Forest City High School - Redskin Yearbook (Forest City, IA)

 - Class of 1966

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Forest City High School - Redskin Yearbook (Forest City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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' 1:'1g:s1':jw.'g! g1, Wm mggEggAmf,E,,u,wvw f 'Em-x ww iw Q' 1 -V, 4F?1'J"'i -.K ...F we ws-'U' 8 M 4 Q "' ' V 0' si - ,:, W xxxl ,. ' , W ifi Co-gdotofo Known Ufiedakoo fifofaeot ffzofo Sciool o 70W iowa Co 8616504 AMW! Holton HFS E9 60 W When I came to this country in the fall of 1965, I didn't know what I would find in the United States and in Forest City. The American Field Service gave me the great opportunity to "come down from the mountains" and learn about it. I discovered differences between our countries, then similarities, and at the end of the year I was so much used to, and involved in, American life that I didn't even think about it anymore. This was what I was looking forward to. In this place I would like to express my gratitude for the wonderful student body and for the members of 'W I Gm . 3 Eigss . my is 1 ' the faculty in this high school. I will never forget how much everyone has done to make this year such a mem orable one for me, and I want to say a warm "thank you!" This was Forest City's first experience with an AFS student. I hope that many more students from for- eign countries may come to this wonderful community to study and build a bridge of friendship and understand ing between the countries of the world. Cony Cony Gu jan Ev. Pfarrhaus 7250 Klosters Switzerland SWISS ADDRESS: S tw- .N .X X S vs ss in K we -Q. 3 I gusxkgx MN W 5 Eqfxggijgk 35153 R Nw isa L' wg raw Y 7m of damn 14 SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS--STANDING: Carl Larson, Gilmer Haugen, Lyle Jefson, Russell Lewis, Don Anderson SEATED: Secretary Dorothy Stoll, Mrs. John K. Hanson, President Sylvan Oswald, Superintendent Craig Downing. , J s sv K 5: N 2 fffif-i ry- N r Y N, SUPERINTENDENT HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL Mr. C. Downing Mr. N. Huse Fwffff MR. ASK Advanced Science Chemistry Physics MRS. BROWN Geometry Latin I, Ii Trigonometry MISS ANDERSON TYPH18 Commercial Law M R. BA RTH Agriculture Q MR. HUTCHINSON Advanced Science Biology Varsity Football MR. BRA LA ND Government Geography "r"'r'1f' 1 M RS. JOHNS ON Office Practice Shorthand Bookkeeping MISS LARS ON English Ill Speech MR. MUNCH Boys' P.E. Track Coach FW! MR. KONINGSMARK U.S. History Basketball Coach Baseball Coach ,ts .... if A MR. MOLLENHAUER Instrumental Music Music Appreciation R6 sv MR. OLSON Art l, ll MR. MC CLAIN World History t fy -'-i X News MR. PELLIN Industrial Arts Mechanical Drawing VW! MISS RUPRICH Girls' P. E. Drill Team MR. SALIS BURY English ll MR. TABOR Guidance Counselor ...Q MR. SKELLY Vocal Music MR. 'FHORSHEIM English lX' Librarian is 'Xff ..,. :.. .:,: 5 ol'sssl ' X S lll xc, S 5 r MR. SORENSON Algebra ll Senior Math Psychology A. . MR. WI ll TCOME Creurivc Writing Spanish 5404! SECRETARY SECRETARY Mrs. Stoll Mrs. Monson f.Q2 ' CQQKS JANITOR Mrs. O. Buckley, Mrs. Eddy Frederickson, Mrs. I. Mr- Harms Buckley. Saum 60-Edzwfw: lm Bwm janet jowtm NO ' PICTURE AVAILABLE PHILLIP ABRAHAMSON "Phil" "Occasionally I drop into class to offer a few words of encouragement . " DAVID AND ERS ON "Dave" "Not many cobwebs in his attic. " NANCY ANDERSON "Nan" "Everybody stay home to- night so I don't miss any- thing. " 5 E , A-an 5 atv-fr PAM ALBERTSON "AIbie" "Week days have their de- lights, but they can't com- pare with weekend nights. STEVEN AULICH "Steve" "Sigh no more ladies, sigh no more. " REBECCA ALMELIEN "Becky" "A fine student but even better as a friend. " CHARLES ANDERSON "Charlie" "Be no slave of words." STEVEN BAKKE "Steve" "Never serious, never down hearted, always ready for a good time. " "The hardest thing for m e 12 LON BARKEMA "Stretch" I got up at the crack of dawn, stuffed the crack and went back to bed." RACHAEL BENSON "Not a queen for a day, but a queen always. " PAULINE BORG "Porky" o say in twenty-five words' or less is "Goodbye. " 'fbi' LOUISE BRIGHTON "Wheezer" "There's a little bad in every good little girl." PAM BECKER JAMES BENSON "Becker" "Jimmy" " N0 wgnder 51155 di Z Z Y , "He's known for the n oi s e she's been around. " he dOeSf1'f 1T1-HRS-" No RICHARD BOOK "Every burned book picture enlightens the world." Available SALLY BROWN " Sal" "The more I see of me the better I like my horse." JANET BUCKLEY JAMES CARSON "Buckles" "Jamie" "There's a drunnnin in my "Give hi1n an inch and he h o "He has a photographic mind, but nothing ever Cle- velops. " HI th eart, but there's room for thinks hc is a ruler. " ther things too. " FREDERICK CURTIS "Fred" ROGER DANIELSON know at lot but I just can't VL MM... VERLIE CHARLESON "Jolly, cute, and sweet to boot. " ROBERT COOPER "Coop" "Be a live wire and you won't get stepped on. MICHAEL EBAUGH CRAIG EYMANN HM. Frank" "l've just invented a perpet "If men dig Of Qvefwgflq, 1 ual motion machine, but I ink of it. ,. will live forever! can't get it started. " JOHN FARUS " Sid" "Hello my coach! Good- night sweet lady, good night. " SHARI FREDRICKSON "Red" "A lot of pep ina small package." BETTY GROVES "Grover" "She's a quiet lass until you see her out of class. " ar , CONRADIN GUIAN HCODY.. "The reward of a thing well done is to have done it. " LOIS FELLA ND KAREN FLUGUM "I-lardworking, studious, and "A s mil e for anyone and kindly is sheg helpful and pleasant as no one can be. everyone. " THOMAS GJELTEN "T. Gordon" "Quiet and unassuming al- ways doin somethin." PATRICIA GUNDERSON "Patty" "Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. " -.79 may-... GREGGRY HALL BETTY HANNA JANE HANSON "Mouse" "Hanna" "She always speaks when H155 ljctfef to be Small gud "A shining disposition till it spoken to, teachers not in- shy than he big and cast a Simms- H Clkldfid- " shadow. " NANCY HARRIS "Harry" "The quiet hind whose na- ture never varies. " GERALD