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ny., N H Qarvsf leaves DEED UCIDD UU Ak nuuu mum: NEW 2 unnun Uunnu Ililll PIESENT A 41 X mn: II :mm gm Forest High School. Forest. Ohi nun 'Illia nun n nu nun 1 Administration P. W. Thomas, Superintendent D. R. Baum, Principal Helen Price, Secretary SCHOOL BOARD Frank Holtzmuller M. D., President Carl McKinley, Vice President Paul Anspach, Clerk-Treasurer Albert Oates joseph Shields lo XXX -2- ?or.esf leaves Editor-Ann Holtzmuller Assistant Editors-Marilyn Harford Mary Ellen Tong Sports-Norrnan Clinger Music-Donna Mae Oates Dramatics-Marjorie Harris Art-Royce Fewel Circulation Manager-Dolly Snider Business Manager-Edith Myers Advertisement-Paul McKinley Class Will-Mildred Ann Schott Class Prophecy-Patricia Price Class Sponsor-Mr. Pine Dcdication A LIFETIME DEDICATION Always giving freely of his best, he has made richer the lives of the many pupils who have been under his guidance ..... not only teaching several classes ..... he has spent many extra hours coaching our successful football and basketball teams ..... his life has been a life of service ..... to his pupils ..... and to his country, having spent several months in the European theater of World War II ..... a soft voice . . .... un- derstanding smile and always a word of encourage- ment ..... his motto could easily be "Service and persistence conquer all things" ..... His patience and untiring efforts, under strain, has enabled students to receive the full benefits from the guidance of a gentleman ..... because he has great determination . . . . . he has urged us on to greater accomplishments . . . . . we gratefully dedicate this annual to a gentle- man ..... a teacher ..... and our coach. LOWELL REBS!! -4 - A Hgh Selma! gafulty P. W. THOMAS D. RAY BAUM Superintendent Pl'iIlCiP8I x, ' ,-se, R' A RALPH BALMER J- C. PINE LOWELL REESE Music Sf'if'TlCC Cnavh RUTH BULLOCK PATRICIA COODRICH MRS. HOLTZMULLER English Home Economics Commercial WILLIAM MERVYN C. A. BROOKS MR. BECKER English Biolngy Agriculture -5- IIQI1 Selma! Qaculty MR. BAUM ..... Ohio Northern ..... Interested in the welfare of the school and its students ..... highly respected ..... sincere in his work ..... enjoys a good laugh ..... appreciates his family. MR. PINE ..... Ohio Northern and Ohio State ..... highly respected ..... puts emphasis on practical knowledge ..... a smile from him can mean many a thing ..... interested in helping others. MR. THOMAS ..... Ohio Northem and Ohio State ..... business-like manner . . . . . interested in helping others , . . . . mathematical genius . . . . . strength of character and dignity. MR. REESE ..... Ohio Northem ..... better known as "Bessie" ..... main interest is preparing students to be fine citizens ..... silent but humorous . . . . . small but mighty . . . . . gave greatest part of his life to his country . . . . . liked by all. MR. BROOKS ..... Ohio Northern ..... Never meets a stranger ..... chuckles at a good joke ..... always preparing for programs ..... very business-like ..... always carries a brief case. MISS BULLOCK ..... Miami University ..... easily amazed at student's antics ..... quiet . . quieter . . quietiest . . tone of those silent womenl . . . . . sweet naturalness. MISS GOODRICH ..... Ohio Wesleyan University ..... stern fha-hal . . . gives practical advice on present and future homemaking and the problems of teenagers. MRS. HOLTZMULLER ..... Bliss College and Ohio State ..... deliberate in thought and action ..... precise ..... understanding ..... willing to help anyone who needs it. MR. BECKER ..... Ohio State ..... ambition in life, to lose weight ..... a great family man ..... devoted to his work ..... a lot of fun but stern. MR. MERVYN ..... Ohio State ..... Tall, blonde, and silent ..... always busy with plays ..... too much to do ..... fond of youngsters ..... ambition, to go to Mexico. MR. BALMER ..... Bluffton ..... he has music in his toes ..... energetic and capable ..... always working ..... ambition, to be a lawyer. -3- 614 .v nf '30" ,glfb Q 0 ,gl ,- CLASS MOTTO: Before us lies the timber, let us build. CLASS COLORS: Royal Blue and Com Gold CLASS FLOWER: Blue and Yellow Camations Hay Kmtury af Progress Fifty years, yes, it seems like a long time, doesnit it? Do you remember these things?-the horse to the horseless carriage, called the automobile-the heavier than air machine called the airplaneg now, one goes as fast as sound- the streamline trains-a World War I with Germany-the day of the flappers, the age that was going to the dogs four parentsl-a new type of music,-Jazz, Boogie Woogie-please don't forget the torch songs-the silent movies, and then, ones that even talked!!-now technicolor. The age of the light bulb-many men be- came famous-and many did not recover from the depression of the "thirties',- Roosevelt's "New Deal"-Pearl Harbor-a second World War with Gennany- which we cannot pass over lightly-the atomic and hydrogen bomb. With mod- ern Medical Science the life span seems to be growing longer-at least that is something to look forward to. These are a few of the things that have happened in the past fifty years. We, the class of 1950 have not added much to the past years but watch us in the next fifty. Our Grandfathers, Crandmothers, Fathers and Mothers have helped us in this fifty years of progress. We are going to .try to do our best with the next fifty years. ---1 -. Y Q f Q E k Q- U. S. f ms' -7- Donna Mae Oates Course: Academic Glee Club: lg Mixed Chorus: 2-35 Band: l-2-3-41 G.A.A.: lg Cheerleading: 1-2-3-45 Home- coming Queen: 4 Iim Marshall Course: General Football: l-2-3-47 Bas ketbull: 1-2-3-4: President: lg Vice President: 4 Marjorie Harris Course: Commercial Glee Club: l-25 Mixed Chorus: 1-Zg Band: 45 GJ-LA.: lg Pres- ident: 3: Secretary: 4 Ruth Ann Simpson Course: Academic Glee Club: l-2-45 Mixed Cho- rus: l-2-3g Band: l-2-3-45 G. A.A,: lp Treasurer: 4 Alice Hemmerly Course: Commercial Glee Club: 1-2-47 Mixed Cho- Zul: 2-35 G.A.A.: lp President: Bernard Lee George Course: Commercial Glee Club: 41 Basketball: Football: 3-4 3 ..3- x X Dolly Snxder Norman Clinger Couno: lgrieulhrro Glee Club: 4g Football: 2-3-47 Basketball: lg F.F.A.: 1-2-3-45 Secretary: 2 Edith Myers Course: Commercial Glee Club: 2-4g Mixed Chorus X2-3i F.H.A.: l-2-3-45 GA Course: Home Economics Mixed Chorus:ll-21 F.l-LA.: 1- 2-3-45 G.A.A.: Ioyce Spoon ,M- Conrn: General F.H.A: 2-3-4 Barbara Iean Cooper Course: General Glee Club: l-2-45 Mixed Cho- C... tus: 1-2-37 Band: I-2-3-4: G A.A.: 1 Rex Swanson Course: Agriculture Football: l-2-3-45 Ch 3-45 F.F.A.: 1-2-3-4 orus: 1- -9- 1' - Linda McEntee Course: leademlc Glee Club: 4g Mixed Chorus: 3g Band: 3-47 G.A.A.: lg Ant. Sec. G Treal.: l Thomas Iones Course: lgriculhlre Basketball: lg F.F.A: l-2-3-4 Burl Hemmerly Course: lgrlculhlre Football: -45 Basketball: 3-45 F,F.A.: l-2-3-4 a Audrey Tracy Course: Commercial Glee Club: 2-45 Mixed Chorus: 1-2: GJLA.: l: F.H.A.: l-2-3-4 Iohn Kalb Course: Commercial Football: 4 Harold Waller Course: General Glee Club: 4: Foolball: 1-2- 3-4: Basketball: l-2-3-4: Treal- urer' 2 -10- Paul McKinley Course: Agriculture Glee Club: 45 Mixed Chorus: I-2-35 Band: l-2-35 Football: 1-2-3-45 Basketball: 1-2-3-45 President: 25 F.F.A.: 1-2-3-4 Marilyn Hariord Course: Commercial Glee Club: 15 Mixed Chorus: 1-35 Band: 3-45 G.1-LA.: 1 1-'.H.A.: 1-2-3-45 Cheerleader: 22 Secretary and Treasurer: lg Homecoming- Attendant: 4 , ,wi 4 Patricia Price Course: Academic Glee Club: 1-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus: l-2-35 Band: l-2-3-45 G.A.A.: 15 Vice President: 1 lane Green Couue: Commercial Glee Club: 45 F.H.A.: 2-45 G.A.A.: 1 -11- ei Ardo Hammond Course: Commercial Football: 1-2-3-4 Phyllis Kneisley Course: Commercial Mixed Chorus: 25 Band: l-Z F.H.A. 1-2-3-45 G.A.A.: l Homecoming Attendant: 4 K L Murray Essinger Course' I riculhlre r.r.A: '1-25-4 Ann Holtzmuller Course: Academic Glee Club: l-4: Mixed Cho- rus: '2-3: Band: 1-25 GJLA.: ly Iunior Red Cross: 1-2-3 M fl ia Mary Ellen Tong Course: Commercial Glee Club: l-2-3: Mixed Cho- rus: l-2-3: Band: 1-2-3g GJ-LA.: lg Vice President: 35 May Queen Attendant: 27 Home- coming Attendcmt: 3 Mildred Ann Schott Course: Academic Glee Club: 1-2-4: Mixed Cho- ' l- - ' and: l-2-3-4: run. 2 3, B G.A.A. lg Secretary: 3 Eileen Staley Course: Home Economics Glee Club: 1-2-4: Mixed Cho rua: 1-27 l".l-LA.: 1-2-3-45 G.A.A.: I Royce Fewell Course: Commercial Glee Club: 4: Mixed Chorus: I-2-3: Band: 1-2-3-4 -172- fast ZW!! and Zkstanzcut We, the Seniors of Forest High School, ofthe city of Forest and State of Ohio, being of sound and disposing mind and memory and believing that our life here is short and uncertain, and being desirous of settling our school affairs while we have the strength and capacity to do so, to make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking all other wills and testaments by us made. To the faculty we leave the pleasure of commanding all the future Senior Classes to Item I pick up all the paper that may be on the floor. Item II To the junior Class we leave our mad money making schemes. Item III To the Sophomore Class we leave our brilliant excuses to miss our classes. Item IV To the Freshman Class we leave three more years of hard study, which we are sure they will enjoy. Item V To the Janitors we leave the hope that they will clean the Senior Room now that we are gone. Item VI I, Barbara Cooper, will my ability to go with so many different boys to Kate Hoch- stettler. I, Jane Green, will my studiousness and interesting letters to Ida Packer I, Marilyn Harford, will all of Bobis lights on his car to Denny Rahrig. I, Marjorie Harris, will my ability to do Book-Keeping to Bob Farmer. I, Alice Hemmerly, will my love of being secretary for Mr. Becker to anyone who wants it. ' I, Ann Holtzmuller, will my love for the alumni to Beth Ann Alguire. I, Phyllis Kneisely, will my ability to ride around in "Chevies" to Carolyn Baum. I, Linda McEntee, leave my saxophone playing ability to anyone who wants it. I, Donna Mae Oates, will my head majorette position to Richard Wilson. I, Patricia Price, leave my love for Physics and Chemistry to Ruth Kingman. I, Mildred Ann Schott, will my ability to use language to Joyce Zimmerman, who knows what I mean. I, Ruth Simpson, will my short hair cuts to Audrey Thomson. - 13 - I, Dolly Snider, will my basketball ability to Io Ann Harris. I, Joyce Spoon, will my ability to laugh to Alice Thiel. I, Eileen Staley, will my height to Everett Woolley. I, Mary Ellen Tong, will my love for eating to Lois Hamilton. I, Audrey Tracy, will my ability of bashfulness to Olin Hemmerly. I, Edith Myers, will my ability to play gym to Ruth Smith. I, Norman Clinger, will my muscle's to Cary Kneisley. I, Murray Essenger, will my ability to get along with girls to Bill Green. I, Royce Fewel, will my love to tell jokes, and I do mean jokes, to Kay Albert. I, Bemard George, will my shyness, although I love girls, to Donald Conley. I, Ardo Hammond, will my typing ability to Betty Tuorrey. I, Burl Hemmerly, will Curtin's Sandwich Shop to Charles Wright. I, Tom jones, will my love for girls to joe Frederick. I, John Kalb, will my ability to get along with the teachers to Estil Williams. I, Jim Marshall, will my quiet ways and well kept hair to Frank Thompson. I, Paul McKinley, will my good running "Chevie,' to john Hooker. I, Rex Swanson, will my ability to sleep in Government Class to Kenneth Wright. I, Harold Waller, will my ability to bluif my way through classes without studying to Norman Fout, who already has a good start. In witness of this document, we have subscribed our names and affixed our seal this twenty-first day of May, in the year of our Lord, Nineteen hundred fifty. CSignedj -14- SENIORS THEN lstlrow, L. to R.: Cobrecht, Hammond, Rahrig, Miller, Corbin, Clinger, Thompson, Bacon, Ha sey. 2nd row: Price, Holtzmuller, Oates, Hemmerly, Snider, Spoon, Miller, Case, McEntee, Staley, Schott, VValters. 3rd row: Loubert, Jones, McKinley, Oates, Fewell, Kneisley, Simpson, Tong, Cooper, Gard- ner, Weber, Hemmerly, Wright, Essinger, SENIORS NOW Ist row, L. to R.: R. Staley, Hemmerly, Spoon, McEntee, Price, Holtzmuller, Cooper, Simp- son, Schott, Kneisley. 2nd row: Snider, George, Hammond, McKinley, Fewell, Jones, Hemmerly, Essinger, Clinger Tong, Oates. -15- 1 . -Q. - . , f5?i:E'ff ' ,ni-fl' , 'W sf ' 5 IM, 5- . 1 Jr, 3' ff VE Y 5 3 1 fi I E Y " C , ff? , eo 1 fxg ' """ A ' el Vw V ,ix I K Q D? 'V ye u as ' pf, . 3 3 ' r N , 4' ff"'.' f fl A A-"le , 5- 1 Q5 . 5 1 g it wjmafffi ' ' - , as f 'gif 'i , 4 sse.y,ig,5v?'gVf , ,ll , 2 ' QQ, ' iv 1 5 - i ' .ffifyii Q,Cg?55Q " isf'2,'u1'm 5' s ' , f Jw: -. Q: N i , J" f ' ' A x ', Hia' I.,' . A ., lv - 5' vu W1- M Picnic fun? ..... Mar e was cute when she was little, wasn't she? ..... Pat and Donna Mae in Chemistry, woriing. Hal ..... Is that Royce ready for church? ..... Mary Ellen was tired ..... Let's play tough, says Ardo and Bernard ..... Edith, Eileen and Mary, the three stooges ..... Donna, what happened? ..... Jim and Mr. Reese, Kenton football game. CWe won.J ..... Marilyn, Doll and Mary Ellen, way hack in 1946 ..... Audrey, Joyce, Edith, and Mary ..... Dolly and Phyllis just love to swim . . . . . just a sitting on a rock . . . . . Love that boy. Huh! Marilyn? . . . . . Tom isn't the one with the bridle ..... Pat, Mildred, and Marge out for a stroll ..... Mary Ellen is bashful ..... Marilyn and Dolly act like pick ups fthey really aren'tJ Phyllis, you'll get your pants wetl ..... We girls in the fifth grade ..... Theyncall him lHaroldJ the strangler. - 16 - 534 Klass Proplfccy As I was sitting in my easy chair on my estate in Panama watching my new television set, I noticed that my home town was being shown. One of the Hrst things I saw was the High School. They were having Chapel and one of my former school friends, Marjorie Harris was giving a demonstration with her four children on shorthand and typing. They had set a new worldis record for s eed. The children had been taught by their mother. Also on the same program was Linda McEntee who gave a beautiful saxophone solo. She had studied for five years in Vienna and was a noted authoritly on band music. After the program the coach, Harold Waller, spoke a few words. Coach Wa - ler's team had won the National Basketball Tournament last year. Harold had lost only two games in the last two years-each time to Alger. Then the scene changed to a few miles outside Forest where a new hospital had just been built. The chief surgeon was Ann Holtzmuller who had just retumed from a series of lectures in Europe. The hospital had been donated by one of Forest's citizens. Ann had named the hospital "Bi.llvue,' after its donor. Also working there as head nurse was the for- mer Ruth Simpson. She was now the Mrs. Richard Wilson the second. Incidently, she also had two lovely children, Ruth and Richard the third. The next place of interest shown was the country home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul McKinleyg Mrs. McKinley is the former Phyllis Kneisley. There were 11 very cute curly haired boys in the yard playing football. Paul and Phyllis had gained national recognition for having the youngest professional football team in the country and also because the whole team was com- posed of their own sons. The farm next to their home was owned by Thomas Jones and Norman Clinger who raised Holshires, a new type of animal bred by Tom and Norman from Holstein sand Berk- shires. They had gained their knowledge of animal husbandry while taking agriculture in For- est High School. Then the scene moved back to town where a kindergarten class was visited. The teacher was the former Mildred Ann Schott. Most of the class consisted of children of her former classmates. Three of the children were her own. They were triplets who were well known for their dancing abilit . They had been taught by their mother who had been a professional dancer in her youth. Another student was Audrey Tracy's daughter. Audrey was in Washing- ton at the time where she was head of the Home Economics Bureau of the United States. She had just perfected a new method for making pork taste like beef. Next to the Kindergarten Class building was a laundry service which was managed by Eileen Staley and Edith Myers. Their specialty was washing diapers. As a sideline they had a class on "The Care of Infantsf, Eileen and Edith were both experts on the care of babies and eople came from miles around to attend their classes. Their own children were the best be- llaved children in Mildred Ann's kindergarten class. Next the program visited the largest mortuary in the world. As I wasn't interested in mortuarys I started to tum the dial when I suddenly noticed the proprietors of the mortuary. They were Ardo Hammond and Bemard George. After I recovered from this shock I dis- covered that they had bought joe Shields out and renamed the home "Peaceful Manor." They also had erfected a new embalming fluid which could be used for man or beast. Their side- line was fhnerals for the pets of people who were too tenderhearted, to just bury their pets in the cold, cold ground. They also owned a cemetery which was managed by their classmate Murray Essinger. The motto of the cemetery is "Let Sleeping Dogs Lief, Murray had developed a new method for cutting grass. He employed the contour type cutting, that is, he was going around in cir- cles, which he had leamed in his agriculture class. -17- Next they visited a new restaurant which had just been built b Burl Hemmerly, the great architect. It was designed to look like Tarzan's tree house. Burly always liked Tarzan, even going so far as to imitate him while he was