Forest City High School - Redskin Yearbook (Forest City, IA)

 - Class of 1959

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1 H: ...-, 1 -9' ,fy-, THE ANNUAL STAFF PRESENTS . . . REDSKIN Q FOREWORD Ageless eternal endunng, lnvaluable all adjecuves that aptly descnbe that 1ntang1ble somethmg called educauon. Long after thrs edxtice of br1ck and glass has fallen there will be remnants of what was taught here and that part of thrs bulld mg wrll never dre How many of the songs used rn the Musrcal theme of thrs annual w1l1 be long remembered can't be known, but we hope that hrs annual w1ll be treasured as the last one from the old school V I QQ I , ' , If A-1 A : -4 V '-1 Q ' I - n n nv s DE T0 BICATEB 9 To Mr Van Horn who has gwen tus complete devouon and tireless efforts to the task of provxdmg the best educauon posslble to the youth of Forest Clty we respectfully dedxcate the Redskm for 1959 1 v S -S 8. .Y l vy- Q' - 1. -A 4. ,, ffm 'MMM I one AR M s ATHLETICS PAGE 38 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION PAGE 6 Q I CLASSES PAGE 17 AAIABLE or MUSIC PAGE MADE OF 1' ACTIVITIES PAGE 65 cO5ANETE iffs THE YEAR S END PAGE 82 ff- -'-iifmfr .. M1-gg' za- V 4 'A 4 ,gki AWQQYQ fy. 31 ,. L MW Lg iw-fffak - L L ,WAL W L me . ' N W 'M A' H-ig-W' w - ' ww-if LL 1 -V y - wx- 4, A 'A "f iL am: LLL L L wx A ,ff L f :Lf'1"?73:b?+ L 5 , L .m3wL. fn L if , ' 7 9 L i fzf' '61 ' if ' ' ,,,....--A1 ,ggi .....vw-w ,,,,,..-iw ,, 'I -L . L 4 H l.V1', W .L 4 at Z is 'P 4'- X fx Qi' ' " I Q' 'I' is .gi 1 QWNQ '31 g O Lifv 7-nl HN mi, x X 6 A MESSAGE sf'-'Lifww I 3 V' 4 3? OUR SUPERINTENDENT Congratulatrons and best W1ShSS to each member of the graduatmg class of 1959 May your future successes reflect your past achlevements as you take your place and meet the challenges of adult socrety Supt. Kerth W Van Horn .kiwi 7 1 p 'M '. 4 I vi , s , 1 A Y .. A - . ""?f- s ' s wi? fhwcf ,M A . . . 1 an . f y 1 ' ' ' . Jw .I M 5 Q" I OUR PRINCIPAL 'R- Q 'NM H1gh School days are happy ones. Students develop fnendshrps they w111 contxnuously chensh Memorres wrll consrst of home commg, club meetmgs, the old gang , and graduatton The RED SKIN w111 serve as a treasure chest for these and many other good txmes had at Forest Cxty H1g,h SchooL Congratulatlons are rn order for the REDSKIN STAFF for pro v1d1ng the means of retarmng and malung these memorres more v1v1d tn the years to come Pnncrpal, Norman R. Huse li 1 E 1, 'll 5. . , , ' 'N A b 1 A 1 .L sq X 5 , '55 ' X L Z' 8 4 iv. if ,.a, XM, A t K -r. S 'fs-' ' X .19 'N .U ff L A fi X- .Q Av -mx Z 'Qs' 4 , 2, . 5 ,V ff A gg RY E.. tg fl - 1 g A 1 A X QS- 3 X .. y Xi E ww I VOCATIONAI. EDUCATION -ln --xx I MISS IEBE MR. HANSON You do If this WHY Keep n down to a dull roar MUSIC KN was-w MR. FARDAL MR. SCHNEIDER 'You can't play with your legs crossed. " "If you make a mistake, make it a good one. " 13 STAFF MRS. STOLL ll 13 1531 's.,..w MRS, WELCH MR KNUD SON FUTURE TEACHERS OFFERED Us TEA! LUN WE ACCEPTEDII CH OUT MRS. APPEL :all 'Which do we eat? F111 er up 'Have you had your soup today? 14 'Ladies Ald OJ Are you snappmg ME 'P OURHELPING HANDS School Chauffeurs 'Who Sa1d Cheese'7'7 who v 18. Push!' Sprmg Cleamng s.4 Coffee Tlme WW? 1 I The Lmeup The Ole Sw1mm1n Hole 'Workmg Hard? 19 I P Heavy? Ladder Anyone? I5 I 1- J 'C 1. . ,. Y V W 'rn ,o,d I ' e I ' 17 I I' 4 l ' ,A an Q, 1 W V ,, E V Al., In ZH y VM? ..H V 1 1 2: Vx M ,V ' Q 4'i,2iV M,,'? 6 1 ,. , A 'v,, A 45, I K VN .A A . 11 ' " -A .' 1, XS. 'Q 'ea' 'F' - e I . K . 5 L 1 Q Qgg , ,JL AL x nv 'Y A f x' ' fif f 3 K" 1, Q -K A " l " n ' n nw A. ?n E , .A f' . X Li. ," V' ' " ' I' u ' ' I n Iv n n -433 Th1s IS speech c1ass'7'7'?" QQ Af' ,il Ooh' Glmme a word C? Q We've had xt' W-bv I knew we d f1nd hlm here A what s the dea1'7'7" 'rv Who says floats are fun" I6 Ir won't hun, did u" Who, me? Who's whose xn Hoa: makmgo , Ns? 1' - N- . ,x i N . 'J ' p lu S . E. X 'L X V WM, . I vi ' I ' . 