HEIMDAL "Gee, coach, my glasses fogged over!" AUDREY IIOLTAN "And" SHARON HOLLAND "Ch21r1il is the glow within GRACE HOLMEN "Her ways are pleasant a woman which casts a most "Gracie" ways. " becoming light on others. " " Way tO go, Grace! I" lm? l 'I think I think more than MARK HYLAND ion think I think--I think! " JANET JOHNSTON "Jan" "Like gravity sho has the power of attraction. " MARVIN KINGLAND "Melvin" JOEL KINGLAND "A basketball player, a "Why worry when there are regular guy, a friend to all, , so many other things to do. " and sort of shy. " F RONNIE JOHNSON SHERRY JOHNSON "Ron" "l'm not bashful, you just "Kool-aid, women, and don't know me. " song. " RANDY JUIIL "A joke for every occasion. STEVEN KNUDTSON "Knudt" "A little nonsense now and X then is relished by myself. Amen. Eff' v MIKE KORTH DUANE LARSON "Korth" "Flash" "Unfortunately, we only "I caught "Seniorities" in had him for 1 year." fifth grade. " VICKI LIVERCA "Vick" "A sweet disposition is a merit to the best. MARY LOVICK "Loopy" "She may not be a Ford, but she sure can rattle on. " d DARWIN LEE "I was almost killed once by a train of thought. " KENNETH LEWIS "Louie" "He'd sto Sanit Peter's P PENNY MCVICKER MARTHA MCCAULEY "One good reason why gen "Dainty and neat from head tlemeu don'r always prefer to feet. " blondes. " E No Picture Available roll call to ask a question. " ARLYN MIDTGAARD A great guy with a lilie- wble way. " CIIERYL MONSON "A blush is worth a thou- sand words. " DONALD NISSEN "Don" 'lf school is liberty, give me death. " STEPHEN NORDSKOG "Steve" "Do it today, for toniorrow there may be a law against it. " MARY MITCHELL LYNN MOKLESTAD "Mitch" "It's well to know more "Get thee behind nie, Sa- than you say. " tan, so I can sit on your lap. " ELIZABETH NATII ll Hlndustrious and cheerful, always to get her work in on tinie. " RONALD NOVAK HROHH "What are 7 and 7? Oh, just numbers. " BARBARA OLSEN ,--f 95 LINDA OSWALD vlOlelV Hexzievv "Her tongue is her sword "She looks like an angel, which she never lets rusts. " she acts like one too, but MARION PETERSON "Worry kills H1611--I'1ll too young to die. " LARAE PLETCHER "Pinky" "Sugar and spice and every- thing niceg one of these days she'll be covered with rice. " 'fr 'M 'tm- you never know what an angel will do. " efvwy ffv' DENNIS OUVERSON "Huey" "Books cannot always vw please, however good. RICHARD PETERSON "DiCky" "Because of his genius, we can allow for his madness. JAMES RYE "Jim" "He is the life of the class GARY SEVERSQN and the death of the teach- Hpudgyff ers. " "South Dakota--5 miles. " ,,-,I .Q JULIUS SEVERSONH RICHARD SHAW LINDA SPARKS 'I believe too much study- "Wally" "By a small sample you can ng deteriorates the mind. " "HC Puts Q11 his WOFUCS in judge the whole Piece- U a pocket with a hole in it. " No JUDY srtrrr Picture uludvv "l'ni not arguing, I'm terrmg you. " Avar lab le SHARON STROMMEN "Neat and shiney like a pearl. " THOMAS THOMAS LINDA TERHARK "B05g1110v3" DANA SWANSON "lt's nice to be important, "You're young once, but "P6OP1G WhO 11121116 11OiS6 but it's more important to N once is enough if you work are dangerous- " be nice. " I to rig it. " CYNTHIA THOMPSON "Cindee" "She's small, but so is dyna- mite. " PATTY ZOBEL Hpatvv "Calm and unperturbed. " 20 Quai BOB VAN DEN BOSCH "Bosch" "The happiest people are crazy ......... Boy am I happy." CLASS MOTTO: JERRY WHITEHURST "Scoop" "A quiet mang he doesn't snore in class." JAMES WOOLDRIDGE "Yak! - Yak! - Yak! - Hello fans! - I'm an eagle! - I'm an eagle! - guffaw - guffaw - guffaw! !!" ! A To The Class of 1966: Best Wishes as you travel along lifes highway. May all the roads lead to happiness and success. Build your future by establishing the foundation to- day. Set your goals and strive ----------- success will be yours. Norman Huse The past is deadg the future does 11012 existg today is here, use it. Seam Claw UWM ywi fn I 45 fgr- E ' Q "NM, X Tom Gjelten, Vice-Presidentg Richard Peterson, Presidentg Rich Shaw, Secretary-Treasurer. ,gf Seam Tiana 71241, 25, N66 5 Q 21 SW Gm iawowtwn - X962 -wwf , V, if and ,ngu- 'TW f fi w if if Ql"""'X' ,ra KWH, .1 wx 'HW73 QV-f DWWQXW' WNW 'MW' .Ai 1 ff gf xx QF F, S w-We is -935 f Swv- - SIQN QQ. M, if . Mfii L Sv su-HPKN N Nga Q 3 n XA ix 'z U Ns' A-we N Q 8 +5 sl' gs 7, 7 4,, 7 f .f f G3 "U f, 1 , fam ' W f Z Z In f 7 A 'IKM - ff X X a 60-Edvtmf Gm Holman Cady Udvmfiam sw is anim :Iii .If X .N 5 -LLLL I Alberta Toni F F 'Q 29 ' 1 9 Q, Anibroson Anderson Q s- Julie Tini S 1 ' M S Qs 7L L A b Q any! Anielsberg Anderson F. Q . I GEMM jean . . R f Q Q . mVmLLW,..Wx R .L. if LLm.: lg . A A ' F Q fi Renee Stephanie F A S Q , B QQ . Q Q L t, SQ? Q V Anlich era Q 1 MQ ' if S g A Elaine Karen Hi- - "L ' ' . I: Q NW" 1. 'A fx- we - Q R Q Bartleson Blanchet in Q r,. f Allen Sharon S A A Belslifiiln Bldfldlef HB .,- . . zS: : :1::2:? A Q Q F Mary Bonnie Q F fi Q, - Q Ki - Bonian Brown ...- if ' . S Richard Kand yce 'i W QP ..,, Q in - . . j. rr' Q Q Ffflf ' F ix F Brighton Callies Q Q g 3 1 ,Q ,.4.g'5.,: ' is lo A nn Chip " ' , Brones Carter ,i .K - ..... A K -S A .ll S1158 U JOHH F Pa oeeo . W -ME i Charlson Cunningham rr "QQ ii fbi Q Q -g f? iw Eldon Dennis 7- gif! ff' F .QQ 1, Clonse Dalcin S Ss Il won? ,, 1 ii Donna Danny , 1 f f Coyle Davis . i K lj N ' . ,:.r Bob Sharon Q or Q S V F, . " -Q" ' Davis Dum F F is - "r' i S , ai KI-lsty Lyle f . 3 2' Q 'E gg Q IDLIUIJS, r Eehh L1iS fi L' Q ' 'lr . " Q-Q E fl Y . o r 1-.1 r--- Sw - .. 5 I1 Greg Mike Q, Q , 255-E Q, Q1 f i,..5Q. g Dunn Eland X if . hs, 'X mxi Q15 F of F r S ' ii "H E S-Xxx ll ...r ws ,nn D ia ne B la i n e .F , :iff-Q i - :jf-Qs 1 Elnian Field ,Q f Q QQ . lQlr .Q Suzanne Lon I aff gg 3. 135 G5 8- if L, ifiiiir Richard Karen ' I t ' or g e! - A '2- 'H gn ,j S - "" w . Felland Foster S S 5' Y N -Y I ng A Y ' A i Q QSQSS. . E John Kathy F. ' f K Q Fox F rein , Karen can 'F " ' :iw 'Sis 1--4 QQQSQQ QQ, LQ Qin KQQK ,yi r .. :H Franklin Gzihan F rr S QQ M illiam Chuck WV 2 srri Q . Fredrickson Carnbell Mkffif " Y so ,iss -4. . .