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P' .4 ' t45 WS? Lease Q4 'Y v...-.. tx, ft:-.1Lf.T,6! bl. P . 1-I 'IH ,Lk -, Tv' xilt v, 'v 3' '. - ' 1 fs 'R HU 'nz ,, ,, f ' fl 1, my. ,.4-,,.- 2 I 7, f-I I ,X ,MJ di , , ,, 9 1 -11' K, 1 -'AS' . msgs MA MMM WMHDHYV I YQ 1 1 M, LN FACULTY Bottom Row Carl j Milburn Fourth Fifth and Sixth Grades Graduate, Two Year Course Indiana State Teachers College Butler Umversity Leon Orr Principal Social Science Health and Scxence Ball State Teachers College Central Normal and Butler University B S and M S Lenora Cline Latin and History Ball State Teachers College A B Iris E Grosswiler Second Grade Graduate Two Year Course Ball State Teachers College Edwm Ruckriegle Mathematxcs Science Agricul ture and Shop Oakland City College Indiana State Teachers College Uni versity of Kentucky and Ball State Teachers College B S L H Victor Grammar Science, and Physical Education Central Norrnal, Purdue and Ball State Teachers College B S I. op Row Mary C Padgett Mathematics and Home Economics Earlharn College, B S Grace Meyers Third Grade Graduate Two Year Course Indiana State Normal Mabel Endicott First Grade Graduate Two Year Course Butler Universxty Madge Davis Commerce Indiana Universlty B S Ruth Kramer English Indxana Umverszty A B Ina Milburn Fourth Fifth and Sixth Grades Graduate Two Year Course Indiana State Teachers College Bernice Lineback Music Indiana University B P S M ' l Q 0 Q. . I , I 9 u . 1 ,.- .. 1 . . - - ,.. ,.. n J . . . . g .- . . 1 f 9 n 9 ' . 1 - , I . I-0 ,.... no 0 , D .Ol ff LN wp, f WW Wim LDL! U, K 55 NX13 ff Q ff , 'fffi fl s , A v , ' X q EXKN I , E ,f 2 ' ' f X f . F VL! V ' W . A , x K3 I 4 3- .Q bb ff I jf N A 1 1 f J, f A 4 gg X ,Q Xu I fbffv 'if I 1' XX l 0' N f W JA f h XJ XC, . 72- fl W X , I NY , ' ' 'NI - vr' My ' ,A - W " ,Q , fc! Alf, p 1 ,W ff 433 JV f L 3132. ,ff IACK Jbnnb Pres Basketball 44 48 MARILYN DeWEESE Sunshine Society 46 48 Chief News Reporter 47 Yell Leader 47 48 HAROLD MCQUINN Basketball 46 48 Chorus 44 48 Band 44 48 Safety com 47 48 JUNE ALDER Sunshine Society 44 48 Chorus 44 47 DOYLE GAYLOR Vice Pres Bllhmlu 44 48 Chorus 46 48 GERALDINE DICKEY Sec Trees Chorus 44 47 Bond 44 46 Sunshine Society 44 48 JOHN KRAML. Pres 46 47 Bsnd 47 48 Student Mgr 45 NORMA MORRIS Chorus 44 47 Sunshine Society 44 48 Bldgs 8: Grounds Com 47 48 -43 - Pres. Student Council 47-48 Chorus 44-48 . - . -46 U' BRUCE EDWARDS Basketball 44-48 DEANE BEZEBE Sunshine Society 47 48 News Reporter 47 48 WILLIAM KAMMERER Basketball 44 48 Bldg: 81 Ground Com 47 4 KAP MARY JANE MILLER Chorus 44 48 KENNETH PARKER Basketball 44-48 JOYCE OREM Chorul 44 47 Sunshine Society 44 4 Bald 47 48 Safety Com 47 48 HAROLD MANN Student Manager 46 47 ROSALIE CRELAGER Chorus 44 48 Sunshine Society 44 48 Sunshine Society Pres 47 48 Cheer Guild Com 47 48 ' 8 ' 8 . . ' 8 Sunshine Society 44-48 Bl-ld 44'43 - x CLASS HISTORY In September of 1944 a group of eighteen eager, though ne1 vous, children enrolled as Freshmen in good old Forest High School. Among the number were June Alder, lately of Applachia Va , Rosalie Creager, newly arrived from Galveston, Indiana, and the native born Norma Morris, Jack Johns, Estol Raney, Betty Terrell,Harold Moqulnn, Bruce Edwards Geraldine Dickey, Kenneth Parker, Wayne Mann, Lou Ella Graves, Mary Jane Miller, Virginia Kanable, Joyce Orem, John Kramer, Dor1s Evans, and Vanda Swem Having survived the unforgettable initiation ceremony,we settled down as full time teachers' treasures with Harold Mcguinn as class president At the end of theyear, believe it or not, the entire class, bolder and braver by how, was advanced to the larger and more deeply scarred seats designated for Sophomores During the sophomore year, Vanda and Doris, amid tears and for 1 adieus Ind1anapolis our gold and the buildlng through with in the study withdrew from our school to enrich the BCDOO1B of and Russlaville respectively The rest of us, black class sweaters, could be seen anywhere around Again President Harold Mcguinn brought his charges a creditable record to the diSD1f16dJUH1OT pOB1tlOD hall That Junior year, PHICDBBB of class rings and pins, a suc cessful class play, a trlp in a chartered bus to visit the State Legislature and the reception for the Senxors these and many other pleasant though pressing, experiences kept us out of mls chiei and in the swing of activlty John Kramer, as Pres1dent, with the help of h1s able vice, Doyle Gaylor, kept us in lmne while Secretary and Treasurer, Bruce Edwards held the purse strings in antlcipation of the big 'spree' yet to come in our Senior year Betty Lou Ella, Virginia and Estol quit school before the end of the year Mar1lyn Deweese entered the Jun1or class 1n 1946 Our class including Deane Beebe who came from Burlington Indiana took possess1on of tD6 slxteen seats nearest the 8Outh windows oi the Study Hall there to engoy the privileges and re sponsxoillties for which we had walted patlently, namely inltiate the freshmen wh1ch we d1d w1th much 'goo' and 'gusto', to march to lunch at the nea of the l1ne to ofier suggestlons to whicr students DG teachers alike would pay same heed, to set a good example for the under sraduates, and to make that 'pxle of money' needed for a tr1p in the sprlng The class play, 'Socially Amb1t1CuS' netted us a slzable sum, the magazine sub- scriptions added another nnunk , and the annual'f1n1shed us up' As we leave Forest High School, we can proudly say UTDSSG past four years have been the happlest ones of our lxves ., .- ' .v . . O 1 U D . H . in 1 , . 