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'Tl' 511i-YE!-GLC ll IF I an J ,154 x 1 X , fa-ww: The Forester 1943 . T ,,, Q VALA , -su 5 krx. , 'V l 3 fy 3 .53 , , 1 xi 1 0 .. -' far v i' 'f 1 HELEN wlLENsKY 'E Edifor-in-Chief if FRANCES HARDIN E ,-ls' Managing Editor S 'S .V 5. I MILBURN GARONZIK ' 3552 if Business Manager 1 ' .f Yi E H Y - Wifi, x - EQ' ,Q-ji gk CHARLQTTE YONACK " '- , Advertising Manager xii E 17-1, 'V - ' F! in r .,,1'.:-- .-14 f"" 'fx . , . A r. gswaxv W., . . I.. gl. ...ikgxgviwf , ,.,,- ff , ,101 ,, .1 f i Y, ,L,a.,,,s? ff. . 5 . A q Z" 45" sd , 11 15 f ' fl" 'i" A X 11 . - , ., 4- .... v A .21 . -, X " fl ii' -5 YF "F'.1F' xg' f N I ' , - ,. ,, ., A ,. ,- ,-:sw .- .HAM ,., ,fv Aff , , ' Q f . Y x , 'S 1 ,.," .. 4 . ,,' r Lu . vm '33 V2 ' E 29-PW A A A E' H ff E ' -- , f A Ag.-: - .-.. .. . ,X .fi-Q" -'TV V' A ' ' E' E :Sqn .- .Q ' ' .,.. DM... N 1' " - , 3: '..157: l.f " - . sz A X x fx: 1 1 L' 'W' Qu L R A55 S L 5 5' N A 15, VR A f .A w , . . M ., ' xx I E I P w I A Dy, 1 A A 1 W K gf -' 1 'S 4 R3 vv .. fy f , 4' , f if my ,f f f . 1 1 'A 1 " Y' : KR , , 5: I 'iff 1 5 I I! kg xx K ,1- ,f"' .f V f, Ni '. Ak A 1. ' .f- f A' . ,eff fff ,, ' , - A df. . ff , Qi' Z1 , , J lf, . . ff '1 - if, :Y , ' iw f -grey' ary' 'fi ' - E, ,. . , . , . , .s ,. . .fn , ', ' -si 'V f .f.'e..q.Q.i?1 'X - .W s' . ew .- .2 'L z, fy.. ,.:wf.A.3-i.'g., . -,. ' ..g.?9,.':g A i 4 C .meg .fi pg xwiwz .A 4f58::w, ?.x' V.. 1, U v ,W 3' 1 I f - -A QW -l -15.35,-:L ,wh .fr . A, , f-Afwf? Q .,-ff" 9 A ., V" I - 'A , . , .. -Y.. f' f ' - A 'A Lgnzv '- ' 4 .',e':jV'- '-.A.,,-'.1,'f,4 . ., . f f ff .ef - . -QA N. A ' 'CS ' - - 4. ' gf If 4 Mm- .,.-z,gi5'vf,,,' . .A 5- ,N -A . -., . .. A , -. A A :W h , , qv. Q, , ,Vx Q me 1 A., 4. -. A. '- . N 1 si .X .9 V " f i 'lfrvgxxf ' 'ES A' -'wif Y 'H Q 21 fl. 5 "T ' Q . Q.. f .' ap35fg - 1-.A 'Ni ' --fu-39" '. '1f'f., .1 CA .P ' 4.. .ff 1225 qu 1 Q- ff --M 'v -1-fag"-' agar- ' 111. -fax -' Xt I -a H' A . Lv ' . gf , 'ff' 155 A, , ff ' gy- A f y 1 1 Q + .1-eg-2-.56 k t. fi- 'xx C4 -RL . I - A-'f'ff13Q5' "XF-"ff P"z9"3 ' 'rt-iii, . ' .1 T' -:R 1 ' J ' y' 5 . 3 .- -...G .gzip :. A. 1.1 -2 3,2 4 . 1 X ' S- . 'ivfa V J ' em -x 1' :, - a . ' + ' f":,4-4' za ? f, L A .1 M . ,I .A fw 5 . 3 ' K ' it ,I 'Ig j x 'W i ' 4 2 1 . f12i'?Z we . f'if:,. ki? g , A . ,s , 5 '- - -w e mg.. , 1 Af ' 9 Q A A 1 + -, '11,-' 1. A 5. fl 4 .5 -nw dime. . '21 if-E54 " A ,L if ' 1 , win- Q, 14 A . LS .Tig A1 A ' i':'5f'.1! . ' - -22 ' FY f Qs? 1, ' Rf. :A f ,. A5 5 A1 , f y .pf - . -. , ., v 1 v. 'AJ . ..,. ,., .iv ..,.-.1 4. , x A m A Y - 'f 1 A A I w , , af 1 , rf Ly ,A fi I wit , N r A.. -EP 4.5911 Q F15 .. .1-rf' A ' w 1 .' W 2 -. ' 2 ' 3 ve gi . 'WM' , X ui ' LQIQESIAEI published by the Students of FOREST AVENUE HIGH SCHCDCDI. DALLAS, TEXAS 7943 2 3 . Q an E 3 53 sf ,. 222 Me v My ,,,,,. .. ,.,. 2.1. feiffed Q ,'-- ' 5 apfyf-eeIfQSgfes..rffaQ .. A ,1:,,: ea, .W gg-,-3 at if Q 4- if: 'gf A aaa? f, f . 1 ?r 'f 'f ,gk 4 A W" wi, j A - my LJI:LJIk.l"XIIkJIY Jusl' as always when men have gone forlh +o baH'le, leaving behind rhem +hose who claim 1'hem for +heir own, ancl +ake pride in 1'hem, and love 'rhem, so do we cherish you, our own warriors, ancl keep fresh our memories of you. We look cons+an'Hy ancl in'ren'rly for any news of you, and we work ancl pray ferven+ly for your swifl' and safe re+urn. Ancl because we 'rhink so especially of you, who al' lhis l'ime give so freely of yourselves for us, we cleclicale lhis, 1'he Foresler Annual, +o all Fores+ers in Service. X or W QHQHQEI? ,gum mf: MS:f3P ,gg MW fss,is,see'sig,,e,5g,eg,b2 f Jr! 4' f A e u ' ' - -V gm -K . . '12 35531 'Q' if 2 f V -Y, " is f W Si 'Qt ff A iii 5 4ftfQ-W,-'ffisiyl 14: ",Irff-ff J fsgewffia wr-fi, .sea-S1 we L 'xfifkii' E 'bm l1QI5f.gz1,vli: :sigm a L, we . 1 - 'f , ' f r a a in a Q., 'fl " ,1'..1n.ii:.. FOREWORD 'Husyear,we,of+hes+aH,have+aken+ha+ boy we all know-+he one who si+s nex'I' 'I'o Jimmie in IOI, 'rhe boy who leHerecl in foo+baH,+he boy who faHed +o ge+ hh algebra 'lhe ofher nigh+-+o be our model for The year. Everyone knows his name- Leo,+he aHerreadmg your'43 Foresfer, you are able +o recall fhose happy momen+s you spenr wifh him-even in 202, +hen our purpose has been accom- plished. CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION C L A S S E S ORGANIZATIONS M I L I T A R Y F E A T U R E S 4-5i5.i3"il'1f'l1Si4?2E':f -9 ' - - .- Jr 4- 53- II"--' " 'I' '. " . V V I " " 9' '.-V '54 '4 .- f"'V -A-' Q' J "WN: 'ZWV "' 39195 agqw V , gg-'VLpVVqgg? EQ-Qevgfffyf ' V -wVf:VVVss1wfzi?fM9QggJ5fig5fVVV 1-1'Lf5Hs+."fa:::g5Qf- ws' l ' " ' f : L V " Wi' 'V ' 'F "Vw zeq-L1 V' ' 2' ,M 2 'V' K XVV,45Vv4,f' , V',Q+f3,4 Vw .' -I-VZWFIV'-V. -VW,VVm-A-:V'f V V.-V , I-Vw V91 -Q! , -, '4- V .mfr af-r..u4Z: -V V g VVV V V, A LVHA Y. M I V V . . , VVVV we, VV .V vr -'v!:sq.eM:we!-2f1'v.' IVAN: V V, -Ak V .J ,V - v www! 4V.h,VV7fVkp4'.-VVEZJ,-f .V L, - , V VVVV--V igfikm ,V my ,. ,f V, fi,-'V N .V 5,555-, Q . ,Yg1,V AygV4V J,m.?,V,W , V V- Q V, ,IV-,,,9,,V,m5a 1- V " V " '-F-WG In 7 'V ff ,, V ,V 5 V., .,:"f V --V'IV" ,,',-my 'Vg51?4dIz3'VIfii.g.' M'-V --Va 4.,,..2V2r . ,, -. ' ti5r if'fx?I' 5 -'ifigmm 'V - gV,',:: V, VV:VV,J1g1151'I" ,:.fy:gfyH1QEf?iZ3Q2f,D?,V1 ,,:1:'-'U7?yV-' b m, V mi. VV +151-.25fVsVrV.2'AL'x'V,V4,VVV,1V'ff0.-2 ' V V'-V ' V-'N V- - ff - "f-Nw-Wi 'I'V'f'fE4 V . ' - ,, '-V V Q"wf,fV', .:V ww?-I' 'V.g"V'I- . Q 3:V'V'.339VD-:aff " V 3'-,L-1, J-V -..-4,,' ..V.afyVV.-Q 6 354, ' ' Vi 'X .V-f:Vi'a,iVV, assi ,VI'rI3fVg?7V ,,x1vr?':':I'1V-nk. V':NVqf-1'- ff V "Vw, '- ' - Vr -'- ,WV -53 --'I ,Air- JZ E 'A ,Vw gy. V, fy . ,V,,:,I.. J KW. ,, L f 'ffl' gui V.,,V3Vgtf,- - VW N4 . - . 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V J .mp x ,yi .,,.,.,p,1-I V.- n Vlwiz,-QV T, rf! ' " - QKFTVA X I ' A VI VV f lew .,V, -, 'M -ff, .nib -will: , , -.--'wr mfafs wry: V'mwV .ff I ggi:-gi vEqV.i3:b,vPfkVqU-arg' V 'L1w..V., V wi-mg , V-V. V 'w?f'fmVV,-.Vr'f'f"sfv+A-ww?-1'f?5G--' V' -:maxi-.5 ff'--,gn . :uh ' 'm2'15?a A, . I VV, ,JV VVICVQV , ,I Z If V - k, M ,pv- 41, 4 4 2- -V -V I V . 1,4 -- f , X Q, Z YV, ...,. 4 flf , , , fr -1- ' p,..1L V-nv,-2:33-VM-V.J 52 V V V If -V V- " . W V",,.sf-" --V Viz- 5 f 5' f F A I-Vg : ., V' - - .V5:V.q::2wf V V ,V Q M ' r V V .,-V + V '- ADMINISTRATION WYLIE A. PARKER B.A., M.A. "Do you remember ihis young man, Miss Rowe? Look wha? as fine record he is rnakinqf '... Mr. Parker poinfs wiih pride iowarci The excellenr record made by his ex-sfudenrs. Many a Foresrer owes his firsr job fo Mr. Parker, who wrifes an average of Jrwenfy-five lefrers of recom- menciaiion each week. "l'rn never foo busy for Thai," he says. Principal An Arclenf American Principal oT PoresT Avenue T-ligh School, Wylie A. Parker is recognized ThroughouT Texas noT iusT as a high school principal, buT as an ardenT builder oT a democraTic, TervenT sTaTe. As Tounder and originaTor oT Texas Week, lvlr. Parker has won sTaTe and naTional acclaim, ln honor oT our Texas heroes, a week aT PoresT is seT aside. Texas Week, as iT is called, is The week in which March 2, Independence Day, Tails. Over I,500 books comprise The Texas Memorial Library, To which each year during Texas Week books are conTribuTed. BuT simply The TiTle "FaTher oT Texas Week" is noT enough Tor so superior a man. Mr. Parker oTTers a challenge To each sTudenT To overcome obsTacles and make his liTe worTh while. l-Te has done This by making his habiTs and ways oT living such ThaT They will serve as an example To his sTudenTs.i T-Te has never said or done a Thing which would serve To disillusion Those who Try To paTTern Themselves aTTer him. Mr. Parker led The school in The Tremendous underTaking oT obTaining The names oT every ForesTer in some branch oT The armed services. Each TirsT- period class was asked To soliciT The names oT each sTudenT who had aTTended ForesT and is now serving in The armed Torces. AT The end oT The TirsT week, a ToTal oT 2,000 names was conTribuTed To The oTTice Tiles. The oTTice was busy aT each period wiTh girls Typing and Tiling These names and Mr. Parker calling The homes oT many graduaTes To conTirm names senT in. Mr. Parker's goal oT 3,000 names was reached. Forever encouraging youTh, Mr. Parker oTTen spends hours aT a Time wriTing leTTers oT recommendaTion Tor Those who have aTTended ForesT now seeking admission To OTTicers' CandidaTe School or higher posiTions in our armed Torces. No maTTer is Too Trivial To receive his aTTenTiong no Task is Too greaT Tor him To underTake. PaTienT, genTle, courTeous and sympaTheTic-iT is liTTle wonder ThaT Wylie A. Parker is loved by all. I JULIUS DORSEY L. V. STOCKARD W. T. WHITE SuperinTendenT Assisfanf Superinfendenf AssisTanT Superintendenf in Charge OT High Schools Adminisfrofion DALLAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS BOARD OF EDUCATION DR. DAVID W. CARTER, PresicIenT MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT, Vice-PresidenT GABE P. ALLEN F. D. DANFORD L. O. DONALD DAN D. ROGERS MRS. T. A. WAGGONER The Dallas Board oT EducaTion This year has had one oT The greaTesT Tasks ever seT beTore Them. Because oT The war program, all school policies have had To meeT wiTh governmenT reguIaTions and war-Time orders. This year problems such as The adiusTing OT school lunch menus To The raTioning oT various Toods, The iniTiaTion oT new high school courses in maThemaTics, aeronauTics and oTTice sTudies and The inTroducTion oT a new vicTory physical-TiTness program Tor high school sTudenTs have had To be meT. The Board recenTly esTal3Iished The IndusTrial War School Tor The beneTiT OT working men and women who wished To learn war work aTTer regular working hours. Sponsoring The High Scholarship Club and The NaTional Honor SocieTy, besides aTTending To her regular school duTies as dean, keeps MISS FOOTE well-occupied. She has one goal Toward which she is con- Tinually worlcing-ThaT is To geT more boys inTo The NaTional Honor SocieTy. STudenTs and Teachers alike admire Miss FooTe's abiliTy To cope so ably wiTh The problems which conTronT her each day. MISS ROWE has lenT a helping hand To The seniors oT ForesT High School Tor many years. She has endeared herselT To each succeeding class by her paTience and her unclersTanding. She is always ready To help a senior deTermine his honor sTanding or plan his course oT sTudy Tor nexT Term. WiTh all her duTies Miss Rowe sTill Tinds Time To sponsor The oldesT club in school, The STandard DebaTing SocieTy. The wise suggesTions oT MRS. BROWN have helped many a senior Through his lasT year oT high school. As assisTanT senior counselor, Mrs. Brown helps Miss Rowe in guiding The seniors. Counseling seniors, however, is only parT oT her iob. She also Teaches classes in general maThemaTics, algebra and geomeTry. Mrs. Brown's Triendly smile and courTeous manner are Tamiliar To everyone. RACHEL FOOTE, Ph.B., M.A Dean EDNA ROWE, B.A., M.A. Senior Counselor EMMA H. BRONNN, B.A., M.A AssisTanT Senior Counselor Foculty , , . - N " 1-was . .-' H .J , ,1.A. k ZULEIKA ADAM, French U. oT Texas, B.A., M.A. Le Cercle Francais, Sponsor RICHARD ALLISON, I-IisTOry Texas ChrisTian U., B. Ed. BaskeTball, Head Coach GUY ALLEN, Science Howard Payne College, B.A. NANNIE D. ANDREWS, MaThemaTics U. oT Texas, B.A. Banking, Sponsor 3. 1? V4 V. PM I IB HELEN FERN BLACK. Public Speaking U. ol: Illinois, B.A. Girls Public Speaking Club, Sponsor JENNIE WOLFE BLUMENTHAL, J. ALAN BOULTON, Physics CenTral Missouri STaTe Teachers Tennis Coach MARGARET BREWER, MaThemaTics STudy Hall .xlbf if F I Texas Women's College, B.A.: ' + ' ' ,lf S. M. U., M.A. ,A,1f..f-ffyfill fl 'TM 2A Class, Sponsor . 'Y T I uf., il if f EARLY BIRDS REVIEW MATH As a resulT oT The simple maThemaTics TesT given The 4-A boys by order oT The War DeparTmenT, a class in ariThmeTic was oTTered To The boys by Miss MargareT Brewer, Teacher of maThemaTics. The class was held beTore school every morning and was noT compulsory. 0 "No, class, This is one case where you can'T smell The onions," said J. B. WhiTe, biology insTrucTor, To his sTudenTs. During The sTudy oT cells The class used slabs oT diTTerenT subsTances, one being onions, so They could see in magniTied Torm The diTTerenT cells and Their parTs. 0 STudenTs in The ground aeronauTics classes sTudied The TundamenTals oT Tlying, such as The basic insTrumenTs used in banking The plane, skidding, Taxiing. slipping, landing and Taking oTT. WeaTher and pressure insTrumenTs also were sTudied closely as well as radio and navigaTion. This ground aeronauTics course is only one OT many which were oTTered aT ForesT in line wiTh The VicTory program. 0 A visiT To The boiler room was made by J. Alan BoulTon's Physics 2 classes aTTer sTudying sTeam en- gines and boilers. Sam English, cusTodian, explained iTs mechanism. Page FourTeen ELIZABETH BAGLEY, English U. oT Texas, B.A. RUTI-I BARHAM, English U. oT Texas, B.A. EMMA H. BROWN, MaThemaTics W. H. BUTLER, Social STudies U. OT Arkansas, B.A.: College, B.A., U. oT Missouri, M.A. MINNIE BROWN, HisTory George Peabody College, B,S.g Columbia U., M.A. Dallas HisTorical SocieTy, Sponsor Freshman Class, Sponsor -ww-U FRANCES BEILHARZ, Home Economics Texas STaTe College Tor' 1, Women, B,S. WILLIE MAY BERRY, Home Economics U. oT Texas, B.S. U. oT Texas, B.A., M.A. Hi-Y, Sponsor S. M. U., M.A. AssisTanT Senior Counselor RUTH CHRISTOPHER, Social STudies U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. THEY'RE COOKING WITH GAS "Cooking wiTh gas"-ThaT's whaT The boy's H. E. class learned To do. These model TuTure husbands sTarTed ouT wiTh an easy soup and gradually sneaked up on The more diTTicuIT problems oT The culinary arT. 0 A sTyle show was given by The CloThing 3 class, under The direcTion of Miss Pearle MaTThews, aTTer The girls compleTed Their dresses and suiTs. They modeled Their dresses and suiTs Tor The iournalism classes, The oFlice and oTher H. E. classes. Con- sTrucTive criTicism was given To help The girls deTermine To whaT exTenT They had used Their knowledge in making a garmenT boTh suiTable and durable. Before making The dresses and suiTs, The classes sTudied sTyle and design in relaTion To each individual girl. 0 For The TirsT Time in The hisTory oT ForesT a course in home nursing was oTTered To The girls. The course, which was based on The regular Red Cross Home Nursing program, was TaughT in The I-I. E. 8 classes. IT consisTed oT TwenTy demonsTraTions, ouTside OT reading maTerials. These demonsTraTions were given by Mrs. Lucille T-IursT, The school nurse. ATTer The course was com- plefed The girls received an oTTicial Red Cross Nursing card. s MARY SMITH CLARK. SARA DAVIDSON, Spanish Journalism and English U. of Texas' BA., MAA. S- M- U.. B.A. Pan American STudenT Forum, Echo and ForesTer. PublicaTions Co-Sponsor Di'ecTor RICHARD L. COLEMAN. EMMALINE D. DONAHUE, M'liTary Library DOROTHY GERLACI-I, HisTory D. T. GRIFFITH. U . OT Texas, B.A.q Mechanical Drawing FCre5+ Forum' Sponsor NorTh Texas STaTe Teachers I College, B.S. C. V. GOODMAN, HisTory SEARCY H. HARDI, STudy Hall E sT Texas STaTe Teachers College, Baylor U-. B-'AM , A B. .1 U. of Missouri, M.A. F f ST ndard DebaTing SocieTy, -' Co-Sponsor MAY I HAVE AN APPOINTMENT? "Hello, inTormaTion please. Oh, any kind oT inTormaTion will do, buT I'rn parTicularly inTeresTed To know if P'residenT RoosevelT or General MacArThur is going To visiT here any Time soon." This conversaTion is similar To many which were carried on by Telephone by members of The Journalism 2 class. The sTudenTs were Trying To geT appoinTmenTs wiTh imporTanT people in order To have an inTerview-a require- menT every semesTer Tor pupils Taking iournalism. Sighs oT relieT were many aTTer The reporTs oT The inTerviews were Turned in. The greaTesT diTTiculTy Tor The pupils aTTer They had Tound a person To inTerview was To seT a Time suiTabIe Tor boTh. 0 "Fingers were invenTed beTore Torks," so The saying goes, buT who could Tell iT wiTh all The Torks oT so many sizes and shapes one uses aT a Tormal dinner? AT any raTe, Emily PosT doesn'T have anyThing on Miss Helen Fern Black's Public Speaking Class. They sTepped aside Trom Their regular course oT sTudy This Term To learn The arT oT eaTing. A demonsTraTion was given on The correcT way of seTTing The Table and The correcT manner while aT The Table. GROVER J. DOUGLAS, I-IisTory U. oT Chicago, Ph.B.g S. M. U.. M.A. I Am An American Club, Sponsor MARY DRAKE, HisTory U. oT Nebraska, B.S. 3B Class, Sponsor 1 1 s 5 .f f- f 2 , K ,F 457 ALICE HARRINGTON, Home Economics U. oT Arkansas, B.S.: Columbia U., M.S. VesTonians, Sponsor A. C. HOPPE, R,O.T.C. Band Leipzig ConservaTory ggFocuHy 'T-fa. x it T LOULA ELDER, MaThemaTics U. oT Oklahoma, B.A., M.A. ANNIE GEM FELDER, English U. oT' Texas, B.A., M.A. IA Class, Sponsor . ,. ine, iii' ELIZABETH HUGHES, English U. ol: Texas, B.A. AudiTores Caesaris, Co-Sponsor VIRGINIA I-IURST, Typing and ShorThand U. oT CaliTornia, B.A. IT'S NOT SO SIMPLE AS THAT The Texas HisTory class made a sTudy oT whaT early Texas seTTlers used Tor Tood and medicine. From The looks oT Things This knowledge may be very useTuI. 0 The Social STudies classes oT all iunior and senior high schools sTudied a special uniT, "Our World Neighbors," This session. The sub-Topics sTudied were China, India, Russia. Mexico, Brazil and The PosTwar World. MaTerials were gaThered in The library Tor use in This sTudy. 0 When Miss DoroThy Ger- lach's subsTiTuTe Teacher Told one ol: The boys in her sixTh period class To close The door so iT would sTop The draTT, Leon RubinsTein prampTIy inTormed her ThaT iT would Take more Than closing The door To sTop The draTT. 