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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1953 volume:

Wwjif O el Q 1. 4 I O - Q Q I ' n 4 i .Y .flmng 4.-..4..k 1z..L.-L ,.f M BA! I1 'YA ,,,,,:,,i.a,-,,,,,,,- ,, - - G I Published by THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 Forest High School Forest, Ohio xx OYZWOI' oi one oi the 'oapokeet goin us in OOT wrktheo me story X953 krwktes you to 'fx me page-5, may xg On the pages oi time book Xe ears oi our Xwe-5 . The Pmoum Staii oi Xwmg me-se euaperkences. As you dewe throng, equaX out 5 . fe ment erqoq 2 lefca fion We, the Senior Class of Forest High School, as a departing tribute dedicate the 1953 Forest Leaves, in lasting memory to Harold fSkinnyj Wright. Though his life spanned but a few short years, death failed to destroy the intangibles which remain to challenge us in service to our fellow man. His genial and friendly nature, terrific obsession to win in sports, deep sense of loyalty to his friends, a kindly and cheerful approach to all he met, are unforgettable and cherished memories. It is our humble and grateful wish to respectfully give recognition to one we grew to know and admire. 3 36,44 of Gznfenfa ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY STUDENTS ACTIVITIES SPORTS .fdclminidfrafion LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. J. F. Holtzmuller, Pres.g Albert Oates, Carl McKinley, Joseph Shields. NOT PICTURED: John Rabberman. Here is a group of men who, although they remain in the background a great deal of the time, make up an essential part of the machinery of this school. lt is hard to realize how many tasks they must perform in order to make our school a fine institution of learning. We should be very grateful for the fine work they have accomplished. We seniors are especially grateful to them for helping make this part of our lives thus far enjoyable and educational. May we all acknowledge their workin the future and praise them for it. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Baum, Principalg Mrs. Baum, Secretaryg Mr. Thomas, Superintendent. Our Superintendent, Principal, and Secretary at their busiest. Seriously, though, they are three grand people and would go out of their way to help the students. 6 HCM MR. THOMAS Superintendent Mathematics MR. BAUM Principal A. ' ig American Government History ..---'-"' N- .- W'-111' ,-:vw MR. PINE Industrial Arts Physics General Math Science IX Chemistry MRS. HOLT ZMULLER D Commerce MISS MILLER Latin English XII Girls Physical Education MR. WILLOUGHBY Coach Biology Boys Physical Education Science 8 Writing and Spelling 8 7 gn! MR. BROOKS Seventh Grade. MRS. GORDON Home Economics. jadflkg MR. BALMER Music. MR. GORDON Arithmetic 8, Senior English, English, Boys Physical Education, Assistant Coach. MR. BEC KER Agriculture , Farm Shop. I 0-A W 1 ff E .5 , '99 Q Q ' 1 Q X l1 ffs32gg55g5is2 '525525252X l ' 'M' , Lg , J SENIORS fleft ro r ight, SOPHOMORES fleft to rightl Elmer Seymour . Treasurer Gary Lehman . . President Bill Woolley Nice President Vincent Cramer . Secretary Not Pictured FRESHMEN fleft to right, Jim Hamilton . . Treasurer Dallas Parsell ,,,,,, Vice President Shirley Smithson , Secretary Patsy Tuorrey. . President Not Pictured 10 MASS Duane Smith .Vice President Bob Briggs . . , President Alice Thiel, , Secretary Tom Kellogg , , Treasurer JUNIORS fleft to right, Paul Staley, , l President Mona Fortney ,Vice President Carole Lehman , Secretary Geneva Gobrecht , Treasurer EUGENE ANSPACH fAunsieJ Commercial eniom Class Play 3,45 Basketball 1.2, 3, Football I,2, 3,4g Boys' Glee Club I,2. CHARLES CRAMER fChopperj Commercial Class Play 3,4g Basketball 1.2, 3.4, Football 1.2, 3.4g Boys' Glee Club 1.2. Compliments of BOLES-DANDURAND STUDIO Tiffin, Ohio ROBERT BRIGGS fHarveJ Academic Honor Society 3,41 Class Play 3. 45 Stu- dent Council 2, 3.4-President 4, V. Presi dent 3, Treasurer 25 Class Officer-Presi- dent I,4g Basketball I,2, 3. 4g Football 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN ELICESSOR fPatsJ Commercial FHA Ig Girls' Glee Club I t 11 , .1 VIVIAN COOPER fLuluJ Commercial Band 1.2, 3,45 FHA 2. 3.4: Class Play 3. 4, Girls' Glee Club I. YVONNE FRATER fvonniep Academic Honor Society 3. 4, Class Play 3, 4: Stu dent Council 2. 3, Treasurer 3g Class Officer V. President 2, President 3g Girls' Glee Club I. MARIORIE FREY ilvlargiej Commercial ' FHA 2, 3.4, Secretary 4, Class Play 35 Student Council 4, Treasurer 4, Girls' Glee Club 1. ANNA LEE HANKINS fAnniey Home Economics Band 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Song Leader 4, Class Play 4, Class Officers-V. President lg Girls' Glee Club I,4. CLYDE HARROLD qciydrep Agriculture Honor Society 3.4, Band 3,45 FFA I,2, 3, 4, President 4, Reporter 2, Treasurer 3, Class Play 3, Student Council 4, Basket- ball I,2,3, 4, Boys' Glee Club l,2,4g Mixed Chorus 3. FR ANKLIN HEMMER LY fFrankj General Class Play 3.4, Basketball I,2, 3, Foot- ball 2, 3.4. OHLIN HEMMERLY QOrieJ General Class Play 3, 4, Basketball I,2, 3, 45 Football I, 2, 3, 4. 12 2-far Wa , 'X ' NI ALICE IOLLIFF fOopieJ Home Economics Band I, 2, 3,4g FHA I,2, 3, 4, Historian 4 BETTY LOU JONES Gonesiej Commercial Band I, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3.4, Girls' Glcc Club I,2,4g Mixed Chorus 3. .P-' CARY KNEISLEY Qllugsl Agriculture FFA I,2, 3, 4-Reporter 3, Secretary 4, Basketball 4, Boys' Glee Club I,2,4g Mixed Chorus 3. THOMAS KELDOGG C1'ommyJ Academic Honor Society 3,4g Band I,2, 3,45 Class Play 3,43 Student Council 3-President 35 Class Officer-President 2, V. President 3, Treasurer 4, Basketball I,2, 3,45 Football 3,4g Boys' Glee Club I,2,4Q Mixed Chorus 3. PHYLLIS ANN LANDON fPhiD Commercial Band I,2, 3, Class Play 3,4g Girls' Glee Club I. 13 ROSINA KASER CRosieJ Commercial Band I, 2, 3,45 FHA 2, 3,4g Class Play 3g Girls' Glee Club I,2,43 Mixed Chorus 3. JACK LANDON Gacksonj Commercial Class Play 35 Boys' Glee Club I. BILL McDANIEL Wlickj Commercial Band 2: Class Play 3.4: Basketball 2, 3. 4: Football 2, 3.4: Boys' Glee Club 1. PATRICIA SUE PEART fPattyJ General Band I,2, 3. 4: Cheerleader I. 2, 3.4: FHA I,2, 3.4: Girls' Glee Club I.2.4: Mixed Chorus 3: Queen of Laughter 3.4. PATRICIA ANN McKINLEY fPatJ Commercial Honor Society 3, 4: Band I,2, 3,4: Class Play 3.4: Student Council 3: Class Off- icer-Secretary 2: Girls' Glee Club I,2, 4: Mixed Chorus 3. LEOTA PHILLIPS CToddyJ Commercial Attendant in Football 4: Band I, 2, 3. 4: FHA 2. 3.4: Class Play 3, 4: Student Council -Treasurer 4: Girls' Glee Club I. 14 WANDA MUSGRAVE Qwindyj Commercial Attendant in Football 3: Band I, 2, 3. 4: Class Play 3.4: Class Officer-Secretary 3: Girls' Glee Club I,2,4: Mixed Chorus 3. THOMAS REX PRICE fRexj Academic Band I,2, 3.4: Class Play 3, 4: Student Council-V. President 4: Basketball 1.2: Football I,2, 3.4: Boys' Glee Club I. 2: Mixed Chorus 3. DOROTHY MAE RATLIFF fDotJ Commercial Class Play 3,45 Student Council-Secre- tary 45 Girls' Glee Club l. LEE ROY RIGSBY fLeeJ General Class Play 3,45 Basketball Manager l,2, 3,45 Football 3,4-Manager 1,25 Boys' Glee Club I. ALICE 'rl-ual. qriuiep Commercial Queen in Football 45 FHA 2, 3,4-President 45 Class Play 3, 45 Class Officer-Secre- tary 45 Girls' Glee Club I. DUANE SMITH fSmittyj Academic Band I,2, 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Student Council 25 Class Officer-V. President 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Football r, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club I,2,45 Mixed Chorus 3. KENNETH WRIGHT fKennyj Agriculture FFA 2. V. President 3, 45 Class Play 35 Class Officer-Treasurer 35Basketba11 1.2, 3, 45 Football 1.2, 3, 45 King of Laughter 4. 6 61.55 POI? BC?- lt ls the year i965 and a beautlful day ln July. Everywhere in the town of Forest are huge posters reading, "Old Home Week. " Many days ago lnvltatlons were sent to all fonner residents urging them to attend and stressing particularly this evening when a wonderful entertainment is to be given. All the talent for this program ls strictly home talent. Every performer was at one time a resldent of this town and was graduated from our hi h school. 