4 , . '. " h . V4 - "1 Q 'q . - ,km . an A Qkxt , , 1 ,- hsfx -x 1 x X , ,L AY . . X , V 1' ,Mn 'f PM f , . . U1 1' X. M N N . T A S ' 9 Y 1 ...f Q 7' n , X, l A . I , .R . sk ' Fl 0 ' SC .OL A STUDENTS MARY ANDERSON Xndy Vocat1on Nurse eClubFlwC GAA F Glee Club Annual Mixed Chorus One Acts Lat1n Club Junlor Class Play Warwhoop ln Your Merry Oldsmobrle RICHARD ANDERSON Rlch Vocatron Farnnns, or Forestrx Football F F A Trees E' BETTY BORG BCS Vocatlon Nurse Band Glee Club Nlnled Chorus F N A F H A ,G A A ,One Acts Pep Band warwhoop, Annual, luruor Class Play, Pep Club "Frye Foot Iwo fYak1ty Yakj DONELLE CLAUSON Vocation: Teacher Band: Glee Club: Mixed Chorusg F. H. A. 3 F. T. A. 5 G. A. A.g Annualg War- whoopp Pep Club: Latin Clubg Speech Clubg Library Club. "With A Song ln My Heart" 18 VIVIAN BARTLESON Vrv Vocatron Nurse A F N C Pep C u Glee Club Mixed Chorus One Acts Junlor Class Play Band Laun Club Class Offlcer Student Councrl Annual Cheerleader Bllly Boy SANDRA BOMAN Sandy Vocatlon Med1calTechnoloqv F H A Grrls Glee Club F T A Annual Band Pep Band Pep Club G A A How Ya Gomg, to Keep Then' Down on the Farm sv 4"" Z1 'il-4' Q-'V LARRY ERDMANI Vocation College U5 Basketball One Acts Junior Class Play F F A Student Council. The Object of My Affection DAVID FAUSKE Dave Vocation College UQ Football Mixed Chorus Glee Club Student Council Class Officer Track One Acts Junior Class Play Speech Club Warwhoop Latin Club Letter men s Club The Gay Caballero is -1" 4.1 --Y' ELAINE DRUGG "Laine " Vocation: Nurse F. N. C. , F. H. A. LG. A. A. g Vocal Musicg Annualg Library Clubg One-Actsg Senior Class Play. "Ain't She Sweet" LOIS EDWIN "Loma" Vocation: Marriage F. H.A.g G. A. A.g Warwhoopz Library Club- Vocal Musicg Annualg One-Acts. "Soon Bells Will Be Ringing," if WIC' I ff ,Af 'lit T 'E-4 DENNIS FLUGUM FIOQ, Vocation Undecided F F A Track I ll Get Along Somehow DONALD GERDES Don Vocation Electrical Engineer 1 One Acts Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Glee Club Mixed Chorus Annual Warwhoop Speech Club Class Officer The Hurdy Gurdy 'vlan I9 1 . . .5 1 - 1 ' Z 4 'fu f I 1 4 I A '. 1 : - , 1 V yu l 'I 43 'Q A .4 1 I " I - Q , N ' CAROL GRAFF Vocation: Undecided, Library Club, "The Party's Over" CARROLL GUSTAFSON "Gus" Vocation: College UQ Student Councilg F. F. A. q Trackg Foot- ballg Class Officerg Mixed Chorusglunior Class Play. One Acts, SpeeCliCluligGlee Clubg Lettern1an's Clulig Senior Class Play. "A Wonderful Guy" 'Q ig Witf ':""'l' JANICE HALE Vocation: Jourzialisni Pep Club, Latin Clulig Band, Glee Clubg Pep Band: Speetrli Clxihg G. A. A. 5 F. N. C. 1 F. ll. A. . F. T. A.. Annual. Hloel ll SHOW U KAREN HANNA Vocation: Tear-lier F. F. A. 1 F. T. A. Library Clubg Glee Club. Annual. "A Sweet Old-Fashioned Girl" 20 'QKI JOAN HAAN Vocation: Marriage G.A.A.g Glee Club. Mixed Chorusg Class Officer. "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" JOAN HABERKAMP "JO3.ll1E" Vocation: College Student Councilg Band: Pep Bandgjunior Class Playg One Actsg G.A.A Glee Clubg Warwlioopg Annualg Pep Club. Speech Clubg Senior Class Play. "You'll Never Walk Alone " w..5?'f .aff RITA HANSON Reet Vocatlon Nurse Pep Club Latrn Club F H A F N C Glee Club Speech Club Band Pep Club One Acts Iunror Class Play A nual Warwhoop Open the Door Rlchard RONALD HAUGEN Jock Vocatlon Undectded F F A Semor Class Play Jun1or Class Play Baseball One Acts. I Want to be Lazv i 14.4. LL ANN HANSON Luler Vocatton Teacher A N C Student Courcr Anrual One Acts vwarwhoop Clcc Club Band L1 A A Latln Club Lulu Back tn Tow MARY HANSON Xocauon Undectdeo F N A G A A Warwhoop L1 tary Club One Acts It s Late vqw av' .-Adi' IERALD HERMANSON Herrn Vocat1on Farrmng F F A Football Track No One Ever Knows JUDY HILL ude Vocatxon Psycluatrrc Soctal Work Class offrcer F H A Glee Club Warwhoop Pep Club Iuntor Class Play Annual Cheerleader Wh1SD6I1Hg 21 . . t . F. H. . Q F. A . . Q l 'lg 1 Q Q ' - QA L 5 . . . 3 . 1. , ., - l X , , V , . . , , . . Y , , , l - I a , H tv Q I lf? - V ,, ' . ....,..., I I I I 5 3 5 U' f ,H . V f 71' 6 H Y. f 3 . . 3 b . ' I . . . , , H H I L' ' ' 3 V' H . . . 5 3 'V n as HI ., Q . . . Q 2 L I 5 3 . vv ' ' H NAARIANNE HOLLAIND Marr Vocatron College Clee Club F H A Student Councrl Class Offrcer Warwhoop Jumor Class Play Annual Lovely to Lool At JO ANN HOYLANID Vocauon Occupatronal Theraprst Lrbrarx Club G A A Annual One Act Plays Speech Club Donkey Serenade al' DONNA LOU JOHNSON Vocatron Beautrcran F H X Glec Club Lrbrary Club G A A Speech Club Annual Warwhoop I I a Dreamer I-XNICL JOHNSON Xocatron Secretary uturc Nurses G A A F H A G ee Cllb Nlrxed Chorus Annual Pep Club speech Club G :rug steady 22 ily, NANCY HUGELEN Nan Vocatron Secretary F H A M1X6d Chorus Glee Club Warwhoop Annual Pep Club One Acts Junror Class Play I Only Have Eyes For You LYNN JEFSON e Vocatron Farrmng Band Mrxecl Chorus One Acts F F A Football Basketball Track Baseball Iunror Class Play Senlor Class Play Pretty Girls Everywhere 2' ELVIN LARSON Lars Vocatron Serv1ce Football Basketbal Track F F I ll Get By GERALD LARSON Sf Vocatron Undecrded Football Basketball Tra ck Mrxed Chorus Pep Commrttee Class Officer Student Counc11. Me and My Shadow fsj Mmwfwrw 'A " "Ib RUTH KLIPPING "Klip" Vocation: Secretary Mixed Chorusg Glee Clubg Cheerleadingg G. A. A. g