0 "An un- expecTed deaTh is beTTer and easier Than an expecTed one," said Julius Caesar when warned ThaT his enemies were aTTer him. Richard Allison Told his I-lisTory I class To Take ouT a sheeT oT paper and geT ready Tor a TesT. When The class complained, Mr. Allison said, "lf Julius Caesar said an un- expecTed deaTh is beTTer Than an expecTed deaTh, Then an unexpecTed TesT musT be easier Than an expecTed one." The class Took The TesT. Page FiTTeen Fciculty SELDON S. HUTCHINSON, Physical EducaTion NorTh EasT Missouri Teachers C lege, B.S,g U. oT Missouri, M.A. STudenT Council, Sponsor SARAH HYMAN, Srudy Hall ETHEL MASTERS, MaThemaTics U. OT Texas, B.A., S. M. U., M.A AudiTores Caesarig, Co-Sponsor PEARLE MATTHEWS. Home Economics College oT IndusTries and ArTs, B.A.g U. oT Colorado, M.A. ol- BERTHA JACKSON, English U. oT Texas, B.A., M.A. PAUL C. LA BORNE, English NorTh Texas STaTe Teachers Col- Girl Reserves, Sponsor lege, B.A.q Colorado College oT W. H. KEELIN6, MaThemaTics College oT ArTs and IndusTries, B.S,g FooTball, Head Coach: Track. Head Coach EducaTion, M,A. ANNIE LAWSON, SecreTary VIRGIL I-I. MATTINGLY, MaThemaTics EasT Texas Teachers College, B.S. EooTbaII, Track, AssisTanT Coach JUNIA McALISTER, Science NorTh Texas Teachers College, B.S.: U. oT Chicago, M.S. Junior Red Cross, Sponsor: 4A Class, Sponsor C. T. MCCORMACK, AccounTing Draughon's Business College: CvraduaTe Work aT S. M. U. ADDIE MELSON, English Texas STaTe College Tor Women, B.A. MABEL B. LORENZ, PianisT E. E. LYONS, MaThemaTics U. oT VermonT, B.S. GolT, Coach , , Sk 4, ...J - ,,.. . W. , izfgfa M T I 2' LOURANIA MILLER, LaTin U, oT Texas, B.A.g U. oT Chicago M,A.: AudiTores Caesaris, Sponsor JACK A. MITCHELL, Typing and ShorThand NorTh Texas STaTe Teachers Col lege, B.S.3 U. oT Texas, M.Ed. 4-B Class, Sponsor TAKE A LETTER, MISS FORESTER "You may begin work Tomorrow," The man said To a girl who had iusT Tinished her OTTice PracTice course. This is The sTory one mighT hear abouT a girl who has compIeTed The new course, OTTice PracTice, oTTered This year Tor The TirsT Time aT ForesT, To be eligible Tor This course, one musT be in her second year oT shorThand and Typing. 9 "Book- keeping is easy," said C. T. McCormack To his bookkeeping class. "Learning To keep books can be done in Tive minuTes iT you are working Tor a salary, buT if you are working Tor a high school crediT, iT Takes -you nine monThs." 0 Ap- proximaTely sixTy school calendars, similar To Those previ- ou ly disTribuTed by The Board oT EducaTion, were made by The DraTTing DeparTmenT. The calendars are blueprinTs and all non-school days are clearly indicaTed. The calendars were pronounced a success by D. T. GriTTTTh, direcTor oT The proiecT, 0 CourT proceedings Took place in Miss RuTh ChrisTopher's commercial law class during The spring Term. BeTore The class began The Trial They secured a TranscripT oT a Typical Trial. They also inlrerviewed several lawyers. EveryThing was sTricTIy legal To The IasT degree. Page SixTeen THIS YEAR IT'S DIFFERENT "This Term Physical EducaTion will be diTTerenT," said S. S. HuTchinson To his P. E. classes aT The beginning oT The session. And diTTerenT iT was. The subiecT was a combina- Tion oT naval exercises, miIiTary Training, commando TacTics and aThleTics. 0 "I can'T move a muscle! I iusT know l'II die iT I do!" Such moans and groans were Ti'eguenTly heard in The girls gym classes since The new physical TiTness pro- oram goT under way. Miss Locille SegrisT and Miss Frieda Thoene began giving The gym classes in The spring sem- esTer exercises To improve The TeeT and posTure deTecTs OT Th girls. 9 A surprise package in The Torm oT 85 wooden riTIes was delivered To The ForesT Avenue High School CadeT Corps aT The TirsT oT The Tall Term. "The riTIes are a dupIicaTe oT The SpringTieId riTIes ThaT were used IasT year and weigh approximaTeIy Tour pounds," announced Colonel Richard L. Coleman, commandanT. 0 "HaIT, one, Two!" shouTed an oTTicer To a group oT girls. BUT iT wasn'T The WAAC's. IT was The girls ol: ForesT who have gym aT The TiTTh period. The girls drilled and sTudied miIiTary Tac- Tics. They were divided inTo groups or companies wiTh an R.O.T,C. oTTTcer To Train Them. EUGENIA NOWLIN, ArT EDNA ROWE, English S. M. U,, B.A.: Texas STaTe College U. oT Texas, B.A., M.A. Tor VVomen, M.A. Senior Counselor: STandard DebaT- Allied ArTs Club, Sponsor ing SocieTy, Sponsor JUL A PRITCHETT, Typing LOCTLLE SEGRIST, U. off Texas, B.A. Girls Physical EducaTion S. M. U., B.A.: Columbia U., M.A. Pep Squad, Co-Sponsor: Girls Tennis, Coach X MABEL SHAW. Nebraska STaTe English U., B.S.: Columbia U., M.A. ALVA P. SHEPARD, MaThemaTics NorTh Texas STaTe Teachers Col- lege, B.S. Ba'eball, Head Coach ' Qi. J.. B. WHITE, Biology FLETCHER R. WICKHAM, Span George Peabody College, B.S.: Baker U., B.A.: U. oT Oklahom S.M MABEL wHiTTiNe-TON. Hom Nori lege . U., M.A. Forum, Sponsor e Economics h Texas STaTe Teachers Col B.S. M.A.: Pan American STudenT U., M.A. Faculty BESS THATCHER, HisTory U. oT Texas, B.A., M.A. Texas HisTory Club, Sponsor FRl'EDA THOENE, Girls Physical EducaTion lowa STaTe Teachers College, B.A Pep Squad, Sponsor NoT in PicTures ELOISE DURHAM, English LAVlNlA RAWLINS. MaThemaTics and LaTin ANN Wl'ESENFELD, Clerk :Sh H. B. YATES, Social STudies 5' U. oT Tennessee, B.A.: Columbia Echo and ForesTer, Business Manager LOUISE WILCOX, Music NorTheasT Missouri STaTe U., B.A. OrchesTra and Chorus, DirecTor IT'S REALLY GREEK TO THEM The TiTTeenTh All-Spanish Program was held December l5, wiTh MorTon Prager, presidenT oT The ForesT UniT oT The Pan American STudenT Forum, presiding. These programs are presenTed each year as parT oT The oral work in Span- ish by The pupils oT Miss FleTcher Ryan Wickman. A smail admission Tee is charged which goes To The Spanish DeparT- menT Tor books and orher needed equipmenT. 0 FourTeen ForesTers sTudied Greek This year. The class was TaughT by Miss Lourania Miller every Friday morning aT 8 olclock. "The obiecT oT The class," said Miss Miller, "is To learn The basic principles oT Greek, which will help prepare Them if They decide To sTudy iT in college. The sTudy oT Greek gives a broader ouTlook on liTe and produces a beTTer un- dersTanding oT liTeraTure." The sTudenTs received no crediT, as iT was :TricTly a preparaTory course. 0 The French De- parTmenT has been exTended To include a TourTh-year course, which will counT Toward graduaTion and will carry as many honor poinTs as any oTher basic subiecT, "The course will also make prospecTive French college sTudenTs sTronger in French and will possibly give Them a higher classiTicaTion when They enTer college," :aid Mrs. Zuleika Adam, French insTrucTor. WHAT ELSE WOULD ONE DO? "CorrecT This senTence, Sammy SelTzer: 'lT one losT one's haT, whaT would one do?' " Miss Addie Melson asked. BUT Sammy was sTumped. Then Miss Melson called on Ernes- Tine Bruce and BerTha RosengarTen. They also were speech- less. Sammy, in The meanTime, ThoughT abouT The problem conTronTing The class and spoke up, "Go look Tor iT." 0 "Hurry, or iT will be iusT as hard as cemenT beTore l can geT my hands ouT oT iT," laughingly said Mrs. Eugenia Nowlin when The arT classes were making a sTudy oT sculp- Turing. The sTudenTs were mixing The plasTer Tor Their own individual iobs. The plasTer is mixed by hand and is iusi like cemenT when iT hardens. As parT oT The sTudy oT Dallas arTisTs, Mrs. Nowlin's classes visiTed The ArT Museum ai Fair Park during The Tall Term To sTudy The painTings oT living Dallas arTisTs. 0 The Music DeparTmenT presenTed a program aT an assembly oT The school March 8, wiTh Miss Louise Wilcox, The music insTrucTor, direcTing. The high poinT oT The program was The presenTaTion oT The Tamous Tower Scene Trom Verde's opera II TrovaTore. Maurine Wise sang The parT oT Leonora: Bernard Cohen, Manrico: and The mixed chorus sang The prayers oT The monks. Page SevenTeen wofla.owmwrmxvn-1-nvmvonrnn - -Z---A,., 1-.-.-vsp.-.-sam-.-Q. wwm-L-w-.umm .-Qwuewqmsfnmwuwwnwnm-m.-w,.,w. w-,Q1,n-.1.ff.m.Q-.f-w...,.q..v.,.L,.-.4.......A.mN,...,, ........ M... ,...,,. ..,. W--iv:-.-..,..e-LAYL 'Wk Wm Y wp K N--, fauafuafau U63-5 E E I 1 5 I . 1 5 A a 5 2 F 5 4 B 3 2 S 5 1 L 5 f 5 Mciy '43 Clciss Officers LOUIS RUBIN was chosen by The 4A Class To direcT Their senior acTiviTies. Louis has always believed ThaT if one does a Thing, iT musT be done weII. ThaT Louis isn'T "ioking" can be clearly seen by The record he has made Tor himself in his acTive parTicipaTion in school organizaTions and his sTudies...Vice-PresidenT FLORENCE CENTER has Iong been a class leader in popuIariTy and leadership. I-Ier beauTy and naTuraIness are noTiced by all. Florence has held many class oTTices and has always perTormed her duTies eTTicienTIy . . . SecreTary oT The 4A Class, a EoresTer EavoriTe, a member oT The girls doubles Tennis Team and cheer leader-ThaT's SAMYE GATTUSO. Samye, one OT The mosT likable girls aT ForesT, has been popular wiTh her classmaTes since her Treshman year.. .WiTh paTience and undersTanding MISS JUNIA MCALISTER, besides being sponsor oT The Junior Red Cross, has guided The 4A Class Through Their IasT Term in high school. The 4A's are graTeTuI To Miss McAIisTer and wish To Take This oppor- TuniTy To express Their Thanks To her. CLASS COMMITTEES Social Senior Play InviTaTion Elmo EIam CharIoTTe MaranTz I-Ielen Wilensky Lenora Levine Doris RuTchik Marilyn RachoTsky Tommie OrTon Barfhell Ellis AnneTTe Golman E. ..,, , . W. ,,M,-. v..M..-Y1-.-, LOUIS RUBIN FLORENCE CENTER SAMYE GATTUSO ge TwenTy January '44 Class OTTicers The 4-B Class elecTed Their eTTicienT 3A secreTary, ELEANOR COT-IEN, To lead Them Through The beginning oT Their senior acTiviTies. Eleanor has a sense oT Tairness and a will To work, which her many Linz Awards help prove. . . MARY JAYNE ANDERSON has been a class leader since her sophomore year. lfler peppy, Triendly manner has made her well-liked by all who know her. Mary Jayne served as 2B Class presidenT and 3B Class presidenT . . . For secreTary oT The 4B class SAUL KAI-IN, 3A Class presi- denT, was chosen. Saul has long been an acTive member oT The STandard DebaTing SocieTy and Le Cercle Francais, serving as sergeanT-aT-arms oT boTh organizaTions. Saul's warm sense oT humor is one oT his TinesT asseTs . . . AlThough JACK A. MITCHELL is a newcomer To The EoresT TaculTy. he has auickly Tound a place in The hearTs oT EoresTers. As sponsor oT The 4B Class, Mr. MiTchell has been a hard-working individual. Thanks are in order Trom The 4B Class Tor Those exTra momenTs you've spenT wiTh The class. CLASS COMMITTEES Social Announcemeni' lnviTaTion DoroThea Rush Shirlie Mark Gloria Michaelson Bobbie Nell Sims Harold LevereTT Jerry Segal BeTTy Lou Hancock Harold Lewis l-lelen Gaylord ELEANOR COHEN MARY JAYNE ANDERSON SAUL KAI-IN Page TwenTy NORMA ARONOFF Girls Public Speaking Club '40, '4l, '42, '43, Vice-Presidenl '42, Texas His- Jrory Club '42, '43, High Scholarship Club '43, Foresler Slafl '42, '43, Linz Award '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BEATRICE BAKER Library Assislanl '4l, '42, Guard '42, Girl Reserves '4l, Favorile Sporl- Baskelball, Favorile Subiecl-Shorh hand, Ambilion-Slenographer, Grade School!Lisbon. DAVID BALL Audilores Caesaris '39, '40, '4l, '42. '43, Vice-Presidenl '42, Presidenl '43, Junior Classical League '4l, '42, '43, Slandard Debaling Sociely '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Secrelary '42, Dallas His- lorical Sociely '40, '4l, '42, '43, Ser- geanl'-al-Arms '43, High Scholarship Club '42, '43, Sludenf Council '42, '43, Orcheslra '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Concerl Masler '4l, '42, '43, All-Cily Orcheslra '40, '4l, '42, Band '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Drum Maior '42, R. O. T. C. '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Second Lieu- lenanf '4l, '42, '43, Caplain '43, Linz Award '42, Grade School-Ascher Silberslein. SARAH BOURLAND Girl Reserves '4l, '42, Girls Public Speaking Club '4l, '42, Dallas Hislo- rical Sociely '42, Favorile Sporl- Horseback Riding, Grade School- T. C. Hassell. MARGARET BROWNING Dallas Hislorical Sociery '4l, '42, Re- cording Secrelary '42, Sludenl Coun- cil '42, Audilores Caesaris '4l, '42, Presidenl '42, Foresl Forum '4l, Ves- lonians '4l, '42, '43, High Scholarship Club '40, '4l, Linz Award '39, '40, Library Assislanr '40, '4l, Echo S+aTT '42, Grade School-Richard Lagow. GERALDINE BRYANT Allied Arls Club '40, '4l, '42, '43. Presidenl '42, Vice-Presidenl '43, Ves- lonians '4l, '42, '43, Presidenl '43, Guard '40, '4l, Favorile Sporl-Foot ball, Favorile Subiecl-Hislory, Grade SchoolAAscher Silberslein. Page Twenly-lwo lu , l Moy 43 Class TOBY ARONOFF Sludenl Council '39, 25-50 Club '39, '40, '4l, Girl Reserves '4l, Texas His- lory Club '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Girls Public Speaking Club '4l, '42, '43, Treasurer '42, Coin Club '4l, '42, Par- liamenlarian '4l, Echo Slall '42, Busi- ness Manager, Club Edilor '42, Fores- ler Slalf '42, '43, Club Edilor '43, Linz Awards '40, '4l, '42, Nalional Honor Sociely '43, High Scholarship Club '40, '4l, '42, '43, Junior Red Cross '39, '40, Grade School-John Henry Brown. GEORGE BAKER Baseball '40, '4l, '42, Lellerrnan '42, Favorile Sporl-Baseball, Favorile Subiecl-Trigonomelry, Ambilion- Professional Baseball Player, Grade School-T. C, Hassell. BETTY JEAN BEVILL Veslonians '42, '43, Secrelary '43, Girl Reserves '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, lnler- club Council Represenlalive '42, Preri- denl '43, Le Cercle Francais '39, '40, Echo Slalf '42, Freshman Edilor '42, Pep Squad '39, '40, '4l, Guard '39, '40, '4l, '42, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BILLIE BRADLEY Audilores Caesaris '39, '40, Girl Re- serves '39, Favorile Sporl-Dancing, Favorife Subiecl-Typing, Ambilion- Secrelary, Hobby-Building Model Airplanes, Grade School-John Henry Brown. ERNESTINE BRUCE Allied Arfs Club '39, '40, '4l, '42, Sec- relary '4l, Foresl Forum '4l, Girl Re- serves '4l, Favorile Sporl-Swimming: Grade School--Colonial. BILL BURCH Junior Red Cross '42, '43, Dallas His- lorical Sociefy '42, '43, Foresl Forum '42, '43, R. O. T. C. '39, '40, 41, '42, '43, Rifle Team '4l, '42, Second Lieu- Tenanf '43, Grade School-Colonial. ED L. BURKLEY Boys Glee Club '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Secrerary '42, 3A Class '4l, Sergeant al'-Arms, R. O. T. C. '40, '4l, '42, '43. Rifle Team '42, '43, Experl Sharpshool- ers Medal '42, Camp Dallas '4l, Sec- ond Lieulenanl '42, '43, Crack Com- pany '40, '4l, '42, Sfudenf Council '42, Grade School-John Henry Brown. WANDA CAWTHON Foresl Forum '4l, '42, Chorus '39, '40, '4l, '42, Favorile Sporr- Dancing, Favorile Su biecl'-Typing, Am bilion- Secrelary, l-lobby-Skaling, Grade School-T. C. l-lassell. DAVID COBBEL R. O. T. C, '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Sec- ond Lieulenanl '4l, Capfain '42, Lieu- lenanl-Colonel '43, Camp Dallas '40, '4l, '42, Craclr Company '40, '4l, '42, Baseball '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Foolball '39, '40, '4l, '42, Baslielball '40, '4l, '42, Traclc '4l, 4A Class '43, Sergeanl- ar-Arms, Grade School--Cily Park. ,C ff -f,+fd,ff1,Q i CW ETX. J 4: ff' -Il, 6 , ' T LILLIE PEARLCONNER Favorife' S' rl 'Fdorball Favorife 90 '7' L . Subied-Ghorgikand,dxmbilion-Sie nographer, by- rifing Leliers, Grade chool-Richard Lagow. BILLY COX R. O. T. C. '40, '4l, '42, '43, Second Lieufenanl '43, Sludenl' Council '4l, '42, Ba-eball '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43I l"li- Y Club '39, Baslcelball '4l, '42, '43, Track '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Favoriie Sporl-Baseball: Grade School- Lida l-looe. A. E. DAVIS Dallas l-lisrorical Sociery '40, '4l, Band '39, '40, '4l, '42, Corporal '40, Ser- geanl' '4l, Firsr Lieulenanr '42, Pan American Sfudenr Forum '40, '4l, '42, Sergeanr-al-Arms '4l, Sludenl Coun- cil Represenfafive '42, Junior Red Cross '42, '43, Foresl Forum '4l, '42, Vice-Presidenr '42, Grade School- Colonial. 