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 - Class of 1953

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.LQ -1 ,-1, ,. ,-,i3y gs! , Qi"f:6fF'l ' Y M in .7 " 1- ff , 1 k ' "1 Mui-11 'Z x I .ug .f, -0 Ili' E NA- ., . , ' ,-uf' 1,5 ,:,43gtvE-4:- U: gg '35 sf 221' ' A , ' . :gf in , if, V17 4 '- "X- , ei -.Lg 5 r x I 4 1 LIBBIS , ,2"'ff, ' 1-day QW' faff' wifi!! xx' 4 yr. I gk I may In irfdinn 'f 6 We the class of '53 dedicate our yearbook to the memory of Rose Marie Reicnel, a friend and class- mate, who left us in our freshman year to be with God in eternity. Of irm1nI5trntinn MISS MARY MCCORMICK MRS. MARGARET KELLY ENGLISH HOME ECONOMICS MR. JULES J. KERL SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL I U - L . li X q N I -A '11-I . A 'I I 2,1 K 'I MR. ARTHUR AUBEL DR. LEOPOLD STERMOLD COACH INDUSTRIAL AR TS v- -v 'Q ' 35. f Q X 'iv MR. PAUL RAVNIKAR BUSINESS TEACHER 81. FACULTY MANAGER 'Q Cb 4 MISS MARY BURIK BUSINESS TEACHER MR. JOHN DUNLEAVY MATHEMATICS -J 'U' X J A 1 . A MISS ALICE GILLESPIE ENGLISH News .I-'xx --ur I Wu.. MR. JOHN OBELENUS SOCIAL STUDIES sv" 3 W ,Iv MRS. CHARLOTTE LEHUTSKY LANGUAGE 9 41- A-1 . lg x 'Q MR . WILLIAM ANDZ ULIS SCIENCES lznirufs JEAN BAR ANOWSKI CHAR LES AR ROWSMITH "Chas," the strong silent type, is an outdoors- man. He belongs to the Naval Reserves and intends to make the navy his career. "Jinx," a vivacious blonde, is the president of N the F.H.A. and a student council member. She is preparing to become an efficient housewife. RICHARD BEER ROBERT BARTOSH "Bart" is the beau of the class and also 'Sky's' inseparable buddy. He plans a career as a pharma cist's mate in the navy. "Beeler," whose curly hair and rosy complexion are the delight of the girls, is an accomplished mimic. His pleasures are mystery stories, hunting, trapping, and skipping school. His ambition is to be 3. state tI'00P8I' . PAUL BER NESKI "Moocher," a jovial lad, spends most of his time thinking of ways to get out of studying. His goal is the service and later the position of acrane operator. ROBERT BROWN "Carrot," our quietest boy and class treasurer. is also our Vaughn Monroe. His ambition is to be a secretary. THOMAS BURSHNICK , he smiler of the class, was a mem- ber o t e basketball and baseball varsities. He has one aim in life: to become an executive in a large firm and give orders. . 'iq 5 IVERNE CAR PENTER "Idy" is our class belle and a member of the HW3. Her hobbies are sketching and singing. She plans to attend Mansfield State Teachers College and become a home economics teacher. JAMES CIFERSKY "Cash," an honor student and winner of the eighth grade American Legion award was captain ofanintra- mural basketball team for three years and also a member of the varsity baseball team. College is his goal. MORGAN COX "Morg," class comedian, won a three-year schol- arship to the U. of S. He is a member of the HW3 and plays the piano, banjo, and organ. His favorite subject is chemistryg his vocation, engineering. . . A -ff-f K -f ,ziggy 1 . .. H' ,, 'H DOLOR ES CR APARO "Dolly," a lively miss, belonged to the volley- ball team. She is a member of the F.H.A. and hopes to become an R. N. RUTH CYZAUSKAS "Chuzzy," an honor student and assistant editor of THE SENIOR, is secretary of the HW3, a cheer- leader, and our best dancer. She plans to enter Binghamton City Hospital School of Nursing in the fall. , I .,,- fi :Q N .ag ' .J ggi: is . X . L x ff' . . K . Q '.f T5 , g .. ,. ri gm- t asf-QQ, , 1 I ,grvrveaw A -' X vf -f. DOROTHY DEBEVEC uf. . V' 31 ' "Dort," class secretary, is chauffeur for the 1' ' -- Browndale girls, an active volleyball player. and raw if 5 1- a bowler. Drawing is her hobbyg private secretary- : -,t,"'V. , 1 ship, her a1m. ,fir-gi U' , v " x .- y 'K , 'f , 7.5 7 , f 4. 'f "sf, ."f,'1' 4 j , ' VLADIMIR DEMIANOVICH is-5 ' i QPQQ. "Deemer," a shy but friendly fellow, spends most :rl of his leisure time hunting and fishing. He would like , to be a truck driver. It W DAVID DURKO "Derg1e," an accordionist, played varsity bas- ketball. When he returns from the service, he in- tends to become an automobile mechanic. MARYALYCE FEDDOCK Maryalyce, a happy-go-lucky girl, plays the piano and enjoys cowboy music. Her ambition is to be a homemaker. .95 9 P, X Q' .