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Q x X .Y ,N , X i ' Xu I . , . l ' , 4 4" x .- , X A . Q-v Y' V f' i, . , ' ' I 1 Ax , J , ' ,' ' '71 ' , f X , 1 " -x 'fl , f . f . ' 4 f f. , I X .xwxxi , , 5. X , I 4. Lf ,I 1, I jg I ., XS .X . 4 I . yy wk . All ' X J' - 5 ,f r ,' lf, I . . I7 ,I I . . 'X 5 JV K5 ' VA Tx , l lk x 1 YW 'L O, J J ,f X xi" V if VV W U' Yu N 1 Lf" jf" ,jo if v M ' ,f ,l ff N JV 1,47 1 J L W 1 Y W' X X f ,JU A L 1 YM4 V X.. xx J A ff . " . l , W - 4 L V' 11 V9 .X i 'jc X A I V1 5.1 . .x 2. ,L Ll, K. WV ff 12"V '., J W W6 IL' 1' L' Az! J , wf' my A J LI - 'sau X 'I' - V X! K . ll J X IL, :Xl ,FI ,V A 11, w Wu I V , ' f fu' . 41 5, LIVL '54-.W 5 52 -I 'Q ' ' ,Af TX kr 5 f x ff jf -1 ff' L , ' ,I I X h , pf J, 1 Vx , ., f W KL Q mf 'vff 1 . N 1 .I ' 'nf' fp Mfffl' 'x -5 W VW ,f,.f'ZwZA'W HM M! iff ,f PMA. la f N W. W w Qf2?fia54,wfwAf 9 MQW, 'f R WWW! W WWW fo WF W Wwi ME . eww J QQW CW . K 1 93 ! ,ff ,Q ,W W ., f f ff ' ,-f ' V ,1 A ff jf .,fgf f53ff7 VWL W A ,W ,, f1 f' 'I lQ? ?7 f 'NM' V I7 14" Af W4 KW X li Jn 1,47 fJ!,7f,1- Ax t ,' wif, ' f x ,, Y, , , L... , -O' J 'i L I w A , V x.,- r x he ?oreA ter 1948 , x ,N .X X A Q 1 ' .QV '- ,. X , ., X r' A Q. -5 ' " , . lil. -..gk A .-', - Zi' .. , 3 ' ' K wx ' , , ""' . A " W' k' . "1- X N.. ' . 'A '-. x.. x 'L' , A ...A N " h .3 ., , ., .5 12 " -4 f n we . 7- S - 1 I x I A - v X Q.. X N gl Y ,. V Q ,. --5 -sg. , ' K -- x -P ff' x A 4' - . , N .f-J' .. - - , q ,QQ . ....-I W t Nga -,, 4' ' 'Y ,, ." ' 'Q 'Y' i. ul- "T -'L 91 N - - .5 V x .',X N ,- . JEANNINE JAMESON Editor-in-chief BARBARA LORENZ Associate Editor OLEN ROWE Business Manager BETTY SEGAL Office Monogcr ,4+,, Wee ?vre ter Published by Hue S'rude-n+s of FOREST AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL -me ?o1-eword Here we have recorded school doys of 1947-48 ot Forest. Here ore the things we sholl wont to remember. We hope thot eoch of you will tind in this book those memories he will hold most deor in the yeors to come. Urder of Koolw Adminis+ra'rion Classes Milifary Organizafions Afhlefics Feafures is bedication Last autumn brought to the Lions one of the greatest football teams that have ever worn the Green and White. From the muddy battle with Ennis to the finale with Arlington Heights, the Forest football squad fought hard to win for the first time in eighteen years the city championship. Long will the student body of Forest High remember this team, both coaches and boys. The golden trophy won by the 1947 Lions will shine far into the future. When any of these boys visit Forest, gazing at this trophy, they will be able to hear familiar cheers and remember the games they fought victoriously for Forest. So, to every fighting one of them - coaches Leroy Crabtree, Virgil Mattingly, R. J. Edwards, and the football team -the staff is proud to dedicate the 1948 Forester. 3111 Memoriam MISS ELOISE DURHAM RALPI-I EUGENE SINCLAIR NM my wrWl W ri Mr tlflgfi A W Ls.. vi! W? Heading Dallas administration is the Board of Education Principal Whit tlesey leads teachers and students through cr year of numerous UCllIVIlIE5 Seniors willingly seek ond from Mrs Brown senior counselor Deon of stu dents Mlss Meriwether skillfully quncles pupils with her sound odvlce Forest faculty members not only teach Lions the regular sublects but also sponsor all other school activities. Q 14 mini f ation J h Mr. Whittlesey is walking under the arch wit his charming valentine, Mrs. Whittlesey, to the mil- itary ball on February 14 in the gymnasium. Having shown aiways great interest in school social activities, Mr. Whittiesey is considered by both faculty and students to add sparkle to parties, dances, banquets, and other social gatherings. The presence of his charming wife adds much to the occasion. If chimes are suddenly heard coming from no- where, all of the students instantaneously recogn'ze ' i al and them to be made by our beloved princp friend, Mr. Whittlesey, on the public address system, preceding the daily announcements. His voice rings clearly through the classrooms, and sometimes a touch of humor brings a chuckle from teachers and students. Amon Mr. Whittlesey's duties is his correspond- 9 d' tatin a letter to his efficient ence. Here he is seen IC g secretary, an addition to ths ye:1r's office force, ' I J Moffitt Our principal is often cal.ed upon Miss oan . to write letters of recommendation to schools and places of business for Foresters and ex'Foresters. He gladly responds, because he takes pride in the work of Forest students. s '34 it .3 s i 1 i . 5 J 1s i if' 14dminiA tration DALLAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS BOARD OF EDUCATION DR. DAVID W. CARTER, President MRS. W. T. ZUMWALT, Vice President DAN D. ROGERS AVERY MAYS W. C. SCURRY FRED D. DANFORD MRS. TRACY RUTHERFORD Upper: W. T. WHITE Superintendent ot Schools Center: E. D. WALKER Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Personnel Lower: E. B. COMSTOCK Assistant Superintendent in Charge of High Schools W th out, Miss Meriwether, Johnny might not a c be sick after ull! This is one of the typical dolly s after the sulosiding of the storm of students scene desiring admit and tardy cards. Miss Meriwether is d ever ready to help o student who needs good a vice. Her two secretaries, Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Smith, d' sses, and keep an efficient record of excuses, tar me absences. RAH E MCRIWETHER 15... B 'des teaching algebra, Mrs. Brown spends her es: day "getting seniors graduated." Here she rs coun- selling Doris Powell, a senior. She helps the senior choose the proper subjects, keeps a record of his . . . d activities, approves his scholarship applications, an guides him in college and vocational preparation. MRS. EMMA H. BROWN MISS SA . .. Senior Counsellor Dean V' .-A 0 eAt ZULEIKA ADAM French, English B.A., M.A. NANNIE D. W ANDREWS El.liA:E'l'H BAGl.EY Mathematics Bllils B.A., M.A. ff' 1 1. ALAN BOULTON ' Physics 5'5" B-A" MA- RILLA M- BRADY 'MARGARET BREWER Attendance Secretary Mqfhemgticg B.A., M.A. W. H. BUTLER Social Studies B.A., M.A MARY vlvlAN cscil Q MARY SWTH CLARK English English s.A., M.A. BA- Page Fourteen FRANCES BEILHARZ Home Economics B.S. WILLIE MAY BERRY Home Economics B.S. EMMA H. BROWN Mathematics .3.A., N..A. MINNIE BROWN Social Studies B.S., M.A. MARY P. COLLINS Mathematics B.A. LEROY CRABTREE Science B,S. 1 1 1 l jlacuftq SARA DAVIDSON V' Spanish, lalin a.A.,M.A n CECIUA DAVIS 'MARY DRAKE R. J. EDWARDS " School Nurse SocialS1udles Mechanical Drawing, RIN. B.S, Aeronautics B.S. 3 . 54,18 K A I ANNIE GEM FELDER' English , ' K B'A"M'Agl jf num FETTERMAN ANNA LEE fosren M. G. FREY X NH: 4 Commercial Dielician Physical EClUCC1liOn fi- B.A., M.A B.S. B-A- D. T. GRIFFITH Mechanical Drawing SEARCY H. HARDY I ALICE HARRINGTON Study Hall Home Economics B.A. B.S., M.S. A VIRGINIA HURST Commercial B.A. lOUl.A ELDER Mathematics B.A., M.A C. V. GOODMAN Social Sludies B.A., M.A SELDON S. HUTCHINSON Chemiifry, Mafhemalics B.S., M.A. Page Fifteen QL., -,- ALBERT S. X, JOHNSTON, JR. Journalism, English B.A., M.A BLISS S. McMANUS Ar? B.A., M.A. . NELL PAGE Disfribuiive Education B.S. Pugv Sixteen -.-1..f--',........ A . 1 .A ?v eAt ' JOHN C. MARSHALL Band B.B.A. ETHEL MASTERS Lolin B.A., M.A. PEARLE MATTHEWS Home Economics B.S., M.S. ROGER M, NORWOOD l' I- ! , V' ' l ADDIE MELSON JACK A. MITCHELL DOROTHY JOAN English Accouniing MOFFITT B.A. B.S., M.ED. Office Secreiciry GRACE TODD PRATT Hecllflw B.S. xl. xi 3 ? xr ! . Military v. H.s,MATTINGLY Mafhgmiztics B.S. X . 5. FRANK ORRILL Miliiary OTTO C. RHOME INA ROBERTS ROSCOE L. ROBERTS Milifury B.S. Social Siudies Librarian B.A., M.A. B.A., B.L.S. af JOSEPHINE S. ROGERS Library Assistant LOCILLE SEGRIS Physical Educ i B.A., M.A.' ROXIE SMITH Attendance Secretu ry CECIL SONNTAG Health 8.5. fdcuftq MABEL A. SHAW K' ALVA P. SHEPARD English Mathematics B.S., M.A. B.S. Z-N 1' "' 52 g fs' 'i' A GN '- of l ' 1 ,y , !'l.l1 JUANITA STRINGER Speech B.A. JULIA TANNER BESS THATCHER Commercial Social Studies B.A. B.A., M.A. Qt JESSIE WATKINS Study Hall B.l.. 1-n 5- WWTF FLETCHER RYAN LOUISE wucox B'0l09Y wlcKHAM Music 5-5-f M-A Spanish BA. B.A., M.A. I EMILY SLAUGHTER Study Hail FRIEDA THOENE Physical Education B.A. H. B. YATES Social Studies B.A., M.A. Page .Ycuentcen -1 y' I Q gil Q., 419 4-4' .' f L- l s., I AYP Cla Ae Land of assignments like term themes, book reports, map making, problem solving, and experiments . . . Although glamor naturally attaches itself to student social and athletic activities, the backbone of our school remains "reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic" . . . Looking into the various classrooms during a typical school day, we may see students working on algebra, reading tales of ancient Rome, or studying spelling. wwf Senior ESTELLE MAURINE ABBOTT Auclitores Caesaris, Favorite Subiect- History, Ambition-Secretary, Hobby- Reading and Dancing, Favorite Sport- Baseball, T. C. Hassell. MARY JO ALEXANDER Le Cercle Francais, Treasurerg Forest Secretarial Club, 3 Linz Awards, Fa- vorite Subiect-Accounting, Ambition- Secretary, Hobby-Collecting Phono- graph Records, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, .lohn Henry Brown. JEANNE ALLEN Le Cercle Francais, Girls Public Speak- ing Club, 1 Linz Award, French Award, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Am- bition-Typist, Favorite Sport-Football, Shady Grove. lRlS CATHERINE APPLE High Scholarship Clubg Girls Public Speaking Club, Pan American Student Forum, Dallas Historical Society, Fa- vorite Subiect-Public Speaking, John Henry Brown. HELEN RUTH BALEJA Y-Teens, Student Council, Vestonians, Junior Red Cross, Varsity-Tenelcoit, Newcomb, Favorite Subiect-Shorthand, Ambition-Stenographerg Hobby - Dancing, Favorite Sport-Football, John Henry Brown. JAMES BARTLETT ROTC, Second Lieutenant, 'Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Ambition- Doctor, Hobby-Playing Football, John Henry Brown. Page Twenty I C'IaAAeA MARLENE ABLON Le Cercle Francois, Sergeant-at-Arms, Varsity-Volley Ball, Favorite Subiect -History, Ambition-Housewife, Hob- by-Singing, Favorite Sport-Football, John Henry Brown. ' EUNICE ALLEN Favorite Subiect - Public Speaking, Ambition-Stenographer, Hobby-Col- lecting Chalk Dollsg Favorite Sport- Football, Colonial. SIGMUND ELTON ALTMAN Standard Debating Society, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Student Council, Auditores Caesaris, ROTC, First Lieutenant, Band, Camp Dallas, Junior Red' Cross, Secretary, Treasurer, 2 Latin Awards, John Henry Brown. ANNA MARY BAIN Varsity-Tenekoit, Favorite Subiect-Ao counting, Ambition-Missionary, Hobby -Collecting Miniature Elephants, Fa- vorite Sport - Football, John Henry Brown. DORIS BARISH Girls Public Speaking Club, Sergeant- at-Arms, Pan American Student Forum, Secretary, All State Forum, All City Forum, Varsity-Newcomb, Tenekoit, Office Assistant, Posture Finals, Favor- ite Subiect - Typing: John Henry Brown. WANDA JOY BARTON Posture Finals, Varsity - Volleyball, Tenekoit, 1 Bible Award, Forester Statfg Favorite Subject-Accounting, Ambition-Housewife, Hobby-CoIlect- ing Pictures, Favorite Sport-Football, Ascher Silberstein. KATHERINE BEAVER Varsity-Basketball, Newcomb, Favorite Subiect - Typing, Amllition - Typ.s,, Hobby -Collecting Pictures, Favorite Sport-Swimmingg City Park. BERTA BEDELL Favorite Subiect-History, Ambition- Nurseg Hobby-Collecting Photographs, Favorite Sport-Football, Richard La- gow. NADINE BELT National'Honor Society, I Linz Awardg Favorite Swbiect-Art, Ambition-Com- mercial Artist, Hobby-Collecting Pitch- ers, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Spring- field, Missouri. MARIA BERRY Secretarial Clul.1, Orqhestra, Bandg Favorite Subiect- Home Economics, Ambition-Stenographer, Hobby-Puz- zles, Favorite Sport-Football, Hen- derson, Texas. BETTY JEAN BODINE Forest Forum, Sergeant-at-Armsg Junior Red Cross, Varsity-Tenekoit, Favorite Subiect-Biol09Y: Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, John Henry Brown. CHARLES BOONE Locker Guard, Auditores Caesaris, Hi- Y, ROTC, Technical Sergeant, Favorite Subiect--History, Hobby-ice Skating, Favorite Sport-Football, Colonial. 108 MILDRED BECK Y-Teens, Sergeant-at-Arms, Secretarial Club, Favorite Subiect-Shorthand, Am- bition - Secretary, Hobby - Collecting Picture Post Cards, Favorite Sport- Football, Colonial. JAMES BELKEN ROTC, Second Lieutenant, Band, Favor- ite Subiect-History, Ambition-Violin- ist, Favorite Sport-Baseball, St. Pat- ricks. HELEN BENNETT Varsity-Newcomb, Favorite Subject- Accounting, Ambition - Boolckeeperg Hobby-Collecting Photographs, Fa- vorite Sport-Football, Richard Lagow. J. D. BOCK Football, Favorite Subiect-History, Fa- vorite Sport-Football, Colonial. DOROTHY FAYE BOHNE Forest Secretarial Club, Horizon Club, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Am- bition-Vocalist, Hobby-Roller Skat- ingg Favorite Sport-Football, Ascher Silberstein. DORIS BOWERMAN Posture Finals, Favorite Subiect-Ac- counting, Ambition-Model, Hobby - Collecting Snapshots, Favorite Sport- Football: Colonial. Page Twenty-one PEGGY NELL BROOKS Allied Youth, Girls Public Speaking Club, Vestonians, Porliamentarian, Tex- as History Club, 2A Class, President, Varsity-Tenekoit, l Linz Award, As- cher Silberstein. DORIS JEAN BYFORD Dallas Historical Society, Varsity - Tenekoit, Favorite Subiect-Shorthand, Ambition-Stenographer, Hobby - Col- lecting Records, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, T. C. Hassell. PAUL CAMP Football, Basketball, Baseball, Letter, Favorite Subiect-English, Ambition-3 Morticiang Hobby -Collecting Popular Songs, Favorite Sport-Baseball, John Henry Brown. LEON CASH Track, ROTC fCrozier Technically Favor- ite Subject-Algebra, Hobby-Building Model Airplanes, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Obadiah Knight School. DAVID CHERRY Hi-Y, Archery Club, Chefs Club lSpenceJ, Favorite Subject-Chemistry, Ambition - Psychiatrist, Hobby - lce Hockey Games, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, T. G. Terry. JERRY CLAY Football, ROTCj Technical Sergeant, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Am- bition - Pilot, Hobby - Making Model Planes, Favorite Sport-Football, T. G. Terry. Page Twenty-tu'u BETTY BUSH Student Councilg Locker Guard, Var- sity-Newcomb, Favorite Subiecti- Home Economics, Ambition-Beauty Operator, Hobby-Hillbilly Music, Fa- vorite Sport-Football, T. C. Hassell. JEAN BYRD Posture Finals, Varsity-Volley Ball, Basketball, Newcombg Favorite Subiect -Typing, Ambition-Private Secretary, Hobby-Collecting Pictures, Favorite Sport-Football, City Park. PAULINE CAMP Varsity-Tenekoit, Newcomb, Favorite Subject-Home Economics, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Hobby-Dancing, Am- bition-Cosmetitian, John Henry Brown. DOUGLAS CHARLES CHARBA Favorite Subiect-English, Ambition-- Contractor, Hobby-Riding Motorbikes, Favorite Sport-Football, I Bible Award, Lisbon. KENNETH CHUNN Ambition-Mechanic, Favorite Sport- Football, Favorite Subject-Architeo tural Drawing, Colonial. BILLIE JEAN CODY Dramatics Club, Charm Club, Baton Twirler, Girl Reserves lCrozier Technl- call, Distributive Education, Favorite Subiect- History, Am'bition-Photogra- pher, Hobby-Collecting Records, Favor- ite Sport--Roller Skating, Lisbon. LEILA NELL CODY Texas History Club, Secretarial Club, Varsity-Tenekoitg Favorite Subiect- Home Economics, Ambition-Steward- ess, Hobby-Traveling, Favorite Spart- lce Skating, John Henry Brown. BETTY COLLIER Pan American Student Forum, Girls Mil- itary, Perfect Attendance, Favorite Sub- ject - Public Speaking, Ambition - Ste- nographer, Favorite Sport-Football, Ascher Silberstein. RICHARD CONNER Football, Letter, Track, Favorite Subiect -Journalism, Ambition-Cattleman, Fa- vorite Sport-Footballg Richard Lagow. BETTY CORBETT Favorite Subiect - English, Ambition - Secretary, Hobby -Collecting Out-of- Town Car Tokens, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Ascher Silberstein. BETTY JO COX Girls Public Speaking Club, Pan Amer- ican Student Forum, Dallas Historical Society, Corresponding Secretary, Fa- vorite Subiect-Typingp Ambition-Seo retary, Hobby-Playing Softball, Favor- ite Sport-Baseball, T. C. Hassell. DOROTHY CRUSE Girls Public Speaking Club, Auditores Caesaris, Treasurer, Secretarial Club, Cheerleader, 3 Latin Awards, Favorite Subiect-Journalism, Ambition-Nurse, Favorite Sport-Football, T. G. Terry. ' W - A Sl , P . . ' . .Q ,. . V, , .....r:,. "r'Q'?".-'if 7 ' If 5'--'ff wtf- H1 . fr-' "wi"-v ' is --0" Tw-H mgf, ,,,t.wwg1f ,235 , 4.4, A 51,3 11 . ' -1- ffi- . I mga- 'g, We 'Q 29' , . ., 1 W' 'E-f""3 -f' CHARLES COLEY High Scholarship Club, 2 Linz Awards, Band, Staff Sergeant, Favorite Subiect- Art, Ambition-Millionaire, Favorite Sport-Football, Ascher Silberstein. JESSIE RAY COLLIER Student Council, Red Cross, Favorite Subiect - Journalism, Ambition - Avi- atorg Hobby-Dancing, Favorite Sport- Baseball, John Henry Brown. NORMA LOU COOK Y-Teens, Student Council, High Scholar- ship Club, National Honor Society, Pos- ture Finals, 3 Linz Awards, Favorite Sub- ject-Home Economics, Ambitionrste- nographer, Richard Lagow. DREWERY COWLING Hi-Y, Favorite Subiect-Accounting, Am- bition - Businessman, Hobby - Horse- back Riding, Favorite Sport-Golf, T. C. Hassell. HUGHIE COX ROTC, Captain, 4B Class, Parliamen- tariang Rifle Team, Letter, Ambition- Electrical Engineer, Hobby-Collecting Match Folders, Favorite Sport-Baseball, T. C. Hassell. JENNA CROMER Auditores Caesaris, Girls Military, 2 Latin Awards, Favorite Subiect-Public Speaking, Ambition-Housewife, Hob- by-Collecting Movie Star Pictures, Fa- vorite Sport-Football, T. G. Terry. Page Tzvfnty-three EDWARD CUMMINGS ROTC, Second Lieutenant, Favorite Sub- iect-Art, Ambition-Railroad Engineer, Hobby-Hunting and Fishing, Favorite Sport-Hunting, John Henry Brown. JOYCE DANCE Girls Public Speaking Club, Le Cercle Francais, Secretary, Treasurer, Forester Staff, National Honor Society, High Scholarship Club, Band, Orchestra, Of- fice Assistant, 3 Linz Awards, 2 French Awards, 1 Band Award, Pleasant Grove. BARBARA DEINES Librarians Club, Office Assistant, Arch- ery, Tennis Club lChicagol, Favorite Subject-Chemistry, Hobby-Taking Pic- tures, Favorite Sport-Football, Chica- go, Illinois. FRANCES JO DIXON Forest Secretarial Club, Varsity-Volley Ball, I Linz Award, Favorite Subiecte Home Economics, Ambition-Secretary, Hobby-Reading, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, T. C. Hassell. FRANCES DOOLEY Varsity -Newcomb, Basketball, Tene- koit, Favorite Subject-Public Speaking, Ambition-Nurse, Hobby - Collecting Ash Trays, Favorite Sport - Baseball, Colonial. CASSIE MARIE DRAPER Girls Military, Varsity-Tenekoit, Favor- ite SubiectfHistory, Ambition-Secre- tary, HobbyiCollecting Snapshots, Fa- vorite Sport-Baseball, Oklahoma. Pugr' T1l'PI1lVI'f0lll' GEORGE CUMMINGS ROTC, Baseball, Favorite Subject-Ao counting, Ambition-Bookkeeper, Fa- vorite Sport-Baseball, T, C. Hassell. KENNETH DAVIS Baseball, Band, Favorite Subiecta Physics, Ambition-Civil Engineer, Hob- by-Reading, Favorite Sport-Football, T. C. Hassell. CARL DENNIS Baseball, Hi-Y, 2B-2A Class, Sergeant- at-Arms, ROTC, Technical Sergeant, Camp Dallas, Favorite Subiect-History, Ambition - Farmer, Favorite Sport - Baseball, Ascher Silberstein. LELAND DIXON Football, Baseball, Favorite Subiect- Architectural Drawing, Favorite Sport- Baseball, Ambition - Baseball Player, Colonial. LAWRENCE DRAKE ROTC, Second Lieutenant, Favorite Sub- ject - English, Ambition - Bricklayer, Hobby-Raising Rabbits, Favorite Sport -Baseball, Ascher Silberstein. BEN DURHAM Football, Favorite Subiect-Mechanical Drawing, Ambition - Civil Engineer, Hobby-Sports, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Corpus Christi. CARMEN EBY Dallas Historical Society: Varsity-Tene- koit, Newcomb: Favorite Subiect-Short- hand: Ambition-Stenographer: Favor- ite Sport-Football: Hobby-Taking Pic- tures: T. G. Terry. BETTY JEAN EURY Forest Secretarial Club: National Honor Society: 3 Linz Awards: Favorite Sub- iect-Accounting: Ambition-Stenogra- pher: Hobby-Collecting Match Covers: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Colonial. LEON EVERETT Student Council: Baseball: Favorite Subiect - Aeronautics: Ambition-Engi- neer: Hobby-Music: Favorite Sport- Football: Colonial. ALTA FLANAGAN Student Council: Forest Forum: Junior Red Cross: National Honor Society: High Scholarship Club: 3 Linz Awards: Interscholastic League Art Award: Fa- vorite Subiect-Art: Ambition-Typist: Hobby-Art: Favorite Sport-Baseball: John Henry Brown. PEGGY NELL FOWLER' Allied Youth: Student Council: Forest Secretarial Club: Varsity-Tenekoit: Fa- vorite Subiect - Clothing: Ambition - Secretary: Favorite Sport-Miniature Golf: Hobby-Sewing: Ascher Silber- stein. RICHARD GAMMON ROTC, Staff Sergeant: Football: Favor- ite Subiect-Architectural Drawing: Am- bition-Civil Engineer: Hobby-Football: Favorite Sport-Football: Richard La- gow. .SQ 00 'Q ii.. . . , Q 5 ...if MARCIA ENGELBERG Pon American Student Forum: Girls Pub- lic Speaking Club: Junior Red Cross: 2 Linz Awards: Favorite Subject-Home Economics: Favorite Sport-Football: O. M. Roberts. FRANCES EVANS Student Council: Varsity-Tenekoit, Vol- ley Ball: Perfect Attendance: Favorite Subiect-Public Speaking: Ambition- Housewife: Hobby-Collecting Snap- shots: Richard Lagow. EDWINA FITZGERALD National Honor Society: 2 Linz Awards: Varsity-Tenekoit, Volley Ball, New- comb: Forester Staff: A Cappella: Fo- vorite Subiect-Latin: Ambition-Doo tor: Hobby - Music: Favorite Sport -- Baseball: T. C. Hassell. MACEL FOWLER Forest Secretarial Club: Student Coun- cil: Forester Staff: 1 Linz Award: Var- sity-Tenekoit, Newcomb, Valley Ball, Overtake: Favorite Subiect - Biology: Ambition-Secretary: Hobby-Pictures: Favorite Sport-Football: Colonial. TOMMIE FRALEY Baseball: ROTC, First Lieutenant: Rifle Team, Letter: Favorite Subiect-Home Economics: Ambition-Engineer: Hobby -Airplanes: Favorite Sport-Baseball: T. C. Hassell. BILLIE GARN Junior Red Cross: Varsity-Volley Ball: Favorite Subiect-Biolo9Yi Ambition- Housewife: Hobby-Collecting Post- cards: Favorite Sport-Football: Van Junior High. Page Twenty fve DORIS LYNNE GASTON Varsity-Volley Boll, Locker Guard, Fa- vorite Subject-Foods, Ambition-Mis- sionary, Hobby - Records, Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding, T. C. Hassell. HAROLD JOE GODWIN Student Council, ROTC, Second Lieuten- ant, Band, Favorite Subject-Architeo tural Drawing, Ambition-Mechanical Engineer, Hobby -Mechanic, Favorite Sport-Football, Rylie. JUNE GOLDBERG National Honor Society, Treasurer, Girls Public Speaking Club, Parliamentarian, Sergeant-at-Arms, Vice President, Pan American Student Forum, President, Parliamentarian, High Scholarship Club, Treasurer, Varsity-Tenekoit, Tennis, Pos- ture Finals, 3 Linz Awards, Locker Guard, Office Assistant, Girls Military, John Henry Brown. SHIRLEY GRABSTALD Girls Public Speaking Club, Student Council, Posture Finals, Varsity-Tene- koit, I Linz Award, Favorite Subiect- Home Economics, Ambition-Housewife, Hobby-Dancing, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, John Henry