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4, wif, M ,V f-,1iM' Ni-is M17 ,K .uf K,-.. v V 47, . :1 f .ff p xl V .. 1 A213 'B :if wwf f . ,F .W f ,zy :Q iw, 4. O 43 Q P1 Q ,W '-'lik NEP' A . g.V,,f:,, ,I '. :wt -3.5357 ' ,H , . , 5, WI. , V, A . , 4 1 . ' J K 1 z, . , , v V 1 , F , 1 . ' Q. 'yi . .J gwufqx, ,.-Tx,-1 L . IK: . .Q f J VF! E L' ri? hi 114 PEA: f v 1 5 if , .J .I ,. , 4 " M -3- ' 'f ' uiaxix H E x .X f HE 31111653 ISSUE DF Q foawr LEHVES DEDICATION Denham Gene Rahrig, a member of the Class ,of 1951 of Forest High School, spent his entire school career in the Forest Schools. From the time he enter- ed the first grade he was loved and admired by all students and teachers. Always a willing and cheerful worker, he set a lasting example of faithfulness and integrity. As a student manager of several high school athletic teams he was admired by both players and coaches. Although seriously ill during most of his time in high school, Denny set an enviable scholastic record and leaves to his schoolmates a deep understanding of the higher values in life. Denny lived a true Christain life and may it be a shining example to those who knew him. To him life was not measured in terms of years but in how he lived. In memory of an unforgettable and lovely charac- ter We the Class of 1951 of Forest High School re- spectfully and humbly dedicate this, the 1951 Rangers issue of the Forest Leaves, to Denny Rahrig. DENNY BOARD OF EDUCATION 'Rw X Left to Right: Holtzrnuller, Oates, McKinley, Shields, Anspach. ANNUAL STAFF Top Row:McDanie1, Zimmermann Hochstettler, Hamilton, Cooper First Row: Wright, Green, Thomson, Webb, Willson. ADMINISTRATION M r. Thomas Mr. Baum Supt. Prin. Mrs. Price Sec. FACULTY Mr. Pine Mr. Reese Mr. Brooks Mrs. Shaffer Mrs. Holtzmuller Mrs. Mace Mr. Shaffer Mr. Engle Mr. Becker Lois Pres. '4Lou z e" Carolyn Treas. "Carol" SENIORS LOIS HAMILTON Academic Band 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4 Treasurer 3 Play Cast 3,4 Honor Society 3,4 CAROL MCDANIEL Home Economics Chorus 1,2, Treas. 2 V. Pres. 4, Play Cast 4 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Honor Society 3,4 I N. , ia O". .. I Q.. my o .O I cms Xxx-.a I p . . 1' I CAROLYN COOPER General Chorus 1,2,3,4 Sec. 1, Treas. 4 Band 3,4 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 JOYCE ZIMMERMAN Commercial Chorus 1 Sec. 2,4 F.H.A. 1,2 Play Cast 3,4 Carol V. Pres. "Mickey" Joyce Sec. "Zimmie Wi lliam-"Willie" M erle-"M ert"- Charles-"Kid" WILLIAM GREEN Commercial Football 1,3,4 Basketball 1,4 Pres. 3, V. Pres. 1 Chorus 3,4 Play Cast 3,4 AUDREY THOMSON Commercial Chorus 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4, Sec. Play Cast 3,4 Honor Society 3,4 Homecoming Que MERLE METZGER General Basketball 1,3 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Band 1, Play Cast 3 MIRIAM SONS General F.H.A. 1,2 Chorus 1 CHARLES WRIGHT General Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,4 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Chorus 4 Play Cast 4 JOANN YOUNG Commercial Chorus 1 Band 2,3,4 Play Cast 3 F.H.A. 1,2,3 9 3 n4 Audrey-"Little Audrey M iriam-"Susie" J oarm-"J ody" FRANK THOMPSON Commercial Football 3 Basketball 1,2,3,4 V. Pres. 3 RUTH KINGMAN General F.H.A. 1,2,4 Treas. 1 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Frank-"Merriwell" Ruth-"Ruthie" ROBERT FARMER Commerczal Fooball 1,2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3 KATHARINE HOCHSTETTLER Academzc Pres3 Chorus l,2,3 Play Cast 3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Robert-"Bob" Katharine-"Katie JAMES LUDWIG Commercial A Play Cast 3 BESIE JOLLIFF Home Economics F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1 J im-"Lad" Bessie-"Bess" Carl-"Tony" Richarcl-"Dick" Harry-"Brownie" CARL WEBB General Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Band 2,3,4 Play Cast 3,4 J ENNIE CURTIN Home Economics F.H.A. 1,2,4 Cheerleader 1,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3,4 RICHARD WILLSON Academic Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Drum Major 4 Play Cast 3,4 Honor Society 4 BETTY TUORREY Commercial Chorus 1 Treas. 4, V. Pres 2 Play Cast 3 Honor Society 3 HARRY BROWN General JO ANN HARRIS Commercial F.H.A. 1,2 Pres. 1, Chorus 1,2 Cheerleader 1,2,3 Play Cast 3 J ermie-"J en" Betty-"Bets', ' Jo Arm-"Pee Wee" SENIORS THEN Back Row: Miss England, Burdett, Fisher, Farmer, Gobrecht, Hayes, Willson, Car- penter, Tuorrey. Middle Row: Jolliff, Daniels, Zimmerman, Rutan, Packer, Kahley, Harris, Cooper McDaniel, Thomson. Front Row: Bell, West, Eller, Fout, Wilson, Flowers, Metzger, Bacon, Wedge. SENIORS NOW Back Row: McDaniel, Cooper, Zimmerman, Jolliff, Thomson, Curtin. Front Row: Metzger, Thompson, Wright, Willson, Farmer. SCHOOL DAYS As the month of May rolls around, another class bids farewell to its school years which leave many memories . . . The janitors had to take some- one home in the first grade, remember that Norman Hayes???'?? In the second grade five students came from Patterson!!!!! A certain little girl got a shaking up at night school in the third grade. Know anything about it Susie?? We wore out three teachers in the fourth grade ..., I n the fifth grade we spent most of our time in the hall and Joann and Katharine joined us. In the sixth grade we became artistic and one little boy felt the paddle. How about it Bill?!. Our romantic and social life had begun by the time we were in the seventh grade. During our seventh grade year we also received our lockers which we had a hard time trying to keep. Remember it, Mr. Thomas??? In the eighth grade we received punishment from our writing teacher for talking too much . . . Three of our members placed in the upper ten in the State Eighth Grade Test while several more of us ranked in the upper twenty-five per cent of the county. Carl and Ruth joined us in our Freshmen year. Every day during our Freshmen year we always heard the same old questions . . . "Do you have your Algebra and Latin done for today?" In our Sophomore year most of us took Biology and we all learned about the birds and the bees?'