1 ,g,.f1,if BETTY CANNON Audilores Caesaris '4l, '42, '43, Treas- urer '42, Fore? Forum '42, '43, Slu- denr Council Represenlalive '42, '43, Dallas l-lislorical Sociely '42, Vesfo- nians '4l, '42, '43, Echo Srafi '42, Per- sonals Edilor '42, Foresrer Slafli '43, 3B Class '4l, Treasurer, 3A Class '42, Presidenl, Grade School-Richard Lagow. FLORENCE CENTER Girl Reserves '40, '4l, Foresl Forum '4l, '42, Junior Red Cross '4l, '42, Dallas l-lislorical Sociely '42, Foresler Sfalf '4l, Library Assisranl '40, '4l, Sludenl Council '40, '4l, Office As- sislanl '4l, Gua'd '39, '40, '4l, '42, 3B Class '4l, Vice-Presideni, 2B Class '40, Serqeanl'-al'-Arms: 4A Class '43, Vice- Presidenl, Grade School-Cily Parlc. GERALD COLEY Linz Award '39, Favorire Sporr-Foot ball, Favorile Subieci-Commercial Law, Ambilion-Accounlanrg Hobby -Model Airplanes, Grade School- John l-lenry Brown. MINNETTE CORCHINE Girls Public Spealcinq Club '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Secrelary '42, Le Cercle Francais '40, '4l, '42, '43, Secrerary '42, Parliamenlarian '43, Girl Reserves '39, '40, Office Assislanl '40, Foresier S+al"i '4l, '42, Linz Award '42, Grade School-Colonial. DOROTHY DAVENPORT Girl Reserves '4l, '42, '43, Favorile Sporl-Tennis, Favorile Subiecl-Eng- lish, Ambilion-Secrelary, Hobby- Colleciing Tinfoil, Grade School- Colonial. KATHLEEN DAVIS Dallas l-lislorical Sociery '4l, '42, '43. Secrelary '42, Pep Squad '40, '4l, Library Assilanl '40, '4l, '42, '43, Guard '39, '40, '41, '42, Audilores Caesaris '4l, '42, '43, l-liqh Scholar- ship Club '42, '43, Treasurer '43, Linz Awards '40, '4l, Nalional l-lonor Soci- ely '43, Sludenl Council '42, Junior Classical League '4l, Grade School- Richard Lagow. Page Twenly-lhreo 1 NELDA JO DUCK Junior Red Cross '4I, Girl Reserves '4l, Veslonians '42, '43, Office Assisl- anl '4I, '42, '43, Guard '40, '4I, '42, Echo Slall '42, Eoresler' Slali '42, '43, 2A Class '40, Serqeanl-al-Arms, Grade School-Colonial, CHRISTELL FERGUSON Pleasanl Grove, Chorus '39, '40, '42, Home Economics Club '39, '40, Favo- rife Sporl- Baslcelball, Eavorile Sub- iecl-Shorlhand, Grade School- Colonial. VIRGINIA FITE Girl Reserves '4l, '42, Girls Public Speaking Club '4I, '42, Favori+e.Sporl -Baseball, Eavorile Subiec'I'-Com- mercial Law, Grade School- Van, Texas. BETTYE JANE GARDNER Veslonians '42, Vice-Presidenl '42, Girl Reserves '4I, '42, Iiieasurer '41, Coin Club '40, Secrelrary '40, Sludenl' Council Represenlalive '40, '4I, '42, Foresler Favorire '43, IA Class '40, Presidenl, 3A Class '42, Treasurer, Grade School-Colonial. SAMYE GATTUSO Girl Scouls '39, Presidenf '39, Veslo- nians '42, '43, Presidenl '42, '43, Slu- denl Council '39, Foresler Favorile '43, Cheer Leader '42, Grade School -Colonial. ROBERT GLAZER Slandard Debalinq Sociely '42, '43, Band '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Sergeanl '42, Camp Dallas '4I, Favorile Sporl - Foolball, Favorile Subiecl-Trig- onomelry, Grade School-Colonial, Page Twenly-four BARTHELL ELLIS Auclilores Caesaris '42, Sergeanlhal- Arms '42, High Scholarship Club '42, Treasurer '42, R. O. T. C. '40, '4I, '42, Corporal '4l, Sergeanl '42, Masler Sergeanl '42, Second Lieulenanl '42, Firsl Lieulenanl '43, Caplain '43, Rifle Team '42, '43, Camp Dallas '4l, '42, Dallas I-Iislorical Sociely '43, Junior Classical League '40, '4I, '42, Sludenl Council '4I, Linz Award '4I, Nalional Honor Sociely '43, Grade School- John I-lenry Brown. HAZEL DORIS FERGUSON Girl Reserves '39, Veslonians '42, '43, Vice-Presidenl '43, Favorile Sporl- Slcalinq, Favorile Subiecl-Gym, I-lobby-Slcalinq, Grade School- , T. G. Terry. JOE FREED Pan American Sludenl Forum '40, '4l, Sludenl Council Represenlalive '42, Sludenl Council '4I, '42, Slandarcl Debalinq Sociely '39, '40, Junior Red Cross '42, Vice-Presidenl '42, 3A Class '42, Sergeanl-al-Arms, 4B Class '42, Treasurer, Traclc '40, Grade School- Cily Park. ROBERT GARY Foolball '39, '40, '4I, '42, Lellerman '42, Traclc '42, Baseball '4I, I-Ii-Y '42, '43, Vice-Presidenl '43, Favorile Sporl -Foolball, Favorile Subiecl'-Malhe- malics, Grade School-John I-lenry Brown. BILLIE GENTRY Texas I-lislory Club '4l, '42, Office As- sisranl '4l, '42, Favorire Sporf-Ice Slcaling, Eavorile Subiecl-I-lisfory, Grade School-Double Oak. MILDRED GLENN Pep Squad '39, '4l, '42, Sludenl Council '4l, '42, Veslonians '42, Sec- relary '42, Girl Reserves '4l, '42, For- esl' Forum '42, '43, Secrelary '42, Vice- Presidenr '43, Office Ascislanl '43, Grade School-John I-Ienry Brown. JEANNE GOLDBERG Girls Public Speaking Club '4l, Girl Reserves '4l, '42, '43, Parliarneniarian '43, Olslice Assislanl '4l, '42, Eavoriie Sporl-Eoolball, Grade School- John Henry Brown. ANNETTE GOLMAN Girls Public Speaking Club '40, '4l, '42, '43, Treasurer '4l, Parliamenia- rian '4l, Presidenl '43, Pan American Siudeni Forum '4l, '42, '43, Presideni '4l, Secrelary '42, High Scholarship Club '40, '4l, Banking '40, '4l, '42, '43, Teller '42, '43, Foresler Siaff '40, Adverlising Manager, lA Class '40, Secreiary, Linz Awards '40, '42, Office Assislanl' '4l, '43, Grade School- John Henry Brown. POPPY HAMMOND Girl Reserves '40, '4l, '42, Foresi Eorum '4l, '42, Parliamenlarian '42, Dallas Hisiorical Sociely '4l, '42, '43, Treasurer '42, 25-50 Club '39, '40, Sfudenl Council '39, '40, '4l, Junior Red Cross '39, '4l, '42, '43, Eoresier Siafi '4l, '42, '43, Linz Award '42, High Scholarship Club '42, Office Assislanf '4l, Library As'isian'l '4l, Guard '39, '40, '4l, '42, 2B Class '40, Presideni, 2A Class '4l, Secrelary, 4B Class '42, Parliarneniarian, Grade School-Richard Laqow, DORIS JEAN HARMER Girl Reserves '40, '4l, '42, '43, lnler- club Council Represenlalive '43, High Scholarship Club '40, Linz Award '40, Ambition-Secreiary, Grade School- Ascher Silbersiein. LORETTA MAE HAWKINS Junior Red Cross '42, Eavoriie Sporl -Bowling, Favorire Subiecl-Horne Economics, Ambiiion-Nurse, Grade School-T. G. Terry. DON HENDRIX Eavorile Sporl-Tennis, Favorife Sub- iecf-Physical Educaiion, Ambiiion- Spor'rswri'ler,xGrade School-Arling- ion Heighls, For? Worih, Texas. HERBERT GOLDBERG Siandard Debaiing Sociely '4l, '42, '43, Sergeanl'-al'-Arms '4l, '42, Treas- urer '43, R. O. T. C. '4l, '42, '43, Le Cercle Erancais '42, '43, Sergeanl-at Arms '43, 4B Class '42, Presidenl, Echo Siaff '43, Grade School- John Henry Brown. HAROLD GOLMAN Siandard Debaling Sociely '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Le Cercle Francais '4l, '42, R. O. T. C. '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Corporal '4l, Sergeanl' '4l, Slalf Ser- geani '42, Firsi Sergeanl' '42, Fooiball '40, Baskeiball '40, '4l, Tennis '4l, '42, Grade School-John Henry Brown. LORETA HAMILTON Favorile Sporl- Foofball, Favorile Subieci - English, Ambilion - Secre- lary, Hobby-Collecling Malch Hold- ers, Grade School-T. G. Terry. AGGIE LEE HARPER Pep Squad '39, '4l, '42, Girl Reserves '39, Eoresler Siaiii-'43, Guard '39, '4l, '42, Office Assislanl '39, '42, Ambi- lion-Secreiary, Hobby-Sewing, Grade School-Richard Lagow. MARCELINE HEMPEL Linz Award '42, Eavoriie Spori-Dano ing, Eavorile Subiecl- Public Speak- ing, Ambilion-P. B. X. Operalor, Hobby-Colleciing March Holders, Grade School-Ascher Silbersiein. EDWYNIA ROWENA HENRY Orcheslra '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Libra- rian '42, Advanced Chorus '42, Secre- iary '42, Dallas Hisiorical Sociely '40, '4l, Girl Reserves '42, '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown. Page Tweniy-five BONNIE HICKS Favorile Sporl-Minialure Golf' Fa- yorile Subiecf-Public Spealcing, Am- bifion-Telephone Operaior, Grade School-Ascher Silbersfein. LOIS MARIE HILLIS Pep Squad '40, '4I: Chorus '40, '4I, Favorile Sporl-Slcaling, Favorile Sub- iecl- Home Economics, Ambilion - Nurse, Hobby-Colleclinq Service In- signia, Grade School-Colonial. WILLIAM HOLT Baseball '42, Lerlerman '42, Baskelball '42, '43, Lellered '42, '43, Hi-Y '43, Favorife Sporf-Ba kelball, Fayorile Subiecl-Civics, Arnbilion-Navy, Hobby-Sporls, Grade School- T. C. I-Iassell. MARVIN HUDLER FooIbaII '4I, Sfudenr Council '4I, Fa- vorile Sporl-Foofballq FavoriIe Sub- iecf- Home Economics, Arnbifion - Army, Grade School--T. G, Terry. BETTY HYDE Favorile Sporl-Bowling, Fayorile Subiecl-Typing, Ambirion-Sfenocy rapher, I-lobby-Traveling, Grade School-Ascher Silberslein. ELMER JOHNSON R. O. T. C. '39, '40, '4I. '42, '43, Crack Company '40, '4I, '42, Second Lieurenanl '42, '43, Sludenl Council '40, Favorile Subieczl-I-Iiglory, Ambi- 'rion-Army Olzlicer, Grade School-- Ascher Silberslein. Page Twenfy-six DANIEL HILL Favorile Sporl-Baseball, Favorile Subieci-Physics, Ambiiion-Air Corps, Hobby-Collecfing Picfures: Grade School-Abilene, Texas. HUBBARD I-IOLLON I'-Ii-Y '42, '43, I:OOIbaII '40, '4I, '42, Lelrlerman '4I, '42, Baseball '39, '4I, '43, Orchesrra '39, '40, Favorile Spori' -Foofball, Echo S+aII '42, Favorile Subiecf-Malhemalics, Grade School -Ascher Silberslein. LEROY HUDDLESTON Favorife Sporf-Foolball, Favorife Subiecf-Arf, Ambifion-Carloonisl, I-lobby-Drawing, Grade School- Richard Laqow. ISABELL HULEN Chorus '42, Favorile SporI'-BasIceI- ball, Favorile Subiecr-Chemis'Iry: Ambilion-Sfenographer, Hobby- Wriling Leflersg Grade School- La Poyner. VIRGINIA JACKSON Office Assisranf '42, '43, Favorife Sporf-Dancing, Favorile Subiecl- Typing, Ambirion-Typisl, Hobby- CoIIec'IIng Dogs, Grade School- Cily Park. IMODEAN JONES Foresl' Forum '42, Ambirion-Public Accounlanfg Favorile Subiecl-I-Public Speaking, Favorire Sporl-Foofballq Grade School-Ascher Silberslein. DAVID KENNINGTON Hi-Y '39, '40, '4I, '42, Sludenl Council Represenlarive '39, '40, Texas Hislory Club '4I, '42, Dallas Hislorical Soci- efy '4l, '42, R. O. T. C. '40, '4l, 42. Corporal '4I, '42, Sfudenl Council '4I, Grade School-Ascher Silberslein. JOYCE KITTS Linz Award '39, Eavorile Sporf-Eooh ball, Eavorile Subiecf-Typinq? AfTll9l' lion-Telephone Operalori Hobby- Dancing, Grade School- O. M. Roberls. JANETTE KNIGHT Eavoriie Sporl-Eoofball, Eavoriie Subiecl-Hislory, Ambifion-Inferior Decoralor, Hobby-Miniaiure Golf: Grade School-T. G. Terry. BlLLlE LAMBERT Library Assislanl '4I: Audilores Cae- saris '39, '40, '4l, '42, Virgil Award '39, '40, '4I, '42, Eoresl Forum '42, Junior Red Cross '42, Grade School- John Henry Brown. WANDA LARUE 25-50 Club '39, Echo Sraff '43, l Arn An American Club '42, 43, Favorile Sporr-Baseball, Eayorile Subiecl- Journalism, Grade School-Ascher Silbersiein. MILAN LEG 4 Hi-Y CI b '4I,' 2, Sec e '4I,Vice- Presikn! ', Y' adi lu '4l, Coin Club '4 , ch Sl ' , Favoriie Spo ebal 3 GJ de ool-John vw - e.'ry Bro . EVELYN KEY Girl Reserves '40, '4I, Favorife Sport --Slcaiing, Hobby-Collecfing Snap- shois, Ambilion-Secrefary, Grade School-Shady Grove. ANNA KLEINMAN Girls Public Speaking Club '40, '4l, '42, '43, Treasurer '42, '43, Girl Re- seives '40, '4l, Audilores Caesaris '39, '40, Grade School-John Henry Brown. BOBBIE LAFITTE Junior Red Cross '42, Fores+ Forum '42, Favoriie Spori-Slcaiing, Favorile Subieci-Typing, Grade School- Shrevepori, Louisiana. GLENN LANG Siandard Debafing Socieiy '40, Pan American Siudenf Forum '40, Texas Hislory Club '40, Dallas Hislorical Sociely '40, R. O. T. C. '39, '40, '4I, '42, '43, Rifle Team '42, '43, Craclc Company '40, '4l, Siudenf Council '40, '41, '42, Cheerleader '42, Tralzfic Commisioner '43, Foresfer Favorile '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown. DOROTHY LEA LAW Fayorife Sporf-Foolball, Eavorile Subie-ci-Accounfing, Ambilion-Ao counfani, Hobby-Kodalcing, Echo Slaii '43, Grade School-Ascher Silberslein. J. T. LEMONS Echo Slaltf '43, Exchange Edilor '43, Favorife Sporr-Baseball, Eavoriie Subiecf- Hisfory, Ambilion - Radio Technician, Grade School- T. G. Terry. Page Twenly-seven STANLEY LEVENTHAL Siandard Debaling Sociely '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Presidenl '42, Parliamen- larian '43, Pan American Sludenl' Forum '40, '4I, '42, '43, Vice-Presidenl '4l, Junior Red Cross '42, Sergeanl- ar-Arms '42, Band '40, '4I, '42, Cor- poral '42, Grade School-Colonial. MARIE LLOYD Texas Hislory Club '4I, Chorus '39, '40, '4l, '42, Favorile Spori-Foolball, Favorile Subiecl'-English, Ambilion- Dress Designer, Hobby-Dancing, Grade School-T. C. Ha:sell. BILLY MADDOX Favorile Sporl-Fooiball, Eavorile Subieci-English, Ambilion-Drafle man, IB Class '39, Secrelary, Grade School-Richard Lagow. CHARLOTTE MARANTZ Girls Public Speaking Club '40, '4I, '42, '43, Presidenl '42, Parliamenlarian '42, Vice-Presidenl' '43, Girl Reserves '40, '4l, Nalional Honor Socieiy '43, Linz Award '43, High Scholarship Club '43, Grade School-Wichila, Kansas. RUTH McLENDON Banking '42, '43, Sludenl' Council '42, '43, Guard '4I, Eavorile Spor+-Bas- kelball, Eavorile Subieci-Shorlhand, Grade School-Eusface, Texas. ANNABELLE MOORE Girl Reserves '4I, '42, Girls Public Speaking Club '4I, '42, Dallas Hislor- ical Sociely '42, Grade School- T. C. Hassell. Page Twenfy-eig hr LENORA LEVINE Girls Public Speaking Club '40, '4l, '42, '43, Sergeanl-al-Arms '42, Secre- iary '42, Sludenl Council '42, '43, Par- liamenlarian '43, Dallas Hislorical So- ciely '4I, '42, Veslonians '4l, '42, '43, Treasurer '43, Guard '42, '43, Girl Re- serves '40, '4I, '42, High Scholarship Club '42, 4B Class '42, Sludenf Coun- cil Represenlalive, Linz Award '42, Foresler Slalii '4I, '42, '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown. J. C. MACKEY R. O. T, '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Mas- Jrer Sergeanl '43, Track '39, '40, Ea- vorile Sporl-Eoofball, Favoriie Sub- iecr-Hisrory, Ambilion-Army, Grade School-Colonial. KATHLEEN MALLOY Favoriie Sporf-Fooiball, Favoriie Subiecf-Home Economics, Hobby-- Wriling, Ambilion--Wriler, Grade School-Sain? Palrick. ELWYN McCAlN Pan American Srudenl' Forum '42, Presidenl '43, Favoriie Spori-Foot ball, Favorile Subiecl-Chemislry, Ambilion-Pilol, Hobby-Guns, Grade School-John Reagan. Y BY l . . C. . ' . ' orporal '43, '39, ' ' , ' 2, '43, Favorile o ck, bilion-Civil Engi- eer rade chool-John Henry rown. BETTY JO MOORE Girls Public Speaking Club '40, '4l, 4B Class '42, Vice-Presidenl, Favorile Sporl-Swimming, Grade School- John Henry Brown, MARSHALL MOORE R. O. T. C. '40, '4l, '42, '43, Second Lieulenanf '42, Camp Dallas '4l, '42, Civiian Award '4l, Echo Srarf '43, R. O. T. C. Ediror, Favorile Spori-Golf, Eavorile Subiecl-Miliiary, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. RUSSELL MURDOCH Hi-Y '4l, '42, Presidenl '42, Echo Slalhl '43, Business Manager, Dallas Hisior- ical Sociely '42, Second Vice-Presi- den? '42, Coin Club '40, '4l, Vice- Presidenf '4l, Sludenl Council '4l, Band '39, '40, '4l, '42, Camp Dallas '4l, Efficiency Medal '4l, 3B Class '4l, Presidenl, Orchesira '40, '4l, '42, '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown. JOHNNY NATION Band '42, '43, Orchesira '43, Dallas Hisiorical Sociely '42, '43, Texas His- Iory Club '42, '43, Audiiores Caesaris '42, '43, Sludenl Council Represenia- live '43, Junior Classical League '4l, '42, '43, Siudeni Council '42, '43, Ser- geani-al'-Arrns '43, Grade School- Longview, Texas. GLORIA NICHOLAS Echo Siahf '43, Assislanl Ediior, Favo- rile Sporl'-Fooiball, Eavorile Subiecl -Journalism, Ambilion-Beauiy Op- eralor, Hobby-Horseback Riding, Grade School-Ascher Silbersiein. TOMMIE ORTON Girl Reserves '40, '4l, '42, '43, Presi- denl '42, Secreiary '4l, Sergeani-at Arms '43, High Scholarship Club '40, '4l, '42, Girls Public Speaking Club '4l, '42, Sergeani-ai-Arrns '42, Olzlice Assislani '4l, Linz Awards '40, '4I, Grade School-John Henry Brown. CORINNE PEDERSON Audiiores Caesaris '40, '4l, '42, '43, Siudenl Council Represenialive '42, Secrelary '42, '43, Treasurer '42, 2B Class '40, Secreiary, 2A Class '4l, Presideni, Pep Squad '40, '4l, Slu- deni Council '42, '43, Secreiary '42, '43, Parliarnenrarian '42, 25-50 Club '40, '4l, Girls Public Speaking Club '4l, '42, Dallas Hisiorical Socieiy '42, '43, Treasurer '43, Linz Awards '40, 4l, 42, Naiional Honor Socieiy '43, High Scholarship Club '4l, '42, '43, Library Assisianr '4l, OfHce Assislanl '4l, '42, '43, Bicycle Traffic Judge '42, Junior Classical League '43, Guard '43, Grade School-J. L. Long. I I DOROTHY MOULTON Junior Red Cross '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Reporier '42, '43, Girl Reserves '42, '43, Echo Slali '43, Alumni Ediior, Favoriie Sporf-Baskelball, Eavorile Subieci-Journalism: Grade School- Richard Lagow. MARTHA NAPIER Girl Reserves '4l, '42, Parliarnenlarian '42, Eavoriie Spori-Eooiball, Ambi- Iion - Nurse, Hobby-Collecling Snapshois, Grade School-Ascher Silberslein. MAXINE NEWMAN Girl Reserves '4l, Pep Squad '4l, Linz Award '40, Favoriie Sporl-Fooiball, Guard '40, '4l, Grade School- Richard Lagow. ROLENE ODELL Favorile Spori-Skaling, Ambilion- Slenographer, Hobby-Collecling Snapshois, Grade School- Breckenridge, Texas. MARJORLENE PARISH Audiiores Caesaris '40, '4l, Junior Red Cross '39, '40, Eavoriie Spori- Skaiingg Favoriie Subieci-Chorus, Grade School-Ascher Silbersiein. DORQTHY PERKINS Eavorile Spori-Tennis, Favorile Sub- ieci-Public Speaking, Ambilion- Model, Hobby-Taking Piclures, Grade School-Aihens, Texas. Page Twenly-nine ERVIN POLISHUK Junior Red Cross '42' Siamp Club '39, '40, '4l: Coin Club '39, '40, '4l: Hi-Y '42: Siandard Debaling Sociely '39: R. O. T. C. '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Camp Dallas '40, '42, Crack Company '39, '40, '42, Corporal '4l, '42, '43, Mili- lary Circus '40, Sharpshooler Medal '40, Marksman Medal '42, Band Fes- lival '39, '40, '4l, Band Coniesi '39, '40, '4l: Grade School-John Henry Brown. JOHN PUGH Sfudenf Council '39, '40, '4l: Foolball '39, '40, '4l: R. O. T. C. '4l, '42: Arn- bilion-Boxer: Grade School-Ascher Silberslein. BILLY JACK RAMSEY Hi-Y '42: R. O. T. C. '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Band '4l, '42, '43: Baskefball '42: Favorire Spori-Baskelball: Favoriie Subiecr-Hisfory: Grade School- Richard Lagow. BOBBY ROBINSON Sfandard Debafing Sociefy '39, '40, '4l, '42, Treasurer '4I: Pan American Sfudenf Forum '40, '4l: Junior Red Cross '42, Presideni '42: Srudeni Council '4l, '42: Orchesfra '4l: R. O, T. C. Band '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Cor- poral '4O, Sergeanr '4l, Second Lieu- renanl '4l, Caplain '42, Drum Maior '42, Crack Company '39, '40, Carnp Dallas '39, '40, '4l, '42, Sharpshooier '40, Marksman '39, All-Ciiy Band '39, '40, '4l, '42, Milifary Circus '40, Band Conlesi and Music Fesiival '39, '40, '4l, '42, Firsf and Second Place Clari- nel' Solo Medal '4l, '42: Grade School -John Henry Brown. BERTHA ROSENGARTEN Linz Award '40: Favoriie Spor+-Swim- ming: Favoriie Subiecf-English: Am- biiion-Sfenographer: Hobby-Writ ing Shorr Srories: Grade School- John Henry Brown. LOUIS RUBIN Slandard Debaiing Sociefy '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Presidenr '42, Vice-Presi- deni' '42, '43, Treasurer '4l, Parliamen- larian '42: 4B Class '42, Sergeani-ah Arms: Siudenl Council '4l, '42, '43, Sergeanl-ai-Arms '42, Vice-Presideni '43: Junior Red Cross '4l, '42, Parlia- menfarian '42: Dallas Hi:'rorical Soci- ely '42: High Scholarship Club '42, '43, Parliamenfarian '43: Pan Ameri- can Srudenl Forum '39, '40, Sergeanl- ar-Arms '40: Traffic Judge '42: Linz Award '42: 4A Class '43, Presidenl: Grade School-John Henry Brown. Page Thirry 1 Q l ' l i l l l i l r l CLEOPAS POUNDS R, O. T. C. '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Mas- rer Sergeanr '42, Second Lieulenanl '43: Favorire Sporr- Baseball: Ambi- 'rion-Member of Air Corps: Grade School-Richard Lagow, MARILYN RACHOFSKY Girls Public Speaking Club '40, '4l, '42, '43, Treasurer '4l, Vice-Presidenl' '4l, Presidenl' '42, Parliameniarian '42: Girl Reserves '4l, '42: High Scholar- ship Club '4l, '42, '43: Linz Awards '4l, '43: Narional Honor Sociely '43: Grade School-John Henry Brown. GWENDOLEN Audilores Caesaris Vice-Presidenf '42, League '4l, '42, '43: Club '40, '41, '42 REES-JONES 39, 40, 4l, 42. Junior Classical High Scholarship Siudenl Council Represenlarive '42, '43: Library Assisi'- anl' '40, '4l, '42: Linz Awards '40, '4l, '42: Narional Honor Socieiy '43: Grade School-John Henry Brown. BILLIE ROGERS Track '4l: Favorile Spori'-Track: Fa- yoriie Subieci-Malhemalics: Ambi- iion-Railroad Engineer: Grade School-John Henry Brown. LEON RUBENSTEIN Hi-Y '42: 3A Class '4l, Vice-Presideni: Siudeni Council '39: R. O. T. C. '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Firsl Sergeanl '42, Camp Dallas '40, '4l, Crack Company '40, '4l, Rifle Team '42, '43, Caprain '43: Cheerleader '42: Track '40: Foo?