Forest High School - Log Yearbook (Forest, IN)

 - Class of 1953

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Forest High School - Log Yearbook (Forest, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 94 of the 1953 volume:

fm. .A V. ilk- wp .LD VV sm, V V , .V, -'1 V N, ,W , . -Ji: Jdiixwr L' L., t 4. .W V N .Viv :V +' . - '. . ,vjlgaff "T f' 1' ' 'S Nj? " X. .V-A 'MER "vel , , ' .Vs -:Q rm ,Vg V .,,g,-fag V: . V- 'NLP'-av MVN, . ,, if VE V ,arf K "iffy 'gl V F iizsrf V, Q '+L mf? .3 -, -EQ f w,q1., N . - may V If-, V.4,V.,, an 4 5 '59 1' lf 'fi fi: 5133-. fggff 15,1 A V,'f"?F:"fVm'1+Vn: -. sir' ' ,V pg 61 V V. ,gp , 'PV f V7-Qi' " -655' W ' . 7QlV.v'f"'Q'V'g' 4 .- .V V. V. " fs ff TQ? H ,, V V . , . . ,.,VzVVw 3--L vs: ,?,g,,V1-VSV 'fl 'v:"M-'19, ! -3: V- V, , Q g -VVAV,-W4 , gy .. gV A ' .S-F " "VJ, WH- A T" 71. . Elf ,. ,. k . r . . X . if . 1 . , V P gp. E . veg. ' J' r V" -to ,.-k 2 - . V V. V., .s V. . K V UF' to " 'V ' , - V '-'S , 1 E553 4-.V T, ' L.. ,f,,V, .' . i 'V bi 'L V - wf N - -, 'V 1. ' ,f'Q5Qf , - . if J V - . , f , if .V f . V f'f , H+ " ' "Ft" . . . " iQ 2,4 ' Q A ,-A A ,Y IVZVVYI X Qi W. 4, ..4.. . AV with J my ft ' ia, V if X' ff , V,-,f - ,' MA ,jg -...fam -: -1 r.: ' A -i.,,:V.j'-XV .Eg --.wha VV Q f 5 r a. V.. .. V. V'4l'ifVw+.-VVV.f.' -V A -V Vwwgw W, 2' ' 1 xi. 'wszzf Ygigf' J . X xv Y -'im V2--,,:sff:Z's,VV wif f, 4 'Q-sqm VV ' . , ,. L V , .V .. V. , V- im: ,V Wag? hu Lwfifffr S :VQVLW , 4' V'f4a.iff-3. x f , f 3VVm5eiNiV,.V-3131? g',.,,. . V . 1, 161-'Q wig, - f Ii 1' .- rw' ug ',.,f-,ykf'2VsfeWgzj 1 sqzqfigw gf Q , L1 .51 5- Fl - 9 5, Ui, 'fn 1331-"9 f ' gif, V LV- pf- g ... ., ., ' Vw V . s ' Lafwyi VV '- 44 'Q 1- 42.2.4-. , Vg, V . Q, ,V .VLH .24 4, . .,,. , , rv., V . ,V ,.V. ,,. , , , .. -Vg' g s.wV4 ,Q Q, Lys? f. Vp- V A ,V ., . wg M ,,, . H' f . fs. w- ' , ,::i1'.V.-Vz:Vf f,V'3Lff35ff jaf gi? L T , 4 . ' ff V y MFZVZT? '-ff VV V CV VV , ' -V .fa ,Vw . ' V -3-1 ' V-ii: iw. i f . . V ' VV+ vmzszi fQ.1"V" -V1.. " vw-V., if V 1 . 111.1 14.V'1"ww:V 1' - fa.. ' 11- '- 2 4' L, .. -M, .Q .VV N , VV.Vg9q,QE ,V --f, ,F -Rv-if 1 3 ff n 3' " h 1 -f - ' 3.2257 X Aff V: jf V ' 1. 1-' 1 .f , VZ' ' " ' 1 ,,',. 3 VW-,V"'-ffW:3f.5 'ff fr?"-gi' W. , . ,, 11.1,,Vsn V va ,3 nl ggi- . . .. X ,Q ,, . V . 1, ,w,1VV.,fc f, ,, lf VA ,V ,V . WV V , ' -:V'52'FfFf-.vV.-..-.V.fsfem - - ' New ,s . V.'4 4014, .ug . Q1fn,5-g9:- -,Q-.5 ,- - 1 3 1gd1.:V'- gpfm . 65, JV' V-7 ' NYT ff. V- " ' V, - - 1' gg. I .jm:.VVfv5j.. 'w 1 , , .V V, .ww ' 'db V. ' J' bb' 'V . .V :f-555' 'V . , 1, H rf,lr,VVu 3 Q x .fl .W mf , my H .Y VV '-i.'V ' ' 491' A' if Ts' ..- ' 'L 1 - --gy, 2-1 R. , .:.-'VW-V VV4-Lf, 'it' L 'EM - Vs, 'f at " , .. ., -V 'fi'-V4'lfi'1 FQ' W' L. 'da '. "V: rqi-'14 2'-V ..xV '27 - V f , V V ws .,mV,.VG,e. ML .2 V V ff VV ..-:Vi I , fir' , 5 we ' fsvfx A.y3fgww' 5' Li .4 Q-:'m"V gg , V . L 32' '., VV M, W V9-13,1 V .ifimi 1- ' in . ii A fs:-'V.N sfr..V1 ff' ' 9.51.5 Q13-1 wav V K, -1 1. '- . A, ' '95 ,Q 5 5g'f?1vfTg . 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" '+3'v"1V ' " -1 Ami 4 :Va gi V' wif? gf L35 -f Af' . .. .5 "4,liV,,.1mV ms. .V.-V by .y .S-my latwvmsp as ' rx. Q mumsws 5 unmswfw A ami 3 fl -,I Ei P: u 5 5? Qs 3 V: ww . fi 15 w I? 4: 31 2 va xl P3 -,Q 1 3 'u 5? 6 5: Q-. Q 1 1 ,4 i. K: 33 1-1 TI-IEi LOG Twas '49 our ship set sail, The sea was very rough, Our little boat was frail, For a journey so long and tough. Now 'tis the year of '53, Our boat is nearing shore, Fine sailors now are we, We've.conquered the sea and more. This log we did prepare, So that you might know, The many things we did dare, And the places we did go. As you leaf these pages through, From the beginning to the end, May this log bring to you, 'Happy memories, too, my friend. By: Allen Milburn S! STAFF Editor A s sistant Editor Sports Editor As sistants Photography Editor A s sistants Activitie s Editor Assistants Advertising Editor Assistants Circulation Editor Allen Milburn Marg Harrison ick Davis Nina Alter Bradly Huffer Donna Robertson Bettg Mitchell Larry obertson Deloris Johnston Bill Kramer Reba Kelly Dee Stewart Lois Browning Bob Cochran Kay McQuinn Assistants Betty Lou Wheeler Ralph Foreman OUR SCHOOL School Days! School Days! Good old Forest School Days! For some, the days are almost done For others, the days have just begun. Let us pause for a moment here, With some of the memories we hold dear. Oh, the secrets within those walls, Romances that started in her halls. There were parties, pals, and performanc And besides the fun some work to do. As time goes on, these memories will be Far more precious to you and to me. Let's stop and utter a little prayer, For those who still will journey there, And for thee, whose walls still stand Our Forest School and its people grand. By: Allen Milburn es too - Q SS- 1 s- :X . QNNX zsiiigxsx X X-L..--' xx l xxxxxqikx X Wx fl' I X X N X X bl X in I ,ln xx Xxxxx ,fb ,f ,, CX N A 9' I ' cwwx f 1 N .R 5 XMSE . .WN . . 5. 5 I . XX-1 . . wi 1. SE: 1 iii 1 li: T"'.E1 :Xt ' I :Si 1 bfi E s mf, . . f : - f . : 1 f . .'.:': Z Z Rf: 5 f f as? 5 4 5 rig 1 ' S 1 ,f 6 1 f : I ADMINISTRATION 52 Q . 5' a 4 S 1 E5 ' 'ra ,C l E12 51- ii .y,. 2 Q Az la - uf" ,M 7' . 2 rl G, :VL J' 4 , 1: fi Zi fy. M J Jr , A 74 111. in if L ,z, . ,QV f L51 sv . 44' S! I' ff . V TQ? 5 A ,. I , If - w 251 E pg, +V 1,w Nr. fig 5 fi r Q? 4,5 'tunnis . mf gnlmnz A' :nl-1 xwrfrlzin mmm J. , mv. num'-..-X in 31,1-, snnn11xq.:c1rzsi,.Amxelm.i zz 97? LEON ORR, B,S. dn M.S, Ball State Butler University Science Agriculture Senior Class Sponsor The 1952-1953 school year has been a successful one and many victories have been won. A victory is an accomplishment worth while and can be obtained only through the mutual endeav- ors of individuals without any thought of self-glorifi- cation. heir rimary aim must be to achieve some- thing worth while for the group as a whole. This re- quires team work with the Rroper spirit. School spirit as been good this yearg and, as a result, we have been successful in the class room work, in athletics, in the publication of the annual, in our class plays, in our music activities, and in our school parties. Our thanks to the students, teachers, and community for making this possible. Mr. Orr ffffflff' 1 Q?" LEONIDAS VICTOR, B, S. Canterbury Mathematics Health Physical Education VERA STOOPS, B.S. Purdue Universit Home Economic Z Sunshine Sponsor LENORA CLINE, A. B. Ball State English Social Studies Library Science Junior Sponsor HELEN MALONEY, A. Earlham College English Mathematics B. ISLA ALEXANDER, A. B, DePauw University Mathematics Latin Sophomore Sponsor JOHN DEERR, B.S. Purdue University Canterbury Social Studies Mathematics Physical Education FRANK STROI-IM, B.S. Purdue University Science Mathematics Eighth Grade Sponsor BERNICE LINEBACK B. P. S. M. Indiana University Music RUTH KRAMER, A. B. Indiana University English Seventh Grade Sponsor MADGE DAVIS, B.S. Indiana University Business Education Seventh Grade Sponsor .MQ N EE:Y E:',Q 1:-N S 31 X- .