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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1940 volume:

I x,x,:K Q, f -1,1 :Lp ,N .M Lf!-?.f'i 'Q - up , f '7!ze Qmalm 1940 Published by Seniors of FOREST HIGH SCHOOL Forest, Louisiana LOUIS SUTTON . Editor R. H. KIRKLAND Business Manager "More wonderful to build a soul, To have a teache'r's pa-rt In moulding dreams and hopes that stir The adolescent heart. And when they win, thro' stress and stra i n , More wonderful to be The faithful teacher who can say: They went to school to ne." 2 . It is with deep feel- ing that the senior class dedicates this, the first edition of The Forester, to our principal, Mr. W. F. Almand, who has been our faithful friend and advisor through- out our high school years. To him we offer our sincere appreciation and gratitude for his kindly interest in our many problems and projects. 4 In the fall of IQQQ, when the Seniors first be- gan to discuss the possibilities of an annual, it seemed, at first like a dream to them. The difficulties involved, especially that of fi- nancing the project, appeared too large to overcome, and more than once the dream all but vanished in mid-air. The class realized that a great task was before them, and, in order that it be successful, they must work together one hundred percent. Grim determination, willing hearts and ready hands served to materialize the dream. A meeting was calledg the Annual Staff was elected, the name for the year book was chosen, and the committees appointed. Work began in dead earnestp Mr. W. F. Almand, prin- ciple of the school, and Mrs. R. A. Everett, sponsor of the senior class were largely re- sponsible for the printing of the first edition of The Forester. The purpose of this book is to express the student life of Forest High School, as it actually happens. It is planned to picture, not only the school in its physical surroundings, but also to carry over effects of associations which we have gained from our social ideals and environment. May this, The Forester, your annual in future years, bring to your memory the student body of IQQQ-40, and serve to recall the origin of this book. Gaaieaid: Scfmol Zleaiaau 14lfJefa2:4 0 0444 School fn M ' MISS ZEOLA ALLBRITTON Died January, 19110 A beloved teacher of the second. grade in the Forest High School for nine years. Theirs is the gI.ory,a11d the truinph and the rest. It is ours "to sweeten life by ue1lory,to gladden life with hope, to hallow life through service. sam: agua.. SOLON KING B.M. L.S.U. Supervisor of Music Nest Carroll Parish 0. E. HUEY B.S. La. Tech. Advanced workg L.S.U. Supt. of Schools Nest Carroll Parish MR. ANSE BOTTS School Board Member Ward 3 West Carroll Parish H. C. THOMAS B.A. La. Tech. M.A. L.S.U. Supervisor of Schools Nest Carroll Parish l W. F. ALMAND B.A. La. College Advanced workg Texas Universityg L.S.U. MRS. SADIE PEACOCK B.A. L.s.u. English MRS. R. A. evEReTr B.A. u.s.c,w. Summer,workg L.S.U. English Miss LORAlNE RUSSELL .S. La. Tech. Biology Home Economics tv ' Q' U R. o. ROSS Q B.S. La. Normal if R ego Science 'fig MRS. R. R. HARLAN W, Miss. Teacher's College W La. State Normal ef Tulaneg L.P.l. XM' 7A Zlawlfq K. D. EVERETT B.A. L.S.U. Advanced work: L,S,U,5 Peabody Mathmatics AUDREY SUTTON B.S. La. Tech. Advanced workg L.S.U. Home Economics w. T. ROBINSON e.s. L.s.u. Coach Social Science H. C. DILWORTH B.S. Miss. State Vocational Agriculture MRS. J. D. BROWN B.M. Centenary Music MISS LOTTIE SINGLETON Three yearsg Ala. Colle All if 23 Si. ff 'W ,gf- we qnqy fl 'SX KX sq' . 0 tk " in emu., MISS MARGARET TRUSSELL B.A. La. Tech. Advanced workg,L.5.U. 6A MRS. MIRIAM EVERETT Two-year Certificate La. State Normal SA Miss B ssua Even TT E E Lower EIementarygLa. Tech. UA MRS. LORENA WALLER B.A. La. Tech. Summer workg Peabody University of Hawaii 3A MISS JOSEPHINE FELTS B.A. La. Tech. ZA MRS. J. C. EDMONSON B.A. La. Tech. IA W. L. TANNER. JR. B.A. La. State Normal 68 MISS JEANETTE BENTON B.A. La. Tech. 53 MRS. DOROTHY LOMAX LYON B.A. La. Tech. M.A. L.S.U. QB MRS. MARIE HARRIS Lower Elementary La. Tech 38 MRS. LOUISE WILDER Two yearsg La. Tech. Education course 23 MRS. 0. L. WISE B.A. La. Tech. IB hi SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS .aw dim 1 . 1, R. H. KIRKLAND DAYTON WHITTEN CLARA MAI OWEN HARRY EVERETT The senior class! From the very first day of school responsi- bilities mingled with the joys that are peculiar to seniors only, began to heap themselves upon the capable shoulders of these forty-one boys and girls. Announcement was made that the rings had come, and immediately they were in the wearing. Class meet- ings were called, officers were elected, work began in earnest, class day, class plays, class socials were planned and shaped themselves into realities. An annual, the first in the history of the school was agreed upon as a worthy class project. R. H. Kirkland, an outstanding member of the senior class, was elected president. Dayton Whitten, the vice-president, ranked among the most likable members of the class. Clara Mae Owen, ever depend- able, was the secretary, and Harry Everett, referred to as the best informed boy of the class, was treasurer. It is distinctive in that it is the largest number ever to go out from the school as one single class. Mrs. Everett, kind, lovable, able and effic- ient sponsor of the seniors, has woven the class into a cooperative and amiable unit. It has been through her efforts and untiring work that this annual, the first in the history - of the school, has become an actuality. SPONSOR 4.4 , QUINTON AINSWORTH Nothing ls more slmplethan greatnessgindeed tobe slm ple ls to be great. HERSHAL AINSWORTH A jolly word, a pleasant sml1e.he has themready all the while. Soft Ball team. H1 Life Staff. STELLA MAE ARMSTRONG The morning ofllfels like the dawn of day, full of pur1ty,1magery andharmony. soft Ball team. NEVA BEEBE None knew her but to love her, nor name her but to praise. Chalrman of Program Com- mittee, Home Ee. Club. SEN IORS -n.Q- DONDEE BLACK Few words often indlcate a wealth of wisdom. EARLINE