Forest Grove Union High School - Optimist Yearbook (Forest Grove, OR)

 - Class of 1946

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Forest Grove Union High School - Optimist Yearbook (Forest Grove, OR) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1946 volume:

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T.f-Wi' -fu" , FIWLW' P, Vii 319' Q! gf-,lf R. -.M V. .AT qi x . , . - Ai 41. ,,,. , V . ,. 4 -,A H Tak his J. 'J y Q. Vimrqivg .V nr, f,. kg 1 A. xiuq?gV! 4.19, ., '1h r, .5 '-We-I..'15:x."I.'f4 Q1 ' ' -' ,-g1QiV'1.I V 'GL,.kf,"'g , Egg. mi ,Qy3?7?:5'1-' - r V .. . J. . ' -f 3 ' 5 N .V' -V -T' ,V- V V-...Q .. -1... '-1 , .,-- .14 "TL 3 V1-1 SWS, f:N ' ,V IG , - ' .if ' V VJ- 4' "gr, ' H ,.jy"- 'Zr.-19429, V A .:-V S -g -- Vg. W3 xg., Q, ,wg M f -A 4-,V -V f-gsiggf it s-V Q fa , V. , V , V1V.g' f..,gfQfrgfiVi..V.-Vf.:H,3,A V g ,gg , V V -fl 1' V5 'ne' V "Z if - Ti f Vw? h, 1 If 'X 1 N' Q VV45' L V,v1i1.w, ,4 1.-V-f V 'si-:A .Al . V. VV' , 1 , Mr , -:A 2- - a VV,, f ,:,': ,g n.-.Vdf . 'W -1' V . Q , , WR is ,F ., .SF 7- V. ... 5 - -gf... .. 3 . . - . . . A 1.35: .- r V A. V . ,. V 'VV -.. v .5-1 .K .Q .A f '- i. .5 gg-AFL' 4 -5--5 1 'fV. ., N. - ' I '- - ' 4., g,.-i , T - , ,w --1.5 L 4 .-lA , 4-1. .VK .-f'-:mix Fffsay' ' 522 ' 5523-.,. 255 V? wf5"Mhf'.1- " 4 ' LH ,,--H 'nge '. " : 'QV W Ewa V - g 5 -- ?,gV11-'f-, . . , V.-7. 5 V1.4 -V .. ,T-' V V VF . im 'E .g'. -A i'K14glg'..5JQy.Vu.x,1-QRS. -. .- mis f1f'f1.'wV if'V 1: -' ne opflblfkf 191' 1946 9 Sf 5 Q E if 5 33533 Pusffshed by ms ASSOCIATED sruoswrs ef foreesr 623:12 giazom 1-asf-f eaffof-Nam sfmg Mmzeger--.G eorge Turley ,ye " X 1255: SSN" .:5.,,:,j Q - - - ses. .::-,, fs 1 V . ,V gy 'NO' DEDICATICDN The I946 Op+imis+ is hereby cledica+ed 'lo Mr. Hugh McGilvra, in appreciaiion of all his unliring eflorfs in behalf of our school. Mr. McGilvra has been chairman of +he Foresl Grove High School Board of Educalion for six years. For many years he has prinled +he school's annual, The Oplimisf, giving +he same fai+hful and accurare service year afler year. To you. Mr. McGilvra, we wish +o show our appreciaiion for 'lhese many years of service by decl- icafing fo you lhis year's annual. CONTENTS Administration Classes Events Groups Sports saw W1 is VW ' N ,WPS Sf' Q xi 3 3' 2 PIQINCIPAI 'S MFSSAGI3 This pasi' year has been +he firsi one of peace lime for our schools since World War ll. I+ has been a year during which hundreds of young men and women have come home from fhe four corners of +he earih. Many of fhese have re- enfered ihe classrooms of ihe land. Many have complefed fheir high school course under The pro- visions worked ou+ cooperaiively by ihe govern- menf, 'rhe armed services, and +he schools. We wish +o congrafuiafe +hese young people on +heir inferesl' and achievement The compleiion of high school will always be a valuable asse'r. To fhese rerurning veierans and lo ihe members of +he I946 graduafing class who have speni' all four years in regular ac+ivi+y and class room procedure, we ex+end besf wishes for +he fuiure. Paul A. Menegal' Ziff' QQ 'v----: E I iltbb 33513 :,:5 gi g , . - if 6gz3':?fi'z.1: V ri'i. In I 1:,..'. l Q ' 3 ,:,: 2. , Z, a n 0 1 X l J 4 a or r 1 FACU LTY Mrs. Frances Arant Mr. G. W. Brown Whitman Conservatory: U. of O. Conser- vatory of music: Music Instructor: Direct- ed the community benefit program for the infantile paralysis fund: Divides her time between the high school and grade school: "Sit up straight and relax your laws." Mrs. J. A. Bliss Willamette University: Graduate work U.S.C., W.S.C.: M.A., S.C.: lnstructor of junior English, Latin: Advisor to Junior class, Latin club, Optimist: Slyly slips a few criticisms in with her assignment: Spends her after-school hours caring for a small son: "Mica, mica, parva stella." Mr. J. A. Bliss University of Oregon: Social economics, world history, commercial law: Advisor to senior class and Hi-Y: Loves to toss out startling statements that make students think: Talks about abandoned apple or- chards, misleading advertisements, prefab- rication, yogism: Gives ten-question tests. Likes to read "Consumer's Guide" and "Gasoline Alley." "lf people would iust get out and vote ..... " . 9?4?5'V' 5 ..K A 'S fi . Q I Q M gggy ,..,: A , ...,,. . ,,. l 4 wx fl .1 90 I ' 'rg pi 1, .f if . . -sd . Philomath College: Graduate work U. of O. and O.S.C.: Instructor of general mathe- matics, biology, advanced algebra, trig- onometry: Advisor to senior class: Served as principal at Yamhill seven years, Ver- nonia four years, and Spray three years: Retired from teaching for three years and then returned to help out during the emergency: makes black marks in his grade book for bad behavior: "What is the lesson about for today, Miss Edith?" Coach Arthur Brachmann Pacific University: Graduate work U. of O. Portland Extension: lnstructor of Chem- istry, physics, aeronautics, radio: Coach of football, track: Advisor to Lettermen's Club, Electrons lnc. Barely escaped be- ing blown up by nitroglycerin while experi- menting as a boy: Played a season of pro- fessional football: Has coached at Sher- wood: "We have a good team, and if the student body backs them up, we should wln." Mr. L. H. Burns Montana State College: Graduate work M.S.C.: Smith-Hughes instructor in agri- culture: F.F.A. advisor: Came to F.G. from Polson, Montana: Revived the old- fashioned spelling bee this year. Mrs. May Dyke Bellingham Normal: School librarian: Acts as guardian angel to students making special reports: "Please try to be more quiet. Some people are trying to study." M42 fr V RQ? x g ' 3 xr Q, W ....... ww Q as ,, , ...... M, Q X -: ,., .,....,. 5 553, A Q " , , W I - Q QA, X V x x Q wgs 5 W4 W ws W ..... : M E ,bibi i . , ,,:,, , Nw A ,, Q XS R Q what ...NZV H, A 5 mi 0 1, FH ff ' 1' fl? 5 'J fy X M . ,.,... ,, ,.. V f W V' at fvwdiwwww MS FACU l.TY Miss Leone Graham Mrs. C. T. Hunkapillar Pacific University: Graduate work U. of O.: Instructor of senior and remedial English: Advisor to senior class: Dean of Girls: Patiently tries to teach seniors to appreciate Shakespeare: Never gets to do everything she wants to in one class period: Keeps students busy checking out "Adventures in Modern Literature:" "Ac- cording to most grammarians. . . . " Mr. R. J. Haas Oregon College of Education: Instructor of boy's physical education, trades and industry: Advisor to junior class, T-I Club: Coach of freshman basketball: Achieves a distinguished appearance with his gray hairs: Helps students solve the unemploy- ment problems: "It's three down and tour to go on the Forest Grove thirty-yard Iine." Mr. George Hugg , Linfield College: Graduate work O.S.C.: Industrial arts instructor: An ardent fisher- man: Took groups of students on camp- ing trips when he taught at Sandy. :stem 9-7 ,.,.......:- 4 Q , ,,....:.- X' ll ' Fifa' .E ...,.: .zz 2 11: Izi lzi . :-. rrrr' , ..--. NWWW' My ff' IAAA 5 K X! ,., :lz W jiffifflp ', ,,x s: .5" reign Ti " swf Ar , , j Ln. 1 " Oklahoma University: Graduate work Port- land Extension, Reed College: Instructor of history-civics, world history: advisor to Tri-Y, junior class: Gives all juniors a "Knowledge of Texas and Lincoln: Com- mutes from Beaverton: Possesses a bound- less amount of energy for organizing ex- tra-curricular activities: "Anyone who is absent tomorrow will get a ten as a dis- cussion grade." Mrs. Rex Leon ens Nebraska Wesleyan University: Graduate work Universitv of Nebraska: Instructor of general mathematics: general science: advisor to freshman class, Pregpers: Al- ways laughing: Resigned the second semester because of illness: "Come on now, come on." Coach AI Lemcke Pacific University: Graduate work U. of O.: Coach of football, basketball, base- ball: Teaches one world history class: Head coach at Forest Grove during the school years of l94l and l942: Joined the navy in l942 under the Gene Tunney recruit training program: was stationed along the Atlantic seaboarcl: "As soon as they have two stripes on their sleeves. they think they're big-time operators." Mrs. Paul Menegat Pacific University: Graduate work U. of C., U. of O.: instructor of freshman Eng- lish, Spanish: Advisor to freshman class: Spanish club: Has taught at Lexington and The Dalles: Collects dolls from all parts of the world as a hobby: Distressed her Spanish class bv hinting that she might not come back next year: "Sorry, that's all the candy they'II let us have." M jp'U'W FACU LTY Mrs. Ray Miller Mrs. Kenneth Underhill Willamette University, U. ot W.: lnstructor ot algebra, geometry: Advisor to sopho- more class, Honor Society: Resigned at the her the she out end ot the tirst semester: Missed tor sense ot humor: Shot seltzer water at neighbors trom the garage root when was a girl: "Always remember to take your common binominal square first." Miss Mary Parkinson Lintield College: Graduate work U. ot O.: lnstructor ot bookkeeping, shorthand, typ- ing: school auditor: Advisor to sophomore class: Teaches extension classes at Pacitic University: Frowns upon gum-chewing, erasing typing errors, and buying two bookkeeping workbooks: "All l'reaSurer'S books due for auditing tomorrow." Mrs. James Paul Pacitic University: Instructor ot physical education: Advisor to treshman class, GAA, Boosters: A tiend tor making stu- dents learn the names ot bones and muscles: The cause ot hundreds ot sore biceps: "One, two, touch the floor." Miss Virginia Petroff Pacitic University: Graduate work P. U.: M.A. in musical education: Popular as a singer: Youngest of F.6's teachers: Has a reputation tor meaning what she says: "Put more life into it!" Oregon State College: Graduate work O.S.C.: Instructor ot home economics, typing: Advisor to F.H.A., Poster club: Took an active part in organizing a na- tional organization ot home economics clubs: Chairman ot State Advisory Com- mittee ot F.H.A. Miss Neta Wirak University ot Oregon M.A.: Instructor ot sophomore English, Journalism: ,Advisor to sophomore class, Viking Log: Haunts antique shops tor old china: Loves to travel: Keeps in contact with triends and tormer pupils all over the globe: Enioys 'flowers and unusual jewelry: "The IGIS1' time I was in San Francisco ..... " NOT PICTU RED Mr. Lloyd Whitcomb Pacitic University: Instructor ot algebra, and geometry: Adviser to sophomore class: came to F. G. exepecting to substi- tute tor two weeks and stayed the rest ot the year: Once taught at Latayette: Own- ed and operated Lloyd's Fountain and Bus Depot betore going into the service: Hates to have students waste class time: "That sounds all right. What did the rest of you get?" Mr. Don Bryant Pacitic University: Instructor ot general science and general mathematics: Taught here in I94l-42 betore entering Navy. Mr. George C. Leak Conn National School ot Music: Band in- structor: Works out snappy halttime drills in collaboration with Mrs. Paul: Sings the tune while he directs: Plays a mean cornet: Holds down solo chair in the Shriner's band ot Portland: "lf you d0n'l' want to get down and work. you can get out." v I , Q 5 if ,M , Q5 Z ' gi:-zz E we Si Q Q igx 5 ,ff K Q ww A Y 25 ,. 'xg ,f L 5 Q QM 444, S E ,,:,?A .AA, A,A...,. , , 'M 'Nfv f T , 3 f an QQ E? if ' if Wi QM 0, , ww .XV W' Q 5 Y, 'Z' .,N Q? QP w A M 5 V, 'Q QQ BEM 3121, M ,Mb Q, A xsigz swim, w-rgxae , f Ewa! STUDENT COUNCIL -- FIRST SEMESTER Left, front row-Bob Warnick. Arloweene Williams, Russell McMcKichan, Jackie Lewton and Shirley McKichan. Back FOW-Cl'lEStSF Cunningham, Doris Hofmann, George Turley, Reva Strong, Marjorie Ceder- green, Mary I-Iill, Janice Davidson, and Margaret Kaufman. STUDENT COUNCIL - SECCND SEMESTER Left, front row-Dick Johnston, Jackie Lewton, Bob Scotton, Arloweene Williams and Reva Strong. Back row-Larry Bnssnart, Chester Cunningham. Doris Hofmann, Russell McKichan, Miss Parkinson, Ivlarjorie Cecfergreen, George Turley, Ruth Anderson, Shirley McKichan, and Lois Horton. Student Council Several Nalional Assemlxilies were spon- sored by lhe Sludenl' body. Bub Burns, brolher of lhe Ozark iolcesler, Bob Burns, 'furnished lhe s'luden'ls wilh plenly of laughs wiil- his iusl plain corn, Ocloloer I9. On De- cember I4, The Valleaus, greal' magician, ihrillecl l'he sluclenl body wiih his hypnolizing of several members ol 'rhe school. On March 7, lhe American Sky program furnished in- lelleclual malerial and enioymenl- wilh ils illuslraied leciure concerning l'he Skyways. One of lhe oulsiancling aclivilies of 'rhe sludenl council for lhe year, was lhe pro- vision made lor lhe band uniform fund. Pro- ceeds were iaken from lhe Tilamook game and added lo lhe Tund. The siudenl body of Foresl Grove Union High slarled our lhe year wilh Russ Mc- Kichan as presidenl. ln l'he semesler elec- lions, Bob Scollon replaced Rus McKichan and Byron Haevernick replaced Wall Sinclair for vice-presidenl. Olher office- s were: VlCe-Pl'eSiCieh'l' ,- ----,-,-m-- Sinclair S'3C"ei6l'Y -------.-....... Jackie Lew'l'on TFGGSUFSF -.--........ Arloweene Williams Oplimisl Manager .......... George Turley Aclivifies Manager ......... Doris Hofmann l-09 Edi+0r .-.-............ Gail Schneider ,A'l'hle'lic Manager ...... Chesfer Cunningham Banker ..... .- ............ Beverly Bucher Siage Manager Raymond Vanderzanden Yell Leaders .... Donna Johnson, Dale Dixon, Geraldine Sinclair Song Leaders ..... Helen Hulsman, Lois Kahn Sepl Sepl. V OFFICE STAFF From left-Jackie Lewton, Reva Strong, Margaret Evers, Secretary Betty Jo Hyman, Janice Mixer, Carolyn McCann, Grace Hallauer, and Arloweene Williams. C:EilGi'1ClGi' Firsf Semes+er . I0-School opens. I4-Firs+ assembly. Sepl. 2I-Girls' Welcome parly. Sepf. Oci. Ocl. Ocl. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. 28-Firsi' fooiball game. 5-Booslers' Shoe Shine. I9-"Bub" Burns' assembly. 26-Teachers lnsiifuie-no 9-Nalional Honor assembly. 22-Thanksgiving Day game--Hills- boro here. 30-End second six-weeks. 7-Firsl' baskefball game ai' Milwaukie. 2I fo Wednesday, Jan. 2-Chrisfmas Holidays. II-P.-T.A. dance, Legion hall. I8-End Firsf Semesier. school. Second Semes'I'er 24-Bruno look Oplimisi' piclures. 3I-F. F. A. Spelling Bee. Feb. I-P.-T.A. dance aH'er Newberg bas- kelball game. ' Feb. I5-Tri-Y Conference. Feb. 22-Older Girls' Conference. March l-End six-weeks. March 8-P.-T.,A. dance. March I5-Senior Class Play. March 22-Junior-Senior Banquei. March 28: 29-Spring vacalion. OSTA for feachers. April 5-Annual Drama Nile. I3-Music Conlesl' here. April I2, April I8-Annual Easier Assembly. April I9--Harvey Assembly. April 26-Tri-Y Banquel. 3-Eugene Music Confesf. May May I0-Naiional Honor Assembly lnduc'I'ion May IO-Dis+rici Track Meei. I7-Sfale Track Meel. May May I9.