Forest City High School - Redskin Yearbook (Forest City, IA)

 - Class of 1957

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Forest City High School - Redskin Yearbook (Forest City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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,2,o..fvwclJ'L,D.VQ2'Ml'Q"M VJ! I x Q 4 J iff!! 6? A Az V gay ff XA! Q! fu of pix! ,f Q! ,y 'f r ,aff ,ff Ori J, x., 01 Q 1' IV 1 ,-1 dk 'ka f ff HC! X M11 sf f A . '1 A 1 , O XR If Qi I , 5, X Q!! If If I- XY- I f . ,,,fx- ,A-. -f Q f L ff . ' .-JO! GQ M0 V Vw fi' f A Rf A , ' 46, bf! A I y kj f 'J X aff Z ,1 f' I, , . V, J, pf xjx J L A-QKA -J!! ,JW , 1 iff 0 fig' A-U f , -f '15 , fa, f V, if V L fi f . ACT A W ' mf! ff U ? L Lv X " , H LJ " ' 'A - f ,f V Jfzf ' A 1' ' f 1 X k fff W ff,-J' " A K - ,M 'f 0. ' ' 5 f ' X .1 ,. T K Y f fr 'kg , ' ff My , f-K F' ', t? ,LII V , if? ff iii , " ,' A '7 7' .V NLE. ,, . NI' K. ' fi ' li v' 3 V ' 14' V " , .4 4k I , D, UA I 5 .N 'aw 4+ V 7" .-,L ,E kq W", , , L J A K- VH Qi., , I Aj H I V ' . L . f , , .1 ' P' ,V A ' "A .ff 'fx A' ' A - I f X 1 4 ,--f- A! J 4 . D V, A ' J 'Ik ki ' JL l 1- 5 , I 1 I ,-1 A 1 Q yr 11 . 1 t . ' T- 1 f .,.- ' L f V ' 1 ' I K I I ' 'VL 'J ' V, f . ' , ILA' ' 4 Q VV 1 ' r V, .M ,I l I W Y, f I .,, ,-1 , f' t 3 1 'V-V X . ,' J ' ,J y , .J , F , 1 ,ff ,MJ , ,, ' V43 ,, I ' vi,-f ' ., , MM ' Qu? u 7 ' ' K - Nl? 'V F. . V , !AJg!c,,fv" V L ' ,I 4 J fx Tjf C ' G, P- t ' 'L x GJ 'D' J WJ . fic! - M N ,J DJ ',1 F"V, Ok x " N., Q ,N og T V, KL , I7 I-, ' . 2 14' kj 'H ,url-fx-jj' by M A J X- ' rqxj- tx!! . . ,VD- Qw 1 ,iff M f. fi ' -- - V ff I A 4' ff' . ,Q xi xv ,Lf . 1 V, ap , 'x Q 'E fl f . ! ,f 'V , VW" A' f If ff - f g 1 L J I il- 7' I X J J X 4 ALA' I: ' f ' ' ' . Af I ff? X T f, ft L L ' 1 1 1,1 J XBLJL, LL , Q' I . ' ' ,J I 'V fi 'V In f V127 M' f 4 f ' , l ,J if I 1,1 - A I r, . , f VV' 17' X A if '- f - ' 'I Q f - f J P X - - ' 1 And Away We Go' Ill 6 Big New Redskln ublucahon Just For You Bv Seniors 8. Co. IT IS A great achrevement for anyone to wrn the respect and admlratron of those w1th whom he IS assocrated Thrs 1S especrally true 1n the teachmg professron where the consclenuous rnstructor must help the stu dent understand that there IS no substrtute for charac ter The mstructormust hve rt, the student must leam , and the world must profxt by II wi 'L BIN WE BELIEVE That Mr Sekor exemphfxes th1s tradltxon and we readrly acknowledge h1s unselfrsh devouon to hrs chosen professron It IS w1th deep humrhty and res pect that we dedrcate our 1957 REDSKIN to h1m 2 it ' ' . . . x . .. 5 - H Q , J 1:1 I m ,I 4 'A , 2 - A! I r l v g I I , O 0, If 1 . f If . 1 ,,, W W Q, , g f X nf f gh- Q' ' 'MQ ,f QM, , E df ik' f' ,. A, 'T "ng L li 4, 71. .1 Well 4 , i Q up 1 Z f . 2 A N " - T 2 I .. C i I i P A T 4 I vs O N ! wi f" Indians In Action -Q-94,1 y in : ab' 'fy-M. g'Q,,d?'Rf',2nf 1' W Q Nilssen goes for another gain .""f'!f1 W This man won't get far! SCORES VARSITY x.C. OPPONENT 20 Clear Lake r 12 Sr. Edmond U 42 Brirr Q 46 Garner ll 24 Buffalo Center 7 7 Belmond 20 13 Northwood 1-4 T Lake Mills 13 CO-CAPTAINS: Jerry Dunbar, Jimmy Hanson elf Varsity l BACK ROW: L. Van Oorr, R. llorrnanson, L. McClain, E. Larson, C. Gusrafson, T. Sorenson, H. Harms. SECOND ROW: L. Jefson, J. Gel- ncr, D. TsC?1rk1,T. Nessa, I. Larson, R. Fletch- er, D. lsanskc, Mr. Anderson. FIRST ROWg R. McCauley, J. Teller, lf. Ilclvick, R. Levad, Nl. Dnnbnr, 1. l,L1l1Sliu', C. Taylor, A. Miller. 4 BACK ROW: D. Hanson, T. Nilssen, C. Sunde, E. Duden, M. Paul ROW, R. Lrxad, L. Ionnson, C. Holland, C. Luad, M. Abbott, J rrall, C. Landsrad, T. Oswald, D. Slapncnson, R. Hanson, J. Hanson R E S 2: ln H S O P H 6 F ,f quad . A I .wfivcfi ,x.g, ,Qui "ef ne. IA . . A Y '- mf? 4, Ugg , ' ' 'CN son, C. Baker, L. Herxnanson, D. Sicklncier, D. Hill. SECOND Nelson, G. Nelson, T. Hull, Mr. 5IllISWOIIll. FIRST ROW: C. Can- I. Dunbar, S. Castcrson, G. Sunacffcr, ll. PCIUISOII. . ' r ' I D Aijl A gk I! if L! -'lull Frcsllnzan- Sophomore li. C. OTHERS Qu Lake Mills U 13 Buffalo Center 13 Osage U 3-1 Bolnxond A 1 ' Garner 13 4 Norrllwood 7 Brltt 7 WV. , x ft1'Z"!5.3'lia6'v. I . I r - 'u 2? O 1957 Homecoming Queen Miss Marlanne Larson l Royal Lovelies hr 'G'-53' Marlye Drugg Queen Mary Ann Larson Sue H111 J Sue H111 Semor 9 Marlys Drugg Semor Hendants Dx 0 '54 '5L!'4l"0N yy, filvi' KH' '-vu.. was JUDY GAMBELL Jumor NANCY KAMISH Jlmlof JOAN HABERKAMP - Sophomore BEVERLY CARLSON - Freshman IO Nite Activities 5 Our Quepn IS crowned Q. Flowers fror time C0 CHPTHIUQ X Rox a1Crcet1ng Underclassmen 1n a Regal Settmg -11 rw 5- .' :if-'Z -fggffli , 'W t 'H-1-W, T r .W fb , 44 "5 .4-1 129' -QL. . .iid -N We ' gi: K -.-.-:. 2 -1 HQ, 1 ' I HL!.1 '1 . if X v , L' '-V4' I ' Y Grand Prize - Originality - Freshman ,qv A In J iEE?' G9 nj :Q qz,. ,, ' f --,,.' . 'J "' ,4 f b ' gf,fb5,,Y lfrlm.-.,t 'I .ul-Ulf zjggffi' . 'E f-ggkfg Q.:-gglifryifyf-A :rift ria. if :3"'i!:E!'u"iiil,1f"'f feqilii .Jn mgix lst Prize - Originality - Senior ' SW' 2 YU .-- r lst Prize - Workmanship - Freshman 7 I. 4 ESQ-6432525 EGrS3 2nd Prize - Orginality - Freshman ISBN 12 -ECT'E 2nd Prize - Workmanship - Sophomores Prachcal Democracy pm- Ji' Karen Koto IS shown here recervrng a radlo flrst PIIZC rn the local lSpeak for Democracy contest from Mr Nuttmg JayCee representatrve Second place went to Mary Ann McCauley on the left On November 5 the Student Councrl sponsored a Mock Electron wrth regulatton ballots and votrng booths. For your mformatxon, Mr. E. won the electron' I . 'j . - 1 9 .- 'e . 'w A , 1 ,M N i 13 Q 0- ' Q, H , f, 1 3 Q Q at n - t 4 9 f 9, li I xg y 2 . ,wg ' x - - - - , - - - H .. . I - , - f - fi, - ' -1 K I I . I I , V f 3 3 ,f 3 ' rr A ' ' k , -J., , , Mf D ,K , , y y D - . . . . 1 ,Y Mai Q sf- ll' u.3 s 2 PVR R ' n lI.'.s Vu G" Y 'Z ' s or , 'f az o le? ff j . 4. :3 ' 3 ' 1' 'ff' 5-- ll . X Marching New- The Pep Band is noted for its Jump and Jive as demonstrated at all of our pep meetings. At the games, too, they assisted the cheer- leaders in creating good school spirit. Band Our twixlers led by Sue Hill did a tremen- dous job this year. Not only are they an impres- sive sight, but all of them have won honors in State twirling competition. ,fm I O Q. X I v,.. X in-'S' f S X352 5.5: - Q s Assembly Programs on Sept 14 K li-1' "Fundamentals of A to mic Energy" was the topic of John Butler when he presen- ted an illustrated lecture Sept 20. Y 1 Q ,qs The Repertory Players from the University of Minn. presented 3 plays on Oct, 1. QQ. "X-"j q The first assembly of the year was a lecture India Today It was given bs Col Arnold Maahs On Sept 19 Mr Wilfred Macheak lectured the high school or Gun Safety -L.. 1 BGL ki . ' X ,bi X -ff an f A 4-2? R FA, JV' 4,42 an-...I MISS HENDRICKSON Do I hear wh1sper1ng'P wi. V I' 6 1 .-1 MR BUCK Now IIIIS 15 what I II eau fy' .I I1 kL ILIL Qllllflfl poxm fa 4 +"" 'W X 95 . MR HOEY Notebooks are due Fnday wwf NM ff, ,M L fi 79 vw-if NAB Englush MR VASON Stax out of your lockgr MI9s HENDERSON Al right' Let s be qu: IZ... ti 'v X 'ZSHLI You can Spll out your Il tru. mow' .I i NIRS. WEIR, Llbrarlan Mliw KING Home Economtcs hom G1rls MRN BROWN Mathgmattts I smell ,num IU thts room MR COOK Gutdame Instructor MR HAWK Vocauonal Agrxculture Let H C flmsh HOW, Th s project ts mcomplete rx OL ON C mol Nutw 1 4 N SN III. J Colt IIL11 al J spud not tttrat t Rx xf Physical Educahon '75 All nght' Knock 1IOff' I need a bxg man for a httle tackle' MRS COON Women s Phys1CalEducat1on Come over here gms' All AIIlCl'lC3I19 THQ NV1nnef5l l l L oeW b s N' V I X , , Q MR. ANDERSON, Coach MR. STITTSWORTH, Coach 'Q e nf' r Jn-1 MR FARDAL ,,.-ff' Music These warm up are for exerybody The Pep Band 1n acuon MRS ROY Pracuce made new perfect 42" i Hcrafp, chip, chip. . . 'f 4 Z , Q., 4 1 'S' q....