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e Q E a i E Q 3 I 2 5 4 1 1 i 3 l Q The 1944 ?vreA ter FRANCES HARDIN Editor-in-Chief BOBBYE CROW Managing Editor MILBU RN GARONZI K Business Manager ARTHUR ASCHN ER Advertising Manager jim jnfzaaiafz, 1944 Pa6liAlned by ?vreAt Nzlenue High Sched ballad, Texzw ,.., . 1 ....:..,,,, , i sxfwg, J gag- .,,5:'g- . . 5, .,51.:. .- l ,a, 'f' : ,-- L 'j-Like" - LW, 5. g we ff vrewvrd A sustained yield of the highest potentialities of each individual is the objective ot the school of today, which seeks the development ot a genera- tion of "whole men and women." The Forester Staff has set forth as the theme of the 1944 yearbook this idea of education for a sustained yield and has purposed to record in this volume what is being done at Forest toward the evolution of a future nation of well-rounded citizens. Con ten M GUIDANCE SPECIALIZATI PREPAREDNESS COORDINATI COOPERATION bedicativn We remember with love your boyish presence here, and we glory in your proved manliness after you left us. As a testimony of our solemn pledge to you that your sacri- fices will not have been in vain, we dedicate this volume of the Forester to you of our boys who have given so much that the Kingdom of Heaven on earth may be a little nearer at hand: KILLED IN ACTION Roy Akin James A. Bird William Conner Jack Ballas Albert Dee Buford Richard Marion Coope Arthur Berwald Clyde Burgess James lSaml Danner Page Six l+ Jimmy Duncan Solon Ellis Edward L. Finneburgh James Hamill Lonnie Hartson Charles Jannasch Carl B. Johnson Leander King Richard Kemmerle Clyde Apple Leon Avnet James Babb Paul Bassinger George Little George Littlepage Mike Malloy Bill McNally Jack Miller James Roberts Norbert Schnieder Raymond Snoga Charles Snyder MISSING IN ACTION Anson Cox Frank Evans Sam T. Gillespie lsadore Gruber Frank Stacks Dudley Steel Robert Thomason Tyra Thornell Albert Weinberg David Weinstein William Whitaker Denman Winsor Harris Shelton Jack M. Henry William Huddleston Glenn Rice Eugene Stanley Page Seven The teachers have the greatest responsibilities. Having the guidance of the new generation during its most im- pressionable years, they must give it the information which will enable it to hold on to the best of the past and construct a better future.-Henry A. Wallace. IDANCE Uar Frincqzal WYLIE A. PARKER, B.A., M.A. dn 14-I Citi en Sincerely faithful to state, country and school, Wylie A. Parker, principal of Forest, is an A-1 citizen in all respects. The author of the proclamation which the state legislature adopted in 1931, setting aside the week in which Texas Independence Day falls as Texas Week, Mr. Parker is true to Texas democracy and Texas ideals. Establishing the Texas Memorial Library, which is now one of the largest and finest school collections of its type with more than 2,000 books and pam- phlets about Texas, is another of his many accomplishments. These books are presented to the library at the Texas Week assembly by clubs, classes and individuals. Many of the trees in front of the school, dedicated to renowned Texans, were provided by Mr. Parker. The inauguration of the service flag is the work of Mr. Parker's patriotism and earnestness as an American. Since its initiation many hundreds of names have been added to it as a result of his tireless search for information of ex-students in the service, their addresses and their accomplishments. Next to his respect for and loyalty to the red, white and blue is his devotion to the green and white of Forest. The "twelfth man" on the Lion squad, Mr. Parker has not missed a Forest football game in the past 27 years. With "Yea Green and White" his favorite yell, he is the Lions' chief rooter and encouragement. Mr. Parker never hesitates in the promotion of any drive worthwhile to the school. Of all the challenges he has offered the students, the challenge to keep waste paper out of the halls and off the sidewalks has been most effective. His genial manner and just attitude have won Mr. Parker the respect and honor of all who know him. His love for the students and his profound interest and faith in them provide memories which graduates carry away with them to keep forever. Many and varied are his interests, but they culminate in the services that he has rendered our school. Page Elev Page Twelve 14 miniA tration DALLAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS BOARD OF EDUCATION DR. DAVID W. CARTER, President MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT, Vice-Presidenf GABE P. ALLEN F. D. DANFORD R. L. THOMAS DAN D. ROGERS MRS. T. A. WAGGONER Juuus DoRsEY L. v. STOCKARD W- T- WHITE guperinyendem Assismn, Superimendem Assisfanf Superinfendenf in Charge of High Schools 010' been RACHEL FOCTE Ph.B., M.A. Pleasantly charming and industriously capable, Forest's dean, Miss Rachel Foote, takes a keen interest in the students, their problems and their activities. The sponsor of both the National Honor Society and the High Scholarship Club, she inspires students to uphold high standards ot conduct and character. Always ready to hear any excuse no matter how impos- sible, Miss Foote retains her calm dignity and understanding in her dealings with the students as well as their parents. Forest is privileged to have a dean so admired and respected by both faculty members and students. Page Thirte facultq in ' ZULEIKA C. ADAM RICHARD C. ALLISON NANNIE D. ANDREWS French Hislory Malhemalics U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. Texas Chrislian U., B. Ed. U. of Texas, B.A. Le Cercle Francais, Sponsor Baskelball, Coach Banking, Sponsor GUY ALLEN ELIZABETH BAGLEY Science English Howard Payne College, B.A. U. of Texas, B.A. RUTH BARHAM WILLIE MAY BERRY EMMA H.BROWN English Home Economics Malhemalics U. of Texas, B.A. U. of Texas, B.S. U. of Arkansas, B.A. 4A Class, Sponsor S. M. U., M.A. Senior Counselor FRANCES BEILHARZ MINNIE BROWN Home Economics Hislory ' Texas Stale College for Women, B.S. George Peabody College, B.S. Columbia U., M.A. Dallas Hislorical Sociely, Sponsor W. H. BUTLER Social Studies U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. Hi-Y CI Page Fourfeen ub, Sponsor RUTH CHRISTOPHER Social Sludies U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. Freshman Class, Sponsor MARY SMITH CLARK SARA DAVIDSON Journalism and English Spanish S. M. U., B.A. U. of Texas, M.A. Echo and Foresfer, Publicalions Direclor CATHARINE DONNELL Chemistry Trinily U., B.S. 5' ,salty MARY DRAKE ANNIE GEM FELDER FRANCES FIELD History English Secretory U. oLNebraska, B.S. U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. S. M. U., B.S. 4B Class, Sponsor IB Class, Sponsor l-OUI-A El-DER DOROTHY GERLACH Mathematics U. of Oklahoma, Junior Red Cross B.A., M.A. History U. of Texas, B.A. , Sponsor Forest Forum, Sponsor C. V. GOODMAN A. C. HOPPE LUCILLE HURST History R. O. T. C. Band Sghool Nurse East Texas State Teachers College, B.S. Leipzig Conservatory College of Nursing, U, of TeXq5, jghn U- of Missouri. MA- Sealy Hospital, George Peabody College ALICE HARRINGTON VIRGINIA HURST Home Economics Typing and Shorthand U. of Arkansas, B.S. U. of California, B.A. Columbia U., M.S. Vestonians, Sponsor SELDON S. HUTCHINSON ' W. H. KEELING FRANK E. LYONS Physical Education Mathematics Mathematics Northeast Missouri Teachers College, B.S. College of Arts and Industries, B.S. U. of Vermont, B.S. U. of Missouri, M.A. Football, Track, Head Coach Golf, Coach Student Council, Sponsor WILLIE H. JACKSON ETHEI- MASTERS Mathematics Office Clerk U. of Texas, B.A. S. M. U., M.A. Auditores Caesaris, Co-Sponsor Page Fifteen facultq LJ' 1 gi PEARLE MATTHEWS C. T. MCCORMACK BLISS C. McMANUS Home Economics Accounting Art ISpring Semesterl College of Industries and Arts, B.S. Draughon's Business College Women's College of Alabama, B.A. U. of Colorado, M.A. S. M. U. U. of Columbia, M.A. V. H. MATTINGLY ADDIE MELSON Mathematics English East Texas State Teachers College, B.S. Texas State College for Women B A Football, Track, Assistant Coach l LOURANIA MILLER EUGENIA NOWLIN FRANK ORRILL Latin Art lFalI Semestert Assistant Commandant U. of Texas, B.A. S. M. U., B.A. I U. of Chicago, M.A. Texas State Colfege for Women, M.Aii Auditores Coesaris, Sponsor it JACK A. MITCHELL JULIA PRITCHETT Typing and Shorthand Typing North Texas State Teachers College, B.S. U. of Texas, B.A. U. of Texas, M. Ed. LAVINIA RAWLINS MABEL SHAW ALVAESHEPARD Latin and Algebra U. of Texas, B.A. U. of Columbia, M.A. Page Sixteen LOCILLE SEGRIST Physical Education S. M. U., B.A. U. of Columbia, M.A. Pep Squad, Co-Sponsor, Coach English Mathematics U. of Nebraska, B.S, North Texas State Teachers College B S U. of Columbia, M.A. Baseball, Head COUCIT BESS THATCHER History Girls' Tennis, U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. Texas History Club, Sponsor ?aculty FRIEDA THOENE J. B. WHITE FLETCHER RYAN WICKHAM Physical Education Biology 5P0nl5h lowa State Teachers College, B.A. George Peabody College, B,S. U. of Oklahoma, B.A., M.A. Pep Squqd, Sponsor S. M. U., M.A. Pan American Student Forum, Sponsor .IESSIE H. WATKINS H- 5- YATES Study Hall Social Studies Baylor College, 5,L, U. of Tennessee, B.A. Not in Pictures: HELEN FERN BLACK Public Speaking U. of Illinois, B.A. Girls' Public Speaking Club, Sponsor D. T. GRIFFITH Mechanical Drawing U. of Columbia, M.A. Echo and Forester, Faculty Business Manager North Texas State Teachers College, B.S. SEARCY HARDY J. ALAN BOULTON Study Hull Phy5iC5 BGYIOI' U., B.A. Cegxal Missouri State Teachers College, ELIZABETH HUGHES U. of Missouri, M.A. Tennis, Coach MARGARET BREWER Mathematics Texas Women's Colleg S. M. U., M.A. 2A Class, Sponsor RICHARD L. COLEMAN Military EMMALINE DONAHUE Library ELOISE DURHAM English ef Peabody college, B.A., M.A. English U. of Texas, B.A. Auditores Caesaris, Co- BERTHA JACKSON English U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. Girl Reserves, Sponsor PAUL LA BORNE English North Texas State Teachers College, B.A. 1 Colorado College of Education, M.A. LOUISE WILCOX Music Northeast Missouri State U., B.A. Orchestra and Chorus, Director Page Seventeen FORFRT 17 27 x I 1 1 v M , x . Ms , . ufph. v .. AM, ,2.,,g.. M - ,..4m,Lw:M-1.4..,,.:g.::s,v.,cmgwg,g.::.1-,,, . "1 'W 4 They will be laugh! specialized knowledge bu! always from the point of view of its service fo lhe whole. -Henry A. Wallace. CIALIZAT ON une '44 Claw BOBBYE ADAMS American Club '40, '41, Clinic Assistant '42, '43, '44, Chorus '40, '41, Ambition-Nurse, Hobby-Reading, Favor- ite Sport-Dancing, Grade School--Ascher Silberstein. lAm An BENJAMIN WAYNE APPLE R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, Staff Sergeant '42, First Lieutenant '43, Band Festival '41, '42, Camp Dallas '41, '42, Marksman '41, Crack Company '41, '42, Military Stat? '44, Pan American Student Forum '40, '41, Dallas Historical Society '42, '43, '44, Sergeant-at- Arms '43, President '44, Student Council '41, '42, Grade School-John Henry Brown. EVELYN LOUISE BEACH Forest Forum '43, '44, Girl Reserves '43, '44, Student Council '42, '43, '44, Favorite Sub- iect-Home Economics, Favorite Sport- Skating, Hobby-Correspondence, Ambi- tion-Private Secretary, Grade School- Richard Lagow. ROBERT BERMAN R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, Pan American Student Forum '42, '43, Standard Debating Society '41, '42, '43, '44, Sergeant-at-Arms '43, Vice-President '44, 4B Class '43, Sergeant- at-Arms, Grade School-John Henry Brown. A L.. EUGENE BROCKWAY R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Hi-Y Club '43, '44, Favorite Subiect-Mechanical Drawing, Hobby-Model Planes, Ambition-Pilot, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Grade School-- ' Richard Lagow. DOROTHY BURNS Girl Reserves '40, '41, '43, '44, Le Cercle Francais '41, '43, '44, 3B Class '42, Presi- dent, Echo Staff '43, Student Council '41 '42, Grade School--T. C. Hassell. Page Twenty JIMMY ALLEN Auditores Caesaris '43, '44, Sergeant-at- Arms '43, '44, Le Cercle Francais '43, Dallas Historical Society '44, 4A Class '44, Secre- tary, R.O.T.C. '42, '43, Linz Award '42, Spencer Spotlight '40, Exchange Editor, Assistant Sports Editor, Grade School- William B. Travis. NINA RUTH BALLARD Dramatic Club '41, '42, Waynesville High School, Favorite Subiect-Chemistry, Hobby-Stamp Collecting, Ambition-Tele- phone Operator, Favorite Sport-Roller Skating, Grade School-Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. DOROTHY BEAN Pep Squad '40, '41, '42, Favorite Subiect- Art, Hobby-Skating, Ambition-Cadet Nurses Corps, Favorite Sport-Football, Grade School-Richard Lagow. FRANCES SARAH BOCK Girl Reserves '40, Favorite Subiect-Typ- ing, Hobby-Reading, Ambition-Nurse, Favorite Sport-Football, Grade School- Colonial Hill. KATHRYN BUDROW Pep Squad '42, '43, Latin Club '41, '42, '43, Rogers High, Hobby-Photography, Ambi- tion-Dispatcher, Favorite Sport-lce Skat- ing, Grade School-Central Ward, Arkansas. BETTY BURTON Girl Reserves '41, '42, '43, '44, Inter-Club Council Representative '42, President '43, Parliamentarian '44, Girls Public Speaking Club '41, '42, '43, Vestonians '43, '44, Par- liamentarian '43, President '44, Dallas His- torical Society '43, '44, Student Council '43, '44, Secretary '44, Le Cercle Francais '41, '42, 4A Class '44, Vice-President, Grade School-John Henry Brown. WILLIAM A. BUSHMAN R.O.T.C. '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal '41, Sergeant '42, Second Lieutenant '42, First Lieutenant '42, Major '44, Camp Dallas '41, '42, '43, Rifle Team '42, '43, '44, Co-Captain '44, Marksman '41, Sharpshooter '42, Expert '43, All City Matches '42, '43, '44, Shoulder to Shoulder Matches '43, '44, Crack Com- pany '41, '42, '43, 1A Class '41, Secretary, 2B Class '41, Secretary, 2A Class '42, Re- porter, 3A Class '43, Treasurer, 4B Class '43, President, Pan American Student Forum '42, '43, Junior Red Cross '42, Grade School-Colonial Hill. CHARLES CAULEY R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal '41, Sergeant '42, Staff Sergeant '43, '44, Mili- tary Staft '43, '44, Track '40, Forester Staff '43, '44, Grade School-Richard Lagow. JAMES CHISM R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Corporal '43, '44, Favorite Subiect--Mathematics, Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding, Ambition-Navy, Grade School-San Jacinto. DORIS JEAN CLARK Chorus '43, '44, Favorite Subject-Art, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Caltech ing Poetry, Ambition-Cadet Nurses Corps, Grade School-Richard Lagow. VIOLET CLARK Favorite Subiect-Shorthand, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Skating, Ambi- tion-Nurse, Grade School-Richard Lagow. EULA COLEMAN Girl Reserves '41, '42, '43, '44, Dallas His- torical Society '43, '44, I Am An American Club '41, '42, High Scholarship Club '42, '43, '44, Girls Public Speaking Club '44, Linz Awards '42, '43, Guard '43, '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. une '44 la A ROSS CANGELOSE R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Corporal '43, '44, Crack Company '42, Favorite Subiect-Me- chanical Drawing, Hobby-Model Planes, Grade School-Caldwell, Texas. DOROTHY CHARBA Junior WAC '43, l Am An American Club '41, Favorite Subject-Public Speaking, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Hobby-Collecb ing Snapshots, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School-Lisbon. NORMA FRANCES CHOATE Forest Forum '43, '44, Girl Reserves '43, '44, l Am An American Club '42, Student Coun- cil '41, Ambition-Nurse, Hobby-4Corre- spondence, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. Y ROBERT CLARK Football '42, '43, R.O.T.C. '43, '44, Favorite Subiect-Trigonometry, Favorite Sport- Football, Grade School-Colonial Hill. JUNE WINONA CLYMER Favorite Subiect-Typing, Favorite Sport- Baseball, Hobby-Dancing, Ambition- Stenographer, Grade School-T. G. Terry. ELOISE CONNER Chorus '41, '42, '43, '44, Forest Forum '43, '44, Texas History Club '43, '44, Favorite Subiect-Chemistry, Hobby-Collecting Movie Star Pictures, Ambition-Stenogra- pher, Grade School-T. G. Terry. Page Twenty-one TEXANA COOK Linz Awards '41, '42, Favorite Subject- Shorthand, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Hobby-Reading, Ambition-Stenographer, Grade School-Richard Lagow. ROSEMARY COWARD Auditores Caesaris '41, '42, '43, '44, Secre- tary '42, Treasurer '43, Dallas Historical Society '42,- '43, '44, Archivist '42, Parlia- mentarian '43, Corresponding Secretary '43, Second Vice-President '44, High Scholarship Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Vice-President '43, Secretary '44, National Honor Society '44, lnterscholastic League Spelling Contest '41, '42, City Winner '42, Junior Classical League '41, '42, '43, '44, Office Assistant '42, '43, Junior Red Cross '43, Secretary '43, Student Council '41, '42, Linz Awards '41, '42, '43, Echo Staff '43, '44, Copy Edi- tor '43, Editor-in-Chief '44, Forester Staff '44, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. TOMMIE LOUISE DAVIS Girl Reserves '42, '43, '44, Vice-President '43, '44, Pep Squad '42, '43, '44, Allied Arts Club '40, '41, '42, President '41, Vice- President '42, Secretary '43, Student Coun- cil '43, Grade School-James Bowie. BILL DEASON 4A Class '44, Sergeant-at-Arms, Football '42, '43, Basketball '42, '43, Ambition- Pilot, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Grade School-Carrollton, Texas. ADELYN JEANNE DOWNEY Chorus '41, '42, I Am An American Club '42, '43, Student Council '43, '44, Forest Forum '43, '44, Secretary '44, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. MARY LOU DUCKWORTH I Am An American Club '40, Girl Reserves '40, '41, '43, '44, Secretary '44, Guard '44, Student Council '42, Grade School-John Henry Brown. Page Twenty-two wne '44 C'laAA T, SJ 5 HELEN RAYE CORRY Girl Reserves '40, '41, Vestonians '43, '44, Student Council '40, '42, '43, '44, Office Assistant '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Guard '41, '42, Grade School-Colonial Hill. BOBBYE MAUREEN CROW Echo Staff '44, Club Editor, Forester Staff '44, Managing Editor, Ofiice Assistant '42, Favorite Subject -Typing, Hobby- Read- ing, Ambition-Private Secretary, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. LETA VERNE DAWSON Favorite Subiect-Shorthand, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Hobby-Dancing, Ambi- tion-Receptionist, Grade School-Pleasant Grove. DORIS CATHERINE DIFFEE I Am An American Club '42, Linz Awards '42, '43, Guard '43, '44, Favorite Subiect- Clothing, Hobby-Cooking, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. CAROLYN JANE DOWNEY 2A Class '42, Secretary, Chorus '41, '42, I Am An American Club '42, '43, Parlia- mentarian '42, Forest Forum '43, '44, Ser- geant-at-Arms '43, Parliamentarian '44, Grade SchooL-Ascher Silberstein. BETTY ANN EASTWOOD I Am An American Club '41, Girl Reserves '42, '43, '44, Treasurer '43, Sergeant-at- Arms '44, Linz Award '41, High Scholarship Club '41, '42, Pep Squad '42, '43, '44, 3B Closs '43, Secretary, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. PAULYNE ENGELBERG Echo Staft '43, Exchange Editor, Forester Staff '42, '43, Junior Red Cross '41, Tennis '42, '43, '44, Chorus Recitals '41, '42, '43, '44, Grade School-City Park. HELEN MARIE FAIN Chorus '40, Girl Reserves '43, '44, Le Cercle Francais '44, Favorite Subiect-French, Hobby-Dancing, Ambition-Translator, Grade School-John Henry Brown. MAVIS JUNE FERGUSON Junior WAC '43, '44, Pep Squad '42, '43, Student Council '42, Forest Forum '43, '44, Sergeant-at-Arms '44, Vestonians '43, '44, Echo Staff '43, '44, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. BOBBIE JEAN FLANAGAN Echo Stat? '43, '44, Forester StaH '43, '44, Assistant Editor '44, I Am An American Club '42, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Sub- ject-English, Hobby-Skating, Ambition- Nurse, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. HANNAH FREEMAN Student Council '42, Linz Awards '42, '43, Latin Club '42, '43, '44, Secretary '44, Chorus Accompanist '41, '42, Orchestra '43, '44, Junior Classical League, '42, '43, '44, National Honor Society '44, Grade School- Sul Ross. JUANITA LEE GANNON I Am An American Club '41, '42, Auditores Caesaris '41, '42, '43, '44, Vice-President '44, National Honor Society '44, Linz Awards '41, '42, '43, Latin Awards '41, '42, '43, '44, Guard '43, Office Assistant '42, '43, '44, Essay Contest, lnterscholastic League '43, Safety Contest '42, 2B Class '41, Parlia- mentarian, Grade School-Mount Auburn. wne '44 Cla A OUIDA LOIS EVANS I Am An American Club '41, Favorite Sub- iect-English, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Skating, Ambition--Nurse, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. BERNICE ANN FELDMAN Junior WAC '43, Girls Public Speaking Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Pan American Student Forum '42, '43, '44, Texas History Club '43, '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. RUBY CELINE FISCHL Guard '43, Girls Public Speaking Club '42, '43, '44, Sergeant-at-Arms '43, Girl Reserves '43, '44, 4B Class '43, Vice-President, Grade School-Colonial Hill. BETTY JO FLECHTNER Favorite Subiect-Home Economics, Favor- ite Sport-Horseback Riding, Hobby- Cooking, Ambition-Housewife, Grade School-Colonial Hill. EUGENE FRIEDMAN R.O.T.C. '40, '42, Favorite Subiect-Chem- istry, Hobby-Magic, Ambition-Chemist, Grade School-John Henry Brown. MILBURN GARONZIK Stamp Club '40, Forester Staff '42, '43, '44, Business Manager, Echo Staff '43, '44, As- sistant Business Manager '43, Business Man- ager '44, Standard Debating Society '42, '43, Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, Band Festival '41, '42, '43, Junior Red Cross '40, '41, '42, Tennis Team '42, '43, '44, lettered '43, Grade School--John Henry Brown. Page Twenty-three DE LOIS GIBSON Girl Reserves '40, '41, Vestonians '42, '43, Secretary '43, I Am An American Club '41, '42, Secretory '42, High Scholarship Club '41, '42, '43, Linz Awards '41, '42, Ottice Assistant '41, '42, '43, Guard '41, Echo Stat? '43, '44, Student Council '41, '42, Girls Public Speaking Club '41, '42, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. RHEA GOLDSTEIN Junior WAC '43, Le Cercle Francais '41, '42, '43, '44, Guard '41, '42, '43, '44, Favorite Subiect--History, Grade School-John Henry Brown. MARY GRABSTALD Auditores Caesaris '42, '43, Girls Public Speaking Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Secretary '43, Le Cercle Francais '43, '44, Reporter '44, Junior Classical League '42, '43, Latin Awards '42, '43, Linz Awards '41, '43, Grade School-City Park. LOLA HATTON Pep Squad '40, '41, Favorite Subiect-His- tory, Hobby--Dancing, Ambition-WAC, Favorite Sport-Football, Grade School- T. G. Terry. LOIS ANGELINE HIEGEL Girl Reserves '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Ser- geant-at-Arms '43, Treasurer '44, Guard '41, '42, '43, '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. HAROLD HOLCOMB R.O.T.C. '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal '42, Sergeant '43, Staff Sergeant '43, Camp Dallas '42, Crack Company '41, '42, '43, Grade School-Colonial Hill. Page Twenty-four une '44 laA ROBERT GOLDBERG R.O.T.C. '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal '42, Sergeant '43, Lieutenant '43, Captain '43, '44, Camp Dallas '41, '42, '43, Crack Company '41, '42, '43, Marksmanship '42, Sharpshooter '43, Basketball '43, '44, 1B Class '40, Vice-President, Pan American Student Forum '41, '42, Standard Debating Society '41, '42, All City Spanish Play '42, Grade School-Colonial Hill. TILLIE GOODMAN Favorite Subiect-Typing, Favorite Sport- Baseball, Ambition-Stenographer, Hobby-Typing, Grade School-John Henry Brown. FRANCES LOUISE HARDIN National Honor Society '43, '44, Vice-Presi- dent '43, High Scholarship Club '42, '43, '44, Linz Awards '41, '42, '43, Forester Stat? '41, '42, '43, '44, Managing Editor '43, Editor-in-Chief '44, Echo Stat? '43, '44, 3B Class '43, Vice-President, Dallas Histori- cal Society '42, '43, '44, Guard '42, '43, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. JANE HENRY Junior WAC '43, '44, Vestonians '43, '44, Secretary '43, Girl Reserves '43, '44, Hobby-Dancing, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School-T. G. Terry. JOYE HILL Girls Public Speaking Club '42, Mixed Chorus '41, '42, '43, Auditores Caesaris '41, I Am An American Club '42, Girl Re- serves '4O, '41, Office Assistant '41, '42, Echo Staff '43, Forester Staff '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. HERBERT HOLMES Hi-Y Club '43, '44, President '44, R.O.T.C. '40, '41, Technical High, Favorite Sub- ject -- Mathematics, Favorite Sport- Base- ball, Grade School--.lohn Henry Brown. JIMMIE LEA HOWLETT Allied Arts Club '42, '43, Favorite Subiect- Art, FavoriteSport-Bicycle Riding, Hobby- Collecting Picture Postcards, Ambition- Artist, Grade School-John Henry Brown. R. P. JONES R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, Corporal '42, Stafi Sergeant '43, Baseball '41, '42, Orchestra '41, '42, '43, Hi-Y Club '44, Chorus '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. LOIS JEAN KALIN Girls Public Speaking Club '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, President '43, Secretary '43, Par- Iiamentarian '44, Auditores Caesaris '40, '41, '42, '43, I Am An American Club '42, Dallas Historical Society '43, Junior Classi- cal League '40, '41, '42, '43, Latin Awards '41, '42, '43, OHice Assistant '42, '44, Chorus Recital '41, Grade School-John Henry Brown. SHIRLEY AVIS KAUFMAN High Scholarship Club '41, '42, '43, Forest Forum '43, '44, Linz Awards '41, 42, Guard '41, '42, '43, Echo Staff '43, '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. GENE KING Hi-Y Club '43, '44, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Hunting, Ambition-Marine, Fa- vorite Subiect-History, Grade School- Dunne. HANNAH KRISS Linz Award '41, High Scholarship Club '42, Girls Public Speaking Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Le Cercle Francais '41, '42, '43, '44, Treasurer '43, President '44, Girl Reserves '41, Guard '42, '43, Grade School-Colonial Hill. une '44 Cl INEZ JENKINS Guard '43, '44, Favorite Subiect-Spanish, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Bowling, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. BERNARD KAHN R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal '43, '44, Dallas Historical Society '42, '43, '44, Vice- President '43, Linz Awards '42, '43, Grade School-City Park. MILDRED KARLEN National Honor Society '44, Linz Awards '42, '43, Dallas Historical Society '42, '43, '44, Treasurer '44, 2B Class '41, Secretary, Library Assistant '42, '43, '44, Pep Squad '41, '42, '43, Co-Captain '43, Student Coun- cil '41, '42, Grade School-Richard Lagow. GWENDOLYN KENT Chorus '40, '41, '42, Le Cercle Francais '43, '44, Girl Reserves '43, '44, Favorite Sub- iect-French, Hobby-Drawing, Ambition- Designer, Grade School-John Henry Brown. EIHLYN KRECEK High Scholarship Club '42, '43, '44, Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, Vice-President '44, Forester Staff '43, '44, Office Manager '43, '44, Linz Awards '41, '42, '43, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. JIMMIE LOU LANTRIP Favorite Subject-English, Hobby-Corre- spondence, Favorite Sport-Skating, Ambi- tion-Housewife, Grade School-Colonial Hill. Page Twenty-five HELEN MAXINE LATIMER Pan American Student Forum '43, '44, Fa- vorite Subject-Public Speaking, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Hobby-Collecting Poems, Ambition-Missionary, Grade