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W,1WJ5L4f 224446. V. - q5O . 1 ""C.' Wgwl A afwfd W3 ,I 1 I H' l M76 JJ XL ,J qf Www WW f 37044, fz,- A ff , M If-I i fly f-yfdfff-' K.,-1-ML. . cj ' Lg' " , I f7f524Qz4,FQ' ?'1,.4Z1.'2 Q ji b -!,fLfw44'gf1, .ifc.fz 4g 12. ,A XV',y'2z4-f,'f fx gif! ' ' 4H"'f ff W ..- - if 'Q b W W .- - - - - T?" W" "f ' u ' ' 1 1 ..- ..,- jfftj is "'f """""""""" , SJ X X . s-1 N --+ 'N v-' ,.-.' '- ,L I H - -U - - r ' V, , 5 K! i,, b ,rt f b .., b Df e -xybf Q L . .' ' f f -- ' xQ4 Q ' Q1 Q. - , A, 4 NWMV K WV X " '.gifi M,Wf W !f' M y W?57fM5f5MMfWW 3 EPW www by ff7ff,,gg, WM Q MWWPMW WM JFQJMQWVMXK M Wy M W M my W E2 i:f5Q 355 . ' 1 'fi , ' Vx ' " ,af - 'wk .f '11 . ..:' - , V, f ,L af . ,y.',,m::..:a,4A.,.- ,..,kA... ., ,f,...... ..4,.,.4-,.., .M --.f..... .,..4!,' Au... .L Un,-X.2.n,, .LM-'I......u.,' l ' "' ' -" ' ' " ' 1 , ' 1 , - "' ' ' '1- ,J' 'E -' - 1 ' " " " 4 ' 'V' Hr Y' -1--i+---Hfr-4-'-F r----.., ,,.. Y V . iv-v---V H - T.,-,N --vvf f.....,, , v rv' "V ' ' ' -,lf rf- . f"' , 'x W , Af '- , ' f' 1 .f . I 1 - 1 I f WJ X, V, 1 If 1 1 zz .f 4 , f Vf V! V, . ' .' , , , 4 . F. , ', I, 4 D 5 7.1" f 1 . 0 A J!! f WW MW . J 4 -' -f ' I ,f ' fl f , 1' I ' Lg f . ,-I , li X" 1 - 1 4 ,, , , J: ! .jr 1 .1 ' I 4 11,11 f , If 1 A , . . 1 fix ' J ' 1 Q' . . ..s 5. . maui' 1 U .1 w 3 641 1 i ,A 4! - 'J 1 x ' f A777- J" . l Q Q ,ff x w 'qqqlgllhk .0 , f Quia Q' , ' flux in uf v - " 9 ' ' 52, xv xr KO X: dguigg ' X W 0 X R xg - . ,sQ V, !5 , 3 ' ' 1' , , '-6 t I X ,A ,I 9 Q 'I A X' . I I Qrf' f!'l' n 1 ' ' N3,jQA h T fgfTWQQwV Q 'Q - -f.1 W ' . gf ., ' "X fhivvi U , -17-W. b V' 'Q ACJ,1'.,t, - 5x.A..A...1Ll..,...,.... ,....i ' , , ..' . .x a,.,.,..,,,,-,t- N pw., M f -'-w-- . ..f N W A ky rw., F F-, ..T.,TT, i w--. ,.1wjwyw...-fE3,wf-f-::n:vv"-ww -,fw :r-w-pV,-m- .6-F ,Www x,, R V F 1 i. V YS, , ,V,:,,. .,.v mx ,wi . ' ,,.f t rf! W' Nfl mf ' 2 64 l jixgbg' M1 . 3 X xx?-- Q . Ji wjfiffvky 52 M fm 5, JFK dwzmz4 'L Cf' ...T ,. M- v' 2 . 4' if .. if K Administration . yy JH? Classes .... HY' i 3 . i Organizations E V Athletics .. by Militaify .... t PQ Features ...... f Advertisements xiii? . .1 , D ,, i Rx We Ex Ss . I W ...hi r-. 'V N. -mn 49' . "1u.. " "' :f-,el 0 " - Q., I C O 0 i I I I l I I X. Jw. ' ' Ml- Qs, c ' '.4 ........IOZ --.1 ..,.....1zo . WQQW W: , :iw MQ' 1 MM ,A L, J. ,,,.-.-.g ... . A. K vv . JA' ' X cgi W X - J R ,., ' 1 I ' , jg 'vi ' 1, . 41' X P -I . pa, ,. . , f ' . A, , , 9 'fl' 1 , 2 K.. ' '.-.1 Q , . 3 H, "I Lv' 1 J 1- U :I 4 I A H 'fx ' V ,. x " I' 1 'J 1 , .T " N u 0 A I A ., ' n f !,' ,. ,, I I ,.,. 5.1 2,43 f X Q - A 3 Published by +he S+uden+s i ' ' i . K gm of 1 Q Q osx FORESfI2r'S?XyBNUE HIGH SCHOOL - f Q X W. 7x'i.Bf?Eb?DDallaQ, 4Texas Qi Q . ,xijgvl x uw X 1 -H "1 X ' 40 gf 4, -- W7 fs , , 1 fr! de 2 D f e f1J,k,.' Q JL, Lf'-fsfe ,' rj E f 1 , I' f f' if ' - f '94 -.ff 1' 1, Qu' vffv' -ces LL 44,01 '-1 nl , x,.f .e -1, X- L1 1 65fWf,"'!"f' ?,..,,g,-fvfrfgal' r lf: ll I lf. I ff , Ill, A If -' 4 MRS- My X 4,1 I , .W JG all rl X , 1 A . ff' pf N lk M 'IJ QM . . 1 4 X' Q Dedlcotlon A X l L A! Q I I If Adminisfrafors, feachers, and sfudenfs have a rare 'Friend in fhis 'modes+ woman, whose kindliness and quiei charm have endured fhrough 'Phe years as she worked +0 build a QQ beHer school. Foresfers fake pride in +he faci' +ha+ fhis X -.zdff 7 session she has fhe dislincfion of serving all fhe schools of xC7f1,v-4,416 Dallas as Presideni' of fhe Dallas Ci1'y Council of Pareni- 15,406 we-42, Teacher Associafions. In a very real sense she rypifies fhe ,-MA' 2 2 spirii of our parenrs and feachers. And so if is wifh grafi- , - 'rude ihaf rhe s+aH dedicares rhe I95I Foresrer fo Mrs. fav! Allen Reed, wiih +he knowledge fhaf when Foresi' assumes W A a grearer responsibilify as a five-year school no small par+ mf g . " due 'l'o her dream, her plan, her work. 'SQA . 4 , ,,,,fA,.....e..-. ,.,,,-, , ,., MQW r me . , . --W Y Ziff j ,,,V ' aj I 'fi - f?:',-,fzfkfi 1.5" f -,494 'Z'2i.,,. Q, Y' I A - ' A BQQLJ? f ZA! , , .ggf,'f,fw7Q4L-rl, I 1' H ' - 4 1 1 M if ga ,mini so l . 54,544.1 , .,,,iz,h if : ' A fi -J, , 1 -if yjK"' ,I,,7'. l 05 . yi D 7 ' 'J u l L IJ V um M 1 I K l' fl ll rl fl! I "' Q P l ! I ' y 4 4 Q 'x V112 f ,ry X U I .r if W , 'L . ,.V.,h, r ' Rf' K! j ' D ba, , ----- -- r U l ' r 35555 M jf , A s r Q. IH my , ,J 4 sf' ' A S Xl X il ' 5, - I ,xvxxa W I ,rf 1 S S tg V "w Y 1 lllwqzfl r ., xl' X S .1 V UNI l f vi 'nine-2' 1, Q, L, lw 'Q N 'X f i A 'ff Qxexsiig Foreword 1 , - r l ff s ome loo wlfh us over Foresi' s blueprnnl' 'for progress A ,ll 4f Y. 1 ' 171 ly from a four-year high school +o a full-fledge ' - ew! ,f,ff' ' f 'Q f f , high school, fhe only one of Hs kind in Daupi, an e wi hg,-', "W ' . A us as we recall how sfep by s+ep,'fvf1'faXdf:li+uons" he e,l XM Q A X ' 5 improvemenls fhere, n I-'fif+h yewww h l,f",rf gs V 7 ff +h ++ +I , g ' ' r T + l f f-, ,A ' priulzl? vligorfus lirilgilagon 1' ai! sZll+ils'dJgZ,15s mel, 4 X' Mff 5 dreamed if should and could be. Reioicewviljh us a , W I open +he door fo show you +he Fores+ of fo off. f C r I I I -5 f f 1 r f . I, I r,,l f f ff y QWWQF of 4, 5 i 4 xl X xj 5 4 J-X . .bs , , .su-L V ,. .X-,..4.. 444.61 . V , Q..-1 vc'-v . Q 'Mx :fi 1' foxy. '.'W,,w.g ' X 3 E,-qw ., H ,e,... 8 A , - V -so ' ,'l,'A,Q,,'-,g':z,,1fo.,,'..' ,.,1A,"f?l1FwnoRfXA?:',1aa-eff " ' X f.Y' 4f,l4."' X. S My ,,k.. - . k, , . 'm rf' 1,-.h,,a. vm' ,g 5, , r ' 1" .wx-"- tw A' 'A""5- .. , M A '-' 4 if x, 1 ' - ki.'L?"' ., f 'X fi' .f.-.4J -.M -1.25.11 V F, ,ef ,K ,- 1 J , W I P .g, , ld... iii Here is Jrhe old Foresf before consfruc- Hon was s+ar+ed on 'rhe new wings fhaf change if from a four-year high school fo a five-year high school. 'ww ' an Ill fl, gl m xjlln ' hp ore., in Mx . , fllimf, 's1.Vl1 .A A 7 em Here is ihe new Foresf as consrrucrion begins, a preview of Jrhe new room for gen- eral science. Jrhe new band quariers, and Hwe equipmenf room in Hwe gymnasium. n 0. s A 9, 3 L- . . ' , ,v ., 1 1 L ' X-f i ,.,..,,.,,,,,M . nf' 'Mm ,..a--f""' N3 -QL.-1 if Ti' me xg 4 91- 7 nl st x i x K 5 Q., 11 5 1 i , " " x Q., In L s 'A 'F 1 ,si .nj " X 5 5 SSS S ' x nam ?a! lf v .io 'dm 2 ,EW 1:1 f 2 Snow scenes form a background for views of Hue building, a winfer wonderland of snow and ice. wma: zf, .sv .Ac A,x1,amLm.umwL., ,J .,,.K.m.g..4..,,4....QL.,..i.1,...c7 Ji.-, W ,, ,, , Y, 4.1. Un 704641 24595 is 'few M? Top: The new wing houses 'ihe boys' gymnasium, classrooms, and i 'Phe new armory. Cenierz A back view of 'rhe new wing. BoHom: Shower rooms 'For girls' gymnasium. ,w I 80098808 From l9l6 unfil I944 fhe Dean of Foresf, who had no privafe quarfers, carried on her work from 'fhe main office. Then she moved info her presenf office for a shorf fime, where she and fwo secrefaries shared fhe same room. From l945 fo I947 she occupied I04. ln I948 fhe Dean moved fo her presenf office. Since fhe expansion program began, a privafe office for discussions wiih sfudenfs, Teachers, and parenfs has been provided. nemo s ornce 'U"" EORRIDOI. 0 A l A, ,Q Q v- - ADMINISTRATION -4. Um Scqemdatwdeal w. T. wi-me ,-iacdataat apwiatwdeata ROBERT H. McKAY E. D. WALKER FRANK L. WILLIAMS DALLAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS BOARD OF EDUCATION R. L. THOMAS, Presideni' AVERY MAYS, Vice Presideni' MRS. TRACY H. RUTHERFORD W. C. SCURRY LLOYD M. CAMPBELL MRS. VERNON D. INGRAM EDWIN L. RIPPY. M.D. RALPH W. McCANN HARRY STONE JESSE 'F. CARDWELL Co-ordinafor Secondary EcIuca+ion .Mr ,-,,--W - Righh Mr. Whi++lesey 'Pells Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Mickle wha'I' a pleasure i+ is 'fo give references for fhis fype of Foresfer. Below: Mr. WhiHlesey proudly wafches Johnny McGari+y receive his diploma from Mr. Sfone, member of +he Board of Edu- cafion. Q 1 if 1 Above: Proudly Fores1"s principal poinfs ou+ fhe feafures of fhe new gymnasium 'l'o visiiors. Leff: Mr. Whi'H'lesey locks fhe door of +he new wing unfil nexf year, when if will be open for classes. ,ef I5 J -X..-vw.. ---Y - - --- W. J. ANDERSON Shop, Mafhemafics NANNIE D. ANDREWS Mafhemafics JAMES BATCHELOR C. J. BEAUDRY Mefhemalics Shop Me+al and woodshop courses were added To Fores+'s cur- ricula in 1948. Boys are iaughl' lo handle machines and 'fools correclly, make repairs around 'lhe home, and figure ihe cosf of consrrucfion. Classes make many lhings +ha+ can be used in The house-lamps, coffee fables, and shelves being mosl popular. Slrudenfs look on as Mr. Anderson demon- slrales lhe use of a machine. Z C. A. BECKHAM FRANCES BEILHARZ Ma+hemalics Home Economics Wll.LlE MAY BERRY J. A. BOULTON ' Home Economics Science Social Sludies courses include social science, geography, hisfory, economics, and civics. Social science feaches slu- denis how fo live in a modern sociely. The background of civilizafion, ihe slories of America, Texas, and Lalin America are faughl in fhe various hislory courses. Picfured here, Miss Brown's hislory class prepares an assignment This scene could have been snapped almosl any morning in 'rhe main office. Mrs. Brown may be counseling a senior, or enrolling a new sludenl, while Mrs. Miclcle and assislanis are busy wilh numerous dulies. Al' lhe counler, loo, is a sub- slilule leacher gellinq her assignmenl. Mr. Whilllesey is in his office making announcernenls over lhe public address syslem, acafq "To be or nol lo be" is lhe queslion as Miss Clarlfs Eng- lish 6 Class debales, "Should women be dralled?" ln 'rhe lirsl' lhree years, lileralure and grammar are laughl in aller- nale courses. Firsl and second-year lileralure classes explore 'lhe various lypes of wrilinq. American lileralure is laughj in lhe iunior year, while lhe senior course is devoled lo Eng- lish liferalure. Teachers gel' fogefher nol only for relaxalion, buf also 'ro LEROY CRABTR EE Science SARA DAVIDSON Spanish I V g. , We if K? .mx MARY DRAKE Hislory 3 I iii I 2 1 Ei HELEN ECKELMAN Speech R. J. EDWARDS ANNIE GEM FELDER Mechanical Drawing English RUTI-I FETTERMAN , -Commercial MILTON FR EY Physical Educalion Miss Felferman demonslrafes fhe use fo lhe mimeograph machine lo her Typing 4 Class. Typing is one ol Ihe commer- cial courses laughl af Foresl in preparalion for 'fhe business world. Sludenls learn how 'Io use lhe lypewriler, lo wrile business Iellers, and lo cul slencils. Shorlhand enables pro- speclive secrelaries Io +alce dic+aIion. Principles of book- keeping are Iaughl in accounling. ew discuss professional maflers. Several Iaculfy members are aclive in local and nalional organizalions: Miss Felcler is second vice-presidenf of +he Dallas Teachers Associafion, while Mr. Yafes is preside-nl of 'rhe Dallas Teachers Union and vice-presidenl of 'rhe Credif Union Nalional Associ'a+ion. Mr. Mifchell, 'rreasurer ol The Dallas Teachers Creclil' Union, is chairman of The Credif Union Commillee of 'lhe Nalional Educalion Associalion. The fundamenfals of news wrifinq and +he value of news sfories are laugh? in iournalism classes. Praclical experience is gained by wriling lealures, ediforials, inlerviews, and publishing fhe Foresr Echo. Under +he clireclion of Mr. John- sfon, who is vice-presidenl of Ouill and Scroll, lhe Echo is published every olher weelc. Mr. Johnslon here is lallcing lo members of lhe slafl as fhey loolc over +he lafesl edifion. acaiftq Three halls are designafed as places where Foreslers go 'lo sfudyz Room I02, 2Ol, piclured here, and 202. Coaxed by sludy hall 'leachers Mrs. Wallcins, Mrs. Lawson, and Mrs. Williamson, sludenls sludy, prepare lessons, or cafch up on lheir sleep. Excuses lor nor sludying are now void, as books on varied subiecfs are available in sfudy halls. 5' A vl ....., iv . . BYRON GI LLORY Social Srudies C. V. GOODMAN Hisfory .D. T. GRIFFITH Mechanical Drawing Home Economics VlRGlNlA HURST S. S. HUTCHINSON Commercial Science A. S. JOHNSTON PAUL LA BORNE E Journalism English A s....:mL.,'1..i,g.. ..,.s..,, e 4 ., - .ifsf L-44 V., A 1 xi ' .,...f ..f fr , . f .1 , CLEO LAWSON Sludy Hall WILLIS LIPSCOMB Milifary JOHN MARSHALL ETHEL MASTERS Band Lalin I I N X4 Q r, V' 1 Mr. Ma++inqly explains a problem +0 luis Geomelry I class. Mallwemalics courses al Foresl range from general malliema- lics lo irigonomefry. Courses in algebra, plane and solid geomelry. and commercial arillwmelic are also available. Two years are required for gradualion. Sludenls planning To enler college are required fo lake algebra and qeomefry, while oflwers may lake general ma+l1ema'rics and commercial arillw- melic. neat H. MA BLISS Maflwemaiics Ar+ NORMA McMlLLEN SARAH MERIWETHER Home Economics Dean sg' ,K . s., .f..3f..., ,. maui...-A...........L.m, .. . , Hu- A variefy of inleresling proiecfs go on in flue Ari Deparl- meni, as shown here. Weaving, painling, polfery, designing, frips +o llwe arf museum, and enlerinq arf confesfs keep s+u- denfs busy. Under 'rlwe direcfion of Mrs. McManus. Foresi sfudenls win high lionorsin numerous conlesis. Arf sfudenls also fake field Trips and do finger painiing along wi+l1 'ilweir various oflier acfivilies. 2 L, New These sfudenfs are using fhe card cafalog in fhe library fo look up references. A+ sfudy periods Foresfers use library fo find informafion, sfudy, or read. The Readers Guide and Who's Who prove valuable for.finding informafion. Miss Roberfs and her assisfanf, Mrs, Bufler, are always ready fo findboolrs or magazines desired. Boolcs for pleasure and in- formafion are checked ouf of 'rhe school library each day. Mala Home Economics courses offered af Foresf prepare sfu- denfs fo live in a modern home. ln Mrs. Sanford's clofhing class fhe girls are shown learning fabrics. Fundamenfals of measuring, fypes of meaf. nufrifion, preparafion of foods. and fable manners are faughf in foods classes. Home decorae fion and child care are sfressed in fhe senior course. iii? ima f 1 JOAN M ICKLE Office Secrefary MV A ' l l X il . A sii r f rf A JACK MITCHELL Accounfing Law .kt RAYE PEGU ES MARY ANN NUGENT Disfribufive Educafion Nurse l 'ig , T lg! OTTO RHOME INA ROBERTS Mafhemafics Librarian f ' at if ir. A R. L. ROBERTS ANNE SANFORD Milifary Home Economics 'W ,Q ZU LEI KA SCOTT English LOCI LLE SEGRIST Physical Educalion I MABEL SHAW ALVA SHEPARD English Mafhemalics Lafin and Spanish courses are bofh offered al' Forest In Lafin, sfudenfs learn grammar and read selecfions from Caesar, Cicero, and Virgil. Spanish sluclenls are inlroduced Io Ihe language, cusfoms, dress, and holidays of our Soulh American neighbors. Miss Wickham's advanced Spanish slu- denrs, clad in Spanish garb, por+ray a Iypical Soufh Ameri- can scene--bullfighfing. neat' ROXIE SMITH CECIL SONNTAG Secrefary Physical Educafion JULIA TANNER BESS TI-IATCHER Commercial Hisfory "There's music in Ihe air," and i'I"s coming Fromylhe Boys Chorus shown rehearsing wilh Iheir direcfor, Miss Wilcox. Under Ihe leadership of Colonel Marshall, 'rhe band plays aI' pep assemblies. 'ioolball games, and falenf programs. The choruses and Iheir soloisfs are fealured on numerous occa- sions. a Chrisfmas program and a spring 'leslival being an- nual presenlafions. Praclicing fheir newly acquired bandaging slcills are mem- bers of Mrs. Unger's lirsl aid class. ln addiiion 'ro lirsl' aid, physiology and driving safely are laughf in lhe fall: phys- iology, nulrilion, and home nursing, in lhe spring. ln 'rhe gymnasium, girls false parl in games and lollc dances. Boys parlicipaie in sporls for lheir "daily dozen." aaa! Q General science, open only lo Freshmen and sophomores, inlroduces Foresiers lo science. Physics is fhe sludy ol nalural phenomena of scienlific melhocls and alliludes. Chemislry sludenis are broughl inlo conlacl wilh elemenls malcing up 'their environment Biology ieaches lhe lundamenials ol plan? and animal life and develops lceener sense of observaiion fhrough lhe use of microscopes, as shown here in Mr. Whi+e's Biology 4 class. : , - is ,A . f Q . . Z is - 3 T "' ' 2 , i A K f 1 E y--1""". A vi ,W +-4"" X . M,,,,..e-- I 5 FRIEDA THOENE Healih IRMA WADE UNC-BER Physical Educafion JEssle wmkms J. B. WHITE Sfudy Hall Biology 5 x V5 .1 E :ef W FLETCHER WICKHAM LOUISE WILCOX Spanish, English Music X ...- L . A WANDA WILLIAMSON H. B. YATES Sludy Hall Hisfory BILLY RAY BAKER Key Club, Presidenf, Secrefary: Sfudenf Council. DOLLIE BALL Two Bible Linz Awards: Nafional Honor Socieiy: FORESTER Sfafi: Dallas Hisforical Socielyg Dramafics Club, Presidenf: Sfuclem' Council: Junior Red Cross: Girls Public Speaking Club, Vice Presideni: Pan Ameri- can Sfudenf Forum, Vice Presidenf. BILLY BARNES A Cappella Choir, Secrefary: Freshman Chorus. WAN DA BAwcu M Four-Year Linz Award: Everfs Award: "Selling As a Career" Coniesf: Nafional Honor Sociefy: Y-Teens: Audifores Caesaris: Sfudenl Council: Nafional Thes- pian, Treasurer: Swimming Club: FORESTER Staff: Girls Public Speaking Club: Office Assisfanf, PATRICIA ANN BEATTY Pep Squad: Y-Teens. AVANELL BENNETT Two Linz Awards: Two Bible Awards: Scholaslic Arf Awards: Nafional Honor Sociefy: High Scholarship Club, Secrefary: Le Cercle Francais, Vice Presiden+: Sfudenf Council: FORESTER Sfaff, Ari Edifor: ECHO Sfafi, Edi+orAin-Chief. ' A -.. , .,gz-,,. W. ,4.. , ..,. V SENIORS '5I BILLTE ANNE ALEXANDER Junior Red Cross: Audifores Caesaris: Office As- s-isl'an+: Clinic Assisfanf: Swimming Club: Baslcefball Varsiiy: FORESTER Sfaff: lce Slca+ing Club. ' Bos APPLE Cinema Club: ECHO S+aff, Adverfising Manager: ROTC, Serge:-ani: Human Relalions Club: Disfribufive Educafion Club. MATTIE ASBILL Disfribufive Eclucafion Club. HELEN AYERS ECHO Sfaif: Pep Squad: Sfudenl' Council: A Cap- pella Choir: Swimming C : Sfreamliner. wh? Q...