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 - Class of 1952

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1952 volume:

1 V .K , , --.... V - .,,r,--iv -- ' ' . ,. -.-, W-we-0-'re-Q , , , ., -,,,,iE-..-avi?-3-,Q 34,513-5134,-:.h4,f, lg, n fare? j, if Jwzirl-,-1-1-v.1,.i:fiivV1.3.5.2-Lic, iw., 3 "eF'W'5FS "21e!3!""'. 1 -eifilif' f- Li-"f"'f:1i'."'s .Lli 'I r fa-Q,-' 2 .1121 A 1.12-I -if-1'+w4"5"'ff'5'? "" " li ,, 'wr ' ,Rss sa-':.fsm,-E 'm g .-,Q .Ms -' r Q-.f,,,,4-,ff .v- t,,.,,,,i-gl '37 gi ,,g2',?q,-,5e,g,k,h,'-sri, ' -rf - A , -L ,Q ...a . ,7- -Q-1f:,,v ff, .-.f-.-Na. , .sys af.wE f.5':'g.'Ye--'-f ' - - ,A . an s X s ' L Q-f -Q 11 ' aw: --' 'W' r J A . -'I , .Y 1 .'4 - .Y 1 V . . 's - ' .4 JSI-'Sr' .. ,xg ., '-'K 'S I-'i'3 -1' H J : - - .1 . 3, , . 1 f 'w' .-2 ,.l The Advisory Board, three leading citizens of the commun- ity, serves with the trustee in handling the business of the Forest Township School. They advise the trustee, help make out the budget, and are present when the bids for school bus drivers are let. They are seated as follows: Harley Robertson, Waldron Orr, Wallace Stockberger--Trustee, and Ralph Jordan. 3 Facult - 5f,3?: - tp-imiin V I-S i,1l, 55 X 1 x 'ulcigpb if l'.-N Y , 5' 2 'S 'Y ggy L Leon Orr, B.S. 8 M.S. 55 QU Ball state l:QQ1 Butler University tprpgga Science R Agriculture Jg ?iQ5??f Senior Class Sponsor 1533 35?E U 1 Frank N. Strom, B.S. Berneice Lineback, B.P.S Indiana University Music Madge Davis, B.S, Indiana University Business Education Freshman Class Sponsor Lenora Cline, A.B. Ball State English Latin Social Studies Library Science Eighth Grade Sponsor Leonidas Victor, B.S. Canterbury Mathematics Health Physical Education .M. 'gg' Jerk ix, les. 5:23 G: I EF , Q5 W Q155? jgfiuf 1- sf" . w-we 5 fliiw I ,' EH jfs f4' EP? ,H Wx 4 ..,. 'M 5,1-.1-'sf qwwlf' 3' ,145 ,n' 1 4 Purdue University Science Chemistry Physics Mathematics Seventh Grade SPOUSOT Vera Stoops, B,S. Purdue University Home Economics Spanish Sunshine Sponsor Isla Alexander, A.B. DePauw University Mathematics Latin John Deerr, B.S. Purdue University Canterbury Social Studies Mathematics Physical Education Junior Class Sponsor You wrote on my slate 'I love you so A V L ' Y ' l , w ' 1 1 X n . , - 1 5 , 4 , . 1 Y . .i nl r I-I 'R Tv? I.. 'Q v is x k , b '.?' bfi' 'R' - ,539 yvs Seniors ROBERT SANDERS COLLE N JOHNSON Basketball 9-10-ll-12 Chorus 9-10-ll-12 Softball 9-10-12 Class Play ll-12 President 12 MARILYN MITCHELL Band 9-10-11 Sunshine 9-10-11-12 Sunshine President 12 Class Play 11 G. A. A. 10 Cheer Leader 10 ARTHUR PEARSON Softball 9-10-12 Basketball ll Track 10 Class Play ll-12 MARILYN SHOCKLEY Sunshine 9-10-ll-12 Chorus 10 Sunshine Pianist 12 Sunshine 9-10-11-12 Sunbeam Sponsor 12 Class Play ll-12 Vice President 12 G. A. A. 10 PATRICIA TERRILL Sunshine 9-10-ll-12 G. A. A. 10-11-12 Treasurer 12 Clase Play ll-12 MILDBED JOHNSTON Sunshine 12 Clase Play 12 HAYNE HUDSON Basketball 9-10-ll-12 Softball 9-10-ll-12 Class Play ll-12 Chorus 9 Track 10 ,ou-.K 4iF '67 Qfi ki lf' any hi 1 L- -Y 4. - 7.2 if-F 52 ? HERNAN TUCKEB Basketball 9 Class Play 12 DOYAL COONROD Basketball 9-10-11-12 Softball 9-10 Class Play 11-12 BARBARA SMITH Chorus 9-10-11-12 Sunshine 9-10-11-12 Class Play 11-12 G. A. A. 10-11 Sunshine Song Leader 12 ETHEL ILLISON Band 9-10-11-12 Chorus 9-10-11-12 Clase Play 11-12 Sunshine 9-10-11-12 G. A. A. 10 6 CAROL POLLOCK Chorus 9-10-11-12 Band 9-10-11-12 G. A. A. 10 Class Play 11-12 Sunshine 9-10-11-12 Cheer Leader 9-10-11-12 MAXINE TICEN Chorus 9-10-11-12 Class Play 11-12 Sunshine 9-10-11-12 G. A. A. 10 T PAUL MANUEL Class Play 11-12 Basketball 9-11 Softball 9-11 RAMOHA AVI ! Band 9-10-11-12 Chorus 9-10-11-12 Class Play 11-12 G. A. A. 10 Sunshine 9'1O-ll-12 ,Qu ilk 4155 5 fad, 3 ul ggi -51? . ' mv: ff' .-r 1'?' 4, ,, 'E 'ff-...f V' f, A ,,-if-1 6, 7 Yu ', ANNA HAI 1nMAx sunsn1ns 9-10-11-12 chorus 9-10 Class Play 11-12 JESSIE GRAVES Chorus 9-10-11-12 Class Play 11-12 Sunshine 9-10-11-12 G. A. A. 10 ROBERT GREEN Class Play 11-12 MARY WISEHART Chorus 9-10-11-12 Class Play 11 NELMA McCARTY Sunshine 9-10-11-12 Band 9-10-11-12 Chorus 9-10 Sunshine Treasurer 12 PATRICIA SXILES Class Play 11-12 Chorus 9-10-11-12 Sunshine 9-10-11-12 CHARLES ROGERS Basketball 9-12 Chorus 9-10-11-12 Band 9-10-11-12 Class Play 11-12 Softball 9-10-11-12 Track 10 '55 ' FK F9 '1?7" Juniors 5... gs, A . at as . 4 ,V .45 ' ' ,Ii FC. t ,1 fs. aff-Y. i ifrx :fx itgi 'Llf L:g' Nkti tr- -:A F 1 wr' 'nj A ig' A V Nvh . assi Q K f 4 l'1"' at ai ,, , E352 L' ""' ' fm -Q, s -, f' f ,1 3 'S s :K :S 'je 19 V 3 g ti, LV xy ,2 5 use l LQQA i LLJH 'iedr FQ. L19 -ii, Y ,Q T r f SIN W, . ,V , is 9, . ff y - 2: 334. '5 is rsulqgyj i2'5:.' 3T'd '- F air A 49 ,gy ' 'fit 'si fe? K :L Q ,E W ' , Qi 7' ' A f i V1.1 L If was ill 1 A A a ' .V ,fsffrl Row 1: Lois Browning--Pres-, Larry Rogertson--V106 - dk grey' 1 A Pres., Mary Harrison--Secy. Q lreas., BSttY "' "f' 7 .,- A Mitchell, Nina Alter, Dick Davis L t fig f.53 'i U Row 2: Allen Milburn, Donna Robertson, Dee Stewar , Y, 1455 V Kay McQn1nn, Clayton Amos, Betty Wheeler. Ai- Row 52 tires' Bob Cochran, Deloris Johnston, Ralph Foreman, Paul Vail, Reba Kelly, Katherine Smith- Bill Kramer, Marilyn Porter- Not shown: Bradly Huffer 17 J A Row 4: The Junior Class of 'El-S2 consists of twenty-one students. As we took possession of our share of the seats in room 5, we started clamoring for some- thing to do. As the days went by we waited impatiently for our class rings. Finally, that wonderful day arrived so now everyone wears their class ring very proudly. In our first class meeting, we discussed money making projects. We de- cided to sell