Forest City High School - Redskin Yearbook (Forest City, IA)

 - Class of 1951

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X 0 W .A .N . -rg, 'rw fewkfs -f'f.'f-.wa-wif: , '-:xx-. f-uv: 543112 H.-3 - n:4.z.1o.'za4:.w.4.A1-i.:,z::su'11' 1" Ji--' - "- " naar. r, 4, 10" ,MQW L ,,,e,,,.. .. 'L i ,4 ww A f 3' X, 5? ,gf 5-5 3. Jiftx ' q ,Z M M4 4 K I i "g:,p- 8 'Q Sv 'A W1 ,Z W. X ,fhwiwmzfg , ,ix-5...f1wq?k Qgiaflf mi H .fd 14 I J", 29,5 36 i 15 Q . i gi ,W ii A-1551 ww W- 5? ' ffm 'W I 1 s .4 7 5 J f a S F' ri E is k 4 T5 How! Wanna-See Redskinand his pony are waiting to offer you a ride on the happy trails of Yesterday. Manymoons have come and gone since you first pitched your tepee at FCHS. Therefore, you will find either an Indian brave or maiden waiting at each bend in the trail to help you recall the former gatherings of the tribe for music, plays, sports, and other happy pow-wows. FOREST CITY HIGH SCHOOL Forest City, Iowa Arlys Leach Editor Gracia Nilssen Asst Editor Leonard Lackore Bus Mgr E I Betty Nelson. . . Z .ArtiEd1tor Aff IJEDIIIHTIUH To Miss Clara Hendrickson, senior class sponsor of 1951, who has united our efforts ona common Study, established in us a desire to learn, insured classroom tranquility, de- fended us from the evils of ignorance, pro- moted the welfare of her students, and im- parted to us the blessings of a thorough ed- ucation in social studies, We dedicate this, the REDSKIN of 1951. UHIEFS BOARD MEMBERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ralph Bowen, Oscar Branstad, secretary, T. H. Erickson, Dr. J. P. Jorgensen, Albert O1 ' son, presxdentg A. H, Schu1er,Joseph Wqstby. wsffwww A' Q -fwewfwm ww my ' Sw., I ., . . , W3 4 gk f E .. Q af i ns . as 5 s - ,gifs . 5 E -we - X, 4 , x 5. 5 EJ iii Q gg, s " 5 '55 it Q -'A Qu- -TZ 1 ff ! , . . L, -, ,b ...,-f1 iHv- wmwmdlmw W-' flourish sf FHGULTU MARSHALL BEC KER Freshman and Sophomore English "This Is The Army. " MRS . ELIZA BETH BRA NS TA D Freshman and Sophomore English. "Sweet and Love1y." IRENE BRINGLE Journalismg American and English Literature. "Good- night, Irene. " MRS. HELEN E. BROWN Mathematics: Latin. "You Don't Have To Know The Language. " VIRGINIA BURT Vocal Music. "Without a Song. " ROBERT COON Manual Arts: Mechanical Drawing. "This Is The Way We Saw Our Boards, Pound Our Nails, Drill Our Holes. " SIGURD I. FARDAL Band. "And The Band Played On. " CLARA M. HENDRICKSON World Historyg U. S. Historyg Government. 'Whis- pering. " ARVILLA KOBERNUSZ Biology: Girls' Physical Education, "Easy to Please." V MARGUERITE LITTLE World Historyg Sophomore Englishg "Spel1bound. " EDWARD F. LYONS Coachg General Scienceg Boys' Physical Education. "Fight, Forest, Fight Right Down the Field. " STANLEY P. MATZEN Principalg Speech. "Smi1es. " CRYSTAL MOLINE Homemaking. "IfI Knew You Were Comin', ld've Baked a Cake. " DEL MULLY Coachg Drivers Training, Basic Mathematics. "On- ward, Indians, Best Team in the State. " DEAN NERDIG Agriculture. "Don't Fence Me In. " JOHN W. RENG General Scienceg Biologyg Chemistry. "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again. " SYLVINA SWENSON Typing, BookkeepinggShorthand. "Doin' What Comes Natur'lly. " E. VERN WEGNER Junior High Principal, Basic Mathematics. "My Wife and I Live All Alone. " FHBUHU FUUTBHH THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Johnson, W. Oehler, M. Olson, J. Anderson, M. Reese, A. Hass, D. Reese, P Schrank, Ed Lyons, Coach. SECOND ROW: F. Smith, A. Erdahl, R. Knudtson, T. Anderson, C. Rauk, R. Anderson D. Buckley. FRONT ROW: T. Erickson, T. Graham, R. Hodson, J. Carson, C. Hill, R. Juhl, R. Lepird, R. Hill. 19 CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP RECORD 50 F. C. OPP. 19 Clear Lake 0 19 Britt 12 35 Garner 7 32 Buffalo Center 13 47 Belrnond 14 31 Northwood 18 7 Lake Mills 7 14 Osage 0 6 Terry Tim Rodney Denny Bob K, Bob L, Dewey Wayne ff .3 A559 A z i f 527 SEHIUH GHIDWEH 'Ma ,rvin Dualle Carlyle Pete 7 FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Nilssen, O. Ness, L. Lackore, Mr. Matzen, sponsor, P. Carse, A. Leach. THIRD ROW: Af Tweeten, S. Johnston, M. Fosse, S. Trail, M. Bartleson, J. Buckley, J. Osnes, K X f X Q ff 7. 'f son, K. Holtan, K. Blanshan, J. Nerem. FIRST ROW: E. Martlnson, I X W. Meyer, J. Hill, I. Helvick, L, Juhl, K. Rygmyr. K ff .. .- .1 ' 53123. BMI: 5 FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Nessa, L. Riekena, M. Sheller, D. Dull, R. Knudt- son, J. Monson. THIRD ROW: K. Sheller, S. Hill, D. Stenseth, V. Baker, N. Holland, C. Aspenson, J. Swanson, D. Morem. SECOND ROW: M. Dunbar, G. Monroe, R. Larson, E. Schaeffer, K. Olson, K. Monson, N. Anderson. FIRST ROW: E. Carlson, R. Branstad, W. Holland, L. Anderson, B. Potter, J. Peterson. A. Fetrow, E. Oswald. 