- EDWARD FRANCESKI "Fes," class president and our most talkative boy, is noted for his ready laugh and pert remarks. He plans to pursue a course in business administra- tion and eventually manage his own business. 475 P JOHN GARRICK "Moon," our best dancer and a member of our varsity for four years, enjoys hunting and sleeping. He plans to work in Cleveland and earn enough money to buy his own stable of horses. JAMES FISHER "Slits," a varsity basketball player for the past three years, played in the '51-52 Dream Games. A practical joker, he plans to make his fortune early and then retire. MAR Y GALINSKI "Mare," our tallest girl, has a sweet disposi- tion. She is a member of the HW3, enjoys music, and is prepared to enter St. Joseph's School of Nursing. 'QI 12.227 U 1 5 5 ,- fs t - 1-ne ' ,TVA Q , 2:1?'9ng,"e1 N JOHN GUBLIN MARIAN GR UDEN "Spider," cooperative and friendly, now desires more than anything else an automobile to transport her from Browndale to Forest City. She would like to become a W.A.F. SX... "Briss," scorekeeper for the varsity basketball, Q, enjoys playing intramural basketball. He is always ready for an argument in commercial law class. Although "Uncle George" has joined the navy, he 'sc ,,, is indefinite about his future. MARY KAMEEN g-J. 5' ' Q., 'J' :-:aff 'ffl rl . . .f-.r if ,x-. . me ,. . i a ,. wa!4,M Ng a-6. F, , ik G , ,, .4 24- i ff ,L- . . . . M M ,. ,,,, . ,. , 2 , . I +L MICHAEL HYNES "Bozzaris," who came to us from Power Memor- ial Academy, N. Y., for his senior year is a mem- ber of the HW3 and a literary editor of THE SEN- IOR. His interests are aviation, law and journalism. His ambition is to travel, get married, and rear a family. ill r 454' "Mare," an amicable girl and a good sport, is news editor of THE SENIOR and a member of the science club. She plans to attend college Miseri- cordia and study dietetics. W3 Q THOMAS KILPATRICK "Butch," the most noncommital member of our class, is president of "A" league, and a naval re- servist. Tom says that his plans are definitely with the navy. ,Q- , V' i -1 --- it 5? - - s . 4 - 4 if? l It 'yr . YK, W. ' I . in K .t ut, ANTHONY KONCHAR "Brown Bear," our "Jack Benny," is a council member and student basketball manager. He is interested in mechanics and craftsmanship. KATHRYN KELLEHER "Kitty," our shortest girl and a member of the F.H.A., is on THE SENIOR staff. Kathryn often entertained us with her skits. Her hobby is art. She will attend Penn State where she will major in sociology. E' ,Jn-4 JANE KNIGHT Janie, who participated in all our class games, is a member of the science club and the F.H.A. Jane has been accepted to the Hahnemann School of Nursing. XY K student ii 7:9 t 41 FR ANK KONCHAR "Kitch," an honor student, played varsity base- ball and intramural basketball for four years. Frank intends to enter Penn State to study civil engineer- ing. .Q A M C4 MICHAEL KOST X I A sf . "Nose" is a fun-loving iad who likes to ski. He if A' intends to enter Harpur College and pursue a course U Y in business administration. g ,S .tls in BARBARA KUTCH fl- Q-,S "Babs," our most bashful girl and a reception- Q try, 4 ist, has a smile for everyone. Her hobbies are typing NJ and readingg her plans, to become a secretary. M f A 1 ' I M EDWARD LAVIN "Smi1in," who is seldom seen without a car or a girl, played intramural basketball and participated in class games He would like to stud tool and die - Y making or join the paratroopers. GE' 1 3 i fit. DOROTHY LEE THOMAS LAVIN "Morse" hunts and fishes. Photography is his hobby. His plans for the future include a term in the service with the possibility of making the air force his career. "Dot," a quiet, but friendly lass, comes to us ,t from Uniondale. She enjoys painting figurines and would like best to become a housewife. A .. S W 31? H f SM 3 , if 3 MARY ANN LOZINAK I "Toots," a jovial and fun-loving lass, prefers K skating, dancing, or swimming to school work. Her ambition is to become a housewife. 