-N . X1 ax - N 5'- 3 1. I , xX,N?.mXNx N.., X, 51' - ' f.W.x?x...1w-5,,,YNN Z: 2 ' Qxs t,..NW-h,-U..---,,. SQXXXX, . -- '---,mf f 5 -.N : 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 A if I I 1 3 int: 5 ,fi 2 gf 15 :A fa , fig 1 fxig KE . .f z ,' I' Q ,3 ff! 51, ,,,f,,fu,,,, ff X xxxx ,,f,.-f--f--. ,z If , X ,dwarf 5 1 1 ff r il 5 , 1 s ' f N If . I , f SENIURS F fi fi E ml .L H. hi ,4 rx Bl P? 6, 7 fy 3 35 bf ,X SF S 71 56 'E iff S 93 5 if Qi W LN 5 Sf if :Q C4 2 4 if .Q sw G 5 M Z. lf: 5? 'Q ,, 4. 5 G M w' Z? 51 ZW F Y, SQ 5 Pf f Q ru LARRY ROBERTSON Chorus 9-IO-II Basketball 9-11-12 S0ftb31l I0-II-I2 Band 2-I0 Class lay II-I2 President I2 DONN A ROBERT SON Chorus 9-IO-II-I2 sunshine 9-to-n-12 G.A.A. 9-I0-II-I2 Class P13411-I2 Sunshine resident I2 Student Council I2 Vice-president I2 ALLEN MILBURN Bandg-Io-rl-I2 Chorus 9-IO-II-I2 B3SkeIb311 I0 II I2 9- - - Softball 9-I0-II-I2 Class Pla II -I2 Student gouncil Pres. I2 Class Representative I2 KAY MOQUINN Chorus 9-Io-11-12 Band ?JIO Sunsh e 9-ro-rr-rz G.A.A. 9-lo Class Pla II-I2 Student slouncil I2 Secretary-Treasurer I2 DICK DAVIS Band 9-I0-II -I2 Chorus 9-IO-II -12 Basketball 9-IO-II-12 Softball 9-Io-ll-12 Class Play II-I2 Track 9 Student Council I2 Class Representative I2 MARY HARRISON Chorus 9-to-xr-12 Band ?-I0 Sunsh ne 9-ro-xx-rz G.A.A. 9-IO Class Flag' II-I2 Sun RAR! ponsor I2 Class presentstive I2 BETTY MITCHELL Chorus 9-Io-II-I2 Band 9-I0-II-I2 Sunshine 9-Io-11-12 G.A. A. 2-I0-II-I2 Yell Lea er 9-lo Class Play II-I2 BILL KRAMER Chorus 9-IO-II-I2 Band 3-I0-II Class lay II-I2 DELORIS JOHNSTON Sunshine II -I2 Class Play II-I2 Sunshine Cones. Sec. I2 DEE STEWART Band 9-IO-II-I2 Chorus 9-IO-II-I2 Basketball 9-lo-11-12 Softball lo-11-12 Class Play II-I2 REBA KELLY Sunshine 9-Io-11-12 Class Play II RALPH FOREMAN Chorus 19-IO-II -I2 Softbal II-I2 Class Play II-I2 Band 9-lo NINA ALTER G.A,A. 9-IO-II-I2 sunshine 9-lo-12 Class Play II-I2 Band xo BOB COCHRAN Band 9-to-xr-12 Chorus to-II Basketball 9-Io-II-12 Class Play II-I2 Softball 9-I0-II-I2 BETTY WHEELER Chorus 9-ro-12 Sunshine Q-I0-Il-I2 cms Play n-12 G.A.A. 9-to BRADLY HUFFER Basketball II Class Play II -12 LOIS BROWNING Chorus to-12 Class Play II-I2 G.A.A. 2-10-II-I2 Yell Lea er II-12 Majorette 9-IO-II-I2 Sunshine?-Io-xt-rz G.A,A, resident I2 in xxvvi f f X ,.N, N Mx ,M .,.??k-wfxxw ,X .fx Yu Yxx xx wks X biz: JUNIURS N? ai f 1 L ' Q , , Q - fi i , 'Q ted 5 'fi M N Zi? 9? E, Q fb E M, , ,. if .5 'Cf if i4 Xe T. gg , ,,,. 11 ': 4: ,V 4. , fx , 1?- 723 ,4 , 3 Q- 2 '1 , . f 'K Q 2 L' i 1 M"V?ISf5U HKi2' lziSiflT'I'lik9!ll-WlEk'll!- '72, 11111 Nil. -'MLUHT IN! " ! 179 l7riMDiIi'iv""" El' 2:91, 1e1 Y lf- 192 ng, ICN Rr W... A .ff-J - ' gs we sawn "' I XJ, X A A' Y x l 8 '3' ., 2 'ms I 2 it ""' B - - -,- In ' . I A , A' Nlz. I. Q J iii i if R ...Fl i K, WM -1 l J it 3' Q Q,,.- ' , zf' i X 'ff llqh .I g lll 'Mg qlul A Aww 27 1M ... Row Row Row Row Row Row Kms I: Nanc Terrell, Pat Morrison, Marlene Rogers, Phyllis Swem, Dale Davis. 2: Joe Thomas, Ann Martin, Max Scott, Shirley Quebe, Ted Miller. 3: Rex DeWeese, Nancy Moore, Shirley Robertson, Lula Bell Linson, Sherl Eldridge. 4: Paul Vail, Barbara Unger, Ralph Jones, Beverl Alexander, Larry Lantz. 25 Dick Marshall, Pat Bowers, Donna Jones, Caro? Huffer, Paul Whiteman, Harold Orr, Elizabeth Davis. """w-wi I' v XX ,fy .7 nus""""" l Junior Bookke eping Cla s s ,gr- pl -Q J Q - .Sf .k.,L R A xqlkifffgfiis-vii Boys Home Economic Class ZW-. 5 1 ,ff f""::f-rf ,-5 SUPHUMURE5 L J - h - . , ,L ' ww lei 1 - -4 - ,J I , 2 , ? , it 31 1 tk r f E . 2 , 1: T 42' . 3 1 -I 4 . " xr Q, 4, iw 1 H i, f Q Q. 5. 'J F E is I I6 ' Ei rf f :X , au Qw.awgve'+m'w4:3v-wm4+-uwmx :finxsvmvm 'mx was ' 2 - , ml rw A 'f la "T fr . f a ' A -'fx w an 4 s rl: 3. ,V 'arena x Y' sf' :fu an R 52 - 'Fha- ,,,.....i' s 1 it X ,,,,, ,R ,,.-. QL fx. I Q at Q y Q an be '5 y 3, -:an -,"J' 1 , ,r Q Ja I Row Row Row Row Row Row Rex Hughes, Judy Achors, Rex Mays, Carolyn Bradshaw, Ronnie Herr. Don Shrrk, Elosie Archey, Marilyn Robertson, Nancy Hicks. Sam Laughner, Ronnie Unger, Ruth Bowers, Sue McQuinn, Mary Friend, Rex Berry. Johnny Usher, Doris Crum, James Pearson, Janet Jordan, Bill Alter. Max White, Robert Mundell, Phyllis Inman, Pat Cochran, Eugene Graves. Bob Bryan. ssh.. , -.,,, t T fl Q as 9, 'A 2 fl 4 , 1 1 2 I 1 , 5 1 ,N,,,W,..... I Q.. we' 's ' -:fill 69 if Q-W .W nm' 1' -f-1 N. if I ' Q 5 5 Xara 'M 3" 'F NSE? ... Q-if , M, Pc ,Mrs E 2 1 4 4. -un K' ,wx-x, '- -' In r f., 6 'Z .wvx:xTW111T23fXqxN Yi if -1-:XX 42 , X X , U N- NN-Q fz : I f-,ff f f 1: ,fu ,' f xxx ' 2 ff XX A7 4 f --" NX f': f X XX-WN , , , I f X xxx? I , X ,,,,,,,,,,, ' ,ff X XXX ,f"' . , 1 xx. ,ff ,f,,,,f,,,,,, ,ij , , X x ff' ,ff f 1 ' 1 , 'f I X 1 x , I X NN 5 ff BASS Z5 , .x 5311 . N . 1 ,AS 2 211 X. 2 f-5 FRESHMEN 2 Q ,J i 5 'Q K: 'Zin 5: Q 43, F , 1 1 -A t wr, g sa- 1, ' 13. V .v if r 4 Q 1 r., 'fem , -mr 'H "-wwf 'unlsmlm mzg vw 1- -X 1 M-' :ww -' Q: A 'W 1 W ' 1 W- "fx ,+,f.1: u 2 . u,.- 'wx :www Q wr- MIR' 1-if if an Wxr .Q-Q,::.:, ' sv '55-a ,J ,rw ,F f as ww 1 rf Q 5 ,Q X A Nh D My ff' - Q, .ig - 1 ' X ff, 1 gf arm " f ' ill' :if - 7 rsh 1 fr f 2 R N, A ' X3 7 f 5 Nr. JT'-'SF' 5"'.,. . -f . 85 a Q Q S .Mo I M sg, 'E so . fl 'Q -. if .sv 'H 'lla' A s 51 fx has 1 X r K W , - Z ,..:, . ,WS b i iles, 4 - vw M P , 'Q 1 Row 1: Kent Achors, Charles Davis, Jerry Johnston, Linda Bartley. Mack Trenary. Row 2: B111WyI1Ck, Sue Browning, Barbara Harrison, Donna Unger, Jim Avery. Row 3: Bob Lantz, Martha Martin, Shirley Moore, Elsie Graves, James McCarty. Row 4: Devon Davis, James Marcum. Freshmen Biology Class Fre shmen English Class I Wa . .iff , , 5 sfgf ask ,Q gs ky, ,Q-may D X ay -.qi ss , js 1 A so 15 , A as W ,IE5 E, Ng, :. aj' h :-' - V .E ' Q I . ,- 1 Row I: Donald Miller, Donna Rogers, Pat Ticen, David Bowers. Row 2: Larry Bradshaw, Martha Pearson, Ted Long, Betty White, Lonnie Tucker. Row 3: Max McQuinn, Patty Scott, Bill McQuinn, Audrey Armour, George Graves, " 3 s is-my X , 1. W ff pw N Q Q E Y N SQ b 1 st Q I .H as X l is Q greg 7 ' i 3 - 5: A Row 4- Don Stockberger, Carol Mundell, Bill Armour, Emma jean Sewell, Dgnfue Davis, Row Q Hubert Bowers, Franklin Crawford, B111 DeWeese, Curliss Marcurn, Ph11A1tgl-. Row Alvin Whiteman, Wayne Shirk. ff it Q K i...f: , i "" :Q " t Ift ,.g:ff . ' S ram it 'tl , , it ,rg if Q .'-' Xwllii i ii '-1 ,if Q' 1 2 - Y at 5 Row I: Norma Harrison, President, Larry Stewart, Vice President, Janice Thomas, Treasurer, Larry Jordan, Secretary. :wif -, 1'--. -'Qs-2:-:f , g4.,.,t FB K t t X ,N , x 6 r it ig , l 1 t Q v Jess rg tl N Q N Row 2: Jane Robertson, Beverly Bradshaw, Carl Johnston, Ioan Robertson. I. L. Mitchell. Row 3: Ronnie Bradshaw, Judy Browning, Buck Johns, Barbara Victor, Billy Peden. Row 4: Wanda Hodson, Jerry Terrell, Marie White, Bobby Huffer, Phyllis McCarty. Row 5: Carol Morford, Bob Swem, Jerry Milner, Bonnie Huffer, Larry Manuel. L v ' ? sl :3?s..: iw , ag? s-...Si .M,af' .i .sl sw- I si Wifi L 1 'xii N, 'X - ks is i s Y ' S Row Row Row Row Row I 2 3. 