1n . , .. , a 3 ' D 1 . . I 1 I ' ' 1 , , . . . , . . I g to , 1 , - ' - . , - - v 1 8. ' , . . , .. . ol. - - - X ll . A , 1 the the the t e the Orr We the We the Senior Junior Senior Junlor Seniors Seniors Senlors Mr Victor We the Sen1ors Mrs Kramer We the Senlors Training Class We the Senior Mrs Padgett We the DSUIOPS CLASS WILL We the Seniors will the deeply scared seats along the windows to the Junior Class. girls will our ability to go steady girls boys will our ability to play pool boys will will wlll will OLII' OUI' DUI' DUI' success to our sponsor good attitude to Mrs Cline aL1l1ty to skip school tu abillty to make speeches to will another intelligent Secretarial to Mrs Davis will our Bbllltj to plan meals to will to Mrs Lineback a bigger and better band nd chorus We the Seniors will to Mr Ruckriegle a more quiet fifth period assembly Roselle Creager wills ber musical ability to Howard Ogle Norma Norris wills her line of gossip to anyone who thinks he lS qualifled to take it Deane Beebe wllls her ab1l1ty to be quiet keeping Class to Pauline Orr Marilyn Deweese wills her abllity to st y Kramer's class to Don alder nary Jane iller wllls her ab1l1ty to fix Alta Mae Porter June Alder wills her abllity to go stead, Baker in Book ir Mrs hair to to Betty Harold Ncquinn wills the Frankfort girls to Don Berry Joyce Orem wills her Vim, VIQOT nd Vital1ty to Carol Pollock Kenny Parker wills flS abi itf to ke bri ht remarks to Fax Sellars desk to Bob Cockran Jack Johns wills tis Wh sker Bill Kammerer wills tis ri tt to Don Manual John Krame wills his ability ard not et caugkf to anyone Doyle Gaylor wills ris ahility to play carter to Lorman Skeets Bruce Edw ds wills Tis kating ili , to 1 m Beebe to oonnie Ray Coleman to sleep in the assembly to et lHtO mischief who wants to try it oer ldlne Dickey wills ter bangs to Joan Redman By Iorma Iorris Dari yn De'eese We to Q We ' to h ' . we , Mr. I O C C I C O 0 O S , 0 N D , A - . 0 a . I U . 1 I O t . . ' V ' J 8' A ' . A C 1 ' M ' ' ' ' I Y ' ' a X ' 'D ' ' ,' 1 L ma' g V4 I Wayne Mann wills his wads of chewing gum under his 1 An 1 ' 'i s S h . . g. , " I . r ' g ' 4 dl., ' ' V 0 J ' A .J ' ' A . qi O ar 1 s f N at t' W lla C S a ' ' ' J lv a . J L' H Class Prophecy Whlle traveling through orrental countrles June Alder and Geraldine Dickey came upon a woman who gave them the power t look 1nto the future of the Senlor Class and this 18 what they saw in the year 1950 Jack Johns is now a protesslohal gamoler He 18 owner of the famous Bloody Bucket Nightclub Marllyn Deweese 18 a stewardess OD the Trans World Air lines She really goes for the pllots Nayne Mann now owns a long CD81n of peanut venders and H18 monkey COmpBH1On are really Deane Beebe 1B now Mrs Harold ive artlst for Paramount Studios 1h Norma MOIIIB is now manager oi in Burllngton, Iowa Stop sometlme Kenny Parker's popularlty has helped h1m to become ldeht of the United States Mary Jane Mlller 18 now the personal secretary of ident Parker and wlfe of Bob Altxo Bruce Edwards has really made someth1ng of himself gettlng TLCD last Eldr1dge SDS is a creat iollywood Callfornla the Wueen Anne Swap Shop and we'll swap Pres Pres He 18 now a handsome Professor at the Forest College for G1rls John Kramer is a orave young man who 18 the lron for the great Bungler Baller C1rcus Rbsalle Creager could he HOtU1Hg but a famous mus1c tamer teach er andthe director of the New York Symphony Orchestra Wllliam Kammerer 18 now the owxer of a flve thousand acre dalry ranch just on the outskirts of Forest Joyce Orem is now the head nurse 1n EHS Mayo s nosprtal 1h Mrnnesota Harold Mcguinn how owns the largest drugstore ln D6 state He is progressive 1n more ways than one Hoyle uaylor lost n1s seat 1n congress so Unat LB why R18 underwear is BOOWIDQ As a result of thls he is now mdnzg very lmpressive speeches for the office of DOG CATCHER By June Alder Geraldxne Dlckey . . Y O I - . -.. - - Q I ' ' l . de I O Q n 1- . I Q . . . , , . 1 . ,i - - 0 W I 1 . . I . Q 0 I I . I - I - Y D ,J . ' g . 11 - ' . THE NFTIOR rLaY 'DO I LLf :I IJTS Wilbur Caldwell, a mlld man in his forties Harold hcquinn Millie Caldwell, an impractical, woman Geraldine Dickey Ann Caldwell an attractive girl of 24 Norma Norris Fred Caldwell, lmost fifteen Doyle Gaylor Clayton Van, a woman 1 her fifties June Alder Tom Hastings, an agreeable young m n of b John Kramer Wellington, thin, thirty, slow and lazy Kenneth Parker Susan Brian, a weather beaten woman harilyn Deveese Florence Wells, perhaps 55, but doesn't loox it De ne Beebe Mrs Ridgevay Fahrenheit, a social autl r1ty Rosalle Grea Niss Norton, a business 11K6 young oman Joyce Orem Jim Palmer, a muscular, blustering man of 30 Bill Kammerer Theobald Ames, the 'arm of the law' Bruce Wdwards Nr Orr 'You love to go to sunday Scrool, don't you Doyleo Doyle G 'Yes sir Mr Orr ' hat did you learn Sunday9' Doyle G The date of the picnic ' Jack J WMar1lyn, have you ever been klssed by a b1 strong, handsome mano' Mrs Cline In Japan lou can buy a Wlfe Po ol rilr cans Kenny P 'well, a good wife is worth that" Victor NDuty calls an to cllr r o umda s le urges rim to go fishing ' Mrs Victor 'Yes, and Monday he shows an all su Lu ned Mrs Lineback Nr Lilburn do fou tkinx I will eve b do anytrlng wit? my voiceo' Mr Milburn 'hell it riekt come in Pard, ir Mrs Kramer 'Nobody ever le rd of a senterce without a di P Harold M 'I have hr Kramer Mrs Kramer brat is it? Harold M 'Thirty Days X , , . vga- 'G C A ' A15 T L'N rl' A. osooaoo ' n QOOOCQIIO 1 , .... ...... C a-. ............. ..... Mrs. fl nouns .grove a 3'... ...... ......... 1 , nv ' qauaaoeuqoneal 1 ' ..... a . 1 - . zo ' '.... ' ' - ger 4 " 'Y X V"-Y .anononouoooo ' , ..... . ............... D . -, - . , , N AI A 1 - N I I . - W '. -N . . - . V V . 1 .D ' Q! Marilyn D.-'No, could you fix it up for me some ni:ht?' . - V ' r r a few d sa '.e 0 - f . 4 v I l Mr. - ' a :.' .q' C. ':. S rl 5' , and p flslre N. 4 0 -, . .-1 nw, rv . , , n r . . . -'. . I V . ' ' r 'e alle 2, ll A A" -. . Z - ' M '. . n . 