Forest Avenue High School - Forester Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1950

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Forest Avenue High School - Forester Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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-"..'?'E."'l .13-L 1-to .io- gud 4 gf ' 6 f "6 .Jr K S JL 'iii 66666666666 ed Here is a no'reboolc of 'rhe I950 school year al' Foreslz leachers and classmafes . . . 'I'he boy 'rhal' made all cify in foofball . . . l'he girl who If could play +he piano so well . . . +he feacher who undersrood when John had +he measles and Jane had +he mumps. All fhese and many o+hers are recorded in 'lhis 'lnofeboolc of school memories. l I . all 1 .6 2 1 Y e ' ' 'N' gli :ig Y 1- ' 2 J J . .q J ' H . 4 ' ' ' fx J ,, I I 8 Q J l rx 'bf K ..--.. ,111 il 'l '1 5 P l A If ii A 5: j l -, ,, . we 4 E 1 5 sr ' 5 . - .M x -. ..- Ns 4 A N 4 ---..-.. fn ff sniff' 'ws 3 1. 433521. W Us ml iii E 8. J M.,,,,A.,.--. M M, --Q... J' Jw ' F' 'lm"5fi?i' LV. lg, Y -, ,, N' Q , ,V . f -sf il .lfiifffiii Dr. David W. Carfer, presi- den+ of +l'1e Board of Educaiion. +urns up flue firsf spade of ground as Mr. Whi++lesey, Superin+enden+ of Schools W. T. While, and May- or Pro Tem C. H. Siubbs look on. Qs l R K. Principal J. T Wl'1lH'lesey speaks a+ +l1e groundbreaking cere mony for Hue new lunior l1lgl1 ad diiion +0 Forest The program is begun as Fores+'s band plays our narional anrhem. Superin'fenden+ Whire speaks on +his memorable occasion S+uden+s, facuHy, and visifors warch 'Phe ceremony. sa 9 ,Q : - -Qx pr.-.Mr , 5-lie? ':j.,i:v1 .afwq .way - . -1:-.,,r. an-1.1. ,',11i-jffnm - 2:4295 ,- ::Q582' .ixpfiuxi gym , I T , -6 ,-gym' I I ' :ggi .xi 15155: " if- Qspigiffx ' -2222:-a' .,:,, , ,ffrf-'fklfiia I f- w 21.153 li ' 'fiqfffvfx fx f 4 .igfriiva-'Q Q-V ' Q -yn.-.yygrl 4 ggpafwa f Eng 1.4. 311241. - QL f C ' .'vIfi,i?5l, If -' ' f!1.'Q'R1f'1 f f' ,N 'f '1'f"'c 753: 4,2 C7 ' hx L 13f,g4Qi - A N ' J ',- - X A0 1 I Q xx. f 0 A ' , :M ,k.4v,3Y5A3 Q X 1 I 'F'-2515214 7 A f Q - I Q O 9 0 34 My .5f'1'jN5.4 V4 A 0 , .f-PAN 42 S MQ 'M X 1 .- N: - 45.-51 ' "JM, x 1 , 'B 5 ' , 7 1i:ff4h+-: Winn? ww f T-::'Y17:?-I 2 W VJ. 1' 04094 qgj1gjt'z , f swigfggjfawzgv -ff.,-I wave-M0 4. 2 QMQQMQWQ 'Tfsi-fiilikxi J My 1 Y - ' 4m ' fi I :Mft-.' f- r fy" , Y' if 'A EL 2 f' yggimw giifsim - 'f - f 4 K' 4 igfqfi iff? .Q f , ff-f k mr 4' w - ' QS-afifli'-5' W " w 4 5 ..-f"' ,f ' Y kk ' -f -" - - , , ' -.'11f1f5a9:vQ - - ,, :L V. ,.i1f1j,. ' ' f , ,422aatfiifgififff ,. f 'ifrriv-iv 1 ' V, - -. u, fy. -M i ,, .v 55,1-:,f,:-,:"f-'f.'-' ' 'M -,iffkklfgg 2 . , 'rgxv'-fQ',1:2-'i,Qg11:L.z-'H fs, as v - A , A v31.4,,3'3?ff+I:c'K'g"frff. -f' " '-,v'- 2.. ,, L. fgA5x?:w-3.-5'aL?':1'2- L , .fraiiib ' Y K ' fl - '-'G f r an?" ' J F F' 'iifffsimgf 'W 4 4' ffsifr -. s -- 2 -im,--,gqgf-.-'e-X - - "ff'::f21,',1f+S122--1-" ' v" ' , .AL gill-'5 'f ' X4-1Jgi'4:-" ' .. Xfj. .A.i"V AN, , - 1 . . ,V irh , I ,.,,- t . '- 'I lx'- T ,-J' A -' 4 . -7 g M , ,, 221576 ' I x QV Milk Qc? ii 2 V X 11 . W1!lwgM V V Q - Qfififf ima' ff My Q O K 4 if Iii? W X 1, Vlf' - 1 If 5 iii " , I S ,I g X x lx f QL ' , Y Xlif .' X VL ' Xfwe W M M wi MW' W we ffzgffw T? fx ,f 7 N Q - N my jx 5' P' X X UQ, Qijff 'H .Y X Zi! I f X Q 54,C,f,,,L b fi fig 52 A3 K Q A' K , X - 3 , e V , f - xx mx- - J Ccnigibuol gba, x C S- -K k77Z'fq VIL? 'fyfffww W Q V 7 Qwfqfhaf af-f ff xx ' - , ,X sxxx wud 06.1 gfmfffm Af " X- -E x 2 Q-ivfii-: N K ,A 1.f:,m.n,g?-5g3,?-ji , N-'-iv 912--g'f.Mvf, V- . AZT 1 51.."' , , ---f P .":,' 1 "'i::"if ',,f,w'r3iE',f4LAf'1Af','-- - pw.-k,: 1 1 -'ig"5p1A1 :f,1iaR1'5?e7'-1-aw: fr 2 ' - - W-D-iqggff j'g1,-:1x1f:1g, ' ' - "? ' 5, "ffl S.. . DALLAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS BOARD OF EDUCATION DR. DAVID W. CARTER, PresicIen+ R. L. THOMAS, Vice PresIcIen'r LLOYD M. CAMPBELL FRED D. DANFORD AVERY MAYS MRS. TRACY RUTHERFORD W. C. SCURRY Hmmm! apmialeadewte E. N. DENNARD E. D. WALKER FRANK L. WILLIAMS ln5+ruc+i0n PersonneI Adminishafion I I 'CLI Um ?7'z6no6,ecz! M m JAMES T. WHITTLESEY Mr. Whilllesey spends spare lime playing wilh his son. "The Lalin Club will meer lOl," says Mr. Whifllesey as h one of The daily announcemenls. Giving speeches on The assemblies is one oi lhe many dulies ihal Mr. Whifllesey performs in lhe course oi a day's worlc. much of his new grand- in Room e malces Mr. Shepard discusses wilh Mr. Whiiilesey, Foresls' new baseball prospeds. l5. ,J E WILLIAM J. ANDERSON NANNIE D. ANDREWS C.J. BEAUDRY EMMA BROWN Senior Counselor FRANCES BEILHARZ RILLA M. BRADY WILLIE MAY BERRY MINNIE BROWN J, ALAN BOULTON MATTYELEA BUTLER W. H. BUTLER MARY P. COLLINS MARY VIVIAN CECIL L. N. CRABTREE MARY SMITH 'CLARK 3 C EDWARD F. CRIDER i f! W N' SARA DAVIDSON MARY DRAKE R. J. EDWARDS. JR. LOULA ELDER HELEN ECKELMAN ANNIE GEM FELDER ? RUTH FETTERMAN M. G. FREY C. V. GOODMAN MARY E. HOPKINS -A ,Aa::g3I D. T. GRIFFITH SEARCY HARDY ALICE HARRINGTON FacuI+y Iakes Iime ouf for morning coffee VIRGINIA HURST S. S. HUTCHINSON fxkffg I E' 1 ALBERT s. JOHNSTON ANNE E. JONES PAUL O. LaBORNE SARAH MERIWETHER Dean if CLEO LAWSON V. H. MATTINGLY JOHN C. MARSHALL BLISS S. McMANUS ETHEL MASTERS ADDIE MELSON JACK MITCHELL RAYE PEGUES JOAN MOFFITT INA ROBERTS MARY ANN NUGENT ROSCOE L. ROBERTS 1: kv' .IE , xi S A 5' 1 ,gf L ff, 1 A A 2 I 1f'iiI ' 'S5V'7I, 3' 1 7 I' , .f ., 2 -n ' xii 'TAN' A si? .A+ I I 192+ ' Iilw' wk . -. v,,,,,7w-Y N,g,1,, J 3 n- F., Hu Z1 f A w 5 - Q'23,Za-f5,. E , Qt. I 2 E. 4 'V ,A I "W , ,fgef 5 A A,Qizf-,J-ga -E ,A ' -., -me- .e 'gif W f 5' I Ip I' I 1 W .Fx if ?-,fn Ip- . 1 yum .- ',:' ,sw .il T. 'V if PAUL H. SCHULER ALVA P. SHEPARD LOCILLE SEGRIST ROXIE SMITH MABEL SHAW CECIL M. SONNTA6 acuity YE vw" '55 56' "'q30' 1 Q, ' N52 W. 1 . qu." .' ,I ,,,xig'f-QI, XE? I ff' r 'EU' ' ' I v 'ia 'Ni '5 Q 1,321 . JULIA TANNER BESS THATCHER B .KJ I V , 52 QI Qxw.. A W? i A'vm Uh-ie' 45,3 IRMA WADE UNGER JESSIE WATKINS FRIEDA THOENE J. B. WHITE FLETCHER R. WICKHAM JULIA LOUISE WILCOX H. B. YATES +I1e af+ernoon i+'s cold drinks a+ a res+ period 3' .DV Ark .: , . " J , 4' , as V Ik 'G x ,. I , Q x'f'i1'ff , .-452' , W. V fm' ggff ff' AJ' ff" 1, ,lf . ,rl I Qi!!! A fd."fl0 ,',, if Y, -.13 M ' - ,fi W. A, ' Jiri' ' ' 1 I I I ,, x . , 1 ' , , fd' . I 1 ' 1 1 4 ! -y ' ' V' 1 ' ,apii 1 f 144' ' I :PML , f ' f 1 fi xg 1 if -YQ I A+ 3 x ,Ji ka:-"S fair: 1. ,. ,v ,V ,M v ' :Q ., A1 , .J- ,iff -'T ff! " I rf ' l " my 23211, ! 45 L fir.,-Qgyi wx wil 1 0 5 'iflveiif Y 9 .ffjj xi: 'Pho A W -2 ij-jgzgk' kj 5 1 f , u '13 7 ,P ' 4 IX 4 0 4,-J O 933 - ,' - 941 fu, - . , , 5 Ng-.L-:, ., , f Qzzasa wwf , 'fm 5 UM 54 , , VV 4,904-I I ' X ' 'W V MM vu, if 4, - x ,jf u 'M fr S-fiiiflskfq A ,Au - If-' ,ff iffiixfi' A V f 1:5 Li-iwiii A 1' nh ' .SQQQL ' "Im, 'g13Qff23:i A ' X A ' i?3'55Q4fi'2 4 ,iiffiiii ' . .- -' 143233 ,f Lzlfqfiftf f A . -i:-'?.'L1:. '37 ' 12, f V -flf X A -iw f,,JT,,, , ., ,fgfggyg-if: . ff .,Lg,1wps'c?:f-ff-14 . ' LJ -,x I xv". -4, YA.: - fwii -,Q --:':'R'f3:f9T"x Q-2Fx ' it .132-,gf-L5'P -I Q' 'A H f ' Q1-f11fas12kfbvf1:'f1-X' , 157ff'f2ff"p'?? - ' ' ' i1Q2f2sfH - - f 'f 1-,:,ffff:4Lp,5h , yr g 9.219-,,,-,-+1 ' ' .g ijg 3'U' " 1 fa if?-L -jxily f, ' - an ,FLVAT-,A'Q.,S V- My , - Y-----in V ---ff' Y FA T ., X 1 JwW' :Iii ,1 ' fy., K K ' u g,fV , - CML " ' 5 Xx f f tml yffiwygaf F M MMM w is V - if H iq? - i 2 ix i 5?-: n un ' cw ' - - ' f P X ' '-x - , f - f - 4 F - H ' X X 9' Wjmf M7911 4 W - H-51-'ff' 1' H 'XA if MMBV 'K S he Tjilgigfzi xl. H- G W Wm hi? X' w -Mg M 1 - N U4M1M,fwf 4 - g cL.ffrL,-, A-muda, ,ru-f' 7 H V + S ' + 4' A , ww ' S4 WWW ,'S S -1,ywfm , Q Qi 'xxfj Xdbvcvvfwllinfxf 'A if N f , - , ,, , 4 91 f , QXGZC .fl Gi. :'..n,,f- ' ' 1- qrafiifi'--' V1 x P' xifigg 13 . ' ,,- .,,1f41,,- ul.:-x Cf -fx, .,,.-'.- -, vw f' 1-.-Lx.: f k J JANICE CONSTANCE ALLEN Parenl-Teaclner Associalion Aide. TRESSIE ALLEN Dlslribulive Educalion Club, MELEA BAKER Dlslribulive Educalion Club. PATRICIA JOY BAKER Dislribullve Educalion Club, Vice-President. GLENDA SUE BALLARD One Linz Award? Nafional Honor Sociely. BiLLlE JEAN BANKS ' '50 BENITA ABLiN Two Linz Awards: National l-lonor Sociely: Pan American Sludenl Forum, Secrelaryj Texas Hislory Clubq Sledenl Council: Girls' Public Speaking Club, President Secrelaryi Ollice Assislaril. BARBARA ANN ALLEN Dallas l-lislorical Sociely. ARDATH Lou BARKER Texas Hislory Club. HERBERT BALJMQARTNER L JEAN BENNETT l Sfudenf Council: Pan American Sludenf um. X CAROL ANN BLACK Two Linz Awardsp LaTin Awardsg High Sclw arslTip Club, President Secrefary, Treasurer: AudiTOres aesaris, Presi denT, Secrefaryg Junior Red Cross Council: Nafional Tlwes pian Honor Sociefy, Secrefaryg Dallas Hisforical SocieTy FORESTER STaTf, Feafures EdiTOr, EcliTOrial Board, MARILYN CLAiRE BLATT Girls' Public Speaking Club, Office Assisfanh BARBARA BLUMMER FORESTER STaTT. M ELviN BERNARD BRAND Junior Red Cross Councilg Band. JOE H EN RY BUQROVAN BURTON BULLOCK MARVIN CLARK BURNS J A RL ROTC, Se-rgeanf Firsf Class. One Linz Award: Nalional Honor Sociefyg High Sclnolar- ship Club: Dallas Hisforical SocieTy, President Secrefaryi Secrefaryg Sfudenf Councilg Texas Hisrory Club: ROTC NANCY BURT Disiribufive Educafion Club, JOE NEIL CANNON A Cappella Choir, Presidenfg Foofball Leffermany Baseball Le-Herman, SHIRLEY RAE CAVENDER Tary: FQRESTER Sialf. NADINE CHANCE Dislribufive Educalion Club. . , RICHARD CHOATE ED CLARK, JR. Sludenl Council: Junior Red Cross Council, ii JACK CLARK J - 4' JERRY COLEY ii gi KYAK ECHO Sfaii, Business Manager: FORESTER Slaiig ROTC, Second Lieufenanl: Junior Rorarian. XS . iii? PATSY CROMER JOAN CROW Texas l-lis+ory Club: Dallas l-lislorical Sociefy: Foresr Sec- relarial Club: Sludenl Council: Maioreile. RAYMOND DAvis DAN DAWSON Sludenl Councilg Cheerleader. E2 i Two Linz Awards: High Scholarship Club: Y-Teens, Secre JIMMY RAY DAY FooTbaH Leffermam. PEGGY DEAN Y-Tcensg Smdefwf COUUCTTI FTesT'man Class Pfesldenfq FORA ESTER Sfaff, ,ION 523123 .E 1 15 BETTY JEAN EADS JJETCJT Rfid CT 3 MARY Lou ELLNOTT filb BILLY DEGEN Foowball Leffermanq BasebaU Le+TerrvaTT. ALNCE JANE DENNNS Two Llmz Awards: Na+ionaN Honor Sodewq Texas Hlsfory Club? Foresf Secrefariaf Club. BETTY JOE DINSMORE Texas Hisfory Club: Pan American Shfdenf Fomm, JOE MACK DOYLE Disfribufive Educafion Chbq Basebdi LeT'TermaT1. RTTA VELLEEN DULA GEORGE LORAN DUNN ROTC, Firs+ Lieu+enan+. NATALEE ELLIOTT NaTional Honor SOcieTy: Texas Hisfory Club: Forest Sec- refarial Club, Secrelary: FORESTER Sfaff. SHYRLEE EMMETT Two Linz Awards: Tlmree Lafin Awards: Nafional Honor Soriefy, Vice-Presidenf: Audifores Caesaris, Fresidenf: Higln Sclwolarsbip Club, ViCe-President Treasurer: Dallas Hisforical Souiefy, Presidenl: Nalrional Tlwespian Honor Sociefy, Treas- urer: Sfudenf Council, BEN ENGELBER6 One Linz Award: Texas Hisiory Club: Fan American Siu- sa den? Forum, President, Vice-Presidenh High Sclmolarslvip M Club: ROTC, lvlasfer Sergeant MTNA RUE EVANS Junior Red Cross Council, DON EVERETT Foofball Le+Terrnan: Track Leiferrnan. 599' GERTRUDE FAIR Le Cercle Francais, President Secrefary: Treasurer: Girls' Public Spealcinq Club, Secrehary: Junior Red Cross Council PresidenT: Dallas HisTOrical Sociefy. HOWARD STANLEY FEFFER Two Linz Awards: Sclwolasfic Arf Awards, Cerlificafe of Merif: Allied Arfs Award: NaTional Honor Socie-Ty: Nafional Tnespian Honor SOcie+y: ECHO STDTT, Edilor-in-chief. PATSY FENDER Dallas Hisforical Sociefy: NaTiOnal Tlwespian Honor Socie+y. GEORG-lA FLANAGAN Library Assisl'anT: FORESTER Sfaff. A MELBA FLOYD Disfribufive Educafion Club. WANDA LA RUE FOSTER TWO Lim Awardsg Y-Teens: High Scholarship Club: FOR- FSTER Slall, BILLY FRANK FOWLER Dorzis GIBSON One Linz Award: High Scholarship Club, ViCe- Forewf Secrelarial Club: Dallas Flislorical Sociely. DONALD GILLER Terag Flisfory Club: Fam American Sludehl Forum. Presiderili BOBBY FRALEY Baseball Lellermari. ARTHUR FRIEDMAN Dallas l-lisforical Sociely: ROTC, Sergearil Firsl' Classy Swing Band. NATHAN FRTEDMAN Dallas l-lislorical Socielyx Audilores Caesarisg FORESTFR Sfailq ROTC, Firsf Serqearil. DOLLIE FUGITT KENNETH FULLER Key club. FR EDA GAPPELBERG Girls' Public Speaking Clubq Junior Red Cross Council: Pan American Sfudenl Forum: Texas l-lislory Clubg Library Assislarilg FORESTER Slaflg Ollice Assisfanl. K EL. 'E J ' 1 A STANLEY GOLMAN LEE GORE ROTC, Second Lieulenanl, Rifle Team. VELMA J EAN GRAF Audilores Caesarisg Texas Councllg Sludenl Council. Hislory Club: Junior Red Cross JAMES A. GREENHAW Baseball Le++ermarw. BILL GUERNSEY Key Club: Baseball Lellerman. JANE HARRIS AR, , JLLLL , V1RelNlA GILLILAND MYRON GOLDBERG Two Linz Awards: Pan American Sluclenl Forum, Treasurer, Dallas Hislorlcal Sociefy, Treasurer: High Sclwolarslwip Club, Treasurer: Texas Hislory Club, Treasurerg Library Assislanl ROTC, Second Lieulenarwl, ffm MARY EVELYN HAYES JOYCE HAYS ffl 4 X AA ' R i ROY EUGENE l'lECK NEWMAN HELM R., ,Y ,EQ-if-'r if' if If. fir. ' E 4, 11 , . E: fzif, ,-5.17 Hi: fi K w f ws gg ya ROY TRAVIS HURILL, JR. EUGENE HUMPHRIES Dislribulive Educalion Club: ROTC, Second Lieulenanl. W MARVIN HOFFMAN Pan American Sludenl Forum: Texas Hisfory Club: ROTC, Second Lieulenanl. DORISENE HOOUE Library Assislanl: FORESTER Slalf, Office Manager. MARY LEON HOLLON Two Linz Awards: Nalional Honor Sociefyg Hiqfw Scholar- ship Club, President Junior Red Cross Council, Vice-Presi- denlp Nalional Tlwespian Honor Socielyq Dallas Hislorical Socielyy Office Assislanly FORESTER Slafl. JERRY HOLMES Key Clubg Sluclenl' Council: ECHO Slall, Sporls Edilcrp Cneerleaderg Ooll Lellerrnan, BOE HORN Baskelball Leflerman. MICKEY MILTON HUDDLESTON fg.aA.d" 'R ' LEyylJ'EfsJOEER1ON , American Leqion Essay Awardi Dallas Sales Execullye Club , f Essay Awardg Pxllled Ari Awardq ROTC, Corporal, WYNELE JOHNSON Dlsfribuliye Educafion Club. BETTY LOUISE JONES Foresl Secretarial Club, Vice-Presidenl: BOBBY GLEN JONES JERRY KALMHXI ROTC Band: Cheerleader. WAYNE KANE Naiional Tlmesplan Honor Soclely. CHARl.ES KEATON Key Clubq Slwullerbuq Camera Club: lenanl. BOBBY MACK KELLEY QR. Cinema Clnlb: Baslfelball Lellerman. A wgfiwmmuf, , :mum be Texas l-lislory Club. :R-drzfgli H iff: . - . xr' -I . kk K 1-sqvgz, Q ' R Kira'- Y eu: air' '- wi, -. R ,.. , E, ',-,Rf .gli A ,514 .-01. . 0' 7 ' i.