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li e R . All All-American Honor Rating of Superior has been awarded for the P . g second straight semester to the For- nsf est Echo by the National Scholastic bers w principal heads -, former principal ri chosen by the ongtime principal, and Kovnat Press Association on the basis of is- sues published during the spring seml ester of the 1943-44 session. Rose- mary Coward and Gloria Mayhew, June 1944 graduates, were co-editors- in-chief of the winning editions. "Your paper is indeed bright and readable," the judges said. "Especial- ly effective is your use of cuts, which add much to the paper's general atg ' 1 VIP V O Echo Gets All- Ill6l'lC3l-'l-H,QQwQLR3t11 Principidlillecides That I3ife'S T00 Slim i 30 Stays With Job He Likes: Teaching L. ' By Darth! Mccuuough -N ci i i to COOP M . iq Fame to Texas to. get Eiwglsiigarrg iianzlxgfmhs comments f teaching, but every time inside and , If youfve ever seen his gre: school I wanted to g0 U teach-so I decided that life wa:hi1l:0 short and that I would do some jf, I really wanted to do." ,,.. ife y0u'll understand IV Y 30 pioudly of "my wife. Ai M, -.t Ann, whgl nga . -it as n tb --we in ThLSD'9l'c" e tad flesey lelling Ads tractivenessf' Papers are iv" ' t OHJGIMS to gd: orester . n Tlllwv , ob IES tal and P o sc-bofeopje 1 w US d Z0 + n 4 t aekenilw an in Elecuo i'51ZpZ'555?L'i0'i35ef5012 P 'arfit 71 0 at may . Sights life' n li lnhtldte Sgc0"' Chi? wee Swedtnggfgfg ,5'vfe,f.Umzi2f in l ll 9 E 1945 Echpi , WW? wiki? wwf 't"" . 4 bday Oi igiiddaudobeft owe aififiiiadifdiffir lackenlusf meer Lettetvlw - XHOHOY BY Lfwraeafls and ii vOteShnefS'up a Xasses ioecgt 1 Nahong' SEGHB' . Lila total 5671. gn 1,-IS. ,C egiod c .S iaqotl 3 the .J 5 into-indium' Mis rs and with abotfs Wim man' with in we its grow fof Yidulated by ture seventeen U, ie aumonew membe wade ihegayold 'Lett conducwd to est Oneted and la in the 529' 'mrs for Vlwzl 955 the 223' and lection Wadent ellgiblewefe conewgqill 9'P9ear - the lr, ll Squat, C01 ,A , . on ' ' - o - 1 re a . o - e - . , n fgfxfyg Lynn' -Qtfigghcg sta? khEg0?8S:fx?Siin3R1SgC Sduxg, was 3 egg gf: gemof guerilla X11','?f'd - o - c, - dl a t den ber vin , browned Qu y dzfem it ef: ' do G-Yea e t YW' i adds, S vw C .' f the ' " ' tn' .. t las' ton ff" ,cant-919 0 ' om dtuf ,ie Sm fit of wii,f . d cops city Golf CWQY1 '33 dl Queen of uma Don Mluell er Y we 1 'rue wad Wlffizfw litume, W' -mwue fam. packe A-1mM ,..mbS......ii ,tugs eicigi Seth 8 SB Iver Wilso 34-14 ck' ' il . idlwla- ester! 5' W A ostwar Plans Make , Sgt 905W Parent-Teachers Xllegt B1 M vow Look 'Like Perfect Piker ir laundry. es with an er's Little radio an- p e r i o d . king plans nvenience. ry special: g pictures with a padded field to catch our falls," Tommy Boatman, 1A pleads. All Glen Kirk, 4B, can think of is a car run by air pressure, and much smaller than cars of today for greater speed N . Dedieate Yearboo. Something to keep bmw- s ' ' H T35 t god SQ ioh Pav: To J. T. Wluttlesey Wwe N05 C. Corbis enrolie Y , . , . ' X 9 9 'Wwh pride, we dedicate this b. Slsizieke an ar Ke was out iw to our new principal, James T. WhEWx9 Qauai- adds novlalgm afexge K2 tlesey, who has d Ca' 'ot c 'gs ' tk prove a great asst Pm sem ese 595 camo, dee nad. t1o+our communit.-, U '-'mis was the dedisadiew. B221 A of E'-:L teiw atmwtso 1 Parent-Teacheiw we Tadeg.. li l given in W ow 4 '45 yearbook that gmt will be D cmgx0l' l from f ' -- " ' ' .:,1,. - ussmu Jovember 16. H0 ,ate . 200- ' 01 a' , yfhl 51150 , - e . SCO S10 bec ioqff ' p o 'Ill u, o remainder of N0 t Finn? base AMS puvgii , -ffywo ends ix meetings mill? Wneedieived Www 'drew' 5 by Silble TuEhor's Nami: Au gong Thur? 'nuff' lab: school' 1, 00' PM :Biol U A . 4 4 Swat? ,.d.baCkS"'-i,,,.1. to recewe it ., 0,,,c,1,0flfl" ball, weqammv Cf: ',eLvre, W ,di WWW! Q bf f MM X W f V W S xx fm GA , 655535 R 2 Exfsafg Eiga X vid ft A 0' ng! Pr gxT RA 2 XQOGK Q . ff, 1 i L 2 M f " WJ mf , ' X owl? 6 HERE IS YGUR 1945 FOR E5TER .4 1 wr a iv gl 'I J H ,W ' e I .r .41 Q. 'K z ,Jax JN P 1 J if V W , J Tfil.!'fba F-'il o 4 ff fm ,Ti sea fl gif!!! A Coq P-6 I If 2 ' ,3.1Q'+ 4 y A N , Ai igxiga. Q qf gf Q fs' Q Q Q3 x ' 2 if fm 'V 'E ,g M J . . g' x ' Z My ' Q34 1 x E 'Z' ,I X f 1-'V Q all Ill sn Ill i i i i . , . . v I , ' A 4 IV mr f BETTY MCNALLY ' ' L' ' 3, ' Editor-in-Chief ff V . I xiii. i F Y, r Avis APOY g 5 'd Assistant Editor i , i QRAE HOFFMAN Business Manager A iROSALIE KOVNAT Advertising Manager 2, Page Four Extra! Yelling out his extra, the newsboy hopes that in the years to come you will treasure this twenty-ninth volume of The Forester. To our sister publication, The Forest Echo, we are indebted for the use of some ot its pages. As the school newspaper chron- icles from week to week the school activ- ities, so does the yearbook put in perma- nent form the record of the year. Here, thn, is the story of Forest Avenue High School during 1944-45. 31.2 , .. f1.JQu-f I IM rw, D Wifwww jjmf 1 TL !f Contents ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS R. O. T. C. SPORTS FEATURES Ch.. Pgf Dedication Our hearts are being constantly sad- dened by the news of yet another and another of our own boys who has given his life in the desperate and valiant serv- ice of his country. Not one of them but is fondly remembered and deeply honored. We wish that we could do something fine and honorable in return. We can only pray that we shall be worth the sacrifice, and that we shall ever strive to make this world one in which our boys will henceforth be brothers in peace with all other boys no matter where. And so it is that in sorrowful love and pride and firm resolution, we dedicate this volume of the Forester to our Forest boys who have died in this World War. Akin, Roy Angrist, Stanley Bernard Ballas, Jack Bass, Paul Berwald, Arthur Bird, James A. Bonnet, William G. Bourquin, Hubert Boyd, Donald Buford, Albert Dee Burgess, Clyde H. Firor, George Genthner, Ernest W. Gillespie, Samuel T. Goff, Paul Gruber, lsadore Hall, James C. Hamil, James Hartson, Lonnie Hendrix, Wesley Howard, Trimmer Howell, Leslie Eugene Jannasch, Charles Johnson, Billy Johnson, Carl B. Jones, Alfred Kieke, Erwin C. King, Leander King, Sam Kleinman, Leon 1 Lawton, Martin R. fBuddieJ Little, George Littlepage, George Malloy, Wike Byers, Leon Arthur Camp, David Christian, Billy J. Conner, William Cooper, Richard Marion Danner, James fSaml Duncan, Jimmy Edwards, Jimmy Ellis, Solon Evans, Fred B., Jr. Finneburgh, Edward L. McNally, Bill Miller, Carl Miller, Jack Moore, Roger de Coverley Redd, Bass ' Roberts, James Schnieder, Norbert Skiles, Ray Snoga, Raymond Snyder, Charles Stacks, Frank Steel, Dudley Strickland, R. B. Terranella, Joe Thomason, Robert Thornell, Tyra Tuttle, Alex Weinberg, Albert Deinstein, David Whitaker, William Williams, Earl Williams, Williams Winsor, Denman Page Seven P gf lggll In Memoriam L. V. STOCKARD o J. O. MAHONEY Q MISS BERTHA JACKSON Q BETTY JEAN HARMON In Memoriam We who enioy the benefits of a large, well organized insti- tution such as the public schools of Dallas sometimes forget, in the freedom of our privileges, that somewhere at the top are men who, because of their devotion to duty and detail, make our own living simpler, happier, and safer. Such a man was Mr. L. V. Stockard, our late Assistant Superintendent of the Dallas Schools. Mr. Mahoney was seventy-four years old, but the years had served only to deepen his sympathies, strengthen his loyalties, sharpen his appreciations, and clarify his iudgments. There was nothing old about his mind or attitudes. His was not a placid, resigned or even mellow old age which spells so often atrophy of the mind and spirit. Instead he kept ever that "divine discon- tent" which spurred him constantly to read new books, criticize new movements-or old, and speak with vehemence against iniustice and sham. Feeling passionately as he did about so many things, he was kept lovable and sane by his insuppressible lrish sense of humor. Miss Jackson had gained the high respect and love of the students who had come in contact with her in the classroom, or under her able guidance of the Girl Reserves. The ever pres- ent and charming manner was a distinguished part of her. No one was unimportant, from the small, terrified freshman to the tall, awkward senior boy who towered over her. Betty Joyce Harmon, a 1B at Forest, was an active member of the Girl Reserves and Rainbow Girls. Her death was a great loss to all of her many friends. Pugr N 6 j L 1 o c v X 5" x it ,f . 4 J . S Nw," ' f , n- ' r e T5 J' Q ni . 1 pf' J ' 1' l ' f r f . J if I1 :-I, .Q p I x V ,J -' if if .s iv' . . 'elif' 9 f ' 5 ' l J, .5 'i F Talking over the affairs of the seniors soon to graduate are Mr. Whittlesey and Mrs. Brown. They are the seniors' best friends, always willing to help when dis- asters present themselves. Drop in to see them. They sometimes do wonders. dministration'eIz+- ' We haw an hunch tom . r. nv' Quake' "W If! x . - fs swea lwzmdh the Li . Q if tough on Sunset." Unquc-fe ma Ca ' ' ' z- c 8AA,1'ace frum Szerv on auf qpmgh farther that "firms Forest Licms are gn-im: to lm fomndmbl. camera fnr the rest af the sg " Hw Q I1 tomorrow Lima W-.M,Q..f--..w-Q..w.+-. -. Emi lim 1'x'Rimta:f." 6-.-.-...,,...,,..-...-M..-...M Vai, 139, Pin. I m,..,u-.w,...Nw..b.M..Y.-.. .N-W.. .liars 'M-.., , fl, ., , i 4 I 1 ha Q I Jos arf Pfzrizsfms Wa Hire yan Mr. Whiiteseyz 7' ' 4 f like :sm gum, vf?ivif:nt my P Of' in Yfxhifh g'fau's1e imma vm wmxk 'mth us. Y' A N izkv mar :miri- - 5 wif 31,4 5,'.g3x,1r frienvfgy "Law gat our gem do Y' K nu aftrfurfsa H' .F .A c IDDQ H171 fiifs as tm, esfzwgl Singh- Imzm Y ' ' ou imw Saad HF' V. , :wwf has zsfwayx hfxfn :Q good liifhilklirjl cm' ' ' re right, We have Q . many Lhxngs ui svixich wo are gmtiy road. T A Q1 bein rm kwin th' ? if wat of amz' :mei and in Swim' zx iwfsxw fu!! of promise. we pied 1 . gn. svn our ini! cuoperatfmr. New lex 31 Q. rms are ZQCBIIIIS :mic sz gn predzcfmg the :Dis- ef opponents mr Q emu! th re E011 H011 dents Una half cwdiz xx xvn 'rl ' ...,.,,,., ,P lwr ,mx vis?-rm. xvwk mm he ssmwz nn the jak. Fw this new va-wk rf wguiau' mlm-y Ev paid. Frezfif For Smurf Werrl: Wiki! year fs giverz Tw I Ames xvnrk, m :mf A small-nz waxing 8234? haw MM wsyzilnr high sz-hw! warren and Emimlew Him-sffafrs frsaka-vs ML ffrufista tor sa year mmm! sgnmuurfun. nu-:S Fw awe in graduate with 694 vw M H Q ' JGRQ-tim? 5-rigid Staff Lases wfzaaiugf A v' mr 1- ze fc ew- vu np 1 Pi? A , xr M e to Daliiss ovefr t Y f ' :mmf fha fins . ' ' ' .M 'mga miie ' :Lv 53 ated Gam! N75 Mia .. . Haw 5 , , A , kiwi' Elf' "-'u Y M E ? Q l , ,::af':xcLex'iwd ai! L52 I ,, , e xx sn em ur bszffd U v zsvfivitiffsh , wire and exmr1aiic:n .Qs was we may Alfgn E an wen Exrfgfhter fzrtzm? Lspfm the Grm Rwndwfe Y ' and maihew 'f"mwf,4"3'?f 2 x , :Md Wand zPu3Qsxia!5' am, N . 4, vm. ix! KWYYTRSI sad ta ' " ' " Fawn' gpemimrx, lif x W :em Contest AAHHFYN, we tit P 'A feumont ws anozhw ' ' ' 5 fvcifelqi a Iifcifxm fr 'rn A X" W , cfih sw :ft Wife? Kuff F 1 1 .U if ,:fw'5b'1'w X4 vw 1' ' 'X wmv 4 :mini with ,, . venus: High af .sash ', 7 9 j 4. ww Hmm warm. s-flaw: am I wprrfz which has ci fhw Npinzdkl ADLi3fE?KSf!:Y smcwenpiiabfzwmss is iw Ikslamat 5 pzxlfmfr trfgvfhffr in al? new , ' ' n My O Y. .mm ,gf L fD1'W-Rid Ymzn owe :wir Y- fa, zrealcirzy Nw nziurv uf piaw rf: www in 3 rw' X " ' y iz rm tv if-I1 gdommgs pzua wr ,WWq,W,f by ' Om as EM- Z2'6'52it'M gkww H? fx!! lfrwq Gwrzxgm Lizffxzyis fee: :swim aka' awmbzy :W safri: "IMG rich ages we FY!! if with Ufinws mzazmifai za Yi3?'1fP?TQbk?lI " Mwiegr as mix f gf The HERE we wzssxfcnwphxfc firm wmfmmf. YM Amy gr gy ' W 9m,,,.M,,,,,,,E,, , Y, 5115112 U, II is -mir :ainfelzwf Wgw I5 c , Y em 715 4tgg,,i,1,9: in gmy,,tMj'gHfQ3n,,1"" Flaw: mv: hav W. , ,fm Zim .Jaffa my-i ehzsr e-wry wzmfiwwx- xy: ywgkgq ',y,,, K, 1 'wtf figs tw vzcrichsmrzr iife Lfffmww if is Nfmgfgfsfu! fl' Jmkf LQMQ remefaviwf Q, A 3160 swnfrwifz I Law mrxdr durfrri' We gzfmwff-W xswfzvm !w1rf Aww , ft' 43 4",F5m'1? 3, Yiwu mmf! bivifaemi :mfi I :mf easfiiaigsdifuz ef happy Q -wr ' A' W V X' :mfs qftndvanfs, facffliy and lfairfimf. , QMW mms M IIT? Heh fzfxxwiwf, X I ' Q :.fwW,, ,A-1:1 .X-W in 4, fx A, ,awk-:sr ' M ' mf .G wi,-if! , K ig'-3 'L' , fn eww I 122 Ou' Awami It 1 A Our Principal JAMES T. WHITTLESEY, B.A., M.A. ' 1 1V W K - . , ,, ,. ,ky , ,Loaf wear s X ,I I y!,f,4f-,,,! P ge Twelve 1 ' V 1 , n-y, , ,- , , , ,fi af Y , ' ffg,f.f-15, f 5' ' ' . fy ' - .-j ' 1 .f r,', .. l Mrs. Whittlesey l Margaret Ann, and Jimmy Completing his first year of guiding us, James T. Whittlesey has won the hearts of Foresters, and his cheerful manner and friendly smile have brightened our halls. Coming from Boude Storey Junior High to serve as principal of Forest, he has taken over his duties with ease. He is a familiar figure in the corridors, and is willing to help all who would seek hs advice. Though coming to Texas from Georgia twenty-three years ago "to get away from teaching," he soon was teaching history at Adamson High School, later becoming principal of an elementary school, and last fall accepting the principleship of Forest. It is with pride that we point to the innovations he has incorporated into our school lives. Because of his interest, we have come to be looked upon as a model school. Mr. Whittlesey and his son, Jimmy, will long be remembered for their loyal support of all sports, sitting on the bench alongside our boys and cheer- ing them on. Mrs. Whittlesey, too, will remain in the hearts of Foresters for her loyal support of all school activities. Mr. Whittlesey and His Duck Page Tbirteevz Board FINANCE GABE P. ALLEN, Chairman DAN ROGERS R. L. THOMAS SUPPLIES MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT, Chairman DAN ROGERS FRED D. DANFORD RULES DAN ROGERS, Chairman MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT MRS. T. A. WAGGONER V. -.Y of Education COMMITTEES LUNCH ROOMS MRS. W. A. WAGGONER, Chairman MRS. W. P. TURNER R. L. THOMAS WELFARE R. L. THOMAS, Chairman MRS. T. A. WAGGONER GABE P. ALLEN BUILDING SITES FRED D. DANFORD, Chairman DAN ROGERS GABE P. ALLEN f - Q 5 JULIUS DORSEY L. V. STOCKARD W. T. WHITE Superiniendenf Assistanf Superinfendenf Assisiani' Superintendent Died February 12, T945 In Charge of High Schools I I I I I I Page Fourteen RACHEL FOOTE Ph B M A MISS FOOTE With heavy heart and heav- ier teet we wend our way to the office, fearing our tate, only to discover a very charming, real, and gracious dean. With a friendly smile and 'kind, un- derstanding eyes, she retains her dignity in dealing with both students and parents. Founder and sponsor of the National Honor Society and the High Scholarship Club, it is she who inspires us to uphold high ideals of conduct and character. Al- ways ready to listen to our trou- bles and to help those who need y ' - H- s'ss -Dhelp, our dean, Miss Rachel ,'r:?X2'C'F"C'?EeiEnc-l- AAVQCX ss-ss Foote, isxg 'Friend of all Foresters. MRS' BROWN EMMA H. BROWN "Mrs. Brown, what course B.A.lM,A, shall I take? Will I graduate with honor? What is a good college? These and many other questions are carefully and graciously answered by Mrs. Emma H. Brown as she guides the seniors through their last year. Counsel- ing seniors, however, is only part of her job. She also instructs them in their last year ot math- ematics, Algebra 4. She is al- ways ready to help a senior plan his program, determinerhis credits, or select the proper col- lege. Her friendly and courteous manner has won the respect and admiration ot all who come in contact with her. Senior Counselor W , Page Page Faculty ZULEIKA ADAM French and English U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. Le Cercle Francais, Sponsor GUY ALLEN Science Howard Payne College, B.A. .. ,,.- 5 RICHARD C. ALLISON Hisiory Texas Chrisiian U., B. Ed. Basliefball, Coach , . ,- ee e he 'M I' . li:-MQ ' Q . . W FRANCES BEILHARZ Home Economics Texas Stale College for Women, B.S. WILLIE MAY BERRY Home Economics U. of Texas, B.S. HELEN FERN BLACK Public Speaking U. of Illinois, B.A. Girls Public Speaking Club, Sponsor ,mins NANNIE D. ANDREWS Mafhemaiics U. of Texas, B.A. ELIZABETH BAGLEY English U. of Texas, B.A. . ,..s,3 .Eggs If THQ , -1' J. ALAN BOULTON Physics Central Missouri State Teachers College, B.A., B.S. U. of Missouri, M.A. Tennis Team, Coach RILLA BRADY Af1endance Office Secretary MARGARET BREWER MINNIE BROWN W. H. BUTLER Mathematics Hislory Social Sfuclies Texas Womens College, B.A. George Peabody College, B.S. U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. S. M. U., M.A. Columbia U., M.A. Hi-Y Club, Sponsor IB and IA Class, Sponsor Dallas Hisiorical Society, Sponsor EMMA H, BROWN MARY SMITH CLARK Mathematics Journalism and English U. of Arkansas, B.A. S. M. U., M.A. Senior Counselor Sixteen S. M. U., B.A. Forest Echo, Publications Director s .V u 3- I Faculty fii X RICHARD L. COLEMAN EMMALINE DONOHUE MARY DRAKE Army Colonel, Commandant Librarian History U. of Nebraska, B.S. SARA DAVIDSON LOULA ELDER SPUYTISI1 Mathematics U. of Texas, M,A. U. of Oklahoma, B.A., M.A. 3A Class, Sponsor Junior Red Cross, Sponsor I t t ANNIE GEM FELDER C. V. GOODMAN English History U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. East Texas State Teachers College, B,S. Forester, Publications Director U, of Missouri, M.A. Standard Debating Society, Co-Sponsor DOROTHY GERLACH , I If ,I History - X I U.-of Texas, B.A. wt' Forest Forum, Sponso I' D. T. GRIFFITH Mechanical Drawing North Texas State Teachers College, B.S. SEARCY H. HARDY Study Hall Baylor U., B.A. dei . ALICE HARRINGTON ELIZABETH HUGHES Home Economics U. of Arkansas, B.S. Columbia U., M.S. Vestonians, Sponsor English U. of Texas, B.A. Auditores Caesaris, Co-Sponsor A. C, HOPPE R. O. T. C. Band Director Leipzig Conservatory VIRGINIA HURST Typing and Shorthand U. of California, B.A. SELDON S. HUTCHINSON Physical Education Northeast Missouri Teachers College, B.S. U. of Missouri, M.A. Student Council, Sponsor Page Seventeen Faculty !' B LOIS IVY W. H. KEELING School Nurse MGihEm0ilC5 U. of Texas College of Arts and Industries, B.S. Parkland School of Nursing Football ond Track, Head Coach WILLIE H. JACKSON Office Clerk WW-,,,j5 , .K C. T. McCORMACK Accounting PEARLE MATTHEWS Home Economics U. of Colorado, M.S. S. M. U. Draughon's Business College V. H. MATTINGLY Mathematics East Texas State Teachers College, B.S. Asistant Football Coach LOURANIA MILLER HELEN MYER Latin Chemistry U. of Texas, B.A. Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, U. of Chicago, M.A. S. M. U. Auditores Caesoris, Sponsor Centenary College of Shreveport JACK A. MITCHELL Typing and Shorthand North Texas State Teachers College, B.S. U. of Texas, M. Ed. Sponsor of 4A Class, Sponsor of The Standard Debating Society Page Eighteen as F FRANK E. LYONS Mathematics U. of Vermont, B.S. Golf, Coach ETHEL MASTERS Mathematics U, of Texas, B.A. S. M. U., M.A. Auditores Caesoris, Co-Sponsor V BLISS S. MCMANUS Art Womens College of Alabama, B.A. Columbia U., M.A. ADDIE MELSON English Texas State College for Women, B.A. Mn' it GLADYS NEEL Young Retailers Howard Payne, B.A. Prince School, B.S. U. of New Mexico, M.A. FRANK ORRILL Assistant Commandcmt ,sk ,- I '2-L I 3 Faculty JULIA PRITCHETT LOCII.I.E SEGRIST MABEL A. SHAW Typing Physical Education English U- Of TSXUSI B-A- 5- M- U-, BA. Nebraska State U., B.S. Columbia U., M.A. Columbia Teachers College, M.A. :'AYINIAd R,:WI:'N5 U Girls Tennis Team, Sponsor Girl Reserves, Sponsor atln an at ematics AI-VA P. SHEPARD U. of Texas, B.A. . , Mathematics Columbia U., M.A. , , North Texas State Teachers Audltores Caesarxs, Co-Sponsor C H o ege, B.S. Baseball, Coach I s i ' 3 , .. ..,. ' 5. s ,, . 23 .v if 9 5 ,4 4 I MARGARET SKELTON FRIEDA THOENE JESSIE WATKINS Office Secretary Physical Education Study Hall 2B and 2A Classes, Sponsor Iowa State Teachers College, B.A. Baylor College, B.I., BESS THATCHER .I. B, WHITE History Biology U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. History Club, Sponsor FLETCHER RYAN WICKHAM Spanish U. of Oklahoma, M.A. Pan-American' Student Forum, Sponsor LOUISE WILCOX Music Northeast Missouri State U., B.A. Orchestra and Chorus, Director NOT IN PICTURE: ELOISE DURHAM English Peabody College, M.A. H. B. .YA Hisvffy U, of Fore S. M. U., M.A and Busfn s Manager Page Ninefeen "Ohl l bet rny fudge is better than your coke." "My goodness! You're let- ting the pie burn." "No, I won't wash the dishes this timep l'm supposed to dry them." . . . Yes girls you can get ca good husband from this bunch of H. E. boys. You con work and let them do the housework . . . You con make ci nice cotch from this bunch of H. E. boys if you need any help around your house, girls. Classes ,ffgf f 15 Pfirruzrt L5 ,z.sterz-- , vi 4 I 0 32 Zin' ffm-izfew Fsldmzff 155321. lik , ,, we ,ii mn wh-1 1:1 2' Q f ffxfmxifsszifffm give-ff Inf WMP! B32 !fH!2s:S?m'. 03' New State If is Ih1gSis2'?1m+ nt Ti 1' , 11 15 5 'xx Q mmf S2 f ii: Zmzmrrww mlm: m :sw-f 1-aw fmizzy. 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LORRAINE ALTENAU Forester Staff '45, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, Texas History Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Treasurer '44, Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, '45, Corresponding Secretary '44, 48 Class '44, Secretary, National Honor Society '44, '45, Student Council '43, 44, Pep Squad '42, Library Assistant '42, '43, '44, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Echo Staff '44, '45, Co-Editor '45, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. MURIEL AMOS Girls Military '44, Favorite Sport-Football, Ambition-Interior Decorator, Hobby- Skating, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. rj ALMA ATWOOD Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, '45, Vice- President '44, Texas History Club '42, '43, '44, '45, President '43, Vice-President '44, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, '45, Na- tional Honor Society '44, '45, Student Council '43, '44, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. LULA MAYE BAKER Pep Squad '42, '43, Maiorette '43, '44, Hobby - Collecting Snapshots, Favorite Subiect - Physics, Ambition - Decorator, Grade School-City Park. Page Twenly-Iwo ,M . Q. Q5 t GORDON ADAMSON R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Corporal '42, Sergeant '43, Staff Sergeant '43, Second Lieutenant '43, Captain '44, Standard De- bating Society '43, '44, '45, Sergeant-at- Arms '44, Secretary-Treasurer '45, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. LAVERNE ALBRIGHT Guard '42, '43, Girls Military '44, '45, Favorite Sport-Golf, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. ROSAL!E ALTMAN Girls Public Speaking Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Treasurer '44, Pan American Student Forum '42, '43, '44, '45, Orchestra '42, '43, Student Council '42, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. LOIS ANDERSON Favorite Sport-Skating, Favorite Subiect- Public Speaking, Ambition-Nurse, Hobby -Dancing, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. DOROTHY BAISE Echo Staff '44, '45, Office Assistant '44, '45, Library Assistant '45, Ambition- Nurse, Hobby-Collecting Song Hits, Grade School-John Henry Brown. HORACE BARGE R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Rifle Team '44, '45, Crack Company '42, Sergeant '42, Stott Sergeant '42, Technical Sergeant '44, First Lieutenant '44, Camp Dallas '43, '44, Marksman '43, Sharpshooter '44, Track '42, '43, '44, '45, Football '42, '43, '44, Lettered '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. ERN ESTINE BARKER Texas History Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Sec- retary '42, Vice-President '44, Girls Public Speaking Club '43, '44, '45, Vice-President '44, Parliamentarian '45, Girl Reserves '43, '44, '45, Sergeant-at-Arms '44, Orchestra '42, '43, '44, Student Council '42, '43, '44, '45, Grade School-Colonial. RICHARD JOHN BAXTER R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Second Lieuten- ant '44, Marlxsman '44, Sharpshooter '45, Favorite Sport-Bowling, Grade School- John Henry Brown. YVONNE BENNETT I Am An American Club '42, Pan Ameri- can Student Forum '43, '44, Girl Reserves '44, Allied Youth '44, '45, Pep Squad '42, Girls Military '43, Office Assistant '44, Guard '42, '43, Forester Staff '44, '45, Echo Staff '44, '45, Linz Award '43, Grade School-Pleasant Grove, Texas JUANITA BILYEU Ambition-Veterinarian, Favorite Subiect- Mathematics, Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding, Grade School-Mesquite, Texas. CHARLES BLANKENSHIP Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Hunting and Fishing, Favorite Subject-Mechanical Drawing, Grade School-Colonial, PA JUNE BRACK Ambiti e, Hobby-Collecting Snap- sho s, orl Sport-Horseback Riding, Q ade School-Klondike, Texas. June '45 Class Q , ' I jf' 3 , .1 , ,Qu f . ixili.. 5 it . S A . gif.: I F ' t I ,i"'k. ' 5 A ,vi K i iir ,,,.i I Mm me it fb BETTY JO BAUMGARDNER I Am An American Club '43, Favorite Sportflce Skating, Favorite Subiect-Biol- ogy, Ambition-Writer, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. WILLENE BAZAR HobbywCollecting Photographs, Favorite Sport-Dancing, Ambition-Private Secre- tary, Grade School-T. C. Hussell. MILDRED LORAINE BIERHALTER I Am An American Club '42, Pep Squad '42, Girls Military '43, Hobby-Skating, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. BILL BLAIR 4A Class '45, Vice-President, '45, Ambition -Chemical Enginees, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Favorite Subiect - History, Grade School-Pleasant Grove, Texas. Q A. v4 Q V, fl ,LEON BOLIN R,oi'ac. nj, 343, 'Z4,'!'45, corporal '42, ---SergeanIA?2,fSgcond Lieutenant '43, Cap- tain 'Mwajor '45, Camp Dallas 43, '44, Echo 9 ff '45, Forester Staff '45, Grade School-T. G. Terry. BETTY BRANDENBURG High Scholarship Club '43, '44, Texas His' tory Club '43, '44, '45, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Grade School-Colonial. Page Twenty-tbree WILLIAM BREWER R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Hi-Y '45, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect-History, Ambition-Lawyer, Grade School-Richard Lagow. JUNE BROOKS High Scholarship Club '42, Vestonians '44, '45, Girls Military '43, '44, Echo Staff '44, '45, Linz Awards '42, '43, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. JIMMY BURCH R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Corporal '42, Sergeant '42, Second Lieutenant '42, Cap- tain '43, '44, '45, Camp Dallas '42, '43, '44, '45, Grade School-Colonial. GRADY BURNS R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Sergeant '44, Texas History Club, '42, '43, Sergeant-at Arms '43, High Scholarship Club, '43, '44, '45, President '44, National Honor Society '44, '45, Student Council '43, '44, '45, President '45, 3B Class '43, Vice-President, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Junior Rotarian '44, Grade SchoolYT. C. Hassell. BILL CANIPE Football '43, Track '44, Baseball '44, '45, Favorite SportfBasebalI, Ambition-Flier, Favorite Subiect-Aeronautics, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BETTYE JO CAWTHON Girl Reserves '43, '44, '45, Parliamentarian '44, President '45, Girls Public Speaking Club '44, '45, National Honor Society '45, Student Council '44, Girls Military '42, '43, '44. '45, First Sergeant '44, Second Lieuten- ant '45, Office Assistant '42, '43, '44, Pep Squad '42, '43, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Grade SchaolAColoniaI. Page Twenty-four June '45 Class wt- aiu, ' .ge new - - 5 ,els sf es--1 ' , f' in 4 ,Q . ' . f iv. 