Junior Class Playg Senior Class Playg Pep Club. "There's No Tomorrow" JOHN LANGERUD Vocatron Law Baseball Track Basketball Mtxed Chorus Student Councll Presldent Glee Club Latln Club Officer Iunlor Class Play One Act Play lumor Class Presldent I Could Have Danced Al1N1ght if 0'-W RICHARD LEVAD 'Rlch Vocatron Teacher F F A Football Track Baseball Pep Commlttee Student Counctl F T Mr Touchdown ROBERT LINDBERG o Vocatlon Teacher Pep Cornmrttee Student Councrl Band Annual Staff Warwhoop Pep Band Football Semor Class Play He s a Jolly Good Fellow 23 JUDY LORD "IuddY" Vocation: Secretary Glue Clubp G. A. A.q Class Officerg Pup Club, Warwhoopg Speech Club: Auuual. "I Caln't Say No" JUDY LYNN Vmatlom UmdCLldLd Bi -.1 PLp Baud Glu Club F H A lLuxe a l'arauL 'Ux"Pus xds 'Nami NHERYL NELSON Nelsle Xvcauon TLacllcr C1LLrlLadlm, F H A Studuu Couu ui Olly AL s L LL H N .mu L10 u lip Com 1 mu A Spunu Club Suruur Class D O Xl SA Nlgpul' CLL lu fail, fpclslxpl dll lu C, ulw 24 '11 gi ALVIN MILLER T ff Vocauon Undeclded oorball Basketball Track. Alvm s Harmomca DAVID NlOEN Mosev Vocauon Undeclded F F A Slow PnkL Wx.. 91" ll ' s..- 2 If. WINSTON PERRY "wimpy" Vocation: Mechanical Engineer Mixed ChorusgGlee Clubg Bandg Pep Band. "Charlie Brown" SANDRA REUBEN "SandY" Vocation: College G. A. A. g Pep Clubg Band. F. H. A. 1 Latin ClubgAnnua1g Student Councilg Class Officerg Library Club. "Cha, Cha, Cha" '. was qs 3' 'QW'-'5'7 'HJ "? MARGUERITE O'DONNELL "Margie" Vocation: Secretary Library Clubg G. A. A. , F. H. A. g Glee Clubg Warwhoopg Annual. "Mansion Over The Hilltop" MARILYN OLSON "Ole" Vocation: Medical Technologist G. A. A. 5 F. T. A. g Pep Clubg Latin Clubg Annualg One Actsg Library Club, "Learning My Latin" lx 14 mf "-'nv A f"" V . f. Q...-1 IULIANNE ROLLEFSON "Julie" Vocation: Undecided F. H. A. g F. T. A. g G. A. A. . Glee Clubg Mixed Chorusg Warwhoopg Annual. Pep Club, Junior Class Play. "You Go To My Head" ELIZABETH SEVERSON "Liz" Vocation: Nurse Bandg Glee Club. F. H. A. g F. T. A. g F. N. C. g Pep Club G. A. A. gOne Acts Junior Class Playg Warwhoop Annualg Speech Club. "Green Eyes" 25 LOIS SEVERSON Vocation College F H A G A A Nlixed Chorus Glee Club Library Club Pep Club Annual Speech Club Are You Lonesome Tonight LOIS SMITH Vocation Secretary A F T A Club Pep Clu Latin Club Annual. Don t Fence Mu, In .ar-"' THQ DENNIS SWANSON Smiley Vocation Undecided Band F A A Yearning DAVID THOMPSON "Dave" Vocation: Undecided Junior Class Play: Senior Class Play. "I'll be down to get you in a taxi honey. " 26 QP? Iindv' Q Q""'5 DONOVAN SOLOMONSON Donnie Vocation Farmer F A A Laugh Your way Thru Life THOMAS SORENSEN Tom Vocation C1v1lServ1ce Band Mixed Chorus Glee Club Base ball Track Football Basketball. Iwanta Be a Football Hero fix 5. p x I A .f DONNA VAN HORN Vocatron Teacher Band Mlxed Chorus Glee Club G A N C Pep Ban Pep Club Annual Seruor Class Play True Love SUSAN WEIBLE ue Vocatlon College Glee Club Mrxed Chorus One Junror Class Play Latrn Club Wake Up Llttle Susre WO' 'ttf' -M. Acts 'MW 46 .Q id WILMA WOOGE Vocauon: Teacher F. H. A. , F T. A. Laun Club, G. A. A. Annual, Lrbrary Club. "When You're Sm1l1ng" And now we say farewelL To the school ltself yes, but more fondly and sadlv to ourselves, to each other. For th1s group wrll never agarn meet on a common ground such as tlus. CLIFFORD TORKLESON Clrff Vocatron Farmrng F F A Basketball Track I m Avarlable DEAN TSCHIRKI Clk Vocauon Navy Football Basketball Band Speech Club F F A Letterman s Club Oh Juhe ,rm 14 fflf. "Farewell" X 27 ' ' ' ""L 7 A V ' ""' 2 F , . , ai M A .aa s . 1 ' I X 3 ., . .1 , ' y . A., QF. . .3 L Cl 2 I ' Q -4 V A My , . ..S H C-MR nd! 28 -I lllllll -141 I li P11 uf' 0 ,J 5 C1 Hz.. fi -s. :vw-. . f lb .v I 1' , , V " ,Ji ' 1 5 ff-mi' fmrm H 2155 1 was f f , , , , . , KW 42? , YZ? M M ,A nf?" ..- ! , f EXW YJ A ,, 4 " .V 84 X ,,m , '15 1 NIOR 1 Y Q V? 6155 I ,K 'Ww- Ev A 'W ' wk +4 1 -Q, .f .rw , S . fri?" ,Mg , 5 Sv 1' 3, iv A ' ,-,I 5 Q, NIOR I was 4 ' 'i elif' ln. ' T., A 1 ' ' - -4' wk W , , s,f5R"a ,ifff M. Q' ' .fn ' 1395 fl. 4535532 W V -f ae 11365 'WW my .V f Vw f -Q A Q M 9 Eiiaw 53,5 J 1 . W. M412 . I Y L-:.i,5'2,' ."i .V 5, . v 114- 5' ,i 5.1-M . , .A ,. viii , - v 3 ,A A 1 .+ mg - 'A' . f 1""5 Q 3,L..,',f' '11-if 4 'WJ 2 L' 'M I 1 K t A54 , jf-1 . 1: .- H an -1. wiv , , . g M ,K " 1' 4- X A f -sit' .iw 'PM S if G, an ix h. Av ' 4 .