4: 5 ah ww Tom Davis, Sharon Abney, Kaz Usher, Don Crum. Iim Johnston, Linda Mullins, P il Davis, Norma Codg, John Davis. Max Watkins, Helen Phillips, Bobby Lester, Lois Arc e , Richard Crick Charles Alter, Janet Kirkendall, Jerry Vawter, Phyllis Kimper, Harry Beebe. Estes Bowers, Marquetta Mooney, Beulah Vawter. Seventh Grade Geography Class Ni Seventh Grade English Class .YJ IIN lx! Eighth Grade Arithmetic 'Wa" X., -1 ,Q-51 f 5:33 Nw--,Q WNNX V ' iff ' .PXTISX XQE "PX Xxx if'-lk 5? 4' ' ' X -X hh Q , ..., I I gi , yi-is ' 0' . P f-X X XXX Ni.. f S , , 33' 'f Q fi 4 X xx X fffffffx w , - ' Afi ' ' ' . Q x.-XX N f f ,--awf , - 2 ,gp ,' l73j" , ,' -?j:,, ' in 35 I s Z f -f Y ' 24 X QR :. .f f , 4 X '- j -:A - N'-21. Z 30, 3 . I K kzigzs -, 48 3 ,Q ,. 22, F '74 " ' Q :N 5: :"' ' 4 fE:1'H2 Nl' ', I f," fl? i 51 ' 5 - " 531125325 7. . ,y .f '. 2 asf fi ' ' - 5 - L' KA ' ,SE E Ei, , N Q "' -' 15155 in ,an f. v ' 'Za s 1 ' 1, J ff Q 'xi , C 11.5 Y 1? - K f 1 ' A X lx 1 wx.. AE, ' ,A , , - S ' , - 7 4 x N f X 5 X .. f f lk: I 2 'A -W ,, ,ff-,af-'fifzi ,inf XQQQXZN W5 ., '- :f3f17i1-"M Xxbx "Af ff-' x NQNX 493 I-,Lf-f' I f NX ETX 1 ,,, fy: fyQf f. xy 41, Af ,s,..:- XX A 'fff Q NX f ff' ' A -Q X5 " . x Q .riff ff- . X I - ' - ,gg-.-5 k .x-35,3 f 3-Ix 1 ., ..x. "" if Y - 5' X ayyk ,jug vi Q. X xx jx 5 gl ' : 'QQLXi:ffk,5X" ' z NNN-xXNX..xm,-H ' '1 0 ELEMENTA RY iw'-, U' A '5 4. i , , f i fa' i x 15 k 11 4 , if ' 1 .l , , , .L X 1: S ' -Q ' ef K 1 w QA-'s1,u1sf!u'yAw,vw: rm-em,fmmT-nali.fx1tmm wzlsmzmfisr-W -'wi-11, mu na n' - xv '1 1 can 1,11 f ' 1: -'-'M N- fa: mr Q 1 ' "1 lr ,. if I xg 1 , blqb . ? il W Y P 'YJ' is-. ii' as ee '?Q:g ew ,,,, ., 3 , .2 M K ,.,,, 'L-ug Y A ,N t X ,yd r if ff fa f was ff ,X K , ..., t Y . V t i x sk by ,,., I , ,,,j,j.. W XA X gl.. lf L me-Q is M .Q- .anf S , ,,,'S NX " - 125 gr, : Wlir, HP' if and 5 i 4 L 1 W. yi r, Y Ag L Kiki Row Row Row Row Row Row I 2 3 4: 22 Mr, Milburn, Janice Bowers, Lloyd Alexander, Lorita Fickle, and Dale Orr. Ted Orem, Joan Breedlove, Louie Tucker, Ruth Surber, Karen Smith, and David Young. Danny Clouse, Marlene DeWeese, Thomas Brookbank, Glenda Marshall, Frances Inman, and Mark Eades. Harold Redman, Phyllis Kirkendall, Tony Sanders, Julia Sheets, Georgia Graves, Joe Davis. Harley Lee Pullen, Dorothy Lester, David Baer, Wilma Graves, Janice Green, Larry Joe Parker. James Orem, Shirley Sheets, and Carol Wright. E ,. as -ffm' fk ww 3 F.3- f Q i nd? f 5 -wig is unq, in , E bbz. , K-wg:-W A xv ::. 4 W .- ,sqm -2 if ily. BLANK? 3' saw -df' : ,2- ,.., Q. f 4 wi r -, . X K , ' . S5 E ,ii i,ff,,k 6 , i 1 W A r Q ::,:: Row I: Mrs. Claudine Deerr, Russell Manuel, Sharon Stroup, Kennie Suhre. Row 2: Jerry Quakenbush, Judy Bowers, Jeanne Collins, Becky White, Earl Surber. Row 3: Billy Hodson, Peggy Browning, Jusly Hill, Becky Johns, Ronnie Lester. Row 4: Dennis Wright, Marilyn Borders, axine Graves, Janice Bookmiller, Marvin White Row 2: Ernie Bryan, Marlene Webster, Patty Williams, Shelbie Riddle, Hank Melton. Row g Jimmy Hashbarger, B. I. Caldwell s ss git' E5 ,Q X K X 6 ,Y E 5 sin- ? , is 'Su s , Q X 5 s X is 5 r . WSE? , 4 . - X Q, -, ,K 1 -fi, 5 if ' 'WWW li . ' 5 aw:-:wager 5. 1- t , I .- A , QW X X s if aim- 'Q K SH , ig, S Ag 'X A Q tv' 'Wikib- 5. 'ky Row 1: Mrs. Ina Milburn, Robert Sheffer, Margie Pollitt, Robert Hill. Row 2: Johnny Sanders, Nellie Breedlove, Joyce Davis, Jo Ann Rodkey, Joe Smith. Row 3: Frank Phillips, Wanda Tucker, Ronald Smith, Ruth Wagner, Bob Smith. Row 4: Paul Abbott, Sharon Armour, Ioan Sewing, Thelma Tucker, Bob McQuinn. Row gf Richard Clouse, Gloria Walker, Milos Graves, Wanda Kay Orr, Jerry Young. Row : Betty Sewell, Maxine McQuinn, Judy Phillips. Clare Robertson. 'SM Q wyimdif Nw-vt-11" in lx 5 5 t .Q X r if . iuu- 13: iw ',,, ..,.. ,iii , .".' ., K ' i . im F Mari '-g . "" ' ' Z , , If .I :-, half , '-" , .. H ,f ,ui Q: 3 '32 , 'W' EI . 'eq-ga!" V wg. W m..,:. X 5- N4-endif 1' , JK" wffl' i r r R,-. TVX? .5 X 2 Q' as , J W fi 2 x if . " s Miglia? .W ,gl - -gsg. A ff :' :E ME P ,- xii. t ' ,vig tfawvlu . 5 ,,5.:g:- QQI- - V- A-'ie , , wil., , . W . fi ' like ilow now ROW l l0W B QOW I 2 3 4 5 tv r X Mrs. Clidence, Mary Janet Evans, Larry Wright, Larry Williams, Charles Ray Cline Jimmy Inman, Caro yn Sewell, Connie De eese, Ernie Laughner, Diana McQuinn, Don Pulley. Raymond Graves, Betty Hill, Terry Terrell, Darry Kirkendall, Jane Fearnow, Loren Morford Larry Davis, Jane Thomas, Jackie Hodson, Karen Adams, Ruth McDonald, Larry Thatcher. Perry Lester, Dick Robertson. Paulette Riddle, Beverly Achors, Orpha White, Jerry Green, Leon Jordan. al ik fx ., . 1, 3., r 'gg 1 X .W A 2 Wu Q - P ., ,. 1- 5 ' Xa N N sri I Ei X Qt .,M.. mai. A Q is 2 , x ,X ' r , ,, 5 "1 . .1 " ix- rt' +-all' 'M NT egg Q ,W if ll f l we K 5 gif E' X x-sk f X 4' Y vw xr X " is , f is F 'iii ff? SSX' iii 1 -an '-:nur lf X X 'wmv + sfs Row Row Row Row ROW I 2 3 4: 5 Mrs. Mable Hughes, Kenneth Wright, Sandra Watkins, Jack Mitchell. Leonard Surber, Jane Trenary, Angela Berry, Helen Surber, Billy Hashbarger, Elvin Wagner, Barbara Davis, Carol Pullen, Janice Gaylor, Fred Graves. Warren Pearson, lane Fickle, Judith Hashbarger, Nancy Adams, Jerry Trenary. Judy Tucker, Patricia Morrow, Patricia Chezem fnot showny, QW , ---...- , X Vw .55 V- r I6 M iv x M , ff ' TQ ,bk 'Lf ' , fi s-as M ri nm 'Wifi' ..a " .. ' ,F 'ge' 1 5 'R R 4, 1 ,gy was - V N 1 ,, if l vl!! WW' 'NSW 'H-wmv Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 RCW 4: Row 5 'NEW " L ,LQ-:fsi g- 5 Q , A at: g X 5 A K S 5.9 D ' s or W .:.:.- 2 - if is:-sag H , 7 .:,. , ,... . ,, , Y ,alul M b gl as X 2 A V Vw -21-55 8 is NW f H r whiny ,bg i' """"""' :Q-5: A W. re 'W bell., M an new W' Q . ri , 5 x if ,. -rg 'Qs rulnwiifk Tfivfyy E D x , , ,fi 'r 3 1., was .sw if 3 4? Thelma Marshall, Jerry Phillips, Rosalie Wagner, Ralph Surber. Robert Davis, Jewel Surber, Michaelwhite, Pauietta Young, Jim Breedlove. Donald Bryan, Wanda Armour, Joe Sanders, Linda Laughner, Billy Webster. Jimmy Phillips, Alberta Tucker, Lehman Hale, Carol Joy Young, Richard Graves. Sammy Fnend, Joy Ann Michaels, Mark Melton, Mary Ellen Crick, Bobby Quakenbush. mf :naw wa. fm- 'f V., 574 . - A N' ss? .r .. s 'ig P. -' , 4 ,ALS L . gs, r , Six .r .,,. L .. 3 r :ff-' . " ,sa Q ite Tig ' 3: ig il , lsr 'is , 5 'Q' vu-wdaihll' JA yln: x ,Q ' ff .s ,.,, . -1535? aa .s my gg. .gs 3 mused' 3: I x 15: ww: xN'X' IIITSTYQNN , f CN ,p --""' 'asm WA .B l Jr- ffl:-N Es: ---'..A-"' qwswgx x Q ' Xiifsx ,MMQQM .,' . ' S3XW . i NNWN ,iAQ.,4 f 4 N v ' ff Xiu X X .,, . 