- ball '40, '4I: Baskeiball '40: Grade School-Colonial DORIS RUTCHIK Girls Public Speaking Club '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Secrelary '4l, Treasurer '42, Secreiary '42: High Scholarship Club '40, '4l, '42: Junior Red Cross '40: Linz Awards '40, '4l, '42: Na- fional Honor Sociely '43: Grade School-John Henry Brown. MARY SANFORD Favorife Sporl-Foolball, Favorile Subiecl'-Cloihingg Ambilion-Dress Designer: Hobby-Sewing: Grade School-Colonial. DONALD SCHMIDT Sludenl' Council '40, '4l, '43, Ser- geanl-al-Arms '4lg R. O. T. C. '4l, '42, Craclc Company '4l, Corporal '42g Foofball '4l, Dallas Hislorical Sociely '4l, Linz Awards '40, '4l, '423 Na- lional Honor Sociely '43g Grade School-Pleasanl Grove. TREYSA SEELY Sludenl Council '40, '4l, '42, '43, Treasurer '42, '43: Pan American Slu- denl Forum '40, '4l, '42, '43, Treasurer '4l, Presidenl' '42, Parliamenlarian '42, All-Cify Hosless '4l, '42, All-Cily Presidenl '42, '43, High Scholarship Club '4l, '42, Sludenl Council Repre- senlalive '4l, '42, Presidenf '43, Dallas Hislorical Sociely '4l, '42, '43, Parlia- menlarian '42, Nalional Honor Socieiy '431 28 Class '40, Vice-President 2A Class '4l, Vice-Presidenlg 3B Class '4l, Parliamenlarian: 4A Class '43, Parliarnenlarian: Linz Awards '40, '4l, '42g Office Assislanl '40, '4l, '42, For- esler Slaif '4l, '42, '43g Banking '423 Grade School-Ascher Silbersfein. MONNA SHACKELFORD Foresler Slalil '43, Echo Slalzl '43, As- sislani Edilorq Favorile Sporl-Horse baclx Riding: Favorile Subiecl-His- Tory: Ambilion-Ranch Owner: Grade School-Pleasanl Grove, SALLYE BILL SPRATT Girls Public Speaking Club '40, '4l, Reporler '4l, Girl Reserves '4l, '421 High Scholarship Club '40, '4l, '42, '43, Secrelary '43g Foresl Forum '42: Naiional Honor Sociely '43g Pep Squad '4l, '421 Guard '4l, '427 Office Assislanl' '42, '43: Linz Awards '40, '4l, '42g Grade School-Lida Hooe. DORIS ANN STEWART Favorile Sporl-Skalingg Favoriie Sub- ieci - Chemisfryg Ambilion - Nurse: Hobby- Collecling Movie Slar Pic- lures, Grade School-Ascher Silberslein. BETTY SAWYER Foresl' Forum '4l, '42, '43, Treasurer '42g 3A Class '42, Secrelaryg Dallas Hislorical Sociely '4l, '42, '43, Corre- sponding Secrelary '42g Sludenl Council '40, '4l, '42, Girl Reserves '4lg Veslonians '42, '43, High Scholar- ship Club '4l, '42, '43: Linz Awards '40, '4l, '42, Library Assislanl' '4l, '42: Grade School-Richard Lagow. MARY ALICE SCOTT Foresler Slail '43: Favorile Sporl- Foolballg Favorile Subiecl'-Hisiory: Ambilion-Housewife: Hobby-Wrilw ing Lellersg Grade School-Ascher Silberslein. SAMMY SELTZER Slandard Debaling Sociely '40, '4l, '42, '43, Vice-Presidenl' '43, Junior Red Cross '42, '43, Foresl Forum '42, '43, Parliamenrarian '43: Band '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Camp Dallas '4l, Corporal '4l, Sergeanl '42, Second Lieulenanl '42y Craclc Company '43: Linz Awards '40, '4l, Grade School-Colonial. SHIRLYE SHERRARD Le Cercle Francais '40, '4l, '42, Secre- lary '4l, Vice-Presidenl '42g Dallas Hislorical Sociely '40, '4l, '42, Parlia- menlarian '4l: High Scholarship Club '40, '4l, '42, Secrelary '42: Linz Awards '40, '4l, '42: Library Assislanl '40, '4l, '42, Sludeni Council '4lg Guard '39, '4Og Grade School- Colonial. GROVER STEVENS Favorife Sporl-Foolballg Favorife Subiecl-Home Economics, Ambilion -Edilor: Hobby-Reading: Grade School'-T, C. Hassell. BETTY STOVALL Allied Arls Club '39, '40, '4l, Vice- Presidenl '40, Treasurer '4l, High Scholarship Club '4l, '42, Linz Awards '4l, '42, Grade School-T. C. Hasselr. Page Thirly-one BOBBIE STRICKLAND Favoriie Spori-Volleyball, Favorile Subiecf - Typing, Ambifion - Typisi, Hobby-Making Piciures, Grade School-Cenier, Texas. MAXINE THOMPSON Audiiores Caesaris '40, '4l, '42, Junior Classical League '41, High Scholarship Club '40, '4l, '42, '43, Dallas Hisio- rical Socieiy '4l, '42, '43, Naiional Honor Socieiy '42, '43, Linz Awards '40, '4l, '42, Echo Siaff '42, News Edi- ior '42, Copy Ediior '42, Foresier Siaici '42, '43, Library Assis1'an+'4O, '4l, '42, Siudenl' Council '4l, Grade School- John Henry Brown. RIZELL TOBOLOWSKY Girls Public Speaking Club '40, '4l, '42, '43, Vice-Pre'idenT '42, Presideni '43, Parliameniarian '43, 28 Class '40, Parliameniariant Texas Hisiory Club '40, '4l, '42, '43, Parliameniarian '4l, Treasurer '42, Vice-Presideni '43, Girl Reserves '4l, 25-50 Club '39, '40, Linz Award '43, Office Assislanf '42, For- esier Siaii '42, Grade School-John Henry Brown. FRANCES TOPLITZ Le Cerale Francais '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Siudenl Council Represenialive '41, '42, Treasurer '42, Presideni '42, Mosi Efiicienl Member '43, Banlcinq '40, '41, '42, Teller '41, '42, Orchesira '39, '40, '41, '42, '43, Dallas Musical Fesiival Coniesl, Firsi Place '42, Grade School-John Henry Brown. LELAND TURNER Dallas Hisiorical Socieiy '4l, '42, '43, Presidenl '42, Sergeani-ai-Arms '42, Siudeni Council '42, '43, Vice-Presi- deni '42, Presideni '43, Nalional Hon- or Socieiy '43, High Scholarship Club '40, '4l, '42, '43, Parliamenlarian '42, Sergeani-ai-Arms '43, R. O. T. C. '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Sergeanl '43, Audi- iores Caesaris '40, '41, '42, '43, Junior Clasical League '42, Slale Secrelary '42, 4A Class '43, Treasurer, Grade School-Colonial. EDWARD VODICKA Le Cercle Francais '40, '41, '42, '43, Sergeani-ai-Arms '4l, Presideni '42, Efficiency Award '42, Parliamenlarian '42, 2B Class '40, Sergeanl-ar-Arm, 2A Class '4l, Sergeanf-ai-Arms, 3B Class '41, Sergeani'-ai-Arms, Foresi Forum '42, Presidenr '42, High Schol- arship Cliib '4l, '42, Sergeani-al-Arms '42I 25-50 Club '39, '40, '4-li R. O. T. C. '39, '40, '41, '42, Corporal '4l, Sec- ond Lieulenani '42, Bicycle Traffic Courl '42, Associafe Judge '42, Linz Award '42, Naiional Honor Socieiy '43, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. Page Thirry-+wo HELEN TAYLOR Favoriie Spori-Foolloall, Favorire Subieci-English, Hobby-Reading, Ambilion-Public Accounfanf, Grade School-Richard Lagow. FRANCES TIMPSON Echo Slari '43, Favorife Spori-Foot ball, Favoriie Subieci-Typing, Am- biiion-Slenographer, Hobby-Col- lecling Snapshois, Grade School- Shady Grove. MARGARET TOLLEY Girl Reserves '4l, '42, '43, Siudenf Council Represeniafive '42, Presidenl '42, Delegaie io Girl Reserve Confer- ence '42, linierclub Council Represen- ialive '43, Girls Public Speaking Club '4l, '42, '43, Reporier '42, High Schol- ar:hip Club '41, '42, Office Assisiani '4l, '42, Linz Award '40, Echo Siarl '42, '43, Eclilor-in-Chief '43, Foresrer Siaii '42, '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown. MAUDIE TUCKER Audilores Caesaris '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Treasurer '4l, Junior Classical League '40, '41, '42, 3B Class '41, Sec- reiary, Fore-si' Forum '42, '43, Chorus '4l, Opereila '4l, Foresler Siaii '43, Office Assisiani '42, Siudenl' Council '42, '43, Grade School-Sl. Edward's Academy. NELLA MAE VAUGHAN Office Assislani '42, '43, Pavoriie Spori-Baslreiball, Favoriie Subiecf- Typing, Ambiiion -Typisi, Hobby- Colleciing Leiiers, Grade School- Mesquiie, Texas. JOYCE WALLACE Pavorile Sporf-Slcafing, Favorile Sub- ieci-Typing, Ambilion - Nurse, Hobby-Colleciing Posl Cards, Grade School-Roclcymouni. ALBERT WATTS Bakelball '4l: Track '4l, '42: R. O, T. C. '40, '4I, '42, '43, Sergeanl '4I, Sec- ond Lieulenanl '42, Firsl Lieulenanl '43, Caplain "43, Camp Dallas '42, SergeanI's Efficiency Award '4l: Grade School-Richard Lagow. LORELEI WELTMAN Girls Public Speaking Club '40, '4I. '42, '43, Sergeanl-al-Arms '4I: 4B Class '42, Secrelaryy Pan American Sludenl Forum '42, '43, Treasurer '42, Sludenl Council Represenlalive '43, Girl Reserves '39, '4O: Guard '40, '42, '43' Sludenl Council '437 Linz Award '43, High Scholarship Club '43: Grade School-Colonial. HELEN WILENSKY Girls Public Speaking Club '39, '40, '4I, '42, '43, Secrelary '4I, Presidenl '42, Parliamenlarian '42, Reporler '42, Sludenl Council Represenlalive '42, '43g IA Class '40, Vice-Presidenl: Girl Reserves '39, '40, '4I, '42, '43, Ser- geanl-al-Arrns '42, Treasurer '43: Dal- las I-lislorical Sociely '4l, '42g Guard '40, '4l, '42, '43g Sludenl Council '42, '43: Linz Awards '40, '4l, '42g High Scholarship Club '40, '4l, '42, '433 Echo Slaltf '42, '43, News Edilor '42, Managing Edilor '42, Foresler Slaff '4I, '42, '43, Edilor-in-Chief '437 Na- 'rional Honor Sociely '42, '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown. FAY WILLIAMS Linz Award '40: Favorile Sporl-Base- ball: Favorile Subiecl-Shorlhandq Ambilion-Slenographerg Hobby- Collecling Coslurne Jewelry: Grade School-Richard Lagow. ALICE WINSOR Audilores Caesaris '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Junior Classical League '4Ig High Scholarship Club '40, '4I, '42, '43g Dallas Hislorical Sociely '4I, '42, '43: Linz Awards '40, '4I, '42g Library As- sisfanl '40, '4lq Grade School-John Henry Brown. CHARLOTTE YONACK Dallas Hislrorical Sociely '40, '4l, '42, '43, Foresl Forum '4I, '42, '43, Secre- lary '43g Junior Red Cross '42, '43, Foresler Slaff '42, '43, Grade School- John Henry Brown. MORTON ZIMMERMAN Radio Club '40, '4I, Presidenl '4I, Licensed Radio Operalor '43, Sland- ard Debaling Sociely '39, '40, '4l, '42, '43, Secrelary '42, Pregidenl '43, R. O. T. C. Band '39, '40, '4I, '42, '43, Linz Awards '40, '4l, '42. NORMAN WEBB R. O. T. C. '40, '4l, '42, '43, Corporal '42, Firsl Sergeanl '43, Rifle Team '4I,'42, Rifle Experl Medal '42: Favor- ile Sporl-Tennis, Favorile Subiecl- Geomelry, Ambilion-Archilecl: Grade School-William B. Travis. PEGGY JO WHITTINGTON Girls Public Speaking Club '4I, '42, '43, Sergeanl-al-Arms '4I, Vice-Presi- denl '42, Reporler '43: High Scholar- ship Club '4I, '42, '43: Junior Red Cross '40, Dallas I-lislorical Sociely '42, '43Q Girl Reserves '40, '4I, '42, '43, Secrelary '43, Oflice Assislanl' '4I, '42g Linz Awards '4I, '42: Nalional Honor Sociely '42, '43, Grade School- John Henry Brown. IONA WILLEFORD Allied Arls Club '4I, '42, '43, Secre- lary '43, Junior Arl Council '4I, '42, '4-3: Echo Sfarl '43, Library Assislanf '4I, '42g Favorile Sporl-Foolball: Fa- vorile Subiecl-Ari, Grade School- Colonial. DOROTHY WILSON I Arn An American Club '4I, '42, '43q Favorile Subiecl-Clolhingg Favorile Sporl-Volleyball: Hobby-Collecling Movie Sfar Picluresq Grade School- T. G. Terry. EVELYN YATES Pep Squad '40, '4l, '42, '43, Echo Slalil '43, Favorile Sporl'-Baseball: Favor- ire Subiecl-Journalism: Ambilion- Avialorg Grade School-John Henry Brown. LOIS YOUNG Office Assislanl '4Ig Favorile Spor+-- lkalingg Favorile Subiecl-Algebra: Xmbilion-Homemaker: Hobby- Skalingg Grade School-Richard Lagow. DOROTHY LOUISE GASKIN Audilrores Caesaris '39, '40, '4lg Fa- vorile Sporl'-Baskerball: Favorile Subiecl-Malhernalicsg Hobby-Pho- lographyg Ambilion--Aviarorq Grade School---Colonial. Page Thirly-'rh ree January '44 Class MARY JAYNE ANDERSON Texas Hisfory Club '40, '4l, '42, '43, Parliarnenfarian '42, Girl Reserves '40, '4I, '42, '43, Vice-Presidenl '42, Slu- den+ Council Represenlalive '43, Echo Slaltl '43, High Scholarship Club '42, Veslonians '42, Sfudenl' Council '40, '42, '43, Linz Award '42, Office Assisi- anl '42, 2B Class '4I, Presidenl, 2A Class '4l, Parliamenlarian, 3B Class '42, Secrelary, 4B Class '43, Vice- Presidenf, Grade School-John Henry Brown. JUANITA BOATMAN Girl Reserves '40, Texas Hislory Club '40, '4I, '42, Favorile Sporr-Foot ball, Favorile Subiecl- Hizlory, Am- birion-Secrelaryg Hobby-Collecling Dogs, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. FRANCINE BURRIS Foresl Forum '42, Le Cercle Francais '42, Pep Squad '4l, '42, Linz Awards '4l, '42, Foresler Slall '43, Favorile Spar?-Baslcelballz Favorile Subiecr- Hislory, Arnbilion-School Teacher, Hobby-Typing, Grade School-John Henry Brown. WANDA JANE COCHRAN Favorile Sporl-Slcafing, Favorile Sub- iecl- Biology, Ambifion - Slenogra- pher, Hobby-Pholography, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. MARY ANN CORTlMlLlA High Scholarship Club '4I, '42, Linz Awards '4I, '42, Favorile Sporl-Slcah ing, Favorile Subiecl-English, Ambi- 'lion-Pilol, Hobby-Collecling Dolls, Grade School-John Henry Brown. PRISCILLA DU BOSE Fares? Forum '42, Linz Awards '41, '42, Favoriie Spor+fBa'lcelball, Favorile Subiecf- Hisfory, Ambilion - Tech- nician, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. Page Thirly-four MARVIN BARISH Slandard Debaling Sociely '40, '4I, '42, '43, Secrelary '42, Vice-Presidenl' '42, R. O. T. C. '40, '4l, '42, Cor- poral '42, Sergeanl '42, Slawcl Sergeanf '42, Crack Company '40. '4l. '42, Sharpshooier '4lg Linz Awards '4I, '42, IB Class '40, Secrelary, Vice-Presi- denl, Foresler Slail '42, '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown, ROBERTA BOWLEY Favorile Sporl-Baseball, Favorife l- Subiecr-Hisloryg Ambifion-Missiom ary, Hobby-Slamp Collecling, Woodrow Wilson High School: Girl Reserves '4I, '42, Chorus '42, Grade School-Union Belleville. L h SARAH CHESNICK Sfudenl' Council '4I, '42, Pan Ameri- can Sludenr Forum '41, '42, High Scholarship Club '4I, '42, Girls Public Speaking Club '4I, '42, Traffic Repre- senlalive '40, IB Gym Class '40, Pos- lure Represenlalive, Grade School- Colonial. ELEANOR JEAN COHEN Girl Reserves '40, '4I, '42, '43, Texas Hislory Club '40, '41, '42, '43, High Scholarship Club '42, '43, Linz Awards '42, '43, 2B Class '41, Sergeanl-at Arms, 3B Class '42, Vice-Presidenfg 3A Class '42, Secrelary-Treasurer, 4B Class '43, Presidenf, Grade School- John Henry Brown. L. M. COX Dallas Hislorical Sociefy '42, R. O. T. C. '40, '4I, '42, Crack Company '4l, '42, Firsl Sergeanl '42, Favoriie Sporl -Swimming, Favorile Subiecl--Ma'rh- emalics, Hobby-Model Airplanes, Grade School-John Henry Brown. MINNETTE FINEGLASS Foresfer Sfahf '40, '4l, '42, '43, Assisi- anl' Adverlising Manager '40, Le Cer- cle Francais '40, '4I, Girl Reserves '40, '4I, Library Assislanl '40, '4I, Grade School-Colonial. RUTH EMILIE FISCHL Foresler Slahf '42, '43, Favorile Sporl - Baslcelball, Favorile Subiecl-Type ing, Ambilion-lnlerior Decoralor, I-lobby-Collecling China Dogs, Grade School-Colonial. LYNNELL FLETCHER Sludenl Council '40, Favorile Sporl- Tennis, Favorile Subiecl-I-lislory, Arnbilion-Secrelary, Hobby-Col- lecling Whal-Nols, Grade School- Ascher Silberslein. HELEN GAYLORD Sludenl Council '42, Pep Squad '4l, '42, '43, Co-Caplain '42, Caplain '43, Banking '4I, '42, Teller '42, Favorile Sporl-Eoolball, Favorile Subiecl- ,Shorlhandg Grade School- T. C. Hassell. JOHNNIE MAE GILL Girl Reserves '42, Foresl' Forum '4I, '42, '43, Presidenl '43, Pep Squad '40, '4I, '42, Ambilion-Navy Nurse, Hobby-Corresponding, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. HERBERT GREEN Slandard Debaling Sociely '40, Dallas I-lislorical Sociely '42, Linz Award '42, Orchesfra '40, '42, Pan-American Slu- denl Forum '43, Favorile Sporl-Foot ball, Eavorile Subiecl-Spanish, Grade School-John Henry Brown. RICHARD GRUBBS Sludenl' Council '4l, '42, R. O, T. C. '4l, '42, Favorile Sporl-Baseball, Favorile Subiecr-Accounring, Ambi- rion-Navy, Hobby-Collecling Pic- Iures, Grade School-Richard Lagow. f 1 .1 Eli LORENE FLANAGAN Favorile Sporl-Baseball, Eavorile Subiecl- English, Ambilion-Slenog- rapher, I-lobby-Collecling Pos? Cards, Grade School-Ascher Silberslein JULIUS FRAUMAN Junior Red Cross '4l, '42, 2B Class '4I, Sergeanl-al-Aims, Eavorile Sporl -Eoolballq Favorile Subiecl-Ari, W, Grade School-Colonial. MARY GEORGE Linz Awards '4l, '42, Favorile Sporl- Baseball, Favorile Subiecl-Hislory, Ambilion-Pilolg I-lobby-Collecling Model Airplanes, Grade School- John Henry Brown. FRANKIE GRANT Favorile Sporl-Baslcelball, Favorile Subiecl-Typing, Ambilion -Secre- lary, I-lobby-Collecling Poems, Grade School-Cily Parlc. VIRGINIA GRINER Foresl Forum '4I, '42, Favorile Sporl -Foolball, Favorile Subiecl-English, Hobby-Collecling Malch Folders, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. BETTY LOU HANCOCK Girls Public Speaking Club '4I, '42, Girl Reserves '4I, '42, High Scholar- ship Club '4I, '42, Veslonians '42, Linz Awards '4I, '42, Cheerleader '42, Foresler Fovorile '43, Office Assislanl '4l, IA Class '40, Presidenl, 2B Class '4l, Secrelary' 2A Clas '4I, Reporler, Echo Slalf '43, Grade School-John Henry Brown. Page Tl'iir'Iy -liv 6 AILEEN HEAD Pep Squad '4l, Favorile Sporl-Skal- ing' Eavorile Subecl Accounlin - 'l '- Qi Arnbilion - Complomeler Operalor, Grade School-Richard Lagow. FRANCES JANNER Audilores Caesaris '40, '4l, Girl Re- serves '4l, Dallas Hislorical Sociely '42, Texas Hislory Club '4l, Eavorile Sporl-Dancing, Favorile Subiecl- Shorlhand, Grade School-T. C. Has- sell. HELEN LATTIMER Orcheslra '40, '4l, '42, '43, Audilores Caesaris '42, '43, Girl Reserve '42, '43, Foresl Forum '42, '43, Treasurer '43, Sludenl Council '4l, '42, '43, Pep Squad '40, '4l, '42, '43, Co-Caplain '42, '43, Grade School-Colonial. HAROLD LEWIS R. O. T. C. '40, '4l, '42, '43, Eirsi Sergeanl '43, Camp Dallas '40, Fa- vorile Sporl-Eoolball, Favorile Sub- iecl-Hislory, Grade School-Richard Lagow. JOAN MANER Favorile Sporl-Skaling, Eavorile Sub- iecl- English, An-ibilion -Air Slew- arde:s, Hobby-Colleclinq Airplane Models, Grade School-Cily Park. NADlNE MCCULLOUGH Eavorile Sporl-Volleyball, Favorile Subiecl - Typing, Ambilion - Typisl, Hobby-Collecling Poslcards, Grade School-Waco, Texas. Page Thirly-six "l ' . -'-,:- l -of S 'Q F . . ' ,K rf -QV- ' f ' ., ',wi. Q- -' m "inf rf. fi l ' 'wi ns'- 'R vig, .1 at K X, i - 3 - ...,g,. Z. '1?'m2 f - iff' 4 A-fs wikis -4 :ma i. l l X 1 v l i 1 l 1 l , 1 MARY HOUSE Eavorile Sporl-Baseball, Eavorile Subiecl-Public Speaking, Ambilion -Avialor, Hobby-Colleclinq Air- plane Piclures, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. SAUL KAHN Le Cercle Francais '40, '4l, '42, Ser- geanl-al-Arrns '42, Slandard Debal- ing Socielv '40, '4l, '42, Sergeanl-at Arms '42, 'l'rea'urer '42, Sludenl Coun- cil Represenlalive '42, Linz Award '4l, 2A Class '4l, Serqeanl-al-Arms, 3B Class '42, Sergeanl-al-Arms, 3A Class '42, Presidenl, 4B Class '43, Secrelary, Grade School-John Henry Brown. HAROLD LEVERETT Sfudenl Council '40, R, O. T. C. '4l, '42, '43, Eoolball '40, '4l, Baseball '40, Favoaile Sporl- Foolball, Eavorile Subjecl-Malhernalics, Hcabby- Reading, Gade SchOo,l,5:-1, ihard 1 Lagovifl ' ,ri ' ..' 