--4' SENIORS '5I CHARLES BERGHAUSER ROTC, Disfribufive Educafion Club. JOHN RICHARD BooNE ROTC. Capfain: Foolball: Track. ETTA JEAN BRAND Four-Year Linz Award: Everls Award: Nafional Hon- or Socie+y: Sfudenr Council: Nafional Thespian: Dal- las Hisforical Sociefy: High Scholarship Club: Girls Public Speaking Club: Pan American Sfudenf Forum, All-Cily Presidenf: Texas Hislory Club, Secrelary. MAXINE CARLISLE Disfribufive Educafion Club: Swimming Club. FREDDIE SUE COCHRAN Two Linz Awards: Foresl' Secrelarial Club, Sergeanf- a+-Arms. MARVIN WAYNE Conv Concerf Band. dfzkgl X lDELLA COLEMAN i res Caesaris: Girls Public Speaking Club: Oli i +: Slreamliner: Volleyball Varsify: Li- ry Assisranl. JACK CoucH Mili+ary Awards: Boxing Awards: Honor Cadef: High Scholarship Clubi Traclc. 'L tgp FRITZ M. DELANO Shufferbug Camera Club, Presiden+: ECHO Slaff: FORESTER Sraff: ROTC, Firsf Lieulenanf: Honor Wreafh Sociely: Rifle Team: Cinema Club, GAIL DENI-IAM Bible Linz Award: Y-Teens: Pep Squad: Sireamliner: Library Assis+an+: Junior Red Cross. I' x, 'C , riff fmf ,-' 'rj f , f f' 27 . .1' A' Y -ff SENIORS '5I ALBERT DIscI-I Nalional Tlwespian: Cinema Club. HELEN DONSKY Cheerleader: Friendliesl' Upperclassman: ECHO Sfaff, Circulafion Manager. ZANE DRAKE ROTC: Boys Cooking Club. ANITA DUCKWORTH Nalional Tlwespian: Pep Squad. DONALD DUNN Foofball: Track: ROTC, Firsl Lieulenanf: Milifary Band: Conceri Band: Texas Hisiory Club: Camp Dallas. MARVIN ELLIon Naiional Honor Sociely: Honor Wreallw Sociefy. President Vice Presidenl: Key Club: ROTC, Colonel: Baseball, Manager, l.e++erman: Band: Baslceiball: Jun- ior Rolarian: Rifle Team: 4A Class, Vice Presidenf. JERRY FAIR Le Cercle Francais, Vice Presidenl: Key Club: Hi-Y Club: Junior Red Cross: Texas Hisfory Club: Baslmel- ball, Manager: ECHO Slafi, Business Manager: Con- cerl Band, Drum Maier: Milifary Band: Tennis Team. JUNE FIFE Disfribulive Educalion Club. ELSIE MARIE FOSTER ' Linz Award: 'Texas Hisfory Club: Pep Squad: Na- lional Thespian: Y-Teens. JULIA ANN FOUTCH ECHO Slaff: Senior Play. NORMA JEAN GOODMAN Texas Hisfory Club: Y-Teens. PATSY GURLEY A Cappella Choir: Sfudenl' Council: Junior Red Cross: Y-Teens. JAMES HAlRE Nalional Thespian: Cinema Club. MELBA LAVERNE l'lALES Dislribulive Educalion Club. DONALD HAMMONS A Cappella Choir. ELsie HANCOCK Pan American Sludenf Forum: Y-Teens: Dance Band: Mililary Band: Conceri Band: A Cappella Choir. "Y'7'-Fri SENIORS '5l JOSEPHINE GASSMAN Foresl Secrelarial Club, Secrelary: Pep Squad: Of- fice Assislanl. BARBARA GLASSCOCK Louise GOLDSTEIN Linz Award: Sludenf Council: Texas l-lislory Club: Dallas Hislorical Sociely: High Scholarship Club: Of- fice Assislanl: Slreamliner. MAR1LYN GOLMAN Four-Year Linz Award: Everfs Award: Nalional Hon- or Sociefy, Secrefary: Nalional Thespian: Girls Public Speaking Club: High Scholarship Club: Audiiores Caesaris: Junior Red Cross: Sludenl Council: Office Assisianf. E Q W . -' ,av ' K .QTY 3" il 1' f jk' 57' fix 'If x JESSIE NEIL HTLL Human Relafions Club. BEATRICE HOLDEN DON HOLLAND Four-Year Linz Award: Everfs Award: Nafional Hon- or SOcieTy: Key Club, Vice Presidenf: FORESTER Sfaff: 4A Class, Presidenf: Sfudenf Council: Baseball, LeH'er- man: Baskefball, LeHerrnan, Capfain. BEVERLY JACOBS ' Linz Award: Dramafics Club: Texas Hisfory Club: ForesT Secreiarial Club: Dallas Hisforical Sociefy' High Scholarship Club: Girls Public Speaking Club. WANDA JORENE JAMES Y'Teens: ECHO S+afl, Assisfanf Exchange Manager. DORENE JAY ' Dallas Hisforical Sociefy: Pan American Sfudenf Forum: Foresf Secrefarial Club: Pep Squad: Nafional Thespian: Tenelcoif Varsify. ' T Ann,-,,-,, , ,f,.L, Af., .J-H A'-H -'U --- -- -- , I a SENIORS '5I SUE HARMER Linz Award: Two Bible Awards: Na+ional Honor So- ciefy: FORESTER Sfaff: Nafional Thespian: Texas Hisiory Club: Foresf Secreharial Club: Y-Teens: Sfu- den+ Council: Junior Red Cross. BILLIE EUGENE HARRIS ROTC: Human Relafions Club: Hi-Y: Disfribufive EducaTio'n Club. lr BETTY HAWTHORNE Four-Year Linz Award: EverTs Award: Two Bible Awards: FORESTER Sfaff: Nafional Honor Sociefy: Sfudenf Council, Secreiaryi Junior Red Cross: Pan American S+udenT Forum: Dallas Hisforical Sociefy: 4A Class. Secrefary. FRANK HEREFORD, JR. ROTC: Milifary Band: Drarnafics Club: Camp Dallas. . Av -v-+.-..-v,,.., rv SENIORS 'Sl BARRY JOFFRION . Milifary Award: Band Award: Cinema Club, Presi- dent Treasurer: Audifores Caesaris: Key Club: Dallas His'rorical SOcie+y, Treasurer: Dance Orcheslra: ECHO Sfaff, Mililary Edilor: ROTC: Milifary Band: Concerf Band. ROBERT LESTER JOHNSON ECHO S+aTf,' Sporfs Edifor: Cinema Club: Boys Coolcing Club: Golf, Leiferman, Capfain, Cify Rep- resenlafive in STa+e lnTerSchOlas+ic Golf Meet -.. S 1 -,H x.,.. TOMMIE DELL JONES Texas His+Ory Club: Foresf Secretarial Club: Swim- ming Club: DiSTribuTive Educalion Club. h WANDA LEE JONES Na+iOnal Thespian. f YL WANDA RUTH JONES Linz Awards: lnferscholasfic League Spelling Con- l'es+ Winner: Nafional HOnOr SocieTy: High Scholar- ship Club: Texas HisTOry Club: Audifores Caesaris: FORESTER Sfaif. JOYCE KILLINGSWORTH DisTribuTive Educafion Club: Girls Chorus: Junior Red Crass. , fiyosf Qi' "" ' f I' 1' ,,4,,.,f, J. T , . ff' fn if X EL L N ITCHENS 1 ff i+Ores Caesaris: Girls Public Speaking Club: iOr Red Cross: Y-Teens. LARRY KLEIN Foofball, Le++erman: Slandard Debafing Sociefy: AudiTores Caesaris: Le Cercle Francais: Texas Hisfory Club: Sfudeni Council: Junior Red Cross: Boys Cool:- ing Club. ,!' DONNIE GAY KLINE Disfribufive Educalion Club. BETTY JO KNIGHT .L ,J J A sENIoRs 'si MILLIE KUTIL GLEN LAQUEY Dislribulive Educalion Club. 1 My BILLIE JEAN LAUGHLIN Girls Public Speaking Club: Junior Red Cross: Slu- denl Council. BONNlE JOE LIGHTFOOT ROTC. Caclel Caplain: Honor Wreallv Sociely: Team, Lellerman. Rille WILLIAM EARL MCCARTER .Af ' ROTC, Slalif Sergeanl: Mililary Band. hifi Q BARBARA lvlcCoQL'l J Nalional Tliespian: ECHO Slalf: Sludenl Council: Junior Red Crogii A Cappella Choir. - ls lili I . I' 'M ANGIER EUGENE MCGEE Pan American Sludenl Forum. JAMES E. MCKEE ECHO Slafl, Sporls Edilor: FORESTER Slalf. CLARENCE MCLEAN Marksmanslnip Melal: ROTC. Caplain: Honor Wreallw Sociely: Camp Dallas: Hi-Y. FRANK lVlACALUSO ROTC, Masler Sergeanl: Rifle Team, Experf Awarcl: Hi-Y: Human Relalions Club: Baseball. ,L N4 LLM- more-+--A-A-MMM---1 SENIORS 'Sl JOY MACK Four ear Linz Award: Nafional Honor Sociefy: EC S+aff, Managing Edifori Quill and Scroll? difores Caesaris: High Scholarship Club: Y-Teens: s Hisforical o' ' F es Secrefarial Club. TTY JEANE A - is T. CZWVPJ a S e+ 5 J ' 1 Sfudenf Co . 'O 5 Tics Club: Office , Y LEROY MATHEws Cinema Club: Band. GUYLENE MATTHEWS GEORGE MILNER Four-Year Linz Award: Ever+s Award: Lafin Award: Foofball, Lefferrnanq Baslcewxball, Leflerman, Capfain: Hi-Y, Treasurer: Audifores Caesaris: Junior Red Cross? Library AssisTan+. TRUMAN DALE MTNYARD Foofball: Baseball: Track: Library Assisfant I ' 1 , i . .F f AN L ORE ff lg fl! Bi 'nz K a :'iAudi+oT5fC2esaris: Band: Sfream- line Nice sfanf. ' WAYNE NAN E Football: Baskefballz Track: ROTC. Cade+ Capfain: Camp Dallas: Honor Wreafh Sociely. 11 SONDRA MARKS High Scholarship Club: Junior Red Cross: Texas Hisfory Club: Dallas Hisforical Sociefy: Girls Public Speaking Club: Foresf Secrefarial Club: Nafional Thespian: FORESTER Slaff. 'FRANCES LAVERNE MATH EWS Hifi: w Q 3 I JANIE PATRICK Linz Award: ECHO Siafi, Club Edifor: EoresTlSecre- iarial Club. Presidenf, Treasurer: FORESTER Sfaff: STuden+ Council: High Scholarship Club: Swimming Club: Dallas Hisforical Sociefy: Audiiores Caesaris. JUNE PAYNE Two Linz Awards: Nafional Honor Sociefy: Texas His+ory Club. Secrefary: High Scholarship Club: Pan American Sfudenf Forum, Vice Presideni, Secrefary: Sfudenf Council. ORVILLE PiNsoN Cinema Club, President Secrefaryg Dramafics Club: ECHO S+aTf. CHARLES RAY POWELL ' Key Club. Treasurer: Cinema Club: Concerf Ban : ROTC: Dance Band: Foofball: Baseball, Leffermanf l , A M if SUE PRINCE Dramaiics Club. PATSY RUTH PRYOR Girls Public Speaking Club: Texas Hisfory Club: Dallas Hisforical Soci Ty: Junior Red Cross: ECHO Sfaff. News Edi1'or:A'iQNafional Thespian: Drama+ics Club, Secrefary: Pep Squad. N . -' . A.i,,, L , , .-.AW ,. sENioRs 'si JAKE OESCH Nafional Thespian. J- ' rf E 11 ,?f,",, " BETTY SUE OGLETREE 1 ,f - f s ECHO Sfaif, Exchange Edifor: Ndfional Foresf Secrefarial Club: Swimming Club. Thespian JOANN PARKER Eoresf Secrefarial Club: Y-Teens. JUNE PARTAIN ln+erscholas+ic League Radio Coniesf Cify Winne Nafional Thespian: Texas Hisfory Club: Shuiierbug W Camera Club, Secrefary, Treasurer: Girls Public Speak ing Club: Library Assis+an+: FORESTER Sfaff. SENIORS 'SI 0 MORTY RAVKIND Slandard Debaling Sociefy: Hi-Y: Texas Hisfory Club: Narional Thespian: Baskelball, Lefferman, Cap- +ain: Junior Rorarian: 4A Class, Treasurer. ANNETTE JEAN RosE Y-Teens. Yflyllp, l ,, X Nm Q li! il 4 " T f JZ' i' KD , I N, Sell? Tl RALPH ROSENBAUM ROTC, Serqeanf Firsf Class. TOMMY RAY RUNNELS Shufrerbuq Camera Club, Serqeanl-al-Arms: Mili- iary Band: Concerl Band: Dance Band: ECHO Sfaff, Pholoqrapher. ff L , , Y. I , ,fl Us ef Us if Cinema Club: Hi-Y: Mili+ary Band: Concerf Band: Boys Coolcing Club: ECHO Slali: FORESTER Slalf: 4 T is Nsgs.' 1195, ,W 5,5 R i ll V 5 S we A , i S 5 Q T A , :., l A Q K 3255 i if: R55 IGPLY1 'ls- ,zfs:s:fJi2:1'::QxQ51Q?5L , ETHEL SCHWARTZ Girls Public Speaking Club, Vice Presidenf: Pan American Sfudenr Forum: Texas Hislory Club: S+udenf Council: Nalional Thespian: Foresr Secreiarial Club. MARILYN SUE SHAPIRO Two Linz Awards: Nafional Honor Sociely: Texas Hisfory Club: Girls Public Spealcinq Club: Pan Ameri- can Srudenl' Forum: High Scholarship Club: Junior Red Cross: Office Assis+an+. BILLY FRANK SHAW Honor Wreafh Socielyg Camp Dallas: Rifle Team, Leflerrnang Rille Compelilion. PAULA SH ELTON High Scholarship Club: Office Assis+an+: Girls Chorus. ETHEL SILVERGOLD FourAYear Linz Award: Nalional Honor Sociefy, President Arf Awards: Sfudenl' Council, Presidenf: Cheerleader: Nalional Theapian: High Scholarship Club: Texas Hisiory Club: Pan American Sfudenf Forum. WALTER SRINNER Two Linz Awards: Firs+ Place Winner in Solo and Ensemble Confesf: Nafional Honor Socieiy: ROTC, Serqeanf Firsf Class: Pan American Sludenf Forum. V I?i"' I SENIORS 'si DORIS SMITH Four-Year Linz Award: Ever+s Award: Nafional Hon- or Sociefy: High Scholarship Club: Pan American Slu- denf Forum. Vice President Secreiary: Texas Hisfory Club: Sfudenf Council: Girls Public Spealcing Club. MARJORIE SMITH Two Linz Awards: High Scholarship Club: Foresl Secrefarial Club, President Vice Presidenf: DrarnaTics Club, Vice Presidenf: Nafional Thespian: Siudenf Council. NORMA JEAN SOUTHERN Two Linz Awards: Two Bible Awards: ECHO Sfaff, Feafure Edifor: Y-Teens, Treasurer: Dramafics Club, Vice Presidenf: Junior Red Cross: ForesT Secre+arial Club: Pep Squad: Sfudenf Council: Office Assisianf. Dokis STEGALL Foresi Secreiarial Club, Parliameniarian: Nafional Thespian: ECHO Sfaff, Exchange Manager: Clinic Assisfani. EARL STEWART ECHO Sfaff, Assisfani Phoiographerz Mili+ary Band: Concer+ Band: Boys Chorus. MARILYN ANNETTE STONEHAM Girls Chorus: Foresf Secrefarial Club: Volleyball Varsify: Tenelcoif Varsifyg Disiribufive Educa+ion Club. BETTY Sus SWIFT Y-Teens: Disiribulive Educafion Club. JEANETTE SWIFT Linz Award: Texas Hisf . ' 99? R. LEE TERRELL Sfudenf Council: Junior Cifizens Traffic Commis- sion: Clinic AssisTan+: lce Slcafing Club: Library Assisianf. BILLY Jos THoMAs I Four-Year Linz Award: Bible Awards: Milifary Awards: Naiional Honor Socieiy: Cheerleader: Texas His+ory Club: High Scholarship Club: Dallas Hisfori- cal Sociefyq AudiTores Caesaris: Rifle Team, Caprain: ROTC. Cade? Capfain. Q A SENIORS '5I JUANITA THOMAS MONTA FAY TRAMMELL ' SHIRLEY TRESENRITER Sociely: Sfudenf Council: Clinic Assisfanf: five Educafion Club. RAYMOND WILLTAM TRUESDELL rlioirfball: Baseball, Lefferman: ROTC. , I' Y J : as . A Q! ,ff f V. 7 .ov V! 2 ,1 I A' 57 ,' W Fxjff GEORGE TURNER ROTC: Boys Cooking Club: Baseball. RAY TURNS Key Club. M NEAL Vlcic m 1 ' 5 ' i,': if X Foolball, Lefferman: Track: Baslcefball. JEAN WAFFORD E ,V t Dis+ribu+i-fe Educafion Club. 4 ZW. i ,S ff' Y ' J. T. WAeLuARoo Pan American Sludenl' Forum, Treasurer: Texas His- Tory Club, Presiclenf, Treasurer: Dallas l"lis+orical So- ciefy: Slmullerbuq Camera Club: Junior Red Cross: Key Club: Drill Team: ROTC, Firsf Lieulenanh Sluclenf Council: 4A Class Sergeanf-af-Arms. BE1'rY JOYCE WATSON ECHO Sfaff, Alumni Ediror: Disfriburive Educa+ion Club: Sfudenl' Council. J.. Sfudenf Council: Dallas l-lisforical Sociefy. Bible Award: Audifores Caesaris: Dallas Hisforical Disfribu MARY Lou WHITE Two Linz Awards: ECHO Sfaff: Junior Red Cross: Sfudenf Council: Office Assisfanf: Library Assisfanf: Disfribufive Educafion Club. Jo NELL WILEs DisTribu+ive EducaTion Club. MARTHA WILLIAMS FORESTER Sfaff: Library AssisTanT. YVONNE WILLIAMS Foresf Secrefarial Club: Y-Teens: Junior Red Cross: Swimming Club. TOMMIE NELL WRIGHT Maiorelfeg Dallas l-lisforical Sociefy, SecreTary: ior Red Cross, Secrefary: Texas l-lisiory Club: Y4Teens: Pan American Sfudeni Forum: Office Assisfanf: Band. GERALDINE WYNNE Two Linz Awards: ECHO Sfaff: Foresi' Secrefarial Club: Y-Teens: Junior Red Cross: Library AssisTanT: Sfreamliner. Y' "7 ' " ""' ' ' SENIORS '5I DON WEscH Baseball. NOMA WEST Four-Year Linz Award: Everfs Award: Na+ional Hon- or Sociefyq FORESTER Sfaii: Foresf Secrefarial Club, SecreTary, Treasurer: Hiqlw Scholarship Club: Y-Teens: Cinema Club: STudenT Council. PATSY WESTER Nafional Honor Sociefy: Audifores Caesaris, Presi- denf: Junior Red Cross: Girls Public Speaking Club, Vice Presidenf: Dallas HisTorical Sociefy, President FORESTER Sfaff, Business Manager: Office AssisTanT. Boa WHITE STudenT Council: Band: Junior Red Cross: Lunch Room AssisTanT. I F fm-nt! DON YORK Dislribulive Educalion Club. SENIORS '52 lVllLDRED BALL Girls Public Speaking Club: Nafional Tlnespian: Li- brary Assislanl: Perlecl Alleridance. JOHN BAUMOARDNER ROTC, Slaff Sergeanfz Key Club: Traclc: LETTY BAYsiNe.ER rife' fi lX'lEjLMT"S- Foofball. ,F E , ., , llu 3' - , ,T ' , Q , Q vr,' fiwly. A , 3 W A f f , NORMA LYNN BEACH JACK BEASLEY Clweerleader: ROTC, Corporal: Key Club, Treasurer: Foolball. RUTH JOY BENSON Two Linz Awards: Texas Hislory Club, Treasurer: Girls Public Speaking Club, Presidenf: Junior Red Cross, Secrelary: Pan American Sludeml Forum, Presi- clenl: High Scholarship Club: FORESTER Sfaff, EARL BOOK Audilores Caesaris. FRANCES BODZY Girls Public Speaking Club: Foresl Secretarial Club: Pep Squad. CLYDE BONO Foolball, Caplain, Lelferman. SENICRS '52 BILL BRADY Cheerleader: A Cappella Choir: l-li-Y: Key Club: " Junior Red Cross: Traclc, lVlINNlE Ross CAMERON EARLE CAMERON ROTC: Junior Red Cross. JACKIE CLARK Dislribulive Educalion Club. ' 'ffffyldif ' ,I E, 1 32 ig BILLY FRED COLLARD BOBBIE COLLINS Girls Public Speaking Club: Texas Hisfory Club Foresf Secreiarial Club, MAXINE Cook Dislribufive Educalion Club. ANNA CRANDALL Sireamliner. -0M MILDRED KAT EN INGS Two Linz rds: eens: Foresl Secrelarial Club: FORESTER Sfaff: O e Assislanl: Pep Squad: Library Assislanl. 1 ARCHIE CRASS Y-Teens: Foresl' Secrefarial Club: Swimming Club: FORESTER Slaff: Office Assisfanl: Pep Squad: , 'wk SENIORS '52 NORMA JEAN CUMMINGS Y-Teens, Presidenf: Sfreamlinerg Swimming Club Pep Squad. JOANNE DANCE Girls Clworus. if BETTY JEAN DAVIDSON fig 'Q 'A 3 Pep Squad. . JKEQQL DAVIDSON I ,f ,-T' "T-X X Fioofba-TlDLe'ITerman: Baslcefball. , X 'X riffs! Y ,I-II " S f i -Q PATSY DEM ENT Junior Red Cross. FANNIE BELL EADS SHIRLEY ELLIOTT Y-Teens: Dallas Hisforical Sociefy: Texas Hisfory Club: Siudenf Council. BETTY FRANCES FIVECOAT Two Linz Awards: ForesT Secrefarial Club: Girls Public Speaking Club: Texas History Club: Sfudeni Council. . 2 l I-.: I SHIRLEY FULLER A If Y-Teens: Foresf Secretarial Club: hlafional Thespian: Junior Red Cross: Texas iflisiory Club: MaioreTTe: Library Assisfanf: S'rreamline1'if., -' NORMA JEAN GEE 'N NORMAN Hlees Baslcelball, Lefrerman. JAMES HOLMES Junior Red Cross: Hi-Y: Key Club: Baseball: Track: Friendliesf Freshman. FREDA HousToN '77 Hislory Club. BILLY JACKSON ROTC. NATHAN KAPLAN Pan American Sludenl' Forum: Foolballi Slale Traclc lvleel: FORESTER Slall, Adverlising Manager. ELAINE KESSNER Texas Hislory Club: High Scholarship Club: Sfudenl' Council: Pan American Srudenl Forum: Girls Public Speaking Club, Presidenl: Junior Red Cross: FOREST- ER Slafl: Office Assislanf: Linz Award. SENIORS '52 SHIRLEY GOLDSTEIN Linz Award: FORESTER Sfafl: Texas l-lislory Club: Junior Red Cross, Presidenlf Pan American Sfuclenl Forum: High Scholarship Club. HANNAH GOREN Two Linz Awards: FORESTER Slafl: Associafe Edi- lor: Nalional Honor Sociely: Texas Hislory Club, Sec- relaryq High Scholarship Club: Audilores Caesaris. President MAYS GOZA Foolball, Lellerman: Hi-Y: Junior Red Cross. ETTA GRAY ' Y-Teens: Dallas Hisiorical Sociefy: Texas Hislory Club: Sfudenl Council: Sfreamliner. I Xi? mv' Q, fe . L ,Tig . 4 ' Wifi" IEZR . . ...K 4,1,, ,. SENIORS '52 SHIRLEY KITSON Junior Red Cross. 'W JAMES ARTHUR KNIGHT Q do .fl U 4,4 MARY ALICE KNOTT Pep Squad: A Cappella Choir: Baslceiball Varsiiy: Clinic Assisianf. RAYMOND SAMUEL LAMBERT Pan American Siudenl' Forum: Siandard Debalinq Socieiy: Sfudeni Council: Junior Traffic Commission. Rei. .fp 5 -:ia AV' +5.54 'f viz, fx vin? Y , F W Y ,. . A, SR? l it if ,.f.5-, . 