8 The hour for the great event has arrived. Every seat ln the vast new auditorium ls filled, and all are eagerly awaiting the perforsnance ln which many delightful surprises have been promised. The platform is a mass of beautiful flowers and autumn leaves and the walls are hung with garlands of plne and laurel. lt ls truly a festlve occasion. Seated ln the audience are many celelxltles. As I look about me, I see a number of my old classmates. There is Kenny, our kind hearted friend, who became very wealthy through wise investments, and ls now a noted farmer. His money is paying for much of the "Old Home Week' expenditures. The ladies ln me front seats are all stylishly and becomlngly dressed that they arouse my curlouslty. I am told that thelg beautiful garments come from the very select, not to say expemive, shoppe of Yvonne who designs gowns for all the best dressed women ln the country. She ls here herself and looks "the glass of fashion and mold of form. " Seated near her Ls Bill, a real estate dealer who owns so much property that he has to keep a card Index of lt In order to know it hlmself. He has glven the use of the auditorium and the spacious park, both of which belong to him. Seated at one slde, watching with interest, I see Alice Thlel, dignified and haughty. I asked about her and am told that she is the head of a very fashionable girls school ln New York. Standing ln the door, looking for old friends I find Tom Pt'ce, head Forest Ranger of the Yellowstone National Park. Except that he has grown a trlfle stouter, and looks more cheerful than ever, but stlll he hasn't changed ln personality at all. Two people, entering, receive a warm reception from the commlttee at the door. They are Bob Briggs, a famous Civil Engineer, and Tom Kellogg, a Mechanical Engineer, who together designed and constructed this huge new audltorlum. Around of applause greets the man just taking his seat by the window. He looks familiar and yet not quite familiar enough. I can't qulte tell who he ls. Now I know who he lsl LeRoy. Remember how he used to love electronics and repalr of TV and Radio etc. He has turned his knowledge to good account and now ls the greatest TV Tycoon ln the country--supervising all the TV manufacturers and stations. Directly behlnd LeRoy ls Duane, who is a great man of the Forest and knows all about the outdoor life. To prove this he has just been appointed Professor of Forestry at Ohio State. A woman is sketching the people as they come in and doing lt very well, indeed, for I peep over het shoulder to see. Of course, you know who tl1at ls. Yes, lt's Pat E. always the artist ln the class. They say she has become quite a famous person as Illustrator of magazine stories and newspaper articles. And now the entertainment is beglnnlng. There ls a hushed expentency. The lights in the aualtorlum fade and the footllghts flash on. Before the packed house appears a tall, dignified figure who makes an eloquent address of welcome. Some remember our famous class MC. , Clyde Harrold. He is now the Agriculture teacher of this llttle school of Forest and what I hear he is making qulte a hlt with the guys ln school. But first he calls attention to the beautiful flowers and other decorations saying that they were the gift of Roslna, now me leading florist ln town. I remember her exquisite taste ln decorations in years gone by and am not at all surprised. For as we all know she always was a flower herself. Clyde announces that after the entertainment refreshments will be served by Mrs. Gordon Brown, the former Alice lolllff, who is proprietor of the delightful Old Home Tea Room. As he speaks the words, my mouth waters in anticipation, for I have not forgotten the delightful refreshments she served when she entertained the class years ago. Now the entertainment beglns. There ls gay music, then on the darkened stage ln the spotlight appears a dainty flgure, klsslng her hand to the audience. My Goodnessl It's Patty, who in her childhood always said she would be a dancer. She has certainly kept her word, for she gives us a wonderful performance. The M. C. says she ls the most clever dancer In the world. What a salary she must get. Still the wlfe of Mr. Carl Sheldon she ls now teaching her children to dance. Next they announce a trumpet solo. Here she comes out on the stage. She is tuning up her horn. Who is it? I know. Why, it's Vlvlan. She ls now playing the tune "Outside of Heaven." I remember the time she played lt at a banquet at school. It is as beautiful now as it was then. I hear she ls making qulte a name for herself with her trumpet and a member of the all glrl band. Now she ls announcing that she will play with the director of the all girl band and here she comes out on the stage now. I know who this ls already just by looking at her small waist line. lt's Leota. Now the wonderful wlfe of Louis Plank and along with hlm they have four llttle splinters. Next ls a famous vlollnlst who plays the most beautiful music for us. Yes, of course, lt's Dorothy, and she plays even better than we always sald she would. She has just returned from a concert tour ln Europe. In fact she retumed a week earlier than she had intended, just to attend the Old Home Week celebration. The spotlight ls on Charles Cramer, now pianist In his city tavern. I can stlll remember when he was ln school the only thing he could play was "Roll Out the Barrel. " He plays beautifully and looks not a day older than when he played that song. And now here comes a man ln uniform. Why lt's the little fellow of the class. It's Eugene. As I can see he is now the blg Admiral Anspach. He sure has changed since he was in school: he ls much bigger a man today than I had ever expected hlm to be. I see a familiar girl. I know her very well, but haven't seen her for a long time. It's Betty. I hear she ls now the president of the Ohio Oil Company. She lr the first woman president of that company. And by the way she ls not married and stlll playing the field. Right next to Betty ls the prominent telephone operator of Forest. Yes, Marjorie ls now t.he owner of the General Telephone Company. She certainly has come along way slnce she flrst became a telephone operator. Jack Landon is a guy I haven't seen ln a long time and over there he stands. When he was in school he always had a good job at the Locker. Now he is one of the biggest owners of Super Market Chain stores in the world. His headquarters Is here In Forest. The spotlight ls now shifted to the great audltorlum organ, and the M.C. Introduces Wanda Musgrave, now organist ln a clty church and teacher In a school of organ music. She pl ' autlfully and looks not a day older than when she played ln the school programs. And now, out upon the pla olls Frank, with a little book ln his hand. He needs no introduction from the M.C. , for we all recognize him at once, Frank the author of th ghtful short stories. He reads us two of them and then gives a charming llrtle talk, telling how his friends ln the old home town lnsplred many of hls best stories. Then, last of all, looklng stunning in an elaborate evening gown, comes Pat. She is a writer of plays and has two successful ones running on Broadway now. She makes a friendly little speech, addressing particularly our superintendent and the members of the faculty, who are ln the audience enjoying the program and who look as young and awe-inspiring as they dld when we trembled before them years ago. Then the entire audience rises, as the performers all appear on tl1e stage at once. Our organist and our violinist play and, led by Chuck, we all sing 'Auld Lang Sync" and ad joum for the promised refreshments from Allce's Old Home Tea Room. As I am walking out I overheat two members of