-fzmwf' ,Y--"':1L"'.:::': QA- --,A - y.w'w?f:s'l 'ff-'W-R :Ea gf 5231! fr R 3 iii-2 ffl- f-assi! 1 ROTC, Firsl Lieu JERRY SUE KENNELLY JOYCE KlRK l Fcresl Secrelariel Club: Sludenl Courlcllq FORESTER Slall, MARY KLINE JERRY LANDSBERG Audifores Caesaris, Treasurer: Nafional Thespian Honor Sociefy, Presidenfg ECHO Sfaff, Adverfising Marwaqerg FOR- ESTER Staff. fill -,IL,L.., ' FRANKIE LVLILLER DONALD MILLIOAN PATTYE SUE LAWRENCE Dallas Hisforicel Sociefy. JODIE LE Doux CHARLES LOGAN LOWRANCE FRANK LVLCKNLGHT LEROY MESOS Dalhas HIs+OrKcal Sociefyq ROTC. Second Lieuferwanr ROBERT Mmus :WEEK BILUE MODENE MONDAY Dislribulive Educallon Club. WlLMA MORRTS One Linz Awardg One Blble Pxwardg Nalional Honor SO- cielyp Hlqlw Sclwolarslwlp Club: Texas Hislory Club, President Vice-President Audifores Caesarlsg Foresi Secrelarlal Club. Secrelaryq Nallonal Tlwespian Honor Socielyg ECHO Slall, Business Manager, Club Edllcr, Edllor-in-clwlelq FORESTER Slalf. GENE MORROW Two Linz Awards: Audilores Caesaris, Vlce-Presidenly Hlqln Silwolarslwlp Clubp FORESTER Slafl, Managing Edllor, Edi- lorial Board. MELBA JUNE MURPHY JOYCE MYERS Dlslribullve Educailon Club, preside-nl: FORESTER Slab' Ofllce Manager, LULA NORRIS High Sclwolcrslwip Club. l'lOWARD Mlms Slmullerbuq Camera Club ROTC Furs? Lweulenanl DONALD MINSRY Dallas Hlslorlcal Somely Treasurer ROTC Furs? Lleulen TOMMY ANTHONY QDDO 4- Soclely Audulores Caesarls ROTC Caplaln RONALD Louis GESCH ROBERT PAGE Poolball Lellermanj Baseball BILLIE JEAN PARMER BETTY Jo RAY Y-Teens. BARBARA REED Cheerleader. ' A N at rs as Lellernna n. MINNIE Lou PARSONS Dallas l-lislorical Socielyg Peres? Secrelarial Club. CHARLES PATZIG Poolball Lellermang Baseball Lellerman. JIMMY RAY PHILLIPS Poolball Lellerman. THRESA PHILLIPS Nalional Tlwespian Honor Sociely. HELEN RAQHOESRY Two Linz Awards: Naiional Honor Sociely, High Sclnolar- ship Club: Texas l'li,s'rory Club, VicefPI'esiderIT3 Girls' Public Speaking Club, Secrelary, Treasurer: Dallas Hislorical So- ciely: Pan American Sludenl Porurn,'ViceAPreSidenl'g Junior Red Cross Council: Office Assislanl. NITA SUE RAMSEY Y-Teens. I MORTON ALLAN RUDBERG Two Llnz Awards: Nalional Honor Sociely, Secrelaryq Dal- las l-lislorlcal Sociefyt ROTC, Second Lieulenanl. JANE RUTLAND One Linz Award: Audilores Caesarlsg Dallas Hisforical So- cielyq Hlglm Scholarship Club, Secrelary. AUTHUR SATTERWHITE Jo ANN SCHENKEL Audifores Caeserls: Y-Teens: Sfudenl Council. PAUL SCH ERZER Baskelball Lellerrnan. BEN SCHNITZER Two Linz Awards: Nalional Honor Socgiefy, Presidenlg Audi- iores Caesarisq Foofball Lelferrnan. GLEN RIDDLE SYBIL RILEY Dislribulive Educallon Club. 4 ' MARIE SHAWHEAN Sludenl Council, MARY FRANCES SHELTON Disfrlbulive Eclunalion Club. DI ANN SHUGART One Lalin Award: Junior Red Cross Council: Nalional Tlnespian Honor Socielyq Malorelle. AUDREY NADINE SLIDER One Linz Award: One Bible Award: Pan American Sfudenf Forumq Dallas l-lislorical Sociely. A 'I I Q MARY LATRIEcE SMITH Pan American Sludenl Forum, Secrelaryg Girls' Public Speaking Club: Dallas, l-lislorical Socielyq Nalional Tlnespian Honor Sociely. RALPH E. SMITH ROTC, Second Lieulenanf. BILLY GENE SMITH BILLY Joe SMITH EDNAJIM SMITH One Linz Award. Jfxcic EDGAR SMITH Dallas Hisforical Sociely: Sluclenl Councilg ROTC Second Lieulenanlg Foofloall Lellerman. I JOYCE SMITH Sludenl Council: Yfleensp A J. P. SMITH Sludenl Council. Cappella Choir X sf MARY CATHERlNE STAFFORD NaTional Honor SocieTy: Texas Hisfory Club: Y-Teens: Dallas Hisforical Sociely: Foresl Secrelarial Club: Ollice Assis+an+: 4A Class Secrelary. DAMIE STTLLMAN Two Linz Awards: National Honor Sociefyg High Scholar- ship Club: Audifores Caesaris: Dallas Hislkorical Sociely: FORESTER STaTT, Sporfs EdiTOr, EdiTorial Board: ROTC, Sec- ond LieuTenanl. CARL THOMAS STONE Foolball Lelferman. GTIS STRAUOHAN One Linz Award: Two Bible Awards: FORESTER Slalh Soorfs Edilor. MARTHA JOE STRIEGLER Two Linz Awards: Two Bible Awards: Nafional Honor SO- ciefy: High Scholarship Club: Pan American S+uden+ Forum, Vice-Presidenl: Sfuclenf Council: Y-Teens. BILLY Don TAYLOR NaTiOnal Honor Sociely: Key Club, Presiclenl: Sfudenl Council, Presidenl: Junior Red Cross Council: Baseball Lei- Terman. DOROTHY SPARKS WANDA SPARKS 'W' ' lilggtl ,g 7fjQQff5YffQ573?1'fif,':iff-fx32397lA'iifF55f 1 A L W sL,.., M. ,L.,.,cL,- ,--iTT, : rs my-M mz , R ., , . Af , R sz Qvfssrlgwkxiw r A Q A-Ee V . . S T , lk 1 V A .- Q 5 DOROTHY JEAN TAYLOR One Linz Award: Qne Bible Award: High Scholarship Club: Audilores Caesaris: Tex as Hislory Club: Foresl Sec- rehrial Club, LELA PAYE THRAsHER Pan American Sludenl Forum: YATeens: Sfudenf Council: High Scholarship Club, ELLEN THURMOND Library Assistant HARRLETT VATSURES Nafionai Tnespian Honor Sociefyg Inrerscnoiasiic League Arr Awards: FCRESTER Sraii, Ari Edifori Siudenf COL1n4iil' Junior Red Cross Council. ROBERT LEE WAEEORD QOTC Band, CARRHE JO WAOLLARDO One Bibie Award, TOMMY WALKER Cinema Ciub. JOAN WALTHALL ii A JIMMY WEST 39" ' WALLACE WIDDERS Disfribuiivo Educaiion Ciub, Se refary ECHO Sfaif, Assisiani Adverilslnq Manager FORESTER Sfaif, if ,VY ii.i MAX ROY VVNLD y 5 BETTNE JEAN VVNNTERS . Forosf Secreiarial Club. ,Lil . ,j i ,, is W L Q Lan Eg, DOROTHY WYLIE Une Linz Award: Texas Hislory Club: Foresl Secrelarial Club. AUNITA YATES DOROTHY AYERS MARY BAGWELL Junior Red Cross Council. ROBERT BIESEL ROTC Band: Dance Band. NORMA BILLINGSLEY Sludenl Council: FORESTER Slall FARRELL WOFFORD Key Club: Sludenl Council. JOANNE WOODSIDE Dislribulive Educalion Club. JACKIE BOURLAND lnlerscnolaslic Arl Award: Cade-nza Posler Conlesl Award: Dislribuliye Educalion Club: Sludenl Council. JOHN BRANNAM Three Linz Awards: Cinema Club, Presiclenl: Voice ol: Democracy Conlesl, Firsl-Place Cily Winner: Nalional Tlies- pian Honor Sociely: Dallas Hislorical Sociely: Key Club: Sludenl Council: Juvenile Tralfic Courl: Represenlalive TWO Years. JOE GLENN BRAY GEORGE CHAFFWN Dizfribufive Edmafiorr CLUB' Bembe!! Leffermawy ROTC, Serqoanf. PEARL JUNE HNCKEY ROBERT B. HIXSON Cinema Club: FORESTER Staff: ROTC, Sergeanh FREDDIE COMES FooTbaU Lefformarv. BONNLE CROWE Junior Red Cross COUNCIL NORMA FALLWELL JESSE GADD Uisfvibmive Educafion CNub3 FORESTER Staff, BILLY HAWTHORNE Foo+baU Lefferman. EDDLE J. HEXMANN ROTC Scrqearv Firsf CYaSS. Iw- 'vu-M-ff-f M Q I -. ,.L C C ffi lg, WAYNE HOOTEN Club, Dislribulive Educalion BOBBY DALE IMHOOE ROTC, Firsl Sergeanl. Dr , lx ,x L' AJ Y J . 1-1,1 :Ili lx JA Y' .f . f -A E . MARGARET JAMES ff PAUL ALBERT JUHLTN, JR. L Salesmansnip Essay Conlesl Award: Slwullerbug Camera Club, Vice-Presidenlq Dislribufive Educalion Club: ROTC. 9 ,T 4, Q , DONNA LOUISE KOGAN TWO Linz Awards, l-liqli Scliolarsnip Club,SludenlCOunCil1 Pan American Sludenl Forum, Treasurer: Junior Red Cross Council, Texas l'lisl'Ory Club: A Cappella Clioir, JESS LAMB Foolball Lellerrnanq Key Club. ALITA LOGAN Pan Arnerican Sludenl Forum. JIMMY MARLOW - Foolball Lellermang Baseball Lellerman. JO ANN RACCUVSTION its One Linz Award: Texas l'lislOry Councilg High Sclnolarslwip Club: Dallas l-lisforical Socielyg Sfudenl Assislanlt Library Assislanl. PAT MCKANNA ROTC, Second Lieulenanl, Rifle Club, Junior Red Cross Foresl Secrelarial Club, Council, Y-Teensg Office Team. MARLENE RHEA Qfrrice A552516 mf. Auoxs RODG-ERS FOres+ Secrefarial Cfub. Wy? v ,, 1. ' lm TSE' . Ja ff 2 ii- 1 Ct '? 4, , . W, 9 fx S M, V uf MQ ' iw f EVALYN ROGERS One Llnz Award. EDD STEVENS Bmw THOMPSON Frasoowg TQME IONA RHEA TURP JEAN WALKER EN GEMS' Public Speaking Club: Junior Red Cross: Texas His- fory Club: Office Assisfamf. K, ,X fx 6 FK fxrx fN KX, 0 X K ! 'X awp f 8 ,gp Q . Z ---- wi- , A f , -.. f K ,ff Af fff 1' , ,Q ,,,,, f 6 2-f ',f"7 fi- , .i. ' .?! , 'L '7 ,-,- fx 4, vi f-1' 4l 4:4 66444 Firsl row: Newman l-lelm, Alice Dennis, 'lrudy Fair, Benila Ablin, Georgia Flanagan, Doris Gibson. Sliyrlee Emmell, Belly Joe Dinsmore, Janice AIA len, Dorisene l-logue, Dollie Fugill, Barbara Allen. Second row: Lee Gore, Jerry Coley, Myron Gold- berg, Ben Fngelberg, Carol Black, Nalalee Fllioll, Jean Gral, Margarel James, Glenda Sue Ballard, Belly Jean Eads. lliird row: Bobby Fraley, Nallian Friedman, Marie Iyn Blall, Palsy Fender, Billie Jean Banks, Barbara Blummer, Fvelyn Flayes, Belly Jones, lda Belle Cole, Mary Leon Flollon, l'lerberl Baumgarlner. Fourllri row: Joe Buckovan, Billy Fowler, Arlllur Friedman, Freda Gappelberg, Peggy Dean. Ardalli Barker, Wanda Fosler, Joan Crow, Norma Fallwell, Alberla Discli, Palsy Cromer, Jean Ben- nell, James Greenlwaw. Fillli row: Slanley Golman, Bobby Glen Jones, Jack Clark, Ricliard Clioale, Buddy Davis, Joe Cannon, Velleen Dula, Sliirley Cavender, Mina Rue Fvans, Bill Guernsey, Virginia Gilliland, Glen Riddle, Marvin Burns. Sixlli row: Roy Heck, Bob l-lorn, Mickey Hudf dleslon, Burlon Bullock, Frnesl l-land, Donald Gil- ler, Bobby Gallop, Don Fverell, Jimmy Ray Day, lfcnnelli Fuller, William Degen, Efl Clark, Jr.. lravis l-lukill, Levy F. Jollrion. Nol in Piclure: lressie Allen, Melba Baker, Palricia Baker, Mary Lou Fllioll, Melba Floyd, Joyce l-lays, Wynell Jolinson, Melvin Brand, Dan Daw- son, Joe Doyle, Jerry l-lolmee, Eugene l-lumplwries. 4946 Firsr row: Jack Smilh, Marfha Joe Srriegler, Lula Norris, Barbara Reed, Di Ann Shuqarl, Mary Kline, Jo Ann Schenkel, l-larrielrjr Varsures, Lalriece Smilh. Second row: Tommy Qddo, Don Minsky, Jerry Kal- min, Ellen Thurmond, Dorolhy Wylie, Dororhy Sparks, Melba Murphy, Nila Ramsey, Joyce Kirk, Rallye Sue Lawrence. ' Third row: Ben Schnilzer, Morlon Rudberg, Gene Morrow, Damie Slillman, Max Wild, Jean Taylor, Wilma Morris, l-lelen Racholsky, Mildred Miller, Jodie LoDoux, Jane Rurland, Carrie Jo Waglif ardo. lzourlh row: Don Taylor, Wallace Widders, Jimmy Wesl, J. P. Smilh, Charles Lowrance, Roberl Mikus, Cris Slraughan, Jerry Landsberq, 'lhresa Phillips, Lela Faye Thrasher, Minnie Lou Parsons, Mary Carherine Slaiiord, Lulicia Webb. Filrh row: Frank McKniqhl, Ronald Oesch, Ralph Smilh, Leroy Meggs, Bellie Winlers, Audrey Slider, Wanda Sparks, Weldon Waison. Sixrh row: Paul Scherzer, Bobby Kelley, Carl Srone, Charles Palzig, Charles Kealon, Bobby Waifford, Arjrhur Sallerwhile, Howard Mims, Billy Smirh, Farrell Wofford, Loran Dunn, Jimmy Phillips, Tommy Walker. Noi in Piclurez Maureen Moriarly, Billy Monday. Joyce Myers, Billie Parmer, Sybil Riley, Mary Shellon, Ednaiim Smilh, Joan Walrhall, Donald Milligan. 43 if 42 ZW Firsl row: Freddie Combs, Larry Klein, Bobby Dick- son, Jesse Gadd, Wayne Hoolen, Fred Time, Marlene Rlwea, Jo Ann lvlccuislion, Bonnie Crowe, Mary Bagwell, Donna Kogan, Virginia Miller. Second row: Clemon Rogers, Pal lvlclianna, Robf err Biesel, Jimmy Marlow, Roberl Hixson, Billy lliompson, Edd Slevens, Norma Billingsley, Evalyn Rogers, Anna Duckworlli, Alila Logan, Dollie Ball. llwird row: Paul Julwlin, Billy lmlawlliorne, Jackie Bourland, Gwendel Baker, Joe Bray, Jolwn Bran- nam, Iona Turpen, Audie Rodgers, Dorolliy Ayers, Pearl June Hickey, Eddie Heimann, Bobby Dale Imlnool. Nol in Piclure: George Clwallin, Ernesl l-land, Fred Randall, Sidney Sclwnaiderman, Blanclwe Sclrinaie derman, Jean Walker. 3,4 66444 Firsl rowg Wanda Lee Jones, Dorolliy Adams, lvlaxe ine Carlisle, Donnie Kline, Helen Donsky, Joyce Killingsworllw, Burl Liglillool, lzrank lvlclvlullen, Sidney Aslibrook, Marvin Ellioll, Jerry Fair. Second row: Wanda Rullm Jones, Nila Bryan, Billie Anne Alexander, Freddie Sue Cocliran, June File, Josepliine Gassman, Barbara Glasscock, Wanda James, Joan Cannon, Glen LaQuey, Don l-lolland. llwird row: ldella Coleman, Pal Beally, Norma Goodman, June Buller, Elsie Fosler, Jessie Hill, Billie Jean Lauqlilin, Marilyn Golman, Ella Jean Brand, Clarence McLean. Fourllw row: Tommie Dell Jones, Louise Goldslein, Dorene Jay, Bellye l-lawllworne, Ayanell Bennell, James E. McKee, Marvin Cody, George Lyles, Gary Gossell, Barry Jollrion, Anqier McGee, Zane Drake. Pillli row: Bonnie Joe Ligliliool, Clwarles Berg- lwauser, Jackie Ray Clark, Billy McWilliams. Jolwnny lVlcGarily, Roberl Lesler JOLWYTSOD, Donald Bell, Billy Barnes, Dick McKinney. Sian row: James Haire, Biilie l-larris, C. E. l'lulsS, Lonnie lngram, Jolin Boone, William lylccarler, Frirz lvl. DeLano, Leroy lvlalliews, l-lerman Black. Donald Dunn, Billy Joe Jackson, Unidenlilied, Frank l-lerelord. Nol in Piclure: lvlallie Asbill, Billie Aslicrallr, Billy Ray Baker, Jerry Fisclwl, Norlon Gamel, Melba Hales, Clara ldodoes, Venila Jones, Jess Lamb. 5,4 65444 Pirsl row: Marilyn Sue Shapiro, Elhel Silvergold, Sondra Marks, June Parlain, Jo Nell Wiles, Mari- lyn Sloneham, Palsy Thompson, Guylene Male lhews. Second row: Marlha Williams, Palsy Wesler, Bare para McCool, Belly Walson, Joy Mack, Janie Palrick, Prela Parks, Annelle Rose, Juanila Thompson, Mary Lou While. Third row: Joann Slewarl, Jean Wallord, Belly Jeane Mann, Mariorie Smilh, Jeanelle Swill. Doris Smilh, June Payne, Monla Pay Trammell, R. Lee Terrell, La Verne Malhews, Shirley Tres- enriler. Pourlh row: Morly Raykind, George Milner, Neal Vick, Juanila Thomas, Mariory Slarnes, Belly Sue Oglelree, Charles Ray Powell, Raymond Trues- dall, Don York, Billy Frank Shaw, Billy Joe Thomas, J. T. Wagliardo. Fillh row: Bill Whalley, Ralph Rosenbaum, Ira George Smilh, Waller Skinner, Frank Knighl, Don Wesch, George Turner, Teddy Segal. Sixlh row: Rulus Poleel, Bob Shaw, Frank Maca- luso, Wayne Nance, Raymond Zalooinik, Tommy Runnels, Earl Slewarl, Ray Turns, Jake Oesch, Orville Pinson, Donald Smilh, Carl Wilson. Nol in Piclure: Dale Mineyard, Marvin Preslridge, Sue Prince, Palsy Rulh Pryor, Grady Slegman, Margarel Thompson, Tommy Turner, Bob While, Carl While, Tommy Nell Wrighl. 5? Firsr row: Willos Auslin, Lelry Baysinger, Shirley Fuller, Susie Harmer, Berry Fivecoal, Norma Cummings, Palsy Gurley, Vivian Connors, Shirley Goldslein, Fannie Bell Fads. Second row: Earl Boclc, Mildred Bail, Rebecca Car- penler, Rulh Benson, Bobbie Collins, Maxine Coolc, Belly Jean Davidson, Hannah Goren, Helen Ayers, Wanda Bawcum, Minnie Ross Cam- bron. Third row: Travis House, Donald Hammons, Gail Denham, Karhleen Cummings, Joanne Dance, Frances Bodzy, Anna Crandall, Flsie Hancock, Norma Beach, Clyde Bono, Roberl Bailey. v 6 Fourlh row: Dudley Ballard, Norman Lulerman, Archie Crass, Raymond Lamberl, Earle Cameron, Jaclr Beasley, Mays Goza, Howard Hansen, Alberl Disch, Nalhan Kaplan, Ray Carler, Billy Brady. Noi in Ficlure: Angie Todora, James Hudson, Royce Burleson, John Baumgardner, Douglas Blal- ney, La Juan Cobb, Billie Fred Collard, John Thomas Flchieson, Emma Gray, Norman Higgs, James Knight 3? 66444 Firsl row: Clela Rogers, Gloria Maslers, Yvonne Williams, Dorolhy Wrighl, Paula Shellon, Dorolhy Warren, Marlha Manning, Elhel Schwarlz, Melva- lene Kilchens, Dinlc Rigsby. Second row: Mary Knoll, Pauline Wilbanlcs, Faye Kerr, Elaine Kessner, Noma Wesl, Geraldine Wynne, Jo Anne Moore, Dorolhy Nix, Allene Webb, Ralph Pyle. Third row: James Milchell, Willard Scribner, Norma Soulhern, Rosalee Racholslcy, Doris Wil- son, fkdrinne Salzman, Norma Jean l.arr, Agile Moore, James Sims. i Fourlh row: Solomon Reisberg, Ernesl Moehle Thomas While, Wallace Mann, Ben Williams Kennelh Wilson, Glynn Wriqhl, Glenn Slarlcs Jerry Romolsky, William McGee. Nol in Piclure: Roberl McDonald, David Milchell Gladys Moore, Frela Parks, Don Plunlc, J. E, Rob- inson, Connie Sorrells, Doris Slegall, Belly Swill Jo Nell Wiles, Alvin Wilson, Franlclin Wilson Edward Wilson. 