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JK f M if I??aZ4ze? LC Aga? I S? FEE? ZW F F x wr 2326 fig? JA me W 319223 MWJ . lj kg A L . ' - M25 N944 avi? f 51946 Nj! if QW 4943 2:-Qpjww nfl., 1 Q . ws - X S A ' W if wwf f ggi W W ,VV - A ,A Y W 319MHz ,MMQQQVAV JNW,-,-, M . M x""U ff-9'w9.l, ' go!" ., 95, S- 191 ya fm, , . !?L .4 fjfjy M xfdydof 15335 n"'i'j5 I9Z7 MQW Q! ' F' IQ55 W W Q be 4935 G59 1937 wr " ' W A WNJU Angry Ref! 0' ,N Q45 H QQ M 94 5 M WK ff W I947 WZ J f "ff""!,:,,, i w,,0i. GJ ,N 1 ,xi Q ff 2 - fx' ' fyt! I 9 5 5 Q ff ff WU . 7'-1 Sv '-', f ' fe' A ' A Q ' . -'. , , 1 A M uf ,Q '.', , , Bn- .U - W W if W W YI XS A J Hy mv? WW V jfwf , f5g,f 4 QM? Z0 'Pav giyc I I MW E Q M W Fw Y w WW M ga QQ WW QW ' M ' 2 ,jic'6vf,l7h1V'J!ff'njLV MLA CMV? r X X X ,dbh Mi! M .ff V ,fp luv, ,-fi,,1!ixr!,, , L, f f uf' , 1 ' ,W i M ,wfff 4,1 ff ,Y M dfjuxfm-J WMAJA ,.,,..,,,,,,. ...Y .,.,V , ,. ..Yv.,,... .W-, - ..- , VQMQJ1 CMAJ LQQL' A fry . .. -V .Q I JI ,ily A ! V Xb I, Cu JCM, QE-LLQMQQ' "-I f Q 1' . 1 1,1 1 Q ,f A, f EL EE Jf . ' "f 1' , f J f A N fl! 4 3,75 ' ' 4 ,,,,7,f ' " as Q4 - 1 V JA 7? ,ar ,P 4:!, fb A F A N U XA 'A Xf r , 8 fi ,E lilac' patie- if "' A, f V, wi 'LW A T up fxff w'fJCyff7,W,QL I- 77 0 L0 I gf E fimym s X I LIU V n ', pafE,c,L1f .d-',,,.,---"'-L gif 4,2 7' , an f' "U AA ,A oixsiil Lis of E , I if . J xv Q f.. E ' X2 E I fl 'ja ff l.. 11,45 M fy " QQQWMTFIFFORES. ER AN UA -421. Lfiifw ' Published LW Etuap t 1 RQ gf of I S 3 F, Q. af g FOREST AVENUE HIGH scHoo JF, M3 Q E.,, Dallas, Texas 7 JJ' 5 EOM 'W if , X Q M My H . , ,. .,.. .Mg ,,,,,, . MM! .f Foreword M l Q From The beginning, ForesT has been ' Top-ranking Texas high school. ForTy sp, ffl' years of Trials, pleasures, and progress ' ve een' recorded by The FORESTER. If Z Zgggbotj is anniv ary ediTion preserves happy The school year, Then The pur- o e. h 6 FORESTER has been ful- l fined. Cllr ,X -l ST 4 'ff vii!! 2' I wi' W7 W f7I V I ' I W II M' HTS. I IQINETMTIEN 14 I ELQSAESWV EE iff 28 MIITARY W4' I I I 70 I Nl ATHLETICS! . E, so 1 I ACTIVITIES E I I IIII !Ic3iLU I !,fItU FEATURES ,EEE, f X, - Z ,I WW ff T 'gli L Wgfffflj 7 Y 7 I I7 gif I C I ,f ' I Y ff W 5.11,-'J' If' if ff ' V. ,Q--'W ggi , he S 3? Ev!-Mmqra-'vw' F I lava 4 1 iiflfffazi Ka Cal' l fl , i I ll Hail To Thee, our alma mafer, Hail, Forest High! We are loyal sons and olaughfers, Hail, Forest High!" 1 Through The years your halls will hold us Then your memories will enfold us. I . J is w,f+f,,, .-f, 3' if ' .1 q Q. rw . 1 ' H A LL .V I N V, A , Nh f .L K. A-mg., w H .1 f . A ,, A A "I, - 'A i, A . A . . MQW A ig Q- my An ,uv ., 9 ,. I " ,sift fx- , K A f. , , V. I 0 4. 9 ff Q- mf G M ,"Q55fh fx-'A ' ffylj i-65" 5' g61sf'l ,W 14, ff' A W A A 833' 'F .Qiz.,f?"'i Sf. Q M Ag M wx -. f 5 11 , 2 Q 3 . A Q i 'ul Wfisff A 2. K' H p ' 1 A Q. , -, 91, . -' lv Wang ' ' "" ' ,Ash .Q if fiiiisef A Wi cm: .- ' N T X -V f - A ' X MA V- su. . ,sa - 1"'V , A A fyzff Q 5 .. . . f M' ' . . iw. A fa31m+A 2 A Q A ,...-my A. -1, .,A.,f Ag, f if . .. ' A . f , .1 'A . K - ,A if mv 1 g, 4 ,V Wg' gh X A a 3 Q, - A 55,5 wewgff ,, 43-1, . I . . - -. ff.. A : 1- A 1 1 A. If x V L .Aj . A , WA A H . 4 Q V,.. Q , ,. aw.. L A ' ' Y . g ' few, TH aaiir 1436 Q' ' ' . ' 49' 3. . . in 4 J xf vA -V A Sk 2.--Q .rggfw 1,7 V hwy QA Q 2 1 , :Aix ,iii A dqvgfg Q p V 441 . ' W :L V ' V , " . 1 V Q m5k'5if.f ,xv M143 7 " 3 Q. In as Vw x 1 Q In U q A.. I gt 3 ?, , , H, i Vi ,wifi .,,..w,. Q n 44 I an Y I.. ' ,R V ia 1- A , ,A , ,sp xg '55 954 A 1 1 A fi UF?" A W' , My fr 5 ' ' 'K,.'5?ik if Aw: M , 5 w Q Q'!'s,. QV, Q W it is af ,K 4,7 14 , a', 4, nik 5 . V1 . , if - A ' 5 ' 4 .n H4 4' as , Lv A L' A . . -9 A . .A A 'A , wg 1 A Ig A-z'."f . A A -1 'A Y- W .- 2' , . A.-1 v M, y ' 7 1 . M. In A A' " M- I 5 . AU' V5 , 2. Qu ' . 'A-,-Afw. , A 1- A A yt ,V , 1 .. ,S J, ,lsrvf A - Q .. ' A AW. - W ' 'A' ' Q Q 1 . diff. , . .,. M .Q .gm K .w Q!'f. S? 4 1' .x u. g . '- A " ' , V V f . K ' ' , ' A7 f ' K A ' ,v A .- ' ' ,Al " Q 1 A, ' A gr K j L Q 4 vgxgo .I ' QI.. Yhk ,. A ki 3 viii N K I It -W. nw A ff. . ,. , AQ , Agp . . , . W, A '. . ...W Q Qu Q av - +. 'A ir- -W A. K . , If ' 0 .M-,A 1 A , , . f V 3 1 - , I X " Q ' ' . .N A A g -Bm J ,. n. . ,vat . ,N In U , V Ab M i - + A ' A . f E ,Q , Y Q Wx ' . A I A., Y I-A5 vi 4 , . Q Qu. 59. .7 A EQ , u- N- A A . .1 L .. . , . nu. ' Af " , VIA ,, 5' X f V' A . . , I . Q . .f X715 , .1 .. , f 57 2 if? ve fig-s-x M. Q i. I 'gil ? ' 0 ". k A 1 . M Qi' 4 w 'Va .qv- 14" -gm. .Q 3, F fi 5, . , ,F ff Qiklf +253 . ms. Q- At Forest the highlight of American Edu- cation Week, November 7-13, is Open House. This annual affair begins with a one-hour tour of the classrooms, after which a program is presented by the students in the auditorium. In the halls are many booths prepared by various organizations ot the school. Here are pictured groups in halls and classrooms. The Pep Squad girls are in charge of registering visitors. , elf:-f 3"'8.i:if' Mrs. H. H. Doyie IS un charge of the PTA booth. Chief host at Fores1's Open House is Mr. Whitflesey. 5 "Mrs, Brown, may I present my parents?" says Barbara Freeland X Mr. Shepard, center, presents his wife to a guest. Pictured here are a group of Forest teachers accompanied by Miss Mariana McKee, foreground. Left to right: Miss Felder, Miss Harrington, Mrs. Unger. .E...1sz1m7ir.a fisis,,1ii.,. J 1 ,.,., , f 1s ET-,Qi 5? i' 5fl,Y9'fii4'. flfiiifsiixlv .Q kia: ' - -a Qiaq l . ,L Q V., iii sw S -li g K y yi, ,. f' " ax' J- E 5,5 Q? Q V 157 Q ' V A , + , -1 X ' I' -Q5 .' 'vs In the biology headquarters, Jean Burchett introduces her par- ents, center, to Mr, White, at right. Frieda Nafe and Carolyn Feezell introduce their mothers to their favorite Latin teacher, Miss Masters. M V X-C - , Q akiifilsiiiigiiii One of the most popular exhibits is this one pre- I pared by Mrs. Kerr's Low-Eighth English Classes. The disfaff side looks over Woodcraft products. V' ADMINISTRATION gag- filili Iii w xfrivfps If DfMf'fI4fim I I .-I--.wry I MII - K gwg1'f'fIg- I I JT:-"': i"0hxk5?L??:7f I X .M VXWV 1' Ifsfv-' E k sgsigfigiifisilx I .7. K I--45 I .--,-Iv J N U Ms! sssw - 6 ,ggi S. Q I I ,MZ L . ' I f egg ' ., I , 1 fx' ' " ' A .,. A ' ww.: gwx :ww -fm: 2 fx f :H-'K f , Y.-1. . ,. ex 'YM 'f s 'A-'I Qi QI. X. ' "-' - Agfa: ,W agps9zfigisegfigemggggzs 3 LM ' fry , ,JI 13531 w w .,, ' I- . -' "7 I " - - 5' ' '11, "W: R5 35 51? ,. I W' 1" I 7' VI If :LII 'P we A? .rf . I I, " 7" I ,, -IF II 2,5 - 255:34 ' -II 1. 1, I II ii I I - " A I Ig: 94,5 ,. , IW , Hi I . :I ' ' ' gf, M, .4 n ' f I I , I-I . ' . I A: Q11 I 1-I T i? Q w gszglm ' , 1'-'rg Ifgi f f IE E33 I III ' IT If H ..,......,, , ,I Wi1?I I'f-f a " I If? Wff r ' 1s2f1E'f533? Iii'3 , iff' x Q. 'fff I 2 .5 .I 'W i MII M-f,5 l'2 'L I gi' I I Alai- I HAI,-Igsalik-zI 1 -- V 373 Q ff., .V V it 1: 1 iz, N H I ,V , 453 ,z ggxfiw ij, I we-1 s J ,J V f-,A-if I ' I I I I Iliiw fffrzbfssxzn -I -I f I I 4 . - -,.... , .,,, I , -a I I I . i:I 'f A A Q, .5!mei4gsig2g3wp wj If " I ' "W-' ---+-M I . . .,Ik , Nw' I Q j -"::fk.e"+o: ' 7- M-Piliknxa ::v:Is21f-zA:wI- ' -9415. -I.::ff-1,---...AQ 'kigfil 4.24 Wiifr-"-II 1' 'Y 'I wm2I:sI's, efz1ff3:z,,1 I - .1 ma. S 2I,12zzQffi2izZiiw "'I22w' wwf mm s:-f f I. 6 AX , Y7 QQ: Q N: m.,: 5 l' 7 V J, ,956 ISI f j I 'N If-4 J , l 5 ml N Forty years ago Forest Avenue High School, Dallas' third high school, opened its doors to a new faculty and a new student body. Since l9l6 Forest has made great progress in many fields. The able guidance of the administration and the efforts of the faculty have done much to make Forest a school that has from the beginning ranked in the top bracket of Texas high schools. Principal E. B. Cautharn, served in this posi- tion from l9l6 until 1920, when he was suc- ceeded by Wylie A. Parker. In 1944, after Mr. Parker's retirement, James T. Whittlesey, our present principal, came to Forest. l'....E gt" .ftp 4-'-'hill .awww .ff W. T. WHITE Superintendent of Schools ROBERT H. McKAY Assistant Superintendent E. D. WALKER Assistant Superintendent FRANK L. WILLIAMS Assistant Superintendent DON E. MATTHEWS Superintendent's Assistant Conferences like This can be seen almost any day in Fores'r's halls. Shown here with Mr. Whiftlesey is Mrs. Manning, visiting Teacher. Forest Avenue Principal JAMES T. WHITTLESEY SELDON S. HUTCHINSON Assistant Principal Catching up on his desk work is one of Mr. Hutchinson's many daily Tasks QEi 3i'if3iQi 5 Although her chief assignment is counseling seniors, Mrs. Brown frequently advises underclassmen. Here Emily Cook receives advice on college entrance requirements. Mr. Peek, senior sponsor, confers with Ann Lancaster and Charles Lamb, left, on plans for graduation. ,.iiig,i , , q As dean of students, Miss Meriwether, has Contact with every Forester. Mrs. Calame, secretary, assists Kenneth Starkey in her always gracious manner Z. A.. As Toastmaster of a dinner given by twenty-four busi- ness-women's organizations, Miss Felder, left, presents the Woman of the Year award to Mrs. Tracy H. Ruther- ford, vice-president of the Board of Education. Mrs. Kerr, activities director, prepares to type the next home room bulletin. Miss R o b e r t s, librarian, helps Foresters locate lust the atlas needed for a special his- tory assignment. Faculty To the tune of "Scratching in Their Winter Underwear," this group from the distaff side of the faculty brings the house down at a pep assembly. MARY B BARBARA JAMES B. FRANCES N. LLOYD R. WILLIE MAY ARNOLD AUSTIN BATCHELOR BEILHARZ BELL BERRY History Music Mathematics Homemaking Speech Homemaking RILLA M. BRADY Office Assistant Q ' - A ix hm Rims EMMA H. MARY DWAIN C. EDITH M, BROWN CLARK CLEERE COLE Senior English Metal Shop English 7 Q .r?i3ElJ'i, ,U-Ms-1 wswizs "lf you pour it this way," says Max Mintz to Barbara Freeland, "the H2504 won't eat your sweater." Mr. Bowen, left, ap- proves this demonstration. MARION F. ROBERT H. SARA PERRY M CARRIE COOPER COWSAR CRABTREE DAVIDSON DAWSON DENSON History Mathematics Science Spanish Accounting MBTIWGVTWGIICS PANSY TAYLOR TAFT HELEN H E GEM RUTH MILTON Dosas DUNSWORTH ECKELMAN FELDER FETTERMAN FREY Music Woodshop Speech English Commercial Commercial J Faculty "ls this margin straight enough, Miss Jones?" Sally Roushey asks. JOAN N. C. V. D. T. PATRICIA ALICE R. A. J, GIBSON GOODMAN GRIFFITH HAIR HARRINGTON HILLIARD Dietitian History Mechanical Homemaking Homemaking Woodshop Drawing LOUISE JIMMY DON CECIL O. ALBERT S, BETTE J, CLARA C. HILLYER HUNT JOHNSON JOHNSTON JONES KERR Speech Therapy Social Studies Head Coach Journalism Commercial Activities Director 1 ' .ik Y -- Q . . ad as 'Hr-W i s 5' N il V: A 9 , La-fl 3 f f1. sQgv vii.,'1t , 'Yin 'lil " - ?':'352iEQ:TEwE?bfr": . ,QT iifiiiisffr a A 1, , "M, 1 1 , -' re l ,tw U -- A "Your blood pressure is quite normal," Mrs. Peeler assures Marie Coxe. ELIZABETH RAYMOND PAUL C. CLEO JOHN C. ETHEL KILBOURN KUZICZ LA BORNE LAWSON MARSHALL MASTERS Commercial ROTC English Study Hall Band L 'n v. H. SARAH B. D. MARY ANN R. V. Run-i MATTINGLY MERIWETHER NQYES NUGENT PEEK PEELER Mathematics Dean ROTC Dismbunve History Nurse Education LOCILLE ELIZABETH F. SEGRIST SHELBY A- K- OTTO C. QUESENBERRY RHOME PhYSiCaI Mathematics Education -' Q . 'N 3 . 5 M A E..,n.., r ij E f- Y? "" S" fl ' 5 Q ' F ALVA SHEPARD Ma1hematics PhY5'CaI English Eva? 25 E eg A HQ Q X Eggs -Af if ff ' .3 gf 555 F ,,L, M5 i wgsggigiisiggf'-E E ,v 51 5221552 s 5223 My 55254 E SS NOT IN PICTURES G. May Blackmore D. G. Bohart J. A. Boulton Maxine Calame Hazel Corcoran Ina Roberts W. F. Sallis BERNEIL FRIEDA 'RMA W- TAYLOR THOENE UNGER Algebra Eng 1 h Pl1Y5lCal Education CLASSES QX9 669 : 0 L 60 -A 54 is 0 ii' G Yyfi f-ftw 'QV XI ' - O H9 'NS' Q J xii i, IX 4 1 0,,, 1, l9S5 ,aff N ,fm 5 W , sw, Y 1? ,535 ' COYE GLEN GRIMMETT Track: Football: lce Skating Club: Games Club. CHARLES GRISSAFFI Majors: English, Mathematics: Distributive Education. BOBBY KNIGHT Painters Award: Key Club: Dance Club: Hi-Y Club: Football Club: Senior Play: Cheerleader. PATSY JUNE LEwis Study Club: Senior Play. JOHNNY LEWIS LYLES Majors: English, Mathematics: Distributive Education. JEANNE MARIE MARSHALL Forest Echo Staff, Society and News Editor: Tri-Hi-Y Club: Gym Captain: Senior Play. January '56 ARVELL CRAWFORD Majors: English, Science: Distributive Education. PETE EMBRY ' Football, Letterman: Baseball, Letterman: Basketball, Letter- man: Golf, Letterman: Quill and Scroll: Junior Rotarian: Senior Class, President: Forest Echo Staff: Athletic Club. FRANK GILLETT National Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: Cheerleader: Dal- las Historical Society: Pan American Student Forum: Forest Echo Staff, Editor-in-Chief: Senior Class, Sergeant-at-Arms: Sen- ior Play. BOBBY GOLDSTEIN Key Club, President: Forest Echo Staff. A ' st" January '56 PAUL STANLEY MICHAELSON Linz Awards, Valedictorian, Red Cross Service Award, Sen- ior Play, National Honor Society, President, High Scholarship Club, President, French Club, Vice President, Forester Annual Staff. LEO G. PINA Majors: Mathematics, English, Linz Award. FRANCES ROFFMAN Art Club, Forest Echo Staff, Pep Squad, Junior High. HELEN ROFFMAN Art Club, President, Skating Club, Secretarial Club. FREDA SEXTON Maiorette, Choir, Senior Play, Gym Captain, Dance Club, Twirling Club, Dramatics Club. JAN DOWDY SMITH Linz Award, High Scholarship Club, Maiorette, Forest Echo Staff, Tri-Hi-Y. FRANK STORY Key Club, Pan American Student Forum, Vice President, Dallas Historical Society, Senior Play, Advertising Manager. BOBBY WESLEY Painters Award, Key Club, Hi-Y Club, Senior Play, Games Club, Study Club. WILLIE DEE WILSON Football, Letterman, Captain, Track, Junior Rotarian, Forest Echo Staff, Sports Editor. JAMES WILLIAMS Majors: English, History, Baseball, Games Club. 3I ' I I l 2 5 i 3 i 3 a 3 1 E f Q 3 1 E 2 2 5 s 5 2 1 Y l MARILYN BAXTER Linz Award, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Future Nurses Club. BARBARA BLEVINS HuaeRT Jesse BoLes Linz Awards, National Honor Society, Latin Club, Gun Club, Games Club, Spelling Club, Football, Track, High Scholarship Club. JIMMY BROCKWAY Football, Letterman, Baseball, Letterman, Football Club, Choir. PERRY DAVID BRUNER Majors: English, Mathematics, Distributive Education. JOHNNY Rex BURCHETT Football, Letterman, Football Club, Student Council, Forester Annual Staff, TE Four Foresters. June '56 LARRY ALLEN Linz Awards, Harvard Prize Book, National Honor Society, Vice President, Key Club, ROTC, Officer, Green and White Band, Latin Club. JEAN ALLEY Linz Awards, Future Teachers Club, Vice-President, Typist Club, Secretary, Gym Captain, French Club, Forester Annual Staff. CARMEN AMADOR Pan American Student Forum, Secretary, Tennis Club, Tennis Team, Letterman, Linz Award. SHIRLEY ANN ANDERSON Football Maid of Honor, Green and White Band, Swimming Club, Chemistry Club, Forester Annual Staff, Chorus. I .I!g?! W1 I My e sz E W2 Ni K Maw i if If ' ' zf1i.lEffa1z's 1. , er... .,,.. , L... ,..,,. S .....,..,. A I,.. I ,IIN-I.II.:s,5,I,gI, straw f. ,.II-eziegisgiigiiiiisfzeIL,MI ifiits e I V' l 5 . , .,..,.. , . -A A,1fJIp' if , I., m.,s.,,..M.k .fn , .,I. I. we , ei I II I YI l X 2 X HSI I :Exim I IX , 5 3 ,N X l CE' ill? V 2 2 K .I A sq ,, I sl I I " -H-Si.se1fe2'wISw1 Laws e - . .. 