-sQ. . t G ngstcad Gmh . "" if riiim L we sie . Qll . ., uf F' ri F. Stuart Ja ne F ' rrii ' ' S S We f 1 ii.. +L ' is GO l drn an G L -1. A N, l -W .. wi -ir . Z Q ..s-.. nstifson , . R Q , is Sharon Larry - X i Iii Q .li Graff Handeland x ., .1 ,- K -- . IX. if- sk 5 WZ? is . as sr .,,. gs . . r,.. Q . -. , , '-TV' 'iii . FJ ...L rg f A-.: . ,- ,irq d i I' -1. .. 11. S., .. .. gg 1 V A, rs s sv vs Q :- X ..- 7,5 as ' . Q . . W U . .C . Z N, . .G . K Y Z sa - . 1 I X x Sikh, F I 'MN Q - . 'm .. is lr S . fffigz ., 4 w V. isir X vmrasgl Q fix. r' ' -. I tw S 3 " H, 3 55. S il h 4 5 . A ' to ,Tri+ 1 35? A , L X A Lif.fV'fLQg :ff . 5 Q S 351 , .fi 5 Q ' -T -gi .a.f:'.iT'.F Lawrence Kudej Loren Larsen Mardella Lawson Mary Mangan Jane Martin Geraldine McColloch Craig Monson Torn Monson Constance Moore Tom O' Rourke Larry Otis Roger Ouverson Jim Levad Riley Lewis Lynn Lovick Vilean McVicker John Messer Carol Monson Linda Murra Cathy Nielson Jane Olson Stephen Ouverson Tom Petersburg David Peterson mow fi"' ' - I 1 ' J J IS 1 3 X .LVL 4' . f mgavailable g "'.L- i . 1 .ST X..-,X XJ Q ,AL L 5 K K O 'N ii .'. Bk if ' af? is X Q. A. , Kgs r - is S if x sea - -1 xl,...iffiil Im J -. .a 5 K K Xt '- 2. 'V ' .qs 1 'ie P' J ff- J f ' ' ji -sir, M ii 1 N Obi . J Q 'ill 'L .kA.. ,K fl . Photograph X E not available . .Gigs . M' sig? f - i 4, ggi ' -' 'M-1 . V .SE .5 . V .3 li? F 1 -ra.. ws ' 'L s .fails f--'V s 2 .. l E:' Egg 45,3 , , iff! A s kv.. .. 1' Q sm Q K7 ' gfarx x ' X a u. Q- :xv :X tae ..m.i,'-1- UI vii-rl... Lyle Hanna Ellen Hansen Rosemary Hanson Toni Heimdal Keith Holtan Caryn Hovda Brenda lngebretson Floyd Jefson Bonnie Jenkins Fra nk Johnson J im Johnson Linda Keel ig. .... J 2 it X W 'x if , Wiq TL ' Cheryl Harms Dennis Harringa Janan Haugen Pani Hugelen Kathy Hunter John Hyland Connie Jenkins Tony Jenkins Gary Johnson Fern Klipping Mary Knudtson Carolyn Knudtson as L is efifs.: 'rss . .W 'V' . W N 4 N 1-'Q " X v ix, x ' sf f A R 5 i me , K f sf s.rQ'-we K ,.- ' swan .. X .sw x Q- Q , L . . ..1 1 f 1 . gt Q 1 - F A " fl . H? ' as r'rr . 2 f J irlr L .lyi Q. . L fs s, I xg Aix yg as r 4 I " F' Q 25 VW C S Q Wir? " "img ' f Qu - ,W M fs W' f 1 gf 7 1 f :A-,J Mfg 5 A L2 6 1 , , W .. I' W f .3 A i Rasmussen 124 M I lv K , , Q 5 Ron VA,,.' d ' CmdY ng: M, v' , 5 ml, 'Vi' " b A gd f 1 A Parry AV ., Q - M f b .3 Randy f d bbbdd Dennis , 1 , . y . Q 'gm 'fb W-f ff' 'd if x ' ff Q f -Q if 'hm f ' ev' , V 3 'vw , V xii- ,F. ui 16 ' K 6 Z W 1 x . 4 we . 4 x ' 5 ' 2221 WK 3 0 . 'C' Xe , ,, A wi 5, 1 a 57 ,sd',,,44nuq, V Ga M N f7,v nm A M , w f QW Picture not availabke ag 1, 'F b d Pam Rgxuk Pat Rauk David Rcincke Puulctte Sheimo Randy Smith Louaiue Strand Karolyn Thompson Robert Thompson Judy 'Fibbits LQRO5' Twait Linda Tweed Libby Weible s,y agx LEFT TO RIGHT: Pam Hugelen, secretary-treasurerg Tom Monson, presidentg Libby Weible, vice-president Sopionww z CC Cs at R Q XS . Jeff James h H : D M Q ,,, Adanis Anielsburg ' ' I Ronald Clifford 'Y 'C jf Q ' C -we Q-A 1524! M ' - Albertson Anderson ll! Q Whyhh ri, I Ronald Lauri f K+ Q S ' Alinelien Anderson X E C 1 ' A N, A Lorene Michael M N as , to Q KmAA C. N f xi Z, 'I C t, , 55, Anderson Becker f ,. , 1 s X gk Cf K 5 Xi CC C lt if . 'r C - "'EgA' L - Ct Rebecca Joy :C X Ni, Banlien Be lsheini S C 4 - C s C r ll Ruth Peter . , E ky Bartleson Benson S - Q 135533 CC V- a x- h C h Judy Kathryn A ,X 6 C Berg Boman W 5 K K 'ggi P ,C,,,2 ,. Cain, g C b Marvin Sue 1 ' 'l Y if ll Betels Boman , r kg K .1 8 i Bobst Boolc y C 5 Michael Claines 5 - C .,., qw! Book Chapin CC C -r.. j . CC gs - sn Q ki ,. ' - q ,Q -if Patty Carolyn ' C Z, ,fl -. Q 4 5 Book Carlson Q: AN Qs , :O X me i A NJC? - C .' . lxlalfg . - ff' 'iv' r i i' Wm C r nsvo arson is r lllffsif' 'WWE -C U Debra Kathy CC Charlson Clonse 0 X A, :Ly 'rrz C K CC y CTCFHM CHIOI X3 1 sem C C, 'Q' C at Cl121I1SOI1 Coon ' vlfv or C riviera E5 CC 7 lf Lois Patrick C- X C N C - X Eli Cliarlson Davis L X , 1 C C sslr , srll Cmdy Hamm C. ' ' f rr ' . s V Dov ' El L C C C C C.: . Hung mm C ' v sk il Linda Alan ' S ' 35 C C - ' - er Duregger Faber -- Qi 'rl ix in :gli Bobby Daniel ' CHQ - x f C L 1 4 " sz V r T f -C ' --. Qs - 5 Edwards Fauske A , A W r Pauline lxlajorie - 5 of N -K Fietz Gudnionson L Q MC r on C, Cqw is C. K A C ' if - X A 1 ""'C " - f CC H L s C Jerry Charles - gr CC fC S, CC W CA -ff F ietland Haaland f' j CC A Indy lxlichael A ff, A C X EX fl Folkerts Hall S N R Wray Viclci CC C Y Hallett Hanson 5 H L L N CC . C l .C 'f ' '- 'r'- A i C Q lxlichael James Qi ,if 231 0 my A KM 4 Hanna llaulle ,W - 'ws - 3 . Alia A SC kkrr' f : - Rosalyn David l. , NW x ' , CCCC 1 T ' C "rr'C S f i, , Hanson Haugen 'Q ?' r 27 Sopdaowfcea f fm... f T ee I ff I Z . -Q. x 5""7no woro . ,, R vi: m f iff! 'mmf' I k ,,,V L ,, 53253 ,X fi ., 1 , , ' ml, l of I fl .i f iilr My he 4, w x ' ,, , ,QQ " 1 f H V7 , l 1? H if A Z ' e. -V ' f N! H f x 2 tii, oy f , 'W' Q, 5 I 1 X V f x ,, - , ' l i ,, ,-1 '35, Janice Don Lovick Meinecke Marcia Larry McGuire Merchant Karen Ardella Markle Monson Monte Arlis Monson Nelson Sharon Sherrie Murra Nielson Donald Jeff Nath Nissen Martha Richard Nordskog Oswald Roger Sharon Nye Ons Robert Suga U Olson Paulson Mark Randy Petersburg Pitkin Diane Doug Peterson Porter Ken Barbara Pilcher Reisetter L 5 Q S- av' K '-ff "' fb falt- fir ffm 4 W Mg' .sg :iff imma pxmi f - W 413. nmumsnsrf ',.i Q Qf- ear? 'L 'VV , -- 1" 19,7 ff V 441555, '-Aw fl iz gm jig ,- 'V VA hvl, , ,yi I y ,V ,,f V hw, , , 1' 1 544 W r I Cf L a ' " ,aa I Q.. M , eg Q. v??r? if " fe , it- 'V t .fm V ' ai as FQ' W f V, 41,66 n Nw, 2 H., a Aiwa, ff fl' E X 5, ha QW x 'W 'Q 1 ',,.f,f5 X., ,cw , Q wr 49 i, fx: F r 1 Va, S. iw - , f 'Vin ,V '17 , 1 1 W f if 3 . ,W W 12 -a Es W W A ,f Rosemary llayes Charles lleercn Noel l leimdal Danny Holland Diane lflolland Philip lfloltan Lyle johnson Mary Jorgenson le rry Kasilr Darcia Koohnan Harley Laclrore Dennis Laniiners Roxann llelniers Paul I lelvick Randy lloeit Gary lngehretson Joyce lefson Lc Ann Johnson Ron Kcongh Toni Kcrschbann Linda Klipping A l ary , Lgingerud Connie Lee Joe y Lewis W ,f S T I 'Y x i f, Q3 I uma. Q gk 'f' 4 if A - 1 la, 5' 4 .f , qw f 1 g N f x an 5 W. X5 :i,' ', , , 5 4 9 gyda ,H 1, 'iv ar M, 'Q , ' i. 225233 ' auger- g J li , 6 4? 