3 1 2,4 65444 Firsr row: Jakie Floyd, Phyllis Day, Shirley Jean Dlfhblemonl, Nila Blanion, Bobbie Jeanne Adams, Peggy Jeane Goode, Francis Bosl, Chrisiene Cameron, Shirley Flowers, Mary Birdsong. Second rovv: Belly Rulh Davidson, Fila Marie Gray, Mary DeLolle, Belly Lou Dickerson, Palsy Adams, Flizabelh Baker, Pally Cowell, JoAnn Frosl, Milzi Armslrong, Gloria Denham, Roberl Franklin, Roberl Carlock. Third row: Larry Fulerlfas, Velda Chandler, Belly Jean Finney, Sheri Brewer, Minnelle Banks, Made- lyn Cohen, Cynlhia Barr, Flizabelh Cole, Shirlee Arnold, Jo Ann Curry, Wanda Dean, Chrisline Fmbry, Carry Lynn Goode, Marie Dodderer. Fourlh row: William Derrick, Lurher Borgeson, Don Forle, Shannon Griggs, Hahme Gappelberg, James Forsylh, Richard Bedell, Eddie Greenberg, Gbie Joe Draper, Marvin Hood. Fillh row: Jerry Allen, Jack Chambers, Bruce Fvans, Roberl Hilborn, John Clendenen, Wayne Hulme, John Cole, Charles Highsmilh, George Darnell, Norman Higgs, Wendel Hulse, Lowell Baber. Nor in Piclure: Leveda Beavers, Jimmy Benily, Louis Andren Canlrell, Shirley Frnesl, Willie Flowers. N ,, , 2,4 66444 Firsi row: Liiiien Qrniuh, Joanne Jnrneson, Mery Heirqroye, Joe We Liyinqsfon, Jayne Nichoia Janie: Phiiiipa, Berry Morgan, Barbara LeDoux. Second row: Freda i-iousion, Berry Paqueri, Berry Moy, Beuieh Johnson, iheirna Johnson, Bobbie Rurh Menon, Merqerer Pyies, Qpei Pyies, Shiriey Higgs, Maifie Murphy, Erma Jean Herrin Thiro row: Thornrin, Jeiirey, Ahh Logan, Dianne Meyi, Bennie Hook, Cieo Poiiooic Heien James, Joen Lyie, Rose Loiiar, Joyre lenbasier, Roberjr Mfanfin. Fourrh row: Tornrny Peeier, Cherries Kerien, Johnny Peinrer, Duane Qiiyer, Harry Robert, Gereid Merzheil, Johnny Jordan, Tommy Poiierd, Fred Loiron, Jim Kowalski, Coiunfibus Perdue, Eddie Mcfionneii. Fiiih row: Meicom Moore, Don Mocuiiooh, Biiiy Meiihews., Darien Johnson, Paui Koncek, Ralph Mersheii, Don Piunlc, Ralph McClure. Noir in Pidure: Richard Keirh, Cierenoe Neison, Cheriey Parish. Abraham Prenqier. 5 , 2,46 Firsl row: l-lelen Weaver, Cherie Swill, Ruby Wal- kins, Nelda Slandiler, Shirley lhurmond, Belly Zischanq, Elizabelh Workman, Belly Smilh, Goldie Rose, Bing Slrieqler, Sandra Shay, Barbara Young, Shirley Kilson. Second row: Molly Rogers, Adele Werlh, Bobbie Nell Williams, Barbara Swallord, Charlyne Shields, Mickie Slrickland, Elouise Ruyle, Gloria Tucker, Joan Slovall, Raymonde Russell. Third row: Tommy Rolrekl, Jimmy Slallord, Frieda Wood, Jacqueline Robinson, Ella Rose Wade, Louise Rollman, Anila Wollord, Maxine Sparks, Belly Jo While, Marlha Jean Walson. Fourlh row: Gordon Wynne, Leonard Wooll. Jimmy Shuemake, John Wagqoner, l-larry Rob- erls, Cleo Tunnell, Mary Frances While, Beverley Redlearn, Norma Thomas, Shirley Spearman. Marqarel Young, Palsy Vines, Doris Veslal. Fillh row: Tillman Joo Smilh, Jack Walker, Jerry Wicks, M. W. Randolph, Jack Wilson, Bobby Shelby, Jackie Yarborough. Nol in Riclure: Frankie Shields, l-larmon Simes, Frances Lou Slalon. Zgekwa Firsl row: Sue Cummings, Nola Jean Lowry, Sllirley Aulry, Belly Cowell, Alice Hull, Gladys Gold- slein, Pxnnelle Lamberl, Joseplnine Gussio, Doro- llly l-ludson, Eugenia Allen, Annelle Einlnorn, Wilma Darbey, Second row: Belly Deal, Edna Carler, Sllirley l-lice, Beverly Glick, Janel l-lolcombe, Barbara Dealon, Jane Baumgardner, Jo Ann Dulworllw, Frankie Baker, Arvella Donolfioe, Yvonne Baker, Norma Bwall. lliird row: Blliel lflolder, Barbara Campbell, Bar- bara Darner, Belly Grimes, lvlarqie Jones, Rullm Lindsey, lvlelvin Boswell, James Boyce, Billy Clem- enlu, Pali-ick Haywooo. Pourllw row: Clin Boyd, Cbarlez l-lenry, J. B. Lena- mond, Don Bougll, Clwarles Cllallin, Irving Berlin, Jerry Biesel, Bulb Derinq, Bill Dixon, Alan Eber- slein, George Duke, Billie Kirk. Pillli row: Joe Vernon Loveless, Ray Culpepper, lvlarion Cole, Donald Crablree, Eugene Ercan- brack, Lonnie l'laley, Boland Cross, lvlelvin Coun- cil, Carl Day, Tommy Jennings, Balpll Lubins. Dfile Gilley. Nol in Biclure: Bobbie Allen, Ann Barker, Belly Lou Dickerson, Doris lvlarie Earnllearl. Bobby Bay Farmer, Kennelln Glyn Godwin, Geraloi Don Gun- son, Tlneda l-lackell. Don Burris, Jerry l-lull, Jessie Lumpkin, Benny Neeiy, Jack Benny. Q r 2 fx' Flril rcwv: Joann Nlcllorr, DU:-elle Smllh K51fl1e"l"e Fnmrflf rcjwz Olcirlee Prflfip, BOEJEY JOE Madcfor VVQoll0r5ql1+, Mary Frffmlie. lullle, Delireg Q1 arf Le ver lfaylfvr, Barori l?feym:v'd5, Kerimellw 'Wllllf sky, Frfwfex Qunioffrf: Cllflnllflix Poulialclfla'-, Slmyfl Jffel lylcwore, Dum-el. Terry, Chrlwllric llwcmaf- Murgjglwy, Mary Ellorv N'f3'r'Y-.url ,le-rry Ann flyer Wfafda WlllOL:g1l1l:y', Le-falf Pelly, Lol, Wllll,. mv, . , . X . ul Fllllw ww: Frimk Parker, Jlrrl Rlller Hevlry Saumer Gffvfld row: Andrea Pill' Me RQM Segal Parry 37lly Summer, Roborl l?5cl15arc1Qfiw Dofwm Tween' Meflllm, Cllmznlle Slqlvmw, liifafle Sllbcf, Dcrma dell, Bflly XNl'lwlle, Cullen Smllr Cewcll lWC,llff'l'- Sclwrrmfm, lheorw Plerawrll. l,l,ref:a Slwlvirx Nelya Beverly May, Mlma JG Sflvmfvlwl, Palsy Vlflibufrw Scfllorrs Bfarbnra Slwri. . . . I ' C C U' Nw' ,rw Plfilure: Rdlpll Melylri Mffrglvall, Barbara Tlvlrfl raw: Billy Wizllbaall, lylolylrr Newman, Jmrny Pflwcfl, Laffy Sflwwarlz. Dolorelj lwlc-r, !AXUfl'AG'y llmlell, Murray Qlfrvwrv, Eqlwlm Sigel, Dnylcl Ruiiell, CllllOrflVNfry,Jfrme1 Ye-aqer. Wrfqil, Mlmnlfg Pew" lN'4iDOrWffl"l Barbrxrxa Rriwiw, l l Pal Rlqler, Peqgy VV3'lfv '-l,Q' 1 . ,, . 7,4 66644 Firsl row: l-larold Black, Pl1yllisGoSS, Marllia Blake, France, Bell, Bobbie Bevis, Joyce Bennell, Mary Allen, Julia Bailey, Belly Brown, Peggy Coley, Dororlwy Dillon, Margarel Flanagan. Second row: Alron Edwards, Bobby Burcli, Kennelli Birdzono, George Brian, Mildred Frier, Joyce Fer- ell, Lorino Ewing, Silver Gral, Sally Buslmman, Joycelyn Dean, Belly Flowers, Mayleane Glenn. lbird row: Clayre Bell, Jimmy Arringlon, Mike Cole, Dorollwy Davidson, Ella Cauglnlin, Frances Brown, Ann Edwards, Marilyn Greenberg, Palsy Baker, Dororlwy Abramson, Nancy Coursey. Fourllw row: Buddy Bourland, Maurice Anderson, Norman Burners, Marvin Blanlon, Jerry Beeson, Jimmie Aslwley, Donald Brazil, Kennellri Crawford, Slwirley Dawson, Molly Caslleberry, Elaine Domb, Flanna Goldman, Vivian Ginsburg, Joan Ferell. Filllri row: Wilbur Benninglield, Clwarles Dance, Millon Allen, Claylon Crawford, Bobby Allison, Jerry Brockway, Melvin Davis, Colon Burclwlield, Garlli Darby, Earl Burns. Sixllw row: D. Lionel Carson, Pinky Brownlee, Eddie Deason, Fluglw Ercanbrack, Boberl Clark, Bobby Esner, lommy Calverley, Van Cook, Jimmy Dale, Vlfilliam Cogbill, Gilo Discli. Nol in Piclure: Palsy Allen, Allon Barak, Clwarlcie Barr, Jane Baumgardner, Barbara Beck, Bill Bird, Sammy Blankenslwip, Jean Brewsler, Charles Brown, Bobby Burns, Lila Lee Caoelwarl, Bill Col- lier, Raymond Cowan, Merlene Cromer Palricia Dusladier, Mary Floyd, Beverley Franklin, Auge' lene Garlilo-,, Mary Gilreallw, Peggy Greer. .1 8 714 66444 Firsl row: George McGee, Lane Kalmin, Reuben Grinslein, Jeanelle Maynard, Palsy Jones, Vivian Morris, Carole Kirsclibaum. Second row: Glen Malliews, Ramonne Mann, Har- old Glasser, Wanda Meyners, Jeanelle Kelley, Clwarlene Mikus, Doris Jones, Sue Lamberl, Joan Hadaway, Clara Leacli, Georgie Mason, Reggie Noble, Corena Hopkins. Tlwird row: Howard Kline, George Morris. Billy Hendricks, R. V. Freeman, Marllwa Jones, Mary Miillican, Joan Moore, Peggy Kelley, Doris Hodges, Slfiirley Jordan, Ann Haas, Frances Moody, Roselle Nelson. Fourllw row: Mac GlDell, Cliarles Meggs, Cliarles Leggell, Eugene Guinn, Jerry Marlin, Fddie Joe Holland, Bobby Jack Hickman, Billy Hobbs, Jerry Jarvis, Joyce Norman, Gloria Lindsay, Margarel Head, Ellen Messer. Fillli row: George McKay, Roberl Lyles, Jerry Hobbs, Sidney McKissack, Lloyd Jolinson, Roy Jones, Janelle Hilen, Janel Lockliarl, Frances Holder, Belly Jo Looney. Sixllw row: Bobby McGee, Sammy Guynes, Corby Miller, Lowell Grillin, Riclward Henry, Welcion Glasscock, Jimmy Horn, Jolinnie Holman, Bobby McDaniel, Millon Louer, Lonnie Kennedy, Gerald Miller, Joe Jolinson, ' Nol in Piclure: Coy Frazier, Floyd Glemir, Roberl Green, Jerry Greenlee, Palrick Haywood, Belly Hill, Hazel Holder, Fddie Horowilz, llieda Hor- lon,Jol1n Huglles, 'Wilma Hunl, Belly Jo Hunler, Mary Jackson, Fred Jolwnson, Slwirley Jordan, Peggy Kelley, Flaine Kniglil, Marllwa Lealller- wood, Pansy Liglwllool, Bobby McCralic. Mary Mixon, Joan Moore, Mary Mulliyan, Fvelyn New- som, Jaguelyn Newsom. A- A M t"5H-l if-if' 62444 Eirsl row: Gerald Pierce, l-loward Reed, Jean Smilh, Maxine Young, Sonya Polash, Shirley Ann Wall, Naomi Weisleld, Helen Williams, Joyce Tyler, Peggy Wallers, Pose Marie Polash, Palsy Lee Taylor. Second row: John Powell, Pele Schenkel, Barbara Wells, Shirley Gdum, Elaine Williams, Eva Wal- lon, Shirley Wrye, Peggy Thomas, Gloria Rag- land. Third row: Bobby Tiner, James Taylor, Bill Speake, Nalhan Sallzman, Dolores Tucker, Carole Shacke ellord, Gwen Smilh, Grela Rhoades, Jo Ann Parker, Sandra Glls, Calherine Sholner, Nancy Timberlake. Eourlh row: Tommy Spigel, Jack Rushing, Glenn Trayler, Loyd Turner, Jesse Ramsey, Billy Hun- singer, Tommy Turns, Joyce Williamson, Belly Shindoll, Mary Jean Snow, Maedell Sinclair, Erances Shehorn, Pal Veslal. Eillh row: Billy Womack, Donald Schullze, Daniel Verver, Scoll Samlord, Charles Schweizer, Sam- uel Johnson, Jerry Gurson, Loyd Payne, Kennelh Wolle, Eddie Smilh, James l-l. Wiles, Glenn Rey- nolds. Sixlh row: Carl Slovall, Marvin Wise, Roberl Roi, Richard Rodarle, James l-lillhouse, Ben Prengler, Norman Scanller, Bobby Woods, Bill Reinle, Billy Slephenson, Bob Samlord, Don Wollord, Erank Rushing. Nol in Piclure: Jerry Moraski, Weldon Nail, Jose- phine Pallerson, Belly Pedigo, Barbara Pierce, John Prerson, Barbara Powell, George Rider, Wanda Roberson, Erilz Schenkel, Bobby Sigler, Eugene Silvery, Harold Simmons, Jack Slewarl, Dolores Terry, Belly Thornburg, Ruby Toon, Erances Tororley, Bobby Tuner, Daniel Webslor, Lalhanial Websler, ' X 5 'ri if 1 ,P S Q , 1265444 Firsr row: Huey Tucker, Ramonne Mann, Kennerb Young, Cnarlie Pain, Jack Mafney, Norman Rob- erfs, Thomas Muler, Sredinq Sjregman, Georqe Annes, Ardls Melron, Herman Ne-rnasr, Cecii Slnbbens. Second row: James Wbire, Ross Musso, James Slwanide, Roberr Huckaby, George Parzlg, Horace Ray MaWone, Raymond Nance, Bobby Vfnber- spoon, Emmofr Harvey, Ed Miller, Cbadei Mccorkle, David Graves. Tblrd row: Philip BierbaRer, Wayne Shaw, Sramey Abramson, Hadin Kirrerman, Bilfy Maqeors, Jerry IV1IsiceN, Jonn Yarborouqh, Jimmie May, Phil Milf lender, Homer Sfafon, Leroy Crawford, Narban Weircbek, C. F, Wlsely. 7366444 Firsl row: Douglas Weldon, Johnny Blanlon, Johnny I-ludson, Jacquelyn Williams, Shirley War- ren, Jeanelle Goodman, Bobbie Granl, Carolyn Jones, Juanila Wilson, Elaine Capeharl, Dorolhy Lighl. Second row: l-lal l-lorlon, Quandon Franks, Bobby Cook, James Cook, Jean Weeks, Joyce Quinn, Palricia Baldin, Jellie Sue Smilh, Barbara Fischl, Shirley Fugale, Marlha Rariden. Third row: Billy Gambrell, David Walkins, Everell Cash, Lorelra Flelcher, Lanell McKee, Joyce Gowley, Nadine Tucker. Fourlh row: Mike Cole, Lloyd Johnson, Tillman Norman, George Brian, Jackie Elheredqe, Juan- ila Sreward, Ann Davis, Wanda Allen, Be-Hy Graves, Jane l-lollon, Maxine Feller, Louise Brooks, Shirley Cain, Violel Marshall, Rila Parish. fag '50 Direcied by MISS HELEN ECKELMAN Curiain call for 'the players in lhe January Class Play, "Tiger House." QRober'f Johnson saving Peggy Smilh from killers Huberi Conner and Freddie Phillips, who had lcnoclced Howard Feffer oul'. QPeggy Smilh being pulled +hrough +he secre+ door by "The Tiger Man" before +he sur- prised faces of HarrieH' Va+sures and Roberl Johnson. Q"Mys+ery Woman" Harrie'H Va+sures being revived by Peggy Smifh and Flora Nell Rains. 'Joyce Smilh, second from righi, felling her froubles io Euniia Wheeler, Huberi' Conner, Irving Schwariz, and Peggy Smiih. X X . if.--'Fi .. 3,5 .X -HRW - 1 . ff!-?Z1'1 ,- -ifxvff, P 1335: ,,.,,,, ,Q van, L 'X Hi 'aim 'SRG4' .1-v . , .QQ-QQ, A Apzgqfx QESQQ -2535? A I-16:1 1 fi me-S2151 A. .,,.,1s?j 1 nf-,f . 5112251--3 . '5"i?l 1. 'L4Mv 1 . f.':3'f' :fix , f.f'f-'-- Avg. -,11. 1: 5, , ..,,,,-x gf., x, T 'QQ 4. "'-1-wr ' may -211 ,K. x T7 l 4? 4,2 f i gf! N xxx l .1 I A .N I l' cj 'G ' X , Q, f pl .1 wx. - , , K f., 1 L., Q, A gr W: m7 4-z.. VCI' -3 QWWV QVX T--. 4, xv 0,0 I ti 01 3 Tm- go2.wg!350,s X X V Q . 91.4 51.4, i 4 I-wgQ Q5 gan xx ' ,Lx s,g:35 xg. , . fy-7-X-1-l Q-59-' iw ---:E4?'i" Y' 'JN "' 5 g iv . -Q fu r X n .at - 'sZ'4Z'.Bv X -ww, W vis. V , f -.,,,,, Qg . Af-rw, ,f A5,A,,f.m 4 fffng 4 ' f ,' wav' - 1' iii' WW 'f " 1 513:39 -4 -4-i.':i- . x,,h4 ik , a,,11gf4, 41-51, L A LW., 51: ., V. ,,- V J SIE" Q S3342 - 3 - in , .,-,GMP - J ' ffx , .4 1 Lp::5:4f1.f 1+ t ' 1'xgf:2,?f.' -7 ' -- QI!-, fvi,',-,Ln if uf , f,:1.nV 4:7 . V ,, :,-,j'.f-,,:- 1 -M X ' " ' X C .zrgfmfggx J K K I ffriztw.. .. X 'sf ":"f1r-fffikie-f'?Nf' -- - -,:g15:'?4, - . W,,L.wf5gQL?yCfq:ic':.7-flifj,'.wg':"w ' f 2 1'- 'Hin .1 ff-ff! ' - '-1' r 1 ---' ' x T- CO' I f KT - ,X x SN sw P. x ll ' Nfv ' m m M w, A1 w,, i,, J 41011-L 6 ' g , M' . Q , t i fu X! " , ef 431 A Q 5 xffxfgfi - 'JM' Www f S 1 my 4 W ffwjfx W 3 j, . N , ? ks - ,,4D',' -' - 'six X W' lil, . ,l, yl!'f,i1 0jL ,.f4b"!Mj?' g I wk WM 05,411 - U,-idv7L0f,,,Lff1,ad1.. 'XS' - if-ig- sig QV- x 429- i Auf' '70 UV A if JW W ffwqww f jf i JXJW -UMW J , -xg A - My 1 fffw- WL' WAJJJXQ . . Mx, ,,:N,,, X -. .V -. 1' wwnf,-'-K-1 1945, iv Qiifxf- ' bl , ..J '31 Eirsl vow: Joanne Jameson, Marilyn Golman, Helen Raclnolslry, Tliird row: Molly Rogers, Slieri Brewer, Lillian Ornisln, Rulli Myron Goldberg, Slnyrlee Emrnell, Doris Gibson, Carol Ann Benson, Rosalee Racnoislcy, Elaine Kessner, Wanda Bawcum, Blaclx, Flora Nell Rains, Slnirley Cayender, Wanda Fosler, Judy Paula Slfiellon, Adele Werlli, Doris Srnillf, Ella Jean Brand, Rice, Donna Kogan, Jean Taylor. June Payne. Second row: Joyce Lancasler, Jane Rulland, Marilyn Blall, Eourlln row: Lula Norris. Beverly Redlearn, Anifa Woflorcl, Sliiiley Goldslein, Jo Ann Mccuislion, Janie Palrick, Marllia Bennie Hook, Marllia Manninq, Darnie Slillrnan, Gene Morrow, Jo Srriegler, Leia Faye Tlnraslier, Minelle Banlcs, Marilyn Slia- Ben Enqelberq, Wanda Jones, Louise Goldslein, Mariorie piro, Efiiel Silverqolcl, Wilma Morris. Snnilli. Wd wh! OFFICERS Miss Sara Meriwellier, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Mary Leon Hollon, Presideni Doris Gibson, Vice-Presidenr Carol Black, Secrelary Slwyrlee Ernmell, Treasurer Myron Goldberqg Sql.-al-arms Flora Rains. Parliamenlarian Donna Kogan, Council Represenralive SPRING SEMESTER Carol Blaclc Presidenl Molly Rogers, Vice-Presidenl Jane Rulland, Secrelary Myron Goldberg, Treasurer Gene Morrow, Sql.