?? This year most of us had the giggles all of the time and we were always being sent to either the study hall or to the office . . . We all turned very dramatic in the Junior year by being in the class play, "The Atomic Blonde". Tuesday and Fridays were always bath days in Chemistry Lab., it seems a certain student was quite messy with water . . . Know anything about it, Dick??? ,. . . English class was another exciting one for us in our Junior year, it seems that some of us never agreed with Mr. Mervyn. Life became very interesting for us in our Senior year. Our class motto was "With the Ropes of the Past. We Will Ring the Bells of the Future". Bells were ringing all right . . . Wedding Bells, since three of our members got married. We contracted for our annual and soon discovered what hard work it was going to be. Again we became actors and put on the play "It's Never Too Late". We watched the new grade school be- ing built and often wished it had been built for us to use. We also saw the beginning of the student council which consisted of three members from each class. Two of our three members held the offices of President and V. President. We plan to go to Washington, D. C. for our Senior trip. This will probably be the last thing we all do together. These are just a few of the many exciting things that have happened in our school life which will long be remembered by all of us. Bessie Jolliff CLASS PROPHECY Before graduating, the class of '5l' chose Joyce Zimmerman to keep in touch with the class after graduation and write each of us a letter at the end of twenty years telling what other members of the class are doing. Today I received my letter and here is the contents in brief. Joyce Zimmerman is the private secretary to a bachelor senator in Wash- ington. She is hoping to marry him. Charles Wright and Carol McDaniel are married and live on a large farm outside Forest. Charles gives much credit for his success to his former agriculture teacher, Mr. Becker. William Green is now an officer in the U. S. Navy. He enlisted soon after graduation. His wife C. B. goes to sea with him. Bessie J olliff is married and living on a farm. She thinks farming is one of the major industries of Ohio. Frank Thompson is now manager of the former Schott's Style Shop. Ruth Kingman is the secretary to Robert Farmer's chain of Sohio filling stations at Forest, Wharton, Grant, and Kirby. Joann Young is operator of the famous Young Beauty Salon which car- ries the sign, "See Young to Keep Young." Merle Metzger left the farm early to become engaged in politics. He is now senator from Ohio. Audrey Thomson became the song bird of her class. She is now engaged in a tour which takes her to all the large cities of the U. S. Katherine Hochstettler is now a commercial artist for a large depart- ment store in Chicago. She is still single. Men and business do not mix well says Katherine. Lois Hamilton has risen to head nurse at the country's largest hospital. Being kind to others was always her motto. Carl Webb is now playing with his band, known as the Spider Webb, in New York City. He is ably assisted by his former classmate Carolyn Cooper, Who is star trombonist. Harry Brown is running the combined restaurant and garage in Patter- son, Ohio. His business is thriving partly due to his wife's swell cooking. French-fried fish is Phyllis' specialty. Richard Willson made a career from his early correspondence in high school. He now runs the Wi1lson's Lonely Hearts Club. As a pastime he teaches school. The other members of the class--Jo Ann Harris, Betty Tuorrey, and Jen- nie Curtin who were married during their senior year of school are all still happily married. And last myself, Miriam Sons, is at the present time employed as stew- ardess on the TWA lines whose offices are located in Kenton, Ohio. Again in twenty years We will hear from the Class of '51, Miriam Sons JUNIOR CLASS President, Kay Albert Vice President, Leon Thacker Secretary, Mervyn Curran 4. EY' V x U r r' Z , Treasurer, Erna Simpson K X M r fx fx Top Row: Curran, Albert, Conley, Thacker, Hooker, Wilkins, Harford, Weber. Middle Row: Miller, Waller, Spoon, Parsell, Bash, Garman, Essinger, Woolley, Mrs. Holtzmuller. Bottom Row: Musgrave, Simpson, Baum, Alguire, Lines, Kauble, Boyd, Cramer, Packer. SOPHOMORE CLASS . . N t 52 Vice Pres1dent, Yvonne Frater X - 5 , , XL 2 sci' -, 'f N - 6 , .' zo ps?- ,cr 3 ,l'.'xx Secretary, Patricia McKinley Treasurer, Robert Briggs Top Row: Hemmerly, Hernmerly, Wright, Smith, Cramer, Harrold, Kellogg, Briggs, Southward, Maberry. Middle Row: Anspach, Kniesley, Price, Kaser, Rigsby, Cooper, McDaniel, Phillips, Jolliff, Mrs. Shaffer. Bottom Row: Frederick, Jones, Landon, Frater, Ratliff, Theil, Hankins, Lawrence. FRESHMAN CLASS President, Paul Staley Vice President, Carole Lehman Secretary, Barbara Burk Treasurer, Geneva Gobrecht . MQW I .