6 K Y ,,, , X, j, 3 . ,E Q ,gn QM! ff I K 'K - Q, '56, 4 ' 31 4 X 5 ,- 3' 2 I if S0fA00l0f!Z4 , , , ':-" ',1V , Terry .- " Q ' " H 1 Riherd 5,21 ar- 29 in Wifi' V f AV , Donna W ,., 4,, W , T 9 44, M Rovang rx ' ff" S Lg, if if Q5 10116 T V? i V ,K Sergent V , V X! A , Q P Ronnie ,Y A r .V:. , , ,, S' " . T Severson xl? V , , 4,3 il Roberta X ,Q V L ' Shaw ff-inf-1.,'g .r E, W 'fi , a 3512.5 ,fa ' 'jfffiffifwgt 5' I DnoD Debfa 5, , K , A Fi. .L za, . I 3543! 645, viva: ilagrg, 'ffdm She uno I ,iwg , ,T ' V ra 6 Wayne ,V, P I H , M lv- -xx' Vyf, ,Q , fl r H? T -P T, ,J ' f r "2 Stensrud 'T ,,f.,, V er " , ,Q j ,Q L Mark I, A 3,,,,. , 'H .,,, 5 'W im Lr'r a ' ' Strand A ' - t a ji v"', , if Steven ii fii wal gt 'ii 5 A Strand f A 1 - r ' W ,- ,,W, ' , ' Steve f ,. , N K I I Th , , ' ,a f , E ' ' ff 011135 ,, f K :Q 1' , "W 1 "L, Pam wr V , m , Z V' Thompson 'VVS A' A f Kendra K E W V fl 9 A A V N Thorsheini Fx . . 4 1 V 4222 Af: Tom Van Den Bosh g ,J if ,W Westerbnrg r g ru ng A , KFISIY W ilson :ci ZQZTH - 'f,Z533'77l:.GEt55f . f Danny Schmidt Gary Severson Karen Severson Randy Shirk Marlyce Smith Roberta Smith Craig Suby Susan Sunne Kathleen Tannahili Charles Twait Nancy Tw eeten Connie Unger LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Davis, presidentg Randy Pitkin, treasurerg Mark Brunsvold, vice-presidentg Lauri Anderson, secretary. X X fff Lf! xx NX avr' 'I NNN, .t G-444.544, :A tu, Yury! , , F f ,f WX- XX . -"' III? t N 3-5 "' ah' W ' If . N hx f -4 4.4. N ,f xg, Q X In ' ,, .-I f '2 1 . N-'s 'Y H-3' H' I - Y. ,f , .V an 13' Va ,L , ,xx . , f f .lf 1 : E un--.hx K-3 was ff . f is Y: V WI -. 'S ggi f fC ' i ,. X i ris Q f ff fa, g r, -rr - as 'f fy' 1Q 4 M WA' N F '5' ll: -'s 'f ff' Qu I -X - ' 'sg fl ' Y 'Q' - ' f 4" -2- 'g K 'KA si!! FRE? h gtg Q "2 is sir fy X 4 -W , M., N1 x N 1 'ff' X! X "nf'?'?4' mf! 'ffl' f' x Q Z1 .1 1 X x Q f Wes N f-ef., Q A . n ..-' ,A ' nw 5 J " I A 0 ' W W vnu? It nm unu'f'.i-,rj . . Air V hwlf:'.u.,.w,.. Most popular boy - Most popular girl - Most Most Most Most Most handsome - beautiful - fun - brains - brawn - Biggest wolf - Femme fatale - Most personality - Best dresser - Cutest couple - Best dancers - Most bashful - Biggest mouth - Most First First First First First First First First First clumsy - to the White House name in lights - to be Miss America in "Whos Who" - to make a million - to marry a million - to make the Met f to win an Oscar - to land on the Moon Spam ,vf Q - X1 A K . ,Quia . - " 7 K 1 A lb' f . A ww SW fx 4 s- , -Q A . ' - K .5-J. 95. in . 1 . ' - - Lf-K -V -gf 5-sg, X... .. , Q .. . . .f f. Sw - f m. :W 'W K ,-,. ,N A X t , . M, x 1:1 I M - N -f 1 f Rf -- K K -. i . f . ' fl -SLM ,i ,agen-.-ex ., h K q LN ...Q fa T MQ, L W 1. S- HQ M - ' "' . L- .g A 1, - ss. ,V 'S K k -- -'Q .X .- fyzwq :wx , ?iS2,w'lsw+r - 'fix-'SA f M 1 - 60"8dLt0fl4' S . 70m Ydomcw 206065 foam ydflxflflf ?00t15a,l Ebaugh scores on an end run. Mike Ebaugh on an end run. COACHES: Mr. Hutchinson, Mr. Braiand Eiand beats Clear Lake on a reverse. ydfbdw 6 FOREST CITY 6 CLEAR LAKE O After an eight-year wait, the Forest City Indians posted a 6 to O win over the Clear Lake Lions. FOREST CITY 2 BRITT G Failing to capitalize on many scoring ehanees, the Indi- ans went down to defeat. FOREST CITY O BUFFALO CENTER 7 The Indians made many errors that evening, taking their second straight Ioss. FOREST CITY O BELMOND I9 Out weighed, but not out spirited, the Indians suffered their third defeat in four Contests. 6117! '765 Samoa Tough Indians defense almost gets an interception. 0005411 FMMWUC4 FOREST CITY I2 OSAGE 33 An offensive battle which featured long runs by both teams, but the Indians came out on the short end of the scoring, FOREST CITY 39 GARNER 7 Unleashing a disappointment over four straight losses the Indians smothered the Cardinals on Homecoming night. FOREST CITY O A well fought game, in which the Indians had a TD called back. NORTHW OOD T FOREST CITY 6 Plagued by costly mistakes, thc Indians lost the final game of the 1965 season T to 6. LAKE iiiiis T4 lviilce Ebaugh tries the middle of the Bison line. Thomas completes a pass to his end, Ken Groh. MANAGERS: Dan Davis, Tom Gjelten, jim Carson, and Lyle Hanna. gm- DEFENSIVE UNIT--LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Monson, B. Davis, E. Clonse, R. Juhl, R. Brighton, A. Belsheini, C. Monson, R Tannahill, L. Larson, D. Peterson, F. Curtis, J. Wooldridge, T. lleinidal, L. Kudej, G. Heinidal. Coqwewe Stamimy School Belmond Lake Mills Buffalo Center Osage Northwood Britt Forest City Garner WON LOST TIED 7 5 4 4 O 1.2 2 1 O WW' ' Z " 'A 'f"t . . W W DADS NI GH T All 60l40b6llA6 SGZECZIQOM 2 nd Teani Honorable Mention Mike Ehangh Ken Croh Robert Cooper lim Levad Dave Peterson .6 .X ,ss . Q A irs-..f1x"u OFFENSIVE UNIT--LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Ebaugh, T. Thomas, M. Eland, K. Groh, L. Schleusner, R. Shaw, T. Anderson, M. Korth, R. Cooper, J. Farus, L. Levad Seniors Ehaugh Thomas Farus Shaw Wooldridge Juhl Cooper Korth lleinidal lam Www Juniors Peterson Levad Eland Clouse Groh T Monson R Monson Anderson Schlensner Brighton am, Bmw FRONT ROW: Manager Doug Porter, Tim Anderson, Marv Kingland, John Farus, Lon Barkema, Robert Thompson, Riley Lewis, Wally Shaw, Manager Mike Book. SECOND ROW: Coach Konigsmark, Tom Anderson, Mike Korth, Jerry Anderson, Randy Juhl, Ken Groh, Tom Monson, Dan Schmidt, Tom Thomas. i765-66 Seaam Wm !0 lad !0 FC 64 Corwith-Wesley 39 FC 74 North Central 67 51 Garner 43 55 Garner 50 57 Clarion 69 57 Lake Mills 58 47 Belmond 73 95 Britt 76 43 Buffalo Center 46 57 Belmond 66 52 Northwood 73 55 Buffalo Center 53 34 Lake Mills 64 60 Northwood 63 86 Britt 64 68 Osage 48 68 Osage 53 53 Wells, Minn. 59 70 FOREST CITY 72 LAKE MILLS 70 FOREST CITY 45 MASON CITY 50 I JOHN TOM MARV WALLY Smdmg BUFFALO CENTER BELMOND NORTHWOOD 10 LAKE MILLS 9 FOREST CITY 7 GARNER 5 OSA GE 1 BRITT 1 AW :vi ,, Y' JERRY TOM DUSTY RILEY All Cmfmanw Selectma SECOND TEAM Robert Thomp fforwfcazfle Mama Marvin Kinglaud Dau Schmidt son C F G DANNY TIM xi--' ...ui mf M44 Sbpdoowfcea 81 A FRONT ROW: Jerry Charlson, Chuck Heeren, Jeff Adams, Allan Faber, Doug Porter, Dan Fauske, Mike Becker, Ron Keough, Dan Schmidt, Ron Albertson, Gary Severson, Mike Hail, Noel Heimdal, Jim Westerberg, Jerry Kasik, Danny Helland, MANAGERS Ron Seferson, Dan Davis, Denny Lammers, Gary Ingebritsen, and Coach Munch. - rf- U, X Diane Peterson Nancy T weeten ll' an ,gigs iii Qi. U J. ,Hank i 45' Q -1 ' as 4 RQ...