HLACKBURN Looks are always deceiving- Earllne looks like a quiet Miss. Annual Staff. Social Committee. Wvolley Ball team. Queen of the Carnival. JUANITA BRACEY High erectedthoughts seated in the heart of courtesy. Hl Life Staff. Princess of the Carnival. LOREDA BROWN What's the use of sighing: time is always flying. x HAZEL BUTLER AS merry as the day is long. HEARL BUTLER The hand thathath made you fair. hath made you good, H1 Life Staff. volley Ball Team. DOROTHY CHAIN True to her work, her word and her friends Secretary Home Ec. Club. LOUISE CHAMBLISS Kindness is her deepest theme. Music Club. JAMES COPES R011 on, old world. and I will roll with you. Basket Ball Team. F,F-A- HORACE CROWE Let the world haveits way. Tennis Club. HORACE fpetel CROWE Though maybe not heard as often as the rest, we know he's there and doing his best. King of the Carnival. Basket Ball Teal. Soft Ball Teal. H1 Life Staff. EARNESTINE CULLIVER A lively good-hulored dis- position and an excellent heart Soft Ball Tell. DCEN EDUONSON A quiet tongue makes a wise head. H1 Life Staff. HARRY HVFWETT The motto of chivalry is also the motto of wisdom. to serve all but love only one. Treasurer Senior Class Tennis Club. MATTIE SUE FINLEY Full of sparkle. dash and go: she's different from the rest. you know? Soft Ball Teal. LORINA HAIRSTON A true friend, a good stu- dent, and a loyal class- late. vices-Pres. Parish Hole EC Club. Annual Staff. SE4 IORS ,eww .WN Q M i - I Us A A- ...LQ X M. Ie? MYRTLF HARPER Her eyes just won't behave Annual staff Captain Basket Ball Team. INA HULLINHSWORTH Cherrily. nerrlly, I go my way High School Quartet. '39 '40 Serretary Choral Club. Nl Life Staff '33, '40 LOUISE JACKSON Do Gentlemen really prefer blondes? H1 Life Staff Princess of Carnival. W. R. JONES The world is a serious prop osltlon after all, Secretary F.F.A Treasurer F.F.A. lvwvf- R. H. KIRKLAND And life, ly friend, ls what you lake lt. President of Class '38, '39, '40- Captaln Boxing Teal, '38, '39- Buslness Manager of Annual Chairlan of English Class. volley Ball Teal. Soft Ball Teal. EDWARD LAMB I have tile for everything but girls, - Soft Ball Teal. MARVIN LOCKARD It is better to blush than to turn pale. H1 Life staff. Tennis Club. JUANITA ICNAIH I shall laugh lyself to death. H1 Life staff. Basket Ball Tell- SENIORS CARROLL OSBONE He absorbs knowledge like a sponge does later Capt. Tennis teal. Class officer. Represented school at Rus- ton in Hath. and Algebra Rally. Secretary Book Club. CLARA MAE OWEN Gentleness is a virtue of lomanhood. Secretary of Senior Class. secretary of Library Club. S. G. PENNINGTON To be occasionally quoted is the only falel carefor. Secretary F.F.A. LBVERNE ROPER sow a habit and you reap a character. Boxing teal. Basket Ball teal. Annual Staff. HELEN SHIELDS Loved by all who knol her. ZOLA SIIS ' The least said ls theearl- lest lended. CURTIS SULLIVAN Better three hours too soon than a llnute late. Boxing teal. Basket Ball teal. Tennis Club. LEWIS SUTTON If you are seeking a boy who ls w1se,1oya1 andtrue, seek no further thanLew1s. Basket,Bal1 teal. soft Ball CSCI. volley Ball teal lelber of Carnival court. Editor-in-chief of annual. T' ' SENIORS DIXIE TARVER Very sweet, very slal1,a1- ways gentle to all President Hole Ec Club. Class Poet. Annual staff. Won first place ln FOYBSC school safety Plays. PAULINE TRAWEEK A laiden possessed ofwill- lng hands. volley Ball teal. CURTIS TURNER Tall. but his albltlon reaches fan ELIER WARD Just wait until I grow up. aoxlng Club. Hi Life Staff. Book Club. DAYTON WRITTEN Chdiplbh blusher of the world. President F.F.A. Vice-Pres. senior Class. Reporter-4-H Club. First plaeePub11c speaking I 'ra T A 1 4 . SEN IOR SNAPSHOTS Curtiss shous the girls a thing or two. Honest, cross my heart. Happyls the word for this group. 'It canlt be so serious, Prof. and Coach. Literally a Hsnow-falln with Harry on the bottom. Yes-they posed-Laverne, Dayton,Curtis and Stacy. Such snow, such fun. A group of seniors in Hclose fellowship.H As usual-Curtis and Dick uith more than a girl a piece. Louis really can bal- ance-for a while. Never a care--Helen, Ina and Lorena . Who says Neva didnft get a taste of snow. With Quinton, itfs first Hazel, then Juanita. This group posed too. More snow, more fun. Hazel and Hearl. Louis and Curtis can do many more stunts-this is just a sample. Let the men do the work. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Irv ff ARNOLD CLARK CHRISTINE CHAPMAN A. G. PARKER IRENE WHITE President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Who says this fine group won't make a good senior class? They are active and coopera- tive, and they sponsored a brilliant garden party for the senior class. Arnold Clark, an outstanding athlete, serves as president. Christine Chapman sportsmanship titleholder is vice-president, tall, dark and handsome A. G. Parker, a prominent boxer, is secre- tary, and Irene White who was voted the most intelligent in her class, is the treasurer. Coach Robinson sponsors the group. 1 Mg COACH ROBINSON DORIS AINSWURTH HUSTON BURCHFIELD ARNOLD CLARK GUILFORD CROWE ANNIE MAE CROWR MAXINE CROWE GLENN CROWE CHRISTINE CHAPMAN MAXINE COATS HERMAN DAVIS RUBY NELL DENTON WILLIAM W. FOWLER WILMA GERALDS VIVIAN GERALDS IARY HAYS ESTELLE HUGHES LURA JEFFCOATS FALBA JEFFCOATS DORIS KATTERICK IARY KNOVILES JUNIOR CLASS v . v JUNIOR CLASS HELEN LUTTRELL LOTS MAY STACY MALONE ERNEST MCINTYRE KATHERINE MORRIS A. G. PARKER MAGGIE PATRICK RUBY PATRICK PEARL PEACOCK TED POLLARD BUFORD ROBINSON FRED STEVENS GLADYS SULLIVAN LOUISE STEWARD CURTIS TULLOS RUFUS VOIGT IRENE WHITE ISAAC YATES JUNIOR SNAPSHOTS The "spirit of z9u0.'f Out for a ualk,but mostly gliding. Junior 'Uitter Bugs.H Prof.samples the commod- ities. Cham-Upeenn of the Forest Basket ball team. Just a bunch of silly Juniors. Their countenances en- tirely too serious-trou- ble brewing. Combination of athletes and a sissy. A pose for charm. Can this be Mortimer Snerd? 