candy, booster buttons, and license-plate reflectors. With each member of the class ready with a do-or-die sales talk, we set out to sell them. The Browning our boys Our class is well represented in the chorus and band this year. Lois was chosen as one of the school yell leaders. We also have several of on the basketball team. With our talented class we should so far. party, the first semester was a nCome as You Are Partyn held at the school building. The party was well attended and enjoyed by everyone. Our weeks. The play went off fine both catastrophes, which always occur at added to Now, all we are waiting for is class play was held in the spring and we practiced diligently for three nights with the exception of a few minor class plays. However, these incidents only the hilarity of the play. to take possession of the Senior's seats and privileges. 8 Sophomores 49 1-Q' S4 1-K .f gf: f-2.3 L: '9' M' Q Sis? fe Y ' .. , v -1 if ' 4Q53 iid r . Y f X 4gi: L"iiE i' lvl 0 K A ,Jiv- . ,4. V gjm :radii 3 -gc. 5 4, . 4-re? '53, W. WD if R gr is i' me K ' A ff. ' -if vu- '17 -J ,, 4.335 ' l 43 few A gf' Illia 'i. ,JFLF ig. '25 5: - ia in 1 A , . . A F3 5 .g fm -, -Qliw' gil.. A , if , we ,, an Fil 34.05, 4 ,.- 5 j-rl! :iz we- A , sl f Y ya-tix 1, , ,ix Q o :nr A f ' .fi 1'--V h t .. r ,Q . vm! ., 39 . 1 J 'u , I Liv, ar lik Q gl, , ,7?9 ww g , ig .,,"?' ,JM tfalliffe' W Row 1: Ralph Jones--Pres., Ted Miller--Vice Pres., Beverly Alexander--Sec.d Treas., Sherl Eldridge, Elizabeth Davis, Nancy Terrell Row 2: Jean Beebe, Barbara Unger, Rex Deweese, Shirley Robertson, Phyllis Swem, Dale Davis Row 3: Pat Bowers, Paul Whiteman, Shirley Quebe, Nancy Moore, Joe Thomas, Larry Lantz Row 4: Donna Jones, Max Scott, Ann Martin, Harold Orr, Carol Huffer, Lulu Bell Linson Row 5: Marlene Rogers, Valerie Ferris The Sophomore class entered school with much enthusiasm. It was such a relief to be no longer classed as nGreen Freshiesu. The arrival of our class sweaters helped to remove any doubt as to our idenity. Each class thinks their sweaters are better looking than those of any other class and, of course, ours are. We were pleased to have Shirley Robertson chosen as one of the yell leaders. This is Shirley's first year at this most important job. For our first semester party, we went to a dirve-in theatre on a hay wagon-- a very original ideal Everyone reported a wonderful time. To make money for the much-looked-forward-to Senior trip, we sold cokes at the local ball games. We will really have to concentrate on money making activities next year. Although the Sophomore year is a good one, we are looking forward to being upper classmen next Yea?- 9 Freshmen lla? EF s ,,qmt5:, . IW ' 4 .. j . Nik, 8 M M, 5 K 'l 'G' , 3 'WT -. 4. Q R st ,K of J? 4 fs 5 ml, J 1' xii , U45 A I jkxi , , x A? , A an X V fgfhyx 1,- J e -Fm fi? wx, my gx,f?f'V 4 11 f as gs! 5- l'k.,.,kAKf if ,,,'1,,,,,x ' W' -1 iw Il X I XX' fm, if ! . V ' x --f 'I 5 .1 uufhx -"' . ., A R yy .. V '-33? riaiggg , 'v I in Q, 1 4. I' fb 33 is 3 32 fi EQ, Ji Sh 5, ",5F 55 i E- ' 9494 R C15 H -QL rigs. K 'v .. K5 if tw ! vu I A .K V if-rt ' P b i., q vq , A 24 , 5 ,n 4. as ,1 3 6-G XE 9 ,ns .Ln -sl ax, gg 'SSL klieb 4:5 L25 hg if' 5 L44 . ,Lrg 9 , Y f - Q as y f I I 15' irffi X ' jf ,g,s ,xgfk I jf f' fy? UbmQ y if R yy, , 'a6',, 99 ,sas if-f-wi V 'S I ' if- 'ggfjg ' -Q .,A, iii' Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: Marilyn Robertson--Pres., Rex Berry--Sec. k Trees., Pat Cochran, Bob Mundell, Doris Crum, Sam Laughner Ronnie Herr, Carol Bradshaw, Bill Alter, Mary Friend, Jim Pearson Janet Jordon Ronnie Unger, Nancy Hicks, Robert Bryan,,Sue McQuinn, Rex Mays, Eloise Archey - ' Eugene Graves, Judy Achors, John Usher, Sharon Redman, Rex Hughes, Joan Archey Max White, Phyllis Inman, Jerry Sanders, Ruth Bowers, Don Shirk The Freshman Class always enters high school with mixed emotions of fear and anticipation--fear of the annual initiation, and anticipation of four fun-filled years. Initiation was held without serious mishap and it was hard to tell whb enjoyed the event more, Freshmen or Seniors. Our first semester party was held in pctober. We went skating and then to a double feature show. Every one had a nice time. 10 1 tg . N 0 . , G 2 5 wg 'Q 'Q F' , Q. in 9' ,Sz S E, ff ' Q? 4:4 Q-5 f' ' 4? al I V A, V N 5 40 5 'KXMAIID' A gr B sl Y 'el if -as-' -rf' r,l-5!f'5.' -Q--H .gafsvgs -f aa Y , cg' W in-T", Q, I-, " .-13" r"" E ,Q I V N 1 , ' r - W ikf xr.f.AHl "SV, " 1'-is i . wi, - -. if is-' .. r L-1 IKE UQ-- 5 'f -if 15- 0 -. an G j ,ff 2 4:25, "" f 5.21.3 M. 4 .. A 'L lixfm Row 1: Barbara Harrison--Pres., Kent Achors--Vice Pres., Sue Browning--Sec. A Treas., Robert Lantz, Donna Unger, James McCarty, Shirley Hoore. Row 2: Devon Davis, Maxine Dickerson, Charles Davis, Sandra Betz, Bill Wyrick, Soila Montalva, Elsie Graves, Donald Erickson. Row 3: Jerry Johnston, Shirley Dickerson, Franklin Crawford, Mack Trenary, James Avery, Martha Martin. at J f o e Q wx, V 1 .9 ,.,,,mQ, M. , -. --Q.-ttf .ft fx L as '- A mfs . is nfl ' of ..... . 'F N- f ' .fe swf! et A fwm A , mar? 235 gm:-'p as W Alma' 4.1" K is , 4- ..,- -H V NM, r. ,LL4 ff-frri 1 it4Q53f Hr' ' 4 ialx gf ' , " f ' ' i vii, X g , f Y 7 .R J , . 'f - - .2 ' J ,sea-.Q,,,:g:,K ,fA,.,...1 mg' KIF- 49" 3,551 ag.: f.:,3 411- -Q up . e '1 ,a Q ,1 o ",, s n 5' tx' .Ars ,. w- 'R 7 Z' .VI , Q." 