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Forest District High School - Aurea Vincula Yearbook (Forest, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Co s vi c Q .-Qcl P c CS ♦% 1 1 1 1 t % i , t « « t ( » » | » | » » t t | » ) t t | » ) » » ) ) » ) » ) ) » | » | ) | t » t t | t t | t | | t | | | i | t t | t t | » | g a | 4 | t t | i | ) | | tt ) | | | | g t | » | t t | » t » t) tt » t) » t| t t%t%f P t 1 We Are Field Seed Specialists Primary Processors Exporters Importers Alsike - Alfalfa - Red Clover Sweet Clovers - Timothy Hybrid Corn - Pasture Grasses Wholesale Retail FRED BROWN SEEDS Arkona, Ont. Quality e is so much t : i i 1 I Ask for it either way . . trade-marks mean the same thing . i Fresh Cured Meats Canned Dog Foods Dog Meal BURNEY BROS. Phone 49 Main St. Forest, Ont. S. W. Morningstar Son Shell Service Station Mercury Outboard Motors Goodrich Dominion Tires Main Broadway Sts. Forest, Ont. x X . . ........... . We Are Field Seed Specialists Primary Processors Exporters Importers Alsike - Alfalfa - Red Clover Sweet Clovers - Timothy Hybrid Corn - Pasture Grasses Wholesale Retail FRED BROWN SEEDS Arkona, Ont. Quality mus so much Ask for it either way . . . botJi trade-marks mean the same thing . S. W. Morningstar Son Shell Service Station ,1 : t V i y t l l L_ L t • t » Fresh Cured Meats Canned Dog Foods Dog Meal BURNEY BROS. Phone 49 Main St. Forest, Ont. Mercury Outboard Motors Goodrich Dominion Tires Main Broadway Sts. Forest, Ont. 1 : 1 i, t t : 2 i A i i 4 i ! i A I A A ;!• KEKNOHAN MOTORS, LIMITED Dodge and DeSoto Cars Wheel Balancing and Aligning Dodge Trucks Phone 3-R-2 Forest, Ontario THEDFORD CO-OPERATIVE STORAGE, LTD. Over 420,000 Cubic Feet of Temperature controlled space Specializing in sales of Thedford co-op celery - carrots potatoes and vegetables in season Affiliated with the united co-operatives of Ontario Handling Farm supplies of fertilizer - fence Gardening Tools - Paints - Etc. Phone 512 Thedford, Ont. C. H. HUCTWITH PRODUCE CO., LTD. Wholesalers - Retailers - Exporters of EGGS and POULTRY Dealers of Master Feeds and Purina Chows Regular Weekly Farm Routes HATCHERY Ontario Approved Hatcheries Association Phone 81-R-2 Forest Member Canadian Baby Chicks Association IX 2 Y I 1 2 t $ % : x I 1 2 X : i t jf Established 1877 A. F. STEELE SON Forest, Ont. Complete Home furnishings including Kroehler upholstered furniture, Simmon’s bedding, Astral refrigerators, Home- maker curtains and drapery fabrics and the largest show- ing of floor coverings in the county. Marboleum, Congo- leum, Rubber Tile Marboleum, Tile etc. The Steele Funeral Home Main St. South, Forest, Ont. 24 Hour Ambulance Service Phone 51 Let Us Figure on Your Requirements MAC DUBERGES, LTD. Sales and Service m onaR CH,! Ford - Monarch Ford Tractors Implements We Carry a Complete Supply of Ford Parts Phone 16-R-2 Forest, Ont. MAYLOR HARDWARE Martin - Senour Paint Wall paper General Hardware Phone 40 FRASER HOTEL W. C. Fraser, Prop. Rooms with running water No Banquet Too Large or Too Small Coffee Shop Full Course Dinners or a-la-carte Phone 115 Forest, Ont. R. J. Boyd Sons Meat Market Our Stock is Always Fresh, Cool and Clean Cheese a Specialty Frozen Fruits - Vegetables - Fish Phone 136 Forest, Ont.; Forest, Ont. ' Compliments of ARKONA FEED MILL Manufacturers of Quality Feeds Arkona AUSTIN BROS. HATCHERY Barred Rocks - Leghorns - Cross-breds Baby Chicks That Live and Pay Phone 40-R-12 Arkona, Ont. W. G. FIELD (successor £o Brown Bros.) Superior Market Groceries - Dry Goods - Hardware - Boots Shoes Phone 30 Arkona, Ontario For the Best in Business Training, Enroll at — Secretarial, Stenography, Accounting, Comptometer Personalized Training - Effective Placement Get Beautifully Illustrated Catalogue Free E. J. Frederick Meat Market Groceries - Fruits - Vegetables Phone 2 Grand Bend, Ont. Hamilton s Sunoco Service Station Towing and Repairing Snack Bar - Refreshments Grand Bend, Ont. Best wishes Students Desjardine’s General Store For Quality Merchandise We deliver Phone 45-R-3 Grand Bend, Ont. WALLY’S MEAT MARKET Quality Meats and Groceries Open 8:00 a. m. til 6:00 p. m. Daily Saturday 8:00 a. m. til 9:00 p. m Phone 51-R-6 Grand Bend, Ont. DOL - MOR BEAUTY SHOP Marion Hughes, Oper. Permanents - Shampoos and Sets Phone 73 Forest, Ont. Portraits - Weddings Commercial Charles willey photographer forest Phone 225-4 Box 100 Forest, Ont. Quality Apples Grown and Packed by Lambton Growers’ Cold Storage Co., Limited Forest, Ont. L. C. JENNINGS Dealer for International Harvester Farm Tractors Machinery Refrigerations Milkers Frost Fence Fertilizer Phone 206-R-4 Forest, Ont. SQUw III DENTS, PAST AND PRESENT. Si NCERELY, Ruth wever (Editor) " 1 IH.T |l“t »?