi ' 5 'J , f F K - . J. - :wi 2' ' 5 .- 8 'br S. i V 8 I W. wi f L 'Ni f ' ' f!f'Q?., im. afa1"' ' :I,,.s .t s2gf1 - ,gfaaw . N it . .4 BSQHY I as 3 151 iiiii we ' Steve Windham W W Darlene Vanstory M M Craig Young 9 a ennne lik- x is Mandy Reed Will Reed Susie Riley lan Risher Ronny Risher Teresa Roberts Brenda Robinson Leroy Robinson Donna Rogers Gary Roland Bill Sadler Mike Sanders Lisa Saxon Stacy Shaw Larry Shoemaker Eve Simpson Robert Sinclair Dennis Slack Sophie Smith Darlene Sones Barbara Spivey Virginia Stinson Richard Tadlock Donald Taylor Iolmny Taylor Annie Thames Sherryl Thomas Dwayne Turner Keith Turner Ronald Walsh Lynn Walters Deborah Warren Boris Wash Sandra Wash Johnny Watkins Sabrina Watkins Chris Watts Ronnie White Patricia Williams Sammie Williams Debra Williamson Melvin Wilson Jean Adcock Phillip Allen Linda Amos Penny Baker Tammy Ball Bill Ballard Shelia Barber Georgia Braddy Cassandra Brown Regina Brown Sandra Buckley Terry Buckley Jackie Bufkin Carolyn Butler Edward Carter Pamela Childs Juanita Chisholm Kenneth Clark Wilbert Coleman Melinda Collins Terri Cooper Johnny Cox Jimmy Daughtry Linda Davis Freda Dixon Eric Ford James Ford Mary Ford James Fuller Alison Gaddis Jeff Gaddis Shari Gage Cassandra Gardner Linda Gentry Renee Gibson Adrian Gill Chris Gilmer Scotty Graham Suann Graham David Gunter Scott Hammons Donald Haralson Carrie Harper Penny Harrell Gay Harrison Tony Harrison Willie Harrison Suzanne Heflin Fifth ra - -,-fswresatrgg - w - ww- - de . 4 -. 2 JB 'A X J fl swf ig x 1 . p as fry J I f A . M wort , iw. l?iftl1 . N f Q i 5' X - 1 J sr sit .-3-3? '95 X Aix vain 's ?h9'!f'gQ-'- X vu,-P-.o J' a 1 ai 'Ps . . 3 431. J ew , 1 s 20085 : X 5. l is in 'Q N- F 1 l I -. ,- ,4 S, ,. 3: u twy ,, , 1 ,. . 4,1 . 1 fade if R , in I f I 3 X s J Qt fix' , .fv- M .i, Q rdf V ' is .ina 35 1 Paul Hines Tommy Hodge Randolph Holifield Stacy Hollifield David Hord Cliff Horton Michael Hughes Carolyn Hutchinson Bernard Jackson Clayton Johnson Tommy Johnson Curtis Jones Kristie Kaskie Penny King Joe Kirkpatrick Wanda Latham Martha Littrell James Mayers Eddie McDill Ken McDonald Mark McGee Mitchell McGee Rodney Mitchell Dewayne Moore Joel Moore John Moore Laddaron Moore Jeff Myers Donald Nicks Margie Nicks Nina Noblin Dena O'Bannon Toris Patrick Jimmy Patterson Kristie Phillips Deborah Reed Israel Reed Robertha Reed Lee Reid Mike Richmond Sharron Roberts Melissa Robinson Roxanne Roland Ferrell Russell Jennifer Ryan Stacey Sanders Richard Schaefer Willie Scott Christine Shaw Linda Shepard William Shepard Arthur Swan Darren Smith David Smith Jackie Smith Jackie Smith Roosevelt Smith Bobby Spivey Debbie Stephenson Calvin Taylor Dewayne Taylor James Taylor Louise Thames Danny Thompson Rose Townsend Derik Tucker Mitzi Turner Betty Vivians Barry Ward Ronny Ward James Wash Sandy Wash Lisa Watts Lisa Weems Stanley White