'iifl-::'.J5 -V 1-'L ii' ' vs ' 'Y -E 2 x V, A, W' f ,Q--. 'Wh-...N 19 NOVELLA BRISENDINE . Girl Reserves ' , '43, '44, '4 lub Representativ , Vestani 4, '45, Presi' ent '4 , udent Coun i ' 2, '43, '44, ' , c t ry '45, Echo St '44, '45, Pep s ' , Gi 5 Mun '42, usa, Allied Yout '44, '4 Gu '43, '44, Cheer- lc r '45, F r te Favorite '45, Grade Scho I-T. G. Terry. MARIE BUCKOVAN Forest Forum '44, '45, Guard '43, '44, '45, Ambition-Nurse, Favorite Subiect-Foods, Hobby-'Collectiong Pictures, Grade School-John Henry Brown. AILENE BURCHAM Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding, Favorite SubiectYHome Economics, Ambition- Nurse, Hobby-Collecting Vases, Grade School-City Park. HOWARD BURSON R.O.T,C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Corporal '44, Staff Sergeant '44, '45, Hi-Y '45, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Ambition-Engineer, Grade School-Richard Lagow. ANTOIN ETTE CARBONE Le Cercle Francais '42, '43, '44, '45, Stu- dent Council '44, '45, Pep Squad '42, '43, Hobby-Collecting Records, Favorite Sport -Golf, Grade School-John Henry Brown. VIRGINIA CHAMPION Auditores Caesaris '43, '44, Linz Awards '44, Hobby-Reading Technician, Favorite Subject-Trigonometry, Grade School-City Park ROXANN CHRISTIE Dallas Historical Society '44, Favorite Sport-Volley Ball, Favorite Subiect-His- tory, Ambition-Secretary, Hobby-Collect ing Pictures, Grade School-Allen, Texas. BERNIE CLEMENT I Am An American Club '42, Girl Reserves '43, '44, '45, Secretary '44, Vestonians '44, '45, Treasurer '45, Allied Youth '44, '45, Parliamentarian '44, '45, Echo Staff '44, '45, Forester Staff '44, '45, Pep Squad '42, '43, Sub-Captain '43, Girls Military '43, '44, Grade School-Richard Lagow. BILLIE DOVE COLEY High Scholarship Club '43, '44, '45, Forest Forum '44, '45, Vice-President '45, Allied Youth '44, '45, Library Assistant '42, Stu- dent Council '43, '44, Texas History Club '42, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Grade School Ascher Silberstein. LOIS COLLINS Girls Military '44, '45, Echo Staff '45, Fa- vorite Sport--Swimming, Ambition-Surgi- cal Nurse, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. EUYTHE comin Girl Resfrves '4S,"44, '45, Girls Public Speaking Club '44, '45, Office Assistant '42, '43, Student Council '42, '43, Girls Military '43, '44, '45, Captain '44, '45, Pep 'Squad '42, '43, Echo Staff '44, '45, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BETTY DAVIS Girl Reserves '43, Allied Youth '44, '45, Echo Staff '44, '45, Forester Staff '44, '45, Guard '43, '44, Grade School-T. G. Terry. June '45 Class SHIRLEY CLARK High Scholarship Club,'44, '45, Auditores Caesarif, '42,,'4B, '44, '45, Treasurer '43, swdqiti COUEI '44, U, Class '42, vice- Presiidbnt, Te s History Club '42, '43, '44, '45, 6tudent Critit '43,, Ser I ant-at-Arms '44, Forester Staff '41, '45, ffice Assist- ant '44, Guard '44, Ju or Classical League '42, '43, '44, '45,4Bible Awards '42, '43, '44, Linz Awards '43, '44, Latin Awards '42, '43, '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. Wav BURL CLINTON Orchestra '42, '43, '44, Favorite Sport- Baseball, Favorite Subject-Trigonometry, Ambition-Engineer, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. JOE COLLINS R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Captain '45, Basketball '44, '45, Baseball '44, '45, Fa- vorite Subiect-History, Favorite Sport- Baseball, Grade School-City Park. 4kn.5,v f BENNIE CORCHINE R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, Camp Dallas '42, Junor Red Cross '42, Favorite Sport- Football, Favorite Subiect-Mathematics, Grade School-Colonial. BOBBY COWGILL R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Rangers '42, '43, '44, Football '42, '43, Baseball '42, '43, Track '42, I Am An American Club '42, '43, Grade School-T. G. Terry. NITA JO DAVIS Favorite Sport-Skating, Favorite Subiect- History, Ambition--Nurse, Hobby-CoIIect- ing Letters, Grade School-Grand Prairie, Texas. Page Twenty-fivq ANNA MAE DAY I Am An American Club '43, Student Council '44, Hobby-Cooking, Ambition- Accountant, Favorite Sport-Tennis, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. MARY ALICE DOWD I Am An American Club '42, '43, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, Treasurer '45, Student Council '42, Pan American Student Forum '44, '45, Tenicoit Varsity Team '44, Linz Awards '43, '44, Grade SchooIfAscI1er Silberstein. NORMA ELLIOTT I Am An American Club '42, '43, Texas History Club '43, '44, '45, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. GAITHER ENDSLEY Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subject- History, Ambition-Pilot, Hobby4Drawing, Grade School-Harmon, Texas. DOROTHY LEE EZELL Forest Forum '44, '45, Echo Staff '44, 45, Girls Military '43, Pep Squad '42, '43, Guard '42, 43, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. ROSANNE FLECHTN ER Texas History Club '42, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, '45, Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, '45, Secretary '45, All-City Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, '45, Vestonians '44, '45, Sergeant-at-Arms '45, Student Council '44, '45, Pep Squad '42, '43, Sub-Captain '43, Girls Military '42, '43, '44, Technical Sergeant '44, Office Assistant '45, Linz Awards '42, '43, Grade School-Colonial. Page Twenty-:ix we ii r ci,. June 45' Class YQ "'i syn c all I- I get i DOROTHY NELL DOSSETT Texas History CIub"42, '43, '44, '45, Treas- urer '42, Secretary '43, President '45, Texas Memorial Library '43, '44, Girl Re- serves '43, '44, '45, Girls Public Speaking Club '43, '44, '45, Treasurer '44, Student Council '42, '43, '44, Music Festival '44, Grade School-Colonial. TH ELMA JANE DRAPER Favorite Subiect-Public Speaking, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Hobby-Collecting Pic- tures, Ambition-Beauty Operator, Grade School-Blue, Oklahoma. .IUANITA EMBRY Girl Reserves '42, '43, '44, '45, lnterclub Council Representative '43, President '44, Parliamentarian '45, Vestonians '44, '45, Parliamentarian '45, Student Council '44, Linz Award '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown. JOE EPPS R,O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Staff Sergeant '43, First Sergeant '44, First Lieutenant '44, '45, Band '42, '43, '44, '45, Basketball '42, I Am An American Club '42, '43, 3B Class Sergeant-atfArms '43, Grade School-T. C, Hassell. f LOREN FELDMAN R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Staff Sergeant '44, Texas History Club '42, '43, Standard De- bating '42, '43, Pan American Student Forum '42, '43, Grade School-John Henry . Brown. BABETTA GARRISON High Scholarship Club '44, '45, Vice-Presi- dent '45, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, Texas History Club '42, Vestonians '44, '45, Girls Military '43, Pep Squad '42, Linz Awards '43, '44, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. MARIANA GILLESPIE Girls Public Speaking Club '42, '43, '44, Secretary '43, Auditores Caesaris '42, '43, '44, '45, Vice-President '42, President '44, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, '45, Stu- dent Council '43, '44, '45, Treasurer '44, National Honor Society '44, '45, 2A Class '43 President, 3B Class '43, Parliamen- tarian, 4A Class '45, Secretary, Traffic Court '44, Youth Council '44, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Grade School-Pleasant Grove, Texas. ELAINE MERYL GOLDBERG Girls Public Speaking Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Best Speaker '43, '44, Texas History Club '43, '44, '45, Forester Staff '45, Girls Military '43, '44, Grade School-.lohn Henry Brown. LEWIS GRAVES R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Corporal '42, Staff Sergeant '43, First Sergeant '44, Sec- ond Lieutenant '45, Rangers '42, '43, '44, Crack Company '42, '43, Wozencraft Drill '42, '43, '44, Efficiency Award '42, Hi-Y '44, '45, Student Council '45, Parliamen- tarian '45, I Am An American Club '42, '43, Echo Staff '44, '45, Grade School- T. C. Hassell. JOE HALL Baseball '44, '45, Echo Staff '44, '45, Hi-Y '44, '45, Secretary-Treasurer '45, Hobby - Collecting Stamps, Ambitione Engineer, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. LAVERNE HARMAN Student Council '42, Pep Squad '42, Girls Military '42, Guard '42, '43, Linz Award '45, Favorite Subject-Art, Grade School- T. G. Terry. bA ARRIS R o Girls ' ,- c iii i 9 Club '42, '43, '44, us- H' Club fn, '43, '44, '45, re '4 , irl's Military '43, '44, Henry Brown. rester St ff 45 Grade School-John June '45 Class ,fn- 911 el 1 4 f ANNA GENE GLENN Guard '42, Linz Award '42, Favorite Sport eFootbalI, Hobby-Collecting Photographs, AmbitionwPrivate Secretary, Grade School-Colonial. BLANCHE GOLDSTEIN Allied Arts Club '41, '42, '43, Junior Red Cross '41, '42, '43, Favorite Sport-Fca,t- ball, Hobby-Drawing, Grade School- ! Stephen F. Austin. cf f' -. ' 4 .,,,feL,,1,, Lui feff' ' 1 a , . ,J D ffflif gj.L1,1Vfl'4ZI,.lf':Qef'L?A"""'6 WAN DA E HALE Pan American Student Forum '42, '43, '44, '45, Forest Forum '44, '45, Texas History ' Club '44, '45, Secretary '45, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. AHA AV ' R Cross 44 - E h St f '44, le Yovt ilitary Ju I e V ' , , f , II' It '4 '5, fig 3, ' , Guam ' , ' , 4, Grade c ool Tr ityyghts. l xr. NORMA HARMAN Texas History Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Dal- las Historical Society '43, '44, '45, High Scholarship Club, '42, '43, '44, '45, Student Council '44, Guard '43, '44, '45, Office Assistant '43, '44, '45, Linz Awards '42, '43, 44, Grade School T. G. Terry. A WANDA JEANE HARRISON Orchestra '42, '43, '44, Auditores Caesaris '44, '45, Junior Classical League '44, High Scholarship Club '44, '45, Guard '42, '43, '44, '45, Latin Award '44, Linz Award '44, Grade School-T. G. Terry. Page T'wenty-seven June '45 Class KATHERINE HASTINGS i National Honor Society '44, '45, High Scholarship Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Treas- urer '44, Auditores Caesaris '42, '43, '44, Junior Classical League '42, '43, Ves- tonians '44, '45, Student Council '42, '43, I Am An American Club '42, '43, Secre- tary '42, Corresponding Secretary '43, Forester Staff '45, Library Assistant '42, '43, Girls Military '42, '43, Valley Ball Varsity Team '44, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Latin Awards '42, '43, Grade School- T. C. Hassell. CHRISTINE HEWITT Ambition-Stenographer, Hobby-Collect- ing Records, Favorite Subiect-Shorthand, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Grade School- City Park. Mzinfvm HILLIS Baseball '42, r'4x3, '44, '45, Dallas His- toricai Societygk'43, '44, 45, Student Coun- cil '45, Echo Staff '44, '45, Linz Award a '44, Gradq'SchooI-Ascher Silberstein. THELMA HOWELL Pep Squad '43, Girls Military '44, Favorite Sport- Football, Ambition - Nurse, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. MARION JOHNSON Auditores Caesaris '42, Latin Award '42 Ambition-Interior Decorator, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. 1 MARY JANE JOYNER ' Pan American'Stud,ent Forum '42, 43, '44, '45, Vice-President '44, All-City Adevrtising Council, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, '45, Presidept '44, Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, '45, Corresponding Secretary '43, National Honor Society '44, '45, Student Council '42, '43, '44, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. Pug: Twenty-eight MARIE HENRY Forest Forum '44, '45, Allied Youth '44, '45, Texas History Club '42, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. DOROTHY HILL High Scholarship Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Girls Public Speaking Club '4l, '42, 43, '44, '45, Vice-President '44, President '45, Student Council '43, '44, Pan American Student Forum '42, '43, '44, '45, Treasurer '44, National Honor Society '44, '45, Texas History Club '42, Office Assistant '44, Tennis Team '44, '45, Posture Contest '44, '45, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. HERBERT HOOVER R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, ,'44, '45, First Ser- geant '44,, Linz Award '42, Grade SI:hoolfT,. C. Hassell. MAXINE JAMES Girl Reserves '43, '44, '45, Dallas His- torical Society '43, '44, Vestonians '43, '44, '45, Treasurer '44, Vice-President '44, Stu- dent Council '45, Pep Squad '42, '43, Sub- Captain '43, Guard '42, '43, '44, '45, Grade School -Miami, Florida. ROBERT LLOYD JONES R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, Saff Sergeant '45, Basketball '42, Baseball '42, '43, '44, '45, Q Grade School-City Park. GLENN KIRK R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Sergeant '42 Staff Sergeant '43, Technical Sergeant '44 Grade School-John Henry Brown. BETTY JO KIRKPATRICK Pep Squad '4'Z, '43, Girls Military '43, Ambition - Decorator, Fa vo r i te Sport- Baseball, HobbyeCollecting Snapshots, Grade School-City Park. DEYORA KEEINMIAN ' 'Y . Junior Red Cross '42,' Girlsf'Public Speak- ing Club '42, '43, '44, JQ5, I Am. An American Club '42, '43, Secretary '42, Par- IiarnglQarian '43, Office Assistant '45, A Gfade School-John Henry Brown. JOSEPH LEBERTA Student Council '42, Allied Arts Club '42, Hi-Y '43, '44, '45, Allied Youth '44, '45, Forester Staff '45, Grade Schodl-John Henry Brown. ' -'f JAMES 'D.' LITTLE R.O.T.C. '42, '43, 144, '45, Sergeant '43, Staff Sergeant '44! First Sergeant '44, Sec- ond Lieutenam '4'5, I Am An American Club '42, '43, Standard Debating Society '43, '44, '45, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, President '45, National Honor Society '44,"45, Student Council '42, '43, '44, '45, Sergeant-at-Arms '45, Banking Assistant '43, '44, Library Assistant '44, '45, IA Class '42, President, 2B Class '42, Presi- dent, 2A Class '43, Parliamentarian, 3B Class '43, Sergeant-at-Arms, 3A Class '44, Vice-President, Linz Awards '42, '43, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. DOLORES LOYD Auditores Caesaris '42, '43, '44, '45, Sec- retary '43, Vice-President '44, Junior Clas- sical League '42, '43, '44, '45, Allied Arts Club '42, Art Council '42, High Scholare ship Club '43, '44, '45, Student Council '43, National Honor Society '44, '45, IB Class '41, Secretary, 2A Class '43, Vige- President, 3B Class '43, President, 3A Cldsis '44, Parliamentarian, Guard '42, '43, Latin Tournament '42, Forester Staff '43, '44, '45, Banking Assistant '42, '43, '44, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Latin Awards '42, '43, '44, '45, Grade School-John Henry Brown. R 1 A BILLIE JOYCE McCULLOUGH Favorite Sporty-Baseball, Favorite Subiect -Chemistry Hobby-4Stamps, Ambition- Stenographer, Grade Schgol-City Park. June '45 Class ALLEEN KIRKSEY Girls Military '43, '44, Ambition-Swv tary, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Favorite Subiect-Typing, Grade School-Richard Lagow. KATHERINE KOLLER High Scholarship Club '44, '45, Parlia- mentarian '44, Girl Reserves '43, '44, '45i Forester Staff '45, Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, '45, Student Council '43, '44, Echo Staff '44, '45, 2B Class, Secretary, 3B Class '43, Secretary, 4B Class '44, Vice-President, 4A Class '45, Treasurer, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. HELEN LIGENBERG Girls Public Speaking Club '42, '43, '44, '45, President '44, Sergeanteat-Arms '45, Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, Sec- retary '44, Office Assistant '45, Grade School-Colonial. WILLIE LOGAN R.O.T.C, '42, '43, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Ambition-Radio Technician, Grade School-Colonial. EDITH McCASLAND Favorite SubiectfAccounting, Favorite Sport4Baseball, Ambition-Bookkeeper, Grade Scl1oolATerrell, Texas. GERALDINE McGARITY Girl Reserves '42, '43, Guard '42, '43, '44, '45, Favorite Sport-Football, Ambition- Secretary, Grade School-Mesquite, Texas. Page Twenty-nine BETTY MclNTOSH Girls Military '44, Favorite Sport-Base- ball, Favorite Subiect-Chemistry, Ambi- tion-Stenographer, Grade School- James Bowie. DOROTHY JANE McQUEEN-- Junior Red Cross '4l, '42, Secretary '42, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, Guard '44, '45, Grade School-T. C, -Hassell. n 1 l , QINNENE i'lVlcSPADDEN Junior Red Cross '42, Girl Reserves '44, '45, V'ce-President '44, '45, Vestonfans '44, '45,,illied Youth '44, '45, echo Staff '44, '45,'Forester Staff '4,4, '45, Guard '42, '43, "44, '45, Grade School-T. G. Terry. MARY LOU MALLOY Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Sewing, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Grade School-John Henry Brown. DORIS J EAN MORRIS Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, '45, Forest Forum '44, '45, Presfdent '45, Linz Award '43, Grade School-Canton, Texas. JACK NICHOLAS A R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, Satt Sergeant"44, Hi-Y '43, '44, Parliamentarian '44, 'Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. Page Thirty June '45 Class , '4 V923 ag' . ' "aff fatal? ,J -4 K "'.' ' - 'ij . H 'lf ' - ' 4 :Sn ail " 71. . f' E -:1l.' .,fseiia, " v f 211: www ' . sr l' ,Q 5La'L14"m-2 'A .JH . ""f1sf,,fggg-Ig R .k '- 41' ' .1 4 - ' LESLIE McLEAN R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Corporal '43, Sergeant, '44, Master Sergeant '45, Second Lieutenant '45, Hi-Y '44, '45, Dallas His- torical Society '43, '44, '45, President '44, Parliamentarian '45, High Scholarship Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Parliamentarian '43, President '45, Auditores Caesaris '45, National Honor Society '44, '45, Linz Awards '43, '44, Junior Rotarian '45, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. .1 1, sg. I x 'f ' lil' i fi' : jf "qgcfL,gK'iLloHl, JR. .O.T Q, .'42, 43, 44, 45, Favorite Sport- Baslfteall, Ambition-Deisel Engineer, Grade School-Grand Saline, Texas J EANNIE MACALUSO Junior Red Cross '42, Secretary '42, Fa- vorite Sport-Football, Grade School- T. C. Hussell. DON MILLENDER Basketball '42, '43, '44, '45, Baseball '45, Golf '42, '43, '44, '45, Captain '43, '44, '45, Hi-Y '42, '43, '44, '45, Grade School-T. G. Terry. ANNABELLE FRANCES MUSSO Girls Military '44, Favorite Subiect-His- tory, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Ambition- Secretary, Grade School-John Henry Brown. DORIS NICHOLS Favorite Sport-Football, Ambition-Dectr rator, Hobby-Reading, Grade School- T. C. Hassell, MARVIN NIELSEN R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Corporal '42, Ser- geant '42, Second Lieutenant '43, Captain '44, Sharpshooter '42, '43, Camp Dallas '42, '43, Football '42, '43, '44, Letter '43, '44, Traclc '42, '43, '44, '45, Basketball '43, I Am An American Club '42, Hi-Y '43, '44, 4B Class '44, Treasurer, Grade School-Richard Lagow. JACK O'DONNEL , R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Corporal '44, Favorite Subiect-English, Grade School- John Henry Brown. MARY NELL OSBORN Girls Military '43, '44, Guard '44, Ambi- tion-Nurse, Favorite Subject-Accounting, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Grade School- Vickery Ward. GRACE OXMAN Girls Public Speaking Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, '45, Vice-President '43, Girls Military '43, '44, '45, Grade School-John Henry Brown. ELSIE PARISH ' I Am An An American Club '42, Girls Military '43, '44, Ambition-Reporter, Grade School-John Henry Brown, PEGGY PETTY Girl Reserves '43, '44, '45, Sergeqnpm. Arms '45, V?tonians '44, '45, Secretary '45, Forester taff '44, '45, Echo Staff '44, '45, Allied Youth '4'4, '45,' Treasurer '44, '45, Valley Ball Varsity Team '45, Girls Military '43, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. I, I 2 ,H in ,, -it Q June '45 Class A W Sw in JOSEPHINE NORMAN Forest Forum '44, '45, Girls Military '43, Pep Squad '42, Favorite Subject-Home Economics, Grade Schoolw-Grand Saline, Texas. LOUISE OGLETREE I Am An American Club '42, Secretary '42, Girl Reserves '43, '44, '45, Vestonians '44, '45, Student Council '45, Echo Staff '44, '45, Allied Youth '45, Grade School- Richard Lagow. ' MARQUITA OGN - 43 ' Junior Cross ' 2, ' , '44, S i Council ' 4, Pep uad ' ' Irs Milita '42, '4 Echo 44, '45, Yo ' , '4 , rode School- Lu ock, Texas. fs GERALDINE ESTELLE PAGE Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect -Accounting, Ambition-Secretary, Hobby -Bowling, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. ELLA NORA PERIGO Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, Student Council '42, Linz Award '44, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. ELIZABETH PHILLIPS ' Pep Squad '42, '43, '44, Echo Staff '44, '45, Girls Military '44, Guard '42, '43, '44, Grade School-T. G. Terry. Page Thirty-one JEAN PLUMLEE High Scholarship Club '43, Vestanians '44, Girls Military '43, '44, Linz Award '42, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. RAYE NELL PLUNK Student Council '44, Girls Military '44, '45, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Collect ing Stamps, Ambition-Missionary, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. WILLIAM EDWARD REED Hi-Y '44, '45, Baseball '43, '44, '45, Bas- Iretball '44, '45, Football '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. CORA ELOUISE RICHARDSON Texas History Club '42, '43, Dallas torical Society '44, '45, Corresponding Sec- retary '45, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, '45, Student Council '42, '43, '44, '45, Pep Squad '42, '43, Posture Contest '44, 45, Valley Ball Varsity Team '45, Tenicoit Var- sity Team '45, Linz Awards '42, '43, Grade School-Colonial. His- '44, DORIS ROBERTS Girl Reserves '42, '43, '44, '45, Treasurer '44, '45, lnterclub Council Represenfative '44, Vestonians '44, '45, Allied Youth '44, '45, Student Council '44, '45, Parliamen- tarian '44,,Girls Military '42, '43, Forester staff '44, '45, Echo Staff '44, '45, Valley Ball Varsity Team '45, Guard '43, '44, Grade ,School-T. G. Terry. HELEN SAMFORD Girls Military '43, '44, '45, Favorite Sub- iect-Clothing, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School-T. C. Hassell, Pug: Tbirfy-twg June '45 Class l Q CONLEE PLUNK Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subject- Chemistry, Hobby-Eating, Ambition-Orch tor, Grade School-Greenville, Texas. MARY LOU POTTER I Am An American Club '42, Favorite Subject-English, Ambition-Dress Design- er, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. Mfg HI QM 1 A n i U 4 - es: rqw , '45, ians '4 , ' , Serg Argpslf , GirL,Res rv s 45, e Wy' S Ascher erst ' . V011 1 ,' I GEORGE LEE RICHARDSON R.O.T.C. '43, '44, Allied Arts Club '42, Scholastic Art Award '44, Ambition-Com- mercial Artist, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. MARY KATHERINE ROSS Junior Red Cross '42, '43, President '42, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, Guard '45, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School- T. C. Hassell. CHARLENE SANDFORD National Honor Society '44, '45, High Scholarship '43, '44, '45, Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, '45, Vice-President '44, President '44, First Prize All-Spanish Play '43, Texas History Club '42, Pep Squad '42, '43, Girls Military '42, '43, '44, '45, Staff Sergeant '44, Office Assistant '44, '45, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Grade School-Colonial. MAXINE SAUNDERS Vestonians '44, '45, Girl Reserves '44, '45, Pep Squad '43, Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. PATSY SEGUIN Girl Reserves '43, '44, '45, High Scholar- ship Club '43, IA Class '42, Secretary, Vestonians '43, '44, '45, Secretary '44, Student Council '45, Office Assistant '43, '44, Guard '42, '43, '44, '45, Pep Squad '42, '43, Linz Award '42, Grade School- John Henry Brown. MARCILIE SHEINBERG I Am An American Club '43, Vice-Presi- dent '43, Girls Public Speaking Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Texas History Club '44, '45, Pan 'American Student Forum '44, '45, Girls Military '44, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. ROBERT SMITH R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Corporal '42, Sergeant '43, Staff Sergeant '43, First Lieutenant '45, Camp Dallas '44, '45, Dal- las Historical Society '44, '45, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. IRVING STATMAN R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Corporal, '43, Sergeant '43, ,Band '44, Basketball '44, '45, Pan Ambliican Student Forum '42, '43, Sergeant-at-Arms '43, Grade Schoolfjohn Henry Brown. MINA LEE STRUCKMEYER Texas History, Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Vice- President '45,, Forest Forum '44, '45, Par- liamenkzrian '44, High Scholarship Club, '44,"45, Vestonians '43, '44, '45, Treasurer '44: National Honor Society '44, '45, Girls Military '44, Sergeant '44, Student Council '42, '43, '44, '45, Traffic Commissioner '45i Office Assistant '45, Library Assis- tant '43, Linz Awards '43, '44, Grade School-JOIWI1 Henry Brown. EVELYN JOYCE SCH EPPS Auditores Caesaris '42, '43, '44, '45, Junior Classical League '42, '43, '44, '45, Girls Public Speaking Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, '45, Forest Forum '44, '45, Student Council '43, '44, Echo Staff '43, '44, '45, Alumni Editor '44, Forester Staff '44, '45, Grade School- John Henry Brown. RAY SELF R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, Sergeant '43, Statt Sergeant '44, First Lieutenant '44, Camp Dallas '42, '43, Football '42, '43, Standard Debating Society '42, '43, '44, '45, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, Sergeant-at- Arms '44, First Vice-President '45, 3A Class '44, President, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. ELAINE SLADEK Girl Reserves '43, '44, '45, Vestonians '43, '44, '45, Sergeant-at-Arms '44, President '45, National Honor Society '44, '45, High Scholarship Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Student Council '42, 3A Class '44, Secretary, Pep Squad '42, '43, Cheerleader '44, '45, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. NEI-Dk SPARKS lo' Auditores Cae:aris"42, '43, '44, '45, Vice- President '45, ,luniorflaic-dgal League '42, '43, '44, '45, Secretary '45, High Scholar- ship Club '43, '44, '45, National Honor Society '45, Forest' Forum '44, '45, Vice- President '45, Office Assistant '43, '44,'45, Library Assistant '42, '4'31. '44, '45, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Latin Awards '42, '43, '44, '45, Grade School-Wilmer- Hutchins. VELMA STOVALL Auditores Caesaris '42, '43, '44, '45, Junior Classical League '42, '43, '44, '45, Texas History Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Treasurer '43, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, '45, Vice-President '44, National Honor Society '44, '45, Office Assistant '42, '43, '44, '45, Library Assistant '43, '44, '45, 4A Class, President, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Latin Awards '42, '43, '44, Latin Tournament '43, Junior Historian Writing Contest, Sec- ond Placce, 43, Grade School-T. C. Hassell, GLEN SUMMAR R.O.T.C. '42, Camp Dallas '42, Cheerleader '44, '45, Favorite Sport-Football, Ambi- tion-Rancher, Grade School-John Henry Brown. Page Thirty-three HORACE SUWAL R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Corporal '43, Sergeant '43, Staff Sergeant '44, Second Lieutenant '45, Camp Dallas '42, Marks- man '42, '43, Sharpshooter '44, Pan Amer- ican Student Forum '42, '43, '44, '45, Vice- President '43, President '45, Texas History Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Sergeant-at-Arms '43, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, Stu- dent Council '43, '44, Forester Staff '44, '45, 4A Class Sergeant-at-Arms, Grade School-John Henry Brown. JOHNNY FAYE TAYLOR Texas History Club '44, '45, I Am An American Club '42, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Ambition-Stenog'apher, Grade School-Colonial. WAYNE TOONE Forester Staff '44, Sports Editor, Pan American Student Forum '42, '43, '44, '45, Parliamentarian '44, All-City Pan Ameri- can '43, '44, '45, Standard Debating So- ciety '42, '43, '44, '45, Sergeant-at-Arms '42, Texas History Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Sergeant-at-Arms '43, National Honor So- ciety '44, '45, Echo Staff, Managing Editor '44, Co-Editor '45, I Am An American Club '42, '43, Linz Award '43, Grade School-Malone, Texas. CHARLES TUTTLE Baseball '41, '42,' 43, '44, '45, Letter '43, '44, Basketball '41, '42, '43, '44, '45, Let- ter '43, '44, Captain '45, Football '41, '42, '43, '44, Letter '43, '44, All-City '44, Trophy tor Best All Around Player '44, Forester Favorite '45, Grade School- Colonial. ERVIN UTAY R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Sergeant '43, Staff Sergeant '44, lffootball '41, Texas Hist Club- '43,i' '44 Q'-45, Ambition Lawffil, Gracie? S9lQdl4'il'ohn Henry Brown. ,ff Ek ..