• S i ii, s. ,«|r;i-h n 1 . .in MM- Lllijiy! " 1 ' DEDICATION To The Graduates To YOU, WHO HAVING FINISHED ONE PHASE HERE, DO NOW BEGIN ANOTHER LOFTIER PLANE, TO YOU, WHO HAVE ACCOMPLISHED WITHOUT FEAR, These high ideals, that you might learning gain. To YOU, WHO LOOKING FORWARD EAGERLY, TO NEW HORIZONS, WITH DETERMINATION FACE, TO YOU, WHO SOON IN HOME OR FACTORY, IN HOSPITAL OR COLLEGE take your place. That you may long remember the school ties, The friends, the teachers, the activities, That you, in gazing back, may realize, The richer joys contained in memories. To YOU, FOR YOU, THIS BOOK WE DEDICATE, With every wish, for every graduate. -by Marion woods. Dear Reader: We bring you " Aurea Vincula " , our own year-book, the link BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR H I GH SCHOOL FRIENDS, THE LINK BETWEEN YOUR SCHOOL DAYS AND YOUR FUTURE LIFE. FOSTERED BY OUR PRIDE IN OUR SCHOOL, AND NURTURED Bif DETERMINATION AND CO-OPERATION, WE HOPE THIS BOOK MAY BE A STRONG AND LASTING BOND AMONG STU- OF F. D. H. S. When in years to come we recall our days as members of| Forest District High School, it will be a fond and grateful memory. The fun we ' ve had, the friendships of STUDENTS AND! TEACHERS ALIKE, MORE THAN COMPENSATE FOR HOMEWORK AND DETEN- TIONS. Long after we ' ve forgotten Latin and Ancient History, WE ' LL REMEMBER THE CAREFREE HAPPINESS OF STUDENT LIFE, THE PATIENT GUIDANCE OF OUR TEACHERS, THE LESSONS WE ' VE LEARNED IN GETTING ALONG WITH OTHERS. When we leave Forest High, another door of life closes BEHIND US, BUT WE GO FORTH READY TO FACE LI FE WITH UNDERSTAND- ING, STRENGTH, AND WISDOM. WE CANNOT REOPEN THAT DOOR, BUT PERHAPS FROM TIME TO TIME WE MAY PEEP THROUGH THE KEYHOLE ONCE MORE, TO SEE SCHOOL LIFE THROUGH " AUREA VINCULA " , OUR " Golden link " . Bf ■ „ii i ft 1 r i ' i » , , • " T DU ••II ' »» ' ••! :! ! ; I! ' W :! 11 " 1 --- ,| ' " i |! ' " ii •• M ' H!, Ii:“- ' I Ill lull 1 , .i. s i 1 11 . i !.,»• AmYfi rs ZL l 7 T 7 A ' V 7i Iff .! : h im 11 i •■I ' Sjf $P 5 V 1 ' -j.5 il||i ‘ ,J I ||- ' ll ' l : » i j i • UA WAX li ' JjliLril ! fe ' FORWARD Principal J. L. Stephens I WISH TO CONGRATULATE THE SCHOOL EDITORIAL STAFF ON PRESENTATION OF OUR FIRST SCHOOL YEAR- BOOK. Its appearance and contents are worthy of COMMENDAT I ON. The Year-book, comi ng as it does at this time, IS A SIGN THAT ANOTHER SCHOOL YEAR IS DRAWING TO A CLOSE. WE ARE REMINOED THAT WHEREIN DUTY HAS BEEN FULFILLED AND OPPORTUNITY GRASPED, THE TIME OF REWARD IS AT HAND. LOOK FORWARD WITH CON- FIDENCE, STRENGTH AND COURAGE. IT IS NOT OUT OF PLACE HERE TO THANK THE TEACHERS FOR THEIR LOYAL SUPPORT AND CO-OPERATION THROUGHOUT THE YEAR AND TO CONGRATULATE THE STUDENTS ON MAINTAINING A HIGH STANDARDCF SCHOLARSHIP AND " ESPR I T-DE-CORPS . " TO THOSE WHO WILL GRADUATE THIS JUNE, FOREST District High School extends good wishes . and HAPP I NESS. YOU ARE GOING FORTH AT A TIME WHEN PRO- MISE WAS NEVER BEFORE SO FULL NOR OPPORTUNITIES SO NUMEROUS A TIME ALSO OF GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. Do NOT BE DECEIVED BY THEORIES AND PRINCIPLES THAT WILL NOT BEAR UP AGAINST THE TEST OF TRUTH, AND FAITH IN GOD AND A CHRISTIAN CHURCH. OCCASIONALLY, RAISE YOUR EYES AND EARS TO THE MOUNTAIN TOPS WHERE YOU MAY SEE THE BEAUTY OF HOLINESS AND HEAR THE STILL SMALL VOICE WHICH BIDS YOU FOLLOW THE GLEAM OF YOUR OWN SOUL, YOU ARE GOING FORTH TO WORK IN THE GREATEST LAND ON EARTH CANADA. HONOUR HER, LOVE HER, WORK FOR HER AND DO NOT LEAVE HER. CANADA AFFORDS COUNTLESS OPPORTUNITIES. LET YOUR WORK BE IN Canada. Let her have the benefit of your vigour, VISION AND TALENT. INTEGRITY, INDUSTRY, PERSE- VERANCE, AND DETERMINATION WILL ULTIMATELY REWARD YOU WITH SUCCESS BUT IN THAT UPWARD CLIMB HOLD FAST TO THOSE THINGS WHICH ARE GOOD AND TRUE AND HONEST, AND REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE. N ' bpJ Ux m ' ■in Li; ' Nil nill !;,i!!n ;il! ' |: ,.illi " !:i !