4 . case of sLipwrccK.' - - ' M 9 D ' A L gre. cap 0' A 15: nn -ww n O A 14 - - N 40 AA 0 Can Can Can Can an you you you you you imaglne lmaglne lmaglne lmaglne lmaglne CAN YOU IMAGINE? June Alder wltn tne new loc ? Geraldlne Dxckey snort ann I t? Deane Beeoe not S0105 steaoyr Doyle Gaylor ulaylng a VlO11HT Kenneth Parker not making a wlse 0 ask LD Government class? Can Can Can Can an Can Can Can Can Can an you you you you you you you you you you you 1maglH6 imaglne 1mag1ne imaglne imaglne imaglne imaglne imagine lmaglne lmaglne imagine wayne Mann oe1n5 sens1ole? HOBHLIS Creager maklng less TDHH an nruce Edwards wltn black nalr? Mary Jane M1ller as a stenograpnerr B111 Kammerer arguxng w1tn a teacner? Joyce Orem welgulng 250 los ? Harold McQu1nn dTlV1Hg slowly? lar1lyn Deweese yelllng Ior anotner oall Jack Jonns wltn a clean snave? Jonn Kramer wltn nis na1r combed? Norma Morrls qu1et as a mouse? Marllyn Deweese Norma Morr1s Wayne Is Doyle a reckless driver? Deane 'Say, When the roads turn the same way he does ts a coincldence ' Bill May I kiss you again? Mary Jane What do you think I'm waiting for a street car? Joyce 'Did one of your ancestors come over on the May f1ower?' Norma Er no But I understand one of them ran for the boat and gust missed it Geraldine 'I don't know whether to become a painter or a p08t N Rosalie 'Become a Painterl' Geraldine 'Have you ever seen my p1ctures?' Rosalie 'No, but I have read your poems! team? C . ' . L., , 'V . - . . A? C - l - . . r A . C , . BY - 1 1 WMM Mm QQ I :mu 3 X 4 W I , Y H s ' 4' -N xxx ' -- nm -Qi .e 5- as if Cf ,ef jumons Crystal Ruse, Pauline Orr Betty Baker Rose Alder, Carolyn johnnon Beverly Timmons Mn Davis Sponsor Howard Ogle William Robertson, David Scott, Max Sellars Robert Robertson, Max Miller William Skxles Don Berry Row l Row Z Qan- X ww 'is SOPHOMORES Row l, Patricia Whiteman, Betty Alter, joan Redman, Virginia Ticen, Gertie Michael, james Eikenberry, Paul Gravel. Row Z. Helen Millar, Sponsor, Mrs. Lenora Cline, Alta Mae Porter, Marilyn Milner, Gladys Jewell, Bob' Grant, Elizabeth Whitlow, ' jovannah Avery, Betty Skiles, jim Kammerer. Row 3. Bob Eldridge, Don Alder, Bill Vail, Don Manuel. --Z 411- - ' Y J . A v -.ii n ,, ' THE JUNIOR CLASS The Junior Class of 1947 48 consisted of s1xteen members at the first of the year Later on Betty Stevens from North Manchester joined the class and Crystal Ruse quit Our offi cers were as follows President,Don Berry,V1ce President, Bob Robertson, Secretary, Betty Baker,Treasurer, Max Sellars The sponsor was Mrs Madge Davis The class was represented in tue band by Betty Baker, Pauline Orr, Carolyn Johnson, Don Berry, and Max Sellers W were also well represented in the chorus Dur class rings,which we received in September have been proudly worn all year For money, which we all crave, we sold candy at the noon hour and at the home basketball games Also, we sold the Bobcat stickers that were left from our Sophomore year An :ther money making project, our class play, 'The Wild Oats Boy', was presented in March The object of our money making was,of course, to enter tain the Seniors at the annual Junior Senior reception which was held in April JUNIOR PLAY THE WILD OATS BOY Aunt Anne Housekeeper Carolyn Johnson D93-15 T118 maid Betty Baker Judy Uncle George's adopted daughter Beverly Timmons Danny Murphy The cook maybe, Max Sellers Patricia Gilden KPatJ Judy's friend Pauline Orr Eddie The wild oats boy you Berry Jake Peters The cousin from New York Bob Robertson Prue The country cousin Betty Stevens Charlie BentonCChuckJ The ex prize fighter cousinkstol Raney Trout Prue's pestiferous son B111 Robertson Seth The uncle from Maine Bill Skiles and Max Miller lose Uncle George's darky servant Dave Scott Mrs Davis Pauline, why do business concerns use Bookkeeping? Pauline I don't know Irs Davis What do you know? Pauline Nothing thats whv I ask you so many QUBSYIDDB o 9 ' 1 """'0 "' Qooooooeeeeee Eve Martin.........Another friend--more'SQ'iSQQf::.Rose Alter "'0 oeeooeoefeeeeeee THE SOPHOMORE CLASS When the school bell rang out on September 5, 1947, twenty one sophomores rushed into the knowledge factory, Forest High School for another year of learning, fun, and excitement short tlme after the opening of school, Robert Grant moved t Howard Townshlp To gulde the destiny of the class, the following officers ere elected President, Narllyn Milner, Vice President, Robert W1dIldgG, Secretary, Don Alder, Treasurer, Betty Alter, Reporter Gertle LlCh86l, Sponsor, Mrs Lenora Cline Mr Orr, the QTIHCI al, wishing that the students mlght par trcrpate 1D varlous actlvlties, appo1nted the following students to serve on designated commlttees Student Council, Helen Miller and Don Alder, Safety, Javannah Avery and William Vail Building and Grounds, Ellzabeth Whitlow and Paul Graves, Cheer Guild,Helen arle ller Betty SKll6S, Virglnla Tlcen, and James Elkenberry are members of the hlah school band Virglnia Ticen was chosen one of the school yell leaders for this year Durlng the thlrd week of school we spent a few hours try lng to declde upon class sweaters and their colors After ex a lnlng varlous styles, we flnally chose kelly green with white numbers eagerly we awalted thelr arrival,but week after week assed and st1ll t e sweaters didn't arrive Flnally, after hope was almost one, the assembly and class rooms were made more cheerful by the appearance of the sophomores wearlng green and The funds rn the treasury belng rather low, we sold basket ball schedule p8DCl1S and conducted a very successful paper drive Cne cold Hlght 1D early December we traveled to Kokomo to enwof the ter oartv Comlng home we stopped at the WLighthouseW for refreshments Hettf Dor fou're flckle There 15 llpstlck on your cheek Don Hlaybe lts red lnk W Bettg Ieah, 1ss prlntl d nvt 11 e glrls t'at bob thelr halr, use rouse or Don ovder, r short SK1ItS or roll their socks JAFQQ havcn't ot a glrl 6ltV6T .- , . A ' o H . O . vu D . I Il' 0 I 1 . I QI' I -1 0 . ,. O 1 A C I . , . - . 'D' - . . . . . : . I . . 1 . - . V ' V4 lil Jul- C , . . . . . . Q a BS A o . . . . , , . 1 71. . A . , . ,., , . . . r 'J' A ' Q -'K :v , 14 Y . ' LHlt6 smeaters. A L l 0 ri F I 0 .U c.. .. C. 0' U . A I A ' , I . . . J, 1 ns' 1-,Q ' ' v1 I ' ' f..." 'sg ' 0 'x X "' ' ' ,,.- 8. l.. -, T ,' -1 Q All-' - 'L ' N . '- 9 V165 ' as - f.