5x,.,.,x,,,m ,.I2w l in ll? V E7 5 II will lg gala 5 June '56 JERRY LEON BURNS Salesmanship Award, Distributive Education. PHILLIP BussELL All City Rifle Team, Honor Wreath Society, Drill Team, Key Club, ROTC, Captain. BARBARA CAMPBELL Majors: English, Commercial, Future Nurses Club, Junior Red Cross. WENDELL RAY CHAPMAN Linz Award, National Honor Society, French Club, Senior ' Band, Track. ,- f- -, ifrysz-.iw-,N,1.fia-ig if YF? . -1:- if ew w J- 5 f 2 5E3Qfii55i" f 5551:-:ii Qqgigta511ei.fz1 1- ,, -f 1' Iftffiif' filiigii vigiiiiisyikbimiv FL-It simigagzfxss, .Reg ,, A RxfTsi'L,545,sSzvL7'l "' ' 255' 1 iii 57'-3'-Si' xii x Q ' i a- Ms-: 2 we A.. ti DIANNE CECILE COHEN Future Nurses Club, Program Chairman, Typing Club, Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Forester Annual Staff, Latin Club. ALICE MARIE CRAWFORD Choir, Junior Red Cross Council, Office Helper, Gym Cap- tain. DANNELL LOUISE CREACY Distributive Education, Study Club. F. J. CREACY Majors: English, Architectural Drawing. SAMMY CROCKETT Student Council, President, Drum Maior, Honor Wreath Society. MARClA Jov CROWELL Linz Award, National Honor Society, Secretarial Club, Forester Annual Staff, Latin Club, High Scholarship Club. 'W BARBARA JEANINE DAVIS Linz Award, Student Council, Treasurer, Choir, Treasurer, Mello-Tones, Gym Captain. LAURA DEATHERAGE Majors: English, History. JERRIE FLO Davos Choir, Junior Red Cross Council, Future Nurses Club, Roller Skating Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Forest Echo Staff. MoNTEz Donn Linz Award, Pan American Student Forum. DONALD WILLIAM DOYLE Football, Baseball, Track, Letterman, Student Council, Vice- President, Choir, All-City Baseball, Forest Echo, Sports Editor. RONNIE DUANE EAVES - Basketball, Football, Cinema Club, Basketball Club, Hi-Y Club. June '56 GLEN CULPEPPER Majors: English, History, ROTC Club. RICHARD WOODROW CUNDIFF Majors: Shop, English. Jov CUNNINGHAM Tri-Hi-Y Club, Treasurer, Typist Club, Cheerleader Club LUCILLE CURRY June '56 DON ELLIS Majors: English, Mathematics, Metal Shop. K. LYNN ELLSWORTI-I -National Honor Society, Linz Awardg ROTC Lieutenant, Footballg Track, ADRIENNE ENGLEBERG Linz Awards, Bible Linz Award, Red Cross Service Awardg National Honor Societyg High Scholarship, President, Forester Annual Statfg Forest Echo Staffg Student Council, Junior Red Cross Council. SAMUEL ENGELBERG Key Club, ROTC Band, Dance Bandg Fire Fighterg Band Instructor. MARTHA FACUNDUS Tri-Hi-Yg Future Nurses Club, High Scholarship Clubg Typing Club. MARION ALTUS FALLWELL National Honor Society, Baseball, Letterman, Football, Bas- ketball, All-City, Headlioners Quartet. WILLIAM RAY FARRIS Football Letterman. MAROO FERNANDEZ BETTY FITZWATER RILLA FLOWERS Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplaing Cinema Club, First Aid, Gym Captain. 35 E GLORIA GOMEz Junior Red Cross Council Award, Junior Red Cross Council President, Dallas Historical Society, Treasurer, Pep Squad. JOYCE GRANT Linz Awards, National Honor Society. BARBARA ANN GRIFFIN Choir, Typist Club, Cinema Club, Forest Echo Staff. LAvON HALL National Honor Society, President, ROTC, Captain, Rifle Team, Baseball, Letterman, Football, Letterman, Student Coun- cil. JACK HAMILTON Gun Club, Science Fiction Club, Forester Annual Staff, Forest Echo Staff, Assistant Advertising Manager. VON ALLEN HAMMOND Football. June '56 DAVID FOSTER BARBARA JEAN FREELAND Pep Squad, Captain, Head Majorette, Pep Squad Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Typist Club, Canasta Club, Student Council. WILDA JEAN GILBERT Linz Awards, High Scholarship Club, Student Council, Future Teachers Club, Secretary, Junior Red Cross Council. JACK GLATZER Linz Awards, National Honor Society, French Club, ROTC Band. I Ark 1' l June '56 WLNQNA HARRIS Majors: English, Home Economics, History, Tri-Hi-Y, First Aid. JAMES HARWOOD Football, Manager, Basketball, Track, Key Club District Of- ficer, Choir, Ice Skating Club, Editor-in-Chief, Forest Echo. BARBARA GAYLE HENRY Linz Award, Tri-Hi-Y, Secretarial Club. BOBBIE Hicics Majors: English, History, Latin Club, Forester Annual Staff. 35Zl5i55E5ia21lL5!lfssl.l,ixiJ WlEiE A .f FRANK HoLEY Football, Letterman, Football Club, Firefighters, Co-Captain WANDA HoLLowAY Majors: English, Home Economics, History, Tri-Hi-Y. CLYDEAN HOUSTON , Majors: English Home Economics, Commercial. DoRls HOWELL Forester Annual Staff, Cheerleader, Cheerleaders Club. NORMA FRANCES HUDSON Pep Squad, Cheerleaders Club, Tri-Hi-Y Pan American Stu- dent Forum. ROBERT IsER Majors: English, Mathematics, News Editor, Forest Echo Staff. 1 l I I NANCY JONES Pep Squad, Lionettes Club, Secretarial Club, Junior Red Cross Council, Student Council, Cheerleaders Club, CHRISTINE JORDAN Typist Club, Junior Red Cross Council, Library Club. HARRY KARLEN ROTC, Officer, Football Club, Television CIub,'Junior Red Cross Council. SANDRA ROCHELLE KELLY Majors: English, Mathematics, Distributive Education, Sketch- ing Club. SHIRLEY ANN KISER Future Nurses Club, Junior Red Cross Council, Cheerleaders Club, Secretarial Club, Pep Squad. JAMES LEONARD KOLLER Cinema Club, Distributive Education. June '56 BOBBY JACKSON Majors: English, Mathematics, Distributive Education. TOMMY JIMMERSON Majors: English, Shops, Distributive Education. NORMA RUTH JOHNSON Linz Awards, Linz Bible Awards, Choir, Four Hits and Their Misses, Mello-Tones, French Club, President, High Scholar- ship Club, National Honor Society, Secretary, Student Council. SAMMIE JOHNSON Lionette Club, Maiorette, Green and White Band, Dads Club Princess, Modeling Club, Student Council. W, A . , ,, . June '56 JOHN ALFRED KOLLER Cinema Club, Distributive Education. MARY KOONCE Linz Awards, National Honor Society, Red Cross Service Award, Pan American Student Forum, High Scholarship, Future Teachers Club, Senior Class, Secretary, Forester Annual Staff. CHARLES LARRY LAMB Forester Annual Staff, Student Council, Games Club, ROTC, Drill Team, Linz Award, Academic Achievement Wreath. ANN LANCASTER Linz Award, Cheerleader, Cheerleaders Club, Gym Captain, Ottice Assistant. xox g 1 1 l PATSY LANCASTER Majors: English, Mathematics, Maiorette. ZOE NAN LANCASTER Choir, Gym Captain, Office Assistant. HARDY FRANKLIN LEBEL National Honor Society, Linz Award, Football, Letterman Drill Platoon. WELDoN DALE LENAMOND Majors: English, History, Science, Science Fiction Club. HODGE JACKSON l.lGHTFOOT JUNIOR Forester Annual Staff, Games Club. LoulsE HOLLIS MCCOLLOUGH Majors: English, History, Tri-Hi-Y, Typists Club. I L ' I ' ' LARRY DoN MCRAE Maiors: Social Studies, English, Commercial. RICHARD MADDEN Forester Annual Staff, Linz Award, Auditores Caesaris, Key Club, High Scholarship Club, ROTC Band, Green and White Band. DICK E. MANN Football Letterman, Football Club, Fire Fighters, Co-Captain. BELVIS MARTIN Linz Award, Tri4Hi-Y, Typists Club, Future Nurses Club, Games Club, Latin Club. BILLY RAY MARTIN All-City ROTC Rifle Team, Baseball. MARY RUTH MARVIN National Honor Society, Secretary, Linz Awards, Mad Hatters Club, Student Council. June '56 RAYMOND McKEE Auditores Caesaris, President, Key Club, Vice-President, Science Club, National Honor Society, Forester Annual Staff CHARLES DONALD MCKENZIE aiors: English, Mathematics, Shop. r fHTG.'jQW Q HARRY ALLEN MCLEROY Cheerleader, Cheerleaders Club, Key Club. BILLY MCMANUS ROTC Band, Science Fiction Club, Feature Editor, Forest Echo June '56 DON MAssEY Linz Award, Football, Letterman, Track, Football Club. MELVIN EARL MAY Majors: English, Mathematics, ROTC Band. EDNA DARLENE MILLER Pep Squad, Pep Squad Club, Game Club. GENEVA MITCHELL CHARLES LEVAN MooRE Majors: English, Distributive Education. NANCY MooRE CAROL NuLIscH Linz Awards, National Honor Society. DAYLE OLIVER Linz Award, Forester Annual Staff, Future Nurses Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Gym Captain, Tennis Team, Tennis Club. iii I E fi ,xl LEM mg A.,-f'?-QW? X Tl DAN CHARLES CULBERSON PARISH FN t Linz Award, Key Club, Latin Club, Choir, Drill Platoon x Dance Band. THOMAS MAX PARVIN Honor Wreath Society, ROTC, Captain, Drill Team. j , ! N JACK PRESLEY Majors: English, Mathematics, Architectural Drawing. DAVID EARL RAMSEY Majors: Science, English, Games Club. JIMMY REED Majors: English, Mathematics, Football Club. SYLVIA SUE REID Secretarial Club, Typists Club. LEONARD RENEAU ROTC, Colonel. JIMMY CHARLES REYNOLDS Majors: Science, English, Game Club. I June '56 ' ERNEST EUGENE PATY ROTC Band, Anglers Club. PHILLIP PETTY Cheerleader, Cheerleaders Club. DORIS JEANETTE PLATZER Tri-Hi-Y, Future Nurses Club, Chorus, Roller Skating Club AMELIA CAROL PONTLEY Cheerleaders Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club. MSN June '56 THELMA IRENE RODEN Secretarial Club, President: Study Club. AvoN RODERICK Typists Club: Secretarial Club: Exchange Manager, Forest Echo Staff: Cheerleaders Club: Student Council. JIMMY DALE Rocens National Honor Society: Linz Awards: Football: Baseball. MILDRED ELIZABETH ROUSHEY Dads Club Princess: Tri-Hi-Y: Latin Club: Cheerleaders Club: Gym Captain: Skating Club: Choir: Future Nurses Club. PATSY Sus RUTLEDGE Tri-Hi-Y: Student Council: Future Nurses Club: Junior Red Cross Council: Office Assistant. JANICE RYLE Majors: English, Commercial: Tri-Hi-Y. MARTHA SHAW Typing Club: Skating Club: Gym Captain: Art Club: Future Nurses Club. MARVIN SLOVAK Majors: English, Mathematics. LEON A. SMITH - Football, Baseball, Letterman: Forester Annual Staff. DELORIS ANN STEPHENS . Typing Club: Library Club: Camera Club: Library Helper. BETTY ANN THORNTON Linz Award: Future Nurses Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Forester Annual Staff: Gym Captain. BlLl.lE LORAINE TOUCHSTONE Linz Awards: Maiorette: Pep Squad Club: Canasta Club: Typing Club: Modeling Club. RUBY DOLOIS TRAMMELL Secretarial Club: Tri-Hi-Y. JANICE DANIELLE TUCKER Linz Award: Future Nurses Club: Student Council. CHARLES EDWARD VENTURA Majors: English, Distributive Education. JOYCE VOGELSANG Linz Awards: National Honor Society: Forester Annual Staff: Latin Club: Future Nurses Club: High Scholarship Club, Secre- tary: Junior Red Cross Council. 2 il 1 Ill: I V June '56 BETTY STEVENS JERRY STOVALL ROTC Band: Television Club: Junior Red Cross Council: Distributive Education. GLADYS STRICKLAND Library Club: Typing Clfob: Baton Twirlers Club: Secretarial Club. DONALD RAY THOMPSON National Honor Society: Linz Awards: Honor Wreath So- ciety: ROTC: Cinema Club: Rifle Team. Run-i VVll.LlAMSON Linz Award: Tri-Hi-Yg Library Club. NlARioN WORKMAN Tri-Hi-Yg Future Nurses Club. 1 IV Cheerle clerg, heerlealgers Club: Skating Club Gym Cap DNLPJ fi ll 1 - 'li :"ll E Eg li ll? W Eg! E Oxy fr lf ,lflll Qxllally 14' i 1,6 CHARL 4?lAbl6ivERiqglir,l,f1,fl 1 I Games ?llJlJ6lisTll'fif1H"ve Ewucafion BEVERLY taing Girls' Sporls Club!!! l January 57 BARBARA HARWELL BARBARA ANN LoviN Linz Awardg Pep Squad Club, Maloreite Forester Annual Sfaffg High Scholarship Club: Student Council 'Vo IX' January '57 HOWARD MILTON NEWHOUSE Football, Letterman, Football Club. LINDA Sue ROUSHEY Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer, Secretarial Club, Cheerleaders Club, Ten nis Team. WILLIE WALLS Football, Track, Letterman, Football Club, Cinema Club. CLIFTON OGDEN WALTON Majors: English, History, Games Club. "All together, One, two, three , . . " This happy threesome in Mrs. Taylor's class is photographed iust as Martha Honea, center, explains an equation to A. B. Cody. Dayle Oliver, foreground, and Ruth Williamson concentrate on their Office Practice laboratory assign ment in the main office. June '57 Patsy Armstrong Eula Mae Arriola Barbara Benson Peggy Blackwood Gene Boatman Laneffe Brooks Mary Lou Boshears Cafherine Boyd Jo Ann Bucher Jean BurcheTT David Busch Claudine Byrom June '57 John Calvert Billy Gene Cl Gwynola Clark A. B. Cody Sylvia Cowand James Cox Louise Culpepper Helen Davis Norman Dale Davis Charles Dean Louis Delk Palsy Downey ,QV gay: v x B? 3 4 i az ii w i i ,, va , flpilrif-,g11z.gI,:W,f i ,, fa1:Qa1,,1,.1 H? i 5 .3. fg Q June '57 Roberf Dudley Duane Ethington Doris Mae Facundus Barbara Ford Betty Freeman Mollie Jean Gaston Jack Gross Fay Guernsey Joyce Harrison Kay Henderson Charles Higgins Martha Honea June '57 Leroy Hooten Linda Horton Joyce Huffman Marcia Jacobs Glenda Johnson Doris Kerbo Mary Koller Belva Lawson Richard Lewis Virginia McWhirTer Charles Mariin Janie Massey June '57 Daphine Mayer Norman Minsky Barbara Moore David Neathery Raymond Neathery Jerry Oliver Teddie Pairsh Mike Parker Ray Pina Jerry Priest Gary Raney Howard Sandford June '57 Joe Sawyer Sandra Simons Claudia Smith Roger Somerville Danny Strother Nancy Tillery Patsy Tissier LaNelle Vick Patricia Vogel Carl Webster Nita Woodruff Pegeen Wright ,.Ql'f!fEff2!S,,fi. ' .f l 5+:"'P+:, M.. ' K' S f11f,fiwm5,sgi , V L f ' , ,L - - - ,fk.1'i1g':gQgg,ig4e.,i n,g1e':'i:e:'- V . -. , ., 7" -'-31' I -. a ' 1" Sli l'l"z',"z f - I ' ""iEf'l'f'.it :lf " f ,sz n W '-f wiv f . -1 . I V ' ' ' 1 1 , 1 ff3fm,j1?1'lZi ' . ElZhl5ig?la'i:-'S 'Z D , ' 1 A ' ' . ,Mfr - , ,, , 591-eww ,A l , 1, . 