- - v Supermtendznt KEITH W VAIN HORIN PIU H1 CIVAWEH NVNDLUNG OUR QC HOOL BOARD MRS STOLL Principal Secretary CAMERA DODGER MRS WELCH Secretary to uperimendent Cuslodlans-Cooks T My textbook for a sandwrchl 51 Berger OUR ABLE COOK5 Mrs Morley Mrs Soderlmg Servrce plus' Mrs ODonr1ell Mrs Buckley Mrs Awe A good man that 18 never hard DU Skal 5P15e maten' to fmd' av- hit nv 1 Ross fsomeone had just toldhim that the snow had all melted off the from sidewalklj "And do it correctly or I'll keep you after school?" Fred "This isn't the way we did it in Chicago! tudent Councul ,- BACK ROW Mxss Hendnckson G Godden P Oswald L Hermanson C Sunde C Gustafson THIRD ROW T Okland S Reuben B Osnes D S1ekrne1er, S Nelson T Oswald SECOlND ROW M McCauley Llndberg OFFICERS Presrdent Ted Okland Secretar Jane Johnson Vxce Pres1dent Mary Ann McCauley Treasurer Gary Godden Ar-4 Luther Carl, J1m and Ted helped put up the tree What happened? Were the glrls camera shy!'? Your attenuon SHOULD be focused on Ted 25 but look at those crazy soxlll I , t-A A - I W T-.4 to as , ' .A v A - ' - rr' S K , 5 T 2 J 'lf' r , . -A "' -1 I -4 .., Q 'J we ' '7- M J a W t . va 1,14 v x 1 ' S, Leegaard, D, Fauske, J. Jefson, R. Holland, .T..T0hnson. FRONT ROW: G, Rollefson, K. Blaine, R. , 7 , V la gg '25 ' L' fiifg I ' , Anal 'I D R, I 5 3 W' z' V ,T tx.. A T If I I 8 . War Whoop BACK ROW N Huvelen M Hanna B Anderson D Peterson T Oakland W Overhe K. Koto J Ne11 son K. Ambroson J Johnson, SECOND ROW M Thorson X Sk-1216 M Holland L Kamp M Peterson R. Anderson R. Carson M O Donnell D Morem M McCauley FRONT ROW R. McCauley L Hanson A Hnunen A Howland D Fr1ckr1ckson C Schoon M Dunbar Future Nurses BXCK ROW J Bartleson B Anderson G Hanson M Hanna M Anderson L Hanson E Sewerson Xueble V Bartelson THIRD ROW D Se1krne,er M Peters E Drugs J Olson J Johnson J Johnson son R. Passer N Coon D Morem, R ,nderson M Olson Q Deland E Edwards FRONT ROM L Blam K Bartleson N Be.son E Bartelsun L opel L Hanson B Bora C schoon M Lackore Presldenr sandra Pjetland X ne Presxdent 'x1ar11xn I arkore Secretar Treasurer Qowene Xnderson Correspondmg Secretarv Vruan Bartleson i 1 C n 9 - 3 - 1 " - . . 1 - 1 v - v J, Charlson, P, Thompson, L, Ambroson, K, Arnbroson, Mrs, Olson. SECOND ROW: J, Johnson, K. Thomp- ' ' " 'J , . . he . . , . C . . . A if BACK ROW Left to Rxght. S Fredenckson S Yepsen L Thovson L Westerberg N Srmth M Hanna M Ghme Mrs Coon SECOND ROW C Shoon M. Petersen D Peterson J LEWIS B Osnes J Gambel, IN Kanush P Thompson, THIRD ROW B Gambel J Johnson R. Carson ,T Charlson R Anderson J Falada M Restby FIRST ROW M Enhtus D Fredermckson L Hanson S Fetjland A Haugen M Hansen I BACK ROW Left to Rlght D S1ekm1er .T Apple S McEne1ly .T Johnson S Gardner .T Habercamp J Stephenson J Hale, K, Bartleson, R Sween D Schleusner S Swenson M, Peters FOURTH ROW ,T Bartleson U Bartleson M Benson D Clauson C Langrud J Green M Olson .T Kllne, N Coon J Baker J Lord R.Kl1pp1ng. NEXT ROW K Carlson, M Ashelm V Gorball, J Johnson M O Donnell, J Lynn P Hull A Slqele, K, Stephenson A Hagen, A Etzen E Frednckson NEXT ROM J Carlson B Born G Smtth D Ambroson M Johnson P Smrth M xooee K Blame Mrs Coon S F. H. A. BACK ROW M Ghme, N Srruth K Koto,M, Larson G Reese M Nerbg M Sveen B Holcomb THIRD ROW M Hanna B Osnes,S Yepson N Kam1sh M Drugg M Peterson M Westby Mxss Kmg. SECOND ROW M Lackore, K. Arnbroson D Peterson J' Nellson L Leach R. Carson J Johnson A Haugen FRONT ROW M Thorson, M Dunbar E Edwards N Rlggle C Schoon L Hanson B Gambel, A How land M Hanson Pres1dent Margaret Hanna Secretary Ixorma Rrggle V1ce Presxdent Esther Edwards Treasurer Marlene Thorson Adv1sor 1ss Kmg Modern Miss BACK ROW Ix Hugulen M Anderson S Reuben J Stevenson J Hale S Bowman S We1b1e E Severson, L Hanson R. Hanson V Bardeson SECOND ROW Mxss Kmg E Drugg K Hanna J Klme S Gardner L Torkelson K INIHCRFIH. Pres1dent ,Tackle Stevenson Secretar Shervl Ixelson V1ce Pres1de.nt Janette Kllne Treasurer V1v1an Bartleson Xdusor Mlss Kun, 28 Modern Miss BACK ROW M1ss Kmg Advrsor M Benson M ODonnel1 M Holland J Johnson L Severson K Bartleson C Langerud B Carlson ,T Green I Appel. THIRD ROW kv Wooge L Hanna V Corball IL Etzen K Hove M Johnson C Xlm D Ambroson E Fredrxckson P Srruth SECOIxD QOM B Born R. O Donnell I Johnson A Holtan M Srruth S Borg M A3ShCl1T1 C Strand FRONT ROx S Nelson J H111 S Leegaard S Borg K Blame ,T Carlson Speech Club CJ BACK ROW: Mr. Mason Advisor- K. Koto L, Westeberb W, Overlie D. Hove T,Ok1and M, Larson K, Mackrill Miss Henderson Advisor. SECOND ROW: M, -N,McCau1ey M. Benson K, Hove B, Berk C, Schoon L. Hanson M, Johnso 1, FRONT YOV: E. Xppel Q. Born R. McCauley J. .Tefson J, O Roarke 29 ILNIOQ AND QENIOR MEMBER BACK ROW P Grothe C Baker D H111 L Johnson S Casperson R. Cole M Hanson FRONT ROW Mr Hawk J Brown J Severson D Klngland D Hagen R Beckman M Paulson INOT SHOWN E Monson R. Hanson OFFICERS OF THE PILOI IN O13 CH 1 FE Max Paulson Presldent C11 ton Baker lreasnrer Stephen Casperson V1ce Presldent Lvle Johnson Reporter Dennis H1 cn Secretarx Ronald Hanson Henund FRESHMAN -NND SOPHOMOPE MEMBERS BACK ROW: C, Torkelson T. Fox R Anderson D, Tschirki R, Bowman A Larson A. Miller D, Flugum, J. Hermanson, R Haugen, SECOND ROW: Mr. Hawk, D. Solomonson, C. Hammit, R. Fox, L. Charlson, J. Einhnis, C. Taylor, M, Peters. FRONT ROW: D. Moen, D. Torkelson, D. Larson, D, Juel, J. Gilner, A. Hettenbach, J. Jefson, D. Gronhe, R. Franklin. 30 Varsuty 'Q' 'XIX' Q fi Conference 6' -1 VARSITY BCORES OTHERb Eagle Grove Clear Lake Buffalo Center Iowa Falls Lake Mrlls Northwood Belrnond Brrtt Garner Buffalo Center BACK ROW lvlr Anderson J H n son T Oswald I Dunbar Da las Nelson T lxrllsen G Godden C Holland FRONT ROW C Land E Duden D Hanson Oswald L Bartleson R Cole I Valley MR ANDERSON COACH H. ,...f' sl Iowa Falls Lake Mrlls Northwood Belmond Butt Gamer Clear Lake Charles Crty Mr Anderson s grvrnb the frrst stung some advlce. X L rp 'um mis slot ma 4. ilIl1'O v' my no Varsity Dumpy A095 III 101' 21OI1Q'l1L1UdCI'. IIwu1lIU.r0u31i1 by my way! 431'-me:-uw 313i CLL'1 Q to Fm 111' I'l1SII13U 3 YOU 1 LN171 'fa k 1 P C xQBLl1no 32 VI' ff ' I d' I HDI. 2' op! ,4 1. '3- A f Q " I!! I . D l' ,-H.,, KAEQA' 5 .' ghtiic. fxigs: bu Ewcahse of IQQ frarcful technique! 'HI , ilu: Enlrc suunl Irorg . 1 1 ' nd 5 SCORES Eagle Grove Clear Lake Buffalo Center Iowa Falls Lake M1113 Ixorthwood Belnrond Brrtt Gamer Buffalo Center Iowa Falls Lake lVl111S Northwood Belmond Butt Gamer Clear Lake Charles Crty Glenvrlle Fresh- oph OTHERS BACK ROW Mr Strttsworth R Holland C Torkelson E Lar son M Dunbar T Pltkrn D Juhl J Fauske D Srekrnerer FIRST ROW J Hanson L Van Oort R Pletcher T Sorenson I Larson L Iefson D Tschrkr L Erdman Z, Erdman makrng a fast push shot from the Hanson trres a free throw Others rn the prcture are Erd rrght corner John Hanson 15 at the rrght of man and Tgchr-kr the prcture 33 Cheerleaders V. :ox if? . J f J I X If N 6 Karen Koro Maman Glnnc Go! Indians! Go! -N 17 . 'UW -Q w VARSITY BliLLEw! THREE CUTIES! R. Klnpping D, Ntkzicnzsncr 5. Ycpson 4. Nclson NI, Gliymg 5. Gilfullltf K. Kona M. Drngg P -A 7 K, ik '1 5.9 Marljxs Drngg llc K lppllljl ' SVn1ro11Ye-psmn 35 O Future Teachers 2 BXCK ROW M Johnson D L Pe erson L Westerbexg E Newerson N1 everson R Passer J' Xrelsen lx. Hanna THIRD ROW ,T ORourke I Lems E Xppel, P Severson M 'Hrorson M. Fox JECOND ROW ,T Green S Nelson D Fredmckson W Woobe, S Borg Mrs Brown Xdv1sor FRONT ROW M Hansen K stephenson K Koto M Larson L VanOort C Strand K Blame Dres de rt Marranne Larson oe re ar Marjor e Hansen Vue Presnienr Karen Koro Treasurer Larrx VanOorr Honor Roll 13.-ICR ROW: C, Bartleson K Etzen R, Erdman D, Branstad Y , 'V' , 1 v C, Canrrall ID, Ce Q, 5' neffer, RECORD ROW: P, Thompson K, Koo M, ,J b 'r.'es'erber' Nl. Feverson 3. Velo e F en J, er-.L B, ,PA. ndersun, FRONT QOH: . Een'1z..: I Qeerson ?I,Rir.Q1e J, Rollefson 5, .E 'ri i .r,, :'1 D. C 1' svn A. Haagen U. Yan! o. . 36 2 If- " 1 Q, .4 "F ,.4' ' ., r. ' " I 'nf' It -' Q- X 'Tail Q I!1?'1w'X I 3.471-:'f t a N , FW V ,g ' 1, . , - , g"9l'fK fr q i 07- ,Q , ' . ' aim? fwavzh '4 .,Vs f 1, 4 'V V " tr ' X Y I, , WL f'4l3""', ,ELA to f I 'Q-J-Q YA ,jg th L., 4, A ' Iliff f mf- A + e 61,5 5,31 fi -S531 .X if 47. 