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, H , 54, 7 tw LAA., of fadftd ' w .,,' 5 A !,,. F? X D ,lx . XR . w Dui , Wm ,WW KS 6 W w5gW' m ,, XJ xv YIJVJT rj , if ffflyib 5' '1. ffQjkMJ0,5fLffM,I' WWW Uugff UA 7 ff M ' Gifs fw- I 3Q,YVJg4VQ-J 'E-Ovayf' Avl Hugh Scpmo f' Moy l5,lClH7 lf' 1 W! IJ? W 65 f 1 7,1 M k A lx 'Y eff ff" W , if if xf! AW 4 V M 1 it '1 M c4C A-L-we ? w, 1lfff X x,4g ,, L kyq ' ff CA "KH " V CW-, M v ' , izfQfQf EA! kf 'wMf.. A av 2 M Qi 5 R , 4 1, igf . IUWVX H YK! A ,fail if g.,7w' SU UI u f 4f fQgw I 7811 iffQ 4Q jr ,fl lfwff 4 M, gy, 'X K f- f 1.lf7K1w it fx 1-'jvff ff W V1 Q1 , , ff, 'pq LJ Vai' Q, 1 if W 41 of Kei 1 5 ' iQ 34 ' ' WQQWKW Q .Q , J L ,A yy, J M ff lpjx X - - 39- , XXL F7"4Q-A kl S. GW W ff Mm ww lv " .L- , MM! an W 1 . rg- I ' K. ' X 'nz 1 ' V. 4 W Kuff N . A ' 'MFASSMIWP r I , I I . , 4 , I LV. 1 , I, , f H , . U ' 19 y LL bQQ WfK1f xl Vi' in 1 I L 'MAJ x Q Jw XL U J W " L L P LV J! v ya lk Lk! U VP 'VL' ' by R N M731 U WW kk kit Wit ,' f' 5 ,--v N gt A ,., X 5 Q, x A x The 1947 Forester JOAN TURNER Editor-in-chief JEANNINE JAMESON Assistant Editor JIMMIE SIMMONS Office Manager OLEN ROWE Business Manager CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS CHARLES SCHWARZ Advertising Manager 3 if 7 ii -- R.O.T.C. Forester IQLI-7 Published by The students of FOREST AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL DALLAS, TEXAS ATHLETICS FEATURES Foreword This year, we of the 1947 Forester Staff have chosen as our theme, Our School Life. We have tried to portray each activity in the wholesome, enioyable manner that we in school see it. ln order to understand our students better, we have portrayed the more intimate side of them studying, engaged in their many club activities, participating in their competitive sports, and receiving valu- able training in our military department. We sincerely believe that a better understanding of our present students and their school lives will aid in preparing better leaders for tomorrow. We have tried to show the more humorous as well as the serious side of our school life in order that each reader might recall some pleasant moment that he had perhaps forgotten. One of the first persons to be found at school in the morning and one of the last to leave at night is Mr. Seldon S. Hutchinson, who is ever present working with a school project, sponsoring a club, chaperoning a dance. He has always been very much interested in student activities. He has coached track, basketball, and football, and now sponsors Allied Youth, Standard Debating Society, as well as the Student Council. He has also proven himself an excellent teacher of mathematics, general science, and chemistry. For these reasons, and because of his willingness to share the trials and tribulations of others, we proudly dedicate this volume of the Forester to Mr. Seldon S. Hutchinson. James T. Whittlesey Who's that young man strolling through the hall? Why, it's Mr. James T. Whittlesey. The most cherished memories of our school year are those centering around this colorful, energetic figure whom we all know as our principal. For three years Mr. Whittlesey has led us with prudence and skill, throughout, he has been held in high esteem, because of his devotion to the interests of students and his farsightedness in his efforts to benefit the school. Students gain valuable experience in self- government by our principal's encouraging Student Council activity. He also gives many opportunities for the development of leadership and character. When the time for fun and recreation rolls around, Mr. Whittlesey is right there, and enioys a bit of amusement himself. He is a very able member of the school faculty basketball team, which has improved greatly in the last three years. Vigorous support of school activities has endeared him to the student body. To many Foresters, Mr. Whittlesey is an understand- ing principal, a symbol of happy days in the old Alma Mater, but to each and everyone of us, he is a dear friend who will never be forgotten in years to come. lzzglml Board of Education Although the members of the Board of Education are seldom seen in the halls of Forest, they are the administrators of our school and all other public schools in Dallas. The Board, composed of members elected by the people of the city, functions through its several committees which study the problems and needs of schools and discuss and plan ways to aid the schools. It determines the days to be set off as holidays, chooses the books and other materials to be used in the curriculum, and is responsible for the employment of administrators, teachers, and other workers in the schools. In fact, everything associated with the schools is directed by the Board. The members of the Board of Education and the committees which they head are as follows: DR. DAVID W. CARTER FRED D. DANFORD President Building and Sites Committee Chair- MRS. w. P. zuMwALT mon Vice President, MRS. TRACY RUTHERFORD Supplies Committee Chairman Lunchroom Committee Chairman DAN D. ROGERS W. C. SCURRY Finance Committee Chairman Welfare Committee Chairman 'NOINHBVUQ' W- T-'WHITE E. D. WALKER E. B. coMsrocK 5UPef'nle"deni Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent ln Charge of Personnel In Charge of High Schools 3 MISS SARAH E. MERIWETHER We at Forest are proud to have with us this year Miss Sarah E. Meriwether, who came to us from North Dallas. She is well liked and appreciated by all, and everyone will agree that she is one of the most understanding, energetic, and helpful persons we have with us. To everyone that enters her office she gives one of those smiles that always succeed in winning your heart. She is also a master at helping people with their trials and tribu- lations, even those boys that enter saying, "Well, you see it's this way, Miss Meriwether. . ." So let's all give three cheers for her, and hope that we shall never be unfortunate enough to lose her. MRS. BROWN Guiding seniors along the path to graduation and helping them start their post-graduate careers are only two of the important tasks Mrs. Brown so skillfully exe- cutes. She is the efficient and indispensable sponsor of the National Honor Society and does her utmost to see that this society maintains those ideals for which it was originally organized. Besides teaching two Algebra classes during the day, Mrs. Brown capably solves the many problems which confront her, such as our choice of subjects and applications for scholarships. We are all indebted to her for the fine service she has rendered to us and to our school this past year. Ihxqr Niur Faculty ZULEIKA ADAM ELIZABETH BAGLEY HARRY BARTON French and English English Music EClUCGTlOf1 U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. U. of Texas, B.A. Parsons COH696, BAN B-M. Li, Cercle Frqnqgigl Spgnggr Colorado State College of Ed., M.A. NANNIE D. ANDREWS FRANCES BEILHARZ t,AQ1hemgfiC5 Home Economics U, of Texgg, BAA, Texas State College for Women, B.S Banking WILLIE MAY BERRY Home Economics U. of Texas, B.S. Girls Public Speaking, Sponsor J. ALAN BOULTON Physics Central Missouri State Teachers B.A., B.S. U. of Missouri, M.A. Tennis Team, Coach Attendance Oitice Secretary 5. M. U., M.A. Texas Womens College, B.A. RILLA M. BRADY MARGARET BREWER Mathematics EMMA H. BROWN Mathematics U. of Arkansas, B.A. S. M. U., M,A. Senior Counselor MINNIE BROWN History Audio-Visual Education, Director George Peabody College, B.S. Columbia, U., M.A. Dallas Historical Society, Sponso W. H. BUTLER Social Studies and Commerc U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. Hi-Y Club, Sponsor Page Ten r iol Subiects MARY VIVIAN CECIL Englislfi U. of Texas, BA. MARY 'SMITH CLARK English S. M. U., B.A. RICHARD L. COLEMAN Army Colonel, Commandant - NOT PICTURED EVELYN BLEDSOE Health and Physiology East Texas State Teache rs College, B.S MARY P. COLLINS Faculty SARA DAVIDSON Mathematics Spanish and Latin U. of Texas, B.A. U. of Texas, M.A. LEROY N. CRABTREE CovSponsor of Auditores Caesaris Science, P. E., and North Texas State Football, Coach Physiology Teachers College, B.S. LOULA ELDER Mathematics U, of Oklahoma, B.A., or Red Cross, Sponsor ANNIE GEM FELDER juni English U. ol Texas, B.A., , , - RUTH FETTERMAN Shorthand, Typing U. of Nebraska, B.A. North Texas State Teachers Forest Secretarial Club M.A. M.A. Forester, Literary Adviser DOROTHY GERLACH Social Studies U. of Texas, B.A. Forest Forum, Sponsor C. V. GOODMAN History East Texas State Te - Pan American Student Forum MARY DRAKE Social Studies U. of Nebraska, B.S. st Forum, Sponsor R. J. EDWARDS, JR. Mechanical Drawing East Texas State Teachers College, B.S AA Class, Sponsor Fore 4 College, M.A. ANNA LEE FOSTER Dietician North Texas State Teachers College, B.S. Graduate Research Work MILTON G. FREY Physical Education Central College, Iowa, Basketball, Coach B.A. D- T- GRIFFITH SEARCY H. HARDY Mechanical Drawing Squdy HGH North Texas State Teachers College, B.S. Bgylor, BA, NOT PICTURED ALICE HARRINGTON BILLEY FRED CUPPLES Home ffonomifs Study HGH U. of Arkansas, B.S. Gfhefs College' EVA- North Texas State Teachers College B.A Columbia Unlverslly' MS' U. of Missouri, M.A. ' Vestonians, Sponsor Page Eleven Faculty VIRGINIA HURST Shorthand U of California, B.A. SEIDON S. HUTCHZNSON Chemistry Northeast Missouri Teachers U. of Missouri, M.A. Allied Youth, Sponsor Student Council, Sponsor Standard Debating Society, College, B.S. Sponsor BLISS S. McMANUS Art Womens College of Ala Columbia U., M.A. Forester, Art Director ETHEL MASTERS Latin U. of Texas, B.A. S. M, U., M.A. Auclltorrs Caesaris, JACK A. MITCHELL Accounting bamo, B.A. Sponsor North Texas State Teachers College, B.S. U. of Texas, M. ED. 4A Class, Sponsor SXSGT. JACQUE M. NIXON Assistant to Commandant U. of Iowa Page Tufrllfe l Lois IVY School Nurse Parkland School of Nursing U. ot Texas PEARLE MATTHEWS Home Economics U. of Colorado, M.S. FRANK ORRILL Assistant Commanolant NOT PICTURED ELOISE DURHAM English Peabody College, B.S., M.A. WIL Secretary ALBERT S. JOHNSTON, JR. Journalism and English North Texas State College, B.A. U. of Texas, M.A. Forest Echo, Publications Director LIE H. JACKSON V. H. MATTINGLY Mathematics East Texas State Teachers College, B.S. Football, Assistant Coach Track, Head Coach ADDIE MELSON English Texas State College tor Women, B.A. lnterscholostic League Spelling Contest NELL PAGE Distributive Education U. of Texas, B,S. East Texas State Teachers College Distributor's Club, Sponsor OTTO C. RHOME General Math and World History Hardin Simmons U., B.A. Texas Christian U., B. A. Football and Golf, Coach 4B Class, Sponsor Faculty l i INA ROBERTS Library U. ol Texas, B.A. Peabody College Library School, B.L.S. Forest Librarian's Association, Sponsor LOCILLE SEGRIST Physical Education S. M. U., B,A. Columbia U., M.A. Girls' Tennis, Coach t 'ND ' h 4 l I ' CECIL SONNTAG Physical Education North Texas State Teachers College, B.S. JUANITA STRINGER Speech Texas State College for Women, B.A. JESSIE WATKINS Study Hall Baylor College, B.L. J. B. WHITE Biology George Peabody College, B.S. S. M. U., M.A. if 1 "" MABEL A. SHAW English U. ol Nebraska, B.S. Teachers College ot Columbia U., M.A Y-Tccns, Sponsor JULIA TANNER Commercial U. of Texas, B.A. , --. -:Q W. 1- .. - 4... ALVA P. SHEPARD Mathematics and Baseball North Texas State Teachers Collc-go, B,S. ROXIE SMITH Ottice Clerk BESS THATCHER Social Studies U. of Texas, B,A., M.A. FRIEDA THOENE Physical Education Iowa State Teachers College, B.A. FLETCHER RYAN WICKHAM LOUISE WILCOX Spanish MUSIC U. of Oklahoma, M.A. Northeast Missouri S Pan American Student Forum, Sponsor Chorus' 590,150,- O Club Brasileiro, Sponsor A Qoppellg Choir, NOT PICTURED ROGER M. NORWOOD Army Captain, Assistant to the Commandant H. B. YATES Social Studies U. ol Tennessee, B.A. Teachers College, Columbia U., M. A Forester, Business Adviser Page Tbirlvru gl E t futflf alll f2WWfw M 1 U .. l If fffie it j ww I yi g .L X-Qi xv fs - Vx X H f if s , K . sk K .-.Q mfr X Q X. at -X QF' -A B, A A gfL 'W J x,,,,,,""""'. My Q .W 'Q Hi he f f ,M gzf 'f if A J' gm if Q, i 4 I .iff rv, K - , Y if X Qff 3 ' Y ,f an ,mg M l'f!1WZl ,.. ..,., ,Wx A ,Aff Wag. Mk X 'J lvl! -gm 'nm N W SM " 19+ R , A 4 , A QQ J m wie ' ms-" ,--g .IOYCE LORRAINE ABLON Allied Youth Club, Favorite Sport -Tennis, Favorite Subiecr - Art, Hobby - Collecting Photographs, Ambition-Interior Decorating: Crcde Schonl-John Henry Brown. RUTH AGRANOFF Vwlicy Ball Varsity Team, Clubs -Student Cnuncil, Library Association, President, Girls Publi: Speaking, Pan American Student Forum, Echo Staff, IA Class, Vice-Presi- dent. Office Assistant, Library Assistant, Two Linz Awards, Grade School- Minneapolis, Minnesota. SAM ANDREWS R.O.T.C., Sergeant, Echo Staff, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subject-JournaL ism, Grade School-fAscher Silberstein. CHARLES ANNES R,O.T.C. Bond, Corporal, Tennis Team, Let- ter, Clubs--Le Cercle Francais, Vice-Presi- dent, Standard Debating Society, High Scholarship, Student Council. Three Linz Awards, Grade School-John Henry Brown. DOROTHY RENE BARBAZON Girls Military, Private, Clubs-Girl Reserves, Secretarial. Locker Guard, Office Assistant, Favorite Sport-Volley Ball, Favorite Sub- iect--Home Economics, Hobby-Collecting Photographs, Ambition-Housewife, Grade School-Colonial Hill. ROBERT BEASLEY Football, Lettered, Captain, Basketball, Track, Captain. Echo Staff, Clubs-Rotary, Lettermen's, 3B Class, Vice-President. Favor- ite Subiect-Mathematics, Favorite Sport- Football, Ambition-Doctor, Grade School- .lohn Henry Brown. I MARTHA ANN A L so Clubs--Auditorcs s is, Presi nt, Vice- Presiden, Sccretar flcftiona onor So- ciety, Beside t- ex'J ' ry, President, lti3 1cTx ip, Swv? Council, Traffic CD: is 9 or lA Cyss, resident, 4A Class,'dort. Library A:ss'ant, Three Linz fwizrds, Four Latin Awards, Grade Szhool- Ascher Silberstein. DOROTHY ANGRIST Ciils Military, Technical Sergeant, Clubs- Girls Public Speaking, Sergeant-at-arms, Texas History, Girl Reserves, Forest Secre- tarial, President. Locker Guard, Maiorctte, Grade School-John Henry Brown. WANDA WYNELLE ANDERSON Clubs--Distributive Education, Student Coun- cil. Favorite SportfHorseback Riding, Favor- ite Subject-Home Economics, Hobby-Letter Writing, Ambition-Housewife, Grade School-O. M, Roberts. IDA ARMBRUSTER Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Volley Boll, Clubs - Pon American Student Forum, Texas His- tory, Treasurer, Student Council, High Schol- arship, National Honor Society, Jr. Red Cross, Forester Staff. Three Linz Awards, Grade School-John Henry Brown. CECILIA ELIZABETH BAUMGARTNER Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Volley Ball, New- comb, Basketball, Clubs-Girl Reserves, High Scholarship, Junior Red Cross, Secre- tariol, Treasurer, Library Association. Li- brary Assistant. Three Linz Awards, Grade School-T. G. Terry. A f X Q fb DAVID BLACK R.O.T.C., Staff Sergeant, Camp Dallas, Sharpshooter, Texas History Club, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect-Chemistry, Hobby-Stamp Collect- ing, Ambition-Doctor, Grade School- University Park. RICHARD THOMAS BLAIR R.O.T.C., Sergeant: Favorite Sport-Football: Favorite Subiect-W Biology: Hobby-Swim ming: Ambition-Doctor: Grade School- Pleasant Grove. TOMMY BOATMAN R,O.T.C,, Lieutenant, Camp Dallas, Two Ef- ficiency Medals, Sharpshaoter, Marksman: Football, Basketball, Baseball: Favorite Sport--Football: Favorite Subject Architec- tural Drawing: Hobby - Hunting: Grade School Colonial Hill. JEANETTE MARILYN BRIDGES Girls Military, Sergeant: Tenicoit Varsity Team: Clubs Auditores Caesaris, Secretary: Forest Forum, Sergeant-at-arms: High Schol- arship: National Honor Society. Office Assist- ant: Three Linz Awards, Four Latin Awards: Grade School--Ascher Silberstein. MILDRED JEAN BROTHERS Forest Secretarial Club: Locker Guard: Echo Salesman: Favorite Sport-Football: Favorite Subject--Mathematics: Hobby-Reading Mys- tery Books: Ambition -- Detective: Grade School - Ascher Silberstein. MARTHA JO BLEDSOE Tenicoit Varsity Team: Clubs-Student Coun- cil: Dallas Historical Society: Allied Youth, Treasurer, President: Vestonians: Traffic Court Representative: 4B Class, Vice-Presb dent. Locker Guard: Maiorette: Grade School-Richard Lagow. BETTY JOYCE BOWLES Girls Military, Corporal: Valley Ball Varsity Team: Locker Guard: Favorite Spart-Swim- ming: Favorite Subject-Public Speaking: Hobby-Collecting Rings: Ambition--Aviator: Grade School--Alex W, Spen:e Junior High. JEANNENE BRIDGES Girls Military, Sergeant: Tenicoit Varsity Team: Clubs--National Honor Society: High Scholarship, Vice-President: Forest Forum, Secretary: Auditores Caesaris: Junior Classi- cal League. Library Assistant, Office Assist- ant: Three Linz Awards, Three Latin Awards: Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. X- 'sf' MAE nuiucs Girls Militar , Tenizait Var jLIgatQ'Clubs -Texas ljfgvaryf orum, Vice-Presi- dent: Natiooglfganor: Student Council: lB Class PresLdeht: QB Class Secretary: 3A Class Secretary! Library Assistant:One Linz Award: Grade School--Ascher Silberstein. J '47 Class Nancy Walton attended by her eight princesses at the Dads' Club queen coronation. Q. ti? ! W -rs C t x: 'R iii ,fab Q ELEANOR BUSHMAN Girls Military: Clubs-Girl Reserves: Glfls Public Speaking, President: High Sfltolm' ship, Parliamentarian: Texas History, Vice- President: Secretarial, Sergeant-at-arms: O Club Brasilero: Student Council. Echo Staff, Forester Staff: Office Assistant: Three Linz Awards: Grade School-Colonial Hill- BOBBY LEE CADENHEAD Favorite Sport:-Baseball: Favorite Subiect- Mathematics: HabbyfCollecting Foreign Jewelry: Ambition-Electrical Engineer: Grade School-Wills Point, Texas. xxx. IJ for i l 3 JAMES CAMERON Hi-Y Club, Sergeant-at-arms, Vice-President, President, Locker Guard, Visual Education Operator, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subject-Art, Hobby-Making Crafts, Ambi- tion, Grade School-John Henry Brown. IVA LEE CARTER Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect- English, Hobby-Dancing, Ambition-Typist, Grade School-City Park. MARGARET CHEW Girls Military, Corporal, Clubs-Junior Red Cross, Forest Forum, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Favorite Subiect-Art, Hobby-Draw- ing Pin-Up Girls, Ambition-Commercial Artist, Grade School-John Henry Brown. EVELYN CHURCH Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect- Home Economics, Hobby-Sewing, Ambition -Secretary, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. DOROTHY JEAN CLEGHORN Girls Military, Technical Sergeant, Tenicoit Varsity Team, Clubs-Vestonians, Girl Re- serves, Texas History, Student Council, Allied Youth, Echo Staff, Grade School- .lohn Henry Brown. SAMMY COWAN R.O.T.C., First Sergeant, Camp Dallas, Rifle Team, Lettered, Two Sharpshooter Medals, Three Expert Medals, Basketball, Lettered, Baseball, Lettered, Football, Clubs-Texas History, Student Council, lB Class, Vi:e-Pres- ident, 3B Class Sergeant-at-arms. Orchestra, Cheefleudeff Grade School-Colonial Hill. BETTY SUE CAMP Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Volley Ball, New comb, Forest Secretarial Club, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect- Accounting, Hobby-Collecting Pictures, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School- Carthage, Texas. MARGIE CHANCE Girls Military, Corporal, Locker Guard, Fa- vorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect- Accounting, Hobby - Sewing, Ambition- Secretary, Grade School-John Henry Brown. MARGARET CHILDRESS Clubs-Auditoris Caesaris, Treasurer, High Scholarship, Student Council, National Hon- or Society. Office Assistant, Three Linz Awards, One Bible Award, Six Latin Awards, Grade School-John Henry Brown. HAZEL LUCILLE CLARK Girls Military, Staff Sergeant, Favorite Sport -Roller Skating, Favorite Subiect-History, Hobby-Collecting Snap Shots, Grade School-Richard Lagow. kXx JACKIE COOPER C -Texas History, Student Council, One Li Award, Favorite Sport-Football, Fa- vorite Subiect-Mathematics, Hobby-Col- lecting Stamps, Ambition-Mechanical Engineer, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BETTY JO COX Clubs-Dallas Historical Society, Vestonians, Allied Youth, Vice-President, Forest Forum, Echo Staff. Favorite Sport-Ice Hockey, Fa- vorite Subiect-Journalism, Ambition- Housewife, Hobby-Collecting Antiques, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BENNIE CROW Varsity Teams-Volley Ball, Basketball, Base- ball, Tenicoit, Perfect Attendance, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Favorite Subiect-History, Ambition-File Clerk, Grade School- Maybank, Texas. JACK WILEY DANIEL R.O.T.C., Private First Class, Football, Track, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect- Bookkeeping, Ambition - Grocery Business, Hobby-Flying, Grade School-T. G. Terry. ERNESTINE DENNIS Girls Military, First Lieutenant, Tenicoit Varsf ity Team, Clubs-Student Council, Treasurer, High Scholarship, Texas History, Forest Forum, Junior Red Crass, Secretary, Annual Staff. Locker Guard, Maiorette, Two Linz Awards, Grade School-Merit, Texas. - 5.-vt" mmm: ouNN 3 R.O.T.C., Technical Sergeant, Golf Team, Lettered, Clubs-Standard Debating Society, Secretary, Vice-President, National Honor Society, Junior Traffic Commission, Three Linz Awards, Grade School-Colonial Hill. PATSY CUMBIE Varsity Teams-Basketball, Volley Ball, Teni- coit, Clubs-Student Council, Forest Forum, Treasurer, Dallas Historical Society, Corre- sponding Secretary, Le Cercle Francais. Locker Guard, Orchestra, One Bible Award, Grade School-Gilmer, Texas. GEORGE DASCH R.O.T.C., Staff Sergeant, Marksmanship Medal, Rifle Team, R.O.T.C. Rangers, Foot- ball, Clubs-Distributive Education, Vice President, Student Council. Locker Guard, Hobby-Photography, Ambition-Radio An- nouncer, Grade School-Pleasant Grove. PAUI.INE DILLON Girls Military, Private First Class, Clubs- Student Council, Girl Reserves, Secretarial, Vestonians, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport- Volley Ball, Favorite Subiect-Journalism, HobbyeCollecting Salt and Pepper Shakers, Ambition-Buyer, Grade School- Colonial Hill. ' .eff GARY ENDSLEY Student Council, Baseball, Favorite Sport! Football, Hobby-Hunting, Ambition-Arch- itect, Favorite Subiect-Boys Home Econom- ics, Grade School-Colonial Hill. J '47 Cl s Future dress designers receive their basic instruction in one of Miss Matthews clothing classes. MARVIN W ENGELBERG R.O.T.C., Second Lieutenant, Camp Dallas, Clubs-Standard Debating Society, Pan American Student Forum, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiecte Mathematics, Hobby-Stamps, Ambition-- Engineer, Grade School-J. L. Long. FANNIE RAE FAIR Tenicoit Varsity Team, Clubs-Texas History, Le Cercle Francais, Vice-President, Girls Public Speaking, Parliamentarian. Locker Guard, Office Assistant, Grade School- John Henry Brown. I r 1' 'U' 'C7 ig 'k::' 4 MARGARET JEAN FARR Girls Military, Second Lieutenant, Tenicoit Varsity Team, Clubs-Auditores Caesaris, Girl Reserves, Allied Youth, Student Council, Vestonians, Vice-President. Locker Guard, Orchestra, Band, Two Latin Awards, Grade School-Richard Lagow. BOBBY RAY FARROW Baseball, Clubs-Auditores Caesaris, Hi-Y, Student Council, Orchestra, Locker Guard, Grade School-John Henry Brown. ff- Qfkfgmff WANDA MERELENE FISHER Clubs-Girls Public Speaking, Texas History, Forest Forum, President, High Scholarship, Treasurer, Secretary, Student Council. Li- brary Assistant, Two Linz Awards, Grade School-McComey, Texas. MARION FULLER Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Volley Ball, Clubs -Vestonians, Secretory, Junior Red Cross, Treasurer, Dallas Historical Society, Girl Re- serves, Student Council, 38 and 3A Class, Treasurer. Locker Guard, One Linz Award, Colonial Hill. HELEN GAMBRELL Girls Military, Sergeant, Varsity Teams- Tenicoit, Newcomb, Favorite Sport-Base- ball, Favorite Subiect-Art, Hobby-Base- ball, Ambition-Commercial Artist, Grade School-Richard Lagow. .IUANITA ELIZABETH GREEN Varsity Teams-Volley Ball, Perfect Attend- ance, Favorite Sport-ice Skating, Favorite Subject-Shorthand, Hobby-Collecting Per- fume Bottles, Ambition-Private Secretary, Grade School-Richard Lagow. BOBBIE FARRINGTON Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Volley Ball, Perfect Attendance, Clubs--Dallas Historical Society, Secretary, High Scholarship, Girl Reserves. One Linz Award, Grade School- John Henry Brown. ROBERT CHARLES FAULK R.O.T.C., Staff Sergeant, Clubs-Hi-Y, Secre- tary, Treasurer, Texas History, Dallas His- torical Society, Treasurer, Echo Staff, IB and lA Class, President, 2B Class, Vice-Pres- ident, 2A Class, President. Locker Guard, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. EARLENE FLEEMAN Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect- Home Economics, Hobby-Collecting Salt and Pepper Shakers, Ambition-Interior Decorator, Grade School-Leila P. Cowart. DeALVA FUTRELLE Distributive Education Club Favorite Sport -Football, Favorite Subiect - Mathematics, Hobby-Dancing, Ambition-Interior Deco- rotor, Grade School-Mesquite, Texas. EDWIN GERLOFF R.O.T.C., First Sergeant, Clubs-Student Council, National Honor Society, Favorite Sport-All Sports, Favorite Subiect- Aero- nautics, Hobby-Control Line Speed Planes, Ambition-Pilot, Grade School- John Henry Brown. PATSIE MARIE GREENE Girls Military, Corporal, Tenicoit Varsity Team, Clubs-Texas History, President, Stu- dent Council, Auditores Caesaris, Treasurer, Girls Public Speaking, High Scholarship, 3B Class, Secretary. Library Assistant, Cheer Leader, Three Linz Awards, Five Latin Awards-Grade School-T. C. Hassell. BONNIE GOODMAN Girls Military, Captain, Varsity Teams- Tenicoit, Valley Ball, Basketball, Distribu- tive Education Club, Favorite SportASwim- ming, Favorite Subiect-Accounting, Hobby -Photography, Ambition - Stenographer, Grade School-Greenville, Texas. HELEN JOYCE HALE Girls Military, Sergeant, Varsity Teams-Vol- ley Ball, Tenicoit, Basketball, Baseball, Clubs --Girl Reserves, Dallas Historical, Vestan- ians, Allied Youth, Parlimentarian, 4B Class, Secretary. Locker Guard, Echo Staff, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BILLY JOE HAMBRICK R.O.T.C., First Sergeant, Rifle Team, Veteran of United States Navy, Favorite Subject-- History, Favorite Sportvl-lunting, Hobby- Making Knives, Grade School- Jahn Henry Brown. DON HANES Baseball, Lettered, Basketball, Letterman's Club, 4B Class, President, Favorite Subject -Home Economics, Favorite Sport-Base- ball, Ambition - Professional Ball Player, Grade School-Colonial Hill. MIMI GOODMAN Locker Guard, Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Hobby-Singing, Ambition-Housewife, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BOBBIE JEAN HALL Girls Military, Tenicoit Varsity Team, Clubs f--Le Cercle Francais, Sergeant-at-arms, Treasurer, Vice-President, Girls Public Speak- ing, High Scholarship, Forest Secretarial. Two Linz Awards, Grade SchoolACity Park. FRED HANCOCK Baseball, Student Council, Locker Guard, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Favorite Sport-Football, Ambition-Newspaper Re- porter, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. HAROLD L. HARRIS R.O.T.C., Captain, Camp Dallas, Two Sharp- shooter Medals, Rifle Team, Lettered, Foot- ball, Student Council, Orchestra, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect-Aeronaut- ics: Hobby-Building Model Airplanes, Am- L. S. bition-Aeronautics Engineer, Grade School--John Henry Brown. June '47 Class Anita Jacob singing "The Man On the Flying Trapeze" in her own "gay nineties" style. BILLY ORWOOD HARRISON Z' R.O.T.C., Technical Ser nt, Clubs Audi- tores Caesaris, Sergeant-at ,iiigh Schol- arship, Junior Classical Leaguel-Ov-chcstro, lockeFQuard, Three iinz Awards, Foqr Latin Awards, .Grade S:hoolABL:liard lcifzvi, 5 BETTY HART Girls Military, Girl Reserves, Favorite Sport -Football, Favorite Subiect--Public Speak- ing, Ambition --lnterior Decorator, Grade School--Richard Lagow. N. 