Forest Avenue High School - Forester Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1946

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Qywwwf LM 9 WV? fwfiiivfw J5iiWg?fff JP KM Wgpjyw 5 WMM My af 5 M 'QQWW A M6 fffwbg J Q fwy J bi? 1 X55 f ff WW! bSgX5ig,gvvM+Wp Q KX gxxx HKS! JN,X X Wlfussou 'I' . , . XL A , ,,,, ,,.. K- N ii ffl 1 A '59 54.1A1,l'- 1' , -, '-'2,4,,,, QQZ4 H5 ,,Q. , . fs, .W , , . H 1 , X r M H? qi Q 7 ff 4 gil XVII, as Mi ?" wr 'Q xg X S lk . X 5, A P Q. v rw 4253-Q fm, .13- ig Q fl" .1 ' Rf. A u L if -.1 1 'L mf Mm f 'E 4 3 . 13 rg . gzflzi f n ? S 1 13 , 4 , s w A ' ff In A v A 1 The 1946 Forester Jw WWJW jWiJWiZf j3WWWffQ?Q MW ffff ,2ig,fW Www WW W ifiwyffw W r fi' 1 A 4 1"fa-J? ,,4,.-1, ew ff- A ' 1:-?,.6f,kl1 ' , . 1, AA, 4 v-.A .I X Forester 1946 Published by the Students of FOREST AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL DALLAS, TEXAS IA" -+ -, 1 1 1 1 1 1 J 5:.,'y:-,If-kt-.lwgfsk-3.',55'.,5,..Q f,Q-IQ.:'y.f?I-.fifty ff, F' 'g'LT4:4giI1g!"? f.Ir'si3f'.,ggff'--.,II.II1j -. fs. 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I ' . f " 'Lv?1 - 'ai ' A 'r f' LIP T. B'I'4.f:?+Iff3:I7q . - V R ,. . .,, .-4 V ,V ag-:VV , .V 9, .f Y- g. . .v QW, ,,.y.4. :nf-,,,..s-1 ,, uv g, ' fi T . 2.,.'1'4 I nm rp 'JP-1 'g ms ku ng N.. V, 4V?H2'24'.:,s1gy i'.:gs,L42.ngfrifj-,x,,5geagJ-,4'.'Vj'1?'9 Vi J -U ni,-A .3.V V n V V ,VV: J' :.a..,,.,',:-:.-,, - ., 1.-.,,,n .15 H. , V - ' Lflifl gf'-A: . .-:arf".,n.1.. rr-53 V, , . ,du '4 Ugg-f -' 'v. ' ' af-3 2 ' .r 'mV ' -' J'I"9'w.",y.1V5.v.'5- - - -VV, ' . .w15P'iI:H-3-fF'.:-.i-:V-P gif. .: " ' - " . ' ,f'1aQI5fT4?f2avn -, Contents ADMINISTRATION CLASSES R.O.T.C. SPORTS ACTIVITIES FEATURES Dedication ln deepest humility cmd unutterable pride and devotion, we dedicate this vol- ume ot the Forester to our brave and gal- lant sons who went forth to 'fight and die, it need be, for their country's cause of righteousness and freedom. Especially is it dedicated to those who gave their lives untlinchingly, and to those who fought on so heroically until the end ofthe war. We remember also all who con- tinued to battle against loneliness, hunger, and cold, and ravages of devastated and demoralized countries, ever striving to up- build and succor those in distress. We can only pray that we shall never fail them, but keep pressing ever onward and upward. Dudley Ray Akins Stanley Bernard Angrist Clyde Apple Jack Ballas Milton Barshop Paul Rex Bassinger Arthur Berwald James A. Bird William G. Bonnet Hubert Bourquin Donald Boyd Albert Dee Buford James E. Bratcher William A. Brown Clyde Henry Burgess Leon Arthur Byers Robert Campbell David Camp Brazil Calcagno Billy J. Christian Victor Clesi, Jr. Donald Cortimilia Jack Cooper Richard Marion Cooper James Danner Jimmy Duncan Jimmy Edwards Solon Ellis, Jr. Edward L. Finneburg George Firor Joe Bob Floyd Ernest Genthner Bill Gillespie Tom S. Gillespie Paul Gott C. E. Graham Isadore Gruber J. W. Hall James Hamil Charles W. Hanson John Harmon Lonnie Hartson Wesley Hendrix Leslie Eugene Howell Charles Jannaseh Alfred Mason Jones Billy Johnson Carl B. Johnson Erwin C. Kieke Leander King Sam King Leon Kleinman Marlin Ray Lawton George Little Charlie Lee McAnally Billy Joe McNally Mike Malloy William Mercer Jack Miller Roger De Coverley Moore John J. O'Riley Earnest H. Parrett Leon W. Perry Bass Reid James Roberts John Randolt Samford Harry Shelton Ray Skiles Raymond Snoga Charles Snyder Frank Stacks Dudley Steel R. B. Stricklin Joe Terranella Robert Thomason Tyra Thornell Albert Lee Tucker Alex Tuttle Albert Weinberg David Weinstein William T. Whitaker, Jr. Earl Douglas Williams Denman Winsor Administration WORLD CAPITOL And it is inescapable that there can be no peace for any part of the world un- less the foundations of peace are made se- cure ihroughout all parts of the world. -One World, Wendell Willkie James T. Whittlesey As we approach the end of an enjoyable year, it is with pride that we look to the un- derstanding and energetic man who has led us throughout this year in our achieve- ments. The cool efficiency with which Mr. Whit- tlesey leads the faculty and his complete understanding and sympathetic treatment of the problems of the students have en- deared him to the school. Realizing the value of a sense of responsibility in later life, our Principal has endeavored to let the student body govern itself as much as pos- sible throughthe Student Council. - Few schools can boast of a principal who takes more interest in student activities than James T. Whittlesey. He is particularly interested in sports and may often be seen at school games with his small son, Jimmy. Mr. Whittlesey is very iocular, and has the gift of tact. It has been a privilege to have such a wise and beneficial leader in the past, and to' look forward to having him in the future. LEFT TO RIGHT BRYAN ADAMS, Secretary, FRED D. DANFORD, Chairman of Building Sites, E. D. WALKER, Assistant Superintendent, MRS. W. A. WAGGONER, Chairman of Lunchroom Committee, W. T. WHITE, Superin- tendent of Schools, MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT, Vice-President, DAN ROGERS, Chairman of Rules Committee, GABE P. ALLEN, Chairman of Finance Committee, R. L. THOMAS, Chairman of Welfare Committee, E. B, COMSTOCK, Assistant Superintendent, DR. DAVID W. CARTER, President. Boarcl of Education Superintendent P Page Twelve W, T. WHITE E. D. WALKER E. B. COMSTOCK Assistant Su erintendent Assistant Superintendent in Charge of High Schools - I MISS FOOTE r It has long been' apparent that the management of Forest's charming and ef- ficient dean, Miss Foote, is in- despensable to the school. She may be depended upon al- ways to treat sympathetically the problems that confront the students. The student body is greatly impressed by her d i g n i f i e d though friendly manner, and by her coopera- tion in student activities. As sponsor of the National Honor Society and High Scholarship Club, Miss Foote helps to up- hold high standards of char- acter and scholarship in our school. Her ability to work with both parents and stu- dents pleasantly' and consid- erately has placed her high in the esteem of all of us. l Y MRS. BROWN lBoth faculty members and students respect Mrs. Brown, but in the esteem of seniors especially does she hold a high position. To her we are indebted for the skillful pat- terning of credits that take us through the last eventful year. She is always willing to interrupt her activities long enough to give us advice on our choice of subiects and col- leges, and applications for scholarships. Besides her many duties concerned with the advisory part of our edu- cation, she fills another im- portant role-that of teaching Algebra 4 to 4A's. She has gained our respect for the competent manner in which she performs all these serv- ices to us and to our school. Page Tb t Faculty, ZULEIKA ADAM ELIZABETH BAGLEY French and English English U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. U. of Texas, B.A. Le Cercle Francais, Sponsor NANNIE D. ANDREWS Mathematics U. of Texas, B.A. Banking HARRY F. BARTON Band and Orchestra Parsons College, B.A., B.M. Colorado State College of Ed., M.A. 3B and 3A Class, Sponsor FRANCES BEILHARZ Home Economics Texas State College for Women, B.S. WILLIE MAY BERRY RILLA BRADY Home ECONOMICS Attendance Office Secretary U. of Texas, B.S. E 4A Class, Sponsor J. ALAN BOULTON Physics Central Missouri State Teachers College, B.A., B.S. U. of Missouri, M.A. Tennis Team, Coach MARGARET BREWER Mathematics Texas Womens College, B.A. S. M. U., M.A. IB and IA Class, Sponsor EMMA H. BROWN Mathematics U. of Arkansas, B.A. S. M. U., M.A. Senior Counselor MINNIE BROWN MARY VIVIAN CECIL Social Studies English Audio-Visual Education, Director U. of Texas, B.A. George Peabody College, B.S. Columbia U., M.A. Dallas Historical Society, Sponsor W. H. BUTLER Social Studies and Commercial Subiects U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. Hi-Y Club, Sponsor Page Fourteen Y MARY SMITH CLARK English R s. M. u., B.A. X Forest Echo, Publications Director, Fall Semester RICHARD L. COLEMAN Army Colonel, Commandant 'Faculty LEFOY N' CRABTREE EMMALINE DoNoHuE MARY DRAKE Smence Librarian Social Studies North Texas State Teachers College, B.S. U' of Nebraska, 5.5. Football, Head Coach SARA DAVIDSON Spanish U. of Texas, M.A. 4B 'CIass, Sponsor R. .l. EDWARDS, JR. Mechanical Drawing 'East Texas State Teachers College, B.S. Football, Freshman Coach l.OUl.A RUTH FETTERMAN MILTON G. FREY I Mathematics Typing and Shorthand 7 Physical Education U. of Oklahoma, B.A., M.A. IU. of Nebraska, B.A. Central College, Iowa, B.A. ' Junior Red- Cross, Sponsor Secretarial Club, Sponsor Basketball, Head Coach ANNIE GEM FELDER Football, Second Team Coach English DOROTHY GERLACH E"'9II5I'l . Social Studies U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. U, of Texas, B.A. Forester, Publications Director Forest Forum, Sponsor C. V. GOODMAN SEARCY H. HARDY J ALICE HARRINGTON- Social Studies Q Study Hall Home Economics East Texas State Teachers College, B.S. Baylor U., B.A. U. of Arkansas, B.S. High Scholarship Club, Co-Sponsor , Columbia U., M.S. D. T. GRIFFITH Vestonians, Sponsor Mechanical Drawing VIRGINIA HURST North Texas State Teachers College, B.S. Typing and Shorthand U. of California, B.A. .Page Fifteen x f Faculty SELDON S. HUTCHINSON WHUE H. JACKSON Chemisffv office clerk Northeast Missouri Teachers College, B.S. U. of Missouri, M.A. Student Council, Allied Youth, Standard Debating Socfety, Sponsor LOIS IVY School Nurse U. of Texas Parkland School of Nursing ETHEL MASTERS V. H. MATTINGLY Mathematics Mathematics U. of Texas, B.A. East Texas State Teachers College, S. M. U., M.A. Football, Assistant Coach Auditores Caesaris, Co-Sponsor PEARLE MATTHEWS Home Economics U. of Colorado, M.S. ALBERT S. JOHNSTON, JR. Journalism and English North Texas State Teachers College, B.A. U. ot Texas, M.A. Forest Echo, Publications Director BLISS S. MCMANUS Art Womens College of Alabama, B.A. Columbia U., M.A. Forester, Art Director 'I I. ADDIE MELSONF English Texas State! College for Women, B.A. Interscholastic League Spelling Contest, 'V Sponsor LOURANIA MILLER Latin' U. of Texas, B.A. U. of Chicago, M.A. Auditores Caesaris, Sponsor JACK A. MITCHELL FRANK ORRILI. Accounting Assistant Commandant North Texas State Teachers College, B.S. U. of Texas, M. Ed. GLADYS NEEL Young Retailers Howard Payne, B.A. Prince School, B.S. U. of New Mexico, M.A. Page Sixteen 8 1 JULIA PRITCHETT Typing U. of Texas, B.A. LOCILLE SEGRIST Physical Education S. M. U., B.A. Columbia U., M.A. Girls Tennis Team, Sponsor Faculty ' ' l ' , sss. . 'L "f"' ' 'f , ,..4. II. r I Q AM' MABEL A. SHAW MARGARET SKELTON .IUANITA STRINGER English Office Secretary English and Public Speaking U. of Nebraska, B.S. Texas State College 'For Women, B.A. Columbia Teachers College, M.A. Girls Public Speaking Club, Sponsor Girl Reserves, Sponsor ALVA P. SHEPARD Mathematics North Texas State Teachers College, B.S. Baseball, Coach BESS THATCHER Social Studies U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. Texas History Club, Sponsor Xl ' N fx FRIEDA THOENE J. B. wums FLETCHER RYAN WICKHAM Physical Education BIOIOQY Spanish , i Iowa State Teachers College, B.A. George Peabody College, 55- Bake' Unlvemlyf B'A' 5, M, U., M.A, U. of Oklahoma, M.A. JESSIE WATKINS Pan American Student Forum, O Club Sfudy Han Brasileiro, Sponsor Baylor College, B.I.. H. B. YATES Social Studies U. of Tennessee Columbia U., M.A Forester and Echo LOUISE WILCOX Music Northeast Missouri State U., B.A. Chorus, Sponsor NOT IN PICTURE ELOISE DURHAM English Peabody College, M.A. BILLIE HIGHTOWER Dietician Texas Technological College, B.S. ROY MOORE Mathematics and Science East Texas State Teachers College, B.S. Track, Coach CECIL SONNTAG Health North Texas State Teachers College, B.S. Manager Golf, Coach Page Sc've11z'een Classes WORLD RESEARCH All around the world, there are some ideos which millions and millions of men hold in common, almost as much os if they lived in the some town. - One World' Wendell Willkie CLYDE' ABBOTT R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Corporal '43, Sergeant '43, Staff Sergeant '44, Technical Sergeant '45, Allied Arts Club '42, '43, Allied Arts Exhibition '43, '44, Art Exhibit Awards '45, '46, Dallas Historical Society '45, '46, Vice-President '46, Forest Forum '45, '46, Student Council '45, '46, National Honor Society '45, '46, Forester '46, Art Editor, Senior Play Stage Manager '46, Grade School-Richard Lagow. SONIA ALLEN Girls Military '45, Young Retailers '44, '45, Echo Staff '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Tennis, Favorite Subiect-Journalism, Ambition- Ace Photographer, Hobby-Painting Photo- graphs, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. WILLIAM DONALD ARRINGTON R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Sergeant '43, First Sergeant '44, Second Lieutenant '45, Camp Dallas '44, Marksman Medal , Latin Club '42, Favorite Subiect-Mec ' cal Drawing, Favorite Sport- l, IRVING ADELSTEIN R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Corporal '42, Ser- geant '43, Technical Sergeant '44, First Sergeant '45, Camp Dallas '42, '43, Crack Company '42, '43, '44, Rifle Team '43, '44, Boxing '42, Marksman '42, Baseball '43, Track '43, Tennis '43, Sharpshooter '44, Expert '44, Rangers '43, '44, Standard Debating '43, French Club '42, Student Council '43, '44, '45, Football '43, '44, '45, Lettered '44, '45, Track '44, '45, Lettered '45, Tennis '44, '45, Lettered '45, Grade School-Colonial. AVIS JEAN APOY Forester Staff '45, '46, Assistant Editor '45, Editor-in-Chief '46, Library Assistant '43, '44, '45, '46, Office Assistant '43, Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, '45, '46, Parliamentarian '45, High Scholarship Club '44, '45, '46, President '45, Parlia- mentarian '46, Girls Public Speaking Club '43, National Honor Society '45, '46, Sec- retary-Treasurer '45, Student Council '42, '43, O Club Brasileiro '46, Interscholastic League Spelling Contest '46, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Grade School-John Henry Brown. IRBY BARBER R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, Corporal '45, Guard '44, Favorite Subiect-Mathematics, Fa- vorite Sport-Fishing, Hobby-Working, Ambition-Farmer, Grade School-Willow Spring, Texas. Hobby-Collecin ,Foreig , mbition -Civil Engin r' e School4Ascher 9 i rstein. . f J R OP CARLISLE BARTON R.O.T.C ' , '44, Se ea st Ser- R.O.T.C. '43, '44,,i ' , '46, Corporal '45, geant 4 ' Texa Hist y b 3, Allied Staff Sergealntf' - Rangers '43, '44, Fa- Youth , ren h Club ' , 'IA Class vorite5SportA7Fdot cg?" Favorite Subiect- '43, i e-Presi t, 3B C , Sergeant- Cl1emistry,u',Ambi.ti iHydraulic Engineer, at- s, Trac '44, '45' o all '44, Man- Hobby--Model -l,Airplanes, Grade School- ag '45, '4 Grade oo olonial Hill. 'Z ' ',. hwaxiahachie, Texas. in ,, l MAR DNER BETTY JEAN BASS I Am A e n C 43, Vestonians Echo Reporter '45, '46, Linz Awards '44, '45, '4 eni out Var earn '45, Favor- '45, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite it rt-B e , avorite Subiect- Subiect-Distributive Education, Hobby - E ' 5 Am ecretqryi Hobby- Reading, Grade School-Gladewater, Ta ng Pictu , rade School-Ascher TCXUS- ilberstein. DORIS JEAN BEACH Girls Military '44, Pep Squad '43, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-Algebra, Ambition-Nurse, Hobby-Taking Pictures, Grade School-Richard Lagow. ROBERT BEASLEY 'Football '42, '43, '44, '45, Lettered '45, Honorable Mention All City '45, Basketball '43, '44, '45, '46, Lettered '44, '45, Track '43, '44, '45, '46, Lettered '45, '46, Captain '45, 3B Class '44, Vice-President, Rotary Club Representative '45, Echo Staff '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Badminton, Favorite Subject-Journalism, Grade School-John Henry Brown. ELIZABETH BENNETT Girls Military '43, '44, '45, '46, Captain '43, Major '45, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subject - Accounting, Hobby - Writing Letters, Ambition-Housewife, Grade School-Richard Lagow. MARY FRANCIS BERRY Tenicoit Varsity Team '45, Favorite Sport -Football, Favorite Subiect-Typing, Hob- by - Dancing, Ambition - Typist, Grade School-Grand Saline, Texas. fwff PEARL BOND Girls Military '43, '44, Technical Sergeant '43, Pep Squad '43, Echo Reporter '45, '46, Chorus '43, '44, '45, Favorite Sport-Swim- ming, Favorite Subiect-Journalism, Hobby -Collecting Photographs, Ambition-Typ- ist, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. WANDA E Chorus '43, Student C cil '42, '43, '44, '45, '46, .lunior R ross '44,' Parliamen- tarian '44- f , '43, '45, '46, VIVIAN BENNETT Girls Military '43, Staff Sergeant '44, Fa- vorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect- Art, Hobby-Collecting Movie Stars Pic- tures, Ambition-Housewite, Grade School -Richard Lagow. THOMAS BOGIE R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, Corporal '45, I Am An American Club '42, '43, Texas History Club '44, Standard Debating Society '44, High Scholarship Club '45, '46, Secretary '45, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, National Honor Society '45, '46, Favorite Sport- Football, Favorite Subiect-History, Hobby -Astronomy, Ambition-Railroad Civil En- gineer, Grade School-John Henry Brown. JOHN RILEY BOWLAND R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Corporal '43, Ser- geant "44, Favorite Sport-Football, Fa- vorite Subiect-Architectural Drawing, Am- bition-Draftsman, Grade School-O. M. Roberts. J NORMA JEAN BRAZEAL Favorite Sport-Tennis, Favorite Subject- Clothing, Ambition-Clothing Instructor, Hobby-Collecting Post Cards, Grade School-Howland, Texas. . , 37 Favor Ba , ite Subiect -J alis , m ' - urse, Grade Tenicoit y T Award 4 A School-Rl rd a ow. June '46 Class Beverly Byers, .Ioan-!Stone, Charles Waller, Kenneth Higginbotham, Bobby Jackson, C. H. Pritchett, officers ot the June '46 Class, solving graduating problems. ,,,..,a-M .,..,-, v . v s. JA 'Bess' Sf" DORIS BRISENDINE Tenicoit Varsity Team '45, Forester Staff '46, Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding, Fa- vorite Subiect-Typing, Ambition-Secre- tary, Hobby-Collecting Snapshots, Grade School-T. G. Terry. I IMO E R S Student ounl 2, ' Ech Stat 44, Forester tat ' 4, '4 46, Senior itor '46, ' P bac ing Club ' , '46, ea rer ' Ch an Typin ommit- 5,' Ig Sch rship Clu 5, '46, no ed ss '45, Lin wa d '45, enic t Var y Team '46, yb I Var- sity eam 46, Perfect endance '46, Grade School-Colonial. , Q. I 1- - "pgiE,, g . OLA MARIE BROOKS Favorite Sport-Bowling, Favorite Subiect -Accounting, Ambition-interior Decora- tor, Hobby-Collecting Snapshots, Grade School-T. G. Terry. MARY ANN BUCKOVAN Forest Forum '44, '45, '46, Chairman of Announcement Committee '45, Dallas His- torical Society '45, '46, Junior Red Cross '45, '46, Girls Public Speaking Club '45, '46, Echo Reporter '45, '46, Volleyball Varsity Team '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. HELEN BUSH High Scholarship Club '44, '45, '46, Vol- leyball Varsity Team '46, Linz Awards '44, '45, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subject-English, Ambition-Nurse, Hobby -Reading, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. HOWELL CALVERT R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Sergeant '44, Staff Sergeant '45, Hi Y '44, '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect -History, Ambition-Mechanic, Hobby- Collecting Coins, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. DANIEL CANNON R.O.T.C. '42, '43, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect-Mechanical Drawing, Ambition-Mechanical Engineer, Hobby- Collecting Records, Grade School-John Henry Brown. GENEVA ANN CHILDRESS Echo Staff '45, '46, Linz Bible Award '45, Favorite ,Sport-Basketball, Favorite Sub- iect-Jg'urnalj,sm, Hebby-Collecting S.amPSi' Ambit' '-Nurse "Grade School- fl. , chifns, Seas. , C' L.. ff LAVERNE BROWN Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, Tenicoit and Volleyball Varsity Teams '45, Favor- ite Sport-Skating, Favorite Subiect-Eng- lish, Ambition-Stenographer, Hobby-Col- lecting Salt and Pepper Shakers, Grad School-Richard Lagow R.O.T.C. '45, Student Council '46, Favor- ite Sport-Football, Grade School- Edom Texas. FELICE BEVERLY BYERS Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, '45, '46, Treasurer '44, '45, All City '44, '45, '46, Treasurer '45, '46, Student Council '45, Girls Public Speaking Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Sergeant-at-Arms '43, Treasurer '45, Forest Forum '45, '46, Treasurer '46, 3B Class '44, Secretary, 4A Class '46, Secretary, Guard '42, '43, Library Assist- ant '43, '44, Office Assistant '45, '46, Linz Awards '43, '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. JAMES CAMP Track '46, Footballi '42, '43, '44, '45, Base- ball '43, '44, '45, '46, lettered '45, '46, All City and All State '45, State Final '45, American Legion Junior Baseball '45, Fa- vorite Subiect-Commercial Geography, Ambition-Professional Hockey Player, Hobby-Ice Skating, Grade School-Roger Mills. V 'x Fx I , Qi ig-Di w 'i Q Xl , Dx li , v 5 RX A X., VIRGINIA cHEsNIcK , cm. Public speaking Club '43, '44, '45, -if-N, '46, Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, - X '45, '46, All City '45, '46, High Scholarship buy-V4 Club '43, '44, Linz Award '43, Guard '43,' N Tennis Team '45, '46, Grade School-'C W - ' Colonial. X f Q 'VX ' 'XC JOE REAM CODY R.O.T.C. '43, '44, Band '45, '46, Orchestra '44, '45, Echo Staff '45, '46, Track '43, Baseball '45, Football '43, '44, '45, Favor- ite Subiectflournalism, Ambition-News- paper Reporter, Grade School-City Park. JOHN COLEY R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, '45, Sergeant-at-Arms '45, Forest Forum '45, 3A Class '45, Vice-Presi- dent, Football '45f Linz Awards '43, '44, Grade Scl-Qool-Ascher Silberstein. JOYCE COMMONS Favorite Sport-Golf, Favorite Subiect- English, Ambition-Typist, Hobby-CoIlect- ing Books, Grade School-Italy, Texas. BILL COOK RO.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Football '45, Track '46, Favorite Subiect-History, Fa- vorite Sport-Basketball, Ambition-Flier, Grade School-John Henry Brown. JESSIE CORBIN Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect -Home Economics, Ambition-Stenogra- pher, Hobby-Collecting Ornamental Pins, Grade School-Colonial. June '46 Class Helpful office assistants are Reta Leatherman, January '46 valedic- torian, at right and Joan Burch, salutatorian, telephoning. GUYRENE COLLIER National Honor Society '45, '46, High Scholarship Club '44, '45, '46, Texas His- tory Club '44, '45, '46, Office Assistant '43, '44, '45, '46, Forester Staff '45, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Grade School- Chisholm, Texas. JOHN EDGAR CONNER Hi-Y '45, '46, Linz Award '43, Favorite Subject-Architectural Drawing, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Ambition-Architect, Grade School-Richard Lagow. CECIL COOLEY R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, Corporal '45, Fa- vorite Sport-Basketball, Favorite Subiect -Physics, Grade School-Colonial. HAROLD JOE CORTIMILIA Student Council '43, I Am An American Club '43, '44, Hi-Y '43, '44, '45, '46, Ser- geant-at-Arms '43, '44, Vice-President '45, President '46, Ambition-Mechanical Engi- neer, Grade School-John Henry Brown HELEN COX National Honor Society '45, '46, High Scholarship Club '44, '45, '46, Texas His- tory Club '44, '45, '46, Auditores Caesaris '44, '45, '46, Junior Classical League '44, '45, '46, Student Council '43, '45, Office Assistant '43, '44, '45, '46, Forester Staff '45, Linz Awards '44, '45, Grade School- T. C. Hassell. GILBERT DANIEL R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Corporal '43, Staff Sergeant '43, Lieutenant '44, Captain '45, Student Council '44, '45, President '45, .National Honor Society '44, '45, President '45, 3A Class '45, President, Football '43, '44, '45, Lettered '45, Rifle Tearn"43, '44, '45, Captain '45, Pan Amer- ican'Student Forum '42, '43, Junior Ro- tarlan '45, Grade School-T. G. Terry. Helpful office assistants are Reta Leather- man, January '46 valedictorian, at right and Joan Burch, salutatorian, telephoning MARGIE LEE DAY Girls Military '45, Girl Reserves '45, Stu- dent Council '45, Favorite Sport-Minia- ture Golf, Favorite Subject-Accounting, Ambition-Private Secretary, Hobby-Col- lecting Movie Stars Pictures, Grade School -Ascher Silberstein. MERRY DICKERSON G'rls Public Speaking Club '43, '44, Chorus '43, '44, '45, Orchestra '43, '44, '45, Texas History Club '45, '46, Dallas Historical Society '45, '46, Forest Forum '45, '46, Forester Staff '43, '44, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. TH EOLA DOLLAHITE Favorite Sport-Swimming, Favorite Sub- ject-Home Economics, Hobby-Collecting Pictures, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School-Hallsville, Texas. JERRY DOYLE Student Council '43, '45, Basketball '42 '43, '44, '45, '46, Lettered '44, '45, '46, '44, '45, '46, Football '42, '43, '44, '45, Lettered '44, '45, Ambition-Professional Baseball '42, '43, '44, '45, '46, Lettered '43, Baseball Player, Grade School-John Hen- ry Brown. ROBERT EDWARDS Baseball '43, Track '44, '45, Lettered '45, Football '43, '44, '45, Lettered '45, Favor- ite Subject-History, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball,- Hobby - Photography, Ambition - Commercial Photographer, Grade School- . Colonial. Xi JOE EARL ELLIS R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Corporal '43, Sergeant '43, Technical Sergeant '44, First Lieutenant '44, Maior '45, Camp Dallas '42, '43, '44, '45, l Am An American Club '42, Latin Club '43, '44, Sergeant-at-Arms '44, Student Council '42, Junior Red Cross '42, 4B Class '45, Treasurer, Grade School -John Henry Brown. BARBARA DELOACHE Girls Military '43, '44, '45, '46, Sergeant '44, Staff Sergeant '45, Technical Sergeant '45, Allied Arts Club '43, '44, Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding, Favorite Subject -Art, Ambition-Artist, Hobby-Collecting Toy Dogs, Grade School-John Henry Brown. MARTHA LOU DIFFEE Girls Military '45, '46, Corporal '45, Girl Reserves '45, '46, Allied Youth '45, '46, Guard '43, '44, '45, Tenicoit Varsity Team '45, Echo Staff '45, '46, Ambition-Physi- col Education Instructor, Grade School- Colonial. ERNEST DONABERGER R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Corporal '44, Sergeant '44, Staff Sergeant '45, Technical Sergeant '45, Football '42, '43, '44, '45, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect -Home Economics, Hobby-Building Mode' Airplanes, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. MARY DUNBAR Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect -Accounting, Ambition-Pianist, Hobby- Collecting Miniature Horses, Grade School -Colonial. PEGGY s ecret F vorl e e ot a l Dancm G chool c ' , Girl Reserves '45f 6, Junior Red Cross '45, ' , . orum '4 , ',45, ' 6, 4B CI '45, y, -X 'f U 1- 151 Fave it J- b l, bb - - -" l i l L , ' i - , I LOVETA EMMONS Volleyball Varsity Team '46, Tenicoit Var- sity Team '46, Favorite Subiect-Algebra, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Hobby-Collect- ing Dogs, Ambition-Stenographer, Grade School-City Park. GENE EPSTEIN ' R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Corporal '42, Favor- ite Subisct-Art, Favorite Sport-lce Hock- ey, Hobby-Collecting Pin-Ups, Ambition- Civilian Pilot, Grade School-Colonial. GEORGE FAUCETT Baseball '43, '44, Football '44, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Favorite Sport -Swimming, Hobby-Hunting, Ambition- Veterinarian, Grade School-T. G. Terry JO ANN FOOSHEE Girls Military '44, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Favorite Subiect-English, Ambition- Singer, Hobby-Collecting Antique Jewel- ry, Grade School-John Henry Brown. fi ii aj J " 'X 0 ff TJ 4-J LESTER Fi man '44, '45, Juni r R d Cross '43, l Am An Ameri an Club '42, an American Stu- dent Forum '43, '44, '45, Sergeant-at-Arms '44, Student Council '43, '44, High Schol- arship Club '44, Allied Youth '44, Lone Star Boys State '44, Track '45, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Grade School-John Henry Brown. R.O.T.Cl us, '44, 44, Marks. June '46 Class Busy with experiments in chemistry class are Barbara Lebel, Joan Stone, and Avis Apoy. SEVERNA ERLAND Girls Military '44, Vestonians '45, Forest Forum '45, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Fa- vorite Subiect-Typing, .Ambition-Stenog- rapher, Grade School-Cedar Falls, Wash. MARIAN FIELDS Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect -Shorthand, Hobby-Collecting Costume Jewelry, Ambition-Navy Nurse, Grade School-City Park. HELEN FRANCE Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect -Chemistry, Ambition-Career Girl, Hob- by-Collecting Movie Stars Pictures, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. ,,t X SOl.lE FREED Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, '45, '46, Sergeant-at-Arms '44, All State '43 '44, '45, '46, Junior Red Cross '42, '43, Student Council '45, '46, Allied Youth '44, I Am An American Club '42, Tennis Team '45, '46, lettered '45, Grade School-John Henry Brown. NORMA GILREATH Girls Military '44, Staff Sergeant '44, Pep Squad '43, Favorite Sport-Football, Fa- vor Subiect-Geometry, Ambition-Clerical Work, Hobby-Collecting Pictures, Grade School-Richard Lagow. JACK GOLDMAN Band '43, '44, '45, Standard Debating So- ciety '43, '44, '45, Hi-Y '44, '45, Student Council '44, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Favorite Subiect-Public Speaking, Hobby -Magic, Ambition-Lawyer, Grade School -John Henry Brown. ROBERT GORDON R.O.T.C. '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect-Accounting, Ambition- Radio Technician, Hobby-Collecting Stamps, Grade School-Ginger Ward. KATHLEEN GREEN Le Cercle Francais '43, '44, Secretary '43, Parliamentarian '44, IB Class '42, Vice- President, IA Class '43, Secretary, 2A Class '44, Secretary, National Honor Society '45, '46, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Ambition- Photographer, Grade School-Ascher Sil- berstein. ROSE GRUBER-' Girls Military '45, Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, '45, '46, Orchestra '42, '43, Student Council '44, Favorite Subiect -Biology, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Am- bition-Entomologist, Grade School- Colonial. BOBBIE HALEY Favorite Subiect-English, Favorite Sport- Danc'ng, Hobby-Collecting World Street- car Tokens, Ambition-Office Worker, Grade School-City Park. GEORGE HARMON Auditores Caesaris '44, '45, Favorite Sub- iect-Mathematics, Favorite Sport-Base- ball, Hobby-Swimming, Ambition-Doctor, Grade School-Colonial. ANNIE MAE HARRISON Girl Reserves '45, '46, Favorite Subiect- Accounting, Favorite Sport-Volleyball, Hobby-Reading, Ambition-Private Sec- retary, Grade School-Fruitdale, Texas. TOMMIE JO GRACE Girls Military '44, '45, Technical Sergeant '45, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, '46, Le Cercle Francais '44, '45, '46, Allied Youth '45, '46, Favorite Subiect-Biology, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Music, Ambition-Doctor, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. MILTON GRISOM Hi-Y '45, '46, Secretary-Treasurer '46, Student Council '43, '44, Linz Awards '43, '44, Favorite Subiect-Commercial Law, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Hobby-Horse- back Riding, Ambition-Lawyer, Grade School-Richard Lagow. VIRGINIA HAINES Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, '45, I Am An American Club '42, Allied Youth '45, Forest Forum '45, Girls Public Speak- ing Club '42, Favorite Subject-Shorthand, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Hobby-Danc- ing, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. DOROTHY FAY HALL Favorite Subiect-Algebra, Favorite Sport -Football, Hobby-Collecting Recipes, Am- bition-Radio Work, Grade School-City Park. BOBBIE HARRIS Favorite Subiect - Acc o u n ti n g, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Skating, Ambition - Photographer, Grade School - Colonial Hill. VIRGINIA LEE HART Forest Forum '45, Favorite Subiect-.Iour- nalism, Favorite Sport-Ice Skating, Hobby - Reading, Ambition - Trained Nurse, Grade School-Richard Lagow, PATRICIA HATTER Allied Youth '44, '45, Orchestra '43, '44, '45, Favorite Sport-Ice Hockey, Favorite Subiect--English, Ambition-Singer, Hobby -Taking Pictures, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. JIMMIE HEWITT Girl Reserves '45, '4 , Texas ry Club '45, '46, Favorite ort- , Favor- ite Subject-Typing, A ion-Decorator, Hobby-Playin , Grade School- ark, I I - BOBBIE LOU HILLGER vGirl Reserves '45, '46, Treasurer '45, Teni- coit Varsity Team '45, Favorite Sport- Football, Favorite Subiect-Accounting, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School-Ma- bank, Texas. BETTYE HODGES Auditores Caesaris '43, '44, '45, '46, Vice- President '45, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, '46, Corresponding Secretary '46, Junior Red Cross '43, '44, Vestonians '45, '46, Secretary '46, Student Council '43, '44, '45, 3A Class '45, Sergeant-at-Arms, For- ester Staff '45, '46, Guard '43, '44, '45, '46, Hobby-Collecting Coins, Grade School-John Henry Brown. DAVID HERMAN Band '43, '44, '45, '46, Corporal '43, Staff Sergeant '44, Technical Sergeant '44, Sec- ond Lieutenant '45, First Lieutenant '45, Captain '46, Camp Dallas '43, High Schol- arship Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Echo Staff '45, Co-Editor '46, Standard Debating So- ciety '43, '44, '45, '46, Treasurer '44, Secretary '44, Sergeant-at-Arms '45, Presi- dent '45, National Honor Society '45, '46, Vice-President '46, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, '46, Ready Writers Award '45, Grade School-Colonial. KENNETH HIGGINBOTHAM 4B Class '45, President, Track '43, '44, '45, Football '43, '44, '45, lettered '44, '45, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subject -English, Ambition-Professional Football Player, Hobby-Collecting Dice, Grade School-City Park. EUGENE HIXSQN Baseball '43, '44, '45, '46, Lettered '43, '44, '45, '46, Basketball '43, '44, '45, '46, Lettered '44, '45, '46, Football '45, Let- tered '45, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favor- ite Subiect-Geometry, Ambition-Profes- sional Baseball Player, Hobby-Drawing, Gr de School-Richard Lagow. ,Af f fi RAE HOFFMAN Girls Military '43, '44, '45, '46, Sergeant '45, Staff Sergeant '45, National Honor Society '45, '46, High Scholarship Clul: '43, '44, '45, '46, Girls Public Speaking Cl'-'ll '43, '44, '45, '46, Secretary '45, Pan American Student Forum '44, '45, '46, Al' CNY '44, '45, '46, Dallas Historical So- ciety '45, '46, 2A Class '44, Parliamen- tarian, Forester Staff '44, '45, '46, Busi. ness Manager '45, Echo Staff '45, '46 News Editor '46, Guard '44, '45, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, crude schoon- Colonial. , , J u n e 46 Class Some fun, Hugh Crow and John Lievsay try out makeup in Public Speaking. ,,,,,,,,,,,-,M ,A N... ..c..., ,Wm . BILLY HORN R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Sergeant '44, Sharp- shooter '44, Hi-Y '45, '4o, Football '45, Baseball '45, Track '45, Favorite Sport- Football, Favorite Subiect-Architectural Drawing, Grade School-Richard Lagow GERALDINE HUGHEY Girls Military '45, '46, Le Cercle Francais '43, '44, Favorite Sport-Skating, Favorite Subject-Accounting, Ambition-Secretary, Hobby-Collecting Snapshots, Grade School-Colonial. BOBBY JACKSON R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Lieutenant '44, Captain '45, Camp Dallas '43, '44, Rangers '43, '44, Student Council '45, Dallas His- torical Society '45, '46, Favorite Subiect- History, Favorite Sport-Football, Ambition -Agriculture Specialist, Hobby-Collecting Dice, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. f f MARJORIE ANN JOHNSON Girls Military '44, Sergeant '44, I Am An American Club '42, Forest Forum '45, '46, Student Council '45, Chorus '42, '43, '44, Office Assistant '45, Guard '42, '43, '44, '45, Tenicoit Varsity Team '45, Favorite Subiect-History, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Ambition-Private Secretary, Hobby-Col Iecting Songs, Grade School-Ascher Sil- berstein. MARGARET WILLETTE KEATON Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, '45, '46, Chorus '43, '44, Junior Red Cross '45, '46, Secretary '45, Student Council '43, '44, Forester Staff '45, Echo Staff '45, '46, Vestonians '45, '46, Cheerleader '45, '46, Tennis '45, '46, Ambition-Physical Educa- tion Teacher, Grade School-John Henry Brown. 1 WI NIE K KIRK tud ouncil '4 , , Vestoni ns '45 N, N, ior Red ross '4 , '45, " , Treas- D f Pre ' e i '45, '46, miie sub- i ct Ho e Econ mi s- Fav rite S ort 1 1 P "' Hor bac idipg,'Ho by oller Skating, Am pn-:g,Z'wn a , Grade School 1 John Henr Brown. ,J i FRED WILLIAM KORNGUT RO.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Corporal '44, Sergeant '45, Staff Sergeant '45, Standard Debating Society '44, '45, '46, Forester Staff '44, '45, '46, High Scholarship Club '45, '46, 2B Class '43, Sergeant-at-Arms, Linz Award '44, Ambition-Electrical En- gineer, Grade School-Colonial. JOANNE KREITER I Am An American Club '42, '43, High Scholarship Club '45, Forest Forum '45 '46, Tenicoit Varsity Team '44, '45, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Favorite Subiect- Accounting, Favorite Sport-Football, Hob- by-Reading Books, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School-John Henry Brown. JOHN JEFFERIES R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Sergeant '43, Staff Sergeant '45, Technical Sergeant '45, Favorite Subject-History, Favorite Sport- Golf, Hobby-Building Model Airplanes, Grade School-Richard Lagow. MONTYE JONES Favorite Subject-Public Speaking, Favor- ite Sport- Tennis, Ambition - Laboratory Technician, Hobby-Collecting Human In- terest Stories, Grade School-City Pa JI 09 t ELMO KIEKE R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Corporal '44, Staff Sergeant '45, Lieutenant '45, Cap- tain '45, Student Council '45, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Favorite Sport- Football, Hobby-Collecting German Equip- ment, Ambition-Aircraft Engineer, Grade School-Colonial Hill. JACK KNOTT R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Corporal '44 Staff Sergeant '44, Technical Sergeant '45 Second Lieutenant '45, Favorite Subiect- Architectural Drawing, Favorite Sport- Boxing, Hobby-Collecting Old Money, Ambition-Flyer, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. Z W Sergean ' erce ncais '43 4 45 6 e- esident '43, Secretary 44 High Sch la shp Club, 43, '44, '45, Girls Public Sp a ng Club '43, '44, '45 '46, Sergeant-at-Arms '44, Vice-President '45, National Honor Society '45, '46, For- ester Staff '45, '46, Advertising Manager '45, Guard '43, 2B Class '43, Treasurer, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Grade School- Colonial. I X, RO LIE T G' - ilitary HI ' , 45, rporal '44, L I I I 14" d EDWARD LACY Hi-Y '44, '45, Favorite Subiect-Salesmam ship, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Hobby- Coming to School, Ambition-Doctor, Grade School-Mabank, Texas. PEGGIE LAMAN Girls Military '43, Forest Forum '45, '46, Student Council '45, Echo Reporter '45 '46, Girls Chorus '45, Favorite Subject- Aeronautics, Ambition-Model, Favorite Sport - Football, Grade School - James Bowie. BARBARA LEBEL Girls Military '44, '45, Girl Reserves '43, '44, '45, Interclub Council Representative '44, President, '45, Le Cercle Francais '43, '44, '45, Secretary '44, Treasurer '45, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, '45, Volleyball Varsity Team '45, Linz Awards '42, '43, Grade School-Sunset, Texas. SHIRLEY LEVENTHAL Girls Military '45, Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, '45, '46, All City '45, '46, Forest Forum '45, '46, Girls Public Speak- ing Club '45, '46, Echo Staff '45, Ambi- tion-X-Ray Technician, Grade School- Colonial. RUTHE LEE LEWIN Girls Military '43, '44, Staff Sergeant '44, National Honor Society '45, '46, Girls Public Speaking Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Sergeant-at-Arms '45, Pan American Stu- dent Forum '43, '44, '45, '46, High Schol- arship Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Allied Youth '44, O Club-Brasileiro '45, Student Coun- cil '43, Forester Staff '45, '46, Office As- sistant '43, '45, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Grade School-Colonial. WAUSCEL LARUE Tenicoit Varsity Team '45, Posture Contest '42, '43, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-Mathematics, Ambition--Aviatrix, Grade School-Ascher Silbersteinx VIVA LEMMOND Student Council '43, Echo Reporter '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Sub- iect-Journalism, Ambition-Comptometer Operator, Hobby-Collecting Lapel Pins, Grade School-T. G. Terry. VICTOR LEVY R.O.T.C. '44, '45, Corporal '45, Standard Debating Society '43, '44, Sergeant-ab Arms '43, Treasurer '44, Auditores Caesaris '44, '45, Sergeant-at-Arms '44, Owl and Keystone Award '45, Linz Awards '44, '45 Ambition--Chemical Engineer, Grade School-Colonial. MARY LOU LEWIS Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subject -Typing, Ambition-Secretary, Hobby- Collecting Pictures, Grade School-City Park. ' 7 June .46 Class Getting in shape for next season is the Lion football squad. JOHN LIEVSAY R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, Sergeant '45, Foot- ball '43, '44, Baseball '43, '44, '45, Let- tered '45, Track '43, American Legion Jun- ior Baseball Team '44, '45, Band '45, Echo Staff '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect-History, Ambition-Base- ball Player, Grade School-John Henry Brown. Gettin in shapelfor next season is the Lion fdotball squad. ET LIN,l1SAY Dalla i to ix Soci ' '44, '45, '46, Le l rcl ranc 4 ' , '46, Girl Reserves 6, Al Yluh '45, '46, Student n l '45 vorit ort-Football, Am- ion N ' ian -- Music, Grade L clhaudb- her Silberstein. i 'ZEKE LINDSEY O Club Brasileiro '45, '46, President '45, Echo Staff '45, '46, Co-Editor '46, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-Journal- ism, Grade School-Denison, Texas. JAMES MARSHALL R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Staff Sergeant '45, Rangers '43, '44, Favorite Sport- Softball, Favorite Subject-Physics, Ambi- tion-Physicist, Hobby-Collecting Guns, Grade School-Of M. Roberts. MARGIE GERALDINE McKAY I Am An American Club '42, Girl Reserves '45, '46, Chairman of Jacket Committee '45, Dallas Historical Society '45, '46, High Scholarship Club '46, Junior Red Cross '45, '46, Secretary '46, Forester Staff '45, '46, Assistant Senior Editor '46, Guard '43, Perfect Attendance '45, Grade School-Bristol, Texas. MARY BETH McKENZlE Echo Staff '45, '46, Young Retailers '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Tennis, Favorite Sub- ject - History, Ambition - Stenographer, Hobby-Collecting Street Car Tokens, Grade School-Van, Texas. FLOICE MINTER Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Ambi- tion-Bookkeeper, Favorite Sport-Dancing, Hobby-Collecting Souvenirs, Grade School --Colonial. TOMMY MOORE R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Corporal '43, Staff Sergeant '44, First Sergeant '44, Sec- ond Lieutenant '45, Rifle Team '45, Foot- ball '42, '43, '44, '45, Track '44, Favorite Sport-Football, Ambition-Lawyer, Grade School-John Henry Brown. ANITA SUE LYNCH National Honor Society '45, '46, Library Assistant '43, '44, Young Retailers '45, '46, Secretary '45, Treasurer '46, Junior Red Cross, 4B Class Representative '45, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Favorite Sport- Football, Favorite Subiect-Art, Ambition- Commercial Artist, Grade School -Ascher Silberstein. MARTHA JO MATTHEWS Girls Military '43, '44, '45, First Lieutenant '45, Auclitores Caesaris '43, '44, High Scholarship Club '44, '45, Girls Public Speaking Club '43, '44, '45, Student Coun- cil '43, '44, '45, Traffic Court '45, Asso- ciate Jduge, Office Assistant '43, '44, Pep Squad '43, Girl Reserves '43, R.O.T.C. Queen '44, Linz Awards '43, '44, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. ELHABETH McKENZIE Girl Reserves '44, '45, Vice-President '44, '45, Forest Forum '44, '45, Tenicoit Varsity Team '46, Volleyball Varsity Team '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Ice Skating, Favorite Sub- ject - Accounting, Ambition - Bookkeeper, Grade School-Richard Logow. ee' 'V XJ DON MlLLENDER Football '45, Lettered '45, Basketball '42, '43, '44, '45, '46, Lettered '45, '46, Base- ball '45, '46, Lettered '45, '46, Golf '42, '43, '44, '45, '46, Lettered '43, '44, '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Favorite Subject-History, Ambition-Baseball Play- er, Grade School-T. G. Terry. MARGARET MOORE Girls Military '45, Student Council '44, '45, '46, Vice-President '45, '46, Auditores Caesaris '43, '44, '45, '46, President '45, Treasurer '45, I Am An American Club '42, '43, Texas History Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Treasurer '44, Junior Classical League '43, '44, '45, '46, State Vice-President '45, '46, Forester Staff '43, '44, '45, '46, High Scholarship Club '44, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, Linz Award '44, Latin Pin -Owl '44, Grade School-Ascher Silber- stein. FAYRENE MOULTON Girls Military '45, '46, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, '45, Guard '44, '45, Echo Staff '45, '46, Volleyball Varsity Team '45, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Favorite Subiect -Shorthand, Ambition-Secretary, Favorite Sport-Football, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. ,,. 3, ,. ' MARl'LYN MURPHY Echo Staff '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Base- ball, Favorite Subject-Typing, Ambition- Secretary, Hobby-Collecting Military Pins, Grade School-Vernon, Texas. JOYCE MYERS Student Council '43, '44, '45, '46, Vestoni- ans '45, '46, Treasurer '45, Echo Reporter '44, Favorite Sport- Baseball, Favorite Subiect-English, Ambition-Stenographer, Hobby - Dancing, Grade School - Ascher Silberstein. LOIS NELSON High Scholarship Club '44, '45, '46, Treas- urer '45, Dallas Historical Society '45, 46 Second Vice-President '45, Secretary '46, l Am An American Club '43, Student Coun- cil '43, '46, Junior Red Cross '45, '46, President '46, National Honor Society '45 '46, Forester Staff '45, '46, Literary Editor '46, Office Assistant '44, '45, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Grade School -Virginia, Minnesota. ff ANNA LO I Forest Forum ' ' eserye '4 , '44, ' 5, u Red s '45- t ans '46, E '45 ' , t nt Council '45, Eyball Va ea ' ,F v i Sport . ootb avorite ' -Journalism, rade School ard Lagow. DONALD -RAY MURRAY R.O.T.C. '43, '44, Young Retailers '45, President, Favorite Sport-Football, Favor- ite Subiect-Architectural Drawing, Ambi- tion - Draftsman, Grade School - Richard Lagow. MARY FRANCES NAIL Girl Reserves '43, Forest Forum '45, '46 Secretary '45, Student Council '44, Favor- ite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-Ac- counting, Ambition-Secretary, Hobby- Collecting Perfume Bottles, Grade School- John Henry Brown. NATHAN NEWMAN R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, Standard Debating Society '44, '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Favorite Subiect-Chemistry, Ambi- tion-Doctor, Hobby-Building Model Air- planes, Grade School-Olney, Texas. COLLEEN ORRILL Student Council '43, '44, '45, '46, Traffic Judge '44, '45, High Scholarship Club '44, '45, '46, Forest Forum '45, '46, Pan Ameri- can Student Forum '45, '46, Girls Public Speaking Club '44, '45, '46, Echo Reporter '45, O Club Brasileiro '45, '46, Junior Red Cross '44, Forester Staff '45, '46, Activities Editor '45, '46, Linz Awards '44, '45, Grade School-Ben Milam. June '46 Class A usual scene in the Dean's office is Miss Foote, with Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Jackson. Their helpers are Shirley Somer, Betty Segal, and Joyce Fuller. CECIL PALMER R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Corporal '44, Staff Sergeant '45, Favorite Sport-Base- ball, Favorite Subiect-Social Studies, Hob- by-Collecting Streetcar Tokens, Ambition -Architect, Grade School-Colonial. WINNIE .IO PALMER Girls Military '43, Pep Squad '43, Student Council '43, Echo Staff '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subject-Account ing, Ambition-Typist, Hobby-Collecting Glass Dogs, Grade School-Richard Lagow JANE PARIS Texas History Club '44, '45, '46, Student Council '43, '45, Junior Red Cross '45, Echo Staff '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Horse- back Riding, Favorite Subiect-Journalism, Ambition-To Own a Ranch, Grade Schoo' -Ascher Silberstein. Gl.ORlA PATTERSON Tenicoit Varsity Team '45, Linz Bible Award '45, Favorite Sport-Football, Fa- vorite Subiect-English, Ambition-Baptist State Worker, Hobby-Collecting Pictures, Grade School-Colonial. MARGUERITE PHELPS Favorite Subiect-Mathematics, Favorite Sport-Volleyball, Ambition-Missionary, Grade School-.lohn Henry Brown. MILDRED RAE POWELL Girls Military '43, Auditores Caesaris '43, '44, Lati14?Award '43, Favorite Sport-Ten- nis, Favorite Subiect-Latin, Ambition- Doctor, Grade School--Ascher Silberstein JEAN RANDOLPH Favorite Sport-Roller Skating, Favorite Subiect-History, Ambition-Stenographer, Hobby - Collecting Snapshots, Grade School-Midland, Texas. ANNETTE RASPANTE Girls Military '43, Girls Public Speaking Club '43, Student Council '43, Young Re- tailers '44, '45, Favorite Sport-Dancing, Favorite Subiect-Distributive Education, Ambition-Office Worker, Grade School- T. C. Hassell. Wll.l.OUlSE PARSONS Favorite Sport-Basketball, Favorite Sub- iect - Chemistry, Ambition - Career Girl, Hobby-Collecting Movie Stars Pictures, Grade School-Daugherty, Texas. HOWARD LEE PERRY Favorite Sport-Bowling, Favorite Subiect- Mathematics, Ambition-Secretary, Hobby -Raising Birds, Grade School-John Henry Brown. I' ', ,Te TZ. ,... , ,f+ ' V A , ' 4 ,s f 'Bi,LLY ifiiiiuns A f 1 Am An'-Atl epeqgftyciju f45, 549, ,sigdjfii . . , , A t. 4 council '43 1 43, '44,'F ofball 42:'4a,f' , 45, 46, ynsreg1,,45f'4b,,tru9k 43, 44, '45, Ba5bell"4 , xmg' 'liepm '45, Favor- ite Subiectf- o e Ec,6n'onfil:s,"Grade S9h I-1 sghd0!S'libefstpin.,f 2 LX I if CECIL PRITCHETT R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Corporal '44 Sergeant '44, Staff Sergeant '44, Technical Sergeant '45, Second Lieutenant '45, Rang- ers '42, '43, Cheerleader '45, '46, Favor- ite Subiect-Journalism, Favorite Sport- Football, Grade School-T. G. Terry. JUNE RANDOLPH Favorite Sport-Roller Skating, Favorite Subiect-History, Ambition-Stenographer, Hobby-Collecting Snapshots, Grade School-Midland, Texas. ,V Girls Military '44 Auditores Caesaris '43, '44, '45, '46, Treasurer '44, President '45, Junior Classical League '43, '44, '45, '46, Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, '45, '46, Second Vice-President '44, Vestonians '44 '45, '46, Student Council '43, '44, '45, 2A Class '44, President, 3B Class '44, Parlia- mentarian, Echo Staff '43, '44, Forester Staff '44, '45, Office Assistant '43, '44, Latin Awards '43, '44, '45, Grade School- John Henry Brown.' BETTY J N R.O.T.C. Band '43, '44, '45, '46, Sergeant '44, Second Lieutenant '45, First Lieutenant '46, Standard Debating Society '43, '44, '45, '46, Secretary '45, Treasurer '46, High Scholarship Club '44, '45, '46, Sergeant- at-Arrns '45, Vice-President '46, Pan Amer- ican Student Forum '43, '44, '45, '46, O Club Brasileiro '46, Texas History Club '46, National Honor Society '45, '46, Echo Staff '45, '46, Forester Staff '45, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Grade School- Colonial. HORACE REPHAN R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Corporal '43, Staff Sergeant '44, Camp Dallas '42, Standard Debating Society '43, '44, 2B Class '44 Secretary, Allied Youth '44, Football '45, Tennis '46, Grade School-Colonial. VIDA RICKMON L'nz Award '45, Favorite Subject-Typing, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Collect- ing Silver Dollars, Ambition-Stenogra- pher, Grade School-Rockwall, Texas. FLORINE ROBISON Girls Military '44, '45, Tenicoit Varsity Team '45, Favorite Subiect-Home Econom- ics, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Col lecting Service Pins, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46 Ser tt '44 Technical Sergeant '45, Dallas Historical Society '44,' '45, '46, Parliamentarian '44, Vice-President '45, President '46, I Am An American Club '42, '43, Texas History Club"46, High Scholarship Club '44, '45, '46, Pan American Student Forum '43, '44 '45, '46, All City President '45, '46, o Club Brasileiro '45, '46, Forester Staff '45, First Place All-State Piano Contest '45, Grade School-Colonial. EUNICE RICHTER Girls Military '44, '45, Girls Public Speak- ing Club '44, '45, Pan American Student Forum '44, '45, High Scholarship Club '45, Tennis '45, '46, Linz Award '45, Grade School-Overton, Texas. HAROLD RIGGS Track '42, '43, Favorite Subject-Arcl1itec tural Drawing, Favorite Sport-Football, Ambition-Draftsman, Grade School-T. G Terry. MARVONELLE ROE Favorite Subject-History, Favorite Sport- Swimming, Ambition-Housewife, Hobby- Collecting Glass Dogs, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. 1 J u n e 46 C l ass Helping to prepare the Forester for publication is the senior typing class. RAE ROGERS Girls Military '44, Girl Reserves '45, '46, Vestonians '45, '46, Tenicoit Varsity Team '44, Favorite Subiect-Geometry, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Kodaking, Grade School--John Henry Brown. REA ROGERS Girl Reserves '45, '46, Sergeant-at-Arms '45, Vestonians '45, Favorite Subiect-His- tory, Ambition-Model, Grade School- John Henry Brown.