„ ilMM 4 ' , iiJ i Wi lllll I ■|- l : i! " r .! Vij 1 1 1 1 ii iniir ' ! .i : " !«!! 1 ! !ii IF 1 - 1, WRi: CxflBF. !i! ' ll. li.JIlv Mr. L. Manning- -Shop . Boys ' F.T. Miss K. Jordan- Commerci al Miss £. Cronk — Horae Economics Mr. J. Howard — Science Stephens (Principal) Math. 8c Science Savage--Girls ' P.T. Chemist ry Boa--English Latin Mr. D. Thiers- -Math. . Physics . ■ 1 j) . 1 iBRl Sill llPwy It 1! PROPHECY- -GRADE XIII V® ' n wm «L l In m . 2 • ij ' lii I! . r Z ' £a vfj The ministers’ children, ARVA and FRANK, LIVE ACROSS THE STREET FROM EACH OTHER, YOU WON ' T FIND FRANK HOME, TO ARVA ' S HE ' LL ROAM ' Cause he finds her more fun than his mother. " MERRY, MERRY, QUITE CONTRARY, HOW DID YOU GROW SO TALL? " " Spinach, " she said, " and early to bed, Except the nights IAN would call. " There was a young man named JOHN, Whom you ' d declare was gone, In English he slept, the teachers near wept To see this poor creature live on. Giggle, giggle, watch her jiggle, VELMA ' S STARTED TO LAUGH, " Laugh and grow fatJ " we prophecy that, She ' ll soon weigh a ton and a halfJ SCOTTY MACPHERSON ' S A BONNIE WEE LAD, Who looks very fine in his kilts. HIS TARTANS SO CLASSY, HIS BUTTONS SO BRASSY, That the heart of each fair lassie wilts. GORDON IS A LITTLE BOY NO BIGGER THAN HIS BROTHER, " With spinach " quoth he, " full plain I see, I ' LL BE A MAN BEFORE MY MOTHER. " JOEY AND MARION WERE LOVERS, AND OH WHAT A COUPLE THEY MADEi AT NOON HE NEAR KISSED HER, AT FOUR HE JUST MISSED HER, At night he made a real raid. A POPULAR YOUNG LADY NAMED RUTH, Made scads at the kissing booth, But the kind that were free, she saved for DONNY, At LEAST, WE SURMISE THAT ' S THE TRUTHj . am , l |l " il i,.i. V • ii. « , n i • 1 II II I Pi " I KM II •: • ' liili! IM W r i 1 ! i j ' •i " •. i|i 1 i|||i j|||||p " ' i« a 1 . ' ' •tejJlljl -! ' :i : I ' ll - I c 1st Row: Marion Woods, Velma Minielly, Merry Janes, Ruth Wever, Arva Britton. 2nd Row: LaVerne MacPherson, Gerald Webb, John Manning, Frank Wilkie, Graham Wooden, Joe Vanstienkiste, Gordon Walker. ... x: . c - ■ ■-m y GRRDE XII GRADE XI I S WILL . The students of Grade XII, being of sound MIND, DO HEREBY BEQUEATH THE FOLLOW I NG---OUR MOST VALUED POSSESS I ONS---TO THE TEACHERS, AND STUD ENTS OF THE LOWER FORMS IN THIS MANNER: WE WILL TO ADAMS • Spark of electricity Grant Davis PAT ' S Borrowed math book Mr. Thiers RAY ' S Gent i l i ty Gerry Turner Conn i e ' s Twinkling eyes Tommy Byrns Dor i s s Algebra Marks Eunice Rawlings Eric ' s Tard 1 NESS Bob Huctwith Cameron ' s Chemistry Notes Miss Savage MAC ' S Drawl Mr. Manning GORD IE ' S LAUGH Mr. Trusler Arlene ' s STUDIOUSNESS She i la F i nan Carol ' s PET 1 TENESS Ann Hobbs Jean ' s WIT Douglas Sadler Anne ' s PHOTOTHYNTHETH 1 TH Mr. Howard Millie ' s Excess Margery Clark Doug H ' s PHYSIQUE Mr. Evans John J ' s Ambition Al Morningstar L 1 THGOW ' S Comb Louie Falconer Dorothy ' s Brai ns Lloyd Eastman Wl LMA utAN ' s Qui ETNESS Gracie Simpson Blake ' s Blush George Plater marg ' s Dimples Bob Anderson John M ' s Gr 1 N Jack O ' Hara Mary P ' s Clean Dentention Sheet Ruby Borthwick Percy ' s Six Ft. Superstructure Steve Janchula G.S, (mentioning so names) Cap Mr. Stephens Evelyn ' s Musical Talent (God Save the King) Ron Evans 1 REEN ' s G 1 GGLES Miss Cronk Helen ' s Freckles Miss Jordan Joan ' s Bass Drum Miss M. Fawcett Ruth ' s Basketball Ability Anne Li vingston Miss Boa ' s Nickname " Bubbles " Doug Britton sl , OUR BONDAGE TO CLOCKS What was that tremendous roar? At first, it SOUNDED LIKE A CHILD ' S WHISTLE BUT NOW IT BROADEN- ED INTO A TERRIFYING SHRIEK. I SHRANK BACK BEHIND A HILL OF " DRESDEN PLATE " QUILTS. At LAST THE ROAR SUBDUED AND I PEEKED OUT, WITH ONLY HELMET SHOWING, ON A CLOTHES-STRE WN BATTLEFIELD. THERE, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCENE, SAT THE CLOCK, The room was quiet. I glared at the ashamed VICTIM, WHO HAD BOTH HANDS OVER ITS FACE, ONE