- I E ' H ' r Row Row Row Row IH .gs wm- 313 var? -'P' v u-. FRESHMEN Norman Sheets Tom Kramer Ralph Unger Connxe Coleman Dayne Scott Maxxne Beebe Irena Baker Mary jane Wellxnger Marze Wlsehart, Maxine Whxtlow Betty Unger, Janie Dow Mrs Bermce Lineback Sponsor Elaine Davis Deana Hayden Margaret Whxtxnan joyce Foreman Clarence McQui.nn johnny Franklin Ralph Hughes Bonnie Harrison Allen Va1l Nelson Raney Norma Scott, Sue Milner, Dwalne Tate Carol McQuinn and William l-laxnilton were absent the day this picture was taken Row Row Row Row EIGHT!-I GRADE . Robert Green, Charles Rogers, Robert Sanders, Herman Tucker, Carl Gravel. . Elva Plcco, Marilyn Mitchell, Carol Pollock, Marie Wisehart, Ramona Avery, Yolanda Coin. . Ralph jones, Robert Ayers, Louise Vail, Sharon Deweese, Patty Terrell, Verna Graves, Jessie Graves, Paul Manuel. . Maxixxe Tlcen, Colleen Avery, Nelma McCarty, Charles Hamilton, Barbara Smith, Ethel Ellison, Delores Tucker, Patricia Skiles, Doyle Coonrod, Edwin Jluckriegle, Sponsor. THE FRESHMAN CLASS Again breaning records for a 'vast multitude' of members, the Freshman class of tventy nine overflowed the Forest High School ln the fall of 1947 Of the twenty nine, the nine or iginal were Elaine Davis, Ralph Hughes, Tom Kramer, Carol Mc Qulnn, 'larence McQu1nn, Sue Milner, Dayne Scott, Dwain Tate, and Narle wisehart Barbara hodson and Uarllyn Shockley, jolned our ranks the second semester With a d6tSImlD8t1OD to outdo the record of classes before 1t, the freshman class has done much already whlch proves lt is developlng rroldly Much outstand1ng merlt has come to llght in the llne of extra curricular achlevements Several are oartlclpatlnb ln musical OI83H1ZatlOHS The class 15 proud to have Connle Coleman as a representat1ve or the first basketball team and equall proud to have Irena Baker as one of the yell leaders '1th everyone StI1V1Hg to be the honor roll, eleven succeeded and one was Whonorable mem t1oned A long list of freshman that were exempted fol lows Tom Kramer, Ralph Pughes, Elalne Davls Janle Dow, Gonnle Coleman, T8XlD6 hltlow, Deana Uayden, and Mary Jane WBll1DEGI Althou h the fre hman class have been actlve thelr procedure of becoming educated, they have been X158 enough to act foollsh when good tlmes were at hand After much cons1derat1on,the freshman class nomlnated and elected Allen Vall as thelr presldent Pe has proved to be outstandlng offlcer, and we venture to say there 13 none otker llke hlm The other off1cers this year were Sue 1 ln r, Vlce Presldent, Janle Dow, Secretary, Bonnle Farrison, Treasurer The freshman survlved the dread 'freshman 1n1t1at1on' the early part of the term Although we had a fex cases vlrus pneumonla and a couple of broken necxs, we aren't com plalnlng for we are ant1c1pa+1he the year when e are SGDlOIS Mr Ruckrlegle mvhat makes you so late thls mornlnv BOHHl8 H 'You see slr, there are seven 1D our family N Nr Quckrlegle Nlell W Bonnle H NAnd the alarm va set for Slfft H NHXlH6 B UD d you hear the ore about the Jeep that ran out of bason a earet Fo does i con Alne U Wlt doesn't You have to push lt N V Q - . . as cu . J . V . , , - P . A l V . I . . 1,. ' 5 . . "' 0 - H X I . .L . a LY u n o 1- on . n It A - , - : . I , - . , . ,, . I .4 al , ll v . e o rx S S . in . . V. . Q 0 A ' ' ' . i an . . Q . 1 ' ' . ' - Ulu e ' - . , . F , . A 0 Mrs. Bernice Lineback served as our sponsor. . , 1 . . . . , in . w v s of . . . I A- . . . . J.Lb , W . 0 1- Q . " 1' . . O?n ,l- . I U . . ' - V ? . g- J S . js X c Q ' .- i ' T ' ha ff . N'r, W.-UNO. A w t g . Ivjavl ..o" o . 1- 0 THE EIGHTH GRADE The eighth grade class of Forest School has had many activities during the year The following people have been elected and appointed to fill the various offices, President, Maxine Ticen, Vice President, Bob Green, Sec retary Treasurer, Carol Pollock, Safety Comm1ttee,Mar1lyn Mitchell and Bob Sanders,Cheer Guild, Jessie Graves, Buildings and Grounds Comm1ttee,Nelma McCarty and Charles Podgers, News Reporter, Walter Baton Yell Leaders were Marilyn Mitchell, Carol Pollock, and Betty Mitchell Our party the first semester was a hay r1de followed by a wiener roast at the home of Carol Pollock The second semester party was held at the local rink Both parties were well attended and we enjoyed them very much The Junior High music classes were included in the musical program given at Christmas time A novelty number by the Junior High boys was well received by the dience They also gave a musical program in the spring Some of our eighth grade boys help to make up the Junior High Basketball team They have had a fairly successful nament at Michigantown and made a very good showing We thought we were 'grown up' when we entered Junior High,but we will be glad to be numbered with the High School students next year Mr Orr 'Now, can anyone tell me what a myth 1s?' Marilyn M 'Yes, its a female moth ' Mrs Padgett 'Where did you get your amazing knowledge of Social and Economic subJects?' Carol P wrrom my mother's graduation essay Mrs Kramer 'What would happen if you were to break one of the Ten Commandments?' Sharon D 'Well, then there would be ninel' Colleen J 'Is that a dray horse you have there?' Ramona A 'No its a brown horse and stop your baby talk D au- year. In January they participated in a four team tour- e' on ,O .A .N e" 5 Row Row Row SEVENTH GRADE Allen Milburn Billy jenkins Larry Robertson Ralph Foreman Dick Davin Carol FYa.nklin Katherine Smith Lois Ann Brownln Nina Alter Barbara Unger Reba Kelly Helen Bentley Mary Cathrzne Laughner Bradly Huffer, Betty Mitchell Marxlyn Porter Paul Vazl Robert Cochran, Donna Robertson Merlm Stewart, Bill Krarner McQuinn Cora Bowers Dora Bowers, Mary Harnson Wilma h-an Rn-fhn Fred Melllng SIXTH GRADE Row l Larry Lantz jerry Sanders Patricia Bowers, Nancy Terrell Carol Huffer jean jenkins Phlllia Wellinger joan Archey, Dele Evans joe Thomas Teddy Miller, Mrs Milburn Max Seo , Haro d Elizabeth Davis Phyllis Swem Mr Mxlburn Rex DeWeeae Row Z Row l f 1- . . . Z. , , ' g, Row 4. Sponsor, Mrs. Ruth Kramer, Hugh Bowers, Marcia I . . ' I I 3. . , If 1 Off. . . . ' Br