Brenda Williams Diane Williams David Williamson Brenda Willis Lisa Willis Nancy Withers Chip Wooten L Fifth rade tw J Q , W. W: ' 1 A t J in 9 , 5 R . psf ' Nt ' ' V 4, - , 5 , ,l . M i .,'p. :ii .. Wt.: - 9 7 X a J x . is Q X M X Ja WNY ? ie! af " " , .. ,gg 1 'iiiis , 14. Q. .,, IL '? i ,Pub ' . ' s gs . ff? Q -fa Shu ' it so it 53 Ciifsiii ' ' W- 15 " ff J,-4' " Eff N X X if X f tk 2 3 1 X RQ Q 3 it N322 N- u 'ig :swift V in ' .J X. .Y N Y -, Q .W +-f Ja I V I 1 X x 1 ,. EV .. 5 '-5 I ' . 'fr -N gi f. ' X- ' .1 -V 1 :gt Q N ' X 'Qi t Q ' no '- E sf. seezz . ,,..,fWH,,y as , t:1t,et:-1 . -1 W ,agfffizf " ..-1. 1. 5 T . , f .t,t,.,.,, -- f w a W ff? . 11, tg :ML we J . as Q Nik S . ., it .. H " X assi s 'R as 'pi 0 T5 H if . , ,f A 3 J - lf legfx R -5 if Q ' Q. J Q W mi A r 0 3 t MQ -it wg J 1 5 f gi. '..k 'f Ry. za 51 ' K rv' 41-at-Q. -fan. w f sg 5 Gas t f W at rt - Q ii " N f . 'iffy Hg 'ie uf ' k L f Jig N3 E , , za X we rs 4, 'ifffie . f ..,.. J ..f.. .. ,tat W . .M Q ef ' ,ax , t sq F V' 1 "' an . ' s ,W is .Mx .,,, K ,Atl xii: Q ' I ' fi? k. Wanda Beamer Ozzie Graham Melissa Gunter Lamar Havard Ray Havard Marcus McDaniel Willie C. Moore Patricia Smith Cynthia Stevens Bobby Stewart Angela Wilkerson Mark Wiltcher Conservation Club HOOL SC ENTARY EM EL MATH asscovzsr Principal Miss Dot Ishee Secretary Mrs. Linda Baucum N- Mrs. Debbie Allen Fourth Grade Mrs. Louise Autry Second Grade Mrs. Wilma Benton Fourth Grade Mrs. Mary Brown Second Grade Mrs. Alice Buckley Third Grade Mrs. Medero Carr Piano Mrs. Martha Cleveland First Grade Mrs. Louise Cowan Third Grade Mrs. Nancy Edwards Fourth Grade Mrs. Betty Evans Second Grade Mrs. Jeffie Fairley Third Grade Mrs. Pennye M. Gatewood First Grade Mrs. Debbie Johns Librarian Mrs. Susan Lampkin Music Mrs. Gail Lee Fourth Grade Mrs. Nelda Risher Fourth Grade Mrs. Janet Rogers Third Grade Miss Rosie Sargent Second Grade Mrs. Roberta Turner First Grade Mrs. Claudine Wash First Grade Miss Claudette Welf Third Grade Mrs. Liz Maze First Grade Mrs. Yevette Moore Special Ed . Deborah Abel Jason Alford Cary Allen Paula Arender Shar Lee Austin John Autry Denise Barber Stephanie Battle Veronica Battle Ruby Beamer Estella Bell Bari Bishop Bridget Body Darren Braddy Jamie Bridges Lamar Brown Joseph Buckley Prenecia Buckley Demetra Burkes Buzz Busbea Patricia Butler Debra Chambers Merl Ann Clark Tresha Clark Betty Coleman David Crane Sharon Derrick Millard Dixon Ella Dunn Jerry Ealy Steve Ficklin Rusty Foreman Heath Fotenberry Sean Fortenberry Larry Futch Donna Glass Michelle Graffenread Amy Graham Carol Graham Mary Ann Gray Tom Gray Kim Hamil Diana Hayes James Hayes Sarah Hayes Richard Havard Robert Hines Bridgett Hughes Micheal Hunter Debbie Ingle John Ingrum Hazel Johnson Briggett Jones LaWanda Jones Vincent Jones Dwight Jordan Steve Kennedy David Keenum Cynthia Kimble Vincet Kay John Paul