POINTING AT SEVEN, THE OTHER AT TWELVE. BECAUSE OF THE POSITION OF THOSE HANDS, I KNEW I MUST GET UP AND BEGIN A VERY BUSY DAY. After my usual morning routine,! glanced at my WATCH AND FOUND IT SAID EXACTLY EIGHT O ' CLOCK. ONE LOOK OUT THE FRONT WINDOW PROVED THE TINY MACHINE TO BE RIGHT. THE DREADFUL SHRIEK OF BRAKES PIERCED MY EARS. I RAN. THE BUS DRIVER SMILED AS I TUM- BLED ON, BOOKS FLYING AND TEMPER RISING. The school seemed to leap into view. It remind ED ME OF A CLOUD, ON A BRIGHT, SUNNY DAY, SHYLY SLIPPING IN FRONT OF THE SUN. This was the day our book reports were due Would English Class ever end? I glanced at my WATCH AND I WAS SURE THE HANDS WERE NOT MOVING. I BELIEVE IT WAS TRYING TO GET EVEN WITH ME FOR NOT WINDING IT YESTERDAY. I WOULD NEVER FORGET AGAIN. When the noon hour came, those hands on the post- office CLOCK SEEMED TO FLY. THE VERY NUMBERS SEEM- ED to say, " Don ' t be late. ' Don ' t be late: " School was over for the day, and I saw, in my MIND AN EXCITING EVENING IN LONDON, THE WAVE IN MY HAIR REFUSED TO LOOK Rl GHT AND I HAD MY SHOES TO SHINE. The smiling clock seemed to laugh at me, WHEN I NOTICED IT WAS SEVEN O ' CLOCK AND I DIDN’T HAVE ABIT MORE TIME. The evening was over. I crept in quietly, s ' hoes IN HAND AND FINGERS CROSSED. AS I REACHED THE TOP OF THE STAIRS, THERE SAT THE CLOCK TRY I NG TO ATTRACT Mother ' s attention. The next morning I learned the CLOCK WAS VICTORIOUS. As I WALKED INTO MY OWN ROOM, AND GLANCED AT MY OWN LITTLE CLOCK, I BEGAN TO REALIZE HOW SMALL WE REALLY ARE. TO TH I NK , A T I NY ORNAMENT WITH A MECHA- NISM, NOT AS BIG AS OUR HAND, MAKES US JUMP WHEN WE HEAR ITS RING, OUR HEART THROB WHEN WE SEE THE POSITION OF ITS HANDS. Maybe slavery has been abolished. However, we STILL HAVE A VERY STIFF MASTER, WITH A JOLLY ROUND FACE, WHO IS SUCH A VERY PERSISTANT FELLOW THAT WE NOT ICE HIM OFTEN EVE RY DAY, SO THAT WE WILL AL- WAYS BE ON TIME. (by Jean Fleming) Mr. Thiers: repeat to me the words THAT JOHN JUST WHISPERED TO YOU. Frank: I ' d rather not. They were NOT FIT WORDS TO TELL A GENTLEMEN. Mr. Thiers: Then go into the office AND TELL THEM TO Mr. STEPHENS. PARSON: OO YOU KNOW WHERE LITTLE BOYS GO WHEN THEY SMOKE? Tub Turnbull: Yep, up the alley. Mr. Trusler: John M. , conjugate the VERB " TO LAUGH " . JOHN M: JE SMILE, TU GIGGLE, IL LAUGH, NOUS ROARONS, VOUS SPLITEZ, ILS BURSTENT. - DAFFY N I T I ONS - Chiropractor- Guy who gets paid for WHAT ANY OTHER GUY WOULD GET SLAPPED FOR. Algebra- The wife of Euclid. Miss Boa: " Pat, who said " out damned spot ' . " Pat B: " Fraser Brothers ' Cleaners. " LOVE: IS ONE GAME NOT POSTPONED BECAUSE of darkness. Eke ' s Plaintive Wail Even my best friend wouldn ' t tell me SO I F A 1 LED J THE CULPRIT (9Y CAROL FERGUSON) " Small, but oh so BraveJ " The bravest little bird l know, I ' M SURE THAT YOU ' LL AGREE, He comes with Winter ' s cold and snow; Yes, Winter is the time for him, That ' s why he seems so brave; Each Winter will bring joy again As DOES A WARM SPRING WAVE. HE ' S UP AND DOWN EACH SNOW-CLAD TREE, And simply need still, Doing his work so cheerfully He sings his merry trill. And how this inspiration came? ' Twas mot by thought or word, On ME, I pray, don ' t lay the blame, But on this little bird. THE SACRIFICE (by LOUISE WOODS) " Why all this waste? " They asked, when she Did tenderly anoint Him with perfume. " LET HER ALONE-- She sacrificed for me, " Again we hear, " Why all this waste? Why must our boys POUR FROM LIFE ' S PITCHERS, THEIR OWN BLOOD TO SATISFY Those whose hearts are filled With greed and hate? " They sacrifice that we might live, Might keep our freedom And democracy, But we must keep our bargain, too, Must hope for, pray for, and love, Those who hate our ways and us. Then this shall not be waste. -A ? A i «:r.i ■| ni THE BUGLE BAND RECENTLY Mr. MANNING APPROACHED THE SCHOOL BOARD REGARDING THE PURCHASE OP INSTRUMENTS FOR A GIRL ' S BUGLE BAND. THE BOARD WILLINGLY CONSENTED AND SOON DRUMS AND BUGLES WERE A REALITY. GREAT ENTHUSIASM WAS SHOWN ON THE PART OF MANY GIRLS, AND THEY PRAC- TISED FAITHFULLY FROM THREE-THIRTY UNTIL FOUR EACH DAY. To Mr. Manning, instigator of the organization, TO THE INSTRUCTORS