17: - up fa, ,, , .L I NORMA JEAN LARR Y-Teens, Treasurer: Pep Squad: Swimming Club. NORMAN LUTERMAN ROTC. Firsl' Sergeani: Baslcefball. ROBERT LEROY MCDONALD ROTC, Sergeant WILLTAM MCGEE FORESTER Shall: Junior Red Cross. WALLACE MANN ' Two Linz Awards: Milifary Awards: Foofball, Lefier- man: High Scholarship Club: Pan American Sludenl Forum. MARTHA MANNINC Two Linz Awards: Naiional Honor Sociefy: FOREST' ER Slali, Produclion Ediior, Edilor: Ready Wrifers Conlesl Winner: High Scholarship Club: Y-Teens, Vice Presidenf: Audiiores Caesaris: Siudenf Council. SENIORS '52 lsAAc DAVID MITCHELL, JR. Disiribulive Educafion Club. JAMES EUGENE MITCHELL A Cappella Choir: Boys Chorus: ERNEST MOEHLE ROTC. JOANNE MooRE Girls Public Speaking Club: Foresl Secrelarial Club: Nalional Thespian: Slreamliner. Office Assislani. ,..n.4gi:M1.1 ,,,W.... -Ac M4.,. un. ..... .L.,...,.....Lj BETTY MORGAN Y-Teens, Secrelary. DOROTHY MARLE Nix A Linz Bible Award: Siudenl' Council. DoN PLUNK Key Club: ROTC, Sergeanf Firsl Class. RALPH PYLE Fooiball: Baseball: Boys Chorus. ROSALEE RACHOFSKY Linz Award: EoREsTER slain Texas Hisrory Clubil Pan American S+uden+ Forum: Girls Public Speaking Club: High Scholarship Club: Office Assislani: Siu- denl Council: Ice Slcaling Club: Sireamliner: Bible Award. SOLOMON REISBERG ROTC. ' .4 - ' , . n SENIORS '52 DINK RIGSBY Foofball. Lefferman: Hi-Y: FORESTER Sfaff. Asso- ciafe Edifor. CLETA ROGERS Pep Squad: Sfreamliner: Perfecl' Affendance JERRY ROMOTSKY Arf Awards: Cinema Club: All Cify Spanish Club: Office Assisfanf: Baseball: Baskefball: FORESTER Sfaff: Linz Award. SIDNEY SOHNAIDERMAN Pan American Sfudenf Forum. JAMES Sims Junior Red Cross: Baseball. IRA GEORGE SMITH ROTC. Second Lieufenanf. CONNIE SORRELLS Y-Teens: Sfudenf Council: Junior Red Cross: Pep S uad: Texas l-lisfory Club: ECHO Sfaff, Business Cl Manager. CLEO W. TUNNELL Audifores Caesaris: Hi-Y: Key Club: Foofball: Track, Manager. TRUETT WALTON Baseball: Af Sunsef: Foofball: Track: A Cappella Choir: Junior Red Cross. DOROTHY WARREN Cheerleader: FORESTER Sfaff: Y-Teens, Presidenf: Girls Public Speaking Club: Sfudenf Council: High Scholarship Club: Texas Hisfory Club: Pan American Sfudenf Forum: Posfure Finalisf: Office Assisfanf. Mill a I BEN WILLIAMS CARL WILSON DORIS Jo WILSON Allied Arf Exhibit MART WILSON Pan American Sludenl' Sulphur Springs. DOROTHY MAE WRIGHT Pep Squad. GLYNN WRIGHT '57 Senior: 66444 Zacmndtteea J RIBBONS AND INVITATIONSYJZI Qgria-rly-'.rI.a,c3ggI.,-5 chairman Iii fr 'NJ Alberl Disch , NV' Belly Mann 46-'17"uQ James McKee Monla Fay Trammell George Turner Belly Walson Mary Lou While Marlha Williams I , June Parlain chairman Pal Beally ,T 1 ' f' QL en am V .JM , Jerry Fair ' 'I Elsie Hancock Elhel Schwarlz Norma Soulhern Noma Wesl FINANCIAL Morly Ravkind, chairman Billy Baker Billy Barnes John Boone Frank Macaluso Wayne Nance Don York SENIOR DAY Billy Joe Thomas, Jack Couch Marvin DeLano Joy Mack Sondra Marks Leroy Malhews Truman Minyard Elhel Silvergold Mariorie Smilh Tommie Nell Wrighl PROM Helen Donsky, chairman Helen Ayers Donald Dunn Marilyn Gol Pal William McCar er Marilyn Shapiro PROGRAM Marvin EIIio++, chairman Zane Drake James Haire Donald Hammons Clarence McLean chairman ,4,f'f' f Q ffffffv' SOCIAL 5U.sJtl95mef. .9h9.i5.f!3'1 Billie Anne Alexander Josephine Gassman Norma Goodman George Milner Barbara McCool Janie Palrick Charles Powell Ralph Rosenbaum Jeanelle Swill SENIOR PLAY f - , Bef' BACCALAUREATE 5-Palsy Wesler, chairman Avanell Bennell Belly Jo Knighl Billie Jean Laughlin June Payne Doris Smilh ,A44,,lq Marilyn Sloneham Belly Swill Jo Nell Wiles GRADUATION B airman Donal fy e a Coleman Anila Duckworlh Roberl Johnson Orville Pinson Palsy Pryor Waller Skinner Syhlrley.-Iresentriler ADVERTISING Avanell Bennell, chairman Josephine Gassman Elhel Silvergold no 411' QQ 5 LAST FLING January '5I Seniors have fheir day: Counfer-clockwise . . . Newly elecied 4A class president Don Holland, re- ceiving gavel from John Brannam, pres- idenl' . . . Julief, sweei' Julie+ . . . Gol- den-voiced duel singing "The Thing." January '5I Seniors ai' 'iheir luncheon looking s'l'raigh+ af 'ihe camera . . . Fi- nale io fhe hilarious Senior Day Assem- loly . . . The program was ended by ihe group singing +heir class song, "Never- +heless." wi ia w- in M 4 Q 2iM, Y' me. 5 2 "-- --fr , is l , , if pi in i ,, 4 Firsi' row: June Fife, Joyce Killingsworih, Wanda Fourfh row: Aniia Duclcworlh, Freddie Sue Cochran, Lee Jones, Pal Bea++y,,Josephine Gassman, Palsy Norma Jean Goodman, Roberl' Lesier Johnson, Gurley, Maxine Carlisle, Donnie Kline, Melvalenefi Billy Edwin Barnes, Donald Bruce Hammons, Frank Kiichens, Helen Donslcy. N A Lesier Hereford. if Ui' i. L E P, i i 50 4 ,,,.,, Second row: Millie Kuiil, Beairice Holden, Beverly Jacobs, ldella Coleman, Louise Goldsiein, Helen Ayers, Tommie Jones, Marilyn Golman, Jessie Hill, Wanda James, Sue Harmer. Third row: Elsie Fosier, Billie Anne Alexander, Belly Hawihorne, Ma++ie Asloill, Avanell Bennell, Wane da Bawcum, Wanda Ruih Jones, Gail Denham, Don Holland, Larry Klein. Fif+h row: James Haire, Alberl' Disch, Bob Apple, Billie Harris. Six+h row: Jack Couch, Marvin Ellioilr, Friiz DeLano, Marvin Cody, John Boone, Jerry Fair, John Baumgardner, Billy Baker, Zane Drake. ,, X rf, 1 ,J 5 will N V. i l T! l Firsl row: Paula Shellon, Guylene Mallhews, Marilyn Sloneham, Jo Nell Wiles, Elhel Silvergold, 'Joy Maclc, Belly Oglelree, Belly Walson, Jean Wal- lord, R. Lee Terrell. Second row: Marilyn Sue Shapiro, Palsy Rulh Pryor, Noma Wesl, Connie Sorrells, Shirley Tresenriler, Annelle Rose, Juanila Thomas, Marlha Williams, Monla Pay Trammell, Palsy Wesler. Third row: Doris Slegall, Sue Prince, Belly Swill, Sondra Marks, Belly Magi, Charles Ray Powell, Morly Ravkind, Glen l.aQuey. Fourlh row: Tommie Wrighl, Geraldine Wynne, Yvonne Williams, Wayne Nance, George Milner, Raymond Truesdell. , 4 K I . I Q V J 5 , ,F ie-, .,.,, mm- 'Q l.J..,fl f f,..:B5V 1 s J 'img ,.,.-,,-.. -- , Elhel Schwarlz, Billie Jean Laughfn, Jean- e-lle Swill, Marjorie Smilh, Barbara McCool, Janie Palriclc, Norma Soulhern. Parlser, Doris Smilh, June Payne, June Parlain, Anne Moore, Truman Minyard, James McKee. Sevenlh row: Neal Vick, Billy Joe Thomas, Jake Oesch, Ray Turns, Grady Slegman, Waller Slcin- ner, Tommy Runnels, William McCarler, Don Yorlc, Ralph Rosenbaum, Joe Ruloinell, Leroy Malhews. 9 ? xlh row: Don Wesch, Mary Lou While, Joann Eighlh row: Earl Slewarl, Clarence McLean, J. T. Wagliardo, George Turner, Ira Smilh, Frank I Maoaluso, Bonnie Lighllool, Billy Shaw, Billy Mc- Williams, Orville Pinson, 5I ,i 4 94 Pl Fi -1 H .J ws' I C. G . , fl, xx ,I 42 demo 1 P Firsl row: Pauline Wilbanlcs, Fannie Bell Eads, Rulh Joy Benson, Bobbie Collins, l-lannah Goren, Elaine Kessner, Belly Jean Davidson, Shirley Goldslein, Minelle Banlcs, Sylvia Shay, Anna Crandall, Rosalee Racholslcy. Second row: Dorolhy Mae Wrighl, Clela Rogers, Belly Fivecoal, Freda l-louslon, Marlha Manning, Shirley Fuller, Lelly Baysinger, Dorolhy Jean Warren, James l-lolmes, Jaclc Beasley, Tommy Turner. Third row: Bruce Evans, Shirley Ellioll, Mary Alice Knoll, Palsy Demenl, JoAnne Moore, Bill Whal- ley, James Milchell, Fourlh row: Slriegler, Maxine Cook, Joanne Dance, Norma Jean Larr, Sidney Schnaiderman, Mays Goza, Billy Brady. Fillh row: Dorolhy Nix, Mildred Ball, Norma Gee, Jeanne Adams, Mariory Slarnes, Allene Webb, Frances Bodzy, Kennelh Wilson, Earl Boclc, James Sims, Sixlh row: Norma Beach, Doris Wilson, David Mil- chell, Marl Wilson, Paul Davidson, Clyde Ellis Bono, Roberl McDonald, Earle Cameron, Jerry Fischl, Norman Higgs, Ben Williams, Nalhan Kaplan. Sevenlh row: Dink Rigsby, Wallace Mann, Archie Crass, James Knighl, Billy Collard, Douglas Blal- ney, Jerry Romolslcy, Ted Segal, William McGee, Ernesl Moehle. Eighfh row: Solomon Reisberg, Raymond Lamberl, Norman Lulerman, Ernesl Tinnerello, Thomas While, Glynn Wrighl, Ralph Pyle, Don Plunlc, Truell Wallon. f V M, 6,4 l ' H, l, 5,4 66444 Firsi' row: Barbara LeDoux, Berry Rulh Davidson, Beulah Johnson, Francis Bosr, Nila Blanron, Chris- line Embry, Shirley Jean d'Ablemon'r, Wanda Dean, Ann Logan, Helen Jean James, Peggy Goode, Jo Ann Curry. Second row: Richard Bedell, Elizabelh Balcer, Mar- garel' Clarlc, Cynlhia Barr, lvladelyn Cohen, Palsy Adams, Edilh Lucchino, Elizabelh Cole, Belly Finney, Shirley Higgs, Joanne Jameson. Third row: Jalcie Floyd, John Clendenen, Karen Kell, Sheri Brewer, La Verne Lollar, Gloria Denham, Shirley Kirson, Joe lla Livingslon, Joyce Lancas- ler, Bennie Lou Hoolc, Chrislene Cameron. Fourfh row: Doyle Chandler, Roberlr Bailey, Paul Koncalc, Billy Don Forle, Lulher Borgeson, Lowell Baber, Lewis Canlrell, Dale Gilley. FiHh row: Wayne l-lulme, Eddie Greenberg, Wen- del l-lulse, Jim Kowalski, Thomas Jeffrey, Willie Flowers. Sixfh row: Obie Joe Draper, Shannon G r i g g s, Charles Karlen, Bill Jackson, Roberl' l-lilborn, Jack Leon Chambers, James Forsylh, Thomas Amador, John William Jordan, Fred Lollon. 11,5 9 1 1 1 l 53 CHA A sf: Firsl row: Shirley Thurmond, Belly Zischang, Opal Pyles, Eloise Ruyle, Lillian Ornish, Chrislina Poulalcidas, Maxine Sparks, Belly Jo While, Nor- ma Thomas, Janis Phillips, Andreas Poulalcidas. Second row: Tommy Rolrelcl, Gordon Wynne, Leon- ard Wolle, Adele Werlh, Frieda Wood, Anila Wollord, Jacqueline Robinson, Molly Rogers, Barbara Swallord. Third row: Bobby Shuleldl, Sylvan Schumann, Wil- lie Reilly, Louise Rollman, Erances Slalon, Dianne Mays. Charlyne Shields, Palricia McDaniel, Mar- lha Jean Walson. Fourlh row: Jerry Wicks, Cullen Slallord, Hap Rob- erls, Eddie Sigel, Shirley Spearman, Bobbie Nell Williams, Beverely Redlearn, Margarel Pyles, Gloria Tuclcer, Melba McCown, Bobbie Rulh Mellogl I. Fif+h row: Eddie McConnell, Larry Schwarlz, Duane Oliver, M. W. Randolph, l-larmon Simes, Thomas Exoollagd, Joan Slovall, Elizabelh Workman. Sixlh row: Bobby Shelby, Abraham Prengler, John Waggoner, Jimmy Shuemalqe, Cleo lunnell, Mal- com Moore. Sevenlh row: Eugene Marshall, Buddy Nelson, Don McCulloch, William Mclinighl, l-lenry Saucier, Columbus Perdue, Tommy Peeler. 5? Firsi' row: Jane Baumgardner, Evelyn Newsom, Mary Frances Turlle, Sue Cummings, Anne-He Lamberr, Frances Rudberq, Gladys Goldslein, Joan Nich- ols, Palsy Wilburn, Lois Willis, Dororhy Hudson. Second row: Jerry Overman, Shirlee Arnold, Wilma Darby, Janef Holcombe, Mary Ellen Morrison, Charlorle Sialman, Ann Barker, Minnie Pearl Mc- Donald, Leah Pelly, Yvonne Baker, W a n d a Willoughby. Third row: Margie Jones, Theda Hacke++, Barbara Rowan, Chrisline Thomas, Rosalie Skibell, Donna Schuman, Josephine Gussio, Barbra Dorner, Bar- bara Sheals, Four+h row: Jo Ann Dulworlh, Blanche Schnaider- man, Mina Jo Schmohl, Beverly May, Dolores Tucker, Barbara Powell, Belly Deal, Palsy Mc- Gowan, Hahme Gappelberg. Fif+h row: Bobby Cannon, Jerry Biesel, Melvin Bos- well, Joan Lyle, Gloria Ann Lindsay, Nelva Scal- lons, Annerie Finhorn, Beverly Glick, Alan Eber- srein, Ross Segal. Six+h row: Billy Jack Wilhile, Lonnie Ray Haley, Berry Grimes, Shirley Aufry, Doris Farnhearr, Bob Sigler, Carl Day, Jasper Marshall, Ralph Lubins, John Cole. Sevenfh row: Jim Rilier, James Yeager, Jimmy Tackelr, Woody McClure, David Wrighf, Melvin Council, Jackie Yarborough, Jimmy Benlley, Don- ald lruesdell. Eighih row: Lesler Taylor, Leon Pleasant Kennelh Vlfillis, Billy Dixon, Baron Reynolds, Lee Green- field, Bobby Burns, Tommy Jennings, Frank Parker. 2,46 Firs+ row: Joe Johnson, Marvin Blanlon, Bobby Burch, Sammy Guynes, Palsy Jones, Frances Brown, Belly Brown, Marlha Ann Blake, Elaine Domb, Marilyn Greenberg, Mary Allen. Second row: Frances Bell, Janelle Hilen, Donald Black, Milfon Allen, Ann Edwards, Oneida Black, Sally Bushman, Hanna Goldman, Joan Hadaway, Doris Hodges, Vivian Ginsburg. Third row: Bill Hendricks, Earl Burns, James Free- man, Jimmie Ashley, Norman Barnes, Julia Bailey, Peggy Coley, Bobbie Bevis, Mary Hadaway, Joan Ferell, Joyce Ferell, Corena Hopkins. Four+l1 row: Jerry Hobbs, Weldon Glasscock, Jerry Brockway, Jeanelle Kelley, Jean Abbey, Molly Caslleberry, Nancy Coursey, Margarei Flanagan, June Apple, Belly Hill, Hazel Holder, Marilyn Baker, Jean Brewsler. Fif+h row: Richard Bales, Jimmy Horn, Donald Bra- zil, Lowell Griflin, Bobby Allison, Hugh Ercan- brack, Harold Glasser, Jerry Beeson, Gerald Gurson, Reuben Grinslein. Six+h row: Jerry Bales, Don Caldwell, Eddie Holland, Charles Dance, Roberl Carlock, Marion Cole, Maurice Anderson, Kenneih Birdsong. Sevenfh row: Ray Culpepper, Richard Henry, Mike Cole, Joe Hobbs, Melvyn Davis, Harold Black, Kennelrh Crawford, Raymond Boyd, Lloyd John- son, Donald Crablree. 2,4 Firsl row: Palsy Worlham, Nola Lowry, Georgie Mason, Joyce Williamson, l-lelen Williams, Wan- da Roberson, Virginia Nickerson, Peggy Smilh, Sue Lamberl, Carole Kirschbaum, I-loward Reed. Second row: Marian While, Jackie Newsom, Elaine Williams, Vivian Morris, Wanda Meyners, Maxine Young, Lane Kalmin, George McGee, Mill Louer. Third row: Calherine Sholner, Joyce Norman, San- dra Olls, Thelma Ryan, Palsy Lee Taylor, Tommy Spigel, Nalhan Sallzman. Fourlh row: Ann McCurdy, Naomi Weisleld, Shirley Wrye, Peggy Thomas, Gloria Ragland, Belly Shindoll. Fiflh row: Eva Wallon, Peggy Wallers, Sonya Pol- ash, Damaris Walker, Charlene Mikus, De Lores Taylor, Allon Edwards. 66444 Sixlh row: Janice Knighl, Ruby Jo Toan, Rose Marie Polash, Carby Miller, Glen Malhews, Donald Schullze. Sevenlh row: Jo Ann Parker, Erances Shehorn, Bill Sharp, Bob McGee, Billy Slephenson. Eighlh row: Kennelh l-licks, Charles Leggell, Pele Schenkel, Eddie Deason, Bill Reinle, Teddy Webb, Melvin Newman, Bobby Maddox. Ninlh row: John Powell, Loyd Payne, Scoll Samlord, Bob Gamlord, Benny Morris, Daniel Verver, Billy Womack, Preslon Long. Tenlh row: Tommy Turns, Glenn Trayler, Donald Wallord, Joel Moore, Harold Simmons, Loyd Turner, Unidenlilied, Gerald Pierce, Charles Schweizer, Roberl Roe, N. L. Dickinson. MW ..-sq 226 Firsi' row: Jo Ellan Robbins, Carolyn Auslin, Caro- lynn Jones, Efhel Kinnarnon, Jeanelle Goodman, Joyce Guinn, Elaine Capeharl, Belly Graves, Jean Weelcs, Maxine Eeller, Carolyn Jane Srnilh. Second row: Bobby Coolc, David Graves, Jo Ann Sirnes, Earlene Eallwell, Palricia Boldin, Julia Elele cher, Lorella Elelcher, Nancy Guernsey, Louise Broolcs, Violel Marshall. Third row: Quandon Eranlcs, Charlie Challin, Sidney Balernan, Emmell' I'-lanyey, Barbara Eischl, Ann Davis, Eddie Barnes. Fourfh row: Ausfin Bishop, l-loward Kline, William Huchaby, Palriclc Haywood, Charlie Eain, James Ereennan, Carl Josey, Bobbe Cooley, Johnny Blanlon, Jaclcie l-lolcornb. Fif+h row: Cloyse Bell, Billy Bird, Scollie Allen, Slan- ley Abramson, James Coolc, Charles Busch, l-lal l-lorlon. 2? Firsf row: Cecil Slibbens, Jellie Smillw, Jolene Palre, Coylyn Pyle, Marllwa Rariden, Jacquelyn Wil- liams, Sliirley Warren, Juanila Wilson, Jo Ann McCar'rer. Clwarlolle Walls. Second row: Jimmy Davidson, Carl Sloyall, James Wiles, Waller Slockdale, Tommy Savilc, Mayer Lebowilz, Slerling Slegman, Darlene Nelson, Carol Warren. 66444 Third row: Wayne Shaw, George Palzig, Marvin Wise, C. F. Wisely, Jolin Yarborouqlw, Jimmie May, Ben Prengler, Billy Lay, Escoe Slriclcland, Norman Roberls. ' Fourlh row: Plwil Millender, Bob McDaniel, Bobby Woods, Nallwan Wellcliel, Ed Miller, Ray Ross, James Perry, lvlacilc Purser, Ross lvlusso, James Tlnraslwer. 7:46 Firsi' row: Lucille Easley, Frances Adamson, Kalhryn Bynum, Suelelle Ann Cohen, Lila Rae Golden, Trudy Lee Clair, Marlene Dunahoo, Nelda Floyd, La June Brewer, Nancy Comslock. Second row: Janel Bradbury, Goldia Canrrell, Jean Clark, Rachel Domke, Marlene Drumgold, Joan Ford, Mary Helen Brooks, Shirley Clark, Peggy Comer, Roselra Davis. Third row: Sharlene Corder, Nola Dugan, Eddie Lou Corley, Kafherine Goss, Cuebelle Chancellor, Juanila Collins, Lillian Arnold, James Daily, Rod- ger Coley. Fourfh row: Cal Gordon, Charles Cross, Clifford Dooley, Bobby Dixon, Joe Barry, Archie Feagin, Harold Crablree, Dudley E. Coldiron, Fif+h row: Wm. W. Barr Jr., Armond Graves, Tom- my Dowdy, Lanny Gallin, Eugene Beasley, Sug Newman. Six+h row: Bobby Boolh, Barry Fife, Jay Corman, John Caronna, Neal Faulkner, Willis Gage, Ger- ald Baker, Jimmy Baker, Larry Galyon. , W, ,, lg, , .. ,gn.1h...+ .i.- We lr? 66444 Firs+ row: Jo Ann Cawlhon, Larry Joe Wells, Mar- vin Sizemore, Huldie Nulisch, Shirley Huffman, Glenda Lowrey, Annerie Harwell, Billy Lindsey. Shirley Waliers, Norman Virgil Morrison. Second row: Louella Dobbs, Delila Cudcly, Nancy Barnes, Bobby Nickerson, Lucreiia Miller, Sylvia Mehlman, Miclcey Nichols, Delores Qrion, Jack Lyons. Third row: Harry Maddox, Manfred Hechi, Louis Lebel, Sandra Malheas, lone Lumplcin, Shirley Haley, Dorolhy Harmon, Elberl' Milner. Four+h row: Edwin Hill, Gerald Mormon, Lewis Mc- Gariiy, Nancy Maqness, Emily Hun+, Ann Kee- nurn, Shirley Jones. Fif+h row: Bobby Wilherspoon, Don Probsi, Rosalie Minyard, Jo Landers, Doroihy Hopper, Wanda Rowden, Edilh McCoy, Billie Pillman, Mariha Harbison. Six+h row: Richard Lee Hansen, Mason Hopkins, Monroe Malone, Marlene Pellry, Barbara Green- haw, Carolyn Hall, Alberl McKee, Ernie Roe. Seven+h row: Wesley Heiny, Vernon McKinney, Leslie Hancoclc, Horace Malone, James Smiih, Norman Hallmarlc. Eighfh row: Waller Kapavik, Jimmy Maclc, Jesse Phillips, Busier Tillery, Donald Nance, Dudley Mc- Eadin, M. L. Kennedy, Louis Ham, Ardis Mellon, Johnny Kiser, James Goss. Q l I l, t. t,. l P I i i l B E62 O Firs+ row: Mary Louise Rodarle, Norma Slraclcs, Belly Reeder, Shirley Ruvaldf, Gloria Rann, Bil- lie Rulh Sorrells, Carrie Lou Wagliardo, Dorolhy 'Parrish, Judy Wesl, Edna Wallace, Shirley Thom- as, Wabie Wallace. Second row: Jo Nell Tenery, Florence Rosenlolum, Evelyn Shulls, Dorolhy Sparlcs, Emma Faye Pol- ler, Alla Richardson, Sylvia Wellchelz, Jean Washam, Jeffaline Short Gladys Dean Snow, Palsy Thweali. Third row: Kennelh Wrye, lsidor Weinberger, Don- nie Thomas, Jaclc Williamson, Jimmie Todaro, Belly Painler, Jossie Nell Poslon, lvlary Jane Usrey, Kennelh Shuemalce, Jerry Woody, Diclcey Weiser. Four+h row: Billy Willeford, Monle Sfephens, Alloerl' Slovalc, Waller Tucker, Alberl Wilburn, Wanen Wea+herly, Jerry Roberlson, Marcus Wafiord, Lee Roy Slarlcs, Olas Woolverlon. 125 Firsl row: Max Josey, Lydia Jackson, Paddy Burnell, Joyce Bauerle, Peggy Boyd, Marcia Banks, Lee Ann Hill, Mary Kerbo, Belly Jean Kellum, Norma Jean Adams, Marlene Coker, Palricia Dana Ford. Clela Ann Halcher. Second row: Vernon Guynes, Gola Mae Dawdy, Rila Blall, Barbara Hambrick, Sonia Cowand, Barbara Hix, Marjorie Cannon, Jo Ann Fryer, Charlolle Kirksey, Lorela Hill, Janice Cook, Donald Bosharl. Third row: Shirley Harris, Bobbye Canlrell, Palsy Hargrove, Elizabelh Harl, Gwendolyn Goldslein, Belly Creacy, Dixie Duggan, Joyce Jones, Velma Hines, Eugene Oliver. Fourlh row: Joe Earl Friedman, Abdon Guzman, Charles Allen, Larry Calder, Gail lmhool, Melvin Abramson, Donald Knighl, Kenny Dula, Grady Hudgens, Jerry Curlis. Fiflh row: Danny Bourland, Carllon Johnson, Jimmy Kirk, Bill Hollon, Malcolm Echols, Edgar Haslings, Richard Day, Bobby Havens. Sixlh row: Johnny Dismor, Jerry Combs, Richard Gundill, Dan Bailey, Billy Keel, Sidney Arnold, Pal Hurley, Jasper Degelia, Gary Drake, Gene Nix. 