- Helping to prepare the Forester for publi- cation is the senior typ'ng class. f X 7 , 1 1, ' ' I JETTIE MAE ROWE Girls Military '45, Favorite Sport-Base- ball, Favorite Subiect-Shorthand, Ambi- tion - Secretary, Grade School - Whitney, A Texas. MAY DELL SAMFORD Girls Military '43, '44, Echo Staff '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect - Home Economics, Ambition - Stenogra- pher, Hobby-Collecting Salt and Pepper Shakers, Grade School-David Crockett. RUBY FAYE SC R Natic-W' Honor Societ 45, High Scholar- ship Club '43, '4 '4 , e Cercle Fr'-ncais I I 43, '44, , Serg t- rms 44, Secre- t '45, re 'dent , Dallas Historical s y' , 'cs sim 43, '45, Linz Awa -t ' 4, ' . ' a e School-Richard X t AL Girls Pu lic pea Club '44, '45, '46, Secret '45, r ident '46, Parliamenta- 'an 6, Forest oru ' , '46, Junior Red ss '43, '44, '45, , Parliamentarian 45, Vice-Prsid '46,' High Scholarship Club '44,f' , y' 6, Natl: nal Honor Society '45, '46, uarisl '44, Office Assistant '45, '46, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BETTY JO SIMS Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect -Algebra, Ambition-Nurse, Hobby-Col- lecting Snapshots, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. PAUL SINGER R.O,T.C.. '43, '44, '45, Band '45, Favorite Subiect-English, Favorite Sport-Football, Ambition-Engineer, Grade School- V Colonial. L MARTIN RUTCHIK R,o.T. T ' a, '44, ' , Cvofgral 'g5,1Aprks- mu - , ' : ' f , '44s A 'Wd Youth '44, l Am An rica 'Club S85-Ge, ' ' e a ri c ent -'44, Grad chool- 7'2!g, wr.. JOYCE SCALLONS Echo Staff '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Favorite Subject-Biology, Ambition- News Correspondent, Hobby-Collecting China Vases, Grade School-John Henry Brown. FQ. J 1- SCOTT R. .T. . li" A 46, Corporal '44, -- ergeant -. Second Lieutenant '45, "1 gers 4 , 4 - Sharpshooter '43, Cheer- ri 1' 6- Grade School-Atoka, klahoma. x. Y f xl: X HE X . O 143, 1 1 I I Q , nt '44, Sergeant '44, Techni- K XI I i AL , ,I lo X 'XX X ,f E MA SHIPP Dallas Histo al S cet '45, '4 , Vestoni- ans '45, , Presi ntk'46, P sture Con- tes 4 ' 3, '44, 5, Tenico' arsity Team '44 '4 , B e Varsit eam '44, Bas- ke ll Var t Tea '4 Favorite Sport- B eboll, F orite I ct-History, Grade Sch ol-Joh enry Brown. JOYCE SIMS Girls Military '45, Dallas Historical Society '45, Forest Forum '45, Girl Reserves '45, Office Assistant '43, '45, Guard '43, Echo Staff '45, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favor- ite Subject-English, Ambition-Record Li- brarian, Grade School-Colonial. INA PEARL SLAYDON Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Favor- ite Sport-Roller Skating, Hobby-Writing Letters, Grade School-City Park. CLYDE SMITH R.O.T.C. '42, Band '43, Favorite Sport- Football, Favorite Subiect-Home Econom- ics, Ambition-Radio Technician, Hobby- Radio, Grade School-John Henry Brown VIRGINIA SMITH Girls Military '45, I Am An American Club '42, High Scholarship Club '42, '43, '44 '45, National Honor Society '45, '46, Stu- dent Council '45, Office Assistant '45, '46, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Ambition-Pri- vate Secretary, Grade School-John Henry Brown. EVELYN SOMER Girls Public Speaking Club '43, '44, '45 '46, Pan American Student Forum '43, '44 '45, '46, All City '43, '44, Allied Youth '44, '45, Student Council '42, '43, Linz Awards '44, '45, Ambition-World Traveler, Grade School-Colonial. GLENN ST. CLAIR Football '43, '44, Track '43, Baseball '46, Favorite Subiect-Art, Ambition-Texas Ranger, Hobby-Photography, Grads School-Ennis, Texas. BARBARA LYNN SMITH Girls Military '44, Girl Reserves '45, '46, Allied Arts Club '43, Texas History Club '45, '46, Dallas Historical Society '45, '46, Forest Forum '45, '46, Junior Red Cross '45, '46, Vice-President '45, Student Coun- cil '44, Grade School-Richard Lagow. ADA ALYENE SNOW Favorite Sport-Bowling, Favorite Subject -Ar't, Ambition-Dress Designer, Hobby- Collecting Records, Grade School-John Henry Brown. RICHARD STACKHQUSE Standard Debating Society '42, I Am An American Club '42, Linz Award '42, Favor- ite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect- Chemistry, Ambition-Chemical Engineer, Hobby-Locks, Grade School-John Henry Bravo BETTYE STEELE Girls Military '43, Pep Squad '42, '43, Favorite-Sport-Football, Favorite Subject -Distributive Education, Grade School- -1 City Park. vw 'X MORRIS' STEINBERG .l '46 Cl Art maiors are working industriously on a new idea for the Annual. R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Selgedtti Staff Sergeant '44,.Technical Sergeant, '44 First xSe'rgean4" '45, Second Lieutenant '45, Rifle lgqm '44, '45, '46, Mbrksman '43, Sharpshooter '44, 'Eicpert '45, Track Team '44, High Scholarship Club '43, '4 , '45 '46, President '46, Pan American tudent Forum '43, '44, '45, '46, Sergeant-at-Arms '44, All City"'44, '45, '46: IB Class '42, Secretary, 2A Class '44, Treasurer, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Grade School-John Henry Brown. JEAN MAXINE STEWART Girls Military '44, '45, Staff Sergeant '45, Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding, Favor- ite Subiect - History, Ambition - Nurse, Hobby-Collecting Photographs, Grade School-McKinney, Texas. Art maiors are working industriously on a new idea for the Annual. JOAN DOLORES STONE Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, '45, '46, Secretary '44, Pr sident '45, High Scholarship b '43 '44, '45, '46, Girl Reserves '4 , '43, uard '43, Student Council ' , '45 46, Secretary '45, '46, Ve to i s '45 6, Parliame tarian '45, Na io Ho o ociety '46, 2 Class '42, ei nt, ts lass '44 ice-President, 4A Class ' 6, resid t Office Assistant '4 4, ' 5, ' , Li Awards '43, '44, 5, Grade ' - -Ascher Silberstein. Ill, t ,KURSLEY F V 4 415 Q , B R.O.T.C. '4 A'l'4f3 Camp tDal'las' r .ite Sgfrt-Foowa , Fpvorute Subiect-Ari' 2 I1 4 S-taff Sergeant '44, heehleader 45, Favor- chiiyerlural Drg ii gf Ambition-Draftspfacfn, vyjffib radZ153:hool-Ascher Silberstein. , , 1 L N 4 if , 'ii' "4 . 1 H PM A' Ji t ,Q 2 'Qc , i f 4 if " l I I I f ' TJ PEGGY JOYCE THREATT Vestonians "45, '46, Tenicoit Varsity Team '45, Favorite Sport - Football, Favorite Subiect - English, Ambition - Secretary Hobby-Collecting Records, Grade School- Ascher Sflberstein. LEWIS TUCKER Allied Arts Club '43, Student Council '45, Hi-Y '45, Football '43, Favorite Sport- Football, Favorite Subiect-Home Econom- ics, Ambition-Test Pilot, Grade School- T. G. Terry. JASPER WAGLIARDO R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, Corporal '44, Ser- geant '44, Staff Sergeant '45, Favorite Sport- Swimming, Favorite Subject - Ac- counting, Hobby-Raising Game Chickens, Grade School-John Henry Brown. GILBERT STRICKLAND R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Corporal '44, Ser- geant '45, Dallas Historical Society '45 '46, Sergeant-at-Arms '45, '46, Favorite Subiect-Architectural Drawing, Favorite Sport- Football, Ambition - Aeronautica' Engineer, Grade School-City Park. BOBBIE JO TATUM Girls Military '44, '45, Technical Sergeant '45, Chorus '42, Tenicoit Varsity Team '45, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect -Home Economics, Ambition-Stenogra- pher, Hobby-Skating, Grade School- T. C. Hassell. JEROME ALAN TOBIAS R.O.T.C. Band '43, '44, '45, '46, Corporal '44, Sergeant '45, Staff Sergeant '45, Standard Debating Society '43, '44, '45 '46, Keeper-of-the-Records '44, High Schol- arship Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Texas His- tory Club '45, '46, Sergeant-at-Arms '46, Forester Business Staff '44, '45, '46, Busi- ness Assistant '45, Echo Staff '45, '46, All City Music Festival '4-4, Ready Writers Contest '44, '45, Lone Star Boys State '44, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Grade School- .lohn Henry Brown. JOHN VATSURES R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Corporal '43 Staff Sergeant '44, Technical Sergeant '45, Forester Staff '46, Assistant Art Editor '46, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Favorite Sub- iect-Art, Hobby-Drawing Pictures, Grade School-John Henry Brown. DOROTHY WALKER Dallas Historical Society '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-History, Ambition-Model, Hobby-lce Skating, Grade School-John Henry Brown. 1 - - P 5 ,lu . Y, I B., , -lc Rgeswwmiekp R.O.'F?C,s-142, ' , '4 '4 Corporal '44, Sefgeant '44,fSecond L enant '44, First LieutenarjvV'45, Captain '45, Maior '46,-Campilla '44, q57Efficiency Med- al, Rifle Eitpertpl An American Club '42, .Rigas H'storical" Society '44, '45, Fa- vqife port- ot' ll, Favorite Subiect- Eng ish, Ambition-United States Army, Grade School-City Park. JAMES WALTERS R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, Corporal '44, Fa- vorite Sport-Basketball, Favorite Subiect- Chemistry, Ambition - Chemist, Hobby - Model Building, Grade School-Jefferson. CHRISTINE WATKINS Favorite Subject-Typing, Favorite Sport- Football, Hobby-Collecting Photographs, Ambition - Typist, Grade School -John Henry Brown. MARY LOU WATKINS Girls Military '44, '45, Sergeant '45, Staff Sergeant '45, Allied Arts Club '42, Art Award '44, Allied Youth '44, '45, Favorite Subject-Art, Favorite Sport-Horseback, Hobby-Collecting Miniature Pitch- ers, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. MAXINE WATSON Giris Miiitary '45, Staff Sergeant '45, Au- ditores Caesaris '44, '45, '46, High Schol- arship Club '45, '46, Dallas Historical So- ciety '45, '46, Echo Staff '45, '46, Linz Award '45, Hobby-Collecting Foreign Coins, Grade School-John H. Reagan. NELDA JO WESTMORELAND Volleyball Varsity Team '44, '45, Favorite Subiect-History, Favorite Sport-Skating, Ambition-Nurse, Hobby-Collecting Pic- ture Post Cards. 7 J U n e 46 CI a ss Friendly assistants to pupils are Miss Donahue, librarian, and her helpers. GLADYS WATKINS Linz Awards '44, '45, Tenicoit Varsity Team '45, Favorite Subject-Typing, Favor- ite Sport-Baseball, Ambition-Private Sec- retary, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BILLIE .IO WATSON Favorite Subiect-Mathematics, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Hobby-Collecting Movie Stars Pictures, Grade School-Tolosa, Texas. BILLY WEBB Hi-Y '45, Favorite Subiect-History, Favor- ite Sport--Swimming, Hobby-Hunting, Ambition-Test Pilot, Grade School-Rich- ard Lagow. RUTH WHEELER cms Military '44LGirl Res f ' ,se-K' retaty '45, Vesf ' , tudent Coun- cil4157V'X4'f , :Linz Award '43, Favorite gquaiQ g, Favorite Sport-Foot get I, AmbitioniH?mwife y-Col- lecting China 9fxg',iG6'fie!School-John Henry Brown. -.qyv DORIS WICKLIFFE High Scholarship Club '46, Student Coun- cil '45, Girl Reserves '45, '46, Parliamen- tarian '45, Forester Staff '46, Assistant Senior Editor '46, Linz Award '45, Favor- ite Subiect-Biology, Favorite Sport-Base- ball, Ambition-Becuut O erator' Hobb - Y P I Y Reading, Grade School-Ferris, Texas. BETTY LOU WILES Ve oni ns '45, '46, Fav 'te S b'ect- ' ' qfgaffgoffbali A tion - Housewif bby - Collecting e ' ade ,.Texas. lendly ass' nts to pu is are Miss Don- e, rarian er Ilpers. BILLIE WILLIAMS Student Council '44p Dallas Historical So- ciety '45, '46, Forest Forum '45, '46g Fa- vorite Subiect-En Iilzy Favorite! Sport- Football, Hobby 'ggi 'Foreign Mon- eyp Grad ool-Asfh' Silberstein. ll X QF' Q ' f ff 17" C 1 1 JM x j X WINNIE SUE WILSON Girls Military '44, Favorite Subiect-Eng- lish, Favorite Sport-Golf, Ambition-Pri- vate Secretary, Hobby-Music, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. YVONNE WYRICK Vestonians '45, '46, Linz Award '43, Fa- vorite Subiect-Shorthand, Favorite Sport -Football, Ambition-Stenographer, Grade School-John Henry Brown. Class Song, June '46 To the Tune of "lt's Been a Long, Long Time" Forest, dear old Forest, How we'lI miss you when we're gone, You are the best of schools. We won't forget our freshman days, We were so quickly drawn To all your ways and rules. We won't forget the 'Football games and Friday dances, Or that cute junior who caught all our glances. But we'll return, our hearts will yearn To see you once again. You are a grand old school. -Norwin Gene Ray. JOHNNIE WILLIAMS Favorite Subiect-History: Favorite Sport- Baseballp Ambition-Accountant, Hobby- Collecting Foreign Coins: Grade School- Colonial. LETA MAE WISE Favorite Subiect-Clothing, Favorite Sport -Basketball, Ambition-Typist, Grade School-Eustace, Texas. ALICE ZAJDL Favorite Subject-Shorthand, Favorite Sport -Football, Hobby- Collecting Snapshotsg Ambition - Stenographery Grade School- Richard Lagow. Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect -Mathematics, Ambition-Navy, Hobby- Model Airplanes, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. FREIDA ANN BENSON Girls Military '44, '45, Corporal '45, Girls Public Speaking Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Texas History Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Vice- President '45, High Scholarship Club '44, '45, '46, Auditores Caesaris '43, '44, '45, '46, President '46, Junior Classical League '43, '44, '45, '46, Forester Staff '46, Guard '43, Office Assistant '43, '44, Student Council '43, Latin Awards '43, '44, '45 ,46, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Dad's Club At- tendance Contest, Princess '46, Grade School-Colonial. LOIS BOONE Girls Military '45, '46, Staff Sergeant '45, Pep Squad '43, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-History, Hobby-CoIlect- ing Snapshots, Grade School-Colonial. DOROTHY CARTER Girls Military '43, '44, '45, First Sergeant '45, Basketball Varsity Team '45, Girl Re- serves '45, Favorite Sport-Ice Skating, Grade School-City Park. ' ZADIE BALL Girls Military '45, Student Council '45, Tenicoit and Volleyball Varsity Teams '45, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect -Art, Grade School-Richard Lagow. DOROTHY ANN BIRD Volleyball Varsity Team '45, Favorite Sport -Ice Skating, Favorite Subiect-History, Ambition-Bookkeeper, Hobby-Collecting Movie Stars Pictures, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. BETTY LOU BROWNE Girls Military '43, '44, '45, Technical Ser- geant '45, First Sergeant '46, Girl Reserves '44, '45, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Grade School--Richard Lagow. BOBBIE COLLINS Guard '45, Favorite Subiect-English, Fa- vorite Sport-Baseball, Ambition-Model, Hobby-Collecting Miniature Dogs, Grade School-John Henry Brown. 7 January 47 Class Always on the job is our senior counselor, Mrs. Brown, here advising Eunice Richter. JOE WAYNE COMBS I Am An American Club '43, Le Cercle Francais '43, '44, Texas History Club '44, '45, Student Council '43, '44, '45, '46, Football '43, '44, '45, '46, Lettered '45, '46, Track '43, '44, '45, '46, Lettered '46, Basketball '43, '44, Linz Award '43, Grade School-Colonial. DORIS JEAN COOK Girls Military '44, '45, Staff Sergeant '45, Student Council '45, Pep Squad '43, Fa- vorite Sport-Swimming, Favorite Subiect -History, Ambition-Stenographer, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. RAYMOND CUDDY Football '43, '44, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-Typing, Hobby-CoIIect- ing Foreign Coins, Ambition-Postman, Grade School-John Henry Brown. EDDIE HALE Baseball '43, '44, '45, '46, lettered '45, Football '43, '44, '45, '46, lettered '45, Basketball '43, '44, '45, '46, Grade School -Ascher Silberstein. ZELMA HAND Student Council '45, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Favorite Subiect-History, Hobby- Collecting Picture Post Cards, Ambition- Dietician, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BETTY JUNE HARDIN Girl Reserves '43, Favorite Subiect-Foods, Favorite Sport - Golf, Hobby - Collecting Flowers, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School- Colonial. A TERRY HOOKSL R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Corporal '43, Sergeant '44, Technical Sergeant '45, Fa- vorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect- Physics, Hobby-Radio, Grade School- Colonial. ROBERT A. HUGHES R.O.T.C. '43, '44, Baseball '44, Basketball '45, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Sub- iect-Algebra, Hobby-Model Planes, Am- bition-Mechanical Engineer, Grade School -T. C. Hassell. DOROTHY GILLETT Texas History Club '44, '45, Girl Reserves '45, '46, Junior Red Cross '45, '46, 'IA Class '43, President, 3A Class '45, Treas- urer, Tenicoit Varsity Team '45, Grade School-John Henry Brown. OMAR HANCOCK R.O.T.C. Band '43, '44, '45, '46, Standard Debating Socfety '43, '44, Favorite Sport- Football, Favorite Subiect-Mathematics, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. NEl.S HANSEN I Am An American Club '43, Allied Youth '44, Dallas Historical Society '45, Forester Staff '43, '44, '45, '46, Sports Editor '45, '46, 3A Class '45, President, Student Coun- cil '45, Football '43, '44, Track '43, '44, '45, '46, Manager '45, Grade School-John Henry Brown. JONNIE VIVIAN HARRIS Girls Military '45, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subject-History, Ambition-Die- tician, Hobby-Collecting Pictures, Grade School-T. G. Terry, MELBA HOWARDW Girls' Reserves '45, Favorite Sipbtftf-Roller Sldatingf, Favorite Subiect-Accounting, Am- Iiition-Private2 Secretary, Grade School- City Park. THOMAS HUTSON R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Corporal '45f, Staff Sergeant '46, Football '45, Favorite- Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-MiIitary,1 Hobby-Hunting, Ambition-Fireman, Grade School-John Henry Brown. ANITA JACOBS French Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Allied Youth '44, '45, '46, Favorite Sport-Tennis, Fa- vorite Subiect-History, Hobby-Collecting Classical Records, Ambition-Opera Singer, Grade School--Richard Lagow. TERESA KESSNER Girls Military '43, Favorite Sport-Dancing, Favorite Subiect-English, Ambition-Beau- ty Operator, Grade School-Colonial. JANE KNIGHT Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect- Clothing, Ambition-Interior Decorator, Grade School-T. G. Terry. BILLY JOE LOVE R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, Sergeant '44, Staff Sergeant '45, Dallas Historical So- ciety '45, '46, Linz Award '45, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Grade School-T. C. Hassell, WILLIAM JAMES R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, Favorite Sport- Football, Favorite Subiect-Accounting, Hobby-Horseback Riding, Ambition-Typ- ist, Grade School-Mineola, Texas. WANDA KITSON Girl Reserves '45, '46, Linz Award '43, Favorite Sport-Skating, Favorite Subiect- History, Hobby-Collecting Pictures, Ambi- tion-Secretary, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. LAURICE LEWIS Dallas Historical Society '45, '46, Favorite Sport--Baseball, Favorite Subiect-Account- ing, Hobby-Singing, Ambition-Vocalist, Grade School-Stephen F. Austin. BETTY LOU McCARTY Girls Military '44, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-History, Hobby-CoIlect- ing Snapshots, Ambition-Housewife, Grade School-John Henry Brown. Ja n u ary '47 Class , c,RL,Mo,EHLE R.O.T.C. 43, 44, 45, 46, Corporal '44, Sergeant '45 Master Sergeant '45, Camp Some of the Forester staff are having a good look at those pictures Dallas ,457 Rangers ,431 ,44: Favorite span lust delivered. -Golf, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. JUANITA EDSIE MONDAY Favorite Sport-Skating, Favorite Subiect- Accounting, Ambition-Singer, Hobby- Writing Letters, Grade School -Ascher Silberstein. BIIQIQY MURPHY V 7 R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, Sergeant '44, Staff Sergeant '45, Standard Debating Society '43, '44, Hi-Y '45, '46, Baseball '45, '46, Basketball '46, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. ROSEMARY PACKENIUS Girls Military '44, Student Council '43, '44, Varsity Team '45, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball Favorite, Subiect--Accounting, Hobby -Collecting Streetcar Tokens, Grade School -Ascher Silberstein. DOROTHY MAE PRATT Linz Awards '43, '44, Favorite Sport- Basketball, Favorite Subiect-English, Hob- by-Collecting Odd Buttons, Ambition- Writer, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BILLY ROBINSON R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Staff Sergeant '44, Favorite Sport-Golf, Favorite Subiect- History, Hobby-Radio, Grade School- Richard Lagow. CURTIS RUSSELL R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, Favorite Sport- Basketball, Favorite Subiect-History, Am- bition-Aviator, Grade School-New Holmes, Texas. ELVA SCHWETKE Girls Military '44, Vestonians '45, '46, Dallas Historical Society '45, '46, Student Council '45, Favorite Subiect-History, Fa- vorite Sport - Football, Ambition - House- wife, Grade School-John Henry Brown. 'NURMA JO MURPHY Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect - Typing, Ambition - Secretary, Hobby - Collecting Songs, Grade School-City Park. GENE PFLUG R.O.T.C. '42, Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, Hi-Y '43, '44, Sergeant-at-Arms '44, Football '42, Track '42, '43, '44, Baseball '43, '44, '45, Manager '44, '45, Cheer- leader '44, '45, Grade School-John Henry Brown. YVONNE RIVERS Girls Military '43, '44, '45, Technical Ser- geant '44, Second Lieutenant '45, Pep Squad '43, Favorite Sport-Football, Hob- by-Collecting Photographs, Grade School -Colonial. STANLEY RUBENSTEIN R.O.T.C. Band '43, '44, '45, '46, 3B Class '45, President, Standard Debating Society '42, '43, Favorite Sport-Football, Favor- ite Subiect-Algebra, Hobby-Raising Trop- ical Fish, Grade School-.lohn Henry Brown. .IEANNINE SANCEDIO Girls Military '45, Dallas Historical So- ciety '45, Texas History Club '45, Allied Youth '44, '45, Favorite Subiect-Account- ing, Favorite Sport-Skating, Ambition- Nurse, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. DORIS SHEATS Varsity Team '45, Favorite Subiect-Typ- ing, Favorite Sport-Roller Skating, Ambi- tion-Secretary, Hobby-Collecting Movie Stars Pictures, Grade School-Colonial. SYBIL SKINNER Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subject - French, Ambition - Beauty Operator, Hobby-Collecting Foreign Coins, Grade School-City Park. ELOISE THOMPSON Favorite Sport-Dancing, Favorite Subiect -History, Ambition-Telephone Operator, Hobby-Collecting Souvenirs, Grade School -John Henry Brown. MARY J EAN WALKER Girl Reserves '44, '45, IB Class '43, Presi- dent, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect-History, Ambition-Private Secre- tary, Hobby-Collecting Stamps, Grade School-John Henry Brown. RICHARD WINTERS R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, Corporal '45, Hi-Y '43, '44, '45, '46, Student Council '45, Basketball '45, '46, Linz Awards '44, '45, Grade School-John Henry Brown. January '47 Class Learning more about motion picture machines are the Visual Education assistants, who show slides and movies for various classes. E. A. SPLAWN R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, Corporal '44, Ser- geant '45, Staff Sergeant '45, Hi-Y '45, Favorite Subject-History, Grade School- J. H. Reagan. MARGARET FRANCIS WADE Girls Military '45, Favorite Sport-Skating, Favorite Subiect-Art, Hobby-Collecting Movie Stars Pictures, Ambition-Bookkeep- er, Grade School-Richard Lagow. EARLDINE WILLIAMS Girls Military '42, '43, '44, '45, Sergeant '43, Staff Sergeant '45, Favorite Sport- Ice Skating, Favorite Subject-Art, Ambi- tion-Interior Decorator, Hobby-Collecting Trinkets, Grade School-Colonial. DONALD WITT R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, Staff Sergeant '44. Second Lieutenant '45, Camp Dallas '43, '45, Rifle Team '45, Sharpshooter '43, '45, First Place Backstroke '43, '45, First Diving '45, Second Place Backstroke '45, State High School Diving Meet '45, First Place Low and High Board Texas Championship Meet '45, Grade School-Colonial. BEN WOODSIDE Junior Red Cross '42, Favorite Sport- Bowling, Favorite Subiect - Accounting, Ambition - Explore r, Hobby-Collecting Snapshots, Grade School-Sulphur Springs, . Texas. ANNA YOUNG Forest Forum '44, '45, Girl Reserves '44, '45, '46, Tenicoit Varsity Team '46, Favor- ite Sport--Skating, Favorite Subiect-Eng- Iish, Ambition-Secretary, Hobby-Read- ing, Grade School-Greenville, Texas. Learning more about motion picture ma- chines are the Visual Education assistants, who show slides and movies for various classes. jf? I i AA Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Kenneth Hfggenbotham, Charles Waller, Donald Ray Murray, John Bowland, John Coley, Lester Frank, lra Freedman, Jerry Barshop, Irving Adelstein, Horace Rephan, Joyce Myers, Yvonne Wyrick, Ruby Faye Schaefer. Second Row: Joe Earl Ellis, Gilbert Daniel, Morris Steinberg, Gloria Patterson, Maxine Segal, Walter Mathew Thread- gill, Joe Blanks, Jim Burks, Victor Rephem, Jack Mel- burn Blackburn, Martin Rutchik, Paul Singer, Guyrene Collier, Helen Cox, Mariorie Ann Johnson. Third Row: Bobby Ward Jackson, James Alonzo Marshall, George Faucett, Victor Levy, Solie Freed, Paul Daniel Miller, Nels Hansen, Joan Stone, Beverly Byers, La Verne Brown, Jerome Tobias, Avis Apoy. Fourth Row: Terry Hooks, Ernest Donaberger, Elmo Kieke, Milton Grisom, John Conner, Billy Webb, Cecil Cooley, llby Barber Frecl Korngut Eunice Rchter V'r inia A Fifth Row: Billy Hughes, John Jefferies, Jasper Wagliardo, Herman Scott, Harold Joe Cortimilia, Richard Stack- house, Thomas Bogie, Harold McClure, John Vatsures, Gene Pflug. Sixth Row: Nathan Newman, David Herman, Howell Cal- vert, Floyd Lawrence Bodine, J. C. Corbett, Edwin Tucker, Clyde Abbott, C. H. Pritchett, Tommy Moore, Carlisle Barton. Seventh Row: Jack Goldman, James Walters, Zeke Lindsey, Satchmo Wtn,ers, Julian Cleveland Braddock, Jr., Billy Thomas, Cecil Palmer, Thurman Ray, Norwin Gene Ray. Eighth Row: Don Millender, Glen Don McDonald, Joe Cody, Bill Hornie, Don Hanes, Eddie Hale, John Lievsay, Jack Nicodemus, Buford Raley, Johnnie Williams. Ninth Row: James Camp, Bill Cook, Jimmie Scott, Jerry Doyle, Eugene Hfxson, Robert Beasley, Robert Edwards, , , A , , ,Q Billy Phillips, Glenn St. Clair, Robert Gordon, Edward Smith, Billy Tankursley. Lacy, Gilbert Strickland. r XL , f 'y X I. .R X N, .N Page Forty-four fx,-i xx' lx my If . ,,- ,J X AA Class e ' f I LEFT TO RIGHT First XRow: Ruth Wheeler, Loraine Higgins, Rae Rogers, 'N Peggy Elliott, Rea Rogers, Bettye Hodges, Jimmie Hewitt, Eva Mae Shipp, Dorothy Walker, Sonia Allen, Winnie Jo Palmer, Fayrene Moulton, Martha Jo Matthews. Second Row: Margaret Moore, Winnie K, Kirk, Bettye Raw- son, Anna Oesch, Betty Wiles, Mary Ann Buckovan, Doris Brisendine, June Box, Jessie Corbin, Peggy Joyce Threatt, Martha Baumgardner. Third Row: Rosalie Kovnat, Imogene Brooks, Barbara De- Loache, Kathleen Green, Ola Marie Brooks, Virginia Lee Hart, Marvonelle Roe, Leta Mae Wise, Nelda Jo West- moreland, Mary Lou Lewis, Marian Fields, Imogene Barber. Fourth Row: Mary Lou Watkins, Jean Stewart, Janet Lind- say, Virginia Haines, Bobbie Harris, Mary Dunbar, Alice Zaidl, Betty Sims, Billie Williams, Virginia Chesnick, Shirley Leventhal, Jettie Mae Rowe. Fifth Row: Howard Perry, Joyce Commons, Winnie Sue Wilson, Margie Lee Day, Montye Jones, June Randolph, Evelyn Somer, Patricia Hatter, Rose Gruber, Gladys Watkins, Vida Rickmon, Rae Hoffman. Sixth Row: Florine Robison, Joyce S'ms, Severna Erland, Jane Paris, Wauscel LaRue, Joanne Kreiter, Billie Jean Watson, May Dell Samford, Dorothy Fay Hall, Elizabeth McKenzie, Bobbie Lou Hillger, Ann Harrison. Seventh Row: Barbara Lebel, lna Pearl Slaydon, Marguerite Phelps, Zadie Ball, Anna Young, Margie McKay, Lois Nelson, Doris Wicklifte, Martha Ditfee, Theola Dollahite, Marian Pasternak, Christine Watkins. Eighth Row: Elizabeth Bennett, Norma Jean Gilreath, Doris Jean Beach, Ruthe Lewin, Mildred Rae Powell, Barbara Smith, Margaret Keaton, Geneva Childress, Helen France, Pearl Bond, Bobbie Jo Tatum. Ninth Row: Peggie Laman, Viva Lemmoncl, Bobbie Haley, Tommie Jo Grace, Helen Bush, Maxine Watson, Marilyn Murphy, Norma Jean Brazeal, Willouise Parsons. NOT IN PICTURE Boys: Eugene Hixson, Glen McDonald. Girls: Mary Frances Nafl, Colleen Orrill, Patsy Patterson. Page Fortg'-fizr AB Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Harold Riggs, Jack Nicodemus, Billy Phillips, Robert Edwards, Nels Hansen, William Els, Lawrence Atwood Jr., Gene Pflug, Joe Wayne Combs, Eddie Hale Second Row: Mimi Goodman, Freida Benson, Margaret Wade, Norma Murphy, Dorothy Carter, Juanita Monday, Rosemary Packenius, Betty Lilly, Bobbie Collins, Yvonne Smith. Third Row: R. A. Hughes, Doris Cook, Jean McDonald, Dorothy Pratt, Zelma Hand, Eloise Thompson, Betty Hardin, Teresa Kessner, Jane Paris. Fourth Row: Milton Tullos, Donald Witt, Ben Woodside, Gene Owen, Betty McCarty, Yvonne Rivers, Lois Boone. Page Forty-six Fifth Row: Billy Murphy, Omar Hancock, Paul Cruse, Bill Horn, Julian Braddock, Bettye Browne, Jane Knight. Sixth Row: Richard Winters, Elva Schwetke, Mary Jean Walker, Melba Howard, Laurice Lewis, Doris Sheats, Dorothy Gillett, Buford Raley, Charles Masterson. ' venth Row: Thomas Hutson, E. A. Splawn, Tom Belken, William James, George Vrla, Alvin Fisher, Robert Erwin, Billy Robinson. Eighth Row: Stanley Rubenstein, Gus Contello, Raymond Cuddy, Billy Joe Love, Carl Moehle. NOT lN PICTURE Girls: Anita Jacobs, Billy Shanks, Betty Starr, Ernestine Williams. 