'ff 5' -U 6- X- I-' 'Y ' A- . A 'ET' M: Row l: Donnie Davis--Pres., Bill McQuinn--Vice Pres., Don 11 , -, - Stockberger--Secy., Martha Pearson, David Bowers--Trea . George Graves, Jewel Lewis. Row 2: Mary Hicks, Pat Ticen, Joyce Lewis, Joyce Allen, Pat Scott, Carol Mundell, Alvin Whiteman, Bill Deweese. How 3: Ted Long, Lonnie Tucker, Hubert Bowers, Donna Rogers, Wayne Shirk, Phil Alter, Larry Bradshaw, Dick Smith. Row 4: Donald Miller, Betty White. Not shown: Max McQuinn H be e Q F bi 2' Q ss, ,. .1 V, A3 gt' v S . Q 1, 590- -10 by Jes C12 f :A Q 45? ' ' 'ed' - R ' af if L fr ' ' n A Y l x.4f as V 5' I NX 4. ' ' -'A fn fi 1 e-fr Q f x , ,. ' E ' 2' T - 4. ..i. , - .,, if---B ef Q, ,'?"' 'V ,L l-'s -:.:"' Aaii ,Its ' ,ey 'sn , !c:!,, ngggib . ,r'n. 1,,,, 3 , I A x Y , N L, rs u 3 1, ..-1 bl I "2 5' si dig- 'Q 6 Q 2 Q- 1 ,f,?.,Q,s1 lx'Q HL r -tv f..-x . ',g,' " 'n ' 'K v ir I T 1 f Q, ' N- If wolf' ' ' A 'Z X f ' 1 Q - xv I Ce!! 'Q , g Q' an we f, an 9. my 3-2 'SYN' .4 'S .1 5,1 ,QSVJ ZJL5 424' REQ "l5 ii! C54 ' f:1 4:Lr - va , L 41.7 ' ' T W -4 ' A -bdle Row l: I-ir. Milburn, Haldon Ferris, Janice Thomas, J. L. Mitchell, Lois AFCTISTT, Jerry Milner, Janet Kirkendall Row 2: Larry Stewart, Judy Browning, Phillip Davis, Marie White, John Davis, Dale I-Tiller, Billy Peden, Jane Robertson Row 3: Tom Davis, Barbara Victor, Jerry Terrell, Bonnie Huffer, Estes Bowers, Wanda Hodson, Bob Swem, Larry Manuel Row Lp: Carl Johnston, Joan Robertson, Phyllis McCarty, Buck Johns, Don Crum, Larry Jordan, Max Watkins, Robert Huffer B L ' og? L , 'b 6. w ' CD4 gl- ,S 4, 6, a., ,fstlyfmg 'gg L29 fv- td N -. .1-' x ' ,my fa Li! Qf .'1r 53, -:H 'ST - ',s:,x ' A ' at 1 ffbflfk A it U"' 'h' " 'h Z AR 'D 7? '5 AQ QP A ,, gp Z3 li , ,agv1P -r .-- iw- ., 1, ' - H 3 Hx 'I' 4 Q9 J'-3' :lid P Q' v ? v r ' . .- ' NN i f X I Ls , 1 ,. ,-42, E Knife I 1. , 5 V , fi. A ga 41" fa 'S' Y-'ff' '-P' fffvi 1 ' L 'S 'JA X147 ' 1'-,I J 1 ' ' vi.,,'4lfi. ' Yi . Row 1: Mrs. Deerr, Janice J Q- ,fl S, Q 4, and P . 3 6' Bowers, Mark Eades, L. L- ,, :A ,fb Karen Smith, Torrnny - , - 1"x ' i ' Q Brookbank, Larry Parker, 4 L K . 4 . d ' Georgia Graves Row-.4 23 Jimmy O:-ern, Ruth Surber, Dale Orr, Glenda Marshall, Teddy Orem, Wilma Graves, Tony Sanders, Frances Inman Row 3: David Yeung, Judy Sheets, Louie Tucker, Joe Davis, Carol Wrlaht, Lloyd Alexander, Marlene Deweese, Harold Redman new ug Phyllis Kirkendall, Lee Pullen, Shirley Sheets, Janice Green, Lofita Fickle. Not shown, Judy Jumper. be T GQ l SQ Q ' , .2 ,u ' 1,5 - f, a ,r ,, , 4 . Q05 45.5 --9 y cg.: ' f, ' 1' I -of at , ' i .D fi,2.,if' " 1 " , H K D9 l K L 5 A A y F, 'A l if ' , I 45 QQ 'E-QQ' QQ? fig 'gf' 'BUD -Q3 ' ,. I, l,-3 . 1- " "T "f ,- ,QI T' is 7 K -1 :ff lg s . ' Y X jf , , . - Pi ,Hx x 'A B ' k L 45,1191 ,T-:LT ,, I 2-.ffl Q, W al S Sv: , in I A X v I 1 'Q ' ' us., v v' ' IO? 3 H C Y A A, A -.'. 1' - lv ,M E, .J Row 1: Ifirs. Milburn, Peggy Browning, Dennis Wright, Jeanne Collins, A m Ernest Bryan, Shelby Riddle, 4 2 wa 61. Dalice Ferris. 1 w T.. 5 Row 2: Marvin white, Janice Bookmiller, - J 1 fix' Earl Surber, Rebecca White, Jerry CP' l I 4 , , 4 luakenbush, Sharon Stroup, Russell Manuel, Marilyn Borders. Row 25: Judy Bowers, Billy Hodson, Judy Hill, B. J. Caldwell, Maxine Graves Marlene Webster, Jean Parker, Kenneth Suhire, ' Row 4: Patty Williams, Rebecca Johns, Joanna Lewis, Colonel Riddle. KI-X ey T T J U , ' , gb 3 " 'f a 6 'Q' J 6 33 'v -QQ 'Y 181 e fa :Q-we 'Y X ev of atv! J "' 1 fi at-, Tis.. I 5 T cj! ,-.elite 3 G 2, K 0- J :fbi '-le 92' " 5' 5' - 9 ' fi' er ', 1 N , Q' ' A . , -'O ' 4-5,5 4-'EF .-f i 43 1 -T T ' ... - .. r- N 4' ,fv- L 'Ay I T' 1 -1 -- 1 X4 A-' also ' lager Q W , ' ,f y Q A li, . 5 -. ie P' 9 1 K. A 9 is 1.-1-T 'r i F 1' X . f Y' -Q tnvkv l 4 1 4'-I - v DK .1 ? , L A J, -A 4, : -. . 5, A A 4 A F 9 h V , - Row 1: Mrs. "3 f, 4 4 Q X , " Clidence, ' 'lf -' Y ug? R' .Q Q' ., I QJ '- ' ' Larry 1? 1'-1-9' -uv ,-f - . 4 f - Williams, IU, virw - 5. - t ll v, . 41 Ji. l - 3 Sandra Farmer, Mike Graves, Bob McQuinn, Ella Mae Dickerson, Bob Smith Row 2: Wanda Orr, Gloria Walker, Paul Abbot, Joyce Davis, Maxine McQuinn, Johnny Sanders, Margie Pollitt, Jerry Young Row 3: Clare Robertson, Bob Sheffer, Ronnie Smith, Bonnie Smith, Bob Hill,Kay Betz, Wayne Hendrickson, Thelma Tucker Row 4: George Taylor, Jo Ann Rodkey, Michael Ogle, Joan Sewnig, Wanda Tucker, Joe Smith, Ruth Wagner 13 gg Q' .1 f AX L Cox 6. . K2 - E lb K -9 Y' Q - J I l 1 - A 1' a '! J f Q! 69 x C15 4l?4 C133 --L35 " 5' L4I9?i Q f- - T A f i - ' 'f C7 any " k"3l Q: A qui W J Jfx AIJNI' 'I . x D L Q N Q f- - ' M .3 ' V J' if I ' E x n ' - - . ' 'la' 'L , ga 15 ,id !BxI .If' , v A, 'D r 4I4!l.1 Q , -:Lx Q LE? , fxzz, 'D iNQv 4Q?? rtiffjhx rigi W A lixwri K E , Age -P All 11, ' " ' " f 1 S . A ' Q V I . k 1' aa Qi., can-S YS 38: 'I G 1 , -N Q LLL: ill L "" 1 A v' LTA. 'zwfi - ' wzpwx V' . 3 , y P 'U F V ,F . - Ac XAXM ,Af Y -fj-ai A I . A li-,al - ' 'xlffle - Row 1: Mrs. Hughes, Connie Deweese, Jimmy Inman, , f Jane Thomas, Orpha White, Don Pulley, Larry 'N fi 63 A Davis. ,K Ab 4. .I X K I Row 2: Larry Wright, Paulette Riddle, Larry Thatcher 5 , - N,re Leon Jordan, Ruth McDonald, Dickie Robertson, li: -Q1 X' Jane Fearnow, Raymond Graves. TQ: , L. I Row 5: Betty Hill, Terry Terrell, Diana Mciuinr, Darry Kirkendall, Beverly Achors, Ernie Laughner, Karen Adams, Jerry Green. Row 4: Charles Cline, Marjorie Ferris, Jack Hodson. mba Eiga as we e',, 1- Q' A K: .' E , sv Q..-1, fig, ' X 4 :Q A is ff? i -fe , se' 4 .. . .fr W V 1 my N ff- Qalhj ,f.1fgfW weak ew Shi, Rafi 1 1' X ' X 3 --.ig -v2.1f,- as .--Q asf- iw. ..- x 4 . v -fx -A - - ...Q--e -.Jr yo L -f P+ ea 1 l 6 ' f x" . ' . I Ak' .1 'A ff 4 ing 0 . 'I it , x- V ' 6 Q I 4, ,. 4 Q v P 49 I' ful 3' f' 4 an , L ' 2 -- ' -. . , Q , , QL- an 4N" fe,b7 - Lf: 4-f h .1 ,ggi ' v f P 50 1 Q ,Y ' 4- '..llu-ff m'1 Row l: Urs. Iarshell, Janice Gayl0 Judv Tucker, Warren Pearson 0- D1 avr,-3 "' 1" I' JOHQ Fickle Row -. L-cn,.