'S- 'Q gtg 1 .It T acl' .fl , .3 , HL, vi -fi-. , i Q 523 hf 6. i 1 rf m i I 'V 'ft li I aa . ,,,. '35 Qt K, yy' C., cn' JX- 1:-yr ul , , K , ,y :G ,,, EDGAR HART Basketball Team, Manager, Favorite Sport -Basketball, Favorite Subject-English, Am- bition-Type Setter, Grade School- Richard Lagow. IIORMA HASSELL Girls Military, Private First Class, Clubs- Auditores Caesaris, Librarian, Vestonians, Locker Guard, Library Assistant, One Latin Award, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-Biology, Hobby-Skating, Ambition -Dental Assistant, Grade School- Denison, Texas. MYRA JEAN HAYES Girls Military, Sergeant, Tenicoit Varsity Team, Girl Reserves, Vice-President, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-Typing, Ambition-Typist, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. LOIS DELL HILTON Girls Military, Corporal, Varsity Teams- Tenicoit, Volley Ball, Clubs-Vestonians, Girl Reserves, Secretarial, Student Council, Sec- retary. Locker Guard, Cheerleader, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. NANCY HIXSON Girls Military, Corporal, Clubs-Latin, Sec- retary, Girls Public Speaking, Texas History, Vestonions, Student Council. Library Assist- ant, Posture Contest, Echo Staff, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. L. B. HOLMES R.O.T.C., Corporal, Golf, Lettered, Clubs- Pan American Student, Forum, Sergeant-ab arms, Texas History, Letterman's. Echo Staff. Favorite Subject-Journalism, Favorite Sport -Golf, Hobby - Photography, Ambition- Professianal Golfer, Grade School- T, G. Terry. if f' JUNE RUTH HARTWELL Tenicoit Varsity Team, Clubs-Forest Forum, Student Council, Secretarial, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport-Dancing, Favorite Subject- Journalism, Hobby-Photography, Ambition -Photographer, Grade School-Leetot. 0. H. HAVEMANJHIR. I i Track, Footbal1, National Honor Society, Two Linz AtllOI'dS: Favorite Sport-Football, Favorfe Sbhipct-Mathematics, Hobby-Gas Model Airplanes, Ambition-Doctor, Grade School-Corpus Christi, Texas. JACK HERRING Clubs-Dallas Historical Society, 3A Class, Vice-President, Favorite Sport-Track, Fa- vorite Subiect-Science, Hobby-Horseback Riding, Ambition-Civil Engineering, Grade School-Waco, Texas. LOUISE HIXSON Clubs-Texas History, Vestonians, Studeht Council, Cheerleader, Locker Guard, Favor- ite Sport-Football, Favorite Subject- Physics, Ambition-Housewife, Grade School -Richard Lagow. BILL HOLMES R.O.T.C., Hi-Y Club, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Favorite Subiect-English, Ambition- Telephoneman, Grade School-John Henry Brown. ARLYN HOROWITZ Girls Public Speaking Club, Echo Staff, Favorite Sport-Tennis, Favorite Subiect- History, Hobby-Dancing, Ambition-Writer, Grade School-Colonial Hill. MARTHA ANN HOWELL Clubs-Dallas Historical, Secretary, Pan American, National Honor, Secretary-Treas- urer, High Scholarship, Brazilian, Secretary, President, Secretarial, Girls Public Speaking, Student Council, Treasurer, 3B Class, Vice- President. Office Assistant, Three Linz Awards, Two Bible Awards, Grade School- Colonial Hill. MARVEL ELOISE HUTSON Dallas Historical Society, Favorite Sparta Swimming, Favorite Subject-Public Speak- ing, Hobby- Collecting Souvenirs, Ambition -Interior Decorator, Grade School- John Henry Brown. JIMMY JAMES R.O.T.C., Lieutenant Colonel, Camp Dallas, Awards-Marksmanship, Sharpshooter, Rifle Team, Letter, Rangers, Football, Track, Clubs--3B Class, Vice-President, French, Let- termari's. Grade School--John Henry Brown. BILL JONES Basketball, Track, Clubs-Dallas Historical, President, 3A Class, President, Student Council, President, .lunevile Traffic Court Judge, 4B Class, Sergeant-at-arms, Grade SchoolfSan Diego, California. FRANCES JUANITA HULME Girls Military, Corporal, Varsity Teams- Newcomb, Tenicoit, Girl Reserves, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite SubiectfPublic Speaking, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. DAN JAMES R.O.T.C., First Lieutenant, Camp Dallas, Medals-Marksmanship, Sharpshooter, Rifle Team, Letter, Football, Track, 2B Class, Vice- President, Favorite Subiect-Public Speak- ing, Favorite Sport-Golf, Hobby-Wood Carving, Ambition-Engineer, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. BETTY THELMA JONES Tenicoit Varsity Team, Clubs-Forest Forum, Lotin,v'l.ocker Guard, One Lotin,Award, ,Favorite'.N:5p9Lt-fLFootbalI, Fqypflte Subiect --Accounting, Hobby-4Writing Letters, Arn- bitiofi-Bookkeeper, Grade School- .lohn Henry Brown. NORMA JANICE JONES Girl Reserves, Favorite Sport-Football, Fa- vorite Subiect-Public Speaking, Hobby- Collecting Stamps, Ambition-Vocalist, Grade School-Richard Lagow. J '47 Class Miss Andrews' algebra class solving some very tedious problems. Af ' iil' Ji' '. ff" ' , fr-Ilxfqfl A' ,ez ral f-E2 ,ML , , 11' ffm .Sty , NORMAN M. KAPLAN Clubs-Standard Debating Society, Presi- dent, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, High Scholarship, Parliamentarian, Vice-Presi- dent, Student Council, Parliamentarian, Na- tional Honor Society, Dallas Youth Sympho- ny, 4A Class, Parliamentarian. Three Linz Awards, Grade School-Colonial Hill. JOSEPH KLIBANOW Clubs 4 French, Vice-President, Brazilian. Favorite Sport-Volley Ball, Favorite Subiect -French, Hobby-Stamp Collecting, Grade SchoolAJohn Henry Brown. ,mf A. l 5 4 yo. Q?-I 3' - li "be, 1:13772 get MELVA JEAN KNIGHT Var' am ic it, Volley Ball, Clubs -F r S fl President, Office Ass tant, O Linz Ri ' School-Fort Worth, e as. National Honor So y. Lib ar AsSista2t,I KATHERINE KREITER Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Basketball, Volley Ball, Clubs-Student Council, Forest Forum, President, Dallas Historical Society, Vice- President, National Honor, Vice-President, Forest Secretarial, Vice-President. Library Assistant, Office Assistant, Three Linz Awards, One Bible Award, Grade School- John Henry Brown. ANNA LEMASTER Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Volley Ball, Favor- ite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect-Journ- alism, Hobby-Reading, Ambition - News- paper Reporter, Grade School- Mt. Auburn. BETTY LILLY Locker Guard, Favorite Sport-Dancing, Favorite Subject-History, Hobby-Design- ing, Ambition-Interior Decorator, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. S GORDON THOMAS LITTLE Favorite Sport-Hunting, Football, Favorite Subiect-Art, Hobby-Collecting Guns, Grade School-John Henry Brown. DOROTHY McDANIEL Clubs-Secretarial, Vice-President, Allied Youth, Junior Red Cross. Locker Guard, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Favorite Subiect -English, Grade School-Emory, Texas. EDWARD FRANK KOLENOVS Y f , ' f Favori rt a a - a orit J' Acco Hu i ' 1 - if-' Q A itiqf r'edP - " - f", Grag zsscr,-' ' . if ff ' I! 1 XJVGQV BILLIE LUMASTER Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Volley Ball, Echo Reporter, Favorite Subiect - Salesmanship, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Hobby-Drawing Cartoons, Ambition-Cartoonist, Grade School--City Park. RAPHAEL LEVIN Standard Debating Society, One Linz Award, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Hobby-Photog- raphy, Ambition-Press Photographer, Grade School-John Henry Brown. VALLIERE ARNETTE LINDLEY Girls Military, Private First Class, Favorite Sport - Football, Favorite Subiect - Public Speaking, Hobby-Collecting Snapshots, Ambition-To Travel, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. DOROTHY LEE LOGAN Tenicoit Varsity Team, Favorite Sport- Horseback Riding, Favorite Subiect-Sales- manship, Hobby-Collecting Perfume Bottles, Ambition-Typist, Grade School- City Park. FAYE MUCFARLAND Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Volley Ball, Clubs -Pan American Student Forum, Secretary, Vestonians, President, High Scholarship. Echo Staff, Feature Editor, Three Linz Awards, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BILLY MCRIGHT R.O,T.C., Technical Sergeant, Rifle Team, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Favorite Subiect -Journalism, Hobby-Mechanical Drawing, Ambition-Draftsman, Grade School- Jahn Henry Brown. ALEXANDER RAY MARQUEZ R.O.T.C., Second Lieutenant, Camp Dallas, Medals-Efficiency, Marksmanship, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Favorite Subiect-Archi- tectural Drawing, Hobby-Stamp Collecting, Ambition - Achitectural Draftsman, Grade School --Ascher Silberstein. ARVIS WAYNE MELTON R.O.T.C., Corporal, Distributive Education Club, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subject-Distributive Education, Hobby- Eating Apple Pie, Ambition-Retail Merch- ant, Grade School-.lohn Henry Brown. BILLY MILLER R.O.T,C., Corporal, Baseball, Student Coun- cil, Annual Staff, Sports Editor, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect - History, Hobby-Photography, Ambition-News Pho- tographer, Grade School-Itasca, Texas. E. G. MANKINS R.O.T.C., Second Lieutenant, Rangers, Clubs -Student Council. Le Cercle Francais, Texas History, Dallas Historical Society, Hi-Y, 2A Class, Vice President. Locker Guard, Office Assistant, Two Linz Awards Grade School- John Henry Brown. JACK MATTHEWS R.O.T.C., Staff Sergeant, Girls Military ln- structor, Texas History Club, Favorite Sport - - Football, Favorite Subject - Mathematics, Ambition-Lawyer, Grade School- Colonial Hill ALBERTA JOYCE MELTON Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Valley Ball, New- comb, Girl Reserves, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Hobby-Collecting Cartoons, Ambition- Housewife, Grade School-T. G. Terry. Vgiteyf . xiii 'Hi 1, nt 1, ' .S-vizlti vy rl f 3' Y' ' I .xl D40 .muon i Q' ,I C- ' Ls i was 1. SQ its 'law 5' QW! D MILLER Tenicoit Varsity Te , u irl Reserves, Ar Hi holar - - Sec et A Ve onians " A Pa Student 1" . Or es- , ' X "Y tra, Echo L. Da - V - . wh Organization, Q - wards, o Bible Awards, Grade .- --John Henry" . n. . ' ,A , ' e i 7 J u n e 47 Cl a ss Under the direction of Miss Louise Wilcox, the full chorus presenting the "Halleluicih Chorus." l BUDDY MILLER Veteran of the Armed Forces, Favorite Sport -Baseball, Favorite Subject-History, Hob- by-Photography, Ambition - Businessman, Grade School-Richard Lagow. WILMER JEAN MILLER Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Valley Ball, Clubs -Junior Red Cross, Allied Youth, Student Council, Echo Staff, Office Assistant, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Hobby-Travel- ing, Ambition-Housewife, Grade School A Ascher Silberstein. Ln, ir Qi V. EDNA MILLIGAN Varsity Teams-Volley Ball, Tenicoit, Clubs -Auditores Caesaris, Student Council, Lock- er Guard, Orchestra, Four Latin Awards, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subject- Latin, Hobby-Collecting Movie Star Pic- tures, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School- Richard Lagow. PATSY MOORE Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Volley Ball, Clubs -Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society, Student Council, Vestonians, High Scholar- ship, QB Class, President. Office Assistant, Locker Guard, Two Linz Awards, Grade School-T. G. Terry. so o ' Clu Girl R rves, -- etary, - as His- tor For ecretari , High S - arship, Fo Q f- f On nz Award, Favorite Spar - o vm F rite Subiect-Chemis- tr - Am - .S rse, Grade School- lonial Hill. .IACQUELINE PARRETT Girl Reserves, Favorite Sport-Football, Fa- vorite Subiect-Public Speaking, Hobby- Collecting Historical Post Cards, Ambition- Clerical Worker, Grade School- Richard Lagow. NORMA HELLEN PATZIG Junior Red Cross, Locker Guard, Office As- sistant, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-Journalism, Hobby-Collecting Per- fume Bottles, Ambition-Housewife, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. Xiiflim X , ,Xi it 3 ,TA PETTY Clubs- e s History, Vestonians, Echo Staff, Favorit port-Baskgtball, Favorite Sub- ' nalism, H by-Collecting Trink- ets,l ition-Housewife, Grade School- T. C. Hassell. X JOHN LEWIS MIMS R.O.T.C., Technical Sergeant, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect- History, Ambition - Owner of Hardware Store, Hobby-Reading, Grade School- T. G. Terry. DALE ELLWOOD MORRIS R.O.T.C., Captain, Camp Dallas, Medals- Marksman, Sharpshooter, Rifle Team, Foot- ball, Track, Favorite Sport-Football, Favor- ite Subiect-History, Ambition-Pilot, Hobby -Stamp Collecting, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. WANDA ORRILI. Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Volley Ball, Clubs -Girl Reserves, Girls Public Speaking, Treas- urer, Secretary, Student Council, High Scholarship, Annual Staff. Maiarette, Orchestra, Two Linz Awards, Grade School -San Antonia, Texas. IDA LOIS PATTILLO Locker Guard, Favorite Sport-Football, Subiect- Shorthand, Hobby-Collecting Rings, Ambition-Aviator, Grade School- City Park. MARTHA MARIAN PAXTON Girls Military, Private First Class, Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Newcomb, Volley Ball, Bas- ketball, Clubs-Horizon, Library, Forester Staff, Library Assistant, Favorite Sport- Basketball, Favorite Subiect-Scienze, Hobby --Roller Skating, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School-James B. Bonham. MORTON RACHOFSKY R.O.T.C., Captain, Camp Dallas, Marksman Medal, Standard Debating Society, Serg- eant-at-arms, Treasurer, Vice-President, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-Chemistry, Hobby-Col- lecting Post Cards, Ambition-Engineer, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BUFORD RALEY, .IR. R.O.T.C., Sergeant Medals-Marksmanship, Sharpshooter, Efficiency, Football, Letter, Baseball, Track, Favorite Subject-Mathe- matics, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby- Fishing, Ambition-Marine, Grade School- Richard Lagow. ANNE REILLY Girls Military, Varsity Teams-Volley Ball, Tenicait, Clubs-Texas History, Le Cercle Francais, Sergeant-atrarmsv Red Cross, Ves- tonians, Student Council. Cheerleader, Grade School-Colonial Hill. MINERVA .IO ROBERTSON Girls Military, Clubs-Forest Forum, Dallas Historical, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport- lce-Skating, Favorite Subject-English, Hob- by-Collecting Pictures, Ambition-Air Hostess, Grade School-S. L. Scott. B LY ROGERS R.O.T.CrS2 , Football, Basketball, Let- ter, Ba a , Letter, Track. Hi1Y Club, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Favorite Subject -Public Speaking, Hobby-Barbells Club, Ambition-Rancher, Grade School- John Henry Brown. TOMMY RAVEIJ. R.O.T.C., Sergeant, Camp Dallas Clubs- Pan American Student Forum, President, Distributors, Secretary-Treasurer, Favorite Subject- Spanish, Favorite Sport- Swim- ming, Hobby-Union Discussions, Ambition -Auto Manufacturer, Grade School- Ennis, Texas. PATRICIA LOUISE REINLE Girls Military, Corporal, Tenicoit Varsity Team, Forest Secretarial Club, Secretary Favorite Sport-Swimming, Favorite Sub- ject-Home Economics, Ambition-Traveler, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. TOMMY ROBINSON R.O.T.C., Technical Sergeant, Rifle Team, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subject -Salesmanship, Hobby-Motorcycles, Grade School-John Henry Brown. MR. R.O.T.C iv te, Football, Baseball, Hi-Y Club, vori Sport- Baseball, Favorite Subject- H lth, Ambition - U, S. Marine, Grade School-John Henry Brown. June '117 Class Talented Pete Vatsures in art class painting one of his many prize winning sketches. .M . 'Q .K Fxft ju . x GLomA noLuNs Tenicoit Varsity Team, Posture Contest, Clubs , , . -National Honor Society, High Scholarship, . 4. ,- Vestonians, Treasurer, Student Council, Echo Staff, Editor, Office Assistant, Two Linz Awards, Grade School- l Pan American Student Forum, Treasurer, as 'It L 5 . 'Ji 'E tu. ' Q-5 s in P . -an .ws im. I T j 1 l t 4, X f s i . John Henry Brown. THELMA ROMOTSKY Clubs-Girls Public Speaking, Vice-President, Secretary, Sergeant-atarrns Texas History, Parliamentarian, High Scholarship, Treas- urer, Pan American Student Forum, Vice, President, O Club Brasileiro, President, Sec- retary, Treasurer, Junior Red Cross. Annual Staff, Library Assistant, Office Assistant, Three Linz Awards, Inter-Scholastic Spelling League Contest, Grade School- .lahn Henry Brown. .IO ANN RUBENSTEIN Girls Military, Staff Sergeant, Clubs-Girls Public Speaking, Texas History, Vice-Presi- dent, High Scholarship, Student Council, Forester Staff, Office Assistant, Library As- sistant, Two Linz Awards, Grade School- John Henry Brown. SELMA SAGEL Girls Military, Staff Sergeant, Clubs-Girls Public Speaking, Girls Reserves, Texas His- tory, Student Council, Forest Secretarial Sec- rctary, Echo Staff, Art Editor. Locker Guard, One Linz Award, Grade School- John Henry Brown. .IUANITA PAULINE SATTERWHITE Girls Military, Staff Sergeant, Varsity Teams -Tenicoit, Newcomb, Favorite Sport-Ice Hockey, Favorite Subiect-Public Speaking, Hobby-Sewing, Ambition-Model, Grade School-Richard Lagow. PAULINE SCHWETKE Girls Military, Staff Sergeant, Clubs-Dallas Historical Society, Vestonians, Student Coun- cil, Locker Guard, Office Assistant, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect - Physics, Ambition-Housewife, Grade School- John Henry Brown. BILL SI-IUPTRINE R.O.T.C., Staff Sergeant, Medals-Marks man, Sharpshooter, Favorite Sport-Foot, ball, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Hobby-Cooking, Ambition-Ovner of o :tla Ranch, Grade School-Colonial Hill. D K . BERNARD SIGEL Standard Debating Society, President, Vice- President, High Scholarship Club, Vice-Presi- dent, President, Sergeant-at-arms, Student Council, National Honor Society. Three Linz Awards, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Favorite Subject-Science, Hobby-Radio, Ambition- Doctor, Grade School-Colonial Hill. VIRGINIA RYAN Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect- English, Hobby-Horseback Riding, Ambi- tion-Nurse, Grade School-Lido Hooe. BONNIE SATTERWI-IITE Tenicoit Varsity Team, Clubs-Pan American Student Forum, Secretary, Forest Secretarial, Student Council. Office Assistant, Two Linz Awards, Grade School -Texarkana, Texas. EVA SCHNITZER Posture Contest, Clubs-Le Cercle Francais, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-President, Presi- dent, Girls Public Speaking, Sergeant-at- arms, Treasurer, Vice-President, High Schol- arship, President, Parliamentarian, Junior Red Cross, National Honor Society, Forester Staff, Senior Editor. Three Linz Awards, Grade School-City Park. LOUISE SHAWHEAN Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Volley ball, Locker Guard, Favorire Sport-Football, Favorite Subicct-Public Speaking, Hobby- Piano, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. 1 NV A 3 -Gi, NlYRON SHWIFF R.O.T.C., Maior, Camp Dallas, Medals-Ef- ficiency, Marksman, Sharpshooter, Rifle Team, Expert, Clubs-Standard Debating Society, Sergeant-at-arms, Secretary, Vice President, President, Parliamentarian, IA Class, Sergeant-at-arms. Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. RUTH SILVERGOLD Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Volley Ball, Clubs- Girls Public Speaking, Sergeant-at-arms, Vice President, President, Texas History, President, Secretarial, Parliamentarian, High Scholarship, National Honor Society, O Club Brasileiro, Student Council, Vice- President. Office Assistant, Three Linz Awards, Grade School-Colonial Hill, BONNIE SIMS Volley Ball Varsity Team, Locker Guard, Two Linz Awards, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect- Home Economics, Hobby! Collecting Salt and Pepper Shakers, Ambi- tion- -Secretary, Grade School-T. G. Terry. JOHN SIMMONS Football, Lettered, Basketball, Baseball, Clubs- Auditores Caesaris, Student Council, Echo Staff, Sports Editor. Library Assistant, Favorite Sport Baseball, Favorite Subiect- Journalism, Grade School -City Park. DORTHY SNOW Favorite Sportflloller Skating, Favorite Sub- iect--Shorthand, Hobby Collecting Glass Dogs, Ambition Secretary, Grade Schoolf T. C. Hassell. ELAINE ROCHELLE STILLMAN Clubs-Pan American Student Forum, Locker Guard, Library Assistant, Favorite Sport- Baseball, Favorite Subiect---English, Ambi- tion Musical Career, Grade School e Colonial Hill. .IIMMIE SIMMONS Tenicoit Varsity Team, ClubsAGirI Reserves, Treasurer, President, High Scholarship, For- ester Staff, Library Assistant, Three Linz Awards, Two Bible Awards, Favorite Sport --Football, Favorite Subject - Accounting, Hobby-Collecting Salt and Pepper Shakers, Ambition -- Stenographer, Grade School' John Henry Brown. JOSEPH SMITH R.O.T.C., Second Lieutenant, Favorite Sport -Football, Favorite Subiect-Mathematics, Hobby-Sports, Ambition-Businessman, Grade School-McKinney, Texas. .fll i A l ' Jossm-I somsn l V R.G.T,C., Staft Sergeant, Clubs -Standard Debating Society, President, Secretory, Ser- geant-at-arms, Parliamentarian, High Schol- arship, Sergeant-at-arms, Treasurer, Dallas Youth Symphony. Three Linz Awards, Grade School Colonial Hill. DORIS STROUD Girls Military, Corporal, Distributive Educa- tion Club, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subject-History, Hobby - Collecting Mini- ture Dogs: Ambition-School Teacher, Grade School-Harlingen, Texas. ' 'Q .. 14 i 'tr' 1, ' June '47 Class Rosemary Packenius and Jimmy Evans executing a difficult dance routine on the Senior Day program. :ik Stl. N v GEORGIA MAE STEWART Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect - Public Speaking, Hobby-Collecting Movie Star Pictures, Ambition--Typist, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. HELEN SWAFFORD Varsity TeamsATeni:oit, Baseball, Valley Ball, Clubs-Dallas Historical Society, Ves- tonions, Allied Youth, Secretary, 4B Class, Treasurer Echo Staff. Locker Guard, Favorire Sport-Ice Hockey, Favorite Subject Home Economics, Hobbyflfishingz A"fWl9lY'Of1a Housewife, Grade School --T, G. Terry. -A 0- 3- K V ff' 1 'M JIMMY TERRELL R,O.T.C., Private, Football, Track, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-History, Hobby-Photography, Am- bition-Sailar, Grade School- Mesquite, Texas. VIRGINIA THORNHILL Girls Military, Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, End Ball, Newcomb, Clubs-Secretarial, Junior Red Cross, Girl Reserves, Locker Guard, Office Assistant, One Linz Award, Grade School-John Henry Brown. JOAN TURNER Girls Military, First Lieutenant, Clubs---Girl Reserves, High Scholarship, Le Cercle Fran- cais, President, National Honor Society, Stu- dent Council, 4B Class, Parliamentarian, Forester Annual, Editor-in-Chief, Music Queen, Moy Queen, Dad's Club Princess, One Linz Award, Two Bible Awards, Grade School-Colonial Hill. PETER VATSURES Clubs-Student Council, High Scholarship, Standard Debating Society, National Honor Society, Annual Staff, Art Editor, Three Linz Awards, Favorite Sport-Ping Pong, Favorite Subject - Art, Hobby - Composing Music, Ambition-Artist Grade School- John Henry Brown. GEORGE VRLA Baseball, Football, Track, Clubs-Hi-Y, Sec- retary, Treasurer, President, Student Coun- cil, Texas History, Dallas Historical Society. Locker Guard, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. GERALDINE WATERS Girls Military, Clubs-Girls Public Speaking, Auditores Caesaris, Dallas Historical Socie- ty, Texas History, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Favorite Subiect-Music Literature, Hobby- Cooking, Ambition-Piano Teacher, Grade School--Ascher Silberstein. BONNIE FAYE THOMPSON Girls Military, Tenicoit Varsity Team, Latin Club, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Hobby-Collecting Pictures, Ambition-Sec- retary, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. NORMA JEAN THORPE Girls Military, Corporal, Varsity Teams-Ten- icoit, Volley Ball, Clubs-Vestonians, Audi- tores Caesaris, Dallas Historical, Forest Secretarial, Student Council, Junior Red Cross, Locker Guard, Grade School T. C. Hassell. SYBLE TURNER Girls Military, Varsity Tenicoit Team, Clubs -Pan American, Student Forum, Vice-Presi- dent, Forest Secretarial, Sergeant-at-arms, O Club Brasileiro. Echo Staff, Office Assist- ant, Two Linz Awards, Grade School- Colonial Hill. CATHERINE MARIE VINES Girls Military, Sergeant, Tenicoit Varsity Team, Clubs-Auditores Caesaris, Texas His- tory, Dallas Historical Society, Girls Public Speaking, Horizon, High Scholarship, Lock- er Guard, Clinic Assistant, One Linz Award, Four Latin Awards, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. BETTYE WALLACE Girls Military, Tenicoit Varsity Team, Clubs -Girls Public Speaking, President, Parlia- mentarian Forest Secretarial, Pan American Student Forum, Treasurer, Forest Forum, O Club Brasileiro, Texas History. Office Assist- ant, Locker Guard, Grade School- Denton, Texas. JOE WEBBERMAN R.O.T.C., Staff Sergeant, Clubs-Standard Debating Society, Vice-President, Secretary, Pan American Student Forum, Treasurer, President, Texas History, Sergeant-at-arms, Treasurer. Locker Guard, Library Assistant, Two Linz Awards, Grade School- Colonial Hill. ANITA BLANCHE WEIL Tenicoit Varsity Team, Clubs-Student Coun- cil, Girls Public Speaking, Secretary, Texas History, Girl Reserves, Pan American Stu- dent Forum, President, Vice-President, Par- liamentarian, O Club Brasileiro, Secretary, President, National Honor Society. Library Assistant, Office Assistant, Three Linz Awards, Grade School-Colonial Hill. JOYCE WILDER Varsity TeamswVolley Ball, Tenicoit, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport-Golf, Favorite Sub- iect Y Typing, Hobby - Collecting Photo- graphs, Ambition--Typist, Grade School- City Park. BESSIE MAE WILLIAMS Varsity TeamsfEnd Boll Newcomb, Tenicoit, Baseball, Horizon Club, Favorite Sport- Football, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Hobby-Ice Skating, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School-John Henry Brown. GLYNN PAUL WITHROW R.O.T.C., Captain, Camp Dallas, Rifle Team, Locker Guard, Favorite SporteFootball, Fa- vorite Subiect-History, Ambition-Architect, Hobby-lce Skating, Grade School- John Henry Brown. Ju ne '47 Class The 4A Class officers working on graduation plans. Girls Military, Favorite Sport!