3 x x gs'-QQ,-fwtkly le ,Xxwvf lwfuegagl , . . , ff EWVL A-Lk.. my ' "'1fErttb25jP e 'NSA 5 FV ' 2 "2" Gfineif' A' sn . .L ffl? A1 IM , 5-Fxlndx ft' , nl ffG,g,ffi4fyavf1f! 4 ' 5 I 'li-je EM gylgflfiyq' f ' Of - ,,,,,.4, fa. f iii' 'Pi GLW! . wp A V 'bf Q 'lf ' " Z' V71 df xy rf, , QQ. 'S' if A J ' ,. ali "J Q' if X 1 ,Q Y Q QQ 1 A ,M is Music f 4-fffggtr ., V ,,,,, ff , J ,E wx 1 4. . 5, - Q - A . , fo...- MI.: H 'VY' Q 'ii BtCk ROW R, Holland, L Jcfson L NRC1111 D Br nstxd L Foss Qunde, D Olson, tw Owerlre D tcp 1c1 on T Okland R, McCat1e Beck, N kannsh M Nerb B Osnes IIIIRDROM J Tjetland Qewerson, C Rollefson, B Ebx 41 D T1 sle D tokke vw Perr Sthacffer, X Fteld R, Lcvtson,I kllnvnw lx hoto C trand M McCan1e bECOND ROW D Van Horn B Bed J O Rourke McEneL1x R Carson, R, Khpptngm J Iems E ppel P flange Xwesterberq N Suuth Y Yepscn M Larson xelble 5 Q xrdner Jacobson J Nerlsen, FRONT ROM Lee 'tard F Fduards Iloltan, E Fredrrckson M J Dunbar N1 xxestb J sorenson Brrqhton Xlrs Ro H111 N Mackr1lLQ Carlson I nderson Bartleson, J I-xlme C 1 s 1 xl e Chorus events tins ear tntlnded an tt tn om Fest Christmas on: ert TV appearance, the operetta fm uvake Island sprrnq ts tale stngtng for Baccalaureate and recenlnc a D1x1s1on Iat on est rm pencer oe tts any ed b xarro s cnoxr e c c tart 1 cr J e e t c .lc vcr e c fl ber o. e steer ear Intase t re vndertn s B ' The Glee Clubs TOP ROW Thompson D Brundsrad L Godden L MCCI ID ,T Hanson C ande R. Levlso l' Kllppmg R Mcfanle Mrs Rox SECOND ROW R Holland L Jefson B Ebaueh W Uerr lx Overhc D Hove F Heluck B Beck ,T Teller K Auhch BOTTOM QOM K ollefson J Moen D Panslae M Le 1 D Stokke T Sorenson T Okland B Hampel D I3 vile I1 TOP 'ROME D. Fredrickson L, Hanna C. Hanson J. Sorenson P.Br1g1,hton L. lxesterberg P. Hama L, Thox son E. .-rppel S. Weible M. Larson I. Stevenson S. Boman M, Clime, M, anderson C, Langer d M, Nerbj. SECOND QOM: B. Borg A.Ho1ton M. Peterson L. Hanson E. Severson N. Smith S. Yepson J. Levis J. Rollefson NI. Eenhuis K Koto I. Kline Klacobson J. Nielson C, 'rrand Mrs, Ro, THIRD ROW: J. Johnson B. Gambell R. Passer M. Feldman M. wesrbg Y,Huge1en R. Klipplng L Severson S Tie L. Ambroson J, Lynn K, Thompson M,Mackri11 N. Kamish C. Carlson C. Schooi BOTTOM ROW: S. Nelson I. Hill, M, Dunbar E, Edwards E. Frodricxson D, VanHorn S. McEne11y B. Becx Carson J, O Roarke L, Edvin B. Osnes ,T.Car5e1l X, Bar leson R. Hansen S. Cardner 39 I ll Junior Play.. "Dont Take My Penny CAST o Yepson G Nelson B Beck T O maid C Holland IX Etzen N Bl nf' 1m N1 Ghme C Cantrall C Sunde D Fredrxckson M Peterson J Gamble B Obnc ewcrson ST XLE D Okon L Jomw n C end C Ia Q Juniors 5 Y? 1:7 ..f' is 41 M Abbot B Abrahamson S Abrahamson D. Anderson E Appel G Bartleson B Beck J Brown S Bungum C Cantrall S Carlson R Carson M Dunbar M Eenhurs K Etzen D Frednckson S Fredrlckson B Gambell I Gambell M Ghme D Graff G Hanson L Hanson D Hrll L Johnson C Holland D Kmgland C Lanstad C Levad R Levrson Juniors '-7 1? I-It 1 -an?" 42 Q., J Lewxs M Lexus M 'xlewer M Monson G Ixelson Nelson T Iwllssen D Olson ORourke B Osness P Oswald T Oswald S Ous R Passer M Peterson G Reese E Rleneke R Schaeffer C ighoon D Severson M Severson P Severson D Se1kn1e1er D Sexkncxer Nl J borenson R Smldx D Stoklxe C bunde K Thompson I .A 1' I X 7 I. 1 J- ' A 5 , it ws . ' 'A x- , ' I up , ' lj' N.fmitl1 , 1 Juniors T C7 ' P. Hauge N. Kamish L. Thovsom L. xVESlEI'b6l'g S. Yepsom J J' ,f,,,.,f 'Qfff WF'afl.a ophomores BACK ROW J Feller M Cobb A M1l1er D Fauske Pres1dent J Larson C Gustafson T Ixessa D Gerdes D Loux L Erdman R. Levad SECOND ROW J Haberkamp V Bartleson M Xnderson R. Hanson L Hanson Boman J Hale IN Hugelen J Brones lx Hanna FIRST RO P Hull M Hanson L Hanna J Hoyland B Borg D Clauson C Graff J H111 Is. Carlson L Edmn M Holland Secretar Treas trer E Druff V Bartle on VICE Prestdent BECK ROW: D, Grothe, D, Tschirki, W. Perry, R. Anderson, J. Langerud, E. Larson, D, E'l1:t::nn, Hettenback, G, Hermanson, T, Sorenson, C. Hammit, C. Torkelson. THIRD ROW: R Lindbnru, D, Moen D. Solomonson, R, Haugen, G. Gilner, D. Olson, J. Wilson, G. Thompson, L. Jefson, D, Thoinpson, D. Swanson. SECOND ROW: J. Johnson, R Klipping, S. Reuben, E. Severson, J. Stephenson, D. Johnson, S. Weible, J. Kline. I. Lord, L, Severson, J. Rollefson. FRONT ROW: D, VanHorn, J. Lynn, L. Smith M, Olson, M. O'Donnell, A, Sltjeie, W Wooge, C, Strand, S, Nelson. 44 Freshmen W!- lui BPCIX ROR K XL411Ch B Beck J Eenluus R. Bowman J Xnderson L Chwrbon B Eba 1 11 J Fanslc D Brnkle ECOND ROM 5 Borg J Bronco B Carlson J Baker lx Bartleson M Feldrmn X Coon J DDSI M Ben on Q Borg, PRO ROW A Etgen C 1mM sherm E Bartleson D Xmbroccn I Bartlc on K B1 me ,T Carlson 4 A if B1 IXRONN G Rollefson C Iaxlor M P Iers I Over11C L XICCLLIIII T P un N1 Dunbar R Phu r HMM L L cnpnion me x fonpso IR X N lx Iarxl 1 1 rar onm 113111 Q B Ch ROM lx Ceorge D ,Tuhl B Iiampel T Fox L Loxuk J Iianswn If Harn I R Fr lm, P Kllppung, KECOXD ROM K Hove,,T Green, ' olmson, X Qardnex, R Ix1aclr111,I Jolmcon, .,Q, C Iarvcrnd, Haven, evaard IRONI ' - RL , ' Ho1land,X uorbdll, Lmlrnckson, ' ran, I' Helnrk, 45 ' 1' 1 f B .2 O ' iff I P' .lp v I I N , 4 , r U QW ' r X ,lx f V Q ' f Xf x Y H -Q ' H- - ' ' ' I . ' sg 4. i x v. . A 1 - g . p 1 . - 1 - 1 - s - v L " 5 1 ': A. Y, . Q, . . . . '. , - ' 1 . , , , , 5 , V, - PIT ': . ' , . . . ' , . . . . XC' ': . , ." ,' , . c , . ' , . . ' , . ill' , . . , . ' the , R. ScI1111idI,l.. VnnOorl, D. Torkclson. SECOND ROW: R. McCauley,M.Pa-IerS,I.OIso11,I,.A. Torkclson, Il. Rc' fl -, R. Svc 'n, D.E. Sclglunsucr, S. Swrnson, K. SLTV1' . ,S. MCE1 l1,', R. T1 1 n. - ONT POV: '. Tam i ' l, P. Sm II , G. Smith, S. Meyer, S. Tweeten, R. G I", R. O'D '-ll, K. Tlx p.on. 1 ,, ,, ' Lg ', 3 j , , , , , , ,, , "N , , - . 1. , ., P. S, R, fox, f, ' anlf- ' I A ' . Q Q 5 ': . . ' T-1.1 -7. 3 ' '. '-I ' . O B. Le'-.L . - L L 3. Le ., . 71 l.O"-: 17. Larnn I-.. '. ' A EZ. Z", Ilol -, " J,ICff-til, f- 3,19 I Do It Yourself 1 Co e Severson Mackr111 Westby Jefson O kla nd ann Yepson Jefson 1 Lookm for someth1ng'P One Acts Roughly Speaknng Nope' Found lt' CAST Bartleson McCauley Westerberg Osness S Lmde Cantrall Rollefson Hanson Hansen Erdman Fleld Dlrected Betty C Henderson Patchwork Quult CAST K Koto W Overhe S Welble J. Carlson 9 if Isn t It mce bemg alone? I just can't keep my feet warm' ff Z 5 1 , 5 g A g ig t 1 C 3 A xl w 2 ., HL g , C t 2 Z' . V ' 4 L. ' B. , C. W C. -M G. ., , L. . M. fi' . f- 3 Ll: 0 'yfvftf H52 ' C 31 . '4 Y' L5 3 bY gf C' nn fQ"Q 4, 0 ,L fy '54 9-i -... I 1X rfllv if uvmbgyy A13 9"4s Bl omer blrls 2 Oo V Neathaucuts 4 Necktmeparly anyone? Bmum Doug' 6 Lost One head imm U rty 8 Yummy Laum 1 ou x me Ooops' me A pa1r'7 lea an 'P Hlde D 1 I Cr Xauu S u Those nys t Q daddy NLX 2 W uc S Q, lt l Thesg ourQ9 you so 23 mtl at bu 1x1e Lame ack 1aro Hgaro ' 26 W a s mat? Tuat you Hcrman'7 udd1es Dr Lxvmg SIOHQQ 3u Shame on you" CITY JAI 8 I 'A '1 LD 'r - L I . . r , , J Wifx , Q . ,hx KX N v 'rf K , X - 5 . v - w , - s .' F 1': if 1- -' "" 1 :Ss .4 . ' f 5 ,Y Q7 E? 7 ""' f 'X 143 'Yi ll 2374 X ,, HIIIFIU k K L ,frfl if I'lll K Baseball n-if X SQUAD FRONT ROW T Sorenson L Jefson C Lanstad T Oswald S Bungum I Dunbar BACK ROW D Hanson L Foss I Hansonql Gelner G Schaeffer L Van Ort COACH JOHN ANDERSON ,. N Q og , 'Wi 50 Track SQUAD: I. Hanson D. Hanson I. Dunbar I. Gelner T. Oswald P. Oswald Isl. Abbot . Hi Siekrneier Rollefson X an Ort Lexad Levad Jefson Gustafson Harnr Polland DPECIAL HONIORS TO Jrn Hanson Conference Record 180 xard low hurdles Brson Relays Record 120 xard hrgh hurdles 19 6 112 broad Jump 5 91f2 hrgh lump qtredy All Trrne Forest Crtj, Record 180 yard low u dlcs 9 U2 hrglt ju np Drstrrct Meet Frrst Place Hrs h Jump Second Place Broad Jump LETTERS Irm Hanson 4 Senror Yr Jerry Dunbar 4 Senror Yr Zlunror Yr 3 u nor Yr A I L CONFERENCE Football Ir dir Years J CO-XCI