8 E. Nelson. SECOND ROW: E. Huglen, R. Carson, B. Brown, J. Hob- af U4 ao1,'f W! 1 Ill my ,,,r' HUMECUMIHG LEFT TO RIGHT Kathryn Monson Ardys Flugum FrancesJohnson Verna Hansen Leanna Morley Eleanor Carlson Marrlyn Drugg 1950 UUEEH HHH HTTEHDHHTS First Agnculture and ManualArts ned Third Iunlor I-hgh PRIZE FLUHTS 9 Juhl, manager. FIRST ROW: D. Johnson, J. Anderson VH R S I T U C. Langerud, A. Hass, R. Lepird. NBHSHETBHLL ROW: D. Monson, A. Anderson, D. Thompson, D, Buck- W" 'W ley. FIRST ROW: I. Peterson, P. Sampson. I. Carson, J. Osbrink. J. Armstrong. ..- W suvuumunf Tim Terry Ronn1e Denny Charlle '50 SCHEDULE '51 F. C. OPP. 42 Eagle Grove 24 48 Clear Lake 32 57 St. Joe 33 54 Garner 34 37 Buffalo Center 18 Bob 53 Lake Mills 34 44 Britt 29 30 Boone 40 46 Hampton 33 72 Northwood 42 49 Algona 40 48 Belmond 37 49 Garner 26 47 Buffalo Center 21 "'74 Clear Lake 35 50 Lake Mills 40 58 Britt 27 54 Northwood 34 58 St. .Toe 29 55 Belmond 26 THIS MAKES US CONFERENCE CHAMPS, 1951. Sic 11 Y PEP CUHHHITTEE The Pep Activities are headed by Mrs. Brown, The Pep Committee shown at right serve as stu dent representatives and planners where "Pep is concerned. SECOND ROW: D. Brown, T. Irish, D. Hayes P. Carse, B. Anderson. FIRST ROW: D. Meyer, A. Wooge, E. Flugum, I. Hobson, S Hill, J Thompson. SECUHUHHU CHEEHLEHDEHS These girls lead the Freshman-Sophomore games and look forward to being var- sity cheerleaders someday. LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Martinson, W. Meyer, P. Bakke, J. Hobson, K. Rygmyr. PEP BHHU "Sig" is the originator and director of this band which plays at our games and adds to the enthusiasm. Marna Junior Ruthie X Km 5' D XO V , 1 Q A 4 Jw Bev These cheerleaders, who are trained Wanda by Mrs. Brown, are the backbone of our pep. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Hodson, R. Hanna, G. Gibbs, R. Gorball, A Erdahl, A. Hass, J. Bowen, T. Graham, B. Buckley. THIRD ROW: M. Beal, B. Ander- son, F. Erickson, W. Holland, N. Holland, L. Anderson, W. Flugum, R. Abrahamson. SECOND ROW: G. Monroe, R. Larson, E. Carlson, M. Eenhuis, B. Flugum, R. Bran- stad, A. Fetrow, E. Carson, N. Anderson. FIRST ROW: A. Flugum, C. Aspenson, C. Faber, G. Grothe, D. Dull, D. Harris, V. Baker, D. Anderson. FOURTH ROW: H. Schaefer, J. Johnson, R. Kraakevik, G. Kao, P. Schott, F. Smith, C. Mitchell, D. Nelson. THIRD ROW: R. Skogen, G. Nelson, M. Sheller, R. Knudt- son, J. Monson, D. Sanquist, R. Johnson. SECOND ROW: E. Schaeffer. O. Meling, M. Nelson, A. Leach, D. Morem, D. Smidt, J. Swanson. FIRST ROW: L. Thovson, A. Wooge, L. Hugelen, W. Tannahill, L. Riekena, B. Potter, J. Peterson, E. Oswald. if X s Q N C A U 1 LEFT TO RIGHT: F. Erickson, E. Schaeffer, L. Anderson, L. Thov- son, R. Kraakevik, D. Dull, R. Johnson, E. Flugurn, Mrs. Brown, E. Oswald, A. Flugum, B. Ander- son, R. Hanna. vffumv r - f JUHIUH PLHU Willoughby Adams, 16, brought up by his elderly maiden aunts, is finally assisted in asserting himself by the appearance of " The Inner Willy." He supplies Willy with ideas, and courage, disappearing only when Willy has finally learned to Stand on his own two feet, turn down cod-liver oil, the piano, and Harvard, CAST OF "THE INNER WILLY" Inner Willy . . . . . . . . . . .... Bob Kraakevik Willy . . . ....... Robert Johnson Marybelle . . Lenore Anderson, Qunderstudy QEleanor Schaefferl Aunt Louise . . . . . Donna Mae Dull Aunt Olga . . . Roselyn Knudtson Aunt Hester . . . Esther Flugum Carol . . . . LeAnne Thovson Janet , . . Eileen Oswald Trudy . . Ardys Flugum Stanley. . . . Billy Anderson Mike . . . . . . Richard Hanna Prompters . . fEleanor Schaeffer Francine Eriksonl Director . . . . . , . . . . . . Mrs, Helen E, Brown A Energetic Glenl "Listenl " Eleanor visits the Carsorxs Better Homes and Gardens 'Concentrationu "You, You, You are the One" "Someday My Prince Will Come." Look, girls, --MEN! Old friends are the best friends "Smitty" Modern Brutus "Happy Birthday, Eleanor" "Man of Distinction" "Have You Heard This One, Jean?" Two Right Arms? "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen" It's curly nowl "Happy Days Are Here Again" It 's plain disgustingl Just plain "Bob" Hi, Tedl "Mike" "Going home?' Everything is topsy-turvy. Juniors Mary "B" Mutt 'rr Jeff What's the occasion? Where 's Lee? What are you up to now, boys? No pictures, please! Sweet and Lovely One Little Indian Just Resting Mr. America! The Coopers 'F o 4 A 31 16 1 4 if p 5 25 5 . 