Brown. CHARLES GREENHAW Student Council, Echo Staff, Editor-in- Chief, ROTC, Football, Letter, Track, Fa- vorite Subiect-Journalism, Ambition- Newspaper Writer, Hobby-Collecting Sports Clippings, John Henry Brown. MARIE GRUBBS Texas History Club, Dallas Historical Society, Favorite Subiect-Public Speak- ing, Ambition-Career Girl, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Skating, Asch- er Silberstein. Page Tivefzty-.six WARREN GASTON ROTC, l Linz Award, Favorite Subiect- Mathematics, Ambition-Lawyer, Hobby -Working, Favorite Sport-Football, T. C. Hassell. SYLVIA GOIDL National Honor Society, Girls Public Speaking Club, Secretary, Pan Amer- ican Student Forum, High Scholarship Club, Librarians Club, President, 3 Linz Awards, Echo Staff, Office Assistant, Library Assistant, John Henry Brown. HELEN MARIE GOLDSTEIN Forest Secretarial Club, President, Var- sity-Tenekoit, Volley Ball, Favorite Sub- iectvHome Economics, Ambition-Secre- tary, Hobby-Taking Pictures, Favorite Sport-Bowling, John Henry Brown. NANCY LOU GRAHAM Office Assistant, Hall Guard, Orches- tra, Girls Athletic Association CChicagoD, Favorite Subject-Public Speaking, Am- bition - Commercial Artist, Hobby -H Drawing, Favorite Sport-Football, Chi- cago, Illinois. SAMMY GRIGGS AB Class, Vice-President, 4A Class, Vice- President, ROTC, Maior, Comp Dallas, Rifle Team, Letter, Favorite Subiect- Trigonometry, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby+Stamp Collecting, Ambition- Dentist, Colonial. DOROTHY HALEY Dallas Historical Soqiety, Secretary, Parliamentarion, Auditores Caesaris, Vice-President, Secretary, Student Coun- cil, Texas History Club, Parliamentarian, Secretary, Forest Forum, IB Class, Vice- President, 'IA Class, Secretary, 2B Class, Parliomentorian, ZA Class, Secretary, 3B Class, Vice-President, Varsity-Volley Ball, Tenekoit, 3 Linz Awards, Ascher Silberstein. NORMA HALEY National Honor Society, Forest Secre- tarial Club, Texas History Club, Vice- President, Girls Public Speaking Club, Student Council, Forester Staff, Office Assistant, 2 Linz Awards, Posture Finals, Perfect Attendance, Varsity-Overtake, Tenekoit, Volley Ball, Newcomb, City Park. MARGARET FAYE HALL 3B Class, Treasurer, Dallas Historical Society, Second Vice-President, Librar- ians Club, Echo Reporter, Auditores Caesaris, Parliamentarian, Junior Red Cross, Texas History Club, Parliamen- tarian, Girls Public Speaking Club, Var- sity-Tenekoit, Basketball, I Linz Award, 2 Bible Awards, 2 Latin Awards, John Henry Brown. MARY HANEY Y-Teens, Secretary, Texas History Club, Student Council, 3B Class, Vice-Presi- dent, 3 Linz Awards, Favorite Subiect- Home Economics, Ambition-Housewife, Hobby-Reading, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Richard Lagow. EUGENE HARVEY Track, I Linz Award, Favorite Subiect- Drafting, Ambition-Architectural En- gineer, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby -Drafting, John Henry Brown. MARGARET LOIS HENDRIX Student Council, Favorite Subiect-His- tory, Ambition-Nurse, Hobby-Skat- ing, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Ascher Silberstein. JUNE HOGG Student Council, Forester Staff, Allied Youth, 2 Linz Awards, Maiorette, Favor- ite Subiect-Home Economics, Ambition -Housewife, Hobby-Dancing, Favorite Sport-Ice Hockey, T. C. Hassell. ,of DOROTHY HALL T Girls Military, Varsity-Basketball, Ten- ekoit, Volley Ball, Favorite Subiect- Foods, Ambition-Receptionist, Hobby- Collecting Pictures, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, City Park. LEONARD HANCOCK Favorite Subiect-Public Speaking, Am- bition - Mechanic, Hobby - Mechanic, Favorite Sport-Baseball, T. C. Hassell. THOMAS HARDIN ROTC, Technical'Sergeant, Favorite Sub- ject-Home Economics, Ambition-Law- yer, HobbyYSwimming, Favorite Sport -Swimming, T. C. Hassell. GEORGIA ANN HEAD Varsity-Tenekoit, Favorite Subject-AL gebra, Ambition-Secretary, Hobby- Dancing, Favorite Sport-Football, Rich- ard Lagaw. CECILIA HEREFORD Favorite Subiect-Public Speaking, Am- bition - Telephone Operator, Hobby - Reading, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Al- exandria, Louisiana, SHIRLEY HOLMES Student Council, Junior Red Cross, Girls Military, Varsity-Tenekoit, Perfect At- tendance, Favorite Subject-English, Ambition-Laboratory Technician, Hob- by+Keeping Scrapbooks, Favorite Sport -Football, Ascher Silberstein. l'11g4-' Tll'6IZfj"St'l7l"ll ,J JOE HORTON Favorite Subject-Trigonometry, Ambi- tion-Theatre Manager, Hobby-Match Box Collecting, Favorite Sport-Football, John Henry Brown. JOY LOU HOWLETT Y-Teens, Reporter, Horizon Club, Var- sity-Newcomb, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Ambition-Housewife, Hob- by-Swimming, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, John Henry Brown. DORIS JEAN HUDSON National Honor Society, Dallas Histor- ical Society, Texas History Club, Forest Forum, Treasurer, 3B Class, Secretary, I Linz Award, Favorite Subiect-Alge- bra, Ambition-Stenographer, Hobby- Sewing, Favorite Sport-Football, Rich- ard Lagow. BILLY JACOB Junior Red Cross, Sergeant-at-Arms, 4A Class, Treasurer, ROTC, Lieutenant Col- onel, Rifle Team, Favorite Subiect-Ao counting, Ambition-Watchmaker, Fa- vorite Sport-Football, Richard Lagow. JIMMIE JOHNSTON Student Council, Forester Staff, Red Cross, Favorite Subiect-History, Am- bition - Housewife, Hobby - Picture Shows, Favorite Sport-Football, Colon- ial. 7 CHARLENE KNIGHT Varsity-Tenekoit, Favorite Subiect - English, Ambition - Private Secretary, Hobby - Swimming, Favorite Sport - Football, T, C. Hassell. Page Twen ty-eight l ,V fi m xii ,Q I ELSIE HOUSE Favorite Subiect-Foods, Ambition- Typist, Hobby-Collecting Pictures, Fa- vorite Sport-Football, T. C. Hassell. BETTY JO HUDDLESTON Dallas Historical Society, Secretarial Club, Varsity-Tenekoit, Newcomb, For- ester Staff, Favorite Subiect-Typing, Ambition-Interior Decorator, Favorite Sport-Football, Ascher Silberstein. BOBBYE J EANE HUGHES Varsity - Tenekoit, Favorite Subiect - Chemistry, Ambition - Photographer, Hobby-Dancing, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, City Park. JEANNINE JAMESON National Honor Society, Parliamentar- ian, Auditores Caesaris, President, Vice- President, Parliomentarian, Student Council, Parliamentarian, High Scholar- ship Club, President, Vestonians, A Cap- pella, Forester Staff, Assistant Editor, Editor-in-Chief, IB Class, Secretary, 2B Class, Vice-President, 4A Class, Parlia- mentarian, Juvenile Traffic Court, Var- sity - Newcomb, Tenekoit, Endball, 3 Linz Awards, 2 Bible Awards, 3 Latin Awards, Ascher Silberstein. LAVERNE JON ES Student Council, Favorite Subiect-Eng- lish, Ambition-Air Hostess, Hobby- Raising Love Birds, Favorite Sport- Dancing, John Henry Brown. ELOISE KELLEY Red Cross, Varsity-Tenekoit, Posture Finals, Favorite Subject-History, Ambi- tion-Air Hostess, Hobby-Skating, Fa- vorite Sport-Baseball, T. C. Hassell. NANCY Girls Echo 3 Latin Favorite Sport-Football, T. C. NANCY LAMM Junior Red Cross, Favorite Subiect- Chemistry, Ambition - Stenographer, Hobby-Reading, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Greenville, Texas. HARVEY LANE Student Council, Cheerleader, Favorite Subject-Art, Ambition-Artist, Hobby- Collecting Famous Pictures, Favorite Sport-Hockey, .Iohn Henry Brown. ARENETTE LEVY Pan American Student Forum, Girls Pub- lic Speaking Club, I Linz Award, Favor- ite Subject-Home Economics, Ambition -Movie Star, Favorite Sport-Swim- ming, Colonial. MELVA LITTLE Girls Public Speaking Club, Forester Staff, Forest Secretarial Club, Secre- tary, Vice-President, A Cappella Choir, Varsity-Tenekoit, Newcomb, Overtake, Volley Ball, Perfect Attendance, I Linz Award, O. M. Roberts. BILLY RAY MACKEY Machine Shop lCrozier Technicall, Fa- vorite Subiect-Public Speaking, Ambi- tion-Medical Field, Hobby-Dancing, Favorite Sport-Auto Racing, Ascher Sil- berstein. EMMA NELL KOLLER Varsity - Tenekoit, Favorite Subiect - History, Ambition-Telephone Operator, Hobby-Baseball, Favorite Sport-Base- ball, Richard Lagow. JO ANN LANDRUM Student Council, Girls Military, Favorite Subiect - Public Speaking, Ambition - Secretary, Hobby-Swimming, Favorite Sport-Football, Ascher Silberstein. BILLY LEMONS ROTC, Second Lieutenant, Favorite Sub- iect-Physics, Ambition-Engineer, Fa- vorite Sport-Horseback Riding, T. G. Terry. J EANETTE LEVY Pan American Student Forum, Girls Public Speaking Club, High Scholarship Club, 3 Linz Awards, Favorite Subiect -English, Ambition - Model, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Colonial. BARBARA LORENZ Y-Teens, Interclub Council Representa- tive, Student Council, Vestonians, High Scholarship Club, Secretary, Forester Staff, Assistant Editor, Organizations Editor, A Cappella, Varsity-Tenekoit, Newcomb, Endball, Volley Ball, Perfect Attendance, 2 Linz Awards, I Bible Award, Colonial. RICHARD MACON Football, Favorite Subiect-Mechanical Drawing, Ambition -Automobile Me- chanic, Hobby-Repairing Cars, Favor- ite Sport-Football, Richard Lagow. Page Twenty-nine DORIS MARTIN Favorite SubiectEAccounting, Ambition -Housewife, Hobby-Singing, Favorite Sport-Football, Edgewood. HAROLDIENE McDEVlTT Dramatics Club iGreinerl, 'l Bible Award, Favorile Subiect-English, Arn- bition - Housewife, Favorite Sport Swimming, Winnetka. BILLY McCOOL Baseball, Favorite Subject-Home Econ- omics, Ambition - College Graduate, Hobby - Collecting Pictures, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Richard Lagow. DOLLIE MAE McGARITY Auditores Caesaris, Dallas Historical Society, Red ross Council, Student Counc.l, Locker Guard, Office Assist- ant, Varsity-Tenekoit, Volley Ball, I Latin Award, l Linz Award, John Henry Brown. HAROLD MELNICK National Honor Society, Auditores Caesaris, Standard Debating Society, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-President, President, Parliamentarian, Debate Team, High Scholarship Club, Ser- geant-at-Arms, 3 Linz Awards, 2 Latin Awards, Fire Prevention Contest - Third Place, All City Orchestra, John Henry Brown. LA MERLE MILLER Varsity-Newcomb, Volley Ball, Basket- ball, AmbltionANurse, Favorite Sub- iectiPhysical Education, HobbyACol- lecting Pictures, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Colonial. l'a5,'e: Thirty 2 r, I 1 J if lx nt 1570 fi ff .ne l I PATRICIA MAYS Favorite Subiect-History, Ambition- Housewife, Hobby-Wrestling Matches, Favorite Sport-Football, John Henry Brown. HELEN McCLURE Librarians Club, Forest Forum, Varsity- Tenekoit, Favorite Subiect - English, Ambition-Journalist, Hobby-Ice Skat- ing, Favorite Sport-Football, Wichita Falls, Texas. GLORIA McCULLOCH Pan American Student Forum, Forest Forum, Locker Guard, Favorite Subiect -Art, Ambition - Beauty Operator, Hobby - Drawing, Favorite Sport - Footballg Denver, Colorado. CARLENE McSPADDEN Red Cross Council, Varsity-Tenekoit, Favorite Subject-Accounting, Ambition -Secretary, Hobby-Collecting Photo- graphs, Favorite Sport-Roller Skating, T. C. Hassell. BILLY J EAN MERRIMAN Varsity-Newcomb, Favorite Subiect- History, Ambition-Secretary, Hobby- Collecting Records, Favorite Sport A - Football, El Paso, Texas. MARY FRANCES MESSINA Student Council, Dallas Historical So- ciety, Favorite Subiect-Public Speak- ing, Ambition-Stenographerg Hobby- Roller Skating, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, John Henry Brown. IV W 71 ,ng ls", I 'P 4 4, si .v 5' 0 Ns s Y" MARILYN MILLER Varsity - Tenekoit, Endballg Favorite Subiect-Accountingg Ambition H Beau- ticiang Hobby-Collecting Picturesg Fa- vorite Sport-Footballg Colonial. GEORGENE MOORE Favorite Subfect-Biologyg Ambition- Photographic Modely Hobby-Collecting Photosg Favorite Sport-Footballg John Henry Brown. BARNEY MORRIS Favorite Subiect-Spanishj Ambition- Motorcycle Jockey: Hobby-Climbing Mountainsg Favorite Sport - Footbally John Henry Brown. MILDRED MOSES Golf Clubg Texas History Clubg Bowling Clubp Y-Teens: Favorite Subiect-Home Economicsp Ambition-Nurseg Hobby- Dancingg Favorite Sport - Footbally Hutchins, Texas. FELIX MUDD Football: History Club fCrozier Techni- cally Favorite Subject-Geometryg Arn- bition - Jockey: Hobby - Model Air- planesy Favorite Sport - Horseracingg Maple Lawn. JACK R. NEWELL ROTC, Staff Sergeant: Bandg Favorite Subiect - Physicsy Ambition - Typistg Hobby-Sportsp Favorite Sport-Basket- ballg Paris, Texas. ,-...-L , TATE MILNER ROTC7 Basketball, Lettery Baseball, Let- terp Favorite Subiect-Journalismg Am- bition-School Teacherg Hobby-Eatingg Favorite Sport-Baseball: Ascher Silber- stein. FRANCES MORAN Girls Miiltaryg Favorite Subiect - Ac- countingg Ambition-Typistg Hobby - Collecting Picturesp Favorite Sport - Footballp Colonial. BILLIE JOYCE MORRIS Texas History Clubp-Forest Forum, Sec- retaryg Favorite Subiect-Englishg Am- bition-Stenographerp Favorite Sport- Horseback Riding: Richard Lagow. CHLOE MOUNTZ Y-Teens: Auditores Caesarisg Red Cross Councily l Latin Awardg Favorite Sub- iect-History: Ambition - Housewifej Favorite Sport-Football: T. C. Hassell. JEAN NEWBERRY Allied Youthg I Bible Awardg Forester Staffg Favorite Subiect-Englishg Am- bition-Housewifeg Hobby - Collecting Postcardsy Favorite Sport - Footbally Lisbon. ODIS E. PEACOCK Golfy Footballg Camera Club CWoodrow Wilsonlg Favorite Subiect-Architectural Drafting: Ambition-Architectg Hobby - Model Airplanesy Favorite Sport - Footballg David Crockett. Page Thirty-one f, L BILL PERRY Lettermen's Clubg Student Council, Football, Letter, Track, Favorite Subject -History, Ambition-Doctor, Favorite Sport-Football, Colonial. MAROLYN PHILLIPS Girls Public Speaking Club, Favorite Subject - English, Ambition - Clothes Designer, Hobby - Collecting Recordsg Favorite Sport-Ping-Pong, Tyler, Texas. THOMAS PITTS Football, Baseball, Basketball, ROTC, Technical Sergeant, Favorite Subiect - Aeronautics, Ambition-Electrical Engi- neer, Hobby - Collecting Miniature China Dogs, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Amarillo, Texas. DORIS POWELL Forest Secretarial Club, Posture Finals, 1 Bible Award, I Linz Award, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics: Ambition - Secretary, Hobby - Reading, Favorite Sport-Football, Colonial. HOYLE RAMSEY Favorite Subiect-Mathematicsg Ambi- tion-Office Worker, Favorite Sport- Football, Hobby - Working, Cooper, Texas. MARCIA RARIDEN Auditores Caesarisg Girls Public Speak- ing Club, I Linz Award, Varsity-Tene- koit, Favorite Subiect-English, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Hobby-Collecting Car Tokens, John Henry Brown. Page T hirty-two JANE PHILLIPS Girls Public Speaking Club, Treasurer, Pan American Student Forum, Presil dentg Allied Youth, Vice-President, Parliamentarian, Librarians Club, Stu- dent Council, 4B Class, Secretary, One- Act Play Contest, Best Actress, Union Bower. DANIEL PIROZZO ROTC, Technical Sergeant, Football, Favorite Subiect - Science, Favorite Sport - Hunting, Hobby - Swimming, Ambition-Lawyer, John Henry Brown. JOE DAN PLUNK ROTC, Second Lieutenant, Rifle Teamg Favorite Subiect-Architectural Draw- ing, Hobby - Flying, Favorite Sport- Football, Ambition - Architect, O. M. Roberts. EDNA LOISE POWELL Y-Teens, Favorite Subiect - Public Speaking, Ambition - Stenographer, Hobby-Dancing, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Ascher Silberstein. MARY LOUISE RAMSEY Favorite Subiect-Journalism, Ambition -Housewife, Hobby-Reading, Favorite Sport-Football, Ascher Silberstein. WANDA LOU RECKLEY Red Cross, Varsity-Tenekoit, Favorite Subiect-Biologyj Ambition - House- wife, Hobby-Singing, Favorite Sport -Swimming, Richard Lagow. PATSY LOU REED Vestonians, Texas History Club, Var- sity-Tenekoit, Newcomb, Favorite Sub- ject-Art, Favorite Sport - Basketballg Hobby - Tap Danc'ng, Ambition - Nurse, John Henry Brown. KAY REILLY Y-Teens, Student Counc'l, House of Representatives, Senate, Red Feather Pep Squad lTulsaJ, Favorite Subiect- Home Economics, Ambition - House- wife, Hobby-Sports, Tulsa, Oklahoma. RALPH REYNOLDS Football, Baseball, Favorite Subiect- History, Ambition-Physical Education Teacher, Favorite Sport-Footballg As- cher Silberstein. JAMES ROBINSON 4A Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, National Honor Society, Sergeant-at-Arms, 2 Linz Awardsg I Bible Award, ROTC, Captain, Favorite Subiect-Accounting, Favorite Sport-Football, Colonial. EDDIE RUBIN IB Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, Standard Debating Society, Sergeant-at-Arms, Secretary, Vice-President, President, Pan American Student Forum, Track, John Henry Brown. BILLY RUYLE Football, ROTC, Sergeant, Favorite Sub- iect-History, Hobby-Raising Pigeons, Favorite Sport-Football, St. Edwards. nr 'PG- ta, ry-4313 1 'ik' S+? we Xue, M 'vi ROSE MARIE REED Auditores Caesaris, Student Council, Varsity -Tenelcoit, Newcomb, Posture Finals, Favorite Subject - Home Econ- omics, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Hobby - Drawing, Ambitlon - Interior Decor- ator, John Henry Brown. ETHEL REISBERG Pan American Student Forum, Girls Public Speaking Club, Texas History Club, Secretarial C'ub, Favorite Sub- iect - History, Ambition - Secretary, Hobby-Reading, Favorife Sport-Ten- nis, Colonial. IRENE ROBERTS Favorite Subiect-Accounting, Ambition -Typist, Hobby-Keeping Scrap Books, Favorite Sport-Football, Colonial. SHEARN ROVINSKY Standard Debating Society, High Scholarship Club, ROTC, Staff Ser- geant, 2 Linz Awards, Favorite Sub- ject-Chemistryi Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Ascher Silberstein. MARILYN RUDE High Scholarship Club, Girls Public Speaking Club, Pan American Student Forum, All-State Forumg l Linz Award, Office Assistant, Varsity-Newcomb, Tenekoit, John Henry Brown. MARGIE ST. CLAIR I Bible Awardg Favorite Subiect - Journalisrn, Ambition-Secretary, Hob- by - Collecting Picture Post Cards, Favorite Sport-Miniature Golf, Ascher Silberstein. Page Thirty-three 4 -A D. ALJ BILLIE JEAN ST. GEORGE Forest Forum: Echo Staff: Student Council: Favorite Subiect-Journalism: Ambition-Housewifeg Favorite Sport- Football: Hobby-Taking Pictures: John Henry Brown. BILLIE JO SCOTT Distributors Club of Texas: Favorite Subiect-Distributive Educationg Ambi- tion - Private Secretary: Hobby - Collecting Perfume Bottles: Favorite Sport-Swimming: Pleasant Mound. BILLY SCHAERDEL Student Councilg Football: ROTC, Ser- geant: Favorite Subiect - Chemistry: Ambition-Mechanic: Hobby - Model Airplanes: Favorite Sport - Football: Colonial. MURLENE SCHMIDT Favorite Subiect-Journalism: Ambition - Model: Hobby - Skating: Favorite Sport-Ice Hockey: City Park. ERNESTINE SCHULTZE 'I Linz Award: Favorite Subiect-Home Economics: Ambition-Writer: Hobby- Ice Skatingj Favorite Sport - Ice Hockey: Ascher Silberstein. BETTY JOYCE SEGAL National Honor Society: Forester Staff, Office Manager: Echo Staff, Assistant News Editor: Auditores Caesaris, Sec- retary: Girls Public Speaking Club, Treasurer: High Scholarship Club, Vice- Presiclent, Echo Reporter: Junior Red Cross, President, Vice-President, County Secretary: Student Councilg Posture Finals: Office Assistant: 3 Linz Awards: 3 Latin Awards: John Henry Brown. Page T hirty-four WY BILLY JACK SAUCIER ROTC, Captain, Rifle Team: Favorite Subiect-Music Literature: Ambition - Violin Teacher: Hobby-Fiddling: Co- Ionial. JIMMIE IRWIN SCOTT Track: Favorite Subiect-Algebra: Am- bition - High School Graduate: John Henry Brown. MARVIN SCHMIDT Pan American Student Forum, Treas- urer: O Club Brasileiro: Librarians Clubg 2 Linz Awards: Favorite Sub- ject - English: Ambition - History Teacher: Hobby - Classical Records: Favorite Sport-Baseball: City Park. MELVIN ARTHUR SCHROTH Football, Managerg Basketball lPleas- ant Grovel: Favorite Subiect-Account- ing: Ambition - Public Accountant: Hobby-Collecting Old Coins: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Pleasant Grove. JAMES SCIRRATT Auditores Caesaris: Standard Debating Society: Dallas Historical Society: Ser- geant-at-Arms: 2 Latin Awards: ROTC, Band, Corporal: Favorite Subiect-Eng- lishg Ambition-Public Auditor: Colo- nial. , h JOYCE SEGUIN Girl Reserves: Vestonians, Sergeant-at- Arms: Locker Guardg Varsity-New- comb, Tenekoit: Favorite Sport-Base- ball: Favorite Subiect-Home Econom- ics: Hobby-Collecting Pictures: Ambi- tion-Newspaper Reporter: John Henry Brown. .xl g Magma- ss- C . A C -A ...I ,ii A. PAULINE SERVELLO Dallas Historical Society: Girl Reserves: 2B Class, Parliamentariang Posture Finafs: Varsity-Tenekoit: Tennis: Favor- ite Subject-History: Ambition-House- wl'e: Hobby-Collecting Dolls: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Jchn Henry Brown. JAMES SHIPP Standard Debating Society: ROTC, Sec- ond Lieu'enant: Band, All-Cfty Band: Favorite Subiect-Accounting: Ambition -Merchant: Hobby - Eatingj Favorite Sport-Football: R'chard Lagow. GEORGE SIMS Dallas Historical Society, Parliamen- tarian: ROTC, First Lieutenant: Favorite Subiect-Historyg Ambition - Grocer: Hobby-Fishing: Favorite Sport-Base- ball: John Henry Brown. WANDA SKINNER Favorite Subject-Public Speaking: Am- bition-Secretary: Hobby - Collecting Snap Shots: Favorite Sport-Dancing: Grand Saline, Texas. J. T. SLAUGHTER Footballg Baseball: Favorite Subject- Aeronautics: Ambition - Architect: Hobby - Making Airplanes: Favorite Sport-Baseball: John Henry Brown. JEAN SMITH Y-Teens, Parliamentarian, Treasurer, President: Texas History Club: 1 Linz Award: Cheerleaderg Student Council: Favorite Subiect-Home Economics: Am- bition - Foreign Missionary: Hobby - Reading: Favorite Sport - Football: Richard Lagow. BILL SHARP Hi-Y: Student Councilg ROTC: Football, Letter: Basketball: Track, Letter: Favor- ite Subiect-Art: Favorite Sport-Swim- ming: Ambition-Artist: T. G. Terry. JOSEPH J ULIUS SILBERMAN Auditores Caesaris, Sergeant-at-Arms: Standard Debating Society, Vice-Presi- dent, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms: Dallas Historical Society, Vice-Presi- dent: 2 Latin Awards, I Linz Award: John Henry Brown. SARAH SKELTON Auditores Caesaris, Secretary, Presi- dent, Parliamentarian: Texas History Club, Secretary, President: Dallas His- torical Society, Vice-President, Treas- urer: Student Council, Vice-President: 'IB Class, President: 2B Class, Presi- dent: 3B Class, Secretaryg 4B Class, Treasurer: 4A Class, Secretary: Cheer- leader: Varsity-Tenekoit, Newcomb: 2 Linz Awards: Ascher Silberstein. LARRY LEE SLAKEY Pan American Student Forum, Secre- tary, Representative to Advisory Board: High Scholarship Club: Hi-Y: Standard Debating Society: Allied Youth: IB Class, Secretary: 2B Class, Vice-Presi- dent: ROTC, Staff Sergeant: Ascher Sil- berstein. CLAUDE SMITH National Honor Society: Student Coun- cil: 'l Linz Award: ROTC, Second Lieutenant: Bandg Favorite Subiect- Aeronautics: Ambition-Inventor: Hob- by-Model Building: Favorite Sport- Football: Ascher Silberstein. NELLIE SMITH Varsity-Baseball, Newcomb: Favorite Subiect-Biology: Ambition - Interior Decorator: Hobby-Dancingg Favorite Sport-Football: Colonial. Page Thirty- five MAURY SOLTES Auditores Caesaris, Standard Debating Society, Student Council, Junior Red Cross, President, Vice-President, Parlia- mentarian, High Scholarship Club, Na- tional Honor Society, Vice-President, President, 4B Class, Presidentg 4A Class, President, ROTC, Captain, Band, Drum Major, Camp