Forest, thelr e school, elected qPOWHl1 T 1 t NE J VV TH FR D ight and early one September 1OPH1HE 1H 1945, ln and he r Indlana, twenty Qlfht llxely boys and slr s b rr d yes, and oyened thelr mouths to shout hurrat ' toda nd ve are seventh rr der the first class reetlng vlth our spor or, rs rrazer ark haired ar Iarrlson to b ,r sldent rd lux to be secretary and tre surer Sebtember 27, e had a hay rlde fo loweu L wlener Bob Cochran's fatter drove hls UFdCCOl to Pay 'c uinn, asslsted by Betty Tltchell and ary arrl on hsd our next rarty, a Ialloween masluerade tke f of tie second semester we began CldUO'lHL for another pl s t 1 it as a skatlnp party at the orest FlHP Je have all pronlsed to co e back a lln H6 t year to carry on as only seventh come 81 ht graders can Ours lb the cliss wlth SflPlCS hl h, e po to Fore t Junlor hi he seventh grade ranks flrst rate Wlth members HUHb8P1Hg twenty 61 rt Nlna and Donna have llttle talks Whlle Bee Bee hums and Bently Nilks Cora and Dora slgale every ClF6 That Forelan goes throuvh a monkey sklne Je have tfo HlTlS whose nares are ary, They yet sweet glance from Fred and arry Jenkins, Puffer ind Yraner ral e an UI roar Iblle through lt all Fuph does shore Bob and Dlck fear up lPllB Lols and Carol Totes are wrrtten by and ,mith StlClS ste fOUHCdlH per cackle llke hen Betty and WCwUlHH fart 11th a plH Reba and Porter have as Barbara shoves Vu Je like our teachers arruments lore l across the floor and do our be t To see that they have no peace or rest our class is very brl ht and gay, I know we'll all be great some di Je all work well and toe the llne In fact we're all Just super flne By tllen Illburn my Uv ,- . - Q-Q L . 1 gl. A 1 .-.. Lb , ' Ea ' fi ' ' ' ,'f " ' 1' l lille ' ' rv ' vv , ' . i , . f L . ff 15 Ei K J il 1 5 . ' ' -1 ' " , v At Q ' A I ' '- , lo . . . . .A I .Je , 1' 3, ' f . . ' . ' ' 5 d . 1 y - ' e ' e ,- ul t .j hols L ' .Q ' I ' s' . O 1-r -. ' " - - 1 1 ' H A . .. . t c .L y J O13 . ' 1 ' ' '. UH Oc DST EU, ,i , . . . ,. , .1 . A t .. -.J .-. .-.:' I. D 1 , , . . A5 1 . ' - rut 1 lI'St . ' . f rf! ' ' . or '. - y arty. lhl lle v4v .' . 'X I w t J J' X 4 'I ' ,.. , , :..- ' .- , ,,,. . Y L.. . fir ,. , """ 1 -3 'x' Q L n . 1 F 1 M . . . . , K ' Q ,, 1 . , .o , Eg , P' . - ' , l 1 . , . 1 - . U A , . 1 . 1 . , . T C k , Q, U '-L s W ' Q 'e -.1 . 'A w ' . . V' v . 1 D .. .,- 7 Q T S 4-1 J , . A c x L S ' " , ,A . . v A -J , . -, . o " ' 13 , f . 1 S , V - . - 4 ' x.. . , . 5. . I P 'Y - - g ' A v 1 , Q Q ' Ci r - , 5 , . - 4, X " 1 YK ' 1 'S , f . - J . . A' Tj 'V - I t V Ly: u I , f , . , .1 0 Y Xi- Row Row Row Row Row FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADE Robert Mundell james Wyrick james McCarty Ronald Herr Charles Davie Mack Trenary Kent Achora Phyllis Pirco Doris Crurn janet Jordon Mona Gookins Sharon Derringer Frances Bowers Judith Achors Marilyn Robertson Linda jenkins Elsie Graves Sue Browning David Bowers Duane Kessler Donna Derringer Bonnie Hayden Sharon Redman, Franklin Crawford Eloise Archey Eugene Graves Roy Bowers, Billy Joe Payne Max White Rex Berry Rex Hughes Patricia Cochran, Linda McQui.nn Marion Alder Thelma Ruth Bowers, joann Graves jean Castle er! Br an Mrs lnaMi urn r Carl Milburn Teachers THIRD GRADE Rgw 1, johnny Castle, Georgia Graves, Marceille Gookins, Betty White, Nancy Shuck, George Graves, Max McOuinn. Row Z, William McQuinn, Don Stockberger, Donal Miller, Carol Mundell, Patricia Scott, jean Bowers, Darrell Scott, Lonnie Tucker. Row 3, Walter Wellinger, William DeWeese, Mrs. Grace l Myres, Teacher, Estes Bowers, Hubert Bowers, Donovan Webster. Richard Smith. Row Row Row Row 5- Y 's JMS SFCOND GRADE' Tommy Davis james Barnett erry Terrell ohn Davis Phillip Davis j L Mitchell Larry Stewart Barbara Bowers jane Robertson joan Robertson Mar e White Clara Damewood Vxrgle Bowers jamce Thomas judy Browning Barbara Victor Larry jordan Glenn Payne David Shuck Larry Manuel jamce Green Lois Ann Archey janet Kxrkendall jimmy Picco Billy Peden Bobby Huffer Buck john s Eddie Bentley Phyllis McCarty Linda Derrxnger Mrs Grosswxler Bonnie Huiier Bob Swem jerry Milner Charles Hill Dale Miller Don Crum FIRST GRADE Row l. jerry Simmons, Blaine Burns, Tony Sanders, Harold Redman, Louie Tucker, Kenneth Webster. Row Z. Homer Schuckers, janice Kay Bowers. Wanda Gookins, Wilma Graves, Phyllis Kirkendall, Carol Wright, Robert Barnett. Row 3. Harley Lee Pullers, joe Davis, David Young, O Georgia Damewood, Judy Sheets, Marlene DeWeese, Dale Orr, Teddy Orem, jimmy Orem. L3 ww V9 .1 XL AN i J f MFHWUUHES QQ xxx 4 A' ff 524' f , -bi K X, ' KL K f' K 0 o 5 1 5 2 f V f fx gk J , Lf A KN yf I if ' Q A NJ ' N. f SUNSHINE SOCIETY Row l joyce Orem Rosalle Creager Mary jane Miller Deane Beebe Marilyn DeWeese Geraldine Dickey Norma Morrls june Alder lrena Baker Margaret Whiteman Row Z Sponsor Mrs Padgett Marie Wlsehart Mary jane Wellmger Ehzabeth Whitlow Gladys Jewell Helen Miller Crystal Ruse Pauline Orr Rose Alder Betty Baker Beverly Timmons Carolyn johnson Norma Scott Marxlyn Milner, joyce Foreman Betty Alter Row 3 Bonnie Harrxson Alta Mae Porter Maxxne Beebe Maxine Whitlow Elaine Davis jane Dow joan Redrnan, Virginia Txcen Gertxe Michael jovannah Avery Betty Skiles Deana Hayden Betty jo Unger Sue Milner Patricia Whiteman BAND Ralph Hughes Rosalie Creager Duck Davis Paulxne Orr Betty Unger Charles Rodgers Row Mrs Bernice Llneback Band Leader Sue Milner Norma Scott Bonnie Harrison Carol Pollock Manlyn Mitchell Betty Baker Betty Slules Vlrgmxa Tlcen Ethel Ellison janle Dow Don Berry Donna Robertson Row Irena Baker Dwaine Tate Max Sellars Harold McQu1.n.n, johnny Kramer jovannah Avery Mary Harrison Carolyn johnson Clarence McQul.nn 4- D ' I I . . . . . . P Row l. Merlin Stewart, james Eikenberry, Elaine Davis, I I - I Z. . . . . . . . 