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 - Class of 1952

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""'-"""' n JO- Jfru. JT., Wvzf of fLl4M,'ffuff. wwL.,..41wW.p,7 ' 1 JL!-fV QZV g',.,Lc!7'L.i:Wf U 35.0. 1lk.fJ4,,,,,, L3 bvvwubvkaf wk 7 ' V fw, I "'?wu,7 -...,. . ..---....-l-.. ,, -, . Mjfcb -ff'-W fy.,-AL Q L26 fdiwff'-Q? MQ!! 7191 2 A .9 Q C7 7 1 fy , '5f,,.,w X .,.10'L. V - , Q '- va Qibyfv 'ki QWCMJ ' Z J f - . lyk ' ' Jg midi ,XJ ,x ' .AX " J ' ' 9 ' X537 W0 Q7 QJJ y ff-al-6- C"fffA' Jfhv 4 tj?-55 ,af f f ww' ,, uidff. H9-1" -A:.'24-, 5,M" .2-L'f:.,fif qiiwff' nw gf ' ,fy I 4. I 074, flfvk V If!!g...?C- M1 ,X J I J ,f 'f' J 7 ' X fy SWQ fc wwf' gk ' . ff f HW! , 1' fn A 1' - , 5 - "L ' ' ' -V- 'I ' - 3. ' MWV +w f: ' : x , - - I 'HM awp! V CL- 1, WJ gg j7 Wiwfw qykwqf MK g??Yi - , ,Q K Whyfdkmfmh x Pf.0y4 f?y+ jg fjyfwivwwdrgi I WMM VW 3 W M x ' w , JUG! WW? W ,y'Z2wfwff5M W W . . ' A ,' ' , x- - , , ,L V , X.. ,' ' . V . , . , .A ,. 1 - 5 . .. N 1, , ii. -,-LMI. ,-H1138 I.-'YH S. -l.., ,'.,I- '..i.-Ein. N X i ' 1, E. ---i,wf,dl.-ffwa, --.An . .4 . ,,,, .Y . .vu 1'- - Y -. L X ' I ,F . 5 KJ! way VY If JJ'Uf1Mw"Uj fpo-"av f 'luv 5' fu Q f vw. , 25614-Ji t E A A PMP ff! LMWZSM' 7"-UQ' ii.-.Fi NP' J I' 3,5 ai V14 If V lgQQQ9iJ.H 1 Wh NLG V' 'F H? A .1-51' ' HJR f 1' Q , wf 76 W1 Q-f, , V XV! dv, Wfvt, 4'i9"J""f'Jk"' A E Jgfjy' g?2qff' - bwjfgf ,xpdkgp ' p W W .5 W Wg Wg W + '--. ,R '-. QLLL ' vs-Zfff A JXQ5 'Ui 1 ,,.,.1! V -f'f y 2 lf G, Q E Q W gf ' 747 - K 1 f ae- Q ., QQ via, 2 . V5 f ' ' Gif lg ' . 3 E N - 1 5 3 CSL 529 1 3' 19" Cf' f Q, ,.: H191 7 ' Nz, KE Af? M. , ,J , , .f M., 5 '15, Q fR Mww . iMwwMM JJ Af. uf TR k E' K ' , 11, 'V !'J,.r.fg. . K - sh Dj f , , l V . 'll I 1 7'3,ffl' A'UNJ . O fx 'XJ - Y K R .J 1 A w y . 1 Ei f TN? Q wg? LQ Q9 , ilk ki f L ,dhyeqalmfi X TAYLO , 0 fit! PUBLISHING COMPANY Q xxl xxxxxxx I MEANS 1154 YEARBQECTIQS X 7 '66 5 gh, I952 own ..L. fx Q ,ll ff' ' X Z B 5 l-r' Contents Administration . . . Classes .... Organizations .. Military . . . Athletics . . Features .... Advertisements . . vl rs fl' 2 ,vs MS.- " my like 1 he -W F? - --1-... Q- ,,, - V fl The Forester Q FA AJ-7 ll P 'Q f Published by +he Sfudenfs of 47-fx FOREST AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL Dallas, Texas DEDICATION To 'rhe Junior Division of Fores+, +he sfaff affecfionafely dedica'I'es +his edi+ion of 'rhe Foresfer. Your coming has broughf, along wi'rh many maferial improvemenrs, en+husiasm, which makes a viral con- +ril:au+ion +o our school. Your compefenf feachers quickly and smoofhly found a place on Fores+'s able faculfy. We are glad +o call you 'Fellow s+uden+s, and we are proud of +he progress which you have helped us 'ro make in I95I-52. As Dallas' only five-year high school, Foresf now occupies a unique place in educa+ional circles. Because of you we can poinf wi+h grea'rer pride +o our alma mafer. -,X ' ' g -Q L. ------if FOREWORD This is 'lhe s+ory of Fores+ in one of her greafesi' years. There is laughfer here, ancl +here is seriousness. There are losses and 'lhere are vicfories. There are seniors and +here are fhe li++le cubs on fheir way fo class or lunch or assembly. I+ is all here, and H' is 'lhe sincere wish of +he sfaff +ha+ in a measure fhis book will caprure and hold for you momen+s +ha+ each will +reasure in a special way. We have 'fried +o show you our school 'rhrough +he eyes of our "li++les+ Lions." sa f """ 1 355 'f""' l S .xv .JG H 'Q Vw W. A u ww. 2 wi: , . ,, ,ia fu, ,-J 1.21 if I QA, A" if T Lf M rf? Around the Clock... "Good mornin " sa s Bill I 'Li ,A J... Q- Y Y Daniels, Fore-s+'s unofficial doorman, +o Mr. l-lulclwinson and Miss Felder. l+'s almosl 8:35 a.m. and mosl of +l1e girls are slill primping. ,fi ,. 2 rm 1. ,Q f - "We're on our way lo llwe fair grounds," sing llwe For- esler slall, showing how no+ +o dress +o have senior pic- lures made. M. .,., ,--we e1'5a.f..:,p,-sm'mwnm.wnf,f':x M.. Our School in Review Above: Mrs. Evans direcls lhe Foresl Avenue Choir in Jrlweir appear ance on Jrlme open house program - . - , .ahsnn1ww.!1 A ,asm mfmweeeemwswsfmswaexfm Above: Newly inilialed Mays Goza slraiglmlens Wallace Mann's Nalional l-lonor Sociely pin. Above: Mrs. Brady checks signa- lures as llwis group walls for admil cards. Leflz They knew we we coming, so lhey bakecl us llwese cakes. 3532? v'2?l3.ifi K Im. fl -. V ,,.. , ,, ,,.., ' . , .,,, ' 5 ,'lI iIfTiNMmi"" P ffzvfwrvr f"' "mn - WM ' 'W L'L' 5" ilfi'fiQf' fs .wif I , A WJ' Iwi' ,am , V W. 4 a gif , s -fix 5 5 A j gk 2 I . is 7 N S5.:55'i'1g X ' 1 5 7. w ii, ,lg k, i g lllf Az' i l 5 . s " is Counter Cloclcwise Mos? impressive al lhe Chrislmgas assem- bly was +his scene porlrayed by Marlha Walson, John Jordan, Roberl l-lilborn, George Dulce . . . Miss Roberfs helps a sluclenl find iusl lhe righl book . . . This biology class, direcled by Mr. While, is perfecling lhe use of Jrhe microscope . . . Fulure secrelaries worlc in The new office praclice room . . . The sludenls even climbed lhe walls +o see +he faculfy baskef- ball game. vw., of Clockwise Mr. Beaudry calmly draws his coffee aller Jrhalr iolce he fold Mr. Frey and Mrs. Evans . . . Al Jrhe microphone is Rabbi Hyman Schachlel, one of +hree speakers a+ Jrhe im- pressive Brorherhood Week Assembly . . . On lhe slage for The finale is Jrhe casl of The lelevision show a+ a Junior Division assembly . . . Julia Bailey holds Jrhal deep brealh for chesr X-ray while Bill Mallhews wails his +urn . . . We do. loo, have an eiqhlh period class-somelimes called delrenlion hall, direcred by assis+an+ principal l-lu'rch- inson. 1 Come See Our New House... Come see our new schoolhouse, Of which we're so proud! We wanl you +o visi+ us, So ioin in wil'h lhe crowcll l in , 'LH wosfi Counler Clockwise Lions gree+ guesis in lhe hall . . . Miss Berry and Mrs. Griffin clernonslrale a 'lable arrangemenl . . . Mr. Abboil meels 'rhe par- en+s of a Junior Division sludenl . . . "l"lere's wha+ we're learning in English," says Mr. La Borne. .So Cloclcwise Sylvia Wolfe displays her lalenl' in arf . . . "l disagree," sfales Gladys Golclslein in a delaale in +l'1e speech room . . ., Charles Karlen +es'rs lvlr. Boul+on's newesl eleclrical device . . . Coaclw Johnson inlroduces +l1e '5l loolball leam . . . So for flue wedding march Mrs. Evans played "The Eyes of Texas." Mir .anus-Q-www e N h . ,155 .X X X X , W' Y ag 'Ries , I 'l,l qt, l my iw "NL 'l 1. llllll ,,XX X X 'f V is ,. "MX" X,1Xl,',L 'Y W 1, X 4' l ll , 5 ' l N l uv? X Qnl wlX ,XXXEXX X M 9 l X l, l lllXX'? l lll'llllllllllll ll 4 P l 4 ll fl ff l f l l A f Si? , mm, ' l i nl: U 3351 ' J M, ,l Eli lXllXLX.Jll ,r X l l 1 ff' 4 , my , K is J j 'J l Xl ly Q, gillll Ml it ' if! s llllllllllll 2 l l X Av 1 1- :'1,'nQ,:lX'iXXl,lW.,X XXX , .l U "' S' l l lllllll nw 1 11 Y., . v l Q- 6 1 -fish - - .522 si' llll I l 1 X, :Z ll 1 " 5, K 4 W"' w4+iii.ll-1 s,l. ,. as ' -'l, f ..., ., ssns s f fs lla s ' s ls rs A' 1 1 'E ' ' l ' - gs: z:f+,-new as 'r 1 2 ' X l fl? if .. I , ..., . I f , V ify ,- elf' 'H f .s,.qf - , K K f , 'limi Y ' ffh' ' J -vwxflsffifwJn'' ."'- Q Q ,, 1 S'?Z"" " K 4' I ' Ellfw if'-f 1 'Y - li . N ' .-, , 'if ' -- f -.'f .. A ,, - 1 1 -Q, fy e X ,I - -uf .. ' ?"'f. . I 5"l'3 Q :va-Z ff - sl ,XVI , .,.l, M 'X y. ,L .,. . -, K ,.., ,. . ., 'ls ys, , Tglhm A ?.XX -bs A X i . 1. P-,,--2, 'M f 5 , Y 'lll ll ' Assis+an+ Superin+encIen+ Walker poinis our Io Leo anol Lena Junior Ihe high qualificaiions of charac+er, leadership. service, anol scholarship necessary for enhance in+o Ihe Na- Iional I-Ionor Socie+y. This assembly is one of Ihe Iirs+ +o impress +he Junior I-Iigh. ADMINISTRATION OUR SUPERINTENDENT W. T. WHITE DALLAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS BOARD OF EDUCATION R. L. Thomas Presidenf Avery Mays Vice Presidenf Mrs. Tracy H. Rulherford W. C. Scurry Lloyd M. Campbell Mrs. Verdon D. Ingram Edwin M. Rippy, M.D. Ralph W. McCann Harry Slone Jesse F. Cardwell Co-ordinalor Secondary Educalion Assislanl Superinlendenfs Top +o boHom: Rober+ H. McKay, Adminis+ra+iong E. D. Walker, Personnel: Frank L. Williams, lnslrucfion. OUR PRINCIPAL JAMES T. WHITTLESEY r Mr. Whi++lesey congrafu- lares fhe June '5l scholar- ship winners. L r N r r i V r N Foresfs gre-ares? boosrer N urges The srudenfs fo enrer rhe Dads Clubs Queen Con- Jresf. r is . r ,,- f ,--- L.-M H, 1 , , A A+ The 'faculry bullerin board Mr. Whi++lesey con- fers wirh Mrs. Brown. SELDON S. I-IUTCI-IINSON Mr Ma++ingIy. ma+hema+ics InsI'ruc+or, Talks wfrh AssIs+anI Principal I'IuIcIwInson.- OUR ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Righfz A+ her lavorile work is Mrs. Emma Brown, counseling Hannah Goren. Cenler: Miss Sarah Meriwelher hears a re- porr from a sluclenr. Bollorn lelfz Mrs. Clara Kerr, co-ordinafor of sludenlr aclivi- Ties, is checking wi+h J. D. Freeman while Opal Pyle-s and Eloise Ruyle olisrribufe mail for home rooms. Bollom righfz I+'s all in a day's work-Mrs. Joan Mickle, secrefary, counrs fhe money, as Miss Mary Ann Nu- genf clials an employer of one of her disfribulrive educafion sludenrs. fig. . -wiwifw ,.- -mmi-fimwi-fw2,m.i.:Www-4fz,.aqqf This is The early morning rouiine for 'rhe faculfyz signing in. gelding inforrnaiion, and Telephoning. 2 5 Si 1 JAMES BATCHELOR CLAYTON BEAUDRY CHARLES BECKHAM FRANCES BEILHARZ WILLiE BERRY RILLA BRADY EMMA BROWN MINNIE BROWN MARY CECIL MARY SMITH CLARK ANGUS CODY HAZEL CORCORAN .ii - -sum.-uw-unii wwmw-mmgmwmf'mm-Q-iwfg. 1,-f. . , -iuum w:f1,fmfm Mwwwmumm1 in-apmnwmmvnnnn-wf-iwwm , FEF f f : .fu ' TF fag.. f gm: g 'I-vu ea v if W ig xiii If M 'T EWR' WHA 1 3 1 D6 , F ,. 4 .ww .... gf. -.,E.gsa I E... ?gI"iiglff A 4 A , .... , 1 . ,:,, E ,, L, ., 5. .Lm I M . .. . W' .Q gr: :lg .kQfI.?IEQ, ,." 3 3 K f. Ki.. I i 'K.' - I5 W' 'If f we . A . W A I 1 A A 1 , X Q a, . . I f Q2 I In M I ' 3 7 - I ef Q 'v f 'lf"fiiaf.l. -zfkvf' I ' ' . I Ii I , H -2 QBERT H. COWSER LEROY .CRABTREE E. F. CRIDER COLBY D. CROCKETT SARA DAVIDSON CARRIE DENSON .tl FACU LTY I X1 I, I ,.M..0 ,Afi . LDD,f , 5 J , W H . I wt' -3, Q 5. x I , Ts S35 gr H' 'qw , MQ, 1 lj . W . 'X , 1 I 1 I B Q ajfffl . . , :.i,....,fvw . . ..,, ,V .. my , 51... f ,. . 132 'wifzifzgi ' 535' - " .:1f1..g-'fm Q.- , 5- .--,- M323-. yw -75?L-flizf f fs? ' . L" Elixir? zrixig .fx , E ' , sm ... Im, - M. D,,,LL.,f:ll,,fLi , . . fiziyj Af Q.,,.i.:HWW.V. ,kA,,. . ,. A V. , ' QQ33f-f"FfI .ff .V pg jf .f . . , ..,, .ALZ,,,,,,.,L,. , .. sg I MQ,l.ff5glg5fg5V-I..1,3 in fuk... K . i:..,mMi, W .X . J .I fy Q .1 ' I Whit Mei 91'lSfrf?f75Q,.'3fl.'k ,V W? .... q.'.t' M gf ,- . ' 11-'1If.ffffyg.-,fI.,I.iff1.4 .. I NI' I 1 I-sw Hi.1e2'.fPefz f1,ff'fe'fHi v .-51:20 . - -I .. I f.ff.f-:H .,.- I -k,- ww. ,.ff X - -uf ,-f. I I I W MARY DRAKE, HELEN ECKELMAN JULIA EVANS ' ANNIE GEM FELDER RUTH FETTERMAN ' W. H. FOSTER I 'xg I ,xi -X , 'VII I Mrs. BeIII'1arz helps sfudenfs defermine Iheir sfyle and size. ' H. A. FREEMAN C. V. GOODMAN EVA DEAN GRIFFIN D. T, GRIFFITH MARGARET GRIMES ALICE HARRINGTO IT's Time ouT Tor These "Coeds" on The TacuITy basIceTbaII Team. FACULTY A. J. HILLIARD ELIZABETH KILBOURNE ff vm A I T...e e.T....TT.T '113.,'f:. QKYSQ' ' - , , .,5E,,35 zzrii. ' ' ' ,fn 13275 f if bf' -Til fi tfiffig I ' 1 55:3 v S w H , f f ' . f I A :im 1 I 1 -rzzfgm' rw " mgyyg A ga- -.Yew , -4 .wie fjzggf. 1 'A f . Nfl-' VIRGINIA HURST CECIL JOHNSON ALBERT JOHNSTON MARY JORDAN CLARA KERR EUGENE KRIBBS PAUL LA BORNE CLEO LAWSON PEGGY LIPSCOMB WILLIS LIPSCOME ., ' 'I LQ .', . . , I .',- A P. A. LITTRELL JOHN C. MARSHALL ETHEL MASTERS VIRGIL MATTINGLY BLISS MCMANUS SARAH MERIWETHER .L SSAL sl? ra LAY A ' . - W5-: "h' A , ' Q Y 1: ,K . ipf 'A ' S .:,A ,i. ,, ,. i JOAN MICKLE LEO NEAL MARY ANN NUGENT ROBERT PEEK FLOYD PITTS A. K. OUESENBERRY Here is a group of reachers enjoying lunch ai' The +hird period. OTTO RHOME INA ROBERTS ROSCOE ROBERTS DAWANE ROGERS ZULEIKA SCOTT LOCILLE SEGRIST Colonel Marshall clemonslrales 'rlfme sale way 'ro use 'rl1ls rolary saw. FAC U LTY J gp-M 5 sei? X lll ,ZX lm to MABEL SHAW ALYAWSHEQARDE J. D. SHEPPARD ROXIE SMITH AGNES TAYLOR ANNE TAYLOR 1 L, BERNEIL TAYLOR BESS THATCHER IRMA UNGER VIRGINIA VANDERGRAFF LYDIA VASEK JKESSIE WATKINS 4 S 2 l I l nf 3 sp- W E I J. B. WHITE FLETCHER WICKHAM WANDA WILLIAMSON H. B. YATES M r 6: I CJ' Nol in picfuresz J. A. BOULTON MILTON FREY JACK MITCHELL RAYE PEGUES FRIEDA THOENE Righf: Hisiory 7 s+uden+s in Mr. Yaies' firsl' period class siudy currem' problems as well as his- 'rory of 'rhe Unifecl S+a+es. Below: Miss Sammie Bradley, siudeni Ieacher from Noi-'rh Texas Sfafe College, direcis Ihe firsl period office pracfice class while Miss Rufh FeHerman,, regular Ieacher, observes carefully. Right Miss Thoerie gives a I'es'r Io s'rudenI's in Heallh 2. . -AmM.mfW-Wil, ii,TMA,IMs,imsf.:inwfmwwaizisiis f f 1:.m,wWmmfw 1, i.,. mffw fm-muwmf A Cul-Ty I f fwlfw N llllllyl - X X WMA BROWN Cbokrmon Ok DOXXQ 5 - s emo: Counsebfs YNEMEN ECLEXMAN Cooxmon oi OoXXos Speedo Teodoexg UMW YN P-X45 degoke Ko Tame, Nwixc, Pxssodxokxon xepveseofmg OQXX05 ?.Aoc,oK'xon Pxssodxokkorx, ducoxxoo Seckkoo OX Hams Skoxe Asks, SOCXGN Ok 5 0 Nmdxc meaxww oss 'bxhxrxe-,ss Y: rjxokkoo. YN. .YQEENXPX O 'Wx we o We xegixdopke no G-GN 006 SQKOXX 'SOCAGKNI om Ko Gek YE 'xox ss Q01 Sects Teodoeis S o ' co. xamoixo on IIA vexili . VX NCQ Yseelxdeo OQYX xo Good Boomo X X, NNPSYYZVXS X068 X Soxlcgg ROY GS Yaexoxo kxe X o GO GXX. NN X GX, Vvesxderxk oss Bogen ods CMO. YN 4 PX o P C K6 okoi OR PN 0 A gif P-wen P fs so we A Q' K O X K 'xg 5 5 of LI M I Y? ' E.-C xx 4 Q f O Q we WS 4 ' -'S Q ' 6 O 5 4 'O ,gag-m 5 5 K '4 N ' w , s W"-'wr Q9 N - ' R ' ' ' ' XE E. - - 1 . O8 ' ' ,f N 7 SX 5 I ' x E 4 an 90 o W1-T "' H HONS-2591 X X gi Q 3 Z WWW YO X X0 Yxsk . sox N ill nl ll 1-U' M nn i fiiii l"""' ZLJQN X Wi oR ROLL f .6225 L Gliiii fk i SQA ""' ' 'KVK 'V Y gxg . . , , X xi Q N ,. X . x u x N 55 xxxxxkkxxx .L xxukxxg g k N NX x X. hw JACK A. MITCHELL Choirmon of Notionol Education Association Core Committee on Credit Unions . . . Author of article in NEA. Journoi on Doilos Teochers Credit Union. 'sf fi VA nfs Secrefory f deht f D O Crfdli Ufiio . of Dfrecifor-vofzzrfgexgs Creg'YAZ'l:i?zZQ! Assoclbhbn Pr ' s - I . , I ' ' - e5,L reO'lf U1-Hon league. Member of Ecard A. ,iq Mbggigyewny ond ,pecregffff of Grams , O ion Assooohb oiios Heofhgf pbysfb X O 5O'UCQf,b,7 fp ' M4 UWG54: 401176 - . r of off' ' !70norQ,y We in 76 Gwen ofa Foil 1141, . -S7 'Goo' P,C,,,g0g6dUQQr,g,,, PA P6 proof , em Mogozfbe 446076 S 86004 GX! O6 500,17 emi o!h77Ory DO!! f C'-S' 0 Sfqff 0052090 ,oubbb 'xgxXXxxN f, S060 ,Q Ll -- of O C : 5? ---55290, 1' E A Z Q AV 1 X, ' 5 f 1 Y' 9 1 f I f I ! 1 Q ?fIeHE51' , I ' 7 1 WITH H0425 f . A i 'Ax 5. HON ' ,' f 's 'L' n N P l .-,.'-4' 94 X -' J , ' QA x 3 '-1240 1-ima: '--L' gi 3 - i Z ,R ,Z fi' N ' .S Leo and Lena peek in on Miss Agnes Taylor's English 8 class and sigh for Jrhe day when +hey will loe graduafing seniors slruclying love poefry and grea+ English prose. CLASSES H"s Senior Day The grear variery of ralenr presenred as The seniors said goodbye ro Foresr wifh Their version of The daily T. V. shows ranged 'from singing commercials and soap-box operas To quiz programs. Cou nfer Cloclcwise Senior class presidenr Dink Rigsby in- rrocluces ihe grearesr show of 'rhe year . . . "This is leap year, girls," says Hannah Goren as she shows how +o dress +o caich a man . . . Shirley Goldsrein and Rurh Benson "Accen+ua're +he Posi+ive" . . . Marrha Manning inrerviews celebriiies of romorrow: Norma Cummings, Jo Ann Moore, and Shirley Fuller. JANUARY, I952 Miss Eclxelman direclecl and lhe Ari Deparlrmenl, assisred by Mrs. Mclvlanus, buill The novel self. Cloclcwise "Zud does everylhinqlu claim 'rhe back- ers of Jrhis Commercial . . . Bing Slriegler pufs The FORESTER our in fronr . . .Shirley Elliol and Ella Gray offer a hilarious ro- manric fouch wilh Jrhis scene of "John and Marsha" . . . "You called me, of all people!" exclaims James Milchell 'ro The quiz masler as Thomas While srancls by 'lor support .swfQ,-e.r.w,.mNsffwmfa-,,f- Isfwsf-1-Wi-W as-fig:--W. h.,, , ,,f--- f.sf,i-:nw i-.. is.