MR. EVANS, Mr. TRUSLER, AND Eric Butt, we extend our appreciation and thank THEM WHOLEHEARTEDLY. THE UNIFORMS WILL BE MADE BY THE GIRLS UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF MISS E. CRONK and Mrs. S. Evans. Bugle Section: Y. McGregor, L. Dew, E. Tremaine, A. Smith, J. meadows, S.Finan, H. Donald, j. Windsor R. Snell, Eva. Rawlings, E. Fisher, l. Stewardson, spares — G. Simpson, M, Wight. Drum Section: Blond ie Wilkinson, D. Burnley, N. Humphries, A. Livingston, A. Prout, E. Stewardson. Spares — M. Sitter, B. Prance. (by norma Humphries) DANCES Highlights of the school year are the dances HELD MONTHLY AND SPONSORED BY EACH CLASS IN TURN. At the Initiation Dance, after surmounting an OBSTACLE COURSE OF PASTE, SPAGHETTI, AND EPSOM Salts, the Freshmen were welcomed to the student body of F. D. H. S. Fourth form held a backward DANCE, WITH LUNCH PRECEDING THE DANCING. THE XMAS Dance was Commercial ' s contribution, and their Xmas tree and trimmings put everyone in a holiday SPIRIT. SINCE THE HOLIDAYS WE HAVE HAD A VALENTINE DANCE SPONSORED BY GRADE XI AND A ST. PATRICK ' S DAY dance by Grade X. There are lucky prizes and always A GOOD LUNCH, BUT WE WISH MORE LOWER-SCHOOL KIDS would come. We ' re looking forward to the Cadet Dance, our big Spring Formal, and we hope it will BE THE BIGGEST SUCCESS YET. Miss Boa: " Give a sentence using the word " archaic " Gerry Webb: " We can ' t have archaic and eat it too " i€: H ft ! " ■ ‘te Helen Donald, Lesley Shea, Jean Fleming, Ed Adams, Marion Woods ( Sub-Peefect ), Nancy Gale, John Manning (Prefect), Arva Britton Ron Evans, Yvonne McGregor, and Bob Anderson. THE HAPPY JOURNEY Standing: Arva Britton Grant Davis, Miss Boa, ( Director ) 1 Seated: Marilyn Brando Bill Frayne, Jean Fleming (Ma John Manning (Pa INTER-SCHOOL CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Lloyd Eastman -Social Converter Frank Wilkie -Vice-President Marg McKellar -Social Convener Miss Marion Boa-Sponsor Mary Parker -Secretary-Trcasu Dorothy Marsh -Publicity Marion Woods -Musical Director Evelyn Teeple -President I. So C. F. by Evelyn Teeple Among the other thriving organizations of Forest High School, is the Inter-School Christian Fellowship Group which plays an important part in THE SCHOOL ' S ACTIVITIES. THE GROUP WAS STARTED IN JAN. 1947, AND HAS BEEN GROWING EVERY SINCE. THE PURPOSE OF SUCH A GROUP IS THAT THE STUDENT MAY know Christ and may make Christ known. Weekly HELD FOR THIS PURPOSE IN ONE OF THE TO WHICH ALL THE STUDENTS AND STAFF The meetings include hearty singing, DISCUSSIONS AND EXCELLENT SPEAKERS. GROUP HAS BEEN UNDER THE LEADERSHIP MEETINGS ARE CLASSROOMS, ARE INVITED. I NTEREST I NG This year the by Dorothy Marsh, , Mary Parker, Frank Wilkie and of Evelyn Teeple assisted Margaret mcKellar, Marion Woods Lloyd Eastman, John Kernohan, miss Boa. Commencement ' 51 On January 26th, at Commencement, we wished the GRADUATES OF 1950 GOOD-BYE AND GOOD LUCK WITH TOKENS OF REMEMBRANCE FROM THE HIGH SCHOOL, AND WITH THE PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS AND FLOWERS. BARB ICCORMICK WAS VALEDICTORIAN FOR THE CLASS OF “50. This year we feel the Grads were honoured as they SHOULD BE AFTER COMPLETING THEIR HIGH SCHOOL CAREER. The full programme of p. T. Exercises, musical numbers, special awards, and speeches, was presented to a capacity crowd on two evenings. " The Happy Journey " of the Kirbey family, over the BUMPY ROADS OF NEW JERSEY, PROVIDED A HALF-HOUR OF light-hearted entertainment. Through their co- operation AND THEIR ABILITY, THE CAST AND THEIR Director, Miss Marion Boa, brought the eveningto a most successful close. We think you ' ll agree that our 1951 Commencement, well-organized and smoothly-run, owes its success to the teachers and students who worked together to make it MEMORABLE NIGHT FOR ALL WHO ATTENDED. mfe- FIELD DAY CHAMPIONS Allan Rinker, Ronnie Webb, Fred Rinker, Gord Ellerke: Jack Prout, Howard Hodgson, Helen Trick, Aileen Prcnr Ann Livingston. ’ ' Perk” Beaudoin iin front), Anne Fraleigh (inset). Absent: Marjorie Wight, Doug. Holmes. 70 ' ' ' • l||! = l! 5 • 1 • ! 1 11 " • 1 ,|i!!