- X, K -4 Q 9 - MQ , Q . E V, , K , 0 ., ' -- 1 , '55 .Xa if M. Peters T. Pitkin R. Plercher H. Reineke L. P. Smith R. Sveen S Swenson C Taylor R. Thompson D Thors on L Torkleson S Tweeten A CLASSMATE AND FRIEND Velma Sue Gorball the daughter of Mr and Mrs Harold Gorball was the tragrc vrctim of an auto accrdent May 29 1958 Her presence rn our student body and rn the community won her many fnends She was a member of the Methodlst Church prayer rs that we may help to preserve her memory through the pages of this book just as her memory is preserved 1D the hearts and m1nds of all those who knew her Life LS eternal and love is rmmortal and death is only a hor1zon and a horlzon IS nothmg save the limrr of our slght I I I . I D 9 F and was active in Church activities. Our earnest " ' s ' s . I . . . D. Schleusner K Thompson L Van Oort fx Eg . 1 'tr' , - .1 Af- fggfh, -7 M ffl , I 4 A Q s " "' f ' ., , 9 . ' W . - W Sw? f Q , 'W A F at F i S2 4 A 8 , be wk' ' 5 ' 5 1 QM - - F' X' 'ww f if' . QNA 'ff UNA . .1 Q fm 3 , 97, I . , QV M ig' f Q , ff L, ,MN , L fy . A w,f'?j,"- Q w., ,-5 3,5 p 1 2 N 36' -fy ' ,v . f- " 5 'N me Q 2 N255 A 7 v 9' W V W 4 " l.?'f'f?l.'f M , - - fffiiifwf .f , K 3 ,,, f g, 4 K i n E 4 , 3' W ' n px, , i V r M' f.pQg4,:L wah' fu . 1- gwsibwwk pw' 5 i n 'fgfxr' Q . F wy-' Z, ' -- -f s, 1,5 'fwki ri- Y-. fy, xipgsfv, 1 V 1' qv . -I V , A x 4":.".-Bm. i, I 5 V' nf . " S' .. 'I K' . H' we.-., I-5 'V 5 . 5 E iflfilgfi dai, Q - V U W . 'I Eat.. 8 ,.., A 1. 5' f Q " -.. ,gp . C7 SOPHOMORES ,aww "' MN.-f' K- 1,3 1 .-1 x.1 1 JKWM 3 1 N.. 5' Warn' if 1-n-Q ae f-'S-f '? J Hale rj: K Hall -4- R Hanna 1-I G Hanson lx-I 91,5 C9 A 13 is C.-"' 4 PICTURE 0'-1 i if 1 and Qui M0 X Y -D :ff L Hanson M Hanson G Helmdal S Hexmdal Helwlck J Holran E Howland S Hugelen D Irvln E Iefson B Johnson D Klngland G Klasse U Kugler D Levad V Lynn D MIIIUS M MCG eough B Monson M. Nielsen C Nonnweiler J Olson M Otis J tis C Palmer G Palmer SOPHOMORES Y I I - I 1 .743 . S v 7 . A If 0'- C. Peterson P. Petersen S. Peterson J. Prescott I. Ree D. Schmidt M. Schultz H. Severson J. Stadt T. Steinmetz H. Strand S. Swanson L. Thompson L. Thompson R. Thompson D. Torkleson B. Tschirki L. Wheeler L. Wooldridge FRESHMEN v alll' T ,--9 ua li R.- T L Aske C Awe L Baker E Bartleson U Bode S Boman J Book M. Branstad I Brighton D Buckley K Bufflngton P Calhes F Cantrall D Charlson C Clausen R Clement J Cleveland B Conner Corby J Coyle B Dunbar L Durant C Fjetland L Gangsread R. Graff D Groves C Hallett K Hayes L Helmdal B H1bbS FRESHMEN 'CY 'W fda' jf, 'or v-'Q 'uf 4 f -if 1' -at 'E 2' Y ,.- , 5 ii xx I-X. N49 49" Y' yu? Milf M i 9 sp' 4,-Q -so ,Q rv I i f -115 ja 40 'vu Q-I ., , .6 N .1 ,.,! D Hocurn R. Holland R. Holland :v L Jefson G Johnson 1 R. Kester NJ Krngland P Larson V Lewls D Lynn J Marun N Moklestad B Nerby I Nerem L Nrelson R Norem C Olson J Olson T 0ver11e af-Ari K Peterson M. Peterson 9' E Remeke M, Reuben M. Rrekena D Rollefson D Schleusner L Schoolcraft Q D. Severson M. Severson V, fr ' 4" K3 '1' jiihzs--1' ' f A F A .V Q Q Q t Q . 7 ' . , . V , 1 . , . f 4 f ' A lr' " '- , K . R 51, 'r V in N 0. , I ,, z , 1 ' - .1 f , Lx ' 1 512 91 ' . w iffgg' D A W if ' P P . If " x A: A V r f v. - . r :' ' , ' 1 I . v ' , ' " au- - , , ' , ,W KX Add N Q V , S. Macheak I A' 'Q P '4 P if ' - f .' '+L r""s - ' P :zz ,gg -L J' - . F ,, 'fs we P - , 1 K ' ""' ' iivfw ' A t V L-lr J K I , 3 . ' f ' V . Q .5, A f U2 fy K. f r 5 -JK l . 3 J Lf : ' VJ ' e , 'X Y 1 ,. fs , , ' .L -J . . ..- ' or f 1 ' s- ' " . . , D 1, if ,J noi .. A 15 3.5 Q- sigwflwis , ,r r L' ' . 4 . . ,jf , L , . .L it . , K5 . 4 . .0 ' .3 J, ' ' vi Y . 1 - Q 4' :fl ' P 4 J ' f , fa P . , V r 3 'Q 'V L . D - ' Q' V. 4 FRESHMEN 1 s-...g me 2 1-AY I' 3 'N-. lip 12 no fx-19' I ,,-14' L... 'lx R Sewerson P Smlth P Sremmetz I Strand A Thompson D Thompson K Thompson R Thompson S Thompson S Thompson R. Van Horn D We1b1e I W11son B Wooge , 1 , 'S f F , 2,1 A 6 .lf ,z lv a 9' ' f . , N . F ,GBT anis INDIANS ATHLETICS QSN X I 5' ' ,av- ff: ii un - . .- .V , 3 xr YI '. 1' . Q ' 'I 4 if I 4 -,- - f W My V ja , 6 A W 4 f I F' , , N W' cg, .at V, . '1..,f 1 ,:',a.,,:gE1. . i ll ul' ' , WTA: A , K . I x 'IN : 1 .ui ,M-"m' ' W F.. fy V ' fa, ' ' 'xgfw V I .W ff: nf? M' 46 A wg , 1 1-, W 9, 'Z' ,Si e +V' . 