- Dba 6 1 I Jane Trenary, Judith HarShb new 3: Kenneth wright, Nancy Ad2mS Barbara Davis r, Frederick Graves, Angela Berry, Jack Mitchell, , Elvin Wagner, Carol Pullen, Betty Lewis, t ' i Morrow ar?ZgfyP3renSr3, Sandra Watkins, Helen Surber, I 14 Good old golden rule days 6 6 Q -...Q'.- X . X "x .4 N iff X - -.1 . ,, N' s ' I D .-,Ak X. 2 ' nc ' Minn N V ', 1 X 1- X' . v -, xxmis . Nu Vziuig g ZW C, 'A E ,Jn Sunshine Society Row l: Katherine Smith, Jessie Graves, Pat Skiles, Elizabeth Davis, Pat Cochran, Sue McQuinn, Nelma McCarty--Treasure, Judy Achors--Corresponding Secretary, Nancy Terrell--Recording Secretary, Marilyn Mitchell--President, Mary Harrison--Vice President, Marilyn Shockley--Pianist, Valerie Ferris, Kay McQuinn, Donna Robertson, Betty Wheeler, Marilyn Porter, Miss Stoops sponsor Row 2: Ramona Avery, Beverly Alexander, Mary Friend, Janet Jordan, Marilyn Robertson, Carolyn Bradshaw, Donna Jones, Pat Bowers, Barbara Unger, Carol Huffer, Shirley Quebe, Doris Crum, Deloris Johnston, Eloise Archey Row 5: Jean Beebe, Mildred Johnston, Ann Inman, Pat Terrell, Nancy Hicks, Colleen Johnson, Ann Martin, Barbara Smith--Song Leader, Maxine Ticen, Betty Mitchell, Ethel Ellison, Phyllis Swem, Lulubelle Linson, Sharon Redman, Reba Kelly. The Sunshine Society held its first meeting the first week of school with Marilyn Mitchell, the new president, presiding. Miss Vera Stoops had been selected as faculty sponsor. At this meeting plans were made for the year The initiation ceremony for sixteen new members was held in the Baptist Church in October. The initiation ceremony is always very impressive and helps those who are already members to realize that the purpose of the society is hggpguiggsisaggrkiggggss to others. Mrs. James Kramer talked to the girls using In October the Junior Ghosts were hosts at our Halloween party. Everyone came masked and after an evening of fun the ghosts served refreshments, cider, apples, and candy. - At Thanksgiving time an impressive convocation was presented by the Sunshine Society with the aid of the Grade Music Department Mrs. Carroll, of the Carroll News Agency of Frankfort, was guest speaker at our November meeting. She gave a demonstration in gift wrapping. We were educated as well as entertained We always look forward to our December party. It has been the custom for several years to decorate the school building at this time. After a delicious supper prepared by the sophomore girls we had our gift exchange. Then we went caroling and delivered fruit baskets to the shut-ins In January Irmingard Hammer, a German student from Western High School, talked to us about the lives and problems of German teenagers. We also had the Riley Fund Drive to help the children at Riley Hospital in January l d A Valentine Party in February with the seniors acting as hostesses was eHJ0Ye by all. Cupid was a guest' Election of officers was held in March. They were installed later at the party in honor of the senior members. At this meeting we revealed our secret P315 The highlight of the year was the Mother-Daughter Tea in April 15 Band Bow l: Bow 2: How 3: Row 4 August Oct. 6 Oct. EZ Oct. 31 Nov. l9 Feb. 9 Mer. 28 Apr. 4 May 5 Janice Thomas, Pat Cochran, Pat Bowers, Donna Jones, Dick Davis, Dee Stewart carol mundell, Ramona Avery, Ethel Ellison, Nelma McCarty, Janice Bowers, Lois Browning. Larry Jordan, Bill Peden, Tom Davis, Larry Stewart, Bob Lantz, Marilyn Robertson, Barbara Victor, Lulubelle Linson, Karen Smith, Tom Brookbank. Janet Jordan, Beverly Alexander, Don Shirk, Rex Berry, Charles Rogers, Allen Lilburn,Bill Kramen Elizabeth Davis Sue McQuinn,Betty Mitchell, Wayne Shirk. Rex Hughes, Larry Lantz, Judy Achors, Bob Mundell, Harold Orr, Bob Cochran, Bob Bryan, Don Stockberger, Joe Thomas, Rex Mays, Mrs. Lineback, Director. Twirlers not shown: Valerie Ferris, Judy Hill, Marilyn Borders, Betty White, Earlene Webster, Rebecca Johns, Janice Bookmiller. The Forest High School Band started school early by playing a concert for the all-county Farm Bureau picnic at the Frankfort park in August. Serly in the morning all the bend members, carrying their lunch, boarded a school bus for a long trip to Bloomington. Here they attended I.U. Band Day as spectators and witnessed a massed school band program and the Indiana-Pittsburgh football game. A band party and rehearsal was held in the school gym in preparation for a Halloween Parade at Russiaville. The band distinguished themselves in the Halloween Parade. After the parade they were served hot doughnuts and cider by the American Legion. The school band furnished a program for the local Farm Bureau Association, wearing for the first time the citation cords that they had wanted for so long. Solos, duets, trios, and quartets--yes, all representing our band, entered the State Solo and Ensemble Contest. They made a good showing for themselves tool The annual County Music Festival was a great success. The girls looked so gretty in their formals. For the first time, all the members of our band took part in a district tend organization which presented part of the program at the District Choral Festival at Kokomo. Following the usual procedure the band played the senior processional and e few other numbers for the commencement exercises. I6 Mixed Chorus Row 1: Row 2 Row 5: Mrs. Lineback, Ethel Ellison, Ramona Avery, Maxine Ticen, Beverly Alexander, Donna Jones, Elizabeth Davis, Judy Achors, Pat Cochran Donna Robertson, Barbara Smith, Kay McQuinn, Mary Harrison, Pat Skiles, Colleen Johnson, Mary Wisehart, Jessie Graves. Marilyn Robertson, Mary Friend, Nancy Moore, Harleen Roaers, Carolyn