'W iff? 6 .,-. Firs+ row: Elrheline Russ, Ann Mc:Na'r+, Par Roseman, Palsy Parierson, Barbara Ravlcind, Elizabelh Lowe, Mary Wilkinson, Eva Parkinson. Deloris Maynard Jo Ann Scallons, Glenda Moore, Mary Sfinson Wilma Williams. Second row: Ervin Rose, Barbara Wren, BeHie Mc- Farlin, Shirley Rybalc, Tomilou Symns, Sylvia Wolfe, Sylvia Neal, Valla Jean Wilburn, Cleo Riia McWhor+er, Wilma Sue Louis, Sue Dell Srafford, Tressie Lee Mixon, Wollie Nelms. Third row: Gloria Anne Noffingham, Barbara Jean Rhodes, June Moore, Shirley Sims, Louise Mc- Daniel, Jo Thompson, Elaine Wear, Lyle Rainer, Sranley Wyll, Harold Taylor, Harland Mills, Salcee Poulalcidas. Fourfh row: Wanda Shaffer, Pansy Palmore, Nancy Seddon, Barbara Srephenson, Louise Smilh, Slella Taclcilr, lrwin Ornish, Terry McCulloch, Homer Ellioil. Grady Owen, Harold McCullough. Fiffh row: Raymond Wilkinson, Carl Smilh, Gerald Rowden, Joe Sco+ch, Donald Raney, Kelly Pas- chall, Thurman Hoover, Jimmie London, Howard Smiih, Don Wallace, Charles Pope. Sixfh row: Gene McWilliams, Gerald Pilgrim, Rob- er'r Ridenour, Charles SCOH, Donald Springer, James Whirfield. Seven+h row: Housfon Miller, Charles Marney, Dan- ny Lighhcooi, Freddie Willingham, Ray Lemons, Richard Robbins, Billy Pierson, Boyd Moore, Ken- nerh Meadows, James Roushey. A neat awteeicuufa 57 Vwzfeucdolcwtdc .feaqaei ONE-ACT PLAY Marilyn Golrnan 5.uQ.HarfJ.e" Joy Mack Marjorie Smilh Efhel Silvergold SPELLING DECLAMATION Elhel Silvergold Billy Joe Thomas Marjorie Smi+h 'B fn ' v Q-4 Q Rachel Dornlce Lillian Ornish Molly Rogers Marjorie Srnilhi J.T. Wagliardo seams: Efh isi Q Id H heofen, J T W QI d M lv G I e :ver o , anna Chrishna Poulalciclas. Cynfhi Marjorie Smirh, Charlene Doyl d R fh J J P f 6 U ones, une ar ain, Manning. a Barr, man, Joh J d e, Wan j Marlha v Originally lhe small office adioining Room IO4 served as ihe school clinic. If had only one bed: and lhe nurse, on duly only par? of the weelr, affended lo .all her business here, offen disfurbing sludenfs who were ill. The new clinic, adioining fhe dean's office, provides a privafe oifice.for fhe nurse, a weifing room, and rooms on eilher side for ill sfudenls. This clinic is a plarl of fhe enlarged healfh program af Foresl, which furnishes a full-'time nurse and numerous films for healfh classes. 1 " 1 I 2 vi omrs 5 cunuc 3 orric E " Mpc! " was-rmc CORK! DDR DRGAIIIZATIDIIS Firs+ row: June Payne, Wanda Rufh Jones, Walfer Skinner, Ella Second row: Mrs. Emma Brown, Marvin Ellio++, Doris Smilh Sue Jean Brand, Marilyn Golman, Eihel Silvergold, Jo Ann Mc- Harmer, Noma West Hannah Goren, Don Holland, Marlha Cuisfion, Marilyn Shapiro, Joy Mack, Dollie Ball, Avanell Ben- Manning, Wanda Bawcum, Palsy Wesler, Beflye Hawfhorne neH, Billy Thomas. Burl Liqhlfoof, John Brannam. 0 i 2456401615 Wanna accklg Cornersiones of Naiional Honor Sociely are characier. scholarship, leadership, and service . . . Membership is open +o 314, 4B, and 4A siudenis who rank in The upper one-fourih of Their class . . . Sevenfeen new members were iniriafed in fall . . . Welcoming parfy for new members held on Decem- ber ll ai The home of Mrs. Brown . . . Picnic in spring honors 'SI iniiiares. li NATIONAL HONOR socrfry QT 'V 3:-. Z. 40" X 4 6 lgj OFFICERS Mrs. Emma H. Brown, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Efhel Silvergold, Presiden+ Billy Joe Thomas, Vice Presidem' Marilyn Golman, Secrerary Marilyn Shapiro, Treasurer Waller Skinner, Serqeani-ai'-Arms Jo Ann McCuis+ion, Parliamenfarian E'r+a Jean Brand, Council Represeniaiive SPRING SEMESTER Marilyn Golman, Presiden+ Berfye ljawrhorne, Vice Presidenf Doris Smiih, Secrefary Marvin Elliott Treasurer Billy Joe Thomas, Sergeani-ai-Arms Mariha Manninq,rQQuncil Represenlaiive Avanell Bennerr, Echo Reporier Palsy Wes+er, Annual Reporfer Firsi row: Joanne Jameson, Billy Joe Thomas, Elaine Domb, Third row: Naomi Weisleld, Marilyn Sue Shapiro, Paula Shelfon Elaine Kessner, Hannah Goren, Elhel Silvergold, Joy Maclc. Frances Rudberg, Chrislene Cameron, Jacqueline Robinson Molly Rogers, Chrislina Poulalcidas, Shirley Goldslein, Rulh Bennie Lou l-look, Beyerely Redlearn, Sheri Brewer, Doris Benson. Smirh, Avanell Bennelf. Second row: Sue Lamberl, Ella Jean Brand, Peggy Jean Thomas, Fourfh row: Miss Sarah Meriwerher, Hanna Goldman, Ann Ed Sandra Olls, Rosalee Racholslcy, Noma Wesl, Dorolhy War- wards, Belly Brown, Beverly Jacobs, Louise Goldslein, Sondra ren, Adele Werrh, Lillian Ornish, Donna Kogan, June Payne, Marlcs, Wanda Rurh Jones, Mariorie Srnilh, Corena l'-lbplcins Fif+h row: Alan Eberslein, Wallace Mann, Jimmy Ashley, Tommy .A Spigel, Billy Womaclc, l-larold Glasser, Jerry Beeson, Johnny Jordan, Jack Couch. Q we 14566 OFFICERS Miss Sarah Meriwerher, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Molly Rogers, Presidenl l-lannah Goren, Vice Presidenl Erhel Silyergold, Secrelary Elaine Kessner, Treasurer Billy Joe Thomas, Sergeanl'-al-Arms Joy Maclc, Parliamenrarian June Payne, Council Represenrarivei SPRING SEMESTER Beverely Redfearn, Presidenri Sherie Brewer, Vice Presidenr Avanell Bennelr, Secrelary Bennie Lou I-look, Tyeasurer Molly Rogers, Pafliamenlarian Wallace Mann, Sergeanl-ar-Arms Lillian Ornish, Council Represenraliv G High Scholarship Club was organized in I937 by former dean, Miss Rachel Foore, +o show sludenls value ol scholarship . . . Anyone eligible for Linz Award may ioin club , . . Members represenr var- ious oulsranding school organizarions . . . Club en- ioys rour of Arr Museum led by Mrs. McManus . .. Chrisrmas parry held on December I4 . . . Year's acliviries end wilh spring picnic ar Fair Parlc. N X , S 9 si, 'W' I ,,,.,, .3-.::f:1 Firsf row: l-lannah Goren, Marilyn Shapiro, Ella Jean Brand, Ann Edwards, Jo Ann McCuis+ion, Erhel Silyergold, Be-Hye Haw- fhorne, Noma Wesl, Sue l-larrner, Barbara McCool, Howard Reed, Second row: S. S. Hulchinson, Palsy Wiiburn, Wilma Darby, Belly Reeder, Dororhy Nix, Lillian Ornish, Roselyn Bernier, Wanda Bawcum, Virginia Rulh Nickerson, John Brannarn. Siudeni Council is made up of represenialives from clubs and firsr period classes . . . Ai meerinqs on Monday mornings members discuss ways of im- proving school . . . During foolrball season Jraqs and shakeroos are sold by represeniaiives . . . "Howdy Week" fesiiviiies sponsored by Council during Tall 'rerm . . . Council publishes school direcrories . . . Year's acriviiies end wiih elecfion of cheerleaders. fm, X' f' 1' W aamf. :S , I W fi DQ Third row: Weldon Glasscoclc, Ray LePere, Jimmie Ashley, Molly Rogers, Jo Ellan Robbins, Efhel Schwarlz, Frances Slalom, Ava- nell Bennell, Shirley Tresenriler, June Payne. Go'dia Can- frell. Fourfh row: Phil Millender, Claylon Crawford, Don Barrall, Rosalee Racholslcy, Johnny McGarily, R. Lee Terrell, Jess Lamb. Fiffh row: Slanley Abramson, Billy Balcer, Raymond Larnberl, eamfzcdf A OFFICERS S. S. Huichinson, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Erhel Silvergold, Presideni Jo Ann McCuis+ion, Vice Presidenl' Beliye Hawrhorne, Secreiary Ann Edwards, Treasurer SPRING SEMESTER Eihel Silvergold, Presideni Jo Ann McCuis+ion, Vice Presideni Bellye l-lawrhorne, Secreiary Ann Edwards, Treasurer 1' E Q JG- Fillh row: Jimmy Slallord, Duane Oliver, Rosalie Skibell, Maxine Feller, Elaine Domb, Sylvia Mehlman, Cleo Rila McWhorler, Palsy Pallerson, Jean Clark, Sidney Arnold, Jasper Degelio. Firsl row: Earle Cameron, Howard Reed, Marilyn Baker, Belly Brown, Shirley Goldslein, Rulh Joy Benson, Gladys Goldslein, Judy Wesl, Carolynn Smilh, Naomi Weisleld. Sixlh row: Andreas Poulakidas, Willard Scribner, Roberl Riden- our, Donnie Thomas, Jackie Yarborough, Billy Bird, Tommy Turner, Rose Marie Polash, Sonya Polash, Jerry Combs, Jean Weeks, Jimmy Tackell. Second row: Tommy Rolrekl, Sylvia Shay, Minelle Banks, Nila Blanlon, Yvonne Williams, Geraldine Wynne, Anila Duck- worlh, Virginia Nickerson, Barbara Fischl, Charlolle Slalman. Third row: Bob While, Madelyn Cohen, Sondra Marks, Joy Mack, Norma Soulhern, Kalhleen Cummings, Shirley Kilson, Miss Mary Drake, Palsy Pryor,.Chrislina Poulakidas. Joan l-ladaway, Larry Calder, Sevenlh row: Coylyn Pyle, Belly Shindoll, Marlene Drumgold, Fourlh row: Jerry Fair, Sakeefgy ulakidas, Sunny I-lolmes, Sally Bushman, Carole Kirschw risline Embry, Nelva Scallons, Barbara Ravkind. ' 5 fl i' 0 0 :moan fed eww Chiel aim ol Junior Red Cross Council is lo ren- OFFICERS der service lo olhers . . . Preparing gill boxes lor Miss Mary Drake, Sponsor children in olher lands and Chrislmas lavors lor FALL SEMESTER Velera-ns l-lospilal rank highesl among group's many aclivilies . . . Council gives programs in Counly Convalescenl Homes and Velerans l-lospilals . . . Assembly, Oclober 30, lealured lalks by Superin- lendenl E. D. Walker and Mrs. Leolia Vilere. Belly Brown, Presidenl Ann Edwards, Vice Presidenl Tommie Nell Wrighl, Secrelary Shirley Goldslein, Sergeanl-al-Arms, Parliamenlarian Jerry Fair, Reporler Chrislina Poulakidas, Council Represenalive Andreas Poulakidas, Council Represenlalive SPRING SEMESTER Shirley Goldslein, Presidenl Gladys Goldslein, Vice Presidenl Rulh Joy Benson, Secrelary Earle Cameron, Sergeanl-al-Arms Belly Brown, Parliamenlarian Firsl row: Gloria Ann Lindsay, Marlha Ann Blake, Lillian Ornish, Third row: Jo Ellan Robbins, Carolyn Auslin, Barbara Dealon Molly Rogers, Billy Joe Thomas, Minelle Banks, Joy Mack. Nancy Magness, Rachel Domke, Marilyn Greenberg, Anne Joanne Jameson, Leonard Wooll, Wanda Rulh Jones, Judy Moore, Elaine Domb, Naomi Weisleld. Marlene Drumgold Wesl, Belly Brown. Rosella Davis, Jean Clark. Second row: Hannah Goren, Ann Edwards, Gloria Denham, Fourlh row: Miss Elhel Maslers, Jay Corman, Slanley Abramson Beverely Redlearn, Sheri Brewer, Palsy Lee Taylor, Joan Had- Donnie Thomas, Alan Eberslein, Cal Gordon, Larry Schwarlz away, Marlha Manning, Adele Werlh, ldella Coleman, Palsy Wanda Bawcum, Suelelle Cohen, Sylvia Mehlman, Tommy Sp: Wesler, Mary Frances Lee, Mickey Ann Nichols, George Xgel, Harold Glasser. Annes. ' Ir ficclilfcvzec 6 ' 9 Founded in lall ol l9I9 by Miss Lourania Miller, Audilores Caesaris makes known ideas ol Roman people and lheir conlriloulions lo civilizalion . . . All Lalin sludenls are eligible lor membership . . . Annual slave auclion in which freshman members are sold as slaves is lavorile program . . . Spring aclivilies include annual banquel lasl Friday in April and picnic al Fair Park. :ff ,K ci' ii Q25 I ST-if EA n if -4 EZ oFPlcERs Miss Elhel Maslers, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Joy Mack, Presidenl Minelle Banks, Vice Presidenl Joanne Jameson, Secrelary Billy Joe Thomas, Treasurer Leonard Wooll, Sergeanl-al-Arms Hannah Goren, Parliamenlarian Lillian Ornish, Council Represenalive SPRING SEMESTER Hannah Goren, Presiclenl Adele Werlh, Vice Presidenl Lillian Ornish, Secrelary Leonard Wooll, Treasurer Alan Eloerslein, Sergeanl-al-Arms Joy Mack, Parliamenlarian Minelle Banks, Council Represenlalive F' T : J. T. Wa liardo, Wallace Mann, Shirley GoldsTein, Third row: WalTer Skinner, Rosalee Rachofslcy, Sue Lamberi, An Irs row Doris SmiTh, ETTa Jian Brand, June Payne, CynThia Barr, Miss neTTe Elnhorn, Elaine Kessner, Carolynn Jones, Jacquelyn Wil FleTcher Wicl-cham, Raymond LamberT. liams, Clare Leach, l-lanna Goldman, Allene Webb, Rosalie kib ll. Second row: Mayer LebowiTz, Jimmy STaTTord, Bobby Cooley, S e Marilyn Sue Shapiro, RuTh Joy Benson, EThel Schwarlz, Jean- FourTh row: Jerry RomoTsky, ChrisTine Thomas, Rose Marie Pol eTTe Goodman, Shirley Warren, Maxine FeTTer, Donna Kogan. ash, Carole Kirschbaum, Sally Bushman, Gladys GoldsTein Mary Ellen Morrison, Harold Blaclc, NaThan Kaplan. an 7406676240 Wien! GFFICERS JJ Founded in i927 by Miss FIe+cher R. Wiclcham, Miss FleTcher Ryan Wickham, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER ETTa Jean Brand, PresiclenT Doris SmiTh, Vice PresidenT June Payne, SecreTary CynThia Barr, Treasurer J. T. Wagliardo, ParliamenTarian Wallace Mann, SerqeanT-aT-Arms Rosalee Racholfslcy, Council RepresenTaTive EThel SchwarTz, ReporTer SPRING SEMESTER WalTer Slcinner, PresidenT June Payne, Vice PresidenT Carolyn Jones, SecreTary Mary Morrison, Treasurer NaThan Kaplan, SergeanT-aT-Arms RuTh Joy Benson, ParliamenTarian Elsie Hancock. Council RepresenTaTive The purpose OT Pan American STudenT Forum is To Teach Tolerance and undersTanding OT LaTin Ameri- can naTions . . . Forum sends represenTaTives To Aus- Tin Tor annual sTaTe convenTion . . . Members give programs beTore Pan American Round ,Table and adulT Spanish clubs . . .Special parTies are given by The club To honor qradualring seniors and To observe ChrisTmas. AJ Ale 4......Q A lil Firsf row: Billy Hawfhorne, C. W. Tunnell, George Milner, John- Third row: Billy Jack Wilhiie, Ray LePere, Jimmie Ashley Ralph nie McGari+y, Bobby Shelby, Bill Brady, Carl Day, Mays Rosenbaum, Lewis Canirell, Eugene Marshall, Jimmy Tackell' Goza, Tommy Roirekl, Peie Schenkel. , Leonard Woolf. Second row: Charles Beckham, Jack Malney, Jerry Fair, Obie Fourfh row: Tommy Peeler, John Jordon, Charles Karlen Jimmy Joe Draper, Jackie Yarborough, Weldon Glasscock, Herman Horn, Tcyimy Pollard, N, L. Dickinson, Ray Culpepper Billy Finley, James Holmes, Malcom Moore. Sharp, Bob DeWiH. U of Thiriy-seven boys iniiialred in+o club +his year have Taken aciive pari' in world fellowship and l-li-Y na- 'iional evenis . . . Bobby Shelby and Bill l-lawihorne aiiend conveniion a+ Ausiin . . . l"li-Y Teens dance held January 6, al' Kiesi Park . . . Charles A. Beck- ham enferiainecl club members and dales al' infor- mal dinner ai his home December 2 . . . Fun nighis af Cen'rral "Y" add exira sparkle To semi-mon+hly meeiings. OFFICERS Charles Beckham, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Bobby Shelby, Presidenl' Billy Hawihorne, Vice Presicleni Bill Brady, Secreiary George Milner, Treasurer SPRING SEMESTER Malcom Moore, Presideni Jimmy l-lolmes, Vice Presideni' Bobby Shelby, Secreiary Bill Brady, Treasurer Firsi row: Anna Crandall, -Palsy Gurley, Kafhleen Cummings, Third row: 'Shirley Fuller, Wanda Dean, Elouise Ruyle, Miclcie Tommie Nell Wrighf, Marlha Manning, Dorofhy Warren, Joy Slriclcland, Wabie Wallace, Mary Brooks, Joann Parker, Bar- Maclx, Norma Soulhern, Connie Sbrrells, Melvalene Kiichens, bara Parker, Mildred Williams, Shirley Elliorr, Elia Gray, Berfy Morgan. " fp Yvonne Williams, Wanda James, Sue Cummings. Second row: Sue Harmer, Norma Jean Larr, Opal Pyles, Peggy Fourih row: Barbara Greenhaw, Gloria Rann, Evelyn Shu++s, Richardson, Lucrelia brarlha Jean Wafson, Dianne Shirley Clarlc, Marlene Pe++y, Sue Waflenbarger, Shirley Mae Mays, Chrisfina Poulaki., ' s,lBing Sfreigler, Norma Cummings, Wainscoif, lone Lumpkin, Shirley Holey, Mary Frances Tuffle, Gloria' Tucker, Jerrie liknn Overman. Edirh Lucchino, Elizabelh Cole, Shirley Walrers, Mary Haney, T Annefre Rose. A OFFICERS Mrs. Anne Sanford, Sponsor Mrs. Norma McMillen, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Dororhy Warren, Presidenr Marrha Manning, Vice Presiclenr Sue Cummings, Secrerary Norma Larr, Treasurer Norma Cummings, Parliamenrarian SPRING SEMESTER Doroihy Warren, Presidenl' Marfha Manning, Vice Presidenr Sue Cummings. Secrerary Norma Larr, Treasurer Norma Cummings, Parliameniarian Y-Teens, a service organizalion branched from YWCA, is a very acrive chapler al' Foresr .. .5 . Firsf major underralcing in fall was membership drive in which sixiy members were iniiiaied . . . All-girl ioofball game, called "Powder Bowl Classic" played December Il . . . Dorolhy Warren represenled Foresl af cily-wide Y-Teen Snow Frolic . . . Under leadership of new sponsor, Mrs. McMillen, a soclc hop was held in ihe spring. af ir. Firsl row: Donnie Thomas, Elhel Silverqold, J. T. Wagliardo, Second row: Wendel Hulse, Jay Corman, Carrie Wagliardo Wanda Rulh Jones, Carolynn Smirh, Billy Joe Thomas, Shirley June Parfain, Lillian Ornish, Dorolhy Jean Warren, Hannah Goldslein, Rosalee Rachoislry, Efhel Schwarlz, Ella Jean Brand, Soren, Beverly Jacobs, Marilyn Sue Shapiro, Sue Larnberf Rulh Benson. Sondra Marlcs, Donna Kogan. Third row: Louise Goldslein, June Payne, Doris Smilh, Elsie Fosrer, Shirley Fuller, Sue Harmer, Tommie Nell Wrighl, Ella Gray, Shirley Elliorr, Miss Bess Thalcher, Hanna Goldman, 1 Johnny McGariiy, Chrisrene Cameron. ,- cmd Wdatazq 66066 E' Texas Hisrory Club was organized in May, I935, by former principal of Foresl, Wylie A. Parker, ro increase inleresl in Texas hislory . . . Club presenls assembly in honor of Farher of Texas . . . Each year if adds books ro Texas collecfion in school library . . . Foresr group is afliliared wilh Texas Siare His- rorical Associarion and Junior Hisrorians . . . Any- one inreresled in Texas hisrory may join. OFFICERS Miss Bess Thafcher, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Billy Joe Thomas, Presidenr Wanda Rurh Jones, Vice Presidenr Shirley Goldsrein, Secrerary J. T. Wagliardo, Treasurer Tommie Nell Wrighl, Parliamenlarian Rosalee Rachofsky, Sergeanr-al-Arms Erhel Silvergold, Council Represenrarive SPRING SEMESTER J. T. Wagliardo, Presidenr Marilyn Shapiro, Vice Presidenl' . June Payne, Secrerary Donnie Thomas, Treasurer Jay Corman, Sergeanr-ar-Arms Hanna Goldman, Council Represenrarive Billy Joe Thomas, Parliamenlarian 9- Firsf row: Jimmy Slafford, Nila Blanlon, Lillian Ornish, J. T. Third row: Joe lla Livingslon, Wanda Dean, Bennie Lou Hoolr, Wagliardo, Billy Joe Thomas, Palsy Wesier, Tommie Nell Sondra Marks. Madelyn Cohen, Margarel Pyles, Louise Gold- Wrighr, John Brannam, Lowell Balser, Thomas Jeffrey. sfein, Beverly Jacobs, Palsy Pryor. Second row: LaVerne Lollar, Cherie Swilf, Shirley Ellioff, Larry Fourlh row: Miss Minnie Brown, Joyce Lancasfer, lrene