1 V Egagaxsla M f f- - .fl A 4 m w giig , ,. Y 'f mm 'f S am iga :ssc w 1 K wv1h,.zz1'- i f W i ggezmgf figs-wvi.rs1f,,:z. f . . 5 W 2 . siwwiiffls 1 , .f i Wi -fiiffi1giHx.f' .2 X ' I 312 1: M? M ' rf if ,- f f - i 1 Q I 1 i i F 'W ii-'Zi'?5?l?if.5l1'iilf5:'7f '11-flsiiaiil-' xli illlllllil-5.l -5 of ,Wg N r ' wig f,1gz1.iz,+a',"' 'lim -yen- , f , J, in V ,rpg ,- it gm 2 i l l l 9 1 N. 9,4 fb iff J June '58 Brenda Ballard Carolyn Banks Wanda Beggs Don Billups Louise Brown Roy Bullock Clover Burris Dale Caldwell Anne Carroll 9 June '58 Bobbie Cameron James Conner Jackie Cox Marie Coxe Bill Crowell Walter Crum Patricia Dawson Tony Delarosa Billy Drye Margarer Ellinger Barbara Evans Delores Fairclofh Jean France Harry Geierrnan John Gilliland Barbara Johnson Charles Kiser Anna Koncak Rozalee Kubala Don Linderf Richard Lunsford Shirley Marvin Carol Meggs Sandy Mitchell June '58 Pat Murry Bobby Nunn Tommie Parker JoAnn Phillips Carolyn Plyler Doris Pope S , Linda Pri'rcheTT Robert Rains Nancy Reeder Donald Roden Billy Roe David Sarfain Shirley Shelton Joyce Shindoll Cecile Sizemore f 'f 2,1 xi ii l, , 3 W,. in L W,.. ,Q - 1 A: ss 's: ,.:g-Lggffjiiflzf' il .ai 'V 1--wwe? H iwfzsze' 2QfiE11fzff,fQj ,lf 1 shzgfmifiwse?Wfz1H.i L 1-will 11 im. 15 5' ' J Wifi? - Eflb-f ,,.W- .. i, was is if C la: xx YK ,K ' :emu xiii' is., :wr 3 5 2 'J lg X., I my I if 5 Sandra Jean Williams Ronald Williamson Carole Wilson Mary Worthen Lavonne Wright Faith Wullschleger Tw ml 'V f S ag? ' June '58 Gene Slurdivam' Maxie Thomas Rodney Thompson August Van Dyke Patsy Wallace David Wigger til E -: Z -:S O , o' .O ' iw 0 i X 1 or 3 ' v E 1 ' .. Vivian Lightfoot Jerry Moon David Pierce Irene Pina Dorothy Reed Nancy Starnes Nelda Jo Dellis Jerry Downey Dicky Eaves Sandra Elliolf Vivian Erhington Linda Evans Maxine Alexander Pauline Alvarez 'Simi Mary Amador Barbara Bison Judy Blakeney Julia Calvert Marcus Cervantes, Jr. Charlene Chancellor Emily Cook Jean Davis 'J K ,qua NFMREY v gwxxg 5759:lxfl-fEgTe27L6VSVi2fTTLzlQsaYQ39ffS? STU rsgfgr-wfiwfxs-14-, A 2, -H357-S 'asir1wi , A f wi. XM gas 2 8 Q as ,T K 5 Q .3 1 'Fr 5 lx A., . 3 was-s ., 5 :Film S Q .K , , if W 5 S v P Q W if rf 'S Q E x if Y ,, ,lC,,.5 l-,W Q1 SW r g .. . . .5 . W.: swf? , ,gg X 1 5 ,, . X ' 4 , W fx Trib 4 4 W 3 was nl, , , ara W' fag ei, S ' 'alll' ii l it Emi? yn 3355 , Q is s U! . is ' is if A A , i X I I . "wiisE,f,:v li? l 1 l,',lx y l ' 1 QU, 1 2 U1 4' i ai, su, ,l is . :rm r all Jimmie Fleming Margaret Graves Sandra Griffin Judy Gross Gwen Harris Rex Harwell Shirley Ann Hassell James Hatcher Myra Facundus Carolyn Feezell mx .Xa ' in ,". f x, K 1 f --fx. I . M QQ Gail Heising Judy Horn Thomas Ann Hosch lma Martin Aloma Mathews Mary Millender "INK a gzlgg? 5 ' fg iggigiliekgiia 13 ls vim 12 f-'11Li1I 5 1 fin -i', Mi., . . , , ff: . UM., .,., , , f will Q aims, Wifi 'f :fllflign 13335227 w.-'zisfh Wea M ff-W -5, is li .umm wil qi 22 L S B if Eine S Q , 'Q ,xy 537. if im .f-nm? . ,T .V,V fe we , ,wafgeee uneven- . Shirley Moore James Murdock W g gggksgz 11.-f ,J N, . Lynn O'DonneII Reba Parham Mary Parnell Dee Pool Barbara Presswood Starr Proctor Peggy Joplin Betty Lockhart Monrez Lowe Nancy McDonald Freida Nafe Mary Neafhery June '59 Peggy Nichols Charles Oliver LR 32 l si gy gig H6 'lf 31 144 At' .ff A Evelyn Riggs Joyce Rogers Marie Elena Ross Roy Sawyer Carolyn Seilheimer Barbara Settles, Q iff iris? ta M l All i if fly Lg is F if in M Jesse Rangel Frances Reeol I i r few 1 3521153 Rf ia M-ff cs if ,f ' r S Km it mga, SKK sr' as w X is X 2 a X EL P2 S 932553 Qssrzggimigg 5 s X W R ass K ft 3 L-.lf .9 :R Ah 'tk Ann Sinclair Dean Sims Kay Talbot Ann Thompson Janice Walker Beatrice Weatherford Harold Webster, Jr. Paul Whitley Penny Upthegrove ,Q S as t it QS X at sl - Y iz- 1- 1 'Qilfil -Bfphif' 'air 3 . - W 'Y :- all as if , f a 1 55. I qs ,. - - L Ji ., fr mf s Q GK? 4 in X in 'J x , 4' .. W, wgg, sfzmm mfr K ,xiii . f wr 1 'ff gm If Milli!! r - 'ff4z?w51r"-' .af Nr ,S A High Eighth Class ldalia Alvarez Joyce Banks H xx A 2551 B ,rr ::, hssh J 'sweggif?5icr. f -11 E? 1: . all , Qs, C 5 :w,,:1z,.21 1- ., f -X M-q'fi1'z:7kzlf'n??' inf? 'w ' :L ,J Q .1 'Q' iszfsafmilklizfmars rm' zz 1 F J Q K 512 if 2 s. Q -w--H4111 ::f', 1. S 1.25 fx an 1-r ri nw K. NNW v-.SX "'N's-,..,. ..,.-.. m aaa: L54 M 5 :,,Lflirty?,Qrsh.,5lifikiiiisixssisilfbisalsssiiillsliifiwisiai v 3 uv an ll is " f ,S '1 l if , - - -2 Ixifrii' Mary Ellen Barbee Billie Barnes Dof Chamberlain Barbara Chofe Nancy Clevinger Mary Dominquez Bill Engelberg Jo Ann Fuller Linda Gibson Gloria Guerrero PaTsy Harwell Jessie Huddleston Wanda Hunter Inez Johnson Mary Johnson Virginia Kelley High Eighth Class Linda Martin Cledith McGuire Beverly Millican Mary Ann Murphy Jill Pairsh Rose Ann Palmer Rebecca Rangel Juanita Reed Don Ross Nelma Rowden Linola Sizemore Larry Taylor Sue Tissier Aubry Tucker Sandra Varner Kenneth Woodall at 9522? Ted Kiser 'Yvonne LeBlanc . ,- N :f.-:s,gaf,M.1.- 1, .,..,gs:.,:,,, 'Q L ,, ' iwQi53Ql'E?f E, Q ,.,rL. 5 rg ,i,r' L ' r ' : ", if X fl W gr 24 fa Miswy Ji! M Y Q 5 if A riff r vQy,,fi:1LQl sw . . iw Q! 'lim ,T - sic -,. W T , T iyiri gli -A f' ,.,. i f -K A is was rr K if T , if 3 L Qs S s y Qgfi u gl Q9 9 fa Mlm in Suggs ug X Ss Low Eighth Class First row: Jennie Geierman, Jannie Lynch, Car- olyn Hampton, Minnie Feagin, Harvey Blank- enship, Doris Jenkins, Mary Cortinas, Betty Brown, Sharron Green, Mary Duran, Victoria Guerra. Second row: William Brown, Lucio Cabrera, Shir- ley Atchison, Frances Dudley, Carolyn Hill, De- lois Ingram, Frank Jones, Bill Garcia, Rudolph Gates, Manuel Lopez, Manuel Correa, Delbert Brown. Third row: V. H. Mattingly, Miss Carrie Denson, Miss Elizabeth Kilbourn, David Franks, Travis Kovor, Johnny Fobly, Judith Hadley, Carmen Cano, Mattie Hall, Delores Grubbs, Wayne Lee, Tommy Grubbs. Low Eighth Class First row: Claudette Russell, Mary Ray, Ruth Ortiz, Rosario Mendoza, Joyce Worsham, Marilyn Wall, Hatty Pool, Rose Minsky, Ruby Zarate, David Sims, Howard Richardson, Mar- vin Frier, Olga Orosco. Second row: Leroy Phillips, Owen Nelson, Car- olyn Williams, Ruby Reed, James Sawtell, Charles Warren, Danny Welky, Don Ross, Tom- my Stone, Lloyd Potash, Rosa Reyes, Martin Morgan, Billy Powell. Third row: McArthur Meacham, Mathew Peneda, John Carlos Reyes, Luis Rodriquez, David Mc- Gee, Phillip Stovall, Dennis Wright, Earnest Pyles, Joe McDonald, Joe Dan Robertson, Don- ald Patterson, Junior Trippo. Fourth row: Miss Carrie Denson, V. H. Mattingly, Miss Elizabeth Kilbourn. 68 l Here and There Glen Culpepper sands his proiecf in Woodshop From B.C. to A.D. -i'r's all made easier To understand by charfs like This in The library. Magazine reading is The order of the day in Mrs. Shelby's reading class. M I infer . - fl, In The Classrooms Shirley Dudley demonsfrafes her stage set to Mr. BelI's speech class. Biology students watch a film in Mr J. B. Whife's class. Now is the time for all good boys and girls to be studying. MILITARY Q9 6 H, 4 I -5frQgQf '50 l- ' I 'Q g 4 Py lqk IN q,hgdL I956 4 4 4 4 ze 'v'c4'.4f- Je 4 + H 4'4- -V4-,N 4- 3 3,1 0 is w AA Via. kfzmfy- ' X111 if 4221 Q. Q x K Q, 1 7.4 1? W' ,.,,,,?g,,, -ff.: -in fp. v. w.. ' .1 ,Q 11 .6 i'.gl'if'5lrf'arw ww if Y' We 6 s. Q4 'A 3990 ' 3 Q-35 Q " 'Md 3 if-xii, 'X 55531 H mr-,. ff., -.sf -M V F , ' if L 7 df , 'f. W ' - . S ,'. . J i xi, f 'H-2 , Lg is 1 M? Sergeant Noyes describes the principles of tactics. Company "B" accepts the colors. 1-7?'cF.'1 'f N' JC-1-Vg fmfffifwffw-""f"',7 'fgf7":ff4mim-L:i1: ' V, Q- 111-'.gi'f1"' Fsw . i Q-, Officers, front and center! f' WWSY Q. The Forest Rifle Team keeps its rating as one of the best teams in the nation by practicing under the guidance of Colonel Roberts. Sergeant Kuzmicz is at his favorite pastime, cutting off patches. Cadet officers are given pointers on ways to improve the parade by Colonel Roberts. Members of the staff meet to discuss ways of improving the Major Perkins conducts arfordnanre inspection. Corps. ?5s . 1 ilwfssiifafi J '?IL!,'f.: Rifle Team l956 CITY Pl NS etllllilylw fwirfll A A . X Q1 First row: Capt. Donald Thompson, Capt. Levon Hall, Capt. Bill Martin, Capt, Phillip Bussell, Capt. Thomas Parvin. Second row: SFC. Billy Roe, Sgt. Vincent Shindoll, Col. Leonard A. Reneau, MfSgt. Gus Hernandez, Sgt. Jerry Smith. Third row: lst. Lt. K. Lynn Ellsworth, 2nd. Lt. Gerald Templeman, SFC. David Tankersley, SFC. David Sartain, SFC. Bill Crowell. Honor Wreath Society 74 Bite 33 E MQ femf 35 J First row: Col. Leonard A. Reneau, lst Lt. Charles Lamb, lst Lt. Emmett Frier, lst Lt. K. Lynn Ells worth, SFC. Bill Crowell, Capt. Donald Thompson. Second row: SFC. Carmen Wagliardo, lst Lt. Phillip Petty, Capt. Levon Hall, Capt. Thomas M. Parvin Capt. Phillip Bussell, SFC. Bill Roe. Third row: Mai. Sammy Crockett, lst Lt. Larry Allen, Capt. Hardy Lebel, Capt, Bill Martin, lst Lt Richard Madden. Hezfffrr 6 3 Qui river. ,rg 1, , - f1.'2f:ils.'f:4'L-ffz.1..--sf 1 I ROTC Band Col. John C. Marshall 2nd Lt. Wendell Chapman SFC J. D. Dukes lst Lt. Richard Madden Cpl. Kenneth Brisendine lst Lt. Larry Allen Mai. Sammy Crockett Second row: SFC Norman Minsky Pvt. Harold Webster Pvt. Jack Minsky Hrs, row: MfSgt. Jack Glatzer Pvt. Marcus Cervantes Pvt. Mike Parker Third row: SFC Carl Webster Pvt. Bobby Farmer Pvt. Nickey Porter Pvt. Joe McNaUghten Pvt. John Calvert Pvt. Bill Drye Pvt. A. B. Cody Company A Firsf row: Cpl. Wayne Chambers CapT. Hardy Lebel lsT LT. Chester Weatherford SFC Carmen Wagliardo Second row: PVT Cpl Cpl PVT PVT Cpl PVT Richard Lunsford William Hall George Newman Ray Ross O. T. Bridges LesTer Cody James Lincks Third row: SgT. PVT. PVT. PVT. PVT. PVT. SgT. Fourth PVT. Cpl. SgT. Sgr. PVT. SFC PVT. Lyndel Fleming Jerry Moon Max Beard David Clark William Harwell William Selmon Donald Kirk l'OW: Homer LighTfooT RoberT Allen Bobby Chandler Dwayne Lindsey Jimmy Cole James Myers Don Linolert Company First row: Col. Leonard A. Reneau Capt. Levon Hall Capt. Thomas M. Parvin lst Lt. Charles Lamb Sgt. Luther Jenkins lst Lt. Emmett L. Frier SFC. Billy E. Burkley Second row: Pvt. Jack Craft Pvt. Donald Mathis Pvt. Bill Kelly t Pvt. Bobby Headrick Pvt. Glen Grimes Pvt. James Shipley Cpl. Jesse Rangel Cpl. Larry Lewin Pvt. Jesse Rodriguez Pvt. Don Loyd Third row: Pvt. Earl Brown Pvt. Luke Ashmore Cpl. Keith Grit 'n vt. Robbie Phillipj Pvt. Pvt. Pvt. Pvt. Fourth Cpl. Cpl. Sgt. Roger Holloway Billy Blankenship Jerry Purser Kenneth Ross FOWI Brooks Grittin Freddie Cruse Gene Sturdivant Pvt. Austin Lewellen Pvt. Earnest Hill Cpl. Paul McCowan Pvt. Ronald Culley Cpl. Preston Henderson Fifth row: Pvt. Crayton Lewellen Pvt. Orvis Tramel lst Sgt. Glenn Culpepper Pvt Harvey Thornton SFC. David Tankersley SFC. Billy Kennelly Sgt Pvt Sgt Johnny Glasscock Jesse Allen Don Lehew Company C First row: Capt. Billy Martain lst Lt. Donald Fain Sgt. John Calverly SFC. Bill Crowell Second row: Pvt. Morris Young Pvt. Wayne Jenkins Pvt. Max Calloway Pvt. Richard Martin Third row: Sgt. Pvt. Pvt. Sgt. Sgt. Fourth Pvt. Cpl. Thomas Turns Fred Posey Aubrey Johnson Harvey Nix Jerry Smith l'OW: Jerry Fain Malcolm Hallmark SFC. David Sartain Sgt Bill Alexander Sgt. Milton Shumate Pvt. Charles Poole Company D First row: Capt. Billy Martin Capt. Phillip Bussell lst Lt. K. Lynn Ellsworth lst Lt. Phillip Petty Pvt. Charles Stevenson 2nd Lt. Gerald Templeman 2nd Lt. Victor Correa SFC. Bill Roe Second row: Pvt. Gene Harrell Cpl. Harry Gyerman Pvt. Mike Lewis MfSgt. Gus Hernandez Pvt. Donald Bishop Pvt. Daniel Fuller Third row: Pvt. Donald Glenn Pvt. Charles Gardner Pvt. David Pierce Maxie Thomas Billy Prewitt Buddy Jeffries Wayne Wilson FOW: Charles Kiser Sgt. Jerry Henson Odis Edwards Billy Matthews Vincent Shindoll Billy Duckworth Fifth row: David Shehorn Don Henderson John McClain James Anders Muriel Lane Deon Simms Kenneth Record f- 3, Z -1 fa ,ff. Q- f , i5m,MWM.w.mrmzw s . sw M. iWXtWiI""' f .MM ' , ATHLETICS 6Vx9l6'Yf G Y" N if w F n v 9 ,955 iv , 4 f" - f " ' 40 1 -" f"' " ' R I I L .wa ?lIW1V? wg, M. s1f5hf"'i1 fyxfigl gif' ' . 