1 , .4 af 4 K '- 1122? M' V f A' 'Z I 'Ex 8 2 ,gifs Wg' 9' 'MQW 40 FOOTBALL SQUAD Name R. Holland G. Hanson R. Levad C. Gustafson R. Hanna L. Iefson J. Fauske L. Hanson R. Pletcher T. Sorenson L. Van Oort J. Larson D. Fauske F. Klipping E. Larson A. Miller I. Donohue T. Steinmetz D. Lcvad D. Tschirki R. Fox L. McClain F. Franklin G. Hermanson W. Stittsworth Number 20 21 22 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 35 36 37 Manager 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 Coach E. LARSON '11 JA vi VARSITY ,J 6 GU STAF SON MILLER G. LARSON mason FOOTBALL CONFERENCE STANDINGS School Britt 5 O Forest City 4 2 Northwood 4 2 Buffalo Center 4 2 Lake Mills 2 3 Belmond 1 5 Gamer O 6 VARSITY SCORES F. C. ' 6 Britt 12 Gamer 13 B. Center 26 Belmond 20 Northwood 19 Lake Mills NON-CONFERENCE . . . Clear Lake St. Ed monds FA USKE EG- LEVAD l If 5 'li-N. ,ff--Q I Won Lost Tied 1 O O O 1 O O OPP 26 6 52 13 14 13 32 1: xg X 1 1' i ,I I 4 ' M f x Q f N 4 .X W I i 5, -' HERMANSON SORENSON COACH s'r1TTswoRTH 41 FOREST CITY 0 CLEAR LAKE 32 Clear Lake showed the Ind1ans a very good wtnged T offense to dommate play over the Indxans The or1ly consolatxon for the Ind1ans was that the L1ons dldn t score aga1nst them 111 the second half The Ind1ans looked constderably better U1 the last half of play FOREST CITY 6 FT DODGE ST EDMUND 18 The St. Edmond Gaels wtrh one of the1r best teams showed the Ind1ans the best offense of any team played durmg the 58 season The Ind1ans defense began to Jell, however and held the score to 18 7 The Ind1ans score came on a 65 yard pass Ln the latter part of the game. FOREST CITY 7 BRITT 26 The Ind1ans out downed and plcked up more yardage than the Eagles but were on UIC short end of a 26 6 score. The lndxans had three sustamed drlves called back by rule tn fracuons before Bntt who ended the season as conference champs was able to score. F C.H.S s score came late 111 the game as d1d two of Brut s touchdowns FOREST CITY 12 GARNER 6 The Ind1ans desperate for a taste of vtctory came up w1th a new offense to outsmart the Cardtnals 12 6 The game was t1ed at 6 6 untll late tn the game when the Ind1ans pushed over the goal for the wm lung touchdown. Thls was the f1rst wm tn four games for the Ind1ans The Ind1ans could not get gotng agamst a very good Btson eleven. Everytlung went wrong for the Ind1ans on defense as well as on the offense as the B1son rolled over the Ind1ans to the tune of 52 13 FOREST CITY 26 BELMOND 13 The Ind1ans mvaded Belmond s homecomtng and came out as the vtllam. At halftune xt appeared as though the Ind1ans were m for another drubbmg as the Broncos had the upper hand w1th a 13 0 score. Then the Ind1ans changed thexr defense and had the ball enough to score four tunes tn the second half whlle Belmond was held scoreless Thrs was the game that was to get the Ind1ans flred up for the re mamder of the season. FOREST CITY 20 NORTHWOOD 14 One of the better Ind1an teams of recent tlmes took the fxeld w1th plenty of f1re and determmauon. The Ind1ans were not to be stopped as they scored three touchdowns to lead 20 O at halftime. The hxgh hght of th1s game was the tremendous defense set up by the Ind1ans It was dehghtful to thmk that the local eleven had defeated the V1k1IlgS who 111 turn had defeated the boys from Buffalo Center who had so humrhated the Ind1ans the week before. FOREST CITY 19 LAKE MILLS 13 The xnsptred Ind1ans played another fme game to upset the Bulldogs The f1rst half saw Lake Mxlls and Forest Cny each score once, but the Bulldogs made the1r pomt after touchdown to lead 7 6 at half tune. The Ind1ans scored tw1ce wh11e the Bulldogs scored once 1n the second half and the Ind1ans had won the1r fmal conference game for the season Our Dads 1 Managers. J. Donahue, D. Donahue The Scout 9? i . , - . . FOREST CITY 13 BUFFALO CENTER 52 N FRESH - SOPI-I BACK ROW B Monson D Levad L Thompson G I-Iermdal B Dunbar T Sternmetz P Hagen G Hanson I Ons E Bartleson M. Skogerbee Coach T111ou FRONT ROW B Conner D Foss D Fuhrman L Hanson D Schmrdt D Corby J Martrn B Hrbbs FRESH SOPH SCORES Lake M1115 Osage Brrtt Garner B Center Belmond Northwood FR. SOPH HIGHLIGHTS season 1os1ng only one game and that bya 13 '7 score at the hands of Bntt The followmg sophomores showed much prom rse and dressed wrth the varsrty squad at umes Dale Fuhrman Ronme Hanna George Hanson Lowell Hanson Gary Hermdal Dave Levad Jon Ous Donovan Schmrdt Terry Sternmetz Paul Hagen and Barry Monson Th1s squad shows a lot of promrse for the future provrdmg they keep rmprovrng. FUTURE VARSITY F. C. - OPPONENT The Fr. -Soph went through a very successful 15 ' 0 ' .n ' - 12 6 ' ' ' ' g - 6 . 12 ' ' . , ' . y 6 0 f ' ' 6 . 0 . . . . 20 13 32 0 M HER MAIESTY ,, ARIANNE HOLLAN ,af K. is-w5,, .J V. 