-wwe LOWELL BABER Seniors '52 PATSY ADAMS MITZI ARMSTRONG Cinema Club: Ice Skaiing Club: Roller Skaiing Club: Dallas Hisforical Socie+y, Sergeanf-ai'-Arms: Band, Drum Maior: ROTC, Maior. MINETTE BANKS High Scholarship Club: Linz Award: S+udenI Council: Lafin Club, Vice Presideni: Girls Public Speaking Club: Dallas Hisiorical Sociery: ECHO Slaff. CYNTHIA BARR Texas Hisfory Club: Girls Public Speaking Club: Dallas Hisiorical Socie+y: Foresf Secrelarial Club: Camera Club: Pan American Sfudenf Forum, Treasurer: S+udenI Council. RICHARD BEDELL Foolball: ROTC. ,-New . . ,,,,,, H: We , W ,i,-wwmaummfyafa MARY BIRDSONG Dallas Hisforical Sociefy. NITA BLANTON Foresf Secrefarial Club: S+uden+ Council: Junior Red Cross: Ice Skaiing Club: Dallas Hisiorical Socieiy: Pan American Sfudenf Forum: Junior Red Cross: ECHO Sfaff. LUTHER BORGESON Fooiball, All-Cify Iwo years, Two-year capiain, Four-year lellerman, Macafee Award for Lineman of Ihe week: Track, Two-Year Lelierman: Hi-Y. FRANCES BOST Sludenl Council: Dislribufive Educafion: Ice Skaling Club: Sireamliner. Q3 I Seniors '52 seem BREWER Linz Awards: Bible Linz Award: Ari Award: Nalional Honor Sociely: High Scholarship Club, Vice Presiclenl: Audilores Caesaris: Foresl' Secrelarial Club, Serqeanl'-al-Arms: Ice Slcaling Club: Sludenl Council: Pep Squad, Captain. CH RISTENE CAMERON Linz Awards: Texas Hislory Club: Dallas Hislorical So- ciely, Sergeanl-al-Arms: High Scholarship Honor Sociely. Club: Nalional I I'-wi iiii ,iiflsss ng, I ,,,,. L ,H siiaisa six ELIZABETH COLE Linz Award: Y-Teens: Swimming Club. MELVIN COUNCIL Juvenile Traffic Courl: Roller Skaling Club: A Cappella Choir: Sludenl Council: Foolball, Lellerman. JO ANN CURRY Y-Teens: Pan American Sludenl Forum: Pep Squad: Gym Capfain: Slreamliner: Poslure. BETTY RUTH DAVIDSON Nalional Thespian Club: Cheerleader: Y-Teens. LEWIS CANTRELL Dislribulive Educalion: Foolball. MARGARET CLARK Dallas Hislorical Sociely: Foresl Secrelarial Club: Cinema Club: Office Assislanl: Slreamliner. JOHN CLENDENEN ROTC Award: Honor Wrealh Sociely: Baseball, Lelferman. MADELYN COHEN A Cappella Choir: Dallas Hislorical Sociely: Foresl Secrelarial Club, Vice Presidenf: Girls Public Speaking Club: Nalional Thespian Sociefy: Pan American Sludenl' Forum. ff ig Q QR: as .ff C lisl ,E Seniors '52 WANDA DEAN Y-Teens, Presidenl: Tlwespian Club: Maiorelle. CI-IARLENE DOYLE Pan American Sludenl Forum: Clinic Assisfanl. BETTY JEAN FINNEY WILLIE FLOWERS Freshman Chorus: Junior Red Cross, JAMES WESLEY FLOYD A Cappella Choir: Boys Chorus. JAMES FORSYTI-I Disiribufive Educalion. OBIE JOE DRAPER Hi-Y: Foolball, Lefferrnan. JOAN DRESSLAR Abilene Clmrislian Academy: Junior Favorile: National Honor Sociefy: Pep Squacl: A Cappella Choir: Office Assisfanl. CHRISTINE EMBRY Sfuclenl' Council: Y-Teens: Dallas I-Iislorical Sociely: Foresl Secrefarial Club: Dislribulive Educalion. ALFRED ENZENSPERGER Pholograplmy Club: Allwlelic Club: Typing Club: Foolball, Manager: Baseball. HAHME GAPPELBERG Cheerleader. PEGGY GOODE Linz Bible Awards: Foresl Secrelarial Club: Dallas His- lorical Sociely: Y-Teens: lce Slcaling Club. EDDIE GREENBERG Golf, Caplain. SHANNON GRIGGS ROTC, Cadel Colonel: Camp Dallas: Honor Wreafli Sociely: Key Club: Lal'in Club: Sfudenl Council: Junior Rolarian: High School Advisory Commillee: Eoolball: Baslcef- ball. Seniors '52 BILLY DON FORTE Foolball, Lellerman: A Cappella Choir: Key Club, Vice Presidenl: Volley Ball, Coach: Track: Baseball: Baskelball. LAWRENCE FRANK FUTERFAS ROTC, Service Ribbon, Drill Ribbon, Commandanl's Elli- ciency Ribbon, P.M.S.T. Ribbon, Sliarpshooler Ribbon, Allu- lefics Ribbon: Camp Dallas: ECHO Slall: Dallas Hisforical Sociely: Audilores Caesaris. CHARLOTTE HALES Y-Teens: Dislribulive Eclucalion. SHIRLEY HICE SHIRLEY HIGGS Ice Slnaling Club: Pan American Sfudenl Forum: Pe Squad, Lieulenanl. ROBERT HILBORN Rifle Team: Roller Slcaling Club: Square Dance Club Cinema Club: Track. P Seniors '52 BENNIE Lou Hooi4 Linz Awards: Nalional Honor Sociely: High Scholarship Club, Treasurer: Dallas Hisforical Sociefy. Secrelary: Foresl' Secrefarial Club: Sludenl Council: FORESTER Slaffq A Cappella Choir. DOROTHY HUDSON Pep Squad: Band: Gym Caplain: Slreamlinerg Office Assisfanl. RICHARD WAYNE HULME WENDEL HULSE ROTC, Cade? Caplaing Camp Dallas: Dallas Hisforical Sociely: Sergeanr-al-Arms: Texas Hislory Club: Honor Wrealh Sociefy: Sfudenr Council. HELEN JEAN JAMES Office Assisfanr: Y-Teens: Foresf Secrefarial Club, Presi- denl: A Cappella Choir: Nafional Thespian Club: Baslcefball Captain: lce Slcafing Club. JOANNE JAM ESON Nafional Honor Sociefy: High Scholarship Club: Girls' Public Speaking Club: Dallas Hisrorical Sociely: Audifores Caesaris, Secrefary: Nalional Thespian Sociely: ECHO Sfaff, Club Edilor, News Ediror, Assisfanf Edilor: FORESTER Slaff, Managing Edilor, Co-Edilor. THOMAS LOYD JEFFREY Junior Red Cross: Dallas Hisrorical Sociefy: ROTC. BEULAH JOHNSON Ar+, Honorable Menfion: Dislribufive Educafiong Slream- liner: Baskelball: Tenelcoil: Y4Teens: Pep Squad: Dallas Hisforical Sociely: lce Slcaling Club. ORVILLENE JOHNSON Foresl Secrefarial Club. JOHN JORDAN Linz Awards: Nafional Honor Sociely, Vice Presidenf: Youfln Legislalor, Senaforg High Scholarship Club: Sludenl' Council, Presidenf: Hi-Y, Secrelary: Dallas Hislorical So- ciefy, Vice President Presidenl: FORESTER Slall: Junior Roiarian: Track Manager. Seniors '52 NATHAN KAPLAN Pan American Sfudenf Forum, Sergeanf-af-Arms: Sfudenf Council: Nafional Thespian Sociefy: Foofball, Lefferman: Traclc, Lefferman, Sfafe. CHARLES KARLEN Nafional Honor Sociefy, Presidenf: Linz Awards: ROTC, Eirsf Lieufenanf: High Scholarship Club. BARBARA LeDOUX Y-Teens. JOE ILA LIVINGSTON Eoresf Secrefarial Club: Office Assisfanf: Pep Squad: ECHO Sfaff. FRED LOFTON Disfribufive Educafion: Hi-Y Club: ECHO, Eclifor-in-Chief. PATRICIA ANN LOGAN Dallas Hisforical Sociefy: Foresf Secrefarial Club: Junior Red Cross: Nurse's Assisfanf: Office Assisfanf: Square Dance Club. KAREN KELL Pan American Sfudenf Forum: Nafional Thespian Sociefy. PAUL KONCAK Roller Slcafing Club, Presidenf: Square Dance Club. JIM KOWALSKI Disfribufive Educafion: ROTC. JOYCE LANCASTER Bible Linz Award: Linz Award: Nafional Honor Sociefy: Dallas Hisforical Sociefy, Vice President Presidenf: High Scholarship Club: Pan American Sfudenf Forum: Ice Slcafing Club: Pep Squad: Gym Capfain. Seniors f52 ROSE LAVERNE LOLLAR Linz Awards: High Scholarship Club, Vice Presidenl: Foresf Secrefarial Club, Vice Presidenl: Dallas l-lislorical Sociefy: S+uden+ Council. EDITH LUCCHINO Dallas l-lisforical Sociery: Foresl' Secrefarial Club, Secre 'laryg Cinema Club: Y-Teens: Slreamliner. GERALD LUMPKIN ROTC, Cadel' Corporal: Disl'ribu+ive Educalion: Baseball CONSTANCE JOAN LYLE Pan American Sludenl Forum. BUD MARSHALL Hi-Y: Sludenr Council: Baseball, Leffermang Baskelball Lelferman. BEVERLY MAY DIANNE MAYS Y-Teens: Ice Skarinq Club: Dallas Hisforical Sociefy, Treasurer: Foresl Secre+arial Club: Poslure Conlesl: Slream- liner: Pep Squad. MELBA McCOWN Foresf Secrefarial Club: Swimming Club. DON McCULLOCH ROTC Awards: Dislribulive Educalion. PEGGY McMlLLEN Pleasanl Grove: Y-Teens: Friendship Club: Girls' Alhlelic Club: Girls' Baslcefball: Square Dance Club. ,Z I Seniors 52 BOBBIE MELTON 3 5 D' I 'b I' Ed f' : J i R d C C 'I. Qi is ri u ive uca ion unior e ross ounci LOWELL DUANE OLIVER ROTC, Caplain, Special Honor- Wrealh: Square Dance Club, President: Dallas Hisrorical Socielyg Junior Red Cross: Cinema Club, President i Ajgtafif - LILLIAN RAE orarsiisi-I Q '2--f' fe' Linz Awards: Nafional Honor Sociely: exas Hislory Club. Secrerary: Girls' Public Speaking Club: High Scholar- ship, Treasurer: Junior Red Cross: Dallas Hislorical So- ciery, Treasurer: Sludenl Council: Nalional Thespian Sociely: Audilores Caesaris. JERRY ANNE OVERMAN Bible Linz Award: Y-Teens, Vice Presidenlr: A Cappella Choir: Ice Skafing Club: Junior Red Cross: Swimming Club: Girls Chorus: Sludenl Council: Office Assisfanl: Slreamliner. TOMMY PEELER Linz Award: Hi-Y. COLUMBUS PERDUE ROTC. Caplain: Honor Wreafh Sociely: Dallas Hislorical Sociely: ECHO Slaff, Adverlising Manager. JANIS PHILLIPS Dallas Hisforical Sociely: Foresl Secrerarial Club: A Cappella Choir: Second Place in Solo Ensemble Conresl. ANDREAS POULAKIDAS Pan American Sludenl Forum: Hi-Y, Chaplain: Junior Red Cross: Thespian Club: Track: ROTC: EORESTER Slaff. CHRISTINA POULAKIDAS Linz Awards: Nafional Honor Sociely: High Scholarship Club: FORESTER Slailz Junior Red Cross, President Vice President Counry Vice Presidenr: Pan American Srudenl' Forum, Vice Presidenr: Dallas Hislorical Sociely. Secrelary: 'II Speak lor Democracy" Conlesf, School Winner. JIMMY PRICE Disrribulive Educalion. Linz Awards: Naiional Honor Sociely: Sludenl Council: M. W. RANDOLPH Cinema Club, Vice Presidenl: ROTC, Cadef Capfain. BEVERELY REDFEARN Linz Awards: Bible Linz Award: Nalional Honor Sociely S+uden'r Council, Vice Presidenl: High Scholarship Club, Presidenf: Cheerleader: Audilores Caesaris, Vice Presidenl Office Assisfani: Dallas Hislorical Sociery, Parliamenfarian Foresl' Secreiarial Club: Pep Squad. JIM RITTER Dislribufive Educafion. HARRY ROBERTS Track. Sludenr Council: Foolball, Leflerman: Baseball, Lellerman: iff. M Seniors '52 MARGARET PYLES A Cappella Choir: Pan American Sludenf Forum: Dra malics Club: Dallas Hislorical Sociely, Parliamenfarian. OPAL PYLES Y-Teens: Nafional Thespian Socielyg ECHO Slaff. JACOUELINE ROBINSON Linz Award: High Scholarship Club: Pan American Srudenr Forum. ' LOUISE ROFFMAN S+reamliner. MOLLY ROGERS Junior Red Cross, Secrefary, Presidenl: High Scholarship Club, Presidenr, Vice Presidenl: Dallas Hislorical Sociely, President Vice Presidenf: Audilores Caesaris, Vice President THOMAS ROTREKL ROTC, Sergeanr Firsl' Class: ROTC Awards: Junior Red Cross: Sludenl Council: Hi-Y: Roller Skaling Club. Seniors '52 BARBARA ROWAN FRANCES RU DBER6 Linz Awards: Chrisimas Card Coniesi' Winner: Girls Public Speaking Club: High Scholarship Club, Vice President Treasurer: Siudenl' Council: Junior Red Cross, Parliamen- larian: Naiional Thespian Sociely: Senior Class Secreiary iy+?i 'v . I llilfwl W l lf. Y l f if "T ., .if-lsvif fsg if f - it SJ 5-if? ., ,.,. ,,, ii-sl iw-gwsfz-m we J in 1 A ,ii 'B V xml 1 V ' SYLVIA Lois si-IAY Chrislmas Card Conlesf Winner: Disfribulive Educalion: Foresi Band: ECHO Sfafi. BOBBY EARL SHELBY Hi-Y, Presideni, Secrelary, Vice Presidenl: Fooiball. Lelfer- man: Senior Class, Vice President CHARLYNE SHIELDS ice Skafing Club. BOBBY SHU FELDT Disfriburive Educafion. ELOISE RUYLE Y-Teens, Vice Presideni: Junior Red Cross: Thespian Club. SYLVAN SCHUMANN Hi-Y: Pan American Sfudeni Forum: Cinema Club: Tennis. LARRY SCHWARTZ ROTC, Cade? Capfain. Rifle Team Champion. Ciiy Naiional: Camp Dallas: Audilores Caesaris: Honor Wrealh Sociely: Hi-Y: Track, Lellerman, Ci+y, Sraie. BERT EUGENE SHANE Pan American Siuclem' Forum: Nalional Thespian Socieiy: ROTC. Cade? Firsi Lieuienani. A V I 44 i : is Ii Seniors '52 JIMMIE SI-IUEMAKE ROTC, Second Lieulenanr: Foolball: Traclc. EDWIN SIG-EL Honor Wreallw Sociefy: P.M.S. and T. Award: ROTC Band: Dance Band: Camp Dallas. HARMON SIMES Home Economics: Baseball, Lerferman: Foofball, Le'r+er- man: ECHO Sfaff. MAXINE SPARKS SHIRLEY SPEARMAN E, I Vlkizzl A. Harris Arf Cerfificale: Red Cross: Sludenr Council: 7' Gym Cfipwin- : Tnnec A JIMMY STAFFORD Linz Awards: Nafional Honor Sociely: Pan American Siu- denf Forum: Dallas I-lislorical Sociefy: Nafional Tliespian - 1" -' Sociefy' Cinema Club, Vice Presidenf: Senior Class Presidenf: Ii In an i Baseball, Capfain, Lefierman: Junior Rolarian: Baskeiball, ff All-Ci+y, Lelferman. ls QQEITJEI vi fi A I ,, -1 ,.,sg.g:1gge:f,:e:fs1 we - as 2 4 , W, , x 5 .g' szflefi . nz 1 ysdzifszsstzie-vgaai :sy , assi-Y' FRANCES STATON Linz Awards: Nafional Tbespian Socieiy: FORESTER Slaff: Junior Red Cross: S'ruden+ Council. JOAN STOVALL Disfribuiive Educaiion: ECHO Slalf. ALTUS BERNEZE STRIEGLER I ' 'I L i I Bible Award: Y-Teens, lnrerclub Council Represen+aIive: sis' "'- Q' 'T Band. Q L I 1 A W , . VVAAk I -uw' V, .- BARBARA SWAFFORD J, :i s : Red Cross: Office AssisI'an+. if Seniors '52 JIMMY TACKETT Disiribulive Educalion: Key Club: Junior Red Cross Fooiball. CHRISTINE THOMAS Bible Linz Award: Dallas Hislorical Sociely: Gym Caplain DORIS VESTAL JOHN WACSGONER Thespian Club: Track: Fooiball: ROTC. MARTHA JEAN WATSON Linz Awards: Foolball Queen: Poslure Finalisfg Senior Model, A. Harris: Foresl Secrelarial Club: Dallas Hislorical Socieiy: Sfudenl' Council, Treasurer: Junior Red Cross: Nafional Thespian: High Scholarship Club: FORESTER Slali. ADELE WERTH Linz Awards: High Scholarship Club: Girls Public Speaking Club, President Treasurer: Dallas I-lisforical Sociely: Gym Capiain: Audilores Caesaris, Vice President BETTY JO WHITE Linz Bible Award. JERRY WICKS W BOBBIE NELL WILLIAMS M Dallas I-Iislorical Socielyz Foresl Secrefarial Club: Y-Teens ,'ii I Ice Slcafing Club: Pep Squad: Siudenl Council Represenia 'i" ::"', live: Sfreamliner. JACK WILSON fi ROTC, Cadel Serqeanf: Camp Dallas: Disfribufive Educa- , 5 V ' Irion: Foolball: Baseklball: Track. F . P 1 45 LEONARD WOLFE Linz Award: Scholaslic Ari' Awards: Hi-Y Club, Vi Presidenf: High Scholarship Club, Presidenr: Junior Red Cross: Nalional Honor Sociefy: FORESTER Slall: Audiiores Caesaris, Sergeanr-a+-Arms, Treasurer, Presidenr: Track. ELIZABETH WORKMAN Disrriburive Educarion Club: ECHO Sfail. JACK YARBOROUGH Hi-Y Club: Red Cross: Lefferman, Foofball. JAM ES YEAGER Disfribufive Ed ucarion. Seniors '52 narrow wooo High Scholarship Club: Linz Awards: Pan American Slu- denr Forum: Narional Honor Sociery. ANITA WOFFORD Bible Awards: Linz Awards: Nafional Honor Sociely: Chrislmas Card Conresr, Second Place: Scholasric Arr Awards: Solo and Ensemble Conresr, Second Place: A Cappella Choir: FORESTER Slaff: High Scholarship Club: Human Relarions Club: Gym Caprain: Sfreamliner. ll"s nor always serious business for Jimmy Srallord, '52 Class pres- idenf, and Mr. Milchell, senior sponsor. mmmHmsQnumrmmmm1, zu 1 ,.. s':7B Seni EUGENIA ALLEN Sfudenl Council. MAURICE ANDERSON ROTC. ors '53 sniram Aunw Y-Teens. ANN BARKER Foresl Secrefarial Club: Girls' Public Speaking Club: Junior Red Cross: Slreamlinerg Pan American Sfudem Forum. MELVIN BOSWELL Key Club: Ice Ska ROTC, Sergeant BOBBY CANNON Baslceiball: Baseball. ROBERT CARLOCK EDNA CARTER JERRY BIESEL Foolball: Baseball: ROTC, Band. KENNETH BIRDSONG ROTC, Sergeam' Eirsf Class. 'ring Club: Fooiball: Baseball: Golf: A Cappella Choir: Baseball Manager: Foofball Manager: Seniors '53 RAY cuiprpvera l-li-Y: Junior Red Cross: Baslceiball: Traclc. SUE CUMMINGS Y-Teens. Secrefary: Swimming Club: Ice-Slcaiinq Club: Posiure: Slreamliner: Pep Squad: Audiiores Caesaris. or eiie , WILMA DARBY E ' Siuclenl Council: Disfribulive Educafion: Pep Squad Library Assisfanl: Slreamliner. i i A CARL DAY Key Club, Vice Presidenf: l-li-Y Club. f LN 1'5" BILLY DIXON Hi-Y Club: Fooiball: Track, GEORGE DUKE X Na+ional Thespian Club: Junior Red Cross: Pan American ' Sluclenl Forum: FORESTER Slafii Baslcelball: ROTC. ' ALAN EBERSTElN Linz Award: Sfucleni Council Represeniaiive: Junior Red Cross: High Scholarship Club: Baseball: Audilores Caesaris. Sqi.-ai-Arms. ANNETTE EINHORN Pan American Sludenl Forum: Girls' Public Speaking Club: Girls Chorus: Foresil Secreiarial Club: Sireamliner: Poslure: Gym Capiain. JAMES D. FREEMAN Linz Award: Naiional Honor Socieiyg A Cappella Choir: Baslcelball. BEVERLY PAYE GLICK Girls Public Speaking: Junior Red Cross: Nafional Thes- pian Club: French Club: Pep Squad: lce Slcalinq Club: Slreamliner. JOSEPHINE GUSSIO DOUGLAS HAWPE Key Club, Secrelary: Hi-Y. PEGGY HAYES Junior Red Cross. JANELLE l-HTEN Linz Award: Junior Red Cross: Girls Chorus: Nalional Thespian Socieiy: Sludenf Council: Y-Teens: Cheerleader: Sfreamliner: Gym Caplain. Seniors '53 eLf-ms eowsmn Foresl Secreiarial Club: Nalional Thespian Sociely: Spanish Chorus: Pan American Siudenr Forum: A Cappella Choir: Ice Slcaling Club: Girls Chorus: Junior Red Cross. Vice Presidenl: Slreamliner: Pep Squad. BETTY GRIMES Nalional Thespian Sociely: Office Assisfanl: Slreamliner JANET HOLCOM BE Naiional Honor Sociely, Vice Presidenl: Linz Awards: Pep Squad: Slreamliner: Audilores Caesaris. Secreiary: Poslu re. TOMMY JENNINGS ROTC, Service Ribbon: Baseball. ANNETTE LAMBERT Narional Thespian Sociefy: Pep Squad: Gym Caplain: lce Slcaling Club: Slreamliner. RAY LePERE l-li-Y: Key Club: Sludenl Council: Foofball. MURRAY OXMAN Rifle Team: ROTC, Firsl Lieuienanl: Baslcelball. LEON PLEASANT ROTC. TOMMY POLLARD Linz Awarcl: Second Place, "Selling As a Career" Confesf: l-li-Y Club: Roller Slcaling Club: Baskelball, Leilerman, Cap- +ain: Nalional Thespian Sociely. HOMER BARON REYNOLDS ROTC, Sergeanl Firsl Class. 472 i',i,i.xf T .Med Nl N , ,' 1, T ,g,. ., ,,.. . Seniors '53 BILL MATTl-l EWS Camp Dallas: Sluden+ Council: Key Club: Educaiiong Baseball: Foofball: ROTC. MINNIE PEARL MCDONALD Gym Caplain. HENRY SAUCIER ROTC, Second Lieufenanfg Hi-Y: Traclc. NELVA SCALLONS Dislribulive Y-Teens: Roller Slcaiinq Club: Foresl' Secrefarial Club: Slreamliner. BLANCHE SCH NAIDERMAN Girls Public Speaking Club: Dallas l-lisforical Sociely. DONNA SCHUMAN Seniors '53 Ross seem Pan American Sfudenf Forum: Junior Red Cross: ROTC. Firsf Lieufenanf: Camp Dallas: A Cappella Choir. BOB SIGLER Cheerleader: Key Club, Treasurer: Sfudenf Council. DONALD TRUESDELL Baseball, Lefferman: Foofball. DELORES TUCKER Thespian Club: Y-Teens: Gym Capfain. MARY FRANCES TUTTLE Dads Club Queen Confesf, Second Place: Foresf Secre- farial Club: Dallas Hisforical Sociefy: Y-Teens: Junior Red Cross: Gym Capfain: Sfreamliner. MARION WHITE Linz Award: High Scholarship Club: Ice Skafing Club: Roller Skafing Club: Office Assisfanf: Sfudenf Council: Juvenile Traffic Commission. BARBARA SHEATS ROSALlE SKIBELL Music Award: Girls Public Speaking Club: Junior Red Cross: Foresr Secrefarial Club: Pan American Sfudenr Forum: Sfudenf Council: Pep Squad: A Cappella Choir: Nafional Thespian Sociefy: lce Slcafinq Club: Posfure Confesf. CHARLOTTE STATMAN Pan American Sfudenr Forum: Junior Red Cross: Girls' Public Speaking Club: Forest Secrefarial Club: Girls Chorus: Posfure Confesf. LESTER TAYLOR ROTC, Masfer Sergeanf. ff Seniors '53 PATSY WI LBU RN Sludenl Council Represenlalivei Slreamlinery Poslure Conlesfg Gym Caplain. BILLY JACK WILI-IITE Sludenl Council Represenlaliveg Foolballg Baseball. CAMERA SI-IY '52 Class Thomas Amador Roberl Bailey Dale Gilley Lee Greenfield James Holmes Willard Scribner Clyde Smilh William Spoerl William Wilson Freda Houslon Deloris McClain '53 Class D6VICIWrighl' Claude Webb . I I V " .viigffglfiilisiizfas ' " ,, i .. ' i' I. ' 'ffl'i':EZi.'I'f?5fiQglx, ' K Vi , . A fx ' yeyelf LV ' I. KENNETH WILLIS LOIS EVELYN WILLIS Sfreamlinerg Poslure Conlesl. WANDA WILLOUGI-IBY Nafional Thespian Club: Swimming Club: Library Assislanlg Girls Chorusg Slreamlinery Gymi Capiain. PATSY WORTI-IAM Linz Award: Roller Slcaling Club: Ice Slcaling Clubg High Scholarship Club: Office Assislanlp Juvenile Traffic Com- mission, I 634. y I if? :flag rissss I I I I I I fy! 