School-John Henry Brown. MARTiN JAY LETOW R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal and Company Clerk '44, Student Council '40, 3A Class '43, Sergeant-at-Arms, 4B Class '43, Secretary, Grade School-Colonial Hill. HAROLD DEAN LEWIS Football '41, Favorite Subject-Mathemab ics, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby- Model Airplanes, Ambition-Civil Engineer, Grade School-T. G. Terry. JOYCE LONG Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, Student Council '40, '41, '42, Home Economics Club '40, '41, '42, Sulphur Springs High, Grade School-Austin. DOROTHY LUDWICK National Honor Society '44, Linz Awards '41, '42, '43, High Scholarship Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Girl Reserves '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, Secretary '44, I Am An American Club '41, '42, 3B Class '42, Treasurer, 3A Class '43, Secretary, Office Assistant '41, '43, '44, Guard '43, Echo Staff '43, '44, Forester Stat? '44, Assistant Editor, Grade School- Colonial Hill. MARY FRANCES MALLOY Linz Awards '43, '44, Favorite Subiect- Shorthand, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Hobby-Collecting Snapshots, Ambition- Secretary, Grade School-City Park. Page Twenty-six une '44 Cla A MARION LAWTON Girl Reserves '43, '44, Linz Award '41, For- ester Staft '43, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Hobby-Collecting Perfume Bottles, Ambi- tion-Typist, Grade School-Richard Lagow. INEZ LEVEEN Le Cercle Francais '41, '42, '43, '44, Girls Public Speaking Club '41, '42, '43, Office Assistant '41, '43, '44, Guard '43, '44, Grade School-Colonial Hill. MARION ELIZABETH LILLEBRIDGE '42, '43, '44, Junior Classical League '42, 1A Class '41, President, Auditores Caesaris '43, '44, Linz Award '43, Girl Reserves '41, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. CLARA BESS LORENZ Texas History Club '43, '44, Social Chair- man '44, Dallas Historical Society '42, '43, '44, Secretary '43, Girl Reserves '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Social Chairman '43, Secre- tary '43, President '44, 3A Class '42, Vice- President, Chorus '40, '41, '42, '43, Office Assistant '42, '43, '44, Grade School- Colonial Hill. BILLY LUMPKIN R.O.T.C. '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal '41, Sergeant '42, Staff Sergeant '43, Mas- ter Sergeant '44, Military Staff '43, '44, Crack Company '42, '43, Baseball '43, l Am An American Club '40, '41, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. JANE MARSHALL Student Council '41, Girl Reserves '40, '41, '42, Dallas Historical Society '43, High Scholarship Club '41, '42, Linz Awards '41, '42, 1A Class '41, President, Grade School- John Henry Brown. MAMIE LEE MAYES Chorus '42, '43, Linz Awards '42, '43, Favor- ite Subiect-Typing, Favorite Sport-Swim- ming, Hobby-Corresponding, Grade School-Demonstration School, Nacogdoches, Texas. FRANCES McDONALD 3A Class '43, Publicity Chairman, Favorite Subiect-Aeronautics, Hobby-Correspond- ing, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School- Richard Lagow. MAXINE MEYER Girl Reserves '41, '42, Texas History Club '41, '42, '43, Le Cercle Francais '41, '42, '43, '44, Treasurer '44, Vestonians '43, Student Council '44, Parliamentarian '44, Guard '42, Ottice Assistant '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. WILLIAM MILLER Football Team '42, '43, Baseball '43, '44, Favorite Subiect-Physics, Favorite Sport- Baseball, Hobby-Hunting, Ambition- Naval Engineer, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. GEORGE A. MIRS KY Pan American Student Forum '41, '42, Ser- geant-at-Arms '42, Junior Red Cross '42, '43, R.O.T.C. '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Cor- poral '42, Sergeant '43, Lieutenant '43, Crack Company '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, 4B Class '43, President, All-City Spanish Plays '41, '42, '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown. LESLIE H. MITCHELL R.O.T.C. '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal '41, Sergeant '41, '42, Second Lieutenant '42, First Lieutenant '43, Captain '43, Lieu- tenant-Colonel '43, '44, Camp Dallas '41, '42, '43, High Scholarship Club '41, '42, '43, '44, President '43, Sergeant-at-Arms '44, Student Council '43, '44, Dallas His- torical Society '41, '42, '43, '44, President '43, Vice-President '43, Archivist '44, 3B Class '42, President, Linz Awards '41, '42, '43, National Honor Society '44, Rifle Team '43, Grade School-Colonial Hill. une '44 C7444 GLORIA MAYHEW Auditores Caesaris '41, '42, '43, '44, Sec- retary '43, Dallas Historical Society '42, '43, '44, Archivist '43, Corresponding Secretary '44, High Scholarship Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Secretary '43, Parliamentarian '44, National Honor Society '44, Junior Classical League '42, '43, '44, Oliice Assistant '42, '43, Guard '42, '43, Student Council '42, '43, Linz Awards '41, '42, '43, Echo Staff '43, '44, Copy Editor '43, Co-Editor-in-Chief '44, Forester Staff '44, 2B Class '41, Vice-Presi- dent, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. MARY MAE MCEVOY I Am An American Club '40, '41, '42, Treas- urer '41, Secretary '42, Auditores Caesaris '41, '42, '44, Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, Forester Staff '44, Office Assistant '41, '42, Linz Award '41, '42, '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown. JERRY MILLER R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Corporal '43, Staff Sergeant '44, Sharpshooter '42, Expert '43, '44, Track '42, '43, '44, Grade School- John Henry Brown. BETTY MINSKY Girls Public Speaking Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Le Cercle Francais '41, '42, '43, '44, High Scholarship Club '41, '44, Girl Re- serves '41, Forester Staff '43, Linz Awards '41, '43, Junior Red Cross '43, Grade School-Colonial Hill. MONROE MIRSKY R.O.T.C. '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal '41, Sergeant '42, Second Lieutenant '42, First Lieutenant '43, Captain '44, Standard Debating Society '4l, '42, '43, '44, Treas- urer '43, Vice-President '43, Rifle Team '42, '43, '44, All City Matches '42, '43, '44, Linz Awards '41, '42, '43, Camp Dallas '42, '43, Crack Company '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, 4B Class '43, Treasurer, Grade SchooI-Colo- nial Hill. LOUISE MOEHLE I Am An American Club '42, Chorus '41, '42, '43, '44, Forest Forum '43, '44, Vice-Presi- dent '43, Treasurer '44, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, Linz Awards '42, '43, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. Page Twenty-seven V RUTH JANE MOORE Girl Reserves '43, '44, Le Cercle Francais '43, '44, Art Club '42, Little Theater '41, French Club '42, '43, Woodrow Wilson, Grade School-O. M. Roberts. EDWIN MORRIS R.O.T.C. '42, '43, Student Council '40, I Am An American Club '40, '41, Treasurer '41, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Subiect- Science, Hobby-Model Airplanes, Ambi- tion-Naval Aviation Cadet, Grade School-T. G. Terry. VICTOR ODDO R.O.T.C. '40, '41, '42, '43, First Sergeant '43, Crack Company '41, '42, Commander of Color Guard '43, Military Staff '43, Au- ditores Caesaris '41, '42, '43, '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. WANDA PAYNE National Honor Society '44, Linz Awards '41, '42, '43, High Scholarship Club '42, '43, '44, Pan American Student Forum '42, '43, '44, President '44, I Am An American Club '41, '42, President '42, Parliamentarian '41, Girl Reserves '40, '41, Forest Forum '43, '44, Student Council '43, '44, 2B Class '41, President, Library Assistant '42, '43, '44, Office Assistant '43, '44, Grade School-T. G. Terry. SHIRLEY PRIEST Girl Reserves '40, '41, Forester Staff '43, Junior Red Cross '43, Guard '41, '42, '43, '44, Favorite Subject-Biology, Favorite Sport - Football, Grade School- Colonial Hill. MEYER RASKIN R.O.T.C. '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal '42, Sergeant '43, Staff Sergeant '43, Crack Company '41, '42, '43, Camp Dallas '42, Pan American Student Forum '42, Texas History Club '41, Sergeant-at-Arms '41, Sharpshooter '43, Marksmanship '42, Grade School-John Henry Brown. Page Twenty-eight une '44 Claw i,,.,Kt -,nel ts. gm, .E 'Sk s Q SHIRLEY MOORE Girl Reserves '43, '44, Girl Reserves '41, '42, Sewar High School, Favorite Subiect-- English, Favorite Sport- Roller Skating, Hobby-Drawing, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School-Rix, Arkansas. G J. D. Musso R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, Hi-Y Club '43, '44, Secretary-Treasurer '43, Football, 41, '42, Track '41, Linz Award '41, Echo Staff '43, '44, Sharpshooter '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown. CLARENCE PARRISH R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Hi-Y Club '43, '44, Vice-President '44, Favorite Subiect-His- tory, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Ambition- Pilot, Grade School-City Park. MORTON PRAGER A Pan American Student Forum '41, '42, '43, '44, President '42, Parliamentarian '43, Standard Debating Society '41, '42, '43, '44, Secretary '43, Vice-President '43, Presi- dent '44, Parliamentarian '44, R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, 4A Class '44, Parliamentarian, Student Council '44, Parliamentarian '44, Linz Awards '41, '42, '43, National Honor Society '44, Stamp Club '41, Grade School-John Henry Brown. MAXINE ADELE RACHOFSKY Linz Awards '41, '42, '43, High Scholarship Club '42, '43, '44, Vice-President '44, Au- ditores Caesaris '41, '42, '43, '44, Treas- urer '44, Latin State Tournaments '41, '42, Honorable Mention '41, Junior Classical League '41, '42, '43, '44, Girls Public Speak- ing Club '41, '42, '43, '44, 38 Class' '42, Parliamentarian, 3A Class '43, President, 4B Class '43, Parliamentarian, Banking Staff '43, '44, Guard '42, '43, Office Assistant '43, '44, Grade School-Colonial Hill. PATRICIA W. RAY Texas History Club '41, '42, Forest Forum '44, Favorite Subiect-Shorthand, Favorite Sport -- Football, Hobby - Reading, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. ,..,, GEORGE REED I Basketball '41, '42, '43, '44, Baseball '42, I '43, lettered '43, Student Council '42, I Hobby-Collecting Coins, Ambition-Naval Air Corps, Grade School-John 5 Henry Brown. I MORRIS RIESMAN R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Hi-Y Club '43, '44, Standard Debating Society '43, '44, Echo Staff '43, '44, Business Manager '44, Grade School-Colonial Hill. JERRY MARVIN ROSE R.O.T.C. '42, '4,3, '44, Sergeant '43, Junior Red Cross '43, I Am An American Club '41, Ambition-Radio Announcer, Grade School-Colonial Hill. EUGENIA SAKELLARIOU I Am An American Club '41, '42, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, Forest Forum '43, '44, President '44, Student Council '42, '43, '44, 1B Class '40, Reporter, l'A Class '41, Reporter, 2B Class '42, Student Council Representative, Forester Staft '43, Oflice Assistant '43, '44, Library Assistunt '43, '44, Linz Award '42, Grade School-Colonial Hill. STANLEY JEROME SCHNEIDER National Honor Society '43, '44, Standard Debating Society '42, '43, '44, President '43, Vice-President '42, '43, Treasurer '42, '44, Parliamentarian '43, Auditores Cae- saris '41, '42, '43, '44, Sergeant-at-Arms '43, '44, Latin Tournaments '41, '42, Junior Classical League '42, '43, Hi-Y Club '43, Basketball '41, '42, Linz Awards '41, '42, '43, Banking Staff '41, '42, '43, '44, Lone Star Boys' State '43, Naval Preflight Tourna- ment at N.T.A.C. '43, Student Council '43, '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. GWENDOLYN SCOTT Office Assistant '41, '42, Junior Red Cross '42, '43, Guard '42, Girl Reserves '41, '42, '43, '44, Echo Staff '43, '44, Forester Staff '43, '44, Grade School-Austin. une '44 C'laAA JOYCE REYNOLDS Forester Favorite '44, Girl Reserves '40, 141, Guard '41, Vestonians '41, '42, '43, Presi- dent '43, I Am An American Club '42, Echo Staff '43, '44, Cheerleader '43, Student Council '42, '43, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. OUIDA RILEY Echo Staft '43, '44, Forester Staff '43, '44, Girl Reserves '41, '42, '43, '44, Library Assistant '43, Guard '42, Grade School- Colonial Hill. MOLLIE ROSENBAUM Girls Public Speaking Club '41, Junior WAC '43, '44, Favorite Subiect-History, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Hobby-Stamp Collecting, Grade School-Colonial Hill. ROBERT L. SALE R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal '42, Sergeant '43, Staff Sergeant '43, Second Lieutenant '43, Camp Dallas '43, Track '40, Junior Hi-Y Club '41, Hi-Y Club '43, 45 Class '43, President, Junior Red Cross '43, '44, Library Assistant '43, Grade School- Richard Lagow. BERNARD SCHNITZER Le Cercle Francais '41, '42, '43, '44, Presi- dent '43, Vice-President '43, Treasurer '42, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, President '44, Sergeant-at-Arms '43, I Am An Ameri- can Club '42, Sergeant-at-Arms '42, Secre- tary '42, Standard Debating Society '41, National Honor Society '43, '44, Linz Awards '42,'-13, All-City Orchestra '41, '42, Concert Master '42, Orchestra '41, '42, '43, '44, Con- cert Master '43, '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. FAYE SHWIFF Girls Public Speaking Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Treasurer '44, Dallas Historical Society '42, '43, '44, Secretary '43, Student Council '41, Forester Staff '42, High Scholarship Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Pan American Stu- dent Forum '41, Grade School-Ascher I . s Sllberstem. Page Twenty-nine ERVIN SINGER R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Staff Sergeant '44, Junior Red Cross '43, Standard Debating Society '40, '41, Ambition-Banker, Grade School-Colonial Hill. DOROTHY ELOUISE SMITH Forester Staff '43, '44, Student Council '43, Dancing Club '40, Gadabouts '41, Griener Junior High, Favorite Subiect-History, Fa- vorite Sport-Baseball, Grade School- John H. Reagan. ELVEDA STINSON Student Council '40, '41, Le Cercle Francais '40, '41, '43, '44, Girl Reserves Club '43, '44, Vestonians Club '43, '44, Orchestra '40, '41, '42, Chorus '40, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School-T. G. Terry. JACK SUMMERFIELD Forester Favorite '44, R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal '41, Staff Sergeant '42, First Sergeant '43, Captain '43, '44, Band '41, '42, '43, '44, Camp Dallas '41, '42, '43, All-City Band '43, '44, Pan American Stu- dent Forum '41, '42, Parliamentarian '42, I Am An American Club '42, '43, Vice- President '42, '43, Dallas Historical Society '42, '43, '44, Second Vice-President '42, President '43, Parliamentarian '44, Student Council '42, '43, '44, President '43, '44, Hi-Y Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Program Chair- man '43, '44, Orchestra '42, '43, Echo Staff '43, '44, Traffic Commissioner '43, 4A Class '44, President, Grade School-John Henry Brown. DOROTHY TERRY I Am An American Club '41, Student Coun- cil '40, '41, Dallas Historical Society '42, '43, Linz Pin '41, Guard '42, Ambition- Stenographer, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. BILLYE LOUISE THOMPSON Echo Staff '43, '44, Pep Squad '41, '42, Student Council '41, '42, '43, '44, Treasurer '43, '44, Girl Reserves '42, Girls Public Speaking Club '42, Dallas Historical Society '43, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. Page Thirty une YI Claw CHARLES SMITH Hi-Y Club '42, '43, '44, Vice-President '43, '44, 1B Class '40, President, Football '40, '42, '43, Basketball '42, '43, '44, lettered '42, '43, Baseball '43, lettered '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BETTY JEAN SPARKS l Am An American Club '42, Forest Forum '43, '44, Vice-President '44, Chorus '41, '42, '43, '44, Hobby-Drawing, Ambition- , Private Secretary, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein, YVONNE SULLINS l Am An American Club '41, '42, President I '41, Treasurer '42, Dallas Historical Society '42, '43, Corresponding Secretary '43, I Archivist '43, Girl Reserves '42, Student Council '42, '43, '44, Echo Staff '43, '44, Vestonians '42, '43, Treasurer '43, Student I Council Representative '44, Grade School- I Ascher Silberstein. I I I I I I I I BEN M. SUMNER I Cheerleader '43, Favorite Subiect-Geome- I try, Favorite Sport-Football, Ambition- Lawyer, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. MARY ETTA THOMAS Student Council '43, Echo Staff '43, '44, I Guard '42, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Skating, Ambition-Stenographer, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. RUTH THOMSON Girl Reserves '41, '42, '43, '44, Chorus '41, '42, Advanced Chorus '43, '44, Ambition- Aviator, Hobby-Horseback Riding, Grade School-Colonial Hill. DORIS TOLERTON Favorite Subiect-Chemistry, Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding, Hobby-CoIlect- ing Foreign Stamps, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School-T. G. Terry. MILDRED WALLER Favorite Subiect-Algebra, Favorite Sport- Swimming, Hobby-Correspondence, Am- bition-Navy Nurse, Grade School- Rangerville. LOUIS WATEL R.O.T.C. '40, '41, Camp Dallas '41, Stand- ard Debating Society '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Secretary '42, Treasurer '43, Vice-President '43, President '44, Parliamentarian '44, Le Cercle Francais '41, '42, '43, '44, Sergeant- at-Arms '41, Vice-President '42, President '43, Parliamentarian '44, Student Council '41, '43, '44, Sergeant-at-Arms '43, Linz Awards '41, '42, '43, 4A Class '44, Treas- urer, 2A Class '42, Sergeant-at-Arms, Grade School-John Henry Brown. PATSY WILLIAMS Favorite Subiect-Shorthand, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Skating, Ambi- tion-Interior Decorator, Grade School- Richard Lagow. CHARLES LEE WOOD Football '41, Track '41, Favorite Subiect- Aeronautics, Favorite Sport-Football, Am- bition-Naval Air Corps, Grade School- City Park. DONALD ZEMAN Tennis Singles '43, Tennis Doubles '44, Football '43, Band '40, '41, '42, '43, Ambi- tion-Mechanical En'gineer, Grade School- John Henry Brown. une '44 la A GEORGIA LEE WALLACE Student Council '42, Linz Awards '41, '42, Office Assistant '43, Favorite Sport-Roller Skating, Hobby-Collecting Novelty Pins, Ambition-Typist, Grade School-Richard Lagow. FRANCES EUGENIA WALTERS Guard '41, '42, '43, '44, Junior Red Cross '43, Girls Public Speaking Club '44, Stu- dent Council '44, Hobby-Collecting Rec- ords, Grade School-Colonial Hill. NORMA LOIS WEINSTEIN Latin Club '41, Ward Jr. High, Favorite Subiect-Geometry, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Hobby-Collecting Pictures, Ambi- tion-Nursing, Grade School--Fairfax. KENNETH OLETE WILLIS Baseball '42, Hi-Y Club '42, '43, '44, Presi- dent '43, Favorite Subiect-Trigonometry, Favorite Sport-Boating, Ambition-Com- mander, Grade School-John Henry Brown. JUANITA MAXINE WORDEN Favorite Subiect-Shorthand, Favorite Sport-Roller Skating, Hobby-Correspond- ence, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School- City Park. Page Thirty-one HAROLD ABRAMSON R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal '43, Company A Clerk '44, High Scholarship Club '42, '43, '44, Treasurer '44, Linz Award '42, Pon American Student Forum '41, '42, '43, '44, Treasurer '43, President '43, Par- Iiamentarian '44, Advisory Council '42, '43, Standard Debating Society '42, '43, '44, Keeper of Records '44, l Am An American Club '42, '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown. MARGARET BALDWIN Student Council '43, Girl Reserves '42, Junior WAC '43, '44, Pep Squad '41, '42, '43, '44, Chorus '43, Traftic Commissioner '43, Guard '42, '43, '44, Grade School- City Park. ANNA KATHERINE BRAMLETT Ottice Assistant '42, High Scholarship Club '42, '43, Linz Awards '42, '43, Auditores Caesaris '42, '43, '44, President '44, Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, Student Council '41, '42, '43, '44, 1A Class '41, Vice- President, 3B Class '43, Secretary, 3A Class '43, Vice-President, Grade School-John Henry Brown. .IOANNA BROWN Favorite Subiect-Typing, Favorite Sport- Baseball, Hobby-Walking, Ambition- Secretary, Grade School-City Park. A. J. CAMPAGNA R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal '41, Sergeant '42, Second Lieutenant '43, Crack Company '42, '43, Camp Dallas '42, '43, Grade School-Colonial Hill. RICHARD CHRISTENSEN Band '41, '42, '43, '44, Staff Sergeant '43, Rifle Team '42, '43, Sharpshooter '41, Ex- pert '42, Camp Dallas '41, '42, Band Festi- val '41, '42, '43, 1B Class '41, President, 2B Class '42, Sergeant-at-Arms, 3B Class '43, Parliamentarian, 3A Class '43, Ser- geant-at-Arms, 4B Class '44, Vice-President, Grade School-John Henry Brown. Page Thirty-two anna lf ' Claw MARY ELIZABETH ADAMS High Scholarship Club '41, '42, Linz Awards '41, '42, Student Council '41, '42, Girl Re- serves '41, '42, Tennis Team '41, '42, '43, '44, Lettered '42, Grade School--John Henry Brown. DAVID NORMAN BRAHINSKY R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal '43, Sergeant '44, Echo Salesman '43, Junior Red Cross '42, '43, Grade School-Colonial Hill. FANNIE MAE BROWN Junior WAC '43, '44, Allied Arts Club '39, '40, Favorite Subiect-History, Hobby- Saving Picture Post Cards, Ambition- Telegraph Operator, Favorite Sport-Base- ball, Grade School-Richard Lagow. CURTIS CAMERON R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal '43, Staff Sergeant '44, Track '40, Favorite Sub- iect-Military, Favorite Sport-Football, Grade School-Colonial Hill. LOUIS CASSATA R.O.T.C. '43, '44, Favorite Subiect-Eng- lish, Hobby-Collecting Stamps and Old Coins, Ambition-Lawyer, Grade School- John Henry Brown. x THELMA CLARK Favorite Subiect-Public Speaking, Hobby--Collecting Salt and Pepper Shak- ers, Favorite Sport--Football, Grade School-Lisbon. BOB COPLEN Texas History Club '41, Favorite Sport- Football, Favorite Subject-History, Ambi- tion-Naval Officer, Hobby-Horses, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. JANICE DAUGHERTY Favorite Subiect-Shorthand, Favorite Sport-Miniature Golf, Hobby-Letter Writing, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School-Colonial Hill. IRVIN DONOSKY R.O.T.C. '43, '44, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Standard Debating Society '42, '43, '44, Secretary '44, 4B Class '44, Sergeant-at- Arms, Grade School-John Henry Brown. KATIE FAIR Pan American Student Forum '42, '43, '44, Reporter '44, Texas History Club '43, '44, Reporter '43, '44, Girls Public Speaking Club '44, Chorus '41, Linz Award '42, Echo Staft '44, 2B Class '42, Treasurer, Junior WAC '43, '44, Guard '41, Traffic Representa- tive '42, Library Assistant '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. GENE FELTON GIGGLEMAN Allied' Arts Club '42, '43, Band '41, '42, '43, '44, Hobby-Stamp Collecting, Ambi- tion-Naval Aviator, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. ELIZABETH ANNE GLENN Texas History Club '42, Junior WAC '44, Favorite Subiect-Shorthand, Favorite Sport-Valley Ball, Hobby-Taking Pic- tures, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School- Colonial Hill. anuarq ' Cla A 1 +t x. if 3,43 Qs Xglii ,M f - ' 5523 : A -" 4- , H , ,. : ,, .2 . "-21,-W E' ' ' .liiiltzilf ' 1, " .EM P i . .. f - ffsisa, f gifs 5 ..t I F X Q? L is,,l.1,.i,.i.iT s ROBERT CRUSE Football '41, '42, '43, '44, Captain '44, Basketball '41, '43, Track '41, '42, Linz Award '41, Student Council '42, Grade School-T. G. Terry. RAYMOND DEWBERRY Favorite Subject-Drafting, Favorite Sport- Football, Hobby-Model Airplanes, Grade School-City Park. JUANITA ELLIS Auditores Caesaris '42, Forest Forum '43, '44, Pep Squad '41, '42, '43, '44, Library Assistant '42, '43, '44, Ambition-Foreign Missionary, Grade School-Colonial Hill. CORINNE FELDMAN Girls Public Speaking Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Texas History Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Echo Staft '44, High Scholarship Club '42, '43, Linz Awards '42, '43, Grade School- John Henry Brown. ROBERT GILLETT R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, Corporal '43, Band '41, '42, '43, Orchestra '41, '42, '43, Foot- ball '41, Student Council '43, '44, Grade School--John Henry Brown. VlRGlNlA GLENN Junior WAC '43, '44, Favorite Subject- Mathematics, Hobby-Playing Piano, Am- bition-Nurse, Favorite Sport-Volley Ball, Grade School-Colonial Hill. Page Thirty-three JERALD GOLDBERG R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, High Scholarship Club '43, '44, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Standard Debating Society '42, '43, '44, Secretary '43, '44, 4B Class '44, President, Grade School-John Henry Brown. LEWIS GRAVES R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, Crack Company '41, '42, '43, '44, Marksman '43, Sharp- shooter '43, Rangers '43, '44, Wozencraft '42, '43, Echo Staff '44, Efficiency Award '42, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. LEONA HADROFF Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, Girls Public Speaking Club '44, Chorus '42, '43, Favorite Subiect-History, Hobby-Music, Favorite Sport--Swimming, Grade School-Garfield. LEOTA HOWARD Favorite Subiect-Typing and Shorthand, Favorite Sport-lce Skating, Hobby-Col- lecting Pictures, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School-City Park. BETTYE JEAN JAMES Allied Arts Club '41, '42, Favorite Subiect- Art, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Ambition- Commercial Artist, Hobby-Swimming, ' Grade School-T. C. Hassell. JEANNE KINCAID Girl Reserves '42, '43, Junior Red Cross '42, '43, Favorite Subiect-Algebra, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Collecting Match Folders, Ambition-Nurse, Grade School- Gary, Tyler, Texas. Page Thirty-four anua q '4 Cla A REBECCA GOREN Junior WAC '43, '44, Le Cercle Francais '41, '42, '43, '44, Secretary '43, Girls Pub- lic Speaking Club '44, Forester Staff '44, Linz Award '42, Orchestra '42, '43, Echo Staff '44, Grade School-Colonial Hill. CHARLES GRIGGS R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, Rifle Team '42, '43, '44, Crack Company '42, '43, Camp Dallas '41, '42, '43, Grade School-Colonial Hill. HARRIS D. HALL 14Al Junior Red Cross '43, '44, Hi-Y Club '43, '44, Track Team '44, R.O.T.C. '43, '44, Favorite Sport-Boxing, Favorite Subiect- Aeronautics, Grade School-Roxton. MARJORIE HUNTER Linz Award '43, Favorite SubIect-Short- hand, Favorite Sport-Volley Ball, Hobby- Music, Ambition-Evangelistic Pianist, Grade School-Lisbon. BOBBY H. JAMES R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, Second Lieuten- ant '43, Rifle Team '42, '43, '44, Captain '44, First Place, Shoulder to Shoulder Match '43, Camp Dallas '42, '43, Allied Arts Club '41, '42, Golf '42, '44, Civil Air Patrol '43, Grade School--T. C. Hassell. MARGRETTE KIZER Junior WAC '43, '44, Pep Squad '42, '43, '44, Co-Captain '43, '44, Girl Reserves '42, Guard '42, '43, '44, Chorus '41, '42, '43, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. JEANETTE LEITO Vestonians '43, '44, Favorite Subiect--His- tory, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Hobby- Collecting Records, Ambition--Nurse, Grade School-John Henry Brown. DONALD MARTIN Echo Staff '44, Student Council '42, Favorite Subject-History, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Photography, Ambition - Photog- rapher, Grade School-Colonial Hill. ROY MASTERS R.O.T.C. '43, '44, Hi-Y Club '43, '44, Echo Staff '44, lA Class '41, Vice-President, Stu- dent Council '43, '44, Grade School- Colonial Hill. DORTHY MCCULLOUGH Echo Stat? '44, Forester Staff '43, '44, Art Club, Girl Reserves, Jennings Jr. High, Am- bition--Secretary, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Grade School-Alexander Hogg. GENE METCALF Football '41, '42, '43, Track '41, '42, '43, '44, Baseball '41, Student Council '43, Fa- vorite Subiect - Physics, Ambition - Pilot, Grade School-Richard Lagow. WILLIE DARYL MITCHELL Echo Staff '44, Forester Staff '44, Favorite Subiect-Mathematics, Favorite Sport- Basketball, Hobby--Ice Skating, Ambition -Ice Skater, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. anna ly '4 cz A EVELYN LYNN Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Allied Arts Club '41, '42, Girls Public Speaking Club '42, '43, '44, Le Cercle Francais '42, '43, '44, Parlia- mentarian '44, Girl's Tennis Team '43, '44, 3A Class '43, President, 3B Class '43, Ser- geant-at-Arms, 4B Class '44, Parliamentar- ian, Grade School-Colonial Hill. DON MASSEY K 2A Class '41, Sergeant-at-Arms, Pep Squad '40, '41, '42, Science Club '40, '41, '42, Roscoe High, Favorite Subiect-Biology, Hobby-Collecting Books, Ambition-Doo tor, Grade School-Roscoe. DOROTHY JEAN MCCOMAS Linz Award '42, Favorite Subject-English, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Ambition-Secre- tary, Grade School-John Henry Brown. ROSE MARY MERRITT Library Assistant '41, Office Assistant '43, Linz Award '42, 2B Class '42, President, Favorite Subiect-English, Ambition-Sec- retary, Grade School-Richard Lagow. GRADY MILLENDER Football '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Basketball '41, '43, '44, Track '41, '42, '43, '44, Base- ball '43, '44, Golf '42, '43, '44, Echo Staff '44, Grade School-T. G. Terry. SYLVIA MOSS Junior WAC '43, Student Council '41, Girls Public Speaking Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Girl Reserves '41, Texas History Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Student Critic '43, 3B Class '43, Treasurer, Echo Staff '44, Grade School- Colonial Hill. Page Thirty-five High Scholarship Club '41, '42, '43, '44, WAN DA JO NOLEN Chorus '44, Favorite Subiect-Latin, Hobby -Stamp Collecting, Favorite Sport-Volley Ball, Grade School-Farmersville. JOYCE PALMER Dallas Historical Society '43, '44, Girl Re- serves '43, '44, Ambition-Nurse, Hobby- Photography, Grade School- Colonial Hill. EUGENIA PASCHALL Favorite Subiect-History, Hobby-Collect- ing China Dogs, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Ambition-Doctor, Grade School- T. G. Terry. KATHLEEN ROBERSON Texas History Club '42, '43, Echo Stat? '44, Favorite Subiecl-Typing, Hobby-Skating, Favorite Sport-Dancing, Grade School- Richard Lagow. IDELLE ROSENAUR Pan American Student Forum '43, Girls Pub- lic Speaking Club '43, Forest Forum '43, Forester Stal? '43, '44, Grade School- James B. Bonham. VERNELL RUSSELL Favorite Subiect-Foods, Hobby-Cooking, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Ambition- Nurse, Favorite Pastime-Reading, Grade School-Emory Grade School. Page Thirty-six anuarq '45 Clam rf 2- S s ' - . .:1gfz.2s?iw -.