my class who arrlved late discussing the baseball standings. One of them, Isee, is Ohlin Hemmerly who always dreamed of being a big league baseball player and ls now pitching for the New York Yankees. Wlth hlm is Cary Kneisley owner of several large farms ln this vlclnity and also Short Course Teacher in the Forest Schools. As I enter the Tea-Room, my eyes are drawn toward the young woman helping Allce. Why lt's her sister-in-law, Phylliss I understand she ls the President of the local Mother's Club and also head of the local nursery school. As for myself I have just retumed from Oklalwa to attend this show. in by ANNA LEE HANKINS 1 A' Q ua.: ...elm -.sf F' CAM W We, the class of Nineteen Hundred Fifty-three, of Forest High School, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bestow the following possessions to the worthy people. To the Faculty we will our ability to have perfect attendance in all classes. To the Juniors we leave our empty Senior room and the ability to keep the chairs straight and the table cleaned off. To the Sophomores we will our athletic ability. To the Freshmen we will our ability to get along with other students. I, Eugene Anspach, will my angelic disposition to Dallas Parsell. I, Bob Briggs, will my Mathematical ability to Donald Kemerley. I, Vivian Cooper, will my ability to run across fields in my bare feet to Joann Weber I, Charles Cramer, will my ability to play basketball to Clyde Hagerman. I, Pat Ellcessor, will my long hair to Lois McMaster. I, Marjorie Frey, will my ability to put my foot in my mouth every time I say some- thing to Marilyn Anderson. I, Yvonne Frater, will my position on the Annual Staff to Mona Fortney. I, Ohlin Hemmerly, will my ability to be absent from school to Bill Parsell. I, Anna Lee Hankins, will my activeness to Marsha Packer who already has a good start. I, Franklin Hemmerly, will my bashfulness to Harold Wedertz. I, Clyde Harrold, will my height to Bill Woolley. I, Alice Jolliff, will my love for Fords to Janet Rockwell. I, Betty Jones, will my ability to get to school on time to Carole Lehman. I, Cary Kneisley, will my good looks to Vincent Cramer. I, Tom Kellogg, will my position as President of the Honor Society to Jim Hamilton. I, Rosina Kaser, will my rosy complexion to Alice Rizor. I, Phyllis Landon, will my ability to stick to one man to Carolyn Clinger. I, Jack Landon, will my brains to the teachers. I, Wanda Musgrave, will my nickname "Windy" to Kay Kratt who will do justice to it. I, Pat McKinley, will my ability to get along in band with Mr. Balmer to Jean Overly. I, Bill McDaniel,will my ability to attend school to Ray Kauble. I, Tom Price, will my ability to catch big fish to Mr. Baum. I, Pat Peart, will my ability to get a man to Anna Mae Harrold. I, Leota Phillips, will my twenty-two inch waistline to Donna Robinson. I, Dorothy Ratliff, will my talkiveness to Audrey Switzer. I, I..e Roy Rigsby, will my managerial ability to my brother Tommy. I, Duane Smith, will my ability to get along with English teachers to Smoky Merriman. I, Alice Theil, will my secret desire to marry the man in the moon to Esther Sellars. I, Kenneth Wright, will my football ability to Joe Fredrick. 17 'L 3 gl L 0 Er . 9- -41. .V Marilyn Anderson Clayton Bash Barbara Burk Barbara Clinger Carolyn Clinger Mary Jane Forney Mona Fortney Joe Frederick Bonnie George Geneva Gobrecht Arlene Hemmerly Bill Holtzmuller Bob Johnson Virginia Jolliff Carole Lehman Miriam Mentzer Lawrence McKee Lois McMaster Louis McMaster Marsha Packer Shirley Patrick Alice Rizor Donna Robinson Esther Sellers Marcia Staley Paul Staley Evelyn Tracy Joanne Weber Clyde Hagerman Not Pictured 5 was Vernon Clark Joe Conley Charles Cook Vincent Cramer Thomas Eatherton Sally Edgington Ruth Ann Elwood George Engle Ronald Fewell Donald Flowers David Frater Willis Frey Robert Gordon Doris Harmon Anna Mae Harrold Vernon Hemmerly Ronald Horn Ge raldine Humphrey Betty Johnson Jim Johnson Phyllis Jones Shirley Kalb David Kauble Carolyn Krout Roxie Landon Shelba Landon Cvary Lehman Donna Miller Janice Miller Delores Overly James Parcher Bill Parsell Tommie Rigsby Janet Rockwell Elmer Seymour Mary Lou Smithson Sharlene Spearman Richard Stewart Audrey Switzer Eileen Thiel Harry Thompson LaDonna Tracy Lloyd Waller Harold Wedertz Dick Wilcox Raymond Woolley Janice Zimmerman Not Pictured: Leroy Merriman SDP 0l'l'l0I'erf F37 iii ff N 9- I 1- s . 0' - N 4 'A U . If Qs mr" uh A I F , 5 lt. lah- ' T r' 5' ' M1 0 J Z' ' 5- rn . k,,, . Q .QQ Y , ffl- N . 'Ji iv- ! . - Q' Qs-. fin Q Y 1 fr Q ' 5 . l , . vu- 1 if X I6 314054171811 Miriam Burk Betty Ellcessor Barbara Fields Richard Frey Paul George Jim Hamilton Janice Hart Joanne Hemmerly Allen Horn Dolly Johnson Ray Kauble Gerald Kemmerly John Lawrence Kay Linke Nancy Marshall Bob McKee George Miller Norman Musgrave Raymond Musgrave Dale Musselman Gale Musselman Dallas Parsell Ronald Rizor Susan Ropp Norman Sink Shirley Smithson Carl Spoon Lois Thacker William Wilcox Leatrice Williams Not Pictured: Patsy Tuorrey Margery Harford Carolyn Swanson Mary Gillen Vera Mae Essinger Kay Kratt Jean Overly Betty Dibble Gladys Willike Virginia Brown 6964 QL, Q n MAL now , S1 nnOu4G , WET 'SO QAGWY -, Ruben annum, xlcxxn Bog A, Esanxann xshevnfnan, yamee xciiexson, Rang Ong, Vlxcnaxd NXcNXXXXen, Oaxlkd xnaxqnan, Leona Xlncxaeu, Xenxj Gwen. S6111 Mavsnah, 280 ROW -. Bavoaxa XN mnbxod, Donna Psnckexson, Snmeq Sxmeq , Donoxnq Nixgnx, XIX:- 'gnxa Cmanxex , 'ama wanna, Ynqhis 'nexnnxewg , Snxdeq Edgxngxon, 9318 YNWQWQY - GCN XOWXSOW Nmnxan x.aiXcx:1 . 1,80 RGNN -. mn Covokn, Sandxa Psnsnackx, Banana Swiwex, Rose Yaxcnei, Oiane xones, snmcq Evaxex, Cecxxxa Yxnv, kmna Sxevl au. Sean Bnnxnnveq , nonxse Ramii, rhanbjn GCVL. -3,939 Q3-Log, wg, QOQAOQ, Nia SLONN -, Xeanneue Exedencxa, vhanj Baxbata Spencei, Snmeq Gobiecm, Vwanaaxa Law exenoe, Uma-5 xxhnsgjxave, madonna Coonex, ilnnx 'LaXb, Snlueq ind, ?wXSn2 EWO06. Rose wane Pxexce , Laing Enoessox , NN amen xnotn, 516 ROW -. Vicnasd Ynce, Geotge YXMSOXG, Eugene Req , Oavxd Yosx, Semen Conxeq , xnanoxd rhewkn, Bonn Sxew au, Dxcxa How ess, NN amen 'ZAnXnXev man, Dan xshcxkee. naw now, new 10 3661, Com 8223? 'xixigixg mx' Dm Km' mix Yi??jSi1vxTn:31v3c3Xx22QeSuTXF au' Wim SN mv-. W anim P-nckey xxAeXvy,jWX'aj1,::S'f3Sli.- Y-3:0 KNkXx4xns, Yvonne Qjeawrciuizbgfgixafxa gage: . 'LND Dennimn ' ' Xa 39509. 98 nmnd 1 ' ' en 39391, Gaim Wifxiggaiziiidkiane Xlekogg, Due 3Ansg,mavi?u5i23ioZEitiAq' A' MOON' 399 ROW 1 Mcmmcxj 0 New RO G Qy,au?J-mm' umm Soumw am' Kan Wmdx xunt, Xjxnda Lon Nikkei. Bcuy Packs ,A I - mdmwoouexi ' Mm gina X43 Ex C' M102 YWWPNCS . Canoyn Y- nw snvex, 'Yneuna Sheen, Snmgv Rzxylilensaxx- 9391218 Spoon, Tom Gtnbbs nnan. ABSENT: Bonnie yqume. ' 3 3 Slmvson, Leon Oaxes, Cam. ' eUenfA gifacfe WH W ann, same BACK ROW, STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: John Frater, Mildred Frey, David Clark, Barbara Lou Kellogg, Joan Kauble, James Bunnell, Betty Ann Burk, Peggy Draper, Ray Roller, Betty Humph- rey, Gene Parsell. 2ND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Donna Thompson, William Woodward, Robert Bash, Joyce Patrick, Robert Wilcox, Sue Snyder, Larry Thiel, Sandra Sons, Marion Thacker, Robert Kauble, Mrs. Threlkeld. IST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Beverly Fields, Eugene Knapp, Richard Reed, Marilyn Hempy, Patricia Shields, Robert Johnson, Mary Ann Weber, Sonya Parsell Richard Gobrecht, Logan Miller, Mary Ellen Cooper, Stanley Horn. ABSENT: Wanda Rucker, Kristina Kauble, David Gillen, Clarence McKee. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Albert Simpkins, Dan Long, Larry Getz, Maurice Lamb, Robert Gardner, Marjorie McKee, Janet Hipsher, Linda Post, Linda I-Iemmerly, Neil Humphrey, Keith Sink, Raymond Wright, Roger Boehm, Miss Garver. 