'E Commencement June '51 Righl: Mrs. Brown and Mr. lvlilchell con- grarulaie 'these scholarship winners. The grad- uales, who received almosl all of lhe maior scholarships, are Marjorie Smilh, Waller Skinner, Elhel Silvergold, Jack Couch, Doris Smi'I'h, and Wanda Ruih Jones. Cenler: This is rhe crowd rhal' braved The slorm To see Jrheir relarives and friends re- ceive 'rheir diplomas ai Fair Park Audiforium. Lower left lvloriy Rav- lcind gels his diploma. Lower righl: Rabbi Levi Olan makes rhe commence- men+ address. 1-If J, Ahfwb ex I i 'f 5 52-ov" 5 r ,H I U A 1 ' J" 'X Qi' 0' ,lt -I 6 61, J 6 I 6 t Q 4 Aa I '. If If A I :I ' i I hp 1 'iq If . 7 ' I as ll 3A CLASS Firsf row: Bob McGee, Jimmie Ashley, Alfon Ed- wards, Reuben Grinsfein, Harold Glasser, Pele Schenkel, Lane Kalmin, George Annes, Eddie Smifh, Nafhan Salfzman, Daniel Verver, Kennefh Hicks. Second row: Corby Miller, Glen Ivlafhews, Bud Blanfon, Ben Prengler, Jerry Hobbs, Jimmy Ellioff, Scoff Samford, Tommy Spigel, Bill Hendricks, Richard Henry, Norman Barnes. Third row: Sammy Guynes, Bob Samford, Bobby Burch, Don Caldwell, Lowell Griffin, Roberf Burns, Charles Schweizer, Jerry Bafes, Bill Sharp, Frank Whife, Billy Womack, Frank Barnard. Fourfh row: Offo Disch, Donald Schulfze, Milfon Allen, Jerry Beeson, Weldon Glasscock, Richard Bafes, N. L. Dickinson, Bill Reinle, Frank Parker, Charles Leggeff, Carl Sfovall. 1 5 4, i E. 3 I 3A CLASS Firsl row: Joyce Welsh, Anila Claylon, Doris Hod- ges, Wanda Roberson, Barbara Anne Parker, Edilh Ann Edwards, Julia Bailey, Marlha Ann Blake, Joan l-ladaway, Ann McCurdy, Joyce Bennell, Belle Brown, Virginia Nickerson. Second row: Elaine Williams, Georgie Mason, Viv- ian Morris, Gloria Lindsay, Nelda Louise Dennis, Laverne Samples, Billie Brooks, Joyce Williamson Mary Allen. Third row: Belly l-lill, Chrisline Cameron, Jackie Newsom, Joyce Eerell, Joan Eerell, Peggy Jane Coley, Frances Shehorn, Rose Marie Polash, Sonya Polash. Fourlh row: JoAnn Parker, Judy Cunningham, Max- ine Young, Wanda Meyners, Siloyl Murphy, Belly Looney, Mary Hadaway, June Apple, Shirley Wyre, Elaine Domb, Sue Lamberl, Sally Bushman, Naomi Weisleld. Fiflh row: Charlene Mikus, Sandra Olls, Joyce Norman, Vivian Ginsburg, Marilyn Baker, Pal Hollmeier, Peggy Wallers, Peggy Thomas, Mar- ilyn Greenberg, Jackie Rabicoll. Sixlh row: Corena Hopkins, Janice Knighl, Palsy Taylor, Belly Shindoll, Carole Kirschbaum, l-lanna Goldman, Carolyn Twohey, Joyce Suils, Eva Wallon, Jeanelle Maynard, Margarel Flanagan. 3B CLASS Firs+ row: Jeaneiie Kelley, Violei Marshall, Bobbie Bevis, Carol Warren, Jean Weeks, Mariha Rari- den, Carolynn Smiih, Jacquelyn Williams, Fay Waison, Jerry Brockway, Sierling Siegman. Second row: Shirley Tunnell, Mary Jones, Damaris Walker, Coylyn Pyle, Beiiy Graves, Nancy Guern- sey, Jeaneiie Goodman, Barbara Waller, JoAnn McCar'ler, James Cook, Norman Roberis, Norma Corbin, Carolyn Bailey. Third row: Barbara Boaiman, Darlene Nelson, Juan- ira Wilson, Shirley Warren, Ann Davis, Joycelyn Dean, Cecil Slibbens, James While. Four+h row: Waller Siockdale, Naihan Welichek, George Paiziq, l-larlin Kiiierman, Maxine Peiier, Carolyn Auslin, Jo Ellan Robbins, Emmeir l-lan- vey, Mayer Lebowiiz, Quanclon Franks. Fifih row: Bobby Cook, Jimmie May, Wayne Shaw, Roy Roqersier, Sianley Abramson, James Wiles, Presfon Long. Sixih row: Jimmy l-lorn, John Yarborough, Marvin Wise, Bobby Woocls, Pinky Brownlee, ScoH'ie Allen, Escoe Sirickland, Phil Millender, Charlie Chafiin. 2A CLASS Firsf row: Alberl Wilburn, Larry Wells, Bobby Boolh, Uhlan Ellioli, Ernesl Rae, Marcus Waiford, Louis Lebel, Rodger Coley, Charlie Fain, Huldie Nulisch, John Caronna, Russell Wheal. Second row: Bobby Dixon, Roberr Ramirez, Monle Sfephens, Philip Jones, Jay Corman, Barry File, C. F. Wisely, Don F. Garreri, Don Probslr, Edwin Hill, lsidor Weinberger, Charles Busch. Third row: Joe Barry, Harry Maddox, Donald Nance, Harold Grablree, Gerald D. Gurson, Warren Wearherly, Roberf Richardson, Thomas Ray, Jimmy Yeager, James Smilh, Dudley Coldiron, Lanny Garlin, Manfred Hechl, Elberl Milner. u Fourih row: Billy Joe Gambrell, Alberr Slovak Donnie Ray Thomas, Lewis McGari+y, James Goss Horace Malone, Johnny Disrnan, Jerry Woody Kennilh Milchell, Jerrel Anderson, Cal Gordon Fif+h row: Neal Faulkner, Jack Lyons, Earl Hixson Clilron Culp, Billy Willeiord, Charles Burmmerr Maxie Blanlon, Mason Hopkins, Norman Hall- mark. Sixfh row: Thomas Miller, Lawrence Reichle, Mar- shall Gaddy, Ke-nnelh Mellon, Leslie Hancock Busler Tillery. 2A CLASS Firsi row: Janef Bradbury, Sueielle Cohen, Palsy Willingham, Edna Wallace, Shirley Huffman, Billy Rulh Sorrells, Barbara Gay Greenhaw, La- June Brewer, Nelda Floyd, Doroihy Parrish, Glen- da Lowrey, Billie Ausfin, Nancy Wrighl, Cuebelle Chancellor. Second row: LyneHe Kafz, Norma Slraclcs, Shirley Jones, Kaiherine Goss, Miclcey Nichols, Lila Golden, lone Lumpkin, Shirley Holey, Charloiie Raye Hall, Louella Fae Dobbs, Delores Orion, Doroihy Harmon, Belly Reeder. Third row: Charlene Cain, Mary Louise Rodarle, Geraldine Lee, Doroihy Sparks, Eddie Lou Cor- ley, Frances Adamson, Lucrelria Miller, Peggy Richardson, Sylvia Welfchelc, Alia Richardson, Carrie Wagliardo, Carolyn Darnaby. Four+h row: Lucille Easley, Annelfe Harwell, Shirley Clarlc, Evelyn Shuffs, Nancy Magness, Delila Cuddy, Jean Clarlc, Barbara Reynolds, Elizabeih Slcinner, Marlene Dunahoo, Shirley Ruvaldi. FiHh row: Jo Nell Tenery, Melva Shipp, Jossie Nell Posion, Barbara Spoerl, Ann Keenum, Emily Huni, Shirley Rawlins, Florence Mae Goodell, Gladys Dean Snow, Jenabelh Simmons. Sixfh row: Mary Broolcs, Wabie Wallace, Charlene Proflifi, Gloria Rann, Palricia Marlcey, Virginia Michael, Evelyn Michael, Edifh McCoy, Florence Rosenblum, Janneile Hawley. G l N U 3 UD S S U , X UU gg an '::':::'t: 2B CLASS Firsi' row: Gene McWilliams, Sakee Poulalcidas, Melvin Abramson, Jimmie London, Max Josey, Terry McCulloch, Bobby Driqgers, Larry Calder, Gail lmhool, Dan Bailey, Charles Scoii, Kenny Dula. Second row: Malcolm Echols, Edgar Hasiings, Grady l-ludgens, Harland Mills, Vernon Guynes, Johnny Kiser, Lyle Ra+ner, Sianley Wyll, Carl Smilh, Gerald Rowden, Donald Bosharl, James Whiifield Third row: l-larold McCullough, Donald Raney, Ross Musso, Willis Gage, Kennelh Meadows, Donald Knighl, Irwin Ornish, Joe Friedman, Franklin Ma- lone, Harold Taylor, Boyd Moore, Charles Mar- ney. Fourfh row: Raymond Wilkinson, Housion Miller, Bobby l-lavens, Carlion Johnson, Gary Dralce, James Roushey, Roy Lemons, M. L. Kennedy. Bobby James, Jasper Degelia, Charles Pope, Pai Hurley. 2B CLASS Firsi' row: Dorolhy Easley, Joyce Bauerle, Rila Blair, Palsy Pallerson, Palsy Hargrove, Mary Kerbo, Peggy Boyd, Joann Scallons, Pal Roseman, Paddy Burnellr, Tomilou Symns, Glenda Moore, Lydia Jackson, Mary Ann Slinson, Second row: Valle Jean Wilburn, Shirley Rybak, Sylvia Wolfe, Jean Kellum, Louise McDaniel, Norma Adams, Joyce Jones, Loreia l-lill, Char- lolrle Kirksey, Marcia Banks, Tressie Mixon, Bellie Mcliarlin, Louise Smilh, Shirley Sims. Third row: Shirley l-larris, Mary Seddon, Barbara Rhodes, Palsy Ford, Frances Moore, Nola Dug- gan, Sandra Malhias, Billie Skinner, Wilma Louis, Belly Creacy, Sonia Cowand. Clela l'laJrcher, Elizabelh Lowe, Jo Thompson. Fourfh row: Nancy Seddon, Barbara Slephenson, Gwendolyn Goldslein, Gola Mae Dawdy, Mar- lene Coker, Palricia McCullough, Velma Hines, Janice Cook, Sue Dell Slafiord, Sylvia Neal, Mollie Nelms. Fiffh row: Jo Ann Fryer, Slella Tackilr, Deloris May- nard, Eva Parkinson, Barbara Ballarcl, Wilma Williams, Virginia l-lol'r, Dora Hudman. H9 CLASS Firsf row: Hilario Ramirez, Freda Woolsey, Jimmy Lee, Glenda Daniel, Shirley Lulz, Jalna lmhofl, lvlarqarel Knight Jerry Adcock, Alvilene John- son, Mary Joines, Joyce Duke, Norma Noble, Shirley Yales, Jeanne Forsylh. Second row: Janis Fuller, Shirley Doss, Paul l-loover, Tommy Pralher, Lesler Cohen, Tom lvlinler, Par Lowrance, Dorolhy Henson, Barbara Richardson, Prucla Bodilord, Nellie Bass, Sylvia Bounds, Mar- iorie Morrison, Elizaloelh Beneolicl. Third row: Belva Johnson, Charlene Easlerly, Tony Slovak, Rulh Fellerman, Johnny l-logue, Leonard Lollon, Jackie Looney, Charles Koller, Levan Shellon, Billy Laminack, Kennelh Scribner, Charles Beckham. Fourfh row: Bobby Hogue, Charles Tyler, l-larold Blevins, Richard Chole, Don Hambrick, Huber? Collins, Bobby Thompson, Bobby Williams, O. B. Turner, Donald Carey, Jesse Smilh. Fiffh row: Jimmy Skinner, Travis Bollon, Billy Hous- fon, Don Grinslead. H9 CLASS Firsf row: Jackie Brown, Don Nelms, Jane Gray, Beverly Wolford, Rosie Camacho, Arnerra Sregall, Fay Johnson, Slar Villasana, Jerry Wilherspoon, Jimmie Mercer, Tillman Massey. Second row: Lurher Elmore, Bobby McCornmas, Troy Harwell, Joe Cole, Virginia Oxford, Phyllis Morris, Frances Bell, Gerry Wilson, Willie Mae Herndon, Emily Wilson, Rira Sue Reynolds. Third row: Jim McCurdy, Raymond Bailey, Leon Schwarrz, Harry Harmon, Norma Tankersley, Laula Hosch, Frances Hendrick, Aquilla Jimison, Belly Slepp, Bobbie Jean Burns, Dwaine Lenrz. Fourih row: Loyd McCoy, William McDonald, Nick Dean, Willie Leclbeirer, Charles Hill, Dorolhy Richardson, Sue Reynolds, Paula Barnell, Mary Chole, Doroihy Jean Vick, Barbara June Cash. Fif+h row: Oliver Taylor, James Scoma, Donald Hicks, Bobby Tale, Carolyn Hillon, Jene Hender- son, Beliye Jaggers, Kay Davis, Sandra Coward, Sue Sfephenson, Marlha Jaques, Lue Slephenson. Six+h row: Jack Feagin, Virgil Malfingly, George Becker, Herbie Goldslrick, Annie Gem Felder, Bobby Hopper, Perry Barber, Bobby Brandon, Charles Brown, Roy Lynch. H9 CLASS Firsi' row: Jimmylyn Schwall, Erma Whillles, Carole Higgins, Marlha Murphy, Jack Reed, Annelre Johnsfon, Paula Jean Leech, Nadine Hughes, Peggy Corder, Kelly Roberrson. Second row: Ken Maynard, James Johnson, Nancy Large, Jerry Chandler, Edna Cody, Laurel Sippey, Chrisline Eaker, Hope Johnson, Ellen Richardson, Jimmy Allcinson. Third row: Alex Rynecki, H. A. Freeman, George Herman, Roy Randolph, Billy Lewis, George Harris, Hillie Chambers, Lowell Palricls, Ray- mond Davilla, Joel Sembrilzhy, Horace Joffrion. L9 CLASS Firsl' row: Frances Rollman, Maxine McCoy, Phyllis Thompson, La Junia Reynolds, Marilyn Price, Corene l-lughes, Jimmy Ercanbraclc, Thomas Cornell, Joe Sarlin, Arvell Crawford, William Wiley. Second row: Vernell Harris, Geraldine Erskine, Rachel Reyes, Bobbie Jean Howard, Tillie Rose Oxman, Joy Marie Pallerson, Roberia Jenkins, Charles Riddle, W. L. Glover, Virgil Murphy. Third row: Margarer Grimes, Elvira Alvarez, Andrea Franco, Gene Scoll, Pele Nowlin, James Williams, David Wedin, Bobby Golclslein, Lee Slreadman, Eugene Kribbs. L9 CLASS Firsf row: Leon Schulz, Palsy Dye, Jeanne Marshall, Tommy Poulalcidas, James l-lanna, Johnny Lyles, Kennelh Anderson, Bobby Wesley, Delores Thompson, Lynne Kalmin, Billy Granek, Frank Slory, Frank Gilleli. Second row: Eddie Shufeldr, Alvin Gerson, Wayne Brill, Wanda Kent Janice Dowdy, Mildred Roushey, Lucy Amador, Palricia Taylor, Rila Johnson, Benney Swinney, Gwendolyn Looney. Third row: George Russell, Merle Baker, Orville Haddoclc, Anna Baysinger, Charles Grissafli, l-lelen Barnes, Judifh Abrams, Lydia Scoflr, Rosa Ellen Heimann, Allen Segal, Willie Bob Wesl, Clinlr Collinsworlh. Four+h row: Jerry Whilney, Willie Wilson, Donald l-logue, Wayne Jones, Benny Springfield, Pal Canaday, Rose Sco+ch, Ann Flelrcher, Rufh Nance. Linda Furerlas, Judy Sralman. Fif+h row: Melvin Barry, Pere Embry, Tommy Moss, B. M. Abbolr, Belly Walker. H8 CLASS Firsi' row: Lloyd Johnson, Laurence Greer, Mary Alice Hall, Rose Zelda Konsky. Maxine Slibbens, Flora Jane Sarber, Leon Smilh, Joy Collen, Mar- vin Gilrealh, Shirley Banks, James Jones, Bobby Knighl, Jerry Burns. Second row: Edna Pinkerlon, Mary Kalhryn Dobbs, Viola Busby, Belly Filzwaler, Darlene Sowards, Rose Poller, Joy Kovar, Bobbie Cain, Doris Wo- mack, Faye Joiner, Carolyn Moraskie, Jack Pres- ley. Third row: Mrs. Berneil Taylor, Mary Frances Hall, Ronde Kelley, Eugene Frier, May Elaine Brown, James Roy Lynch, Dan'l Johnson, Marlha Rodg- ers, Margarel Tillery, Claudelle Trenl, Adrienne Enqelberg, Marie Blake, Miss Mary Jordan. Fourlh row: Slella Moraskie, Jesse Benavidez, Louise Hollis, Maxine Robbins, Willie Mae Bell, Billy Kennelly, Samuel Engelberg, Levon Hall, Jimmy Haley, Roberl Sullivan, Jerry Lowrey, Bobby Joe James, O'Neal Tucker. H8 CLASS Firs'r row: Donald Day, Ernes+ Pary, Melvin May, Barbara Wrighl, Mary Marvin, Jeanine Davis, Barbara Barlow, Dominga Vega, Daniel Garcia, George Kelsey, Palsy Kirk, Willine Swear, Mrs. Anne Taylor. Second row: Bobby Jackson, Judie May, Jeanell Mills, Marlha Shaw, Shirley Sharp, Ruby Harvey, Annie l-luckaby, Joy Cunningham, Billy McMarus, Rulh Graves, Rosalie Moore, Deloris Johnson Shirley Kiser. Third row: Wanda Trour, Tommy Smilh, l-lodge Lighhcool, Henry Levine, Billy Marlin, Laquelra Payne, Frances Woolbrighl, l-larveyeflra Smiih, Dick Mann, Weldon Lenamond, Geneva Milchell, Barbara Blevins. Fourfh row: Howard Carrrell, Joe Rodarle, Joyce Grani, Carol Nulisch, Norma Rulh Johnson, Doris Jean Smilh, Delmer Pool, Don McKenzie. Fi'f+h row: Richard Simmons, Jimmy Brockway, Wil- liam Farris, Mr. A. J. l-lilliard, Charles Billups, Buddy Smilh, Wayne Pelley, Tommy Jimmerson, Marcos Rodriguez. H8 CLASS Firsi row: Wendell Chapman, Donald Thompson, Dan Parish, Billie Lorain Touchslone, Edna Riley, Judy Armslrong, Willie Lee Pealhersione, Bar- bara l-larwell, Rulh Williamson, Dorolhy Lee Miller, Marilyn Baxier, Shirley Anderson, Nelda Dance, Mary Miller. Second row: Cecilia Chandler, Janis Cole, Ann Lancasler, Geneva Dobbs, Palsy Odom, Amelia Ponlley, Nancy Bray, Palsy Woods, Marion Work- man, Donald Gary, John Reynolds, Zuleika Scoll. Third row: Lena Taylor, Zoe Lancasler, Barbara Freeland. W. T. Holden, Lynn Ellsworih, Don Massey, James Dean, Chesler Wealherlord, Jerline Pierce, Evelyn Zaidi, Gloria Slockion. Four+h row: Jackie Cummings, Wayne While, Jim Asbill, Geneva Williams, Palsy Cook, Billy Bre- land, Cleo l-laddock, Donald Doyle, Doris Reed, Polly Morena. Fif+h row: Waller Mullins, Donald Pain, Raymond McKee, Wanda Marney, Dorlha Council, Dale Caldwell, Bobby Challera, James Whilney, Max- ine Yarborouqh, Anila l-lall, Lela Belle Ellioll. Sixfh row: Kennelh Vander Woude, Larry Allen, Bobby Dorself, l-larold Pain, E. Kilbourn. H8 CLASS Firsl row: Billy Garvin, Bill Corley, Palsy Lancasler, Norma l-ludson, Shirley Esner, Ann Owen, Janell Jenlcins, Jimmy Reed, Richard l-lullulrar, Larry Don McRae, Barbara Allen, Alma Jones, Irene Jones, Sammie Johnson. Second row: Billy Daniels, Fay Shaddox, Clydean Houslon, Jaclcie Nell Loll, Berldean l-lenaqer, Barbara Davis, Judy Doneyhoo, Carmelila Pres- lon. Ralph Newman, Sandra Morand, Palsy l-loward, Bobbie l-licks, Belly Phillips. Third row: Donald Ellis, Ronald Young, Jimmy Milchell, Charles Whalley, Charlene Eorbus, Bar- bara Grillin, Virginia Morris, Belly Johnson, Aqaylha Tale, Audree Jacobs, Sarah Pickell, Dorolhy Smilh, Shirley Moore, lvy McMillan. Fourlh row: l-lardy LeBel, Marvin Slovalc, Marion Blanlon, Sammy Croclcell, Joe Dean Bailey, Glenn Culpepper, Deloris McAlee, Shirley Wilson, Mar- lha Collins, Sandra Arie, Linda Lu l-lolmes, Eranlc l'loley, P. A. Lillrell. Fillh row: Junior Creacy, Donald Eallin, Howard Polalcoll, Jerald Johnson, Charles Meyners, Danny Clark, Jean Pelley, Jenora Marlinez, Rilla Jean Flowers, Linda l-lindman, Wanda Jean l-lolloway, Gloria Marlinez, Jerry Daniel, Buddy Auslin, Benny Wealherly. Sixlh row: James Wilson, Max Parvin, Eugene Wrighl, Johnny Burchell, Eddie Bullard, Roger Euenles, Lulher Ward, Belly l-lullurn, Lucille Curry, Julia Miller, George Jerrim, Wilberl Nor- ris. Sevenlh row: A. E. Cody. Elias Monles, Cooper Newlon, David Silvia, Earl Brown. H8 CLASS Firsl row: Joe Laman, Roberl Jones, James Per- kins, Yvonne Coleman, Nancy Slewarl, Jacky Wilson, Cecil Ledbeller, Barbara Tucker, Beverly Worlham, Galia While, Jerrie Devoe, Arlhur Garvin, Emmell Frier, Dianne Cohen. Second row: Shirley Harris, Clarice Jones, Shirley Winkle, Aloha Moore, Janice Anderson, Mar- qarel Wyall, Richard Roberls, Janice Kellum, Palsy Rulledge, Jackie Griswald, Mary While, Sybil Dewlre, Reba Boalman, Belh Williams. Third row: Jerry Slovall, Billy Marlin, Fred Graves, Janice Tucker, Louella Walson, Wilda Gilberl, Dorolhy Pralher, Joyce Vogelsang, Marqarel Mc- Galley, Billie Dean Wallace, Bobbie Poole, Sue Lunslord. Fourlh row: Lydia Vasek, Verley Sembriezky, Wilcher Gouqe, Joe Franklin, Bobbie Hughes, Mary Webb, Freddie Green, Belly Rose Walkins, Joyce Farmes, Belly McMillen, Mary Owens, C. D. Crockell. Fillh row: Sleve Billings, Palricia Juslice, Margarel Suddon, Kalhleen Marlin, Dorolhy George. James Harwood, Marion Fallwell, Joy Ingram, Nancy Moore. Sixlh row: Wayne Gray, John Sinks, Joel Wyall, Don Allord, Harry Karlen, Jeannie Alley, Shirley Jean Ayers, Vesler Henry, Johnny Gilliland, Jack Hamillon, James Smilh. Sevenlh row: Slanley Cook, Norma Hudson, Rich- ard Madden, Philip Pelly, Phillip Bussell, Paul Michaelson, Bill Johnson, Davis Nealhery, David Hoolen, Benny Snow, Charles Venlura, Larry Reqisler, Bill Sloul, Billy Douglas, Roberl Peek. L8 CLASS Firs+ row: Barbara Buller, l'lelen Reed. Barbara Glover, Gus l-lernandez, Clilron Wallon, Rodney Thompson, Benny Wynn, Roberr Lee, Truman Maples, Beriie Ramsey, Waldina Sausauda. Thomas Sloan, l-larland Whillield. Second row: David Lara, Clarence Edward, Willie Dorden, Viclror Johnson, Lena Mae Wisely, Sanlros Enriquez, Eslher Garcia, Mary Lulrrrell, Sylvia Ann Donawho, Marvin Canlrell, Ray Saworda, Teddie Polash, Mr. Floyd B. Pills. Third row: Carmen Amador, James Tedder, Dardy Taylor, Viclor Correa, Harold Lucas, Monlaz Dodd, Ronald Forsylh, Bruce Doison, Gene l-larl, Jimmy Walrhall, Dale Mellon, l-lomer May, Buddy Feagin, Four+h row: Tommie DeLeon, Barbara Lovin, Peggy Roberlson, Jaclcie Gause, Gwynne Smilh, Sher- man Long, Leroy Jackson, Gerald Templeman, Jerry Elliolr, Paus McConnell, Orvil Shindoll, Lewis Lamb. Fifih row: Tolberi Boaiman, Carrol Lee Meller, L. C. Berry, Franlclin Bryanl, Ronald l-lorlon, Von Allen l-lammond, Mrs. Lucille Segrisi. Six+h row: William Gambrell, Darrell Green, James Brown, Mackey Ingram, Roberl Thompson, Sidney l'larvey, Bob Eddie Bourland. , L15 T l-Eounn I Mi? KOOBFE L8 CLASS Firsi' row: Winnie Branch, Shirley Burion, Anne Shramek, Juaniia Franco, Billie Nowlin, Gypsy Wesi, Rosa Casfro, Janice Buckner, Sylvesier Moon, Willie Walls, Clayron Bailey, Donald Young. Roberr Ferrell. Second row: Syble Donawho, Shirley Roberson, Doris Luiirell, Wynnelle Wilson, Bonnie Baker, Phyllis Ross, Jonell Willcey, Johnny Trillo, Winford Kline, James Pierce, Howard Newhouse, Alvarez Brigido. Third row: Concha Torres, Maria Perez, Palsy Phillips, Doris Manning, Angelina Lopez, Darlene Brown, Sylvia Mooneyham, Mary Hampfon, James Easrerly, Bobby Nix, Jose Hernandez, Bobby Burris, Virginia Hursi. Fourih row: Mabel Shaw, Pal' Gideon, Linda Jones, Margarel' Smiih, Carolyn Herring, Wendell Fin- cher, Bobby Murphy, Carl League, Travis Keel, Gail Rhea, Ausrin Miller, Vincenl Shindoll, James Favors. Q 1 2 W 9 1 1 3 3 l 1 2 3 K f,xLXm, f-fffmfh www-ui fwfr-2 f - . 