Dallas, Rifle Team, Letter, Marksman, Sharpshooter, 3 Linz Awardsg 2 l.aZin Awards, Decla- mation Contest, Track, Office Assistant, John Henry Brown. MARGIE SONKA Le Cercle Francais, Sergeant-at-Arms, Girls Public Speaking Club, 2 Linz Awads, Favorite Subject-Home Econ- omics, Ambition - Secretary, Favorite Sport-Football, Ennis, Texas. JEROME STATMAN Auditores Caesaris, Junior Red Cross, Sergeant-at-Arms, Treasurer, Dallas Historical Society, Sergeant-at-Arms, Vice-President, ROTC, Band, Camp Dal- las, High Scholarship Clubg 2 Linz Awards, Forester Staff, John Henry Brown. PEGGY STEPHENSON Y-Teens, Vestonians, Student Council, Posture Finals, Dads Club Queen Con- test, Favorite Subject-History, Ambi- tion-Homemaker, Hobby - Reading, Favorite Sport-Ice Hockey, Richard Lagow. GENE STOCKDALE Football, Manager, Letter, Baseball, ROTC, Favorite Subiect-English, Am- biton-Contractor, Hobby - Collecting Match Folders, Favorite Sport - Foot- ballg T. C. Hasselt. JOANNA STORY Girl Reserves, Varsity-Tenekoit, Favor- ite Subiect-Journalism, Favorite Sport - Football, Hobby - Dancing, John Henry Brown. Page Thirty-six SHIRLEY MAE SOMER Girls Public Speaking Club, Librarians Club, H'gh Scholarship Club, Junior Red Cross, Parliamentarian, Treasurer, Forester Staff, Locker Guardq Office Assistant, 2 L'nz Awards, Perfect At- tendance, Dads Club Princess, Colonial. JAMES CORLEY SPARKS, JR. Student Council, President, Football, Track, Basketball, Favorite Subiect - Accounting, Hobby - Danc'ng5 Ambi- tion-Interior Decorator, Favorite Sport -Basketbalf, Ascher Silberstein. MAX STATMAN Standard Debating Society, I Linz Award, Favorite Subiect - Chemistry, Ambition-Mechanical Engfneer, Hob- by-Stamp Collecting, Favorite Sport- Footballg John Henry Brown. SHIRLEY ANN STILLMAN Pan American Student Forum, 3 Linz Awards, National Honor Society, For- ester Staff, Locker Guard, Favorite Subiect-Art, Ambition - Commercial Artist, Hobby - Singingg Favorite Sport-Tenekoit, Colonial. BILL STOKES Auditores Caesaris, President, Vice- President, Sergeant-at-Arms, Standard Debating Society, Dallas Historical So- ciety, President, Student Council, Traf- fic Commission, Red Cross Council, Texas History Club, President, Ser- geant-at-Arms, Forester Staff, Sports Editor, Managing Editor, 4 Latin Awards, Football, Track, James Bowie. A ALLEN SWAFFORD ROTC, Football, Favorite Subiect-His- tory, Favorite Sport-Football, Ambi- tion-Radio Technician, Hobby-Model Airplanes, T. G. Terry. CHARLES RUSSELL SCHWARZ Auditores Caesaris, Hi-Y, Vice-Presi- dent, High Scholarship, Red Cross Council, Student Council, Dallas His- tocal Society, ROTC, Captain, Rangerg Visual Education, 2 Linz Awards, Co- lonial. JO ANN TACKER Dallas Historical Society, Varsity-Tene- koit, Favorite Subiect-Public Speak- ing, Ambition - Accountant, Favorite Sport-Football, T. C, Hassell. LEROY TASKER Student Council, Football, Basketball, Letter, Baseball, Letter, Favorite Sub- ject-Englishg Favorite Sport-fTennis, Ambition-School Teacher, John Henry Brown. MARY TERRY ' Dallas Historical Society, Maiorettej Favorite Subiect-Public Speaking, Am- bition-Nurse, Hobby+Skating, Favor- ite Sport-Football, Ascher Silberstein. BOBBY TRENT Football, Track, Baseball, Favorite Sub- iect-Accounting, Ambition - Football Coach, Hobby-Sports, Favorite Sport- Football, T. G. Terry. HAROLD TUCKER Art Awards, Favorite Subiect - Art, Ambition-Commercial Artist, Hobby- Building Models, Favorite Sport- Football, T. G. Terry. I ' I K 'G Y . . ts X i , L. 1 r : Ja 5 'VW 1 i in ,1 .,vJ,.,g. if A Y ' ' v.: . Q 1- 'FI --'m..a 1. 11.-1 + 1" -' ,f, ':.. ' - - " .nw -. 3 JOHNNY DEAN SWARTZ Hi-Y, Lettermen's Club, Football, Let- ter, Baseball, Letter, All City, Favorite Sport-Ice Hockeyg Favorite Subiect- Journalism, Ambi.ion - Professional Baseball Player, John Henry Brown. 'i L SBARBARA TASKER Loc er Guardg Library Assistant, Favor- ite Subiect-Public Speaking, Ambition - Housewife, Hobby - Collecting Pic- tures, Favorite Sport--Football, John Henry Bzown. THURMAN TAYLOR Favorite Subject-History, Ambition - Aviator, Hobby - Model Airplanes, Favorite Sport-Football, John Henry Brown. BOBBIE JEAN TRAMMELL Varsity-Tenekoit, Favorite Subiect - Sl-iorthandg Ambition - Stenographer, Hobby-Collecting Snapshots, Favorite Sport-Football, T. G. Terry. BOBBIE JOYCE TUCKER Y-Teens, Art Award, Favorite Subiect- Art, Ambition-Fashion Designer,"Hob- by-lce Skating, Favorite Sport-Foot- ballg Richard Lagow. WANDA TURPEN Perfect Attendance, Favorite Subiect- Public Speakingg Ambition - Actress, Hobby-Collecting Old Coins, Favorite Sport-Basketball, T. C. Hassell. Page Thirty-seven NEIL TURNS Baseball, Basketball, Favorite Subiect -Mechanical Drawing, Ambition-Pro- fessional Baseball Player, Hobby - Drawing, Favorite Sport - Baseball, Richard Lagow. NITA GWEN WATKINS O Club Brasileiro, Girls Public Speak- ing Club, Dallas Historical Society, Pan American Student Forum, Junior Red Cross, Varsity - Tenekoit, Perfect At- tendance, Dads Club Queen, T. C. Has- sell. DANNY WEISFELD Standard Debating Society, ROTC, Bandg Favorite Subiect-English, Favor- ite Sport-Basketball, Oak Park, Illi- nois. DOROTHY WELTCHEK Pan American Student Forum, National Honor Societyg Forest Secretarial Club, Vice-President, Secretary, Texas History Club, Treasurer, Librarians Club, Stu- dent Council, 2 Linz Awards, Varsity- Tenekoit, Newcomb, 1B Class, Presi- dent, lA Class, Vice-Presidentg 2B Class, Vice-President, Forester Staff, Literary Editor, Ascher Silberstein. MARGIE WHEELER Y-Teens, 38 Class, Vice-President, Stu- dent Council, Posture Finals, Hobby- Dancing, Favorite Subiect - Public Speaking, Ambition - Nurseg John Henry Brown. JOY WILENSKY Girls Public Speaking Club, Sergeant- at-Arms, Le Cercle Francais, Vice-Presi- dent, Parliamentarian, Librarians Club, Office Assistant, Forester Staff, John Henry Brown. Page Thirty-Eight siirm.f,..s1 VIRGINIA VODICKA Auclitores Caesaris, Dallas Historical Society, 3 Latin Awards, Favorite Sub- ect-History, Ambition-Interior Decor- atorg Hobby-Dancing, Favorite Sport -Football, T. C. Hossell. ROGER WEAR Favorite Subiect-Mathematics, Ambi- tion-Radio Technician, Hobby-Read- ing, Favorite Sport-Football, Longview, Texas. CORTLAND WELBORNE Favorite Subject-Architecture, Ambi- tion-Architect, Hobby-Reading, Fa- vorite Sport - Football, John Henry Brown. JOAN WHEELER Forest Forum, President, Texas History Club, National Honor Society, Varsity-- Tenekoit, Endball, Volley Ball, 3 Linz Awardsg Office Assistant, Perfect At- tendance, Richard Lagow. EMMA MAE WILBURN Forest Forum, Sergeant-at-Arms, Var- sity-Tenekoit, Posture Finals, Favorite Subiect-Accounting, Favorite Sport- Baseball, Ambition-Housewife, Hobby -Collecting Picturesg Richard Lagow. DORIS JEAN WILLIAMS Auditores Coesaris, 1 Linz Award, Fa- vorite Sport-Skatingg Favorite Subiect -History, Ambition-Nurse, Hobby - Dancing, Ascher Silberstein. 1 JOE A. WILSON Lip Reading Club, Football, lCrozier Technicaljp Cheerleader, Favorite Sub- iect-Artg Hobby-Ice Skating, Favori e Sport-Ice Hockey, sional Hockey Player, T. C. Hassell. GERRY WOOD Girls Public Speaking Club, Varsity- Tenekoit, Volley Ball, Favorite Subject -Mathematics, Ambition-Nurse, Hob- by-Dancing, Favorite Sport-Skating, T. C. Hassell. LEONARD T. WRIGHT Football, Favorite Subiect - History, Ambition-Radio Techniciang Hobby- Model Airplanes, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, T. C. Hassell. J EROME ZABOJNIK ROTC, Football, Letter, Track, Letter, Baseball, Basketball, Favorite Subiect -Architecture, Ambition - Contractorg Favorite Sport-Baseball, Ascher Sil- berstein. can-I'-5' i DORIS ZIMMERMAN , Gi Forest Secretarial Clubg Favorite Sub- A iect - Home Economics, Ambition - Saleswoman, Hobby - Collecting Pic- xl ES- x tures, Favorite Sport - Bowling, John , , , i Henry Brown. Y ll ft is A ' V tl A 3 it I RONALD WITT Football, ROTC, Lieutenant, Rifle Team, Favorite Subiect-Physics, Ambition- Avfatorg Hobby-Working on Motors, Colonial. MARGUERITE WOOD Pan American Student Forum, Treas- urerg Dallas Historical Society, O Club Brasileiro, Student Council, Varsity- Tenekoit, 2 Linz Awards, Colonial. JUDY WYLL National Honor Society, Secretary, Student Council, Secretary, Girls Pub- lic Speaking Club, President, Vice- President, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Parliamentarian, Pan American Student Forum, Secretary, High Scholarship Club, Secretary, Tennis, Varsity-Tene- koitg 3 Linz Awards, Office Assistant, Library Assistant, Girls Military, John Henry Brown. LEON ZEMAN Standard Debating Society, Tennis, Favorite Subject-Chemistry, Ambition -Business Man, Hobby-Stamp Collect- ing, Favorite Sport-Tennis, John Henry Brown. JUNE '48 CLASS OFFICERS Full MAURY SOLTES, President SAMMY GRIGGS, Vice-President JANE PHILLIPS, Secretary SARAH SKELTON, Treasurer Spring MAURY SOLTES, President SAMMY GRIGGS, Vice-President SARAH SKELTON, Secretary BILLYIJACOB, Treasurer Page Thirty-nine 414 C7444 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Joseph Silberman, Sammy Griggs, Billy Ray Mackey, Hughie Cox, George Sims, Bill Clay, Jimmie Scott, Jack Knight, James Robinson, Eugene Harvey. Second Row: Ronald Witt, John Hayes, James Bartlett, Thomas Pitts, Thomas Hardin, Bill Sharp, Eugene Plant, Leroy Tasker, Jerry Clay, Allen Swafford. Third Row: Billy Lemons, Leon Everett, James Belken, Rich- ard Conner, Johnny Swartz, Winford Drake, Claude Smith, Leonard Wright, Billy Jack Saucier. Page F oriy I Fourth Row: Joe Horton, Leonard Hancock, Franklin McCool, Neil Turns, Harold Tucker, James Sparks, Bill Perry, Roy Hall, A. W. Karr. Fifth Row: Joe A. Wilson, Cortland Welborne, Max Statman, Richard Macon, Maury Soltes, Jerome Statman, Marvin Black, Warren Gaston, James Scirratt. Sixth Row: Harvey Lane, Marvin Schmidt, Jack Newell, Sig- mund Altman, Charles Greenhaw, Danny Weisfeld, Edwin Bannon, Tommie Fraley, Jessie Collier, Billy Jacob. Seventh Row: Harold Melnick, Roy Hall, Unidentified. 4,4 Cla A LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Doris Barish, Lila Goldberg, Judy Wyll, Betty Collier, Sarah Skelton, Wanda Bartm, Marilyn Miller, La Merle Miller, Leila Cody, Joyce Dance, Mary Ram' sey, Second Row: Nadine Belt, Mildred Beck, Edna Powell, Mur- lene Schmidt, Nancy Knott, Bobbye Hughes, June Hogg, Shirley Somer, Frances Dooley, Mary Alexander, Maria Berry, Mary Bain, Wanda Turpen. Third Row: Jeannine Jameson, Barbara Lorenz, Dorothy Cruse, Norma Cook, Betty Jean Bodine, Jean Newberry, Betty Cox, Iris Apple, Betty Huddlestcn, Carmen Eby. Fourth Row: Bobbie Jean Jones, Adeline Elam, Helen Gold- stein, Dorothy Bohne, Margaret Equels, Dorothy Hall, Billie Garn, Emma Mae Wilburn, Joan Wheeler, Frances Moran, Eloise Kelly, Ernestine Schultze. Fifth Row: Marlene Ablon, Kay Reilly, Betty Eury, Marolyn Phillips, Jean Smith, Doris Jean Hudson, Marilyn Rude, Joy Wilensky, Sylvia Goidl, Shirley Ann Stillman, Wanda Reckley, Frances Evans, Barbara Tasker. Sixth Row: Arenette Levy, Marcia Englberg, Jeanette Levy, Jeanne Allen, Margie Sonka, Patricia Mays, Jimmie Johnston, Ethel Reisberg, Jenna Lee Cromer, Marguerite Wood, Doris Martin. Seventh Row: Nellie Smith, Melva Little, Marcia Rariden, Nita Watkins, Doris Williams, Joanna Story, Mary Haney, Sue Riley, Wanda Skinner, Doris Zimmerman. Eighth Row: Joyce Seguin, Jo Ann Landrum, Shirley Holmes, Mary Frances Messina, Eunice Allen, Doris Jean Byford, Virginia Vodicka, Margaret Hall, Dorothy Haley, Marie Grubbs, Katherine Beaver, Jean Byrd, Cassie Draper. Ninth Row: Helen Baleia, Jane Phillips, Mary Terry, Peggy Brooks, Patsy Reed, Rose Reed, Cecilia Hereford, Nancy Lamm, Georgia Head, Barbara Deines, Nancy Graham, Irene Roberts, Helen Bennett. Y Page Forty-one its 45 C1444 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Gene Stockdale, Larry Slakey, Charles Schwarz, Roger Wear, Don Taylor, Billy Schaerdel, Shearn Ro- vinsky, Felix Mudd, Harold Robertson. Second Row: Billy McPeak, Joe Dan Plunk, Leroy Collier, Ralph Reynolds, Roy Hall, Danny Weisfield, Arley Car- ter, Leon Cash, David Cherry, George Cummings. Third Row: Leland Dixon, Billie Morris, Bobby Clay, Joe A. Wilson, .lack Ogden, Charles Boone, Ben Durham, Lois Tyler, Louise Smith, Wayne Kane. Page F arty-two Fourth Row: A. D. Kleinman, Carlene McSpadden, Billie Jean Merriman, Jean Bedell, Emma Nell Koller, Macel Fowler, Norma Haley, Dorothy Weltchek, Edwina Fitz- gerald, Douglas Charba, Vista Moore, Johnny Rowe. Fifth Row: Gerald Levine, Betty Corbett, Frances Dixon, Doris Powell, Harlodiene McDevitt, Wanda Barton, Jean Newberry, Leroy Burdick, Chloe Mountz. Sixth Row: Pace Zeman, Jerome Zaboinik, Kenneth Chunn, Gloria McCulloch, Betty Bush, Elsie House, Charlene Knight, Charlotte Cowen, Charles Coley, Jack Knight. 3,4 C1444 LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Jimmy lmhoof, Neal Byers, Harold Bridges, Walter Stonehomburg, Gene Culpepper, Aubrey Churchwell, Richard Nulisch, Jack Thompson, Paul McKay, Bobby Hopper, Milton Leventhal, Rudy Overman. Second Row: Leroy Kirkham, Willard Crass, Calvin Thomp- son, Joe Stubblefield, Phillip Aronoff, Lloyd Turner, Weldon Jones, Don Carmickle, C. B. Disman, Olen Rowe, Robert Hixson. Third Row: Doy Robinson, Jimmy Lee Barber, Hollis Fisher, Morton Moriarty, Alvin Kahn, Charles Mercer, Roland Hill, Marvin Greenberg, Harrell Kitchens, Kenneth Young. Fourth Row: Billy Dean Thomas, Carl Stone, Jay Beck, Ken- neth Rigler, Harold Elkins, Clarence Abramson, Alfred Beniamin, Carl Slcibell. Fifth Row: Murphy Webster, Pat Ferrell, Jack Chandler, Robert Crenshaw, Billy Cannon, Stanley Woodruff, Billy Gilliland, Joe Rener. Sixth Row: Roland Ball, Charles Smith, Pat Livingston, Bob Keller, Terry Anderson, E. W. Cunningham. Seventh Row: Kenneth Smith, Glenn Bailey, Hubert Parrett, Leo Whatley, Travis Tolley, Dan Hulse, Farrell Thorn- ton, Bobby Weaver, William Hand, Bob Nelson, J. W. Wilkinson. Eighth Row: Glenn Marlow, Robert Haggerty, Sammy War- ren, T. J. Bowen, Don Hunt, Pat Kelley, Unidentified, Ernest Church, Cortez Fulsom. Ninth Row: Jerry Gebhart, S. I. Drobnies, Unidentified, Paul Davidson, Marvin Donald Beach, Marvin Sigel, Billy Rickerson, Weldon Watson. l'u,eH Forty-lliree 3,4 C7444 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Wanda Jackson, Joy Jean Nichols, Billy Jo Haney, Juanita Allen, Jo Ann Terry, Lorene Williams, Doris Kil- lough, Billie Ruth Moore, Blanche Kassed, Janice Tomp- kins, Dollie Pot Smith, Ruby Carpenter. Second Row: Janice Allbright, Rose Ellen Barton, Dorothy Sasse, Nan Humphrey, Belly Jo Fullz, Betty Tapper, Flay Rowan, Dorothy Knight. Third Row: Verabelle Perry, Jeanette Smith, Evelyn Engle- berg, Judith Steinhorn, LaVerne Knight, Lorette Brisen- dine, Jean Eby. Fourth Row: Myrtle Lee Cates, Annie Bell Clements, Barbara Clark, Doris Henson, Arvina Shindall, Betty Woody, Rosa Hart, Louise Yarborough, Belly Jo Cook, Floy Workman, Jean Dement, Jean Weaver, Dolores Knight, Jo Ann Greenwood. Fifth Row: Barbara Beiben, Peggy Smith, Betty Haire, Kath- erine George, Joyce Fuller, Jerry Sue Kennelly, Mina Rue Evans, Janice Flanagan, Gloria Smith, Margie Baldwin, Frances Curry, Irene Finneburgh. Page Fnrfi -funr Sixth Row: Ann Stokes, Margaret Ann Allison, Mary Joy Babbitt, Mary Ann Janes, Shirley Rae Shay, Dorothy Wealhersby, Maurine Whalen, Anna Joyce Hartness, Winnora Sartain, Elsie Gage, Fay Rigsby. Seventh Row: Barbara Hansen, Joyce Primrose, Evelyn Goss, Jacquelyn Keith, Beatrice Marcus, Joan Levy, Marion Goldman, Hazel White, Doris Tunnell, Jean Hopkins, Billy Kelly. Eighth Row: Betty Harvey, Betty Childress, Joyzell Hyde, Mary Lee Brown, Jean Ware, Wanda Hales, Patsy Lowry, Wynell Reynolds, Jeannine Adams, Bobbie Clark, Naomi Southerland. Ninth Row: Bettye Randolph, Lottie JO Helms, Patsy Early, Betty Ja Hanks, Laura Mae Embry, Maureen Moriarty, Mary Frances Bennett, Theola Taylor, Marie Buchanan, Ann Rogers, Cornelia Simmons, Jean Smith, Billie Jean Brazeal, Virginia Barnes. Tenth Row: Mary Lou Slalom, Clara Ruth Chappell, Lois Samples. 56144 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Joyce England, Pat Rowland, Wanda Chism, J. B. Hayth, Mina Rue Evans, Velleen Dula, Peggy Smith, Jeanie Taylor, Barbara Moore, Glenda Sue Ballard, Nell Bannister. Second Row: Julia Ann Bratton, Eloise Ward, Sue McFaddin, Jene Lamon, Carl Tucker, Margie Mullins, Eunita Wheeler, Ethel Osborn. Third Row: Joyce Clark, Charles Clark, Bill Reilly, Billy Taylor, J. A, Snow, Beth Trent, Nancy Paxton, Barbara Beaty, Alice Robinson, Teddy Humphrey. Fourth Row: Howard Mims, Jean Johnson, Darlene Austin, B Billy Smith, Bobby Rivers, Jimmy Day, Richard Choate, Hilda Struckmeyer, Robert Johnson. Fifth Row: Myrtle Cates, Annie Bell Clements, Paul Black, Billy Degen, Unidentified, Lidel Barker, Bill Cowling, Jerry Holmes. Sixth Row: Wallace Widders, Terry Anderson, Judith Rice, Johnny Schmohl, Robert D. Hodges, Unidentified, Walt Bourland, Edward Robinson, Robert Jones, Joe Rener. Seventh Row: Alma Sue Bennett, Ardath Barker, Frankie Miller, Paulo Parrish, Joan Sears, Nora Thomas, Billie Willis, Coynella Hogg, Luke Macaluso, Ann Ernest, Richard Degges, Bobby Hodges. Page lforty-fire 214 C7444 LEFT TO RIGHT First Raw: Myron Goldberg, Ben Engelberg, Donald Smith, Bobby lmhoof, Damie Stillman, Leo Whatley, Oscar Drobnies, Marvin Burns. Second Row: Bill Reilly, Larry Solomon, Glen Riddle, Charles Lowrance, Jerry Coley, Jerry Kalmin, Newman Helm, Otis Straughan, Gene Webb, Herbert Baumgartner, Leroy Meggs. Third Row: Ben Schnitzer, Jimmy Bacom, Gene Morrow, Eugene Humphries, Robert Mikus, J. C. Reeves, Burton Bullock, Bobby Dickson. Fourth Row: Carl Stone, Billy Guernsey, Carl Tucker, Joe Cannon, Fred Allen, Don Taylor, Joe Doyle, Billy Smith, Leonard Edwards, James Greenhaw, Tommy Oddo, Morton Rudberg. Fifth Row: Bobby Gallop, Jimmy Day, Unidentified, Bobby Welden Rivers, J. P. Smith, Donald Minsky, Sid Pilot, Carl R. Bond, Loran Dunn. Page Ifnrly-six Sixth Row: Fred Evans, William King, Charles Keaton, Robert Benton, Arthur Friedman, Nathan Friedman, Bill Cowl- ing, .Jimmy Phillips, Unidentified. Seventh Row: Tommy Walker, Lee Gore, Jerry Barshop, Marvin Hoffman, Charles Patzig, Paul Page, Unidenti- fied. Eighth Row: Travis Hukill, Jerry Landsberg, Howard Feffer, Max wild, Frank McKnight, Billy Ray Hawthorn, Jimmy West, Ed Clark, Unidentified, Kennith Fuller, Unidenti- fied. Ninth Row: Arthur Satterwhite, Joe Buckovan, Glenn Mur- phy, Fred Randall, William Moore, Tommy Jones, Far- rell Woftord, Johnny Schmohl, Jerry Holmes. Tenth Row: Walter Bourland, Robert Lee Watford, Mickey Huddleston, Bobby Horn, Billy Rickerson, Bonner Fuller, Robert Powell, Mitchell Beggs, Melvin Brand, Unidenti- fied, Ronald Oesch. sc fig' 2,4 C144 LEFT T0 RlGHT First Row: Mary Lou Dalton, Joyce Kirk, Flora Nell Rains, Lula Norris, Bobbie Carter, Bonnie Thorpe, Joan Crow, Adeline Elam, Joyce Barnard, Joan Bartlett, Joyce Smith, Doris Gibson, Mary Eury, Marlene Adams. Second Row: Ednaiim Smith, Wynema Jay, Patricia Baker, Jerry Sue Kennelly, Pattye Sue Lawrence, Latriece Smith, Helen Rachofsky, Janet Harris, Gertrude Fair, Mary Hayes, Martha Joe Striegler, Gladys Pilgrim, Joyce Myers. Third Row: June Strickland, Mildred Blanton, Janice Allen, Ruth Phillips, Benita Ablin, Shyrlee Emmett, Freida Gappelberg, Jo Ann Schinkel, Joanne Woodside, Gearldyne Maner, Bettie Winters. Fourth Row: Barbara Blummer, Alice Dennis, Dot Wylie, Thresa Phillips, Lela Faye Thrasher, Peggy Dean, Mary Lee Hoffman, Minnie Lou Parsons, Carrie Jo Wagli- ardo, Dorothy Poole. Fifth Row: Norma Fallwell, Annie Bell Clements, Myrtle Lee Cates, Wanda Foster, Di Ann Shugart, Harriett Vat- sures, Marilyn Blatt, Martha Smith, Naomi Jane Harris, Jane Rutland, Barbara Allen, Patsy Cromer, Dollie Fugitt, Doris Jones, Modena Patterson. Sixth Row: Charlcye Berry, Dorothy Claxton, Willie Dean Johnson, Margie Wright, Aunita Yates, Patsy Cherry, Dorithea Webb, Maurice Lowrance, Betty Jones, Louise Mann, Marion Alexander, Eleanor Raskin, Betty Jean Eads, Mary Lou Elliott, Wynell Johnson, Eudell Wilker- son. Seventh Row: Billie Wilkerson, Ruby Adkins, Betty Bierhal- ter, Editha Byers, Twila Moore, Jane Barker, Dorothy Fields, Melba Baker. Eighth Row: Loretta Pearce, Virginia Morris, Natalee Elliott, Betty Ray, Anniece Davidson, Virginia Miller, Jean White, Nancy Burt, Barbara Abbott, Mary Shelton, Melba Floyd. Ninth Row: Bobbie Jean Jones, Shirley Collier, Vista Moore, Nadine Chance, Betty Glasscock, Billie Jean Parmer, Audrey Slider, Betty Hunt, Shirlie Els, Sue Owen. Tenth Row: Francis Ewing, Wanda Sparks, Jodie Le Doux, Peggy Hinson, Mary Leon Hcllon, Carol Ann Black, Patsy Bledsoe, Doris Holley, Peggy Phillips, Wanda Moore. Eleventh Row: Joyce Marshall, Shirley Cavender, Dorothy Sparks, Hazel Walkerf, Jean Bennett, Wilma Morris, Barbara Reed, Janis Reece, Jean Johnson, Norris Jean Wilson, Virginia Gilliland, Ellen Thurrnond, Georgia Flanagan, Margie Robinson, Page Forty-seven o .,. ., A J Z6 C7444 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Eddie Heimann, Ralph Smith, Willie Joe Adair, Billy Whatley, Ralph Sinclair, Lawrence Bagwell, Edd Stevens, Bill Henry, Freddie Time, Jesse Gadd, Robert Biesel, Marshall Moriarty, J. C. Thomas. Second Row: Raymond Zaboinik, Jimmy Marlow, Bobby Hardin, Leo Chance, Johnny Hambriclc, Freddie Combs, Billy Thompson, Grady Stegman, Jackie Bourland, Gwendel Balmer, John Carl James. Page Forty-eight Third Row: Tommy Turner, Billy Morse, Larry Klein, Stanley Murphy, Joe Bray, W. Leo Dennis, Francis Turner, Cle- mon Rogers, Wayne Hooten, Marvin Prestridge. Fourth Row: Melvin Parkerson, Cecil Price, Jess lamb, George Chaffin, Elvin Bailey, Robert Parker, Paul Juhlin, Pat McKanna, Bobby Fraley. Fifth Row: Harold Ray, Woodfin Pruitt, Kenneth Morrison, Maurice Peterman, Miller Pattillo, Robert Clarlx, Bobby Hopper, William Riddle, Gerald Hilz, Bill Bowles. E in mm , . Z! Cla A LEFT T0 RIGHT Firsl Row: Norma Jean Pallerson, Mary Louise Bagwell, Jeannie Walker, Dolores Coker, Palsie Hinson, Carol Marshall, Anila Duckworth, Anne Hayes, Donna Kogan, Frankie Holder, Lolheldic: Mallingly. Second Row: Shirley Collier, Anniece, Davidson, Evelyn Dooley, Edilh Carler, lona Turpen, Barbara Boldin, Shirley Cleghorn, Helen Hodson, Marlene Rhea. Third Row: Dorothy Louise Ayers, Belly louise Uselton, Alhel Dahlgren, Evalyn Rogers, Belly Jo Hall, Jewel Aulry, Marilyn Jacobs, Belly Joe Dinsmore, Bonnie Crowe, Eddie Jo Stoul. Fourth Row: Myrlis Pierce, Patricia McMillen, Millie Kulil, Raymonde Russell, Clemmie Ponlley, Jean Graf, Mary Kline, Norma Billingsley, Marlha McGee, Opal Evans. Page Forty-nine 114 Cla it LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Kenneth Wilson, Herald Hancock, Walter Skin- ner, Arvel Woodward, Ronald Fitzgerald, Larry Feld- man, Harvey Lerer, Glenn Starks, Ben Williams, Jack Beasley, Sidney Ashbrook. Second Row: Philip Cash, Marvin Elliot, J. T, Wagliardo, Billy Thomas, Earl Bock, Morty Ravkind, Ari Susman, Clarence McLean, Marvin Wayne Cody, John Brannum, Edd Stevens. I 'ago 1' i j ty Yhird Row: James Haire, Billy Lawton, Tommy Runneis, Dar- row Hartness, Luther Batson, George Milner, Glynn Wright, Ray Turns, Leroy Mathews, Billy Baker, La Prell Rounsarall, William Badgett, John Baumgurdner. Fourth Row: Don Wesch, Travis House, Donald Cundiff, Robert Lester Johnson, Billy Nix, Billie Barnes, Angier McGee, Alvin Wilson, Bob White. Fifth Row: Donald Holland, Olen La Quey, Buford Matthews, Gerald Barnett, Jerry Clark, Carl Allen, Earl Stewart, Unidentified. L 9 114 CIMA LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Betty Hawthorne, ldella Coleman, Annella Robin- son, Sandra Marks, Ethel Silvergold, Etta Jean Brand, Juanita Thompson, Neta Burnxett, Pauline Pierce, Mary Lou Gregson, Doris Smock,l,Mdrilyn Butler. Second Row: Elsie Marie Foster, Wanda Dawson, June But- ler, Evelyn Forwalter,'Patsy Wester, Jo Ann Shannon, Joy Mack, Marilyn Sug, Shapiro, Dollie Ball, Billie Anne Alexahder, Monta Fay Trammell, Marilyn Gol- rnan. Third Row: Tommie Nell Wright, Jo Ann Smith, Twila Moore, Mariorie Smith, Opal Anne Monk, Melba Hales, Johnnie Stephenson, Mary Ellen Mathews, Helen Donsky, Patsy Thompson. Fourth Row: Billy Jae Jackson, James McKee, Norton Gamel, Clyde Bacon, Eugene Ercanlirack, Jackie Clark, Frank McMullen, Truman Minyard. Fifth Row: Joe Rubinett, Harold Reid, Ira Smith, Billie Harris Herold Hancock, Billy Frank Shaw, Frank Hereford. Sixth Row: Stanley Murphy, George Darnell, Johnny Mc- Garity, John Carter, Billy Jack Sorrells, George Lyles, Darrow Hartness, Bruce Evans, John Boone, Charles Berghauser. Seventh Row: Orville Pinson, Jerry Clark, John Baumgard- ner, Richard McKinney, Salvader Digiglio, Frank Maca- luso, Waymon Prestridge, Bob Shaw, Sammy Calver- ley. Eighth Row: Bonnie Joe Lightfoot, Herman Black, Wayne Nance, Dan Reeves, Don York, George Hoclges, Billy Pate, Rufus Poteel, William McCarter. Ninth Row: Donald Shotwell, Donald Ray Dunn, Gene Wells, Jerry Fair, Robert McDonald. Page Fifty-one I 4 ..