5 Q S gd, Lei svn Q ? Z gm ' M3521 f JOHNNY BURCHETT Center PETE EMBRY End ,MW 44W 4 WILLIE WILSON Halfback DICK MANN Tackle 7 gi 96,6 1 Q 2 Q Q9 5OYvSScf0 QXX- C95 53821523 FRANK HOLEY Guard X 4' 95 51 4 msg 5 -I Qgiifi 5 515551- zlgfaafg its 4, if , ,zggz Ee 13?n31Z ..j. f EES' 5:5 EEZ, MARION FALLWELL Quarterback JOEL WYATT End QS MQ? 05 ew s- O0 we CO X0 GEORGE LOGAN 505 C069 Tackle . N53 Ovogtig WILLIAM FERRIS Fullback LEVON HALL Halfback HOWARD NEWHOUSE Guard D. F. ADAMS Tackle K. LYNN ELLSWORTH End WALTER CRUM End GENE BOATMAN JIMMY BROCKWAY Guard Back JOHN DEAN Tackle DON DOYLE Back 0 . .i O Q, , Ax LAWRENCE GREER Guard JIMMY HILL J. B. KIRK Back Back f I ,Kaur HARDY LEBEL Tackle MAURICE LUCKADOO Guard Cf, DON MASSEY Back MURIEL LANE Back e VA! CHARLES JOHNSTON End 9 K X in N PAUL MURPHY Back x EN JIMMY REED End JOE SAWYER En ORVIS TRAMEL ROYCE TRAMEL Guard Tackle - 5 :SLN-N'19fb, 1M'Q "Yea Team !" Marlon Fallwell receives Bell award V 1 C T O R Y "Now, Marion . . " Wing? L4- 1 4 A A sp M ? 4 .v W W xr H A VV: Q , '- if ii in-' "W . - ff I .b . S .K ' 3, K w- ,mg ,, LLA, , .,,, ,--'," z . Y' .1 . 'if Fi H551 gg 5, ,233 KU ? LXR YQ, vw, ,k.. , W . N ,, ,.,,,,, 9' 54, 4' f' "iii", N V ' 7 V Ring-a-Ling 87 F : . lrst row K Lynn Ellsworth, Joel Wyatt, George Logan, Lawrence Greer, Johnny Burcheff, Ffank Holey, Dick Mann, Pete Embry, Hardy Lebel. Second row: Roy Sawyer, Leon Schwartz, Jimmy Brockway, Jimmy Hill Marion Fallwell W'll Wilson, William Farris, Leon smith, Muriel Lane, D, F. Adams. I ' I le Touchdown for the Lions! Wi all , Fl. EF, FOREST 12 LONGVIEVV 14 Scoring two last half touch- downs, the Lolooes defeated the Lions at Longview September l7. It was the opening game for both teams. After a good first half, which saw the Lions jump to a nearly six-point lead, the Loboes came back to wear the Lions out. Marion Fallwell and Jimmy Hill led the Lion offense. FallweII's pass to Joel Wyatt for 39 yards was good for the first touchdown. Fallwell went wide for the second touchdown. Third row: Cecil Johnson, Otto Rhome, Maxie Thomas Walter Crum Maurice Luckadoo Gary Raney Robert Rains, Gene Boatman, Howard Newhouse Jimmy Rogers Joe Sawyer John Dean Paul Murphy, Bob Cowsar, J. D. Sheppard. Fourth row: Jimmy Reed, Bob Burris, Don Doyle Charles Johnston Orvis Tramel Ronnte Eaves Raymond Lowrey,- Willie Walls, Royce Tramel FOREST O CARTER-RIVERSIDE 6 ln a battle of mistakes, the Eagles of Fort Worth defeated the Lions 6 to O at Dal-Hi, Sep- tember 22. Willie Wilson cracked the Carter line for ll2 yards on 20 carries. The only time the Eagles got into scoring position resulted in a defeat for the Lions. Gary Raney, Joel Wyatt, and John Dean were outstanding. FOREST 15 SUNSET 20 l ln a rousing offensive battle, the Sun- set Bisons downed the Lions 20 to l5 at Pleasant Grove field on September 30. A long Touchdown pass in the last quar- ter brought the Bisons from behind. It was lust about all Robert Robinson for the Bisons and Levon Hall of Foresty Robinson scored once on a 40-yarder, and Hall broke loose for 67 and 19 yards. l Alert defense was shown by Frank Holey, Gary Raney, and John Dean. l Flank Holey downs Robert Robinson for a loss' George Logan and Walter Crum tackle a Pleasant Grove l . player. 1 l l FOREST l4 PLEASANT GROVE O The Forest Lions finally broke into the win column at Pleasant Grove Field October 7, as they won an easy l4 to O victory. The win set the Lions confer- ence record at l-i. Willie Wilson and understudy quarterback Muriel Lane were the big offensive spark for the Lions. Willie Wilson and William Farris both went over for a tally, while Lane's passes picked up ll6 yards. The big guns on defense were Gary Raney, Dick Mann, Jimmy Brockway, and Frank Holey. A South Oak Cliff player is brought down by Orvis Tramel and teammate. FOREST 40 SOUTH OAK CLIFF 0 The rampaging Lions blasted the l Bears 40 to 0 at Pleasant Grove Field October l4. Everyone got into the scoring column. Willie Wilson, l offensive sparkplug for the Lions, and Jimmy Hill were Forest's scor- ing leaders. Levon Hall, Pete Em- bry, and Jimmy Brockway account- ed for the other points. Hard hitting Frank Holey and Dick Mann were defensive standouts. George Logan and Don Doyle turned in some out- standing plays also. . l i FOREST 20 NORTH DALLAS 8 The Lions, rolling to their third vic- tory in four city series games, bounced the Bulldogs 2O to 8 at Dal-Hi, October 20. lt was the first loss in four games for the Bulldogs. Coach Johnson's split-T attack was never better. It featured the quick openers of Willie Wilson and Le- von Hall and the wide runs of Jimmy Hill and William Farris. For the first time in five games the Lions were led by Marion Fallwell, who had been benched because of an iniury. Fallwell played his best game of the season with the of- fensive line backing him all the way. l i Don Doyle brings down Tech player. FOREST T4 ADAMSON O After a dreary first half the Lions came to life and defeated the Leopards at Dal-Hi November 4. lt was the fifth win in six city games for Forest. Sparked by Jimmy Hill's hard running and rock-like defense, the Lions had the game all to themselves in the last half. Hill broke through left tackle for the first marker adding both extra points to ac- count for eight of the fourteen points. Marion Fallwell hit Joel Wyatt for the other Lion score. ' Larry Westbrook is brought down hard by Pete Embry and Don Doyle. FOREST 25 CROZIER TECHNICAL 6 It was their fourth victory in a row as the Lions blasted the Wolves 25 to 6 at Franklin Field October 26. The win kept the Lions within striking distance of the district leading Sunset Bisons. Again the powerful offense of the Green Wave was superb. It netted 379 yards rushing and 77 yards passing. William Farris ioined with Willie Wilson to furnish 200 yards for the night. Fallwell scored once and Wilson twice. George Logan recov- ered a fumble for the other Lion score. On defense it was Pete Newhouse, Royce Tramel, John Dean, and Frank Holey who slowed the Wolves' offense. Leon Smith goes for ten yards in Adamson-Forest game. Willie Wilson downed after a gain of seven. FOREST 20 WOODROW WILSON 19 The aroused Woodrow Wildcats bowed To The Lions at Dal-Hi November 17. lt gave the Lions clear claim to second place in the city. Again it was Willie Wilson and Jimmy Hill who carried The load for Forest. Wilson scored twice, once on a 21 yarder and again from the one. Hill picked up yardage from his half- back spot. Marion Fallwell and Joel Wyatt set up the last tally on a pass play good tor 37 yards. Wyatt made a sensational diving catch on the tour. A defense that faltered many times saw Frank Holey, Dick Mann, and Royce Tramel showing up well. FOREST 20 HILLCREST 6 A 20 to 6 defeat of The Hillcrest Panth- ers at Pleasant Grove Field, November 11, assured The Lions second place in the city and knocked the Panthers to third. Willie Wilson rolled up 154 of the 317 yards gained rushing by the Lions. Jimmy Hill and Leon Smith were also outstanding. Marion Fallwell hit Hill on a pass play for one score, Then ran a keeper over for one and sent Wilson on a 12-scamper for the third. Hill kicked two extra points. Four big reasons for The tine showing of the Lions' defense were Frank Holey, George Logan, Dick Mann, and Gary Raney. These boys held a touted Hillcrest ottense To 57 yards. William Farris gains ten yards on this play. SCH ATH me-p,aR HEAD COACH Cecil Johnson "B" Team Football L First row: Kenneth Marlovv, Gary Mace, Richard Staton, Dickie Eaves, Ernest Fuentes, Eugene Pemberton, William Gurley, Grady Platt, John- t ny Glasscock, Mike Lewis. Second row: Troy Miller, Earl Brovvn,,Buddy l Smith, Paul Station, Billy Chapman, Robert t Knight, Willie Walls, Donald Starns Donald t A 1955 sEAsoN's REVIEW Forest E,,,E..,E,E,.. 6 Sunset ,,...,E,E,E,., ,c.E.. . 7 Forest ..E..,E ,,,,,,,l4 Pleasant Grove ..,. 7 .Forest ,E,..,, E .,... 26 South Oak Cliff ......,,E, l2 Forest .,..,E, ..E,E, l 3 North Dallas ....,,,.,..... O Forest ,,E,... ,E,E,, 2 8 Crozier Technical 6 Forest ..,,,,. .EE,,. l 2 Adamson .....,E, ...,.,. 3 3 Forest E,E,... .,,E,, l 2 Hillcrest ....,.,,,,,,,,,.,,.. 26 Forest ....,,, ,.4.., 6 Woodrow Wilson ...,.,,. O l i l l l l Grimes, Vernon Cole. Third row: Coach Jimmy Don Hunt, David Col- lins, Gerald McCullough, Mickey Harold, Corky Furlow, Larry Darby, Ophir Lee Thomas, Nath- an Oxman, Freddie Greer, Marlon Johnson, Billy Burkley, Billy Meller, William Cross, Bobby Miller, Coach James Batchelor. Under the coaching of James Batchelor and Jimmy Don Hunt, the "B" Team tied for third place in the city. A record of five wins and three losses should insure promising addition to the "A" Team of l956. Cheerleaders 1955-1956 CONNIE CAPIRICHI Doris Howell and Frank Gillett Philip Petty and Beverly Worfham GARY DOYLE Teddy Pairsh and Harry McLeroy Ann Lancaster and David Neathery First row: MAJORETTES-Billie Touchstone, Patsy Lancaster, Barbara Moore, Barbara Freeland, captain, Jan Smith, Sam- mie Johnson, Patsy Tissier, Joyce Huffman. Second row: Joyce Rogers, Dyann Clark, Carolyn Plyer, Mary Cundiff, Gloria Gomez, Patsy Wallace, Charlene Chancellor, Pat Vogel, Nancy Jones, Barbara Johnson, Daphine Mayer. Third row: Joy Carter, Carolyn Seilheimer, Janice Walker, Betty Vaughn, Evelyn Riggs, Rebecca Pardue, Ann Sinclair, Gwen Harris, Louise Anders, Elsa Martinez, Georgia Disman. Fourth row: Mrs. Irma Unger, sponsor, Linda Pritchett, Peggy Hall, Mollie Gaston, Charlotte Monroe, Judy Blakely, .Joyce Yancey, Nancy Reeder, Barbara Lovin, Mary Frances Hol- combe. Fifth row: Liese Mueller, Penny Upthgrove, Sandra Elliott, Dorothy Gaston, Rosemary Donaldson, Joyce McCown, Dor- othy Reed, Nancy Starnes, Betty Murphy. Squad Pep mWmwaQfJW NB?nm RiJ!2WaF'uM iff' Forest ,.-........ Forest Forest ,.....,.ooo,oo,, 35 Forest ...,..o...oo,... 59 Forest ........oooo,... 42 Forest .......,,..,oooo 58 Forest oooo,ooo..,...,, 56 Forest o--....,,s,A,,,, 55 Forest ....,.,.eoeooeoe 53 Forest v,.,.......ooooo 55 Forestc Forest o,.o........,ooo 65 First row: Roger Somerville, August Van Dyke Hiram Per due, Don Doyle, Joe Sawyer, Billy Chapman SEASON'S REVIEW Crozier Technical South Oak Cliff North Dallas Sunset ,,,...,... Pleasant Grove Woodrow Wilson Hillcrest ....,,,,.. Adamson u,uuuu Pleasant Grove South Oak Cliff Hillcrest .....s.,. Adamson - Second row: Raymond Neathery, Joel Wyatt, Kenneth Belt, Norman Davis, Marion Fallwell, Larry Allen, Jack Gross. 1955-1956 COACH Milton Frey - , Hs52,' ':, 121:4LQeifs3' First row: Troy Miller, Pete Embry, Leon Smith, Levon Hall, Holey, Jimmy Brockway, Bobby Williams, Jimmy Hill, Coach Marion Fallwell, Don Doyle, Jimmy Rogers, Roy Sawyer. James Batchelor. Second row: Joe Sawyer, Steve Billings, Jimmy Williams, Frank Baseball The Forest Baseball Nine tied for third in city in the 1955 season. Among the outstanding players was Pete Embry, who won the distinction of being named all-city catcher for three succes- sive seasons. Other valuable players were Joe Sawyer, Don Doyle, Levon Hall, Billy Martin, and Marion Fallwell. The 1956 team will be led by Marion Fallwell, Levon Hall, Bill Martin, Joe Saw- yer, and Don Doyle-all lettermen from the 1955 team. March March Ma rch March March March March March March March March March April April April April April April 1956 SEASON 2 7 9 12 15 16 19 20 22 26 29 31 3 5 7 10 13 17 Forest vs. Hillcrest Forest vs. Hillcrest Forest vs South Oak Cliff Forest vs. Pleasant Grove Forest vs Highland Park Forest vs. Terrell Forest vs. South Oak Cliff Forest vs. Highland Park Forest vs Pleasant Grove Forest vs. Terrell Forest vs. Crozier Technical Forest vs Adamson Forest vs North Dallas Forest vs. Hillcrest Forest vs. Woodrow Wilson Forest vs. Sunset Forest vs Pleasant Grove Forest vs South Oak Cliff Left to right: Roger Somerville, David Neathery, Paul Murphy, Jimmy Reynolds, James Harwood, Coach A. K, Quesenbury. Not in picture: Harry McLeroy, Joe Sawyer, Phillip Petty. Golf Team 1956 SEASON February 25-Forest vs. Pleasant Grove March 3-Forest vs. Woodrow Wilson March 17-Forest vs. Crozier Technical March 24-Forest vs. Sunset March 31-Forest vs. Hillcrest April 7-District Meet April I4-Forest vs. North Dallas April 21-Forest vs. South Oak Cliff April 28-Forest vs. Adamson Last year under the direction of Coach A. K. Quesenbury the Forest Golf Team finished in sixth place. Returning players for the '56 season are Roger Somerville, captain, David Neathery, James Harwood, and Joe Sawyer. X 4 1 i 2 J X fffff -dv , ,X uv' X 4' ' 1 .' ,Jai r a :gp-vu.-f vfbvgfv- First row: Anne Carroll, Gloria Gomez, Sylvia Cowand, Claudia Second row: Jackie Cox, Betty Mayer, Daphine Mayer, Sam Smith, Barbara Evans. Engelberg, Patricia Wilson. Forest ....... ...... Forest ......, ...... Forest ....... ...... Forest ....... ...... Forest ....... ...... Forest ..,.... ...... Forest ........ ..... l955 REVIEW i Woodrow Wilson O North Dallas .... ....... 2 Adamson ......,........, .- 2 South Oak Cliff O Sunset ............,. ...,.,. 