-a+-Arms Mary l-lollon, Parliarneniarian Ben Engelberg, Council Represeniarive 'il-low rnany people are llwere in Jrlie Uniled S'ra'res7" aslis Jean Gibson as llwese conieslanls look very undecided in llieir GVTSWGFS. was and Firsi row: Heler Racholslcy, Howard Felvrer, Morlon Rudberq, Third row: Wilma Morris, Don Taylor, Tommy Qddo au Ben Schnilzer, Beniln Ablin, Shyrlee Emmelf, Alice Dennis. Drobnies, Edward Robinson, Damie Slillman Mary eor' Hollow Secor-d 'owz Judy Rice Mildred Blanton, Marilyn Blah, Nafalef: l M Elliolj Marrha Joe Sfrieqer, Mary Call efine Swliord Glenda Sue Ballard Mrs, Emma H. Brown. Watchman! game accklg OFFICERS Mrs. Emma H. Brown, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Ben Sehnilzer, Pre-sidenl Shyrlee Emmell, Vice-preside-nl Morlon Rudberq, Secrelary Saul Drobnies, Treasurer Howard Feller, Sql -al-Arms Mary Leon Hollon, Parliamenlarian SPRING SEMESTER Benile Ablin, Fresidenl Ben Sehnilzer Vice-Presidenl Helen Racholslry, Secrelary Morlon Rudberq, Treasurer Tommy Cddo, Sql.-al-Arms Demie Slillman Parliamenlarian Mr, Whilllesey, Mrs, Brown, and Dr. Frank Williams are honor quesls on lhe Nalional Honor Assembly when 'rhe new members are inilialed. Eirsi row: Trudy Fair, Mary Leon l-lollon, Freda Gappelberq. Chrisiina Poulalcidas, Di Ann Shuqarl, Molly Rogers, Harrie-il Vaisures, Donna Kogan, Shirley Goldsfein. Second row: Joanne Jameson, Gail Denham, Ruih Joy Benson, Sheri Brewer, Shirley Spearrnan, JoAnn McCuisiion, Marilyn Shapiro, Marilyn Golrnan, Vivian Ginsburg, Allus Siriegler. Naomi Weisield. nia, Tommy Third row: Sondra Marlfs, Bonnie Crowe, Shirley Ei.ller, Tornrnie Wrighi, Mary Bagwell, Silver Graf Beify Jean Eads, Char lene Milcus, Palsy Lee lavlor Sonya Rcvasn. Emirih row: Mariha Ann Blake, Rose Marie Poiash, Alice Den Roirelcl, Melvyn Davis, Melvin Brand, Harre Kitchens, Andreas Poulalcidas, George Dulce, Miss Loula Elder 'zfedezaaag cd! Roberi Marlin and Andreas Poulalcidas pul' up posiers io open lhe Jr. Red Cross campaign ior funds while Molly Rogers pins a bangle on Chrisiina Poulalcidas. OFFICERS Miss Loula Elder, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Chi-isiina Poulalcidas, Presioleni Mary Leon l-lollon, Vice-Presiolenl Molly Rogers, Secreiary Shirley Goldsiein, Council Represenlaiive Elaine Kessner, Sql.-ai-Arms Ereda Gappelberq, Parliameniarian Di Ann Shugarl, Reporler SPRING SEMESTER Gerirude Eair, Presidenl Shirley Goldslein, Vice-Rresidenl Ruih Benson, Secreiaryflreasurer Marilyn Golman, Sql.-A+-Arms Chrisiina Poulalcidas, Parliarneniarian Vivian Ginsberg, Council Represenlalive Eirsf row: Jerry Holmes, Dan Dawson, Don Taylor, Wilma Mo'f Lalriece Smilh, Louise Goldslein, Marie Shawhean, Jo Ann ris. Elhel Silverqold, l-lannah Soren, John Brannam, Tommy Schenlcel, Belly Five-coal, Rosalee Rachofslry, Pally Cowells Ro-lrelcl, Wendel l-lulse, Joyce Smilh, Marlha Joe Slrieqler, Eourlh row: Naomi Weisleld, Mary Erances Tullle, Thelma Second row: Sidney Ashbrook, Duane Oliver, Melvyn Davis, Johnson, Norma Cummings, Wanda Bawcum, Melvin Council, Jean Gral, Billy Joe Thomas, Doroihy Jean Vlfarren, Joan Peggy Smilh, Palsy Surley, Myrlle Berry, Sandra Olls. Crow, Mary Calherine Slallord, John Mcgarily, Shyrlee Em- A Eillh row: S. S. lrlulchinson, Shirley Goldslein, Donna Kogan mell, Joyce Kirk. ' Roberl Johnson, J. P. Smilh, Billie Jean Laughlin, Pal Veslal, Third row: l'larriell Valsures, Jean Bennell, Norma Billingsley, Belly Jean Shindoll, Janel Holcombe, Huawei! QFFTCERS S, S, l-lulchinson, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Billy Don Taylor, Presidenl Elhel Silvergold, Viceepresidenl Dan Dawson, Secrelary T Wilma Morris, Treasurer SPRTNG SEMESTER Billy Don Taylor, Presidenl Elhel Silvergold,Vice-Presidenl Dan Dawson, Secrelary Wilma Morris, Treasurer "The meeling will please come lo order," says Billy Don Taylor, as Elhel Silverqolcl lalces lhe minules and Dorolhy War- ren pays Wilma Morris her dues. l Q Firsf row: Trudy Fair, Helen Raclnoislcy, Marilyn Blair, Sliyrlee Tlnird row: J. T. Wagliardo, Billy Joe Thomas, Lalriece Smiili Ernrrierf, Jo Ann Mccuislion, Mary Calrierine Sfaliford, Palsy Mary Leon Flollon, Audrey Slider, Jalan Brannani Ed ard Fender, Carol Black. Robinson. Second row: Miss Minnie Brown, Jane Rurland, Parrye Sue Fourfli row: Tornrny Oddo, Naflnan Friedrnan, Morron Rudb 4 Lawrence, Doris Gibson, Minnie Lou Parsons, Tornrnie Wriqlni, Donald Minslcy, Jack Srnillv, Robert Jolnnson, Barry Jo Janie Parriclc, Joan Crow, Daffaa ' ' and OFFICERS l-lappy Birllnday lo llie Dallas Flislorical Socieiy on ils eigliieenlln birrliday as Presidenl Slwyrlee Emrnell ligliis Jrlwe candles on Jrlie birilnday calce. Miss Minnie Brown, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Slwyrlee Ernmeir, Presidenl Saul Drobnies, Vice-Presidenr Marilyn Blair, Secreiary Myron Goldberg, Treasurer Tommy Gddo, Sgr.-ai-Arms Damie Siillrnan, Parliamenlarian SPRING SEMESTER Marilyn Blair, Eresidenl Jane Rurland, Vicefpresidenl Tommie Nell Wriqlil, Secreiary Barry Joiirion, Treasurer Donald Minslcy, Sql.-al-Arms Sliyrlee Emrnerl, Parliarneniarian Furs? ro 1 Maryin HoTFrnan, Hannah Soren, Rufh Benson Maru T .fd mw Dgrofny WyI,e Efbel Schwa fz Donna Kogan Tyn Sue Shapiro, EHa Brand, EfheT STTyerqoTd, Ben EnqeT erq Wanda Rufh Jones Pafsy Pryor Norma Soodman Jeanefre My on SoTdberq, Joan TayTor, Elsre Eosfer Dorm Srn n row: Miss Bess Thafcher, Donaid STTTer, Benfra Ab n rfn vow rjunua Morrrs Nafaiee E T o r Jean Sraf Be HeTen RachoTsTxy, Sondra Marks, Shirley Soldsfern Rosalee Joe Dnnsrnore Johnny McSarlT'y Beffy Bserhalrer Jo Ann Racnofsky, Ereda SappeTberq, WTTrna Morris, June Payne MrCurshon Mary Ca nerrne Stafford Tomrnre NeTl Wrnqhr ezaa Wwtaw 6445 OFFICERS Miss Bess Tharcher, Sponsor EALL SEMESTER E+heT Siiyergoid, Presidenr Marifyn Shapiro, Vice-Eresidenf Erra Brand, Secrerary Rurh Benson, Treasurer Ben EngeTberg, Sqf.-arffxrrns Marvin Hofwfrnan, Parhanwenrarlan Joan Crow, Cowen Represenrahve Hannah Soren, Crirlc-Reporrer SPRINS SEMESTER WETma Morris, Presidenr Helen RachoTsky, Vice-Presidenf Hannah Soren, Secrerary Myron SoTdbe-rg, Treasurer BiTTy Joe Thomas, Sqf.-ar-Arms ErheT SETverqoTd, Parhamenrarian Erra Brand, Councii Represenralriye Firsl row: Elaine Kessner, Fllwel Silyergold, Marilyn Sue Sliapiro, Tlriird row: ldella Coleman, llannaki Goran, Resales Racliols Helen Racliolsky, Marilyn Golrnan, F+la Jean Brand. Palsy Ruln Benser, Madelyn Conan, Marilyn Greenberg, Pxdee Wesler, Marilyn Blall, Benila Ablin, Minelle Banks, Wer'li, Final Szinwaifz. Second row: Sue Larnberl, Joanne Jameson, Fianna Goldman, Fourfw row: Flfiine Dfw-lu Barbara Befk Nrwi yyglgleld, C Clzrislina Poulakicias, Franres Rudberq, Freda Gapoelbefn, rule Kirs rbfiurn, Li'liar Ufrisn, Mir- Sara lilavidsrin, Viyiai Snirley Goidslein, Sondra Marks, Jean Walker. Ginsburg, Trudy Fair. 0:64 M26 ' Za! Freda Gappelberg presenls lier side of a debare in The Girls Public Speaking Club while Palsy Wesrer and Marilyn Blall lake noles and Elaine Kessner Calls lime. QFFICFRS Miss Sara Davidson, Sponsor FALL SFMFSTFR Flia Brand, Presidenl Palsy Vifesler, Vice-Presidenr Marilyn Golman, Secrelary l-lelen Racliolsky, Treasurer Marilyn Blalr, Sql.-al-Arms Elaine Kessner, Parliarnenlarian Flannaln Goren, Council Reoresenlaliye Gerlrude Fair, Reporler SPRING SEMESTER Marilyn Sliapiro, Presidenl Ruin Benson, Vice-Presidenl Marilyn Blall, Secrelary Adele Werlli, Treasurer Frances Rudberq, Sgr.-al-Arms Fila Brand, Parliarnenlarian F f: Wlundla Fr:s'f'f, Jo Ann SC,"9ULiE!, Judy Rice, Eloise minfzs Franfexs Snenorn, Anus Sfrioq P W C w S WMS av F1 nque Lea Todafa G""H QV 1. K L'!f3fVW Cummings, Norma SOM ern, I I I N ni Clyvvmpgsy MVS' ANN, JOFQS4 Thwd V-:mg Num Kfmsfsy, Gm! Dennanw, Norma Lafr, France A Ffi-'f Bibb'-3 51432, Twhfy Hen F' d A A 5 wa pw: SLWJNE, Cauefccr, Uffomy Weffen, Mary Sfc3?IC'd, Minh Jw- Sfffff-f"' Jiyif- S'wi'L'. n Mifdsfcf Dwaww: Mays. Marfna We'son, S,e Cum' I CFFJCERS Mm. Anne Jonez, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER ,,Q,.,A Norma Cummmqh Preidenf AV Elouise Ruyee, VEc.e-Preiicienf V Kafneof' Cumminqs Secferary TX!3rfWvHNE?"6 Klfinfirm f"E?:a'L1r'62" SPRHXIG SEry1ES'1ER NL ww: Cxlfrxlrnrmgu, PVS ,ffzflnf E"ww1f f3uy.ef:, VEfefPv'euQr1enf K Wmf-fx" CQLJf7Uvwf'Yf'I' S6vf"'4-Muffy VV' Y ."" T' KW nfw Tfcyf L,lr'Cr' KAW'-Efi-'X Curnmirzjx EWU Q RUYEC, Conn? SOVVQWS. Nom, CLmwm"i'q5, Qmnyf N'i'f"'Ni Scixinem wrap Candy VD . ,M www. - g nv., , -fu yr a fcntm To :we wy gn mlren M7 ,uppu 11, pgrf Q. ne -.een , VNXNNQ: Feliow' nip campaign. Eirsl rovu. Gloria Denlwam, Dorisene Hoque, June Parlain, Mel- son, Euncfa Wheeler, Elizabellw Workman. Jean Brewsler. vin Conan, Gail Denlwam, Norma Soullnern, KaTl'ileen Cum- - I mrnqs Tlnird row: Norma Jean Larr, Angie Lea iliodaro, Mrs, Ma Tyelea Bullcr, Wilma Darby, Delores Rasanslcy, Belly May. Se. d rf: Erfd 'R Ib , Slfl Th .d, SHI KW- Con ml L 6 Udppe Gig Hey Urmor 'Fey I Nol in Picfure: Miss Ina Roberls Librarian Jimmy ffaadalcmta CSRADUATHXIG SENIORS FALL SEMESTER Melvin Colwen Eunela Wlweeler SPRING SEMESTER Veleen Dula Ereda Gappelberg Dorisene l-loque Ellen Tlwurmond One of The many clulies of llie Library Assislanlrs is lo check llwe books in and oul for Hue sludenls and lo keep llwe Card 'Files in order. Firsl row: Helen Weaver, Naomi Weislelcl, Frances Rudberg, llnird row: Jerry Roniorslcy, Mary Leon l-lollon, Frances Fran in Hanna Goldman, Ruln Benson, Rosalee Racliolslcy, Slwirley Marirzne Rlnea, Bornie, Jo Ann McCuislion, Mary Cafln Gildsrein ErFf?l Silverqcld, Sue Larnberi, Wine Slaffrd 9211. Sri" Misg Joan Moilim. Serond row: Marilyn Blair, Molly Rogers, Belly Jones, Mildred Fourrn io'-1: Carole Kirsf,l'bauf'i, Pa' Ve--la' Wanda Rwr Jones Blanron, Eforofny Warren, Sue l-lafrner, Jo Ann Curry, Beverly Flora Nell Rains, Mrs. Emma H, Brown, Mrs. Roxie Sm Glick, Louise Goldslein. Jean Bennerl Miss Saralw Meiiwellaer. face mmmw GRADUATING SENIORS FALL SEMESTER Mildred Blanlon Peggy Srnirlw Flora Nell Rains SPRHXIG SEMESTER Marilyn Blall Belly Jones Mary Leon Hollon Mary Slallorcl Jean Bennell Sue Lannberl, l-lanna Goldman, and Rosalee Radiol- sl4y worlc in rlrie Deana ollice, ellicienrly execuling a few of llweir many dulies. 2111! V09 ,X . V C., . . NF 'fb-w Fr ' Bmw lfxyv Asn M" n"v'f'- Tvefenw'-Hr R UU' S-' fwd Y""v"' Be" Drrlerg 'v'f f'X'nm lf-an Wx ff 5 C ,mf 4 'E Pogues. Kinda eipew 5. Pegueu, venom! nurse, Jresff. Berfy Dickersons eyee Nnne fine rafiianra, R. Lee Terreii, Shirley Treeen- rlrer, and Lr'NL"fCC'S Snwnh keep a Careful record. WT T r'f1U S 5, SV ndfwll Lfwtvrefw Sn':"v. Wyne Snrerdn, Barware Caznmben, Fred.: Haugrfwn, MVS. Q1 SPRING STAFF Cnariofre Shlrrnnn Adrrene SaHzrnan W1'ande Bawfgunw Grerfa Rhodes Mary Nice Knorr Mina Rue Eveni Barbara Can1pbeU Carrie Lynn Seed Rene Loliar Berry Drelcerion 3 A xr' ,vw xx 9 Lv , V 9 WW Fira? row: Juno Farrain, Par Riqler, Norma Ewair, Larry Sczrond row: Eddie Mcconneii, Howard Mrns Ciwaries Sfnwariz, S. S. Hufinin-on. K eaizn, Frilz Marvin DeLand Paui Ju he ezfagg meh! OFFICERS S. S. i-lwrcriinson, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Marvin DeLano, preside-ni Rami Juniin, Vice-Rresideni June Pariain, Secreiarv Norma Ewan, Treasurer Eddie Mcffonnei, Sqifalr-Arms SPRING SEMESTER Marvin De-Lano, Presideni Rami Jiiniin, Vice-Prefiideni June Parrafnl Secreiarv Norma Ewaiiy Treasurer Eofiie Miifionnei, Sgr.-ar-Pxrrns Look orenv. qirisiii Marvin DeLana is dernonsfrai e ari oi ooori pinorooraoriv wriiie June Pariain Rai Rigieri and Njornna Ewaii Jpoge for iiirn. js nf Firsl row: Joanne Jameson, Beverly Redlearn, Slreri Brewer, Feurrn ww: Miss Elnel Maslers, l.rl'l.xn Qrnlirn, Peggy Colcy, Marllna Manning, Carol Black, Velma Graf, Palsy Wesler, Janelle Hrfen, Julia Barley Wanda Bawcurn, Nnefni Wer.,frAld, Palsy Balmer, Jerry Landsberg, Gene Morrow, Jo Ann Sclnenf .l'x:lF' la-,'e", l.-fi-rard Wcelf, lurnrrw Serqel. lcel, Damle Sllllman. I, I N Fr-rn row: B-gr' Stnndig-', Marllyn Salman, Grorla Dennarn. Second ren: Anne Meme, Marllyn Greenberg, Adele Weerllv gli,-gd gi,QQ5,,,G Srygmor, T,,eSC,,rpO,! gafbmrd Befy! AM, Ed, ldella Coleman, Marlna Blake, l-lannalw Geren, Snyrlee Em- ,.,,,-jg! Bd,Q,,,f,, Q,-.5,+my Vvqmda JORQSA JOM HOd,3.,,a-yy Bef,--y me? Berry Klrlweed, Jucy Rice, Larry Fulerlas. J,7:J,-yum llnlrd ren. Bev, Breen, Mlnerle Banlcs, Palsy Tayler, Elaine Dornb, fxlhs Slrleqler, Wilrna Morris, Molly Rogers, lrylrv Berlin, Nallwan Frledrnan. OFFICERS Mrss Ellnel Maslers, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER E ,L Palsy Wesrer, Presldenl V - Gene Morrow, Vice-Preslelenl Carol Ann Black, Secrelary Jerry Lanclsberg, Treasurer Bllly Joe llwornas, Sql.-al-Arms Damie Sllllman, Parllamenrarlan Jean Graf, Ceuncll Represenlallve SPRING SEMESTER Carol Ann Blaclc, Presldenl Slwyrlee Ernrnell, Vice-Presrdenl Joy Ma-clc, Secrelary Gene Morrow, Treasurer Damle Sllllrnan, Sql.-al-Arms Palsy Wesler, Parllannenlarlan cada' "I bid lwe seslerces lor llral llllle slave glrlf' says Ben Sclwnllzer as Gene Morrow argues lor llrrree al llwe slave aucllen ln llwe Lalln Club. Eirsl row: Freda Gapoelberq, Donna Kogan, Maryin lrlolirnan, Tnird row: Donald Gilier, Myron Goldberg, Dorolliy Warren Ben Engelberg, Ruin Benson, Marilyn Shapiro, Ella Jean Brand, Elnel Scnwarlz, Chrislina Poulalridas, Dore-ne Jay Alna Logan J. T, Wagliardo, Marllna Joe Slrieqler, Miss Elelilner, Ryan Doris Srnirn, Andreas Poulalcidas, Georqe Dulce W'clr'C . l mum Eourln row: Wallace Mann, Bob Sigler, Nainan Kaplan Ma e Second row: Benila Ablin, Elnel Siiyergold, Lela Eaye Tlnraslner, lyn Colner Gladys Goldstein, Frieda Wood, Cyn lma arr Helen Racnolsly, Rosalee Raclwoislcy, Shirley Goldsiein, Belly Raymond I-embed, Dinsrnore, Elsie l-lancoclc, Sliirley l-liqqs, Joe lla Llyingslon, W l Eunira Wlneeier mefzclccw eat mmm OFFICERS Miss Elelclier Ryan Wiclcliarn, Sponsor FALL SEM ESTER Rulli Benson, Rresidenl Ben Enqelberq, Viceepresidenl Ella Brand, Secrelary J. T. Wagliardo, Treasurer Marvin lrlollnnan, Sql.-alfxrms Marilyn Sliapiro, Rarliamenlarian Marlrlia Joe Slrieqler, Council Rep. SPRING SEMESTER Ella Brand, Rresidenl Clwrislina Poulalcidas, Viceepresidenl Doris Smilli, Secrelary J. T. Waqliardo, Treasurer Sidney Sclwnaiclerman, Sql.-al-Arms Rulli Benson, Parliannenlarian Elaine Kessner, Council Rep. Joe Rubinell Holds llne nwicroplwone lor some of llwe Spanislw Club parlicipanls in a slcil being recorded by Jrlwe new Recordio. Eirsi row: Minofie Banks, Mary Leon Ho'ion, Harrieif Vai- Wiiiigarn Hand Donaid B ii , f O . gurea, Wiinna Morris, Jerry Landsberq. M i Tnird i' 3 Hfnhaid Eowor Miss Heier' Eflfeirrar, Edi-far Sefond row: If-:irq Sin-wariz Eiirei Scizwariz, Caroi Ann Rfibircrw Qfilfif' Jf"f-- Jai Jones, W.1i,re Kara, BU Biafl, Snpieii- Ernnififfy Pmsy Ponder, Ui Ann Siiuqarf Ur T , Wmame' anim mera , mx ii Y N mum . 1 . iw w,5,M,,A V , , E ,V ,, v,,,, M t - W Afieniionl Come io ine big Sadie Hawkins Dancef announces one of rne pobiers Sue Eiarmer and Berry Morqan pui up for The Dranfiarics Clubs dance. OEEICERS Miss Helen Eciceiman, Sponsor EALL SEMESTER Jerry Landsberq, Presideni Edward Robinson, Vice-Presideni' Caroi Ann Biaciq, Secretary Snyriee Emrneii, Treasurer Harrieilr Vaisures, Sqi.