-1' 1 r-'sj ROW ONE: Clifford Anderson, Dave Haugen, Craig Monson, Dennis Lanimers, Danny Fauske, Donald Meineke, Terry Riherd. ROW TWO: Manager Mike Book, Chuck Heeren, Jim Arnelsberg, Jeff Nissen, Mark Brunsvold, Ron Albertson, Rick Oswald, Coach Hutchinson. Donna Rovang Laurie Anderson 39 7m ROW ONE: Jerry Charleson, Jim Levad, Bobby Davis, Tom Thomas, Mike Ebaugh, Lyle Hanna, Jim Haufle, Allen Fa- ber, Ron Tannahill, Mike Eland, Don Meinecke. ROW TWO: Tom Monson, Tim Anderson, Eldon Clouse, Jim Amels- burg, Randy Rasmussen, John Farus, Ken Groh, Craig Eymann, Tom Gjelton, Gary Severson, Tom Heimdal, Coach Munch. SENIOR LETTERMEN Mike Ebaugh John Farus Tom Gjelton Cony Gujan Gerald Heimdal Tom Thomas The State 440 Team. ' 2 ---f-" 1 PM V , x Y 5,-! .J " 5, ff. f ,QT W 1 L 'Q-ir . ' '7 3 ii Q S .,,, . Y' .-. , f - f p hVi'aQ1fwaun1QuIiNd i nt. V W S: ,A E,,i Y 1, I i I si! IXY WQ I lgg-Xl' s . ,,.. 3.0 -W L V'Q- " H . Ebaugh takes the high hurdles. -'K I K .5 33" M-as-5 jg- 3 A 4 R M' 'iii be is . s R as .- M ,PW fi! i R ' Liss E' S ks .V R R T is P 1 t., H k A 115 141- K AM :xy ' f -ssa R Masses R ' .ss- - Q, . A A Q H .gLf,,,.,::Q,aw,,,K,,M. : in ,Q G Q-I is V' "'2'i A A f ,P R 'ii'i T Tannahill wins the 100 yard dash. Gag ROW ONE: Dennis Lammers, Frank Johnson, Tom Anderson, David Haugen. ROW TWO: Jerry Anderson, Chuck Heer- en, Danny Schmidt, Robert Thompson, Coach Hutchenson. erei . ' I , TOURNAMENT TEAM , M, ,t,,. Ig, X3 if 9 Hole Average Tom Anderson 39. 0 Robert Thompson 39. 2 Jerry Anderson 39. 9 David Haugen 42. 9 I The Indian golf team was unbeaten in five dual meets. Sectional tourney: C.L. - 320 F.C. - 325 District tourney: Sumner - 315 F. C. - 317 Jerry Anderson heads for the green. New Hampton ' 332 C.L. - 341 In state tournament action, the Indians tied for eighth. All members will be back the following year. 16 , VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Linda Oswald Pam Rank Sue Charleson Pat Rank Pauline Borg Becky Gangstead In creating school spirit, cheerleaders are a very vital force. This year's peppy bunch was responsible for the decorative, peppy, and very clever hall signs and in getting the student body to participate so enthusiastical- ly in the "Spirit Jug". The long, hard hours of practice paid off for a good successful season. 60-Eddouf WM Sm 70m Gjeltm Gown " :V M' ,fgr,4,Aw' gf G If , I QW ., Q ' 5 ACCOMPANISTS: Karen Foster, Lorene Anderson, Jean Arnold, Audrey Holtan, Julie Amelsberg. ROW ONE Becky Banken Donna Rovang Carol Monson Karen Foster Cindy Downing Linda Murra Laurie Anderson Mary Mitchell Martha McCauley Kathy Boman Becky Gangstead Vilean lxlcvicker Grace Holmen Pat Rauk Nancy Tweeten Kendra Thorsheini ROW TWO Audrey Holtan Pauline Fietz Roberta Shaw Gail Gahan Mary Bowman Jean Arnold Lotene Anderson Kathy Carson Karen Franklin Pauline Borg Janet Johnston Joy Belsheini Pam Rauk Sandra Rollefson Libby Weible Sally Brown ,p- Q2 nw' A J nu ja 51' Aix Q I 'Q' fl, 5553554 -. ASA LV' 4- hm. '9 .31 M WM, 'Nr' 1""'V I si Ui! 1' CLARINETS Gail Gahan Pam Albertson Cindy Thompson Karen Foster Donna Rovang Kandy Callies Jeannine Tonneson Kathy Carson Nancy Tweeten Linda Murra Marcia McGuire Sherrie Nielsen M. 'X ALTO CLAMNET 1' I Jane Martin lfex ff! , BASS CLARINET Pauline Borg Darcia Kooirnan BAND QUEEN Marlyce Smith Janet Buckley FLUTE M00 Jane Olsen Cheryl Monson Janan Haugen Barb' Reisetter Debra Sheimo OBOE Mark Petersburg Vicki Liverca Diane Peterson BASSOON Karen Franklin Ellen Hanson Diane Holland ALTO SAXOPHONE Janet Buckley Mary Knudson Joyce Jefson SENIOR SAXOPHONE Rich Shaw BARITONE SAX OPHONE Dan Holland CORNETS Greg Hall Linda Sparks Roberta Shaw Delight Peterson Tom Van Den Bosch Pam Thompson Bobby Edwards Chuck Haaland HORNS Jim Wooldridge Linda Oswald Steve Ouverson Susan Charlson TROMBONES Randy Juhl Robert Cooper Ken Lewis Tim Westerberg Loren Larsen Bob Van Den Bosch Mary Lovick Sue Boman BARITONES Pat Davis Elizabeth Nath BASSES Floyd Jefson Bob Davis Doug Porter PERCUSSION Lon F jetland Stuart Goldman Laurie Anderson Chuck Gambell DIRECTOR Delmar Mollenhauer Spotlqhft on smyfw saw Y IV UWA Stage fam! Broadway IV Folk Group The unique fourth annual presentation of popular modern music from Broadway musicals and the movies, Spotlight on Broadway, once again highlighted the musi- cal year at FCHS. Thanks to the generous help of Mr. Olsen with the artwork, Miss Larson with the lights, and Mr. Whitcome with the narration, the efforts of Mr. Skelley, and the vocal department, and Mr. Mollen- hauer, and the instrumental department met with un- paralleled success. The program featured selections by the Spotlight Singers, the Folk Group, the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs, and the Stage and Concert Bands. Singing solos from the musicals "Porgy and Bess" and "Camelot" were Mary Mitchell and Ken Lewis. uf' y W . sq, y SOLGIS TS Mary Mitchell Ken Lewis 'Kami TWIRLERS Linda Murra Ellen Hanson MAJORETTE Karen Foster ipep Bm School spirit received a big boost this year from the marching band and the pep band. They not only put spark to games with their pep songs, but also they turned into a strong cheering section. Every- one noticed them, if not for their noise, for their red outfits. The marching