-J ii A ' ,I 1' CLARA BELLE VEAL Student Council '42, '43, Girl Reserves '41, Pep Squad '41, '42, '43, '44, Maiorette, '43, 44, Guard '41, '42, '43, Girls Military '42, '43, '44, '45, Second Lieutenant '45, Grade School Richard Lagow. Page Thirty-four June '45 Class A ---- -,- BILLY SWANGO R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Sergeant '43, Staff Sergeant '44, Auditores Caesares '42, '43, Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, '45, Treasurer '44, Standard Debating Society '41, '42, '43, 44, '45, Sergeant-at-Arms '43, Treasurer '44, Secretary '44, Parlia- mentarian '45, Hi-Y '44, National Honor Society '44, '45, 4B Class '44, President, 4A Class '45, Parliamentarian, Baseball '43, Football '43, '44, Cheerleader '44, '45, Linz Awards '43, '44, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. BOBBIE JO TENNISON Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, High Scholarship Club '42, '44, '45, Secretary '45, Vestonians '44, '45, Pep Squad '42, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. sv, 1 v' ALICE 'TURCOTTE Texas History Club '41, 42, Girl Reserves '44, '45, Secretary '45, Vestonians, '44, '45, Allied Youth '44, '457 ECl10'Stf1ft '45i Grade School-Colonial. JUANITA TYLER Pan American Student Forum '42, '43' '44, '45, All-City Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, '45, Forest Forum '44, '45, Treas- urer '44, Secretary '45: TGXUS HISYOVY Club '44, '45, Parliamentarian '45, Grade School-John Henry Brown. LENA VATSURES Forest Forum '44, '45, Treasurer '45: Ambi- tion-Designeri H0bbY-D'C'WI"9F FC'Vo"'e Sport-Horse Racing, Grade School- John Henry Brown. ROXIE VENTURA Le Cercle Francais '42, '43, '44, '45, Par- liamentarian '44, Girls Public Speaking Club '44, '45, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School-Richard Lagow. VELMA WETHERELL I Am An American '41, '42, Student Coun- cil '41, Latin Club '41, '42, Grade School- John Henry Brown. AILEEN WILBURN Dallas Historical Society '44, Student Council '45, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Grade School-Colonial. ANNIE WILSON Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, '45, Vice-President '45, Vestonians '44, '45, Forest Forum '44, '45, President '44, Na- tional Honor Society '44, '45, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Pep Squad '42, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. ORA MAE WINDHAM Favorite Sport-Basketball, Favorite Sub- iect'History, Ambition-Accountant, Hob- by- Horseback R'ding, Grade School- John Henry Brown. HILDA MARIE WOLFE Pep Squad '42, '43, '44, Favorite Subiect- Home Economics, Ambition-Beauly Oper- ator, Grade School-Colonial. June '45 Class fill- KATHERINE WHITE G'rIs Military '43, Favorite Subiect-Eng- lish, Hobby W Sewing, Ambition - House- wife, Grade School4RutersviIle, Texas. EDNA WILLEFORD Favorite Sport-Baseball, Favorite Subiect -Art, Ambition- Bookkeeper, Grade School-Colonial. VIRGINIA WIMBISH Girl Reserves '43, '44, '45, Vice-President, '44, Vestonians '44, '45, Student Council '43, 2B Class '42, Treasurer, Allied Youth '44, '45, Secretary '44, '-45: Girls MIIIWVY '43, Red Cross Council '43, '44, Echo Staff '44, '45, Cheerleader '44, '45, Grade School-Richard Lagow. -'N LOREE WITHERSPOON I -'iv Q, Favorite Sport4Tennis, Favorite Subiect- vgbgfff- Algebra, Ambition-Housewife, Grade K School-Ferris, Texas. DICK WOOD . Football '41, '42, '43, '44, Lettered '42, 43, '44, Track '41, '42, '43, '44, '45, R.O.T.C, '42, '43, Ambition-Football Couch, Grade School-Colonial. Page Thirty-jim January MARY AL!CE ANDERSON Favorite Subiect-Accounting, Hobby-Col- lecting Miniature Dogs, Ambition-Singer, Grade School-City Park. WALTER BARNES R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Corporal '43, Sergeant '43, Staff Sergeant '44, Grade School-T. C. Hussell. JOAN DOLORES BURCH Girl Reserves '42, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, '45, Forest Forum '44, '45, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, National Honor Society '44, '45, lB Class President, Library Assistant '42, '43, '44, '45, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Grade School-Colonial. FRANCES CLARK Favorite Sport-Tennis, Favorite Subiect- Mathematics, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School-Colonial. l l , BETH cook Favorite Subject-Accounting, Favorite Sport-Basketball, AmbitionfNurse, Grade School-City Park. , BILLIEKCREASEY- , 5 Auditores Caesarisl'42', '43,i"44, Sec-'I retary '44, Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, '45, High Schsilarship Club '43, '44, '45, xtestanians '4' , '45, Junior Classical League '42, '43, ' 4, '4 , Office Assistant '42, '43, '44, '45, 1A :lass Vice!-President, 25 Class' Vice-President, Student 'Council '42, '43, '44, '45, Linz, Awards '43, '44, Jhior Classitjal League Awards '42, '43, '44, '45s, Grade School-Roger Q. Mills. Pugr Tbiriy-six 77 2 it .ra gga 1, , - -h::Z:'f'- . xr MIX S ' 'div ' ,ft ,xy W, , i i a, '46 Class ,. ' in '- sw 5 If new J i . Q., Q nite, , . i . 4 - i : air? 'f' -kin, M .sa 'WS it H+? MARGARET AVILA Favorite Subiect-English, Favorite Sport- Baseball, Ambition-Artist, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. GEORGE BECK R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Forest Forum '42, '43, '44, '45, Pan American Student Forum '44, '45, Echo Staff '45, Grade School- John Henry Brown. DANIEL CANNON R.O.T.C. '4'l, '42, '43, Hobby-Woodcraft, Ambition-Mechanical Designer, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BERNARD COHEN R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Corporal '44, Ser- geant '45, Football '42, '43, '44, Lejter '44, Track '42, '43, '44, Echo Staff '45, Grade School-Colonial. GENE COPPEDGE Football '4l, '42, '43, '44, Letter '43, '44, Track '43, Basketball '43, '44, Letter '44, l Am An American Club '42: Grade School-Richard Lagow. . 3 1 f R' HUGH, Gtlow if L JS . 2 -' R.O.T.C. '43, '44,'Favorite. Subiect-History, Favorite Sporj-Football? Grade School- ' John Henry ,-Brown. 1' January '46 Class BARBARA DAVIS Girl Reserves '42, '43, Favorite Subject- Home Economics, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. PATSY JEAN DAVIS Student Council '44, Echo Staff '45, 2B Class President, Pep Squad '42, '43, Girls Military '43, '45, Grade SchoolARichard Lagow. KATHERINE DISMAN Girl Reserves '44, '45, Pan American Sfu- dent Forum '44, '45, Pep Squad '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. i l l JERRY DOYLE Football '42, '43, '44, Letter '44, Baseball '42, '43, '44, '45, Letter '43, '44, 45, Bas- ketball '44, '45, Letter '44, '45, Grade School-John Henry Brown. i 1 I I JOE EDWARDS I Am An American Club '42, Football '42, '43, '44, Baseball '42, Track '42, '43, Echo Staff '44, Grade School-Colonial. RICHARD LEE FARR R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Corporal '42, Sergeant '43, Staff Sergeant '43, First Lieutenant '44, Captain '45, Marksman '43, Sharpshooter '44, Camp Dallas '42, '43, '44, Dallas Historical Society '44, Junior ' Rotarian '44, Cheerleader '45, Grade School-Richard Lagow. I fre -fl 3' 'X i W 5, Q J .. A. A , M? 'l is r K We ,lx is Y I- ,, "3i ' gg, f:s,. f 1 CECILE DAVIS Girls Public speaking Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Texas History Club '43, '44, '45, Girls Military '43, '44, Clinic Assistant '43, '44, '45, Grade School-Colonial. BILLIE RUTH DAY Pep Squad '42, '43, '44, Girls Military '43, '44, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. LILLIAN DOOLEY Student Council '44, Art Club '43, Clinic Assistant '44, Library Assistant '43, Guard '42, Grade School-Richard Lagow. EUGENE DUBOSE R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, Dallas Historical So- ciety '44, '45, Sergeant-at-Arms '45, Stu- dent Council '42, '45, Grade School- T. C. Hasselt. JIMMY ELLIOTT R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, Technical Sergeant '45, Ambition-Pilot, Grade School- Richard Lagow. PEARL FELDMAN Girls Public Speaking Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Secretary '44, Texas History Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, '45, Student Council '43, Girls Military '43, '44, '45, Grade School-John Henry Brown. Page Thirty-seven 24" j,,f'f January '46 Class yy .X ,i , i .f ! W i 1 L. . Qi, FRED FIFE R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Corporal '42, Sergeant '43, Second Lieutenant '43, Cap- tain '44, '45, Marksman '43, Sharpshooter l '44, Expert Rifleman '44, '45, Crack Com- pany '42, '43, '44, Band '42, Basketball '44, '45, Grade School-John Henry Brown. CHERIE FREEMAN Auditoris Caesaris '42, '43, '44, High Scholarship Club '44, Secretary '44, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, Secretary '45, Linz Award '44, Latin Award '42, Junior Classical League '42, '43, '44, Most Courte- ous Junior '42, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. BOBBY GRAVES R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Sergeant '43, Staff Sergeant '44, Second Lieutenant '45, Camp Dallas '42, '44, Wozencraft Drill '44, '45, Forest Forum '44, '45, Sergeant-ab Arms '45, Hi-Y '44, '45, Allied Youth '44, l 3B Class '44, President, 4B Class '45, ' Treasurer, Echo Staff '45, Grade Sshool- T. C. Hassell. FAY HAMILTON Favorite Sport-Football, Ambition-Beauty Operator, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. MARIFRANK HENDERSHOTT Forest Forum '44, Favorite Sport-Football, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School-Boude Storey. if 5' 5 . A LORANE HIGGINS Junior Red Cross '44, '45, Ambition-Seo retary-Grade School-City Park. Puge Tbirly-Fight F H- NW- s Q .do-J .Q it . Eg qi , , 4 v i f- .. - W lf' i .. B N r ' s' n-4 2 .35-15,45 W r -5 .5 S. E 2 . .. AMY , M 1 SHIRLEY FONBERG Girl Reserves '42, '44, 'IA Class '42, Presi- dent, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School- Colonial. I JACK GENTLE R.O.T.C. '42, '43, Sergeant '43, Football '42, '43, '44, '45, Letter '43, '44, '45, Cap- tain '44, Track '42, '43, '44, '45, Student Council '44, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. J. M. GREGORY R.O.T.C. '43, '44, Favorite Sport-Football, Ambition-Architect, Grade School-James Bowie. MAXINE HARRIS Favorite Subject-Mathematics, Ambition- Secreary, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. MARGIE ELSIE HERRINGTON Pep Squad '42, '43, '44, Girls Military '43, '44, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. DAPHNA HILLIARD Echo SIGN '43, '44, Favorite Sport-Foot- mw ,.,... - ball, Hobby-Collecting Pictures, Ambition I as rssi I . -. is S -i,. t t S ... S - '?- v,.. ,fi X K 7, ,,... M w Q... .':1 ., .," -Photographer, Grade School- Greenville, Texas. January '46 Class MARCELINE HIPWELL l Am An American Club '42, '43, Vice- President 43, Girl Reserves '44, '45, Allied Youth '44, '45, Vestonians '44, '45, Vice- President '45, Guard '44, '45, "Victory Gal" Contest Winner, '45, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. GWENDOLYN HULME Student Council '42, Favorite Subiect- Shorthand, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. Forest Forum '44, '45, Girls Military '43 '44, '45, Grade School-T. C. Hassell JANE KELLER . Q 'Q I I ., gi g .,. , . wwige. is FERN LIGON Pep Squad '42, '43, '44, Girls Military '43, '44, Favorite Subject -Typing, Favorite Sport-Football, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. RUTH MCGEE Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Favor- te Sport-Roller Skating, AmbitionfNurse, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. BETTY MAY Girls Military '43, Favorite Subiect-His- tory, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. S. 45? FRANCINE HOLLAND Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Favor ite Sport-Football, Ambition-Secreta ry, Grade School-Emory, Texas. LEONARD KAHN Standard Debating Society '42, '43, '44, '45, Sergeant-at-Arms '43, President '45, Parliamentarian '45, Student Council '44, Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. RITA GENE LEATHERMAN High Scholarship Club '43, '44, '45, Na- tIonal,Honor Society '44, '45, Forest Forum '44, '45, 2B Class '43, Vice-President, 3A Class '44, Parliamentarian, Library Assist- ant '42, '43, '44, 45, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. , A JACK Mccov R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Captain '45, Football '43, '44, '45, Favorite Subiect- History, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. JUANITA JANE McSPADDEN Auditores Caesaris '42, '43, '44, '45, Junior Classical League '42, '43, '44, '45, Forest Forum '44, 45, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, '45, Texas History Club '44, Girls Public Speaking Club '42, '43, Pep Squad '42, '43, '44, Student Council '43, '44, 4B Class '45, Secretary, Girls Military '43, '44, '45, Library Assistant '42, '43, Forester Staff '44, '45, Linz Awards '43, '44, Latin Awards '42, '43, Grade SchoolfT. G. Terry. BETTY JO NORTHCUTT Auditores Caesaris '42, '43, '44, '45, Junior Classical League '42, '43, '44, '45, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, '45, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Latin Awards '42, '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown. Pagf' Thirty-niuz' January '46 Class FRANK PALMER R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, Staff Sergeant '45, Track '42, '43, 2A Class '43, Vice-Presi- dent, 3B Class '44, Sergeant-at-Arms, Grade School-Colonial. DORIS PRINCE Favorite Subject-Clothing, Favorite Sport- Basketball, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School-City Park. BETTY RUTH REED Student Council '45, Favorite Subiect-His- tory, Ambition-Opera Singer, Grade School-Colonial. ,, f A' '-5 s- I' '--'I' ---.. fgi. NL, Y fe. 5 P" t. 1 , J I :,i..A.i, Q M' 1 L7 PEGGY ALINE RODERMAN Texas History Club '43, '44, '45, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, Favorite Sub- iect-Home Economics, Favorite Sport- Football, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. IRENE SCHINDLING Favorite Subject-Shorthand, Ambition- WAVE, Hobby-Correspondence, Grade School-New York City. BARBARA ANN SCIRRATT High Scholarship Club '43, '44, '45, Forest Forum '44, '45, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, National Honor Society '44, '45, 3A Class '44, Vice-President, Linz Awards '43, '44, '45, Library Assistant '42, '43, Grade School-Colonial. Pugr Forty t t f 'VA is ,. R 1 'fl 5? X ,dial S Wu- PE is 4,-as u MARIE PRIMROSE Girl Reserves '41, '42, Distributive Educa- tion '44, '45, Library Assistant '42, Ambi- tion-Nurse, Grade School-Colonial. R. K. RASCO Baseball '42, '43, '45, Basketball '43,Am- bition-Electrician, Favorite Subiect-Phys- ics, Grade School-T. G. Terry. JOSEPHINE RILEY Favorite Subiect - Journalism, Favorite Sport-Hiking, Ambition-Journalist, Hob- by-Collecting Odd Glasses, Grade School-Colonial. WILMA SANDERS Girls Public Speaking Club '42, '43, Texas History Club '44, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, '45, Forest Forum '44, '45, Secre- tary '44, Dallas Historical Society '44, '45, Pep Squad '42, '43, '44, Girls Military '43, '44, Grade School-T. G. Terry. BILL SCHMIDT Baseball '44, High Scholarship Club '44, '45, 4B Class '45, President, Forester Staff '45, Linz Awards '44, '45, Echo Staff '45, Copy Editor, Dallas Historical Society '45, Grade School-City Park. BOBBY SEELY l my Forest Forum '44, '45, Student Council '44, W " ' I Favorite Subject-History, Favorite Sport- Football, Grade School-Richard Lagow. is l January '46 Class ANNIE FAE STEPHENSON Texas History Club '42, '43, Pep Squad '42, '43, 2A Class Secretary, Girls Military '43, '44, Echo Staff '45, Forester Staff '45, Guard '45, Varsity Volley Boll Team '45, Grade School-Richard Lagow. ROSELEA STOREY Favorite Subject-Mathematics, Ambition- Nurse, Grade School-Colonial. MYRTLE THOMPSON Varsity Tenicoit Team '45, Posture Contest '45, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School- City Park. RUBY USRY Girls Military '43, '44, Favorite Subiect- History, Ambition-Doctor, Grade School- Richard Lagow. COY WHITE R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Corporal '43, Sergear,t"44, Staff Sergeant '44, Technical Sergeant '45, Forest Forum '44, '45, IB Class '42, Vice-President, Grade School- T. C. Hassell. NEAL WRIGHT R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, '45, Corporal '42, Sergeant '43, Staff Sergeant '44, Technical Sergeant '45, I Am An American Club '42, '43, Football '4'l, '42, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. ann k MKS for-'er -mr' Wm viii, if SHIRLEY STEPHENSON Dallas Historical Society '44, 45, Pep Squad '42, 43, Girls Military '44, Favorite Subiect - Mathematics, Favorite Sport- Football, Grade School-Richard Lagow. BETTY STROUD Girl Reserves '43, '44, '45, Favorite Sub- iect-Typing, Ambition-Stenographer, Grade School-T. G. Terry. JEAN TURNER Student Council '43, Favorite Subject- Shorthand, Favorite Sport-Skating, Ambi- tion-Nurse, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. NORMA JEAN WATTS Girl Reserves '42, '43, Favorite Subiect- English, Favorite Sport-Football, Ambi- tion-Vocalist, Grade School-Colonial. JUANITA WILLIAMS Texas History Club '42, Favorite Subject- Home Economics, Favorite Sport-Football, Ambition-Interior Decorator, Grade School-City Park. RAE UTAY Girls Public Speaking Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Allied Youth, Favorite Sport-Riding Horses, Ambition-.loin the WAVE's, Hob- by-Collecting Menus, Grade School- Colonial Hill. Pug? Forty-um' January '45 Class J. T. BASS R.O.T.C. '43, '44, Technical Sergeant '44, Football '43, color guard, Hi-Y '44, Grade School-Mesquite, Texas. EULA DAVIDSON Pep Squad, '43, I Am An American Club '42, Girls Military '44, Grade School- T. C. Hassell. VIRGINIA McWlLLIAMS Texas History Club '43, Linz Pin '44, Fa- vorite Subiect-Shorthand, Ambition- Stenographer, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. JANUARY '45 CLASS SONG fTune: "Making Believe"l '3 We're making believe that we're just fish, Coming to Forest anew, Or that we're lust sophs, Indispensable sophs, Or maybe just iuniors would do. For we have become attached to this school, The teachers and principal too, We know we must leave, ' Go out and face the world ourselves, But we're making believe it's not true. So we tell you so long, Until that happy day We'll come back to see all of you. DONALD BOLDIN Hi-Y '44, President '44, R.O.T.C. '44, Staff Sergeant '44, National Honor Society 44 Grade School-Huntington, Texas HELEN DAVIDSON Girls Military '44, Favorite Subiect-English Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby, Collect ng Snapshots, Grade School-Wilmer, Texas PATSY WATKINS Pep Squad '42, Texas History Club '44, Grade School-Colonial. So off to find jobs, to college or our country's call, But still making believe we're with you. - Anna Katherine Bramlett. l'agi' Forly-hub AA Class Committees Announcements-Maxine James, Patsy Seguin, Billy Swango, Leon Bolin. Invitations - Leslie Mc Lea n, Louise Ogletree, Shirley Clark, Billy Peeler. Senior Day Program - Lorraine Alte- nau, Billy Coley, Marie Henry, June Brooks, Roxanne Christie, Robert Smith, Bobbie Jo Tennison, Babetta Garrison, Jimmy Burch, Jean Plum- lee, Cecil McRight, Katherine Hast- ings. Senior Play-Ernestine Barker, Grady Burns, Dolores Loyd, Marvin Hillis, Ray Self, Gordon Adamson, Mar- vin Nielsen, Dorothy Hill, Mina Lee Struckmeyer, Nelda Sparks. Music- Dorothy Nell Dossett, Annie Wilson, Horace Barge, Doris Jean Morris, Marcilie Sheinberg. Social Committee- Horace Suwal, James Little, Mariana Gillespie, Mary Jane Joyner, Elaine Sladek, Dick Wood, Katherine Koller, Rich- ard Baxter, Glen Summar, Ervin Utay. Board Committee - George Richard- son, Joseph Leberta, Edna Wille- ford, Mary Lou Potter. Ribbon Committee-Elaine Goldberg Devora Kleinman, Jay Rudberg, Helen Ligenberg, Wayne Toone. ' 52 -7- fig? , 'f'liZl'v'fi 32? i N 0 X 4 , i I L. i V tl - fy, 1 Pilge Eoriy-Hdrre . i V ,V ,K I V, i gl, I ,yr i 2 3-fl I 5 gl AA Class LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Richard Baxter, Horace Barge, Glenn Kirk, Jack O'Donnel, George Richardson, Billie Brewer, Howard Burson, Bill Canipe, Ray Self, James Little, Horace Suwal. Y Second Row: Cecil McRight, Joe Hall, Chester Harlan, Burl Clinton, Gaither Endsley, Neal Wright, James Wilhite, Joe Epps, Boyd Moore, Herbert Hoover. Third Row: Loren Feldman, Jay Rudberg, Irving Statman, Bobbie Cowgill, Bill Blair, Glen Summar, Joe Collins, Bobby Jones, Marvin Hillis, Wayne Toone. Fourth Row: Jack Ridgell, Lewis Graves, Leon Bolin, Leslie Mclean, Robert Smith, Grady Burns, Bennie Corchine, Charles Blankenship. Page lorry-four' Fifth Row: Jimmie Scott, Edward Reed, Marvin Nielsen, Dick Wood, Don Millender, Billy Swango. NOT IN PICTURES Boys: Gordon Adamson, Jimmy Burch, Gene Giggleman, Joseph Leberta, Willie Logan, Jack Nicholas, Charles Oney, Billy Peeler, Conlee Plunk, Harold Russell, Charlie Tuttle, Erwin Utay. Girls: Yvonne Bennett, Juanita Bilyen, Betty Brandenburg, Virginia Champion, Nita Jo Davis, Anna Mae Day, Dorothy Ezell, Blanche Goldstein, Laverne Harman, Christine Hewett, Billie Joyce McCullough, Gerry McGar- ity, Betty Mclntosh, Elsie Parish, Ella Nora Perigo, Mary Lou Potter, Doris Prince, Juanita Tyler, Ruby Usry, Clara Belle Veale. i l 2 i E . wil First Row: Dorothy Hill, Wanda Jeanne Hale, Mary Jane Joyner, Maxine James, Patsy Seguin, Anna Gene Glenn, Johnny Faye Taylor, Roxann Christie, Pattie June Brack, Katherine Koller, Elaine Sladek, Mariana GIllesp'e, Evelyn Joyce Schepps, Dorothy Boise, Velma Stovall, Shirley Clark. LEFT T0 RIGHT Second Row: Mary Lou Malloy, Marie Buckovan, Thelma Jene Draper, Wanda Jeane Harrison, Marion Johnson, Velma Wetherell, Antoinette Carbone, Roxie Ventura, Rosanne Flechtner, Mina Lee Struckmeyer, Lula Mae Baker, Betty Jo Kirkpatrick, Doris Jean Morris, Thelma Howell. Third Row: Rhonda Lorraine Harris, Elaine Meryl Goldberg, Katherine White, Alleen Kirksey, Francine Holland, Jeannie Macaluso, Maxine Saunders, Annette McSpad- den, Josephine Norman, Doris Nichols, Muriel Amos, Katherine Hastings, Nelda Sparks, Dolores Loyd. Fourth Row: Jane Keller, Elizabeth Phillips, Norma Harman, Hazel Knight, Willene Bazar, Geraldine Page, Norma Elliott, Betty Jo Baumgardner, Marie Henry, Billie Dove - - 1" ' 1 . 7 XX k p X' ' , I V-if 4 . gf, ' Tl 1,1 s f N 1 1 A 1 vt A I Cl S ' ,Lg " Coley, Annie Wilson, Lorraine Altenau, Mary Katherine Ross, Dorothy Jane McQueen. Fifth Row: ldelle Rosenaur, Grace Oxman, Thelma Adams, Peggy Hargrove, Marquita Owen, Josephine Rener, Juanita Embry, Mary Nell Osborn, Babetta Garrison, Bobbie Jo Tennison, June Brooks, Jean Plumlee, Lena Vatsures. Sixth Row: Mary Alice Dowd, Ora Mae Windham, Betty Jo Cawthon, Ernestine Barker, Edna Willeford, Aileen Wil- born, Helen Ligenberg, Dorothy Nell Dossett, Cora Rich- ardson, Annabelle Musso, Alma Atwood. Seventh Row: Freddie .lean Polvogt, Raye Nell Plunk, Edythe Corder, Loyce Collins, Dorothy May Ahlfinger, Lois Anderson, Helen Samford, La Verne Albright, Aflene Burcham, Charlene Sandford. Eighth Row: Edith McCasland, Mildred B'erhalter, Louise Ogletree, Hilda Wolfe, Rosalie Altman, Marcilie Shein- berg, Devora Kleinman. Ninth Row: Doris Roberts, Novella Brisendine, Bernie Clem- ent, Betty Davis, Peggy Petty, Vizg'nia W.mbish, Alice Turcotte. Page Forty-five rf-B w SM ':sg11'.s-xiaw . , .- 5 'ft1S::".