Ll XC cflllwlxil 1 Football Et Basketb rll 'Wh- But 0 This An 1 1 5 v is -dk j W ARREN OVERLIE won the Flrst Pnze 1n the Mld Amenca Foundauon Essay Contest GARY GODDEN dlsplaced Senlor Letterman fXVlDYl6b21gO Co J MARIA S DRUGG Our Band Queen We Rock An Roll' V -1-W 'K fi., , ... FN 'TEN Pracuce Teachers 3 Is mx name thurc' I Ilnnk 11's son Lthlnv dbOl1I Elsenhoxwnr , s ' X K I T 52 SOILEUIUCS ll was cold' Someunles II was hot! hh.. f.. 6flI0l'S fi KAREN AMBROSON Ambro I it Vocat1on Beauucran his gn F H A Warwhoop Yearbook W Future Nurses Club I lxve for those who love me MQ LA VONNE AMBROSEN Vonne Vocat1on Secretary Nurses Club Musrc G A A Never speak sense when nonsense w1ll answer the purpose as well BET I Y ANDERSON Vocatlon Secretary Grrls Chorus Future Nurses Club Warwhoop Yearbook If you want somethrng done well you do well to ask Betty ROWENE ANDERSON Vocatron Nurse F H A Future Nurses Club Class Play Warwhoop Yearbook A brt of SPICE and everythrn nrce EUGENE A ULICH "G ene "I take thrngs as they come ea sy Vocatron Engxneerrng CLAYTON BAKER Bake Vocauon Farmrng F.F A , Football, Track He doesnt go for women, but even Nxagara falls." Wav Wai 'up eniors LARRY BARTLESON Vocatlon Geology Cho1r Operetta Pep Band March mg Band Concert warwhoop Softball Basketball Look before you leap RICHARD BECKMAN Vocat1on Undec1ded F F A I know a lot but I can t thxnk of GAYLORD BOWMAN G1Z Vocatton Engtneer F F A Speech Club Class Play Pep Club I agree wtth no man s op1n1on I have some of my own DENNIS BRANDSTAD Denny Vocatton Engmeer F F A Chou Boys Chorus Op eretta Pep Club Yearbook One Acts Class Play Class Offlcer Speech They say love makes the world go round Catch me I m d1ZZy PATRICIA BRIGHTON Pat Vocatton Housewtfe Cholr G1rls Chorus G A A Op eretta Pep Club She has more than a sparkle 1n her eye STEPHEN CASPERSON Casmo Vocatton Farmer Football F F A Tra k I tram for athlettcs but doggone those women' N 74" if 9 iq- inf 'W Seniors IANICE CHARLESON Vocation: Nurse G. A. A.g Future Nurses Clubg Year- book. "To be quiet in an efficient way, is my airn throughout the clay," RIC? RD COLE Rich Vocatron Farrncr One Acts Class Plas Track Foot ball Basketball I F A A one man crrcus that Rll'1glll'lQ., cloesn t control MARIYD DRUGG Marlx Vocatron Tcrcher F ll A Cll6EflS3Cllflg Captarn P p Club G A A student Coun crl Pep Cornxnrttee Presrclent Con cert Marchrng Band Lrfe rs tustone date after another EDWIIN DUDEN Ld Vocatron Undecrtlecl 'ootball Basketball Track fl nlan among rncn rs hc but urth r mon an he would rather bc JEROME DLNIBAR Ierrx Vocstron Coach Football Basketball Track Base ball Pcp Conccrt Marchrng Band rue becn 'tcquarntccl xrth ttc lb HER EDXxARDs X ocatron Nurse l C, otr C Chorus Operettt Une Acts Class Plax lmrxshoop Yearbook idx for an t rm xou llglll rt un or bert 1 t fa "x .pau 14" We-1 'Fair vQ 'lv 1"-'Y ---nr IAQ 'x -v' "4"-"7 S14 fl J! 9I'll0l'S BARBARA EIDE Vocat1on Undecrded An ocean of dreams wxthout a RONALD ERDMAN Dlrdmo Vocatron Engrneer Boys Chorus S t ud e nt Councrl Class Offrcer The harder I try the gooder to be the worser I am JOANN FALADA IO Vocatron Med1calTechnolog1st Marchmg Concert Pep Band G C U A 31' whoop Class Play Grrls Chorus Good natured and happy as can ALFRED FIELD Al Vocatton Engrneer Marchrng Concert Band Chorr Boys Chorus Operetta Speech F F A Class Off1cer One Acts Class Play Yearbook Baseball Pep Club Speech Club Pep Band Thmks well acts nobly accom pl1shes much SANDRA FJETLAND Hoxx Vocatron Nurse F H A Pep Club One Acts F N C ,Gxrls Chorus It's srllx to thmk, lets t R LYLE FOSS Vocatlon Avrator Football, Track, Baseball, Cholr, Boys' Chorus, Marchmg, Pep Band "He shrfted hrs bram 1nto neutral, but h1s tongue ran on. 56 IV I SYN l wa- 'Pau-r has ' ! A 417 -ul Q-'A' 2 v's Sensors MARSHA FOX Vocation Teacher Future Teachers Club The quiet kind whose na t ure never varies GARY GEORGE Butch Vocation Engineer After4 years offaithful service I laid off GARY GODDEN Butch Vocation Undecided Basketball Baseball Choir Boys Chorus Operetta Student Council He loves one but which one? ELIZABETH GRAFF Liz Vocation: Housewife "Love and a cough cannot be hid." PAUL GROTHE Red Vocation: Undecided F.F.A.' One- cts 'An outstanding student-- ut stand- ing in the hall. ! " DENNIS HAGAN Vocation: Air Force F.F A 'One-Acts. "I m not afraid of work I can sit right down beside it. 5 N Q-47 fi' ,QV 17 Er BIIIOTS DON HALL Vocatron Publrc Accountant Concert Marchmg Pep Band m not bashful you just don know me MARGARET HANNA Io Vocat1on H0usew1fe A F N C ne Acts Pep Club Warwhoop Class Play Yearbook Studles and love make 11fe com plrcated MAPJORIE HANSEN Marge Vocatlon Teacher Club One Acts Class Play Con cert Marchrng Band Yearbook It s better to be small and shlne than to be blg and cast a shadow DENNIS HANSON Vocatron Coach Football Basketball Track Base ball Student Counctl Warwhoop Gotta get me a date for my Ford V 8' JAMES HANSON Ima Vocatron Coach Football Basketball Track What he wants to get mos out of school rs lun self NARLEN HANS Vocatron Farmer F F A A bashful boy rn F a farmer someday he e it o NI' : 3- I . 'I F ix I Pl l F.H. .g:G.A.A.: . . .g o - A gltx A' A ' M f ff' F.H.A.::G.A.A.g F.T.C.: Pep ,Ml .U V H I 2 at N 3 Q 1 . Q PM ' .sox . 4 A ' 1 E xv " . ' .F.A., 'nb I ' H K x ' at ' P sa ' Nav AQHVQ- l 'Ma-fa "'h.. 'QP A .-----lf 5 1-039' P eniors RONALD HANSON Rod Vocat1on Farmer Football Track F F A Srgh no more ladles srgh no more ANITA ANN HAUGEN Nrgger Vocatron Teacher A Choir Gtr Chorus Operetta Pep Club One Acts Warwhoop Yearbook A blush lS nlce but somettmes 1n convenrent PHILIP HAUGEN Haugre Vocatron Radlo and TV Mechanrc Some mrght come to school for play Haugre comes to sleep all a LUTHER HERMANSON Luke Vocauon Cornmumcatrons Football Track CTIOII' Boys Cho rus Student Councrl Class Otftcer Handsome rs as handsome does DENNIS HILL Den Vocatlon Mechanrc Football Basketball Track Chorr Ixlarrtage IS a great rnstrtutron but whox antsto lrxe rn an rnstltutron SUSAN HILL Sue Vocatron Teacher F H A G A A PepClub C1 II Grrls Chorus Operetta Marchrng Band Cheerleader Twrrler War whoop Yearbook Classlflay L1ke bravrty she has the power of atrractron " if Qfff pf' 'lux Qhx il" fl- V M W? OHIOFS BONNA RAE HOLCOMB Vocation Housewife F H A Just a little Miss taken DAVID HOVE Vocation Undecided Choir Boys Chorus Marching Con cert Pep Band Speech Warwhoop Yearbook Class Plays His eyes Sp611IT11SCh16f his smile spells Hr We all like him hes one swell guy ALICE JEAN HOWLAND Vocation Accountant F rl A Marching Concert Band Warwhoop Class Plays Hairof gold eyes of blue nice to get along with too TERRY HULL Terrence Vocation Undecided Concert Marching Pep Band Foot ball Baseball Choir Operetta You dont have to hang from tree to be a nut. KAREN IACOBSON Kay Vocation: Clerical work G.A.A.' Pep Club' Choir- Girls Chorus- Operetta "A likeable girl with a likeable way," JANE JOHNSON Vocation: Undecided F.H.A.: G.A.A.: F.N.C.:Gif1S' Chorus, Choirg Operettag One-Actsg Warwhoopg Yearbookg Student Coun- cil Secretary. "She looks like an angel, acts like one too, but you never can tell what an angel will do!" uf' -c""' N-I' ,M .1 1 1' W"""uvX 'fa gr fwf 471-. N191 V"A 8l'll0l'S JOAN JOHNSON Vocation Undecided A F N C ne Acts Choir Girls Chorus Oper etta Warwhoop Yearbook Pep Committee Sometimes quiet sometimes shy but the rest of the time Oh my ILETHA KAMP Vocation Housewife Future Nurses Club Warwhoop She has met many known several liked a few and loved one LEROY KINGLAND Tub Vocation Farmer F F A Class Play One Acts Ah well LeRoy the first hundred years are the hardest KAREN KOTO Vocation Teacher F H A Pep Club Pep Committee Choir Girls Chorus Student Coun C11 Operetta G A A Cheerlea der' Speech' F.T.C- Warwhoop- Marching Band- Speech Club- Class Plays- One-Acts- Yearbook. She sighs over many but loves only one. MARILYN LACKORE Vocation: Nurse F H A.