Johnson, Fuferfagy Elizabefh Baker, Dianne Mays, Ann Logan, Joy Mack, Marrha Jean Warscn, Minelre Banks, Janis Phillips, Duane Chrisfine Embry, Chrisrina Poulalridas, John Jordan, Ralph Oliver, Adele Werlh, Molly Rogers, Chrislene Cameron, Wen- Lubins, del Hulse, Columbus Perdue, ll I . T1 Zdffdd cial ' acid OFFICERS Miss Minnie Brown, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Palsy Wesler, Presidenr ' John Brannam, Vice Presidenl Tommie Nell Wrighr, Secrefary Billy Joe Thomas, Treasurer J. T. Wagliardo, Sergeanf-af-Arms, SPRING SEMESTER Joy Maclc, Presiclenl Molly Rogers, Vice Presidenr Chrislina Poulalcidas, Secrelary Lillian Ornish, Treasurer Chrisrene Cameron, Sergeanl-a+-Arms Dallas Hislorical Sociely is made up of sludenfs inleresred in growlh and progress of Dallas . . . Programs consisr of clebales and discussions on cur- renr problems . . . Lislening 'ro musical recordings of l9OO and comparing Them lo lhe music of Today highlighled popular program . . . Pxclivilies This year include a lrip rhrough +he Hall of Slale, a Chrisrmas pariy, and an observance of lhe socie+y's ninereenrh birlhday. YIFDALLAS 5 N s., P- Ui - U o P 5 do AUS dO.LS H 4 0 ' if Firsi row: Marilyn Greenberg, Minefie Banks, Adele Werih, Han- nah Goren, Erhel Silvergold, Shirley Goldsiein, Efhel Schwarfz, Rosalee Rachofsky, I-Ianna Goldman, Sondra Marks. Second row: Elia Jean Brand, Maxine Fefier, ldella Coleman, Judy Wesi, Madelyn Cohen, Chrisiina Poulakidas, Frances Rudberg, Sandra Oils, Elaine Domb. :kk affine Inreresi in correci and effeciive speech has drawn girls Jrogelher 'ro form Girls Public Speaking Club . . . Meeiings planned +o Teach members parliamen- 'Iary procedure, debaiing, and exiemporaneous speaking . . . Annual Freshman pariy acquainis freshman girls wirh club and i'rs purpose . . . Speech by Miss Thelma Romoisky, former member, high- Iighlrs meeiing November I5 . . . Membership is open 'ro all girls inreresred in public speaking. Third row: Rulh Joy Benson, Rachel Domke, Joanne Jameson, Bobbie Collins, Berry Fivecoaf, Frances Bodzy, Marilyn Sue Shapiro, Joy Mack, Lillian Ornish, Sue Lambert Fourfh row: Miss Sara Davidson, Edirh McCoy, Florence Rosen- blum, Jo Anne Moore, Mildred Ball, Billie Jean Laughlin, Sally Bushman, Carole Kirschbaum, Naomi Weisfeld, Beverly Jacobs. ' Za! M OFFICERS Miss Sara Davidson, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Eihel Silvergold, Presidenr E'rheI Schwar'I'z, Vice Presideni' Hannah Goren, Secreiary Adele Werih, Treasurer Shirley Goldsiein, Sergeani-ai-Arms Chrisrina Poulakidas, Reporier Rosalee Rachofsky, Council Represenraiive SPRING SEMESTER Ruih Joy Benson. Presidenr I-Ianna Golman, Vice Presideni' Shirley Goldsrein, Secreiary Carol Kirschbaum, Treasurer E+heI Schwarfz, Sergeani-ar-Arms Marilyn Shapiro, Reporler Sue Lamberr, Council Represeniarive Firsf row: Morly Ravlcind, C. E, Hulse, James E. McKee, Billy Joe Thomas, James Holmes, Charles Leggefl, Pele Schenlcel, Freddie Combs, John Brannam. Second row: Miss Helen Ecl-celman, Cherie Swilr, Minerfe Banks, Louise Rollman, Sue Harrner, Shirley Fuller, Elra Jean Brand, Eihel Silvergold, Annelle Lamberl, Guylene Mafrhews. Third row: Donald Schulrze, James Haire, Sue Lamberl, Joy Maclc, Hanna Goldman, Barbara McCool, Jo Ann McCuislion, Sondra Marlcs, Sue Prince, Marilyn Golman. dana! OFFICERS Miss Helen Eclcelman, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER John Brannam, Presidenl' Jo Ann McCuisJrion, Vice Presidenl Minelre Banks, Secreiary Audie Rodgers, Treasurer SPRING SEMESTER Morly Ravlcind, Presidenr Mariorie Smilh, Vice Presidenr Joy Maclc, Secrelary Wanda Bawcum, Treasurer Fourfh row: Alberl Disch, Eddie Deason, Naomi Weisield, Elaine Dornb, Norma Fallwell, Elsie Fosler, Wanda Bawcum, Audie Rodgers, Norma Soulhern. Fiflh row: Roberl Biesel, Alira Logan, Belly Rulh Davidson, Bar- bara Jean Le Doux, Anila Duclcworlh, Doris Sregall, Belly Oglerree, Mariorie Srnilh, Dorene Jay, Beverly Jacobs. Sixlh row: Berry Jeane Mann, Larry Klein, Jalce Oesch, Fred Time, Orville Pinson, Mildred Ball, Jo Anne Moore, Buddy Bourland, June Pariain, Billy Hawlhoren, Thomas While, Franlc Hereford. . "-- - , , K K, T f ,gr , -f-. ,,:,, R r f.. R si, wil 5e4,e6cw accletg A A Srudenls ralcing public spealcing and parliciparing in round-lable discussions and exlemporaneous speeches are eligible for Nalional Thespian Sociery J. . . Coached by Miss Helen Eclfelman, club mem- bers give slcirs, panromimes, and humorous song- dance combinalions . . . Many programs are pre- senled ar pep assemblies . . . More ihan 'Filly mem- bers belong ro rhis club, which is divided info live unils, one for each speech class. ol e Lrg 1 79 Firsf row: John Brannam, Frilz DeLano, Marvin Blanlon, Alberf Second row: Millon Lover, Orville Pinson, Charley Parish, Roberf Disch, Charles Dance, Jerry Romolslcy, Bobby Cooley, Noma Hixon, Duane Oliver, Barry Joffrion, Miss Virginia l-lursl Wesi. 1 bl? v Boys who operale molion piciure proieclor malce up Cinema Club . . . Films are shown io various classes +o add 'ro knowledge by seeing aciual dem- onsiralion . . . lnieresling and eclucaiional films add sparkle +o many club programs . . . Members also show films for assemblies . . . Visual educaiion, now recognized as an inlegral pari of mosl courses ai Foresf, is very popular wi+h sfudenrs. meme ew OFFICERS Miss Virginia I-lursi, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER John Brannam, Presideni' Marvin DeLano, Vice Presidenr Orville Pinson, Secrerary Barry Joffrion, Treasurer Roberl l-lixson, Sergeanl-al'-Arms Tread l Firsi row: S. S, Hufchinson, Lowell Baber, Mary Louise Rodarfe. Second row: Frilz DeLano, Tommy Runnels, Larry Schwarfz, M. W June Parlain, Julia Flefcher, Jay Corrnan. Randolph, Jerry Mislcell, Paul Juhlin. ,..- 1 .4 .. H73 M ming amy OFFICERS S. S, Hufchinson. Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Marvin De Lano, Presidenl June Parfain. Secrelary-Treasurer Eddie McConnel, Sergeanl-af-Arms SPRING SEMESTER Marvin De Lano, Presidenl' Lowell Baber, Vice Presidenl June Parfain, Secrelary-Treasurer Tommy Runnels, Sergeanl-al-Arms Shullerbug Camera Club was organized in I948 by Dan Hulse lo increase amaleur pholography a+ school . . . On Wednesday alle-rnoons members are oflen seen around school 'raking piclures of school aclivilies . . . Phofoqraphers also worlc wilh publica- lions slalls . . . Club raises funds by selling phofo- graphs +o sludenls . . . Chief qualilicalion is inlreresl in pholography. 1 0 ,o . .1 no V K , ., ,Q ii 6 Firsi' row: Billy Don Forie, Shirley Thurmond. Second row: Gloria Denham, Shirley Darwin, BeHe Gray, Bobbie Jeanne Adams, Barbara Greenhaw, Marlene Peify, Mrs. Maf- lyelea Builer, Yvonne Baker, Gail Denham, June Parlain. ' z . ,! ' li Lf: AL. ff f f Jimmy laminate gif q if Library assisfanfs are chosen on a basis ol: de- penclabilify and a willingness 'ro help pupils and 'leachers find informaiion . . . Duiies of assisianis are faking roll, checking ou'r books. 'raking library permils fo sfudy hall feachers, replacing books on shelves. and mending books . . . Working in library gives assisfanis wide acquainiance wiih new and old books. L GRADUATING SENIORS FALL SEMESTER Norma Billingsley SPRHNIG SEMESTER June Parlain Gail Denham FITS' row: Anne Logan, Mrs. A. H. Pegues, Billie Jean Ashcraff, Second row: Dianne Mays, Frances Hoffman. Adrinne Salfzman, Charlyne Shields, Melvin Council, Elizaberh Noi in picfure: Doris Slegall, Pinkie Brownlee. Baker, Barbara Campbell. f I FALL STAFF Clinic Helpers aid Mrs. Pegues, school nurse, by Billy Jean Ashcraff Pinkie Brownlee Belly Dickerson Anne Logan Dianne Mays Doris Slegall SPRING STAFF Marrha Blake Pinkie Brownlee Freddie Cochran Julia Flercher Mary Hadaway Shirley Higgs Jo lla Livingsfon Sondra Marks filing program cards and informalion concerning srudenfs' healih . . . Somelimes lhey adminisfer simple lirsl aid or lake Jremperalures . . . This prac- rice gives helpers experience lor lurlher work as doc+or's recepfionisr or nurse . . . Any srudenl is eligible for work in clinic if he has a free period and a salisfaclory scholaslic average. I""i' DRNO-mos Firsf row: Sondra Marks, Janie Pafriclc, Doris Sfegall, Noma Efhel Schwarfz, Beverly Jacobs, Yvonne Williams Wesf, Josephine Cvassman, Belfy Oglefree, Marjorie Smifh, Freddie Sue Cochran. Third row: Beverely Redfearr, Jo Anne Moore, Kafhleen Cum minqs, Anna Crandall, Miss Rufh Fefferman, Norma Soufhern Second row: Sue l-larmer, Madelyn Cohen, Jo Ann Parlcer, Joy I Cynfhia Barr, Shirley Fuller, Geraldine Wynne, Frances Bodzy Maclc, Barbara Anne Parker, Bobbie Collins, effy Fivecoaf, a . Chief aims of fhe Foresf Secrefarial Club are fo mainfain high sfandards of business fraining and learn business fechniques rnosf offen pracficed . . . Visifs fo successful business or employmenf offices show members how worlc is carried on . . . Discus- sions on office procedure prove informafive . .. Club organized in I945 by Miss Rufh Fefferman . . . Membership is open fo anyone inferesfed in secre- farial worlc. K Wee- ad OFFICERS Miss Rufh Fefferman, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Janie Pafriclc, Presidenf Mariorie Smifh, Vice Presidenf Josephine Gassman, Secrefary Noma Wesf, Treasurer Doris Sfegall, Parliamenfarian Freddie Sue Cochran, Sergeanf-af Arms Beffy Oqlefree, Reporfer SPRING SEMESTER Marjorie Smifh, Presidenf Joy Mack, Vice Presidenf Noma Wesf, Secrefary Freddie Cochran, Treasurer Doris Sfegall, Sergeanf-af-Arms Janie Pafriclc, Parliamenfarian Norma Soufhern, Reporfer 196 Firsl row: Jeanelle Goodman, Carolynn Smilh, Norma Soulhern, Third row: Virginia Rulh Niclcerson, Mrs. Joan Miclrle, Tommie Kalhleen Cummings, Anna Crandall, Dorolhy Jean Warren, Nell Wrighl, Paula She 1Q.u,.Doris Slegall, Marjorie Smilh, Jerry Anne Overman, Nila Blanlon, Molly Rogers, Sue l-larmer. Doris Smilli, Palsy Worlham, Marian While. Second row: Maxine Eeller, Juanila Wilson, Nancy Guernsey, Fourlh row: Mrs. Emma Brown, Helen Weaver, Ella Jean Brand, Marilyn Greenberg, Shirley Jordan. Ann Edwards, Bobbie Marilyn Sue 'SgL5plVO, Elhel Silvergold, Marilyn Golman, Lila Bevis, Carrie W liardo, Mify i-rances Lee. Golden, Suelelg4Cohen. J ff Fillh row: Miss Salah LMeriwelher, June Payne, Elsie Fosler, yi Frances Rudberg, Roxie Smlih, Mrs. Rilla M. Brady, GRADUATING SENIORS FALL SEMESTER Ella Jean Brand SPRING SEMESTER Paula Shellon Joy Mack Marilyn Golman Marilyn Shapiro Sue l'larmer Elhel Silvergold June Payne Doris Smilh Norma Soulhern Marjorie Smilh Elsie Eosler ' i fate ,-hmzmza 1 Girls who help in principals and dean's ollices musl rank high in characler and scholarship -if . . . . . Sending call slips, answering lelephone, lyping, lil- ing, running errands and doing general ollice worli are lhe dulies ol lhe ollice assislanls . . . Choice ol worlcers is based on recommendalion ol lacully . . . Assislanls help lo keep lhe ollices running smoolhly. num! wsu rss!-1-T' H- 4. k" -fx. 1-D Q-N-5 .1............ DCYTU Q i' O Firsf row: Bill Reilly, Sugar Newman, Grady l-ludgeng, James Second row: Shannon Griggs, Bill Brady, Malcom Moore, Woody Holmes, Bob Sigler, Carl Day, Pefe Sghenkel, Jimmy Tackeif, McClure, John Baumgardner, Eddie McConnell, Billy Balcer KW Key Club was organized ar Foresl in l'-748 by Kiwanis lniernalional fo promole Brolherhood . . . Members meer every Wednesday al' 'rhe Kiwanis Club . . . Two represenlafives are senl 'ro Annual Inlernaiional conven+ion . . . Club colors are blue and gold . . . Main evenr of year is New Year's parly al I-lolel Adolphus . . . Members parlicipale in promolion of fire prevenriori. Iffrz Q' If I E Flax .H Vs x sl 'E g x x Q R g Q x 4' E. '00 Q CAL l I 1 'lllllf 4,, Cleo Tunnell, Jaclc Beasley. OFFICERS James T. Whilflesey, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Billy Ray Baker, Presideml Donald Smilh, Vice Presideni Carl Wilson, Secrelary Jack Beasley, Treasurer John Baumgardner, Serqeanr-al-Arms SPRING SEMESTER Billy Balcer, Presidenl' Carl Day, Vice Presidenr Bill Reilly, Secrelary Jaclc Beasley, Treasurer John Baumgardner, Sergeanl-ai-Arms Firsf row: Ben Williams, Billy Harris. Miss Rufh FeH'erman, Bob Apple, Norma Billingsley, Frank lvlacaluso, Grady Slegman, Sue Prince, Pal Mclianna, Jessie I-lill, SPRING- RECRUITS Charloile Hales Shirley l-liggs Wendel Hulse Larry Klein Roberl McDonald George Milner Columbus Perdue Opal Pyles Billy Frank Shaw Cherie Swifl Anila Wofford Pai Wesf Thomas While Human relafions, a non-credil course 'for seniors. opened ai Foresr lhis year . . . Class meels daily in school dining room . . . Course deals wil'h problems of living wi+h olhers and knowing one's self . . . Through classroom discussion sludenfs answer own queslions on boy-and-girl relalionship in daling, personalily, vocalions, and olher subiecls of inlereslr 'lo +een-agers. Firsf r0W1 Truman Mlnydrd- Third row: Miss Willie Mae Berry, Larry Klein, C. E. Hulse, Zane Second row: Grady Sfegman, George Turner, Frank Macaluso. glgrliiean Cghlgllis Pllraiorllhcliaiilriiallilel Baker' Ralph Rosenbaum lra Smilh, Edd Slevens, Charles Gann, Burl Lighlfool. ' . - x 50 ,5 ol Senior boys Taking Home Economics make up Blue Ribbon Chefs . . . Colors of club are burnl black and flour while . . . An oulslancling evenl of year is breaklasr prepared by boys . . . Chief acli- viries are clishwashing and dislrilouling samples lo favoriie Teachers and besr girls . . . Boys parricularly enioy ealing foods 'rhey prepare . Rumor has ir 'rhar sales of well known remedies for indigesiion in- crease cluring cooking season. Ns X S E QSFQ S S X 1 X SC S BOTTLEWASHERS Edd Srevens, Boiler Burner Frank lvlacaluso, Rag Ringer Charles Gann, Dulch Cleaner Burl Lighllooi, Chief Cusrodian lra Smilh, Bollle Washer Truman lvlinyarcl, Wafer Boiler "'LN' f' Firsf row: Rober+ Biesel, Fred Time, Ralph Smifh, Joe Rubinefr, Second row: John Brannam, Bonnie Lighffoof, Johnny McGari+y, J. T. Wagliardo, Paul Juhlin, Johh Boone. Roberl L. Johnson, Frilz DeLano, Bob While, Wayne Nance, l . 1 . J li Jae ' s CHIEF COOKS John Boone, Baller Bealer Wayne Nance, Biscuil Baker lvlorly Ravkind, Pie Pusher Bonnie Lighllool, Pan Licker Frilz DeLano, Cookie Culler J. T. Wagliardo, Polalo Peeler Morly Ravkind, Miss Willie May Berry. fd Organized in I934, lhe Cooks are a group of boys enrolled in 'rhe home economics classes . . . Each day lhe group meels wi+h Miss Willie May Berry and learns fundamenlals of eliquefle, nulri- +ion, cooking, baking, meal planning, inferior dec- oralion, and 'Family life . . . Course also includes sludy of good grooming and gelling along wilh olhers . . . Boys especially enjoy baking, favorile being pies and biscuils. . ci.-. ff' ,f 'ff 22-,g.6f X2 yffgff , Z 89 Ae . A x Firsi' row: Jerry Fischl, Joe Srnilh, Kennelh Wilson, Jean Wal- Third FOWI MlS5 MGVY Ann NUQef"li Eddie MCCOVWEIL JlmmY ford' Donnie Kline' l 'kb Price, Bob While, Olen l.aQuey, Maxine Cook, Belly Walson 'Second row: Tommie Dell Jones, Maxine Carlisle, Joyce Killings- 551 N0f in PlCil-'Fel JSFFY Allen. J'-H19 File. B05 Apple, Sidney Ash worlh, Mary Lou While, Donald Bell. brook. James F0V5Vll"- wzudmw Dis+ribu+ive Educalion is vocalional program cle- signed ior high school siudenis planning To enler relail, wholesale, or service occupaiions . . . Super- vised by Miss Nugent sludenls learn such valuable Jropics as personalify in business, siore selling. busi- ness organizaiion. siore speech and ariihmelic . . . Through co-operalion of schools and business insh- Jrulions, sfudenls can allencl classes pari of The day and work Jrhe orher parl. I . MQW dwcdlfcha 65444 GRADUATING SENIORS Jesse Gadd Wayne l-loolen Paul Juhlin I M ll'B Th'd w Archie Willis Paul Juhlin Ben Williams Don Mc- Flrsl row: Billie Harris, Belly Swill, Shir ey Tresenriler, a I lr ro : , . . Asbill, Melba Hales, Joan Slovall, Elizabelh Workman. Jo Colloch, Glynn Wriqhl, Jifn Kowolslci, Jaclcie Clark, Billy M-c- Nell Wiles, Marilyn Sloneham. Williams, Jesse Gadd, Gerald Lumpkin, James Haire, Miss Mary Ann Nugenl. Second row: Leroy Malhews, David Milchell, Don York, George Challin, Wayne l-loolen, Charles Berghauser, Frank Hereford. wtzdfatwe dacalcha SPRING RECRUITS Jack Chambers Wilma Darby Ralph Lubin Clarence Nelson Jerry Reeves Clyde Smilh Jimmy Taclcell Shirley Thurrnond Doris Jo Wilson Jack Wilson Belly Zischang Dislribulive Educalion gives many sluclenls a chance lo qel valuable business experience while allending school . . . ll prepares sludenls lo earn a living and lrains lhem lor advancemenl in lheir chosen careers . . . Allilucles such as love ol worlc. courlesy, accuracy. and inilialive are slimulaled . . . Sludenls also benelil by earning salaries while slill in school. f ! K! '.9I Firs+ row: Mrs. W. W. Barr, Mrs. Max P. Cohen, Mrs. Sadie Third row: Mrs. T. G. Millender. Mrs. L. V. Smifh, Mrs. J. T. Sigel, Mrs. Lou Raykind, Mrs. Roy L. Brown, Mrs. Julius Whifilesey, Mrs. Morris Goldman, Mrs. Allen Reed, Mrs. Schwarlz, Mrs. P. G. Tunnell. Charles B. Jones. Second row: Mrs. H. C. Wainscolr, Mrs. H. H. Doyle, Mrs. J. P. Fourih row: Mrs. L. B. Denham, Mrs. H. C. Kline, Mrs. Sam Brooks, Mrs. N. O. Corman, Mrs. J. W. Jordan, Mrs. Eclw. G. Banks, Mrs. Frank Holey, Mrs. Irving Puierias, Mrs. Rose Wolfe, Wesl, Mrs. M, Weinberg, Mrs. W. E. Drumgold. Mrs. Mose Glick. meal- eczeiew 14 Composed of moihers and reachers of siudenis afiencling Foresi, PTA fries io bring 'rhe child, par- enrs, and Teachers closer fogefher . . . Joinf meer- ings are held regularly wirh Dads Club . . . PTA sponsors assembly a+ which fooiball boys are auc- iioned +o high-bidding girls . . . Morhers rake pari on T. V. quiz and win prizes.. . March 2, Sweeihearl' dance honors King Harry Roberls and Queen Janie Pairick. if voun A10 A 'B 1' Q' 106 , . Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs ' tiara OFFICERS M. P. Cohen, Presideni N. O. Corman, Vice Presidenl' W, W. Barr, Vice Presidenr J. W. Jordan, Vice Presideni J. Schwariz, Vice Presidenr R. L. Brown, Vice Presideni P. G. Tunnell, Vice Presidenr H. C. Walker, Vice Presicleni H. H. Doyle, Secreiary L. Ravkind, Corresponding Secrerary Sadie Sigel, Treasurer L. H. Schwelke, Parliamenrarian S. Hoffman, Audiior M. Schnifzer, Auclilor T. S. Millender, Council Delegaie J. P. Brooks, Council Delegaie Firsf row: James T. Whifllesey, John G. Moore, Perry G. Tun- Second row: L. B. Denham, C. C. Curry, H. C. Kline, Harry ' ' C h W. E. M nell, Neal Lyons, Wm. Rennie, R. L. Hufchuson, John W. Jordan. Dada OFFICERS L. B. Denham, Presideni' C. C. Curry, Program Chairman H. C. Kline, Membership Chairman Harry Shay, Finance and Relreshmeni Chairman Jno. W. Jordan, Educalional Chairman H. C. Walker, lmprovemem' Chairman L. B. Hobbs, Alhleiic Chairman Dan O. Hulse, Secreiary and Treasurer Shay, H. C. Walker, L. B. Hobbs, Max P. o en, C Carler, Moses Glick. The dads of Foresl Avenue have lalcen aciive parl in backing sludenl aclivilies during school year . . . Afhleiic Banquei held January 19, honoring all siudenis who pariicipaled in a sporis evenl . . . Joinr meelinq oi PTA and Dads clubs held To dis- cuss "Who is A Good Ci+izen?" February I2 . . . Pep Squad girls indebled lo Dads for colorful new uniforms. x ACT-lvl7',Q ef A vi yr . gf iff 'a S O NBA o 'J' a M495 Firsf row: Shirley Huffman, Judy Cunningham. Jacquelyn Wil- liams, Marrha Rariden, Joan Nichols, Oneida Black, Dolores Tucker, Shirley Mae Wainscoff, Nancy Coursey, Theda Horfon, Sue Wallenbarger, Nola Jean Lowry. Second row: Wabie Wallace, Evelyn Rogers, Vanessa Bafeman, Barbara Boafman, LaVern Reed, Mary Frances Tufrle, Palricia Ann Swindle, Dolores Burns, Sue Cummings, Doris Vesral, Chrisiine Cameron. na Girls who like music find opporruniry To develop Jrheir voices Through Girls Chorus . . . Group per- forms on special programs and assemblies . . . Girls are Jraughr imporranr Tacls in field of music, such as how To pronounce words. brearhe correcrly, have good poslure while singing, and be poised on The srage . . . This voice Training proves helpful To slu- denis who conrinue siudy in music. 94 Third row: Mary Brooks, Loreffa Flefcher, Gloria Ragland, Billie Jean Laughlin, Marlene Drumgold, Janei Holcombe, Florence Rosenblum, Fay Warson, Shirley Warren, Miss Louise Wilcox. Fourfh row: Delila Cuddy, Margarei Flanagan, Freda Houslon, Nancy Magness, Thelma Ryan, Ann Davis, Delma Novvland, Chrisline Thomas, Jo Ellan Robbins, Gladys Goldsrein, Caro- lynn Smifh. dance OFFICERS Miss Louise Wilcox, Dire-cror FALL SEMESTER Dolores Tucker, Secrelary Jo Ellan Robbins, Council Represenrarive Marlene Drumgold, Jr. Red Cross Represenialive Firsf row: Marvin Cody, Sylvia Shay, Charles Ray Powell, Nalhan Abramson, Tommy Runnels, Gary Gossell. ialzlmangoigdqer Coleyl Reuben Grmslemi Ralph Rosenbaum' Third row: Roberl Biesel, Eddie Smilh, Larry Wells, Edwin Sigel, i Bob Sigler, Larry Galyon, Jaclc Williamson, Clillord Dooley, Second row: George Annes, Jerry Beeson, Charles Dance, Bing Lowell Baber, Billy Joe Gambrell, John Yarborough, Bob Slriegler, Elsie l-lancoclc, Tommy Spigel, William McCar'rer, While, Colonel John Marshall, Jerry Fair, Pinlcy Brownlee, Marvin Blanlon, Donald Dunn, Earl Slewarl, John Brannam, Rosella Davis, Palsy Lee Taylor, Woody McClure, Dale Gilley. Harold Glasser, l-larry Maddox, James Shanlcle, Slanley GRADUATING SENIORS FALL SEMESTER John Biesel John Brannam SPRING SEMESTER Marvin Cody Donald Dunn Marvin Ellioll Jerry Fair Gary Gossell Elsie Hancock Barry Jollrion William McCar'rer Anne Moore Charles Powell Ralph Rosenbaum Tommy Runnels Earl Slewarl aacezl gmac! Under The direclion ol Colonel Marshall, Concerl Band provides music for loolball games, pep rallies, and assemblies... Band meels daily al lourlh period lo praclice for programs . . . ll also presenls lively concerls al olher Dallas schools . . . Paid as- semblies given by members prove highly enioyable lo sludenls and lacully . . . Chrislmas parly and spring picnic are main social evenls ol year. as , ' f Firsl row: Waller Skinner, Miss Louise Wilcox, Belly Brown Wanda Rulh Jones, Ann Edwards, Gladys Goldslein, Jacque lynn Newsom, Joan l-ladaway, Frances Shehorn, Gloria Tuclcer, Shirley Warren. Second row: Palsy Gurley, Jerry Anne Overman, Donna Kogan Joyce Lancasler, Anna Crandall, Theda Florlon, Anila Wol lord, Doris Veslal, Sue Wallenbarger, Jo Ellan Robbins. Third row: Carolynn Smilh, Delma Newland, Ann Davis, Beverly May, Johnny McGarily, Clemon Rogers, Jimmy Benlley, Jim- mie Ashley. Fourlh row: l-lal l-lorlon, James Milchell, Donald Hammons, Eu- gene Marshall, James Freeman, Bobby McDaniels, Bob Milahell. Zagpewa 5462 A Cappella Chorus is composed ol sludenls wilh good voices and delinile inleresl in singing . . . Arl songs, popular lunes, ballads, and spiriluals are in- cluded in lhe course ol sludy, and solo worlc is en- couraged . . . Choir presenls several assembly pro- grams annually. . . Maior achievemenl ol lhe year is lhe spring procluclion ol lhe operella "Pinalore." ,5'p'-- Qggraa-:.: . ! 96 OFFICERS Miss Louise Wilcox, Direclor FALL SEMESTER Palsy Gurley, Presidenl Clemon Rogers, Secrelary Ann Edwards, Librarian Belly Brown, Program Chairman James Milchell, Program Chairman James Freeman, Treasurer SPRING SEMESTER Wanda Rulh Jones, Presiclenl James Milchell, Vice Presidenl Frances Shehorn, Secrelary James Freeman, Librarian V 4-f f" ff ,W , f , fp' AT ChrisTmas members OT The Spanish DeparTmenT organized The Pan Ameri- can Chorus . . . This group enTerTained The Pan American STudenT Forum wiTh ChrisTmas carols sung in Spanish ...The chorus perTormed on an assembly and The Pan American Round Table CoTTee aT The Dallas CounTry Club. 77Zcmm! as s u u cas l 4 Ji Wdeai PracTicing The musical porTion oT Sen- ior Day are AliTa Logan. aT The piano. and Donna Kogan and Johnny McGariTy sTanding . . . This program is on The many enTerTainmenTs ThaT The Music De- parTmenT under The direcTion oT Miss Louise Wilcox, gives ForesTers . . . Also presenTed are ChrisTrnas programs and TalenT shows wi+h ouTsTanding soloisTs. Firsf row: Jerry Fair, Barbara McCool, Jo Ann McCuis+ion, Don- , Third row: Berry Swifr, Belly Waison, na Kogan, Joy Mack, Bonnie Crowe. Second row: Fri+z De Lano. Julia Ann Fourch, Belly Oglerreex ,r x- 1 x i, lLiFourfh row: Donald Bell, Barry Joffrion, Marvin Cody. Helen Donskyl Helen AYQFSQ Gary Gossew Roben L- Johnsonhx-E A Fifth row: Joe Rubinefr, Tommy Runnels, Alberf S. Johnsfon by ' x u , X91 EQ r 'S . :S if Lbv . Z Sfaff composed of Journalism siudenrs having responsibilify of publishing Eoresi' Echo every 'rwo weelcs . . . Three members of Journalism I class ai- 'rend Nalional Scholasfic Press Associarion Decem- ber 7-9 in Denron . . . Quill and Scroll honors are presenred ro ouislanding members having high raf- ing wirh Echo . . . Special edirions include Cub Edirion, pul' our by Journalism I class, Chrisrmas and Senior Edirions. mf! .E- E, 'V STAFF Q' 1 V Alberl' S. Johnsron, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Donna Kogan, Ediror-in-Chief Roberr Johnson, Sporis Eclifor Joy Mack, News Edi+or Bonnie Crowe, Fea+ure Ediror Freddie Combs, Assisrani' Sporrs Edi+or Donald Belr, Assisranlr News Ediror Jo Ann McCuis+ion, Club Ediror Barry Joffrion, Milifary Ediror Berry Waison, Alumni Ediror Jerry Fair, Business Manager Helen Donslcy, Circulafion Manager Berry Oglerree, Exchange Manager Tommy Runnels, Phorographer Firsl row: Ralph Rosenbaum, Wanda James, Jessie Hill. Joyce Second row: Alberl S. Johnslon, Geraldine Wynne, Yvonne Wil- Killingsworlh, Doris Slegall, Palsy Pryor, Avanell Bennell, liams, Mary Lou While, Sue Prince, Annelle Rose, Guylene Norma Soulhern, James McKee, Tommie Nell Wrighl, Charles Mallhews, Elhel Schwarlz, Bobbie Collins, Clela Rogers, Or- Berghauser. is' STAFF Alberl S. Johnslon, Sponsor SPRING SEMESTER Avanell Bennell, Edilor-in-Chief Norma Soulhern, Fealure Eclilor Palsy Pryor, News Eclilor James McKee. Sporls Eclilor Janie Palriclc, Sociely Eclilor Connie Sorrells, Business Manager Ralph Rosenbaum, Adverlising Manager Joyce Killingsworlh, Circulalion Manager Doris Slegall, Exchange Manager ville Pinson. J I 5 mfg Special issues published by spring slall include Valenline's, Easler, April Fool's, Cub, and Senior edilions . . . Copy lor paper is wrillen and ediled by members ol journalism classes . . . Journalism I sludenls allend lnlerscholaslic League Conference held al Auslin in May . . . Quill ancl Scroll honors presenlecl al banquel lo slall members mee-ling highesl requiremenls. -.J Fursl row Jerry Fischl, Jerry Romolsky, Jerry Fair, Nalhan Kap- Third row: Billy Slephenson, Joe lla Livingslon, Din ugsby lan Marlha Manning, Hannah Goren, Joanne Jameson, Janel Bradbury, Palsy Gurley, June Parlain, Bennie Lou Hook Dorolhy Warren, Noma Wesl, Avanell Bennell. Doris Smilh, Belly Hawlhorne, Palsy Wesler, Virginia Nick n. Second row: James Daily, Rosalee Racholsky, Larry Wells, Rulh erso Joy Benson, Elaine Kessner, Shirley Goldslein, Sue Harmer, Fourlh row: Frilz M. DeLano, Billie Anne Alexander, Wanda Rulh Chrislina Poulakidas. Sylvia Shay. J I Jones, Wanda Bawcum, Anna Crandall, Lucrelia Miller Caro I s it A? Q lyn Hall, James E. McKee, Don Holland, Andreas Poulakidas s. VW azigilez fifmuml Marlha Manning Edilor-in-Chi? fm . 1 Avanell Ben ' llfxi Arl Edilor Palsy Wesler Belly Hawlhorne Office Managers Andreas Poulakidas Mililary Edilor Billie Anne Alexander Janel Bradbury Palsy Gurley Sue Harmer Don Holland Bennie Lou Hook Wanda Rulh Jones Charles Karlen James McKee Leonard Wolle Edilorial Assislanls Mary Smilh Clark Sponsor Joanne Jameson Managing Edilor Rulh Joy Benson Shirley Goldslein Elaine Kessner Rosalee Racholsky Dink Rigsby Associale Eclilors Nalhan Kaplan Business Manager Anna Crandall Carolyn Hall Lucrelia Miller June Parlain Doris Smilh Billy Slephenson Business Slaff Jerry Romolsky Anila Wollord Arl Slafl H. B. Yales Business Adviser ma Hannah Goren Chrislina Poulakidas Assislanl Edilors K, Dorolhy Warren Fealure Edilor Noma Wesl Wanda Bawcum Senior Edilors Jerry Fischl Adverlising Manager James Daily Gail Denham Jerry Fair Jo lla Livingslon Wanda Meyners Andreas Poulakidas Sylvia Shay Larry Jo Wells Adverlising Bliss S. McManus Arl Adviser .Kj 6 ig, ff' A R- 5 , , , Q -' ,S . , , , '. My ir ,.-1.,., , : -fs: .'-- - I950 I950 ALL TEXAS HONORS FIRST CLASS HONORS The fourih period annual sfaff af worlc: Chrisfina Pou- A lalciclas a+ The iypewrifer, Jane+ Bradbury and Marfha Manning worl-sing on fhe dummy, James McKee and Jo- anne Jameson making layoufs for spor+s piciures, and Andreas Poulalcidas reading copy for miliiary. as Marlha Manning if ...., if M l g -df' inane 5 Hi s .W L we f 1, f 3' fs L ,J J 1 uA r so 41 A 'w li 'A-vi my 1 , ,Nw 'J f 1 'fdhvs .1 N .. ,, . . Qf 2 is y il f' ng at Top row: Joanne Jameson, Hannah Soren. Second row: Chrisfina Poulalcidas. Avanell Bennefl, Elaine Kessner, Rosalee Racholslcy, Rulh Joy Benson, Shirley Goldsfein. Third row: Dinlc Riqsby, Dorofhy War- ren, Noma West Wanda Bawcum, Pafsy Wesler, Belly Hawfhorne. Bofforn row: Andreas Poulalcidas, Nafhan Kaplan, Jerry Fischl, Mary Smifh Clark, H. B. Yafes, Bliss S. McManus. Sway 423 1 i issiy ,'ii 2 if 1 ,ion Locafed behind fhe audiforium, fhe old gym- nasium is occupied by girls' physical educaiion classes for 'rhe lirsf six periods of fhe day. Boys oul for sporfs are able fo use ihis gymnasium only af fhe sevenlh period, while Those boys faking physical educalion musf confine fheir acfiviiies io ihe afhlefic field. In fhe new addi- iion fo ihe building fhe boys' gymnasium cov- ers lhe eniire floor of one wing, wifh all fhe modern conveniences for Lion aihleles. Nexi' Seplember fhe fines? gymnasium in Dallas will be a realify a+ Foresf, noi' a dream. -iv' 'bfi-I N ' x 1 gl . N I 5 I xr , new BOYS Gym ATIILETICS 1 ' HEAD COACHES 'A Byron Gillory, head coach for Ei +he '50 season. HOW Sewing in lhe Cecil Johnson, Fores1"s new coach for '5l fallcs over plans for U-5- Air Corps. year's +eam wi'l'h Quarferback Dinlc Rigsby. ASSISTANT COACHES 'ff , W in S E' T Virgil MaHingly Charles Beckham James Bafchelor O'Ho Rhome l GAME HIGHLIGHTS ' Lf - Foresi makes a goal line s'l'and againsl Tyler. Borgeson brings clown a Midland baclr. 7004-1466 ...... .6 fl 7 . . sp A4 Q ff? S 40 I as tp 5' Q w ' "1 , "" 4' - Q'- . Y A, fx ,in 8 'fr Qi- . z My A' 'YZ kg! W 1. J 2 f 'tn I z ' x,s-swmuj? 5. f Firsf row: Wallace Mann, George Milner, Billy Don Forfe, Larry Klein, Johnny McGaril'y, Jerry Brockway, Neal Vick, John Boone, Bruce Evans, Raymond Truesdale, Donald Dunn, Coach Byron Gillory. Second row: Billy Hawlhorne, Coach Virgil Mallingly, Harmon Simes, Wayne Nance, Clyde Bono, Freddie Combs, Lufher Borgeson, Jimmy Marlow, Weldon Glasscock, Melvin Council, Bobby Shelby, Coach James Balchelor. Third row: Dink Rigsby, Mays Goza, Harry Roberls, Tommy Tur- ner, Obie Joe Draper, Lonny Haley, Joe Rubinell, George Darnell, Cleo Tunnell, Jackie Yarborough. 0,4 n 74455435 game! Fores+ 7-Tyler 20 The Lions opened ihe '50 foolball season wiih Tyler on Seprember I5 al' Dal-l'li Siadium. Freddie Combs. Jimmy Marlow. and Harmon Simes were crediied wilh Fores'r's iouchdown. Fores+ 0-Lamar 27 Foresi mel +he Lamar Redskins af Houslon on Sep- Jrember 23. The Redskins look lhe lead al' iirsl and kepf 'rhe Greenies from penelraling inlo Jrheir 30-yard line. Larry Klein and Bobby Woods played excellenl ball 'For ihe Lions.- W Foresl' 2-Midland 2I The Midland Bulldogs came lo Dallas 'lo defeal The Lions on Seplember 29. Lufher Borgeson, Weldon Glasscock, and Larry Klein played excellenr ball on bolh defensive and offensive. Foresf 0--Borger I2 The Greenies again look lo The road and wenl +0 Borger hoping 'ro Cap a win. They worked 'rheir way 'ro Jrhe I2-yard line on one long drive buf losi' 'rhe ball on downs. Dinlk Rigsby, Jimmy Marlow, and Clyde Bono sparked lhe 'ream on lhis drive. Foresf I3-Grand Prairie 6 The Green Wave found lheir firsi viclory of fhe season by upsefring 'rhe Grand Prairie Gophers. Paul Ernesl made 228 yards rushing for lhe Gophers, while Harmon Simes, Lufher Borgeson, and Lonnie Haley srood our for Foresl. .42 ,Q , -- , ,. .Ahh U32 Aide. sk 1 Firsf row: Coach Olfo C. Rhome, Marvin Wise, Donald Brazil, Ray LePere, Roberf Roe, Don Plunlc, Eddie Deason, Jimmy Richard Bedell, Monly Slevens, James Wyles, Coach Charles Beckham. Y ,Bbb'MG,S' 'D ll,Nh Kl,R'h- afjggegfes? Boll: pgrieyt-ie lmmle Owe a+ an ap an IC Third row: Loyd Turner, Neal Faulkner, Billy Willelord, Earl Hill- house, Don Caldwell, Louis McGarily, Harold Johnson, Teddy Second row: James Roberlson, Charles Cross, Jimmy Ashley, Jimmy Shuemalce, Eddie Holland, Jerry Bafes, Bobby Boolh, Solomon Reisburg, Lowell Grilfen, Jerry Biesel, James Smilh, Webb, Donald Nance, Bobby Burns, Nalhan Sallzman, Eddie Smifh, Jerry Moraslci, Donald Truesdale, Auda Joe Barry. 6'3" 744 54445 Foresf 0-Tech 26 Fores+'s firsr ci+y series game was played wilh Cro- zier Tech in l'he Colron Bowl, Oclober I9. The Wolves 'rossed +he Greenies +o a loss. Dinlc Rigsby and Cl-yde Bono played oulslanding ball in 'rhe baclcfield while Melvin Council and Weldon Glasscoclc were mainslays in 'rhe line. A Foresf O-Sunsei' 35 The favored Sunsel Bisons ran over 'rhe Lions in a 35-O 'fill on a chilly November 3 nighl. This win sel Sunsel up for Jrhe cily championship. Fores+ 25-Woodrow 26 Allhough The Lions rolaled I9 poinls in +he lasl' quar- ler of lhe game on Oclober 28, if wasn'+ enough lo beal lhe Wildcals. Jim Marlow's passes lo Mays Goza in 'rhe second half began 'ro click and helped make rhese 'rhree rallies in 'rhe fourlh period. Dinlc Rigsby, Clyde Bono, and George Darnell also helped +he Lions lo give Woodrow a good game. Fores+ I9-Nor'I'h Dallas 6 The Foresl Lions lell rhe Norlh Dallas Bulldogs in l'he cellar posilion when lhey defealed l'hem on No- vember I7. Clyde Bono. who made l39 yards of lhe lolal 232 yards rushing for 'rhe Greenies, played splen- did ball. Foresi' 0-Adamson 7 The Green Wave finished Jrhe season by losing +0 Fores+'s longlime rivals, lhe Adamson Leopards, on Thanksgiving Day. Led by Melvin Council, Weldon Glasscoclc, and Lulher Borgeson in lhe line, and Dinlc Rigsby, Clyde Bono, and Jim Marlow in lhe baclclield, 'rhe Team played ils besl game of 'rhe season. io7 ,J Tommie Nell Wright Wanda Dean, Ruby Wallrins, Elaine Capeharlq Aggyl Cbley shmey Fuller. ' J L X . 77l47a'zeZfz'e4 l ' SHIRLEY FULLER Head MaioreHe nw- A 2 '1 .fs-4, s Il! GP J is .1 uf Firsl row: Gary Gossel. Second row: Palricia McDaniels, Mary Alice Knoll, Shirley Higgs, Anna Crandall, Dorolhy Wrighl, Sylvia Mehlman, Sue Harmer. Third row: Sheri Brewer, Jean Rowan, Palsy Gurley, Norma Soulhern, Elsie Fosler, Shirley Thomas, Virginia Nickerson. Fourlh row: Nancy Coursey, Chrisline Cameron, Annelle Lam- berl, Anila Duckworlh, Theda Horlon, Janel Holcomb, Jerry Ann Overman. Fiflh row: Kalhleen Cummings, Pal Beally, Darlene Melson, Diane Mays, Connie Sorrells, Ann Logan, Elizabelh Grinslead Sixlh row: Norma Cummings, Marlene Dunahoo, Josephine Gass- man, Mary Louise Rodarle, Sandra Olls, Sevenlh row: Sue Cummings, Nancy Guernsey, Jerry Wrighl, Gloria Ragland. Eighlh row: Belly Jean Davidson, Carolyn Auslin, Elhel Kinna- mon, Julia Flelcher, Gail Denham, Shirley Fugill, Shirley Warren. Ninlh row:,Frances Bodzy, Cynlhia Barr, Norma Larr, Irene Johnson, Josephine Gussio, Joyce Lancasler. Tenlh row: Vivian Ginsburg, Ann Davis, Jean Weeks, Dorene Jay. Dorolhy Reed, Wanda Jones, Jackie Williamson, Joan Hadaway, Barbara Rowan, Palsy Jones. Elevenlh row: Bobbie Williams, Helen Ayers, Joe lla Livingslon, Qiirley Jordan, Barbara Dealon, Clela Rogers, Charlolle Walls, Belly Graves, Peggy Thomas. Twelllh row: Earlene Fallwell, Sue Boalman, Jeanelle-Kelly, Rosa- lie Skibell, Gladys Goldslein, Beverly Glick, Joycenwilliamson, Mary Ellen Morrison. ' J .AW A yi, 11. 1 mx wp v I -K , hx, 3 4, ..ff'ri.,. 'wk ww W - m V: Vmfw-iQ, ' S . -.,w,A3LMa H ..,,. . X, K f 've QP f 4 i A,.L,. ' ' 4 k"'!,g, Q A 72 E 7' 4,,1!