in high school. Burl's imitations weren't al- ways successful, though. The restaurant was owned by Rex Swanson. He advertised his res- taurant as selling the strongest milkshakes in the world. He had a yen for strong drinks ever since his high school days. He employed Iohn Kalb as his jerk-soda 'erk, that is. john is able to make mi kshakes, faster, thicker, and better than anyone else in the country. After the restaurant scene, jim Marshall, the famous psychiatrist, was interviewed. jim had graduated from Yale University with several degrees and now had a large practice. His specialty is women-patients. Royce Fewell, a cartoonist of some note, was also interviewed. Royce had gotten his start W en he drew cartoons for the "Leaves of '50"'. His comicstrip was named "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em", patterned after his own life. The next place visited was the law office of Hemmerly and Oates. Alice and Donna spe- cialized in divorce cases QDonna usually taking the men clients.j Alice is also noted for her speeches. At the moment she is running for Senator. Donna is her campaign manager. They s ould get the votes of all the men, anyway. The "Two fs Boarding House" was shown next and the proprietors were Joyce Spoon and jane Green. They served meals and were known the world over for their won erful corned beef hash. Conlidentially, they said that all they had to do was open a can of "Armour's comed beef hash", heat it, and serve it. The poor suckers never knew the difference. The next place of note was Tong's Ping Pong Lounge. Mary Ellen had felt sorry for the girls of Forest because they had no place for recreation so she had built a ping pong room, trim somelwhat like the pool room of the boys. Mary Ellen is also the ping pong c ampion of e worl . Next to Mary Ellen's recreation room was the largest garage in Forest, bmade entirely of glass. It was owned by Marilyn Derringer, the former Marillyn Harford., The garage spe- cialized in fixing lights and other accessories for cars. Marilyn had gained her knowledge for fixing lights from her husband. Also, Marilyn thought, since she always had to be fixing her husband's lights she might as well make money fixing other peoples. Marilyn's friend and neighbor, Dolly Thacker, former Dolly Snider, owned the theater in Iimorest. Every Saturday afternoon she showed all cartoons for her husband and the children of t e town. The last person shown on the program was Barbara Cooper who, as a singer, had enjoyed success in Hollywood. She was now singing a commercial for Wheaties on the radio. The com- mercial went like this: "How mild, how mild, how mild can a cereal be Less scratchy, less harsh on the throat La lee lee, la lee lee So step up to the counter and say, Gimmie a pack of Wheaties please." With that note I tum off my television set and say-Good-bye. - 18 - JUNIOR CLASS lst row, L. to R.: Hamilton, McDaniel, Smith, Zimmerman, Tuorrey, Fout, Willson, Iolliif 2 d .. . 1 x ' ' ' n row. Hochstettler, Young, Green, Reed, Wright, Kingman, Curtin, Sons, Cooper. 3rd row: Mrs. Holtzmuuller, Metzger, Webb, Farmer, Ludwig, Thompson, Thomson, Harris Absent: Lines, Rahrig. SOPHOMORE CLASS ist row, L. to H.: Musgrave, Simpson, Spoon, Alguire, Parsell, Baum, Packer, Kauble, Tracy, mes. gndhllowg Mr. Brooks, Thacker, Essinger, Harford, Albert, Hooker, Lawrence, Miller, Cramer, as . -3rd Row: Brown, Weber, Conley, Wilikins, Hayes, Sons, Brown, Wooley, Waller, Curran. FRESHMEN CLASS Ist Row, L. to R.: jones, Musgrave, McKinley, Peart, Cooper, Phillips, Kaser, Wright, Cramer Landon, Frederick, Smith. 2nd Row: Frater, Landon, Ratliff, Thiel, Frey, Price, Southward, Kneisley, Hemmerly, Wil- liams, Kellogg, Miss Goodrich. 3rd Row: Hemmerly, Joliff, Hankins, Spoon, Elwood, Grubbs, Ioliff, Kalb, Harrold, Mc- Daniel, Lawrence. Absent: Weber Briggs. -20- EIGHTH GRADE Ist Row, L. to R.: Hemmerly, Weber, Green, Smith, Lines, Tracy, Hart, George, Rizor, Har- old, Arnold, McMaster, Gobrecht, Robinson. 2nd Rowg Hagerman, Clark, Spoon, Johnson, Bash, Sellers, Burk, Fortney, Lehman, Forney Hines, Staley, Mr. Mervyn. 3rd Row: McKee, Merriman, McMasters, Staley, Spoon, Linke, Holtzmuller, Ioliff, Patrick Clinger, Sellers, Packer, Curran, Mentzer. Absent: Arnold. SEVENTH GRADE Ist Row, L. to R.: Elwood, Bacon, Engle. Flowers, Frater, Rockwell, Kalb, Iones, Miller, johnson, Ile-mmerly, Lehman, Stewart, Thompson, VVehcr. 2nd Row: Fry, Kauble, Conley, Harman, Humphrey, Cramer, Parsell, Landon, Edgington, Smithson, Overly, Johnson, Landon, Miss Bullock. 3rd Row: VVooley, Rickcnhaugh, Parcher, Rigslmy, VValler, Clark, Zinimerm-in, Tracy, Spear man, Cook, Krout, Horn, Fewel, Ethcrton, Miller. Absent: Cordon, Switzer. -21-- SIXTH GRADE lst Row, L. to R.: Essinger, johnson, Swanson, Thacker, Barry, Hamilton, Hemmerly, Mar- shall, Hart, Sink, Frey, Musselman, Kaublc, McKee. 2nd Row: Williams, George, Smith, Smithson, Kratt, Koser, Linke, Spoon, Barry, Kemmerly, Lawrence, Mrs. Lena Threlkeld. 3rd Row: Arnold, Ropp, Parsell, Brown, Musgrave, Fields, Harford, Christie, Burk, Musgrave, Tourrcy, Horn, George. Absent: Barry, Kidd. FIFTH GRADE lst Row, L. to R.: McKee, Edgington, Price, Spencer, Wright, Johnson, Corwin, Parcher, Frater, Humphrey, Fink, Cowdrick, Cox, Staley, Cramer, Humphrey, Frey, Green. 2nd Row: Zimmerman, jefferson, Conley, Stewart, Stewart, jones, Ratliflz, Getz, Brunkhart, Merriman, Post, Rucker, Seybert, Harman, Opp, Marshall, Miss Violet Garver. 3rd Row: Elwood, Fewell, Edgington, Miller, Frederick, Switzer, Anspack, Musgrave, An- derson, Harrold, Cooper, Kalb, Hemmerly, Horn, Rizor, Laflerty, Flowers, Lawrence, Peirce. Absent: Cooper. FO URTH GRADE lst Row, L. to R.: Curran, VVilkins, George, Sink, Hendricks, Baum, Miller, Iolilf, Kratt Ratlilf, Lodge, Rigsby, Ream, Ruger, McKee, Waller. 2nd Row: Harp, Swarts, Roller, Crubbs, Higsby, Woolev, Rickcnbacher, Oats, Windlc, Lud- wig, Musgrave, Musgrave, Swanson, Crace England. 3rd Row: MeCumher, Packer, Southward, Humphrey, Simpson, Miller, Bash, Spoon, Cary Kauble, McLaughlin, McKinley, Kellog. Absent: Barry, Kidd. THIRD GRADE Ist Row, L. to R.: Shields, Kauble, Patrick, Fry, Kellogg, Kauble, Thiel, Sons, Humphrey Rayhl, McKee, Miller, Reed, Cooper, johnson. Y 2nd Row: Bash, Gobrecht, Frater, Christie, Burk, Bunnell, Clendening, Roller, Parsell, Rucker, Smith, Knapp. 3rd Row: Weber, Arnold, Barry, Thacker, Bridenstine, Clark, Durenherger, Horn, Herzog, Woodard, Fields, Hempy. Teachers: Baker, Bair. Absent: Thompson. -23- a SECOND GRADE lst Row, L. to R.: Tracy, Reed, Cowdrick, Lehman, Ross, Rager, Sink, Wright, Hipsher Peirce, Getz, Kemmerly, Phillips, Corwin, Hart, Hart, Boehm. 2nd Row: Simpkins, Koser, Rabberman, Ratlifl, Miller, Humphrey, Lamb, McFerson, Corwin McKee, Post McElfresh, England, Hemmerly, Evans. 3rd Row: Fewell, Ream, johnson, Brunkhart, Brown, Searls, Burnett, Edgington, Durenberger, Powell, Arnold, Baker, Frederick, Trissler, Frederick, Hodge, Spearman. Teachers: Fortney Simmons. Absent: Elwood, Hester, Lamb. FIRST GRADE 'Ffa Q i 2 -A rifdl . , iw, W . .3.e,....... .. . ff Ist Row, L. to R.: Arnold, Wells, Daniels, McFarland, Searls, Barry, Shields, Schlatter, Smith Stephan, jolig, Rizor, Crawford, Madison, Buess. 2nd Row: Roby, Webb, McCumber, Forney, Cramer, Harp, Stewart, Kear, Tuorrey, Eather- ton, Harrold, Cramer. 3rd Row: McKee, Lawrence, Evans, Carrothers, Kalb, Miller, Hatcher, Stewart, Thacker Pierce, Bridenstine, Barry. Teachers: Ickes, Sheldon. Abesnt: Spoon, Thompson, Rizor, Weber, Ulrich. -24- s : a Gmdc Ceaclzvrs LENA THHELKELD VIOLET CARVER Sixth Grade Fifth Grade i 1 , 4 GRACE ENGLAND VERDA BAKER Fourth Grade Third Grade RUTH BAIR ELOISE SIMMONS Third Grade Sc-concl Grads- PAULINE FORTNEY - MARTHA SHELDON NIARCELLA ICKES Second Grade First Gracie First Grade -25- 44 A ve! -Ili X Xp 1 ' ..- ! 9 n ' 2 v '54 - if gf we ll ' fl ' -tl vp J-leurs af Gampetifiau "Yeah gold, yeah black, yeah team, fightem back." . . . along our way we profit from competitive events . . . . spills, thrills, cheering crowds . . . . waiting to see if the pass is caught . . . cold, damp nights . . . but we were there to back the team . . . win or lose, we were proud . . . football, a test of power, skill, and brains . . . then we have basketball . . . tense waiting as the ball rolls round and round and finally drops through the net . . . putting forth your best sportsmanship at all times . . . popcom, potato chips, spilled cokes . . . jittery coaches . . . time for some peppy yells . . . vieing of the cheerleaders as they spur the boys on . . . that struggle all year to win a championship for your school, your coach, the fans . . . then "heads upv remembering that "glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall . . . enjoying your last year of high school sports . . . life is full of competition . . . try-outs for characters in plays . . . scholarship tests .... eagerly anticipating Home- coming Queen selections . . . the old familiar triangle, the rivalry of two boys for one girl . . . learning to take victory modestly, to accept defeat graciously helps us to meet every contending force of life. -26- 55515 Y' 51:1 fx if 33 '9,g', 'TV' Q? vying- GA 2' m y 1 M ag a' 3, l ik e :I M NY mx :H nj' H Q :V M fx Q? is x wfqmgx , ,W i if, ? , 'if ' L K Si x ggi W 235 1 ty i? ' ,123 S QW f K .. 