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wx ,,.- ! 9 ,ff .... rf. UK C A 1,- .i px XJ yy .. CJ x ,2--f' If Nm M 1 '47 'f QW f-- -J I 0 fx T - X f'-. xx 'f lxkgf Q , I, J , 'ggi-QI I ll fi x , Y 3Cb'9 M C x A 71 v- 'X 'PL ' , X 1 ' - f-,Q X . If ,X 4551 ,f K xf ' w I ' g fv F 1 f , X ffffxl Q x X l! xj'XT: 141'-f , R 1 AQ F "W" Wfv' W Y' J Q' 'X5xyVfD V5 ' R"'5'w "N""'T xy, , Il- 'Z' Q Xwqx ' .f-xg 2 fy 4 Lg , 4 qi' Q x . l .f-. X 1 I A 1 ,Y Af 4.i1xr 4 ' NMAC f 2 Lmkgilyg A k J ' if 4 1 i 4 ' 4 if O hw Y' f ,f ,,,f" - 1 lux A X E 1 ,-Q DPM K ln K H-'W - f-4- ..- li -, A- , 4. A , ,MMM A -, k ng, -,,,,-,,+, M,,-L-,,.,.....J 111 ,. 11' 1 .1 1 1 I1 1 a l . fs L 4 f .1 ,, ri Q b , 7... I Tx' 54 5121.1 V-If -1-' . 531. E I-1 .1 fl l 1 1 V1 1 1 1 1 I ffl fi 1 . '1 1 '40 . Ui. F 'A is 1 1. .T 1 in '1 I ,1 ,..g, 11- ,1 1-1. -1 .121 qc- g 4 A U... '1' 4-- Y ..1.1 , .:', , .1, :A -xdzlvl. .. 41 . L- Y1 ' J 1, -1 Jf, 3-7 257 :Afg E A AA 1 A V ?,,i'.: u,5'-Q.-- N L'i,LA'j:i."Qy': J., dx . V V' 1. -'ef '- :'-" - 1 2 A I pq "ff ' -, .V 4" 1- - 2 1, f " ' " - 11-j,j::. L: :1..-..ZfPgQL ::iA'.:fQf, L-5121!-5 'Vff?11ig'f'9, -, 7i'W4"?'52 'H "hs LQ' , -, V 5: l 'V -r 17- ff? 2.3. 55915 , gif 5241315571 VF 'if - H'-, -Vi ,....1.Vgg ly I I . , .. V . , 8 ra 1 52.1 ,.. ' '. ' .1 ,sf .. . - 1 ' . g,.., 1 im. he .. ir 1. EF. ,, 5. .51-q, . fx' .ag ' '-11 if 1' 'X Vir'r." 1, . 11 ' 'bw LM :N V 2?- 1-mi B is V. T. .ln ji, 1 !':,, f. ,111 N., I. Ai. of-1 4,1-'-5. 4.1-al . . L 1C .. ,. '1 GV -1. Va ia. 1. 1 is .1.. nz. 14 .1 1... N ,. ,1.'. N 1V1 f-- 1. V., 4.5511 Ii ,. I . 1 111 i1 fi 'Y ,1 Qi I1 1 1 1 ,Su .,1, r ,, PEE 1 1 V-11 .Lv . Q.- , KW I, 1 nj' 1, J ,f L1 , 1 1 1 1 ' . f '1 V I! ' V1 Fx- , ' f . . . J VV' -, , Kill- 4' . , F' . Q ' Q .1 ,Lp Lf.. E .1 4' ff' V ,L I I I if -.3 V f ' . 57- H' ' .- N. 6, ' :fi I , 1 , 4 .V . 1 V 3 . fgxs 5'-43 ,. - ,1 ,Af J, 1 ,.., , -nf .V A VA 1 A . "Lf, I I 1 .11 1 1 U .X ,fffg ML. X J JJ If ' .7 lg 1A .. u I " 1 .J W5 . 59 .L vu' 4 . JV 1 K .f-X. 7 ,V fi 1 1 X -. , U 1 I n 'Q 1-- M4 '1 ur' 1 X 112, V 3I2L1VVg , V ' tfffj' ' X iggrix' : fi t rf YL if . 1 . 11 1 1 -, 1. ' fat' A fV1?s5f h . ' 3? E E.. . X , ' 'ITA I". x 1 1 1- 1,1-.i ' 1 , 11 11 ll 'Z Z1 E1 11 -1 .1 Q! Ei 11' Q! -1 1' '1 1 K. .. :ALE .1 3 131 1, l.. I -1- ti... - A14 ' n'..2' .ww 1, , 1. XML .. I QQ 1 -f ly 13. 3- 1 I J, X f ... .xg 1. fr-ia Is ' 1 1 .-: 1. ia! , .. . , I,.1,, " ' 111 f 1151. ' '. 1 - - 1 , UE! 1.122 . ' 1 V , u,Ks . 12 1.M, '. .V - W. I, if" .-F T 1 1 x ,. WJ.. x 15211 'VV 1 V -. - .V . , f .ffk'S' V . -. . f '. iii?" .-117 1.1-fy .11 . .1,,- . -11 y: ,Q 1 ., ,. , I . X . - , V W. - , ' ..'V.ff'f' -6-1-f Li... . .A F , ..:. , N11 -, V.: --:.,. , H 4. -1. 541111: ' A-'-, 1'11 3'1Lg4:"'.'f2 1. wa, Lui'-' 1'- .fu j V,z-1 1 - -1g- gi wi.. 1 V .: f LM: . 1-9'-V,-,N - "x. ,: .. 1 13 :4 1 . -' -- Y 1- .Vg-Y. V .f-Vf'. ' i-3: ":fVi 7 ' .Y , 1 .- .1 . -.1521 .,: -. -h,,-1l- nal- ,.... .!.. 1...-. ph. 4- 1, , , 1 H., . . ,. ,. .V . 11, -,g 5... ,1.. . ,. 1. ..,,,s ,,, ,,1 . , . 1 , ,u ,,. , ,,., -. ,J -- 1 1 . - 1 V VV -111, -1 r 5 , -+ !- 1': , 3 ., .-ig, .. -. ,4ig:,,11b K ' .fag ,,:-I1 - Q. "?'M-1f5-11-. 'ip-.1. -. fV-dfulg' - .' .:.,,,' -1 4:2-1 Y gr--5. . 'f' f . 413' '1 - 1. -:s. ,. -.-.. -F'-,-an gf- . 11 , un, 51 ' ' .wiv --if Q if 1' .,:rgV" 1 2 , 2 .,: V f. 'JVV,,. -. . :1 f 1, 'V - -1 1 1 V - ' - 1 . 1 ,- H T5 ffiff 1.-.5 .V -V -41, "f, jf 'Q 1 V- "1 ,F-V-.? Pu' -'I ,V1 1 ff " ' rff r ' , -1 1 Jug , f, -4 4 .- lf--Lg-cp 154' 1 2-'gi I -nb . WWWW M M 1 Q ' 3 f N. A .,fvAflfJ'f644U' ?W2W,5,6 ww ,W W5 Mjjfwwy vi' JR jffyuw Q55 My ,, W Qfmi7f ff fm Hai lags A ' WIN ff M M Efffffwy- E ON ff Qgfiffijf , QQ WW? + X . , lg if A g i yofffyvgi rn ' ' ' ' ' - .-2, . . - "" ' ' -., - 'V - ,'1 .,' V li . - .r , .f., I ' ' '.ffm!fzMLJ9Nz!J01zl,Jm mcjglxgiyfl My f f Wiki ,W W f 'A' 9 H fi 33 3 aff V A J M Q E53 W Gi Gig If 'ffj,,dL Mf UMA 3? 'f'lWZf1fp ,, "iw-""'f'51E2E1E1i2E251E1E2Z1E - J Q25 M W Mime 1953 bf gyyfww FORESTER Sf ' A A - l ff" - W 1 A Lp-f J 0,9-f I W IIA! flfl I 5 W-A, if l 3 5 'QAQ lf! , A ' T,,L,lfZ wMfgr,fi'iV 3 E it 6 f . W W A kt N fig isyezg K . ....- coNTENTs A Administration ......... 10 Classes ......... ..... 2 6 Organizations . . ..... 76 Athletics .... ........ l l6 N Military ..... ........ l 42 'Rf Features ............... l5Z if Advertisements ......... 172 jf is Q s .X .YL . X, . ii W 76367651 l XG ?f2?-A-any 379095- 'Vvaoybph lg! 5 2 I MQ' WHL? VW 'gfwffif L www? 5517 256 yo Mm . QW! WMI We W g QE HMM E W OOO " img, f , , 1 E 4 1 f 1Pf'fi11 A 5 ZGZ 'P1""' A 6? '. I . H of FOREST AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL l DALLAS, TEXAS DEDICATION H. B. YATES He is liked for his humor and forthrightness. He is respected for his sound judgment and integrity . . . For thirty-two years as a Teacher of history, economics, and civics at Forest, he was out- standing. As a track coach, he led the team to win trophy after trophy. As a leader and pioneer in the field of credit unions, he has earned national distinction. For twenty-four years as Faculty business manager, he kept the Forester Annual on a sound finan- cial basis . . . lt is with pride and gratitude that we dedicate this book to an individual who has contributed so much to the prog- ress of Forest: H. B. Yates. A ' I A I V ,J f 3f!"D ,W'L!. L ! i T X N QV! , fic K if wx kv LL., - . T T ei hh J ..-- '--' ' if ,.:,.. f ' .....---1' 1 ZZ". .---" -'11 Q U 'J T """' T h M ..,.:: """ ":l:" ":: i i ---" E L i i I H vi? FCREWORD OUT of The inkwell, on To The primed page, he comes. LeT's follow This recorder and look over his shoulder as he sketches The sTory of a year. I qw i f:::z"' 4-.-. . -'Q- . . . r ' - -ir Y i I 4 v GN y ' -. E.: Q: :fffh i 5 wwe, .Y 'K j!gii?.fmA mm? , Mzzv N if M if iii?-1-ff' f N y 'f gf My ,J ,mf . V , aff nl w 'kk ' war .W , , M 43 ,Q W ,f 4 .Jw Q. , 'K 1 Q ,L xg fs 4 2 ff? Qi ' 6 Q ,4 . 'W JW 5 I . .ar , W' ' f .T ff A' ,K W 2 My 1 A M dwg -. 'Qin I ' 0 , v ' Open House l Forest is all spruced up for the big l occasion-Open House. A b e t t e r chance to get acquainted is given by , Forest's annual Open House. The par- ents are invited to meet the teachers and see lust how their children spend their many school hours. Both acadel , rnic and extracurricular activities are l shown. l Upper left: In their perky cos- tumes, the Junior High Green Peppers perform one of their many drills for l the Open House program. , Center left: Mrs. Watkins, right, shows the typical friendly interest of Forest teachers in P.T.A. activities as she discusses the recent membership drive with Mrs. Doyle, Mrs. Millender, and Mrs. Jordan. l l l Lower left: Both Junior and Sen- . ior High cheerleaders join in singing l the alma mater. I Lower right: "That's my girl," l l says proud papa Mr. Bell as he coaxes Mary Lynn to look at the camera. , 4 mf 'Ni E , K l i Responsibility, the key vvord of administration, requires the patience and cooperation of Forestfs teachers and staff members. Mr. Whittlesey and Mr. Hutchinson look upon the responsibility of running a modern five-year high school as a pleasant one. IPR! NC 1 PAC' .v--"--7 ADMINISTRATION J ff- 1' . ' DALLAS PU BLIC SCHOOLS ADMINISTRATION W. T. WHITE Superintendentof Schools BOARD of EDUCATION R. L. Thomas, President Avery Mays, Vice President Mrs. Tracy H. Rutherford Edwin L. Rippy, M. D. Franklin E. Spafforcl LIoyd.M. Campbell Mrs. Vernon D. Ingram Jack H. Brearol' Harry Stone L ROBERT H. McKAY EWELL D. WALKER FRANK L. WILLIAMS J. F. CARDWELL Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Co-ordinator Instruction ' Personnel Instruction Education The Dallas Board of Education and school administrators of the city and county were honored at a weekly meeting ot the Dallas Rotary Club, at the Crystal Ballroom ot the Baker Hotel. Left to right: J. T. Whittlesey, Herman F. Benthal, Bryan Adams, E. D. Walker, unidentified, Dale Douglas, Don Matthews, R. L. Thomas, Harry Spatford, Jack H. Breard, C. A. Nichols, L. A. Roberts, W. T. White. The Forest Choir closes their program at the luncheon, with "The Battle Hymn of the Re- public." l3 PRINCIPAL MWWWML 2 1 1 i 1 E I ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL mam MXMW I gl I II "There will be a meeting," Mr. Whittlesey begins, as he gives the daily an- nouncements over the public address system. Mr. Hutchinson confers with Donald Brazil. This is one of the many instances where Mr. Hutchinson advises a Forester. ' The proud grandparents, Mr, and Mrs. Whittlesey, look on fondly at their handsome grandson, Larry Tomlin. Mrs. Tomlin, center, is the mother of this vivacious youngster. Jimmy Stafford, class President of the June 1952 graduating class, proudly receives his After the Christmas music assembly, Hollis Allen, diploma from Mr- Whifflesey. elementary co-ordinator of curriculum, center, and Mr. Walker, right, compliment Mrs. Evans. , - ff X Ir 5: 4 . The Dallas Teachers Credit Union held its twenty-second annual meeting at Forest Avenue High School Auditorium, January 13. This or- ganization, whose members are school employees of Dallas County, was formed in l93l. Since that time, H. B. Yates, a former teacher at Forest, has served as President. Jack Mitchell, a Forest faculty member, has been Secretary and Treas- urer since January l946. With 3,800 members, and 352,300,000 in assets, this credit union ranks largest in Texas and sixth among teacher credit unions in the nation. After being introduced by Mr. Yates, Mr. Mit- chell, Treasurer, reads his annual report. Mr. Yates, President, introduces the Board of Directors and office secretaries of the Credit Union. a are FACULTY One of The many duties of a busy senior Counselor is informing siudenis of scholarships. Mrs. Brown has helped many oufstanding Seniors secure Top awards in the ciTy. B. M. ABBOTT T. H. ANDRESS NANNIE D. ANDREWS JAMES BATCHELOR FRANCES BEILHARZ LLOYD BELL , fl I J E' CQ, 211-'I , .f TMA., lll Q Q WILLIE MAY BERRY R RILLA BRADY EMMA H. BROWN MARY CLARK ANGUS CODY EDITH COLE ' I 'Z' in ' 'Y "I ,LP , f'-ij y I I HAZEL CORCORAN ROBERT COWSER L. H. CRABTREE DAVID CROCKETT SARA DAVIDSON . CARRIE DENSON I I I I I I 1 MARY DRAKE TACT DUNSWORTH HELEN ECKELMAN JULIA DEAN EVANS ANNIE GEM FELDER RUTH FETTERMAN To Miss MeriweTher, Dean, go all excuses for absences. Weldon Glass- cock's excuse obviously is a good one. MYQWM H. A. FREEMAN C. V. GOODMAN , I5 N E5 FACULTY 0 A full fledged activity program in both Senior and Junior High divisions is capably coordinated by Mrs. Kerr, activities director. 5, 1 l . EVA GRIFFIN D- T- GRIFFITH ALICE HARRINGTQN A. .I. I-IILLIARD LOUISE HILLYER VIRGINIA HURST EN . my I - Jggf jij ,rf I'W N al Xkxijijl ,HP H :gait , X I-3 ' J CECIL O. JOHNSON MN iv ALBE . OHNSTON MARY JORDAN CLARA KERR ELIZABETH KILBOURNE V . , X . ' wnmg www W s i S i 1 ' ". . H . , . ' Hs- ' ' A 'f A W.-. 5 ' z1Lgis,.J ,f4V,i!j' EUGENE KRIBBS PAUL LABORNE CLEO PEGGY uPscoMa P. A. LITl'RELL JoHN c. MARSHALL n JACK MITCHELL BETTY MCLAIN LEO NEAL ETHEL MASTERS V. A. MATTINGLY SARAH MERIWETHER 1.1 L 1 V 4 Two of her students consult Miss Thoene about a literature assignment. MARY NUGENT R. V, PEEK v ' sr' N, .N A , ,, Az A FACULTY Typing Transcripts for graduafes is one of the many duties of Mrs. Sheeler, FOresT's affable secretary. RAYE PEcuEs ALEX PICKENS FLOYD Pms A. K. QUESENBERRY Ono RHOME R. L. ROBERTS I Q ii, fglfifj , fifkmlf LfX!Q'Nk My - e L iixdgl' Xiqf A LL , V INA i TS STELLA RODERICK DWANE c. ROGERS ZULEIKA scOTT LOCILLE 5EGR'ST :,:,Wm'AM SHARP ni L7 - , ,V .1-Ms.: :brew-frq'-3' EFFIE SHEELER ALVA SHEPARD J. D. SHEPPARD ROXIE SMITH AGNES TAYLOR ANNE TAYLOR BERNEIL TAYLOR IRMA UNGER ELIZABETH UPCHURCH VIRGINIA VANDERGRAFF JESSE WATKINS J. B. WHITE CHARLES J. WOODALL HQQHHQQ ga eff A - . 4 gg. f. - ifiiffs AQ 'if fa-Qr 57' '-ii: , vfiri - , Me i 5 I f ' I 5 2 Hffew c, I . 1 -eu, hw Nor in pictures JESSE BO U LTO N MILTON FREY RAY GREEN FRIEDA THOENE idwlizlc To The desks of Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Smith, right, go the daily attendance reports filled out each period. L s I 1 3 + I 5 5 I 5 I Above: Here Mr. Pickens, art instructor, displays a mobile made in a craft class of the art department. Above: Mrs. Virginia Hurst demonstrates the proper way to write shorthand. Around the School . . l Below: Gracious Mrs. Vandergraft, dietician, i helps this student prepare a tray for a teacher. ! i it 1 il 5 . ii 5 it i l 4 Below: Our competent school nurse, Mrs. Pegues, in Forest's well-equipped clinic, shows Marian White the proper way to treat a cut. l l i s 2 5 1 V 1 li i 5. l 2 E - - ' IN ME MOR'IAM ASEK f'vv:w:.Q, -warms-N1 4 wa -mxxii-Vw xy f1,411ff::.:Q21rw,1mf - A ,Q ,LmsWT1g:f,g1m Reading, writing, and arithmetic aren't the only subjects taught in Forest classes. Whether a book is classified in Sociology, Literature, or Useful Arts, these teams of Miss Clark's English 6 students are learning the way to find it. These pupils select one book from each of the ten categories of Dewey's Decimal System as a class project. CLASSES Seniors '53 DOROTHY ABRAMSON French Club. STANLEY ABRAMSON - Linz Award: Auditores Caesaris, Sergeant-at-Arms: Student Council: Junior Red Cross: Basketball Club: Athletic Club: Basketball Letterman: ROTC, Band. ' g.ll5llHlff' MARY JEAN ALLEN Bible Linz Award: Science Fiction Club: Forester Staff: Echo Staff, Club Editor. MILTON ALLEN Hot Rod Club: Distributive Education: Echo Staff. GEORGE ANNES Linz Award: Bible Linz Award: Auditores Caesaris, Vice President: National Honor Society, Treasurer: Student Council: Dance Band: Tennis. JUNE APPLE Tri-Hi-Y: Forester Staff: Echo Staff: Junior Red Cross: Pep Squad: Gym Captain: Streamliner. JIMMIE ASHLEY Linz Awards: National Honor Society: Football Club: Hi-Y, President: French Club, President: High Scholarship Club, Sergeant-at-Arms: Fire Fighters: Football Letterman. CAROLYN AUSTIN Linz Award: Dramatic Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Texas History Club: Junior Red Cross: Student Council: lce Skating Club: Auditores Caesaris. J '- 'J A MARILYN BAKER Junior Red Cross: Baton Twirlers Club: Forest Secretarial Club. FRANK BARNARD Study Club: Hot Rod Club: Distributive Education. 28 Seniors 53 NORMAN BARNES Stardust Club. JERRY BATES Student Council: Athletic Football Letterm DONALD BRAZIL Club: Echo Staff, News Editor: A ff' RICHARD BATES Linz Awards: National Honor Society: Lettermen's Club, President: Student Council, Vice President: Forester Staff: Echo Staff, Editor: Football Captain: Football Letterman: Baseball: Junior Rotarian: Track: Basketball: Senior Class President. JOYCE BENNETT Bible Linz Award: Forester Staff: Student Council. BOBBIE BEVIS Tri-Hi-Y: Forester Staff: Baton Twirlers Club: Canasta Club: Gym Captain: Office Assistant. ' l E MARTHA ANN BLAKE National Honor Society: Auditores Caesaris, Secretary: Tri- i Hi-Y: Student Council: Cheerleader: Junior Red Cross. 5 l I l tl l BILL BLEDSOE l Hi-Y: Hot Rod Club. BARBARA BOATMAN L, Tri-Hi-Y: Forest Secretarial Club. -5-1 l Lettermen's Club: Athletic Club: Fire Fighters: Football Let- terman: Baseball: Basketball. BILLIE LOUISE BROOKS Tri-Hi-Y: Dallas Historical Society: Junior Red Cross: Art Award: Ice Skating Club: Traffic Court Representative. BOB BURCH Linz Award, Cinema Club, Vice President, Echo Staff, Ad- vertising Manager, ROTC. EARL BURNS Distributive Education. u,., , .x -t 'l 3 l-my ROBERT THAYER BURNS Key Club, Secretary, Junior Red Cross, Hi-Y. SALLY ANN BUSHMAN Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, Pan American Student Forum, Girls' Public Speaking, Sergeant-at-Arms, Treasurer, Secre- tary, Forester Staff. DON CALDWELL Honor Wreath Society, Lettermen's Club, Junior Red Cross, Football Letterman, ROTC, Cadet Colonel, Rifle Team, Echo Staff, Sports Editor, Drill Team, Best Drilled Cadet Award, Baseball, Basketball, CHRISTINE CAMERON Forest Secretarial Club, Pep Squad. Seniors '53 BETTE JOYCE BROWN Linz Awards, National Honor Society, Secretary, High Schol- arship Club, Auditores Caesaris, Secretary, National Thespian Society, Secretary, Student Council, Secretary, Junior Red Cross, President, Choir. FRANCES BROWN TriiHi-Y, Forest Secretarial Club, Roller Skating Club. l ROBERT CARLOCK ANITA CLAYTON I 'Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, Student Council, Cheerleader, Office Assistant, Gym Captain. 30 Seniors '53 CHARLES DANCE Hot Rod Club, ROTC Band, Distributive Education. ANN DAVIS I Junior Red Cross, Pep Squad. .- MELVYN DAVIS l Stardust Club, Junior Red Cross, Parliamentarian, Baseball. i l JOYCELYN DEAN Tri-Hi-Y, Library Club, Vice President. l l ' "il J l t l Il l LDA L ISE DENNIS 1 Lin ward, Cinema Club, Secretary, Pan American Student m, Reporter, Sergeant-at-Arms, High Scholarship Club, tudent Council, Ice Skating Club, Office Assistant, Art Award. it N. L. DICKINSON l Linz Award, Hi-Y, Vice President, Chemistry Club, Pan 1 American Student Forum, Echo Staff, Forester Staff, Baseball. 