4, ' iv i WILLIAM MAILE "Tex," the best-natured boy of our class is the X X 3 Je president of the student council and a two-year mem- -1"""i M ' 'ggl Lrg ber of the varsity basketball team. Radio is his goal. ,-,, at X JOSE PH MARINCHICK "Louie," an ardent sports fan, enjoys baseball Q. Q1 V and basketball. He is interested in becoming a radio ' technician. .L - ' sm- JANE MATOUS it K Janie, an honor student and our most popular girl, 1 is a member of the student council and the F.H.A., ' - and was the winner of the eighth grade American - Legion award. Jane would like to become a secre- tary. A 'W x JOSEPH MAYERS "Puff," an easygoing lad, is a receptionist who enjoys hunting, fishing, and imitating people. He fb has enlisted in the navy and plans to make it his 5 -' career. ., 3 '1 E RAYMOND MEDDLETON "Buddy," who makes a habit of pestering girls, is an amiable fellow. He played intramural basket- ball and participated in the county music festival. He would like to join the paratroopers. 3 , if 'IEE' X. I 1 E A eq, ROBERT MLINAR "Jake" would like to make amillion dollars and retire early in life. Basketball and baseball occupy his leisure time. Rl if DONALD MOTSKO "Russ," an honor student, whose chief interest is automobiles, is travel minded. A member of the HW3, he has been accepted at Penn State where he will study civil engineering. f', RICHARD MILLER "Kent," whom we all know as a quiet, reserved boy, enjoys tinkering with his Ford coupe. He plans to become a mechanic and stock-car racer and some day win the Mexican-Pan American classic. 1 1 , 2 'Q Y 9 ,M . i 1 , . 11,5 .,' . K s k f lftlxfv Qi' GEORGE MONASKY "Carb," a very reliable boy, is vice president of the HW3, sports editor of THE SENIOR and baby of our ,, Q class. He will study dentistry. , if' Z Y-y. N Il 5 2 SALLY OWENS JOAN NATISHAK Joannie, the girl smiler of our class and our "Queen of Hearts," is a member of the F.H.A. Although her plans are indefinite, we are sure that she will succeed in whatever she undertakes. 1 K 3 . A Fig t i, Q N -S Q ,X I 5 1 - ' B 'E3 Q . 1 X X ' SRX -Q X , Y "Sal" is one of our most industrious students. She is the treasurer of the HW3 and a member of THE SENIOR staff. She plans to enter Binghamton -A City Hospital to study nursing. WILLIAM PELICK Billy, who never misses a school dance, enjoys working trig problems. When he returns from the air force, he plans to enter college to study engi- neering. ROBERT PAYNE ig . S ol NRM L 1, -A 'Mi ,X- ' f - f Qi a X gzgif . gi . gg: Y "Sky" is our shortest and most popular boy. He played varsity basketball and baseball and par- ticipated in Dream Games. His plans include marri- age and a large family. E :-i :LQQI is T FRANK RUDOLPH "Lubi," our amateur boxer and accordionist, played varsity baseball for three years. Building 7-v ff- 4: gas-run model airplanes is his hobby. After a so- j W, ci journ in the service, he plans to attend Williams- V 'A port Trade School. JI, , , ,M EMP 611 li Q Qt' PAUL SREDENSCHEK "Chick," whose favorite pastime is roller skating, is a member of the United States Naval Reserve. His s hobby is playing pinball machines, his ambition, a submariner in the navy. PAUL PETR US "Pete," our tallest boy and operator of the electric typewriter. has attained a speed of 75 cwpm in typing, an all time high. He was amem- ber of the basketball varsity for two' years and played in the Drea.m Game in 1953. He plans to work in Washington, D. C., as a typist for the F.B.I. A 1 CE CILIA SE PR OSKY "Cece," a genial miss, is ticket collector for the basketball games and a member of THE SENIOR staff. She belongs to the F.H.A. and the art club. Since she enjoys making her own wardrobe, she has chosen fashion designing as her goal. X X RITA STANKUS Rita, our quietest girl, and an amiable one, en- joys writing letters. She would like to become a