3 . W ?i EY- if Ag ' il , ' "ii T M 3 Q 5,1 fi, ' M E My ':- f f .:. N 5 it , Aw 1 ,if 8 2 , ' 912 151 fr . i, LL: in f, ,Q 121 . 12 lx Ai X 'Ji Ja ,gi ff 1 it T? Ti Fiigl fzg 57" ii x A 'ET 595 5E M WWWSEE ii? Q If 1 Lfwrg 4 'J' f. Q-Z? if... 3 5 W,- 1: A ?? 1.5531 kj . -fill ini' Exiwaw vw? M WF: ,A v x WY 5 li 'g Vw H2551 , K ? K 1' ww mg W5'i3Qmw4z Q E A1 W A W f iyisfm ' ' V m , lr 1 2 H ,Q M- , L y U' ' 1"' ,gy M2 1 ' f 4 . EM if K, ..""f . ,,. ,TW.,l.,?,., , ,, W ,- f ,1f"4h3.a 5 'E insrir ,E -11514 'Q ' lS?ia47lf?1?4 +2151 3 ,aegis islam 11223 , ' Slim 5 K ff aww q21 E Q32 W f ww g X ,,, if eff 31 1, A Wm M W i V f Qs, Blu ' wan ' 2 Ffgfg dial ? M aw03'fx'i 4 2533 Mm Q .Ag ,. 13- me 2 T3 .2 we ' W 'FAI Q w ' J U! Q " 'Elm sw . Qwlgmvq ,Y 1 'wL",i4. M 3 ,.w. QHVJM '2 Wi ' ,921 W :g 3 Wig 1 W 47 '35, :gms Z, as :k 734 1 L-a i M255 -27- izi , T 1 xxgagiswb W wwiw R X . V 3 4, is ,iw f?,"e 3 X, M Y L 135' iw , ma, ni A M . V, N tww, S 'K M fifoiw? 559, rg gi, K, ,W el? A w 1 H N A work J ,mf K K ff f ,ff K '4 'm lf f'y A, f 4 xftr' - -. , ' o o I f A fi, .A I la 9135? :QA A. , fo 'ff - . ,' Q. .wi f ' ,x ' 9 5- , ll? 4 M , Q 'E' If fii ' z S-T, s , 1 Sponsored By Lions Club Forest, Ohio -28- Qaafball During the football season of 1949, the Forest Rangers were successful in winning seven of the nine scheduled games. Of the group of thirty boys who reported for practice, there were five lettermen from last year's squad. Nine members were seniors. After four weeks of stiff practice, the Rangers were ready for the Preview. The team journeyed to Upper Sandusky where they were to play Richwood. Even though the Richwood team had large boys, the Rangers looked like a capable team, and came out on top with a 6-0 win. September 16, Forest played Elida. Elida usually has a good team, and did have this year. They were able to keep the Rangers from scoring in the first half. The Rangers scored in the third quarter and the extra point was good. Elida came back with a touchdown, but the extra point was blocked. Forest, scoring again in the last quarter, made it a safe 14-6 victory. September 23, Forest played at Pandora. lt was raining at the beginning of the game and the ball was slippery. However, the Rangers scored once in the first quarter, twice in the second quarter, and once more in the third. The final score was 20-0 in Forest's favor. September 30, Forest played at Delphos. The 14-0 lead at the half-time proved that the Rangers were improving rapidly. The Rangers scored three more times, while Delphos scored only once. Forest won 34-6. October 7, Forest played Kenton in a non--league game. Kenton, being a grade A school, had more and larger boys. Three of the Ranger's first stringers were hurt in this game. For- est was ahead 7-6 at the halftime. The Rangers, in the lead and willing to pay the price, scored again in the third quarter to win the game 14-6. This was the first time Forest had beaten Kenton since 1938. October 14, Forest played at Lafayette. Due to injuries from the Kenton game, Forest was somewhat weakened. Lafayette. being a weak team, didnit offer much resistance and Forest won again 20-0. October 21, Forest played Columbus Grove. Columbus Grove, having a fine offense, was outscored at the halftime 12-0, but scored 12 points in the last half. Forest was very happy to win this game 19-12, as this was the Homecoming game. The Queen, Donna Mae Oates, and her attendants, Marilyn Harford and Phyllis Kneisley, were honored at the halftime. A dance was held following the game. October-27, Forest played Spencerville. Spencerville was able to score 13 points against F orest's 20 in the first half. Forest kept their lead and won 47-25. This was Dad,s night. November 4, Forest played Ada in a non-league game. Ada is very close to being a grade A school. This was a very stormy night and the Rangers were not willing to pay the price of a few bumps and bruises in order to win the game. The score was 20-50 in Ada's favor. November 11, Forest played at Shawnee. Shawnee, the only team standing between Forest and the championship, had a very fast backiield. Forest trailed at the halftime 19-6 and 44-6 at the end of the fourth period. Forest dropped down to receive second place honors. Sponsored by The Herzog Limestone Co. -29- VARSITY TEAM L. to R.: Coach Reese, Waller, Marshall, Hemmerly, McKinley, Thompson. SEASON'S RECORD The 1949-50 Basketball season opened December 2. There were three varsity boys from last year's team. The first league game was played at Mt. Victory. The Rangers won by a score of 58 to 46. Our team really shone this year. It won six of the seven league games scheduled losing only to Alger. The Rangers wre league champions for the third year in succession. Our reserves won six and lost eight of their scheduled games. The reserve team beat the undefeated Sycamore reserve team. In -the toumament at Ada, Forest won over McGuffey and Dunkirk. They then played Ridgeway for the championship and lost 49 to 39. As a result of this game, they had to play Dunkirk again for runners up, winning by a 52-48 score. The Rangers then ioumeyed to Celina for the Northwestem district Class B tournament. Forest drew a bye and was to play the winner of the Minster-Beaverdam game. Forest played a hard game but lost to Minster 48 to 50. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS L. to R.: Oates, Alguire, Harris, Curtain. The Boosters Club Sponsored by BASKETBALL SQUAD Ist Row, L. to R.: Kell0gg, Thompson, Hemmerly, Marshall, Waller, McKinley, Harrold. 2nd row, L. to H.: Anspach, Smith, Albert, Wright, Hooker, Conley, Farmer, Cramer, Rigsby. 3rd row, L. to R.: Coach Reese, Price,'Waller, Southward, Metzger, Hemmerly, Hemmerly, Curran, Kneisley. Scores Forest Mt. Victory ..... ......... 4 6 58 Wharton .... Roundhead ..... .......... 4 0 53 Dola ............ Marseilles ......... 34 43 Ridgeway Harpster ..... ......... 5 0 51 Alger ............., Caledonia ......... 34 58 McCnffey .,.. Arlington ..... ......... 5 5 48 Salem ........... Dunkirk .....,. ......... 4 7 57 Sycamore ..... Tournament Forest McGuffey .......................... 36 47 Dunkirk ....... ....... 3 4 54 Ridgeway ...... ....... 4 9 39 Dunkirk ..............,,...,..,,,.,,,, 43 52 RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Forest 28 54 52 48 50 48 31 Harmon, Clinger Peart. Spnnsored by -31- Turners Grill -32- E0 1, 1- . fr 5 X ID -L 5 ' D :E I A Days af Preparation The purpose of our journey . . . preparing for now and the future . . . in classes . . . we listen, dream, and yes, even learn a little . . . F reshies painfully factor through 'al- gebra . . . get dizzy over alliteration and onomatopoeia . . . gaze at the stars in general science . . . Latln proves helpful as a romance language famo tej . . . Ag boys buy tractor, look no wheels! . . . Home Ec: glrls visit a bakery . . . "WisdOII1 IS the power that enables us to use knowl- ed e for the beneHts of ourselves and others" . . . some brilliant sophomores tackle geometry . Z . . . . . . others prefer general buslness . . . juniors know their English well, too well . . . watch your proportion, watch your form, no, not reducing, just shorthand class . . . study halls, at least thatis what the schedule says . . . daily rotation of our mental wheels bringing us closer and closer to graduation. Through'art and music we can ex- press ourselves . . . give beauty to others . . . "Music is love in search of a wordv . . . the brisk cadence of a marching band . . . the strut of the majorettes . . . the various for- mations at the football games . . . all add color and beauty . . . to hear the boys' or girls' chorus . .. . it is truly a thing to enjoy . . . all these are precious bits of gold which will bring dividends as we go along. s .Q M Sla Q i 'dia '- WIS' "' MIN -33- FOREST HIGH SCHOOL BAND Front Row, L. to R.: Harford, Musgrave, Hochstettler, Metzer, Clinger, jolifl, Hines, Kaser Alguire, Humphrey, Fortney, Schott, Edgington, jones, Staley, Forney, Spearman, Harris Simpson, Young. Second Row: Baum, Rahrig, Southwurd, Packer, Iolilf, Webb, Kellogg, Simpson, Oates Bash, Price, Cooper, Curran, Wilson, Fewel, Bush, Landon. Third Row: Musgrave, Hayes, Pursell, Phillips, Hamilton, Lehman, Cooper, Burk, McEntee Price, Harmon, Cooper, Thomson, Smith, Hooker, McKinley. MAIORETTES Ianice Musgrave, Carolyn Baum, Donna Mae Oates, Phyllis