3RD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Brown, Kay Ross, Joann Corwin, Nancy Moats, Cinderella Searles, Nancy Lehamn, Alan Miller, Rita Roger, Dick Tracy, Donna Burnett, Martha Parsell, Bonnie Hart. 2ND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tommy Reed, Bobby Durenberger, Larry Phillips, Allan Musgrave, Linda Edgington, Joyce Willcke, Shirley Lamb, Patty Baker, Linda Durenberger, Carlos Ratliff, Danny Evans, Betty Hart IST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Trissler, Lynda Frederick, Linda Powell, Phillip Johnson, Donald Brunkhart, Jack Corwin, Don Rabberman, Patrick Ream, Kay Fewell, Dianne Hodge, Ronnie Spearman, Dean Elwood, James Frederick. ABSENT: Shirley Mclllfrish, Sharon MeVay. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Doris Halsey, Carol Warmbrod, Glen Van Atta, Paul Cramer, William Pierce, William Harp, Vadis Dials, Shirley Tuorrey, Peggy Keer. 3RD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Laretta Ulrich, Susan McFarland, Gloria Draper, Thomas Harrold, Gary Cramer, Eddie Manns, Dane Shields, Loretta Forney, Mary Ann Earherton. ZND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Phillips, Louis Ellcessor, Raymond Thomas, Norman Kemmerly, Donal Searls, Janice Jolliff, Mary Lou Kalb, Larry Daniels, Lewis Thacker, Miss England. IST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Wanda Stewart, Penelope Webb, Dale Stewart, Alvin Spoon, Arden Crawford, Charles McKee, Roger Buess, Kenneth Schlatter, Rose Miller, Brenda Ellcessor, Janice Madison. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Elaine Humphrey, Delores Humphrey, Shirley Dibble, James Cavinee, Randall Bohm, Garry Parsell, Eugene Reed, Dilbert Thompson, Larry Willeke, Norman Treen. 3RD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Musgrave, Orville Dials, Gerald Kemmerly, Martha Bliss, Sharlene Horn, James Moats, Carlton Musselman, James Stephan, Carolyn Poling, Elaine Swanson. 2ND ROW, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Max McKee, Donna Evans, Evelyn Lawrence, Russell Hull, Steven Baker, Lorena Seebach, Jane Oates, Patricia Snider, Richard Rizor, Richard Smith. IST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Hempy, Larry Johnson, Gary Elwood, Dale Madison, Zelpha Melvin, Janice Lamb, Donald Bash, Ellen Jane Spoon, Maureen Phillips, Diana Snider, Gary Sheets, Donna Thomas. 24 BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Ellcessor, Barbara Hougendobler, Opal Gault, Sue Ann Manns, Sally Marshall, Susan Rall, James Rizor, Phillis Rigsby, Edgar Peirce, Mary Van Atta, Sally Peirce. 3RD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. McVay, Nancy Humphrey, Ruby Kalb, Laurence Duenberger, Susan Becker, Alice McKee, Clayton Weber, Ronald Myers, George Miller, Clarence Roller, Tommy Rissler, Arthur Smith, Mrs. Fortney. 2ND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Brunkhart, Gene Frederick, Sue Clinger, Eugene Forney, Gary Harris, Carolyn Horn, Charles Mewhorter, Roberta Tracy, Justin Nicely, Virginia Packer, Nancy Staley, Bonnie Ratliff, Richard McKee. IST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Fewell, Nelson Dilley, Carol Buess, Tommy Lodge, Dennis Flowers, Roberta Fewell, Dick Eatherton, June Miller, Patricia Miller, Janice Walton. ABSENT: Dixie Draper, Rickie Carrol, Roberta Gillen, Jackquline Miller. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jonni Leeth, Robert Stewart, Nancy Hodge, Lindsay Ellcessor, Eugene Lawrence, Peggy Mahan, Marilyn Burk, Barbara Landon, Connie Ulrich, Sandra Trissler, Barry Weber, Carolyn Price, Sandra Rizor, Sharon Messmer. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sharon Fink, Eugene Farrison, Cheri Daniels, Tony Draper, Lee Atha, Marilyn Forney, Ray Weber, Larry Searls, James Rigsby, Sandra Wright, Joyce Shaw, Jay Schwartz. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ruth Ann Hougendobler, Betty Barlow, Connie Lawrence, James Frey, Shirley Gault, Karen Hankins,xCarolyn Lawrence, Earl Searls, Peggy Musgrave, Deloris Wilkins, Terry Sheets. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce Hull, Carl Gardner, John Cavinee, Sharon Klingler, Lowell Green, William Shields, Harold Snider, Ruth Ann Poling, Gary Southward, Averal Nicely, Dennis Walters, Shirley Stone. ABSENT: Rebecca Messenger. ff.. B1ol0gV C armed in ,ff I e6:5L0l'l:5 Since most of the annual shows the students engaged in the various extra curricular activities which take place from fall to spring, it seems that at least one page should show that the students of F. I-I. S. spend some portion of the school year in class rooms and laboratories. The classes pictured might be considered typical or the more studious groups might be posing for the "birdie". Senior EUS QW J f MWF V Qxfn KW' X Q f N N 1, N L :J w W x XX' N xy, ' xx X Y XXX N N 90' xx mmxxxmxxxxxx 1 X XX 4 Q' XXX X Q ,A ,X -'-.,-ff : l lg " ' l , if President . . Vice. President Secretary . . Treasurer . .Siwlmf Bob Briggs . . Tom Price . Mona Fortney Marjorie Frey Counci Pre s ident . Vice President. Secretary . Treasurer . jirdf ,gzmerifer . Paul Staley . . . Bob Briggs . Dorothy Ratliff . Leota Phillips STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Baum, Gary Lehman, Paul Staley, Sally Edgington, Clyde Harrold, Miriam Mentzer, Bob Gordon, Jim Hamilton. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Holtzmuller, Alice Theil, Jean Overly, Patsy Tuorrey, Marjorie Frey, Mona Ruth Fortney, Miss Miller. Z8 BOB BRIGGS , President .gzwfenf Counci The Student Council of Forest has been active for three years now. It is made up of the four upper class presidents, two students from each of these classes, one chosen by the class members and one chosen by the teachers, and the pres- idents ofthe F.F. A. and the F. H. A. The Student Council consists of 14 members and 3 advisors. The members are also members of the National Association of Student Councils. They have carried out the following projects this year: they sponsored a pep rally held last fall, and a clothing drive during Christmas season. The clothing and money collected was sent to Kentucky to be distributed among the needy. They helped purchase the new mimeograph machine, were in charge of several refreshment stands during the games, assisted in the graduation exercises in the Spring, and had representatives meet with surrounding high schools' student councils. The presidents are members for the full year while the other members are chosen for one semester only. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Baum, Janice Zimmerman, Carolyn Krout, Gary Lehman, Clyde Harrold, Paul Staley, Lois Thacker, Joanne Hemmerly. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Holtzmuller, Alice Thiel, Barbara Burk, Patsy Tuorrey, Dorothy Ratliff, Leota Phillips, Miss Miller. NOT PICTURED: Bob Briggs. ECON sgzln 85 fel' - F 'N 1, xg! nipgggx ' GN 31' . inn! ' ' N . , .. T' x ,y PAUL STALEY, President -,-,,,,,,,-,...,,,,Q,, ,,,,,--, 29 We, the staff of the 1953 Forest Leaves have earnestly attempted to cover every activity of this school year. We hope you will enjoy and treasure this issue as a record ofthe school events. STAFF: Yvonne Frater ........ . . Annual Editor Wanda Musgrave and Tom Kellogg .... Assistant Editors Duane Smith ........... Business Manager Bob Briggs . . . Assistant Business Manager Pat McKinley . . ..... Snapshot Editor Ohlin Hemmerly . ..... Sports Editor Betty Jones. . . . Activities Editor Miss Miller ..... ....... F aculty Advisor H l .i- f f . I x 1 . F'14 f':"" 4'-'Q it w Vw 'I 'iff-1 tt" A . - I r N' ' 1 Ir, .r Xl J' 1?- -. 1 fs In onor .ggciefg STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marcia Staley, Carole Lehman, Mona Ruth Fortney, Lois McMaster, Arlene Hemmerly, Mr. Pine. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat McKinley, Tom Kellogg, Clyde Harrold, Bob Briggs, Yvonne Frater. f1 The Forest Honor Society is made up of ten full-fledged members from the Senior and Junior classes and six probationary members from the sopho- more class. Last fall a trip was taken to Bowling Green where a tour of the campus was made. Also they visited the buildings and the classes. This spring the annual Hardin County Honor Society Banquet was held at Mt. Victory. We are proud to add that the president of the county Honor Society is from Forest, Tom Kellogg. 