1 . www- Righlz The bullelin board commillee, con- sisiing of Madelyn Cohen, Lillian Ornish, and Jeanelle Goodman, arranges some ariicles on lhe new Public Speaking bullelin board. Below: Musl be a good joke being Told by lhe speaker in The back of Miss Cecil's English 4 room. Looking I Lefi: Mr. Kribbs and his Junior High Me- chanical Drawing class are doing some re- sea rch. l l Ji n The Classrooms Righl: Junior Division sludenls in Mrs. Berneil Taylor's malhemalics class concen- lrafe on lhal problem. r l Lellz "The skirl will have To be Taken up," says Jalna lmhool lo Edna Wallace, as 'rhey check a sl4ir+ made in The Clolhing Deparl- menl. Below: Looks lilce 'rhe band is harcl al work learning a new piece of music! mw5wlsViwwmwnmifs,ff:',2e,s , f ff-:lf 7 :fmmwwm Wll.. . , sm-uae 0 i ww- f- f www-ffx,:,,,,Qrweml1fxmmni.piwun'-1 WW- f --ff f. . - f 1 -1 -1-qw--.--- Miss Nugent leil, is slnown wirln Glynn Wriglwl, Maxine Cook, and David Milcliell, January graduaies who re- ceive cerlilicaies upon cornplelion of Jrlne Two-year course, They Se Dislribulive Educaiion is provided lor srudenis who wislfi +o enler rerail, wliole- sale, or service orqanizalions . . . Classes learn such valuable Jropics as personaliiy in business, slore selling, s'rore speeclw, and are irained lor advances in llweir clfiosen careers . . . Siudenls also benelil because rliey are able +o earn salaries by working liali a day while slill allending sclnool . . . ll is under llie supervision of Miss Mary Ann Nuqenl. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLASS Miss Nugenl inspecls Jrlwe work of Millon Louer as members ol ine class work on individual proiecls. ., gk I 5159? mmf smsmsgiq or Credit... Dislriloulive Educarion sludenls al Foresl hold various iobs . . . Selling, sloclc worlc, and display are among mosr popular po- si+ions . . . Localions range from down- lown deparlmenl slores lo suburban areas . . . Cerlilicales given lo lhose who com- ' plele lhe 'rwo-year course . . . Aller grad- i ualion, sludenls may be promoled lo loele fer 'lull-lime work. i l Filing is lhe order of business here for, lelr lo righl: Chrisline Embry, Roberl Eby. Charles Dance, and Sylvia Shay. l DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLASS Firsi' row: Jimmy Price, Leon Pleasanl, Fred Loflon, Jimmy Third row: Miss Mary Ann Nugenf, Ray Ross, Jim Riller, Taclcell, Joy Barak, Joan Slovall, Elizaberh Workman. William Huclcaby, Bill Mallhews, Gerald Lumpkin, James Second row: Ben Morris, Jack Wilson, Don McCulloch, Yeager, Willard Scribner. l Kenneih Crawford, Bobby Shufeldf, Lesler Taylor, Marion Cole, Earl Burns. MRS. JULIA EVANS Direclor ...They Sir Eoresl Avenue High School Choir organ- ized under direclion ol Mrs. Julia Evans . . . Eirsl public appearances made al Open House and Chrislmas assemblies . . . Choir lurnishes programs lor Soulh Dallas Kiwanis and Lions Clubs . . . Members guesls ol Wayland lnlernalional Choir al Greenville in Eebruary . . . Spring schedule includes program lor Nalional Music Teachers Convenlion . . . Music Deparl- menl's pay assembly ends year's aclivilies lor choir. FOREST AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR Firsl row: Fay Walson, Joan Hadaway, Paddy Burnell, Pal Roseman, Arnella Slegall, Shirley Wainscoll, Mrs. Julia Evans, Louise McDaniel, Aguilla Jimison, Wilma Louis, Sibyl Murphy, Annelle Johnslon, Belle Brown. Second row: Jo Ellan Robbins, Carole Higgins, Marlene Drumgold, Norma Jean Corbin, Norma Jean Adams, Barbara I-lambriclc, Belly Slepp, Lorela Hill, Belly Creacy. Charlene Prollill, Barbara Spoerl. 4 few Third row: Phyllis Morris, Bill l-lollon, Willie Flowers, Jerry Brockway, Bill Sharp, Jimmie Ashley, Marcus Wallord, Jaclc Malney, Jennabelh Simmons. Fourlh row: Bob McGee, Kennelh Birdsong, James Milchell, Richard Bales, Lewis McGarily, Gene Killerrnan, Herman Finley, James Freeman, Lowell Grillin. I as 2 1 ,, I -. A F iiif? levi , gifs- ,,.. H+ ,IA I I , gg! "' y ' ' N y Credit CHORUS CLASS CHORUS CLASS . nga ., ... .U FIFTH and SECOND PERIODS Firsl row: Marcia Banks, Mary Kerbo, Barbara Boalman, Delila Cuddy, Sandra Malhias, Evelyn Michael, Janice Pansy Palmore, Mary Alice Joines, Mrs. Julia Evans, Cook, Sandra Cowand, Joyce Jones, Frances Rudberg. Joyce Duke, Virginia Michael, Velma Hines, Deloris May! Third row: Toby Woolverlon, Bobby Cook, Quandon Franks, nard. Eva Parkinson. Bobby Cannon, C. F. Wisely, Jimmy Horn, Herman E. Second row: Rggalie Slqibelll Barbara Cundiffl Dianne Mays, Finley, Clinl Collinsworlh, James Wiles, Kennelh Ar1ClerSOr1. SIXTH PERIOD Firsi row: Janice Dowdy, Sonia Polash, Rose Marie Polash. Morrison, Shirley Harris, Geraldine Erskine, Frances Hen- Emily Wilson. Maxine McCoy. Mrs. Julia Evans. Sue drink, Wanda Tapp, Tillie Oxman, Shirley Sfarnes. Reynolds, Dorolhy Richardson, Margarei Knighl. Freda Third row: Merle Balmer, Harry Osborne, Donald Hogue Woosey, Rosie Camacho. Carl Smilh, Eugene Hogue, Richard Bales, Horace Joffrion Second row: Gwendol n Loone , Norma Tanlcersle , Mar'orie Norman Barnes, Edwin Hill, Melvin Barry, Alvin Gerson v v v i ' '-ii - J J S .r.l 1 335: :p ie .- , Y ,.-M-a,.,,,,.mw.Qaw1-sem-nu-nm-n-.4 , H.M.S. Pinafore As her final produclrion al' Foresl, Miss Louise Wilcox direcled lhe Music Deparl- menl in Jrhe presenlalion of "l'l. M. S. Pinalorel' on May I7-I8, l95l . . . The irwo-acl operella was fun from beginning lo end, and some of 'lhe audience relurned for +he second performance . . . "Pinafore" broughl lo a brillianl conclusion lhe leach- ing career of Miss Wilcox, who has relired aliler serving as music direclor al Foresl' for many years. Please falher don Jr hui Ralph Every lalher musl draw lhe line somewhere . And Jfhey all lived happily ever aflerl They Cook Blue Ribbon CheTs originaTecl in I943 when The boys drew up a peTiTion To Torm Their own coolcing class . . . To learn beTTer home liTe, To geT along wiTh people, and To undersTand Them are primary goals . . . BuT main ThoughT is To learn To cools as They proved To The people on The Television show, "Schools in AcTion" . . . These boys consider Themselves beTTer houselceepers Than The girls ancl claim ThaT Their pies ancl calces are i'ouT oT This world!" BLUE RIBBON CHEFS Firsi row: Alvin Spoerl, Alfred Enzensperger, l-larmon Simes SSCOYKT FOW Melvin COUfWCIl WGYH9 l"lUlme Harry ROTJSFTS Mays Gaza, Jay RoberTson, lv1arT Wilson, Columbus Per Rfibefl McDonald Gerald Lumpkin Douglas Bl5nlneY due, Lee Greenfield, Hahme Gappelberg, Abraham Prenq B'llY Collard Edd'e Gfeenbefg Charles Kaflen Paul ler, Jalsie Floyd, Thomas Amador. Koncalc RoberT Hulborn RoberT Bailey 4 E 5 5 5 5 E f Leo and Lena are nervously anlic- lpaling lheir inilalion inl'o Jrhe Audi- lores Caesaris. They loo will loe sold inlo slavery by Leonard Wolfe jusl as Billy Granelc is bid on by Larry Sclwwarlz. URGANIZATIUNS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SPRING Left To righT: Anna Crandall, Norma SouThern, f'XniTa WOT- Tord, Molly Rogers, George Milner, Bennie Lou I-look, DoroThy Warren, John Jordan, BeTTy FivecoaT, Jack Couch, "The aims OT The socieTy are high, buT They are aims Thar we should all live by. RequiremenTs for membership Take Time. IT Talces an A or B To sTarT The climb." said Hannah Goren, presidenT, aT NaTional Honor assembly in The Tall. Then she ex- plained The cornersTones which build The socieTy. MarTha Manning and Hannah Soren, January '52 class, were The only members of Their class To be iniTiaTed as 3A's. I95I INITIATES Shirley GoldsTein, Marjorie SmiTh, Elaine Kessner Dorene Jay, RuTh Benson, Sheri Brewer, Rosalee RachoTslcy Mrs Emma Brown. , . . , . V wp M... -M.. nw., . .,,. ,, , . ,W . ,V NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Characler, scholarship, leadership, and services symbolize lhe Nalional Honor So- ciely . . . Inspiring inilialion ceremonies presenled semi-annually . . . Assislanl Superinlendenl Walker is quesl spealcer in fall . . . Mrs. Brown gives welcoming parly lor lall iniliales al her home . . . Members wrile Cilizenship Creed for Sludenl Coun- cil . . . "Bake Day" planned in spring lo raise money lor service proiecl . . . Year's aclivilies end wilh picnic honoring '52 iniliales. FALL I95I INITIATES OFFICERS Mrs. Emma H. Brown. Sponsor Fall Semesler Hannah Goren, Presidenl John Jordan, Vice Presidenl Belly Fivecoal, Secrelary Shirley Goldslein, Treasurer Rosalee Racholslcy, Sql.-al-Arms Rulh Benson, Parliamenlarian Spring Semesler Charles Karlen, Presidenl' Janel Holcomb, Vice Presidenl' Chrislina Poulalcidas, Secrelary Leonard Wolfe, Treasurer John Jordan, Sql.-al-Arms Joanne Jameson, Parliamenlaria I'1 Leff 'Io righf: Chrislene Cameron, Frieda Wood, Lillian Mann, Beverely Redlearn, Jimmy Slaflord, Joyce Lancasler Ornish, Jerry Romolslcy, Leonard Wolfe, Charles Karlen, Mays Goza, Janel Holcomb, Joanne Jameson, Chrisllna Joanne Moore, James Freeman, Dorolhy Nix, Wallace Poulakidas. n:vx'vmiKif :aalz . gmmmvfmmnums 'M-fin w:aw,m31w:'sw+,:asnsm f First row: Leonard Wolfe, Martha Watson, Joyce Jones, Third row: Duane Oliver. Ann Logan, Thomas Jeffrey, Ger Rose Marie Polaslw, Clwrislina Poulalcidas, Frances Rudberg, ald Rowden, Tommy Rolrelrl, Sue Lamberi, Carole Kirsch Shirley Goldslein, Elaine Domb, Joan I-Iadaway, Jane baum, Vivian Ginsburg, Willie Flowers, James Wlwillield Grey, Lillian Ornish, Marlene Drumgold. Louise McDaniel. Miss Mary Drake. Second row: Shirley Rybak, Rila Blair, Hanna Goldman, Fourfh row: Sakee Poulalridas, Eugene Beasley, Billy Barr Sylvia Wolfe, Lynelle Kalz, Nila Blanlon, Naomi Weis- Belly Looney, Mary Rodarle, Joyce Suiis, Corena Hop ield, Peggy I-layes, Sonya Polash, Palsy Ford, Pal Roseman, lcins, Jo Ellan Robbins, Mayer Lebowifz, Cal Gordon Paddy Burnelr, Rosalee Racliolslcy. JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL Service is mollo of Junior Red Cross Council . . . Enrollrneni drive begins aciivi- lies lor year . . . Delegaies ailend J.R.C. Round-up in fall . . . Miss Drake also sponsors Council lor Junior division . . . Aciive Ari Deparlmenl works year around on procluclion . . . ln March Council pre- senis program al Lisbon Veierans I-lospiial will! assisiance from Music Deparimeni . . . ln Marcli Council prepares 80 gill boxes for overseas. OFFICERS Miss Mary Dralce, Sponsor Fall Semesfer Shirley Goldsrein, Presidenl Cl'iris'l'ina Poulalcidas, Vice Presideni Rose Marie Poiaslri, Secreiary Frances Rudberg, Parliarnenrarian Cal Gordan, Sgr.-al'-Arms Spring Semesier Cal Gordan, Presidenl Rose Marie Poiaslw, Vice Presidenr Sonya Polasli, Secreiary Willie Flowers, Sgi.-al-Arms Sue Lamberr, Parliameniarian COUNCIL IN ACTION Righf: Junior Red Cross acfivi- Iies begin wi+I1 assembly program for enroIImen'f drive. Cenier: Mrs. Waison, diredor of Junior Red Cross 'Ior Dallas Counfy, praises work of The Junior Red Cross Council in Forest wi - ei Leif: Maxine Siibbins and Shir- Iey Goldsfein check over dolls senf To +I'ie cI'iiIdren's Iwospiials as Orville SI1indoII and Sakee Poulaki- das screen a giff box for overseas. 1 , 'ZWHTW Firsf row: Vivian Ginsburg, Marcia Banks, Palsy Parlerson, Third row: Miss Flelcher Wickham, Dorofhy Lee Easley, Rila Blair, Hanna Goldman, Sue Lamberl, Pal Roseman, Shirley Rybalc, Billy Barr, Slanley Wyll, Lyle Rolner, Joan Palsy Ford. Lyle, Shirley Warren. Second row: Maxine Feffer, Shirley Goldslein, Jeaneile Fourfh row: Carl Smilh, Wallace Mann, Nalhan Kaplan, Goodman, Rose Marie Pofash, Mary Nell Kerba, Sonia Raymond Lamberf, Sylvan Schuman, Mayer Lebowilz, Polash, Nelda Denise, Charlene Doyle, Rufh Benson. Jimmy Slallord, Gene Shane, Jimmie London. PAN AMERICAN STUDENT FORUM clcham - Wi hows Miss d n ilile WeSlL mberl Pl6Y Selecllon C5 Sue 5 an , American albums l OFFICERS Miss Flelrcher Wickham, Sponsor Fall Semesfer A l-lanna Goldman, Presidenl l Maxine Feller, Vice Presidenr Sonia Polash, Secrelary Sue Lamberf, Treasurer l Carl Smirh, Sgr.-al-Arms Rose Marie Porash, Parliamenrarian Spring Sernesfer Sue Lamberl, Presidenl' Pal Roseman, Vice Presidenl Rila Blair, Secrerary Rose Marie Polash, Treasurer l Palsy Forcl, Sgr.-ar-Arms y l i l Flrsf row: Orville Haddock, Tommy Poulalridas, Jay Corman, Third row: Jimmy Ellioll, Dora Hudman, Mrs Zuleika Scoff Belly Brewsfer, Nadine Hughes, Jean Clark, Beverly Wol- Jo Ann Fryer, Shirley Holey, Delores Maynard Eva Par lord Jimmie Ashley, Naomi Weisleld, Roberr Roe. kinson, Eddie Holland, Donald Nance, Jerry Chandler Second row: Charles Tyler, Bobby Thompson, Kay Davis. Fourfh row: Mary Prisoclc, Bellye Jaqqers, Sylvia Neal Sylvia Wolfe, Gloria Rann, Joy Barak, Dorolhy Abramson. Jackie Rabicofl, Sandra Coward, Margarel Knighf, l-larry Osborne. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS OFFICERS Mrs. Zuleilca Scolr, Sponsor Fall Semesfer Jimmy Ashley, Presidenl' Shirley l-loley, Vice Presidenl Jean Clark, Secrerary Jimmie Allcinson, Treasurer Roberl Roe, Sgr.-al-Arms Jay Corman, Parliamenlarian Spring Semes+er Jimmy Ashley, Presidenl' Shirley l'loley, Vice Presidenl Jean Clarlc, Secrelary Jimmie Allcinson, Treasurer Roberl Roe, Sgr.-ar-Arms Jay Corrnan, Parliamenlarian A+ H76 W I . f e COVTII ilie LialSeebileShlaggal?r?in'lCfllynilV members MVS- Scolr R lrlel' -lOnes Sh' lshley CUfs wail, ' Oberr ROS' gmd 'GGY l'lOley' ein Clark Firsf row: BeH'e Brown, Hannah Goren, Sylvia Melhman, Beverely Rediearn, Molly Rogers, Mariha Ann Blake, Joan Hadaway, Elaine Domb, Leonard Wolie, Joanne Jameson Second row: Jo Thompson, Gloria Lindsay, Suefelle Cohen, Janel' Holcombe, Sheri Brewer, Minefie Banks, Marilyn Greenberg, Lillian Ornish, Mariha Manning. Third row: Raymond Bailey, Jack Donald Reed, Jerry Wifher- spoon, Sakee Poulakidas, Naomi Weisield, Leon Schwarrz, Sue Cummings, Sylvia Wolfe, Marlene Drumgold. Fourfh row: Joe Earl Friedman, Harold Glasser, Hulclie Nulish, Jay Corman, Nancy Magness, Palsy Lee Taylor Sue Dell Siaiiord, Jo Ellan Robbins, Carolyn Auslin George Annes. Fiffh row: Miss Eihel Masfers, Sranley Abramson, Irwin Ornish, James Thompson, Donnie Thomas, Travis Bolion Alan Ebersiein, Larry Schwarfz, Tommy Spigel, Cal Gordon AUDITORES CAESARIS Slave aucrion of 'freshman Audirores sraris ihe ierm, wiih The freeing of slaves and signing oi The freed man's roll . . . Miss Lavinia Rawlins speaks abouf her sfudies ai 'rhe American Academy-in Rome .. .Annual Roman Banguer program, April 25, ieaiures panromimes, verse, and music . . . Miss Lourania Miller, former Larin ieacher af Foresr, is among honored guesis. OFFICERS Miss Eihel Masiers, Sponsor Fall Semesfer Leonard Wolfe, Presidenf Molly Rogers, Vice Presidenl' Marrha Blake, Secrefary Hannah Goren, Parliameniarian Harold Glasser, Sgi,-ai-Arms Spring Semesfer Molly Rogers, Presideni' George Annes, Vice Presideni Mariha Blake, Secreiary Beverely Redfearn, Treasurer Adele Werrh, Parliameniarian l-larold Glasser, Sgi.-ai-Arms Firsf row: Jerry Beeson, Jimmie Ashley, Molly Rogers, Third row: Leonard Vlfolfe, Pafsy Worfham, Marion Whife Beverely Redfearn, Sheri Brewer, Frances Rudberq, Lillian Rose Marie Pofash, Chrislene Cameron, Joyce Lancasfer Ornish, Chrisfina Poulakidas, Hannah Goren, Elaine Kess- Bennie Lou Hook, Marlha Wafson, Jeaneffe Goodman ner, Beffe Brown, LaVerne Lollar. Fourfh row: John Jordan, Harold Glasser, Frieda Wood Second row: Gloria Lindsay, Elaine Domb, Naomi Weisfield, Charles Karlen, Jacqueline Robinson, Corena Hopkins Julia Bailey, Barbara Ann Parker, Joanne Jameson, Sue Rosalee Rachofsky, Miss Sarah E. Meriwefher. Lamberf, Hanna Goldman, Marilyn Greenberg, Adele Werfh. High Scholarship Club founded in l937 as an organizafion for scholarship and cifi- zenship . . . Membership is open lo sfudenls who have received Linz Award . . . Club confribufed S40 fo blood bank , , , Chrisfmas baskefs filled for needy families in neighborhood . . . Club pin re- designed wifh lhe added word, Scholar- ship . . . Scholars find relaxafion from sfudies somefimes, however . . . Spring picnic is main social of year. OFFICERS Miss Sarah E. Meriwefher, Sponsor Fall Semesfer Hannah Goreri, Presidenf Frances Rudberg, Vice Presideml Elaine Kessner, Secrefary Lillian Ornish, Treasurer Jerry Beeson, Sgf.