5 f "x' x xk X N Q44 S 4i '1r:L1- SQ X' Mxx ..XN.,,x.A- ' ,X f F 1, N ATHLETICS , :Q , u Q 5 x. 9 P 2? V w , W H. mase:wvw,v-3.2m mn-mia: 'fulmemm Mariah 'favs' 41:21:11 :W in A+ -wr rr,-,gg 4 , . sn ms, 5' 1 -mn ' :cfm 1 mf, m a-""' 'uz fi f Basketball Schedule for 1952 8: 1953 FOREST Score Opponent Score " 66 Burlington Z0 " 45 Thorntown 40 " 72 Michigantown 45 I' 73 Colfax 46 av ' 64 Jackson Twp. 54 ' Q " 53 Mulberry 44 V 5, " 60 Scircleville 42 " 54 Northwestern 66 ' I " 43 Michigantown 35 Z 'XJ " 57 Fowler 40 ' ' Z'.,.,,. " 42 Camden 37 93 " 49 Kirklin 61 , N ,U " 54 Western 41 4 9 " 52 Michigantown 44 ' " 46 Sugar Creek 39 r- X " 55 Kirklin 46 ! " sz Scircleville 43 , X " 58 Jefferson 47 4? " 49 Sugar Creek 33 X 46 Washington Twp. 47 " 61 Jackson Twp. 41 " 66 Frankfort 50 The Basketball season of 1952-53 has been a successful one for our team. The Bobcats have won 18 and lost 4 games. We were invited to participate in a four-way tournament at Camden. After defeatin Fowler in the first game, we met and defeated Camden in the ginal game. It was the first defeat of the season for Camden. Once again we took part in the annual county tournament. We defeated Michigantown and Sugar Creek, in order to meet and de- feat Kirklin in the final game. This also was Kirklin's first de- feat of the season. We drew Frankfort for our first game in the sectional tourney and were defeated. av Inv" 5 5 Q 2 s 951 i nn .AVF -6' ' xx. x I I mi? i 1 vm M3 , Q.. 11 . Q X-ww Mu X- Q X ww W K if Us ,, 55 I wma 1, Mm 'L S153 v as I KWN JH! '5f F if aa fait' ,,.,....---- 5 6' N..-f Row I: Bill Alter, Kent Achors. Row 2: Ralph Jones, Rex DeWeese, Bob Mundell, Paul Whiteman, Charles Davis Larry Lantz. Row 3: Mr. Victor-Coach, Bob Bryan -Student Manager, Don Shirk, ,Rex Mays Ronnie Herr, Rex Hughes, Rex Berry, Devon avis, Mr. Deerr-Assistant Basketball Schedule for the "B" Team of 1952 8: 1953 Coach. FOREST Score " 38 " Z4 ll 40 ' 31 H 31 rv 36 " Z5 II ll " 27 ' 35 " 32 H sz OPPONENT Burlington Thorntown Michigantown Colfax Jackson Mulberry Scircleville Northwe ste rn Kirklin We ste rn Scirclewille Jeffe r son Washington Twp. Jackson Score 25 31 37 32 34 33 38 51 31 31 32 26 38 26 Row I: Student Manager, Jerrg Milner. Row 2: Bob Swem, ayne Sh k, Bill McQuinn, John Davis, Carl Johnston, Larry S Ph'1 D i B k I h . tewart, 1 av s, uc o ns Row 3: Coach, Mr. Deerr, Larry Bradshaw, Bill DeWeese, Jerry Terrell, Lonnie Tucker, Don Davis, J. L. Mitchell, David Bowers, Don Stockberger. Basketball Schedule for the Junior High Team of 1952 81 1953 FOREST Score Il " Z7 ll ll ll ' 35 ll " Z1 ll " 40 ll ll " 37 ll ll OPPONENT Michigantown Scircleville Sugar Creek Owen Burlin ton Sugar Creek Scircleville Sugar Creek Burlington Michigantown Colfax Scircleville Owen Jefferson Colfax Score zo Z1 36 oo- 25 Z7 Z1 19 15 29 25- 24 Z4- Z4 23 Forfeit Tourney Elm .leadou wg, ' x 'W' -1' N 'Wg , W. t.. Shirley Lois Sue On October 8th the student body met in the gymnasium for the election of the yell leaders. Lois Browning--Senior, Shirley 'Robertson--Junior, and Sue Brownin --Freshman were elected. This was the second year for Lois am? Shirley and they received their honor sweaters just be- fore the Sectional Tournament. 6 I I Y .N.-g:f,.-',,.-N' . X t.--It-,N-' If W' N',.NN SX H ' 4995 KN::.bSp N IX Q I, NN0 f-. X XXX 1-' LI Q1 X NNN ..fisi.f' W I' e,! , XQXNNTN W. Q fx A J X:-NER : -,fi S- :ai :Z '13, j X - ' N 'NQ1 ,,,.5N, N41 J 4 N N,. N-' Q F 6 V , f ffm, xN- N N :Ne - ,. nf: I I . . -., X wx ' 'I ' ' "f 1 asa , Z 50 4 fi a am S' s . I ffm. F'-EE y f"- , , .J W ' ' NNN -15 - ' . , ,, , N J ffm wr : : 9 , f ' ' ' , C ' , ,f ' ,,,,, 1,2 e f- X X '-ERR f 'NN-gjl ,nf , , 1 " f " ,i YZ ng ' , ' 5 EE ,5 , 2 , ' , 5 S '- 2 1 ff' M , 9.5 I 5 " ' G . -2 N : f x I "2 :EFS 5 1 f-, 'f s .s 5 - , -f A s ss 4 1.3. f 1 5 :NE ,f 2' '- .' Q. :' 5--'Y 1' : f 1 '7- a 5. : X . f - N- . '-,f N: s N N N ,, 1 1 , . M: J AS NN' X QN A r Q 1 X N 4' 2,' 5' N XNN -N , Q 1 5 Log N x N f- f N- X., xxix N h ' 5:f,.-QP 1 XNLWX X V :-:-' xr' ...N .NA :NN X Q " --fs .-NNN? X X K , .Q I N -. N ,Nu ,.-N . X X X 5- Q E1 -1::.- NX .1 d.,..3sgg N. -X-NN ,...:,N , N x w.,NN3. I .Nl ew X 1 2 N N-Q .f'F-"mv--:ze-'if? .-2:-"'NNNN"..1-X' X. N . Q. 5 ,- .- :NNN .Ns L 'N 91 "1fN'f"f-"Q'iXNI.fl5N" KN N..XNN..xNN..N N , xx X NX xx X X x XXXQNNNNNNX ACTIVITIES we Q-1 ' . , w wi' 51 X ,:- . ff f ' L 3 3: ' va' Q- A ., I M r N, S+, x it I 3 -f 'fwsy amaze rfxnmrc-r1m'1.:'zaz ,zfavilwemsau ver' f ,ry , wx! if "gf nu, : , .rg A' :I nf, V -V " if '- 1 Row I: Eva Alvarado, Reba Kelly, Marilyn Porter, Miss Vera Stoops, Sponsor, Nancy Terrell, Mary Friend, Delorls Johnston, Mary Harrison, Betty Mitchell, Donna Robertson, Shirley Robertson, Kay McQuinn, Lois Browning, Betty Lou Wheeler, Nina Alter. Row 2: Lulu Bell Llnson, Sharon Redman, Doris Crum, Sue Browning, Martha Martin, Pat Morrison, Ph llis Swem, Donna Jones, Elizabeth Davis, Donna Un er, Ann Martin, Barbara Xin er, Carol Huffer, Shirley Quebe, Beverly Alexandir, Patri- cia Bowers, Phyllis qnman, Barbara Harrison. Row 3: Mariyn Robertson, Carolyn Bradshaw, Janet Jordan, Sue McQuinn, Ruth Bowers, Judy chors, Pat Cochran, Nancy Hicks, Eloise Archey. Officers of the Sunshine Society are: Pres.-Donna Robertson, Vice-Pres. -Nancy Terrell, Recording Sec. -Mary Friend, Corres- ponding Sec. -Deloris Johnston, Treasurer-Betty Mitchell, Sun Ray Sponsor-Mary Harrison, Song Leader-Shirley Ro ertson, and pianist- Beverly Alexander. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the Sunshine Society of Forest High School. The Installation of the '52-'53 officers was performed by the officers of the first society of Forest. The officers were: Pres. -Doris Stong, Vice-Pres. -Mary Elizabeth Butler, Sec. and Treasurer-Martha Thomas. On November ZZ, we sponsored adate party. We went to see Ray Anthonty and Robert Q. Lewis at the Purdue Music Hall. Everyone enjoye the program. We sponsored our first square dance, January 27th, in the gyrn where we had a hilarious time and made forty dollars. We also sold cards during the year, and held a talent show to raise money. In April we held our annual Mother andDaughter's Banquet and had the installation ceremony for the '53-'54 officers. Regular meetings were held each month of the school year. The year proved to be very successful. gl . . ... ,........ Our High School Band has performed several times this year. We went to Frankfort and marched for Vice-President Nixon's campaign. We also marched in Frankfort's Halloween Parade, and afterward played for a Democratic celebration. On October 18th the Band went to Indiana University and par- ticipated in the High School Band Day. It was a colorfu , interest- ing experience. A Band-Parent's Club was organized this year. They made plans for purchasing new band uniforms. The Band was very pleased with the new lack and Gold uniforms. In fact, the whole community is proud of Forest's Band and Twirlers. "MARRYIN MARION" The Music Department chose as their annual production "Mar- ryin Marion" by Geoffrey Morgan and Fred Rose. The story was a typical rollicking American tale with plenty of surefire comedy and tuneful fast-moving songs. Up to the final lines of lyrics and music, this seemed to be a most delightful musical comedy with the audience bidding farewell to a happy bride and groom ready to spend a honeymoon on the Wattagumpus Islands. Characters were as follows: Simpson, the butler ----------- Allen Milburn Charles Smith, a professor by proxy- - Dick Davis Dr. Bohunkus, head of the Seminary- - Dee Stewart Mrs. Bohunkus, the better half ----- Kay McQuinn Cicero Smith, a janitor by necessity- - Bill Kramer Miss McWiffle, old-maid teacher ---- Pat Cochran Marion Stanton, a student -------- Donna Jones Ruth Ripley, a friend of Marion's- - - - Shirley Robertson The remainder of the Glee Club represented the students at the Seminary. Stage managers were Robert Mundell and Ronnie Herr. SPM -nn., iam-v JK? few? iw, '- x ' g-EW NORTHERN INDIANA SCHOOL BAND, ORCHESTRA AND VOCAL ASSOCIATION SOLO AND ENSEMBLE FESTIVAL Twenty-eight members of the Forest High School music de- partment participated in the N. I, S.B. O. V. A. Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday, February 7, 1953. These pupils, who con- stituted the twenty-six entries, brought home six sutperior ratings and twelve excellent ratings in the solo events an six excellent ratings in the ensemble events. This is considered very good be- cause of the Z, 200 contestants from all over northern Indiana only 440 received either first or second ratings. This is only ZOZ as compared to our 9372. Havin won superior ratin s in their respective events will entitle Dicgk Davis and Allen Miliurn both seniors, and Harold Orr to participate in the state finals on February 21 at Butler Univer- sity. All three boys sang baritone solos. They will be accom- panied by Berniece Lineback, our music teacher. A This is quite different from a few years ago. In the school year of 1947-1948, there was only one entry, Rosalie Creagor, daughter of a former music teacher, Orville Creagor. The rating received by the various entrants is shown below. Superior I Excellent II Good III VOCAL SOL OS Allen Milburn - I Sue Browning - II Dee Stewart - II Ralph Foreman - II Donna Jones - II Bill Kramer - II Pat Morrison - Il Harold Orr - I Dick Davis - I VOCAL ENSEMBLES Vocal Duets: Sextet: Dee Stewart and Allen Mary Harrison, Donna Rob- Milburn - II ertson, Shirley Robertson, Barber Shop Quartet: Elizabeth Davis, Pat Morri- Dick Davis, Dee Stewart, son, Donna Jones - III Ralph Foreman, and Allen Milburn - II INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLES Saxophone Duets: Larry Stewart and Larry Jordan - Tommy Davis and Karen Smith - Trumpet Duet: Mark Eades and Tom Brookbank - Il Trumpet Quartet: Dale Orr, David Baer, Tom Brook- II II bank, and Mark Eades - II INSTRUMENTAL SOLOS Marquetta Mooney - III Janice Bowers - Il Marlene Webster - II Larrg Jordan - I Marilyn Borders - I Dee tewart - II Tom Brookbank - II Rex Berry - II Larry Stewart - I Student A Student Council was organized this year in co-operation with the principal and faculty, in order to promote the best interest of the school by developing a feeling of reater personal responsibility and to provide opportunities for student participation and co-operation in the internal management of the school and in worthy school activ- ities. It is composed of two freshmen, two sophomores, three jun- iors, and four seniors. Officers for the year 1952-1953 were: p Allen Milburn--President Harold Orr--Vice-President Dick Davis--Secretary-Treasurer Judy Achors--Reporter A constitution was written and drawn up by Allen Milburn, Dick Davis, Mary Harrison, and Kay McQuinn. A Booster Club was started by the Student Council as one of its projects. Kay McQuinn was named to act as chairman of the project and worked in co-operation with the yell leaders to promote a bigger and better yelling section. urn, xc avis, nna e , e Browning, and Barbara Harrison. Row 2: Harold Orr, Ronnie Herr, and Dale Davis pp 644440-604 """"122m 12' Q , fiiiv will K 4 Row 1: Nancy Terrell, Judy Achors, Kay McQuinn, Allen Milb D' k D Do Rob rtson Su wld rfdlletle fiddddfdabw Row I: Solia Montovo, Elosie Archey, Donna Unger, Sue Browning, Nancy Hicks. Row 2: Shirley Robertson, Pat Cochran, Nina Alter, Donna Robertson. Betty Mitchell, Lois Brownin Nanc Terrell 8' Y - Row 3: Nancy Moore, Marlene Rogers, Carolyn Bradshaw, Sharon Redman, Patricia Bowers, Barbara Unger, Mrs. Deerr, Carol Huffer, Shirley Moore, Susie Mc- uinn. Q The Girls Athletic Association was organized in 1949 under the direction of Miss Bonnie Gross. For the past two years Mrs. Claudine Deerr has been our leader. For this year the following officers were elected: President: Lois Browning Vice-President Nancy Terrell Secretary at Treasurer: Pat Cochran Our first activity was softball. We played Colfax and defeated them. Then we played Michigantown and were defeated. Sugar Creek, Michigantown were scheduled for Basketball. Honor sweaters are given to Senior girls who have accurnula- ted a sufficient number of points during their years of G.A.A. membership. Points are earned by attending the regular meet- ings and participation in games. Four girls were eligible to receive honor sweaters for the year 1952-53. They were Nina Alter, Donna Robertson, Betty Mitchell and Lois Browning. -I z ia! 0 w M-1 iii? WM M f -41 'IJ Y si- wx 3? , ,-s 1 I Q 1 5 A g Q X S 1 I wa-iw 'MEI' wk ' 2553 ww ,ii I 3 HQ . fix xgigrlg J? 9 3 51? Q K ,. x ew? 'B , A 5-v . Av if .Qs Rfk F53 k L XXX L 3 - fx Ip 5 . 5 . , V 5 .,, MI Y X, W 9 K , V I i 5 l s S 5 5 S XA rw. j-vw ,Y ,F Forest High School Music Students X Entered In Annual District Contest z 9' 4- Q 00' 5 . N is oi' Sofas X 0 cf' v.,c-0 'Q 0' We 1,0 +9,q'x 650 oil i ee" si' Q Ngo sic Q 4 P' -vs 9 wh Q sr 4' -1- Qxti ow ostseiei 4. Q 06063 Q-tlg9,Ge4'b' Q o sz- -af' 9 V do Y991,5o1,K.'l 4.01 sieffv' X -fb . Q wart? -Qi QQKQQ . QNX Clinton County Qs 96' qlfb N Teachers Meet Q or X9 Clinton County teachers met last N55 gm sg For Institute Q Q, Q: '65 . eb -W Q9 metres::1:,zi:i':f:vf::r0:,:,n,: Y 6 half-hour by the h f Q9 A Q High s h 1 d d by Q B k d ac- xv 58 H coezanizilormt 1 1 K ARD i gm I WOOD ROUN Z L DUP 4.3 P 00172 65- 886 owergolime 'Wi so ler 'K'kl'I fa nxt: Bat "1'0w,, Sheriff Reveals Theft In Forest qj School Building . be fniors of Forest iv 630 igh School Enjoy X urkey Supper N he Forest Seniors and sponsor 'N ?ieccifzlDoi1li1r:iiellito1i'el1l?tI:Ji.1.m the Q of sc 'Zvi N veg Ss 0' Q Q Q Q Eiorest Students 0 Sin A 3 e Q Choralglieitgifal Forest High School h IU Q X4 Band To Marc in Sf Spectacle Saturday Q? students of the Forest High School Band, under the is ' V Q 0 W FOREST semons ARE Q Y T-'RESENTING MYSTERY X Q Q O ,bg ' Q 'Sf Q -sqfs 10 High School U: 9' 'W Q QS' x, Q Q Qbsfligq Seniors Named Q x Oetfsftsq 'good Citizens, 0 9 inners i c fb he M12 giifiociiiifsciii Q1 sf es ay ' Wife? self xx Northwestern Q n Ke o " 1 . 'Z Bumps Forest y Q9 swieii M 66-54 At Armory 4, e K9 Q fo '49 -3 5' fb - oi' Doggy 06568 4-,Wg ,QQ Qlnq, 04-6 , ' - -x f ,, ' :Qi '35, .iii ' '? 