1, l 1 l l Otto mscn E, Hi-Y, ROTC, First Lieutenant, 1 l ELAINE DOMB l Linz Awards, Art Awards, National Honor Society, High Scholarship Club, Vice President, Auditores Caesaris, Reporter, A I Treasurer, Girls' Public Speaking. Club, Vice President, Presi- Q dent, Texas History Club, Junior Red Cross. 5 l 1 i r"' AJ s ALTON EDWARDS ROTC, Cadet Captain, Rifle Team, Captain, Letterman. ANN EDWARDS ' Linz Awards, National Honor Society, Parliamentarian, Stu- dent Council, Treasurer, Cheerleader, Office Assistant. ' 3l Seniors '53 JOAN FERELL Library Club: Tri-Hi-Y. JOYCE FERELL Library Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Streamliner. HERMAN FINLEY National Honor Society: Athletic Club: Lettermen's Club: Hi-Y: Student Council: Echo Staff: Fire Fighters, President: Football Letterman: Basketball: Track: Hot Rod Club: Choir. MARGARET FLANAGAN Roller Skating Club: Canasta Club. VlVlAN GINSBURG Texas History Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Pan American Student Forum: Junior Red Cross, Vice President: Tennis: Pep Squad: Student Council: Office Assistant: Streamliner. WELSON GLASSCOCK National Honor Society: Student Council, President: Letter- men's Club, Secretary-Treasurer: Football Letterman: Track: Forester Staff: Echo Staff, Business Manager: Quill and Scroll. HAROLD GLASSER Linz Awards: Auditores Caesaris, Sergeant-at-Arms: High Scholarship Club, Sergeant-at-Arms: Dallas Historical Society: ROTC, Second Lieutenant: Military Band: Student Council. HANNA GOLDMAN Linz Awards: National Honor Society: Texas History Club, President, Vice President: Pan American Student Forum, Presi- dent: High Scholarship Club, President, Secretary: Student Council, Parliamentarian: Forester Staff. l l J? JEANETTE GOODMAN J Linz Awards: Pan American Student Forum, Parliamentarian: Texas History Club, Secretary: High Scholarship Club: Forester Staff: Gym Captain: Office Assistant. MARILYN GREENBERG Linz Awards: High Scholarship Club, Secretary: Student Council: Dallas Historical Society: Auditores Caesaris, Parlia- mentariah: Gym Captain: Office Assistant. 32 Seniors '53 LOWELL GRIFFIN Lettermen's Club, Athletic Club, Football Letterman. REUBEN GRINSTEIN Linz Awards, High Scholarship Club, Parliamentarian, Dallas Historical Society, Facts Forum, Vice President, ROTC, Maior, Military Band, Drum Maior, Band, Drum Maior. SAMMY GUYNES Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, Sergeant-at-Arms, Honor Wreath Society, ROTC, First Lieutenant, Drill Team. J N HADAWAY mz Awards, Auditores Caesaris, Treasurer, Junior Red Cross, Vice President, Dallas Historical Society, Treasurer, National Honor Society, High Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, Choir, ,J Office Assistant, Streamliner. BILL HENDRICKS KENNETH HICKS Hot Rod Club, Student Council, Junior Red Cross, ROTC. BETTY HILL Linz Award, Forest Secretarial Club, Vice President, Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, Library Assistant. JERRY HOBBS Cinema Club, President, Hot Rod Club, Echo Staff, Feature Editor, ROTC, Baseball, Basketball. L DORIS HODGES Tri-Hi-Y, Forest Secretarial Club, Parliamentarian, Swimming Club. PAT HOFFMEIER Cinema Club, Recorder, Dallas Historical Society, Echo Staff. ,33 Seniors '53 EDDIE HOLLAND Key Club, Hi-Y, Gun Club, Football, Basketball, Roller Skating Club, lce Skating Club. CORENA HOPKINS Linz Award, National Honor Society, High Scholarship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, Gym Captain, Streamliner. l JIMMY HORN ff Hot Rod Clu ,"l3asket all Club, Treasur , Ht- , Gun Club, Student Council, B ket ll, Letterman, Tr' Captain. LANE KALMIN Hot Rod Club, Student Council, Cheerleader, Basketball Manager, Tennis, ROTC, Sergeant. JEANETTE KELLEY Dallas Historical Society Baton Twlrlers Club Junior Red Cross Canasta Club Forester Staff Pep Squad Gym Captain. CAROLE SUE KIRSCHBAUM Forester Staff Girls Public Speaking Club Treasurer, Re- porter Pan American Student Forum Junior Red Cross, Office Assistant Echo Staff SUE ADELE LAMBERT Linz Award Texas History Club Treasurer Pan American Student Forum President Treasurer Hugh Scholarship Club, Secretary Treasurer Junior Red Cross Student Council Forester Staff Office Assistant CHARLES DON LEGGETT Athletic Club Key Club Student Council, Hot Rod Club, Basketball Letterman Track GLORIA LINDSAY BETTY LOONEY ' Junior Red Cross, Streamliner. 34 Linz Awards, Student Council, National Honor Society, Auditores Caesaris, Echo Staff, Associate Editor, Forester Staff. Seniors '53 MILTON LOUER Hot Rod Club, Cinema Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, National Honor Society, Sergeant-at-Arms, Distributive Education, Echo Staff, lce Skating Club. VIOLET MARSHALL Art Award, Dallas Historical Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, Pep Squad, Ice Skating Club. CHARLENE MIKUS Canasta Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, Facts Forum, Dallas Historical Society, Forest Secretarial Club, Forester Staff, Baton Twirlers Club, Roller Skating Club, Ice Skating Club, Gym Captain, Office Assistant. ED MILLER GLEN MATHEWS - JEANETTE MAYNARD Canasta Club, Roller Skating Club. DELORES ANN MCCURDY Linz Awards, Forest Secretarial Club, President, Vice Presi- dent, Dallas Historical Society, Secretary, Parliamentarian, Stu- dent Council, Pep Squad, High Scholarship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Gym Captain, Streamliner, Office Assistant. BOB MCGEE Athletic Club, Fire Fighters, Hi-Y, Texas History Club, Echo Staff, Forester Staff, Football Letterman, Baseball Letterman, Choir. GEORGE MCGEE ROBERT ARTHUR MCKEE Auditores Caesaris, Vice President, Junior Red Cross, ROTC Band, Basketball. 35 t SANDRA OTTS Linz Awards: Tri-Hi-Y: Dallas Historical Society: High Schol- arship Club: Junior Red Cross: Student' Council: Pep Squad: Ice Skating Club: Gym Captain: Streamliner. KAY OVERTON Library Club. JO ANN PARKER LOYD PAYNE Key Club: Hot Rod Club: Basketball. GERALD PIERCE Distributive Education: Hot Rod Club. ROSE MARIE POTASH Linz Awards: National Honor Society: High Scholarship Club, Treasurer: Dallas Historical Society, President: Pan American Student Forum, Treasurer, Parliamentarian: Junior Red Cross, Secretary, Vice President: Forester Staff: Pep Squad. SX V. Seniors 53 BEN MORRIS JOYCE NORMAN Linz Awards: Dallas Historical Society: National Honor So- ciety: High Scholarship Club: Student Council: Forester Staff: Streamliner: Gym Captain: Office Assistant. SONYA POTASH Linz Awards: National Honor Society: High Scholarship Club: Dallas Historical Society, Secretary: Pan American Student Forum, Secretary: Pep Squad: Junior Red Cross, Secretary: Forester Staff. . BENJAMIN PRENGLER Hot Rod Club: ROTC: lce Skating Club. 36 Seniors '53 HOWARD REED BILL REINLE Lettermen's Club: Football Letterman. ROBERT RICHARDSON JO ELLAN ROBBINS National Honor Society: Auditores Caesaris: Junior Red Cross: Student Council: National 'Thespian: Choiii. WANDA ROBERSON ' Tri-Hi-Y: Forest Secretarial Club, Sergeant-at-Arms: Clinic Assistant: Swimming Club. ROBERT ROE Key Club: Gun Club: Hi-Y: lce Skating Club: Roller Skating Club: Baseball: Football. NATHAN SALTZMAN ROTC Service Award: Drill Award: Athletic Award: Marks- man Award: ROTC Band: Pan American Student Forum: Stu- dent Council: Plenty Club: Hi-Y: Key Club: Dance Band. BOB SAMFORD ROTC: Stardust Club. ll, :M SCOTT SAMFORD LAVERNE SAMPLES Forest Secretarial Club, Secretary: Clinic Assistant. 37 Seniors 53 DONALD SCHULTZE CHARLES SCHWEIZER Linz Awards: Honor Wreath Society: Hi-Y, Treasurer: High Scholarship Club: ROTC: Baseball: Basketball: Choir. BILL SHARP DOROTHY SINCLAIR Dramatics Club, President: Pan American Student Forum, Sec- retary-Treasurer: Dallas Historical Society: Tri-Hi-Y: Library As- sistant. CAROLYN SMITH Texas History Club, President: Ice Skating Club: Baton Twirl- ers Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Student Council: Maiorette: Gym Captain: Choir. EDDIE SMITH Dance Band: Ice Skating Club. TOMMY SPIGEL Linz Award: Latin Award: Band Award: Service Award: ROTC, Captain: Auditores Caesaris: High Scholarship Club: Dance Band. STERLING STEGMAN Honor Wreath Society: ROTC, Master Sergeant: Distributive Education: Roller Skating Club, Treasurer: Rifle Team. JOYCE SUITS Forest Secretarial Club: Clinic Assistant. PATSY LEE TAYLOR . Auditores Caesaris: Junior Red Cross: Band: Office As sistant. 38 Seniors '53 PEGGY JEAN THOMAS Tri-Hi-Y, High Scholarship Club, Ice Skating Club, Forester Staff, Pep Squad, Senior Class Secretary, Gym Captain, Stream- liner. RUBY JO TOON ' Tri-Hi-Y, Forester Staff, Echo Staff, Streamliner. , L TEDDY WEBB Distributive Education Club. NAOMI WEISFELD High Scholarship Club, French Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Auditores Caesaris, Reporter, Texas History Club, Student Council, Office Assistantf ' DONALD TRUESDELL Key Club, Vice President, Hot Rod Club, Baseball Letter- man, Football. DOLORES TUCKER Tri-Hi-Y, Forest Secretarial Club, Gym Captain. DANIEL VERVER Pan American Student Forum, Junior Red Cross, Boys' Club, Secretary, ROTC, Second Lieutenant. DAMARIS JACQUELINE WALKER Roller Skating Club, Ice Skating Club, Texas History Club, Junior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Pan American Student Forum. BARBARA JEAN WALLER Forest Secretarial Club, Tri-Hi-Y. EVA WALTON Tri-Hi-Y, Forest Secretarial Club, Pep Squad, Traffic Com mission Representative. 39 MARIAN WHITE Linz Award: Forester Staff: Junior Red Cross: Student Coun- cil: High Scholarship Club: Office Assistant. J. H. WILES ELAINE WILLIAMS Linz Award: Tri-Hi-Y: Forest Secretarial Club, Treasurer: Library Assistant. JOYCE WILLIAMSON Tri-Hi-Y: Forest Secretarial Club: Roller Skating Club: Clinic Assistant: Office Assistant: Gym Captain. DONALD WOFFORD REX WOFFORD Auditores Caesaris: Hot Rod Club: Hi-Y: Football. Seniors '53 JOYCE WELSH FRANK WHITE Basketball Letterman: Football Letterman: Track Letterman: Basketball Club. 4 I. BILLY WOMACK Linz Awards: Bible Awards: National Honor Society, Vice President: Hi-Y: Baseball Letterman: High Scholarship Club. BOBBY WOODS Hi-Y: Lettermen's Club: Fire Fighters, Captain: Football Letterman: Track: Choir. 40 Seniors '53 DOROTHY WORLEY ' Linz Awardf Junior Red Crossp Canasta Clubg Roller Skating Clubp High Scholarship Club. I DAVID WRIGHT Seniors '54 SCOTTIE ALLEN MAXINE YOUNG SHIRLEY WRYE Camera Shy MAURICE ANDERSON LEONARD BATES CLOYSE BELL JOHNNY BLANTON JERRY BROCKWAY PINKY BROWNLEE CHARLES CHAFFIN BOBBY COOLEY LOUELLA DOBBS JOSEPH GRANDINETTE MORRIS HADDOCK Basketball Clubg Basketball Lettermanp Baseball Letterman. CAROLYN BAILEY Tri-Hi-Yf Student Council. 4I JERRIE WRIGHT Tri-Hi-Yi Canasta Club. Tri-Hi-Yp Forester Staff: Echo Staff. PRESTON LONG BOBBY MCDANIEL KENNETH MCKINNEY GEORGE MORRIS . MELVIN NEWMAN RAY ROSS W JO ANN SIMS ESCOE STRICKLAND NATHAN WELTCHEK ROBERT WOODS GORDON WYNN BOBBY COOK ' Hi-Y, Treasurer, Chemistry Club, Roller Skating Club, Hot Rod Club, Ice Skating Club, ROTC, Corporal. NORMA JEAN CORBIN Choir. CLAYTON CRAWFORD SHIRLEY JEAN d'ABLEMONT Tri-Hi-Y. ROBERT EBY Art Club, Football. EARLENE BEATRICE FALLWELL Tri-Hi-Y, Parliamentarian, Pep Squad, Swimming Club. Seniors '54 l JANET BRADBURY Linz Award, National Honor Society, High Scholarship Club, Forest Secretarial Club, Reporter, Student Council, Treasurer, Facts Forum, Secretary, Forester Staff. JEAN CLARK French Club, Secretary, Reporter, Forester Staff, :acts Forum. C MAXINE FEFFER Pan American Student Forum, Vice President, Texas History Club, Vice President, Tri-Hi-Y, Ice Skating Club, Junior Red Cross. BARBARA FISCHL Art Award, Student Council, Junior Red Cross, Texas History Club, Dallas Historical Society, Cinema Club. 42 Seniors '54 ' DON GARRETT Hot Rod Club, Secretaryg Hi-Yi Forester Staffp Echo Steffi Trackp Art Awards. NANCY GUERNSEY ' Linz Award: Art Awardg National Honor Society. f 1 f JO ANN MCCARTER Tri-Hi-Yf Bandg lce Skating Club. PHIL MILLENDER Basketball Club: Basketball, Baseballp Student Council. EMMETT HANVEY Hi-Yg Drill Plato np ROTC. JANNETTE H LEY Tri-Hi-Y- T ist Club, Reporter. ff l X JACKIE HOLCOMB GENE KITTERMAN Basketbally Basebally Football: Choir BILLY MAGEORS JIMMIE MAY Dance Bandp ROTC Bancly ROTC. 43 GEORGE PATZIG Hot Rod Club: Junior Red Cross: Student Council: Baseball: Football. COYLYN PYLE Forester Staff: Junior Red Cross: Roller Skating Club. MARTHA DIANE RARIDEN Linz Award: National Honor Society: Forester Staff: Student Council: Shutterbug Camera Club. NORMAN ROBERTS Honor Wreath Society: ROTC: Drill Team. PETE SCHENKEL Hot Rod Club: Student Council: Key Club, Vice President: Cheerleader. WAYNE SHAW Honor Cadet: Military Club: ROTC, Second Lieutenant: Base- ball: Football: Basketball. JERRY MORASKI LDARLENE NELSON Tri-Hi-Y. CECIL STIBBINS Seniors '54 I til Kiki ROTC, Second Lieutenant: Football Manager: ROTC Rifle Team: Drill Team: Track. WALTER STOCKDALE Football Letterman: Football Club: Fire Fighters: Basketball: Track. 44 Seniors '54 I CARL STOVALL Football: ROTC: Distributive Education. JO NELL TENERY Forest Secretarial Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Pan American Student MARVIN WISE Lettermen's Club, Vice President: Football Letterman: Baseball Letterman. , JOHN YARBOROUGH Ice Skating Club: Dance Band: Band. Forum. CAROL WARREN Student Council: Tri-Hi-Y: Ice Skating Club: Maiorette. SHIRLEY ANN WARREN Pan American Student Forum: Tri-Hi-Y: Texas History Club: Facts Forum: Junior Red Cross: Pep Squad. GLORIA SUE WHITE Junior Red Cross: Choir. JAMES WHITE Athletic Club: Football. JACQUELYN WILLIAMS Tri-Hi-Y: Student Council: Pan American Student Forum, Sec retary: Choir. JUANITA WILSON Art Award: Forester Staff: Junior Red Cross. 45 Linz Award: Baton Twirlers Club: High Scholarship Club- I Dallas Historical Society: Student Council: Ice Skating Club: .SZ..cLJ1.. SENIOR PLAY CAST Dora .......................... ........ R OSALIE SKIBELL Mrs. Edith Wilkins ,..,,., ,.,,,,, J ANET HOLCOMBE Miriam Wilkins .w,.... Harry Wilkins ...... Ruth Wilkins .....,. Bill Seawright ..... Albert Kummer ....... Martha Seawright ..... Chuck Vincent .......... GLADYS GOLDSTEIN -,-----. ALAN EBERSTEIN ANNETTE EINHORN RAY CULPEPPER ---.--- DAVID WRIGHT ---,-- JANELLE HITEN ROSS SEGAL Harold Klobbermeir ,,,,M -,,w,wv,,.,,,,,,,,,-, B OB SIGLER Director .,.... ,,....,,,,,, --Q- MISS HELEN ECKELMAN I "But Bill, not with all these people here "A is no answer 'fog' logic!" IIAHCI then the CIOOI' to the subway closed on me " '7'T-v'.'"' "1 "'MI lum'N" L l'57'B7Hfi-nZ'.bniLvEm.l 'Q' I .5 I-3 "Friends, we are gathered in the presence of this company-" Curtain cali for cast and lug- gage for Miss Eckelman. "What are we running here, a nudist coIony?" , www--H Lif- New-.rewgeefg-1--me-M.n..Q,, ee.. ..,..,.,rMM.,,,w,m.,,,r.,,,..,...sW..,,.....,., .,.. M, .-.N ,M 3A CLASS First row: Marcus Watford, Geraldine Lee, Shir- ley Ruwaldt, Peggy Richardson, Kathryn By- num, Don Garrett, Suetelle Cohen, Elizabeth Skinner, Nancy Wright, Carol Darnaby, Jean Clark. E Second row: Isadore Weinberger, Lewis Mc- Garity, Donnie Thomas, Charlene Trammell, Florence Rosenblum Lynnette Katz, Nola Dug- gan, Marlene Drumgold, Lucretia Miller. Third row: Bob Oshel, Annette Harwell, Mar- lene Dunahbo, Dorothy Sparks, Betty Wilson, Evelyn Gaddis, Dixie Blount, Delila Cuddy. Fourth row: Roger Leech, Dudley Coldiron, Shirley Murray, Sylvia Weltchek, Emily Hunt, Nancy Magness, Patricia Markey, Hazil Brock, Gladys Snow, Alan Boulton. Fifth row: Bobby Dixon, Floyd Parker, Johnny Kiser, Melva Shipp, Barbara Spoerl, Earl Hix- son, Maxie Blanton, Wyatt Davis. Sixth row: Manfred Hecht, John Caronna, Al- bert Wilburn, Leslie Hancock, Charles Brum- mett, Bobby Booth, Gordon Mancriet. Seventh row: Robert Ramirez, Harry Maddox, James Guthrie, Woodrow Barry, Lanny Gatlin, Earnest Cotton, Cal Gordon. BA CLASS First row: Dorothy Harmon, Edna Wallace, Dorothy Parrish, Nelda Floyd, LaJune Brewer, Billye Ruth Sorrells, Glenda Lowrey, Billie Aus tin, Mickey Nichols, Lila Golden, Carrie Wag liardo, Otto Rhome. Second row: Wabie Wallace, Mary Brooks Katherine Goss, Betty Reeder, Jannette Haw- ley, lone Lumpkin, Shirley Holey, lma Parker Patsy Thweatt, Eugene Beasley, Jack Lyons. Third row: Daphene Terry, Mary Gilliland, Lu- cille Easley, Jo Nell Tenery, Jackie Herring Sandra Mathias, Cuebelle Chancellor, Alta Richi ardson, Frances Adamson, Mary Prisock, Jua- nita Bishop, Mrs. lrma Unger. I Fourth row: Louis Lebel, Rodger Coley, Hul- die Nulisch, Don Probst, Horace Malone, James Goss, Larry Wells, Edwin Hill, Charles Busch, Jerrel Anderson. Fifth row: Mason Hopkins, Clifton Culp, Nor- man Hallmark, Kennith Shuemake, Neal Faulk- ner, Philip Ray Jones, C. F. Wisely, Elbert Mil- ner, Harold Crabtree. Sixth row: Travis Maples, Albert Slovak, Mante Stephens, Derl Hallmark, Donald Nance, Billy Williford, Wayne Shaw. 49 L 3B CLASS First row: Jo Thompson, Glenda Moore, Rita Blatt, Patsy Ford, Patsy Patterson, Marcia Banks, Peggy Boyd, Paddy Burnett, Pat Roseman, Tomilou Symns, Joyce Jones, Charlotte Kirk- sey, Gloria Nottingham. Second row: Betty Creary, Shirley Rybak, Pansy Palmore, Gwendolyn Goldstein, Janice Cook, Elizabeth Hart, Bettie McFarlin, Louise Smith, Louise McDaniel, Loretta Hill, Sonia Cowand. Third row: Wilma Williams, P a t r i c i a Mc- Cullough, Marlene Coker, Stella Tackitt, Kenny Dula, Gail Imhoof, Harold Taylor, Bobby Drig- gers, Larry Calder. Fourth row: Leon Litvin, Ray Lemons, Gary Drake, Pat Hurley, Jimmie London, John Johnson. 