0 Hillcrest ........... ...... l Crozier Technical Tennis The '55 Tennis Team, coached by John John- son and R. V. Peek, finished in seventh place in the city. Bobby Goldstein played singles, and Sammy Engelberg and Billy Granek played doubles. Frances Hendricks played girls' singles and Tommie DeLeon and Carmen Amador played girls' doubles. Bobby Goldstein, an outstanding player, received the only letter awarded I First row: George Logan, Hardy LeBel, Johnny Burchett, Law- Greer. rence Greer, K. Lynn Ellsworth, Jimmy Hill, John Gilliland, Thlfd VOWI Paul NlU"Pl1Yf RlCl'1aI'd 576700, Ernest Fuentes, J0l'1N'lY Don Lehew. Glasscock, Charles Stevenson, Howard Stuart, Nathan Ox Second row: Bill DeMoss, Billy Chapman, Vernon Cole, Wendell man, JCVVY Moon- Chapman, James Murdock, Don Massey, Jerry Banks, Freddie Under the supervision of Coach R. H. Cowsar, T956 SEASON the Lion Track Team sent Jackie Strnad to the March 7-Triangular Dal-Hi Meet State Preliminary in 1955. Placing third in the March 'Dal'l'll Relays 220 d d h C. M S d March 13-Triangular Dal-Hi Meet yar as at ity eet, trna went on to March 16-Fon Worm Meet win the TOO-yard clash in City, Regional, and March 21-Triangular Dal-Hi State Preliminary Meets. K. Lynn Ellsworth placed Nlalall 24'Ea5l Texas Relays, Commerce, Texas second in the 880-yarol dash and third in high- March Triangular Dal-Hi iumps. On the Sprint Relay Team, which came April l2-ClTY Meei in .second, were Jackie Strnad, Don Massey, Jim- Alorll -si3L?gjilS?lU'?3522g13 mY Hill, and D00 DOYle- April -Dallas Invitational at Dal-Hi May 4, 5-State Meet at Austin Perfect Attendance Group First row: Barbara Ford, Margaret Graves, Irene Pina, Peggy Nickols, Aloma Mathews, Carolyn Feezell, Winona Harris, Betty Lockhart, Mary Vela. Second row: Catherine Sturdivant, Shirley Marvin, Cecile Sizemore, Mariorie Black, Jean France, Barbara Freeland, Wilda Gilbert, Norma Ruth Johnson, Anne Mabry. Basketball Champions First row: Rita Hitt, Mary Vela, Mariorie Jane Black, Anne Mabry, Carmen Amador, Vicki Morman, Christine Jordon, Mildred Roushey, Nancy Jones, Gloria Gomez, Peggy Blackwood, Yovonne Her- nandez, Jessie Huddleston. "Hit it!" Volleyball Champions First row: Alice Johnston, Wanda Beggs, Rilla Flowers, Carmen Amador, Amelia Pontley, Mildred Roushey, Kay Henderson. Second row: Laura Shelton, Sharron Dial, Gloria Guerro, Peggy Blackwood, Barbara Campbell, Edna Miller, Maxine Alexander, Betty Stevens, Janice Tucker, Nancy Moore, Ruth Williamson, Alice Craw- ford, Norma Hudson. Third row: Georgette Wilson, Mary Murphy, Sarita Luneau, Nita Mountz, Peggy Wyatt, Vicki Mormon, Christine Jordan, Rebecca Enriquez, Bobbie Cameron, Ora Beth Hickey, Brenda Ballard, Betty Lockhart. Fourth row: Barbara Presswood, Cynthia Smith, Linda Sizemore, Oleta Brown, Carol Cook, Jean Franks, Shelby Hadaway, Anita Hernandez. Mrs. Unger and Miss Segrist, girl gymnasium directors, are pictured in their office. Tenekoit First row: Nita Mountz, Gerrie Sue Irvin, Peggy Blackwood, Alice Crawford, Edna Miller, Barbara Camp- bell, Barbara Benson, Ora Beth Hickey, Maxine Alexander, Patsy McDaniel, Ruby Tesch. Second row: Oleta Brown, Nita Woodruff, Eula Arriola, Helen Davis, Lanette Brooks, Vicki Mormon, Phyllis Ross, Christine Jordan, Norma Hudson, Amelia Pontley, Linda Quick, Bobbie Cameron, Jeanne Davis, Kay Henderson, Mildred Roushey. Third row: Cecile Sizemore, Sylvia Cowand, Winona Harris, Sharron Dial, Mary Murphy, Wanda Holloway, Peggy Wyatt, Wanda Beggs, Carmen Amador, Brenda Ballard, Mary Sue Barrentine, Dolores Fay Corn, Betty Lockhart. Fourth row: Sandra Kaye Green, Shirley Wilson, Shirley Kiser, Cecilia Celarosa, Linda Gowen, Sylvia Mantin, Rebecca Rangel, Mickie Enman. ACTIVITIES Riagg exe 6, I 'S' .x If 1-Wi U, Ov IX l956 I '29 'G :I n EE I 5 Q lv ,Q 1. '41 1 Forest can be proud of a unique club program. The activity period, usually called home room in other schools, is used for clubs, counseling in individual classes, and assemblies. There is a variety of clubs, and new ones are organized whenever there is sufficient demand. Some of the clubs existing in 1916 were the Hamilton Literary Society, La Tertulia, the Shakes- pearean Club, and the Girls' Glee Club. The old- est organization now active is Auditores Caesares, the Latin Club. 5 tsfff-G-:H-2-1, ,s-:tl 1- "" ' LEADERSHIP National H Standing: Donald Nelms, Donald Thompson, Wendell Chapman, Harry Osborne, Emily Wilson, Paul Michaelson, Vernon Vogel, Larry Allen, Jimmy Rogers, Jackie Glatzer. Seated: Marilyn Price, Renata Mueller, Adrienne Engelberg, Dorothy Golden, Nellie Bass, Arnetta Stegal, Beverly Wolford, Mary Koonce, Norma Ruth Johnson. SCHOLARSHIP The violinist is Jackie Glatzer, who plays at the fall initiation. Society Seated Joyce Vogelsang, Carol Nulish Joyce Grant Mary Marvm Marcna Crowell Margaret Tlllery Standing Frank Gillett, K. Lynn Ellsworth Levon Hall Marlon Fallwell Hardy LeBel Ray McKee Hubert Boles Bobby Goldstein. NATIO NAL HONOR SOCIETY X I Y 7 .1 . 1... 7 S Sponsor MRS. EMMA BROWN b TYPisf5 Chu First ro W: M C ary Lou Boshe afherine Boycl D' Second r ars, Ph :anne C OW: M6 Rode ' 1 'Why "Mae, "ag, Y iq, yliss Ross, Fay Guernesey, Third row: laNelle Vick, Frances Michaels, Nancy Tillefy, Billie 0590- Wallace, Martha Shaw, Jo Ann Phillips. frba Facundus, Anifa Hall Jean Alley, Avon Fourth row: Berfe Jones, tSponsorJ, Christine Jordon, Sue rick, Shirley Marvin, Cecile Sizemore. Refi F,-am--,Q Johnson. LERY ERS TIL QFFIC NANCYNE BOYD -----' "w' THERI ILLIPS CA PH ----" J-: "---- J O ANNELLE VICK . 1 -"" , --4-- N slden . T ' --.LA Phee PreS'den s ------"' VIC ------"s Secfefary -- r --,- Treasure Sponsor s JONE Miss BETTE l 1 1 i i , l Secretarial Club . aa 5 Rodefx men hgxma Yxexf' da Qfowewtwef saw Revs .Nxaf auf- ' , NN- nn ws' 'O . xo A TW'd riuiacobs' WU OYWXSQTM - X4 Rodent' won .money xx sanfm SX 1 Mme ' a. Ruby Y SLNM-y,Xan 1 6 S SeCXC1renclO:Z1neSfGXa Y OFFICERS President ,,,.., ,, .,,,,..,,.,,,,,., T HELMA RODEN Vice-President ..., A ..,,, A VON RODERICK Secrefa ry ,., , ,,, Treasurer .,,,A....,e ,WNANCY JONES JO ANN BUCHER Parliamenrarian ,,,. ee.OA..,,,,, S ALLY ROUSHEY Sergeant-af-Arms ..,..,,. GLADYS STRICKLAND Reporter .,7,e e,..,,,.,, .,e,,,,..vee M A RCIA CROWELL Sponsor ..., ..,,,,, M ISS RUTH FETTERMAN MRS. PANSY DOBBS, Director First row: Mrs. Pansy Dobbs, Barbara Rutberg, Julia Calvert, Mary Oliver, Joy Banks, Aubry Tucker, Roger Wheeler, Thomas Kealhofer, Roy Sawyer. Second row: Yvonne LeBlanc, Inez Johnson, Shelby Hadaway, Rosie Wagliardo, Sharon Eby, Delores Hall, Joe Freeman, Mary Vela, Cledith McGuire, Sandra Green. Third row: Linda Sizemore, Ann Davidson, Flaya Potash, Shirlin Seay, Mary Ellen Barbee, Juanita Fritz, Cynthia Smith, Lillie Green, Marion Faust, Shirley Regeon. Fourth row: Neldaio Dellis, Dot Chamberlin, Patty Matthews, Bennie Knight, Billy Blankenship, James Williams, Robert Callin, Kenneth Marlowe, Hoyt Morgan, Bill Engelberg, Dion Sims, Sue Tissier, Sarita Luneau. Junior Choir The Junior Choir, under the direction of Mrs. OFFICERS Pansy Dobbs, has given several musical assem- Iolies this year. Especially noteworthy were the Christmas and Easter programs presented by this group. Representatives of the choir have ap- peared at service club programs at intervals clur- ing the year. Members also sang in the city-wide choir at the Cotton Bowl. JULIA CALVERT, President SHARON EBY, Vice-President ALICE MIZE, Secretary NELDAJO DELLIS, Assistant Secretary as x'!'Lg,.'f3 ',l X ll2 l First row: Jack Minsky, Harold Webster, Patsy Wallace, Doris Pope, La Nelle Vick, Norman Minsky, Jack Glatzer, Sammy Crockett. Second row: Marcus Cervantes, Jr., Joe Reagan, Roy Bullock, Nickey Porter, Bobby Farmer, John Calvert, Carl Webster, Ernest Paty, A. B. Cody, Richard Madden. Third row: Dan Parish, Mike Parker, David Castro, Gene Sturdivant, Paul McCown, Billy Johnson, Joe McNaughten, Richard Huffaker, Larry Allen, Kenneth Brisendine, J. D. Dukes, Wendell Chapman. Fourth row: Tommy Hudson, Joe Carter, Lowell Roderick, Jerry Jones, Johnny Calverley, Colonel John Marshall, Billy Drye, Howard Stuart, Joe Cano, Melvin May, Kenneth Vanderwood. Green and White Band utr OFFICERS COLONEL JOHN MARSHALL Director SAMMY CROCKETT, Drum Mayor '-r, if , ?S2g:gs2,:' 4 L ,,,, , , ,. KK , , , . , .. ,, y. 'f Q , L4ize-'Lug gf- Be -- , aw,-f1s2Qi:f'e'f'F , FQ L A fgT?wf,,,faL. , Wie: ' -. 5,g.,g:j3Kgi -,ff K it U1 V M L L,,L..,.,-V, ,,LL,,LL,:1,-WL-I -K: Q. - ,ix , . ,Lf-1l,aa:2fwFf,-gift f' .., .i... L L K QL 5K,K -,,L ,L if L L KK .L .L,.f.,- - ,,LM:z.LLxLg:-e,iz4aaf,- Uswgg silwapf 51,-f ' . ,L,L-,LAL W L,-LLMLf,L,,L .,.. MLK, WL A-:' 1Q,esr:LJ Life-it-1 vi l 5 i x Y 955 ,L fQ3lQ7'l'S5iL3Pg5iQffiEL.LL,L"fH5"1 w,QQ37f'Ff'2aif'!7' -"ff flt1?i'l5i5Q-Lf-Ss' 4 7' L5fff5fV9?3al'f,,lT4iaE 1 3"'f",--'f'LLsiLf'ifft?:w ft :ff fgpiqgsf wigs 'f wv,:4ii1ti?Q.' 4 J -of 1'11fi,if2fLa::L':'ff 'L LL , fyfm . 1- L . f a - ' i - -P . A- ' L-mi: . -- - -f ' -f' K KKU-fy K, 9 L -2 W H L J ' L 5'-iz S at ,Leif L K A or 01 ,- 3 ,3QLLzLf,-QMS ,R x ,G - , ,L,,L,Lw- ,,, L,i,L,,.,LW - ,JK L L., I ., HW. lg 0 .5zf1frffa.,a:r,L,1fa, , I 1--J, 3 we .. N , ,,z:n:zLLs,LL,,LmL - f L , 9, it A L , L1-.fiiii -,gr - ' "13Uf? 411' -qi 'L 'fi f, f - K K K L Ln fp ffv.lQ1yf:5?Q, 5 Q' S, 'L' f ' J i' I ii3f',,,Q,L -- l?gff5iS:f . - git, ,ii,aisiLL. ..... W :gsz LA , we -1.2 :aw :ff':,fi.,: a n ,f'1L.fLaaLfa-, W 2 -A L. K' ' f ,szwffg we ml! LS Y Lg 2 new, wi 1, L L, , , , KK 33, L. L ,,L,,L,mgKL KN at ,f l lf' Y H in "' L .. .LLLL LLLL Ls Liif " ' - as K L -- 'f in A A l Xi the 7 yffv iiilll' K , ' ' f f .A :,fg,z,4gL5-,L.,gKgf ,L La - LL A ' ' LL,fL. .iy,wgLjiLf5g, '--" --,g,5gL,g'gg:K,L - f . if, - 111ii11iiL?i-iff: 11-L fivlf Wa. ,L ,L K, I W Here the Green and White Band and ll Q ff fa, ,. 3 Y, L at f L 1 . if , L f Ex' 5 fL 1 D T4 Q37 5? x ex l lf ,O H' Mg' F' 5211, l l -W a v ' .V a 35 f an L- V-,L,,LL5,L1KfM-L,LLJ,,gg,.L,5Q3fy QE LK,g-KK , . Y f f,'1gir,gQL51,Eg42',l-Y i1ff1feL1qzjL5j ,ALM .sggitf ,Q L,!Sg,,' L f f -. wwzggyawf Ha,-M L ei:sQ,, '-1.-Lag' 1, 3635215521 L iw V, 5 hge .aswigg igsfc N. as fi, Sw , K ,L ?,g1L,a, ryan- '1P,.,LaL. miie? asf Y fi' 1 , f wi, "ms E1KK'UmQf flat -Sw S f ' f the Pep Squad combine in a formation L a S' fL,Le-fiQQ:f,,f an -5 Q Q36 1.961521 'S W asgifgq Aga! if ' LK 'S .L J designed for between halves activities. ,- V - " L, -2? V L L ,J -- me Mi, Q, T jg .L A Lge-S5 ififfhfii KK ,: o L, ,LL,, V 1, K f . K Xie LL? K- .H , J' L. ,eff ' . . . ,zzw-fgaisfeggag Hiasia,4fzL'5-'km-it,:,,1Lf-mg Q. L L L,,,LL, .,LL,L.L ., ,, . LL L . Forest Avenue Choir MRS. BARBARA AUSTIN, Director First row: Zoe Lancaster, Jeanene Davis, Jerrie DeVoe, Janie Massey, Norma Ruth Johnson, Francis Shew, Alvina Webster, Glenda Clark, Barbara Ford. Second row: Linda Evans, Gwen Looney, Alice Crawford, Mildred Roushey, Sandy Mitchell, Barbara Griffin, Delores Faircloth, Kathleen Stafford, Wanda Beggs, Jean Burchett. Third row: Bobby Iser, Raymond Neathery, Richard Vallesano, Roger Somerville, Jerry Oliver, Leroy Hooten, Dan Parish, Jimmy Brockway, Richard Cundift. Fourth row: George Logan, David Neathery, Marcus Cervantes, Gary Hutchinson, James Murdock, James Harwood, Johnny Burchett, Jimmy Hill, Donald Doyle. The choir entertains the football boys and members of the Kiwanis Club at a luncheon. The all-boys quartet sings at the luncheon also. ll4 x M so . ., .el K Chorus Classes ,fi 1-1.5 xg' SECOND AND SIXTH PERIOD First row: Virginia Parvin, Patsy Tissier, Belva Martin, Patricia Baker, Paul Michaelson, Bobby Wesley, Dorothy Mosier, Dianne Cohen, Sandra Williams. Second row: Nita Jones, Catherine Boyd, Barbara Simons, Dennie Carr, Mills Slulce, Doris Platzer, Shirlyn Skalak, Dorothy Golden, Beverly Camp. Third row: Martha Facundas, Claudie Lindsey, Patsy Wallace, Billy Hill, Eddy Ball, Willie Wilson, Linda Jimierson, Margaret Tillery, Anna Koncak. Fourth row: Edna Miller, Sandra Testo, Pat Rutledge, Shirley Anderson, Sue Rickman, Leva Satterwhite, Carol Wilson. FOURTH PERIOD First row: Elizabeth Brown, Carolyn Feezell, David Busch, Richard Lewis, James Emmons, Peggy Nichols, Deloria Johnson Second row: Sally Roushey, Betty Stevens, Helen Roffman, Bobby Stone, Robert Dudley, Fay Jean Williams, Virginia Mc Whirter, Samrnie Johnson. Third row: Doris'Kerbo, Belva Lawson, Myra Parker, Bobby Knight, Gene Scott, Frank Holey, Sandy Beck, Claudine Byrorn Mary Amador. Auditores Coesaris . , ..., ,K v Y .1 anwff " i K9 ,iw F fifw-2-f, sgifiitrxfclw 'ifi111-vl'- ' we ' , -4 .AEWTQLY "W-.. ,,i w -- J sv' 1 ' .J f gp 5 m y . 5 -wr -,g,-'ax-.::' few,-1: sf- 5 ,g -, 5 . haasifz-11:a'aY4gA.,Q'2jkQL , ,-, e- ' lg z : , -w,.,.,- .. , L L., ,K ,ii li H 'A as . ,. 1 vs . ' -l y f f , , V. w-M, K f V , 5 5 si or X. mfr. au! v,.Y if if ,, , K X9 M , ' -,fi ff aageeseskefzsew -V we 1- .. gg, Q39 filgeggfigii, R 2212 ti Q, V ' if sie 'I ss -can mv sfxiiii fm, v..1i:c,- .,. an Q .. l . , ps Atari 2 Ui 2 W. 5, 332,52 Q, Y A S is J, 9 9 X X S QE ,gall fiiaisv 4' .r glut, fruits Q S ' if 5 . . ,ai ,M 5 sigilljsf R X1 V X ,, ,Huy VL? 'Q if S if W , J iff li , J' Sip , 25 ,, fn 1,5 mv' P" l 1 N if f i 4 lo 5 . 1 f is X s '25esj9', '.f, K ,gf , Q 514755, K ' , . f I A 1: F E 1 I: .Q '. . K,-,Q , ' -.L , J f "-" I ' 'T ,, -'k" i ,f', ' In ,ji--7 'Q 1 1 ' 1 f A , . -if-'ilswzii .,! ::-, -viggggw H sz:t1'1:,,f, , c,i,,ga .int as .- 5-3-Lim -vt 2 . V. b C X A , -." - 5 11 1 ' L'LL J 1, ..,q J . y Y ,,.. l , I ,Q -1 .',- wa-A fai t., A 3 It ".'- il- P -f" lf li S2 '2:::'l'f.