- Q f -,-1...,.sfgs,5 . ,. ,...,,s Sk -age Q. es " . .w.,:1 12:12-g.5,,g,,3e:., . . ,sz -f-,. gg? as fs . 3' s G Y 1 , .,,. it .1 .-1 1.s.g...f -is 7 .6553 1 - :wg - E595 -1:51 M PEGGY PACKENIUS Student Council '41, '43, '44, Dallas His- torical Society '43, '44, Girls Public Speak- ing Club '44, Texas History Club '44, Oftice Assistant '44, Linz Award '44, High Scholar- ship Club '44, Grade School- Ascher Silberstein. LILA PARIS Student Council '43, '44, Vestonians '44, Traffic Judge '44, Chorus '41, '42, '43, '44, Ambition-Nurse, Favorite Sport-Tennis, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. EVELYN RACHOFSKY Girls Public Speaking Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Sergeant-at-Arms '43, Vice-President '43, President '44, High Scholarship Club '42, '43, '44, Student Council '41, '44, 2B Class '42, Parliamentarian, 3A Class '43, Parliamentarian, 3B Class '43, President, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. CHARLES ROGERS l4Al R.O.T.C. '42, '43, '44, Sergeant '43, Rifle Team '43, '44, Football '40, '41, '42, Hi-Y Club '43, '44, President '43, Basketball '41, '42, Forester Staff '44, Echo Staff '43, '44, Grade School-John Henry Brown. PHYLLIS RUBINETT Girls Public Speaking Club '42, '43, '44, Vice-President '43, Auditores Caesaris '41, '42, '43, '44, Latin Tournament '42, Linz Award '42, Library Assistant '41, '42, '43, '44, 2A Class '42, Parliamentarian, 2B Class '42, Vice-President, 3A Class '43, Secretary, Junior Classical League Award '42, '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown. PAUL SEILHEIMER R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, Camp Dallas '43, Crack Company '43, Basketball '43, Orches- tra '41, '42, Grade School-John Henry Brown. anna If '45 CIMA V W, CLARENCE SLADEK 2 g Student Council '42,lBasketbaIl '41, '42, Q ,M sg' A lx '43, R.O.T.C. '41, '42, 43, 44, Second Lleu- 'xg 4 Y tenant '43, Camp Dallas '42, 43, Band '41, " f" ' S " 'El K. Grade School-T. C. Hassell. 2fx-:.,3- .Q T gg , ' -V ial N..-xg 'A rf GOULDEAN SMITH Favorite Sport-Miniature Golf, Favorite - Subiect-Shorthand, Hobby-Bowling, Am- ' 13 5 " ' bition-Secretary, Grade School- L i, I Colonial Hill. BETTY JO STEER Girl Reserves '42, Pan American Student Forum '43, Forester Staff '43, '44, Hobby- Stamp Collecting, Favorite Subiect-Spam ish, Favorite Sport-Tennis, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. FRANK THOMAS l4Al R.O.T.C. '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Corporal '41, Sergeant '41, Staff Sergeant '43, Military Staft '43, '44, Camp Dallas '40, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. BETTY LOU TUCKER Girl Reserves '42, Hobby-Collecting Movie Star Pictures, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Ambition-Secretary, Grade School- Colonial Hill. HANNAH WEBBERMAN National Honor Society '44, High Scholar- ship Club '42, '43, '44, Linz Awards '42, '43, '44, Office Assistant '43, Library Assist- ant '43, Girl Reserves '41, Girls Public Speaking Club '43, '44, Texas History Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Parliamentarian '44, Al- lied Arts Club '41, '42, '43, Treasurer '43, President '44, 2B Class '42, Secretary, 3A Class '43, Treasurer, Forester Staff '43, '44, Guard '42, '43, Grade School- Colonial Hill. JOYCE WYLY Girls Public Speaking Club '44, Forester Staff '44, Favorite Sport-Badminton, Favor- ite Subiect-Public Speaking, Hobby- Music, Grade School-Ascher Silberstein. 1 I I 5 ..,, . 3 I, Y l In FRANK SMITH Linz Award '42, R.O.T.C. '43, '44, Favorite Subiect-English, Favorite Sport-Football, Ambition-Pilot, Grade School-John Henry Brown. HELEN STACKS Ofiice Assistant '41, '42, 2B Class '42, Re- porter, 2A Class '42, Secretary, 3B Class '43, Vice-President, 3A Class '43, Secretary, Student Council '43, '44, Grade School- Sulphur Springs. ALBERT STILLMAN R.O.T.C. '41, '42, '43, '44, Junior Red Cross l '43, Favorite Sport- Badminton, Hobby- 1 Photography, Favorite Subiect-Chemistry, Grade School-Colonial Hill. t Q.: . ' 'WWE W JO ANN THOMPSON Linz Awards '41, '42, '43, High Scholarship Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Dallas Historical So- ciety '43, '44, Guard '42, Grade School- John Henry Brown. ELMERENE VINCENT 1B and 1A Class Treasurer, 2B and 2A Class Treasurer, Chicota High, Linz Awards '40, SM '41, Grade School-Youngs Academy. VIRGINIA WILLIAMS Guard '42, '43, Favorite Subiect-English, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Hobby-Collects Funny Books, Ambition-Teacher, Grade School-Sidney Lanier. g ' HAROLD ZEITMAN L Q Football 42, '43, '44, Basketball '43, '44, J 'liij -"'1 Izij ,Q in g Track '43, '44, I Am An American Club '42, ".f' 1,' f Q E' Standard Debating Society '43, '44, Grade T ' 'sll f 1 ' School-Kaufman. FX 11. .. MM Page Thirty-seven 4,4 Clam LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Charles Cauley, Charles Smith, Grady Millender, Buster Morgan, D. H. Brooks, Robert Cruse, Harold Zeitman, Morris Riesman, R. P. Jones. Second Row: Eugene Friedman, Louis Watel, Billy Lumpkin, George Freeland, Maborn Gray, Robert Berman, Donald Zeman, Meyer Raskin. Third Row: Bob Lilly, Jack Summerfield, Ben Apple, Monroe Mirsky, Leslie'Mitchell, Martin Letow, Harold Holcomb, Frank Thomas, Robert Sale. ' Fourth Row: Victor Oddo, Ervin Singer, Jerry Rose, Harris Hall, Billy Bushman, Edwin Morris, Bill McCoy, Ben M. Sumner. Fifth Row: Morton Prager, Bernard Kahn, George Mirsky, Charles Wood, J. D. Musso, Bobby Goldberg, Bill Deason, Gene King, Cloise Gilreath. Sixth Row: Stanley Schneider, Bernard Schnitzer, Clarence Parrish, Eugene Brockway, James Chism, George Reed, Kenneth O. Wil- , lis,'Herbert Holmes, Jimmy Allen. Seventh Row: Richard Evans, Jerry Miller, William Miller, Harold Lewis, Curtis Cameron, Robert Clark, Tom Tuttle, Billy Floyd, Bert Huddleston. NOT IN PICTURES Q Boys Ross Cangelose, Chase Campbell, Milburn Garonzik, Lloyd Harrell, Charles Rogers, Marvin Walden. Girls Nina Ruth Ballard, Jane Marshall, Yvonne Sullins. Page Thirty-eight 414 Cla A LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Betty Sparks, Virginia Driver, Leta Verne Dawson, Clara Bess Lorenz, Joye Hill, Patricia Ray, June Clymer, Dorothy Smith, Ruth Thomson, Janie Moore, Dorothy Burns, Helen Raye Corry, Dorothy Terry, Billye Thompson. Second Row: Joyce Long, Frances McDonald, Adelyn Downey, Carolyn Downey, Helen Fain, Elveda Stinson, Jane Henry, Doris Tolerton, Evelyn Beach, Norma Choate, Bobbye Crow, Mary Etta Thomas, Betty Jo Flechtner. Third Row: Miss Willie May Berry Leota Howard, Frances Hardin, Rosemary Coward, Gloria Mayhew, lnez Jenkins, Wanda Jo Nolen, Mamie Lee Mayes, Marie Griftis, Kathryn Budrow, Jimmie Lou Lantrip, Ethlyn Krecek, Eula Coleman, Ruby Fischl. Fourth Row: Maxine Meyer, Jeanne Kincaid, Dorothy Charba, Marion Lillebridge, DeLois Gibson, .loyce Reynolds, Louise Moehle, Mildred Waller, Bobbye Adams, Bobbie Flanagan, Betty Burton, Vernell Russell. Fifth Row: Lee Gannon, Tillie Goodman, Paulyne Engelberg, Bernice Feldman, Gay Nell Martin, Mary Lou Duckworth, Lois Hiegel, Maxine Worden, Shirley Moore, Mary Mae McEvoy, Velma Grisom. Sixth Row: Loraine Cone, Helen Wingert, Betty Bosma, Lois Kalin, Inez Leveen, Shirley Priest, Shirley Avis Kaufman, Mildred Kar- len, Mavis Ferguson, Rhea Goldstein, Ouida Evans. - Seventh Row: Frances Bock, Norma Weinstein, Mary Frances Malloy, Gwendolyn Scott, Ouida Riley, Tommie Davis, Betty Ann Eastwood, Hannah Freeman, Mary Grabstald, Madelyn Kaye, Gwendolyn Kent. Eighth Row: Frances Eugenia Walters, Maxine Rachofsky, Hannah Kriss, Betty Minsky, Doris Diftee, Patsy Williams, Betty Mc- Faddin, Lola Hatton, Mollie Rosenbaum, Jimmie Lea Howlett, Faye Shwiff, Eloise Conner. Ninth Row: Virginia Williams, Maxine Latimer, Georgia Wallace, Texana Cook, Marion Lawton, Wanda Payne, Jenny Sakella- riou, Dorothy Ludwick, Violet Clark, Dorothy Bean, Doris Jean Clark, Page Thirty nine Page Forty K CIMA LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Helen Stacks, Bettye James, Hannah Webberman, ldelle Rosenaur, Rebecca Goren, Leona Hadroff, Phyllis Rubinett, Peggy Packenius, Lila Paris, Anna Katherine Bramlett, Joyce Wyly. Second Row: Janice Daugherty, Gouldean Smith, Virginia McWilliams, Joyce Palmer, Kathleen Roberson, Dorothy McCullough, Juanita Ellis, Virginia Glenn, Elizabeth Glenn, Irene Schindling. Third Row: Thelma Clark, Rose Mary Merritt, Katie Fair, Evelyn Lynn, Corinne Feldman, Sylvia Moss, Evelyn Rachofsky, Mary Carolyn Frye, Elmerene Vincent, Jo Ann Thompson. Fourth Row: David Brahinsky, Harold Abramson, Bob Coplen, Jack Daniel, H. L. Pryor, Betty Jo Steer, Mariorie Hunter, Joanna Brown, Margaret Baldwin, Margrette Kizer. Fifth Row: Melvin Kieke, Donald Tullis, Melton Barnes, Dorothy McComas, Jeanette Leito, Mary Elizabeth Adams, Charles Griggs. Sixth Row: Robert Gillett, John McClaren, Charles Tuttle, Lewis Tiner, Glen Summar, Richard Christensen, Clarence Sladek, Horace Lumpkin, Raymond Dewberry. Seventh Row: Melvin Andrews, Aaron Lewellyn, Gene Metcalf, Joe Wiese, Auble Burgess, Paul Seilheimer, Hetzel Reckley. Eighth Row: Jerald Goldberg, Albert Stillman, Roy Masters, Irving Donosky, Frank Smith, A. J. Campagna, Louis Cassata. NOT lN PICTURE Boys Glenn Allen, Charles Austin, Odell Buttram, Gene Giggleman, Lewis Graves, Bobby James, Donald Martin, Don Massey, Willie Mitchell, Samuel Rude , Girls Fannie Mae Brown, Dorothy Colquitt, Eugenia Paschal, Betty Jane Plunk, Betty Lou Tucker Frances Willeford L l 314 C7444 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Helen Samford, Doris Townsend, La Verne Albright, Lois Anderson, Betty Davis, Hilda Wolfe, Evelyn Joyce Schepps, Novella Brisendine, Doris Roberts, Bobbie Jo Tennison, Babetta Garrison, Billie Dove Coley, Marie Henry, Johnny Faye Taylor. Second Row: Joyce Strickland, Elaine Sladek, Maxine James, Charlene Sandford, Yvonne Bennett, Ramona Matsler, Rosanne Flechtner, Louise Ogletree, Virginia Wimbish, Bernie Clement, Peggy Petty, Katherine Koller, Mariana Gillespie, Juanita Embry, Cora Richardson. Third Row: James Wilhite, Don Millender, Billy Patzig, Joe Edwards, Eugene Coppedge, Horace Suwal, Edward Reed, Bill Canipe, Billy Bob Kealy, Jack McCoy, Irving Statman, Mildred Bierhalter, Betty Baumgardner. Fourth Row: Roy A. Smith, Benny Scarborough, George Lee Richardson, Marvin Hillis, Neal Wright, Robert Lee Smith, Billy Swango, Robert Bedell, Fred Fife, Howard Burson, Joseph Leberta, Alice Turcotte. Fifth Row: Billy Burton, Bobby Jones, Guy Allen, James D. Little, Gordon Adamson, Ray Self, Buddy Kahn, Earl David Hutson, Jack Nicholas, D. C. Tarno, Charles Blankenship. Sixth Row: Joe Hambrick, Conlee Plunk, Willie Logan, Bill Popham, Marvin Nielsen, Damon Withrow, Jimmy Burch, Jack Hyde, Donald Boldin, Cleburne Parker. Seventh Row: Joe Epps, Jr., Gaither Endsley, Jr., Bobby Cowgill, Boyd Moore, Grady Burns, Chester Harlan, Bobby Story, Burl Clinton, Joe Collins, Cecil McRight, Jr., Ray Wells, G. D. Payne. Eighth Row: Daniel Cannon, Horace Barge, Ivan Hurley, Herbert Hoover, Dale Evans, Leslie McLean, Jay Rudberg, Wayne Toone, Ervin Utoy, Billy Peeler, J. T. Bass. Ninth Row: Jack O'Donnel, Glenn Kirk, Leon Bolin, Billy Dixon, Dick Wood, Jack Gentle, Raymond Graves, Joe Hall, James l.auw, Robert Choate, Dick Ewing. NOT IN PICTURE Arthur Aschner, Glen Bourland, Richard Baxter, Bill Blair, John Brown, Bennie Corchine, Billie .Ioe Dunagan, Loren Feldman, Billie Tom Fennell, Gene Hargett, Roy Howell, Carl Irby, Harold Russell, L. E. Saunders, Homer Steele. Page Forty one 314 C74 A LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Josephine Rener, Jane Keller, Lena Valsures, Marie Buckovan, Rae Ulay, Mary Jane Joyner, Elaine Meryl Goldberg, Rhonda Lorraine Harris, Dorothy Lorene Hill, Antoinette Carbone, Freddie Jean Polvogl, Patsy Seguin, Bertie Thompson, Lois Collins. Second Row: Claudia Voss, Annabelle Musso, Marquita Owen, Clara Belle Veal, Doris Stinson, Velma Wetherell, Raye Nell Plunk, Francine Holland, Belly Kirkpatrick, Roxie Ventura, Grace Oxman, Annette McSpadden. Third Row: Mary Lou Malloy, Mary Lou Potter, Minnie Struckmeyer, Mary Nell Osborne, Shirley Clark, Dolores Loyd, Dorothy Jane McQueen, Mary Katherine Ross, Virginia Champion, Elaine Fox, Rosalie Allman, Elizabeth Phillips. Fourth Row: Belly Brandenburg, Katherine Hastings, Nelda Sparks, Dorothy Baise, Annie Wilson, Eula Davidson, Joyce Davis, Mary Jane Harwell, Mary Alice Dowd, Lorraine Altenau, Norma Harman, Laverne Harman, Wanda Jeane Harrison, Chris- tine Hewitt, Doris Jean Morris. Fifth Row: Edna Willeford, Dorothy Nell Dossett, Ernesline Barker, Edythe Corder, Hazel Knight, Ella Nora Perigo, Dorothy Lee Ezell, Doris Jeanne Frye, June Brooks, Jean Plumlee, Ailene Burcham, Alleen Kirksey, Dorothy Dundee, Marion Ligenberg. Sixth Row: Betty Jo Cawthon, Willene Bazar, Betty Mclntosh, Maxine Harris, Hazle Weems, Ora Mae Windham, Helen Waddell, Dorothy McGlashon, Thelma Howell, Imogene Barber, Jerry McGarity, Ruby Usry, Anna Day. Seventh Row: Alma Atwood, Daphna Hilliard, Muriel Amos, Doris Nichols, Louise Swindell, Margaret Houchins, Myrle Southern, Loree Witherspoon, Pattie June Brack, Josephine Norman, Billie Joyce McCullough, Maude Evelyn Dudley, Juanita Sealy. Eighth Row: lma Jean Carroll, Dorothy Ahlfinger, Velma Stovall, Juanita Tyler, Wanda Jeanne Hale, Myra Jean Chapman, Melba Jean Crouch, Marcilie Sheinberg, Devora Kleinman, Roxann Christie, Atrella Frazier, Nita Jo Davis, Marion Johnson. Ninth Row: Anna Gene Glenn, Kathrine White, Louise Estrado, Jeannie Macaluso, Patsy Ruth Buchanan, Patsy Jean Watkins, Colleen Gooch, Bonnie Slider, Thelma Adams, Peggy Hargrave, Leatrice English, Oda Roberts, Mary Katherine Lyons. NOT lN PICTURE Lula Maye Baker, Helen Davidson, Mary Kraica, Elsie Parish, Frances Reaven, Aileen Wilborn Page Forty-two SK Cla A LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Norma Sims, Geraldine Timberlake, Dovie Langston, Geraldine Page, Louise Spain, Annie Stephenson, Palsy Jean Davis, Shirley Stephenson, Cecile G. Davis, Pearl Feldman, Juanitq McSpqdden, Wilma Sanders, Second Row: Mary Alice Anderson, Dorothy Ninas, Barbara Davis, Gladys Clearman, Loraine Higgins, Norma Jean Watts, Shirley Fonberg, Maxine Saunders, Marceline Hipwell, Bobby McGuire, Gwendolyn Hulme, Jean Turner. Third Row: George Beck, Wilma Henry, Fay Hamilton, Jean Webb, Vera Wilson, Doris Prince, Joan Burch, Reta Leatherman, Barbara Ann Scirratt, Lillian Dooley, Billie Ruth Day. Hill' l Q l ' l'i ' l 'I ll ll ll Fourth Row: Leonard C. Kahn, Bernard Siegel, Myrtle Thompson, Billie Simpson, Peggy Roderman, Betty Jo Sims, Ida Beth Cook, Roselia Story, Josephine Riley, Marifrank Hendershott. Fifth Row: Kenneth Milton Rubinett, Bernard Cohen, Bobby Seely, Carl Brown, Ed Brown, Katherine Disman, Betty Jo Northcutt, Cherie Freeman, Frances Clark, Edith McCasland. Sixth Row: Floyd Bodine, Billie Brewer, Jimmy Grider, James Harrelson, J. M. Gregory. Seventh Row: Billy Driskell, Huey Crow, Jack Turner, Richard Lee Farr, Raymond Shue, Ray Barnes, Eugene Du Bose, Walter Barnes, Billy Schmidt, Jerry Doyle, Bobby Graves. Eighth Row: William Coats, Herbert Hiett, Gerald Haile, Jimmie Elam, Jimmie Elliott, Frank Palmer, Billy Kealy, Coy White. Ninth Row: Jimmy Dement, Willis Logan, Albert Frame, Oliver Bound, Billy Allen, Gene Cozby, Nodine Swift, John Brown, Jack Frazier. NOT IN PICTURE Boys Wayne King, Bobby Leito, Frank Palmer, Leonard Ponder, R. K. Rasco, Calvin Saunders, Wincil Vandagriff, Howard Woody Girls Juana Arnspiger, Margaret Avilla, Helen Belcher, Norma Cundifi, Gene Eubanks, Helen Gardner, Blanche Gouldstein, Marjorie Harrington, Fern Ligon, Ruth McGee, Marie Primrose, Billie Shanks, Betty Stroud, Juanita Williams Page Forty three lv D 1'l .XY 214 Cla A LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Helen Cox, Leona Wright, Rae Rogers, Avis Apoy, Florence Dean, Elner Smith, Martha Diftee, Helen Bush. Second Row: Guyrene Collier, Floice Minter, Lois Nelson, Bobbie Haley, Vivian Bennett, Virginia Hart, Mary Lou Lewis, Bobbie Schaffer, Bobbie Lou Hilger, Charlie Fay Broyles, Elizabeth McKenzie, Helen Fair, Imogene Ingram, Helen France. Third Row: Billie Jo Williams, Rae Hoffman, Margaret Bowland, Jimmie Hewitt, Rose Gruber, Ruth Lewin, Elizabeth Bennett, Doris Ann Brisendine, Patricia Hatter, Lynnette Douglas, Mary Dickerson, Tully Robertson, Mary Lou Watkins, Janet Lindsay. Fourth Row: Doris Wicklifi, Shirley Leventhal, Eddie White, Gladys Watkins, Vadell Grant, Tommie Jo Grace, Virginia Haines, Yvonne Smith, Mary Ann Buckovan, Jean Stewart, Joan Stone, Ethel Guynes, Waucel LaRue, Anita Sue Lynch. Fifth Row: Betty Rawson, Billie Creasey, Carmen Harrelson, Kathleen Green, Annette Raspante, Wanda Lawson, Mariorie Ann Johnson, Joan d'Ablemont, Peggy Elliot, Virginia Chesnick, Fayrene Moulton, Patty Kincaid, Viva Lemmond, Mary Frances Nail, Anna Oesch. Sixth Row: Mary Dunbar, Doris Johnston, Christine Watkins, Betty Hodges, Margaret Keaton, Winnie Kate Kirk, Betty Jane Hunter, Marilyn Murphy, Peggy Joyce Threatt, Martha Baumgartner, Norma Jean Elliot, Maurietta Turner, Margie Ruth Tucker, Winnie Sue Wilson, Alice Zaidl. Seventh Row: Joyce Huse, Bobbie Van Harris, Charleen Smith, Vaun Del Corbet, Betty Burgess, Jessie Lee Corban, Earldine Wil- liams, Patsy Hughes, Sonia Allen, Norma Jean Gilbreath, Doris Jean Beach,Virginia Smith, Norma Anderson,Joanne Stokes. Eighth Row: Mary Frances Rawls, Doris Goddard, Mary Beth McKenzie, Marian Pasternak, Flarine Robinson, Willie Odom, Betty Jean Bass, Annie Harrison, Norma Jean Brazeal, Rosalie Kovnat, Dorothy Gillett, Marguerite Phelps, Barbara DeLoache. Ninth Row: Narida Wheeless, Patsy Reynolds, Jacqueline Lewis, Mary Moreno, Oneta Black, Martha Cooper, Joyce Commons, Betty McNally, Margie McKay, Jettie Mae Rowe, Vida Jo Rickman, Beatrice Cortimelia, Joan Kreiter. Tenth Row: Mary Jane Paris, Geraldine Bennett, Jacqueline Dean, Dorothy Hall, Jean Johnson, LaVerne Harrison, Geraldine Huey, Ruth Wheeler, Rea Rogers, Daphne Washer, Winnie Jo Palmer, Hellen Ernest, Othello Pledger. Eleventh Row: Loveta Emmons, Bobbie Morrison, Lottie Kennedy, Christine Johnson, Betty Steele, Maxine Segal, Joyce Scallons, Eva Mae Shipp, Ruby Jean Young, Barbara l.abell, Colleen Orrill, Peggy Walden, Melba Howard. NOT IN PICTURE Madelyn Bruner, Margie Lee Day, Marian Fields, Joan Green, Idamaye Hall, Susan Kennedy, Helen Lair, Mary Nell McKinney, Patsy Ruth Miller, Mildred Powell, Christene Rasure, May Dell Samford, Evelyn Somer, Elvita Southern, Evonne Verner, Lavonne Verner, Page Forty-four is 214 Clam LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Joyce Sims, Betty Sue Wilson, Barbara Lynn Smith, Imogene Brooks, Lois Worsham, Patsy Taylor, Billie Jo Smith, Alvina Horn, Marvonelle Roe, Alyene Snow, Joyce Myers, Dorothy Worley. Second Row: Elmo Kieke, James Marshall, Herman Scott, Max Gardner, Virginia Marshall, Lillie Mae Daniels, Bill Shuptrine, Walter Henry, James Levine, Norwin Gene Ray, Ruby Schaefer, Margaret Moore, John B. Young, Dick Moore. Third Row: Betty Gwynn Hayes, Walter Threadgill, Jimmie Crump, Gilbert Daniel, Gilbert Strickland, Robert Trent, Horace Rephan, Billy Moulton, Harold Joe Cortimilia, Wayne Bowles, George A. Lewis, Jr., Edd McDonald, James Alleneis, Donald Lee Smith, Billy Joe Houston. Fourth Row: Beverly Byers, Mary Lynn Haynes, Charles Wilhite, Clyde Abbott, Lewis Tucker, Jerry Barshop, Solie Freed, Jim Farr, Eugene Hixson, Kenneth Higginbotham, Bobby Jackson, Claude Leverett, Carlisle Barton, James Walker. Fifth Row: June Box, Irving Adelstein, Tommy Moore, Martin Rutchik, Lester Frank, Morris Steinberg, Robert Erwin, Benny Huddle- ston, Parker Stafford, Billy Phillips, Joe Welch, Joe Earl Ellis. Sixth Row: Otha Dow Ogletree, La Verne Brown, Donald Murray, Ira Freedman, Thomas Bogie, Jimmie I. Scott, Victor Leocadi, Robert Beasley, Orelle Camp, J. C. Taylor, Glenn Jenkins, Jerome Tobias, Herbert McGarity. Seventh Row: Billy Tankursley, Fred Korngut, Thurman Ray, John Lievsay, Eugene Dixon, Jasper Wagliardo, Gene Pflug, Jack Goldman, Edgar Hart, Robert Mayo, Howell Calvert, Billy Johnston, John Simmons. Eighth Row: Ivan Huddleston, John Conner, Milton Grisom, Ernest Donaberger, Cecil Pritchett, Harold Riggs, Gordon Little, Robert Wade, Julian Braddock, Ray Barnes, J. C. Corbett, George Harman, Johnnie Williams. Ninth Row: Don Burt, John Jefferies, Nathan Stovall, Richard Stackhouse, Clyde Smith, Robert Thornton, Charles Lundy, Billy Cul- bertson, Eugene Risener, Donald Weeks, Kenneth Witt, Irby Barber. Tenth Row: John C. Ralston, Joe Wayne Combs, David Herman, Billy Hughes, Bert Bedell, George Faucett, Billy Webb, Genc Baker, Charles Waller, John Coley, Burton Ewing, Otho Nelson, Cecil Cooley. NOT IN PICTURE Everett Bare, John Bowland, Wayne Boyles, Ewing Burton, James Camp, James Els, Francis Hamil, Robert Lyon, Billy Ray Mercer, Billy Phillips, Charles Pitman, Grady Poynter, Glenn Poynter, Glenn St. Clair, Billy Watkin, Ben Woodside, Marvin Works. Page Forty five Z5 Cla A First Row: Cecil Palmer, Donald Witt, Carl Moehle, James Love, Billy Love, Thomas Hutson, E. A. Splawn, Wynburn Berryman, Curtis Russell, Paul R. Lyday, Victor Levy. Second Row: Paul Cruse, Bennie Morgan, Jr., Eddie Hale, Milton Tullos, Charles Fox, Bobby Joe Houchin, Gene Epstein, John Vatsures, Raymond Cuddy, Alexander Ray Marquez, Billy Smith, Nathan Gappelberg. Third Row: Nels Hansen, Jr., George Petton, Jae Cody, Clarence Clark, Norman Mussato, Billy Murphy, Jack Beaver, Billy Robin- son, Omar Hancock, Stanley Rubenstein, Paul Singer. -h NOT IN PICTURES Boys Donald Arrington, Lawrence Atwood, Harrell Ballard, Otha Bennett, Harold Brewer, Joe Cunningham, George Dasch, Don Dugan, Robert Edwards, Don Hanes, R. A. Hughes, Norman McMullen, Gordon O'DeIl, Oscar Pitman, Buford Raley, Garrett Ransom, John Sordo, James Walker, Paul White, Richard Winters, Odell Yates. Girls Oneta Black, Ola Marie Brooks, Betty Lou Brown, Dorothy Carter, Paula Crawford, Marguerite Gordon, Anita Jacob, Christine Johnson, Melba Johnson, Doris Johnston, Helen Ruth Jones, Sarah Kaplan, Georgia Mae Kiel, Georgia Kile, Mary Lou Lewis, Betty Lilly Betty Lou McCarty, Nellie Richardson, Peggy Walden. Page Forty-six Z! C7444 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Sibyl Skinner, Doris Cook, Winnie Fay Wycoff, Rosa Lee Corey, Susan Curtis, Mimie Goodman, Freida Ann Benson, Nadine Baker, Frances Harvey, Dorothy Kile, Ernestine Johnson, Miss Annie Gem Felder. Second Row: Betty Cherry, lnez Frier, Lela Faye Gage, Willie Frances Neeley, Katherine South, Norma Murphy, Rosie Lee Town- send, Bernice Mangum, Ramona Weeda, Teresa Kessner, Bobbie Jo Tatum, Howard Perry. Third Row: Martha Jo Matthews, Dorothy Mae Pratt, Maxine Watson, Betty Jean Russell, Imogene Barrow, Jonnie V. Harris, Leta Mae Wise, Mary Elizabeth Knight, Doris Nell Sheats. Fourth Row: Bobbie Jean Rains, Zadie Allene Ball, Pearl Bond, Yvonne Rivers, Mariorie Tucker, Juanita Monday, Rosemary Pac- kenius, Louise Martine, Lois Irene Boone, Georgia Delk, Louise Fryar. Fifth Row: Helen Tennison, Wanda Fain, Jean McDonald, Juanita Mahaffey, Anita Jacob, Hellen Jones, Gloria Patterson, Hazle Juanita Horton, Imogene Phillips, Aliene Hargrove. Sixth Row: Dora Mae Fulenwider, Zelma Lee Hand, Dorothy Bird, Rosa Bean, Dorothy Austin, Dorothy Fay Marshall, Peggy Jeane Kline, Eloise Thompson, Jane Knight, Doris Dollgener, Mary Alice Ferrell. Seventh Row: Margaret Wade, Elva Schwetke, Bobbie Collins, Erma Lee Graham, Peggy Brignon, Allene Williams, Josephine Rich- mond, Mary Jean Walker, Beulah Tiner, Dorothy Gillett. Page Forty-seven 114 C744 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: James Thrasher, Staunton Swift, Louise Tucker, Pauline Hunsoker, Betty Lou Brown, Miss Ruth Christopher, Patricia Reinle, Imogene Beggs, Nellie Maxwell, Catherine Marie Vines, Norma Jean Thorpe, Claudine Clark, Katherine Powell, Frances Nell Potts, Doris Doily. Second Row: Pete Vatsures, Kirby Barber, Sam Andrews, Michael Radley, Wayne Turner, Hob Tune, George McMiller, James Sut- ton, Jack Erdly, W. A. Cooley, Billy Jack Boyce, Dale Lowe, Frank Bacon. Third Row: Billy Wesch, Edward Lawton, O. H. Haveman, Kenneth Tucker, Kenneth Peach, Charles Fultz, Tommy Dee Ravell, Arthur Mackey, E. G. Mankins, Henry Hicks, Kenneth Beaver, Linwood Gillilard, Harry Tosh. Fourth Row: Kenneth Davis, Guy Chofiin, George Vrla, Charles Higgins, Fred Hancock, Evelyn Mackey, Vesta Long, Doris Osborn, Betty Jones, Marvel Eloise Hutson, Selma Sagel, Dorolh-y Angrist, Clinton Johnson. Fifth Row: Herman Fox, Oscar Parker, Richard Blair, Glynn Withrow, Stanley