-ai-Arms Di Ann Snugarjr, Pariiarneniarian Howard Eeiier, Scrap Book Cnairrnan SPRHXI6 SEMESTER Mary Leon i-ioiion, Presideni Harriei+ Vaisures, Vice-Prezideni Di Ann Snugarf, Secreiary Beniia Abiin, Treasurer Paizy Eender, Eariianweniariwn Gene Morrow, Soi.-aiekrrng Wiima Morri-,. Reporier Eirsl row: Alice Dennis, Virginia Morris, Naialee Ellioir, Janie Pafriclc, Joan Crow. VVilrna Morris Bells' Bierlnalher Jean Taylor, Y I I'wr:1 rf.-V: BQ-'nie Vxfinrers, Pxuaie Rodgers, Miss Ruin Eel Second row: Doris Qibson, Minnie Lou Parsons, Dorollwy lerrnan, Tommie Jones. Marilyn Slonelnani, Jo Ann Slian Wyfiie, Jo Ann Mccuisrion, Marv Cawerine Slaiiordi non. awe! S 41646 OEHCERS Miss Ruin Eeilerman, Sponsor EALI. SEMESTER Virginia Morris, Presidenl' Belly Jones, Vice-Presidenl Naralee Elliorr, Secrelary Belly Bierlialler, Treasurer Wilma Morris, Sgr.-al-Arrns Dorolny Wylie, Parliarnenlarian Joyce Kirlr, Council Rep. SPRING SEMESTER Audie Rodgers, Presidenl Minnie Parsons, Vicefpresidenl Nalalee Ellioil, Secrelary Janie Palriclc, Treasurer Bellie Winlers, Sgl.-al-Arms Marilyn Sloneliam, Parliarnenlarian T ' W' lil, C 'l Re . Ommle mg Ouncl p Virginia Morris and Tour oilwer members of The Sec- relarial ,Club rnalcing use ol one oT Jrlwe many skills learned, oloerale a mirneograpli macliine. l 1, 4 Fira? row: Migg Minnig Brown, Barry Joffrion, Edwiird Rob- Jones, Rcbnrr Jehrson, Bob Shen Reber? Hivson MW 'i inson Jaric Beadey Jann Branr'a'n, Jimmy Siaiiord, Bob Lnuer, Lero, Mf1"'f?ffS THTUCI SSW'-HVTZ. Kehov, Qrvihe Pinson. , ,, i 'B i i.'LlV 'Nl Tin P Snfinnor Griggs, Herberf Baunngfirvrer, Ma Second row: J, W, Wiikinf,on, RoTpn Rosenbaum, Reber' "JV D01-GNN JUWW' HGTV? Marvin BUVVTS- iae 66445 'aim Roberlr Johnson, aoliusjrs 'The machine for a movie 'To show one oi The many classes, as Roberr Hixson and Ede ward Robinson help. QEEICERS Miss Minnie Brown, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Barry JoTTrion, Presidenr Jack Beadey, Vice-Presidenr Orvihe Pinson, Treasurer Edward Robinson, Treasurer Jirnrny Sieitiord, Soi.-ai-Arms John Brannarn, Porharnenrarian SPRTNG SEMESTER John Brannorn, PVEiid6V!i' Marvin Del.eno, Vicefpresidenf Crviiie Pihson, Secreriry Barry Joffrion, Treasurer Bob Shaw, Pai-Tiannenrarian Roberr Hixson, Sober-Arms Flrsl row: Billy Don Taylor, Don Holland, Billy Ray Baker, Second row: Dan Dawson, Jerry Holmes, Bill Que sey Clnarles Powell, Barry Joffrion. roll Wo'Tc:rd, Cnarles Keafor, Tw OFFICERS Leroy Crablree, Sponsor Mr. James T. Wlwllllesey, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Bllly Don Taylor, Presldenl Don Holland, VT-Ce-Presldenl Bllly Ray Balcer, Secrelary Clnarles Powell, Treasurer SPRING SEMESTER Billy Don Taylor, Presldenl Don Holland, Vlce-Presldenl Bllly Ray Balcer, Seerelary Clrarlef, Powell, Treasurer fix Bllly Don Taylor, Presldenl ol llwe Key Club, slqns one ol llne clubs papers wlnlle some ol flue officers loolc on. e le. 5 li s.. if Firsl row Billy Fowler Tommy Wallcer l-lerberl Baumqarl fond Newman l-lelrn, Glen Riddle. Arlliur Sa er ner Howard Mims Roberl lvliku Weldon Jore James W le fry Holmes, Rickard Clnoale, lrving Sclwwarz Greenliaw uo fis Bobby Fraley. 2 we offer: CHIEF COOKS Jerry l-lolmes, Clwiel Cooln Bobby Fraley, Cookie Culler Irving Scliwarlz, Pie Maker Richard Clwoale, Mullin Man Weldon Jones, Candy Slinger James Greenl1aw,Soup Walclier row: Caivin Tivompson, Roberf Jones, Woiiace Wide Sefmd ro-w: Jimmy Wife? Fmwk MfKmicqM, Lomm Dunn rs, Biii Smi'i', Freddie Poiliips, Pa' pdi'I'iC1 Jimmy Rav Jeiic Ciiafiy Bib How' Combs i,o,v'3'ife Bobbv Goliop V, Roberr Pago, Kenrvio Fifiw, Chores Keoiov, linens: P-Mmpwries, Domafo Miiiiqar J, W. VVi'Pi"s?" MPP-in H.:1:iWevM, Kennefi1YoLmfq, Miss Wiiiiie Moe Berry. Tfeird row: Joe Morin Uoiie, RCW, 265014 646,44 BOTTLEWASH ERS Freddie Plwiiiips, Chief Boiuriewoslfier Bobby Horn, Disiw Rag Hoider Clweries Pafziq, Wafer Boiier Jimmy Day, Siove Ligiiier Roberf Page, Soap Power Kermeiiw Fuiler, Cup Towei Hoider Boys oi me spring H. E, dass, who are faking a deiicious cocomif pie from We oven, iook pieesed wiflfi Their eiioris. Hefk, Hoberf Connor M Q35 ff! 1 'Sl 3 ig. 1 i9"ro.x A 3 , , Q 5 .i 1 I 13- 15, T ssgsnim' Eirsl row: Bobby Hopper, Joyce Myers, Jerry Eisclil. Keri- Second row: Mailie Asbill, Jume Schaefer, Mary Lou Elliol, neflv Ripley Joe Mac Dsyle, Jesse Gadd. Tressie Allen, Margie Wriqlw+, Jo Anne Woodside, Nadine Claawce, Wynell Jofrison, ' ada we dmzwa y , ,JM Hz' v-s,,,,,, E no M AW' X33 Tressie Allen, Margie Wriqhl, Jesse Gadd, and Keri- nellw Ripley read D. E. magazines om lwow io be belier employees. OEETCERS Miss Mary Arm Nuqeml, S EALL SEMESTER Joyce Myers, Presidenl Palricia Balcer, Vice-Pres. Leo Cliance, Treasurer Joari Waliliall, Secrelary Melba Eloyd, Reporler SPRING SEMESTER Joyce Myers, Presideril Palricia Balcer, Viceepres. Leo Chance, Treasurer Joan Walllwall, Secrelary Melba Eloyd, Reporrer IOOHSOF D L lv W First row: Mary Frances Slvelfon, Virginia Miller, Melba Second row: Calvin Tlnompson, Paul Junlin, Palricia Balmer, Floyd, Miss Mary Ann Nuqc-ni Sybil Riley, Joanne Wall- Jackie Bourlaricl, Jerry Sue Kennelly, Leo Cnanoe, Billie liall, Melba Baker. Monday, George Cliniiin Maureen Moriarty, Belly Swill. 9 ' Zzdfatdae clcccatcha DELEGATES TO STATE CONVENUON Miss Mary Ann Nugent Sponsor Joyce Meyers George Cliallin A l lllereis wlial Tlwey do in Sem Anqelof says Calvin Tlriompson lo Billie Monday, as lliey loolc al Tlie poslers and boolclels on llie D. E. bullelin board. ,Q C... ,s f's A il x cg? Firsr row: George McGee, Riclnard Henry, Jimmie Asliley, Websrer, Miss Louise Wilniox. ' Pinky Brownlee, James Hudson, Daniel Veryer, Kennerln Wolie, I M I iiiird row: Robcrr Esner, Wilbur Bonninolreld Bob Wliile, Sid Second row: Gerald Pierce, Jerry Beeson, Eddie Srnirn, Lewis ney McKisuafL, Bobby Wrvods, Weldon Glasscofjlc, Linde Canrrell, Earl Srewarl, Roberr Clark, Grady Stedman, Larnaniel Barker Lonnie Kennedy. gage kazaa J rj Earl Slewarlr, Louis Canrrell, Jimmie Pxsliley, Daniel Veryer, and Bob While in Boys Chorus doing some voice 84 exercises wiilw a record accompanying rliern. OFFICERS Miss Louise Wilcox, Direcror Daniel Verver, Secrerary Louis Canlrell, Secrelary Earl Slewarr, Librarian Pinlcy Brownlee, Librarian Firsr row: Fva Walron, Dolores Tuclcer, Jerry Anne Overrnan, Rose Marie Folasli, Elaine Donrib, Paula Sliellon, Louise Barr, Ani' Edwards, Guylene Mallliews Slwirley Frnesl, Joyce Ben- nell, Marina Ann Blake, Belry Kirkwood, Joan Hadaway, Jose- onine Gus-,io, Gladys Gsoldsrein Barbara Fierce, Nola Jean Lowry. Second row: Miss Louise Wilcox, Gloria Ragland, Palsy Baker, Pal Ves+al, Annerle Finliorn, Joan Nicnols, Marie Sliawlnean, Marqarer Pyles, Doris Jones Vivian Connors, Wanda Ruin Jones, Doris Veslal, Belly Cowell, Marilyn Greenberg, Sliirley Jordan, Belly Flowers, Wanda Willoughby, Yvonne Baker, Barbara Rowan. Towley, Nancy Coursey, Dolores Overlurl. ' hem OFFICERS Miss Louise Wilcox, Direclor Frances Slieliorn, Secrelary Wanda Willouqliby, Secrelary June Payne, Acconnpanisl Janelle Flilen, Accornpanisl June Fayne plays one ol ine seieclions lor line Girls Chorus as ner clasinnales, Frances Slweliorn, Paula Sliellon, Tlnird row: Peqqy Coley, Frances Holder, Sliirley Wrye, Peggy Darwin, Marqarel' Flanaqan, Silver Sidney Gral, Dolores Terry Ruby Jo loon, Molly Caslleberry, Pal Riglerf Mary Flo Janelle l-lilen, Julia Baily. Elaine Williams, Tlneda Florlon lneda i-laaiceif, Fllen Messer, Slrirley Dawson. Fourllw row: Sonya Fo'asli, Beverly May, Barbara Dealon, June Payne. Dorolny Adams, Sibyl Murony, Jane Baurngardner Cnarlolle l-lales, Jo Ann Curry, Joyce Norman, Frances Slie liorn, Cnrisline Tnornas, Bobbie Bevis, Jo Ann Parlrer, Frances MW? Mary Floyd, and Belly Brown, lislen. 85 4 . 5 so L i , sf' sw, x L ii i A S , NM . ' -.E . . f r s f a - 2 L ., :. rx ' - 5 -. , 3:-Q" ' ,- f L, : 'wif ' Q , . Us as 2 is Firsl row: Janis Phillips, Palsy Gurley. Dorolhy Nix, Gloria Third row: Wanda Lee Jones, Joanne Jameson, Mineffe Banlcs, luclcer, Bennie Lou l-loolc, Donald l-lammons, James Mifchell, Madelyn Cohen, Anila Woilord, Arvella Danohoe, Melvin Jimmy Benlley. Council, Clemmon Rogers, Leon Chambers, Jal4ie Eloyd. Second row: Barbara McCool, Venira Jones, Marlha Jean Wal- Eourlh row: Peggy Smilh, Joyce Lancasler, Joyce Smirh, Janei' son, Christina Poulalcidas, Rally Cowell, Helen Jean James, Holcombe, Anna Crandall, Johnny Mcfoarily, Billy Brady, Diclc Gerald Marshall, Billy Barnes, Joe Cannon, Miss Louise Wilcox McKinney, Don Eyerell. 14 Kappeda 4006 anis Phillips 'frying oul lor lhe solo conlesl, as Miss Wilcox accompanies her on lhe piano while Clemon Rogers, Joyce Lancasler, and Billy Barnes lislen. OEElCERS Miss Louise Wilcox, Direclor FALL SEMESTER Joe Cannon, Preside-nl Billy Barnes, Secrelary James Milchell, Sglfal-Arms Waller Skinner, Pianisl' SPRING SEMESTER Joe Cannon, Presidenl Palsy Gurley, Secrelary Clemmon Rogers, Librarian Johnny McGari+y, Recorder Anila Wolford, Accornpanisl Joyce Lancasler, Accompanisl Joanne Jameson, Reporler 2 Firsl row: Jean Walker, Jean Graf, Olen LaQuey, Marvin Cody, Thomas Amador, William McCarler, Frank Hereford, Glenn Slarlcs. Second row: Norlon Cramel, Sylvia Shay, Anne Moore, Ralph Rosenbaum, Tommy Runnels, Gary Gossell, Barry Joflrion, Loran Dunn, Earl Slewarl, John Brannam, Elsie Hancock, Charles Dance, Jerry Fair, Arlhur Friedman. , ,- i' ,Af 6 b Third row: Marlha .Joe Slriegler, Morlon Rudberg, Marvin Elliofl, Charles Powell, Nalhan Sallzman, Reuben Grinslein. Lowell Baber, Ed Clark, Charles Keafon, Colonel John Mar- shall, Nalhan Friedm-an, Eddie McConnell, Leroy Malhews, Roberl' Biesel, Bob Siqler, Tommy Odds. Fourlh row: Dale Gilley, Jerry Landsberq, Woody McClure. Palsy Taylor, Fred Time, Roberl Eby, Colonel John Marshall. amzefzz' Zend GRADUATING SElNll0RS Tommy Oddo Loran Dunn Arlhur Friedman Nalhan Friedman Morlon Rudloerg Jerry Landsberg Charles Kealon Levy Jolirion Jerry Coley Jean Wallcer, Arlhur Friedman, Morlon Rudberq, and Tommy Oddo seem lo be pleased wilh lheir music, which lhey are playing for lheir iourlh period classmales. X Y ,,, ,iii- Firsl row: Mrs. H. H. Doyle, Mrs. Sam Hoffman, Mrs. lrvinq Third row: Mrs, Roberl lf, Hillhouse, Mrs. C, C. Pierce, rs Fulerlas, Mrs. Max P. Cohen, Mrs. Roy L. Brown, Mrs. Pearl David Goldslein, Mrs. B. E. Thomas, Mrs, Max Kirschbaum Schnirzer, Mrs. Harry J. Shapiro, Mrs. Sadie Sigel, Mrs. John Mrs. Lois Crandall, Mrs. H. F. Hickey, Mrs. W. H. Guernsey W. Jordan, Mrs. A. B. Cody, Mrs. Julius Schwarfz, Mrs. Mor- ris Qoldmanl Mrs' Henry T- Emmefy. Fourfh row: Mrs. L. K. Lawrence, Mrs. H. P. Curley, Mr Schweizer, Mrs. Guy M. Taylor, Mrs. R, W. Robinson, rs Second row: Mrs. P. G. Tunnell, Mrs. A. M, Jackson, Mrs. Mil- Delberl R. While. Mrs. Sam Skibell, Mrs. Meyer Racholsky 'ron Ebersfein, Mrs. C. B. Jones, Mrs. Morris Leach, Miss Sarah Mrs. Leon Rudberq. Meriwelher, Mrs. R. Woolf. meat- fa Mrs. A. M. Jackson serves members al lheir annual lea lor new members and freshmen molhers. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs I O 6008 orncERs H. H. Doyle, Presidenlr Sam Hoffman, Vice-Presidenl H. C. Walker, Vice-Presidenl Max P. Cohen, Vicefpresidenl .W. T. Womack, Vicefpresiolenl Roy L. Brown, Vice-Presidenl L, H. Schwelke, Vice-Presidenl M. S. Schnilzer, Vice-Presidenl Harry Shapiro, Recording Sec. Hyman Sigel, Treasurer H. T. Emmell, Corresponding Sec .Julius Schwarlz, Hislorian Allen Reed, Parliamenrarian M. J. Brand, Audilor Morris Goldman, Audilor .John W. Jordan, Delegare lo Dallas Cily Council A. B. Cody, Delegale lo Dallas Cily Council Firsf row: L. B. Hobbs. Hdrry Shay. Huber? M- Paffell. C- C- Second row: H. C. Walker, L. B. Denham, James T. Whilflesey Curry, H. H. Doyle. Dan O. Hulse, John W. Jordan. Dade dm! OFFICERS John W. Jordan, Presidenl' L. B. Denham, Program Chairman H. lvl, Farrell, Membership Chairman Harry Shay, Finance and Relreshmenl Chairman L. B. Hobbs, Educalional Chairman H. H. Doyle, Alhlelics Chairman Dan Hulse, Secrelary-Treasurer Presiclenl John Jordan, righl, loolcs on as Dan Hulse enrolls a new member, L. B. Denham. E sl row: Jerry Landsberg, Elora Nell Rains, Wilma Morris, Second row: J. P. Smilh, Virginia Gilliland, Jerry l'lOlYT16Si owarcl Feller, Barbara Clernrnons, Harold Bridges. Degen, Wallace Widders. Alberl' Jonnslon, Eunela Wneeler Jerry Coley. 5 Jean Taylor, Wilma Morris, Dorolliy Wylie, Mr. Jolinslon, and Alice Dennis all work busily for llie publica- 'rion ol 'rlie ECHQ. STAFF Alberl S. Jolinslon, Sponsor EALI. SEMESTER l-loward Eeller, Eclilor-in-Chief Harold Briclges, Sporls Eclilor Elora Nell Rains, News Edilor Barbara Clemrnons, Eealure Edilor Billy Degen, Assislanl' Sporls Edilor J, P. Srnilli, Assislanl Eealure Edilor Wilma Morris, Business Manager Jerry Landsloerg, Aclverlising Manager Eunela Wheeler, Circulalion Manager Virginia Gilliland, Exchange Manager A 1. f n gf 4 i , .. , in 'wr MSF ,fy vfvk' -my-fi V my in. Firsl row: Jerry Holmes, Alice Dennis, Dollie Fuqiil, Lela Faye Third row: Jerry Kalrnin, Melba Floyd, Palsy Cromer Barbara Thrasher, Wilma Morris, Jean Bennell, lhresa Phillips, Billy Reed, Lula Norris, Freddie Time. Deqeni Eourlh row: Dan Dawson, 'lressie Allen, Mary Elliol Bar ra Second row: Melba Balcer, Melba Murphy, Wanda Fosler, Mina Allen, Wynell Johnson, Nadine Chance. Rue Evans, Shirley Cavender. Joyce Myers, Jerry Lanclsberq, I Amery SA Johnsmnl Eiflh row: Carl Stone, Paul Scherzer, Slanley Golman Ed Clark Norma Fallwell, Eranlcie Miller, Herlserl Baumgarlner OFFICERS Alberl S. Johnslon, Sponsor SPRING SEMESTER Wilma Morris, Edilor-infChiel Lela Eaye Thrasher, News Edilor Dollie Eugill, Eealure Edilor Jerry l-lolmes, Sporls Edilor Billy Deqen, Assislanl Sporls Edilor Alice Dennis, Club Edilor Levy Jollfrion, Mililary Edilor Jerry Coley, Business Manager Jean Taylor, Circulalion Manager Jean Bennelr, Exchange Manager W! My lrsl 'fini Blllm Anne Alexander, Nlla Bryan, Nalalee Elliol, llwlrd ro.-1: Rob:-1' l-llxsmn, lfalllleen Curnmnnq Norna Wfl Georfqla lflarmaan Dorollvy Warrerw, ,loyre Klrlc, Sofvclra lvlarlcs, Jarle Palfl lf, Warwda Fosler Slvlrley Cav n e PVFECW QailDCi3lDSl Jean Taylor, x I Fourllw nw.: 'W'lllfafr' lvlfjfgwee, Ffllz lvl De N 'na Soollf fn Se-gona Pwa ll Br,-rraly Helen ,Amery lvlarlna Joe Slrieq Doris Srnllly Qollle Ball, Jerry Lands Gro lor, pals-Y Qurlev, Sue l-larrnfar, JUN- Parlaln Wllmfi lvlorfv.. ART l-lelen Ayere Pxyanell Bennell Frllz Delano Howard Hansen William McGee BUSUXJESS Dollle Ball Sllirley Cavender Jerry Fmlwl Warwcla Fosler Palsy Gurley Belly Hawllvorne Roberl l-llxson Jerry Landibero June Parlaln Ralph Roienbaunw DOVlS Smlllw Marllna Joe Slrlegler EDITORIAL Billie Anne Alexander Donald Bell Nlla Bryan Kallvleen Curnrnlnqw Nallalee Elllol Gfeorqla Flanagan Freda Gappelberq Sue l'larrner Joyce Kirk Sondra lXAc.Vl4S lwllma lvlorrls Janie Palrlclc Dinlc Rlqsby Norrna Soullwern Jean Taylor Dorollwy Wslrren Norna Weil Marllwa Williams N1 fax: - Q9 wr.: In .i -ia fl. .ff . me :e , grew sw. ,. 