1 ' r-iff V f li! ' - NlLA RUTH LYNN Ollice Assislanl '42, Echo Slall '43, Girls Public Speaking Club '4l, '42, '43, Pan-American Sludenl Forum '4l, '42, '43, Linz Award '4l, Arnbilion- Linguisl, Grade School-James Bowie. Sl'llRLlE MARK Texas l-lislory Club '40, '4l, '42, '43, Treasurer '4l, Parliamenlarian '43, Echo Slall '43, Office Assislanl '4l, Girl Reserves '40, '4l, '42, '43, Girls Public Speaking Club '4l, '42, High Scholarship Club '42, Linz Awards '4l, '42, IB Class '40, Presidenl, 2B Class '4l, Parliamenlarian, 3B Class '42, Parliamenlarian, Grade School-John Henry Brown. wr ir Henry W ll ' fyfffi BETTY McMASTER Favorile Sporl-Slcaling, Favorile Sub- iecl-Shorlhand, Ambilion-Sl'enog- rapher, Hobby-Dancing, Grade School-Colonial. EMMA JANE MORRlS Texas Hi'lory Club '4l, '42, '43, Vice- Presidenl '42, Girl Reserves '42, '43, High Scholarship Club '42, '43, Linz Award '4l, Favorile Subiecl-Aero naulics, Grade School-Richard Lagow. CHARLES REED High Scholarship Club '4l, '42, '43, Treasurer '4l, Presidenl '42, 3B Class '42, Presidenl, Dallas Hiclorical So- ciely '4l, '42, '43, Sergeanl-al-Arms '42, Audilores Caesaris '40, '4l, '42, R. O. T. C. '40, '4l, '42, '43, Corporal '4l, Sergeanl '42, Firsl Sergeanl '42, Sec- ond Lieulenanl '43, Nalional Honor Sociely '43, Orcheslra '40, '4l, '42, Junior Classical League '40, '4l, '42, Linz Awards '4l, '42, Grade School- T. C. Hassell. DOROTHEA RUSH Girl Reserves '40, '4l, '42, '43, Secre- fary '42, Treasurer '42, Echo Slalf '43, Le Cercle Francais '40, '4l, '42, '43, High Scholarship Club '4l, '42, '43, Traffic Courl' Represenlalive '42, Slu- denl Council '4l, '42, 43, 4B Class '42, Treasurer, Pep Squad '40, '4l, '42, '43, Co-Caplain '42, '43, Linz Awards '4l, '42, Grade School-John Henry Brown. WILLIAM SHERMAN R, O. T. C. '40, '4l, '42, '43, Second Lieulenanl '42, Camp Dallas '40, '42, Favorile Sporl-Foolball, Favorile Subiecl-Chemislry, Grade School- Colonial. LOUISE STEINDAM Linz Awards '4l, '42, Eayorile Sporl- Swimming, Foresler Slafl '43, Favorile Subiecf- Typing, Arnbilion - Pilol, Hobby-Piano, Grade School-John -Henry Brown. 1 f' sl Q- 5' A r , , . . , .,.' . if V' QT- , ', ,Z?f', .aff 3' ey . ...ef 5 :MW 3, GLORIA MICHAELSON Le Cercle Francais '40, '4l, '42, '43, Texas Hislory Club '42, '43, Sergeanl- al'-Arms '42, Secrelary '42, High Scholarship Club '42, '43, 3A Class '42, Parliamenlarian, Linz Award '42, Grade School-John Henry Brown. ROBERT DANIEL PUGH R, O. T. C. '4l, '42, '43, Corporal '42, '43, 3A Class '42, Sergeanl-al-Arms, Foresl Forum '43, Hi-Y '43, Eoolball '4l, '42, Traclc '40, '4l, '42, '43, Eavor- ile Sporl-Boxing, Grade School- Ascher Silberslein. HENRY RISER . High Scholarship Club '4l, '42, '43, R. O. T. C. '4l, '42, '43, Linz Awards '4l, '42, Lalin Tournamenl '40, Firsl Place Award, Grade School-Ascher Silberslein. GERALD SEGAL Slandard Debaling Sociely '40, '4l, Foresler Slarl '43, Sporls Edilor, Echo S'raEF '43, Sporls Eclilor, Favorile Sporl -Baseball, Favorile Subiecl-Hislory, Grade School-Colonial. BOBBIE NELL SIMS Texas Hislory Club '40, '4l, '42, '43, Treasurer '42, Presidenl '43, Banlcing '4l, '42, Teller '42, '43, Sludenl Coun- cil '40, '42, IA Class '40, Secrelary, Nalional Honor Sociely '43, 3B Class '42, Sergeanl-al-Arms, Grade School -T. C. Hassell. HELEN STOVER Sludenl Council '4l, Echo Slalf '43, Favorile Sporl'-Slcaring, Favorile Sub- iecr- Foods, Hobby-Saving Ticlcel Slubs, Ambilion-Secrelary, Grade School-John Henry Brown. Page Thirly-seven ANNA LEE SUTCLIFFE Linz Award '4lg IA Class '40, Ser- geanT-aT-Armsg FavoriTe SporT-FooT- ball: FavoriTe SubiecT-ShorThandg AmbiTion-SecreTary: Grade School- Ascher SilbersTein. NOVELLA TULLOS FavoriTe Spode- FooTballq FavoriTe SubiecT - English, AmbiTion - Secree Tary, Hobby-Reading: Grade School -Ascher SiIbersTein. ORA LOU WILLIAMS Girl Reserves '4I7 Echo STaTT '43, IB Class '40, SerqeanT-aT-Armsg FavoriTe Subiecl'-English, AmbiTion-WriTerg Hobby-WriTing Boys in The Service: I Y i ,... .- Y' I 12 ff 2 , , A ef, . ,. .M 47 gs sw f 5 . . I I DARLENE TANTON AudiTores Caesaris '4Ig Dallas HisTori- cal SocieTy '42, '43, FavoriTe SporT-- FooTballg FavoriTe SubiecT4HisToryg Grade School-John Henry Brown. f. D' .IOHNNIE WILHELM Glee Club '40, BaskeTball '4I, '42, FooTball '4Iq FavoriTe SporT-BaslceT- ball, FavoriTe SubiecT-Spanish: Am- biTion - PiloT3 Hobby- BaslceTball7 Grade School-T. C. Hassell. ELIZABETH NORTON ForeT Forum '42, '43g FavoriTe Sub- Baseball: AmbiiTion-SecreTary: Hobby-CollecTinq Dolls, Grade iecl'-lvlaThemaTicsg FavoriTe SporT- Grade School-T. C. Hassell. School4Kansas CiTy, Missouri Spotlighting the Seniors SELECTIONS MADE BY JOUIQNALISVI DEPARTMENT TREYSA SEELY is The ouTsTancling member OT The 4A Class in The Spanish DeparTmenT. She is All-Cify presidenT of The Pan American STudenT Forum, besides being pasT presidenT oT The For- esT chapTer oT The Forum. Musical member oT The class is DAVID BALL, who plays in boTh The orchesTra and The band. He plays violin in The orchesTra and TrumpeT in Page ThirTy-eighT The band. David was also drum major oT The band IasT Tall. ED DEERING is class sporTs sTar. Ed leTTered in TooTbalI ancl baseball and Iecl The golT Team This Term. The NaTional Honor SocieTy eIecTed DORIS RUTCHIK, who has been Treasurer and secre- Tary OT The Girls Public Speaking Club and acTive in The High Scholarship Club, To be Their eTTi- cienT secreTary-Treasurer. A newcomer Trom Abilene High School who has quickly won populariTy Through his abiIiTy as a singer and carToonisT is GEORGE KERR. MARGARET TOLLEY, who was presidenT oT The Girls Reserves IasT Tall, is To be commended Tor her exceIIenT work as ediTor-in-chieT oT The EoresT Echo. ChieT medal winner oT The 4A Class is COR- INNE PEDERSON. She possesses Three Linz awards, a NaTional Honor SocieTy pin and Two Junior Classical League pins. LELAND TURNER, presidenT oT The STudenT Council, cerTainIy is a class leader. Leland has held an oTTice in each oT The Tour clubs To which he belongs, besides being Treasurer oT The 4A Class. MosT inTeIIecTuaI 4A is ALICE WINSOR. Alice has Three Linz awards and always has an "A" average. She is also very acTive in The Audi- Tores Caesaris and High Scholarship Club. DAVID COBBEL, who is LieuTenanT-Colonel oT The EoresT R.O.T.C., has IeTTered in TooTbaII, baseball and baskeTbaII This Term. Winner oT Two Linz awards and a member oT The NaTional Honor SocieTy, is Treasurer oT The High Scholarship Club and library assisTanT, KATHLEEN DAVIS. PresidenT oT The NaTional Honor SocieTy is DONALD SCHMIDT, whose abiliTy in maThe- maTics is unsurpassed. Donald never Tails To make The "A" honor roll each six weeks. HELEN GAYLORD and HELEN LATTIMER are capTain and co-capTain oT The Green and WhiTe Pep Squad. BoTh girls are honor sTudenTs and acTive in all school acTiviTies. MosT ouTsTanding member oT The 4B Class in The LaTin DeparTmenT is "'A" sTudenT, HENRY RISER, who has represenTed EoresT in Two LaTin TournamenTs and won prizes in boTh. An all-round senior girl is BOBBIE NELL SIMS. Bobbie Nell is banking Teller, presidenT oT The Texas HisTory Club and a member oT The NaTional Honor SocieTy. MARVIN BARISH, whose abiliTy aT public speaking and arT work is Tops, is a member OT The R.O.T.C. crack company and has won a sharpshooTer medal. A leader in her class since her Treshman year is SHIRLIE MARK. She has held a class oTTice almosT each Term since her IB year, in which she served as presidenT oT The IB Class. A boy wiTh varied TalenTs is CHARLES REED. He plays violin in The orchesTra and is pasT presi- denT oT The High Scholarship Club, a member oT The AudiTores Caesaris, Dallas HisToricaI So- cieTy and NaTional Honor SocieTy. ThaT L. M. COX has a mechanical mind is dem- onsTraTed by his excellence in maThemaTics and physics. L. M. plans To be an eIecTrical engineer and enTer Texas A. 84 M. Page ThirTy r' e f""i""" VW J lil TO RIGHT AA Qi... Eirsl Row: Ed Burlcley, Grover Slevens, Leon Rubenslein, John Pugh, Herberl Goldberg, Bill Burch, Milan Leg- gell, David Ball, Billy Rogers. Second Row: Billy Cox, Marshall Moore, Elmer Johnson, Glenn Lang, Jr., George McCoy, Sammy Ewall, Ervin Polishuk, Cleopas Pounds, Norman Webb. Third Row: Russell Murdoch, Johnny Nalion, Johnnie Brown, Joe Freed, Gerald Coley, David Kenninglon, Edward Vodiclca, Alberl Walls, Leland Turner. Eourlh Row: J. T. Lemons, Daniel Hill, Morlon Zimmer- man, Slanley Levenlhal, Bobby Robinson, Louis Rubin, Barlhell Ellis, J. C, Mackey, J. C. Kas ed. Eillh Row: Roberl Lloyd McAdam, Bobby Miller, Ernesl Henderson, George Logan, Hubbard Hollon, William Holl, George Baker, Billy Maddox. Page Forly Sixlh Row: Donald Schmidl, Chase Campbell, Marvin Hud ler, Ed Deering, Roberl Gary. GIRLS La Rue Ansley Wanda Cawlhon Nelda Duck Chrislell Ferguson lmodean Jones Wanda La Rue Dorolhy Lea Law Elizabelh Norlon Belly Riclcer Belly Sawyer Erances Timpson Dorolhy Wilson Alice Winsor Lois Young BOYS Ronald Canada David Cobbel A. E. Davis Elmo Elam George Farr Roberl Glazer Harold Golman Harberl Hawkins Harvey Hawkins Don Hendricks Leroy Huddleslon George Kerr Elwyn McCain Emmell Miller Billy Ramsey Sammy Sellzer AA Clciss Firsl Row: Charlolle Adele Yonaclc, Belly Jean Bevill, Vida Jo Tindall, Margarel Tolley, Sarnye Gallu:o, Bellye Jane Gardner, Belly Cannon, Lenora Levine, Maxine Newman, Fay Williams, Marie Lloyd, Bellye Hyde, Joyce Wallace. Second Row: Helen Wilenslcy, Frnesline Bruce, l'ona Wille- lord, Doris Jean Harmer, Poppy Hammond, Florence Cenler, Margarel Browning, Helen Taylor, Lorella Hawkins, Bobbie Slrickland, Evelyn Yales, Gloria Nich- olas, Virginia Lamb. Third Row: Fdwynia Henry, Corinne Pederson, Treysa Seely, Mariorlene Parish, Sarah Bourland, Annabelle Moore, Lois Hillis, Lorela Hamillon, Janelle Knighl, Dorolhy Dayenporl, Aggie Lee Harper, Grace Lebo- wilz Fourlh Row: Maurine Whalley, Maudie Tucker, Anna Klein- man, Toby Aronoll, Norma Aronoll, Marlha Napier, Rizell Tobolowslcy, Hazel Ferguson, Naomi Lewis, Nella Mae Vaughan, Billie Genlry. Fillh Row: Shirlye Sherrard, Belly Jo Moore, Loralee Well- man, Jeanne Goldberg, Charlolle Maranlz, Berlha Rosengarlen, Lillie Pearl Conner, Billie Lamberl, Bob- bie La Fille. Sixlh Row: Berma Dean Vogel, lsabell Hulen, Mary Fay Sandlord, Rolene Odell, Virginia Jackson, Bonnie Hiclcf, Doris Ann Slewarl, Rulh Vogel, Marceline Hem- pel, Mary Alice Scoll, Monna Jean Shaclcellord. Sevenlh Row: Marilyn Racholslfy, Doris Rulchilc, Annelle Golman, Kalhleen Malloy, Belly Slovall, Mary Eliza- belh Calyerl. Eighlh Row: Maxine Thompson, Kalhleen Davis, Geraldine Bryanl, Virginia File, Joyce Kills, Billie Bradley, Tom- mie Orlon, Mildred Glenn. Ninlh Row: Frances Toplilz, Minnelle Corchine, Peggy Whillinglon, Sudie Mae Gillham, Dorolhy Moullon, Sallye Bill Sprall, Gwendolen Rees-Jones, Rulh Mc- Lendon, Bealrice Baker, Rozell Bowman. Page Forly-one fwf' AB Class Firsl Row: Mary Ann Corlirnilia, Priscilla Du Bose, Francine Burris, Gloria Michaelson, Eleanor Cohen, l-lelen Gay- lord, l-lelen Lallimer, Dorolhea Rush, Nila Rulh Lynn, Roberla Bowley. Second Row: Mary George, Louise Sleindam, Bobbie Nell Sims, Belly McMasler, Belly Wriqhl, Anna Rulh Dyer, Jane Morris, l-lelen Slover, Evelyn Key, Darlene Tan- lon. Third Row: Rulh l-lill, Millon Lee Alkins, Lula Mae Tolere lon, Sarah Chesnick, Rulh Fischl, Minnelle Fineglass, Belly Lou l-lancock, Mary Jayne Anderson, Shirlie Mark. Fourlh Row: Joe Young, Bellie Complon, Joan Maner, Virginia Griner, Aileen l-lead, Anna' Lee Sulclille, Jean Wynn, Frankie Granl, Belly Perkinson, Lorene Flanagan, Geraldine Richmond. Fillh Row: Tom Tullle, Ora Lou Williams, Frances Louize Janner, Mary Juanila Boalman, Mary l-louse, Kalhleen Collins, Wanda Cochran, Kalhryn Bell, Laverne Wood- all, Fannie Mae Swinney, Elwanda Clanlon. Page Forly lx-no Sixlh Row: Weldon Willis, Roberl Shellon. Sevenlh Row: Bob Pugh, Ralph Dawson, Jimmie Loll, Rich- ard Grubbs, l-larold Dean Leverell, Joe McKinney, Louis Wellchek, Bill McCoy, Duward Albriqhl. Eighlh Row: Marvin Barish, l-lerberl Green, Saul Kahn, Jerry Segal, Julius Frauman, l. E. Mallhews, Melvin Pelers, J. C. Pendlelon. Ninlh Row: VVilliam Sherman, Don l-liqqins, l-lenry Shaler, L. M. Cox, Charles Reed, l-lenry Riser, Johnnie Wil- helm, J. E. Jenkins. NOT IN PICTURE GIRLS Novella Tullos A Joyce Wallace Rosie Ballas Willela Eubanks Johnnie Mae Gill BOYS Nadine McCullough Dorolhy Perkins Merle Thrasher Billy Jackson l-larold D. Lewis Marshall Wriqhl Pi A1552 3A Clciss ir ow: Viclor Oddo, Eugene Friedman, Leland Purkey, Charles Cauley, Louis Walel, Benny Apple, Milburn Garonzik, Jack Summerfield. Second Row: Leonard Pierce, Clara Bess Lorenz, Joye I-lill, Marion Lillebridge, Billy Lumpkin, Shirley I-lill, Marlin Lelow, Helen Raye Corry, Belly Jean Sparks, Shirley Moore. Third Row: Olis Mackey, Roberl Berman, Bernard Schnil- zer, Slanley Schneider, Monroe Mirsky, Meyer Raskin, I-larold Zeilman, Belly Jo Flechlner, Wanda Payne, Louise Moehle. Fourlh Row: Maborn Gray, Joe Collins, John Bunling, l-Iarold Lewis, Samuel Rude, Morlon Prager, Donald Zeman, Bernard Kahn, Ervin Singer. Fillh Row: Leslie Milchell, George Freeland, Billy Bush- man, Bobby Goldberg, George Mirsky, Faye Shwill, Dorolhy Davis, Billye Thompson, Mary Corley, Claudia Kimbrough. Sixlh Row: Beryl Freeman, Kennelh Willis, Charles Smilh, Mellon Barnes, Norman Cohen, Belly Ann Easlwoocl, Tommie Davis, Virginia Driver. Sevenlh Row: Frank Morgan, Grady Millender, I-I. L. Pryor, William Miller, Charles Auslin, Curlis Cameron George Reed, Jr., Grace Mae Gilberl, Mavis Fergu: son, Dorolhy Charba. Eighlh Row: Roberl Clark, Charles Rogers, J. D. Musso James Chism, Jerry Miller, Billy Joe I-lellon. Ninlh Row: Clarence Parrish, Eugene Brockway, Paul Sy James Eller, James Payne, Glenn Frame, R. P. Jones GIRLS Dorolhy Bean Frances Bock Belly Bosma Lela Verne Dawson Mary Lou Duckworlh .. ice orresle nnie Fae x eola Jane el er Mary Franc 1 a oy Ga Nell M Maxine Mey r Dorolhy Smilh Yvonne Sullins Zadie Lee Teel Mary Turner Maxine Worden BOYS Jimmy Allen harles Anderson R ss Cangelose D mpsey Cozby l Cruse Chard Evans Cloise Gilrealh Gene King Bill McCoy Don Massey I. E. Mallhews Edwin Morris Billy Joe Morrison John Palmer Wilmer Rogers Jerry Rose Roberl Sale NOT IN PICTURE Lynnell Flelcher ' gl. Daniel 3. ' -. n ' I Il y . n Julian Singlelon Frank Thomas Donald Tullis Tom Tullle Archie Walden Marvin Walden Fage Forly ka wif 3A Closs Firsl Row: Eula Coleman, Ruby Fischl, Dorolhy Burns, Doris Tolerlon, Carol June Healon, Dorolhy Terry, Guida Evans, Norma Choale, Grace Phillips, Anne Zienlelc, Mary France' Grizzle, Jeanne Kincaid, Gwen- dolyn Scoll, Ouida Riley. Second Row: Belly Burlon, Bobbie Faye Wallace, De Lois Gibson, Joyce Reynolds, Frances Hardin, Tomie Ezell, lnez Jenkins, Gouldean Smilh, Lola Hallon, Madelyne Kaye, Palsy Bullon, Louise Yoll. Third Row: Gloria Mayhew, Rosemary Coward, Lois Kalin, June Clymer, Maxine Racholsky, Hannah Kriss, Shir- ley Priesl, Frances Wallers, Mary Mae McEvoy, Mollie Rosenbaum, Frances McDonald. Rhea Goldstein, Lois Hiegel, Mildred Karlen. Fourlh Row: Tillie Goodman, Fannie Mae Brown, Faye Slcileq Frances Fuqill, Evie Anderson, Mildred Hens- ley, Jane Henry, Evelyn Beach, Helen Fain, Elveda Slinson, Velma Grisorn, Jimmie Lea Howlell. Fillh Row: Mamie Lee Mayes, Wanda Jo Nolan, Bobbye Crow, Palricia Ray, Elhyln Krecelc, Jimmie Lou Lan- lrip, Frances Willelord, Georgia Wallace, Gwen Kenl, Paulyne Enqelberg, Norma Weinslein, Mamie Jc Wilherspoon, Bobbie Jean Flanagan, Bobbye Adams. Sixlh Row: Elois Garrison, Marela Esles, Joyce Long, Doris Dillee, Irene Rulh Schindlinq, Shirley Ann Kaulman, Hannah Freeman, Lee Gannon, Ora Gales, Dorolhy Ludwiclx. Seyenlh Row: Lenora Osborne, Polly Carler, Mary Ella Thomas, Belly Lou Tucker, Violel Clarlc, Texana Cook, Marion Lawlon, Shirley Frazier, Pauline Sy, Jane Mar- shall. Eighlh Row: Belly Minslcy, lnez Leyeen, Mary Grabslald, Margarel Malone, Palsy Williams, Belly Rulh Mc- Fadin, Mary Frances Tuclcer, Carolyn Downey, Adelyn Downey, Jenny Salcellariou, Marie Grillis. Ninlh Row: Doris Jean Clarlc, Kalhleen Howell, Eloise Con- ner, Maxine Lalimer, Helen Winqerl, Loraine Cone, Rulh Thomson, Leora Tompkins, Mildred Waller, Jean Williamson. Page Forly- Four 3B Class LEFT TO RIGHT Firsl Row: Joyce Ligon, Marie Miller, Rose Lee Kreiler, Imogene Beasley, Ella Faye Brolhers, Wanda Jean Brigham, Eula Mae Ferrell, Beulah May Green, Dorolhy Mae Gunler. belh Glenn. Second Row: Annabelle Musso, Phyllis Rubinell, Dorolhy McCullough, Evelyn Lynn, Beverly Levil, Sylvia Moss, Kalhleen Roberson, Janice Daugherly, Doris Towne Send Margrelle Kizer, Virginia Williams. Fourlh Row: Helen Davidson, Juanila Ellis, Hannah Web- loerman, Evelyn Racholslcy, Corinne Feldman, Mar- iorie Hunler, Virginia Glenn, Joann Thompson, Eliza- Fillh Row: Elsie Parish, Peggy Paclcenius, Killy Rhodes, Virginia McWilliams, Bellye Jean James, Margarel Houchins, Marlha Jo Kennedy, Margarel Baldwin, Sixlh Row: Mary Francis Siclcles, Pearl Haller, Johnnie Third Row: Kalie Fair, Thelma Clark, Belly Jane Plunlc, Rose Mary Merrill, Myrlle Bond, Mary Lee Doclcery, Rebecca Goren, Leona Hadroll, Margarel Prilchell. son. Sevenlh Row: Joyce Wyly, Anna Bramlell, Helen Slaclcs, Juanila Collins, Gene Euloanlcs, Belly Bosma, Mary Elizabelh Adams, Carolyn Tinnerello, Joyce Marie Palmer, Mildred Slovall. Mae Soulhern, Belly Jo Sleer, Jeanelle Leilo, Dorolhy McComas, Nona Taylor, l'da Lee Sallzman, Mary Hud- Page Forly-live ? 