Pyle, Donald Allison, Gary Endsley, Bobby Ward, Wanda Orrill, Margaret Farr, Jacqueline Parrett, Norma Jones, Louise Fogon, Dorothy Cleghorn, Yvonne Smith, Virginia Thornhill. Sixth Row: Henry Redd, Maurice Graham, Fred Tillery, Fred Young, Clifford Roberts, Robert Willis, L. B. Holmes, Joe Sims, Bob Flanders, Gerald Wiesenfeld, Charles Conner, Morton Rochofsky, Edwin GerloFf. Seventh Row: Myron Shwiff, Joseph Klibonow, Raphael Levin, Felton Gentry, Bennie Adams, Stanley Green, Tommy Robinson, Edward Moore, Jimmy James, Billy Rogers, George A. West, Ellwood Morris, Richard Macon. Eighth Row: Sammy Cowan, Fred Rogers, Bobby Ray Perigo, Billy Wade McRight, Clyde Lynn Giles, George Wheeler, Holman Hawkins, Reuben Barton, Wayne Hardin, James Jay, Harold Harris, V. A. Huckaby. Ninth Row: Homer Lee Cook, Donald Witt, Marvin Ford, Charles Masterson, Pace Zemon, George Weems, Eugene Katz, Howard Clymer, Kenneth Wycoft, Stanley Rosen, John Mims, Charles Lindsey, Thomas Julian, Bobby Roy Farrow, Don James, Acton Rogsdale, Jr. Page Forty-eight I f Y 114 Cla A LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Joyce Ablon, Peggy Shelton, Edna Oakley, Anita Weil, Bobbie Jean Hall, Eva Schnitzer, Anita Petty, Joyce Melton, Cecilia Baumgartner, Doris Williams, Bonnie Thompson, Wanda Wade, Dolores Garrison, Emma June Fortson, Vernelle Pyle. Second Raw: Jeannene Bridges, Mary Frances Leeds, Dorothy Dodson, Louise Hixsan, Betty Hart, Wanda Kitson, Nancy Hixson, Patsie Greene, Fannie Rae Fair, Jo Ann Rubenstein, Barbara Sims, Thelma Romotsky, Dorthy Snow, Lois Dell Hilton. Third Row: Jean Peak, Ouida Beth Plunk, Mona Lee Stone, Juanita Green, Ladelle Gafford, Minerva Robertson, Norma Hellen Patzig, lda Armbruster, Doris Miller, Pauline Satterwhite, Vermelle McCain, Gloria Rollins, Evelyn Julian, Ruby Jo Hale, Miss Ruth Christopher. Fourth Row: Mildred Brothers, Boots Reilly, Jean Strickland, Jacqueline Burks, Mary Evelyn Mahone, Myra Jean Hayes, Frances Hulme, Martha Ann Adamson, Marianne Grace, Wanda Fisher, Helen Hale, Arlyn Hordurtz, Leah Fordyce. Fifth Row: Florence Bridges, Geneva Hogue, lva Lee Carter, Gwendolyn Simmons, Betty June Hardin, Geraldine Waters, Faye McFarland, Emma Jean Battles, Betty Jean Marshall, Bennie Merle Crow, Cathryn Dickrson, Ida Lois Pattillo, Jeanette Bridges. Sixth Row: Charlene Hobbs, Joy Castleberry, Patsy Ruth Jones, Lara Jones, Billie La Master, Sarah Bound, Betty Jo Hulse, Betty Sue Camp, Nina Marie Heaton, Bobbie Lee Farrington, Katherine Kreiter, Jimmie Simmons. Seevnth Row: Valliere Lindley, Helen Dawdy, Bobbie Bigham, Martha Jo Bledsoe, Barbara Jones, Edna Earl Kinnamon, Margie Chance, Joan Turner, Ruth Lorene Cavett, Dorothy Wilson, Phyllis Black, Betty Bowles. Eighth Row: Loretta Pickett, Gloria Becknell, Louise Shawhean, Marion Fuller, Billie Morris, Dorothy Barbazan, Pauline Dillon, Edith Joy Lambert, Wilma Jean Miller, Georgia Mae Stewart, Dorothy Mae Thompson, Edna Earl Milligan. Ninth Row: Lucille Clark, Evelyn Church, Bonnie Ford, Juanita Dial, Ruth Meeks, June Hartwell, Dorothy Lee Logan, Joyce Welder, Tommie Lee Wilkinson, Bettye Jeane Hale, Virginia Stepter, Jeanine Nelson, Lillian Jones, Betty Wallace. Page Forty-nine Page Fifty 114 Cla A LEFT TO RIGHT First Raw: Eleanor Bushman, Martha Howell, Ruth Silvergold, Palsy Swift, Wanda Smith, Marie Compton, Alyne Yates. Second Row: June Shaw, Doris Henry, Syble Turner, Dorothy Gordon, Frances Rose, Mary Louise Lusk, Margaret Chew, Margaret Childress, Delores Billingsley. Third Row: Maxine Simmons, Ouida Duckworth, Ruth Gonzales, Catherine Courtney, Earnestine Dennis, Patsy Moore, Helen Swaf- ford, Bonnie Sims, Bonnie Goodman, Ray Roberts. Fourth Row: Bessie Mae Williams, Ann Case, Betty Jo Cox, Billie Ruth Parker, Doris Martin, Opal Dodd, Jo Anna Baise, Helen Gambrell, Eddy Crabtree. Fifth Row: Charles Foster, Homer Chaffin, James Land, Johnny Swartz, Norman Kaplan E. G. Mankins, Harold Goodwin, Bernard Sigel, Joe Webberman. Sixth Row: Freddie Dunn, Joseph Somer, Larry Parnass, Jimmie Reimer, Jessie Harrel Steele, Jimmy Hendrix, Bobby Moody, Jack Matthews, Travis Kelley, Glenn Wilhelm. NOT IN PICTURES Bays . Sam Andrews, Frank Bacon, Kirby Barber, Kenneth Beaver, Guy Chaftin, Homer Chafiin, David Claxton, Eddy Crabtree, Joe Dangelo, Dee Driggers, Freddie Dunn, Charles Fultz, Linwood Gilliland, Harold Goodwin, Fred Hancock, O. H. Haveman, Jr., Charles Higgins, Bill Holmes, Norman Kaplan, Edward Kolenovsky, James Land, Edward Lawton, Dale Lowe, George McMiller, Arthur Mackey, E. G. Mankins, Jack Matthews, Bobby Moody, Larry Parnass, Eugene Partington, Rommy Dee Rovell, Jimmie Reimer, Ray Roberts, Arthur Lee Sale ,James Skiles, James Olan Snow, Joseph Somer, James Sutton, Johnny Swartz, Kenneth Tucker, George Vrla, Jack Watts, Joe Webberman, Billy Welch, Ted West, Bobby Winters. Girls Billie Ruth Baldwin, Gwyn Bernard, Shirley Boren, Jeanne Clark, Minnie Margaret Corder, La Verne Creasen, Lareela Joan Douglas, Jane Duggar, Mary Farr, Melba Ford, Patsy Ruth Holt, June Hunt, Lucille McGee, Billie Jean Merriman, Nana Simms, Rechelle Stillman, Sarah Umphress. Clam LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Mary Louise McDonald, Emma Daisy Reed, Patsy Dunn, Mary Lou Arche, Lois Schuman, Mary Richmond, Joan Swift, Betty McCoy, Frances Moran, Elaine Kopecky, Jo Nell Simmons. Second Row: Eddie Jo Waymire, Annie Lee Rimmer, Elizabeth Murrey, Lola Mae Slone, Kathleen Malone, Dora McFadin, Mabel Elizabeth Bullock, Lottie Jean Willoughby, Gladys Smith, Billie Sue Bishop, Bobbie Jean Bentley, Billie Lou Raye. Third Row: Tommy Boatman, Joe Wilson, Bobby Long, Patricia Cope, Gloria Baise, Frances Embry, Virginia Henry, Doris Kirksey, Betty Lou Nelson, Louise Brockway, Frances Anna Jurcik, Cleta Cline, Beatrice Bowen. Fourth Row: Austin Katheart, Arris Melton, Walter Smith, Frank Anderson, Walter Bennett, Margaret Equals, Dorothy Bohne, Chris- ene Smith, Betty Ruth Sullivan, Mary Nelda Holder, Alan Berrenson. Fifth Row: Kenneth Rogers, Eugene Goldgar, Billy Perry, Howard Johnson, Wayne Davis, Ted Whorton, Hysell Sloan, Jackie Cooper, Billy Harrison, H. L. Biggs, Jimmy Ferguson, Bobby Joe Walters. Sixth Raw: Paul Schweng, John Hayes, Ershal Malone, Billy Richardson, James Lambert, Randall Brockway, Edwin Bannon, Ray- mond Hulse, Ronald Witt. NOT IN PICTURE Boys Harald Aiken, Buck Blackman, Eugene Bonsal, Billy Jack Boyce, Charles Calvert, Harry Carlton, Ray Clements, James Cameron, Jessie Ray Collier, Vernon Kenneth Davis, Kenneth Duncan, Carl Elloitt, Jack Erdly, Robert Charles Faulk, Paul Fonburg, Bobby Fowler, Max Freeman, Lonnie Fuller, John Gattuso, Charles Greenhaw, Harold Hamill, Henry Hicks, Mickey Holmes, Johnie Jones, Harvey Lane, Alvis Lindsley, Ovis Sanderford, Larry Scallons, Lonnie Lee Scarborough, Billy Liggett, Aubrey Shuptrine, Vernon Starr, Jessie Steele, Harry Walter Tash, Thurman Taylor, William Walker, Paul Wilmoth. Girls Mariorie Brannon, Opal Carpenter, Jeanette Fain, Ima Jo Gamble, Mary Jane Guernsey, Oleta Gunter, Dorothy Halifield, Betty Jean Hedgpeth, Ruby Lee Hendricks, Ruth Hope, Vada Martin, Jacqueline Mayberry, Sammie Pike, Beatrice Pitts, Arlene Powell, Betty Strange, Vunita Stribbling, Bettie Jean Tarleo, Bernice Tucker, Helen Vatre, Manuela Valez. Page Fifty on Our motto musf be "Peace Through Preparedness" if we are Vo preserve our freedom.-Henry A, Wallace. PREP ESS Page Fifty-four Lieutenant-Colonel RICHARD L. COLEMAN Commandant Technical Sergeant FRANK A. ORRILL Assistant Commandant Lieutenant-Colonel Richard L. Cole- man started his Army career by join- ing the National Guard, attaining the rank of captain in 1902. He attended Fort Benning, Georgia, as a major, taking a course in machine guns and howitzers. Colonel Coleman has been with the R.O.T.C. since, 1916, having served as a commandant ot the Pea- cock Military College and numerous other schools. Colonel Coleman came to Forest in 1923, but in 1935 he went to North Dallas, returning to Forest in 1939. Technical Sergeant Frank A. Orrill, assistant to commandant, was sta- tioned at Forest August 10, 1943, as a replacement for Staff Sergeant Har- lan W. Ward. Sergeant Orrill has completed twenty-two years of mili- tary service in the United States Army, during which time he has been sta- tioned at Love Field, Mathes Field at Sacramento, California, Luke Field, Pearl Harbor and Fort Sam Houston. Before his present assignment at For- est he was stationed at Camp Wol- ters, Mineral Wells, Texas. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row. Capt. Charles Reed, Lt. Col. Leslie Mitchell, Capt. Brill McCoy, Second Lt. Bobby James, Second Lt. Jimmy Burch Second Lt. Leon Bolin, Maior Billy Bushman. Second Row: Master Sgt. Billy Lumpkin, Master Sgt. Marvin Barish, Stat? Sgt. Charles Cauley, Stott Sgt. Frank Thomas, Stat? Sgt Maborn Gray. LEFT TO RIGHT In Front: Lt. Col. Leslie Mitchell, Major William Bushman. First Row: Capt. Monroe Mirsky, Capt. Harold Lewis, Capt. Bobby Goldberg, Capt. L. M. Cox, Capt. Jack Summerfield, Capt Charles Reed, Capt. Bill McCoy, First Lt. Ben Apple. Second Row: Second Lt. Charles Griggs, Second Lt. Bob Pugh, Second Lt. Bobby James, Second Lt. Clarence Sladek, Second Ll George Mirsky, Second Lt. Joe Collins, Second Lt. A. J. Campagna, Second Lt. Robert Sale, Second Lt. Roy A. Smith Third Row: Second Lt. Paul Sielheimer, Second Lt. Gordon Adamson, Second Lt. Fred Fife, Second Lt. Marvin Nielsen, Second Lt Leon Bolin, Second Lt. Jimmy Burch. -fg- Comp ny 14 FALL LEFT TO RIGHT ln Front: Second Lt. Charles Griggs, Cpl. Gilbert Daniel, Capt. Monroe Mirsky, Second lt. Bob Pugh. First Raw: Lt. Col. Leslie Mitchell, Capt. Bill McCoy, Capt. Charles Reed, First Sgt. Victor Oddo, Staff Sgt. Charles Cauley, Sgt. Irving Adelstein. Second Row: Pvt. Billy Tankursley, Pvt. Howard Burson, Pvt. Odell Yates, Pvt. Howell Calvert, Cpl. Walter Threadgill, Cpl. James Walker, Pvt. Morris Riesman, Pvt. Gordon O'DeII, Pvt. Huey Crow, Sgt. Richard Grubbs. Third Row: Pvt. Herbert McGarity, Pvt. Fred Korngut, Pvt. Gilbert Strickland, Pvt. Jack Beaver, Pvt. Donald Murray, Pvt. Thomas Hutson, Pvt. John Vatsures, Pvt. Melvin Kieke, P.F.C. Jerry M. Rose, Staff Sgt. Horace Lumpkin. Fourth Row: Cpl. Harold Abramson, Pvt. Willis Logan, Pvt. Coy White, Sgt. Charles Rogers, Pvt. Norman McMullen, Pvt. Joe Hambrick, Pvt, Earl Hutson, Pvt. Cecil McRight, Pvt. Herman Scott, Pvt. Elmo Kieke, Fifth Row: Pvt. Clyde Giles, Pvt. Bennie Adams, Pvt. L. B. Holmes, Pvt. Stanley Pyle, Pvt. Holman Hawkins, Pvt. George Wheeler, Pvt. Kenneth Davis, Pvt. Donald Lee Smith, Sgt. John Brown, Cpl. Martin letow. Sixth Row: Pvt. Eugene Brockway, Pvt. Tommy Robinson, Pvt. Billy Rogers, Pvt. Billy McRight, Pvt. Robert Willis, Pvt. James Marshall, Pvt. Sammy Cowan, Pvt. Bobby Jackson, Pvt. Oscar Parker, Pvt. Fred Young, Pvt. Clifford Roberts. Seventh Row: Cpl. Bill Burton, Sgt. Joe Earl Ellis, Pvt. Joe Sims, Pvt. Stanley Green, Pvt. Glynn Wthrow, Pvt. Fred Tillery, Pvt. Ellwood Morris, Pvt. Jimmy James, Pvt. Richard Blair, Pvt. Edward Moore. CAPTAIN Nielsen, Marvin SECOND LIEUTENANTS Seilheimer, Paul Sladek, Clarence FIRST SERGEANT Rogers, Charles TECHNICAL SERGEANT Ellis, Joe Earl STAFF SERGEANTS Abramson, Harold Adelstein, Irving Brown, John Daniels, Gilbert Graves, Lewis Jones, Bobby Rephan, Horace Threadgill, Waller Page Fifty-six SERGEANTS Levine, James Stillman, Albert PRIVATES Adams, Bennie Bacon, Francis Barshop, Jerry Beaver, Jack Burson, Howard Claxton, David Cowan, Sammy Dfiskiu, Billy Foster, Charles Hambrick, Joe Hamil, Francis Hawkins, Holman Holmes, Billy Holmes, L. B. Houston, Billy SPRING Hutson, Thomas James, Jimmy Korngut, Fred Masters, Roy Masterson, Charles McRight, Billy McRighl, Cecil Morris, Ellwood Murray, Donald Peach, Eugene Pyle, Stanley Robinson, Tommy Rogers, Billy Scott, Herman Shuptrine, Billy Sims, Joe Swartz, Johnny Tillery, Fred Tiner, Lewis Weeks, Donald Wheeler, George Winters, Bobby Withrow, Glenn Yates, Odell Young, Fred RECRUITS Anderson, Frank Boatman, Tommy Ferguson, Jimmie Jordan, Paul Kalhcart, Everett Lindsey, James Malone, Ershal Singer, Paul Smith, Waller Walker, William ATTACHED Capt. Monroe Mirsky Master Sgt. Richard Baxter Master Sgt. Damon Wlthrow Stat? Sgt. Martin Lelow Com my E FALL LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Second l.t. Joe Collins, Second Lt. .limmy Burch, Sgt. Neal Wright, Capt. Harold Lewis, Second Lt. Leon Bolin, Second Lt. Marvin Niel sen, Second Lt. Clarence Sladek. Second Raw: Sgt. Bobby Graves, Cal. Curtis Cameron, Cpl. Jerry Miller, Staff Sgt. Meyer Ruskin, Staff Sgt. Damon Withrow, Sgt. Auble Burgess Sgt. Leonard Pierce, Sgt. Ervin Singer, Sgt. Richard Farr, Cpl. Max Gardner, Sgt. Billy Bob Kealy. . Third Raw: Pvt. Donald Botdin, P.F.C. Nadine Swift, Pvt. Jack Nicholas, Pvt. Morton Rachofsky, Pvt. Bob Coplen, Pvt. Walter Henry, Cpl David Brahinsky, Pvt. John Coley, Pvt. Ellis Clark, Pvt. Charles Waller. Fourth Row: Pvt. Clyde Abbott, Pvt. John Mims, Pvt. Cecil Pritchett, Pvt. Reuben Barton, Pvt. Billy Driskill, Pvt. Bill Papham, Pvt. Pete Vatsures, Pvt. Edward Lawton, P.F.C. Bernard Cohen. Filth Row. Pvt. Joe Webberman, Pvt. Jasper Wagliardo, Pvt. lewis Tiner, Pvt. Billy Wesch, Pvt. J. M. Gregory, Pvt. Wayne Hardin, Pvt. James Lauw, Pvt. Ernest Donaberger. Sixth Row: Cpl. Jack Turner, Cpl. Walter Barnes, Pvt. Bill Shuptrine, Pvt. Eugene DuBose, Pvt. Frank Richard Palmer. ATTACHED Lieutenant-Colonel Leslie Mitchell Major Billy Bushman Captain Gordon Adamson Captain Benny Apple CAPTAIN Burch,Jimmie FIRST LIEUTENANTS Collins, Joe Mirsky, George SECOND LIEUTENANTS Holcomb, Harold Lumpkin, Billy FIRST SERGEANT Lumpkin, Horace TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Cauley, Charles Corchine, Bennie Raskin, Meyer Steele, Homer STAFF SERGEANTS Brockway, Eugene Burgess, Auble Chism, James Jackson, Bobby Kahn, Bernard Miller, Jerry Prager, Morton Smith, Robert Swango, Billy Wright, Neal SERGEANTS Arrington, Donald Rose, Jerry PRIVATES Abbott, Clyde Austin, Charles Bennet, Otha Bowland, John Coley, John SPRING Cook, Homer Donaberger, Ernest Frank, Lester Gregory, J. M. Jefferies, John Jenkins, Glenn Kieke, Elmo Kieke, Melvin Lievesay, John McMullen, Norman Murphy, Billy Nicholas, Jack Palmer, Cecil Pritchett, Cecil Putman, Oscar Splawn, E. A. Steele, Jessie Strickland, Gilbert Tankursley, Billy Vatsures, John Waller, Charles RECRUITS Bare, Everett Calvert, Charles Davis, Kenneth Davis, Wayne Faulk, Robert Green, Stanley Hall, Harris Harris, Harold Harrison, Billy Haves, John Lawton, Edward Lowe, Dale Marquez, Alexander Mims, John Rachofsky, Morton Swift, Stanton Vatsures, Pete Webberman, Joe Welsch, Billy Willis, Robert Page Fifty seven Company C' FALL LEFT TO IGHT First Row: Second Lt. Bobby H. James, Second Lt. Roy A. Smith, Sgt. Floyd Bodine, Capt. A. J. Campagna, Maior Billy Bushman. Second Row: Pvt. Horace Suwal, Pvt. Edwin Morris, Pvt. Billy Johnston, Sgt. Robert Bedell, Sgt. Harold Holcomb, Sgt. Billy Swango. Third Row: Pvt. E. G. Mankins, Pvt. Norman Kaplan, Pvt. Roy Masters, Pvt. Kenneth Witt, Pvt. Otha Lee Bennett, Pvt. Edwin Gerlott. Fourth Row: Pvt. Homer Lee Cook, Pvt. Tommy Dee Ravell, Pvt. Bobby Perigo, Pvt. Billie Jimmie Reimer, Pvt. Joseph Somer, Pvt. Freddie Dunn. H b P t G M Miller Pvt Lest F Bobby Goldberg, Second Lt. Robert L. Sale, Second Lt. Sgt. Robert Lee Smith, Staft Sgt. Frank Thomas, Staff Pvt. Jimmy Farr, Pvt. Dick Wood, Pvt. Bobby Moody, Brewer, Pvt. Harold Goodwin, Pvt. James Land, Pvt. Fifth Row: Pvt. Charles Conner, Pvt. V. A. ucka y, v . eorge c , . er rank, Cpl. Albert Stillman, Pvt. Jack O'DonneI, Pvt. Kenneth Peach, Pvt. Kenneth Beaver. Sixth Row: Pvt. Irving Statman, Pvt. Staunton Swift, Pvt. George A. West, Pvt. Cecil Palmer, Pvt. Charles Lindsey, Pvt. Guy Chaftin, Pvt. Dale Lowe, Pvt. Glenn Kirk, Pvt. Clinton Johnson, Pvt. Charles Fultz. Seventh Row: Pvt. Jerald Goldberg, Pvt. Irvin Donosky, Pvt. George Lee Richardson, Pvt. Billy Murphy, Pvt. Eugene Risener, Pvt. Robert Mayo, Cpl. Ross Cangelose, Sgt. Julius Frauman. Eighth Row: Pvt. Tommy Moore, Pvt. Morris Steinberg, Pvt. Ira Freedman, Pvt. Claude Leverett, Pvt. Billy Robinson, Pvt. Frank Smith, Pvt. Louis Cassata, Pvt. Bill Deasan. Ninth Row: Pvt. Willie Logan, Pvt. Charles Lundy, Pvt. Daniel Cannon, Pvt. Terry Hooks, Pvt. Billy Joe Houston. CAPTAINS Goldberg, Robert James, Bobby FIRST LIEUTENANT Sale, Robert SECOND LIEUTENANT Fife, Fred FIRST SERGEANT King, Wayne TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Bourland, Glenn Jones, Phil Suwal, Horace STAFF SERGEANTS Burton, Billy Cameron, Curtis Page Fifty-eight Cangelose, Ross Farr, Richard Graves, Bobby Kirk, Glenn Little, James McLean, Leslie O'DonnelI, Jack Self, Ray Singer, Ervin SERGEANTS Barnes, W'alter Brahinsky, David Coplen, Bob Els, James Howell, Roy Logan, Willie Statman, Irving Moore, Boyd Turner, Jack SPRING PRIVATES Allen, Billy Allen, Glenn Baker, Gene Barber, Irby Barton, Reuben Lee Brewer, Harold Burns, Grady Cassata, Louis Chaftin, Guy Clark, Robert Cohen, Bernard Conner, Charles Corbett, J. C. Cowgill, Bobby Du Bose, Eugene Dunn, Freddie Farr, Jim Feldman, Loren Friedman, Ira Goodwin, Harold Pvt. Thurman Ray, Pvt. James Wilhite, Pvt. Bobby Cowgill, Higgins, Charles Hoover, Herbert Johnston, Billy Johnston, Clinton Kaplan, Norman Lindsey, Charles Lundy, Charles Mankins, E. G. Mayo, Robert Moody, Bobby Moore, Tommy Parker, Oscar Ragsdale, Acton Ravell, Tommy Ray, Billy Ray, Thurman Reimer, Jimmie Robinson, Billy Scarbrough, Benny Smith, Frank Somer, Joe Steinburg, Morris Stovall, Nathan Wagliardo, Jasper West, George Wilhite, James RECRUITS Bonsol, Eugene Clements, Ray Cooley, Cecil Duncan, Kenneth Fowlar, Bobby Freeman, Max Fuller, Donnie Goldgar, Eugene Hulse, Raymond Leggett, Billy Raley, Buford Redd, Henry Walters, Bobby Winters, Richard l i I Company b FALL LEFT TO RIGHT In Front: Second Lt. George Mirsky, Second Lt. Gordon Adamson, Cpl. Saul Kahn, Second Lt. Fred Fife, Capt. L. M. Cox. First Row: First Sgt. Donald Higgins, Staff Sgt. Maborn Gray. Second Row: Cpl. Morton Prager, Cpl. Bernard Kahn, Sgt. J. T. Bass, Staff Sgt. Jack McCoy, Sgt. Ray, Self, Sgt. James D. Little, Cpl. Henry Riser, Pvt. Harris Hall, Pvt. Dale Evans, Sgt. Leslie McLean, Cpl. James Chism. Third Row: Pvt. Jimmie Crump, Cpl. Clarence Parrish, Cpl. Bobby Jones, Cpl. Horace Barge, P.F.C. Victor Leocadi, Pvt. Billy Peeler, Pvt. Edd McDonald, Pvt. Carlisle Barton, Pvt. Pace Zeman, Pvt. Frank Bacon, Pvt. Charles Masterson. Fourth Row: Pvt. John Jefferies, Pvt. Felton Gentry, Pvt. Dan James, Pvt. Charles Hi99lnS. PVI- -ICICI! MCIIIIISWS. Pvt. Dick Mt'-t0t'e, Pvt- CIOFSDCB Clark, Pvt. Cleburne Parker, Pvt. Eugene Dixon Fifth Row: Pvt. Arthur Mackey, Pvt. Myron shwiff, Pvt. Kenneth Tucker, Pvt. Thomas Basie, Pvt. larry Parnass, Pvt- James love. Pvt. Billy Smith. Pvt. James Skiles, Pvt. Gene Baker, Pvt. Richard Macon. Sixth Row: Pvt. William Coats, Pvt. Charles Wilhite, Pvt. John Lievsay, Pvt. George Alfred I-SWISI JI'-r PVT- 1011165 Levine, Pvt- Glenn Allen, Pvt. Glenn Jenkins, Pvt. Burton Ewing, Pvt. Richard Atkins. Seventh Row: Pvt. Paul Lyday, Pvt. Carl Moehle, Pvt. E. A. Splawn, Pvt. Nathan Stovall, Pvt. Nathan Gappelberg. CAPTAIN Griggs, Charles FIRST LIEUTENANT Campagna, A. J. SECOND LIEUTENANTS Bolin, Leon Oddo, Victor FIRST SERGEANT McCoy, Jack TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Bass, J. T. Saunders, Calvin STAFF SERGEANTS Barge, Horace Bodine, Floyd Elliott, James Irby, Carl Peeler, Billy Swift, Nodine Walker, James Utay, Irving SERGEANTS Brewer, Billy Deason, Bill McDonald, Ed White, Coy Witt, Donald CORPORAL Gardner, Max PRIVATES Ballard, Harrell Barton, Carlisle Beaver, Kenneth Bogie, Tom Boldin, Donalcl Calvert, Howell Chafiin, Homer Clark, Ellis Dixon, Eugene Donosky, Irvin Driggers, Dee Dunagun, Billy Ewing, Burton SPRING Fennell, Billy Fultz, Charles Gentry, Felton Gerloft, Edwin Giles, Clyde Goldberg, Jerald Graves, Raymond Hall, Harris James, Dan Lauw, James Love, Billy Love, James Lyday, Paul Mackey, Arthur Macon, Richard Marshall, James Matthews, Jack McMillen, George Moehle, Carl Palmer, Frank Parnass, Larry Russell, Harold Rutchik, Martin Sale, Arthur Shwift, Myron Skiles, James Stattord, Parker Tucker, Kenneth Watkins, Billy Wilhite, Charles Zeman, Pace RECRUITS Bennett, Walter Dasch, George Greenshaw, Charles Johnson, Howard Levy, Victor Long, Bobby Melton, Arvis Richardson, Billy Rogers, Kenneth Russell, Curtis Schweng, Paul Vandagritt, Vineil Walters, James Wilson, Joe Witt, Ronald Page Fifty nine land FALL LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Pvt. John Sordo, Pvt. Jimmy Grider, First Sgt. Richard Christensen, Captain .lack Summerfield, First Ll. Ben Apple P.F.C. Boyd Moore, Pvt. Herbert Hoover. Second Row: Cpl. Jay Rudberg, Cpl. David Herman, Cpl. Jack Goldman, Pvt. Beanie Siegel, Pvt. Grady Burns. Third Row: Pvt. Stanley Rubenstein, Pvt. Jerome Tobias, Pvt. James Jay, Pvt. R. P. Jones, Pvt. Gerald Haile, Pvt. Omar Hancock Fourth Row: Pvt. Clyde Smith, Pvt. Norwin Gene Ray, Pvt. George Beck, Pvt. Arthur Aschner. SPRING CAPTAIN CORPORALS Summerfield, Jack SECOND LIEUTENANT Christensen, Richard FIRST SERGEANT Epps, Joe STAFF SERGEANTS Jones, R. P. Herman, David Page Sixty Giggleman, Gene Goldman, Jack Ray, Norwin Rudberg, Jay PRIVATE FIRST CLASS Aschner, Arthur PRIVATES Beck, George Ford, Marvin Haile, Gerald Siegel, Bernard Smith, Clyde Tobias, Jerome West, Ted RECRUIT Wilhelm, Glynn LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Second Lt. Charles Griggs, Second Lt. Bobby H. James, Maior Billy Bushman, Sgt. Charles Rogers, Cpl. Jerry Miller. Second Row: Sgt. John Brown, Second Lt. Jimmy Burch, Capt. Bill McCoy, Sgi. Auble Burgess. Rifle eam BOBBY JAMES, Captain Starting the '43-'44 season by taking last place in the All City R.O.T.C. matches, the Rifle team bested North Dallas for fifth place in the Eighth Service Match. Bobby James, captain of the team, fired second in the city in the Eighth Service Match, and was then chosen for the city team, which fired the intercollegiate match. The team ended the sea- son with the nation-wide Randolph Hearst Match. For the first time the Rifle Team was awarded letter jackets. Prospects for next season seem bright as Captain Bobby James, Captain Charles Griggs and,Staff Sergeant Auble Burgess, three of the top scorers, will return for next season's matches. Page Sixty-one Hegimen tal Racket C.O. ROLL CALL Since he has obtained the highest rank a cadet officer can' receive in Dallas high schools, LT. COLONEL LESLIE MITCHELL has become the bat- talion commander of Forest. Completing four years of military and attending Camp Dallas three times, Leslie has won four medals for marksman- ship and medals for shot-put and boxing. His favorite subiect is mathematics, and he plans to attend Texas A8rM College upon graduation. The executive officer of the corps is MAJOR BILL BUSHMAN, who is rated as the strictest offi- cer in the corps. "Maier Bill" has been on the Rifle Team for two years and fired on the city match in '42, winning three expert medals, one marksman and three sharpshooter. Bill plans to attend Texas A8.M College. CAPTAIN MARVIN NIELSEN, who commands Co. A, is the toughest company commander of the corps. He has completed three and one-half years in military and is one of the few 3A's to receive the rank of captain. He is an attendant of Camp Dallas twice. Among his trophies are two medals for marksmanship. His after - graduation plans are to loin the Marines. Military is his favor- ite subiect. CAPTAIN JIMMY BURCH, commander of Com- pany B, is one of the best disciplined officers in the corps. Jimmy, who has completed two and one-half years of military, has attended Camp Dallas twice. During his military career Jimmy has won expert, sharpshooter and marksmanship medals. He plans to attend Texas A8.M College. The first ranking captain in the corps is CAP- TAIN ROBERT GOLDBERG of Company C. Bobby has completed four years of military, attended Camp Dallas three times and has won two marks- manship medals. Bobby says, "My pet peeve is Page Sixty-two the loafing of Staff Sgt. Ross Cangelose." Although Bobby plans to attend Texas University, his choice of the armed service is the Navy Air Corps. CAPTAIN CHARLES GRIGGS, commander of Company D, has completed three and one-half years of military and three months at Camp Dal- las. Girls who pop their chewing gum are his pet peeve. Since his favorite subiect is military, he plans to attend Texas A8.M College. CAPTAIN JACK SUMMERFIELD, captain and drum major of the band throughout the last ses- sion, has completed four years in the band and has attended Camp Dallas three times, where he received the awards for being the most efficient bugler and the most efficient sergeant. He also has won two sharpshooter and three marksman- ship medals. Jack's favorite subject is public speaking and his hobby is caricatures. He plans to attend the University of Wisconsin. TRUMPET TRIFLES Climaxing three and one-half years in the band, First Lt. Benny Apple was transferred to the Staff, where he was promoted to a captain. The band paid tribute to the former executive officer by describing him as "to the band as Whimpy is to hamburgers, Duke Ellington is to solitude and the Dodgers are to Brooklyn" . . .An amazing oddity occurred when Richard Christensen became the third consecutive bass-drummer to serve as First Sgt .... The first was George Maddox, now in the army, who graduated in June, '43 . . .Then Jack Summerfield became First Sgt. and bass- drummer, immediately followed by Richard . . . Some of the girls of Forest changed the name of the band column from "Trumpet Trifles" to "Trumpet Trif'lers" . . . The band is unusually small, but still made good showings on all parades and Eegimen tal Racket inspections . . . Ex-bandsmen were noticed help- ing their successors all year . . . Some of the visi- tors were Bobby Robinson,Sammy Seltzer, George Maddox, Morton Zimmerman, Robert Milwee, Jack Flood, Robert Glazer, Stanley Levanthal, Russell Murdock and David Ball . . . The odds show now that Second Lt. Richard Christensen will be com- mander next year, along with Colonel-Instructor A. C. Hoppe. NEWS IN BRIEF Films on how to give instructions under any conditions were shown to all noncoms and officers. Cadets passed inspection this year for the first time under Col. Gilbert E. Ackerman, new PMS 8. T. Members of the rifle team were unable to wear their letter iackets except on Friday, as it is against regulations to wear them with their uniforms. UNCLASSIFIED Wanted: A rifle team that will take national honors. Technical Sgt. Frank A. Orrill. Will trade: My captain buttons for a maior's diamond. Captain Monroe Mirsky. Lost: My best girl friend because I could not give up my cross-guns. First Lt. A. J. Campagna. Wanted: Just one more promotion before I graduate. First Sgt. Horace Lumpkin. Reward: For the return of my lost Sgt. Chevrons. Pvt. Bill Deason. Wanted: Some metal cross-guns. Captain Mar- vin Nielsen. OFF THE RECORD Certain Cadets were heard saying "l don't mind it, because then I don't have to drill." This is true at Forest since the military department has been giving pictures often on military tactics, cus- toms, first aid, drill and manners of the men in the army. . Who says no one believes in Santa Claus any more? Pvt. Bernard Cohen of Company C was seen just before Christmas writing a letter to him asking for a promotion. IP. S. He is now a ser- geant.l Sgt. Irving Adelstein and Pvt. Jerry Barshop like military so much that they drill each other every afternoon after school in Jerry's backyard. Capt. Monroe Mirsky was seen long before the Forest Theater opened Monday, December 6, standing out in front. The reason was that he had been informed that he was seen in a news reel. Yep, there he was, along with Maior Bill Bushman and Capt. Bobby James, in a picture taken at North Dallas-And Isurprisell Coca-Cola was there too. Pvt. Billy Rogers, the famous out-of-step man of Company A, is training himself to stay in step. He is often seen marching down the street shouting, "Hut, hut, hut, two, three, four." CADET CHATTER Second Lt. Frank Thomas is the only cadet in the corps who has completed four years of mili- tary. Pvt. Fred Tillery nearly burst the buttons off his chest when Col. Coleman announced that all re- cruits with half a year's service were now privates. Capt. Bobby Goldberg is the only officer that doesn't shave. Keep a stiff upper lip, Capt.