-Football, Fa- ' 'G H rf GEORGE WEST R.O.T.C., Second Lieutenant, Golf, Texas History Club, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport -Golf, Favorite Subject-Architectural Drawing, Hobby - Golf Ambition H Sailor, Grade School-Richard Lagow. BILLY WILKINSON Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subject -Chemistry, Hobby-Hunting Ambition-Exo plorer, Grade School-Stonewall, Jackson. 5' Fi fffi g, DORIS WILLIAMS Varsity Teams-Tenicoit, Newcomb, Basket- ball, Clubs-Girl Reserves, High Scholarship, Secretarial, Library Library Assistant, Office Assistant, Two Linz Awards, Grade School --T. G. Terry. ' DONALD WITT l as y ,' " . 3 ,, , . 5 R.O.T.C., Captain, Camp Dallas, Rifle Team, .' ' HL- ,H K E , Track, Swimming, Champion, Baseball, Lock- ' .. -i ' er Guard, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Hobby ' ' -Swimming, Favorite Subject-History Am- 'ew bition-Marine, Grade School-Colonial Hill. ,I Q. li ' tif? ALYNE YATES V vorite Subiect-Accounting, Hobby - Read- ing, Ambition-Accountant, Grade School-- John Henry Brown. OLIVER BOUND Veteran of United States Navy, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-Art, Hob- by-Collecting Records, Ambition - Interior Decorator, Grade School-City Park. January '47 Class DAVE EDWARDS Band, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport-Ice Hockey, Favorite Subiect-Band, Hobby- lce Skating, Ambition-Musician, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. DOROTHY PLEASANT Varsity Teams-Volley Ball, Tenicoit, Favor- ite Sport-Skating, Favorite Subiect-His- tory, Hobby-Collecting Photographs, Am- bition-Secretary, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. KENITH STURDIVANT R.O.T.C., Second Lieutenant, Camp Dallas, Rifle Team, Clubs-Texas History, Forest Forum, Sergeant-at-arms, Dallas Historical Society, Sergeant-at-arms, Echo Staff. Fa- vorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subject- History, Hobby-Repairing Cars, Ambition -Pilot, Grade School-Mount Auburn. JANUARY '47 CLASS SONG lTune of ALWAYS, We will think of you, Forest, Miss the things you clo, Forest, Think of Freshmen days, when we were Looking up to you, Forest, Forest. Winning football games for Forest, Reaching h'gh-school fame for Forest. Proms and picture shows told in past " Wi'l keep up close to you, Our Forest. -Freida Ann Benson PATSY RUTH HOLT Tenicoit Varsity Team, Clubs-Texas History, Allied Youth, One Linz Award, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-Home Ec- onomics, Hobby-Traveling, Ambition- Housewite, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. PEGGY YVONNE SMITH Girls Military, Technical Sergeant, Clubs- Texas History, Girl Reserves, Girls Public Speaking, Student Council, Two Bible Awards, Favorite Sport-Ice Skating, Favor- ite Subiect-Public Speaking, Ambition- Model, Grade School-John Henry Brown. ROBERT HENRY WILLIS R.O.T.C., Staff Sergeant, Clubs-4B Class President, 2A Class, President, Hi-Y Club President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treas- urer, Dallas Historical Society, President, Treasurer, Vice-President, Forest Forum, Vice-President, National Honor Society, Tex- as History, Student Council, High Scholar- ship, Standard Debating Society, Allied Youth. Two Linz Awards, One Bible Award, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. I all amazed, EDWIN BANNON Favorite Sport --Football, Favorite Subiect- English, Hobby - Science, Ambition - Me- chanical Engineer, Grade School- .lohn Henry Brown. BTLLIE SUE BISHOP Favorizc Sport Football, Favorite Subiect- Accounting, Hobby-Collecting Dogs, Ambi- tion-Secretary, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. CHARLES WALLACE CALVERT R.O.T.C., Stall Sergeant, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport--Hunting, Favorite Subject- Physics, Hobby-Collecting Coins, Ambition -Sailor, Grade School-T. C. l-lassell. HOMER LEE COOK R,O.T.C., First Sergeant, Camp Dallas, 3A Class, Treasurer, Favorite Subiect-History, Hobby-Hunting, Ambition -- Pilot, Grade School- Colonial Hill. BOBBIE JEAN BENTLEY Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect- Typing, Hobby-Collecting Bottles, Ambi- tion-Medical Nurse, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. RAYMOND LEON BUTTS R,O.T.C., Second Lieutenant, Camp Dallas, Sharpshooter Medal, Basketball, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport-Wrestling, Favorite Subiect - Physics, Ambition - Cartoonist, Hobby--Pigeons, Grade School-- Colonial Hill. CHARLES MELTON CONNER Football, Track, Clubs-Hi-Y, Letterman, Treasurer. Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subject - Mathematics, Hobby - Football, Ambition-Football Coach, Grade School- Ricbard Lagow. LA VERNE CREASON Varsity Teams-Basketball, Volley Ball, Dis- tributive Education Club, Vice President, Favorite Sport---Football, Favorite Subject- Distribution Education, Hobby-Collecting .Mn if M-Au '74, v 5 1'-F 1 'XL Records, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School- Mesquite, Texas. January '48 Class Student Council president, Bill Jones, discussing a school rule with Mr. Whittlesey. FRANCES EMBRY Newcomb Varsity Team, Distributive Educa- tion Club, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect- Distributive Education, Hobby- Collecting Records, Ambition - Secretary, Grade School-John Henry Brown. MARGARET HELEN EQUALS Favorite Sport- Roller Skating, Favorite Sub- ject-English, Hobby-Collecting Post-Cards, Grade School-Ascher Silbcrstein. If-ol 9'-.oi 'G' bi 'ES- S JEANETTE L. FAIN Girls Military, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport -Roller Skating, Favorite Subject-History, Hobby,-Skating, Ambition - Typist, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. JIMMY FERGUSON R.O.T.C., Football, Baseball, Orchestra, Fa- vorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subject- History, Hobby-Flying Airplanes, Ambition -Naval Air Corps, Grade School- T. C. Hassell. EUGENE GOLDGAR R.O.T.C., Band, Clubs-Standard Debating Society, Sergeant-at-arms, O Club Brasilero, President, 3B Class, Vice President, 3A Class, Parliamentarian, Texas History. For- ester Staff, 3 Linz Awards, Grade School- Coloriial Hill. MARY HATTER Tenicoit Varsity Team, 3A Class, President, Cheerleader, Favorite Sport-Football, Fa- vorite Subiect-Public Speaking, Hobby- Collecting Books, Ambition-Housewife, Grade School-Colonial Hill. LYNNA RUTH HOPE Varsity Teams - Tenicolt, Newcomb, End Bull, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Sub. iect-History, Hobby -Collecting Foreign Stamps, Ambition-Medical Nurse, Grade School-Colonial Hill. BETTY JEAN MCCOY Favorite Sport-Swimming, Favorite Subiect -Art, Hobby-Collecting Records, Ambition -Interior Decorator, Grade School- Colonial Hill. BETTY JEAN FARLER Endball. Varsity Team, Favorite Sport- Football, Hobby-Collecting Earrings, Ambi- tion-Secretary, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. IMA JO GAMBLE Newcomb Varsity Team, Favorite Sport- Skating, Favorite Subiect-History, Hobby- Skating, Ambition-Stenographer, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. MARY JANE GUERNSEY Tenicoit Varsity Team, Favorite Sport-Skat- ing, Favorite Subiect-History, Hobby- Writing Letters, Ambition-Designer, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. BONNIE ZETHA HENRY Varsity Teams-Newcomb, Tenicoit, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect-History, Hobby-Collecting Records, Ambition- Actress, Grade School-John Henry Brown. FRANCIS ANN JURCIK Varsity Teams-Volley Ball, Newcomb, Fa- vorite Sport -Volley Ball, Favorite Subiect- Foods, Hobby-Playing Piano, Ambition- Typist, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. MARY LOUISE MCDONALD Clubs-Texas History, Latin, Vestonians, 2B Class, Secretary. Locker Guard, 2 Latin Awards, Favorite Sport-Roller Skating, Favorite Subiect-Typing, Ambition-News paper Reporter, Grade School- T. C. Hassell. DORA MAE McFADlN Clubs Student Council: 2A Class, Parlta ntentarran. Locker Guard: Favorite Sport -- Baseball, Favorite Sublect English, Hobby - Ice Skating, Ambition Secretary, Grade School Richard Lagow. BILLIE RUTH PARTINGTON Varsity Teams Newcomb, End Ball, Tentcoit, Volley Ball, Favorite Sport Baseball, Favor- ite Subiect Typing, Hobby - Collecting Photographs, Ambition Secretary, Grade School T. C. Hassell. SAMMIE PIKE Newcomb Varsity Team, Distiibutive Educa- tion Club, President, Locker Guard, 3 Linz Awards, Favorite Sport Football, Favorite Subiect Health, Hobby Collecting Phono- grapli Records, Ambition Aviator, Grade School John Henry Brown. FRANCES NELL POTTS Girls Military, Corporal: Clubs Latin, For- est Forum, Locker Guard, Nurse Assistant, Favorite Sport Football, Favorite Subiect Shorthand, Hobby Collecting Match Folders, Ambition Nurse: Grade Schoole Ascher Silberstein. LAVERNE MISENHEIMER Girls Reserves, Favorite Sport- Valley Ball Favorite Sublect -- Accounting, Ambition - Secretary, Grade School Texarkana, Texas KENNETH MERREL PEACH R.O.T.C,, Private, Football, Track, Clubs - Hi Y, President, Junior Red Cross, Sergeant atarms. Locker Guard, Favorite Sport- Pool, Favorite Sublect Public Speaking Hobby Acting, Ambition- Actor, Grade School -Colonial Hell. EDNA PHELPS Newcomb Varsity Team, Favorite Sport Football, Favorite Subject Typing, Ambi tion Nurse, Hobby -Collecting Compacts Grade School John Henry Brown. BILLIE LOU RAY Varsity Teams Tenicott, Valley Ball, New cornb: Clubs Texas History, IA Class, Vice President, Girls Public Speaking, Treasurer QA Class, Parliamentarian, 3B Class, Secre- tary, Treasurer: Locker Guard: Library As Sistant, 2 Buble Awards, Grade School f Ascher Sllberstein. January 'LIB Foresters taking advantages of our well-stocked library. EMMA DAISY REED Tenicoit Varsity Team: Clubs Texas History, Dallas Historical Society, High Scholarship, Auditores Caesaris, Szudent Council, Junioi Classical League, I Linz Awatcl, I Biblr- Award, Four Latin Awards, Grade School - T. C. Hassell. DORIS ROFFMAN Girls Public Speaking Club, Favorite Sport kDancing, Favorite Subject Art, Hobby Making Beaded Pins, Grade School f Wrlliom B, Travis. fi 5 0-+3 f""s -23' fs 3 ,v-fx 'Q' VUNITA STRIBLING KENNETH PEACH . MARY HATTER . . JACK HERRING. MAURY SOLTES . STANLEY GREEN . EMMA DAISY REED vas, LN . 1-5, L0iS SCHUMAN Tcnicoit Varsity Team, Clubs4Student Coun- cil, Girls Publi: Speaking, Sergeant-at-arms, Vice-President, Allied Youth, Girl Reserves, Texas History, High Scholarship. Locker Guard, Office Assistant, Forester Staff, As- slstant Business Manager, Echo Staff, Three Linz Awards, Posture Contest, Grade School -John Henry Brown. BETTY STRANGE VarsIty Teams-Tenicoit, Volley Ball, New- comb, Locker Guard, Favorite Sport--Foot- ball, Favorite Subiect-Accounting, Hobby --Collecting Snapshots, Ambition - Book- Leoper, Grade School-Colonial Hill, JOAN MARIE SWIFT Varsity Teams-Valley Ball, Tenicoit, Basket- ball, Newcomb, Dallas Historical Society, Locker Guard, One Linz Award, Grade School-Colonial Hill. MARGARET HELEN WICKS Favorite Sport---Roller Skating, Favorite Sub- ject -- English, Hobby - Collecting Match- boaks, Ambition-Private Secretary, Grade SchooleWilliam B. Travis. 4B CLASS OFFICERS BILL STOKES Football, Clubs--Student Cauncil,Auditores Cacsoris, Texas History, Standard Debating Sycicty, Dallas Historical Society, Forester Staff, Sports Editor, Three Latin Awards, Grade SchoolAJames Bowie. VUNITA ELENE STRIBLING Clubs-IB Class, Vi:e-President, 3B Class, President, Student Council, High Scholar- ship, Texas History, Dallas Historical, 2nd Vice President, Girls Public Speaking, Girl Reserves. Locker Guard, Office Assistant, Forester Staff, Three Linz Awards, Grade School--Colonial Hill. BERNICE VIRGINIA TUCKER Girls Military, Private First Class, Varsity Teams-Volley Ball, Tenicoit, Newcomb, Basketball, Clubs-Student Council, Forest Forum, Dallas Historical Society, Locker Guard, Office Assistant, One Linz Award, Grade School-Colonial Hill. MABEL ELIZABETH BULLOCK Tcnicoit Varsity Team, Locker Guard, Favor- ite Sport -- Swimming, Favorite Subiect- Public Speaking, HobbyACollecting Glass Shoes, Ambition-Interior Decorator, Grade School-Richard Lagow. .. President . Vice-President . . .Secretary Sergeant-at-arms . Parliamentarian . . . Treasurer . Student Council Representative - 0410114 fx gn'l"'T'I JQEQQQQ M1 QQ aging, A5 . fi wif QS A 59 jliigi-Pggl ap 1 Q 1 49 Ji J is if r. v, gd E,-LL ig 44 ,wifi gllfuffwifflfififiy E? 5515 F x 'gf Qjtprij 'L af lag iw? JI Sl W UI "Mh"t'wM5wl'fh-WM, if E ii' P 453 3 fx iiigff r'fJFrf ewfffl x X ll dsfvs' ff i- ii, fu' ' - f,f1ff yy , My GSS y -im ro RIGHT X First Row: Paul Jordan, Mimi Goodman, Martha Ann Howell, Ruth Silvergold, L. B. HOllUESWlOFd Kolenovsky, George VrIa,, Robert Faulk, James Cknmeron, June Hartwell, Betty Thelma Jones, Joan Turner., Second Row:sPeter Vatsuresl Joseph Klibanow, Raphael Levin, Charley Annes, Fred Tilleryx Buford Raley, Anna Lemaster, Xoishbell Hilton, Gexrcjdine Waters, Mildred Jean Brothers, Thifdlllowz Sam Andrews, Bill Nllller, Edwin Gerloff, O. H. Haveman, Bill Jones, Robert Henry Willis, Jack Matthews, l JohnnyySwartz,-Bobbie Hall, Fred Hancock, Gary Endsley. Fourth w: Harold Harris, Glynn Withrow, Stanley Green, Fred Paddock, Bobby Lee Cadenhead, Jimmy Terrell, Joe Combsltx ' X alll Pugi Tbnly-eigbi Fifth Row: Garrett Ransom, Freddie Dunn, Bob Hedrick, Joe Webberman, Bernard Sigel, Jimmy James, George Ronald Dasch, Richard Blair, Jack Daniel. Sixth Row: Ale nder Ray Marquez, Joseph Smith, Morton Racholslcy, orman Kaplan, Joseph Somer, Billy McRight, Fred Roger, Bill Shuptrine, Charles Conner. Seventh Row: illy Harrison, Marvin Engelberg, Myron Shwiff, John Mims, llwood Morris, Donald Witt, Kenith Sturdiyant, Richard Winters, George West, Richard Macon, Edward Lawton, NOT IN PICTURE Boys: Horner Cook, Jack Herringi Charles Masterson. Girls: Bennie Crow, Katherine Powell, Jacquline Parrett, Helen Hale. I ,. AA Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Marion Fuller, Fannie Rae Fair, Tommie Wilkinson, Margie Chance, Margaret Childress, Bettye Wallace, Cath- erine Vines, Eleanor Bushman, Jo Ann Rubenstein, Eva Schnitzer, Cecilia Baumgartner, Doris Williams. Second Row: Marlene Belsky, Norma Hassell, Jeannene Bridges, Jeanette Bridges, Gloria Rollins, Omafa McFar- land, Doris Miller, lda Armbruster, Joyce Melton, Dorothy Snow, Iva Carter, Dorothy Logan, Joyce Wilder. Third Row: Nancy Hixson, Anita Petty, Billie LaMaster, Wanda Fou Dorothy Fisher, Jacqueline Burks, Norma Jean Thorpe, Cleghorn, Wilma Jean Miller, Georgia Stewart, Earlene Fleenian, Fvelyn Church, Thelma Rornotsky, Anita Weil. rth Row: Marvel Hutson, Juanita Green, Bonnie Sims, Jim- mie Slmmons, Bobbie Farrington, Virginia Ryan, Ida Lois Pattillo, Lucille Clark, Valliere Lindley, Pauline Sutter' white, Louise Shawhean, Margaret Jean Farr, Patsie Greene, Anne Reilly. f . 1' .,,-'FX K1 g LBJ 1 "L J 1 ff f ,W 1 Fifth Row: Betty Hart, Norma Jones, Pauline Dillon, Dorothy Barbazon, Helen Gambrell, Selma Sagel, Dorothy Anqiint, Helen Swafford, Betty Jo Cox, Patsy Moor:-. Sixth Row: Bonnie Satterwhite, Katherine Krelter, Patsy Cum ble, Martha Adamson, Louise Hixson, Pauline Schwt-tial, Betty Camp, Frances Hulme, Patricia Reinlc, Tint-stint' Dennis. Seventh Row: Betty Bowles, Melya Jean Knight, Dorothy Mr Daniel, Virginia Thornhill, Syble Turner, Norma Patlni, Bessie Mae Williams, Dorothy Bird, Martha Paxton, NOT IN PICTURE Boys: David Black, Jackie Cooper, Bobby Farrow, linwoocl Gilliland, R. A, Hughes, lf, G. Jerry Marshall, Billy Wesch. Mankin, Williiifl Mill.-I, Girls: Bernie Crow, Kathstrini- Powt-ll, liifqin-Inn' Ptiiiwtt, ll.-It-n Hale. Pagr Tlirrl y-nim AB Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Melvin Sclirocli, Doris Zimmerman, Edna Phelps, Doris Roflnian, Lois Schuman, Joan Swift, Kenneth Peach, Stanley Pyle, Ronald VX'itt, Dora Moe McFadin, Gloria Boise, Elizabeth Bullock, Billie Lou Ray. Second Row: Austin Kathcart, Frances Jurcilc, Mary Jane Guern- sey, Emma Daisy Reed, Jeanette Fain, Laverne Misen- lii-imi-i, Mary Frances Hatter, Bernice Tucker, Bill Stokes, Pi-tv Fanlwi-igi, Eugene Goldgar, Bonnie Henry, Frances Potts, I lgi'I'ltlI'f1' Third Row: Oliver Harris, Bobbie Jean Bentley, Lynno Ruth Hope, Betty Strange, Billie Bishop, Margaret Equels, Kath- erine Powell, Mary Louise McDonald, Margaret Wicks, Gerry Wood, Jessie Collier. Fourth Row: Jimmy Ferguson, Thurman Taylor, Charles Wal- lace Calvert, Edwin Bannon, Ray Ramsey, Weldon Jones James Sutton, Douglas Wheat, Jimmy Terrell, Lonnie Fuller Jack Ross, A. W. Karr. , NOT IN PICTURE Vunita Stribling. 3A Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Marvin Black, Thomas Hardin, Johnny Higgins, James Robinson, Bobbye .leane Hughes, Nancy Knott, J, D, Bock, William Anderson Cooley, Bonnie Dolores Brigham, JoNell Simmons, Georgia Head. Second Row: Oliver Butts, Baliver Macon, Charles Trippl, Charles Milligan, Doris Jean Williams, Jeanie Waddell, Betty Segal, Dorothy Cruse, Maurine Kerby, Frances Evans, Billie Jean Wells, Wanda Lou Reckley, Helen Goldstein, Betty Eury, Mildred Moses. Third Row: John Hayes, Sigmund Altman, Johnny Slaughter, Danny Weisleld, Maury Soltes, Betty Jo Pruitt, Harold Tucker, Georgia Petty, Margie Wheeler, Bobbie Tucker, Mary Haney, Joanna Story, Jean Smith, Rose Marie Reed. Fourth Row: Billy Ruyle, James Belken, Eugene Garvey, Carl Dennis, Leon Everett, Joseph Silberman, Bill Sharp, Bobby Trent, Cortland Wilborne, Jerome Statman, Fred Andrews, Roy Hall, Pauline Camp. Fifth Row: James Scirratt, Max Statman, Joe Hartan, Bill Newsome, Thomas Pitts, Barney Morris, Harold Melnick, George Sims, Edward Cummings, Allr-n Swaltoid, Claacln Smith. Sixth Row: Hoyle Ramsey, Leroy Tasleer, Jerry Fla-ming, Wayni- Kane, Asher David Kleinrnan, Zus Levine, lf-on Zrrman James Bartlett, Sammy Griggs, Bertis Bray. Seventh Row: Kenneth Davis, Richard Gammon, Eugv-iw Plant, Pace Zeman, Billy Clay, Leonard Hancock, Dil-wr-ry Cowl ing, Warren Gaston, Bob Walters, Jim Sparks, Billy Sau- cier, Harold Godwin. Eighth Row: Billy McCool, Neil Turns, Billy Jafolz, Rirhaicl Conner, Harvey Lane, Jack Newell, Winloid Diake, Jimmy Hollon, leonard Wright, Billy Scherzei, Paul Camp, Tati- Milner, Donald Smith, Jim Shipp. NOT IN PICTURE Boys: David Clarton, Max Freeman, Truitt law, Hulnr-it Park' inus, Aubrey Shuptrine, Charles Schwartz. Girls: Peggy Athey, Florine Brown, Elsie House-, lianri--. Kifn nedy, Dorothy Murihead, Heli n McClure-. lhigi' lfnrl y mir 3A Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Dorothy Hall, Peggy Joe Nelson, Mary Louise Ram- sey, fdna Louise Powell, Betty Collier, Betty Cainpagna, Shirley Holmes, Betty Jo Huddleston, Berta Beddell, Alta Flanagan. Second Row: Joyce Dance, Maria Berry, Virginia Vodicka, Doris, Bylord, Joann Tacker, Vera Higgins, Jo Ann Lan- drum, Shirley Ann Stillman, Minnie Margaret Corder, Doris Martin. Third Row: Elizabeth Murrey, Ernestine Schultze, Mary Frances Messina, Kathleen Collins, Ruth Lovegrove, Doris Bowerman, Frances Dooley, LaMerle Miller, Dollie Lou McGarity, Patsy Mates, Margaret Porter, Leila Nell Cody, Mary Jo Alex- ander, Marcia Rariden, Nell McFarland. Fourth Row: Barbara Lorenz, Jeannine Jameson, Margie Tounibs, Dorothy Haley, Sarah Skelton, Margaret Hall, Jay Wilensky, Cecelia Rasansky, Dorothy Buckner, Peggy Nell Fowler, Carmen Eby, Margie St. Clair, Winnie Owen, lreni- Roluerls, Marlene Ablon. Filth Row: Marie Crow, Barlmara Tasker, Marie Gruggs, Judy Wyll, Juni- Golcllmi-ig, Daiis Baiish, Betty Cox, Iris Apple, Marguerite Wood, Nita Watkins, Wanda Skinner, Many Denton, Mary Bain. I ici' Iiorl y-Intl Sixth Row: Cecilia Hereford, Nancy Lamm, Shirley Grabstald, Marilyn Rude, Sylvia Goidl, Wanda Joy Barton, Lou Yarborough, Joy Howlett, Helen Baleja, Arenette Levy, Jeanette Levy, Marcia Engelberg. Seventh Row: Virginia Cook, Jenna Lee Cromer, Estelle Abbott, Billie Jean St. George, Betty .lean Bodine, Dorothy Faye Bohne, Norma Cook, Joan Wheeler, Frances Moran, Patricia Mays, Jimmie Johnston, June Hogg, Peggy Stephenson. Eighth Row: Ethel Reislaerg, Shirleye Mae Sorner, Theola Taye lor,, Jean Hilger, Nadine Belt, Emma Mae Wilburn, Doris Jean Hudson, Bobbie Jean Trammell, Jean Newberry, Carter Jean Byrd, Katherine Beaver. Ninth Row: Wanda Wade, Wanda Wolfard, Emma Nell Koller, Louise Sikes, Eloise Kelley, Wanda Turpen, Patsie Reed, Peggie Brooks, Maxine Reeves, Jeanne Allen, Margie Sonka, Jane Phillips. NOT IN PICTURE Girls: Eunice Allen, Mildred Beck, Cassie Draper, Billie Garth, Doris Gaston, Ann Master, Joyce Seguin, Mary Terry, Gerry 'Nood, Virginia Henry, Billie Jo Scott, Margret Hindrex. 3B First Row: Donald Perdue, Chnl Bledsoe, Charles Schwarz, Charles Haddock, Newton Rigslny, Glen Reynolds, David LEFT TO RIGHT Schaerdel, Tonnny Jones. Second Row: Dorolhy Henry, Lucille Kelley, Louise Long, Nancy Swrlt, Chloe Mountz, Ruth Moore, FranCeS Dixon, Doris Powell, Berry Bush, Marlorie Esner. Third Row: Juanita Banno, Georgene Moore, La Verne Jones, Carlene McSpadden, Gloria McCulloch, Charlene Knight, Billie Jean Merriman, Edwina Fitzgerald, Juanita Allen, Fourfh Row: Marilyn Miller, Helen Bennell, Belly Corbell, Norma Haley, Cornelua Simmons, Macel Fowler, Peggy Bigqerslalf, Dorothy Weltchek, C loss Fifth Row: Shcarn Rovrnslxy, Charles Bonn:-, Rory:-r Wrrrrr, Marvin Johnson, George- Cinrnrnrngrs, Br-n Dnrlnnn, llnln-it Parrefl, Charles Colm'-y, lvroy Coiln-r, Jr--onrw Xrrlnrrvnl., Joe Dosselr. Sixth Row: Douglas Charba, Billy L1-vnons, lor- Dan Plnnlx, Gene Sloclsdclle, Bully Ray MCPQ-ali, lrrrnr-s ll nur-,, lf-hrnrl Dixon, Kenneth Chann, Gerald VVsAlluornv llrll-,f Rnl-.r'r1,.nr NOT IN PICTURE Boys: David Freeman, Stanley Goldman, Pr Morris, Wallace Sinclair, Ray Vvlnllwld, Girls: Peggy A1hey, Brown, Flew Hana Dorlhy Murihead, Helen NlrClrnr' 1 Kwllf-y l2rrynnrncl 1 lrfrnr r-, Kr-nnmly Puri- Fmly Ilrrn 2A Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Elvin Worden, Joe Rener, Joe Kunzelniann, Leroy Bvldlfls, E. W. Cunningham, Olen Rowe, Harold Elkins, Richard Nulisch, Calvin Thompson, Johnny Childress, Paul Daily. Second Row: Marvin Sigel, Alfred Beniarnin, Irving Schwartz, Robert Hixson, Jackie Watkins, Billy Hart, J. W. Wilkinson, Marshall Grisom, Dan Hulse, Donald Beach, Carl Tucker, Roland Hill, Charles Diffee, Alvin Kahn. Third Row: Jack Manning, Pat Livingston, Maury Lazar, Jack Chandler, Jack Thompson, Paul McKay, Aubrey Church- well, Billy McMaster, Eugene Fuller, Marvin Greenberg, Clarence Abramson, Billy Schaerdel. Fourth Row: Floyd Hawk, G. W. Stoneborger, Billy Woodruff, Harrell Kitchens, William Hand, Jay Beck, Tim Nieman, Charles Mercer, Robert Crenshaw, Ray Ramsey, Eugene Plant, Newton Rigsby. Fifth Row: Don Hunt, Travis Tolley, Weldon Jones, Jimmie Calverley, Bobby Weaver, Farrell Thontton, Glenn Bailey, l za Forly- four Sammy Warren, Fred Oakley, Stanley Woodruff, Bob Keller, Carl Skibell, Charles Haddock. Sixth Row: Bobby Nelson, F. J. Bowen, Robert Haggerty, Elmer Samples, Leroy Kirkham, Barnett Goldberg, Phillip Aronoff, Stanley Golman, Jaques Wade, Oliver Offill, Rudolph Overman, Gene Culpepper, Seventh Row: Fred Randall, Donald Purdy, Omar Steele, Luke Macaluso, Richard Degges, Doy Robison, Oliver Fowler, Baliver Macon, Paul Davidson, Billy Lewis, Willard Crass. Eighth Row: Kenneth Rigler, J. W, Barber, Billy Risener, Melvin Dean Cohen, Milton Leventhal, Kenneth Smith, Lloyd Turner, Morton Moriarty, Terry Anderson, Johnny Ferrell, John Tonkursley, Clint Bledsoe. NOT IN PICTURE Boys: Mitchell Beggs, William Bond, Billy Gilliland, Jack Jones, Lee Robinson, Johnnie Rowe. Girls: Alforine Barton, Laura Entltiy, Bonnie Suninty, f'l7ie Spain, Joyce Hays. Firs Sec LEFT TO RIGHT Fifth Row: Myttlc- Loc- Cates, .lcan Wririvt-4, Polly R vii iw, .ltiyi t Row: Rae Jones, Janice Flanagan, Doris llcizissun, lloy Rowan, Odessa Roberts, Floy Workman, Maxine Smith, Gloria Smith, Wanda Jackson, Beatrice Marcus, Maurinc Vvnalen, Billie Jo Haney, Jo Maree Ellis, Patsy Harbison, Ann Rogers, Mary Lou Statom. ond Row: Billie Ruth Moore, Betty Harvey, Bnrbara Hansen, Darts Killaugh, Margie Baldwin, Lois Nell Tyler, Wanda Hales, Jean Hopkins, Mary Ann Jones, June Grace, Janice Allbiight, Jean Eby, Barba Rita Harmon, Lois Samples, Betty Jo Fultz, Mary Frances Bennett. Third Row: Billie Roy Kelley, Naomi Southerland, Wilclct Stan- ley, Ann Stokes, Elsie Marie Gage, Billie Joyce Morris, Loretta Brisendine, Laverne Knight, Janice Tompkins, Ruby Carpenter, Mitzi Smith, lla Fay Rigsby, Rosemary Ervin, .Ioan Slocum, Frieda Lutz, Dorothy Sasse, Bobbie Jean Clark, Baibara Clark. Fourth Row: Billie Jean Brazeal, Virginia Barnes, Ruby Brown, Dorothy Knight, Joan Levy, Suretta Love, Margaret Ann Allison, Jaycf- Fuller, Carol Spigel, Evelyn Goss, Jacquelyn Ki-itli, Judith Steinhorn, Betty Cook, Maureen Moriarty. Ramsey, Nadine Jancs, Frances Curry, Botti Davis, Main' Buchanan, Rose Ellcn Barton, Irene Faye Finnetwrgh, B.