3B Class Firsl Row: Alberl Slillman, Gene Giggleman, Ben McCoy, A. J. Campagna, Glenn Bourland, Bob Coplen, Pau Seilheimer, I-lelzel Beckley, Edward Reed, Roy Schell enberg, Roberlr Gillelr. Second Row: Morris Riesrnan, Morris Miller, David Brahin sky, Irvin Donosky, Jerald Goldberg, Lewis Graves. Auble Burgess, Donald Marlin, Melvin I-lallmark, Mel vin Kieke. Third Row: Daniel Tullis, Billy Floyd, Clarence Sladek Charles Griggs, l-larold I-lolcomb, Bob Parker, Ray- mond Dewberry, Jakie France, Ray Skiles. Fourlh Row: Charles Tullle, John Avila, Charles Auslin Charles Blankenship, John McClaren, Aaron Lewellyn Billy Ray, Clillord Delk, Louis Cassala, Willie Mil- chell, Frank Smilh. Fiflh Row: lherman Elheridge, Roy Maslers, Alberl I-lo-gue Lenward Price, l-loward Woody, James Scarborough Gene Melcall, Melvin Andrews, Leonard Pirlle, L. J Blackman. Page Forly-six NOT GIRLS Dorolhy Colquilrl Marye Elizabelh Deskin Bernice Feldman Dorlhey La Quey Grace Lebowilz Lois Meeks Lila Paris Eugenia Paschall Vernell Rusiell Marie Slanberry Dorolhy Taylor Elrnerene Vincenl Belly Wadle IN PICTURE BOYS D, I-I. Brooks Bill Brown Odell Bullram Glenn Claxlon Ray Dunn George Freeland Raymond Graves Leon Green Gene I-largell l-larold l-lolcman Berl l-luddleslon Bobby James Joe Linlhicum Horace Lumpkin Charles Rogers Glenn Summer 2A Class Firsl Row: Dorolhy Hill, Cora Richardson, Charlene Sand- lord, Rosanne Flechlner, Ramona Malsler, Elaine Gold- berg, Rae Ulay, Marcilie Sheinberg, Myra Chapman, Evelyn Joyce Schepps, Mary Jane Joyner, Belly Sue Thompkins, Kalherine Koller, Mariana Gillespie. Second Row: Belly Baumqardner, Norma Harman, Jo Marie Ford, Dolores Loyd, Shirley Clark, Roxie Ven- lura, Joann Venlura, Grace Oxman, Ruby Mae Usry, Vfanda Jeane Harrison, Francine Holland, La Verne Albrighl. Third Row: Marie Buckovan, Dorolhy Ahllinger, Juanila Tyler, Rosalie Allman, Elaine Fox, Joann Lazar, Rhonda Harris, Alleen Kirksey, Dorolhy Jane McQueen, Mary Kalherine Ross, Belly Jean McCauley, Minnie Slruck- meyer, Helen Ligenberg, Belly Mclnlosh. Fourlh Row: Lena Valsures, Nelma Dollgener, Dorolhy Lee Ezell, Ora Mae Windham, Darlene Powell, Mary Lou Malloy, Mary Lou Poller, Ida Belh Cook, Lovie Anila Lewis, Maurine Wise, Mary Prasilka, Barbara Howard. Fillh Row: Jean Plumlee, June Brooks, Elhel Guynes, Vir- ginia Cannaday, Chesline Davis, Viola Browne, Norma Cunclill, Edna Earl Johnslon, Jane Keller, Sibyl Marie Morris, Joyce Sims, Juanila Baker. Sixlh Row: Chrisline Hewill, Billie Joyce McCullough, Clara Belle Veal, Lorraine Allenau, Babella Garrison, Bobbie Jo Tennison, Annie Wil:on, Ada Roberls, Ima Jean Monlqomery, Belly May, Nila Jo Davis, Earline Reynolds. Sevenlh Row: Hannah Abramson, Elizabelh Bishop, Blanche Goldslein, Pegoy Harqrave, Raye Nell Plunk, Doris Chandler, Dorolhy Orr, Marion Johnson, Lois Collins. Eiqhlh Row: Allha Jo McLean, Billie Jean Overlurl, Helen Curry, Josephine Norman, Doris Nichols, Miruel Amos, Mildred Williams, Juanila Sealy, Neoma Lamberl, Eva Buckley. Ninlh Row: Velma Welherell, Eunice Hellin, Virginia Champion, Anna Gene Glenn, Mary Kalherine Lyons, Genevieve McCoskey, Helen Samlord, Dorolhy Schmill. Page Forly-seven ZA Clciss Firsl Row: Marquila Owen, Aileen Wilborn, Palsy Rulh Buchanan, Edylhe Corder, Belly Jo Cawlhon, Mar- garel Cash, Lois Anderson, Kalhryn Arche, Ida Mae Thurman, Anloinelle Carbone. Second Row: Wanda Hale, Willene Bazar, Hazel Knighl, Ella Nora Periqo, Mary Alice Dowd, Margarel Dunn, Ada Jo Adams, Doris Roberls, Novella Brisendine, Belly Earnhearl, Joy Pizzollo. Third Row: Juanila Ernbry, Josephine Rener, Maude Evelyn Dudley, Thelma Marie Howell, Anna Mae Day, Vir- ginia Laverne Harman, Thelma Adams, Dorolhy Mc- Glashon, Helen Waddell, Myrle Soulhern. Fourlh Row: Elizabelh Phillips, Marie Henry, Billie Dove Coley, Berlie Thompson, Bernie Clemenl, Dorolhy Baise, Doris Sleqman, Joyce Davis, Eula Davidson, Loree Wilherspoon. Page Forly-eighl Fillh Row: Kalhrine While, Johnny Fay Taylor, Belly Bran- denburg, Louise Oglelree, Kalherine Haslings. Ailene Burcham, Nadine Calverl, Edna Faye Henderson, Billie Jean Milchell, Myrlice Cochran. Sixlh Row: Alma Alwood, Ernesline Barker, Dorolhy Nell Dossell, Freddie Jean Polvogl, Mildred Bierhaller, Lillian Sue Freeman, Gloria Burris, Doris Slinson, Mary Lee Slovall. NOT IN PICTURE La Verne Ballew Johnnie Copeland Melba Jean Crouch Beulah Mae Greene Maxine Harris Rulh Hesley Helen Lulz Frances Lynch Bobbie McCarler Jerry McGarily Doris Jean Morris Frances Raspanle Lillian Rhodes ldelle Rosenaur Palsy Sequin Bunnee Lee Smilh Rulh Smilh Edna Willelord Virginia Wirnbish o9,,.,J1fG2fw,-.Jq 'QQ ,Z ZA Class ,O 6' M1 Firsl Row: Harold Hines, Earl Herring, Alice Turcolle, Nelda Sparks, Velma Slovall, Belly Jo Kirkpalrick, Lula Maye Baker, Jack Frazier, Billy Canipe, Horace Suwal, Loren Feldman, Jay Rudberg, Billy Jenkins, Jerry Ellevan. """ ' Second Row: Belly Lou Hulson, Hilda Marie Wolle, Belly Davis, Peggy Pelly, Mickey Pallon, Joseph Cross, Ray Sell, Jack McCoy, Joseph Leberla, Gailher Endsley, Herberl Hiell, Harold Abramson. Third Row: Billie Joyce Pallerson, Louise Eslrada, Jeannie Macaluso, Fred File, Thomas Mooneyham, Annelle McSpadden, James Wilhile, Leo Duckworlh, Joe Epps, Don Millender, Joe Edwards, Leon Bolin, Eugene Cop- peclge. Fourlh Row: Elaine Sladek, Palsy McKay, Eulalia Davidson, Alrella Frazier, Louise Cole, Leslie McLean, Grady Burns, Herberl Hoover, Boyd Moore, Alberl Frame, Donald Boldin, Marvin Nielsen. Fillh Row: Conlee Plunk, Hillind Herod, Edward Firor, Irving Slalman, Dick Wood, Calvin Saunders, Billy Bob Kealy, Howard Burson, Roberl Bedell. Sixlh Row: Jack Hyde, Maxine James, Palsy Jean Walkins, Yvonne Bennell, Ervin Ulay, Charles Wells, lvan Hur- ley, James D. Lillle, Gordon Adamson, Billy Joe Duna- gan, Jack Nicholas, Billy Swango. Sevenlh Row: Bobby Slory, Oliver Bound, Bill Popham, Sam Houslon Hale, Ray Wells. Marvin Hillis, Bobby Jones. Billy Palzig, John Brown, Ro-berl Choale. Eighlh Row: Horace Barge, Joe Hambrick, Daniel Cannon, Arlhur Aschner, Billy Peeler, Franklin Wood, Donald Pounds, Burl Clinlon, J. T. Bass, Roberl L. Smilh. Ninlh Row: Richard Baxler, Glenn Kirk, Jack Erwin O'Don- nel, Joyner Wornell, Billy Chrislian, Bennie Scar- borough, Ervin Leo Snead, D. C. Tarno. Raymond Price, Sam Moore, Wayne Toone, Dick Ewing. NOT IN PICTURE BOYS Chesler Harlan Earl David Hulson Wornell Jaynes Willie Logan Cecil McRighl, Jr. Carl Nelson Wendell Newman G. D. Payne Edward Reed George Richardson Harold Russell L. C. Sanders Louis Sapp Roy Smilh Homer Sleele Neal Wrighl Thomas Barrenline Charles Blankenship Jimmie Burch Billy Burlon Ray Calmer Bob Coplen Bennie Corchine Bobby Cowgill Billy Tom Fennell Melvin Fields Joe Finney Jakie France Jack Genlle Joe Hall Page Forly nine 2B Class Firsl Row: Rulh Price, Mary lvan Graham, Jane Mallhews, Shirley Fonberg, Belly Jo Norlhcull, Cherie Alene Freeman, Belly Jean Boyd, Maxie B. Nelson, Pansy Seals, Lorane Higgins, Gladys Clearman, Juanila Mc- Spadden, Peggy Joyce Alchison, Fern Ligon. Second Row: Marcus Wiesenleld, Shirley Slephenson, Bil- lie Rulh Day, Kalherine Disman, Juanila Williams, Geraldine Page, Barbara Davis, Myrlle Thompson, Doris Prince, Mary Virginia Farr, Marceline l-lipwell, Joan Burch, Marie Primrose, Sarah Smilh, Margie Herringlon. Third Row: Maslon Hill, Donald Arringlon, Leonard Kahn, Maxine Saunders, Davie Langslon, Muriel Grindele, Helen Gardner, Jimmie Lee Todd, Belly Jane Hun- ler, Barbara Ann Scirrall, Rela Lealherman, Lillian Dooley, Palsy Jean Davis. Fourlh Row: George Beclc, Bernard Siegel, Bernard Cohen, Bobby Graves, Norma Jean Walls, Cleon Crawley, Jean Turner, Rulh McGee, Gwendolyn Hulme, Billie Milchell, Vera Wilson, Wilma Sanders. Fillh Row: Raymond Shue, Don Burl, Mallie Pearl Roe, Annie Slephenson, Peggy Roderman, Belly Jean Slroud, lva June Alleberry, Pearl Feldman, Cecile Davis, Jean Webb, Mary Elizabelh Moreno, James Allen Els. Sixlh Row: Willard Miller, Billie Brewer, Billie Simpson, Dorolhy Ninas, Billie Shanks, Nina Fay Parks, Frances E. Clarlc, Margarel Avila, Josephine Riley, Fay Hamil- lon, Richard Lee Farr. James Levine, Page Fi ly Sevenlh Row: Sam Conner, Franlc Richar r, James Harrelson, J. M. Lee, Eugene Lenamond, Floy dine, Leon Scoll, J. M. Gregory, Louis Mince, ' i James Thomas. Eighlh Row: Jimmie Ellioll, Bobby Seely, R. K. Rasca. Waller Barnes, Bill Equils, Damon Wilhrow, Jerry Doyle, Arnold Kolnovslcy, Huey Crow, Gene Cozby, Bobby Jones, Jimmy De Mul, Jack Baleman, Ninlh Row: Conrad Redemon, Jimmie Crump, Clyde Bird, Willis Logan, Wallace Widders, Ray Barnes, Gilberl McFarland, Nodine Swill, Lloyd Henry, Grady Poyn- ler, Fred Hume, Roy Howell, Howell Calverl. NOT lN PICTURE GIRLS Doris Jean Frye Dorolhy Goza Peggy Harlan Marilranlc Hendeisholl Devora Kleinman Bobby McGuire Jean Millinglon Margarel Raspanle Belly Jo Sims Bonnie Slider Mary Louise Spain Roselea Slorey Geraldine Timberlake BOYS Carl Brown William Buclrmeyer Ellis Clarlc Eugene Du Bose Roger Fosler Jimmy Grider Wayne King Bobby Leilo George Allred Lewis, Jr. Douglas Marlin Conrad Pederson Charles Pillman Leonard Lesler Ponder Kennelh Rubinell Billy Schmidl Jimmie Smilh Ed Taylor Bill Traphagan Jack Turner Joe Turner Coy While Wylie Worden IA Clciss I i LEFT TO RIGHT In Fronl: Roberl Cross, John Banno, Cecil Palmer, Joe Wayne Combs, John Ralslon. Firsl Row: Don Allred, Roberl Erwin, Joe Earl Ellis, Monroe Pool, Elmo Kieke, Johnnie Williams, Millord Shaver, Billy Dreskill, Billy Moullon, Bellon Jones, Carl Mor- gan, Thomas Bogie. Second Row: Berl Bedell, Donald Murray, Olha Lee Ben- nell, Roberl Trenl, Cecil Cooley, David Smilh, Rich- ard Slackhouse, Edgar Harl, Waller Henry, Herman Scoll, Charles Riley, Billye Hughes, Granl Andrews, Richard Alkins, Joe Hulchison. Third Row: Eugene Risener, Claude Leverell, Lewis Tucker, John Simmons, Feri Thaheld, James Calchings, Tommy Moore, Morris Sleinberg, Viclor Leocadi, Tommy Wil- son, Billy Brown, Norwin Ray, Don Dugan. Fourlh Row: George Clymer, Billy Allen, Aulrey Sipes, Ben Woodside, Lawrence Alwood, Solie Freed. Lesler Frank, Gene Pllug, Allon Worlh, Jerry Tobias. Jack Goldman, Gilberl Slrickland, Edsel Dowdy, Collon O'DeIl, Billy Phillips. Fillh Row: Harold File, James Kimbrell, W. L. Mangum, Thurman Ray, Fred Korngul, Irving Adeleslen, Erne'l Donaberger, John Edgar Conner, James Camp, Roberl Beasley, Irwin Jimmie Scoll, Fred Lackey, Charles Rosson, David Herman, Terry Hooks. Sixlh Row: Charles Wilhile, Clyde Abboll, Charles Cox, Joe Welch, Joe Cody, Bob Wade, Alexander Ray Marquez, Thomas Wesl, George Boyce, Jim Farr, George Harman, Billy Johnslon, John Jelleries, Waller Vieregge. Sevenlh Row: Woodlin Hesler, Charles Bloodsworlh, Gor- don Lillle, Harold Corlimilia, Billy Shuplrine, Ira Freedman, Marlin Rulchik, Auslin Surber, Billy Cox, Billy Joe Granl, Norman Mussolo, Jack Beaver, Roberl Herndon. Eighlh Row: Clyde Smilh, Howard Miller, Olha Dow Ogle- lree, Raymond Bules, Paul Cruse, Alberl Brisendine, Gene Epslein, Roberl Thornlon. Eugene Hixson, Jr., Gene Baker, Glenn Jenkins, W. B. Fowler, Roland Lamberl, Millon Grisorn. Ninlh Row: Lemuel Barnes, John Lievsay, James Skiles, Glendon Rivers, Billy Thompson, Jerry Barshop, Clin- lon Henry, Roberl Lyon, Kennelh Higginbolham, Billy Joe Houslon, Harold Riggs, Gilberl Daniel, Billy Tankursley, Billy Webb. Tenlh Row: J. T. Complon, Odell Yales, Billie Ralclill, Nalhan Slovall, Jack Haley, Bobby Jackson, Charles Waller, J. C. Corbell, Vincenl Scoma, Jr., Olho Nel- son, George Faucell, John D. Coley, Binlon Ewing, Billy Webb, James Walker. NOT IN PICTURE Julian Braddock Billy Culberlson Joe Cunningham Jimmie Elam James Els Billy Jo Graham C. M. Hogg Ivan Huddleslon Jack Knoll Charles Lundy James McDonald Calvin Merchanl Norman Mussalo Cecil Prilchell Anlhony Raspanle Horace Rephan Richard Risner A Donald Smilh Bill Snyder Waller Threadgill Jasper Waglardo Billy While Herberl McGarily Charles Woolbrighl Page Filly one lA Class Firsl Row: Belly Jo Sims, Anila Lynch, Lois Nelson, Palsy Rulh Miller, Florence Dean, Annella Dale Cook, Annie Mae Harrison, Billie Milchell, Joan Slone, Beverly Byers, Avis Jean Apoy, Maxine Cluck, Dorolhy Eve- lyn Scoll, Sarah Hancock. Second Row: Chrisline Walkins, Eddie While, Gladys Faye Walkins, Juanila Lemley, Jean McCallum, lmogene Brooks, Jean Thomas, Norma Dunn, Rea Rogers, Win- nie Kale Kirk, Eva Mae Shipp, Belly Sue Wilson, Joyce Sims. Third Row: Pauline Adkins, Bealrice Corlimilia, Mary Sausecla, Billie Sauseda, Florine Robison, Doris Jean Beach, Jo Ann d'Ablemonl, Evelyn Somer, Rulh Lewin, Doris Ables, Billie Creasey, LaVerne Brown. Eourlh Row: Jacqueline Dean, Marlha Baumgardner, Peggy Joyce Threall, Guyrene Collier, Barbara Lebel, Joyce Huse, Maydle Skellon, Lois Nivens, Claudine Penner, Jo Ann Fooshee, Hellen Ernesl. Page Filly-lwo Fillh Row: Mary Ann Swinclle, Doris Johnslon, Helen Bush, Palsy Taylor, Lois Worsham, Belly McNally, Colleen Mueller, Margie McKay, Mary Rulh Winkle, Kalherine Soulh, Lillie Mae Daniels, Doris Gwen Cole. Sixlh Row: Dorolhy Bailey, June Box, L.a Verne Harrison, Doris Hickman, Vivian Bennell, Palsy Hughes, Melba Howard, Jimmie Kalherine Hewill, Kalherine Phillips, Marjorie Tucker, Mary Lou Lewis, Willie Kale Tramell, Lois Thumond. NOT lN PICTURE GIRLS Helen Earl Lair Mary Belh McKenzie Robbie Earl Mason Marilyn Murphy Mary Jane Paris Ruby Shaeler Ona Schwander Elner Smilh Ruby Smilh Peggy Walden Eula Wilson Lela Mae Wise Gene Baker Belly Gean Bass Vaun Del Corbel Belly Farquhar Norma Jean Gilrealh Vaclell Granl Belly Gwynn Hayes Mary Lynn Hayes Barbara Jackson Jean Johnson Sarah Kaplin lA Class Firsl Row: Georgia Mae Lewis, Rea Rogers, Rulh Wheeler, Leona Wrighl, Joyce Myers, Joan Green, Helen Cox, Vida Jo Rickman, Elvila Soulhern, Rosalie Kovnal, Anloinelle Roppolo, Wauscel La Rue, Belly Jean Raw- son, Madelyn Bruner, Geraldine Hughey, Marguerile Phelps. Second Row: Dorolhy Easley, Olhella Pledger, Barbara Lynn Smilh, Rose Gruber, Shirley Levenlhal, Marian Paslernak, Marvonelle Roe, Rae HoFlman, Annelle Raspanle, Belly Hodges, Margarel Kealon, Lovela Emmons, Margie Rulh Tucker, Winnie Sue Wilson, Lilly Dale Gregson, Maxine Pallerson. Third Row: Fayrene Moullon, Anna Claire Bulls, Barbara DeLoache, Doris Brisendine, Ola Marie Brooks, Marian Fields, lnez Knighl, Lollie Kennedy, Belly Sleele, Torn- mie Jo Grace, Doris Webb, Dorolhy Fay Hall, Mozell Burnell, Bobbie Nell Morrison, Imogene Ingram. Fourlh Row: Bobbie Jo Talum, Mary Palricia Haller, Earl- dine Williams, Mary Frances Rawls, Charlaine Smilh, Mary Dunbar, Floice Minler, Bobbie Von Harris, Margie Lee Day, Belly Jo Bell, Virginia Chesnick, Belly Lois Burgess, Jessie Lee Corbin, Chrisline John- son, Daphne Washer, Pally Kincaid. Fillh Row: Norma Anderson, Virginia Smilh, Charlie Fae Broyles, Janel Lindsay, Eslelle Weinberg, Sonia Allen, Bobbie Haley, Billie Jo Williams, Mary Frances Navra- lil, Jean Slewarl, Virginia Marshall, Viva Lemmond, Winnie Jo Palmer, Bobbie Jewell Cannon. Sixlh Row: Palsy Rulh Reynolds, Jacqueline Lewis, Joan Kreiler, Mary Lou Walkins, Marguerile Gordon, Helen France, Alyene Snow, Maxine Segal, Joyce Scallons, Mildred Powell, Geraldine Bennell, Mariorie Ann Johnson, Wanda Lawson, Dorolhy Faye Worley. Sevenlh Row: Edna Sue Burnham, Alice Zaidl, Anna Louise Oesch, Bobbie Lou Hilger, Kalhleen Green, Carolyn Hahnl, Marlha Lou Dillee, Virginia Lee Harl, Mary Ann Buckovan, Mary Frances Nail, Ramona Weeda, Sibyl Skinner, Ella Jane Wallis. Eighth Row: Jean Reckley, Alvina Horn, Maxine Phillips, Earline Ewall, Doris Ann Balernan, Peggy Ellioll, Eliza- belh Bennell, Carmen Harrelson, Lynnelle Douglas, Mary Arene Dickerson, Margarel Jo Moore, Norma Jean Ellioll, Virginia Haines. Page Filly-lh ree , I, I in Jo, Akiva K 'M 0 'Q ' r, :J , ll I F i ' f.ff ve n.f'w- ,ini ' a.i'S'ii' I f 1 I J 4 ' LEFT Firsl Row: Billy Joe Love, Freida Ann Benson, Jane Kninhl, Rosemary Paclqenius, Louise Fryar, Dorolhy Ann Car- ler, Juanila Ormsby, Mimie Goodman, Elva Schwerke, Bobbie Collins, Peggy Brignon, Erma Lee Graham, Lucy Woods, Doris Dollgener, Bill Herringlon, Dee Driggers, Rosie Lee Townsend, Bernice Mangum, Norman McMullen, Nalhan Gappelberg, Donald Wils. F Second Row: Millon Tullos, James Love, Nels Hansen, Jr., Josephine Richmond, Mary E. Knighl, Jean McDonald, Doris Coolc, Anloinelle Roppolo, Dorolhy Ann Bird, Berlha Kilgore, Hazle Juanila Horlon, Marlha Jo Mallhewq Belly Cherry, Belly Jean Russell, Robbie Jean Rains, Paul Singer, Roberl Edwards, Don Hanes, Jewel Main, Garrell Ransom, Bobbie Joe Houchin. Third Row: Richard Allcins, Eddie Hale, Anila Jacob, Rulh Meloll, Louise Marline, Imogene Phillips, Norma Mur- phy, Peggy Kline, Jonnie Harris, Joyce Wilder, Dora Mae Fulenwider, Billie Rulh Baldwin, Allene Williams, Doris Sheals, Edna Jaynes, Wanda Fain, Hellen Tenni- son, Rulh Lorene Cavell, Lucille McGee, Dorlhia Mae Kirby. Fourlh Row: Bennis Morgan, Billy Joe Houslon, Carllv, Clarence Moehle, E. A. Splawn, Margarel Wade, Susan Curlis, Mary Jean Walker, Dorolhy Gillell, Bobbie Jo Willcinson, Georgia Dellc, Rosa Louise Lan- lord, Ramona Virginia Jacobs, Ernesline Johnson, Imogene Barrow, Evelyn Fallwell, Juanila Monday. Teresa Kessner, Mary Faye Scoll, Zelma Lee Hand, Belly Lou McCarly, Clillon Grunwald, Viclor Levy, Joe Billy Sloan. Page Filly four TO RIGHT Fillh Row: Belly Lou Brown, Margarele Blanlon, Pauline Hunsalfer, Dorolhy Faye Auslin, Rosa La Verne Bean, Frances Harvey, Dorolhy Fay Marsliall, Beulah Tiner, Belly Jean Lilley, Lois Irene Boone, Yvonne Frances Rivers, Dorolhy Prall, Eloise Thompson, Gloria Paller- son, Slanley Rubenzlein, R. A. Hughes, Richard Win- lers, Thomas Hulson, Jr., Paul Lyday, John Valsures, Billy Charles Smilh, Charles Alllord Houslon. Sixlh Row: Maxine Simmons, Wanda Jean Jones, Ramond I-lar-lsell, James Thrasher, Jaclc Earl Walls, Arlhell Williams, Omar Hancock, Bill Murphy, Mary Loma Sanders, Carmen Lois Freeman, Darrell Bosliclc, Ken- nelh Clemonq Glenn Wilhelm, David Edwards, Eugene Porlinglon, Clarence W. Clarlc, Jr., George Clymer, Billy Drislcill, Eddie Chamber, Bobby Head, Billy Rob- IFISOD. NOT IN PICTURE GIRLS Nadine Balcer Zadie Ball Bobbie Sue Brigham Pearl Bond Belly Lou Brul Bobbie Davenporl Inez Frier Aliene Hargrove Hellen Rulh Jones Dorolhy Kile Jean Moses BOYS Wynburn Berryman Talmadge Bredemeyer Harry Carllon Howard Clymer Raymond Cuddy Laylon Cunningham William Fainclolh Roberl Herndon Dallian James Jimmy Lellwich Dale Lowe Richard Redd Curliss Russell Ed Suggs Wayne Turner Roberl Winlers Roy Wrighl flln ,menzorium ALBERT DEE BUFORD LONNIE HARTSON JACK MILLER CHARLES SNYDER RAYMOND SNOGA ROBERT THOMASON F E 1. 