- F.N.C.' Marching- on- cert Bandg One-Actsg Class Playg Yearbook. "Always cheerful and content, but often upon mischief bent." MARY ANN LARSON "Mari" Vocation: Clerical Work F. H. A.: G. A. A.g Choir: Girls' Chorus: Operettag Pep Clubg One- Actsg F.T.C.g Yearbook. "Notaqueen for a day, but a queen always. 61 Sip. NW' eniors LINDA LEACII "Lindy" Vocation: Housewife F.H.A.g Choirg Girls' Chorusg Op- eretta. "Her heart's like the moon, there's a man in it." MARY IO MACKRILL "Mac" Vocation: Speech therapist F.ll.A.gG.A.A,g Concertg March- ingg Pep Bandg Choirg Girls' Chorusg Pup Clubg W a rw hoopg Yearbookg Uperettap F.N.C.g One-Acts: Class Plays. "A girl not after her own heart but rather a nian's." MARY AINN MC CAULEY Mack Vocation Drama I A Pep Club Choir Girs Chorus Operetta atudentCounc11 One Acts Speeci Warwhoop Yearboo-r Class Plays She started to sing as she tackled the thing which couldnt be done and she did it PHILIP MITCHELL Vocation Undecided Not mam cobwebs in his a ic K ENTON MOEN Moe Voc mon Jet Mechanic llc I inks and tl inks and thinks LIII X OL ation Farr' er onkr slo d o e ortoror , H .. F. I. .Q : ' 9 ' 1' s z ' ' 9 . 1. . - I ll 9 Ig ' . .. - J , . , H I' V V ti' .lv ,. A H H 1, , -- sort. 1 Les, " EUGENE NONSON "l.1OI15" ' 'L n 3 I .1 Fir..-X. "',-.Kirk is so xv u- ful, we A ul saves lift in ra row," v- 62 E I x 'Nur ,f I 4 eniors DONNA MOREM Vocation: Secretary F N.C.- Girls Chorus- Warwhoop- Yearbook Not only good but good for some thmg DALLAS NELSON Dal Vocatron Undecrded Basketball Track Marchrng Pep Concert Band Pep Commrttee Just the kmd of guy you d want a guy to be MARILYN NERBY Nerb Vocatton Electr1calEng1neer GAA FHA PepClub ne Acts Class Plays Chou Grrls Chorus Operetta Marchlng Con cert Band Warwhoop Yearbook Student Councrl Class Offrcer What a mathematlcran, she fr gures tn everythmg IANETTE NEILSON Janny Vocatron Clerrcal work A GA A Grrls Chorus Choir Operetta Pep Club War whoop Yearbook F T C There s a httle bad rn every good lrttle grrl THEODORE OKLAND Ted Vocatron Forergn Servrce Concert Marchmg Band Chorr Boys Chorus One Acts Class Plays O pe re tt a Warwhoop Pep Club Yearbook Speech Track Baseball Class Offrcer Student Councrl Pre sxdent If I can not do great thrngs I can do small thrngs IH a great way WARREN OVERLIE Vocauon Educauon Concert Marchrng Pep Band Stu dent Councrl Speech Chorr Boys Chorus One Acts Class Play eretta Warwhoop Yearbook Pep Club Folks say Im qtute a clown but you can t keep a good man down' I nfs! funn, 'Www' lvl, eniors MAX PAULSON 'Smaxy Vocation: Farmer Football- F.F A. ' When joy and duty clash let duty go to smash. DONNA LOU PETERSON Vocatron Undec1ded A F T C C ass Offlcer Student Councrl Class Play Warwhoop Yearbook She loves FCHS but she loves an other better HAROLD PETERSON Pete Vocatron Teacher Concert Marchmg Band Football Manager One Acts Class Plays TrackManager Yearbook Pep Club Mascot It 1sn t the srze ofthe battery but the mettle that makes the vol tage ROBERT ROLLEFSON Bob Vocatlon Undec1ded Track Cho1r One Acts Ifeltfxnetlus momtng unt11 I woke GENE SCHAEFFER Vocatron Navy Football Basketball Track Base ball Pep Club Pep Marchrng Concert Band Cho1r Boys Chorus One Acts Operetta Class Offrcer Class Play Inslde or out hes a peach ofa scout JERRY SEVERSON Jer Vocauon Truckmg F F A Baseball Im just an old cut up 'M0 'tx 8I'll0l'S DOUGLAS STEPHENSON Doug Vocauon Undecrded Pep Club Chorr Operetta Boys Chorus Track Basketball Football Class Plays The mght stoo short the day s too lon MARLIS SVEEN Vocatton Secretary C F One may smrle and sm11e and smrle and yet be ser1ous PRISCILLA THOMPSON Vocatlon Nurse F N C G A A Warwhoop Year book A good mmd possesses a kmgdom MARLENE THORSON VOCHIIOH Undeclded FHA FTC Yearook An rnnocent face but you can never tell NORMA JEAN RIGGLE VOCHIIOH Housewrfe F H A Cholr GIIIS Chorus She s wrse she s Wllly she s rn love what a pxty JERRY VALLEY "Val" Vocation: Navy Foo tba llp Basketballg Ba seba llg Trackg Class Play, "It's not what you do--It's what you get away with." 65 sf' sf-""' Hal eniors MARGARET JO WESTBY "Margie" Vocation: Teacher G.A.A.: F.H.A.g Pepg Marchingg Concert Bandg Choirg Girls' Chorus: One-Acrsg Class Plays: Pep Clubg Yearbookg Operetta. "Full of fun and mischief too, she likes doing things she shouldn't do! " 5 i fCould Bevy My' My CLAIR "'-vwssv X-'ali' DALTON Transferred Albert Lea Mxnnesota van ul thex hear Warren s answer' Always UQ an lntelllgent class X" 66 5133153 Shakespeare rn the rough 'Q' S Y 2549 X 4 I mi v ,313 ,gli VAL. i. Dil U-l lnlltx DQ Wm Q can 3,1 n'2" xkh EMERGENL DDP 1' Ai. Look Ma' W Made It' BACK ROW G George M Paulson B Rollefson P Bartleson D Hove P Haugen D Hall C Dalton P Muchell D Stephenson FRONT ROW B Anderson M Larson M MaCkf111 S H111 M Nerby K Koto L Leach I Nellsen M Hansen GUE:.S WHO 69 I I :. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . ,.4 ,- . :. ,. ,. ',.',. ,. ,. . ,. . 132. ' 'hw ,y .. , 4 - . ,,, ,A -.. P .. "4 - 3 5. v L ,, - wi .. . , -. A .. . . Q O Rebecca Talen111nI1111te enior Play Do11tyo11l1ke the drws X1aryIo'7 CAST Niarx Jo Nlacknll Margaret Jo Wesrbw Manlyn Nerbv Denms Branstad Doug srephenson Harold Peterson Rowene Anderson Berry Anderson Gene Nhaeffer Ted Okland Karen Koro Al Held sue H111 Daud Hove D1recu.d by Beux C Ilenderson Ww..1..em Take ll fron. an old salt . "An1g1enMrs. Tiger sez to And So W Graduated MR DON REID spoke 1 we hstened an SENIOR HONORS WERE BESTOWED ON Mar11yn Nerby SA LUTATORIAN Denms Branstdd Marlys Drugg Ted Okland VALEDICTORIAN CITIZENSHIP AWARD OUTSTANDING BOY Mary Ann McCauley OUTSTANDING GIRL Good Fellows Got Together The D1p1omas were wamng And So Were We 7' . Q Opereffa Main characters can be seen in the fore- ground: Dr. Sparrow, Becky Beck, Dr. Merganser Warren Overlie It seems the cause of all the consternatronxsalow flyrng plane The Smew was frnally captured however Kllhwake s and But rt doesn t look deserted to me' liere we see Dr up the hum' Merganser Dr Sparrow and the scholars persuadrng Dr Pulfrn Alkreld not to grve I I I s as I 1 5 --- X, is -I K i ww, A v A ..-........-.. -f---41" ,,......p -.-Q,-gp 5 Contest Sextertes Madrlgal DIVISION I Double M1xed Quartette DIVISION I ys Double Quarrerte Quartette Sololsts DIVISION I Tuos DIVISION I DIVISION I COmeITr10 Trombone Quartette SOIOISIS 73 DIVISION I Tron bone TIIO DIVISION I Prophecy The x ear 1977, and Washrngton, D C rs man uproar!!! Schoolchrldren have been dtsmtssed shops have closed and Congress has ad Journed' It seems that someone rs buzzrng the Caprtol rn a Strato ,T et The Presrdent has Just announced that due to crrcumstances bevond hrs control fthe aforesard buzzrng I 5 rnternatronally known Senators members of the Commrttee to Study Peoples Lrves All Over the World, or more commonly known as the CTSPLAORN are leavrng on a Congressronal Junket to tour the world rn 80 da s The streets are deserted No one rs around as the J senators slrnk down to the wharves to board the Nautrlus All ofasudden out of nowhere rs seen It can t be Is rt a brrd rs rt a p ant rs rt Superman'7'7'7' No rt s a Strato Jet swooprng down over the heads of the Congressmen!! What's wrong wrth that p1lot'7 Is he rnsane'? Doesn t he reahze that hundreds and thousands of rnnocent people could be krlled by hrs reckless drrvrng rncludrng the 5 rnternatronally known Senators? Many hours later on the Nautrlus Senator Schaeffer realrzed that he hadn't eaten rn 30 days Man am I hungry!! he exclarms As he wends hrs way to the poopdeck he gets the Wrllres Seetng that he s arlrng Chref Cook and Bottle Washer Margaret J'o Westb, rs seen scurryrng down the gangway screamrng I know what he needs I know what he needs! as she speedrly whrps out her can opener and prepares htm a good old fashroned home cooked drnner of Canned Spam. 50 mrnutes and 10 000 mrles later the Nautrlus docked at the Crty of lntrrgue Istanbul. The Senators are rmmedrately taken to the Amerrcan Embassy where they meet the Amerrcan Ambassador Ted Okland Many of hrs