'l BOB BRIGGS YVONNE FRATER Valedictorian Salutatorian 31 P L- r"Nv STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT, IST ROW: Shirley Kalb, Betty Johnson, Donna Miller, Shclba Landon, Virginia Jolliff, Joann Weber, Shirley Patrick, Mary Lou Smithson, LaDonna Tracy. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT, 2ND ROW: Esther Sellars, Donna Robinson, Delores Overly, Rosina Kaser, Alice Rizor, Vivian Cooper, Shirley Smith- son, Roxie Landon, Evelyn Tracy. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT, 3RD ROW: Janice Hart, Anna Lee Hankins, Carolyn Clinger, Gladys Willeke, Carolyn Swanson, Dolly Johnson, Barbara Fields, Leatrice Williams, Bonnie George, Mrs. Gordon. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Brown, Eileen Thiel, Marilyn Anderson, Miriam Mentzer, Alice Jolliff, Leota Phillips, Patty Peart, Susan Ropp, Carolee Curran. The F. H, A. girls of the Forest chapter have an enrollment of 47 members and one advisor for this year. They have had among their projects, a F. F.A. -F. H.A. Christmas party in December, initiation of freshman members, participated in National F. H. A. week in November, and held a bake sale. In February they had "Family Night" and in May, a "Big Sister" party, along with presenting a few chapel programs throughout the year. OFFICERS MOTTO Pres, . ,,,, Alice Thiel "Peace first begins in the home" V. Pres. . Miriam Mentzer Sec. . . Majorie Frey COLORS Treas. . Eileen Thiel Red and White FLOWER Patty Sue and Red Rose Shirley in a chapel skit. Oh, what a beautiful sight! ls it hard work, Shelba? The distinguished FHA officers. u . 1 ' I I f I I X . 1 5 Q sf rv Pres.. V. Pres. Sec. . Treas. Reporter. Sentinel OFFICERS MOTTO . . . Clyde Harrold Learning to do .Kenneth Wright Doing to learn . . Cary Kneisley Earning to live . .Vincent Cramer Living to serve . . . Ronald Fewell . Vernon Hemmerly COLOR National Blue and Corn Gold SITTING QLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Cary Kneisley, Vernon Hemlnerly, Ken Wright, Clyde Har- rold, Vincent Cramer, Ronald Fcwell. STANDING QLEFT TO RIGHT, ZND ROW: Allen H-tru, Norman Musgrave, Donald Flowers, Ronald Horn, William Wilcox: Bill Woolley, Dallas Parsell, Mr. Becker. STANDING QLEFT TO RIGHTJ, 3RD ROW: Dick Wilcox. Willis Frey, Joe Conley, Elmer Seymore, Louis McMaster, David Kauble, Clayton Basli. The Forest chapter of the F. F. A. have an enrollment of 31 members and one advisor this year. They have participated in many things, some of which are listed: game supper with faculty and Board of Education invited, parlimentary procedure team competition in February, sent four boys to Kansas City, Parent-Son-Daughter Banquet in March, had first American Farmer in the history of the Forest chapter, Bill Kingman, and as money-making projects: a sausage Supper, selling candy, greeting cards, license emblems, everyday and Christmas wrapping paper, and a scrap drive. In June, they took part in the State Judging contest and in August, plan to go to Florida for a week or ten days. Compliments of HURZOG LTME AND STONE 33 40 t' T STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miriam Burk, Esther Sellars, Marilyn Getz. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Audrey Switzer, Ken Wright, Barbara Spoon. unior Q 6-055 The Forest division of the Junior Red Cross is made up of six representatives from the seventh grade to the twelfth. They have one local advisor and are chosen by their class president. They have filled fifty boxes and sent them over- seas, collected clothing during Christmas season for local needs, and assisted with the regular American Red Cross Drive in February. 34 ,SZAOJ palrof IST ROW, STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick Gobrecht, Bobby Kauble, Johnny Frater, Mr. Baum, Carlos Ratliff, Bobby Durenburger, Larry Ellcessor. 2ND ROW, SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Alan Musgrave, Richard Reedg Marion Thacker, Lieutenant, Norman Lafferty, Captaing Lonnie Miller, Lieutenant: Billy Brown, Tommy Reed, Lieutenant. l The School and Bus Patrol have been very active this year with 21 members and two advisors. Their service on the Patrol is voluntary and they may quit at any time. The School Patrol have three lieutenants and one captain and stand guard at two of the railroad crossings in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. The Bus Patrol have at least two and sometimes three on each bus to assist the children in getting off and on the bus. ua Paffof IST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gordon Woolley, Jimmy Bunnell, Mr. Thomas, Dennis Harp, Jim Corwin. 2ND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronnie Spearman, Morris Lamb, Stanley Horn, Raymond Wright. unior fm, On Thursday and Friday evening, May 8 gl 9, the Junior Class presented the very delightful and entertaining play, "lT'S A DATE" by Jean Provence. It is our opinion that every person in the audience was enjoying himself immensely while watching this play. We Wish to congratulate the Juniors on their splendid performance. Linda Rogers . Mrs. Rogers . Valerie Rogers Nadine Nilson. Diana Gordon . Kay Phillips . llka Marsh . . Patsy Fisher . Shirley Yeats . Queenie . . . Hal Montgomery Carole Lehman . Barbara Burk Lois McMaster Carolee Curran - Mona Fortney Carolyn Clinger - Marcia Staley Miriam Mentzer -Esther Sellars Marsha Packer - Bob Johnson CAST Buz Stevens - George Rogers - Austin Farrell- Jay Bishop - Director- - Prompters - Stage Managers - Business Manager Sound Effects Bill Holtzmuller Louis McMaster Lawrence McKee - - Paul Staley - -Mr. Paul Gordon - - Evelyn Tracy Joann Weber - - Clayton Bash Joe Frederick Arlene I-Iemmerly Geneva Gobrecht enior add pfag STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT, IST ROW, Franklin Hemmerly, Stage Director, Bob Briggs, Wendel Wilcox, Duane Smith, Nickie Barlow, Tom Price, Roger Armstrong, Charles Cramer, Frank Hall, Tom Kellogg, Freddie Smith, Cary Kneisley, Stage Director. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT, 2ND ROW: Phyllis Landon, Student Director, Alice Thiel, Minetta Miller, Anna Lee Hankins, Jenny May West, Vivian Cooper, Eve Wilson, Dorothy Ratliff, Student Director, Mrs. Holtzmullcr, Director. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT, 3RD ROW: Wanda Musgrave, Grandma Jackson, Betty Y jones, Marsue Bailey, Pat McKinley, Eleanor Bailey, Eugene Anspach, John Henry Bailey, Leota Phillips, E-Ann Bailey, Yvonne Frater, Mrs. Bailey. NOT PICTURED, Ohlin Hemmerly, Terry Randolph, Bill McDaniel, Stage Director. During the first few months of the school year, we found ourselves deeply ingrossed in working on our final class play, The Moon Makes Three, which we hoped would prove interesting and entertaining to everyone. We sincerely hope we fulfilled this ambition, that every- one enjoyed themselves throughout the excitement of the Halloween party and wedding, and that our play will stand among the unforgettable. We turn the stage, equipment, and the unforgettable practices over to the following classes and wish them every bit of success. You're down now, Marsy, Our director, still Cinderella and the Clown. Directing is not all talking! Can you get up? all smiles! 5"'fk'-'il i 1 l I i 1 I 1 I , SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT, IST ROW: Janice Hart, Mary Jane Forney, Esther Sellars, Anna Lee Hankins, Miriam Mentzer, Joanne Hemmerly, Lois McMaster, Nancy Marshall, Miriam Burk, Audrey Switzer, Eileen Thirel, Carolee Curran. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT 2ND ROW: Sharlene Spearman, Janet Rockwell, Wanda Musgrave, Evelyn Tracy, Janice Zimmerman, Marilyn Anderson, Kay Kratt, Shirley Smithson, Jo Ann Weber, Delores Overley, Mary Lou Smithson, Betty Jones, Susan Ropp. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT, 5RD ROW: Bonnie George, Carolyn Swanson, Ladonna Tracy, Lois Thacker, Donna Miller, Geraldine Humphrey, Geneva Gobrecht, Rosina Kaser, Carole Lehman, Phyllis Jones, Arlene Hemmerly, Carolyn Clinger. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT, 4TH ROW: Gladys Willeke, Donna Jean Robinson, Shirley Patrick, Betty Dibble, Doris Harmon, Shelba Landon, Barbara Burk, Sally Edgington, Mona Ruth Fortney, Pat McKinley, Carolyn Krout, Patty Sue Peart. The Girls Chorus this year is made up of 48 members, 16 of which sing first soprano, 13, second soprano, and 19, alto. They sang at the Graduation exercises, in the minstrel, in the Vocal Concert, and took part in the County Festival. They also sang at the contest. 38 SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Duane Smith, Tom Kellogg, Betty Jones, Pianistg Bill Parsell, Louis McMaster. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: George Engle, William Wilcox, Bill Holtzmuller, David Kauble, Paul Staley, Mr. Balmer. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT, THIRD ROW: Raymond Musgrave, Carl Spoon, Norman Sink, Jim Hamilton, Dallas Parsell. Eighteen boys make up the boys chorus this year. They are very active in their singing and enjoy it very much. They participated in the County Festival, in the Vocal Concert, in the contest, sang at the Graduation exercises, and in the minstrel. Kay, Betty, and Nancy: Freshman Is this how the Seniors practiced Grand march at the Canteen Initiation. for the play? STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Jim Hamilton, Vivian Cooper, Donna Miller, Clayton Bash, Clyde Harrold, Tom Kellofg, Paul Staley, Sue Kratt, Diane Jones, Tom Eatherton. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT, ZND ROW: Wanda Musgrave, Elinor Southward, Barbara Switzer, Donna Anderson, Carolee Curran, Wcnda Bash, Barbara McLaughlin, Carolyn McKinley, Mary Jane Forney, Sharlene Spearman, Rose Marie Pierce, Pat McKinley, STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT, 3RD ROW: Jo Ann Weber, Miriam Burk, June Overly, Phyllis Jones, Lcota Phillips, Carole Lehman, Geraldine Humphrey, Kay Kratt, Sally Edgington, Mona Fortncy, Betty Jones, Rosina Kaser, Evelyn Tracy, Anna Lee Hankins. SITTING St STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT, 4TH ROW: Gene Johnson, Jane Kellogg, Kay Ellen Baum, Jo Ann Hemmerly, Linda Jolliff, Barbara Burk, Doris Harmon, Miriam Mentzer, Alice Jolliff, Carolyn Clinger, Marcia Staley, Audrey Switzer, Patty Peart, Mary Barbara Spencer, Jeanette Frederick, Eileen Thiel. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT, 5TH ROW: Doris Musgrave, Sandra Anspach, Janet Rockwell, bois McMaster, Mary Lou Smithson, Janice Zimmerman, Louise Ratliff, Susan Ropp. The Forest High School Band consists of 63 members this year. Of these, there are: 13 Bb Clarinets, 10 Trumpets, 7 Saxaphones, 3 Flutes 1 Bass Clarinet, 3 Horns, Z Baritones, 4 Trombones, 4 Basses, 7 Twirlers, and Z Flag Bearers. Among the activities they have accomplished this year have been playing before game time and at half time at most of the football games, at the County Fair, at Halloween celebration, Senior Class Play and special numbers from the band for the Junior Class Play. They had a Band Concert in April and different parts went to County Festival, and went to contest. The Band has grown in size with the addition of new members and a Bass Clarinet. All in all, it has been a successful year. Compliments of MUTUAL OF NEW YORK Ralph Balmer 40 5 -h-. J Q Y Q- on M x 1 g. i yu. A .L. Heap big smile, Mona ..... Is this a Bride and Groom? Marilyn, who are you? ..... Ahhhhhh! Caught in their P. J. 's! ..... When was this taken? ..... S1umbering'7 . . . . .Are you dancing'?. . . . . Marsha where is the groom? ..... Who's the big smile for? ? ..... Duane's innocent year'?. . .. ,Z A . .1-ff' lx ff pf XX le f K .l f Our high srhool orchestra Queen of Hearts Joanne Christma5 Dance at the Canteen I7 Just trying to fiance Sorta small, are-n't the-y, Monk? Food is 50 rved N. Disgustvd Joann? Just a regular gab session N-Q' X A S15 ,xf omecoming At, the Annual Homecoming the Rangers defeated Delphos Jefferson with a score of 13-12. The Homecoming Queen of 1952-1953, chosen by the student body, was Alice Thiel, a senior. Leota Phillips, senior, and Carolyn Clinger, junior, were also chosen. During half-time, Queen Alice and her attendants entered the field through an aisle formed by the band and were escorted by the squad captain, Tom Price and co-captain Duane Smith. They were presented and given gold mums by the 1951-1952 Queen, Carolyn Baum. After the game, the annual homecoming dance was held in the school gymnasium with the visitors from Delphos invited. The students formed an aisle through which her majesty and attendants crossed the floor to the stage and her throne where Captain Tom Price crowned Alice, 1952-1953 Homecoming Queen. Queen N hpr Ce bein Leota Phillips, Alice Thiel, Queen, Carolyn Clinger. FOUE, rg GSC-O 1-ted fo T game court Viewi U8 th he royal Compliments of CAV1NEE'S RESTAURANT 9 T he tainqsueen flanked b . Price and Sinai!-c ..', A " N 1 cap., Carole, where have you been? ..... Phyllis and Dorothy posing ..... Supposed to be sleeping, aren't you? ..... The "trouble maker" of the "Moon Makes Three" ..... Our Junior class picnic ..... Wanda, Patty, and Betty in deep conversation! ..... Always reading his part ..... 45 H ,PE CO nwplilh 1 Cnt IURNIQILS GZIOQL K ' . SY.xXUX'5lG, Lkilfl' 'X'O'llL1X1xgm.L, , ' ' "un Burk, Sngxum H Hqrumn, Ca Chew UTY 'YO RIGHT: Busy rmyn Chw ur, NHY1. FQCLJQY5 So lllluwmr, Mm SX.-XNDKM1, .. Hey. My Sxuixh-wx. DUNN hay k2HuxxB1xxxxxx Vac X xy P21L'kUY , Cjamlyu Mdxn STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT. IST ROW: Bill Woolley, John Lawrence, Jim Hamilton, Eugene Anspach. Tom Price. L.oyd Waller, Raymond Musgrave, Norman Musgrave, Tommy Rigsby qManagerJ. STANDING, UEFT TO RIGHT, 2ND ROW: David Kauble, Duane Smith,' Vincent Cramer, Tom Kellogg. Elmer Seymour, Charles Cramer, Bob Johnson, Bill Parsell, Mr. Willough by fCoachJ. Mr. Gordon fAsst. Coachl. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronnie Rizor. George Miller. Bill McDaniel, Joe Conley, Harold Wedertz. Jim Johnson, Bill Holtzmuller, LeRoy Rigsby. Harry Thompson, Bob Gordon fManagerJ. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Vernon Hemmerly David Frater. Donald Flowers, Robert McKee, Bob Briggs, Kenney Wright, Ohlin Hemmerly. Gary Lehman, Frank Hemmerly. Rangers 6 19 57 13 34 13 6 65 7 25 FOOTBALL 1952 SCHEDULE Prevue Elida Pandora Delphos Jefferson Kenton Lafayette Columbus Grove Spencerville Ada ' Shawnee Compliments of, THE BOOSTER'S CLUB 47 Opponents 13 O 14 12 14 7 13 12 26 38 F. Hemmerly O. Hemmerly wright !l A I 1 Anspach I xi "7'g,-- 'uf'-AQ' I X 45 A,-,gay Briggs n-., I I, ,Q ffx A.. ' J' H fd' F! f. WT'-r9.1 I I . I lf' fl Y!! ' 1' ffffllff ,, .. .:"2Z"f.--J... ,fn 'L get is 5.,v,, A-5.