2 000 is I QE 1? 5 il I 3 51 is 3 lx i Qi 15 , Ei is GRC-BANIZATICDNS Page LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Peggy Whittington, Ruth Levy, Mary Turner, Betty Jane Mc- Third Row: Doris Rutchik, Margaret McCreory, Toby AronoH, Gwen Kinney, Ina Ve Crowder, Hazel Millwee, Stanley Peacock, Evelyn dolen Rees-Jones, Sallye Bill Spratt, Evelyn Shalette, Miss Rachel Christensen, Maxine Thompson. Foote. Second Row: Marilyn Rachofsky, Charlotte Marantz, Helen Wilensky, Treysa Seely, Corinne Pederson, lrma Figanbaum, Sally Freed- Fourth Raw: Donald Schmidt, Edward Vodicka, Charles Reed, Leland man, Bobbie Nell Sims, Kathleen Davis. Turner, Bvrthell EIMS, Fred 5Cl1lin96I'- N T' I I'I S ' T I-Iighest honor conterred on high school stu- dents is membership in National I-Ionor Society . . . To be eligible, student must be at least a 3A and have attended Forest one year . . . Stu- dents start their treshman year working to be voted into society. Leadership, scholarship, char- acter and service are tour principal gualitications each member must have . . . All eligible students must be passed by all members ot taculty . . . New members are initiated at tall and spring as- semblies . . . Simple but signiticant purpose ot National I-Ionor Society is to make ideals ot the school its ideals . . . Emblem ot club is keystone and tlaming torch. Fitty-eight OFFICERS MISS RACHEL FOOTE, Sponsor Fall Term STANLEY FEACOCK, President I-IAZEL MI'LLWEE, Vice-President INA VE CROWDER, Secretary-Treasurer FRED SCI-ILINGER, Sergeant-at-Arms Spring Term DONALD SCI-IMIDT, President MAXINE THOMPSON, Vicevliresident DORIS RUTCI-IIK, Secretary-Treasurer BARTI-IELL ELLIS, Sergeant-at-Arms Standard Debating Society OFFICERS MISS EDNA ROWE, Sponsor C. V. GOODMAN, Co-Sponsor Fall Term LOUIS RUBIN, President MARVIN BARISI-I, Vice-President LOUIS WATEL, Secretary STANLEY SCHNEIDER, Treasurer SAUL KAI-IN, Sergeant-at-Arms STANLEY LEVENTI-IAL, President STANLEY SCI-INEI'DER, Vice-President DAVID BALL, Secretary SAUL KAI-IN, Treasure I-IERBERT GOLDBERG, Sergeant-at-Arms Spring Term MORTON ZIMMERMAN, President SAMMY SELTZER, Vice-President MORTON PRAGER, Secretary HERBERT GOLDBERG, Treasurer BILLY SWANGO, Sergeant-at-Arms STANLEY LEVENTI-IAL, Parliamentorian First Row: Stanley Leventhal, Saul Kahn, Stanle Watel, Marvin Barish, Louis Rubin. y Schneider, Louis Standard Debating Society distinguishes itselt as oldest club in school. Established in l9I7, it is now twenty-six years old . . . Standard entertains Girls Public Spealcing Club with party in Library . . . Standard has debates with other schools . . . Boys ot club participate in Youth Panel at P. T. A. meeting in assembly and Navy Day celebra- tion . . .Since entering club, many boys have be- come "crack" debaters and orators . . . Annual banquet is held at Y. M. C. A .... Objectives ot club are to turther art ot debating, to develop initiative and leadership and to teach correct use ot parliamentary law . . . Morton Zimmerman. Sammy Seltzer and David Ball attend installation ot William McCord, past president, to position ot City Councilman. LEFT TO RIGHT Fourlh Raw: Billy Swango, Jerald Goldberg, Monroe Mirsky, Harold Golman, Bobby Robinson, Sammy Seltzer, Bernard Siegel, C. V. Goodman, Jerry Tobias. Second Row: Robert Berman, Herbert Goldberg, Samuel Rude, Ken- neth M. Rubinett, Leonard C. Kahn, Feri H. Thaheld. Third Row: Harold Abramson, Irvin Donosky, Morton Prager, Morton Zimmerman, Richard Stackhouse, David Ball, Miss Edna Rowe. NOT IN PICTURE Robert Glazer Victor Levy David Smith Omar Hancock Billy Murphy Wayne Toone David Herman Stanley Rubenstein Page Fitty nine LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Hayden Summerfield, Charles Reed, Leland Turner, Rose- Fourth Row: Marvin Hillis, David Kenninglon, L. M. Cox, Frances mary Coward, Kaihleen Davis, Betty Sawyer, Poppy Hammond, Janner, Gloria Mayhew, Darlene Tanton, Maxine Thompson, Alice Margaret Browning, Bill Burch, Billye Thompson. WiHS0l'- Fifth Row: Robert Bedell, Billy Joe Swango, Benny Apple, Jack Sum Second Row: Annabelle Moore, Sarah Bourland, Charlalle Yonack, merfield, Milburn Garonzik, Russell Murdoch, Johnny Nalion. Corinne Pederson, Miss Minnie Brown, David Ball, Hazel Mill- wee, Frances Hardin, Leslie Milchell. NOT IN PICTURE Eulo Coleman Naomi Ruth Lewis Joyce Palmer Third Row: Bernard Kahn, Mary McEvoy, Clara Bess Lorenz, Peggy Jo Barlhell Ellis Jane Marshall Treysa Seely Whillinglon, Florence Center, Louis Rubin, Ruth Levy, Dorothy Leona Hadroff Virginia McWilliams Faye Shwiff Terry, Mildred Karlen. Lois Kalin Peggy Pockenius Yvonne Sullins Joanne Thompson Dallas Hisloricol Sociely To inslilule and encourage hislorical inquiry, lo collecl, preserve and exhibil malerial of his- lory and lo spread hislorical inlormalion espe- cially concerning Dallas is aim of every Dallas I-Iis- lorian . . . Club is iunior member ol Dallas I-lis- lorical Sociely. . . All-cily meelings held monlhly al I-lall ol Slale . . . Armislice Day assembly dedi- caled lo iighling Eoreslers . . . Dr. I-Ierberl Gam- brell speaks lo club . . . Club presenls Colonel Coleman, commandanl, and Mr. Parlcer al spring assembly on George Washinglon's birlhday . . . Knowledge oi Dallas Iiollclore and hislory enriched by personal recolleclions oi Dallas pioneers and by quiz programs . . . Dallas I-lislorical Sociely presenls Eoresl Chapler wilh lillielh anniversary edilion of Dallas News. Page Sixly OFFICERS MISS MINNIE BROWN, Sponsor Eall Term LELAND TURNER, Presidenl I-IAYDEN SUMMERFIELD, Vice-Presideni MAXINE THOMPSON, Secrelary POPPY HAMMOND, Treasurer CHARLES REED, Sergeani-al-Arms TREYSA SEELY, Parliamenlarian Spring Term LESLIE MITCI-IELL, Presidenl RUSSELL MURDOCI-I, Vice-Presidenl FAYE Sl-IWIFF, Secrelary CORINNE PEDERSON, Treasurer DAVID BALL, Sergeanl-al-Arms ROSEMARY COWARD, Parliamenlarian Texas Hislory Club OFFICERS MI'SS BESS Tl-IATCI-IER, Sponsor Fall Term INA VE CROWDER, President EMMA JANE MORRIS, Vice-Presidenl GLORIA MICI-IAELSON, Secrelary BOBBIE NELL SIMS, Treasurer GRADY BURNS, Sergeant-al'-Arms Spring Term BOBBIE NELL SIMS, President RIZELL TOBOLOWSKY, Vice-President ERNESTINE BARKER, Secrelary DOROTHY DOSSETT, Treasurer l-IORACE SUWAL, Sergeant-al-Arms Texas I-lislory Club brings knowledge ol Texas lo all ils members. Al every meeling slories oi old Texas landmarks, selllers and heroes are lold . . . Texas I-Iislory Club holds Charler I as Junior I-Iis- lorians, loarl ol lhe Texas Slale I-Iislorical Asso- cialion . . . Tree lolanled in honor ol William Barrell Travis on Eoresl campus . . . Club mem- bers celebrale Chrislmas by bringing loresenls and Chrislmas lree lor Children ol Dallas Day Nursery . . . Assembly held on Slephen E. Aus- lin's birlhday . . . Texas I-Iislory Club loslers Texas Week Assembly, presenls David Swilzer as guesl speaker. Al lhis lime lhirly-live books do- naled by club and class organizalions lor Texas Memorial Library . . . Members correspond wilh school children of England. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: David Kenningfon, Joe Epps, Horace Suwal, Grady Burns, Fourth Row: Elizabeth Anne Glenn, Pearl Feldman, Minnie Struck- Glenn Bourlond. meyer, Maxine Meyer, Marie Grifiis, Virginia Driver, Juanita Boafman, Billie Gentry. Second Row: Mary Jayne Anderson, Eleanor Cohen, Hannah Webber- Fifth Row: Alma Atwood, Ernesline Barker, Evelyn Christensen, lna Ve man, Peggy Joyce Atchison, Norma Harmon, Toby Aronoh, Crowder, Alice Turcotte, Babella Garrison, Jane Morris, Miss Bess Dorothy Hill, Gloria Michaelson, Mary Jane Joyner. Thatcher, Eula Davidson, Shirley Clark. Sixth Row: Patsy Jean Watkins, Dorothy Nell Dossetl, Gerry Mc- Third Row, Rhonda l-lm-rig, Bevel-ly Levll, Sylvia Moss, Sally Freed, Williams, Betty Lou Hutson, Cora Richardson, Lorraine Allenau. man, Norma Aronoff, Corinne Feldman, Shirlie Mark, Bobbie NOT lN PICTURE Nell Sims, Rizell Tobolowsky. John Ngllon Velma Slovcll Page Sixiy one LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Joye Hill, Clara Bess Lorenz, Doris Jean Harmer, Betty Jean Bevill, Martha Napier, Vida Jo Tindall, Margaret Tolley, Betty Burton, Betty Jane Gardner. Second Row: Lois Hiegel, Dorothy Davenport, Billie Mitchell, Joan Stone, Jane Morris, PODDY Hammond, Florence Center, Eleanor C h n D I r K neo h o e , o o es e 9 . Third Row: Sarah Smith, Dorothye Howie, Evelyn Christensen, Mary Frances Nail, Mary Ivan Graham, Dorothy Moulton, Shirlie Mark, Eula Coleman, Helen Wilensky, Mary Jayne Anderson. Fourth Row: Joan Burch, Marie Primrose, Mary Elizabeth Menard, Doris Ann Bateman, Norma Jean Watts, Peggy Whittington, Jeanne Goldberg, Shirley Fonberg, Mildred Glenn, Fifth Row: Gwendolyn Scott, Jeanne Kincaid, Patty Kincaid, Colleen Mueller, Betty McNally, Johnnie Mae Gill, Helen Lattimer, Billye Thompson, Barbara De Loache. Sixth Row: Betty Jane Hunter, Ouida Riley, Betty Lou Tucker, Mar- iorie Tucker. NOT IN PICTURE Girl Reserves Girl Reserves open membership drive tor tall Dorothy Burns Juanita Embry Dorothy Ludwick Bettie Compton Marie Grifiis Tommie Orton Tommie Davis Edwynia Henry Dorothea Rush Betty Ann Eastwood Jacqueline Lewis Sallye Bill Spratt OFFICERS term with annual Halloween Freshman party . . . Y. W. C. A. opens Service Worlcroom and Red Cross Class tor Girl Reserves . . . Forest, North Dallas, Sunset clubs hostesses at gala Christmas dance at Y. W. C. A .... Girl Reserves make Christmas tavors tor children's hospital . . . For- est Chapter talces part in annua Inter-club Janu- ary sport dance . . . Three members awarded service arm bands tor ten hours at Service Worlc- room at February Girl Reserve luncheon . . . Inter- club luncheon brings out Saint Patriclc's Day theme as Forest Girl Reserves hostess tor oc- casion . . . Helen Wilenslry and Peggy Whitting- ton sell S2,000 worth ot War Bonds and Stamps at Neiman-Marcus War Bond Window. Page Sixty-two MISS BERTI-IA JACKSON, Sponsor MISS WILLIE MAE BERRY, Co-Sponsor Fall Term MARGARET TOLLEY, President MARY JAYNE ANDERSON, Vice-Presiden VIDA JO TINDALL, Secretary DOROTHEA RUSH, Treasurer HELEN WILENSKY, Sergeant-at-Arms MARTHA NAPIIER, Parliamentarian Spring Term BETTY JEAN BEVILL, Precident VIDA JO TINDALL, Vice-President PEGGY JO WHITTINGTON, Secretary HELEN WILENSKY, Treasurer TOMMIE ORTON, Sergeant-at-Arms JEANNE GOLDBERG, Parliamentarian I Am An American OFFICERS GROVER J. DOUGLAS, Sponsor Fall Term VVANDA PAYNE, President JACK SUMMERFIELD, Vice-President BERNARD SCI-INITZER, Secretary YVONNE SULLINS. Treasurer JOAN VENTU RA, Sergeant-at4Arms CAROLYN DOWNEY, Parliamentarian Spring Term RAMONA MATSLER. President MARCELINE I-IIPWELL. Vice-President DEVORA KLEINMAN, Secretary WANDA LA RUE, Treasurer KATHERINE HASTINGS, Farliamentarian First Row: Marcilie Sheinberg, Devora Kleinmon, Joan Ventura, Louise Ogletree, Wanda Payne, Jenny Sakellariou, Carolyn Downey, Yvonne Sullins, Jack Summerfield, Bernard Schnitzer. Second Raw: Atrilla Frazier, Grace Oxmon, Mary Alice Dowd, Mary McEvoy, Margaret Jo Moore, Velma Wetherell, Earline Ewalt, Yvonne Bennett, Grover J. Douglas. Third Row: Doris Johnston, Jacqueline Lewis, Colleen Mueller, Betty McNally, Joan Kreiter, Martha Boumgardner, Norma Jean Elliott, Bernie Clement, Katherine Hastings, Nelda Sparks. I Am An American is newest club in Forest . . Founded by Grover Douglas . . . Purpose is sim- ply lo refresh minds ol members ol great bene- lils all enioy under the Stars and Stripes. not by means of singing songs and waving flags, but by attempting to be of the ulmosl service lo school and country . . . Members assist in Red Cross work and other uselul endeavors . . . I-las Christ- mas Party in room 2l4, serves ice cream and candy . . . Club honors sponsor with Wiener roasl al Arden Forest in lall . . . lvlrs. Lucille I-lurst speaks lo club on "Civilian Morale in War Time" . . . Club presents assembly in spring. LEFT TO RIGHT Fourth Raw: Virginia Haines, Mariarie Ann Johnson, Wanda Leigh La Rue, Virginia Smith, Hazel Knight, Freddie Jean Polvogt, Mildred Bierholter, Betty Baumgordner, Bobby Cowgill, Harold Z 't n EI TUC . Fifth Row: Joe Wayne Combs, Harold Abramson, Victor leocaii, Billy Lumpkin, Thomas Bogie, Gilbert Strickland, Richard Stackhouse. Sixth Row: John Ralston, Bobby Jones, Raymond Shuel, Thurman Ray, Joe Earl Ellis, Gordon Adamson, James D. Little. NOT IN PICTURE John D. Coley Marceline Hipwell Johnnie Faye Taylor Harold Cortimillia Ramona Matsler Bob Wade Anna Mae Day Marvin Nielson Norman Webb Page Sixty th ree V! LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Ellis Clark, Lamar Fleming, Ed Burkley, Louis Rubin, Cor- inne Pederson, Stanley Peacock, Margaret McCreary, Leland Turner, Billie Mitchell. Fifth Row: Ramona Matsler, Cora Richardson, Clara Belle Veal, A nette Raspante, Winnie Kate Kirk, Joyce Myers, Jean Turner Eugene DuBose, Evelyn Beach, Winnie .lo Palmer, Hellen Ernest Sixth Row: James D. Little, Joseph Leberta, Wilma Kellum, Bettye Second Row: Mary Francis Sickles, Betty Jo Steer, Bobbie Nell Sims, Ruth McLendon, Johnny Nation, Gloria Mayhew, David Ball, Mickey Patton, Yvonne Sullins, Sally Freedman, Lenora Levine. Jane Gardner, Montie Jean Hodges, William Brown, Arthur Miller Charles Tuttle, Stanley Schneider, Tom Tuttle. NOT lN PICTURE Third Row: Adelyn Downey, Mary Corley, Dorothye Howie, Maudie Avis Apoy Mary Lou Duckworth Dorothea Rush Tucker, Billye Thompson, Helen Raye Corry, Mary Jayne Ander- Peggy Atkins Elmo Elam Billy Schmidt son, Elaine Sladek, Helen Lattimer, Helen Gaylord, S. S. Hutchin- lmogene Barrow Gwendolyn Hulme Treysa Seely son. Novello Brisendine Frances Janner Evelyn Somer Edith Corder Martha Jo Matthews Joan Stone Fourth Row: Alma Atwood, Ernestine Barker, Kathleen Davis, Gwendo- Robert Cruse Russell Murdoch Betty Sparks len Rees-Jones, Mina Lee Millwee, Betty Cannon, Ina Ve Crow- A. E. Davis Lois Nelson Jack Summerfield der, Margaret Browning, Mildred Glenn, Ruth Levy, Helen Virginia Driver Helen Potts Frances Toplitz WilGf1SkY- Tully Robertson Lois Young Student Council Aim ot Student Council is to cevelop in its members the desire to talre active and leading part in all activities ot school, to promote devo- tion and loyalty to athletic teams and school proi- ects . . . Members elected trom their tirst period classes . . . Council supervises election ot cheer leaders and representatives to Bicycle Court and Trattic Commission and assists in election ot Por'- ester Favorites, sponsors Friendship Week . . . Gives Millc Dance and donates proceeds to Dal- las Day Nursery . . . Sells War Stamps, and assists Echo in surveys . . . Members help custodians check rooms during Clean-up Campaign . . . To boost War sales, Council sponsors contest to elect Victory Ouy and Gal. Students vote by buying War Stamps. Page Sixty-tour OFFICERS S. S. l-IUTCHINSON, Sponsor Fall Term MARGARET MCCREARY, President LELAND TURNER, Vice-President STANLEY PEACOCK, Secretary TREYSA SEELY, Treasurer LOUIS RUBIN, Sergeant-at-Arms CORINNE PEDERSON, Parliamentarian RUTl-l LEVY, Typist Spring Term LELAND TURNER, President LOUIS RUBIN, Vice-President CORINNE PEDERSON, Secretary TREYSA SEELY, Treasurer JOHNNY NATION, Sergeant-at-Arms LENORA LEVINE, Parliamentarian High Scholarship Club OFFICERS MISS RACHEL FOOTE, Sponsor x Fall Term CHARLES REED, President I-IAZEL MI'LLWEE, Vice-President RUTH LEVY, Secretary BARTI-IELL ELLIS, Treasurer EDWARD VODICKA, Sergeanteat-Arms LELAND TURNER, Parliarnentarian Spring Term TREYSA SEELY, President TOMMIE ORTON, Vice-President SALLYE BILL SPRATT, Secretary KATHLEEN DAVIS, Treasurer LELAND TURNER, Sergeant-at-Arms LOUIS RUBIN, Parliamentarian I-Iigh Scholarship Club supports Chinese War Orphan lor another year, I-I. S. C. purchases War Bonds and I-I. S. C. ioins National Labor Society to prevent child labor . . . Ruth Levy elected most ehlicient member ol graduating class Janu- ary, l943 . . . Students must receive Linz Award to become I-I. S. C. member . . . At annual as- sembly I-I. S. C. presents Linz Awards to deserv- ing students . . . War priorities delay arrival of Linz Pins . . .Christmas party adds touch of mer- riment to year's activities . . . Quiz programs, book reviews and occupational talks comprise programs . . . To promote better