Landon, Etna Simpson. Sponsored by Lou Ann Beauty Shop ' and Prices Friendly Service Station 34 Clzc Zrrest flzyh Salma! Hand The Forest High School Band was an organization of forty-eight members, Hve twirlers and two Hag bearers. The band played at various activities during the summer. Some of these were: The Le- gion Jamboree, Arlington Homecoming, and the Lions Club Street Fair and Parade. Other outside appearances were at Upper Sandusky during the Wyandot County Fair and at Ken- ton for the Hardin County Fair. The band plaiyed at the football preview at Upper Sandusky along with the bands from Kenton, Richwoo and Upper Sandusky. Our opponent for the evening was Richwood. The band formed for this evening a HI, R, and an F. The band became a very activeipart of every football game. They played The Star Span- gled Banner before every game an did various formations at halftime. Our first game was with Elida and it was a home game. The band formed a football which was kicked by the head majorette and then they broke into a ,49 WIN, and for Elida they formed an E. Their last formation was an F. for Forest. The band then traveled to Pandora and performed at the halftime. Their formations for the night were a football, '49 WIN, P for Pandora, and F for Forest. The next game was with Kenton. The band wanted to look sharp that night and to help, their new uniforms. arrived before the halftime appearance. For this night the band had "Tra- vel" as their theme. The formations were a bicycle, an automobile, and a locomotive which had smoke coming out of the smoke stack and its pistons and wheels were moving. The band also formed a K for Kenton and an F for Forest. We were invited to come to a Findlay College game on October 8. We gladly accepted and our formations for the evening were a bicycle, an automobile, and a locomotive. Columbus Grove was the next game of the season and it was also the Homecoming game. The band's formations were a clock, a crown into which the queen and her attendants were taken and presented to the large crowd, and a heart. Also the band formed a C G for Colum- bus Grove, and an F for Forest. The last game of the season was with Spencerville and was Dad's night. The band's forma- tions were in honor of the Dads of the football players. The formations were a DAD, a chair, a pipe, and a slipper. The band then formed an S for Spencerville and an F for Forest. The band members wish to express their thanks to the Band Mothers whose work made it possible for them to have their new uniforms which are very attractive. They also wish to express their thanks to everyone who helped in any way to make this project possible. -35- BOY'S CHORUS Ist Row, L. to R.: McDaniel, Price, Southward, George, Albert, Smith, Kellogg, Waller, Wil- liams, Rigsby, Kneisley. 2nd Row: Simpson, Webb, Clinger, Landon, Marshall, Green, Hayes, Swanson, Fewell Wilson, McKinley, Balmer. CIRL'S CHORUS 1. in Ist Row, L. to R.: Parsell, Picrt, McKinley, Myers, Simpson, Cooper, Kingman, Musgrave Phillips, Thiel, Musgrave, Curtain. 2nd Row: Thomson, Holtzmuller, Frater, Hemmerly, Landon, Cooper, Staley, Simpson Cooper, Frey, Tracey. 3rd Row: Palmer, Packer, Hamilton, Jones, Schott, Alguire, Baum, Price, Ratliff, McEntee Kaser. Sponsored by The Corner Market Forest, Ohio -35.. F. F. A. Ist Row, L. to R.: Swanson, Conley, Clinger, Albert, Hemmerly, McKinley. 2nd Row: Becker, Kneisley, Mentzer, Thacker, Wright, Woolley, Kalb, joliif, Curran. 3rd Row: Williams, Hayes, Harrold, Hooker, Wright, Jones, Wilkins, Essinger. F. H. A. lst Row, L. to R.: Tracey, Kauble, Kingman, Curtain Cramer, Bash. 2nd Row: Packer, Joliff, Hankins, Snider, Kneisley, Sons, Goodrich. - Sponsored by The Forest Implement and Forest, Ohio -37- , Myers, Smith, McDaniel, Lines, Tracey Staley, Young, Harford, Ioliif, Spoon Grain Supply IUNIOR RED CROSS lst Row, L. to R.: Cooper T G b h 2nd Row: Curran, Wright, E381-Sgon, O rec L HONOR SOCIETY Ist Row, L. to R.: Holtzmuller, Oates, Price, Hemmerly. McEntee 2nd Row: Tuorrey, McDaniel, Mr. Brooks, Thomson, Hamilton. -33- BUS PATROL lst Row, L. to R.: Horn, Staley, McMaster, Linke, Clark, Eatherton. 2nd Row: Woolley, Conley, Rigsby, Rucker, Christie. ,-. BUS DRIVERS lst Row, L. to R.: Miller, Burk, Snider. 2nd Row: Edgington, Dilley, Bunnell. SCHOOL BOY PATROL lst Row, L. to R.: Parcher, Cook, Lehman, Parsell, Frater, Bacon. 2nd Row: George, McKee, Lawrence, Thompson, Spoon, Musgrave - 39 - xg-q' Q:25',,N,5wf'3w Cooks: Hinebaugh Zimmerman Janitors : Wright Musgrave Moments af Inspiration gs M 2 i With hopeful spirit and a sincere desire always to achieve something of beauty, goodness, and truth, for these are the qualities that live, we've spent these years at Forest . . . Encoura ement, criticism, raise and then accomplishment-tiese have creates the personality of our class . . . Think of the cut-ups in the English room . . . the frolics at play practices . . . yet, not the easy tasks but the hard ones bring complete joy in life . . . persuading innocent people to purchase annuals . . . 150 of 'em . . merchants to bu ads . . .. "Think only . convincing of the best, work only for the best, expect only the best" . . . we've tried to hit the top in our dramatics . .Ny 0. -N. N ,X '1- ,vf x N Y' .5 27 ' ff A2..1'45fp .vw iff' T4 ' "fbi 1 m'f s'.4-ll "Red and the Christmas Whoppersn in our Soph- omore year in which Red was always telling lies. It was directed by the able bodied Miss Fowler .... A grandmother, a mother with three children, and herself, having three suitors enabled us to give "Come Over to Our House," for a mystiiied audience when we were juniors . . . As Seniors we gave the play, "What a Life," which is quite rightg anyway, everything turns out well in the end . . . A thing of beauty . . . those striking "Ranger Tales" covers created by our art editor . . . cheerful words, ex- citing occasions, enlivened activities inspire our ad- venture to be a joyful one. ..41- SENIOR PLAY CAST First Row, L. to R.: Simpson, Cooper, Swanson, Green, McKinley, George, Harford, Kalb, Schott, Price. Second Row: Myers, Spoon, Snider, Hammond, Staley, Fewel, Mr. Mervyn, Hemmerly, Clinger, Essinger, Tong, Kneisley, Holtzmuller. Absent: Marshall, McEntee. CHARACTERS Miss Shea, secretary of Mr. Bradley ....,.......,......... ,........ M arilyn Harford Mr. Nelson, assistant principal .......................,..,................................. Iim Marshall Students .l......................................,........... Edith Myers, Eileen Staley, Ioyce Spoon Mr. Patterson, a teacher ...... ...................................................... R oyce F ewel Miss Pike, a teacher ........... ................ P at Simpson Bill, a student .......................... ........................ I ohn Kalb Miss Eggleston, a teacher .....,.. ......... M ildred Ann Schott Miss Iohnson, a teacher ....... ......................... P at Price Mr. Vecchitto, a parent .,...... Henry Aldrich, a student ........Murray Essinger ........ Paul McKinley Barbara Pearson, a student ....., ............... I ane Green Gertie, a student ..................... .......... B arbara Cooper Mr. Bradley, the principal ...... .......... B emard George Miss Wheeler, a teacher ...... .......... L inda McEntee George Bigelow, a student ......... ........... R ex Swanson Mrs. Aldrich, Henry's mother ......... ........ A nn Holtzmuller Mr. Ferguson, detective ........... ....,................................. A rdo Hammond Mary, a student .................. ............................................... D olly Snider Prompters ............... Stage Managers ....... Director .................. ..........Mary Ellen Tong, Phyllis Kneisley .........Burl Hemmerly, Norman Clinger Mervyn - 42 - Senior Klass Play On April 27 and 28, the Seniors presented their play, "What a Life," by Clif- ford Goldsmith. The play was directed by Mr. Mervyn. The play was about: Henry Aldrich, who just can't memorize the dates in history, who tries to sell anything he owns in order to raise two dollars to take his girl to the dance, and who in desperation "borrows" answers for his examination only to be found out. Barbara Pearson who is gloriously happy and desperately unhappy over the prospect of her Hrst formal dance, George Bigelow, Henry's enemy, who almost gets him into real trouble, several teachers, including Miss Pike, Miss johnson and Miss Wheeler, with their worries about Easter vacation, Mr. Nel- son, assistant principal, who straightens out Henry's problem, not to mention Henry's mother who insists that the boy go to Princeton, though his talent is for drawing. Henry just can't get through his head the book learning he is supposed to absorb, and this is what involves him in scrapes both serious and amusing. One of his scrapes makes him look as though he had stolen the school band instru- ments. The music teacher with the help of an amusing detective, finally dis- cover that the instruments have been pawned by Bigelow, who tried to throw the blame on Henry. However, Henry's problem is solved through the sympa- thetic help of the assistant principal. -43.. IUNIOR PLAY CAST Ist How, L. to H.: Sons, Zimmerman, Tuorrey, Webb, Rahrig, Green, Young, Thomson, W'll . 