3B CLASS First row: Shirley Harris, Patsy Hargrave, Gola Mae Dawdy, Dora Hudmon, Elizabeth Lowe, Sue Dell Stafford, Tressie Mixon, Stanley Wyll, Bill Holton. Second row: Barbara Hambrick, Cleta Hatcher, Unidentified, Charles Pope, Sylvia Neal, .lo Ann Fryer, Carl Smith, Gerald Rowden, Houston Miller. Third row: Harold McCullough, Charles Scott, Malcolm Echols, Terry McCulloch, Raymond Wilkerson, Richard Cundiff, Bobby Jack Hav- ens, Carlton Johnson, Boyd Moore, Raymond Hall, Grady Hudgens. Fourth row: Warren Reynolds, Miss Mary Drake, Mrs. Frances Beilharz, Janes Roushey, Vernon Guynes, Charles Allen, Jasper De- gelia, Edgar Hastings. 5I 2A CLASS First row: Sylvia Bownds, Mary Alice Joines, Joyce Duke, Beverly Wolford, Nellie Boss, Shirley Lutz, Carole Higgins, Laurel Sippey, Freda Woolsey, Jeanette Pilley, Joann Scallons, Nancy Thornton. Second row: Elizabeth Benedict, Mary Chote, Jeanne Forsyth, Shirley Yates, Shirley Doss, Janis Fuller, Mary Sharp, Edna Cody, Irma Wittels, Ellen Richardson. Third row: Dorothy Jean Vick, Paula Jean Leech, Barbara Jane Bray, Barbara Ann Rich- ardson, Star Villasana, Charlene E a s t e r I y, Glenda Davault, Martha Murphy, Barbara Cun- diff, Hubert Collins, Pat Lowrance. Fourth row: Charles Koller, Loyd McCoy, Jackie Looney, Nell Harris, Jerry Adcock, De- lois Parr, Belva Johnson, Marjorie Morrison, Norma Jean Ross, Annette Johnston, Bobby Williams. Fifth row: Paul Hoover, Harold Blevins, Tony Slovak, Don Hambrick, Jerry Chandler, Charles Tyler, Levan Shelton, Bobby Thompson, Donald Rhodes, Lester Cohen, Wallace Glanton. Sixth row: Joe Slilene, Billy Houston, Roy Ran- dolph, Johnny Hogue, Alex Rynecki, Billy Lami- nack, Hilario Ramirez, Liskie Schindler. Seventh row: Jimmy Atkinson, Doyle Baker, Richard Chote, Kenneth Scribner, Travis Bolton, Horace Joffrion, Jackie Stranad, Raymond Da- villa, Don Grinstead. ZA CLASS First row: Emily Wilson, Kay Davis, Jay John- son, Rachel Dobbs, Sue Reynolds, Ava Nell Dean, Arnetta Stegall, Sue Stephenson, Patricia Reynolds, Bobbie Jean Burns, Aquilla Jimison, Jimmy Lynn Schwall. Second' row: Bettye Jaggers, Phyllis Morris, Jane Gray, Frances Bell, Martha Jaques, Willie Mae Herndon, Sue Reynolds. Third row: Annie Gem Felder, Willie Ledbetter, Jalna lmhoof, Jo Nell Cotton, Charlotte Baker, Sandra Cowand, Norma Tankersley, Gerry Wil- son, Paula Barnett, Dorothy Richardson. Fourth row: Hillie Chambers, Jene Henderson, Jack Reed, Lyndal Welch, Brent Harris, Ann Gregson, Joe Richardson, Paula Hosch, Rosie Camacho, Gerry Bain, Frances Hendrick. Fifth row: George Herman, Bobby McCommas, Pete Burkett, Dee Nevil, Harry Harmon, Jerry Witherspoon, Herbie Goldstrich, Leon Schwartz, Raymond Bailey, Jackie Williams. Sixth row: Jim Wyatt, Charles Hill, Donald Hinks, Nick Dean, Jerry Francis, Tommy Moss, Harry Osborne, Dwaine Lentz, Don Nelms. 2B CLASS First row: Frances Roftman, Dolores Hart, La Juancla Abbott, Patricia Richards, Margaret Fletcher, Jeanne Marshall, Roberta Jenkins, Marilyn Price, Corene Hughes, Helen Roftman, Edna Sims, Ruth Nance. Second row: George qllusseu, Geraldine Ers- kine, Claudette LeBlanc, Lydia Scott, Mildred Roushey, Anna Baysinger, Tillie Oxman, Eliza- beth Allen, Lynne Kalmin, Billy Granek. Third row: Miss Stella Roderick, Charles Gris- satfi, Bobby Wesley, Johnny Lyes, Gwen Looney, Shirley Bell, Bobbie Howard, Rose Scotch, Frank Gillett, Allen Segal. Fourth row: B. M. Abbott, Pete Rosales, Pa- tricia Taylor, Rosa Ellen Heimann, Maxine Mc- Coy, Judith Abrams, Judy Statman, Vernell Harris, Andrea Tranco, Elvira Alvarez, Frank Story. Fifth row: Orville Haddock, Wayne Britt, David Wedin, Alvin Gerson, Clint Collinsworth, Wayne Jones. Sixth row: Raymond Stovall, Billy Jack Jones, Bobby Goldstein, Pete Embry, Bobby Stone, Joe Sartin, Gene Scott, Arvell Crawford, Leon Schulz, Benney Swinney. Seventh row: Charles Roberts, James Williams, Bee Saucedo, Willie Dee Wilson, Kenneth An- derson, Eddie Shufeldt, Pete Nowlin, Donald Jackson, Eugene Kribbs, Edwin Allen, Virgil Murphy. H9 First row: Demarise Carpenter, Mary Kathryn Dobbs, Joy Kovar, Darlene Sowards, Flora Jane Surber, Joy Ann Ingram, Betty Rose Watkins, Jerrie Flo DeVoe, Dianne Cohen, Janice Ander- son, Shirley Jean Ayers, Wilda Dennis, Doris Reed, Rose Kovsky, Will Bynum. - Second row: Margaret Tillery, Dan'l Johnson, Maxine Robbins, Willie Mae Bell, Betty Fitz- water, Shirley Banks, Maxine Stibbens, Joy Cotten, Rebecca Glautorn, Adrienne Engelberg, Claudette Trent, Bobbie Rosson, Mary Alice Hall. Third row: Mrs. Anne Taylor, Frances Wool- bright, Harveyetta Smith, Joy Cunningham, Laqueta Payne, Doris Howell, Joyce Grant, Beneva Mitchell, George Hall, Loyd Johnson, Billy McManus, Daniel Garcia, Jesse Benavidez. CLASS Fourth row: Deloris Ann Johnson, Doris Jean Smith, Shirley Ann Kiser, Faye Joiner, Doris Womack, Bobbie Cain, Marie Blake, Carol Nu- lisch, Barbara Blevins, Norma Ruth Johnson, Cora Mae Leach, Louise Hollis, Lena Haddock. Fifth row: Levon Hall, Tommy Jimmerson, Lawrence Green, Robert Sullivan, Don McRae, Jimmy Haley, James Koller, Bobby James, John Koller. Sixth row: Jimmy Brockway, Richard Simmons, Leon Smith, Dick Mann, Jack Presley, Weldon Lenamond, David Dowling, Marvin Gilreath, Samuel Engelberg, George Kelsey. H9 CLASS First row: Melvin May, Polly Morena, Patricia Howard, Sammie Johnson, Linda Hindman, Betty Hullum, Jerline Pierce, Barbara Barlow, Ruby Harvey, Patsy Kirk, Mary Marvin. Second row: Lela Belle Elliott, Lucille Curry, Shirley Sharp, Martha Shaw, Olin Buchanan, Jeanine Davis, Judie May, Ruth Graves, Barbara Jo Wright. Third row: Billie Touchstone, Nioma Furrh, Barbara Freeland, Lena Taylor, Maxine Yar- borough, Wendell Chapman, Winona Harris, Nancy Jones, Gloria Martinez, Barbara Allen. Fourth row: Hodge Lightfoot, James Cox, Patsy Cook, Evelyn Zaidl, Gloria Stockton, Cleo Haddock, Wanda Marney, Anita Hall, Wanda Holloway, Julia Miller, Alma Jerry Jones. Fifth row: Donald Day, Tommy Smith, Johnny Burchett, Larry Allen, Bobby Chatten, Albert Ewing, Jerald Johnson, Luther Ward, Paty Er- nest, James Whitney. Sixth row: Delmer Pool, Donald Fain, Raymond McKee, Leonard Reneau, Billy Breland, Bobby Jackson. H9 CLASS First row: Meverly Phillips, Lurine Wredberg, Patsy Lancaster, Ann Owen, Berldean Henager, Willie Featherston, Norma Jean Wilson, Ruth Williamson, Edna Riley, Barbara Davis, Betty Menton, Irene Jones, Juanita Maxwell, Shirley Esner. Second row: Dan Parish, Marilyn Baxter, Barbara Harwell, Norma Hudson, Naomi Fredde, Cecilia Henderson, Shirley Anderson, Judy Doneyhoo, Ann Lancaster, Bobbie Hicks, Zoe Lancaster, Cecilia Chandler. Third row: Don Dye, Mary Miller, Geneva Dobbs, Marion Workman, Audree Jacobs, Carmelita Preston, Barbara Griffin, Betty Johnson. Fourth row: Ralph Newman, Nelda Dance, Robert Fenell, Dorothy Smith, Sarah Pickett, Nancy Bray, Deloris McAfee, Charlene Forbus, Agay- tha Tate. Fifth row: Glenn Culpepper, Jackie Glatzer, Amelia Pontley, Patsy Odom, Virginia Morris, Kenneth Vander Woude, J. R. Emerson. Sixth row: Janell Jenkins, Wilbert Norris, Roger Mixon, Frank Holey, Donald Gary. Seventh row: Mis's Carrie Denson, Ivy McMillan, Marion Blanton, Benny Weatherly, Hardy Le- Bel, James Mitchell, Jerry Ashley. 57 H9 CLASS First row: Robert Jones, Shirley Winkle, Jacque- line Griswald, Ronny Eaves, Harry McLeroy, Jeannie Alley, Bobby Poole, Eddie Grayson, Hubert Boles, Dorothy Golden, Emmett Frier, Billy Herrell. Second row: M. L. Kirby, Barbara Lewis, Shirley Jeanne Harris, Joyce Ann Vogelsang, Galia White, Beverly Wortham, Reba Boatman, Sybil Dewbre, Wilda Gilbert, Benny Buftington, Tommy Hudson. Third row: Patsy Rutledge, Paul Michaelson, Alice Crawford, Ruby Trammell, Doris Marie Hoover, Shirley Tyre, Betty McMillen, Dorothy George, Nancy Moore, Janice Tucker, James Perkins, Phillip Bussell, Phillip Petty. Fourth row: Vester Henry, Richard Roberts, Billy Douglas, Fred Graves, Jerry Stovall, Jimmy Rogers, Bobby Baker, O'Brian McFadden, Johnny Gilliland, Robert Peek, Waymon Free- man, Joe Franklin. Fifth row: C. D. Crockett, Wayne Gray, Flash Fallwell, Kenneth Belt, James W. Smith, Bill Johnson, John E. Jones, Phillip Prater, Steve Billings, Jack Howington. L9 First row: Alfred Kiser, Billie Nowlin, Rosa Cas- tro, Gypsy West, Bonnie Baker, Winnie Branch, Shirley Burton, Anne Shramek, Phylis Ross, Janell Wilkey, Juanita Franco, Helen Reecl. Second row: Barbara Butler, Linda Jones, Harold Lucas, James Easterly, Clayton Bailey, David McFalls, Laura Deatherage, Margaret Smith, Darlene Brown, Sylvester Moon, Johnny Trillo. CLASS Third row: Bobby Burris, Donald Young, Austin Miller, Gus Hernandy, Travis Keel, Howard Newhouse, Gail Rhea, Willie Walls, Edward Swindle, Carl League, Mrs. Virginia Hurst. L9 First row: Paul Murphy, Shirley Carpenter, Mary Luttrell, Yvonne Coleman, Judy Armstrong, Waldina Sauseda, Tommie DeLeon, Carmen Amador, Ann Lovin, Barbara Glover, Lena Wisely. Second row: Tolbert Boatman, Willie Darben, Teddy Potash, Ray Brown, Tommy Wofford, Clifton Walton, James Tedder, Homer May, Leo Pantu, Dardy Taylor, Billy Oliver, Gerald Tem- pleman. CLASS Third row: Bob Eddie Bourland, Darrell Green, Jimmy Walthall, Victor Corren, Harland Whit- field, Truman Maples, Benny Wynn, Victor Johnson, Joe Rodarte, Rodney Thompson, Jackie Gause, Santos Enriquez, Robert Thomp- son. Fourth row: Miss Locille Segrist. H8 CLASS First row: Wilma Bogue, lcla Katz, Billy Sparks, Carmen Wagliardo, Raymond Clendenen, Bar- bara Benson, Sylvia Cowand, Oleta Bass, Molly Gaston, Patsy Pennington, Joyce Brown. Second row: Joann Vita, Roger Somerville, Louise Culpepper, Robert Knight, Jean Burchett, Nina Strickland, Sue Marlow, Eula Mae Arriola, Mary Lou Boshears, Loyce Stringer, Barbara Jones, Ann Harris. Third row: Francis Johnson, Louise Calhoun, Louis Delk, Jerry Ramsey, Juanez Kimbrell, Barbara Fields, Georgia Prokop, Shirley Ann Ruff, Es- ther Ruth Wilson. Fourth row: Eugene Mayer, Nat Wells, Wilbur Nutt, Milton Black, Charles Higgens, Troy Chandler, Dolores Young, Carolyn Burge. H8 CLASS First row: Burnice Gilpin, Betty Stanfield, Mary Houchin, Peggy Hall, Carol Burnley, Glenda Johnson, Joy Holley, Deserine Gilmore, Anita Wilkinson, Bobbie McCown, Joan Turner, L. A. Martin, Mike Parker. Second row: Susie Cluke, Bonnie Caffee, Wanda Beard, Jean Wilkerson, Velma Caffee, Wanda Young, Doris McDonald, Peggy Richardson, Stanley Golden, Norman Mirsky, Jerry Corbin. Third row: Velma Brooks, Shirley Hodges, Gary Hutchison, Charles Dean, Bobby Tedder, Ru- ben Baird, Danny Welhams, Jerry Oliver, Brad- ford Long, Duaine Carter, Michael Murphy. Fourth row: Mary Dosa, Norma Scott, Jimmy Hullum, Jerry Priest, Leonard Esner, Delbert Willeford, Jamas Workman, Kenneth Lewis, Billy Ray Cothrum, Charles Ray Johnston. Fifth row: Angelina Guzman, O. B. McClary, Norrice Crandall, Billy Harris, Bobby Fleernan, Kenneth Parker, Alvin Vaughn, Roland Wood, James Cabanino, Donald Buchanan, Kenneth Cuddy. Sixth row: Faherty Braden, Miss Elizabeth Up- church, Jerry Funn, Raymond Mosely, Randell Rogers, Bobby Farmer, Ocie Winters, Arthur Duke, Bobby Moss, J. B. White, Lloyd Head- rick. Seventh row: Alva Shepard, Tommy Davis, Don- nie Mosely, Novval Walker, Charles Beasley, Sammie Main, Butch McGuire, Oscar Parrish, Chloe Pace, Jimmie Belcher, Venoy Parham, Billy Bailey. H8 CLASS First row: Linda Horton, Catherine Boyd, Patricia Freeman, Jacqulynn Johnson, Kathleen Joines, Shirley Cole, Thomas Sessions, Roy Lee, Eddie Kennedy, Joyce Stegall, Leo Sims, Pamela Vines. Second row: Jane Coker, John Etta Cates, Carolyn Crowder, Jo Ann Bucher, Patsy Downey, Nancy Tillery, Richard B. Lerer, Eugene Stevenson, Linda Kay Tucker. Third row: Ruby Yarbrough, Joan Feagin, Rose Alice Newman, Rebecca Kirby, Bobbie Stanley, Billie Joyce Watkins, Norman Davis, Myra Parker, La Nelle Vick, Lanette Brooks, Annette Embry. Fourth row: Ann Hendrick, Marcia Lumpkin, Joyce Huffman, Joe Goldman, Wayne Gaston, J. C. Dean, Larry Annes. Fifth row: Helen Davis, Marcia Jacobs, Carol Jenkins, Frances Yarborough, Edward Gross, Sylvia Sue Bean, Cal Clowers, Barrie Morgan, John Calvert. Sixth row: L. R. Bell, Joan Kent, Grace Gonzales, La Nell Farles, David Gordon, Joe Prokop, Jack Gross, Miss Alice Harrington. H8 CLASS First row: Billy Kitchens, Sharon Pruitt, Gwynda Clark, Glenda Norman, Vickie Chatten, Sandra Simons, Sue Barnett, Wanda Walker, Beverly Camp, Ruthie Fulps, Clifton Forte, Leroy Hooten, Wayne Miller. Second row: Phyllis Jimison, Linda Horton, Betty McFadden, Judy Mixon, Gracie Littrell, Virginia Dees, Tommy McFadden, Paul McDonald. Third row: Kathryn Lightfoot, Mary Richardson, Wanda Grinstead, Janie Townsend, Shirley Byrom, Tim Tillasana, Patsy Tissier, Hiram Per- due, George Moore, Charles Sinclair. Fourth row: Alice Banks, Daphine Mayer, Sharon Throckmorton, Martha Cady, Danny Strother, Shirley Sewell, June Huckaby, John Anderson, Ray Pina, Diane Newby. Fifth row: Richard Norman, Buford Tapp, Frances Shew, Thelma Pelley, Patsy Robbins, Edward Flanagan, Eanl Sides, J. B. Kirk, Eugene Cor- nelius, Richard Black, Johnny Ables, Richard Grandi, Jerry Boland, Jerry Elmore, David Shindoll. Sixth row: Richard Lang, Miss Peggy Lipscomb, J. H. Whitman, Paul McDonald, Robert Dudley, Bradley Gast, Doris Ball, D. C. Rogers, Nellie Mitchell, Ken Usrey, Gary Bateman, Miss Mary Ann Nugent, Bobby Worthen, Mack Robinson. H8 CLASS First row: Helen Barker, Betty Hager, Janie Gas- ton, Adela Caballero, Beacla Salinas, Doris Kerbo, Fay Guernsey, Cecilia Blankenship, Billy Chapman. Second row: Mrs. Edith Cole, Gloria Gomez, Mary Price, Helen Monico, Julius Sandrez, Eddie Champion, Belva Lawson, Janet Thompson, David Smith. Third row: Taft Dunsworth, Barbara Moore, Mary Thweatt, Patsy Brown, Louise Rhodes, Kenneth Frailichs, Norman Hood. Fourth row: Danine Fain, Wyndelle Easley, Jane Pierson, Sally Minter, Barbara Lynch, Sharlene Combs, Betty Jo Martin, Patsy McDaniel, Mary Medlin, Jerry Southerland, Curtis Davidson, Audris Zidermanis, Joe Sauyer, Richard Hackett. Fifth row: Charles Gray, George Franklin, Arnold Marks, Richard Lewis, Gary Raney. Sixth row: Larry Forsyth, A. B. Cody, Jr., Billy Johnson, Charles Haley, Eugene Pemberton, Ronald Cross, Irwin Kirzp Ronald Horton, Jerry Bell, Ralph McGuffey. 