- you'lI be a man some day. Page Sixty three Learning is not c mailer of lhe inlellecl alone, bul also of lhe body and lhe feelings.-Henry A. Wallace. COORDI l ll T10 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Melvin Andrews, Billy Patzig, Richard Evans, Aaron Lewellyn, H. L. Pryor, Billy Floyd, William Miller,Dick Wood, Ralph Dawson. Second Row: James Lauw, Jack Gentle, Charles Smith, John McClaren, Bernard Cohen, Otha Dow Ogletree, Marvin Nielsen. Third Row: Grady Millender, Robert Shelton, Jerry Doyle, Donald Tullis, Joe Wiese, Don Millender, Charles Tuttle, Eugene Coppedge. Fourth Row: Harold Zeitman, Buster Morgan, D. H. Brooks, Robert Cruse, Melton Barnes, Gene Metcalf, Jimmie Lott. Fifth Row: V. H. Mattingly, assistant coach, Jack Hyde, Bennie Morgan, Horace Barge, Tom Tuttle, W. H. Keeling, coach. 7irAt String fle en Forest O-Sunset 26 The high spirited Lions held the Bisons score- less for a quarter and a half, but late in the sec- ond quarter Arthur Burch began tossing passes to Bill Terry, and the Bisons led 7-O at the half and ended with a score of 26-0. The Lions' threat came in passes from Tailback H. L. Pryor to Full- back Harold Zeitman. Forest 0-Adamson l2 The Lions were coming along fine in the first quarter, until one of the punts was blocked by Adamson, and the Leopards pushed over two tallies in the closing minutes of the game. Tail- back H. L. Pryor and Fullback Harold Zeitman were both iniured and had to be replaced early in the first quarter. Forest 7-Tech 24 The Lions scored for the first time in two sea- sons by a pass from Robert Cruse to Bobby Shel- ton. Another bright spot for the Lions was the brilliant passing of Charles Tuttle, switched from end position to tailback. The play from Tuttle to Page Sixty-six Melvin Andrews was of great advantage in the game. Forest l3-Woodrow 19 The Lions' lead of 7-6 at the end of the first half made the outcome of the game doubtful. However, the Wildcats came back strong in the third quarter and pushed two quick scores across. The Lions struck back, a pass from Robert Cruse to Robert Shelton, but time ran out and the final score was l9-l3. Forest 7-North Dallas 6 The Bulldogs started the game with a quick tally but were soon worn out, and the game see- sawed back and forth. With only a minute and a half to play in the first half, charging D. H. Brooks blocked a Canine boot, which rolled out on the two. Fullback Harold Zeitman lost no time in carrying the pellet over for a Greenie touch- down, and Buster Morgan, Lion Halfback, calmly booted the pigskin squarely through the uprights to give the Lions a one-point lead and their first win in two years. - LEFT TO RlGHT First Row: Leon Eolin, Donald Zeman, Kenneth Higginbotham, John Simmons, Cloise Gilreath, Victor Leocadi, Robert Edwards, Ed Brown. Second Row: Joe Hambrick, Marvin Ford, W. A. Cooley, Jerry Barshoo, Paul Cruse, James Lund, Guy Chaftin, Irving Adelstein. Third Row: Charles Conner, Gilbert Daniel, .lack Daniel, Edward Eddie Hale, Ernest Donaberger, Ellwood Morris, Charles Cox, Charles M t as erson. Fourth Row: Billy Johnston, Kenneth Wycoff, Nels Hansen, Fred Rogers, Norman McMuller, Charles Foster, Johnny Swartz, Joe Webberman. Fifth Row: Tom Tuttle, Donald Witt. 0 l Second Stung fle en Forest 0-Tech l2 The Lions opened the game like champions, taking the kickoff and going all the way to the Tech 6-yard line. Cruse then passed, but it was intercepted by Wolf Leland Stowe, who went all the way to the Lion 30-yard line. The Lions suc- ceeded in holding the Wolves back until the closing minutes of the game where they broke through to a final score of 12-0. Forest 0-Sunset 54 The second team started the game with hopes of wearing the Bisons down, but the Bisons were strong and scored on almost every play they ran. Chief threat of the Lions was Bernard Cohen, 240-pound substitute tackle, who threw the Bisons for a loss more than once. Forest 0-Woodrow 27 The Wildcats struck quick and held a 20-0 lead at the half. The Wildcats' constant threat was the ground gaining of Harold Zeitman and the playing of Melvin Andrews, Lion end. Forest 0-Adamson 13 Meeting our traditional enemies, the' Adamson Leopards, "Coach Keeling's Kids" fought hard but lost with a l3-0 score. The Lions were slow starting, but fumbling on the part of the Leopards checked the scoring. The first half ended O-O, but the Leopards rallied, scoring in the third and fourth quarters. Forest 8--North Dallas 13 Forest led the first half with a score of 8-6, after a safety, a short pass and a 30-yard run by H. L. Pryor. The score was close, and the Lions were iittery. After the team had been off- side three straight times, the ball was placed on the Green Wave's 2-yard line. The Bulldogs scored within the last five minutes of the game, chalking up the finals as 13-8. Page Sixty seven ty-eight 194 gridiron Rm ter PLAYER: Position weigh: Ag "Andrews, Melvin ...... ..... R .E. 71 175 17 Barnes, Melton ......... ...... F .B. 21 140 17 Barge, Horace .......... ..... L .E. 70 136 15 "Brooks, D. H ........... L.G. 50 155 16 Coppedge, Eugene .............. C. 53 140 16 Cruse, Robert .............. ...... R .H. 23 146 16 Cohen, Bernard ........ ...... R .T. 64 230 15 "Dawson, Ralph ......... ...... L .T. 66 170 18 Dixon, Eugene ...... L.E. 73 150 14 Deason, Bill ....... L.E. 60 185 17 Doyle, Jerry ....... ...... R .H. 20 135 15 Evans, Richard ...... ..... L .T. 62 170 17 Floyd, Billy ............ ...... R .E. 77 160 18 Gentle, Jack ......... ..... L .E. 72 160 16 Hurley, Ivan ....... ...... L .E. 54 150 15 "Lott, Jimmy ........ ..... R .G. 52 130 18 Lauw, .lames ......... ...... R .T. 67 165 15 "'McClaren, John ........ ...... C . 41 170 16 Millender, Grady ......... ..... R .H. 2 155 16 Miller, William ......... ...... R .E. 76 170 16 Millender, Don ......... ...... F .B. 24 150 15 Morgan, Bennie ....... ..... R .H. 6 115 14 "Morgan, Frank ......... ...... L .H. 22 145 16 Nielsen, Marvin .... ..... R .G. 51 160 15 Ogletree, Otha ........ ...... L .T. 61 149 17 'Pryor, H. L ............ ..... L .H. 1 140 16 Patzig, Billy ....... C. 42 160 16 Phillips, Billy ............. ..... L .G. 5 125 15 "Shelton, Robert ........ ...... R .H. 10 170 17 Smith, Charles ...... R.E. 40 170 16 Tullis, Donald ........ ...... R .T. 62 238 16 "Tuttle, Charles ...... ..... L .E. 74 153 16 Wiese, Joe ........ ..... L .T. 75 , 130 16 "Wood, Dick .......... ..... R .T. 65 220 16 "Zeitman, Harold ....... ...... F .B. 1 1 149 16 'Starting Line p -U L Managers: Tom Tuttle and Jack Hyde LEFT TO RIGHT In front: Helen Gaylord. First Row: Clara Belle Veal, Margrette Kizer, Helen Lattimer, Dorothea Second Row: Bernie Clement, Maxine James, Lulu Maye Baker, Rush, Mildred Karlen. Rosanne Flechtner, Wilma Sanders. Katon Sparkle Drilling! twirling batons! marching at each game! These are iust a few of the duties of the nine Pep Squad captains, which are divided into three groups, five co-captains, five sub-cap- tains and one captain. Each girl is chosen by her grades, rhythm, posture, popularity and per- sonality. Every co-captain and sub-captain has a squad of twelve Pep Squad members and they are held responsible for each girl's attendance and conduct at every game. Before the North Dallas game the captains practiced twirling batons in order to put on a good exhibition. On that night the graduating captains were presented with large white chrys- anthemum corsages by four girls dressed in green and white. With poise and personality, HELEN GAYLORD led the Pep Squad as captain this year and co- captain in '42. Helen's friendly disposition is her outstanding trait. HELEN LATTIMER, co-captain of the Green and White for two consecutive years, is noted for her beautiful smile and blonde hair. Light brown hair, blue eyes, five feet six inches describes DOROTHEA RUSH, co-captain of the Pep Squad in '42 and '43, A gorgeous bundle of personality is MILDRED KARLEN, 4A, co-captain and member of the Pep Squad for three years. MARGRETTE KIZER, 4B, dark haired beauty, having been a member of the Pep Squad for three years was co-captain in '43, Co-cap- tain BERNIE CLEMENT, 3A, has been a member of the Pep Squad for two and a half years. Natural curly brownette CLARA BELLE VEAL, sub- captain, loves to skate and dance. Clara Belle graduates in June '45. Well-known blonde with green eyes is MAXINE JAMES, 3A, Maxine was sub-captain in '43. The ability to march won WILMA SANDERS, 3B, the title of sub-captain of the Pep Squad in '43. LULA MAYE BAKER, 3A, known for her dimples, was sub-captain in '43. Sub-captain ROSANNE FLECHTNER, 3A, with brown hair and brown eyes, is noted for her friendly personality. Page Sixty nm LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Patsy Reynolds, Jacqueline Lewis, Christine Johnson, Daris Ann Bateman, Elizabeth Bennett, Juanita Ellis, Doris Cook, Yvonne Rivers, Second Row: Geraldine Bennett, Thelma Howell, Lois Boone, Lenoru Osborrae, Helen Gardner, Atrella Frazier, Katherine Disman, P d ear on . Third Row: Marquita Owen, Norma Jean Watts, Freddie Jean Polvagt, Billie Ruth Day, Elva Schwetke, Margie Herrington, Fern Ligon, Mildred Bierhalter, Barbara De Loache. rem October 2-Forest vs. Tech Formed double diamond . . . Inside dia- mond formed T facing Tech . . . Out- side diamond, facing Forest, formed F while inner diamond kneeled. October 9-Forest vs. Woodrow Marched on field in a double line parallel formation . . . Facing Wood- row, formed big W . . . Formed F fac- ing Forest and marched off field in the letter. October 15--Forest vs. North Dallas Came on field from four corners . . . Formed ND while facing North Dallas . . . Then formed big V with F in cen- ter facing Forest. October 29-Forest vs. Tech Formed T Hi! while facing Tech .. November 5-Forest vs. Sunset Band and Pep Squad marched on field together . . . Pep Squad formed S for Page Seventy Fourth Row: Joyce Strickland, Hilda Wolfe, Edythe Carder, Betty Jo Cawthan, Tommie Davis, Betty Ann Eastwood, Winnie Jo Palmer, Daphne Washer. Fifth Row: Martha Jo Matthews, Patsy Jean Davis, Annie Fae Stephen- sons, Shirley Stephenson, Bertie Thompson, Patsy Seguin, Elaine Sladek, Ruth Wheeler, Leona Wright, Hellen Ernest. Sixth Row: Eula Davidson, Charlene Sandford, Yvonne Bennett, Betty Davis, Margaret Baldwin, Doris Jean Beach, Elizabeth Phillips. etteA Sunset . . . Formed 4000, in honor of ex-Foresters in service, while band played gay marching music . . ."Taps" was sounded from goal posts as heads were bowed in honor of the twenty Foresters killed in action. November T2-Forest vs. Woodrow ln honor of Principal Wylie A. Parker, the girls in the Pep Squad and fifth period military class formed the let- te'rs PARKER. . .Girls gave yell for Mr. Parker with the cheerleaders lead- mg. November 20-Forest vs. Adamson Marched from V for victory into big A facing Adamson . . . Facing Forest, formed F and marched off field. November 27-Forest vs. North Dallas Following the captains on field, girls formecl ND . . . Captains put on a twirl- ing act for Forest fans while girls in green and white made frame. LEFT TO RIGHT Frsr Row: Betty Lou Hancock, Joyce Reynolds. Second Row: Bob Lilly, George Freeland, Ben Sumner, Max Gardner. NOT IN PICTURE Betty Jane Gardner Pep- We Ile get ft! 0 "Plenty of pep and vitality" is the distinguishing characteristic of BETTY LOU HANCOCK, head cheerleader. Betty Lou, who was also cheerleader in '42, won first place in the '44 Echo Sweethearts Contest and second in the '43 Forester Favorites election. O The "campus clown" of the cheering section was BOB LILLY. Bob, better known as Robin, has plenty of spirit and some to spare. He ioined the Navy in May. 0 Personality plus-that's BETTY JANE GARDNER. Betty's friendliness won her second place in the Echo Sweethearts Contest and third place in the Forester Favorites in '43. O Following in his sister's footsteps, MAX GARDNER won the position of cheer- leader during his sophomore year. His friendly smile makes him well liked by all. O Dreamy blue eyes and soft black hair describes JOYCE REYNOLDS. Joyce's popularity is proved by winning top honors in the Forester Favorites Contest this year. 0 Dark, and handsome, BEN SUMNER is a favorite among Foresters. Ben takes great pleasure in debating and plans to become a lawyer. His ability to yell made him a capable cheerleader. 0The spark of the cheerleaders is GEORGE FREELAND, who tried to supply everyone with lemons at the games. He enioys flying and plans to enter the Air Corps. Page Seventy on January January January January January February February February February 12 February 18 Name: Andrews, Melvin Barnes, Milton . Beasley, Robert Brooks, D. H. . Cruse, Robert . Deason, William Doyle, Jerry . . Hixson, Eugene McCIaren, John Millender, Don . Millender, Grady Morgan, Bennie Morgan, Frank . Reed, George . Reed, William . Smith, Charles . Tuttle, Charles . Zeitman, Harold Goldberg, Robert Fife, Fred . . Page Seventy-two LEFT TO RIGHT Second Row: Robert Beasley, Fred Fife, Charles Tuttle, Gene Cop First Row: James Sutton, George Reed, Melton Barnes, Eddie Hale, pedge, Bobby Goldberg, Harold Zeitman, Paul Seilheimer, Grady D. H. Brooks, Buster Morgan, Bob Cruse, Ed Reed, Irving Statman. Millender. Third Row: Jerry Doyle, Joe Collins, Eugene Hixson, Bill Deason, Melvin Andrews, Charles Smith. Weight . . 175 . 143 . 165 . 155 . 150 . . 185 . 152 . 155 . 175 . . 155 . . 160 . . 115 . 150 . 145 . 127 . 177 . . 150 . . 152 . . . 125 . . 145 Ka leetee A . Forest 15 . Forest 23 . Forest 23 . Forest 23 . Forest 26 . Forest 27 . Forest 28 . Forest 16 . Forest 33 . Forest 20 Height 61 211 51 811 5' 10" 51 Byzll 51 811 811 1 1111" 61 zwll 61 5' 11" 51 1011 51 311 61 51 51 7:1 5' 10" 51 70 61 51 911 5' 1 1" 5' 10" 5' io" Classification Junior Junior Sophomore Junior Senior Senior Sophomore Sophomore Junior Junior Senior Freshman Senior Senior Junior Senior Junior Senior Senior Junior Crozier Technical North Dallas 34 . . Sunset 57 . Woodrow 28 . Adamson 46 Crozier Technical North Dallas 39 . . Sunset 38 . Woodrow 32 Adamson 35 Position Center Forward Forward Guard Forward Center Forward Forward Guard Forward Guard Forward Guard Guard Forward Forward Guard Forward Forward Forward 46 44 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Robert Beasley, Harold Zeitmon, Jack Gentle, Eugene Coppedge, Robert Cruse, Jerry Barshop. Second Row- Gene Pflug Irving Adelstein Jerry Miller, Dick Wood, Julian Braddock Robert Edwards. Th cl R P IC G lb D l J C b Nels Hansen, Earnest D b R Ba Ell cl M Cinder men J ln the first triangular meet of the season, HAROLD ZEITMAN, outstanding Lion track man, came out on top in the 220-yard dash and broad iump. H. L. PRYOR placed in the 100-yard clash, and also placed third in the 440 dash. ln the sprint relay HAROLD ZEITMAN, IRVING ADELSTEIN, BOBBY EDWARDS and H. L. PRYOR carried away first place. ZEITMAN just couldn't be held down this time, winning the 220-yard dash and the century on March 24 at Dal-Hi. GENE METCALF placed in pole vault, DlCK WOOD was second in shot-put and JERRY MILLER ran third in the 880-yard run. Representing Forest at the annual Texas Relays at Austin were BOBBY EDWARDS, JERRY BARSHOP, lRVlNG ADELSTEIN and HAROLD ZEITMAN composing the sprint relay team. ZEITMAN also entered the 100- and 220-yard dash. ln the city meet April l2 at Dal-Hi Stadium HAROLD ZEITMAN led the Forest boys by scoring four and one-half points, taking second place in the 220 dash, fourth in cen- tury and running anchor lap on the third place sprint relay team. The relay team showed great improvement by taking third place in the sprint relay qualifying the team to enter the regional meet April 22 at SMU's Ownby Stadium. Others out for track were JACK GENTLE, GENE PFLUG, HORACE BORGE, CHARLES TUTTLE, FRANK SMITH and JOE EDWARDS. Page S tyt l Page Seven First Row: Bennie Morgan, John McCIaren, Buster Morgan, D. H. Brooks, Grady Millender, Charles Smith, George Reed, Don Hanes. Second Row: Alva Shepard, coach, Bobby Jones, Jerry Doyle, William Miller, Joe Collins, Charles Tuttle, Melton Barnes. Th'dR M ' H'll' B'll C ' Ed R d, Jack Watts, Charles F J h L' y Edd' H I F hR JhRlt FdRg RbtErwin,GeorgeFaucettBllRyRAH h H llSl Sand Zvffem As state baseball champs in 1940, runners-up in the city race in l94l, third in district in l942, and second in the state last year, the past Green and While nines have left a record for this year's team to shoot at. With experienced lettermen such as JERRY DOYLE, JOHN MCCLAREN, EUGENE HIXON, FRANK MORGAN and GEORGE REED to support CHARLES TUTTLE, all-city at left field, who took over the pitcher's mound, the Lions presented a hot race for all other teams. BOBBY JONES, GRADY MIL- LENDER, BENNY MORGAN and D. H. BROOKS, reserve squadmen from last year, were also back for the Green Wave. JERRY DOYLE, second baseman, was a menace at the plate as well as protecting his sack on the diamond base line. FRANK MORGAN held all hits on his part of the infield and had a batting eye that worried many of the oppos- ing pitchers. Right fielder, GEORGE REED, as a returning letterman, showed his ability more than once in the outfield. Holding down that important position of left field, EUGENE HIXSON conquered all high flying balls. On the mound CHARLES TUTTLE 'was an outstanding no hit pitcher, and JOHN MCCLAREN was capable of catching for any Lion "Dizzy Dean." The Lions are coached by one of the best qualified mentors in the city, Coach ALVA SHEPARD. Once a professional player and umpire, Coach Shepard knows many tricks and training aids that are a vital asset to a high standing baseball team. ty-four Name Barnes, Melton ....,.. ....... Brooks, D. H ..,. Canipe, Billy ,...... Collins, Joe ...,..... Doyle, Jerry ........ 1:6411 Squad Classification Senior Senior Junior Senior Junior Hale, Eddie ,...,..... Sophomore Hixson, Eugene ........ .,.,.., S ophomore Hanes, Don ,......... Sophomore Jones, Bobby ......... ...... Lievsay, John ......... ...,... Miller, William ...,...,. ,...... .Junior Sophomore Senior Millender, Grady .,..., ....,., S enior Morgan, Benny ...., ...,... S ophomore Morgan, Frank ...,.. .,...., S enior McClaren, John .,.,. Sf-rI'Ii0r Ray, Billy .l......... Senior Reed, George ..... Senior Reed, Ed ...,.........., Junior Simmons, John .,..., ,. Sophomore Smith, Charles ..,,.., ....... S enior Tuttle, Charles ....... JUI'liOI' Watts, Jack ,.,... .. Sophomore Position Experience Outfielder l year Catcher l year Outfielder I year First Base I year Second Base Letterman Second Base I year Outfielder Letterman Third Base I year Pitcher I year Outfielder I year Outfielder l year Outfielder I year Second Base l year Shortstop Letterman Catcher Letterman Third Base I year Outfielder Letterman Outfielder I year Outfielder I year Pitcher I year Pitcher Letterman Third Base l year I-een Wa e SplaAlaeA MISCELLANEOUS HITS AND MISSES JOE "ROUGHOUSE" EDWARDS has lost a lit- tle of his manly pride since his younger brother BOBBY has outgrown him. CHARLES SMITH, court ace, was still playing basketball four weeks after the last game and won a position on the All-City Tournament team at the Oak Cliff YMCA. BILLY ROGERS had the satisfaction of know- ing he was the largest freshman out for spring training, but CHARLES MASTERSON was the most anxious for it to start. ROBERT CRUSE, captain of the football team, is now a member of the Air Corps Reserve and upon graduation next January will enter the Air Corps. BUSTER MORGAN took an extra interest in baseball since this will be his last sport to play for the Green and White. H. L. PRYOR began to look civilized about the first of April, and he permitted his hair to grow and started combing it. Lanky BILL DEASON iall 6 feet and 8 inches of himI although not eligible to play on the bas- ketball team, was awarded a scholarship to SMU because sports scouts recognized his ability and heights as good material. On a hunting trip Thanksgiving Day, DICK WOOD accidentally shot CHARLES TUTTLE in the right arm. This wound prevented Tuttle from play- ing football, but he is fully recovered now. EUGENE HIXSON, sophomore outfielder, had an unusual advantage on all high flies since he had a reach of nine feet. GRIDIRON GAB The fellow who blocked the punt in the North Dallas game was left guard D. H. BROOKS. Nice going! As long as we're cheering one line man, let's take a look at the others-JIMMIE LOTT, MEL- VIN ANDREWS, JACK GENTLE, DICK WOOD, JOHN McCLAREN, the Green starting line. These are the fellows who opened those holes through which ZEITMAN, PRYOR, SHELTON and CRUSE made those long gains. Page Seventy five reen Wa After winning the games with North Dallas, the boys dyed their hair red to prove that a lot of things would be changed now that the iinx was broken. Stalwart BILLY PATZIG played center on the Lion eleven, and being a iunior, he will be eli- gible next year. Making his first appearance on the Lion eleven in the game with Sunset, BERNARD COHEN'S 240 pounds proved a headache to the Bisons. While MARVIN NIELSEN had the distinction of being the youngest starter on the Green and White Wave, JACK GENTLE gained distinction for his pass snatching. Even the freshmen are doing it! The fish foot- ball team walked over the North Dallas scrubs with a 42-O count. BASKETBALL BALLYHOO Missing from the basketball line-up was cen- ter MELVIN ANDREWS, who ioined the Navy in January. The basketball team had a swell time at the open basketball tournament held at the Oak Cliff YMCA in February. Besides finishing in a tie for third place with Grand Prairie, they enioyed a good swim after each game. MELTON .BARNES was really an all-round reserve since he can play any position on the Lion quint. The seven Basketeers who lettered are CHARLES SMITH, CHARLES TUTTLE, GRADY MIL- LENDER, D. H. BROOKS, FRANK MORGAN, JERRY DOYLE and EUGENE HIXSON. SPORTING SLANTS The Lions had tough luck when HAROLD ZEIT- MAN, who placed first in the IO0 yard dash, was eliminated in the semi-finals. The 440 yard relay team was handicapped by the absence of H. L. PRYOR and BOBBY EDWARDS, both of whom were unable to run because of iniuries received in spring football practice. At the Fat Stock Show Meet the Lions saw Charles Tatom of Woodrow break the broad iump record with a leap that measured 22 feet 6 inches. Page Seventy-six 6 SlplaAlaeA The sprint relay team that competed in the Texas Relays in Austin was composed of BOBBY EDWARDS, JERRY BARSHOP, IRVING ADELSTEIN and HAROLD ZEITMAN. TENNIS TRIVIALS In the game with the Sunset netters, PAULYNE ENGELBERG took over girls singles, subbing for MARY ELIZABETH ADAMS, who was ill. MILBURN GARONZIK and DONALD ZEMAN used all their clay court tricks and shots to win a round-robin match from the Tech Wolves on the Lion courts. DOROTHY HILL, newcomer to the team, made a swell showing in the girls' doubles. While LOUIS WATEL, buzzing around the court as fast as the ball itself, had his hands full holding down the boys' singles. FAIRWAY THRILLS BOBBY JAMES could be seen all during the season swinging a golf club around, trying to improve his driving form. Brothers GRADY and DON MILLENDER ended the season with a swell average on the fairway. Looking like the genuine articles on the green, BOYD MOORE did his bit with his hard, swift drives and accurate putting. UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT The Lions were sporting seven milkmen on the team this season since D. H. BROOKS, CHARLES TUTTLE, BUSTER MORGAN, DICK WOOD, EUGENE COPPEDGE, JOE EDWARDS and JACK GENTLE were employees of Metzger's Milk Dairy during the summer. Another member of the white clad group was TOM TUTTLE, manager. ALL OUT Recognition should be given to the four For- esters who have lettered at least one year in football, basketball and baseball. They are: JOHN MCCLAREN, GRADY MILLENDER, FRANK MORGAN and D. H. BROOKS, with Morgan let- tering two years in each sport. That is really showing the Forest Spirit. LEFT TO RIGHT Boyd Moore, Bobby James, Grady Millender, Don Millender With two returning lettermen, MILBURN GARONZIK and MARY ELIZABETH ADAMS, the Lion Tennis Team, coached by J. A. BOULTON, entered the 1944 tennis season. MILBURN GARONZIK and DONALD ZEMAN composed the boys' doubles which took team honors by com- ing out third in the City Race, and MARY ELIZ- ABETH ADAMS and DOROTHY HILL took over the girls' doubles. EVELYN LYNN, also returning from last year, was the girls' singles and LOUIS WATEL was boys' singles. The Forest netters dropped their first game to the Woodrow Wilson Wildcats with a total of 66 points won 6-0 and 6-O while the boys' singles ran up scores reading 7-5, 0-6, 6-2. In a fast and furious game the Lions were bested by the Sunset Bisons. The score was split in the encounter with North Dallas, and the Lion racketeers lost the last game of the sea- son to Adamson. , BOBBY JAMES, the only returning squadman for '43, BOYD MOORE, GRADY MILLENDER and DON MILLENDER, all returning lettermen, com- posed the Golf Team for this year. Because of bad weather in February and March the team was unable to do much practicing for the com- ing season, however, in the opening game For- est defeated Crozier Technical 5-I. GRADY MIL- LENDER and BOBBY JAMES won 3 points while DON MILLENDER and BOYD MOORE won 2 points and lost I. The Lion golfers were drubbed by the Adamson Leopards in the second game with GRADY MILLENDER and BOBBY JAMES be- ing defeated 2-l and DON MILLENDER and BOYD MOORE losing 3-O. ln the match against the Sunset Bisons, DON MILLENDER and BOYD MOORE were downed 3-0 with the GRADY MIL- LENDER-BOBBY JAMES combination bested by 2 points. LEFT TO RIGHT Dorothy Hill, Evelyn Lynn, Milburn Garonzik, Mary Elizabeth Adams, Donald Zeman L W t 1 2 X, if J A It 'fa I ,yr ,lp t .i.2.,., .4211 n the Clay Court n tlce airway udoubledly more allenlion will be given in the fulure o look at man as a coordinaled human being, noi inaled merely in body, mind, feeling and soul, buf inaled wilh his fellow human beings. ln brief, educa- musr be made to serve the cause of The whole man. -Henry A. Wallace. OOPER T10 national Honor Society OFFICERS MISS RACHEL FOOTE, Sponsor Fall Term CHARLES REED, President FRANCES HARDIN, Vice-President BOBBIE NELL SIMS, Secnetary-Treasurer Spring Term STANLEY SCHNEIDER, President ROSEMARY COWARD, Vice-President WANDA PAYNE, Secretary-Treasurer LEFT TO RIGHT First Raw: Gloria Mayhew, Eleanor Cohen, Frances Hardin, Reed, Bobbie Nell Sims, Virginia Driver, Jane Morris. S dR 'R C d BN L H k Pr'c'lla econ ow. asemary owar , e y ou ancoc, Isl Francine Burris, Hannah Webberman, Mildred Karlen, Freeman, Lee