- XA YV J if Q iff fi U Top Row: McKee, Staley, Jolliff, Clark, Burk, Bash, Williams, Spoon, Grubbs, McMaster, Merriman, Hagerman, Linke. Middle Row: Packer, Curran, Staley, Hemmerly, Clinger, Forney, Lehman, Gobrecht, Weber, McMaster, Patrick, Tracy, Mentzer, Mr. Shaffer. Bottom Row: Lines, George, Harrold, Green, Anderson, Sellars, Rizor, Hart, Hines, Fortney, Robinson. EIGHTH GRADE Back Row: Frey, Bacon, Clark, Frater, Lehman, Conley, Kauble, Seymour, Cramer, Parsell, Thompson, Johnson, Stewart, Rigsby. Middle Row: Fewell, Riekenbaeker, Switzer, Rockwell, Miller, Edgington, Hum- phrey, Harmon. Jones, Spearman, Horn, Eatherton. Musgrave, Waller, Mr. Brooks. Front Row: Engle, Parcher, Tracy, London. Smithson, Kalb, Zimmerman, Elwood, Miller, Johnson, Landon, Overly, Kraut, Weber, Flowers, Cook, Gordon. Back Row: Kemmerly, Spoon, Sink, McKee, Frey, Lawrence, Rizor, D. Musselman G, Musselman, Kauble, Christie, Hamilton. Middle Row: Horn, Burk, Hemmerly, Kratt, Linke, Dibble, Williams, Essinger Fields, Johnson, Thomas, Mrs. Mace. Front Row: George, Musgrave, Swanson, Thacker, Smithson, Tuorrey, Marshall Brown, Ropp, Musgrave, Parsell, Harford, Hart. Miss Frances Veatch M rs. Pauline Fortney Miss Grace England GRADE TEACHERS Miss Marcella I ckes Mrs. Ruth Bair Miss Violet Graver Mrs, Bernadine M cVay Miss Verda Baker Mrs. Lena Threlkheld SIXTH GRADE Back Row: Stewart, Post, Green, Marshall, Melvin, Jefferson, Opp, Merriman Rucker, Harman, Brunkhart, Boyd, Conley. Middle Row: Musgrave, Anspach, Staley, Cramer, Jones, Parcher, Spencer, Wright Anderson, Getz, Ratleff, Humphrey, Fink, Stewart, Mrs. Threlkeld. Front Row: Fewell, Pierce, Elwood, Frederick, Lawrence, Miller, Warmbrod, Kalb Gobrecht, Edgington, Cooper, Cooper, Hemmerly, Switzer, Frater, Humphrey. Floor: Lafferty, Flowers, Rizor, Horn, Johnson, Corwin, McKee, Price, Zimmerman Lazo, Harrold. FIFTH GRADE Back Row: Cary, Roller, Ratliff, Lodge, Miller, McKee, Swartz, Kidd, Rall, Rigsby, Kratt, Rigsby, Jolliff, Clark, Musgrave, Dibble. Middle Row: Rickenbacher, Ludwig, Oates, Boyd, Waller, Spoon, Grubbs, Clark Harp, Windle, Wilkins, Razer, Ream, Bash, Miss Garver. Front Row: Musgrave, McCumber, Woolley, Humphrey, Southward, Kellogg, Cur- Eni Sink, Kauble, Packer, Baum, McLaughlin, Simpson, Hendricks, Miller, Swanson e vin. v y FDURTH GRADE Back Row: Clark, McKee, Frater, Thiel, Bunnell, Parsell, Roller, Kauble, Thacker, Bridenstine, Horn. Middle Row: Gobrecht, Sons, Patrick, Christie, Humphrey, Glendenning, Rucker, Burk, Kellogg, Frey, Thompson, Reed, Miss England. Front Row: Bash, Miller, Parsell, Kauble, Fields, Cooper, Kauble, Shields, Weber, Hempy, Johnson, Knapp, Woodard. THIRD GRADE Back Row: Hodge, Frederick, Fewell, Durenberger, Edgington, Searls, Hart, Ream, Lehman, Tracy, Reed, Powell, Lama, Tressler, Spearman. Middle Row: Miss Baker, Brown, Brunkhart, Getz, Durenberger, Humphrey, Rager, Baker, Corwin, Hart, Evans, Hemmerly, Boehm, Lamb, Elwood, Mrs. Bair. U Front R0w.' Parsell, Rabberman, Ross, Musgrave, Phillips, Ratliff, Wright, Hipsher Long, Simpkins, Miller, Sink, Post, Corwin, McElfresh, McKee, Johnson. SECOND GRADE Back Row: Mrs. McVay, Madison, Kalb, Bridenstine, Thacker, Rizor, Schlatter, Ulrich, Miller, Stewart, Weber, Mrs. Fortney. Middle Row: Forney, McCumber, Cramer, Kemmerly, Harp, Kear, Cramer, Peirce Warmerod, Tuorrey. Front Row: Buess, McKee, Daniels, Jolliff, Spoon, Thomas, Shields, Stewart, Searis McFarland, Wilkinson, Roby. FIRST GRADE Back Row.' Rickenbacher, Thomas, Spoon, McKee, Baker, Lamb, Lawrence, Duren- burger, Snider, Elwood, Johnson, Melvin, Madison, Walton. Middle Row: Miss Veatch, Dibble, Humphrey, Boehm, Parsell, Rall, Kemmerly, Humphrey, Rizor, Mussellman, Cavinee, Roby, Pierce, Seebach, Gault, Miss Ickes. Front Row: White, Poling, Snider, Thompson, Stephan, Hull, Christy, Swanson, Musgrave, Hempy, Hendricks, Reed, Neal, Smith, Horn, Oates. HOMECOMING Queen und Attendants Audrey'Thomson, Queen, Senior Class Carolyn Baum, Attendant, Junior Class Janice Musgrave, Attendant, Junior Class Sponsored by GRAMM TRAILER CORP. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Betty Jones, Ruth Lines, Carolyn Clinger, Patty Peart. .IUNIOR HI CHEERLEADERS Doris Harman, Audrey Switzer, Joann Hemmerly, Miriam Burk. Sponsored by BOOSTERS CLUB 23 FOOTBALL FOR THE 1950-51 SEASON On the twenty-first of August, twenty-one boys reported for practice. Of this group only three Seniors. Altogether there were 15 lettermen re- porting. They found their coach Mr. Reese waiting for them. They also found Mr. Shaffer who had been hired as the assistant coach. On September the eighth the Rangers met Richwood in the Preview at Kenton. After holding the ball most of the first period they were beaten by the Richwood team 6 to 0. The following week t-hey played the Bulldogs of Elida in their first league game. After a slow start the Rangers found their stride. They beat Elida 25 to 6. The first home game was against Pandora. The boys treated the home crowd to a 12 to 6 victory over their visiting rivals. The following week the Delphos team came to Forest.. This was Dad's night. Delphos had a good big team and the Rangers were extended to the limit to hold them to a 13 to 13 tie. On October 6 the Rangers traveled to Kenton for their first non-league game. Here a larger and more experienced team handed Forest their first defeated by the score of 26 to 13. The next game which was with Lafayette was played at Forest. It was the third league game and was also Homecoming night. The Rangers celebrated the occasion by handing Lafayette a 13 to 7 defeat. On October 20 the Rangers traveled to Columbus