+'-.2281 ' 1' - - I ,f' v , ,Hg f . K ? A is-ws, , 2 C t -, . , as , - l ,. "Rik "H , .Y 1 -' f fails U re' ,P ' , ,r ' Q , f , ijfilx 1 ' .',- w . ' 11 K 5g7.f,., ' ' i ' , K 1AAi ,A S 1 1 9522551-, ' , , First row: Larry Allen, Hubert Boles, John Calvert, Julia Calvert, Emily Cook, Marie Coxe. Second row: Marcia Crowell, Linda Evans, Carolyn Feezell, Sandra Griffin, Bobbie Hicks, Mary Frances Holcombe. Third row: Leroy Hooten, Joyce Huffman, Ray McKee, Richard Madden. Fourth row: Mary Millender, James Murdock, Frieda Nafe, Peggy Nichols. Fifth row: Charles Oliver, Jerry Oliver, Dan Parish, Doris Pope. Sixth row: Jesse Rangel, Frances Reed, Carolyn Seilheimer, Penny Upthegrove. OFFICERS JERRY OLIVER, President MARY FRANCES HOLCOMBE Vice-President DORIS POPE, Secretary JOHN CALVERT, Treasurer RAY McKEE, Parliarneniarian MAXIE THOMAS, Sergeant-af-Arms JOYCE HUFFMAN, Reporfer ETHEL MASTERS, Sponsor UPPER CORNER Firsf row: Mary Frances Holcombe, Jerry Oliver, Joyce Huffman, Doris Pope Second row: John Calvert, Ray McKee Maxie Thomas. First row: Emily Cook, Carolyn Seilheimer, Carolyn Feezell, Peggy Nichols, Penny Upihegrove, Julia Calvert, Elsa Martinez, Mary Millender, Marie Cox, Frances Reed. Second row: Dan Parish, Charles Gardner, Jesse Rangel, Rose Ellen Johnson, Gwen Looney, Joyce Huff- man, Bobbi Hicks, Juanita Fritz, Freida Nafe. Mr. Goodman supervises The showing of a movie to a social studies class. Cinema Club C. V. GOODMAN Sponsor First row: Billy Oline, Willie Walls, Donnie Roberts, Paul McDonald, Leroy Hooien, Carol Smith, Ola Gregson, Barbara George, Bobby Rogers, Bobby Minsky. Second row: C. V. Goodman, Sponsor, John W. Gilliand, Bobby Farmer, Eddy Ball, Jerry Oliver, Jerrald Kennedy, Howard Stunkard, Robert Williams, Lowell Roderick, Bob Prisock, Rilla Flowers. lI8 H! If 1' I Gun Club The purpose of the Gun Club is to promote safety with guns and to study history and development of firearms. LLOYD WHITE Sponsor tssytu - All' 11' .Z fs. 1 First row: Benny Martin, Jerry Brennan, Robert Williams, Jerry Brown, Wesley Case, Bobby Prewitt, Kenneth Woodall, Coy McCullough. Second row: Garlan Rushin, Thomas McCaskill, Buster Ballard, Marck Peel, Robert Johnson, Arthur Frier. Third row: Don Ross, Frank Cathey, Donald Rabon, Kenneth Ditmars, Larry Fleskes, Roger Holloway. Fourth row: Johnny Barker, Eugene Fagan, Paul Whitley, William Pierce, Norvil Baker, John McGee. Fifth row: Donald Dees, Joe Matthews, Lex Browning, Lester Brandt, Roy Perkins, James Thomas, Max Farris, Pat Hansen, Jackie Hutcherson. Sixth row: Tommy Powell, Frankie Rowland, Jack Hamilton, Lloyd White, Sponsor. Seventh row: Charles Harris, Bryan Bullard, Larry Taylor, Travis Stamper, Johnny Holcombe, Charlie Cain. First row: Linda Riggs, Peggy Joplin, Mickie Inman, Beverly Millican, Patsy Harwell, Linda Quick, Barbara Freeland, Sandra Green, Ernes- tine Counts, Betty Murphy, Dorothy Gaston, Mollie Gaston, Joyce McCown. Second row: Mrs. Unger, Evelyn Riggs, Virginia Kelley, Janice Smith, Patsy Lancaster, Penny Upthegrove, Ann Davidson, Barbara Moore, Nancy Jones, Sammie Johnson, Nancy Starnes, Joyce Rogers, Mary Neathery, Sandra Williams. Third row: Joy Carter, Marie Allison, Carolyn Seilheimer, Linda Mar- tin, Virginia Parvin, Janice Walker, Georgia Disman, Barbara John- son, Alice Davis. Fourth row: Elsa Martinez, Dorothy Reed, Barbara McFalls, Minnie Feagin, Catherine Sturdivant, Linda Seay, Rosemary Donaldson, Billie Touchstone, Louise Anders. a I I s I 6 I Fifth row: Evon Kimbrell, Jean Franks, Margie Capehart, Shirley All- red, Eleanor Thompson, JoAnn Fuller, Rebecca Rangel, Shirley Hadoway, Shirley Regern, Marion Faust, Linda Sizemore, Ronnie Adams, Doris Long. I Sixth row: Ann Cox, Jeannette Mayer, Claudette Wnuck, Patsy Tissier, Shirlin Seay, Gloria Guerrero, Anita Hernandez, Eva Mae Sill, Erma Mata, Sandy Rogers, Cookie Mueller, Candy Hall, Vickie Mormon. Seventh row: Judy Gross, Rebecca Pardue, Velda Moseley, Joyce Huffman, Pat Vogel, Sue Tissier, Barbara Lovin, Carol Freeman, Faye Darpell, Thelma Tate, Daphine Mayer. Eighth row: Charlene Chancellor, Cassie Luneau, Janet Carpenter, Cathy Trakas, Dyann Clark, Gwen Harris, Jimmy Fleming, Mary Cundiff, Judy Blakeney, Ann Sinclair, Charlotte Monroe, Rusty Graser. Pep Squad Club "Perfect practice makes perfect," and prospec- tive pep squad members join with present mem- bers to achieve precision in routines. The 1955 Pep Squad Club is under the direction of Mrs. Irma Unger and Barbara Freeland, captain of the Lionettes. Assisted by the maiorettes and pep squad members, the girls are taught twirl- ing, marching, and dance routines. This training prepares any hard-working girl for the try-outs for regular pep squad. I20 OFFICERS MRS. IRMA UNGER, Director BARBARA FREELAND, Captain x X 1 X ' QED ,ef xt First row: Beverly Wortham, David Neathery, Ann Lancaster, Frank Gillett, Doris Howell, Harry McLeroy, Teddie Parish. W Second row: Margaret Graves, Barbara Benson, Norma Hudson, Mary Barbee, Juanita Reed, Joyce Banks, Lynn O'Donnell, Aloma Mathews, - Ramona Mullins, Fay Jean Williams, Mary Koller. Third row: Betty Lockhart, Eula Arriola, Amelia Pontley, Sally Harp, Joyce Harrison, Lou Ramsey, Laura Shelton, Carol Cook, Maxine Alexander, Jeanne Davis. Fourth row: Martha Roberts, Patricia Clark, Sarita Luneau, Dot Cham- berlin, Faye Harris, Ruby Yarbrough, Pat Dawson, Carole Wilson, Anne Mabry, Maurita Stinson, Anna Koncak, Pat Baker, Barbara Coyle. Fifth row: Claudie Lindsey, Ray Ross, Joseph Carter, James Murdock, Roy Sawyer, Billy Blankenship, David Goldstein, Dorothy Mae Gor- don, Nancy Moore, Peggy Rogers, Nancy McDonald. Sixth row: Mack Ballard, Anita Newell, Kay Henderson, Betty Mayer, Jackie Cox, Gerrie Sue Irvin, Nita Jean Woodruff, Virginia Mc- Whirter, Claudine Byron, Delores Faircloth, Wanda Beggs, Barbara Bison. Seventh row: Sandy Mitchell, Clover Burris, Earline Williams, Cheerleaders Club OFFICERS MISS LOCILLE SEGRIST, Sponsor MR. LLOYD BELL, Sponsor FRANK GILLETT, Presiden. DORIS HOWELL, Vice-President ANN LANCASTER, Secretary TEDDIE PARISH, Treasurer - R To learn first the fundamental and the new movements which are conducive to good cheer- leading is the chief oloiective of the Cheerleaders Club. Learning new yells and practicing for pre- cision and good posture in cheerleading are in- cluded in the club's activities. Developing initia- tive and leadership are regarded as important by-products. I2I Parent-Teacher Association First row: Mrs. H. W. Calvert, Mrs. Frank Karlen, Mrs. H. H. Doyle, Mrs. A. E. Stockdale, Mrs. C. A Madden, Mrs. James P. Bussell, Mrs. C. H. Freeland. Second row: J. T. Whittlesey, Mrs. B. F. DeVoe, Mrs. A. J. Burchett, Mrs. Kenneth Horton, Mrs. H. B Guernsey, Mrs. A. J. Grass, Mrs. W. S. Crum. Third row: Miss Sarah Meriwether, Mrs. J. T. Whittlesey, Mrs. A. Schweizer, Mrs. Paul Ambrusber, Mrs E. B. Fallwell, Mrs. Schwetke, Mrs. Crockett, Mrs. Floyd Fain. The occasion is a tea held in celebra- tion of the PTA Founders' Day. 'R ' Dads Club First row: C. C. Curry, R. L. Hutchison, A. J. Burchett, Charlie A. Madden, W. S. Crum. Second row: Henry C. Renz, Stagg Renz, Lloyd S. Riddle, Thomas Tuttle, E. B. Fallwell, S. S. Hutchinson. Mr. Curry is presenting the Football Queen, Janie Massey, with a watch. 7 'E' it i First row: Patsy Rutledge, Doris Kerbo, Belva Lawson, Barbara Campbell. Second row: Sondra Burns, Doris Platzer, Ima Martin, Dianne Cohen, Gail Heising, Mrs. Ruth Peeler. Third row: Linda Pritchett, Charlotte Houston, Sue Rickman, Mrs. G. M. Andreassion. Future Nurses The chief objective of the Future Nurses is to explore the field of nursing as a vocation, con- sidering both the advantages and the disadvan- tages. Girls find it much easier to decide about nursing as a career often working in the club. A field trip to a Dallas hospital proved to be an exciting experience. I24 OFFICERS MRS. RUTH PEELER, Sponsor BARBARA CAMPBELL, President BELVA LAWSON, Vice-President SHIRLEY KISER, Reporter PATSY RUTLEDGE, Secretary fi First row: Don Lehew, Joyce Vogelsang, Bobby Nunn, Mary Koonce, Shirley Kiser, Margaret Ellinger, Faith Wullschleger, Sharon Eby, Helen Davis, Robert Williams, Hoyt Morgan. Second row: Paul Michaelson, Gwynda Clark, Helen Brown, Lavonne Wright, Peggy Hunter, Patricia Wilson, Velda Mosley, Norma Williams, Pat Baker, Yvonne Blanc, Bobby Prewitt, Charlotte Houston. Third row: Peggy Hall, Wanda Fuentes, Barbara Presswood, Carol Freeman, Patricia Clark, Lanette Brooks, Shirley Shelton, Evelyn Riggs, Rose Ann Palmer, Sandra Varner, Frances Hooper, Martha Whitney, Barbara Gardner, Mrs. May Blackmore. Fourth row: Allen Wall, Joyce Yancey, Syluia Cowand, Barbara Campbell, Laura Shelton, Robert Dudley, Patricia Higdon, Melba Mattett, ldalia Alvarez, Alice Faye Carter, Vernell Harris, Deon Sims. Junior Red Cross Council QFFICERS This year the Junior Red Cross has two main MRS. MAY BLACKMORE, Sponsor projects. An exclusive proiect is sending Easter MARY KOONCE, President lilies to the Veterans Hospital. Another, designed BOBBY NUNN, Vice-President to promote international good will and give much SHIRLEY KISERI Secrefary needed aid, is to fill a gift chest for Korea. The gift chest contains almost everything needed for a school. I25 First row: Rose Ellen Heimann, Claudette Wnuck, Tillie Oxman, Dorothy Golden, Margaret Tillery. Second row: Frank Story, Deon Sims, Emily Cook, Peggy Nichols, Mr. F. B. Pitts, Mary Millender, Charles Harbison, Bobby Goldstein. Dallas Historical Society Sponsored by Mr. Floyd Pitts, the Dallas His- OFFICERS torical Society studies the history of Dallas and MR- FLOYD PlTTS,Sp0r1SOr Texas. Highlights of the year include a Christmas BOBBY GOLDSTEIN, PfSSfG'6f7T party and field trips to various places ot histori- ROSE ELLEN JOHNSON, Vice-President Cal imeregf in Dallas, GWENDOLYN LOONEY, Secretary 1 GLORIA GOMEZ, Treasurer ii, f l nfl n 2,1 3 t o fi A-Q-Q crarr l26 First row: Louise Holcomb, Doris Facundus, Amelia Pontley, Norma Hudson, Rilla Flowers, Mildred Roushey, Betty Sue Collier, Sally Roushey, Annette Embry, Dorothy Golden, Nancy Tillery. Second row: Sally Harp, Ora Beth Hickey, Bobbie Cameron, Ruth Williamson, Marilyn Baxter, Ima Mar- tin, Elaine Trakas, Patsy Rutledge, Catherine Boyd, Margaret Tillery, Peggy Wyatt. Third row: Jo Ann Bucher, Sandra Simons, Glenda Johnson, Wilda Gilbert, Winona Harris, Ruby Tram- mell, Wanda Holloway, Nancy Moore, Doris Platzer, Belvis Martin, Dayle Oliver. Fourth row: Miss Mary Ann Nugent, Patsy Tissier, Martha Facundus, Gerrie Sue Irvin, Betty Thornton, Janice Ryle, Peggy Dunn, Delores Faircloth, Wanda Beggs, Miss Helen Eckelman. OFFICERS The Tri-Hi-Y has been very active this year, MISS MARY ANN NUGENT, Sponsor planning such projects as their Halloween Dance, MISS HELEN ECKELMAN, Sponsor the distribution of food to the poor, and the SALLY ROUSHEY, President spiritual assembly. The purpose of the Tri-Hi-Y NANCY TILLERY, Vice-President is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the BARBARA MOORE, Secretary school and community, a high standard of Chris- ANNETTE EMBRY, Treasurer fian Character, Firsf row: Nancy Clevenger, Louise Nelson, Mary Oliver, Barbara Rutberg, Nell Louise Jenkins. Leebel, Nena Sherman, Second row: Irma Neldez, Patsy Wallace, Lenora Crawford, Barbara Osbourn, Shirley Moore, Inez Johnson Third row: Betty Rinderknecht, June Shaw, Neta Mountz, Linda Phillips, Dell Liebel, May Jane Morris, Francis Selman. Fourth row: Miss Pat Hair, Barbara Chote, llaya Potash, Beatrice Wiezel. Embroidery Club The Embroidery Club was organized in T954 by Mrs. Eva Dean Gritfen. The purpose of The club is to create an appreciation of handwork. Besides learning to embroider, the girls are taught To crochet, tat, knit, and weave. 'Jig A f1 X l28 OFFICERS MRS. FRANCES BIELHARZ, Sponsor MISS PAT HAIR, Sponsor PATSY WALLACE, President BARBARA RUTBERG, Vice-President NINA SHERMAN, Secretary SHIRLEY MOORE, Treasurer First row: Mary Dominquez, Mary Louise Johnson, Jessie Huddleston, Rosie Wagliardo, Juanita Bruner, Sylvia Covvand, Claudia Smith, Shirley Shelton, Mrs. Pansy Dobbs. Second row: Frances Shew, Marjorie Black, Brenda Johnagin, Louise Mize, Alice Carter, Peggy Hunter, Shirley Robst, Margaret Ellinger, Elizabeth Shelby. j Girl Scouts There are tvvo units of the Girl Scouts at Forest this year. The Senior Girl Scouts are sponsored by Mrs. Dobbs, and the Juniors by Mrs. Shelby. Their rnany projects include giving a party for the Old Folks' Home, and an overnight scouting trip. The objectives of the groups are to fulfill the Girl Scout promises and Iavvs. OFFICERS MRS. ELIZABETH SHELBY, Sponsor MRS. PANSY DOBBS, Senior Sponsor Junior Group MARJORIE BLACK, President MARY DOMINQUEZ, Vice-President JUANITA BRUNER, Secretary Senior Group MARGARET ELLINGER, President PEGGY HUNTER, Vice-President LOUISE MIZE, Secretary l29 Distributii i l ff Distributive Education is provided for studen' X X, who wish to enter retail, wholesale, or serviq I E qu organizations. Classes learn such v a I u a bl o Qs' s s-"HO 1:-x topics as personality in business, store selling store speech, and are trained for advances il their chosen careers. Students also benefi because they are able to earn salaries by worli ing half a day while still attending school It is under the supervision of Miss Mary Anl Nugent. D.E. l Class Firs1 low: Teddy Potash, Tommy Jimmerson, Barbara Harwell, Phillip Prater, Robert Arnett. Second row: Charles Dean, Johnny Lyles, Perry Bruner, F. J. Creacy, Joseph Bray. Third row: Charles,Grissaffi, John Koller, Jim Koller, Bobby James. Fourth row: Billy Jack Jones, Arvell Crawford, Donald Rhodes, Jerry Stovall. Not in pictures: Scotty Farris, Patsy Pennington, Benny Wynn, Bobby Jackson. 1 ucation Distributive Education students at Forest hold arious jobs. Selling, stock work, and display sh 1 I N E?