4' , -' yi M' ffhf f-f"' ."" ' X-1 - 'U u.. v i'J "ff ' ' 'NS .N sm.: -32- 2, X Q 3 August . y September 0- A ' W We '. October Q .eat fiwll Q' xv .- '26 'f " November - s nag' I WW' Q3 nf, X e 2 A , Ox ., x 'I F M "" ex 3 Swag December Z3 Q5 Q as School days are here again. Freshmen are wondering why the Seniors had an- other class meeting. Big let down! No Fresh- man Initiation! For once, everyone had his hair combed today. Group pictures were taken. First ni ht of the Senior Play--"House For Sale-- Haunted?" Last night of the Senior Play and did they haunt! I Seniors set out with their do-or-die sales talks to sell magazines. Girls were against the boys. There goes a dignified Senior to have his picture taken. Held election of yell leaders today. Lois Brown- ing, Sue Browning, and Shirley Robertson were the lucky ones chosen. You can tell who's a Sophomore now, they got their sweaters today. Students are getting too smart for the teachers, they fteachersj went to Institute for two days. We are proud to have nine members of the Chorus represent our school at the State Choral Festival. Sun Ray girls had a Halloween Party at the school building. Many spooks! Much fun! Much food! Had Operetta practice this evening. Will we ever get to practice on time? ? ? ? Individual pictures were taken for the annual. Many pretty clothes! Sunshine sponsored a leap year party and went to gee Ray Anthony. That's the kind of parties we ike. Band Parents held a meeting to discuss the buy- ing of new band uniforms. Everyone had something to be thankful for, --- Thanksgiving vacation starts today. Seniors eat the "hard earned" turkey this even- ing. Girls lost, so they prepare the meal and do dishes. Don't worry, w,e'll fix the boys!! High School Chorus presented an Operetta entitl- ed "Marryin' Marian." Big success! High School had a Christmas party at the school building. It was a well attended, enjoyable even- ing for everyone present. X F W' UW - Q I . I , Ax 7' A.'- g .gnl on vf it W X December January February March April May -'Af A .'l U ' 1 Q 'Ns rms! Qfx N1 X JGREMR' Q 'rf Y . cmw ,--.3 N A' 2 J W . ., W '-"t tf Lucky Forest Students Get Eight Day Christmas Vacation! ! ll Everyone is backfronithe Chrisunas vacadon with more energy than ever. The Bobcats defeated Camden in the 4-way tourney and walked off with the nets and trophy. We reached the half-way mark of the school year today. The Bobcats are now carrying the title "Clinton County Champs" since defeating Kirklin in the finals. Well done boys, keep up the good work. Decided not to have school anymore, we'll just watch television all day--the Inauguration of course. Sunshine sponsored a square dance. Most swing- ing we've had around here in a long time. It was well attended and enjoyed by all. Juniors and Seniors journeyed to Legislature today. Rather disappointing, we didn't get to stay long enou h. Seems as thougi we aren't satisfied with winning two tourneys, the Junior Hi won their 4-way tourney. This is the first trophy the Junior Hi has won. Keep fighting boys. Forest students placed high ratings in the Music contest. We have three students that may go to the State contest. Sunshine sponsored another square dance. Seems as though we need some of the green fold- ing money. Cupid really went to work today! Many comic valentines floating around. First niglht of the Junior Play. Last nig t of the Junior Play. Went over with a bang! No school today, got a little rest for Easter. Lucky Seniors! No more school! Seniors packed their "duds" and left for Wash- ington. Baccalaureate services. Commencement. Oh! how long we've waited for diplomas. Many tears and more laughs. Last day of school! Wonder when school starts again? Qgaimf2?' '75 itll tif ill llt I' Q :ill Ill i llll . 4 Q Q N, "- ' nw V X . A H 1 177, X I . SJ Z ff, 'G - v 1 hx ' 1 g J' W -S Q Sax lov fi NOTE 9.0 13.1 " , l A 4:31 I nl 5 X f eip WVKGO VVWO' :ggi figxwyl Q. if 0 e 2 e .if nf -v-,. -w-.....,.. R , S X ... e 3 " 1 O NX!! bm3 A - , .- ...,. . ,f wif 5 if if g, ,Q v ,.,. "X .. --.. f i? 6 . A -af'-51-.5 Wi :gg 2 1 at Del L 9 1 5 if i E B etty L,a..Yv4 Bill Sum 65444 pal? HOUSE FOR SALE--HAUNTED Miss Oletha Lenhart, spinster, is collecting true host stories for a book she is writing on psychical phenomena. she visits the Haunted House one weir stormy night with the object of buying it because of its alleged ghost. She is accompanied by Edwina, her niece, Liz her hired girl, and Zeke her negro gardener. Also included in the party are Gracie, Edwina's bosom friend, and bi handsome, blustery Tug Ralston, a newcomer from the city, wits whom both girls are smitten. Next, H1 Lowe and Snorky Snodgrass, the jealous boy friends of the girls arrived. Then all sorts of weird characters from a nearby carnival start dropping in, the Gypsy fortune-teller, the snake-charmer, the tattooed man all willing to buy the haunted house--they say--because of the house shortage. And now the haunting starts. Everyone was convulsed at the mad, ridiculous antics of Liz, the hired irl, and Zeke, the darky gardener, who are both scared silly at tge weird goings on. Finally at the peak of everybody's terror, comes the denoue- ment and the whole mysterious business is cleared up. The directors were Mrs. Cline and Mr. Orr. Student Direc- tor Kay McQuinn. CAST Old Marthy Gilepper. . . . . .Mary Harrison Miss Oletha Lenhart. Edwina Page. . . Donna Robertson . Betty Mitchell . Betty Wheeler Gracie Greenwood. . TugRa1ston ...... Liz Yocum ....... Ezekial Euripides Jones. . . . .Allen Milburn Zara ....... Hi Lowe ..... Snorky Snodgrass.. .- Serpentina. . . . Jojo ...... Lem Looney. . Butch Killigrew . . o o 0 . . .Dick Davis . . .Nina Alter .Lois Browning . . .Dee Stewart . . . .Bill Kramer . Marilyn Porter Deloris Johnston Larry Robertson . Ralph Foreman . . Bob Cochran 5 QD il We, We I, I. I, I, I. I. 1, 1, I. I. I. I. I. L I. I. I. We, Sum 66444 7061 the Senior girls, will our techniques and good looks to the Junior girls. the Senior boys, will our ability to have cars and drive in a wreck- less manner to the Junior boys. Lois Browning, will my ability to lead yells and be a majorette to John Usher. Betty Wheeler, will my ability to be engaged for two years and re- main in school to Barbara Unger. Larry Robertson, will my muscles to Eugene Graves. Mary Harrison, will my black, curly hair, brown eyes, and dark complexion to Ronnie Herr. Bob Cochran, will my ability to make A's in Trig to Tom Davis. Nina Alter, will my ability to play girls basketball to Donna Jones. Bill Kramer, will my ability to hide boots to Harold Orr and Tom Davis. Betty Mitchell, will my ability to get out of Shorthand to anyone who wants an appendectomy. Ralph Foreman, will my smooth voice and quiet manners to Joe Thomas. Donna Robertson, will my ability to hold my temper to Marilyn Robertson. Dick Davis, will my ability to grow a mustache and chin whiskers to Dale Davis. Reba Kelly will my blond hair to Doris Crum. Allen Milburn, will my tall, slender figure to Bob fbaby facej Swem. Kay McQuinn, will my ability to get out of washing dishes to any- one who wants to drop Shorthand. Dee Stewart, will my red convertible and my ability to stay on at least two wheels to Don Stockberger. Deloris Johnston, will my ability to wear shoes to Sue Browning. Bradly Huffer, will my ability to keep quiet in the study hall to Ralph Jones. the Seniors, will a class that will be more co-operative and more ambitious to the Faculty. rm ,, Q , 'ri xl""Q, ,QM .W Q gf? . gtk Di!! . 