'This group is plotting something. Independence. The 'Waster--mixer. The 'Wbster-mixs The 'Waster. The 'Waster-nixer.H Emerging? or is she? Juniors at work. Beauty in the distance. Yes, ue posed for this one. Country lassies, pure am wen! Stu ped. Relaxing ajter a hard day's uorh1?J HHow am I doing?H Look out Joe,I'm train- ing for you. A bright spot in a dark corner. Who says ue're camera shy? PalsI?! WILLIAM LLOYD BLACKWELL ROSCO TARVER Presodent Vice-President SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Wwise as a sophomoren is an adage that cer- tainly suits this fine group of ninth grade boys and girls. They take an interested part in every school activity--boxing, basket ball, tennis, with never a frown marring their beaming countanences. William Lloyd Blackwell was chosen president of the classg Rosco Tarver was chosen vice- presidentg Sheridan Waggener, secretary, and Audrey Lang, treasurer. Mrs. Sadie M. Peacock and Mr. K. D. Everett served as faculty spon- sors. 3 SPONSORS SHERIDAN WAGGONER AUDREY LANG Secretary Treasurer SOPHOWORES srscr Ion A wow: BACK Row: left to right: Hazel Brown, Hay 0liver, L. C. Malone, Era Mai Davis, Helen Rodden, Willie Mae Ragland. Elizabeth Hicks, Bill Drane, Muriel Morgan, LeRoy Yates. 5EC0Nn Row: Luclle Mayes, Mildred Largent, 0l1ver Whitten, Helen Sutton, HBCCIE Kennedy, James Sullivan, Bertha Scoggln, Edward Yates, Sheridan Waggoner, Donald Pollard, THIRD RUN: Hell Stringer, Pauline Mason, Audrey Lang, Charlotte Hough, William Lloyd Blackwell, Lorlne Bolen, Rosco Tarver, Jas Finley. ABSENT: Jodie Rodden, H. C. Patrick Willie Bell Aaron, Oneal Hotard, Charles Brown, Elson Holland. SECTION B fLQ0QhQ -V L Nl' t BACK ROW: left to right: Woodrow Rawls, Nat Edmonson, Ouida Shulate, Winford Becton , Jerllene Watts, Louise Fleming, Maxine Vinson, Hilton Dukes, Lucile Waggoner. SECOND ROW: Billie Everett, LeRoy Brown, Winnie Butler, Irla Copes, Artis Kitchens . Hallie Littlefield, W. N. Peacock, Lola Roberts, Nannette Harper, Colvih Mangul, Helen Davis, FRONT Rgwg Howard Lobley, Claudine Gerald, Clifford Lalb, Vennle Bennett Arzell , e Brunner, Mary Leia Brown. Louise Catron, Thella Keen, Jales Rider. ABSENT: Bill Hewlett. Jack Baxter, Junior Brown. SOPHCMORE SNA PSHOTS 1. Hho says the second team canft play ball? 2. Notice the technique of our sophomore players 3. The S0uth's Finest Sunny Lass ies . U. A new pass that will win the game. 5. All depends on Jodie 6. Two good prospects for champion players. 7. Our good looking, di ni fied, intelligenta an bitious sophomores 8. Oliver ---- good natured, popular, and a future heavy weiht champ 9. All look up to Aman even the buildings ZO. Not boasting, but the manager of the varsity boxing team is a ninth grader ------ Leroy Yates 11. So saith the boys, "Ninth Grade Peaches. " 12. Truckin on dom the ave HUC. 13. Just, another three the ninth grade boast of 11.1. You may have to correct him im the room, u never in the ring. 15. Beware of Jackfs mighty left. 16. Judging from the look on his face he cam put some mighty punches. 17. Even the teachers cannot pose without the pupils doing something behind their backs. 18. As we turned around this is what we saw--"Our be loved principal. " FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS QL reg 2 ? S f , ie at R ' -. 2 COLVIN HAMMETT U Rum GENE BROWN RALPH ROSS mov BARNHILL President SQCFQUIVY Vice-President Treasurer Live wires, these freshmen! After the first few weeks of bewilderment and fright, they ad- justed themselves in a great way, tb the work- ings of High School life. They chose Colvin Hammett, who has ability and "1ooks," as their president, Ralph Ross, vice-president, Ruth Gene Brown, pretty and popular, as secre- tary, and Troy Barnhill as treasurer. SPONSOR Mr. Ross is the popular sponsor of the Fresh- man class. Al FRESHMEN Z wgYq:3fWsi3xf'- K wNe,WwJ up . - Q 'M ., BACK HDV: left to right: Ralph Ross, Colvin Hammett. C- L. CU111Vef, Wilbur Harper. JBIES Arnold. SECOND Row: J. D. lilson, Tublls Jackson, Troy Barnhlll, Rufus Ross, Alton Nugent. THIRD ROW: Hershal Tyson, Harold Bolen, Wilbur Burton. Rllds Carter, Milton Graller. FRONT gow: Lavelle Hallett, Vertls Rawls, Charlie Garrett, L. E. Patrick, Junior Berry, Claud Butler, C. I. Traweek, W. D. Garrett, Frlnk Pdngbufn- ABSENTg W. R. Landrum, Ernest Torrence, Jales Lester, Eugene Patterson. ,Pj ,HEEM i f Xw' 5 f 1 i.j,f v-. ,aw C BACK ROW: left to right: Audelle Culllver, Ruth Jean Brown, Mattie Ross. SECOND ROW: Mildred Bankston, Martha Brock, Gracie Hallett, Hazel Morse, Treasle McGowan, Gusale Holland, T0ll19 Loyd Sherlln. THIRD Roy: Florine Crowe, Irene Finley, Lorene Madden, Hllla Wells, Mary Hughes, laudle Mal Gates, Winnie Morse, Fay Hallett, Marjory Joe Murphy. FRONT Roy: Gloria Roberts, Bessie Stringer, Lizzie Mai Hollingsworth, Sybil Finley, Mildred Blackburn, Marte Vining, Mai catherine Daniel, Marcall Crowe, Mattie Lee Edlonson. Agsgyfg Inez Edmonson, Maxine Orr, Cleo Haynes. FRESHMEN SNAPSHOTS Four eighth grade girls in a hurry. The home of the eighth grade. Dick Harold. Left getting ready for the one on t e right. Lauelle doing his daily exercise. Eight A General Science. Guess uhich tuo are the smartest. Eight B General Science. V.R.Lmmnm,M uwrwt in the large group. Who made the face. ea...,.z.w, fb Before there is a high school there must be an elementary department. From the first grade through the seventh these boys and girls fill the school with the spirit of their eagerness, their enthusiasm, their youth. Theirs is the upward look through which will bloom the reali- zation of many dreams. ELEMENTARY BACK Rgwg left to right: Vernard warren, Chas. Ray Jackson, Elsie Hayes, Eugene Long, Elaine walker, Lamar Haapton, L. M. MaGaha, George Wall. SECOND ROW: Billy Hay Crowe, Marvin Draughn, Wllda Rae Butler, Eva Jelel Hayes, larie Centers, Dorothy Keen. Eudell Shulaker, Frank David Beebe, Louise Brown Henry Ray Prine, Margie Ann Tldwell. FIRST RQW: Patsy Ann lay, Johnnie Wells, Reba alexander, Peggy Rose Edlonson, Zena Hell Saas, Charles atkins. Dwahonna Coody, Toaale Halls, Edna Ruth Canoy, Bobble Fay Bridges. ABSENT: Eugie Lee Brock, Frances saith, Wayne Hills, Raydell Young, Gatha Muriel Freelan.