Gannon, Helen Lattimer. Third Row: Dorothy Ludwick, Henry Riser, Morton Prager, Leslie Mitchell, Wanda Payne, Saul Kahn. Fourth Row: Marvin Barish, L. M. Cox, Miss Rachel Foote, Bernard Schnilzer. Qualifications of National Honor Society are leadership, scholarship, character and service .... Names of students who receive this honor are pre- sented by members of the faculty and must be passed by all teachers and members of society .... To be eligible, a student must have attended Forest one year and be a 3A, 4B or 4A .... New mem- bers are initiated twice a year at traditional cere- monial assembly .... Club does not have regular meetings, but members get together for picnic in the spring .... Keystone and flaming torch is emblem of club .... Charles Reed, president of Society in fall, l943, receives first William Mann Memorial Scholarship. NOT IN PICTURE Charles Jimmy Allen Mary Jane Joyner Mary Mae McEvoy Lorraine Allenau Shirley Kaufman Leslie Mclean Du Bose, Alma Atwood Ethlyn Krecek Peggy Packenius Hannah Anna Katherine Bramlelt Marion Lillebridge Evelyn Rachofsky 'Grady Burns Clara Bess Lorenz Phyllis Rubinett Mariana Gillespie Dolores Loyd Velma Stovall Velma Grisom Louise Moehle Billy Joe Swango Dorothy Hill Frank Morgan Page Eighty ?oreAt ?vram Forest Forum was founded in i933 by pupils interested in present-day aFFairs .... Membership open to all iuniors and seniors .... Main obiectives are to discuss present-day cnefairs, practice partici- pation by all members and be democratic .... Meetings held twice monthly .... Programs consist of extemporaneous and prepared speeches, talks and quizzes on current events of the world .... Forum holds annual Christmas party .... Elticiency award presented to Helen Lattimer, January '44 graduating senior .... Members represent Forest Forum at Civic Federation meetings .... Round-table discussion proves popular as club program .... Annual picnic in May is climax of year. OFFICERS MISS DOROTHY GERLACH, Sponsor Fall Term HELEN LATTIMER, President HERBERT GREEN, Vice-President PRISCILLA DUBOSE, Secretary FRANCINE BURRIS, Treasurer HAROLD LEWIS, Sergeant-at-Arms JOHNNIE MAE GILL, Parliamentarian Spring Term JENNY SAKELLARIOU, President ADELYN DOWNEY, Secretary LOUISE MOEHLE, Treasurer CAROLYN DOWNEY, Parliamentarian MAVIS FERGUSON, Sergeant-at-Arms WANDA PAYNE, Student Council LEFT TO RIGHT Fourth Row: Adelyn Downey, Herbert Green, Harold Lewis, Evelyn First Row: Priscilla DuBose, Francine Burris, Jenny Sakellariou, Louise BEGCI1 MISS D0l'0il'lY GSFIGCII- Moehle, Johnnie Mae Gill. Second Row: Patricia Ray, Shirley Avis Kaufman, Carolyn Downey, NOT IN PICTURE Wanda Payne, Juanita Ellis. h . U Ouida Evans Doris Langston Evelyn Joyce Schepps Third Row: Eloise Conner, Betty Sparks, Norma Choate, Louise Stein- dom, Mary George. Mavis Ferguson Janie Moore Page Eightylone to as L1 FOREST Page Eighty Q I P11606 Spealzi 5 OFFICERS MISS HELEN FERN BLACK, Sponsor Fall Term LOIS KALIN, President EVELYN RACHOFSKY, Vice-President MARY GRABSTALD, Secretary FAYE SHWIFF, Treasurer RUBY FISCHL, Sergeant-at-Arms HELEN FREEDMAN, Parliamentarian PEARL FELDMAN, Student Council Spring Term EVELYN RACHOFSKY, President PHYLLIS RUBINETT, Vice-President MARIANA GILLESPIE, Secretary ELAINE FOX, Treasurer LOIS KALIN, Parliamentarian ROSALIE KOVNAT, Sergeant-at-Arms DOROTHY HILL, Student Council LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Sarah Chesnick, Ruby Fischl, Helen Ligenberg, Faye Shwiti, Mary Ann Grabstald, Evelyn Rachotsky, Lois Kalin, Evelyn Joyce Schepps, Darothy Hill, Elaine Meryl Goldberg, Juanita McSpadden. Second Raw: Grace Oxman, Rae Hoffman, Rosalie Kovnat, Phyllis Rubinett, Nila Ruth Lynn, Barbara Sims, Ja Ann Rubenstein, Thelma Romotsky, Freida Ann Benson, Wilma Sanders, Miss Helen F BI k ern ac . Third Row: Bernice Feldman, Rae Utay, Sylvia Mass, Devara Kleinman, Mariana Gillespie, Marcilie Sheinberg, Hannah Webberman, Elaine Fox, Rosalie Altman, Beverly Byers, Ruth Silvergold. Fourth Row: Mary Dickerson, Wanda Orrill, Martha Ann Adamson, K Dorothy Nell Dossett, Ernestine Barker, Frances Walters, Maxine Rachotsky, Virginia Chesnick. Aims ot Girls Public Speaking Club are to give members better understanding of oratory and debate, to help them acquire ease and naturalness in extemporaneous speaking and to learn funda- mentals of parliamentary practice .... Annual ioint meeting with Standard Debating Society on Decem- ber 8 in Library .... At semi-annual assembly pro- gram Girls Public presents as guest speakers rep- resentatives ot WACS, WAVES and Women Marines .... Helps present Thanksgiving Assembly on November 22 .... Efticiency awards given Jan- uary and June graduates .... Meets in Room IOI at 4:20 every Wednesday .... Presents play on assembly program in May. Fifth Row: Evelyn Somer, Ruthe Lewin, Arlyn Horaurtz, Marianne Grace, Corinne Feldman, Evelyn Lynn, Betty Minsky, Pearl Feldman, Cecile G. Davis, Rhonda Lorraine Harris. Sixth Row: Anita Weil, Selma Sagel, Dorothy Angrist, Peggy Shelton, Eleanor Bushman. NOT IN PICTURE Eula Coleman Bobby Hall Peggy Packenius Lynette Douglas Leona Hadraft Frances Rose Fannie Fair Nancy Hixson Eva Schnitzer Katie Fair Hannah Kriss Catherine Vines Rebecca Goren Martha Matthews Joyce Wiley Patsie Greene Colleen Orrill -two Standard lbehzting Society Debate on "Should President Roosevelt Run for a Fourth Term?" October 27, is typical of debates of Standard Debating Society .... Members par- ticipate in debates outside school and help extend use of parliamentary law in school .... Aim is to insure correct form in speech and to promote debate and other forms of public speaking .... Since enter- ing the Standard, many boys have become "crack" debaters and orators .... Joint meeting with Girls Public Speaking Club held December 8 in library. . . .The Standard, established in l9l7, is oldest club in school .... VVith loss of Miss Edna Rowe lretiredl, C. V. Goodman holds office as sponsor. . . . Annual banquet held at Y. M. C. A. OFFICERS C. V. GOODMAN, Sponsor Fall Term MARVIN BARISH, President MONROE MIRSKY, Vice-President SAUL KAHN, Secretary BILLY SWANGO, Treasurer WAYNE TOONE, Sergeant-at-Arms STANLEY SCHNEIDER, Parliamentarian Spring Term MORTON PRAGER, President ROBERT BERMAN, Vice-President IRVIN DONOSKY, Secretary DAVID HERMAN, Treasurer LEONARD KAHN, Sergeant-at-Arms BERNARD SIGEL, Student Council LEFT TO RIGHT Fourth Row. Monroe Mirsky, Stanley Rosen, Eugene Katz, Norman First Row: Jerald Goldberg, Stanley Schneider, Marvin Barish, Louis Kaplan, Bob Flanders, Irving Adelstein, Harold Zeitman, Horace Watel, Saul Kahn, Robert Berman, Billy Swango, Wayne Toone. Rephan, Larry Parnass, Gerald Wiesenfeld, Omar Hancock. Second Row: Kenneth Rubinett, Harold Abramson, Jerome Tobias, Stanley Rubenstein, Morris Riesman, Beanie Siegel, Billy Murphy, Bernard Sigel, Morton Rachofsky. NOT IN PICTURE Third Row: Jack A. Mitchell, Myron Shwift, Raphael Levin, Leonard Allen Berrenscn Leonard Kohn Samuel Rude Pierce, Irving Donosky, Ray Self, Gordon Adamson, Victor Levy, Eugene Goldgar Kenneth Peach Joseph Webbermon David Herman, C. V. Goodman. James Jay Morton Prager Robert Willis Page Eighty thre I e Cercle ?rancaiA OFFICERS MRS. ZULEIKA ADAM, Sponsor Fall Term BERNARD SCHNITZER, President SAUL KAHN, Vice-President REBECCA GOREN, Secretary HANNAH KRISS, Treasurer LOUIS WATEL, Parliamentarian Spring Term HANNAH KRISS, President ROSALIE KOVNAT, Vice-President MARY GRABSTALD, Secretary MAXINE MEYER, Treasurer EVELYN LYNN, Parliamentarian RAMONA WEEDA, Sergeant-at-Arms LEFT TO RIGHT Purpose of Le Cercle Francais is to learn more about France and her people, her literature and other arts in which she has been a world leader for so many centuries .... Programs based on inter- nationally eminent French men and women who have made great contributions to science or litera- ture .... Presents book to Texas Memorial Library. . . . Participates in freshman program in March by singing French songs and presenting a playlet tell- ing of French influence and settlements in Texas and actual cultural benefits Dallas receives from one of the settlements, La Reunion .... Gives Christmas program based on customs and legends of French people .... Biography of Madame Curie reviewed by Saul Kahn. Third Row: Irving Adelstein, Antoinette Carbone, Roxie Ventura, Mary Grabstald, Inez Leveen, Ramona Weeda, Dorothy Burns, First Row: Bernard Schnitzer, Soul Kahn, Hannah Kriss, Dorothea Rush, Elveda Stinson. Gloria Michoelson, Ruby Shaefer, Bobbie Jean Hall, Joan Turner. Fourth Row: Beanie Siegel, .lerry Barshop, Louis Watel, Mrs. Zuleika Adam. Second Row: Maxine Meyer, Evelyn Lynn, Betty Minsky, Gwendolyn NOT IN PICTURE Kent, Rosalie Kovnat, Peggy Joyce Atchison, Rebecca Goren, Jimmy Allen Geraldine Hughey Bob Wade Eva Schnitzer. Norma Cundiff Janie Moore Page Eightyefour Pan Hmerican Student Yvrum Pan American Student Forum fosters better rela- tions between twenty-one republics of Western Hemisphere .... Creates interest in people, cus- toms, religion and language of these republics. . . Forum, organized by Miss Fletcher Ryan Wickham, celebrates its seventeenth birthday November 10, at all-city meeting at Alex Spence Junior High .... Pan American ball given in April at Alex Spence with Forest and Crozier Tech in charge .... Christ- mas party given December 14 .... Presents assem- bly on April 10 in observance of fourteenth anni- versary of Pan American Day. Dr. Carlas E. Casta- neda, Librarian ot Garcia Library at University of Texas, speaks on "What is Pan Americanism?" OFFICERS MISS FLETCHER RYAN WICKHAM, Sponsor Fall Term SAMUEL RUDE, President GRACE OXMAN, Vice-President NILA RUTH LYNN, Secretary DOROTHY HILL, Treasurer SOLIE FREED, Sergeant-at-Arms SARAH CHESNICK, Parliamentarian HORACE SUWAL, Student Council Spring Term WANDA PAYNE, President MARY JANE JOYNER, Vice-President HELEN LIGENBERG, Secretary DOROTHY HILL, Treasurer HAROLD ABRAMSON, Parliamentarian LESTER FRANK, Sergeant-at-Arms LEFT TO RIGHT Fouth Raw Katie Fair, Thurman Ray, Juanita Tyler, Pearl Feldman, First Row: Miss Fletcher Wickham, Beverly Byers, Sarah Chesnick, Rosalie Altman, Annie Wilson, Bernice Feldman, Maxine Latimer. Harold Abramson, Mary Dickerson, Joan Stone, Nila Ruth Lynn. Fifth Row' Nurwin Gene Ray, Wayne Toone, Wanda Payne, Grace Second Row: Solie Freed, Avis Jean Apoy, Virginia Chesnick, Charlene Oxman, Horace Suwal, Elaine Fox, Betty Jo Steer, Virginia Haines. Sandford, Shirley Leventhal, Evelyn Somer, Lester Frank. Sixth Raw- Helen Ligenberg, Morton Prager, Ira Freedman. Third Row: Dorothy Hill, Mary Jane Joyner, Wanda Jeanne Hale, Morris Steinberg, Ruthe Lewin, Katherine Disman, Rosanne NOT IN PICTURE Flechtner, Ramona Matsler, Rose Gruber. leonard Kahn Dorothy Mae Pratt Samuel Rude 'fur Page Eighty five dudito eA C'aeAariA OFFICERS MISS LOURANIA MILLER, Sponsor Fall Term CHARLES REED, President MARIANA GILLESPIE, Vice-President DOLORES LOYD, Secretary SHIRLEY CLARK, Treasurer STANLEY SCHNEIDER, Sergeant-at-Arms Spring Term ANNA BRAMLETT, President LEE GANNON, Vice-President HANNAH FREEMAN, Secretary MAXINE RACHOFSKY, Treasurer JIMMY ALLEN, Sergeant-at-Arms GLORIA MAYHEW, Student Council LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Mariana Gillespie, Dolores Loyd, Shirley Clark, Mary Evelyn Malone, Catherine Marie Vines, Evelyn Joyce Schepps, Gloria Mayhew, Rosemary Coward, Emma June Forston. To study Roman plays, Roman religion, Latin games and other subjects that give broader ideas of the Roman people and their value to the world are aims ot Auditores Caesaris .... Most members have won honorary membership in the Junior Classi- cal League, National Latin Honor Society. . . Virgil's birthday is celebrated each October at reg- ular meeting. Contests are held and "Happy Birth- day" is sung .... At Christmas party a set ot col- ored slides, entitled "The Other Wise Man," is shown .... A play is given and fortune games played at the Valentine Day program .... Big events at the year are annual picnic and banquet. Many alumni attend. Patsie Greene, Joe Earl Ellis. Second Row: Juanita McSpadden, Marion Lillebridge, Betty Rawson, Billie Creasey, Anna Bramlett, Barbara Sims, Freida Benson. Third Row: Virginia Champion, Mildred Ray Powell, Eloise Thompson, Lee Gannon, Hannah Freeman, Phyllis Rubinett, Margaret Farr, Geraldine Waters. Fourth Row: Velma Stovall, Nelda Sparks, Maxine Rachofsky, Betty Hodges, Margaret Moore, Patsy Ruth Miller, Florence Dean, Bonnie Thompson, Nancy Hixson. NOT IN PICTURE Martha Ann Adamson June Hunt Willie Odom H. L. Biggs Paul Jordon Kenneth Peach Stanley Green Victor Levy Emma Daisy Reed Billy Harrison Mary Louise McDonald Stanley Schneider Wanda Jean Harrison Mary McEvoy Wanda Smith Billy Hughes Edna Milligan William Walker Page Eighty-six Fifth Row: Gerald Wiesenfeld, Charles Reed, Miss Lavinia Rawlins, Miss Lourania Miller, Miss Elizabeth Hughes, Margaret Childress, Betty Jo Northcutt, Victor Oddo, Cherie Freeman, Jimmy Allen, Student Council Representatives from clubs and first period OFFICERS classes compose Student Council .... Organized in S. S. HUTCHINSON, Sponsor 1937 and sponsored by S. S. Hutchinson, it is stu- dent governing body of Forest .... Aims of council are to develop in its members desire to take active and leading part in all activities of school, to pro- mote devotion and loyalty to athletic teams and worthy school proiects .... Gives test on school rules Fall Term JACK SUMMERFIELD, President KENNETH WILLIS, Vice-President BETTY BURTON, Secretary BILLYE THOMPSON, Treasurer in January .... Sponsors Friendship Week and Courtesy Week annually .... Gives Fun Frolic in April .... Holds election for cheerleaders second six weeks of spring semester .... Elects representa- tives to Bicycle Court and Traffic Court .... Meets every Thursday morning in library .... Half-term membership required for otticers. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Lila! Paris, Billie Dove Coley,, Frances Janner, Bobbie Nell Sims, Dorothy Hill, Evelyn Joyce Schepps, Dorothea Rush, Jack Summerfield, Helen Raye Corry, Betty Burton, Margaret Baldwin, Helen Stacks. - Second Row: Betty Sparks, Ernestine Johnson, Peggy Packenius, Rosalie Kovnat, Mary Jane Joyner, Maxine Meyer, Rosemary Packenius, Spring Term JACK SUMMERFIELD, President KENNETH WILLIS, Vice-President BETTY BURTON, Secretary BILLYE THOMPSON, Treasurer MORTON PRAGER, Parliamentarian Margie Ruth Tucker, Ruth Wheeler, Betty Rawson, Billie Creascy Annette McSpadden. Third Row: Robert Gillett, Louis Watel, Leslie Mitchell, Eula Coleman Evelyn Lynn, Evelyn Rachofsky, Alma Atwood, Pearl Feldman Barbara Scirratt, Tommie Davis, Betty Hodges, Martha Howell Fourth Row: Gene Metcalf, Julian Braddock, Jerry Doyl, Wanda Payne Jenny Sakellariou, Dorothy Nell Dossett, Lorraine Altenau, Mari ana Gillespie, Virginia Wimbish, Doris Miller, S. S. Hutchinson. Fifth Row: Horace Suwal, Stanley Schneider, Harold Hines. Page Eighty seven ballast H1 torrcal Scare ty OFFICERS MISS MINNIE BROWN, Sponsor Fall Term l JACK SUMMERFIELD, President BERNARD KAHN, First Vice-President LESLIE MITCHELL, Second Vice-President CLARA BESS LORENZ, Recording Secretary ROSEMARY COWARD, Corresponding Secretary ALMA ATWOOD, Treasurer BENNY APPLE, Sergeant-at-Arms MILDRED KARLEN, Parliamentarian YVONNE SULLINS, Archivist JO ANN THOMPSON, Student Council Spring Term BENNY APPLE, President ETHLYN KRECEK, First Vice-President ROSEMARY COWARD, Second Vice-President DOROTHY LUDWICK, Secretary GLORIA MAYHEW, Corresponding Secretary MILDRED KARLEN, Treasurer ROBERT BEDELL, Sergeant-at-Arms JACK SUMMERFIELD, Parliamentarian LEFT TO RIGHT "To institute and encourage historical inquiry, to collect, preserve and exhibit materials of history" is purpose ot Dallas Historical Society .... An assembly honoring ex-Foresters in service given on Armistice Day, with Colonel Hans Christian Adam- son as guest speaker .... Dr. Herbert Gambrell speaks on "Early Dallas" at December I6 meeting. . . .Programs given at Hall of State on Saturday mornings by dilterent chapters with Forest Chapter in charge on April 22 .... Spring semester project ot society is to write biographies of ex-Foresters who have lost their lives in service of their country. . . . Gives etticiency award to most etticient mem- ber ot year .... Presents San Jacinto assembly April I7. Fourth Row: Gene Ptiug, Charles Reed, L. M. Cox, Lois Kalin, Fay-3 First Row: Ben Apple, Clara Bess Lorenz, Yvonne Sullins, Rosemary Shwiti, Jo Ann Thompson, Betty Brandenburg, Cora Richardson, Coward, Leslie Mitchell, Jack Summerfield, Gloria Mayhew, Ber- Maxine James. nord Kahn. Fifth Row: Billy Swango, Robert Lee Smith, Robert Bedell, Jimmy Allen. Second Row: Dorothy Hill, Joyce Long, Ethlyn Krecek, Miss Minnie Brown, Betty Burton, Leona Hadrofi, Peggy Packenius, Joyce NOT IN PICTURE Palmer. Third Row: Frances Hardin, Evelyn Joyce Schepps, Anna Bramlett, Roxann Christie Milburn Garcnzik Mary Mae McEvoy Billie Creasey, Betty Rawson, Dorothy Ludwick, Mildred Karlen, Eula Coleman Marvin Hillis Leslie Mclean Katherine Koller, Lorraine Altenau, Alma Atwood. Mary Jane Joyner , Page Eighty-eight . Yexa Iii to ly C106 Primary purpose of Texas History Club is to pre- serve all Texas records and oral traditions .... Greatest achievement of year is large number of books donated to Texas Memorial Library .... Assembly program during Texas Week with Boyce House, noted Texas columnist, as speaker .... Club makes trip to old graveyard ot Beemans, in-laws of John Neeley Bryan .... Assembly program on Ste- phen F. Austin's birthday .... Completes files of Southwestern Historical Quarterlies .... Interviews Leslie Waggoner, artist who painted "The Texan," Roland Roggenbrod, who is working on a study ot Texas Gulf Coast Area and Dr. Henry Austin, whose grandfather was a cousin ot Stephen F. Austin .... Presents radio program over Station WRR. OFFICERS MISS BESS THATCHER, Sponsor Fall Term VIRGINIA DRIVER, President ALMA ATWOOD, Vice-President ELEANOR COHEN, Secretary VELMA STOVALL, Treasurer SHIRLEY CLARK, Sergeant-at-Arms MARY JANE JOYNER, Student Council SYLVIA MOSS, Student Critic Spring Term ALMA ATWOOD, President BILLY PEELER, Vice-President DOROTHY DOSSETT, Secretary LORRAINE ALTENAU, Treasurer WAYNE TOONE, Sergeant-at-Arms HANNAH WEBBERMAN, Parliamentarian ERNESTINE BARKER, Student Council SHIRLEY CLARK, Student Critic LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Virginia Driver, Eleanor Cohen, Gloria Michaelson, Minnie Struckmeyer, Mary Jane Joyner, Alma Atwood, Shirley Clark, Wilma Sanders, Juanita McSpadden. Second Row: Jane Morris, Lorraine Altenau, Bobbie Nell Sims, Clara Bess Lorenz, Elaine Meryl Goldberg, Rhonda Lorraine Harris, Elaine Fox, Cerile G. Davis, Peggy Joyce Atchison, Annie Stephenson. Third Row: Miss Bess Thatcher, Shirlie Mark, Davie Langston, Dorothy Nell Dossett, Ernestine Barker, Cora Richardson, Betty Branden- bur N H G d Bu 9, orma arman, ra y rns. Fourth Row: Arthur Aschner, Bernard Siegel, Horace Suwal, Billy geeler, Katie Fair, Mary Jayne Anderson, Charles Wilhite, Wayne oone. Fifth Row: Jerry Barshap, Irving Adelstein, Juanita Boatman, Sylvia Mass, Corinne Feldman, Bernice Feldman, Hannah Webberman, Velma Stovall, Pearl Feldman. NOT IN PICTURE Martha Adamson Virginia McWilliams Ruth Silvergold Dorothy Angrist Margaret Moore Barbara Sims Ida Armbruster Peggy Packenius Johnnie Faye Taylor Freida Benson Thelma Romatsky Irving Utah Eloise Conner Joan Rubenstein Catherine Vines Norma Fair Selma Sagel Joe Webberman Bob Flanders Peggy Shelton Anita Weil Marie Griftis Marcilie Sheinberg Juanita Williams Bernard Sigel Page Eighty nine af. 11 cm OFFICERS W. H. BUTLER, Sponsor ' Fall Term CHARLES ROGERS, President KENNETH IWILLIS, President CHARLES SMITH, Vice-President BOB PUGH, Vice-President J. D. MUSSO, Secretary-Treasurer BILLIE JO HELTON, Secretary-Treasurer CHASE CAMPBELL, Sergeant-at-Arms JACK SUMMERFIELD, Program Chairman Spring Term HERBERT HOLMES, President CLARENCE PARRISH, Vice-President CHASE CAMPBELL, Secretary-Treasurer DONALD BOLDEN, Student Council HAROLD CORTIMILIA, Sergeant-at-Arms LEFT TO RlGHT Hi-Y Club is promoted by Young Men's Christian Association and is affiliated with secondary school boys' Christian movement of North America .... Its purpose is "to create, maintain and extend through- out the school and community high standards of Christian character." . . . Slogan is "Clean living, clean speech, clean scholarship." . . . Typical of club is presentation of assembly honoring William Mann on January 8 .... Obiectives of club are "Sacrificial Service" and "Christian Manhood." ln working toward objectives, different members of club present speeches and debates .... The club meets once a week to plan its service tasks and ren- der a program .... Their dynamic goal is "Conta- gious Christian Character." Fourth Row: Roy Masters, Stanley Schneider, Bob Pugh, L. M. Cos, First Row: Charles Rogers, Charles Smith, J. D. Musso, Jack Summer- Charles Reed, Bill McCoy, Richard Grubbs, Gene King, Richard I field, Herbert Holmes. Winters. Second Row: Donald Boldin, Clarence Parrish, Eugene Brockway, Gene NOT IN PICTURE Pflug, W. H. Butler, Morris Riesman, Robert I.. Sale, Jack Nicholas, Harold Brewer Max Gardner Joe Johnson Kenneth O. Willis. Ed Brown . Harris Hall R, P. Jones Third Row: Arthur A. Aschner, Joseph Leberta, Donald Higgins, Billy James Cameron James Haroldson Don Millender Rogers, Leonard Pierce, Walter Henry, Harold Joe Cortimilia, Chase Campbell Billy Joe Helton leon Walden Bobby Ray Farrow, James Wilhite. Billy Dixson Marvin Hillis Robert Willis Page Ninety Q10 e17eA Girl Reserves Club unites members in spirit of friendliness and service and tries to win other girls to membership .... Stands for best things at home, in school, at work, in church and community .... Party honoring Miss Bertha Jackson, sponsor for twenty years of the Forest Girl Reserves Club, Octo- ber I4, at Y. W. C. A .... Christmas festival at Y. W. C. A .... Programs feature information on purpose of Girl Reserves Club and its relation to Y. W. C. A .... District conference with girls from Fort Worth and other neighboring towns as guests. .. .Party honoring freshmen with get-acquainted games and songs given yearly .... Christmas party given at school .... Coed skating party with all high school Girl Reserves in Dallas. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Evelyn Beach, Gwendolyn Scott, Ouida Riley, Clara Bess Lorenz, Katherine Koller, Betty Burton, Lois Hiegel, Tommie Davis, Betty Ann Eastwood, Juanita Embry, Barbara Lebel. Second Row: Norma Choate, Ruby Fischl, Eula Coleman, Dorothy Lud- OFFICERS MISS BERTHA JACKSON, Sponsor Fall Term BETTY BURTON, President TOMMIE DAVIS, Vice-President CLARA BESS LORENZ, Secretary BETTY ANN EASTWOOD, Treasurer Spring Term CLARA BESS LORENZ, President TOMMIE DAVIS, Vice-President MARY LOU DUCKWORTH, Secretary LOIS HIEGEL, Treasurer BETTY ANN EASTWOOD, Sergeant- at-Arms BETTY BURTON, Parliamentarian EVELYN BEACH, Student Council RUBY FISCHL, Program Chairman Fifth Row: Miss Bertha Jackson, Wanda Orrill, Maxine James, Elaine Sladek, Patsy Seguin, Betty Lou Brown, Dorothy Cleghorn, Emma Jean Battles, Dorothy Angrist, Selma Sagel. NOT IN PICTURE F MF I d wick, Jacqueline Lewis, Shirley Fonberg, Cecilia Baumgartner, Yvonne Bennett aye c ar an Doris Stimson Doris Williams, Bobbie Lee Farrington, Mary Lou Duckworth, Dorothy Burns Dot McGIashon Ruth Thomson Gwendolyn Kent. Betty Davis Joyce Melton Virginia Thornhill Third Row: Margaret Farr, Jane Henry, Elveda Stinson, Helen Fain, Marion Fuller Janie Moore Joan Turner Helen Hale, Doris Miller, Peggy Shelton, Edna Oakley, Anita Norma Jones Shirley Moore Jean Webb Weil, Eleanor Bushman, Joyce Palmer. Katherine Krieter Louise Ogletree Tommie Lee Wilkinson Fourth Row: Dorothy Nell Dossett, Ernestine Barker, Betty Jo Cawthon, Vesta long Jacqueline Parrett Vera Wilson Edythe Corder, Marion Lawton, Bernie Clement, Peggy Petty, Doris Martin Patsy Reynolds Virginia Wimbish Novella Brisendine, Doris Robert. Yvonne Smith Page Ninety-one OFFICERS MISS ALICE HARRINGTON, Sponsor Fall Term JOYCE REYNOLDS, President FRANCES JANNER, Vice-President DELOIS GIBSON, Secretary YVONNE SULLINS, Treasurer BETTY BURTON, Parliamentarian VIRGINIA DRIVER, Sergeant-at-Arms MAXINE MEYER, Student Council Spring Term BETTY BURTON, President LILA PARIS, Vice-President JANE HENRY, Secretary MAXINE JAMES, Treasurer MAXINE MEYER, Parliamentarian ELAINE SLADEK, Sergeant-at-Arms YVONNE SULLINS, Student Council . LEFT TO RIGHT Ue tvniann Vestonians meet semi-monthly in Room 6 .... Only junior and senior girls are members .... Name ot club is derived from Vesta, goddess of hearth and home .... Members interested in making bet- ter American homes .... Aims and obiectives are to excel in field of industrial arts and to do good, bringing kindness and happiness into lives ot others. . . . Colors of club are blue and white .... Visited by Mrs. Preston, chairman ot American Red Cross in Dallas .... Makes novelties for Red Cross, sol- diers in hospitals .... Club was organized on March 3, 1941, under sponsorship of Miss Harring- ton .... New members are accepted by two-thirds vote each term. Third Row: Miss Alice Harrington, Patsy Seguin, Elaine Sladek, Maxine First Row: Jane Henry, Betty Burton, Yvonne Sullins, Joy R ynold , James, Jeanette Lento, Lila Paris. Virginia Driver, Frances Janner. Second Row: Mavis Ferguson, Elveda Stinson, Helen Raye Carry, Helen NOT IN PICTURE Fain, Maxine Meyer, Mary Jayne Anderson. DeLois Gibson I Page Ninety-two Kanleing Staff Banking activities ot Forest are carried on in Room I each Tuesday morning from 8:55 to 9:20. ...Facilities of Savings Department of Republic National Bank are provided through cooperation of bank and school .... Further altords an oppor- tunity for a few students to get actual experience in carrying on a bank .... Forest Avenue High School bank established seventeen years ago .... Many pupils coming from grammar school continue habit of banking regularly .... Students from Miss Andrews' classes act as tellers .... Twenty-tive cents is most popular deposit by students .... Statr' presents assembly February 28 to encourage thrift. . . . Sponsors annual drive to secure more depos- itors. OFFICERS MISS NANNIE D. ANDREWS, Director ALMA ATWOOD, Teller GRADY BURNS, Teller JAMES LITTLE, Teller DOLORES LOYD, Teller GEORGE REED, Teller ROBERT SHELTON, Teller BOBBIE NELL SIMS, Teller VELMA STOVALL, Teller MAXINE RACHOFSKY, Bookkeeper Second Row Robert Shelton, Stanley Schneider, Grady Burns, James D LEFT TO RIGHT Little, Miss Nannie D. Andrews. F t R . Velma Stovall, Alma Atwood, Bobbie Nell Sims, Maxine NOT IN PICTURE Rachotsky, Dolores Loyd. Vaun Del Corbet George Reed Page Ninety three 0I'ChQ tl' Orchestra is made up of students talented in music and having good scholarship records .... Plays for assemblies, special Christmas music pro- gram, senior class plays and commencements .... MISS LOUISE WILCOX, Director All Orchestra members entering Greater Dallas Fes- tival of Music in March win first place .... Takes BERNARD SCHNWZER part in all-city music festival in May. . Enrollment ConCe'lMGSle' compares well with orchestras' of otherg schools in Dallas .... Orchestra makes many public appear- WANDA HARRISON ances during school year, both in full ensemble and Secretory small groups .... Furnishes pleasing background for all sixth-period classes .... During the year small groups from the organization play at numer- ous teas and banquets sponsored by various 'clubs of Dallas. LEFT TO RIGHT Third Row: Miss Louise Wilcox, Hannah Freeman, Doris Miller, Wanda First Row: Bernard Schnitzer, Charles Reed, Margaret Farr, James Jay, Jeane Harrison, Betty Jean Russell, Marvin Ford, Mary Dickerson. Gerald Huile, Marie Griffis. Wayne Bowles, Patricia Hatter. Second Row: Sammy Cowan, Bobby Ray Farrow, Ernestine Barker, Burl NOT IN PICTURE Clinton, Kenneth W. Witt, Albert Frame, Edna Earl Milligan, Eugene Goldgar Billy Harrison Norma Sims Herbert Heitt, Bob Flanders, Wanda Orrill, Rebecca Goren. Harold Harris Marvin Walden Jeanne Clark Page Ninety-tour Clio uA Students of all classifications interested in sing- MISS LOUISE WILCOX, Director ing comprise Chorus under direction of Miss Wil- cox. ...Chorus is combined of many fine voices. HANNAH FREEMAN . . . Ensemble presents annual program of Christ- mas music in auditorium... .Chorus sings in THURMAN RAY Greater Dallas Festival ot Music at S. M. U .... Participates in pageant at Dal-Hi Stadium on May I3 .... Smaller groups from Chorus sing on many DORIS MILLER school and community programs .... Broadcast over KGKO on Radio Frolics hour February 26 .... Chorus meets two days during each week MARTHA ADAMSON Accomponists ...