Bradshaw, Janet Jordan, Sue McQuinn, Pat Bowers, Betty Mitchell, Barbara Unger, Carol Huffer, Shirley Quebe, Valerie Ferris, Doris Crum, Lulu Bell Linson. Rex Hughes, Larry Lantz, Joe Thomas, Bob Mundell, Ronnie Herr, Rex Berry, Dick Davis, Charles Rogers, Allen Milburn, Harold Orr, Bob Cochran, Dee Stewart, Bill Kramer, Larry Robertson, Ralph Foreman, Bob Bryan. For the last three consecutive years the high school chorus has studied state adapted choral literature which qualifies them for State Choral Festival participation. Those recommended and qualifying for eligibility this past season were: Carol Pollock, Ramona Avery, Barbara Smith, Shirley Robertson, Elizabeth Davis, Dee Stewart, and Harold Orr. The study of the State Choral Music prepares the students for the Kokomo District Festival in hich the entire chorus participates. One of the biggest musical events of the year is the annual operetta. The production this year was entitled 'The Gypsy Troubadour.' It was very tuneful and colorful. I7 I BFGULB A scene from the high school operetta, "The Gypsy Troubadouru given November 21, 1951. Below is the entire cast from "The Gypsy T1-oubadou1"'. 1 .J I8 Music A total of 1,718 students from schools of this area participated in the Music Contest held in the Kokomo center, February 9, 1952. Over a period of five years, the number of pupils participating from F.H.S. has steadily increased from one to 35, indicating the growth of interest and enthusiasm in competitive musical activity. Although entering for the first time in a paticular field, the following scored quite satisfactorily, winning excellent ratings: Max Watkins, Cornet, Tommy Davis, saxophone, Harold Orr, base solo, Dick Davis, base solog and Betty Mitchell soprano solo. Also winning excellent ratings on the first entry in various ensembles were: Marilyn Robertson and Rex Mays, trumpet duet, Donna Jones and Carol Pollock, vocal duet, Donna Jones, Elizabeth Davis, Barbara Smith, Shirley Rooertson, Ramona Avery, Carol Pollock, girls sextet. Winning a superior award on their first entry as a barber shop quartet were: Dick Davis, Dee Stewart, Allen Milburn, and Ralph Foreman. This also marked the first year any provision has oeen arranged for barber shop quartet entries in the state association contests. It was an old story for several other veteran boys and girls, some of whom have participated several times in the NISBOVA contests. Those earning superior ratings in the event were: Larry Jordan and Larry Stewart, both in Eb alto saxophone solos and in a duet ensemble. Placing second with excellent ratings were: Dee Stewart, V trombone, Billy Peden, trumpet, Tom Brookbank, trumpet, Donna Jones, soprano solo' Barbara Smith, soprano solo, Janet Jordan, JudytAghors, Carol follock, and Lulu Bell Linsong clarinet quer e . Winning a high third place were Dale Orr, trumpet, and Carol Mundell, Eb alto saxophone. The contestants were ewerded medals significent of their rating. Several of the contestants presented their numbers before social organizations in Kokomo end the surrounding community. 19 alendar -, S xg if ll I gl.. ' N' 2 f' af SEPTEMBER 6. School started today. What happy people! CWith the exception of the Freshmenl 10. Seniors elected officers today. ll. The Freshmen are wondering why the Seniors had ANOTHER class meeting today. Surely one,would be sufficient! 13. Well, the Freshmen finally found out. They were initiated today. 14. Continued initiation. Forest beat Michigantown in Softball this evening. 21. The Seniors started selling magazines today. This went on for two weeks with the Reds winning. OCTCEER 6. The band went to Indiana University. lO. The Sophomores ordered their Class Rings and the Seniors ordered their Commencement Invitations. . Senior Play--UThe Boarding House Reachn. . Last night of the play. And DID they playL The Seniors had a bake sale. Must have needed Udough.' . Sunshine Society had a party tonight with the Juniors as ghosts. . Paper drive sponsored by Seniors. Still needing paper. CGreenLJ 22. Began seliing annual adds which netted us over 3500. The band had a party and practiced marching, Sounds fishy to mel Ohl Ohh Report cards today. Cwhen I saw it, I had a visionl Ly DAD RRG his lecturelj 25. Hooray for the teachersi Teachers Institute already and a big two day vacation for the studious pupils of F. H. S. 26. Forest was honored by having eight Glee Club members sing in the State Choral Festival. 27 The Students were all invited to skate at Hoosierland Roller Rink at Frankfort tonight. 29. We had a guest todayl He brought a movie with him, entitled nConservation.N Bring 'em onl That's the kind of guests we likel 30 Our friend 'John Dallavaux' spoke to us this morning. Everyone, from the little tots to the big tots, enjoyed his talk. 31. The band played at Russiaville tonight at the Halloween parade, Congratulations, Bandl We heard many nice comwliments about you from other schools, NOVEMBER 2. The Home Ec. Classes enjoyed a trip to the Horticulture Show at Purdue. 3. Seniors had a get-to-gether at the Y at Kokomo. 12. Marilyn Mitchell was chosen by her class mates as the ideal girl for the entrant in the D. A. R. contest. Congratulations, Mitch! 14. Seniors Come-As-You-Are party and chili supper combination. And how some of them camel! 18 The Seniors must like to eat. Tonight they had a turkey supper at Pollock's house. Let us know when you win another turkey, Cooney, and we'l1 help you with it again. ll 12 15. 15 13 20 23. 24 -. 'T' we - - E - I 1 059' X 1 'if' 'P 'Y - I X ,J - n Q ' 'I 20 There goes a dignified Seniorl Bet he had his picture taken today. .