Grove for a game with them which was their homecoming game. Here our boys suffered the worst defeat of the season losing by a score of 38 to 0. The next week the Rangers traveled to Spencerville to do battle. Al- though the boys played hard they were again defeated by the score of 27 to 19. This was the first time a Spencerville team had ever beaten a Forest team. The Rangers next met Ada on the Forest field. Although this was a non-league game it had plenty of spirit. The game was well played but the stronger Ada team won by the score of 12 to 2. ' The last game of the season was played at home on October 10 with Shawnee as the opponents. Shawnee was undefeated in league play and needed a win to be champions undisputed. With a strong veteran team they expected to win easily. However the Rangers rose to the occasion and play- ed a brilliant game. Shawnee was glad to win by the score of 19 to 6. This loss left the Rangers finish in fifth place in league standing. FOOTBALL TEAM Rigsby, Merriman, Waller, Hemmerly, Price, McDaniel, Anspach, Thomas. Reese, Hemmerly, Johnson, Conley, Cramer, Briggs, Smith, Weber, Shaffer. , Wright, Green, Farmer, Wright, Alb , '11er. Woolley ert M1 Farmer Wright Green Shaffer SCHEDULE Rangers Opponents 25 Elida ................ 6 12 Pandora 6 13 Delphos .. 13 13 Kenton .............. 26 13 Lafayette ........... 7 0 Columbus Grove .... 38 19 Spencerville ......... 27 2 Ada ....... .... 1 2 6 Shawnee .... .... 1 9 Sponsored by LIONS CLUB Reese BASKETBALL Thompson Forest ........ 38 Wright Green SEASONS RECORD Mt. Victory. Forest ........ 48 Roundhead. . Forset ........ 48 Marseilles. . . Forest ........ 47 McGuffey. . . Forest ........ 48 Harpster .... Forest ........ 46 Alger ...... Forest ........ 39 Dunkirk .... Forest ........ 39 Arlington .... Forest ........ 73 Dola ....... Forest ........ 57 Wharton .... Forest ........ 82 Ridgeway. . . Forest ........ 74 Salem ...... Forest ........ 66 McGuffey. . . Forest ........ 45 Dunkirk .... Forest ........ 56 Sycamore .... TOURNAMENT Forest ........ 50 Alger ...... Forest ........ 78 Forest ........ 80 Forest Dola ........ ........49 Alger....... Mt. Victory. . BASKETBALL Varsity Top Row: Mgr. Rigsby, Hemmerly, Harrold, Merriman, Price. Front Row: Curran, McDaniel, Anspach, Waller. Reserve Top Row: Mgr. Rigsby, Green, Cramer, Hooker, Wright, Kellogg. Front Row: Briggs, Thompson, Wright, Hemmerly, Albert, Smith. Sponsored by TURNER'S GRILL: 27 BAND The Forest High School Band is an organization of fifty-one members, four majorettes, two flag bearers and one drum major. This band, under the direction of Ralph Balmer, played at various activi- ties during the summer. Some of the activities were the Lima Band Festival 'and the Ohio Northern University May Day Parade where the band won trophys for being the best marching band. Other activities were the Arlington Homecoming, the Clover Farm Picnic, and the Hardin County Fair, where the band marched under the direction of our new drum major. At the opening of school, the band under our new director, Gene Engle, began practicing for the season's football games. The band made its first appearance of the season at the Pandora foot- ball game. Before the game, the band played the Star Spangled Banner and during the half, made formations. The game with Delphos was Dad's night. The band made the formations of D A D, a chair, a pipe, and a heart. , For the game with Kenton, the band worked extra hard. At this game we used the army as our theme, making a cannon, a jug, a cane, and a steam engine. The band was again invited to play at the Findlay College football game this year. Here we made the same formations as for the Kenton game. For our Homecoming game with Lafayette, the band used their lights for the first time. We made the formations of a pennant, R A H, square dance and an F. We then traveled to Spencerville for the game there. As the weather was cold and raining, the band did not play at the Ada game but made the intended formations at the last game, which was with Shawnee. During the season, the Band Mothers helped the band by sponsoring different activities and by holding tag day. The members of the band wish to thank the Band Mothers and Mr. Engle for their untiring efforts in making our band one of the best in North- west Ohio. "THE FOREST HIGH SCHOOL BAND" MAJOR AND MAJ ORETTES Musgrave Baum Willson Landon Simpson Top Row: Miller, Hamilton, Parsell, Hamilton, Phillips, Cooper, Lehman, Jones Southward, Bash, Staley, Hemmerly, Rockwell. Middle Row: McKinley, Burk, Eatherton, Packer, Curran, Jolliff, Cooper, Bash, Price, Webb, Kellogg, Forney, Spearman, Tracy, Musgrave, Engle. Bottom Row: Weber, Hemmerly, Thomson, Harman, Burk, Staley, Hines, Fortney, Jones, Kaser, Peart, Clinger, Kratt, Jolliff, Alguire, Edgington, Mentzer, Switzer Humphrey, Young. wx SENIOR MEMBERS Hamilton Young Webb Thomson Cooper Willson Sponsored by CORNER MARKET 29 BOYS' AND GIRLS' CHORUS Top Row: Hamilton, Forney, Gobrecht, Weber, Hemmerly, Burk, Fortney, Cooper Kaser, Baum. Middle Row: Curran, Packer, Kingman, Curtin, McMaster, Staley, Packer, Clinger Mr. Engle. Front Row: Thomson, Jones, McKinley, Musgrave, Peart, Lehman, Hines, Simpson Alguire. Top Row: Spoon, Wright, Cramer, Green, Harrold, Williams, Kellogg, Willson, Webb. Front Row: Southward, Price, Linke, McMaster, Clark, Bash, Staley, Albert, Wilkins, Frederick. HONOR SOCIETY Top Row: Thomson, Hamilton, Bash, Simpson Front Row: McDaniel, Mr. Brooks, Spoon. JUNIOR RED CROSS Top Row: Thiel, Simpson, Staley. Front Row: Cooper, Zimmerman, Thacker. NEVER T00 lATE Mr. Lee-successful business man ..... William Green Mrs. Lee-his Wife ............... ..... J oyce Zimmerman Charles-their son ........ ......... C harles Wright Virginia-their daughter .... .... K atharine Hochstettler Deedie-the maid ......... ...... .......... C a rol McDaniel Kathryn-a neighbor .............. ...... A udrey Thomson Miss Stanley-Mr. Lee's secretary .... Lois Hamilton Lewis-Mr. Lee's advisor ................. .. .......... Carl Webb Arthur-Virginia's boy friend .............................. Richard Willson Society Ladies ............ Carolyn Cooper, Joann Young, Bessie Jolliff Q Miriam Sons, Ruth Kingman Football players ...... Robert Farmer, Frank Thompson, Harry Brown Merle Metzger, James Ludwig Director Mr. Pine Prompter Carolyn Cooper T00 MANY DATES By Marrijane and Joseph Hayes Louanne Miller ........ Mrs. Adelaide Miller .... Eleanor Coleman Alice Williams .. Carolyn Smith .... Betsy Miller ..... Miss Esther Jones Mrs. Hayes ..... Paul Chase ...... Mr. Harry Miller . Floyd Page, Jr. . . . Irvin Worthington Howard Bowen . Max Davis ....... Norman Kelch Mr. Hayes ...... Director Mrs. Holtzmuller Erna Simpson . Barbara Parsell .. Carolyn Baum . . . . . Lois Spoon . . .Elizabeth Alguire Janice Musgrave ..Caro1yn Kauble Florence Garman .. . . . Kay Albert . . Mervyn Curran . . . . John Harford . .Everett Woolley Raymond Weber . . . Donald Conley Leon Thacker Don Wilkins SCHOOL PATROL Front Row: Windle, Lafferty, McKee, Marshall, Rall, Post, Boyd, McCumber. Back Row: Price, Bolden, Harman, Opp, Brunkhart, Green, Ludwig. BUS PATROL Front Row: Woolley, Mussleman, Merriman, Harp, Musgrave. Back Row: Horn, Engle, Rigsby, Christie. Sponsored by ANSPACH SUPER MARKET BUS Burdett-Hinebaugh JANITOR Ropp-Musgrave-Burk-Dilley-Frederick Musgrave COOKS DRIVERS F.F.A. Back Row: Conley, Bash, Hooker, Wilkins, Thacker. Middle Row: Clark, Woolley, McMaster, Kniesley, Metzger, Mr. Becker. Front Row: Curran, Albert, Harrold, Wright, Wright. F.H.A. Back Row: Geroge, Tracy, Cooper, Parsell, Weber, Bash, Cramer, Jolliff, Sons, Lines Packer. Middle Row: Curran, Packer, Alguire, McDaniel, Clinger, Jolliff, Cooper, Phillips, Kaser Patrick Jolliff, Mentzer, Mrs. Shaffer. Front,Row: Sellars, Lines, Musgrave, Peart, Theil, Rizer, Anderson, Green. Hart. Robinson, Boyd, Kauble. Sponsored by HERZOG LIME Sz STONE STUDENT COUNCIL Monday, March 20, 1951, was the beginning of a Student Council for the Forest High School. The first Student Council was chosen by the faculty. It Will be stated in the Constitution how the succeeding members will be chosen. This Student Council was designed for the purpose of bettering the school and helping to share a responsibility for its welfare. We feel this is a step closer towards harmony for the students, faculty, and the school as a whole. MEMBERS ARE: Seniors: Sophomore: Charles Wright Pres. Robert Briggs Tres- Joyce Zimmerman V. Pres. YVOUUQ Fllalef Audrey Thomson Duane Smlth Junioysg Freshmen: Beth Alguire Sec. Arlene Hemmerly Mervyn Curran Marcia Statley Carolyn Kauble Lois McMaster SNAPS The Wright Love! Sweet sixteen, and never been Pissed. What a man! Proof of a fish story? Sophomore butler. Aunt March. Freshman initiation, Carolyn?? Who's afraid of who Bill? Three Little Women. Have the styles changed girls? Sophomore maids. Some people are afraid of the dark. The rear view!! Freshman Class. Happy Bill?? Gift from Bill? Hungry Kay Ellen? Lovers! "Ride 'em" Robert. Freshman picnic. Joann 8: Barbara. You can't have them all Hooker, Valentine-'s Dance. Cud- dle up! Happy Birthday. I thought girls just did that. SENIORS. Mrs. Mace. What a happy bunch!? Love at first sight!? Sorta out numbered aren't you? SNAPS -QI' Banquet 50. Say Katie! Little Joyce? Well, help her! All tired out? Cold Frank? Dick. .Lois, how could you? Banquet 50. Loisl? Oh! Audrey. Working Frank? All Worn out? Well, Dick? Wake-up Jenny. Oh brother, what a mess! Harry Brown ........ " William Green ........ " Carolyn Cooper Lois Hamilton ........ " Katherine Hochstettleiu Bessie J olliff ..... Ruth Kingman ...... " James Ludwig ........ " Carol McDaniel ...... Merle Metzger ....... " Miriam Sons . . . U .-.... H WHO'S WHO IN THE SENIOR CLASS NICKNAME Brownie" .... Bill" ......... Carol" ....... Louie" ....... Kate" Bess" Ruthie" ...... J1m".. Mickey" ...... Mert" ....... Susie" Frank Thompson ...... "Frankie" ..... Audrey Thomson Carl Webb ....... Richard Willson . Charles Wright ....... Joann Young ......... Joyce Zimmerman Jennie Curtin ..... . . ." Jo Ann Harris Betty Tuorrey ........ " 40 ll 6lDiCkD H H Little Audrey" l6TOny!7 Kid" .. Jody" ........ H H J oycie J ennie" ...... Pee Wee" .... Betty" ....... ..----.- .-...nn- PAST TIME Phyllis ...... Carolyn . . . Carl .... Talking . . . Boys .......... Writting Letters Giggling ..... 4 . Tractors .... Charles . . . .Wanda Boys ......... Bowling Green Bob .......... Carolyn ..... Flirting . . . Teasing .. . Men ...... AMBITION PROBABLE FUTURE Phyllis .... ..... Navy . . . . . . . . Nurse .... ..... Nurse ............ Commerical Artist Carl .............. Nurse Farmer Charles Farmer Patterson Grave Digger Farmer's Wife School Teacher Farmer's Wife General's Wife Chorus Girl Air Force Charles Farmer Airline Stewardess Patterson None ............. F.B.I. ..... .... . Chemist Teacher .... ..... Farmer Secretary ......... Chewing Fingernai1sSecretary ......... , Burl ............... Justin .... Talking . . . Nurse ..... ..... Secretary ......... P.T.A. President . . U. S. Army Undertaker's Wife Farmer Flagman Carol Waitress Old Maid Housewife Housewife . Housewife SNAPS What a shape? House broken? Looking for something? Frank, aren't you mixed up? Can you cook? Where have you been? Hiding from Charles? So young and innocent. What,s Wrong? Your Out! Strike one. Where are your clothes? Two of a kind! Big blow! One extreme to the other. Dream boats. Oh, what happened Audrey! Strut it Dick. Hot Dog! Oh Gracie. Beautiful bathing suit. Oh how could you? Batter up! We see you. Love at first sight. Who's afraid of Whom? SNAPS Q kg: ': fam? 2'M'mwt 2 ?f5'wff'5 L.. il" Carolyn and Bill. Little Joyce?'? One of Beth"s parties a few years ago. Ruth and Joann all dressed up. Working hard girls'?? Our younger days. Denny and Frank. Just one bite Carolyn and leave some for Bill. Marjorie and Willis Frey. Carole!! Joann. Little Ohlin. Raymond. Denny and Joyce. Tired Jean?? Daisey Hayes . . . Billy the Bride. . Dick in his first band suit. The Bride and Groom. Oh Beth!! What happen to Carolyn, Bill?? It is you Carl?? Well if it isn't little Carolyn . . McMaster Twins . . Where's the Fish? Bill and Jim. SNAPS Phyllis and Dorothy in their innocent years. Professor Dick and his sweet- heart Carole. Who's the letter to Beth? Sally, Carole, Doris, and Patsy QThe Little Womenj. Who's afraid of Carole? So touching? Where are you from, Carolyn? Looking for something? Don't cry Kenny, Just look at all the smiles. Peek-a-boo, Beth. Sweet little Kenny. What do you have to laugh about? Aren't we pretty! Having trouble Joyce? Now listen! Bored Mr. Reese? Bathing Beauties. Lois, since when? lAST Wlll AND TESTAMENT OF SENIOR CLASS OF 1951 We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred Fifty-One, being of so-und mind C25 and stout heart do bequeath our sole possessions to the follow- ing worthy people. To the Junior Class We bequeath our battle-scarred classroom. We hope they will follow in our footsteps and keep it clean at least one week out of the year. To the sophomores we bequeath our unmarried men QWe do have such creatures! D To the Freshmen we bequeath our quiet English classes which we un- derstand they don't have. To Mr. Thomas we leave the right to breathe freely. After we are gone, maybe he'll get a chance. To Mr. Baum we leave all the future Democrats of Forest. Maybe he can convert them. To Mr. Pine we leave the right to a long quiet vacation which we know he has earned after this past year's hard work. To Mr. Reese we leave our football suits and shoes to be filled by other players. To Mr. Shaffer we will our rubber cement to mend his basketballs for future use. To Mr. Engle we will our messy uniforms and badly battered instru- ments with the hope that they can be repaired and used by future band members. To Mr. Brooks we will the hope for more quiet and interesting study halls. To Mr. Becker we leave our empty paint cans in hope that he will fill them for future use. To Mrs. Holtzmuller we will the hope she will stick up for other classes as she did for ours. To Mrs. Shaffer we will our tidy manners in the Home Ec. room. To Mrs. Mace we will our many A's in English in hope that she will give them to future students. I, Harry Brown, bequeath my love for majorettes to John Harford. I, Carolyn Cooper, bequeath my ability to study in study halls to Ohlin I-Iemmerly. I, Robert Farmer, bequeath my speed to Norman Hayes. I, William Green, bequeath my height to Raymond Woolley. I, Lois Hamilton, bequeath my big mouth to Carole Lehman, just in case hers wears out. I, Katherine Hochstettler, bequeath my figure to Geraldine Humphrey. I, James Ludwig, bequeath my silent glamour to anyone who wants it. I, Bessie J olliff, bequeath my ability to have a perfect attendance through high school to Raymond Weber. I, Ruth Kingman, bequeath my ability to meet new guys to Ruth Lines. I, Merle Metzger, bequeath my small but mighty size to Don Wilkins. I, Carol McDaniel, bequeath my ability to go steady through high school to Edith Cramer. I, Miriam Sons, bequeath my mild temper to Carolyn Baum. I, Frank Thompson, bequeath my embarrassing moments to all teachers. I, Audrey Thomson, bequeath my ability to open my mouth at the wrong time to Anna Lee Hankins. I, Carl Webb, bequeath my ability to mess things up in band to Tom Kellogg. I, Dick Willson, bequeath my strutting and high stepping ability as Drum Major to the future Drum Majors. I, Charles Wright, bequeath my rough technique to Joe Frederick. I, Joyce Zimmerman, bequeath my charming figure to Alice Rizor. I, Joann Young, bequeath my late hours to Janice Musgrave. I, Betty Tuorrey, bequeath my ability to have my own way to Marilyn Anderson. I, Jennie Curtin, bequeath my shortness to Clyde Harrold. I, Jo Ann Harris, bequeath my sense of humor to Tom Price. Ea! WJAQ5 fo Mm gzjfcm of 51 H Mr. and Mrs. Olun Ruhrig CITY DRAY PATTERSON'S RESTAURANT PUCO-4448-1 Mt. Blanchard Ohio Phone 82 PAUL GREEN We, the Class of '51, wish to thank all the people, who, through their advertising, have helped us make this annual possible. Compliments of BELL' BARBER SHOP Forest Ohio Compliments of BASINGER IEWELRY . STORE AND STUDIO Compliments Phone 33 Forest, Ohio of FISHBURN'S STORE Forest Ohio PEVER AND HOWARD ELEVATORS Dealers in GRAIN. MILL FEED, COAL SALT, FERTILIZER. ETC. Phone 79 Phone 61 Wharton, Ohio Forest, Ohio Compliments of THE NEWS Kenton Ohio HOMMEL'S TIN SHOP Roofing Spouting Furnaces Kenton, Ohio Phone 8240 LINKE AUTOMOTIVE PARTS Wholesale Supplies ' Machine Shop Service 125 DETROIT Phone 