-afafixrms Beverely Redfearn, Parliamenfarian Spring Semesfer Leonard Wolfe, Presidenf Rose Lollar, Vice Presidenf Hanna Goldman, Secrefary Frances Rudberq, Treasurer Jimmy Ashley, Sgf.-af-Arms Firsf row: Marion Fallwell, Nadine Hughes, Marcia Banks Nifa Blanfon, Marfha Blake, Sammie Johnson, Janef Bradl bury, Joan Hadaway, Beffe Brown, Beverely Redfearn John Jordan. Second row: Jeaneffe Goodman, Mary Dobbs, Nelda Dance Gloria Lindsay, Berldean Henaqer, Phyllis Thompson Evelyn Zaidl, Carol Warren, Suefelle Cohen, Marfha Rari- den, Carolyn Ausfin. Third row: Julia Bailey, Frances Rudberg, Sheri Brewer Molly Rogers, Elizabefh Lowe, Eddie Lou Corley. Fourfh row: Mrs. Clara Kerr, lone Lumpkin, Renee Black, Sylvia Wolfe, Marlene Drumgold, Barbara Jo Wrlghf Sylvia Neal, Francis Bosf, Pefe Burkeff. Fiffh row: Nafhan Kaplan, Alan Ebersfein, Marian Whife Joyce Norman, Beffy Hill, Levon Hall, Mr. S. S. Hufchln SOFI. . Sixfh row: Paula Hosch, Beverly Wolford, Galia Whife, Bar bara Lewis, Frank Holey. Sevenfh row: Hap Roberfs, Weldon Cvlasscock, Sam Holley Leon Smifh, Dwaine Maffhews, George Annes, Allen Segal. STUDENT COUNCIL School improvemenf is chief aim of Sfudenf Council . . . Monday mornings find represenfafives from clubs and firs+ period classes meefing fo discuss such plans as posfer confesfs and "Howdy Week" fes- fivifies . . . Cquncil sponsors dances, as- semblies, fraffic courf members, publishes school direcfories, sells school ribbons and foofball fags, and packs boxes for needy families wifh sfuclenf clonafions . . . Sup- ervises elecfions of cheerleaders and Council officers. OFFICERS S. S. Hufchinson, Sponsor Fall Semesfer John Jordan, Presidenf Beverely Redfearn. Vice Presidenf Beffe Brown, Secrefary Marfha Jean Wafson, Treasurer Spring Semesfer John Jordan, Presidenf Beverely Redfearn, Vice Presidenf Beffe Brown, Secrefary Marfha Jean Wafson, Treasurer AT ELECTION TIME can f f The plalform of John Jrhe Jordan flows on forever. Clockwise "ll l'm eleczled presidenl-" says Wendell l-lulse . . . Lions sludy cam- paign poslers before going Jro The polls L. . . Eleclion Judge Carl Srnirh holds up 'rhe line . . . Decisions of lhe volers are final. , f-In uw 1, f kai xr r mrs H zines- Firsf row: John Jordan, Joyce Lancasier, Dianne Mays. Third row: Ann Logan, Peggy Goode, Ann McCurdy Marfha Warson, Bennie Lou Hook, Joan Hadaway, Edilh Blance Schnaiderman, Madelyn Cohen, Mary Frances Lucchino, Margarel' Clark, Pai Hoffmeir, Joanne Jameson, Tuffle, Margarei Pyles, Jimmy Slaflord, Elaine Domb LaVerne Lollar. Bobbie Nell Williams, Wendel Hulse, Thomas Jeffrey Second row: Duane Oliver, Janis Phillips, Barbara Anne Fourfh row: Cynrhia Barr, Eva Walfon, Lowell Baber, Adele Parker, Julia Bailey, Miss Minnie Brown, Lillian Ornish, Werlh, Beverely Redfearn, Charlene Mikus, Chrishne Molly Rogers, Chrisiene Cameron, Larry Fuierfas, Rose Thomas, Mine1+e Banks, Marilyn Greenberg, Sonia Pofash Marie Polash, Chrislina Poulakidas. Jerry Beeson, Sandra Offs. OFFICERS Special inieresl' in Dallas hisrory is Theme of Dallas Hisiorical Sociery . . . Twenlierh Birihclay and Chrisfmas parfy are main social evenls . . . Rose Marie Poiash, Sonya Poiash, and Bennie Lou Hook appoinred io wriie socie'l'y song . . . Banquer ar Sammy's in April . . . Visirs To The Dallas Morning News Building and S.M.U. campus prove inferesring . . . John Jordan elecrecl mosi eflicieni member of l95l-52 session. 0 'Mo Haddad J nominal QOYEARS 237 Nw Miss Minnie Brown, Sponsor Fall Semesfer Joyce Lancasier, Presidenr John Jordan, Vice Presideni Bennie Lou Hook, Secrerary Dianne Mays, Treasurer Adele Werlh, Parliameniarian Lowell Baber, Sgr.-ai-Arms Spring Semes+er John Jordan, Presideni Joyce Lancasrer, Vice Presidenr Ann McCurdy, Secrerary Dianne Mays, Treasurer Wendel Hulse, Sgr.-ai-Arms Beverely Redfearn, Parliamenlarian Firsf row: Louise Roifman, Eloise Ruyle, Opal Pyles, Befly Rufh Davidson, Ella Gray, Shirley Elliofi, Barbara Le- Doux, Palsy Demeni, JoAnn Curry, Wanda Dean, Mineile Banks, Sue Cummings, Jerry Anne Overman. Second row: Norma Thomas, Chrisline Embry, Charloiie Hales, Mariha Manning, Mary Frances Tuifle, Peggy Goode, l-lelen Jean James, LaJune Brewer, Sylvia Welf- chek, Shirley Holey, lone Lumpkin, Lucreiia Miller, Car- olyn Smiih, Glenda Moore. Third row: Carol Warren, Marilyn Baker, Sandra Mafhias. Bing Sfriegler, Evelyn Shulis, Delila Cuddy, Shirley Clark, Nelda Floyd, Dororhy Parrish, Kaihryn Bynum, Peggy Richardson, Eva Parkinson, Mary Ann Siinson. Fourih row: Peggy Boyd, Barbara Greenhaw, Dolores Tucker, Norma Cummings, Wilma Louis, Beiiy Creacy, Pafsy Ford, Pal Roseman, Paddy Burnefi, Wanda Adams, Geraldine Lee, Deloris Maynard. Y-TEENS OFFICERS Charles A. Beckham, Sponsor Fall Semes+er Wanda Dean, Presicleni Julia Baily, Vice Presideni' Shirley Holey, Secreiary Louise McDaniel, Treasurer Nola Duggan, In1'er-Club Council Spring Semes+er lone Lumpkin, Presidenr Julia Baily, Vice Presideni Shirley Holey, Secrerary Louise McDaniel, Treasurer Nola Duggan, lnrer-Club Council Meeiings, ioini wiih l-li-Y Club, are held every Wednesday before school . . . Acriviiies during ihe year consisi' of mid- nighi shows, dance ar Kiesr Park, and swimming parries . . . Sweaiers wirh em- blems are worn by members . . . Delegares aifencl conference in Kilgore during March . . . Spring formal given ai Winfrey Poini. Firsf row: Frances Rudberg, Maxine Feffer, Vivian Ginsburg, Sue Larnberf, Suerelle Cohen, Minnerre Banks, Naomi Elaine Domb, Adele Werlh, Marilyn Greenberg, Hanna Weisleld. Goldman, Madelyn Cohen, Louise Roffman. Third row: Joanne Jameson, Carole Kirschbaum. Sally Bush Second row: Riia Blair, Sylvia Wolfe, Blanche Schnaiderman, man, Hannah Goren, Rosalie Slcibell, Cynfhia Barr Miss Sarah Davidson. GIRLS PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUB Membership is open lo all girls having good scholasric averages and an inleresr in public speaking . . . Correcf and el- lecrive speech is raughr ro members . . . Programs consisl of debares, parliameniary procedure, and exiemporaneous speeches . . , Parry in fall honors freshmen con- sidering ioining club. asf' 9 F" : Rx LF! -f 9 ,- OFFICERS Miss Sarah Davidson, Sponsor Fall Semesfer Adele Werrh, Presiclenl Elaine Domb, Vice Presideni Marilyn Greenberg, Secreiary Sally Bushman, Treasurer Ruih Benson, Parliameniarian Maxine Felier, Sgi,-ar-Arms Sueielle Cohen, Siudenl Counci larive Spring Semesler Elaine Domb, Presideni' Vivian Ginsburg, Vice Presidenr Sally Bushman, Secreiary Carole Kirschbaum, Treasurer Adele Werlh, Parliameniarian Naomi Weisleld. Sgr.-a+-Arms l Represen Firsf row: Nila Blanlon, Julia Bailey, Barbara Anne Parker. Bennie l-look, Marlha Jean Warson, Peggy Goode. Edilh Lucchino, Belly Fivecoal, Madelyn Cohen, Ann Third row: La Verne Lollar, LaVerne Samples, Dianne Mays Logan, Marqarel Clark. Sheri Brewer, Miss Rufh Fellerman, Mary Frances Tullle Second row: Janis Phillips, Ann McCurdy, Jo lla Livingslon, Marilyn Baker, Gladys Goldslein. Helen Jean James, Orvillene Johnson, Melba McCown, FOREST SECRETARIAL CLUB OFFICERS Miss Rulh Fellerman, Sponsor Fall Semes'l'er Belly Fivecoal, Presidenr Madelyn Cohen, Vice Presidenl' Barbara Anne Parlcer. Secrelary Edilh Lucchino, Treasurer Spring Semesler Helen James, Presiolenl' Rose Lollar, Vice Presidenl Peggy Goode, Secrelary Barbara Anne Parker, Treasurer Sheri Brewer, Sgr.-ar-Arms Foresl' Secrelarial Club organized in I94-5 by Miss Rulh Fellerman . . . Chief aim of club is +o mainrain high slandards of business . . . Morro: A,B,C's of an efficienl' Secrerary, A for alerlness, B for bearing, C 'lor cleanliness . . . Anyone inleresled in Business Educalion is eligible for club mem- bership. Nous- .' I if F i ffT' f l A - -- Firs? row: Sylvia Wolfe, Rila Blair, Ella Gray. Carolyn Smilh, Third FOWI TOfT1ilOU SYVUFIS. JO TLIOYTTPSOU. EliZ6b6'fl1 Lowe Ruih Benson. Hanna Goldman. Sue Lambert Shirley Gold- Charlolie Kirksey, Edna Wallace, Miss Bess Thaicher siein, Hannah Goran, Shirley Haley, Glenda Moore, Mary Wilkinson, Fay Walson, Jay Corman Second row: Wabie Wallace, Mary Brooks, Barbara Anne FOUI'il1 row: Wenclel Hulse, Cynihia Barr, Sylvia Neal, A Parker. Shirley Rybak, Shirley Elliolf, Rosalee Rachofsky, nefie Harwell, Carolyn Ausfin, Chrisiene Cameron, Donnie Joyce Jones, Louise McDaniel, lone Lumpkin, Lillian Tl'1OmGS- Ornish, Jeanelle Goodman. TEXAS HISTORY CLUB The Square Dance Club provides pari of 'rhe program on l'he annual assembly during Texas Week. OFFICERS Miss Bess Thaicher, Sponsor Fall Semesfer Ruih Benson, Presioleni Hanna Goldman, Vice Presidenl Carolyn Smilh, Secrelary Sue Larnberi, Treasurer James Milchell, Sgr.-ai-Arms lone Lumpkin, Parliameniarian Spring Semesier Hanna Golclman, Presideni Carolyn Smilh, Vice Presidenl Jeanelie Gooclman, Secreiary Shirley Rybak, Treasurer :Shirley Holey, Sql.-al'-Arms Tomilou Symns, Parliameniarian Firsf row: Jay Corman, Jimmie Ashley, Ouandon Franks, Herman Finley, Obie Joe Draper, Jackie Yarborough, Fred Weldon Glasscock, Bobby Shelby, Andreas Poulakidas, Loffon, William l-luckaby. Sylvan Schuman, Bobby Cook. , . l Second row: Leonard Wolfe, N. L. Dickinson, Donnie Thomas, Thlrd row: Charles A' Beckham' Ray Lepere' B'llY Dmon' OFFICERS C. A. Beckham, Sponsor Fall Semesfer Wallace Mann, Presiclenf Bobby Shelby, Vice Presidenf John Jordan, Secrefary Weldon Glasscock, Treasurer Jimmie Ashley, Chaplain Spring Semesfer Jimmie Ashley, Presidenf Leonard Wolfe, Vice Presidenf John Jordan, Secrefary Bobby Cook, Treasurer Andreas Poulakidas, Chaplain Charles Schweizer, Bobby McDaniel, Jimmy Horn, Bud Marshall, Tommy Pollard. HI-Y Officers of Hi-Y discuss plans for fhe regional confer- ence in Kilgore. Leff fo righr are Andreas Poulakidas. John Jordan, Fred Loffon, Jimmie Ashley, Bobby Cook, Leonard Wolfe, and Jay Corman. Sealed: Ferrell Newman, Grady l-lulcliins. DGY- Bill BVaClY- Douqlas l'l'3WF5e- T0mmY Pollard- Paul Davidson, Howard Kline, Bob Sigler, Mr. Quesenberry Sfancling clockwise: Sonny Holmes, Malcolm Moore, Carl KEY CLUB Key Club organized al Foresl by Kiwanis lnlernalional 'ro promole Brollwerlnood . . . Meelings held every Wednesday aflernoon al school . . . Annual lnlernalional Conven- l'ion is lwelcl in June in Chicago, lllinois . . . Club colors are blue and gold . . :Main social evenl of llne year is New Year's parly al l-lolel Aclolplnus . . . Members parlici- pale in promolion of fire prevenlion. OFFICERS A. K. Quesenberry, Sponsor Fall Semesfer Jacls Beasley, Presidenl Carl Day, Vice Presidenl Bob Sigler, Secrelary-Treasurer Paul Davidson, Sql.-al'-Arms Spring Semesfer James Holmes, Presiclenr Carl Day, Vice Presiclenl' Bob Sigler, Treasurer Douglas l-lawpe, Secrelary Malcolm Moore, Sql.-al-Arms Firsf row: Edith Lucchino, Margaret Clark, Duane Oliver, Second row: Mr. C. V. Goodman, Marvin Blanlon, Jerry Ernest Roe. Hobbs. M. W. Randolph, Monre Slephens, Bobby Burch OFFICERS C. V. Goodman, Sponsor Fall Semesler Duane Oliver, Presidenl' M. W. Randolph, Vice Presidenl Edilh Lucchino, Secrelary Margarel Clark, Recorder Spring Semesler Duane Oliver, Presidenl M. W. Randolph, Vice Presidenl Edilh Lucchino, Secrelary Margarer Clark, Recorder an CINEMA CLUB Under direclion of C. V. Goodman, modern, newly equipped visual educalion room is almosl conlinuously in use . . . Operalors are lrained lo run proieclors and lo make minor repairs . . . ll is evidenl lhal pupils learn lhrough molion picfures, and inslruclors are using These leaching aids more 'rhan ever . . . Piciures may be seen on a wide range of suloiecrs, such as Your Emolional Malurily, Wriling a Term Theme, The Things You Didn'l' Ear, and Life in a Drop of Wafer. Firsi row: Homer C. Walker, Sandy Sands, Bernard Cohen. Second row: James T. Whiiflesey, William L. Theilne Jimmie Harry Shay, Harry Goldman, William Reinle, Dan O. E. Galyon, Jim Holly, W. E. McCarler. J. E. Hogue M Hulse. B. Lambert John Jordan. DADS CLUB . . And please ge'r your Dad 'ro join 'lhe Dads Club," says Mr. Shay, president OFFICERS Harry Shay, Presidenf J. W. Jordan, Secreiary and Treasurer J. E. Galyon, Program Chairman C. C. Curry, Membership Chairman Max Cohen, Finance and Enieriainmeni Chairman H. C. Wallcer, Publicaiions Chairman D. O. Hulse, lmprovemenl Chairman T. C. Sands, Archiiecl Chairman Firsf row: Linda Sue Wofford, Mrs. J. H. Holley, Mrs. John M. M. Cook, Mrs. J. P. Brooks, Miss Sarah Meriwerher, Jordan. Mrs. Sadie Sigel, Mrs. N. O. Corman. Mrs. Emily Mrs. Naomi l-lurchinson, Miss Helen Eclcelman. Holey, Mrs. T. G. Millender, Mrs. W. E. Drumgold, Mrs. Third row: Mrs. Alfred Schweizer, Mrs. Abe Ornish, Mrs. Roy Brown, Max Goodman, Mrs. E. E. Wofford, Mrs. Mildred Neal, Second row: Mrs. Paul Armbruher, Mrs. Emma Brown, Mrs. Mrs. Lerha Schweflce. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs . J. P. Brooks, Corresponding Secrerary Mrs. Mrs. . W. W. Barr, Membership Chairman Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. PARENT - TEACHER ASSOCIATION OFFICERS J. W. Jordan, Presideni N. O. Cormari, Vice Presiclenl' T. G. Millender, Recording Secreiary W. H. Lumpkin, Treasurer W. E. Drumgold, l-lisiorian l'l. l-l. Doyle, Program Chairman Franlc l'loley, Welfare Chairman Earl Rae, Educaiion Chairman P. S. Tunnell, l'leal+h Chairman Sadie Sigel, Finance Chairman Among her many duries as presidenl, Mrs. Jordan presenls lhe library wiih a large eleciric clock. Firsf row: Mary Brooks, Mary Louise Rodar+e, Velma Hines, dor, Shirley Sue Tesfo, Mifzi Arrnsfrong, Mrs. Raye Pegues Mary l-ladaway, Charlene Prolfilf, Barbara Greenhaw, Ann Third row: Orvillene Johnson, Marfha Rodgers, Paula Barneff Logan, Laverne Samples, Freda Housfon, Willie Bob Wesl, Frances Second row: Wanda Roberson, Margaref Tillery, Lucy Ama- Slafon. CLINIC ASSISTANTS While Mrs. Pegues, school nurse, checks fhe blood pressure of Phil Millender, baseball cenler-fielder, Mary Helen Brooks measures Don Massey's heighr. Charlene Proflirl, lellf records 'Phe readings. Clinic assislanis have many clufies They are expecled fo carry our, for example, helping ro keep lhe clinic orderly, +o pre- venr Jrhe spread of imcecrion by using fresh supplies, keeping The records slraighr, lake remperarures, and do simple lirsf aid . . . Assislanrs learn much abouf medical care in rhe clinic Thar will be of praclical value in lulure years. Firsf row: Opal Pyles, Viola Busby, Darlene Sowards, Barbara Fifih POW! Molly ROQGFS. Eloise Ruyle. Bobbie Wicks, Shirley Allen, Sammie Johnson, Palsy Taylor, Barbara Ann Parker, Mae Wainscoll, Shirley Tunnell, Lucrelia Miller, Billye Ann Edwards, Julia Bailey, Belle Brown, Wilde Dennis, Sorrells, Glenda Lowrey, Charlofle Slalman, Ann Barker. Marfha Rariden, Sixfh row: Margaref Pyles, Minnie Pearl McDonald, Wanda Second row: Joyce Lancasler, Bobbie Nell Williams, Ann Willoughby, Sandra Maihias, Beverly Jean May, Joan Logan, Lucille Curry, Flora Jane Surber, Madelyn Cohen, l-ladaway, Ann McCurdy, Jerry Anne Overman, Tressie Marcene Wilson, Ann Davis, Carolyn Smilh, Gladys Dean. Mixon. Third row: Sheri Brewer, Joe lla Livingslon, Peggy Goode, Sevenfh row: Miss Sarah Meriwefher, Mrs. Emma Brown, Sfella Moraslcie, Louise Hollis, Annelie Lamberl. lVl5Vl0f1 Willie. JO Elle ROlDbiHS, Melva Shipp, Mrs. Joan Fourfh row: Barbara Swaiiord, Helen Jean James, Frances Miclfle, MVS. Rilla Brady. Mrs. Roxie Smilh, Mrs. Clara Kerr, Rudberg, Janis Phillips, Galia Whife, Gloria Noilingham, Shirley Spearman, Edirh Lucchino, Annefle Einhorn, Gladys Goldsiein. OFFICE ASSISTANTS To be an assislanl in rhe offices, one musl have a good scholasric slancling and an inleresr in office work . . . Such dulies as acling as receplionisl, filing, mimeo- graphing, lyping, and lalcing messages, acquainr sluclenis wirh lhe 'iunclions of an office . . . Assislanls also are privileged lo become beller acquainlred wirh adminisf rrarion of school. Making change and checking in money are familiar office roulines. Miss Nugeni is accommoolaiing Chris'rine Embry, left and Charlolle l'lales. Flrsl row: Belly Brewsler, Norma Adams, Delores Johnson, Third row: Miss lna Roberls, Jackie Rabicoll, Joyce Jones Norma Rulh Johnson. Louise McDaniel, Jannelle Hawley, June Sullenger, Mary Second row: Jane Gray, Mary While, Shirley Mae Wain- Wilkinson, Jo Thompson. scoll, Carolyn Darnaby, Louella Dobbs, Delores Orlon, Fourlh row: Raymond Bailey, Janel Holcombe, Melva Shipp Dorolhy Harmon. Wilma Williams, Mollie Melms, Jo Ann Fryer, Billie Gaunll Hazel Corcoran LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Sludenl library assislanls parlicipale in all rouline procedures ol library adminis- lralion . . . Assislanls charge and discharge books lor circulalion, and keep lhe books on lhe shelves in order . . . They also help lo adverlise lhe books lo encourage reaol- ing by arranging iackel displays and making poslers . . . ln exchange lor daily hour ol service lo promole program ol school, sludenl library assislanl acquires valuable inlormalion aboul resources ol a library and ils use as conlinuing agency ol educalion. FALL Norma Jean Adams Carol Darnaby Louella Dobbs Marlene Drumgold Jo Ann Fryer Shirley Fugale Janel Hawley Janel Holcombe SPRING Norma Jean Adams Belly Brewsler Joyce Cleveland Louella Dobbs Billie Gaunll Jane Gray Jene Henderson Janel Holcombe Joyce Jones Jean Kellum Louise McDaniel Mollie Nelms Delores Orlon Melva Shipp June Sullenger Delores Ann Johnson Norma Rugh Johnson Jean Kellum Sandra Olls Jackie Rabicoll Jo Thompson Mary While Wilma Williamson SENIOR DIVISION Firsf row: Rodger Coley, Nalhan Sallzman, Reuben Grinslein, Third row: Thomas Amador, Eddie Smilh, Larry Wells, Allen Earl I-Iixon, Maxie Blanlon, Clillon Culp. Segal, Palsy Taylor, Jo Ann McCarler, Barbara Jo Wrighl, Second row: Irwin Ornish, Joe Friedman, Jimmy Daily, Larry Lowell Babe-r, John Yarborough, Waller Tucker, John Galvon, Joe Barry, Sakee Poulakidas, Jerry Beeson, George Marshall, Bobby Dixon, Toby Woolverlon, I-larold Glasser, Annes, Moe Oxman, Tommy Moss, Alberl' Wilburn, Tommy Slanley Abramson, I-larry Maddox, Jimmie May. Spigel. CONCERT BANDS Firsl row: Jackie Glalzer, Tommy Poulakidas, Ralph Newman, Third row: Larry Allen, Willie Mae Herndon, Buddy Auslin, Dorolhy George, Nick Dean, Teddy Polash, Marion Blanlon, James Perkins, Don McKenzie, Verley Sembrilzky, Chesler Frank Slory, Sammy Crockell. Weallierlord, Marion Gilrealh, Jimmy Milchell, Dan Par- Second row: Benny Wynn, Melvin May, Billy McManus, John ish, Samuel Engelberg, Frank Gillell. Reynold, Kennerh Vander Woude, Ernesl Paly, Bobby Fourlh row: Lesler Cohen, Bobby McCommas, Buddy Smilh, Prince, Rodney Thompson, Jackie Looney, Charles Hill, Lulher Elmore, Joel Wyall, Richard Roberls, John C. Shirley Anderson, Marilyn Baxler. Marshall. 