-Baccalaureaie. May 20-Opiimisi Dislribulion. May 24-Commencemeni' Exercises. End of School. Wis David Knapp SENIOR OFFECERS First Semester New Sntteriee and Don Parson Waiter Sumiwr MM 'iw -if Q wi by , .Egg 5 2 E i A 22 Q zz, 5 ,M W' ,, 'f 25 giwiw W ,x M E Senior Class ll-listory Freshmen ln Sepfember of I942, wifh fhe sfrains of "Old Black Magic" on our lips, we en- fered Foresf Grove Union High School mosf caufiously and quiefly. This didn'f lasf long: affer a few days of orienfafion we gof info fhe full swing of high school life and began whaf was fo be four years full and running over wifh ideas, ideals, and idiosyncracies. In fhe Nafional Poefry Confesf, Chesfer Cunningham won a prize for his poem, "Modern Rescue," while Jean Duyck, Dar- lene Canfrall, Mary Lee McGraw, Rufh Eileen Anderson, Bill Afkins, Russell McKichan, and Leonard Woofen won awards for fheir limer- icks. Our class officers for fhe firsf semesfer were presidenf, Richard Turley: vice-presi- denf, Alice Dober: secrefary, Jean Duyckg and for second semesfer, presidenf, Roland Hendricks, vice-presidenf, ,Alice Dober: sec- refary, Mary Lee McGraw. Miss Maud Gra- ham was our class advisor. Sophomores Wifh Miss Parkinson as class advisor we confinued our life of vim and vigor in our sophomore year. Bob Scoffen and Dave Knapp were fhe firsf in our class fo make school leffers in foofball, and Bud Greason walked off wifh fhe only sophomore baskefball leffer. The enfire baskefball B squad was made up of sophomore boys. This feam consisfed of Eugene Sfanley, Roberf Miller, Russell Mc- Kichan, Russell Casfleberry, Bob Nunn, Bob Ramsey, and Roberf Young. Our class officers for fhe firsf semesfer were, presidenf, Roland Hendricks: vice- presidenf, Jean Duyck: secrefary, Marian Miller: freasurer, Mary Lee McGraw, sfudenf council, Richard Turley. During fhe second semesfer we kepr fhe same officers wifh fhe excepfion of freasurer, Neva Safferlee. Juniors Upperclassmen af lasfl The fall of I944 opened fo us fhe lasf and mosf colorful phase of our high school days. The maiorify lyk 193 xii X of posifions on all afhlefic feams were filled by iunior boys. Af fhe annual foofball ban- quef Dave Knapp was elecfed foofball cap- fain for fhe season of '45. Bud Greason held fhe posifion of baskefball capfain for bofh '45 and '4-6. Arloweene Williams and Don Parsons were our candidafes for Lollipop King and Queen. Don was lafer elecfed King and crowned af fhe Lollipop dance. Under fhe direcfion of Miss Hunfer, Marilyn Cochran, Richard Turley, Gale Schneider, Beffy Millard, Marie Leavens, Beffy Camp, Mary Lee McGraw, and Earl Meyer presenfed our Junior class play, "This Genius Business," a comedy drama. Using a Hawaiian fheme we honored fhe class of '45 wifh our Junior-Senior Ban- quef complefe wifh moon and palm frees affer having prepared fhe guesfs before- hand for "The Lasf Round-Up" as fhe fheme. Mrs. Bliss and Miss Hunfer were our class advisors. Class officers were, firsf semesfer, presidenf, Russell McKichang vice- presiclenf, Don Parson, secrefary, Neva Saf- ferlee: freasurer, Reva Sfrong, yell leaders, Jackie Lewfon and LaVerne Consfanfine. Of- ficers for second semesfer were, presidenf Bob Scoffong vice-presidenf, Walf Sinclair, secrefary, Jackie Lewfong freasurer, Mary Lee McGraw: yell leaders, Lorraine Cooper and Neva Safferlee. Seniors To really inifiafe our senior year, we gave, midsf onions, rice, wafer, ficker fape, and yogiism, our senior assembly. We fhrew our firsf class parfy af fhe Legion Hall affer Chrisfmas. From fhis we gof our repufafion for fhrowing successful, imprompfu parfies. Direcfed by Miss' Pefroff, our senior play, "Murdered Alive," a mysfery comedy, was successfully presenfed by Mary Lee Mc- Graw, Neva Safferlee, Maxine O'Rielly, Charloffe Albers, Dean Frye, Richard Turley, Marie Leavens, Bill Wilson, Lorraine Cooper, Gene Hausske, Beffy Camp, and Owen Ras- mussen. The lasf of March broughf our chance fo sif back and relax from fhe rush of four years and fhe sfrain of "Chickery Chick" when fhe iuniors enferfained us af fhe I946 Junior- Senior Banquef. May broughf wifh if our Baccalaureafe services af fhe Chrisfian Church and our long-awaifed and regreffed graduafion ex- ercises. We now leave, fhe firsf graduafing class since fhe end of World War-ll, and fhe song in our hearfs which has dominafed fhrough four years in fhe midsf of consfanf changes, "OH, F.G. HI, OH, F. G. HI, OH MAY HER GLORIES NEVER DlE." Ag ? Charlotte Albers "Charlie" Gills illllll l-41 lioosti-1's fl-43 Tri-Y 13 Sgniiyy-- Huis 4: Give fqlllli lg XYZ l: Mixvml l'llUl'llS 45 'Frzulvs ami Inilustry il: Glass Yell-lvzulm-1' l: Class Assembly li lizislvr Asseniblv 21 l'lll'lFl- mais Asse-nibly I. ' Ambiliimz 'IM sw- Mis. lilies bull:-I. Rutlh Eilleen Anderson "Ruthie" Girls' l'lr1b l-'Z-Il-45 Poster l'l11b Il: lluiiw lico- 11m1111's 1 liib 2-Ji: Flltliim- l'llPlllt1lll2lkl"Y'S -I, Pres- iaxleiitg lXl?1llHll2ll'llUIl0l' Suril-Ly Il--l. 'I'1'oz1s111'1-1': 'lil-W .5--13 flbtimisi Smit' l: Stiulvnt l'1111111'il l, lfHDl't'N6'Ill2lllVl'. .-XllllIlllHllI A pirziii-. Bettv Marie Bateman Hnedn 'Fri-Y Z1-li 'll1n111- lGvl'l11l1J!-43 GirIs1"l1lb I-lg XXZ 1: G. ll. 1: Vikiilg' llcvglle-yr1l1'ie1'3l. Ambiiiim: lim-iniiv :1 rliii-I' iiizitrrm :ll Al- 1'2lll'llZ. Nlrrvaret Colleen Beal "Margie" GAA lg 'l'ri-Y lg Give- all Seriiuiw-ties 43 Girls' Club 1-4, Vl4'l'-l'l'USl1lUlll l: Gptimisl Stuff -lg l'roppe1s 2: XYZ 1. Ambiliim: 'Fu lrrwlllllv ill! lil-irvss to zu milliim llnllzlrs. Elizabeth Benedict "Betty" Girls' lllllll l-lg Tri-Y lg 411-1'l11-stizi 2-lg Give- lllllll il. Aniliitimiz 'IM play :1 violin :il 4':11'i1egie llaill. Marion Bishop "Bish" 'l'r2ules :incl lmlustries Il-4: liuml l-l, Ambition: To be T2ll'Z1lll i11 ilu- Uorigwi. Zona Lee Bonnell "Zonie" Girls' Glub l-lg Girl llesl-1'Y1-S l-lg G. A, A, l-lg Svieiive l'l11b lg Nzitiniml llimnr Snvivty Z3-l. Ser. 3, l. Ambitiimz 'l'n juin tlio Navy, :mil sw- the Wurlil llllnllggll ll 111rl'll1ulx-. Fred Brewer "Sonny" Lat hornei 'l'1':u-k 33 liilllll 4, 'l N l -l, Ambition: 'l'u vlezm wimlsliiulelg :it my own ss-1'vi4'ei SUllll!ll'7lli5U, . w 1 Charles Buchanan "Barney" Hi-Y 3--l, Ser. all S1-iciire lllllll ll 'l'ras-lcv 53 Viq-wry f'0I'Il lg Fnntbzill lg Hptimist Stair -ll liziseballl 4, Anibitiunz l'i11 lizlll flI1t'l'2llHl'. Beverly Bucher "Bee" QQ- R, 13 IH-My-11111-5 3, 1-rpm-tei' 23 Sl2U.Z'l'K'I'Zll'l 2:44, repurlel' :il Gln-v Z-lg Spriiig' l'lDllL't'l'l 2-ll Cliristixizis Assiinibly 34-41 l'l2lSlPl' Asss-mbly 2- ll Seniiwettes l: ling' Stuff' l-21 Sfiilllllfll Club 2-l, l'1'fJHl'iBl' Vice-Presiilerit Cl-1: Girls Ulub l-li Tri-Y Ci-lg lllmnr Souix-ly l: Seiiiur Assenibly -lg Stiulent Holly lilllllilfl' al. Ambition: 'l'u publish llir Vflllllllll, Hl'illllk'l'lll lfltiriiie-the" by lfflllllj' l'HSl-lx'lUl'U'lll, in tbl- iiizlgzizilii-, liezltll. Betty Camp "SultrY" Girls' Vlllll 2-l: Tri-Y 43 Mixi-rl l'l1o1'11s -li ll1'zu11zu1ite 221 .limirir Play 33 'l1l'EUlSfl'I'l'l'tl from Suuili Imkotzi sem-111111 senmwsim- of lfresliixizui year. Ambitismz 'l'n rim 1-uliipeiitimi with Marie 1.4-zlvvlis. ,- Marjorie Helen Cedergreen "Margee Girls' Ulub l-l, publirity 4: Girl livseiwvs l--1: GAA l-4, Vive-l'r1-siclent l: Nzitinnzil 'l-lonm' Sovin-ty 35-lg Img' Mziimgei' l. fxlllllltlfllll lluusewiijv after' Il air! i'Ulll'SO i11 1'ullvp.:'i'. 1 , 1 L l ' Lorraine 1 ooper 'll A LA- ' "Coop" Senioret,lvs 4' ff-i410ste1's 3-'Sl' 'T' I.-'?lSllI'0l' -l: ri-eppeps 1,98 'rri 'N ri-ik km-is' 1111111 1-45 lbrzulirinlte 33 Lui Vlula l-Il: Class Yell l,f351'dvr'..'f-' mg Stall .5-4: Senior Assenibly 4: l'l11'is1111gi, Asseiiibly -lg'Gl1-e Club ef. A111bYti1'S11: 'l'u wil wllviw willmiit 111aki11i.:' El noise. X Peqgy Crippen "Peggy" 'l'rz111sI'er1'o1l frmii lxlllllllllllllll Supl1u111u1'e yvzir, GAA 2-111 Girls He-sn-1'vv 2: Tri-Y Sl-4, Ambitimiz 'I'11 bv Miss Alum liumb ut' lfblii. Chester Cunningham "Chet" XYZ 1: lhlp- Raimi I-4: Aililf-lim-s lllzirizigex' -li Sk'lPIl4l'P Klub 41 Hi-Y el, Ambltiulii 'l'n plum' :ill 111' llbllyw111ul's 'lflilllliiv gals." Wayne Cunningham "No Nickname" NW- xvlllllllll' Foutlrzlll lg llaunl l-I: Hi'--lu-siren l. Anlluiiimmz 'I'-1 gin- :1 Stull- -'up an lrzil'l'ii- til-lu-t. Dorothy Devriendt "Dorothy" 'I'r:mSi'n-r l'rmii Yerl--wrt ll: Girl's Vlull Il-l: Girl Rvse-l'X'n-s li lyillllllllll llsmm' Silvia-Ky l. .-Xmlvitiim: .Xliytliilig lliznt will miss ilu- time away. Alice Marie Dober "Doble" Girls' lilllll l-lg l'1'e-pp--1-51 l: 'l'ri-Y ZS-43 G. A. A. l--ll 'I' M l l, Vive--l'i'm-Si4ln'1il1 Ilmmsil-rs Il-li Class X'il'1'-I'l't'Sl4lt'lll l: Spzmisli lvlllll l. Amlritinn: 'IM HXYII :i vmivi-rlilwlf-. Jean Duyck "Jeanie" XYZ lg Vivil-rv l'ur1m, Se-i-rf-tu ' 11 l'1'i-MINS. Sevretury 21 Tri-Y -l, Si-rvi 'liziirnmu l, Intl-rvluli Il: I.z1ti 'lull ' 'rm-Sille-nl 32 Sm-lem-v Clull, Iii-pl e-- . lim Q-nt Cuilm-il fl: Ln Stuff, Assn-iz - Cilit ' ll Gplimist Stuff 43 1 mio ' vii-ty Sl- l. Vim-4--l'im-simli-nl ll l'l ' - '14-siclf-nl 2. An r' lun: 'l'u tuiir ilu- l'.S.irlzxtr:lili-rl1misl- xv' Y Ne-Yu, Ill-1-, :xml li:-val lil-lli-. Donaldo Ellis "Donnie" Girls' Vllllr lg 'I'ri-Y l. Margaret Evers "Margie" f:iI'lS'lvlllll Ilrlg 'l'l'llllSl't'l'l'i'll lrmn Vi-ilwlmrt Il., .Xmllitimii 'Fu lu- the first XYUlll2lll l'r--sul--ill nl ilu- l'nit4-il Stull-S, Clarice Jean Ewinq i'Hugie" 'l'I'2lllSl'l'l'lt"l l'rfm1 ln-rzxlllr Vihlllllllllllfl' High Svllmul, Ulu-rlin, lizlnsals, lllirll yi-:irg llilllll l-Z--113 Girl lie-si-in-s l-21 Girls' Vliilw Il-IZ 'Friy-Y fl. Aiiillitinii: Si-l'i-1-Izlrizil 4ll'Ivl1'l' wm'li1-it John Forsberq A h "Shorty" F. F. A, l-il: FlIlPJ4'l'l'2lll I!-lg Ptllllllllll li Give- fly 'l'l':liiHi'1'1'14-vl lirum Hunks in Sllpllniiiulw- YPZIF. ,Xmlxitilmz 'l'rl lu- :l M-xv Mmrlq plziylmy. Barbaralee Franck "Barb" 'l'1'i-Y Il-lg GAA l-l, l'ri-rsilln-nl li Ihmslc-i's fl--lg l're-pp--rg l-3: Girls' Clull l-l. Alllllilimli 'Pu ln- Il l', lu. tl-zlvllm-1'. Dean Frye "Dear" Lf-tte1'1m1n's l'l11l- Il-lg 'l'r:ul-s N lnmlustrim-S if-Sl: Glvz- 1'l11ln Il-l: Sizxgle-i'1'zii't 2-Il: Via-tory Fury- l-23 'l'rzu'k 2-lg lm--llmll l: 'l'r:insi'i-rr--il frnm llillslmm lli l-'rl-slimzm yi-zu: Amllitirmi ll2llt'lll'l'XlllZlll. Helen Anna Gerdes 'l'-l 4:Glm-1-l'l1lll l-l: Girls' Vlnll I-l. Allllllllllllf 'lil nmlim- alll llills-5' worm-ii lwzilx- tiI'l1l :ls 21 lwllllly' nil:-rnlmy Miriam Loyal Graham "Loyal" Tl'2illSl-Pl'l'l'4l from Cillllll Ill-lm--S l'lllll'l'Iltl'llllllll Hump in Sunil-r Y4"ll'I Girls' l'l1il- lg Tri-Y I. .Xmlwitilnii 'I'nw ln- an .l11m- llriili- ul' ltllll. James Douglas Greason "Bud" Im-ite-l'1xiz1l1'svlul- 2-lg lfurltl-ull 211 llase-lmll 2-Cl: lizlskf-ll-allll-l,k":11-."li"sq11:ulIl, srluzul 4. .xlllllllllllli Gu to --mill-gm---All-1-1 ilu- vu-4-rls. Eugene Gregg "Gregg" Lett:-rn1z1n's Club L-lg 'l'i-zu-lc 2-l. Sem-ml in stale liigli Jimip Sl. .-Xmlvitimii liaulin 'IU-1-liiiivimi, Grace Hallauer "Gracie" Home I-11-. l'l11ll l-213 l!iSt.'rlzin 2: lfiltlirn- llnim-limlu-i's l: Se-x'r'i-trim' - 'l'rl-:islam-r 4: 'l'l'i-Y -11 XYZ lj Girls' flllll lil-p. lg .lr. lied Cross ZZ: Girls' flllll l-lg 1ll'l'iw- Stull' Il-JA Ambition: 'l'us1-v llizil lk-ii .Xnili-rs:-ii lim-:4ii't slay in tlu- Navy :ill liig litl-, f Al 1 f If ' JI ,UI Z!! wma, Mfr QW V , .wh 1-' Raymond Porter Hartson "Ray" Yivliwy Corps I1 liauicl l-lg Him- Clulv 2-fl: SIil,L2t'l'l'ill'l lg XYZ l, Ambition: 'l'u lwi-uuw un 2ll'l'lllll-'4't. Gene Hausske "Barnlatch" 'I' K I lig Ili-Y Il-Al. .xlililltillllf Tu lrnvi-l iu Zl Mmlel A ilu- rest 'uf my lifv. Leon Heesacker "Haysacker" Trzmsfurroil frmn Vvrlmui'l lligli Sr-lmul 223 Stngw-1':1ft 2-lg Sc-ivriw Ululn -l. .xllllbilllllli Sllvm-ssfill slluplifle-r. Agnas Heesacker "Agna5" Ti':li1sl'm'1'wl from Yvrlmurt in Senior ye-:Lrg Girlsf Alvluli 4. Alllilltllllll 'l'u he- al Sll'llllg'-IflI'lll Sl'il00lll12lf'Ill. Roland Hendricks "Rally" lf'.F.A. l-2-I4-lg IA-'liUl'l!Hlll'S l'lul1 2-Il--ig Vluss l'rl-siilf-nl lg Vlusg l'resi1le-nt 41 'l'r:1c'k I-'l. Amlliliun: 'Fu lu- zu sllvm-sst'1ll l':irmor. Norma Herr Just Norma llirls' l'lull l-I. .Xmlnitiunz To leave Sc'ugg.:'ins Yzillvy. Mary Ellen Hill "Just Mary" ll..-LA, l-Lg l'rvppers l-2: 'l'ri-Y 3--1: Historizin lg Nzitiuuul llrmm' Suviety -lg Lzitin Club 3-42 i'l'eSlfil-'lll lg Stll1lHlll Cmimlil 4: XYZ l: Girls lflulr l-lg Yivtury Uurps lg Axlllilllllllli l'rivz1li- Sw-rm-l:u'y tu l're-sillvilt ul' l',S. Donald Hofmann "Don" iAlflHY'lll2lll'S Club l-4, S0l'l't'UlfY'Y -1: Hi-Y 3-42 liilhlklltllilil Nl2lIlil?.Z'r'l' l-lg Foutlmll M2lll2lg6'l' li lmsvlmll Mzlnzlge-r l-23 liaselmll 251 lfoutlmll 2-251 XYZ l: Atlilf-tic lvlanagvr 3. ,Xuilmitiunz 'l'u lm ulili- In liuy ii, gmnl mir. Jay Hoover "Jay" rl'l'ill'k l: l".I".A. l-4. Amllitiun: 'Fu lien-urine Zlll liliglisli Tvzu-lu-r. June qHungerJ Harmon "Junie" Tri-Y lp Girl lil-:Qervcs l-41 G. A. A. l-lg As- sistant l4illT'Ell'l2lIl Il--41 Log fl'2Ltlll't' writvr fl. Auibitiimz To uiulw Mr. 'llarmou si lumpy mein. Bob Kane "Kane" I.vlte-rumlrs lllulm 2-fl: View l'11-slslexil -lg T841 Ululm l: Sgt. :ll Armsg linselmll I-l: Fmnlmll l-lg lizlslwllmll 35 yours. .,Xu1lritim1: 'l'u llzivv an Ivrivzntf- ilill't'lll. David Knapp "Bliss" 'l'rzu-k ffl IA"lItJl'lll2lll'S Vlulx 2-43 l'rvsiilPnt 31 Ulaiss Se-r:.:'v:ii1t ai Arms Zi: l-'mvtlmll 1.-4: Valv- tzlin li Ulaxs IV'l't'Slti1-'Ill 4. .xllllllillbllf 'Pu lm al rauliu Im-luiil-iam. Shirley Marie Leavens "Slim" Iiutin Ululi I-,lg Girls Vlulr I-43 liirl lieservels l-lg G.A.A, II: Se-niurettvs lg Girls Glow 3: llrzumn Nita Sl: .luninr Play 3:3 Mixed Ulmrus 4. Auilritiuui lie-:iuty Opm'ntur', Charlita Ledford "Charlie" Girls Cluli l-lg 'l'ri-Y Il-l: St:1M1'c'r:1l't 3-'li rg-pm'tvr lg llmm- ldv. Clulm 15-il: Futurv llulue- lllilktllbl l: Hilllll S!-lg XYZ I, Auilriliuni To lllilkfl llzllvs Crm-lc Smfivlygl pairt ol' Form-Sl flrnvn-. Charmaine Ledford "Chari" file-+1 Ululu l-2-lg XYZ l: llirl llelsi-i'v+1 li 'I'ri- Y I!-lg Ilirlg Vlulm l-l: lizitiu Ululn Zlal. Auilviliuu: Nursv. Jacqueline A. Lewton "Jackie" U.A.A, l-l: Tri-Y ll-lg Girl Reserves 2, Sw: ll: limlsters 4: Student bully Sea: 4: l.u,2,' Stufl J--ll ffirlsl Club l-4: lulltllltt llmneinztkers . , , .-Xlll6l'lL'll .i-4: l1r:xm,imte 3: XYZ lg Qluss As- , , Nvlllllllf ll Clilss Fw: 211 Clziss yell lezirlvr S.. Ambition: Ifiist XYu.nun lres. ul' tbv CS, Nova Longtain Hshgrtyu 'Fri-Y 3-fig Glee Club Sl-lg Future Hninemuke . 43 Triarllsfex' from NYlieeler in .lunibr Yeiir. Ambition: Beauty OI!!-'l2Iilll'fiA'2ll'll tu s '. Carolyn McCann Pre meis l-12' Gills Club l-4: G.A,A. l-lL Vin' Pl . - tory' Ctnps 1: XYZ l: Tri-Y 3-4: fiptimist Suhr' 4. Ambition: 'Pu be flixivf-l Th-rtiv ul' tbl- bobby- sbxers. MaryALee McGraw "Mac Girls Club l-4'?Cl:Ls: " 1 ,' L -' " ' - ---lun 1' 1 -e ' -"' "- " '- ' l'i't-sileri ,gn . ppe l-, T11 X, :I 4. ,. t 43 Vikin-' bog, ' 'f 1-lg Class 'FIT-'2lSllI'Pl' 2: Assemblf Pei ' Table Sl: Seniurettes 4: Spring' Concert 3: Nzmtimml Poetry Contest l: llrzunan-ite B, GleT's,Club il-43 .luninr play 21: National Hr1ii0IkS10r'll5"tjv' 43 Booster Z!-lg lflastt-r Assembly 3-l:,. ,LflStllhl2IS Assembly 4: Cliss 'l'i'e-zisurer Sl: S-v-i'e'nL'e Club lg Sen'i'etm'y I. Ambition: 'Pu blow' TlIl,'f'l'Nf' si-luyul in ai elif-m t'XIf'i'l'llllPlll.. .I " K, N Russ McKichan xy "Mac" Stlulent liorlv Vrvsitlent tl: Vim- Prvsillent ill Ili-Y 3--lg Vive Presirlc-nt 4: Lt'itt'l'lll2lIl'S Club 2-li Sgt. at Arms Il, Football 3-43 liztsketimll l-lg Baseball 2-lg Optimist Stzifl' lg Class President 3. Ambition: 'Fu fly fm' Navy over ltlillwuy ttlmt's Ort-gmil. Helen Marie McLellan "Tiny" Transferred to F.G. Junior Year: Tri-Y 3-l: Poster Club Il: Girl's Club l-3-lg Premiers l: Ambition: To lwvuim- nn interior IlCl'1ll'J1illl'. Robert Nliller "Bob" Student Cnunvil lg lA1ttt'l'lll2lll'S Club il-4: St-ienve Club J: tiles- Club 2-Il: 'Frm-k 2-Z!-li liasketbslll l-Z-II-41 XYZ l. Ambition: 'l'o burn :ill my lfliiglisli books. Eleanor Jean Munclorff "Jeanie" Girl Reserves l-lg G,A,A. l-l: filet- Club 1-ll Girls Club l--lg Home lflt-. Club 33. Ambition: Tb get lust in tlie Crnigb with Txfwzan. Robert Nunn "Nunn" l5uy's fllee -l: Huslu-tbzill l-21 l"uutb:1ll 32. Ambition: l'nkumvu Maxine O'RielIy "Irish" Girl Reserves lg l"it-ppm' l, sung ln-:ulerg Img Typist 3: Stugt-1'rz1"t 3, Sevrt-tzuy: Give Club 3-41 Seninrettes 41 Tri-Y il--l, Tre-zlsurerl Stu- rlent Cuunvil l, Ileprw-seiitzitiy'e: Girls Club 1--lg Trades and lnrlustries Club 4, Presiilenti Roosters 3-43 XYZ li Yell Lezuler 21 Senior Assembly 4, liirem-tmx Ambition: 'Fu snag The Main tiimlm-tviniinesll H .iD ken Don Parson "Pars or u lli-Y Club J!