6 FOREST AVENUE CHOIR THIRD PERIOD First row: Joan Hadaway, Arnetta Stegall, Paddy Burnett, Pat Third row: Marcus Watford, Charles Scott, Wyatt Davis, Ken- Roseman, Louise McDaniel, Mrs. Julia Dean Evans, Carole neth Birdsong, Pinky Brownlee, Bill Holton, Jimmie Ashley. I Higgins, Barbara Spoerl, Gloria White, Annette Johnston, ' Bette Brown. Fourth row: Bob McGee, Charles Schweizer, Lewis McGarity, I Gene Kitterman, Truett Walton, Gary Drake, Lowell Griffin. t Second row: Sue Cummings, Phyllis Morris, Gwen Looney, I Barbara Hambrick, Marjorie Morrison, Juanita Bishop, Jackie I He,ring, Marlene Drumgold, Norma Jean Corbin, Betty I Creacy, Loreta Hill. I SECOND PERIOD First row: Ann Owen, Frances Bell, Janice Tucker, Norma Hud- Third row: Sybil Dewbre, BSTTY Reeder, DOYOTTTY 5mlTT1, Dellle son, Mrs. Julia Dean Evans, Shirley Ruvaldt, Laqueta Payne, Cuddy, Ann Davis, Patricia Justice, Betty MCIVIIIIEIW, JTrr1mIlYr'I ' Gerry Bain, Patricia Richards, Schwall, Sandra Mathias, Geraldine Erskine, Tillie Oxman. Second row: Aquilla Jimison, Mary White, Barbara Cash, Joy FOUVTI1 'OWS Charles Schweizer, WYBTT DHVIS, GirY Drake, Ann Ingram, Betty Rose Watkins, Barbara Boatman, Dolores James Goss, Bebl'-'Y Hooper. CHORU CLASS ee, Hart, Marilyn Baxter, Shirley Anderson, Doris Howell, Doro- thy Easley. I S 7, , ,E"T' -2- W' TM ,, "'Nf c,' ' U-Slim CHORUS CLASS FOURTH PERIOD First row: Jerris DeVoe, Clarice Jones, Lucille Easley, Sue Woods, Mrs. Julia Dean Evans, Galia White, Barbara Lewis, Janice Anderson, Shirley Winkle. Second row: Deloris Maynard, Janelle Hiten, Elizabeth Rons- key, Joyce Duke, Claudette LeBlanc, Billie Skinner, Barbara Cundiff, Ann Gregson, Frances Denton, Rose Scotch. FIFTH PERIOD First row: Barbara Barlow, Jalna lmhoof, Jonell Cotten, Mary Sharp, Mrs. Julia Dean Evans, Beverly Wolford, Mildred Grier, Norma Ruth Johnson, Margo Fernandez. West, Eva Nona Walton, Joyce Ann Vogelsang. Second row: Jeanine Davis, Cora Leach, Phyllis Morris, Janice Cook, Daphene Terry, Lucy Amador, Ellen Richardson, Pansy Palmore, Mary Kerbo. Marion Fallwell, Earnest Cotton, Jimmy Brockway. Third row: Jean Clark, Mary Alice Joines, Bettie McFarlin Norma Tankersley, Frances Hendrick, Wilda Dennis, Jeanne Harris, Maxine McCoy, Billye Ruth Sorrells. Fourth row: lsidor Weinberger, Kenneth Scribner, Pete Embry Bobby Cook, Quandon Franks, Wesley Zaidle, Herman E Finley, Bob Oshel, Emmett Hanvey, William McDonald, Bobby Brandon, Troy Harwell, Donald Rhodes. Third row: Jene Henderson, Carolyn Austin, Elaine Williams, Barbara Waller, Coylyn Pyle, Evelyn Gaddis, Willie Bob Fourth row: James White, Bobby Chatten, George Patzig, CHORUS CLASS l l l i l l l l l l l First row: Rebecca Glanton, Wanda Marney, Jerline Pierce, Third row: Sally Minter, Evelyn Zaidl, Sandra Delane, Richard Nelda Dance, Glenda Johnson, Jacqueline Griswald, Mary Lewis, Cleo Haddock, Jerry Oliver, Charles Haley, Roger Miller, Cecilia Blankenship, Patsy Tissier, Ruthie Fulps, 5OmeI'Vlll9, JOE Goldman, Robert Kf1iQl1T, Vlfglnli Dees, Gaynell Moore, Linda Horton. Eula Mae Arriola. Second row: Janis Cole, Wanda Walker, Alice Crauford, Jean Fourth row: Clifton Walton, Tolbert Boatman, Gerald Temple- l Burchett, Darlene Brown, Shirley Jean Ayers, Betty Thorn- man, Oscar Parrish, Travis Keel, Ronald Horton, Tim Villa- ' ton, June Huckaby, Joann Vita, Beverly Camp, Barbara Sana, D0r1alCl Doyle, Jerry Bell. l Benson. JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS l l i 68 Miss Jordan directs thechorus at annual open house program. l 4 i Pracfice Makes Perfeci' Right: Students prepare a record to Take vocal exercises. Upper and right: Mrs. Evans re- views voice groups for a combined number. Left: As Jimmie Ashley picks out a tune, The boys loin in. First row: Rodger Coley, Earl Hixson, Reuben Grinstein, Robert Third row: Tommy Spigel, Tommy Moss, Patsy Lge Taylor, Jo McKee, Nathan Saltzman. Ann McCarter, Barbara Jo Wright, Lester Cohen, Col. John Marshall, John Yarborough, Charles Hill, Wallace Glanton, Second row: Geolge Annes' Murray Oxman' Willie Mae Hem' Maxie Blanton, Larry Galyon, Joseph Friedman, Larry Wells. don, Ima Parker, Frances Shew, Jimmie May, Harold Glasser, Harry Osborne. Fourth row: Dixie Blount, Cuebell Chancellor, Carol Warren, Freda Woclsey, Beverly Wolford, Carolyn Smith. SENIOR HIGH BAND l 1 n 5 an M im, QI f ii of 'I .fl A . lx. .X L, -s I il-fu :gg all ' IJIIII S E E 's'1 First rouvv: Jackie Glatzer, Marilyn Baxter, Frank Storey, Don Dye, Sammy Crockett. l Second row: Ralph Newman, Victor Johnson, Nick Dean, Harry McLeroy, Teddy Potash. l Third row: Ernest Paty, Marvin Slovak, Shirley Anderson, Richard Madden, Sammie Johnson, Patsy Howard, Charles Ventura, Pete Rosales, Rodney Thompson, Benny Wynb, Billy McManus, Melvin May, Kenneth Vander Woude, Wen- dell Chapman, Chester Weatherford. W Fourth row: Larry Allen, James Perkins, Richard Huffaker, Jack Howington, Bobby McCommas, Meverly Phillips, Irwin Kirz, Tommy Jimmerson, Luther Elmore, Joel Wyatt, Weldon Lenamond, Richard Roberts, Albert Ewing, Daniel Garcia, Von Hammond, James Mitchell, Marvin Gilreath, Dan P6l'lSllf Samuel A. Engelberg, Allen P. Segal, Frank A. Gillett. JUNIOR HIGH BAND , T . , Clad in snappy green and white uniforms, the Forest Concert Bands add color and pep to lLion football games and assemblies. Forty-three members make up the Senior l-ligh Band, while.tifty musicians play in the- Junior High unit. Future recruits have two classes for beginners and one for intermediates. i ln spacious, soundproof quarters, opened, last year, Colonel Marshall practices with his various groups. The bands also drill with the pep squads for half-time performances at Dal-Hi Stadiuml 1 t , s 2 'nfl ' 1 l A In - ,If . 7 First row: Frank Barnard, Buster Tillery, Leon Pleasant, Travis Third row: Wilma Darby, Sterling Stegman, Johnny Kiser, Sybil Maples, Murphy, Carolyn Bailey. Second row: Howard Reed, Robert Richardson, J. H. Wiles, Fourth row: Lois Willis, Ray Le Pere, C. F. Wisley. Earl Burns. Back row: Miss Nugent, Glen Mathews, Clayton Crawford, Bill Hendricks, Clinton Tucker, Scott Samford. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLASS At the board, Carolyn Hall is writing out her personal around- the-clock time budget as Miss Nugent makes an assignment. First row: Bobby Rucker, Jerry Moraski, Miss Mary Ann NU. Third row: Escoe Strickland, Charles Busch, Preston Long gent, Donald Watford, Milton Loder, Teddy Webb, Cleyee Gordon Wynn, Manfred Hecht, Harry Maddox Gordon Bell. Moncruef. Second row: Ben Morris, Robert Eby, Ramgnne Mann, Rex Fourth row: Louella Dobbs, Carolyn Hall, Milton Allen Nor Wofford, Bobby Maddox, Gerald Pierce. man Barnes, Lester Taylor, Carl Stovall, George McGee DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION ,Ni o ff 5 1: ' 4 I' i-. f' , ya ITT CLASS "Who are those privileged characters leaving school when our day is onlyfhalt over'?',' asks a student new to Forest halls. "They are the distributive educa- tion pupils given a credit and a halt tor working half days," a Forester explains, "and making money besides." 74' l l l l l l First row: Bobby Woods, Frank White, Richard Bates, Kenneth Third row: Bobby Cannon, Donald Truesdell, Don Caldwell. Duke. l Birdsong, Melvyn Davis, Bobby Burch, Bob Samford, George 1 Fourth row: Lowell Griffin,' Jerry Hobbs, Bob Sigler, Jerry Bates, Carl Day. Second row: Donald Brazil, Walter Stockdale, Baron Reynolds, Sam Guynes, Weldon Glasscock. BISCUIT BAKERS , l l Homemaking isn't always cooking, future homemakers-Don Caldwell, Weldon Glasscock, and Sammy Guynes-discover as they do their share of the "dirty , work" by washing the stove. l ln the Classrooms . . Clockwise: Eddie Kennedy and Joan Kent show Nancy Tillery and Thomas Session a collection of various leaves found by biology students . . . Examples of the good workmanship in the woodshop are being shown by Bill Bledsoe, Eddie Holland, Carl- ton Johnson, and Tommy Beddington . . . A panel discussion is underway and Sandra Otts gives her views on Co-operative Investigations . . . "A stitch in time saves nine" is the motto of this sewing class as Patsy Tweatt, Barbara Ballard, Betty Creacy, Maxine McCoy, and Paddy Burnett work diligently . . . Glenda Daniels mixes the filling for a cake while Dorothy Smith and Paula Barnett stand ready to help Barbara Rhodes with the cake. i i i i i 76 A1?. Like many other Forest organizations, the Ice Skating Club offers extra-curricular fun. Jerry Hobbs laces Lucretia MiIler's shoe before they loin the other members in ice skatin ca e g p rs. Forest's activity program provides a wide choice of organizations that appeal to the interests of students. , mx' Qejfff ff gy ff A sn :N':: p G' . . gl t T1-MN CE 1 , 1 X y 1--" X URGANIZATIUNS Plans are discussed for Forest's share of talent in the city-wide Dads Club Variety Show at Fair Park Auditorium in February by this group of dads. DADS CLUB OFFICERS President C. C. Curry Secreta ry-Treasurer John H. Jordan Program Chairman Buck Cathey Membership Chairman Harold Ashley Entertainment and Finance Max P. Cohen Publicity Chairman O. C. Tucker Improvements Chairman H. C. Walker Athletics Chairman Bill Reinle First row: Casey C. Curry, Wm. H. Ashley, Oney C. Tucker, Second row: H. H. Doyle, T. R. RBY, W- E- Mccaffeff V T John W. Jordan, Garvin Witherspoon, Wm. Reinle. Holton, S. S. Hutchinson, E. C. Dean, J. T. Whittlesey, Mag: P, Cohen. OFFICERS President Mrs. T. G. Millender Vice President Mrs. B. F. Dobbs Membership Director Mrs. M. M. Cook Program Director Mrs. J. W. Sippey Welfare Director Mrs. O. L. Sawyer Educational Director Mrs. A. Schweizer Health Director Mrs. H. H. Doyle Budget and Finance Director Mrs. Roy Brown Recording Secretary Mrs. W. S. Drumgold Corresponding Secretary Mrs. John W. Jordan "My Home Town" is the subject of Melvin Munn's talk as he tells of the advantages, friendly spirit, and cooperation found in Treasurer Mrs. W. H. Lumpkin Parliamentarian MrS'EmmaBr0Wn PAREN l l EACH ER First row: Mrs. R. N. Looney, Mrs. Sam Banks, Mrs. T. G Second row: Mrs. H. B. GuernseY, MTS- Clara Keff, l-Ofene Millender, Mrs. Roy L. Brown, Mrs. B. F. Dobbs, Mrs. Cook, Dr. Elinor S. Somerville, Mrs. O. L. Sawyer, Mrs. W. H. Lumpkin, Mrs. John W. Jordan, Mrs. H. H. Doyle, Mrs. A. F Schweizer. Fain, Sarah Meriwether, Mrs. R. J. Edwards, Mrs. J. T. Whittlesey, Mrs. Frank Karlen, Mrs. N. A. Davis, Mrs. L. H. Schwetke, Mrs. R. F. Bray, Mrs. Earl Foster, Mrs. C. A. Madden, Mrs. R. L. Warren, Mrs. White, Mrs. R. C. Horn, Mrs. L. M. Joines, Mrs. Paul Armbrusier, Mrs. Max Kirsch- baum. m ean? zi.Qa.1ws .s :N-pQrsf:f :wffr-wan ffeffffs .awQaw,,w,:fey..-f- -We.-,....f- -ss. --aww..-:emfa a..s,.,f,.s.w.'m,-r,,.., .2-V . STUDENT COUNCIL First row: Raymond Neathery, Mike Parker, Ruthie Fulps, Jo- ann Vita, Linda Hindman, Irene Jones, Suetelle Cohen, Win- nie Branch, Barbara Butler, Barrie Morgan, lone Lumpkin, Richard Bates, Weldon Glasscock. Second row: Mary Alice Joines, Judith Abrams, Barbara Lewis, La Nelle Vick, Norma Ruth Johnson, Barbara Freeland, Mary Marvin, Deloris Maynard, Shirley Holey, Charlotte Kirksey, Tomilou Symns, Alta Richardson, Nola Duggan. The officers ofthe Council look over assets and absentees from the books of the Treasurer and Secretary. Left to right: lone Lumpkin, Hanna Goldmanf Rich- ard Bates, Weldon Glasscock, Jimmie Ashley, Janet Bradbury. STUDENT COUNCIL Third row: Barbara Fischl, Paula Jean Leech, Nelda Dance, Charlene Forbus, Paula Hosch, Wyndelle Easley, Ann Mc- Curdy, Mary Allen, Joyce Norman, Joyce Bennett, Lyn- nette Katz, Patsy Ford, Hanna Goldman. Fourth row: Buford TBPP, Mrs. Clara Kerr, Sammy Shelton, Jimmy Rogers, Harry Osborne, Orville Haddock, Samuel Engelberg, Bobby Goldstein, Jimmie Ashley, Harold Glasser. Fifth row: Stanley Abramson, Gary Drake, Levon Hall. OFFICERS President Weldon Glasscock Vice President Richard Bates Secretary lone Lumpkin Treasurer Janet Bradbury Sergeant-at-Arms Jimmy Ashley Parliamentarian , Hanna Goldman Some material results of the Council's work, such as student directories and football tags, are displayed by Nelda Dennis, Mrs. Kerr, Janet Bradbury, Mr. Hutch- inson, and Alvin Gersin. l JUNIOR RED OFFICERS President Tim Villasana Vice President Gloria Gomez Secretary Joanne Bucher Sponsor Alex Pickens Delegates to County Meetings Hodge Lightfoot Gwen Looney fGjwen Looney Ells members about highlights Ida Katz o iscussion at t e Junior Red Cross Roundup. Patricia Philips JUNIOR DIVISION First row: Meverly Phillips, Maxine Stibbens, Lurine Wredberg, Third row: Laura Deatherage, Pat Phillips, Linda Horton, Janice Wyndelle Easley, Cecilia Blankenship, Jerrie DeVoe, Arnold Tucker, Cora Mae Leach, Vernell Harris, Kathryn Lightfoot, Marks, Rodney Thompson, Marcia Lumpkin, Kathleen Joines, Barbara Jo Wright, Doris Marie Hooves, Gloria Gomez, Tim Mike Parker, Leo Sims. Villasana, Sammie Main, Lena Mae Wisely, Ann Kendrick. Second row: Sylvia Ann Railey, Norma Hudson, Mary Richard- Fourth row: Jimmy Workman, Billy McManus, James Easterly, son, Fain Danine, Mary Theveatt, Louise Rhodes, Janie James Mitchell, Floyd McDonald, Jackie Darrell Ganse, Dardy Townsend, Gwen Looney, Ida Katz, Paul Michaelson, Jo Taylor, Jerry Bell, Ronald Forsyth, Bobby Iser, George Mc- Ann Bucher, Norman Davis. Fadden. l CROSS COUNCIL OFFICERS President Cal Gordon Vice President Joan Hadaway Secretary Alta Richardson SfUdef'fCOUf1ff' Rep' Delegates report on the county-wide Chapter Meeting. Lynette Katz , Delegates to County Meetings Patsy Ford Tomilou Symms Roger Leech t Sponsor l MISS Mary Drake SENIOR DIVISION First row: Betty Looney, Elaine Domb, Dorothy Worley, Violet Third row: Barbara Bray, Norman Hallmark, Don Probst, Roger Marshall, Lynnette Katz, Mary Sharp, Tomilou Symms, Sue- Leech, Hulclie Nulish, Kenny Dula, Jerry Witherspoon, Bill telle Cohen, Lila Golden, Miss Mary Drake. Holton. Second row: Nell Harris, Wabie Wallace, Frances Adamson, Fourth row: Carlton Johnson, Wesley Zaidle, Cal Gordon, ' Sylvia Neal, Star Villasana, Patsy Ford, Alta Richardson, George Patzig. Gladys Goldstein, Sue Lambert, Gwendolyn Goldstein, Pa- tricia McCullough. NATIONAL HONOR OFFICERS President Janet Holcombe Vice President Billy Womack Secretary Bette Brown Treasurer George Annes Parliamentarian Ann Edwards Sergeant-at-Arms Milton Louer First row George Annes Ann Edwards Bette Brown Wendel Second row: Milton Louer, Lowell Baber Tommy Peeler Billy Hulse Martha Blake Rose Mane Potash Sonya Potash Womack, Christine Thomas, Jacqueline Robinson Minnie .lulia Bailey Thomas Jeffreys Frances Rudberg Pearl MacDonald, Elizabeth Cole wmeaumnmmwemaesmwuxfmmsmlwssiiwsaf-www NATIO NAL HONOR OFFICERS President Billy Womack Vice President Rose Marie Potash Secretary Hanna Goldman Treasurer Elaine Domb SOCIETY Dr. Cothburn O'Neal, guest speaker at initiation, urges students to develop mental abilities. FALL i952 INITIATES . First row: Jimmie Ashley, Janet Bradbury, Joyce Norman, Second row: Alan Eberstein, Weldon Glasscock, Richard Bates, Gloria Lindsay, Hanna Goldman, Elaine Domb, Martha Rariden, Joan Hadaway, Nancy Guernsey. Herman Finley, Corena Hopkins, Jo Ellan Robbins, Mary Frances Tuttle. Y Y 1 i l OFFICERS President Hanna Goldman Vice President Elaine Domb Secretary Sue Lambert Treasurer Rose Marie Potash Sergeant-at-Arms .Harold Glasser Sponsor Miss Sarah Meriwether R HIGH SCHOLARSHIP CLUB First row Jeanette Goodman Joyce Norman Nelda Dennis Third row Rodger Coley, Huldie Nulisch, Sandra Otis Rose Elaine Domb Sue Lambert Hanna Goldman Carol Warren Marie Potash Sonya Potash, Reuben Grinstein, Harold Dorothy Worley Glasser Billy Womack, Charles Schweizer. mfxize..afsmQ,M-Masala I-we 1 weve: t OFFICERS President Raymond Bailey Secretary Janet Bradbury Treasurer Jessie Smith Sponsor John Johnson Mr. Johnson, Sponsor, discusses Topics of the day with The interested board of directors of Facts Forum. First row: Beverly Wolford, Edna Wallace, Jane Gray, Patsy Ford, Nelda Louise Dennis, Amana Siegall, Janef Bradbury, Third row: Patricia McCullough, Jack Reed, Lester Cohen, Alex Shirley Warren, Lynne Kalmin, Judiih Abram5, Rynecki, Gail lmhoof, Alvin Gerson, David Wedin, Raymond Bailey, Carl Smith. Second row: Sandra Cowand, Frances Hendrick, Joyce Duke, ' Mary Alice Joines, Wilma Williams, Marlene Coker, Marlene F04-"'fl1 'OVW T0mmY M0551 ReUb9"' Gflnsfeln, l'l3f0lCl Glasser, Dunahoo, Shirley Ruff, Gwen Looney, John Johnson. Rodger Coley, Harry Osborne, Jesse C. Smith. OFFICERS President Bette Brown Vice President George Annes Secretary Marilyn Greenberg Treasurer Nancy Magness Parliamentarian Marlene Drumgold Sergeant-at-Arms Donnie Thomas Reporter Rex Wofford Student Council Rep. , A typical program of Auditores Caesaris is illustrated by Leon Patsy: Taylor Schwartz, Raymond Bailey, and Jerry Witherspoon. Sponsor Miss Ethel Masters il AUDITORES CAESARIS First row: Cal Gordon, Dan Parish, Lurine Wreclberg, Marilyn .Greenberg, Elizabeth Lowe, Elaine Domb, Bette Brown, Joan Hadaway, Janet Holcombe, Billy Granek. Second row: Barbara Hambrick, Ann Gregson, Alvin Gerson, Amelia Pontley, Mary Miller, Sue Dell Stafford, Mildred Roushey, .lo Thompson, Sue Cummings, Jerry Witherspoon. Third row: Miss Ethel Masters, George Annes, Rex Wofford, Patricia Taylor, Rosa Ellen Heimann, Mickey, Nichols, Gwen Looney, Patsy Taylor, Allen Segal. Fourth row: Joe Friedman, Alan Eberstein, Billie Gauntt, Jo Ellan Robbins, Nancy Magness, Marlene Drumgold, Raymond Bailey. Fifth row: Stanley Abramson, Tommy Moss, Tommy Spigel, Leon Schwartz, Travis Bolton, Donnie Thomas. 3AQMQ?YiilWD l'MU4' i ' Jllfmwwfwmmhw'-J914NWU59WW15W3FWNW' niNWWMQ m OFFICERS President Harry Osborne Vice President Shirley Holey Secretary .lo Ann Fryer Treasurer Nelda Dance Parliamentarian Jimmie Atkinson Sergeant-at-A rms Paul Michaelson Reporter Jean Clark Sponsor I ,k S Paul Michaelson, standing, takes members of Le Cercle Francais Mrs' Zu e' a Coll on an imaginary trip around the world. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS First row: Norma Ruth Johnson, Nelda Dance, Jean Clark, Third row: Bettye Jaggers, Zoe Lancaster, Charlene Forbus, Naomi Weisfeld, Shirley Holey, Harry Osborne, Jo Ann Jimmie Ashley, Jimmy Atkinson, Bobby Thompson,,Mrs. Fryer, Jerry Witherspoon. Zuleika Scott, Orville Haddock. Second row: Sylvia Neal, Marlene Coker, Agaytha Tate, Marilyn Baker, Dorothy Abramson, Sandra Cowand, Mary Prisock, Gerald Rowden, Jerry Chandler, Don Massey, Jackie Glatzer. These excited Spanish students wait expectantly for the shower ot goodies to tall when Pat Roseman breaks the traditional Yule- tide "Pinata." OFFICERS President Patricia Roseman Vice President Rita Blatt Secretary Patsy Ford Treasurer Lester Cohen Parliamentarian Jeanette Goodman Sergeant-at-Arms Nelda Dennis Student Council Rep. Jeanette Goodman Sponsor Miss Sa ra Davidson PAN AMERICAN STUDENT FORUM First row: Patsy Patterson, Rita Blatt, Judith Abrams, Lynette Rosenblum, Rose Marie Potash, Shirley Warren, Rosie Cam Katz, Jeanette Goodman, Patsy Ford, Nelda Louise Dennis, aCh0, Andrea Tranco. Pat Roseman, Elvira Alvarez. , Third row: Miss Sara Davidson, Daniel Verver, Raymond Davllla Second row: Shirley Rybak, Gwendolyn Goldstein, Florence Alex Rynecki, Leonard Reneau, Frances Hendrick, Lester , Cohen. f - -f - ff x Q s .