10-.., Firsf row: Norma Beach, JoAnne Moore, Ruih Benson, Second row: Larry Fuferfas. Shirley Ellioi, Roberr McDonald Shirley Goldsiein, Mariha Manning. Norma Thomas, Alberi S. Johnsion. FOREST ECHO STAFF FALL SEMESTER Alberl' S. Johnslon, Sponsor Shirley Goldslein, Ediior-in-Chief Ruih Benson, Eeaiure Eclilror Mariha Manning, News Ediior JoAnne Moore, Associaie Ecliior Larry Fulrerias, Sporis Ediior Harmon Simes, Assislanr Sporls Eclilor Joanne Jameson, Club Ediror Mary Alice Knoll, Business Manager Roberi' McDonald, Adveriising Manager Norma Beach and Leliy Baysinger, Circu- laiion Managers Norma Thomas, Exchange Manager S+aff composed of capable journalism slu- clenis having responsibiliry of publishing paper every Jrwo weelcs . . . Chrisimas, Valeniine, April Fool, Easrer, Cub, and Senior Edirions are special issues . . . Quill and Scroll honors presenred io sraff members meeling highesf journalism requiremenrs . . . Echo wins Times Herald High School Newspaper Award for I95I . . . Judged All-Texas in Texas High School Press Associaiion in l95O. SPRING SEMESTER Alberl S. Jolnnslon, Sponsor Fred Lollon, Edilor-in-Clwiel Joanne Jameson, Assislanl Edilor Elizabellri Workman and Joan Slovall, Fealure Edilors Cynllwia Barr, News Edilor Larry Fulerlas, Sporls Ediror Raymond Bailey, Junior Sporls Edilor Opal Pyles. Business Manager Columbus Perdue and Richard Be-dell, Ad- verlisinq Managers Nila Blanlon, Club Edilor Tlwe spring slall in aclion: Cynllnia Barr, Joanne Jameson, Fred Lollon, Columbus Perdue, Joan Slovall, and Elizabellw Worlcman. FOREST ECHO STAFF Firsf row: Nita Blanfon, Joan Slovall, Opal Pyles, Fred Third row: Eloise Ruyle, Clwarlolle Hales, Clwrislene Embry Lollon, Joanne Jameson, Elizabeflw Workman, JoAnn Orvillene Johnson, Minefle Banlrs, Andreas Poulalxiclas. Curry. Fourfh row: Jo lla Livingslon, Bobbie Mellon, Allred Enzen Second row: Sylvia Shay, Louise Roffman, Columbus Perdue, sperger, Harmon Simes, Jimmy Price, Alberl S, Johnsfon Belly Davidson. Richard Bedell, Wanda Dean, Barbara Milfon Allan, LeDoux. , 1, - , .,m .L izxemmmmm af, sawn ,'.fsaL-srifsrrfa--1 BEFORE PRESSES ROLL Upper, Ief'r fo righfz John Jordan, Chrisiina Poulakidas, Leonard Wolfe, Marlha Manning, Joanne Jameson, Anila Wofford. Lower: Mariha Rariden, Virginia Nickerson, Marlha Waison, Ben- nie Lou Hook. STAFF ASSISTANTS FORESTE ADVERTISING SALESM EN Bobloy Cook Herman Finley Harold Glasser Roberl' McDonald Wanda Meyners Frances Rudburg Palsy Taylor James Melvin Council Quandon Franks JoAnn McCar+er Sylvia Mehlman Tressie Mixon Escoe Slrickland Valla Jean Wilburn Wiles COLLECTORS Jimmy Ashley Sally Bushman Roloerf McGee Joyce Benneil Carol Kirschbaum Phil Millender Joyce Norman EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Richard Bales Nelda Dennis Hanna Goldman Gloria Lindsey Rose Marie Polash Mariha Rariden Marion While lulwnxs: .1msslfl3'nlw .1 ei rvxwmi Mariha Blake Herman Finley Sue Lamberl Virginia Nickerson Sonya Poiash Frances Slaion Palsy Worlham Firsf row: Frances Slalon Frances Rudburg Beverely Rediearn JoAnn McCar+er Palsy Taylor Valla Jean Wolburn Tressie Mixon Second row: Charlene Mikus Jeaneile Kelly Wanda Meyners James Wiles Phil Millender Bobby Cook Quandon Franks Third row: Jane? Bradbury Harold Glasser Herman Finley Richard Bafes Pele Ernlory Melvin Council Edirors NNUAL STAFF ALL TEXAS HONORS 1950.1 95: Carloon Edilors Don Garrell Leonard Wolie Ediior-in-Chief Anifa Wofford Joanne Jameson Chrislina Poulakidas Executive Edilors John Jordan Marlha Manning Senior Edilors Bennie Lou Hook Marfha Wafson Hannah Goren Sporls Edilor Weldon Glassoock Miliiary Edilor George Duke Ari Edilor Anifa Wolford Business Manager Chrislina Poulakidas Adverlising Manager Marfha Blake Oliice Managers Norma Larr Gloria Lindsey Business Adviser H. B. Yaies Arr Adviser Bliss S. McManus Sponsor Mary Smilh Clark ANITA WOFFORD Firsf row: Chrislina Poulakidas, Joanne Jameson, John Jordan, Marlha Manning Weldon Glasscock Gloria Lindsey. Second row: Bennie Lou Hook, Marfha Blake, Norma Larr, Leonard Wolfe, Marlha Walson, Hanna Goldman. Third row: Marion While, Palsy Woriham, Don Garrelf, Virginia Nickerson, Rose Marie Polash. Sonya Polash. Fourfh row: Sue Lamberl, George Duke, Hannah Goren, Bliss S. McManus, H. B. Yafes, Mary Srniih Clark. isweiseei- fi..f xmxf--.., .. - : --f 'fri .efQwmmmmaumm i-fiuuxsqaiunmfmmiuini Maslering such lable games as Chinese checkers and dominos are K members of lhe Table Game Club. The Pholoqraphy Club sludies The parls of a camera under l'he direclion of Their sponsor, Mr. Beckham. The Slcelch Club walches Nancy Bray work on a "And lhis is lhe correcl way lo hold The rod,' scene for 'rhe Chrislmas assembly. slales Mr. Hilliard lo 'rhese Anglers Club members II2 'FS Dc: n Junior Division As The Junior Spanish Club plays Narania Dulce, Tommy Moss kneels fo Dominga Vega. Represenlaiives from sewing and arf classes exhibii +o Jrhe Jun- ior Red Cross Council dolls and favors io be seni +o ihe childrens hospiials and orphanages. H i C l 1 Ann Lancasier "holds s+ill" as Cecilia Chandler The Gun Club learns from George Herman safeiy demonsiraires 'rhe correci way fo measure a hem. pre-Camigng for handling 5 rifle, Leo Junior is iniensely inieresred in warching Sqi. Crider insfrucr Jerry Beeson and Larry Scnwarfz in Hwe fine arf of iwifiing ine bull's-eye, hoping someday he foo can be on Hue rifle Jream. Lena doesn'+ like all fine noise. MILITARY FOURTH ARMY CHAMPION' 1 glv Firsf row: Billy Frank Shaw, Edward F. Crider, Roscoe L. Roberls, Bonnie Lighffool. Second row: Alfon Edwards, Tommy Turner, Howard Kline, Lonnie l-laley, Frank Macaluso, Archie Crass, M. W. Randolph, Roloerl l-lilburn, Jerry Beeson, Larry Schwarfz, Burl Lightfoot, Billy Jo Thomas, Marvin Elliot John Boone. The I95l Foresl Rifle Team proved lhemselves ex- Above: Nafional l-learsl' Award Winners are Larry Schwarfz, Bonnie Joe Lighrioot Frank Macaluso. and Billy Shaw. II6 perls by winning many Tirsl places in lhe cily marches, and walking away wilh lhe Fourlh Army Champion- ship. For The highesl aggreqaled score in all marches Tired, Foresl marlcsmen received lhe Civilan lrophy and lhen wenl on lo caplure The Nalional l-learsl lvlalch Trophy, shooling in compelilion wilh l3OO olher schools. Foresl is The only school from This area ever lo win lhe l-learsf March. 1, 1 Above: Rifle Team in acfion. 951 ,IH , , K .Y .fm -.-, iz Qi ,El 'i ,l . aim X l XX A Above: Sergeanl Cricler receives a gill lor coaching The vm c ,.cee c ,V,. l95I Rifle Team To fhe Nalional l-learsl Awarol. iiiai c ii, fi 'f'e, 1 ,.i . . Leif: Sergeanl E. F. Cricler, Rifle Team coach. i 'ii ' f i Mili'rary's l's receive experl advice on lining up a rifle on a bulls'-eye. II7 FEDERAL INSPECTION Righlr: Inspecling officers look closely al rifles. Below: l-ligh ranking ol- licers salule Old Glory. Lefl: Colonel Roberls greels Colonels Joe Davis and Kirlc Brock. lop inspecl- ing officers. CCW ,is Lower lefl: Nobody is by- passed in +he Federal lnspec- lion. Lower righl Colonel Davis explains lhe whys and hows of lhe MI rifle W - L ,Q-,M-N imwsf. ,,.. m,.,.e.fufQMw.q w,,:w.z.1.'.mw1WsW-Q ns -f - Q -,--- - -- 7, -- ,f-W.x.mi-u.m,s,s-4-mf:vf1...f ,...- Isw.-sfiffm.-,fmsngmiy-.Lsf- lm. ROTC SIDELIGHTS The Color Guard is on The march. Colonel Marshall direcls llwe band al assembly. .427fM?ff'f Foresf ROTC inslruclors, lell 'ro riglwl: Sergeanl Lipscomb, Caplain Fosler, Colonel Roberls, Sergeanl Crioler. af XP l gl 'Ml II9 Firsf row: Col. Shannon Griggs, Capt. We ROTC OFFICERS ndell Hulse. Second row: Capf. Duane Oliver, Capr. M. W. Randolph, Capl. Larry Schwarfz, Capf. Columbus Perdue. Capr. Roberf Hilborn, Third row: lsr L+. Gene Shane, 2nd L+. D Fourfh row: Znd Ll. Sammy Guynes, Isl Ll. Isl L+. Ross Segal. on Caldwell. Henry Saucier, 2nd Lf. Bob Samford. 2nd L+. Tommy Rolrelcl, 2nd LT. Thomas Amador. Fifth row: Isl' LT. Charles Karlen, 2nd L+. 2nd Ll. Larry Fulerlas, 2nd Ll. Jimmie Jerry Brockway. ROTC STAF F l2O Donald Schulize, 2nd L+. Tommy Jennings, Shuemake, 2nd L+. Thomas Jeffrey, 2nd Lf. Firsf row: Col. Shannon Griggs, Capt Wendell Hulse. Second row: Capl. Duane Oliver, 2nd L+. Larry Fulerfas, Capf. M. W. Randolph. Cap? Larry Schwarfz. Third row: Masfer Sgt Andreas Poulalxidas, lsr Sgr. Alfon Edwards. A A , .--f - . ,A . W.,.f,.-.,, f- arf., . -wa. ff-- ,f I, fsfw.sf..A-W., . .f......,,1ms-W .wifi-Z mmf, W 1. ...Q L.-'iw . ---1 Raef, . - The Honor Wrealh, a gold laurel wrealh surrounding 'rhe red Honor Slar, was aulhorized by lhe U.S. War Deparl- menl in I948. ll is awarded 'ro cadels who are oulslanding in lheir class as indicaled by leadership and characler lrails and academic grades. A maximum of len per cenl ol lhe enrollmenl may be awarded lhe Honor Wrealh each year. The Cadel Corps is raled superior as a resull of lhe annual Federal lnspeclion. WHT? Firsf row: Col. Shannon Griggs, Capl. Wendell Hulse. Second row: Maior Lowell Baber, Capl. Larry Schwarlz, Capl. Duane Oliver, Capl. M. W. Randolph, Capl. Columbus Perdue, Isl' L+. Ross Segal, 2nd L+. Don Caldwell, Isl L+. Charles Karlen. Third row: Sgl. Isl' Class Slerling Slegman. lsr Sgr. Allan Edwards, Sgr. Richard Lebel, Isl' Sgl. James Cook, Sql. Isl Class Norman Roberls, MfSgl. Charles Schweizer, Sgl. John Caronna, Sgr. John Clendenen. Fourfh row: Cpl. .lo Earl Friedman, Pvl. Edwin Sigel, Sgl. John Yarbrough, MfSg'l. Wayne Shaw Isl Sgr. Jerry Beeson, Cpl, Travis Bollon, Sgl. Donald Nance, Sgl. Jay Carman. sf - ---f s - fs Firsl' row: Sql. John Caronna Isl Sql. Ollo Dish 2nd Ll. Tommy Rolrekl Isl Ll. Berl Shane 2nd Ll. Donald Schullz lsl Sql. Allon Edwards Second row: Cpl. Leon Schwarlz Pvl. Levan Shellon Pvl. Jackie Brown Pvl. Jimmy Lee Pvl. Tom lvlinler Pvl. Loyd McCoy Pvl. Don Nelms Third row: Sql. l-luldie Nulisch Pvl. Joe Cole Pvl. Billy Laminack Pvl. Wayland Harvey Pvl. Paul Hoover Pvl. Bobby Thompson Pvl. Don Probsl Four-lla row: Pvl. Charles Tyler Pvl. Charles Brown COMPANY A Pvl. Harry Harmon Sql. Louis Lebel Sql. Alberl Slovak Pvl. Kennelh Scribner Pvl. Orville Haddock Sql. Waller Tucker Pvl. Wayne Brill Fiflh row: Pvl. Billy l-louslon Pvl. Richard Choale Pvl. Don Grinslead MfSgl. Kennelh Hicks Pvl. Bobby Hooper Pvl. Jim lv1cCurdy lvlfSgl. Millon Allen Sql. lsl Class Gerald Miller Cpl. Harold Crablree Pvl. Roberl Ridenour Sixlh row: Sql. lsl Class Horace Pvl, Mason Hopkins Rec. Roy Randolph Pvl. Bobby Tale Sql. C. F, Wisley Cpl. Ray Lemons Pvl. Lawrence Reichle Pvl. Jimmy Skinner Pvl. Jimmy Alkinson Malone Firsf row: Pvl. Jackie Looney Isl Lf. C. O. Ross Segal Second row: Col. Shannon Griggs Capt Duane Oliver Capi. M. W. Randolph Isl' Sql. Cecil Slibbens 2nd Ll. Larry Furerfas 2nd Ll. Bob Samford 2nd Ll. Sammy Guynes 2nd L+. Tommy Jennings Isl Sgr. John Clendenen Third row: Pvl, Bobby Driggers Pvi. W. L. Glover MfSg+. Baron Reynolds Pvl. Troy Harwell Pvl. Tillman Massey Pvl Pvl Bobby McCommas .Jimmie Don Mercer Pvf Russell Wheaf Cpl. Jimmie London Fourfh row: Pvl. Uhlan Ellioll Cpl. Malcom Echols Pvf. Virgil Murphy Pvr. Charles Grissalfi Pvl. William McDonald Pvl.Jacl1 Williams Plc Roberf Ramirez Pvl. Johnny Lyles Pvl Perry Don Barber COMPANY B Fi Hh row: MfSgl. Lloyd Johnson Pvl. Wayne Robinson Cpl. Gail lmhoof Sgt lsidor Wienberger Pvr. Tommy Maynard Pvf. James Whiiiield Pvl. Larry Calder Cpl. Edgar Haslings Sixfh row: Pvi. Pvl. Duaine Lenfz Ray Lynch Pvl. George Russell Pvf. Joel Sembrifslcy Pvl'. Cpl. Bobby Brandon Carl Smilh Seven+l'l row: Pvl. Jack Lyons Cpl. Billy Keel Sgr. Escoe Sfriclcland Pvf. Bobby Hogue Pvl. Cal Gordon Sgr. Leroy Lancasler Cpl. James Roushey PVT. Carl Wilson PVT. Norman Barnes 1 J COMPANY C Firsl row: Fourlh row: Capt Roberl I-Iilborn Capt Larry Schwarlz Isl Lt Charles Karlen Sgt Isl Class Sferllng Slegman 2nd Lt Jimmie Shuemake 2nd Lt Thomas Jellrey Isl Sgt Maurice Anderson Second row: Cpl. Johnny Blanlon Pvt Gayland Allen Pvt Jackie Donald Roundlree Cpl. Boyd Moore Cpl. Eugene Beasley Mfsgi Richard Bedell Pvt Terry McCulloch Third row: Cpl. Lyle Ralner Pvt Franklin Malone Sgt Isl Class Daniel Verver Ross Musso Pvt Cpl. Lanny Gallin Sgt Isl Class Marvin Blanton Sgt Isl Class Melvin Boswell Pvt Jack Malney Sgt lst Class Norman Roberls Sgl Donald Nance Sgl Jay Corman Sgl Edwin Hill Pvt George Herman Pvt Kennelh Mellon Sgl Isl Class George Duke Pvt Ben Prengler Sgl Isl Class Charles Chaltin Sgt Isl' Class Bob McGee Fif+h row: Sgt Jerry Hobbs Pvt Cpl. Sgt Cpl. Pvl Pvl Sgt George Becker Maxie Blanlon Melvin Newman Norman Hallmark Horace Jollrian Marshall Caddy Emmel Hanvey First row: Sgt Johnny Kiser L lst Lt Henry Saucier 5 Kf- Capt Wendell Hulse-J X' Capt Columbus Perdue 2nd Lt Don Caldwell 2nd Lt Jerry Brockway Isf Sgt James Cook Second row: Pvt Charles Busch Pvt Pvt Pvt Bobby Wesley Arvel Vaughn Jimmy Ercanlorack Pvt Kenneth Anderson Pvt Hilario Ramirez Pvt Willie Ledbe++er Pvt W. D. Kirkpatrick Pvf Jerry Witherspoon Third row: Sgt Neal Faulkner Sgt ls+ Class Carl Stovall MfSgt Andreas Poulakidas Sgt Thomas Miller Pvt Raymond Bailey Pvt Nick Dean Pvt James Hanna COMPANY D :Q-f"' Fourth row: Sgt James Goss Pvt Hubert Collins Pvt Donald Jackson Pvt Alex Rynecki Pvt Clinl Collinsworfh Pvt Benny Springfield Sgt Charles Pain Fifth row: Sgt Jimmie Dailey Si Pvt Willie Wilson Pvt Donald Carey Cpl. Pvt Pvt Pvt Pvt Harold McCullough Raymond Davilla Joe Scotch David Wedin Jessie Smith lv1fSgt Charles Schweizer xfh row: Sgt Pvt Billy Willeford Donald Raney Pvt Jerry Woody Sgt Sgt Monte Stephens Leslie Hancock Pvt Sam Holley Cpl. Sgt Travis Bolton Wayne Shaw ROTC BAND Flrsl row: Tlllfd- POW! Sql. Isl Class Reuben G Sql. Rodger Coley Pvl. Lulher Elmore Pvl. James Scorna Pvl. Lesler Cohen Cpl, Earl I-lixson Pvl, Franlc Slory Pvl. Bobby Dixon Second row: 2nd Ll. Thomas Amador Cpl. Joe Earl Freedman Cpl, Erwin Ornish Pvl. Salcee Poulalmidas Pvl. Larry Galyon Pvl. Bobby Wilherspoon Pvl. Allen Segal Pvl. Eranlc Gillell Pvl. Joe Barry rinslein Sql. Pvl. Pvl. Sql. Sql. Pvl. Cpl. Cpl. Sql. Isl Class Tommy Spigel Alberl Wilburn Tommy Moss Jimmy May Slanley Abramson I-larry Maddox Jimmy London Maxie Blanlon Clillon Culp Fourlh row: Isl Sql. Jerry Beeson MfSgl. George Annes Pvl. Murray Oxman Sql. John Yarloorough Pvl, Charles Hill Pvl. Harry Osborne Sql. Isl Class Harold Glasser Col. Marshall MILITARY MAN x " 'Q QF' il I 'W lE.g'1E3v.gx S ff i W C The Sophomore learns lo read The maps, To lead a squad, and +hen perhaps, If he has Time, he can be seen Trying +o make 'lhe rifle feam. The Senior scarcely learns al all, l'le's grown so wise and oh so fall! l'le slruls around in Pinks and Green, The proudesl soldier To loe seen. He gives his orders so loud and firm Thai' all +he Freshmen fre? and squirm. Full well he knows he "has if made" When he says goocl-bye al 'rhe Final Parade. -R. Rf 'Colonel Roscoe Roberfs, Thar S. The Freshman learns To march and shool To shine his shoes and press his suit To "s+and up Tall on his own Two feel," Proud of himself so clean and neal. 17.6- Wiih many medals on his chesl, The Junior Jrhinks he is +he best When he makes sergeanl of his plalroon. l-le Thinks he's "up for a loullon soon." mi. lc. ,,.--J Leo and Lena allend bolh senior high and iunior high games. Here 'rhey are cheering wildly for ball car- rier Clyde Bono +o make a Touch- down againsf Corsicana High. ATHLETICS FOOTBALL Counier Cloclcwise l-lead Coach Cecil Johnson . . . Coach Johnson poinls oul lo Coaches J. D. Sheppard, R. E. Cow- ser and Ollo Rhome lhe I95I pros- pecls . . . The second slring is ready +o go . . . The reserves look on as Jrhe firsl and The second slring go lhrough a lighl drill . . .The slarling line-up. f-51' wi" ' - ...Q Q-is-fly, K ,, .... 3 if V it My A.7f ffPgi'L-' f i -3 Mrs- f ' -lk. . os " 13' - I, W V jeff K' ,xsywxs K 5, . jf' qs mdk - "T: .,-. 3 ' - V H T T - X fi , f ,l-'f"'f.1?f:., ' .. ,I '- f A -I 1,1 Q- ,':3,fZ'f'.Q: 3 7 1 'ff Q15-.1 'sgfz - ' 'Eff -.T,"'f5':'+:,1g ffl '. 