13 'mg'- Nz' 1 S . Q, 7. ii X if ll x 'VX 'il' : A' ni M? X fi, f v uf P X is -Six, xx WM YQ 'N 'my , :SPN sw? 'NNN rw M3- N S' SC' I HISTORICAL SKETCH OF FOREST This information was collected from several books, pictures, and persons, but George McAdams and Helen Huffer were our chief source of information. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them. The idea originated in Latin Class when we were studying the originof Rome and its earlyhistory. The seniors inthe class ac- cepted the responsibility for developing the early history of Forest. The dates and data stated in this treatise are only approximate. It is, also, impossible to arrive at an absolute certainty in regard to the details surrounding some of the events related. About a century ago a landscape' of woods and swamps, popu- lated by the Miami Indians, occupied the region which is now called Forest Township. A man named Alter from a large German set- tlement in Pennsylvania had come into this region. Seein the possibilities of this region, he made a deal with the Miami clgiief, who consented to sell a large tract of the land. Alter then return- ed to Pennsylvania and came back to this territory with an ex- plorers' party. These Germans soon had a number of farms es- tablished, but they were not responsible for the town of Forest. This was officially done by a Mr. Morrison, who came from Frankfort. The year was 1874, according to the only printed re- cord known to exist. A town had been started earlier at the cross- roads a mile south and a short mile east of Forest. Some say that the name of this town was "Martinsville", and others say it was "Mortonsville". It seems that the town had a post office, a church, a school, two or three stores and a few dwellings. Soon Martinsville or Mortonsville was extinct, and the town of Forest came into existence. Forest lay in two townships, Warren and Johnson, when it first existed. Soon Forest was larger than Scircleville, Hillis- burg, Middlefork, and Beard, so the residents of Forest began a petition for a township. This new division was created by taking a part from each of the other townships. The new township was named Forest Township, after the town itself. Forest township, as apolitical unit, has existed since about 1880. It had two towns, Forest and Russiaville. In 1890, when the court house was built in Frankfort, Russiaville wished to withdraw from Clinton County. because of the increased taxation. They created another political unit under the name of Honey Creek Township, and it was incor- porated into Howard County. One ni ht in the late 1890's the whole business section of For- est was glestroyed by a fire of undetermined origin. The two blocks forming the south side of the present business sectionwere erected. Four frame buildings, which have disappeared in the meantime, were built on the north side. At one time there were ten grade schools inForest Township, Union, Center, Beechwood, Vencil, Possum Trot, Iles Corner, St. Paul, West Point, Bolsby, and one in the town. All had been abolished by the fall of 1925, except Union, at an angle across from the Union Church, West Point, two miles east of Forest, Iles Corner, three miles east and about two miles south of Forest, and Beechwood, one mile north and about one-fourth mile east. The Forest Methodist church was created by the transfer of a Methodist congregation from Olive Branch, a rural church, which stood one mile north and about two miles west of Forest. A church was located on the present site of the gym, but there seems to be no certainty regarding its denomination. It may have been a U- nited Brethren church. At any rate, its first congregation had disbanded and the building was acquired by the Baptists. It burn- ed down one Sunday morning in 1906. In 1910 the interurban line was put throu h. The work-crew consisted of Negroes and ltalians, hired by time Northern Indiana Power Company. The interurban line extended from Marion to Frankfort. Cars ran each way every hour and twenty minutes, beginning at the crack of dawn and continuing until midnight. Its career was short lived, for the last car made its trip in 1930. Forest received a commissioned high school in the early 1900's. The grade school moved into the same building. The grade school building stood on the corner where the Baptist church now stands. After bein abandoned for educational urposes it was used by the Baptisgs for church services, until Y917, when the Baptist church was erected, after the old school house had been torn down. Forest probably had its booming period between 1910 and 1920. The town was graced with a bank, a furniture store, three hard- wares, a jewelry store, two barbershops, a department store with every imaginable kind of merchandise, a bakery, a res- taurant, a theater where the skating rink is now, a watering sta- tionfor trains, a drug store with a registered pharmacist, a huge livery barn where horses could be rented, two doctors, two black- smith shops, a garage, three rocery stores, a post office, a cement-tile factory, an undertaier, a hotel, an elaborate band- stand, a newspaper, and a meat-market. During this time Forest had a concert band. The men were clad in expensive uniforms of purple broadcloth adorned with heavy gold and black braid. On Saturday afternoons, weather permit- ting, they would march through the town, and on Saturday nights they would present a concert. Traveling theatrical troupes were hired to give plays in "Mowery's Theater" on several occasions. Movies were shown two nights weekly. A recession began to manifest itself about 1923, and Forest presented a very dismal appearance during the general panic be- tween 1929 and 1933. Several houses were empty and some store- buildings were also unoccupied. The four frame buildings on the north side were eventually torn down, creating a barren sight. About 1935 the town took a new lease on life and gradually develop- ed to its present status. Filling stations were erected onthe north side. The town is looking up, as we might say, but in all pro- bability it will never again experience the measure of prosperity which it knew in the days between 1910 and 1920. By Donna Robertson, Kay McQuinn, and Dick Davis Q Q--' 5 X. N , 1, 1 wmv... .Nw x x N X N NY NX ,,,,,x:b,.,kQQ X vw. I, XM- Q ' N Nu. h xg XQNQKX x vim Y REX ' 3 :::'h 0 . f? 5,7 Wag , " I wi? K MA S Jifrl' KQAI5 NXNXX if 'J I, V ff- f xx 'lf ff' W 'K X .N ff' ,ff fhfgb .ff ' ff i "Q f x ,fn qw K Aff! J' E 4 7' V315 o x 'xy.x ' , C'5f?'53 X I rf X ugh 'WL 5 a f I WX Vzf, J 'fn V XP N WK K. S Mg, 4' j by - J M S ln iff , - Aw W , L f - an f -f X M- Tif, 5 N ' 'ff f L' if W if X Q in 1 ! ADVERTISIIUG Q .