26 rg ' i fx rt t vs K L if 6' rspig, .F-Q-S! X its We iii? fxxif' S X Qt izv l THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT J Carson T Erickson D Buckley B. d A Anderson G Boman M Browmng D Galloway SECOND suvnomunfs A y S 5 ROW: L. Eenhuls D. G1bbs D Flugum L a . E Adams J Dunbar A Bower. FIRST ROW: D. Benson, M Aski1dson,. . , . , . S. Geedes, G. Bartleson, L. Drugg, M. Fosse, P. Bakke, K. Blanshan, Evanson. 'P fe! N . l I .naw 5 1 , IA 1 Loman R Langerud E I-Iugelen, D. Hayes, THIRD ROW: C. Jeffries, R. Juh , I. , . , . J. Kunz, R. Graham. SECOND ROW: G. Johnson, L. luhl, I. Hill, M. Hanson, V. V. Vevison, W. Meyer, I. Helvick, E. Martinson, E. Hermanson. FIRST ROW: F. Grothe, E. Hefte, S. Iefson, M. Holcomb. K. Holtan, J. Hobson, S. Johnston, E. Huglen, 17 THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Sampson, J. Peterson, R. Westerberg, I. Moen, R. S 0 P H 0 rn U R E S Westerbert, D. Monson, D. Thompson, R. Rollefson. SECOND ROW: A. Nesset, M. Thune, D. Olson, M, Michelson, R. Thompson, S. Hanna, M. Pitkin, C. Hill, J, McCol1och. FIRST ROW: K. Rygmyr, D, Torkelson, A. Tweeren, S, Trail, G, Nils- m sen, B. Olson, S. Nessa, I. Wilson D. Waddingha FBESHHIEH THIRD ROW: D. Casperson, D. Dahl, J. Alder, V. Cleveland, I. Chap- man, M. Anderson. J. Armstrong, E. Frederlckson, R. Farrow. SECOND ROW: H. Adams, N. Bartleson, H. Baker, P. Canon. R. Bartleson,.D. Brown, V. Boman, M. Dunbar. FIRST ROW: B. Fox, K. Berhow, M. Flu- gum, D. Becker, K. Buren, L. Field, J. Elde, I. Chodur, M. Clasen. 18 J Hill E Hugelen, L. Nel- THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Moen, . , . son, D. Maakestad, J. Johnson, T. Irish, J. Koto, S. Lunstrum. SECOND ROW: S. Fredrickson, S. Monroe, N. Lackore, K. Monson, M. Nielson, E. Kraakevik, P. Kunz, M. Jenson. FIRST ROW: J. Gelner, S. Hill, Jane ' a S. Jensen, S. Bartleson, M. Jordahl, L. Lar- Nessa, J. Lewls, Jean Ness , SOIL 5' D Smidt L. O1son,B. THIRD ROW D Schultz J Osbrmk J Sxme, . , Rxekena P Sampson E Thovson SECOND ROW: B. Sanquist, P. Thune, R Quayle D Holland D Peck D Owsa1d,J. Peterson, R. Paulson, S. h m son, A. Olson, D. Peterson, R E S H E n Pletcher FIRST ROW M Rollefson I T 0 p S nseth V Rasmussen, M. Smlth, K. Olson ' ,19 uvfnmn Under the direction of Miss Virginia Burt, the FCHS vocal groups pres- ented the operetta, "The Forest Prince." The plot centered around Vaslav, a Cossack leader, and Tatania, a Russian princess, The climax is reached when it is revealed that Vaslav is the real Prince of Russia. CAST Tatania . . . . Gracia Nilssen Vaslav , . Bob Kraakevik Sonia , . .June Buckley Ivan ..... Mother Vanya . Czar ..... Prince Dimitri , , Court Jester, , . . Junior Ness Mary Lee Fosse , Jack Peterson , Ted Erickson . Jackie Hobson Lady-in-waiting . Sylvia Johnston Illytch , , , , Leonard Lackore Accompanist . . Kristeen Rygmyr HIIXEU CHORUS FOURTH Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Dull, M. Burleson, 1. Osnes, J. Buckley, J. Ness, D. Smidt, G. Kao, G. Boman, O. Pettersen, L. Lackore, A. Leach, G. Nilssen, S. Johnston. THIRD ROW: P. Bakke, M. Sheller, J. Nerem, M. Smith, M. Fosse, T. Erickson, R. Hodson, P. Carse, D. Dahl, V. Baker, A. Maakestad, E. Hugelen. SECOND ROW: J. Hobson, S. Jefson, F. Johnson, M. Adams, M. Eenhuis, W. Holland, B. Flugum, D. Oswald, E. Hugelen, M. Pitkin, R. Carlson, K. Kloster, A. Walden. FIRST ROW: B. Potter, N. Holland, E. Oswald, K. Holtan, W. Meyer, J. Hill, L. Thovson, E. Pres- cott, K. Rygmyr, D. Torkelson, V. Hansen, A. Flugum, L. Anderson. L GIRLS' GLEE CLUB K FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Fosse, R. Knudtson, D. Dull, J. Osnes, M. Bartleson, J. Buckley, P. Bakke, G. Nilssen, C. Faber, A. Maakestad, F. Grothe, S. Trail. THIRD ROW: S. Jefson, F. Johnson, M. Sheller, L. Hugelen, S. Johnston, R. Carlson, V. Hanson, E. Hugelen, D. Torkelson, A. Walden, A. Tweeten, Miss Burt, Director. SECOND ROW:J. Hobson, B. Potter, E. Oswald, M. Eenhuis, K. Blanshan, A. Flugum, E. Prescott, R. Bran stad, L. Morley, J. Swanson, A. Nesset, V. Hansen. FIRST ROW: E. Carlson, W. Meyer K. Holtan, M. Adams, J. Helvick, J. Hill, L. Thovson, N. Holland, L. Anderson, K Rygmyr, L. Juhl, K. Kolster, V. Levison. 