Lee Gina Lewis Vivian Lofton Woodrow Longmire Joel Love Daniel Lyle James Macon Gene Macoy Deanna McC1endon Tammy McDil1 Lisa McLeroy Janice McWilliams Alan Melichar Fritze Moore Ruby Nell Moore Sheila Moore Randy Moorehead Wanda Pace Audry Patrick Billy Ray Patrick Bobby Patrick Randy Patrick Sammy Patrick Sheila Phillips Tony Pinkston Ray Price Anthony Reed Detra Reed Jean Reed Tonya Reed Debbie Reid Clintonette Robinso Doris Robinson Glenn Robinson Jerry Robinson Sheila Russell H .-sr f J' P 3 5 .A is sfiif i rf ' K V n 1 Fourth Grade i V' . . 1 " fix 'N- X, rt., 55 - lv: isvfir ,W ' ' -fiat-'fi " .- f s ,I -, 3 , ' . 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Y if ,Mfg if 2 Sherry Sawyer Fredrick Scott Doris Slack Amanda Smith Howard Smith Roderick Smith Todd Smith Virginia Smith Cindy Springer Perry Stephenson Jerry Stewart Ola Ree Tabb Jeffery Taylor Detra Thomas William Thomas Willie Tucker Teresa Turner Bill Vaughn Mary Vivians Cecilia Waggoner Kurt Walter Lillie Mae Ward Greg Ware David Warnsley Debbie Warren Wayne Watford Lee Watts Rachel Welch Mary Ann White Phil White Joey Wicker Lisa Williams Tonya Wilkerson Anthony Williamson Wendy Willis Nancy Windham Teresa Wolf Shelia Youngblood Peggy Allen Gail Adcock Bernard Askew Chet Barnes Richard Beeman LaDonna Benet Dennis Bland Betty Jo Brantley Billie Jo Brantley Carl Brantley Linda Bridges Charles Bobbitt Steve Bounds Rosie Boyd Johnny Brown Todd Buchanan Lonnie Buckley Lori Bustin Chris Clements Elvin Crisp Charles Crudup Laluan Cockrell Lamar Connsley Mike Courtney Lisa Cox Jamie Derrick Mavis Derrick Stacy Ealy Mark Evans Sammy Evans Sherri Evans Connie Fisher Tommy Forman Carolyn Ford Janice Ford Lee Joe Gardner Ray Gibson Dennis Gilbert Kenneth Goggin Henry Griffin Ronnie Hall Cherry Hansford Lisa Haralson Dianne Harper Jeffery Harper Shirley Harper Jennifer Harrison Mike Haney Third rade 1 J , B , . ,. 3 gifs f ' ' ' - , - if J. 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V ' .ss rsss S S as f 11 Third Grade W at Allyson Heflin James Henson Rich Hill Charolette Hodge Shirley Holyfield Janice Hornsby Kendall Hughes Willie Hughes Michael Jackson Mary Joyce Johnson Tom Johnson Cynthia Jones Kathy Jones Douglas Kennedy Bobby Kimble Jennifer Lackey Laurie Long Pat May Denise McClendon Ricky McClendon Angel McDonald Rusty McGinty Cynthia McManus Stan Mitchell Mary Jo Mixon Billy Myatt Elizabeth Nicks Chavez Norris Billie Ray Patrick Nica Patrick Sammie Patrick Steve Patrick Mike Patterson Rhonda Perkins Michael Phillips Timmy Phillips Tina Phillips Deborah Pinkston Reginald Pinkston Edwina Ratcliff Kenneth Reed Pamela Reed Charles Renfroe Kim Richardson Brenda Riley Michael Robinson Donna Rogers Tambra Rushing Sheri Schefer Jackie Smith Mike Smith Peggy Smith Stefan Smith Vera Smith Carl Sorey Frederick Spencer Johnny Spivey Ricky Stegall