FCHS classmates wrll remember htm as a sedate mrld mannered quret boy However the Turks refer to hrm as Lrp the Hrp a debonarr devrl may care eassy gorng guy The Senators soon frnd thrs out to be true as they are shown all the gay spots of the crty Frrst on the hst of clubs to vrsrt rs a hot httle Jobby called the F Jetland Sand The Senators were qtuetly srpprng tea at a corner table. All of a sudden a banshee cry was heard Sandra! It s a rard 1I'S a rard! she hollered Hysterra became the prevalent emotron as the Turkrsh coppers burst through thedoors led by Davrd Abdul Hove, hauled everyone to the pokey Also fromSandra s Club they saw one of the Dancmg Grrls Aruta Ann Haugen who has been rn jarl for three years and strll can't frgure out why After a rught rn the cltnk, Senator Mary Ann McCauley exclarms Say rt arn t so! Thts just arn't done to Senators! You'd thrnk they d have more respect!! As many of you wrll remember she drdn t even pay for her Annual!!! The 5 narve and rnternatronally known Senators are booted krcked out and declared persona non grata from Turkey A prrvate plane, prloted by Casmo formerly Steve Casperson, of lnternatronal Rockets for Hrre, takes the Congressmen to Port Sard, where they frnd Bobby Rollefson umversally known Junk dealer who s slogan rs, I Buy for Nothrng I Sell for Plenty!! brddrng on the sunken shrps rn the Suez Canal. Bob s Ilunkre, who also acts as drver for the outfrt Larry Bartleson rs seen emergrng from the murky depths wrth a battleshrp on hrs back, A comment from Larry rs Aw shucks rt s nothrn I I take Carter s Lrttle Lrver Ptlls! Later rn Mexrco on Mt Pooocatapetl, Gaylord Bowman rs observed attemptrng to teach the chrldren of Mexrco how to talk therr way out of a wet paper sack. It sure seems hke a flashback of hrs chermstry days In case you wonder where your tax money rs gorng rt rs now berng spent rn Indra by the Sena tors for barhng one of therr partners out of jarl. It seems that Senator Luther Hermanson berng lonesome for the farms was caught mrlkrng one of the sacred cows of Calcutta Hrs only defense was Mah frngers was rtchx !! Much to therr surprrse thev frnd rn front of the Taj Mahal parntrng a masterprece for Werrd Comrc books Donna Lou Peterson who rs art edrtor for xetrd Also tn Indra the Senators meet Alvrs Freld the new srngrng sensatron of the Punjab who has made mrllrons of rupees on hrs captrvatrng vorce and also from endorsrng Contented Camels Mtlk. 74 4, ' . l... . . . ' , . U . H . . 4 . . I I ' ' 1 . . .' H - . ' . . . , . u n ' I , ' ' ' 1 I I I s . . ' L5 Il ' ' I I . . ,,. .,, . .- - I I I I I ' - . n . . Dunes" -- and wer-en't they surprised to find the owner to be Sandra Fjetland. -- u 9 ' ' ' n ' - I I I ' ' ll II U I I I . . . . ,, . ., . . I ' ' I II ' I ' I . I ' I . . ' A, . . . . D . . , . ,, . ,, . . . I . , . . . . I I ' ll 'I 'I I ' ' ' II , . ll ' ' 'II . . 1 1 ' ' ' Il N Meanwlule back tn the States Marl s Drugg has been named Hog Calltng Qteen of Tennessee, Marx J o Mackrtll has been honored by the tttle of Mtss Interpreted because of the fact that she has the largest toenatls tn the South. Conttnutng thetr Junket on a Junk, they ftnd themselves neartng the Land of the RlSlI1g Sun Japan, Durtng the1r stay tn th1s country they run tnto Karen Koto who IS marrted to the Emperor and also runs a hospttal for people w1th tuberculosts Ifyou remember she was the gtrl that couldn't go swtmrrung because of her 1ron lung. As they walk down the streets of Tokyo they see the famous Wtshee Washee Laundrv run by Rowene Anderson. Her slogan ts You Brmgee ln, We Washee Outl Leavtng Pr1nce Ratner s yacht the De Juvante they arrtve m Monte Carlo And as the senatortal party enters oneof the gambltng casmos who shouJ.d appear but Ronny Hanson and Kenny Moen who were there on leave from Parts and try1ng to break the bank but so far the bank had broken them, Leavmg the casmo they ran mto a frtend of thetrs from the States Barbara Etde who IS work1ng as a hat check gtrl. You have to watch her because she hkes to shp them to Jerrv Valley who runs an tmderground black market hat racket The Senators were forced to leave Monte Carlo FAST because Senator Warren Overlte tr1ed to br1be one of the crap game operators and was bamshed from Monte Carlo for good Meanwlule back tn the States the Strato Jet IS st1ll terror1z1ng Washtngton and we don't mean Georgtell Now down tn Jama1ca Senator Marv Ann Larson s1ts all day all mght s1ft1ng sand! In Jama1ca at the same t1me the rematnder of the party expertence the expertence by loadtng bananas on a banana boat And you can tmagme how surpr1sed the Congressmen were to see that the capta1n of the boat was a former classmate Doug Stephenson the second Harry Belafonte As the banana boat sank slowly tn the Harbor of J'ama1ca everyone on the boat was paralyzed w1th fear but Phthp Haugen sat calmly and cool headedly wh1le sendmg the last S O S on h1s newly 1mproved water proof radlo But what s that we hear 1n the d1stance" Hot J' azz for Jazz IS Klllg and Joan Falada IS Oueen w1th her hot httle tuba down tn Cuballl The Congresstonal Party dectded to travel to Alaska to see what Esktmos are REALLY ltke, accordtng to Conf1dent1al Magazme. There they saw Marge Hansen sellmg Do It Yourself Totem Pole Ktts to the Esktmos Bustness 1S gomg UPI she satd Ronnte Erdman lS also dealtng w1th Esktmos selltng plasttc blocks for tgloos Th.1S way the perrnanency IS assured Now for an 1nt1mate, 1ns1de look mto the tncubator bustness the 5 Junketeers see Bonna Holcomb and Norma R1ggle selhng tncubators for seals A very enthustasttc Norma exclatms Hatchln' Ttme Saves Nmell To the Belgtan Congo the Senators are now traveltng. Only th1s ttme they go by a Jazzed up turtle safart Upon arr1v1ng they saw a clearmg tn the maze of trees In the m1ddle of th1s space about 20 nattves are practtctng s1tt1ng up exerctses At the head of the ltnes, J' 1m and Dazny Hanson were demonstratmg the exact techmque, They are operattng a school for athlettc tncltned nattves Under a spreadtng mango tree, a uny small hut was observed Inslde the grass shack, the Senators saw Pat Brtghton selltng elevated shoes to pygmy men Her company slogan IS 'We Llke To Get a Rtse Out Of The Nattveslll In the deepest secuon oftheBe1g1an Congo the Congressmen come across a SI111 for Ktckapoo Joy Julce owned and rtm by Marlen Hanson A neon stgn atop h1s factory reads Our Beverage Comes From the Land of Murky Undergrowths In Spam Betty Anderson has recently broken the record for the number of bulls ever kllled She Always Gets Her Bulllll Meanwhtle back on the farm Sue H111 IS seen on her ptg ranch slopptn up the ptgs There, that ll put curl 1n your ta1l shesays as she tnjects a few drops of Terramycm and stghs I Get such a sat1sfy1ng feeltng from mv work! The Senators dazedlx agree and contmue on the1r trtp Now to Norway and LaVonne Ambroson 1S s1ghted She s maktng a fast buck selltng ABC gum to NOFWCQIBH chtldren The Government ts tmesttgattng the sanltatton of th1s act however as XBC, stands for L 1E DY BEEN CI LDV!! ferr Hull has really pu' nts 1ce skattng talent to work He IS not thampton ftoure skater of the world even though h1S favortte fwure IS st1llG1na Lollobrtfndall 5 ' ' V, it ' 91 . 1 . , J , - ' tn - 11 . 1 . . . . . . . H . . -- ,, . . . , . . . 1 - 1 ' so ' 11 1 . . . , . . 1 1 - 1 Y 1 1 1 . 0 1 o u 1 - u I n . . . H . . . ,, s 1 I Y 4 I l . . . . . r . I I ' 1 I I ' - I P ' . . . . - . , . . . . . - 1 x l . . H . . . ,, . . . , . 1 . S . . I - 1 u - - - n . - Q 5 I - I g 1 . . . L . . - - n . . . H U I n , . u 11 . U . . . . , . . 1 . . . . ,- . U , . . ,, . . . . 1 1 H . . . ,, V . . D 4 1 . . . , . . I I ' . g 1 - . -5 A 1 - I rfvuv- 11 J il A . A L.I- ..