- sfe.v.g..1amsQ.,r:gs,f, rf: A, tg lan A.,.Li,M5:'fL..,,gsL"fvsqgicpuf'.:.u2.e1:.ts:1izgg.,,ostsf1gttiaftr,i::smitug:''wen-t:t,aafmwwtfwtvzawwV w.a'tm:tr.xzs OFFICERS President Carolyn Smith Vice President Maxine Fefter Secretary lone Lumpkin Treasurer Sue Lambert Parliamentarian Joyce Jones Student Council Rep. Tomilou Symms Sponsor Robert Peek Here the project committee of the Texas History Club and Mr. Peek, Sponsor, select a book to be presented as their annual gift to the library. TEXAS HISTORY CLUB First row: Raymond Wilkinson, Shirley Holey, Vivian Ginsburg, Sue Lambert, Elaine Domb, Carolyn Smith, lone Lumpkin. Second row: Gerald Rowden, Florence Rosenblum, Patsy Har- grove, Barbara Rhodes, Charlotte Kirksey, Tomilou Symns, Joyce Jones. Third row: Carlton Johnson, R. V. Peek, Jeanette Goodman, Maxine Feffer, Gladys Goldstein, Naomi Weisfelcl, Damaris Walker, Hanna Goldman. OFFICERS President Ann McCu rdy Vice President Betty Hill Secretary La Verne Samples Treasurer Elaine Williams Parliamentarian Doris Hodges Sergeant-at-Arms Wanda Roberson Reporter Janet Bradbury Student Council Rep. Janet Bradbury Sponsor Miss Ruth Fetterman First row Joyce Suits Ann Barker Elaine Williams Wanda Third row Mary Frances Tuttle, Barbara Sue Boatrnan Chris Roberson Ann McCurdy Laverne Samples Janet Bradbury tune Cameron Barbara Sheats, Barbara Waller, Joyce Wil OFFICERS President Peggy Richardson Vice President Geraldine Lee Secretary Dorothy Sparks Treasurer Eugene Beasley Sergeant-at-Arms Patricia McCullough Reporter .lannette Hawley Sponsor Mrs. Virginia Hurst Mrs. Hurst explains an article in "Today's Secretary" to Daphine Terry as other members work on a current project. TYPISTS CLUB First row: Kathryn Bynum, Tressie Mixon, Nelda Floyd, La- Williams, Elizabeth Skinner, EVelYn Gaddis, Daphine Tel'fYf June Brewer, Suetelle Cohen, Geraldine Lee, Dorothy Sparks, -l0nell Colton, Pilflfili Nl6fl4eY, PHT l-0WI'BnC6. Glenda Lowry, Jalna lmhoof. , Third row: Eugene Beasley, Ann Gregson, Patricia McCullough, Second row: Peggy Richardson, Jannette Hawley, Wilma MHFY Gilliland, Elllabeln MCCOY, MVS- Vlfglnla l'lUfST. OFFICERS President Elizabeth Lowe Vice President Shirley Rybak Secretary Jo Thompson Treasurer Palsy Ford Sergeant-at-A rms Ga ry Dra ke Sponsor Miss Nannie D. Andrews Firsf row Phillip Prater Shirley Rybak Gwendolyn Gold Third row Miss Nanme D Andrews, Pai Hurley, Marlene Coker Second row Barbara Slephenson Gary Drake Rita Blatt Patsy Fourth row Jo Thompson Sue Dell Stafford, Sylvia Neal ,-,i .3-. -m sg .,--: -3 is 5 1 OFFICERS President James Pierce Secretary Bobby Nix Treasurer Austin Miller Sponsor Taft Dunsworth Richard Lewis, David Busch, Tommy Porter, and Hershel Feld man demonstrate that soap has more than one use. woon and SOAP CARVING CLUB First row: Willie Darden, Benny Wynn, Tommy Porter, James Second row: Taft Dunsworth, A. B. Cody, Jerry Lynn Elliott, Pierce, Austin Miller, Homer May, Victor Corren, Harold Richard Lewis. Wayne Lucas, Robert E. Lee, Bobby Nix, Davis Busch, Her- schel Feldman. OFFICERS President B Charles Higgins Vice President Charles Sinclair Secretary Billy Ray Martin Librarian Billy Dean Wallace Reporter Margaret McGaffey Sponsor Miss Carrie Denson "Me worried about a snake bite?"'asks Charles Higgins. "Not with Miss Denson and her herpetologists here to give expert treatment." HERPETOLQGY CLUB First row: Jerry Ramsey, Milton Black, Wilbur Nutt, Troy Second row: Charles Sinclair, Billie Wallace, Miss Carrie Den Chandler, Bobbie Poole, Billy Garvin. son, Billy Martin, Margaret McGaffey. OFFICERS President George Herman Vice President Tom Minter Secretary Bobby Dorsett P Treasurer Bobby Dorsett Sponsor Colby Crockett A 'fThere must be a piece missing," says Ray Lindsey to Mr Crockett, Sponsor, as amused Gun Club members look on. GUN CLUB First row: Levan Shelton, Bobby Dorsett, Marvin Gilreath, Earl Third "OVW George Hefmanf O- B- Turner, Eddie Holland, Hixson, Larry Galyon, Robert Roe, Vincent Shindoll, Geofge McFadden, C- D- Cf0CkeTf- Second row: James Whitney, Robert Sullivan, Hassell Shell- man, Hubert Boles, Hubert Collins, Donald Carey. OFFICERS President Carl Day Vice President Donald Truesdell Secretary Truett Walton Corresponding Secretary Bobby Burns Treasurer Robert Sigler Sergeants-at-Arms Billy Jack Wilhite Robert Roe Sponsor Kenneth Quesenberry F'f5f VOW Carl DBY Bob Slsler Third row Lester Taylor Mr. Kenneth Quesenberry, Donald ,l OFFICERS President Jimmie Ashley Vice President N. L. Dickinson Secretary Billy Womack Treasurer Charles Schweizer Sergeant-at-Arms Otto Disch Sponsor John Johnson Raymond Wilkerson and Stanley Wyll give their tickets for the annual Mid-Night Show to N. L. Dickinson and Jimmy Ashley. Hl-Y First POW: Offo Disch, Donald Schultze, Stanley Wyll, N, L' Third row: Edwin Hill, Ernest Roe, Carlton Johnson, Bobby Dickinson, Jimmie Ashley, Charles Schweizer, Billy Womack, Driggers, Floyd Parker, Raymond Wilkinsen, Pat Hurley, Bobby Cook, Earnest Corton, Sam Guynes, John Johnson. Gall lmhooff -llmmY Alklnson- 59COf1Cl r0W: Monte Stephens, Jameg Goss, Bob McGee, Em, Fourth row: Bill Holton, Rex W. Watford, Donald W. Wafford, mett Hanvey, Gerald Rowden, Don Garrett, James Wiles, Tommy Pollard, Eddie Holland, Robert Roe, Bill Bledsoe. Travis Bolton, Quandon Franks. 5 l K s 2 l E l gl gl sl 5 5 s l: 3 ll -.........V -.. .............. Y. ,,,,,,.. , , ,,.......,.,.... ..,,..,,.... .,,,.,,,.,.,, an Y W, ,, W V in ,,,,,,,,,, its . K .4 wafer' xi T! 'ez . f, U4 Q .,...,.,,. , .,,,.:. . K Sh , 1 X :Q ,ff , ,5,,.,3,. 1 i 1554 Ay if k ' 'R K r g f L ' Q swf-.:,w: V-1 - Q .-, . . .,:. MK. ,- ..- 5? v , 155125 . ay- ' ' ' - QM.. ,vw -,V W 'H f- f ,, . .W ry. my , if J' ""sk""ig"' Officers of the Y-Teens rehearse Christmas carols. Y-TEENS First row: Cecilia Blankenship, Shirley Cole, Jackie'Johnson, Kathleen Joines, Catherine Boyd, Patsy Tissier, Mary Hou- chin, Shirley Hodges, Barbara Moore, Marcia Lumpkin, Barbara Benson, Phyllis Jimison, Rebecca Kirby. Second row: Margaret Tillery, Dorothy Golden, Alice Miye, LaNelle Vick, Betty Johnson, June Huckaby, Barbara Lynch, Sharlene Combs, Nellie Mitchell, Nancy Tillery, Helen Barker. OFFICERS President Sue.Marlowe Vice President Nancy Tillery Secretary Shirley Cole Treasurer Barbara Lynch Sponsor Miss Stella Roderick Third row: Nina Strickland, Sue Marlow, Jean Burchett Louise Culpepper, Patsy Lancaster, Helen Davis, Myra Parker Bev erly Camp, Ruthie Fulps, Lena Taylor, Bobbie Howard Fourth row: Thelma Pelley, Maudean Mills, Martha Cody Jane Coker, Joyce Stringer, Eula Mae Arriola, Maxine Yarborough Anita Hall, Grace Gonzales, Virginia Dees, Annette Embry 5, News in L,,:,.fgz4W ,M swamwef,4fm::w.,i,,ig,m wagner f fycf.1,t..,1Qw.cnagH,a. was ae1Qa:aQaa.4m1i.1zmfwt.. x :1fww1ea.emwi.1:ivMfueaa OFFICERS President Audree Jacobs Vice President Frank Gillette Secretary Judith Abrams Treasurer Alvin Gerson Historian Janice Dowdy Sergeant-at-A rms James Easterly Sponsor B. M. Abbott "Dr." Audrey Jacobs takes Tommy McFadden's pulse as Lynn Kalmin, Janice Tucker, and Diane Cohen anxiously look on, at a rehearsal of "Beauty and the Beef." JUNIOR DRAMATICS CLUB First row: Mike Parker, Raymond Neathery, Jeannie Alley, Ida Katz, Lynne Kalmin, Gwynda Clark, Carolyn Crowder, Doris Reed, Dianne Cohen, Joyce Brown, Phyllis Ross, Wanda Walker, Tommy McFadden. Second row: Frances Roffman, Helen Roffman, Alice Banks, Francis Johnson, Judith Abrams, Audree Jacobs, Gloria Stockton, Janice Anderson, Phyllis Morris, Sally Minter, Rose Alir-sr Newman. Rasa Ellen Heimann, Jane Pierson. Third row: Janice Tucker, Nelda Dance, Norma Ruth Johnson, Dorothy George, Maxine Robbins, Mary Price, Patricia Tay- lor, Janice Dowdy, Marie Henry, Frances Shew, Rosemary Breeden, Patsy McDaniel. Fourth row: Oville Haddock, J. H. Whitman, Jerry Chandler, Frank Gillett, James Easterly, Donald Long, L. E. Lemaster, Billy Johnson, Bobby Fleeman, Cecil Clowers, B. M. Abbott. "Music, Maestro, please," says Jerry Oliver as he gives Dorothy Miller the signal to start the recorol, and Carole Jenkins and Geraldine Erskine the cue to sing. POPULAR SONG CLUB OFFICERS President Dorothy Miller Secretary Ma ry White Treasurer Evelyn Zaidl Sponsor Miss Mary Jordan First row: Claudia Smith, Sandra Simons, Evelyn Zaidl, Edna Third row: Orvil Shindoll, Zelma Cooper, Gracie Littrell, Mar Riley, Mary White, Dorothy Miller, Ruth Williamson, Betty garet Smith, Nancy Moore, Betty McMillen, Patsy Rutledge Minton, Jerry Oliver. Joyce' Vogelsang, Bobby Worther. Second row: Juanita Molina, Linda Whittington, Betty Thornton, FOUffl'I f0Wf D01'0fl'1Y Jean VlCk, D0f0Tl1Y' Jean Smifh, Maffha Glenda Norman, Mary Medlin, Gaynell Moore, Shirley Wil- Janice Miller, Del0l'iS Ann McAfee, ll'lS Paiflckf A9-3Yfl'I6 son, Doris Manning. Tate, Ray Pina. mans:-fgmtenmaxrafrv-gawrr, ' 4t..:u,e1,ifiaxaiivixacxesmtwisessa A One of Forest's largest organi- zations, the Popular Song Club, has a membership of eighty-two Junior High students. Their main activity is learning. the current hits. The old time "barber shop quartet" is demonstrated for the Popular Song Club by J. D. Dukes, Charlene Forbus, Mary White, and Evelyn Zaidl. POPULAR SONG CLUB First row: Jackie Griswold, Alice Crawford, Janis Cole, Jerline Pierce, Eddie Grayson, Clarice Jones, LaNell Farles, Patricia Freeman, Shirley Jean Ayers, Doris Ball, Paula Jean Leech. Second row: Shirley Sharp, Lydia Scott, Martha Shaw, Barbara Griffin, Charlene Forbus, Wilda Gilbert, Nancy Bray, Charles Forbus, J. D. Dukes,i Shirley Byrom, Darlene Brown, Miss Mary E. Jordan. Third row: Shirley Grant, Jackie Tott, Geraldine Erskine, Cly dean Houston, Joyce Vogelsang, Sue Barnett. To make up This hobby club sTudenTs have combined educa Tion, fun, and free afternoons Aided by Mr. Peek, Their Spon- sor, The members learn Tricks as well as The Tundamemals of skaT- ing. ICE SKATING CLUB Firsf row R V Peek George Duke Jerry Hobbs Norvllle Second row Geraldine Lee, Sylvia Welfchek, Gerrie Wilson, Walker Jackie Holcomb John Yarborough I-l0yd J0hfTS0l'1 Nancy Large La June Brewer, Lucreiia Miller, Marcia Banks, my l Captains Lucille Curry Virginia McWhirter Patsy Robinson Judy Armstrong Gypsy West Sponsors Miss Peggy Lipscomb Miss Mary Ann Nugent The tricks ot the twirler are shown by Miss Peggy Lipscomb to Gypsy West and Lucille Curry, vivacious members of the Baton Twirlers Club. BATON TWIRLERS CLUB First row: Carolyn Smith, Beverly Wolford, Shirley Burton, Dixie Blount, Cuebell Chancellor, Willeen Bynum, Freda Woolsey, Carol Warren. Second row: Jonell Wilkey, Shirley Ruff, Doris Ann Luttrell, Sylvia Cowand, Billie Nowlin, Delores Johnson, Laqueta Payne, Norma Hudson, Miss Peggy Lipscomb. Third row: Barbara Harwell, Patsy Howard, Lucille Curry, Denadise Carpenter, Ann Owen, Concha Torres, Barbara Butler, Doris Howell, Linda Jones. Fourth row: Doris Smith, Mary Lou Boshears, Wynelle Wilson, Joyce Huffman, Barbara Jackson, Marcia Jacobs, Etta Cates. Fifth row: Shirley Kiser, Daphine Mayer, Barbara Jones, Vir- ginia McWhirter, Judy Mixon, Betty McFadden, Wanda Raye Young, Gala Mae Dowdy, Sandra Cowand. l , , . , ,..s. - .--l,,.l lt takes two smiling library helpers, Suetelle Cohen and Rose Alice Newman, to help Don Garrett find his book. LIBRARY HELPERS OFFICERS President 'Jean Forsythe Vice President Joycelyn Dean Secretary Nellie Bass Treasurer Shirley Yates Reporter Ellen Richardson Sponsor Miss lna Roberts First row: Joyce Jones, Kay Davis, Emily Wilson, Willie Mae Third row: Betty Walker, Kay Overton, Patsy Lewis, Pat Herndon, Joycelyn Dean, Joan Ferell, Joyce Ferell, Barbara Canaday, Elwanda Kent, Barbara Ballard, Shirley Ruff, Ina Richardson, Dorothy Richardson, Sue Reynolds. Roberts, Mrs. Hazel Corcoran. Second row: Bettye Jaggers, Nellie Bass, Sylvia Bounds, Jeanne Forsyth, Shirley Yates, Shirley Sims, Sue Brumfield, Jeanette Pilley, Paula Barnett, Francis Johnson. erage. Clinic Helpers aid Mrs. Pegues, school nurse, by filing program cards and information concerning students' health, and sometimes administer simple first aid. Any student is eligible for work in the clinic if he has a free period and a satisfactory scholastic av- "I think you'll live," says efficient clinic helper, Doris Smith, as she takes Gladys Snow's temperature. l l CLINIC HELPERS l l l First row: Patsy Cook, Davis Smith, Carol Nulisch, Joyce Grant, Tillery, Rey Donald Jackson, Alice Crawford, Coylyn Pyle, l Dorothy George. Juanita Wilson, LaVerne Samples, Joyce Suits. Second row: Adrienne Engelberg, Sylvia Railey, Gladys Dean Snow, Jacqueline Griswald, Mrs. Raye Pegues, Margaret l OFFICERS President Jerry Hobbs Secrefary Nelda Dennis Recorders Pat Hoffmeier Wilda Dennis Sponsor C. V. Goodman Dennis Third row Mr C V Goodman, David Wedin, Don Grlnstead Nelda Louise Dennis Bob derch Jerry Hobbs Roy Randolph, Doyle Baker. we-w,1mqs1w1.1.f may ..s.u.QM,. .L L.. Quill and Scroll Society is an honor organization, with mem- bership limited to outstanding Students. Each must be in the upper third ot the class scholas- tically, and each must have done superior work in some branch of creative writing. The first initia- tion ceremony of the Forest Chapter was held in 1946. Eight student journalists were initiated in January, 1953. A. S. Johnston, iournalism teacher at Forest, is a Regional Vice President. Don Matthews, assistant to Superintendent of Schools W. T. White, talks on the importance of iournalism. QUILL and SCROLL SOCIETY First row: Tommy Jennings, Mary Frances Tuttle, Nelva Scal- Second row: Weldon Glasscock, Douglas Haupe, Don Matthews, Ions, A. S. Johnston, Pat Hoffmeier, Patsy Wortham. Herman Finley. A "We'll need two hundred copies, please," say Nelva Scallons, Bill Reinle, and Douglas Hawpe to Pat Hoffmeier as they prepare forthe rush on Echo day. FOREST ECHO STAFF STAFF FALL SEMESTER Editor-in-Chief Tommy Jennings News Editor Mary Frances Tuttle Feature Editor Nelva Scallons Sports Editor Herman Finley Club Editor Janelle Hiten Junior Editors Jean Petty Raymond Bailey Business Manager Weldon Glasscock Advertisement Manager Douglas Hawpe Circulation Manager Pat Hoffmeier Exchange Manager Eugenia Allen Patsy Wilburn Sponsor Albert S. Johnston First row: Weldon Glasscock, Mary Frances Tuttle, Tommy Third row: Douglas Hawpe, Rosalie Skibell, Robert Sigler Ray- Jennings, Janelle Hiten, Herman Finley. mond Bailey, N. L. Dickinson. Second row: Albert S. Johnston, Eugenia Allen, Pat Wilburn, Gladys Goldstein, Beverly Glick, Bob McGee, George Duke. SPRING SEMESTER Editor-in-Chief Richard Bates Associate Editor Gloria Lindsay News Editor Jerry Bates Feature Editor Jerry Hobbs Sports Editor Don Caldwell Club Editor Mary Allen Business Managers June Apple Shirley Wyre "What a scoop!" says Richard Bates, center, as he gives details Advertising Manager of the story to members of the spring Echo staff. Bob Burch Circulation Manager Milton Louer EXC'1an9eMana9e'S FOREST ECHO STAFF Carol Kirschbaum Dorothy Sinclair SPRING SEMESTER 4 Sponsor Albert S. Johnston First row: Mary Allen, Dorothy Sinclair, Gloria Lindsay, June Second row: Richard Bates, Don Caldwell, Carole Kirschbaum, Apple, Shirley Wrye. Jerry Bates, Jerry Hobbs, Bob Burch. A , STAFF 1 ROSE MARIE POTASH SONYA POTASH JEANETTE GOODMAN HANNA GOLDMAN MARIAN WHITE N. L. DICKINSON SUE LAMBERT PEGGY THOMAS DON GARRETT Above: Two heads are better than one, that is, if they belong to the Potash sisters. Rose Marie points out to Sonya, at typewriter, a "must" for the calendar. Right: Cookies, cokes, and copy go hand in hand as the "Saturday shift" plan a layout. Left to right: Jeanette Goodman, Marian White, and Hanna Goldman. FORESTER ANNUAL STAF F EDITORS Hanna Goldman Rose Marie Potash Jeanette Goodman Sonya Potash Marian White '- ADVERTISING MANAGER N. L. Dickinson BUSINESS MANAGER Peggy Thomas ART EDITOR SENIOR EDITOR Don Garrett SPONSOR Mary Smith Clark Sue Lambert FORESTER AN NUAL STAFF ASSISTANT EDITORS Sylvia Weltcheck lone Lumpkin Betty Wilson Joyce Norman Patsy Wortham Gloria Lindsay SPORTS STAFF Weldon Glasscock Richard Bates ART STAFF Mary Allen Joyce Bennett Coylyn Pyle Juanita Wilson ART ADVISOR Alex Pickens ALL TEXAS HONORS 195O,1951,1952 Left: Sue Lambert records amounts, as collectors check in receipts. Left to right, standing: Jean Clark, Geraldine Lee, Lou- ella Dobbs, lone Lumpkin, Lynette Katz, Lucretia Miller, Phil Millender, Sally Bush- man, Janet Bradbury, Sandra Mathias, and Carolyn Hall. Below: One of the most important iobs on the annual staff is keeping the books straight. Members of this group are left to right: Shirley Ruvaldt, Sylvia Welt- chek, Peggy Thomas, Emily Hunt, and N. L. Dickinson. Above: Art Staff members Coylyn Pyle, Juanita Wilson, Joyce Bennett, and Don Garrett, prepare posters. Left: Sports writers look over pictures of the 1953 track team. Left to right: Marian White, Betty Wilson, Weldon Glass- cock, and Richard Bates. IIS X A year-round athletic program is offered F . . orest students. Lions participate in both intra- mural and inter-school sports H . ere Stanley Abramson, 20, and Scottie Allen 21 break up a jump shot by Mike Easterling bf illorth Dallas. Other Foresters are Frank White 16, and Gene Kitterman,- 25. I 1 r '. ' .I 1 , I I ' 0' '55:1: 4-:-: N -:-:-:':-:!