5 ll! 5 fQ ' -:: FHESHIHHII 6IHlS'BlEE lIlUB Q, THIRD ROW: D. Peterson, S. Frederlckson, S. Bartleson, K. Sheller, J. Gelner, P. Kunz, N. Lackore, L. Field, A. Olson, V. Boman. SECOND ROW: B. Sanquist, M. Jenson, N. Bartleson, M. Dunbar, H. Adams, M. Niel- son, K. Olson, S. Monroe, E. Kraakevik. FIRST ROW: S. Hill, S. Jenson, J. Nessa, J. Lewis, D. Buren, M. Flugum, M. Jordahl, J. Eide, D. Stenseth, M. Classen. ff- ,I 'J 4 T? ' 'Iv ,Qi . QP- 1.5 . Sf W Wm xy 'fig Jv- Cue of our newer clubs in school is the Latin Club. You may have heard advice such as, "When in Rome do as the Romans do. " Therefore you shouldn't be surprised at seeing Latin students lying down to eat, as shown in the above picture of a Roman ban- quet, or new club members appearing before the student body in togas to stage a Roman pep-rally. THIRD ROW: A. Fox, E. Nelson, J. Osnes, L. Lackore, D. Thompson, J. Carson, R. Johnson. SECOND ROW: L. Juhl, K. Rygmyr, S. John- son, E. Hugelen, B. Olson, S. Trail, G. Nilssen, M. Fosse. FIRST H 0 H U D E n -Il S ROW: J. Swanson, A. Wooge, V. Hansen, A. Leach, G. Kao, R. ' . Carlson, A. Flugum, R. Branstad, E. Carlson. Z3 sponsor: E, Martinson, W. Brimele, J. Helvick, M. Drugg, W. Meyer, FUTURE FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Juhl, Lreas: Mr. Fosse, reporter: K. Holtan, parliamentariang R. Carlson, pres.: V. Hansen, historian: A. Leach, music chr.: V. Baker, vice pres.: E. Carlson, sec. FOURTH ROW: A. Tweeten, S. Johnston, S. Trail, P. Bakke, K. Blanshan, L. Anderson, F. Grothe, E. Hefte, J. Wilson, S. Nessa. THIRD ROW: D. Torkelson, B. Brown, F. Johnson, A. Maakestad, E. Bartleson, E. Prescott, D. Meyer, K. Kloster, M. Adams, L. Morley, SECOND ROW: A. Nesset, A. Bower, L, Evanson, D. Benson. I. McCo11och, M. Hol- comb, S. Iefson, D. Torkelson, K. Rygmyr. FIRST ROW: Miss Moline, HUIHHIIHHEHS J. Hill, V. Levison. FOURTH ROW B Sanquist O Meling A Wooge M Clasen D Stenseth E Oswald L Riekena D Anderson THIRD ROW V Boman F. Erickson, L. Anderson, N. Holland, R. Branstad, K. Monson,M. Nielson, E. Kraakevik, P. Kunz. SECOND ROW: S. Fredrickson, L. Larson, J. Swanson, D. Morem, J. Gelner, A. Olson, I. Chodur,J Hide. FIRST ROW: Jane Nessa, K. Buren, J. Lewis, E. Flugum, D. Dull, W. Tannahill, R. Knudtson, M. Sheller, Jean Nessa, G. Grothe. 124 UF HHIEHIIIH FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C Rauk, R. Hill, G. Bartleson, B. Brunsvold, D THIRD ROW: A. Sampson, R. Rollefson, H. Schaefer, R. Westerberg, J. Iohnson R. Langerud, E. Borg, M. Browning, L. Dalton, L. Nelson, M. Pitkin, M. Gambell S. Hanna, M. Thune. SECOND ROW: M. Beal, L. Alm, P. Carson, K. Moen, C Mitchell, D. Sanquist, R. Bartleson, G. Johnson. FIRST ROW: P. Thune, J. Hill, R. Hodson, E. Thompson, L. Swanson, G. Boman, R. Paulson, Mr. Nerdig, advisor. fUlUHE FHHIHEHS 9' f' I if lf! l K U' . f 9 .fifty fx . 24 AQ Reese, R. Westerberg, D. Monson, J. Kunz, R. Olson, T. Anderson, R. Anderson, 'XX QQ , X 1 x Xi UF HIHEHICH The Future Farmers of America is asubsidiary organization of vocational agriculture. The F.F.A. performs many services in our community. Some of these services are securing and selling certified seed to the farmers in our growing community, building and selling high quality hog troughs, building and selling neatly constructed pig brooders, and building many shop projects for farmers of our top rating agricultural community. All these services performed by our F.F.A. chapter in this community tend to develop a better brand of agriculture. While the F. F. A. is doing all these things it is also rendering another service by developing its boys into trained and experienced young farmers who will be able to stand on their own two feet in the coming years, This organization is one of the largest youth organizations in the world and has the irnportant job of improving agriculture. Z5 FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RlGHT:B. Nelson, M. Fox, L. Alm, L. Lackore, O. Ness, R. Kraakevik, G. Gibbs, J. Buckley, M. Bartleson, Miss Bringle sponsor. THIRD ROW: E. Borg, A. Flugum, W. Holland, W. Tannahill, M. Dalton, J. Osnes, V. Hansen, R. Carlson, R. Johnson. SECOND ROW: B. Flugum, D. Torkelson, A. Fetrow, J. Peterson, L. Hugelen, N. Holland, L. Anderson, R. Branstad, E. Prescott, E. Carlson. FIRST ROW: W. Birmele, E. Schaeffer, R. Larson, J. Nerem, M. Smith, D. Meyer, V. Hanson, J. Michelson, A. Wal- den, T. Ladd, A. Fox. FOURTH ROW: J. Eide, J. Peterson, Mr. Matzen, sponsor, D. Dahl, T. Irish, J. Lewis. THIRD ROW: T. Erickson, D. Buckley, S. Trail, A. Anderson, M. Fosse. SECOND ROW: J. Swanson, L. Anderson, R. Kraakevik, G. Nelson, R. Johnson. FIRST ROW: M. Bartleson, J. Buckley, O. Ness, R. Eide, F. Johnson, A. Fox. WHH WHUUP STUDENT CUUHCIL DRIVERS' TRHIIIIHG Drivers' Training, an in- teresting course instructedby Mr. Mully, includes many types of driving. There is practice in driving in town, on the highway, and on country roads. Seven and one half hours of actual driving is required and thirty hours in the classroom. When a student who is under 16 finishes the course, he is issued a school permit. All those 16 or