social worker. CAROLE STR ATFORD . - ' "Squirrel," our fashion plate, is the only girl in our class with ----- red hair. She is a mem- ber of THE SENIOR staff and the HW3. Carole has been accepted at Penn State where she will major in commercial science. JOYCE STR US "Jerce," a spirited miss, is a member of the HW3 and a typist for THE SENIOR. She belongs to the F.H.A. and the art club. Joyce has been ac- cepted at the St. Joseph's School of Nursing. FRANCES SWEGEL --gL,,t,1,,- - - - - e -' Xlvfkfgrfefrxtw- Fran. an animated lass, is an office helper and f. a member of the F.H.A. She enjoys basketball and iff' ' me ' dancing. Her fondest ambition is to be a farmer's tl 1 wife. i - t. 44:35.14- Q we t 3tei"'4a A 'H A 2 x f f':"' , N M? M y ga, rg L i , 1 .nfyig-rd f , t S Q. yeh I .fi , J, ' 'XNAA JEAN TAGLER Jeanie, a co-operative miss with a British air, is an honor student and a receptionist. She arrives iust in time to hear the last bell ring. Jean aspires o become a secretary. MARY ANN TRUSKY Mary Ann, a pleasant girl and a member of the F.H.A., enjoys playing the piano and the saxaphone. She would like to become a stenographer. ,QI DONALD SWETTER "Swet," an honor student, winner of a U. of S. scholarship, and voted the boy most likely to suc- ceed, is president of the HW3 and editor of THE SENIOR. He is a member of the school and county bands, and the operator of the movie projector. Donald plans to enter the field of industrial chem- istry. AGNES TEDESCO Aggie, a friendly girl from Uniondale, was an enthusiastic participant in class games. Although her plans for the future are indefinite, her con- genial personality will assure her success. 3 1 , 1 X -1, - -. RUTH TRUSKY M "Truck," a literary editor of THE SENIOR, was Q a receptionist, a member of the HW3 and the F.H.A. , Her hobby is collecting records of Beethoven's con- : certos and playing the piano. Her ambition is to be- come a nurse. P I ROBERT VAN AHNEN "Vulch," our bashful boy, was chief supervisor of all electrical equipment for the last two years and submitted art to the county festival. He is a member of the HW3, likes baseball and hopesto enter the navy. up we-1' 4 , m 3,:,., Jw - ROBERT WHITECAVAGE "Ollie," the sheik of our class, couples his ath- letic skill with a pleasant personality. Bob, who participated in Dream Games for three years, plans A N to become a physical education teacher. Q . ,..,. . 5 , Jo ANN WILLIAMS e A V "Jo.", our best-natured girl and a cheerleader . ' . D -Figs. for two years, is F.H.A. parliamentarian. Her hobby 5- " is reading, her ambition, private secretaryship. . 0 Q Q x ev Q 5 V f . . , if s - max Y '- - -. a..2'.f:'. -QA' ' .cffffm die i'::""- A 5 I 1 2 i 5 ix fs i as Q HELEN WYSOCKI LEONA WOJCIK "Lee," our most talkative girl and amember of the F.H.A., was a cheerleader for four years, two of which she was captain. She enjoys traveling, but would rather settle down and be a housewife. K V , QE' 1 for x Q ,, X x Sai-f is it X X X fi -are FXWQQ X, A N A. X XFSQN xx sr it XX X xx XXX - -A: sl "Babe," an honor student and voted the girl most . , fig-1,-Qs: likely to succeed, is amember ofthe HW3. Helen plans -. x to attend Marywood College, where she has been award- '- Q 1 Q 9 ed a four-year scholarship, and become amedical tech- R .- nician. 1 L. Ki? f"N JOAN ZEBROWSKI '- ' A' xi Q l 'I 5. i A xt . F. it K A I MICHAEL YUR KOVICH "Mickey," a nonchalant lad from Browndale, enjoys the distinction of being the only senior taking a corres- pondence course, one in mechanical draftsmanship. This is the field that he would like to enter in the indus- trial world as well as in the service. "Zebby," class comedienne, is acheerful, sports- minded girl. She enjoys horseback riding and assem- bling puzzles and plans to become aFlorence Nightin- f gale as the result of her training at the Hahnemann sh Hospital. ann . C, egg x 5 wi . l -X, f E i 1 i , 2 1 , S z a MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED A .V A I, Q- I. , I: iw 14 ,, B ' A S zu H F S H E U le ,V I-1 H ,V wxm, l'F1'I'RUS ROBERT VON AHNEN MANY OA1.1NsK1 ,, , BARBARA KUTOH HOHEH1' PAYNE Dfijglffgaifgggflli KATIIRYN KHl.I,EHI'lR EE MOST TAI,KA'1'IVE ' H A O N O O 'Q R if S 1 , T Q, If y 4 U ' D H S RV' E N T S RUTH CYZAUSKAS LI-:ONA WOJCIK FRANK KUNCHAH mHcs1lH4:N'rv HIGIJWARIJ FRANCESKI EDWARD FHANCESKI JANE MATOUS V M N vim: l'RI'ISII7I4IN'I'- -ROI3I'IR'I' PAYNE DONALD SWEVU'-R s1':c'H1c'x',xNx'- - -nO1cO'1'HY DEIQEVEC JEAN TAGLEH 1 7 '1'Nr1As1Hu-111 ----- HOHEHT HHOWN JAMES CU' ERSKX HELEN WYSOCKI , ONALD MOTSKO SMHJERS T E s QT , , S 5? 