|1 " : - •••■ ' i; i ' ' " i ' ' 1 ' •• T • III, llll II II III Iii:i!l ' ! !:i ' i " : | ' ;! !i4ii; •i. : i iiil :.i ml h I .1 (i|IWP ! Mm OTrll t 1 Wl GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM This year’s girls basketball tournament was the scene of KEEN COMPETI Tl ON, ESPECI ALLY BETWEEN WATFORD AND FOREST. BOTH TEAMS WERE TIED AT THE END OF THE- SCHEDULE FOR THE INTER- SCHOOL championship. The Championship game was played off in STRATHROY’S GYM. AFTER A HARD FOUGHT BATTLE FOREST LOST TO WATFORD 30 TO 27. FOREST GIRLS TRIED HARD BUT COULD NOT SEEM TO SINK ENOUGH BASKETS. THE GUARDS DID VERY WELL AS THEY HAVE IN ALL THEIR GAMES THIS YEAR. THERE WERE SEVERAL NEW- COMERS TO THE TEAM THIS YEAR WHO SHOW PROMISE OF BEING GOOD BASKETBALL PLAYERS NEXT YEAR. A WIN THIS YEAR WOULD HAVE MADE THEM INTER-SCHOOL CHAMPS FOR THE SECOND YEAR. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GIRLS ON THE TEAM WHO WERE COACHED by Miss Mary Lou Savage, girls ' P. T. Instructor. Leading scorers for the seven games were Anne Fraleigh WITH 104 POINTS, YVONNE MCGREGOR W I TH 95 POINTS, AND ANNE Livingston with 26 points. Team Members: Yvonne McGregor, Captain, Ann Fraleigh, Anne Livingston, Helen Donald, aileen Prout, Norma Sheppard, Marilyn Brandon, Audrey Sm i th, Rosemar i e Hopper, Ruth Wilson, Ruth Wilkinson, Mike Fawcett, and Lorraine Dew. SENIOR BOYS ' BASKETBALL TEAM The boys team won one game against Watford, tied one with PETROL I A AND LOST FOUR. THERE WERE ONLY NINE PLAYERS ON THE TEAM BUT THEY PLAYED EACH GAME WITH DETERMINATION TO WIN.THE TEAM WAS LED BY THE CAPTAIN, JOHN MANNING AND COACHED By ' Mr. R. L. Manning, P. T. Instructor. Leading scorers were Ron McInnis, Donald Smith and John Manning. Both McInnis and Smith show promise of being the leading scorers next year. Team Members: John Manning, (Captain), Douglas Sadler, Frank Wilkie, Gerry Webb, Ron McInnis, Gordon Ellerker, Grodon Walker, Douglas Holmes, and Donald Smith. JUNIOR BOYS BASKETBALL The junior boys team had a bad year but most of the play- ers WERE PLAYING TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME. THEY LOST ALL THEIR GAMES BUT SHOULD NOT BE DISCOURAGED BECAUSE WITH LIT- TLE MORE TRAINING THEY SHOULD HAVE AN EXCELLENT BASKETBALL TEAM. MOST OF THEIR OPPONENTS WERE TALLER AND HEAVIER THAN the Forest juniors. Frank Sebo led the team in scoring the MOST POINTS IN ALL THE GAMES PLAYED. THIS TEAM WAS ALSO COACHED BY MR . R. L. MANNING. Team Members: George Plater, (Captain), Jack Livingston, Douglas Dew, Frank Sebo, Dean Anderson, Earl Alexander, George Kingston, Ron Evans, Fred rinker. (by Donna Brandon Yvonne McGregor) Jlililiiliihiii ' llJi 1, H ' i ' lll 4:11 1! ' ! I?! ' i ' ' " i , i ?fU ii!i|;i ! • " S ' 4 ; . |i! ffi I ' ll llll l ll ll ' V " m If! !! I r , l ii |l ,i i..i- !., . •ij- 1 ' ' • i , ‘‘i- ii!ii i, ii,;! " i iK n 1 -, ■ $ |;;;j Hlig !: " •■ ■ ' !- , ::! ' i ||| :!llll • ' jl !i : ; •Mill;,:: { A •I! Ini I!:.. V Jn !i!ll II J d lb m -Ms r lyK ■ TT.- N . • ilii,, i ji. ' i p mm cpy • k. x!ii 1 ' 1 ! t ' 11 JUNIOR BOYS ' BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: George Plater(Capt) George Kingston, Mr. Manning (Coach), Earl Alexander, ! Joe Sebo. $ Front Row: Fred Rinker Douglas Dew Livingston. RUGBY TEAM Top Row: Bob Camer . ; Edwin Adams, G. W ftsSP Andrew Windsor, ■ Roger Sutherland, Front Row: Douglas Ho Donald Smith, Allan Mor star, John Manning, All Rinker , Terry MacGregor and Gordon Ellerker. Coach : Mr. Thi SENIOR BOYS’ BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: Gordon Eller Ron Mclnnis, Mr. Mannii John Manning iCaptain) Frank Wilkie, 1 f I III: ' ' •|i;,Uii |l l| | l!!i ; " - ’I! i..! •- RUGBY TEAM Although 1950 ' s edition of the Purple Raider grid Team WAS NOT A WINNING ONE, THE SEASON WAS ACTUALLY A SUCCESS, IN THAT IT WILL GIVE MANY OF THE NEW PLAYERS OF THE SQUAD MUCH NEEDED EXPERIENCE FOR THE COMING YEAR. WITH ONLY 3 REGULARS OF LAST YEAR ' S TEAM PRESENT FOR THE INITIAL WORKOUT, COACH Oon Thiers and Gerry Morrison were forced to mould together AN ALMOST NEW TEAM. IN a PRE-SEASON EXHIBITION GAME THE OLDTIMERS OF 49 DE- MONSTRATED JUST WHAT EXPERIENCE MEANS, WHEN THEY OVERWHELMED THE SQUAD BY A LARGE MARGIN. IN THEIR TWO GAME SERIES with Exeter, the