3A Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Anna Lemaster, Lois Dell Hilton, Helen Hale, Earnestine Dennis, Wanda Orrill, Edna Oakley, Catheil Vines, Bonnie Goodman, Pauline Satterwhite, Joa. Turner, Bobbie Farrington, Doris Miller, Ida Armbruster. Second Row: Norman Kaplan, Billy McRight, Juanita Lewis. Kenneth Peach, Jimmy James, Bill Jones, Dan James, Dorothy Angrist, Selma Sagel, Betty Bowles, Loretta Pickett, Gerry Waters. Third Row: Raphael Levin, Stanley Green, Faye MacFarland, Gloria Rollins, Arthur Sale, Fred Craddock, Juanita Dial, Evelyn Church, Dorothy Dodson. Fourth Row: Edward Lawton, Charles Conner, Richard Macon, Kenith Sturdivcmt, Don Hanes, John Simmons, Bobby Farrow, Jimmy Terrell, Jackie Parrett, Betty Hart, Norma Jones. Fifth Row: Sam Andrews, Billy Wesch, Edwin Gerlotf, Billy Rogers, Bernard Sigel, Joseph Somer, Freddie Dunn, Tommy Robinson, Richard Blair. Sixth Row: Garrett Ransom, Billy Miller, Bob Houchin, E. G. Mankins, Jack Matthews, Gordon Little, Gene Epstein, Jerry Marshall, Fred Hancock, Eli Gilliland. Seventh Row: Glen Chaffin, Reuben Barton, Joe Webber- man, Joseph Smith, Alexander Marquez, Morton Rachof- sky, Myron Shwiff, Marvin Engelberg, Jack Werb, Gary Endsley. Eighth Row: Bobby Ward, John Mims, Lucian Holmes, Peter Vatsures, Robert Willis, Holman Hawkins. Ninth Row: Jimmie Scott, Bobby Cadenhead, Fred Tillery, Bill Shuptrine, Fred Rogers, Glynn Wlthrow, Billy Harri- son, Dale Morris. NOT IN PICTURE Boys: Donald Arrington, Joseph Kl'banow, Victor Leocadi, Bennie Morgan, George West. Page' F07'fj'-SZIF71 3A Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Lucille Clark, Patsy Holt, Jeannine Sancedio, Nancy Hixson, Louise Hixson, Anne Reilly, Patsie Greene, Bettye Wallace, Edna Kinnamon, Margie Chance, Vir- ginia Thornhill, Billie Jean Merriman, Bonnie Thompson, Ruth Agranoff. Second Row: Wilma Jean Miller, Margaret Chew, Anita Weil, Eva Schnitzer, Fannie Rae Fair, La Verne Creason, Dorothy Cleghorn, Tommie Wilkinson, Cecilia Elizabeth Baumgartner, Doris Williams, Joyce Melton. Third Row: Valliere Lindley, June Hartwell, Mildred Jean Brothers, Eleanor Bushman, Jo Ann Rubenstein, Joyce Ablon, Arlyn Horowitz, Ida Lois Pattillo, Sarah Bound, Norma Hassell, Margaret Farr. Fourth Row: Jean Peak, Marion Fuller, Ouida Beth Plunk, Patsy Moore, Betty Jo Cox, Thelma Romotsky, Jimmie Simmons, Rochelle Stillman, Betty Sue Camp, Louise Shawhean, Bessie Mae Williams, Minerva Robertson. Fifth Row: Bonnie Satterwhite, Dorothy McDaniel, Daphine McDaniel, Norma Patzig, Delores Billingsley, Bonnie Sims, Pauline Dillon, Dorothy Barbazon, Joyce Wilder, Ruth Silvergold, Martha Howell, Jeanette Bridges. fnfgr ICl'fj'fff,QkI' Sixth Row: Patsy 'Cumbie, Katherine Kreiter, Melva Jean Knight, lva Lee Carter, Billie LeMaster, Dorothy Lee Logan, Margaret Childress, Myra Jean Hayes, Martha Paxton, Dorothy Snow, Georgia Stewart, Martha Ann Adamson. - 73 Seventh Rows Syble 'Turner, Anita' Petty, Norma Jean Thorpe, Shirley Boren, Elva Schwetke, Patricia Reinle, Frances Hulme, Alyne Yates, Frances Robertson, Wanda Fisher, Jacqueline Burks. Eighth Row: Marvel Hutson, Betty Jones, Bobbie Jean Hall, Anne Case, Bennie Crow, Dorothy Pleasant, Jonnie Har- ris, Dorothy Bird, Jeannene Bridges. Ninth Row: Martha Jo Bledsoe, Helen Swaftord, June Fors- ton, Rosa Bean, Helen Gambrell, Juanita Green, Bonnie Ford. NOT IN PICTURE Girls: Charlcie Allen, Wanda Kitson, Mary Mahone, Edna Earl Millfgan, Wynell Smith, Gloria Stakelback, Doris Stroud. 3B Class First Row: Charles Wallace Calvert, Charles Annes, Billie Lou Ray, Vunila Stribling, Lois Schuman, Bernice Tucker, Joan Swift, Mary Frances Hatter, Katherine Powell, Dora Mae McFadin. ' Second Row: Mary Jane Guernsey, Jeanette Lenora Fain, Frances Ann Jurcik, Jo Anna Baise, Betty McCoy, Betty Strange, Vivian Upper, Bonnie Henry, Edna Phelps, Belly Lou Nelson, Doris Kirksey. Third Row: Ouida Duckworth, Mary Louise McDonald, Ima Jo Gamble, Dorothy Faye Bohne, Marjorie Brannon, Doris Martin, Lynna Hope, Margaret Equels, Billie Sue Bishop. Fourth Row: Eddie Lawton, Dick Mason, James Sutton, James Cameron, Melvin Schroth, Belly Jean Farler, Margaret Wicks, Mary Ruth Wallace, Mary Gwenn McGehee. rn Fifth Row: Charles Foster, Robert Taylor, Bobby Franklin, Jessie Collier, A, W. Karr, Jr., Bobby Ward, Bill Stokes, Stanley Pyle, Homer Lee Cook, Tommy Boatman. Sixth Row: Frank Anderson, Walter Smith, Alvin Fisher, Jack Herring, Jim Chastant, Bill Newsom, Jackie Cooper, Jimmy Ferguson, Austin Kathcart. Seventh Row: Raymond Butts, Thurman Taylor, Ronald Witt, Johnny Swartz, Paul Jordan. NOT IN PICTURE Boys: Fred Andrews, Daniel Cannon, Sammy Cowan, L. B. Holmes. Girls: Bobbie Jean Bentley, Evelyn Julian Page Forty-nine ZA Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Billie .lean Hayes, Marilyn Miller, Frances Dooley, Mary Jo Alexander, Peggy Stephenson, Norma Cook, Wanda Barton, Lou Yarborough, Charles Annes, Nancy Walton, Gerry Wood, Mary Terry, Bobbie Joyce Tucker. Second Row: Edward Cummings, Bob Walters, J. F. Lucky, Joe Grandee, Allen Swafford, Mary Haney, Joanna Story, Jean Smith, Ruth Nell Lovegrove, Doris Bower- man, Helen Goldstein, Danny Weisfeld, Marvin Black. Third Row: Billy Frank Neil McCool, Neil Turns, Joe Horton, James Scirratt, Max Statman, Jerry Clay, Leonard Wright, Jerry Fleming, Tommy Lyle Jones, Bobby Jack Trent, William Ed Perry, Maury Soltes, Jerome Statman. Fourth Row: George McMillan, Jack Ross, Bobby Ward, Bob Beames, Eugene Harvey, Sammy Griggs, Carl Dennis, Harold Tucker, James Robinson, Warren Gaston, Billy Clay, Siegmund Altman, Harold Melnick, Claude Smith. Fifth Row: Barney Morris, Hoyle Ramsey, Charles Greenhaw, George Vrla, Drewery Cowling, Leonard Hancock, Wayne Kane, Donald Cremer, Jimmy Belken, John Stone, Tate Milner, Pace Zeman. Page Fifty Sixth Row: Jimmy Chastant, Max Freeman, Billy Ruyle, Daniel Pirozzo, Lloyd Minx, Leon Zeman, Bill Sharp, A. D. Kleinman, Gerald Levine, Eddie Rubin, Joseph J. Silberman, Charles Stahl, Bobby Moody. Seventh Row: Jack R. Newell, Thomas Pitts, Robert Taylor, J. W. Drake, Eugene Plant, Harold Godwin, Robert Rhodes, Richard Conner, Billy Jack Saucier, Bertis Bray. Eighth Row: Jerome Zaboinik, Ted Whorton, Kenneth Davis, Bill Newsome, Bobby Clay, Richard Macon, Billy Jacob, Richard Gummon, H. L. Nash, Donald Smith. Ninth Row: James Harkins, James Bartlett, Billy Moore, Gene Callaway, Leon Everett, Billy Scherzer, Paul Camp, L. A. Tasker, Harvey Lane, Jimmy Hollon, James C. Shipp, James C. Sparks, Jr., Aubrey Shuptrine. NOT IN PICTURE Boys: Bennie Adams, Pete Fonberg, Johnny Higgins, James Morse, Marvin Schmidt, Ramond Sorrells. Girls: Dorothy Buckner, Winell Hill, Maxine Reeves, Marilyn Rude, Ernestine Schultz, Billie Wells. 2A Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Francine Hunt, Doris Jean Williams, Frances Elliott, Elizabeth Murrey, Vera Ann Higgins, Jo Anne Tacker, Leila Nell Cody, Nellie Gassman, Betty Eury, Maurine Kerby, Billie Ruth Parker, Mavis Moser, Eliza- beth Weaver. Second Row: Mary Christine Knowles, Lila Faye Gordon, Mary Denton, Betty Jo Pruitt, Marcia Rariden, Barbara Lorenz, Jeannine Jameson, La Merle Miller, Virginia Carter, Jeanette Levy, Marcia Engelberg, Arenette Levy, Betty Jean Bodine, Billie Jean St. George, Edna Lois Powell. Third Row: Ruby Pool, Jimmie Johnston, Georgia Petty, Margie Wheeler, Dorothy Cruse, Betty Joyce Segal, Sylvia Goidl, Judy Wyll, Doris Leah Barish, June Gold- berg, Pauline Servello, Florine Brown, Shirley Mae Somer, Shirley Ann Stillman, Marlene Ablon. Fourth Row: Patricia Mays, Venetta Lamb, Margie Toumbs, Estelle Abbott, Doris Gaston, Birdie Cargile, Peggy Brooks, Peggy Nell Fowler, Shirley Grabstald, Mary Frances Messina, Anna Mary Bain, Joy Howlett, Joyce Seguin, Helen Baleia. Fifth Row: Frances Moran, Wanda Skinner, Alta Flanagan, Anna Wade, Ethel Reisberg, Doris Jean Hudson, Joan Wheeler, Emma Wilburn, Mary Ruth Curtis, Jeanie Elaine Waddell, Betty Jo Reeves, Barbara Lorene Tasker, Betty Jean Barry, Irene Roberts. Sixth Row: Nita Gwen Watkins, Shirley Robins, Joy Wilen.- sky, Doris Janice Woodward, Doris Jean Byford, Virginia Vodicka, Doris Osborne, Ruth Moore, lris Apple, Joy Castleberry, Cecelia Rasansky, Carmen .Eby. Seventh Row: Marguerite Wood, Betty Cox, Marie Crow, Marie Grubbs, Dorothy Haley, Betty Collier, Shirley Holmes, Betty Campagna, Jo Ann Landrum, Margaret Hall, Sarah Skelton, Nell McFarland, Bobbie Jean Trammell. Eighth Row: Bobbie Jeane Hughes, Murlene Schmidt, Betty Stephenson, Nadine Belt, Peggy Joe Nelson, Elva Jean Hilger, Eunice Allen, Eloise Kelley, Wanda Turpen, Doro- thy Janeice Hall, Jean Byrd, Margaret Hendrix. Ninth Row: Patsy Motes, Dollie McGarity, June Hogg, Nancy Knott, Beatrice Mae Forbes, Patsy Lou Reed, Rose Marie Reed, Pauline Jeanette Camp, Virginia Ruth Henry, Billie Louise Gam, Margie Yvonne St. Clair, Maria Berry, Joyce Dance, Jeanne Allen. Tenth Row: Cassie Marie Draper, Jenna Lee Cromer, Vir- ginia Cook, Earline Barton, Wanda Reckley, Frances Evans, Georgia Ann Head, Bonnie Brigham, Jo Nell Simmons, Betty Jo Huddleston, Mary Louise Ramsey, Emma Nell Koller, Berta Bedell. in Page Fzfty-one l 2B Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: James Roy Thompson, Tommie Fraley, Charles Schwarz, Larry Lee Slakey, Frances Kennedy, Freddfe Bass, Gloria McCulloch, Helen Bennett, Chloe Mountz, Betty Bush, Doris Wages, Cornetia Simmons, Charlene Knight. Second Row: Juanita Thompson, Dorothy Henry, Lucille Kelley, Sarah Russell, Dorothy Weltchek, Norma Haley, Ruth Headrick, Betty Corbett, Betty Harden,' Peggy Biggerstatf, Mildred Beck, Macel Fowler, Katherine Beaver, Third Row: Jo Ann Gordon, Clea Etta Berry, lda Jenkins, Carlene McSpadden, Elsie House, Juanita Allen, Lila Faye Gordon, Mary Denton, Helen McClure, Melba Jean Taylor, Frances Dixon, Doris Powell. Fourth Row: Ruth Chappell, Mary Louise Long, Thelma Daw- son, Edwina Fitzgerald, Melva Little, Bettye Jane Sealy. Fifth Row: Max Freeman, Roger Wear, Ralph Reynolds, Roy Hall, James Harris, Billy McPeak, Mack Mayhew, Shearn Rovinsky, John Lee, Wesley Dollahite. Page Fiffy-iwo Sixth Row: Joe Monk, Richard Macon, Jasper Rigsby, Charles Haddock, Billy Schaerdel, Charles Coley, J. T. Slaughter, George Cummings, James Harkins. Seventh Row: Leland Dixon, Robert Taylor, Ted Whorton, Paul Camp, Kenneth Chunn, Harold Robertson, Jerome Zaboinik, Bobby Clay. Eighth Row: Douglas Charba, Billy Moore, George Sims, Cortland Welborne, Larry Drake, Paul Schweng, Charles Boone, Truett Law, Leroy Collier. Ninth Row: Tommy Terry, David Cherry, Kenneth Davis, Gene Callaway, Leon Everett, Gene Stockdale, Joe Dan 'Plunk, Melford Carpenter, Gerald Welborne, Bill New- some, Gideon Eberhart, Marion Brazil, Jimmy Kelley. NOT iN PICTURE . Boys: Harvey Bridges, W. A. Cooley, Hugh'e Cox, Ed Dew- berry, Joe Dossett, Thomas Ha:'d'n, John Haves, B'lly Lemons, Raymond Morris, Hubert Packenius, Billy Ricker- son, Bill Waggener. Girls: Marjorie Esner. lA Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Gilbert Starrley, Norman Jones, Elmer Samples, Roland Hill, Calvin Thompson, John Harlan, Carl Tucker, Richard Degges, Bobby Hodges, Stanley Golman, Jay Beck, Marvin Greenberg, Phillip Aronoff. Second Row: Frank Medlin, Harold Elkins, Olen Ray Rowe, Aubrey Churchwell, Jackie Watkins, Billy Gilliland, Johnny Childress, Paul Daily, C. B. Disman, Rudolph Overman, Richard Nulisch, Billy McMaster, Charles Diffee. Third Row: Jimmy Stallings, Lloyd Turner, Jack Thompson, Jacky Wade, Raymond Massie, J. W. Wilkinson, H. M. Parrett, Dan Hulse, Billy Hart, Roland Ball, Fred Oakley, Oscar Offill, Robert Hixson. Fourth Row: Willard Crass, Bobby Wallace, Hollis Fisher, Robert Haggerty, Bobby Rivers, Jack Ogden, Billy Risner, Barnett Goldberg, J. G. Weinberger, Marvin Sigel, Jimmy Brewer, Billy Cowling. Fifth Row: Bob Keller, Harrell Kitchens, Bobby Hopper, Mil- ton Leventhal, Jerxy Threadglll, Sammy Warren, Robert Crenshaw, Charles Mercer, Alfred Beniamin, lrving Schwartz, Jimmie Calverley, Ray Ramsey. Sixth Row: Olen Roberson, Floyd Hawk, Alvin Kahn, Ken- neth Smith, Leroy Kirkham, Billy Cannon, William Hand, Walter Lindsey, Billy Joe Darby, E. W. Cunningham, Chester Moody, Curtis Strickland. Seventh Row: Reeves Hicks, Melvin Cohen, Kenneth Young, LeRoy Burdick, T. J. Bowen, Farrell Thornton, Donald Purdy, Paul McKay, Eugene D. Fuller, Gene Culpepper. Eighth Row: Donald Beach, Bill Newsome, Johnny Beavers, Orvelle Young, Paul Davidson, Jack Davis, Travis Tolley, Carl Skibell, Clarence Abramson, Richard Sharpe. Ninth Row: Billy Thomas, Richard Macon, Don Hunt, Jack Clark, A. W. Anderson, G. W. Stonebarger, Kenneth Napper, Luke Macaluso, Ted Whorton, J. B. Hayth, Omer Steele, Glenn Bailey. Tenth Row: Bobby Weaver, Elvin L. Worden, Murphy Web- ster, J. W. Barber, Kenneth Rigler, Marshall Grisom, Gordon Finney, Jack Jones, John Tankursley, Albert Fowler, Terry Anderson, Pat Livingston, Pat Ferrell, Bobby Nelson. NOT IN PICTURE Boys: Dan Lambert, Billy Lewis, Glen Marlow, Wallace Sine clair, Dan Walton, Stanley Woodruff. Page Fifty-three R lA Class LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Marion Goldman, Jo Maree Ellis, Suretta Love, Frieda Lutz, Bobbie Steadman, Betty Jo Cook, Wanda Jackson, Odessa Roberts, Bette Joyce Davis, Floy Work- man, Shirley Snow, Margaret Ann Allison, Ann Stokes, Joyce Fuller, Marie Buchanan, Laura Embry, Georgene Moore. Second Row: Polly Rogers, Judith Steinhorn, Lois Samples, Patsy Harbison, Betty Jo Wilson, Bettye Cooley, Frances Curry, Joan Levy, Ruby Brown, Doris Killough, Barba Rita Harmon, Wynell Reynolds, Rosa Lee Pasternak, Carol Lois Spigel, Amelia Ann Robnett, Joan Slocum, Dollie Pat Smith, Lillian Swift. Third Row: Naomi Southerland, Bonnie Lee Summy, Violet Lucille Fain, Nan Humphrey, Dorothy Sasse, Loretta Brisendine, lla Fay Rigsby, Mitzi Smith, Betty Mae Koncak, Margie Baldwin, Rosemary Ervin, Marie Gage, Verabelle Perry, Jeanette Smith, Jo Anderson, Taffie Harwell, Billie Jean Brazeal. Fourth Row: Billie Roy Kelley, Leona Elizabeth Carter, Della Lee Henderson, Wirmora Sartain, Janece Allbright, Juanita Louise Brown, Betty Tapper, Irene Finneburgh, Loraine Gordon, June Grace, Dorothy Weathersby, Mary Graves, Patricia Reece, Jean Eby, Ruby Carpenter, Betty Jean Weaver, LaVerne Jones, Katherine Chapman, Vir- ginia Barnes. Fifth Row: Janie Herrell, Bettye Lon Goetsell, Maureen Moriarity, Inez Byars, Lois Nell Tyler, Doris Henson, Rae Jones, Billie Ruth Moore, Dorothea Gayoso, Betty Woody, Arvina Shindoll, Doris Jean Tunnell, Hazel White, Ruthell Tarno. Pnfc' Fifly-four Sixth flow: Barbara Hansen, Betty Harvey, Mary Lou Yates, Nary Borgeson, Mary Lou Statom, Alfarene Barton, Janice Flanagan, Dolores Knight, Dorothy Knight, Sue Beasley, Louise Yarborough, Bettye Randolph, Mary Ann Jones, Jean Hopkins, Joy Jean Nichols. Seventh Row: Bettie Jo Hanks, Mary Joy Babbitt, Wanda Moore, Laverne Knight, Janice Tompkins, Rosa Marie Hart, Melba Joyce Albright, Delena Curtis, Velma Mills, Katherine George, Norma Frances Riggs, Wanda Joye Hales, Marine Smith, Patsie Pence. Eighth Row: Joyzell Hyde, Mary Frances Bennett, Floy Rowan, Betty Sue Clark, Waughnetta Anna Taylor, .luanita Frances Smith, Maurine Whalen, Joye Ramsey, Nadine Jones, Wilda Stanley, Gloria Smith, Iris Beavers, Jacquelyn Keith, Joyce Primrose. Ninth Row: Barbara Wickliffe, Betty Childress, Mary Mar- garet Walker, Eva Nell Miles, Shirley Rae Shay, Rose E'len Barton, Betty Jean Dement, Joan Taylor, Jo Ann Terry, Lorene Williams, Annie Bell Clements, Barbara Faulkner, Mary Cardella, Evelyn Goss. Tenth Row: Betty Jo Fultz, Lois Ann Cooke, Donia Norene Houchin, Jeanine Adams, Barbara Beiben, Blanche Kassed, Jean Davis, Lela Villines, Georgia Bennett, Bar- bara Clark, Bobby Jean Clark, Billie Joyce Morris, NOT IN PICTURE Girls: Mary Jean Byttle, Jean Davenport, Aurelia Jacks, Billie Jo Lee, Patsy Lowry, Beatrice Marcus, Velma Miller, Nora Etta Moore, Martha Taylor, Loma Welloughbey. lB Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: E. B. Caraway, Robert Johnson, Marvin Burns. Second Row: Donald Perdue, Paula Dell Parrish, Julian Nanell, Barbara Rae Moore, Ola Mae Bourquin, Betty Ruth Sheats, Ruby Adkins, Wanda Chism, Nelda Rose Chaftin, Alma Sue Bennett, Ardath Barker, Ruby Ander- son, Modena Patterson, Minnette Utay. Third Row: Richard Choate, Nancy Paxton, Dorothy Mon- day, Joan Wallhall, Olene Ashton, Darlene Austin, Alice Robinson, Teddy Humphrey, Jackie Hastings, Peggy Ernest, Louise Willis, Frances Barker, Geneva Burris, Patsy Hackett. Fourth Row: Hubert Conner, Frankie Miller, Barbara Gour- ley, Mary Frances Hartgroves, Nova Judith Rice, Joe Ann Williams, Joyce Lee Clark, Beth Trent, Gloria Patrick, Ethel Osborn, Cecil Price, Walter Bourland, Edward Johnson, Cleo Wells. Fifth Row: Jean Webb, John McCall, Mary Agnes Terry, Joye Faye Hitt, Norma Sue McFaddin, Judy Scott, Betty Jean Lewis, Eloise Ward, La Verne Peebles, Julia Ann Bratton, Joyce England, Ray Whitfield, Tommy Walker. Sixth Row: Charles Clark, Minnie Sauseda, Helen Nixon, Sally Ann Cole, Coynella Jean Hogg, Nancy Ann Skel- ton, Barbara Jean Clemmons, Betty Jo Gray, Hilda Struckmeyer, Bobbie Jean Fields, Billie Jean McDonald, J. B. Hayth, L. C. Streback. Seventh Row: Billy Smith, Weldon Jones, William Bond, Michael Brown, Leroy Young, Kenneth Napper, Luke Macaluso, Ted Wharton, John Danields. Eighth Row: Billy Degen, David Freeman, Howard Mims, Jr., Donald Mangum, Jene Terry Laman, Thomas O'Donnel, Jackie Dawdy, Thomas Butts, James Teel, Kenneth Young, Bobby Lewis, Roy Owen. Ninth Row: Denver Stovall, Thomas Elliott, Sam Banno, Paul Black, Joe Mac Doyle, Hayden Gus White, Ernest Hand, Harold Bridges, Jimmy Day, Jack Manning, Jerry Smith. Tenth Row: John Harlan, Moe Schwarz, Carl Tucker, Jimmie Fuller, Weldon Watson, Edward G. Robinson, Robert Jones, Robert Page, Leo Whatley, C. V. Crow. NOT IN PICTURE Bay:: Billy Carnes, Richard Degges, Paul Fife, Arthur Gaines, Marvin Wycoft. ' Girls: Helen Derrington, Franci Franklin, Lucille Frien, Rosie Lane, Mary Terry, Esperanza Uribe. Page Fifty-ji ur R. 0. T. C I ..... .. . .... . -. -,ww -- . - - ., ...,,-.,,,,. . . ,, .. g WORLD FORCES It we want to enioy it Cfreedomj, and fight for it, we must be prepared to ex- tend it to everyone, whether they are rich or poor, whether they agree with us or not, no matter what their race or the color of their skin. -One World, Wendell Willkie 4 ,.. - - - f. 25-xg sf-'Q-.1"'-Q-.". . ,. . -.-gf... t I., "' - C ',i3,, - " '3Q'f ,.gz'f,. K. V?-'X-Z..'gQA?51Q3E1iifgf- :li 5' Q55 J -. ,, 3: -. -'A 'v A. .. . . ng-W .-1--,.--Q - ,-,, f A sr2jgfrJfi51L:-ciffgx, - fe--'fqilitvg-gi'-Qf.-1a4.,sg5:Q,3pv:' . f ,wg-Q-.. A : cs. N' '-J., .Q -,.- - . -- . ., s- -,.,- 4--2 f- -.c . . .,.- 3, - .,-,yr f -.-.-,. va...-,,f.. fr -..-1-5-717' ,abr-' ,A:.fu..' , QQ. , - -. .K w- Z' , "'l.:7.-'w H' " '-ff!?' - . 5,1 ' A' -.. . -:fp -- ... 'Y N . . , ,, , , --' -- - .. , .-,fa-,.f6g?5f-Q44 . A -4- hr .. 15 '7 's-.5251-S 3-5fij.:.,, - 551- .- fK.ggp3,,x-261 --. -we-. 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In his semi-annual inspection Colonel Gilbert Acker- man, Professor of Military Science and Tactics, graded the corps excellent on both appearance and theory. Selected Cadets participated in the Wozencraft Drill at Crozier Technical High School. Among the duties of the corps during the spring term was the maintenance of military guards on the stairs and in the locker rooms. The weekly presentation of training films in the military theatre and the privilege of attending Camp Dallas add much to the popularity of the course. Lieutenant-Colonel TeCl"nlCC'l Sefgecmf RICHARD L. COLEMAN FRANK A- ORRIU- Commqndqnf Assistant Commandant Page Fifty-fight 1 V... Rv QM., . Q -.v-... ' , an i Q .,,- ig. IL' 'lg-A za . f V Ll.e-W .vf . 4k K5 .-N , 35 Y , , , , QLX ' YV. Aj, , A- ,X . 1-.3 J ,au 0 g ,I 'L - , U6 ' N ,W 4 1' . , . ' W, ' ' K , . ' 5 ' J- 3" 'I xii? ' f A f X f fi Q f . A, - Q, ' ' A 1 , 1 1 A Fl, . mu' 5 , ,"' 1 1 ,K . 51 If M . L 'iff ' A I it yd 5 A W L ' L K , mf E 5 www n au . mu f '3 ng M A. ' ygagiiw, Vw, if ,N J 1 rx A .ww mmm W N14 NW 06,3349 'K ga. 5 iffy 1, 0 a 0 sv 5 H W Tl LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: First. Lt. Herman Scott, Sgt. Sammy Cowan, Capt. Charles Waller, Mai. Gilbert Daniel, Second Lt. Glynn Withrow. Second Row: Pvt. Howard Mims, Jr., Pvt. Donald Purdy, Pvt. Thomas Butts, Pvt. Stanley Woodruff, Pvt. Charles Mercer, Cpl. Omer Steele, Sgt. Bertis Bray. Third Row: sfsgf. Joe Webberman, Sgt. Walter Smith, TfSgt. George West, SfSgt. Raymond Butts, Pvt. Don LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: First Lt. Jimmy James, First Lt. Dan James, Capt. Elmo Kieke, Sgt. Thomas Hardin, Second Lt. Ernest Donaberger. Second Row: Lieutenant Col. Joe Earl Ellis, First Lt. Morris Steinberg, First Lt. Myron Shwitf, First Lt. Morton Rach- ofsky, Second Lt. Harold Harris, Sgt. Johnny Higgins, Cpl. Jimmy Belken, Pvt. Robert Gordon, lfSgt. Clyde Abbott. Third Row: sfsgf. Howell Calvert, SfSgt, Edwin Gerlott, Sgt. Charles Wallace Calvert, Cpl. Larry Lee Slakey, Sgt. Charles Schwarz, SfSgt. Reuben Barton, Sgt. Glenn Chaffin, Sgt. Hughie Cox, Cpl. Gene Owen, Cpl. Allen Swaftord, Sgt. Jerry Clay. Fourth Row: Cpl. Billy Miller, SfSgt. Billy McRfght, Sgt. James Robinson, Sgt. Sammy Griggs, Cpl. Eugene Plant, igg Hunt, Pvt. Donald Beach, Cpl. Jay Beck. Fourth Row: sfsgr. Tommy Robinson, Pvt. Jackie Dawdy, Sgt. Harold Goodwin, TfSgt. E. G. Mankins, Pvt. Travis Tolley, Pvt. Glenn McDonald, Sgt. Robert Faulk, Sgt. Kenneth Beaver. NOT !N PICTURE First Lt. Donald Arrington, Pvt. Fred Oakley, Pvt. Jack Ogden, Sgt. Buford Raley, Pvt. Billy Ruyle. Pvt. Joe Dan Plunk, Sgt. Joseph Smith, sfsgf. Joseph Somer, TfSgt. Freddie Dunn, Cpl. Richard Blair. Fifth Row: Pvt. John Lee, Sgt. James Walters, Pvt. Hollis Fisher, Pvt. Donald Mangum, Sgt. George Sims, Master Sgt. Carl Moehle, TfSgt. E. A. Splawn, Pvt. Leroy Young, Pvt. Robert Johnson, Pvt. Bobby Hopper. Sixth Row: Pvt. Robert Jones, Pvt. Edward Robinson, Cpl. Lawrence Drake, Sgt. James Bartlett, Sgt. Cortland Welborne, Sgt. Edward Cummings, Sgt. Daniel Pirozzo, Cpl. Jack Ross. Seventh Row: Cpl. Jasper Rigsby, Cpl. Charles Haddock. NOT !N PICTURE Pvt. Johnny Childress, Pvt. Ed Dewberry, Sgt. Harold Good- win, SfSgt. John Mims, SfSgt. Billy Robinson, Cpl. Billy Schaerdel, Pvt. Robert Walters. . I ! 7 I I LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: 'First Lt. Donald Witt. Second Row: Second Lt. John Jefferies, Pvt. Richard Nulisch, First Sgt. Homer Lee Cook, Second Lt. Terry Hooks. Third Row: Pvt. Robert Hixson, Pvt. Marvin Burns, Pvt. Jimmy Stallings, Pvt. Calvin Lee Thompson, Pvt. Rudolph Overman, Pvt. A. W. Anderson, Pvt. Jimmy Terrell, Pvt. Weldon Jones. Fourth Row: Sgt. Bobby Houcl-lin, Pvt. Donald Cremer, Pvt. Bobby Wallace, SfSgt. Bob Walters, Cpl. Tom Belken, Cpl. Gus Contello, Sgt. David Black, Sgt. Pace Zeman, Pvt. Irving Schwartz. Fifth Row: Sgt. Frank Anderson, Sgt. Raymond Hulse, Pvt. Jackie Watkins, Sgt. John Hayes, SfSgt. Stanley Pyle, SfSgt. John Mims, IfSgt. D. Ellwood Morris, Sgt. Alvin Fisher, Cpl. Billy Lemons. NOT IN PICTURE Sfsgt. Bennie Adams, Second Lt. Jack Beaver, SfSgt. Tommy Boatman, Pvt. William Bond, Cpl. Gideon Eberhart, Cpl. Olen Roberson, Pvt. Curtis Strickland, TfSgt. Bobby Walters. LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: First Lt. Tommy Moore, Capt. Bobby Jackson, Sgt. Billy Saucier, Second Lt. C. H. Pritchett. Second Row: sfsgf. Thomas Hutson, SfSgt. James Mar- shall, SfSgt. L. Carlisle Barton, SfSgt. Cecil Palmer, Sgt. Victor Levy, SfSgt. Holman Hawkins, TfSgt. Fred Korngut, First Sgt. Thurman Ray, Pvt. Billy Risener. Third Row: TfSgt. Jasper Wagliardo, Pvt. John McCall, Sgt. Kenith Sturdivant, Sgt. Billy Jacobs, Pvt. Harrell Kitchens, Sfsgt. Bobby Moody, Cpl. William James, Cpl. Charles Boone, Cpl. George Cummings, Sgt. Marvin Engleberg. Fourth Row: Pvt. Thomas Pitts, Pvt. Richard Choate, Pvt. Donnie Walton, Pvt. James Teel, Pvt. Luke Macafuso, Master Sgt. Carl Moel-ale, SfSgt. Billy Joe Love, Pvt. Robert Keller, Pvt. Walter Bourland, Cpl. Shearn Rovin- sky, Sgt. Billy Harrison. Fifth Row: Pvt. Billy Cowling, Pvt. Bobby Hodges, Pvt. Max Freeman, Pvt. Richard Gammon, Sfsgt. Jack Matthews, Pvt. Jene Loman, Pvt. Robert Crenshaw, Pvt. J. G. Weinberger, Pvt. Chester Moody. NOT IN PICTURE Sam Andrews, Floyd Bodine, J. C. Corbitt, Richard Deggs, Charles Foster, Tommy Fraley, Lonny Fuller, Harold Kitchens, Alexander Marquez, Billy Price, Arthur Sale, George Sims, G. W. Stonebarger, Billy Waggener, Ronald Wftt, Kenneth Young. LEFT TO REGHT Fourth Row: Charles Coley, Omer Hancock, Pvt. Harold First Row: Capt. David Herman, Pvt. Marvin Sigel, Cpl. Paul Godwin, Pvt. Elvin Leon Worden, Pvt. James Shipp, Pvt. Singer, Cpl. Charles Stahl, Pvt. Marvin Black. Jack R. Newell, Pvt. Alfred Morris Beniamin, Pvt. Eu- Second Row: TfSgt. Jerome Tobias, Pvt. Harold Elkins, Pvt. gene Douglas G. Fuller, First Lt. Norwin Gene Ray. Paul Black, Sgt. Jack Goldman, Sgt. Nathan Newman, ' Pvt. Marvin Greenber , Pvt. Charles Annes, Pvt. Carl Skibell, Cpl. Sigmund QE. Altman, Pvt. H. L. Nash. NOT iN HCTURE Third Row: Pvt. Milton Leventhal, Cpl. Maury Soltes, Cpl. Pvt. Albert Fowler, Sgt. Paul Jordan, Pvt. Leroy Kirkham, Claude Smith, Pvt. James Scirratt, Pfc. Clarence Pvt. Billy Moore, Pvt. Billy Scherzer, Pvt. John Tankurs- Abramson, Pfc. Robert Putz Shwarz, Pvt. Michael ley, Pvt. Carl Tucker, Pvt. Jean Webb, Pvt. Danny Weis- Brown, Pvt. Olen Ray Rowe, lfSgt. Stanley Rubenstein. teld. Band The Forest Band under the guidance of its former director, Colonel-ln- structor Harry F. Barton, got oft to a new start this year. It was a military unit headed by a Cadet Captain, and all the boys received R.O.T.C. credit and might hold ranks. Leadership, musicianship, and military ability deter- mined promotions. Girls in the band r e c e i v e d music credit. ln the band library are almost 400 pieces ot music, including marches, modern and clas- sical concert music, novelties, and swing arrangements. A number of school- owned instruments were used to train new bandsmen, as well as provide instruments for those who did not have their own. For the band members, the year was one of conscientious practice and resulting progress. From a group of thirty beginners, e i g h te en advanced enough by mid-term to join the regular band, raising its strength to thirty- seven. Four girls were included on the roll. In instruction, emphasis was placed on music fundamentals, rhythmic patterns, and individual technique. Dur- ing the second semester, the band gave concerts in several nearby grade schools and played tor regimental parades. Page Sixty-two 'Q LEFT TO RIGHT BfSg!. Raymond Hulse, First Lt. Myron Shwiff. First Row: Maior Gilbert Daniel. Third Row: First Lt. Tommy Moore, SfSgt. Billy McRight, Second Row: Second Lt. Harold Harris, First Lt. Morris Stein- Second Lt. Glynn Withrow, Sgt. Bob Houchin, BfSgt. berg, sfsgr. Carlisle Barton, First Lt. Jimmy James, Frank Anderson, First Lt. Dan James. Rifle Team A spirit of school competition and a deadly aim describes each of the seventeen members of the Rifle Team. With other candidates for the team, these members, having had at least one year of military, went through a period of training in firing. They practised securing the proper position, sight- ing accurately, and shooting to hit home. Finally the candidates fired an elimination match, the seventeen highest scorers becoming the permanent members of the team for the yar. Almost daily the Rifle Team practiced in the armory before school, perfecting their shots. T h ey fired in the city match against the other Dallas high schools, the five scorers of the team taking part in the Hearst Match and in the Shoulder to Shouled Match. The ten members and white letter jackets. Gilbert Daniel, the highest ranking cadet on the team, was team cap- tain. He held the rank of major, and was executive officer of the battalion. First Lieutenant Dan James was secondin command of theteam. Lieutenant James and Second Lieutenant Glynn Winthrow are in line to head the unit next year. Sergeant Orrill, assistantcommandant, instructs the team. Page Sixty-three Sports WORLD SPORTS If we want to folk about freedom, we must meon freedom for others os well os ourselves, ond we must mean freedom for everyone inside our frontiers os well os outside. -One World, Wendell Willkie ,.,.. .. , e, . .. un, I irrrrpff .gn ff- .: - W' ' 'yrs - -- - f .rg f.,,,:...f.