older are given a regular driver's license. One fifth of a credit is given for this course. Boys as wellas girls will be instructed in the second semester Drivers' Training class. The first semester class consisted only of girls,but have no fear, even though the girls carry the majority in the class, the boys still own the cars, A local chapter of the Girls' Athletic Association ha s b e en organized under the direction of Miss Arvilla Kobernusz. The officers of G.A.A, were elected and a constitution adop- ted. .Tune Buckley is president and Mary Bartleson is Secretary. The organization meets every Wednesday and Friday from four to five to play basketball, volley- ball, ping-pong, tennis, and other similar games. Z7 RN! IMKKKK haf! ? ffl J 53" ,s R. vym, igrgfisgs 153 vt 3? XYW + ' GM! 0. Q. 1 .M-Q-5 Q. V' ap. if ,.,. 7 . ' "' md' 'E ,sly if--Y '-3+ Q' vp.. nts-an ,til 0 Q., 7 ...-av' I. By the flowing well. 2. Easter Bonnets. 3. Guess Who? 4.A1 and Tom. 5. Pose pretty. 6. A win- ning smile. 7. Where's Denny? 8. "Mutt" 9, Shouldn't that be Shirley? 10. "Grandma" Dull. 11. Two Sophs. 12. Long, long ago. 13. Where's the towel? 14. Back in the grades. 15. How times have changedl 16. "Sweet Lor- raine" 17. Substantial support 18. "Chick" 19. T. H.E. Roman 20. My, Myl I 20 Z8 or 3 ...l Qgxf qs! fL,, - x,,, ,. ,st ' f- 5 f a. ? X . ff ' .F . . My if N ., A n X. ! 5 V f ' J yi 5 . . 5 I f I. Bobby, how you've changed! 2. Hail! Hail! The gangs all here. 3. That pepsodent smile! 4. "Ain't love grand!" 5. Big joke? 6. You don't say? 7. I don't beleive it! 8. Ride'- em, cowboy! 9. Miss Oetken and her "little" boys. 10. Man's best friend. 11. Another "Cooper". 12. Cold out? 13. "Andy" 14. Peek-a-boo! 15. 'I'here's been some changes made, eh Mary Lee: 16. Where's Betty? 17. WoW! 18. Do you like this style, boys? 19. "Sittin' Pretty" 20. Aren't we thrilled? 21. Waiting!!! 22. What's the attraction, girls? 23. "Sweet Ado1ine" 24. Out were the tall corn grows, 25. June! do you do that to all dogs? 26. Eleanor and John. 27. All dressed up! 28. Art, those T SEIIIUHS MARLYS ADAMS Vocation: Stenographer, Annual 3, 4, War Whoop 3 Class Play 3,F. H.A. I, 4gVOC3.1Ml1SiC I, 4, "Little, but in love. " LUTHER ALM "Luke" Vocation, Farming, War Whoop 4, Marching Band 2, 3, Concert Band 3, Junior Band I, F.F.A. 2, 3, 4. "l often tell myself there's more in me than people think." JAMES ANDERSON "Tim" Vocation, Coach, Student Council 3, Class Play 3, Vocal Music I, 2, Basketblal I, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Track I. "A footballman, a Basketball man--last, but not least, a lady's man. " LUVERNE ANDERSON Annual 4, Vocal Music I, F. H.A. 4. "Many are her friends, few are her foes, everyone likes her wherever she goes. " TERRACE ANDERSON "Terry" Vocation, Marines, F.F.A. 1,2 , 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, Track 2, 3, 4, One-act Play 3., "Worry kills men--l'm too young to die. " EMMA BARTLESON Vocation, Nursing, Annual 4, F. H. A. 4, "Hardwork- ing, steady and kindly is she, helpful and pleasant as no one can be. " GISLE BARTLESON "Doc" F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, "Hislost timewill neverbe found again. " x SEHIURS MARY BARTLESON "B" Vocation, Nurse, Annual 2, 3, 4, War Whoop 2, 3, 4, StudentCouncil 4, Class Play 3, Marching Band I , 2, 3, 4, Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4, War Whooper 1, 2, 3, F.H.A. lg Vocal Music 2, 3, 4, "Light Brown hair, merry eyes, she 's a friendly, sweet, and very wise. " WILLETTA BIRMELE "Willie" Vocation, Airline hostess, War Whoop 4, Vocal Mu- sic I, 2, F. H.A. I, 4, "The wound is invisible that 1ove's keen arrow makes. " BARBARA BROWN "Barb Vocation, Teacher, Annual3, 4, War Whoop 3, Class Play 3, Marching Band 3, 4, Concert Band 3, 4, Junior Band I, 2, Vocal Music 1, 2, 3, War Whooper 2, 3, F.H.A. 3, 4, Cheerleading 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2. "Tis not my nature to conceal my thoughts. " JUNE BUCKLEY "Booniel" Vocation, Anything buta "Mrs. ", Annual I, 2, 3, 4, War Whoop I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Class Officer 3, Class Play 3, Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4, Vocal Music 2, 3, 4, War Whooper 1, 2, 3, Pep Committee 2, Latin Club 3, F. H.A. l. "She has music in her hands, she has mu- sic in her voice-she can make your heart rejoice. " RUTH CARLSON "Ruthie" Vocation, Teacher, Annual 3, 4, War Whoop 3, 4, Student Council 3, Vocal Music I, 3, 4, F. H.A. I, 2, 3, 4. "She 's a rose without a thorn. " PAUL CARSE "Gene" Vocation, College, Class play 3, Vocal Music 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Pep