--5 1' vviglrggt -15" WM fi 4 4t7"' Rigsby f? Cramer Price McDanie Smith X Kellogg ,A uf' KK il ,yi ri! 1' Y I uf 1 1, M wfqg, . ,553 I .'fg"1z'mQl 4315- ' 3,36 .fy , Coach Willoughby W Lehman .' iw On September 5th the Rangers met Richwood in the Prevue at Ken- ton. After leading most of the game we were defeated 13 to 6. That following week we played the Bulldog's of Elida. After holding a 6 point lead the first half the Rangers came back with two touch-downs and an extra point to defeat a strong Elida team 19 to 0. The next week we played our first home game, with Pandora. This was supposed to be the toughest team of the season, but the confident Rangers turned back the Fleet-wings 47 to 14. On September 26 we met Delphos on our home field. After being behind most of the game, the Rangers scored a touchdown with three minutes left to play to come out on top 13 to 12. This was a very thrilling game for the Homecoming crowd. Next the Forest Rangers invaded the Kenton Wildcats on the latter's field. This game is always a bitter rivalry. The stands were packed. In this game Forest jumped into the lead and kept gradually building up until the end of the game. The score was 34 to 14. Before the Dad's of the Rangers, we knocked off a tough Lafayette team 13 to 7. Traveling to Columbus Grove the following week we encountered our first defeat. Although we were beaten this was somewhat of a moral victory for the Rangers. The game ended with Grove on top 13 to 6. On the following week the Rangers traveled to Spencerville. Leading throughout the game we were victorious by 65 to 12 score. Then came the Ada Bulldogs, who were highly enthusiastic and con- fident. Due to a few injuries and a bad first half we were beaten Z6-7. In the season finale an experienced Shawnee club came to Forest. This was Mom's night and the Rangers lost this high scoring game 38 to 25. The Rangers finished in third place in the Northwest Conference. Everyone is looking for a fine team next year since there will be sev- eral experienced letterrnen returning. ., M mann-. 50 .Aw STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Willoughby, Cary Kneisley, Vincent Cramer, Elmer Seymour, Clyde Harrold, Duane Smith, Bill McDaniel, Tommie Rigsby. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Kellogg, Bob Briggs, Ohlin Hemmerly, Ken Wright, Charles Cramer, Bob Johnson, Raymon Musgrave. FOREST HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL Forest Qpponents Forest 73 Mt. Victory 61 52 86 Marseilles 70 69 68 Roundhead 35 58 73 Ada 57 76 61 Hardin-Northern 51 47 Morral 42 68 McGuffey 57 75 71 Alger 68 62 67 Arlington 65 61 Salem 69 51 Harcin-Northern 52 73 Sponsored by llilrfiifg 5821161 RECORD Qppments Wharton 62 Ridgeway 64 Sycamore 61 McGuffey 64 COUNTY TOURNAMENT Alger 69 Ridgeway 61 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Beaverdam 77 SPENCER LUMBER COMPANY The boys receiving the two trophies. The Rangers in action against Ridgeway. Kellogg f',1m""""Rt 1 I' f 1 FBITTCI' f" lggs I-lemmerly Johnson N .---'j'....-'J N Smith W ' Seymour McDan1el Wright Sponsored by LIONS CLUB OF' FOREST C. Cramer NOT PICTUREI Harrold Kneisley Parsell Holtzmuller Stewart I-Iemmerly Hor E T1 Ani' "'..'.7 R, X.. QNX SS X1 Thomson fa-?" Johnson Wooley STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tommie Rigsby, Vernon Hemmerly, Richard Stewart, Harry Thompson, Bill Holtzmuller, LeRoy Merriman, Ronald Horn, Mr. Gordon. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Raymond Woolley, Harold Wederrz, Elmer Seymour, Bi11Parse11, Vincent Cramer, Jim Johnson, Raymond Musgrave. The Rangers started the 1952-1953 basketball season with five returning lettermen. We played our first game at home with Mt. Victor and won after a see-saw battle, 5,1 to 73. The same week we invaded Marseilles on our court. The bulldo s had us tied at the half, but the speesy Rangers staged a tremendous fourth quarter and went on to win 86 to 70. On the next Friday we played host to Roundhead. Our height was too much for the inexperienced Indians. The final score was 68 to 35. The next game was with the Ada Bulldogs. The game was again close at the half, but another big fourth quarter won the game for the Rangers 73-57. And then we played our bitter rivals Hardin-Northern. Leading throughout the game we were victorious by 61-51 score. During Christmas vacation we played Morral in the Marion Colosseum. After a slow first half the Rangers won 47 to 42. Trailing at the half the Rangers came back strong to defeat a very strong Mc- Guffey team 68 to 57. Victory number eight was Al er by a close 7 to 68. On the foqlowing night the Rangers ventured to Arlington and defeated the experienced Red Devils 67 to 65. Then the Rangers lost their first game of the year. The Salem Cornhuskers were too much and the final score was Salen 69, Forest 61. Next the Rangers played a Strong Hardin-Northern team and were defeated 52 to 51. On Saturday the nearby Wharton team defeated the Rangers 62 to 52. Finally the Ran ers were back on the victory trail. Tiey met the defeated Ridgeway 69 to 64. On the next night the Rangers entertained the Sycamore team. The final outcome was 61 to 58, favor of Sycamore, Next week the Rangers played a return game with McGuffey and were again victorious 76 to 64. Then came the county tournament, After drawin a first round bye, the Rangers playeg Alger. After trailing by a considerably large margin, the Rangers came back and won 7 to 69. In the Championship game, the Ridgeway Tigers could not quite cope with the speed of our boys and we were Hardin County Champions by a 62 to 61 score. And then came the District Tourna- ment at Celina. The Rangers drew a stron Beaverdam team and were de- featezf77 to 73. The Forest Rangers completed a successful season winning 13 games and losing 5. aniforri Clair Wetherill, Herman Musgrave C2045 Julia I-Iinebaugh Blanche Burdett riuerd Adrian Peart, Bill Hamilton, Mr. Becker, Herman Musgrave, Morris Burk, Minnie Peart, Thelma Burk. 3 I 4 Our tender years! ..... Sorry, cou1dn't figure this out! ..... Eating breakfast? ..... So many, many years ago! ..... Primping? ..... Are we posing? ..... What a mess! ..... Chief cook and bottle washer ..... Whist1er's Mother? ..... 56 I N ,. 1 -a A Q 4. " Q 11 in xn- lg - 1L'!f!..,- ' u 427621, Q .s x. -.fl ii nr .git 'r 51 he v ii, f Wig , . 'Gm-Gi. ix 9 V14 an 'Gu is fr 95. What is Shirley and Esther looking at? .... Very pretty picture, Betty. . . Always laughing?. . . ls John shy, or is it Pat? .... What in the world is going on down at the other end! '? !.-. . Why so serious Duane, there are better days ahead? ..... Bathing Beauties of 1952. . . Pert little Vivian ...... Is this Betty? . . . Just call them the "ugly ducklings". 57 mm of 1953 'J 1 . 1 H I. A1 .f J' V! ...L Something is interesting! ......... They must have been to the prom? '? ?. Think they'll live through the girls' cooking! ........ Cinderella 81 HER King! . . . . . . . . . . Time out from eating. . . . . ., . Poor Pat, lost without Bob... . Empty throne? . .Not for long!! ........ This way for refreshments ......... . 58 gil I V A I K ., gl t Q L , - , 4 .4 in V i "Cv ,y x ..,. , ' j : A 15 xc V V 'I xx? 4 I Q x .1 hit .V . 4.153 M ill Aren't we robbing the cradle? . . . Charles Atlas ll ..... Twins or just dressed alike? ........ Carole, really! ..... Eugene Frey and his wolf dog ......... Why the snooty face, Wanda? ...... Who says there isn't a Santa Claus, here's proof! ....... Cram the gams! ......... My how Tom has changed ......... Our annual advisor's happiest day of her life ..... Hold it, Lois, ....... Pop!!! ...... Smile, Joann, there's better days ahead ...... . . . the end of our annual. 