band showed us something new this year in their routines also. They used an unit system of marching and improved their precision. To perfect these drills the marching band spent many hours outside in close to freezing temperatures. The pep band at the basketball games is something that has come to be tradition at FCHS. With- out a doubt, its lively numbers have added to the high spirits and increased the morale of teams and fans alike. When tournament time came around this year, and the pep band couldn't perform, its sup- port was greatly missed. Congratulations to the bands and to Mr. Mollenhauer for the support they gave to our teams. Gala' Glee faq! Glee i M1444 . Would qw, Edna? fx., , A U f 'Q lhing , 1 -. nur'-yin: 4 , g,jf3ji. D H "" V' ," wi W 14" , and w: Ms. . A--s-w.M4,,,,,,, nv f 6 mwp.M4,..w,.W.m gk T 1, r ff SKILLED PROJEC TIONIST Special Faculty Award to Mr. Braland 53 WN' may X ,, 4 .. K X x 5 Q . Wm - P as . fx X. 'Q X li 5 X XX X X X gm ' N XX, + f JR X Si? fx ,F Qi' L X mix X X Sw? gw 1 SX , P2 X X X N Q ,XXX 5 . 7 E 53 1 "L' ' - ' ' XA . ' .' 1- 6.51, ' j iw Q A - .f t lu. kkkf . It 4 ' . - Q- - Ti . " : X-F55 BN -5 'lx i:,,:Q' S ..,,, X g 4 l fzsr im. . X. A XXX 2 E' 3 5 ff? Q T.. - X X if N A, X X. .. lil' ,mb ,X X X V N N K X xg x I Nu X , qgvmxm X Q V 4 5 fax X X, .isa x -XX M-1' 2. wg ' -: ' g ' - x A if' , i . ' 5 S . XX.X. h L . X. xii, - " X X ix X .Xws .yfiry A 'Wx XX X? XX X X X 'X' X915 A b .. W LAAL . M X M 6 4 saw! ,X 1 'U' 4 L ""'Y 4 , 1 sb XX, if A i. :. - Q' X ,X -in - f fi-,ix 3' " ' N ,. 5.-XQEQQ-3 . H ' L ,X ' V ' -J-51-K 1 ..., . . , .,.X XX " ' X XXX:X.,X , , , v -. . XQ-. I - A A kk--. -XA J f - 'ff "-" --" -S - X--- ., . - N , -5. " Zi K -.5 X. ,Q h, - - mga, , . X A X A - ' Q www 2 " " ga X' .., 52 ' I' Nb-- RN ' ". OMWLQMMM 60-Eddofw: Umlie Ciaflldm QW BMW Ama swf, ROW ONE: B. Gangstead, K. Flugum, J. Steiff, M. Mangan, J. Brones, D. Davis, M. Ebaugh, J. Whitehurst, R. Juhl. ROW TWO: V. Charlson, C. Thompson, G. Holmen, S. Dunn, M. Lawson, J. Arnold, A. Holtan, S. Brown, J. Wooldridge, H. Wheeler, R. Johnson. ROW THREE: K. Lewis, M. Lovick, B. Almelien, K. Hunter, G. Gahan, D. Peterson, P. Albertson, P. Becker, S. Morse, C. Carter. ROW FOUR: L. Terhark, R. Benson, B. Groves, E. Bartleson R. Aulick, K. Dunbar, L. Oswald, T. Thomas, P. Rauk, P. Borg, J. Olson. ROW FIVE: S. Eredrickson, L. Strand, S Holland, P. Gunderson, S. Johnson, S. Strommen, L. Van Lenning, B. Hanna, J. Buckley, P. Rauk, J. Johnston, N. Anderson, B. Olsen. ROW SIX: M. Knudtson, B. lngebretson, C. Thompson, L. Felland, C. Monson, J. Hanson, S. Eymann, J. Almesburg, L. Sparks, J. Martin. ROW SEVEN: T. Gjelten, J. Carson, R. Peterson, A. Midtgaard, C. Gujan, D. Anderson, R. Cooper, R Shaw, L. Hanna. Co-editors Audrey Holtan, Sally Brown Junior Editor Becky Gangstead Business Manager Ken Lewis ln this annual we, the REDSKIN staff, have tried to catch intimate glimpses of the nearly 340 students that make up E. C.H.S. Here you will view us in the classroom, on the sports scene, and in our many colorful activities. Coat cheek at basketball games, birthday calendar sales, and the annual yearbook sale helped to finance this big project. As you remember this year, think of the people you knew and the places you went. Remember the problems you encountered and the laughs you shared, and all the important things that happened to you. As the years go by we hope this annual will help you remember the events of this wonderful year: a year we will not forget for there will never be another like it. 56 Eu!! ffeam The Drill Team Board is responsible for planning and de- signing the routines performed by the Drill Team. The board members consist of Mary Mitchell, Patty Peterson, Karen Frank- lin, Karen Foster, Linda Murra and Kristi Dunbar. It is sponsored by Miss Ruprich. X, ROW ONE: K. Franklin, C, Thompson, K. Frein, M. Mitchell, K. Dunbar. CENTER LINE: J. Martin, R. l-lelmers, R Hayes, D. Charlson, G. Holmen, L. Murra, K. Foster. BACK ROW: P. Peterson, C. Knudtson, S. Boman, P. Sheimo L. Pletcher. .wel FRONT ROW: R. Almelien, M. Hall, B. Field, L. Blanehet, T Petersburg, J. Benson. SECOND ROW: D. Nath, E. Henning, H. Lackore, A. lxiidtgaard, T O'Rouke, D. Reineke, D. Olson. Fwtww H0 The Future Honremakers of America strives to produce a better homemaker and a better citizen. The purpose of our chapter was to obtain a better understanding of education and to use it to the fullest possible measure. The 1965 - 1966 members had an op- portunity to attend the District Convention at Saint Ansgar, lowa, where the theme of the meeting was "Education, and Endless Challenge." OFFICERS President Linda Keel Vice-President Karen Blanehet Secretary-Treasurer Sharon Blanchet Fume jdfwwtd The development of agricultural lead- ership cooperation, and citizenship is the aim ofthe Future Farmers. The chapter participated in parliamentary procedure, creed speaking, livestock judging and live- stock showing contests. They also attended the district, state, and national FFA Con- ventions. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian Chaplain Sentinel Reporter OFFICERS Douglas Davis Riley Lewis Leon Blanchet Torn Petersburg Ron Almelien Jim Benson Blaine Field lxlike Hall FRONT ROW: J. Steiff, D Elnian, K. Blanchet, L. Keel, S. Blanchet. ROW TWO: K. Hunter, B. lngebrctson, K. Frein, K. Franklin, C. Carlson, i. Brones. Tl-llRD ROW: lxl. Gudmonson, C Unger, M. Knudtson, C. Thompson, lxl. Bowman, C. Harms, R. llanson. 