1. . www, 3, V :an 1. r. I. 5, afzedlefz 1-famed! Darnie SIIIIman Gene Morrow CO-EDITORS CaroI Ann Black I-Iarrieff Vafsures ASSISTANT EDITOR ART EDITOR Mary Leon I-Iollon Mar+Iwa Manning LITERARY EDITOR PRODUCTION EDITOR Hannah Goren Joanne Jameson Barbara BIumrner ASSOCIATE EDITORS Damie Sfillrnan Jerry CoIey V BUSINESS MANAGERS OHS Sfraugnan Pafsy Wesfer SPORTS EDITOR OFFICE MANAGER Cnrisfina PouIaIcidas Peggy Dean ASSISTANT LITERARY EDITORS WaIIace Widders Gene Morrow ADVERTISING MANAGER ASSISTANT ADVERTISING MANAGER BIISS S. McManus I-I. B. Yafes ART ADVISOR BUSINESS ADVISOR Mary Smilrn Clark EDITORIAL ADVISOR Oockwise, sfarfinq af Jrop cenlrerz Valrsures, Morrow, Black, Goren, Sfrauglwan, PouIaIcidas, Dean, Widders, McManus, Yafes, Clark, Coley, Wesrer, Blurnrner, I-IoIIon, Jameson, Manning, SHIIrnan. 5 1 F Jfrf as S f gre Lk' 5 pgs I -4' V W1 L. .A J-xjiigfr a f I If X f I, j . .V.lfIf- ,,. 'fafj' if 7 1 xii ' ff " 121' ,, 4,f1fMf ,, f 9105 .. . O" ,. , f 7 1 1- ff- Cf , . f N I ,fl , . 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L cf N ,f ' V" 97,17 AW Y x Q J X -if is Qi i ggiggv, 'VA I - :i?3iQiiT YZ' ,' . U, filiffi- , if 5 A - - ,3,T,55"'f5' mf - 4 ' WL fm - - N WW' X - - JM! 4 - Qfw, f 4 -11,11 ':,: g. x..., 1 Y 7 . L, 1 , -4 ' 1'b' fi-X q 'A J m Z V' k if " ' Zig' Nil? " A I ' 3 r 4 tv,-.wx 1--,,.,,,, ,., f ' 7 ' f - JIji:g'+f':'Az3- , "f1ffIm,..f'-'if 2- ' k -A , ,. f, If-P'g, .,,1gfQ,gfY.f:., , - .. ,L 5-L ,Tp 'ff,,-f,-,,.'.13,v-. 1' :N - .M 1 .11 -.1'j'4,'t5.f',i,: 5.1..1:i--A in fl : . 5 fr, 41 5' A M, .f Smiles of happiness show brighlly on Coaches Virgil Mal'- lingly and R. J. Edwards af+er lhe Norfh Dallas game. 4 Zaacddag S aff One of +he cil'y's +op coaches, Fores+'s Head Coach Leroy Crab7 lree, wa+ches a scrimmage. Q? MM' Coaches W. J. Anderson and OH'o Rhome discuss 'B' 'leam s+ra- legy. o 9 - ' 4 dd!! K Q Q '-as -4 Q all ' w f 'Yr +1 , AQ ,NY 2 . ' ' lj li STARTING LlNE-uP i I ae Below: Back Raymond Za- boinilc: Fores+'s leading Experl passer and - ground galnef. pUn'l'9f'I Marlow Tri-Captains: uw Www 'Na -:fi-::':,:, - x , :f K, ,Mix by ffm:-1 V ff . - l 'tA:srx24am:.,., " a W , X- - W , ' .2gi,: Billy Degen Roberl' Page Jimmy Phillips 1151392 M 55,5 g3'wQ5 All-Cify Tackle: 4 Lu+l1er Borgeson THE FOREST-KILGORE GAME YG. M ,l FirsT row: Don EvereTT, Raymond Zaboinik, Jimmy Marlow, Rob- Third row: Freddie Phillips, KenneTh Fuller, John Baumgarfner erT Page, Jimmy Phillips, Billy Degen, Ronald Oesch, Billy T-lawThorne, Charles PaTzig, Raymond Hall. Second row: Coach Leroy CrabTree, Bobby Shelby, George Neal Vick, Harold Bridges, Freddie Combs, Billy SmiTh, Dink Rigsby, Ben SchniTzer, Mays Goza, BusTer l-laley, Howard Han sen, Ray Dunn, Coach V. l'l. MaTTingly, Coach R. J. Edwards Milner, Larry Klein, STanley Murphy, LuTher Borgeson, Carl FourTh row: Jack SmiTh, Donald Minslcy, Larry Schwarlz, Wayne 5Tone, Richard McKinney, Clyde Bono, Billy Don ForTe, Jess Nance, Bill Byrd, Jimmy Day, Harmon Simes, Johnny McGar Lamb, iTy, Edward Davis, 'Nl 1 T if ff f Av If ' T 5 A C ' ForesT 7-Corpus ChrisTi 25 The Lions opened The season on SepTember I6 aT Corpus ChrisTi. Led by Billy Degen, l3oresT grabbed a 7-6 halT-Time lead, buT The sTrong Bucca- neers proved Too much Tor The Lions in The second halT. ForesT I3-Kilgore O On SepTember 23 The Lions deTeaTed Kilgore To win Their TirsT game. ForesT hiT pay dirT on a Third quarTer pass Trom Degen To EvereTT and on Jim Marlow's recovery oT a Kilgore Tumble. ForesT O-ForT WorTh PolyTechnic 6 ATTer being held scoreless unTil The lasT period, The ParroTs Trom CowTown, on SepTember 29, handed The Lions Their second deTeaT. ForesT 20-McKinney I4 Coming Trom behind, The Green Wave de- L.- TeaTed a lighT and scrappy McKinney Team on OCTO- ber 8. ForesT scored on a line plunge by Raymond Zaboinilc climaxing a 47--yard susTained drive, a 44- yard pass Trom PaTzig To Degen, and a recovery oT a Tumble deep in McKinney TerriTory. ForesT l2-Amarillo 35 Scores by Billy Degen and Jim Marlow were noT enough on OcTober I4, To wiThsTand Jaclc Newby and The Golden SandsTorm oT Amarillo. ForesT 6-Woodrow Wilson 7 ln The Thriller of The year, Woodrow Wilson came Trom behind, OcTober 2l, To nip The Lions in The opening ciTy series game 'lor boTh Teams. The Lion Touchdown was scored by Jim Marlow. The ForesT line played superbly Tor The TirsT 44 minuTes, buT in The lasT Tour minuTes, Woodrow solved The ForesT defense and sTarTed a drive end- ing wiTh a Touchdown wiTh 72 seconds remaining. FIFST FOWZ Jimmie ASl1l9y, Reinle, Wallace lvldnn, Cl'IarleS Jackson, Jerry Jaryig, Mike Cole, Powell, Bruce Evans, George Darnell, Bobby Woods, Tommy Turner, Bobby lmhooT, Cleo Tunnell, l-larry RoberTs, Weldon Thlfld VOW3 COGCTT A'1d9"5On- Edd S'l9Ven5i Shannon GVTQQST Glasscoclc. Second row: Herman Yarborouqh, J. H. Wiles, Jerry Broclcway, Eddie SmiTh, Edwin Segal, John Boone, Jackie Yarborouqh. NaThan Kaplan, Ralph Pyle, Teddy Segal, Don Plunlc, Billy Jimmy SchumaTe, Frank Parlcer, Melvin Boswell, Eugene Gwinn. Ralph SmiTh, Bobby MacDaniel, Obie Joe Draper, Lenwood BurneTT, Louis CanTrell, Raymond Truesdell, Lowell GriTTin, Jimmy Tacl:eTT, Donald Brazil. " " ?m'Z4z! ForesT O-SunseT 2l The Green Wave puT on a greaT defensive show OcTober 27 To hold The ciTy champion SunseT Bisons scoreless Tor Three periods, buT The Lions did noT have The reserve sTrengTh To cope wiTh The Bisons in The waning minuTes oT The game. ForesT 0-Crozier Tech I8 ATTer a scoreless TirsT halT, Carmen Hernandez led The Crozier Tech wolves To an I8-O vicTory over The Lions on November 3. ForesT 32-NorTh Dallas 6 ForesT averTed a cellar Tinish November ll by Thoroughly Trouncing The NorTh Dallas Bulldogs. The Lions scored on Three pass plays and one run. Two passes Trom Marlow To Combs and one Trom lvlar- low To Zaboinilc accounTed Tor Three ForesT scores. while Zaboinilc climaxed a 34-yard Lion march Tor The TourTh Touchdown. Jim lvlarlow's 60-yard punT was also ouTsTanding, as was Larry Klein's inTer- cepTion which seT up The lasT score. ForesT I2-Adamson 40 The powerTul Adamson Leopards deTeaTed ForesT in The Tinale, November IB. The Lions marched 85 yards To score in The TirsT half and a pass Trom Marlow To Bono was good Tor The Tinal Green Wave score. The loss ended The Lions' IQ49 season. - 1-A Wayawzzw Counler Cloclrwise Joan Crow Di Ann Sl1ugar'r Shirley Fuller Tommie Nell Wrighl Phyllis Day Ruby Wallcins , . .4 wmv 1l'.LfN im' I -.N M , f , W . f" KKTK' R 4 f M A-if l fb M W ff , '55 .M .i.i f-ff' f NVQ 4 41'-ASQ swx. .M s. . ifiw Mag., f Q' ' Q V. 'A -'1-"wWg?.Q .352 1 y y ,JH f ' way.. 1 ,V 92,2 4255 1 U A A Pb wavy.. fr. S. A if W y , l W 'fa yiyi 2 Y " g A any xi? ' 4 'X U T l 5"iiQg,Q, 'Y . .i,. , fi ili' . Q 155-T 'A W- A A' 9 f 5' N Q . WW .-,.fgn.:f1kf U: X. fig' K . V, f , . f .,, , , , l ,f ..:,,!Mf5,g. , ...-Q,-YI' .iv Q . iw' KI' A .5 .. W '00 --gy .if 1.-11 ,, . f+ ' ' . ik ' .Q Cioclrwise Jerry Holmes Barbara Reed Helen Donsky Willos Aus+in Efhel Silvergold Jerry Kalmin BeHy Rufh Davidson Dan Dawson dem Zeadew . L. 1. 1 George Milner, Don I-Tolland, Larry Klein, MorTy Ravkind, Bobby Kelley, Paul Black, Norman I-Iiggs, Paul Scherzer, Bobby Horn. NoT in PicTure: lwana Fairris, Zcwkeddl ExcepT Tor some bad breaks The I5oresT BaskeT- ball 'leam mighT have Taken The ciTy crown. The Lions! leading scorer, Bobby I-Iorn, hurT his ankle in mid-season and was handicapped laTer in crucial games againsT SunseT and Adamson. Horn did manage, Though, To score I87 poinTs, only six shorT oT The record seT by I3oresT's PaT Kelley in I949. Paul Scherzer was one oT The ciTy's cooIesT players and was invaluable on The backboards. IVlorTy Rav- kind was deadly on his long Two-hand chesT shoTs, Bobby Kelley was always dangerous when he drove in Tor a shoT, and George Milner was a ballhawk on deTense. Paul Black was losT in mid-season, buT lwana Fairris Tilled in mosT capably and was ouT- srandinq during The second halT. Failing To peneTraTe The Crozier Tech deTense, The Lions IosT Their ciTy series opener, January 6. by a score oT 36-2 I. Paul Scherzers side shoT in The second overTinne period gave I:oresT a Thrilling 45-43 vicTory over SunseT on January IO, Ihe Two Teams were Tied 38- 38 aT The end oT The reguIaTion Time and 43-43 aTTer one overTime period. Bobby I'Iorn, wiTh 28 poinTs, and Scherzer were sTandouTs Tor The Lions. Bobby Horns 25 poinTs were noT enough Jan- uary I3, as The Adamson Leopards deTeaTed The Lions 52-43. I:oresT held a 20-I6 halTTime lead, buT The Leopards' TasT break wore down The Lions in The second halT. Bobby I-Iorn poured in 20 poinTs on January 20 To lead The Lions To a 44-38 vicTory over Wood- row Wilson. I:oresT scored TirsT and was always in TronT. ForesT came Trom behind in The lasT Two minuTes, January 27, To Topple INIorTh Dallas, 42- 34. lhe Green Wave was never ahead unTil Bobby Kelley scored a baskeT wiTh Two rninuTes remaining. Bobby Horn iniured an ankle buT did manage To score I9 poinTs. Paul Scherzer and Paul Black were exceIlenT on The backboards. IvlighTy Crozier Tech suTTered iTs TirsT deTeaT in TwenTy games, February I, as They Tell To an air-TighT I:oresT deTense, 3I-29. The Lions gained The lead early in The second period and led Trom Then on. Bobby I-Iorn dumped in I5 poinTs To lead The Green Wave scoring. IvlorTy Ravkind made 9 poinTs, eighT coming on long Two-handed shoTs Trom Tar ouT. Paul Scherzer, lwana Fairris, and Bobby Kelley sparked I:oresT's greaT zone deTense. Paul Black and Merl Gorman sTruggle Tor The ball in The TrsT ForesT-SunseT game. Co-capfains Scherzer and Horn are shown wiTh Coach MilTori Frey. ?m6ez'5'czZZ The Lions were cold February 3 and Tell To SunseT, 42-39. SunseT used a TasT break, TeaTuring Joe Boring and lvlerl Gorman To overcome a 2I-I9 halTTime disadvanTage. The Bisons' TighT zone de- Tense held Bobby Horn To I4 poinTs. The Adamson Leopards pulled away To a I6-5 TirsT quarTer lead February 9 and wenT on To deTeaT ForesT, 37-28. The Lions pulled To wiThin 6 poinTs OT The Leopards in The TourTh period, buT could never caTch up. lwana Fairris hiT The loop Tor IO poinTs To lead The Lion scoring. ForesT clawed a persisTenT Woodrow Wilson lwana Fairris came To ForesT aT midTerm and gained a sTarTing posiTion on The cage Team. Fairris has Three more years oT eligibiliTy and should develop inTo one OT The sTaTe's Top players. l-lis long one-hand shoTs Trom The side were specTacular. Team February Io. The Lions grabbed an Il-5 TirsT period lead and wenT on To win, 52-44, Bobby l-Torn scored I8 poinTs To increase his Season ToTal To 154 poinTs. In The roughesT game oT The year ForesT wal- loped NorTh Dallas, February 24, 70-52. FiTTy-six Touls were called in The game, highlighTed by Bull- dog Calvin AxTell, who scored 32 poinTs To seT an all-Time Dallas CiTy series record oT 206 poinTs. The Lions oTTensive was nearly perTecT. Bobby T-iorn, Paul Scherzer, and lwana Fairris, who scored 33, I9, and 9 poinTs respecTively, paced The ForesT vic- Tory. M ,ii V, f ff 1 5 ff 2 fir Firsl row: Jack Couch, Howard Hansen, Ronald Oesch. Billy Joe Thomas, Donald Minsky, Donald Giller, Woodie Bishop. - econd row: Reber? Hilborn, John Waggener, Larry Schwarlz, Marvin DeLano, Don Everell, Philip Bierhaller. V 1 ln early season praclice meels Coach Virgil Mallingly's cindermen have shown a beller balanced leam lhan lhe Foresl leams ol lhe lasl several years. Foresl parlicipaled wilh over 75 schools in lhe Seulhwesl Recrealion Meel al Ferl Werlh March I7 and I8. The meel was won by Odessa, wilh Sunsel leading lhe Dallas schools. Woodie Bishop, Foresl's lone represenlalive in lhe linals, slepped ell a 4:59 mile, and may give Crozier Techls greal champion, Joe Rodriguez a good race in lhe mile run. Besides Bishop, lhe Lions will have promising dislance men in Wayne Nance, Billy Joe Smilh, Gerald Marshall, and Marvin DeLano. John Boone, Jack Couch, and John Waggener have worked hard and may win Foresl some poinls in lhe 440. Larry Schwarlz, Philip Bierhaller, Donald Minsky, Don Qiller, Billy Joe Thomas, and Norman Tillman look like good prospecls in lhe l00 and 220 yard sprinls. Good lorm has been shown by Don Everell and Larry Schwarlz in lhe hurdles. Lulher Bergeson has been pulling lhe shol over 40 leel in praclice and is conceded a good chance ol placing high in lhe evenl. Y ill' gif Third row: Cleo Tunnell, Lulher Borgeson, Neal Vick, Dav Graves,,Wayne Nance, Gerald Marshall, Billy Hawlhorne Malcolm Moore, Billy Fowler, Fourlh row: Narhan Kaplan, Jerry Brockway, John Boone Olis Slraughan, Norman Tillman. Billy Hawlhorne has worked hard wilh lhe dis- cus, and has lhrewn il ever l25 leel several limes. Howard Hansen is Hawlhornes leammale in lhe discus evenl. A weakness in lhe iumping evenls and in lhe relays has been noliceable in lhe early meels, bul il Coach Mallingly can develop some iumpers and a couple ol good relay leams, lzoresl could con- ceivably win lhe i950 lrack championship. Foresl was lhe slrengesl leam in lhe cily in lhe 440 yard run in I949. Morlon Moriarly linished lirsl in lhe guarler and Kennelh Smilh linished leurlh in lhe same evenl lo give Foresl six poinls. I950 Schedule March 29--Tech, Adamson, and lzoresl April 5YAdamson, Woodrow Wilson, and Foresl April Il-Sunsel, Adamson, and Foresl April 2l4Double lriangular meel April 27-28-Cily meel Firsl row: Jerry Rornolsky, Bobby Dickson, Billy Don Taylor, Jimmy Ray Phillips, Don Holland, Bill Guernsey, Charles Palzig, Bob Gallop, Coach Alva Shepard. I Second row: Coach Roscoe Roberls, George Challin, Bobby Fraley, Ben Schnilzer, Marvin Ellioll, Don Wesch, Tommy Jennings, Buddy Davis. lloresl will lield one ol lhe cilyis slrongesl conlenders in lhe I95O diamond campaign. lhe Lions, Sunsel, and lech are expecled lo make lhe slrongesl bids lor lhe crown. Gpposing leams will lind il hard lo drill a ball pasl lhe veleran inlield ol Charles Palzig, Don l'loI- land, Bill Guernsey, and Jimmy Marlow. lhe Lions have lwo experienced pilchers in I-Iarmon Simes and Bobby Fraley, who should gel adeguale reliel on lhe mound lrom J. P. Smilh and Bobby Gallop. Raymond lruesdell and Ben Schnilzer are bal- lling lor a slarling posilion behind lhe plale and should be good ballery males lor lhe hurlers. Coach Alva Shepard may have lrouble de- veloping a lop-nolch oullield, bul he does have an experl cenler lielder in Billy Don Taylor. Leading candidales lor olher oullield posilions are Bobby Dickson, George Challin, and Buddy Davis. Third row: Charles Powell, Jim Marlow, I-larmon Simes, Ken- nelh Birdsong, Jimmy Slallord, George Milner, Billy Don Forle, Marvin I-lolfman. Focrlh row: Harry Roberls, Ralph Marshall, Charles Low- rance, Raymond Truesdell, Ralph Pyle, J. P. Smilh. I949 Season Izoresl ,.,. . I I Crozier Tech . ., 4 lzoresl . . . . 