- ffi' f gi A ggi H H 1,571 f A fl A A n Q ni g f Wil ye if .vw cweetfaff The TirsT cage conTesT oT The season saw The Crozier Tech Wolves chalk up a 49-I I vicTory over The ForesT Tive on January 3. Tech had compIeTe conTrol oT The baclcboard. The Lions bowed To The overpowering SunseT Bisons 63-32 January 5. MorTy Ravlcind led The ForesT cagers wiTh II poinTs. For The Third consecuTive Time The ForesT cagers IosT in a clash wiTh Adamson, January II, 66-30. George Milner and Jimmy STaTTord each scored 7 poinTs Tor The Greenies. The ForesT basIceTeers ToughT Their way To a 34-32 vicTory in a Thriller wiTh Woodrow Wilson, January I8. George Milner and Don Holland added The winning poinTs when They each sank Tree shoTs. Don Holland was high poinT man wiTh I2 poinTs. The Green Wave challced up Their second win and TourTh place posiTion when They rolled over NorTh Dal- las 54-39, January 26. A TighT game was played in The TirsT haIT, buT The ForesT cagers began To pull away in The second haIT. High-poinT men oT The game were Don Holland wiTh I9 poinTs and George Milner wiTh I4. irsT row: Tommy Pollard, George Milner, Freddie Time, Don Holland. Though improved, The ForesT Cagers were deTeaTed a second Time by SunseT's powerTuI Bisons 66-45 Feb- ruary I2. Don Holland sparked The Lions wiTh 20 poinTs. Paced by The ciTy's leading scorer, Larry ShowalTer, The Adamson Leopards Trounced The ForesT Lions 55- 46. ForesT had a brieT lead in The TirsT haIT, buT iT did noT lasT. Again Don Holland was high poinT man Tor ForesT wiTh I5 poinTs. The revived Woodrow WiIdcaTs clawed The ForesT cagers 6I-39 February I6. The WiIdcaTs jumped inTo an early lead and were never overcome by The Lion Tive. Don Holland was high poinT man wiTh IO poinTs. The undeTeaTed Tech Tive racked up a 54-30 vicTory over The ForesT quinTeT February I9. The Tech sTrong zone defense Torced The Lions To shooT Trom The ouT- side. George MiIner's seT shoTs gave him high poinT honors Tor The Lions wiTh I I poinTs, The ForesT Cagers ended The l95I basIceTbalI sea- son by deTeaTing NorTh Dallas 58-39, February 23. WlTh an amazing 29 poinTs To his crediT, Don Holland sparked The Lions To a TourTh place Tie wiTh Woodrow Wilson. Second.row: Norman Higgs, MorTy Ravlcind, Ralph Marshall, Jimmy STaTTord, Norman LuTerman. Third row: Jerry Fair, Coach MiITon Frey. mis wr 955914. 701 M50-'57 Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb Feb Feb Feb 3.. SEASON REVIEW Crozier Tech 49, Foresl I I Sunsel 63, Foresl 32 5.. l l-- I8-Foresl 34, Woodrow Wilson 32 26-Foresl' 54, Norrh Dallas 39 Adamson 66, Foresr 30 30-Crozier Tecln 58. Foresr 39 I2-Sunsel 66, Foresl 46 -Woodrow Wilson bl, Foresl' 39 -Adamson 66, Foresr 45 -Foresr 58. Nor+l'1 Dallas 39 Above: All-cily Don Hol- land scores again. Holland, a senior, made +l'1e News all- ciry Team, and honorable menrion on rlwe Times Herald quinr. Wilh l2O poinls, lie placed fourrli in +l1e cily. Lef+: Sunse+'s Merle Gor- man leaps high for fwo poinrs as Holland fries To slop him. Firsf row: Coach Virgil Mallingly, John Wagoner, Jackie Yar- Third row: Jay Corman, Wayne Nance, Lurhe' Borgeson. Mays borough, Gene Marshall, Lewis McGariry, Jack Couch, Larry Goza, Jr., Billy McCarler, Don Wesch. Schwarlz, Coach Charles Beckham. , Fourfh row: Woody McClure, John Jordan, Bob Walder, Dink Second row: Bobby Shelby, Narhan Kaplan, Obie Joe Draper, Rigsby, Pinky Brownlee, Roberl Eby. John Boone, Leonard Woolf, Andreas Poulakidas. I950 SEASON ln fhe I95O season +he Lions enlered lhe Sourhwesr- ern Recrealional Meer March I7 and I8 ar Forr Worrh. Larry Schwarrz, ace sprinlman. reached lhe semi-finals along wirh Woody Bishop. Bishop, however, was lhe only boy from Foresr ro reach rhe finals. Philip Bierhalfer, John Boone, Neal Vick, Larry Schwarlz, Donald Minsky, George Darnell, Billy Fow- ler, Nalhan Kaplan, Jerry Brockway, Don Evererl, and Tillman Norman enlered Jrhe IOO-yard dash, 220-yard dash, ancl rhe relays. ln lhe cily meer Don Everelr, Donald Minsky, Narhan Kaplan, and Larry Schwarlz placed lhird on rhe relay ream. Larry Schwarlz came in lirsl in rhe IOO-yard and 220- yard dash. His laslesr lime for 'rhe IOO was 9.8 seconds. Marvin DeLano, Wayne Nance, Gerald Marshall, and Jack Couch represenled Foresr in lhe 880-yard dash and mile relay. Couch, who is on lhe 'Sl squad, placed fourrh in lhe 880-yard dash in rhe cily meer. i In The mile run Woody Bishop gave Foresr rwo poinls for 'lhird place. l-loward Hanson and Billy l-lawrhorne showed good form in rhe discus rhrowing, and Lurher Borgeson be- came very handy wifh rhe shol pur. Jumpers were Don- ald Everell, Roberl l-lilborn, Marvin DeLano, Neal Vick, Malcom Moore, and Billy Fowler. Cleo Tunnel was manager. ' I95l SEASON Under lhe coaching of Charles Beckham, rhe I95l sprinrers gol off lo a good srarl. Foresl led all olher Dallas schools in rhe Sourhweslern Recrealional frack meer in Fl. Worlh. The Lions placed four men in rhe finals. Larry Schwarrz came wirhin one srep of winning lhe IOO yard dash, while Jack Couch was ihe besr Dallas runner in lhe 880. Schwarlz also placed rhird in lhe 220. Olher Lions lhal looked good were Wayne Nance in 'rhe mile, Bolo Walker in lhe IOO. and Lurher Borgeson in The shol pur. Wie -., l'5' Y . 0 lamb if LS lf! 35, MA? .A M O WX i f iff if . 1 X 'Q sb Q1 me When lhe Green and While Relay Team weni' io Ausiin for fhe Slraie meer lasi year, Larry Schwariz placed Third in 'rhe IOO-yard dash. Picfured, leif +o righi, firsi' row: Coach Virgil Mafiingly, Woody Bishop. S e c o n d row: Larry Schwarfz, Don Evere++, Naihan Kaplan, and Donald Minslcy. GEQH Coached by Orfo Rhome, five Lions are repre- senring Foresf on +he greens +his year: Roberi' John- son, Eddie Greenberg. Bill Reilly, Rober+ Ramirez, and Donald Hammons. Scheduled for 'rhis season are Ten marches +o be played al' Srevens or Tenison Course. Tennh Alihough Coach J. Alan Boul'ron has no le++er- men siariing on fhe l95l Green Wave iennis squad, four are reiurning from lasi year's ieam: Shirley Goldsiein, Ruih Benson. Jerry Fair, and George Annes. Orher Foresl neHers include Rosalee Rachof- slcy, Elaine Kessner, Helen Donsky, Larry Fuierfas, Bob Apple, and Morry Ravkind. Baseban New baseball coach for Fores+ is James Bafche- lor. who hurled in +he Wes+ Texas-New Mexico League lasr year. Two experienced pifchers are back for Forest Bud Marshall and Harmon Simes. Foresf has only ihree oiher relurning leH'ermen: Charles Powell, and Ray Truesdale, cafchers, and Don Hol- land, second baseman. N50 Zelaq 'lean ilyglw Www awe Firsl row: Norma Jean Gee, Yvonne Baker, Elaine Capeharl, Elhel Silvergold, Beverely Redlearn, Belly Eivecoal, Bobbie Collins, Carolyn Auslin. Second row: Peggy Thomas, Dorolhy l-ludson, Sylvia Shay, Marilyn Sue Shapiro, Gladys Goldslein, Pauline Wilbanl4s, Goldia Canlrell, Jo Ellan Robbins. Third row: Evelyn Shulls, Glenda Lowrey, Wanda Willoughly, Sandra Olls, Joyce Norman, Sondra Marks, Marilyn Golman, Rulh Joy Benson, Julia Elelcher, Norma Jean Larr, Joanne Dance, lrene Johnson, Palsy Jones, Wanda Lee Jones, Billie Louise Broolcs. Fourlh row: Joe lla Livingslon, Frances Bosl, Nila Blanlon, Mary Birdsong, Marlene Dunahoo, Georgia Mason, Jackie Newsom, Gladys Dean Snow, Belly Graves, Jerrie Wrighl, Bobbie Nell Williams, ldella Coleman, Marilyn Greenberg, Delma Newland, Peggy Comer, Shirley Warren, Joan Hadaway, Marlha Rariden, Shirley Thomas, Clela Rogers, Faye Walson. Fiflh row: Corena l-loplcins, Peggy Coley, Joan Nichols, Mary Ellen Morrison, June Apple, Lois Evelyn Willis, Palsy Vifilburn, Mary Knoll, Earlene Eallwell, Carolyn Black, Billie Auslin, Dorolhy Sparks, Naomi Weisleld, Rosalie Slcibell, Maxine Eeller, Ann Davis, Dorolhy l-larmon, Nancy Com- sloclc, Lillian Ornish, Shirley Goldslein. L' Firsl row: Nila Blanlon, Palsy Wilburn, Belly Jo Looney. Evelyn Newsom, Georgie Mason, Sylvia Shay, Elhel Silvergold, Gloria Rann, Marlene Pelly, Jean Clark, Shirley Rewaldl, Eddie Lou Corley, Dorolhy Sparks, Bobbie Collins, Clela Rogers, Wanda Rulh Jones. Second row: lone Lumpkin, Belly Darlene Morgan, Elaine Capeharl, Joyce Guinn, Shirley Warren, Sandra Olls, Joan Nichols, Jean Washam, Rulh Joy Benson, Julia Flelcher, Frances Shehorn, Mary Allen, Violel Marshall, Carolyn Hall, Joann Caw- lhorn, Louella Dobbs, Jean Weeks, Judy Wesl. 5601614 Third row: Lois Evelyn Willis, June Apple, Peggy Jean Thomas, Frances Adamson, Shirley Clark, Sylvia Mehlman, Helen Ayers, Earlene Fallwell, Norma Jean Larr, Francis Bosl, ldella Coleman, Minelle Banks, Helen Jean James, Elouise Ruyle, Dorolhy Nix, Palsy Taylor, Emily Hunl, Marlha Rariden, Faye Walson. Fou'rlh row: Corena Hopkins, Dolores Burns, Juanila Collins, Rachel Domke, Mary Morrison, Charlyne Shields. Wanda Willoughly, Charlolle Walls, Shirley Darwin, Florence Rosenblum, Mary Frans ces Lee, Anne Moore, Lucrelia Miller, Darlene Nelson, Sondra Malhias, Jo Nell Tenery, Irene Johnson, Belly Fivecoal, Goldia Canlrell. ,V La eaekai Firs+ row: Dolores Tucker, Evelyn Newsom, Yvonne Baker, Dorolhy Hudson, Sylvia Shay, Fihel Silver- gold, Marilyn Sue Shapiro, Joyce Norman, Jackie Newsom, Sheri Brewer. Second row: Beverely Reclfearn, Francis Bosl, Wan- da Willoughly, Sonclra OHS, Fannie Bell Fads, Sondra Marks, Marilyn Golman, ldella Coleman, - -1' X sei E be-l.l'c'x E+ 7 1 F R 0 I J f-- II8 i Mary Allen, Paisy Jones, Bobbie Nell Williams, Naomi Weisield, Freda l-louslon. Third row: Niia Blanion, Mary Birdsong, Georgia Mason, Joe lla Livingsion, Belly Jo Looney, Shir- ley Avon Dawson, Nancy Coursey, Molly Casile- berry, Charlyne Shielcls, Peggy Wallers, Shirley Wrye, Helen Jean James, Lillian Ornish. ...iff J i I KOMO df 4 6 df Firsl' row: Bobbie Collins, Pauline Wilbanlcs, Beverely Redfearn, Mary Birdsong, Joe Adele Werrlw, lvlineire Banks. Sylvia lla Livingsron, Rurh Benson, Lillian Or- Slway, Norma Gee, Bobbie Nell Williams, nisli, Shirley Golclslein, E'rl'1el Scliwarlz, . Cynllnia Barr, NaomifWeisield. Wanda Second row: Irene Johnson, Niia Blanlon, Lee Jones Freda Housmn Firsi' row: Jeanelle Goodman, Carolyn Doroflwy Harmon, Delores Orion, Mar- Ausiin, Delila Cuddy. lene Dunalwoo, Edna Pearl Wallace, Jo Second row: Evelyn Sliulls, Glenda Lowrey, Elliirlgierlqorxliiilliiglae Epzlgl ljsgrf' Wlqaclliiglnn Bing Slriegler, Barbara Gray, Earlene Cieqra ko ers Y' ' Fallwell, Kailwerine Goss, Roseflra Davis, Q ' SQQSN Un? Baffaiion on Line Passing in Review Officers Cenfer i Fix 5 K f E5 i xi 5 , 5 ii i - :E E5 Eg Q if ,i - ,, i, - X if '- ,5 Eg: A ii? J" Y ff 5 T Eg Q is mf? 1 az . se 9553536 lggskgile -fa, me Wiiif? ii We Salute Coached by SergeanT Edward Crider, The ForesT Rifle Team won TirsT place in The FourTh Army lnTer- collegiaTe and lnTerscholasTic riTle maTch. Their score oT 7493 ouT oT a possible SOOO beaT all oTher high school uniTs and all colleges excepT Two in The senior division. This maTch covered Tive sTaTes, and all parTicipanTs Trom ForesT receive medals. ln The ciTy championship maTch, The Team placed second, beaTen only by NorTh Dallas. Four members OT The ForesT Team placed in The Top Ten riTlemen oT The ciTy. AT press Time a six-man Team Trom ForesT won TiTTh place in The FourTh Army Area ROTC rifle maTches aT ArlingTon lScore: 885 ouT oT a possible lOOOl. The Lion Team was besTed by only Two oTher Texas Teams-Lamar oT l-lousTon and Ball of Gal- vesTon. , l . 'l 2' Z mm G! e SERGEANT EDWARD F CRIDER I 'ii FirsT row: CapT. Bonnie Joe LighTTooT, 2nd LT. Larry SchwarTz Second ro SQT Jerry Beeson SQT AlTon Ed ards Cpl Howard CapT. Billy Shaw, 2nd LT. Franlc Macaluso, CapT. Billy Joe ne C l Mar ElloTl' M SgT E F Crlder Co c Thomas. . ...ik ,,,. . ,M i 5,1 Firsl row: Col. Marvin Ellioll, Mai. J ry Fai ,I Capl. Wayne Nance, Capl. Bonnie Joe Lrg o , apt John Boone, Capl. Billy Joe Thomas. Second row: Capl. Clarence McLean, Capt Billy Shaw, Isl Ll. Ira Smilh, 2nd Ll. Columbus Perdue, Isl Ll. Donald Dunn, Isl Ll. Earl Slewarl, 2nd Ll. Thomas While. Third row: Isl Ll, George Turner, 2nd Ll. Duane Oliver, 2nd Ll. Wendel Hulse, 2nd Ll. Norman Lulerman, Isl Ll. Bill VVhalIey, Isl Ll. J. T. Wagliardo, 2nd Ll. Larry Schwarlz. Fourlh row: 2nd Ll. Shannon Griggs, 2nd Ll. Frank Macaluso, Isl Ll. Billy Jackson, 2nd Ll. Wallace Mann, 2nd Ll. M. W. Randolph, Isl Ll. Tommy Runnels, Isl Ll. Ralph Rosenbaum. X. I jx XE ?0 76 We , I .ll 1 . i I, .. fy Fx M14 6,5 1. lb v Firsl row: Col. Marvin Ellioll, Capt Billy Joe Thomas, Capl. Clarence McLean, Capl. Billy Shaw. Second row: Zncl Ll. Norman Lulerman, Isl Ll. Bill Whalley, Sql. Maior James Milchell, Cpl. Solomon Reisberg, ' 20 76 Zag 207 ' if Firsf row: ' Mayor Jerry Fair Sq+. Dale Gilley . P+c. Pinky Brownlee Cpl. Na+l'1an Sal+zman Cpl. Reuben Grlns+ein Is+ L+, Ralph Rosenbaum Second row: Cpl. Tommy Splqel Cpl. George Annes Pv+. Tlwurman Hoover Sq+. Jerry Beeson Cpl. Clnarles Dance Third row: Is+ L+. Tommy Rnnnels Cpl. S+anley Abramson guna! Pv+.Jimmie May Pv+. l-larry Maddox Sq+. William McCar+er Four+l1 row: 15+ L+. Donald Dunn 15+ L+. Earl S+ewar+ Cpl, Marvin Blan+on Pv+. Harold Glasser Sq+. Thomas Amador Fif+h row: Isl SQL Lowell Baber Pv+, Larry Galyon Cpl,Jol'1n Yarborough Pv+. Jack Wllllamson Cpl.Jol'1n Marshall Pv+. Billy Gambrell M Q gas Q21 32 1 , bl. - -Q Se' sz fx fi I25 006' Firs+ row: Col. Marvin Ellioll' Capl. Bonnie Joe Lighllfool' Cpl. Tornnny Rolrelcl Second row: Isl Lf. George Turner 2nd 2nd 2nd Ll. Wallace Mann Ll. Norman Lulerman L+. Shannon Griggs Isl Ll. lra Srnilh Third row: Cpl, Leon Pleasanl Sgf. Ernesl lvloehle Plc. Billy Mageors Gpl. Clio Disch Pvl. Tony Valderas Pvl. Harvey Lerer Fourfh row: Sql. Tommy Jennings Pvl. Ross Musso Pvl. Alberl' Slovalc Pvl, Gerald Miller Cpl. Earl Barns Sql. Solomon Reisberg Fiflh row: Gpl, Milfon Allen Pvl. James Roushey , A, ,... 8 , - ,- X Pvl. Jimmy Daily Pvl. Ed Miller Pvl. Wayland l-larvey lv1fSg'r. Henry Saucier Sixfh row: Cpl. Joe Johnson Sgt Baron Reynolds Pvl. Marion Cole Pvl. Jimmy Balcer Cpl. Gerald Gurson Sgl. Isl Class Zane Drake Sql. Isl Class Ted Segal Sevenfh row: Cpl. Richard Bales Sgl. Jerry Bales Pvl. Roberf Ramirez Sql. Donald Schulfze Cpl, Hal l'-lorlon Eighfh row: Sgt Raymond Lamlaerl Cpl. Melvin Boswell Pvl. Edward Barnes Pvl. John Caronna Pv+. Bobby Win Pvf. Gerald Pierce s. z 0011 Furs? row: FifTl1 row: 2n lsT LT. Bill WhaTley d LT . Duane Gliver 2nd LT. Larry SchwarTz 2nd LT. M. W. Randolph 2nd LT. Frank Macaluso SQT, lsT Class Earle Cameron Second row: PVT. Jasper Degelia PVT. Boyd Moore PVT, Harland Mills PVT. Billy Barr PVT. Virgil Norman Morrison SQT. Andreas Poulakidas PVT. Huldie Nulisch Third row: PVT. Hahrne Crappleberq PIC. WalTer Tucker Sq? Ross Segal PVT. PVT. SQT FourTl'i PVT. PVT PVT SqT PVT PVT PVT Gerald Heard lsidor Weinberger Bobby Burch row: Lyle RaTner Gerald Morrnon KenneTh Shurnake John C'endenen Malcolrn Echols Danny Bourland Wesley Hejny PVT. PVT. PVT. PTC. PVT. PVT. SixTh r SqT. PTC. PVT. PVT. PVT. PVT. PVT. PVT. SevenT SQT. Cp' PVT. PTC. PVT. PVT. PVT. ghTh SQT PVT. PVT. PVT. PVT. PVT. PVT. SQT PVT, cpl KenneTh Crrammer Charles ScoTT Don ProbsT Carl SToVall Edgar HasTinqs Jimmie London OWZ Don Caldwell Joe Hobbs Don DarraTT Waller STockdale Georqe Newkirk Billy Keel Richard CundiTT Billy ReeVes h row: Sammy Cruynes RoberT Huchabey Vernon McKinney Jay Ccrman Abdon Auznnan Lanny GaTlin Carl Sr'niTh row: Jerry Hobbs Leslie HanCoCk Donnie lhornas Mason Hopkins Monfe Sfephens Louis Harn Pxrrnond Graves IST Class RoberT McDonald Archie Feagin .Horace Malone mime Firsl row: Fiffh rgwj Plc, Louis Lebel Second row: Capl. Wayne Nance Capl. Billy Joe Thomas Capl. Clarence McLean Isl Ll. Billy Jackson 2nd Ll. Thomas While Isl Sql. Jack Couch Third row: Sql. Sql. Pvl Pyl Pyl Pyl CP Fourlh Sql. Plc. Sql. Sql. Charlie Challin Willard Scribner Danny Liqhllool . Charles Marney Billy Pierson Norman Hallmark Herman Neinasl TOWZ Isl Class Archie Crass Johnny Kiser Isl Class Lloyd Johnson Isl Class Charles Karlen Sql Sql Pvl. Plc. Pvl, Sql. Plc. Sixlh r Plc. Pvl. Kennelh Hicks Jimmie Shuemake Edwin Hill Escoe Slrickland Tommy Savik Richard Bedell Bobby Cook ow: Bobby Boolh Roberl Ridenour Pvl. Gene Collier Sql Charles Schweizer Pyl. Billy Lay Sql Thomas Jellrey Sql James Yeaqer Pvl. Pal Haywood Sevenlh row: Pvl. Nalhan Wellchek Pvl. Pvl. Cpl Pyl. Pvl. Sql Larry Fulerlas Jesse Phillips . C. F. Wisely Harold Black Maxie Blanlon Cloyse Bell WWW Firsl row: Cpl. Slerlinq Sleqrnan Second row: Capl. Jolnn Boone Capl. Billy Shaw Isl Ll. J. T. Waqliardo 2nd Ll. Wendel Hulse 2nd Ll. Columbus Perdue Isl Sql. Lonnie Haley Third row: Sql. Allon Edwards Sql. David Graves Sql. Jerry Brockway Pvl, Ervin Rose Pvl. Jerry Curlis Pvl. Pvl. Harold Taylor Tnomas Miller Plc. Norman Roberls Pvl. Howard Reed Pvl. Kenny Dula Fourlh row: , Pvl. Billy Willelord Pvl, Raymond Wilkinson Pvl. Riclward Day Pvl. Donald Raney Cpl. Daniel Verver Pvl. LeeRoy Slarks Cpl. Lane Kalrnin Pvl. Sylvan Sclnumann Fiflh row: Sql. Melvin Newman Sql. James Cook Pvl. Leon Lilvin Pvl. Jackie Bass Plc. Cpl. Pvl. Cpl. Sql. Sixlh r Sql Pvl. Pvl. Pvl. Pvl. Sql. Pvl. Donald Wallord Quandon Franks Harold Crablree Howard Kline Maurice Anderson OWS Bobbie Joe Maddox Simmie Dowell Joel Moore Joe Scolcln Sidney Arnold Bob McGee James Freeman MfSql. James Milcliell Sevenlln row: Ei Sql. Cpl. Pvl. Pvl. Pvl. Pvl. Pvl. Pvl. Pvl. Pvl. Sql. Plc. Pvl. Pvl. Pvl. Pvl. . Lesler Taylor Sql glnlh Wayne Slnaw Cecil'Slibbens Ray Lemons Harold McCullouql1 Houslon Miller Gerald Pilgrim Pxrdis Mellon Roberl Carlock James Goss TOWZ Bobby Havens Mike Cole Donald Nance Kelly Pascliall Arlis LaRocca James While Donald Black The firs+ public spealring course af Foresf was faughf by The lafe Clyde Wallon Hill, aufhor of "The LiHle Towns of Texas." Miss Wilhelmina Hedde, who fool: over ihe deparf- menf in I926, is co-auihor of The speech fexr- boolr used by ihe Dallas schools. The new sound- proof "liHle +heaire" on fhe basemeni' floor lakes Mig place of ihe small room used by speech classes. Among fhe new equipmeni used by ihe sfuclenfs are microphones, fooflighis, and a recording machine. connnpon I-VNU-:noon CORRIUDR FEATURES ,.f,-,'.