-tty Tapper, Marion Goldman, Patsy Lowry, Lillian Swift, Sixth Row: Leona Carter, Dollie Pat Smith, Nan Humphivy, Barbara Faulkner, Aurelia Jacks, Della Henctarsnn, Dol nt-s Knight, Dorothy Vtfeathersby, Patricia Reece, Davis Tunnr-ll, Hazel White, Mary Walker, Patsy Early, Katherine Chapman. Seventh Row: Jo Anderson, Betty Caolc-y, Rosa Hart, Bvttyr' Randolph, Sue Beasley, Blanche Kassfirl, Barbara Bnilu-ii, Shirley Rat' Shay, Winnora Srntain, JoAnn Terry, lair-nm Williams, Wcinda Moore. Eighth Row: Roy Hall, Murphy lNel1stc,i, Jack Ogclwn, Jiiiiy Threaclgill, Walter Bourlancl, Jack Knight, lcirl Whaitnn, Jerry Holmes, Mary Joy Babbitt, Bettie Jo Hanks, JJAnn Greenwood, Ann Waugltrtetta Taylor, Betty Woody, Ninth Row: Joyce Primrose, Barbara Wizklilte, Juyzell Hyrl:-, Betty Marie Childress, Juanita Louise Brown, Hollis Ftslirir, Jimmy Stallings, Loma Vxfillougliby, Sandra Jacobson, Jeannine Adams, Loli Vtllines, Annum: Katherine Gr-airiri, Bcell Clements, Alana Slnncloll, l'.tgi lnili tilt in if 5 P' 2B Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Clwcnlvs Huddock, Jiinniy Duy, S. T. Jones, Newton Rrgslwy, Glen Morlow, Jock Knight, Ted VVhorton, Rolph Cornlvy, Robert Johnson, Robert Jones, Edward Robinson. Second Row: Dannie Walton, Bobby lewis, l-lorold Bridges, Paul Fife, Paul Block, Wolter Bourloncl, Howard Mims, Rnlicirrl Choate, C. V. Crow, Leroy Young. Third Row: Jark Manning, Maurice Heck, Robert Pogo, Leo Wlmtlivy, Mciryln Burns, Jene Lanion, Ardatli Burker, VVcinrlmi Clnsni, Minnettc Utoy, Alnici Bennett, Modena Patterson. Fourth Row: Ernest Hand, Hubert Conner, Nora Thomas, Louisv Wallis, Betty Shoots, Fronces Franklin, Ethel Osborn, Funftfi VVlweelur. Filth Row: John Thomas Butts, Jackie Dciwdy, Clmrlcs Clark, Olwnv Ashton, Drlrlene Austin, Alito Robinson, Ann Ernest, V1 'i' lmlj' KH Julio Blutton, Flolsc Wclrcl, Joun Wrlltliclll, Judith Riu: Jonis Reece, Sixth Row: Paulo Dell Parilsli, Nanell Julian, Joycc Cloak, Teddy Humphrey, Coynella Hogg, Norma McFodclin, Noncy Skelton. Seventh Row: Borbcira Moore, Barbara Cleinrnons, Borbcira Glisson, Hildo Struckmeyer, Lucile Poxton, Joyce England, Mildred Miller, Beth Trent, Burboro Gourley, Bobbie .lcon Fields. NOT lN PICTURE Boys: Joe Cannon, Jnines Medlrn, Don Milligan, Slturrnun Sotterwhite. Girls: Ruby Adkins, Solly Cole, Nelda Choflcn, Joyce Hitt, Bobbie Melton, Dorothy Mondoy, Jo Ann Willioms. TA Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Alvin Wlrcrtley, Jim Miscnheirner, Raymond Davis, J, C. Reeves, Dalo Tarno, Bobby Dickson, Raymond Hall, Jrnrrny Phillips, Charles Lawrance, Joe Doyle, Bobby Kelley. Glenn Murphy, Don Everett, Burton Bullock, Neal Byers. Second Row: Patsy Hinson, Anniece Davidson, Peggy Hinson, Jodie LeDoux, Naomi Jane Harris, Joyce Myers, Peggy Cope, Juno Ballard, Velleen Dula, Vista Moore, Virginia Miller, Dolores Coker, Norma Jean Patterson, Third Row: ,lerrv Kalnrrn, Charles Keaton, Martha Ann Smith, Minnie Lou Parsons, Eva Rose Meadows, Peggy Ann Thorp, Norma Fallwell, Joanne Woodside, Gearldyne Maner, Juanelle Hill, Gladys Pilgrim, Carol Ann Black, Harriett Vatsures. Fourth Row: Ben Schnrrzer, Jerry Landsberg, Ed Clark, Otis Straughan, Donald Smith, Gene Morrow, Dan Dawson, Sid Pilot, Jane Rutland, Trudy Farr, Freda Holley, Bonnie Thorpe, DrAnn Shugart, Peggy Philips. Fifth Row: Alvin Prokap, Woodfin Pruitt, Jerry Borshop, Norm Fllrs, Jerry Holmes, Morton Rudberg, Tommy Oddo Charlcye Berry, Mary Lou Dalton, Mclba Fulcnwidor, Doris Holley. Sixth Row: Gerald Hrlz, Howard Fuller, lsfrac Dralrrrrrrs, Nrrllrarr Friedman, Arthur' Friedman, Robert Wcrflorcl, Brrly Snrrtlr, Donald Minsky, Barbara Reed, Wcrrrdcr Wlrrtr-, Jrrrrrny Bacon, Frank McKnight, Seventh Row: Billy Taylor, Melvrn Brand, Carl Bond, Brlly Guernsey, Bill Reilly, Ronald Ovsrlr, Robnrt Mrkus, Fug'-rrrr Humphries, Newman Helm, Mickey Huddlfrstzrr, Allr-rr Wrley, Marvin Hoflnran, Myron Goldberg. Eighth Row: Jrrnrnrc- Fuller, Jerry Frschl, VVrllrarn Rrrldlrr, J. A. Snow, Wrllrarn Young, James Greenhaw, VVaynn Owl-rr, Billy Ray Hawthorne, Arthur Satterwhrte, Herbert Brrunr gartner, Billy Morse, Farrc-ll Wofford, Loran Dunn, Tonrrny Dawson, Wrllrcinr Moseley. Ninth Row: Paul Scherzer, Robert Bontcn, John Arnswrrrtlr, Joe Buckovan, Glen Rrddle, lawrence Salomon, Jr-rry Calc-y, Billy Fowler, Max VVild, Lee Gare, Harold Albrrrrlrt, Bobby Fraley, Bobby Horn. Tenth Row: Barton Bullock, Jimmy VVQ,-st, Cave-l Storm-, lawrrrrru- Solonran, Brlly Fowler, Max Wild, Lua Gow, Rqlrxrrt Burrlr, Harold Albright, BJlJluy Fralcry, Kcrnncrtlr Fuller, Clrarlr-s Patzrg. Pugr' 'surly wr r it IA Class LEFT TO RIGHT Ffrst Row: Patwy Ciornvr, Dollrr- Fugrtt, Wcrrrclr Sparks, Joan Bartlett, Joan Wt-Ile, Myna Rua Evans, Bcttlo VVrntcrs, Margie- Mrrllrns, Dorothy Sparks, Mary I-IoII3n. Second Row: Narcru Holt, Joyce Snrith, Joyce Myers, Bzrrbara Hallam, NNrlrrra Morris, Dorothy Wylrcr, AIi:e Jane Dennis, Frlrrarrrn Srnith, Mildred Blanton, Audrey Slider, Mary Latriczrv Snrrth, Lula Norrrs, Joann Schenlcel, Georgia Flan- agan, Virginia Morris, Thi d Row: Slrrrlre Lls, Carrie Jo VVagIiardo, Janet Harris, Prrgay Dean, Shyrlcr- Emmett, Lanona Melton, Mary Jane Barker, Hi-If-rr Rachofslcy Benrta Ablin, Joyce Kirk, Melba Floyd, Dorothy Fields, Mc-Ibn Baker, Johnnie Butler. Fourth Row: EIL-arror Raslsrn, Patsy Cherry, Barbara Lusby, Joyce Oliver, Brllre Jean Partner, Mary Lee Hoffman, Martha Ann Pepper, Myrna Zaprudcr, Lela Faye Thrasher, Betty Jones, Maurice Lowrance, Nadine Chance, Betty Glasscock, Wyrre-II Johnson, Billie Monday. Fi'th Row: Patricia Bakr-r, Martha Joe Strlcfylur, Edrrha Byers, Betty Hunt, Arrrrrta Yatvs, Mxrrc Shawhean, Dorrthea Mac It r In fr rrgI'f Vtlnlmb, Ludoll '!VrIIcersorr, Betty .Ivan Johnson, Jvrnrr-tt. McClintock, Patsy I-latch, Johnnie Lacy, Janice Allen, Marilyn Blatt. Sixth Row: Barbara Allen, Betty Mae Schupbach, Delores Barn, Shirley Cavender, Warrda Foster, Anna Jayco Hartnc-ss, Marian Alexander, Louise Mann, Pattye Sue Lawrence, Freda Gappelberg, Betty Jean Eads, Jeannette Ferguson, Barbara Ann Abbott, Seventh Row: Nell Bannister, Glenda Ballard, Nancy Burt, Joyce Barnard, Betty Ray, Natalie Ellrotr, Betty Brorlarlti-r, Jetty Sue Kenrselly, Geneva Scott, Noris Jean Wrlsorr, Mary Alice Fury, Doris Jean Gibson, Juanita Srniih. Eighth Row: Dorothy Poole, Betty Carter, Je-an Bvnnott, Marlrrrrrr Adarrrs, Ellen Thurrrrond, Barbara Blurnnwr, Mary Hayes, Clarrce Vaughn, VVanda Moorc, Violet Young, Bnhlriu Whitcr, Juno Strickland, Helen Nixon. NOT IN PICTURE Bcys: Rex Ansby, Robert Day, Leonard Edward, Robust Paula,-r, Curirs Sanders. lB Clczss LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: ,luv Maixin Privy, Batty JoAnn Vtfynoll, Doris .Ivan kwin Mauna- Pl-all VV:-lls fvvlyn lboulpy, Mnny Bc-:tha Klinv liumvx linmix Patviua McMillvn loan VVallu'S. Second ROW: Rulivlt Swwl, Marvin Flumwtilrlgyc klklilxltx Bama lavwl ll C. lhanms, lllmlu' Stout, lNayiw Hootvn, Marshall Manually Third Row: luvnnry lulnw, lvo D:-nnis, Elvin Bailey, Francis lump' tlalwn Call ,lavm-5, BL tty Laurin- Usoltan Edd Stevons, Jog- Glenn Brat Ralpl1Stmlati,lonnit- Ingram, JL-sw Gadd, Grady Sh-glnmn Fourth Row: Bvtty V4-lwalilv, Donna Cnwlvy, Dorm Vyukulancl, Suv lvatlwlwuml, Boliliy Hamlin, Rolwvt Cuwnwy, loyd Loo Chance, Rowmaiy Scaiuiuulo, Bvtty Joe Dlnsvnoro, Bonnw Crown-, Mary Bagwell. Fifth Row: Jum- Hiclwy, Doiothy Louiw Ayms, Lotlmldm Mat- tingly Cloivinm- Ruth Pontlry, lana lurpon, Norma Billings- lvy, Donna Louisu Kogan, Joan Graf, Opal Evans, Sixth Row: Betty JO Hull, Ecldm Hvvnann, Br-tty Srhliplnarh, Jcwcl Autry, Seventh Row: George Challm, Anita Ducluwautlw, Canal Mnr shall, Barbara Boldm, Ruymandv Raul-ll, Athttl D-tllqwt-n, Myrtns Pierre, Marlene Rhea. Eighth Row: Curtis Sandcrs, Millie Kutul, Clffrnon Roan-rs, Joyuf Adaur, Edith Carter, Helen Ballas, Frmlclm- limo, larry Klom, Ralph Smith, Melvin Parlcerson. Ninth Row: Dalton Magee, Harold Ray, Bobby Hoppvr, Donald Cundilf, Maurice Freeman, Kenneth Morrison, .ly-as larnlw, .loo Adair, Billy Thompson, Clark Punks. NOT IN PICTURE Boys: Jerry Buysunger, Billy Bowles, Bobby Horn, Angior McGee, Girls: Irene Crocker. Page Forty-nine EYULVUU .. . A,,,,,f dank, aww pl-4 QJ Mimi' yum!! 11,014 Uwil mAfP"'f. , , :L 1 2 N, 3 f f x Q ? 1 3 , h di? ry. ' ' ' x l G ' ' A if p F3 5 L 'V 9 ' 9' A U fp! T I S 1 1 gs ? . . ' I K 3 A ' Q A L sm -' 1 . 4 X , Q13 5,1 Q , -5, . ' , . 1 , .M 41. s ' Q A -4-532331 ' -w V ,, ' 4 gy rs4l,5g, MQ. 'X E ' if tmp .O Q 5 a- x. h tvs' ' - . ' .f 1- - ' Q Q , A - , Q! ' ' A - K .... rs ' - - w , A -.Q , , fi. X - X 4 Q K' 3. I ' 1 5 A . ., K S . 1 S' K K' l . i - v 2' ' Y ' . 1 , ' 1' x K " 'vga' J an -'I' -ul Jr- ,M -v M.. ar xi ' , Q. ,IJ - J ,,', ' ,i Q-5 wr,-,Z 0 an-L '11 f 1 - -+ ,-. -. r, L, Pix . Q ' ' 31,54 of: .ig v - . ' ..--v 1- . X , 3.5 ,A xl ,K ,, V4 ji" ig 1 Q4 5, A A 3, , ,-,-tx: W -my D, .,.5n' . . 1 I-gl x ,- X J , i,Ln'v,Qv wsfwmqwf ,, .,ni,, f ' ' 'W rv-,qv 4- ' f Q 1 ' if ' V+ ' " ' iw' ' ' ' wx '.f i?if'm' X IAA, io'-..-V ,-v '.g,:.N',rf'ff N.. ' A-'af-f:9'Qw if . R ., -,, t -1 A X , .,..,-"k.f4.if,'fSv' L. ' .' . 'L . . r ., f'1,,.f+. .'1:.,. , Vr 1' .Nf ., wq""'.g. 5 . '23-isii 'iv' ! Xi'5i, -,gqv'9'g:es':.u 3 9153. ' 1 -': ,L-s , . 1-' W ' ""-w'391kj W? ' 'S+ 3,-5 f-'?AoE v' ,' "' Q " Ka, -42, 1 , A :'-?3P'k2" 6 " ' P 5.'P4'1"ifs.'-!"b.Y 1 , if .1 65, ' -f ,.5'Sfa',l." V -' ' . '.-: vA?'-:fy . '-,.."-410 .. 4 -'J' --- - ' fp: jg.. J , .4136 r . - ig,-: -'A ' "" ' ,, ZMA fiimig ngqfmg 4' ,- Ng 5., :kg 1 -X"rrf'1," -. ' I4 N ':'?"3 , 1' '."n1f9:'1.... ?'f1i,,rf5'f"5 w',-qf 4 feffkyfwmmwmff 2--v x 4 , I V. M1 -1 ,.. Ugarihis,-:J-lil. fs' . ,t'-aff. f 5-9, iv ' 'Q".'. .l,6':,,'f5,L fT'.,5?s,a.,, , ,vw ' " - 'iiffi-x.:d,. A f rl V . .Q 7 , ,3 J '-'Q I' 4 .. V I- 1, r, . Sym, f fef-,-x.,f .,,,f1e-,sr ,- fwf "1 ' ki "'i,.F4-! , C' V' 3 54- ',..-,,4,, I -X et- 1 RLT:-.I . 1' "'3 .I siljv Q . . ' Aj.. " 'QN jg ff-1 ,C 'f' . -'f1'L,ugX ,4 Q fs .sz-N. 'X , ,i vN,1.6,'v,. , 1, Q-.,q.:Tx5g . A .F A .JM 'wk ,.!,'.'4 tuna' 'J A X- I 'X KN. " vzsf' 5-. "IQ f-K, 35- 'W :':l,,,ffilT',f 'Cl' 'Z ,' - . V - - ,Q .19 ."n',.X-4 vark 42,4 Svixfhifwf-4,. ,fifly v.. I, - Q 1 'v xr -XV' - '?!fo. 'f hw, k fr .'. 5"',x Ai-:"4sf-nv fs' , ".- f 5' . L. ' 'xv A4 . - -, ,.-,f Q44 -ff -W ,a..,f . ., , J Q vs, ., NA, ' Xl: f, .Z fx A 'l xaijuiz iii, - .Q vip.. A 'R r ' :J-rf" ,'f'1'-SK" ,,. ,., W A w Y 'N Y. Qu? 1"fU.t ,, A . A 'W' Y . hs. 'f'VW",N- 151' Lieutenant Colonel Cadet Lieutenant-Colonel RICHARD L. COLEMAN JIMMY JAMES Commandant R. 0. T. C. The Forest R.O.T.C. corps was headed this year by Lt. Col. Jimmy James and Maior Myron Shwiff, in both fall and spring terms. The corps now has a new Assistant Cornmandant, Captain Roger M. Norwood, who came to Dallas from Camp Hood. Captain Norwood was an instructor at the Infantry Replacement Center at Camp Fannin. He started his career in Amarillo High School, where he took R.O.T.C. training. Col. Richard L. Coleman is assisted also by TfSgt. Frank A. Orrill and sfsgl. Nixon. Sgt. Nixon came to Forest this year from Crozier Technical High School, although he assisted Col. Cole- man at Forest in September, 1945. About 40W-J of the boys in Forest are enrolled in military. . J. g .x .Q Technical Sergeant Sgqff Sergeant FRANK A. ORRILL JACQUE NIXSON Assistant COmmCInClCH1l A55i5tqn1' Commqndqnf Staff LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Lt. Col. Jimmy James, Maior Myron Shwiff. Marvin Engelbc-rg, Capt, Harald llurnis. Second Row: Capt. Morton Racholsky, Capt. Jack Beaver, Lt. Third Row: T,'Sgt. Billy Jacob. Gfficers First Row: Lt. Col. Jimmy James, Major Myron Slwwiff. Third Row: 2nd Lt. Maury Soltas, Qnd Lt. Marvin Engcllierg Second Row: Capt. Harold Harris, Capt. Glynn Withrow, Capt, 2nd Lt. E. G. Mankins, 'Znd Lt. Alexander Ray Marquez Jack Beaxer, Capt. Morton Racliofsky, Capt. Billy Joe Love, Qnd LT. George VVSSL Capt. Ellwood Morris, Fourth Row: 2nd Lt. Tommy Boatman, Qncl Lt. Raymond Butte Qnd Lt. Thomas Hutson, Qncl Lt. Kr-nitlw Stuirlivant. Companies A and D LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: S "Sgt, James Bartlett, Capt. Glynn Withrow, SfSgt. Billy Jack Saucier. Second Row: 2nd Lt. Thomas Hutson, Lt, Col. Jimmy James, Capt. Jack Beaver, 2nd Lt. Raymond Butts, 2nd Lt. Tommy Boatman. Third Row: lst Sgt. Edwin Gerloff, lst Sgt. Joe Hambrick, TfSgt. Billy Jacob, Pvt. Robert Johnson, sfsgf. George Sims, SfSgt. Charles Schwarz, SfSgt. James Robinson, Pvt. Robert Crenshaw. Fourth Row: Sgt. George Cummings, Pvt. Bobby Hopper, Sgt. Tom Belken, SfSgt. Bill Robinson, sfsgr. Kenneth Beaver, Pvt. Thomas Butts, Rct. Willard Crass, Rct. Mickey Huddleston. Fifth Row: Tf"Sgt. Tommy Robinson, Sgt. Omar Steele, Pvt. Ronald Oesch, Pvt. Richard Choate, Pvt. Billy Guernsey, Pvt. Eugene Humphries, Pvt. Jene Loman, SfSgt. Tommie Fraley, Pvt. Leroy Young. Sixth Row: Pvt. Howard Mims, Jr., TfSgt. Billy McRight, Pvt. Billy Risener, Pvt, Walter Bourland, Pvt. Bob Keller. RCI. James Greenhaw, Pvt. Alvin Pvoky, SfSgt. Lonnie Fuller. Seventh Row: Pvt. Luke Macaluso, S,flSgt. Edward Cummings, Sgt. Lawrence Drake, Sgt. Wallace Sinclair, Pvt. William Young, Pvt. Richard Degges, Pvt. Fred Randall. COLONEL James, Jimmy MAJOR Shwiff, Myron CAPTAINS Butts, Raymond Morris, Elwood Withrow, Glynn LIEUTENANTS Black, David McRight, Billy Gerloff, Edwin COMPANY COMMANDER Rochofsky, Morton SECOND LIEUTENANTS Harrison, Billy Saucier, Billy Jack Witt, Donald FIRST SERGEANT Schwarz, Charles TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Dennis, Carl fralc-y, Tommy Pugi' Fifty-fuu r Robinson, James Smith, Joseph FIRST SERGEANT MASTER SERGEANT Mims, John TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Pirozzo, Daniel Sims, George H. STAFF SERGEANTS Boone, Charles Cox, Hughie STAFF SERGEANTS Bray, Bertis Goodwin, Harold Plant, Eugene Hayes, John Rovinsky, Shern Sinclair, Wallace SERGEANTS Hopper, Bobby Purdy, Donald Risener, Billy ROSTER Macaluso, Luke Stelle, Omar Swafford, Allen SERGEANTS Bourland, Walter Johnson, Robert Pitts, Thomas Terrell, Jimmy PRIVATES Adair, Willie Joe Bledsoe, Clint SPRING ROSTER Schaerdel, Billy Thompson, Calvin PRIVATE5 Carter, Arley Davis, David Dawson, Dan Degges, Richard Fraley, Bobby Greenhaw, James Guernsey, Billy Prokop, Alvin Disman, C. B. Hoffman, Marvin Hily, Gerald Milligan, Charles Pendleton, J. Dean Prestidge, Marvin Ryule, Billy Watkins, Jackie Wofford, Robert Young, Leroy Stubblefield, Joe Tankersley, John Turner, Francis Zeman, Pace RECRUITS Chafin, George Dennis, W. Leo Finks, Clark Hardin, Bobby Knight, Jack Lamb, Jess Welborne, Gerald SERGEANTS Butts, Thomas W vt- Company B LEFT First Row: Capt. Myron Schwiff, 2nd Lt. Morton Racholsky, 2nd Lt. Marvin Engelberg, 2nd Lt. Billy Joe Love, 2nd Lt. E. G. Mankins, 2nd Lt. Alexander Marquez. Second Row: Sgt. George Dasch, Cpl. Charles Boone, Sgt. Joe Dan Plunk, Pvt. Dean Perdelton, Sgt. Billy Harrison, SfSgt. Hughie Cox, S Sgt. Paul Black, lst Sgt. Sammy Griggs, Pvt. Carl Dennis. CAPTAIN West, George FIRST LIEUTENANT Marquez, Alexander SECOND LIEUTENANTS Calvert, Charles Faulk, Robert Griggs, Sammy FIRST SERGEANT Hambrick, Billy Joe MASTER SERGEANT Robinson, Tommy TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Hardin, Thomas Higgins, Johnny STAFF SERGEANTS Bartlett, James Cummings, George Tolley, Travis Williams, Billy TO RIGHT Third Row: Pvt, E. G. Robinson, Pvt. Irving Schwartz, Pvt. Robert Jones, Pvt. Johnny Childress, Pvt. Travis Talley, Pvt. Daniel Parizzo, Pvt. Pace Zeman. Fourth Row: Pvt. Donald Purdue, Pvt. Jackie Watkins, Pvt. J. H Snow, Pvt. Ed Clark, Pvt. Maury Lazar, Pvt. Gerald Hill Pvt. Clint Bledsoe. Fifth Row: Sgt. Thomas Hardin. SPRING ROSTER Aronofl, Phillip Bond, William Burns, Marvin Choate, Richard Fisher, Hollis Johnson, Marvin Jones, Robert Jones, Weldon Keller, Bob Mims, Howard Overman, Rudolph Robinson, Edward Schwartz, Irving Walton, Dannie PRIVATES Clark, Ed Culpepper, Gene Heimann, Eddie Huddlestan, Mickey Humphries, Douglas Lazar, Maury McKanna, Pat Murphy, Stanley Oesch, Stanley Rigsby, Jasper Ross, Jack Schmohl, John Sinclair, Ralph Snow, J. A. Stegman, Grady Turner, Tommy Young, William Eugene Pug: Fifty- fi t Company C LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: 2nd Lt. Kenith Sturdivant, IfSgt. Bob Walters, Capt. Ellwood Morris, Capt, Harold Harris, 2nd Lt. George West. Second Row: TfSgt. Stanley Pyle, Pvt. Myron Goldberg, Pvt. Marvin Hoffman, Sf'Sgt. Charles Wallace Calvert, Pvt. Ernest Hand, TfSgt. John Mims, Pvt. Donald Minsky, Sgt. Shearn Rovinsky, Pvt. Maurice Heck, TfSgt. Tommy Robinson. Third Row: Pvt. Sam Andrews, Pvt. Marvin Burns, Pvt. Robert Hixson, Pvt. Hollis Fisher, Pvt. Robert Watford, Pvt. Joe CAPTAIN Mankins, E.G. LIEUTENANTS Beaver, Jack Jacobs, Billy Pyle, Stanley FIRST SERGEANT Fuller, Lonnie TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Clay, Jerry Welborne, Cortland Cumming, Edward STAFF SERGEANTS Beck, Jay Castillo, Richard Drake, Lawrence Page Fifly--six Henry Buckovan, Pvt. Richard Nulisch, Sgt. Weldon Jones Pvt. Johnny Rowe. Fourth Row: Sgt. Billy Lemons, SfSgt. Cortland Welborne Pvt, Jack Chandler, Pvt. Calvin Thompson, Pvt Charles Keaton, Pvt. Dan Dawson, Pvt. Danny Walton Fifth Row: Pvt. Billy Woodruff, Sgt. Thomas Pitts Pvt Jimmy Terrell, Staff Sgt. Charles Milligan, SflSgt. Jerry Clay Sgt. Richard Gammon, Sgt. Rudolph Overman S Sqt Joseph Smith, Pvt. Harold Albright. SPRING ROSTER Gammon, Richard Haddock, Charles Lemons, Billy Plunk, Joe Dan SERGEANTS Cassady, Don Childress, Johnny Crenshaw, Robert Hodges, Bobby Pattillo, Neil Goldberg, Myron Gore, Lee Haggerty, Robert Hart, Billy Hixson, Robert Keaton, Charles Layman, Jene Minsky, Don Nulisch, Richard Randall, Fred Rowe, Johnny Riley, Joe PRIVATES Smith, Ralph Buckovan, Joe Henry Woodruff, Billy Chandler, Jack STAFF MEMBERS Crass, Willard Captain Harris, Harold Freeman, Max Captain Engelberq Marvin LEFT First Row: Stanley Rubenstein, E. B. Caraway, Jerry Kcilmin, Marvin Sigel, Paul Jordan, Billy Scherlei, Oman Hancock. Second Row: Clarence Abramson, Morton Rudlx-rg, Marvin Greenberg, Paul Black, Laurence Solomon, l-lcnolql Elkins, Third Row: Arthur Friedman, Kenneth Fuller, lommy Oddo, Ralph Cvrtrley, Olen Rowe, Ccnl Bond. FIRST LIEUTENANT Soltes, Maury SECOND LIEUTENANTS Altman, Sigmund Smith, Claude FIRST SERGEANT Shipp,.lan1es TECHNICAL SERGEANT Godwin, Harold STAFF SERGEANT Coley, Charles SERGEANTS Abramson, Clarence Claxton, Duvid Elkins, Hniolrl Gl'PffT1I3UI'Q,MllTVil1 Newell, .Iurlx Skiboll, Cinl CORPORALS Annes, Choi los Black, Paul Rowe, Ole-n Sigel, Marvin Weisfeld, Danny PRIVATES FIRST CLASS Burshop, Jerry Benton, Robert Benjamin, Alfri-il C1-inle-y,Rulpli TO RIGHT l l Fourth Row: Signiund Altmiin, Jwonn- Stutmiin, Altus-el Bun- Icimin, Nmitliun ilwclinun, Clnnlvs Ccili-y, Fury-V10 lullvl, li-roy Kiilrhum, Maury Soltvs, Fifth Row: Norman Ellis, lrnnes Szniiitt, Stal Pilot, llcirolcl Godwin, DIIVMI Edwards, Curl Slnilbull, Raimi-it Bvnlon. Sixth Row: Jack Nuwcll, VVIllIClI'l1 Moon Tommy Joni-S, Clriuclv Smith, Jrimns S Coley, Jvrry Dunn, Loran Fri-iclvnun, Nutlnin Fuller, Kenneth Kcilniin, Jerry Kirlrham, Leroy Oddo, Tommy Rudberg, Morton Solomon, Lrivvrivnce Stcitman, Juronn- Young, Kr-nm-th PRIVATES Bull, Roland Bn--it-I Rfilii-it i-, llvin Wcirclvn, liipp. Bfinrl, Ruy Ellis, Niiinnin Inlli-I, lufivin- linfrlmrin, Arthur .lmn-s, Tommy sloirlcin, Paul Julilm, Priul Kitchi-n, Holm-ll Mom:-, Willirnn Viiilm, Rolnirit Pilot, Siclnuy Sciriiitt, limit-S li-ll, Jiinn-', Yiinnii, Kwnrn-Ill Band The Forest Band, under the guidance of Colonel-Instructor Harry F. Barton, is now in its second year. It is a military unit headed by a Cadet Captain, all the members receiving R.O.T.C., credit and holding military ranks, with promotions and grades dependent upon musicianship and military ability. The band played at the football games in the city this year, and plans next year to be at all the out-of-town games, as well as the city games. Pagi' Fiflv umm ly , . f 1 4 - - ff--'--' LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Lt. Col. Jimmy James. Sammy Griggs, SfSgt. Billy Jock Saucier. Second Row: Capt. Harold Harris, Lt. lvlaury Soltes, Capt. NOT IN PICTURE Morton Rachofslcy, Lt. Kemth Sturdivant, Capt. Glynn , , , Wnhrow' Maier Myron Shwiffl Capt. Ellwood Morris, Capt. Donald Witt, Lt. Ronald Witt, Mfsgf. Tommy Robinson, Lt. Billy Harrison, Lt. David Third Row: Pvt. Luke Macaluso, TfSgt. Billy Jacob, FfSgt. Block SQL Billy Joe Hombrick. Rifle Team A spirit of school competition and a deadly aim describes each of the ten members of the Rifle Team. With other candidates for the team, these members of the Rifle Team, having had at least one year of R.O.T.C., went through a period of training in firing. Every boy during the term fired, and his score went on the files. Finally the candidates fired an elimination match, the ten highest scorers becoming the permanent members of the team for the year. Every day they practiced before or during school in the armory, perfecting their shots. They fired in a city match against other Dallas high schools. Those who made the best scores received green and white letter iackets. Jimmy James, who held the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel and was head of the battalion, was captain of the team. Captain Glynn Winthrow was second in command of the team. Captain Norwood, assistant commandant, instructed the team. Page Fiffy- dgll! ff tx' Nightfall at Camp Dallas . . . Come on, men, give with a big smile. . .Charles Swartz just plain happy. ...Heyl Where is everyone?...Where the boys lived-looks like fun, doesn't it? . . . Hercules and his passenger. . . Play it pretty, Abramson. . . Where are the girls, boys? . . .Will someone give Martin his clothes'?. .. The flag flies over the camp. . .Just a bunch of guys at Camp Dallas. The Romeo-Jay Beck. .. The band helping the football boys at a game.. . You aren't leaving, are you? . . . Ah! Come on and wake up, Griggs. P.1qf'I"iffy nirlr 4wJ9d"'A" AMWWLIA 'N egw f 4 5 1 I, , ., ,ff f Q W4 f f 183'- f l. 1,.rwV"""7 F. x k x sg 1 .. 3 SQ E :QR k Q 5 mfg Ko,- 'ilsxisf hw-f f N' , L- L. My X Hw y-.X W -' .. - 'Sk gg- , . q ' -g,Q5w,g,,L'X scgfx:iAX5j- swgpx ,Q-bk' - K kj kk N MQ jr x r5Xg.Q,wpY.xx.S,xy,++w -Q X xLL X , .7 'n 'QQ - 'AX 1 1 dwfnfgguvq wh ya Z xx Q fi' 'L 4 :Y gwv M! :gf 5,5 K 2 1 ff 'Z if M-aff N. -'EE 'M x LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Bennie Morgan, Bobby Clay, Charlcs Masterson, Joe Combs, Bobby Tront, Paul Cruso, Robert Beasley, Third Row: Charles Conner, Ralph Reynolds, Richard Conner, Julian Braddock Jasper Rigsby Melvin Cohen Billy Fred Andrews, Stanley Greene, Hubert Parrett, Ted Whar- Risner Billy Clay' ' i l ton, Jack Nicodemus, Leroy Collier, Pete Packenius, Je, Second Row: Coach Leroy Crabtree, Raymond Morris, Buford Raley, Bill Horn, John Swartz, Billy Rogers, James Sparks, Joe Dossett, John Simmons, Eddie Hale, W. A. Cooley, Asst. Coach Virgil Mattingly, rome Zaboinik, Murphy Webster, Roy Hall, Linwood Gilliland, Billy Phillips. Not in Picture: Billy Ed Perry, Kenneth Peach, Billy Dean Thomas. Pigslcinners Forest 27 - Corsicana I4 The Forest Lions, coming from behind with two markers in the second period, defeated the Corsi- cana Tigers, September 21. Robert Beasley carried over from the eleven yard line for the first score, and a pass from Morgan to Morris put the lions ahead T3 to 7. Both teams scored in the third period, but Charles Masterson's tally in the fourth clinched the game. l X' wluZ.ww4LJf11qv,'? Pirgi' Ni x lay-Iwo Forest 0 - Carter I3 The Lions bowed to the Carter-Riverside Eagles at Ft. Worth, September 28, in their first defeat of the year. McPherson's pass to Adams was good for Riverside's first score, and a penalty against the Lions set the stage for another score in the third period. The Lions threatened repeatedly but were never quite able to cross the double stripe. Forest 20 - Conroe 7 The Lions had to come from behind in the fourth quarter, October 4, at Dal-Hi, to roll past an un- defeated Conroe team 20 to 7. Murphy Webster, Bennie Morgan, and Eddie Hale made a score apiece, with Morgan booting two extra points. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Leroy Tasker, Harold Robinson, Charles Greenhaw, Billy Reisner, Pat Fanell, Richard Conner, Coach Otto Rhome. Second Row: C. B. Disman, Gene Culpepper, Jack Knight, Jimmy Brewer, Carl Stone, Bobby Rivers, Jack Chandler. Third Row: Gordon Finney, Kenneth Smith, Jerry Threadgill, Billy Wilkerson, Billy Mitchell, J. D. Boock, Sammy Warren Fourth Row: Winford Drake, Leland Dixon, Stanley Golman, Bill Sharp, James Shipp, Buddy Burgeson, Jimmy West. Fifth Row: Paul Sherzer, Joe Renner, Jerry Clay, Billy Ruyle, Billy Sherzer, Tommy Boatman. Junior Pigskinners Forest 13 - Denison 26 The Lions bowed to a strong Denison team, October 12, at Denison. The powerful Yellow Jackets chalked up an early lead, by means of accurate passing and an elusive running attack. The final period saw the Green Wave cross the double stripe twice in a last desperate rally, but the Denison lead was iust too big to overcome. Forest 6 - Sunset 13 The Lions dropped a hard fought contest to the Sunset Bisons, 'I3 to 6, at the Cotton Bowl, October 18. Robert Matzig scored first for the Bisons in the second period after they had worked the ball down to the Forest eight yard line. In the fourth period the Lions unleashed a desperate aerial attack which carried to the Bison 3, where Bennie Morgan plunged over for the lone Forest tally. Forest 25 - Tech 0 The Lions cashed in on five fumbles and good passing to down the Tech Wolves, Saturday, October 26, at Dal-Hi. The Lions displayed an elusive running attack and a brilliant defense to overpower completely the Wolves. The Lion attack centered around Braddock, Webster, Beasley, and Combs, while Bill Perry's 31-yard sprint was the highlight of the game. Pagv Sixly-Ibrn' LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Rayntonrl Hall, Rulwrt Pago, Jininiy Ferrell, Ken- neth Fuller, Bon Schnitzei, Harold Elkins, Jimmy Phillips, David Freeman, Second Row: A. W. Karr, Johnny Childress, Billy Smith, Billy Don Taylor, Gcnc Stockdale, Robert Crenshaw, Johnny McGarity. Third Row: Billy Dickerson, Otis Straughan, Billy Cowling, Billy Day, Allen Swalford, Billy Smith, Bill Reilley. Fourth Row: Ronald Witt, Billy Cannon, Morton Moriorty. Sq uealers Forest 7 - North Dallas 6 The Lions edged out the North Dallas Bulldogs, November 9, at Dal-Hi Stadium, 7 to 6. Neither team could score in the first half, but in the third quarter as North Dallas was marching toward pay dirt, Raymond Morris intercepted a Bulldog pass on the Forest 15 yard line and raced 85 yards for the score. Bennie Morgan kfcked the deciding point. North Dallas scored late in the fourth quarter on a pass from Bobby Davis to Joe Thomas in the end zone. Forest 26 - Woodrow 8 The scrapping Lions had to roar from behind to defeat a hard-h'tting Wildcat eleven, Saturday, November lb, at Dal-Hi. Although statistics showed more yardage for Woodrow, the Lions definitely drubbed them in scoring and that is what counts. Page Six! yr- four ll The fans went wild when "Bullet Bob Beasley intercepted a pass and streaked 98 yards for pay dirt. This was the longest run of the season for any Dallas high school. Cruse, Phillips, and Cooley were rugged on the defense and greatly aided in our team's winning, while little Bennie Morgan's tossing gained many a yard. Forest 7 - Adamson 26 The Forest Lions were defeated by the Adamson Leopards 26 to 7 at Dal-Hi Stadium, November 23. The only Lion score came in the third quarter when Bennie Morgan plunged over for the score. Morgan also converted the extra point. Forest threatened early in the second quarter when Charles Masterson intercepted a pass. The Lions worked the ball down to the Adamson l-yard line, but a fourth down fumble stopped the drive. .gr I V r -- Q, ll in kv W1 ' Y ' 4 f as wa 11 N W ni ,441-' s FN, ' M G 'M 1 A 52 421 is l ,. 'I I F v .jx N . .x ' '.: I . . 1 5 h Lv , M. . ii! I ,nr A 4 il 1 iff mv A ' g H ab QQ. - xx 4 V f Q ' '55 I i fl 1 s Left to Right: Euim-stint Dvnnis, Mary Terry, Wflttflfl Urrill, Martina Jo Blm-clsou, Dorothy Angrist, June Hogg. Maiorettes That extra spark which sends our team on to victory is provided by six very attractive girls whom we recognize as our majorettes. As they pace the band while twirling the batons with skill and lightning rapidity, the spirits of the fans and teams invariably soar to new heights and Forest usually brings home a victory. The fire of the maiorettes is contributed by lovely WANDA ORlLl.. Her red-gold hair is envied and admired by everyone. - X T l ".X R JUNE HOGG is noted for her sparkling smile. Her friendliness makes her t A D dear to everyone. A Blond MARRY TERRY can always be counted upon to make things lively. . 