----Mrs. Elaine Ednonson, Teacher. IB BACK Hoy: left to right: J. W. Yhlte, 0rvlll lartln, Don Stevens, Allie Gene Turn- bow, Alice Delaney, Dorla Harlan, Martha Wise. ggcgup Roy- Clyde Ragland, Betty Vinson, Dorothy Vining, W. T. Ragland, Dewey Jones, R chard Illllaason, Luther Barton, Bobby Ainsworth, Billy Ray Dranghn, Janes lllllal- son. FXRST How: Billy Jean laltes, Harvey Williamson, Roy Janes Traweek, Clarence Manning, Bessie Lee Sanders, larteal Wilson, Sylvia Taylor, Norla Brown. Margaret Harper, Beatrice Robertson, Nantell Robinson, Glynn Robinson. ABSElTg Claudio caffry, Vernon caffry, lary HBIGH shores, Con Joller sclaaon, I. L. Prince, Claudine Sllth, Billy Jean Barton, John Henry Jones, R. B. lay:----Irs. 0. L. Wise, TGlCh0P. E LEMEN TARY QIQHUUHU -urxfueiax.-M. BACK KQV: left to right: Geneva Wltcher, Dorothy Simpson, Bobby Jean Alexander, Julia lay, Harold BPOID, E. L. Frith, Milford Harlan, L. Toney, Jr., layne Benton, Bobby Clark. SECOND ROW: Gail Chalbless, Bobby Ruth Jackson, Freddie SllPSOh, Annie Mae lells. John C. Roberts, Glynn Horse, Doris Ragland, lack Dukee, Jewel Spurlin, Gladys Ragland. FIRST ROW: lardeania Jones, Virginia Lockard, Pauline Barton, Ruth TPIIQGK, Howard Wllllans, Carl Dean Curtis, Billy Earl Finley, Bllly Alland, Carolyn Edl0hS0h, Earl Burton. Delaa lcadaas, Gertrude lilliaqs, Bessie Everett, Earllne Harper. Teacher, uiss Josephine Felts 2B q,,.,. 22511 . ,r ,.. BACK Roy: left to right: Ellett McMillan, Luther Brown, Paul Rodden, Hershell Littleton, Virgil lcbanlel, Johnnie lae BBPCOD, Hershel Butler, C. L. Wall, Willie Ray sellers. SECOND RON: Oscar McGraw, lanzer Drane, Charles Williams, Benny Catron, Eldred Black- well, I. Vl Brock, D0hl1d Estep, Allie Lee Martin, Kathleen Peacock, Albert Lee Ragland, RODEPC Helier, Glynn nassetu FIRST Roy: Don Crowe, Glynn Wllllals, Florence Conn, Belly Jean Atkins, Betty Everett, Mary Waller, Gretchen Barton, Eloise Grubba, Mildred White, Louise Morris, Bonnie Tullos, Elll Jean savelle, Avis Jean lelch. ABSENT: Willie Dean Yates. Ollie Geralds, Mary Adals, Elijah AdllS. -f-- Irs. Everett Wilder, Teacher. E LEVEN TARY BACK gow: left to right: Marvin Harper, Herrell shumaker, Joe Drnughn, Katherine Ainsworth, W. I. Sherman, Lucille Fox, Fay Estep, Bonita lartln. SECOND ROW: G. W. Mcllllan, Hoover Grlffls, Ernest Glynde Mangum, Bessie Mae Sllth, Jimmie L. Edmonson, Louise Johnson, Maurlne Barton, Lee Odis Coody, Wllhelmena Walker, Thelma Walker. FIRST ROW: Billie Hales. Willis! M. Puckett, Jack Williamson, Lnquitn lccrnv, Doris Sanders, Christine B9Ct0h, Gladys Rousell, Jean Beebe, Annette Ward, Irene Beebe, Zelda Stewart, Archie Neal Mclntyre, Jimmie Dukes, Helen Harper. ABgENTg lary Ruth Landrum, J. W. McLain, Douglas Hughes.f---Hrs. Lorena Waller, Teacher 3B mmm Emm m., BACK ROY: left to right: Wilford Dupree, Bobby Gene Yates, LOUISE lobley, lary Sue Stewart, Minnie lenrl Jones, Doris Kennedy, Hurrell Bowen, Nevll Wllburn, John Devil. SECOND ROW: John Charles Skipper, Gilmore Dellncey, Joe Williams, Lottie William, Anlree Hayes, RODEPC Harris, Maxine Freelan, Ruth Butler, Lorlece Young. FIRST Row, Clark Hollingsworth, Verlon Moseley, Glynn Tidvell, Wyatt Smith, Carl chain, Audrey Williamson, Ann Prine, Beatrice Smith, Hazel Largent. ABSENTg Jolean Ross, Quincey Wilson, Billy Earl Lockard. Geneva Pitts. ---- Irs. Marlo Harris, Teacher. ELEMENTARY N154 BACK ROW: left to right: J. L. Tullos, Gills Frith, Laverne Mayes, Rayford lobley, James Dupree. Nadine Long. THIRD Row: Billy Helmer, Joe Hayes. Paul Campbell, Ruby Fairchild, Ardelle Forten- berry, Ivell shores, May Belle Butler. SECOND ROW: Huey Grlffls. Dorothy Stewart, Uscar Lee Davis, G. W. Mercer, Loyd Taylor, Johnnie Sullivan, Mildred Russell, K9RDECh Rogers. Mavis Robinson, Ernestlne .Hammett. FIRST ROW: Edna Centers, Dorothy Frith, Maudle Mae Brock, Nadine Geralds, Hebert Whitten. Helen Harris, Ray Beebe. Fannie Hamklns, Cletha Mae Orr, Bobby Largent. ABSENT: Henry Jones, Francis Russell. ---- Miss Bessie Everett, Teacher. 4U FIRST Rgwg left to rlght:B0th90h0 Smith, Alvin Crowe, Elmer McAdams, Ardis Davis, Joan Maassen, Syble Rodgers, Charles Rider, Dell Drane, Thelma Witcher, Reba Beebe. SECOND ROW: J. W. southern. Lester Blackburn, Howard Berry, Johnny Yates, Richard Williams, Evelyn Hurphree, Leonard Bankston, Allie Mae Landrum, Charles Sellers, Thomas Stephens. THIRD Row: Milton TBPVEP, LUCh8f Fox, Reatrlce Bridges, Lamourle Bridges, Plorrel Hayes, Ruth Wilson, Ethel wall,Alene wall, Clotlle May. A35ENTg Carol Robinson, Hilton Butler, Webb Taylor, Mary Katherine Foster, Nola lae Adams Theron Kennedy, Raymond Welch. ---- Dorothy Lomas Lyon, Teacher, to right: , Zola Mae BACK ROW: left Howard Harlan Eunell Butler ELEMENTARY Alvin Fox, Marvin R. Bancroft, Charles Patrick. Ervin Estep, Robertson, Jewel Barton, Joyce L. Yates, Lavelle Fallen, , Rena M. Mercer, Dovie Ainsworth, Ella R. Freeman, James Stevens. MIDDLE ROW: Inez williams, John Everett, W. J. Hicks, Charles Jones, Fay Morse, Eugene Yates, Mary Treloar, Edna Willalms, Joseph Womack, Clifford Morris. FRONT RQW: Lillian Ross, Ann Masters. Willie Mae Mullanix, Calr LEC Eubanks, Manmie Lee Curtis, Vear Lee Jackson, Jimmy N Kennedy, Mildred Patrick, R. T. Mullan1x,Al Crowe. ABSENTQ Nell Easterllng. Benton. Teacher. Archie Jones, Harold Uraughn, Cecil Gerald.--H-Miss Jeanette 5B faingp LSQFQQ ' .Q SECONU gow: Ormand Patrick, Imogene Stephens, Orville Howard, Holvis Barnhill, Herman Williamson, Clifton Wells, Joy Vining. John Dell Dukes, wade vinson, Jr., Bohble Moseley, Patsy Catron, FIRST Row: Estelle Conn Catron. Thella Prudholme, ABSENTZ Frances Savelle Evereth 5505 ROW: left to right Bancroft, Pauline Brown Louis May. Mable xiobley Nona Lois Dye. Margie Lee white, Virgie Mullantx, Jerry Lacey nrane, Opliss Harper, Geraldine Weller. Wllburn Brown. Buster Stewart, Herbert Largent. N. J. Smith. --Aurs. Mlriau Genevieve Chalbliss, A. C. Hales, Pearl Crowe. Mary Lou Fstus Ragland, Donald Martin, Omah Doris Harper, wll L a.ea.M T lie H n L .Q U Q Y 4h ELEMENTARY J W 'T 4. Q' R QACK Row: left to right: Rex Skipper, James Savelle, Ray Williams, J. D. Brock, Jessie Mlleyh Q. W. Sims, Ruth Russell, Zelma Harris, Uuida Jean Hawkins, Illa Mae Tullos. MIDDLE Rgwg Bernice Davis, Barney Falsst. Willie McCoy, Jr., Richard Denton, Joyce Hollingsworth, Wayne Barnhlll. Marlon Long, Jack Everett, Geraldine Doyle, Louise Williams. ' FRUNT Row: Lucille Lamb. Erma Jean Yates, James Stewart, Efh8SClh9 Crowe, Ralph Russell. Kenneth ward, Dixie Vining, Jack wltcher, Clara Lee Chesnutt. ABSENTg Louise McDaniel, wlllls Gerald. -4 W. L. Tanner, Teacher. 