3. . . . y ' ,Ag THE SUNSHINE SOCIETY The Sunshine Girls of 1947 48 had a very pleasant and profltable year Fifteen girls became members of the So clety at the Initiation Ceremony which was held September 17, 1947 This made a total of forty three girls In October the Riley Fund Drive for the children of Riley Hospital was started The girls also drew names for their Sunshine Mystery Pals The annual Thanksgiving program was given in the gym nasium for all the school The Methodist minlster, Rev Schuckers, was the speaker The girls glee club and the mixed chorus sang a number each and the first grade boys and girls also sang some numbers December brought the Christmas party wlth its usual fun and gaiety A chili supper was enjoyed after which the girls exchanged gifts and then went carollng They de llvered several Sunshlne baskets to the sick ln the com munlty At the January meeting Mrs Cllne gave a very helpful and instructive talk on the subject of 'Improv1ng your Personallty ' The club welcomed two new members, Marilyn Shockley and Barbara Hodson lnto the sncletv In February the annual Valentine Party, which was en joyed by all, was glven ln the gymnaslum March brought the high llght of the year, the annual to show thelr Mothers the 1deals for which the Sunshlne Society stands After the dellclous meal an insplrlng talk was glven by the speaker of the evenlng Thls was followed by several speclal numbersby the club In Aprll the officers for the fOll0Wlng year were e lected Several glrls attended the State Sunshlne Conven tlon at Lafayette, April 10th At the close of the busl ness meetlng a varled program was enjoyed by all The fare well party for the senior girls of the club was given 1n Aprll at which the installatlon of the new officers was held The Senlor members of the club bade farewell to the other glrls It is hoped that the Sunshlne Soclety w1ll continue in the future to be an lnspiration to the glrls in main talnlng high ideals Mother-Daughter Banquet, at which the Sunshine Girls tried 3 , Q- OXASQVA GRAND 01.19 scuooz. w-1 R ASSEMBLY QA- GRADE T W U lf TH!-: COOKS , sl ,. i1lLLv , 4 fe' Q f ' gflfffgff nl ET-X P J ' - u - " 'Y ff ' ' J.. , -' Q B ' if? , L - iii. I i nk - -' X1 ' 44 offxcfii'-5 , ' W? 5 L, 5 - '2 -uw N 4 I 1: ' , J- N L ,r " ' fl ' Q W af vs: . , had another class meeting today only this Sept Sept Sept Sept Sent apt Sept Sept Sept Sept Sebt Sept Sept Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Q 21 SCHOOL CALENDAR First day Oh! what a bunch of 'Freshies All anxious to see the new teachers Everyone is the Seniors The Seniors and elected Not a whole today The Seniors hurrying to get favorite seats and of course are over by the wlndows lose no tlme, they had a class meeting today officers lot of studylng done, weather is rather warm was a secret one Some Freshmen are wonderlng if plans are being made for thelr 1n1t1ation Well maybe Thls sure 15 gettlng monotonous, the Senlors had another class m68t1Hg This time they had to stay after school The Freshmen are gettlng worrled Several sleepy heads this warm afte noon Senlors order ed thelr play books The Sophomores are trylng to agree what colors they want their class sweaters Tough luck! Mary Jane Illler was operated on for append 1C1tiS Thls means the Senlors wlll have to order dlff erent play books The Sunshlne Soclety had thelr lHlt13tl0H last nlght The Senlors are beglnnlng to feel lmportant, they order It seems as though there 18 golng to be an ep1dem1c of appendlcltls amoung the Seniors Jack Johns, the class presldent, was operated on thls mornlng Mrs Davls 15 rather worked up about the bookkeeplng class not gettlng thelr workbooks Mrs Kramer seems to be h8V1DQ trouble WltH the play cast, they gust on't settle down Wlll you Doyleo Irs ramer thouvht she could smell smoke at play nrac tlce last Dlght Ask John :hat he knovs about lt fe had a movle 1D front of the assembly thls afternoon The Secreterlal TI3lD1DQ class 13 worklng hard on the play posters and tlCrStS It has flnally come after man, hours of hard Jork, the I 5 O ln . 6 . 9 ' O . 10 ' A . ll S . 12 ' ' ' ' 0 1: ' I' 0 . " . 16 ' 0 . 17 J' Q - . 19 . . . . . . . . . n . 22 . . . p . Q - ed their name cards and invitations. . 25 . . .' . . 27 . ' ' - ' 0 .' 0 r - V N. l Q I Vi o v' l ' . 0 .Fl o . O ' Q 0 5 "' o 'v'. . . ' ' Q . 17 ' ' ' W ' ' M Oct Oct Oct Nov Nov Nov lov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Senlors are to have the flrst night of the play tonlght Everyone thought the play was really good The Seniors were pretty scared Of course they are dreadlng tonlght The Senlors remembered thelr parts better last nlght The Senlors got a vacatlon today They went to Delphl and had thelr plctures taken Me had our first basketball game last nlght, the boys played a good ame but wasn't good enough to win over Jackson Those Senlor boys' 0 Why can't they get ln on tlme after noon houro Mrs Kramer, of Frankfort, gave an lnteresting book re vlew about the llfe of Abraham Llncoln The basketball boys and a few other Llds went to Frank fort and had X Ray's taken for Thanksglvlng vacatlon The Junlors sponsored the Dixie Four last nlght They had a large crowd and a lot of fun Ve had Convocation the 8Ct1V1tY perlod and lt was very impressive We played Mulberry on thelr floor last nlght, and they won The Seoreterlal Tra1n1ng class is beglnnlng work on the year book Ne played Scirclevllle last nlght on thelr floor It was a good game but Sclrclevllle won There was a Communlty Club meeting last nlght in the We played Jackson, there, last nlght It wasn't a very good game because they beat us too much The Sunshine g1rls and thelr Sponsor, Mrs Padget, had a party last nlght They decorated the Christmas trees and the assembly, and had a glft exchange Happy days are here again! We recelved refreshments and had an Xmas exchange and were let out for the vacatlon . 22 .rl u . . 25 ' ' ' . . 28 ' h . ' . ' . 2 " ', . 3 0 ' ... ' ' . 20 . . I D ' - I . 21 ' 5 - Nov. 26 Everyone's happy today, we are getting out this evening . 2 ' ' . . 4 2 ' ' ' ' . 6 ' ' . 9 . . . . . . ll ' Q ' i . ' ' . . 17 ' ' Sym. . 20 ' . . 25 . ' ' - . The Sophomores finally got their sweaters, and of course . 3 . . 5 . 6 . . 