- 2 J 3 3 Compliments of FOREST SODA SHOP 'vs G2 1 ' O, A O A 7 J. A. CABTER'S SONS Compliments of Hardware, Paints, Implements DAVIS INSURANCE ACENCY Hillisburg, Indiana FOFSSU, Indiana PHOTO BROOK S Means Fine Photography hrMWQ!wD' Frankfort, Indiana A. R. Davis Sam Davis INTERNATIONAl mnvfsnin E. L. BROOKBANK I i m an Farm Equipment and Refrigeration Forest, Indiana Phone 28 Best Wishes To The Class of 653' FAIRGROUND MOTOR SALES--Frankfort, Indiana Bob Avery -- Class of 646' 'Mark Every Grave' Quality Memorials FRANKFORT MONUMENT WORKS East Wabash at Hoke St, and Route 28 SHANKLIN HARDWARE Seeds---Paints Phone 6611 Frankfort, Indiana Compliments of KERN BRUTHERS Shoes 8 Hosiery South Side Square Frankfort, Indiana BETTY LOU FLOWER SHOP Best Wishes 'Where the Arrangement To The Class of '53' of Flowers is an Art' MARTIN ELECTRIC SERVICE Frankfort, Indiana Frankfort, Indiana Phone 3252 Harry Martin Paul Friend Feeds, Grains, Seeds, Fertilizer, Inc. Frankfort Feed and Grain Co., Inc. North Columbia Street Frankfort, Indiana. Phone 3351 BOECKMAN'S JEWELRY WILKINGS HOME 8 AUTO STORE Frankfort, Indiana Frankfort, Indiana Gifts For All Occasions Everything for Car or Home Since 1921 Bicycles and Bike Accessories Compliments Of ALBERT M. LAUGHNER 6405 N, Jackson Street Telephone 6832 8 3314 Frankfort, Indiana Chrysler Plymouth Dealer Guaranteed Used Cars RAYTHEON TV FOREST BARBER SHOP Compliments of PRITTS STANDARD STATION Service and Accessories Forest, Indiana Y O U Buckeye Equipment R F A LAWRENCE MAYS R M D I T C H E R Forest Phone 40R112 Compliments of G H E S G R O C E Foresty Indiana R Y Compliments of FOREST LOCKER PLANT Slaughtering and Freezing Meats for Home Lockers THE FARMERS BANK Michigantown Frankfort Kirklin Serving Clinton County Sinee 1876 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corps With Best Wishes To The Class Of '53 CLINTON COUNTY BAND 8 TRUST CO. Since 1891 Frankfort Bossville Colfax Scircleville ' 1 Compliments W. M. SHAFOR 8 CO. Wholesale Grocery Distributors Frankfort, Indiana Compliments of Farm Bureau Cooperative Farmer Owned Farmer Controlled Frankfort Cambria Scircleville Jefferson BAKER'S SHOE STORE Footwear For The Entire Family Frankfort, Indiana KRAMER BROTHERS LUMBER CO. Serving Clinton County Since 1872 Phone 3316 Frankfort MERRITT'S REXALL DRUG STORE Frankfort, Indianna Phone 4433 or 9066 PFAFF The Wor1d's Wonder Zig Zag Sewing Machine SEWING MACHINE SUPPLY SHOP 58 S. Main St. Frankfort, Indiana HOME APPLIANCE STORE Culligan Corner If It's General Electric We Have It Frankfort, Indiana DOUGLAS SCHEID Frankfort, Indiana SALES SERVICE Compliments of COULTER - SMOCK COMPANY Frankfort, Indiana Phone 5538 THE SHAMROCK RESTAURANT Junction U, S. 31 and 35 Phone 9966 Kokomo, Indiana We Bake Our Own Pies MUNDELL MOTOR SALES DeSoto - Plymouth 257 N. Main Street MYGRANTS MUSIC HOUSE Band Instruments, Pianos, Music, and Records Phone 4924 Frankfort, Indiana Sales and Service 121 West Mulbqgry Street Dial 2562 Kokomo, Indiana THE BLAKE AND HAM JEWELRY STORE Established 1874 J, Leslie Rowe, Proprietor Frankfort, Indiana Compliments of THE LEON ADLER COMPANY Frankfort, Indiana DORNER IMPLEMENT INC. John Deere Parts - Service - and Farm Machinery Goodrich Tires S Home Supplies Frankfort, Indiana FRANKFORTILUMBER COMPANY Builders Wise Use Our Supplies' 351 Nu Jackson Stu Frankfort, hide Compliments of TOMPKINS ICE CREAM and RESTAURANT EAST SIDE OF SQUARE FRANKFORT, INDIANA Compliments of MABYYS PL DORNER'S SONS COQ BEAUTY SHOP Your Chevrolet Dealer Phone 2 on 57 Since 1915 Russiaville, Indiana Frankfort, Indiana FARMERS IMPLEMENT COMPANY Massey - Harris Tools - Kurfees Paints Frankfort, Indiana Compliments of L A V E R T Y ' s Frankfort, Indiana SINCLAIR STATION Fine Food and Repair Service 24 Hour Service Junction 26-29 Middlefork, Indiana Compliments of BONDS CAFE AND FROZEN CUSTARD Michigantown, Indiana Compliments of ,IOHNSON'S DRUG and 5 and IQ CENT STORE Michigantown, Indiana Compliments of WAYNE GAYLOR LIVESTOCK THUCKING Forest, Indiana Phone 21R2l SHIBK'S SERVICE Rock Island Gas-Pennzoil Groceries--Produce--Meats Appliances - Furniture Buy the Best for Less at Shirk's Hi-Way 29 Middlefork, Indiana Compliments of SUHBE'S SERVICE STATION Forest, Indiana CURTIS TEXACO STATION Oil--Grease--Tires Phone TR2 Michigantown, Indiana TONY'S COUNTRY STORE Middlefork, Indiana 'Just a Little Bit of Everything' SELLABS GRAIN COMPANY ELEVATORS AT FOREST ---- ---- RUSSIAVILLE Your Patronage Appreciated Todd Seed Corn Livestock Trucking Forest, Indiana Phone 24R12 SERVICE Forest, Indiana JOSEPH S. RODKEY Notary Publicn-Insurance--Bonds Also Operates RODKEY PHOTO SERVICE Forest, Indiana Phone 111 Compliments of CHEW'S REGAL STORE Russiaville, Indiana Phone 80 Compliments of HOME RESTAURANT Forest, Indiana LOWERY FUNERAL HOME Forest, Indiana Phone 98 Lady Attendant MED-O-BLOOM DAIRY Grade A Dairy Products Kokomo, Indiana DEMING and THOMPSON CO,-INCD LUMBER Sash Lime Glass Plaster Roofing Hardware Millwork Shingles Wall Board Cement Doors Paint Frankfort, Indiana Phone 2522 SHELL SERVICE STATION Good Food and Service 24 Hours A Day Junction 26 and 29 24 Hour Service Middlefork, Indiana Q W Compliments of SANDERS Compliments of BLACKSMITHING FRAZIER'S DAIRY BAR 8 Phone 3733 WELDING SHOP Forest, Indiana Frankfort, Indiana WADDELL BROTHERS GROCERY Phone 131 Russiaville, Indiana Compliments of BBEEDLOVES GHOCERY Forest, Indiana COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS Kokomo Indiana Compliments of GLOVERS ICE Frankfort CREAM Indiana .nu QILLK . . J www! W M 741175 Q My 0 W' w f 95 Mb Qwjf 52 1 6 if RWM aww... ff- if M WZ? M7 u Ji 5 X .-ii: Q 'I ,.ff:Q U' 4515 WQfd5A5K4 -V qiiyl? .. , .S , A, ,,, Wg' ,. Q- 5+ Q1 , a. Ellianl, 1, -pf- B R K .pg,.',2., QQ? A -94 9 . Q , 5 QS if ' vu Ax . .,Q, xph. i . AVA-. !5-p -1x,'J. z 'ff' ?.'?5.f, 4 1' :- ,QQ -, fa ,L 5' 451- ,..4qf- . fx "'. ,wqg f - fy S ye? -.A H 4-A AM -L ., sn A ic, 1 "' 4 mf 3 . M 5 '4 .,, Xa n 5' nl SF fi . P V1 A .nk ,. 5 - .sv 1 sq. "f.'!., . nu. Q1 ' 1 Q A A v M' ,AI X , w- ix xx .r K. w.. , is plug! -- , ls? fi'f'ff?l'i F V .lr Y- F 'mr . J " - ,i V ,cg "Fen -ASUS .V , V ,..' :,,, lu Wm-. -nf fm --4,-1,4 . f , - ww. . , H v1ig.,5,1. rffiifts? 65 ' - A -.A,,....Q V-ww -Y -" tg ,-. 1. ' LQ. .Q K 3,-LL. . X,-42, . ,- I. gi.. Y 'QQSLT Ms' T' 'nf T ' 71' , "aff-rw ., ,, 1 - :JZ .H-T'! W, . ,.,. J-,A - ameri -4.-. ' " .fa -1-- :nf . J,-S, . ..,F ' V ,ljjkfz . I A A, vu 4, .V 5 .., ,,, - -Vi , 3.1.5. ., ...C '15 .y +-X 11: i - LQ" .f ,ff Q 1- ,,.,-, - -QS!" "' :iii K. nm: iw- - ,,,,.

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