2 K' TS x . E 5 a - 3 -S 2 1 X is ' ' S -gg ' I S is , , .3 W -:tx . Y Q V ', r A T A " ! U rc E I 4 'R' K N I , 1.1 ' ll' nl T 1, I l C 'Q V, O U li ri XX N A X 'Q C5 U X 1, 2 JOAN NATISHAK WILLIAM MAHJE THOMAS BURSHNICK JEAN BARANOWSKI IVENNE CARPENTER JANE MATOUS ROBERT HARTOSH ANTHONY KONCHAR 4 E ROBERT PAYNE JOHN GARRICK JANE MATOUS RUTH CYZAUSKAS QUIE TEST I 111-v 'T--" '4 ' .. , 2-Q '7- A fu' 1 " ' L A v Is 4 r - V, I , ' , Q 'H K M, SE: ' .fa - ' ,Q , I - A I P, s- - I I AJR-.I-L4 Q-vs x JOAN ZEBROWSKI RITA STANKUS GEORGE MONASKY MORGAN COX ROBERT BROWN RUTH CYZAUSKAS I Jr! WN xx ' 5 J f' r--4 " , Q , I Q 1 x CAROLE STRATFORD JO ANN WILLIAMS ROBERT WHITECAVAGE WILLIAM MAILE I l e X f ""-f-f-11 It, 1 - VK. ' iiyr.. 'Y , . - Ax -1 431 ., LX if-'rf 9+-v 4 0 A rn fv- I I i S MV -All 9 Q", .. - ,- , 5 A a . 3 , 1 Qflass Qfuluxrs We, the class of '53, have chosen as our class colors green and silver, colors that are both beauti- ful and inspiring. Green, signifying spring and youth, a new life, reminds us that we, the youth of today, are about to enter a life far different from the one we are enjoying at present. Now we are living under the care and protection of parents and teachers on whom we are dependent not only for physical wants, but also for guidance and encouragement. As graduates, we shall be free and independent as we strive to reach our goals, engineering, nursing, army, industry. We shall be adults trying to make our lives rich and honorable, rich, not in the sense of wealth, but achievement, happiness, friends, good fortune, honorable in that we shall endeavor to do work that will reflect praise and respect not only on ourselves but also on everyone who helped prepare us for our new life. Silver, a hard, lustrous metal, reminds us that our a.mbitions, our shining goals, will be reach- ed only through hard work. We will encounter many barriers, but, like silver, we must be ductile and malleable and adjust ourselves to the successes and failures that comprise life. Classmates, may our beautiful green and silver serve as an inspiration in the future. --Ruth Cyzauskas Qyllass ffflluww' We. the class of '53, have chosen as our class flower the beautiful and fragrant gardenia. The spotless white of the gardenia signifies purity, a virtue which we must have in our daily thoughts, words, and actionsg a virtue which we must not only possess ourselves, but also must endeavor to instill in others. The dark green leaves, unnoticed and unpretentious, stand for humility, a quality which must ac- company true success. If we can remain humble in spite of success, our achievement will be more noteworthy. The soft touch of the gardenia ought to inspire us to be polite and mannerly at all times. on all occasions. The smoothness of the petals ought to encourage us to live amicably and harmoniously with our fellow men. Just as the gardenia is well known for its fragrance, which is an unusual but pleasing one, so must we be and do better than the ordinary person because more will be expected of us as high school graduates. Seniors, let us always aim to live up to the high standards which we set for ourselves when we chose the gardenia as our class flower. - -Michael Hynes Mass Elluiiu To us, the class of 1953, our motto, WE FINISH TO BEGIN, brings an elation and a sadness, an elation because we have reached one of the high rungs on the ladder that we have been climbing for the past twelve years, a sadness because we leave