8 . ' . . S . .13 .17 we J .20 - .24 Jan.28 The Juniors had a class movie party last night and saw ' 1 .29 ' - . 2 ' , . 6 g ' ' . .10 .12 ' . .14 Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan an Jan Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Our luck has finally changed We won the tourney at Burlington Everyone including Mr Victor, was happy There are a few more droopy eyes than usual, but outside of that everything is the same The Seniors began the sale of their magazines today We played Kirklin last night It was a swell game The score was close, but we won We played lichigantown in the county tourney They won they are all wearing them We played Russiaville on their floor lost again Everyone is trying to get the school shape because the State Inspector is any day We played Burlington last night on them last night and building in tip top supposed to be here our floor and beat 'My Wild Irish Rose' They must've had a nice time it was late when they got home Or should I say early? I :under why some of the Senxors can't get into Govern ment class on time? Ask John and Bruce they migntlurw The Sunsh1ne Society had a meeting today There was a Student Councrl meet1ng today Several were brought before the Counc1l for breaking various rules A photographer came to take pictures of the basketball boys, the senior girls, and the teachers We played Sugar Creek last n1ght We played Michigantown last night on our floor, and they won Mrs Kramer is 111 today so Irs Alexander came to teach her classes Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Mar liar lar har Apr 1- ay The Seniors had a class meeting and took a vocabulary test today. We played Carrolton last night, here, and beat them There was a Student Council m88tlDg today and there were several KldS called 1U The Senlors soorsored a SYRU FALL game last nlght Every one enjoyed themselves sectlonal tourney, whlch is played at Frankfort gan today and we played Jackson The Basketball Banquet was held ln the gym last Hlght It was a very engoyable supper The JUH1OIS are nervous today because thelr play starts tonlght TOHlght lS the second H1 ht of thelr play They were really good last nlght The County Instrumental Music rehearsal was held K1TKllH The County Chorus rehearsal was held at ROSSVlllB last Dl ht Thls vas the last rehearsal before the f6StlV3l The music festival was held ln the Howard Hall at Frank fort last nlgnt The enlor sponsored the Donkey ball game last nlght veryone had a h1l8IlOUS tlme he Senlors left on thelr trlp to ashlngton and wlll be home lH SlX days The Junlors went to Frankfort to the typinf contest lhe tT8dltlOD8l lother and Dau htcr Danouet w s held 1U the Lym last H1 ht JUDlOI and QSHlOI receptlon 1lC6!' The GHIOIS had their Baccalaure te servlces l t DW ht WH the Qaotlst churcn The Commencement serv ces are to be meld tonl lH t gym ThlS xlll be a bla H1 ht for the en ors hveryone 15 happy today lt 15 the l t d y on scnool y er ne DlC1Gj Q 1 I . 20 ' ' Q 0 . 5. 1 x. 'lx . 0 L L' 0 . 26 The ' ' ' , be- 'vx : 0 0 6 ' - . . o I O , . l6 ' ' ' O W . 17 ', ' 'g ' . I X C I . 19 at T. . . Mar. 29 ' ' 'g . ' J ' . . . 3 ' - N I Apr. lO S ' s N ' . E W A . . . . ipr. ll T ' ' ' W ' -' . . . Apr. 17 L v g . Apr. 24 fl- ' ' .1 ' 3 F J - L -a ' 1 if 'P . Apr. l V l U G I " T. 0 J . 3 S ' . e ' ' as Lv- L - Q L A '. Hay. 7 i b E 'Qht ' the '-. ' 1' 'l 'P 3 l '. Hay. 8 F ' aa , ' ' as a ll L . E' G aldl ' L f C 'ISP 1 I 9 Q Q I1 l 151 'Q - 11 Im ff 'QW hr M W' , If F ' 9 5 X as as WKETUCS Q ,ffl 'LZ' Q34 DDD 9 V . film L5 Y I A' 'tv sg X 24: J 1 I ' 4 Q? X . 4 1 .f 'Q is ,AN ff , X K QF., ' 1 MN Sk ' j tg WW ' 'x X ' , w , X 1 'A' n' i in I NWT! L L X ' OV Dec an 9 Fe 18 26 27 28 BASKETBALL BOYS Don Ber y Clarence McQulnn Dick Davis stude t manager Ralph Hughes Bill Kammerer Kenneth Parker B uce Ed ards L H Victo coach jack johns Doyle Gaylor Don Alde Leon O r p xncxpal Ha old McQuirm FGREST BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1947 1948 jackson Mulberry Mxchxgantown Russmvmlle Mulberry Sc1rc1ev111e Tourney at Burlmgton Burlmgton Carrolton Klrklm Home Home There Home There Home There There County Tourney at Frankfort M1ch1gantown Russmvxlle Burlmgton Sc1rc1ev1l1e Colfax jefferson Sugar Creek M1Ch1gdntOWn Carrolton Sectlonal Tourney Jackson There There Home There There There There Home Home at Frankfort e They Row l. r, . . Row2. n ,I r w ,, . . r,, W N . 1 31 33 5 21 35 21 ' ' 28 53 26 ' ' 41 62 . 5 21 36 10 ' ' 24 44 19 jackson There 23 69 J . 3 ' ' ' 44 25 38 27 7 ' ' 32 31 -10 ' ' 28 33 16 ' ' Q 38 45 23 ' 41 36 30 ' ' 25 30 b. 3 33 357 6 11 26 44 13 ' ' 29 36 43 42 ATHLETICS Last year under Coach L H Victor the Forest team won nlne teen out of twenty two games This year Victor was back hoping to do the same thlng agaln Last year five Senior basketball boys graduated, three of whlch were on the flrst f1VS That meant that this year three second team boys would have to take TQSIT place At the beginning ctthe season Victor predicted that the team would win at least ten scheduled games But he missed his number gust a little bit During the 1947 oart of the season Forest came up agalnst seven opposing teams The boys fought hard but were defeated every game The second team had a little better luck and defeated Jackson, in the ooenlng game, 13 to lO and Russlaville 23 to 18 1n a later date When the l948 part of the season started the Forest team started winn1ng On January 3 Forest partlcipated in a four way l1V1t8tl nal tourney at Burllngton The other three schools re oreserteo were Burl1ngton, Carrolton, and Ervin The schedule was for the Bobcats to play Burllngton and Carrolton to play E v1n ln the afterno n The bobcats defeated Burllngton 44 to 25 nd Carrolton defeated Ervin That evenlng Burllngton defeated Ervln and Forest defeated Carrolton 3 to 27 The eobcatswmn the nets and a trophy The next scheduled game was w1th Kirklin on January 7 After a very hard and close game we flnally defeated them January 1 and lO was set aside for the County Tourney Forest played the 'lPSt game and was defeated by M1Ch19aDtO n 33 to 28 Then came anotner loss fter wh1ch the Bobcats defea ed Burllngton on our ome floor In the next four games the Bobcats were defeated by Sclrcle tlle Wolf x, Sugar Creek and M1ChlE8HtOWH In the last gave of e se son Forest beat Carrolton Flrst Team Se Jack Johns Doyle Gaylor Bruce Edwards Kenneth Parker Harold MCQU1HD Nllllam kammerer Don Berry Wllllam Sklles Don Alder Conrad Coleman cond Team Wllllam Robertson Robert Robertson Max wayne Mlller Davld Scott Don Manuel James Kammerer lac dughes Clarance 'CWUIDH Norman Sheets Wayne Unger Doyne Scott Allllam Hamllton Student Aanager Rlchard Davls fell headers Marilyn Deweese, VlPQlHla Tlcen, and Irena Baker L WALSWORTH s a " ' 0 o . . . l o v e. A ,.s. 0 . ' . Q o . . L 1. , u . . A o ' . A l 'T u f ' s - . . . . 