58 jltillfw 7 Nenihersliip in Fiitiirm Teachers is open to any senior high student interested. The lifdo - lime goals include: l. the training required to be a teacher finances and sellolarship avtiiltilnle ' Ii. professional attitudes and rt sponsihilities Our prograrti for the l,1:t'F - limi school year included: l. the district meeting at .Xlgona 2. prospective teacher day at l ,'i' rildorf for senior n1eii1be1's only il. ti program on teaching the handicapped -1. special speakers throughout the year Q. state meeting at Des Moines U. banquet and initiation OFFICERS President Audrey Holtan Treasurer Pat Peterson Yiee-President Sue Eyniann Parlianientarian Cheryl Monson Librarian Pat Gunderson Historian 121116 OlSOr1 Secretary Pauline Borg ROW ONE: L. Weible, P. Peterson, J. Olson, P. Borg, A. lloltan, S. Eymann, P. Gunderson, C. Monson. ROW TWO: K. Fluguni, B. Alnielien, V. Liverca, S. Cliarlson, M. Mangan, J. Amelsberg, M. Bowman, C. llovda, S. Berg, D. Coyle. ROW THREE: C. lxloore, L. lxiurra, E. Hanson, B. Gangstead, C. Coon, I. Berg, C. Gahan, K. Hunter, J, Steiff, C. Nielson, I. Tonneson. ROW FOUR: R. Juhl, T. Anderson, B. Davis, lil. Book, K. lloltan, A. Belsheirn, D. Davis, T. Monson, P. Holtan, C. Gujan. 59 Gull Wmmww ,flawciatm The GRA meets twice monthly and offers a pro- gram of sports and recreation. Members may earn let- ters and awards through the point system which has been revised this year. The 1965 - 1966 program included volleyball, basketball, sports day, scavenger hunt, and bowling. President Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer Social Chairmen OFFICERS Rebecca Almelien Brenda Ingebretson Lois Felland Sha rri Fredrickson Cindy Thompson ROW ONE: J. Haugen, M. Knudtson, L. Eelland, B. lngebretson, B. Almelien, C. Thompson, S Fredrickson, D. Coyle. ROW TWO: lxl. Lawson, S. Dunn, K. Hunter, K. Frein, C. Jenkins, J. Tibbits, B. Jenkins, S. Berg. ROW THREE: J. Jefson, F. Klipping, M. Lovick, L. Terhark, J. Steiff, R. Benson, P. Sheimo, J. Berg, C. Coon. ROW FOUR: R. Helmers, P. Thompson, K. Wilson, C. Thompson, M. Bowman, C. Harms, L. VanLenning, B. Hanna, E. Nath. ROW FIVE: M. Smith, L. Johnson, C. Carlson, J. Brones, R. Hanson, S. Paulson, S. Otis, L. Klipping, K. Book. O flealtfrdafremdlaxi The purpose of Health Careers is to provide a better understanding for students, of the different areas open in the medical field. Through Health Careers we learn the opportunities and goals that can be reached by a career in one of these fields. OFFICERS President Rachel Benson Vice-President Pam Hugelan Secretary Kendra Thorsheim Treasurer Carolyn Knudtson ROW ONE: I. Arnold, C. Knudtson, P. Hugalen, R. Benson, K. Thorshieni, M. McCauley, B. Brown. ROW TWO: M. Lawson, S. Dunn, M. Mitchell, K. Hunter, K. Nielson, I. . Tonneson,,L. Tweed. ROW THREE: K. Carson, L. Charlson, l W ew M. Lovick, L. Terhark, J. Hanson, J. Stieff, C. Moore. OFFICERS President - David Haugen Secretary - Dianne Holland Vice-President - Danny Holland Treasurer - Danny Schmidt .gy Q af 27 Mrs., X , O . 'l'f . .M 'gi 2 i v,. . .1 e ' , . ' V H f . . , x I .-: J - f . g , ,, X Q " 7 L ,X ROW ONE: L. Anderson, K. Boman, I. Guire, J. Berg. ROW TWO: P. Huglen, Charlson, R. Shaw, D. Kooiman. ROW Schmidt, D. Haugen, J. Field, I. Rye. Monson, J. Messer, M. Michaelson, C. Belsheim, K. Carson, S. Eymann, M. Mangan, S. Berg, J. Olson, M. Mc- A. Belsheim, C. Carter, M. Trees, J. Messer, B. Banken, D. Hollan, D. THREE: T. Haugen, L. Larsen, D. Holland, M. Brunsvold, M. Strand, D. ROW FOUR: W. Olson, A. Mackrill, C. Carter, C. Goldman, E. Lovik, R. Boman, D. Olson. ROW FIVE: S. Gangstead, T. Forslund, B. Hansen, K. Bruland, S. Peterson, J. Swanson, V. Felland. The Satellites Romani are organized to give Latin students, past and present, a better picture of Roman life. On the agenda for this year were Roman games, a Roman funeral, a Saturnalia CChristmasJ celebration and many other inter- esting things. The highlight of the year is always the banquet, held in the true Roman style, Next year we are looking forward to another interesting year. 70p Canwattee FRONT ROW: P. Hugelen, L. Weible, E. Hanson, P. Borg, J. Johnston, L. Oswald, S. Aulick, J. Kingland, D. Holland. ROW TWO: R. Smith, B. Banken, J. Olson, D. Elman, J. Arnold, M. Mangan, C. Charlson, P. Rauk, P. Rauk, D. Charlson. THIRD ROW: R. Helmets, K. Wilson, G. Gahan, F. Klipping, J. Martin, D. Peterson, J. Levad, M. Eland. FOURTH ROW: M. Lawson, S. Dunn, L. Murra, K. Foster, B. Gangstead, R. Shirk, J. Lewis, K. Groh. FIFTH ROW: D. Shiemo, C. Downing, K. Carson, lvl. McGuire, J. Sargent, M. Book, J. Charlson, K. Holtan. The Pep Committees general purpose is to promote school spirit in the area of athletics. To accomplish this we had done these following pro- jects: promote wearing of red and white on game days and to the game, the selling of permanent basketball pins and encouraging them to be worn, providing skits for the pep meetings, promoting and making signs, the making of hoops for the games, and assisting the student council in the homecoming activities. With our large group meeting every Wednesday morning, we have truly had a fine year. OFFICERS President Libby Weible Vice-President Pam Hugelen Secretary Penny McVicker Treasurer Ellen Hanson laiwwuw S. Strommen, L. Anderson, B. lngebretson, J. Martin, K. Elman, K. Frien, M. Mangan, P. Hugelen, D. Charlson E. Nath, S. Blanchet, L. Felland, J. Steiff. ROW TWO: G. Holmen, K. Flugum, L. Van Lenning, S. Eymann, J. Buckley, J. Johnston, C. Moore, A. Ambroson, D. Coyle, J. Arnold. 62 Spawn 61405 Los Conquistadores was established in the interests of a better cultural understanding of Spain and Spanish Anieriea. This ideal is reached through films and guest speakers. The biggest event of the elub's year is the Christiuas Party, celebrating Christiuas and New Year's in the best Spanish traditions. Preside nt Vice - President Secretary Treasurer Correspondent OFFICERS Richard Peterson .laines Carson Donna Rovang Ellen Hanson Caryn Hovda FRONT ROW: lxl. Mitchell, G. Gahan, C. Eyniann, A. Holtan, K. Holtan, D. Rovang, R. Petersen, E. Hanson Carson, C. Monson, P. Gunderson, T. Gjelten. SECOND ROW: G. Hall, J. Nissen, D. Laruniers, D. Fauske, B Reisetter, C. Downing, S. Bonian, L. Sparks, G. Holnien, V. Liverea. THIRD ROW: J. Anielsberg, D. Porter L Klipping J. Jefson, K. Book, J. Pileher, M. Book, P. Holtan, J. Kasik, K. Foster. FOURTH ROW: J. Tonneson I Sargent, R. Smith, D. Peterson, G. Severson, L. Osnes, L. Macheak, R. Goranson, L. Monson, P. Helvick, D