- .Q -'.-.' v. .'.''.' '. iw.-.f.+.'. 0 ae.-, . e.-.1 -,O 1 : y- .,,-,-.v,'.1.' '.' '.'.- v v a,- -,- qs ,-.-.-.f -f.-, .'.-,,. .344-.+.-.-.-,a Q,-.g.'. ' - - 4 - .'.'.'.-,-5 Q V Q -341,1 -.-1.-.4.-,. ' - Q , - -: .0 -1 gr: ,. f.,-t-,' '.-.-.- '.-.'.-.- . . an x x .-,-,-1. gf.-.-.-:-,o,-3' - ae.-,. . v,-gf,.,g-- s .-.'.- ,- V ,.5.-4-:Qi-gg.5.g.f..f.g,5.f,1A.'.-,'gq,1.34632.341.g,,,'.- - V - ' - ' f- -xt.:-34.3rg.:4fag:-:-mf:-:-1-:-:-:-1-:.:',g.g.-z.:-29:33.35-1-:-g.g.5We?43:g-Seal:4-:f951.g.s-1-:-5-I-tg:-tmQQ",-.11-:-,f .5Zz5qtg.34.-.5.g,g.g.f-t.:-:Tr-Lv:-:Vg-1.1.5.ia-.-:-:-:Q-zq.-.Q 41-2.3.-2-:',:f'f:.g.:',4d:':-:5 . V -4. g, xv.-, .-.'.'.g.,.,.,1 .gene Q,-,., 1, , .-9, -, ef, -.-.-.-, . x . . .,,,f,-, -,.,.,,.g.f -',-,- .'. .Ax .' '.- 5. .' 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Clocllwise Joy Mack all prepared for rainy weaiher in ihe Sears Slyle Show al' Fores+ . . . Thal"s Efhel Silvergold wifh an envious look as she wa'rches 'rhe models . . . Mr. Boul+on explains one of his amazing devices +o his Physics I class . . . This group of Human Re- lafions sludenfs seem inferesled in fhe discussion led by Norma Billings- ley . . . l+'s a speed +es+ Mrs. Tanner is giving her Typing 3 sludenis. E s -is ,an-W MMF ""'-ur Coun+er Cloclxwise Felix Garcia infroducing Senoriias lrma Cabildo and Anna Maria Munoz on special assembly 'For La+in-American guesfs. Sealed also on s+age are Miss Wickham, and Miss Cecil . . . MaioreHes Elaine Capeharl' and Peggy Coley have fhe Lions' opponenf in hand . . . "Don'+ fell me, you missed +he bus -I know," says Mrs. Brady as she issues fardy cards . . . Candle holders are officers of +he Y-Teens ai' ini1'ia+ion . . . "Jus+ +he righf size!" exclaims Mr. Whi'r'rlesey on ex- amining fhe new "board of ecluca+ion" do- nafed by ihe January '5I seniors. ...J Counier Cloclcwise Why are fhese annual sfaff members so parficular roday? Yearbook group picfures, and Noma Wes+, Doro+hy Warren, Shirley Goldsfein, and Marfha Manning are giving fhemselves "1'he works." . . . Mrs. Buchholz and assisfanfs are serving a hungry line, headed by Jane+ Bradbury . . . Exciied fem- inine cagers a+ a 'lense momenr of fhe game . . . H"s poll fax day for 'lhe Lions, and Ann Edwards is happy fo issue The firsi' receipi' fo Mr. Hufchinson as Efhel Silvergold and BeH'y Hawfhorne assisi' . . . "Come browse wifh me ihrough our new books," Miss Roberfs, librarian, inviies. Cloclcwise Hall of S+a1'e, ice arena, srore window, and classroom-i+'s all in +he life of a Lion: Disfribufive Educaiion s+uden+s receiving helpful informaiion from 'lheir ins+ruc+or, Miss Nugenl' . . . Touring Hall of S'ra+e are Dallas Hislorical Sociefy members . . . l+'s a merry Chris+mas for all as Eihel Silvergold, Anifa Wofford, and Efhel Kennemon win +op 'rhree prizes in cify-wide original Chris+- mas Card Ari' Confesl. Here in Harris' win- dow, cards are displayed . . . Mrs. Taylor demons+ra'res lo a home nursing class +he correcf way +o wash hands . . . Everyone has fun a+ +he ice arena. Here are sfudenfs, bofh experienced slcaiers and ofhers, prov- ing fhis poinr. l 2595 GPN aflv I g ' Q W' 'il " 4. . W, Jxwyi .' E f K Z: iii L. Eff? 5 M! gigllfqg REDD IE rv N f f 4 + my f 1 N Y G Elededb Ballofsinf ' ,..,: 9 Y Q Q '. '.1.Q'i :J if 70401 4 4 4 Individually X X ETHEL SILVERGOLD DON HOLLAND MARTHA MANNING Sfudenl Council 4A Class Prosidonf Edilor of Forashr xi , ' President' Vp! Sf DOROTHY WARREN BILLY JOE THOMAS I 4 AVANELL BENNETT Head Cheerleader Head Cheerleader Ediior of Echo WALTER SKINNER MARJORIE SMITH MARVIN ELLIOTT WANDA RUTH JONES Honor Musician Honor Thespian Cade? Colonel Honor Sghglar 4 we: .4 Q as L, S ,-4: X Firsf row: Bill Hendricks, Jerry Romolslxy, Leonard Wolfe, Ethel Kinnamon, Efhel I , ll Silvergold, Anila Wofford, Paula Shellon, Barbara Dorner, Sylvia Mehlman. ' Second row: Cecil Sfibbens, Glynn Wright Nancy Guernsey, Avanell Bennerl, Sheri Brewer, Shirley Spearman, JoAnn Dulworlh, Margie Jones, Mrs. Bliss McManus. 4 . I -M . -if 'J is If Ten per cenl of 'rhe cadeis wilh high miliiary sianding and high scholaslric grades have b ee n chosen 'lor 'rhe Honor Wrearh So- ciely. These caclels were selecled by Colonel Roberls. and Sergeanls Crider and Lipscomb for oulsiand- ing mililary service and efficiency as well as for grades in orher sub- iecls. Collectively Top honors have been won again by members of +he Arr De- parimenf under The direclion of Mrs. McManus. Firsl, second, and lhird place winners in The A. Harris Chrislmas card conresl' were Elhel Silvergolcl, Anira Wofford, and Elhel Kinnamon, respeclively. There were also eleven honorable menrions. ln The Regional Ari Ex- hibir sponsored by SCHOLASTIC MAGAZINE, Foresl' had lhirly winners, sevenleen of whom re- ceived gold lceys. vi ,Ar Firs'l' row: Marvin Ellioll, Jerry Fair, Billy Shaw, Billy Joe Thomas. S cond row: Wayne Nance, Bonnie Liqhrlool, Clarence McLean, Columbus .V ,r Perdue, John Boone. sigfhird row: M. W. Randolph, Jerry Beeson, Lonnie l-laley, Wallace Mann, Wendel Hulse, Larry Schwarlz, Tommy Runnels, Shannon Griggs. Fourfh row: Wayne Shaw, Donald Nance, Jay Corman, Jack Couch, John Clen- denen, Don Caldwell. Joe Hobbs, Alion Edwards, Sferling Slegman. ii li li? 31 4 1 Nt' ' p 'it I' F FE rw SD A A S ' Ji .,, , ,, 5 v 'K AO 21 r I X- RAY A I44 11" Zap Zap September ll - Here it is again! Lions, 1,119 strong, are back at school. 15 - Yea Team! Yea Coaches! Pep assembly for season's first game, Fbrest vs. Tyler. Three new coaches introduced to the student body. 18 - First meeting of the Student Council called by Ethel Silver- gold, second girl president in Forest's history. 19 - Girls, girls and more girls! Style show sponsored by Sears, Roebuck and Company, given for benefit of PTA. 22 - Rah! Rah! Pep assembly for Forest and Lamar game to be play- ed in Houston tomorrow. 26 - Make way for the freshmen! Freshman Day is here, and all the seniors get brothers and sisters. 29 - Dal-Hi invaded by Forest and Midland teams for an exciting game! October 2 - Howdy! Student Council sponsors Howdy Week. h - Have you read your ECHO yet? First edition of year on sale today. 5 - Boys off to Borger, are given pep rally at the bus. 9 - Their royal Majesties, Buster Tillery and Carolynn Smith, crowned King and Queen Howdyy Tonight Dads'Club and PTA have their first joint meeting at 8:00. 10 - Special Wednesday counseling period announced for reading ECHO. 13 - we won! Fbrest downs Grand Prairie, 13 to 61 19 - Forest opens city series against Tech at Cotton Bowl. 20 - A day of fun and excitement at the Fair. 2h - Oh, Oh! Those first report cards. 26 - Chest X-rays for upperclassmen. November lO - Education Week. 9 - Open house for parents and friends. 16 - Melvin Munn stars in MA Hillbilly Show. 22 - Pep assembly for Adamson game, seventeen happy students elected into the National Honor Society, Thanksgiving holidays start. December l - Students display talents on PTA pay assembly. 2 - Report cards again. 6 - National Honor Assembly. 8 - MA Class Senior Prom in gym. 13 - Rough and tumble basketball game between faculty and varsity team. Goodbye, Mr. Gillory: We'll miss you. Air Fbrce claims Forest coach. p A 4' ' M ' Jesse! E 'J X C W f- WX -44-1, Q O W-22 J JHWMWNQ dtiielahna January 10 - Let me call you Sweetheart. Bonnie Crowe and Freddie Combs elected ECHO Sweethearts. 12 - Senior Class presents SNAFU, directed by Miss Helen Eckelman. 19 - Athletic Banquet given in lunchroom. 20 - What will they be in twenty years? This is theme of Senior Day Program. 22 - Baccalaureate Services held at Centenary Methodist Church, with banquet afterwards. 26 - January 'Sl Class graduates in school auditorium. February 1- - Out because of Mr. Weatherman. - Mickey Tucker and his boys give hillbilly assembly. 2 8 9 - Going once, twice, three times, sold! Football boys auctioned off to raise money for PTA. Janie Patrick bids highest for Hap Roberts. Q " QL I luv., 15-16 - Mr. Snowman takes over again. 28 - Aloha! Music Department presents assembly based on beautiful Hawaii. March 2 - Texas History Club gives annual Texas Week Assembly. Tonight we have the Sweetheart Dance and a Mid- night Show given by the MA class. 7 - Boxing and wrestling matches in the auditorium after school. - Majorettes give dance for all Dallas high schools. 9 -26 - Easter holidays. 28 - Interscholastic League holds One Act Play Contest. We are entering U 'Op On Me Thumb.W 0 ' April, 9-13 - Again this year we have the Career Clinic at school. May h - Senior play'tit1ed NGeorge Washington Slept Here.W ll - Senior prom at Winfrey Point with Bert Smith's Band. June 2 - Graduation from Fair Park Auditorium. 3 - Baccalaureate Services at First Baptist Church. 6 - Now for that Hdeferred' summer vacation! ' 1 tl e l45 l ALBERTS ERVICE UMBLE TATIGN FREELAND MOTORS, INC. Jusl' a Call, I'haI"s all U24 So' Lamar 3 0 C I .I 3:25 Colonial HU-93I2 2 5 com HU-8440 HA- I 878 Complimenfs of HA-0 I 49 Sforage ARTWAY CLEANERS LAUNDRY - DYERS -Where Cleaning is an Ari- J. W. Livingsion 4206 Oakland Ave. Q911ea1, gliurrerzxl Hume Funeral Direcfors-Embalmers Ambulance Service Phone Logan 6-522I 3206 Oak Lawn Avenue Dallas 4, Texas Tel. ST-3035 ACE CLEANERS eff? 3 We Operafe Our Own PIan+ Pick Up and Delivery Service One Day Service 2743 Grand Ave. Ph. HA-0356 9nen,o 18001 Complele Line of Sporfswear G. "Jerry" Gomez Sifeei' Dallas, Texas COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Choice Flowers for all Occasions A Compleh Service NITSCHE FLOWER STORE Over 30 Years Phone MEMBER F.T.D. TRemon-1--2053 Ph HA-2662 N"l' HA-5543 oREberI' H. Thurineond Jr. We Phoilhograph 2727 Grand Ave. Dallas, Texas HARRY BENNETT Anyfhing 26l3 McKinney Ahylime l4b L ,l.. F P' k- A T E i S a:ieDeTiveli? Cleaners 'k HaHers f Dyers Good Service Keeps Us Busy 2632 So. Harwood Phone HA-0I87 A. M. TATE, Owner Complimenfs of FRIEDMAN'S Prescripfion Pharmacy Fas+ Free Delivery I705 Foresi' Phones HA-7I63, IM-I3I3 Dallas I5, Texas THE BARBECUE PIT Lei' Us Barbecue Your Fowls, Ham, Deer, efc. Barbecue Io Iake Home Open Sundays 703 Fores'I' HA-0302 For Those Enriched Delicious Do-Nu+s, Eai' DIXIE CREAMy DO-NUTS 3208 Oakland HA-0 I 05 Complimenfs of BLOOIVIS EDGEWOOD COLTON'S LAUNDERETTE PHARMACY Free Pick Up and Delivery Harwogd af Grand Pl'l0fl6 Foresl' Ave ,,.,f' S ' GATEWAY it I 1 I SPORTING eoons co. I y y " , f f Spor+sman's Paradise I ' -P fi ' Everyihing for Ihe Sporfsman I- .I I300 Main aI' Field f O RA-4769 , 1 C5 Open a Charge Accouni' . on Easy Terms 9I2 Main Dallas V. D. SMITH GROCERY Complimenls of d MARKET an WORTHINGTON 30I9 Colonial HA-O37I 56 +0 sl 00 Share We Deliver Fresh FruiI's, Mea+s and Vegelables Daily .632 Foresl Ave' Dallas Always Ihe Besl' Service Merchandise and Prices We Fealure Nafionally Adverlised Qualify Producfs BRISTERS COLONIAL PHARMACY Free Delivery Foresf and Colonial HU-5I4I Tires Bafferies Accessories C. M. WILLIAMS SERVICE STATION Foresl' af Fourlh Phone HA-0I56 Road Service Rafah fd. I Any Make Serviced In Appliance Repairing Gill' Wrapping Proprielor W. C. lMacI McClure I7I4 Foresl' Ave. Phone HA-0208 SAVONES Famous Hamburgers Two Blocks from Foresl' High Foresi' Sludenfs Welcome ELGIN CLEANERS AIl'eral'ion Specialisl 3. ff' in wmonnu Q gg our lu-uno mms Phone HA-9204 M. 8: M. USED CAR CO. We Trade, Buy or Sell Shoe Shop "Used Cars for Less" HU-9I25 39II Oakland 30I8 Colonial Ave. I7I0 Peabody SI. Dallas, Texas DAY and NIGHT Modern Business Training for Jobs and Promofion Monihly Tui'l'ion RUTHERFORD-METROPOLITAN School of Business l8Il Commerce al' S+. Paul RA-4538 fjwiyfafzhw l8I4 Main Sfreei DALLAS VENETIAN BLIND CO. Hall ai' Ross TA-0l9l JOE HEROLD, Prop. FUN CENTER OF DALLAS Tricks Jokes Puzzles Magic Tricks Novelfies MAGHCILAND The Slore of I,000 Wonders 409 N. Ervay Bus. HA-2l83 Res. HA-2443 Complimenfs of SANDS ELECTRIC CO. NEW YORK BAKERY Confracring Repairing and DELICATESSEN Searchlighf Ren-fa' Phone Foresi' I223 Second Avenue PATRONIZE Shop HU-4952 HU-I543 Body and Fender Q . -- R ' if ' ,, nlilhfggll ew JACKSON MOTOR CO. 2308 Elm S+ree+ Used Cars Wiih Many Unused Miles Rl-b057 Comple1'e Au1'omo+ive Service 3229 Foresf Dallas, Texas 1-1-i?l,1, ,W , ,.,,,Y V V i-H Complele Shop Wilh One S'rop l'+ Foods Que' V+ WILEY'S a GROCERY and MARKET STUBBS HA-2626 Harwood 8+ Grand 29l0 Meadow Phone HA-03l0 Open 8 A.M. 'ro I0 P.M. Minimum Delivery 53.00 Every Day Including Sunday Asphalf Tile K, Venelian Blinds ELROD'S 24 HOUR SERVICE L" " I T ,gy STATION fx, Q, gs, I I rl Mfwumcrannvo Compfwv ,gil HU-9328 cl HU-25l an 7 "Treal' Your Home 'l'o l'he Foresl' al' Second Avenue Dallas BEST Blinds'- HUMBLE PRODUCTS 4809- Il so. Lamar S+. HUn+er 8355 Dallas, Texas H Services for Your Every Banking Need " 5 y'-'l ' BANKING HOURS Monday lhrough Thursday l0:00 a.m. l'o 5:00 p.m. ,,,. F'd l0:00 . . l' 6:00 . . , f sQ+..ifilys 9:00 2.2. +2 2:00 South Dallas Bank and Trust Co. Foresl al' Colonial MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION LARGEST IN DALLAS Slreamlined courses, individual advancement urgenl demand for graduales, selecl sludenl body, presfige wilh employers, and nalional repulalion, aH'rac'r more sludenis l'o DRAUGHON'S lhan lo all similar schools in Dallas combined. Prompl' placemenl in preferred posilions. DRAUGHON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE Approved by lhe Sl'al'e Deparlmenl of Eclucalion as a Business Junior College Commerce al' Harwood Telephone Rl-3I33 DrumgoId's Service Station 6' Garage Road Service-Paris-Ba'Heries Wash-Polish-Lubricarion W. E. DRUMGOLD, Owner HA-347l Oakland ai' Pennsylvania Dallas ,Texas Complimenrs of Sam Gussio FOREST AVENUE BARBER SHOP l7I4-A Foresi Complimenfs of SH ERWIN - WILLIAMS Friendly Painl' Cenler Phone IM-I555 i628 Foresl FOREST AVE. FURNITURE CO. Complele Line of Home Furnishings l624 Fores+ Ave. HA-33l4 Dallas I5, Texas 4 w l 1 J l i I5l SAMMY, JR. The Place Where Foresf S'I'uden+s Meef Af'I'er Each Grea+ Occasion of I'he Week. A SWELL PLACE TO EAT Nexi' +0 Soufh Dallas Bank Week Days 6:30 A.M. fo 9 P.M. Safurdays 6:30 A.M. io 2 A.M. JDM STUDIOS IIOZV2 Elm Sfreef Dallas, Texas We have enjoyed making 1'he phofographs for your FOREST ANNUAL. To +he SENIORS. we exfend our congraI'uIa'I'ions and besf wishes 'for greai' success. Livingston Cleaning Co. W. A. LIVINGSTON "A Cleaner You Will Like" I7I0 So. Harwood Phone HU-8426 LOYD'S 5c to 51.00 STORE I 808 Foresi' raawm vs WI who o 2nd floor' P W life I ljea.. s Wedding Announcemenfs Personal Sfafionery Adverfising Liferaiure Office Forms O Creafive Prin+ing Adverlising Specialiies O ZENITH PRINTING CO. Phone TE-878I 5I I4 Beeman PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS COLONIAL PLUMBING CO. Con+rac+ing Repairing Remodeling We Sell Sani'l'al'ion lnsfallalions Sfopped Sewers 8: Drains Opened Waler Heaiers Repaired 8: Serviced We Have Elec+ric Sewer Cable Service I7I8 Foresl' HA-4b8I FRI -, Tfffl MW M ZZ ' ffff1f? s'f f MQW M 1iHf1'1 Wl'?2 f f 0 . M www ll M zjmm ...since 1877 gi, , Pai McKanna Mickey Nichols neil I l l , Jayne Nichols Bobby lmhoof .Q , A . 42' SALES PLUMBING co W Eddie Heiman Burl Ligl1+foo1' Vw, of-,fy .XI I rw ! ' 'lj - ,Img L ffffli' " , j I 155 i -.. J ,9 K" 4 l t 1 Good Luck, CIGSS 0f' l ' Ng XX Yours is a share in the challenge of the future -fox ' 'iAccept it with confidence and courage . . . with nd Q, in yourself and your country. Know that ,xv we you the greatest success and happiness. Q Remember . . . your friendly electric servant, Reddy Kilowatt, is always on hand, in your 'M - home and at work, to help you enjoy better ' living. . . electrically! ' am., :ww 1 .4 ' s ,' I DA,1l-KS P-OWER 8' LIGHT COMPANY va f ' ' -Eff!! 11:6 Af! 7 . ' 1 ffl!! tjjifl' If hr! if 'VYj,,. ,I V ,f V: 'rlj ffl!! ff rj!!! !! !Dfj ? ,, f' f , f mf' E W! ,ff E if ' ' b! . 1 ' H' JI' Compllme t aff" J if Q if ijfff' : , rr i ,, fig!! J, ' X, . , . owwwms E ,Elmo li co. ,f B ' I J ,I 'if f J, ' f 6gPLYlNG Q, ifU3sENlo R CE GS - CLUB PINS KJ' jif COMMEN EMENT lNvlTATloNs , J , ff' lf' ff! L CE? .Q-' H E 3 f If Downfo ffice ' E Sanger Bros. cl -Qjili? TELEPHONE PRESTON '65 cgx-Q. ,X xvx I A 'Y-.k-Jg 7 I 57N N P4 id Hi E 3 5 F N 9 Or Don wouldn't work--it was always the I Wm 'L' S p all 2147 ' ' Y sw'i'+ YIIF -1- ff- X v"" at-'z v'o,-' 0" 1 'fa I 4? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? When itvs all said and done. I Z Annualing's fun. fL!A I 'D-' b We've wound it all up, tg-V But these are the things that still puzzle us: When we wanted to take pictures, there was rain or snow, When something went wrong, we would always know AN It was probably the spelling of Beverely's name :D The fourth period typists had tennis to play, And James had to feed his chickens that day. Why Taylor's couldn't get 2000 names on a page With 20 pictures besides and not fly into a rage. Typewriters wouldn't Spell, and chris couimvt define. 12 VV a y , But we've had fun, and when it was time ,ij -' 4, V H A Y To go to press, we wound it all up, ,fy V I ""' j u 5 But these are the things that still puzzgfjlgfl V V 5' s 2???????'z??????2j6',f,n,y4f'!J.Ef4T ' , I 00 4 j A' J It J Nor ,L X, f' gl Drawn f ' ,f 4, mf' . Y , . ,- I , A -QQYAJ .rj 7 g . F :YY J 15.-ff I ,ffl 5 ' f- if I I W Lf' 5 . his 4 .I s I 55 - v - ,. 4, ' 1: Eg74U .fg5 W' wwwmimf I - . W M W W ?X fx Sf ' 5 ff' '24 Q6 ES ? S521 f T, if- 'NR Cixi L ' A +N A gsQgR'Q5 b ' JW424! ' V f Y ' 3 L gif. - 1 , , wi? ffm' J QQ ,Vw H Q ff ,fk ff?egj5f4i5f' zf 4 ' - f + 1 jx x A J www I f I f b 4, ' , 4 ,fu 1 N ,f A561 ffl' ZIV" r 1 3 5 l 5' 33 w J M r J x 'VN SA X R pb? XX My Q, j F' ff XY , f X. ,Za ,L jffff Q X X 55f1w17'45""' fi 4 K J' A, ,,,,,1g...4+, W I D rx ffl i I - I mf, aff' 7' eg f' mffy 1. 1 y 5-I '-1 "F IQ 'v W eb? og, Q Q Q, v L 7 f f L,..l -fl ...... "- , .Jr-334

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