-:-:-:-' 'Z-I M ,... .,.:,. x . 14,22 fi ATHLETICS Head Coach CECIL JOHNSON Standing with line Coach J. D. Sheppard are the starting line men. Left to right: Weldon Glasscock, Bill Reinle, Billy Dixon, Coach Sheppard, Bobby McDaniel, Marvin Wise, Louis McGarity, Herman Finley. , FOOTBALL REVIEW FOREST 32-JESUIT I8 After playing mediocre ball the first half, the Forest Lions exploded in the third quarter to defeat the Jesuits 32-i8 at Dal-Hi, September ii. Hard running by little Jerry Brockway and Frank White kept the Rangers on their heels. Defensive stanclouts for the Lions were Bill Dixon and Marvin Wise. FOREST 7-TYLER 2I Riding high from. their win over Jesuit, the Forest Lions next battled the Tyler Lions at Dal- Hi, September 18. The Lions from East Texas beat the Dallas Lions 21-7. Again Jerry Brockway led the Lions' offensive machine while Bill Sharp, Charles Brummett, and Bill Reinle led the defen- sive unit. FOREST I9-TEXARKANA 33 Forest iourneyed to Texarkana for the first out of town game. Again the Lions met defeat. The Lions' attack was led by Jerry Brockway's hard running and Frank White's passes to Lowell Griffin and Herman Finley. Donald Brazil and Jerry Bates turned in outstanding defensive play. FOREST 6-CARTER RIVERSIDE 32 The Green Wave went to Fort Worth, October 2, to meet defeat at the hands of the Riverside Eagles 32-6. Long runs by Bill Sharp featured the Forest running attack, while big Bill Reinle led the offensive linemen. Lowell Griffin and Charles Scott turned in good defensive work. Coach Cowser ex plains the fundamentals of carrying the pigskln to the starting backs Left to right: Don Cald l well, Bill Sharp, Frank White, Jerry Brock ay and Coach Bob Co ser W W HAI! First row: Herman Finley, Weldon Glasscock, Don Caldwell, Stockdale, Lesly Hancock, Charles Scott, Manager Kenneth Bill Sharp, Jerry Brockway, Frank White, Bill Reinle, Bobby Birdsong. McDaniels, Billy Dixon, Louis McGarity. Third row: Coach J. D. Sheppard, Richard Bates, Marvin Wise, Second row: Coach Bob Cowser, Manager Cecil Stebbins, Rex Wofford, Philip Jones, Billy Willeford, Donald Nance, Charles Brummett, Donny Thomas, Bobby Woods, Jerry Pinky Brownlee, Buster Tillery, Donald Brazil, Coach James Bates, Lowell Griffin, Jimmy Ashley, Bob McGee, Walter Batchelor, Coach Otto Rhome, Coach Cecil Johnson. FOOTBALL REVIEW FOREST 2l-GAINESVILLE I4 The reiuvenated Lions broke into the win col- umn at the expense of the Gainesville Leopards, October 9, at Dal-Hi Stadium. The Lions came from behind in the third quarter and Threw back two FOREST 0-ADAMSON 20 Gainesville scoring threats. FOREST 20-SUNSET 33 The Lions opened the city race with a loss to Sunset. The Lions stayed neck and neck with the pre-season favorite until the third quarter when the Bisons pulled lead which they quarter. FOREST The Lions next away for a two touchdown held throughout the fourth I4-WOODROW 20 played Woodrow Wilson and lost a hard-fought contest to the Wildcats. Long runs by Woodrow's Bobby Ewell broke the Lions' back in the final quarter. Don Caldwell and Lowell Griffin provided Forest's offensive punch, while Billy Dixon and Marvin Wise turned in fine de- fensive work. FOREST 39-TECH I2 Forest's first conference win was at the expense of the Tech Wolves. The Lions scored twice in every quarter except the fourth. Led by Don Caldwell's passing and Bill Sharp's running, the Lions completely'routed the Wolves. FOREST I4-NORTH DALLAS 20 The Co-Champion North Dallas Bulldogs proved their worth as they over ran the Forest Lions November 14, at Dal-Hi. The Bulldogs built up a two touchdown lead in two quarters of play and went on to overcome the Lions by four touch- downs. In their final game the Forest Lions fell before the onslaught of the Adamson Leopards Novem- ber 21, at Dal-Hi. Costly fumbles and intercepted passes spelled defeat for the Lions. With this win Adamson clinched a tie for first place. GAME HIGHLIGHTS Little Jerry Brockway smashes over from the 2-yard line to score Forest's lone Touchdown against Tyler. A Gainesville Leopard is tackled by Don Caldwell after intercepting one of Caldwell's passes. Louis McGarity and Charles Scott cover up for Cald- well. ,, ,. , t 5, 1,-fs, ,,,,,s- -- Y , Lowell Griffin stops Purfirio Duron of Jesuit for a short gain as Marvin Wise comes up to lend a hand. Charles Scott scoots over for the second Forest touchdown against Sun- set. Bobby McDanieIs clears the way for Scott's tour yard scamper. Don Brazil CSU, Jerry Bates C521 and Bill Dixon Qorij, clog up on Adam- son's scoring attempt. Bill Sharp is tackled by Curley John- son after a short gain against Wood- 'row. Bill Reinle throws a block into Johnson. GAME HIGHLIGHTS Lewis McGarity and Richard Bates clear the way as Bill Sharp crashes over for his second touchdown against North Dallas. Lowell Griffin slips away from a Tech defender as he begins his 64 yard iaunt against Tech. The Lion B-Squad had a successful season, Forest B's ...... .... 6 Seagoville ,-.,..... s--56 First row: Coach Otto Rhome, Ernest Roe, Billy Martin, Carl Smith, Neal Faulkner, Leon Schwartz, Harold Taylor, Coach J. B. Batchelor. Second row: M. L. Kennedy, Horace Malone, Bill Holton, Gary Drake, Edwin Hill, Stanley Wyll, Quandon Franks. Third row: Warren Reynolds, Tom Minter, Raymond Bailey, Sonny Smith, Monty Stevens, Dwaine Lentz. Fourth row: Bobby Havens, James Goss, Ray Lemons, Travis Bolton, Jackie Starnard, Derl Hallmark, Donald Raniey. "B" TEAM FOOTBALL SQUAD SEASON'S REVIEW finishing with a 5-5 record and a tie for second place in the city B-Team race. Handicapped by lack of depth, the Lions opened the season against Seagoville losing 56-6. ln following non-city games, the Lions lost two and won two, bowing to South Oak Cliff and Garland, and beating Jesuit and Highland Park. When the city race opened, the Lions showed vast improvement al- though they lost their opener to Sunset 20-12. Standouts for the B-Team gridders were Jackie Stanard, Ernie Roe, Quandon Franks, and M. L. Kennedy. Forest South Oak Cliff FOFSST Jesuit ............... Forest Garland ........... Forest Highland Park - Forest Sunset B's ....... Forest Forest Forest Forest Woodrow B's --- North Dallas B's Tech Bs ........... Adamson B's First row: Coach Cameron Neal, Coach Quesenberry, Jean Boatman, William Farris, Johnny Burchett, Howard New- house, Jimmy Brockway, Pete Embry, Scottie Farris, Coach Cody. Second row: Richard Simmons, Joel Wyatt, Marion Fallwell, Don Morrey, Willie Wilson, Dale Caldwell. Third row: Dick Mann, Bedel Saucedo, James Smith, Delbert Willford, Van Hammond, Donald Doyle. Fourth row: Windle Chapmen, Lawrence Greer, David Smith, Charles Roberts, J. B. Kirk, W. T. Holton. Fifth row: Willie Walles, Alfred Kiser, Jackie Martin, Joe Sawyer, Jimmy Rogers, Harry Karlen. x Sixth row: K. Lynn Ellsworth, Gary Raney, Charles Billups, Billy Pressely. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL The Junior Cubs, in their second year of foot- ball, had a good season. Experience paid off. With twelve lettermen, the Cubs ran the split-T under the direction of Coaches Cameron Neal and Angus Cody. The Cubs first defeated Boude Storey 32-O under the able quarterbacking of Willie Wilson. They next defeated Spence 19-0 and Rusk, 7-0. Unscored on in three games, they next took on Greiner and defeated them 18-12 in the Cotton Bowl. The baby Lions' downfall came as Long de- feated them twice in a row 20-19, and 25-O. In the consolation games Spence trimmed Forest 18-O. Throughout the season, the Cubs were led on defense by Joel Wyatt, Richard Simmons, William Farris, and Marion Fallwell. The Cubs' offensive spark was furnished by Willie Wilson, Pete Embry, Bedel Saucido, Don Massey, and J. B. Kirk. Fgregt Jr, ----,,,,,,,,,.., 32 Boude Storey ......- - 0 Forest Jr. ..... ...... 1 9 Spence ------------ 0 Forest Jr ...... --- 7 Rusk ----- ---- - - 0 Forest Jr. .... ...... 1 8 Greiner ,, .... --12 Forest Jr. ..... ...... 1 9 Long ...-- , ------ 20 Forest Jr. .... 0 Long ----- ---- - -25 Forest Jr. ....... O Spence ---- ---- - -18 I D V -Q ,, E ? K 1 fw 3 S f 3 i s 5 mgn..u.agmamm m . , L ' k ' . H?2?3W'ffi,. : ,,Qfx-fniv . 'MEM ' - I "" km , LQ, k' f9"7AWiY6X53?'Y5:?W1mW:tX?fLZikE23"?iii:5if S in if -ig? I sqgwf . Y 9 'amy '2' 'ww . 1' 'V ,K Nas is 'z ' . W,- J. .-ff? ,A. ,W w i , . X 3 s.. W X fx s .ax S 'AS' A, .M vbif 4 ,, ,X 5 ", Nw ', aux E ' 'H' , 0 J fwfglg, , iff' -4 Q Y gm, 'A ,K 4' 1 I,,Vx",n: 1 ,. f '.mL"'Qfgfg , 'L n H vw" 'Az-:L 7 ff' ' x , 5, 4 ,. 1 41' .A S., x 4' M. , VA, Q. 3 'K Q 5 Q , yy. s fv , f,m ,E szigiw y ,J 4 2 A W y -1.. 1 .xx -e :fi X ff f SENIOR PEP SQUAD lV1Sef1 Third row: Fourth row: Mrs. lrma Unger, Director Paddy BU,-men Jane Gray First row: Eva Walton Barbara Hambrick Joan Hadaway Sue Cummings Tressie Mixon Wilma Williams Pat Roseman Christine Cameron Second row: Linda Hindman Edna Wallace Dorothy Easley Janet Holcomb Mary Sharp Marcia Banks Glenda Moore Violet Marshall Betty Hullum Barbara Bray Jo Thompson Annette Harwell Laurael Sippey Elizabeth Hart Lucretia Miller The Forest Avenue High School Pep Squad, with their colorful new uniforms of bright green velveteen shorts and white satin blouses, added much interest to the half-time activities at the football games. Their new drills, led by Janet Holcomb, Were especially unique, as is shown in the three pictures on the Op- posite page. W AT the half, the Forest band and pep squad make a ,race track. The maioreftes assist the band and pep squad in forming a gun. The pep squad and band rehearse the formation of a boat for The Forest- Tech game. JUNIOR MAJORETTES, Left To right: Shirley Burton, Joy Kover, Cecilia Chandler, Beverly Wortham Willeen Bynum, Rose Kovsky. Firsf row: Ann Lancasfer, Bobbie Hicks, Galia White, Jeanine Davis. Second row: Olin Buchannan, Cleo Haddock, Orvil Haddock, Charles Ventura. JUNIOR R CHEER- LEADERS M: 11 in 'af-if R ' ' 1 lb ai J.J'.115fv:s 'im.1f:-gfM!rm,f,afKwSfliff 1: s1':4'.p1A-,941 if Z , .mr .,f,Q,..: -' Foreground: Janis Dowdy. First row: Rosa Castro, Billie Nowlin. Second row: Barbara Butler, Gypsy West. Third row: Doris Smith, Billie Touchstone. Fourth row: Eddie Grayson, Winnie Branch. Fifth rovv: Dan'l Johnson, Mary Marvin, Norma Johnson, LaNell Farley, Deloris Johnson. JUNIOR PEP SQUAD Sixth row: Maxine McCoy, Claudette LeBlanc. Seventh row: Betty Watkins, Joy Ingram. Eighth row: Linda Jones, Helen Rottman, France Roftman, Margaret Smith, Montaz Dodd, Bar- bara Freeland, Geneva Williams. Left to right: Barbara Butler, Norma Johnson, Mary Marvin, Janis Dowdy, Barbara Free- land, Deloris Johnson, Billie Touchstone. BASKETBALL SEASON Forest ........ 48 Forest ........ 52 Forest ........ 42 Forest ,.....,. 36 Forest ........ 56 Forest ........ 51 Forest ........ 36 Forest ........ 49 Forest --------42 Forest.. ....... 36 'S REVIEW Sunset .......... 55 Woodrow ...... 55 Tech .........,..,, 64 Adamson ...,.. 56 North Dallas ,651 Woodrow ...... 75 Sunset .......... 61 Tech ......,...,.,6 65 Adamson ,.,... 57 North Dallas -61 Charles Leggett and Scottie Allen scramble in the Adamson game while Gene Kitterman watches. SENIOR HIGH TEAM First row: Jimmy Horn, Stanley Abramson, Gene Second rowe Lowell Griffin, Scottie Allen, Charles Kitterman, Captain, Lyndal Welch, Frank White. Leggett, Don Hambrick, Charles Brummett, , Jesse Smith, Manager. 'NN9'y! Third row: M. A. Frey, Coachf! ' Gene Kitterman blocks a lump shot as a Woodrow player tries to score, while Stan- l ey Abramson and Lowell Griffin looks on. BASKETBALL Forest ..,..... s..... 2 8 Storey ..... Forest ........ .,,,v. 2 9 Long ...... Forest ........ .,.,,, 3 O Rusk ...... Forest ........ ..A... 3 4 Greiner -., Forest ........ ,..... 3 2 Spence ..... Forest ........ ,..... 3 4 Storey ..... Forest ......,. ...... 4 2 Long ...... Forest ,,...... vA.... 2 l Rusk .... Forest ....,... ...... 4 2 Greiner ..... Forest ..,..e,. ...., . 35 Spence ..... JUNIOR HIGH TEAM l .-F First row: Richard Huffaker, Manager, Don Massey, Jimrny Hill, l Seclandfrow: Coach Neal, Charles Billups Jack Presley Don David Smith, Cleo Haddock, Joe Rodarte, Jimmy Biockway. 'Doyle, Clifton Walten, Gerald Templeman Joel Wyatt Bull l l t Johnson, Larry Allen, Marion Falwell. First row: Shirley Burton, Carmen Amador, Bob- Third row: Rebecca Kirby, Gwynda Clark, Peggy bie Stanley, Sally Minter, Sharon Throckmorton. Second row: Tommie DeLeon, Joann Vita, Helen Reed, Barbara Lovin, Barbara Glover, Juanez Kimbrell, Patsy Downey, Shirley Ruff, Ida Katz, Carolyn Crowder, Sylvia Cowand, Molly Gas- ton, Wyndelle Easley, Kathleen Joines, Jackie Johnson, Patsy Tissier, Velma Catfel, Bobbie McCown. Richardson, Doris McDonald, Glenda Norman June Huckaby, Helen Davis, Diane Newby Daphine Mayer, Jean Burchett, Barbara Moore Barbara Jones, Glenda Johnson. Fourth row: La Nelle Vick, Marcia Lumpkin Wanda Raye Young, Nina Strickland, Sue Mar low, Thelma Pelley. NEWCCMB TOURNAMENT WINNERS Bobbie Stanley returns the newcomb ball to wait- ing members ot the oppo- site team. First row: Patsy Patterson, Marlene Dunahoo, Gula Mae Dawdy, Norma Tankersley, Sandra Mathias, Darlene Nelson, Joyce Suits, Laqueta Payne, Carol Warren. Second row: Pat Canaday, Shirley Kiser, Andrea Tranco, Elvira Alvarez, Gwendolyn Goldstein, Glenda Davault, Ann Owen, Corene Hughes, Patricia Richards, Elizabeth Benedict, Sylvia Neal, Jeanne Marshall, Wilda Gilbert. Third row: Irene Jones, Barbara Spoerl, lone Lumpkin, Frances Hendrick, Patsy Ford, Eliza- beth Lowe, Aquilla Jimison, Frances Bell, Tillie Oxman, Carmelita Preston, Shirley Rybak, Rita Blatt, Stella Tackitt, Marilyn Price, Jo Ann Fryer, Carolyn Austin, Margo Fernandez, Alice Crow- ford. Fourth row: Frances Adamson, Gladys Dean Snow, Elizabeth Cody, Norma Jean Ross, Bar- bara Cash, Pat McCullough, Bettie McFarlin, Cleta Hatcher, Mariorie Morrison, Billie Brooks, Dorothy Golden, Wanda Roberson, Laverne Samples, Jackie Griswald, Doris Howell, Jean Flowers, Gerry Bain. Fifth row: Bobbie Burns, Joyce Ferell, Shirley Doss, Patricia Justice, Dorothy George, Mary Gilliland. TENEKOIT TOURNAMENT WINNERS Frances Hendricks pre- pares to catch the tenekoit served by a member of the other team. VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT WINNERS First row: Marlene Dunahoo, Cleta Hatcher, Galia White, Wanda Roberson, Judith Abrams, Carol Nulisch, Patsy Patterson, Adrienne Engelberg, Betty Hill. ' Second row: Wanda Goode, Bettie McFarlin, Lu- cille Curry, Wilda Dennis, Ann Fletcher, Lydia Scott, Shirley Sharp, Martha Shaw, Betty Valen- tine, Carmelita Preston, Barbara Davis, Alma Jones, Barbara Blevins, Jeannie Alley, Doris Hodges, Julia Miller, Nancy Moore. Third row: Frances Hendrick, Emily Wilson, Betty Creacy, Mary Alice Joines, Carole Higgins, Maxine Robbins, Dorothy George, Dorothy Golden, Ellen Richardson, Glenda Daniel, Betty McMillen, Meverly Phillips, Sylvia Neal, Shirley Harris, Barbara Ballard, Darlene Nelson, lone Lumpkin, Gwen Looney. Fourth row: Dorothy Harmon, Gerry Wilson, Gerry Bain, Louise McDaniel, Marlene Coker, Mary Gilliland, Sonia Cowand, Mary Priscock, Tillie Oxman, Joan Ferell, Joyce Ferell, Pat Hottmeier, Jackie Herring, Bobbie Burns. Fifth row: Lynne Kalmin, Nellie Bass, Cora Mae Leach, Patrrcia McCullough, Nancy Magness, Jo Nell Tenery, Sandra Mathias, Clydean Hous- ton, Dorothy Jean Vick, Jeanne Forsyth, Pau- Iine Lewis, Sylvia Bownds, Shirley Yates. Carolyn Austin returns a high serve during a very close volleyball game. BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS First row: Dorothy Golden, Fay Johnson, Jalna Imhoot, LaJuanda Abbott, Marlene Dunahoo, Carol Nulisch, lone Lumpkin, Lynnette Katz, Frances Hendrick, Marjorie Morrison, Frances Bell, Gwen Looney, June Apple, Betty Fitz- water, Shirley Lutz, Lynne Kalmin, Dorothy Worley. Second row: Norma Tankersley, Norma Hudson, Amelia -Pontley, Agaytha Tate, Lucille Curry, Mary Chote, Elizabeth Benedict, Ava Nell Dean, Sylvia Bownds, Pat Taylor, Barbara Barlow, Jeannie Alley, Barbara Thompson, Janis Fuller, Irene Jones. Third row: Patsy Willingham, Jannette Hawley, Damaris Walker, Joyce Jones, Betty Creacy, Shirley Wrye, Mildred Roushey, Patricia Jus- tice, Charlene Trammell, Rose Ellen Heimann, Willie Mae Bell,' Jeanne Harris, Bobbie Jean Howard. f 1952 SEASON Larry Schwartz, far right, breaks the tape to win The 1OO yard dash at the Regional Meet. The City and Regional Champion 440 relay team, left to right: Robert Walker, Frank White, Harry Roberts, Larry Schwartz. Under The direction of Track Coach, Bob Cowser, The Lion thin clads gained fourth place in The ciTy Track meet and also in The regional meet. Larry Sch- wartz proved his ability as a Track and field man by winning high point honors in both meets. Point winners of The city meet were Larry Schwartz, 121121 points, Weldon Glasscock, 8 points, Hap Roberts, 11A points, Frank White, 1V4 points, Robert Walker, 11A points, and Luther Borgeson, 1 point. The 440 relay Team made up of Robert Walker, Frank White, Hap Roberts, and Larry Schwartz along with Weldon Glasscock, The Timber topper, represented Forest at Austin in The State Meet. Fourth from left is Weldon Glasscock, going over The first barrier of hurdles at the Regional Meet. He went on To win The event by tying The '36 regional record with a time of 15.1 seconds. TRACK First row, left to right: Hap Roberts, Jimmy Stafford, Bud Marshall, Gene Kitterman, Don Truesdell, Bobby Cannon, Bobby McGee. Second row: John Clendenon, Scotty Allen, Alfred Enzens- perger, Lowell Griffin, Billy Womack, Bill Reinle, Marvin Wise. Third row: Coach Batchelor, Alan Eberstein, Jerry Biesel, Tommy Jennings, M. L. Kennedy, Don Caldwell, Kenneth Birdsong. BASEBALL Forest ...... ...... 