team from the north edged out the raiders 11-10 at Forest and took a 24-14 decision in Exeter the fol- lowing week. However, the lads were never short of spirit AND GAVE THEIR OPPOSITION MORE THAN ENOUGH FIGHT. NEXT SEASON WE HOPE WILL BE A WINNING ONE FOR F. D, H. S. (by Andy Windsor) F.O.H.S. TRACK AND FIELD MEETS The annual Track and Field Meet was held in September. Anne Fraleigh and Doug Sadler were captains of the Purple teams, while John Manning and Georgina Bryns headed the White teams. The Morning events included the jumps which were held on the school grounds, but the afternoon events, HELD AT THE FAIRGROUNDS, FINALLY DED I CED THE TEAM VICTORS AND INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONS. In October, Forest was out with flying colours on their way to Petrol i a to defend their title as champions of the Five-School meet, but unfortunately lost the Championship FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SIX YEARS, TO PETROL I A. ANNE FRALEIGH won Forest ' s only championship, the senior girl’s cup for THE MOST POINTS AND THE INDIVIDUAL CHAMP I ONSH I P. AT W.O.S.S.A. in London, the Senior girls took first place and set a new RECORD FOR THE SPEED THROW. WE KNOW WE CAN ' T WIN EVERY YEAR, AND ALTHOUGH THERE WERE MANY DISAPPOINTED STUDENTS FROM FOREST HIGH, THEY PROVED THEMSELVES GOOD LOSERS. Track Field Champions Runners-up UNDERLINED NAME INDICATES CHAMP IN SENIOR, INTERMEDIATE, JUNIOR AND JUVENILE DEVISIONS. NAMES ARE LISTED IN THAT ORDER. " Perk 11 Beaudoi n . Gordon Ellerker ; Fred Rinker . Doug Holmes Howard Hodgson , jack Prout; Ron Webb Allen Rinker, tied. Anne Fraleigh . Helen TrickjMajorie Wight Ilene Trick tied. A. Livingston, Aileen Prout. (by D. Brandon y. McGregor) •i! 1 ill " !: ill I 1 " Sjlj.ii. ' ili 1 I " ! : n„r iU . .I ' ! 51 ill® sKw f -K, ' ) zh ,. U- |..|;,|p I y " l j l| ffli THEDFORD BAKERY We Use The Best You Do The Rest If You Like Our Products Tell The Rest If Not Tell Us Phone 376 Thedford, Ont. WILLERT’S GARAGE General Repairs Battery Service - Accessories Tires - Gas - Oils Phone 68 Thedford, Ont. T. D. BORTHWICK Groceries - Men’s Wear Boots and Shoes Thedford, Ont. Geo. Harvey Barber Shop Smokers’ Supplies Thedford, Ont. SCRIYEN HARDWARE Thedford Phone 105 C. I. L. Paints Elec. Appliances Gift Wares General Hardware Hilborn’s Hardware Electric Shop Wood’s Farm Equipment Westinghouse Dealer Plumbing - Heating Elec. Contracting Phone 371 Thedford, Ont. THEDFORD FUEL SUPPLY Coke Coal Distributors Supertest Gas - Oils Greases Jim Monkhouse Jack Ross Phone 211 Phone 312 Thedford, Ont. Fred Martini’s Meat Market ‘Our Butcher’ Phone 61 - Res. 15 Thedford, Ont. DOUG BROCK White Rose Products Fuels of all Kinds Delivered Goodyear Tires - Batteries Accessories Call Arkona 26 GEO. B. FAULDS Lumber - Shingles - Millwork Arkona, Ont. PAISLEY’S GARAGE Repairs on all Makes of Cars Gas - Oils - Greases McColl Frontenac Petroleum Products Phone Arkona 31-R-2 Compliments of JOHNSON BROS. “Quality” Fresh and Cured Meats Phone 39 Arkona, Ont. UNITED MOTORS Reliance Products Olivers Sales Service General Repairs On All Makes of Cars Trucks Seiberling Tires Phone 36 Arkona, Ont JEFF’S RESTAURANT Meals - Lunches Soda Fountain Service Silverwood Ice Cream Smiles’n Chuckles M oir’s Chocolates Novelties Phone 31-R-ll Arkona, Ont. City Insurance Offices, Ltd. We Will Bond and Insure You Homer Lockhart Frank Cowan Phone Digby 1111 210 1-2 Front St. Sarnia, Ont. MANLEY’S STATIONERS Office and School Supplies Serving All Lambpton County Phone Digby 5611 142 Lochiel Sarnia, Ont. SUPERIOR STORES Forest Farmer’s Building and Trading Co., Ltd. Groceries - Dry Goods - Boots and Shoes Flour - Feed - Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Phone 161 We Deliver King Street Forest, Ontario THE HOPPER FOUNDRY, LIMITED Foundry and Machine Shop Welding Repairs to Pumps and Parts Pipe and Steel Phone 54-R-ll Forest, Ont. Keep Fit Have Fun Bowl at the FOREST BOW LING ALLEY Phone 180-R-2 Forest, Ont. CANADIAN TIRE CORP. ASSOCIATE STORE ' Save 20 Per Cent Armor Coat - Paint and Enamel — Protects and beautifies the interior and exterior of your home Phone 98-R-2 Forest, Ont. Marsh’s Egg Grading