611 ' BACK ROW: left to right: Glynn sellers. J. P. Littleton, Gerald Littlefield, Martha ' Lou Yates, Willie Lee Frith, J. I. Stevens, Bobble Lee Patrick, Dorothy Brown, Emile Dye, Shelton Brown. ' FRONT Rgwg Barbara Harris, Yvonne Wilson, Hiram Drane, Thomas Keen, Mary Ruth Roberts. Earllne Holt, Jean Edmonson, Kathryn Blackwell, Myrtis Smith, Melba Jean Sanders. Y ABSENT: Bernice Kirkland, Ray Orr, Freeman McLain, Jimmy Garrett, Webber Russell. I JSS- LU'-her may.,----uiss Margaret Trusaell, Teacher. ' f 3 4 i v! M in A- f-- E LEVENTARY ,.wwM BACK Roy: left to right: Homer Draughn, C. W. Gerald, J. R. Hales, Audrey Lee Sulllval, Ray Quarles, L. G. Tldlell, Pauline Waller, Katherine Dupree. SECOND Rgwg Willie Mae williams, Julla Sanders, J. W. DEHIOD, Harold Chalbliss, Agnes Ross, Myrtle Llhdful, Evelyn Largent, Flay Mae EVBDS, Francis Pitts. FRONT RUN: Evelyn MCAdBl8, Helen Hurst, Leon Morris, M. L. Burton, Lindy Parker, Earl Lee Hallett. Louise White, Edna 0ren McIntyre, May Nell Berry, Ossle Blackburn. ABSENTg Caroline Adals, John Sullivan, JIICS Yates.--W-Mrs. R. M. Harlan, Teacher. 73 BACK gow: left to right: Clifton Wllllals R. L. Hurst, Bernice Fox, Louise Dye, S1l0D Silth. Doris Robinson, 0. B. Harris, H01leS Welch. SECOND gow: Mable lccaha, Fannie Marie Fairchild, Dorothy Largent, J. P. Ranktna, Rossle Jones, J. D. Culllver, lelva 1ee Largent. Maglelene Hicks, Lavelle White, FRONT Row: Betty Lou Howard, Myrtle Burchfleld, Billie Wilson, Maxine McDaniel, Leon Curtis, Hlldred Mobley. ABSENTg Ray Dupree, J. W. lullanlx, Doris Lee ThllBS, 7. L. willilll. ---- Miss Lottie Singleton, Teacher. Rats ELENENTARY SNAPSHOTS Soft ball champ! Groudng pains-37 of Ien. Everybody at unrk. Gems of intelligence. Little house keepers. Just a skip an' hop. Everybodyfs posing. Busy bees. A second Dizzy-Rossie. Scientists of tomorrow. Where there are trees there'lL be squirrels. Future tournament win- VLSTS. Porest Jazz Band. Sun shines bright in Dixie. Back to the gay nineties Ready to go! All set! Let's go! Batter up! Can this be Dixie? Heads up. School days. Strike one. Bashful. Time marches on. Hlnnie 0akley.U Confucius say ---- Give us a snile. Snow bau d. FOREST H I CARN I VAL . Nr: JHANITA OF THF HOUSE DF BNACV5, C! H l'1S UF' 'Wil HOUSV WW TURNuR FARLINE .. BLACKBURN, HORACE OF THE HOUSF OF CHOWE. A spirit of fun and revelry reigned in the high school auditorium on Carnival Hight when Queen Earline of the House of Blackburn and Horace of the House of Crowe were crowned queen and king. Heralded by William Lloyd Blackwell and Carroll Osborn, they marched to the strains of royal music to their throne, made beautiful with sparkling gems and glittering tinsel. Following them were their attendants, Princess Louise of the House of Jackson and her escort, Lewis of the House of Sutton: Princess Juanita of the House of Bracy and her escort Curtis of the House of Turnerg Princess Gladys of the House of Sullivan and her escort Wilbur of the House of Harper. Graciously the Queen delivered her proclamation and gaiety was in order LOUISE OF THE HOUSE OF JACKSOPMLFWIS OF THE HOUSF OF' SUTTON GLADYS OF THE HOUSE OF SULLIVAN, WILBUH OF THE HOUSEOF HARPER S S S IQRS EQ . V E - U Z Juanita Bracey Z 922 S X f -5. if . ffsgfslfw-Q 73 sQg3Ja,?Lf4 v 6 ii: K. Liiklfif .V , 1 4' "-Q X S1 xiifzggi' "1" L- 4 ii :,',-"1 . ' ' fkgn mv f C515 f Q-rf W L. 5 M --. ,sg , s f-3.. f:i. 1'fw 4 N N S wie. -e Maxzne Coats Maxine Vinson Gloria Roberts CAMPUS SNAPSHOTS Seri ous ----- ----------- ? The hand and not the head. A bout with snow balls. Farmers in the making. b'ho's afraid of the big white snow? Experinenting with Snow ivossibilitiesl Future farmers taking it seriously. Dayton on his way. Practicing what she preaches . A ll se t! Now everyone sni le . Ta king li fe easy . Working . Can anyone guess what theyfre up to? Future farmers doctoring a tree? "Pretty enough for any page, " sez who? A cold seat. They bring 'em inand take 'en out-t ese bus drive-rs. Why the broad snile,Red? Unloading. The Janitor on the job. The Long and the short of High School. A happy send off. Let the men do the work. Popular faculty nembers. 'Wee Zloaedn Slay R. H. Kirkland ---- Curtis Turner ----- Louis Sutton ------ Lorina Hairston -- Myrtle Harper ----- Earline Blackburn- Dixie Tarver- ----- Laverne Roper ----- Mrs. R. A. Everett --------------------------------Business Manager -------------------------------Assistant Manager ---------------------------------Editor-in-chief --------------------------------Associate Editor -----------------------------------Sports Editor ---------------------------------Features Editor -------------------------------------Club Editor -----------------------------Advertising Manager --------------------------------Sponsor, Advisor THE STAFF AT WORK The Stafffs in earnest folks: R. H. is explain- ing a new idea all his cum. It took a private inter- view to convince Louis, but they agree in the end. The Staff goes after the job Like veterans. .,w.f4, 51.41 Quinton Ainsworth-- Elmer Ward --------- Ocen Edmonson ------ Horace fPeteJ Crowe Juanita Bracy ------ Hearl Butler ------- Marvin Lockard ----- Louise Jackson ----- Juanita McNair ----- Helen Shields ------ -------..---------...