teachers, classmates, friends. Our lives thus far have been a molding stage during which the rough spots on the road were smoothed over by lov- ing care and guidance, a period which has prepared us for our future economic and social life. 1 l 5 I 2 Our slow, faltering steps on the first day of school, our first trip away from home, and our en- trance into high school were only minor steps compared with the one we are about to take today, a step which leaves us with a link of cherished memories--memories of happy days in the sheltering arms of home and the guiding hands of schoolg memories of patient teachers who endured our pranks and listlessness in the hope of sowing the seed of knowledge in our mindsg memories of sports events, dances, and parties planned for our entertainmentg memories of the friends we met here whom we may never see again. The new life we are about to begin is in the society of a fast-moving world. It is a democracy in which men are judged by their accomplishments rather than their background. It behooves us then, class of '53, to further develop those qualities of personality and character which we possess. I know that some among us will achieve higher gains than othersg I trust that all will endeavor to be worthy of the time and work involved in the development of our abilities. Let us realize that suc- cess if determined not by great victories but by the life a man leads and the strength he shows in the face of everyday living. A new life awaits usg we take a step across the threshold into a blazing dawn, a dawn which symbolizes our awakening as individuals in a world where dreams are realized only by genuine effort. - -Jean Tagler Faire wells May God bless you with good luck, happiness, and success in all your undertakings. --Anne Fallon We hope that in the years to come you will not forget the friends and pleasant times you had in your four-year stay at this high school. - - Ludwig Konzman You are leaving not only your classmates but many underclassmen who will feel the absence of your friendliness. --Delores Kozlevcar May you have a pleasant journey through life, a journey filled with dreams come true. --Jo Ann Swetter Remember, seniors, that good things do not come easily, that the realization of a desire is not al- ways what we expect, and that success is achieved only by hard work. --Margaret McGrath, Ann Romanczyk May your journey over the jagged rocks of life become smoother and easier as time goes by. --Joan Kersnowski The sophomores hope that you will win honors for yourselves in the future as you did for the high school while you were here. - -Joann Kameen Class of '53, may your accomplishments in life surpass your achievements here. --Anonymous Jane Knight Donald Swetter Helen Wysocki Morgan Cox Donald Swetter 0 70-79 cwpm 60-69 cwpm 50-59 cwpm 40-49 cwpm SC HOLAR SHIPS 3-year 4-year 4-year 3-year 1-year COMPETENT TYPISTS Paul Petrus Ruth Cyzauskas Donald Swetter Edward Franceski Barbara Kutch Dorothy Debevec Michael Kost Maryalyce Feddock Jean Tagler Jo Ann Williams Marian Gruden Cecilia Seprosky Leona Wojcik STENOGR APHY WINNERS Hahnemann State Sch. Marywood U. of S. U. of S. Pin 8: Certificate Pin 8: Certificate Pin 8l Certificate Certificate The following seniors have merited pins and certificates for having successfully passed the Gregg shorthand speed tests: At 120 words per minute: At 100 words per minute: Marian Gruden Barbara Kutch Jane Matous Robert Brown Dorothy Debevec Cecilia Seprosky Jean Tagler The PTA scholarship of S100 was awarded to Helen Wysocki, the valedictorian of the class. The BPW scholarship gift was awarded to Helen Wysocki, the girl with the highest scholastic rating. The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute medal was awarded to Donald Swetter, the boy who achieved the highest rating in mathematics and science. The Charles 8: Martin Skubic Post of the American Legion selected Donald Swetter as Forest City's candidate to Keystone Boys' State. 1 e I i E E e Ehnmimr Qfllaw 4 1 Smpllfummnmm Qglaw F i 1 F Q E . 