- , J - , . . - . . Y i . . .V . V . " f :Q 1 J f- .. The Senatorral Party charters a boat to take them out of the fyords and frnd much to therr surprrse that the boat rs run by Gene Aulrch and Gary George well known Prrates of the Seven Seas Hrgh on the mast IS seen then' slogan Your Loss ls Our Garn' A startlrng development has arrsen the Prrates have just rnformed the travelers that the boat 1SH3W3ll bound And how drd you know my mnermost des1re'? slushes Senator Overlre wrth a gleam rn hrs eye we do know your rnnermost dream Senator You wanted to rnspect the prneapple plantatrons of course' snaps Senator Mary Ann Larson holdrng a club over hrs head In Hawarr the most amazrng thrng rs seen. It s Karen Jacobson and Janette Nerlsen The ' Swrng and Sway Grrls practrcrng therr act for that elastrc stretchv nrght spot The Black Rubber Band whrch rs run by Dennrs Htll. Featured m hrs nrghtclub rs one of the hottest honkx tonk pranrsts rn Hawarr She was a former top televrsron star before her Trendex poll ratmg took a shatterrng crash Known professronally as Mary Lynn classmates of her hrgh school days wrll remember her as Marrlyn Nerby On a specral Island set apart from crvrlrzatron, there rs a place known as The Hottest Drag Strrp Tlus Srde of the Contrnental D1Vld6! Jerry Severson runs thrs crassy racy enterprrse He decrded he d better get off the hrghway between Forest Crty and Albert Lea b cause rt was too dangerous Russra rs the next country to be rnvestrgated Denrusovrtch Branstadovrk ls the new whrp swrnger rn the salt mrnes of Srberra Hrs theory rs Old Salt Mrners Never Dre They Just Drg Awayl In Moscow Comrades Jane and Joan Johnson are rakrng rn the dough as heads of the Street Department of Moscow You can always hear them srngrng You wonder where the drrt all went when you wash your streets wrth soap and waterlll The next pornt of rnterest for the Congressmen rs Austraha A very successful enterprrse has been rnrtrated by Plullrp Mrtchell and Clavton Baker They've become rrch overrught by makrng purses out of kangaroo pouches The company s trademark reads Your Money s Safe rn Our Bagsll' Even Dallas Nelson rs gettrng rnto the act, The Senators have approached hrs offrce of busr ness It has been found that he s been shootmg koala bears wrth a pea shooter Thrs rs rllegal because Governor Iletha Kamp has declared a pea shortage, The Aborrgrne trrbe a wrld un crvrlrzed group led by Paul Grothe, has caused the pea shortage because there were no beans left to eat. On a short hop to New Zealand the Senators saw the only couple that marrred out of therr class They were Ed Duden and Karen Ambroson. Ed's advrce to younger people planrung the GIANT STEP fwhrch doesn t provrde a college educauon and a forergn toury rs Brunettes are f better than blondesl Defrnrtelyll They went even further down under than Austraha Down down they went untrl they landed head frrst on Antarctrca Senator Mary Ann McCauley crred Land Ho ' bent over em braced the ground and froze her krsser It doesn t hurt rt Just smarts a lrttle whrmpers Mary Ann As she gets up she spres Max Paulson approachrng wearrng a parr of outsrze mukluks He has a package rn hrs hand and says Zoot stuts anyone? They asked hrs busrness and he re plred he was sellrng these surts to pengurns to keep themselves warm Max was so excrted to see lus former classmates that he rmmedrately rnvrted the group to vrsrt hrs home, a reconverted rcebox rn whrte, to match hrs snow garden After stepprng rnsrde Max rntroduced them to hrs THREE wrves the former Marsha Fox Janrce Charlson and Ahce Howland of FCHS DAYS But rsn't thrs a httle unusual and ILLEGAL? querred Senator Luther Hermanson Cwho rs an authorrty on marrrages and how they breakj Maxre agreed that rt WAS a brt pecul.1ar and could be rllegal, but he exclarmed wrth a sneer Fm the LAW down here! The three wrfres nodded rn agreement The two ladv senators made a H XSTY departure herdmg the rest of the party wrth them, The LAM had a twrnkle rn hrs eye panted Senator Mary Ann Larson Nhrch only meant he was bent on addrng two to hrs collectronl Vhere to next fellow Senators'7' Senator Schaeffer asked Wh to the S1 rss Alps of course ' answered Semt ur Oxerlre So rt was offtoSw1tzerland for adarrng mountarn clrmbrng expedrtron. Halfw1 up the Matter horn rs heard the sweet, hot sound of a ROCK N ROLL vodeler That famrlrar lx r1c can only be assocrated wrth Rrchard Rock Me But Don't Roll Me Cole, Ile works now for statron A L P S 76 1 ' - ' - - 11 . ,, . . , , - - - - . .. n 1 . - - - 11 - - . . 11 - , . oh, 1 - , 11 - . ' 1 . .. . . . , . 1 1 5 . . H . . . . . - M 1 . 1 H . . . . . . . , V- 1 . . 1 . 1 1 . . . . . . H . . . . . . ,, . - . . . , . . , 3 1 . - . . . . . . . H . . . 1 1 1 11 1 . . H . 1 1 1 ' 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 C 1 u 1 ' I 1 1 , . . . . . 1 . , .. 1 . , . . . . U ar ' ' " . . V 1 . . . . . 1 , . . . U , - 1 1 1 1 ' ul 9 ' ' ' 11 ' 1 o 1 1 . , 1 . . H . H . . - 1 1 - 1 . . . . . V . . - . . . . 1 " 1 1 I U . . . H . . . . . . U ,, 1 1 . . . Y g . - . A 1 , ' n r ' ' ' 11 1 H. . . . . ,, 1 ll' I V , . . 1. ,V I r ' f ' 1 1 ' ' X V - 4- " . . , .. V . V ' ' ' u 11 ' - - .- ln a local mn the saw htm ualk up to a bar lean over and say Meeelk and make II strrronglll In walked Man s Best Frtend, LeRov St Bernard Kmgland wtth a keg around has neck. Q18 of the Senators asked How s DUSIHESS7' Oh lgust had a busv da rescutng m self htccoughed St LeRox Senator Hermanson dtsgustedl exclatmed that he was gettmgttred of the Alps and suggested they should V1SlI Cluna All rlght agreed one Congressman, But let s get there really REALLY fast! So the FIVE Wandertng Amertcans chartered a SLOW BOAT TO-CHINA!!! Much to the surpr1se of the comrruttee Harold Peterson was the captatn of the vessel. Of oourse the group was very glad to see Pete and whlle on the voyage spent many a dehrlous hour remuuscmg about all the trouble they caused the faculty tn FCHS Fmallv after a bortng two weeks the boat C75 reached 1ts desttnatlon but mstead of bexng 1n Ch1na thev were 1n L1ma Peru!! It seems the captatn mxsunderstood' Well smce they were m L1ma they dectded to make the best of II and tnspect the txnmmes And who should they see but none other than Boss Margaret Hanna w1th a bullwhlp 1n her hand leadlng a group of men down to the mlnes It seems that tn Peru the women wear the overalls Smce there was nothmg else to do foran entertarmng pasttmc the U S Congressmen dectded to see a concert of good old country mus1c the latest htt style ln the Andes As they sat tn an august century old opera house the curtaln rose and Whoopee Gene Monson and has Chtcken Pluckers composed of Marlts Sveen Ehmbeth Graff and Donna Morem came gy rattng onto the stage The audtence went w1ld! Teenage glrls screamed as Whoopee Gene started pla51ng on hrs harmomca The gtrls tn Whoopee Gene s combo may not be very mustcal but they sure can pluck chlckens on the rtght beat!! Unfortunately th1s muslc came to an unexpected and abrupt end you see one of the ch1ckens la1d an egg!! Dec1d1ng tlus was too much the spend thr1fts hurrled to gay Paree where they saw Don Hall who was bus11y btuldmg adoghouse Senator Schaeffer asked where the dog was Don sald he d1dn't have a dog When asked why he was construcung thts 6dlflC6 lf he d1dn t have a dog Don s reply was I Just got hltched to Marllyn Lackore and you know how she ls! Of course they had to see the Etffel Tower and whtle adm1r1ng 1ts umque beauty they bumped 1nto Marlene Thorson who lS known as the Cleopatra On The Setne Currently Cleo has TWO husbands Jerry Dunbar and Denny Hagen. Senator Hermanson AGAIN asked Isn't th1s a ltttle unusual" Whv no sassed the bew1tclung lady Iknow a chap down 1n Antarcnca t at LEADS THREE WIVES!!! Before they knew what was happemng the Senators were shanghaued to Shanghau! Whlle r1d1ng down the narrow streets of the c1ty Jn a rtckshaw the comrmttee saw a Slgl over a funeral home that satd We Bury Good Ltke Undertakers Should As the group entered the shop they were very shocked to see Esther Edwards and Pr1sc11la Thompson, the Best Morttcxans tn the East cutung up!! Undertaker m Chtef Pr1sc11la commented We're makmg money but thts lund of professton 1S terrtbly bormg too n anv dead heads! Senator Overhe read about an amazmg new tnventton 1n Berltn Germany Dr Gary Godden has mvented a new hoop te doo terr1f shavmg dev1ce! It s a square shaped devlce the S128 ofa human head Dr Godden says that lI'S l0O'7a effecnve at cuttmg whlskers But hke all great tnvenuons It has one not1ceable drawback only people wtth square heads can use tt!! Meanwhtle back tn Hollywood L1nda Leach beautlful star of the mov1e PEACE AND WAR, was awarded Oscar her husband who was turned over the custody of L1nda by the coppoes on good behavtor After grabbmg L1nda s autograph the 1nternat1onally known Senators dectded that thex had better be runmng along, As the breathless Congressmen arr1ved ll'l Washlngton D C many moments later a newsbox was seen peeptng from behtnd a corner hes1tant1x then scream out the latest headltne Strato .Tet STILL BLZZING CITY ON 80TH DAY!!! Th1s exclamatton was followed by a deafemng concuss1on II was assumed that the plane had landed Conunued on Page 80p 77 ' , ' . 