- f vi ag -S E '26 flag? , ,,,.-f NOVEMBER 21. The Glee Club presented their Operetta, nThe Gypsy Troubadour.n Well done, Gypsiesl 21. At last it rolled around. That welcome Thanksgiving Vacation. Who's gonna sleep late the next two mornings? I gotta get up early to get the good out of the vacation. 28. Mrs. Carroll, of Carroll News Agency, was guest speaker at our Sunshine Meeting today. She showed us how to make many bows. 30. School was dismissed this afternoon. Something happened! No watery DECEMBER 8. Forest won the Burlington Tourney. Beat Camden in the finals 44-42. Yea! Rah! Bobcats! 12. Mary Harrison was first of the season to win a 30 Ucorrect TOICS per minuten pin in typing today. Congratulations, Mary! 12. Sunshine Society had their annual Christmas party. They had their exchange and UDecked the Ha1ls.n 14. Played Colfax on their floor tonight. This was our first defeat, We wuz robbed! 1 18. Christmas Vacation started early. School wasn't resumed until December 31, as we were snowbound. 31. Back to the old grind. I hear we will miss our naps from now on, won't we Mrs. Davis? JANUARY 1. Had our Christmas Exchange in the morning, were treated and sent home about lO:5O. 15. The Sunshine Society was honored by having Irmingard Hammer, a German student at Western High School, speak to us. Her talk was very interesting. FEBRUARY 9. Several students went to Kokomo to enter the Music Contest. 15. Medals were presented to the participants in the Festival this afternoon. We also enjoyed a movie about HIndiana.H 22. Sunshiners had another party. This time the Seniors sponsored it. 28. Sectional Tournament began today. 29. Sectional Tournament continued. MARCH 1. After a couple of tough battles, the Hotdogs advanced to the regionals 13. Annual basketball banquet!! Much fun!! Much food!! Much Speeches!! APRIL M. District State Choral Festival at Kokomo today. 17. Junior-Senior Reception. 25. Today was Senior Day. Have they a reason for HSenioritis?n HCa11ing all Seniors! Pack your duds!H M26. O Happy Day! The Seniors leave for Washington D.C. ay 1. Seniors arrive home from their visit with Harry. M. HBackulareatu??! this afternoon. Wonder if seniors have to know how to spell this word before they graduate!! 5. Commencement tonight. So long, Kids! 1O.f Hip! Hip! Hooray! School closes today! F h - beg, " - I .I ,QA 5 bag' Af, J., W.. 4692.-:arg ' ye f' 21 11 Who's Who X 3 'V q Z 1 4 In JA 114 'P ' ' ' Q,- vff ., g X , XR QT Sindh vp 5 NMX ' A Y 'Q ' J'-hi3"'V1 AR1-is 5 gxij, ' Pfnnsaw ' f5' L,w-s f- 5 ,994 L. T- ' 4 hoc y'J' ?i'fi:':t f Q' lc"ef'r 4- 'D N131 7 my dl f Q i ,V 1 Wi? A "L ,. X. Q? ' ,ML-, Nw" 'Ha XJ kc-Pe 1 Q r-,feb gr-bi " " ,. vw' I f ':'.: ,1 Sdxxe 0496 N vw Ride ram, CDDB?-y is ' A ,iii 3 :Q 9,Lx vv Kwf' L A if A . N N2 sf sf., V. 0 f -f lynx? x ' grvdf' '9: i .S P 6 ,ij V . 4 pe' ' X 51 4 . 0101- B ' 'xilfii' emo' qu og , Q. . hu. , -ay' V1 gn' 045-fp L l j Vw, rf, Q .1 Qsnv, C oline n X Ljjfll. ' 961, 19 Sr-lonrv fY1iTf.HELL- 22 Every year just before basketball season opens, the entire student body meets in the wymnasium for one of the biggest events of the year, the election of yell leaders. Anyone who is interested may try out. This year we elected Carol follock, a seniorg Lois Browninc, a junior: and Shirley Robertson, a sophomore. They have led the cheering section that boosteo the morale of the team which nas qiven us one of our bett r seasons. Nz EA. 23 Basketball The Forest Bobcats had another good season. They went into the Sectional Tournament with sixteen wins and four losses This record included the winning of the Burlington Four-Way Tournament. They won eight straight games before losing to Colfax on their floor to the tune of thirty-nine to forty. This loss, starting a season slump, almost caused losses to Scircleville and Kirklin. In the County Tournament the Bobcats lost to Colfax in the second game after winning over Jackson. This was their second loss of the seasong both losses credited to Colfax. Forest was returned to the Frankfort Sectional this year, after playing in the Kokomo Sectional one year. In the Sectional Tournament, Forest met Michigantown and won, after a hard fought game, by the slim margin of two points. After winning this game the Bobcats were defeated by Kirklin. This ended the season with seventeen victories and five losses. ' Scores of the Forest A-Team We Opp. Burlington 48 34 Jackson 57 42 Michigantown 55 40 Sugar Creek 65 42 Mulberry 40 38 Soircleville 54 34 Burlington Tourney Burlington 47 27 Camden 44 42 Colfax 39 40 Scircleville 51 49 Kirklin 45 45 Northwestern 53 43 County Tourney Jackson 52 39 Colfax 40 47 Jefferson 64 52 Michigantown 45 57 Washington Twp. CCassJ 42 50 Cutler 72 47 Jackson 57 40 Sectional Tourney Michigantown 48 46 Kirklin 55 44 24 QQ 27 A Team Row l: Wayne Hodson, Harold Orr, Allen Milburn, Doyal Coonrod, Dick Davis Row 2: John Deerr, Assistant Coach, Joe Thomas, Dale Davis, Bob Cochran Charles Rogers, Bob Sanders, Larry Lantz, L. H. Victor, Coach. 1 fx, f 1 arf A' fkx V. sf N- D I N X Qui Ffh: HJ 314 rxxjki v J C i 4 5: 25 X lst. Row: Rex Berry, Larry Lantz, Charles Rogers, Dale Davis, Joe Thomas, Rex Mays. 2nd. Row: John Deerr, Bob Mundell, Ralph Jones, Billy Alter, Bradley Huffer, Rex Deweese, Ronnie Herr, Rex Hughes, and L.H. Victor. Junior- Hi , aj,5ff2l1fl3f23s8 I , 'P .4 1 pr K lst. Row: Phillip Alter, Donald Miller, Alvin Whiteman, Kent Achors, Bill McQuinn, Max Mcquinn. End. Row: Bill Wyrick, Donnie Davis, Jim Avery, Bill Deweese, James McCarty, Bob Lantz, David Bowers. 3rd. Row: Charles Davis, L.H. Victor, Larry Bradshaw, Devon Davis, Mac Trenary, Don Stockberger, John Deerr. 