27l:i3?g11J1 Mr. Mervyn, Cooper, Hochstettler, Reed, Hamilton, Harris, Metzger, Miss Goodrich. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Denny-You two got the brains of one goat between you if you think Ilm going to run around in these girl's clothes. fm skinning out of these ................ l Carl-Put your dress down, idiot! Bill-Well pitch me for a blonde. Betty-Tell me, Betty, what you honestly think of Bob Nickerson. Joann Y.-Bob Nickerson? I hate you. I despise you. I-I-I-I- Richard-Oh my dear girl, can't you see that I love only you? Jim L.-I'm gonna catch you and kiss you so hard they'll have to pry me loose with a crowbar. Joyce-A headless ghost? Oh, my twittering nuhves! E-E-E-El Audrey-I'1l be cut off in the flower of my young girlhood like a lily of the valley. Katie-Oh, my sweet heavenly pahsnips, Ah seen it again! Clyde-St. Petuh, hol' my han'! Lois H.-I tink mine cooking job I trow him upl Ioann H.-Get along home, you dratted pigsl Sooey, sooeyl -44- IUNIOR CLASS PLAY On December 7 and 8, the Iuniors presented their play, 'The Atomic Blonde," by jay Tobias. The play was directed by William Mervyn and Miss Goodrich. The play was about: The action centers around Bob Nickerson, who had inherited a run-down health resort and attempted to o erate it with the hel of his college pal, Skis Werling. Customers, llowever, were non-existent until, by false advertising the presence of a hotel doctor and a prominent CAST Bob Nickerson ...... Oriole Byrd ................ authoress, known as the "Atomic Blonde," at- tract several guests. All the men fell for the "Atomic Blonde" and each one tried to surpass the other in trying to win her. The women, meanwhile, were horriied by the sudden appearance of the headless ghost who nearly cleared the hotel of servants and guests. The mystery was Bnally cleared up and everything worked out to the best advantage for everyone concemed. Green ......Katherine Hochstettler Katinka Katzenpheifer ...............----- Lois Hamilton Skid Werling ............... Parsimonius jackson U ,......... Carl Webb ........Clyde Reed Doogie Deane ............-- -------- D CHHY Rahfig Sylvester ButterBsh ......... ........ I ames Ludwig Mrs. Philo Pratt ............ ................. I 0 Ann Ha1TiS Miss Wilella Wylie .................... Audrey Th0ITlS0I1 Finchley st. John III ................ Richard Willson Gurney Maddox ............................ ..M81'l6 Metzger Mrs. Adelaide Burkeleigh-Banks Zimmerman Doreen Burkeleigh-Banks .............. Betty Tuorrey Betty Hartford .......................... .......... I oann Young -45 A 355: ELQMEAAD Rl 5 A I I TEAM 6 up AY F75-W f to ISAIC' yep , 9 t I ' n 1 'f ,f f , 2 ,H 4' 6 f I 5 . f A 3ji..,22J'3?,5 1-A . 4 S f.. Days af kccallcctiau At joumey's end we look back over the trail of happy memories ..... somebodyis pants fell down in the first grade QI wonder whosej ..... In the second grade Tom jones swallowed his pencil and Norma jean Walters asked, "Will he die?,' ..... Three new students came from Patterson and head lice went around in the third grade ..... In the fourth grade Barbara Cooper, Vernon Halsey and Eugene Oates had appendicitis ..... In the fifth grade we had two tattle-tails . . As a result six girls felt the teachers paddle .... . In the sixth grade about ten of the class joined the band ..... In the seventh grade we grew up, love and all . . Huh! Donna, Ann, and Ph llis ..... We took the state eight grade tests and we became dramatic with "Red's Christ- mas Whopperisv under the direction of Mrs. Shick ..... Next, we were green freshmen . . we were initiated and the "Dream Boat" of our class came that year ..... In the sophomore year we gave Miss Fowler a rough time . . "Now settle, you rowdies, Mercy!" We threw pennies, chalk, erasers, and even Dolly's shoe: also, Donna Mae had the privilege of sitting at the head of our World History class ..... We started our Iunior year by ordering our beautiful class rings, which came a little before Christmas, then came the long weeks of play practice, under the direction of Mrs. Holtzmuller. We gave "Come Over to Our House" on April 7 and 8 . . And then after long months of school we gave the Junior Gr Senior Prom . . Who got in early that night?'???? Last came our junior picnic . . the boys got the bright idea of throwing a couple of our classmates in the river . . . how about it Donna and Phyllis ???'? .... Then before we knew it we were Seniors . . . jim missing school every Mondayg Harold missing at least one day a week, AND Burl tr 'ng to become the second Tarzan ..... These things we cherish . . . to hold fblrever in our treasure chest of memories. -46- HOMECOMING QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS On October 21, 1949, the Forest High School played its annual Home- coming game with Columbus Grove as its opponent. To reign over this evening's activities, the Forest High students elected Donna Mae Oates as queen. The students who were elected as her attendants were Phyllis Kneisley and Marilyn Harford. The lovely queen and her attendants came on the field in a beautilul red Studebaker convertible, to be met by the band in the formation of a crown. They were escorted to the toastmistress, Ann Holtzmuller, who presented each with a beautiful bouquet of yellow mums. After short speeches by the queen and attendants, they were seated on a throne in the bleachers where they viewed the game. To add to the evening's festivities the boys won the game 19 to 12. Afterthe game, a dance was held in the gymnasium in honor of Queen Donna and her attendants. Captain Harold Waller and co-captain Iim Marshall escorted them to the throne where the queen was crowned. Many of the alumni were present to witness this event. -47- 5 t t ' j' A 'L A .W , ,A , A - may M' 'A , UW SM 6 Xi ,1 , 5 I -12121 ,iff T fo- 23:3 - 22212-.E... ,up X - 3.9 f , , , pf. ,A,- " ii' V -3- A Q.. ,. ,, , , .,,, ,.,V, , A ' , li , Q I S Paul must have been tired ..... The tally pull at Margaret Ann Bash ..... Marilyn and Edith looking pretty ..... Patty Peart and her brother playing house . .... Our Biology class on a field trip. Ha! ..... Our four twirlers at attention ..... Yeal Seniorl Rah! . . . . . I wonder whose legs those are? . . . . . car all shined up for the Saturday date . . Don't look so down hearted Marilyn .... looking at? ..... Rex just loves waterl . . is the one in the hat ..... Ann and Gracie . . . . . Four of our diligent annual staff. Norman and the base drum ..... Royce's Hil Hol Clinger ..... The hat ..... Wonder what Marilyn and Mary Ellen are . . . Marjorie, her father and JoAnn, Marjorie . . . . . The rear admirals, Markle and Wilson -48- Hl JE-if 2 4 1 UE? - . ' ff C cfs T' A I l gig o V JB ,5f-:5.. hff fwgiajlsiia If N 'w " --. If -5 If- ' 1... f--W " V -5:25. nl. - ' JS' 2: 3 H 321 7.5 ,Sf ,qw ., W W we W k 5 at .gc 3' N e 5. ::gE'.-.- E Xt X I 1? i i ,. , 5 M ae 9 I 4 ? Iuu ' Paul cranking the car ..... Look pretty, Alice and Barbara ..... Billg Audrey, and Carolyn I in their younger daysl ..... Would you believe it? It's Pat Simpson and Bob Farmer . . . . . Mr. Brooks got a big fish last summer . . . . . Dick thinking? . . . . . Norman Clinger, don't tell me you play with dolls! ..... Norman is also fascinated by his buttons on his suit ..... Not everyone can have their pictures taken with Mr. Thomas ..... Audrey and Io Ann ..... Mr. Mervyn in Spanish class ..... All dressed up and no place to go ..... Three nuts! John, Royce, and Clyde ..... Mr. Baum resting on a hot summer day UMy, what pretty legs you havelj ..... I'll bet two of them are cooll ..... Balmer's teaching us to hum Cwith our mouths shutll ..... Freshman Initiation ..... Miss Bullock in gym class ..... Janice and Carolyn ..... Must have been Monday morning ..... Hal the lovers ..... Schotts, you shock me! ..... Twitch's past time, fishing ..... What will Bob say? ..... Louie and Paul faren't they cutell ..... Paul must have gotten tired and let Phyllis try. -49- 3 .A 1 ar Q. CSP? i s 5 4 Q - W2 5 if X MK 1 E i ,gy FQ A r JH p s , M ,, 1, ,Q-Q, A. -1 .. 