- ' X -- ' - ,,.i-' ii, .95 f 1- , ,,v.,.. .v :ff!,,,.'jQ.a'-' ' ,W ..V. V" W Y J, ,-1.5, ,:- ..+.:i, ' 'L.'f':'lfi 4f",fg,,P.i'm 1 'fff'i'r1.y? v'.'.'A "fig LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Coach Leroy Crabtree, lrving Adelstein, Eddie Hale, Joe Combs, James Camp, Eugene Coopedge, Rob- ert Edwards, Kenneth Higginbotham, Billy Phillips, Coach Virgil Mattingly. Second Row: Wyburn Berryman, Charles Connor, J. C. Corbett, Julian Braddock, Gilbert Daniel, Bernard Cohen, Lynwood Gilliland, Raymond Shue. Third Row: Paul Cruse, W. A. Cooley, Murphy Webster, Bennie Morgan, Stanley Green, Bobby Trent, Ernest Donaberger, Charles Masterson. Fourth Row: John Simmons, Eugene Hixson, Coach Milton Frey, Jerry Doyle, Don Millender, Robert Beasley, John Coley, Jerry Barshop. Pigskinners Forest 6 - Sunset 26 A favored Bison team turned back the Lion eleven 26-6, October 18. A lucky break for the Bisons set up the first score when the Sunset- ters recovered a fumble on the Lion 13. Two plays later, James Holbrook circled right and crossed the double stripe. Lyman Blanks con- verted a Sunset drive of 47, climaxed by a line plunge for a score. Forest 14 - Tech 49 The highly favored Tech Wolves defeated the Lion eleven 49- 14,0ctober26. ' . , The Wolf onslaught began early in the first quarter and the Wolves' passes by George Seaman scored 21 points. When the half end- ed, the Greenies trailed 21-7. The determined L i o n eleven never gave up, but the Tech rushing attack was iust too much. Eugene Coppedge Page Sixty-six Forest 7-Tech 14 The highly favored Tech Wolves downed a fighting Lion eleven September 15. Bernard Cohen took the scoring honors for Forest, mak- ing a touchdown when the Lion forward wall rushed through and blocked a Tech punt. The Lions fought desperately, but couldn't over- take the Wolves. Forest 0 - Adamson 0 The Forest Lions fought the Adamson Leo- pard for 48 minutes of scoreless dueling, Sep- tember 21. The game was termed as' one of the closest melees unreeled at Dal-Hi Stadium. Forest 7 - Woodrow 7 A spicy melee was unreeled Thursday, Sept. 27, when the Lions battled the Wildcats to a 7-7 tie. The Lions tasted paydirt early in the first quarter when Beasley ran off tackle and kept running for a 58-yard sprint to pay- dirt. Bennie Morgan converted for the extra point. l LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: James Sparks, Ted Whorton, Le Roy Tasker, Hu- bert Packenius, Jack Ogden, A. J. Marshall, Pat Ferrell, Daniel Pirdzo, Richard Macon. Second Row: J. T. Slaughter, Robert Greenhaw, Paul Camp, Jerome Zaboinik, Charles Lofland, Jasper Rigsby, Jerry Threadgill, Stanley Golman, Melvin Cohen, Jimmy Brewer. Third Row: David Cherry, Charles Mercer, Bobby Rivers, Billy Wesch, Jimmy Terrell, Bobby Lewis, Lloyd Turner Philip Aronoff, C. V. Crow, Charles Haddock. Fourth Row: Sammy Warren, Jack Thompson, Paul Davidson, Eugene Bond, Stanley Woodruff. Fifth Row: Coach Edwards. Junior Pigskinners Forest 7- Sunset 21 The Bisons scored an easy win on lucky breaks over the Forest Lions, November 17 at Dal-Hi. Scoring their first touchdown on a blocked punt, the Buffs took a 7-O lead. In the waning minutes it looked as if the Greenies would overtake a 14-7 Bison lead, but a costly fumble ofa punt behind the goal added six more counters. Blanks' conversion ran the score up to 21-7. Forest 6 -Adamson 19 An aerial offensive enabled the Adamson Leopards to score a 19-6 victory over the Lions, November 22. The lone Lion touchdown score come when Bennie Morgan passed to Don Mil- lender for 24 yards. Forest 0-North Dallas 19 Scoring in three p e rio d s , t h e O r a n g e - cl a d eleven turned back the Green Wave October 12, with a score of 19-0. A costly Lion fum- ble in the third quarter set up the next Bulldog tally. D. C. Chaney pass- ed to the Lion 4- yard line and later plunged over for the score. Don Millender Page Sixty-sm rn '12 aww 551 LEFT TO RIGHT Second Row: Gerald Levine, Bill Cook, Beuford Raley, Bill Perry, Billy Sharp, Donald Gaas, Billy Horn, Joe Dos- First Row: Ralph Reynolds, Leonard Kahn, Le Roy Tasker, sett, Johnny Swartz, Bobby Clay. James Hawkins, Billy Thomas, Winford Drake, Le Roy Third Row: Bobby McDonald, Coach M. G. Frey, H. M. Collier, Bobby Ward, Jack Nicodemus, Billy Rogers. Parrott. Forest 0- North Dallas 6 Forest T3 -Woodrow 7 Robert Beasley Page Sixty-eight A thrilling forty- eight minutes of play was unreeled November 10 when the L i o n eleven held the highly- tauntecl forty-seven minutes and 'l5 seconds, giving the way only in the last 45 seconds to a Bulldog tally which g a v e the Bulldogs a 6-0 win over the Lions. A combination passing and running at- tack led the Lions to a 13-7 victory over the Wildcats at Dal-Hi, November 2. The Wildcats scored first, and grabbed a 7-O lead. The Lions struck back guickly on a 59-yard touchdown drive featuring two passes, one from Bennie Morgan to Robert Beasley, and the other to Joe Combs. The half ended with Woodrow 7, Forest 6. In the fourth quarter Morgan's pass- ing and Edwards' running carried the ball to the four, where Beasley plunged it over. Mor- gans' try was good and the Lions won, 'I3-7. LEFT TO RIGHT Third Row: Harvey Bridges, J. T. Slaughter, Robert Rhodes, Billy McCool, John Lievsay, Johnny Swartz, John Sim- First Row: Billy Miller, David Black, Joe Mac Doyle, Tommy mons, Don Hanes, Don Millender, Eugene Hixson. Jones, Eddie Hale, James Camp, Leroy Tasker, Paul Fourth Row: Leland Dixon, Aubrey Shuptrine, Billy Wesch, Camp, Alva Shepard, Coach, Bobby Moody, Ralph Reynolds, Roy Hall, Jerome Zaboi- Second Row: Omar Hancock, Fred Tillery, R. A. Hughes, nik, Billy Cannon, Jimmy Hollon. Sammy Cowan, Charles Masterson, Julian Braddock, Fifth Row: Hayden White, Weldon Watson, Paul Davidson, Jerry Doyle, Fred Rogers, Fenimore Morgan. Jimmy Ferguson, Tate Milner, Billy Degen, Jimmy Kelley. Sluggers The Green and White Baseball Team for the past five years has been right on the top, in first, second, or third place. Our Baseball Nine will be battling for top position when we enter the 1946 Season. COACH ALVA SHEPARD rounded his second-poplace '45 team around four lettermen, CHARLES TUTTLE, BENNIE MORGAN, EUGENE HIXSON and JERRY DOYLE. The Lions, paced by the pitching of CHARLES TUTTLE, swept through the season with eight victories, and two losses at the hands of the Fred Tillery, James Camp Adamson Leopards and the Sunset Bisons. i Lettermen back for the '46 season are DON MILLENDER, All-City and All-State Left Fielder, EUGENE HIXSON, All-City and All-State Left Field- A Zim' ':-.Y ' A er, JAMES CAMP, All-City Utility Right Fielder and All-State Pitcher, Q X' J, ' .JERY DOYLE, All-City Catcher, BENNIE MORGAN, Honorable All-City A g Short Stop, EDDIE HALE, third baseman, DON HANES, third baseman, ,fy -J ,Q,"', Q, JOHN LIEVESAY, second baseman. Graduating Iettermen were CHARLES TUTTLE, All-City Pitcher, JOE ,rs .,,. ' A 1 COLLINS, pitcher-first baseman, and BOBBY JONES, first baseman. J V 3 " "1 W FRED TILLERY, FRED ROGERS, JOHNNIE SWARTZ and CHARl.ES MAS- i .ii TERSON played in the City Series and the American Legion. Forest finished third in American Legion play. Q rii Page Sixty-nine 4 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Don Millender, Robert Beasley, Eugene Hixson, Second Row: Sammy Cowan, Tommy Jones, Billy Rogers, Jerry Doyle, Bennie Morgan. John Simmons, Julian Braddock. Hoop Hitters The Lion five started the season on the downgrade, dropping their first game of the season to the Wildcats by a 24-16 count. Still on the downgrade' the Lions dropped another, this time to the destined city champ Wolves 28-16. Then the Lions sprang to life and crushed the defend- ing '45 champs, Sunset, 52-38. Still roaring, the Greenies doubled the North Dallas quintet 45-30. The Leopards shaded the Lions in a tight 35-29 game to end the first half of the season. The Lions started the second half by winning one and losing one, losing to the Wolves by a top-heavy score of 49-24 and shading the Bisons 43-41 in a close contest. By sparkling defensive play the King of Beasts triumphed over the Leopards 33-23. The Lion quint silver-plattered the championship to the Wolves by defeating the Wildcats 28-22. The Lions cinched third place by closing the season with a 38-32 win over the Bulldogs. After the regular season was over the Lions entered the Oak Cliff Y.M.C.A. Invitational Tournament, which they won for the second straight year by defeating Compton Citadel, Gar- land, North Dallas No. 1, and Adamson respectively. 1945 SCORES April 10 Forest Tech 10-3 May Forest Tech 3-1 April 22 Forest Sunset 3-2 May Forest Woodrow Wilson 11-0 April 25 Forest Adamson 4-0 May Forest North Dallas 11-1 April 28 Forest Sunset 2-4 May Forest Woodrow Wilson 2-0 May 1 Forest North Dallas 11-0 May Forest Adamson 0-2 Page Sewnfy Left to right: Jerry Doyle, Don Millender, Eugene Hixson, Robert Beasley, Bennie Morgan. Cager Celebrities EUGENE HIXSON, rangy Lion center, is one of the best all-around players ever to tread the slat in the gym. Gene, who was voted on the All-City '46 team, has lettered three years in the sport. He led the Forest scorers for two straight years, and is just about one of the best off-the- backboard shooters around Dallas. Gene helped spark plug the Lion five to third place. Four-sport letterman DON MILLENDER, Forest forward, is a capable ball handler and crib shot artist, an all-around athlete. Don has lettered in football, golf, basketball, and baseball. He won All-City honors in football and All- State in baseball. He also received honorable men- tion in basketball. Don has four letters in golf, two in baseball, two in basketball, and one in football. Versatile little BENNIE MORGAN, Lion guard, is one of the most aggressive players ever to patter the planks around Forest. Bennie is sudden death on long shots and is a tricky ball han- dler, holding his own with tall boys. Bennie has earned three letters COGCH Milton Frey in baseball, two in basketball, and one in football. Bennie received X honorable mention for All-City in baseball. BOB BEASLEY, best guard in the city, could come through in the tight spots with a basket to decide the game's outcome. This was Beas- ley's second year to letter in basketball. He is a two-year letterman in football and track. Bob is one of the best guards Forest has ever had. JERRY DOYLE, "Spec's," is a rip-roaring, shooting forward with plenty of good shots. Jerry could make points when they were needed and when they weren't. Jerry is a four year letterman in baseball and a two year letterman in basketball, and received his second football award. Doyle is tops. Page Sevenly-one di LEFT TO RIGHT Third Row: Leroy Collier, Ralph Reynolds, Julian Cleveland First Row: Bill Sharp, Jimmy James, Dan James, Bill Jones, Braddock, Billy Raymond Horn, Billy Gene Rogers, Billy Bm Webb, John Conner, Raymond Morris, Phillips, Hubert Mansell Parrett, Jr., Bobby Trent, Wil- Second Row: Coach Roy R. Moore, Billy Dean Thomas, Paul liam Clay. Howmd Cruge, Bobby Dean Beasley, Bobby Joe Wayne Fourth Row: James Sparks, Bill Cook, Glenn McDonald, Combs, William Edward Perry, Jr., William Murphy Kenneth Peach, Charles Conner, William Cooley, Bobby Webster, Jr., Melvin David Cohen, Stanley Green, Jr. Clay, Jimmy Terrell, David Cherry, Gene Stockdale. - hlllm xx: 2 . ' x ,nxxh I Cinder Patters i ' N ' In the first triangular meet of '46 held at Dal-Hi, ROBERT BEASLEY took third in the I00, first in shot put. The sprint relay team-MURPHY WEBSTER, BILL PERRY, BILLY PHILLIPS, and ROBERT BEASLEY-ran third. GLEN MCDONALD, ace miler, placed second in this event. BILL WEBB tied for third in pole vault, and BILL HORN took fourth. On March I5, the LIONS entered the FORT WORTH TRACK MEET, running in all events but not placing. ROBERT BEASLEY paced the LIONS with 'ITM points on March 20, winning the 'I00 yard dash, Couch ROY Mocfe taking a first in shot put and tying for third in 200-yard low hurdles. GLEN MCDONALD took third in the mile, BILL JONES finished third in the 440 Yard Dash and the sprint relay team finished third. Friday, March 29, at Dal-Hi the LIONS ran up a total of 26 points against NORTH DALLAS and WOODROW WILSON, with BEASLEY tak- ing third in the 'I00 yard dash, second in the 120 yard high hurdles, second in the 220 yard dash. BILLY HORN tied for first in pole vault, and BILLY THOMAS tied for third. CHARLES MASTERSON and JOE COMBS tied for third in high iump, COMBS taking third in broad iump. W. A. COOLEY took fourth in discus, MCDONALD ran third and TERRELL fourth in the mile run. The 440 relay came in second place. Page SeL'e11ty-two Netters Teaming up to win the title of city champs in doubles for Forest are Solie Freed and Lester Frank, 4A's. Highlighting a return appear- ance for girl's singles is Eunice Richter, 4A. Just a beginner, but with plenty of ability, is Charles Annes, 3B, single player. Girls' dou- bles will go strong this year with Margaret Keaton' a return player, and Virginia Chesnick, both 4A's. The team thus far has won all four matches from Tech, and hopes to continue by living up to this game and winning the "City Champion- ship," Last year's schedule follows: r I BOYS GIRLS Singles Doubles Singles Doubles Tech 6-3 6-2 6-0 6-1 Tech 6-4 6-3 Forfeit Sunset O-6 0-6 4-6 2-6 Sunset 2-6 0-6 2-6 2-6 Woodrow 0-6 1-6 6-0 8-6 Woodrow 0-6 2-6 5-7 4-6 North Dallas 3-6 4-6 4-6 2-6 North Dallas 4-6 3-6 2-6 2-6 Adamson 6-2 6-2 6-0 6-3 Adamson 6-4 6-3 O-6 0-6 Fa irwayers With returning letterman Don Millender and Squadman L. B. Holmes, the Forest Golf future is un- usually bright, and with promising, lanky Richard Winters, the pros- pects are even brighter. Billy Mur- phy, Freddie Dunn, and "Ozzie" Hansen round out the squad. Don is one of the most consistent golfing youths in Dallas. His long driving, good chipping, and accurate put- ting put him on the level with the best in the city. His partner, L. B. Holmes, has been playing golf for a long time, and aids Don in catch- ing valuable points. Richard Win- ters, who started playing golf last summer, is steadily gaining mo- mentum and is pushing Don and L. B. around keeping them hustling. Billy Murphy is steadily improv- ing, as is Freddie Dunn, who bat- tled it out for fourth position. Hot on their trail is 'Ozzie" Hansen' who has been playing iust a month or two. Wm. , GOLF SCHEDULE FOR 1945 4 6 May Forest Tech 6 March 10 Forest Adamson 5 March 17 Forest Woodrow 4 March 24 Forest O Sunset 6 March 31 Forest M North Dallas 5M April 7 Forest M Tech. 55 April 14 Forest Adamson 4 April 28 Forest O Sunset 6 April 21 Forest 2 Woodrow 4 March 10 Forest Adamson 5 9 Singles' Doroth Hill and Fred Fife. Doubles: Eunice Richter and Mar- garet Keaton, Irving Adelstein and Solie Freed. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Peggie Laman, Beatrice Forbes, Eva Mae Shipp, Ruby Schaefer. Second Row: Lou Yarborough, Wanda Barton, Rosalie Kov- nat, Patsie Greene, Lois Schuman, Avis Apoy, Sonia Allen, June Hogg, Geneva Childress, Katherine Powell, Doris Killough, Doris Bowerman. Third Row: Norma Haley, Chloe Mountz, Dorothy Angrist, Ouida Beth Plunk, Bobbie Haley, Sammie Pike, Chris- tine Knowles, Melba Albright, Jeanie Waddell, Peggy Stephenson, Betty Jo Cox. y Girls Fourth Row: Marvel Hutson, Martha Paxton, Daphine Mc- Daniel, Bobbie Lou Hillger, Billie Ruth Parker, Geral- dine Hughey, Eunice Richter, Bonnie Goodman, Frieda Nell Lutz, Jeannine Adams, Rose Mary Reed. NOT !N PICTURE Mary Collins, Bobbie Farrington, Nellie Gassman, Bonnie Goodman, Lorraine Gordon, Bobbie Harris, Mary Hat- ter, Joyce Houchin, Lois Dell Hilton, Eloise Kelley, Mary Knowles, Betty McCoy, Margaret Moore, Patsy Moore, Shirley Robbins, Ruth Silvergold, Carol Spigel, Maurine Whalen, Juanita Williams, Louise Yarborough. P. E. The Physical Education department presented a varied and interesting program for the girls this year. Posture was stressed more than any other work done. Six girls were chosen from each gym class to be in the final contest. The girls were iudged on body-alignment, balance, ease of move- ment, poise, vitality, and co-ordination. Three iudges were chosen, from the faculty. Peggie La- man won first place, Beatrice Forbes won second place, and Eva Mae Shipp and Ruby Schaefer tied for third place. The four Varsity Teams included newcomb, end ball, tenicoit, and volley ball. These games were played for body balance and relaxation. After each tournament the girls were given serv ing tests. The spring semester P. E. classes played socker, baseball, and basketball. Girls for the Varsity Teams were chosen by captains and teachers for their outstanding, all- around playing, each team being made up of the best players from each class. Page Sevenly-four At mid-term, courses in health were added to the curriculum. The freshmen studied health the sophomores studied physiologyg the iuniors studied first aidy and the seniors studied safety public health, and home nursing. These four Pos- ture Queens were chosen fro m the group of girls in the picture on the previouspage, who represent the best posture in all of the Girls' Phy- s i c a l Education classes. Left to Right: Peggie Laman Qfirst placel Beatrice Forbes lsecond place, Eva Mae Shipp and Ruby Schaefer fthird placel Posture Queens Page Seven ty LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Lt. Col. Richard L. Farr, Second Lt. Margaret Farr, Second Lt. Yvonne Rivers, Capt. Bonnie Goodman, Major Elizabeth Bennett, First Lt. Earnestine Dennis, First Lt. Martha Jo Matthews, Second Lt. Mary Lou Watkins, Second Lt. Tommy Moore. Second Row: Pvt. Joyce Sims, Sgt. Nancy Knott, sfsgf. Judy Wyll, Cpl. Yvonne Smith, Sgt. Catherine Vines, Sgt. Wanda Barton, Pvt. Mary Terry, SfSgt. Joan Turner, Sfsgt. Barbara De Loache, First Sgt. Bettye Lou Browne, Cpl. Emma June Forston, Pvt. Cassie Draper. Third Row: Pvt. Chloe Mountz, Pvt. Frances Moran, Pvt. Wanda Turpen, Pvt. Eloise Kelley, Pvt. Anna Driggers, Pvt. Margie Wheeler, Pvt. Georgia Petty, First Sgt. June Goldberg, Pvt. Betty Collier, Pfc. Mary Haney, Pvt. Jean Smith, Sgt. Dorothy Cruse, Pvt. Jeanette Fain. Fourth Row: Pvt. Marguerite Wood, sfsgr. Lois Boone, TfStg. Dorothy Cleghorn, Pvt. Gerry Waters, Sfsgt. Pauline Satterwhite, First Sgt. Peggy Joe Nelson, Pvt. Jo Ann Landrum, Pvt. Shirley Holmes, Pvt. Betty Cam- pagna, Pvt. Maxine Reeves, Pvt. ldelle Engelberg. Fifth Row: Ptc. Martha Ann Adamson, Tfsgt. Dorothy An- grist, Sgt. Eunice Richter, Sfsgt. Rae Hoffman, Pvt. Charlcie Allen, Pvt. Fayrene Moulton, Pvt. Sonia Allen, Cpl. Martha Ditfee, Pvt. Geraldine Hughey, Pvt. Margie Lee Day. Sixth Row: Pvt. Wilda Stanley, Sfsgt. Maxine Watson, sfsgr. Rosalie Kovnat, SfStg. Selma Sagel, Sfsgt. JO Ann Rubenstein, Pvt. Jeannine Sancedio, Cpl. Ann Case, Ptc. Jonie V. Harris, Sgt. Helen Gambrell. Seventh Row: Pvt. Lela Villines, SfSgt. Jean Stewart, First Sgt. Dorothy Carter, Cpl. Helen Hale, Cpl. Norma J. Thorpe, sfsgr. Jean Peak. NOT lN PICTURE Elizabeth Bennett, Betty Lou Brown, Lucy Mary Cardella, Virginia Cook, Jenna Cromer, Mary Ruth Curtis, Bar- bara Deloache, Anna Lou Driggers, Bonnie Goodman, Bobbie Jean Hall, Dorothy Hall, Nancy Hixson. Girls R. O. T. C. sponsored by Miss Freida Thoene and Miss Locille Segrist, was conducted un- der the direction of the regular R. O. T. C. It was open to all girls above freshman standing. The purpose of the organization was to teach orderliness and dependability. Exercises were given to develop good posture and promote good health, and contests were held to see which platoon could drill best. Promotions were awarded, but only after hard work on the part of the girls. Page Sevenly-.vix LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Betty Wallace, Ann Stokes, Joyce Fuller, Kath- erine George, Mary Lou Watkins, Martha Paxton, Vir- ginia Thornhill, Yvonne Smith, Earnestine Dennis. Second Row: Frances Evans, Jo Marie Ellis, Virginia Haines, Mavis Moser, Bernice Tucker, Billie Jean Merriman, Elizabeth Bennett, Bonnie Goodman. Third Row: Margaret Keaton, Avis Jean Apoy, Tommie Jo Grace, Eloise Kelley, Wanda Turpen, Betty Harden, Eleanor Bushman, Dora Mae McFadin. Fourth Row: Anna Oesch, June Hogg, Sarah Skelton, Mar- garet Hall, Jeannine Jameson, Barbara Lorenz, Doris Jean Williams, Maxine Watson. Fifth Row: Cecilia Elizabeth Baumgartner, Floy Jean Rowan, Virginia Chesnick, Bobbie Jean Clark, Dorthy Nell Snow, Wanda Jackson, Beatrice Marcus, Shirley Mae Somer, Carmen Eby, Betty Marry, Billie Lou Ray. Sixth Row: Dorothy Angrist, Eunice Richter, Doris Brisendine, Kathleen Green, Katherine Kreiter, Melva Knight, Mary Haney, Janice Thompkins, Laverne Knight, Polly Rogers, Katherine Beaver, Carter Jean Byrd, Wanda Fisher, Jeannene Bridges. Seventh Row: Norma Haley, Hazel White, Doris Jean Tun- nell, Virginia Smith, Ruth Agranoff, Jeanie Waddell, Virginia Vodicka, Melva Little, Bobbie Farrington, Lynna Hope, Margie McKay. Eighth Row: Patsy Reed, Rose Marie Reed, Sarah Bound, Norma Jo Murphy, Zelma Lee Hand, Jonnie V. Harris, Loveta Emmons, Imogene Brooks, Frieda Lutz, Betty Collier, Gloria Patterson, Faye McFarland. Ninth Row: Jean Eby, Betty Eury, Norma Cook, Marilyn Murphy, Lela Villines, Wilda Stanley, Norma Jean Brazeal, Willouise Parsons, Marian Fields, Mary Lou Lewis, Martha Diftee, Lou Yarborough. Tenth Row: Bennie Crow, Dorothy Pleasant, Joan Wheeler, Ina Pearl Slaydon, Betty June Hardin, Winnie Sue Wil- son, Joyce Commons, Elizabeth McKenzie, June Ran- dolph, Juanita Green, Patsy Holt. NOT IN PICTURE Margaret Avila, Margaret Childress, Virginia Cook, Jenna Cromer, Elsie Gage, Lorraine Gordon, Annie Mae Har- rison, Shirley Holmes, Maureen Moriarity, Billie Joyce Morris, Rosalie Pasternak, Joyce Primrose, Doris Prince, Betty Sims, Joan Slocum, Joan Stone, Betty Strange, Helen Swaftord, Eloise Thompson, Bessie Williams, Doris Williams, Winnie Wilson. Perfect Attendance In each P. E. Class the girls who had perfect attendance, who were not excused from play- ing, who were not absent or tardy, and who we re perfect on inspections were chosen for the per- fect attendance picture. Girls were urged to attend school every day and to be in uniform. Those who were off floor had to be excused from playing by their teacher. Page Seveniy-seven ,4 I l i l l . I l 1 l LEFT TO RIGHT First Rcw: Sarah Skelton, Mavis Moser, Betty Jo Pruitt, ginia Carter, Bernice Tucker, Joan Swift, Polly Betty Childress, Betty Jo Huddleston, Gerry Bessie Mae Williams. Second Row: Dorothy Haley, Frances Evans, Frances Bobbie Jeane Hughes, Ruth Headrick, Joyce Thornhill, Billie Jean Merriman, Katherine Beaver. Vir. Fourth Row: June Hogg, Emma Daisy Reed, Rae Jones, Cornetia Simmons, Jo Ann Gordon, Lucille Kelley, Car- Rogers, Wood, men Eby, Ima Jo Gamble, Margie Toumbs, Betty Strange, Melva Little. Dooley, Fifth Raw: Jeannine Jameson, Patsy Reed, Mariorie Esner, Seguin' Edna Philps, Bonnie Henry, Sammie Pike, Nellie Gass- man, Georgia Bennett, Edwina Fitzgerald, Gloria Baise. Lynna Hope, Helen Goldstein, Billie Ruth Partington, Carter Jean Byrd, Melba Jean Taylor. NOT IN PICTURE Third Row: Helen Bennett, Betty Barry, Jeanette L Norma Haley, Barbara Wickliffe, Marcia Engelberg, Billie Elliott, Kathleen Malone, Doris Kirksey, Virginia LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Barbara Wickliffe, Betty Jean Bodine, Bobbie Jean Clark, Joan Marie Swift, Helen Marie Goldstein, Barbara Lorenz, Sammie Pike, Joyce Seguin, Jeannine Jameson, Billie Jean Merriman. Q Second Row: La Merle Miller, Dorothy Haley, Sarc1h,Skelton, June Hogg, Billie Ruth Partington, Frances Dooley, Bernice Tucker, Mavis Moser, Betty Jo Pruitt, Lois Schu- man, Norma Haley, Ruth Headrick, Carmen Eby. Third Row: Edwina Fitzgerald, Frances Kennedy, Margaret Hall, Polly Rogers, Lucille Kelley, Jo Ann Gordon, evy, Betty Bush, Pauline Camp, Dorothea Gayoso, Barbara Lorenz, Wanda Reckley, Rose Marie Reed. Betty Strange, Lynna Hope, Frances Jurcik, Katherine Beaver, Carter Jean Byrd, Virginia Thornhill. Fourth Row: Helen Baleia, Gerry Wood, Patsy Reed, Joan Geor Wheeler, Pauline Camp, Rose Marie Reed, Edna Phelps, Nellie Gassman, Betty Barry, Georgia Head, Melba Taylor. NOT IN PICTURE gia Bennett, Virginia Carter, Frances Embry, Marcia Engleberg, Marjorie Esner, Mary Graves, Rae Jones, Doris Kirksey, Jeanette Levy, Dollie McGarity, Marilyn Rude, Bessie Mae Williams, Johnie Yaw. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Patsie Greene, Dorothy Gillett. Second Row: Anne Reilly, Ida Armbruster. Third Row: Bobbie Farrington, Myrtle Thompson. Fourth Row: Cecilia Baumgartner, Imogene Brooks. Fifth Row: Joan Burch, Barbara Scirratt. Sixth Row: Marguerite Phelps, Zadie Ball. ' Sanders, Marian Pasternak, Mary Frances Berry, Faye Seventh Row: Juanita McSpadden, Bennie Crow, Wilma McFarland, Anna LeMaster, Joan Kreiter, Doris Brisen- dine, Wauscel LaRue. Eighth Row: Martha Baumgardner, Eva Mae Shipp, Gwen- dolyn Hulme, Betty Stroud, Peggy Joyce Threatt, Loveta Volley BaH LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Captains Virginia Smith, La- Verne Brown. Second Row: Captains Anna Young, Betty Jo Northcutt, Gloria Patterson, Anna Oesch. Third Row: Juanita McSpaclden, Wilma Sanders, Myrtle Thompson, Wanda Orill, Florine Robison. Fourth Row: Joanne Kreiter, Patsy Cum- bie, Cecilia Elizabeth Baurngartner, Doris Sheats, Martha Paxton. Juanita Williams, Loveta Emmons. Fifth Row. Nelda Jo Westmoreland, Ruth Agranoft, Edna Earl Kennamon, Eliza- beth McKenzie, Wanda Kitson, Faye McFarland, Mary Lou Lewis. Sixth Row: Imogene Brooks, Dorothy Bird, Ouida Beth Plunk, Marguerite Phelps, Zadie Ball, Helen Bush, Helen France, Pearl Bond. Seventh Row: Guyrene Collier, Sarah Bound, Melva Jean Knight, Kather'ne Kreiter, Joyce Myers, Margaret Keaton, Dorothy Gillett, Bennie Crow, Dorothy Pleasant. NOT IN PICTURE Ida Armbruster, Margaret Avila, Betty Bowles, Dorothy Dodson, Loveta Em- mons, Bobbie Farrington, Cherie Free- man, Marian Fuller, Lois Delly Hilton, Martha Howell, Gwendolyn Hulme, Bil- lie LeMaster, Barbara Lebel, Laurice Lewis, Juanita Monday, Patsy Moore, Howard Perry, Peggy Roderman, Bar- bara Scirratt, Eva Mae Shipp, Ruth Sil vergold, Barbara Smith, Wynell Smith, Shirley Stephenson, Helen Swatford, Joyce Wilder. Emmons, Doris Sheats, Lois Dell Hilton. Ninth Row: Jean Turner, Bobbie Lou Hillger, Gladys Wat- kins, Ouida Beth Plunk, Sarah Bound, Betty Jo North- cutt, Elizabeth McKenzie, Doris Prince, Gloria Patterson. NOT IN PICTURE Margaret Avila, Delores Billingsly, Martha Jo Bledsoe, La- verne Browne, Lillian Dooley, Cherie Freeman, Martha Howell, Marjorie Ann Johnson, Billie LeMaster, Laurice Lewis, Juanita McSpadden, Doris Miller, Edna Malligan, Patsy Moore, Florine Robinson, Shirley Stephenson, Helen Swatford, Bobbie Jo Tatum, Joyce Wilder, Anna Yeung. x LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Margaret Keaton, Ann Reilly, Patsie Greene. S d Row: Billy Ta k l y C H. Pritchett, H S tt Cheer Leaders All through our high school life the word "cheerleaders" has brought to mind visions of first kick-offs, hot-dogs, cmd enthusiastic cheers from brightly-garbed fans. However, the all-important task of creating an attitude of loyalty and interest among students is only one duty of the cheerleaders. They work out new and original yells to invigorate the students and their teams, they go out in wind, rain, or snow to lead these yells, and among themselves they develop a feeling of co-operation and teamwork. HERMAN SCOTT, an R. O. T. C. officer, was elected to the responsible position of head cheerleader, Brunette "BOOTS" REILLY and blonde PATSIE GREENE, both Juniors, added to the group. C. H. PRITCHETT, another R. O. T. C. officer, peppy BENNY SCARBOROUGH, and friendly BILLY TANKURS- LEY were other members of the lucky seven. Being a cheerleader was not the only sports activity of MARGARET KEATON, a Senior, who was also a member of our tennis team. The school is grateful to these who have led our yells and our students. P ge Eighty "Snag" Shepard on the lookout for prospective baseball players . . . Football manager, Wilkerson, on the job . . . Mr. Sonntag, our new golf coach, is welcomed to Forest . . . Bernie Cohen, one meatball's twin . . . The Hubba Hubba girl of Forest, Maxine Segal . . . Our racqueteers, Martha Diftee, Eunice Richter, and "Ginger" Chesnick . . . Track stars Robert Beasley and Irving Adelstein at the Austin meet . . . Eddie Hole just looking happy , . . Bobbie Hughes is practicing to be a hard hitter . . . Football coaches, Frey, Ed- wards, Mattingly, and Crabtree train our team energetically . . . Our football team in action. Page Eighty-one Activities WORLD COUNCIL When I say that peace must be planned on a world basis, I mean quite literally that if must embrace the earth. p -One World, Wendell Willkie LEFT T0 RIGHT Second Row: Rosalie Kovnat, Eunice Richter, Guyrene Col- First Row: Ruby Faye Schaefer, Virginia Smith, Ruthe Lewin, Iier, Clyde Abbott, Anita Sue Lynch, Lois Nelson, Max- Rae Hoffman, Joan Stone, Helen Cox, Miss Rachel ine Segal, Thomas Bogie, David Herman, Norwin Gene Foote, Avis Apoy, Gilbert Daniel. Ray. Q NOT IN PICTURE Kathleen Green. f' N I' I l'l S i I OFFICERS MISS RACHEL FOOTE," Sponsor Fall Semester GILBERT DANIEL, President RETA LEATHERMAN, Vice-President AVIS APOY, Secretary-Treasurer Spring Semester LOIS NELSON, President DAVID HERMAN, Vice-President GUYRENE COLLIER, Secretary- Treasurer Page Eighty-four The four cardinal principles of the Na- tional Honor Society are Scholarship, Leader- ship, Character, and Service. 4A's, 4B's, and 3A's who have been at Forest for at least one year are eligible for membership. The can- didates, presented by members of the faculty, are investigated by a committee of teachers, and must be passed on by the faculty and so- ciety. Of the 4A class 'ISW may be selected, of the 4B, 103, and of the 3A, SCXJ. The em- blem is the keystone and flaming torch. The members of the society were invited to re- organize the Mesquite chapter, and to initiate their new members. Although no regular meetings were held, an initiation assembly is given each term and a picnic was held. L High Scholarship Club OFFICERS MISS RACHEL FOOTE, Sponsor MR. C. V. GOODMAN, Co-Sponsor Fall Semester AVIS APOY, President NORWIN RAY, Vice-President THOMAS BOGIE, Secretary LOIS NELSON, Treasurer BERNARD SIGEL, Sergeant-at-Arms NORMAN KAPLAN, Parliamentarian Spring Semester MORRIS STEINBERG, President JEANNENE BRIDGES, Vice-President COLLEEN ORRILL, Secretary WANDA FISHER, Treasurer CHARLES ANNES, Sergeant-at-Arms The High Scholarship Club began this year's work by sponsoring a drive for better attendance. Editorial, speech, poster, and slogan contests were held, and awards were presented to the winners on an assembly No- vember 5. The annual Christmas party and program was held December 14. The Club contributed S20 to the support of a Chinese orphan for one year, and to the Girl Reserve's Treasure Chest for China. The Linz Award a s s e m b I y was held March 7 with Morris Steinberg as speaker. The annual picnic was AVIS APOY, Parliamentclrian LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Virginia Smith, Larry Lee Slakey, Bobby Jean Hall, Wanda Merelene Fisher, Jeannene Bridges, Mor- ris W. Steinberg, Avis Jean Apoy, Charles Annes, Bar- bara Lebel, Ruby Faye Schaefer, Fayrene Moulton, Martha Jo Matthews. Second Row: Jerome Tobias, Jeanette Bridges, Vunita Stribling, Lois Schuman, Eleanor Bushman, Earnestine Dennis, Wanda Orrill, Eva Schnitzer, Thurman Ray, Fred Korngut, Rae Hoffman, Miss Foote. Third Row: Iris Apple, Rosalie Kovnaf, Thelma Romotsky, Freida Ann Benson, Cecilia Elizabeth Baumgartner, June Goldberg, Jo Ann Rubenstein, Judy Wyll, Sylvia Sigma Goidl, Norwin Gene Ray, Shirley Mae Somer. held in May at Fair Park. Fourth Row: Ruth Silvergold, Martha Howell, Doris Miller, Jimmie Simmons, David Herman, Patsie Greene, Emma Daisy Reed, Betty Joyce Segal, Helen Bush, Jeannine Jameson. Fifth Row: Ruthe Lewin, Barbara Lorenz, Thomas Bogie, Richard Stackhouse, Joseph Somer, Bernard Sigel, Martha Ann Adamson, Margaret Childress, Gloria Rollins, Faye MacFarland, Ida Armbruster, Joan Turner. Sixth Row: Guyrene Collier, Helen Cox, Joan Stone, Imo- gene Brooks, Eunice Richter, Doris Wickliffe, Maxine Watson, Margie McKay, Maxine Segal, Lois Nelson. Seventh Row: Billy Harrison, Robert Willis, Charles Schwarz, Harold Melnick, Maury Soltes, Jerome Statman. - 1 Page Eighty-five Student Council OFFICERS MR. S. S. HUTCHINSON, Sponsor Fall Term GILBERT DANIEL, President MARGARET MOORE, Vice-President JOAN STONE, Secretary JEAN TURNER, Treasurer Spring Term GILBERT DANIEL, President ' MARGARET MOORE, Vice-President JOAN STONE, Secretary EARNESTINE DENNIS, Treasurer The Student Council, whose membership consists of representatives from all clubs and first period classes, planned and sponsored dances in the gym every Tuesday, Thurs- day, and Friday mornings, printed dance cards at a charge of twenty-five cents per person, gave a formal dance on December 7, with Harry Travers' orchestra, issued student directories in January, and sponsored the election of Cheerleaders. The student body elected Student Council officers for T946- I947. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Bill Jones, Margaret Farr, Margaret Moore, Gil- bert Daniel, Joan Stone, Earnestine Dennis, Robert Willis, Martha .Io Matthews, Marion Fuller, Joyce Myers, Virginia Smith, Mariorie Ann Johnson. Second Row: Mr. S. S. Hutchinson. Third Row: Pauline Dillon, Nancy Walton, Peggy Stephen- son, Louise Hixson, Anne Reilly, Patsie Greene, Dorothy Haley, Peggy Brooks, Sarah Skelton, Dorothy Weltchek, Betty Joyce Segal, Peggy Nell Fowler. Fourth Row: Emma Daisy Reed, Vunita Stribling, Lois Nelson, Bobbie Harris, Anna Oesch, Eva Mae Shipp, Peggy Elliott, Jane Paris, Herman Scott, Kenneth Peach, Bernard Sigel. Fifth Row: Charles Diffee, Wanda Fisher, Martha Ann Adam- son, Martha Ann Howell, Patsy Cumbie, Jo Ann Ruben- stein, Peggy Joyce Threatt, June Randolph, Helen Cox, Wanda Anderson, June Box. Page Eighty-six LEFT TO RIGHT Joyce Segal, Judith Steinhorn. First Row: Maury Soltes, Maxine Segal, Lois Nelson, Winnie Third Row: Margaret Keaton, Marion Fuller, Peggy Elliott K. Kirk, Margie McKay, Shirley Somer, Beatrice Marcus, Carol Spigel, Barbara Wickliffe, Margaret Farr. Wanda Jackson. Fourth Row: J. F. Lucky, Kenneth Peach, Miss Loula Elder Second Row: Anna Oesch, Betty Wiles, Barbara Smith, NOT IN PICTURE Bettye Rawson, Rea Rogers, Mary Ann Buckovan, Betty Marvin Sigel. F t J ' R d C C 'l OFFICERS MISS LOULA ELDER, Sponsor Fall Semester WINNIE KATE KIRK, President MARIAN FULLER, Vice-President FRANCES KEATON, Secretary MAXINE SEGAL, Parliamentarian WILMA MILLER, Student Council Representative Spring Semester LOIS NELSON, President MAXINE SEGAL, Vice-President MARGIE McKAY, Secretary SHIRLEY SOMER, Treasurer J. F. LUCKY, Sergeant-at-Arms KENNETH PEACH, Student Council Representative MARGARET FARR, Echo Reporter The Forest Avenue Junior Red Cross had a campaign for membership. Dues were paid and the balance given to the Service fund. Our club helped in ne distribution of Safety posters and American Red Cross posters. Every month a Red Cross magazine was placed in the library. For many pupils the Junior Red Cross is their first introduction to philanthropy-to service above self. The nature of the Red Cross is such that a young person can come to understand that service to his fellow man is not necessarily a matter of giving money, but also his time and work. Page Eighty-seven LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Catherine Vines, James Scirratt, Freida Ann Ben- son, Martha Ann Adamson, Jeanette Bridges, Betty Rawson, Jeannene Bridges, Jeannine Jameson, Billy Harrison, Freida Lutz. Second Row: Miss Lourania Miller, Sarah Skelton, Dollie Mc- Garity, Joy Jean Nickels, Betty Joyce Davis, Jo Maree Ellis, Marion Goldman, Rosalie Pasternak, Norma Has- sell, Nancy Knott. Third Row: Chloe Mountz, Betty Campagna, Emma Daisy Reed, Maury Soltes, Harold Melnick, Odessa Roberts, Maxine Watson, Geraldine Waters, Joan Levy. Fourth Row: Dorothy Haley, Jacquelyn Keith, Joyzell Hyde, Bill Stokes, E. Sigmund Altman, Polly Rogers, Betty Joyce Segal, Dorothy Cruse, Nancy Hixson, Wanda Jackson, Estelle Abbott, Suretta Love, Bettye Hodges, Margaret Moore. Fifth Row: Betty Jo Cook, Virginia Barnes, Naomi Souther- Iand, Ann Stokes, Joyce Fuller, Helen Cox, Patsie Greene, Margaret Farr, Norma Thorpe, Jenna Lee Cromer, Virginia Cook, Marcia Rariden, Phillip Aron- oft. Sixth Row: Billie Jean Brazeal, Tom Belken, Miss Ethel Masters, Stanley Golman, Harold McClure, Paul Jordan, Billy Hughes, Ernest Hand, Marvin Greenberg, Jay Beck. NOT IN PICTURE Johnny Childress, Margaret Childress, Hollis Fisher, J. J. Silberman, Melvin David Cohen, Jerome Statman, Vir- ginia Vodicka, Charles Boone, Charles Schwarz, Clar- ence Abramson, Milton Leventhal, Jackie Watkins, Carl Skibell, Jacky Wade, Aurelia Jacks, John McCall, Irving Schwartz, Harold Bridges. Auditoris Caesaris OFFICERS MISS LOURANIA MILLER, Sponsor To give broader ideas ot the Roman peo- MISS ETHEL MASTERS, Co-Sponsor Fall Semester BETTY RAWSON, President BETTY HODGES, Vice-President NANCY HIXSON, Secretary MARGARET MOORE, Treasurer BILLY HUGHES, Sergeant-at-Arms Spring Semester FREIDA ANN BENSON, President MARTHA ANN ADAMSON, Vice- President JEANETTE BRIDGES, Secretary MARGARET CHILDRESS, Treasurer BILLY HARRISON, Sergeant-at-Arms Page Eigbly-eight ple and their value to the world are the aims of the Auditores Caesaris. Goodtime pro- grams enjoyed were the Hallowe'en and St. Valentine's Day plays and Virgil's birthday party. Important events in the spring were the annual banquet and the picnic. Latin week was celebrated April I5-T9 with a movie, "The Last Days ot Pompeii", with edi- torials in school and daily papers, with em- phasis in the classroom on the cultural value ot the Latin language. Many members are in the Junior Classical League, Margaret Moore being vice-president. Le Cercle Francais Club OFFICERS MRS. ZULEIKA ADAM, Sponsor Fall Semester EVA SCHNITZER, President BOBBIE HALL, Vice-President RUBY SCHAEFER, Secretary BARBARA LEBEL, Treasurer ROBERT WADE, Parliamentarian SHIRLEY ROBINS, Sergeant-at-Arms JANET LINDSAY, Reporter TOMMIE JO GRACE, Student Council Representative Spring Semester RUBY SCHAEFER, President JOSEPH KLIBANOW, Vice-President BARBARA LEBEL, Secretary FANNIE FAIR, Treasurer SHIRLEY ROBBINS, Sergeant-at-Arms TOMMIE JO GRACE, Parliamentarian EVA SCHNITZER, Reporter LEFT TO RIGHT Present and former French students are eligible for membership in Le Cercle Francais. The purpose is to encourage interest in France and her contributions to civilization in the fields of art, literature, and science. An as- sembly was given on April 24, on which W. J. Hammond of Texas Christian University told of contributions ofthe French settlement, La Reunion, to Texas. The club attended the presentation of mementos of friendship by Gabriel Hocquard, Mayor of Metz, France. Miss Cecile Robert, a lawyer from Paris, spoke on "Youth in France" at a meeting held March 28. Two parties were given, February I6 and May 20. Third Row: Jeanne Allen, Margie Sonka, Joyce Dance, Joan ' st Row: Janet Lindsay, Ruby Faye Schaefer, Fannie Rae Turner, Judith Steinhorn, Patsy Cumbie, E. G. Mankins. Fair, Eva Schnitzer, Shirley Robins, Tommie Jo Grace, Fourth Row: Solie Freed, Lester Frank, Jerry Barshop, Irving Bobbie Jean Hall. Adelstein, Mrs. Adam. Second Row: Betty Jo Pruitt, Mary Jo Alexander, Joy Wilen- NOT IN PICTURE sky, Marlene Ablon, Charles Annes ,Kathleen Green. Anita Jacob. Joseph Klibanow, Barbara Lebel. Page Eighty-nine Pan American Student Forum OFFICERS MISS FLETCHER RYAN WICKHAM, Sponsor Fall Semester JOAN STONE, President ANITA WEIL, Vice-President FAYE McFARLAND, Secretary GLORIA ROLLINS, Treasurer IRA FREEDMAN, Sergeant-at-Arms Spring Semester ANITA WEIL, President NORWIN GENE RAY, Vice-President EUNICE RICHTER, Secretary JOE WEBBERMAN, Treasurer L. B. HOLMES, Sergeant-at-Arms At the Christmas party Pan Americans played "La Pinata" and packaged gifts for the Mexicn Catholic Church. We escorted vis- iting 4-H Mexican boys at a football game, November 9, and at the Hall of State, No- vember II. We also participated in the open forum discussion at St. Matthews Cathedral Parish House, November 25, presented, Jan- uary I8, a program to raise funds for buying costumes and a victrola for the Spanish de- partment, and at a regular meeting, had, as guest speaker, Senor Jose Castillo of Nicara- gua. Our aim is to promote friendly relations with our Southern neighbors. ,.,f LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: L. B. Holmes, Miss Fletcher R. Wickham, Eddie Rubin, Joe Webberman, Anita Weil, Eunice Richter, Larry Lee Slakey, Norwin Gene Ray. Second Row: Solie Freed, Avis Apoy, Shirley Leventhal, Judy Wyll, Rae Hoffman, June Goldberg, Virginia Chesnick, Doris Barish, Ruthe Lewin, Evelyn Somer. Third Row: Betty Wallace, Faye MacFarIand, Gloria Rollins, Virginia Haines, Shirley Grabstald, Sylvia Goidl, Thel- ma Romotsky, Iris Apple, Marguerite Wood, Rose Gruber. Fourth Row: Morris Steinberg, Syble Turner, Ethel Reisberg, Marcia Engelberg, Arenette Levy, Jeanette Levy, Sarah Russell, Dorothy Weltchek, Betty Jean Dement. Fifth Row: Ira Freedman, Harold Elkins, Alfred Beniamin, Lester Frank, Beverly Byers, Joan Stone, Martha Howell, Bonnie Satterwhite, Jean Hopkins, Mary Ann Jones. NOT IN PICTURE Ruth Agranoff, Ida Armbruster, Betty Collier, Colleen Orrill, Cecilia Rasansky, Thurman Ray, Marilyn Rude, Marvin Schmidt, Sammy Warren. Page Ninety C, A LEFT TO RIGHT Fourth Row: Thurman Ray, Norwin Gene Ray, Lucian First Row: Ruth Silvergold, Ruthe Lewin. Holmes. Second Row: Miss Fletcher, R. Wickham, Martha Howell, Anita Weil. Third Row: Eleanor Bushman, Avis Apoy. NOT IN PICTURE Joseph Klibanow, Thelma Romotsky. O Club Brasileiro O Club Brasileiro, or the Brasilian Club, was organized in September, and has since grown into a class of eleven students who meet each Friday morning before school to be instructed by Miss Fletcher R. Wickham in the Portuguese language. The aim of the club is to bring about a better understand- ing of the people of Brazil by studying their language. Each member has found that his knowledge of Spanish is invaluable in the study of Portuguese. The conversations which are held in Portuguese add to the interest and usefulness of the club and provide enioyment for all. O Turista: Nie vou. Quanto ehe devo? O dono do hotel: Qual quarto ocupou o senhor? O Turista: Dormi na mesa do bilhar. O dono: Entao, tres dolores a hora. OFFICERS MISS MINNIE BROWN, Sponsor Fall Term THURMAN RAY, President ROBERT WILLIS, Vice-President LOIS NELSON, Second Vice-President MARTHA HOWELL, Record Secretary WILMA SANDERS, Corresponding Secretary JUANITA MCSPADDEN, Treasurer GILBERT STRICKLAND, Sergeant-at- Arms JOAN BURCH, Parliamentarian CHERIE FREEMAN, Archivist Spring Term ROBERT WILLIS, President CLYDE ABBOT, Vice-President BILLY JOE LOVE, Second Vice- President LOIS NELSON, Recording Secretary BETTY HODGES, Corresponding Secretary MAXINE WATSON, Treasurer KENITH STURDIVANT, Sergeant-at- Arms THURMAN RAY, Pclrliamentarian DOROTHY WALKER, Archivist Page Nineiy-one LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Joseph Silberman, Billy Joe Love, Maxine Watson, Bill Jones, Gilbert Strickland, Robert Willis, Clyde Abbott, Margaret Keaton, Thurman Ray, Katherine Powell, Lois Nelson. Second Row: Ruby Faye Schaefer, Mary Ann Buckovan, Eva Mae Shipp, Dorothy Walker, Laurice Lewis, Bettye . fvvwslnwul Lindsay, Elva Schwetke, Joanne Kreiter, Patsy Cumbie Katherine Kreiter, Martha Howell, Barbara Smith, Robert Faulk, LaVerne Brown. Fourth Row: Jerome Statman, Bobby Jackson, Bettye Hodges, Kenith Sturdivant, Margie McKay, Doris Wick- Iiffe, Anne Case, Miss Minnie Brown, Mary Wallace, Rae Hoffman, Jack Herring. Rawson, Ouida Beth Plunk, Marion Fuller, Jerome Tobias. Third Row: Jeannine Sancedio, Tommie Jo Grace, Janet NOT IN PICTURE Wauscel LaRue, Vunita Stribling, Billie Williams. Dallas Historical Society OFFICERS MISS FLETCHER RYAN WICKHAM, Sponsor Fall Semester ZEKE LINDSAY, President ANITA WEIL, Secretary Spring Semester ANITA WEIL, President MARTHA HOWELL, Recording Secretary Page N inety-two The purpose of the Dallas Historical Society is to institute and encourage the study, col- lection, presentation, and exhibition of mate- rial pertaining to Dallas history. Members have corresponded with English pen-pals. Two parties were held, one to welcome new members and one for Christmas. The main event of the Hall of State meeting was a treasure hunt for collections in the museum. A memorial program was held in honor of Mr. Dealey, founder of the Society. The an- nual spring picnic was held May 9. An effi- ciency award was given. A quiz program was presented at the Hall of State on April I3 at an inter-school society meeting. Texas History Clulo' OFFICERS MISS BESS THATCHER, Sponsor Fall Semester MARTHA ANN ADAMSON, President FREIDA ANN BENSON, Vice-President PEGGY RODDERMAN, Secretary JOE WEBBERMAN, Treasurer ROBERT WILLIS, Sergeant-at-Arms THELMA ROMOTSKY, Parliamentarian JO ANN RUBENSTEIN, Student Critic JANE PARIS, Student Council Representative Spring Semester MARGARET MOORE, President ELEANOR BUSHMAN, Vice-President DOROTHY GILLETT, Secretary JANE PARIS, Treasurer JEROME TOBIAS, Sergeant-at-Arms ROBERT WILLIS, Parliamentarian IDA ARMBRUSTER, Student Critic JO ANN RUBENSTEIN, Student Council Representative LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Robert Willis, Jerome Tobias, Lois Schuman, Thurman Ray, JoAnn Rubenstein, Eleanor Bushman, Margaret Moore, Ida Armbruster, Jane Paris, Dorothy Gillett. Second Row: Vunita Stribling, Freida Benson, Anita Weil, Ruth Silvergold, Norwin Gene Ray, Mary Haney, Bar- bara Smith, Jimmie Hewitt, Wanda Fisher, Fannie Fair. Third Row: Earnestine Dennis, Mararet Hall, Dorothy Haley, The Texas History Club, founded in I935, became Chapter One ofthe Junior Historians in 1940. To discover, collect, and preserve historical material relating to Texas is the object of the club. Two assemblies were presented, one in commemoration ot the birth ot Stephen F. Austin, and one in observance of Texas Week. Presentations ot books to the Texas Memorial Library, visits to historical places in Dallas, promotion of the Texas Centennial of State- hood, taking part in the Texas writing con- test, and sending a representative to the Jun- ior Historian meeting in Austin, were all parts of the program for the year. Marie Grubbs, Patsie Greene, Jeannine Sanceciio, Patsy Holt, Martha Ann Adamson, Jean Smith, E. G. Mankins. Fourth Row: Nels Hansen, Catherine Vines, Joe Webberman, Jeanette Smith, Helen Cox, Guyrene Collier, Miss Bess Thatcher, Leila Nell Cody, Sarah Skelton, Jacqueline Burks, Eugene Goldgar. NOT IN PICTURE Evelyn Goss, Edna Oakley, Cecelia Rasansky, Billie Lou Ray, Joanna Story. Page Ninety-three Forest Forum OFFICERS MISS DOROTHY GERLACH, Sponsor Fall Semester BOBBY GRAVES, President RITA LEATHERMAN, Vice-President MARY FRANCES NAIL, Secretary JOAN BURCH, Treasurer MYRTLE THOMPSON, Sergeant-at- Arms PEGGY ELLIOTT, Parliamentarian MARJORIE ANNE JOHNSON, Student Council Representative Spring Semester MARY ANN BUCKOVAN, President ROBERT WILLIS, Vice-President VIRGINIA HAINES, Secretary BEVERLY BYERS, Treasurer JEANNETTE BRIDGES, Sergeant-at- Arms 'JOAN KREITER, Student Council Representative LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Maxine Segal, Mary Ann Buckovan, Beverly Byers, Virginia Haines, Katherine Kreiter, Jeanette Bridges, Robert Willis. Second Row: Barbara Smith, Joyce Sims, Severna Erland, The purpose of the Forest Forum is to con- duct round table discussions of current events. Membership is open to juniors and seniors who are interested in economics, govern- ment, and politics. Among the fall activities was a Mexican dinner, with favors of globes. According to tradition, stick candy and apples were served at the annual Christmas party held in the library. At mid-term Wilma Saunders won the award presented to the most efficient 4A member. On the March assembly, Mrs. Ruth Hull Barr, guest speaker, told of her life in China as a civilian internee of the Japan- ese. The members of the club enioyd a spring picnic. Fourth Row: Anna Young, Margaret Chew, Earnestine Den- nis, Betty Thelma Jones, June Hartwell, Shirley Leven- thal. Fifth Row: Peggy Elliott, Kenith Sturdivant, Clyde Abbott, Peggie Laman, Billy McRight, Miss Dorothy Gerlach. Patsy Cumbie, Joanne Kreiter, Jeannene Bridges, Billie Williams. Third Row: Anna Oescl-I, Elizabeth McKenzie, Virginia Lee Hart, Jacqueline Burks. NOT IN PICTURE John Coley, Mariorie Johnson, Mary Frances Nail, Colleen Orrill. Page N ifzely- four i LEFT T0 RIGHT say, Virginia Haines, Peggy Brooks, Jean Peak, Jean- First Row: Larry Lee Slakey, Martha Jo Bledsoe, Jane Phil- nine Sancedio, Patsy Holt. lips, Tommie Jo Grace, Anne Reilly, Helen Hale, Anna Third Row: Mr. Hutchinson, Helen Swafford, Daphine Mc- Lemaster, Daniel, June Grace, Dorothy Cleghorn, Margie Lee Day, Second Row: Betty Jo Cox, Mary Lou Watkins, Janet Lind- Joe Earl Ellis, Robert Willis. Allied Youth OFFICERS SELDON S. HUTCHINSON, Sponsor Fall Semester I BOBBY GRAVES, President BETTY REED, Vice-President ANNE REILLY, Secretary MARTHA JO BLEDSOE, Treasurer ROBERT WILLIS, Sergeant-at-Arms HELEN HALE, Parliamentarian ANNA LEMASTER, Student Council Representative Spring Semester TOMMIE JO GRACE, President JANE PHILLIPS, Vice-President ANNE REILLY, Secretary MARTHA JO BLEDSOE, Treasurer ROBERT WILLIS, Sergeant-at-Arms HELEN HALE, Parliamentarian ANNA LEMASTER, Student Council Representative The Allied Youth Organization was estab- lished in I944. This club stands tor the liber- ation, through education, ot the individual and society from the handicaps of the use of beverage alcohol. The Allied Youth is needed not only for its activities in alcohol education, but also for the manner in which this pro- gram develops student leadership. In the I945 fall term the Forest Avenue post was chartered at the Spence Junior High School. Roy Bregg and Asa Bridges, the na- tional secretary, were the speakers. Puge Ninety-fi11e LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Patsie Green, Ruthie Silvergold, Eva Schnitzer, ' Ruthe Lewin, Maxine Segal, Rae Hoffman, Virginia Chesnick, Rosalie Kovnat, Beverly Byers, Catherine Vines, Betty Wallace. Second Row: Mrs. Juanita Stringer, Miss Mary Vivian Cecil. Third Row: Georgia Petty, Shirley Robins, Marilyn Rude, Joy Wilensky, Fannie Rae Fair, Joan Levy, June Goldberg, Jo Ann Rubenstein, Eleanor Bushman, Judith Steinhorn, Mary Ann Buckovan, Matha Jo Matthews, Betty Joyce Segal, Shirley Leventhal. Fourth Row: Imoegne Brooks, Ethel Reisberg, Ruth Agranoff, Marion Goldman, Surettg Love, Shirley Crabstald, Judy Shirley May Somer, Carol Spigel, Doris Barish, Nancy Walton. Fifth Row: Theima Romotsky, Freida Ann Benson, Wanda Fisher, Martha Ann Adamson, Beatrice Marcus, Wanda Jackson, Joye Ramsey, Evelyn Somer, Anita Weil, Jo Maree Ellis, Jeanette Levy, Joyce Dance. Sixth Row: Bobbie Jean Hall, Selma Sagel, Dorothy Angrist, Gerry Waters, Peggy Brooks, Billy Stringer, Jane Phil- lips, Billie Lou Ray, Polly Rogers, Arenette Levy, Eunice Richter, Nadine Jones. NOT IN PICTURE Arelyn Horowitz, Colleen Orrill, Wanda Orrill, Cecilia Wyll, Sylvia Goidl, Lois Schuman, Vunita Stribling, Rasanky, Betty Tapper. 