402-409 Kenton, Ohio Newest in Suits and Furnishing Goods BROSEKE-ROBINSON INC. Home of Hart, Shaffner 8z Marx Kenton Ohio KRAUS JEWELRY STORE Kenton Ohio Compliments of HORD FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Phone 8239 Kenton. ohio THE KENTON-DUNKIRK CREAMERY COMPANY Pasteurized Dairy Products Kenton Ohio Compliments of SPEARMAN'S TIRE 6 WHEEL SERVICE Kenton Ohio Ready Mixed Concrete and Builders Supplies "SEE BAILEY'S FIRST" Kenton Ohio Good Luck gl Best Wishes to the Class of 1951 SEARS ROEBUCK 6. CO. Order Office Phones 2293 or 2294 Kenton Ohio Compliments of PEER'S RECREATION THE BARR co. D. 0. Peer, Prop. Kenton Ohio Forest Ohio compliments 'roNG TRACTOR SALES of FERGUSON FARM EQUIPMENT N. R. 5. HARRY M. PRICE Sales-General Repair-Service Kenton Ohio Phone 294 Forest, Ohio FORNEY'S GARAGE GARAGE GARAGE REPAIR Phone 295 Forest, Ohio DR. A. I. ROTH VETERINARIAN Phone 128 Forest, Ohio Success to the "Class of 51,' Compliments of CONKLE AND EDMAN Florists BRADLEY IEWELRY 6. OPTICAL Flowers for all occasions Kenton Ohio Kenton Ohio BAUGHMAN'S GREENHOUSE Shop 'I' NOURSE'S Kenton Ohio Kenton Ohio THE LINOLEUM KENTON FLORAL CO. and Shade Shop 115 North Detroit Phone 5212 John L. Bippus gl Son Day or Night 124 N. Detroit St. Kenton Ohio Kenton Ohio Compliments of Compliments Of Wharton Custom Cannery WHARTON HARDWARE Phone 46 Wharton Ohio Wharton Ohio Compliments Of BUESS BROTHERS Cream, Eggs, Poultry IENKINS RESTAURANT "A Good Place to Eat" Phone 40 W Wharton Ohio Wharton Ohio WISE'S GARAGE . STALDER SISTERS Service on Tractors, Trucks, Automobiles Wheel Alignment Correction Wharton Ohio GENERAL STORE Marseilles Ohio You can get it at CHADS 630-632 S. Main Findlay, Ohio Compliments of Hochstettler Coal and Supply 424 West Front Street Phone Main 111 Findlay Ohio Hardin County Automobile DeuIer's Assn. Aldrich Motor Sales Baker's Collision Garage Cole Motor Sales Harken Chevrolet Fred Kennedy Liberty Chevrolet Inc. Pfister Garage Kenton Rhoades Garage Shick Implement Co. Short Motor Co. Steward Auto Sales S. 6. S. Motor's Sales A. C. Wentz. Inc. Ohio Compliments of THE DAILY CHIEF UNION Upper Sandusky Ohio Best Wishes HART'S JEWELRY STORE Phone 193 Upper Sandusky Ohio FOREST GRAIN AND SUPPLY Buyers of Grain and Seed Also Custom Grain Drying Forest ohio Compliments to the "Class of 51" KING THE PRINTER Best Wishes to the Forest Ohio "Class of 51" SAN-A-PURE DAIRY "Finest in Dairy Products" Findlay Ohio I ohn Osbun Blacksmith Shop Welding and Repair Plow Sharpening Phone 274-J Forest, Ohio Best Wishes to the Hclass of 51" Compliments of Dr. 8. Mrs. .l. F. R. V. Spencer Holtzmuller Forest Ohio Forest Ohio Compliments of ELMER H. ROPP Best Wishes to the Soft Water Delivered to "Class of 51" Attic or Basements Dr. G. B. Vun Attu M. D. Wm Pump out Flooded Forest Ohio Basemenfs Part Time Plumbing Prices Right Phone 153 Forest. Ohio Compliments I . C. HOCHSTETTLER SONS Of 428 Main CFOSS Street Grain-Feed-Seed-Fertilizer SHOE Co. F' dl Oh' In ay 10 Findiay ohio "Gifts Worthy of the Finest Sentiment" Compliments LESTER THOMAS of Diamonds-Watches LYNN A. LYON CO. Silverware Frigedaire Electric Appliances 303 S. Main Street 622 S. Main Street Findlay Ohio Findlay Ohio Congratulations to the h .Class of 51,, Compliments of Iackson's Banner Furniture .. ,, FOREST IMPLEMENT STORE Across from the Court House Forest Ohio Findlay Ohio Compliments of FOREST STOCK YARDS Daily Livestock Market Livestock Auction Every Thursday Kenton Farmers Marditing Corporation Phone 36F4 V. R. Briggs, Manager Forest, Ohio THE CITIZENS BANK OF MT. BLANCHARD Forty Years of Service Member Federal Reserve System Member FDIC Good Luck to "Class of 51" HARMANS TAVERN Forest Ohio DUNKIRK TRACTOR SALES DEALERS Ford, Tractors, and Farm Equipment Oil-Grease-Ford Parts Sz Service Dunkirk Ohio Good Luck to Class of 51 PEART'S TRUCKING SERVICE Stone-Hauling--Dirt Limestone Spreading Call "Adrian" for prompt 8z efficient delivery Phone 187 Forest Ohio Compliments of Renz's Gold-Bell Products Lima Ohio Success to all of You SUPERIOR SPORTING GOODS 116 W. High Lima, Ohio "COLONEL" ELLIS. CLOTHES Kenton Ohio 2 w DA Xfop 'O gs I lil gv s XxX Phone f npllxlx ,X Ftbresf, .l MORE PROFIT PER ACRE WITH JERSEYS Hardin Co. I ersey Cattle Club Pres. Dale Layman Secy. Pearl E. Pfeiffer Kenton, Ohio Gasoline Motor Oil The Ohio Oil Company Findlay, Ohio Producers of Petroleum Since 1887 Kenworthy Refrigeration SALES AND SERVICE Z I E R 0 E. F I S Pumps-Softeners-Water Systems ll Q ll Commercial or Domestic Clothes Men hke Wiring Radio Service Findlay Qhio Located, Northwest of Grant off McE1ree Pike Phone: Kenton 41149 R.D. 1, Forest, Ohio Compliments of PRUBST SUPP'-Y C0- OATES JEWELRY STORE WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR Diamonds-Watches-Silverware Induifflal Supphes 203 North Sandusky Avenue umbing Heating Upper Sandusky Ohio 366 W. Center St. Marion, Ohio Congratulations to the "Class of '5l" THE KENTON LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. Lumber-Building Material-Hardware Kenton Ohio Wilson's Tire 6. Battery Service Compliments Distributors of U. S. Royal gl Best Wishes and Seiberling Tires RICHARDSON FLOWER SHOP Upper Sandusky Ohio Upper Sandusky Ohio THE KIRBY ELEVATOR INC. "A Good Place To Buy and Sell" Don Harvey Mgr. Kirby Ohio LANDVERSICHT GROCERY Quality Groceries-Meats -Frozen Foods- All Kinds of Fresh Vegetables Upper Sandusky Ohio PACKERS MARKET Groceries-Meats-Fruits-Vegetables "THE FAMILY STORE" Kirby Ohio THOMAS RADIO SERVICE Radio Sz Television