'ii-ri D REGAL BEAUTIES D Schleusner C Bakken I Haberkamp M. Holland V Bartleson M. Ashelm S Gardner Ioan Habefkamp VIVIBD Bartleson S E M N I X Y I ff ATTENDANTS MayAsh MZ? 1 Bakken Diana Schle if NIGHT or Nmnrs JI ...ell Smile, Smile, Smile The Line-up Passmg mn RSVICW The come back of the year nf Ki 'W' Beauty and the Beasts Therg She 151 47 3 C7 ,f S I Ai X 51 L 2 5 3, A . rr K rf K ,S . BASKETBALL BACK ROW L Jefson D Thorson T P1tk1n J Hanson I Eenhurs FRONT ROW T Sorenson A Miller J Fauske F Klrpprng L Van Oort M. Dunbar VARSITY SCORES Ea gle Grove Charles Clty Garner Osage Clear Lake Buffalo Center Northwood Butt Osage Lake M1115 Belmond Hampton Buffalo Center Garner Belmond Lake M1115 Northwood SECTIONAL TOURNEY VARSITY COACH Mr Tlllou 56 Lake Mllls l F. C. 44 47 ' 44 Hampton 44 45 39 32 47 49 ' 50 64 ' 58 40 52 62 60 51 ' 53 SENIOR CAGERS Tom Sorensen Al Mlller A dr1v1ng hard shooung team of Indlans suffered numerous losses durmg the f1nal seconds of the games tn the 1958 59 basket ball season to mark this team as the hard luck team of the conference. The enure story on the seasons record was 4 8 pornts d1fference per game as they fmlshed LD the conference cellar Unable to put lnto SIHIISIICS was the vast tmprovement and pro gress made by thts team throughout the season and the commendable Letter wmners were. Tom Sorensen and AlM1ller co captarns Lynn Jefson Larry Van Oort John Hanson Tony Prtkrn and Francls klrpprng and managers Gary Hetrndal and Darrell Foss Denms Thorson and Jerry Eenhtus saw consrderable actton durmg the season when the All-Conference teams were chosen Tom Sorensen and John Hanson were placed on the tlnrd team and AlMll1er recmved an Honorable lN1CIlI1Ol'l award. Lynn Jefson ball played and spirit shown during the heartbreaking losses. FW' ff V 9. v M Qt 'QW ' .Nr , Q , . ij,,I4ll ,Q 1 fix if ui' f X3 In Q ,Q A 'X Q Q '69, xl j 4 Q, seq. nf' X ,3 ,z I 1 Q 22 CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT S. Nelson C. Mitchell D. Schleusner S. Gardner R. Klipping A11 aboard for the Coco Puffs tram 1 2 bl1U0I1 YOUI S1106 Feehng a draft? Who moved the g,round'7 FRESH " LEFT TO RIGHT P Peterson P Larson D L ynn G K lasse 53 BASEBALL BACK ROW I Fauske, T Sorenson I ECDhU1S I Stadt, L Van Oort, R. Franklm Coach T111ou FRONT ROW L Durant B HlbbS I Prescott D Sevetson J Donahue L Jefson fb Play ball' -N- Double Play' Sp1t ball' H1tter'P Try and get xt by us! Tank P1ICh1l'lg staff Lynn 'ww South paw I -Q Q ff' V' 'S Q, 6 S ',"!'..,' .H f Y .' ,I 56 X ,-1 ff' I gi 09 g . 6 I Ll' .WWII MUSIC musuc MU5'C ,y -, W V' ',,,fv:' ,3 ff ? A 2, 4, 'V as fi ., fkfis ef-.3 H Lf! , v'5 'D 5 K Lf 4 ,Q Q H ..', 14 ,M 3 ' . V QQ 3552, YL . qw-W' '92 fn x 1-1 . 5' ' LAX we 4 'gg Q Az. ? an ,Q 1 , x 1-'m m Z2 3 lk. 3 f 3 4' .-,. Y' 5- g xg v g fq 35--L: .. GL 53 E if hi 15 'ali' , Q 23:5 m ' . , .lf Y . ,qi ' x : W , If 'Sq f lk 1 fizgg .4 Q X Q 'wil 1, - -s rw rw - . ' 5 M 3: lm 'ff x 1:1 gif ""B"1u 1 i 4 A x-. fjyw Girls Quartet Div II soloists Madrxgal D1v I Boys Quartet D1v I Guls Sextette HIV III Mnced Quartet D1v I Double Mlxed Quartet D1v II G1rIs Tr1o D1v I MUSIC MASTERS 59 . . O f , X . ' L75 ' A j 1 6 2 5 6 fm if S3 iv? F fdi'WiWf x 'g Z ,Q 3 X ki..'A'gn1M1 Q l .Q-'Z' " 5 is X kziil L f','4x wif. f'r W ff? , Q 3 H f if xv af s Q sg ' if 1 A w , A. fi 9, 5' If-A 14 Wi'i"n'r 'f'1"7' 2'f Q ' 2 0 1 U s W GIRLS GLEE CLUB BACK ROW P Peterson C Bakken D Welble R Hanson P Srn1l:h S Welble M Anderson V Bartleson K Bartleson L Carlson K Hall G Klasse K Elsberry K Frow1ck S Boman D Clauson B Borg. THIRD ROW E Jefson K Blame P Callles S Leegaard S Gardner P Smlth S Tweeten K Hove, K Hanna J Johnson S Peterson N Coon M Relkena J Lynn L Jefson S Borg. SECOND ROW D Van Horn J Olson D Rollefson B W00ge,J Green P Stem metz A Etzen J Johnson J' Holtan L Torkleson S Macheak E Drugg J Hale J Rollefson N Hugelen. FIRST ROW J Goldbuff M Groves M Johnson D Ambroson C Mltchell R Khppmg, L Severson C Alrn K Hayes K Thompson S Borg E Frednckson A Holtan J Borg. MDKED CHORUS BACK ROW B Ebaugh L McCla1n R Holland L Jefson S Damelson D Foss D Fauske B Beck D Fosse, D Larson T Stemmetz D Thorson R McCauley V LEWIS A Ander D Gerdes H Strand D Buckley D Hocum J Strand S Welble D Werble D Clauson J Johnson. SECOND ROW K Thompson E Frednckson S Borg K Hayes J Olson D Rollefson D Van Hom M Johnson K Elsberry B Borg K Hove P Peterson S Gardner S Leegaard FIRST ROW J Rollefson P Stemmetz N Hugelen C Alrn L Severson B Wooge R Khppmg A Holtan C Mltchell, V Bartleson M Anderson K Bartleson P Smuh L Jefson K Blame E Jefson BOYS GLEE CLUB BACK ROW B Ebaugh L MoCla1n R Holland L Jefson S Damelson D Foss D Fauske B Beck D Fosse D Larson T Stetnmetz D Thorson R McCauley V Lewls A Anderson R Van Horn FIRST ROW D Schnudt W Perry J Cleveland T Overhe E Bartleson J Ons D Gerdes H Strand D Buckley D Hocom J Strand PEP BAND BACK ROW- B. Beck, D. Fosse, S. Boman, W. Perry. J. Jefson. SECOND ROW. S. Boman, B- Borg. J. Haberkamp, S. Borg, B. Lewis, C. Alm. J. Hale. FIRST