'V A . I 0 O S Girls Public Speaking Club ,A OFFICERS MRS. JUANITA STRINGER, Sponsor Fall Semester MAXINE SEGAL, President EVA SCHNITZER, Vice-President RAE HOFFMAN, Secretary WANDA ORRILL, Treasurer The purpose of the Girls Public Speaking Club is to gain knowledge of parliamentary law,,debating, oratory, and extemporaneous speaking. The club gave a party on October 10 hon- RUTHE LEE LEWIN, Sergeant-at-Arms RUTH SILVERGOLD, Parliamentarian PATSIE GREEN, Student Council Representative COLLEEN ORRILL, Echo Reporter Spring Semester BETTY WALLACE, President THELMA ROMOTSKY, Vice-President WANDA ORRILL, Secretary IMOGENE BROOKS, Treasurer JOYCE DANCE, Sergeant-at-Arms MAXINE SEGAL, Parliamentarian PATSIE GREEN, Student Council Representative JUDY WYLL, Echo Reporter Page Ninety-six oring all freshman girls. We said farewell to Miss Black, devoted sponsor of the past. Miss Siddie Jo Johnson was guest speaker at the fall assembly, and Miss Rowe was the guest at our ioint meeting with the Standard De- bating Society on December 12. The club members were the guests of the Standard Debating Society at the spring meeting. We are grateful to our new sponsor, Mrs. Juanita Stringer, for her help in making our spring play a success. Standard Debating Society OFFICERS MR. C. V. GOODMAN, Sponsor MR. JACK MITCHELL, Co-Sponsor First Nine Weeks of the Fall Semester KENNETH RUBINETT, President BERNARD SIEGEL, Vice-President NORWIN RAY, Secretary NORMAN KAPLAN, Treasurer ROBERT WILLIS, Sergeant-at-Arms Last Nine Weeks of the Fall Semester S. S. HUTCHINSON, Sonsor BERNARD SIEGEL, President MYRON SHWIFF, Vice-President JOSEPH SOMER, Secretary NORWIN RAY, Treasurer MORTON RACHOFSKY, Sergeant-at- Arms First Nine Weeks of the Spring Term S. S. HUTCHINSON, Sponsor NORMAN KAPLAN, President JOE WEBBERMAN, Vice-President MYRON SHWIFF, Secretary MORTON RACHOFSKY, Treasurer JOSEPH SOMER, Sergeant-at-Arms LEFT TO RIGHT Highlight of the year forthe Standard De- bating Society was the membership drive, climaxed by the Annual Standard Day as- sembly and party March 28. The semi-annual Christmas party with the Girls Public Speak- ing Club was held December I2, and the semi-annual spring party with it was held in May. For the first time in the history of the club, pins were the order ofthe day. The old- est club in school, its purpose is to promote public speaking and debate, and to train the membe Q tor leadership. Jay Beck, David Herman, Paul Black, Fred Korngut. First Row: Norman M. Kaplan, Joe Webberman, Myron Fourth Row: Jacky Weldon Wade, Jackie Watkins, Charles Shwiff, Morton Rachofsky, Joseph Somer, Bernard Sigel, Annes, Alvin Kahn, Stanley Golman, Mr. S. H. Hutchin- Harold Melnick, Jerome Tobias. son. Second Row: Raphael Levin, James Scirratt, Charles NOT IN PICTURE Schwarz, Larry Lee Slakey, Norwin Gene Ray, Nathan Sigmund Altman, Eddie Rubin, Maury Soltes, Max Statman, Newman, Marvin Engelberg, Robert Willis, Joseph Marvin Greenberg, Carl Skibell, Oli w Rowe, Clarence Silberman, Abramson, Irving Schwartz, Richard Sharp, Milton Third Row: Freddie Dunn, Charles Stahl, Phillip Aronoft, Leventhal. l Pagc Nil 1cz'y-seven I I ' - J Girl Reserves OFFICERS MISS MABEL SHAW, Sponsor Fall Semester BARBARA LEBEL, President ELIZABETH McKENZIE, Vice-President RUTH WHEELER, Secretary BOBBIE HILLGER, Treasurer DORIS WICKLIFFE, Parliamentarian Spring Semester BARBARA LEBEL, President REA ROGERS, Vice-President BOBBIE HILLGER, Secretary ANNIE MAE HARRISON, Treasurer ELIZABETH McKENZIE, Sergeant-at- Arms JEAN SMITH, Parliamentarian LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Rea Rogers, Rae Rogers, Ruth Wheeler, Barbara Lorenz, Barbara Lebel, Wanda Orrill, Ann Harrison, The Girl Reserves are the younger mem- bers of the Y. W. C. A., who hold their meet- ings every other Tuesday in the school build- ing. Their slogan is, "Face life squarely, and find and give the best." Co-ed dances were given at the down-town headquarters every other Saturday night. Members were eligible to wear Girl Reserve letter jackets. The fresh- man girls were entertained with a swimming party at the Y. W. C. A. on February I5, and with songs and games at a party in the gym on April I. The Mother-Daughter Banquet was held on February 20. Third Row: Margie Lee Day, Anna Young, Martha Diffee, Bobbie Farrington, Margie McKay, Doris Wickliffe, Jimmie Hewitt, Jean Smith, Peggy Stephenson, Joyce Bobbie Lou Hillger, Elizabeth McKenzie, Anna Oesch, Sims. Peggy Elliott, Miss Mable Shaw. Second Row: Edna Oakley, Mildred Beck, Vunita Stribling, Lois Schuman, Jimmie Simmons, Barbara Smith, Mary Haney, Dorothy Gillett, Dorothy Carter. Fourth Row: Helen Baleia, Joy Howlett, Doris Wages, Joyce Seguin, Helen Hale, Joyce Myers, Mary Jean Walker, Melba Howard. Page Nincly-fight l V' 1' f . LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Jackie Wade, Larry Lee Slakey, Olen Ray Rowe, John Conner, Milton Grisom, Harold Joe Cortimilia, Bill Jones, Robert Willis, James Cameron, Charles Schwarz. Second Row: George Vrla, Drewery Cowling, Jack Goldman, Eugene Fuller, Mr. Butler, Edward Lacy, Billy Webb, Arthur Sale, Kenneth Peach, Robert Foulk, Carl Dennis. Third Row: Hubert Conner, Howell Calvert, Richard Winters, Billy Murphy, Jack Jones, Harrell Kitchens, Meltord Carpenter, Bobby Hopper, Charles Boone. NOT IN PICTURE Eugene Bond, Charles Conner, Paul Cruse, Albert Fowler, Billy Horn, Johnny Swartz, Billy Thomas, Murphy Webster, Omar Hancock, E. G. Mankins, Cecil Pal- mer, Richard Farr, Bobby Secly, Bobby Graves. Hi-y Club OFFICERS W. H. BUTLER, Sponsor Fall Semester ROBERT WILLIS, President BOBBY GRAVES, Vice-President GEORGE VRLA, Secretary-Treasurer JAMES CAMERON, Sergeant-at-Arms ROBERT FAULK, Parliamentarian Spring Semester HAROLD CORTIMILIA, President KENNETH PEACH, Vice-President MILTON GRISOM. secfefqry-Treasurer JOHN CONNER, Sergeant-at-Arms ROBERT WILLIS, Parliamentarian The purpose ot the Hi-Y Club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards ot Christian character. Any boy of good moral character is eligible tor membership. Meetings were held every Friday morning at 8:25 under the sponsorship ot W. H. Butler. Members enioyed the many benefits ottered by the Y. M. C. A., with which the club is attiliated. Psalms and sentence prayers were read at each meeting. The club's activities were ar- ranged to emphasize the spirit ot loyalty to school and church. Page Ninety mae LEFT TO RIGHT Smith, Ruth Wheeler, Anne Reilly. First Row: Martha Baumgcirdner, Peggy Joyce Threatt, Bet- Third Row: Margaret Farr, Miss Alice Harrington, Rea 'tye'Hodges, Marion Fuller, Eva Mae Shipp, Joyce Myers, Rogers, Bettye Rawson, Anna Oesch, Severna Erland, Winnie K. Kirk, Betty Wiles. Virginia Haines, Billie Williams. Second Row: Dorothy Walker, Elva Schwetke, Lois Dell NOT IN PICTURE Hilton, Rae Rogers, Peggy Elliott, Joan Stone, Barbara Doris Brisendine, Yvonne Wyrick. Vestonians OFFICERS MISS ALICE HARRINGTON, Sponsor Fall Semester GWENDOLYN HULME, President JEAN TURNER, Vice-President BARBARA DAVIS, Secretary JOYCE MYERS, Treasurer JUANITA MCSPADDEN, Sergeant-at- Arms JOAN STONE, Parliamentarian MARGARET FARR, Student Council Representative Spring Semester EVA MAE SHIPP, President JOYCE MYERS, Vice-President BETTYE HODGES, Secretary RAE ROGERS, Treasurer MARIAN FULLER, Sergeant-at-Arms BETTY RAWSON, Parliamentarian PEGGY THREATT, Student Council Representative MARTHA BAUMGARDNER, Echo Reporter Page One Hunrlred The Vestonians were organized on March 3, 1941, under the guidance of Miss Alice Harrington. , The name ofthe club is derived from Vesta, goddess of hearth and home. The club meets semi-monthly and the purpose is to help-girls make better homes. Only junior and senior girlsare eligible for membership and the enrollment of the club must not exceed the number of twenty- tive. The members are accepted by two-thirds vote each semester. Programs about home life are presented and socials are ol must, for the Vestonians. Culinary CuTies OFFICERS MISS WILLIE MAE BERRY, Sponsor Spring Semester GUS CONTELLO, Chief Cook CECIL PALMER, Chief BoTTle-Washer DANIEL CANNON, Chief Housemaid's Knee HOWELL CALVERT, JR., Chief Dishpan Hands STANLEY RUBENSTEIN, Chief Yum- Yumer SOLIE FREED, Chief Flapiacker BILL COOK, Chief Crab NELS HANSEN, Chief Ozzie BILL WEBB, Chief Pie-do JACK NICODEMUS, Chief Cabbage- head L. J. BLACKMAN, Chief Chow Down LEFT T0 RIGHT Crash! Bang! WhaT a claTTer! IT was Thirty- Three boys in Room 204 delving inTo The arT of cookery and good manners as TaughT by Miss Willie Mae Berry in Boys Home Eco- nomics 7. Surprisingly enough, one of The mosT no- Ticeable feaTures was The inTeresT displayed in The sampling process, as Their delicacies were removed from The sTove, and They pon- dered on The nuTriTive value of Their producTs. Former sTudenTs, having experienced, To some exTenT, a necessiTy for such Training, advise all who can, To Take advanTage of This opporTu iTy. A H John Jefferies, Bill fCrab oo . First Row: Tommy fHead CookJ Moore, Harold ITwisTerJ Third Row: Howell IDishpan Handsj Calvert, Jr. Her n , ma COFTIIYIIIIU, Marfin ISalamiJ RuTchik, Irving CBolognaJ fOnionTopJ Robinson, John fEggbeaTerJ Conner, Jack Ad I 1 . J . . . . esein, erry fFresserJ Barshop, Solle fFlaplackJ ICabbageheadJ Nlcodemus, Donald Arrington, Sfanley Freed, Gene fPork and Beansj Pflug, Joseph IHossen- IYum-Yumj Rubenstein, Robert Gordon, William fFrying phefferl Ellis, Bobby IChefJ Edwards, Paul IG-afilfah Pan Manl James. Fishj Singer, Cecil ICornmealJ Cooley, Fourth Row: Jasper Wagliardo, Miss Berry, Paul CCrepe econd Row: Cecil lHead Dish-WasherJ Palmer, Daniel Can- SuzeTTeJ Miller. non, Edward Lacy, Gus fChief Cookj ConTello, Milfon NOT IN PICTURE Tullos, Carl CHoT Dogj Moehle, Irby fPan HeadJ Barber, Joe Cody, Nels Hansen, Bill Webb. II, I I '. Ui Page One Hundred One Page One Young Retailers OFFICERS MISS GLADYS NEEL, Sponsor Fall Term DONALD MURRAY, President BETTY JEAN BASS, Vice-President ANITA SUE LYNCH, Secretary and Treasurer Spring Term JOHN BOWLAND, President ALLENE WILLIAMS, Vice-President .IO ANN FOOSHEE, Secretaryond The Young Retailers are boys and girls who attend school in the morning and work in the afternoon. They study salesmanship, grooming, etiquette, and regular courses, and gain training and experience which help them secure permanent iobs and advance to better iobs. They learn that people are funny, people are nice, people are strange, people are co-operative, and they are brought nearer to far-away countries by handling their goods. Through meeting the public they acquire tact, poise, and person- ality. These boys and girls must be interested in and suitable for store work, because they are graded as much on this as on regular Treasurer COUYSGS. LEFT TO RIGHT Second Row: Marvonelle Roe, Bettye Steele, Sammie Pike, First Row: Sybel Skinner, Joyce Scallons, Jo Ann Foashee, Vadell Grant, Arvis Melton, Curtis Russell, Donald Mur- Allen Williams, John Bowland, DeAIva Futrelle, Wanda ray, George Dasch, Vivian Bennett, Mary Beth McKen- Anderson, Frances Embry. zie, Betty Jean Bass, Miss Gladys Neel, Anita Sue Lynch. l Humlreri Two LEFT T0 RIGHT Montye Jones June Randol h Maria Berr I P 1 Y- First Row: Ruth Silvergold, Patricia Reinle, Anna Oesch, Third Row: Bobbie Jean Hall, Betty Sue Camp, Miss Ruth Katherine Kreiter, Melva Jean Knight, Daphine Mc- Fetterman, Willouise Parsons, June Hartwell, Dorothy Daniel, Anna Lemaster, Selma Sagel, Louise Yarbor- Barbazon, Dorothy McDaniel, Syble Turner, Anna ough, Sue Beasley, Betty Wallace. Young, Mildred Brothers. Second Row: Bonnie Satterwhite, Dorothy Angrist, Martha Howell, Eleanor Bushman, Ina Pearl Slaydon, Cecilia NOT lN PICTURE Elizabeth Baumgartner, Pauline Dillon, Charlcie Allen, Lois Dell Hilton, Wilma Miller, Edna Oakley, Betty Randolph. Forest Secretarial Club OFFICERS MISS RUTH FETTERMAN, Sponsor Spring Semester DAPHINE MCDANIEL, President KATHERINE KREITER, Vice-President MELVA JEAN KNIGHT, Secretary ANNA OESCH, Treasurer SYBLE TURNER, Sergeant-at-Arms RUTH SILVERGOLD, Parliamentarian JUNE RANDOLPH, Student Council Representative ELEANOR BUSHMAN, Echo Reporter The first regular meeting of the Forest Sec- retarial Club, sponsored by Miss Ruth Fetter- man, was held February 26. Since the pur- pose of this new club is to become familiar with modern progressive business methods and systems, tours of modern buiness offices were made. At the meeting held February 26, the fol- lowing points were decided: anyone inter- ested in secretarial work may become a member, the membership shall not exceed thirty-five, this number is subiect to change with the growth of the club, meetings will be held every other Tuesday morning in room 105. Page One Hundred Three , L t , ,, l LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Roland Ball, Holman Hawkins, Billy Hughes, Gloria Baise, Billie Ruth Partington, Bobbie Farrington, ,Doris Woodward, Gerry Waters, Pauline Servello, Reu- ben Barton, Ben Woodside, Robert Willis. Second Row: Miss Louise Wilcox, Albert Fowler, Billy Mc- Right, Billie Ruth Parker, Joan Turner, Emma Daisy Reed, Margaret Farr, Jeannine Jameson, Jeanie Elaine Waddell, Yvonne Smith, Billy Jacob, Glen Chaffin George Vrla, Third Row: Doris Miller, Virginia Henry, Patsie Greene Kathleen Malone, Janet Lindsay, Marguerite Phelps Zadie Ball, Barbara Lorenz, Ida Armbruster, Jane Phil- lips, Bill Shuptrine, Carl Moehle, Raymond Cuddy. NOT IN PICTURE Anita Jacobs LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Wanda Chism, Paula Dell Parrish, Ruby Brown, Mary Jane Guernsey, Cassie Draper, Pauline Servello, Jeanie Waddell, Mitzi Smith, Betty Mae Koncak, Rose- mary Edvin, Lois Schuman, Vunita Stribling, Emma Daisy Reed. Second Row: Jeannine Adams, Sue Beasley, Louise Yar- borough, Jeanette Fain, Vera Ann Higgins, Estelle Abbott, Marie Grubbs, Sarah Skelton, Dorothy Haley, Anna Mary Bain, Patsy Reed, Bessie Mae Williams, Alice Robinson, Modena, Patterson. Third Row: Maureen Moriarity, Wilda Stanley, Rita Harmon, Patsy Harbison, Gloria McCulloch, Melva Little, Louise Shawhean, Patricia Hatter, Florine Robison, Mary Lou Watkins, Nadine Belt, Dorothy Monday, Miss Louise Wilcox. Fourth Row: James Thompson, Elizabeth Murray, Nita Gwen Watkins, Betty Cox, Marie Crow, Wanda Skinner, Mary Lou Statom, Marie Gage, Louise Long, Georgia Petty, Margie Wheeler, Kathleen Malone, Dorothy Cleghorn. Fifth Row: Irene Finneburgh, Doris Henson, Billie Moore, Jeannette Smith, Bennie Crow, Dorothy Pleasant, Zadie Ball, Sally Ann Cole, Helen Nixon, Edna Milligan, Janet Lindsay. Sixth Row: Roland Ball, John Tankursley, Jimmie James, Dan James, Dollie McGarity, Gerry Waters, Betty Jean Dement, Rose Ellen Barton, Barbara Hansen, Jane Phillips, Betty Harvey. Seventh Row: Billie Moore, Billie Ruth Parker, Irene Roberts, Melba Taylor, Frances Kennedy, Lois Samples, Janie Herrel, Barbara Tasker, Betty Barry, Joy Howlett, Helen Baleia. Eighth Row: Jack Taulk, Joan Walthall, Nanell Julian, Bar- bara Rae Moore, Shirley Rae Shay, Margaret Farr, Eva Loraine Gordon, Frances Curry, Ardath Barker, Reuben Barton, Johnny Higgens, Glen Chaffin. Ninth Row: Robert Willis, Gilbert Zowler, Marion Paxton, Billy McRight, Lucian Holmes, Ida Armbruster, Carl Moehle, Raymond Cuddy, Bettye Cooley, Winnora Sar- tain, Wynell Reynold, Ruby Anderson, Billie Joyce Morris. ' NOT IN PICTURE Girls-Ruby Adkins, Peggy Ernest, Lucille Frier, Wanda Hales, lla Fay Rigsby, Eunice Allen, Earline Barton, Virginia Cook, Jenna Cromer, Carmen Eby, Edwina Fitzgerald, Mildred Goodman, Louise Hixson, Frances Jurcik, Joyce Seguin. Boys - E. B. Caraway, Cecil Cooley, Tommie Fraley, Thomas Hardin, Patrick Lambert. il LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Charles Diftee, James Scirratt, G. E. Mankins, Joe Wayne Combs, Irving Adelstein, Jerry Barshop, Eddie Hale, Jessie Collier, Billy Phillips, Milton Leventhal. Second Row: Donald Purdy, Paul Black, Kenneth Peach, Billy Ray McPeak, Jimmy Hollon, James Corley Sparks Jr., Truett Ray Law, Thurman Ray, Phillip Aronoff, Jerry Smith, Travis Tolley. Third Row: Bobby Hopper, Robert Johnson, A. W, Ander- son, Mack Mayhew, Robert Jones, Alvin Kahn, Robert Locker LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Louise Hixson, Margaret Keaton, Bettye Hodges, Rae Rogers, Winnie K. Kirk, Carol Lois Spigel, Shirley Mae Somer, Betty Wallace, Catherine Vines, Lois Schu- man, Vunita Stribling, Mrs. Lawrence, matron. Second Row: Marcia Rariden, Mary Jo Alexander, Leila Nell Cody, Frances Dooley, Joan Swift, Bernice Tucker, Pauline Dillon, Blanche Kassed, Shirley Ann Stillman, Mary Frances Messina, Laura Embry, Bobbie Collins, Miss Rachel Foote. Third Row: Barbara Tasker, Betty Barry, Alfarene Barton, Katherine George, Velma Mills, Odessa Roberts, Polly Rogers, Betty Corbett, Rochelle Stillman, Patsy Lowry. Fourth Row: Edwina Fitzgerald, Wilda Stanley, Birdie Car' gile, Peggy Brooks, Laurice Lewis, Juanita Monday, Hixson, Oscar Otfill, Joe Horton. Fourth Row: Charles Coley, Roy Owen, Charles Clark, Richard Sharpe, Jacky Wade, James Harris. NOT IN PICTURE Billy Brazeal, James Cameron, Gene Culpepper, Bobby Farrow, Leonard Hancock, Jack Jones, Walter Lindsey, Hubert Parrett, Robert Rhodes, Martin Rutchick, Richard Shark, James Shipp, L. C. Strebeck, Jack Thompson, Loyd Turner, Weldon Watson, Joe Webberman, Gus White, J. W. Wend. C3uards Rosemary Packenius, Emma Wllburn, Betty Jean Stephenson, Betty Lou McCarty, Bobbie Harris, Mary Dunbar. Fifth Row: Nita Gwen Watkins, Mary Louise Ramsey, Wanda Lois Reckley, Georgia Head, Joy Howlett, Joyce Seguin, Mary Joy Bobbitt, Patsy Mates, Dollie McGarity. NOT IN PICTURE Estelle Abbott, Wanda Bizzo, Betty Bodine, Virginia Carter, Carmen Eby, Frances Evans, Betty Haines, Virginia Haines, Barbara Hansen, Norma Hassell, Wanda Jack- son, Doris Killough, Mary McDonald, LaMerIe Miller, Patsy Moore, Betty Pruitt, Elva Schwetke, Judith Stein- horn, Betty Strange, Helen Swattord, Frances Tolley, Anita Weil. Gffice Assistants The assistants in the dean's office contribute to making the work run smoothly by collecting the attendance slips at each period, by taking out call slips, by answering phone calls, and by running necessary errands for the office secretaries, Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Jackson, as well as for the dean. All assistants have high averages in their school work, are very dependable, and are rarely absent. Miss Foote entertained the group with a Christmas party. The assistants in the principal's office arrange cards in the students' file, put mail in the teachers' boxes, take out call slips, deliver books and pack- ages to the teachers, answer the telephone, run errands for Mr. Whittlesey, Miss Skelton, and Mrs. Brown, keep the lunchroom record, look up banking cards, assist with counseling records, and stamp the date on cards for the next day. Eunice Richter serves as private secretary to Mrs. Brown. There is cooperation between both offices a n d among the assistants and teachers. N LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Ruby Schaefer, Vera Ann Higgins, Joan Wheeler, Mary Jo Alexander, Marcia Rariden, June Goldberg, Judy Wyll, Sylvia Goidl, Betty Joyce Segal, Doris Barish, Shirley Mae Somer. Second Row: Joyce Fuller, Gloria Patterson, Maxine Segal, Thelma Romotsky, Kathleen Collins, Ruthe Lewin, Shirley Robins, Eunice Richter, Mariorie Ann Johnson, Virginia Smith. Third Row: Ruth Wheeler, La Verne Brown, Helen Cox, Guyrene Collier, Margaret Childress, Ethel Reisberg, Bernice Tucker, Anne Case, Norma Haley, Betty Hardin. Fourth Row: Irving Adelstein, Don Millender, Martha Howell, Ruth Silvergold, Beverly Byers, Mrs. Emma H. Brown, Joan Stone, Jeanette Bridges, Joyce Myers, Yvonne Wyrick, Miss Margaret Skelton, Wilma Miller, Zelma Lee Hand, Fred Korngut, Mrs. Willie H. Jackson. First Row: Kathleen Collins, Eleanor Bushman, Jeannene Bridges, Judy Wyll, Avis Apoy, Nancy Walton. Second Row: Cecilia Elizabeth Baumgartner, Jimmie Sim- mons, June Goldberg, Jacqueline Burks, Wanda Fisher, Margaret Ann Allison, Ann Stokes. Third Row: Mary Haney, Jean Smith, Nancy Hixson, Miss Donohue, Melva Jean Knight, Katherine Kreiter, Martha Ann Adamson. i Page One Hundred Six . . x--- --as W l First Row: Kathleen Collins, Eleanor Bushman, Jeannene Margaret Ann Allison, Ann Stokes. Bridges, Judy Wyll, Avis Apoy, Nancy Walton. Third Row: Mary Haney, Jean Smith, Nancy Hixson, Miss Second Row: Cecilia Elizabeth Baumgartner, Jimmie Sim- Donohue, Melva Jean Knight, Katherine Kreiter, Martha mons, June Goldberg, Jacqueline Burks, Wanda Fisher, Ann Adamson. Library Assistants Assistants are chosen by the librarian from among pupils recommended by the faculty. Four or five girls at each period assist the students in filling out permits and signing study hall slips. These girls search patiently through books until they find the information that students need, and suggest books for book reports. The assistants take attendance reports to the study halls so that the pupils in the library will not be marked absent. Each girl stays one afternoon a week after school to issue books to those who wish to take them home overnight. , The library assistants attempt to make it easier and more convenient for the students of Forest to do their work, thereby raising the school's schol- astic standing. Page qne Hum! .mm l 45. s LEFT TO RIGHT Homes, J. T. Burks, D. L. Sims, B. Rener, Adolph Korn- First Row: L. W. Ray, C. C. Curry, D. O. Hulse, T. R. Ray, gut, Otto Schwarz, L. H. Schwetlce. J. T. Whittlesey, L. L. Hiegel, J. L. Malloy, Wm. Third Row: R. H. Keaton, Jake Blend, W. E. Wesch, Louis E. Perry. Reinle, Louis Oesch, C. A. Paxton, L. L. Cruse, J. H: Second Row: Wm. Ede, Charles Patzig, Allen Reed, G. L. Wear, M. J. Ransom. Dads Club L. L. HIEGEL, President T. R. RAY, First Vice-President D. O. HULSE, Second Vice-President ADOLPH SAGEL, Third Vice-President W. E. PERRY, Fourth Vice-President JOE UTAY Cdeceasedj, Fifth Vice- President J. L. MALLOY, Sixth Vice-President T H. M. PARRETT, Seventh Vice-President BEN F. GENTLE, Secretary and Treasurer Page One Hurzdredsliigbt The past year the Dads Club sponsored Friday night dances, gave a dinner honor- ing all athletes, presented a Bulova watch as prize to the girl enlisting the most new members, raised funds for band uniforms, promoted plans for additional ground for a new gym, requested noiseless street cars on the Forest line, and held in May the first an- nual "Lest We Forget" program honoring the Foresters killed in service. Both student body and the Dads Club mourn the loss of Mr. Joe Utay, Vice-Presb dent, who was active in planning and con- ducting the Friday night dances. Parent-Teacher Association As President of the Parent-Teacher Asso- ciation, Mrs. Theodore R. Ray, with the as- sistance of the officers and members, enioyed a most successful year. The club dedicated their year book to returning service men and as a memoriam to our Heroes and the late President Roosevelt, donated S40 to the Com- munity Chest and S25 to the American Red Cross, gave two paid assemblies, entertained the graduating classes with a theater party OFFICERS MRS. THEO. R. RAY, President MRS. W. L. REILLY, First Vice-President MRS. L. H. SCHWETKE, Second Vice- President MRS. H. H. DOYLE, Third Vice- President MRS. BEN GENTLE, Fourth Vice- President MRS. A. B. CODY, Fifth Vice-President MRS. MORRIS GOLDMAN, Sixth Vice- President MRS. J. J. ELLIS, Seventh Vice- President MRS. T. G. MILLENDER, Recording Secretary MRS. J. T. BURKS, Corresonding Secretary ALLEN REED, Treasurer A. SAGEL, Historian BEN MIMS, Parliamentaricin MRS. MRS. MRS. and reception, gave the Dads Club S50 to MRS. GEORGE REED, Auditor I MRS. J. W. HODGES, Auditor apply on uniforms for the School Band. The MRS. JOHN BEASLEY, City Council U . . 3 Delegate P. T. A. brings into closer relationship the MRS. TOMMIE FRALEY, City Council . Delegate home, the school, and the community. M155 RACHEL ROOTE, Dean FITST Row: Mrs. H. H. Doyle, Mrs. Ben F. Gentle, Mrs. Morris SecorL:IrsIzogLofgIj Iiigehl VX1'rje?2I:1T2i:vIr:Lu'Ly?'MA:I!IIecdel-EI Goldman, Mrs. A. B. Cody, Mrs. J. T. Burks, Mrs. W. L. Schwetke, Mrs. Allen Reed, Miss Rachel Fooie' Reilly, Mrs. Theo. R. Ray. Third Rcw: Mrs. J. W. Hodges, Mrs. John P. Wood. Page Our' Huud red Nwe 7, .J Thankslfnr 4 M 8 A Yimb Paper inglzlzjv e c a Tshc lgeldf Vcl. 30. No. 9 DALLAS, TEXAS. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27. 1956 Price 5 Cents Evaluative Group to Visit Forest on April 8-10 Dentist to Examine Iuniors' Teeth 1,338 Students Enroll for New Semester Forest Starts Sprinq Football Spanish Department Gives Program Avis Apoy Heads Forester And so the headlines flash across the pages of the Echo, telling the stu- dent body what's going on, boosting attendance drives, building school spirit, announcing sports events, publicizing contests, reviewing assemblies. News stories spotlight school activities. Editorials urge student co-opera- tion, command meritorious work, and console spring fever victims. Pictures put the faces of teachers and students before the entire school. Columns let readers in on current school gossip and keep the students in touch with class- room activities, the military corps, the band, and the various classrooms. This year was a busy one for the Echo staff. Printing difficulties were solved when the Hicks Printing Company took over the iob. The Echo re- ceived an All-American rating from the National Scholastic Press Associa- tion for the '45 Spring semester. Journalism students said good-bye to Miss Mary Smith Clark as sponsor of the paper with a farewell party and wel- comed Albert Sidney Johnston, Jr. as sponsor. The Cub Edition gace the cubs a chance to feel how it is to run the paper. The staff put out a special valentine edition. ln the lnterscholastic Press As- sociation Contest, the Echo received an award of honor for issues published until March. Echo-sponsored talent show cleared the deficit caused by higher printing costs. Throughout the year, papers continued to go to servicemen all over the world, even with the end of the war. Staff members held a banquet in the spring. Awards to the staff mem- bers were made at the end of the yea r. O Hundred Ten 1 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: John Lievsay, Jerome Tobias, Rae Hoffman, Zeke Lindsey, David Herman, Joe Cody, Norwin Gene Ray. Second Row: Gene Pflug, Billy Tankursley, Mary Ann Buckovan, Shirley Leventhal, Barbara Lebel, Jane Paris, Peggie Laman, Viva Lemmond, Albert Sidney Johnston, Jr. Third Row: Jack Goldman, Pearl Bond, Martha Ditfee, Mari- lyn Murphy, Dorothy Gillett, Barbara Smith, Anna Oesch, Margaret Keaton, Geneva Childress, June Box. Fourth Row: Nels Hansen, Jr., Richard Winters, Joyce Sims, Echo Staii Fall Semester BILL SCHMIDT, PATSY DAVIS, ANN STEVENSON . . . DAVID HERMAN, JEROME TOBIAS, NORWIN RAY . ANNA OESCH ............ JOHN LIEVSAY, JOHN SIMMONS . JUNE BOX, GENEVA CHILDRESS . FAYRENE MOULTON ...... . Spring Semester DAVID HERMAN, ZEKE LINDSEY ......... RAE HOFFMAN, JEROME TOBIAS . . . MARY MCKENZIE, BETTY BASS . . MAXINE WATSON, NORWIN RAY . MARTHA DIFFEE, JOYCE SIMS . . JOE CODY ....... JOHN LIEVSAY ..... ALBERT S. JOHNSTON, JR. . May Dell Samford, Virginia Lee Hart, Fayrene Moulton, Martha Jo Matthews, C. H. Pritchett, Billy Murphy, R. A. Hughes, John Simmons. Fifth Row: Don Hanes, Eddie Hale, Joe Wayne Combs, Tom Belken, Dorothy Pratt, Edward Lacy, Jean McDonald, Doris Cook. NOT IN PHCTURE Robert Beasley, James Camp, Daniel Cannon, Sonia Allen, Betty Jean Bass, Mary Beth McKenzie, Mary Frances Nail, Winnie Jo Palmer, Maxine Watson. . . . Editors . . Copy Editors . Assistant Editor . Sports Editors . . Alumni Editors . Exchange Editor Editors . News Editors . Feature Editors . Associate Editors . Exchange Editors . Business Editor . . Sports Editor . . Sponsor Page One Hundred Eleven I ,wif . E ,T ., -gs:-L-fy . '- ,f . -i -1w a:sff1t,2 - ' vw , f ,. f'11i1f:'-mg'?,?i,a I ' . 1, f'gffst:,,, ,. it ,,g:,, . . -f A - -f .f:,isieffw5HEi?zf,. .sw K iii.: 1 f- A ' , . ,QQ , , , ., , T . ,M ,,,0M,a H .... W. 5 --msifa. f ,- . 1-f ws-wiizm .ti-mm 7 yiwiissifmeg fgi I Z 14-f nt-fr, , -- eessggg,-fsemigr : 'feijgff-e,Q e1,w .