---------- ----Editor-in-chief ---Associate Editor --------News Editor ------Sports Editor -------------Music Editor ------Alumni Editor ---Business Manager Advertising Manager Circulation Manager - ------------ Typist SNAPSHOTS OF HI LIFE STAFF AC last he has than work ing. all except lnrvin who took tile off to watch for the little bird. Th ey just won is H1L1fe Busine worries Dick 't listen. CHORAL CLUB 1 BACK Roig loft to right: Janes Arnold Oliver Whitten, Curtis Turner. 330039 Row: Louise Fleming, Lucile Waggoner, oulda shulate, Lorina HA1fSCOh , Shirin dan laggoner, Vivian Deralds, Paullne Traweek, Earllne Blackburn, Hazel Butler, Juanita Bracey, Afh01d Clark, Louise Jackson. THIRD Rgwg H1201 Brown, HBIQH Hodden, Stella Hal APISCTOHS, Hattie sue Finley, Loreda Brown, Earnestine Culllver, Fay Hewlett Hilla Wells, Helen DBVIB, Hearl Butler, Ruby Halle Denton, Juanita Hcgair, Helen Shields. FOURTH Rgyg Annie Hai Cf0'e Hannette Harper, Dondee Black, Myrtle Harper, Thella Keen, Martha Brock, Mildred Blackburn, Gussle Holland, Florlne Crowe, B8fCh8 Scoggin, Hattie Kennedy, laxlne Coats, FIFTH Roy: Billie Everett, Audrey Lang, Clara Hai owena Louise stewart, Mildred Largont, Dixie Tarver, Dorothy Chain, Neva Beebe, Hary Lola Brown, Arzell Brunner, larcell Crowe, Iraa copes, Lizzie Hollingsworth, Charlotte Hough Ina Hollingsworth, l INA HOLLINGBYORTH SECRETARY, CEORAL CLUB HR. SOLON KING Parish director of Music Mr, Kingfs work with the choral club has been very interest- ing and worthwhile. Through his leadership the group as well as individuals, has broadcast over ILMB on sore than one occasion. JUNIOR HCME MAKERS BACK Roy: left to right: Earnestine Culliver, LOPIDI ulriaton, helen salute., Elrline Blackburn, Vivian Geralds, Hale Rodden, laudie lai Oates, HIIG1 lorse. 539039 Roy: Pauline Traleek, Ina Hollingsworth, Maxine Vinson, Gracie Hlllbtt, llllio Ili Ragland, llttle Ross, Audell Culliver, Hills Wells, Winnie lorse, Bertha Scoggin. THIRD 307: Luclle lays yildred Blackburn, '11Il Geralds, vennie Bennett, TOIIIO Loyd Sherlan, irla copes. FQURTH Roy: Lorena Bolin, Neva Beebe, Nannette Harper, lartha Brock, Florine CIOIC, Clara lat ovens, lattie Lee Edl0h80n, liss Russell. FIFTH 507, Miss Sutton, Dixie Tarver, Dorothy Chain, Helen Luttrell, Louise Catron, charlotte Hough, lart Lela Broln, Audrey Lang, larcell crole, Gloria Roberts. MISS AUDREY SUTTON MISS LORAINE RUSSEL Director of Home ECOh0l1CB Teacher of HOIG ECOHOIICS Miss Audrey Sutton has been the ca able and efficient Home Econmics Director for nine years. When she first be an er work here the enrollment was small, but it has grown to one hundred twe ve students. Miss Loraine Russell, assistant Home Economics Director, has recently been added to the faculty. DIXIE TARVER DOROTHY CHAIN LORINA HAIRBTOI IANNETTE HARPER HBV! 53353 President secretary Vice-President Treasurer chairlanof Parish organization Progrl- col-ittne :'W"'W I f FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FIRST Row, left to right: Buster Finley, Charley Garrett, Claude Butler, L. E. Patrick, Junior Berry, Lavelle Hallett, vertis Ralles. U. C. TYBIGOK, Frank Pang- burn. W- D. GATPBCC, Jules Rider. SECQND Row: Rosco Tarver, S. G. Pennington, Ellis Carter, Troy Bernhill, Alton Nugent, Hershal Tyson, Hilton Gfhllef, Jales Sullivan, Issac Yates, Clifford Lalb, Rufus Ross, B111 Pollard, Artis Kitchens, Efh9St Mclntyre, Wilder Burton, Nat Ed- lonson 011ver Whitten, LeRoy Yates, I. N. Peacock. THIRG Row: lr. Dilllorth, W. R Jones, stacy yalone, JBIQB Copes, T6d Pollard. Calvin Hangul, Sheridan Waggener, L. C. Malone, Herlan Davis, C. L. Culliver, Curtis Tullos, Woodrow Ralles, Laverne Roper, LeRoy Brown, Jeles Arnold, Curtis Turner, Dayton Whitten, Huston Burchfield. ouvsu wan-'rss cuarxs runnun H. c. n1LLwoa'rH Reporter Vice-president Adviser The 1F.i'.A. organization became a part of Forest High School in 1936. Under the capable Leadership of Mr. H. C. Dillworth the group has grown from the initial 36 to 60 Future Farmers who are living whole-heartedly their motto: "Fe learn to do by doing." S. 0. PENNINGTON DAYTON WRITTEN W. R. JONES JUNIOR BROWN JACK BAXTER Secretary President Treasurer PBPIIAIBDCAPIBH Watch Dog ' --' ' ' ' - "- ' ' my-ry ,mvvq V, . I I POPULARITY CCNTEST W1sdom,- popu1arity,- w1tticism,- beauty,- these,characterize our school Take Irene and Harry--they know all the answers, Lizzie and Oliver--a part of every crowd, Juanita and Ralph--the life of the party, R. H. and Rufus--stars of the game. Others add their charm, looks, friendliness, strength and fun. All in all, we are one happy family. 5 Afhlelfiw fax .. gl - k I ef' 'Huggy I i E I l ! K P r BOXING W T. R0 bin son , o ne of the state's best boxing coaches, has turned out real champions. Because he has magnified the sport purely as a sport rather than a contest, he has de- veloped a spirit of clean sportsmanship among those who have come in contact with his training, es- pecially among his own boys who esteem, respect and love him. They say, 'The state doesn't have a better one,w ,pi R. H. KIRKLAND COACH ROBINSON N. E. La. Champion C. HAIMETT C. IANGUH BACK ROW: left to right: LeRoy Yates. Manager, Curtis Tullos, Clifton Williams, A. G. Parker, Arnold Clarke, Edward Yates, James arnold, Calvin Hangul, Jack Baxter, Isaac Yates R. H. Kirkland, Ralph loss, Calvin Hammett, Laverne Roper, W. T. Robinson. Coach. SEQOND gow: kneeling: J. I. Sins, Gilford grown Oliver Whitten, Elmer ward, James Finlay, Rosco Tarver, Chas. Patrick, ESCUB Ragland, John Dukes, J. D. Brock, Leon Curtis, Howard Harlan, J. W. Dehhll. FIRST ROW: I- L. Burton. Lindy Parker, 'Jack Demsey' lilllamson Carroll Robinson. 'Lefty' Wells, Clifford Morris. Kenneth Ward, L9BC8f Blackburn, BUSBEE Yates, Artis Davis, Herbert Whitten, Jimmy Dukes, 'Bud' Puckett. fi? is R. ROSS I. YATES E- NGLANU o. warrran Parish Champion E. YATES 0.'TULLOS BAXTER I' 4 JACK BAXTER AND THE TROPHY R. 'STATE if 5 H. KIRXLAND CHAMPION,19 THE 40-' TEAM THAT DID IT M SECOND Roy: Curtis Tullos, second place winner, 165 pound class: Isaac Yates, who lost a hair-splitting decision: J. D. Brock, a first-year boy, 105 pounds with plenty of proliseg Calvin Hangul, 112 pounds who doesn't wait for judges to give decisions- Just takes 'el. Top Roy: 1. T. Robinson, Coach. Laverne Roper who fought above his weight of 145 in the 155 bout to aid his teal in point lakingg Ralph loss. 135, third place lan, and second place North Ellt Louisiana llh: Calvin HBIIBCQ whose short and power ful punches baffled his opponents, was a second place winner: Manager, Leroy Yates was there with goods at all ttnes. 