-it! re among the most popular positions. Locations A fllglfg 'lf range from downtown department stores to sub- vi D W lm" 4 L- ,lil ! 'Q if . , I l - . U . ax l 1 1 'urban areas. Certificates are given to those who . - . ' s omplete the two-year course. After graduation, students may be promoted to better full-time - work. f , IRU C mxf D.E. Z Class First row: Jerry Boland, Hubert Collins, Rochelle Kelly, Jesse Hanson, Arthur Duke, Barbara Jean George. Standing side: Miss Mary Ann Nugent, Bobby Howard, James Whitney, Dannell Creacy. Second row: Charles Martin, Duane Ethington, Gene Wilson, Edward Flanagan, Ray Pina, George Moore, Billy Herrell. Third row: Jackie Martin, William Ray Shelton, Vester Henry, Delmer D. Pool, David Ramsey, J. H. David- son, David Foster. Fourth row: Jerry Burns, LaVan Moore, Anita Hall, Charlie Woolverton. Not in picture: Homer Hall, Tommy Hudson, Charles Ventura, Marion Workman. MISS SARAH MERIWETHER Sponsor n anny Strofher P Tillery LaNeHe Vlriwell Joyce Vogelger Kay Henderson aul Mrchaelson Norm C Martha Facunduang, Jean France . an Davis Hub 5 Hellen D .' 9" Boles 'SWS' Mary F rances Hol. Since the High Scholarship Club presented the clock to the school, these members can qualify as clock watchers. Left to right: Adrienne Engelberg, Richard Madden, and Marcia Crowell. ROBER SpOn5or TS Library Helpers i Fir 1 Second row: Joyce Mciiariin, JoAnn Bucher, Sandra Sim V i i Two me mbers 'Went gf th of fhe Y TGV, and NTrsDaIuBS Public ljglrgg Adulf Depart M' ' 0 VY, Ni ' 'SS Roberts, SCESZII ate' Qiving para Fry' Cen. i librarian. Phletg to i i i ,..-ill!" Dorothy Morhier, Ciaudette Thompson, Brenda Baiiard, Lois Armstrong. ttoot, Louise Brown, Pat Murry, Aiice Niize, Sherrie Breiand, Brenda 'st row: Louise Mize, Betty Yates, Shindaii, ina Roberts, Vivian Ligh ons. Left to right: Julia Calvert, Betty Stevens, Mary Marvin, Neldaio Dellis, Lanette Brooks, Mrs. Mary B. Arnold. Not in picture: Linda Evans, Helen Davis. Mad Hatters Club Among Forest's newly organized clubs, one of the most unique is the Mad Hatters. Learning to make hats and increasing creative skills of the girls are the purposes of the group. Using discarded materials, developing appreciation for beauty, and learning to help one another are chief obiectives for the 1955-56 session. A style show given for the PTA in December brought many compliments for the latest hat fashions designed and executed by the girls. OFFICERS MRS. MARY B. ARNOLD, Sponsor MARY MARVIN, President JULIA CALVERT, Treasurer fr I, 'f First row: Pauline Alvarez, Irene Pina, Idalia Alvarez, Tommie Abbott, Barbara Gardner, Cecilia Delarosa, Faye Banks, Nelma Rowden. Second row: Norma Johnson, Eva Mendoza, Irma Mendoza, Mary Louise Vela, Kitty McGuire, Patricia Higdon, Rebecca Enriquez, Patricia Barnes, Mrs. Frances Beilharz. Modern Miss Club To promote an interest in self-improvement in appearance, personality, and character is the over- all obiective of the Modern Miss Club. One of the most interesting programs of the year was a demonstration of modeling by a professional model. OFFICERS MRS. FRANCES BEILHARZ, Sponsor IRENE PINA, President CECELIA DELAROSA, Vice-President PAULINE ALVAREZ, Secretary EVA MENDOZA, Treasurer First row: Mary Amador, Gloria Gomez, Barbara Benson, Eula Arriola, Frank Story, Bobby Goldstein, Bill Crowell, Pete Azcona. Second row: Carmen Amador, Adrienne Engelberg, David Clark, Ronnie Williamson, David Ethington, Norman Davis. Third row: Sara Davidson, W. F. Sallis. Pan American Student Forum The breaking of a pinata Christmas party given by Latin, ish Clubs is a highlight of the portant event is the State Pan at the traditional French, and Span- year. Another im- American Student Forum Convention in the spring. Because one of the main purposes of the P.A.S.F. is to pro- mote better relations between Latin America and the United States, the club devotes many meeting times to studying countries. Spanish-speaking OFFICERS MISS SARA DAVIDSON, Sponsor BOBBY GOLDSTEIN, President FRANK STORY, Vice-President BARBARA BENSON, Secretary CARMEN AMADOR, Treasurer First row: Farnces Roffman, Bobby Nunn, Faith Wullschlegar, Jeanne Marshall, Helen Roffman. Second row: Carl Brooks, Wayne Anderson, Lavonne Wright, Jimmie Franklin, Suzanne Brignon, Carol Thomas, Rochelle Kelly. ' Sketching Club OFFICERS WESLEY SPENCER, Sponsor FAITH WULLSCHLEGAR, President BOBBY NUNN, Vice-President JEANNE MARSHALL, Secretary-Treasurer Model Velda Jo Mosely's smile may be be- cause she's not having to work quite so hard now as the rest of the Sketching Club. The Sketching Club is a favorite organization of students who like to draw but cannot take art. Whenever weather permits, the club members sketch outdoors. One main pur- pose is to train the hand of an "artist" to follow the eye. Y - : .sie-12 :fi - w1',-f ist? First row: Adrienne Engelberg, Frank Story, Margaret Tillery, Frank Gillett, Helen Roffman, Willie Wilson, Claudette Wnuk, Corene Hughes, Albert S. Johnston. Second row: Elizabeth Allen, Dorothy Golden, Jeanne Marshall, Bobbie Knight, Frances Roffman, Shirley Kiser, Pat Lewis, Betty Walker, Billy Wallace. Forest Echo Staff Fall Semester 7lae Qafwifg FRANK GILLETT .,,,....,, MARGARET TILLERY WILLIE WILSON ........,c. JEANNE MARSHALL ....... ADRIENNE ENGELBERG ..... FRANK STORY ..........,. CARMEN AMADOR ...... DOROTHY GOLDEN ..... EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF SPONSOR ALBERT S. JOHNSTON, JR. ..... ...,,c,,............ . -,-----News Editor ------cFeature Editor ---------Sports Editor --------Society Editor ----------Business Manager -------,Advertising Manager -,-----c-CircuIation Manager --------Exchange Manager Instructor of Journalism --Editor-inChief -,News Editor Feature Editor Society Editor A-Sports Editor DICK MANN Assistant Sports Editor JERRIE DEVOE Business Manager CHESTER WEATHERFORD Advertising Manager AVON RODERICK Exchange Manager GENEVA MITCHELL Circulation Manager ALBERT S JOHNSTON JR Instructor of Journalism Seco d row Sam Engelberg Avon Kirk Don Doyle Bobby Iser Billy McManus Sylvia Reid, Martha Th rd row Frank Holey Nancy Jones Dck Mann Tommy Hudson Barbara Griffin Jack Hamilton, Albert S ' milf ,... ,gggipi WM 35191, in-,fax ,, asv, ' , V we-favissfgr . :- K 'fflf ,, f iY5.f:5,5Xw .. , 1, ' " .1 Kiwis! 5535511 -i - f vflffvf iir ,M ,, ., .my Q ,pg igbgwvi v,.., i Y ai S, Kwai S. fl :N K Y Rl X K2 K K 5 L ai bil , ,K 5 ggi ggi as 2 , ,, 2 2 HH? mai Q , X S X 535,35 L, A . , H SX H, fu , M Y, ig ,Mm , 2 jj is X X J, f 2 j' f ,fl .Mau ff - ffwwwzfi-af - "Lf 251 if? ik flu , . .- ' 5135 37 ' W Q .K E5 A iirg J Mr as ii! W F we ,mirqgu is we 'P s - A -, a t Q L X Y P2xl?QS fir A sf Q ffm X K my 2 f E X s 1' 55?l37?5'l izlxxtdz. 'KQV 2155 . . l5i:s?i4x'7 ,fs5?i?3?'S' sffriuiff ' ' i - . Y, : fi -1 :-'ffW::m.'ff.:Ef zz' - S1 ,, , 32 S 2 Y . .1 EMA 4 L , , , if .1 ax as f i QW: l sf as ,ff use as ra ffm, reggae if W im msg in am Xa 5 AL,,.m,A.W ,L, 2 -,f5,..-- viaj,:j'- ,gl 5,i5,.i3,3,aL, . 6 r I :L ...: uu, W 5,,, ..:, f Q N Q V' Key Club ww. , xiii ,i ,wi,5i,i V, 5 75-E59 ,- Y . -7 555155 4, , c rew-.1 W iffy? , ' x W " , LLOYD WHITE Sponsor Firsr row, top io bottom: Richard Mad- den, Roger Somerville, Raymond Neathery, Robert Rains, James Har- wood, Samuel Engelberg, Bill Crowell. Second row: Bobbie Wesley, Dan Parish, Marion Fallwell, Jack Gross, Phillip .,i"i:k7' Y ii rm Y i V Y wilillliiwfe Mmix, lvl! , , ,, 'iiwsigi ,, iw A, Y mil will iilllll U, i S s H , in j 5,5 ll iw ' iylliv wi "WHY ' ll L' ii is , S , 5 ef U, ,gg ie .L f i ii W uxl f i ii X Wil ii i , 7? f ff 1, , 5 1+ 1 Y, 9' 'u N N- r L s W 3 5 X' S . BOBBY GOLDSTEIN President Bussell, Hardy Lebel, Dale Caldwell, Harry McLeroy. i ss, -f ii. 1 . . ,,:. X , ,EQ il- l SA .sfilfzism in M :K-' ,wrsifriw f 'I ' f 'ivsfis , -:fe ar - .. 2-sfslwv' fi -I :MM A-M ,,e,g,-Q 1-is ' zfygzhig 1 pf.. , : Q: f A . New RAY McKEE Vice-President R? me ' FRANK GILLETT LARRY ALLEN f Secretary Treasurer W ,,, 5 1 , Y fi 5 Biii lyl lw, ,i,i ii: A W 'Q If" 1 Not in pictures: Nathan Oxman, Kenneth Brisendine, Frank Story, Joe Sawyer, lil, David Neafhery, Johnny Burcheff. '-15355-ilflzl' ' 5 Y xx, wi ' Iiiwiiir' Jliillii 'N i Y il Student Council S. S. HUTCHINSON MRS. CLARA KERR Sponsors SAMMY CROCKETT President DON DOYLE Vice-President JEANINE DAVIS Treasurer ANNETTE EMBRY Secretary First row: Sammy Crockett, Don Loyd, Mary Amador, Frances Patterson, Annette Ernbry, Jeanine Davis, Patsy Harwell, Johnny Calverley, Don Doyle. Second row: Gary Pyles, Margaret Graves, Julia Calvert, Juanita Bruner, Jo Ann Fuller, Linda Gibson, Shelby Hadaway. Third row: Bobby Farmer, Marcus Cervantes, Jr., Teddie Parish, Helen Brown, Pat Baker, Anna Koncak, Mary Koonce. Fourth row: Don Lehew, Wanda Beggs, Linda Horton, Norma Ruth Johnson, Jerry Malone, Nyles Bynum, Fifth row: Kenneth Brisendine, Barbara Bison, Joyce Yancey, Roger Somerville, Mary Frances Holcombe, Shirley Minor. Sixth row: Mack Ballard, S. S. Hutchinson, Bill Crowell, Clara Kerr, Marcia Crowell, David Sartair. First row: Sammy Crockett, Marcia Crowell, Barbara Freeland, Mary Frances Holcombe, Bill Crowell, Norma Minsky, Roger Somerville, Pete Newhouse, Wanda Hall, Mary Kathleen Smith. Second row: Marcus Cervantes, Jr., Teddie Parish, Rose Minsky, Julia Calvert, Barbara Benson, Rebecca Pardue, Jeannie Davis, Delores Grubbs, Mary Boy, Don Loyd, Tommy Grubbs, Dickie Swindle. Third row: Mrs. Clara Kerr, Roy Perkins, Lester Brandt, Joy Carter, Mary Amador, Anne Mabry, Jo Ann Fuller, Wanda Beggs, Mattie Hall, Harold Edwards, Claudette Russell, Gloria Guerrero. Fourth row: Marjorie Jane Black, Carol Freeman, Barbara Baker, Shirley Wilson, Helen Brown, Mary Vela, Bobby Farmer, David Sartain, S. S. Hutchinson, Jean Franks, Kenneth Brisendine. SYLVIA COWAND As Marcia Crowell, eolitor, checks on club copy, freshman staff assistants make layouts. Left to right: Peggy Nichols, Carolyn Feezell, Marcia Crowell, Carolyn Seilheimer. Fores Advertising Manager JACK HAMI LTON Assistant Advertising Manager ADRIENNE ENGELBERG Office Manager LANETTE BROOKS Art Editor CLAYTON MILLER Art Advisor WESLEY D. SPENCER Sponsor MARY SMITH CLARK E V, ,nw , 1 as 213,I..ii,aasfigfgsigiseszags1.irI-.misif,'s11f51'sIstsis-issassi 1 K 'r ffsfiiigafil'-Y::.g .eww Not in pictures: Shirley Anderson Suzanne Brignon Alice Crawford Annette Embry Linda Evans Doris Kerbo Patsy Lancaster Belva Lawson Clayton Miller David Neathery Claudia Smith First row: Carolyn Seilheimer Julia Calvert Dorothy Holt Peggy Nichols Gloria Gomez Mary Koonce Dayle Oliver Betty Thornton Marcia Crowell Doris Howell Second row: Helen Davis Lanette Brooks Sylvia Cowand Barbara Lovin Carolyn Feezell Joyce Vogelsang Jean Alley Bobbie Hicks Third row: Jack Hamilton Richard Madden Johnny Burchett Ray McKee Hodge J. Lightfoot Pete Newhouse Leon Smith I1UCII SLG ALL TEXAS HoNoRs Editors-in-Chief BARBARA LOVIN SYLVIA COWAND Editors MARCIA CROWELL DAYLE OLIVER MARY KOONCE BETTY THORNTON CHARLES LAMB JOYCE VOGELSANG Associate Editors JEAN ALLEY DIANE COHEN RAY McKEE Jack Hamilton and Ad rlenne Engelberg select pic tures for the advertising section. First row: Marcia Crowell Jack Hamilton Mary Koonce Adrienne Engelberg Second row: Dayle Oliver Betty Thornton Charles Lamb Joyce Vogelsang Third row: Lanette Brooks Diane Cohen Jean Alley Ray McKee FEATURES f,X9I6 6,0 f QW If 'SID N P- n of 9 i956 N5 iv J , Y W9 ' C 'fa do A 'Q 'X + J L .ev 4, rl st? aiwfi WJ? 5 iff? . ' ' - wxW91.'?1,mfw4Ax wf ,5M!""' 'V MLKQEBWW 1-ww w,,5.wk""kww+f Qorzb Jima! Warzbn Szafvef oresfer ao 0141793 Elected by Popular Vote of Student Body .l0'v1T5sq,,m.WQmh1mm, .-mel, ,MW ' W A ,K-Edfgdfd 99-eekfmf i7I'GH,g amy Ga an '?f'-x-,vi-' ,WUIZIZQFSHKMU 5 621212 gan casfer ammy Grocfeff ky? 111212 QFSHQZU - ZUQUQQ jyeyyd' gdfy WGDGY WJ? ogrckw gan 014121425 K 1. 4 K! , wa M fi ' 1 H. -,rr -' , . -Sim." A' 4 'll' :ffl My 4. + Nh Ml K - ,-f ,b W 54 rw-, . ykQf.P'5'l Ying, . , Q ,f .xgimwf 24 0372 ? If m ,,,. Z jp, 'ii' yn-:,,s,,, ,pm Au QQ 's Iv ., ,N fr!! ,fa 3 . Q' -, 5 'grim 'fiiflf M , if . M wg? The morning after Forest beat the North Dallas Bulldogs, these Lion supporters gather for a celebration on the Hall of State steps. One of the most popular exhibits at Open House is this "Remember When" display, At the Christmas Assembly Mr. Bell reads Biblical passages. SEPTEMBER 6-School opens 22-Carter Riverside 6 . . . Forest O 28-First edition ofthe Echo 30-Sunset 20 . . . Forest 15 OCTOBER 6-Echo Assembly 7-Forest 14 . . . Pleasant Grove O I3-Key Club Assembly I4-Forest 40 . . . North Dallas 8 21-High school day at the fair. Victory Assembly at Hall of State 26-Forest 25 . . . Crozier Tech. 6 29-Senior picnic at Kidd Springs NOVEMBER 4-Forest i4 . . . Adamson O 7-l i-American Education Week 7-Junior Red Cross drive begins 8-Open House at Forest i 1-Veterans Day . . .A holiday! Forest 20 . . . Hillcrest 6 17-Forest 20 . . . Woodrow 19 King Shmoo Crowned 23-Thanksgiving holiday begins DECEMBER 2-National Honor Society ' Initiation 7-Echo Sweethearts Announced 9-PTA Assembly 16-Senior Play . . . "George Washington Slept Here" 20-Military Ball 21-Christmas Assemblies 25-Merry Christmas! JANUARY 3-Back to School 13-Dads Club Athletic Banquet 14-The Senior Prom 18--Senior edition ot the Echo 19-A holiday . . . lt's snowing outside 21-Baccalaureate Services for class of January '56 23-Senior Day! 24-25-Exams CDark Daysj 26-Graduation 27-Report cards 30-Spring semester begins FEBRUARY 2-More snow 3-Another snow holiday 14-Eighth Grade Valentine Dance 16-Guidance Assembly tor Junior High 22-First Edition ot Echo 24-Brotherhood Assembly Sadie Hawkins Dance for Seniors MARCH 2-Echo Assembly with Bruce Hayes as M.C. 2-3-Foresters attend Future Teachers Convention 7-Career Clinic 8-Future Teachers Films 9-Public Education Week Assembly 12-Junior Red Cross Lily Drive 16-Annual Latin Banquet 23-Student Council Dance 29-Easter holidays begin I56 Seniors listen attentively to Melvin Munn. Mary Barbee is crowned Valentine Queen at a dance sponsored by Mss Eckelmans home room. lt's Leap Year, as these speech students demonstrate Eat, drink milk and be merryl lFor next period comes that test.J Senior class officers have the responsibilities of completing arrangements for gradu- ation. Lett to right: Adrienne Engelberg, Mary Koonce, Frank Holey, Hardy LeBel, Marion Fallwell, Larry Allen, Levon Hall. Homeward Bound! APRIL 1-Easter Sunday . . . Foresters are decked out in new spring finery. 