3 Woodrow ..... ..... 3 Forest ...... ...... l Adamson 5 Forest ...... ...... 2 Sunset .... ..... O Forest ...... ...... 2 Adamson .... ..... 4 Forest ...... ...... 4 Woodrow ..... ..... 7 Forest ...... ..,.,. 0 Sunset ......... ..... 2 Forest ...... ...... 3 North Dallas .... ..... l 3 Forest ...... ...... 2 Tech --- ......... ..... 6 Forest ...... Tech .......... - -- Forfeit Forest ..,... ...... 2 North Dallas -..-- ----- 9 Although the Lion Diamond Men ended the city series in the cellar, they came alive in the Ameri- can Legion Tournament where they were known as "Post 53." They gained the city championship with only one loss to their Oak Cliff rival, Sunset. After this loss the Lions remained undefeated until an upset in the State semi-finals by Long- view, 'l3-l2. Outstanding plays were turned in all season by Bud Marshall, Hap Roberts, and Pete Embry. l37 Spring Sports .... ' it 2 2 gf Inset: Weldon Glasscock, with N x,,L.,' e 14.7 in high hurdles, set a new state record at the Oleander J C State Meet. yrr' ' . , '.,: , J . m J The relay team CPinky Brownlee, Frank White, Charles Scott, and Jackie Starnard, left to rightj placed third in the Oleander State Meet. Charles Scott and Jackie Starnard get set tor the lOO-yard dash. First row: Bobby Woods, Billy Williford, Charles Scott, Pinky Brownlee, Carl Smith, Jackie Starnard, Coach Cowser. Second row: Leslie Hancock, Willie Wilson, Bobby Warren, Leon Third row: Donald Nance, Richard Bates, Weldon Glasscock, Schwartz, Lewis McGarity, Jack Reed, Donnie Thomas. Marvin Wise, Jerry Bates, Frank White. 1953 Season BASEBALL Coach Batchelor watches M. L. Kennedy and Billy Womack, ace pitchers, warm up. Firsf FOWI JESS-S Smllhf MHNBQEF, SCOTUS Allen, D0f1alCl Bfazllf Second row: Don Caldwell, Marvin Wise, Pete Embry, Bobby Ernest Roe, James Smith, Robert Roe, Quandon Franks, Coach Boofh, Billy Womack, M. L. Kennedy. Batchelor. Third row: Lowell Griffin, Gene Kitterman, James Roushey. 3 l ll 5 E fs sl 5 Q 5 E 5 3, li l On The Clay Courts I952 REVIEW The Forest Avenue High Tennis team started their matches with Woodrow Wilson. This first match finished as did all ot the other games of the season, with a loss. Playing singles, George Annes was the only Lion netman to reach the city finals, Edwin Siegel and Lane Kalmin played boys' doubles. Starting girls were Sue Lambert and Vivian Ginsburg, with Marian White filling in on single matches. l953 SCHEDULE March 16 Forest vs. Woodrow Wilson March 18 Forest vs. North Dallas March 23 Forest vs. Sunset March 25 Forest vs Adamson March 30 Forest vs Tech First row: Carmen Amador, Tommie DeLeon, Helen Clark, Virginia Flores. I953 REVIEW This year's tennis team promises to better the record ofthe T952 season. The Senior High group is coached by Eugene Kribbs and John Johnson coaches the Junior High team. Headed by the veteran doubles George Annes and Lane Kalmin, the Senior team looks good. Robert Goldstein and Billy Granek will play boys' singles. Marlene Drumgold, a newcomer this sea- son, will probably play in the girls' singles. This year's Junior High team looks promising. Led by Larry Annes in the singles. the team should go far. Doubles are Carmen Amador and Tommie DeLeon, while Helen Clark and Virginia Flores are slated to play singles. Second row: Larry Annes, Lane Kalmin, George Annes, Marlene Drumgold, Sue Lambert, Vivian Ginsberg. Third row: Robert Goldstein, Billy Granek, Coach Eugene E. Kribbs. On The Fairway i952 SEASON SCORES Under Coach Andy Anderson the 1952 golf team finished fourth after an early season slump. Led by Captain Robert Ramirez, the rest of the team, composed of Melvyn Boswell, Grady Hud- gens, Hilario Ramirez and Dudley Coldiron, im- proved steadily. They came up from the cellar to finish in fourth place. Most of the golfers are back for another season of play. i953 SEASON Coach A. K. Quesenberry's golf team promi- ses to be a definite threat to last year's cham- pions, Woodrow. Heading the team is Robert Ramirez, last year's Captain. Close behind Robert is his brother, Hilario, who is followed by Melvyn Boswell, Grady Hudgens and Dudley Coldiron. The team has won three and lost one of the games as the annual goes to press. Coach Que- senberry has high hopes for Forest's linksters. Forest ,,,.,...,,..,... O Sunset ........ ......... 6 Forest ,........,...... 3 V2 Tech ......--.......---.-,--- 2 V2 Forest ---,,,,..,..-,,. 6 North Dallas ..........-. 0 Forest ,,,,,-,,,,,,,A,, 'I V2 Adamson ..,...........-. 4V2 SCHEDULE March I4-Forest vs. Woodrow March 21-Forest vs. Sunset April 4-Forest vs. North Dallas April 18-Forest vs. Adamson April 24-Regional Meet April 25-Forest vs. Woodrow April 28-Forest vs. Sunset May 8-9-State Meet Left to right: Dudley Coldiron, Robert Ramirez, Melvyn Boswell, Hilario Ramirez, Coach A. K. Quesenberry. "We're in the army now" is the Thought of Foresfs military boys as they get a Thorough mili- tary training. Here Sergeant William Sharp ex- plains the parts of a rifle to his class. ff X X 6' kr' 'Lf QB I A MILITARY Above: MfSgt. Andress and Colonel Roberts instruct a group of rookies in first aid. 1 Center: On the organizational chart of the Third Regiment R.O.T.C., D o n a I d Schultze, center, shows Charles Schweizer, left, and Otto Disch, the name ot the top student brass: Don Caldwell, Colonel. Right: Colonel Roberts shows his class how a parachute flare on a rifle works. HONOR WREATH SOCIETY First row: Col. Ross Segal Capt. Exg. Don Caldwell Second row: Mai. Reuben Grinstein Capt. Donald Schultze Capt. Charles Schweizer Capt. Alton Edwards lst Lt. Sam Guynes 2nd Lt. Norman Roberts 2nd Lt. Wayne Shaw Third row: Sgt. Joseph Friedman Mfsgf. Louis Lebel lst Sgt. Huldie Nulisch lst Sgt. Rodger Coley SFC Leon Schwartz MfSgt. John Caronna SFC Jerry Witherspoon SFC Larry Joe Wells Fourth row: SFC Travis Bolton lst Sgt. Donnie Thomas MfSgt. John Yarborough SFC Jimmie May SFC Jack Lyons 1st Sgt. Donald Nance SFC Jim McCurdy Mfsgf. Monte Stephens SFC Carl Wilson Capt. Don Caldwell lst Lt. Tommy Jennings 2nd Lt. Baron Reynolds 2nd Lt. George Duke lst Sgt. Cal Gordon Second row: Pvt. James Whitney Sgt. Tom Minter COMPANY A. First row: Fourth row: Pvt. Ray McKee ist Sgt. George Herman Pvt Bobby Hooper Pvt. Tommy Hudson Sgt Harry Harmon Sgt. Robert Ridenour Pvt Danny Capehart Cpl Tony Slovak Cpl Donald Hicks Sgt Pvt Sgt Jackie Looney Emmett Frier . Jimmy Lee Third row: lst Sgt. Uhlan Elliott Pvt. Levan Shelton lst Sgt. Kenneth Shuemake Pvt. John E. Jones Pvt Charles Whatley Pvt Phillip Russell Cpl. Loyd McCoy Sgt David Wedin Pvt Phillip Petty Sgt. Hilario Ramirez Cpl. Clerk Alex Rynecki Fifth row: Pvt. Doyle Baker Sgt. Horace Malone Pvt. Hardy Lebel Sgt. Roy Randolf lst Sgt. Maxie Blanton Pvt. Bill Johnson lst Sgt. Mason Hopkins lst Sgt. Don Ray Grinstead ist Sgt. Bobby Tate l P COMPANY B First row: Fifrh row: Capt. Alton Edwards lst Lt. Sam Guynes 2nd Lt. Cecil C. Stibbins 2nd Lt. Kenneth Hicks Ist Sgt. Donnie Thomas Second row: Pvt. Billy Kennelly Pvt. Kenneth Anderson Third row: Pvt. Jimmy Luvallen Pvt. J. R. Emerson Pvt. Jimmy Rogers Cpl. W. D. Kirkpatrick Pvt. Luther Elmore Pvt. Billy Webster Pvt. Olin N. Buchanan Pvt. Charles F. Meyners Pvt. Buddy Austin Pvt. Shellman R. Hassell Fourth row: Pvt. Billy Douglas Sgt. Kenny Dula Pvt. Leon Smith vt. Jerry Eaves Pvt. Lawrence-Greer Sgt. Carl Smith Pvt. Leslie Miles lst Sgt. lsidor Weinberger Pvt. John Duncan Mfsgf. Louis Lebel Cpl. Jerry Ashley Pvt. Wayne Britt Pvt. Ivy McMillan Cpl. Perry Don Barber lst Sgt. Jimmie London Pvt. Troy Mixon Pvt. Glenn Culpepper Pvt. Wilbert Norris Pvt. Charles Allen lst Sgt. Edwin Hill Sixth row: Cpl. Bobby Hogue lst Sgt. Jim McCurdy MfSgt. Neal Faulkner lst Sgt. Malcolm Echols lst. Sgt. Lanny Gatlin Pvt. Johnny Burchett Pvt. Tommy Beddingfielcl Sgt. Donald Jackson Cpl. William McDonald Cpl. Kenneth Maynard Seventh row: Sgt. Jesse Smith Pvt. Clifford Schaefer lst Sgt. Harold Crabtree Sgt Billy Keel Pvt Jack Presley Sgt. Jack Lyons Sgt James Roushey Sgt Carl Wilson Sgt Donald Carey Pvt Eddie Bullard CCMPANY C Col. Ross Segal Capt. Bob Samford 2nd Lt. Maurice Anderson 2nd Lt. Daniel Verver 2nd Lt. Jerry Hobbs lst Sgt. Donald Nance Second row: Pvt. Robert Jones Sgt. Don Nelms Pvt. Jackie Martin Pvt. Eugene Wright lst Sgt. Gail lmhoof Pvt. Benny Weatherly Pvt. Clint Collinsworth MfSgt. John Caronna Pvt. Ray Lewis Pvt. Alvin Gerson Pvt. Don McKenzie First row: Thlfd VOWF Pvt. Robert lser Mfsgf. Monte Stephens l st Sgt Sgt Pvt Pvt. Pvt. Pvt. Sgt. Edgar Hastings Bobby McCommas Bobby Thompson Willie Wilson Joe Beay Donald Fain Whitchier Gouge Pvt. Jerry Chandler Fourth row: lst Sgt. Jimmy Atkinson Pvt. Hillie Chambers Pvt. Harry Karlen Pvt. Billy Houston Pvt. Fred Graves Pvt. Bobby Chatten lst Sgt. Boyd Moore Pvt. Jim Wyatt Pvt. Leonard Reneau Pvt. xl 'IMI COMPANY D First row: ' Fourth row: Capt. Donald Schultze 1 lst Lt. Otto Disch Cpl. Paul Hoover lst Sgt. Robert Ramirez i 2nd Lt. Norman Roberts Pvt, Jimmy Haley 2nd Lt. Wayne Shaw Pvt, Don Probst lst Lt. Bill Willeford Pvt, Raymond Bailey l Pvt. Levon Hall l Second row: Pvt. Billy Laminack PW' Leon Schwariz Pvt. Willie Ledbetter Pvt' Anhui' Garvin Pvt. Billy Joe Bedell i Pvt. Ronny Eaves ' Pvt. Johnny Blanton Fifth row: . Sgt. Jerry Witherspoon lPvt, K. Lynn Ellsworth Pvt. Cecil Ledbetter lst Sgt. Huldie Nulisch Pvt. Bobbe Cooley Sgt. Walter Scribner Pvt. Larry Colder Pvt, Bud Ashton Pvt. James Pvt. Orville Haddock Pvt. Bobby Jackson Pvt, Virgil Murphy Pvt. Donald Thompson Pvt, Emmett Hanvey . Pvt. Dwaine Lantz Th"d 'DWI Pvt. Qharles orassaffa Pvt. George Kelsey Sgt. Bobby Baker Pvt. Jerald Johnson Pvt. W. T. Holden Sixth row: Pvt. David Dowling Sgt. Norman Hallmark Pvt. Joe Sartin Sgt. Raymond Davilla Pvt. Jerry Lowrey Sgt. Richard Chote Pvt Nick Dean Pvt. Walter Veno Pvt. Jimmie Merur lst Sgt. Ray Lemons Pvt Bobby Wesley lst Sgt. Travis Bolton Pvt Donald Day George McFadden Pvt. Delmer Pool Pvt. Anthony Scamando I49 DRILL TEAM First row: Capt. Don Caldwell Mfsgf. Thomas H. Andress Ist Lt. Sammy Guynes Second row: sfsgf. Jim McCurdy Sgt. Bobby Thompson MfSgt. Louis Lebel ' Cpl. Kenneth Maynard Sgt. Bobby McCommas 2nd Lt. Norman Roberts l Sgt. Jerry Witherspoon l fir' F. Third row: Sqd. Ldr. Jack Lyons Sgt. Roy Randolph Sgt. Carl Wilson M!Sgt. Emmett Hanvey Pvt. Alex Rynecki Mfsgf. Harold McCullough lst Sgt. Gail Imhoof Fourth row: Sgt. Jimmy Atkinson Sgt. David Wedin Ist Sgt. Don Grinstead Cpl. Bob Hogue Cpl. Perry Barber Cpl. William McDonald Larry Calder Mai. Reuben Grinstein lst Sgt. Earl Hixson lst Sgt. Rodger Coley Sgt. Robert McKee 2nd Lt. Nathan Saltzman Second row: Pvt. Sammy Crockett Pvt. Pvt. Don Dye Harry McLeroy lst Sgt. Jimmie May Pvt. Ralph Newman Cpl. Frank Story Third row: Pvt. Kenneth Vander Wou Pvt. Jack Howington Pvt. Richard Madden Pvt. Paty Ernest Pvt. Raymond Hall Pvt. Charles Ventura Pvt. Wallace Glanton Pvt. Bobby Witherspoon Pvt Pvt Pvt Sgt Sgt Charles Hill Wendell Chapman Chester Weatherford Leon Litvin Harry Osborne Capt. Harold Glasser de SENIOR HIGH ROTC BAND First row: Fourth row: lst Lt. Tommy Spigel Pvt. Bobby Dixon Pvt. James Perkins Pvt. Tommy Moss Pvt Larry Allen Pvt Albert Wilburn Pvt Tommy Jimmerson Cpl. Lester Cohen MfSgt. John Yarborough Pvt. Jerry Stovall Pvt Richard Roberts Pvt Albert Ewing Pvt James Mitchell Pvt Marvin Gilreath Pvt Dan Parish Pvt. Samuel Engelberg Cpl. Frank Gillett Cpl. Allen Segal Sgt. Clifton Culp Sgt. Joe E. Friedman The Senior Play is a feature in a Fores1er's year. The cast of DEAR RUTH, Senior Play of The January graduating class, watches Ruth CAnnerre Einhornl and Bill KRay Culpepperl straighten out some romanric problems. 565197- i 3.15.1'fgzjf.'fi1jf.fz1f.'.'f . .,. .. "5 fx W Q 4x2 'Ji FEATURES Richard Bates . . . - FAVORITES FOR ESTER NOMINEES Counferclockwise JIMMIE ASHLEY PEGGY THOMAS MARTHA BLAKE Elected by Popular I56 FAVOR ITES NOMINEES ' Clockwise MARIAN WHITE LOWELL GRIFFIN WELDON GLASSCOCK Votb of Student Body l57 CHARLES VENTURA BOBBIE HICKS Elected by Popular Vote of Student Body JUNIOR FAVORITES CLEO HADDOCK GALIA WHITE FORESTER'S SWEETHEART One secret that we don't even try to keep is the fact that he's still the Forester's Sweetheart. Every one of his seventy-seven years seems to have added a twinkle to his bright brown eyes and a spring to his step. Mr. Rice C"Cotton" to all of usj is a "very remarkable fellow," and his genial personality makes him truly a favorite in the annual quarters. I WW ,,,,. ,. u.Y,..W .,,. , .JTFF-,, . - HOLIDAH. .r HOLIDAY! HAPPY ii' P i o i "H,A'P'P'Y V, 1 -gl...-...l VGL. Zi 7--NO. 5 Z Listen .. Lions E' By TOMMY TENNINGS THE! BYlRS'I' hillbilly pros: ference in Am:-rica was held i day. November 22, and it wi privilege to ullmxii the nu sponsored by tho Dallas Mc Nuws, The dinnor :uid press e. ence was he-ld ut Pzxrrimfs or not Avrenue- and the ximvspnpe Lora ol' the nina Dallas high sf were honored as special gnu: wry entertaining progrbm wa lwzitrd and threw of tho stnl forrnrrrs of the 4'SaLul1iay Shimlig," Dallas' newest pa show, were present to enterta -:ruxewor questions on thu After rho iumclmun, every on ceoded to Fair Park Auditorit the nighlfs perfox-:name o "Sirindipy," and :ill who ati will readily agree that this femtxxx-ing popular and hit 1 songs, is certainly headed fl lou in Drlllos. FOOTBALL season has co a close as far as Forest if earned for this yoar, but lol forget the 'boys who fought hearis out to win for our s We rlidn't win the city cha.: ship, thnt's true, but tho opg ush over fm mybody this vear D rf-gular season championslnp onlv fgau ro be nose out in th pluy offs in Ph I a. heunhrea ing finish. The Lions, ion? n fine 'loifensive outfit, scored nal 'lr' much as anybody, and with a little sbouter defense could have easi carried off the district 4"" EL flock. of roll'--' ' nav' ' The Junior High czuhstrim for une, 051 . . -1 n I A , I, Il W. 'S guy- --y- -,- , ,,.,, 4 lcounl. e :aut of the plxy include-slupal Judge Hex a 1 DALLAS, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER. 26, 1952 Price 10 Cents .L '..... .........."'r"' ""'-" -"'..i '-"'-" rr:,wxrzuzwzm-r::::::u:2:1ri":::uf::1m:1arrssirszmzimzwsazxrai::::.:L-,,+,,:44:g L,w.-::::g:vmw,:,1 .iillary Frances Tuttle, Patsy Wil- ibl , . . ..-.,- W . ,. .1--n ,mu l B man of forty- , the good matured colorudlfivc. easy-going, :ind ra good CIN!!- ili ui lm Rosulw iwluhrmll' muon for has lowelr vlil' Foresters to Name Echo Sweetheart i The decisive question of who will be 1952-53 Echo Sweet- hearts will be answewd today in on election for the most popup 'lm' mid-term graduating senior girl and boy. ' , E' ' ' 1 A ballot box has been placed in front of the principals office and official voting ballots appear in this issue of the Echo. All vnlosx must. bo in by 3:30 p, ni. Wednesday afternoon inoriier lin be ooumed. Winners will he announced in the Christmas edition of lthe Echo to come out December 17, and will have their picture in the 1353 Forester. V Following is :i list ofthe graduating seniors: Eugenia Allen, Shirley Autry, 'Ann Burl-zur, Sue Cumniings3RYViln?a . i Darby, Minolta Einhorn, ,ovary R I.. d B Glick, Gladys Goldstein, Josephine' Gussin, Janelle Hilen, Janet, Hol- Yconibc, Corena Hopkins, Dorothy i Knowles, Annette Lnmhn-ri., ,Minnie Pearl McDonald, Joyce Norman. Jackie Rabieoff, Nolva Scnllzms, llimmu Syhuman, Bnrlizlra Shoals, liloslilie Skihol, Charlotte Siutmrm. Named Editor ' For Spring Term The emotion of tho Cub Staff for the Decenibor 17 issue was held l b' 1: l R 3 D sl n 1P l ni lu B T Vi il 5 S JP L' 'f3- -JW If dith Willems, a ge-ucmus Aixnettf- Finliorn plays Ruth Wil-Q - md the imrklxf If is elevens will truthfully voucl the Forest football teams ivtw H., Th X p - , - a , f : , , . " nental woman in her earlv,l.iuQ 1 'beautiful chaximing, and Llwfmrolligenl: girl nf 22. Bill Sea- iloldlvvlrirrlat, an .Mr liuroos lieutenant Hnrlof 24 is playhd by Ray Culpepper. of lUuvid Wright plays Albert Rum A 301 i nlmr, Kutifs fiance. He is a mah of " i3-4, av. hit older ihm Ruth. 