5 Adamson . 8 Izoresl .. 2 Sunsel . . . 3 Foresl ,. . I Woodrow Wilson . 7 Foresl . .. 3 Norlh Dallas . . 2 Foresl . . 3 Woodrow Wilson . O Foresl . . , 2 Sunsel , . . 3 Foresl .. I Adamson . . I I Foresl . ... 5 Norlh Dallas 7 Foresl. ,. .. . .. . 2 Crozier Tech . 7 lhe l949 baseball leam won lhree ol len games lo end lhe season in lourlh place. The leam was sparkplugged by shorlslop Bill Guernsey, who al- mosl made lhe All Cily leam and led lhe club in hilling. 'lhe all-around good play ol Jim Marlow and Billy Don laylor was anolher lealure ol lhe l949 squad. FirsT row: Gary GosseTT, Ben SchniTzer, Eddie SmiTh, OTis STraughan. Second row: Eddie Greenberg, Jimmy WesT, Coach OTTo Rhome. Third row: Leroy Meggs, RoberT L. Johnson, MorTy Raylcind, Larry Klein. QM! RoberT Johnson, Leroy lyleggs, Eddie Green- berg, and QTis STraughan malee up The I95O golT Team. RoberT Johnson, capTaln and ace player, consisTenTly shooTs in The low 8O's. Leroy lvleggs. Eddie Greenberg, and QTis STraughan usually shooT beTween 90 and IOO. lvlaTches are played every SaTurday aT eiTher The STevens or Tenison greens. The linlrsmen opened The season, February 25, againsT Crozier Tech and were deTeaTed, 41f2 To llfg. AlThough lyleggs and Greenberg losT all Three poinTs, Johnson and STraughan brolce even, IVZ To llfg. NorTh Dallas Toolc a close 31fg To 2lf2 maTch Trom The Lions, March 4, wiTh Johnson and STraug- han Talcing Their maTch, Zlfg To 3. ForesT wenT down beTore Adamson, March I I, by a score oT 5112 To Vg. Eddie Greenberg and RoberT Johnson Toolc lfz ouT oT 3 poinTs, while OTis Snaughan and Leroy Meggs were shuT ouT 3-O. ATTer Three games, ForesT is in TiTTh place, buT only 41f2 poinTs behind The second place Tech Team. FX To ,fi c " gf TT ' I gill for x fears fxffxxe I, xl? I noe 'XJ 'T A ' 9 X Ulf H.v. ifiigfS A Ei, 'iswvfi Gail? 3' Iwi' EE? ,U . 3 ei gf! 1212: 2 J '55 g HWS? BeniTa Alolin, Trudy Fair, Rosalee RachoTslcy, RuTh Joy Benson, Jerry Landsberq, Jerry Fair, George Annes, Coach J. A, BoulTon, NOT in Pidure: Shirley GoldsTein. ended The ForesT Tennis Team opened The T950 sea- son on March 20. BeniTa Ablin and Trudy Fair, The only neTTers reTurning Trom lasT yearls Team, brighT- en The Lionsl prospecT in The girls' division, and, allrhough They laclc experience, George Annes, Jerry Fair, and Jerry Landsberg are promising neTmen. RuTh Benson, Donna Kogan, and Freda Gappelberg also malce up The disTaTT Team. March 22, in a maTch wiTh NorTh Dallas and were deTeaTed, 3-I. ATTer a 4-O deTeaT by The SunseT Bisons, ForesT Tied Adamson, 2-2, wiTh The boys' singles and girls' doubles Teams winning. The Lions won The boys' doubles maTch on April I3, buT The Crozier Tech neTTers swepT The oTher Three maTches. On May 4, The ForesT Team losT To Woodrow Wil- son, 3-l, The Lion neTTers opened The V949 season, YT 'T , is Z FQ x ,S il: X I y I as C . X X 60 gf ' N ' , O - ...f '14 X 1 11, 1- j 1 f . M J Q g f x may Q, 1 ' 1 :ing , I " K 4 X 1 1 2 x , I I Q 1 A ' T 1 - I07 , xx A Q9 H. v. - - - - V Y ,Y A wee, 2 Eirsl row: Belly Kirkwood, Doris Hodges, Barbara Wells, Phyllis Goss, Pal Rigler, Virginia Gilliland, Dorolhy Hudson, Mary Kline, Shirley Fuller, Rulh Benson, Sheri Brewer, Pally Cowell, Mary Ellen Morrison, Dolores Tucker, Phyllis Day, Barbara Swallord, Norma Pallwell. Second row: Joan Nichols, Evelyn Hayes, Belly Ray, Joyce Lancasler, Helen Ayers, Wanda Bawe curn, Minelle Banks, Barbara Le Doux, Nila Blank lon, Joyce Smilh, Marlha Joe Slriegler, Chrislina Poulakiolas, Hazel Holder, Flora Nell Rains, Nancy Paxlon, Doris Gibson, Minnie Lou Parsons, Erankie Miller. 'ii Third row: Georgie Mason, Helen Williams, Clara IO8 Hodges, Dorolhy Louise Ayers, Margiarel Plana- gan, Gloria Ragland, Barbara Rowan, Bobbie Nell Williams, Mary Birdsong, Sue Harmer, Elsie Han' cock, Carry Lynn Goode, Jean Snnilh, Glenda Sue Ballard, Pearl June Hickey. Lois Willis, Norma Ewall, Yvonne Baker, Peggy Kelley, Nola Jean Lowry. Eourlh row: Wanda Roberson, Nancy Timberlake, Roselle Nelson, Gloria Maslers, Belly May, Louise Pollman, Sandra Shay, Ann Haas, Mary Mulli- can, Elaine Williams, Lovine Ewing, Carol Shakol, Ella Gray, Francis Bell, Jacqueline Robinson, Joe lla Livingslon, Beverly Redlearn, Beulah Johnson, Cynlhia Barr, Elhel Schwarlz, Prances Boozy, Shirley Higgs. Firsl row: Jo Ann Sclwenlcel, Evelyn Newsom, Joanne Jameson, Doris Jones, Nola Jean Lowry, Joyce Bennell, Gladys Goldslein, Vivian Ginsburg, Fan- nie Bell Eads, Elliel Silvergold, Marilyn Sue Slldr piro, Clara Leach, l-lanna Goldman, Belly Smillm, Cllrislina Poulalcidas, Carole Slmaclcellord, Norma Fallwell, Wanda Bulb Jones. Second row: Judy Bice, Norma Ewall, Miclrie Slriclv land, Minelle Banlrs, Dorollwy Hudson, Lois Willis, Joan Fladavvay, Frela Parlcs, Nila Blanlon, Frances Bell, Joyce Smillri, Palsy Balcer, Sliirley Wall, Marie lyn Goldman, Bennie l-loolq, Dianne Mays, Barbara Le Doux, Slnirley Jane Fuller. Tlwird row: Palsy Wilburn, Bonnie Crowe, Mary ' me Frances Tullle, Wilma Darby, Elsie Fosler, Mar- jorie Smillm, Wanda Bawcum, l-lelen Ayers, Ann Barlcer, Annelle Einlworn, Mary Birdsong, Maxine Young, Marllwa Joe Slrieqler, Barbara Beclc, l-lazel Flolder, Cliarlyne Milcus, Phyllis Day, Dorollwy Wriqlll, Joan Nicliols, Joan Miller, Fourllw row: Pal Riqler, Doris Earnlwearl, Louise Rollman, Anila Wollord, Belly May, Marllwa Jones, Mary Ellen Morrison, Rullw Joy Benson, Frances Slieliorn, Joanne Dance, Jo Ann Parker, Mary Leon l-lollon, Carol Ann Black, Joy Maclc. Pal Veslal, Belly Jean Davidson, Jo Anne Moore, Mina Evans, Wanda Fosler, Lelly Baysinger, Sandra Olls. ,..A W Firsl row: Pal Riqler, Dorollwy Hudson, Wanda Ruin Jones. Second row: Nancy Timberlake. Gloria Ragland, Barbara Rowan, Helen Williams, Georgie Mason, Yvonne Baker, Sandra Qlls, Joan Niclwols. llrnrd row: Nola Jean Lowry, Belly Kirkwood, Gwen Smilli, Wilma Darley, lviarqarel Head, Norma Ewell, Dolores Tucker. Fourlli row: Peggy Kelley, Dorollmy Dillon, Evelyn Newsom, Joan Moore, Callrierine Slwolner, Corena Hopkins, Grela Rlwoacles, Joyce Ferell, Joan Ferell, Palsy Taylor. -i-L f 1 I X ' r X I , 1 - 5 2 i r I I , 5 1 lr!!!-X v 5 ' L gig? -- l l ,. I IO 5 Firsl row: Mary Kline, Bennie l-loolc, Wanda Baw- cum, Shirley Jane Fuller, Wanda LaRue Fosler, Sheri Brewer, Leia Faye Thrasher, Elsie Fosler. Second row: Janie Palriclc, Dorene Jay, Frances Slalon, Aniia Wohford, Charlyne Shields, Dianne Mays, Sue l-larrner, Mina Evans, Bernice Slriegler, lvlarlha Joe Slrieqler, Chrislina Poulalcidas, Carol Ann Black, l-larriell' Valsures, Shirley Kilson, Mar- iorie Smilh. Third row: Norma Thomas, Joanne Dance, Bobbie Williams, Angie Lea Todaro, Paula Shellon, Flhel Schwarlz, Frances Bodzy, Norma Goodman, Jean- e++e Swift Wanda Jones. Fourlh row: Elia Gray. Barbara Swallord, Jacque- line Robinson, Frieda Wood, Joyce Lancasler, Palsy Medlin, Beulah Johnson, Nancy Paxlon, Flora Nell Rains, Phyllis Day. C63 x I 2 'J xii f I: , Q, a I A Fx! I e,,..,,-agx 1 3 5, is 2:1127 E' N ix f r NEK"' ' Tb T H R1 X2 as i. V I 'bf ': '7"', '4 K, P 'fax W. G! W QQ JI Fi l : Elh l Sil ld B bbi Bevis, Sue Cum- Third row: Marilyn Sue Shapiro, Bulh Benson, Mary FS VOW G VSVQO , O 6' minqs, Sandra Shay, Bernice Slriegler, Joyce Smilh, Jean Gral, Shirley Ann Wall, Palsy Baker, Dorolhy l-ludson, Palsy Jones, Joyce Tyler, Sibyl Murphy, Joyce Norman, Silver Gral, Donna Ko- gan. Second row: Belly Morgan, Ella Gray, Dorolhy Warren, Shirley Euller, Jo Ann Parker, Audrey Slider, Erela Parks, Joy Mack, Sonya Polash, Ellen Messer, Jeanelle Swill, Elsie Eosler, Theda Hor- lon, Pal Veslal, Joan Slovall, Shirley Goldslein, Sondra Marks, Barbara Wells, Hanna Goldman, Sue Lamberl, Cherie Swill, Vivian Ginsburg, Chrislina Poulakidas, Dollie Ball. Eo Ellen Morrison, Pal Rigler, Norma Jean Ewall, Lois Willis, Harriell Valsures, Wilma Darby, Erankie Miller, La Verne Malhews, Janel Hol- combe, Shirley Kilson, Marlha Jean Walson, Ann Logan, Marilyn Blall, Benila Ablin, Audie Rogers, Belly Jean Davidson, Eannie Bell Eads, Lalriece Smilh, Minelle Banks, Carole Kirschbaum, Jean Smilh. urlh row: Anila Duckworlh, Charlyne Shields, Janel Lockharl, Carol Ann Black, Mary l-lollon, Lelly Baysinger, Mina Rue Evans, Roselle Nelson, Peggy Dean, Dolores Terry. 6 Q 'MQ X Q 324795 K I 'sw 1' of flwlff' Q UM ' -f , f W -- Qfgj: Q X ,..-5-, 7- ? 1 r f v-7, 12 X X . 1 1 tp .-, 3 5 6 5, 67 u. y 3 Firsr row: Maxine Cariisie, Minnie Ross Cambron, Donnie Kiine, Janis Piviiiips, Slniriey dA Abiemonr, Daraihy Sparks, PaHy Coweii, Yvonne Baker, Nira Bryan, I-ieien Jean James, Faye Kerr, Cnrisfene Cameron, Peggy Goode, Francis Boar. 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INIaTlian Eriedman IsT LT, Jack Smilrlw Maior Paul Blaclc Col. J. C. Marslwall Second row: IsT LT. Marvin Ellialr PVT. Cpl PVT. SQT SQT SQT PVT. PVT, PVT. Reuben I-I. GrinsTein Norlon Gamel Charles Powell Larry EuTerTas Eddie McConnell Leroy Mallwews Edwin Sigel Roberl Biesel Bob Siqler Ilriird row: Cpl. Glen LaQuey PVT. Lane Kalrnin PVT. Ereddie Iirne PVT. Nallian SaITzman Cpl. Ralplv Rosenbaum PVT. William McCarTer PVT. MiITon Allen PVT. Eranlc I-Iereicord PVT. Glenn STarI1s PVT. Jerry Colev SQT. Jerry Eair 2nd LT. ArTIiur Eriedman EourTIi row: IsT LT. Harrell Kilclwens Caiolr. Loran Dunn SQT. Donald Dunn SQT, Earl STewarT PvT. Marvin BIanTon SQT. Tommy Runnels SQT. Barry JoTTrion IsT SQT. Gary GosseTT PVT. Cliarles Dance 2nd LT, Levy JoTTrion EiTTIw row: Cpl. Lowell Barber PVT. Eddie SmiTIi CoI.Cl1arIes Kealon SQT. lsT Class Ed Clarlc PVT. Joe Buclcovan Cpl. Jolin Brannam Pirsl ro dawwf 14 WI Isl l.l. Marvin Ellioll Isl Sql. lllomas Wlwile Pvl. Gerald Pierce Sql. Isl Class Roberl l-lixson Sql. lsl Class Wendel l-lulse Capl. Weldon Walson Second row: Pvl. Earl Ray Burns Pvl. Gerald Miller Pvl. SamuelJol'1nson Plc. Jolwnny Painler Pvl. lvlillon Allen Third row: Cpl. Jim Biller Sql. lsl Class Columbus Sql. lra Smillw Pyl. Zane Dralne Pyl. Ben Prengler Sql. Ray Carler Pourlli row: Pyl, James Yeager Sql. James Ballard Pvl. Jerry Wayne l-lunsinqer Pvl. Jerry Garson L Perdue Pyl. William Cogbill Pillh row: Pvl. Lloyd Jolwnson Pvl. Ed Miller Pvl. Jaclc lvlalnez Pvl. James Cool: Pvl. Cecil Slibloens Pvl. Bobby Cook Sixllw row: Sql Charley Parislw Pyl Plwilip Bierlwaller Pvl. lclal l-lorlon Pvl William Huckalay Pyl. Tlwomas Biller Pvl. Jimmy Benlley Pvl. Slerlinq Slegman Plc. Roy Jones Sevenlli row: Pyl Pvl .Jerry lvlislcell Pvl. Donald Sclwullze Fred Cenwell Pyl. Raymond Nance Pvl. Dayid Graves Pvl. Norman Roberls Pyl. l-lerman Neinasl Zampcmg 2 First row: lst Lt. Bobby lmhoot Ist Lt. Clarence McLean lst Lt. Wayne Nance Sgt. lst Class Fritz DeLano Pvt. Johnny Blanton lst. Sgt. Bonnie Lighttoot Sgt. lst Class Duane Oliver Sgt. Larry Schwartz Second row: Pvt, Donald Graham Pvt. Sammy Guynes Pvt. t-larold Black Cpl. Thomas Jettrey Pvt Escoe Strickland Pvt. Douglas Weldon Pvt. Charlie Fain Pvt, Kenneth Young Cpl. Jimmy Tackett Third row: Cpl. Frank McMullen Pvt. Bobby Burch CP Pvt. Pvt. CP CP I. l. Fourth Sgt Ptc Pvt Pvt Ptc Ptc CP Sgt Frank l-leretord Joe Smith Charles Schweizer Charles Karlen lrving Berlin row: Bob Shaw Tommy Jennings Archie Crass William Jackson Garth Darby .Tommy Spigel Jimmy Shuemake Earle Cameron Fitth row: Cpl. Billy McWilliams Cpl. Gwendel Baker Pvt. Glenn Reynolds Pvt. Don lvlcCulloch Sgt. James Hudson Cpl. Larry Futertas GW! Pirsl row: Capl. Howard lvlims lsl Ll, Ralph Smilh Isl Ll. John Boone Pvl. Ramonne Mann lsl Sgl. Burl Lighllool Cpl. Wallace Mann Second row: Sgl, Pvl. Pvl. Pvl. Pvl. cpl. Third r Sgl. Teddy Segal Solomon Reisberg Dale Gilley Kennelh Birdsong Charlie Challin Ross Segal ow: James lvlilchell Pvl. Jaclc Couch Plc. Woody McClure Plc. Plc. Pvl. Pvl, Pourlh Sgl. Pvl. Maurice Anderson Baron Reynolds Joe Johnson Cloyse Bell row: Don Plunlc Billy Slephenson Pvl. C. T. Wisely Pvl. Kennelh Crawlord 6 Sgl. Shannon Griggs Sgl. Eddie McConnell Pvl. David Wallcins Fillh row: Si Sgl. Norman Lulerman Pvl. Freddie Johnson Pvl. Marion Cole Pvl. Horace Ray Malone xlh row: Sgl. Rulus Poleel Pvl. Melvin Boswell Pvl. G. A. Rigler Sgl. Charles Berghauser Plc. Raymond Lamberl Pvl. James While Pvl. Harold Simmons Sgl. Bill Whalley Sevenlh row: Sgl. Raymond Truesdell Sgl. Ernesl Moehle Pvl. Bobby McGee Plc. George Duke Pvl. Daniel Verver Pvl. Billy Wallhall Pvl. Jerry Reeves Cpl. Lesler Taylor www 3 PirsT row IsT LT. Billy Joe Thomas IsT SQT. J. T. Wagliardo CapT. PaT MCKanna PVT. Tommy RoTrelal SQT. lsT Class Billy Shaw Second row: PVT PTC PVT PVT PVT PVT .Tommy Calverley .James Taylor Bobby Burns Norman Tillman Carl SToVall T-Tarold Glasser PVT Milne Cole PVT. Johnny Hudson Third row: PVT. AlTon Edwards PVT. PVT. PVT. PVT. PVT. PTC. SQT. Grady STegman Ardis Ray MelTon Richard BaTes Cullen SmiTh Jerry Lee Beeson Andreas Poulakidas Frank Macaluso PourTh row: SQT. l-Tenry Saucier PVT. Quandon Pranks PVT. T-lanvey EmmeTT PVT. John Spealce PiTTh row: Si Cpl. IV1. W. Randolph SQT. George Turner PVT, Buddy Bourland PVT. Loyd Turner PVT. Ross Musso Cpl.Gera1d Lumplcin PVT. Leroy Cramcord PTC. PaT T-laywood xTh row: SQT. Billie Harris PTC. James Freeman PTC. Bobby Joe Madd SQT .John Cole OX PVT. T-lahme Gappleberg PVT. Lonnie T-laley PVT. Wayne Shaw PVT. NaThan WelTChek -,-Q '-1" I' :-5. 'if' 415' if- ik' A,,,.. x , ' ' T 3' it ,Mx Y -5-1,1-:Z-A 15:55, I lr -' 2 F -Q' , -5 2 ill ' i- l 1, ' , J' Y . .. 2 ae i 5335 :A-ff., . , ,l l 4 ,Q T J ::gH'5:Q,'lQ ,Q-Av ' H . 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X, s u,,,fJ1fjWUMf C2 " ff, X fo 7 r-R Q X X Q ' ' UPS X ' A K ' -- Wait WWW S i , -QL bX 7f7,,gwF ill 4: I W Aj fp 'q 1 U + - .. , JMX 4 + f i Q'Q - , fi - i :W ig Q UVM .LAI 1-f s a - if - K -MM My 'Na CUQIU xi i i x i .bs f K ' A -xx Q -K . . V -f5'ffj'fgL1'?.1:,- rw., "'1'f-f..,.:x'f'1.'z J . 3 .' X nsjild--k:5Q,,f,w,j-xt' 2:11 Apglfrf' -'L " ' 'ii-'Eff FQ!fr"3' :' 'b ' i- f .4-5-' f, . - .x , l23 Counfer Clockwise JOAN CROW' JOE CANNON JODIE LE DOUX HJHLS HH Cloclcwise BILLY DON TAYLOR CAROL ANN BLACK CARL STONE HXVUHIHS ' i Counfer Clackwise "ls Johnny sick 'I'oday?" asks Miss Meriwelher, as one of her daily iobs is calling +he absenlees . . . W. H. Keel- ing, a former baseball coach al Fores+, gives a pep l'alk while Billy Don Taylor and Mr. Shepard lis'ren . . . "Yea green, yea while," yell 'rhe cheerleaders a+ one of +he foolball pep assemblies . . . "Now s'I'uden+s, s+udy hard," warns Mrs. Walkins as she keeps a walchful eye 'ro see +ha+ she is obeyed. "Who can drink +he mos+ milk, lhe big boys or fhe liH'le ones?" Milk drinking con+es+ answers lhis queslion. W-fee A J Wi N Clockwise Mrs. Brown making recommenda- +ions for scholarships . . . Miss Harring- +on's cooking class preparing refresh- menis 'for a mee+ing o'F1'he P. T. A .... Mrs. McManus' sfudenis working hard on iheir en+ries in ihe ln+erscholas+ic Ari' Coniesi . . . "Now, ihis is ihe Monk," Miss Melson +ells an English 7 class aboui' some drawings of Chau- cer's pilgrims . . . Mr. Hu+chinson's chemis+r'y pupils inveniing "+he hydro- gen bomb." Wi? l u will 'ii :ll-'Y Counler Cloclcwise Miss Joan MOHEH, office secre- fary, checks +he files . . . Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Smifh mus+ +hinlc 'rhis excuse ius'r plain funny . . . "Now answer all of rhose ques+ions," Mr. Goodman says +o his class . . . Lunch room employees gel ready +o feed hungry Lions . . . 4abc, a favori+e period, lunch +ime. f Vlmil Clockwise Roberf Page, all ciry guard, is charging in fo malce a faclcle . . . "Nor 'loo hard," says Paul Sclmerzer +0 Morfy Ravkincl during baslcefball prac+ice . . . ln +l1e halls iusr affer an assembly . . . Miss Fefferman issuing books 'lo slu- den+s . . . Mrs. Tanner giving her fyping class a speed +es'r. Arm - al W N 'Will ,fe fe v. .K Dai. , 1 ,Q..gfwf.J,-.A Q, if '12, ggi:-,U aiawx-,Q ' aw? .1-Q". 7 ,,:..f ,f 'gif -"fi5'?f'f'fs'5ff"".,"'T'lAi ' .,1-"wej K 'J 'fffg5fk:'?5Zsw"gs'u+?'ffQ3 Q' ' - rEW?5?rf9f'j Y,'sg,fxg'fQ1': 'A '- life' ,ff x 7.1.5 f ff' 7-def: we i1r'.! , ' , rf, , 1 f ,.,, .3kf'r,J,w.v4 ,f,.l,1c . ... If? iff if 'Q 2-.Y V ' 3.35. 1124, ' 'g,'.w, gr, Q, y.,5,,.,, A .4 wg, 'Wd .gg W""-. . 3 -MHWENEL V W M W Counier Clockwise "Dear Na'rasha," reads Carol Ann Black on lhe Nalional Educalion assem- bly . . . "My, wasn'+ +ha+ a good assem- bly?" exclaim sfudenrs on lheir way back 'ro class . . . Edward Robinson helps ROTC boys pracfice aiming and sighling . . . Mr. Edwards' class is cer- lainly worlcing hard on lheir mechanical drawing cons'I'ruc'rions . . . "Now gel our +o The games and yell 'lor us," says Coach Crabhee al' fhe pep assembly for a foofball game. W-ZA will ., ,fl 4 y s X . . ,Y .3 J if x 3 f' K 4- K ff!! A 3 il. . ... X . ' k '54 Clockwise Billy Haw+l1orne, Rober'r Jones, Edward Robinson, and Wayne Kane work on +l1e sfage for Hue mid-ferm senior play, "Tiger-l"louse" . . . Mrs. Beilharz' girls in one of her sewing classes making dresses and paiamas . . . "Solve for X," says Miss Andrews as her Algebra 3's work diligenily . . . Some of 'rhe square dancers on fhe Narional Educalion Week assembly . . . Mariha Manning fakes +l'1e names of +l'1e Tliespians for +l'1e annual. 1,1 NW Y I32 EMWW BOBBY HORN LUTHER BORGESON Baske+ba41 Le++e-rman AU-Cify Forward HARRIETT VATSURES lnlrerscholasfic Foofball Lerferman All-Ciry Tackle BILLY DON TAYLOR Srudenr Council Preslderlf Arf Awards JOE CANNON Senior Class Presldenf 4224 awk DAMIE STILLMAN GENE MORROW Foresfer Sfaff Fores+er Sfaff Co-Edifor MARTHA XNATSON P. T. A. Queen Coeffdifor ,pw--. fi WI LMA MORRIS ECHO Sfaff EdHor-In-Chief JQHN BRANNAM Firsf Place In Cify Confesf, Nl Speak For Democracy" f 43 1 ' 4 . X xl SIIHUUL UHZE September 12 - All Lions, 1,089 of us, return to school after a boring C?D summer.vaoation. 13 - Five new teachers are heartily welcomed by Forest students , 3-5 and faculty. 'egx 23 - Yea Team! Football season starts as Lions down Kilgore 13-O. October 6 - Lions hear concert by Mexican Boys Choir. O I O ' 4 M 5-4. 'VKYVL' .- I ce Sig, 59113 I lnnuim , :.. -' ,fff'f'ff,?f ' N24 fi O 'o 4. I34 e N f' F.- Xin Tlx sid' J' C Q , K 12 - Billy Don Taylor calls the first meeting of the Student Coun- cil to order. 21 - Hurray! lt's High School Day at the Fair! Such fun! November 1 - Martha Watson crowned Queen of P.T.A. at Forest-Tech game. h - ll - National Education Week's theme: NMaking Democracy Work.n Forest holds open house. 16 - Forest has growing pains. Ground-breaking ceremonies for new building held. 19 - John Brannam places first in city contest HI Speak for De- mocracyn. Congratulations! 27 - Walter Skinner gives recital at the Museum of Fine Arts. December 2 - David Rubinoff plays violin on assembly for Lions. 18 - Suspense! Mystery play, Tiier House, given by January Senior Class. 21 - Merry Christmas to all! Inspiring assembly given by Music Department. January 18 - Marie Shawhean and Freddie Philips elected Echo Sweethearts by student body. January"EO Class goes western at Senior Day assembly. 23 - Glooml Those exams again. 26 - Asiatic students visit Forest. Tell Lions of life in other 20 - countries. 26 - Graduation at last for M2 lucky seniors. February 8 - Watch out Hollywood! Foresters show talents on P.T.A. assembly. ll! - Sigh! lt's Valentine's Day. 2h - Lions hear Brotherhood assembly. March 2 - Texas Week assembly presented by Texas History'Club. 17 - Sure, it's a great day for the St. Patrick's Day dance sponsor by the June Class. 31 - Our Hearts Were Young and Gay is the Senior Class play. April 7 - Easter Holidays start! Look at all the new clothes! 12 - Pan American Student Forum assembly. 114 - Career clinic at Forest. May 6 - Senior Prom at Cedar Crest Country Club. 26 - Senior Day assembly. 28 - 29 - June 2 - The big day! Seniors get diplomas. Baccalaureate Services. Those exams are killing us. This is where we came in, now it's that summer vacation again. ed 4Qf . Q' W: 32 gp? Q :K 4 ggx 55 + my 19' Mg ,gm , wg a W gn of ' :WMM gi ,wwf xhx 'L is lx 'f 'aw f'N WA. 4 Z yi ,f f' x QQ? C f 12 I 0 iz I Q " '35 El db B II I35 h FOREST ECHO .,1'i . . f'-C3 . K-L51 125332: ..., gqqcftix , Q' W' 4 .4 T ' fl fir ifiiki, ' 1:5 J .,,f, ,Z .Ti-I. 3-1435- 1.34.5 U 4 hw Q :,,,.-3.., ,:3 31 Ci ' ry , f 'ss' .V Qu: I, . in :f , .v,w4r5, Tffkfr .., ,J , a -4? ,,LvY,: f 'Life -521 , 53511: ,X V .:5af:f53' 25334, fi 11 3:5 - ,- ,, .A 1. A V ,, Q-,g 3,V.i,,vr,- -2 sim--N ,lfJk:g' - 45.3-,Q. -f E.- ' '- - I ,f- . - 1,-1. ,1 aj. -M? 'Nl Nz 5.2 V511 ..f4 ..Ar,1 .4,fe"' . ..,-."f' f.-in ax. x . 1-- .K CQ -+ Jfflsig , 1, .,, f 5 gn, 2 -y'.'QE.E .Arw- x , 'Q an if 1 '-'71-aff - '... 3.3 '1 I . , abd' V :R ' R m s x -.+ Y-r QM Q -51 -,Fm -v- '30 .A l' Jn.. 5. f Q V ' 'gf 1! Y J, , ..,4 1' Q D. 'v 7 ' I x-I r ' I' , 1" nil' '.-1.'4- ' 1 is -ff' . A1 fy 1 I sf 45 ,, .I " I , I f.-f' ' fm I . 1 4 I ' " -K ' s .4 ff ,, 812' 0 Gly, ' M fl 1 ff' .ff .f 1 . ' 1 5,1 4' I ,ff . I ,K - N ,gl ' , Nh,-uf' . ff' L I fy , n yr A4 f ,f,:f, f, f A , , wf" I . . 1.7! ' 'U . ..'.. , ,- J f .1 my . 1 - . A Ir, f,J'3 . s A '4 I, 1 , 1- ,f . I A I -P' xx Q . 42' f , 1' V ,fi Jw' , I J ,, A A 1, x yy' --Z , Mir rt ' 4 7119 f , 45" X O O', , ,o ,Q 1 4. 4' ' 'X f 8' 2191K wi 1' 344 ' W""stf' 4:2540 .-' ., Q 0 ' Q .af YQ X ' ' 9 4 0 . 1. r , 'Q . , " A53 ll. , a -' - ,ky ' If 4' . 44914 - .5 i J' . ,.,, V I f F , 33242. I , gA:3zf,Ef': , . ' 3' , y 7' ' U 'gf r 1' , g "ff?i'.f3 srifwq . -- f . f- 1 . .f4g.,:y+ ,K - ' 14 , f P? If 523, -225 'Af f V , i , , a-' gg,-V.. C. -1157527132 1 4- I J 'W 5,35 T- 4. - f . ' 3'-rS-q.- 1 '1-Laxfii ' .-:- ' ?7:S:'.'m-12 'f"' f ' -111-S.,y'3 '::.'f?1i-af , .. :..b-,E,i ' 'iff .A ,f,--W ' . V-4-i2mQ1'L U flxl' Y 1 1. gi: 'fi rj 1,5351-'f" V , fusfifg ,. .pf 1 5: 'Q rf if 2653611 .1 A - .A x' f' nl 1 f ,ya-2121 "A -c., 1 'I ,U 4.0-' , . W- A212 x...f::fS2 X -4--' up jr fa- fr x. -0 . A , 5, ' 64 1 O! A .,., .fm gas x x x M2 " 4 A 5 xx. .7 9 sk. 0 , Cx - ' Z0 95 ,lf Q I' f 4 f if' il f f l fc 1 -.zgwlv 'Q il' W b. , 1g,nz.,f-f ' ,535 -1.. 4' Rui, ,. , - Q15 1 , V ., .,y.fg'-7:4f.f77"4" mkx,-L-Q.1'r'k' 'V JIMJXH -,.,. -af- , ,LL .. X A., 1- "' '- xmvx' 1 I wif. C tx ANM, , Qv"" , gf.. 'L Q V . , . f.,:.Q'S?1fi' tirifl V. ,,--,.,.m:zi'11:1 -4 - X ,,a-"2,"F-fp? Tuf-.,- - -- A X L 4. ..i',J,'1I3gE,gff?Y:":g L "-" ' ,-- --.-fStwi,i:APr3':f-N ' ,.m.fS1.fnaff'2T3f,,Lf. X X .: .'f,CLi,f'-if,i'fE,,1f- 7 - ....-.-y-'r:,t:r""f'-" ' -4.v--1wS'f-4zf.:fQf: , - X ' , . 3-4:5 ?af.vQf5":r.' 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'S Li l517-4 S' I' FV V' 4. 3.3 ::V- -. . f ,V -,V-is ' 11225-f if ' "aliv- , I , I 5 wfkjrk -, 5 - 57.55,-ji' ., 1, ' ,-anffiil' K M -cv gfv,:.- ig ' . ..z',L P, ' - " ' 5 f5lf?'L',+ ' ' 1- '+ ' ,341-5 J. Q EARL'S MAGAZINE EXCHANGE I9II1f2 Second Avenue H-0024 EARL COOTES. Prop. All Kinds of School Supplies GATEWAY SPORTING GOODS CO SporI'smen's Paradise EVERYTHING FOR THE SPORTSMAN I300 Main al' Field C-4769 OAKLAND FOOD MART For 'Ihe Besf in Mea+s and Dairy Producfs, See Us Open from 7-II 4302 Oakland BERNARD'S GROCERY 8: MARKET 2202 Second H-I885 We Deliver Fresh Fruifs, Meals and Vegelables Daily CLINE MUSIC COMPANY. Inc. Everyfhing 'For fhe Band and Orcheslra GUARANTEED REPAIR WORK I409 Elm Sfreel, Dallas, Texas Durward J. Cline, Presidenl' Phone P7-373I SAM DYSTERBACH COMPANY 2 I08 Elm Sfreei' UNIFORMS FOR MAJORETTES. BANDS, PEP SQUADS AND R. O. T. C. OUR UNIFORMS ARE OUTSTANDING Complimenfs of NEW YORK BAKERY and DELICATESSEN WILLIAMS' SERVICE STATION AUTHORIZED TEXACO STATION COURTESY CARDS ARE GOOD Ph. H-64I3 2732 Foresi' 3303 Fores+ Ave. H-0I56 Complimenfs of WORTHINGTON S FRIEDMANIS Sc 'Io SI.00 Sfore PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY I632 Fores'I H-5252 I705 Foresi Phone H-7I63 DALLAS I5, TEXAS Complimenfs of BEN UTAY Firsl Caplain Foresf Avenue High Fooiball Team . . . l9I7 BEN MORRIS JEWELRY CO. I924-A Elm S+ree1' CompIimen+s of WITHERS AND COMPANY I40l Pacific C-7574 Complimenfs of DO-NUT MERCHANT lWe Cafer Io Parliesl Main and Poydras C-89I5 QUEEN CASTLE ICE CREAM-FROZEN MALTS SUNDAES-BANANA SPLITS 2022 Second Ave. H-0354 SWARTZ DEPT. STORE Compleie shopping for fhe graduafes Corner of Elm 8: Pearl RED GOOSE STORE Cloihes for The Enlire Family I923 Second Ave. H-0068 FOREST AVE. FURNITURE CO. CompIeI'e Line Of Home Furnishings I624 Foresf Ave. I'I-33I4 DALLAS I 5, TEXAS BOB FENLEY'S BARBER SHOP 3635 Colonial H8-9247 Welcome Foresi' S+udenI's! Bus. H-2I83 Res. H-2443 BULOVA ELGIN WRIST WATCHES SI2.50 BENRUS AII guaranfeed ELECTRIC O ANY see HROCKYH ConI'rac+ing Repairing a+ Searchlighf Ren+aI CITY LOAN CO- I223 Second Ave. 20l3 Elm SI'- PARRINO'S SPAGHETTI HOUSE No. I 3 I22 Foresf Ave. For a GOOD INCOME H-0442 . . 5 P.M. 'I'o I0:30 P.M. Prepare for a Career in Business Closed on Visi+ our modern. air condi+ioned college Mondays RUTHERFORD-METROPOLITAN No- 2 30I7 Ross Ave. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS T-I8I3 I8I I Commerce a+ S+. Paul C-4538 5 P.M. +o I0:30 P.M. Closed on Tuesdays MARIE PARRINO, Owner "DAY'4 "The Finest ' PLUMBING C Photographic Equipme1zt"' THURMAN RANDLE 8: CO. 208 N. Akard Dallas. Texas WM ' K I8I4 Main Slreel' FUN CENTER OF DALLAS Tricks Jokes Puzzles Magic Tricks Novellies MAGIECLAND The S+ore of I,O00 Wonders BONNO Feed 8: Chick Slore Feeds-Remedies-Chicks PouI'Iry Equipmenl l505 Pennsylvania a+ Holmes Slreel 409 N. Ervay Dial H-0005 Dyers DAVIS CLEANERS - HATTERS Bill Davis- I940 4425 Oakland Telephone , H-OI34 Since I92I PATRONIZE' Complimenls THE MODEL of LOWRY'S BEAUTY SALON W 3I03 Foresl' Avenue 2308 Elm SI'ree'r LOUISE LOWRY, Owner R-6057 Harwood-0006 PHONE H-OI49 STORAGE PATRONIZE A RTWAY OUR CLEANERS - DYERS ADVERTISERS -WHERE CLEANING IS AN ART- J. W. LIVINGSTON 4206 Oakland Ave Complimenfs Complimenfs of of NATIONAL JOBBING CO i.J. FUNK 1415 Commerce CROWN JEWELRY CO. MEN'5 SHOES FINISHERS SUPPLY COMPANY JACK TERRELL MARGARET TERRELL W-H ENGER ACE CLEANERS Saks and Sewice For Be++er Pick Up s. Delivery sew ce 3209 oekienei Hs-so3o 2743 efena Ave. Phone H osse J. H. LUNA and SONS Furniture 2007 ELM STREET RIVERSIDE 6067 Oldesf Shop in Soufh Dallas fzacfia fad. SALES 81 SERVICE-ANY MAKE H-0208 W. C. IMacI McClure, owner I7I4 Foresi' Ave. NIGHT Sewe Serv ce H a 5079 3210 E . I ores! Avenue DaII .Texas Men's Furnishings BROYLES FASHION SHOP CUSTOM TAILORED SUITS DIFFICULT ALTERATIONS-REWEAVING 2I0 N. Akard Dallas I, Texas Phone P7-5934 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS FOREST AVENUE FURNITURE COMPANY Complefe Line Of Home Furnishings I624 FOREST AVENUE TELEPHONE H-33I4 SERVICES FOR YOUR l EVERY BANKING NEED BANKING HOURS ET - M d Ihr h Th d I0:00 . . : . . ay is Safurday 9:00 a.m. +o 2:00 p.m. SUUII1 UHIIHS Bank ami Truss 1: MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Come to the LAGOW THEATER AIways a good show 43I0 Second Avenue Phone H8-9362 Open Daily LIVINGSTON CLEANING CO. W. A. LIVINGSTON "A CLEANER YOU'LL LIKE" l7I0 S. HARWOOD ST. PHONE H8-8426 LARGEST in DALLAS Sfreamlined courses, individual advancement urgen+ demand for graduafes, selecl' s+uden+ body, presfige wiih employers, and na+ional repu+a+ion, aH'rac+ more s+uden+s +o DRAUGHON'S fhan 'ro all similar schools in Dallas combined. Prompl placemenf in preferred posiiions. DRAUGHON'S BUSI N ESS COLLEGE Approved by fhe S+a+e Deparfmenf of Educa+ion as a Business Junior College Commerce a'r Harwood Telephone R-3l33 O O A O ll llllll C0 Dallas' oldesl' re+ail sfore wi+h Shops of quali+y apparel for men, women and boys MAIN AND ELM AT LAMAR Compliments of FAIR PARK NATIONAL BANK OF DALLAS ExPosmoN Avia. AT PARRY MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. WALKER DRUG STORE Only +he Finesl' Drug Service in l'he Friendliesl' Sfore in Sou'rh Dallas! ALL EORESTERS MEET HERE! WE FILL ALL YOUR PRESCRlPTlONS Call H-7338 Free Delivery Service 3I2I Oakland Ave. 4 l . 5 4 HEADQUARTERS ?-T Y.- Foa lrmauf' R. O. T. C. "' Uniforms "' Aggegggrieg INSIST ON TWIST ..CloH-,ing If you wan+ sheerer, c . sof+er, more snag-re- "F'UVm5l'l'nQ5 sis1'an+ sfockings, buy Airmaids-every pair made of 'I'wis+ed nylon yarn. -Spor+swear A l .35 ai S UP A 9' Ewanl an Airmaids 696 Are sold only gm QBTNN in drug s+ores S. L. EWING COMPANY J. T. BOYCE Typewriters...Adding Machines...Supplies "IN DALLAS SINCE l902" I9I9 Main Srreef C-540l ECONOMY LUMBER fr SUPPLY CO., Inc. Complere Line of Proven Building Ma+erials Minnesola Painfs 360I Pine Sfreel' a+ Scyene Dallas IO, Texas Telephone H-7368 415 924: m f fi? l M3 Ab, . ISHS Erin W" an M EMBA -r 1,1 J fllf 5 N' ' LQ' M: S - Hg" Q S ZZ 'T 5 flu. 0 ...since 1877 CHAS. KARLEN GEORGE KARLEN BUS. RIVERSIDE 9004 KARLEN BROS. AUTO CO. WHERE BETTER CARS cosr LESS Au+omobiles Boughf and Sold 20l5 BRYAN ST. DALLAS RADIO ELECTRONICS TELEVISION UNIVERSAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE 835V2 EXPOSITION AVENUE DALLAS, TEXAS DRAFTING MECHANICAL - ARCHITECTURAL MOTOR-GENERATOR REWINDING INDUSTRIAL WIRING rjsenzhne Markef A. G. 2I I3 SECOND AVENUE HARWOOD-9032 We Adverfise QuaII+y and We Have I+ Sou+I1 Dallas' Fancy Food Markei Compliments of SUUTIIIIIESTEIIN IIIILFIIUII CII SUPPLYING SENIOR RINGS ' CLUB PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS Downfown Sa es Office Sanger Bros.-Second Floor k TELEPHONE RIVERSIDE-4079 3 I Yes, yours to enloy . . . to make the mos! of. You'll find me, Reddy Krlowatt your frlendly electrrc servant, always six on hand to help you wherever you are. QQ X ' X X .XX N X Remember. . . someday you'll have a home of your , XX X N N X X X xx ' . X go N956 own for better llVlIlg be sure 1t's electric' Good XX x ji luck 'for now.. . ou deserve the best of it.. 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Suggestions in the Forest Avenue High School - Forester Yearbook (Dallas, TX) collection:

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