1 , L Her pep and energy make her an excellent baton twiler. Among the many highly favorable assets of DOROTHY ANGRIST is her 3, quiet but winning way. Her friendship can always be counted upon. l .3-,tti5ir.'N 'fill I it X Dainty and shy EARNESTINE DENNIS draws friends to her with winsome fwltf ,y charm and keeps them with her loyal friendship. "Full of fun" describes MARTHA BLEDSOE. Her high step and excellent twirling help make her a top-ranking majorette. l't1!Qi' Slxly in Left to Right: Doiothy Cruse, Lois Dell Hilton, Many Hatter, louise Hixson, Gene Pflugy, Ozzie Hansen, Sammy Lowrin, Prwl .loriliiim Cheer Leaders Cheerleaders for T946-47 worked out new original yells to invigorate students and teams. They went out in rain, wind, or snow to lead these yells, and among themselves they developed a strong feeling of co-operation and teamwork. . . The student body co-operated fully, and great school spirit was shown at every game and pep rally. LOUISE HIXSON, pretty brunette and head girl cheerleader, was known for her vivacious persona'ity. Her winning smile and boundless energy made her a favorite of everyone. Things were never dull when head boy cheerleader GENE PFLUG was around. His antics won him the friendship of all and kept the cheering section active. "Charming" describes auburn-haired LOIS DELL HILTON. Her sweet personality was the reason for her much deserved popularity. Gay, cheerful, and friendly NELS "OZZlE" HANSEN added that extra Q I- yy spark to the cheerleaders with his loud and active yells. 0 T 'l . ' I Pretty MARY HATTER gained her friends with her tactful but spirited lliplf personality. Besides being a highly able cheerleader, tall and dark SAMMIE I COWAN was a terrific basketball and baseball player. j L wr .X J Pert and energetic DOROTHY CRUSE helped keep the cheering section ' , lively with her peppy yells. X f' livllaf ll PAUL JORDAN finished our lucky eight with his own original yells. Pirgi snr, I I LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Billy Jo Smith, Donald Minslcy, Jerry Cody, Carl Stone, Jimmy Bacon, Bobby Fraloy, Joe Mac Doyle. Sccond Row: Otis Straughan, Charles Lowrance, Johnny Slaughter, Leland Dixon, Glen Marlow, Paul Scherzer, Leo Whatlcy, Third Row: Winford Drake, Harold Bridges, Jimmy Day, Jack Chandler, Jack Thompson, Hollis Fisher, Billy McMaster, Bill Millet. Fourth Row: Leroy Collier, Buford Ralcy, Tommy Jones, John Simmon Johnny Swartz, Fred Tillcry, Sammy Cowan. Filth Row: Billy Don Taylor, Charles Patzig, Frucl Rogers, Roy Hall, Jimmy Marlow, Paul Camp, Paul Black, Bennie Morgan. Sixth Row: Loon Everett, Hughie Cox, Tommie Fralcy, Julian Braddock, Donald Smith, Ralph Reynolds. Seventh Row: Joe Cannon, Joe Dan Plunlr, Billy M:Cool, George Chattin, George Cummings, larry Dirtkrr, Eighth Row: Oscar Olfill, Roland Ball, Aubrey Shuptrtne, Pat Kelley. yt Sluggers The Forest Avenue High School baseoall team placed its T947 Championship hopes on its fine returning lettermen. They were BENNIE MORGAN, All-City shortstop, DON HANES, third baseman, FRED TILLERY, pitcher, JOHNNY SWARTZ, first baseman-catcher, and JOHN SIMMONS, outfielder-first baseman. The Lions' T946 baseball team was centered around DON MILLENDER and EUGENE HIXSON, AII- City and All-State outfielders, JAMES CAMP, AII-State Pitcher, JERRY DOYLE, All-City catcher, BENNIE MORGAN, shortstop, DON HANES, third baseman, JOHN LIEVESAY, second baseman, and EDDIE HALE, catcher. The Forest nine were defeated four times during the T946 district race, losing two games to Adamson and two to Sunset, to wind up in third place. Coach Alva Shepard's team entered in State Championship Tournament and went all the way to the finals before being defeated by Adamson for the title. f x isdn , X April April April V f April L . April -K April i -' I April May May 4- if-urvw 'ff Im Ll 9 I3 I7 I9 22 24 30 2 I0 'I946 SCORES Forest 5 Crozier Tech Forest 3 Woodrow Wilson Forest 4 Sunset Forest 2 North Dallas Forest 0 Adamson Forest 2 Sunset Forest II North Dallas Forest I3 Crozier Tech Forest 0 Adamson LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Maurice Freeman, Bobby Dickson, Raymond Hall, Zaboinilc. Jimmy Phillips, Fred Andrews, Jack Trent, Raymond Za- Fourth Row: Clemon Rogers, Ben Durham, Charles Greenhaw, boingky Roberf Fgulku Hubert Parrett, Stanley Murphy, Kenneth Beaver, Charles Second Row: Wolford Carter, Melvin Parkerson, Stanley Conner, Hubert Poclsenius, Bill Sharp, Murphy Wellstrffr Green, Woodfin Pruitt, Robert Crenshaw, Don Everett, Bill Horn, Ffeddle Time, Ed9'-7" FTWTIFS- Mr. Mattingly, Coach. NOT IN PICTURE Third Row: Jimmy Terrell, Kenneth Smith, Billy Thomas, Bobby Robert Beasley Captain , Billy Ed Perry. Clay, Jack Ogden Jr., Billy Clay, Joe Dossett, Jerome Fleet Footers The Lion track squad opened their 'I947 season in a triangular meet with North Dallas and Tech, which they lost 83 to 33. In the second event the Lions bowed to North Dallas by 84 to 32'fi. Since these meets, our squad has definitely improved, and many more boys have gone out. As we go to press, the season has just opened and before it is over the Foresters are going to provide some strong competition. The Lions, in competition with sixty schools, at Ft. Worth, came in sixth, by making seven points, ot which Bob Beasley contributed 5Vz. TRACK AND FIELD SCHEDULE, 1946 Since THE FORESTER went to press last year before the Track Meets had been completed, we give here the complete schedule for Spring, '46. March 6: Forest, Sunset, Woodrow Wilson. Win- ner: Sunset. March I5-16: Fat Stock Show, Ft. Worth. 20-man team entered but none qualified. March 20: Forest, North Dallas, Adamson. Winner: Adamson. March 26: Tech, Forest, Adamson. Winner: Adam- son. Glenn McDonald was winner of one mile run. April 2: Tech, Forest, North Dallas. Winner: North Dallas. April II-I2: City Meet. Winner: Adamson. Forest qualified only one mon, Robert Beasley, for the Regional Meet. Beasley placed 3rd in the Low Hurdles and 3rd in the High Hurdles. Glenn McDonald placed 4th in the mile run. Eugene Hixson placed 4th in the broad jump April I9-20: Regional Meet. Winner: Wood- .uf row Wilson. Robert Beasley placed 2nd in the High Hur- dles thus qualifying for V, ll.' fl, 'ws . X2 State Meet at Austin May 2-3: State Meet at Austin. Robert Beasley placed 6th in the 200 Low Hurdle. Winner: Lamar of Houston. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Sammy Cowan, Robert Beasley. Second Row: Bennie Morgan, Tommy Jones. Third Row: John Simmons. Cager Celebrities ROBERT BEASLEY, speedy guard for the Lions, has won three letters in basketball, three in football, and three in track. Robert, one of Forest's most versatile athletes, made the longest shot in basketball of all Dallas High School players. During the football season, he also made the longest run when he inter- cepted an oppoent's pass on his own 2-yard line, and returned it 98 yards for a score. BENNIE MORGAN, one of the best guards Forest has had in many years, is excellent on the defense, and two points are likely to be made any time this boy has the ball. Bennie has lettered three years in basketball, two in football, and four in baseball. JOHN SIMMONS, husky Lion forward, is very dependable either on defense or offense. John is one of those long shot artists, and consequently is high point man for the Lion quint. Johnny has one letter in football, one in basketball, and two in baseball. TOMMY JONES, Lion forward, is a good ball handler and is an excellent player on defense or offense. Tommy has lettered twice in basketball and has two more years of eligibility. He also holds down the left field position on the Lion baseball team. SAMMY COWAN, who plays either center or forward, received his first letter in basketball this year. He played excellent ball all season and was one of the mainstays in the Lion's defense. Sam was a cheer- leader, and is also a good baseball player. Page Srl wily LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Paul Camp, Joe Kunzelmann, Tate Milner, James Bennie Morgan. Sparks. Third Row: John Simmons, Billy Rogers, Julian Bmclrlorlc, Second Row: Sammy Cowan, Robert Hughes, Tommy Jones, Bobby Horn, Robert Beasley, Bill Horn. Hoop-Hitters Forest opened their 1947 Basketball race losing to Adamson, 48-28, and to Woodrow Wilson, 39-24. Then the Lions bowed to Tech, 49-24. Sunset and North Dallas bowled over Forest, 41-35 and 44-24 respectively. Opening the Second half the Lions were trounced by Tech, 68-18, and Sunset defeated Forest, 37-24. The Foresters eked out Adamson, 37-36, for their first win. Woodrow Wilson downed Forest's team, 56-33, to go ahead of the Lions in the city race. In the final game North Dallas dumped the Lions into the cellar by defeating them 50-30. 1 , I ln the Ashburn General Hospital Tournament the Lions were shaded by Plano, tiny: 34-ao, for me mis. ' f Highland Park defeated Forest, 22-12, in the first round of the Dr. Pepper L tournament. Forest downed Pampa, 32-20, and Greenville, 33-18, but lost to Sun- set, 31-29, in the consolation bracket. After defeating Park Cities Y.M.C.A. and Dallas News carriers, the Lions I ' bowed to North Dallas, 56-36, for the title in the Southwestern A.A.U. tournament. gn 1 . . mm-L ll Pugi' Sviwrly-ru: LEFT TO RIGHT Jerry Holmes, Coach Otto C. Rhome. Freddie Dunn, Olen Rowe, George Vrla, Jimmy B. West, L. B. Holmes, Doy Robinson, ,JJ-FJ 4gf'l"x. F 'f - FE F -X F P' '-i. i I ' r - in ,l,....0,l f'.ft"" Golf EWW GOLF SCHEDULE FOR 1946 GOLF TEAM March 2 i . Forest North Doljos The Forest Golf Team of T947 is comprised of L. B. Holmes, Jr., the captain, Freddie Dunn, March 9 ' ' Forest Adamson George Vrla, and Jerry Holmes. The city compe- March 23 . . Forest Sunset tition is very keen, and each golf match has been March 30 I . Forest Tech playid "dawn, to thi wi:ie". In ctlhigirst fczur gpcgf ' ma c es, e eam as roppe poin s wi , AP"l 6 - - Fares' 'WZ Noflh Dallas making 4 points. The scores have been as follows: April 13 , , Forest Adqmggn Sunset 6-Forest 0, Woodrow Wilson 6-Forest 0, A ri' 20 Forest Woodrow Tech 4V2-Forest lV2, and North Dallas 3V2-For- P ' ' est 2V2. The team's hopes are very high for the April 27 . . Forest O Sunset 6 remaining games. Netters The Forest High Tennis Team was defeated by Woodrow in the first game of the season, but bounced back with a three point victory over Tech in their Second game, gnd fhe boys' team won in their third game with Adamson. Singles were played by Wanda Orrill and Charles Annes, and doubles were played by June Gold- berg, Judy Wyll, Norman Kaplan, and Jackie Cooper. i Last year the scores of the finals in which Forest participated were as follows: in Woodrow ..... Girls' Double 3-6 3-6 l X 4 Sunset . . Girls' Single 'I-6 4-6 1 i , i fl Tech . . . Boys' Double 6-3 6-l ', LEFT TO RIGHT Judy Wyll,Wanda Orrill,June Goldberg,Norman Kaplan,Jackie Cooper,Charles Annes. A if ri, 0 ' X ff, 9,1 -.rr : qv pi. . .. I-111,11 Posture Contest Left to Right: Lois Dell Hunan fum plucu, Pansy Greene, sr-cond plufvg Mulxun Fulhel, NNundu Ovawll, Mud ihwrd pluce. LEFT TO RIGHT HIS' Row: VVUHUU -lUfh50nf Adehm' Elm, -3009 C'0Wf BMW Third Row: Myvnu Zupruxhw, Helen Ruthofsky, Jnnnm- Sun SWJU1- -ION" LWY Bf'U7f'f" MU"lU5f Murfhll PGXYGHV DUHQ IUOYYS, Hsflun Goldsls-sn, Dohw McGurn1y, Loom- Sdws Jn-un Grbson. Bormcv Tuck-r, Nornm Huioy. Second Row: DfAnn Shogun, Huruuctt Vuisures, Lois Sclwvncllv, Fourth Row: Fvunces Konus,-dy, Bmhmu Goorhfy, Cmol Ann Jounetfv Brldges, Bonnie Thorpe, Dons Burwsh, Beily Blank, Ernrnu Muyv VVulhuun, Suu ,V1fFllddNI9, Nvll Bun Hurvey, Polsy Hutch, Cefuho Buumgortner. nnsre-v. Girls Physical Education ln physical education classes the idea of graceful, strong bodies is stressed. The posture contest helps to put forth this idea more than anything else. Five teachers, acting as judges, chose four girls, Lois Dell Hilton, Patsie Greene, Marion Fuller, and Wanda Orrill, as having the best postures. This decision wasn't b an means an eas one. The classes had worked so lon and hard on osture exercise that most of the Y Y Y 9 P girls were nearly perfect. That shouting and cheering heard from the gym is caused by the girls' participation in the lively games of volley ball, newcomb, tenicoit, and basketball. After many days and weeks of hard work, the best girls are chosen for the Varsity Teams, These competitive games make the girls quick-thinking and quick in action. Lead-up games to baseball are worked on for a short time. When the weather becomes warm enou h, ou can be sure the irls are out in the fields la In baseball. 9 Y 9 P Y 9 The physical education classes do the girls of Forest an immeasurable amount of good. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Janet Harris, Harriett Vatsures, Odessa Roberts, Third Raw: Helen Bennett, Jean Hopkins, Nita Gwen Writkiiis, Wanda Jackson, Rose Ellen Barton, Pattye Sue Law- Barbara Blurnmer, Doris Hudson, Joan Wheeler, Mary renCe, WaI1dG MOOVG, Lftrftda Fay Norris, Doris Jean Ann Jones, Margie Lee Toumbs, Mildred Miller, Bessie Gibson, Beatrice Marcus. Mae Williams, Joan Levy. Second Row: Hilda Struckmeyer, Narcie Holt, Jo Ann Schen- Fourth Row: Peggy Phillips, Shirley Cavender, Jam- Harris, kewl, Mary Alice Eury, Cecilia Baumgartner, Minnie Lou Martha Smith, Betty Bush, Virginia Thornhill, Paula Par- Parsons, Julia Ann Bratton, Jimmie Simmons, Norma rish, Eloise Ward, Dorothy Wylie, Nell Bannister, Virginia Haley, Floy Rowan, Morris, Emma Daisy Reed. .fl ' lhlqr 91-iifiliy four - Newcomb i' LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Fowler, Adams, Jockson, Kennedy, Roberts, Morcus, Eby, Clark, Hulme, Poxton. Second Rowt Anderson, Goss, Bush, Wode, Hyde, Kelley, Rog ers, Tuylor, Woody, Shindoll, Workman. Ten LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Bolejo, Dennis, Thompson, Reinle, Farrington, Port ington, Toumbs, Knott, Eby, McGority, Roy. Second Row: Beaver, Bridges, Williams, Logon, Wheeler DooIey,Miller,Holme,Brooks,WiIIioms, Seguin,Grc1bstold Third Row: Vines, Wulluce, Lemuster, Thornhill, Burton, Bount- gnrtner, Byrd, Swift, Buckner, Fowler. Fourth Row: Fuller, Swufford, Miller, Hole, Greene, Benson Rollins, Miller, Armbruster. I llllll Third Row: Smith, Kilough, Smith ,Melton, Williams, Buumgort ner, Rowan, Gombrell, Haley, Hanks, Comp. Fourth Row: Henderson, Reece, Alllzriglit, Ellis, Bylorrl, South erlond, Hatter, Sotterwhite, Knight, Knight. Fifth Row: White, Tunnell, Walker, Bennett, Snmpli-s, Henry Burton, Merrinmn. lcoif Fifth Row: Bridges, Burks, Cook, Melton, Wc-il, Wyll, Hull Comp, Paxton, Lorenz. Sixth Row: Wade, Skelton, Haley, Guernsey, Reed, Goinbrell Simmons, Cody, Roriden. Seventh Row: Goldstein, Hoyes, Sotterwhite, Knight, Krelter Porter, Lomoster, Sotterwhite. Eighth Row: Wood, Wotkins, Bciin, Nelson, Clegltorn, Gillett Turner, Holt, Drnper. li ll! li QS. 95292555199 WMQ WA' www 41 ',,,Wf44,+ 4 0' f K S b ffl, ,-f , aw 5 1 ' "1 : ' f--f'-'f' - ' x X A Q- QQ-fff Q i-1 J, LJ 1 I V 4--" K 4 4312, . IW N gE21f.lf 1 -mf X55 Q i A-T f XQ . . . " -V' 5 f S 5.-wfigglf -Wasks, ' 1' 54 fi- .f X-3 'al L xg g v ie . '1-ii ,- Q V N X M W -45 NE Q 3 Q 5 D6 'wah ' . Q, H Nw N +, ' -.n , wr ,,f 4 F haf ' in W fn .." r nmxzzfgi- nu ll p Nouns: ans Au .4 ...A.,. nv' sn! .nl Q L n- "v!hpu4.s-vnu W, an -,elf Ol H Laf6sug:f4:n M. Uwq.,b -'rv-4. .. WH. la .6 :u..f", .-:Q no f H rv v f National Honor Society OFFICERS MRS. EMMA BROWN, Sponsor MARTHA ANN ADAMSON, President KATHERINE KREITER, Vice-President MARTHA HOWELL, Secretary-Treasurer To become member of National Honor So- ciety is greatest honor that can come to any high school student. . . 3A's, 4B's, and 4A's who have attended Forest for one year or more are eligible for membership. . . To receive this honor, names of prospective members are pre- sented to faculty to be approved. . . New members are initiated two times each year in an impressive assembly program. . . Student body gets glimpse of those who excel in scholarship, leadership, service, and character, 7 J which are aims of National Honor Society. f .f . l LEFT TO RIGHT Jeannene Bridges, Gloria Rollins, Mclva Jean Knight, First Row: Joan Turner, Margaret Childress, Robert Willis, Eva Schnitzer, Norman Kaplan. Katherine Kreiter, Martha Howell, Martha Ann Adamson, Third Row: Mrs. Emma H. Brown, O. H. Haveman, Edwin Ger- Ruth Silvergold, Jacqueline Burlcs, Jeanette Bridges. loff, Freddie Dunn, Billy Phillips, Billy Joe Love, Bernard Second Row: Dorothy Pratt, Freida Ann Benson, Anita Weil, Sigel, Ida Armbruster, Pete Vatsuras. Ili Page' Svrcizty-vigbt 'Ns fij l'.'-:sl ri" i-as I l High Scholarship Club OFFICERS MISS SARAH MERIWETHER, Sponsor Fall Semester EVA SCHNITZER, President BERNARD SIGEL, Vice-President THELMA ROMOTSKY, Treasurer JOSEPH SOMER, Sergeant-at-Arms ELEANOR BUSHMAN, Parliamentarian CHARLES ANNES, Student Council Representative Spring Semester BERNARD SIGEL, President NORMAN KAPLAN, Vice-President DORIS MILLER, Secretary JOSEPH SOMER, Treasurer HAROLD MELNICK, Sergeant-at-Arms EVA SCHNITZER, Parliamentarian EMMA DAISY REED, Student Council Representative ELEANOR BUSHMAN, Echo Reporter LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Jerome Statnian, Maury Soltes, Eva Schnitzer, Ber- nard Sigel, Wanda Fisher, Thelma Romotsky, Eleanor Bushman, Sylvia Goidl, Joseph Somer, Freida Benson Wanda Jackson. Second Row: Billy Harrison, Ruth Silvergald, Martha Howell, JoAnn Rubenstein, Lois Schuman, Ernestine Dennis, Gloria Rollins, Doris Miller, Ida Armbruster, Jeannine Jameson, Jeannene Bridges, Emma Daisy Reed. High Scholarship Club organized in 1921. . . . Purpose of club is to offer students foun- dation of better learning and to give a better knowledge of what is required of a scholar. . . . ln order to be eligible for membership, students must receive Linz Award. . . Programs consist of games, quizzes, talks on timely themes, and extemporaneous speeches. . . Club contributes to China War Relief. . . An- nual Christmas party and program is held on December 19. . . Talent assembly given in the spring. . . Meetings held every other Thursday in Room 201. 7 'f?4YJffI-' - ff fffjy Third Row: Harold Melniclr, Judy Wyll, Norman Kaplan, June Goldberg, Cecilia Baumgartner, Betty Joyce Segal, Joan Levy, Blanche Kassed, Odessa Roberts, Shirleye Somer, Suretta Love, Margaret Childress, Fourth Row: Charles Coley, Shearn Rovinslry, Charles Annes, Charles Schwarz, Jeannette Bridges, Martha Ann Adam- son, Joan Turner, Barbara Lorenz, Beatrice Marcus, Marion Goldman, Polly Rogers, Patsie Greene, Vunita Stribllng, Miss Sarah Meriwether, Faye McFarland. l'u,qr Sci cnt 3'-iuru' Junior Red Cross Council OFFICERS MISS LOULA ELDER, Sponsor MISS MARY DRAKE, Co-Sponsor Fall Semester MAURY SOLTES, President BETTY SEGAL, Vice President BEATRICE MARCUS, Secretary MARVIN SIGEL, Treasurer JEROME STATMAN, Sergeant-at-Arms SHIRLEYE SOMER, Parliamentarian WANDA JACKSON, Student Council Representative Spring Semester BEATRICE MARCUS, President MAURY SOLTES, Vice-President MINNETTE UTAY, Secretary Forest Junior Red Cross Council has execu- tive and general council. . . Officers form executive council, representatives from each class form general council. . . Service fund of county chapter given 52392. . . Helped at Lisbon Veterans' Hospital with turtle races and bingo parties. . . Furnished table and wall decorations, nut cups, candy, and cookies for a Washington's Birthday Party at the hospital. . . . Nominees as representatives to National Convention of Junior Red Cross in Cleveland, Ohio, are Betty Segal and Maury Soltes. . . Representatives for Dallas county are chosen by committee of county officials of Junior Red JEROME STATMAN, Treasurer MARVIN SIGEL, Sergeant-at-Arms CVOSS- LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Wanda Jackson, Beatrice Marcus, Betty Segal, Maury Soltcs, Marvin Sigel, Jerome Statman, Marion Fuller, Shirleye Somer, Miss Loulci Elder. Second Row: Mary Latriece Smith, Margaret Ann Allison, Judith Steinhorn, Sigmund Altman, Jerry Landsberg, Charles Schwarz, Jerry Holmes, Bonnie Satterwhite, Vir- I I . . in ,Q- ginia Thornhill, Thelma Romotsky, Patsy Cromer. Tl-iid Row: Paul Bozarth, Jessie Collier, J, A. Snow, Joe Wayne Combs, Jean Byrd, Margaret Farr, Louise Yarbor- ough, Georgia Petty, Evelyn Goss. Fourth Raw: Chloe Mountz, Norma Haley, Edward Lawton, Richard Macon, Jack Herring, Dollie McGarity, Shirley Holmes, Mildred Miller. Pagr Ijiglily Student Council OFFICERS S. S. HUTCHINSON, Sponsor Fall Semester BILL JONES, President RUTH SILVERGOLD, Vice-President LOIS DELL HILTON, Secretary MARTHA HOWELL, Treasurer Spring Semester BILL JONES, President RUTH SILVERGOLD, Vice-President VIRGINIA THORNHILL, Secretary MARTHA HOWELL, Treasurer Student Council, governing body of Forest, organized in T937 with S. S. Hutchinson as sponsor. . . Membership of council consists of representatives from all clubs and first period classes. . . Students look to this body for leadership in school activities. . . Election of cheerleaders, dancing in gym on Tuesday and Thursday before school, selling of tickets to magic show sponsored by Dads Club, and sending representatives to State Convention at Highland Park are some of many activities supervised by Student Council this year. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Bill Jones, Norman Kaplan, Robert Willis, Wanda Jackson, Margaret Farr, Bernice Tucker, Lois Schuman, Ruth Silvergold, Martha Howell, Anne Reilly, Lois Dell Hilton, Sarah Skelton. Second Row: Bonnie Satterwhite, Ruth Agranofl, Mary Den- ton, Patsy Moore, Selma Sagel, Martha Jo Bledsoe, Judith Steinhorn, Judy Wyll, Shirley Grabstald, Jeanie Waddell, Milton Leventhal, Charles Dilfee. Third Raw: Jimmie Johnston, Macel Fowler, Peggy Biggerstalf, Di Ann Shugart, .loan Crow, Peggy Smith, Jo Ann Lan- clrurn, Anniece Davidson, Sigmund Altman, Bill Stokes, Patsie Greene, Yvonne Smith. Fourth Row: Mary Haney, Jean Smith, Katherine Kreiter, Patsy Cumbie, Jacqueline Burks, Martha Ann Adamson, Martha Joe Striegler, Jane Phillips, Frances Evans, June Hogg, Joan Turner, Ethel Reisberg, Mr. S. S. Hutchinson. Fifth Row: Robert Benton, Rose Marie Reed, Jessie Ray Collier, Billy Schaerdel, Aubrey Gene Shuptrine, Ernestine Dennis Billy Phillips, Dan James. Pugr' liigbfy-om' Auditores Caesaris OFFICERS MISS ETHEL MASTERS, Sponsor MISS SARA DAVIDSON, Co-Sponsor MISS LOURANIA MILLER, Honorary Sponsor Fall Semester MARTHA ADAMSON, President JEANNINE JAMESON, Vice-President SARAH SKELTON, Secretary PATSIE GREENE, Treasurer BILLY HARRISON, Sergeant-at-Arms SIGMUND ALTMAN, Student Council Representative Spring Semester JEANNINE JAMESON, President BILL STOKES, Vice-President BILLY HARRISON, Secretary DOROTHY CRUSE, Treasurer PAUL JORDAN, Sergeant-at-Arms MARGARET HALL, Parliamentarian DOROTHY HALEY, Student Council Representative LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Catherine Vines, Sigmund Altman, Jo Marie Ellis, Twenty-five! Will someone make it thirty? Going once, going twice, gone! This slave has been sold to the young lady on our right. . . Yes, it's slave auction time in Auditoris Cae- saris, October Ist. . . Slaves, being freshmen, were held captive from October Ist to I5th. . . . On November 26th, Thanksgiving play was given, on December 10th, a talent pro- gram. . . Two plays were given, one entirely in Latin, other in English. . . Latin week was celebrated by the Latin department from April 21 to 26, ending with banquet on April 25th. . . . First Tuesday in May our regular picnic is held. Jean Thorpe, Janice Allen, Nancy Hixson, Jean Taylor, Margaret Farr. Frieda Lutz, Odessa Roberts, Martha Ann Adamson, Patsie Greene, Sarah Skelton, Jeannine Jameson, Nancy Knott, Norma Hassell, Jeanette Bridges, Freida Ann Benson, Second Row: Billy Harrison, Wanda Jackson, Joyce Fuller, Ann Stokes, Marcia Rariden, Betty Segal, Dorothy Cruse, Mar- garet Hall, Dorothy Haley, Virginia Vodicka, Margaret Childress, Jeannine Bridges. Third Row: Barbara Blummer, Wanda Moore, Billie Moore, Peggy Smith, Suretta Love, Polly Rogers, Bette Davis, Ma- rion Goldman, Emma Daisy Reed, Marilyn Blatt, Joan Levy, Virginia Morris. Fourth Row: Miss Ethel Masters, Joyzell Hyde, Jacquelyn Keith, Di Ann Sliugart, Cai-ol Black, Gerry Waters, Norma Fifth Row: Joseph Silbeiman, Ben Schnitzer, Marvin Green- berg, Jerry Kalmin, Tommy Ocldo, Arthur Friedman, Sidney Pilot, Carl Skibell, Jay Beck. Sixth Row: Norman Ellis, Clarence Abramson, Nathan Fried- man, Jackie Watkins, Philip Aronoff, Paul Jordan, Jerry Landsberg, Bill Stokes. NOT IN PICTURE Glenda Sue Ballard, Peggy Dean, Shoylie Emmett, Hollis Fisher, Virginia Gilliland, Ernest Hand, Milton Leventhal, Eleanor Raskin, Charles Schwarz, James Scirratt, Dorithea Mae Webb, Jene Laman, James Teel, Freddie Time, Mari- lyn Jacobs, Larry Klein, Jean Weaver. lziglilgi-Iu'o Pan American Student Forum OFFICERS MISS FLETCHER RYAN WICKHAM, Sponsor Fall Semester JOE WEBBERMAN, President SYBLE TURNER, Vice-President BONNIE SATTERWHITE, Secretary MARVIN SCHMIDT, Treasurer ANITA WELL, Parliamentarian L. B. HOLMES, Sergeant-at-Arms Spring Semester JUNE GOLDBERG, President THELMA ROMOTSKY, Vice-President JUDY WYLL, Secretary BETTYE WALLACE, Treasurer JOE WEBBERMAN, Parliamentarian EUGENE GOLDGAR, Sergeant-at-Arms MARGUERITE WOOD, Student Council Representative Purpose of Pan American Student Forum is to promote better relations between Americas through study, attending Spanish movies, pro- moting concerts. . . Spanish dinner at El Fenix Cafe on November 15. . . Forest Unit ioins with Dallas Chapter in sponsoring Concert of Mayan Indian Princess, Nicte-Ha, on December 6. . . Celebrates Christmas, December 10, by playing "La Pinata." . . Observes Pan American Day on April 14. . . Presents annual All-Spanish program, April 23. . . Presents Pan American Day Assembly April 14, consisting ot Spanish songs by Spanish A Capella Choir, play in Spanish and English, tribute to seven outstand- ing heroes of America, closing with presenta- tion of Flags of Americas. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Marvin Hoffman, Richard Nulnsch, Myron Goldberg, Syble Turnei, Joe Vtlebberman, Bonnie Satterwhite, Anita Weil, Betty Wallace, Shirley Ann Stillman, Rochelle Still- man, Louise Mann. Second Row: Miss Fletcher VVickham, Doris Barish, Frances Curry, Lela Vullines, Latriece Smith, Eugene Goldgar, Janet Harris, Blanche Kassed, Helen Rachofsky, Judy Wyll. Third Row: Barbara Beiben, Margaret Allison, Myrna Zapru- der, Gloria Rollins, Iris Apple, Sylvia Goidl, Marilyn Rude, Mary Ann Jones, Martha Howell, Jane Phillips. Fourth Row: Betty Carter, Ramona Vela, Narcie Holt, Betty Jones, Marguerite Wood, Marvin Schmidt, Faye MrFarland, June Goldberg, Thelma Romotslry, Jean Hopkins, Bobble Jean Clark, Ruth Agranotf, Jerry Holmes. NOT IN PICTURE BenitaAl1lin, Betty Cox, JoAnn Greenwood, Gloria McCulloch, Peggy Smith, Carol Spigel, Betty Tapper, Minette Utay, Paul Black, E. B, Caraway, L. B. Holmes, Bobby Hopper, Robert Johnson, A. D. Kleinman. I l'.l,Qt'l1lgfil5-tfmr' Le Cercle Francais OFFICERS MRS. ZULEIKA ADAM, Sponsor Fall Semester JOAN TURNER, President FANNIE FAIR, Vice-President JOYCE DANCE, Secretary JOY WILENSKY, Parliamentarian MARY JO ALEXANDER, Sergeant-at-Arms EVA SCHNITZER, Echo Reporter Spring Semester FANNIE FAIR, President JOY WILENSKY, Vice-President EVA SCHNITZER, Secretary JOYCE DANCE, Treasurer MARLENE ABLON, Sergeant-at-Arms JOAN TURNER, Parliamentarian PATSY CUMBIE, Student Council Students taking French or those who have taken it are eligible to join La Cercle Francais. . . . Purpose is to give students better under- standing ot French people and customs, to increase their knowledge of France and its language. . . Frequently at meetings games are played in French and songs are sung. . . A semiannual party is given at end of each semester and prospective members are invited. . . . Members have opportunity to see French pictures at Civic Federation. . . Donates Christ- mas basket to Junior Red Cross. . . Interesting, Representative . . Uppl'OpI'lCl'e PTOQYGITIS Clre pllllnned to glVe JOSEPH KLIBANOW, Echo Reporter , , , , information about festivals in France. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Fannie Fair, Jay Wilensky, Second Raw: Eva Schnitzer, Marlene Ab- Third Row: Joseph Klibanow, E. G. Man- Betty Jo Pruitt, Joan Turner, Joyce Ion, Jimmy James, Patsy Cumbie, Mrs. kins, Charles Annes, Margie Sonko, Dance, Mary Jo Alexander. Z. C. Adam. Jeanne Allen, NOT IN PICTURE Bobbie Jean Hall Page Eigbiy-four O Club Brasileiro OFFICERS MISS FLETCHER RYAN WICKHAM, Sponsor Fall Semester EUGENE GOLDGAR, President THELMA ROMOTSKY, Secretary-Treasurer Spring Semester THELMA ROMOTSKY, President ANITA WEIL, Secretary-Treasurer LEFT TO RIGHT O Club Brasileiro, or Brazilian Club, is made up of volunteer third and fourth year students who have studied Spanish and who wish to learn Brazilian language, which is Portuguese. . . . Meetings are held four times a month, first and third Mondays, after school, instructed by Miss Fletcher R. Wickham. . . Aim is to bring about better understanding among peoples of Brazil by studying their language. . . Each member has found his knowledge of Spanish invaluable in studying Portuguese. . . Conver- sations held in Portuguese add to interest and usefulness of club, also providing enjoyment for all. Second Row: Eugene Goldgar, Freida Ann Benson, Marguerite First Row: Eleanor Bushman, Anita Weil, Syble Turner, Nita Wood, Thelma Romotsky, Marvin Schmidt. Watkins, lris Apple, Miss Fletcher Wickham. Pugi' Iligbly-five Texas History Club OFFICERS MISS BESS THATCHER, Sponsor Fall Semester PATSIE GREENE, President JO ANN RUBENSTEIN, Vice-President SARAH SKELTON, Secretary IDA ARMBRUSTER, Treasurer E. G. MANKINS, Sergeant-at-Arms DOROTHY HALEY, Parliamentarian Spring Semester RUTH SILVERGOLD, President JACQUELINE BURKS, Vice-President DOROTHY HALEY, Secretary WANDA FISHER, Treasurer ERNESTINE DENNIS, Sergeant-at-Arms BARBARA WICKLIFFE, Critic and Reporter NORMA HALEY, Student Council Representative LEFT TO RIGHT Texas History Club became part ot Texas State Historical Association in spring of 1940. . . . It has progressed this year and has ful- filled its objective to know more about Texas history and to do original research in archives, diaries, and manuscripts, and to interview pioneers and their descendants. . . Presents two assemblies, November I, commemorating birth of Stephen F. Austin, March 3, observing Texas Week. . . Two books presented to Texas Library. . . Club sends delegate to attend Jun- ior Historian Convention in April. . . Each year members enter Junior Historians Writers Contest. ling, Eleanor Bushman, Lois Schuman, Marie Grubbs, Mar- First Row: Jacqueline Burks, Wanda Fisher, Ida Armbruster, garet Hall, Nancy Hixson, Leila Cody. Patsie Greene, Anne Reilly, Dorothy Haley, Sarah Skelton, Jo Ann Rubenstein, E. G, Mankins. Third Row: Martha Ann Adamson, Evelyn Goss, Norma Haley, Mary Haney, George Vrla, Jack Matthews, Patsy Holt, Second Row: Eugene Goldgar, Barbara Hansen, Vunita Strib- Robert Faulk. NOT IN PICTURE Sammy Cowan, L. B. Holmes, Bill Stokes, Joe Webberman, Ruth Silvergold, Jean Smith, Catherine Vines, Geraldine James Harris, Ernestine Dennis, Laura Embry, Fannie Fair, Waters, Anita Weil, Barbara Wiclcliffe, Betty Wallace, Betty Harvey, Louise Hixson, Anita Petty, Billie Lou Roy, Doris Killough. lhigt' lfiglvl 3 -,tix Dallas Historical Society OFFICERS MISS MINNIE BROWN, Sponsor Fall Semester BILL JONES, President BILLY LOVE, Vice-President BOBBIE FARRINGTON, Secretary ROBERT FAULK, Treasurer J. J. SILBERMAN, Sergeant-at-Arms ROBERT WILLIS, Parliamentarian BERNICE TUCKER, Archivist Spring Semester KATHERINE KREITER, President J. J. SILBERMAN, Vice-President CATHERINE VINES, Secretary BILL JONES, Treasurer ' BOBBIE FARRINGTON, Parliamentarian Purpose of Dallas Historical Society is to institute and encourage study, collection, pre- sentation, and exhibition of material pertain- ing to Dallas history. . . Among programs carrying out this purpose are treasure hunt at Hall of State, Nov. 14, Texas quiz programs, original stories of pioneer Dallasites, and San Jacinto Day program. . . On March I Colonel Alvin M. Owsley spoke at Hall of State meet- ing. . . The spring picnic is May I5. . . Interna- tional good will is promoted by "Pen Pals" of Society who correspond with English girls and JEROME STATMAN, Sergeant-at-Arms SARAH SKELTON, Archivist LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Joseph Silberman, Marion Fuller, Patsy Cumbie, Katherine Kreiter, Bill Jones, Robert Willis, Bobbie Farring- ton, Betty Huddleston, Doris Jean Hudson, Marvel Hutson, Second Row: Catherine Vines, Virginia Vodicka, Martha How- ell, Mary Frances Messina, Carmen Eby, Helen Swafforct, Betty Jo Cox, Patsy Moore, Dollie McGarity, Billie Jean Wells, Sarah Skelton. Third Row: Joanne Tacker, Doris Bylord, Helen Hale, Mary Terry, Nita Watkins, Joan Swift, Miss Minnie Brown, Minerva Robertson, Emma Daisy Reed, Dorothy Haley, boys. . . Robert Willis receives efficiency award. George Vrla. Fourth Row: Jerome Statman, George Sims, James Scirratt, Dorothy Buckner, Jeanie Waddell, Geraldine Waters, Al bert Fowler, Kenith Sturdiyant, Robert Faullc. NOT IN PICTURE Vunita Stribling, Bernice Tucker, Martha Bledsoe, Helen Swaf- ford, Mary Terry, Norma Thorpe, Vera Higgins, Marie Grubbs, Peggy Jo Huddleston, Iris Apple, Margaret Hall, Pauline Servello, Wilma Stanley, Jacky Wade, Margaret Allison, Rose Mary Ervin, Gloria Smith, Charles Schwarz. Bill Stokes, Alfred Benjamin. Ihlgr I ihqlilyy-wi rn Standard Debating Society OFFICERS S. S. HUTCHINSON, Sponsor Fall Semester MYRON SCHWIFF, President MORTON RACHOFSKY, Vice-President FREDDIE DUNN, Secretary HAROLD MELNICK, Treasurer EDDIE RUBIN, Sergeant-at-Arms Spring Semester MORTON RACHOFSKY, President EDDIE RUBIN, Vice-President HAROLD MELNICK, Secretary SIGMUND ALTMAN, Treasurer JOSEPH SILBERMAN, Sergeant-at-Arms JOSEPH SOMER, Parliamentarian MYRON SCHWIFF, Student Council Representative LEFT TO RIGHT Purpose of Standard Debating Society is to train boys in public speaking, leadership, and debate. . . Enters two teams in tri-state inter- scholasic debates at Adamson High School on December 2'l. . . Team members are Norman Kaplan, Harold Melnick, Joseph Somer, Ber- nard Sigel. . . Topic of debate is Socialized Medicine. . . Gives annual Christmas party, December 12. . . Annual spring party is held in May. . . Standard Debating Society is oldest club in Forest Avenue High School. . . It was established in l9l7, being organized by Miss Edna Rowe, who retired in 1944. . . Annual banquet is held at Y.M.C.A. noff, Marvin Engelberg, Donald Minslcy, Joseph Somer, First Row: Myron Shwiff, Morton Rachofsky, Freddie Dunn, Howard Feffer, Harold Melnick, Bernard Sigel, Sigmund Altman, Norman Third Row: Eugene Goldgar, Marvin Sigel, Saul Drobnies, Kaplan. Jerry Landsberg, Irving Schwartz, Sid Pilot, Jacky Wade, Second Row: Joe Weloberman, Morton Rudberg, Phillip Aro- Mr, S. S. Hutchinson. Pugr' lfigbly-viglml Girls Public Speaking Club OFFICERS Fall Semester MRS. JUANITA STRINGER, Sponsor FRIEDA BENSON, President JUNE GOLDBERG, Vice-President ANITA WELL, Secretary JUDY WYLL, Treasurer THELMA ROMOTSKY, Sergeant-at-Arms BETTYE WALLACE, Parliamentarian SHIRLEY GRABSTALD, Student Council Representative BETTY SEGAL, Echo Reporter Spring Semester MISS WILLIE BERRY, Sponsor ELEANOR BUSHMAN, President LOIS SCHUMAN, Vice-President THELMA ROMOTSKY, Secretary JANE PHILLIPS, Treasurer FANNIE FAIR, Parliamentarian JUDY WYLL, Sergeant-at-Arms SHIRLEY GRABSTALD, Student Council Representative BETTYE WALLACE, Echo Reporter Purpose of Girls Public Speaking Club is to gain knowledge of parliamentary law, debat- ing, oratory, and extemporaneous speaking. . . . Seminnual Freshman Party honoring all girls interested in ioining club is given on October I5. . .According to tradition, club gives Christmas Party, with Miss Rowe and members of Standard Debating Society as guests. . . Club members welcome Miss Willie Mae Berry as new sponsor, who helped present annual spring play. . . Girls Public Speaking Club are guests of Standard Debating Society at spring meeting. . . Annual Spring Banquet terminates year's activities. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Cecelia Rasansky, Lois Schuman, Judy Wyll, June Goldberg, Freido Benson, Thelma Romotsky, Anita Weil, Shirley Grabstald, Betty Segal. Second Row: Dorothy Angrist, Selma Sagel, .Io Ann Ruben- stein, Eleanor Bushman, Nancy Walton, Yvonne Smith, Wanda Jackson, Beatrice Marcus, Shirleye Somer, Norma Haley, Catherine Vines, Wanda Orrill, Vunita Stribling. Third Row: Ruth Silvergald, Jane Phillips, Ruth Agranotf, Arlyn Horowitz, Betty Tapper, Minnette Utoy, Sylvia Goidl, Marilyn Rude, Eva Schnitzer, Marilyn Blatt, Suretta Love, Jean Taylor. Fourth Row: Georgia Petty, Frieda Lutz, Marion Goldman, Bette Davis, Miss Willie Mae Berry, Blanche Kassed, Bar- bara Beiben, Joy Wilensky, Geraldine Waters, Fannie Rae Fair, Mary Smith. NOT IN PICTURE Benito Ablin, Doris Barish, Virginia Gilliland, Melba Little, Helen Rachofsky, Doris Rolfman, Latrice Smith, Betty Tapper, Betty Wallace, Violet Young, Myrna Zapruder. Page Iiigbly-uiiw OFFICERS MISS MABEL SHAW, Sponsor Fall Semester JIMMIE SIMMONS, President MYRA JEAN HAYES, Vice-President EDNA OAKLEY, Secretary JEAN SMITH, Treasurer WANDA ORRILL, Parliamentarian MILDRED BECK, Sergeant-at-Arms MARY HANEY, Student Council Representative DOROTHY GILLETT, Echo Reporter Spring Semester JEAN SMITH, President LAVERNE MISENHEIMER, Vice-President MARY HANEY, Secretary DOROTHY SPARKS, Treasurer JIMMIE SIMMONS, Parliamentarian JOYCE PRIMROSE, Sergeant-at-Arms BARBARA WICKLIFFE, Student Council Representative LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Wanda Orrill, Myra Jean Hayes, Edna Oakley, Mildred Beck, Mary Haney, Jimmie Simmons, Jean Smith, Dorothy Gillett, Dollie Pat Smith. Second Row: Vunita Stribling, Dorothy Sparks, Frances Hulmc, Bobbie Farrington, Laverne Misenheimer, Betty Childress, Barbara Lorenz, Joy Howlett, Barbara Wickliffe. Third Row: Helen Hale, Georgia Petty, Margie Wheeler, Joyce Primrose, Edna Jean Smith, Billie Jean Wells, Peggy Hinson, Virginia Miller, Y-Teens The Y-Teens are younger members of Y.W. C. A., who hold their meetings every other Tuesday in school building. . . Their purpose is: "Face life squarely, find and give the best to promote better feeling among peoples of world." . . Y-Teen dances are given at down- town hadquarters every other Saturday night. . . . Members are eligible to wear Y-Teen letter jackets. . . Holds membership drive every year, and raises membership of Club from twelve to fifty. . . Participates in formal Valentine's Dance, February 15. . . Y-Teen Club name for- merly Girl Reserves. Fourth Row: Miss Mabel Shaw, Pauline Dillon, Dorothy Bar- bazon, Nan Humphrey, Jodie LeDoux, Anniece Davidson, Patsy Hinson, Louise Yarborough, Bobbie Joyce Tucker, Rosa Hart. NOT IN PICTURE Ellen Thurmond, Barbara Glisson, Gloria Smith, Alice Dennis, Doris Killough, Chloe, Mountz, Anna Driggers, Marlene Belsky, Anneice Davidson, Mildred Moses, Pauline Servello, Peggy Stephenson, Bessie Williams, Mina Evans, Mary Lou Dalton, Mary Lou Statom, Georgia Flanagan, Adeline Elam, Joann Schenkel. Pilga' Nillflj' I I Kitchen Clowns OFFICERS MISS WILLIE MAE "CHEF'S COOK" BERRY, Sponsor SAMMY "CHOCOLATE PUDDIN HEAD" COWAN, President EDWIN "ROAST TURNIP NOSE" GERLOFF, Vice-President HAROLD "BEET CHEEK" HARRIS, Secretary FRED "STRlNG BEAN" HANCOCK, Treasurer R. A, "COOKED GOOSE" HUGHES, Sergeant-at-Arms BILL "HAM BONE" JONES, Parliamentarian JIMMY HSHORTENIN' BREAD" TERRIL, Echo Reporter LEFT TO RIGHT "Oh-h-hy ugh!" Such groans and grunts are heard from Miss Willie Mae Berry's H. E. class, as boys are forced to eat recipes given by Miss Berry. . . Well, they don't really eat recipes, because they need them to tell what to put in the pot. . . But they eat results of the recipes. . . This is the only H.E. class for boys in Dallas, and it is very popular. . . Many things besides cooking are taught, such as house planning, family relationship, how to get along with others, and rules of etiquette. Third Row: Richard Winters, Robert Willis, Edwin Gerlolf, Joe First Row: Harold Harris, Billy Rogers, Paul Cruse, Sammy Wayne Combs, Fred Craddock, Billy Joe Love, Raphael Cowan, Charles Conner, Gary Endsley, Ben Woodside, Levin. Thomas Hutson, Bobby Lee Cadenhead. Fourth Row: Billy Murphy, Eddie Lawton, Miss Willie Mae Second Row: Jimmy James, Bill Jones, Jimmy Terrell, Dave Berry, R. A, Hughes, Fred Hancock, Gene Epstein, Paul Edwards, .lack Beavers, George West, Jack Daniel. Bozarth, Billy Harrison. 1'.i,igi' Ninul iM imp Hi-Y Club OFFICERS MR. W. H. BUTLER, Sponsor Fall Semester GEORGE VRLA, President JAMES CAMERON, Vice-President ROBERT FAULK, Secretary and Treasurer HUBERT CONNER, Sergeant-at-Arms ROBERT WILLIS, Parliamentarian DREWERY COWLING, Student Council Representative Spring Semester ROBERT FAULK, President CHARLES SCHWARZ, Vice-President HUBERT CONNER, Secretary and Treasurer JAMES CAMERON, Sergeant-at-Arms CARL BOND, Student Council Representative LEFT TO RIGHT Purpose of Hi-Y Club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout school and community high standards of Christian character. . . Any boy of good moral character is eligible for membership. . . Meetings are held every Wednesday afternoon under sponsorship of W. H. Butler. . . Members enioy many benefits offered by Y.M. C. A., with which Club is affili- ated. . . Delegates are sent to State Older Boys' Conferences in fall and spring. . . Psalms, sentence prayers are read at each meeting. . . . Clubs activities are arranged to emphasize spirit of loyalty to school and church. NOT IN PICTURE First Row: Marvin Burns, Charles Schwartz, J. W. Wilkinson Paul Black, Charles Boone, Carl Ray Bond, William Bond, Joe Jene Laman, James Teel. Second Row: James Cameron, Omar Hancock, Albert Fowler, Hubert Conner, Dick Macon. Third Row: Joe Williams Albert Scott Bill Mur h , , y p y, Robert Foulk, George Vrla, Drewery Cowling. Buckovan, E. B. Caraway, Milford Carpenter, Charles Conner, John Conner, Paul Cruse, Carl Dennis, Eugene Fuller, Stanley Green, Bobby Hopper, Bill Jones, Robert Jones, Harrell Kitchen, E. G. Mankins, Robert Parker, Johnny Schwarz, Billy Thomas, Jackie Wade, Sammy Warren, Murphy Webster, Robert Willis, Richard Winters. Pugr' Niuwl V 111 'ri OFFICERS MISS ALICE HARRINGTON, Sponsor Fall Semester FAYE McFARLAND, President MARGARET FARR, Vice-President MARION FULLER, Secretary GLORIA ROLLINS, Treasurer DORIS MILLER, Parliamentarian PEGGY BROOKS, Sergeant-at-Arms ROSE MARIE REED, Student Council Representative Spring Semester MARGARET FARR, President MARLENE BELSKY, Vice President NORMA HASSELL, Secretary NORMA THORPE, Treasurer LOUISE HIXSON, Parliamentarian JOYCE SEGUINE, Sergeant-at-Arms HELEN BALEJA, Student Council Representative LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Faye McFarland, Margaret Farr, Jeannine Jameson, Mary Louise McDonald, Gloria Rollins, Helen Swafford, Marion Fuller. Second Row: Miss Alice Harrington, Barbara Lorenz, Anita Petty, Nancy Hixson, Norma Hassell, Betty Cox, Patsy Vestonians Purpose of Vestonians is to interest girls in making better American women. . . Name is derived from "Vesta," Goddess of Hearth and Home. . . To do good, bring kindness and hap- piness into lives of others, and to excel in fields of industrial arts are the aims and ob- jectives. . . Club is open to limited number of Junior and Senior girls, not over twenty-five a term. . . Members accepted by two-thirds vote each semester. . . Programs are on making and caring for homes. . . Club colors are blue and white. Moore, Rose Marie Reed, Patsie Reed, Doris Miller. Third Row: Helen Baleia, Joyce Seguin, Louise Hixson, Peggy Peggie Brooks, Stephenson, Helen Hale, Dorothy Cleghorn, Anne Reilly. NOT IN PICTURE Marlene Belsky, Martha Bledshoe, Norma Thorpe. 'Z' Page N inciy-three OFFICERS S. S. HUTCHINSON, Sponsor Fall Semester MARTHA JO BLEDSOE, President BETTY JO COX, Vice-President HELEN SWAFFORD, Secretary JUNE GRACE, Treasurer JANE PHILLIPS, Parliamentarian PATSY MOORE, Sergeant-at-Arms Spring Semester MARTHA JO BLEDSOE, President BETTY JO COX, Vice-President HELEN SWAFFORD, Secretary JUNE GRACE, Treasurer JANE PHILLIPS, Parliamentarian PATSY MOORE, Sergeant-at-Arms RIGHT TO LEFT Allied Youth Members of Allied Youth stand for liberation through education of individual and society from handicaps of beverage alcohol. . . They do not drink alcoholic beverages. . . Allied Youth is needed not only for its activities in alcohol education, but also for the manner in which this program develops student leader- ship. . . First annual state convention held at Adolphus Hotel, February 22 and 23 of 1947. . . . The idea Allied Youth is built on is to help young people become physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually fit in their lives. Anna Lemustor, ,lane Phillips, Mr. S. S. Hutchinson. Fi:st Row: Hi-lr-n Hole, Murtlm Jo Bledsoe, Helen Swultord, Juno Grace. NOT IN PICTURE Second Row: Dorothy McDaniel, Anne Reilly, Putsy Moore, Betty Jo Cox. l'u,qc IYIIII1 I -fwfr Forest Forum OFFICERS Fall Semester MISS DOROTHY GERLACH, Sponsor KATHERINE KRIETER, President JACQUELYN BURKS, Vice-President JEANNENE BRIDGES, Secretary PATSIE CUMBIE, Treasurer KENNETH STURDIVANT, Sergeant-at-Arms Spring Semester MISS MARY DRAKE, Sponsor WANDA FISHER, President JEANNETTE BRIDGES, Vice-President ERNESTINE DENNIS, Secretary BETTY JONES, Treasurer KATHERINE KRIETER, Parliamentarian EDWARD KOLANOSKY, Forest Forum founded in T933 by Miss Dorothy Gerlach and pupils interested in current events. . . Membership is open to all Juniors and Seniors who have had two years of history. . . Main obiectives ot club are to discuss present day politics and world affairs, and to be democratic at all times. . . Programs consist ot debates, round-table discussions, quizzes, extemporaneous speeches, and pre- pared speeches. . .On December I3 club holds annual Christmas party in library. . . At close of year club gives annual picnic, May 16. . . On January 24, Miss Gerlach entertains with 5efge,,m-Qr-Arm5 party at her home. . . New sponsor is Miss JEANNENE SiUCleI'1l COUFICII Mary Drake. Representative X L ,f ewjil P47 f .f N 7 .f if - ff , -ki, LEFT TO RIGHT Third Row: Bcity Joan Barilrrm, Margaret Chow, Miss Dorotlry First Row: trarrcr-s Potts, Katherine Kreitcr, Patsy Curnbie, Geflucll- Robert Willis, Jacqueline Burlcs, Jeannene Bridges. NOT lN Plcll-lRE Second Row: June Hartwell, Bernice Tucker, Betty Jones, Wanda Fisher, Edward Kolonoslry, Patsre Moore, Minr-rva Frrrostirie Dennis, Jeanette Bridges, Billie Jean St. George. Robertson, Konrth Sturclrvrrnt, Batty Wallfrcc. lhrggr' .xllllflhi fir 1' Lettermen's Club OFFICERS COACH LEROY CRABTREE, Co-Sponsor COACH MILTON FREY, Co-Sponsor W. A. COOLEY, President BILLY PHILLIPS, Vice-President MURPHY WEBSTER, Secretary FRED TILLERY, Sergeant-at-Arms CHARLES CONNER, Treasurer Forest Avenue Lettermen's Club is reorgan- ized on October 25, 1946, for the first time since 1922, under sponsorship of Leroy Crab- tree, head football coach, and Milton Frey, head basketball coach. . . Purpose of Letter- men's Club is to encourage boys to participate in school sports, and to honor boys who are outstanding in various sports. . . Club has election of officers at first meeting. . . Boys lettering in sports are eligible to membership in club. . . Membership of Forest Avenue High School Lettermen's Club totals twenty-four. LEFT T0 RIGHT Johnny Swartz, Bennie Morgan, Tornmy Jones. First Row: Murphy Webster, D. H. Brooks, Paul Cruse, W. A. Third Row: Jimmy James, Harold Harris, Billy Murphy, Richard Cooley, Charles Conner, Billy Phillips, Joe Wayne Cornbs. Winters, Julian Braddock, Robert Beasley. Second Row:Chr1rles Masterson Jr., John Simmons, Fred Tillery, Fourth Row: Coach Leroy Crabtrees, Coach M. G, Frey. Pugi' Nnlwly-ii x Forest Secretarial Club OFFICERS MISS RUTH FETTERMAN, Sponsor Fall Semester MELVA JEAN KNIGHT, President DOROTHY MCDANIEL, Vice-President PATRICIA REINLE, Secretary ELEANOR BUSHMAN, Sergeant-at-Arms RUTH SILVERGOLD, Parliamentarian SELMA SAGEL, Student Council Representative SYBLE TURNER, Echo Reporter Spring Semester DOROTHY ANGRIST, President DORIS WILLIAMS, Vice-President SELMA SAGEL, Secretary VIRGINIA COOK, Treasurer MELVA JEAN KNIGHT, Parliamentarian HELEN GOLDSTEIN, Sergeant-at-Arms VIRGINIA THORNHILL, Student Council Representative LEFT TO RIGHT The Forest Secretarial Club was organized in 1946 by group of students, with Miss Ruth Fetterman as sponsor. . . Club meets on first and third Tuesdays of month. . . Anyone inter- ested in secretarial work may become member. . . . Purpose of club is to promote interest in business world and in study of secretarial subjects, to encourage a social spirit by offer- ing opportunities tor wholesome social contact, to become familiar with modern progressive business methods and systems, and thereby raise and maintain a high standard of training for business. . . Besides regular meetings of club at school, visits to business offices are arranged so that modern methods of business may be observed. Second Row: Anno Lemaster, Virginia Thornhill, Dorothy Cruse, Doris Williams, Dorothy Buckner, Peggy Fowler, Bonnie First Row: Katherine Kreiter, Melva Jean Knight, Eleanor Bush- Satterwhite. ni' n, Selma Sagel, Dorothy Angrist, Cecilia Baumgartner, Third Row: Dorothy McDaniel, Miss Ruth Fetterman, Norma Patricia Reinle. Jean Thorpe, Syble Turner, Virginia Cook. Page N incl y-.raven Concert Band A new thing at Forest this year is the concert band which has boomed into the spotlight of popularity by its swing and splendid presentation ot novelty numbers. They played for Brown, Colonial, Hassell, Lagow, Silberstein, and Terry grade schools, for Riley, Texas, and for Woodrow Wilson High School. The Dads Club also enioyed a wide variety of numbers presented on April 21. Girls in the concert band receive music credit, the boys in the band receive military credit. ln the band library are almost 500 pieces of music, including marches, modern and classical concert music, novelties, and swing arrangements. CLARINETS Greenberg, Marvin Walker, Jean BASS CLARINETS Juhlan, Paul Teel, James Oddo, Tommy Fuller, Kenneth BASSES Shipp, James Elkins, Harold Abramson, Clarence Parker, Robert Row, Olen Newell, Jack Black, Paul ALTO-SAXOPHONES HORNS Weisfeld, Danny Moore, William Berry, Maria Dance, Joyce Freedman, Nathan BARITONES Ball, Roland Ruclberg, Morton Solomon, Lawrence Barshop, Jerry Striegler, Martha Jo Bond, Ray Freedman, Arthur Elkins, Harold TENOR-SAXOPHONES Altman, Sigmund Skibell, Carl Smith, Claude Statman, Jerome Cooley, Jerry Scirratt, James Hall, Betty Jo Coley, Charles Godwin, Harold Kitchens, Harold Dunn, Loran Pilot, Sidney PERCUSSIONS Sigel, Marvin Claxon, David Jordan, Paul Kalntin, Jcrry OBOES TROMBONES BARITONE-SAXOPHONEE Ellis, Norman Scherzer, Billy Annes, Charles Benton, Robert Skibell, Carl Biesel, Robert Carraway, E. B, Gral, Jean Benjamin, Alfred Jones, Tommy Young, Kenneth Berry, Charlcye FLUTES Fuller, Eugene CORNETS Statom, Mary Lou Kirkham, Leroy Cearly, Ralph Soltes, Maury LEFT TO RIGHT man, Godwin, Smith, Friedman, Hancock, Coley, Fuller, Rowe, Oddo. First Row: Greenberg, Elkins, Abramson, Farr, Soltes, Ruben- Third Row: Altman, Dance, Skibell, Friedman, Benton Ben- stein, Edwards. iarnin, Fuller, Worden, Newell, Shipp, Col. Barton, Berry, Second Row: Black, Berry, Salomon, Rudberg, Scirratt, Stat- Sigel, Scherzer, Kalmin, Jordan, Pilot, Ellis. P.1,'gr Nlfzcly-riglrt A Cappella Selected music students of junior and senior standing comprise the A Capella choir, under the direction of Miss Louise Wilcox. A regular school period is the time for the assembling of this group. The chorus sings on many school and community programs. It presented a program to the Dads Club, December 8, and to the P. T. A., December ll. The group gave a special Christmas assembly to the school, December 29. A selected number from the chorus caroled through the halls on December 20. The A Capella choir sang with the band in "Follies of 'l947," March 28. The chorus and the school orchestra combined presented an assembly at Woodrow Wilson High School, April 10. The group participated with all other Dallas high schools in the annual city-wide Music Festival at Fair Park Auditorium, April 18. Much unknown talent of pupils is discovered and used in this choir. LEFT TO RIGHT Arlnbruster, Bobbie Farrington, Joan Turner, Sue Cardwell, Doris Muller, Louise l'llXSOlT, Kenneth Peach, Bobby Farrow, First Row: Yvonne Smith, Anita Jacob, Jeannine Jamieson Harvey lane, Jimmy James, James Thompson, Barbara Lorenz, Dorothy Haley, Sarah Skelton, Jane Third Row: Miss Louise Wilcox, Leon Everett, Billy Jacobs, Dan Phillips, Melva Little, Geraldine Waters, Wynell, Reynolds, James, Billy Ray McPealc, Ben Woodside, Pat Kelly, Jack Jeanie Waddell, Edwina Fitzgerald. Ogden, Joe Dossett, Eddie Hale, Harold Robertson, Charles Second Row: Emma Daisy Reed, Gloria Estelle Baise, Ida Milligan, Kenneth Fuller, Richard Macon. Pagr Nirfrl-1-rfivlf TXJOJKA Q: C, L , OVYI LEFT TO RIGHT Sue Beasley, Ann Ernest, Louisc Yarborough, Margaret First Row: Barbara Hallam, Joycc Barnard, Lois Samples, Alice FOV", DOVOLLIY Poole- Robinson, Barba Rita Harmon, Marilyn Miller, Paula Dell Third Row: Barbara Allen, Joyce Oliver, Aunita Yates, Marie Parrish, Nanell Julian, Iris Apple, Barbara Moore, Sally Shawhean, Norma Boyd, Mary Alice Eury, Betty Jean Eads, Ann Cole, Betty Bowles, Modena Patterson, Francis Jurcilc. Clarice Ellen Vaughn, Patricia Baker, Jeannette Ferguson, Second Row: Miss Louise Wilcox, Elzie Spain, Johnnie Butler, Betty Bierhalter, Betty Ray, Joan Crow, Joan Wells, Mina Editha Byers, Virginia Gilliland, lla Fay Rigsby, Dorthy Rue Evans, Joanne Woodside, Peggy Smith, Marcie Holt, Snow, Gloria McCulloclc, Betty Harvey, Barbara Hansen, Glenda Sue Ballard, Nancy Lou Burt, Nell Bannister, Peggy Georgene Moore, LaVerne Jones, Louise Shawhean, Wanda Cope, Adeline Elam, Jean Taylor, Joyce Smith, Lula Norfis, Chism, Billie Joyce Morris, Valliere Lindley, Nora Thomas, Mary Lou Dalton. Girls Chorus A most interesting phase of activities in Forest High is the Girls' Chorus, directed by Miss Louise Wilcox. Girls in chorus