ROW, R. Van Horn, J. Lynn, S. Hugelen, P. Smlth, D. Buckley, D. Mehus. J. Olson, S. Borg. Q , o , Q g a , s 5 u 3 o g o I , o , . : . , . , . . . . , . ' - 1 g Q g u p 1 g a g 0 , , u , n -- : . , . ' , . , . , . ' , . , son, R. Van Horn. THIRD ROW: D. Schmidt, W. Perry. J. Cleveland, T. Overlie, E. Bartleson, J. Otis, n I - - ' ' ' I ' n I I ' i 1 0 1 0 9 0 . l 0 I . . : . ' , . , . , . ' , . , . ' , . EMEMBER ACTIVITIES E P Smith Langerud Bartleson K Hove I APDCI O'Donne11 Ambroson Carlson J Hanson B Beck L McClain R. McCauley J Jefson D Thorson :union PLAY 4 I BOX AND COX CAST Roger Van Hom, Judy Nerom Buckley DAY AFTER FOREVER CAST Kathy Macknll Sharon Gard ner Clrnton Peterson JoAnn Hoyland, Deborah Wreble DIRECTOR OF ONE ACTS Miss Clarrce Larson ONE ACTS Danny CAST Davld Fauske, Elarne Drugg, Robert McCa1ley UGLY DU CKLING CAST: Darlene Mehus, Worren Fred enckson, I oan Haberkamp, Carroll Gustagson, Sheryl Nelson, Douglas Fosse, Donald Gerdes. A 'f fi .V S GE PROPOSAL i ,W,2.w, - , W " ' A' ' 'i', 1252 5 Z f E -S? fu ,ff 7? tw, .ah -wi 1' 1-1 I K Q ! TA I EA K' T E SY ORGANIZATIUNS STUDENT COUNCIL BACK ROW D Fauske J Langerud C Gustafson D Thorson J Stadt D Levad SEC OND ROW M. Holland V LEWIS R. McCauley D Schmldt T OVCIIIC D Buckley C Bakken. FIRST ROW J Holtan I Haberkamp D Welble D Schleusner A Etzen, L . - . - ,. , - , . ,- , . . . . . . . ,. , ,. ,. , . , . . . .. ,. ,. , . , . . . ... .. - lllll .. .. I OI M ZX .1 N Aske OFFICERS PRESIDENT John Langerud DISTRICT TREASURER VICE PRESIDENT Carroll Gustafson Carroll Gustafson SECRETARY Marlanne Holland TREASURER Rob1n McCauley Student COUHC119 Gus Mlss Hendrlckson Ad vlser IR -SR FHA BACK ROW S Reuben J Johnson,I Hale B Carlson I Green, A. Etzen. SECOND ROW D Clauson S Leegaard W Wooge A. Holtan E Fredrickson I Johnson. FIRST ROW 1 Carlson M. Johnson, E Drugg, M. Ashelm D Ambroson. OFFICERS LITTLE WOMEN OFFICERS MODERN MISS PRESIDENT Elame Drugg PRESIDENT Lols Carlson VICE PRESIDENT Wilma Wooge VICE PRESIDENT Carol Bakken mE'i1RzsHJanlolHa1soPH F H A BACK ROW K Frowxck, C. Fox M. Riekena S Hugelen, N Klngland L. Carlson I Hale M. Reuben M. Branstad THIRD ROW E Howland L. Aske, D Schleusner J Holt an, D Lynn, F Cantrall, M. Groves, P Calhes. SECOND ROW E. Jefson S. Peterson, B Wooge, C. Bakken P Peterson, K Buffington U Bode. FIRST ROW L. Gangstead K Thompson D Groves L. Nielson L. Iefson I Olson. I O I I O SECRETARY . . . . . . Alice Holtan SECRETARY . . . . . . Marvel Groves I O 0 9 I 0 : 0 I ' 9 I ' l ' I I l ' FUTURE TEACHERS BACK ROW D Schmrdt P Smrth K Frowlck K Aullck L Hanson L Van Oort S Bowman D Fosse J Hale D Levad SECOND ROW M. Ot1s D Mehus K Hanna B Carlson J Hale L Carlson K Macknll L Etzen K Hall M. Johnson FIRST ROW E Jefson S Borg W Wooge S Swanson D Clauson K Mrtchell M. Ashexm S Borg K B1a1ne OFFICERS PRESIDENT ShCIY1 Nelson LIBRARIAN Lo1s Carlson VICE PRESIDENT Wrlma Wooge HISTORIAN Mary 0115 TREASURER Donovan Schmldt POINT SECRETARY Kay Blame FUTURE NURSES CLUB BACK ROW M. Peters A Etzen J Hale J Hale V Bartleson J Johnson E Drugg FIRST ROW S Hermdal U Bode J Johnson N Coon A Hagen S Tweeten B Borg, OFFICERS PRESIDENT Ela1neDrugg SECRETARY Mary Peters VICE PRESIDENT: Jamce Johnson TREASURER: Ianrce Hale . Q g n g - y a 1 o y s , 1 0 1 I 0 ' ' - 1 0 9 - 1 , u , s 5 o 1 u , o , . - , Q , Q , - , e p s v g s . . - , ' ' . - . ' . - ' 4 , . ' I . u ' U ' I ' I ' 1 ' 9 0 , 9 - ' ' u ' 1 ' , . , . , Q , . . . . . G.A.A. BACK ROW: B. Carlson, S. Swenson, R. Sveen,1. Johnson, M. Olson, J. Hale, P, Smith H. Severson, F. Cantrall. THIRD ROW: M. O'Donnell, N. Coon, J. Haberkamp. I. Baker 1. Hoyland, E. Eenhuis, K. Hall, L. Carlson, P. Peterson. SECOND ROW: Z. Etzen, M. Johnson, S. Gardner, M. Benson, L. Severson, I. Book, P. Larson, L. Aske, B. Tschirki, G. Klasse. FIRST ROW: J. Carlson, L. Jefson, J. Johnson, S. Borg, S. Borg. I. Olson, J. Borg, B' E'Mi,5zP commrrzz R. Levad, D Lynn L. Thompson T Prtlun S Hugelen M. Asherm N Moklestad LETTERMEWS CLUB BACK ROW W Strttsworth M. Dunbar E. Larson T Sorensen I Hanson T P1tk1n C Hanson F Klrpprng, L Van Oort I Fauske I Hermanson I Ot1s D Levad FIRST ROW D Levad J Donahue, D Schrmdt A Mrller L Jefson R. Hanna R. Holland D Fauske : . ' , , , . , . , . ' ', . Gustafson, I. Stadt, L. Hanson, T. Steinmetz. SECOND ROW: I. L8rS0n, R. Franklin, G. 3 3-F -v 1 Hz- 6 'cv X , Nl 3? v 1 rf. Q- 'U FQ Y Y 4 U ' , ix 'fx ' V ein V' . H", ny Q 'A ..ft ,.,4?'a ,,.., ,- f Ka-Ve Preside 3 if '20, Zia, LATIN CLUB BACK ROW B Lmdberg, M. Anderson B Hampel, K Bartleson, I Langrud, I Hale, D Fauske V Bartleson, W Frednckson. SECOND ROW L. Smrth, W Wooge R. Hanson P Smlth S Wexble, S Reuben C M1tche11 D Clauson. FIRST ROW S Heimdal, S Borg I Golbuff K Hove, S Tweeten R. ODorme11 I Bartleson K Blame LATIN CLUB OFFICERS Consuls Dav1d Fauske, V1v1an Bartleson Senba Susan wexble Praefectus Aerarius Mary Anderson Praetor Jamce Hale Censor John Langerud LIBRARY CLUB BACK ROW D Clauson J Hoyland V Bartleson E Sererson K Hanna I Green. FIRST ROW D Groves R. O'Donne11 A Hagen M. O'Donne11 W Wooge, L Gangstead Aediles. . . . . . . . Lu Ann Hanson, Sandra Reuben IS P OUQ ,av .QQ fv.. QQ? Nw! 