'l-5 Martha Suawright, l3ill's sistenlm 'lla pretty girl of 20, is played byl l tl 'fianollo Hilton. thunk Vincent, 11,43 isorgeonr mniri ri friend of llill, img lnlayed by Ross Segal. Hob Siqler plays the part. of Harold Klobber- rneir, another one of lNIi.ri:mi's over- 'ens associates. This hilarious family mix-up be- ns when lhe teen-nigh bmi Miriam 'ilzes lover leitturls io Bill Soawright, iq known lo Ruth, llflirizun hasrfg 'led hor older gist:-r's name toghl letters. The .real confusion he-iQ whom Bill comes to claim his them-t, Ruth is all-cody on-li-ll I to Allnpyt Hummer, a sue- tl xl bank-frfThis is only the lie' pg wil' tho play that will koo1J,n1 twtnliiocl fron: bogixiriiixg t,olT 4 fl li lr ul 1 l l i l ga. J, P V lic l HGIGA L PULCHRl'flU DE lman, Y Janelle on r In mu:-.L just wx an Junior .quonai Social other Mgoirna Elected by Ballots Printed In the Forest Echo , anna, unmenxrlgnsq-urn-1,11 ur gf 1 f, ' nn nam nummu. 1z.nLm nr, V ,, , , V'YWCiYv10 l 5 W T October 5--Junior Red Cross 0 0 O fo axs S Qaida fb Q05 5? 0 Q? s SZ Nshle ,ID-G tb I Q' Q11 S 1 Ib Jdlgftb gain, '-ngfvc in 20659 QQ, O W 06 Cbo'QiO 1 ab LL lg J Z, Qbk OQb Qjlbbas I . jQfq,f5'Qf"71f26,lOf2s ' S116 . as 56:8 1 St 51 68 Qb Qfw' JSQ 47 X3 QQ' SJ!! OI' J, -4 ef go-"I 65' 4 Gp QSQZZS 12,2-0.2561-+ JSSSSQZDIQ 'S ,fo QQQ, I1 fbhfELsj?sQ5geg 56qg SQj, Zpyessqqfbe gy. 2 S 0 ' , o Sl Cggfkzig q?5C6QbQV6b o Qbes 63277 s Q . - 0' Council sponsors embership drive...Girls view new fash- Ions at style show. 6--Rah! Rah! Forest Crozier Tech Wolves at Q 7--Junior Dramatics :Beauty and the Beef.U 12--Miss Eckelman is defeats the Dal Hi Stadium. Club presents chosen to repre- sent Forest as MOST ATTRACTIVE TEACHER Ln the HOur Miss Brooksu contest. Close pehind are Miss McLain and Miss Drake. 1 I 2 -ZS O Ol" JBO5 60 J 43 3331 27--Turkeys take to the hills as we get a FOUR DAY Thanksgiving holiday. 3l--Better watch your step, the WITCHES are walking tonight. ,,,,,, fr fl i -X, , I 1 il QZjS I, 106436 1' teQQb 66 November l Here's a dime for the FIRST EDI TION of the Forest Echo 2 We're off to Fort Worth to watch the Lions play Carter Riverside 9 Forest defeats Gainesville High in a thriller lO Gladys Goldstein and Truett Walton demonstrate HHow To Propose,U cave man style, in the Public Speaking Department assembly l6 The Lions take on Sunset in the Cotton Bowl, while the Cubs battle Show Walter Stockdale and B111 Reinle are named Linemen of the Week 17 COTTON CANDY and HOT DOGS for all on High School Day at the Fair 21 Foresters engoy music of the Wayland International Choir 2h Mr Davis, of the Juvenile Court talks on highway courtesy and shows a movie on safety PTA entertains with school ta at annual pay assembly Halloween' Foresters see a raising midnight show lent 31 hair fe Q0 ,p I 6 ,a b . . Ai' 6 6 o- 144 If Q 0 S i I A9 A A - A . - I A -- in . n Greinerl. . .Seniors sponsor Mid-nite fl ... ' v ' ,li - " . . . Y . . p so-- - - - . Z' . . ."T' . ,bl I' X99 'C oi We ce' eff? 9606 2596 a'95ga- KF? 0 69 M 5 ggfib iq35YPE66,ikgN6v QDQYYZQ6 Ii QYWEZXXS6 ,326 1' 59 33, Xb' O9 Aa' GQQYQQYQQ 793606 cena . -C6 565' g NX el -Q 56 - 1 Q00 ,I .wxof X680 Ysfa' 0 Q16 ,606 Wye ae 19gx9'.fQls- 2509 -59 ee 59 ,.' 'x Qs 'w 0 0- S O O93 F6 +929 S we es OG .avi WQWO.. 5 "- Y e O M e 'gl XJ '55'x'3a9,'0-9'-C X302 Oi- 6 Q-O 6-Zigi, Q?62Cd3cQfK?k 095gG951e 6?h60Q5ex0yS' O9 " eat if Gai e W' Q53 We F5 fi O W 3'xe 0 G39 6650 diy -of 955 oe tdc x39 99 399'S56yv9p f99796y6 x e of' toxic W6 W6 xifzyex, edge at O5 C5 'XQO 3 efe gn? O 6iL9,Jge:0,59 ace wig? if, 50 Q 35 m5y ogy 0 605i 5 ggi aof .565 6. 936 6 eSvX91ge99pZg ggcqexeap-Xe e o 5 'W 609 'Qoc e to me 3991 if Q X, 11156 OWO 509 January 5--welre BACK AT SCHOOL to begin the new year. 15--Senior High Band presents musical program. 20--We witness an historical moment via television as President Eisenhower is inaugurated. 21--Eight journalist STARS receive Quill and Scroll pins. 23--A day of laughter and tearsg Sen- ior Day...Seniors dine at Duntonfs. 25--Baccalaureate Services are held at East Grand Baptist Church. 26-30--Must sharpen my WITS and PENQ CILS--it's Exam Week! 28--A new group say good-oye to their Alma Mater. Alan Eberstein and Joyce Norman are Valedictorian and Salutator- ian of the January Graduating Class. 30--Chin up! It's report card time again. I62 . 955 oft i ??Xy. 1 i 4 February 8--Bids are high at the annual Auditores Caesaris slave action. ll--Jr. High Students and Faculty battle out a close basketball game. 13--Football boys receive letter jackets...Basketball game at Dal Hi 4 between Forest and Adamson, followed by midnight show. i JA--DONIT FORGET to bring Valentine i to hA dance in gym. 1 l8--Clergymen of four denominations . remind us that we are all brothers. Y 19--Senior and Junior High choose i their favorites. i 20--Senior High Band goes to Laredo to march in a parade...Top score for Uoriginaln costume in the annual faculty basketball game goes to Mr. Bell. 27--Four Forest panelists match wits with panel from Crozier Tech in Quiz 'Em On the Air. YIIQYYNO 000' os 51 Jo QV F56 fy 627 bbc? QOQI pls 92,06 QCQ OCS C6 hw ifcb GL ajqb fo Qib 090 6 N o Q Q . OJ-,Zi 65,62-Lao 4266 OQJ, Cf Q 0,2520 G 6- -A Q 0 ssb 41 JO 66155 3,15 tea' 005 J?-7Q6Q."7?1Q Ov VS iw 56 Qoffqz Off CQ2 of 6 8045 ' Q? 9,77 . 0 SQ '6 bs 92 e . Q 'EQ .O so stabs 20166 00000, XSS ff sbs W 2' 6,6 QZOQII o 8 GQJ . 4, Qefbe 'QQfQcQ?QB:'wgnQQ .'5eJq5E?b fb 1270 0000-Obeor Q0 QQQOQ 1091, Jxgfiy 6 'Z 1020 G6 QJ419 boss its obs '95-be Oo Sta O 6 O23-Q games Oo GE' Q51-0 Q6 fs 39- G6 Hb Ss Q9 JZ OOQ5 RVQQOQ G if of 10.0 20012 we bbs SJ!- Jigw Of be . QJ, QM Sep.. 6 8 -Z0 220 1242- 4 5 QC-,F QQ- 50604086 , .0 QQ-OOQ Oc Q 5 Oo' QQ' ' 0 6 5 , S 33 45718 o -.f,, QQ iq. sp Q'J4'Z4-Q I n..?7NZ7ZiQ n L 6 fa Q2 Jf i fins , 40 if l 'J 4ZQ5JQO A JS i April l--Forest High School will be moved to China...April Fool!! 3-6--Easter Holidays! Let's show i off the cute Easter frocksl 1h--Pan American Day observed. X L x 1 V- l ' Senior Musts BE EXEMPT FROM FINALS1 Get Senior Rings. Hand in Senior Data Sheets. Get formals for Senior Prom. See Senior Play, HBest Foot Forwardn Address graduation invitations. BE EXEMPT FROM FINALS1 May Apply for summer job. Have fitting ior graduation formal. 8--ROTC Drill Get diplomas signed. 25--Start reviewing for exams... BE EXEMPT FROM FIN-M-'51 DEAD WEEK! 29--SENIOR DAY! ,. 31--Baccalaureate Services. Q- QQ . June 961 oy 4 1-5--1-EXAM WEEK!!! X -- A 6 INN?" .Av I ' Q X Y ' ER ' C gilt 1 Q 0 E Ib3 Above: "The play's the thing," CHamlet that isj which brings these Senior English students to Theatre 52. Left: A group of eager Lions see the football boys off, as they leave for a game in Tex- arkana. Below: The football squad prepare to board bus, as Anita Claton, cheerleader wishes them luck. A ' Music Makers Above: The Foresters get first view of new choir uniforms as they perform at as- sembly. Right: It's hillbilly music Kenny Dula is singing at the Creclit Union meeting as Grady Hudgens accompanies on his guitar. Below: Amen! sing the Four Hits and a Miss. Bette Brown is the miss and the four hits are, left to Tight: Bob McGee, Lewis McGarity, Lowell Griffin, and Gene Kitter- man. Christmas Cheer Right: Frosty, The snow man, is Alvin Gerson to us. Center: "Welcome," says Gus Hernandez as he and mem- bers of the Junior High chorus enact the Mexican Pesada. Bottom: It's a "winter wonderIand" as the Junior High Christmas Assembly, directed by Miss Jordan comes to an end with a skating scene. is 'F r i Left: Mr. Cardwell gives an appreciative smile as the Forest Avenue Choir gives a special encore for the administration. Left: "Work, work, work," says Mr. Pick- ens, seated, as he watches Nelda Dennis, while Mr. Abbott hands the lights to Robert Walker. Left: The Forest Avenue Choir, directed by Mrs, Evans, closes the Christmas Assembly. ,1, Speak the Speech Left: What a nerve! Below: The invalid doesn't even act sick, but the members of The "Beauty and The Beef" cast are going To put him on The stretcher anyway. Below: How To propose in one word, "Ug" Cughlj. "How many gallons of water does Dallas use per day?" Miss Eckelman asks Forest's Quiz-Em Team. Left: After the chimes Mr. Whittlesey reads announcements. Below: We now pause for station purification. Left: "What new district has recently been added to Dallas County?" Norvell Slater of WF- AA, asks Reuben Grinstein of Forest. Seated on the right are the other Forest contestants, Sonya and Rose Marie Potash and George Annes. f Jw Senior class officers for spring make plans for grad- uation at Gaston Ave. Bap- tist Church. Seated, left to right: Richard Bates, Jimmy H o rn. Standing, left to right: Peggy Thomas, Jerry Bates, Jimmy Ashley. f f 2 Senior Assignments These girls were chosen by the Senior coeds to model in spring style shows. Left to right: Barbara Waller, Dorothy Sinclair, June I Apple, Carole Kirschbaum, Hanna Goldman, Marilyn Greenberg, iVl0de S Way Peggy Thomas. Inset: left, Marian White, right, Sandra Otts. At the teachers' recep- tion, Mrs. Scott, one of the hostesses, serves guests. Special Events Proud parents of newly initiated National Honor Society mem- I bers are shown with Mrs. Brown, Sponsor, far left. Parenl'5 Day l l7I TE C0 BOBBY OSBORN la SERVICE sTATloN Fire Chief Gas-.254 Gal. Wash or Grease-SI.00 Harwood al' Grand Ph. HA-0I6l Forest Ave. FURNITURE CO. Complele Line of Home Furnishings I624 Foresl' Ave. Ph. HA-33l4 DALLAS l5, TEXAS Make Your Dollars Go Furlher al J. C. Penney Co. 5420 Easl' Grand Ph. YI-255I Finger OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. TEXAS' LARGEST STOCK TEXAS' LOWEST PRICES 965 So. Lamar RA-8I09 ADAM'S LUNCH STAND Hamburgers - Sandwiches For Emergency Medicine When Pharmacy ls Closed, Con1'ac'I' Us Through Physicians Bureau, LA-4l I I Cheeseburgers I ' E "WHERE THE FOOD TASTES BETTER" me 3237 Grand Ph. HA-9056 Phone IM-BB l705-A 'Foresi' Dallas I5, Texas Services for Your Every Banking Need "" I Nl' BANKING HOURS s.,, -Q, if ' gi f? 'a r Monday I-hrough Thursday I0:00 a.m. 'lo 5:00 p.m. f ' Fridays I0:00 a.m. +o 6:00 p.m. Salurdays 9:00 a.m. lo 2:00 p.m. SOUTH DALLAS BANK AND TRUST CO. Foresl' al' Colonial MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION l72 HWESTERN BALFOU Supplying SENIOR RINGS-CLUB PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS Downfown Sales Office SANGER BRCS. Second Floor Telephone Rlverside 4079 QW f V Afggp iw LZ M . Jw ff in W M nfff'if + ?fff2AMm ' f e ncofn are e . X Th I P bl Jeweli' .. .Since l877 CompIimen+s of John A. Le Doux PLUMBING- AND HEATING CO. 3626 Holmes S'rree+ PHONE HA-O9I3 Complimenjrs of sgn HUnI'er 8440 g?.'.g "' HArwoocI I878 ' FREELAND MOTORS, INC. W0rthInQt0n Insurance and Financing Sc +o SI.00 SI'ore Good CIea"' Cars I632 Fores+ Ave. Dallas OLE M' AANENSON 3I24 S. Lamar 320I Colonial Dallas, Texas frfffff geff- M k ge O iq 'W "I ' If gggfggglgg C...?e.."a..x. i...,. :I P P kS We 0' ausages CENTURY LUMBER COMPANY e nninn 3220 Grand Avenue HU-0236 MEAT SERVICE BUILDING MATERIALS-REMODELING 4I I5 S. Lamar PAINT-HARDWARE WI1oIesaIe and Refail S'I'eaIcs To Sui? Your Need , Daily Service Io IMPe"'aI I34I Grocery S'I'ores and Cafes If No Answer Call HArwoocI 0738 "Your Soufh Dallas Home of Homes" f-rg C0 B TIRES II LE II N E RS Accgsgsies ' Qu 1, 5 son COLONIAL Ave. PI-IONE I-IA.I72I l5g.1.M- C. 'M. WILLIAMS SERVICE STATION I Foresf ai' Four+I1 Phone HA-0I56 ROAD SERVICE Complimenfs of SHERWIN - WILLIAMS Friendly Paini' Cen'I'er Phone IM- I 555 I 628 Foresi' I75 I fl lv. :- ll . r fs X , , - 1 gli? in ,' If f I Iv f I H F WRSHOP I Hy I1' 96235 YOUR fxg F, T UGHTS X fl 45l Second Ave. IOI4 El S+ wil Bus. HU-6237 Res. HUJ332 m ' f I jlll ifflllllijj V x UVJ DAY and NIGHT Modern Business Training 'For Jobs and Promolion MONTHLY TUITION RUTHERFORD-METROPOLITAN School of Business 2020lf2 Main Slreel COMPLIMENTS of HOUSE of NINE Women's Apparel Sizes 7 and 9 Only l6l7V2 Main S+. Ph. RA-6994 JOE'S GUN 5' LOCK SHOP PAWN SHOP GUNS, TOOLS, JEWELRY, ETC. ilif,iQyill'lng HCNEST Mfg: I Sold Dallas Renlecl Trading I Repaired PR.3886 Posl' Rl-0434 '76 2524 Elm Dallas 1313! ,L . . . 4 ' .1 3- 5!.?J':5.T3- gif' .I . . .- . ., .-x , . '- .2'.'-' . ' " .. ,V-, .J - l 'isfisegfa-,2'+?-za. 'X-ag 34 Ang-if'-5 3' ,f:?r+1'1'wfgw.'Qf,-., gf "fn . , " .-5151 iw -- pf . . i - . vnu. ' iff, F, ' -:Bi ff - j'3f3T5.W1gf1 fl -gg Qiisrlffvsyry ,MEM Q.,-tv.-fggg, s,,,s2'.ff?'I'?:, 'I ..+ ,gg 'ev rfg,.ff..4Kk.,-3, fy dw --Hays-wif? ts--y,g3,1. if J, wink' 5 ,gf-txag-." ,vw-.-4, Q5 ff i..itfw.f'eG.:. 4:4 ' Q A A .4'JffQ---,f-M-2.--- Vain D ' s 1 wg' dv 1 ciw,:Vf--1 M, e' fggf sl.. ., if. 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' f -'-Q, - "" :swf one ' ,..fcgif 'X .- A g gggsgrg v. ,-M' 1 .. -aff' 1+ J gf. , - . v ':- , , . f' , ' -.1 , f - 1 : ' sy5jg,.5 'L - Q- ,- .f ' 4 433,53-we-s'.1,i-is QQ ,Q .5 1,1- N' I.-ff' - . ug 1' mf-v's,1'4', i- , f-- 5, gf: , , , -- ,, k ' f f -, f 2 - fag., , .gemu ,,,,75,,,V xg ,fir N Q ,,.f,5, gum, em .,,., , 5 ,. ,. N, X 34,5 , Y .Q ,Wg -., , 1 .. ,. . '-" . We tfff-. - ..A,-,Was 'T-1 awaken- at fr sf -he -. " S 'f fifgf' gs--f A- f f " ' - 523525: Q- mg? A -ge .ef-fp , 45: sc ,- - -' sw-wc:-1f'ffW "5 1. V 2 -V -- vga-,swf ,ff--2, fs ' ' . -,, . ,Q . .EN xy. J ', " i bn. v It's a great feeling, isn't it? And you should feel great, because graduation is a truly wonderful occasion. . .carrying with it every promise of a successful future. Remember, your friendly electric servant, Reddy Kilowatt, will always be on hand, in your home and at Work, to help you enjoy better living. . . electrically. QALL s Pownn LIGHT cowgw iw. Q, fs A 5 X W 1 Q' Wg? 2 ' ,ew W ix has M as-mf sk Q as in W ,iff L" 'vs we , , , , - . , .. X w - , 'r -- lv' 1' .ll Mkwkzx vf . X , , , , ' Q 1 ,' X - . rl Complimenfs of JENNIE WORLEY FOOD STORE 3647 Holmes S+ree+ HUn'rer 5855 Suggs I FUNERAL CHAPEL FUNERAL DIRECTOR - EMBALMERS AMBULANCE SERVICE Dallas Texas CompIeI'e Shop Wirh One SI'op QuaIi+y Foods aI' STUBBS HA-2626 HARWOOD AIT GRAND Open 8 A.M. +o I0 P.M. Every Day Including Sunday CONGRATULATIONS TO A WONDERFUL GROUP OF STUDENTS We will make your nex'I' graduafion or wedding picfure free. ' DENISON STUDIO II02V2 Elm DALLAS, TEXAS CHOICE FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS NITSCHE FLOWER SHOP ROBERT H. THURMOND, Jr., Mgr. Complimenrs of MarveI's Dress Shop "Where Your SS Phone Have More NG" DBY IM I57I I642 Foresi' Ave Nlghl I-IU 5543 Opposire Soufh Dallas Bank 2727 Grand Ave. Dallas For Tobaccos galzidies C' H' ' Your AuI'o Glass and Sea'I' Cover clggif es School Siilpiig Ngigds owENs sl-IUMATE co. I Taylzrls Wholesale Dis'I'ribu+ors of "TAYLOR MADE" WORLD'S FINEST SEAT COVERS AND AUTO GLASS 29I3 S. Ervay ai' Fores'I' HA-4604 I78 ELMER'S CANDIES GOLD BRICKS - CHEEWEES MINT BUBBLERS I705 Fores+ Ph. HU-5I75 8: HU-5I76 Complimenfs of PATRONIZE our ADVERTISERS Our Advertisers Page N0 Adam's Lunch Sfand I72 Soufhwesfern Balfour Co. I73 Bobby Osborn Service Sfafion I72 Cenfury Lumber Company I75 C. M. Williams Service Sfafion I75 Colonial Cleaners I75 Dallas Power and Ligh'l' Co. I77 Denison Sfudio l78 Ellen's Dress Shops I76 Finger Office Equipmenf Co. I72 Foresf Ave. Fur,nifure Co. l72 Freeland Mofors, lnc. I75 Frieclman's Prescripfion Pharmacy l72 The House of Nine I76 Jaclc's Meaf Service I75 J. C. Penney Co. l72 Jennie Worley Foocl Sfore l78 Joe's Gun 8: Lock Shop I75 Le Doux Plumbing and Heafing Co. l74 Linz Jewelers l74 Marvel's Dress Shop l78 Nifsche Flower Shop l78 Owens Shumafe Co. l78 Rufherforcl Mefropolifan School of Business I76 Sam Segal I79 Sherwin-Williams Painf Cenfer l75 Soufh Dallas Bank and Trusf Co. I72 Sfubbs Foocl Marlcef I78 Suggs Funeral Chapel l78 Symns Flower Shop I76 Taylor's Seafcovers and Aufo Glass l78 Worfhingfon Variefy Sfore l75 ."""'l ,W W 3 1 ,F 1 . . , ' .. 'V X " .V VA , ' 4 164 wiki? ix X KH Q R I - 1 'ifiiiff . ' fWL'32f X0 3 M359 7? 2 Q7 .f -f , Qffif f T 1 ' ' 1 lf f ' 7 A if ' . 7 1 FN' 1 If 4 R DZQL3, wr ff g E S9 AM x WW wif ff VQ Q 7 W M. WW H ' hui . . Liu. HV A .han l. H, -I 'imli ,,, ,,. ,, V V Y V - . .. .... ..-..,Yf....-.-W: ,,,,, ...,... ,-V.,, ,,.,..n VK,--.W if-. ,--.-V iv, . GFNW E: NYT - VC CK JN ' X1 , l I . Y , . l . 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