26 G. A. A. Row lg ROW 2: Nancy Donna Nancy Nancy Patty Redma Hicks, Marilyn Robertson, Janet Jordan, Judy Achors, Robertson, Betty Mitchell, Lois Browning, Nina Alter Terrell, Mrs. Deerr. Moore, Marlene Rogers, Carolyn Bradshaw, Sue McQu1nn Cochran, Patricia Bowers, Barbara Unger, Sharon n, Eloise Archey, Pat Terrell, Ruth Bowers. The Girls Athletic Association was organized again this year with Mrs. Claudine Deerr as faculty sponsor. The following officers were elected: President: Donna Robertson Vice-President: Janet Jordan Secretary R Treasurer: Judy Achors Our first activity was softball. We played Colfax two games and lost both of them. Jefferson, Sugar Creek, and Colfax were scheduled for basketball. Honor sweaters are given to Senior girls who have accum ulated a sufficient number of points during their years of G.A.A. membership. Points are earned by attending the regular meetings and participation in games. Pat Terrell was the only girl eligible to receive a sweater for the year '5l- 52. 27 ,, -.-'V 'L ,w ',' was -mr. nf 1 11 I Y , H v-lu VI fg,,Aga'gm - l ,,,. , , , ww, t . ' '., . fuk- , ,,-aa.. A ' '7 . . -f PE..- Senior Class Pla EVN ' I 2 J Q fl -.I U 'THE ROARDING HGUSE REACH' ' For many years Wilbur Maxwell had wanted a bicycle, but couldn't persuade his Mama and Papa to get him one. So, when Pop was called away for a week-long business meeting, Mom was persuaded to go with him. lhe house was left in charge of his sisters, Connie and Betty Lou. Wilbur got an idea that he would open up a boarding house to make his own money and buy his own bicycle. So into the paper went the ad, and that night the whole Maxwell house was crawling with people. Every room was filled, and Wilbur was doing a bang-up business, then it happene Mama and Para, at two o'clock of the next morning, came dragging home-Papa forgot his briefcase. From there on out it was one mess atter another, and Wilbur finally got his bicycle. CAST Wilbur Maxwell .... .... Bob Sanders Hercules Nelson .... .... Wayne Hodson Betty Lou Maxwell .... .... Carol Pollock Connie Maxwell ..... .... Colleen Johnson Bernadine Smith... .... Patty Terrell John Maxwell ..... ...Charles Rogers Janet Maxwell .... .... Patty Skiles Aunt Mary ..... ...Barbara Smith Ann Inman Limny McGuire ............. ...Arthur Pearson Nora McGuire ............... .... Ramona Avery Herman 'Ninety-Volt Jones'... ...Herman Tucker Roughhouse Ruby ............ .... Maxine Ticen Mr. Potter ................ ...... Bob Green Lucy Burns ..... .... Ethel Ellison Mrs. Mott .... ....... Jessie Graves Mildred Johnston Connolly ..... ... ...................... Doyal Coonrod dl !faO.t gf? Class Play Snap 28 Class WIII ss, fa Alf' Marilyn Shockley will my ability to get first sem- ester Shorthand without studying to Allen Milburn. Herman Tucker will my ability to give book reports in Speech Class to Bradly Huffer.' Marilyn Mitchell will my height to Lois Browning,' Charles Rogers will my false teeth to anyone who happens to need them.' NI, Ann Inman will my white shoes and Beebe.N , Nelma McCarty will the A.B.C. gu to Sam Laughner.n CA.B.C.-Already 'I WI, Doyal Coonrod will my whiskers to 'I, Ethel Ellison will my Sharon Redman.q NI, Barbara Smith will my Belle Linson.' NI, Carol Pollock will Reba Kel1y.U HI, Paul Manuel will my ability to be to Harold Orr.' 'I III height to Wilma under my desk Been ChewedJ Eugene Graves.N ability to go steady to red hair and temper to Lulu my ability to lead yells to short and sweet , Pat Skiles will my chubbyness to Judy Achors.' Bob Green will my ability to be quiet in the study hall to Larry Robertson.' Arthur Pearson will my big muscles to Mack Trenary Bob Sanders will my curly hair to Paul Vail.N Mildred Johnston will my 'Southern Accent' to Carolyn Bradshaw.N Mary Wisehart will my nickname 'Tug' to Sondra Betz H Jessie Graves will my ability to kiss and make-up to Donna Jones.n Bob Ayers will by ability to read library books every study hall period to Clayton Amos.' Maxine Ticen will my ability to sleep in Speech Class to Shirley Robertson.' Pat Terrell will my responsibility as Senior Class Treasurer to anyone who wants a Colleen Johnson will my Sun Ray who feels gloomy.u Wayne Hodson will my ability to to Rex Mays.' Ramona Avery will my blond hair lot of headaches.u Girls to anyone play a stall game to Mary Harrison.' , ,-- if oqixq " LW ' f 29 r ,, "fa School Song ,fluff f Apr , . lf '15 If ,I 6??ll? fdgllf .y ' F W 'way back in 1928, on a cold, cold winter's eve, our school song came into being. On this particular evening, a class party was in full swing. Ben Wyrick was at the old player piano playing the ever-famous HNotre Dame Victory Marchf when suddenly, George McAdams, still an ardent fan and scorekeeper of the Bobcats, had a brilliant inspiration. Why not compose a school song? Everyone thought it to be an excellent idea. So with Ben playing the Victory March, George began the task of setting words to the music. After much rearranging and crossing out of words, the following song was written: WLet every voice with rapture ring wevve got a team that's fit for a king We are with them forever We shall foresake them never This is une song we sins- orest Bobcats come on and win ggaarg beside you through thick and thin Cheers arise frog ev6gyrSigg,wide r ses a a - iggiggglgggrmiyastare you straight in the face, Come on, and do not slacken YOUT P809 Fight, Cats, fight with all your might, And win ue the victory. Rah! Rah! Rah! ll R172 , 12E:iEEi::E:E?1N. ff X by ff' . - N Q X f ' ' . ' 5 clfyggsf fig, we 30 'E - 4 w , School days school days ooo olo golooo Polo oovo Roadin' 'n' 'ritin' 'n' 'rithmotio X Q 131 Y: 1 1: - Q1 if fi? A ' ' . fi P Q iw 'FE if 9 357 rw P , 2x 2 3 JT 2 1' 'A 1 : 'L X f 'gf ki 12'-if wg P 3 FQ ' W was It F335 if "SIE is 'if '25 o- If 2 '21 5 Eid Q. Y its Q 1 575 , ' . J? " 5' 1 '-E51 Having a fit--ing. .isilli I . h1,m. dw Q ,..iIlnllll'-n:TFmNx Now we know how 'fl Qs ' 1 " fl, ,, ONSCO. 