'N -rn' -'fx ms'--. f'w'f,, lf Wnm I.. 'ar-5 N. A 9 SOUP T0 NUTS 141 1 Wf""'10 'WW ...---f-V .- ' I "':?E"'llr A L21 . M dw Rf C' ' o '-. 1, by K , v 1 . x a A ' 1. in Numa' THIS 'N' THAT ,M-"' -mupww gb! 1 "' ,45,:21"""'-sg an 5,4 1.-fa. K' .ar " A-I V ,mm A gd. I ILE re Ts-.-- f Msg THE YEAR'S END Fi SENIOR SCRAWLS GMM Nffffff ULMW gw AMW mi ww W hw QWWWWWQS fywww K2 z W gnffjflg QQ EM W E5 355212 .5 aww is Wea K ' I WWL ifffk-ffm' Um' ' X K9 . O Ci 5 X ,Q-'I' X ag M Q ffwvif W igfwffflij 9 ' ,MDX Egg! 13 N 4,7 W ci wi, if wx Os Q ' 2 Qx if MQ 5 gy! 5 WM 4 , 3 43 M MM WITH A S0 G I W1Sh I d brought a glass cutter' 51+ 37 Cheese' ' S 'i- -5. Are you lauglung at me'? 46' Angel s UQ haul V Everyone please JOIH 111 the chorus Nothxng borlng about Ih1S' "Which twin has the Toni?" We VC Smlled now brlng the food just a httle closer please "What time can we leave?" IN MY HEART Now you Ve done lt' You do II hke Ih1S My how well you express yourselves' nybody for punch? The Harem? Everybody s waltzmg. Getung acquainted Thxs IS a wa1tz'7 'Don 1 you dare JUS! YSSUUEQ Muslc to dance to 85 9' . I r 1 ' X ' , 5 s -s u v - ' u H b ' ' H MY ' if A 4 . 47 V 'A ' . ' P' Xxx. I , V F Q' .. .. . Wim' I '17 "' IIA ' ll , , V XV , V I- 4 N , U ' ' . U ii M 9 , M , ,, . 1 ff Q' ' ' , . .. .. ., , . . ,, V 4 I I 4 , ' . . 1 gl 3 ' BACCALAUREATE Qc: A Xl Nz' - ACHIEVEMENT - FROM LEFT Sandra Reuben Susan We1ble Donald Gerdes Mananne Holland Donna Van Horn and Donelle Clauson not D1CILl1'8d OUTSTANDING BOY OUT STANDING GIRL .TAY E. BROOKER AWARD Carrol' Gustafson Donna Van Horn Lynn Jefson MR. VAN HORN PRESENTING AWARDS asf - ACHIEVEMENT - SCHOLARSHIP KEYS BACK ROW R. Levad C Gustafson V SpOnSmanSh1pAward Bartleson S. Welble, S Reuben, D Gerdes FRONT S Nelson M Holland L Smlth W Wooge D Van Horn NOT PICTURED D Clauson Z" rf ,J Outstandmg Sen1or Ag Student Semor FHA Award TOM SORENSON FFA Ach1evement Award RICHARD ANDERSON WILMA WOOGE RONALD FQX AHH11211 Award warwhoop Award Band Queen SANDRA REUBEN DAVID FAUSKE SANDRA REUBEN ,f R . ' I 1 5 a l A 5 "' i 'J g I l I ,N f X gi M A. V' Af A! if A C , ' , M X fQ'w'f ' A U X A 1 W' , f' 117 f PATRONS The Forest Clty Leland Commumty Hlgh School wlshes to thank all those CIVIC mmded people who have so 1 enerously and consclenuously expressed thelr mterest ln then' young people and IH then school It IS Indeed p,rat1fy1ng to students and faculty al1ke when they know that what has been done durlng the school vear may become a permanent thxng, as recorded 1n an annual publlcauon THANK YOU for your help' ABSTRACT OFFICE ALLIED FARM EQUIPMENT DON R. ANDERSON ANDERSON CLOTHING ANDERSON JEWELRY BOWEN FOOD CENTER BUNGALOW CAFE CLAUSON MARRET COAST TO COAST STORE COFFEE SHOP DANIELSON S SUPER VALUE DAVIS RADIO AND HERB EIDE PRODUCE ELDER STUDIO FARMER S CO OP FEDERATED STORE FOREST FOREST FOREST FOREST FOREST FOREST FOREST CITY CITY CITY CITY CITY CITY CITY AUCTION COMPANY BANK AND TRUST CO OP CREAMERY CO OP OIL COMPANY GREENHOUSE HARDWARE LOCKER COMPANY FORESTER HOTEL FOREST LANES GAMBLE STORE G AND H MOTOR PARTS LJELLEFALD ASSOCIATES INCORPORATED H AND H PLUMBING IIANSON CLOI HING HANSON FLRNITLRE HARRISON S DR. HAYDEN HI WAY MARKET DR, IRISH IACOB S DEPARTMENT STORE IENKIN S CLEANERS JOHNSON FEED STORE IOHNSON PHARMACY DR. IORGENSON KAMISH FORD SERVICE KLASSE S MOBIL SERVICE LYNN S DEPARTMENT STORE M AND N MOTORS MARTYS FEED STORE EUGENE MORRIS INSURANCE NELSON JEWELRY O'DELL CLEANERS OLSON FURNITURE AND FUNERAL HOME PETERSON AND SON STANDARD SERVICE PFEIL S VARIETY PLETCHER MOVING SERVICE R AND A TAILORS REUBEN S DEPARTMENT STORE RIVERSIDE CAFE ROSE ALICE SHOP RUSSELL STUDIO DR, SAFLEY SAHR PRODUCE DR. SCHAEFFER STOKKE PIANO TUNINC M. M, THOMPSON AGENCY WEIBLE AND STIPP ATTORNEYS DR, WILSON ' I TV FIRESTONE STORE PINCKNEY REXALL DRUG KN 5-I INTER LOI I IGI -XTR PRE55 P P' ar' V! W. 1 Konsos Cnty Mo JSA fi G H ' y KJ WW 9 Q9 ub',s ew- M .fccruee Yecrbocks-Yecrbccl C5-ef Dpigfrcs-Grccucrlz Anmzdnzeren Fccfcry -- Hz! e Cf me , .

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