- ! IK Cla A LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Guylene Matthews, Edith Melnick, Martha Wil- liams, Shirley Edwards, Sue Bell Prince, Venita Jones, Barbara McCool, Jo Nell Wiles, Norma Womack, Nita Bryan, Patsy Ruth Pryor, Lillie Ruth Turnham. Second Row: Louise Mattingly, Patsy Gurley, Betty Knight, Iris Watford, Avanell Bennett, Nelda Webster, Betty Watson, Jessie Hill, Rita Morse, Imogene Wilson. Third Row: Darlene Harris, Virginia McCoy, Vergia Mary Banno, Etta Mae Yarborough, June Partain, June Schae- fer, Wanda Buclcmeyer, Mattie Asbill, Shirley Ann Tres- enriter, Betty Hemby, Marco Sumner, Barbara Glass- cock. Page F i ftyltwo Fourth Row: Doris Jo Wilson, Mary Lou White, June Fife, Annabell Davis, La Verne Mathews, Joyce Killings- worth, Norma Goodman, Mary Dotson, Juanita Thomas. Fifth Row: Clara Hodges, Dorene Jay, Sally Gregson, June Payne, R. Lee Terrell, Doris Smith, Wanda James, Betty Sue Ogletree, Annette Rose, Freddie Sue Cochran. Sixth Row: Betty Mann, Billie Jean Laughlin, Mary Wayne Steele, Tommie Dell Jones, Janie Patrick, Elizabeth Surber, Dixie Stephenson, Louise Goldstein. Seventh Row: Joan Cannon, Marilyn Stoneham, Audie Rod- gers, Virginia Taylor, Maxine Carlisle, Donnie Kline, Geneva Mullins, Jeanette Swift, Margie Stonebarger. IK Cla A lEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Robert McDonald, Dudley Ballard, Gene Sale, Solomon Reisberg, Jerry Romotsky, Eddie Greenberg, William McGee, Wallace Mann, Willard Scribner, Mar- vin Hood, Donald Hammons, Shirley d'Ablemont, Tom Rappolo. Second Row: Royce Burleson, R. B. London, Howard Hansen, Robert Franklin, Ralph Pyle, Raymond Lambert, James Lenamond, Jack Chambers, Earle Cameron, Lillie Ruth Turnham, Rebecca Carpenter. Third Row: Arnold Zaidle, Billy Thompson, Elsfe R. Hancock, Patricia Meade, Barbara Fuller, Billy Smith, Billy Col- lard, Lavern Hathaway, Letty Baysinger, Jesse Sosa, Gail Denham. Fourth Row: Minnie Cambron, Norma Beach, Tommy Etchie- son, Robert Carlock, Ethel Schwartz, Helen Ayers, Mary Alice Knott, Angie Lee Todaro. Fifth Row: Norma Southern, La Juan Cobb, Geraldine Wynne, Patsy Dement, Nell Dollgener, Margaret Young, Martha Manning, Geraldine Platfen, Connie Sorrells, Vivian Connors, Paula Shelton, Freda Houston, Cleta Bell Rogers, Leveda Jo Beavers, Elaine Kessner, Ruth Joy Benson, Tommie Bell Eads, Bobbie Collins, Wanda Bawcum, Norma Jean Larr, Yvonne Williams, Anna Crandall. Sixth Row: Miss Mary Drake, Betty Jean Davidson, Mary Whisenhunt, Dorothy Wright, Joanne Dance, Joyce Mixon, Mildred Ball, Bobbie Garrett, Shfrley Fuller, Barbara Campbell, Betty Fivecoat. Seventh Row: James Sims, Bill Brady, Laura Harmer, Adrinne Saltzman, Jo Anne Moore, Shirley Goldstein, Dionne Tucker, Kathleen Cummings. Eighth Row: Don Plunk, Mays Gaza, Ncma West, Thomas White, Richard Rfgsby, Norman leiterman, Betty Mor- gan, Melvalene Kitchens, Floyce McFarlin, Jerry Huff. Ninth Row: Richard Deith, Jimmy Price, James Knight, Archie Crass, Dalen Johnson, Douglas Blatney, Jerry Carpen- ter. Tenth Row: Ray Carter, Robert Bailey, John Cole, Alonzo Hargrove, James Hudson, Charles Highsmith. Page Fifty-three W i f i' Q' ' 4, ' 0 f v -X a X 'R' 1 sq-Q, 'xk J , Attention! Forward march! Watch the precision of the boys marching by . . . 'V XA Q Campus every Tuesday morning is scene of ROTC parade . . . Cadet Lieutenant- . mi Colonel Billy Jacob takes student lead over companies . . . Rifle team looks ' M o promising . . . Cadets hold Regimental Ball . . . Bond under new director, Colonel Marshal, arouses school spirit at football games. ,, i, in J Colonel Captain Technical Sergeant ROSCOE l.. ROBERTS ROGER M. NORWOOD FRANK ORRll.l. Commandant Senior Assistant Assistant Commanclant Commanclant R0 7 C .C FA FALL LEFT T0 RIGHT Third Row: 'lst Lt. George Sims, 'lst Lt. Hughie Cox, 2nd First Row: Lt. Col. Billy Jacob, Major Sammy Griggs. Ll' Claude smnh' ls' Ll' Joe Dan Plunk' lst U' Tommie Fraley. Second Row: Capt. Charles Schwarz, Capt. Billy .lack Fourth Row: lst LY. Charles Calvert, 2nd Lt. Harold God- Saucier, Capt. Maury Soltes, Capt. James Robinson, win, 2nd Lt. Clarence Abramson, 2nd Lt. Edward Capt, John Hayes. Cummings. . ., ......... . ...f . V.. M Page Filly-six LEFT TO RIGHT at 3 FALL man, Pvt. Sid Pilot, Sgt. Olen Rowe, 2nd Lt. Clarence Abramson, Sgt. Tommy Oddc, Cpl. Kenneth Fuller, First Row: Capt. Maury Soltes, T 'Sgt. Marvin Greenberg, SfSgt. Harold Elkins, Sgt. Marvin Sigel, 2nd Lt. James Belken, Charlcye Berry, Col. J. C. Marshall. Pvt. Jerry Barshop, Cpl. min, Pvt. Marvin Black, Lawrence Solomon, Cpl, Third Row: lst Lt. Sigmund Joyce Dance, lst. Sgt. Carl Skibell. Fourth Row: 2nd Lt. Claude Smith. Cpl. Jerry Coley, Pvt. Marvin Elliott, Martha Joe Striegler, Pvt. Carl Ray Second Row: Pvt. Charles Powell, Pvt. Olen La Quey, Pfwl Black, Cpl- Jeffv Kel- sinh Row: 2nd Lv. Harold Godwin, Pvt. Paul Juhlin, sgr. Pvt. Morton Rudberg, Pvt. Leroy Kirkham. Altman, Pvt. Arthur Fried- Bond, Cpl. Nathan Friedman, Sgt. Jerome Statman. Ralph Cearley, 2nd Lt. James Shipp, SfSgt. Jack Newell, Cpl. Alfred Beniamin, Cpl. Robert Benton, S,"Sgt. Charles Coley. Captain Sergeants Maury Soltes First Lieutenant Sigmund Altman Second Lieutenants Clarence Abramson Harold Godwin James Shipp Claude Smith First Sergeant Carl Skibell Technical Sergeant Marvin Greenberg Staff Sergeants Charles Coley Harold Elkins Jack Newell Elvin Worden Co Pri Ralph Cearley Tommy Oddo Olen Rowe Marvin Sigel SPRING Marvin Elliot COLONEL Jerry Fair JOHN C. MARSHALL Arthur Friedman Director Jerome Statman rporals Alfred Beniamin Robert Benton Paul Black Jerry Coley Nathan Friedm Kenneth Fuller Jerry Kalmin Leroy Kirkham James Scirratt vates Roland Ball Jerry Barshop Robert Biesel Marvin Black Carl Bond Melvin Brand Marvin Cody Loran Dunn an Gi Paul Juhlin Harrell Kitchens Jerry Landsberg Olen La Quey Wayne Nance Sidney Pilot Charles Powell Morton Rudberg Tommy Runnels Walter Skinner Jack Smith Lawrence Soloman Earl Stewart Irving Swartz J. C. Thomas Kenneth Young rls Charlcye Berry Joyce Dance Jean Graf Julayn Lockley Martha Striegler Jean Walker Tommie Nell Wright Page Fzfli 581871 .,,,i-e - --f Wai WH FALL LEFT TO RIGHT Mercer, TfSgt. Charles Boone. First Row: lst lt. Charles Wallace Calvert, lst Sgt. Third Row: Sgt. Gene Culpepper, Pvt. Marvin Prestridge, Travis Tolley, Capt. Charles Schwarz, lst Lt. George Pvt. Alvin Prokop, Pvt. Roland Hill, Pvt. Carl Tucker. Sims. Fourth Row: Pvt. John Baumgardner, Cpl. Johnny Second Row: Sgt. Robert Jones, Sgt. Bobby Hopper, Pvt. Schmohl, Cpl. Willie Joe Adair, Sgt. Hollis Fisher, Marvin Elliot, Pvt. William Badgett, Pvt. Charles sfsgf. Edward G. Robinson, Sgt. Robert Johnson. SPRING Captain Charles Schwarz First lieutenant Hughie Cox First Sergeant Travis Tolley Technical Sergeant Charles Boone Staff Sergeant: George Cummin Page Fifty-eight QS Rudy Overman Edward Robinson Johnny Rowe Sergeant: C. B. Disman Hollis Fisher Bobby Hopper Robert Johnson Corporal: Willie .loe Adair David Davis Marvin Prestridge John Schmohl Damie Stillman Privates John Baumgardner Carl Bond Billy Crawford Marvin Elliott Richard Hughes Billy Nix Don Plunk Alvin Prokop Joe Stubblefield Tommy Turner Billy Waggoner LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: lst l.t. Hughie Cox, Capt. Ronald Witt, Capt. Billy Jack Saucier, lst Sgt. lrving Schwartz, 2nd Lt. James Bartlett. Second Row: Pvt. Billy Jackson, Pvt. Ralph Sinclair, SfSgt. Shearn Rovinsky, Sgt. Billy Schaerdel, Pvt. Donald Dunn, Pvt. Billy Whatley, TfSgt. Weldon Jones, Sgt. Richard Nulisch, TfSgt. Robert Crenshaw. is ' ,, i. Third Row: Sgt. C. B. Disman, Pvt. C. E. Hulse, Pvt. Eugene Humphries, Pvt. Donald Minsky, Pvt. Joe Buckovan, Pvt. Jess lamb, Pvt. Eddie Heimann. Fourth Row: TfSgt. Jack Chandler, Pvt. Tommy Turner, Pvt. Ed Clark, Pvt. David Davis, Sgt. Charles Kea- ton, Cpl. Dan Dawson, Pvt. Marvin Hoffman. Fifth Row: sfsgf. Howard Mims, Pvt. Glenn Murphy, SfSgt. Arley Carter, Pvt. Lenard Edwards, Pvt. Jackie Watkins, Pvt. Gerald Hilz, Pvt. Pat McKanno. Company Captain Billy Jack Saucier lieutenant Bartlett Drake Staff-Lieutenant Colonel Billy Jacob First Sergeant Irving Schwartz Master Sergeant Robert Jones SPRING Technical Sergeants Carl Dennis Weldon Jones Staff Sergeants Arley Carter Joe W. Crass George Keller Howard Mims Omar Steele Sergeant Gene Culpepper Privates Phillip Aronoff John W. Cole Leonard Edwards Ben Engleberg Myron Goldberg Gerald Hill Marvin Hoffman C. E. Hulse Eugene Humphries Bobby lmhoof Billy Joe Jackson Jess H. Lamb Norman luterman David Minsky Glen Murphy Ralph E. Sinclair Donald Smith Page Fifty-nme W, Leo Dennis 4 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Major Sammy Griggs, ist. Sgt. Jay Beck, wi FALL Capt. James Robinson, 'lst Lt. Joe Dan Plunk. Second Row: Pvt. Robert Parker, Pvt. Donald Smith, Cpl. John Tankursley, Pvt. Ralph Smith, Pvt. Larry Feld- man, Pvt. Ben Engelberg, Pvt. Harvey Lerer, Pvt. Luther Batson, Pvt. Myron Goldberg. Third Row: Sgt. Jene Laman, Sgt. Leo Dennis, Cpl. Damie Stillman, Pvt. Bobby lmhoof, Pvt. Weldon Watson, Com any SPRING Muiol' Technical Sergeonts S G i cmmy r 995 Jack Chandler Cortland Welborne Captain James Robinson First Lieutenant Joe Dan Plunk Staff Sergeants William Bond Marvin Burns Richard Choate Kenneth Cook Second Lieutenants Felix Mudd James Belkin James Cummings Se,-geqngs Billy Lemons Jene Laman First S9"99W'f Calvin Thompson Jay Beck Corporals Master Sergeant Bobby Hardin Bobby Crenshaw Billy Thomas Page Sixty Cpl. Billy Thomas, sfsgf. Phillip Aronoff. Fourth Row: TfSgt. George Cummings, Pvt. Joe Stub blefield, Pvt. Charles Berghauser, Sgt. Calvin Thompson, SfSgt. Rudy Overman, 2nd Lt. Law rence Drake, Pvt. Francis Turner, SfSgt. Marvin Burns. Fifth Row: SfSgt. Willard Crass, Pvt. Paul Drobnies Pvt. Leo Whatley, Pvt. Ernest Church, Pvt. Rufus Poteet, sfsgr. William Bond, SfSgt. Bob Keller. Privates Lawrence Bagwell Charles Berghauser John Boone Walter Bourland Saul Drobnies Eddie Heimann Ronald Hill Jack Jones Robert McDonald Charles Mercer Charles Moehle Richard Nulisch Rufus Poteet Tom Roppolo William Scribner Ralph Smith Carl Tucker Francis Turner Jackie Watkins Weldon Watson Gerald Welbourne Billy Whatley Leo Whatley Wm we and fe it 'E 5 as i. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: 'lst Lt. Tommie Fraley, Lt. Col. Billy Jacob, Capt. John Hayes. Second Row: lst Sgt. Johnny Childress, Pvt. Frank Mc- Mullen, Pvt. J. T. Wagliardo, Pvt. Jack Beasley, Pvt. Clarence McLean, Pvt. Glenn Starks, Pvt. Billy Frank Shaw, sfsgt. Felix Mudd. Third Row: Pvt. Frank Macaluso, Pvt. Grady Stegman, sfsgt. Larry Slakey, Cpl. Bobby Hardin, Pvt. Leroy Meggs, Pvt. Fred Allen, Pvt. Wayne Nance, Pvt. Lawrence Bagwell. FALL Fourth Row: TfSgt. Daniel Pirozzo, Pvt. John James, Pvt Leo Chance, Sgt. Robert Hixson, Sgt. Lee Gore, Pvt William McCarter, SfSgt. Leroy Young. Fifth Row: sfsgt. Richard Choate, Pvt. Gerald Barnett Pvt. Freddie Phillips, Pvt. Walter Bourland, Tfsgt Luke Macaluso, sfsgt. Johnny Rowe. Sixth Row: TfSgt. Cortland Welborne, Sgt. George Chaf- fin, SfSgt. Fred Randall, Sgt. Richard Deggs, Pvt Bobby Hodges, T!Sgt. Jack Knight. Company b Captain John Hayes First Lieutenants Tommie Fraley George Sims First Sergeant John Childress Technical Sergeant Jack Knight SPRING Staff Sergeants Billy Risener Fred Randall Larry Slakey Sergeants Richard Deggs Robert Hixon Privates Fred Allen Jack Beasley Fred Evans Charles Highsmith Bobby Hodges John James Charles Keaton Harvey Lerer Frank Macaluso Luke Macaluso Pat McKanna Clarence McLean Frank McMullen Walter Meggs Fred Phillips J. C. Reeves Billy Shaw Glen Starks Grady Stegman John Tankursley J. T. Wagliardo Thomas White Page Sixty one t' , Q' , I 5 n ri ' "' , 1' V, V is 1 ' ani at bmi Q- al? v'4' The meeting will please come to order! . . . Forest extracurricular activities are outstanding , . . Student Council sponsors Friendship Week . . . Representatives explain club activities to freshmen . . . Students enter Dads Club contests . . . Organizations end busy year of assemblies, banquets, socials, and contests . . . Parent-Teachers Association sponsors carnival . . . Publication staffs are busy all year covering school news. 4 LEFT TO RIGHT Beatrice Marcus, Sylvia Goidl, Marilyn Rude, Jeannine First Row: Lois Schuman, June Goldberg, Maury Soltes, Judy Jameson, Betty Segal. Wyll, Emma Daisy Reed, Marion Goldman, Odessa Third Row: Jerome Statman, Harold Melnick, Polly Rogers, Roberts, Wanda Jackson. Shirley Somer, Norma Cook, Doris Gibson, Barbara Second Row: Charles Schwar,z Joan Levy, Blanche Kassed, Lorenz, Miss Sarah Meriwether. lsligla SclwlarAlu02 C' 116 OFFICERS MISS SARAH MERIWETHER, Sponsor Fall Semester EMMA DAISY REED, President MAURY SOLTES, Vice-President JUDY WYLL, Secretary JUNE GOLDBERG, Treasurer MARION GOLDMAN, Sergeant-at-Arms BETTY SEGAL, Echo Reporter Spring Semester JEANNINE JAMESON, President BETTY SEGAL, Vice President BARBARA LORENZ, Secretary JOAN LEVY, Treasurer HAROLD MELNICK, Sergeant-at-Arms JEROME STATMAN, Parliamentarian BEATRICE MARCUS, Student Council Representative Page Sixty-tour High Scholarship Club is composed of stu- dents with Linz pin or B average . . . Inter- esting programs are held throughout year . . . Hallowe'en program October 20 consists of appropriate contests . . . Party November T3 for new members includes musical con- tests and novelty numbers . . . "Horse Sense" program holds club's interest on December 4 . . . Club constitution has been amended so that sophomores who have no grade below C, but are not yet eligible for Linz pin, may belong to organization . . .Meetings are held every other Thursday . . . Purpose is to show students value of high scholarship. LEFT TO RIGHT Dorothy Weltchek, Doris Jean Hudson. First Row: June Goldberg, Judy Wyll, Maury Soltes, Vunita Third Row: Charles Conner, Betty Eury, Norma Cook, Nadine Stribling, James Robinson, Sylvia Goidl, Jeannine Belt, Harold Melnick, Betty Joyce Segal, Mrs. Emma Jameson. Bro Second Row: Shirley Ann Stillman, Emma Daisy Reed, Joan NOT IN PICTURE Swift, Joan Wheeler, Edwina Fitzgerald, Norma Haley, Julian Braddock, Joyce Dance, Claude Smith. National Honor Svcie ty All ambitious students strive to become members of National Honor Society . . . Eli- gible tor membership are 3A, 4B, and 4A students who have attended Forest for one or more years . . . To obtain admission to so- ciety, prospective members are presented to faculty tor approval . . . New members are initiated twice during year on assembly pro- gram in second six weeks ot each term . . . Forest chapter honors new members with steak try December I5 at Mrs. Emma Brown's home. . .Members ot National Honor Society excel in scholarship, leadership, service, and character, which are aims of society. OFFICERS MRS. EMMA BROWN, Sponsor Fall Semester VUNITA STRIBLING, President MAURY SOLTES, Vice-President JUDY WYLL, Secretary JUNE GOLDBERG, Treasurer JAMES ROBINSON, Sergeant-at-Arms JEANNINE JAMESON, Parliamentarian Spring Semester MAURY SOLTES, President BETTY SEGAL, Vice-President JUDY WYLL, Secretory JUNE GOLDBERG, Treasurer JAMES ROBINSON, Sergeant-at-Arms JEANNINE JAMESON, Parliamentarian Page Sixty-fire L+ l LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Odessa Roberts, Pauline Pierce, Wanda Jackson, Sarah Skelton, James Sparks, Judy Wyll, Joy Nichols, Dorothy Haley, Dollie McGarity, Doris Gibson. Second Row: Jacquelyn Keith, Marion Goldman, Bernice Tucker, Jeannine Jameson, Benito Ablin, Latrice Smith, Shirley Collier. Fourth Row: Freddie Coombs, Leon Everett, Mary Jo Alex- ander, Mary Bain, Dorothy Poole, Patsy Cherry, Polly Rogers, Di Ann Shugart, Norma Cook, Kay Reilly, Margaret Hendrix. Fifth Row: Ed Clark, Joe Cannon, Wallace Widders, Seldon S. Hutchinson, Patsy Reed, Rose Marie Reed, Jane Phil- lips, Dorothy Sparks. NOT IN PICTURE Third Row: Bob White, Wdter Skinner, Ari Susman, Patricia James Cameron, Billy Jacob, Charles Schwarz, Billie Jo Reece, Leila Thrasher, Mildred Blanton, Peggy Smith, Charlcye Berry, Margie Mullens. Scott, Pauline Servello, Marilyn Shapiro, Billy Smith, Bill Stokes, Leroy Tasker. Student Council OFFICERS S. S. HUTCHINSON, Sponsor Fall Semester JAMES SPARKS, President SARAH SKELTON, Vice-President JUDY WYLL, Secretary WANDA JACKSON, Treasurer Spring Semester JAMES SPARKS, President SARAH SKELTON, Vice-President JUDY WYLL, Secretary WANDA JACKSON, Treasurer Page Sixty-six Student Council is composed of represen- tatives from each first period class and all clubs . . . Delegates are sent to Traffic Court, Traffic Commission . . . Aids in annual Dads Club Queen Contest, September 23 through October 31 . . . Adds to school's fighting spirit by printing football tags before each game . . . Rules for good of school are discussed and voted on in council . . . Sends president, James Sparks, to Texas Association of Stu- dent Government in Corpus Christi an No- vember l5 . . . Elects representatives to Ro- tary Club . . . Sponsors "Friendship Week" . . . Student Council sponsors "Fighting Lion" Contest, won by John Schmohl. T Hilti iiig LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Jerry Landsberg, Claude Smith, Jerome Statman, Betty Joyce Segal, Maury Soltes, Sigmund Altman, Jene Loman, Beatrice Marcus, Blanche Kassed, Ethel Silver- gold. Second Row: Marvin Burns, Joan Levy, Marion Goldman, Shirley Somer, Nancy Lamm, Gertrude Fair, Sandra Jacobson, Bob White, Donna Kogan, Shirley Collier, Modena Patterson. Third Row: Marcia Engelberg, Jo Beth Hall, Dollie Ball, Wanda Reckley, Dorothy Claxton, Betty Hunt, Nita Watkins, Billie Anne Alexander, Martha McGee, Mary Lou Elliott. , Fourth Row: Helen Baleia, Wilma Morris, Alice Dennis, Barbara Blummer, Audrey Slider, Virginia Taylor, Miss Loula Elder, Larry Klein, Sid Pilo't, Ben Schnitzer. A s unior Red Crou Council The Junior Red Cross is iunior branch of National Red Cross . . . Forest outstanding in county council . . . Betty Segal secretary ot county council . . . Maury Soltes is delegate to Lake Minnetonka because of outstanding work here . . . Twelve gift boxes are packed by first period classes . . . Three girls enter- tain children at Parkland Hospital in con- valescence program each week . . . John Ackard of North Dallas is guest speaker at assembly October l5, and Mrs. Watson, head of Junior Red Cross in Dallas, is also a guest . . . Forest presents talent program at Lisbon Hospital February I7 . . . Collects S27 for annual dues to national organization. OFFICERS MISS LOULA ELDER, Sponsor Fall Semester MAURY SOLTES, President BETTY JOYCE SEGAL, Vice-President SIGMUND ALTMAN, Secretary-Treasurer JEROME STATMAN, Sergeant-at-Arms BEATRICE MARCUS, Parliamentarian Spring Semester BETTY JOYCE SEGAL, President BEATRICE MARCUS, Vice-President JOAN LEVY, Secretary MARION GOLDMAN, Treasurer MAURY SOLTES, Parliamentarian Page Sixty-seven g 1 IEEE! warm iss EEEEEQ lil! SIIIIHIQJH ls ll 5 LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Jeannine Jameson, Shirley Tresenriter, Marion Goldman, Emma Daisy Reed, Betty Joyce Segal, Sarah Lee Skelton, Dorothy Jean Haley, Robert Oswald Biesel, Bette Davis, Fred Time, Bill Stokes, Milton Leventhal. Second Row: Wanda Jackson, Janie Patrick, Etta Jean Brand, Joy Mack, Marilyn Blatt, Jane Rutland, Edith Carter, Jerry Landsberg, Marilyn Jacobs, Joan Levy. Third Row: Jacquelyn Keith, ldella Coleman, Patsy Wester, Betty Jo Cook, Odessa Roberts, Dorothy Cruse, Shyrlee 14uditvreA OFFICERS MISS ETHEL MASTERS, Sponsor Fall Semester SARAH SKELTON, President DOROTHY HALEY, Vice-President BETTY SEGAL, Secretary EMMA DAISY REED, Treasurer BILL STOKES, Sergeant--at-Arms JEANNINE JAMESON, Parliamentarian Spring Semester BILL STOKES, President JACKIE WATKINS, Vice-President DOROTHY HALEY, Secretary ANN STOKES, Treasurer J. J. SILBERMAN, Sergeant-at-Arms MARION GOLDMAN, Student Council Representative SARAH SKELTON, Parliamentarian Page Si.rlt'-ciglil Emmett, Janice Allen, Edith Melnick, Ben Schnitzer, Pat Rowland. Fourth Row: Joseph Silberman, Marilyn Goldman, Virginia Morris, Polly Rogers, Margaret Hall, Ann Stokes, Betty Jean Eads, Billie Anne Alexander, Dorithea Webb, Tommy Oddo, Jerry Kalmin. Fifth Row: Miss Ethel Masters, Barbara Blummer, Jeannie Taylor, Wilma Morris, Hollis Fisher, Jackie Watkins, Arthur Friedman, Gene Morrow, Ernest Hand, Sid Pilot. Sixth Row: Miss Sarah Davidson, Sigmund Altman, Nathan Friedman, Jene Loman. Cac ari I Objective ot Auditores Caesaris is better to acquaint members with Roman customs . . . Programs of year consist of usual slave auction in which freshmen are sold as slaves . . . Plays written in both Latin and English . . . Debates pertain to Roman history . . . On Christmas program carols, poems, piano solos, and readings are presented . . . Roman games and book reviews give members knowledge of Roman life . . .Quizzes concern Roman mythology and famous personalities . . . Guest speakers visit Auditores Caesaris . . . Club has regular spring picnic at Fair Parkin March . . .Annual Banquet April 30 highlights year's activities. Sew XF? - c-ter r - BEN Hfft, fr-A fill fi W LEFT TO RIGHT ' . Fletcher Wickham, Ethel Silvergold, Barish, Judy Wyll, June Lila Goldberg, Jane Phillips, Marguerite Wood, Iris Apple, Blanche Kassed, Latriece Smith, Marvin Hoffman. Second Row: Larry Lee Slakey, Helen Rachofsky, Marilyn Shapiro, Janet Harris, Benita Ablin, Sylvia