- 5 -1':,zt5g4yQza gjq. -. x.. , .- fmf A-Jaifw ,ze-1 z - APOY TURNER TOBIAS HANSEN BROOKS ABBOTT McKAY WICKLIFFE MOORE NELSON McMANUS FELDER JOAN TURNER AVIS APOY Assistant Editor Editor-in-Chief IMOGENE Brzooics CLYDE ABBOTT Senior Editor Ari Edtiol' MARGIE McKAY DORIS WICKLIFFE Assistant Senior Editors RUTHE LEWIN Features Editor LOIS NELSON Literary Editor Page One Hundred Twelve JOHN VATSURES Assistant Art Editor NELS HANSEN Sports Editor COLLEEN ORRILL Activities BLISS McMANUS Art Adviser GOLDMAN LEWIN McSPADDEN YATES MARGARET MOORE JUANITA McSPADDEN Office Managers JACK GOLDMAN Advertising Manager JEROME TOBIAS Business Manager H. B. YATES Business Adviser ANNIE GEM FELDER Editorial Adviser Forester Staff We sincerely hope that you enioy your T946 Forester as much as we have enioyed producing it. The staff has striven to give an accurate view of the school year that you may look back on it with pleasure. In order t o give you a complete account, we have added several new features-"Highlights of '46," snaps of the seniors engaged in their many activities, and snaps of the various sports. One of our difficulties has been to convince anxious stu- dents that we really had no idea who the "Forester Favorites" were. Obtain- ing the identification for the pictures was no easy task, for the students were so eager to resume class work. Members of the staff have worked hard, giv- ing up study periods and working before and after school, but altogether it has been a lot of fun. We owe a debt of gratitude to many this year for making this book pos- sible. Especially do we wish to thank our advisers, Miss Annie Gem Felder and Mr. H. B. Yates, Mr. Harry Crenshaw of Southwestern Engraving Com- pany, Irving Wilkinson Printing Company, Mrs. White of Sears-Roebuck Pho- tography Studio, and our photographer, Mr. Kizer, for their kind interest and co-operation. . LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Jack Goldman, Jerome Tobias, Rae Hoffman, Margaret Jo Moore, Avis Jean Apoy, Greta Joan Turner, Imogene Brooks, Lois Nelson, Clyde Abbott. Second Row: Jean Paris, Ruthe Lewin, Eva Schnitzer, Virginia Chesnick, June Hogg, Rosalie Kovnat, Margie McKay, Doris Janice Woodward, Barbara Lorenz, Jeannine Jameson. Third Row: Miss Annie Gem Felder, Nels Hansen, Fred Korngut, Freida Ann Benson, Earnestine Dennis, Bettye Hodges, Doris Brisendine, Doris Wickliffe, Bobby Hop- per, Charles Boone. Fourth Row: Billy Miller, Bill Stokes, Jerome Statman, Helen Cox, Guyrene Collier, Kathleen Green, Mary Lou Watkins, Wanda Louise Jackson, Barbara Helen Wick- liffe. NOT IN PICTURE Robert Crenshaw, Joe Combs, Eugene Goldgar, Annie Mae Harrison, David Herman, Daphine McDaniel, Colleen Orrill, Eva Mae Shipp, Bernice Tu:ker, Murphy Webster. l l Pago Om' HlI!7dl'Cd Thirteen Features WORLD TRADE But political interncitionolism without economic internotionolism is o house built upon sand. For no notion can reach its full- est development alone. -One World, Wendell Willkie Forest Fovorites Kenneth Higginbotham WJ 1 One Hundred Sixtaen I Mu rgaret Keaton Robert Beasley Peggy Elliott Elected by 1 X JW W We Eugene Hixson DPUIGI' Vofe of Student Page One Hundred Seventeen , J f f January '46 Class Play All-American Family Juanita Hill swinger, Director CAST Grandma Butler, "the hub of the Butler wheel," . Roger Butler, the father ....... Carrie Butler, the mother ........... Caroline, the Butler's oldest daughter, pretty but spoiled . . Bill, the son, a high school boy ......... The Widow Smith, "a fascinating neighbor" of about 35 . . Bruce Ford, Caroline's fiance ......... Lucy Midclletord, Mrs. Butler's wealthy widowed sister . . Avis Middletord, Lucy's young adopted daughter . . . Bobby, a small mischievous boy .... Pete Smith, the widow's young son . LOCALITY: A Small Midwestern City TIME: Early Spring SCENE: Butler's Dining Room Page One Hunclzfcrl Eiglvlcfcfz . Cherie Freeman . . Jack Knott Betty Jo Northcutt . Patsy Jean Davis . Bobby Graves . Lillian Dooley Richard Lee Farr . Shirley Fonberg Shirley Stephenson . Leonard Kahn . . Don Burt May '46 Class Play Tomorrow Heaven Juanita Hill Stringer' CAST Jay Young, a iuvenile of fifteen ...... Bradley Young, an idealistic young playwright . Grandma Young, small and pert . . . '. . . . Director Lila Young, a mother of four who drops her role of mother and becomes selfish fashion plate ......... Anita Young, a sweet sixteen and anxious to grow up . Carleton Young, the quiet-mannered father ..... . Janet Young, very beautiful, but moody. . . '. . . . . Georgia Pendleton, cool and tolerant, and a lovely heir ess. . Keith Harbeson, a young journalist ........ Norman Ketchum, about thirty-two ....... Jimmie Lee, a teen-age news-boy with an appealing grin Mr. Dreighton, old and broken, Mr. Young's employer . Miss Whiting, in charge of youth training ..... Miss Holden, worker in the office of Works Distribution . Miss Hopper, worker in the Citizens Credit Board . . Mrs. Huggins, the new neighbor ....... Orrin Bigley, typical grim and efficient police officer . i . Horace Rephan . Gilbert Daniel . . Viva Lemmond . . Montye Jones . . . Maxine Segal Kenneth Higginbotham . . . Rae Hoffman . . Eva Ship . . Thurman Ray . Morris Steinberg . . George Faucett . Clyde Abbott . Mary Buckoven . Barbara Smith . . Ruby Shaefer . Martha Matthews . Harold Cortimilia Page One Hundred Nineteen Q in . . 1 , tam... 5 1:25522 :': . 4 : s ss- 5 '-s.2-2.f:::z:-:s:s:s:::s:a....mee si- .. I' 1 ...: 2"' 'llfijfiff IZE: ve f.,.:::zf-22252 .... .H is 4. L 'M-fi 'i Him...-.:..::2:rE5:4" V- - ' Wa U ""' I ' 'Q-T" ' .a5- sua., ...I .. , g. 2 ' - ,F mg: A . 'M -.-. 1 1 V - I f ifxf-1-,, 4" ww fjwwwg if ,W ,Q.gasesifasgzvzisffge BZMM " "'- ff 'Z '- M -' - fc 4 " X JA " H ,...,., . -' Z3 -11131"3." fsf..- Z 0' .feisiasa 2 . - -' 1 ' 1. " " X af W' 5 " xg, V , xi .I .. 'wal 2 -f YL2- 4" ' , ,j v", A . E' . gf 7 -I3-,,j4'...i:.-V' 2 uf 'sw A -...,. ' 2 yn ,NW Jw W 26zM9W?Q.'. ff, -' , in f 4 N1 5 135' ' 1 , 322.2 5 1. 4 x . V 4:7144 Y .,,. ' f ,, 9' -.-- -1lQiQQfi.' 1i"'i:f.1:3Qi?.s l 'K """ N' ' " A 2'-',,.g:g13zg., .gg f .1 b 'f 2- Q.: Y .L - y : 4. ' N N9 A 1' .I'IEEE:'IEEE::EEEEEEE: 'r::E.EE:E3 2' EjE5f"E:...c.5E3rI-E - :, Oclober i3-The command is "Eyes right" as our R.O.T,C. sfaff pass in review for Admiral Nimifz. December 7-Faresiers show their dancing ability at the Siu' dent Council formal. December 'I4-Chrislmas gaiefy prevails in 1l1e gym as en- thusiaslic 4A's decorale for lheir prom. Page One Hundred Twvnfy Hlglwllglwls l A December 14-Carolers add to the Chrisimas spirit as Yhey sing Through ihe halls. January 7-January graduales use a drugstore scene in their Senior Day Program. January 8-Any Tuesday morning the capable banking slaff may be found handling your money. of IQA6 I i January 15-Juanita Dodd, Evelyn Church, and Joyce Scallons enioy the snow while it lasts. f January 'IS-The Spanish department helps to further inter- American 'Friendship by presenting a Latin-American program including history sketches, popular songs, and folk dances. January 24-Mrs. Zumwalt congratulates two ex-servicemen upon receiving their diplomas, "" . , 'X 1-::' P- -:1111- 3 , ig fig gs ff, li'f'3i1iwf3 t9' I i f , , WM M J 3 W 1 2 f " fi' it '5' 52' lf, 310' ,. 1 5 2 , I , f w Hai ' AS v " i 2 V 4 . 2 A C E f an K 'X Q 'hr l S 'XA' its V3 ,sew - W V y X ,. if y ,silwsw-gg. M. -, S. -si, V'-5,1 A ,. ., . .. ,, ' 'f ve- 3 'iSW'9':,'7 'liiiililililiiififiiifilififiliffiiliklilili. . - - - ,..,....... , , "i'fA ' 'f A , . V . V -"'o2 January 25-Coronation of Queen Rae Hoffman attended by her princesses at a dance terminates the drive for new Dad's Club members. February 13-ln an assembly presented by the radio class, Surgeon Clyde Abbott searches for Cl fork in Gilbert Daniel's abdomen. February 13-While the nurse, Mrs. lvy, and students look on, the visiting dentist convinces Shirley Leventhal that he really doesn't hurt much. Page Om' Hundred Twenty-one February 14-The Echo Staff proudly observe their Valentine edition. February 20-Mr. Yates is caught during a hectic day of Forester picture-taking. February 28-Billy Rogers and Fritzi Andrews slug it out at the afternoon boxing match given to raise money for the football training camp. Page One Hu11d1'ed Tweniy-1fw0 I C 'U Highlights March 'll-Fire drill empties building in two minutes. j 51 i lf, . I7 IA March 15-On the Echo Talent Show, Magician Jack Goldman produces doves from an empty cigar box. we -:.-SiEIxfx. - W W V W i V 1 March I9-Cheerleaders try out for '47 sports season. oi l94 March 22--The all-boy cast ot "Dress Reversal," one-act play put on by the Speech Department, grimly surveys the dead body of Mrs. Van de Vander. March 22-Dr. Clark, one of the school doctors, gives the tuberculin test to Juniors, ci regular routine at Forest. l March 23-The radio class presented "Abseene Pomp" on KGKO "Radio FroIics." April 'lOfPan American Day unites all American countries in friendship. April 'l5-The dramatic death of Julius Caesar is portrayed by the Auditores Caesars on an assembly program. W' 1 May i-With Miss Foote directing, the Nationali"Honor Society prepare 'For their spring initiation. Page Om' H1ma'rerl Twenty-three Mr. Duckworth and his assistants who keep our building clean and comfortable . . . Cowgirls Joan Turner, Dorothy Danforth, and Doris Woodward . . . A modern Juliet, Gloria Rawlins . . . James Shipp is a nature lover . . . Loafers' Herman Scott and George Vrla . . . Shirley, bored by it all . Ten o'clock scholars, Virginia and Patsy . . . Barbara Lorenz! . . . Budding research- er Melnick makes hydrogen sulfide . . . Brrr, Mr. Whittlesey, better button up your overcoat. . . Keep your speed down, Arthur . . . Foresters at home in Camp Dallas . . . Hurry, Margie, Eddie, and Dolly, or you won't get in the Annual picture . . . Joyce Scallons and Rose Gruber picnick- ing at Flagpole . . . More Forest Scholars, Editor Avis Apoy, Evelyn Somer, and Maxine Segal . . . Oops, don't fall, Myra, John and Colleen. Page One Hmzdred Twenty-four Lora Jones and Betty Lilly going downtown . . . Miss Hightower cmd her able assistants who keep our lunchroom running smoothly . . . Cheer up boys! Vacation will be here soon . . . Bennie Morgan is a sure bet for Hollywood with his acting . . . Glamorous Miss Skelton, our principal's secretary . . . Gosh, gals, what gams! . . . Mrs. Lawrence, the matron, endears herself to all the girls . . . Kathleen, Ola Marie, and Doris don't fool us by lugging so many books home... Puppy lovers Patsie Greene and Lois Dell Hilton . . . Sock that ball, Ruthe! . . . Foresters pack snowballs for ammunition . . . Joe Webberman ambles to school in no particular hurry . . . We always thought Barbara Lorenz and Jeannine Jameson were law-abiding citizens . . . What! C. H. Pritchett and Gilbert Daniel without girls! . . . The cinder potters in Austin working on the "track." Page One Hundred Twenty-five Senoritas Romotsky and Armbruster entertained the Kiwanis Club with Latin American songs . . . La Zambacueca, an Argentine folk dance, presented by L. B. Holmes, Ruth Silvergold, Mor- ton Rachofsky, and Anita Weil . . . Don't be bashful, Margaret . . . Diving champ, Donald Witt . . . Elmo Kieke, Camp Dallas . . . Strong man, Gene Ptlug . . . Raphael Levin assumes role of Napoleon for a night . . . Congratulations, Miss Felder, for the smile after a day's work on the Annual . . . "Snap" goes Mr. Hutchinson, and is Earnestine surprised! . . . Bernard Sigel and David Herman don't like publicity . . . Betty Sparks and Margaret Moore, all dressed up with no place to go . . . Ah, yes, Spring is here for Cleta, Christine, June, Doris Ann, and Estelle . . . Come on, Rea and Ruth, you can get Rae over with a little boost. Page One H und red Twenty-six Elizabeth MacKenzie must be crowded out . . . Make way for fireman Harold Melnick . . . David and A. D., don't let those bubbles pop in Barnett's face . . . Beverly Byers, campus cutie, suns herself . . . This jolly group watch football practice . . . Mr. Crabtree, Forest's new head foot- ball coach . . . Betty, Rea, Rae, and Dorothy exploring Hall of State . . . Joseph Somer displays his special tooth paste ad. smile . . . It's easy to see what school Bill Cook ond Jimmy Scott at- tend . . . Cassanovas Sigel, Ray, and Tobias stroll blithely home . . . Sophisticated senior, Joan Stone. . . Jeannine, Barbara' Doris, June, and Geneva, are you defying gracity? . . . Billy Tankur- sley rigged up in cheerleader togs . . . Who is that friendly looking lass? Oh, Peggy Stephenson . . . On your way to the corner drugstore, kids? . . . Camp Dallas cut-ups . . . Delicious dishes! Winnie Kirk and the candy both. n Page One H mul red Twenty-seven ,Q Jan. Jan Jan. Jan Jam -- Calendar - 16-Cirlx' Public Speaking, Standard Debating, 17-MLQ flex-ck: Francais. 18-Hi-Y, Forest vi. Tcnh, Pnrhxguese Club, Span- ish Program. 123MForvsl: va, Sunset, Dads Ciub Dance, 20'-Baccalaureate Serman at Forest Ave, Baptist .S'00pnx 1946 Echo Q Norma Jean Watts and Eugene Coppedgv are uw 1946 Echo Sweet hearts, as selected by popular ball Im. Wilma Sanders and Bobby Graves came in second. Nurma Jean is known for her beautiful voice and has Lakerrpart in many programs that have been iiesented by the music depart.- merxi. She was the '45 musk queen. is a member of ihe Yes' touians and formerhf balungarl . to R the Girl Rveaervzs, She camaxto T Forest from Colonial and after' g-rarhrntiun plans tn enter Bush: Cwlieze. Feb. Feb. Feb, Tech Porta Capprdge Feb. Audrtores Caef Reserves, Page Hundwfd Twenty-vight less dull. be plenty of time spend on clash subject," he period ess D A new era has arvived. Forest 'students wil! liswn and wand-ffras one entirely new subject enters in- this muluded in the drama, which is Publizib 4, or in Lhe.regu1ar 0 speaking L. on Lhe study of Aero' the list of subjects school, after Aix ab' that the adio and Aeronautics Courses 0 Be Offeied in New Classes sence of B nponsc ing of Mthey If is expected by bath Mr. Al' len and Mm. Stringer than the nf- fered subjects will be of inherent to many ai the Forest pupils. offered. 4 'XsX .fl f-N I A f IN 4 ."N'X fi AN ll llllg 'Inn Cur Advertisers The publication of the 1946 FORESTER has been made possible through the cooperation of the following friends. us show our appreciation by patronizing them whenever possible. Acacia Insurance Co. Alma's Beauty Shop American Beauty Cover Co. Arthur and Harry Utay Ben Morris Jewelry Co. Blend Brothers Bakery Bloom's Pharmacy Brilling Insurance Brisendine Market Canada, Real Estate Capitol Records Caudle Engraving Company Cline Music Company Cohen Candy Company Colonial Cleaners Colonial Pharmacy Dallas Uniform Cap Co. Dallas Watch Shop Denison Studio Dossett's Dry Cleaning Draughon's Business College Drumgold Texaco Station Dunigan Gro. 8. Mkt. Dunn's Man Shop Earl's Magazine Exchange Electro Plating 8. Mfg. Co. E. M. Kahn 8. Company Ewing, S. l. Fisher Brown Candy Co. Forest Avenue Furniture Co. Franklin's Friedman, Dr. M. l.. G Br G Florists George M. Stuart, Florist Grace's Pine Street Pharmacy Gray's Diamond Shop Gray's Radio Shop Harry J. Myers Hiegert Florist Hodge's Cleaners Home Furniture Company Interstate Circuit, lnc. Interstate Lumber Co. James K. Wilson James Shoe Shop Johnson's Cafe Keeney Office Equipment Co. Kizer Studio Levin, Phil Lone Star Coffee Company Louise's Record Shop M. 8. M. Leather Craft Co. Mack's Barber Shop Magicland Mario's Cafe Max Jewelry Co. Mays Electric Service Metropolitan Business College Model Tailors Milliners' Supply Murray Investment Company McGuire Cleaning McNeese Cleaners Nelms Wholesale Company New Windsor Cleaners 0. L. Sutphen Furniture Company Parker, Earl R. Pat's Garage Paul's Shoes Peacock Jewelry Co. Pierce Shoe Shop Ravkind's Cleaners Reinle Typewriter Service Ring 8. Brewer Roy Roberson, Used Cars Rutherford Business School Sam Dysterbach Co. Schepps and Sablosky, Insurance Schwarz Company Shaw 8. Estes, Contractors Shuttles Jewelers Soltes Sordelet Cleaners 8. Hatters South Dallas Bank 8. Trust Co. South Dallas Battery Service Southern Radio 8. Electric Co. Southwestern Engraving Company Standard Sales 8. Appliance Susman, William Time Jewelers Whittle Music Company Wilkinson Printing Co. Worthington's Zoenell Beauty Shop Page One Hundred Twenly-nine K , Compliments of MCNEESE CLEANERS PHIL LEVIN SEE US TO BUY OR SELL HOMES. APARTMENTS. INVESTMENTS OR BUSINESS PROPERTIES 2743 Grand Avenue H-0356 PHONE H-2996 1805 FOREST AVE. DALLAS. TEXAS Phone 3 Phone SOUTH DALLAS BATTERY Sc H4284 H4284 ELECTRICAL SERVICE THE TAILOR Starters, Generators, Carburetors CLEANING, DYEING, AND ALTERATIONS :P ii HAT RENOVATING 'P af' 1906 South Harwood Street Motor Tune-Up 2304 South Ervay Phones H-3217, H-3268 CLINE MUSIC COMPANY, Inc. Everything for the Band and Orchestra GUARANTEED REPAIR WORK 1409 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas Dui-ward J. Cline, President Phone C-1948 WILLIAM SUSMAN All Kinds of Insurance Great National Life Building C-4054 Compliments of MILLINERS, SUPPLY COMPANY PIERCE SHOE SHOP 2743 Grand Expert Shoe Repairing WILLIAM C. HIEGERT We have all previous Flows! negatives on file FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 2718 Forest Avenue Phone H-7133 11022 Elm SAM DYSTERBACH COMPANY 2108 Elm SI. UNIFORMS FOR MAIORETTES, BANDS, PEP SQUADS AND R.O.T.C. OUR UNTFORMS ARE OUTSTANDING O. L. SUTPHEN FURNITURE Co. New and Used Furniture . CASH OR TERMS 2109 Second Ave. Phone H-0328 CQIIITTLE , EVERYTHING MUSKAL 1108 Elm St. Phone C-5191 EARL,S MAGAZINE EXCHANGE EARL cooTEs, mp. School Supplies 1917 second Ave. Dauas To Appreciate the Difference One Must Know the Differents MARIO'S Advanced Italian Kitchen 1 63 9 Forest Compliments of LONE STAR COFFEE COMPANY I. L. Stahl Page One Hundred Thirty MAGICLAND MAX JEWELRY CO. 409 N. Ervay Watch and jewelry Repairing Fun for Everyone Riverside-0001 2220 Elm, Dallas ZOENELL BEAUTY SHOP 2806 Forest Ave. Phone H-0489 Compliments of ARTHUR and HARRY UTAY ZOLA RANDOLPH Licensed Operators 2012 Elm St. Compliments of WORTHINGTON'S FOREST AVENUE FURNITURE Sc to 581.00 Store 1624 Forest Avenue 1632 Forest H-5252 STELLA GLOVER, Owner Compliments of Phone: Harwood-1747 G gc G FLQRISTS BLOOM'S EDGEWOOD Flowers of Distinction PHARMACY 3901 Colonial The'Home of the Chocolate Soda KEENEY OFFICE EQUIPMENT Co. Typewriters, Adding Machines, Cash Registers, Desks, Chairs, Supplies 1109 Main Phone C-0107 DUNN'S MAN SHOP Popular Price Store D. L. Keeney, jr. 1915 Commerce R-4464 Dallas 2, Texas Office Phone C-2328 Residence Phone H-S698 Compliments of DR' M- IBEEQQEDMAN DALLAS UNIFORM CAP COMPANY Entrance 1703 M Live Oak Street Cor. Elm, Ervay and Live Oak Sts. J' Pasternak JOHNSON'S CAFE Compliments Famous Hamburgers of Plate Lunches 2101 Second Avenue HARRY S. MYERS ALMA'S BEAUTY SHOP 2528 Forest Ave. H-0020 Compliments of GRAY'S RADIO 'SERVICE 3105 Oakland H-0289 Page One Hundred Thirty Phone H-1300 Colonial at Pine GRACES PINE STREET PHARMACY Reliable Prescription Service At Reasonable Prices RAVKIND'S CLEANERS Under New Management Two to Three Day Service on All Work Your Business Appreciated C. W. COLLINS Compliments of BLEND BROS. BAKERY 2800 Forest H-0645 LOUISE'S RECORD SHOP New Popular Records 3111 Oakland Phone H-3 S 82 Electro Plating 81 Mfg. Co., Ltd. 1718 Browder Phone H-4407 Dallas Refinishing and Repairing of Silverware Electro Plating of All Kinds NEW WINDSOR CLEANERS 2013 South Ervay Phone H-0476 Dallas, Texas South Dallas Battery and Electrical Service 2304 South Ervay Street Phones H-3268 and H-3217 Best Wishes for the Future Success of The Graduates of STANDARD Sales 84 Appliance COMBINATION RADIOS 86 JUHC, 1946 PHONOGRAPHS. Complete Line of Electrical A Appliances 2726 Forest Hunter 8-2511 ROY ROBERSON HODGEYS CLEANERS Quality Cleaning, Dyreinq and Alterations Used Cars Silks cr Specialty 2913 So. Ervay H-3754 2003 So. Ervay H-9676 Puge One Hundred Thirty-Iwo D O S S E T T 'S DRY CLEANERS 1624 Forest Ave. Phone H-0310 Dallas, Texas Forest Students Welcome Rutherford Business Colleoe Complete and Review Courses Satisfaction Guaranteed or tuition refunded "Better Trained Graduates" Commerce at Field C-45 38 C 1' f DUN IGAN GROCERY Omp ments 0 QS. MARKET ACACIA MUTUAL 3,15 Jem LIFE INSURANCE Co. Home Oihce Washington, D. C. FINE FOODS Dallas Eranch: BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS 1221 RePub11C Bank Bldg- ICE CREAM Phone C-5595 Coy D. Snoddy 86 Henry M. Lively PAT'S GARAGE Day H-oo71 DIAL Night H-1473 3401 Oakland - Dallas IAMES Sl-IOE SHOP 3 211 Oakland Master Shoe Repairing also New Shoes INSURANCE COVERAGE H-1721 Colonial Cleaners 3011 Colonial WE OPERATE oun OWN PLANT SILKS A SPECIALTY Southern Rodio ci Electric Co. 2 5 30 Forest Ave. Phone H-4943 SALES Sl SERVICE Guaranteed Repairs by Licensed Radio and Electrical Technicians 18 Years Experience Page One Hundred Thirty Compliments of BEN UTAY First Captain Forest Avenue High Football Tearn . . . 1917 BEN MORRIS IEWELRY CO. 1924-A Elm Street McGuire Cleaning, Dyeina and Laundry Co., lnc. "Let us dye for you" Phone H-2135 2100 So. Ervay South Dallas 2 C0mPlimemS o Bank S Trust Co. . NELMS WHGLESALE Forest at Colomal Metropolitan Banking Service with Cundy'5'35?Zi'tgJKMetteS' Suburban Conveniences Member of F cl ral Deposit-Insur Forest Avenue C P ' Tel. H-5175 Tel. H--S176 PATRONIZE Compliments o THE MODEL Mr. anol Mrs. William TA1LoRs SONGS , and 2309 Elm Street Elton D. and Maury R-6057 Soltes MAYS ELECTRlC SERVICE Commercial - Industrial Residential Wirjngc8C Repairs RElNl.E TYPEWRITER SERVICE Sales and Service on All Makes of Typewriters 2 017 Main Street 2523 Warren-Dallas Dallas, Texas Phone H-6751 Phone Central 4448 Louis Reinle One Hundred Thirly-four Colonial Pharmacy A"o'neY at Law Office R-4692 ROS. M-6615 PRESCRIPTION EXPERTS Phone H-5141 1644 Forest 221 Texas Bank Building DALLAS, TEXAS WHEN LOOKING FOR FURNITURE SEE Home Furniture Co. 2301 ELM AT PRESTON R-3137 Compliments of Sehepps - Sablosky Insurance Telephones C-47 6 6 and C- 6612 ABE I. BRILLING Insurance OF EVERY DESCRIPTION "Absolutely Personal Servicev H-0419 H-3471 - W. E. Drumaold Service Station TEXACO PRODUCTS WASHING - LUBRICATING - ACCESSORIES Firestone Tires-Battery Recharge 920 Republic Bank Building Oakland sl Pennsylvania Dallas Dallas Compgiments Compliments of Murray Investment COHEN Cgmpcmy CANDY coMPANY Real Estate Loans 718 Republic Bank Bldg. C-43 5 8 Wholesale Distributors BUNTE WORLD'S FAMOUS CANDY Page One Hundrea' Tbir SHAWZSCESTES MAGICLAND A. M. WESSON W. C. ADAMS R. L. RAPE Dallas Watch Shop Watebriiakers - jewelers Phone C-5535 206 So. Ervay St. lnterstate Lumber Co. Complete Line Building Materials Pittsburg and Sewall Paints Youngstown Kiteben Cabinets Plumbing and Steel Supplies 1112 Forest Ave. H-4128 Phone C-4222 Dallas, Texas M. 61 M. LEATHER CRAFT CO. Sterling Silver Buckle Sets Manufacturers of "LEATHER SPECIALTIES" 210 8: 214 Sol Ervay Near Commerce BELTS-BILL FOLDS-NOVELTIES Hand Tooled With Name SADDLES MADE 85 REPAIRED Watch Bands--Brnef Cases SKILLED WORKMANSHIP-BEST MATERIALS "Store of 1000 Wonders" 1407 SO. Akard P. O. Box 1684 Phone C-6834 409 N. Ervay St. Tricks-Novelties--Party Fun Cjontractors All for Fun-Fun for All e Compliments of GEORGE M. STUART MACK,S BARBER SHOP u 2728 Forest Dallas Florist Next to White Theatre 1422 Commeree Street 49 -A QEX-Foresterj REAL ESTATE S peeializing in Souftb Dallas Homes - Suburban Property - Apartments Dependable and Courteous Service 5' A.---vfiiitft t ' 2913 South Ervay H-9700 One Hunrlrezl Tbirty-six ' Eufiinad Galfeqe Foremost in Dallas Snce 1887 A School of Character, Standing, and Influence STENOGRAPI-IIC, SECRETARIAL and ACCOUNTING COURSES taught by men and women of experience and ability. Thousands of suc- cessful graduates. Far more calls than We can fill. Come to the office or phone C-8773. GD Compliments of PAUL'S SHOES, INC. DALLAS 1600 ELM GD FOR A FINE SELECTION of K I 82 GRADUATION GIFTS . see 3 d Time Iewelers Dallas' ol est ' 208 North Ervay E retail store with Phone C-5227 shops of quality Q apparel for men, Forest Ave. Furniture women, boys, and Co. service men THE BEST FOR LESS , Complete Home Furnishings MAIN AND ELM AT LAMAR New and Used 1624 Forest H-3314 Page One H und real Thirty- DIIIITIDIID SHUI' DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY SILVERWARE LUGGAGE ZW 1936 ELM STREET AT HARWOOD we ee S 49 E Q 3 3 home gf Hart Schaffner 84 Marx Clothes S. L. EWINC3 COMPA NY J. T. BoYeE 1ypewriters...Adding Machines...Supplies "In Dallas Sinfe 1902" 1919 Main Street C-5401 o In sincere apprr'c'irz1'io1z of the patronage and friendship of the entire body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past twenty-three years. American Beauty Cover Co. 2002-8 North Field Street The Cover on This Book Was Produced in This Plant I O H I 1Tf fy-righf 0F Gnfnm 'k wi FOR OVER 'I8 YEARS ir 4 DIAMONDS - WATCHES - SILVER - JEWELRY - TROPHIES GRADUATION RINGS Compliments of SHUTELES Second Floor Southland Life Building Next to Baker Hotel 49 FRA 9 I6IO EIm Street Phone R-5378-9 COMPLETE WARDROBE "From Crib to College" The Largest Seleetion in Town at Sensational Low Prices INFANTS' SIZES: 0 to 9 Months MISSES' SIZES: 9 to 20 CHILDREN'S SIZES: 'I to I6 WOMEN'S SIZES: 18W to 24Vzp 38 to 52 49 U55 52015 NC7OI2kC!El2CEU Buiff WATCHES . . ,DIAMONDS . . FOUR WAYS TO BUY - CASH w --DAY CHARGE . QWAWAY PLAN SILVERWARE . 0 A WHOLE YEAR TO PAY .CDEQGUCQ giufifily 670. '1802 Elm Street 9 RADIOS - APPLIANCES Night Phone H-5929 R. E. KIZER Portrait and Commercial Photography ALL GROUP PICTURES BY KIZER STUDIO Phone C-3623 513 K2 So. Ervay St. Dallas, Texas Page O11e'H1mdred T The White-Dalsee-Forest and Fair Theatres . . . extend to the Graduating Class of May, 1946, and January, 1947, their congratulations and best Wishes in starting out on life's highway. These neighborhood theatres are sure that these young men and Women are well equipped to take their places inthe future 'life of our splendid city. Always remember that these theatres are a part of your neighbor- hood and are conducted in your interest with clean and Wholesome en- tertainment. Interstate Circuits, Inc. lmllfllll Wfl9lA91q Zamgan iyjggi, l U nmwumm Amfnrt. mmm Y ' Ll? 1717 woon STREET 1' ' - -' R-IB22 Al Page Om' Hundred F arty-two sp-9 Cofzgratulationsf YO the 1946 Graduates of Forest Ave. High Schdol CAIJ ID L Ii ENGIQAVING ETEEL AND EEIPPER PLATE ENERAVERE CDMDANY We sincerely thank you for the privilege of supplying the commence- ment invitations and carrls for both Izmuary and May Classes of 1946. Manufacturers of WEDDING INVITATIONS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS FINE BUSINESS STATIONERY AND GREETING CARDS Visit Us in Our New Ojficc and Factory 2107 DlcKinney Avenue DALLAS H N Page Om? Hurznlrezl Forly-three Each year finds an even greater effort on the part of both the FORESTER Staff and our organiza- tion to keep up the high standard of the FORESTER Masterpieces. We appreciate the iourney through the years with your publication person- nel and School officials. SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING CO. s OF DALLAS n 2100 Iackson Street Phone Riverside-2158 DALLAS, TEXAS I .- X

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