6 .1 I . fir '. za LBROY YATES 1 MANAGER I lla 1 JAMES ARNOLD A. G. PARKER The first time the trophy left the east side of the Macon. Forest brought it home. With such boys as Jack Baxter, 98 pounds, who has won 37 and lost only four fightsj the sportsman, Estus Ragland, go poundsg James Arnold, the surprising 126 pound Nfindu of North Louisiana, Forest High School could not miss the champion- ship. J. D. BROCK so FASKET BALL--BOYS Varsity "hE A? ? Y. N. PEACOCK 15 4 'Nw inny Peacock, Louis Sutton, W. T. Robinson. The boy's basket ball team of 1940 has fought very faithfully. With their captain, Dick Ainsworth, and their guards, Gopes and Peacock, supported by the forwards, Dukes and Ainsworth, the team had more than one interesting experience this season. H. DUKES COACH ROBINSON Genial,sywpethet1c,under- standing, but positive, has been the inspiration of the boy's basket ball Rah! rlh! rah! In fact, fifteen of then for this junior teal. They take their work seriously, end un- less we :iss our guess they'11 be e winning teal when their year rolls around. teal for four years. as - Q f my Q 'S fd 5 Q' 4 f Dick Ainsworth, Pete Crowe, Jody Rodden, Arnold Clark, G. CROWE A. CLARK IR. DILLWORTH Although he directs the F-F.A., has proved hin- self e cepnble assistant C0 Mr. Robinson, and has added his shane of on- couragelent and work to the basket bull, N l ,Q 9 .wQi wi G. ggqwn c. rvansn J' 60,35 Q. Aruswonra L. SUTTON H. caown J. aonuau GI RL 'S EASKET BALL MYRTLE HARPER ' 4 laxlne Crowe, Tressie McGowan, Juanita Mcsalr, Audelle Culllver, Ruth Jean Brown, Lola Roberts. Lucille Waggener, Christine Chapman, Lizzie Hollingsworth, Myrtle Harpen Honors and more honors have come to our school through this winning team. syste1 latlc playing, cooperative teal work unexcelled sportsmanship lade them winners. They played a good game in every tourna- ment bringing hole distinction, Christine leading in sportsmanship and good playing. The whole team was acclaimed on every occa- sion as outstanding sports In Monroe. at the North EBSQ Louisiana Tournament they really made folks 'sit up and take not1ce.' Ilm Miss Bessie Everett coaches the girls team, and her work has produced a winning one. she is always ready with plans, suggestions and encouragement--never misses an oppor- tunity to give her girls the advantage of playing ball at home or abroad. She directs but she's plenty fun and the girls love hen Irs. peacock, coach, Louise Fleming, Tommy Loyd Sherman, lannette Harper, Helen Rodden, Billy Everett, Hilna wells, Era lal Davis, Hazel Brown, Arzell Brunner, Claudine Gsralds. 95' CHRISTINE CHAPMAN JUANITA ICNAIR Just to be sure that Forest will always have winners, Irs. Peacock is preparing this second team which has already proved-its worth and its abil. ity in many junior games. VOLLEY BALL--- --SCFT BALL R H. C. Dilworth teacher, coach, friend, advisor. in fact a very good fellow to have around. These boys think so APD01d Clark, R. H. Kirkland, nick Ainsworth, Pete Crowe, Stacy Malone, Hershall Ainsworth, Herlan Davis, Rufus Ross, Edward Lamb, Louis Sutton, W. N. Peacock Gilford Crowe. R. H. Kirkland, Ralph Ross, Calvin Hammett, W. N. peacock, Curtis Sullivan, Pete Crowe, Louis Sutton, Edward Lamb, Curtis Turner, Arnold Clark, Dick Ainsworth, Hershall Ains- worth, Coach R0b1hS0h, H. C. Dilworth. I if VOLLEY BALL ----- SOFT BALL mf31...-o lass Russell's salle gets places before she does, or how could these freshaen and sophoaores play such snappy volly ball gales? BACK ROW: Miss Russel, Mae Catherine Daniel, Lucille Hayes, nussle Holland, Marjorie Jo Murphey, Willie Mae Rag- land llldred BBHKSCOD. SECOND R075 Halle Littlefield, Gloria Roberts, Louise Catron, Vennie Bennett, Audrey Lang, larle Vining, Maxine Orr, FIRST Roy: Charlotte Hough, Hottie Kennedy, Winnie Butler, Helen Sutton, Lorene bolen, Mary Lela Brown. all sailing their way to vlcto . BACH HOW: Hrs. Everett, Juanita Bracey. Louise Jackson, Ina Hollingsworth. Helen shields, Louise Chaabllss. Hazel Butler, Maxine Vinson, Jerilene watts, Clara Mae gwens, Maxine Coates, Mary Knowles, Estelle Hughes. 0cen Edaonson. SECOND ROW: Dondee Black. Louise stuart, Ruby Patrick, Helen Luttrell Lura Jeffcoats Dixie Tarver, Neva Beebe, Dorothy Chain. Martha Brock. FIRST Row, Gladys Sullivan, Earline Blackburn, Hearl Butler, Pauline Tra- leek, Maggie Patrick, Pearl Peacock. lisa Sutton, the cleverest of then all and the teal is ready for a strike out. BACK Rqyg Miss Sutton, Lorena Hair- ston, Mattle Sue Finley, Zola Stas, Belle Stringer, Inez Finley. Falva Jeffcoats, Irene White, Vivian Geralds, Lois lay. SECOND RUN: Annie lae Crole, Doris Kit- terlck, Elizabeth Hicks, Earnes- tene cullever. Bessie Stringer, LOPOHO ladden, lary Hayes, Wilaa Gerald, Faye Hew1.ette. FIRST Hoy: Mildred Blackburn, Catherine lerrls, Stella lae Arastrong. Ready to go! Juniors, seniors, Ira. Everett, ry 1 K TENNIS CLUB lgf ' ,ai ef ,M jf X 4 E ' l P' Hog f Q - rl R 1 M? gut V xxsul. CARROLL osB0NE w L.BLmxmmL CAPTAIN Marvin Lockard, Horace Crowe, Carroll 055039 Harvy wverett, william Loyd Blackwell Mr. Everett L Q D ' Md wd ,4fA,4 The old regulars back for the boyfs tennis team this year ' 4 ' included Marvin Lockard, whose determination to win made l ' him a threat until the last point was over: Horace Crowe, whose well-balanced games enabled him to cope with the nest: Carroll Osbourne, who used his head and combina- X A tion of strokes to out do his opponent: Harry Everett, -, X who liked the game and liked to play it, William Loyd Blackwell, who pushed his way to a starting position on I the team and'improved each match he played. x Us - H. MOBLEY MARVIN LOCKARD Ei' E 'aj Yi, be AL.. 2 WS if , 'kN- S Q K r "l! - ' 529 H. EWMETT Mr. Robinson, Horace Crow, B111 nrane, Marvin Lockard, L CROWE Carroll osbourne, Harry Everett. Arzell Brunner, Billie Everett, Louise Catron, Helen Luttrell, lr. K. D. Everett, Rufus Voigt, Elmer Yard, Lindy parker, Ray Quarells, Wa. Loyd Blackwell, Buford Robinson, Curtis Sullivan. Mr. Everett, a competent tennis player, befan a new and vigorous campaign for new tennis players ear y in the sea- son. Keeping in mind the record established in 1924-1927 by Mildred Crowe, a product of our school, who held the state championship for four years, and of H. T. Robinson, North Louisiana chamfion in 1930, and Baton Rouge open city champ- ion in 1935, e aspired to regain these honors. He keeps a hopeful eye on this group. S , . , 4 ,ar V F Y j-gh... . -13,2 ,1.,- 2,5 . vu, z' . ' " 3-1 fx - u'..i-,.,, 4 ' V 1 " .,.