-4, l'l'"lt 4:1 Class Vive- Presi- dent 4: LP1t9l'lll21.ll'S Club 4: Fnntlmll I-il--li Tram-k 2-3--lg Class Vive lfresident Sli Svieiive Club 4: King of Lullypnp Huml llrive Ii! Assembly Slltlflkl-'I' for F'.ll.R,'s mlvutb Sl: lrramunite 31 Optimist Stuff -I: Glue Club 1-4 Ambition: Tb be the state wap tbut Cunning'- bam 1-zuiglit sm-erlirig, Owen Rasmussen Just Owen XYZ 1: Svienre Club lg Senior Club 4: Senior l'luy 4: Glec- Club 4. Ambition: 'l'n bv at 4-emieiliztii zu-vmwlizui plziye-rl Robert Rice "Bob" Stagwec-i'zlft l-L3 lfmrmitlrzill Il: liettl-i'nn1ii'5 Club -lg Band 2-3: lftlllllllllf-'Ili lllIlll2l,LI't'l' fur llmtlxzill Al. Ambition: lfinisb 1-sluwitiuu in 4-blli-gi-. Robert Salisbury "Sudsy" 'I'l'?LllSf6lI'Pfl tn Fil, Suplnnnure Yeurg I-'.F.A. 2-3-41 Senior Assembly lg Yilcim: Lug' Stuff 4: Rey,-intel: F.F,A. 41 Basvlmll 4. Ambition: To be un 2l!'l'll'lllUll'Q' niwlmniiim-. Neva Satterlee "Sat" Girl lieseives lg Vreppers 2, President: Class 'I'reusurer 2: Class Ye-ll lmzuler 4: Class Sem'- l't-'i,21!'Y and Yell Lender Sl: H0osle1's 3: 'l'l'4'2lS- urer, President 4: Tri-Y 3, Sung' Lezulvr, Vive Vresiderit 41 Lu?-Z' Stuff l4'H2liQllI't' lfltlitbr Il-ll XYZ lg Optimist Stuff Assnviutv lirlitbr Il-4: National 'llcmm' Sbvivty -l: Suniurettes l: Spring' Comw-rt 35-41 Senior Assembly ll 4lirl's Club l-4: Glev Club Ii-4, 'l'Y'CilSlll'k'l'1 Svienve Club -l. Ambition: 'l'rux'el urnunml tlu- wnrlil un u pugu Sllvk. 2 ww if x fs e -.-.., F - rife-i,.f'f I . Ns' R x W ,,.,. U .,,. ., " , Ilene Savage 1-He,-,eu Qills Club l-lg 'l'1i-Y I:-lg tl.A,.X. 121 tlirl's llub llt'pr'i-sc-nteltixw 513 Tri-Y lit-prpsentntix-P li this-lwsli':-L l. Alllllltlvlllll 'l'o allways bt- young :uul somf- tlaiv lltlilllllflll. ' Howard Saxton "Greasy" 'l'l'2lll4Fft'l'l'k'tl from lflziulcs High Svhool il. Ambition: Auto lwlt-1-lizuiiv. Alice Schatzman "Shotzie" GZAJX, 2-l, rviwm'tt-r 1: tlirl In-st-ive-s I-l, Fm. t'li:-urnmn fl, lu-nortt-V tg rail-VS mul, 1,1- lic-portf-1' V2-lg lmtiu Club l-11 Vic-tory Corps lg Log' Stzilf 2-l, Mm: il, Assistant Mgr. 2, liPPUl'l'k'l' l. Ambition: To tv:u'h moth in lliuh St-hool. Gale Schneider "Skinny" ll0r1o1'.Sor'if'ty IS-41 Log' litlitor 43 Ilriunanite 35 Junior Play Il. Ambition: To finiSh high sc-hool. Robert George Scotton "Bob" Football 1-41 'l'rzu'k 2-Zig liznsolunll 1: Hi-Y 4: lA'lU'l'll1?lll'S Club 2-43 F.F.A. I-2: SL'ionr'v Club -41 Optimist Stuff 4: Class l'i'vsiilont 3: llraiustnitt- Il: XYZ li Senior JXSSl'llllllY 41 Stuclvnt Boclv l'i'e-sith-nt 4. Ambition: "Slll't'0FS," in zmytliing, Eleanor Shearer "Eleanor Belle" Gii'l's Club l-2-Cl-4: G,.X,A. "-Il--li Parul I-3-41 Nlaiorette l-il-4: llouie llli-. 3-4: Girl Rt-serves 1: Pri-1,-pets lg 'Fri-Y: 3-41 Optimist Stuff -I: XYZ 1. Ambition: Slot-ii :mil IGM. Walter Sinclair "Walt" I-'ootbnll 31-11 liziskvtbnll Zi-l: liust-h:1Il il: Lot- l65l'lllHll'S Club, Sgt. at Arms Il, lf'i'esimlent ll Stutlc-nt Rody Vive llrt-sirlent li Flasg Vivo Prrisitlteiit Cl-li 'Honor Soviety 41 St'ivru't- Club t3 'Hi-Y 3-4. lwosirleiit 4. Ambitioni To sell ponnuts :it fune-rails. "Smitty" Football l-4: llztsebztll l-Z-Cl-41 1.1-ttf-rimm's Club 2--11 C1111 Club fl-4. Ambition: To he mitllllt- num on n tote-m pole-. Donald R. Smith -loicw' Richard Snider lligh lSl'll00l, 'l'rzl.nsft-rrtvtl ft'i om lfrzmklin Portlzlntl 3. 'l'r'zu-k fl. Ambition: 'I'o bv ai bzu-lwlor, Eorvene Stanley "Tir1ard Wolf" lirtsebull l-lg lluslcl-tbzill l-ll 'l'i'zu-k 2: Foot- bzill l-2-11 lA-'ttl'I'llliiIl'S Club Z-4. Ambition: Gm-t out of High Swhool. Bette Jean Strandhero "Bette" Girl's Club 1-43 Tri-Y Sli Girl! tile-o Club Il-sl, Ambition: To be-t'onio Van .Iohnson's llHll"ll- vurist. "Reva Belle" Reva Strong - 4 I Poster Club CE, l'i'vsi1ls'nt: Stuyt-v-iwitt tlub J, Vic-Q lim-Siilotitg liooste-rs Z2-ll Honor Society 'Z-4' 'l'i'i-Y 4' Girls Club l-4, lf'i'esiflt-nt 4: tlfvtiniist Stafvf Il. Fvlitov' 4: Cllss 'l're-:Lsurvr 3: Pi-zu-P Hound Tzthle llisvussion in Assembly ' A ' - -' ' 1 - ' X - ' -an Legion e Xl Football Piintc-Ss 4. imsru ' lSfiwwli 1-ontvst, 21 Rt-il Cross Chairman 33 Armistivu Day Asst-lllbll' 2. Ambition: To be at History tem-lu-1' and learn :ill about 'l'oxzts. Willa Nlarie Thomas "Willie" 'l' K1 l 3. Ti'v:lsi1r'r-it Girls Club 2-lp T'l'?LllSfi-tl' from XYilliflm C'ht'ismztn High School, lnde- bt-iulenvo, Mo. Z. Ambition: To gwtlltlzitt-4 so l vain run :irouutl :it night. Elaine Troutt "Fish Girls Club l-l: 'Fri-Y lvlvuiber -l: Gloo Club 45 I4lllI'1ll'l2ll"l liewlpvr' 4. Ambition: An Ops-rat simxur. Richard Turley "Dickie" lull-N 2-l, Vim- bros. Il. tra-ns, Cl: llouot' Sm-if-ty V-:li l'rf's. -ll lizinll l-ll Stutlf-nt Count-il l-llg XYZ l. Ambition: To go to XVvst Point. , I 1 , , . 9 , 1115! 9--. ff ' ' 75 ,Lf Sk, Wayne Vancil "Van" Science Club 43 Pres. of Science Club 43 'Frans- ferred from .Jefferson lli at beginning of Senior year. Ambition: To be a chemist. Raymond Vanderzanden "Dock" Stage Craft 1-43 Stage Craft Manager 2-4: Science Club 4: Debate Club 1: Manager of Home Room Teams 4: Manager of 'l'batm-ber Basketball Tcam 4: XYZ l. Ambition: To lPt'l'Ulll0 an clot-tribal L5IlH'ill0Q'l'. Alvin Van Dyke "AI" FFA 1-4: Treasuer I5-l. Ambition: To be a be-ttcr l'armi-r lban llen- dricks. Jacqueline Vining L "Jackie" XYZ 1: Glee Club 1-43 Song Leader 43 Tri-Y 3-43 G.A.A. 1-41 Seniorettes 43 Spring: Concert 1-43 Solo 3. Ambition: Tap clancc team with Mr. Bliss. Allen Vuylsteke "Wolfstick" Band 1-43 Orchestra L3 Football Il-4: Basket- ball 33 Track Z-43 Lettcrmarfg Club 4: S1-iem-e Club 43 Vir-tory Corps 13 Optimist Staff 4. Ambition: Be an admiral in Afrir-an Navy. Geraldine Waldron Mohorich "Geri" Glee Club l-4: Gi1'l's Club 1-4: l-'reppers l-23 Tri-Y 3-43 G.A.A. 3-43 Girl's Club Repre- sentative 4. Ambition: Housewife. Winifred L0uise Walsh "Winnie" Transferred from St. Mary's in Junior Year: Tri-Y 3-43 GiI'l's Club 3-43 Trades and ln- dustries 3. Ambition: Go to Hawaii in a canoe. Bob W3f'nlCk "SDeedbaIl" Football 1-43 Basketball l-3: Baseball 1-4: Letterman's Club 2-4, Treas. 3: Class Rep, 4: Stagecraft 2: Science Club 43 Optimist Staff 4. Ambition: To be higrh man on a totem pole. Violet Louise Wiedewitsch "Midge" Transferred from XVestport High School 3: Junior Year: Glee Club 3-4: Girl's Club 3-4: Tri-Y 3-43 Girl's Club Representative 4. Ambition: Work in an office in Portland. Ruth Wilson "Don Quixote" Spanish Club 2-3. President 41 Tri-Y 3-43 Gir1's Club 4, Tl'62l.SUl'8I'l Booster 43 Senior Class Sec.-Treas. 43 Honor Soviety 4: Opti- mist Staff 4. Ambition: Travel. Arloweene Williams "Butch" Tansferred from VVestport High Ss-bool 33 Lollypop Princess 33 Stagecraft 3, Secretary3 Girl'S Club 3-4, Secretary 43 Tri-Y 3, cabinet 43 Boosters 43 National Honor Society 43 Stu- dent Bodv Treasurer 43 Senior Assembly -l: Football Princess 43 G.A.A. 3. Ambition: To be able to roll my eye balls and get a sevcn every time, Robert Young "Bob" Baseball l-43 Football 1-4: Basketball l-43 Letterman's C'lub 3-4, Secretary Ambition: The low man on XV'arnick's and Smitl1's Totem poles. W' ez ww From lef+, lop row-Malcolm Davis, Elmer Vandervelden, Lloyd Marshall. Second row--Rober+ McCorlcle, Alvin Woolen, Richard Dillenburg, Eugene Heisler, Bob Milchel. Third row-Rolfe Selberg, Earl Meyer, Donald Didier. Service Grads Senior Class Will Fearing that the end of our high school career is drawing near, we, the class of '46 of Forest Grove Union High School, Washington County, State of Oregon, make this our last will and testament: hereby revoking all other wills by us made. We will, devise, and bequeath: 1. To the class of '47 we leave our knack for throw- Ing successful parties and all the fun we've had at said occasions. 2. To the sophomores, class of '48, we leave all our old English I. Q. books provided they burn them care- fully page by page. 3. To our faithful slaves, the class of '49, we leave three more years of high school to be used as profitably as we have used ours. 4. To the faculty we leave all the knowledge we have acquired during four years of brain-polishing. I, Charlotte June Albers, leave my arguments with Jackson Heirloom Bliss to Mary Catherine Massie. I, Ruth Eileen Anderson, leave my desire to become a teacher to Janice Lee Mixer. I. Betty Marie Bateman, leave my sweet tooth to Juanita Mae Noah. I, Margaret Colleen Beal, leave my bird-like voice to Lois Faye Kahn. I, Marion Mathew Bishop, leave the band with a lot of classical music. I, Hazel Eliabeth Benedict, leave my violin to Joyce Lee Feldman. I, Zona Lee Bonnell, leave my grades to Donald Paul Marshall to be used in case he ever forsees his re- moval from the National Honor Society. I, Frederick Reed Brewer, leave my "little-boy look" to George Raymond Turley. I, Charles Barnhart Buchanan Ill, leave for a pro- fession of squirreling. l,.Beverly. Mae Bucher, leave my banker's key in Miss Parkinson's care. I, Betty Lorraine Camp, leave my bow-shaped lips to Carol Ann Latimer. I, Marjorie Helen Cedergreen, leave my poster paint to Florence Wilahmina Vandervelden. I. Lorraine Velma Cooper, leave my spirit world to Barbara Lee Shultz. I, PeQQY Oline Crippen, leave my saddle oxfords to Mrs. Dyke. I, Chester Grant Cunningham, leave my trumpet wrapped around Charles Hallie Rice's neck. I, Harold Wayne Cunningham, leave the band to count their own time. I, George Malcolm Davis, leave my letter-writing ability to Miss Graham. .lf X fx : W . i s " ' Q ' 5 415' sum ms fa WM ' ' I ,I so I' f" 1 N. i"' I ' ,lf I. Dorothy Marie Devriendt, leave my fluent speech to Imogene Crutchfield. I, Richard Dean Dillenburg, leave my love for jallop- ies to Byron Kendall Haevernick. I, Donald Didier, leave my fascinating smile to Ronald Harry Engelen. I. Alice Marie Dober. leave my evenings at the Gales Creek dances to Marcellia Bernice Johnston. I, Jean Claire Duyck, leave my many admirers to Urla Ann Edmonds. I. Margaret Mary Evers, leave my bashful look to Evelyn Jane Davidge. I. Clarice Jean Ewing, leave my Pontiac to Dixon Lee Marshall. I, John Kendall Foresberg, leave my height to Allen Duane Harleman. I, Barbaralee Franck, leave my passion for three- year lettermen to Helen Marie Hulsman. I, Dean Eugene Frye, leave on the' 10:20 for Salem. I, Mariam Loyal Graham, leave my vast knowledge of English to Larry Fred Borst. I, Helen Anna Gerdes, leave with a sigh of relief. I, Eugene Merit Gregg, leave my radio apparatus for someone else to worry about. I, Grace Eileen Hallauer, leave my lisp to Donna Lou Johnson. I Douglas James Greason, leave my love affairs to Evelyn Jean Huffman. I, Raymond Porter Hartson, leave my solo voice to John Oliver Brown. I, Gene Willis Hausske, leave many heart-broken girls I Leon Lambert Heesacker, leave Coach Arthur Gerald Brachmann with one less headache. I, Regina Agnes Heesacker, leave my place at the Verboort table to Pauline Sohler. I, Franklin Eugene Heisler, leave my track managing to James Everett Gray. I, Roland Anthony Hendricks, leave tire tracks four feet deep down Pacific Avenue. I. Norma Rose Herr, leave my liveliness to Velma Gertrude Cedergreen. I-I Mary Ellen Hill, leave my record to Barbara Anne illy. I. Donald Richard Hofmann, leave my shoes so Forest Grove Union High School can start a Yacht Club. I, Jay Orin Hoover, leave as confused as I was when I entered. I, Anna June Hunger Harmon, leave for the life of a housewife. I, Robert Anthony Kane. leave all the assignments I never did to Howard William Davis. I. David Bliss Knapp, leave my kind heart to Winfrell Wayne Randelman. I, Shirley Marie Leavens, leave my fondness for jitter- bugging and jitterbugs of the bell-bottom variety to Phyllis Marie Skarsten. I, Alvin Joseph VanDyke, leave my Ag. projects to I, Neva Carolyn Satterlee, leave on my faithful pogo Senior Class Will I, Charlita Francis Ledford, leave my hopes for the future to Bonnie Eulaloa Maitland. I, Charmaine Gertrude Ledford, leave my meek atmos- phere to Vivian Carol Troutt. I, Jacqueline Anna Lewton, leave my hair clippers to Clara Mae Vanderzanden. l, Nova Boydetta Longtain, leave my giggle to Lorraine Clarice Adams. I, Lloyd Marshall, leave to see the world. I, Carolyn Louise McCann, leave with a carload of senior girls. I,- Mary Lee McGraw, leave to set up business with Siegfried Sasson and William Shakespeare. I, Melbourne Russell McKichan, leave my heart al' Midway. I, Helen Marie McLellan, leave my altitude to Gloria Francine Grimson. I, Earl Ernest Meyer, leave my romantic lead in playr tor Albert Carl Larsen. I, Robert McCorkle, leave in a hurry. I, Monte Keys, left before anyone got a good look at me. I, Bob Mitchell, left all the girls stunned only to be caught by a member of the class of '43. I, Eleanor Jean Mundorf, leave my even temper to Bonnie Leantha Russell. I. Robert Lewis Nunn, leave my rented booth in The Grove to William Wayne Selfridge. I, Cleona Maxine O'FleiIly. leave the scraps of my lunch to the mouse in the student body room. I, Donald Wayne Parson, leave my talent for charm. ing all feminine creatures to Donald Eastan Tompkins. I, Carl Owen Rasmussenfleave for a good night's rest. I, Robert George Rice, leave my ever-present hat to Bill Ray Lowe. I, Robert Loren Salisbury, leave the political discus- sions in English class to Kenneth John Strandberg. stick. I, Ilene Louise Savage, leave the many hours spent in Social Econ. to Norma Eileen Klingsporn to be used strictly for recreation. I, Howard George Saxton, leave my' civies for a Navy uniform. I, Alice Hazel Schatzman, leave my ability to blush to any girl who can't afford rouge. . I, Gale Worthy Schneider, leave my middle name to Allen Ronald Swanson. I, Robert George Scotton, leave peanuts and dried prunes all over the halls. , I, Eleanor Lucille Shearer, leave my majorette uniform to Herbert Rae Norris. I, Walter Eugene Sinclair, leave my subtle humor to Vernon Michael Stolen. I, Donald Raye Smith, leave a much brighter boy than I was when I entered. I, Richard Charles Snider, leave skid marks at every corner. I. Carthal Gene Lowe. leave Jackson Bliss a trip to St. Helens on business. l, Robert Carl Miller, leave my fondness for Hills- boro women to Kenneth George Reade. I, Dorothy Elizabeth Cummings Logan, leave all the oral reports which I cherish fondly to Doris Mae Hofmann. I, Eugene Alvin Stanley, leave any baskets I missed whlle playing basketball to Andrew Patterson Cun- ningham. I. Bette Jean Leona Standberg, leave all my hair ribbons, old and new, to Shirley Ann Duncan. I, Reva Belle Strong, leave all my embarrassing mo- ments to Ruby Marie Jansen. I, Willa Marie Thomas, leave my carefree attitude to Leota Mae Duyck. I, Elainle Audrey Troutt, leave my place in the lib- rary to Lodema Jean French. I. Richard Martin Turley, leave my tuba to Dale Byron Dixon. I. William Raymond Vanderzanden Jr., leave my great moment in chemistry to Charles Lawrence McCarthy. Robert Ronald Gedlick. I, Jacqueline Rae Vining, leave my wolfish inclinations to Roger Truman Crocker. I. Echo Geraldine Waldron Darwin. Mohorich, leave to be with I. Winifred Louise Walsh, leave my readings to Mr. Brown. I, Robert James Warnick, wind to be used by the f has initiated. I, Wilfred Luzerne White, to. leave the school a lot of uture yacht club Hofmann leave only because I have I, Violet Bette Wiedewitch, leave my ambitiousness to Janice Rose Davidson. I, Gladys Arloweene Williams, leave my love for danc- ing to Helen Jean Evansen. I, Florence Ruth Wilson. leave the cafeteria cash box to any one who wants it. I, William Francis Wilson, leave my dashing night- life techniques to Preston Dale Bonnell. I, Alvin Wooten prefer to keep all my little habits and treasures. I, Robert Eugene Young, leave a well-trod path be- tween F. G. and Hilhi. I, Elmer John Vandervelden, leave a bag of apples to the faculty. I, Wayne Eldon Vancil, leave my power to control atoms to Clarence Leroy Koennecke. I, Iris June Crutchfield, leave my southern drawl to John Cody Buchanan. Last, we all leave, maybe not the best looking but the go? carefree, easy-going, bunch of kids ever to hit . . I. Senior Prophecy In May of fhe year of our Lord nine- feen hundred and sixfy-six, fhe pirafe ship, The Viking Scull lay af anchor in fhe obscure cove Iocafed in fhe Soufh Seas. As fhe moon rises brillianfly over fhe palm frees, enhanc- ing fhe black oufline of fhe mysferious craff, I will relafe fo you, dear reader, fhe descrip- fion of fhe crew and passengers, as I en- counfered fhem a few days hence while combing fhe beaches near fhe cove. Two passengers were kidnapped from fheir elaborafe esfafe in Porfland, Oregon. They are Mr. and Mrs. Roberf Scoffon, fhe successful manufacfurer of holeless macroni, and his wife, fhe former Jacqueline Lewfon. one of fhe maids of fhe governor, Roberf James Warnick. Also decrying her plighf af being aboard, was fhe Duchess of Windsor, Charloffe Albers, who had married fhe Duke. On fhe aff deck whom should I find buf Dickie Turley, fhe Cop's son, who is seeking refuge from charges of misappropriafion and embezzlemenf. The members of fhe crew looked up from fheir deck dufy, and I recog- nized fhose old sea dogs Gene Hausske, Rus- sel McKichan, Walfer Sinclair, Roberf Salis- berry, Bob Rice, and Bob Nunn. They were planning mufiny on fheir capfain, Buddy Bones Greason, fhe mosf ferrifying pirafe wolf of fhe year. Climbing up fhe rope fo fhe crow's nesf, I encounfered fall, lanky, Eugene Gregg, who leff fhe Unifed Sfafes in humiliafion affer being defeafed by liffle Jay Hoover in a iumping confesf. In fhe mess hall I narrowly missed being knocked down by fhaf efficienf cookie, fhe chef, Malcolm Davis, who has gained renown for his able managemenf of fhe galley. His mess crew fl "i" A I . l'i,,Wy,ri D Lyitlilf as . 