4, ...4-xg. .-f. AAM t,-.C Fx Y Traffic Jam if - 'x "'7aTDn Let's see--Where shall I file letter? 'YQIQ Mmmmm Tastes good! Some Juniors mastering the mysteries of Geometry. 'S- 1 2 Snapshots .Y D 5 0 A I . 1 1 K QQ 1 YN 4,1 Q 9' is . Could it be angels? . Three stooges . Square table discussion . Once in a life time Ca tie! . Poor turkey! Poor Wayne! . Could he be posing? . Future A11-American . Quick, carve that turkey! . Who says men are scarce? . Little green around the edges 5 6 7 8 9 10. Just passing to c1ass 11 12 . Naughty but nice? . Guess what Ma! No teeth ----- . Let's keep it clean boys . What? A grin! 15 16. Nothing like concentrated H20 17 . Is it a girl or a boy? Jr.. I 5' Snapshots ' iii 1 .. ml" , . -. xi !' .Q sv' 1 My f X , , a ,gif rw-A 'Ll Z . '61 .JL 1. Talk about hen parties 2. Why doesn't that bell ring? 3. Kind of crowded 4. Yearnin for learnin??? 5. Future flying aces 6. And am I hungry! 7. Waiting and waiting fOr my dinner. 8. My, 1sn't this a puzzle? 9. One nice big beautiful Short Hand book, please. 10. We tried to blow the place up. 11. Making sweet music? 12. Guess what! working on the Annual. 34 Snapshots 8. A X Xl. Nj X Q tv M , 1 4 YV i X- as X A V v .5 w. I his jg 1.-.-.' ' ...ff W- 1 'TTY vw 'X 'VU of W '-'- ,La Jrivhrf 1 ' 4 2 1 3 wf'x 5 H--g, ifyskl lil 3 Eff ' .i' 9 , bd I f K QE-f,-ny 12 ...ig 'ff Ril o . V Y Y i 'OP h .vA, "r 13 lh 15 16 NF Mr. Hawkins, our County Superintendent Now say Ah--h--h Just a big pile of Senior Three of a kind That's it--make 'em bow Just one big happy family It's a big night--Operetta Pals! Now aren't we dignified Senior-Freshman Day Let's shake and be Pals Irmengard Hammer, a guest speaker for Sunshine meeting Aren't we sweet? More Senior-Freshman Day Noon time in the gymnasium Merry Christmas -.-'V 'L ,w ',' was -mr. nf 1 11 I Y , H v-lu VI fg,,Aga'gm - l ,,,. , , , ww, t . ' '., . fuk- , ,,-aa.. A ' '7 . . -f PE..- I I T H B E S T W I S H E S T O T H E C L A S S O F '52 C L I N T O N C O U N T I B A N K E T n u S T C O. S I N C E 1 9 9 l Rnasville Frankfort Colfax 36 Floor Compliments Sanders' Blacksmith1ng Welding Shop Forest Indiana J. A. KERN 5 SON, INC Quality Furniture Home of Kroehler Coverings . . . Philco Superflame Oil Burners Frankfort, Indiana Joseph S Rodkey Notary Public Insurance Ponds Also Operates Rodkey Photo Service Appliances Compliments Home Restaurant Forest, Indiana Compliments of sINK'S GARAGE General Repair Forest, Indiana Compliments of FOREST LOCKER PLANT Freezing Meats for Home Lockers and Slaughtering ' of 6 7 Forest, Indiana Phone lll 37 Y L O W E R Y F U N E R A L H O I E Forest, Indiana Phone 98 Lady Attendant Your Farm Ditcher Buckeye Equipment Forest Phone Compliments McMINN ELECTRIC of P H I L C O COULTER BEAUTY SALON Radio Television Refrigeration Dial 3661 Phone 17A Complete Beauty Service Floeeie Ciingin, Prop. Rueeiaville Indiana 38 Continuous Quality 451' "WS , . k of I 5 C1265 COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS Kokomo Indiana 39 - 94 Q, o 2532- o ' .62 Q Compliments Compliments of of WAYNE GAYLOR V I S H A R D W A H E Livestock Trucking Forest, Indiana Forest Phone Y 41: 5 in E.L. 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Leslie Rowe, Proprietor Phone hM33 or 9066 Frankfort, Indiana nFor the Finest in Photographs and for Lessn, it is THE RODKEY STUDIO Delphi, Indiana Phone hoo We take all kinds of photographs anytime and anywhere QWe made the Senior Class Portraits in this book, FRANKFORT MONUMENT WORKS INC. East Wabash at Hoke Avenue on Route 28 East Side of Frankfort Frankfort, Indiana Compliments of REST SODA SH 1. fs 1. E, Q ' 1 .N. .I Qi f 1 .uni 'Aichi . :J . ,3v,jgy',.?,v. 1-, .q.-951.5 7.2-'33 ' Y I , H : 1- , r.. ig H jf , , , . .Qi lf- Arr .,,. .'1,,g,: 'fx' 'fv- -1 V ' E 134 .Ju w ll' s I . 4U- V -wg . -V . -I I lt l-7ua'4 f"3'pf .i-72 'nl .Q ' 5-.H ,-,. . .hal P ,. . X qv 1, . X ,1 f A' . F241--H1 mari fmt ,4 .Ti V"f?3 ie1 . , RUDYS MOTEL miles south of Kokomo on U. S. 31 Phone 269h7 22 A11 Modern Rooms Edgar Rudy Compliments J. A. 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A bus driver must play all kinds of roles, from that of a policeman to that of Santa Claus. They get their jobs by bidding for their routes. They fgrngsgithe chasis for their bus and the township furnishes t e o es. We have four drivers who transport students from Forest Township and two who transport students from Warren Township. They are shown above and are left to right: Lester McQuinn, Carl Wainscott, Harry Unger, Chalmer Davis, Paul Milligan, and Dwight Orem. 2

Suggestions in the Forest High School - Log Yearbook (Forest, IN) collection:

Forest High School - Log Yearbook (Forest, IN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Forest High School - Log Yearbook (Forest, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Forest High School - Log Yearbook (Forest, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Forest High School - Log Yearbook (Forest, IN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Forest High School - Log Yearbook (Forest, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 71

1952, pg 71

Forest High School - Log Yearbook (Forest, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 49

1952, pg 49

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