-- Sl '. fhwfii 'sa-Z iff? Ld, ll, Qjwgrf tl -. h jg ,yup ,ask JN AB Class LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Lorane Higgins,Norma Jean Watts, Jean Tuner, Gwendolyn Hulme, Wilma Sanders, Juanita McSpadden, Cherie Alene Freeman, Betty Jo Northcutt, Barbara Davis, Rae Utay, Betty May, Juanlta Williams, Lillian Dooley. Second Row: Shirley Fanberg, Daphna Hilliard, Mary Kiaica, Peggy Roderman, Myrtle Thompson, Doris Prince, Frances Clark, Betty Jean Stroud, Billie Ruth Day, Margie Har- rington, Fern Ligon, Mary Frank Hendershott. Third Row: Coy White, Doris Frye, Norma Sims, Margaret Avila, Barbara Ann Scirratt, Joan Burch, Reta Lea.hcr- man, Beth Cook, Shirley Stephenson, Pearl Feldman, Katherine Disman. Fourth Row: Bobby Graves, Martha Jo Matthews, Patsy Jean Page Forty-.six Davis, Annie Fae Stephenson, Frank Palmer, Raymond Shue, Maxine Harris, Fay Hamilton, Marcellne Hipwell, Leonard Kahn. Fifth Row: Fred Fife, Richard Farr, Jerry Doyle, Bernard Cohen, Eugene Du Bose, Billy Schmidt, Jack Tuuner, Hugh Crow, Clyde Smith. Sixth Row: Kenneth Rubinett, Thomas Barrentine, Jack McCoy, Bob Slay, Benny Scarborough, Daniel Cannon, Billy Jones, R. K. Rasco. NOT IN PICTURE Boys: Walter Barnes, George Beck, Eugene Coppedge, Joe Edwards, Jimmy Elliott, Jack Gentle, Bobby Seely. Girls: Mary Alice Anderson, Cecile Davis, Gracie Henderson, Dovie Langston, Ruth McGee, Jeannie Macaluso, Marie Primrose, Irene Schlindling, Roselea Story. 1 l l l 2- fyfg ,L 3' 'f - if ' 'L' M' Y ' Atl' ' - ix .5 ' . ii .. ' af. ,LZ X j H Lf . , l, fyf' A 3 E C I gg! bww, A - or ,L ,, ,milf f f l.EFfIf- to RIGH'lf,',,l' First Row: Kenneth Dale Hgigiilnbotham, Cha les W1-JCF, ' John Coley, Irving Adelson, Lester Frank, Morris S'e'n- berg, Nodine Swift, George Faucett, Robert Mayo, lzby Barber, Margie Ruth Tucker, Patricia Hatter. ffaicth Row! James Marshall, Ernest Donaberger, Giibert U Dan'el, Joe Wayne Combs, Edgar Hart, Julzan Bad- dock, Robert Beasley, James Camp, Jimmie Scott, Geocge Harman, Billy Hughes. gsfventh Row: Bill Watkins, Bobby Jackson, Donald Weeks, Second Row: Johnny Ralstolrlv, Chailes Pitman, Robert Thorn- Y lglll' Pl1all'PSfB?Ene JPN'-'91 vllvjm Huddleslonf M'll0n ton, Harold Riggs, Sole Freed, Martin Rufchik, Bfily i ' rlsofn' om en' umes aims' Moulton, Thomas Bogie, Fred Korngut, Carlisle Barton, "gl, I X, -s A J I i 7C, William Coates, Q ighth Row: Donald Murray, fohn' Scwland, J. C. Corbett, tsl Zeke Lindsey, John Jefferies, John Conner, Lewis Tuclier, Third Row: Nathon Newman, Joe Ellis, Don Burt, Joe Cody, K- 1 Robe,-1 E,Win' Ray Barnes, Richard Stackhouse, G.lbert Strickland, 'N- Th'-'fmun ROY' J0YCe Commons, Annu Oexh' -nth Row: Ray Palmer, Johnnie Williams, Billy Webb, Fourth Row: Burton Ewing, Clyde Abbott, Harold Joe CorQ' Y' milia, Horace Rephan, Vfctor Levcadi, Wal er 'l'i1:'eadgfl,K -- Norwin Ray, Robert Wade, Jasper Wagliardo, Joyce Sims, La Verne Harriscn, Barbara Smith, Margate , Keaton. Fifth Row: Herman Scott, Jerry Barshop, Ira Freedman, 'Q Billy Tankursley, Tommy Moore, Eugene Hixson, John l F J Gordon Little. 4 .2 Billy Horn, Jack Nicodemus, Gene Epstein, John Lievsay, J Q 4 NOT IN PICTURE obby Cadenhead, James Cadenhcrd, Jack Goldman, J. M. Gregoxv Glenn Jenk'ns Elmo Kie'e Jacklgpoit Edw r 1 s - ,, + , , , ,tg ' Simmons, Davfd Holman, Jerome A. Tcbfas, Wlnnie Sue Lacy, Bobby Leito, Cecil Pzitchett, Bzlly fcneason, aff- ' Wilson. I Smith, Nathan Stovall, I-'ff' " f . ,y f fz,,,,, Q 4 A 1 if k rj Nr A r I Page Forly-im N1 i "P if 'it 3- fr if t ,. GX, A 5 l it if A A 1 C CtSSNEf,sr c ' 0 in r 4 V g, y LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Bettye Burgess, Jessie Corbin, Dofs Ann Bate- man, Rea Rogers, Rae Rogers, Ruth Wheeler, Betty Raw- son, Doris Brisendine, Ruby Schaefer, Virgfnia Hart, Dorothy Worley, Joan Green, Eva Mae Shipp, Dorothy Walker. fm' Second Row: Jettie Mae Rowe, Barbara De Loache, Mary Ann Buckbvan, Mariy Frances Nou, Lois Nelson, Marian Faster , Shir 'Leventhal, Loveta Emmons, Dorothy Fay Hal Betty Jo Sims, Peggy Elliott, Doris Jean Beach, Normait' can Gilreath. 'if Third Ro : ChYistine Watkins, Gladys Watkiiis, Vfda Rick- mon, ose Gruber, Joyce Scallons, Mary Beth McKenzie, May bell-sSamford, Billie Jean Watson, Hodges, Margaret bvioore, Alice Zafdl, Mary Lou .ins,, Jean Stewart, T mmie Grace. ft , ii Fourth Row: Imogene Brooks, Severna Erland, Guyrene Col- lier, Peggy Joyce Threatt, Annie Mae Harrison, Virginia Smith, Ruby Jean Youing, Eunice Ru:hter, Rosalie Kovnat, Rae Hoffman, Etta 'Jean Wallis, Kalhleen Green, Fayrene Moulton. L ' Fifth Row: Martha Diffee, Virginia Marshal, Geraldine Wil- liams, Lottie Kennedy, Mary Frances Berry, Doris Wec- kliffe, Margie McKay, Florine Robison, Janet Lindsay, Virginia Chesnick. Page' Forlg -nigh! Sixth Row: Beatrice Cortimilia, Colleen Orrill, Avis Apoy, Geneva Childress, June Box, Winnie Kate Kirk, LaVerne Brown, Joan Stone, Beverly Byers, Ruth Lewin, Evelyn Somer, Altha Jo McLean. Seventh Row: Lillie Mae Daniels, Wanda Lawson, Alyene Snow, Helen france, Theola Dollahite, Helen Bush, Mil- dred Rae Powell, Patty Kincaid, Betty Wiles, Jane Paris. ,A . Eighth Row: Elizabeth McKienzie, Nelda Jo Westmoreland, Bobbie Lou Hillger, Mariorie Ann Johnson, Virginia Haines, Bobbie Harris, Marilyn Murphy, Maxine Watson, Vivian Bennett, Barbara Lebel, Norma Jean Brazeal. Nigith Row: June Randolph, Jean Randolph, Mqrian Fields, i Mary Lou Lewis, Elizabeth Bennett, Joan Kreifer, Wauscel fi LaRue, Bobbie Haley, Maxine Segal, Willouise Parsons, Lela Alvina Horn. NOT IN PICTURE Shia Allen, 'Betty Jean Bass, Martha Bauritgardner, Ola Marie Brooks, Joyce Commons, Helen Co,x, Billie Creasey, Q X' Margie Lee Day, Mary Ddnbar, Mary Virginia Farr, Doris Jeanne Frye, Vadell Grant, Idarnaye Hall, La - hVerne Harrison, Jimmie -Hewitt, Melbaf Johnson, Peggie J Laman, Viva Limmond, Anita Sue LyBch,'Floice Minter, 'gJoyce Myers, Betty McNally, Marilyn Murphey, Winnie Jo Palmer, Annette Raspante, Betty Ruth Reed, Josephine Riley, Marvonelle Roe, Billie Mar Shanks, Betty Irene Steele. ' 3B Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Victor Levy, Paul Singer, Terry Hooks, Helen Gardner, Zelma Lee Hand, Nancy Norris, Ramona Weede, Mimi Goodman, Rosemary Packenius, Juanita Monday, Howard Perry. Second Row: Robbie Jean Rains, Leta Mae Wise, Doris Cook, Jean McDonald, Lucille McGee, Catherine Court- ney, Katherine South, Tully Robertson, Marguerite Gor- don, Mrs. Frances Beilharz. Third Row: R. A. Hughes, Earldine Williams, Ida Pearl Slay- don, Laurice Lewis, Norma Murphy, Lois Boone, Dorothy Ann Carter, Imogene Phillips, Gloria Patterson, Allene Williams. Fourth Row: Milton Tullos, Wynburn Berryman, Robert Trent, Eloise Thompson, Jane Knight, Dorothy Pratt, Margaret Wade, Freida Benson, Zadie Ball, Pearl Bond. Fifth Row: Bennie Morgan, Paul Cruse, Victor Leocodi, Eddie Hale, Billy Murphy. Sixth Row: Lawrence Atwood, Stanley Rubenstein, Melba Johnson, Pauline Adkins, Thomas Hutson, John Vatsures, Herbert McGarity, Richard Winters. Seventh Row: Raymond Cuddy, Betty Lou McCarty, Yvonne Rivers, Sybil Skinner, Betty Lou Brown. Eighth Row: Garret Ranson, Carl Moehle, E. A. Splawn, George Dasch, Elva Schwetke, Bobbie Collins, Melba Howard, Mary Jean Walker, Dorothy Gillett, Ben Wood- side. Ninth Row: James Allen Els, H. C. Harris, Curtis Russell, Bobby Joe Houchin, Billy Robinson, Harrell Ballard, William James, Cecil Cooley. NOT IN PICTURE Boys: William Donald Arrington, Ray Barnes, Howell Cal- vert, James Camp, Joe Wayne Combs, Gus Contello, Robert Edwards, Gene Epstein, Robert Erwin, Omar Hancock, Nels Hansen, Billy Johnston, Billy Joe Love, George McWillen, Otho Nelson, Bill Shuptrine, Glenn St. Clair, Walter Threadgill, Donald Witt, Wylie H. Worden. Girls: Imogene Barber, Doris Beck, Georgia Delk, Joyce Huse, Anita Jacob, Teresa Kessner, Louise Martine, Altha Mclean, Willie Frances Neely, Marguerite Phelps, Joyce Mae Ruse, Bobbie Jo Tatum, Rosie Lee Townsend, Anna Young. Page Fifty nine ,1 3, F iw'-'f 'sn sim , , .fjlt l ft . P' Q . J l in 2A Class if i x , . ,. K ' LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Pete Vatsures, Joseph Klibanow, Raphael Levin, Martin Willis, Valliere Lindley, Juanita Dial, Evelyn Church, Catherine Vines, Frances Potts, Miss Margaret Skelton, Sponsolg, Margaret Childress, Dolores Billingsley. Second Row: Eddy Crabtree, Joseph Smith, Robert Willis, Sammy Cowan, Donald Witt, Jimmy James, Lillian Jones, Ellwood Morris, Billy Miller, Fred Craddock, Harold Goodwin, Arthur Lee Sale, Dorothy Gammon. Third.Row: Buford Raley, Charles Conner, Richard Macon, Edward Lawton, Edwin Gerloff, Holman Hawkins, Faye McFarland, Gloria Rollins, Helen Hale, Joan Turner, Wanda Orrill. Fourth Row: Dan Weldon James, Johnny Swartz, George Verla, Billy Wesch, O. H. Haveman, Jr., Norman Kaplan, Bernard Sigel, Patsy Cumbie, Dorothy Clegharn. Fifth Row: John Mims, Jack Matthews, Joseph Somer, Fred- die Dunn, Reuben Barton, Bobby Ray Farrow. Sixth Row: Billy Harrison, Thomas Dee Ravell, Alexander X Marquez, Shirley Boren, Ruth Parker, Jonnie V. Harris, Iva Lee Carter, Ruth Cavett, Wanda Lou Wade, Selma Sagel, Fred Hancock, Homer Chaffin. Seventh Row: George A. West, Billy McRight, Geraldine Waters, Patsy Moore, Helen Swafford, Joe Webberman. Eighth Row: Henry Hicks, Glynn Withrow, Edward Kolenov- sky, Sam Andrews, Bill Jones, E. G. Mankins, L. B. Holmes, Dale Lowe, Charles Higgins, Linwood Gilliland. Ninth Row: Charles L. Foster, Charles J. Masterson, Fred Tillery, Bill Homes, Wayne Bowles, Don Hanes, Billy Rogers, Fred Rogers, W. M. Butler, Jr., Marvin Engel- berg, Myron Shwiff, Morton Rachofsky. NOT IN PICTURE Jack Beaver, J. G. Chandler, Harry Collins, George Daich, James Allen Els, Gary Endsley, Stanley Green, Keneth Norman, Gordon O'Dell, Eugene Partington, Grady Poynter, Tommy Robinson, Jimmy Scott, Marvin Schmidt, Billy Strokes, Donald Weeks, Harvey Vayette. N. ?lo gx iiri Jil nxt Page Fifty 'sc WL. . QQ, 2 X , ii . 523 ll . so ':, 5 ,Q - an ii ,A ,fit M., . L A Class Jr LEFT TO GHT f A First Row: Miss Margaret Skelton, sponsor, Ida Armbruster, Doris Miller, Betty Wallace, Mary Mahone, Patsy Holt, Boots Reily, Patsie Greene, Bobbie Hall, Eva Schnitzer, Doris Williams, Cecilia Baumgartner, Joyce Melton, Joyce Ablon, Ruth Silvergold. Second Row: Margaret Farr, Norma Hassell, Pauline Satter- white, Jeannine Sancedio, Ruth Agronoff, Betty Bowles, Louise Shawhean, Lareeta Joan Douglas, Martha Jo Bledsoe, Betty Jo Cox, Anne Case, Edna Earl Kinnamon, Margie Alice Chane, Martha Howell. Third Row: Wilma Jean Miller, Ouida Beth Plunk, Norma Helen Patzig, Marion Fuller, Jean Peak, Margaret Chew, Minerva Robertson, Eleanor Bushman, Jo Ann Ruben- stein, Anita Weil, Georgia Stewart, Dorothy Mae Thomp- son, Arlyn Horowitz, Fannie Rae Fair. Fourth Row: Bobbie Farrington, Bonnie Goodman, Jfmmie Simmons, Bonnie Sims, Katherine Kreiter, Martha Ann Adamson, Jacqueline Burks, Rosa Bean, Edna Earl Milligan, Jacqueline Parrett, Betty Hart, Betty Thelma Jones. Fifth Row: Doris Stroud, Melva Jean Knight, Billie LaMaster, Dorothy Lee Logan, Joyce Wilder, Betty Sue Camp, , .! - 7 fr. 1 Nancy Hixson,' Louise 'Hixsonj Thornhill, Billie Jean Merriman, Ruby Jo Hale, Bonnie Faye Thompson. Sixth Row: Earnestine Dennis, Jeannene Bridges, Wanda Fisher, Jeanette Bridges, Anita Petty, Dorothy Dodson, Norma Jean Thorpe, Syble Turner, Claudine Clarke, Edna Oakley, Thelma Romotsky, Dorothy Barbazon. Seventh Row: Dorothy Angrist, Lois Dell Hilton, Anna Le- master, Betty Lilly, Ida Lois Pattillo, Sarah Bound, Bonnie Satterwhite, Tommie Lee Wilkinson, Pauline Dillon. Eighth Row: Yvonne Smith, Jo Anna Baise, Alyne Yates, Sarah Kaplan, Wanda Anderson, De Alva Futrelle, Nellie Maxwell, Evelyn Juilian, Helen Dowdy, Faye Becknell, Lucy Clark, Helen Gambrell. Ninth Row: Bonnie Ford, Juanita Green, Doris Sheats, June Hardin, Patricia Reinle, Frances Hulme, Martha Paxton, June Hartwell, Leah Fordyce, Billie Robinson, Bennie Crow. NOT IN PICTURE Dorothy Bird, Oneta Black, Mildred Jean Brothers, Myra Jean Hayes, Geneva Hogue, Doris Johnston, Lillian Jones, Lora Jones, Norma Jones, Wanda Kitson, Vesta Long, Dorothy McDaniel, Mary McGehee, Marian Paster- nak, Dorothy Mae Pratt, Edna May Walker. Page Fifty-one l 2B Class LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Margaret Skelton, Bernice Tucker, Joan Swift, Vunita Stribling, Lois Schuman, Ima Jo Gamble, Gloria Boise, Doris Kirksey, Katherine Powell, Elaine Kopecky. Second Row: Frances Jurcik, Betty McCoy, Margaret Equals, Kathleen Malone, Elizabeth Bullock, Billie Sue Bishop, Vivian Houck, Doris Martin, Emma Daisy Reed, Mary Jane Guernsey. Third Row: Edna Grace Philps, Frances Embry, Louise Brock- way, Maxine Simmons, Bessie Mae W.lIiams, Billie Ruth Partington, Sammie Pike, Quida Duckworth. Fourth Row: Billie Lou Ray, Jeanette Fain, Betty Strange, Betty Hedgepeth, Frances Moran, Mariorie Brannon, Lynna Hope, Louise Sikes, Billie Marie Morris, Marvel Hutson. Fifth Row: Paul Jordan, Robert Faulk, Kenith Sturdivant, Wallace Calvert, Kenneth Norman, Bob Walters, Ronald Witt, Mary Louise McDonald, Ruth Gonzales. Sixth Row: Tommy Boatman, Homer Lee Cook, Jackie Page Fifty-iufo Coomper, Edwin Bannon, Raymond Hulse, Frank Ander- son, H. L. Biggs, James Cameron, Arvis Melton, Dorothy Bohne, Jean Tarler. Seventh Row: Charles Greenhaw, David Claxton, Richard Blair, E. Wm. Perry. Eighth Row: Thurman Taylor, Kirby Barber, Jimmy Ferguson, J. B. Jones, Austin Kathcart, Paul Fonberg. NOT IN PICTURE Boys: Bernie Adams, Kenneth Beaver, Billy Jack Boyce, Jessie Ray Collings, Jack Erdly, Lonnie Fuller, James Fel- ton Gentry, Eugene Ray Goldgar, David Halliburton, Billy Houseman, Henry Hicks, Bobby Moody, Kenneth Peach, Donald Stinson, Bobby Ward, Fred Young. Girls: Gloria Becknell, Bobbie Jean Bently, Jo Anna Boise, Billie Ruth Baldwin, Joy Castleberry, Patsy Dunn, Betty Jean Farler, Emma June Forston, Bonnie Henry, Louise Hixon, Lillian Pearl Jones, Mellie Maxwell, Dora Mae McFadin, Loretta Pickett, Minerva Robertson, Christine Smith, Peggy Smith, Betty Sullivan. A! iA LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Billie Jean Wells, Moria Berry, Joyce Dance, Billy Jacob, Neil Turns, Billy McCool, Allen Swafford, Billy Jack Saucier, James Robinson, Jimmy Belken, Billy Clark, Walter Bennett. Second Row: Sarah Lee Skelton, Dorothy Haley, Vila Joyce Ivey, Leila Nell Cody, Billie Louise Garn, Betty Joyce Segal, Jeannine Jameson, Peggy Stephenson, Bobby Joyce Tucker, Virginia Jean Smith, Arenette Levy, Edna Lois Powell, Vera Ann Higgins, Joy Wilensky, Marlene Ablon. Third Row: Sylvia Goidl, Venetta Lamb, La Merle Miller, Frances Dooley, Marilyn Miller, Pauline Servello, Doris Barish, June Goldberg, Judy Wyll, Jeanette Levy, Shirley Robins, Shirley Somer, Mavis Moser, Peggy Nell Fowler, Mary Kathleen Collins. Fourth Row: Mary Haney, Billie Hayes, Lois Riley, Barbara Lorenz, Shirley Ann Stillman, Frances Evans, Wanda Reckley, Dorothy Hall, Margie Toombs, Doris Bowerman, Peggy Brooks, Joanna Storey, Margaret Hall, Joy How- lett, Ernestine Schultz. Fifth Row: Betty Jo Cox, Nita Gwen Watkins, Dorothy Lambert, Barbara Tasker, Doris Gastor, ldelle Engelberg, Marcia Engelberg, Cecilia Rosansky, Katherine Beaver, Betty Lou Nelson, Ruth La Verne Webb, Joe Nelson, Jane Phillips, Virginia Carter. Sixth Row: Betty Jo Huddleston, Mary Terry, Estelle Abbott, Ethel Reisberg, Beatrice Forbes, Mary Frances Reagan, Mary Louise Ramsey, Alta Lea Flanagan, Billie Jean St. C . 'A ,.f ft, 7114 f .e,f:.- 4 lass George, Nellie Loyace McFarland, Maxine Reeves, Wanda Turpin, Eloise Kelley, Florine Brown. Seventh Row: Margie St. Clair, Juanita Allen, Elizabeth Mur- rey, Opal Carpenter, Birdie Cargilo, Marie Grubbs, Peggy Byrd, Earline Barton, Louise Poole, Doris Hudson, Joan Wheeler, Mary Frances Messina, Iris Apple. Eighth Row: Carole Durham, Jo Anne Tacker, Anna Lou Driggers, Doris Janice Woodward, Betty Collier, Shirley Holmes, Joan Landrum, Betty Campagna, Margaret Hendrix, Marguerite Wood, Helen Bennett, Emma Wil- burn, Betty Jean Bodine, Bobbie Jean Trammell. Ninth Row: Betty Lee, Veta McMillan, Evelyn Douglas, Doris Buford, Virginia Vodicka, Jeanie Waddell, Mary Jo Alexander, Marcia Rariden, Nancy Walton, Elsie Spain, Margie Wheeler. Tenth Row: Georgia Ann Head, Florence Bridges, Rosemary Ball, Betty Jean Barry, Martha Brown, Virginia Cook, Jenna Lee Cromer, Dorothy Buckner, Emma Nell Koller, Bobbie Jeane Hughes, Georgia Maxine Petty, June Hogg, Frances Selman, Mary Wallace. NOT IN PICTURE Bobbie Sue Bigham, Louise Brockway, Jean Carter Byrd, Helen Baleya, Pauline Camp, Dorothy Cruse, Marie Draper, Juanita Driver, Dora Fulenwider, Ruth Gonzales, Doris Henry, Charlene Hobbs, Ruth Moore, Billie Ruth Parker, Marilyn Rude, Ellen Rigler, Murlene Schmidt, Belah Vaughn, Laura Anna Wade, Gerry Wood. Page Fiffy-tbree pap-as s f agus Lq,, yi Simi . ,. .21 ., .. ea K f 'H ....WL.f7 2.55 , lA Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Elva Jeane Hilger, Irene Roberts, Dorothy Denby, Virginia Henry, Betty Jane Seely, Dollie McGarity, Thelma Dawson, Marie Crow, Joyce Seguin, Jo Nell Simmons, Bonnie Brigham, Mary Courtney, Nancy Knott, Wanda Barton. Second Row: Betty Jean Stephenson, Rose Marie Reed, Patsy Lou Reed, Frances Elliott, Bettye Jeane Hale, Sue Ann Van Valkenburg, Eunice Allen, Barbara Newton, Norma Cook, Shirley Grabstald, Helen Goldstein, Car- men Eby, Dorothy Morgan, Betty Roberts, Willie Jo Shelton. Third Row: Jeff Lucky, Betty Jo Pruitt, Jean Allen, Margaret Sonka, Betty Eury, Nellie Gassman, Ruth Lovegrove, Francine Hunt, Christine Knowles, Doris Jean Williams, Ruby Pool, Jimmie Johnston, Patricia Mays, Lou Yar- borough. Fourth Row: J. T. Slaughter, James Bartlett, Roy Hall, Bar- ney Morris, Tommie Fraley, Drewery Cowling, Carl Dennis, James Scirratt, Sammy Griggs, A. D. Kleinman, Glenn Reid, Maury Soltes, Dora Mae Fulenwider. Fifth Row: Jerry Clay, Robert Ray, Joe Dossett, Eugene Harvey, Stanley Pyle, Leonard Hancock, Elmer Morris, Max Statman, Harold Melnick, John Hayes, William E. Perry, Leroy Tasker, Bobby Trent. Sixth Row: James Sparks, Charles Stahl, Marvin Black, Windall Emerson, A, J, Marshall, Thomas Hardin, Johnny Pngr' Fiffj'-fllllt' Higgins, Sigmund Altman, Jerome Statman, Joe Horton, John Moore, Edwin Schriber, Richard Conner, Paul Camp. Seventh Row: Marvin Schmidt, Jerry Fleming, Walter Smith, Kenneth Davis, Wayne Hardin, Cortland Wilborne, Wayne Lowery, George Sims, Pace Zeman, Vernon Starr, Wesley Dollahite, Gene Callaway, Alvin Fisher. Eighth Row: Jack Newell, Homer Moffitt, Aubrey Eppers, Raymond Sorrells, Paul Schweng, James Mars, Daniel Perozzo, Leon Everett, Lawrence Drake, Winford Drake, don McNally, Donald Smith. Ninth Row: Claude Smith, Howard Johnson, Bobby Clay, Harvey Lane, Hughie Cov, Eddie Rubin, Gerald Levine, Gail Ladd, Bob Beames, Dale Solyer, Milford Carpenter, Tate Milner, Jerome Zabonik. NOT IN PICTURE Fred Andrews, Charles Annes, Harvey Bridges, Randall Brockway, Billy Clark, W. A. Cooley, Carl Elliott, War- ren Gaston, Harold Godwin, Billy Hazelip, Johnny Hig- gins, Jimmy Hollon, Tommy Jones, Thomas Julian, Billy Lemons, Alvis Lindsay, Ruse Martin, Lloyd Minx, Ray- mond Morris, H. L. Nash, Billy Newsome, Hubert Packenius, Tommy Parker, Lee Roy Redman, Jack Ross, Lawrence Selman, Billy Sharp, Aubrey Shuptrine, Joseph Silberman, John Paul Stone, James Sutton, Harold Tucker, Neil Turns, Danny Weisteld, Leonard Wright, Kenneth Wycotf, Leon Zeman. lB Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Miss Margaret Brewer, sponsor, Berta Bedell, Juanita Banno, Marjorie Esner, Charlotte Cowen, Jo Ann Gordon, Dorothy Weltchek, Sarah Russell, Elsie House, Charlene Knight, Second Row: Betty Jean Hutto, Betty Harden, Norma Haley, Gloria McCulloch, Freddie Bass, Frances Leola Kennedy, Betty Louise Corbett, Mildred Beck, Peggy Biggerstaft, Macel Towler, Betty La Veta McMillan. Third Row: Joyce Stinson, Lucille Kelley, Clea Etta Berry, Dorothy E. Henry, Juanita Thompson, Katherine Hensley, Lillie Faye Bray, Ida Jenkins, Carlene McSpadden. Fourth Row: Claudine Gordon, Frances Dixon, Pauline Gor- don, Helen Steele, Inez Byars, Betty Jo Wilson, Cormetia Simmons, Alma Godwin, Edwina Fitzgerald. Fifth Row: Billie Elliott, Ruth Headrick, Dean Foster, Mau- rine Kerby, Emma Nell Koller, Billie Jo Lee, Wilma Ruth Spivey, Mary Louise Long, Chloe Mountz. Sixth Row: Betty Bush, Lois Tucker, Beatrice Viola Rawls, Mary Denton, Joyce Irene Houchin, Clara Ruth Chappell, Doris Wages, Vera Langley, Jaunelle Adkins. NOT IN PICTURE Camilla Fay Bass, Janelle Cannaday, Betty Ja Hudson, Doris Hudson, Doris Powell, Irene Roberts. Ptlgt' Fijlj lc .mf-.-f 'wisse A. 1 1 1312.55 Qs: K 4 511.34 M 3359.2 mfr . ,ALSL S IB Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Charles Boone, Harold Robertson, Marshall Yates, Billy Schaeradel, Larry Slackey, Charles Schuarz, James Norwood, D. L. Nash, Lervy Collier, Jimmy Kelly, Douglas Weeks. Second Row: J. B. Williams, Shearn Rovinsky, James Harris, Gideon Eberhort, Jackie Dowdy, Robert Taylor, Olen Robertson, Chester Moody, Charles Haddoek, Sherman Satterwhite, Jasper Rigsby. Third Row: Ralph Reynolds, Joe Rener, Barnie Robinson, Roger Wear, Merion Brazil, Billy Rogers, Lawrence Sel- man, James Harkin. Fourth Row: Billy Lemons, Gene Strickdale, Tommy Parker, Billy Rickerson, Bill Taylor, Samie Hooper. Page' Hfiy-six Fifth Row: Ralph Gilbert, Lester Woolbright, Johnny Beavers, Billy Ray McPeak, Leland Dixon, Billy Moore, Ernest Church, Gerald Welborne, Joe Robinson, John Hooper. Sixth Row: Doyle Strickland, Charles Coley, George Cum- mings, James Thompson, Bobby Sorrell, Bertis Bray, Willard Cross. Seventh Row: Johnnie Basden, Eugene Plant, Billy Hazelip, Lee Ray Redman, J. B. Jones, Jimmy Hillon. NOT IN PICTURE Edgar Allen, Donald Allison, Jimmy Burris, Kenneth Chunn, Billy Clay, Billy Collins, Edward Cummings, Lawrence Drake, Richard Gammon, Harvey Lane, J. T. Lucky, Dan Plunk, Wayne Reckley, Billy Riley, Lonnie Scarborough, Wallace Sinclair. In the Class Room ART STUFF Block prints were made by the second period Art Appreciation class last fall, under the instruction of Mrs. Bliss McManus. Students found their subjects for their block prints in the Fair Grounds. All prints are of landscapes . . . "When you were a freshman, the portraits were considered good if they looked at all like human beings," Mrs. McManus, art in- structor, told the class. Then she added, "Now that you art Art 7's, you should do more than just that" . . . Students of the fifth period Art 7 class drew portraits under the supervision of Mrs. McManus last fall . . . "Portrait drawing interests more high school students than any other art subject," Mrs. McManus said. "Al- though students try to get a likeness, this is not so important as a good composition of line and color" . . . Cartooning and modern design serve as main subjects in the Art 6 classes . . . A few cartoons were drawn for the Forester Annual, and the modern designs were drawn for enjoyment . . . Mr. Griffith's architectural drawing classes drew from ob- servation and from a book called "American Builder." All presented different houses . . . "The boys seemed very interested in homes," said Mr. Griffith. HISTORY CHATTER On the way back from the Hall of State, Miss Thatcher's Texas History class, last fall, stopped to eat their lunch at the lagoon. While eating they found the ducks to be excellent entertainers . . . "Don't think you're modern when you put that lipstick on," said Mr. Alli- son as he looked into startled feminine faces in his World History l class at the first pe- riod last fall. "But," he went on, "in many of the pyramids all kinds of make-up were found in the Egyptian queen's tomb." The not- so-modern misses thought they were being kidded, until Mr. Allison pointed out the exact page that told of their Egyptian predecessors. P. E. NOTES What! Was Norman Kaplan, 3A, training for track? That's the way it looked. Every day in the fourth period P. E. class, Norman tried his best to run around the field five times. Either he was inspired by the track stars, or it's a personal bet that he is trying hard to win . . . Mr. Hutchinson, boys' P. E. instructor, carried outa strict program of physical educa- tion last fall. After taking three laps around the football field, the boys "saddled up" and carried their partners "piggie back." This was followed by "duck walking" across the field, approximately one hundred fifty feet. Last came the "leap frog," then the boys had their choice of playing football, baseball, or volley ball. "The exercises are good for everyone, as they prove to be an aid in gaining weight and tightening muscles," said Mr. Hutchinson. SPANISH STUDY The Spanish 6 and 7 classes were reading the story of Facundo Quiroga, an Argentine cowboy, which tells the ways that Quiroga worried his professor in school. George Beck, 4B, slightly dropped his head and blushed. "What's wrong, George?" questioned Miss Fletcher Wickham, instructor. "Do you have a guilty conscience?" "No," he replied, "l was just wondering if he ever got by with any of them" . . . A study of the Indians who chewed leaves of cocoa so they could work days and nights without eating or resting, was carried on in Miss Sarah Davidson's Span- ish 5 and 6 classes last fall . . . "The customs of Our Southern Neighbors" was the study of the Latin American history class last fall. ln' order to have a better understanding of the customs, the class made a term scrap book. Each member chose two countries upon which he was made an "Authority." Page' Fifig sewn "The meeting will please come to or- der! The secretary will read the minutes at the last meeting." President, Grady Burns, is shown addressing the Student Council, while Novella Brisendine, secre- tary, and James Little, sergeant-at-arms, look on. All clubs and classes elect rep- resentatives to the Student Council, which helps to direct school activities. Organization Litre lip Fw tifm' ' 1 DRUG UBI' isis? -- 52 Pekfmau - 18' iffxr-Shim 'Q--NM . A new srarmkls Nm? Ex' rzmifze .wtffxi A nf! 9 I age ED fffzff fa ORC as sh whale 8 R012 F he gurl Rama bf din 'TIOZG' 3 ffm Fam M Fbbbgvfl be ww Armin: I :wi to of: P vzwlffnsg wwks mining mm Airs, No-wifrz will :cm 513 s EE fi ,war ez, miie wenage brown! and inrwfmingr wus :he comm-sw, Fwafurrls wore mtv! A-rewiff-:gf min cuwmgp and wrzimgf ,up 251+ the gpffzx-. Qagv, if: sqizifw nm zygm Wfiml Ilflmrmm sw5z,fz5g dvfzrvg the mm gmpivy the rating wax wrrriiem. .J X513 Viffffff' Jigkfwbngf Vinvfxx X . I9-1344 hmn'firws wwf gwi Nmffffqg MQW? 4111. zffwimfw Cmymff mime if-,Q Pvur'Lv1xmh mary ww' me fwzw-X MM A :Amir M-my LQ A., Primm ggy? Nag if wemx V 7312- mwzfan, "limes, Ligmsfm aww IN- 5ffff21'fvY' Maw: Purim, ,Tmdw mf pyer in winning edlzmlm. mm lf: iw "wmv rifywzg mcbzimg UM, LI.J1l21ww.' A22ff7ffye:7ri?m-rs Bmw 9 ywwfimgm, pam: is indeed bright and MW M'l"5'W QfXz1zc27f'f1zfiw Lim fm: fs, we mmf UM, zfawiwlgfaxgfn Iiimzfy 1 'wiv ww the Student the ,fuftmw said. "Ea9ea5aI' :wa 5 wry gm: swim .1 sew: of 875. segzamrf' aezvnfffl-1 VIZ!! fm., :M 55 mf!