9, , , , M iff I . is ff' B fe , - f ,g ig 5 included Chief Tasfer, Carolyn McCann, Head Waifress, Jacqueline Vining, and fhaf human garbage can, Gene Lowe. On fhe main deck I came upon fhaf old globe-froffer, Neva Safferlee. who had been riding her pogo sfick and accidenfly landed aboard ship as if leff harbor. Ouf on fhe poop deck sighfing hubba hubba fhrough his lenses was Chesfer Cunningham faking picfures of fhose famous pin-ups, Lorraine Cooper, Arloweene Williams, Alice Diober, Beffy Bafeman, Nova Longfain, and Eleanor Shearer, Trying fo infervene was Don Mafilda Smifh, who had jusf complefed playing fhe leading role in Roberf Young's lafesf hif, Walfzin' Mafilda. The musical score of which was wriffen by Elizabefh Benedicf. I discovered Allen Vuyl- sfeke reading fhe magazine, How fo Become a Farmer, because Maxine O'RielIy ran away wifh Alvin VanDyke, who is now running a caffle ranch in Monfana. In fhe galley Rufh Eileen Anderson was feaching a school of fish fhe A B Cs. Barney Buchanan had caughf fhem wifh his prized bufferfly nef. Barney, by fhe way, was iusf a sfowaway seeking excifmenf. While anchored in India, fhe crew had picked up Don Hoffman and his Hindu harem, fhose dark-eyed beaufies, Margaref Beal, Beffy Camp, Charlifa Led- ford, Dorofhy Devriendf, and Barbara Lee Franck. In fhe salon Marion Bishop's Music Makers were pracficing under his able lead- ership. Wayne Cunningham fhe former four- sfar general, was again af his familiar place af fhe bass drums. Raymond Harfson and Alice Schafzman sfood af fhe rail gazing af fhe moon, caughr in fhe romanfic spell casf by fhose fugifives from fhe old Foresf Grove High school band. Owen Rasmussen fook fhe spof-lighf wifh his livewire accordian. Mary Hill was af fhe piano, making like Jose Senior Prophecy Ifurbi, while Beverly Bucher gave an experf performance af conducfing fhe phonograph. Mariorie Cedergreen, affer being in- spired by M.asefield's "The Dauber," had gone aboard ship so fhaf she mighf beffer porfray fhe frue life of sailors af sea. In fhe ship's hospifal fhe medical crew, Dr. Z. L. Bonnell and infernes, Fred Brewer, John Fors- berg and Bob Kane, were conducfing an ex- perimenf on fheir human guinea pigs, Ray- mond Vanderzanden, Leon Heesacker, and Wayne Vancil, who would do anyfhing for fhe advancemenf of science. Those succes- sors of Virgil Parfch, Richard Snider and Wil- fred Whife, were working on fheir lafesf carfoons for fhe magazine, Esquire. Their models were Grace Hallauer and Bill Wilson. Sfrolling down fhe deck, I sighfed fhaf re- fired sea dog, Rolfe Selberg, who was glad fo be aboard ship once again. Trying fo be unnoficed by onlookers, was Bob Miller fish- ing for sharks wifh a bamboo pole and angle worms, meanwhile mumbling lines from fhe sleepwalking scene in "MacBefh." Also aboard were fhose old classmafes, Margaref Evers, Clarice Ewing, Helen Ger- des, Agnes Heesacker, and Norma Herr, who were finding life mosf excifing in fhe roman- fic afmosphere of fhe Soufh Seas. They in- formed me fhaf Loyal Graham could nof come as she was busy enioying life on a farm in Wisconsin wifh a very handsome husband. Jean Duyck, reporfer for fhe magazine, "Deafh," quesfioned me abouf all fhe lafe funerals which I haven'f affended. The mosf surprising incidenf occurred when I saw Don Parson and Roland Hen- dricks, who boasfed of being fhe mosf soughf-affer men in New York. Regular Playboys! Roland was anofher farm boy lured away by fhe big cify. Bringing news of ofher classmafes, was Marie Leavens, fhe famed songsfress of fhe air, who fold me fhaf Charmaine Ledford was defained by a wedding ceremony. Thaf June Harmon was now known as Madame Harmone, fhe excell- enf inferior decorafor. Helen McLellan had venfured fo Canada because she liked fall men. Peggy Crippen and Jean Mundorff were in Washingfon, D.C., lobbying for more nylons or whafever if is fhev're wearing in I966. Oregon now boasfs of fwo women senafors and one woman represenfafive. They are Mary Lee McGraw, Winnifred Walsh, and Violef Wiedewifsch, who are causing a riof in fhe capifal for holding up a Bill in Congress. Ilene Savage and Beffy Sfrandberg are now edifors of fhe fashion secfion of fhe Counfry Genflewoman. Gale Schneider, collecfor of news clip- pings, showed me one of Howard Saxfon, who has run fhaf man Aflas ouf of business. Elaine Trouff sfayed in Foresf Grove work- ing in Willa Marie Thomas' Fashion Shop. Geraldine Waldron Mahorich was of course wifh Mr. Mahorich. Rufh Wilson was also aboard, fhe only one fo express a desire fo remain on fhe island wifh me. No one could fell of fhe whereaboufs of fhaf liffle man, Eugene Sfanley, buf wherever he is in I966, I wish him and all of fhe class of I946 fhe besf luck in fhe world. This ends fhe fale of fwenfy years affer, and all fhaf I can say is, Pirafe Ships aren'f whaf fhey used fo be. Your Beachcomber, Reva Sfrong Nm Flrsl' OFFICERS S Gm ESfEl' S al QQ .VJ-Z, , ftvjf 4 i '71 A, ff' www in '1'r'f mf ,, if ,f 12 Q A 42 41 urbora Schultz and Nan Dodds 1 MM-wmmm x 4 Junior Qeport Following fhrough frue fo form. fhe Jun- ior Class of I946 have confinued wifh fypical success shown in fhe former fwo years and have made school hisfory. -Sfill bearing fhe disfincfion of being fhe largesf class in school wifh an enrollmenf of I38, fhe class fook a lead in many acfivifies and displayed a fine assorfmenf of falenfs. The limelighf was immediafely focused on finances which held fhis spof unchal- lenged for nearly fhe whole year. Under fhe leadership of firsf-semesfer presidenf, John Brown, fhe class proved fhaf fhe early bird gefs fhe worm, by being fhe only group fhaf was allowed fo sponsor a school dance. The dance proved ifself bofh socially as well as financially. The class was also honored by having a major share of royal purple and ermine, when fheir own preffy dark-haired Janice Davidson was elecfed Foofball Queen in fhe War Loan Drive. Queen Janice I was crowned af fhe annual Thanksgiving day game affer an infense campaign of fwo weeks. Hisfory was made by fhe biggesf evenf on fhe firsf semesfer program, fhe smash hi+ play, "You're Telling Me!" presenfed De- cember 7, a comedy abouf a merry mix-up in fhe Carsfairs family: if feafured many prominenf juniors. ,Any gnawed nails or grey hairs were needless, for fhe house-packing producfion definifely insured ample funds for fhe Junior-Senior banquef. Feeling wealfhy and in need of relaxa- fion, fhe class wound up fhe firsf half of fhe year wifh a rousing parfy, consisfing mainly of ieans, dill pickles, mirfh and a good fime in fhe gym. To add fo fhe merrimenf and keep fo fhings Linder confrol, Mr. and Mrs. Bliss, Mr. Menegaf and Miss Pefroff were on hand. One of fhe highlighfs of fhe second se- mesfer was fhe Lincoln Day assembly, pre- senfed by a represenfafive group in connec- fion wifh proiecfs fhaf were worked ouf in English and hisfory classes. Speeches were given by Joyce Feldman, Barbara Schulfz, Charles McCarfhy and George Turley on ap- propriafe subiecfs. ln conclusion, John Brown led a discussion on Lincoln, in which quesfions were asked of a board of experfs consisfing of fwo members from each hisfory class. Also sfemming from fhe Lincoln proi- ecfs, fhe same four speakers were guesfs of fhe Monday Nighf club where fhey delighfed and informed fhaf augusf group. The Junior-Senior Banquef was appro- priafely fhe climaxing evenf of fhe whole year fo which all efforfs had been keyed. The final resulf equalled all fhe planning and hard work expended. The commiffees, under fhe general leadership of presidenf George Tur- ley and advisorship of Mrs. Bliss worked in perfecf harmony fo produce fhe old soufhern planfafion afmosphere. Especially nofewor- fhy was fhe humorous and skillful iob of foasfmisfress, done wifh a genuine soufhern accenf by Barbara Schulfz. This difficulf feaf was unquesfionably fhe feafure of fhe evening. Many individuals also made names for fhemselves. ln speech, Priscilla Hoover wenf fo Eugene for public-speaking confesf: while Cafherine Massie won second place in fhe Knighfs of Pyfhias speaking cqnfesf. John Brown won recognifion by being named for his second year righf fackle on TYV All-Sfar foofball feam. Anofher afhlefe, Bill Davis, was elecfed foofball capfain for fhe I946 season. This reporf would nof be complefe wifhouf menfioning fhaf pride of fhe class, 'rhe Junior Sexfeffe, who, fhough fhey losf one of fheir valuable members, sfeadily in- creased fheir popularify. This group, who' have been fogefher since fhe beginning of high school, appeared on almosf all fhe im- porfanf programs of fhe year. Officers Firsf Semesfer Presidenf ................... John Brown Vice Presidenf ............... Leofa Duyck Secrefary-Treasurer ....... Janice Davidson Yell Leaders---Nan Dodds, Barbara Schulfz Second Semesfer Presidenf ................. George Turley Vice Presidenf ........... Janice Davidson Secrefary-Treasurer ...... Jackie McGreer Yell Leaders ....... Nan Dodds, Darrell Frye .-if yi ffl' YS ' i K.-No.5 ' V mnKY.....f.S'Bwa -M JUNIORS First row, from left: Mrs. Hunkapillar, advisor, Connie Hanson. Lorraine Adams, Doris Hof- mann, Donna Johnson, Jean Evansen, Helen Hulsman, Barbara Halvorsen, Velma Ceclergreen. Ruth Keeler, Coleen Engle, Georgia Danser, Erla Edmonds, Lois Kahn, Nan Dodds. Second row: Robert Cowger, Shirley Erb, Joyce Feldman, Virginia Huschka, Shirley Duncan, Janice Davidson, Lillian Keene, Ruby Jansen, Lodema French, Imogene Crutchfield, Mary Brundage, Larry Borst, John Brown. Third row: Don Burke, Gloria Grimson. Dolores Brandaw, Louise Hurst, Ruth Loftis, Priscilla Hoover, Carolyn Latimer, Leota Duyck, Joyce Ewing, Marjorie Harris, Bob Cooper, Byron Havernick. Fourth row: Raymond Dillenberg, Norma Klinqsporn. Wilma Berry, Evelyn Davidge, Evelyn Huffman, Ruth Davidge. Hazel Bean. Winton Hascall, Darrell Frye, Ronald Engelen. Fifth row: Alvin Evers, Robert Eastwood, Louis Cobel, Carl Larson, Bnb Halvorsen, Marcellia Johnston, Gene Lewis, Alfred Bothum, Alvin Brown, Van Elmore. Bill Lowe, Allen Harleman. Sixth row: Ralph Henderson. John Luebke, Dale Bonnell. Tom Clapshaw. Richard Haskins, William Cooke, Albert Jossi. First row, from left: Jackie McGreer, Vivian Troutt. Gloria McCoy, Juanita Noah, Janice Mixer, Bonnie Powers, Janet Meeuwsen, Jo Ellen Siemon, Donna Wetterstrom, Aileen Uhlin, Betty Sherman, Pauline Sohler, Marjorie Shipley. Second row: Clara Mae Vanderzanden, Phyllis Skartsen, Donna Olsen, Lois Thelin, Bonnie Russell, Ardeth Monk, Florence Vandervelden, Mrs. Bliss, Advisor. Third row: Allen Swanson, Marvin Simmons, Wayne Watson, Kenny Read, Jim Tyson, Dick Marshall, Wayne Randleman. Gail Sheelar, Robert Over, George Pritzloff, Bill Russ. Fourth row: Bob Watson, Kenneth Strandberq, Charles McCarthy. James Workman. Steve Sagar, David McAdoo, Russel Ohler,, Don Marshall. Fifth row: Don Tompkins, Jim Umsheid, Richard Pinckney, Darrel Pieper, Eugene Oberg. Elmo Thompson. .ij 1 www I iz, ,z Ag ix ,gg New WS fwf N wi 03? X SEA 5, x 3 Pix vnu . ,f1,f fy?Z Q f, X Q, Q - T5 1 N NM: ,ex gl 555 x X N, J Q 4 ' -gy:a:a:s:a::::.: A Shiflee Wiiiiams f 5 Edmonds SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Second Semester 5' M f 25? Gano glegdg , f Bill Moy and Joyce Barnes W , Sophomore Qeport The Sophomores were oufsfanding in sporfs fhis year, fhere were four foofball leffer- men: Byron Hodge, who played cenfer: Herb Norris, fackle: Bill Selfridge, fullback: Jim Sfein, end. Making a leffer in foofball fhe sophomore year isn'+ easily done, so we're proud of fhese boys. We also had one lefferman in baslcefball: again if was Byron Hodge. The B squad was composed almosf enfirely of sophomores. They won nine ouf of fourfeen league games. Members from our class were Andy Cunningham, capfain and high poinf man, Delmar Dineharf, Vern Edmunds, Kenny Gore, Kenney Reade, Bill Roberfs and Bob Henderling. No doubf some of fhese will helo compose our A squad nexf year. Marilyn Smifh, Clara Hudson and Nef- fie Mae Anderson represenfed fhe Sopho- more class in fhe sfafe speech confesf af Linfield. Marilyn made fhe finals wifh her Affer-Dinner Speech, "Hurrying." Two of flue school yell leaders, Dale Dixon and Gerry Sinclair, came from fhe sophomore class also. Two members from our class, Vern Ed- 'wnds and Andy Cunningham, were elecfed for fhe ,Hi-Y. Officers Firsf Semesfer Presidenf ...................... Bill May Vice-Presidenf -- ....... Shirley Williams Secrefary ........... Neffie Mae Anderson Treasurer ............... Nora Lee Craven Sfudenf Council ......... Shirlee McKichan Jack Farleigh Yell Leaders---Clara Hudson, Vernon Sfolen - Second Semesfer Presidenf ................. Vern Edmunds Vice-Presidenf -- .... Gerry Sinclair Secrefary ........ .... S hirley Williams Treasurer ................... Gano Clark Sfudenf Council .......,. Shirlee McKichan Larry Bosshardf Yell Leaders ........ Joyce Barnes, Bill May SOPHONIORES First row, from left: Ruth Alexander, Nettie Mae Anderson, Maridel Duyck, Ruth Geissmar, Clara Hudson, Beverly Crawford, Phyllis Kadolph, Georgia Elmore, Jean Broderson, Marian Hill, Lois Anderson, Gano Cark, Joyce Barnes, Mernadeane Clark, Phyllis Higby, Betty Greenlee, Marge Jensen, Joan Hundley, Vivian Erb, Louise Lowe, Eleanor Dargatz, Nora Lee Craven, Alice Ewing, Janice Eastwood, Connie Hammaker, Dale Dixon, Mary Forsberg, Vida James, Barbara Lilly, Sue Graham. Beverly Gates, Virginia Hubbard. Third row: Carolyn Farleign, Richard Bunker. Luther Gerdes, Larry Bosshardt, Roger Crocker, Gene Garret, Vern Edmonds. Fifth row: Bill Dillenberg, Dale Cedergreen, Byron Hodge, Kenneth Keeler, Deane Barlow, Betty Bothum, Connie Hudson, Bob Henderling, Ronald Hundley, Stanley- Franck, Larry Gibson, Mark Callendar, Bob Hiatt, Pat Longtain, Delmer Dinehart, Andy Cunningham, Bob Jansen. Fourth row: Jimmie Henderling, Bud Keim. Harley Feldt, Kenneth Juden, Jack Bennett, Richards Hutchins, Kenneth Gore. SOPHOMORES First row, from left: Jean Wonder, Shirley Powell, Maribel Melville, Alice Rauch, Marilyn Smith, Delores Young, Bernice Meeuwsen, Shirley Williams, Evelyn Wilson, Shirley McKichan, Geraldine Sinclair, Miss Parkinson, Advisor. Second row: Vernon Stolen, Mary Oberg, Beryl Van Loo, Lewise White. Mary Rauch, Donna Spangler, Eunice Stoffer, Lois Williams, Bonnie Maitland, Lamar Sellers. Third row: Herbert Norris, Bill Moreland, Paul Oliver, Bill Mitchell, Hiram Roundtree, Howard Salzwedel, Gordon Young, Bill Weber, Rudolf Zagelow, Bill May. Floyd Reynolds. Fourth row: Charles Rice, Dwight Meighan, Lowell Sheelar, Kenneth Van Dyke, Don Oglesby, Jerry Raymond, Harold Reed, Jim Michaells, Jim Stein,, Beryl Marshall. Bernard Rauch. Fifth row: Ed Rauch, Fred Parks. AM nf, EV Xxx f 11 e 53 A ...... . W 555555 ....., Q 5 sho Q wx., r'RESH?Vs5 K3 UWECERS :Wm Vuylsteke Bull Noah and Ariane Sotteriae W Q X Emery Huschkrx OFF CERS Second Semester Johnsen and Don Dwyer Freshman Qeport The Freshman class has made an ex- cellenf showing fhis year. We did well in sporfs, wifh a foofball lefferman, Emery Huschlca. The freshman baslcefball feam shows greaf promise and should be unbeaf- able by '48 and '49. The firsf feam players are as follows: Emery Huschlca, Clinfon Parmley, Bill Noah, Jim Chrisfiansen, Arland Berfsch. The girls did very well, foo. They won fhe volley-ball infermurals for a Fresh- man room. lGef in fhere, Rocks, you'll beaf 'em alll. We have also anofher lefferman, Jackie Spaulding, an equipmenf manager for foofball. Freshman officers for fhe firsl' semesfer and second semesfer are as follows: Firsf Semesfer Presidenf ,,a,,........... Emery Huschlca Who, incidenfally, is a Hi-Y member -Vice-Presidenf ........,A,. Nancy Lafimer Prep-per infer-club chairman Secrefary-Treasurer ,..... Lenore Vuylsfelce The big boys' Dream Girl Sfuclenf Council ...s,..... Jim Chrisfiansen Margaref Kaufman Yell Leaders--v,--Arlene Safferlee, Bill Noah Second Semesfer Presidenf w,,...--.- ..... ,,s. Emery uschlca Treasurer of LeHerman's Club Vice-Presiclenf s.s.......... Louise Saviffs A fufure fashion phofographer Secrefary-Treasurer .......... Henry Scoff A very capable handler of his iob Sfudenf Council-Lois Horfon, Dick Johnsfon Yell Leaders ...h.... Jo Jensen, Don Dwyer FRESHMEN First row, from left: Evelyn Englen, Clara Mae Hebron, Myrtle Fox, Betty Gamble, Alma Crume. Bertha Jean Larson, Margaret Crutchfield, Myrna Castleberry, Lelah Alexander, tlaine Brady, Caroline Luebke, Mary Jane Holock, Donna Keene, Bonnie Hoodenpyle, Lucy Hezer, Darlene Kiser. Second row: Tom Hansen. Jim Christianson, Loren Hildenbrand, Jack Dickey, Don Dwyer. Dorothy Fleenor, Shirley Hiesler, Florence Ing, Gay Hoisington, Margaret Kaufman. Shirley Bone, Nancy Latimer, Alta Mae Jackson, Bonnie Ellis. Doris Cutriqht, Marjorie Bishop, Betty Braun. Third row: Bill Berry. Dexter Heuschkel. Tony Lopez, Jack Giltner, Jerry Hodge, Donald Leslie, Bill Buell, James Lilly, Dale Hugget, Bob Allen, Dick Johnston, Emery Huschka, Gene Fisher, Arthur Gordon, Arlan Bertsch, Roger Barber. Fourth ron: James Lewis, Dennis Brooks, Jack Buchanan, Euqene Lambert, Harvey Dargatz, Delbert Gillum, Don Anderson, Delbert Combes, Derry Eliason. Fifth row: Mrs. Nleneqat, Advisor, Eugene Evers. Dean Fletcher, Jim Gray, John Green, Wallace Bothum, Monroe Gerdes. Bruce Cox, Bob Gedlick. FRESHMEN First row, from left: Elaine Roequist, Louise Savitts, Helen Yardley, Joan Wiebke, Lenore Vuylsteke, Donna Jean Wilbur, Juliann Phillips, Arlene Satterlee, Lucille Uebele, Alyce Joy Vearrier, Ramona Stevens. Second row: Jack Spaulding, Jim Spear, Frances Warren. Joyce Vandehey, Maxine Montgomery, Mary Sharp, Pat Van Dyke, Marie Timmerman, Arlene Hinch- lift, Norma Nunn, Coreane Scovell, llo Mae Nemeyer. Third row: Dale McFarlan, Clinton Parmely, Hubert Nelson, Frank Broderson, Dick Mcrae, Jerry Mills, Bud Marshall, Way-ne Vancerzanden, Larry Niclelson, George Robert, Jinn Reeher. Fourth row: Russel Robinett. Don Shaffer, Carl McCorkle, Bud Rutherford, Bob Peterson, Dean Warren, Jim Vandecoevering, Albert Vandervelden, Earl Edmunds. Fifth row: Dean Peckham, Henry Scott, Bill Noah, Donald Leveque and Farrell Pollnow. Qur Football Queen Here she is, Queen Janice ihe Firsi, our lovely, pefife, dark-haired Queen, 'lhe pride of no+ only fhe foofball boys, bul' of all 'rhe school. If was Thanksgiving Day, fealuring lhe biggesl' game of 'lhe year. As +he sun brighfened lhe field during +he half, +he cor- onafion procession made i+s way +o 'lhe fhir- 'ry-yard line. There, Princess Janice David- son became Queen Janice as she wa,s crowned by foo+ball capfain, David Knapp, and applauded by fhe appreciafive specfa- +ors. This evenl' followed an exfensive cam- paign levied by managers John Brown, Ches- +er and Wayne 'Cunningham and Bob War- nick. To vo+e for 'rheir candidale, 'lhe slu- denfs purchased sfamps and bonds and once again pu? our high school over ifs quofa in fhe sevenlh Vicfory Loan Drive. All our fhanks go fo Jean Duyck, chairman of +he' drive sponsored by +he Tri-Y and +o Mrs. Hunkapillar, advisor of fhe club. From lef+ Princesses Arloweene Williams, Janice Davidson and Reva Sfrong. Events of the Year , ----Q w r . e S f T ' - " mb N, I fx .o 2 ' I n x . xf A 35 ' u img - '- aw A - - Lf z 15, -f ----'P " , rx V ' 4 x.. -' ,. .. -:-: , '- ,. b , - ",,,'ve, ,V X, , S! j j, ..,. . , ,Wsf?' wif I 2 Q h,. .'i'zgg:. fwpxmggg 3 f , y gwifi-N ' A vfkwgsg - fix x ' ' 1' K K A Q K W lk y lg ' .. if 421"::.:.,,' "" 1 -X 1 ., W M: -My fa ,X f f f ff A W A les? 1 -'-' ---- W , ,A - ' W ..". 5: Q .EW .xy 1.5 :Q ' :a +. ,- ,Sf ., -Q-: A ' - , 6 1 -V 1 ,V ' L 'ag q 5 , A 1 V 1 levi if X , Q x ,W 6 er:.f ff lf x T' . 4' ' X wi W ,A ' xsl , x x x : 'xy ' 1 , Y 1 . , v V , -ax? WK as X . F . x ' X ff' '31 ,isis ' .x - M .- fm A Qi , ,Q , x V f g . . if A all 2 X Y K 1 , X .Q wx VW? A 'Q W V xfx X -, A-5,E',fi .f Q, V 3- 1: M, M , K , ' Y A , :P Xt 50" 2' '1 uf , W E x W Ww w ' "if f Y 'r' QQQLNEE " ff Q X' 55" 11 :JK 3 5 X Www- Q ' w x fw Q:-My Scasen w ll gb , :,,A .K2,K, , 2 FG VA I , ., ..., X MVB ' J Y y W N 1 , A ,mr :ww V. M , , X ., WM M , ,L,35.m 5.55 Q, . ' gqQQ.ffl?,gN X, " if ' A - A x iw ,ywl -Q n 6 yi: 3:5 ii iw ya '4 A A Q - A 4 lsf4Q,xS,k.A? hmmm- wi V ,.,,. W manga? :A , f ZX nntp' 4 5 ' 4 f f 'v Q X5 Q 3, ,M as A . .. 'H MK f 5 auf' iff Ng , A f 'ez 51,5 xg 5 3' 1 5, T Wag, , JM, Q X , ili Juniors who par+icipa+ed in 'Hue Lincoln 141 Proud owners of fhe F. F. A. parlia Day Assembly. men+ary banner. i2i Fu+ure Homemakers dis'rric+ meeiing i5i Bond Drive managers wifh fheir respec held in Foresi Grove. 'iive candidafes for foo+bail queen. i3i Radio enihusiasfs a+ work in shop. ibi High-lighi' of Hi-Y Smoker Bl ,W wg 9 Dramanite Dramani+e was adverlised as somelhing cliliferenix Dramanile was different Wi+h lhe name of Billboard Daze +he program in- cluded rwo one-acl comedies, "Pepping Up The P.-T.A.," direcredq by Jean Mundorff, a salire upon fhe P.-T.A., and "Nora Ge+s En- gaged," clirec+ed by Beverly Bucher. There were 'lhree paniomimes, "The Family Por- irai+," "Dea+h Takes a Holiday," and "Guesi's in fhe House." lnlermission acls consis+ing of Kokioki, Chorus girls, Rhyfhm Band and Jokes were +he job of lhe sixfeen clowns who also ac+ed as ushereHes. High spol of lhe evening was fhe pres- onlafion of +he Oscars +0 Donna Johnson and Virginia Huschka, bofh members of +he casl' of "Pepping Up fhe P.-T.A." The finale was an original song wriHen +o fhe fune, "I Love a Billboard," sung by 'I'he enfire casl. Dramanile was direc+ed by Miss Vir- ginia Polroif, and Donna Olson was man- ager. The cas+ included all members of bofh drama classes. These included Lois Kahn, Imogene Cru+cl1'lield. Phyllis Skarslen, Bonnie Russell, Dorolhy Logan, Helen Gerdes, Shir- ley Hardelaeck. Violel' Wiedewi+sch, Connie Hansen, Vernon Srolen, Charlila Ledford, Florence Vandervelden, Nova Longfain, Carol Lalimer, Bill Rus, Bill Wilson, Raymond Hari'- son, Bob Young- Urla Edmonds, Lodema French, Evelyn Huffman, Pa+ Wood, Ruby Jansen, Charlo++e Albers, Dean Frye, Edi+h Roeher, Helen Mclellan, Juanifa Noah, Jackie Rose, Jo Ellen Siemon, Colleen Engle, lfriscilla Hoover, Donna Johnson, Jackie Vin- ing, Vivian TrouH, Virginia Huschka, Velma Cedergreen, Janice Davidson, Marjorie Ship- ley and Shirley Duncan. 3.35 Junior Play The Junior play, "You're Telling Me," a fasf-moving, fhree-acl' comedy, made Pearl Harbor Day a pleasanf memory for fhe Juniors. y The play concerns fhe Carsfairs family who are financially embarrassed. Kif Car- sfairs, played by Jean Evansen, hif upon a scheme whereby her friend, Pamela Snowden, porfrayed by Carol Lafimer, would pose as a fifled lady: fhus fhey would be able fo ex- fracf a forfune from fhe rich, fifle-seeking and ignoranf Regans. The plan fails when Pam furns ouf fo be a cousin of fhe Regans. Mrs. Venifa Carsfairs, a scaffer-brained, fluffery woman, was ably played by Barbara Schulfz. John Brown played fhe parf of Mrs. Carsfairs' lazy, bachelor brofher, George Carsfairs. Lloyd Hamilfon, fhe bufler, who in' re- alify was a rich playboy, was porfrayed by Don Tompkins. His "sfiff-as-a-poker walk" afforded fhe audience many laughs. Carl Larsen fook fhe role of his friend, Ward Wanger, who came down fo heckle Lloyd. Nan Dodds played Mrs. Ani-ioneffe Regan, a loud, coarse, uneducafed, recenfly-rich wom- an. Her affempfs af sophisficafion kepf fhe audience in gales of laughfer during fhe enfire play. Her daughfer, Marleen Regan, played by Janice Davidson, was a mamma's girl, who was consfanfly bored and said very liffle buf "yes, mamma." Gloria Grimson foolc fhe role of Theda Regan, a sfage-sfruck girl who wanfed everyfhing fo be dramafic. She had a superior, affecfed manner, fhe exacf opposife of her sisfer's. George Tur- ley played Edward La Rue, a French counf, His accenf and acfions seemed aufhenfic. The play, direcfed by Miss Virginia Pefroff, was a disfincf success, and fhe ca- pacify crowd showed fheir appreciafion by fhe way fhey responded wifh laughfer and applause. Senior Play This year fhe Senior Class presenfed a smash hi+ play called, "Murdered Alive." Under +he direcrion of Miss Pefroff, fhe play was a real success. The cur+ain opened on fhe screaming fhriller as Tillie Meek lNeva SaHerleel was exploring fhe lonely living room of +he Hill- cres+ mansion. Tillie was fhe 'frighfened housekeeper, who was con+inually recifing proverbs. Mrs. Libby Ryder lMary Lee Mc- Grawl, a social climber and also Tillie's em- ployer, 'lhen eniered fhe s+age. She 'I'hough+ she was going fo gef a good share of Marvin Ryder's wealfh, since she was 'rhe la+e Mar- vin Ryder's sisfer-in-law. A very humorous couple in +he play were Sfella Bockus lCharloH'e Albersl and Frank Bockus lDean Fryel. They came 'I'o Hillcresi' for +he reading of +he will and were alsonsure of geH'ing a large share of 'rhe money. The one 'I'hing Frank wanfed mos+ was a car. buf Sfella, his dominaring wife had oiher ideas and didn'+ give Frank much of a chance +o argue wifh her aboul' if. A person who scared Frank as much as his wife was Madame Alda lLorraine Cooperl, +he medium, who brough+ messages from +he spiri+ of Marvin Ryder. Warner Mel+on lBill Wilsonl broughf a bii of romance info 'ihe picfure when he came +o see Arden iMaxine O'Riellyl, 'ihe girl he loved. Arden's mofher had 'Forbidden her fo see Warner, so when he was caughf prowling around +he house wifh a s+range box in his hand, he was immediafely accused of murdering Marvin Ryder. The reading of fhe will by Ofis Marvin lRichard Turleyl was a grear shock +o ev- eryone, for Tillie and Arden were 'rhe only ones +o benefif from +he will. This puf every- one under suspicion of having killed Marvin Ryder, and fhey were noi' absolved unfil Ar- line lvans lBeHy Campl, Mr. Ryder's secre- +ary, arrived andfold +hem fha? Mr. Ryder was sfill alive. The mysferious s+ranger lOw- en Rasmussenl Than came info 'rhe picfure and he was none o+her +han Marvin Ryder. mr -.. 9 ,. x, QSM . i. A 1 4 5 W S ::., '--. 5 4 fi .1 :,::::: E EE L ,L'2.aa. K N 2 if 9' 'K v im E Y' K Q Y. b, an . S LA .:, fe- Q Q-N2 m is af N 3 ME 6 N' , wp' E 5' X K i as wi N 'S QNX: ' ' A Lx ., 7 ' Q I OPTIMIST STAFF First row, from left: Mrs. Bliss, Copy Advisor, Barbara Schultz, Hary Hill. George Turley. Reva Strong, Maxine O'RieIIy, Geraldine Sinclair, Miss Petrof, Financial Advisor. Second row: Doris Hofmann, Margaret Beal, Winnie Walsh, Eleanor Shearer, Ruth Wilson, Neva Satterlee, Jean Duyck, Barbara Halvorsen, Russel McKichan. Third row: Bob Warnick, Chester Cunningham, Walter Sinclair, Charles Buchanan, Allen Vuylsteke, Bob Scotton, Don Marshall, Owen Rasmussen, Don Parson. Ediled by Reva Slrong and managed by George Turley l'his year's Opfimisl was organized and prinled wilh fhe enlire sludenl' body in mind. I+ presenls lo each sludeni a complele record of +he year's aclivilies. ln lhe Fall of lhe year lhe slaff pro- duced an adverlising campaign which re- sulled in a number of 'lickel' sales. Huge banners and signs decoraled lhe halls, while +wo skilled announcers produced a radio pro- gram over +he school slalion, B.Y.O.N. Buy Your Oplimisl Now. ' The Op'l'imis'l' Edilor ..................... Reva Sfrong Manager ................. George Turley Assislanl' Edilor- ....... .---Neva Sallerlee Assisfanl Manager .....,.... Don Marshall Organizalions ............... Rulh Wilson Fealures ............,....... Jean Duyclc Sporls .................. Waller Sinclair Sporls ..................... John Brown Ari .................. Barbara Halvorsen Typisfs ........ Mary Hill, Carolyn McCann and Maxine O'Reilly Advisors ........ Mrs. Bliss, Miss Pelrofl 0-ws,.m, Allen yuylsteke, Bob Warnick and Don Parson, our advertising enthusiasts. VIKING LOG First row, from left: Doris Hofmann, Jean Duyck, Miss Wirak. Advisor, Gale Schneider. Second row: Jean Evansen, Jackie Lewton, Beverly Crawford, Carolyn Barlow. Third row: Barbara Schultz, Barbara Lee Franck, Ruby Jansen, Mary Lee McGraw, Urla Edmonds, Neva Satterlee, Marjorie Cedergreen, Alice Schatzman, Barbara Halvorsen. Fourth row: Bob Salisbury, Delores Brandaw, Jackie Rose, Phyllis Skartsen, Beverly Gates, Kenneth Reade, Ruth Keeler. Edith Reeher, Joyce Feldman, John Brown. Viking Log Crowding near lhe lop ol lhe F. G. lreasure chesl lhis year is lhe "Log." ln ils lwenly-lirsl year ol oliicial publicalion il is more lhan ever belore climbing as a school aclivily and highliglil. Wilh papers going regularly lo servicemen lrom high school and exchanges wilh olher schools being made, besides sludenl subscriplions, il has kepl lhe slall busy pulling lhe Log oul every olher Monday. The "Log" placed lourlh in lhe slale- wide newspaper conlesl wilh 22 olher schools compeling in our class, lhose wilh enrollmenl under 500. Edilor ..,..e...,.,...... Gale Schneider Associale Edilor ..........,,. Jean Duyclc Fealures .... Neva Sallerlee, edilor, Gloria Grimson, June Harmon, Doris Holmann, Jackie McGreer. Sporls Edilors--.Kenny Reade, John Brown Exchange Edilor ...,...,. Shirlee McKichan Circulalion-Beverly Crawlord, Shirley Powell Manager ........c.. Mariorie Cedergreen Assislanl Manager c........ Carolyn Barlow Reporlers--Dolores Brandaw, Marjorie Ce- dergreen, Lorraine Cooper, Urla Ed- monds, Jean Evansen, Joyce Feldman, Beverly Gales, Ruby Jansen, Jackie Lewlon, Mary Lee McGraw, Edilh Ree- her, Roberl Salisbury, Alice Schalzman, Barbara Schullz, ,Phyllis Skarslen, Ver,- non Slolen, Bob Warnick. Advisor ...e..... -. Miss Nela Coe Wirak Typisls .... Barbaralee Franck, Jackie Rose. Mary Helen Forsberg, Lois Williams, De- lores Young. Trades and lndustries Trades and lndusfries has complefed a second successful year. Wifh full co-oper- afion befween 'rhe parf-fime and full-fime employees, a new enferprise 'lo raise money was inaugurafecl. The club used fhe school's mofion picfure machine for noon movies which were given on alfernafe Wednesdays. The money raised was used fo help finance fhe annual Employer-Employee banquef held al' fhe Cify Hall on May 3. A. R. Bailey, Principal of Porfland ,Apprenfice School, was fhe speaker for 'rhe evening. The fheme of fhe banquef was May Day. Approximafely one hundred guesfs affended and enioyed a hard-worked-fcr effecf. Among 'rhe acfivifies for recreafion were roller skafing af Hillsboro, ice skafing al' fhe Porfland lce Arena and swimming al' fhe "Y" in Porfland. The l945-I946 Apprenfice Council con- sisfed of Chairman, Paul A. Menegaf, Sec- refary, R. J. Haas. Employer members: Hugh McGilvra, Frank Brodersen, C. C. Condif and Norman Dixon. Employee members: Oscar Brown, Walf Meeuwsen, H. E. Shelfon and Oscar Caphammer. Full-fime employees: Lorranie Adams, Maxine O'Rielly, Fred Brewer, Bonnie Pow- ers, Gale Schneider, Wayne Wafson, Wayne Hallickson, Frank Hubbard, Marion Bishop lin servicel, Gene Lowe lfransfer from Sf. Heleynsl. Parf-fime employees: Donna Johnson, Gordon Young, Dale Dixon, Ruby Jansen, Nifa Noah, Evelyn Davidge, Urla Edmonds, Helen Gerdes, Reva Sfrong, Bob Kane, Doris Hofmann, Alice Dober and Bud Greason. Officers Firsf Semesfer Prggiderrl' -------.,-.-... Maxine Vice-Presidenf .............. Alice D0b6l' Secrefary-Treasurer ........ Donna Johnson Sergeanf-af-Arms ........,.. Bud GFGGSON Second Semesfer Pregidenf .,,--.......... Maxine O'RieIIy Vice-Presidenf ...... .... L orraine Adams Secrefary-Treasurer -s- ..,.... Nifa Noah Sergeanf-af-Arms -ss .,.. Fred Brewer TRADES AND INDUSTRY CLUB First row, from left: Donna Johnson, Maxine O'RielIy, Alice Dober. Second row: Bonnie Powers, Helen Gerdes, Evelyn Davidge, Ruby Jansen, Urla Edmonds, Nita Noah. Doris Hofmann, Lorraine Adams. Third row: Dale Dixon, Marion. Bishop, Wayne Hallickson, Frank Hubbard. Fred Brewer, Bob Kane, Wayne Watson, Gordon Young, Nlr, Haas, Advisor, HONOR SOCIETY First row, from left: Doris Hofmann, Richard Turley, Mrs. Miller, Advisor. Zona Lee Bonnell, Ruth Anderson. Second row: Barbara Schultz, John Brown, Virginia Huschka, George Turley. Reva Strong, Marjorie Cedergreen, Mary Hill, Neva Satterlee, Arlow'eene Williams, Mary Lee McGraw. Third dow: Leota Duyck, Evelyn Davidge, Joyce Feldman, Velma Cedergreen. Joyce Ewing, Ruth Wilson. Jean Duyck, Beverly Bucher, Dorothy Devriendt, Helen Hulsman. Honor Twenty-two new members were inducted Society this year, which into the Honor brings the membership to a total of thirty- four. New members inducted November 9 Dorothy Devriendt, Walter are as follows: Sinclair, and Ruth Wilson, seniors: George Cedergreen, John Brown, Leota Duyck, Joyce Ewing, Virginia Huschka, Barbara Turley, Velma Evelyn Davidge, Joyce Feldman, Halvorson, Helen Hulsman, Don Marshall, Barbara Schultz, Gail Sheeler, and Doris Hoffman, juniors. After the induction cere- mony, all members dined at Hung Far Low's in Portland. ,am Leaving for Tillamook to be installation guests are Richard Turley, Doris Hofmann. Jean Duyck, Reva Strong, Mr. Haas. Don Marshall. Society Character, Scholarship, Leadership and Service, the four ideals of the Honor Soci- ety, are traits upon which members are se- lected for the Honor Society. Four students returned Tillamook's visiting installation ceremony in March. They were entertained by a sight-see- ing tour of Tillamook, followed by a potluck dinner. Officers First Semester President ............,.... Richard Turley Vice-President ............... Jean Duyck Secretary .............. Zona Lee Bonnell Treasurer ..,.....,.. Ruth Eileen Anderson Advisor ,,............... Mrs. Ray Miller Second Semester Presiden+ ................... Jean Duyck Viee-President ............. George Turley Secretary --..,,.,....., Virginia Huschlca Treasurer ...s........s..-.. Leota Duyck Advisor ,,.,,.. A ,....,.,s Mrs. Ray Miller I-atin Club The big even-l' of +he Lafin Club's second year was in choosing and ordering club pins. The pins are gold-plaled Roman shields, in +he cen+er of which is a Roman lamp. En- circling 'rhe lamp is +he club name, also in gold le++ers. The club had formerly planned lo have a black enamel background for +he name, bid due +o war+ime condilions, if was impossible. The club meelrings consisled of social aclivilies and fhe sludy of Roman cusloms. as well as 'rhe iegular business. For 'lheir second mee+ing of +he year lhe program commilfee, wifh +he aid of some of 'lhe o+her members, presenfed a puppe+ skif enl'i+led, "Caesar's Ghosh" Al anofher meeling Fa+her Larkin fold inferesling 'lales aboul fhe Valican Cily. Al' +he beginning of +he second semes- fer ihe club inherilecl lhe noon candy sales from 'lhe Spanish Club. Wifh +he proceeds lhey hoped +o finance lheir annual Roman banquef. The club has also been having noon pop corn sales fo augmenl lhe dwind- ling candy supplies. Officers Presideni .................... Mary Hill Vice-Presidenl -.--- .... Joyce Barnes Secre+ary-Treasurer -- ---Lillian Keene Advisor -.-------- ----- M rs. Bliss Uni ii LATIN CLUB H I J ce Barnes Second row' Nora Lee Caven First row, from left: Gano Clark, Mary il, oy . . Lillian Keene, Marjorie Harris, Mrs. Bliss, Advisor. Third row: Alice Schatzman, Charmaine ns. Ledford, Beverly Gates. Marie Leave LETTERMAN CLUB First rnw, from left: Coach Brachman, Dale Dixon, Bob Rice, Bud Greason, Don Parson, Dean Frye, Bob Kane, Bill Davis, Bob Warnick, Gene Stanley, Jack Spaulding. Second row: Herbert Norris, Bill Selfridge, Gordon Young, Emery Huschka, Gene Lewis, John Brown, Byron Havernick, Byron Hodge, Don Marshall, Dale Bonnell, Tom Clapshaw, Wayne Randleman, Kenny Reade. Third row: Darrell Frye, Gene Gregg, Bob Young, Bob Scotton, Allen Vuylsteke, Roland Hendricks, John Forsberg, Allen Swanson. Lettermen Club The LeHerman's club had a very suc- cessful year. As an aclivily +he club under- 'loolc 'l'he job of ushering al' +he baslcelball games. The annual picnic was held in +he spring. The following were 'lhe officers 'for each semeslerz Firsl Semesler Pregidenl- ,,,,e............. Wall Sinclair Vice-Presidenl ................ Bob Kane Secrefary ,---,.,.......... Don l"l0fm6l1n Treasurer ............-4....... Bill DBVIS Sergeanl-al-Arms .......,.... John Brown Second Semesler Presidenl --,.-.-s,W,,---, .... ---Don Smllh Vice-Presidenl -.. ........... Roberl' Young Seerelary ......,.,.... Wayne Randleman Treasurer ....e..,........ Emery Huschlca Sergeanl-al-Arms e......,... Dale Bonnell The Girls' Aihlefic Associalion pariici- . Q mgwgli, ,W . N., .ff G. A. A. First row, from left-Barbara Lilly, Clara Mae Vanderzanden, Betty Bothum, Carolyn Barlow, Janice Davidson, Marjorie Shipley, Bonnie Powers, Nita Noah, Lodema French, Velma Ceder- green, Helen Hulsman, Jackie Lewton, Carolyn McCann, Mrs. Paul, advisor. Second row- Evelyn Huffman, Phyllis Kadolf, Bonnie Maitland, Leota Duyck, Alice Schatzman, Jean Mun- corf, Phyllis Skarsten, Donna Olsen. Ruby Jansen, Urla Edmonds, Bonnie Russell, Vivian Troutt, Jean Evanson, Evelyn Davldqe, Joyce Feldman, Marjorie Cedergreen. Third row- Jeannette Meeuwsen, Jackie Vining, Beverly Gates, Nora Lee Craven, Helen Salisbury, Joyce Vandehey, Joyce Barnes, Leone Nelson, Joyce Ewing, Nan Dodds. Fourth row-Betty Bateman, Ruth Davidge, Vida James, Eleanor Shearer, Shirley Williams, Connie Hammaker, Mary Ann Rauch, Mary Helen Foresburg, Janice Eastwood, Lois Williams, Alice Ewing, Marian Hill, Zona Lee Bonnell, Evelyn Wilson, Virginia Hubbard, Bernice Meeuwson, Marjorie Jensen, Jean Wood. Fifth row-Sue Graham. Louise Lowe, Clara Hudson, Phyllis Higby, Maribel Melville, Vivian Erb, Lewise White, Marilyn Smith, Nettie Mae Anderson. . G. A. A. Officers in charge of various aci'ivi+ies: pared in ihe usual spcrls evenis of lhe year, being acfive in b0'i'i'l class and inframural games. Fourteen girls were eniiiled +o leH'ers ll-iis year. Officers Presideni .... . ........ Barbaralee Franck Vice-Presidenf ........ Marjorie Cedergreen Secreiary-Treasurer ........ Jackie Lew+on Reporier ............... Alice Schafzman Hiking .................. Barbara Schultz Baskelball ........ -------Donna Olson Baseball .,...- ,. .........- Beverly Bucher Bicycling .................. Jackie Vining Soccer ............. Neifie Mae Anderson Volleyball .............. Nora Lee Craven Tennis ...............,... Helen Hulsman Track ........ -,..-- -,---Carolyn Barlow Badminion and Ping Pong .... Jean Evanson Tumbling .................. Joyce Ewing Advisor .......... ----Mrs. Dorofhy Paul This is their masterpiece. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Front row, from left-Clara Hudson, Vivian Troutt, Donna Johnson Ruth Anderson. Grace Hallauer, Urla Edmonds, Lodema French, Imogene Crutchfield. Second row-Carolyn Luebke, Janet Meeuwsen, Florence Vandervelden, Gloria McCoy, Marjorie Shipley, Mary Jane Holock, Janice Mixer, Donaldo Ellis, Charlita Ledford, Eleanor Shearer, Jackie Lewton, Nettie Mae Anderson. Third row-Betty Gamble, Esther Barnes, Delores Bradley, Ilene Savage, Priscilla Hoover, Donna Olsen, Mary Ann Rauch, Bernice Meeuwsen, Ruby Jansen, Velma Cedergreen, Mrs. Underhill, advisor. Fourth row-Shirley Heisler, Edith Reeher, Wilma Berry, Mary Forsberg, Lois Williams, Betty Bateman, Marcellia Johnston, Vida James, Lucille Ubelle, Betty Braun. Future l-lomemakers of America The Future Homemakers of America was a new national organization this year, taking the place of what was the Home Economics Club. The Forest Grove Chapter has taken an active part in the formation of the new organization on both state and regional lev- els. The service proiects of the year includ- ed the continuation of sewing stars on the service flag. The F. H. A. and F. F. A. co- operated in gathering and canning IZO quarts of food for war-hungry Europe. The most important event of the year was the F. H. A. District Conference which was held at Forest Grove. This included Washington. Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook and Yamhill counties. The conference theme was "Onward," and the day's program in- cluded special music, an old-fashioned skit, discussion groups, luncheon, and an panel on boy-girl relationships. As a special feature, Dr. Gertrude Boyd Crane spoke on "The Art of Hgmemakingf' A potluck supper in honor of the new members opened our social events for the year. Another enioyable social event was a skating party which the F. F. A. boys gave the girls for cooking and serving their F. F. A. banquet. The year's activities were concluded with the annual Mother-Daughter Tea and the installation ceremony of the new officers in May. The Officers President ............ Ruth Eileen Anderson Vice-President ......,....- Donna Johnson Secretary ...-.e.......... Grace Hallauer l'llSi'Ol'lan ..............,..- Vivian Trout-I' Reporter .................. Urla Edmunds Song Leader ............. ,-Clara Hudson Pianist .................. Lodema French Advisor ................. Mrs. Underhill FUTURE FARMERS First row, from left-Bud Rutherford, Bill Buel, Monroe Gerdes, Jack Giltner, Harvey Dargatz, Russel Robinet, Jim Strudavant, Robert Gedlick, Charles Jarrel, Bruce Cox, Jim Gray. Second row-Mr. Burns, advisor, Arthur Gordon, Delbert Gillum, James L.iIly, Luther Gerdes, Kenneth Juden, Jim Michaels, Dick Marshall, Kenneth Strandberg, Dean Peckham, Alvin Van Dyke. D A d D I H tt R'cha d Van D tk Delbert Cornbes. Carl McCorkle, Bernard on n erson, ae ugge , I r y e, Rauch, Jim Tyson, Bruce Nelson, Loren Hildenbrand, Don Shaffer, Gail Sheelar, Roland Hendricks, Robert Salisberry, Elmo Thompson, Albert Jossi, Jay Hoover. F. F. A. The Forest Grove Chapter Future Farm- ers ot America completed its seventeenth year in agricultural activities, having re- ceived its state charter in l929. lt took an active interest and part in school lite up to the present date. The seventeenth annual Parent and Son Banquet was held December I7, I945, in the Industrial Arts room in Forest Grove Union High School, the first peacetime banqget any ot the members had attended. This year's activities included partici- pating in the County Fair, placing tirst in the district parliamentary contest, the holding ot an annual Parent and Son banquet, placing third in the district public speaking contest, attending the state F. F. A. convention at Salem, and participating in the state par- liamentary contest. ln January the chapter captured the district, tirst place, parliamen- tary banner tor the second time. Forest Grove now keeps it permanently and a new one will be supplied the district. This en- titled the team to participate in that state contest which was held at Salem, April Il. The chapter received state honors this year by being one ot the titteen chapters in the state to receive its "Keystone Rating," which was awarded in the torm of a plaque at Salem, April IZ. Also they received one ot the tive 554.50 checks awarded by Sears, Roebuck 81 Company in the Food tor Victory contest. Mr. L. H. Burns, trom Montana, was the new instructor who guided and directed the chapter activities during the school year. Mr. Burns came to take Mr. Bennett's place which was vacated when he accepted a con- tract with the Newberg High School. President .... .. ......... Roland Hendricks Vice-President -- ........ Gail Sheelar Secretary ..... -- Kenneth Strandberg Treasurer .... ..... A lvin VanDyke Reporter -- -- Bob Salisbury Sentinel --- ,.... Jim Tyson Girls' Club The i945-46 season of Girls' Club ac- fivifies was opened wifh 'rhe fradifional Big- sisfer-Liffle-sisfer parfy composed of senior and freshman girls. On ,Armisfice Day fhe club presenfed an assembly open fo all ihe school. Service men and women and American Legion offi- cers were fhe main parficipanfs. Main speaker was refurned veferan of Soufh Pa- cific, Garlyn Munkres. To discourage race prejudice, a Negro minisfer, Reverend Ennis Walley, Porfland, spoke fo 'rhe girls in one of fhe meefings. The senior girls opened fhe series of class assemblies puf on and fhe ofher classes followed suif. Af fhe music fournamenf fhe club spon- sored a snack bar much nppreciafed by ouf- of-fown sfudenfs. Six girls affended fhe conference af Tigard wifh Miss Graham. They were Mary Lee McGraw, who led a dis- cussion group on Race Prejudice, Dorofhy Devriendf, Lillian Keene. Jean Brodersen, Florence Ing, and Reva Sfrong. Rufh VViison affended fhe older girls' conference af Eu- gene. The annual Easfer Assembly was planned by our advisor and members of fhe club decorafed fhe audiforium. Officers Presidenf .s,.............s. Reva Sfrong Vice-Presidenf H- ....,. Margaref Beal Secrefary ..,. .... A rloweene Williams Treasurer .... ......,. R u+i1 Wilson Song Leader --, .....s.. Jackie Vining Advisor .... L... M iss Leone Graham .44 LS' CLUB left-Marjorie Cedergreen, V3 Strong, Jackie Vining. Secound row4i5Zuti-iiililiison, Arloweene Williams, Miss Graham, Advisor. Boost Wifh fhe opening of fhis school year, fhe Boosfers, under fhe able leadership of Mrs. James Paul, began a program full of pep and school spirif. Their many acfivifies were a consfanf source of pep and inferesf for bofh 'rhe sfu- denf body and fhe players. The many flash- lighl drills and sfunfs for fhe games were also very popular wifh fhe specfafors and cheer secfions: in facf, Boosfer flashlighf of fhe mosf popular drills have become one ' ' GUHS. The mosf oufsfanding fradlflons af F SFS was fhe pennanf drill for fhe Wesf Linn game. Half-fime drills af foofball games were especially popular fhis year and reached peak performance when, wifh fhe band, Boosfers drew a roar of approval from fhe crowd af fhe Tillamook game. Officers Presidenf ...a. - .......... Neva Safferlee Vice-Presidenf --- .... Evelyn Davidge Secrefary ..... ..... J oyce Feldman Treasurer -- .... Lorraine Cooper Advisor --- ......... Mrs. Paul OSTER Hof BO From left to right-Maxine O'RielIy, Doris - mann, Mary Lee McGraw, Jackie Lewton, Shir- ley Duncan, Joyce Feldman, Lorraine Cooper. Neva Satterlee, Evelyn Davidge, Charlotte Albers, Barbara Halvorsen, Reva Strong, Nita Williams, Ruth Wilson. Center on, Lois Noah, Arloweene H lsman, Donna Johns left-Helen u Kahn, Alice Dober. PREPPERS First rnw, from left-Jean Wonder, Delores Young, Shirlee McKichan, Marilyn Smith, Nettie Anderson. Nora Craven, Geraldine Sinclair. Second row-Margaret Crutchfield, Shirley Bone, Evelyn Engelen, Nancy Latimer, Lenore Vuylsteke, Joan Wiebke, Phyllis Higby, Myrna Castle- bery, Helen Yardley, Shirlee Powell, Elaine Brady, Leiah Alexander, Donna Keene. Alma Crume. Third row-Betty Bothum, Arlene Hinchcliff, Bernice Meeuwsen, Evelyn Wilson, Ramona Stevens, Mary Sharp, Ruth Giessmar, Jean Broderson, Carley Morgan, Doris Cutright, Bonnie Hoodenpyle, Barbara Lilly. Eileen Kyle. Meradeane Clark, Eunice Stoffer, Joan Vaandering, Maridel Duyck, Myrtle Fox, Esther Barnes, Alice Ewing, Georgia Elmore, Marjorie Bishop, Bonnie Maitland. Fifth row-Beverly Crawford, Clara Hudson, Shirley Ahlson, Pat Dunn, Betty Greenlee, Helen Salisberry, Frances Warrens, Phyllis Kadolph, Barbara Evers. Thelma Dove, Betty Braun. Sixth row-Clara Mae Hebron, Betty Larson, Lois Horton, Mary Ann Rauch, Arlene Satterlee, Jo Jensen, Beryl Van Dyke, Gay Hoisington, Vivian Erb, Norma Nunn, Leone Nelson, Virginia Hubbard. Seventh row--Marie Timmerman, Louise White. Shirley Baker, Gano Clark, Maribel Melville, llo Mae Nemeyer. l reppers The Preppers started their year with a recognition ceremony. They went on a hay- ride and took an active part in the Fireside Chats. Marilyn Smith and Delores Young represented the club at the mid-winter con- terence which was held at Eugene. Prepper members ioined girls from ditterent areas tor two ski trips to Mount Hood. The theme ot the Mother-Daughter Banquet which was given April 9, was "A Candle and a Star." The Princess tor the annual Girl Reserve For- mal in Portland was Shirley Williams. Be- sides these activities they had their regular meetings tor some ot which they had outside speakers. President ................ Marilyn Smith Vice-President -- ...... Annemarie Beatty Secretary ............ Geraldine Sinclair Treasurer .............. Nora Lee Craven Reporter ...............- Beverly Gates Song Leader .............. Shirley Powell Historian .............. Shirlee McKichan TRI-Y Front row, from left: Doris Hofmann, Alice Schatzman, Mary Hill, Neva Satterlee, Jackie Lewton, Mary Lee McGraw, Arloweene Williams, Evelyn Davidge, Joyce Feldman, Velma Cedergreen. Second row' Jackie McGreer, Helen Hulsman, Phyllis Skarsten, Virginia Huschka, Jean Duyck, Beverly Bucher, Maxine 0'Rielly, Caro,yn Latimer, Charlotte Albers, Juanita Noah and Lorraine Adams. Third row: Mary Brundage, June Harmon, Elaine Troutt, llene Savage, Jackie Vining, Geraldine Waldron, Violet Wiedewitsch, Marjorie Cedergreen, Lorraine Cooper, Peggy Crippen, Gloria McCoy, Clarice Ewing, Charlita Ledford, Marjorie Harris, JoEllen Siemon. Fourth row: Norma Klingsporn. Donna Johnson, Donna Olsen, Jean lvlundorff, Pauline Sohler, Dorothy Devriendt, Lois Thelin, Lois Kahn, Ardeth Monk, Nan Dodds, Colleen Engle, Evelyn Huffman. Fifth row: Ruth Davidge, Helen McLellan, Hazel Bean. Shirley Hardebeck. Doris Bradley, Winnie Walsh, Wilma Berry, Urla Edmonds, Lillian Keene. Betty Strandberg. Sixth row: Clara Vanderzanden, Eleanor Shearer, Grace Hallaur, Leota Duyck, Marcellia Johnston, Pat Wood, Jean Evanson, Shirley Duncan, Janice Davidson. Vivian Harleman. Seventh row: Catherine Massie, Zona Bonnell, Charmaine Ledford, Florence Vandervelden, Carolyn McCann, Janet Meeuwsen, Ruth Anderson, Margaret Beal, Alice Dober, Betty Camp. Eighth r-ow: Barbara Schultz, Gloria Grimson, Betty Bateman. Tri-Y The Tri-Y started activities with an "l Was There" membership tea tor all the Junior and Senior girls, and one hundred girls joined--the largest membership the Tri-Y has had in Forest Grove. Thirty-six girls and sponsors attended a School ot ln- struction and dinner which were given in Portland tor the Girl Reserves ot this area. The club again sponsored the War Bond Sales, netting three times more than any previous time. ln connection with the Bond Drive, Janice Davidson, Reva Strong, and Arloweene Williams were chosen as candi- dates tor Football Queen, with Janice being elected. This was the tirst time a Football Queen had been elected and she was crowned at the Thanksgiving game by the tootball captain, David Knapp. At Christmas, besides having a tea and exchange ot gitts tor themselves, each girl sent a gitt and a letter to one or more ot the children in the orphanage at Corvallis, one hundred and twenty-two children being re- membered. A Mary Lee McGraw and Violet Wiede- witsch attended the Mid-Winter Conference at Eugene. For the tirst time members ot the Tri-Y and p,reppers joined others 'From the area on two ioint ski trips to Mt. Hood. Lois Kahn was chosen Princess ot the Girl Reserve Formal in Portland. The theme ot the annual Mother-Daughter Banquet, which was held on April 26, was The Atomic Age. Besides these extra activities, the Tri-Y held its regular meetings every month with speak- ers on such subiects as "Charm" and "Col. lege Lite." Last summer the President Mary Lee McGraw was sent to a Girl Re- serve Summer Conterence at Lewis and Clark College. Otticers President ---- -- ------. Mary Lee McGraw Vice-President .......... Neva Satterlee SeC'e+afY -------- ------.. J ackie Lewton Treasure' --------- ----.. J oyce Feldman Song Leader ------- ----- g Evelyn Davidge Reporter ----- ------ - -- Alice Schatzman Historian .,..,-, n,,--- ------- M e ,Y Hill STAG ECRA FT From left-ClintonAParmIey, Bud Marshall, Jerry Mills. Jack Dickey, James Christiansen, Bill Berry Bonnie Maitland Charlita Ledf rd B v rl Bucher Re Str n L H k , , o , e e y - , va o g, eon eesac er, Raymond Vanderzanden, John Forsberg, Arloweene Williams, and Darrell Frye. Stagecralzt The Slage crafi Club, under +he direciion of George Hugg, has done an excellenl' job as always on +he sfage seHings for +he school plays, which highlighl' lhe year. The mofif for The Junior Play sei was a modern living room complefe wifh a very realisiic s+air case. The aciual se'Hing-up +ook approxi- mafely one week. The Senior play mo+if ieafured a huge grandfa+her's clock com- plefe wilh secref panel +o enhance +he mys- +erious effec'r so ar+is'I'ically creafed by lhe Siagehands. The lighling was superb and even under s+rain of a possible fire 'lhe fuse box man kep+ on ihe iob. Il' is +he plan of +he club +o equip +he s+age wi+h new flais and s+age props. Ray- mond Vanderzanden, Presidenf, has planned a new se+ of ligh+ing equipmenl +o be in- sfalled nexi year, Purchase of These new maferials has been okayed 'For nexf year's purchase. For en+er+ainmen+, 'lo climax 1'he busy year, +he club held i+s annual picnic for a day of relaxafion and fun. Officers Presidenl' ......... Raymond Vanderzanden Vice-Presidenl' .............. Gene Lewis Secre+ary-Treasurer ......... Vivian TrouH' Repor+er .......... ---Charli+a Ledford n l l l SCIENCE CLUB First row, from left-Zona Bonnell, Jean Duyck, Lorraine Cooper, Wayne Vancil, Neva Satterlee, Mary Lee McGraw, Gloria Grimson. Second row-Mr. Brachman, Advisor, Tom Clapshaw, Bob Warnick, Alfred Bothum, Charles McCarthy. Third row-Charles Buchanan, David McAdoo, Chester Cunningham. Richard Haskins, Owen Rasmussen, Don Parson, Don Marshall. Fourth row-Bob Scotton, Allen Vuylsteke, Leon Heesacker, Herbert Norris, Bill Moreland. Science Club The 'firsl' Science Club fo be formed in Foresl' Grove High School was organized in lhe fall of I946. Members are composed of sludenls who have lalcen chemislry or W fi physics or who are 'faking 'lhose subiecls 'lhis gi ,....,.,. year. Choosing lhe name, "-Eleclrons In- qqqqqlllzlzlglg 5523 corpora+ed," 'rhe club is affilia+ed wilh +he fzff any 1 ? Naiional Science Club of America. iii 'V -'-1-f: The purpose of fhe club is +o promole ff X inleresl in science among s+uden+s of high i ngs. ,almi i E schools lhroughouf lhe counlry. ":""' f --:1 eff :I 2 P 5 Azau A new class in analy+ical chemislry cre- H 'iiz iiiiiiiii ' lilizi 1:" My aled a greal deal of inleresl' lhoughoul 'lhe by A 5. pf W is s+uden+ body wi+h experimenfs such as eal- . E Vlzzzvgvi' 4 ing a dissolved shirl. 'iiii 5 l .,:, VQQ: lf' The oulsfandipg ac+ivi+ies of +he year ii ::E included a four of fhe Pacific Universily lab- :,,,, '.-QV3 if ZEE Ezizi R Q qzz, orafory and a scienlific assembly held in lhe ge i'fi A, ' "'::EEE::" I fi , 2 ,,,,, zlzlzsli audilorium. Ei QE? iii 'f,,1 1159 Vviil Officers 'i lez Pfesldeni' ---------------- -Wayne Vancil V W ii lizfzf ',,,'-f --,,. ::2-- 3 "-- ':'::- , Vice-Presidenl .........,.,,, Don Marshall zzz' ' i 5eC"e+6fY ---------... Mary Lee McGraw .. eiiaillgf Y if le , Q W we ,-:-:: lll zzz TTGGSUFGI' ---.- ..... ...... G l oria Grimson Russel McKichan and Bob Kane at work ln the Lab. R9P0'+e" ----------- -------- J een Duyck guesses SPANISH CLUB First row, from left-Janice Davidson, Beverly Bucher, Ruth Wilson, William Cooke. Second row-Tom Hanson, Barbara Halvorsen, Ruth Giessmar, Gloria Grimson, Joyce Feldman, Jean Broderson, Nlaridel Duyck, Joy Vandering, Helen Yardley, Velma Dove. Third row- Rohert Gecllick, Ruth Keeler, Beverly Gates, Nora Lee Craven, Aileen Uhlin, Frances Warren. Elaine Rosequist, Betty Greenlee, Mrs. Me-negat, advisor, Bill Mitchell. Fourth row-Jim Vandecoevering, Eugene Evers, Richard Pinckney, John Luebke. Not pictured: Paul Oliver, Spanish Club This year when you fhoughf of fhe Span- ish Club you fhoughf of Hershey bars, Milky Ways, and peanufs, for selling candy was ifs money-making scheme, and a very profil'- able one. The meefings were highlighfed by fas- cinafing speakers, nafives of Mexcio and Soufh Americ-a. Some inferesfing films on Mexico were shown wifh fhe new projecfor. Wifh fhe feaching of firsl' year Spanish again. club membership was greafly in- creased and every sludenf having faken a year, or jusf faking if, aufomafically be- longed. Many of fhem carried on corres- pondence wifh pen-pals in Spain and Soufh America. This aclivify greafly increased fheir knowledge of life in lhese counfries. Officers Advisor .............. Mrs. Paul Menegaf Presidenf .................. Rufh Wilson Secrefary-Treasurer ......... William Cooke Song Leader ............ Janice Davidson Program Chairman ..-..... Beverly Bucher Reporfer .................. Edifh Reeher l-li-Y Foresf Grove Chapfer of fhe Hi-Y, ad- vised by Jackson Bliss, engaged in a broad program of acfivifies. The group raised money for World Service by selling soff drinks and by conducfing fhe Second Annual Hi-Y Smoker. lf conducfed a clofhing drive for war vicfims and sponsored a very suc- cessful conducf lecfure for boys, fhe speaker of which was Arfhur Graper of Mulfnomah College. If was fhe hosl' club for fhe Porf- land Area Spring Hi-Y lnducfion. Social evenfs which rounded ouf fhe program were a dinner dance af fhe Foresl' Hills Counfry Club and fhe annual farewell picnic. The following were 'lhe officers of fhe club: ' Firsl Semesfer Officers Pfesldenl --------...... --Walfer Sinclair Vice-Presidenf --- ---Russell McKichan Secrefary -V.. .. ---Charles Buchanan Treasurer -- ---- Roberf Warnick Chaplain --- .--- Gene Hausske Reporfer ------------------ George: Turley Second Semesfer Officers Presiclenf ----------------- Donald Parson Vice-Presidenf --------- Wayne Randleman Secrefary ---- ---- C hesfer Cunningham Treasurer --- -------- Roberl' Scoffon Chaplain --- -.---.---- Gene Hausske Reporfer ---------------- Roberf Warnick The new members for fhe year were as follows: Fall lnducfion Roberf Scoffon Chesfer Cunningham Emery Huschka Andrew Cunningham Vernal Edmonds Ronald Engelen ' Gail Sheelar Spring lnducfion John Brown Allen Swanson William Davis Allen Harleman Wayne Randleman HI-Y First row, from left-Walter Sinclair, Russell McKichan, Bob VVarnick, Charles Buchanan G n H k D , e e auss e, on Hofmann. Second row-Richard Turley, Don Parson. Third row-Wayne Randleman, Mr. Bliss, Advisor, Alan Harleman. Fourth row-Allen Swanson, George Turley. Fifth row- Bob Scotton, Chester Cunningham. Not picture - Blll Davis. Emery Huschka, Andy Cunningham, Vern Edmonds. Ronald lnqelqn. John Brown. Gall Sheeler. YQ xx X N X l if i I lax 3 .-1l f' x 'xi x.jX 4 X x First row, from left-Bonnie Maitland, Eleanor Shearer, Clara Vanderzanden. Second row- Ramona Stevens, Roger Crocker, Leota Duyck, Corrine Scovell, Lodema French, Chester Cunningham, Herbert Nelson, Dale Dixon. Third row-Charlita Ledford, Richard Bunker, Lucille Uebele, Raymond Hartson, Byron Havernick, Gordon Young, Arlene Hinchcliff. Fourth row-lVlr. Leak, Director, Charles Rice, Darrell Frye, Kenneth Read, Fred Brewer. Wayne Watson. Fifth Row-Richard Turley, Don Thompkins. Kenneth Reade, Allen Vuylsteke, Dick lVlcCrae. Charlotte Finck. Band The band, under the able direction ot George C. Leak, provided music tor assem- blies and tor football and basketball con- Q 5 Q f On review at the Turkey Day game. tests. lt participated in school parades and rallies. It participated in the regional music festival, held in Forest Grove, pertorming a concert and cooperating in the various other band activities. The band's unitorm tund was increased by 5280, the net receipts trom a benetit tootball game with Tillamook. Eleanor Shearer, one ot the majorettes, won tourth prize in a regional drum maior- ette contest. She and Clara Mae Vander- zanden also placed high in twirling events at the Music Festival. Band otticers were as follows: First Semester President ....e - ...... Wayne Cunningham Vice-President ............ Richard Turley Secretary-Treasurer ....... Eleanor Shearer Librarian ..........., Chester Cunningham Second Semester President .....v......... Byron Havernick Vice-President ,,............ Leota Duyck Secretary-Treasurer ....... Eleanor Shearer Librarian ........... Chester Cunningham l BOYS' GLEE First row, from left-Vern Edmonds, Delmar Dinehart, Bill May, Jerry Mills, John Luebke. Second row-Bill White, Owen Rasmussen, Vernon Stolen, Bill Wilson. Third row-Byron Hodge, Larry Bosshardt, Pat Longtain, Raymond Hartson, Dick Johnston, Don Parson, John Brown. Glee Club The Glee Club, made up of boys' glee. girls' glee and mixed chorus, under +he di- recfion of Mrs. Aranf, has had an unusual year. The firsl pos?