3-School re-opens after holidays 19-Tri-Hi-Y Assembly MAY 23-Annual Day 25-Senior Day 27-Baccalaureate Services at First Baptist Church 29-31-Exams . . . Dark Days 31-Graduation for Seniors at Gaston Avenue Baptist Church JUNE i-School's out! ,, 1, f17"s X l I57 Echo Sweethearts Elected by ballots published in The Echo GIQICQ CSIZQIM 93916 The Forester's Sweetheart We couldn't begin to Tell all of the things she has done To merit The annual's "academy award." To name a few, she checks in our money, pays our bills, takes our Telephone calls . . . always with poise and charm and The best disposition that anybody could Think up. Because she is a special favorite of the Forester Annual Staff, we have chosen Mrs. Maxine Calame The 1956 ForesTer's Sweetheart. l60 .XOQ 529 yoi MISS HELEN ECKELMAN L I Director Aunt Annabellal How can you call your own nephew a thief?" "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of the Japanese Beetle." ll i GEORGE xi SLEP i "Bring it in, Mr. Kimber!" Week- 4: Qs "0 o' va L tw 'l il Z' - JWW, h Q Joe Richardson I JZ tts, ' I N Frank Glllelle Jan Smith ERE" "Well now, if it's a legal matter, l'll have my staff of lawyers come over." Rose Ellen Johnson Paul Michaelson Gwen Looney Tillie Oxman Frank Story Freda Sexton Helen Roffman Ted Kiser Pete Embry Bobby Wesley Bobby Knight Jeannie Marshall Patsy Lewis Bobby Goldstein "Yes sir, forty gallons a minute . . . Dernest thing you ever saw!" Sowoq Sb X9 Wow Sebxoi Time out for refreshments. These couples lead The Grand Ball. 5 5S2.ifia526L3li5 Senior Day 1956 l l 1 3 Graduating flappers perform the charleston. "Sixteen books and what do we get? Ninety-six detentions and we ain't out yet." K Aki e if S, 1 -": ff! "A Good Man ls Hard To Find," sings Soloist Tillie Oxman accompanied by Jan Smith and Bobby Iser. Gwen Looney. "Terror Of Playground, lOl." A duet by Freda Sexton and Jan Smith closes the program. One-Act Play "Answer them, dear. You are good. You are innocent. "The Devil and Daniel Webster," Forest's entry in the 1955 city one-act play contest, placed second. Acting honors were won by Raymond Bailey and Norma Ruth John- son. Other outstanding members of the cast included Allen Segal as the Devil and Harry Osborne as Jabez Stone. The 1956 one-act play took first place in the city, with Bobby lser named best actor. 1 ul' Forest Mrs. Austin and the For- est Avenue Choir present a Cantata, "The Christmas BIessing," with Barbara Ford as organist and Bobby lser as narrator. Clubs on the March For two weeks "Slave" Philip Mintz is forced to carry Peggy Nichols' books. She bought him in a Latin Club slave auction. Marilyn Baxter receives her Future Teacher pin from Mary Koonce, right, and Norma Ruth Johnson. After a fire drill the Fire Fighters gather in the hall to discuss ways to improve the next drill. Polishing Forest's trophies is one of the Key Club's proiects. Left to right: Harry Mc- Leroy, Richard Madden, Ray McKee. ln the Civil Defense Club Billy Daniels demonstrates artificial respiration with Dick Mann as his subiect. 5252129957 .1 lfzlmtilfiz 35595 "? Counterclockvvise The Headlioners are a big hit at assem- bly. Left to right: Bobby lser, Vester Henry, Kenneth Belt, and Marion Fallwell . .. The "Flapper Follies" girls do a routine on a pep assembly Mr. Whittlesey crowns Kenneth Marlow King Shmoo. . . The Forest. Band features a Charleston solo . .. Back- stage the "Forest Flappers" prepare for their debut. - ' iu1 'f 'S Clockwise A slow olay for peppy cheerleaders, Ann Lancaster anol Beverly Wortham Bank- ing is stressed at Forest. Miss Jones, left, is directing These cashiers: Mary Marvin, Levon Hall, Annette Embry, and Linda Hor- ton Jimmy Brockway shows Harold Edward how it's done in metal shop . . . Up for exhibit go dresses and skirts made by one of Mrs. Beilharz'sewing classes . .. "Right that way," says Marion Fallwell to Larry Leggett. S S' K ' - . -. E pf E . 5. 5- . E ,, V .1 ' -wwssrk-3f'Qw.v?7 7 - " ' 5 1 1 ,. U- 'gf f M' ,h-'S 1 'L .1 ."E.S" ':l?2.fQffjf'. 1 5' " E 3? 3 -. X 1 .wf s R 1' " 5 it C' Q 'C 1 f- 2. My REMEMBER I Gigi 3 A Q Wi? 'W.f" Liwfqxviiifi- ai yi ,Ji i . Q. d iff " ' ,X x x 1 P Q wr? f , Y R '34 lk zz' WT E ' fa N -A ' , fa lf? E , -1 -Q.. mwfggfsig-Qt . , .. :. QL ,325 g,fd?.Yr Y H gg, W5"gs'f,gf E H A ..'?.W 1- N',fN Nxvf I :,,E, ' EEE ' A 15 f 'zfin iq E558 Wgffij Q E' 4:1 :,V A iN,, ,Ji ' 5 :fig fx i,,4xv ':,' 7 , ..,.:. ,, , , V,,', : ,,h, 'N Eh? gb E QW E W ve 1 I . , V ff +3-, ' 'ffm A ,X-5 ? 12 V W, 925, .-Afawlr 53 5, .WC ja - 1 Gunn Q5 O SQ -Eff Plunnnus 6 i is our X 12 K FIRST X THOUGHT 54-vxgcg , A. J. BURCHETT PLUMBING CO. Business Address 4002 Hancock Business Phone HA I-4535 Residence Address 76I6 Forney Residence Phone EV-5385 9 'N s XXVI '+ 'S lp Q WORLD'S FASTEST SYSTEM ff' 0 fn r Used by 9375 of high-salaried secrefaries--faughf in f In 89? of all universifies and high schools offering Secre- U., farial Training. Typing available. Also Secrefarial Training, Bookkeeping, Business Adminisfrafion, PBX Recepfionisf, Office Machines, and Radio-Television Service and Repair. An average of IO calls per grad- uafe. New Class sfarfing soon. Call or phone for free bullefin, "A Bee-Line fo a Beffer Job." Convenienf ferms, convenienf hours-Day or Nighf, Free place- DRAUGHON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE 2 I OI Commerce RI-3 I 33 menf. DAN FLETCHER AUTOMOTIVE Any Model, Any Time-The Service Is Always GoocI 290 I Sou+I1 Ervay HU-8-7458 Complimenis of FAIR PARK NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE INSURANCE CORPORATION Parry a+ Exposi'I'ion VI-455I HA-I-7I I8 HA-I-7346 OFFICE SUPPLY CO. "CompIeI'e Office Ou+fiH'ers" PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE on Any+I1ing for 'Ihe Office Supplies-Prin'ring-Office Furniiure 2026 Commerce RA-6446 EDGEWOOD PHARMACY Harwood a+ Grand Le+ Us Pick Up and Deliver Your Prescrip+ion or ANY OTHER NEEDS FREE DELIVERY 7 DAYS WEEKLY, 7 A.M. TO 3 A.M. I924 Grand Avenue SOUTHWESTERN BALFOUR COMPANY JACK HAMILTON DORIS HOWELL SENIOR RINGS - CLUB PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS SANGER BROTHERS Second Floor A Complefe Grocery and Frozen Food Depar'l'men'I BEVERAGES TO GO! Shop and Save aI' GRISSAFFI GROCERY AND MARKET I I I5 S. Ervay PR-9368 I 0 5 Q LET usno voun 1? naw haf' 'W "U souTHwEsT MOTORS Wreck Rebuilding I BILL HAYES, Owner L 5 OFGS Ve. ' ' VM HHS 34I5F +A HAI7363 QQQ T of Choice FIowers for AII Occasions NITSCHE FLOWER SHOP ROBERT H. THURMOND. JR.. Phone Day HA-8-I27I Nighi' ED-2-4378 2727 GRAND AVE. PAUL SEILHEIMER The Dallas Tool Man HAND TOOLS O ELECTRICAL TOOLS HA 8-6574 2529 Park Row DALLAS, TEXAS Mgr. DALLAS FOREST AVENUE FU RN ITU RE COMPANY CompIe'I'e Line of Home Furnishings I624 Fores'I Ave. HA I-33I4 DALLAS, TEXAS "I see a BRIGHT FUTURE for you!', - fff H I "I see more opportunity, more pleasure, more comfort. . . I see modern electric living in your bright future! "Remember . . . I'm your friendly electric servant, on the job Wherever I'm needed. You can always count on me to work for you." DALLAS PUWER 8: LIGHT COMPANY PHILLIPS STORES ADAM'S LU NCH STAN D Hamburgers--Sandwiches YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD CheeSebu,ge,s "5 d IO" I907 S an d A WHERE THE FOOD TASTES BETTER econ Venue 3237 efana Ph. HA 8-9664 27I5 Second Avenue Complefe Shop Wi+h One S+op OuaIiI'y Foods a'I' STUBBS SUPER MARKET HA I-2626 Harwood a+ Grand Open 8 A.M. +o I0 P.M. IIIII' Jumbo Hamburgers 34I0 Foresi' HA-8-9798 Every Day Including Sunday G DUAIESR- FOR THE JOB OF YOUR CHOICE ,gww SHORTHAND N0 MAcHm:s .uses ABCs nwfmf at I IL FAMOUS ABC SYSTEM as fffavfiziggg our 360 Chin J TYPING AVAILABLE Qualify for a well paid position in only.6 weeks! "Go places" ' faster as a secretary because you are in Ime for opportunity . . . 150,000 Ciraduatn you make important contacts . . .your talents are noticed! Speed- FREE writing is based on the simple ABCs, you take dictation the EMLOYMENT SERVICE very first day . , . attain a speed of 120 WPM, 5O'k faster than 0 Civil Service. Usued in leading offices, Civil Service. Amazirf? BCH, Day and low cost, Free ,trial lesson! Come, observe. Convtnce yourse . Also Gregg shor+hand and ofher business courses Evening Classes Phone for Free BooItIeI'. RUTHERFORD-METROPOLITAN School of Business 2020 Main RAndoIph 4538 Diamonds - Wa+ches -Jewelry - Gills I S McKEE JEWELERS Dry Cleaners "Your Neighborhood Jeweler" Fine Walch Repairing I620 Foresf Ave. HA-I-7348 J' Abalilfslieigxgwner 388 Casa Linda Plaza FA-5555 259 Pleasanf Grove Shopping Cenfer-EX-43I I BRUTON MOTORS n l538 S. Buckner Blvd. Mom.. DALLAS, TEXAS Telephone EX-I I37 For Emergency Medicine When Pharmacy Is Closed, Conlacl Us Through Physicians Bureau, LA-4I II X W ' ' Phone HA-8-I3l3 I705-A Foresl' Dallas I5, Texas I W M I PARKIT MARKIT 3409 Foresl' Ave. Make Your Dollars Go Furfher a+ J. C. PENNEY CO. 5420 Eas'r Grand Ph. VI-255I FREIGHT LINES CO. Accessories ,gc.1.M. HA-8-9867 ll! f ' - 1 Bus. ST-5821 Q Tires Res. DI-0553 Bapferies J' CHIEF H. B. IBROWNIEI HUFFHINES. V. P. Texas Manager I 620 Corsicana Dallas, Texas C. M. WILLIAMS SERVICE STATION Foresf a+ Fourfh Phone HA-8-9956 ROAD SERVICE SAMMY CROCKETT MARCIA CROWELL LINZ JEWELISTS For Diamonds and Jewels and Senior Rings, +oo, LINZ JEWELISTS in Dallas WILL HAVE THEM FOR YOU! Fine Diamonds Since 1877 WINTHROP Styled . for the other fellows -1-fbllow ' ' ' , ' 4. ,..e,L,.,..1l w e lasse slip-ons ...styled with 0, flair for all-occasion wear Versatile as a three-letter man, equally right for classroom, prom or weekend rumbling-Vlbrthmore Tassel Slip-ons are the style sensation of the school ycarl Choose yours now at Florsheim- falnous for truly authentic shoe stylesl CHOOSE YOURS NOW Down+own and Highland Park Village Jas. K 's n WESLEY'S NEW YORK BAKERY STORE AND DELICATESSEN 3H8 AH + 2732 Foresl HA.8.956'f HA'8'64'3 R C RAINS BOB OSBORN SUFQEQMARKETS sERvlcE STATION zaos Sou+l1land HA 8-7512 Flfvifiiiilgiffsfggon 20l2 Hall TA-0257 HARWQOD AT GRAND CHAS LE PARY s . xx..x, mv , 3? A. G. GRO. AND MKT. A A AZ ,, 703 Four+l'1 Ave. . . HA 8-98ll QUALITY FOOD, FRESH MEATS WITH ROW GROCERY 2602 Meyers Ora Be1'l1 Hickey MlLLER'S CLEANERS 3025 Colonial HA I-4435 S i ? f E E E n f K 3 I 5 1 Q ilile-'Em HIE!!!5-.fL4i'lif?ff I'IILL JEWELRY Colonial Drug I644 Foresf Ave. HA 8-5I4I PACIFIC SHOE SHOP I637 Foresf Ave. HA 8 9663 LLOYD'S DRIVE INN Curb Service 3I00 Colonial HA 8-98I8 COLONIAL PHARMACY Free Delivery I644 Foresf Ave. HA 8 5I4I X af AVE? 5 Z X5 SPOTLESS CLEANERS 80I Second Avenue I HA 8-9I6I 1 Adams Lunch Sfand A. J. Burcheff Plumbing Co. Bloom's Pharmacy Bob Osborn Service Sfafion Bonnie's Drive Inn Brufon Mofors Chas. Le Pary's Grocery Chief Freighf Lines C. M. Williams Service Sfafion Colonial Pharmacy Dallas Power and Lighf Co. Dan Flefcher Aufomofive DosseI'I"s Dry Cleaners Draughon's Business College Fair Park Nafional Bank Foresf Avenue Furnifure Co. Frank Rogers and Son Sfudio Friedman's Pharmacy Grissaffi Grocery and Markef Hill Jewelry Co. Jas. K. Wilson J. C. Penney Co. Linz Jewelisfs Lloyd's Drive Inn McKee Jewelers MiIIer's Cleaners New York Bakery Nifsche Flower Shop Pacific Shoe Shop Parkif Markif Paul Seilheimer Tool Co. Phillips Sfores Rains Super Markef Rufherford-Mefropolifan School of Business Shelby Office Supply Co Soufhwesfern Balfour Co. Soufhwesf Mofors Spofless Cleaners Sfubbs Super Markef Wesley's Food Sfore Wifhrow Grocery Patronize Our Advertisers! 1 5 O LZ!! ffl' JL' Zf4'2L6j 'Q' ,nz ' 4' ilW'f7f'5f'-1-'75 LJ if 5 -4'1 Clif! .f4"'Ff4fflff K ,,."' - 4' JL.: ,A,. f ' :ffl C? C1 46- fd '2 V4 'i-7X S71 QLQ,-:.fz..4-25111 '77 if K . X f , ..... ,QV R414 QA 1"" 65 L My .JL -4 ?'74"'2f1fv.,C. Lj " .A l . . f ,fffz M - ,A , M Q9 6 ,W Y. 0 1,5 6 I- S D 1 71 J, y Eu' l956 I Q6 0 5 "' - l WO L - ' ,I lg ,-..,a. 1 'f ' w .nv X '73 ffilisfw ,. ,..- . " ' ' ff. J-vi, N X v x ,Xu. . '5 ix X .. V 1 X1 'L' . . X1 . .Q X' X' .2 X , 4 11 NQ 1 x, xx F K XAX N K? MA- .. 1- ..M,. -9 -,-' 1- - , f - -9.-W , JOM? X A NX 1 pf ff ,911 1 9 +1820 .fb M17 X l S 19334 f' 1926 1 N311 X, X M h - hx if ' K. 5 5 1 , Djwiffgjj Eg SQ EX 1940 1 1' T1 95145 . 25947 l9414ff19W21ff f EQ jaw . LJ ff"r"G'M 9 19116 if 1943 99 1950 1 11' 'f 1 1 ' 1 KSWXMM E 3 1 N .kiwi Q 11199 1954 m ilffwij I' J i314 Q LfSL,:...'-., xg 1 , W : but Zgdygf Ida?-DE ,. X. I 7 H 62 pf 92 qwwf4W QP MM I955 JG M V935 X IQ57 35 X4fiW E9 i945 MMM vwfblnffy yfw 49 ,gf D QEEYWS EEN QSXM I9 7

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