-fm, Pd lines fer CRBRBDVH 131 sihviira is yaur me M fum, which The ware fm' riw FM! azvxzwxter was 'Fnrm:f-ua Nw- sf: 51'Q2xfigp,"' Om. lie Amari rw: r'd,M,., rggyg RQ wg gg dgcglgg Iwiwegn add muff: to the past-eff? germ!-nl aff 955. This iw QM swvmiix bmw rzsisrg Wfww 55,3 Fgyggg gigdgh trmsz5ve'fn+"sz:." V Nxzivfa wfiszw mm! mnrfzw were Sami Him? Ure fwfxicffs-3 pmnw wrwimqf tiff, Zf3H:4fann'fm2 llffzsztmf Hfwiefg. ,mfvy five dlgyg 121 3 Pagmrff are Judgwd on wwf wfuw, vxfsifwr in nrcwemge, Macau, vi.i.a?- sim? ISSJ. like Sim-1 hm mm 11219 Gfrw Pfchlil- fi,-www, he fun gg Wgfgh 559 new writing. miixing, beadlix-vw, mmf my :md mar wefrz orfwemgs, wifi: Sw Award of Iiwtbupmvimzf Meri: in ,fam YW, ffzadmzr 231 ,rwfg mm Schuh 33220113 may befrm azffzapizgv and fmakwgw, ziefpggrfmezuc fm! lasier receiving gpwjai ewrezzrffrsdafimz. msiiwa frvfnx :iw Ixwqrsniwlmzir i,4a,ymf zmsfaip f me. 5 18433-ggm3'3 vm ffm farm ami :mini 2.-ores are given sm fm zbiff mme fha K:-Im nimwwi me P1-vw silznffewehw nw me ,pmz eh!-ee ma l??WIr1MV gigs pew idea 05139. snub paint separawlgvg, with "'m:pafi:rr" Wastes! imprrnfsfement wer the pew, years M 'MH sf: we Affifvxsaw ratirzxg md' ming jagf Prifggky topping the Iivt, Fwm 5 ami: of 23 mug wwwrgfr,.uffQv am fnmwrsv iff' frm: we 'Twxask iizqk Qefumq game "j,gg-gif' paints 1512: Fig-he fzfffnzvffd 15 exrfe!!z'nt'f1 50 pcxirztlf in news mimi? lam ssuzzrcva-. .duiwiahisn in BNA' LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Mina Lee Struckmeyer, Lewis H. Graves, Marvin Hillis, Grady Burns, Novella Brisendine, James D. Little. Second Row: June Box, Joan Green, Doris Wickliff, Juanita Embry, Virginia Wimbish, Rosanne Flechtner, Judy Wyll, Doris Roberts, Patsy Seguin, Betty Ruth Reed, Maxine James. Third Row: Claude Smith, Marvonelle Row, Ruth Silvergold, Betty Rawson, Boots Reilly, Katherine Kreiter, Nancy Hixson, Nelda Sparks, June Hogg, Joan Stone, Colleen, ' 1 Orrill, Eugene Du Bose. I "1 Fourth Row: Patty Kincaid, Earnestine Dennis, Sarah Skel- ton, Ida Armbruster, Zadie Ball, Cora Richardson, Billy Phillips, Fred Young, James Harris. Fifth Row: Martha Ann Howell, Martha Ann Adamson, Janet Lindsay, James Sparks, Edwin Gerloff, Drewery Cowling, Benny Scarborough. ' NOT IN PICTURE Martha joe Bledsoe, Virginia Smith, Tommy Wilkerson, I Norman Kaplan, Wanda Orrill, Earnestine Barker, Rae NJIY Fluny, Jaqueline Burch, Eugene Coppedge, Aileen V,ftQiI'bLfr3fJack Goldman. 4- .X , 'QX ,-- , fffifi Student Council OFFICERS S. S. HUTCHINSON, Sponsor Student Council is governing body of school .... Purpose to help fulfill needs of school .... Aim is to develop in members Fall Semester GRADY BURNS, President GENE METCALF, Vice-President NOVELLA BRISENDINE, Secretary MARIANA GILLESPIE, Treasurer JAMES LITTLE, Sergeant-at-Arms. LEWIS GRAVES, Parliamentarian desire to take active and leading part in school activities .... Organized in T937 with S. S. Hutchinson as sponsor .... Representa- tives of first period classes and clubs com- pose Council .... Half-term membership re- quired for officers .... Introduces co-educa- tional eating in lunch room .... Obtains sign Spring Semester GRADY BURNS, President GENE METCALF, Vice-President NOVELLA BRISENDINE, Secretary MARIANA GILLESPIE, Treasurer JAMES LITTLE, Sergeant-at-Arms LEWIS GRAVES, Parliamentarian Pa gi Sl viy telling when and where classes meet .... ,Sponsors fun frolic .... Supervises election of cheerleaders during spring semester .... Elects representatives to Juvenile Traffic Court .... Takes charge of assemblies .... Sponsors friendship week. Auditoris Caesaris OFFICERS MISS LOURANIA MILLER, Sonsor MISS ELIZABETH HUGHES, MISS LA- VINIA RAWLINS, MISS ETHEL MAS- TERS, Co-Sonsors Auditores Caesaris has party honoring freshman Latin students . . . "Happy Birth- day" sung to Virgil at birthday celebration in October at regular meeting . . . Miss Edna -. Rowe and Miss Rachel Foote give talks and Fall Semester MARIANA GILLESPIE, President DELORES LOYD, Vice-President BILLIE CREASEY, Secretary BETTY RAWSON, Treasurer JOE ELLIS, Sergeant-at-Arms show pictures on Mt. Vesuvius . . . Nelda Sparks speaks on China . . . Club presents awards to members of Junior Classical League, National Latin Honorary Society . . . Most members have won honorary member- ship in J. C. L .... Annual Christmas party Spring Semester MARGARET JO MOORE, President NELDA SPARKS, Vice-President MARTHA ADAMSON, Secretary PATSY GREENE, Treasurer VICTOR LEVY, Sergeant-at-Arms LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Charles Schwarz, Edwina Fitzgerald, Margaret Moore, Nelda Sparks, Martha Ann Adamson, Patsie Greene, Uancy Hixson, Evelyn Joyce Schepps, Glenn Reid, Betty Rawson, Billie Creasey. Second Row: Paul Jordan, Charles Boone, Chloe Mountz, Maxine Watson, Helen Cox, Maury Soltes, Joseph Silber- man, Sigmund Altman, Jerome Statman, Victor Levy. Third Row: Catherine Vines, Betty Joyce Segal, Dolores Loyd, Emma Daisy Reed, Bettye Hodges, Margaret Childress, Betty Campagna, Dorothy Haley, Margaret Hall. Fourth Row: Miss Lourania Miller, Geraldine Waters, Jean- nene Bridges, Shirley Clark, Marcia Rariden, Jeanette held . . .Annual banquet and picnic held in spring . . . Aim ot Auditores Caesaris is to give members broader understanding ot Roman people, their culture, and value to world. f fl, ' -1 .f . 4 , Bridges, Betty Thelma Jones, Sarah Lee Skelton, Dollie McGarity. Fifth Row: Miss Lavinia Rawlins, Miss Ethel Masters, Velma Stovall, Juanita McSpadden, Betty Jo Northcutt, Dorothy Cruse, Mary Louise McDonald, Jeanna Lee Cromer, Vir- ginia Cook, Virginia Vodicka, Frances Potts, Billy Har- rison, Wanda Jeane Harrison, Christine Knowles, Fran- cine Hunt, Doris Jean Williams. Sixth Row: Leslie McLean, Miss Elizabeth Hughes, Jeannine Jameson, George Harman, Billy Hughes, Nancy Knott. NOT IN PICTURE Mariana Gillespie, Frieda Benson, Margaret Farr, Bill Stakes, Harold Melnick, Mary Courtney, Betty Jane Sealey. fir- 'ly Page Sixty one MISS RACHEL FOOTE, Sponsor PEGGY PACKENIUS, President EVELYN RACHOFSKY, Vice-President HANNAH WEBBERMAN, Secretary- Treasurer National Honor Society Leadership, scholarship, character, and service are the qualifications for National Honor Society . . . 3A's, 4B's, and 4A's who have attended Forest one year eligible for membership . . . Faculty members present names of students who receive this honor and must be passed by all members of faculty and society . . . Keystone and flaming torch emblem of club . . . Presents assembly twice a year to initiate new members . . . Membrs get together for picnic in May, although club does not have regular meetings. OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT Third Row: Leslie McLean, Wayne Toone, Mary Jane Joyner, First Row: Mina Lee Struckmeyer, Charlene Sandford, Kath- Annle Wllsonf l-Ormlne Allencluf Nelda 5PC"l'51 Velma erine Hastings, Peggy Packenius, Dorothy Hill, Elaine Stovall, G"C'dY Bums- Sladek, Dolores Loyd, Evelyn Rachofsky. Founh Row: Miss Rachel Foote. Second Row: Billy Swango, James D. Little, Barbara Scirratt, Joan Burch, Reta Leatherman, Bettye Jo Cawthon, Mari- NOT lN PICTURE ana Gillespie, Jerald Goldberg. Almq Atwood, Pizgi' SJA'lj'-fllfll LEFT TO RIGHT Rae Hoffman, Anita Weil, Rosalie Altman, Joe Webber- First Row: Solie Freed, Beverly Byers, Rosanne Flechtner, . man- . A I I Chmlene Sandford, Annie Wilson, Horace SUWOI, Miss Fifth Row: Katherine Dismari, Gloria Rollins, Ida Armbruster, Wickham! 1 Faye McFarland, Virginia Haines, Marv.n Engelberg. Second Row: Morris Steinberg, Juanita Tyler, Virginia Ches- Slxllhkowi lm Freedman' Wayne Toolle' B lly Moulton' Nor' . . . . Wln Ray, Grace Oxman, Mary Alice Dowd. nick, Dorothy Hill, Sylvia Goidl, NOT IN PICTUPE Third ROWI LGSYGI' Frank. Tl1U"m0n ROY, RUll'l Lewin. Sl'1l"leY Doris Barish, Betty Collier, Kathleen Collins, Marcia Eng'e- Levenftwl, EV9lYn Pomerf R059 Gruber, MUVY Jane JOYVTEVI berg, June Goldberg, Wanda Hole, Jeanette Levy, Ethel Pecfl Feldman: AWS APOY- K Reisberg, Marilyn Rude, Bonnie Satlerwhile, Judy Wyll, Fourth Row: Joan Stone, Euni Richt r, Marcilie She'nb g, Larry Lee Slakey. ,fn ' ' , , I. ,, . , I kj ,V , 4 , . Q ip i N441 . J Pan American if tu ent Forum X 1 , nf A P 'Y ,,,.. , OFFFCERS Purpose of Pan American Student Forum MISS FLETCHER RYAN WICKHAM, is to promote better relations between the SPONSO' Americas and to create interest in culture of Fall Semester HORACE SUWAL, President CHARLENE SANFORD, Vice-President JOAN STONE, Secretary BEVERLY BYERS, Treasurer WAYNEVTOONE,JSergeant-at-Arms Spring Semester CHARLENE SANFORD, President ANNIE WILSON, Vice-President ROSANNE FLECHTNER, Secretary BEVERLY BYERS, Treasurer HORACE SUWAL, Parliamentarian SOLIE FREED, Sergeant-at-Arms Latin American countries . . . Celebrates eight- eenth birthday November 7 with Senor Chic- ralla as speaker. . . Presents Mexican Consul Luis Perez Abreu on Spanish assembly De- cember 4 . . . La pinata observed at Christmas party . . . Forest and Tech units dedicate new flags to All-City P. A. S. F., February 16 . . . Forest and Tech units in charge ot All-City meeting February 16 at Alex Spence Junior High . . . Observance ot Pan American Day at All-City meeting at Austin, April lO . . . Members honor Seniors with program May 22 1'iigwSixt5 lbra Page Si if ' 'i LEFT TO RIGHT Fourth Row: Betty Rawpfrl, Billie WilIiamsfLaVerne Brown, First Row: Thurman Ray, Dorothy Hill, Evelyn Joyce Schepps, Marvonelle Roe,'M6iy Katherine Ross, Roxann Christie, Mary Alice Dowd, Cora Richardson, Cherie Alene Free- Horace Su ql,l,5tJgene DuBose. man, James D. Little, Ray Self, Leslie McLean. Fifth Row: B576 Creasey, Charles Waller, Richard Farr, Second Row: Juanita McSpadden, Wilma Sanders, Joan Babetta Ganrison, Bobbie Jo Tennison, Marvin Hillis, Burch, Barbara Scirratt, Miss Minnie Brown, Norma Lorqaine Altdnau, Billy Schmidt, Harman, Ella Nora Perigo, Peggy Roderman, Betty Jo - A ,,,' Northcutt, Margaret Moore. 3:14 NOT lN PICTURE Third Row: Shirley Stephenson, Robert Willis, Martha Howell, I birothy Ahltinger, Alma Atwood, Betty Brandenburg, Margaret Keaton, Bettye Hodges, Doris JeangM?rrk 5 ' Norma Elliot, Dorothy McQueen, Joyce Palmer, Aileen Katherine Koller, Mary Jane Joyner. ' ,J ' figs Wilburn, Billy Brewer, Billy Swango. Dallaslltstorical Socety OFFICERS To institute and encourage the study, col- MISS MINNIE BROWN, Sonsor I . . . . . if FCI, Term ectlon, preservation, and exhibition o mate- LESLIE McLEAN, President ALMA ATWOOD, First Vice-President BETTY RAWSON, Second V.-President ANNA BRAMLETT, Recording Secy. LORRAINE ALTENAU, Corresponding Secretary BILLY SWANGO, Treasurer RAY SELF, Sergeant-at-Arms LHURMAN RAY, Parliamentarian KATHERINE KOLLER, Archivist Spring Term JAMES LITTLE, President RAY SELF, First Vice-President ALMA ATWOOD, Second V.-President CHERIE FREEMAN, Recording Secy. CORA RICHARDSON, Corresponding Secretary MARY ALICE DOWD, Treasurer LESLIE MCLEAN, Parliamentarian EUGENE DU BOSE, Sergeant-Qt-Arms BILLIE CREASEY, Archivist xty-jour rial pertaining to Dallas history is the aim ot the Dallas Historical Society . . . Write biog- raphies ot ex-Foresters killed in action . . . Armistice Day Program, Col. Charles Bond, speaker, November IO. . . Forest Chapter in charge ot program at Hall ot State April 21 . . . Visits to Records Building . . . Minutes ot early Dallas Court sessions studied -unusual cases reviewed . . . Club members present program in pantomime . . . Annual picnic held in spring . . . Most outstanding Janu- ary and June graduates receive etticiency awards . . . D. H. S. takes part in all club drive to frame pictures tor Dads Club Memo- rial Hall. Texas History Club OFFICERS MISS BESS THATCHER, Sponsor Fall Semester MARY JANE JOYNER, President ERNESTINE BARKER, Vice-President HANNAH WEBBERMAN, Secretary MARGARET MOORE, Treasurer JOE WEBBERMAN, Sergeant-at-Arms MARTHA ADAMSON, Parliamentarian Spring Semester DOROTHY DOSSETT, President MINNIE STRUCKMEYER, Vice-President WANDA HALE, Secretary RHONDA HARRIS, Treasurer BILLY PEELER, Sergeant-at-Arms LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Eleanor Bushman, Catherine Vines, Juanita Tyler, Dorothy Nell Dossett, Mina Lee Struckmeyer, Mary Jane Jo ner Ruth Silver old Rhonda Harris Y 1 Q I - Second Row: Mary Louise McDonald, Marcelie Sheinberg, Elaine Goldberg, Shirley Clark, Ernestine Barker, Horace Suwal, Cecil Davis. Third Row: Emma Daisy Reed, Velma Stovall, Patsie Greene, Martha Ann Adamson, Ida Armbruster, Peggy Roder- man, Margaret Moore. Texas History Club visits Masonic Cemetery to study tombstones of Dallas pioneers . . . Judge Winter King speaks on Stephen F. Aus- tin's birthday assembly . . . Members enioy annual Christmas party . . . Club presents assembly March 2 . . . Promotes Texas Week at Forest and over state . . . Presents three books to Texas Memorial Library . . . Mem- bers take part in writing contest sponsored by Texas State Historical Society . . . Club contributes to Junior Historian Magazine . . . Members sponsor all-club project to frame pictures of club members for Memorial Hall planned by Dad's Club . . . To learn more about Texas by discovering, collecting, and preserving historical material is obiect of T. H. c. of , f i'..VvfTVf, Q ff :Al A JV if W- ,IZ 'iff , ,, Fourth'Row: Helen Cox, Guyrene Collier, Johnny Faye Tay- lor, Betty Brandenburg, Thelma Romotsky, Anita Weil, Fannie Rae Fair, Bobbie Collins, Boots Reilly. Fifth Row: Joe Webberman, Ervin Utay, Miss Bess Thatcher, Lorraine Altenau, Wayne Toone, Billy Peeler. NOT IN PICTURE Alma Atwood, Frieda Benson, Norma Elliot, Jeanette Fain, Pearl Feldman, Wanda Jeanne Hale, Edna Earl Oakley, Charles Oney, Jane Paris, Dorothy Pratt, James Reimer, Jo Ann Rubenstein. Page' Sixty ze OFFICERS MR. W. H. BUTLER, Sponsor Fall Semester DON BOLDIN, President JAMES HARRELSON, Vice-President ROBERT WILLIS, Secretary-Treasurer HAROLD CORTIMILIA, Sergeant-at Arms JACK NICHOLAS, Parliamentarian Spring Semester ARTHUR SALE, President HAROLD CORTIMILIA, Vice-President JOE HALE, Secretary-Treasurer WILLIAM JONES, Sergeant-at-Arms LESLIE MCLEAN, Parliamentarian Hi'Y Club Slogan ot Hi-Y Club is "cIean living, clean speech, clean scholarship" . . . Observes Na- tion Wide Bible Readings from Thanksgiving to Christmas . . . Senior Hi-Y sends home- made Christmas cookies to men in McCloskey and Ashburn General Hospitals and to Amer- ican Legion . . . Joins with Military Depart- ment in honoring William Mann, who, in 1929, gave his lite in the defense ot woman- hood . . . Sends messages of sympathy to parents ot Ex-Foresters killed in service . . . Sends "Echo" to Ex-Foresters in Armed Forces . . . Purpose ot Hi-Y Club is to "create, main- tain and extend throughout the community and school high standards ot Christian char- acter. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Bill Holmes, Marvin Hillis, Leslie McLean, Joe Hall, Lewis Graves, Harold Cortimilia, Arthur Lee Sale, Joseph Nicholas Leberta. Second Row: Burton Eugene Ewing, Jack Nicholas, Bobby Graves, W. H. Butler, James Cameron, Howard Burson, Billie Brewer, Robert Willis. Third Row: Billy Swango, Robert Faulk, Bobby Ray Farrow, Johnny Swartz, Billy Rogers, Calvert Howell. Fourth Row: Bill Canipe, Paul Cruse, Edward Reed, Richard Winters, Billy Jones, Edward Lacy. NOT IN PICTURE J. T. Bass, Donald Boldin, Bob Caphin, Jack Goldman, Roy Masters, Robert Mayo, Charles Oney, G. D. Payne, Kenneth Peach, Jimmy Rierner, Nodine Swift, George Vrla. 1 1,x'f,y-six LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Patsy Seguin, Maxine James, Katherine Koller, Elaine Sladek, Jimmie Simmons, Juanita Embry, Virginia Wimbish, Peggy Petty, Annette McSpadden, Bernie Clement. Second Row: Lois Schuman, Joan Green, Dorothy Worley, Joyce Melton, Cecilia Baumgartner, Vunita Stribling, Marceline Hipwell, Frances Embry. Third Row: Vera Ann Higgins, Yvonne Smith, Joy Howlett, Bobbie Farrington, Barbara Lorenz, Tommie Lee Wilkin- son, Ernestine Barker. Fourth Row: Helen Baleia, Joyce Seguin, Louise Ogletree, Maxine Saunders, Doris Roberts, Novella Brisendine, Dorothy Nell Dossett, Miss Mabel Shaw. NOT IN PICTURE Bettye Jo Cawthon, Edythe Corder, Katherine Dismar, Bar- bara Lebel, Edna Oakley, Wanda Orrill, Selma Segal, Joanna Story, Alice Turcotte, Doris Williams, Anna Young. C447 .Q , I y Girl Reserves Club K OFFICERS MISS MABEL SHAW, Sponsor I.. Fall Semester JUANITA EMBRY, President VIRGINIA WIMBISH, Vice-President BERNIE CLEMENT, Secretary DORIS ROBERTS, Treasurer Girl Reserves Club promotes friendship and better understanding of life and people Rules, code, and standard of club are read regularly at meetings . . . Freshman girls entertained with songs and games at get-acquainted party in gym . . . Presents programs at "Swinging Seven", teen-age canteen. . .Box supper and barn dance held Spring Semester BETTY CAWTHON, President ANNETTE MCSPADDEN, Vice-President ALICE TURCOTTE, sem-fury C- A- JIMMIE SIMMONS, Treasurer JUANITA EMBRY, Parliamentarian PEGGY PETTY, Sergeant-at-Arms at Y. W. C. A. with all Dallas High School Girl Reserves . . . Annual Christmas party held ...Mother-Daughter luncheon given at Y. W. ...Evelyn Rachofsky most efficient Jan- uary graduate . . . Barbara Lebel inter-club council representative . . . Meetings held ev- ery other Tuesday. Przgi Sl.YIlj'fS LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Jack Mitchell, Norwin Ray, David Herman, Gor- don Adamson, Bernard Sigel, Victor Levy, Leonard a Kohn, C. V. Goodrn n. Engelberg, Raphael Levin, Glenn Reid, Eddie Rubin, Robert Willis. Second Row: Billy Swange, James Little, Marvin Ray Self, Charles Annes, Myron Shwiff, Maury Soltes, Fred Korrigut. Fourth Row: Joe Webberman, Wayne Toone, Sigmund Alt- man, Stanley Rubenstein, Norman Kaplan, Jerome Tobias, Morton Rachofsky. NOT lN PICTURE Jack Goldman, A. D. Kleinman, Harold Melnick, Max Stat' Standard Debating Society OFFICERS MR. C. V. GOODMAN, Sponsor MR. JACK MITCHELL, Co-Sponsor Fall Semester LEONARD KAHN, President KENNETH RUBINETT, Vice-President GORDON ADAMSON, Secretary DAVID HERMAN, Treasurer VICTOR LEVY, Sergeant-at-Arms Spring Semester DAVID HERMAN, President GORDON ADAMSON, Vice-President NORWIN RAY, Secretary VICTOR LEVY, Treasurer KENNETH RUBINETT, Sergeant-ah Arms LEONARD KAHN, Parliamentarian Si' Sixij -ugh! Standard Debating Society, Forest's oldest club, established in T917 by students inter- ested in public speaking . . . Aim of S. D. S. is to insure correct speech and to promote de- bate and other forms of public speaking . . Entertains Girls Public Speaking Club at semi- annual party in library with Miss Edna Rowe as guest . . . Annual banquet held at Y. M. C. A .... Presents skit on assembly March T6 . . .Standard has ability to conduct meetings in correct parliamentary procedure . . . Helps extend parliamentary law to other school clubs . . . Extemporaneous speeches, quizzes, orations, and debates comprise programs during the year. Girls Public Speaking Club OFFICERS MISS HELEN FERN BLACK, Sponsor Fall Semester PHYLIS RUBINETT, President DOROTHY HILL, Vice-President JOYCE WYLY, Secretary DOROTHY DOSSETT, Treasurer EVA SCHNITZER, Sergeant-at-Arms HELEN LIGENBERG, Parliamentarian Spring Semester DOROTHY HILL, President RUTH SILVERGOLD, Vice-President PEARL FELDMAN, Secretary EVA SCHNITZER, Treasurer ERNESTINE BARKER, Parliamentarian DOROTHY ANGRIST, Sergeant-ah Arms LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Miss Helen Fern Black, Catherine Vines, Elafne Goldberg, Eva Schnitzer, Rhonda Harris, Doris Barish, Judy Wyll, Evelyn Joyce Schepps, Ruth Silvergold, Doro- thy Hill, Pearl Feldman. Second Row: Martha Jo Matthews, Cecile Davis, Virgfnia Chesnick, Marcilie Sheinberg, June Goldberg, Betty Joyce Segal, Dorothy Angrist, Sylvia Goidl, Shirley Robins, Joy Wilensky, Lois Schuman, Vunita Stribling, Rae Utay. Third Row: Rosalie Altman, Maxine Segal, Devora Kleinman, Selma Sagel, Virginia Cook, Ruthe Lewin, Rosalie Kov- nat, Marilyn Rude, Eleanor Bushman, Georgia Petty, Margaret Hall. , , 77 4,4 - .12 ' Girls Public Speaking Club entertains freshman girls with "get-acquainted" party in gym . . . Representatives of WAC's, WAVELS, SPAR's, and Women Marines speak on fall ,assembly . . . G. P. S. C. entertains Standard ,Debating Society at semi-annual ,fbanauet helidiinxpriipg . . . Club presents play as spring assembly is-rogragiigiefpril 30 . . . Most efficient January andiJun'6?gr6duates receive efficiency awards . . . Standard re-- rfgbliting Society entertains G. P. S. C. at semi-annual joint meeting . . . Every member fo club gains valuable experience in oratory, debate, ex- temporaneous speaking, and parliamentary procedure through untiring efforts of Miss Helen Fern Black. G Fourth Row: Colleen Orrill, Beverly Byers, Thelma Romotsky, Anita Weil, Jo Ann Aubenstein, Rae Hoffman, Fannie Rae Fair, Bobbie Jean Hall, Yvonne Smith. Fifth Row: Dorothy Cruse, Evelyn Somer, Edythe Corder, Eunice Richter, Doris Janice Woodward, Marcia Rariden, Martha Ann Adamson, Martha Howell. Sixth Row: Helen Ligenberg, Patsie Greene, Ernestine Bar- ker, Bettye Jo Cawthon, Dorothy Nell Dossett, Grace Oxman, Roxie Ventura. NOT AN PICTURE lris Apple, Friedhi'Bens6J1, Marcia Engleberg, Nancy Hixon, i ArlyfbHaIovii1z, Wanda Orrill, Wilma Sanders. . f I 'x-.i' ,f , I PUIQ4' S1 xly mn Le Cercle Francais Club OFFICERS MRS. ZULEIKA ADAM, Sponsor Fall Semester REBECCA GOREN, President ROBERT WADE, Vice-President ROSALIE KOVNAT, Secretary EVA SCHNITZER, Treasurer BOBBIE JEAN HALL, Sergeant-ah Arms ROXIE VENTURA, Parliamentarian Spring Semester ROBERT WADE, President EVA SCHNITZER, Vice-President BARBARA LEBEL, Secretary BOBBIE JEAN HALL, Treasurer RUBY SCHAEFER, Sergeant-at-Arms KATHLEEN GREEN, Parlianentarian Purpose of Le Cercle Francais is to learn more about France, her people, customs, lit- erature and art which have made her a world leader for so many centuries . . . Programs based on French customs and eminent French men and women who have made valuable contributions to world culture . . . Donates Christmas basket to Junior Red Cross Club . . . Presents short plays in French . . . Con- ducts sing-songs in French . . . Meets every Thursday in Room 212 . . . Participates in clrive to frame pictures for Dads Club Memo- rial Hall . . . Party climaxes each semester. LEFT TO RIGHT Wilensliy. First Row: Mrs. Zuleika Adam, Robert Wade, Eva Schnitzer, Third Row: Rosalie Kovnat, Janet Lindsay, Roxie Ventura, Barbara Lebel, Bobbie Jean Hall, Ruby Schaefer, Kath- Anita Jacob, Mary Jo Alexander, Shirley Robins. Ieen Green. NOT IN PICTURE Second Row: Jerry Barshop, Rebecca Goren, Geraldine Antoinette Carbone, Fannie Fair, Tommie Jo Grace, Evelyn Hughey, Joan Turner, Marlene Ablon, Boots Reilly, Joy Lynn, Ramona Weeda. 'lkllfj' G., A ig" LEFT TO RIGHT Schepps, Billie Dove Coley, Doris Jean Struckmeyer, Nelda Sparks. Second Row: Jane Keller, Marie Buckovan, First Row: Lena Vatsures, Juanita Tyler, Evelyn Joyce Morris, Mina Lee Marifranlc Hen- Third Rcw: Bob Slay, Peggy Elliott, Barbara Scirratt, Reta Letherman, Joan Burch, Juanita Mcspudden, Wilma San- ders, Bobby Graves. NOT IN PICTURE dershott, Annie Wilson, Mary Ann Buckovan, Mary Boys: Robert Beasley, Bobby Seely, Coy White. Frances Nail, Marie Henry, Lorraine Altenau, Dorothy Girls: Wanda Jeanne Hale, Josephine Norman, Josephine Ezell. , Reiner. Xb A T .. K V, . . ff, 75 I! y . ,T,,.k,r i ,11g.fzaf'sLe-,ffjgl ff f- -J .fn I 1 O OFFICERS MISS DOROTHY GERLACH, Sponsor Fall Semester ANNIE WILSON, President NELDA SPARKS, Vice-President WILMA SAUNDERS, Secretary JUANITA TYLER, Treasurer RITA LEATHERMAN, Sergeant-a MINNA LEE STRUCKMEYER, Parliamentarian t-Arms Spring Semester DORIS JEAN MORRIS, President BILLIE COLEY, Vice-President JUANITA TYLER, Secretary LENA VATSURES, Treasurer BOBBY GRAVES, Sergeant-at-Arms ANNIE WILSON, Parliamentarian rest Forum ,fl Forest Forum founded in 1933 by pupils interested in keeping abreast of present day affairs . . . Membership open to all juniors and seniors... Purpose to discuss present day affairs, practice participation by all members in a democratic manner. . . Programs consist of quizzes, round table discussions, extempo- raneous and prepared talks and speeches on current events . . . Round table discussion proves popular as program . . . Efficiency awards presented January and June grad- uate . . . Members take part in "Institute for Youth" held at Civic Federation . . . Picnic annually held in May to climax year . . . Meetings held twice monthly. Pugr' Svwizly-orzc' LEFT T0 RIGHT Third Row: Annie Wilson, Bernie Clement, Doris Roberts First Row: Rosanne Flechtner, Novella Brisendine, Peggy Bobbie Jo Tennison, Babetta Garrison. Petty, Mina Lee Struckmeyer, Patsy Seguin, Elaine Fourth Row: Marceline Hipwell, Miss Alice Harrington, Sladek, Maxine James. Juanita Embry, Maxine Saunders. Second Row: Jean Plumlee, Billie Creasey, Betty Rawson, June Brooks, Annette McSpadden, Virginia Wimbish, NOT lN WCTURE Louise Ogletree. Josephine Rener, Alice Turcotte. Vestonians OFFICERS MISS ALlCE HARRINGTON, Sponsor Fall Semester ELAINE SLADEK, President MAXINE JAMES, Vice-President PATSY SEGUIN, Secretary MINA LEE STRUCKMEYER, Treasurer JOSEPHINE RENER, Sergeant-at-Arms LILA PARIS, Parliamentarian Spring Semester NOVELLA BRlSENDlNE, President MARCELINE HIPWELL, Vice-President PEGGY PETTY, Secretary BERNIE CLEMENT, Treasurer JUANITA EMBRY, Sergeant-at-Arms ROSANNE FLECHTNER, Parliamentarian P g S L"H1Iy-two Name ot club derived from Vesta, Goddess ot hearth and home . . . Aims and obiectives are to excel in field ot industrial arts and to do good, bringing kindness and happiness into lives of others . . . Purpose of club is to help girls make better American homes . . . Meets semi-monthly in Room 6. . . Only jun- ior and senior girls are eligible for admission into club. . .Members accepted by two-thirds vote each semester . . . Sends Christmas box to Ashburn General Hospital . . . Programs are on making and caring tor home . . . Ves- tonians organized in T941 with Miss Alice Harrington as sponsor . . . Club colors are blue and white. Forest Junior Red Cross Council OFFICERS MISS I.OULA ELDER, Sponsor MISS MARY DRAKE, Co-Sponsor Spring Semester THELMA ADAMS, President PEGGY HARGRAVE, Vice-President 5 ERNESTINE DENNIS, Secretary ' KAYE KIRK, Treasureri ' BETTY BURGESS, Sergeant-at-Arms JUNE BOX, Parliamentarian lEFT TO RIGHT Purpose of Forest Junior Red Cross Council is to encourage Red Cross work in clubs and classes . . . Member of Dallas County Chap- ter American Junior Red Cross . . . Collects eighty-tive dollars in tall membership drive ...Contributes to fund for soldiers' telephone calls. . .Thelma Adams takes part in presen- tation of money to Ashburn General Hospital . . . Sponsors drive for Christmas boxes for Veterans' Hospitals . . . Gives record dance and talent show March I6 to collect records for Ashburn Hospital . . . Members take nutrition course taught by Miss Willie Mae Berry. 