Goidl, Mar- ilyn Rude, Betty Cox, Gloria McCulloch, Ednaiim Smith, Myron Goldberg. Third Row: Audrey Slider, Dollie Ball, Mary Wayne Steele, First Ro es Curry, Mary Ann Jones, Pauline Pierce, Flora Nell Rains, Freda Gappelberg, Lela Fay Thrasher, J. A. Snow, Eugene Goldgar. Fourth Row: Nita Watkins, Jean Bennett, Martha Joe Strieg- ler, Walter Skinner, Arley Carter, J. T. Wagliardo, John Brannam, nies. Robert Johnson, Bobby Hopper, Saul Drob- NOT IN PICTURE Margaret Allison, Jerry Holmes, Jane Phillips, Ruth Phillips, Betty Tapper, Hazel Walker, Marguerite Wood. Pan Jmerican Student fvmm Pan American Student Forum organized November 10, 1927, by Miss Fletcher Ryan Wickham . . . Celebrates its twentieth anni- versary at All-City meeting December 5 . . . Forest students tell history ot organization . . . Christmas party is feature of regular meeting December 16 . . . Members enjoy traditional game, La Pinata . . . Also inter- esting talks and skits in both Spanish and English are given .. .Club meetings are held every Thursday in room 107. . . Outstanding activities of club for spring term are Pan American Day assembly April 14 and all- Spanish program given by students of Span- ish Department at Forest. OFFICERS MISS FLETCHER R. WICKHAM, Sponsor Fall Semester JANE PHILLIPS, President BLANCHE KASSED, Vice-President DORIS BARISH, Secretary MARGUERITE WOOD, Treasurer MARVIN HOFFMAN, Sergeant-at-Arms JUNE GOLDBERG, Parliamentarian LATRIECE SMITH, Student Council Representative IRIS APPLE, Echo Reporter Spring Semester SAUL DROBNIES, President HELEN ROCHOFSKY, Vice-President LATRIECE SMITH, Secretary MYRON GOLDBERG, Treasurer JANET HARRIS, Sergeant-at-Arms LARRY SLAKEY, Parliamentarian RUTH PHILLIPS, Student Council Representative JUDY WYLL, Echo Reporter Page Si,rty-nine LEFT TO RIGHT Third Row: S. S. Hutchinson, Sigmund Altman, Melvin First Row: Harold Melnick, Shearn Rovinsky, Larry Lee Slo- Brand, Unidentified, Sid Pilot, Larry Klein. key, Marvin Sigel, Jerry Landsberg, Irving Schwartz, Ben Schnitzer. NOT IN PICTURE Second Row: Saul Drobnies, Morton Rudberg, Samuel Damie Stillman, Howard Feffer, Alfred Beniamin, Melvin Brand, Jerry Fair, Donald Minsky, Morty Ravkind, Joseph Silberman. Bill Stokes, Ari Susman. Standard bebating Socie ty OFFICERS S. S. HUTCHINSON, Sponsor Fall Semester EUGENE GOLGAR, President HAROLD MELNICK, Vice-President SIGMUND ALTMAN, Secretary J. J. SILBERMAN, Treasurer MARVIN SIGEL, Sergeant-at-Arms EDDIE RUBIN, Parliamentarian Spring Semester SIGMUND ALTMAN, President JOSEPH SILBERMAN, Vice-President BEN SCHNITZER, Secretary LARRY SLAKEY, Treasurer EDDIE RUBIN, Sergeant-at-Arms HAROLD MELNICK, Parliamentarian Page Seventy Standard Debating Society organized to teach members fundamentals of debating, oratory, effective speech, and correct parlia- mentary procedure . . . Programs every Wed- nesday range from an amusing tone to a more serious and educational nature, but are alike in that they are always worth while. .. All members take part in frequent club dis- cussions . . . During year heated debates keep Standardites on their toes on current political issues . . . Annual ioint meeting with Girls Public Speaking Club held during Fall term . . . Standard Debating Society has annual spring banquet at Dunton's Cafeteria. EV., LEFT TO RIGHT Segal, Sylvia Goidl, June Goldberg, Marilyn Joy Wilensky, Cecelia Rasansky, Donna Kogan. Second Row: Doris Barish, Helen Rachofsky, Marilyn Blatt, Benita Ablin, Betty Tapper, Marilyn Shagirp, Etta Jean . -ap Brand, Maralyn Phillips, Marlene Ablon, Shirley Grab- Ethel Silvergold, Lois Schuman, Judy Wyll, Betty stald. Third Row: Emma Daisy Reed, Gertrude Fair, Nelda Web- ster, Latriece Smith, Marilyn Golrnon, Patsy Pryor. Fourth Row: Doris Smith, Sandra Jacobson, Barbara Beiber, Jane Phillips, Ruth Phillips, Q14 miZ:6lic Spe airing C106 To promote interest in oratory, drama, de- bating, extemporaneous speaking, and other forms of public speaking is purpose ot Girls Public Speaking Club.. .Meetings held every Wednesday in room 202 . . . Freshman girls are honored with party in October . . . Jane Phillips, one ot club's outstanding senior members, gives demonstration of how to use stage make-up February 4 . . . Club presents amusing play as assembly program . . . In early November, Girls Public Speaking Club has program consisting ot imitations ot ac- tresses and other famous people. In tall term club holds annual ioint meeting with Stand- ard Debating Society. OFFICERS MISS ANNIE GEM FELDER, Sponsor Fall Semester JUNE GOLDBERG, President MARILYN RUDE, Vice-President SYLVIA GOIDL, Secretary BETTY SEGAL, Treasurer JOY WILENSKY, Sergeant-at-Arms JUDY WYLL, Parliamentarian LOIS SCHUMAN, Echo Reporter BENITA ABLON, Student Council Representative Spring Semester JUDY WYLL, President ' JANE PHILLIPS, Vice-President DORIS BARISH, Secretary BEATRICE MARCUS, Treasurer JUNE GOLDBERG, Parliamentarian ETHEL SILVERGOLD, Sergeant-at-Arms Przgrf .qP1Jf'llfj'-Oli? ?l.lL.J LEFT TO RIGHT Lois Tyler, Mary Statom, Nadine Jones, Jerome Stat- m First Row: Pauline Servello, Betty Huddleston, Bernice Tucker, on. Sarah Skelton, Dorothy Haley, Margaret Hall, Bill Stokes, Marguerite Wood, James Scirrott. Second Row: Betty Cox, Betty Haire, Barbara Hansen, Car- men Eby, Marie Grubbs, Betty Harvey, Doris Jean Hud- son, Joseph Silbermon, Emma Daisy Reed. Third Row: Nita Watkins, Margaret Ann Allison, Ann Stokes, Fourth Row: Jack Knight, Barbara Wickliffe, Miss Minnie Brown, Doris Byford, Joanne Tacker, Sandra Jacobson, Alfred Benjamin, Charles Schwarz. NOT IN PICTURE Iris Apple, Beatrice Marcus, Billie Ruth Moore, Joy Nichols, Virginia Vodicka, Gloria Smith. ballast Hi torical Socie ty OFFICERS MISS MINNIE BROWN, Sponsor Fall Semester BILL STOKES, President JEROME STATMAN, Vice-President DOROTHY HALEY, Recording Secretary MARGARET HALL, Treasurer GEORGE SIMS, Parliamentarian JAMES SCIRRATT, Sergeant-at-Arms Spring Semester BILL STOKES, President ANN STOKES, Vice-President MARGARET ANN ALLISON Recording Secretary SARAH SKELTON, Treasurer JAMES SCIRRATT, Sergeant-at-Arms DOROTHY HALEY, Parliamentarian BETTY HARVEY, Student Council Representative Page Sez'ent,i-1100 Members gain knowledge of interesting and educational facts concerning history of Dallas and Dallas County through Dallas His- torical Society . . L Two parties held, one for Christmas and one in honor of new mem- bers . . . Main event is meeting at Hall of State.. . Freedom Train's stop in Dallas, Jan- uary 30 and 31, featured in one program . . . Through year, speeches, quizzes, and plays give sparkle to regular meetings . . . Club participates in Cavalcade of Education . . . Annual picnic held at Fair Park in spring . . . Quiz program presented at Hall ot State at an inter-school society meeting. LEFT T0 RIGHT Wheeler, Betty Dinsmore, Mary Kline, Patricia McMiIIen, Ardath Barker. First Row: Shirley Shay, Norma Haley, Dorothy Weltchek, Joy Jean Nichols, Sarah Skelton, Marie Grubbs, Dorothy Jean Haley, Margaret Hall, Doris Jean Hudson, Benito Ablin, Larry Klein. Second Row: Ann Stokes, Margaret Allison, Lloyd Turner, Paul McKay, Jean Graf, Ethel Reisberg, Helen Rachof- sky, Myron Goldberg, Jerry Landsberg, Ben Schnitzer. Third Row: Jack Knight, Clyde Scott, Gene Culpepper, Joan Fourth Row: Billie Morris, Betty Harvey, Barbara Hansen, Bettye Randolph, Miss Bess Thatcher. NOT IN PICTURE Joan Crow, Alice Dennis, Laura Embry, Macel Fowler, Eve- lyn Goss, James Harris, Janet Harris, Wilma Morris, Pauline Pierce, Marilyn Shapiro, Ethel Silvergold, Bill Stokes, Walter Stoneham, Jean Taylor, Ellen Thur- mond, Jack Thompson, Barbara Wickliffe. Taxa lsli tory C7116 Founded in I935, with Miss Bess Thatcher as sponsor, Texas History Club became part of Junior Historians in 1940 . . . Obiective of organization is to discover, collect, and preserve historical material relating to Texas . . . At assembly March 2, to observe Texas Week, Dr. J. F. Kimball is guest speaker . . . Mr. Whittlesey accepts from club books pre- sented to Forest's Texas Memorial Library . . . Club sends delegates to attend Junior Historian Convention in April . . .Many mem- bers enter Texas Junior Historical writing contest . . . Other activities include visits to historical places in Dallas and promotion of Texas Centennial of Statehoocl. OFFICERS MISS BESS THATCHER, Sponsor Fall Semester SARAH SKELTON, President BETTYE RANDOLPH, Vice-President LOIS SCHUMAN, Secretary DOROTHY WELTCHEK, Treasurer BILL STOKES, Sergeant-at-Arms MARGARET HALL, Parliamentarian DOROTHY HALEY, Student Council Representative Spring Semester BILL STOKES, President NORMA HALEY, Vice-President DORIS JEAN HUDSON, Secretary JOAN WHEELER, Treasurer JACK KNIGHT, Sergeant-at-Arms BETTY HARVEY, Parliamentarian BILLIE MORRIS, Critic and Reporter BARBARA HANSEN, Student Council Representative Page .Swzwiii-llirffe LEFT TO RIGHT Hansen, Gloria McCuIIock, Billie Jean St. George, Betty . . . Jean Bodine, Mary Ann Jones. FHS' Trmfe TgCkI3r'JEmmaH,:3e YIVIIISUIF' Josgnxgigeiler' Third Row: Jack Knight, Miss Mary Drake, Dorothy Haley, I Ie cms' ons aan so ' E Ye P ' Sarah Skelton, Joy Jean Nichols, Joyce Dance, Jean Second Row: Margaret Ann Allison, Ann Stokes, Barbara Hopkins. ?vreAt Yorum OFFICERS MISS MARY DRAKE, Sponsor Fall Semester JOAN WHEELER, President BETTYE RANDOLPH, Vice-President BILLIE MORRIS, Secretary DORIS HUDSON, Treasurer EMMA WILBURN, Sergeant-at-Arms BERNICE TUCKER, Parliamentarian ALTA FLANAGAN, Student Council Representative Spring Semester BETTYE RANDOLPH, President JACK KNIGHT, Vice-President BETTY HARVEY, Secretory ANN STOKES, Treasurer JOE DAN PLUNK, Sergeant-at-Arms SARAH SKELTON, Parliamentarian DOROTHY HALEY, Echo Reporter JEAN HOPKINS, Student Council Representative Page Sezrrztv-fniir Forest Forum organized in T933 by Miss Dorothy Gerlach for purpose of discussing world affairs, developing democratic ideals, promoting interest in current affairs, and en- couraging group discussion and debate . . . Juniors and seniors with average grades are eligible for membership to Forest Forum. . . At meetings on first and third Wednesdays of each month programs consist of extempo- raneous speeches, prepared speeches, book reviews, and quizzes . . . Christmas party given December I7 in school library . . . Fol- lowing tradition, stick candy and apples are served . . . Picnic at Fair Park ushers in spring. LEFT TO RIGHT Betty Huddleston, Mildred Blanton, Ethel Reisberg, First Row: Betty Harvey, Barbara Hansen, Dorothy Welt- Sandra Jacobson, Verabelle Perry, Shirley Shay. chek, Helen Goldstein, Melva Little, Betty Ja Hanks, Third Row: Billie Jean Brazeal, Patricia Reece, Virginia Fay Rigsby, Jeanette Smith. Barnes, Miss Ruth Fetterman, Dorothy Faye Bohne, Jean Second Row: Norma Haley, Macel Fowler, Mildred Beck, Hopkins, Patsy Lowry, Frances Dixon, Doris Powell. Secretarial C7116 Organized in I946 by group of students with Miss Ruth Fetterman as' sponsor, Forest Secretarial Club meets first and third Tues- day of each month . . . Anyone interested in secretarial work may become member of or- ganization . . . Obiectives are to promote interest in business and study of secretarial subjects, to encourage social spirit by offer- ing opportunities for wholesome social con- tact, to familiarize members with modern progressive business methods and systems, and to endeavor to raise and maintain high standards of training for business . . . Mem- bers visit offices to observe modern methods of business. OFFICERS MISS RUTH FETTERMAN, Sponsor Fall Semester HELEN GOLDSTEIN, President DOROTHY WELTCHEK, Vice-President MELVA LITTLE, Secretary BARBARA HANSEN, Treasurer BETTY HANKS, Sergeant-at-Arms ROSEMARY ERVIN, Echo Reporter BETTY HARVEY, Parliamentarian PATRICIA REECE, Student Council Representative Spring Semester BARBARA HANSEN, President ETHEL REISBERG, Vice-President DOROTHY WELTCHEK, Secretary VERABELLE PERRY, Treasurer JEANETTE SMITH, Parliamentarian SHIRLEY SHAY, Sergeant-at-Arms BETTY JO HANKS, Echo Reporter JEAN HOPKINS, Student Council Representative Page Seventy-HW 5 ll!! ml, lui :Cv 3 . -, ! it 1 LEFT TO RIGHT Norma Cook, Barbara Lorenz. First Row: Bobbie Joyce Tucker, Margie Wheeler, Doris Kil- Third Row: Miss Mabel Shaw, Jerry Kennelly, Charlcye Iough, Joyce Primrose, Jean Smith, Kay Reilly, Dorothy Berry, Bobbie Jean Jones, Vista Moore, Barbara Wick- Sparks, Joy Jean Nichols. liffe, Chloe Mountz. Second Row: Patricia Baker, Edna Powell, Mildred Beck, NOT IN PICTURE Mina Rue Evans, Juanita Louise Brown, Joy Howlett, Mary Haney, Jodie Le Doux, Virginia Miller, Mary Lou Statom if t fs fi - eenA 1 I OFFICERS MISS MABEL SHAW, Sponsor Fall Semester JEAN SMITH, President MARY HATTER, Vice-President MARY HANEY, Secretary DOROTHY SPARKS, Treasurer JOY NICHOLS, Parliamentarian KAY REILLY, Student Council Representative BARBARA LORENZ, Program Chairman Spring Semester VISTA MOORE, President CHLOE MOUNTZ, Vice-President DOROTHY SPARKS, Secretary JERRY SUE KENNELLY, Treasurer JEAN SMITH, Inter-Club Council Representative KAY REILLY, Program Chairman JUANITA BROWN, Student Council Representative frlge Sclrelzly-six Y-Teens are younger members of YWCA . . . To promote good feeling among Y-Teen- ers and other students of school is number- one obiective of club . . . Meetings are held second and 'Fourth Tuesdays of each month in room T . . . Y-Teens of all Dallas schools give carnival at YWCA November T9 . . . All schools have booths . . . Forest chapter has attractively decorated popcorn booth . . . Guest speakers for December 9, Johnny Swartz, Charles Conner, and James Camp, give views on ideal girls and dates . . . Pro- grams include lively discussions on likes and dislikes of average high school girl. LEFT TO RIGHT Tay! First Row: Leroy Tasker, Paul Camp, Tate Milner, Tommie Third Row: James Bartlett, Harold Godwin, Miss Willie May Fraley, Bill Sharp, Jessie Collier, William McCooI. Berry, Marvin Black, Bob McGowan. Second Row: Kenneth Davis, Daniel Pirazzo, James Belken, Fourth Row: Jack Newell, Stanley Pyle, A. W. Karr, Billy Claude Smith, George Sims, Kenneth Beaver, Thurman Jacob. The Cool: Look, girls! Do you want to meet some- body who knows all there is to know about cooking? It you do, you should get ac- quainted with some of the boys in Miss Berry's H. E. class for boys . . . James Bart- lett is superb in making creamy meringue for pies . . . Kenneth Davis makes better toast than anyone else in the city of Dallas . . . George Sims has a secret recipe for scrambled eggs and bacon . . . H. E. Boys learn not only cooking but also some impor- tant facts about the home which will help them in later lite. T OFFICERS MISS WILLIE MAE BERRY, Sponsor Fall Semester PAUL "DISH WASHER" CAMP, President STANLEY "PUDDING HEAD" PYLE, Vice-President BILLY "SOUP" JACOB, Secretary TOMMIE "DEAD PAN" FRALEY, Parliamentarian BILL "EGG YOLK" SHARP, Treasurer HAROLD "CHICKEN" GODWIN, Student Council Representative GEORGE "PIE FACE" SIMS, Sergeant-at-Arms 1'r1gz' 50101118 ,wir I 4 LEFT TO RIGHT Second Row: Pat Livingston, Adeline Elam, Mrs, Zuleika First Row: Sondra Marks, Alice Dennis, Gertrude Fair, Mary Adam, Mildred Blanton. Brown. Third Row: Freddie Combs, Larry Klein, Jerry Fair. Ze Cercle fmn caiA OFFICERS MRS. ZULEIKA ADAM, Sponsor Fall Semester GERTRUDE FAIR, President MARY BROWN, Vice-President PEGGY THROP, Secretary-Treasurer SONDRA MARKS, Parliamentarian JERRY FAIR, Sergeant-at-Arms Spring Semester ADELINE ELAM, President ALICE DENNIS, Vice-President GERTRUDE FAIR, Secretary MILDRED BLANTON, Treasurer PAT LIVINGSTON, Parliamentarian FREDDIE COMBS, Sergeant-at-Arms MARY BROWN, Student Council Representative Page Seventy-eight Any student who is taking or has taken French is eligible for membership in Le Cercle Francais . . . Purpose of club is to acquaint members with French people - their music, literature, arts, customs, and ways of living . . . Members are enlightened upon customs ot France by singing French songs, listening to records, and seeing motion pictures on France . . . Some have French pen-pals . . . Madame Adam, sponsor, tells club of condi- tions common Frenchman faces today . . . Meetings are enjoyed by all who attend . . . Members earnestly carry out purposes of Le Cercle Francais to best of their ability. LEFT TO RIGHT Second Row: Miss Minnie Brown, Robert Hixson, Charles First Row: Charles Coley, Otis Straughon, .Iene Laman, Russell Schwarz, David Cherry, Jack Erdly, James Charles Powell, Roger Wear, Lloyd Turner, Jack Thomp- Raymond Cameron, Irving Schwartz. son, Leroy Burdick. Cinema 1116 Principal 'Function of Forest's newest organ- ization, Cinema Club, is to pool knowledge of best technique in operation of projection machine . . . Visual Education has steadily grown until it is one of schooI's most impor- tant methods of teaching . . . Club members have been proiectionists for Christmas, Health, and Parent-Teacher Association as- semblies . . . Among hundreds of pictures shown to classes, high rating is given to Julius Caesar, Treasure Island, Williamsburg, and Tierra Mexicana . . .James Walters elect- ed honorary president for work in training boys to run projection machines . . . Visual education boys receive no school credit but are well rewarded by the experience. OFFICERS MISS MINNIE BROWN, Sponsor Spring Semester DAVID CHERRY, President ROGER WEAR, Vice-President LLOYD TURNER, Secretary JACK THOMPSON, Sergeant-at-Arms OTIS STRAUGHAN, Parliamentarian Page ScL'er1ty-rzinc u. xt , sf' e 'I LEFT TO RIGHT Third Row: Mrs, Edwin Taylor, Wilma Morris, Virginia Mor- First Row: Peggy Phillips, Jeanie Taylor, Mildred Blanton, ris, Natalee Elliott, Louise Mattingly, Mrs. M. L. Alice Dennis, Barbara Blummer, Ellen Thurmond, Joy Blanton. Jean Nichols. NOT IN PICTURE Second Row: Dorothy Faye Bohne, Billie Monday, Judith Eunice Allen, Lathelda Mattingly, Dorothy Monday, Bonnie Rice, Dot Wylie, Adeline Elam, Georgia Flanagan. Thorpe, Joan Walthall, Floy Workman. lili Jinx lilori on C7416 OFFICERS MRS. EDWIN TAYLOR, Advisor MRS. M. L. TAYLOR, Assistant Advisor Fall Semester JEAN TAYLOR, President BARBARA BLUMMER, Vice-President HELEN THURMAN, Secretary ALICE DENNIS, Treasurer MILDRED BLANTON, Reporter Spring Semester JUDY RICE, President PEGGY PHILLIPS, Vice-President BILLIE MONDAY, Secretary LATHELDA MATTlNGl.Y, Treasurer MILDRED BLANTON, City-Wide Representative WILMA MORRIS, Reporter l'ugv lfiglili Horizon Club of Forest Avenue High School is organized of senior high school Camp Fire Girls . . . Horizon Clubs of Dallas elect repre- sentatives to plan city-wide activities . . . Mistletoe Dance given December I3 . . . Dur- ing Christmas season, clubs ot city sing carols at St. Paul Hospital December T5 . . . Sep- arate units present own programs . . .Talent show is presented November I9 . . . Clubs meet every other Wednesday all year round . . . Horizon Clubs go to camp February 27 through February 29 . . . Special week is set aside at Camp Ellowi for Horizon Clubs dur- ing summer. LEFT TO RIGHT Third Row: Freddie Sue Cochran, Patricia McMillen, Mary First Row: Neta Burnett, Annette Rose, Helen Hodson, Betty Kline. Hunt, Shirley Cleghorn, Betty Sue Ogletree. Second Row: Wanda James, Billie Anne Alexander, Bonnie NOT IN PICTURE Spic and Span Hof-i on C7116 Each member strives to do her part to make Spic and Span Horizon Club achieve its pur- pose, which is the entertainment of helpless people . . . Club organized in Forest October 30, 1947 . . . Scavenger hunt on December 6 . . . Girls have Mistletoe Dance December 13 . . . Club entertains patients at St. Paul Hos- pital with Christmas carols December I9 . . . Many programs are designed to teach to members duties of club . . . Club plans to work during summer to make sick people happy . . . Magazines collected for Veterans Hospital . . . Spic and Span adopts European family, sending foods and clothes to them. OFFICERS MRS. A. W. HUNT, Advisor MRS. J. E. OGLETREE, Assistant Advisor Fall Semester BETTY HUNT, President BETTY SUE OGLETREE, Vice-President SHIRLEY CLEGHORN, Secretary HELEN HODSON, Treasurer ANNETTE ROSE, Reporter Spring Semester BETTY HUNT, President BETTY SUE OGLETREE, Vice-President SHIRLEY CLEGHORN, Secretary HELEN HODSON, Treasurer ANNETTE ROSE, Reporter Page lil-gllfj'-0110 l f M.. 1, . .dO,...w...