5 E a 3 4 1 , 1 i I fnoxegllunxuxem Qflaw -6 Q i rfini its . 13 wb I Q 1 X 1 L fix O O KO x ! n E n I L 5 X 3 ! I : s I s , E Iwi Aa Slemimf Qflaw EDHHQ lid J ALMOST EIGHTEEN FATHER, WILLIAM BARRY .... MOTHER, GRACE BARRY. . . . THEIR SON, EDDIE .......... THEIR DAUGHTER, BEATRICE. . . UNCLE GEORGE ........ . SALLY ....... .. MRS. GRANVILLE. . TOMMY, HER SON. . . ANN. . ....... . . . MABEL WARREN. . . MISS DALRYMPLE. . . PROFESSOR MERRITT. . . .Donald Swetter . . .Sally Owens . . .Robert Payne . . .Joyce Strus . . . .John Gulbin . . .Cecilia Seprosky . . .Mary Kameen . . .Michael Kost Kathryn Kelleher . . . .Ruth Trusky . .Helen Wysocki . .Frank Konchar P 5 3 I l -4 i E S F CHEERLEADERS C5 C3 BASKETBALL TEAM C59 F BASEBALL TEAM 6 . ' - 9 E E E S 1 1 i A K E I E i , 2 SENIOR VOLLEYBALL TEAM CLASS GAME SENIOR CHEERLEADERS DR EAM GAME PLAYERS C: Q 'W' w.. O O SENIOR CLASS GAME TEAM A Q. if C 'S I 0 5, :'-ii Q Eg Q 0 , q I in L, , 1. D. O, fA . f' 3' I LL ?Jn1:1'fi i 1113 fb E x r I The S 81. F Store Mrs. William Feddock, Sr. Michael Antonyak Wi11ia.m Feddock, Jr. Peter Marcho Joseph Lopes Mr. L Mrs. Edward Franceski Joe Sukenick, Barber David Krasno, Your Jeweler Sin Mrs. Caroline Pavsek Joseph Stankus Mrs. Mrs. Pauline Pluscusky Mrs. Margaret Mikulak Mrs. Ina Kelleher Mrs. Dell Burdick Mrs. George Maile Mrs. Mrs. Joseph Doras George Westgate Mr. A Mrs. Emil Demianovich Mr. Stanley Damasevitz Meadow Breeze Farm Dairy Main Hotel The Country Store Virginia's Beauty Shop Mr. Edward J. Kollar J. J. Newberry Ideal Restaurant Ray Tusar's Service Station Nudelman's Sanitary Barber Shop Mr. G. Mrs. Andrew Miskoski Mr. Joseph P. Graham Mr. Edward Bartosh Mr. Thomas Kilpatrick Mr. 8: Mrs. Nick Motsko Mrs. Michael Dovin Mr. Francis Mayers Mrs. William Burshnick Gerste1's Restaurant Yank's Diner Mr. 5. Mrs. Joseph Trusky Forest City Repair Shop Mr. 81 Mrs. James Arrowsmith Mr. G. Mrs. George Strus Mr. L Mrs. Joseph Machek Uneeda Glass Company Mr. ls Mrs. George Struss, Jr. Miss Helen Prezelski Mrs. Jean Omahen Mrs. Frank Trusky Mrs. Paul Timko Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Gerjeski Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis Novak Mr. Michael Goskowski Miss Alice Romanczyk Dr.h Mrs. Homer R. Bell Mr. Gt Mrs. Michael Pelick Mr. Joseph Pazel Mrs. Ernest Knight Mr. George Bartholomay Miss Helen Wallace Mr. 8: Mrs. Leon Wojcik Mr. Andrew Morosky COMPLIMENTS OF ce 1901 Miss Lucille Fallon Mr. 8. Mrs. Stanley Polaski Mrs. Marjorie Shandor Mr. L Mrs. John Matous Casmer's Grocery Store Mrs. George Zebrowski Mrs. Mary B. Markunas Mr. Anthony B. Markunas Dr. Francis B. Markunas Mr. 8 Mrs. John Motsko Mr. Anthony J. Konchar Miss Carole Pollack From me to you, Dad Mr. Gi Mrs. Frank Wilks Mr. Paul J. Slick Mr. Earl Tourje Mr. Gr. Mrs. Anthony Wysocki Mr. 8. Mrs. William Stratford, Sr. Misses Teresa and Sarah Gorman Mr. 8: Mrs. John Kulsinsky Browndale Variety Store A1's Service Station Harvatin's "The Corners" Zefran's Grocery Store Browndale Feed Store Vicky's Dress Shop A. K.'s Restaurant Konchar's Market Mrs. Aurora Darling Mr. 8: Mrs. Norman English Mr. 8. Mrs. William Cox Mr. Anthony Baranowski Patsy In Kathy Fives Antoinette Ciborowski Mr. Frank Bostjancic M. J. Walsh Gi Son, Agcy. The Sweet Shop Mr. Gm Mrs. Martin Kelly Mr. 81 Mrs. Fred Lynch Mr. Krank Kelleher Mr. Adam Wysocki Miss Victoria Wysocki Dr. Floyd F. Todd Mr. Sv. Mrs. Thomas Tedesco Mr. 8. Mrs. Frank Gliha Franceski Lumber Yard Mr. 81. Mrs. Carl Franceski Mr. Hugh T. Williams Mr. Clark Cable Furdock Trading Post Mr. 8: Mrs. Peter Sukenick Forest City Radio 8: Television Mrs. Frank Rudolph Mrs. Anthony Yeglinski Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph Musho Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. George Stahl Mr. 8: Mrs. Valentine Swegel Mrs. Mary Shivitz John Dunleavy 81 Mrs. Joseph Sholcosky 8. Mrs. Arnold Swetter Earl Payne Yale's Garage, Uniondale E L J Hardware, Burpee Seeds Kost Tire Service, 709 Main Street 355 Court Street, Binghamton, N. Y. Mr. dt