Committee 4. "Just a business- man at heart. " MELVA ROSE DALTON Vocation, Nurse, Annual 1, 2, 4, war Whoop I, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Marching Band I, ,2 3, 4, Con- cert Band I, 2, 3, 4, Vocal Music 2, War Whooper i, 2, 3, F. H.A. I. "A pleasant girl with a pleasant smile, a young lady really worth while. " RONALD EIDE "Ronnie" Vocation, Commercial teacher, Student Council 2, 4, Class Officer 3, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, "That's no Rayve Wave, it comes naturally. " an m i +f-iw ,IYWQ SEIIIUHS ARDIS MAE FOX "Stubby" Vocation: You tell me and we'l1 both know, War Wh00P4: Student Council 2, 4, Class Officer 4, Con- cert band lg Vocal Music I, 2, 3. "Not very tall, in fact quite small, her good nature is loved by all. " MELBA E. FOX "Foxy" Vocation: Teacher, War Whoop 4. "Life may be short, but she's not. " RODNEY HILL "Rudd" F.F.A. I, 2, 3gFO0Ib311I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, One-act play 3. "I'rn on the brink ofa great ca- reer--somebody push me off. " ROGER H. HILL "Hill" Vocation, Farmer, F.F.A. 4. "Now ifl were presi- dent. " VERNA MAE HANSEN Vocation, Home Economics: War Whoop 3, 4, Class Officer 4, Vocal Music 3, 4, F.H.A. 3, 4. "Her dependability and capability make her ashining example to others." VIVIAN HANSON "Vickie" Vocation, Cosmotolgist, Vocal Music 3, 4, "She takes life as she finds it-- and she finds it good. " BEVERLY ANN HOEFT "Bev" Vocation: Housewife, War Whoop 4, Librarian 2. 'She 's got her man and she can prove it. " BOB D. HOLLAND Vocation: Farming, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, "I'm willing to be convinced--but show me the person who can convince me. " DENNIS JOHNSON "Denny" Vocation, Coaching, Student Council I, 3, Class Officer lg Vocal Music 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2. "Man was not born to live alone. " FRANCES JOHNSON "Ions" Vocation, Telephone Operator, Annual 4, Student aaa' r f ' 1.3, r - iiivifi-fr ififeis , xg 4 ' lx fs W si Q It A3 ,r Council 1, 4, Marching band lg Concert Band Ig Vocal Music I, 2, 4, F. H. A. I, 4, Librarian 2, Class Officer 3, Junior Play 3. "Tall and neat, blonde and sweet--she's a gal that's hard to beat. " KATHLEEN KLOSTER "Kathy" Annual 1, 2, 3, 4, War Whoop 1, 2, 3, Class Play 3, Vocal Music I, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A.' 1, 4, Librarian 3. "Your laughs go far, but your giggles go farther. " ROBERT KNUDTSON "Bob" Vocation, Farmer, F. F. A. I, 2, 3, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3. "lf people would listen, Iwould tell them something. " LEONARD LACKORE "Leo" Vocation: Doctor, Annual 2, 3, 4, War Whoop 2, 3, 4, Class Officer3, Marching Band 3, 4,Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Vocal Music 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Track 1. "Not small, rather tall, in his head he has it all. " THELMA LADD Vocation,Stenographer, Annual l, 2, 3, 4, War Whoop I, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, F. H. A. 1. "Ladd has a way with the lads. " CHARLES LANGERUD "Charley" Vocation: Coaching, F. F. A. I, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. "His only books are women's looks, and follies they have brought him. " BOB C. LEPIRD "Bob" Class Play 3, Basketball t, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep committee 2. "For all his faults we love him still - the stiller the betterl" SEHIUHS ADOLINE MAAKESTAD "Ad" Annual 2, 3, 4: War Whoop 2, 3,Vocal Music 1, 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 4. "Dainty and neat, from head to feet. " DALE MARTINSON "Mutt" Student Council 1, Class Officer I, Class Play 3, VocalMusic 1, 2, 3:Basketball, Football 1, 2, Base- ball 2. "l dare not be as funny as I can. " DOROTHEA MEYER "Dottie" Vocation, Telephone Operator, Annual I, 2, 3, 4, War Whoop I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Class Play 3, Vocal Music I, 2, 3, F. H. A. l, 4, Pep committee 4. "She loves but one - at a time. " JANE MICHELSEN "Mike" Vocation: Stenographer, War Whoop 4, Marching Band 1, Concert Band 1, Vocal Music I, 2, F. H. A. I. "A maid with a quaint and quiet way. " LEANNA MORLEY "Lena" Vocation, Teaching, Annual 2, 3, 4, War Whoop 3, Class Officer I, Class Play 3, Marching Band 3, Vocal Music I, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. I, 4. "Her smile is al- ways kind and sweet, she has school spirit that can't be beat. " BETTY NELSON "Betts" Vocation: Commercial Artist, War Whoop 1, 4, Stu- dent Council 1, Class Play 3, Marching Band 1,Con- cert Band 1. "When love and lessons