classes are taught many facts in the musical field, such as how to breathe, pronounce words, stand erect while singing. The Girls' Chorus had a special part on the Christmas assembly presented by the music department of Forest High on December 20. Several girls from the chorus took part in the City-Wide Solo and Ensemble Contest at Long Junior High, March 8. The group sang in the Music Festival for Dallas High Schools in Fair Park Auditorium, April 'l8. Although there is hard work in preparing for programs, there is also much fun. From the girls' choruses come members of A Capella. Miss Wilcox, an efficient director, spends much of her time in the special training of voices in the girls' chorus classes. Pagr' Om' I'Ium1rn1 LEFT TO RIGHT Third Row: Lemons, Childress, Boone, Robinson, Mims, Steele, Tolley, Greenhow, Choate, Loman. First Row: Watt, Rochofsky, Withrow, Love, Butts, Engelberg, Fourth Row: Goldberg, Cummings, Bouilund, Sinclair, Muculuso, Munkins, West, Sturdivont, Morris. Swofford, Cloy, Colvert, Sims, Drake, Rondull. Second Row: Hopper, Bartlett, Griggs, Plunlc, Goodwin, Horri- Fifth Row: Robinson, Pitts, Cummings, Purdy, Jones, Robnnson, son, Andrews, Young, Block, Dennis. Johnson, Belkun, Robinson. LEFT TO RIGHT Third Row: McDaniel, Rivers, Boone, Thorp, Heud, Kussed, First Row: Trammell, Lilly, Collins, Cumbie, Tucker, Sheets, Tosker. Sortoin, Bullock, Kirksey. Fourth Row: Bczrbozon, Emmett, Long, Beiben, Henry, Wilder, Second Row: Pratt, Bush, Eury, Miller, Shindoll, Shoy, Slocum, Bird, Lawrence. Lutz. palllff' Om' llllfrtlriuf Om' Forest Librarians Association OFFICERS MISS INA ROBERTS, Sponsor Fall Semester SYLVIA GOIDL, President JOY WILENSKY, Vice-President MARGARET ANN ALLISON, Secretary TOM BELKIN, Treasurer RUTH AGRANOFF, Parliamentarian ETHEL REISBERG, Student Council Representative Spring Semester RUTH AGRANOFF, President MARTHA ANN ADAMSON, Vice-President ETHEL REISBERG, Secretary ANN STOKES, Treasurer MARGARET HALL, Parlicimentarian JOYCE FULLER, Sergeant-at-Arms MARGARET ANN ALLISON, Student Purpose of Forest Librarians Club is to aid those who work in library in performing their duties more effectively. . . Is composed of group of students interested in library and its efficiency. . . Club is organized in September, 1946, under leadership of Miss Ina Roberts, Forest Librarian. . . Programs are given to instruct members in methods of operating library. . . Gives George Washington Party, February 22. . . Through club meetings and actual work in library, members perform valu- able service to students and school. . . Student librarians for special Texas Library are ap- pointed by Miss Bess Thatcher, sponsor of Texas History Club. . . Purpose is to encourage Council Representative LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Charles Clark, Torn Belken, Sylvia Goidl, Joy Wiletie sky, Margaret Ann Allison, Ruth Agranoft, Ethel Reisberg. Second Row: Martha Paxton, Jane Phillips, Helen McClure, Norma Hasselt, Kathleen Collins, Jacqueline Burks, Frances Kennedy Third Row: Martha Ann Adamson, Nancy Hixson, Wanda students' interest in Texiana. Fisher, Doris Williams, Cecelia Baumgartner, Ann Stokes, Billie Lou Ray. Fourth Row: Miss Ina Roberts, Marvin Schmidt, A. D. Kleinrnan, Jimmy West, Danny Weisteld, Joyce Fuller. NOT IN PICTURE rtrude Fair, Margaret Hall, Sandra Jacobson, Katherine George, Judith Steinhorn, Shirley Mae Somer. l'ugi'Of1i' Illii1.fri'i1 T110 Office Assistants Office Assistants in Mr. Whittlesey's office send call slips for students whom Mr. Whittlesey, Mrs. Jackson, and Mrs. Brown want to see, answer phone, file, and do other general office work. . . Three helpers are usually in office at each period. . . Occasionally helpers aid in typing, cutting stencils. . . Office helpers are always in upper bracket of their class, are honest and thoroughly efficient. Office ssistants are responsible, careful students who maintain good averages in their classwork. . . They are a great help in making the office run smoothly. . . . Their duties are many-check signatures on excuses, take up attendance slips, stamp cards for absences and tardiness, answer telephones, run errands, help return lost articles to losers, record absences in permanent book, type, make folders for files, assist in filling out absence sheets. . . Miss Meriwether chooses assistants at first of each term. . . Assistants are honored by dean, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Brady at a Christmas party on December 20. LEFT TO RIGHT Goss, Patsy Lowry. HFS' Row: Frieda Ann Benson, Thelma R0'llOl5lfYr EU'lUlU Third Row: Virginia Thornhill, Melvin Scliroth, Bonnie Sutter- Wheeler, Joan Wheeler, Odessa Roberts, Blanche Kassed, white, Polly Rogers, Jeanette Bridges, Martha Howell, Ruth Doris Barish, Anita Weil, Betty Wallace, Ruth Agranolf, Silvergold, June Hogg, Judy Wvll, June Goldberg. Norma Haley, Jeannene Bridges. Fourth Row: Katherine Kreiter, Melva Jean Knight, Mrs. Willie Second Row: Catherine Vines, Wanda Jackson, Eleanor Bush- H. Jackson, Mrs. Rilla M Brady, Margaret Childress, Faye man, Jo Ann Rubenstein, Marcia Rariden, Mary Jo Alex- Mcfailand, Mrs. Roxie Smith, Mrs. Emma Brown, Miss ander, Sylvia Goidl, Betty Segal, Jacquelyn Keith, Evelyn Sarah Meriwether. Pagu Om'I11milii'J Tbrrt Dads Club OFFICERS - DAN O. HULSE, President J. L. MALLOY, Vice President CProgramsJ W. E. WESCH, Vice-President lMembershipJ L. D. WHITTKOWER, Vice-President lFinance and Entertainmentj T. R. RAY, Vice-President lAthleticsJ L. H. SCHWETKE, Secretary-Treasurer J, T. WHITTLESEY, School Principal LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: William Ede, James T. Whitllesey, J. H. William E. Perry, William E. Wesch, D. O Huls Malloy, L. H. Schwetke, Ben F. Mims. Forest High Dads Club is arganization ot fathers of Forest students. . . Meetings are held to discuss ways by which dads can aid students. . . Some activities of club are spon- soring ot Friday night dances, giving dinner honoring all athletes, presenting magic show to raise money for band uniforms, and holding contest to build up membership of club, by means of queen's contest, giving a Bulova watch to the winner. . . Other long-range plans are made for bigger and better Forest High School. . . Regular meeting of Dads Club is held on third Monday night of every month in school auditorium. Second Row: H. O. Simmons, J. L. McCulloch, R C. Horn, George F. Schmidt, N. C. Collins, William Soltes, L. L. Cruse, Max Goldberg, Philip Segal. Third Row: A. Korngut, J J. Ellis, C, A. Paxton, R, P. Jones, L, L. Malone, C. E. Thrasher, W, E McCarter Wear, e, J. L. l't1,Lgl' Um' llumlrrif Four Parent-Teacher Association OFFICERS MRS. BEN MIMS, President MRS. LUCIEN HOLMES, Vice-President MRS. J. ARONOFF, Second Vice-President MRS. L. H. SCHWETKE, Third Vice-President MRS. NATHAN GOLDBERG, Fourth Vice President MRS. HOWARD MIMS, Fifth Vice-President MRS. H. H. DOYLE, Sixth Vice-President MRS. H. F. EMMETT, Seventh Vice-President MRS. M. BRAND, Recording Secretary MRS. MORRIS GOLDMAN, Treasurer MRS. JOHN P. WOOD, Corresponding Secretary MRS. A. SAGEL, Historian MRS. ALLEN REED, Parliamentarian LEFT TO RIGHT Parent-Teacher Association enjoys successful year with Mrs. Ben Mims as President, and assistance of officers and membership. . . Dedi cates their yearbook to "Peace." . . Parent' Teacher Association theme is "Building Firm Foundations." . . Guest speakers are principals of affiliated schools of Forest District. . . Some of activities of Association are giving two paid assemblies, presenting Forest Library with fine book, also presentng Art Department with print, giving S40 to Community Chest, giving S170 to lnfantile Paralysis Cause. . . Entertains graduating classes with theater parties. . . Parent-Teacher Association brings into closer relationship home, school, and community. Mrs. Henry I'. Emmett. Third Row: Mrs. Max P. Cohen, Mrs. Alvin Whatley, Mrs. Leon First Row: Mrs. L. H. Schwetke, Mrs. Morris Goldman, Mrs. Ruclberg, Mrs. Meyer Rachofsky, Mrs W. S. Harmon, Mrs. Howard Mims, Mrs Ben Mims, Mrs. J. R. Partington, Mrs. C, E. Smith, Allen Reed, Mrs. M. J. Brand. Fourth Row: Mus. J. J. Ellis, Mrs. Ted M. Solomon, Mrs. N. H. Second Row: Mrs. L. K. Lawrence, Miss Katie Shannon, Mrs. Goldberg, Mrs. M. Schnitzer, Mrs. R. N, Benton, Mrs. John Grady Millender, Mrs. H. H. Doyle, Mrs Sam Hoffman, P. Woods, Mrs. George Reed. Page One Humlnnl Fire LEFT TO RIGHT Murphy, Betty Jo Cox, Eleanor Bushman. Third Row: Selma Sogel, Dorothy Cleghorn, Johnny Swartz First Row: Joe Wayne Combs, Gene Pflug, Richard Winters, Helen Swafford, Kenith Sturdivont, Robert Willis. D. H. Brooks, Nels Hansen, Dorothy Pratt. Fourth Row: Don Hanes, Mr. Albert Johnston Jr., Robert Faulk, Second Row: Edward Hale, Dorothy Gillett, Tom Belken, Billy Paul Jordan. Echo Stalt FALL SEMESTER Dorothy Pratt . . Editor-in-Chief Richard Winters . . Managing Editor Nels Hansen, Jr. . . Associate Editor Gene Pflug . . Feature Editor Joe Combs . . Sports Editor D. H. Brooks . . Business Manager Dorothy Gillett . Exchange COLUMNISTS: Kenith Sturdivant, "Out of the Lion's Den", Billy Murphy, "In the Classrooms", Tom Belken, "Ye Poets Corner", Eleanor Bushman, "Club Chatter", Arlyn Horo- witz, "Senior Superlative", Johnny Swartz, "Sports Personalities", Betty Jo Cox and Helen Swafford, "With the Exes", Robert Faulk, "Battalion Bullet." Pugi' Om' Ilurnlriwl Siv LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Doris Mae Miller, Oma Faye McFarland, Samuel Coy Cowan, Julian Cleveland Braddock, Wilma Jeanne Miller, Gloria Rollins, Catherine Vines, Bill Miller, Lois Dell Hilton, Billy McRight. Second Row: Bobby Ray Farrow, Marion Fuller, Arlyn Horo- witz, Bobbie Hall, Bettye Wallace, Betty Jo Cox, Eleanor Bushman, Selma Sagel, Nancy Hixson, Dorothy Angrist. Third Row: Albert S. Johnston Jr., Sam Andrews, L. B. Holmes, Echo Patsy Moore, Martha Jo Bledsoe, Helen Swafford, Ruth Agranolf, E. G. Mankins, Harold Harris. Fourth Row: Bobbie Farrington, Joyce Wilder, lva Lee Carter, Virginia Thornhill, Patsie Greene, Helen Hale, Annu Le- master, Hazel Anne Reilly, June Hartwell, Mildred Jean Brothers. Fifth Row: Dorthy Snow, Betty Hart, Myra Hayes, Pauline Dillon, Dorothy Borbazon, Dorothy Cleghorn, Billie La, Master, Jerry Marshall, Fred Hancoclr, Louise Shawhean. Stott SPRING SEMESTER Gloria Rollins Catherine Vines . Faye McFarland . Julian Braddock . Billy Miller . . Doris Miller . Sammy Cowan . Lois Dell Hilton . Billy McRight . Selma Sagel . . . Wilma Jean Miller . Albert Johnston, Jr. . COLUMNISTS: . . . . Editor-in-Chief . News Editor . Feature Editor . . . . Sports Editor . Assistant News Editor . Assistant Feature Editor . Assistant Sports Editor Circulation Manager Business Manager . . . Art Editor ,. Exchange Sponsor Eleanor Bushman, "Out of the Lion's Den", Bobbie Jean Hall, "ln the Class- room", Sam Andrews, "Poet's Corner", Anita Petty,"'Club Chatter", Nancy Hixson, "Senior Superlatives", L. B. Holmes, "Sports Personalities", Harold Harriss, "Battalion Bullet." Pugr Om' Hl1m1ruJSi'1'i'n I qdluilv is-at 3 TURNER JAMESON SIMMONS ROWE BENSON SCHNITZER STOKES MILLER VATSURES LORENZ SCHWARZ SCHUMAN HOGG YATES FELDER MCMANUS JOAN TURNER JUDY WYLL JUNE HOGG OLEN ROWE Editor-in-Chief JUNE GOLDBERG Features Editor Business Manager Typists PETE VATSURES Jo ANN RUBENSTEIN CHARLF5 SCHWARZ Ari Editor JEANNLNE JAMESON THELMA ROMOTSKY AdVef"S'n9 Manage' Assistant Editor Editorial Assistants Lois SCHUMAN EVA SCHNITZER Assistant Business Manager EREIDA BENSON BARBARA LORENZ BLISS MCMANUS Senior Editors Activities Editor Art Adviser H, B, YATES Business Adviser VUNITA STRIBLING BILL STOKES JIMMIE SIMMONS LOIS SCHUMAN BLLL MILLER Office Manager ANNE GEM FELDER JOAN SWIFT Sports Editor UTEVUVY Adviser Page Om' lfllllxllfll lfigbl Forester Stal? You've seen us dashing madly around school getting write-ups, collecting subscriptions, and selling advertisements, with the thought that the deadline was iust ahead. We wrote, typed, read, and re-wrote copy. We came to school early and stayed late trying to beat that deadline. We were always misplacing things, and we nearly turned grey trying to find them, but we loved every minute of it! In the beginning, this was MY BOOK . . . in the meantime, it was YOUR BOOK . . . in the end, it is YOUR BOOK . . . This is the end. I wish to thank the following persons for their co-operation in editing the 'I947 Forester: our advisers, Miss Annie Gem ii I Felder, Mr. H. B. Yates, and Miss Bliss McManus, Mr. Harry B' Crenshaw of Southwestern Engraving Company, Irving at Wilkinson Printnig Company, Mrs. White of Sears-Roebuck iv . . . 1 11 Photography Studio, and our photographer, Mr. Krzer. I -Ii 1 Annually yours, . tr.,...1,. JOAN TURNER, Editor, 1947 Forester LEFT TO RIGHT Third Row: Suretta Love, Bull Stokes, Shirlyr: Mac Somcr, Frieda First Row: Wanda Jackson, Olen Rowe, Martha Paxton, Charles Arm Benson, Thelma Romotslqy, Barbara Wicklifle, Barbara Schwartz, Peter Vatsures, Jimmie Simmons, Joan Turner, Lorenz, JLH16 HOQQ, Jeannine Jameson. Fourth Row: Bill Miller, Jerome Statman, Omar Hancock. Second Row: Bobby Hopper, Charles Boone, Carol Spigel, NOT IN PICTURE Bemnce MUVCUS EVU SCIWITZQVI LOIS SCITUFUUY1, EIBOYTOI' Sylvia Goidl, June Goldberg, Eugene Goldgar, Betty Seqal, BU5llmfm' JO Ann RUPQPSWIW- Vunita Stribling, Joan Swilt, Joy Wilonslcy, Judy Wyll. Page Om: Humlml Nine WMM X .. Q 7 ' , Q, .V,V 'Qi f A "7-',L4' r 1 My pf,-n .3 , e MFQ' f f x fm .1 ' .F V :A . Y: t vpn Forester L Favorites My ff' 6 MQ ' .- 1 s MQ M f Q2 January '47 Class Play "You Can't Take It With You" Directed by Mrs Juanita Stringer C A S T Tony Kirby, attractive and rich, in love with Alice . . . Alice Sycamore, young and pretty, loyal to her family ....... Mrs. Sycamore, writes plays because a typewriter was delivered to her house Mr. Kirby, accumulated a fortune along with orchids and stomach ulcers . . Rheba, the colored maid ................ Donald. her boy friend, brings flies for grandpa's snakes . . . Grandpa, who doesn't believe in income tax, quit earning money . . Mr. Sycamore, stays at home to make fire crackers instead of working . Mrs. Kirby, turns to spiritualism to expres her emotions ...... Essie, a dumb but happy dancer ........ Ed, came to dinner one night and stayed ..... Dr De Penn, delivered milk to the Sycamores and stayed . Boris Kolenkhove, a mad Russian dancing teacher . . . Gay Wellington, slightly intoxicated "has been" actress . IhrgvO:1.'IInu.1rrtl Iizlanlrul . Kenith Sturdivent . Juanita Kirby . . Anita Jacob . Ben Woodside Jeannine Sancedio . . . Eddie Hale . Dave Edward . . Melton Tella . Yvonne Rivers Rosemary Packenius . . Gene Pflug Lawrence Atwood . . Oliver Bound . . Betty McCarty June '47 Class Play Jumping Jewels Directed by Mrs. Juanita stranger CAST Alon Scott, proprietor of House-in-the-Hollow . . . Mrs. Ethel Scott, his helpful ond understanding wife . Lucy, their young ond pretty doughter ..... Mr. Griswold, weolthy ond contonkerous neighbor . . Diono Griswold, his doughter ond Lucy's best friend . . Ritchie Griswold, Diono's brother, in love with Lucy ...... Burt Stacey, o boorder ot the House-in-the-Hollow, in love with Diono . . Fonny, moid ot House-in-the-Hollow ........... Pot O'Leory, her persistont boy friend . . . Stanley Costle, o swindle, deols in pictures . . Lindo, ontique deoler ....... Mrs. Porsons, the iewel thief . . . . Bill Jones . Normo Jones . Mortho Howell . Myron Schwift . Joon Turner . Sommy Cowon Done Gene Hoynes . Morvel Hutson Jomes Comeron E. G. Monkins . Normo Potzig Eleonor Bushmon I'u,qr Om' IIIHIJWJ l'iIffl'1'll In "The Farmer's Daughter" crafty Lawrence Atwood persuades pretty Pat- sy Greene to marry him and run away to the city. LK 2 5 Rheba and Donald watch as Mrs. Sycamore works on No, don't get excitedg nothing's one of her innumerable plays in "You Can't Take lt wrong. lt's just two of Mrs. Stringer's With You." make-up students. The Play's The Thing Our Speech Department under the direction of Mrs. Juanita Hill Stringer is one of the finest in the city. Classes are offered in stage fundamentals, diction, after-dinner speaking, radio, make-up, and drama. The students are given an opportunity to practice the things they learn in class on assembly programs, in one- act plays, on radio programs, and various community programs. One of the plays was an old-fashioned melodrama, "THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER," was given on the first paid assembly of the year. The play was complete, with a villain, LAWRENCE ATWOOD, an innocent country girl, PATSY GREENE, and a hero, NODINE SWIFT. Others in the cast were THOMAS HUTSON as Paw McDougal, NORMA MURPHY as Maw McDougal, and BOBBIE COLLINS as Annie McDougal. Be- tween scenes, ANITA JACOB, in "gay Nineties" costume, sang "The Man on the Flying Trapeze." "THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER" was presented also before the Dad's Club. Pay Um' Illu1JmlSixlrrfz vember I2 JULIAN BRADDOCK, as the principal in "A DAY IN A PRINCIPALS OFFICE", which was presented during Educa- tion Week, showed the problems with which a principal is confronted daily. Taking the parts of indignant mothers, unruly student, and unco-operative teachers were GLORIA ROLLINS, TERESA KESSNER, RAPHAIEL LEVIN, SAMMY COWAN, JOAN TURNER, and VIRGINIA VODICKA. A brilliant and handsome young scientist and a crafty, but pretty, newspaper reporter are the chief characters in "HOLD EVERYTHING", which was presented to the student body December 12. These characters were played by NODINE SWIFT and JANE PHILLIPS. The Speech Department sent JOAN TURNER, MARTHA HOWELL, MARVEL HUTSON, GERALDINE WATERS, JANE PHILLIPS, SAMMY COWAN, FRED ROGERS, and MRS. STRINGER to the lnterscholastic League State One-Act Play Wordshop at T.S.C.W. in Denton, on March I. The State One-Act Play Contest was discussed and suggestions were given as to the type of plays to be given. "PlPES OF DUNBAR," one-act play, was presented over W.F.A.A. on March 15. It was taken from the story of the life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, during the time she was held prisoner by her cousin, Queen Elizabeth, at Sheffield Castle, in England. JANE PHILLIPS played Mary Stuart, JACK HERRING, the Earl of Shrewsbury, MORTON RACHOFSKY, Earl of Leicester, DONALD WITT, Lord Bothwell, KEN- NETH PEACH, the guard. Carollers in the play were JOAN TURNER, MARTHA HOWELL, GERALDINE WATERS, MARGARET FARR, KENNETH PEACH, STANLEY GREEN, BILLY McRIGHT, and BILLY JACK SAUCIER. "PIPES OF DUNBAR" was our entry in the lnterscholastic League One-Act Play Contest at Woodrow Wilson High School on April IO. JANE PHILLIPS was iudged the best actress in the all-city contest. Many students gain such valuable training in the Speech Department that they gain a foothold in the professional field. One of these students is JOAN TURNER, who is centering her attention on the field of radio. She has the ingenue role on the Saturday morning Candy Kids program and plays many other "fill-in" shows. Piigr Our llumfrril Surrnlrmx Freida Benson leads her original Jan uary Class song, "I'lI Always Remem ber," on Senior Day, January 20 Gene Pflug shows off his dancing ability with his version of a "c ty s er" in "The Farmer's Daughter N Peter Vatsures, Harold Tucker, and Helen Gambrell, winners of the Regional Army Recruiting Service Poster Contest, receive their awards. Who's Who in Arts ancl Sciences Forest students have been especially outstanding this year in scholastic attainments. We can all be very proud of our art department for their wonderful work. To Mrs. McManus, their able teacher, belongs much of the credit for their success. Some of the contests won by that department are as follows: IU The REGIONAL ARMY RECRUITING SERVICE POSTER CONTEST was won by our outstanding artist of the year, PETER VATSURES. Not to be left behind, HAROLD TUCKER took second place, and HELEN GAMBRELL, third. Q21 PETER VATSURES again came in first in the SCHOLASTIC MAGAZINE REGIONAL CONTEST. One hundred dollars, two keys, and four honorable mentions were his awards. Altogether he was given six certificates of merit. ALTA FLANAGAN received two keys and three certificates of merit, HARVEY LANE, one key and one certificate, HELEN GAMBRELL, one key and one certificate, and HAROLD TUCKER, one certificate. PETER VATSURES also won one-hundred dollars as first prize in the STATE SCHOLASTIC MAGAZINE CONTEST, ALTA FLANAGAN, twenty-five dollars as third prize. BOBBY JOYCE TUCGER received honor- able mention. C31 All the first places in the NATIONAL BOEHLA GREETING CARD CONTEST were won by Forest students. Two certificates were awarded PETER VATSURES and one each to ALTA FLANAGAN and BOBBY JOYCE TUCKER. C41 Forest artists won the second and third places in the SYMPHONY CONTEST. These winners were PETER VATSURES and VERA HIGGINS. Q51 The Junior Allied Art Competition brought many Foresters glory. PETER VATSURES came in first with two prizes, and HARVEY LANE received one. The pictures of the following students were hung: PETER VATSURES, four pictures, HARVEY LANE, three, ALTA FLANAGAN, two, HELEN GAMBRELL, two, GEORGE MCMILLEN, one, and MARVIN SIGEL, one. Thirteen paintings of the twenty-three hung were by Forest students. In music, Miss Louise WiIcox's pupils won honors in the CITY-WIDE SOLO CONTEST. DORIS MILLER, pianist, JOAN TURNER and IDA ARMBRUSTER, soloists, emerged victorious with first places. Coming in second were CLEMMIE PONTLEY, EMMA DAISY REED, MINA RUE EVAN, VELLEEN DULA, and IRIS APPLE. Forest had other outstanding students in the field of Arts and Sciences. Superior! That was the rating given O. H. HAVEMAN in an examination for a Navy scholarship. Page One H1mn'rr'rl Eighteen Among Forest participants in the twenty-first NATIONAL STUDENT CONTEST FOR HIGH SCHOOLS, sponsored by the American Association for the United Nations, Inc., directed in Forest by Miss Mary Drake, CHARLES ANNES won first place, and MAURY SOLTES won second place. These boys, we hope, will surely receive recognition in the national contest. This year in the INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE READY WRITERS CONTEST, PETER VATSURES wrote his way to first place, and ELEANOR BUSHMAN, second. In the All-City contest, Peter won third place. HAROLD MELNICK came in third in the HIGH SCHOOL FIRE PREVENTION ALL-CITY ESSAY CON- TEST. Good work, Harold! JANE PHILLIPS was judged the outstanding actress in the INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE ONE-ACT PLAY CONTEST between all the high schools of Dallas. Jane played the part of Mary Stuart in THE PIPES OF DUNBAR, directed by MRS. JUANITA STRINGER. Our play took fifthp lace. THELMA ROMOTSKY and JOSEPH KLIBANOW tied with Adamson for second place in the city wide INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE SPELLING CONTEST. We can't leave out our T946 winners who were too late for the '46 Forester. One of our most talented graduates of '46. NORWIN GENE RAY, won first place in Dallas and second in the whole state of Texas in the 1946 READY WRITERS CONTEST, and ALVIS APOY and RUTH LEWIN won first place in the INTERSCHOLASTIC SPELLING CONTEST. l. Vitamins Plus Attention, fellow students of Forest Avenue High School! Health is a subiect important to everyone. Students of Forest are coming to realize more fully the importance of good health, and are studying harder from day to day to improve their health, for they reaiize that with health comes happiness. The Dallas County Medical Society co-operated with the Dallas Board of Education in presenting a program of lectures to the students, with various members of the Society delivering lectures to the students on health topics. On October 24 a movie, "This is TB.," was shown to all the gym and health classes. One of these lectures was given on October 30 by Dr. Frank Carman, who spoke to the 2B and 2A classes on the T. B. skin test and early diagnosis, and stressed that tuberculosis can be cured if found and treated in its early stages, November 5 the T. B. skin tests were given to 158 Sophomore students, and on Novem- ber 7 the skin tests were checked, 'I9 showing positive reactions. On November 6 and I3 Dr. Rucker gave two lectures to the Junior girls on personal feminine hygiene, while on December 4 Dr. John Chapman gave a talk to the Juniors on tuberculosis. Then on February I9 Dr. Sparkman spoke on appendicitis, saying that it is more common in the age group of ten to thirty years than in any other age group. He explained the symptoms and showed both a normal and a dis- eased appendix. On February 26 Dr. Montgomery talked to the students on surgical infections. On March 6 Dr. Horace Duncan examined the boys going out for golf, tennis, baseball, and track to see if they had any physical defects to prevent their participating in athletics. On March I2 Dr. Felix Butte spoke on injuries to the arms and legs, on burns, lacerations, and fractures, on March I9 Dr. Patterson spoke on iniuries to the head. The last in the series of lectures were given by Dr. Moore, on April 2 and 9 about children's diseases. Students ot Forest are doing their best to promote good health. Even in classes they study different health subiects. Seniors study communicable diseases and home nursing. They learn to recognize and apply simple rules in combating common diseases and to care for the sick. Juniors learn to administer first aid to those who have had accidents. Sophomores study physiology and learn about the organs of the body and how to keep them in good working conditin. Freshmen study general health principles and learn to build up body resistance against harmful germs. Page One llumlml N inetcen post 'Ya brother Kenneth, who needs ll m'd'ln:00'x:w5 l V! v . ii . l .I .QA SSW f sy, xl ' 5: all f' . . l ...xt . o ........,...........,,.,..... MM, ....,..... Seniors Will Receive Diplomas January 23 Ebfoharian .Dano2lHaho?2l l Pfmfll l 55 Gffldfwffs Will End Wdlton as Dads' Qul A 0 A coronation crown of the Dads' Club Quee mn, was held in the school auditorium Decemb was eacortm-d tu the stage by Mr. Don llulair. pr Dads' Club, and the princessesfhy their aseorm. Mr. W. E. Pm-ry, chairman uf the program, luzrodm Mr. James T. Whllllney, principal oi Faust Aventis ilrf Whlnlauy :puke on has exparianae to hnmllluu TA The quam was crowmd by Mr. Hulse, and pruamsd vi 61 Lions Make 'A' Honor Roll O 'hu aaoond :lx walls brought. more good grades: Glu:-don, KN nmulnr on the "M honor roll lu- mud. , 'Phono lxav'ln:,allfA'a or an A aval-an ara: uh: Pmy Holt. Bllly Joe Love. k 481: Mlfihl ABB Mlliwe iharlcn Annan. Cnllln Blllllff' ur, Jonah Goodman. 0. R. Kan- xun. umm Hawaii, Nwww Kaplan. Maha Jun Khitilh PM-'Y nom. from awww. had Bild. Buch Salvo-fzvld. -limmh sin-nom. Juwh' Swv' . MW' wal xmmlm Kr-mf. srbl' mmf. comme vim. 8A'a: Num. , - Bra: Sylvia Cowl. June Gold- agg, Joaanim Jansen, Kaur! gsm., sm-lq Sslilrsan. '-Nil' . Lilllsk Mghllrxl D919 Q- y 'gg FWHM, HB1 Wdwidl.. horns ROVINW- ifu llnrnm Allison. lnrllh Goldman, lin-sm!! Grimm. WU!! lgglunn, Bhnsho Kanltd. 