1' 'J . . . 3 . . Q . , a . ., . Q . a . 0 A . o . . . , w .a , . xg .- - , . . t . - ' A L 3 o . .. . . . 4 . ., , ' v- , J a V - t'H 3 n, . 2 I . . nv ' . . ' 4 ,R . . , 1 r Y LV . . . . 1 A ' v g I v 7 . . . A 1 ' ' L' ' Q Q T . . . . r - 1 :QQ- LTXV f Lm.qf.,r..4 A Bound by WALSIQIITH Bnofn ns lu.-.1-n.A1e.u S Q v ffildagsbml, I p xg M, if lm 'ffh IQ!! 9'-f -f YHHIHOQUB FIMIVQ f fr 5 re. , Fife ' Wi" . wi ' I .W s x '4 'W Ri'P'f9d J' 4 lk null!! Q-QL' 4 mb I A .,, My f 4 f S 1 , N wt -fx Q , rl' "' P Rl ' ' ' Q ' w A A A Q F , ' iv!! y XA -xv ssGP'?ED .SKRU BALL GUYS "-sb e ff., g HAVING TROUBLE ? B3 "'E'l'l'l17 ,..., , asus UV- U3-I WI' Q' in' RT I I IE-EPER5 GAY GADDERS O 10177, 1 in f CROWDED AINT WE CUTE7v 0 1 F Y .L GAY SCHOOL DAZE MORE LEG S TUNIOR GIRLS An.: THE GANG NAME EM LOOK!! BOTTOMS UP GUESS WHO 3 PAL S ik' 'x U Nl WHUUQYQIMHNHS Q 'C Q- J . , xwil ' " xffg . 1 A .Q , , ! , T ' ' 'I+ N fl f fb x f Q S- X . U I I J I ..T..g ' ' I A I. 3 ll .L III SES f -- l ZS W 1 Y .fi ' TX , - ff ,z . ' 1 Qbbqt NM SMU N Mn!! 0 'N l iff! Qmmxwmusuw , . I f VX,-svxxxx f' K K X X2 Q f P1 ' 59 QV- , J 72 lx ' e - vu: X HQPCQ? I 'ff jf A , . ..Q. ov' Nl. x' ,- X Q Y ,U ,M fm N ,Ur SIA .V ' rw' F" . .,, 1 ST! fry SRAM' Rf X!-X ' 7' wk x ' , ,J Ai' f f 'V f' I A I X 502 di' S Iii U 1 P Ol ESL 1 Lssmv 114115 QSLNVL1 1. 151316211313 4 24 9 Fug e f "' f fi 1 -- :uri 1 -. -X n Q- .03 L Q ,lj S Q EUIN 1 'l a IAS :LT w Q W Li ' , ' 4 14- . ' L ' f K YO Lflx P,5.'.L L'f,UN:1.C1i1l I .L p,E',L1Ija'l'iQU C OMPLIMENTS OF I A livrn 8: 551311, Zim: QUALITY FURNIL URE RUGS CWD PHILCO 1'RANlxP O1 T INIJD-UN 0 0 O 1 FRI 1 AULFQ LUNIOLEUIW S'Tl'3,QJIV1:BEl1iCr-C AlfLLSi,gN tllfIlIlHH'lItH ELEVATUR UU. CUSTOM GRINDING CRf-XCBJNG, SHELLING, NILXING, CLEANING IVIICHIGANTOWN INDIANA. BEST WISHES TO THE FOREST BOBCATS SINCE 1891 Clinton Count Bank 84 Trust Co F01 LST INDLANA I o C OLFAX FRANKFORT ROSSV Il..I..E .ThE?FF8HkhDHQ 10rnu1g Tunes 11 AN1x1f O1 T INDUXNA FOLLOW '1HEl '111V1E.S SPORT PAGE FOR COUINF' Y SPORTS NE VVS CL RRS FURNY1 URF APPLIANCFS SOU1'HvFS1 CORNL S JUAPE BET1 TY L OD TLOX Lk SHOP Jhrre arrangement of flo wer-1 1S an art 135 has 1 abash Street Frankfort, Inchana Rhone 115 I l r .1 ' ' Q X 1 Y , 1 . 1 f' 1 ' -J F :J -, W rw 1 ww, :Am . J .. , 1 FRANLLFORT INDIANA PHONE 353 I Q 1 f r 5 V Q 1 Y il al A - A A X Lk 719 A 9 - t ,V . The Farmers Bank IVIICHIGANTOWN FRAN1 P ORT KIRI LIN SERV ING CLINION COUNTY FOR 72 YEARS IVIEMBEIX OF I+ EDERAL. DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Forest Indlana SLHPE S SERVICE STATION DIob1lL 'In-es and Bafterles Forest Ind1ana PR L1 ITTS ' STANDARD SERV ICE C OMPLIMEN 1 S OF Hughes Grocery FOHEST INDIANA E L Brookbank Co MCC ORINIIC DE FRING AND INTERNATIONAL. MOTOR TRUCKS PHONE 28 FOREST INDIANA Davus Fence CO, Inc HARDWAT F' RED CEDAR, ChEOSO'1 FD AND STFEL POSTS WIRE FENCE AND FARM GATES MICHIGANT OWN INDIANA I I I FARIVI IIVIPLEIVIENTS - 4, u 9 Hoosier Hoiphory HOOSIER CHIC1 S DI PENU XBIP' SINCE 192.2 REDDISH S HOOSIER lo CYLIND1 R FEEDS POULTRX HOG AND SI K EOLIPMENT COMPLETI I UNI OT MOM APPLIANCES FISHING TACI I T' BO ITS AND IXIOIORS I-IEFPIGEP HT OI S HONIF FIxI7'F7FRS PREFABP ICATFD FAI M BUILDINGS OLDEST AND MOST C JIVIPLLTE HATCTIEIQY IN CEN" RAL. INDIANA MICHIGANT OWN INDIANA Sowing aohnne Supply Shop 58 SOUTH IVIAIN STREET FI ANI FORT INDIANA NE W DOIVIES1 IC SE NIN IXIACHINES SEETHEN VII1'lL OUEFN AIXIERICA S I UNEST V XCI IJIXI CLEANEIX WE 1 EPAIR SEWING IIACI INES AND N ACUUM CLE ANERS OIL INI EDLES BFLTS CO1 PLIIXIE IN 1 S OI Deming 84 Thompson Co, lno FRANIQFORT INDUINA E I '.' 'N X 1 , ' . 1 - v 1 - -1 , X " I..1 " L 4 1 .J I ' " w It ' T11 V! A .J -1 4.1 7 ' 5 Y f ' f ' if 1 . , x . 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Frankfort M11k FRAZIER S DAIRY Phone 404 Ind1ana lc e C rearn Ellectrlc 55 South Mann Street Frankfort HAY W ORT H Heatlng Westlnghous e App hanc es Plumblng Phone 2. 07 Indiana se A xxx - X 1 an ' ' R 5 1 I 'E Q," ,X lv X 1 x , XXX ff ,-'J-Q-1. . , "f'1'. 5 iff. 4 Girl , ,- . L, 0, ,y Y Tlr es Rus slavllle MARTLN BROTHP RS SE RV ICE Auto Supphc-s Home AIDPIIGDCCS Phone 6 0 lndlan School Lunches IQUSSIHVIHE Rus s1av1Jle M1ch1gantown Gas Ice Crearn Road Z9 BOOST ERS Compllments f DURR SNACLX. BAP Fo1.nta1n SGIVICG Phone 34 School S lppllcs lndlanx Complunents of GARNBT HLAIEN lndmn PTQICP S CROC ILRY lndxanfl Compl1men+s of WATL LNS SHELL. CF KV ICL Lubr1cat1on fn' s GTOCSIICS Cold Drmks Phone 9123 Mlchlganlcmwn Indnana PANDS P ARNI bb QPLK M1HnGapOl1S Mollne Farm Maclnnery Sales Scrvme Mmchlgantox n THE GANDERS ROOST CAFE. 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Suggestions in the Forest High School - Log Yearbook (Forest, IN) collection:

Forest High School - Log Yearbook (Forest, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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Forest High School - Log Yearbook (Forest, IN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 43

1948, pg 43

Forest High School - Log Yearbook (Forest, IN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 40

1948, pg 40

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