--,gff,' 5 ya. -Nl- .. -W ' ...Au - L .:. . .. ..,, . 4 .,1 . ffl 75. F AB' ' V hm, ,. w X Y . Liv, . " - I, W, if rg. g 4 , , ..ea,,.1...1.,.W, 4 wr. 3' W' .am - V sa --u : 'V-'31, .U . 1 A V , .., A - 3-if. ,,',4,rg -Ji.-., ...J 15. 'Agri-:?:i. --5. ' ' -as-? fi" 'N ' .rag , ,, W 1 '. f, q A , -. ,-1-L. ,4 .. l . , FT' ,,, 9 4 . 1- ' y A , 'va Q - Q- ' -Y A . , Q :Q ..4 T' . X f af 1 ' n s .fx 1 Q. . ., V. . ,ug - f 'K Ln x ."!1 .I '7 g Q , ,z-' ,. f ' - 1 .je It ff v .,L'Ta5J , I 'I I 1 , 1 I F D . Ar ' 0 , I0 L. I . -u . :k,,qg.!5,. , Y .-g' v ur, ..:.uz4:A .. yudiam .-L. .m-,.. .44 i.. -,1,g..":... -.x,gZ.LL4. '.: ,uh L ....,. 1 N 1. :A Yl:..'1m, - - FISKE THEATER Comfliments of DONALD B. FISKE FISKE COTTCN GIN FISKE COTTCN WARE HQJSE SILVERSTEINS Make Silversteins your Headquarters Mwen in Monroe T6C1ChefSxufxxxPu'FilSx:rxxrxrarxxFf'ier1dS We Welccne a Visit From You Compliments of R. A. EVERETT General Merchandise Your Patronage is Appreciated Compliments oft R. H. Everett H. W. HOLMES GINNERY Satisfied Customers For More Than Twenty Years MRS. H. W. HOLMES'OWNER J. E. SELLERS-MANAGER "YOUR FRIENDLY NEWSPAPER' offers You A "bombshel'L" of real honest-to'goodness home news. Events that you enjoy reading about. News of the garish.. .features. .:. editorials .... churc es .... schools. . . can- munity .... farm .... society .... pictures. . . clubs .... m money-saving advertisements ..for lessiian 4 cents a week-52 issues . .a whole year of reading pleasure for 32. Subscribe today and become a member of The Gazette's family of readers .... the only newslgaper devoted exclusively to West Carro Parish. THE WEST CARROLL GAZETTE Compliments of SUREBEST BREAD Monnoe, LA. Compliments of Best Wishes F rom EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS' Oak Grove Lions Club SUPPLY COMPANY C95 Building Materials Oak Grove, Louisiana Qual ity Plus Service A Civir Organization For the Betterment of community State, Nation and The World OAK GROVE , LCUISIANA Compliments of Compliments of REIMCND-M I TCHNER CATRGI-GOLDEN FUNERAL HOKE lt Pleases Us To Please OAK GROVE, LOUISIANA OAK GROVE, LOUISIANA You Community Store Ihe friendly store COUNTRY PRODUCE BDUGHT AND SOLD B-1 Sh P PRoPRuEToR Goodwill Community PLANTERS GIN COMPANY SAMPLE AND TURN'0UT SECOND T0 NONE John V. Waller, Oyygp wnsu IN oAx Gnove vhit THE COFFEE SHOPPE Compliments of A FRIEND THCMPSGI HARDWARE AND FURNITURE STORE Phone 151 PAN-AM SERVICE STATION L.L. JAMES, PRoPRlEToR Telephone 12 DOZIER DRUG STORE Service with a Smile Phone 118 JITNEY JUNGLE Save a Nickel on a Quarter compliments of THE WEST CARROLL HARDWARE CGNMNY on cnovs, Lounsum OAK GROVE DRY CLEANERS A Thoroughly Modern Plant OAK GROVE, LOUISIANA GORDON SMITH FHA MACY Drugs, Toiletries. Sundies OAK GROVE, LOUISIANA Compliments of DR. 0. L. WISE DENNIS PICK AND PAY E.L DENNIL Pnovmzron Market and Grocery Quality and Service Phone 40 H. M. LEE Dry Goods-Clothing-Shoes Staple and Fancy Groceries H-ICNE 37 Compliments of ROSS MOTOR COMPANY oAx enovz, LoulslAnA Comp L iments of THE FRIBHHX BEMIDVSHOPPE oAx enovs, LOUISIANA GJARANTY INCGAE LIFE INSURANCE CQHPANY BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA Company has more than 3l,000,000 invested in Government and Municipal Bonds deposited with the State Treasurer for the protection of its Policy Holders Compliments of THE COWMJNITY GIN suunwm. cimunlrv THE WG4AN'S SHOP muinv-rn-wr-:An BELLA scnskcx miviosou MILLINERY ALICE HENRY 205 DESIARD AND WALNUT, NONROE, LA. ,Compliments of T. P. EDVOISON Garage Serv ice Station U-'AL ITV-FRIENDLINESS-CGIRTESV A SPECIALTY Forest, Louisiana ug na Ill N0ur revels now are ended. These our actors, As I foretold you, were all spirits, and Are melted into thin air: And, like the baseless fabric of this vision, fhe cloud-capp'd towers, the gorgeous FGIUCQS, The solemn temples, the great globe itself, Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve, And, like this insubstantial pageant faded, Leave not a rack behind. we are such stuff As dreams are mdde of, and our little life ls rounded like a sleep.H -Prospe-ro in Un: Shakespearefs "The 1'e1lpest." ,gp- JJ q m H, I - in Y f. f 'P IH? l' V P V- I ,- y :- F 1.- 5 ' 1.. 1-. J 'n WI Hy v n 4 J 1 1 I M-N .. 'ff I9 4 w r I H I 1 'N " O K U A in I' . ., - I X , - I ' rl' U

Suggestions in the Forest High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest, LA) collection:

Forest High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest, LA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Forest High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest, LA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 12

1940, pg 12

Forest High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest, LA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 83

1940, pg 83

Forest High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest, LA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 69

1940, pg 69

Forest High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest, LA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 46

1940, pg 46

Forest High School - Forester Yearbook (Forest, LA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 22

1940, pg 22

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