clash - she lets her lessons smash. " EMERALD NELSON "Em" Vocation: Nurse, Annual 4, Class Play 3, Vocal Music lg Librarian I, 2, 3, Latin Club 3. "Ready to work, ready to play,ready to help whenever she can. " JANE M. NEREM "Romer" Vocation, Old Maid, Annual 3, 4, War Whoop 3, 4, Class Play 3, Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4, Vocal Music 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. i, Pep committee 3. "Why should lessons worry me - when all the world is full of glee. " SEHIURS OSCAR NESS "Junior" Vocation, Teacher, Annual I, 2, 3, 4, War Whoop I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Class Play 3, Marche ing band 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 3, 4gJl1l'IlO1' Band I, Vocal Music 1, 2, 3, 4, Warwhooperz, 3, 4, Cheer- leading 2, 3, 4, "Idurst notsmile uponthe damsels-- I would break too many hearts. " ROBERT NESSA "Bob" Student Council 1. "How about a game of pinochle? GERALD NIELSON "Jerry" War Whoop 4, Vocal Music 1. "Saving his words for more important uses. " DUWAYNE OEHLER "Dewey" Vocation: Navy, Vocal Music 1, Basketball 1, Foot- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Track 1. "Occasionallyl drop into class to offer a few words of encouragement. " WAYNE OEHLER "Tarzan" Vocation: Bum, Basketball 1, 2g Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Track 3. "He has a studious look - but looks are sometimes deceiving. " BENNIE OLSON "Ben" Vocation, Bum, Football I, 2, Track I, 2, Student Manager I, 2. "Never serious, never downhearted - always ready for a good time. " MARVIN OSLON "Sicy" Vocation, Engineer, Class Officer 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4. "He is diligent worker 'tis often said, for the simple reason his hair is red. " JANICE OSNES "Ozzie" Vocation: College, Annual 2, 3, 4, War Whoop 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 2, 4, Class Play 3, Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Vocal Music 2, 3, 4. "Always cheerful and content, but sometimes upon mischief bent. " Vw ,Tw gl! -3256. . f V, i - as ra., - ., ,,,,, 4, .rms svgiieil .. 4.1:-.they 4,3 ,,,.k,r i H- . 'I 1 is , JZ. 115, - 2 ffw1",1fw3,fr,u it R - ' - g , 5 r f is 1 t is it W5 , sit is. x, 4? ss, s a , ff If I , gi - V ' . i . ,Zi arf. - - K, s- ,. ,,. V, -1. , mats: me . ., . s tus' 4. z. -- fs ,- ,Mb ff i, W K 4 'Q 'si rv , 2' L 'Wx- Fxfr Q Wjsha ,,,.,i,mm5, its Mig' ' sk 'P' fiimxg, 31 .Me ia 1 , in A fig li , -4 at .. . . ,... it W. . V M , ,. wg-irq., '21, ,l.wiiqrfQs,, , Q . 5 L' 31,3 .ji 'P " ZW www-we 1 , .. ffm si . .. SEHIURS OMAR W. PETTERSEN "Wes" Vocation: Ministry, Annual 1, War Whoop Ig Student Council 2, Vocal Music I, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 3. "His hair is curly, his eyes are blue, he's a gentle- man, thru and thru. " ELLAMAE PRESCOTT Vocation, Nursing, War Whoop 4, Vocal Music 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 2, 3, 4. "With a smile for everyone she wanders on. " CARLYLE RAUK "Rauk" Vocation, Farmer, F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4. "Another Casanova? P P" DUANE REESE Vocation: Farmer, F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4. "Of sterling character, upright and tall. He 's a friendly chap well liked by all. " MARVIN REESE "Marv. " Vocation: Good husband, War Whoop 3, F. F. A. I, 2, 3: Basketball 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. "He comes late - yet he comes. " VERNON RIEKENA "Riek" Student Council I, Class Officer 2, Basketball 2, Football I, Track 2, Student Manager Ig "How big was Alexander that they called him great?" PETER SCHRANCK "Pete" Vocation: Marines, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, "Give me standing room, and I will move the world. " MARY E. SMITH "Smitty" Annual I, 2, 3, 4, War Whoop 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4: VOCa1 Music 2, 3, 4. "It'snotwhat you do that counts - but what you get away with. " LEE V. SWANSON , . Vocation: Farmingg F. F. A. 3, 4, Football lg Track 3g One act play 33 Pep committee 3. "He loves us - , SEHIUHS but he loves another better. " FW ll lo EUGENE M, THOMPSON v Class Play 3, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert if 1" lll L A f- ,,i: .. ,..' Band 1, 2, 3, 4g F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, One act play 3. K 3 "A lover of books - but who said textbooks. " 5 , Q t ff' DARLENE TORKELSON War Whoop 4g Vocal Music 3, 4, F. H. A. 4. "A sweet girl with a carefree attitude and a smile for everyone. " ANITA WALDEN "Nita" I War Whoop 4g Class Play 35 Vocal Music I, 2, 49 F. H. A. I. "I feel my life wor1't always be my own." HUTUGHHPHS1 svrcmr simon Pais QW? .1 'QT' df. In EE ,L , y xVyV N .. V VV 8, in ' 1' 'NSF 1' 1 1 .. ,' , Mp, 5 1 13" ' x' --"Y 1 1... . -- ' .. ' :L M H .4 'rr 5,4 X. s 'fi 1 ry . ,,,, . , , M .3 . T, 1.41, in -' , V 'M Q W ""3 W ' 2, I' . ,,,. .,,,,.. lh' A, 33- 1 Ria, .. ., is , t ,,, .H-M ,at 4' Qi ,S Lila 4 xi' wa s 5 8 ,,.f . ...X .iv . ,QA I 49? M .,..,,,? 