1 ls - 1 .' 1 4 1 1 1 1 11 , 1 f su 11 - ' ' 1 1 u 1 ' 1 , . as ' ., ' ,, 11 ' 1 1 . Q J 1 1 ,a . W . . . 1 1 u ' 11 14 1 11 1 1 . . . - - , 1 . . . . . . . . -- - . , . , , 1 . . ' 1 1 , 1 , . 1 Y . . . . , . 1 ' 1 " 1 1 1 . . . I. . . . . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 . . . . . . . , , - 1 U . . . r . ,, 1 ' ' la - - - ' 11 1 1 -- V U ' ' . 1 11 u 11 ' ' tt - ' . , , 1 . . . h 11 1 ' n - 11 1 1 1 . - -. - . . . U . . 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . -- - ,, . . . . . . H . - - 1 1 11 1 1 . . . , - . . .- 1 1 0 1 -.- ' ' " 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f ' 1 1 1 1 . . . , . . - 1 1 . . . I 1 - -1 1 . . . . Y . U - , , 1 . . t 11 Annual As usual they re not all there"7' 4 4................. Fm .IQ s not onlx the chma that s cracking 5 78 OOFTAN W.. forgot page one CO EDITORS David Hove Marx Ann McCauley BUSINESS MANAGERS Karen Koto Warren Overhe Annual Thar M11 be 33 00 please! But we can t put that one rn' Twenty drfferent heads twenty drfferent rdeas' STAFF R Anderson B Anderson J Charlson D Morem A Freld T Okland J Johnson J Johnson P Thompson M Nerbw S H111 D Branstad K Ambroson M Hansen A Haugen M Lackore M Mackrrll D Peterson C Schoon M Thorson M Hanna E Edwards M Westby P Peterson M Larson J Nellsen BbaINEoS MA NAGERS K Koto W Overhe Best tvpewrrter c1rr1er Fed Okland -F'-Lf ll Dont let those smrles fool sou 1 - thex re tl xnterous' Well he helped Y' n v ' b . , . ' I ' D ' l ' U ' I . , . , . , . , '. J, . I Y . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . Y ' I ' I ' I ' D . , . . ,- - . Y , A n . . . .il t . .J 4 . ,, . 0 l l ,'.u"'v r"' ' ,U Q " I' I . - , .. ,, 79 . . ' x x I fCont1nued from Page 773 PROPHECY As the Senators slowly P1Ck themselves up from the muddy ground who should they spy but Lyle Foss clrmbmg gmgerly out of the Strato Jet Lyle had only one weak comment I CAME I SAW I CRASI-IEDM" Later rn the day the Commtttee reported 1ts f1nd1ngs to Congress Therr comblned OPIHIOD formed thrs one statement EGAD WHAT A MESS" es J Loo g 09 K u1 Your 0 S LUTHER HERMANSON Lukel y STEVE CASPERSON Succeed OS ii T 11 EST HER ED WA RDS N0 T T ED OKLA ND MARILYN NERBY 80 Warren Overhe Mary Ann Larson Gene Schaeffer Luther Hermanson Mary Ann McCauley rnendly KAREN KOTO Infelhgenf 'T' DENNIS BRANSTAD B t ' QQ kin X A M f F A ' . A 'Xl' MARLYS DRUGG X AA 'Q M f , e y To ' A 'fa y M f v K I R ,an N J Letter From A Friend TO THE SENIORS OF 1957: Dear Seniors, First, let me congratulate you on graduations, Ihope it remains a wonderful memory for you in the years to come, Secondly, thank you for the many lovely cards and letters, they were greatly appreciated. Forgive me for being so tardy in answering. If there is one thought I would tuck away in a drawer of your brains and have you ponder on it at some spare moment, it is the word of the prophet, Micah, "What doth the Lord require of thee but to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God." I am getting along fairly well and when the sun comes out good and hot and all the rain stops, then recovery will be better yet, The best of luck to all of you in whatever you choose to do and may our paths cross again in the near future, You were a very fine senior class! Sincerely, Earl J. Sekora Thank ou! The Forest City-Leland Community High School wishes to thank all those civic-minded people who have so generously and conscientiously expressed their interest in their young people and in their school. It is indeed gratifying to students and faculty alike when they know that whathas been done during the school year may become a permanent thing as recorded in an annual publication. THANK YOU for your help! ANDERSON CLOTHING ANDERSON'S BAKERY A. KENNETH HANSON ALLIED EQUIPMENT COMPANY A. AND W. DRIVE-IN BUNGALOW CAFE BOWEN S FOOD CENTER BOWMAN S SINCLAIR SALES SL COAST TO COAST STORE CLAUSON S MARKET CARL T SUNDE, AGENCY C A POTTER DANIELSON SUPER VALUE DUDLEY WEIBLE ATTY E W ALDER EIDE PRODUCE ELDER STUDIO EUGENE MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY ELLIOT E COOPER FOREST CITY FOREST CITY FOREST CITY FOREST CITY FOREST CITY FOREST CITY FOREST CITY FOREST CITY MOTOR COMPANY HARDWARE BANK AND TRUST GREENHOUSE GRIST MILL LOCKER COMPANY SUMMIT FARM EQUIPMENT FORESTER BEAUTY SHOP FOREST THEATRE FIRESTONE STORE FLUGUM RADIO SERVICE FARMERS CO OPERATIVE ELEVATO FEDERATED STORE GUNDERSON S GROCERY G AND H MOTOR PARTS GEORGE S IMPLEMENT GJELLEFALD ASSOCIATES INC HANSON S FURNITURE HANSON S CLOTHING HANSON DAIRY HARRISON S VARIETY STORE HI WAY MARKET H R WILSON OPTOMETRIST H N ANDERSON JEWELER SERVICE ASSN A. J. HILL JOHNSON PHARMACY JACOBS INC. JENKINS CLEANERS J. AND V. BOOKKEEPING SERVICE I T MANGAN KOTO RADIO AND TV LYNN'S DEPARTMENT STORE LELAND TAVERN M 81N MOTORS MILFORD K HOCUM M M THOMPSON AGENCY NELSON JEWELRY NORTHERN LUMBER COMPANY NEIS BRANSTAD O DELL S CLEANERS O B ANDERSON 8: SON AGENCY OLSON FURNITURE AND FUNERAL HOME PALACE OF SWEETS PINCKNEY DRUG PERRY AND TOTTEN HARDWARE PLETCI-IER S TRANSFER AND STOIUXGE PETERSON AND SON STAINDARD SERVICE REUBEN S DEPARTMENT STORE RUSSELL STUDIO ROSE ALICE SHOP RIVERSIDE CAFE RICHARDSON S TIRE SHOP R C BROWN RAYMOND N PETERSON SHELLER BARBER SHOP STEVENSON S VARIETY STORE SID S JEWELRY SAHR PRODUCE STOKKE PIANO TUNING STRAND DAIRY J Il THORSON THORSON -XND MADSON WHITEIS AUTO COMPANY WAPSIE HAICHERY WINNEBAGO COUINTY ABST RACT WINNEBAGO MOTORE INC lx W SAF LY FLOYD DRUGG A VERY SPECIAL THANIx YOU TO lxlR MC CALLEY WHOSE FINE COOPFRX I ION AND CONSIDERATION IIN ALL M-XTTERS PLAYED A GREAT PART IN MAKING THE REDSKIIX IOR lib: A RE-'XLITYI THANKS NAC" 82 CO, H ' A - - R . ' v. T 0 I' . , . . 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MW WNW K 1 Sw E Wk QW 6 gy INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS K C a 1 Q - ,JD Q, . -EL XI? A ' fx Ye, M2 5 Q ,Q 9 AJM -U X 'I if A N if V Ingo! 1 It I W yn .U, J W Wi ixfgw Jw NJ! 1 J - ' .J I W f x. APD I , 'X X1 W www f 2 ,N ' f , IX U5 AX. I X A W Q A , 5 3551: g g hav: lover Marvufnriurevs Book Blnder KTORY HOME OFFICE unsns ity

Suggestions in the Forest City High School - Redskin Yearbook (Forest City, IA) collection:

Forest City High School - Redskin Yearbook (Forest City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Forest City High School - Redskin Yearbook (Forest City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Forest City High School - Redskin Yearbook (Forest City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Forest City High School - Redskin Yearbook (Forest City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Forest City High School - Redskin Yearbook (Forest City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Forest City High School - Redskin Yearbook (Forest City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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