-war Music Tournamenl' was held al' 'I'he Forest Grove High School. Twenly schools were represenled. The judges were Mr. Holensfad, Mr. Duncan and Mrs. Ellio++. Foresl Grove received a large share of 'l'he prizes, including ra+ings as fol- lows: Boys Glee-I, Mixed Chorus-2, Girls' Glee-I. Soloisls who received ones were Don Parson, Byron Hodge and Calher- ine Massie. These winners lravelecl +o Eugene on May lhird lo aH'end +he regional finals. There Don Parson won a superior raling in his division oi boys medium voices. This year Mrs. .Aran'I' inlroduced 'l'he mixed chorus and discovered some oul'- sfanding male voices, including Larry Boss- hardl, Don Parson and 'John Brown. These boys sang on various occasions during lhe year. Calherine Massie was +he ou+s'l'and- ing soloisf among +he girls' division of +his year's glee club. Entire Glee Club SENIORETTES The Seniors have been proud of these girls who have showed enthusiasm in all that they have undertook to do. Under the direction of Mrs. Arant, the girls sang at the Monday Club. in the pre-Christmas assem- bly, and at the Legion Auxiliary, lending their voices of good cheer wherever they sang. Front row, from left: Marie Leavens, Charlotte Albers. Mrs. Arant, director, Beverly Bucher. Mary Lee McGraw. Back row: Maxine O'Rielly. Margaret Beal. Jacqueline Vining. Neva Satterlee. JUNIOR SEXTET The girls who compose the Junior Sextet have sung together for two years and plan to continue next year. They have highlighted many school entertainments including the Junior-Senior Banquet, the Hi-Y initiation and the annual Prom. Outside organiza- tions have also billed them for their unmistakable talent. At the music tournament they received a superior ratinq and entered the regional finals at Eugene. These girls show promise of becominq an important factor in the school's music talent. From left: Catherine Massie. Barbara Halvorsen, Bar- bara Schultz, Evelyn Davidge, Lois Kahn, Janice Davidson. Ms. Arant, director, seated. Nan Dodds replaced Barbara Halvorsen, who moved to Salem. IVIAJORETTES From left: Clara Mae Vanderzanden. Eleanor Shearer, Bonnie Maitland YEL.L LEADERS From left: Geraldine Sinclair, Dale Dixon, Donna Johnson I ef ,D X' QAM iw MH ,N S "' uuu-luv 'QQE 3'5- ..,2E x 'QQ' 3 ,if w if .M 5 .:..:?': , W, ........ '. . W x A S' X 1. 1 M X 2 isf 1 f , 4:-:.: ::. 5 ....:,:,,:,... M ff- if ff " is ' :QW :tzz K is S M ,,,,. : NN up ..,' 1 W , -:mi- : .,... , :.:,., ., , v iw I ...V ,v-A"'JMwJ 'kwa if QM! . .....c.:, l y,,W -M 5.5 I ..--,:,, ':"- , I ' Q , : ....., 1 2 'Bbw From Lek Oppodfe Page Ura? row: Rohm? Young, Wayne Raw dleman, Billy Davisb Second row: Jim Siem David Knapp and Coach Sraciwrrvnm Russel Mc' Kicisan. T531-d row: Byron Hodge. Dale Bonneli, Robes-Q Sczoiforw. Fouriix row: Bob Kane and John Brown, F-mm Lefit This Page 'Firsf row: Eugene Sfanley, Emery Huschka, Allen Swanwn. 5-eoond row: Alien Vuyisieke, Bi!! Seifw ridge. Don Parson. Third row: John Fcresberg, Herber? Norris, Gene Lewis. zfourih row: Waiier Sinclair. QQ' 9 W V www ,WWA . V W ,W Football Season of IQLI5 The season of I945 ,was nof foo suc- cessful for fhe Foresf Grove Viking Foofball feam. The feam won fhree games, fied one, and losf four. The Vikings shared fhe fiffh posifion in fhe T.Y.V. League wifh Newberg. The feam onened fhe season by smofh- ering fhe Scappoose Indians 33-0 on Pacific field. Scappoose was unable fo denf fhe F. G. line, and fheir passes fell incomplefe, due fo fhe alerfness of fhe Viking backfield. Launching info fhe firsf league game of fhe season fhe Viks were clawed 34-6 by fhe McMinnville Grizzlies. The Mac feam, using a fricky T-formafion, capifalized on a speedy and elusive backfield, mosf of fhe poinfs being gained by long runs or com- plefed passes. The lone Viking fouchdown was pushed over by Dave Knapp. Alfhough favored fo win, fhe Vikings dropped fheir second league game fo Wesf Linn 25-7. Baird, a Lion back, pushed over fwo goals in fhe firsf half fo make fhe score I2-0. In fhe fhird quarfer Davis fossed a pass fo Randleman for our lone fouchdown. Randleman also received fhe pass for fhe conversion, making fhe score I2-7. How- ever, fhe Lions escaped for fwo more fouch- downs, ending fhe game in fhe lead 25-7. The Vikings broke info fhe League win column wifh a I9-7 vicfory over fhe Tilla- mook Cheesemakers. Freshman Emery Husch- ka accounfed for I3 poinfs. The ofher 6 poinfs were made by Hodge, who infer- cepfed a, Cheesemaker pass. Tillamook escaped under a cover of fog for one fouch- down. In fhe final momenfs of fhe game, Sfanley scored from his own 23-vard line, only fo have fhe fally nof counfed because of clipping. The nexf game was a 6-6 fie wifh New- berg. The game was primarily a line baffle, no really long runs being made. This was also parfly due fo fhe mud and heavy fog which grounded passes and bogged down fhe backfield. Davis scored firsf for six poinfs. In fhe same quarfer Corneff of New- berg ran 2I yards fo score. The score re- mained deadlocked for fhe remainder of fhe game despife hard driving by bofh feams. Foresf Grove fraveled fo Beaverfon for fhe nexf game, only fo be sfopped by a slick T-formafion and a fasf combinafion of backs in fhe form of Biggi and McKnighf. The final score was 7 for fhe Vikings and 27 for fhe Beavers. The Foresf Grove fally was chalked up by Scoffon who infercepfed a Beaverfon Iaferal and ran 30 yards for a fouchdown. Drawing a bye fhe Friday before fhe Tigard game, Fo.esf Grove mef fhe Asforia Naval Base. The heavier and older sailors displayed a confusing formafion and a greaf amounf of power, buf fhe Vikings fied fhe Gobs 7-7. Journeying fo Tigard, Foresf Grove plunged fo a I9-0 win fhrough fhe swampy Tigard gridiron. Two fouchdowns were made by Selfridge and one by Davis. This was fhe second league win for F. G. Thanksgiving Day, November 22, broughf Hillsboro fo Foresf Grove fo renew fhe old rivalry befween fhe fwo schools. Hillsboro won fhe game 2I-0 on breaks. By infer- cepfing one pass and receiving anofher in fhe firsf quarfer Hillsboro gained fhe edge I4-0. In fhe second quarfer fhe fwo feams fried hard fo score buf failed. In fhe fhird quarfer Sfrauhan received a pass and es- caped for anofher fouchdown. This goal mighf have been made earlier if if had nof been for Chrisfenson of Hilhi who fripped Doyle affer Doyle had received a pass. In fhe final quarfer fhe Sparfans were held scoreless, buf fhey also held fhe Vikings scoreless, and fhe game ended 2I-0. This was fhe only feam fhaf held our feam score- less during fhe season. Final League sfandings: W L Tied ' ' 0 0 McMinnville ........... ---6 Beaverfon ...... ---6 I 0 Hillsboro ..... -- ---5 2 0 Wesf Linn ......... ,--4 3 0 FOREST GROVE --- ---2 4 I Newberg ....... ---2 4 I Tillamook ..............,..... I 5 0 Tigard ................,,..-.. 0 7 O Foresf Grove' Tofal Poinfs, 97: Againsf, I20 Firsf Team: Second Team: R.E.-Scoffon. R.T.-Brown R.E.-Forsberg. R.T.-Sinclair. R.G.-McKichan R.G.-Parson. C.-Hodge. C.-Vuylsfeke. L.G.-Smifh. L.G.-Lewis. L.T.--Bonnell. L.T.-Norris. L.E.-Kane. L.E.--Sfein. Q.B.-Young. Q.B.-Swanson. F.B.-Huschka. F.B.-Selfridge. R.H.-Knapp. R.H.-Randleman. L.H.-Davis. L.H.-Sfanley. Brown made All-Sfar in T.Y.V. League for fhe second consecufive fime. Hodge, Mc- Kichan, Smifh and Scoffon received honor- able menfion. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SQUAD First row, from left-Jackie Spaulding, Bill Berry, Earl Edmonds, Frank Broderson, Don Dwyer, Jerry Hodge, Jack Dickie, Jim Gray. Second row-Gene Fisher, Tony Lopez, Dexter Hueschkel, Bud Marshall, Jerry Mills, Hubert Nelson, Jim Spear, Clinton Parmley. Third row- Coach, Harold Whitbeck, Dick Johnston, Dale McFarIan, Jack Buchanan, Eugene Lambert, James Christianson, Jerry Owsleyl, Dale Huggett, Don Shaffer, Bud Rutherford. FOOTBALL SQUAD Coaches Brachman and Lemcke, B. Scotton, H. Norris, R. McKichan, B. Hodge, D. Smith, J. Brown, B. Kane, D. Bonnell. Second row-K. Gore, A. Cunningham, G. Lewis, J. Forsberq, B. Warnick. D. Parson, A. Vuylsteke, W. Sinclair, B. Cooper, A. Swanson, B. Halvorsen, G. Young, B. Noah. Third row--G. Garrett, D. Hofmann, D. Frye, C. Buchanan, B. Selfridge, W. Randleman, E. Oberg, D. Frye, R. Engelen, D. Olgesby, J. Stein, B. Roberts. Fourth row-R. Hutcnlns, E. Huschka, P. Longtain, B. Watson, F. Parks, S. Franck, R. Haskins, B. Lowe, P. Oliver, B. Rice, T. Clapshaw, B. Moreland. MQ, 3 3 in M A .,,: 'Q A I ? .:::E ,,,,..,,...,.,. 5 ..,.,, . Y O Ml LMWWN , ' X S ip is 4 ? U X i Ai -f 7 W - Q xxx, .zgsqm-Q x ff W sim 3 :ID in : it EEE , Z BYRON HAVERNICK BYRON HODGE ROBERT YOUNG RONALD ENGELEN BILL DAVIS GENE STANLEY RUSSELL MCKICHAN BUD GREASON BAorxn l'L.r-xi... , QNUAQ First row-A. Cunningham, B. Davis, G. Stanley, R. McKichan, V. Edmonds. Second row-R. Young, R. Engelen, B. Hodge, A. Swanson, B. ..aver-nick. Basketball The fighfing Vikings came fhrough half and half in fhe TYV League play, winning seven and dropping seven. When fhe com- plefe season's record was fabulafed fhe Viks came ouf wifh Il wins and 9 losses. Tofal poinfs scored in league play were F. G. 502, and opponenfs 549. Opening league play in slam-bang fashion, fhe powerful Viks upsef Newberg on fheir floor, 44-29. A Running frue fo form fhe Vikings 'lhen played a bigger Wesf Linn quinfef and ham- mered fhe visifors by a similar score, 44-28. ln fhe fhird league game fhe powerful Vilcings burned up fhe fwine by mopping up a smaller Tigard club 5I-30. Three of fhe Viking quinfef sacked up 39 poinfs in a fasf- scoring ball game. Then came fhe old arch-rivals, fhe Spar- fans from Hillsboro, and lanky Bob Amacher spoiled fhe Vikings' fourfh sfraighf win by an eighf-poinf deficif. When fhe Vikings fraveled "fhe hump" fo 'rhe Cheesemaker realm, liffle did fhey dream fhey would come home vicfors by one poinf. Lasf year's league champs, fhe McMinn- ville Grizzlies, came fo F. G. for a baffle and up fill fhe second half, 'they gof if. Infer- mission score: Mac 22 and F. G. I9. lf had all fhe earmarks of a hof game, buf fhe Grizzlies finally clawed fheir way fo a 47-30' Win. Winding up fhe firsf half of league play, fhe Vikings suffered a 42-35 fhumping af fhe hands of fhe eager-beavers from Bea- vcrfon. Affer a few days of resf fhe Viks came info fhe second round and gof in on fhe shorf end of fhe score wifh a reiuvenafed New- berg five, 37-35. lf was a hard defeaf fo fake. Confinuinq fheir mid-season slump, fhe Vikings fook off for Wesf Linn only fo come back wifh a 42-25 defeaf. The Viks couldn'f hif fheir old sfride affer such a blaze of glory. Parfially coming oui' of fheir hole, fhe F. G.-"ifes" fraveled fo Tigard fo come back wifh vicfory, a very slim one, 33-39. Oh! Horrors, here came 'rhai' Hillsboro bunch again and fhey piled up a 55-3l poinf barrage over fhe Viks on l"lillsboro's courf. This fime fhe Cheesers had fo come 'lo us only fo go back home a beafen feam, 43-37. Duck, my friends, fhe poinfs are going fo sfarf flying. F. G. vs. Mac Hi Grizzlies: final score, believe or nof, Mac Hi 60, and F. G. I9. The worsf defeaf ever suffered by fhe Viks fhis season was broughf on by All-Sfar forward, George "Hof" Allison, who scored high wifh I2 counfers. Avenging defeaf handed fhem by fhose eager-beavers, fhe Vikings ended fhe TYV season wifh a 39-24 vicfory over Beaverfon on fhe home floor. ln fournamenf play fhe Vikings didn'f even gel' fhe booby prize, losing bofh con- fesfs fo Beaverfon and Tigard. TRACK First row, from left-S. Saqar, J. Fodge. J. Christianson, B. Watson, R. Over, B. Dahl, B. Marshall, D. Heuschkel. B. Noah. Second row-D. Dixon, D. Frye, B. Marshall, E. Oberq. B. Rauch, R. Vanderzanden, G. Lewis, B. Miller, E. Huschka, D. Marshall, O. Rutherford. Third row-- Coach Brachmann, W. Randleman. J. Brown, A. Vuylsteke, H. Norris, B. Hodge, G. Gregg, G. Hausske, G. Lowe, R. Engelen, D. Frye, R. I-.askiris, V. Elmore, L. Heesacker. Tracls There have been excepfionally large +urnou+s for Spring spor+s +his year. Espe- cially for lraclc, which has +hir+y-'l'hree, in- cluding managers Leon Heesacker and Dale Dixon. Six of lhese are relurning leffermen, Gregg, high-pumper, who wen+ lo s+a+e and won second place lasl year: Miller, 880: Dar- rell Frye, 4403 Marshall, 220 and l00 yard dash: Hodge, discus and foofball 'ihrowg Dean Frye, 440. The oiher men ou+ for 'irack are: Bonnell, Brown, Elmore, Engelen, Haverniclc, Lewis, R. Lowe, G. Lowe, B. Marshall, More- land, Oberg, Over, Parson, Randleman, Sa- gar, Haskins, Rauch, Selfrige, Spaulding, Hausske, Husske, Walson, and Bill Dahl. Early in +he season +he squad wen+ +o Hills- boro for a pracfice meer. A week la+er, April l2, +he leams iourneyed +o Beaver+on for fhe relays. We scored second in +he shoi pul and fhird in 'ihe sprinf medley. The nex+ meers on +he schedule were For Hillsboro, on April 26: Couniy TYV, May 3: Dis1'ric'l', May IO: and S+a+e me-el on May l7. OVSP M. BASEBALL First row-G. Sheelar, A. Cunningham, B. Warnick, G. Stanley, C. Koennecke. Second row B S lfrid e V Edmond L Bort D Smith B Davis K Gore - . e Q . s, . s, . , . , . . Third row-J. Buchananf B. Scotton, A. Swanson. B. Kane, Coach AI Lemcke. Baseba I l The +urnou+s 'For baseball showed con- siderable +alen+ early in fhe season. There are only +hree refurning leflermen, 'rhese be- ing Bob Kane, 'lirsl base and pifcherp Bob Warnick, calcherg Larry Borsl, firsl base. The ofher baseball men who recevied uniforms are Roberls, calcherg Edmunds, pilcher: Bill Davis, second base: Gail Sheelar, 'rhird base: Cunningham, shor+s+op: Bob Scoflon, le'H field: Raymond, cenler field: Koenneclce, righl' field: and Swanson, cen+er field. The firsl l'wo games for The baseball nine were chalked up as losses. Firs+ we iourneyed 'ro Hillsboro, for a 8-2 frouncingg +hen we wenl' +o Milwaukie for a close 5-6 loss. -La+er' games scheduled for 'rhe nine were: April I7, Wesl Linng April 23, Milwaukieg April 26, Newbergg April 30. Tigardg May Il, Mc- Minnville, and May I4, Columbia Prep. What about it, Warnickg is it an out? That's Kane, in action. :W Sf N .. gm 5 W WSH? N, g-qw'-X544 5 in x M 2 K ,WM ZW.. .N 5 A? '25-iwgg M- , ,,,, ......W.,.w,..,.MmW0,.w..,,,W.,,,,,A iv mm M, h 4v'w.,,,,,,mg:,,..w 1'-....,.. It ""Z... , umm w"'xwW,..-law-f" ffl, Q ,., M V """M"""""m""TT'.,,, ew,,,,,....m .:,, ...'- Q . A y jg f. .:::b ff ,. ' - 1 QQ Q . : Z 5 iw 'N--Qu... --M... .,,,,g4,,.,.-.. ,M ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,f.,..,.M..u,,..,mW,,,,,mQA"3 M , , P 3 ,gjyvj QM W"""-a-....,, .mx - 'N-NN x """"""""""'a" gfiivimrim if Qgii rgie-am Acknowledgments FOREST GROVE HARDWARE TUALATIN VALLEY PLUMBING McCREADY LUMBER CO. TIPTON'S FISHER'S BOOK STORE LITTLER'S PHARMACY FOREST GROVE SHOE STORE MUNKRES CLEANERS GOLDIE ANN'S MILLER'S DEPARTMENT STORE J. R. GILTNER J. C. PENNEY CO. DIXON'S CLEANERS DR. H. H. LCY TIMMRECK JEWELRY STORE McQUARY'S DEPARTMENT STORE MARSHALL-WELLS HARDWARE FARMERS FEED and SUPPLY CO. AHLGRENS FOUNTAIN. GROCER MEAT C. C. CONDIT HAMILTON MOTOR CO. 3-WAY MARKET HILLIS HARDWARE STORE BRODERSEN'S PATERSON'S FURNITURE STORE Ya Q , uf, -Q, v,.,.., R. H T . . I, ,I , Q .1 ' V f 1.. , . xr U a .JV r g-. .1 I : W J 4 rg V ' -- ' ' Hx 7 Q , i 'J -fl' ' 1 - ' ' , Y ' ' ' If Af! ' ., Q A V ' ' W J' " E fy! ,yx X I -V - Q' qbYf dig f Af 11 K V X! A fn!!-6 RLY 'K 1 1 X j" I - x 1 ' ' Q U K' j , X V ,Q Q x ' KLA ' , x A k'ALl 1 fy ,1 ' J Q - 4 51 ' Hb 3.3 1 sL,41,'l,lf-,Vkf 1 X x,. N-gt-TtLl,wj,J', j Af., :wr f , i ' kv N fwws I Efffbb 69W JnLJ 1 1W U4 , 1 ,I - 1 ,J f IP' fm ' ' , , f A 1. -1 ' X ' 'Q 1 I k X k A I rv ' ' ' gi' '? ,i , . '4 ,MQ'Q , X lg V 1 4 . 0 . ' . 'L , . h ' 1 , ll XJ" 'I Q gy, '-v-A I x I . ll.-X Lx, ,, , L Sf ' , V ,K 42.55 . ,iz - i .4,,- AV y j vx Q mi. Z p . MW , . Wx-, ":v 1 '-+q94w W . I K K , Y' 4 , H . ' ,, x -,Jw-5:1 . FL1 vwtt . 2 1: ' 1 mi 'xwxinwl 121 fi- 1 '-fixfff.v'1g,f-lfv.-twwffvgx.'av-:JV an , , -.1 ,,w:,,-W.,-3.-fx fm- up-If M.,f,-vi. - ., .. .. u , .r ., :N ' .,' ,- W 51, if -X P . -' 'Y X ' ff? L:-4-X af-T., rw:-A1 ,, ,-qw :wi-,y 4.5-WSL V ' '5 ' - ' -fx 1' riff 'X -c 'A-'L -A r ' f' 41' '.f,511,rifi f - 4,'3'f'9L:" WT 75 Q . . vf , ,, , 1 A -,V if nh- W, Q4 N, wx? 'f . , .3.

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