Mrs. Anthony Genis Leo Nadzak, Barber, Browndale Sugar Bowl Helen Carpenter Burnakis, Beauty Salon, Vandling Angeline Poloncic, Peggy Ann Shoppe Capitol Food Market A. Fortuna 8: Son Betty's Fashion Centre Dora's Dress Shop, Women's 81 Children's Ready to Wear Wasyl Mazuk, Excavating L Trucking Phone Forest City, 281-6 Rexall Drug Store Cooley's Stationery Store Frank E. Piorkowski, Prop. Mrs. Cecilia Pavlovich Mr. William Stratford, Jr. Mr. 61 Mrs. Edward Maile Monasky's Market, Browndale Mr. Frank Gibson, Uniondale Samuel Entrot 81 Son, Uniondale, Pa. Samson Brand Feeds Davies Motor Co., Ford Sales and Service Mr. 81 Mrs. Michael Hynes Dr. A. B. Cimachowski Harry J. Newak, Prop. Mr. Joseph Mikalewicz Kameen Hardware Co., Inc. John Smith and Sons Crystal Lake Hotel Mrs. Stella Bochniak Mr. John Gulbin Mr. John Viniski Mr. 8: Mrs. William Kameen Forest City Press, Fred Garm Mr. 81 Mrs. Thomas Williams Red Cross Drug Store Anthony Suponcic , and Henry Turk Northeastern Telephone Co. Dr. Michael Sterchak Knowledge is strength Dr. Leon Braunstein William Ligus, Jeweler, Watchmaker Forest City News Dr. Ward B. Jones John T. McGranaghan Forest House Hornbeck Chevrolet 400-402 S. Main Street Dr. Philip Henstell John G. Monasky, Distributor, Browndale, Pa. Wayne Garment Mr. Edwin A. Bloxham Big Chief Markets Ames Manufacturing Company Keystone State Shoe Co R. B. Fries, Inc., Mr. Garfield Thomas Dodge and Plymouth Clifford Self-Service Market 6: Frozen Food Locker System Kilhullen Flower Shop Thompson Travel Bureau Inc www ' j1:1Ii1Jr M 5 9 fn W Q i l Anfuyf 5131165 iwrgw fafiwizif, QWWL 'DM-99' SLN 'i5bff"M ,iii 5132341 fFf'0'nJv7!L,,.M,lv, . Qww V23 J aims? fwaffff' QQ? efwwwwwgk E Wfwiffif M252 W QMZLWAJL ,mf of 3' WW W we M W Mg QM Gwgfiigljw fawfw 5 f' W Q ,MQW Tj,EfM5gwy5wZ+j57?7fWfiiWj LJ,wf-- 'f'fMJiQm3LmK fw7,M?uZAQ2qqNWIQ.CLmyA4M 37217 X553 mhywcwb gba?-'4?-gi X 76-WLM M 1 f a Q 1 i I 3 1 Q K'v'if. V v 35. f!'1wf?Zf. - . , , 1 ky K 4, N aw a E E 2 r I L .1 u, W A '- il k , 9427 .g ky' '54 4 :2'313:" N ' - LT.:-'N-Rm.: ' fwzia- .1l"'1 1 g., ,atb .,.g, - 1 " ffqrv '. up of ,- I 5? , M.. G ' ' ' . L-j., - . , , ' ' 1- ' s,,.r4',- -,.. ., rw.. .-, pf: -3, ,S ,,,t-,,,u . .. J 1 il E X ,A as ,vc ' , ' 'Q - wg'-f -7' . , .Lf ,af ,un- , . . .Lv , F egg- . wfiff. . -":."' ' "' 'Z ' ,hw ,.: . , K 1 ,, .f fr . 2.,-gm,k , Q-,F 'V , E .-lg 3 . :Q 2. ,,1 , f ,Af 3'- ,A .ii is lik gi ,EG ff S! .1122 . ,:,. .W Aff -1 , ki, if Q:-5 .1 me ' ' Q9- .. y V A' 'N 1 tg. -' ' ' .ii .qi W wif .I , I F-'IE -' :fy '. 51.5, K ' ' -, Q, SEHJ ' 5:5731 fri?-fifii' ii ' , ' J K 'L1-l-iff 'AQ' ff' Q if . 1 if A L - Tfkfifff '- 'f1Q5ffLSX-,'.f if!-5" ,gif 5 1 q , 'X - - "L ef' f.17M?'E.fA 51123:-fbi A N - 'L ff -A aj - -Qs :f , gigxff: I --:?Z1,i1.'f' P- J. 21.3. - , 1 , 5. ,Q 17- g- 1 - - r ' -1, - -- 1 -- '- iq Q., E. lr za:-'I XE , . 4 f ' Kg, . 24 ' " ' :sill '. ' az. ,. , . Aw? k L k W iiifii Y " 1.:-,-: ' 'f ZA 1 -:1 Q I gs Q- - ..V- -.- 4 W gf: '- 1 1 A w' - ' J: N 'ii ' a QTY . 2: E- . 5, , 5,2 .fx .-., M A- f jf' '- my may 1, 2 3 ' " XFX sl ,iz ' Y ' . fr 1 5585 ' Fm ,A gf N .

Suggestions in the Forest City High School - Forestscope Yearbook (Forest City, PA) collection:

Forest City High School - Forestscope Yearbook (Forest City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 7

1953, pg 7

Forest City High School - Forestscope Yearbook (Forest City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 62

1953, pg 62

Forest City High School - Forestscope Yearbook (Forest City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 53

1953, pg 53

Forest City High School - Forestscope Yearbook (Forest City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 29

1953, pg 29

Forest City High School - Forestscope Yearbook (Forest City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 9

1953, pg 9

Forest City High School - Forestscope Yearbook (Forest City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 54

1953, pg 54

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