1 J A A I Owen, Miss Elder, sponsor. First Row: Earnestine Dennis, Jeannene Bridges, Thelma NOT IN PICTURE Adams, Peggy Hargrove, Betfye Burgess, June Box. Charles Aney, Carl Denis, Nellie Gassman, Blanche Gold- Second Row: Cecilia Baumgartner, J. F. Lucky, Marquita stein, Winnie Kate Kirk, Kenneth Peach, Clara Veal. Page S1-zffnig three 3 5 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Norwin Ray, Leslie McLean, Morris Steinberg. Second Row: Jerome Tobias, Dorothy Hill, Dolores Loyd, Katherine Hastings, Mina Lee Struckmeyer, Rosanne Flechtner, Bobbie Jo Tennison, Babetta Garrison, Wanda Orrill, Rae Hoffman, Eleanor Bushman, Rosalie Kovnat. Third Row: Catherine Vines, Thurman Ray, Elaine Sladek, Charlene Sandford, Reta Leatherman, Barbara Scirratt, Juanita McSpadden, Wilma Sanders, Joan Burch, Cora Richardson, Bobbie Hall. Fourth Row: Ruth Silvergold, Patsie Greene, Jeannene Bridges, Avis Apoy, Mary Jane Joyner, Betty McNally, Cherie Alene Freeman, Betty Jo Northcutt, Ida Arm- bruster, Doris Miller. Fifth Row: Maxine Segal, Colleen Orrill, Ruth Iewin, Cecilia Baumgartner, Norma Harman, Jeanette Bridges, Ruby Schaefer, Virginia Smith, Norman Kaplan, David Her- man, Bob Vxfade. Sixth Row: Billie Creasey, Patsy Moore, Earnestine Dennis, Joan Stone, Katherine Koller, Jimmie Simmons, Thelma Romotsky, Lois Nelson, Faye McFarland, Martha Howell. Seventh Row: Emma Daisy Reed, Vunita Stribling, Billie Dove Coley, Shirley Clark, Wanda Jeane Harrison, Helen Cox, Fayrene Moulton, Martha Ann Adamson, Eva Schnitzer, Bernard Siegel. Eighth Row: John dress, Robert Nelda Sparks, Thomas Bogie Lorraine Altenau, Gilespie, Joan Oakley, Doris High Scholarship OFFICERS MISS RACHEL FOOTE,' Sponsor Fall Semester GRADY BURNS, President VEI.MA STOVALL, Vice-President CHERI FREEMAN, Secretary KATHARINE HASTINGS, Treasurer KATHERINE KOLLER, Parliamentarian JOHN COLEY, Sergeant-at-Arms Spring Semester LESLIE McLEAN, President XBABETTA GARRISON, Vice-President BOBBIE JO TENNISON, Secretary MORRIS STEINBURG, Treasurer GRADY BURNS, Parliamentarian NORWIN RAY, Sergeant-at-Arms agv Sf'Z'l'lIfj'-fr0IlY Coley, Delores Billingsley, Margaret Chil- Willis, Velma Stovall, Guyrene Collier, Helen Bush, Billy Schmidt, Grady Burns, NOT IN PICTURE Alma Atwood, Freida Benson, Mariana Kreiter, Barbara Lebel, Evelyn Lynn, Edna Williams, Vera Wilson. Club Purpose of High Scholarship Club is to offer students foundation of better learning and to give a better knowledge of what is required ofa scholar. . . Student must receive Linz Award to be eligible for membership.. . Club contributes to support of Chinese War Orphan and to War Chest . . . Programs consist of interesting talks on timely themes, games, quizzes, and extemporaneous speeches . . . Miss Isabel Thompson of Mani, Hawaii, speaks on Hawaii and Orient No- vember 30. . . Club holds annual Christmas party . . . Annual picnic held in May . . . H. S. C. organized in T921 . . . Meetings every other Thursday. , LEFT TO RIGHT Annette Rosponte lFronklin'sD, Vodel Grant CReynolds-Pen- londj, Betty Steel lTitche-Goettinger 8. Coj, Miss Gloyds Neel, Dovie Langston QW. A. Green 8- Co.J, Virginioi Champion CHunt's Dept. Storel, Ruth McGee KM. E. Moses Voriety Storeb, Anita Sue Lynch CLynch's Hord- wore Storel, Winrwe Jo Palmer lClarke 81 Courtsl, Sonia A 1' " Mo Allen ,CTitche-Goetinger 8. Coj, Gene Gigglemon Hitche- Goettinger 81 Co.J, Idumuye Hall lMerchonts Retail Credit Associotionj, Betty .leon Boss CMerchonts Retoil Credit Associotionj. NOT IN PICTURE ry Fclrr lTitche'Goettinger 81 Co.D, Marie Primrose lHunt's Dept. Storel, Roseleo Story lSeor's Roebuck 8: Co.D. Psa' I , N ee, if V Young Retoilers MISS GLADYS NEEL, Sponsor FALL SEMESTER DOVIE LANGSTON, President MARIE PRIMROSE, Vice-President IDAMAYE HALL, Secretory-Treasurer BETTY JEAN BASS, Sergeont-ot-Arms Purpose to prepore students for store iobs otter groduotion .... Members spend port ot eoch school doy ond Soturdoys in store work .... Students receive one-fourth credit W 665 eoch semester toword groduotion .... Study A solesmonship, grooming, etiquette, ond reg- QD ulor studies .... Gives training cmd experi- 0 X ence to help secure permonent iobs cmd cid- vonce to better jobs. . . Grodes on store Wy . work os well os schoolwork .... Pupils must W W be interested in ond suited for store work. Pugz' Scrvnlj LEFT TO RIGHT Firsl Row: Alva Shepard, H. B. Yates, Paul L. Heard, Hubert M. Parrett, L. L. Hiegel, D. O. Hulse, Ben F. Gentle, Adolph Sagel, James T. Whittlesey, J. M. Utoy. Second Row: William E. Perry, John W. Beasley, L. L. Cruse, L, W. Ray, Adolph Korngut, A. M. Jackson, T. R. Ray, L. D. Wittkower, Sr., C. A. Patton, Odell Jameson. Third Row: J. D. Goss, J. L. Molley, Philip Segal, Hyman Sigel, J. T. Burlxs, Leo Fife, N. H. Goldberg, Hollis V. Morris. Fourth Row: W. H. Butler, M. J. Jurcik, A. Kahn, W. R. Lindsay, E. C. Hixson, C. B. Disman, L. H. Schwetke. Fifth Row: R. T. Hogue, Dean Goss, D. L. Sims, Ben Mims, J. N. Jones, Louis Reinle, W. E. McCarter, Kenneth Cody, W. E. Wesch, Sam Goldberg. Dads Club OFFICERS L. L. HIEGEL, President Forest High Dads Club has most successful year since formation in 1943 .... Sponsors Memorial Hall wherein will be hung a pic- DAN O. HULSE, First Vice-President ADOLPH SAGEL, Second Vice-President ture ot each ex-Forester who has clied in serv- ice of his country .... Sponsors drive for ac- quisition of two blocks of ground for addi- JOE M. UTAY, Third Vice-President tion to present grounds .... Makes plans for PAUL L. HEARD, Fourth Vice-President building ot separate gymnasium suitable tor HUBERT PARRETT, Fifth Vice-President year round recreation program .... Sponsors MAURICE BECK, Sixth Vice-President general improvements ot grounds .... Gives Friday night dances in gym .... Presents BEN F. GENTLE, Secretary-Treasurer JAMES T. WHITTLESEY, Principal . . . Page Sewnly-six talent program in auditorium December l5. Billy Jack Saucier awarded first prize. MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS. Parent Teacher Association OFFICERS . THEO. R. RAY, President . W. L. REILLY, Vice-President . A. SAGEL, Second Vice-President . H. H. DOYLE, Third Vice-President BEN GENTLE, Fourth Vice-President MRS.L. H. SCHWETKE, Fifth Vice-President MRS. Si MRS. MORRIS GOLDMAN, xth Vice-President G. C. HARMAN, Seventh Vice-President MRS. l. G. MILLENDER, Recording Secretary MRS. BERNIE CLEMENT, Corresponding Secretary MRS. ALLEN REED, Treasurer MRS. S. C. WILLIS, Historian MRS. LUCIEN HOLMES, Pcirliamentarian MRS. JOHN BEASLEY, War Activities MRS. CARRIE GILLESPIE, Auditor MRS. ODELL JAMESON, Tuditor MRS. BEN MIMS, City Council Delegate MRS. GEORGE REED, City Council Delegate LEFT TO RIGHT Under leadership of Mrs. Theo. R. Ray, President, and assistants Forest Avenue Par- ent-Teacher Association gives two paid as- semblies .... Donates 540.00 to Community Wra Chest and 525.00 to American Red Cross .... Dedicates Year Book to J. T. Whit- tlesey, new principal .... ln co-operation with Grade School Teacher's Council makes donation toward endowing room in new addition of Baylor Hospital in membory of late L. V. Stockard, assistant superintendent .of schools .... Principals of affiliated schools participate in programs .... P.-T.A. promotes good will and better co-operation between parents and teachers. Stockdale, Mrs. J. A. Stephensen, Mrs. L. H. Schwetke, First Row: Mrs. John Wood, Mrs. Morris Goldrnan, Mrs. Ben Mrs. A. B. Cody, Mrs. J. K. Graham, Mrs. J. T. Burks, Gentle, Mrs. H. H. Doyle, Mrs. Leon Price, Mrs. Theo. Mrs. Allen Reed. R. Roy, Mrs. W. L. Reilly, Mrs. Bernie Clement, Mrs. Third Row: Mrs. George Reed, Mrs. W. H. Moulton, Mrs. T. G. Millender. Max P. Cohen, Mrs. A. Korngut, Mrs. Moulton, Miss Second Row: Mrs. John Beasley, Mrs. Tommie Fraley, Mrs. Rachel Foote, Mrs. H. F. Lillibridge, Page SeL'el1!3'-tel. eu Orchestra LEFT TO RIGHT Third Row: Allen Swafford, Billy Clark, Edwina Fitzgerald, Kenneth Davis, Billie Jean Wells, Miss Louise Wilcox, Paul Jordan, Walter Bennett, Harold Harris, Harold Joe Goodwin. Fourth Row: Doris Miller, Wanda Jeane Harrison, Patricia NFirst Row: Sammy Cowan, Billy Jack Saucier, James Robin- son, Burl Clinton, Billy McCool, Joyce Dance, Edna Mil- ligan, Eugene Goldgar. Second Row: Jimmy Belken, Neil Turus, Maria Berry, Joe Hatter, John E. Lievsay. Cody, Dollie McGarity, Billy Jacob, Patsy Cumbie, Billy NOT IN THE PICTURE Harrison, Jimmy Ferguson, Omar Hancock. James Shipp O ORCHESTRA has been working hard to build up larger membership and fuller instrumentation .... Twenty-tive students learn to play school- owned instruments .... Orchestra makes many public appearances during school year, both in full ensemble and smaller groups .... Plays tor senior class plays, P.-T.A. programs, commencement, assemblies, and other public programs .... Helps present Christmas assembly in auditorium December I5. CHORAL CLASSES have very busy year .... Entire ensemble participates in three massed concert programs-Christmas program in school auditorium December 15, Festival ot Praise at Fair Park Auditorium March 18, and Spring Concert at school May I8 .... Smaller groups sing for Kiwanis Club lunch- eons, March ot Dimes drive, Dallas Patriotic Society, P.-T.A. and Dads Club programs, Texas History 'Club assembly, and other special programs .... Soloists participate in Solo and Ensemble Contest at Woodrow Wilson High School, March 24 .... Selected choir sings in Greater Dallas Band and Or- chestral Choral Contest at McFarlin Auditorium, May Il. I Page Sewrzly-right - LEFT T0 RIGHT 'A First Row: Edgar E. Allen, Larry Lee Slakey, Edwina Fitz- gerald, Ruth Gonzales, Gerry Wood, Billie Marie Morris, Katherine Hensley, Dorothy Henry. Second Row: Frances Kennedy, Joyce Houchin, Billie Jean Wells, Jo Anne Gordon, Ruth Hendrick, Dorothy Welt- chek, Lucille Kelley. NOT IN Jane Phillips, LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Nancy Knott, Emma Daisy Reed, Mary Jane Guernsey, Betty Jo Cox, Nita G. Watkins, Nancy Walton, Pauline Servello, Margaret Hall, Mary Haney, Norma Cook, Barbara Tasker, Barbara Lorenz. Second Row: Joyce Sims, Virginia Marshall, Marian Paster- nak, ldelle Engelberg, Cecelia Rasansky, Ruth Agronotf, Betty Bowles, Mary Wallace, Maurine Kenby, Jenna Lee Cromer, Jeannine Jameson. Third Row: Many Frances Reagan, Edna Willetorcl, Norma Jean Watts, Beatrice Forbes, Shirley Ann Stillman, Dollie Mae McGarity, Joan Wheele', Doris Jean Hudson, Louise Wilcox. Third Row: Doris Wages, Vera Langley, Floria McCulloch, Betty Rud, Lois Dell Hilton, Clea Etta Berry. Fourth Row: Clarra Chappell, Ida Jenkins, Pauline Camp, Patsy Reed, Rose Marie Reed, Mary Louise Long, Windall Emerson, Ralph Gilbert. Fifth Row: John Ralston, Miss Louise Wilcox, Ben Wood- side, Bernard Sigel. PICTURE rah Russell Fourth Row: Frances Leola Kennedy, Estelle Abbott, Irene Roberts, Mildred Bierhalter, De Alva Futrelle, Ina Pearl Slaydcn, Vivian Houch, Pearl Bond. Fifth Row: Cecillia Baumgartner, Doris Williams, Lucille McGee, Rochelle Stillman, Jimmie Simmons, Bobbie Far- rington, Paxton. Sixth Row: Helen Baleia, Marcia Rariden, Jeanie Waddell, Sarah Lee Skelton, Dorothy Haley. f Ida Armbruster, Wanda Anderson, Martha V1 ., ,. NOT IN PICTURE Virginia Henry, Barbara Newton, Peggy Smith, Marguerite Wood. A ,V .,,, .,,V. ,,,,,,,, t., ,1.f,..nI , ,i . sv t., f, ,. .,f, fn..-,,,,. wi,-.,.ff c:lM ne cd LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Louise Wilcox, Cora Richardson, Joyce Seguin, Ima Jo Gamble, Billie Ruth Partington, Lois Schuman, Vunita Stribling, Loreeta Joan Douglas. Second Row: Norma Jean Watts, Dorothy Nell Dossett, Lillian Jones, Dorothy Ahlfinger, Frances Jurcilc, Billie Sue Bishop. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Miss Louise Wilcox, Altha Jo McLean, Florine Robison, Valliere Lindley, Bobbie Hall, Mary Mahone, Catherine Vines, Zadie Ball, Yvonne Rivers, Joan Turner. Second Row: Pauline Satterwhite, Janet Lindsay, Carole Durham, Tom Belken, Raymond Sorrells, George Rich- ardson, Billie Brewer, Richard Macon, H. L. Biggs. Third Row: Gaither Endsley, Neal Wright, Charlene Hobbs, Louise Hixson, Bennie Crow, Kathleen Malone, Gloria Baise, Draper Alto. Fourth Row: Joe Hall, Cecil McRight, Billie Brewer, Bobby Cowgill, Joe Epps, R. K. Rasco, Bob Slay. NOT IN PICTURE Bobbie Jean Bentley, Betty Sue Camp, Dora Mae McFadin, Jerry McGarrity. Third Row: Robert Willis, Thurman Roy, Carl Moehle, Hol- man Hawkins, George Harman, Billy Hughes, Joe Hor- ton, James Norwaod, Bill Shuptrine. Fourth Row: Vivian Bennett, Yvonne Smith, Bonnie Good- man, Elsie Parish, Elizabeth Bennett, Don McNally, Lois Boone, Dorothy Cleghorn, Martha Howell, Martha Ann Adamson. NOT IN PICTURE Homer Chaffin, James Shipp i x h Seth Miller. . . Furber, the butler January '45 Class Play Ch, Promise Me! MISS HELEN FERN BLACK, Director CAST Barry Hollis, a young millionaire . Mrs. Sue Hollis, a woman of 35 . . June Hollis, girl of 17 .... Kathleen, the cook Patsie Linden, dancer . Mrs. Linden, her mother . Gladys Vance, dream girl . Ralph Saunders, man of 25 . . Mrs. Jones, a young mother . . . Ann Furber, girl of 19 . . . . . June '45 Class Play Billy Tom Fennell . . Bobby James . Donald Boldin Evelyn Rachofsky . Evelyn Dudley . Peggy Packenius . Margrette Kizer . Joyce Wyly . . . Lila Paris . Jerald Goldberg Betty Jane Plunk Phyllis Rubinett Too Many Relatives MISS HELEN FERN BLACK, Director CAST Harry Savage, a young writer .... . . Robert Lee Smith Mabel Savage, his recent bride . . . Dorothy Hill Mrs. Donelly, their landlady . . Devora Kleinman Gracie Evans, Mabel's sister . . . Jasper Wilkins, her bashful beau . . Officer Butterfield, a singing policeman . Lucy, a maid . . . - - 1 . Q . Ermintrude Evans, Mabel's aunt . . . Otto B. Savage, Harry's uncle .... Smokey McGee, a desperate criminal , . . Dolores Loyd . Leslie McLean . Marvin Hillis . Lorraine Altenau . Helen Ligenburg . Billy Swango . Leon Bolin Page Eighty-une The Forest Echo 1945 Award of Distinguished Merit in Journalism . . . District Winner CTexas Interscholastic League Press Conferencej. I 944 Award of Distinguished Merit in Journalism . . . District Winner CTexas interscholastic League Press Conferencej . . . Rosemary Coward, co-ed- otri-in-chief, wins third place in state in copyreading. All-American Honor Rating QNational Scholastic Press Associationj. This rating, which is based on the issues published during the fall semester of 1943-44, places the Echo among the top-flight high school papers of the nation. All-American Honor Rating CNational Scholastic Press Associationj. This rating was based on the editions published during the spring semester. I 943 Award of Distinguished Merit inJournalism fDistrict Winner lnterscho- lastic League Press Conferencej. All-Texas Honor Rating CTexas High School Press Associationi. Stanley Peacock, editor-in-chief, wins second place and ties for third in news story writing CTexas High School Press Associationj. I 942 Award of Distinguished Merit in Journalism . . . District Winner CTexas High School Press Associationj. All-Texas Honor Rating CTexas High School Press Associationj. Twice monthly the presses start rolling and out comes the Echo.. . Journalism students run here and there getting all the latest news and fea- tures for the next edition . . . Staff members learn the art of make-up . . . Cubs meet challenge of staff and put out Cub Edition, followed by Senior Edition in Januarv . . . William Thompson, guest at Journalism banquet in fall . . . New staff takes over for spring term and bids farewell to gradu- ating staff . . . Sends each issue to ex-Foresters in the service, both in the states and overseas . . . Spring edition comes out in colors. . . Non-iournal- ism students boost the sales by helping to sell papers in first period classes . . . Student contribute stamps and money generously to help the Echo send the papers to the boys in the service . . . Staff promotes waste paper drives, war bond and stamp sales, banking, and other school activities . . . Covers all sports and urges students to back the Lion teams . . . Echo sponsors mat- inee dance before Easter Holidays to raise money for stamps. . .San Jacinto edition dedicated to all boys in the armed services . . . Helps the Dads Club secure for the memorial hall at Forest pictures and information concerning ex-Foresters killed in action . . . Annual press banquet is held in May. Ihzggi' Ifixqlrlvy -I IQ 0 LEFT TO RIGHT Third Row: Novella Brisendine, Doris Roberts, Betty Davis, Hilda Wolfe, Annette McSpadden, Peggy Petty, Bernie First Row: Dorothy Baise, Marvin Nielsen, Louise Ogletree, Clement' Alice Turccnel Virginia Wimbish. Murqullo Owen' Wayne Toone' Lorraine Altenouf 'leon Fourth Row: Joe Hall, James Wilhite, George Richardson, Plumlee, Marvin Hillis, Evelyn Joyce Schepps. Bob Slay, Leon Bolin, Mary Smith Clark, Sponsor. Second Row: Lewis Graves, Elizabeth Phillips, Katherine NOT IN PICTURE Koller, Peggy Hargrove, Edythe Corder, June Brooks, Yvonne Bennett, Dorothy Ezell, Joseph Leberta, Ellis Parish, Loyce Collins, Thelma Adams. Clara Veal. Forest Echo Stott 1944 CORINNE FELDMAN, WILLIE MITCHELL, SYLVIA MOSS ....... Editors DONALD MARTIN .... Exchange Editor LORRAINE ALTENAU, WAYNE TOONE .... . . Managing Editors H. L. PRYOR ..... Sports Editor DOROTHY MCCULLOUGH . . . Columnist EVELYN SCHEPPS . . . Alumni Editor ROY MASTERS, LEWIS GRAVES .... . Military Editors KATHLEEN ROBERSON . . Personals Editor KATIE FAIR ......, News Editor MARVIN HILLIS ..... Makeup Editor MEMBERS OF .IOURNALISM I CLASS ......... Reporters 1945 LORRAINE ALTENAU, WAYNE TOONE ........ Co-Editors YVONNE BENNETT . . . Managing Editor ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, DOROTHY EZELL ....... Assistant Editors ALICE TURCOTTE ..... Feature Editor DOROTHY BAISE . . Assistant Feature Editor BETTY MCNALLY, BILL SCHMIDT .... . Copy Editors BOBBY GRAVES . . . ROTC Editor MARVIN NIELSEN . . . Sports Editor JOE HALL . . . . Sports Assistant MARVIN HILLIS ..... Makeup Editor KATHERINE KOLLER .... Clubs Editor JEAN PLUMLEE .... Freshman Editor BETTY DAVIS, CLARA VEAL, LOUISE OGLE- TREE, NOVELLA BRISENDINE, PEGGY PETTY, EDYTHE CORDER, DORIS ROBERTS, MAR- ' QUITA OWEN .... Associate Editors EVELYN SCHEPPS . . . Alumni Editor ALICE TURCOTTE ..... Feature Editor LEON BOLIN, JOSEPH LEBERTA, GEORGE RICHARDSON, JANES WILHITE, ROBERT SLAY, THELMA ADAMS, JUNE BROOKS, BERNIE CLEMENT, HILDA WOLFE, LOIS COL- LINS, VIRGINIA WIMBISH, PEGGY HAR- GROVE, ELSIE PARISH, ANNETTE McSPAD- DEN ...... . . .Reporters Pago Iiiglzfvy-fbru' it I, 4, .LL , , . I .,r....,,-,, A 1 . L I K ' 1 m I I ' is kv im' Q TK' I L X HOFFMAN McNALLY ORRILL LOYD CLARK TURNER APOY McSPADDEN LOBERTA FEL ER TOBIAS ,X , . AVIS APOY Assistant Editor' COLLEEN ORRILL Activities Editor RAE HOFFMAN Business Manager IDA ARMBUSTER JOAN TURNER Editorial Assistants Page Eighlgv-four KOVNAT Ng HANSEN ARMBRUSTER RAY YATES I Forester Annual Staff BETTY McNALLY Editor-in-Chief DOLORES LOYD Senior Editor NELS HANSEN Sports Editor ROSALIE KOVNAT Advertising Manager NORWIN GENE RAY JEROME TOBIAS Business Assistants SHIRLEY CLARK Assistant Senior Editor JOSEPH LEBERTA Art Editor JUAN ITA McSPADDEN Office Manager H. B. YATES Business Adviser ANNIE GEM FELDER Editoriai Adviser Forester Annual Stall Up they go to wave proudly above the school! The Color Guard takes great care with the raising of the flags. This is a regular duty ofthe Military Department, along with its other orders of the day. Military guards are another a ddition to military duties this year. We owe a debt of gratitude to many this year for help in making this book possible. We want to say thanks especially to Harry Crenshaw of Southwestern Engraving Company, Irving Wilkinson Printing Company, the staff, Miss Annie Gem Felder, our director, H. B. Yates, Miss Mary Smith Clark and the Journalism Department for all their help and interest. i 1 " 0 f 1 . .UL 1' , . , L ,W X J. MJ Y N LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Jerome Tobias, Avis Apoy, Fred Korngut, Joseph Leberta, Betty McSalIy, Norwin Ray, Colleen Orrill, Dolores Loyd, Shirley Clark, Horace Suwal, Evelyn Joyce Schepps. Second Row: John Coley, Eva Schnitzer, Juanita McSpad- den, Wilma Sanders, Joyce Scallons, Margaret Keaton, Norma Elliott, Thurman Ray, Imogene Brooks, Rae Hoffman, Ruth Lewin Idelle Rosenaur, Wanda Orrill, Cecile Davis. Third Row: Joan Turner, Ida Armbruster, Thelma Adams, Rosalie Kovnat, Betty Rawson, Annie Stephenson, Mariana Gillespie, Katherine Koller, Katherine Hast- ings, Elaine Meryl Goldberg, Rhoda Harris, Don Mc- Nally. Fourth Row: Marquita Owen, Nels Hansen, Wayne Toone, Peggy Hargrove, Yvonne Bennett, Margaret Moore, Bernie Clement, Annette McSpadden, Novella Brisen- dine, Doris Roberts, Ivan Huddleston, J. C. Corbett. Fifth Row: Bill Schmidt, George Beck, Edythe Corder, Doro- thy Ezell, Patsy Jean Davis, Lorraine Altenau, Peggy Petty, Betty Davis, Virginia Wimbish, Hilda Wolfe, Clara Belle Veal, Loyce Collins. NOT IN PICTURE Billy Tom Fennell, Doris Roberts. Pagi' Ifiglwly-fiz r l A r, A,v .- !'5 Q sb 0 will J Up they go to wave proudly above the school! The Color Guard takes great care with the raising ot the flags. This is a regular duty of the Military Depart- ment, along with its other orders of the day. Military guards are another addi- tion to military duties this year. 0. T.C Foresier F V 6 E ' Wall Ta e , In Fzrst Published by 1156 Jaw-nalism .Slnqlmzec of 5F'w'e.n! Avmae Ifekzfz Salam! 3 .Q M QL 29, 'QS 31 LAS, TH AS, RE N SUS Y. FEB VARY 14,1945 "!"Ii'xE', 4 C0058 8 3 ms fur F . W'W"'KWWN'N' F area-1 Cnedbker? Cross 691 L 1 s t e iz -- U L 1: o IZ 3 I Ry Altman and Twmf -.W xx..-1...,, f Mmtznek fb! Th: ay when 5 arg!!! date before tai Eeztmliiiayv vin Hillifz F9-aids: Hr Ruth Sm-ef Angriw, W Ckicmila on NYS Reality?" The pmgmm ffwivnzizyn of the Americas, Ten mm who arf fivdswrian. Ax-infer Wilfwn, Wfswsexl vialm, Nobif- Farr va! iiw fkkru xi'-'Mrk m. i in S516 Q iilfziifid han-,H eaciwr Ylifzaie IS? Um: fiwfviiiffn taken 3 Q Juni? fennel, pf zififzemfvsf 51491 hvnfmwf Afwwqfilfg ,gf,,,-F, Qfcbwl han Pvwzs fxmwn vw -ww Ny' :Mew .1 x , - , Q f . , y K 9 ffl. 4 Qu! X-, fx. my Epmd QQWM 5w:3oVg ,xfmpw In 551214 ffnigmi farm nj 1 X -,n,f3.g fm, ww :mm Cathedral ai'pff'ff Q? if 'A?W'Wf 4'mW" 'j raw if e X M if :Xml , Lim Alu-vwafx E-wrfm fn New iw, wx, ,Y ,M , Vx ik Umfff Tfmfm Wff.fyg .mv Hmmm Wm: QQ 'L N' A 'WQJQ' ,Qlfjillh 25 HFW' , jf y f .,b fg, pe,,,,5, 4, mm few M-sqm ff fab' fs wf .1 Jef ff A A X M emma?" nf wma ' fIg:'f?': 'QM' LL ,QA ! I., , XM M up .fly Q 5 L - La.. 'iw f- 5x'fL'v,7l".3w'-55'ffmi-' . ', H ' ' , . . , lux 'wiwxfz vi DMM' QA' dwg 2, Rww-Az? lmaexe-zxsrrz il--Flwt 5 5' 1 w fw hfwlw viwfnfxfyffy 'wr If -V , ,x Hg. K y . ., M1 V Q ,f an my Zi .-as mr-is mxfzfary airs fifth EBM :Sn-grim fx aimw new v-,S-ww wf- mwah 3' My MM ' ,H 1 A 1 , .N 12. mi 1.1-wwmm NfX1i.Q.1f Banff ff f' .1525 ,-Qview 1, ffki-ii ' ' ' at the fired FQrf5z1,4A,w1rn ui rx V4 1 Q : l t YK y I X K K I N X , , , . Quits. Refi,-i turning me ww 4' iwffUd'3J2Ler!fffiemf fhawff 15 sw - iff- f":'1fff"A' UI' "" Wm -ffm -Q1 1fm:1,,x L, , xi mms, few even rf? gt ww Jw WM , iw. Bsrfxslflvl Emmy fmifmwg mf,-Q in mf ,gm f wx sg , ff? 5 gcizfpvlx go on. .dn Ml- 4 5, ppm ,gm Gm ,g,,.,,Q,S ww fm mf- ff uf- 5.- mm Y n""""-W .ff-5 can D236 Um USUN iflkf. GX- mmf-1-4: fam av W1 kf.:wfvrVZ9i+zrwsmf Iwfffk Aff Iwu. .f we my ,W Affferwfwwffi Q03 8995: f km' mach it rom at Fwest pzft a wma? ff: mfr? -fx Qnyfm a5.xW,1w,-Q f 52,31 Jffffm- e,x:.ww1f'fQ:. 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A .sw-,mf mf rm mm mmf ww t, U ffl,-fffmff M Immbumzxfv 'w'ffff'If25 V 'lf' Qjwffarfffiifv- M- zf ms.-,wfw-fwjf i W A fm' fmlfu fwwf yt Umar, : pen i Alf wwf jg., 3 KL - -,, ,Mp ima Nw www, ew ff I ww fa pw we' JY !-fear :Ll-ff ,,. my Yu mmm! Effmzwm I, Am .-1,11 J,-A Am, fm' Jw-im " ' i ww 'ffm J fmgff v ' dum ww, 1-'ls U -:iv f- T1 fy nffff-,uw wk.-Hf,f9g51y :mfr f 5 Piwmwfy www. Q YU 'WW ff"l"' fflnf 'lm' 'wi-pu www wr Lg' ,vu n JM".-fu Q 'mf vf f-,f x, YQW Lim: ,M 5 7: f 5 f5g,gX pfm: , , 'ffffffffffifffffff f'j""f-f'f'ff- -mf fwfr' AW- fwfwz v,fym.r ' Nw .sl .mifvf W 1 .QM--1, ,, Y , 14 ,L-, GY 5f"f-f"'- if .ff me 'mf mf ww .1 iw -:iw 4.4 Qgffy 1' we. sww mn an-91, , Qfwr-www ,mm uf, faq KWWHW' t'f 'f":'1f Ulf :ff-ww ,Q ,sg-, lm me fm, va Bixw pwlwi -my my . f ig. 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Gilbert Ackerman, Professor of Military Science and Tactics, in- spects Forest Unit of Reserve Offi- cers, Training Corps for appearance and theory. Regular R.O.T.C. mem- bers, under First Lt. Gilbert Daniel, drills fifth period Girls' military gym classes in basic military practices. Girls are promoted to regular mili- tary ranks, ranging from private first class to captain. Highest rank- ing girls' officer is Capt. Edythe Corder. Guards are placed in halls weekly by officer in charge of this special detail. Rifle team takes part in city and national firing matches. Privilege of going to Camp Dallas adds to the popularity of this course. Pugr Eiglwiy-vigbl Sergeant FRANK A. ORRILL Assistant Commandant At Federal inspection Lieutenant Col. Leon Bolin congratulated on appearance of corps .... 