111 9 .........-M 1 'K .. v 'Tx'm.,, 13 , .. .mu 25, 1 5 ww, Q, .H - . if S as N . Q - X 1. , 3 WJ 3 4.2 f 1 'Q 2 , 1 ' 41. 'ffllr VKKX s 3 QW Q-its Q3 Q 38 6 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. ,9- IO. II. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Readin', ritin' and eatin' Sleep tight, Andy! Where ya goin'? Home life. Just Bob . Loafing juniors. Don't move, Donna. Dog tired. Friends, Romans, Countrymen. Watch your figure, girls. Writing home. JUNIOR HIGH Mary Jo Age of innocence. Aw, Come onl Cute Quartet! Sittin' pretty. Who says? FOURTH ROWg Left to Right, H. Anderson, R. Trosthcim, O. Lee, D, Hoeft, C. Wilson, Mrs. Smith, L. Larson, Miss Sitzmann, M. Albertson, F. Bienert, A. Gilbertson, D Fredrickson, A. Strand, D. Eichorn. THIRD ROW: P. llosler, M. Bakke, W. Carlson M. Hanson, A. Gardner, A. Olson, S. Skjeie, V. Thompson, G. Swanson, K. Tweeten M. Martinson, C. Sunde. SECOND ROW:J. Mitchell, J. Waddingham, J. Riekena, C Bower, D. Bredeson, C. Carson, A. Gilbertson, R. Evanson, B. Weidner, A. Hanson, R Anderson, F. Dunbar. FIRST ROW:J. Hill, G. Buckley, V. Larson, J. Clasen, H. John- son, D. Gudmonson, J. Michaelson, Y. Riggle, N. Johnson, L. Peterson, M. Nossa, S Rollefson. 'gsifzl f ,gk I 'an . . '5 , FIFTH ROW: Left to RightgC. Haugen, L. Sewick, V. Wegner, Prin. FOURTH ton, E. Nesset, F. Thompson, C. Bartleson, J. Nelson, C. Nilssen K. Brown, J. Smith. THIRD ROW: J. Lundgren, Marlys Peterson, Marlene Peterson, M. Eymann L. Anderson, D. Cleveland, W. O'Donnel1, S. Hanson, D. Prescott, C. Sunde, K. Langerud, G. Nessa. SECOND ROW: J. Jenson, I. Asheim, F. Fletcher, V. Nelson, C. Awe, J. Hayes, R. Nelson, J. Oswald, E. Skjeie, E. Morris, W. Buckley, T. Bartleson, R. Nelson. FIRST ROW: D. Peck, J. Eenhuis, M. Olson, C. Fetrow, G. Larson, Y. Anderson, R. Howland, B. Anderson, D. Ingegretson, Y. Gelner, I. Mahrenholz, E. George, J. Sheller, M. Levison. 39 ROW: S. Holcomb, E. Swanson, G. Thackray, E. Gardner, J. Gi1bertson,,J. Sex- CUHTHIBUTUHS The Annual Staff Expresses its appreciation to the following local businessmen for their financial aid: H. N. Anderson, Jeweler Anderson's Clothing Store B. and E. Coffee Shop Bohlen's Jewelry Store Bowen Food Center Boyd Clothing Store R. C. Brown Bungalow Cafe Carl T. Sunde Agency Central Cafe Clauson Market Coast to Coast Dainty Maid Danielson Super Market Forest City Bakery W. C. MacCu1lum Mangan's Pharrnacy Dr. Thomas Mangan Monroe's Standard Parts Nelson Jewelry Dr. J. P. Nesset Nessets Shoes and Ready to Wear Northern Lumber Co. O'Dells Cleaners Olson Furniture Emory J. Oleson Palace of Sweets Dr. H. H. Perrnan Perry Hardware Phil Mar Beauty Shop Forester Hotel Beauty Shop Pinckney Drugs Forest City Hardware Forest City Motor Co. Golden Rule Hatchery A. Kenneth Hanson Hanson Furniture Co. Ransom and Totten Reuben's Shoes and Clothing Store Rose Alice Shop Smith's Firestone Stenseth's Motor Co. W. C. Hansen and Son, Hardware Stevenson's Variety Store Hi Way Market Hotel Forester Dr. T. J. Irish Jacobs Kao Gift Shop Frank Kasik K1oster's Market Lynns Department Store - Summit Printing Dr. Millard Thompson, Chiropodist Thorson Architect J. G. Westby Winnebago Abstract Dr. E. E. North 40 MYERSJQ-IJZYEARBOOKS 0. :::'. -'.',:: THE PACEMAKERS or QUALITY l . . . MYERS AND CO INC TOPEKA KANSAS Afflx. . . Mn... fr .yr A Ill In ll I 4 I 42' xii? vi' :.',,,...v- ,W . Iwi, M 1 .. W f Q. sf' km K X . 1 ME QQ BQZWW Ulhillnwv ,, A., up hrxmd if-f nw s .El Lv: .-1, ,fl aff? Ffa ' hw-' , 1 'V -1 , f t , r ,- . H , Frat fQ V 4 4' i Af- ' .1 4 xQ-H1 1'- ,w?Q -LN n . 6 'SQL Q' ' ' V, :e" ..i:vLsxQ 1 " , . , fx" x'qf','.y g:QM4xA..'H,.' L-' N-tra' - -.1 '25, -5 ,-A Q' -.-, v L- pf! H. fin z f 1 1 23:- gv, , I v V ' ".k'5A I -Q1 V 1, 41 iv 2' , lf' I- 3 .pybw T'H..'?'u U ' 3'-, is V, , .v. 21' 'L 1 ' A --I..,, 1 " t .xwd.'Lgs g.Q5ua'5lQ,f,. L12 . ,M YT 9 J' . W xx . M K wa ' lid. Y A gf xxx ' ' .5'1w' 4 'fat . .J QJ Q L-'93 A fi' W 7 , V, sg-5 L1 Q , M . '- ' Xrf -' Z", f , my ai" Q' gf' 2 5, 3 A M 5 ' ' ,- af 1 A 5 -1 , K 'li h. pf ' . Q. 0 sv ,Wg v, .ig I . , -QM. as l 1-- V wg, if ' , J. A.f,,:g'4 qw. "'!'r2f n K 1 .W 9 Q s f, 1 ',,,,g??Q'.4M- ' 1 is-f...,,.,4fff

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