- Meter, key signatures, scale and other fundamen- tals ot reading music are studied .... Members sing many songs by memory .... Five students win first place honors in Music Festival at Woodrow Wilson. LEFT TO RIGHT First Raw: Tommie Lee Wilkinson, Emma June Fcrston, Bernice Man- gum, Patricia Hatter, Yvonne Rivers, Lois I. Boone, Joan Turner, Norma Jean Watts, Lorane Higgins, Virginia Thornhill, Katherine Kreiter, Mary Dickerson, Miss louise Wilcox. Second Row: Doris Williams, Cecilia Baumgartner, Janet Lindsay, Mary Lau Watkins, Betty Hart, Patricia Reinle, Barbara Sims, Jo Ann Rubenstein, Thelma Romotsky, Freida Ann Benson, Katherine Disman, Betty Jo Hulse, lynnette Douglas. Third Row: Jean Wynn, Mary Alice Anderson, Colleen Gooch, Lila Paris, Anna Bramlett, Peggy Kline, Doris Miller, Ido Armbruster, Virginia Marshall, Marguerite Phelps, Othello Pledger, Joan Stokes. Fourth Row: Betty Sparks, Louise Moehle, Ailene Burcham, Wanda Orrill, Martha Ann Adamson, Jacqueline Burks, Marianna Grace, Willie Odom, Josephine Rilcy, Joyce Melton. Fifth Row: Nino Marie Heaton, Rochelle Stillman, Bobbie Jean Hall, Eva Schnitzer, Dorothy Clcghorn, Yvonne Smith, Norida Wheeless, Martha Cooper, Ruth Thomcon, Charlainc Smith, Virginia Stepter, Zadie Ball. PAULYNE ENGELBERG Secretary Sixth Row: Willie Frances Neeley, Jimmie Simmons, Bobbie Lee Far- rington, Billie La Master, Virginia Driver, Melton Ruth Jones, Mariarie Ann Johnson, Florine Robison, Norma Hellen Patzig, Jerry McGarity. Seventh Row: Pauline Satterwhite, Charles Reed, Thurman Ray, Susan Curtis, Dorothy Nell Dossett, Edna Willeford, Ernestine Barker, Alice Turcotte, Joyce Sims, Dorothy Wilson. Eighth Row: James Harrelson, Robert Willis, Jimmie Reimer, Billie Brewer, Bob Flanders, Margaret Farr, Billie Ruth Day, Bernard Cohen. NOT IN PICTURE H. L. Biggs Betty Jean Farler Jacqueline Mayberry Billie Sue Bishop Ima Jo Gamble Doris Mae McFadin Dorothy Fay Bohne Virginia Glenn Billy Mercer Beatrice Bowen Robert Gillett Billie Partington Opal Carpenter Mary Jane Guernsey Ray Nell Plunk Gene Clark Virginia Henry Billie Ray Patricia Cope Frances Jercek Helen Ray Katherine Disman Edith Lambert lois Schuman Margaret Eguals Billy Leggett Vunita Stribling Jeanette Fain Kathleen Malone Dorothy Mae Wells Page Ninety five Paren t- Teach er 14AAvciativn OFFICERS MRS. HERBERT F. LILLEBRIDGE, President MRS. S. C. WILLIS, First Vice-President MRS. BERTIE MCSPADDEN, Second Vice-President MRS. ALLEN REED, Third Vice-President MRS. J. C. HARMON, Fourth Vice-President MRS. J. W. HODGES, Fifth Vice-President MRS. T. L. WILLIAMS, Sixth Vice-President MRS. LEE PIERCE, Seventh Vice-President MRS. I. G. MILLENDER, Recording Secretary MRS. BERNIE CLEMENT, Corresponding Secretary MRS. THEO R. RAY, Treasurer MRS. MORRIS, GOLDMAN, Historian MRS. G. B. SPRATT, Parliamentarian MRS. H. H. DOYLE, War Activities Auditors: MRS. L. H. SCHWETKE MRS. BEN MIMS Delegates to City Council: MRS. C. C. RILEY MRS. W. L. REILLY LEFT TO RIGHT Obiects of Parent-Teachers Association are to promote welfare of children and youth in home, school, church and community, to raise standards of home life, to bring into closer relation home and school .... Forest chapter of P.-T. A. was organ- ized with school in I9I6 .... Presents Dr. James H. Course and J. B. Bishop on programs .... P.-T. A. yearbook is dedicated to Forest Avenue High School boys and girls in service .... Donates S35 to American Red Cross and S40 to War Chest .... Redecorates dining room and teachers' rest room at Forest .... Under leadership of Mrs. Herbert F. Lillebridge as president and her assistants, P.-T. A. has given one pay assembly. ECON OW: FS. . . YOU , FS. . Uffe , YS. . . TUSS, TS. S dR M J C St d M H P tt M L L C M irs cw: rs. en ee , rs. . C. Harmon, Mrs. S. C. Willis, H. H. Doyle, Mrs. J. W. Hodges, Mrs. T. G. Millender, Mrs. P M Th R y B ' CI t M A S g I FtR M All RdM G M HbtFL'Ilb'cIg ML ' rs. er er . I e rn e, rs. ee ierce, rs. eo a . ernne emen f VS- - U 9 ' Third Row: Mrs. John W. Beasley, Mrs. R. C. Collins, Mrs. W. H. Hale, Mrs. L. H. Schwetke, Mrs. A. B. Cody, Mrs. Sam Chesnick, Mrs. L. M. Cox, Mrs. L. B. Holmes, Mrs. J. T. Burks. hR MGgRdMJAFhMRhlFt Fourt ow: rs. ee, rs. . . is er, iss ace ooe. Page Ninety-six I lbadn C7116 Forest Avenue Dads Club is reorganized in Octo- ber, T943, with enlarged membership and much enthusiasm .... Dads Club assumes new field in school activities by sponsoring tree dances Friday nights from 8:30 to ll:3O. Acting as chaperones, they furnish music and protect school property against misuse. First dance given Thanksgiving Night .... Sponsors exhibit at Forest of proposed plan for Central Boulevard .... Objectives of club are to enlarge and improve school building, en- large and improve playgrounds, erect baseball dia- mond near school, get quarter-mile cinder track, aid pupils to stay in school and to attend college, curb iuvenile delinquency and promote traffic safetyl LEFT TO RIGHT OFFICERS L. L. HIEGEL, President D. O. HULSE, First Vice-President ADOLPH SAGEL, Second Vice-President C. E. SMITH, Third Vice-President PAUL C. LA BORNE, Fourth Vice-President JOE M. UTAY, Fifth Vice-President MAURlCE BECK, Sixth Vice-President BEN F. GENTLE, Secretary-Treasurer Third Row: A. F. Brown, Alva Shepard, Bill Lindsa Robert L. Smith, S. S. Hutchinson, H. F. Lillebridge, R. rr, J. T. Burks, First Row: Maurice Beck, Poul C. Lo Borne, L. D. Wittkower, Ben F. Hallie V. Morris. Gentle, L. L. Hlegel, J. M. Utay, Adolph Sagel, Wylie A. Parker. Fourth Row: L. L. Cruse, James L. Molloy, Jo Welch, Stanley W J J D k T R Th d R G O G. Hancock, Sr., John G. Moor Parrett, D. O. Second Row: Louis .Ray, . . onos y, George . iser, eo ore . reen Ry pD Nt ldbgAdlphK gtAMJk a,Phili unn, a H.Go er, o ornu, . . ac- son, W. E. Watkins. Hulse, L. H. Schwetke. Fifth Row: H. B. Yates, D. T. Griffith, Richard C. Allison. ,,.....Y. ..z....w.f,s.- Page Ninety-seven lrli In Scholar Inq: C7116 OFFICERS MISS RACHEL FOOTE, Sponsor Fall Term LESLIE MITCHELL, President ROSEMARY COWARD, Vice-President GLORIA MAYHEW, Secretary HENRY RISER, Treasurer BERNARD SCHNITZER, Sergeant-at-Arms LESLIE McLEAN, Parliamentarian MARIANA GILLESPIE, Student Council Spring Term BERNARD SCHNITZER, President MAXINE RACHOFSKY, Vice-President ROSEMARY COWARD, Secretary HAROLD ABRAMSON, Treasurer LESLIE MITCHELL, Sergeant-at-Arms GLORIA MAYHEW, Parliamentarian lEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Ramona Matsler, Rosanne Flechtner, Gloria Mayhew, Rose- mary Coward, Leslie Mitchell, Henry Riser, Leslie McLean, Wilma S cl R H fi an ers, ae o man. Second Row: Virginia Chesnick, Francine Burris, Dorothy Lorene Hill, Mary Jane Joyner, Charlene Sandford, Elaine Sladek, Dorothea Rush, Anna Katherine Bramlett, Virginia Driver, Norma Harman. Juanita McSpadden, Miss Rachel Foote. Third Row: Priscilla DuBose, Ethlyn Krecek, Louise Moehle, Rosalie Kovnat, Joan Stone, Alma Atwood, Dolores Loyd, Mary Ann Cortimilia, Jo Ann Thompson, Fayrene Moulton. Fourth Row: Nelda Sparks, Katherine Koller, Mariana Gillespie, Dorothy Ld'kElCI C' Fld El Rhfk u wuc , ua oeman, orinne e man, ve yn ac os y, Marion Lillebridge, Faye Shwiff, Frances Hardin, Norwin Gene Ray. Purpose of High Scholarship Club is to realize advantages every student can derive from striving for the honors of high scholarship and to promote better scholarship and proper school spirit .... Stu- dents must receive Linz Award to become members. . . . Club organized in 1921 .... Annually contrib- utes to Chinese War Relief Fund .... Has party in the library every Christmas .... Quizzes and games are included on programs .... On October 28 Miss Foote gives talk on new volcano in Mexico. . . . Interesting talks given on numerous timely topics. . . . Five dollars given to War Chest .... Club enter- tained by Bernard Schnitzer, violinist, and Thurman Ray, pianist. Fifth Row: Wanda Payne, Betty Minsky, Evelyn Lynn, Hannah Webber- man, Morris Steinberg, Lester Frank, John Coley, Jerald Goldberg, B d S h ' ernar c nitzer. Sixth Row: Vera Wilson, Barbara Ann Scirratt, Maxine Rachofsky, Reta Leatherman, Joan Burch, Velma Stovall, Lorraine Altenau, Billie Dove Coley, Betty Brandenburg, Cora Richardson, David Herman. Harold Abramson Jimmy Allen Norma Anderson Freida Benson Grady Burns Shirley Clark NOT IN PICTURE Cherie Freeman Katherine Hastings Joan Kreiter Ruth Lewin Margaret Moore Betty .lo Northcutt Peggy Packenius Dorothy Pratt Jenny Sakellariou Billy Schmidt Virginia Smith Bobby Storey Charles Wood Page Ninety-eight January '44 Class Play Wino Ki! ed Hunt Carvline? Cicely . Riccy .... Miss Meena Mabbitt Mrs. Eleanor Endicott Agnes .... Beryl . . Aunt Caroline . David Thompson . Miss Louise McLain Dan Donovan . Lt. Clayton . Una Hagman . MISS HELEN FERN BLACK, Director CAST June '44 Class Play 7211 It to Sweeney! Selma Stepney . Mayme Riley . . Earnest Sweeney . Nadine Natkins . Rand Wallace . . Elmer Sweeney . . Mrs. Penelope Natkins Judith Hoagland . Otis Hoagland . Melton Price . Mrs. Sweeney . . Agatha Barlow . MISS HELEN FERN BLACK, Director CAST Frances Janner . Jerry Segal . Helen Lattimer . Shirlie Mark Bobbie Nell Sims Carol June Heaton Juanita Boatman . Charles Reed Dorothea Rush . Bob Pugh . . Saul Kahn Ora Lou Williams Clara Bess Lorenz . Ethlyn Krecek Kenneth Willis Betty Jane Sparks Stanley Schneider Morton Prager Dorothy Ludwick Marion Lillebridge Jack Summerfield . Jimmy Allen . Lois Kalin . Hannah Kriss Page N ty ?oreAt Pu6l1cat1vnA I 94 I Forester gets First-Class Honor Rating INational Scholastic Press Associationi. I 942 Forester wins All-Texas Honor Rating ITexas High School Press AssociationI. Echo wins All-Texas Honor Rating ITexas High School Press Associationl. Echo receives Award of distinguished Merit in Journalism and is named District Winner Ilnterscholastic League Press Conferencel. I 943 Echo wins All-Texas Honor Rating ITexas High School Press Associationl. Stanley Peacock takes second place and ties for third in news story writing ITexas High School Press Associationl. Echo receives Award of Distinguished Merit in Journalism and is named District Winner Ilnterscholastic League Press Conferencet. I 944 Echo receives Award of Distinguished Merit in Journalism and is named District Winner Ilnterscholastic League Press Conferencel. Echo wins All-American Honor Rating INationaI Scholastic Press Associationl. You have seenrthem dashing about school, collecting subscriptions, getting write- ups and selling advertisements in their spare time. They must work to meet the deadline in order to get the Forester to press on time. They came early and stayed late each day. They wrote, typed, read and re-wrote copy. These are iust a few of the tasks performed eagerly by them. Students who were interested gave freely of their extra time and study periods in whatever way they could help. They are the Forester Annual Staff. Striving to give an accurate account of Forest in '43-'44 to look back on in future years, the staff receives ample reward when the bright, shiny new Forester is distributed. Echo runs off presses bi-weekly on Wednesdays .... News, features, editorials and columns give iournalism students valuable experience in reporting, composition and headline writing .... Staff members do make-up .... Prints Senior and Cub Editions in fall and April Fool Edition in spring .... Non-iournalism students give valuable assist- ance in selling papers to first-period classes .... Echo sales for '43-'44 session top all previous records, as Star Salesman Wylie A. Parker starts a IOO per cent drive .... Sends each issue to 300 alumni in service .... Promotes drives for banking, war bond sales, waste paper conservation and Red Cross .... Interviews with Vice-President Henry A. Wallace and Wendell L. Willkie are highlights of fall semester .... Co-editors appear over KGKO radio program "Dance Diary." . . . Echo receives Distinguished Merit Award of lnterscholastic League Association, competing in Press Conference iournalism con- tests in Austin for third consecutive year .... Social event is Press Banquet in May .... Staff members select and wear Forest Echo pins. P g O Hundred ?vreAt fclw Staff Fall JERRY SEGAL .... . Editor-in-Chief BETTY HANCOCK . . Associate Editor FRANCES HARDIN .... Associate Editor ROSEMARY COWARD, GLORIA MAYHEW ....... Copy Editors MARY JAYNE ANDERSON . . Alumni Editor SHIRLIE MARK, PAULYNE ENGELBERG, HELEN LATTIMER, DOROTHEA RUSH, JOHNNIE MAE GILL ......... Reporters Spring GLORIA MAYHEW, ROSEMARY COWARD .... Co-Editors-in-Chief MARIE GRIFFIS, MILBURN GARONZIK, MORRIS RIESMAN ..... Business Managers FRANCES HARDIN .... Managing Editor JACK SUMMERFIELD, BILLYE THOMPSON, SHIRLEY KAUFMAN . . Associate Editors J. D. MUSSO, H. L. PRYOR . . Sports Editors CHARLES ROGERS .... Military Editor YVONNE SULLINS, BOBBIE FLANAGAN, OUIDA RILEY, GWENDOLYN SCOTT, BOBBYE CROW Columnists DAPHNA HILLIARD, MARY ETTA THOMAS, DE- LOIS GIBSON, JOYCE REYNOLDS, MAVIS FERGUSON ....... Reporters ORA LOU WILLIAMS DOROTHY BURNS JOYE Advfseff ' ' MISS MARY SMITH CLARK . . Editorial HILL . . . . . . . . . Columnists H. B. YATES . . . . . . Business LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Johnnie Mae Gill, Helen lattimer, Helen Stover, Rosemary Coward, .Ierry Segal, Milburn Garanzik, Shirlie Mark, Betty Lou Hancock, Jack Summerfield, Harold Lewis. Second Row: Mary Jayne Anderson, Shirley Avis Kaufman, Mary Etta Thomas, Ouida Riley, Pauline Engelberg, Dorothy Burns, Morris Riesman, Billye Louise Thompson, Dorothea Rush. Third Raw: Bobbye Crow, Joye Hill, DeLois Gibson, Daphna Hilliard. Fourth Row: Tommie Davis, Betty Ann Eastwood, June Box, Betty Lois Burgess, Betty McNally, Elvita Southern, Melba Howard, Dorothy Ludwick, Bobbie Flanagan. Fifth Raw: Darthy McCullough, Kathleen Roberson, Imogene Brooks, Joyce Myers, Wauscel LaRue, Bobbie Collins, Erma Lee Graham. Sixth Row: Evelyn Joyce Schepps, Beanie Siegel, Arthur A. Aschner, Mary Graham, Bobbye Adams. NOT IN PICTURE Mavis Ferguson Marie Griftis Frances Hardin Gloria Mayhew J. D. Musso Joyce Reynolds f Charles Rogers Gwendolyn Scott Yvonne Sulllns Hf"'W ""'g I Page One Hundred Ono -,fi ' K 'VN Q Xsggws ' F ,,. , GARONZIK FLANAGAN LAWTON ASCHNER HARDIN CROW BARISH MAYHEW COWARD LUDWICK ROGERS TOONE KRECEK CLARK YATES NOWLIN ?v e ter Manual Staff BOBBYE CROW Managing Editor MILBURN GARONZIK Business Manager BOBBY FLANAGAN DOROTHY LUDWICK Assistant Editors MARVIN BARISH Art Editor Page One Hundred Two FRANCES HARDIN Editor-in-Chief ARTHUR ASCHNER Advertising Manager ROSEMARY COWARD GLORIA MAYHEW Literary Editors WAYNE TOONE Sports Editor CHARLES ROGERS Military Editor ETHLYN KRECEK MARION LAWTON Office Managers MARY SMITH CLARK Publications Director H. B. YATES Business Manager EUGENIA NOWLIN Art Advisor ?o e te ldhfhlldf Staff We hope you like your '44 Forester. The stat? has worked hard to publish a book that gives an accurate picture of you in your classes, activities, and sports. Getting the names for the pictures was the hardest because you always wanted to leave as soon as the picture was taken. But all in all, we've enioyed it. This is the last time you'll be hearing from us, so we want to say thanks, especially to Harry Crenshaw of Southwestern Engraving Company, Irving Wilkinson Printing Com- pany, the staff, and our advisors, Miss Mary Smith Clark and H. B. Yates, for their inter- est and cooperation in making this yearbook possible. FRANCES HARDIN, Editor-in-Chief Y LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Anna Bramlett, Arthur A. Aschner, Marvin Barish, Milburn Garonzik, Frances Hardin, Alma Atwood, Merry Dickerson, Ethlyn Krecek, Winnie Fay Wycolt. Second Row: Charles Cauley, Francine Burris, Priscilla Du Bose, Hannah Webberman, Dorothy Smith, Helen Stacks, Ouida Riley, Dolores Loyd, Shirley Clark. Third Row: Willie Mitchell, Joyce Wyly, Jerry Segal, Dorthy McCullough, Margaret Moore, Marion Lawton. Fourth Row: Dorothy Ludwick, Margrette Kizer, Mary Mae McEvoy, Horace Suwal, Bernard Siegel. NOT IN PICTURE D. H. Brooks Bobbie Flanagan Gloria Mayhew Gwendolyn Scott' Doris Townsend Rosemary Coward Dora Mae Fulenwider Charles Rogers Betty Jo Steer Annie Wilson Bobbye Crow Evelyn Lynn ldell Rosenaur Wayne Toone Page One Hundred Thre Fo reste r ffyce fecyualds red Four s ack Summcrhfld EI d by p p I 'Kcrbcrf Grass ,Mary lou Duckwarflz gftllflk Mvrgan vote of the student body Favorites P9 OHd Ms gi: A Lx. semi Edinum senior Edition Publcshed by the Journalism Students of Forest Avenue Hzgh School Vol. 28, No. 7 DALLAS, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19, 1944 Price 5 Cui! Listen- lIt'sI-Iancock and Shelton! Lions! By Rosemary Coward l log' -9'Gc0-3 63. 'Foil av? U8 IYIOI' ance edition to those ments for ness to Publication. Q "Who Killed Aunt Caroline?" 19 the Question raised every gfiglrnoon in the school audi- orium as members of the cast PPSDGPQ themselves for Thurs-' day Hlzllfs performance. FUWSVS Sliver sleuths should be Oflulwld F0 pack the auditorium 750 390051115 room only" to arrive at an answer-not that the can nefids any help with the script, gligclinetgvie-3 t exg:itemTt.f1kg 0 we wo the 55 cents admission. English Class Holds 'Reunion' The time ,is 1963, and the place ia the beautifully decorated room 104, at Forest Avenue High School. Mlgg Mary Smith Glarlds English S class of 1943-44 held a reunion to mug om- Old times. Many famous people were among those attending. . The old timers exercised their lungs by Singing old his tunes of '43 and the Fora! loyalty song. Despite the few gray hairs and bald heads, everyone seemed carried hack oo his good old gchol duya. of Honors an whale :amaze- ment aa Gerry Sogalj pro nominees medical term 'Smphy coccus streptococci Miss Meonn Mabbitt iHelen Lam mei-J recenily requested that the cast gn through the second ack so that she Forest Ave Baptist To Honor Graduates I The Forest Avenue Baptist Church win honor the January gmmung class with a banquet in the assembly mom of the church on Monday ary 24, at ii p.m W. A. Howard executive of the Baptist Student Union will be the principal speaker Odell Jameson, pastor, will Bobbie Nell Sims will give a and David Ball, ex-Forester :rviolin mln. Members of class that are members of the will serve Butler Offered War At Texas A. 8: M. Q W. H, Butler, commercial geogra- phy teacher, was recently offered the position of Associate Professor of Geography at Texas A. A bi, College. "The A. Sr M. offer was strictly a war job, and I believed that my job here was just as much a war job as any other one," Mr. Butler said. "I have my classes here at S.M.U, and my HifY that are more impoxmnt to me," For 25 summers Mr. Butler has taught in either S.M.Un Dallas Col- lege and state colleges al: Arlington, Commerce, Huntsville and San Mar- cos. S S. Miller Escort Vessel Marine Raider Hero - where he his second Gardner, Segal Runners-up or '44 Echo, Sweethearts , , I First place honors in the 1944 Echo Sweethearts contest go to Cheerleader Betty Lou Hancock, who led the girls with a total of 508 votes, and Letterman Robert Shelton, who took the lead for the boys with 515 votes, Bettye Jane Gardner and Jerry Segal are runners-up in the contest, The tabulations were arrived at by the Echo staff from the popular vote of the student body, taken by individual ballot in the first period classrooms Wednesday, January 5, Pictures of the winning favorites will appear in the feature section of the '44 Forester, , Betty Lou, last apring second place 'winner in the Forester Favorites contest, has been a cheerleader for two consecutive years, holding the position of head cheerleader this term. An active -"Wz+-iH leader, Betty Lau has held office in her class as 1A president and 28 Webb and Jameson To Address Seniors I The graduating class of January, 1944. will hear the Rem Odell Jameson and Dr. Ernest C. Webb on their Bac- calaureate sermon and zraduation ex- ercises, mpefiavexy. ' "The Dream" will be the topic of they Baccalaureate sermon by the Reverend Jameson :xt the Forest Avenue Bap- tist Church next Sunday, January 23. Iv. will be based on the life of Josnph, the dreamer, who later be- came the leader of Egypi. "If tho youth of todnY will Lake of his dreams, he will iomorrowf' choice of 54' 6 0 0 M1139 nil ad 0 . secretary. A member of the Nationzsl Honor Society, ahe wears Linz awards representing excellent scholarship for '41, '42 and '-13. An Owswnding athlete who has lei- wred in hath football and track, Robert Shelton holds the distinction of hav- ing scored Foresvs first touchdown in bvfo seasons. Robert was selected by his team mates as the most valuable player on the beam this year, also making the Times Herald All-City second team. Another '43 Forester Favorite is Bettye Jana Gardner, cheerleader. A vivacians hrownweyod brunette, Battya was IA class president in '40 and SA class treasurer in '42. K Jerry Segal, editor-in-chief of the Echo this term and sporis editor ol the '48 Forester Annual, is one of Poi-est's popular onto:-s since his memorable Thanksgiving Day and Senior Day apceches. Jerry plays the "Riccy" in the senior play. Nell Sinia and Saul Knhu are part 9 'F rm winners in the contest, are members of the senior nn high Olin fr Here r Mark , Skate lignos but t no- eed- me n sei: tha, walk- Iliwy until seats, and last room. Luz-ene nor tsrdy since she enrolled "Only once before has chore been just one pexfedt record in a class, and ihat was somewhat larger -than the present grxcluxtlng seniors," stated Mr. P1-irker. Others attending the luncheon wen Mrs. Emma Brown, Mrs. Frances Field and James Flanagan, Lorene's broth- er, who is an ex-student of Forest. Forest. that Mr, gum and "f 0 under all be was A up and went After waiting a gSrl's study time for some ..... asked the Then Sha study hall." "It was the that I remember? 'tho time I wandered locker room looking for walked out on chesmge and he- lo ning," sold Betty McMaster. ng the nm two lines, and then I looked at all of ilvc people staring at me, Sn frightened I couldn't finish like song, I turned and ran off the stage, Believe me, that cured my stage friglitll . be 1 Un time go With eo September 16-The portals of FAHS opened with a bang! Well, they opened anyway. September 15-The same old routine. Yep, even the same detention hall, but looking different with Mrs. Jessie Watkins in charge. September 17-All that standing line for street car cards is now done away with-almost. They are being issued at school during study periods. September 18-Tonight we lost the first football game of the season to a worthy opponent, the Sunset Bisons, with a score of 26-O. September 20-On our first assembly this morning Mr. Parker introduced the football coaches and the team. Because of transportation difficulties this year, we will play each school twice instead of playing out-of-town games. Gas shortage, you know. September 21-Can you hear me-e-e-e-e-e? New students were given a hearing test today. What was that? Did I hear a pin drop? September 25-Something new has been added-a pay telephone to relieve the congestion in the office. September 29-The uLucky Seven.W No, not on the Hit Jarade, but the cheerleaders who were elected today: Betty Hancock, Bob Lilly, Betty Gardner, Ben Sumner, George Freeland, Max Gardner and Joyce Reynolds. September 30-Guilty-Step down. Lila Paris and Kenneth Willis were elected by the Student Council to represent Forest at the Juvenile Traffic Court every Saturday morning. October 2-NWe scoredlu nWe scoredln shouted every Forester after the second half of the game with Tech. The game ended 24-7 in Tech's favor. October 6-NWant to buy an Echo?n rang through the halls today. The new staff scored a triumph on the first issue of the Echo with nBeat Woodrowlu for a banner. October ll-Had the first fire drill this morning. Didn't forget how -made it in two and a half minutes. October 14-nRah, rah, rah-team, team, teamln The old walls fairly shook at the pep rally. If this spirit continues, we'll whip the Bulldogs tomorrow. October 15-We dood it! iThe ole jinx was broken with a score of 7-6. October 19-Journalists Jerry Segal and Rosemary Coward made Associated Press by interviewing Vice-President Wallace on his stay in nBig D.' October 21-Hurrah! Holidays! Lucky for us that Ration Book No. 4 was issued at school. October 26-Lieutenant John Calhoun, guest speaker on the annual Navy Day assembly, told of a naval battle which he experienced near Guadalcanal. Page One Hundred Seven n the go With eo October 28-What's up, Doc? Well, slap me pink! The annual pictures are being taken on schedule for once. October 29-Tra-la-ta-boom-ba. What's this? Free music lessons being given by Colonel Hoppe in the school auditorium at the sixth period. ' , October 30-What's haunting you? Goblins? Why, of course, it's Halloween. November 1-The Texas History Club gave an assembly in honor of Stephen F. Austin. Lieutenant Claude Galloway was guest speaker. November 3-Bobbie Nell Sims and Rosemary Coward represented Forest at the All-city Red Cross Council meeting. November 5-Goodbyes were in order for Miss Junia McAllister, who left Forest today to teach at Arizona College. November 8-NYour battle station is at school,n Colonel Hans Christian Adamson of the Army Air Corps, who spent three weeks on the raft with Eddie Rickenbacker, told us today. November l0f-Alegre Cumpleanos. Simply wishing the Pan American Student Forum a happy birthday as they celebrate their seventeenth anniversary today. November ll-With Lieutenant Colonel Leslie Mitchell leading them, the Forest R.0.T.C. marched in the Armistice Day Parade. November 12-Honoring Mr. Parker at the game with Woodrow, the Pep Squad and Junior WAC's formed his name on the field between halves. November 15-Digging deep for our nickels and dimes, we brought the total contributions for the War Chest to 369.5l. November 15-Short periods today along with chills and thrills over the horror picture given by the P.