59 Wk Congratulations and Best Wishes to Class of 53 MCBRIDE FURNITURE CO. Forest Ohio Compliments of FARMER'S SOHIO SERVICE Forest Ohio GRAY 8: WHITE COMPANY Cash buyers of Poultry, Cream and eggs. Doyle Critchfield, Mgr. Forest Ohio Good Luck and Best 'Wishes to Class of 53 PAUL L. JOLLIFF Stockyard Livestock Trucking Livestock Service Forest Ohio EEIIEESE EEHIIEER 8 Ellllll SERVICE SUPER MAIEKEE Groceries - Frozen Food Lockers Meats - Complete Processing Lowest Prices Possible Forest Ohio Compliments to Class of 53 J. E. SIMPSON PEER'S RECREATION D.O. Peer, Prop. Forest Ohio Forest Ohio , Success Best Wishes to to Class of 53 Class of 53 CARL SIMPSON Insurance Agency Forest Ohio KROUT'S COAL YARD Forest Ohio PAUL. E. ANSPACH Phone 2.22 Forest, Ohio DR. 8: MRS. J.F. HOLTZMULLER Best Wishes to Class of 53 Forest Ohio F. Best Wishes to Class of 53 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Every Banking Service D. I. C. Insurance on Deposits Forest Ohio Compliments of MCDANIEI.. MOTOR SERVICE Forest Ohio THE CHR H3 MAHKH Wishing Success To The Class of 53 Forest Ohio Congratulations to the "Class of 53" SHIELDS FUNERAL HOME Forest Ohio Congratulations and Best Wishes to The Class of 53 LUTZ VARIETY STORE RURAL ELEC. MART Zenith Television and Radio Electrical Appliances and Service Forest Ohio Compliments of STOPHAN'S SOHIO STATION Forest Ohio Best Wishes to Class of 53 FOREST GRAIN AND SUPPLY Dealers in RURAL ELEC. MART Grain Zenith Television and and Radio Seeds Electrical Appliances 81 Service Forest OMC Forest Ohio Here's to the Class of "53" Phone 110 May the Bells of the future always ring for them SCHOTT'S STYLE SHOPPE Forest Ohio PFEIFFER'S Clothing and Shoes for Men and Boys Dry Cleaning MCENT TEE HARDWARE B.P.S. Paints Electrical Supplies Home Appliances Open Evenings FOI'CSt Ohio Forest . Omo GEORGE BUXTON'S BARBER SHOP E. Lima Street Forest Ohio DR. F.E. FREED Best Wishes to "Class of 53" Forest Ohio Compliments of BASINGER JEWELRY STORE and STUDIO Forest Ohio THE lllIS SHIIPPE Forest Congratulations and Best Wishes To The "C1ass of 53" Ohio Good Luck Best Wishes FOREST CLEANERS To The Cleaning Class of "53" Pressing Laundry 1 MR. AND MRS. OLAN RAHRIG L.M. Edgmgton MARGUERITE 'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Good Luck to the Congratulations Class of "53" and HARMAN'S TAVERN Best Wishes to the Forest Ohio Class of "53" Forest Ohio DYSERT'5 WEBER'S AUTO Restaurant BODY SHOP C0ngr8tl11ati0f1S Collision Repair to Auto Painting The Class Free Estimates of Satisfaction 1953 Phone 103-J Forest Ohio Forest Ohio Best Wishes To The "Class of 53" KRAMER BHIHHERS Forest Ohio Best Wishes To The DR. G "Class of 53" B.VANAIlA M.D. Forest Ohio Good Luck Compliments f FOREST CLEANERS 0 , UNIVERSAL DISTRIBUTORS INC Cleaning ireszmg Manufacturers aun FY Farm Equipment I... M. Edgington Forest Ohio Forest Ohio LAUN Mrs. Alma Price Forest HAIJS SNACK BAR BEAUTY SHOPPE Ohio REXIN'S INC. Fine Furniture 81 Appliances 'IYQL r East Side Square Phone 7172 Kenton, Ohio Forest Ohio Compliments of HIRESI Slllllll YARDS Daily Livestock Market Livestock Auction Every Thursday Kenton Farmers Marketing Corp. V.R. Briggs Phone 36F4 Forest, Ohio BllIlIllN'S Mllll PRUIIUCTS Glen March Distributor Don't Buy Your Bouquets at BAUGHMAN They Are Never Any Good Kenton Ohio Compliments of CHARLIES HOME RESTARAUNT Kenton Ohio Best Wishes to "Class of 53" PAUL. N. MCKINLEY Kenton Ohio ROOT LUMBER CO. Everything to Build Anything REXINS INC. Fine Furniture 8: Appliances phone 7234 East Side Square Kenton Ohio Phone 7172 Kenton, Ohio DAVID WAX Compliments of Coal Company THE NEWS Kenton Ohio Kenton Ohio HARDI CHU ll AUl0MORlll DlAllRS ASS . Aldrick Motors Sales Baker's Collision Garage Cole Motor Sales Fred Kennedy Harken Chevrolet Liberty Chevrolet Inc. A. C. Wentz Luft 81 Gardner Motor Sales Pfister's Garage Rhoades Garage Short Motor Co. Steward Auto Sales S 8: S Motor's Sales Inc. Kenton Iowa Compliments of . CONKLE AND EDMAN Compliments Florists of . Flowers for all Occasions K t Oh' KENTON BOTTLING WORKS en on to Kenton Orange "Have a Hires" Kenton Ohio MOORE'S STEAK HOUSE Pete and Betty 935 North Detroit Street Phone 9142 Kenton Ohio STEWART GUST MARATHON Tires, Batteries 81 Lubrication Congratulations Corner of Franklin 8: Main Kenton Ohio to Class of '53 M. A. HOGAN ELEVATOR 0SB0RN'S FURNITURE and Grant Ohio APPLIANCES 910 West Lima St. Kenton Ohio Compliments KIRKLAND BOOTERY of "Everything in shoes but feet" HARDIN COUNTY OIL CO. Phone 6238 Gasoline-Oil-Coal-Tires Kentgn Ohig Phones 9172 and 8215 Kenton Ohio GUS DICK'5 BOBBI SUE Complete Food Service "Try our double decked sandwiches" "Everyday Low Prices" Kenton Ohio Kenton Ohio GUS DICK'S Complete Food Service "Everyday Low Prices" Kenton, Ohio Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSN. STORE Phone 8266 Kenton, Ohio Compliments of HARDIN FARM BUREAU and CO-OP ASSOCIATION Kenton, Ohio B. 8: M. AUTO PARTS, INC. 125 South Detroit St. Kenton, Ohio "Comp1ete Machine Shop and Parts S Phones 4409 or 4024 ervice" Good Luck 8: Best Wishes to Class of 53 SEARS ROEBUCK 8: CO. Order Office Phones 2293 8: 2294 Kenton, Ohio THE VOGUE SHOP West Side Square Distinctive Wearing Apparel Kenton, Ohio F. H. BAILEY 8: SONS CO. Transit Mixed Concrete Building Supplies General Excavating Compliments of REPPERT 8: SONS Farm Supplies Box 68 Kenton, Ohio Kenton, Ohio KRAUS JEWELRY STORE Compliments of LONGBRAKE DYE AND MOLD Kenton, Ohio Kenton Ohio KENTON FLORAL CO. Compliments 115 North Detroit of Phone 5212 Day or Night Kenton, Ohio DR. E.F. HOLDGREVE Optometrist Kenton Ohio BOSTON DEP'T. STORE INC. North Side Square Shoes - Dry Goods - Ready to Wear For the Entire Family Congratulations HOUSE of McCOY Rexall Drug Store Kenton Ohio Kenton Ohio Compliments of Shop STEINERS' at Floor Covering NOURSE'S and Plumbing Kenton Ohio P50113 4311 Kenton Ohio John C . Steiner L is Compliments Shop At of NOURSE'S JERROLDS' Men's Clothing Kenton Ohio Kenton Ohio Success to the Compliments "Class of 53" of BRADLEY JEWELRY 8: OPTICAL HORD Kenton Ohio Kenton Ohio Compliments of Kenton Ohio Compliments of BELL' BARBER SHOP Forest Ohio BestWishes to the "Class of 53" SAN-A-PURE DAIRY Finest in Dairy Products Findlay Ohio Findlay's Complete Music Store Conn and Pan American B. S. PORTER 8: SON CO. Steinway 8: Everett Pianos Hammond Organs Findlay Ohio Compliments of TURNER FENSTERMAKER Shoe Company Findlay Ohio Gifts worthy of the Finest Sentiment LESTER THOMAS Diamonds - Watches Compliments Silverware 303 South Main 111 Findlay Ohio of BAKER LUMBER COMPANY THE KENTON-DUNKIRK Creamery Company Wharton Qhio Pasteurized Dairy Products Kenton Ohio Best Wishes Compliments of and , NEISWANDER'S Success To Class of INSURANCE 53 AGENCY MAXINE'S APPAREL SHOP Forest Ohio Upper Sandusky Ohio THE KIRBY ELEVATOR INC. Hardware and House Wares Refrigerator Service Roofing, Spouting, Painting Kirby Ohio Best Wishes to Class of 53 DIBLES MENS' WEAR Upper Sandusky Ohio PACKERS MARKET ' Groceries Meats Vegetables "The Family Store Kirby Ohio KOEHLER'S GREENHOUSE The place to buy good flowers Upper Sandusky Ohio Compliments of STALDER SISTERS General Store Marseilles Ohio HALM MOTOR COMPANY Upper Sandusky, Ohio Pontiac Sales 81 Service Good Will Used Cars Compliments Best Wishes of to the DR. A. J. ROTI-I "Class of 53" VETERINARIAN MILLER RADIO SERVICE Phone 12.8 Forest, Ohio Forest Ohio Good Luck WYKES 8: WILSON LUMBER 8: SUPPLY to Lumber 8: Mill Work "Class of 53" Building Material, Hardware LAWRENCE HOME STORE Paint and Painters Supplies Dunkirk Ohig Phone 2171 Dunkirk, Ohio KIRBY MOTOR SALES JENKINS RESTRAUNT General Repairing Z4 hr. Wrecker Service Good Used Cars "A Good Place To Eat" Parts Forest Ph. 1681714 Wharton Ohio Kirby Ohio FREY'S Compliments Domestic of Refrigeration WHARTON HARDWARE Service Wharton Ohio Kirby Ohio -If-1 , 1 Compliments Compliments of of RUBINS SPORT SHOP THE YEAGLEY HARDWARE CO. Kenton Ohio Phone 5233 Kenton, Ohio Compliments Compliments of "Class of 53" of KENWORTHY SALES 81 SERVICE The U. S. Tires DAILY CHIEF UNION Kelvinator Kenton Ohio Upper Sandusky Ohio Best Wishes MARTINS CAFETERIA Kenton Ohio Best Wishes HART'S JEWELRY STORE Phone 193 Upper Sandusky Ohio Compliments of MARSEILLES HARDWARE Les and Elsie Brown Phone - Larue 123 R HARRY M. HART WILLIAM R. HART JAMES F. HART TRAUCHT STORE NEWHAUSER HATCHERY U. S. Approved Pullorum Passed Hy Line Good Luck Chicks Arlington Ohio Phone 38 Arlington, O. Compliments THOMSON LOCKER 8: GROCERY of STORE DUNKIRK HARDWARE Hoover Sweeper s "Service as You Want It" Bridgeport R. F. D. No. 1 Dunkirk Ohio Phone 2637 Dunkirk, O. Compliments Compliments of Of ARLINGTON FORD SALES BI-UE'S "Fm-dv WALGREEN "The One Fine Car In Its Field" AGENCY Earl Grimes - Owner Phone 55 DRUGS Arlington Ohio Dunkirk Ohio K 2 vs n oo s Afvx MVERSANDCO INC TOYEKA KANSAS, I v fl u u d . 4 n 5 F I 5 Us 4. 4 r 1 A E

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