Sales Sz Service Kirby Ohio Best Wishes to Class of 51 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK EVERY BANKING SERVICE F.D.I.C. Insurance on Deposits Forest Ohio WONDER BREAD COMPANY ALWAYS ASK YOUR GROCER FOR WONDER BREAD It's the Freshest Bread in Town Thompson locker 8. Grocery Service Custom Slaughtering Sz Processing WE DO IT AS YOU WISH IT. Where your dollar ITISHIIS 1'I'1OI'6. Dunkirk Ohio, Bridgeport Phone 2637 Dunkirk Hardin County Oil Company Distributors of GASOLINE, KEROSENE and OILS Goodrich Tires Batteries Accessories Greasing Service South Main St. Phone 8215 North Main St. Phone 2157 Kenton, Ohio Compliments of FISHERS MOBIL GAS 8. RESTAURANT Open 24 hours Intersection Routes 68 and 30N Always a friendly welcome Williamstown Ohio Compliments of BlUE'S WALGREEN AGENCY Drugs Dunkirk Ohio Compliments of FARMER'S SOHIO SERVICE Phone 82 Forest, Ohio Compliments of THE BURK 8. FOX COMPANY Manufacturers "BURFO" A PRODUCTS Forest Ohio M. A. HOGAN ELEVATOR KIRKLAND BOOTERY Kenton Phone 41984 "Everything in Shoes but Feet" Grant Ohio Phone 6238 Kenton, Ohio Compliments HILL DRUG CO. of Prescriptions Our Specialty J errolds' Men's Clothing Kenton Ohio Kenton Ohio Compliments Compliments , of of WESTERN AUTO ASSO. STORE DR. E. F. HOLDGREVE Phone 8266 Optometrist Kenton Ohio Kenton Ohio OSBORN'S FURNITURE REXIN'S INC. and Fine Furniture Sz Appliances APPLIANCES East Side Square Phone 7172 Kenton, Ohio 910 West Lima St. Kenton Ohio Your Patronage Is Always Appreciated GUS DICK'S BOSTON DEP'T. STORE INC. GREAT IGA STORE North Side Square Everyday Low Prices Shoes-Dry Good-Ready to Wear For the Entire Family Kenton 01-do Kenton Ohio Compliments of THE BUCKEYE INN HARDIN FARM BUREAU d Mr. and Mrs. Louis Harvey an Prop. CO-OP ASSN. Kenton Ohio Kenton Ohio Class of "51,' THE GRANT GROCERY Mrs. Lloyd C. Smith RAY AND KAY'S DRIVE IN "Frosted Malt Center of Hardin County" Grant Ohio Kenton Ohio Compliments WEAVER HOTEL of 1 Chctr1ie's Home Restaurant Kenton Ohio Kenton Ohio Congratulations to the "Class of 51" THE KENTON MARBLE AND GRANITE CO. Kenton Ohio Compliments of ARTZ BROTHERS Ladies Ready to Wear Dry Goods Sz Notions Compliments of BERNARD FURNITURE STORE Rugs 35 Carpeting Upper Sandusky Ohio Upper Sandusky Ohio Eatmor M. E. Bowen NEUMEISTEWS OLIVER SALES 6. SERVICE Enriched Bread dl Pastries Phone 610 Upper Sandusky Ohio UPPGI' Sandusky Ohio Compliments of DIBLES MENS' WEAR Upper Sandusky Ohio Compliments of HALM MOTOR COMPANY Pontiac Sales and Service Upper Sandusky Ohio Best Wishes to the "Class of 51" CHARLES A. NEISWANDER Compliments to "Class of 51" INSURANCE SERVICE L E. Simpson Phone 218 Forest, Ohio Forest Ohio KACHLEY'S HOME MARKET Groceries 8x Meats Fresh Fruits Sz Vegetables Phone 231 Forest, Ohio Best Wishes to the Class of 51 Dr. F. E. Freed Phone 722-W Forest, Ohio THE ROYAL HATCHERY 130 E. Lima Street Royal Chicks-Provice feeds Poultry Supplies-Remedies Phone 270 Forest, Ohio Success to Class of 51 MARGUERITE'S BEAUTY SHOP Forest Ohio Congratulations to the Class of 51 SHIELDS FUNERAL HOME Forest Ohio Compliments Of WORLEY'S GROCERY Patterson Ohio BILL HAMILTON Trucking Service WEBER'S AUTO BODY SHOP Collision Repair Auto Painting Free Estimates Satisfaction Guaranteed Phone 103-I Forest. Ohio Lime Spreading Stone Hauling Phone 117 F-13 Patterson, Ohio Compliments Of BILL'S Garage FOREST TIN SHOP and R t 13 Dick Willson Leo Iones es auran Patterson Ohio Roofing Spouting Plumbing Wiring Williamson Furnaces Phone 1331 Forest, Ohio Success to Class of 51 KROUT COAL YARD Phone 32-W Forest, Ohio PFEIFFER'S Clothing and Shoes For Men and Boys San-i-system Dry Cleaning Good Luck FOREST CLEANERS Cleaning Pressing Laundry L. M. Edgington Phone 184 Forest Forest Ohio CUT RATE DRUGS Congratulations d New and Complete Cosmetic Lines an , , Best Wishes Drugs for the entire family I To Class of ,51 City Drug Store Established 1902 LUTZ VARIETY STORE Forest Ohio Forest Ohio . Best Wishes Compiments To the "Class of '51', o , CARL sIMPsoN HAGERMAN S RESTAURANT Insurance Agency Phone 170 Forest Phone 43 Forest, Ohio Compliments of BoRDENs STEPHAN 'S SOHIO STATION Forest Ohio MILK PRODUCTS Glenn MarchQDistributor HEMPY'S HARDWARE Compliments Lowe Brothers of Paints Lors sHoPPE and Ready to Wear Vcrrnishes and Hardware and Appliances Unusual Gifts Forest Phone 157 , Forest Oluo L FOREST LOCKER C . ornplunents cmd of room SERVICE MCDANIEL Super Market MOTOR Groceries Frozen Food Lockers - SERVICE Meats Home Bakery I Forest Ohio Lowest Prices Possible Here's to the class of H5177 May the bells of the future always ring for them. SCHOTT'S STYLE SHOPPE Forest Ohio Compliments of THE RED AND WHITE STORE F. L. Simpson, Prop Phone 110 MCENTEE HARDWARE B.P.S. Paints Expert Shoe Repair Electrical Supplies Home Appliances Open Evenings Forest Ohio Forest Ohio Best Wishes to the "Class of 51" I E GRAY AND WHITE MILLER RADIO SERV C COMPANY Forest Ohio Cash buyers of Poultry, Cream and Eggs Lloyd Harford, Mgr. Zenith O R.C.A. Sylvania Radios Forest Ohio and Television Sets RURAL ELEC. MART Electrical Appliances and Service Forest Ohio AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS vi' A WQ5 HLI' VI in i 4, Tu -,m,h , , , nah i+,f 'S EL : 55 ' e "' P, vk J M . X , .5 , ':. . - - J N , 1 ,I w .1 W ,r XIV. V .ff ' k ' - ZA 'vl wi W , .HM, V , . 1, Wv,w 'QQ ,T it ,wif -ci' 1 P gwn F 'a ?, .Gb Tir 4 ay 'v .LN4 3 2 we i- .a. v3 wx 1 u

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1951, pg 41

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