4 4,154 U Q? 1 '1 QV' ar Barbara and ? ..... Having difficulties, Beth and Carolyn? ..... The mighty Caesar 1 a play for chapel? ..... Mrs. Daniels presenting to Mr. Baum her portrait of the championship football team ..... My, what big teeth you have Connie, but Kate has no face ..... That portrait again, but Mr. Reese and a new setting ..... Audrey's sixteenth birthday party ..... I knew Bill's mouth was big, but not that big ..... Audrey, Carolyn and Ann ..... Here is Audrey's hand and' foot, but where is Audrey? . . . . , Denny at one of our football games . . . . . Just love to wade, huh, Carolyn, Edith, Loretta, and Ruth? ..... Some people like to eat apples on a sheet ..... Another of Audrey's birthday parties Ca few years ago, thoughb ..... Don't tell me john spits popcorn balls! ..... What's going on here? ..... "I don't know," says Io Ann . . . . . Barbara andg Oh, no. not another onel EE.: ' f 4 . . 2 up .3 F , . we X I ' ' gl," ,Las 32 . Tu? sf l 13" ,Q '1 F gi fa X P 2 9- 5, X ,, x Q rf ' XA i s 'Q ii -1 - -v 1 V I Ai. , Q 1 1 .. vs , .. ,+ 1, M -f. S ,ff Y' A .ng a iiylligi i -i,,., li ' Q3 ei ' ' ' Q? ,. W M N 2 221 " ' X, s e y Q' f f gg ' " , 4 J . ig, h gig, X , Q .. - I if . , if A fi Ze. - Z' 'Z , , " M sw i ' ' 5 s at 4 A,.. MM R wi n E Trl K' L .A 5 ali T of T .. its ' s - s , - P r' 4,1-., :ws 4' w:a.,r:'::5 sv mf' ' fri:- -.- ..:: ' T 'f w e- , uifffs.. 2, -at . ., .... Mwst " -ax , --'- ' Wtiiil-QI " Y Q ' if ' " .A .., -V " 'il."E':f3' ",1Ei:',f. , ,, - ' ' lk Wrggdtr ij-52 555511 .,., z vs?- 'MBY if rf !'d M sf 7' , M s Q25 'Q' M E if :za-f r GQ-so 9? , ki 54 H if g li? . . wv,q""1"s . lx. , .auf :V E. K' as J I K gi-is 'M X M' , rm :aff -. . M 5 .... . ,ill . 'bf 1 -'14 David and Rex in our junior Class play, "Come Over to Our House." ..... Watch out girls, y0u'll get fat! ..... Gee, you look pretty, Jim ..... Phyllis and Pat and their tiny feet . . , . . It must have been cold ..... Does Phyllis smell a skunk? . . . . . Love to eat, especially when you get out of class ..... just a sitting and a dreaming . . . . . Schotts must be tired . . . . . Do they pick on you, Royce? . . . , . Phyllis, Marilyn, and Linda, the ones on the right ..... All dressed up for the class play ..... Didn't you think it was funny, Joyce? ..... The "characters" in the play ..... Donna Mae's all wet! ..... Paul got a big one this only catch of thc day! ..... Royce is the fisherman . . . . The boys on our class picnic ..... After the class play ..... Head itch, Dolly? . . . Mad about something? ..... The end of our annual . . -51- 'I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I 1 I 1 I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I 1 I 1 I xl-nl 1111.131- -1-111' -11111: gli, in MILLER RADIO SERVICE Best Wishes i0 the Sales and Service Crosley - Motorola Class of "50" DILLEY'S FIX-IT SHOP I l ----9 11513.-g--131 FOREST OHIO Forest Ohio 3111 Compliments of Compliments of KING F010 FINISHING Curtain's Sandwich Shop Q-U--1:-1-qg.-.q1p1l1q1 FOREST OI-IIO Forest Ohio 11-11:11- REPPERT AND SONS Since 1900 Everything for the Farm GUS DICK'S Great I. G. A. Store Everyday Low Prices KENTON OI-IIO gg!-.p1p1g1----g-5191-ip--1 nnnmorrs rnvnnu LIME AND STONE HAULING Bill Hamilton Phone: Forest 177-F-13 l1p1l1l1g1'1.1 F0399 Uhiv Patterson Ohio 11-1 L 5-1-1111g-31115.1311--1.131g-311131-3111513-13.111.15-ggi-1-1-ip---.51 1- -M-M -------------------------------- '--- - -n -rf "Colonel" Ellis Clothes THE HU-L DRUG C0- Fit and Satisfy Prescriptions Our Specialty xznroia onto Kenton Ohio pl.-551-333 GARAGE LINKE AUTOMOTIVE PARTS Pontiac Sales 6: Service Wholesale supplies Machine Shop Service Phone 7285 214 S. Detroit St. 125 Den-gif St, KENTON OHIO Kenton Ohio Good Luck and Best Wishes Shop at to the Class of 1950 SEARS ROEBUCK 8 CO. NOURSIYS Order Office Phones 2293 or 2294 Kenton Ohio KENTON omo Compliinents of THE BUCKEYE INN CONKLE 6' EDMAN Thanks to the People F10fiSfS from Forest Flowers for all occasions for their patronage Kenton Ohio Kenton Ohio 13114411 1 .-. 1 1.4.-yn-ni-151111 -.u----1-151.gif-nimlmi 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ini.. Kenton Shoe Rebuilders Your Pfrfrvnfrge is Always Appreciated Laundry -. Dry Cleaning Boston Department Store North Side Square Shoes - Dry Goods - Ready to Wear For the entire family Kenton Ohio Kenton Ohio KIRKLAND BOUTERY The Yeagley Hardware Co. Evewthing in Shoes Your Friendly Hardware but feet Dealer Kenton Ohio Kenton Ohio FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Newest in Suits and Furnishing Goods at Life ' Fire ' Auto Broseke-Robinson Inc. Farm Lmb'htY Home of 1-nm, schqffnef 6. Marx Earl Rogers Kenton Kenton Ohio Success to Class of "50" QUALITY BAKERY RAY and KAY'S DRIVE-IN Phone 5159 Kenton. Ohio KENTON OHIO n-n....m1.m1.m-.mi'-.n.-n1..,1uu1uf1M..un..n-1n.1.n1ym1m-n1.,1n.1,.-.1 1 -. 1 1 -m1111111-311.1-1 T 1.q1.1...- 1:--q--q1f-1-1g-uipiuin.-u11nn.. ..m1,-19,1 1 1 .- .-'1n-.--.-.-..-m1..-q----- 14 PEER'S RECREATION C011gfl1fUl0ti0'1 D. O. Peer, Prop. WAYNE BELL ronnsr ouro Forest Ohio Good Luck KACHLEY'S Hom: MARKET FOREST CLEANE l Bs Groceries 6: Meats Cleaning - Pressing - Laundry Fresh Fruits 61 Vegetables L. M. Edgington Phone 139 Forest. Ohio Phone 168 Forest. Ohio Compliments of nnslnann nzwnunr sronr: AND STUDIO THE RED G WHITE STORE Sparton Radios F' H' Simpson' Prop' Elgin and Gruen Watches FOREST OHIO FOREST OHIO Compliments of DR- A- I- BOTH mr: Lois snorrz , , . Veterinarian Women G Ch1ldren's Ready to Wear Unusual Gifts Phone 217 Forest. Ohio Phone 128 Forest. Ohio Compliments of Gramm Trailer Corporation lFoi-est Divisionl Manufacturers of Aluminum Vans Tiltop Imp. Trailer Flats Farm Wagons PEVER 81 HUWARIJ ELEVATURS DEALERS IN Grain, Mill Feed, Coal, Salt Fertilizer, Etc. Phone 79 Phone Bl Wharton. Ohio Forest. Ohio 1-.1 -. 1 1 ... -. -. 1 ... 1 1 111, .-nt 111119. 1 .-1--.--.-11g1p1'p,1.. Compliments to the Class of 1950 "Before us lies the timber. let us build" czwziiszne sawn PFIEH-'ER'S D. M FISHBURN Shoes 6: Men's Ready to Wear Clothing Shoes, Clothing QS Gents San-i-System Dry Cleaning Furnlshlngs Phone 184 Forest. Ohio Forest Ohio Phone 110 Best Wishes to the Class of "50" l. E. SIMPSON B. P. S. Paints - Home Appliances Electrical Supplies Carl Simpson, Agent Open Evenings S I M P S 0 N Insurance Agency ""'es' om' ronrsr omo 1...-..-.-11111111.-.-111.-.-.-1.-1--g..-1-.g'1g.--111-.U--.-. 1u1u1m-nl1l1ll--lx-1--in-mx-1:-CII 1g1p1.q1.-1g-q1g.-g1pl1q1g1-1g1- gigig-.q.1q1p1qi'1--g-Q ig-1 151- l1l-nvllnzliiil 1 I I 5 I I. I I 1 I 1 I I 1 i .11-.y.1uu.-. p1---iq1-.-l-u1-1.g1.- Cpl t .-gg.-ug1n-.q1q1g1.n ....-1 CLASS OF 50' S I. F. H0lTZMllllER, M. D. -'SWGIYY Swfe KENTON OHIO Forest Ohio The Kenton-Dunkirk Creamery Company Pcxsteurized Dairy Products KENTON OHIO Hardin Bounty Automobile lJeaIer's Association Kenton Ohiv -111-1-1g1g g.1g1g1-13111 1-1g1-1-1.1g1-1-1q1.1-1g1-1g-1--Q-q1an1:11151--n---u..n1u1q1-1-1..-1-111-1-1-1ur--11g-:In .g....-....-.----.-..... . 5111: Compliments LEHMAN'S Drive - In Market Phone 48 Forest. Ohio in-min-41:1 1 1 1 1nn1u.Q.g1-.1q..g.-.1 1111.51 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .-m1g1p.-.qq1.m-.--pg-.g Forest locker and Food Service SUPER MARKET Groceries Frozen Food Lockers Meats Home Bakery Lowest Prices Possible Cut Rate Drugs New and Complete Cosmetic Lines Drugs for the Entire Family crrv nnuc sronr: Established 1902 Forest Ohio Success to Class of "50,' KROUT COAL YARD Phone 32-W Forest. Ohio GREY 8 WHITE COMPANY Cash buyers ol Poultry. Cream and Eggs Lloyd Harford, Mgr. FOREST OHIO -pl-1 1. 1 - ..-.3151--g--1g1g1g1p.1.-.gig .-311 1 1 1 .1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 -p1g.- - -.g.-.g- 1g1q1-igi-1--3.1-4-gig Congratulations FORNEY'S Class of "50" Garage Motor Sales Chat 6 chew Restaurant General Repair Used Cars Mr. and Mrs. Leland Kear I Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Iury Manu' Forney Forest Ohio Phone 103 Forest. Ohio Compliments of TONG TRACTOR SALES S'I'EPI'IAN'S Ferguson Farm Equipment SOHIO SERVICE Sales - General Repair - Service FOREST OHIO Phone 294 Forest. Ohio a BILL'S GARAGE Shell Gas and Oil General Repair Phone 177-F-21 Patterson Ohio BILL'S RESTAURANT Home Cooked Meals San-A-Pure Ice Cream Phone 17 7-F-21 Patterson Ohio Compliments of FARIVIER'S SOHIO SERVICE Phone 82 Forest. Ohio Best Wishes to Class of "50" Charles A. Neiswander Insurance Service Phone 218 Forest. Ohio L ...-.-.-...-....-.-.-.-.-......-...............-...........-.-.-..........-........l -u-11:-s-ilu:--nn-nn1n1nn1 1 1 11.-I -.ui .1 1 .- ... -. Q. 1 1 -.--.min-nn1np1nu -nu1unim1 inn1nn1nn1 1 1 1 1 -.. 1 1 1. 1m-411: Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 HEMPY 81 SPENCER Hardware, Farm Equipment and Building Supplies Phones: 157 - 172 - 298 Forest. Ohio Good Luck and Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 Paul L. Iolliff Livestock Service FOREST OHIO DANIELS BODY SHOP Body and Fender Repair Painting and Polishing Phone 130 Forest. Ohio Congratulations and Best Wishes to Class of "SO" LUTZ VARIETY STORE Forest Ohio 1m.-M1-1-1 - 1 .-',.g-.g--.---g1g..--p-Ill 1.1-.-1111ui1n1u1n1iq1l1l-1uniun1mn... - 1 -. -s --1 1 - 1p1n1n1q.-.p1q-pq-. -.