1 .',4-2:94-.E . . - sw' , 1 145:-': ww , , ,il -sv ,ll K 51, smfrx. x . ,g, few: . 115 , 'ANNA g,,,g , Miiijj . IN 1951 Game Highlighfs Clockwise Afler a len-yard scarnper againsl llwe Scollies, Dink Rigsby is downed . . . Weldon Glasscock gains seven yards before he is dragged down by Polyleclinic Jracklers . . . Lullwer Bor- geson lwauls in a Sunsel back on rlwe goal line . . . Foresl Jracklers bring down an Adamson back . . . Clyde Bono picks up five yards againsl Norlh Dallas. . W Firsf row: Lufher Borgeson, Billy Don Forfe, Harmon Simes, Mays Gaza, Weldon Glasscock, Jerry Brockway, Wallace Mann. Bobby Shelby. Clyde Bono, Dink Riggbyz Second row: Bobby Woods. Nafhan Kaplan. Shannon Griggs. Frank Parker, Bobby McDaniels, Lonny Haley, Jackie Yar- borough, Obie Joe Draper, Billy Sharp, Harry Roberfs, Melvin Council, Bill Reinle. FOOTBALL SQUAD Leff: Lufher Borgeson, all-cify cenfer and co-capfain, proved himself a leader on fhe field. Righf: Clyde Bono, all-cify fullback and co-capfain, was fhe cify's leading ground gainer. 132 L l Leff: Bill Reinle all cify squaclman and co-capfain did oufsfanding work on offense and defense for fhe Lions l 1951 sEAsoN's REVIEW T ForesT 6-Gainesville 6 Guided by a new coach, Cecil Johnson, The Lion gridders opened The 195i season aT Gainesville, Sepfember I4, wifh a 6 To 6 deadlock. Gainesville Took a 6-poinT lead in The second quarfer, buf The Lions came back To Tie The score five minufes before The half. The ball handling of Dink Rigsby and The hard running of Clyde Bono sfood ouT on offense. Marvin Wise and Bobby McDaniel looked im- pressive on defensive. Foresf I3-PolyTechnical 6 Coming from behind, The Foresf Lions defeafed The Polyfechnical Parrofs of ForT Worfh, I3-6, Sep- Tember 20, af Dal-l-li Sfadium. Lufher Borgeson and Bill Reinle Turned in good offensive and defensive playing To spark The Lions To Their firsT vicTory. A Foresf O-Highland Park 26 The Highland Park Scoffies defeafed The Foresf eleven 26-O, aT Highlander Sfadium, Sepfember 28. The Lions Threafened in The firsT period, buf ran info a brick wall of defense on The 5coTTies' 9-yard line. Alfhough injured and unable To play The lasT half, Lufher Borgeson won recognifion as being The besT all-around player on The line. ForesT 7-GladewaTer 58 GladewaTer's powerful, undefeaTed eleven roared To a 58-7 vicfory over The crippled Foresf Lions aT Dal-l-li on Ocfober 5. Neil Williams, rafed as one of The besT passers in The sTaTe, cornplefed l9 ouf of 35 passes for 366 yards for The Bears. Clyde Bono accounfed for The Foresf Tally. Foresf 7-Corsicana 40 The Corsicana Tigers fielded a defermined ball club in The lasT half To defeaf The Foresf Lions 40-7 aT Corsicana Ocfober IZ. The Lions lumped To a 7-O lead in The firsT quarfer and managed To hold The margin Till lafe in The second period. Dink Rigsby showed oufsfanding offensive play, while Bill Reinle and Bobby Woods sparked The line. ForesT I3-NorTh Dallas I4 ln a hard foughf game The Foresf Lions losT Their ciTy series opener To The Norfh Dallas Bulldogs, Ocfober I9, aT The CoTTon Bowl. Mays Goza and l-larry Roberfs led The offense for The Lions wiTh Melvin Council, Richard Bafes, and Don Brazil showing excellenf defense. ForesT 7-Sunsef 26 The defending STaTe Champions, Sunsef, de- feafed a sfubborn Foresf Team on mud soaked Dal- l'li Field Ocfober 27. The Bisons Took The lead affer four minufes of play in The firsT quarfer. On a pass from T-lap Roberfs To Wallace Mann, The Lions scored in The second quarfer. ForesT 6--Woodrow Wilson I2 Wifh The Lions playing Their besT game of The year, The Wildcafs escaped wifh a narrow 6-poinT edge, aT Dal-l-li November l. The Lions oufgained The ciTy Tri-champs in every deparfmenf as Clyde Bono gained T28 yards behind some of The besf blocking of The year. Foresf had broken The 4-yard line when The game ended. ForesT I9-Crozier Tech 7 Led by The hard running of Clyde Bono and The precision blocking of a hard hiTTing line, The Green wave roared To a decisive I9-7 vicfory over The Tech Wolves aT Dal-l-li November 8. Billy Dixon and l-lerman Finley were mainsfays on defense. ForesT I 4-Adamson 34 Closing The I95l season, The Lions losf To Their long-Time rivals, The Adamson Leopards. l-larry Roberfs sneaked over from The I-yard line for The firsf Lion Tally and Dink Rigsby Turned in a sensa- Tional 39-yard run in The lasT quarfer for The final score. Bill Reinles Two conversions were good. In The fading minufes of The game Billy Sharp scam- pered 65 yards To seT The Lions in scoring posiTion, buf Time ran ouT. MARVIN WISE DONALD BRAZIL RICHARD BATES Guard Guard . Cehfer I BOBBY SHELBY BILLY DIXON BOBBY McDANIELS TacIcIe Tackle Cenfer 1 BOBBY WOODS OBIE JOE DRAPER MELVIN COUNCIL TacIcIe Cenfer Tackle JACKIE YARBROUGH HARRY ROBERTS DINK RIGSBY Back Back Back WALLACE MANN BILLY SHARP JERRY BROCKWAY Back Back Back MAYS GOZA WELDON GLASSCOCK HERMAN FINLEY End End End FirsT row: Bobby Havens, Danny LighTTooT. STanley Wyll, Don l-logue. Bill Holfon, PeTe Embry, Jackie STranard, Joe Richardson, Willie Wilson. Second row: Don l-lambrick, Richard Simmons, Willy Wiley, Harald McCullough, Bobby BooTh, Eugene Hogue. JUNIOR DIVISIO Playing Their TirsT year oT TooTball, The ForesT Juniors wenT Through The season wiThouT a vicTory. The Cubs, aTTer working Tor Tiye games on cliTTerenT TormaTions, seTTled To The spliT-T and showed more promise in losing a hearTbreaker To Greiner in The closing minuTes oT The game, I8 To IZ. Bill i-lolTon, shorT and lighT, buT powerTul, was one oT The Top ground gainers. Don Hogue showed possi- mxaar sew' .f -- ,ew naw.. -sv 'Ss waz'-2 .ami Third row: Paf Taylor, James Roushey, Don Massey, Gary Drake, William Farris. Fourfh row: Raymond Bailey, Harold Taylor, Dale Caldwell, Ray Lemmonds, Harold Blevens. N FOOTBALL biliTies on borh defense and oTTense. l'logue, a good passer, was used mosTly on defense The lasT parT oT The season. STanley Wyll, Gary Drake, Willie Wilson, and PeTe Embry sparked The Cubs on deTense. AlThough halT OT The TwenTy-eighT players will enTer The Senior Division, The Cubs are banking on The experience of Twelve reTurning leTTermen Tor a brighT I952 season. Coach Cameron Neal shows CapTain Jackie STranard some poinTs on kicking as Coach Angus Cody, Manager Bobby Wesley, and Co-capTain PeTe Embry look on. Firsf row: Ann Lancasfer, Bobby l-liclcs, Galia While, Palricia Second row: Bobby Knight Ronald Forsyfhe, Wayne Gray Reynolds. Jack Reed. JUNIOR HIGH PEP DIVISICN The Junior High Pep Squad dances a+ The open house assembly. Leif +o righlz Maxine McCoy. Palsy Salmon, Claudelle Le Blanc, Palsy Cook, Shirley Sharp. Mary Rulh Marvin, Frances Rolfman. Helen Roflman, Mary Bell Owens, Billie Touchslone, Doris Jean Smilh, Eclna Sims, Joy Kover. Norma Rulh Johnson, Delores Johnson, Janis Dowdy, Barbara Barlow. 1 fe 4 f we CHEERLEADERS LeH fo righf: James Holmes, Ella Marie Gray, Jack Beasley, Bob Siegler, Janelle Hilen, Vickie Reinle llvlascofl, Dorofliy Warren. l-lyme Gappleburg. Beliy Rulh Davidson, Johnny Davidson llvlascofl. Lefi' fo righl: Peggy Coley, Carolyn Smifln, Shirley Fuller, Carol Warren, Wanda Dean - -- K :Q f i :W 2 M-V- ffevwmwxwwaawpwefwmmf 1. ow. .Y M,- F 3 Firsl row: Janel Holcombe. Shirley Higgs, Sheri Brewer. Third row: Jo Thompson, Annelle l-larwell, Linda Moore NOFFTW5 l.arr.S0r1ya Polesh. Mary Slenson, Rose Marie Polash. Second row: Wilma Louis, Norma Noble, Chrisline Cameron, Fourfh row: Jo lla Livingslon, Margarel Wyall, Mrs. Unger Palsy Woods. Norma Adams. PEP SQUAD Among 'rhe lop booslers of lhe Foresl Lions are The Pep Squad girls. During foolball season 'rhe pep- D, 'gear' A S? perelles pracliced wilh lhe band. The girls occu- pied lhe lirsl lhree rows in each pep assembly. Allhough lhey allended every game. somelimes because ol rain 'rhey did nol' march. Some of The original lormalions were lhese: Sficlc Men, Raggedy Ann Doll, lvlan on The Flying Trapeze, American Flag, and F.A.l-l.S. I I coAcH MILTON FREY Two sfarlrerss Norman I-Iiggs and Norman Lulerman. BASKETBAL Firsi' row: Frank While, Norman Lufer- man. Bud Marshall, Norman Higgs. Tommy Pollard, Jimmy Sfafford. Charles Legget 1, FOREST January IO ...,......... ..,,.... 4 2 January I I .,.... ....r I .4C January I5 ....., ......., 5 l: January I8 .,.,.. ,......, 2 4 January 22 ...... .,,..... 5 E January 26 ...,,. 4.,.,.,. 4 S January 29 .,.... ........ 3 C February I .,,.,. l.,..... 4 9 February 5 ...... ,....... 3 2 February 8 ...... ......., 4 9 N 1951 52 Second row Coach Mxllon Frey Bobby Cannon Gene Ksllerman Jimmy Horn Slanley Abramson Scolly Allen Plml MiHender OPPONENT Xdamson ., 'ecln .. .,.., ., Nooclrow -- Iunselr ....,... Jorlln Dallas Xclamson eclw ......,.,.. 'Vooclrow . Lunsel ,. Jorllw Dallas THE WINNER I95I RELAY TEAM Larry SCTWWGFTZ Spr'iI'1l'S GCFOSS The TTFITST1 line To FirsT row: Wallace Mann, Coach Charles Beckham. Take TirsT place wiTh a Time oT 9.9 seconds aT The Second 'OW1 Nafhan Kaplan. John BOONE. l-affv Schwa T1 Regional lvieeT. THE TIMBER TOPPER Weldon Glasscock displays his winning Torm in The I2O-yard high hurdles in a Triangular meeT wiTh Adamson and Woodrow. TRACK I95l SEASON AlThough small in number, The Lion TracksTers managed To gain a TourTh place in The ciTy and racked up 243f4 poinTs To gain second place in Regional. Larry SchwarTz, ace sprinTer 'was The high man in The ciTy wiTh ll3f4 poinTs. OTher poinTs winners were Wallace Mann, NaThan Kaplan, RoberT Walker, Jack Couch and Wayne Nance. i952 SEASON ln The earlier meeTs oT T952 The ForesT Trackmen have shown sTrengTh in The dashes, The hurdles, The 440 and in The weighTs. AT The ForT WorT FaT STock Show, Larry SchwarTz placed second in The TOO- yard dash, while LuTher Borgeson was TourTh in The shoT. The TracksTers Then iourneyed To Brownwood, where They placed Third in The BluebonneT Relays. SchwarTz won The 220 and placed second in The TOO. Weldon Glasscock won second in The high hurdles. LuTher Borgeson heaved The shoT 46 TeeT Tor Third place. The 440-yard relay Team also placed Third Tor a ToTal oT I7 poinTs. The '52 TracksTers will be a deTiniTe ThreaT Tor The ciTy Track crown. lnsel: Coach James Bafchelor. John Clenclenen, Bobby McGee, James Holmes, Tommy Firsf row: Harry Roberls, Don Plunlc, Jimmy Siaiford, Jerry Jennings. Romolsky, Charles Powell, Don Wesch, Bobby Cannon. Second row: Raymond Truesdell, Don Truesdell, Jerry Biesel, Third row: Ralph Marshall, Don Hollancl, Harmon Simes. BASEBALL l95 Wirh a new coach ai The helm, Foresl"s l95l baseball Team won live games and losi Tive, winding up The season in 'rhird place lie wilh The Sunsel Bisons. The Lions were led ai The plale by Don Holland, Don Truesdeil, Don Wesch, Raymond Truesdell and 'rheir all-ciiy rnoundsman, Bud Mar- 952 The Lions looked good in Their T952 pre-season games. Don Truesdell, Hap Roberis, and Jimmy Siaiiord led The Lions To viciory over Garland. Norih Side of Fori Worih, and Forl Worih Tech. The Green Wave bowed io S.M.U. Freshmen 9-5. Gene Kiiierman looked promising a+ Tirsr base as shall. did Marvin Wise ai caiching. The Lions were scheduled ro open ihe i952 Ciiy Series wiih Wood- row Wilson April 7 al Riverchon Park. LeT'i' fo righfz Jimmy Sfafford, Don Wesch, Don Holland, Charles Powell, and Bud Marshall. X I iili in . - T H T :f'fy'ff 'syir ww b Vi 1 .,', 2 552 Q Y' fi' Q, 1' .J f 27 ' J Ni il ll Ei l 4:3115 "31 5 i Il: , ,"f . ., ..., ,,,..,. XAVV U I Q : ' 5 .,,, ,V . . so sits ' ' - ' f 1 2. , .. lg NEWCOMB TOURNAMENT WINNERS Firsi' row: Adrienne Enqleberg, Joyce Dulce, Anile McGlo+hin, Mary Whi+e, La Juana Reynolds. Second row: Carolyn Moraslci, Jenara Marfinez, Mary Hall, Bobbie Rosson, Joyce Cleveland, Janice Tucker, Barbara Tucker, Viola Busby. Norma Hudson, Rosie Camacho, Sandra Arie, Mary Hall, Audrie Jacobs, Eddie Grayson, Mary Webb. Third row: Beifye Jaggers, Hope Johnson, Shirley Tesio, Befh Williams, Faye Joiner, Willie Mae Herndon, Shirley Wilson, Beilry McMillen, Mary Bell Owens, Barbara Smifh, Norma Tankersley, Virginia Harlin, Siella Moraslci. Margaref Seddon, Jean Flowers. Fourih row: Bobbie Cain, Phyllis Morris, Doroihy Smiih, Palsy Woods, Linda Holmes, Willie May Bell, Wanda Jean Holloway. The opposiie learn wairs in suspense as an unideniified player siarrs lo reiurn +he ball. 3wi 1 .1, qwigkfyiis-g,sx1iigermz1,qz,'...Q-ws:,z.,f:fw: f-fwfr.: '," :rv f-,. f -K s :V ,,- as W Win, ..,s .Wi W . N, . , VCLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT WINNERS Firsl row: Marlha Rariden, Slar Villasana, Anila Wollord, Dorolhy Sparks, Carolyn Auslin, Shir- ley Wrye, Palricia Reynolds, Sylvia Wellchek, Marlha Blake, Nelda Louise Dennis, Sylvia Mehl- man. Second row: Billye Cleveland, Joyce Bennell, Sue Lamberl, Julia Bailey, Belle Brown, Dorolhy Harmon, Eva Parkinson, Deloris Maynard, Jo Ann McCarler, Marilyn Baxler, Jalna lmholl, Bobbie Nell Williams, Jacqueline Robinson, Frieda Wood, Joan Dresslar, Louella Dobbs, Charlene Prollill, Jene l-lenderson. Third row: Georgie Mason, Mary Louise Rodarle, Annelle l-larwell, Mary Ann Slinson, Sarah Pick- ell, Amelia Ponlley, Barbara l-larwell, Shirley Esner, Lucrelia Miller, Kalhryn Bynum, Gloria Lindsay, Mary Jones, Bing Slriegler, Beverly Wol- lord, Eddie Lou Corley, Carolyn l-lall, Paula Jean Leech, Slella Tackill, Edna Riley. Fourlh row: Adele Werlh, Minelle Banks, Madelyn Cohen, Palsy Lee Taylor, Shirley Rybak, Wilma Williams, Jean Lu Speake, Jo Ann Fryer, June Sullenger, June Apple, Tressie Mixon, Dorolhy Richardson, Barbara Richardson, Jeanelle Brown, Jane Gray, Nola Duggan, Fannie Simons, Bar- bara Boalman. Fif+h row: Damaris Walker, Josie Nell Poslon, Dar- lene Nelson, Melva Shipp, Earlene Fallwell, Fran- ces l-lendrick, Nancy Magness, Edilh McCoy, Marie Lancasler, Frances Shehorn, Belly Slepp. A player reaches high inlo lhe air lo relurn a serve lrom lhe opposile leam. smsWmmmnef'wuws TENEKOIT TOURNAMENT WINNERS Firsi' row: Palsy Taylor, Joanne lv1cCar+er, Carolyn Second row: Beverely Redlearn, Janel Holcombe, Auslin, Edna Wallace, Bobbie Nell Williams, Jacqueline Robinson, Frieda Wood, lvlinelfe Jeaneffe Kelley, Dorolliy Worley, Meredilln Banks, Emily l'lun+, Mary Jones, Cuebelle Chan- Reeves. cellor. I- P wox.FE STREAMLINERS Firsl row: Gloria Nollingham, Anila Claylon, Joyce Welsh, Barbara Greenhaw, Shirley Hullman, Marlha Rariden, Alla Richardson, lone Lumpkin, Glenda Moore, Palsy Pallerson, Palsy Ford. Nellie Bass. Second row: Margarel Knighl, Georgie Mason, Joan l-ladaway, Jane Gray, Dolores Tucker, Glynda Lowrey, Lynnelle Kalz, Pal Canaday, Virginia Michael, Valla Jean Wilburn, Phyllis Morris, Belly Creary, Charlene Cain, Palsy Wilburn. Third row: Carole l-liggins, Edna Wallace, Joyce Jones, Louise McDaniel, Lorela l'lill, Darlene Nel- son, Jo Ann McCarler, Palsy Taylor, Bobbie Nell Williams, Emily Wilson, Lucille Easley, Pal Rose- man, Paddy Burnell, Mary Louise Rodarle. Fourlh row: Marcia Banks, Arnella Slegall, Chris- line Cameron, Palsy l-largrove, Paula Leech, Florence Rosenblum, Mollie Nelms, Shirley Rybak, Janel Holcombe, Joyce Bauerle, Charlolle Kirk- sey, Carrie Wagliarido, Barbara Rhodes, Kay Davis, Lynne Kalmin. Fiflh row: Billye Rulh Sorrells, Jo Nell Tenery, Nancy Magness, Ann Keenum, Evelyn Michael, Edilh McCoy, Mary Jones, Jeanne Porsylh, Cyn- lhia Barr, Melva Shipp, Aquilla Jimison, Lila Golden, Minelle Banks, Wilma Louis. u UDLFE BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Rose Marie Polash keeps close guard on rhe girl behind basker- ball, Joyce Williamson, while San- dra Oils and Anila Claylon wonder whal happens nexl. Firsi' row: Mary Joines, Jean Clark, Carolyn Auslin, Jacqueline Robinson, Cuebelle Chancellor, Char- lene Cain, Anila Claylon, Emily Wilson. Second row: Carrie Waqliardo, Nancy Wrighl, Billie Skinner, Glynda Lowry, Shirley Huffman, Billye Rulh Sorrells, Barbara Greenhaw, Joyce Welch, Dolores Tucker, Arnella Slegall, Linda Fulerlas. Third row: Marlha Rariden, Geraldine Erskine, Bar- bara Waller, Beverely Redfearn, Jo Ann Mc- Carler, Palsy Taylor, Frieda Wood, Bobbie Nell Williams, Minelle Banks, Mary Louise Rodarle, Gloria Nollingham, Dororhy Worley, Mary Jones. Four'l'h row: Jo Thompson, Shirley Sims, Marlha l-larbison. Nanc Seddon, Barbara Reynolds, Gwendolyn Golclslein, Pal Canaday, Judy Slai- rnan, Kay Davis, Paula Leech, Doroihy Vick, Damaris Walker. Fif+h row: Wabie Wallace, Mary Brooks, Janel' Bradbury, Norma Slracks, Gwendolyn Looney, Emily l-lunl, Ann Keenum, Josie Nell Poslon, Barbara Slephenson, Loreia l-lill, Belva Johnson, Aquilla Jamison, Mary Seddon, Ava Nell Dean. BASEBALL CHAMPIONS As Beverely Redfearn wails al loaf Carolyn Ausfin, pilcher, de- livers a ball lo Maxine Young, calcher. Firs'I' row: Carol Warren, lone Lumpkin, Shirley Fugill, Janel l-lolcombe, Beverely Redfearn. Margie Cannon. Second row: Maxine Young, Marcia Banks, Carolyn Jones, Carolyn Ausiin, Lila Golden, June Apple. Third row: Jean Clark, Norma Braley, Jane l-lollon, Delores Manor, Janel Bradbury, Evelyn Shulrs. Fourih row: Josephine Braley, Molly Caslleberry, Virginia Nickerson, Eva Parkinson, Wanda Schaf- fer. Fiffh row: Shirley Jones, Jeanelrle Maynard, Palsy Pallerson, Wilma Louis, Sylvia Neal, Trudy Clair. Six+h row: Lilian Cook, Georgia Mason, Palsy Ford, Nola Dugan, Rachel Domke, Louise Rollman. 