5fSgt. Jack Nicholas first man in city to be awarded Federal Inspection Ribbon for being "absolutely perfect." . . . Late promotions: Leon Bolin, to Lieu- tenant Col., Gordon Adamson, to Maior, Gilbert Daniel, to Captain. . . . Capt. Gilbert Daniel elected cap- tain of Rifle Team .... Rifle Team of Daniel, Swift, McCoy, Barge, and Steinberg fires Shoulder-to-Shoulder Match April 21 .... Takes part in Wozencraft Drill May 5 at Crozier Technical High .... Presents annual Military Ball May li .... Corps pre- sents Grand March, coronation of Queen, and Grand Sweep .... Ca- dets fire for medals. A LEFT TO RIGHT Ellis, Capt. Fred Fife, Second Lt. Bobby Graves. First Row: Major Leon Bolin, Second Lt. Lewis Graves. Third Row: Master Sgt. Coy White, Master Sgt. Jack Second Row: Capt. Jack McCoy, Capt. Ray Self, Capt. Joe O'Donnel. Off' ers LEFT TO RIGHT Second Lt. Horace Suwal, Second Lt. Bobby Graves, First Row: Maior Leon Bolin, Capt. Gordon Adamson. Second Lt. James D. Little, Capt. Richard Farr, Capt. Second Row: Captain Horace C. Barge, Capt. Joe Ellis, Joe Epps. Capt. Fred Fife, First Lt. Charles Waller, First Lt. Gilbert Fourth Row: Second Lt. Richard Baxter, Second Lt. Leslie Daniel. McLean, Capt. Ray Self, Second Lt. Lewis Graves, Second Third Row: First Lt. Robert L. Smith, Captailn Jack McCoy, Lt. Glenn Kirk, Second Lt. David Herman. r Pagv liighly-nim' FIRST LIEUTENANT SERGEANTS LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Second Lt. James D. Little, First Lt. Robert L. Smith, Second Lt. Glenn S. Kirk. Second Row: Cpl. Billy McRight, Second Lt. Lawis Graves, Instructor, Maior Leon Bolin, sfsgr. Harold Harris, TfSgt. Jack Knott, TfSgt. Herman Scott, Rct. Charles Coley, Rct. Shearn Rouinsky, Rct. Billy Schaerdel, Rct. Larry Lee Sla key. Third Row: Cpl. Robert Willis, Pvt. Lawrence Selman, John Vatsures, Cpl. Carlisle Barton, Sgt. Donald Pvt. Nathan Newman, Pvt. George Richardson, Grady Burns, Rct. Harold Robertson, Pvt. Wayne Fourth Row: Pvt. Cecil Cooley, Pvt. Sammy Griggs, P ' 4 iv -Iwi, MAJOR Bolin, Leon CAPTAIN Burch, Jimmy Smith, Robert SECOND LIEUTENANTS Little, James D. Kirk, Glenn FIRST SERGEANT Bodine, Floyd TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Scott, Herman Knott, Jack STAFF SERGEANTS Jones, William Pugr Niurfy Andrews, Pvt. Milford Carpenter, Rct. Billy Collins, Rct. Charles Schwarz, Cpl. Tommy Robinson, Cpl. Thomas Hutson, Pvt. Calvert Wallace, Pvt. James Walters. Fifth Row: SfSgt. Nathan Stovall, SfSgt. Don James, Cpl. Irby Barber, Pvt. Don Burt, Rct. Charles H. Haddock, Rct. Sherman Satterwhite, Rct. J. B. Williams, Rct. Gerald Welborne, Pvt. Edward Cummings. Sixth Row: sfsgf. Sammy Cowan, CpI. Ahus Lindsey, Rct. Charles Boone, Cpl. Tommy Boatman, Rct. Ralph Rey- SfSgt. Weeks, nolds, Rct. Joe Rener, Rct. Chester Moody, Rct. Jasper SfSgt. Rigsby, Rct. Gene Stockdale, Pvt. Robert Faulk. Hardin. Seventh Row: Pvt. Billy Harrison, Cpl. Joe Webberman, Pvt. vt. Sam Jimmy Hallon. -I Vatsures, John Stovall, Nathan James, Dan Burns, Grady Cowan, Sammy Harris, Harold Hooks, Terry Weeks, Donald Withrow, Glynn CORPORALS Boatman, Tommy Hutson, Thomas Lindsey, Alvis McRight Billy Robinson, Tommy Barton, Carlisle Willis, Robert Webberman, Joe PRIVATES Andrews, Sam Barber, Irby Burt, Don Calvert, Charles Carpenter, Milford Cooley, Cecil Cumming, Edward Faulk, Robert Fisher, Alvin Griggs, Sammy Harrison, Billy Newman, Nathan Richardson, George Walters, James Hardin, Wayne Holland, Jimmy RECRU ITS Allen, Edgar Boone, Charles Haddock, Charles Coley, Charles Moody, Chester Gilbert, Ralph Plunk, Joe Dan Ravinsky, Shearn Rener, Joe Reynolds, Ralph Rigsby, Jasper Robertson, Harold Schaerdel, Billy Scharz, Charles Satterwhite, Sherman Selman, Lawrence Slakey, Larry Lee Stockdale, Earnest Strickland, Curtis Welborne, Gerald Williams, J. B. Collines, Billy Charles Hawkins, Holman RECRUIT Co m p a ny B ATTACHED TECHNICAL SERGEANTS CORPORALS Captain Fife, Fred Captain McCoy, John Captain Ellis, Joe Second Lieutenant Graves, Lewis Second Lieutenant Suwal, Horace CAPTAIN Barge, Horace FIRST LIEUTENANT Swift, Nodine SECOND LIEUTENANT Baxter, Richard FIRST SERGEANT Steinberg, Mogpis i . .. ,, , f PMASTER SERGEANT O'Donnell, Jack Arrington, Donald Russell, Harold STAFF SERGEANTS Burson, Howard Donaberger, Ernest Ewing, Burton Nicholas, Jack Palmer, Frank Scarborough, Benny Shuptrine, Bill Turner, Jack Utay, Ervin Cook, Homer Robinson, Billy SERGEANTS Calvert, Howell McGarity, Herbert Murphy, Billy Ravell, Tommy Moehle, Carl Strickland, Gilbert LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Second Lt. Richard Baxter, First Lt. Nodine Swift, Capt. Horace C. Barge, Second Lt. Horace Suwal. Second Row: TfSgt. Donald William Arrington, TfSgt. Harold Russell, Master Sgt. Jack O'Donnell, Capt. Fred Fife, Capt. Joe Ellis, Capt. John McCoy, Second l.t. Lewis Graves, Instructor, First Sgt. Morris Steinberg, Sgt. Coy White. Third Row: Pvt. John David Coley, sfsgf. Burton Eugene Ewing, sfsgf. Jack Turner, Sgt. Herbert McGarity, Pvt. Billy Jack Saucier, Pvt. Johnny Higgins, Pvt. Thomas Hardin, Pvt. Claude Smith, Pvt. Robert Ray, Sgt. Billy Murphy, Pvt. Richard Blair. Gerloft, Edwin Higgins, Charles Holmes, L. B. Mankins, E. G. Palmer, Cecil Sale, Arthur Lee Mims, John PRIVATES Belkin, Jimmy Blair, Richard Chaffin, Homer Clay, Jerry Coley, John Cohen, Jake Fuller, lanie Goodwin, Harold Gregory, J. M. Hardin, Thomas Higgins, Johnny Hays, John Marquez, Alexander Pirozzo, Daniel Ray, Robert Ridgell, Jack Sharp, Billy Sims, George Smith, Claude Smith, Joseph Saucier, Billy Sturdivant, Kenneth Swafford, Allan Vayette, Harvey Welborne, Cortland Wiles, Martin Rutchik, Martin Fisher, Alvin Stahl, Charles Housman, Billy Moore, Billy I J Q Thomas Ravell, Sgt. Holman Hawkins, Sgt. Howell Cal- vert, Pvt. Alexander Marquy, Rct. Billy Moore, Pvt. Allen Swafford, Pvt. Cortland Welborne, Pvt. Jerry Day. Fifth Row: Cpl. E. G. Mankins, sfsgf. Howard Burson, Cpl. John Mims, Sgt. Gilbert Strickland, Pvt. Jimmy Belken, Pvt. Charles Stahl, Pvt. George Sims, Pvt. Daniel Pirozzo, sfsgf. Frank Palmer. Sixth Row: Pvt. Martin Wiles, Pvt. Joseph Smith, sfsgf. Ernest Donaberger, Pvt. Harvey Vayette, Cpl. Cecil Palmer, Pvt. Kenith Sturdivant, SfSgt. Homer Cook, Pvt. Harold Goodwin, sfsgf. Bill Shuptrine. Seventh Row: Sgt. Carl Moehle, Pvt. John Hayes, Pvt. Alvin Fisher, Cpl. Charles Higgins, Pvt. Lonnie Fuller, Pvt. Fourth Row: Cpl. Arthur Lee Sale, Cpl. L. B. Holmes, Sgt. Jack Ridgell, SfSgt. Benny Scarborough. Pugv Ninrfly-one CORPORALS Houchin, Bobby Joe CAPTAIN TECHNICAL SERGEANTS LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Second Lt. Bobby Jackson, First Lt. Charles Wal- ler, Capt. Richard L. Farr, Second Lt. Bobby Graves. Second Row: Master Sgt. Coy White, Pvt. Hughie Cox, Rct. Windall Emerson, Pvt. Carl Dennis, Pvt. Billy Jacob, Pvt. Bertis Bray, Pvt. Weit Ronald, SfSgt. Jimmy James, sfsgf. Billy Joe Love, Pvt. Don McNally. Third Row: Pvt. Lawrence Drake, Pvt. Kenneth Norman, Rct. H. C. Harris, Pvt. Elmer Morris, Pvt. James Robin- son, Sgt. Elwood Morris, Cpl. Bennie Adams, Cpl. Dale Lowe, Pvt. Bobby Joe Houchin. Fourth Row: SfSgt. Morton Rachofsky, sfsge. Billy Johnston, Pvt. Eugene Plant, Cpl. Thomas Bogie, sfsgf. Thurman Ray, Ptc. George Dasch, Pvt. Donald Murray, Pvt. Buford Raley. Fifth Row: First Sgt. J. C. Corbett, Pvt. Pace Zeman, Sgt. Fred Korngut, Pvt. Jack Newell, Pvt. Richard Winters, SfSgt. John Jefferies, Pvt. Richard Gammon. Sixth Row: Sgt. John Bowland, Cpl. James Marshall, sfsgf. Myron Shwift, Pvt. W. M. Butler, Jr., Pvt. Tom Belken, Cpl. Bill Watkins, TfSgt. Jack Beaver, Rct. Olen Rober- son, Cpl. Bob Walters, Sgt. E. A. Splawn. Seventh Row: Cpl. Eugene Du Bose. Company C Farr, Richard L. FIRST LIEUTENANT Waller, Charles SECOND LIEUTENANTS Graves, Bobby Qattachedj Jackson, Bobby Peeler, Billy MASTER SERGEANT White, Coy fattachedl FIRST SERGEANT Corbett, J. C. Page Ninety-!u'0 Adelstein, Irving Beaver, Jack STAFF SERGEANTS James, Mathew Jenkins, Glenn Johnston, Billy Jefferies, John Kieke, Elmo Love, Billy Joe Rachofsky, Morton Ray, Thurman Shwiff, Myron SERGEANTS Bowland, John Korngut, Fred Morris, Ellwood Splawn, E. A. Bogie, Thomas DuBose, Eugene Lowe, Dale Marshall, James Walters, Bobby Joe Watkins, Bill PRIVATES Beaver, Kenneth Belkin, Thomas Bray, Bertis Cox, Hughie Drake, Lawrence Dasch, George Dennis, Carl Frank, Lester Freedman, Ira Gammon, Richard Jacob, Billy Morris, Elmer Lee McNally, Don Murray, Donald Newell, Jack Norman, Kenneth Plant, Eugene Robinson, James Roley, Buford Witt, Ronald Winters, Richard Zeman, Pace RECRUITS Butler, W. M. Emerson, Windall Harris, H. C. Roberson, Olen CAPTAINS Adamson, Gordon Self, Ray latachedl FIRST LIEUTENANT Daniel, Gilbert SECOND LIEUTENANT McLean, Leslie FIRST STAFF SERGEANT Moore, Tommy TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Wilhite, James Pritchett, Cecil STAFF SERGEANTS McRight, Cecil Witt, Donald Abbott, Clyde Barnes, Walter Company D Ballard, Harrell Tankersley, Billy SERGEANT Wagliardo, Jasper CORPORALS West, George Moody, Bobby Barton, Reuben Pyle, Stanley Dunn, Freddie Mayo, Robert Somer, Joseph Matthews, Jack Young, Fred Slay, Bob PRIVATES Anderson, Frank Bartlett, James Biggs, H. L. Bridges, Harvey Crabtree, Eddie Cowling, Dewery Engelberg, Marvin Fraley, Tommy Gaston, Warren Gentry, Felton Hicks, Henry Hollon, J'mmy Hulse, Raymond Levy, Victor Lucky, J. F. Milton, Alvfs Miller, Billy Morse, Barney Packenius, Herbert Parker, Tommy Zaboinik, Jerome Sparks, James Singer, Paul Slaughter, J. T. RECRUITS Burris, Jimmy Contile, Gus Cummings, George Dawdy, Jackie Egerhart, Gideon Redman, Lee Roy Rogers, Billie Russell, Curtis Smith, Walter Sinclair, Wallace Thompson, James Weisfield, Danny Woolbright, Lester Yates, Marshall Lemons, Billy James, William .J J, f y ui,-rl! 1 f D CN , if .1 . l " '.. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Second Lt. Leslie Mclean, First Sgt. Tommy Moore, Captain Gordon Adamson, First Lt. Gilbert Daniel, Cap- tain Ray Self lattachedj. Second Row: TfSgt. Cecil Pritchett, Rct. Walter Smith, Cpl. Bob Slay, Pvt. Tommie Fraley, Rct. Billy Rogers, Pvt. Tommy Parker, Rct. .lames Thompson, Rct. Curtis Russell, Rct. Marshall Yates, sfsgf. Billy Tankursley, Cpl. Robert Mayo. Third Row: sfsgt. Harrell Ballard, Pvt. James Sparks, Cpl. Joseph Somer, Cpl. Freddie Dunn, Pvt. Billy Miller, Rct. Lee Roy Redman, Rct. Lester Woolbright, Rct. Gideon Eberhart, Rct. Wallace Sinclair, Rct. George Cummings. , s Af I Fourth R in: Pvt. Victor Levy, Pvt. Eddy Crabtree, Pvt. Ray- mon Hulse, Cpl. Stanley Pyle, Cpl. George West, Cpl. Jack Matthews, Pvt. James Bartlett, Rct. Jackie Dowdy, Rct. Gus Contello, sfsgf. Clyde Abbott, sfsgf. Cecil McRight. Fifth Row: Sgt. Jasper Wagliardo, Cpl. Reuben Barton, Pvt. H. L. Biggs, Pvt. Frank Anderson, Pvt. Drewery Cowling, Pvt. Marvin Engelberg, Rct. Billy Lemons, Rct. William James, Pvt. Jerome Zabonik, sfsgf. Walter Barnes. Sixth Row: Pvt. J. T. Slaughter, Rct. Barney Morris, Pvt. Arvis Melton, Pvt. J. F. Lucky. Seventh Row: sfsgf. Donald Witt. Page N inety-three Band 'if 1 A LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: First Lt. Herbert Hoover, Capt. Joe Epps, Second Lt. David Herman, Second Row: Pvt. Sigmund Altman, Cpl. Joe Cody, Cpl. Robert Wade, Pvt. Billy Clark, SfSgt. Jack Goldman, Pvt. Glenn Reid. Third Row: sfsgf. Norwin Ray, Pvt. Kenneth Chunn, Pvt. R . First Row: SfSgt. Cecil McRight, Capt. Jack McCoy, Second LEFT TO RIGHT . W, A Tate Milner, Pvt. Harold Joe Godwin, Sgt. Jerome A. Tobias, sfsgf. Stanley Z. Rubenstein, Pvt. Maury Soltes. Fourth Row: Cpl. David Claxton, Pvt. Marvin Blaclc, Sgt. John Lievsay, Pvt. Paul Jordon. NOT IN PICTURE First Sgt. Jerry Barshop, T!lSgt. Boyd Moore, T!lSgt. .lay Rudberg, Sgt. Charles Fostei,'RLw,Jerome Statman. Team .,, ...N 1 , 1 ' naw' Lt. James Little,A Capt. llfbvdce Barge, SfSgt. Sammy Cowan, SffSgt. Don Jani-eg. C44-t iii LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: sfsgr. Nathan Stovall, S.fSgt. Howard Burson, First Lt. Nodine Switt, Second Lt. Dois Ann Bateman, Capt. Elizabeth Bennett, Second Lt. Bonnie Goodman, First Sgt. Martha Jo Matthews, First Lt. G'lbert Daniel, T,fSgt. Jack Knott, First Sgt. Morris Steinberg. Second Row: Rct. Martha Ann Adamson, Rct. Altha Jo McLean, Rct. Jacqueline Burks, Rct. Idelle Engelberg, sfsgf. Joan Turner, Rct. Judy Wyll, SfSgt. Bobbie Jo Tatum, P.F.C. Frances Potts, Rct. Catherine Vines, SflSgt. Barbara Deloache, Cpl. Edna Earl Kinnamon, Rct. June Goldberg. Third Row: Rct. Margaret Farr, Rct. Maxine Simmons, Cpl. Evelyn Julian, TfSgt. Yvonne Rivers, Rct. Patsie Greene, Sgt. Florine Robison, P.F.C. Doris Stroud, Cpl. Dorothy Cleghorn, SfSgt. Lois Boone, Rct. Helen Dawdy, Rct. Nellie Maxwell, Rct. Shirley Robins. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: SflSgt. Nathan Stovall, sfsgf. Howard Burson, First Lt. Nodine Swift, TfSgt. Charlene Sondtord, Second Lt. Clara Belle Veal, Capt. Edythe Corder, First Lt. Alma Atwood, Second Lt. Bettye Jo Cawthon, First Lt. Gilbert aniel, Tf"Sgt. Jack Knott, First Sgt. Morris Steinberg. Second Row: sfsgf. Aileen Wilborn, Sgt. Helen Samford, Pvt. Loyce Collins, S,fSgt. Doris Johnson, Pvt. Frieda Ben- son, Cpl. Katherine Dismon, Cpl. Etta Jane Wallis, Pvt. Shirley Leventhol, Sgt, Selma Sagel, Cpl. Beverly Byers, S,fiSgt. Dorothy Angrist. Third Row: Pvt. Ruby Usry, sfsgf. Dorothy Carter, Sgt. LaVerne Albright, Sgt, Lois Anderson, Sgt, Juanita McSpadden, Sgt. Virginia Smith, Pvt. Rose Gruber, P.F.C. Rosalie Kovnat, Pvt. Eunice Richter, Pvt. Jettie Mae Rowe. Fourth Row: Sf'Sgt. Betty Lou Brown, S'Sgt. Earnestine Dennis, Sgt. Jeannene Bridges, sfsgf. Patsy Jean Davis, P.F.C. Sarah Kaplan, SfSgt. Els'e Parish, Sf'Sgt. Vivian Bennett, Sgt. Jeanette Bridges, Rct. Jonnie V. Harris, Rct. Virginia Cook, Rct. Nancy Knott, Rct. Valliere Lindley. Fifth Row: Rct. Martha Brown, Rct. Jenna Lee Cromer. Rct. Joy Welensky, Rct. Louise Poole, Rct. Lois Dell Hilton, Rct. Dorothy Barbazon, Rct. Frances Moran, Rct. Pauline Dillon, Rct. Betty Lou Nelson. Sixth Row: Rct. Margaret Moore, Rct. Wanda Barton, Rct. Mary Mahone, Rct. Pauline Satterwhite, Rct. Cecelia Rasanslmy, Rct. Zadie Ball. V PICTURE it P.F.C. Dorothy Cruse, P.F.C. Emma June Forston, Sgt. Helen Gamball, P.F.C. Norma Hassell, Pvt. Loretta Pickett, Sgt. Yvonne Smith. Fourth Row: Pvt. Freddie Jean Polvogt, Pvt. Raye Nell Plunlc, Pvt. Ora Mae Windham, sfsgt. Tommie Jo Grace, sfsgt. Jean Stewart, Sgt. Mary Lou Watkins, P.F.C. Eleanor Bushman, sfsgf. Jo Ann Rubenstein, Pvt. Betty Wallace, P.F.C. Frances Tulme, Pvt. Rae Rogers, Pvt. Cora Richardson. Fifth Row: Pvt. Maxine Watson, Pvt. Pearl Feldman, Sgt. Earldine Williams, Sgt. Barbara Lebel, Pvt, Dorothy Ahltinger, Sgt. Jane Keller, P.F.C. Gerry McGarity. Sixth Row: Pvt. Mary Alice Dowd, Pvt. Ella Nora Perigo, Pvt. Billie Joyce McCullough, Pvt. Wanda Lawson, Pvt. Margaret Jo Moore. ' NOT IN PICTURE Cpl. Myra Jean Hayes, S,Sgt. Rae Hattn-an, Sgt. Ed'th McCasIand. ' ' . L, 4 1 S Hurrah! Make another point for Green and White! Play the game harcl and well. Cheers are in order for Eugene Hixson and Bennie Morgan for winning special awards in the Oak Cliff Y.M.C.A. Tournament, and to Charles Tuttle for honorable mention. Sports fairs rc Quad M ikgfers Grab Thrzifer g 1-3 Mfg? ggzyz IG-am fl-':zn:rws.4+' 3 is I W - Finfsfxim than 6' 09 363532313 5TfiiLff'li W Fffefw LSU.-1 Swan! kffrffvafii sffaaf fx , mwffw ifieff Lfmsw iw 1-Ivvfw ul' 'hen zh Hiilifaxdm' 5.1. 'Q-L .z I- 5 . b 1 . wx, i , F A ' 1 ' gg, of " K . 1, LEFT T0 RIGHT -- ' l 1 i" if A Charles Conner, Joe Weise, Horace Barge, Paul Cruse, First Row: Jock Gentle, Gilbert Daniel, Earnest Donaberger, Kenneth Higginbotham, Dick Wood, Marvin Nielsen, Billy Patzig, Eugene Coppedge, Billy Phillips, Bernard Cohen, Gene Metcalf. Second Row: Joe Edwards, Bennie Morgan, lrving Adelstein, H. L. Pryor, Harold Zeitman, Jerry Doyle, Charles Tuttle, Robert Beasley, Robert Cruse, James'Camp. ,Ayr , ,' av .f",,ji. gf , First String Gridders Forest 13-North Dallas 14 The Forest Lions scored their first touch- downs of the season in the action-packed North Dallas-Forest game September 23. Little H. L. Pryor ran 19 yards for our first tally. Tuttle's try for extra point was no good. The Lions' second tally came when Jerry Doyle caught a 28-yard pass and ran for a touch- down. Sheats chalked up both tallies for the Bulldogs. Dickerson's toe chalked up both ex- tra point tries enabling North Dallas to gain the victory. Forest 0- Sunset 6 A last minute passing barrage enabled the Sunset Bisons to nip the Forest Lions, 6-0. Out- played for 46V2 minutes, the Bisons came through in the waning minutes of the game with a touchdown pass combination, Williams to Kallstom. The Lions threatened several times, but many Lion onslaughts were foiled by infraction of rules. The total yardage pen- alized stacked up to 115 yards. Fumbles were also costly to the Lions. Forest 34-Woodrow 14 The Forest Lions romped over the Woodrow Wilson Wildcats, 34-14, Saturday, October 14. A wild scoring spree in the third quarter ac- counted for the lopsided score. Two of the Przgf Niuely-eight Lion tallies were made by Harold Zeitman and one each by Jack Gentle, Gene Metcalf, and Charles Tuttle, who also booted four out of five extra points. A strong defense and a lightening offensive enabled the Lions to hold the Wildcats in check. The Green Wave was able to gain ground almost at random. Forest 12-Adamson 23 Although the Lions had many chances to score in the first half against the Leopards, they succeeded only once, with Harold Zeit- man doing the honors. Early in the third quar- ter an Adamson end blocked Charles Tuttle's punt behind the goal for an automatic safety. On a free kick by Charles Tuttle, Walter Mc- Callum raced 73 yards for the score. The Leopards chalked up two more tallies in rapid succession, while a pass from Charles Tuttle to Jerry Doyle netted the Lions' last score. Forest 0-Tech 12 The Forest Lions dropped the opening melee with the Tech Wolves, 12-O, September 14. Although Tech was outplayed, they managed to slip through for the two tallies. Seaman was the "spark plug" of the Wolves eleven. He galloped over the double stripe for two touchdowns. Harold Zeitman played a rough and tumble line-backing iob, while Charles Tuttle dominated the air offensive. - LEFT TOBRIGHT ":..Llf' f ' ' ' 'fyy "lv"f"'-"' First Row: Marvini Nielsen, Billy Rogers, .loefWeise, Doyle, Charles Tuttle, Jack Gentle, Robert Cruse, Harold Zeitman, Billy Patzig, Dick Wood, Bernard Cohen, Eu- gene Hixson. Second Row: Jerry Barshop, Julian Braddock, Billy Phillips, Earnest Donaberger, W. A. Cooley, John Simmons, Wylie Wordan, Bill Ed Perry, Robert Beasley, Horace Barge, H. L. Pryor, Eugene Coppedge, Kenneth Higginbotham. is ' i1'hir'8"'Row: Coach Keeling, Irving , elstein, Gilbert Daniel, Kenneth Williams, Joe Simms, Glenn Withrow, Glenwood Gillian, Charles Conner, Buford Railey, Guy Chaffin, James Camp, Tommy Moore, Coach Mattingly. Fourth Row-Joe Edwards, Bennie Morgan, Jimmy James, Joe Combs, Charles Masterson, Paul Cruse, Billy Jones, Harold Cortimilia, Glenn Sinclair, Elwood Morse, John Lievsay, Eddie H , Gene etcalf. Second and Third Strin Gr: ers Forest 24-Adamson 7 A wild scoring spree in the second half enabled the Forest Lions to turn back the Adamson Leopards, 24-7. The scoring for the Lions was paced by Harold Zeitman, who ac- counted for two of the four tallies. Charles Tuttle and Robert Cruse toted the pigskin to pay dirt once apiece. The Leopards' lone touchdown came in the 'First half when Edwin Harris plunged over from the one yard line. Forest 6-Woodrow 6 The Lions fought the Wildcats to a thrilling 6 to 6 tie. Hard luck was evidently against the Lions, as a pass from Tuttle to Gentle which was a touchdown pass, was called back because of an infraction of rules. The Lions scored again early in the second quarter on a pass to Metcalf in the end zone. Harold Zeitman failed to kick the extra point. Wood- Tow struck back wildly and scored on a long pass from Donald Watkins to Ray Robinson. Jimmy Vaughn's try for extra point was wide. Forest 6-Tech 7 The fans were really tense as the Lions dropped a thrilling 7 to 6 skirmish to Tech. Percy Penn set up the Wolves' score on a 60 yard gallop. George Seaman, Wolf power- house, plunged over two plays later. Guard Joe Browder's placement proved to be the deciding point. Forest came back on long passes by Charles Tuttle, who shot one to Gene Metcalf in the end zone. Tuttle's try for extra point fell short. Forest 0--Sunset 6 In a shortened but action-packed game the Sunset Bisons nipped the Forest Lions, 6 to O. A drizzling rain and a 36-minute actual play- ing time with only three minutes time out at the half checked the advance of both teams. The Bisons' score was made by Jim Kallstrom, who pretended to sweep his own left end and reversed his field and galloped 45 yards for the score. Joe Overbeck's try for the extra point was wide. Forest 21 -North Dallas 19 A scoring fray took place when the Forest Lions edged out the North Dallas Bulldogs, 21-19, both teams making three tallies. The Bulldogs drew first blood when Stephen Van Puhl scored on a pass from Ben Sheats. The Lions took the lead when Harold Zeitman plunged over from the two yard line, which was reached by a pass from Tuttle to Doyle. Tuttle's placement was good. That Tuttle to Doyle clicked again for a score. Again Tuttle kicked the points. H. L. Pryor and Zeitman set up our final score on runs. Zeitman made the score and also the placement. The Bull- dogs scored two more times before the game ended, but even with these the Canines fell short of the score needed to beat the Lions. Page Niucly-nine LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Jerry Doyle, Eugene Hixson, Bennie Morgan, Don Second Row: Marvin Nielsen, Eugene Coppedge, Joe Collins Millender, Charles Tuttle. Robert Beasley, William Reed. First Squad Cagers Forest January ll . Adamson Forest January l3 . . Woodrow Forest January l9 . . Technical Forest January 20 . . . Sunset Forest January 24 . North Dallas Forest February 2 . . Technical Forest February 3 . . . Sunset Forest February 8 . . Adamson Forest February lO . . Woodrow Forest February lo . North Dallas Second Squad Cagers LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Don Hanes, Edwin Schrieber, John Simmons, Second Row: Tom Jones, Bill Jones, Fred Fife, Billy Rogers, Irving Statrnan, Edward Hale. Julian Braddock. ii ,ui - , c,, .vii K ' I Q fi M.. . K fieffw V, U 'Y' 'a ,'. rf' ' 1 il trail! .sfifff ifilfiil ij img? K LEFT ro mem First ow: ene Pfu , harl os er, J Doyle, John Third Row: Bobby Ray Farrow, Johnny Swartz, Fred Tillery, Lievsay, Eddie Hale, Jo Collins, Don Hanes, Don Mil- Walter Barnes, Billy Horn, John Conner, Bill Blair, Jack lender, Ed Reed, James Camp, Bill Canipe. Nicodemus, John Simmons, Billy Rogers, Leroy Tasker, Second Row: Coach Alva Shepard, A. J. Marshall, Jessie Charles Tuttle, Bennie Morgan. Ray Collier, George Faucett, Marvin Hillis, Bobby Jones, Fourth Row: Tommie Fraley, Billy McCool, Carl Dennis, R. A. Hughes, George Vrla, Julian Braddock, Eddie Law- Gerald Levine, Joe Cody, Billy Murphy, John Moore, ton, Fred Rogers, R. K. Rasco, Eugene Hixson. Lawrence Drake. Diamond Men After defeating every high school team in Dallas twice and advancing to the state finals in the American Legion summer baseball schedule, the Lions were picked to top the city in Dis- trict 8AA play. Coach Alva Shepard moulded his '45 team around four lettermen, Jerry Doyle, Charles Tuttle, Bennie Morgan and Eugene Hixson, and squadmen from the American Legion race, Bobby Jones, Don Millender, Joe Collins, John Lievsay, Eddie Hale, and James Camp. Converted to a catcher from an infielder, Jerry Doyle worked like a veteran behind the plate in snagging those sharp curves off the arm of Charles Tuttle, all-city nominee. Charles had the batter looking twice for his blazing fast balls. The fellow who really covered the whole 90 feet between second and third was shortstop Bennie Morgan. Bennie was also a menace to the pitcher in the batter's box and on the base path. It was in the well when any batter flies out to left field where Eugene Hixson waited. Eugene is a speedy runner and topped the outfielders in the city. The pilot of the American Legion Team and the '45 squad was Alva Shepard. Before coaching in schools he was a professional player and umpire. The Lions blasted the season with a practice game with Highland Park, defeating them T5-2. Two days later they defeated the same club 9-2 and were well on their way to a victorious season. . Hurrah! Make another point for Green and White! Play the game hard and well! Cheers are in order for Eugene Hixson and Bennie Morgan for winning special awards in the Oak Cliff Y.M.C.A. Tournament, and to Charles Tuttle for honorable mention. Page One Hzarzflml One ' w .. "T J -5 ,. ,,.,.!w.f J! P .-J , , ,v ,I ff!! fp, Q.: .. . 1.1 LEFT TO RIGHT 1 - f " . -. 