-1-111311-q1q1.y-1--I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Compliments of CLASS OF "50" E L M E R H . R O P P Soft Water Delivered to Shields Funeral Home O' Hageman' Will Pump Out Flooded Bcrsements Part Time Plumbing Prices Right FOREST OHIO Phone 153 Forest. Ohio Compliments of McllanieI's Motor Service FOREST OHIO Best Wishes to Class of "50" The First National Bank Forest. Ohio Every Banking Service F. D. I. C. Insurcmce on Deposits Forest I Ohio gg14"iq1n1q1q1g1g1q-q1g1q-1g1q1q1-151113--1g1q .!,.......-......-,..........-.-.-.-.........-................-................-..-.........-................-......... ..-q.-...p-.............,1. 'I"""""""""""'""""" ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' """"T I I I I I . I THE IIIIIBY IEIEVATUII INC. Bm Wm to I I Class of "50" I I I I A Good Place I I to Buy and Sell I I E. J. Clinger, M. D. I I I I I George Gorsuck Manager I I I I I I I I I xmnv omo rms: Qhig I I I I I I I 1 I Compliments Uf Compliments I I lr:nnol.n's I 1 U THE BARR CO. Men s Clothlng I I Kenlon Ohio KENTON OHIO I I I The Surprise Store Success to the I I Class of "so" I Men's and Boy's Clothing Bradley lewelry and Optical I I B. H. Geiser I I West Side Square Kenton KENTON OHIO I I I I l.--------------------------------- -------- -------------I !-111--1.-111-g1p1--p1q1q1q-..--F -..-p.-- .qgg-ggi1.1-1--g-Qgq-13-sg-1-.-11 i Compliments of I Eatrnor E urrnn 'rnncron suns l Elll'iCh9d Bledd Your local Ford Tractor 6: Dearborn ll , Implement Dealer If and Pastnes 7 Phone 842 l UPPGI' SCIIIIUSIKY 01150 Upper Sandusky Ohio ll ll M, E, Bowen LANDVERSICHT GROCERY QLIVEB SALES 8 SERVICE Quality Groceries - Meats - Frozen Food - Phone 610 All kinds of fresh vegetables Upper Sandusky Ohio Upper Sandusky Ohio Compliments of VOGEl.'S SHOE STORE ARTZ BROTHERS ' I For over 60 years Ladies ReadY'to'w.ear For Dependable Footwear DIY Goods and Notions Shoes - Rubbers - Hosiery Rugs and Carpeting UPPOI' SCIIOIISRY Ohio Upper Sqndugky Ohig Congratulations Class of "50" KOEI-ILER'S DRUG STORE Try Koehler's first when in need I. C. ARMSTRONG G SON of drugs also CLOTHING Complete Lgnlinsfielghotographic Upper Sandusky Ohio Upper Sandusky Ohio -1-nga. 1p-g1giq-q1-1g1-1q-..-.-1g-q1-1g.- U1 I-I-I-:ls-l--1n1u1piq I-o!1ga-ui I-sl-1-1l1l:n1l1l1l:n I:-1 I--1 xuxuxnxuvu-g..-.-p1g1--41--.--.--q-gel. 1-1-1-1g1g--1-11g1-11g111p1-1111,1-.-1g:n1n1q1g1-1u1u1n1-1n1n..-..-1-1--ala ofa--1n1n1--Q--1:-1:1--11--I-sl 51-1 Compliments of BLUE'S WALGREEN AGENCY DRUGS DUNKIRK OHIO l1l1-1-1-1l1g1I1l1I1l1l1:1:-l-1-nu 1ul1l1 1 1 1 1 1:-.n11u1l1:1u11u1I1g1-1: Good Luck to Class of 50 PEART'S Trucking Service STONE-HAULING-DIRT LIMESTONE SPREADING 1 Call "Adricm'for prompt and efficient delivery Phone 187 FOREST OHIO Compliments of FISHER'S MOBIL The Class of "50" Gas 8 Restaurant wnsnns Open 24 hours I t tion Routes 68 cmd 30N. Always A Friendly Welcome Williamstown Ohio TO THANK All The Advertisers F or Their Cooperation 131111-1g1g1l1I1u1n1 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 191131. n!g.q111g1-1-1g-g-..11.-11-1-1111.11111111111111111111:1-1-11111-1p1g-n--1n1n1:--:-sl1l1I1n1I1l-rl-lf1l1l"l"9 1: 1-1in-11-1-1q1g1g-.113-n-1uu1qq1 1 1 1 1g-p1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 131 Congratulations to the Class of "50" The Kenton Marble and Granite Company KENTON OHIO REXINS BREIDENBACH ELEVATOR Fine Furniture :S Appliances G-rain1SeedS 5, Feeds Grinding and Mixing East Side Square Phone 7172 Fertilizer KENTON OHIO KENTON OHIO Compliments of M. A. HOGON ELEVATOR MOORE'S STEAK HOUSE Kenton Phone 41984 Pete cmd Betty Moore Kenton Ohio GRANT 0310 Best Wishes To Class of Best Wishes To Class of "50" RAI-IRIG rnrzr: a cousrnucnou comrmw THE GRANT GROCERY Mrs. Lloyd C. Smith Forest. Ohio Phone 90 GRANT OHIO 131g--11.11--1g-.11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111m-m1m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,11 U11 ursxnxu-.1-.1-1-.1-1.-1-1-111111111111111 '1 -.1-11n111111-11111111n11111111111111-ur 11 I I I B St W. h C pliments of I i 6 IS 68 I I The I HARV5 DAILY CHIEF lINION I I Jewelry Store I I I I Phone 193 I I I UPPGI' sindushl ohh Upper Sandusky Ohio I I I I I Cvglgsfjmxggxgwgnd WAYSIDE STATION az cnrn I U. S. 30 N. 6. 68 I I I 24 Hour Service 'I I C h Q S Q n Williamstown Ohio nowsn snor I I I I I Compliments of I I I FnEY's HARDWARE I I Upper Sandusky ohio Kirby Ohio I I ' I L.1-1-11111-111- 1-.1 1111111111111 I I I I I I I I I I I.- -4' l--1111U1rl-.I-lip:-1111!-lan:-111111:-p1q1min-1 I I I I I I I I I Gates Jewelry Store I I I I 1 I Diamonds - Watches - Silverware i I I I f ' 203 North Sandusky Avenue I I UPPER SANDUSKY OHIO I I I I I I I I I I I I COIUPIIWGHIS Of Compliments of i I I ' I I WYANDOT srmunn rmruzmnurs I I TRACTOR 8 IMPLEMENT I I Phone zzz I I Upper Sandusky Ohio Upper Sandusky Ohio I I I Compliments of I In - Upper Sandusky - It's ' HALM MOTOR COMPANY I DIBLFS PONTIAC i For Nationally Advertised Sales and Service I Men S Wear upper sqnausky ohio I uL-n---u-u-n-u-1-n-u-n-u-u-n-Ln-un-u-n-nn-u-n-u-n---l-l----- -I---I-I-I-I-IJ: 1-.--.-.-1g1g1-1u1n1I1n1:1--gi--Q1---ipin1-1-i-1g1-1-1'1g1'1g-.g-g-.g-q.1q1--..1---q-.l. -nnzuilxnxlzn glgsiv-nl-I I Ford Farming Headquarters Dunkirk Tractor Sales R. W. IOLLIFF G SON PHONE 361 DUNKIRK. OHIO C Plfmenfs Of PAcxnn's MARKET Groceries-Meats-Fruits Vegetables THE UURK 5 Fax The Fmt Sm CUM PAN Y xmnv omo THOMAS RADIO SERVICE Manufacturers "BURFO" PRODUCTS Radio 61 Television S 1 61 S ice I FOREST OHIO KIRBY OHIO I I I 1 I I .I Q-Q1 3111-lil: Q1 51-134-Q-11.15111-11:1 p-l1le:l- l-:lan !1!:nl1I1l1-51111 I 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 I I 1 I I 1 I I I 1 1 1 I I I...-.............. 3 9 we 3 P1 E 7 5 E O 3 E er "I 3. F .- : o to P' u 0' if -1 'Q z 5 2 is 3 "' I z " 2 N '113 2 0 I-1 FB af 8 ru Q U 0 5 O G' 0 -4 0 Z Q 1 Q I 5' ::s rn 2 E " 5' 2 D ' 3 . 5 5 'Q fb 'io O "5 'Q ,Q I-I ,,, 3 . ...U ng I ,., vu O2 :I 5 , I l" O L cm - hu ff' z -- L- "1 8 a 5' 3 3 l C o G W N cn m fo "I H 5 rn Q Ill su ep 2- Q 3' U2 ua ug I Q .. r: O . 2 :1 :. .1 I.. I rn 2 Z 5 :J Q V' Z C: 3- I 3 8 5 .E fn 0 5 n 5 5' W 5- m 0 ' su - :.. V' o -u 3 lr! Q 5.1 Q gg 5 ru 1 5, 5 E ru 'u 5 E I 5' 'D -' 5 '4 o I In 0 o :S I T F :ae ua ,Q ae ,, ! M M I 5. 5 E 5 E Q F' 1 o Q 0 o fr rn "' 3 FI 5 a' Q 5 5 5 5 Q 'S 5 ,,3 2 ru 5 ru 3 1 z 8 E l Q. nz F Q. H- 4 I 3 F 3 :4 Q '4 5 Q 5. W S ru - E. D' U 9' 7 rl fa S at 5 In va Q Q In I M 8. In e 4 n-I S.. ,u 9' O I 'F' -l I-1 0 Z 0 If as 2' 2 ! E M Fl af : m I O 0 Q 0 Q 3- Q i m c: gg m I N Q 5 In H 5 ,,, 9, - 1 -1'1l1l-'ll-l1l1l1l1 l1:1l1l1u1n-11 -1-1.-giQ1-1--4.1-1-1-1.1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-.--.1-1-1 -1-1-1---ll. 'I'- gin1q1g1-.-1-111-Q.-1g1'-1ni-1:1n-.l1l1n:n1-1 1.3111.-iqq--g1q1g..q1,1,..,,,1,,,.,-,,, N- 444, 35 ' W.-1 rm: , sf Ill: f ' W' ri' 6 " . - I. 2. .ff sf . 'ft fm s . wx :EFI 351 :1 . q W.. 11' ?: 'rw . if 1 ,Fi gn. u x . V yy., .-K , . A K J, T- 'rw .W .-.' . er. f,. ':-A "5 H -1. T? 5. V. , Mx ., v. . -, .' v.,,' A 17.5, if ,gg xi - A 1 75 ' E1 - 1 5' Z' T- a E ' 1 .TA if Y ,gg . r - I Q11 A -P I L 1 gi ' ss 3' ' 4 L H, .L ' 7 - 4 Q f Q 1 -V 'x rr: . , t' uf.-' , .R , qu. ,, -fi.: '45 Q gf, P Fl'-, , ' :U if K .Q 1 ll'-.. 4 M - ,lx .. 4. ll --,- vi 575, h . .-,. w, , V: . , , V 1 I E- ,w-. , . ,, .1 . ,L 1 1 . , v s 4 1 - 1 Q iw ,.. - -- :Fc '1 S 5 1 V, ' flqgf'-'5:'.' ,V ' '- ' Y 1 X 1-.I W "9 1 ' A -J ' ' 3, ' . 'wi . ' 'E lv ,fi .. H ., .M . ggi 'A 1 iai-ggpfi . "1 .' - . amz , M .H..5tl,L.M., N r 1 X l f ' s f C , ,-x..:.,,..1 . .fr 'j-n"J' EQQ' .p-..,:x. J . ,,.A. -K . ,. L.. ,. .. ' . .,.,1g4 ' ,N -331 . -' - :lx ' 'Mn .qc I. mg, 4. ,Z-"Whig if .JV lp Til-1 ' A if . w . gy: ,,1-1.1-15 . Gfzfx L., ff '1 .- ' I -Wt' ".- fir' ,if ' "1 .,' 5 W: - 3 -N nu. jj. .F b 1 gg 1. -:"f, . - ,fp .,v ' Q- 4.1! -, . , .. 'Tra ' V ':',',. - .I Mimi gk.: . .gk ,J mm' -1 1 -4 NW, 1 :.- , .!rv,F':" ' 3 A ' 'Hifi-, , . ,f ., Ya . ' Aging, hpf' c IQ'lf,!g9v1f' . ws . !:t'f,,,.,-j9,. f 8:41 . - . v f .' ., 1 f- ,. - ww , ,,.,.. 1... . .....V, IW.,-Q .Ugg , 1: "' wil 2 : 1 J J. ' ffm i ' ,A ., rl. 7' . . 'nu ' L-' , 5332.-sl-rfyy r,:.v71,," .51 U .ji . gh." . . 5. .Viv 5.24 +4-1... ,,-..-N ,ya-4

Suggestions in the Forest High School - Leaves Yearbook (Forest, OH) collection:

Forest High School - Leaves Yearbook (Forest, OH) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Forest High School - Leaves Yearbook (Forest, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Forest High School - Leaves Yearbook (Forest, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Forest High School - Leaves Yearbook (Forest, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Forest High School - Leaves Yearbook (Forest, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 59

1950, pg 59

Forest High School - Leaves Yearbook (Forest, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 6

1950, pg 6

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