Sou P. Davis. FIFTH ROW: I. Anielsberg, M. Jorgenson, R. Hayes, L. Stieff, E. jorgenson, B. Shieiuo, S. Novak C Dunn, S. Hanson, C. Purcell, L. Murra. SIXTH ROW: C. Gujan, R. Hovda, M. Iefson, I. Donahue, I. Galian Edniundson, T. Frien, D. Gjelten, P. Hedine, F. Kamish. Smdw Gow! K 'Hi as ROW ONE: S. Brown, l. Carson, R. Peterson, S. Charlson. ROW TWO: D. Haugen, I. Kasik, F. Johnson, D. Reisetter, B. Gangstead, G. Hall, C. Heeren. ROW THREE: T. Monson, P. Davis, C. Knudtson, N. Tweeten, L. Pletcher, D. Peterson, S. Knudtson. The Student Council is the student organiza- tion that represents the ideas of the student body. They link the faculty and students together for a President better and more efficient high school. The Council Vice-Presdient consists of six members elected from each class. Secretary Our advisor is the high school principal, Mr. Huse. Treasurer Waxumop ROW ONE: B. Almelien, L. Felland, l. Belsheim, S. Strommen, G. Gahan, J. Steiff, L. Sparks, D. Charlson, D. Holland. ROW TWO: J. Arnold, J. Olson, S. Dunn, B. Ingehretson, K. Hunter, M. Bowman, C. Nielson, M. McCauley. ROW THREE: M. Book, M. Brunsvold, H. Wheeler, C. Moore, B. Davis, T. Anderson, K. Lewis, C. Carter. OFFICERS James Carson Richard Peterson Sally Brown Susan Charlson Our editor this year is Judi Steiff and the assistant editor is Gail Gahan. Our photographer is Chip Carter and the sponsor is Mr. Sorenson. The reporters and students working in cooperation with these people make our Warwhoop the best school paper SVSI. C0-Zdztofw: JAQIIWL Pflaqm WM Baum UM C4600 fandom 'Mui wrwltfk Penny Mcwckcr Senior AM Wynn Elf! A .wgmvl ww- Q Linda Oswald Senior Queen LaRue Plotclier Senior 'Q' ttmdam Ti? Mfg wifi J M ,, ,JD Q Sue Charlson Iunior Linda Klipping Sophomore S fi X, W Vilcan McVicl4er Junior 67 Cowfzatm T Ruth Nelson Surrenders Her Crown Two to One - Fair Odds The Tears Are of Happiness The Queen and Her Court "Thank You" foquw Q Swee pstakes Originality Mr. Sorenson-Senior homeroom Mr. Hutchinson-Sophomore homeroom "Happiness ls" "Whats New, Pussycat?" 'Il 'I 'u'.+-Q--w 'K ' ' ll ll ll i s 1 5, f mm .H vvvw 'V J M .v,, ,M i ,L ' s , W, Hx mga , ' A pig ,:,, V .sis I 1 p fm:-9 fsf5W.PUS5YZ'A rf I2 , 55: fi , V M i .,,43,i-.Mx A MV ,V 4 1 in mums ' -1 ' re i r Us P 2 W ' , " ' I Ak' , of ,, V: , Q? ff I -. I ' A ' ry m mo L r o . o r o r i Braland-Senior homeroom Miss L "Clip Their Wings" Mr. fowl Cow ff "Maki 6' , 104190 f My YZ", -I," Workmanship workmanship arson-Junior homeroom "Eat 'Em Up" Wa nn. ,j an , v-WM--an Seam Claw Gpldlf lXNlf,lfrL lfklllxl Andrey lloltrrn Torn Gjelten Becky .Xlnrelien Richard Petersen lini Wooldridge lanies Carson Sully Brown Ken Lewis mm Claw ?l0Jf AQQSENIC Abby . Harper. . Teddy . . Brophy. . Klein . . Martha . Elaine . . Ixlortinier . Gibbs . . Jonathan . . Einstein . . O'H:rra . Rooney . . Witherspoon . Student Director AND OLD LACE . Libby Weible Allen Belsheiin . Toni Monson . Frank Johnson . Lyle llanna . .Karen Foster Julie Arnelsberg . . Bobby Davis . .Dan Davis . . John Hyland . Eldon Clouse . Keith lloltan Dennis llarringa . Ellen llzrnsen . Gail Gahan One flat 71044 sf' 9' .X ,K Mir." K , , ' T I IIS NIGHT SIIA LL Man. . Girl . Youth ..... Student Director PA S S . . Loren Larson . . Sue Charlson . . .lanies Wooldridge . .... Mary Boinan mm! OPENING NIGIII Cornelia . . Alden . . Lila. . Buzxy . . . , klrs. Judson . Mrs. Palmer . Patsy . . . lean . . Thelina . Dodie . . Janice .... Student Director Becky Alnielien . . I-tlike Book . . lane Olson Becky Gangstead . .Pauline Borg . Libby Weible Iulic Aniclsberg . Barb Reisetter Diane Peterson Donna Rovang . . Gail Gahan . .Lois Felland DAWN WILL COME Priest . . Nathe . . labe .... Man ..... Another Man . Student Director Richard Pcterser . . Ken Lewi: . James Carsoi . . Doug Porte . Danny Fauskc Delight Petersoi 71 740 yew Q , Wig. 'A ,, 4, 2.1, 4 e jn- ,Aff f 47? ,I Qi- A f V V ,,, I ,V .,,, ,':, Q A5 ,,., A ..:,,:. EA AIVAV , K f E 1' z7dctwLe4 Q 'V i ,. ag-' 11""W ' l""2r'1lr11h- 'QMS X :if 51?Ta55?5 I , , , , , , V A, , Z , , ..., , , , V, , ? ,, . -I 'l V ,, f'ff , - A, WN " I3 " .., ,. ,. ,, LW , ,tj ., Y V Y ...U , H: ' ' -W ff"' M M- , A - A V, 4, ,W , X if A " -AVV 5 ' ,, ,. p ij gfrgfwf, , f ,W 5 f',' g'w',,M,s, vf , ,. W mf ' ' 3 - f y'-5 'f g y ,iWg213qfw wif! 5WK1fL+ Cg"',W,,, " , ,,,, W ,, Awww AMW , M ,V , W 4 ,,, , M , . 5 A I . V- f 5 i . . , W ' Q- Wf ' ff ff ' ' W L' W 'W ' ?""'f V . " ' 'X f W if f , M ff W , vf A f -1 A ,z X .,,. U ., J M f , X W Aw " J l M' fb? .1 f , ' .W . a ' " Y,- " ff' fa "f'W " f 1 mf 44 4, - ,y,4.,,,-W,,,,f M , L A ,, if' ff MW .W-my mm- Sazm "sm mga' A swim nam Invocation Master of Ceremonies Lois Felland James Carson "paths" "Roads" Karen Flugum Audrey Holtan "Bridges" Thank You from the Class of '66 Ken Lewis Sally Brown Baccalaureate and Commencement for the class of 1966 passed all too quickly. Sunday evening, the Rev. Charles Curtis delivered a meaningful message on the "Three R's of Responsibility, Respect, and Religion". Commencement came and students became alum- ni. "Everybody's Going Somewhere" was the chosen theme for the seven student speakers. Lois Felland de- livered the Invocation and James Carson was the Master of Ceremonies. Karen Flugum, Audrey Holtan, and Ken Lewis gave talks on "Paths, Roads, and Bridges" - means by which we travel. The highlight of the even- ing came after Mr. Huse had presented the class of '66 and we were called forward to receive our diplomas from Mr. Downing and Mr. Oswald. Sally Brown and Steve Knudtson closed the evening ceremonies with a Thank You and the Benediction. Everybody's going somewhere. Where will we go? The choice is ours! :EM ffwmda EM in .ni xx 3 git fi UPPER TEN PER CENT THIRD SCHOLASTIC KEYS ai Z 5 E I 1 s J OUTSTANDING GIRL OUTSTANDING BOY Pauline Borg Ken Lewis BROOKER CUP AWARD SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD Marvin Kingland Randy Johl

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