Station and Marsh’s Transport S. Marsh, Prop. Phone 32 Arkona, Ont. Established Over 40 Years ' AUSTIN’S FLORIST Your Local Florist Arkona Dial 4011 We Aim to Please We send flowers via Interflora to any part of the world. The Only International Service Members Florist Telegraph Delivery Assn. Lavem Hawken Farm Equipment Massey Harris 4S5 , Sales and Service Frigidaire Appliances Gehl - Forage Harvesters Beatty Equipment Arkona and Forest Fuller Bros. Red and White Store Arkona, Ont Phone 38 Self Serve Groceries English China Dry Goods Compliments of LAMBTON LOAN and INVESTMENT COMPANY Sarnia, Ontario The Oldest Canadian Martgage Company YOU’LL WANT AN rcaVictor y “NIPPER” RADIO for YOUR ROOM! — Every studenf dreams of a radio of their very own. You can find that ra- dio at Keelans — the R.C.A. Victor Nipper, styled to meet the modern tastes of young people in colour and design at a price everyone can afford. _@@) “The Nipper” 24.95 RADIOS RECORDS Big 5 tube value with built-in M agic loop antennae — beam power ampli- ciation — plastic cabinet in light green, light blue, ivory, white, terra cotta or yellow at slightly higher cost. K Ians 215 North Christina — for the latest in records visit — “Melody Lane” SroSgSSSgggK MACLAREN’S PHARMACY IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE 1 B u ° ST ° Kenwood and Hudson’s Bay Blankets ALLEN M. STEELE Coal - Coke - Fuel - Oil Building Material Lime Cement Drugs China Sincerest Best Wishes To The Forest District High School Graduates Main St. So. Phone 178-R-2 Phone 59-2 Forest, Ont. Grand Bend, Ont. Dalton’s Superior Markets THE WOOLLEN SHOP Grand Bend, Ont. Locker Storage Swim Suits - Sweatees Wool Blankets Wool Hosiery Yarns - Summer Lines Reg. Egg Grading Station Mt. Carmel Phone Dashwood 163-R-12 The Best of Luck To The Graduates Grand Bend 56-R-5 rirrrrrr. M r . r. M rrrrr. M t“ w rrrr. w . w . w A M . . M . M . M r. w . w rr« M rrr. M i r» M . M r. M « . M « , t , rr! ,, tri !A , tVt y SIDDALL MOTOR SALES Chevrolet - Oldsraobile Chevrolet Tracks H Sales and Service Genuine General Motors Parts and Accessories Towing Service Phone 62 Forest PROCTOR BROS. Red and White Food Stores Phone 30 Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables King Street We Deliver Forest, Ont. I : Y ,x i s yy. BLUE WATER CREAMERY Hi Quality Products Butter - Eggs - Chocolate Milk - Butter Milk Cream - Milk - Ice Phones: Office 159-11 Residence 159-2 Forest, Ontario Where the Patrons Share the Profits OGDEN MOTORS SALES Irvin C. Ogden, Prop. Authorized Studebaker Sales and Service Cars and Trucks Ferguson Tractors and Implements Phone 224 Forest • t »■«_ ! :!: X t : X x x. Y x x Y .x] ;x; X .X. Y x; X Y x, ' ’x X X .X, X X X X I X X x X X A. -t. 1 t » t-t t « t t_ •••••- THE HOTEL IMPERIAL Grand Bend, Ont. IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE W. B. H. R. Bossenberry Proprietors — 0 — President, Reg F. Scott Vice-Pres., Lome Flater Telephone 100 The Fores Basket Company, Limited. Compliments of Manufacturers of Fruit Baskets, Meat Baskets, A FRIEND Berry Boxes, Crates, Plant Boxes and Bushel Hampers Forest, Ont.| THE EAGLES This club was organized in Thedford by a group OF BOYS INTERESTED IN MINIATURE AIRCRAFT CONSTRUC- TION. The chief aim of the club is to bring to- gether BOYS WITH A COMMON INTEREST, WHO MAY SPEND THEIR LEISURE TIME IN PURSUIT OF A CREATIVE HOBBY. Though some younger boys have joined, the members OF THE CLUB ARE NEARLY ALL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS, AND THEY ARE THE FOLLOWING: RON MClNNIS, TED Luscher, Don Pym, Earl Alexander, Allan R inker, joe VanSteenk I STE. MEMBERS OF OUR SCHOOL BOARD E. Todd (Chairman) W. V. Blewett S. A. Fraleigh r. B. Lithgow E. o. Sitter 0. Tremaine F. VANCE C. W. WILKINSON THANKS TO Our Advertisers The teachers and students who have con- tributed time AND MATER I ALTO THE CAUSE. OUR TYPISTS, WHO CARRIED ON IN SPITE OF ACHING ARMS. Miss Boa, our guiding hand. Mr. Manning, who gave up his sleep to rescue us from starvation. MISS Cronk and the students who unwit- tingly SUPPLIED US WITH FOOD. Our lucky star, for standing by us. ave atque vale J

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