Sandra Stewart Tammy Stewart Valerie Strait Jimmy Stuart Michell Sullivan Lori Taylor Yvette Taylor Bobby Thames Yolanda Thompson Mike Thorton Patricia Thrasher Wade Townsend Gary Touchstone Cooper Triplett Gary Vanstory Lamar Viverette Stacie Wall Donna Walsh James Ward Pamela Wash Paula Wash Lotta Weems Anita White Elizabeth Williams Tammie Wills Connie Young ,1 Third fade Kent Young Reba Young Della Youngblood Brenda Adcock Teresa Allen Bonita Arnold Reno Atwood Melissa Baggotte Johnny Bailey Linda Bailey Phillip Banks Kimberly Barber Darrin Benton Bobby Bland Bridget Bland Christa Boykin Tim Bradford Detrick Brown Denise Buckley Gina Burns Bonnie Carr Paul Case Mona Chambers Gerald Clark Tony Clark Christy Clements Tommy Colbert Richard Coleman Jamie Connor Gloria Crump Tasha Dennis Tony Derrick Glen Dixon Cynthia Donald Rogerleen Dubois Cynthia Estes Daphana Evans Henry Ford Sherly Ford Alenta Garcia Byron Gaskin Missy Gibbs Mickey Gibson Terry Goggins Fredrick Gray Tim Gray Connie Hall Tim Hammons Cindy Hatcher Billy Hicks Angela Holifield Coria Holifield Mark Hollifield Gwen Hord Sylvia Hord Cedric Hughes Jerry Hughes Regina Hughes Pauline Ingram Stacy Jackson Timothy Jackson Dorothy Jenkins Eddie Johnson Glenda Joiner Lloyd Jolly Jimmy Jones Nica Jones Donnell Lofton Melissa Love Margaret Mapp Richard May Ricky Mayers Jim McElroy Jeff McGee Kenneth McLain Dana Mitchell William Mitchell Charlie Morehead Lee Myer Ron Neal Jackie Patrick Mary Patrick Jim Pilgrim Geraldine Qualls Lisa Qualls Betty Ragsdale Stephanie Rasco Lloyd Ratcliff Larry Reed Roland Reed Clifton Reid Bill Richardson Stacy Richardson Ronnie Richmond Robin Risher Adrian Robinson Brian Robinson Clinton Robinson Frederick Robinson Second fade -C ,fl f if . . , K 'SN Second a ,.. , EE. - L , . l 2 , it--f s Tgi I fade .. ,X ISN: j ,ares gt lf- ' .K 1 W, ,wg wx ' 1 'R ,. ,ff 'g V, 5 J' x l"4 ,, 1 ' N, if , 4 X if , , ,Q ,, ,..,N, , T' 1 W v. 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N, g WZQTS ,f ,' 0 5,5 , 1 L .5 ff ,xx I L it W.1y,b V 1i1'i:E K I E Evo 4 X - Wm . J, , a if:-51' s Z 1 ,,.. ., ,V .,., A 14 9 sf ' at ' Q- 'z -Hifi ' z J., ','A- -'.' 5 -' f -"' ' ,fr M3 2. .. 1255 Q 1,-1f,,.wf.,,,,,:t f If .nf ,,,,l ,, ., -to B fm , , y , ig 55 4x1 1 any Il l 5 w W. awake' N? I and My t QM Gale Robinson Gerald Robinson Linton Robinson Pamela Robinson Stanley Robinson Stephanee Sanders Angela Sawyer Terance Scott Michelle Simmons Darlene Slack Jerry Smith Sammy Sones Beverlyn Spivey Larry Springer Tony Stinson Arlena Thomas L. C. Thomas Robert Thames Ruby Thornton Mona Tucker Rodney Tucker Rochelle Vaughn Tammy Vaughn Susie Ward Lisa Warnsley James Warren Mickey Watts Israel West Watt Whatley Romonda White Yolanda White Mary Wicker Rita Wilkerson Janice Wiltcher Donna Wither Tammy Adcock Matt Alford Iames Anderson Beth Ballard Amy Barber Sharon