-T. A. November 22-The Speech Arts Department reminded us of the nearness of Thanksgiving with a special assembly. Hm-m-m, I can almost smell that turkey roasting now. November 25-Another holiday-Too bad Thanksgiving comes but once a year. November 26-Boy, do those Echo reporters get around! Rosemary Coward and Gloria Mayhew, co-editors of the Echo, were right on the job interviewing Wendell L. Willkie during his visit here. November 30-Muy buena programa-just trying to say the Spanish Depart- ment presented their sixteenth annual All-Spanish Program today in the auditorium. December 5-Is that the football team we see in the gym? Yep,the 4A Class is honoring them with a dance. December 6-We are glad to see Miss Addie Melson back teaching after her severe illness. Page One Hundred Eight n the go With leo December 8-J. C. Carter, addressing the social studies classes, explained the purpose and object of the Social Security Act. December 10-Foresters thrilled to the acting of Gary Cooper in WThe General Died at Dawn.N December ll-Bobby James, captain of the Rifle Team, made the highest score for Forest in the All-city Rifle Match. Good work, Captain James! December 15-How did all those letters to Santa Claus get around? The Christmas edition of the Echo came out today crammed full of letters to Santa. December 16-Holly, mistletoe and food. You're on the beam, Lions. Merry Christmas! January 2-Holidays are over and it's back to school again for little Leo. January 4-National Honor welcomes seventeen new members into the Society at the traditional initiation assembly today. January 7-Another fire drill with Mayor Woodall Rodgers, Fire Marshall L. M. Frond, Chief J. W. Stevens, and other members of the fire prevention board as audience. January 7-Aren't the 2B's coming up in the world? They broke all precedents by giving a 2B Class dance and made a profit of 312. January 10-New clothes, happy faces and their farewell song typified the Seniors as they appeared on the Senior Day assembly and taught classes throughout the day. January 13-How many periods for being tardy? May I run in the halls? Is it against the rules to chew gum? Foresters were asking them- selves these questions while taking the test on school rules given by the Student Council. January 14-The Senior Play and long awaited answer to the question, nWho Killed Aunt Caroline?u January 19-The Senior Edition of the Echo, launched with shouts of joy, announced Betty Lou Hancock and Robert Shelton as the Echo Sweethearts of 1944, with Jerry Segal and Bettye Gardner run- ners-up. January 23-We all burned the midnight oil last night for today began exams-need I say more? January 27-The great day arrives-graduationlli!Comelon Gaits, let's graduate.n February l-The new term starts with a different look about Room 300. Mrs. Bliss McManus takes over as art teacher in place of Mrs. Nowlin, who goes to TSCW. February 7-What ho, Mayor eats crow-maybe. Unless Dallas has a lower percentage of fires than Houston does for this year, Mayor Rodgers will have to eat crow. Page One Hundred Nme in the go with leo February ll-Why all the brilliant glow about the cadets? They must be all shined up for the federal inspection today. February 14-With bow and arrow in hand, Cupid stalked the halls of Forest looking for prey! Judging from some of the expressions, he had pretty good hunting. February 15-Ah, Ah, Ah, don't spend the nickel. Come to Room 1 on Tuesday and bank it. The Banking Department starts its drive for new accounts today. February 16-nFlat-flat-flat!n The most common defect found among Forest coeds when examined by Dr. George was flat feet. February 25-They're cooking with gas! The 4A's started the new term right with a sport dance. February 26-nExtra! Extra! New Youth Center opened at Y.W.C.A.n The U.s.s. Canteen sponsors dances every Saturday night. February 29-Today's the day. What day? Why the one that comes but once every four years-Leap Year Day! March 2-It's here. The returns of the student poll for Forester Favorites. Joyce Reynolds, five feet two, eyes of blue, and Jack Summerfield, office-holder-in-chief, walked away with top honors. K March 3-Any old fountain pens today? Bring them around to the office. They are being repaired for the boys in service.""",' March 15-Have you a flair for writing? nReady Writers Contest? gave the literary inclined students a chance to show their stuff. March 17-The night of the G. I. Jive. In other words tonight is the annual Military Dance. March 18-Forest was well represented at the City Youth Council by Mariana Gillespie and Leslie Mitchell. April 5-At last we get to dress up in our Easter bonnets. Happy Easter, Bunnies. April 10-The Echo rings the bell again for the third straight year, winning the Award of Distinguished merit in the Interscholastic League Press Conference. April 21-That old familiar dance, but the one that means so much to the graduating class-the Senior Prom. May l-The tables are turned! Today being Senior Day, the Seniors took charge of the assembly and classes. May 5-The Seniors showed their ability to act in producing the Senior Play, nTell It to Sweeney.u June 3-The day that is anticipated so eagerly by 150 students. Graduation! Page One Hundred Ten Pictured above are representatives of the Dallas High school papers who interviewed Vice-President Henry A. Wallace. Standing around Mr. Wallace, left to right, are Frank Holloway, Sunset Stampede, Pat Milliken, North Dallas Compass, Thelma Carder and Virginia Whatley, Tech Talk, Pat Kelley, Adamson Acorn, and Jerry Segal, Forest Echo. Kneeling is Rosemary Coward, also of the Echo. unior P eu In tenlieaw llice P e ident High school press conference with Vice-President Henry A. Wallace in October, arranged by Forest iournalism department .... Interview takes place in Presidential Suite of Adolphus Hotel .... Mr. Wallace makes state- ment to iunior reporters, "All l wish from Dallas right now is an oppor- tunity to wash my face and hands," after tiring plane trip .... Opposes tariff and favors post-war schools for soldiers .... Brings with him idea of "sustained yield in education which is adopted as theme of '44 Forester." . . . High School Fourth Estaters presented cigars as souvenirs of Presi- dential Suite .... Associated Press picture run in the National Scholastic Press High School Roto. Page One Hundred Eleven Top Row: The gals behind the cotton candy are Shirley Moore, Nina Ballard and Kathryn Budrow . . . Mary Lou Arche, one of our glamour girls . . . Mr. Yates and his sixth period civics class . . . Katherine Tyler and Norma Jean Thorpe lounging on their gym time... Second Row: Autograph hounds Yvonne Sullins and Helen Corry . . .Three Forest coeds: Marion Lillebridge, Anna Bramlett and Joyce Reynolds . . .Good it you can do it. . . When the photographer caught Forester Editor Frances Hardin out of her headquarters in T04 we'll never know ...Gene Metcalf, Jerry Barshop, Bobby Edwards and Irving Adelsteinl returning from the Austin Track meet . . .Third Row: They iust can't wait tor that 9:05 bell! . . . Co-editors of the Echo, Gloria Mayhew and Rosemary Coward with chum Virginia Driver . . . Kenneth Willis shows good taste lwe're not really decapitating Willisl .... Fourth Row: Bird's eye view of the Austin track . . .Miss Thoene referees . . . Pep Squad maiorettes Clara Bell Veal, Margarette Kizer and Margaret Baldwin . . .Jenny Sakellariou gets setl to shoot. Page One Hundred T I Top Row: Eula Coleman had another birthday and iudging from the look on her face, she's not worrying about that one-more year business . . . "All right, boys, let's get going"-one of Little Leo's favorite people, Mr. Hutchinson, gives out that familiar order . . . "Fight, Team, Fight!" Mascot Patsy Douglas, leads a school yell. Patsy's already a full-fledged Lion . . . Here's what fourth estaters Charles Rogers and J. D. Musso do when they're not writing Regimental Racket or making predictions on next week's games . . .Second Row: What? No gas? Dick Wood resorts to forceful measures . . .Miss Segrist, physical education instruc- tor, relaxes while watching the girls play ball . . . Ready? Blonde Shirley Clark seems to be . . . Third Row: Clara Bess Lorenz and ex-Forester, David Ball, rest during a visit to Fair Park ...Robert Beasley, a good prospect for next year's Forest Eleven, gets a iump on other Lions. . .Any resemblance between Dorothy Martin, Ruth Thomson and Little Leo is not purely coincidental. g P g One Hundred Thirteen Top Row: This man shortage business has Corry and Sullins worried . . . Now it's Evelyn Joyce Schepps occupying the rock. . . Heading for the junk heap? . . . Israel Frauman, ex-Forester, on his way in to say howdy to his tellow Lions . . .Wanda Fisher and Selma l Sagel beat T400 other Foresters out of the door when that 4 o'clock bell rang . . .Second Row: What Thelma Howell and Evelyn Church iust heard must have been a good one . . . Charles Cauley and Leon Bolin have the situation lotherwise known as Mr. Hutchinsonl well in hand . . .Going up, Hutch? . . . Third Row: Hm-m-m, Betty Lou Hancock looks pretty enough to be a cover girl . . . Eula Coleman and Evelyn Lynn sharing the hard-to-find Hershey. . . That man shortage again . . . "Chiet"Jerry Segal, '43 editor ofthe Echo, relaxes after the paper has rolled oft the presses . . .Marion Lillebridge forgot that early morning into-the-building permit, so she sits . . .Fourth Row: Big audience at the track meet in Austin . . . We'll take the car in the rear, it you please. P ge One Hundred Fourteen Top Row: Track star Harold Zeitman takes it easy . . .Three isn't a crowd according to Rae Hottman, Morris Riesman and Marian Pasternak . . . DeLois Gibson, Joyce Reynolds and Helen Raye Corry sitting high . . . Dicking Ewing made it to first regardless ot Kenneth Willis . . . Ding dong dell, Norma's in the well and Betty Sparks, Evelyn Beach, Ruby Fischl and Ethlyn Krecek help her out. . . Second Row: Wanda Payne concentrates on the game . . . Ex-Foresters Ed Burkley,fMary Jayne Anderson and Ben Siler with Helen Raye Corry . . . Third Row: Irving Adelstein cools his heels . . . Glen Summar and Richard Christensen make a cute couple . . . Shirley Priest in a swan dive . . . Fourth Row: Mr. White proves that even teachers study . . .What's so funny, girls? . . . Well, at least the car is pretty . . . Fifth Row: Ben Siler and his trainer plane . . . Don't they look good? The weiners, we mean . . . "Pre- sent arms!" Leon Bolin tells his coed rifle team. P g O HundredFifteen Traffic an the Qreenwaq A day with Little Leo Lion- A nervous breakdown on the cuFf- Yes, sir! To take it, he's got to be tough! So with vitamin pills and arch supports, He's here to tell his story. Leo's a typist down in room five. But Miss Pritchett doesn't agree When he makes "p" for "q" or "Z," Or "m" for "n" or "I" for "k." But the worm lLeol turns at report card time When teacher writes "F" for "A." Leo's a musician in our Band. A trumpeter bold is he. But to get boogie woogie and Sousa mixed- lBoy! can that Colonel pitch a wicked cymballl Page One Hundred Sixteen guys 'nf' 'Y -' sv But Echo reporting is somewhat dit-" Says Leo. Uust call him "Scoop."l Covering an assignment's a snappy deal, Why, half the iob is the snoop. And all the story lacks Are a couple of minor facts, Like who? What? WHen? WHEre? WHY?? and HOW??? Though a chemistry formula, Physics law or Latin verb he never learned, Leo says, "Just watch my smoke Where a coed is concerned." They call him Leo the Line. At four o'clock right on the dot Leo scampers in haste For an important rendezvous. No time for chatter-he can't be late. -He's wanted in 202. ra ic on the greenwaq GRID SEASON BITS Coeds TULLY ALICE ROBERTSON, LOIS MEEKS and MARY ETTA THOMAS started the pigskin season in collegiate style with skirts and jackets made of college pennants .... The Lions' good luck charm was little five-year-old PATSY DOUG- LAS, cheerleader mascot and cousin of LYN- ETTE DOUGLAS .... Forest's 7-6 win over North Dallas brought tears to the eyes of CORRINE FELDMAN, who was crying for sheer ioy .... The boys of the Green and White eleven became carrot-topped redheads to show what fiery spirit is .... MARIE GRIFFIS and "Betsy," her Model-A, chugged to all the games .... The Pistol Packin' Mama rage hit IRVING ADELSTEIN, who went about school with his toy pistol .... JOYCE REY- NOLDS started a fad with her handmade Boy Scout moccasins .... Getting rough, WALTER THREADGILL, JERRY BARSHOP and HORACE REPHAN practiced commando tactics on the way home from school .... DeLOlS GIBSON was used as a guinea pig for a psychology test in her H.E. class .... Rationing at Forest gave Freshman TOMMY RAVELL, who acted as guard, an oppor- tunity to see all the pretty girls who came for their mothers' ration books. AUTUMN LEAVES The spirit of the crisp weather brought on a Sadie Hawkins Dance given by JACK SUMMER- FIELD, GLENN SUMMAR and BENNY APPLE at Jack's house .... CHARLES BLANKENSHIP could be found at Garland every Saturday hunting the day long .... RICHARD CHRISTENSEN was un- aware of the happenings around Forest, at least in his French class, which period was spent in sleep .... ALMA ATWOOD caused a mystery among Forest femmes with the handsome un- known lad who accompanied her to school each morning, until he was discovered to be LAU- RENCE, her brother .... SYLVIA MOSS admired JERRY GOLDBERG'S curly black locks in history class each morning so that she couIdn't keep from combing them .... DEVORA KLEINMAN became the terror around these parts taking her driving lessons .... Autumn and spring merged into one for HILDA WOLFE and JACK GENTLE, who seem to retain that starry-eyed gleam throughout the year .... HAROLD CORTIMILIA nicknamed freshman beauty GLORIA ROLLINS "Killdee." . . . Taking the clean-up campaign seriously, BILLY CREASEY, BETTY RAAWSON, GLORIA MAYHEW and ROSEMARY COWARD swept under their lunch table daily .... CLAR- ENCE PARRISH, DONALD BOLDIN and EUGENE BROCKWAY became the Three Musketeers of Forest .... VERMELLE McCAlN went domestic with a Sunday in the country spent learning how to milk cows. HOLLY AND MISTLETOE Christmas and Santa brought the usual mad- ness of holiday shopping. Little EVELYN JOYCE SCHEPPS hit upon the plan of an iron lung for use in the crowded elevators, while ADELYN DOWNEY was so frustrated by the confusion that she presented the street car motorman a small dictionary page instead of the expected transfer .... The seniors suffered the usual ordeal of annual picture taking. But JIMMY ALLEN and BETTY FLETCHNER had fun on the Toyland Express at Titche's on the way to the studio .... FAYE SHWIFF and HANNAH KRISS caught up on their window shopping in all the turmoil .... BILLY FENNEL wrote a letter to Santa begging for cor- poral's stripes .... Out with the old and in with the new with scads of resolutions for i944 for Foresters. MARTIN LETOW erected as the 4A class motto "Let's do more in '44."...JACK McCOY sported a pageless history book in Miss Brown's class .... PATSY SEGUIN, MAXINE JAMES and ELAINE SLADEK went western with blue jeans and plaid shirts .... Wartime ear clips were the main worry of DOROTHY KILE, who was rapidly going "daffy" .... GENE PFLUG became the Dracula of the lunchroom as he went about dropping his sherbets and water glasses .... A new ambition was announced by MAXINE RACHOFSKY, who determined to become the first woman president of the United States. CAMPUS SNAPS The aggressive 2B class broke all precedent in the presentation of a sophomore dance .... Dimpled VIRGINIA HAINES made her debut into Forest Society .... Snow and wintry cold brought anything but shivers to MORRIS RIESMAN, who wrote love poetry to MARIAN PASTERNAK .... IVAN HUDDLESTON drew a comic strip depicting Page One Hundred Seventeen Page One Yraffic on the greenway his own adventures in high school .... The new term started off during the "Mairzy Doats" fad. ELMERINE VINCENT was in the spirit of it all as she wandered through the corridors chanting the babyland special .... WANDA HARRISON was discovered to be the only Forester born on Feb- ruary 29 .... LOIS KALIN went to College Sta- tion as guest of ex-Forester CECIL WEIL, now Aggie .... LORRAINE ALTENAU and BILLY PAT- ZIZ graced Forest halls as one of the cutest couples about the premises, while Forest stags gave NOVELLA BRISENDINE a whirl at the dances .... Covering a P.-T. A. meeting for the Echo, BILLYE THOMPSON was mistaken for one of the mothers .... RHEA GOLDSTEIN was gen- uinely thrilled to get the autograph of movie star VICTOR MATURE at Titche's Four Freedoms Show. . . .GEORGE RICHARDSON solved the transpor- tation problem, riding piggy-back to detention hall, while CHARLES TUTTLE solved the girl prob- lem by devoting himself to a redheadecl doll, which he found when he attended a party. STATIC AND STUFF During iournalism class MILBURN GARONZIK made the suggestion that the Echo use adver- tisements so that the reporters could get paid. . . . BOBBYE ADAMS went about lamenting the fact that she was five feet tall when she was a freshman, now she's a senior and only four feet and eleven inches tall .... The halls resounded with strange noises as JOE WEBBERMAN con- stantly talked Iike Donald Duck .... This year found MARION LAWTON still chumming with BERNIE RUTH CLEMENT, this friendship has lasted since grade school days .... ELOISE THOMP- SON spent her entire counseling period study- ing for the weekly English quiz .... "Einstein" was the name given to EUGENE FRIEDMAN in his chemistry class. Eugene workecl with chemi- cals in his father's store .... While learning to drive, RUTH THOMSON got two tickets in one Hundred Eighteen week .... The girls at ROSALIE ALTMAN'S lunch table were one shocked bunch when she brought a sack of onions to school for lunch .... Vita- mins have certainly had an effect on MARQUITA OWEN. Mr. Hutchinson caught her pulling a Tar- zan trick in the auditorium .... While horseback riding, DOROTHY LUDWICK, BETTY SPARKS, EVELYN BEACH, NORMA CHOATE, SHIRLEY MOORE, RUBY FISCHL and ETHLYN KRECEK decided to snap some pictures. After taking a number in various poses, someone discovered that the fiilms weren't in the camera. OFF THE GRAPEVINE NINA FAY PARKS, LOUIS MINCE and WYLIE WORDEN could be seen almost every night at the Fair Park Skating Rink .... Forest has some ambitious students, PATSY JEAN DAVIS worked nightly at the Dal-Sec Theater .... RICHARD ATKIN'S chest swelled fully ten inches when he didn't have to serve in detention squad every afternoon .... South America is the incentive that beckons JUANITA ELLIS to become a foreign mis- sionary .... The trip to school each morning wouIdn't be the same without seeing DAVID BRAHINSKY trying to get a ride .... To play first base for the Lions in 1945 is ROBERT TRENT'S greatest desire .... MIMI GOODMAN went in for soft, fuzzy things, as she proved with her white angora sweater .... FRANCES MCDONALD often proudly displayed a picture of her brother Floyd, who is in the Sea Bees .... The world has its genii, and so has Forest. BERNARD SCHNITZER completed his masterpiece, "Fantasia in C Sharp Minor," which is sure to be remembered through the ages .... Even during the "Swooner Crooner" craze, ALYENE SNOW still prided herself in her collection of over eighty Bing Crosby records .... Come Saturday morning, HANNAH WEBBERMAN could always be found sketching at the art museum .... Freshman VIRGINIA THORNHILL fascinated everyone with her cute little pigtails. -:-:-:+:-:-: .-.3.3.3.g.:.3.:,:4: . .. -:-:-:-:-: 51:-:-:-:-:f:1:5:2:i:3:f 2:2:1:I:2:f:3: ff: .-ferr: ff ' ' ' - lf" -1.1. :-: M" 4:1:1:s:s:s:s:s:s:s:-:-::: 1535:g5gz:s:s:1:s:5g5:sg5g::1:1:: :s:5:e:2:s:2 5s fix rf if :.:.:.3.:.3.:.: s.3.::5.3.5.:.5.5,,-::5:5.5,5.1.g.::3: ' ' . .. 3.5.5.:,:.:.:,5.:,tg,3.:,:.:.,. ...,..,.... --4- . 1 -:fz-: , r 5.1.5 IR. f. 'I' 'fif -I .3 '5 91: 14:-:+:3:3: .-.-.-.1:3:1:3:3:2:5:2:?:I:3,-.-.4.-.-.-.- . 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' frfrfg 5:':jgj1rg'g1gtgtg:5:3.5:3g5g::53.511-5-3:Q-f'f:5:2Z:2zfizfzi-5:5-3:5 '-'-1::QQzjzjj.j:g:f:3:1::.j:f:2:5.E , H. fQf:1'2'1'2'I:1:l:2:1-f lllf' '- 1-123 -Eff-FI., '7'7'7'5'T:1:3:QgfEfQgA,j' "f'l:fz::f:E:5:2:5.:f:':3: 5:55 g:gl-11:P?-ia:-5-:1:i'55:2:l:5:l'-' jlsfr'f:f1::Q'f:jj,,l"-15Z- :5:5:2-':5:5:5:f:5:2:?91ff:5g.4.'g1g--- g.3:5::.,.5QJg ,tfzjzjfizgzi i 'i!t:g:5:5:f:5:Wf0m83bRi" 2:'15:i' -:ff 7:15'3:5:1:i'1'1'1:3:1:I 21113: 2?5ff:I:!: I-I-IA-I-I-:Ar f 0m 14 The publication of the 1944 Forester has been made possible through the coopera- tion of the following friends. Let us show our appreciation by patronizing them whenever possible: American Beauty Cover Company Bell Clothing Company Ben Morris Jewelry Company Briggs, Photographer Caudle Engraving Cline Music Company Colonial Pharmacy Colonial Plumbing Co. Dallas Bakery Denison Studios Draughon's College Fakes 8: Company Forest Avenue Cleaners Franklin's Friedman's Drug Gray's Diamond Shop Hiegert, Florist Home Furniture Company Interstate Circuit Kahn, E. M. Louise's Record Shop Metropolitan Business Model Tailors National jobbing Company Oma's Beauty Shoppe Parker, Earl R. Paul's Shoes Ring 8z Brewer Rutherford Business School Schepps 8: Sablosky Shuttles South Dallas Bank 8: Trus Southwestern Engraving Store Without a Name Susman, William Watters, H. B.-Texaco Whittle Music Company Wilkinson Printing t Co. Page One Hundred Ninefeen 55 Men' Fine Shoes 95 Such Names as T0 Nettleton-French-Shrine:--Urner T0 Nunn-Bush Compliments of FRIEDMAN'S REGISTERED S7 S7 DRUGGISTS Mafy other standarf Make' At the Sign of the Big Chocolate Soda N3tl0nal Jnbhlng C0' 1924 Grand Phone H-7118 14 I5 Commerce St. Next to Magnolia Bldg. H. B. Waters Texaco Station Forest and Holmes Harwood-2 1 5 3 Road Service Auto Supplies WILLIAM SUSMAN All Kinds of Insurance Great National Life Building C-2772 COLONIAL PLUMBING CO. H-4681 3006-8 Colonial Avenue New and Used Water Heaters U d EVERYTHING MUSICAL E CLINE MUSIC COMPANY, Inc. Everything for the Band and Orchestra GUARANTEED REPAIR WORK 1409 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas Durward J. Cline, President Phone C-1948 We have all previous negatives on file DENISON STUDIO IIOZMZ Elm LOUISE'S RECORD SHOP New Popular Records BELL CLOTHING COMPANY "The Young Men's Store of Dallas" HUDSON C. LOCKETT and CASEY JONES 5111 Oakland Phone H3582 1617 Main sneer Phone R-2765 C0"'Pli"'m'f WILLIAM C. HIEGERT The Store Without a Name Florist 906.908 ELM STREET FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS The department store that sells for less . . every day in the year 2718 Forest Avenue Phone H-7153 FRANK SEGELIIS COLONIAL PHARMACY Prescription Experts Phone H-5141 1644 Forest OMA,S BEAUTY SHOP VELMA KENDRESK DALLAS BAKERY 1720 South Harwood H-6569 Compliments of FOREST AVENUE CLEANERS Page One Hundred Twenty Fakcs Sc Co. ELM, FIELD AND PACIFIC Furnishing Texas Homes Since 1876 RU T ll E ll F0 Il Il Business scuoor Complete and Review Courses Office Machines a Specialty "Better Trained Graduates" Wilson Building R-2327 South! Dallas Bank 81 Trust Co. Forest at Colonial Metropolitan Banking Service with Suburban Conveniences Member of Federal Deposit I tance Corporat Compliments of BEN UTAY First Captain Forest Avenue High Football Team . . . 1917 BEII HIUHHIS JEUIHHU CU. Compliments of Sclzepps - Sablosky Insuranve Co. PATRONIZE THE MODEL TAILOIQS 2308 Elm Street R-6057 EARL R. PARKER Attorney at Law Ollice R-4692 Res. M-6615 221 Texas Bank Building DALLAS, TEXAS WHEN LOOKING FOR Furniture SEE Home Furniture Co. Elm at Preston rgo Hddf fy DIAMONDS - WATCHES - SILVER - JEWELRY - TROPHIES GRADUATION RINGS Compliments of SHUTTLES Forty-six Years in Dallas Second Floor Southland Life Building Next to Baker Hotel e Compliments of RI BREWER ilitary anal Qsports ear 1805 Elm Street R-6206 Compliments of FR KLI ' 1610 Elm Street Phone R-5378-9 COMPLETE WARDROBE "From Crib to Collegev The Largest Selection in Town at Sensational Low Prices INFANTS SIZES: O to 9 Months WOMEN'S SIZES: 18W to 24V2: 38 to 52 CHILDREN'S SIZES: I to I6 MISSES SIZES: 9 to 20 A Q In sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past twenty years. American Beauty Cover Co. 2602-8 North Field Street The Cover on This Book Was Produced in This Plant Orie Hundred Twenty t of GWR my D I ll Ill 0 ll D SH 0 P DIAMONDS wATcHEs JEWELRY SILVERWARE LUGGAGE We pt em, awww nee? ,' iii? f Q fl l t ' T 4 + i i 1936 ELM STREET AT HARWOOD FOR THE SAKE OF FILLING A SPACE IA tragedy in three stanzasl You might expect in this space An ad for Otto's Automat, Where all the elite come to meet To eat-to chew the fat. Or we might run a paragraph Boosting sales for Sooper's Stuff- Good for back aches, palsy quakes, Fever shakes and scaly dandrulif. But in their stead this tragic bit Of a desperate editor's corn you find, Bear with us, then, for this, my pen, Has scratched with chagrin its last line. eta? Foremost in Dallas Since 1887 Far more calls for our graduatess than we can fill. They get the choice positions. Pre- pare now for patriotic, profitable, and per- manent employment. PHONE C-8773 KAHN Xi. GU. - W Dallas, oldest retail store with shops of quality apparel for men, women, boys, and service men MAIN AND ELM Al lAMAR Page One Hundred Twenty-three he White-Dalsec-Forest and Fair Theatres . . . extend to the Graduating Class of May, 1944, and January, 1945, their congratulations and best wishes in starting out on life's highway. These neighborhood theatres are sure that these young men and women are well equipped to take their places in the future life of our splendid city. Always remember that these theatres are a part of your neighborhood and are conducted in your interest with clean and wholesome entertainment. Interstate Circuit, Inc. This Annual Printed by -- M 'An' 2' ,ff arm q am n ez,-ff, Llltlukek ufijlqufrg K, ix vgdtjgysun uwurl-4 " 1' ' 1717 wooo STREET - .l One Hundred Twenly-four y campzimem of PAUL'S SHGES, INC. DALLAS 1600 ELM fb Buy PATRONIZE OUR WAR STAMPS AND BONDS ADVERTISERS , 9 981 DDSIT DNS Ellicient Employment Supervisor and more than 900 positions annually. Forty per cent more than we are able to fill-virtually assure inspiring employment opportunities to Draughon graduates. Twenty Accredited Courses leading to early starts on business careers. Largest in Dallas. Call, phone R-5135, for complete information. f BUSINESS 'ZCUJY 0725 COLLEGE Gpposite City Hall S OSJETEA BRIGGS PHOTCDGRAPHER Aix 707 NORTH HASKELL T-5-6945 T-3-5291 Page One Hundred T e ly f' 0nCgmmlm'Z0nJ.' to the 1944 Graduates of Forest Avenue High School CA U L li ENGIQAVING STEEL AND COPPER PLATE ENGRAVERS CDMDANY Suanufacturerx of WEDDING INVITATIONS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS FINE BUSINESS STATIONERY AND GREETING CARDS We sincerely thank you for the pr ilcge of supplying the commencem t vitufions and cards for both Ianu 7' ri May Classes of 1944. Visit Us in Our New Ojice and Factory 2107 McKinney Avenue DALLAS O HddT ty T 'u.l'l'l.c l'n'c u 1 0'u 1 n'v 0 I 0 1 I'l Q I I 1 Tu's.l'n'u'u'u-9'n'o'o.l'n'l'c'o'u'o.l'u'o'n'c's'u'u'u 0 ... ..........- - . .......... - ...... . 'I-!'C-r.:-E 1.1 1: '. . f .15- . 149 . . .'.' . . 1.1: .1.1.1 1.1. -P!-. 0 0 ' 1.1.1. .1.1 .1.1.1. .1.1. . . . . .... 1 u'r'n'usnu'n.5'uss- . ufnaolnnlo fufquf-f-:inf-f.:.f.f.:.f-fa:nf.fnfgfnfff-:nf-ff.:-Z.: Each year finds an even greater ef- fort on the part of both the Forester Staff and our organization to keep up the high standard of the FORESTER Masterpieces. We appreciate the journey through the years with your publication personnel and School officials. SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING Co OF DALLAS 2IOO Jackson Street Phone Riverside-2 58 DALLAS, TEXAS Gqufobcj 'zafzfli

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