1104240 he Kaith, lavsrns ilnisbl. Slim!! Fnlda Lou. Bmw Bw' mi, mm. Bowls, mmm K gg-ug, :anim Tanpldm. Salam? lewd Bulova wrist priuass was as Nltaib llfu. 'Pho dill! vin 1. :MV ...wane School Careers at Zlflid-Term t In their last high school ceremony, 55 graduating seniors of Fore-at Avenue High School will walk across the stain of their Alma Mater Thursday uighl. January 23. to rwalvaihelr high school diplomas. Fllmnxink a weak ol' senior activities the exercises will laagin I! aixip. cfelock wlllx Ravenna Odell Janfessm, puwr nf Forest Avena Brqibist Church, giving the invocation. . illz. Dum Rogers, chairman of Qf Efivxmloa, will presume the dlp- lomas Yrleda Ramon will give 'll eration on 'Swimt Philoso- fphyff Billy Phimns. nreaidam. of til 4A class. will make allen :pe-nb ami intro-tum the in odious :mi f-he :unc Reverend Timothy W. of uw anim' activities that gone our wlmh auc- The Smicr Prom was held Satsltdlal' Dish! and Smlot D17 'll :usually- Othar yrtgrachsatioa activities to help kan IN union buy ara libs Plan-lmalilie 881914: Q0 it the Rulen Committee of thy Baud iilillgss' Echo Award 0 Joe Combs, for thu pax! outstanding had at Forde Anna Bam-lat Churehlauuaryiiaxxdabmqaat htlhir xlxanennlglxtas int! mag xs mil wwe titles Tlm. souls l-ln at-vnu of Scotch Yami: Eve vitlu WI Will Hin Sill 'Hilti of Wham vu hooking 55947 Echo Sweethearts pun qt plrllllslnhdln at the graduating alum. Ilaidliionullrrwlarxbool wri:.Dovocn1mdnal,.g.Banrls ttznmruv. Amarlaamuyhs Veritas me fastball. Emory. and "Bula ma Bonsai' hs Ania Shaw. Sho una to brat fron John lie-my Baum fkuamar School. J An all-around 'Rand gurl' ll the usual 5373550 M Gym Ping, chaarlndsr for tum eo:- nawlhrg karma. Brown lxalr and an mama- wsu, ll wanollw W. mnallty combine you xaaka Gene a doom-ving Ecko Svrnthlart. Gem hu been out tor track two years and lu.: bean manager of me baseball mm fontwo yur: also. Hu hu a mania for loud clothes, and answer: tothe strange nickname. of "Flux," At prauml Gene la vlwmrni- dent. ofyha Erbduawlg class, and is fealurn ndltm' of the Echo. Ro uapmmemwmmvallu lliscorlcal Soelaty and the Hi-Y Club. His favorlua 'axe journal- lsm and tap-danclog. Gem also lynn. lackif WHEN l . xml mlm,-no vm. in n. cm- : Sf 'pjanhs Umm and Geac nu , 'udwhllll Bells Bvnihtlfll of M l ml is ww NM DNN' M 171 SNK t l H M ww 15156 u,"Dn Gam' is a mem- hr of th Tun Shim? 5505595 cm llama-. .M is mmm .am-of ao moo. sm mmm 1' Q a Dansk! fl new ' Q Q a 5 fs? S 1 e nr Q Cane Pill! I k Q Q R Q . . hails from tha Tho wlmww compulsion in lxaaru elbetiuh and Paul Cruso. . Brovn School. were given mf! crm Boho Sweet- BY 3053303 Collins runmrs-up. nam boxes of and spiced ak, for Yann. New they sms owne they amos mln- their lions' Winning Qoogam oakland beginning of a homo amply handed lr a lawn' tonga, on nu. it sm ml toons you ln afbe anna. mmm mg, and data ter the new In lallugxad fkuaial we can year in mom: countries har an ating of on banked Pro-my ,M Ala the Biddle and England alma for ll is about midnight. 'holrl ul N96 dm dam until Hill. In whoa yu arrive. Wm kg, gg ,Mg countries which use the Salim Italy: ulcbr'-lon oeaxhwan ua. 'rqgg calendar, Jam!-ry 18 is nlnarvmi. til 12 day: al Q-. ,N- An wr male plane makes plana to memamslwballewlmn of M countries vn begin tonalmqtbenlehm-ion otrlsin- varies. all ,pinion Um' lx-at any in China. when sho alum-aillon lam he new-ul in and given the appearance ot all 1-M bollfitil in UN fd! hah. ing cdshwml nt ones. Than are Armorial, fum, and an oxelmnn ol' gms and nod wishes. Tha!-a la also muh preparation whisk mme prasada thiioceulon, xv. try 'Kyla num be paid, awry house mwqsk :md eleanid, awry. one mlm have holiday closing and al supply el! presarvd frull-s. ein- dies and ornamental Pllfkllil Q! tan to kin to His acquaintances. 'flu alobratlun of Nong Yeofs Day in Japan ls thu iawforilo at all colabrazious. This ls. every- qnfn birthday. ' Dhllrh-an are em- mldored no be cms you old when ,thy are born and at the heilnn mug of a new year eval-yone adds l year to his age, The prep!-fig tlrm for this holiday is much like that of the Chinese. This is 1 Bonn cleaning, all debts are paid, food prepared for guests and for me Amity, and there arg nw clolllas for everyone, no matter hmv pour hs TMY bn. Landing -in Scnzhlnd we ind that the tradliion of "fxrs!-iw!" zmmLf,mQ:! last? Frau, func. 'Haven hs Will her Jack Benn his eaplalsfs agony. Thu hnanclxl mnuagsr, D. H. Brooks. Leaves Billy Helkiglll to imlance the books. ' l L14 VL x AL RA '- Second January 1230.330 Wdlwidly. January 23 Sixth period-9:l5-1l:18: 30'- entla pfriodwl:00-3:00. . . ff fitiaf, xt .F fsidit Annual Editor, Joan Turner, taking time oft for horseback riding... Don't forget the tip, boys-Marvin Segal, Freddie Time, and Sol Drabies...Watch your balance, Charles Boone. . .The Harry James of Forest, David Edwards...Lights, camera, action. The Visual Education Department.. .Dancing at the Band Christmas Banquet were Jerry Kalmin and Helen Rachofslcy. . . Getting ready for that Sunday drive. Hurry up, Lions, or you'll miss the streetcar...Everybody wants in the picture, Harold Harris and Edwin Gerloff. IX, 3, Kim llnmffttf llilli HM ml Our well-known football coach, Mr. Crabtree.. . Betty Randolph and Odessa Roberts, Maury Lazor, Eugene Harvey and Jerry Lansberg taking time out from their Detention Hall duties. . . Our Harwood and Grand boy, Freddie Time. . .The Forest beauties, JoAnn Rubeinstein and Judy Wyll. . . You surely look happy, Jo Ann Cashion. What's up? . . . Martha Howell has not only brains, but also beauty. . . Ah, come on and let him up, Robert Jones. . . Watch out, Sigmund Altman, Joan Levy and Beatrice Marcus nearly have you cornered. . .Evelyn Goss, Dorothy Gillett, and Carl Brown enjoying a spring picnic. lltiggw l lui' llnmlml Illltllfj -lu 0 Y W What's new on the menu? COur kitchen crewl. . . D. H. Brooks and his million-dollar smile.. .Norman Kaplan getting his daily exercise. . . Ex-Forester Jerry McGarity and Patsy Motes out for a little fun. .. Careful, girls, somebody might get hurt. . . Joseph Somer out for a sunning. . .Giving that ole pep talk, eh -Julian? . . . "Throw it right in here," yells Joyce Primrose. . .Sitting pretty, Virginia Thornhill. . . "Ozzie" Hansen, are you lying down on the iob again, or iust resting? 1'.iq.-Um'II1m.ln-tl7'ut'nly-fltrru A. G B. Furniture Altenau Grocery American Beauty Cover Co, Ander's Confectionery Artway Cleaners Babb Jewelry, Frank Bama Pie Co. Bekins Van Lines Bell Clothing Co. Ben fr Mary's Ice Cream Shop Ben Utoy Bernard's Gro. Cr Mkt. Blend Brothers' Bakery Bloom's Pharmacy Brilling, Abe l. Brisendine Gro. Byrd's Beauty Shop Camp's Funeral Home Capitol Records Caudle Engraving Cline Music Co. Clingsmith Colletti Bicycle Shop Colonial Cleaners Colonial Pharmacy Colonial Plumbing Community Cafe Community Drug Cohen Candy Co. Dallas Power and Light Co. Davis Cleaners Day 6 Night Plumbing Dean Insurance Co. Dossett Cleaners Draughon's Business College xi. . I ' ll X YQ. I Our ,4 zferfisers Drumgold Service Station Dunnigan Gro. C1 Mkt. Dysterbach Earl's Magazine Exchange Electralite Ervay Theatre King's Ice Cream Kingsbury Kizer Studio Lear Radio Lewis Bro. Cleaners Lewis Variety Ewing Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Frankl Typewriters Ave. Beauty Shop Ave. Cleaners Ave. Furniture Ave. Mattress Ave. Motors in's Fran's Beauty Shop Friedman's Pharmacy Garrett's Barber Cr Beauty Shop Gateway Sporting Goods Shop G. Cr G. Florists Grace's Pine Street Pharmacy Gray's Diamond Shop Guardian Life Ins. Co. Hebert's Millinery Shop Hise Men's Wear Hodges Auto Parts Home Furniture Co. House Candy Co. Humble Service Station Hunt Grocery lnman's Shoe Repair Shop Interstate Lumber Co. Interstate Theatres James Shoe Shop Kahn, E. M. Keeney Office Equipment Livingston Cleaners Louise's Record Shop Mack's Barber Shop Magicland Mann's Flower Shop Max Delicatessen Max Jewelry Co. Mayfair Meadford Radio Service Mercury Cleaners Metropolitan Business College Mintz Variety Store Mitchell Motors, W. B. Model Tailors Murray Investment Co. McGuire Cleaners McNally Barber G Beauty Shop McNeely Hardware Store McNeese Cleaners National Jobbing New York Bakery Narthcutt's Grocery Norton's Second Ave. Drug Nitche's Flower Shop Oakland Barber Shop Oakland Cleaners Oakland Food Mart Oakland Pharmacy Parrino, Marie Parker, Earl Pat's Garage Paul's Shoes, lnc. Peacock Jewelers Preston Motor Co. Ray's Pharmacy Ring Cr Brewer Roberson Auto Parts Rush Co. Rutherford Business College Sand's Electric Co. Schwarz Co. Shuttles Jewelry Co. Sardelet South Dallas Battery Southwestern Engraving Co. Stanley Jewelers Strait's Beauty Shop Story Book Press Stuart Florist Susman Ins. Co. Suphen Furniture Tate Cleaners Tick Tack Shop Uncle Sam's Pawn Shop Union Plumbing Co. Utay, Harry Walker Drug Store Whitie's Restaurant Whittles Music Co. Wilkinson Ptg. Co. Williams' Service Station Wilson, James K. Worthington's 5 to 1.00 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS '... Prigi' Um' llluziln .1 'l'r1'rf11 X 'four Couzplinzwzfs of S , 3 X 5 ' E' E 1 V ' D E gf L 'U ' E fr' R' 63,9 dz-JQBJ "Dal1as' Nvwesf Fashion C6'lIfl'V,, FASHIONS . . . for Infants, Children, Juniors, Misses, and Wfomen o THE STORY BGOK PRESS Compliments of Gvnvral Book am! Magazine Pulzfixbvrx-Svlmol Papers First Captain FO1'eSl Avenue 20 YC-In in D-'Ill-S High Foosball Team . . . 1917 PAUL HEARD, on-W BEN MORRIS JEWELRY CO. I4 see .llml I Aw. ll x ISO7 Elm Street 9 Compliments of LEAR RADIO SEE YOUR DEALER BROWN ci HI-XLFPENNY 2101-9 South Ervay Dallas, Texas C C,,,,,p1f, ,,ff,, fs of MCNEELEYS Hardware Sf Variety BAMA PIE CQ- FORESTERS WELCOME WE HAVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES 1701 Fourth H-9227 2906 Meadow Street - O Complimwzfs of PAUL'S SHOES, INC. Page Om- Ilumlrnl Turn fm SOUTH DALLAS BATTERY Sc ELECTRICAL SERVICE Slarh'r.v, Gumwzlnrs, ClIfllIll't'fIlfS Motor Plilllll'-U!! 2504 South lfrvny Phones II-32l7,lI-3268 WILLIAM SUSMAN All Kinds of I1151n'a11r'c' Great National Life Building C-4054 GEORGE M. STUART lilorixi 1422 Commerce Street O. L. SU'1'vHuN IfURN1'rURu Co. New l'lIll'llif1H'L' msn on 'ruuzus 2109 See mmlwn l Ave. Phone II-0328 MAGICLAND 409 N. Ervay LOUISE'S RECORD SHOP N ew Popular Rcwmfs Fun for Everyone 3111 Oiikland Phone H-3582 S"5ilgIg.?. iif3.Ylif3i.?.13"" WORTHINGTQNAS G 251 G FLGRISTS Sc to 51.00 Store F1 f- D' f' 'f' "'gfgg,yfQ3O1'Kjljg3g 1632 H-5252 CLINE MUSIC COMPANY, Inc. lfl'l'l',1'flJilI1Q for flu' Banff will Orc'ln'xfru CiUARANTlflfD REPAIR WORK H09 Iilm Street, Dallas, Texas imu.2w..r.i ul. eww, 11 2-l' ml lrff f Plume C-1943 SAM DYSTERBACH COMPANY 2108 Elm Street UNIFORMS FOR MAIORETTES, BANDS. PEP SQUADS AND R.O.T.C. OUR UNIFORMS ARE OUTSTANDING EA1aL's MAGAZINE EXCHANGE ICARL COOTIQS, Prop. QIHITTLE , 8517001 Supplies l'1I7 Seeoml Ave. Dallas 1108 Ellin St' Phone C'S 191 M c N E E S E CLEANER - SHOE SERVICE "Q11a1if-5' and Svrrin' uf Rvaxmlalzlr' Price" I'ree Pickup .xml Delivery Service 2743 Grand Phone I-I-03 56 MAX JEWELRY CO. Wfafcb anal jewelry RU!JlIifilIKQ Riverside-0001 2220 Elm, Dallas Com pli111r'11'fs of MACK'S BARBER SHOP 2728 Forest Dallas Next to White Theatre Coflzplillzwzfs of BLEND BROS. BAKERY 2800 Forest H-0645 I g Om' lllzlzilml Tllwlluy-ii.x' Cleaning Dyeing INMAN'S SHOE REPAIR INV1SI111,1i R1isoL1NG Grand Ave. at Oakland Phone H-0356 gfacftofkfs SIGN COMPANY H-2593 JOHNNY SLOCUM 4321 OAKLAND czomvtrmnamrs or OAKLAND BARBER SHOP 4404 Oakland Ave. HUNT'S GROCERY 86 MARKET we DIQLIVIQR 4303 Oakland H-9078 c7UVIlf7IilIl1'lIfX of RAY'S PHARMACY 4310 Cofonial H-1978 C 0 Ill 121 i meuls of COMMUNITY CAFE 2514 S. Harwood 1'-I-01 62 COMPLI MENTS OF STRAIT'S BEAUTY SHOP 2516 So. Harwood H8-9059 JOE COLLETTPS BICYCLE SHOP New and Used Bicycles 920 Second Avenue BYRD'S BEAUTY SHOP Specials for Seniors 205 S. Ervay C-S886 ALTENAU 56 SON Grocery and Market S024 I'IO6l1I1 St. H-0197 Compliments of ARTHUR and HARRY UTAY 2012 Elm Street Taylor 1443 Ambulance Service CAMP FUNERAL HOME Camp Family Quurlel NVRR, 2:00 P.M. Sunday 4202 LIVE OAK We Telegraph Flowers Anywhere MANNIS Ftowsn SHOP BL GREEN!-xouslis 1. B. mm' MARY MANN Pot Plants - Cut Flowers - Funeral Designs "Nnll1in,q Bllf Ihr Bexl lo OHNI' Telephone Harwood S477 Dallas, Texas 2428 Pine St. 3403 Forest Ave. H8-91119 ANDERS CONFECTIONERY Complefe Fouulailz Service DRUG slmnmras LIGHT LUNCHIQS ARTWAY CLEANERS-DYERS Where Cleaning Is an Art STORAGE Phone H-0149 4206 Oaland Ave. Oihce Ph.1-144681 Res. Ph. H8-1517 WE BUY AND SELL PLUMBING COLONIAL PLUMBING CO. 1718 Forest Avenue "WE SISLL SANITATIONU Free Exlimalex J. TAPPER DALLAS, TEXAS Page One H nm! ml Tuwzly 1 K I N G 5 B U R Y 17111110115 for Ties SMART MAN'S WEAR 1516 Main St. T A T E ' S CLEANERS - HATTERS - DYERS PHONE H.o1a'1 zsaz s. HARWOOD s'r. HODGES AUTO PARTS DOYl,E Houcus, Prop. 4520 Second Avenue COWLING'S ICE CREAM PARLOR F1111f11ri11g King I cc' CVU11111 4507 Second Avenue FOREST AVE. MATTRESS CO. WIC MAKlfSI,IiI:1'lNG A Pl,liASURE Wi' Sl1r1'i11li:i' ill l1111u1'.if11'i11q M11ll1'1'.v,u's WILLIAMS, SERVICE STATION Azzfborized Texrzro S1'11fio11 COIlVfCS-j' Cards Arc Good Wi' R1'11o111l1' 11111, R1'l111il1l ISIS lfmmr Ave. 118-2914 FQfCSt Ave, I-1-0156 G1v1'1swAY SPORTING GOODS CO. Co111f1li1111'111's of S,'1r11'ls1111'11's I'111'11cffse ALLEN'S ivirinwiiimc roi: 'rms svo1a'1'sMAN GAKLAND PHARMACY IH!! Nl ii .xt lfield C-4769 Oakland Cr. DITAN 55 COMPANY All Kimlx of l11x111'11111'1' Kirby Building C-S486 C0llIfJlfllIl'lIfS of MERCURY CLEANERS 2020 Second Ave. H-0392 C11 111 j1li1111'11 fs XVHITIE'S RESTAURANT 2007 South Ervay Street OAKLAND FOOD MART For fbe Besf ill Mears 611161, Dairy Products, See Us , Open from 7-11 4302 Oakland Com 1,1 mlm is C011grc1f11111fio11.v, Seniors! Make COMMUNITY DRUG of 11 It g I Your Headquarters In In 2200 Second Avenue At Fair Park Careful Repairing THE SUITS AND lJRIiSSliS CLIZANIZD AND PRESSED wir' KNIT-U-N1'1lf CTIIWIIIFYS Free Delivery Service 3215 Oalxlaml Phone H-0472 TICK-TOCK SHOP IEW'IfI.RY - GIFTS S35 Izxposition Ave. Dallas, Texas Santa Fe Local Watch Inspectors I Um'111111111111'I'1L1'11ly'-rilqbf Phone H-1300 Colonial at Pine. GRACES PINE STREET PHARMACY Reliable Prescription Service at Reasonable Prices LEWIS VARIETY 86 HARDWARE Complete Outfitter for the Family All Scbool Supplies 4 5 01 SECOND AVE. 3707 HATCHER UNION PLUMBING SERVICE Domestic - Commercial - Industrial Plumbing - Heating Contractor call Us for Your Repair Needs J. D. Thompson H-2536 S 5 Men's Fine Shoes S 5, Such Namus as T0 Net!letnn-French-Shrlner-lfrnor T0 Nunn-Bush S 7 Many 0lhvr Standard .Makes S 7 N atlonal Jobhing Co. I fl I 5 fommeree Sl. N4-xt lo Maglnolln Bldg- SECOND AVE. DRUG STORE Complete Fountain Service Courleous Service for Young and Old 2001 Second Ave. H-9740 Phone 3 g Phone H-4284 ez H-42 84 THE TAILOR CLEANING, DYEING, AND ALTERATIONS 'F 'I HAT RENOVATING :F :I 1906 South Harwood Street SHIPMAN'S SERVICE STATION Courteous, Fast Service 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Compliments of BERNARD,S GROCERY 8: MARKET FRIEDMAN'S 2202 Second H-1885 PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY We Deliver Fresla Fruits, Meats 1705 FOYCSYDALLAS 15 TEQXEUC H7163 and Vegetables Daily A 81 B FURNITURE CO- Cifffliffiiiflifs ' Aliifc., New and Used Furniture VUE BUY, WE SELL, WIC SWAP Phone H-9017 2741 Grand A. G. COLLIFR - C. L. McDONALD MEADFOR RADIO SERVICE 17 Years Experience ALL WORK GUARANTEED Ph. H-0366 3101 Forest Ave. H. G. KUIZHNL DALLAS FRAN'S BEAUTY SALON 3113 Oakland Avenue Open Evenings by AMminlnIent Fran Mcntesana, Owner Phone H-9072 Compliments of Stanley H. Bloom BLOOM,S EDGEWOOD PHARMACY KEENEY OFFICE EQUIPMENT Co. Typewriters, Adding Machines, Cash Registers, Desks, Chairs, Supplies D. L. Keeney, jr. 1913 Commerce R-4464 Choice Flowers for All Occasions NITSCHE FLOWER STORE MEMBER F.T.D. Phone H-2662, Nighr H-S543 2727 Grand Ave. Robert H. Thurmond jr. Dallas, Texas Page One Hundred Twenty nine Dial H-0005 Dyers Here's fo a Bigger am1Better "FORESTER" D A V I S Compliments of CLEANERS - I-IATTEHS Colonial Pharmacy Preseripliou Experls 4425 Gflkland 1644 Forest Ave. H-S141 J. D. SHINPAUGH, Manager Since 1921 Dallas, Texas Compliments Biggesf and Tlaiekesf Malls in Town THE RUSH CCMPANY Sebool Ari and Drafting Supplies BEN and MARY'S ICE CREAM PARLOR Cumplefe Fflllllftlill Service Suudaes and Banana Splifs 1305 Elm R-4403 3205 Forest Ave. H-3372 MCNALLY Interstate Lumber Co. Barber - Beauty SOD Wfllere You Ge! fbe Besf for Less Com plete Line of Building Malerials 3015 Colonial I-1-0258 Youngsfozwz Kifeben Units WELCOME, FOREST STUDENTS! Forest and Lamar H-4128 H-4129 Night H-1473 Day H-0071 Pat's Motor Service General Allf0 Repairing Motor Tune-up, Carburetor Service 3401 Oakland Ave. Dallas, Texas D AY PLUMBING co. Threaded O ie Humfrerl Tbirly CfARRETT'S Barber - Beauty Shop Years of Professional Work Our Slogan "THE BEST FOR LESS" 2528 Forest Avenue Phone H-0020 Forest Avenue Cleaners Cleaning, Pressing and Altvralious 2724 Forest H-0330 MR. AND MRs. JACK TERRELI., Props. McGuire Cleanina, Dyeina and Laundry Co., Inc. "Lei Us Dye for You" Phone H-2135 2100 S. Ervay BEKINS VAN and STGRAGE CO., Inc. 826 S. Ervay R-1335 Best Wishes to the Class of 1947 ROY ROBERSCN Business: T-1438 or T-1439 Residence: H-2443 Quality SANDS ELECTRIC CO. Used Cars ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS A Coufrarfing - Repairing 2913 South Ervny MdilIfCIIdlIl'C H-3754 3611 Parry Avenue EARL R. PARKER Afform'y-al-Law Om R-4692 R . M-6615 R E c cl R D s CC CS 221 Texas Bank Building DALLAS, TEXAS Pagv One Hundrrd Tbirly- Compliments of WHEN LOOKING FOR ooHEN , CANDY ooMPANY Fufmlure Wholesole Distributors SEE Home Furniture Co. BUNTE WORLD,S FAMOUS Elm at Preston CANDY 0 Telephones C-4766 and C-6612 D 0 S S E T T I S ABE l. BRILUNG DRY CLEANERS lnsuronoe OF EVERY DESCRIPTION 1622 Forest Ave. Phone H-0310 "AbsoIuff'1y Personal Sr'rvicr"' DRUGS, Texas 920 Republic Bank Building Forvsf Sludvufs Wfr'1c'omc' DALLAS 0 PATRONIZE HE MUDEL TAILDIDS 2 3 08 Elm Street IAMES SHOE SHOP 3211 Qakland T Masfvr Shot' Rvfmiring also New Shoes R-6057 Q H-0419 H-3471 DUN IGAN GROCERY QS, MARKET W. E. Drumoolol 3515 Jefferies SGFVICG Stollon TEXACO PRODUCTS WASHING - LUBRICATING - ACCESSORIES BIRDSEYE FROSTED FOGDS Firrslrmr Tircs-Ballrry Rrrbarge I Oakland 81 Pennsylvania Dallas Dm' lllnnlrml Thirty-lu, STAN LEY'S IEWELERS 2005 Second Avenue BEST WISHES TO THE 1947 GRADUATES From STANLEY and ANN RIETER Forest 1936 Graduates SUITS - PANTS - OVERCOATS MEN'S FURNISHINGS BELL CLOTHING CO. "Tim Young Mwfs Sforc' of Dallas" HUDSON G. LOCKETT and CASSY JONES 1617 Main St. Phone R-2763 Lewis Bros. Cleaners 9 Pick-up and Delivery All Work Guaranteed Dye Wforlz, Is Our Specialty , HOSIERY gym, to Qalacc NI.lll3gCl'LI.. M. 1.1-owls ' BAGS c5l:eatre Assistant Mannigcr-O. M. Lewis . Iitxurtfgilngaxigrzib IVI.,I.l:.NlI . Exclusive 2554 Pine Street H8-2130 Millinffy 5h0P In Lisbon W7-8975 1621 C-S022 PAHRlNO'S Spaghetti House MARIE PARRINO, Prop. Congratulations to the Class of '47 Q 'x l 4 V i ti A xiii:-e Nh: Ei ,V-f1Qis,QEf I 22 an .is i Q I ' 5 3122 Forest H-0042 I tl gl s E- ills: , ill I X: is t - 7 gl .. it ' tn BUSINESS COLLEGE Foremost in Dallas Since 1887 A Srlmol of Clmrarlrr, Slamfing and Influc'm'e Stcnographic, Secretarial and Accounting Courses laugh! by men and women of experience ant a iir , ,H ,n.r,r , i usit 1,1 We Serve in Peace as We Did in War LIFE, HOSPITALIZATION and ACCIDENT PROTECTION Guardian International Lite Insurance Co. I bl y S 7 'Llmuxumlx of Slam.-gxflll Gnuluulvs ,lnimiitonitv f Come to the Ottice or Phone C-8773 DALLAS 'E " TEXAS Page Ona llumfrvrl Thirty-Ib For Pride and Safisfarfiolz buy your Diamond or Wafc'b from EAC0CK9S JE W E L E R S 1802 ELM STREET I CREDIT ATNO RADIOS 0 SILVERWARE 0 LUGGAGE 1 x rm cosr LIVINGSTON CLEANING CO. "A Cleamfr Yozfll Likeu W. A. LIVINGSTON 1710 S. Harwood St. Phone H-0308 0 FOREST AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL PUPILS ARE NVELCOME AT MAX'S KOSHER DELICATESSEN "Wlwrv flu' Fowl Is Like Moflnfr Makvsv 2806 Forest I-I8-2714 0 INSURANCE COVERAGE H-1721 COLONIAL CLEANERS 3011 Colonial WE OPERATE oUR OWN PLANT SILKS A SPECIALTY O llnmlrml lfwlrly-fwfr S. L. EWING CUMPANY J. T. BOYCE 1ypewriters...Adding Machines...Supplies "In Dallas Since 1902" 1919 Main Street C-S401 9 laomzf of 1-'Q 4" Hart Schaflner 9- 84 Marx Clothes We 0 DIAMONDS - WATCHES - SILVER - JEWELRY - TROPHIES GRADUATION RINGS Compliments of SHUTTLE! Fiffy Years in Dallas Second Floor Southland Life Building Next to Baker Hotel 9 LAIQGEIT IN DALI. I Streamlined courses, individual advancement, urgent demand for grad- uates, select student body, prestige with employers, and national reputa- tion, attract more students to DRAUGHON'S than to all similar schools in Dallas combined. Prompt placement in preferred positions. DRAUGI-l0N'S BUSINESS COLLEGE Commerce and Harwood Telephone R-3133 Page Om' Ilzunlrml T Texas store of fine military uniforms and sportswear and western apparel for men and women l803 ELM ak DALLAS O Compliments of F R A K LI 3 1610 Elm Street Phone R-5378-9 COMPLETE WARDROBE "l"r11m Cfrilf lo Cfulli',qi"' The Largest Selection in Town at Sensational Low Prices INFANTS' SIZES: 0to9Months MISSES' SIZES: 910 20 CHILDREN'S sizes: 1 to 16 woMEN's SIZES: 18v21o24V2,38r0 52 c COMPLETE CONSTRUCTION SERVICE THE SCHWARZ COMPANY BUILDERS AND ENGINEERS SINCE 1908 Estimates on Fire Losses 2206 Pennsylvania Phone H-0896 Dallas. Texas O In sim'4'rr' rzfzfnrrwirzliralz of the patronage and friendship of the entire body and faculty of thc Dallas High Schools for the past twenty-tive years. American Beauty Cover Co. 2002-8 North Field Street Tlx' Cnwr 011 This Book Wfus l'rmfm'r'1f in This Plan! I r O llmnlrnl'l'l1 1 ak xt- FOR OVER 18 YEARS ir 4- vf T'-U s DIIIIIIOIIII 5Il0P DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY SILVERWARE LUGGAGE Al... .il-.. 1936 ELM STREET AT HARWOOD 9 RUTHEREQRD BUSINESS CGLLEGE "A MODIQRN sCHooL', E IN E EQUIPMENT - CCMPLETE CQURSES Visif Our Bfllllffflll N vu' fj1tlX.YI'00lIIS W4 fm ZW emma T R 4 STTTTT ETETTTS TTTSSTTT TSS , T L S t t Commerce at Field Streets 4 STUDENTS! Special Discount on All Suits Made to Measure or Stock for Graduating Students of Forest High School Muzfz' from flu' I'lilIl'.YIi Qualify of LVUUIVIIS R. H. HISE MEN'S WEAR 115 N. Ervny C-7965 O WALKER DRUG STCDRE Only flu' 1'lfl1l'Sf Drug Sc'rz'ir'r' in ilu' 1'll'fl'lI!lliI'Xf Sion' in Sonfb Dallas! ALL FORESTERS MEET HERE! XVI? FILL ALL YOUR PRIESCRIPTIONS Call H-7338 I"rf'r' Delizwy Sz'rz'ir'4' 5121 Oakland Ave. PgJlllJ'llf 7 . It All 81 C 0. E Dallas' oldest retail store with Q shops of quality apparel for men, women, boys, and service men MAIN AND ELM AT LAMAR Q Compliments of MURRAY INVESTMENT COMPANY Real Estate Loans 718 Republic Bank Building C-4358 C Night Phone H-5929 R. E. KIZER Portrait and Commercial Photoaraphy ALL GRoUP PICTURES BY KIZER STUDIO Phone C-3623 901 M Elm St. Dallas, Texas Q OFFICIAL HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL AND FRATERNITY JEWELRY - AWARDS See us first! Get our low, money saving prices on all your school jewelry needs . . caps and gowns . . fraternity and sorority rings and pins . . athletic awards. CERTIFIED DIAMONDS FINE WATCHES LOVELY IEWELRY Eliaaiagslaiflz J E W E L E R s 1707 Main St. - Dallas 330 W. jefferson - Oak Cliff At Maclden's - Denison I g O Illlmlruil Tlvirly-rigbf NORTHCUTT FOOD STORE Friendly Service - - - - Fair Prices FOREST HIGH, We Are With You 365 Days in the Year! 3308 Oakland Avenue H-9043 A. M. XVESSON W. C. ADAMS R. L. RAPE FRANK BABB JEWELRY Wafc'b111akc'rs - Icufclers Phone C-S535 206 S. Ervay St. Loans Phone H-18868 C. C. PRESTON CCUOLT USED AUTOMOBILIQS XVIIOIVSGIL' and Rvluil 1315 Second Avenue Phone H8-1543 W. B. MITCHELL MOTOR CO. Bough! USED CARS Soleil' 3229 Forest Ave. TRUCKS Compliments of UNCLE SAM'S PAWN SHOP Radios and Musical Insfrumenfs 2316 Elm R-3413 Complimwzis of J. M. House Candy Factory CSince 1919, 2417 MARBURG STREET Candy lr Drlifious Food Enjoy Some Every Day CfJlIIf7lillI0lIf5 of MINTZ VARIETY STORE 2802 Forest Ave. H-0088 Compliments of NEW YORK BAKERY ana' DELICATESSEN Ph. H-6413 2732 Forest Complimvnls of FOREST AVE. BEAUTY SHOP 2722 Forest H-4814 I gr' Om' ll1mJrml Tfrirfty FOREST AVE. FURNITURE CO. THE EEST FOR LESS COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS NEW and USED 1624 Forest H-3314 This A1111ua1Prinfeu' by -" M 'Aa E., I , A' NNI q 1' duh-ly 1- Q v:.Liv5 '-4 '- f l-' 'mir 1 V' gi ' 1717 WOOD STREET ll - I 0 2 2 ERVAY THEATR E Extends Congratulations to the Graduating Class ot 1947 ak The Management Will Endeavor to Bring You the Best in Clean, Wholesome Entertainment THE ERVAY THEATRE IS INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND EXCLUSIVELY OPERATED BY VETERANS FOREST AVE. MOTDRS 3415 Forest Ave. Dallas H-1877 For 24-I-lour Wrecker Service and Complete Automotive Repairs Forest Students Welcome O dd The White-Dalsee-Forest and Fair Theatres ...extend to the Graduating Class of May, 1947, and January, 1948, their congratulations and best wishes in starting out on life's highway. These neighborhood theatres are sure that these young men and women are well equipped to take their places in the future life of our splendid city. Always remember that these theatres are a part of your neighbor- hood and are conducted in your interest with clean and wholesome entertainment. Interstate Circuit, Inc. rz' EYZMYZK Merkel 2113 Second Avenue Harwood-9032 We Advertise Quality cmd We Herve It South Derllers' Fancy Feed Market On c Ilumlrvil Forly-I C'ongmlu!a1fz'ons! YO the 1947 Graduates of Forest Ave. High 5611001 CA IJ D L li ENGIQAVING STEEL AND EEIPPER PLATE ENGRAVER5 COMPANY 1 I We sincerely thank you for the 3 ' privilege of supplying the commence- I ' ' . . . ' ment invitations and cards for both Jllllllllfj' ami May fflzlssvs of I9-17. Y 5 Manufacturers ol WEDDING INVITATIONS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS FINE BUSINESS STATIONERY AND GREETINC CARDS Visit Us in Our New Ojice and Factory 2107 McKinney Avenue DALLAS Page One Hundred Fort room BETTER LIGHT 3? MFA N5 ETTER SIGHT it-lm ne of the most important lessons you will learn in life is that your eyesight is precious. Protect it, wherever you work or play with good lighting. Remember sight is precious. . .good light is cheap. DAllAS POWER 81 LIGHT COMPANY mo ll 111' zyf 1 'A D .a .... A s 'ef xxw "1 X. ix - x '1 " Qx -1- fl, '-, . 1 3 "Rv .1 f , J 3 a 5- di 329 3 . X4 W .4 . fx X4 Si. ' . 3 4 x 2 F .- w U g 'x A x -, , ,aw , 4 -, Y-A K-1, .4 - , Qf X - X , Y X , yn ' A 4 R L I H S. X X19 - -Y , ., -Q ,J 3 . N A , N 3 'xx ' X A , x x +1 - x -s A 1 qx , Q h , ... fa, K N 3 -A s -S K .l ,N - 'I A Kan , -- r' xi . ' 2 .1 Y ' ,rx 5 TQ EHQYDQD 12 if e-1, C3 N Qi GG, C+ i " 1 Q if TT! cg Q S ,M Y fw' I Q'-X

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