- I IE l ll LEFT T0 RIGHT Third Row: Dorothy Weathersby, Betty Jean Bodine, Joan Wheeler, Doris Lee Barish, Marilyn Rude, Marcia Rariden, Laverne Knight, Janice Tompkins, Euneta Wheeler, Mar- lene Ablon, Betty Segal, Doris Roffman. First Row: Judy Wyll, Lois Shuman, June G::ldberg,, Dor- othy Faye Bohne, Bernice Tucker, Gertrude Fair, Helen Rachofsky, Benito Ablin, Billie Garn, Latriece Smith, Vunita Stribling, Donna Kogan. Fourth Row: Harolcl Melnick, Maury Soltes, Margaret Hen- Second Row: Sylvia Goidl, Emma Daisy Reed, Betty Sheats, Frances Franklin, Doris Gibson, Bettye Randolph, Judith Rice, Hilda Struckmeyer, Audrey Slider, Joan Swift. drix, Dorothy Wylie, Mrs. Roxie Smith, Doris Holley, Ruth Phillips, Wanda Hales, Mrs. Rilla M. Brody, Patsy Lowry, Miss Sarah Meriwether, Mrs. Emma Brown. Uffice Amin tan tn GRADUATING STAFF MARLENE ABLON Office Assistants aid Mr. Whittlesey, Miss Meriwether, Mrs. Brown, and Miss Moffit . . . JEAN ALLEN , , DQRIS BARISH ASSISTODTS are chosen for scholarship and M'LD'EgREAEEKCOOK character . . . Duties include sending call CARMEN EBV sli s filin answer'n tele ho t ' MARCIA ENGLEBERG P ' . n ' 9 .P ne' ypmg' BILLIE GARN and assisting In general OTTICS work . . . SYLVIA GOIDL JUNE GOLDBERG SHIRLEY GRABSTALD ARENETTE LEVY JEANETTE LEVY BILLIE JOYCE MORRIS EDNA POWELL Brady, are always ready to help students . . . MARY RAMSEY BETTY RANDOLPH MARILYN RUDE JOYCE SEGUIN MARGIE SONKA JEROME STATMAN JUDY WYLL Forest. Page Els-My-tlun Christmas party held December 23 . . . There are forty workers in Miss Meriwether's office, where two secretaries, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. They issue permits for and keep records of absences and tardinesses . . . Office assist- ants can be proud of their work here at LEFT TO RIGHT Second Row: Josephine Rogers, Dollie Ball, Betty Tapper, First Row: Edith Melnick, Dot Wylie, Helen Hodson, Patricia Dixie Stephenson, Betty Fultz, Mildred Blanton, Marlene I Baker, Jerry Sue Kennelly, Barbara Tasker, Eddie .Io Adams, Barbara Blummer. Stout. Third Row: Miss Ina Roberts. Zihfarq 14AAiAtantA Library assistants are chosen on basis of dependability, willingness to help pupils and teachers, ability to adapt themselves socially, progress in school work, and special abilities . . . They make valuable contribution to edu- cational program of school, and gain at same time enriching experience in library service . . . Checking of permits and attendance rec- ords, checking and charging Iibra ry ma- terials, mechanical preparation of books for circulation, reference work, and making and sending overdue notices are duties per- formed by student assistants . . . Work in library is regarded as a privilege, and knowl- edge gained of books and people is found an accepted reward. MISS INA ROBERTS Librarian GRADUATING STAFF MARY GUERNSEY LA MERLE MILLER DORIS ROFFMAN BARBARA TASKER MARTHA WILLIAMS Page Eighnyvthree ,rv l 4 ' YQ LEFT TO RIGHT Third Row: Modena Patterson, Shirley Cleghorn, Jerry Sue Kennelly, Natalee Elliott, Mary Leon Hollon, Hazel Walker, Marilyn Jacobs, Mary Wayne Steele, Billie Jean Laughlin, Joanne Woodside, Alice Robinson, Ann Ernest. Fourth Row: Virginia Gilliland, June Grace, Patricia McMillen, Betty Bierhalter, Audie Rodgers, Charlcye Berry, Mary Shelton, Aunita Yates, Nancy Burt, Jean White, Norma Jean Goodman, Virginia Taylor, Miss Louise Wilcox. First Row: Jean Dement, Emma Daisy Reed, Donna Kogan, Barbara McCool, Betty Joe Dinsmore, Mary Kline, Mary Lou Dalton, Joyce Killingsworth, Avanell Bennett, Patsy Gurley, Betty Jean Eads, Dorothy Louise Adams. Second Row: June Fife, Patsy Thompson, Marilyn Stoneham, Jo Ann Shannon, Mamie Wells, Barbara Boldin, Louise Goldstein, Gearldyne Maner, Betty Ray, Marilyn Butle', Barbara Lee. E ly, ww Q14 Cla cram Dlfeclof The Girls Chorus is an important factor in the music lite at Forest High . . . Students are MISS LOUISE WILCOX . . Q. taught how to use their talent ot singing cor- rectly . . .Girls are taught how to read music, , breathe, and pronounce their words . . . The Secretaries . . . . group participates in the Christmas program BETTY EADS December 23 given by the music department . . . They also give a Christmas program for the Dads Club December 15 . . . They present a program to the Parent-Teacher Association December l8 . . . Girls Chorus works with A Cappella for Festival March l7 . . . Many of the A Cappella choir members come from this organization. AUNITA YATES BARBARA LEE Accompanist EMMA DAISY REED Page Eighty-four ' -A 4 -R LEFT TO RIGHT Velleen Dula, Nell Bannister, Joy Jean Nichols, Jane First Row: Glenda Sue Ballard, Mary Frances Hatter, Peggy Phillips' Mellfo Lime, Jeannie TQYl0"- Smith, Mina Rue Evans, Iris Apple. Fourth Row: Leon Everett, Billy Barnes, Harold Robertson, Socond Row: Miss Louise Wilcox, Sarah Skelton, Dorothy Billy Jock Saucier, Jerry Holmes, Johnny Childress, Haley, Ethel Osborn, Barbara Lorenz, Jeannine Jameson. Johnny McGarity, John Schmohl, John Hayes, Stanley Third Row: Richard Macon, Walter Skinner, Billy Thompson, Pyle. 14 Cappella Cla Oil' A Cappella choir is composed of the better music-minded students of all the music clas- ses . . . During American Education Week they sing on WRR November 10 based on American education . . . They perform on an assembly November 12, also during Amer- ican Education Week . . . Special Christmas program presented to the student body De- cember 23 . . . Gift from the Board of Educa- tion is set of risers, which help immensely in preparation and presentation of programs . . . Choir featured over Station WFAA Feb- ruary 7 on "Radio Frolics" . . . Chorus enter- tains at Veterans Hospital February 17 . . . Guest singers on station KIXL March 14. Director MISS LOUISE WILCOX Secretaries JOY NICHOLS JANE PHILLIPS Accompanists WALTER SKINNER SARAH SKELTON JEANNINE JAMESON BARBARA LORENZ Page Eighty-five LEFT TO RIGHT Second Row: E. E. Lawrence, J. L. Powell, George F. Schmidt, C. E. Thrasher, Homer L. Harris. First Row: Harry Shay, Dan Hulse, William E. Perry, J. L. Third Row: Max Grabstald, O. Korngut, Delbert L. Sims, Malloy, Theodore R. Ray, James T. Whittlesey. Fred E. Harmer, Sam Kovnat, B. F. Harris. OFFICERS W. E. PERRY President J. L. MALLOY Programs W. E. WESCH Membership HARRY SHAY Finance, Entertainment T. R. RAY Education L. L. HIEGEL Improvements, Welfare ALLEN REED Athletics, Vice-President E. E. LAWRENCE Secretary-Treasurer DAN O. HULSE Immediate Past President BEN F. GENTLE Corresponding Secretary Page lfiglzty-six 15444 Club Forest Avenue Dads Club is organization of fathers of Forest students . . . Dads Club stresses closer understanding between dad and son . . . Meetings with dads have made this closer understanding possible . . . Num- ber-one objective of club is Junior High School for South Dallas . . . Sponsors Queen contest September 23 through October 31 for membership drive. . .Dads Club has car- nival in April with Parent-Teacher Associa- tion and faculty . . . Purpose of carnival is to raise money for uniforms tor Forest Ave- nue High Band . . . Memorial Service is held for war dead at school auditorium in May. Tia, 5 x . . . LEFT TO RIGHT Doyle, Mrs. E. J. Heimann, Mrs. L. H. Schwetke, Mrs. Max First Row: Mrs. A. B. Cody, Mrs. Allen Reed, Mrs. Howard Cohen. Mims, Mrs. Sam Hoffman, Mrs. H. T. Emmett. Third Row: Miss Sarah E. Meriwether, Mrs. John P. Wood, Second Row: Mrs. M. Schnifzer, Mrs. Dave Levy, Mrs. H. H. Mrs. I. J. L. Russell, Mrs. J. Aronoff. Paren t - Teach er 14AAOc'idfi0n Parent-Teacher Association enioys success- ful year with Mrs. Allen Reed as president, with their officers and members as her assist- ants . . . Parent-Teacher Association theme is "The Challenge - Living and Working To- gether" . . . Organization sponsors two paid programs providing funds for year . . . Con- tributes S3O to Community Chest . . . Gives STO to March of Dimes . . . Entertains Jan- uary graduating class with supper at Lone Star Gas Company . . . Observes Founders Day with morning coffee . . . Presents Forest Avenue High School with book . . . Gives morning coffee honoring Freshmen's mothers and faculty . . . Parent-Teacher Associa- tion brings home, school, and community together. MRS. ALLEN REED President MRS. H. H. DOYLE MRS. J. ARONOFF MRS. L. H. SCHWETKE MRS. DAVE LEVY MRS. HOWARD MIMS MRS. A. B. CODY MRS. H. T. EMMETT Vice-Presidents MRS. M. BRAND Recording Secretary MRS. MORRIS GOLDMAN Treasurer MRS. JOHN P. WOOD Corresponding Secretary MRS. MAX COHEN Historian MRS. LUCIEN HOLMES Parliamentarian MRS. J. B COLEY MRS. A. E. STOCKDALE Auditors MRS. BEN MIMS MRS. L. L. CRUSE City Council Delegates Page Eighty-seven LEFT TO RIGHT Firsg Row: james Camp, Do,-G Mcpodgnl Mary jane Guernsey, Third Row: Charles Wallace Calvert, Betty Elizabeth Strange Edwin Bannon, Lois Schuman' Sfqnley G,-een. Albert Johnston, Jr., Charles Conner, Nancy Knott, Bon Second Row: Elizabeth Bullock, Mary Louise McDonald, Jean- nie Ford, T0mmY Joe Boofmfm- ette Fain, Doris Kirksey, Mary Frances Hatter. ALBERT S. JOHNSON, JR. Advisor Fall Semester EDWIN BANNON Editor LOIS SCHUMAN Associate Editor LONNIE FULLER News Editor MARY JANE GUERNSEY Feature Editor JAMES CAMP Sports Editor CHARLES CONNER Assistant Sports Editor STANLEY GREEN Assistant Sports Editor NANCY KNOTT Business Manager DORA McFADiN Exchange Editor Page Eighty-eight 7oreAt fclw Staff Edwin Bannon, fall editor, reading new edition of the Echo. 1 l LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Olen Rowe, Billie Jean St. George, Richard Conner, Sylvia Goidl, Charles Greenhaw, Judy Wyll, Tate Milner, Betty Segal, Nancy Knott, Murlene Schmidt, Sarah Skel- ton. Second Row: Barbara Tasker, Wanda Reckley, Frances Evans, Dorothy Jean Haley, Marie Grubbs, Marlene Ablon, Jean Byrd, Paul Camp, Katherine Beaver, Peggy Stephenson, June Hogg, Leroy Tasker. ?vreAt fclw Staff Charles Greenhaw, spring editor, preparing copy for the Echo. Third Row: Albert Johnston, Jenna Lee Cromer, Dorothy Hall Margaret Hall, Shirley Holmes, Dorothy Jean Cruse Bobby Joyce Tucker, Wayne Kane, Jimmie Scott, Joy Howlett, Margie St. Clair, Dollie McGarity, Ethel Reis- berg, Iris Apple. Fourth Row: Jessie Collier, Billie Garn, Betty Jean Bodine, Thomas Hardin, Georgia Ann Head, Bill Sharp, Wanda Turpen, Mary Louise Ramsey, Virginia Vodicka, Peggy Brooks, Wanda Skinner, Carl Dennis. ALBERT S. JOHNSTON JR. Advisor Spring Semester CHARLES GREENHAW Editor JUDY WYLL News Editor SYLVIA GOIDL Feature Editor TATE MILNER Sports Editor BETTY SEGAL Assistant News Editor BILLIE ST. GEORGE Assistant Feature Editor RICHARD CONNER Assistant Sports Editor NANCY KNOTT Business Manager MURLENE SCHMIDT Exchange Editor Page Eighty-nine V I I I I 4 'il "M -sl , ii i -A' . f 'E 7' I .if "E 5--2 ! -'. - f V I s f X uk s SEGAL BECK FITZGERALD NEWBERRY STATMAN OLEN ROWE Business Manager BARBARA LORENZ Associate Editor BETTY SEGAL Office Manager WANDA JACKSON BILL STOKES Assistant Editors BLISS MCMANUS Art Advisor Page .VJIIPTI McKAY JAMESON JACKSON B. STOKES STILLMAN WELTCHEK LEVY LITTLE KEITH McMANUS LORENZ FOWLER HULSE MARCUS YATES Yore ter Manual Staff JEANNINE JAMESON Editor-in-Chief JEROME STATMAN Advertising Manager ANN STOKES BEATRICE MARCUS Organizations Editors DAN HULSE Snapshots Editor PAUL McKAY Art Editor JAY BECK Sports Editor H. B. YATES Business Advisor ROWE HALEY A. STOKES PIRAINO CLARK EDWINA FITZGERALD MACEI. FOWLER NORMA HALEY MELVA LITTLE JACQUELYN KEITH JOAN LEVY JEAN NEWBERRY MARGARET PIRAINO SHIRLEY STILLMAN DOROTHY WELTCHEK Literary Editors MARY SMITH CLARK Editorial Advisor Slvre ter Nnnual Staff All through the year, your FORESTER staff has had as its goal the pub- lication of an outstanding yearbook. A glimpse of daily work of the staff would show students either reading copy, taking pictures, preparing write- ups, collecting ads, making dummies, reading proof, or doing many other tasks without which an annual could not have been put together. Now that the book has been completed, we wish to say "thank you" to all who have had a part in its preparation. For the co-operation of the following concerns, the staff is especially grateful: Wilkinson Printing Company, Southwestern Engraving Company, Harry Bennett, Photographer, Sears Photography Studio, Dean Daily, Pho- tographer, and American Beauty Cover Company. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Beatrice Marcus, Betty Segal, Wanda Jackson, Jeannine, Jameson, Barbara Lorenz, Olen Rowe, Ann Stokes, Paul McKay. Second Row: Dorothy Weltchek, Miss Mary Smith Clark, Jay Beck, June Goldberg, Judy Wyll, Sylvia Goidl, Joy lrma Wilensky, Betty Jo Huddleston, Norma Haley, Macel Fowler. Third Row: Margaret Piraino, Melva Little, Edwina Fitzger- ald, Nadine Jones, Polly Rogers, Odessa Roberts, Jazc- quelyn Keith, Shirley Ann Stillman, H. B. Yates. Fourth Row: Jerome Statman, Bill Stokes, Dan Hulse, Hollis Fisher, Charles Boone, Bobby Hopper, Charles Schwarz, Shearn Rovinsky. NOT IN PICTURE Wanda Barton, Joyce Dance, W. Leo Dennis, Ronald Fitzgerald, Joyce Fuller, Sylvia Goidl, Jimmie Johnston, Martha Manning, Damie Stillman, Francis Turner. Ijllgl' Nirlvlr'-olze . if Q- Rah! Rah! Rah! Green Wave makes fine showing in sports . . . Lions fight their way to representative title of District BAA . . . Youthful basketball team makes fine prospect for coming years . . . Aggressive sand lotters battle for crown . . . Coach Mattingly predicts Forest fleetfooters prospective city champs . . . X ' Cheerleaders and maiorettes help arouse school spirit . . . Golf and tennis teams "" drill for perfection. g i idtlal ti A 1'-f . 1 in tl N lx W lk Otto Rhome R. J. Edwards P. C. Cobb Raymond Morris Hubert Parrett Charles Conner ?oreA t OOTTO RHOME, "B" team mentor, coached many boys of this year's champion- ship team while they were on the "B" squad. OR. J. EDWARDS, end coach, prepared the Forest wingmen, who were among the best in the state. OP. C. COBB, athletic director of Dallas high schools, has performed a great job since he began in 1929. 'RAYMOND MORRIS, all-state end and co-captain, was invaluable to the team because of his pass snagging ability and incomparable defensive work. OHUBERT PARRETT, towering lineman, played at both guard and tackle and was a big factor in making Forest one of the two best defensive teams in the state. OCHARLES CONNER, big all-city tackle and co-captain, did outstanding work on offense and defense. lit Ev ,bw Muir' i l F , L4-sr. , ' T.. , ji, aff- ,i y y .1 ,Q A, . ' ' 76- it" ,:.1?"1 '-'i ' I fm f g i Clockwise: Leroy Crabtree Virgil Mattingly Charles Greenhaw Paul Davidson Bill Perry Murphy Webster fiom 'LEROY CRABTREE, head coach, offered not only football wisdorn but religious fervor in piloting the Forest Lions to the title. 'VIRGIL MATTINGLY, assistant coach, molded the Green Wave line into a smooth working team which didn't allow a score to city opposition. 'CHARLES GREENHAW, center, one of the Lions' outstanding defensemen, teamed with Johnny Swartz to achieve the best center play in the district. 'PAUL DAVIDSON, end, was a hustler throughout the season, and his pass snatching ability was a distinct asset to the team. 'BILL PERRY, a big back, was a pass defense demon who could be counted upon to gain extra yards on line plunges. 'MURPHY WEBSTER, versatile back and co-captain, was, in many opinions, the best back in district 8-AA. -I .P u V W .,., K lkkglx ff' t ime 52, " Tiff QQ' - if ' I Gene Stockdale Billy Clay Billie Dean Thomas Bill Sharp .lack Ogden Pat Ferrell Jerome Zaboinik Harold Robertson Bobby Clay ?oreA t 'GENE STOCKDALE, manager, an important cog in the football machine, saw to all uniforms and was forever busy at work. 'BILLY CLAY, hustling end, put the Lions into scoring position with spectacular catches and held the opposition on end runs. 'Although BILLY DEAN THOMAS, guard, was one of the smallest men in the line, his hustle and spirit made him one of Forest's best guards. 'BILL SHARP, fullback, Iugged the pigskin for many valuable yards, was everywhere on defense, and kept the team in good spirits as an amateur comedian. 'JACK OGDEN, tackle, put the stop sign on many of the opposition's ground plays and was an able blocker on offense. 'PAT FERRELL, guard, was one of the main reasons why Forest did not give up a score from scrimmage until the tenth game. 'JEROME ZABOJNIK, fastest back in Dallas, was a wizard on defense. 'HAROLD ROBERTSON was an elusive broken-field runner with plenty of speed and hustle. 'BOBBY CLAY, scrappy guard, combined offensive and defensive ability to bring misery to all opponents. -.L -s - 1 -"L,-.1 l ' Counter Clockwisez Clock e Ralph Reynolds Stanley Green Julian Braddock Joe Cannon Johnny Swartz Bobby Trent Leroy Collier Richard Conner fiom! 'RALPH REYNOLDS, hard running back, could always be depended on for extra yardage. 'STANLEY GREEN, guard, played great defensive ball and was best against the better clubs. He was on the second squad on the all-city selection. 'JULIAN BRADDOCK, speedy end, added zip to Forest's offense with his smooth pass catching and blocking. 'JOE CANNON, halfback, consistently managed to wiggle through for a needed yard or two. His passing and punting ability made him the great little player he is. 'JOHNNY SWARTZ, all-city center, sparked the team with hustle and spirit. His punting was sensational, and his linebacking, terrific. 'BOBBY TRENT was an excellent breakaway runner as well as a good pass catcher. 'All-city quarterback, LEROY COLLIER, pushed our team into the winning column with his excellent passing and outstanding defense work. 'RICHARD CONNER, burly tackle, brought havoc to all opposing lines on both defense and offense. Dick was a hustler all year long and ran his big brother a good race for the tackle spot. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Bobby Clay, Jack Ogden, Jerome Zaboinik, C. B. Disman, Johnny Dean Swartz, W. E. Perry. Second Row: Richard Conner, Stanley Green, Jimmy Marlow, Bill Sharp, Carl Stone, Raymond Morris. Fourth Row: Ralph Reynolds, William Murphy Webster, Jr., Johnny Ferrell, Hubert Parrett, Billy Dean Thomas, Julian Braddock, William Clay. Fifth Row: V. H. Mattingly, R. J. Edwards, L. N. Crabtree, Third Row: Joe Cannon, Melvin Cohen, Jack Chandler, Harold Gene Stockdale, Leroy Collier, Leland Dixon, Charles Robertson, Bobby Trent, Paul Davidson, Elvin Worden, Conner, Billy Degen, Glenn Marlow, Charles Greenhaw. ?i1-At String fle en Forest 0 - Ennis 0 Against a tough Ennis eleven the Lions struggled through 48 minutes to a scoreless deadlock. Both teams showed great defenses, and ball handling was remarkable consider- ing the drizzle in which the game was played. Forest 0 - Denison 0 The Denison Yellow Jackets were held scoreless by the Lions September 25 in one of the most thrilling games of the season. The line showed brilliant defense, and the offense clicked on several attempts but could not sus- tain a scoring drive. Forest 18 - Tyler 7 The Green Wave rolled over the Tyler Lions October 3 at the Tyler Rose Festival. Collier to Braddock accounted for two scores. Web- ster added six more points around right end, Dick Hightower intercepted a pass from Joe Cannon and scampered 70 yards for the Tyler score. Page Ninety-eight Forest 13 - Highland Park 0 The Scotties were clawed pitifully by an inspired Lion eleven on October 9. In the first half Webster raced around right end and streaked 49 yards to the goal. After Col- lier's completion to Morris, Webster again tallied. This was the first shutout loss for the Scots in seven years. Forest 0 - Sunset 0 The Lions waged their third scoreless duel against the strong Bisons on October 25. The Green Wave muffed two scoring chances by losing the ball on a fumble and a pass inter- ception. The only serious Bison drive was stopped by Braddock's recovery of a fumble. Forest 6 - Woodrow 0 The Wildcats met with trouble when they tried to defeat the Lions, October 31. In the first half, Collier passed to Morris, who showed a burst of speed to the goal line. This spectacular play made 50 yards. Al- though the Wildcats stormed back they could not get by the strong Lion defense. R un LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Eddy Stevens, Otis Straughn, Billy Smith, Bobby Hardin. Second Row: Kenneth Fuller, Harold Bridges, Rudy Overman, Pat Livingston, Billy Gilliland, Joe Bray, Wolford Carter, Salvado Digiglo, Billy Risner, Jacky Wade, Otto C. Rhome. Third Row: Sammy Warren, Gene Culpepper, Don Everett, Don Taylor, Ben Schnitzer, Jimmy Phillips, Travis Tolley, Pat McKanna. Fourth Row: Johnny McGarity, Stanley Golrnan, Robert Ben- ton, Freddie Combs, Jimmy Day, Bobby Dickson, Ray- mond Hall, Stanley Murphy, Bobby Nelson, Joe Rener, Billy Smith. Fifth Row: Raymond Zaboinik, Neil Byers, Charles Lawrence, Donald Minsky, Jerry Holmes, Alvin Kahn. Sixth Row: Bob Keller, Billy Hawthorne, Walter Bourland, Philip Arnoff, Weldon Jones, Richard Nulish, Kenneth Smith. ecvnd String fle en Forest 13 - Crozier Technical 0 Staying in the win column was no easy matter for theXLions when they met the Tech Wolves November 7. A pass from Collier found its mark in the arms of Braddock for the first marker. The Lions then carried on a 60-yard drive to the Tech two, where Webster made the score 13-O. Forest 0 - Adamson 0 Again the scoreless iinx struck the Green Wave as they fought the Leopards to a dead- lock at Dal-Hi November 20. From beginning to end the game was very evenly fought. Perry was leading ground gains for Forest with 61 yards to his credit. Forest 0 - North Dallas 0 Probably the most exciting game of the season was waged between the hard-hitting Bulldogs and the Lion eleven on November 26. Johnny Swartz pulled the Lions out of the hole several times with his great punting. Early in the game the Lions moved to the North Dallas one-yard line but were unable to score. The Lions also showed their defen- sive ability when they held the Bulldogs by a matter of inches. Forest 6 - Arlington Heights 23 The Forest Lions barged into Fort Worth as representative champions of District 8-AA on December 5, with one of the most unique records in the state. They were one of the five unbeaten teams in the state, and had only one touchdown against them. The shifty Yellow Jackets struck pay dirt in the first period on long runs through the Forest line, but the determined Lions came back in the next period with a number of passes that cite up seventy-seven yards and a touchdown. The last half running attack was lust too much for the Green Wave and the final gun marked the end of the most successful season in eighteen years for the mighty Lions. Page Ninety-nine LEFT T0 RIGHT Joan Crow, Doris Killough, June H0991 Coynella Hogg, and Ad I'ne Elam. lltajore tteA C Blond DORIS KILLOUGH can always be counted upon to make things lively. Her pep and energy make her a favorite. l JUNE HOGG, the brown-haired, brown-eyed prancer of the group, fills well the position of head maiorette. 0 Dainty ADELINE ELAM is well known for her friendly smile and vivacity. 0 Pert and energetic JOAN CROW adds a lively spark by her high step- ping and excellent baton twirling. 0 "Pretty" describes black-haired COYNELLA HOGG. Her winning per- sonality makes her very popular. 5 3 Q LEFT TO RIGHT F' t R - M y Hatter, Sarah Skelton, Wanda Jackson, Jean Second Row: Jack Knight, Harvey Lane Joe A. Wilson, James S h Camp. Cla eerleadel-A O Things are never dull when tall red-headed JACK KNIGHT is around. His vitality seems contagious. 0 MARY HATTER, head cheerleader, gains admiration for her tactful but spirited manner. O Full of pep and energy is HARVEY LANE, who puts himself into the yells and does them expertly. I Pert SARAH SKELTON keeps the cheering section lively with her live- liness, a sparkling smile, and peppy yells. O The blond cheerleader is JAMES CAMP, whose gaiety makes him a favorite. 0 WANDA JACKSON, the cute little dark-eyed cheerleader, imparts her zest, pep, and spirit to all. 0 JOE A. WILSON, with his flips down the runway, represents the spirit and loyalty of the Forest students. 0 Charming JEAN SMITH helps focus attention on the cheerleaders by her enthusiasm. f- - --v-----i-1- --- - -' - Y 4 LEFT TO RIGHT NOT IN PICTURE Donald Beach, Julian Braddock, James Sparks, Bobby Trent, Pat Ferrell, Paul Scherzer, Pat Kelley, J. C. Vick, Bob Mc- Bobby Horn, Harold Bridges, Manager, Milton Frey, Gowan. Coach. Ka lee teerr '47-'48 Lettermen Donald Beach Julian Braddock Harold Bridges QManagerD James Sparks Bobby Trent Bobby McGowan Paul Scherzer Pat Ferrell Bobby Horn J. C. Vick Pat Kelley An inexperienced Forest basketball team, coached by Milton Frey, went through a dis- mal season. The Lions were handicapped when the only returning letterman, Julian Braddock, graduated at midterm. The season started when the quintet de- feated Commerce, Texas, 29-22, in the Ash- burn General Hospital Invitational Tourna- Page Une Hundred Turn ment. But in the finals the Foresters were de- feated by Plano 45-16. In the Dr. Pepper Tournament the Lions lost to Waco and to Highland Park. In the closing game of the city race, the Lions showed marked improvement. The team trailed North Dallas by a few points during the game, and, when the final whistle sounded, the score was 37-37. During the overtime period the Lions were unable to keep up with the pace of the Bulldogs and the game ended 43-42. Bobby Horn, high point man tor the team, will be among the lettermen who show promise tor a good season next year. Other returning lettermen are Paul Scherzer, Pot Ferrell, J. V. Vick, Donald Beach, and Pat Kelley. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Walter Stoneham, Melvin Parkerson, Jack Ogden, W. E. Perry, Jr., Jerome Zaboinik, Bill Sharp, Larry Klein, Jess Lamb. -.M sg .L A Q Ben Durham, Omar Steel, Murphy Webster, Charles Greenhaw, Jimmy Terrell, Coach V. H. Mattingly. Third Row: Bobby Clay, Travis Tolley, Hubert Parrett, Neal Vick, James Bartlett, Woodfin Pruitt, Bill Clay, Raymond Second Row: Jack Thompson, Billy Schaerdel, Kenneth Smith, Morris, Under men Forest's Cinder Men are iustified in looking forward to a city title because they have two returning lettermen, Jerome Zaboinik and Murphy Webster. Last year the Lions tied for third place with Tech in the city meet. Zaboi- nik placed first in the 220-yard dash and second in the 100. Robert Beasley placed second in the low hurdles. In the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show Meet, with the help of Robert Beasley, second place winner, Zaboinik, Web- ster, and Sharp, the Lions finished sixth among 'IOO schools participating. Robert Beasley bettered the low hurdles record in a triangular meet with a time of 22.4. The Lions entered 25 men in the 1948 Fat Stock Show March 19 at Fort Worth. Forest failed to qualify for the finals in any event but came in sixth in the mile relay with Bobby Clay, Murphy Webster, Bill Clay, and Bill Sharp carrying the baton. Jerome Zaboi- nik was short of qualifying in the 220-yard dash by a tenth of a second. These trackmen would have done better had they been in shape, but rain hampered training. Austin won the meet with 25 points and Corpus Christi came second with 17. The state record was broken in the pole vault and the discus throw. In the first triangular track meet March 23 the Lion squad competed against North Dal- las and Crozier Tech. The Bulldogs totaled 74 points to win top honors. Jerome Zabionik was second high-point man of the day, plac- ing first in the T00-yard and 220-yard sprints. Murphy Webster took first in the broad jump. The 440-yard relay team-Webster, Sharp, Morris, Zabionik-came in second. Others who placed include Raymond Morris, discus throw, Bill Sharp, 'IOO-yard dash, and James Bartlett, mile run. 151519 One Hundri 11 Thrfe LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Paul Camp, Tommie Fraley, Charles Patzig, Leland Billy Degan, Ralph Reynolds, Jimmy Marlow, Tate Mil- ner, Leroy Tasker. Dixon, Paul Black, Johnny Swartz, Harold Bridges, Joe Third Row: Charles Clark, Joe Cannon, Bobby Fraley, Roland Mac Doyle. Second Row: Jack Chandler, Don Taylor, George Chaffin, Ball, Jimmy Day, Donald Smith, Billy Guernsey, Roy Hall, Coach Alva Shepard. Sand fatter-A The fighting Forest Lions opened the I948 season by defeating Jesuit 7-6 and North Side of Fort Worth 8-7. ln a practice game a mighty Waxahachie club walloped the Lions for a ll-4 defeat. In the second game with North Side the Lions slammed out a 4-'l victory. The only score for the cow town boys was made when Yale Larry hit a home run over the left field fence. Joe Cannon, pitcher, knocked in two runs, and Johnny Swartz and Roy Hall drove in one apiece. The Green Wave team, which has long ranked high among the state's best clubs, finished the '47 season in a tie for second place. The Lions lost only to Adamson 6-O and 2-0 and to North Dallas 5-4 and 4-2. Johnny Swartz, catcher, and Fred Tillery, pitcher, were named on the all-city team. In the American Legion Tournament the Lions lost a thrilling game 6-5 to Adamson Page One Hundred Four after eighteen innings of tied ball. Joe Can- non was the pitcher in this championship game. Joe Cannon, Johnny Swartz, Roy Hall and Paul Camp are the returning lettermen on this year's team. Other men who saw considerable service on the team were Ralph Reynolds, Tate Milner, Donald Smith, Jimmy Marlow, Leroy Tasker, Billy Don Taylor, Le- land Dixon, Leroy Collier, and Tommy Fraley. '47 BASEBALL SCORES Forest-8 April 8 Sunset-4 Forest- April Woodrow Wilson-O Forest- April Adamson-6 Forest April Sunset-4 Forest May North Dallas-5 Forest May Woodrow wilson-3 Forest May Adamson-2 Forest May Tech-2 Forest May Tech-1 Forest May North Dallas-4 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Olen Rowe, Ralph Reynolds, Gene Stockdale, Mel- Second Row: Johnny Swartz, Joe Rener, Jimmy West, .lerry vin Cohen, Holmes, Coach Otto C. Rhome. Zinlwmen Following in his brother's footsteps, Jerry Holmes captains the Lion linksmen for the 1948 season. Other members of the team are Melvin Cohen, Joe Rener, Ralph Rey- nolds, Olen Rowe, and Johnny Swartz. The city competition was very keen, with Sunset rated the leading golf team of the state. The golf team is hampered by the loss of experienced men, but may upset the pre- diction which slates them for the cellar this year. On Saturdays the games are played at Tenison and Stevens greenways. The team has lost its first four games 6-0 to Adamson, Sunset, North Dallas, and Wood- row Wilson. '48 SCHEDULE February 2'l .... .. . . Crozier Technical February 28 .... ,North Dallas March 6 . . .,, ..,... , . , Adamson March 13 . ,.,.,. Woodrow Wilson March 20 .... .,..........,........ S unset March 27.. ......., Crozier Technical April 3 .,.,... ....,., , North Dallas April T0 ..,..... ., ,. ,, , Adamson April 17. .,,... .... W oodrow Wilson April 24 ,.... ,. Sunset Page Une Hundred Fine First LEFT TO RIGHT Second Row: Mary Ann Jones, Frances Dixon, Billie Jean Brazeal, Virginia Barnes, Shirley Holmes, Betty Bush, Row: Doris Jean Hudson, Emma Mae Wilburn, Joan Eleanor Wheeler, Barbara Joan Russell, Rose Ellen Bar- ton, Wanda Joy Barton, Bettye Randolph, Jean Hopkins, Blanche Kassod, Nancy Knott, Peggy Brooks, Mary Louise Ramsey. LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Billie Jean Brazeal, Wanda Dawson, Jo Ann Schenkel, Marie Miller, Elsie Foster, Janie Patrick, Mary Louise Ramsey, Bonnie Crowe, Betty Jean Eads, Nancy Lamm. Second Row: Doris Wilson, Mariorie Smith, Aunita Yates, Marie Gage, Annabell Davis, Mary Lou White, Jessie Hill, Billie Morris, Judith Rice, Shirley Somer, Barbara Marguerite Wood, Joyce Hays, Jeannine Adams, Margie Baldwin, Norma Haley, Barbara Hansen. Third Row: Betty Harvey, Billie Morris, Joyce Seguin, Marie Grubbs, June Goldberg, Betty Cox, Wanda Jackson, Betty Haire. Hansen, Wanda Jackson, Norma Haley, Flay Rowan, Wilma Morris. Third Row: Shirley Cavender, Doris Powell, Laverne Knight, Modena Patterson, Mary Ann Jones, Bobbie Jean Clark, Wanda Chism, Melva Little, Barbara Lee, Dollie Ball, Jane Harris, Minnie Lou Parsons, Patsy Early. Fourth Row: Dorothy Sasse, Janice Tompkins, Jean Hopkins, Virginia Gilliland, Maureen Moriarty, Virginia Morris, Barbara Blummer. P14 '-fc. us, :swan LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Nell Bannister, Dollie Fugitt, Patsy Cherry, Audrey Slider, Mary Lee Hoffman, Margie Wright, Jean White, Wanda Moore, Joyce Barnard, Billie Monday. Second Row: Barbara Reed, Betty Jean Eads, Myrtle Cates, Mildred Blanton, Alice Dennis, Peggy Dean, Virginia Gilliland, Jean Bennett, Wilma Morris, Jo Ann Sears, Doris Gibson, Joan Bartlett, Mary Leon Hollon, Marlene Adams. Third Row: Barbara.Blummer, Melba Fulenwider. Fourth Row: Patsy Bledsoe, Bobbie Carter, Nancy Burt, Joyce Smith, Latriece Smith, Betty Ray, Mary Hayes, Maurice Lowrance, Annie Bell Clements, Lela Faye Thrasher, Mina Rue Evans, Wanda Foster, Betty Bierhalter, Natalee Elliott, Mary Lou Elliott. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Barbara Hansen, Blanche Kassed, Jean Byrd, Frances Dooley, Odessa Roberts, Betty Jo Cook, Bernice Tucker, Betty Collier, Lorene Williams, Mary Ramsey, Shirley Holmes, Joan Levy, Nancy Knott, Betty Cox, Emma Nell Koller, Peggy Brooks. Second Row: Doris Barish, Patsy Lowry, Betty Woody, Betty Harvey, Marcia Rariden, Gloria Smith, Ann Stokes, Marilyn Rude, Wanda Jackson, Beatrice Marcus, Emma Mae Wilburn, Joan Wheeler, Patricia Reece, Betty Fultz, Jean Hopkins, Billie Jean Brazeal, Bettye Randolph, Doris Jean Hudson, Dora Moe McFadin, Frances Curry, lrene Finneburgh, Charlene Knight. Third Row: Dorothy Weltchek, Patsy Reed, Melva Little, Macel Fowler, Norma Haley, Margaret Hall, Polly Rogers, Ede wina Fitzgerald, Mary Bain, Floy Rowan, Bonnie Henry, Barbara Lorenz, Joy Howlett, Joyce Seguin, Betty Bush, Ann Rogers, Barbara Wickliffe, Rose Marie Reed. we . if .,,.eY..-fm . . ,,.. ., wt, .. ,,,, LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Fay Rigsby, Charlotte Cowen, Billie Jo Haney, Joy Jean Nichols, Mary Ann Jones, Jaan Levy, Bette Davis. Second Row: Bonnie Ford, Verabelle Perry, Wanda Jackson, Kathryn George, Carol Spigel, Sandra Jacobson, Gloria Smith. Third Row: Nan Humphrey, Betty Jo Hanlxer, Jean Ware, Mary Brown, Barbara Wickliffe, Frances Dixon, Doris Powell. Fourth Row: Beatrice Marcus, Joyce Fuller, Mary Statom, Ann Ragens, Jeannine Adams, Margie Baldwin. Streamline A The development of perfect bodies which was emphasized in the posture contest was extended to the gym and nutrition classes by means of the newly organized Stream- liners Club for the first time this year. Only girls who come within five pounds of the weight set up by health survey as normal are eligible. The main obiective ofthe organization is to emphasize the need for the right kind of food in order to attain normal weight and Page One Hundred Eight nearly perfect bodies. The organization has brought to the girls the realization of the necessity of obtaining correct nutrition in achieving perfectly formed and healthy bodies. Miss Segrist and Miss Thoene are support- ing and conducting this worthwhile club. As a result there are and will continue to be more healthy and perfect physiques among the girls at Forest. Lily 5 Jliidg-EQMMQI1 MJQPBMQIW' qi!! jim fm, ,744 uf F An xi il JJ4 4' if Wifi if fLJl5fMi L4M4,g 4FL if 1 wif W sg A V-pJ+ Ffh Ff!gF Il,J Li ,Lf,iLim +wi:M4f im' J-AJ. J-Ili iii, iid! 95' lla.-JP 6 3 si PL JE f5ffJ?151fJ 0: MMWe,.,4,,.,,, M, W gi 'pfiJ ijfiiflnfli Page One Hundred Nine +. , I ?eature i v ' 4' . , . . . Forest spotlight features many Lion activities . . . January graduates present "Suddenly lt's Spring" . . . Hatter and Braddock are elected Echo Sweethearts . . . Who are the Forester Favorites? That is the S64 question . . . Seniors receive high rating in scholarship exams . . . Rogers and Wood spell for Forest . . Ranking high in several contests is outstanding dramatics student Jane Phillips . . . Lions R. take first places in many art and music contests, A, ,f Q' , 2 Zac, mm fm fwf fif W, mf M X 1 YE: 'Q W,-'Yi SARAH SKELTON JANE PHILLIPS e te Elected by Popular JOHNNY SWARTZ + ,Ml JAMES SPARKS no ite Vote of Student Body JAMES SHIPP We Wrv te on Olll' Slateif September 9-"Dear Old Golden Rule Days!" Dallas schools open their doors to 1,224 eager students. Lions welcome five new teachers, and are proud of shining new walls. September 18-Rah! Rah! Rah! First pep assembly as Lions get ready for Ennis . . . Opening of Dads Club Queen Contest announced. fob September 19-Lions battle Ennis on soggy field to a scoreless 1 tie I ,xi 1 1 l M.-W'."f2f'fZnB September 22-First meeting of Student Council is called to ffxgfz if order by JAMES "Glamour Boy" SPARKS. ' September 23--JULIAN BRADDOCK elected president of 4A class. September 25-"Gridiron Greats" battle Denison Yellow Jackets t second tie! Still unbeaten! . . . First fire drill. September SO-Oh joy! Something to do in class to break the monotony! Read my Echo ! October 2-Pep assembly . . . American Legion baseball ,mv awards given. 6,5 QUE October I5-Hold everything! . . . News item . . . Greenies M, down Tyler Lions 18-7 in first victory of the year! 'X yifklyff parade of State Fair October 4-Forest Cadets march 96 strong in opening day October 9-Lions get ready for fierce fight with Scotties 'gg . . . We've got to beat 'em! L October 10-We did it! Powerful Scotties downed by Green Wave, 15-O. October 13-Interesting film shown on tuberculosis and its prevention . . . Senior girls have their eyes examined . . . North Dallas game postponed. October 16-Our beloved MISS DURHAM passes away . . . School is closed in memory of her many years of diligent and loyal teaching. Miss Durham was the first sponsor of the -Echo when it became a newspaper in 1930. October 17-Look! It's High School Day at the Fair . . . Gee! 8 x I ,W piffiby- What good hot dogs! October 20-Sophomores see a film on tuberculosis. 22 f 4 i 1 October 22-Girls Public Speaking Club entertains the freshman gf' X 1 girls with a party. an X October 24-Yea! Lions! . . . Pep assembly for Sunset-Forest ai! -ji football game. Still undefeated! score o-o. ' October 51-Happy Halloween! . . . Public Speaking Department entertains with hillbilly play . . . Woodrow-Forest game. Another victory for us! November 3-Texas History Club presents annual assembly . . . Cowboy and folk songs add zip to program. Page One Hundred Fourteen We Wrv te on 010' Slatm November 4-We did it again! Foresters cop top prizes in Cadenza Art Contest, sponsored by the Junior League . . . JOAN . r WHEELER-first . . . HAROLD TUCKER-second . . . NADINE j B1-:LT-third. A A November 7-Forester "eleven" triumphs over Wolves! Score 15-O. November 12-MR. YATES' Civics class Presents American Education 9' dy ici 1 week assembly . . . Chorus entertains with inspiring songs. a ny X 4595? r CQ X X T'. - T5 ,-L . November 13-Fiddlesticks! Deciding game between Lions and Bulldogs postponed. November 18-Nineteen "Top-drawer" Lions initiated into the National Honor Society. November 20-Pep assembly for game between Adamson-Forest . . . We've just got to win!! New yell with band introduced-it's a honey. November 21-Still undefeated! . . . Lions and Leopards battle to tie. November 24-Forest welcomes MR. CARTWRIGHT, English educator. December 2-Lions have their pictures taken for the Forester . . . Look up and smile! . . . Cub Echo Staff announced . . . Lions and Bulldogs battle to deadlock. December 5-Yippee! Forest nemed represenratiye champion ef Distrg Q-AA . . . Lions prepare for game with Arlington Heights in "Cow Town" . . . We can't miss with all the other Big "D" schools cheering for us. c ki ,Wh "VI I1'-"T'.l'l'.f'!l1:'rl1!Iwll" S S ,fmirhuf EPA f V X Q 7 ' A X . V E A lima! ' December 5-Gloom! Lions suffer first defeat of the year . . . Greenies beaten by Yellow Jackets 25-6. December ll-4A's sponsor picture show. December 15-Coeds given break at the Sadie Hawkins' dance . . . Run, boys! December 15-Students see movie on Mexico. December 19-P.-T.A. presents annual pay assembly . . . Lions enjoy new bus service . . . Now classes can proceed without having to wait for the cars to pass. December 25-Merry Christmas! Chorus entertains with beautiful carols . . . Lions elect HATTER and BRADDOCK Echo Sweethearts . . . CHARLES GREENHAW named editor of Echo Cub Staff . .-Tgnior Prom . . . Senior play cast announced . . . See you next year. Pugr' Ulu' Hurzrlrad Fifteen rr W +-,1 A iN We W1-0 te on 010' Slatu December 26-Basketball team enters Dr. Pepper tournament. N January 5-School days are here again! i"Q"' January 6-Greenies adopt weekly Echo publication plan. Y I X fL, January 7-Class elects new 4A officers . . . SOLTES x pm! re-elected president. f f January 9-Senior banquet held at Forest Avenue Baptist 7 Church. Q Q January 15--BONNIE HENRY and STANLEY GREEN named most efficient seniors. January 16-Senior Day! . . . 4A's present colorful assembly. January 17--Seniors star in play, 'After All, It's Spring." January 18-Baccalaureate services held at Forest Avenue Baptist Church. January l 9 -Improving Lion quint defeated by North Dallas . . . SOLTES and SEGAL attend Dallas Civic Institute . . . Poor Lions I-Exams. 1 f January 22-Forty-seven graduates receive diplomas for four years of service . . . Cubs enter Forest, 150 strong. January 23-Football heroes honored at gala banquet. Vp? 4 fi January 26-'Confusion Day"-Lions enroll for spring term . . liz: 5 Cubs increase roar! January 29-30-Fall, snow, fall! . . . Lions get two days E "vacation" because of slippery streets and sloshy snow! February 2-Interscholastic League Spellers begin work under MISS MELSON. 9 February 3-"Freedom" Essay contest won by LARRY SLAKEY. C- -5 February ll-Brr! . . . More snow! 66 X kg February 14-ROTC cadets hold Regimental Ball. Casa LP February 20-JANE PHILLIPS places first in the Invitational I ,I Forensic Tournament sponsored by Baylor University. , February 21-Lion bowling team plays first game. i a February 25-Dental instructions and film shown to ff Foresters . . . 5A's have teeth examined. ' ' ff February 26-Hep! Hep! Woodrow Wilson entertains Lions tx t 3 with colorful band performance. ,-'f - - . ' -1 February 27-Brotherhood assembly presented . . . Whitne if p X X Theater set for "Suspense," sponsored by our favorite "fm 'ffff-H' ' paper-the Echo , you bet ! Page One Hundred Sixteen I We Who te on 040' lateA February 28--Eleven Lions enter Regional Art Show . . . North Dallas hands Forest golf team defeat, 6-O. February 29--Leap Year Day! But it's Sunday and where is Leo? March l-Lions begin practice for pageant under direction of MISS FETTERMAN . . . POLLY ROGERS and MARGUERITE WOOD to represent Forest in city-wide spelling contest. March 2-Texas History Club presents program . . . DR. J. F. KIMBALL stresses importance of Texas Week . . . FORESTER FAVORITES election today . . . Hold your breath! X 1 fl'I 5 i f X 'W x x J 1 f ! p 1 A 'X - ff gl N f ' 'hui' ff KX l'fy Q 5 fl I 7 "a f 1?-2?"' Qs iw ,F .F F ,af March 5-Scholastic art awards announced MARVIN SIGEL ALTA 1' I FLANAGAN, PAUL MCKAY, NADINE BELT, HARLIET VATSURES, .TOE giiw- - DAN PLUNK win keys . . . HAROLD TUCKER and HOWARD FEFER get certificates . . . HARVEY LANE receives honorable mention. ig RQ A- llf' March 17-South Dallas schools open Cavalcade of Education at 'i g ru Fair Park Auditorium. Oo March 19-Coach Mattingly's tracksters enter meet at Farrington ' Field. March 20-Ah! Spring! . . . Many Foresters affected with spring fever. March 25-Spring vacation starts today . . . Green Wave nine takes Mustang B team for a ll-5 cleaning . . . Seniors sponsor Leap Year Dance . . .Gerald Levine noses out competitors to win King Ug title. March 50-April Fool Eve! Echo publishes special edition. 5. ,V April 1-Lion netters open season in matches with W. . April lO-Bingo! Lions attend all-school carnival. . Senior Memo: 5 ,f Q ff? May 7-Senior play. I tr 'gtk May 14-Senior prom. May 21-Senior Day. May 26-Graduation at Fair Park Auditorium. x 1 XX : Vw C x ,3 SQ 1 A 615' 17' X nfl fx HW X s W. Wildcats . May 28--"Oh, give me something to remember you by." Remember what? Remember 1947-1948 as a year that 's gone by and written this day on our slate as one crammed full of work and fun, never to be forgotten. Till September, 1948, then it's goodbye to our slate. Page One Hundred Seventeen Senior Senior Edition Edition VOL. 32--NO. 7 DALLAS, TEXAS, TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1948 PRICE 10 CENTS! Seniors to Receive Diplomas January 22 Hatter and Braddock Named Echo Sweethearts Mary Frances Hatteu' and Julian Braddock copped the titles of "Echo Sweethearts" for the 1947 Fall semest- er with Vunita Stribling and Charles Connor running second. The election was held December 23 in the Cub Edition of the school papeer. Julian, president of the 4A class also accupies a great part of his time with extracurricular activities. He was an ace end on the Lion starting line up in the victoiious football season this year and is 'also star player on tl.c basketball team. Though Julian is ac.i 'e in sports, his outside activities dn not seem to interfere with his sgholzistic achievements, as he is an envied mem- ber of the National Honor Society. Equally as active as Julian is Mary, who was president of her junior class and a cheerleader in the 1946 football season. She was again elected cheer- leader in 1947 and was so popularly supported by the students that she now holds the coveted position leader 2 trom horn, drums, These surplus t many arr I . S31 ,LA is were give , ff' L ' ' ROTC He. if . ,l-"",,,.Jf" ' the school 4 J ' eil a certain msg 1 ing to its , "Now allknat is needed is the people to play these instruments," Col. Mar- shall says. Elected S'5af'3"7 5 Julian Braddock Mary H' K last year and won an Echo for his journalistic achieveme , Active, ambitious, and well-li join the ian and Mary will 'outstanding exes who have l' ed "Echo Sweethearts" in p Cad L'rliz'aa4 011.1 '70 Ganuiea SZ A an open with the Echo fs counseling ecided that the R because the ,Q advance news was id classes were not given enough there were too many of the of columns, and that the were in the paper too other hand it was generally the -Cub edition was the this year. class of thirty-five, were in favor of the new ekly four-page paper cost- Of the remaining twelve, i iinst the new, plan because i The reason they might not every Tuesday. Upon hearing these comments, mem- bers 'of the Cub Staff stated that they would take them in consideration while planning the Echo for this new year. 47 Graduates Will Bid Farewell to Alma Mater Approximately forty-seven senior will graduate Thursday night, Januarl 22 in the school auditorium. This ha been announced by Jack Mitchell, thi 4A class sponsor. The last of the senior activities, tn. '-'-te service, will be held a Church Ihr enul ldock harle. i guson Donalc Stanley cn vu etl Taylor :ilizabetl Embry. Bonnie Henry, Teresa McCoy, Billie Ras- Roffman, Lois 'Joan Swift, Bernice Tucker, and Margaret CContinued on pa-ge 21 fvvsAfvw ,vvNzxA1v Ili ECHO TO co WEEKLY Tentative plans call for the Echo :Qto come out weekly next semester. :pk ln an election held in home rooms 1:4,Tuesday, January 6, students of lililrorest were given the choice of a Nfour page weekly or an eight page bi-weekly paper. Ig By a vote of 783 to 131, Foresters ltlvgave approval to the weekly paper S plan. Under this new plan no subscrip- ti0ns will he taken. 'A flat rate of 5 cents per issue will be charged, with the price to be raised if sales lr 'rr Il' N is ,4 1+ 'do not meet expenses. 