Barnes Kevin Battle Sammy Battle Sharon Beamon Paul Richard Bridges Chris Black Constance Body Mike Boykins Leslie F. Brown Sandra Carr Marc Cirlot Thomas Clark Sara Clements Johnny Coleman Michelle Colvin Debra Cooksey Mellisa Craig Tenis Daigre Bernie Daughtry Charlene Davis Michelle Dennis Timmy Derrick Robbie Donald Danny Dunn Audra Ealy Mary Jane Eichelberger Angela Engle Charles Fisher Chris Ficklin Scottie Fortenberry Terry Frazier Linda Gardner Marla Gardner Daryll Gibbs Nida Michelle Graham Henry Gray Lisa Graves Robbie Guyse Roxanne Hansford Shauronda Harper Steven Harrison Wayne Havard Michael Hayes First Grade Kristi Heflin Scott Hill Lamont Hornsby Stephanie Huff Kimberly Hughes Lorrine Hughes Sheila Ingle Howard Jenkins Betty Johnson Billie Johnson Steven Johnson Aurvarnette Jones Gregory Jones Tony Jones Adrian Kelly Dalmon King Lee Knowles Elizabeth Lee Lisa Lofton Michael Lofton Allen Lovett Melanie Lyle Angela May Jimmy McDaniels Rhonda McMands Stanley McDil1 Author Miller Anthont Moore Ian Moore Nelson Moore Thelma Nelson Janis Nicks Otis Ormond Pamela Parker Angela Patrick Albert Patrick Chuckie Patrick Laurie Patrick Lee Earl Patrick Roy Patrick Larry Phillips Bertrina Pinkston Sonja Pinkston Vernada Pinkston Jimmy Rasco Cedric Reed Ioe Lee Reed Steven Reed Selena Reeves Jerry Reid Susan Renfrow Sharon Robinson Leslie Russell Missy Russell Scott Schaefer Jack Shoemaker James Shoemaker Roosevelt Slack Angela Smith Astrid Smith Kathy Smith Larry Smith Ken Serey Kathy Spencer Bertina Spivey Dewayne Sudduth Christopher Tadlock Otis Taylor Robert Taylor Felicia Thigpen Vermella Thompson Dianne Times Orlando Tooks Lee Stinson Michael Walters Stephanie Watts Hubert White Robert White David Whittington Tony Whittington' DeWayne Wicker Leisa Wilkerson Johnny Williams Linda Williams L1ndel1 Williams p Melissa Williams 'Q ' John Wrnstead f Harvey Withers Z Ivory Youngblood 2 1 Pete W1ll1s " L' Scott Wiltcher fs' pecial Education isx X xx gk: .6 ,, 5 Marynette Taylor Melvin Williams 4.44 Laura Bowie Larry Ealy Ricky Gunter Calvin Jackson Linda Joiner Marilyn Jones I . C. Ragsdale Darry Robinson Cafeteria Workers ,dwg 227' if 46 Teaeheras Aides Mrs. Betty Daigre Mrs. Annie Laurie Davis Mrs. Evelyn Dennis Mrs. Susie Hudson Mrs. Christine Measells Mrs. Shirley Watkins Mrs. Harriet Lou Weems Mrs. Verrnella Windham Cafeteria Workers vp., Q-h ll W M' if Q1 f,fV'XxHHxvQ 5 QQ ' 4 The-3re's so much that we share . . P This Is FHS. ,, O Someplace inside you a Seed has been born You've got to watch it grow Someplace inside you A river is waiting to flow Will you let it go? Dan Fogelberg it is rather for us to be here dedicated tothe great task remaining before us . . . Gettysburg Address

Suggestions in the Forest High School - Rambler Yearbook (Forest, MS) collection:

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