1nul n' e aaiffeQa asia1. - ,S .Mu it i, ,- Officers of fhe newly formed Leffermens Club hold an informal meefing before school. Leff fo righf: Vice Presidenf Marvin Wise, Secrefary Weldon Glasscock and Presidenf Richard Bafes. M. L. Kennedy clowns for fhe A Baseball feam. Leff: Roberf Johnson and Eddie Greenburg conqrafulafe fhernselves affer winning golf frophies in fhe spring 'SI rnafches. Below: Everyone is ouf of firne buf Herman Finley. Number 20. . 1 1: if, 1 , W-wsgezrlfrgxr Vw-:raswwfsfrxr - ...ea-l:,:s..,,'2 -iimmrf-' f g :' ..: --- ' Above: The baTTle is abouT To begin. BoTh sides prepare Tor The Tip in The TaculTy lEds vs. Coedsl baslaeTball game. Right "Old Lady Hilliard" guards Jimmy Horn EnThusiasTic cheerleaders and masc:oT applaud Coach Johnson as he arouses The spiriT oT ForesTers beTore The NorTh Dallas game. The Pep Squad keeps in Time wiTh The music dur- ing a pep assembly. Leo and Lena Junior, along wilh John Jordan, Sludenl Council Presi- denl. walch Nadine Hughes crowned Queen Howdy by Clyde Bono while I.u+her Borgeson crowns Sam Holly King Howdy. FEATURES T T FORESTEI HARRY ROBERTS BETTY RUTH BARBARA LEDOUX SHANNON C-BRIGGS A VORI TES MARTHA WATSON " - BILLY DON FORTE MOLLY ROGERS LUTHER BORGESON VE" 'rrk 51 iam J -'igzff . , I ' S 1 I ' - ' I I .. K 8 ,., .,,x ,.,v , A.., I .,,.. I ,I I M , ,.,. . .. H . 3 F'- ' ' , ' - , Aff - IA i2fHffm . 5Qf2ff' I 4 7 -1 .. , 1321 wx I-S95 . , I - ' I q w fvfa gf: 7 f I ?g5'!-2i- I - -- 5 2 2,f'fi1s':if K' I Vf5if'f'2,5SSF2,'5ki'i1-if'l-if,"ia?5?iiif in .V ,L I. if' 1, Lili? iwInWWI,.W,mW -fy I H I ,. HM H5 -f"Y,f225f21:!wWf2'4 QL- , x i I -' 1, ssh f A JIMMY STAFFORD MARTHA WATSON "' "f if SENIOR STAR LOWELL BABER ANITA WOFFORD JAMES D. FREEMAN BEVERELY REDFEARN BENNIE LOU HOOK I56 JOANNE JAMESON IMI LARRY SCHWARTZ HINE AT FOREST if A A MOLLY ROGERS JOHN JORDAN CHRISTINA POULAKIDAS LUTHER BORGESON JANET HOLCOMBE FRED LOFTON MARTHA MANNING SHANNON GRIGGS SHERI BREWER DADS CLUB QUEEN CONTEST lnlereslecl Foreslers loolc al prizes To be given ro W winners. Leif: Mr. Whilllesey presenls prizes lo winners ol Dads Club Queen Conlesl. The winners are, lell ro righrz Marlene Drumgold, Mary Frances Tulrle, Molly Rogers, anol Jeanerre Brown. Below: Queen Marlene Drurngold and her escorr, Jack Tomlinson, aller crown- ing ceremony af The Adamson game, are shown wirh Harry Shay, Dads Club presiclenr, left and Principal Whirllesey, righl. FIRE MARSHALS-LOCAL NUMBER ONE ForesJr's newesl organizafion is The Fire Fighlers, who are Trained 'ro direcl The fire drills. Firsl row: Herman Finley, Freeman lPinlciel Brownlee, James D. Freeman, Billy Dixon, Paul Concaclc. Second row: Jimmie Ashley, Charles Schweifzer, Bob Mc- Gee, Thomas Ray, Donald Brazil, Principal James T. Whilllesey, and Weldon Glasscock. DRAMATICALLY SPEAKING Foresfs emlry in lhe lnlerscholaslric League One-Ad Play Conlesl was "'Minue+," wilh Gene Shane, lefi, as iaillceeper, Lowell Baber, cenler, French aris+ocra+, and Belle Brown, +he charming wife. The play look second place in l'he ciiy. 22633-?fsY'T, - B7IAf37C?'fiFriE?fiSZ5"ssE.54L'5l.H5Q5' Zia Zag ZZMZD Elecjred by ballofs in Hme FOREST ECHO D NK RIGSBY ETTA GRAY CHARLES "COTTON" RICE l-le wears every one oT his sevenTy-six years proudly and spryly. There is always a Twinkle in his blue eyes and a iesT when he comes inTo The annual oTTice, someTimes Trying To shoo us ouT. We promise TaiThTully To Turn The lighTs ouT and close The windows. l-le in Turn TaiThTully replaces The lighT bulbs which annual sTaTTs TreguenTly burn ouT in Their miclnighT oil burning eTTorTs To make The deadline. ThaT shiny new wasTe baskeT land how we needed iT!l we know is There because "CoTTon" has been looking ouT Tor us. And no maTTer how laTe we work, somehow or oTher The nexT morning Things look clean and neaT again. And no rnaTTer how busy we are, sure and iT's a welcome we're always giving To Mr. Charles "CoTTon" Rice. Sz i2fLfggZfz.e SQZXZMQQ 1951-52 CALENDAR S E P T E N B E R lO---Forest Avenue High School opens with l,626 students entering school for the fall term...Forest is now a S- , year High School--the first in Dallas. - ing football ' football pep JQ Y I -'---Buy yourself Echo today. 6 ' f QF' ' I , 1 ' 13---wefre off to Q Qs E , ff ffff 28---Single File. season. O C T O B E R 19---Let's go to the Fair Grounds. High School Day. 26---HHowdy Weekn with King Howdy--Sam Holly3 and Queen Howdy--Nadine Hughes...HYea Forest Tagsn sponsored by the Student Council. 29---Hi-Y Midnight show. Come one---Come All. 31---BOO ---- HThe spooks are out tonightu ---- Why? Because it's Halloween. N O V E M B E R Forest. school house.W l5---Red Cross Assembly. 2l---Thanksgiving Holidays begin. Now for that turkey...But first we take on Adamson tonight, and the Cubs tangle with Spence. 30---The first basketball game played in the new gym...National Honor assembly with l7 new members. Assistant Superintendent Walker speaks. Gainesville for the open- game of the year...First assembly tool a copy of the Forest ..lnitial fire drill of the KN N5 5 C 2---PTA Pay Assembly with some wonderful Forest talent. 5---X-Ray test given to h6O students and'teachers at l2---Open House tonight at Forest High--HCome see our new -Students pick Etta Gray and Dink Rigsby for Echo FALL EIVIESTER D E C E M B E R K2 Sweethearts. fix,dS7 A Q K rag -Cff to T.S.C.W. go Weldon Glasscock, Joanne Jameson, j ht, and Christina Poulakidas to represent The Forester A' 'iw' at the Texas High School Press Association in Denton. A b X, Clncidentally, they came back with an All-Texas ratinglb X X . 1 r x Z? 'V January graduates have their Senior Prom at Winfrey 1 Point, and is it beautiful!...Lions buy Student Direc- , tories from members oftkw Student Council--what a W clever way to learn the telephone number of that cer- tain boy or girl! -January graduates present the senior play--HA Date With Judy.H Dorothy Bell's NTeen-Timen is devoted entirely to Forest High. l9---The Christmas edition of the Echo is edited by the School is out for the holidays--Santa Claus is coming to town! A Christmas assembly is presented by the Music and Speech Departments. Student Da at Forest Hi h!! Call sli s sent out gh Y S P Qj? today are signed HDean Ruth Benson.H J A N U A R Y lt's leap year!!. Watch your step, boys!! "'7IP'fe --School re-opens after Christmas Holidays, and it's back to work again. --Teachers go to school after school! About 25 teachers are enrolled in a curriculum development course. CMore things for us to learn, we betcha!D --Senior Edition of Echo reveals most embarrassing moments, and seniors' last will and testament...Three Echo editors elected to Quill and Scroll. --Who will ever forget the costumes worn by the teachers at the faculty basketball game? With Miss 4' f Eckelman scoring vigorously during time-out, the " Coeds win, naturally! T? --Senior Day program presents seniors as famous TV Kg? L entertainers. liz --Baccalaureate Services at Forest Avenue Baptist Church. ln Q9 --January"52 Class receive diplomas in school .JIQP Lif- auditorium. -At ease! Exams are over...End of first semester! '63 cub staff, with Fred Lofton as cub editor-in-chief. -The athletes go to town on the fine barbecue 'DHNCE -Speakers of three faiths tell us to Hlove 17 .7-52 CALENDAR F E B R U A R Y S---watch those patricians race to the annual Slave Auction put on by Auditores Caesaris. 6--Jimm 'Stafford gets the gavel, not on his head, as he X takes over as hA class president from Dink Rigsby. xx 1 7---Bang! That's just another shot coming from the armory, X where some of the leading marksmen of the nation practice K X 9---Lions find a good excuse for staying out late: The Dads Club gives a midnight show at the White Theater. l2---Eleven outstanding cadets receive honor wreaths. -Dear Cupid Edition of Echo out today. Bring your beau to the Valentine Dance. This is Leap Year, girls, so hold on to him. at the Athletic Banquet sponsored by the Dads Club. LLOUIN59 -Obie Joe Draper is momentarily a housewife Wmfs on the TV show HOur Public Schools at Workn put on by the Home Ec. Department. your neighboru in Brotherhood Assembly. -Girls get set as lettermen receive their jackets. Leap Year Dance--let's go, girls! M A R C H Sgt. Andress, Soldier of the Year in 1951, European Occupation Forces, comes to instruct in the Military Department. Double treat for students by the American Male Chorus and program presented by the Texas History Club. pHtHlH l3---BIG AUCTION OF THE SENIOR BOYS! Billy Don Forte sings Q 6 'K his way to top price of 37.50. T 3 26---Foresters turn out in full force to see the One-Act V. lnterscholastic Play. The acting and the direction were superb. 1 A- - X I 27---Forest Choir sings at Veterans Hospital in Lisbon. NX f gig! Mrs. Evans wins applause with her musical skits. gg I 3l---The big question today is what Career Clinic sessions to attend. lO-T-Hi-Y Spring Formal Dance at Winfrey Point. SPRING E ME TER l---You can play any jokes you want today...UApril Fools!H.... Foresters learn Hwhat to wearn at Sears-Roebuck style show. 2---The Reverend Terrell and his wife talk about marriage to the Juniors and Seniors...HEchoH promotion dance in gym. 3--LMr. Robert Dedman speaks on the spiritual aspects of E::3E::1t::J business. l X. ,, U04-FE l M---Dallas Historical Society gives banquet...Forest track boys p go to Austin for the Texas Relays. G-27 7---"Take me out to the ball game," and let's waiiop those 62 37 Wildcats 1 lO---Mr. and Mrs. Fix are guests at the Pan American Day l Assembly. y I L ll---Cinderella Drive-In is the scene of the Senior Class' Us . . . T - ' V dnivht Show...Grab your Easter Bonnets! School is out XX, Hmmm ""-'e lfl. s - til Tuesday! y ....... lb---Pan American Banquet is held at the Baker Hotel. l ! 25---Get your date and let's go to the Senior Prom at Preston Hollow Country Club...Latin students have annual banquet at l the Jefferson Hotel. M A Y 2-l-Senior Play5 HMen Are Like Streetcars,N proves a hit. 5-T-Abilene High School presents chorus at assembly... They're great! 23-4-HLong distance, calling Senior DayH...Don't those seniors Qc look sleek and slick today? 25---Baccalaureate Services at Temple Emanuel with Rabbi Levi Olan, speaker. 26---Exam Fever again! Graduation exercises at First Methodist Church...Watch those l39 Foresters in cap and gown as they receive their diplomas...And so goodby-till next September. SCHOOL'S QQ!! l I65 Compliments of A FRIEND Pay Us a Visii' Finger Office Equipment Co. 965 SOUTH LAMAR RA-8l09 Texas' Largesi' Sfocks Texas' Lowesi' Prices Complefe Shop Wi+h One S+op Qualify Foods a+ Stubbs HA-2626 HARWOOD AT GRAND Open 8 A.M. Io I0 P.M. Every Day Including Sunday Compliments of CLEVELAND ST. BAPTIST CHURCH 3600 Cleveland Sfreel' HA-2498 WILLIAM H. JAMES, Pas+or hmm! CLEANERS N QI 1, 1 5 son COLONIAL AVE. PHONE H.A-i72l Cornplimenls ol SANDS ELECTRIC COMPANY I223 Second Avenue-Dallas T. C. SANDS Bus. HA-.2 I 83 Res. HA-2443 CENTURY LUMBER COMPANY 3220 Grand Avenue HU-0236 BUILDING MATERIALS - REMODELING PAINT - HARDWARE "Your Sou+h Dallas Home of Homes" DUCK INN NO. 2 Specializing in Fresh Lake Dallas Channel Calfish Dinners and Hush Puppy Corn Bread Sficlcs I804 Foresf Avenue HU-9626 Owned, and Operafed by S. H. HOWARD 81 SONS ,. "' ,, , .. .,.. . .. .-,., .. - -' ESTELLA GLOVER "FIowers of Dis+incI'ion" Compliments of Friedman's Prescriplion Pharmacy 'I ' '11 Tj, HA d I747 , ' rwoo Fas+ Free Delivery- ' We Wire Flowers I705 Foresl' -. k Anywhere PHONE IM-I3I3 390' COLONIAL Dallas I5, Texas Complimerfrs of DIAMONDS-GIFTS TI CI4' TUCIS Worthington 5 I-IOPPE Sc +0 SL00 Share WATCHES-REPAIRING-JEWELRY I632 Fores+ Ave. Dallas O'EE:i'?ll8KIplV:1Zhg2?:jcErs 835 Exposifian T,A.9oIo 115 ACD TIRES 1 BATTERIES ACCESSORIES C. M. WILLIAMS SERVICE STATION Foresi' ai' Fourfh Phone HA-0I56 ROAD SERVICE c . Es. EAVER BROS. W GE. STEEL ENGINEERS 320I-3-5 Gunfer ST. Shop HU-8766 Res. HA-4857 LAGOW THEATRE Complimews of 43Io 'ijCOND AVE. d HU-9362 671411220425 ways a goo show which you can enioy FGOD S-I-ORE in Clean, Quiel' .ancl Comforfable 3647 Holmes Sfreei Surroundings. Humer 5855 CRY ROOM AMPLE PARKING Mrs. Wafford, Mgr. Home HU-4840 CompIimen+S of LAGOW DRUG STORE 4327 Second Avenue HU-5983 PATRON IIE our PW I ADVERTISERS Markey's Variety Colonial and Pine HA-0397 PATTERNS, HARDWARE AND TOYS COMPLIMENTS Oli' WJLEZPQ COMPLIMENTS OF FOREST AVENUE R. L. Mc Donald GROCERY 8: MARKET CONTRACTOR 3203 FOREST AVENUE CEMENT WORK and WATERPROOFING HA-0353 20lI Cross Phone HU-6240 USED CARS PHONE H8-8639 fva-WW, FLOOR co. Refinishing All Wood Floors PETE MASSONG l7l4 Foresf Ave. Dallas, Texas HUn'l'er 8440 HArwood l878 T FREELAND MOTORS, INC. Insurance and Financing Good Clean Cars OLE M. AANENSON It .4 V 3l24 S. Lamar 320l Colonial Dallas, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF 5q44fM4QD -FLOWER 5 l-lOP J. E. Boyd's BARBER 54-'gp LET FLOWERS EXPRESS YOUR 36W P A THOUGHTS A :ny F-Tensek 45l0 Second Ave. Cross 'om 6" ar Bus. HU-6237 Res. HU-7332 TE-0l05 PH. 104 HUTCHINS J 81 F CLOVER FARM STORE Where Prices TeII and OuaIiI'y Prevails C. B. FRANKS QLQLZQ af 27l0 Eas+ II+h PHONE WI-4595 BLAKENEY ELECTRIC CO. Commercial-Indus+riaI WIRING AND REPAIRING "Prices I'ha+ PIease" MOTORS-INTERPHONES-ALARMS I823 So. Harwood HU-5038 Residence HU-2I I2 T H E Sgmfymzzz FREE PICK UP and DELIVERY Phone HU-9232 I907 So. Harwood CSZMZZ umawoon Mmm Your A 8: G Food Sfore EVERYTHING UNDER ONE ROOF I833 So. Harwood Phone HA-I000 Chas. LePary's CLOVER FARM STORE Fresh MeaI's and VegeI'abIes Daily QUALITY FOODS 703 Fourfh Avenue HA 00I I 'E ' 11Af4 We Compllmemis of Chili Co?uCarnvEn8z Pure Pork Sausages ' ' ..-- igfQ,' Elnhorn's , CGC' I6 Super Murkel' gzfzfeag MEAT seizvnce 4I I5 S. Lamar mo PINE STREET J- -r"1" H WhoIesaIe and Re+aiI PHONE HA-9600 S+eaks To Sui'I Your Need , Daily Service Io IMPe"aI I34I Grocery Sfores and Cafes If No Answer CaII HArwood 0738 Y-- DAY and NIGHT Modern Business Training for Jobs and Promofion MONTHLY TUITION RUTHERFORD-METROPOLITAN School of Business 2020If2 Main S'rreeI' Adams Lunch Stand LUNCHES HAMBURGERS SANDWICHES CHEESEBURGERS 3237 Grand Avenue Phone HA-9056 MAKE YOUR DOLLARS GO FURTHER AT J.C. PENNEY CU. 5420 EasI' Grand FOREST AVE. FURNITURE CO. CompIe'I'e Line of Home Furnishings I624 FOREST AVE. HA-33I4 DALLAS I5, TEXAS ENISO STUDIOS IIOZV2 Elm SI'reeI' Dallas, Texas We have enjoyed making 'Ihe phofographs for your FOREST ANNUAL. To Ihe SENIORS, we exlend our congralularions and besl' wishes for greal' success. M Services for Your Every Banking Need I f ' BANKING HOURS W Monday Ihrough Thursday l0:00 a.m. 'lo 5:00 p.m. Fridays l0:00 a.m. 'Io 6:00 p.m. Salurdays 9:00 a.m. Io 2:00 p.m. South Dallas Bank and Trust Co. Foresl a+ Colonial MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Complimenis of SHERWIN - WILLIAMS Friendly Painl Cenrer Phone IM-I555 l628 Foresl' KD. S. IIHIIIUIIRQIILIIENY SUGGS FUNERAL CHAPEL WHOLESALE Funeral Direclors-Embalmers Lumber-Building Malerials Dallas, Texas FIR, WHITE PINE, YELLOW PINE. PHONE HA-2424-HA-732l OAK FLOORWG loo: SECOND AVENUE Telephone HArwood 7356 3025 Grand Ave. Dallas l5, Texas TOMMY H IXSON A xxg -Q . ,ix SERVICE STA f W3 H d ,w N . arwoo Q' al' dy? Grand Uflll 0 HU-2524 Q- x COMMERCIAL PHoToeRAPn-:ER W .Mg'BniNq valvsl Q., .'f""lA Ring 8. Brewer is A Complefe cw" Service R.O.T.C. headquarters! Over 30 Years I . Regulahon R.O.T.C. PHONE shoe in smooth TRemon+ 2053 cordovan brown We Pl1o+ograpl'1 lealherzmll: Anyrhing heel. Anylime 1 7.45, wit out notice 26I3 McKinney CADET UNIFORMS FURNISHINGS INSIGNIA Compliments of Ex-Foresfer-Class of January, I928 F. M. WOODWARD-Contractor "FIRST IN TEXAS" 2540 Second Ave. Dallas, Texas WWF W M M imlf fm fa W 64 flu, 0 ll M zjmwm .. .Since 1877 Compliments 0 f JOHN A. LE DOUX Plumbing and Heating Co 3626 HOLMES STREET Ph e HA-09I3 JOHNNY H ICKS RECORD SHOP I9I4 Foresi' Ave. Your Record Headquarters Open Till 8:00 Every Niie You are inviied +o our BROADCAST Every Thursday Ni1'e from I0:30 +o Midnife Direci' from fhe Shop "'lF IT'S ROUND-WITH A HOLE IN THE MIDDLE-WE HAVE IT." Compliments of SUUTIIWESTERN IIALFIIUII C0 SUPPLYING SENIOR RINGS ' CLUB PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS Down+own Sa es Office Sanger Bros.-Second Floor TELEPHONE PRESTON I266 Yes, yours to enioy . . . to make the most of. You'll fmd me, Reddy Kilowatt, X your friendly electric servant, always bk on hand to help you wherever you are. XX Remember. . . someday you'll have a home of your XXXN own . . . for better living be sure it's electric! Good X X NX X Xxx luck for now . . . you deserve the best of it. 'EX XX XX X x x it X X x I'!!l I Wk itll lll ,Y i, If l llrri, X X F Four Years At Forest With Freddy I F llll assi F r 464521 llll 56 F I 2 - RRETT ig .lg N2 L Mmm? m AQ Egg 5, ll t A IIILQ- .F ry -A.fl Q57 9 r , G W 531 .11 Ng ! r Bmw 914915 ii Xu -pw 3 QE 5 " .. rss- U --Z, 5 N 5 rr b iii. r 1 w r r l .79 1 A A , W f I f' l f X V ' J I I I 1 1 , , I .- f J , , I I 1 1 fl I A , f f i I I -1 ' 1 I f' , I I -1 r, :IV ,, M k .U Y L. My . xv -4 .1 .v VII Y. fa' 1-.nw VII! wi pngl, Nm-3 Q 1 .IVL .IJ ' -fn U-.1 ..-.. iw .. '- .' M ' 1-1 --H 1 -'F 1 l n" LJ J I T' 1: 4. 2 N I C, , 4 . fd 71. r . 1.11 -I. ' if fllf---F55 ff N ix J X 1 1 . . in U X ,f ': XL, Y 'B H Ki xx A ' .x N xl xv N K - 'v SN . Y ,X , J J , .11 N. s M 1 x x 'X A N., X33 Ny vm ? QQ ig .MA X B xg X X R Q - R X R X Q Li 5911! iffy' J 7455 f Q SX S5 fcqfhz X fffv X 9 f7',l!4'4"f "W L4 X ,3-.. , in QE i ll 1 ' l 1 ' ' I L.. 5-,---' f STH 125 P1 Mild! -. A .' 1- +- lun fi df' f X ,7 ff V f I ' ,C 5,-f,'.gifL - 'kg 'ff' F. J 4... I 1

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