1 .P by Bollot Printed in the Forest Echo l l i 4 Top Row: A scene from the Adamson Football game . . . Joan Crow, maiorette, pranc- ing at a football game . . . Another critical moment at the Adamson game . . . Second Row: Dallas cheerleaders on Forest's big pep assembly lust before the Arlington Heights game . . . Murphy Webster exhibits his skill at broad iumping . . . Coach Crabtree and Ralph Reynolds in consultation during the Adamson game . . . Third Row: The starting lineup of our basketball team: J. C. Vick, Bob Horn, Pat Kelly, Paul Scherzer, and Bob McGowan . . . J. C. Vick, Bob Trent, Pat Kelley, and Pat Farrell working hard at basket- ball . . . Girls toss pennies into the wishing well to wish the Lions victory over the Yel- low Jackets . . . Fourth Row: Gymnastics displayed by Foresters in Cavalcade of Educa- tion . . . Head Coach Crabtree looks the '47 gridders over during practice . . . W. E. Perry, . president ot the Dads Club, crowns Nita Watkins Dads Club Queen. Assisting him is Cadet Lieutenant-Colonel Billy Jacob. Page One Hundred Nineteen l Yi , . , , , l C ,, cocci Top Row: Wanda Jackson patronizes Latin Club candy sales . . . Beware, Joy Howlett, Jo Ann Sears might take you 'For a ride! . . . Billie Lou Ray and James Sparks "cutting a rug" . . . Julian Braddock, Charles Conner, and Stanley Green harmonizing on January Senior Day Program . . . Second Row: Blackfaced comedy team Johnny Swartz and Mary Haney with James Cameron as onlooker . . . "Upper-cut!" yells Johnny Swartz . . . Third Row: Mr. Whittlesey and Captain Norwood play dominoes at the Military Ball . . . Robert Lester Johnson and Lloyd Turner, put down that gun . . . Mr. Boulton laughs with his physics class . . . A rose petal made by a physical education class . . . Nan Humphrey sits by a snow man . . . Fourth Row: Macel Fowler, Patsy Cherry, and Norma Haley admire trophies in upper hall . . . Shirley Cleghorn and Virginia Corbin on their merry way to school . . . Jean Smith and Billy Jacob entering the Military Ball . . . Jean Smith taking ritle practice . . . Come now, Nurse, Hilda Struckmeyer may be ill after all . . . Forest musicians swing out . . . Mary Haney gets a make-up in speech class. Page One Hundred Twenty Top Row: Joan Shenkel, Sondra Marks, and Helen Hodson doing their English in the library . . . The A Capella Choir rehearsing under the directing arms of Miss Wilcox . . . Leisurely digesting their food after lunch are Dollie McGarity and Barbara Deines . . . Second Row: "Fighting Lions Contest" is drawing crowds . . . Foresters taking advantage of High School Day at the Fair are Jane Phillips and Maury Soltes, Claude Smith and Jack Newell, Miss Berry, Peggy Smith and Ernestine Schultz . . . Judy Wyll on the National Honor Assembly . . . Margie Wheeler, Mildred Moses, and Bobby Joyce Tucker get some fresh air after lunch . . . Third Row: Now we know why the office is so crowded - just look at pretty Miss Moffit . . . Something fishy, could be Billy Schaerdel at Lake Texoma holding a ten-pound catfish . . . Watch out, Romeo Drewery Cowling, Juliet Marie Grubbs is going to fall for you . . . Fourth Row: There's that little boy again in study hall with George Smith. Remember that five-year old who darted in and out of classes and halls? Page One Hundred Twenty-one Top Row: At Emma Daisy Reed's party for the January '48 seniors are the graduates Frances Embry, Jeanette Fain, Mary Jane Guernsey, Emma Daisy Reed, and some future graduates Tommy Fraley, Harold Robertson, and Joy Nichols . . . Seated are members of the present Journalism 2 Class, who are working on the Echo: Georgia Head, Billy Jean St. George, Ethel Reisberg, Thomas Hardin, Shirley Somer, Frances Evans, Carl Dennis, and Wanda Reckley. The modest one Cwith her back turnedj is Betty Segal . . . Second Row: Norma Haley, Macel Fowler, and Melva Little seem to enioy working on the Forester. Do they always work that hard? . . .January '48 graduates on the Senior Day assembly singing their class song, "After Graduation Day" . . . That's Shirley Somer strolling down Forest Avenue, eating her ice cream cone. . Page One Hundred Twenty-tu Top Row: Don't prick your fingers, girls! At the front table in Miss Matthew's Clothing l Class, Jane Harris and Minnie Lou Parsons prepare for their future as homemakers . . . "Oh, fudge!" say Bobby Clay, Neil Turns, Richard Macon, and Donald Smith. "ls that what the milk is for?" . . . Second Row: Mrs. Lankford, school dental hygienist, examines Mary Joy Bobbitt's teeth i . . Students trail reluctantly back into school after a brief fire drill during the sixth period . . .Third Row: Donald Smith cautions James Sparks, "Be sure it's level measurement!" . . , About to enter the Hall of State during the StateiiFair are Tommy Dell Jones, Betty Jones, and Margaret Hall. Page One Hundred Twenty-three -- l Top Row: Student Council officers Sarah Skelton, James Sparks, Judy Wyll, and Wanda Jackson do not always wear such smiles. Wonder what new proposal somebody has thought up-elevators, maybe? . . . Snow on the ground, bubble gum, and Joy Jean Nichols . . . Second Row: Doris Gaston chats with one of Forest's favorite teachers, S. S. Hutchinson . . . Adeline Elam, beware! The lagoon is wet. . . Billy Shaw and Marvin Hoff- man register their bikes with the police, stationed at Forest for the annual bicycle regis- tration. Page One Hundred Twenty-four 041414 The publication of the 1948 Forester has been made possible through the cooperation of the following friends. Let us show our appreciation by patronizing them when- ever possible: A B- B Furniture Co. American Beauty Cover Co. Arcadia Plumbing Co. Bama Pie Co. Bedwell Grocery Bell Clothing Ben Morris Bernard's Grocery Bloom's Edgewood Pharmacy Brilling Insurance Brisendine Market Caudle Engraving Co. Cline Music Co. Colonial Cleaners Colonial Plumbing Co. Colonial Pharmacy Community Drug Dallas Power 81 Light Dal-Sec Drugs Dalton's Grill Davis Cleaners Day 8. Night Plumbing Draughon's Business College Drumgold Service Station Dysterbach Co. Earl's Magazine Exchange Echo's Bar-B-Q Elgin Cleaners Elrod's Service Station E. M. Kahn 8- Co. Ewing Typewriter Co. Fair Park National Bank Fendley's Barber Shop Finishers Supply Co. Forest Ave. Cleaners Forest Ave. Furniture Forest Ave. Motor Forest Ave. Photo Studio Frank Babb Jewelry Franklin's Friedman's Pharmacy Garrett's Barber Shop Gateway Sporting Goods Guardian Insurance Hebert's Hise Men's Wear Hodges Auto Parts Home Furniture Inman's Shoe Repair Jackson Motor Co. James Shoe Shop James K. Wilson Keeney Office Equipment Kingsbury Men's Wear Launder-Rite Lewis Department Store Livingston Cleaning Loftins Launderette Mack's Barber Shop Magicland Mangels Marvins Radio Service Mayfair McNally Barber Shop McNeeleys Hardware McNeese Cleaners Mercury Cleaners Model Tailors Murray lnvestment Co. Murrey's Used Cars National .lobbing Co. New York Bakery Nitsche Flower Shop Northcutt Food Service Oakland Food Mart. Parker, Earl Parrino's Pat's Motor Service Paul's Shoes Price Furniture Radio Lab. R. C. Cola Reele's Grocery Ring and Brewer Rowe, Olen, Photographer Rush Co. Rutherford-Metropolitan Business Sands Electrical Co. Second Ave. Drugs Shuttles Simmons Hardware Sordelet-The Tailor South Dallas Bank South Dallas Hobby Shop Southwestern Engraving Co. Steve Guthrie, Sheriff Story Book Press Susman, William, Insurance Sutphen Furniture Symns Flower Shop Tate's Cleaners Uncle Joe Union Plumbing Service Velma's Beauty Salon Walker Drug Store Wilkinson Printing Co. Williams Furniture Williams Service Station Worthington's Page One Hundred Twenty-five Conf' ' 'ior1s, Seniors! I e C LUNITY DRUG rleadquarters '00 Second Avenue H-9720 WILLIAM SUSMAN All Kinds of Insurance Great National Life Building C-4054 JAKLAND FOOD MART N Ir the Best in Meats and ' Dairy Products, See Us Open from 7-11 4302 Oakland Compliments of MERCURY CLEANERS O. L. SUTPHEN FURNITURE Co. New Furniture CASH OR TERMS 2109 Second Ave. Phone H-0328 Chain' Flou'a'1's for All Ovrasions NITSCHE FLOWER STORE MEMBER F.T.D. -SCCOUd Ave. Phone H-2662, Night H4543 2727 Grand Ave. Robert H. Tlwurmond jr. Dallas, Texas GATEWAY SPORTING Gooos Co. XVORTI-IINGTON'S S 07'fS7176'l1,S Paradise P 'Sc to 51,00 Store EVERYTHING FOR THE SPORTSMAN 1632 P H orest - 1300 Main at Field C-4769 CLINE MUSIC COMPANY, Inc. Eiferytbing for the Bana' and Orchestra GUARANTEED REPAIR WORK 1409 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas Durward Ciine, Prrsizlrnl Phone C-1948 SAM DYSTERBACH COMPANY 2108 Elm Street UNIFORMS FOR MAIORETTES, BANDS. PEP SQUADS AND R.O.T.C. OUR UNIFOHMS ARE OUTSTANDING EARL,S MAGAZINE EXCHANGE EARL COOTES, mp. School Supplies Oiiice Ph. H-4681 Res. Pla. H8-1517 WE BUY AND SELL PLUMBING COLONIAL PLUMBING CO. 1718 Forest Avenue "WE SELL SANITATIONH mi Second AVC' Dallas I. TAPPIZR Fr lili M IIII my DALLAS, TEXAS MCNEESE CLEANER-SHOE SERVICE ' ""' "Quality and Service at Reasonable Prif'c"' - - Free Pickup and Delivery service 2743 Grand - Phone H-0356 FHONE H-0187 2532,S. HARWOOD ST. Compliments of MACK'S BARBER SHOP 2728 Forest Dallas Next to White Theatre HODGES AUTO PARTS DOYLE HODGES Prop. 4520 Second Avenue Page One Hundred Twenty-six Compliments of Stanley H. Bloom BLOOM,S' EDGEWOOD PHARMACY Cleaning Dyeing INMAN1'S SHC P 1' I INVISIBLE RES. I Grand Ave. at Oaklanl. Phone H+0356 ' 3707 HATCHER UNION PLUMBING SERVICE Domestic -- Commerrial - Industrial Plumlsing - Heafing Confracfor Call Us for Your Repair Needs J. D. Thompson H-2536 SECOND AVE. DRUG STORE Coiiiplefi' Fmmiain Sr'rz'ic'f' Conrleous Sfrrirc for Young and 0111 2001 Second Ave. H-9740 ARCADIA PLUMBING CC Phone H8-1883 929 Seco' e QAcross from Fair Parkj Preston M. Hicks " First Grade Cast Iron Plumbing Fixtures SYMNS FLOWER SHOP "Lvl Fozwrs Express Your Tbcruglalsn 4510 Second Ave. H-6237 KEENEY OFFICE EQUIPMENT Co. Typewrifers, Adding Machines, Cash Phone H8-1939 Night H8-2664 M A R V I N ' S RADIO and ELECTRIC SERVICE Rf'gi5ff?7'5y Df'-9k5, Chairs, Supplic-5 Rafffox and ljleririv Afzpfiarzrex Rrfwaircd D l K J 1915 C R 4464 Allf0 Razffox Iriifallnf and Sl'Vl'il'1"!1 . .. cenev, r. ommerce - ' II. XV. MARVIN 2540 SOUTH ERVAY Phone Phone C r f H-4284 S H-4284 Ornp lrnen S O NEW YORK BAKERY THE TAILOR and DELICATESSEN CLEANING, DYEING, AND ALTERATIONS HAT RENOVATING H-6413 2732 Forest 1906 South Harwood Street Comjzlirizcizfs of A. M. NVESSON VV. C. ADAMS R. L. RAPE FRIEDMAN,S FRANK BABB JEWELRY PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY . 1705 Forest Phone H-7163 Watt hlnakeys - Icwglers DALLAS 15, TEXAS Phone C-5535 206 S. Ervay St. A 85 B FURNITURE CO. New ana' Used Furnifure WE BUY, VUE SELL, WE SWAP Phone H-9017 2741 Grand A. G. COLLIER - C. L. MCDONALD cIOI!IfIIflI1I'lll.Y of VELM AIS BEAUTY SALON MRS. j. C. KENDRICK, Owner 3103 Forest H40006 WILLIAMS' SERVICE STATION Aziiborizea' Texaco Siaiioii Cozzrhfsy Cards Are Good 3303 Forest Ave. H-0156 BERNARD,S GROCERY 85 MARKET 2202 Second H-1885 R70 Deliver Fresh Fruits, Meals and Vegetables Daily Page One Hundred Twenty seven Compliments of BEN UTAY First Captain Forest Avenue High Football Team . . . 1917 B'EN MORRIS JEWELRY CO. 1924-A Elm Street NOTRTHCUTT FOOD STORE Friendly Service - Fair Prices FOREST HIGH We are with you 365 days in the year 3308 Oakland AVC. H-9043 Compliments of NATIONAL JOBBING CO. 1415 Commerce Mcn's Shoes Phone H8-1543 JACKSON MOTOR OO. GARAGE AND BODY SHOP Bought USED CARS Sold 3229 Forest Ave. TRUCKS E L R O D ' S Twenty-four Hour Humble Service Station Forest at Second Ave. H8-2 S 17 FOREST PHOTO STUDIO Graduatiou Portraits to Cherish 1719 Forest H-4377 KINGSBURY Famous for Ties SMART MEN'5 WEAR Between Ervay and Akard 1516 Main St. LEWIS DEPARTMENT STORE Complete Outptter for the Family All School Supplies 4501 SECOND AVE. Compliments of DALTON'S GRILL 3011 Oakland Ave. H-0144 Compliments of MANGEL'S Ladies' and Childrerfs Ready to Wear Elm and Ervay ECHO'S BAR B-Q We Specialize iii Bar B-Q and THE STORY BOOK PRESS General Book and Magazine Publishers - School Papers Chicken 20 Years in Dallas 4203 Oakland Ave. H8-9153 W SmdPQfjL HEARD- Owrff H8-1807 BEDWELL GROOERY Efggn Clfgangu SC 3111 Oakland Avenue Fine Foods Free Pick Up and Delivery Birdseye Frosted Foods Ice Cream wznomrss PARTur-:s SIMMONS HARDWARE SC DLEN Rows VARIETY Gommcrcidl Qbotogrdpber We Specialize in School Supplies 2515 CARPENTER 2802 Forest H-0088 Page One Hundred Twenty-eight Lottin's Launclerette Stores Automatic Bendix Machines Waxb and Dry in One Hour Ironing Om' Day Sertice Dry Cleaning and Prrxxing Bus. H-3340 Res. H-2443 Sands Electrical Contractors 61 Neon Sian Ca. Contracting - Repairing Maintenance - Appliances Phones: H8-2944 S34 Forest U6-9041 5308 junius Y - . h 2 Om 72' E 9' 1223 Second Ave. The Launcler-Rite Using Bendix Automatic Washers Clothes Washed in 30 Minutes We Can Dry Your Clothes 3 101 Forest IAMES SHOE SHOP 321 1 Oakland Master Shoe Repairing Across from Forest High also Phone H8-9013 New Shoes Dial H-0005 Dyers MCNALLY D A V I S Barber - Beauty Shop CLEANERS - HATTERS . 3015 COlOn1al H-02 5 8 Bill Davis - 1940 XVELCOME, 4425 Oakland FoREsT STUDENTS! Since 1921 INSURANCE COVERAGE Night H-1473 Day H-0071 Colonial Cleaners 3011 Colonial We Operate Our Own Plant Silks A Specialty H-1721 Pat's Motor Service General Auto Repairing Motor Tune-up, Carburetor Service 3401 Oakland Ave. Dallas, Texas Page One Hundred Twent PAUL MURREYHS Hi Class Used Cars FOREST STUDENTS WELCOME 3112 Colonial H-2074 IS YOUR HOBBY MODEL AIRPLANEIS, ENGINES, BOATS, RACE CARS, TRAINS? IF SO - VISIT THE South. Dallas I-lobby Sho1o 3107 Oakland Ave. H8-1502 DAL-SEC DRUGS STUDENTS WELCOME We Deliver 1511011682 H.-6776 - H-0207 1823 Second Ave. MARY WILLIAMS FURNITURE STUDIO Complcfe Household Furizisloiug "See the rest then come to us for the best" 3300 Forest Ave. Phone H-2813 BOB FENDLEYWS BARBER Sl-IOP "Always 011 flu? job! Try Us!" 3635 Colonial DAY PLUMBING CO. PAT McKAN wx o L, G, PRICE PURN1TURE..Co. All Kinds of Second Hand Furnifure Bouglof, Sold, and Exclumged Bed Springs Repaired FUN CENTER OF DALLAS Tricks Iolees Puzzles Magic Tricks Novelties MAGHCLAND The Store of 1,000 Woiiders 2410 Second Ave. H8-1436 409 N. Ervay P One Hundrerl Thirty GABBETTS Barber - Beauty Shop Years of Professional Work Our Slogan "THE BEST FOR LESS" 2528 Forest Avenue Phone H-0020 PATMRONIZE THE MIDIDEL TAILUDI 2308 Elm Street R-6057 Forest Avenue Cleaners Cleaning, Pressing and Alterations H-C419 H-3471 W. E.. Drumaold Service Station TEXACO PRODUCTS 2724 Forest H-0330 WASHING - LUBRICATING - ACCESSORIES MR AND MRS JACK TERRELL, I-'irrslonr' Tirrx- Ballery Recharge Props. Oakland 85 Pennsylvania Dallas Here's to cz Bigger and Bffllff "FOREST'ER" Compliments of Colonial Pharmacy Prescription Evkperzfs 1644 Forest Ave. H-S141 J. D. SHINPAUGH, Manager Dallas, Texas Oldest Shop in South Dallas Rana .BGA SALES 86 SERVICE-ANY MAKE H-0208 W. C. QMacQ McClure, owner 1714 F A Telephones C-4766 and C-6612 ABE l. BBILLING Insurance EARL R. PARKER Attorney-at-Law QF EVERY DE,SCRIPTIQtN Office R-4692 Res. M-6615 "Absolu!ely Personal Service" 920 Republic Bank Building DALLAS 221 Texas Bank Building DALLAS, TEXAS Page One Hundred Thirty-0 6 "1 l l 4 l ,4l?J Compliments The Rush Company School Ari and Drafting Supplies 1305 Elm R-4403 SUITS - PANTS - OVERCOATS MIEN,S FURNISHINGS BELL CLOTHING CO. "The Young Me11's Store of Dallas" HUDSON C. LOCKETT and CASEY JONES 1617 Main St. Phone R-2763 MCNEELEYS H Hardware S Variety FORESTERS WELCOME WE HAVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES 2906 Meadow Street HERERT' ' HOSIERY Next to Palace ' BAGS Theatre ' GLOVES ' JEWELRY Exclusive Millinery shop 1621 Elm C-5022 Collzplilizenfs of BAM!-I PIE CQ. 1701 Fourth H-9227 PARRINOS Spaaheiti House 3122 Forest H-0042 MARIE PARRINO, Prop. Congratulations to the Class of '48 S Sa'-Rx, wxggfixlz-'wx -..5'i2f154,zETfi2Ef 1 if-??5:"1'i5f:iSE ligeggilfgiibisslqs I 1 up . -hs. ' 'Q 'llf'ss'g:5S: 'l 'sq is ' ui: - T""'Sg.-"E rl E ei 255552114 E2 222225. ,.1... 1 ll 5225552322 5555555553 lf We Serve in Peace as We Did in War LIFE, HOSPITALIZATION and ACCIDENT' PROTECTION Guardian International Life Insurance Co. Gurumuw I Iulnriiniuounpy DALLAS gb, f TEXAS One Hundred Thirty-tw Compliments l of PAULXS sHoEs,1nC. 1600 Elm Dallas 9 WHEN LOOKING FOR I I F urmture SEE Compliments of Hgme Furniturg CQ, STEVE GUTHRIE, Sheriff Elm at Preston Dallas County, Texas 9 Compliments of Fair Park National Bank of Dallas EXPos1TIoN AVE. AT PARRY Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corp. Q - FOREST AVE. FURNITURE CO. Tl-IE EEST EOE LESS NEW and USED COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 1624 Forest H-3314 0 Hu ndred T11 l w l 4,l.J f Compliments of E ' 1" l i eiigfjifg l 25255125 Iii' I "" ff? AZZ' ii5ii'iii:'3-- '1'1:qA.: 25,1-ei --AA L 3 ZA: - . .. . , l G ia QZ' it 5319 45" "Dallas' Newest Fashion Center" FASHIONS . . . for Infants, Children, Juniors, Misses, and Women Q . ll All Sz llll. E Dallas' oldest retail store with i Shops of quality apparel for men, MAIN AND ELM AT LAM women and boys AR - Q Texas store of fine military uniforms and sportswear and western apparel for men and women 1803 ELM 4- DALLAS A Q South Dallas Bank Sr Trust Co. Forest at Colonial Metropolitan Banking Service with Szihiirhaii Comfeizieiiees Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Page One Hundred Thirty-four DDD so D its D., RUTI-IEREORD-METROPOLITAN ScHooL or BUSINESS A Consolidation of two outstanding schools. We offer finishing courses, short courses and two year college level courses leading to a degree. Approved by the State Department of Education as a Business junior College Commerce at Field C-45 38 0 LIVINGSTON CLEANING CO. "A Cleaner Yozfll Like" W. A. LIVINGSTON 1710 S. Harwood St. Phone H-0308 0 FIIISHERS SUPPLY GUMPMIY SALES AND SERVICE Spray Painting Equipment, Finishing Maferial, Air Compressors Hose, Parts, Accessories 3209 Oakland Ave. DALLAS 15, TEXAS Phone H-5030 O Complimenfs of MURRAY INVESTMENT COMPANY Real Estate Loans 718 Republic Bank Building C-4358 Page One Hundred Thirly-foe ,,,4.lJ LAIQGIZST IN DALLAS Streamlined courses, individual advancement, urgent demand for grad- uates, select student body, prestige with employers, and national reputa- tion, attract more students to DRAUGHON'S than to all similar schools in Dallas combined. Prompt placement in preferred positions. DRAUGI-lON'S BUSINESS CCDLLEGE Commerce at Harwood Telephone R-3133 S. L. EWING COMPANY J. T. BOYCE TypewriLers...Addin,g Machines...Supplies "In Dallas Since 190?" 1919 Main Street C-5401 Q home of .9 S? Hart Schaffner 8: Marx Clothes 5" 35 In sincere appreeiaiioiz of the patronage and friendship of the entire body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past twenty-five years. American Beauty Cover Co. 2002-8 North Field Street The Cover on This Book Was Produced in This Plant Om' Hundred Thirty-six '+ DIAMONDS - WATCHES - SILVER - JEWELRY- TROPHIES GRADUATION RINGS Compliments Of SHUTTLES Fifty-one Years in Dallas Second Floor Southland Life Building Next to Baker Hotel Q . Compliments of FRA KLI ' 1610 Elm Street Phone R-5378-9 COMPLETE WARDROBE "From Crib to Collegev The Largest Selection in Town at Sensational Low Prices INFANTS' SIZES: 0 to 9 Months MISSES' SIZES: 9 to 20 CHILDREN'S SIZES: I to I6 WOMEN'S SIZES: 'I8V2 to 24V2p 38 to 52 Q STUDENTS! Special Discount on All Suits Made to Measure or Stock for Graduating Students of Forest High School Made from fbe Finest Qualify of Wfoolens R. I-I. HISE MENS WEAR 113 N. Ervay C-7965 -- as e WALKER DRUG STORE Only iloe Finest Drug Service in the F riendlies! Siore ' in Souflo Dallas! ALL FORESTERS MEET HERE! WE FILL ALL YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS Call H-73 3 8 Free Delivery Service 3121 Oakland Ave. Page One Hundred T Foiuisr Avia. Moroizs 3415 Forest Ave. Dallas H- 1 877 For 24-Hour Wrecker Service ond Complete Automotive Regodirs Forest Students Welcome C I hcrve known so mony of the boys cmd oiris of Forest High cmd hcrve en- joyed workino with them over the yeors thot I teei very close to the Grdduotino Cidss ot '48, some of whom ore osso- ciotted with me. UNCLE IOE POHddTh h 2 f""" RQ-YAL CRQWN l3QTTlrlNG CCI 816 Exposition Ave. Reeles Grocery 84 Market Quality Beef, Pork emel Lamb Staple and Fancy Groceries 1825 Metropolitan at Central H-0343 Fast Free Delivery Page One HUlI1ifPlI T111 riyefmkze Merkel 2113 Second Avenue Ha Od-9032 We Advertise Quality cmd We Have It South Dallas' Fancy Food Market . I I I Ah P . ,U I JIU! ' UIIEII is ' uu,x4Iv3u, 3 wulnlgh-rl-Ii nwwru 'ii ' 1717 wooo STREET I-IU!! d dF I Cj07Zg7'dlZlldlI'07Z5.l to the 1948 Graduates of Forest Ave. High School CA U ID L li ENGDAVING STEEL AND COPPER PLATE ENGRAVERS CDMDANY l Ve .sincerely thank you lor the 1 privilege of supplying the commence- ' ment invitations and cards lor both +- .lanuary and May Classes of 1948. 1 Il WED'S:,::!'1iemf!10NS W' USf'10"'Ne"'0ffC' COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS 2107 M203 FINE BUSINESS STATIONERY C mflel' venue AND GREETING CARDS DALLAS 1 fl in Page One Hundred Forty-one Congra+uIa'rions To The I948 Senior Class of FOREST AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL Their June GracIua+ion I' from FORMER "LIONS" WHO ARE NOW STUDENTS AT TEXAS A. 81 M. BLAIR, RICHARD T. .,....,........4..., Closi of '51 CONNER, JOHN EDGAR ..Te. " " '51 DU BOSE, EUGENE LEWIS II.I,.,.. " '49 ENGELBERG, MARVIN ,,.,... " '51 FARROW, BOBBY RAY, .,...I " '51 HEDRICK, ROBERT K. .. " '51 LILLEBRIDGE, HERBERT ,,,,I,. " '43 RACHOFSKY, MORTON .I.I.I.I " '51 WARD, JACK ...,...I....I.,I,, " '47 ZEITMAN, HAROLD ,I....,.... ,. " '49 COMPLIMENTS DICK PRICE MOTOR COMPANY 2100 N. Harwood Central 7294 , , g ' One Hundred Forty two Forest Avenue Hi '48 ce, 'fp ie? QA. Zftili - WQQ., af Q aims ,aj 5 Q p NW 4 ' 5 , il' ' . .,,,,, W' L' M if ' f- .Rug . . - --it ..., gr - pigs Qfeoefkd CHAMPION Yes, adequate lighting is a champion . . . a champion of better sight, better health and efficiency. Now that school will soon be over, the same electric serv- ice which has provided you with good lighting at home and at school will help you to a bright future. You'll always find dependable electric service playing a major role in the development of this city, a champion of better sight and better health. DALLAS POWER 8: LIGHT COMPANY Q Each year finds an even greater effort on the part of both the Forest High Staff and our organization to keep up the high standards of the FoREsT HIGH Masterprieces. We appreciate the journey through the years with your publication personnel and School off icials. SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVIN6 Co OF DALLAS 2100 Icxckson Street Phone Riv d 2158 DALLAS. TEXAS I ,I N JM Cf' I QWQW fwfr 19 ig? 'WWW- iws tiff WZ THE DIVISION PAGES To explain our division pages: Introducing the Administration section, J. A. Boulton, our witty physics teacherg Classes, the typical school girl Knot in calicol, Carol Ann Blackg Military, the highest ranking oficer, Lieutenant-Colonel Billy .lacobg Organizations, our able president of the Student Council, James Sparksg Athletics, lean Smith, one of our peppy cheerleadersg Features, ,lane Phillips, our outstanding actress. Tif- lf WH 7 I THE 'fu' E RY 57Z,q Ng In W7 0 il gfy gfw'-5 E,Q..,,1 1 may , . , , ,hh I-J.4LjJ ff 5 , ' I V If " ' iff J i , 1 V,, f c .1 f if 1 .Vi fi' ,A I ff ii I n 7.0 . up , ' ' 'fa I 1? ff---fv"'4 jk" X l 4 1' ' I -1 L J 'I li If A fkift 'Lu '1 , 1 f 1 LI 4-1' 1, - - I -' , , ,. , 5,4 ff, fi ,. L, I I f 1 I 5 V I I L , I 1 A .RL L N I N K A f L ..,, f - If 1 1 ybbuz I 2 1 I 'Lf 4, K' ul 81 X ' V' ' ,' w l, I I I , tg l If ntl, , X I l 'I :fl . , XOLAJ V ' I 1 Ji 1 if x "ft 'r" , AJ ' ' . r 5 " 9' I lr I ' x ' ' LK fi V I. I, If ' 'JL-C V' Q 4 1 If ' f f f ,fy I ' 4 f fbdfvll L thi' , f 1 J, li ' J . ff X, V? C, W r Q Q f 1 X 1 , L1 .4 1 Y' f X' I , , ,X . K . .,.,f , , M 5 'dr t T, bf I .f l X N , ' 1 A , 'AT ' N- e, ,1 ' C266 f , f , Q-Hg, ,i K 5 7 A ff' r f' W F ' -' f X . , . K I 4 1 , ,Q K 1. .J . 1 'Q L ir , ka 4 '..d.m:ln - f ' x lf' W wb f A . 1 k . , . X " 1 Z, V I ,, rg f f - h . ,.! x. Vx A 'K ,, xf' '- .1 F X A V 1 f X -, 7 g X -J Y rv N r 5. , J- ' N N ' 1111, . 4, ,, f ., fa x I . ff ,ff 1 If ,ly i L If 1.1.1 ff ffl X Qf I ff f if I ,fy ,Lf 'fi' i . Q, , r . 1 1., f Af 1 1 ,f r M ' - 1' F 'Ju A I V I P Q, 1 ,f sw' W f' ? I I V Lf li :u -I f 1' " ' f gnu -x I ff! jf ' 'V ' f 'SQL 1 2 .17 if A! fr nw . , ..5 f' A . I I Af J ,Ly jflfg . .ff f f ' f fx Mn! V I ' 1 ' 1 1 V 1 f 1 A - f f 1 .V If , .,., 0 Aj 3 i n J 1 ,' X: I K 1 If

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