1 First Row: lrving Adelstein, Bobby Edwards, .lerry Barshop, Third Row: Leroy Collier, 'Donald Gossi . Horace Barge, Robert Beasley, Bill Jones, Stanley Green, Richard Baxtel, Frank Palmer, a I Perry, Charles Masterson, Gene Coppedge. Charles Cgnner, Bern ., Second Row: Walter Threadgill, Jimmy James, Joe Hall, Joe Fourth Raye' st " r n , Reese rtin, Leonard Kahn, Combs, Billy Phillips, Solie Freed, Victor Leocadi, Marvin con, Dan James, A. Cooley, Tommy, Nielsen. " e, Wynburn Berryman, Morris Steinberg. fl Fifth Row: Coach W. H. Keeling, Donald Smith, Harry Col- V :aw f lins, Maury Soltes, Ozzie Hansen, Eugene Howey, Bobby l f y gi ' Trent, Billy Clay, Bobby Clay, Coach V. H. Mattingly. M 9'3" ,gf f N WM u yi .X--1 ,Vg f ' Speedsters I f Robert Beasley scored eleven of the Lions' points in the second triangular meet. He placed first in the 220 and 100 yard dashes and was anchor man on the sprint relay team, which finished in a tie for first with Adamson. Eleven thinly clads were entered in the Fat Stock Show at Fort Worth, March 16 and 17. Although none of them qualified for the finals, those entered were: Bernard Cohen, shot put: Jack Gentle, high-jump: Horace Barge and Eugene Coppedge, pole vault, Charles Masterson, Bill Jones, and Victor Leo- cadi, 440 yard run: Robert Beasley, Bobby Edwards, and Joe Hill, 100 yard dash, and Bobby Edwards, Joe Hall, Jerry Barshop, and Robert Beasley, 440 yard relay. Joe Combs also ran in the football relay, Saturday, March 17. Page Ons' Hundred Two The Lions are expected to do much better this year than last year. Forest's track schedule of 1945 follows: March 8: Tech-Forest-North Dallas March 16-17: Fat Stock Show meet, Fort Worth. March 21: Forest-North Dallas-Adamson. March 28: Forest-Sunset-Adamson. April 3: Tech-Forest-Sunset.i April 12: City meet preliminaries Cafter- noonj. . April 13: City meet finals fnightj. April 21: Regional meet at S. M. U. May 3-4: State meet at Austin. LEFT TO RIGHT LEFT TO RIGHT Second Row: Solie Freed, J. Alan Boulton, Fred Fife, Irving Adelstein. Don Millender, Boyd Moore, L. B. Holmes First Row: Dorothy Hill, Margaret Keaton, Eunice Richter. Racketeers Irving Adelstein and Solie Freed, newcomers to the team, are making a very good showing as the boys' doubles . . . Fred Fife, playing boys' singles, won his first game from Tech . . . Margaret Keaton, girls' sin- gles, has made a good showing, although she lost her first game . . . Eunice Richter, coming from Overton, Texas, as a tennis veteran, teams up with Dorothy Hill, only returning player from last year's team, to form the girls' doubles. Linksmen Forest has only two returning golf veterans, Don Millinder and Boyd Moore, who with the aid of L. B. Holmes are trying to win the city championship. Coach Frank Lyons is relying on these boys to keep Forest in running. Last year the Lions finished up the season in fourth place, chalking up a total of 23V2 points in the city series race. Cheer Leaders, ff LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Elaine Sladek, Novella Brisendine, Virginia Wim- Second Row: Richard Lee Farr, Billy Swango, Gene Pflug. bish. Puge One Humlrefl Three Left to Right: Margaret Moore, Wilma Sanders, Peggy Laman. Girls Physical Education Posture is one of the most important P. E. activities. Girls are chosen from each class and entered in the final con- test. Placing first, second, and third are Wilma Sanders, Peggy Laman, and Mar- garet Moore, respectively. Some of the games played for relax- ation and body building are baseball, volley ball, basketball, and tenicoit. In the Junior-Senior class, one day a week is set side for learning traffic rules and the fundamentals of driving an automobile. A. ' Posture Winners L f V -Ev Q as tl N as is 'W' B k J y A 4 is A --rs trilunrw-.ff LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Margaret Jo Moore, Wilma Sanders, Peggy Fifth Row: Elaine Saldek, Peggy Stephenson, Delores Bil- Laman. Second Row: Ruth Silvergold, Evelyn Schepps, Joyce Meyers, Gloria Rollins, Jeannette Bridges. Third Row: Eva Mae Shipp, Doris Barrish, Patsy Seguin, Jeannie Macoluso, Billy Creasey, Christine Knowles, Clara Bell Veal. Fourth Row: Mary Alice Anderson, Martha Howell, June Goldberg, Patsy Moore, Myrtle Thompson, Mary Jane Joyner, Patsy Green, Wanda Orrill, Lou Yarborough, Frances Potts. lda lingsley, Minnie Struckmeyer, Joyce Wylie, Betty Simms, Cora Richardson, Emma Wilburn, Bobbie Haley, Betty Jo Northcutt. NOT IN PICTURE Armbruster, Carter Jean Byrd, Juanita Driver, Wanda Reckley, Ouida Plunk, Katherine Powell, Wanda Wade, Margaret Avila, Georgia Delll, Marceline Hipwell, Wauscel La Rue, June Brooks, Beatrice Rorbes, Lois Dell Hilton, Wanda Kitson, Vesta Lory, Dorothy Angrist, Pearl Bond, Doris Johnson, Billie Morris, Lula Mae Baker, Mary Elizabeth Adams, Joan Burch, Dorothy Hill. Margaret Jo Moore fthird placel, Vlilma Sanders Cfirst placel, Peggy Laman Csecond placej. Tenicoit LEFT TO RIGHT Fifth Row: Elaine Sladek, Peggy Etephenson, Jeanie Ma- First Row: Norma Elliott, Betty James. caluso, Eva Mae Shipp, Betty Jo Northcutt, Mary Alice Second Row: Lilly Mae Daniel, Mary Alice Dowd, Cora Rich- Anderson, Geraldine Page, Gwendolyn Hulme, Cherie ardson. Freeman, Peggy Petty, Martha Diffee. Third Row: Joyce Wylie, Doris Prince, Rose Mary Merritt, NOT IN PICTURE Christine Hewitt, Margaret Avila, captain, Betty Plunlc, captain, Mary Frank Fourth Row: Myrtle Thompson, Peggy Browne, Dorothy Nell Hendershot, Shirley Stephenson, Joan Kreiter, Peggy Dossett, Edna Willeford. Hargrove, Thelma Adams, Johnny Faye Taylor. LEFT TO RIGHT Fifth Row: Elizabeth McKenzie, Fayrene Moulton, Katherine , , Hastings, Mary Ann Buckovan, Rose Gruber. Flu' Row' Evelyn lynn' Com Rlchordson' Sixth Row: Ruby Jean Young, Helen Bush, Loree Wither- Second Row: Marion Johnson, Mary Alice Anderson, Annie Spoon, Gemldgne page, Edna Wmefordy Rose MQW Me,, Stephenson. ritt, Anna Oesch, Bobbie Nell Morrison, Bettye Burgess. Third Row: Nelda Jo Westmoreland, Peggy Petty, Barbara NOT IN PICTURE Lebel. Margaret Avila, captain, Ernestine Barker, captain, Melba Fourth Row: Joyce Davis, Elaine Sladek, Josephine Rener. l'l0WOfd, C0PlGln: Anne Gene Glenn, D0TlS R0b9VlS- z' rw. '-mw,f.,'wm1w-,,.1,u V. 1 ' 4-W.w,Mwwaf.mmem,- new-, f-wMwfe,,,.,.W,' M35-e riff -Afoceifff L1 A476 , jgizzwb QZJZMJ 17, ,fue fe-of 1 X J fl-22 X x , N Poris and Cruse Win Contest-This was the headline bcnnnered in the Echo. And here cure your Forester Fovorites, your Calendar ond Cartoons, cmd your Snap- shots. Features rife Mrs, W, 1.5 Rm! pm-dvd Engiiak 8 Maw sxas. xzudyjzzg myrhvlvgyz XBGPQ was s disiirwi nw-:Irie iff thunder. Hiupiserk imrhng a tlurndhfbnlt at' ,pw swnffpnw' Said My mn Zihwim mama 3115 Just than name a louder wick kmgw he "He Mi him!" exfflaifercd B Right. Xnlils ef " A Thea: iq hreq , Aftvr Mr had MLW :hw-11 is un maswers be aa mam vgezrqiwrzs nmlwed by Mr. Whixiu av he rm-zlxi by u5mf2rw1t?wzA y ,.N,.f-V-,,,,N---V , Siesta! Sf uma' Effe V By Ju ' V cfs Sami prim' to Eagiixk Ulvlaa Q 0111: wfwmiiv :umm-:ing M I7. ilimidwk vs mn 5511! era H' if JMR mm amd imzrgx- I Qadsoozz our I zwgxhvwa am! fear faifbeg as , Fmzvml wemxwe new he! nr sm My Mc- sicana, Rfk-was wmfw-aw Um A weak mace oh The sm! Dlzfxffn vs ,HM Forester Favorites if ffl! :ffl J X f J ,lr , , MX' J Lflzarlzfs Zfuftlc Nmfella Krisendine .149 aussi., jlftariaaaa Gillespie flaiaa Slaack Dan ,Milleader ja: Spas Elected by Popular Vote of Student Body Left to right: Gas shortage affects Betty McNally, Margie McKay, Fayrene Moulton, Lois Nelson . . . Vaun Corbet, Charles Waller and Bobby Jackson . . .Morris Steinberg, Robert Smith, and Gordon Adamson in Mineral Wells . . . Tight squeeze for Betty Cawthorne and Edythe Corder . . . Line forms to right for Ruth Silvergold . . . Bringing up Don McNally . . . Miss Segrist waiting for a street car . . . Betty Hodges with ex-Forester Donald Higgs . . . Co-eds Mary Alice Anderson, Frances Walker, and Bobbie Morrison . . . Thurman Ray, Forest's lturbi . . . Don Millender and Marvin Nielsen taking time off . . . Nice catch, Harold . . . A merry trio: Fred Korngut, Shirley Leventhal and Evelyn Somer . . . Wanda Lawson can't tind a better place to study. I' A Om' Hzzfmlvriz' Tm 0 , NX? wrt 'S wltudaxiuls Azwsweazgi W W? Left to right: Gloria Patterson has a million-dollar smile . . . Norwin Ray showing us his favorite pastimes . . . Bobby and Jerry Miller-ex-Foresters and brothers of Doris Miller. . . Mr. Whittlesey and Mr. Alison working overtime at Dal Hi . . . Which way did he go, Elizabeth Phillips? . . . Notice Rose Gruber's cabaret shoes . . . Miss Harrington getting a suntan . . . Patty Kincaid, Juanita Embry, Rosanne Fletchner enjoying a basketball game . . . At ease, Sergeant . . . Joe Leberta, Annual cartoonist . . , Joan Turner, Jeanine Jameson, and Dorothy Clegborn are flying high . . . Betty Burgess listening for the 4:00 bell . . . Rae Hoffman holding two "dolls" . . . Ray Self, Bobby Jackson, Donald AI'rinQtOI1 Serving duty at Camp Dallas. Pugr Um Hzlmzlrrll Elm Campus Diary September ll-Back to school, full of pep and ready to get p started with enrolling. 'wifi September 15-Settling down didn't take long, and that pep K 52, rally helped us to get into full swing. gpg September 22-A real Southern welcome was given our new A cipal and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Whittlesey, at A the reception given in their honor. The reception was i' ' followed by the first Dad's Club Dance of the season. September 25-Order in the court!...Forest traffic represent- atives were appointed today. September 26-Thrift...let's win that cup by banking every Tuesday morning in counseling. September 27-Jack Gentle and Robert Cruse were elected co-captains of the Lion Eleven. September 29-Congratulations to Lorraine Altenau for winning the declamation contest held in assembly. We won!!! The Leopards bowed to us, 24-7. October 4-Extra! Extra! The first edition of October 6-Twice in a row!! The Lions won a 24-7 victory over the Adamson Leopards. October 12-Does your food taste different now? Student Council that boys and girls would gether in the lunchroom. October 14-Our third win of the season. We beat Woodrow 54-6. October 17-Pay early and be one of the first to get your N'44-'45 Forestern...collections started today. October 18-Bargain! Six editions for just a quarter. The Echo went on subscription basis today. October 20-She's doing her part. Mrs. Eugenia Nowlin, former art instructor, left to go overseas with the Red Cross. October 25-n0h! Ouchln were the cries heard coming from lOl today. The 2B's and 2A's were given the tuberculin test. October 27-Well, what have we here? The fleet's in! Entertainment was furnished by the Dallas Naval Air Station Band in celebration of Navy Day. the Forest Echo came out It was decided by the be allowed to sit to- October 28-Maybe we'll have better luck next time! Adamson beat, 26-12. October 51-All Foresters have suddenly become spooky. Could it be be- it's Hallowe'en? cause November l-The girls must have their chance too. The Sadie Hawkins was held in the Gym. Dance Col. Charles Bond spoke on Russia at the Armistice Day Assembly. November 2-Gee, but the halls seem empty. I guess we miss Miss Foote, now that she's in Austin attending a Conference of Deans. November 3-Tough luck...Tech. took the game with a one point win, 7-6. prin November 4-Come one, come all. Forest acted as host of the NSwinging 7,n a teen-age canteen, at the Y. W. C. A. this evening. November ll-Forest led the annual Armistice Day parade. We tied Wodrow 6-6 at Dal-Hi tonight. November 16-The P. T. A. dedicated the yearbook to the new principal, Mr. James T. Whittlesey. Page Om' IfIHIt1'l'A'1f 'I'1wlzr Campus Diary November 18-Umbrellas and galoshes were evident at the last Sunset- Forest football game. They beat us again, 6-0. r November 21-Why can't we have these more often? The P. T. A. brought us a movie today, 'Turnabout.n November 21-22-nOpen wider. Now that didn't hurt much, did it?' asked the leering dentist as he looked into the face of the toothless Junior. Dental examinations were given the Juniors. November 22-It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the annual play by the Public Speaking Department. November 23-We did it! We beat North Dallas, 21-19. November 25-24-Yum, yum! Isn't that turkey delicious? It's those Thanksgiving holidays. November 27-Who says this is a man's world? The Girl's Public Speak- ing Club had Wacs, Waves, Spars, and Women Marines as the guest speakers at their assembly. Didn't they look smart in their uniforms? December 1-Have you been wondering who that cute little football player is? Well, now you know. On the assembly today Mr. Keeling and Mr. Mattingly introduced the first and second football strings. December 4-The Spanish Department gave their annual assembly. Luis Perez Abreu, the Mexican consul, was the guest ,C speaker. A skit, "Una Fiesta Mexicana," was presented, 'uv' in which Mr. Whittlesey sang 'Ay, Ay, Ay.n We didn't , EE .Aw know that we had such a talented principal. i December 13-The new members of the National Honor Society X were initiated today. As always, the ceremony was very ' beautiful. Miss Edna Rowe, former senior counselor, JV addressed the new members and the student body. WWMWHAWM The Cub edition of the Echo came outetoday, too. December 15-The Music Department created an air of Christmas spirit with their beautiful program of Christmas music. At 3 o'clock the holidays began for the Lions. That evening the Dad's Club gave a variety show to raise funds for a Memorial Hall. December 26-We lost a wonderful teacher and friend today when Miss Bertha Jackson passed away, after six months' illness. January l-New Year's Day finds game between T. C. U. and January 2-Back to school, with January 8-Senior Day, with the the military boys ushering at the football Oklahoma A. A M. in the Cotton Bowl. resolutions to start the New Year right. Seniors taking over the assembly and the teachers' classes. It won't be long now, Seniors! ' January 13-The Seniors presented their hilarious comedy, 'Oh Promise Mel' January 17-The senior edition of the Echo announced that Lila Paris and Robert Cruse had been elected nl945 Echo Sweethearts.' Peggy Packenius and Harold Zeitman took second honors. January 18-More milk! How about another piece of pie? The Dad's Club undertook the enormous task of feeding all the Forest athletes tonight at a banquet. January 19-Chin in, chest out...that's Wilma 1945. January 20-That long anticipated Senior Prom Kizer was crowned Queen of the Prom and was attended by eight duchesses: Peggy Sanders, Posture Queen for has come at last. Margaret Leon Bolin, King. The Queen Packenius, Mariana Gillespie, Pugr' Om' Hiwzlwd Tbirfren Campus Diary Wilma Sanders, Joan Stone, Dorothy Gillett, Jacqueline Burks, Doris Kirksey, and Peggy Brooks. January 21-The Seniors held their Baccalaureate services at the Forest Avenue Baptist Church. January 22-24-nOh, why was I ever bornl' Lions could be heard exclaim- ing. Only exams. could bring on such a drastic question as that. January 25-That great day finally rolled around-Graduation. January 29-Enrollment, with everyone enrolling in his counseling class. January 51-It's back to work again for the Lions. February 2-Come on, chillung let's dance. The January '45 6556 graduating class presented the school with a juke box. egigg February 12-Dallas suffered a great loss when L. V. Stockard, A5 gg assistant superintendent of schools, passed away. hfQg V Forest was presented a trophy for winning the Oak Cliff ' ' Y. M. C. A. invitational basketball tournament. Each member of the team received a gold basketball. the High Scholarship Club Assembly nineteen pupils received Linz Pins. Lieutenant Colonel Charles William Boedecker, a former Forest student, spoke on his experiences while overseas. February 15-Novella Brisendine and Charles Tuttle were chosen the 1945 Forester Favorites. Mariana Gillespie and Joe Epps were runners-up, with Don Millender and Elaine Sladek com- ing for third place. February 16-Oh, swoon! It's Bing Crosby and Roy Rogers in nRhythm on The Range,n brought to school by the P. T. A. February 13-At 4 March 1-In the evening the Crazy Gang performed in the auditorium under the sponsorship of the Dad's Club. March 2-In observance of Texas Week, the Texas History Club presented Colonel Thomas K. McElroy as guest speaker at the assembly. J March 4-6-These Lions can defend themselves! The Lion boxers F won three first places in the Oak Cliff Y. M. C.. A. cfwvwa I an t ournament . 'vw' 2mMarch '7-The latest fashion...letter jackets. They xv Q A " were awarded to nineteen Lions for 1944 football. - N ew March 22-The Forest tennis team played its first match against Tech. The 4B Matinee Dance was held in the Gym. March 27-The sixteenth All Spanish Program was given in the auditorium after school by the Spanish Department. March 28-The Echo gave a Matinee Dance to raise funds for sending Echoes to the ex-Foresters who are in United States Services. March 29-Grab your partner and promenade! All the Sophomores entered into a square dance at the Sophomore Class Party held at Washington Hall. March 51-The Juvenile Traffic Court held an official jury trial with Colleen Orrill, associate judge, and Leon Bolin acting as jurors from Forest. Page Our' Huudrrzl Fourlcm Campus Dicary April 2-Some of the students in the Boys' H. E. Class, when 9 making pies, just couldn't imagine why their egg whites wouldn't beat stiff. Could it have been that some of' the I yolk was mixed with the whites? Boys, you'd better leave the cooking to the girls! ' April 5-Making a clean sweep of all four tennis matches against Adamson, Forest ended the city series on the Lion Court. April 6-Twenty-two Forest co-eds modeled in a style show sponsored by a national pattern company. April 7-Four Lions, Robert Beasley, Irving Adelstein, ,,,-ggy1A- Joe Hall, and Bobby Edwards represented Forest at the Track Meet in Austin. hytmm Zig, April ll-David Herman represented Forest in the city " nReady Writersn contest, winning first place. April 12-The whole world mourned the death of our beloved President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Eight Foresters competed in the national League of Nations contest. April 13-An assembly was held in memory of the late President Roosevelt. April 16-The Spanish Department presented a colorful assembly in cele- bration of Pan American Day, which is April 14. Three cheers for the baseball boys! They were presented with a trophy for winning the Fifth District baseball tournament. April 17-A dance was held in the Gym.: the price of admission, one article of old clothing, to be sent to Europe. April 18-Our baseball boys won a 3-2 victory over Sunset. April 19-Another movie-this time uMark of Zorro,n presented by the 4A Class. - April 20-Dr. Herbert Gambrell spoke on the significance of San Jacinto at the assembly given by the Dallas Historical Society. May 4-We were rolling in the aisles! The Seniors presented their class play, nToo Many Relatives.u , May ll-Just look at all the brass! The annual Military Ball was held, with Ted Parrino and his Orchestra providing the music. May 14-The Seniors are all smiles, and why not? It's Senior Day! May 27-Baccalaureate services were held for the Seniors. May 1 30-Can it be true? Yes, the day the Seniors have dreamed of for four long years-Graduation! 11 ' . I J xx Ilhl arf' i f ,ig 5 ' 1 I QQ i G ,A X F Www" N K, Aff U ' XX MU V warms vu' wsxuns ,anal-l:IrLn X, X 12- iw A num nnmq ...ov sw-nw num K , Pagn' fjlli' Hllmlrrrf Fiflvcn all X L S J Autographs 1' .J , I J if fQ f ' KX lb "vl..,f . ' A ,. f' X Y I w if V fi iid pl. 440-0fi?wf1f, ,M f, 1 , i J f M I 1 N X, V , .1 ! -u n Q Q mf f . r', J Kp S A KJ JB 'F Ny D79 XI J 'Q-it ,N yi' 5' M, ', 2 fi4 ! 3 bca 5 I K fgfyiv C3 ,W QE. Q f '1 ,, ,-- -125 i!.?Jj w K '57 X- . N , N" is K -J T .' V x :fx ' ui X 'V "Q V3 'N ' R f' Q -S3222 af' 2 , 5- Xx 9 N , qffyff I Yww , f :Z ,il Y K' J' S X :R ff Q JT V 1' Pr. 'Q' F ' f' .j 2 .ki X I 9 5, -1 ' V A -E X .. X5'UJ gm!! 13,,:a,V LF if W 1' , 'A -.". 1 Xw4n,,.L.4 M 4 Vjyjjwtf 1 4 4, ' r ' W 1 1 . QQDY' 3 k J FF? 1.. f'f'gs1'f"3v3f iL M A . 1 K ,' F - R . 79 -. I , J f ki 53' 1 . Aff A Q? ' ff KJV I i 7 ' I I fy!! gy! J X ., R A g 4 Ar-V' lx, f I R 4, ' fl xxwgfff? ,ft ffl '77 . ,I ,-"rj" ' Y lx' -' ,. " Jiff! ' .ff f' 1 fi V '1 PgO H ddS'tn : ,E5:s5' :vs: :.:52s55I'?i' .f.lii52:5E5 fit: w.: : sg, .,,,, ,:,,,,, Iiif-Q" ':EQEf?f:fE5Ef: :.:.:.:.:.,:,:.sE5f-iii :5fEE2".-.. : E25-E2S'E2E1ffEf:'E E-E151 332' Q -ffEfE5E5E5I5ff1E1515'III:fiEiE',:2E2I-:-ri. 12215252 . V:-:-'-.-:-:-1V:-:-:-74Z'1-:::-Z-I-I-f- :-I-3-1-1-:-:-3-:-3 .g.g.g-3.5 .gqq .1 .3 :-:-:::-:'-:-:-:-:-.':-:-:-:-:-:-:.VV:-Li: ' 55I5E 3555E5E55555'jf5E,EgEg::E:'gfg1rE 251 'f'f3ff:fiii igi 5555555 ijazgssiI,'E2E1E15:53E5555555:G2E5E5EjE,12E55'E2E1:5i'E'E5I5:g5gE5EgEgE::3 1:1-:f:3:3: :iii 'I-2-2-913: 3:-:ffI':3:3:i:f:5:5:'.7:-:3:-'f'-.-." 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'- :- Our Advertisers The publication of the T945 FORESTER has been made possible through the coopera- tion of the following friends. Let us show our appreciation by patronizing them when- ever possible. Acacia Insurance Co. Forest Avenue Furniture Co. American Beauty Cover Franklin's Company Ben Morris Jewelry Co. Bennett, Harry Berk, Dr. Wm. R. Bifano's Furs Blaine's Bakery Brilling Insurance Brisendine Market Caudle Engraving Cline Music Company Cohen Candy Company Colonial Cleaners Colonial Pharmacy Colonial Plumbing Co. Colonial Radio Lab. Dallas Bakery Dallas Uniform Cap Co. Denison Studio Dossett's Dry Cleaning Draughon's Business College Dunn, Leon and Freddie Friedman, Dr. M. L. G 8. G Florists Grace's Pine Street Pharmacy Gray's Diamond Shop Gray's Radio Shop Hiegert, Florist Home Furniture Company Interstate Circuit Johnson's Hamburger Stand Kingsbury's Lone Star Coffee Company Louise's Record Shop Margo's Shoe Store Marrietta, Dr. M. T. Mario's Cafe Metropolitan Business College Model Tailors Milliner's Supply Murray Investment Co. Earl's Magazine Exchange McGuire Cleaning E. M. Kahn 81 Company Forest Avenue Cleaners Nelms Candy Company O. L. Sutphen Furniture Co. Parker, Earl R. PauI's Shoes Philips Hardware Store Pierce Shoe Shop Pine Street Pharmacy Ray's Drug Store Ray Jewelers Ravkinds Cleaners Ring 81 Brewer Rutherford Business School Sam Dysterbach Co. Schepps and Sablosky, Insurance S. L. Ewing Company Shuttle's Jewelers Sordelet Cleaners 81 Hatters South Dallas Bank 8. Trust Company South Dallas Battery Service Southwestern Engraving Company Store Without A Name Susman, William Typewriter Service Co. Whittle Music Company Wilkinson Printing Co. Pugf' Om' Humlrml St'l'?71fI' 'We U umm a. cu Eudindfi 'E Dallas' oldvst I 5 If P fq 1 y Forvmosf in Dallas Since 1887 l f cl ll f ur graduates uh b ll HII Th y g I I1 p P f p p H bl d p P1 Y PHONE C 3 MAIN AND ELM AT LAMAR 9 R. Q. T. C. REGULATICDN UNIECDRMS EOR TI-IE CADET AND CADET OEEICER RING Sz BREWER "TI-IE EINEST IN MILITARY AND SPORTSWEARH I803 EIm Street R-6206 PIERCE SHOE SHOP 2743 Grand Expert Shoe Re pairing' MCGUIRE CLEANING, DYEING, I AND LAUNDRY CO., INC. Phone H-2135 2100 So. Ervay St CLINE MUSIC COMPANY, Inc. Everything for the Band and Orchestra GUARANTEED REPAIR WORK 1409 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas Durward j. Cline, Presidwii Phone C-1948 WILLIAM SUSMAN All Kinds of Insurance Great National Life Building C-2772 We have all previous negatives on file DENISON STUDIO 1102 M Elrn Compliments of FOREST AVENUE CLEANERS A Compliments of DALLAS BAKERY 1720 South Harwood H- 6 3 69 U S EVERYTHING MUSICAL E EARL,S MAGAZINE EXCHANGE EARL cooTEs, mp. School Supplies 1917 Second Ave. Dallas Compliments Acacia Mutual Life Insurance Co. Home Office Washington, D. C. Dallas Branch: 1221 Republic Bank Bldg. Phone C-S595 ELMER ADAMS, Branrb Mgr. O.-L. SUTPHEN FURNITURE Co. New and ,Used Furniture CASH OR TERMS 2109 Second Ave. Phone H-0328 NELMS WHOLESALE Candy, Cigars, Cigarettes, Coizfections 1705 Forest Ave. Tel. H-5175 Tel. H-S176 TYPEWRITER SERVICE COMPANY Adding Maelaines-Typewriters C asia Registers-Rentals-Su p pl ies X, LOUISE'S RECORD SHOP New Popular Records A. 1913 C0mmCfCC Sf- 3111 Oakland Phone H-3582 D. L. KEENEY, JR. Tel. R--1464 COLONIAL PLUMBING CO. WILLIAM C. HIEGERT H-4681 Florist 1718 Forest Avemlle FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS New and Used Water Heaters 2718 Forest Avenue Phone H-7133 Page Om' Humlred Twenty PATRONIZE THE MODEL TAI LDIQS 23 O8 Elm Street R-6057 Telephone C-4766 ABE I. BEILLING Insurance OF EVERY DESCRIPTION "Absolutely Personal Service" 1402 Repubilc Bank Building Dallas FRANK SEGELL'S Colonial Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION EXPERTS Phone H- 5141 1644 Forest Compliments of Sehepps - Sablosky Insurance R ll T H E R F 0 R D Business ootusez Complete and Review Courses Office Machines a Specialty "Better Trained Graduates" Commerce at Field C-4538 Compliments of BEN UTAY First Captain Forest Avenue High Football Team . . . 1917 BIII HIUHRIS JEIUEIRU 00. 1924-A Elm Street R WHEN LOOKING FOR L ' FURNITURE Attorney at Law SEE Ofiice R-4692 Res. M-6615 221 Texas Bank Building DALLAS, TEXAS Home Furniture Co. 2301 ELM AT PRESTON R-3137 O H la'T 131' 6 0 F G R G n T E H '::5lE ray' D' Hmmm 5309 DIAMONDS wATcl-:Es JEWELRY "" I SILVERWARE LUGGAGE ESV Q 4 AGGGG Wai W 'gmlf 0 GG GfG 4 1+ if 'k 1936 ELM STREET AT G GG A GG' GL G iG G lA Compliments of Murray Investment Company South Dallas Bank ci Trust Co. Forest at Colonial Metropolitan Banking Service with Suburban Conveniffnces Member of F cl ral D posi I C P DAI I AS BIGGEST AND BUSIEST LIT FII' STORE I ' 1 FRITIOUS FOR TGES' SMIRT MENS WGTIR - 113 North Ervay Street Between Main and Elm Streets oPEN LATE EVFNINGS DO S S E T T 'S DRY CLEANERS 1622 Forset Ave. Phone H-0310 Dallas, Texas Forex! Sfzfdenfs Welcorrrze BUY WAR BONDS Compliments of COI-IEN CANDY COMPANY Wholesale Distributors BUNTE WORLDS FAMOUS CANDY P g O IIllll11Vt'L1Tll't'?Ifv tl Compliments of PAUL'S SHOES, INC. DALLAS 1600 ELM o DIAMONDS A WATCHES - SILVER - JEWELRY - TROPHIES GRADUATION RINGS . Complimelzfs of Southland Life Bldg. Next to Baker Hotel I JEWELERS Forty-eigloz' Years in Dallas o Cofmplimenfs of FRAI KLI ' 1610 Elm Street I Phone R-5378-9 COMPLETE WARDROBE "From Crib lo Collvgen The Largest Selection in Town at Sensational Low Prices INFANTS' SIZES: 0 to 9 Months WOMEN'S SIZES: 18M to 24Mp 38 to 52 CHILDREN'S SIZES: 'I to I6 MISSES' SIZES: 9 to 20 S' In sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past twenty-two years. Amerlcan Beauty Cover Co. 2002-8 North Field Street Tloe Cover on This Boole Was Proclueed in Tlois Plant P O Hn mlrezl 'T'll!I'I1fj'-f0lH' LAIQGEI T IN IDALL I Streamlined courses, individual advancement, urgent demand for grad- uates, select student body, prestige with employers, and national reputa- tion, attract more students to DRAUGI-ION,S than to all similar schools in Dallas combined. Prompt placement in preferred positions. DRAUGHONS BUSINESS CGLLEGE Commerce and Harwood Telephone R-3133 S. L. EWING COMPANY J. T. BOYCE Typewriters..Adding Machines..Supplies 'In Dallas Sinn' 1902 1919 Main Street C-5401 o BRI ENDINE MARKET Harwood-9032 WE ADVERTISE QUALITY AND WE HAVE IT South Dallas' Fancy Food Market P g O c Huna'n'a' T lg fi l l The White-Dalsee-Forest and Fair Theatres . . . extend to the Graduating Class of May, 1945, and January, 1946, their congratulations and best wishes in starting out on life's highway. These neighborhood theatres are sure that these young men and women are well equipped to take their places in the future life of our splendid city. Always remember that these theatres are a part of your neighbor- hood and are conducted in your interest with clean and wholesome A entertainment. Interstate Circuit, Inc. 9 fl , L Q I 9 I' f Q i f fufxp ,f Vp . V if fy Q . . s. , fi f if .5 'ii if V' 9 .x ia 1 . ggi . , , f . , ' -H r k if X ' 1 5 Q , f l This Annual Printed by I - mf 'rf e L I IIIUII Illllq DME-dll DEVUmEAVW 14717 wooo STREET ' F - , 4' if Q 5 . Z, , ie. " i Q E 5, 5 V. , t Q, 5, ,. , 3' if Q N I' . K W A 2 One Ilumlrfd Turrrfy-six ongra1fu!alz'ons! YO the 1945 Graduates of Forest Ave, High School EAU DL ENGIQAVING STEEL AND CEIPPER PLATE ENE-IRAVERS CIDMDAN 1 K Manufacturers of WEDDING INVITATIONS COMMENCEMENT INYITATIONS FINE BUSINESS STATIONERY AND GREETING CARDS We sincerely thank you for the privilege of supplying the commence- ment invitations and cards for both January and May Classes of 1945. Visit Us in Our New Ojice and Factory 2107 McKinney DALLAS Avenue Page Om' Humlrrzl Tuwzly-sv1'rr1 Ilzzlizfifi Each year finds an even greater effort on the part of both the Forester Staff and our organization to keep up the high standard of the FOR- ESTER Masterpieces. We appreci- ate the journey through the years with your publication personnel and School officials. SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING Co OF DALLAS 2100 lcrckson Street Phone Riverside 2158 DALLAS. TEXAS I I I :Qf L Iv 'm,. M Q, X' f .. "CA ,xwff W V? gi . f Mfwffw' ff ,4 ,f ,Wfxf-1 . ,.. I E3 is MQ, iff ,791 JW A .xiii Q C W X-RS 'V if Mfwwjjgawf fx www ES M W MLW QC? 'X CQ:-1 kwgfwgalfw ' .ff Mr WA my

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