scholarship and proper school spirit are aims ol club. LEFT TO RIGHT Y I DeLois Gibson, Lenora Levine, Helen Wilensky, Hazel Millwee, Eula Coleman, Maxine Rachofsky. Second Row: Shirlye Sherrard, Alma Atwood, Frances Hardin, Faye Shwiff, Anna Bramlett, Evelyn Lynn, Corinne Feldman, Dorothea Rush, Shirlie Mark, Velma Stovall, Nelda Sparks, Miss Rachel Foote. Third Row: Eleanor Cohen, Mary Ann Cortimilia, Sarah Chesnick, Shirley Avis Kaufman, Toby Aronaff, lrmo Figanbaum, Peggy Whittington, Sally Freedman, Doris Rutchik, Tommie Orton, Dorothy Ludwick, Evelyn Rachofsky. Fourth Row: Gloria Michaelson, Norma Harman, Jenny Sakellariou, Wanda Payne, Sallye Bill Spratt, Gwendolen Rees-Jones, Betty Stovall, Maxine Thompson, Joann Thompson, Bobbie Jo Tenni- son, Annie Wilson. First Row: Corinne Pederson, Treysa Seely, Rosanne Flechtner, Ramona Fifth Row: Stanley Peacock, Rosemary Coward, Gloria Mayhew, Han- Matsler, Mary Jane Joyner, Virginia Driver, Popp Hammond nah Webbermcin, Mary Francis Sickles, Dolores Loyd, Ethlyn Krecek, Cora Richardson, Elaine Sladek, Jean Plumlee, Billie Dove Cole y. Sixth Row: Leland Turner, Leslie Mitchell, Borthell Ellis, Mary Jayne Anderson, David Ball, Ruth Levy, Eva Engelberg, June Brooks, Mariana Gillespie. Seventh Row: Louis Rubin, Edward Vodicka, Charles Reed, Henry Riser. Harold Abramson Ada Jo Adams Mary Elizabeth Adams Lorraine Altenau Norma Aronoff Betty Brandenburg Joan Burch Francine Burris Kathleen Davis NOT IN PICTURE Priscilla Du Bose Annette Golman Katherine Hastings Reta Leatherman Marion lillebridge Leslie Mclean Juanita McSpadden Betty Minsky Charlotte Marantz Marilyn Rachofsky Charlene Sandford Wilma Saunders Betty Soywer Barbara Scirratt Bernard Schnitzer Rizell Tobolowsky Loralee Weltman Vera Wilson Alice Winsor Page Sixty tive LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Inu Ve Crowder, Minnette Carchine, Shirlye Sherrard, Frances Toplitz, Bernard Schnitzer, Peggy Joyce Atchinson, Ed- wcrd Vodlcka Second Row: Louis W . , .0 eyer, Gloria Mi haelson, Rhea Goldstein, Ev n ynn, - Stinson, Betty insky, Rosalie Kovnat, Re cca oren. I l Third Row: Inez Leveen, Hannah Kriss, Bernard Siegel, Joan Ventura Mrs. Adams, Dorothea Rush, Roxie Ventura, Ramona Weeda, Mary G bst ld. ra o NOT IN PICTURE Antoinette Carbone Harold Golman Charles Riley Herbert Goldberg Saul Kahn Bernard Siegel Le Cercle Frcincciis Le Cercle Francais learns and sings amusing tollc songs at regular meetings . . . Enriches knowl- edge ot French students in the lives and customs ot French people . . . Bernard Schnitzer tells tor- tune ot members ot club in French . . . French quiz programs entertain members at regular meetings . . . Mrs. l-luguette Mosher, native ot France. tells members ot club about customs ot French people. . . Membership open to all French students . . . "The Lite ot Victor l-lugo" discussed by l-lannah Kriss and Joan Ventura . . . Annual party provides entertainment tor members. Mem- bers play games, sing songs and worlc French crossword puzzles tor which prizes are ottered . . . Frances Toplitz wins etticiency award ot club tor tall semester. Page Sixty-six OFFICERS MRS. ZULEIKA ADAM, Sponsor Fall Term FRANCES TOPLITZ, President Sl-llRl.YE Sl-IERRARD, Vice-President Ml-NNETTE CORCI-llNE, Secretary BERNARD SCI-INITZER, Treasurer SAUL KAI-IN, Sergeant-at-Arms EDWARD VODICKA, Parliamentarian Spring Term LOUIS WATEL, Preident BERNARD SCI-INITZER, Vice-President REBECCA CE-OREN, Secretary GLORIA MlCl-IAELSON, Treasurer HERBERT GOLDBERG, Sergeant-at-Arms MINNETTE CORCI-llNE, Parliamentarian Pon American Sludenl Forum OFFICERS MISS FLETCHER RYAN WICKI-IAM, Sponsor Fall Term MORTON PRAGER, Presidenl SAMUEL RUDE, Vice-Presidenl' ANNETTE GOLMAN, Secrelary LORALEE WELTMAN, Treasurer GEORGE MIRSKY, Sergeanl-al'-Arms Spring Term ELWYN Iv1cCAl'N, Presidenl' I-IORACE SUWAL, Vice-Presiclenl ADA JO ADAMS, Secrelary HAROLD ABRAMSON, Treasurer Pan American Sludenl Forum Toslers beller re- lalions belween lhe Americas . . . Two all-cily meelings held by club . . . Programs consisl of discussions of Lalin American heroes and inler- esling Tacls aboul lhe Americas . . . Members bring loys for Mexican Mission al annual Chrisl- mas parly . . . Dinner meeling held wilh Adamson l-ligh School al EI Fenix Cafe . . . Treysa Seely, member of The Foresl P. A. S. F., is pasl all-cily presidenl and hosless . . . Forum purchases flags of all Americas, phonograph records ol Soulh American songs, and figures represenling "The manger scene" . . . Thirleen new members inili- aled in spring . . . Complele series of "Guardians of Freedom," radio slcil, presenled al spring iravine STATMAN, sagem-a+.ArmS meellnq. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Loralee Wellman, Samuel Rude, Morton Prager, Anneile Fourth Row: Ada Jo Adams, Virginia Driver, Golman, Treysa Seely, George Mirsky, Stanley Levemhal, Miss Fletcher Wickham. Second Row: Dorothy Hill, Mary Jane Joyner, Wanda Payne, Ramona Matsler, Joan Lazar, Nila Ruth Lynn, Horace Suwal, Harold Abramson, Meyer Raskin. Third Row: Kalie Fair, Sarah Chesnick, Grace Oxman, Wanda Hale, Grace Mae Gilbert, Robert Berman. Sfatman, loren Rasalee Altman Avis Jean Apoy Yvonne Bennell Beverly Byers Bernice Feldman Rosanne Flechiner Feldman. NOT IN PICTURE Elaine Fax Lesler Frank Solie Freed Ira Freedman Rose Gruber Virginia Haines Chase Campbell, Irving Elwyn McCain Charlene Sandford La Verne Harrison Helen Ligenberg Wayne Toone Page Sixly-sev n Page LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Miss Junia McAlister, Charlotte Yonack, Bobby Robinson, Fourth Row: Ervin Polishuk, Bennie Corchine, Sammy Seltzer, Louis Joe Freed, Eva Engelberg, Dorothy June McQueen, Ruth Levy. Rubin, Stanley Leventhal, A. E. Davis, George Mirsky, Milburn Second Row: Bill Burch, Bettye Jane Gardner, Dorothy Moulton, Gcrormk' Evelyn Annette McSpadden, Loretta Maye Hawkins, Mary Kather- NOT IN PICTURE 'ne RUSS' BFHY Hodges' Ernestine Bruce Blanche Goldstein Mina Millwee Third Raw: Gwendolyn Scott, Jeanne Kincaid, Patty Kincaid, Billie Billy Bushman Dorothy Lawrence Betty Minsky Lambert, Bobbie l.aFitte, Hazel Millwee, Poppy Hammond, Julius Froumun Jeannie Macaluso Shirley Priest Florence Czntcr. Faye Shwiff Junior Red Cross Junior Red Cross directs small scrap metal drive . . . Thanksgiving baskets gathered tor Eam- ily Consolation Bureau . . . Eirst Victory book campaign started by J. R. C .... Collection ot hosiery supervised by club . . . Current maga- zines collected monthly. . . At Christmas J. R. C. provides toys, truit and candy tor orphan homes and needy people in this community . . . Coat hangers and sheet music tor soldiers in local camps collected by members . . . In cooperation with Red Cross, club collects students' donations to I943 drive . . . Members show by their activi- ties that Junior Red Cross is service organization directed toward giving aid to ditterent projects during war time. Sixty-eight OFFICERS MISS JUNIA McALlSTER, Sponsor Fail Term BOBBY ROBINSON, President JOE EREED, Vice-President DORIS JUNE MCOUEEN, Secretary EVA ENGELBERG. Treasurer I-IAZEI. MILLWEE, Parliamentarian Spring Term MARY CATHERINE ROSS, President BILLIE LAMBERT, Vice-President JEANNIE MACALUSO, Secretary-Trea'urer A. E. DAVIS, Sergeant-at-Arms OFFICERS MISS ALICE l-IARRINGTON, Sponsor Fall Term SAMYE GATTUSO, President BETTYE GARDNER, Vice-President MILDRED GLENN, Secrefary EVELYN CI-IRISTENSEN, Treasurer Spring Term GERALDINE BRYANT, Presidenf I-IAZEL FERGUSON, Vice-Presidenf BETTY JEAN BEVILI., Secrefary LENORA LEVINE, Treasurer BETTY CANNON, Sergeanf-af-Arms BETTY SAWYER, Parliamenfarian First Row: Cora Lee Stewart, Betty Sawyer, Betty Cannon, Betty Bevill, Samye Gattuso, Mildred Glenn, Kathryn Parks, Evelyn Christen- sen, Betty Jane McKinney. Vestonians "Women During War Time" is fopic for year's programs . . . Each weelc differenf woman's life is discussed fo show members new field for war worlc . . . lvlembers realize women's place in war, so fhey parficipafe in all drives sponsored by Governmenf . . . lvleefings held semi-monfhly . . . Derive name from Vesfa, ancienf goddess of home . . . Officers elecfed each ferm, and new members accepfed by fwo-fhirds vofe each ferm . . . Only iunior and senior girls considered for membership . . . Annual inifiafion parfy planned for newly-elecfed members . . . Purpose of Ves- fonians is fo excel in field of indusfrial arfs, fo do good and fo bring happiness info lives of ofhers. LEFT TO RIGHT der, Frances Button, Margaret Browning, Mary Jayne Anderson, Betty.: Jane Gardner, Betty Lou Hancock, Shirlie Mark. NOT IN PICTURE Second Row: Nelda Duck, Delois Gibson, Joyce Reynolds, Hazel Fer- Lu RUG AHSISY I-OFBTCI HGmiIl0r1 Bobbie La Filte guson, Lenora Levine, Evelyn Shalette, Geraldine Bryant. Sflfeh Bcuflflfld POPPY HCYUFTIOHU MOVIE I-IOYCI . I I . Ernestine Bruce Doris Jean Harmer Annabelle Moore Third Row: Miss Alice Harrington, Frances Campagna, Ina Ve Crow- Florence Center Frances Janner Sallye Bill Spratt Page Sixfy nine LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Frances Toplilz, David Ball, Rebecca Goren, Rosalie Alt- man, Bernard Schnitzer, Charles Reed. Second Row: Evelyn Christensen, Helen Laltimer, Herbert Green, Ernesline Barker, Louise Moehle, Dorothy Davis, Herbert Hietl, Franklin Wood, Marvin Walden, Janice Daugherty. Orchestra Eoresi orchesira furnishes music for many as- semblies and programs Ihroughoui year . . . Siring seciion was much in demand for dinner music and full orcheslra was designaled official orcheslra of Eoresi Air Raid Wardens . . . Or- cheslra makes many public appearances during school year, boih in full ensemble and small groups . . . Orchesira announces many new in- sirumenls, including oboe, bassoon, viola, cello and 'ilule . . . Provides music al fall and spring Senior Play and Commencemenl exercises . . . Orchesira includes ihree firsi violins, Ihree sec- ond violins, ihree irumpeis, Iwo clarinels, saxo- phone, oboe, ilule, iwo accordions, bass fiddle, cello and irombone . . . Orcheslra furnishes pleas- ing background for all sixlh-period class aclivilies. Page Seve-nly Third Row: Edwynia Henry, Hannah Freeman, Wanda Jeane Harrison Patricia Hatter Marie Griffis R. P. Jones Rose Gruber NOT IN PICTURE Burl Clinton John Nation Joyce Wallace Jae Cunningham Jack Summer 1 , 2 lna Ve Crowder, Morton Zimmerman, Elveda Stinson, Mary f . . - MISS LOU ISE WILCOX, Direcfor Concert Ivlasiers FRANCES TOPLITZ DAVID BALL CHARLES REED Secrefaries INA VE CROWDER EDWYNIA HENRY Librarians HELEN LATTIIVIER IVIARI-E GRIFEIS Pcireni-Teochers Associolion OFFICERS MRS. G. B. SPRATT, Presideril MRS. S. C. WILLIS, Firsl Vice-Presidenl MRS. W. R. I-IOLLON, Second Vice-Presidenl' MRS. ALLEN REED, Third Vice-Presidenl MRS. B. E. BALL, Fourlh Vice-Presidenl MRS. CHARLES GRIGC-55. Fifth Vice-Presidenl' MRS. C. C. I-llLL, Sixlh Vice-Presidenl MRS.J. ARONOEF. Sevenlh Vice-Presidenl MRS. I-I. F. LILLEBRIDGE, Recording Secrelary MRS. R. Sl-IERRARD, Corresponding Secrelary MRS.JACK RUSHING. Treasurer MRS. W. F. BOGIE, l-lislorian MRS. DAVE FOX, Parliarnenlarian MRS. BERNIE I. CLEMENT, Publicily Audilors MRS. DAVID REES-JONES MRS.VIRGINIA I-IURST Delegales Io Ciiy Council MRS. R. L. FARR MRS. R. G. JEFFERS P. T. A. presenls largesl paid assembly of his- Iory . . . Donales S40 Io Communily War Chesl . . . P. T. A. volunleers help for Civilian Defense . . . Dedicales yearbook Io Eoresl boys in serv- ice . . . P. T. A. is considered parl of school sys- lem because ol close coordinalion of work wilh school . . . Well-known Dallasiles speak al pro- grams . . . Mrs. S. C. Willis represenls Eoresl P. T. A. al Slale Convenlion in I-louslon . . . Associalion promoles good will and increased al- Iendance during year . . . P. T. A. assisls sludenls al horne and al school . . . P. T. A. has enioyed successful year wilh presidenl and slall oi olli- cers slriving in every way possible Io cooperale wilh school. LEFT TO RIGHT Firsl Row: Mrs. Allen Reed, Mrs. W. R. Hollon, Mrs. S. C. Willis, Second Row: Mrs. J. W. Hodger, Mrs. B. E. Ball, Mrs. T. I.. Williams Mrs. G. B. Uockl Sproll, Mrs. Geo. Cox, Mrs. Theo. R. Ray. Mrs. Joseph Aronoff, Mrs. H. H. Doyle. I Third Row: Mrs. David Rees-Jones, Mrs. Virginia Hursf, Mrs. Bernie Clemenl, Mrs. R. L. Farr, Mrs. C. C. Riley. Page Sevenlv one LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Bobbie Nell Sims, Ruth Mclendon, Ruth Levy, Annette Gole Second Row: Robert Shelton, Samuel Rude, Mrs. Anne Lawson, Miss man, Frances Toplitz. Nonnie D. Andrews, Stanley Schneider. NOT IN PICTURE Maxine Rcchofsky Banking Stott f Students bank each Tuesday in Room I . . . Bank open to depositors trom 9 o'clock to 9:30 . . . Banking carried on as actual bank. Pupils use regular deposit slips and bank with tellers at alphabetized windows . . . Pupils acquire habit ot saving regularly and consistently by depositing each week . . . Twenty-tive cents proves most popular deposit by students . . . Pupils coming trom grammar schools continue habit ot regular saving at Forest bank . . . Students save tor col- lege education and War Bonds . . . Average ot eighty dollars deposited weekly . . . Miss Andrews chooses students trom her classes to act as tellers and hold other banking positions ot responsibility. Page Seventy-two MISS NANNIE D. ANDREWS, Manager TELLERS ANNETTE G-OLMAN RUTH MQLENDON SAMUEL RUDE ROBERT SI-IELTON BOBBIE NELL SIMS FRANCES TOPLITZ NEW ACCOUNTS AND ADJUSTMENTS STANLEY SCHNEIDER BOOKKEEPERS MRS. ANNE LAWSON MAXINE RACI-IOFSKY LEON RU BENSTEIN, Secretary-Treasurer Hi-Y Club OFFICERS W. l-l. BUTLER, Sponsor Fall Term STANLEY PEACOCK, President lvilLAN LEGGETT, Vice-President HARRY RIESMAN, Secretary-Treasurer ALEXANDER STATHAKOS, Sergeant-at-Arms Spring Term MILAN LEGGETT, President ROBERT GARY, Vice-President GEORGE BAKER, Secretary-Treasurer BlLLY JACK RAMSEY, Sergeant-at-Arms First Row: Lean Rubenstein, Kenneth Hansen, Lamar Fleming, Sta Peacock, Milan Leggett, Hairy Riesman. Second Row: Billy Jack Ramsey, Jack McClure, Byron Belt, W. H. Butler, Gene Griffin, Hubbard Hollon. Third Row: Jimmie Duncan, David Camp, Duane Sutton, Ken Willis, Donald Higgins, Arthur Miller. To create, mainlain and exlend throughout school and community high slandards of Chris- tian character is purpose ol boys in l-li-Y . . . lvleelings are held al downtown branch of Y. M. C. A. and al' Eoresl . . . Club gives baslcels al Christmas and Thanksgiving . . . I-li-Y puls wreath on grave ol William Mann, when he was honored by school al assembly. Mann, a member of club, gave his life in defense ol womanhood . . . Older boys hold conferences lo determine ways lo bel- ler club by securing clean scholarship, clean liv- ing, clean language and clean athletics . . . Club presents small Bibles to ex-members in service who return lo visil Fore-sl . . . Prepares list of all ex-members now in Armed Forces. LEFT TO RIGHT nley George Baker Ed Burkley Ralph Dawson A. E. Davis Robert Gary William Holt neth NOT IN PICTURE J. E. Jenkins Bill McCoy Don Millender Bob Pugh John Pugh Stanley Schneider Charles Smith Jack Summerfield Leon Walder Albert Watts Billy Jo Welton J. Weldon Willis James Wilhite l i Page Seventy -three LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Marcilie Sheinberg, Devara Kleinman, Evelyn Schepps, Evelyn Shalette, Sally Freedman, Norma Aronoff, Lenora Levine, Toby Aranaff, Rosemary Coward, Helen Wilensky, Margaret Tol- Iey, Betty Burton. Second Row: Rosalie Altman, Sarah Chesnick, Grace Oxman, Nila Ruth Lynn, Doris Rutchik, Irma Figanbaum, Rizell Tobolowsky, Anna Kleinman, Miss Helen Fern Black. Third Row: Ada Jo Adams, Rae Utay, Loralee Weltman, Bernice Feld- man, Mary Grabstald, Faye Shwiff, Mariana Gillespie, Billye Thompson, Naomi Lewis. Fourth Row: Evelyn Lynn, Corinne Feldman, Phyllis Rubinett, Sylvia Moss, Evelyn Rachofsky, Joann Lazar, Elaine Fox, Cecile Davis, Rhonda Harris, Pearl Feldman. Fifth Row: Lois Kalin, Helen Marie Ligenbcrg, Ruby Fischl, Ruth Vogel, Annette Golman, Charlotte Marantz, Hannah Kriss, Maxine Rachofsky, Betty Minsky. Sixth Raw: Peggy Whittington, Marilyn Rachofsky, Minnette Corchine. NOT IN PICTURE Avis Apoy Virginia Haine Virginia Marshall Doris Bateman Dorthey Hill Juanita McSpadden Beverly Byers Rosalie Kovnat Tommie Orton Virginia Cltesnick Beverly Levit Wilma Sanders Elaine Goldberg Ruth Lewin Elvita Southern Daphne Washer Girls Public Speaking Club Room IOI is scene ot teminine activity every Wednesday atternoon as members ot Girls Pub- lic Speaking Club hold their meeting . . . Debate. extemporaneous speaking and book reviews com- prise programs held during year. . . Dr. I. guiz presented by girls at joint meeting with Stand- ard Debating Society . . . At tall assembly Girls have WAAC Lieutenant Britta I-Iult as guest speaker . . . Sally Freedman, as representative ot club, speaks at Navy Day luncheon . . . Annual spring banquet held at Sammy's Restaurant . Etticiency award given to January and June grad- uates . . . G. P. S. C. presents play, "IvIy Cousin From Sweden," at spring assembly. Page Seventy-tour OFFICERS MISS I-IELEN FERN BLACK, Sponsor Fall Term SALLY FREEDMAN, President NORIVIA ARONOFF, Vice-President LENORA LEVINE, Secretary TOBY ARONOFF, Treasurer LORALEE WELTIVIAN, Sergeant-at-Arms MARILYN RACI-IOFSKY, Parliamentarian RIZELL TOBOLOWSKY, President PEGGY WI-IITTINGTON, Vice-President DORIS RUTCI-tIK, Secretary IRMA FIGANBAUM, Treasurer EVELYN RACI-IOESKY, Sergeant-at-Arms SALLY FREEDMAN, Parliamentarian Spring Term ' ' ANNETTE GOLIVIAN, President CHARLOTTE MARANTZ, Vice-President LOIS KALIN, Secretary ANNA KLEINIVIAN, Treasurer BEVERLY BYERS, Sergeant-at-Arms RIZELL TOBOLOWSKY, Parliamentarian Audilores Caesciris OFFICERS MISS LOURANIA MILLER, Sponsor MISS ELIZABETH HUGHES, MISS LAVINIA RAWLI-NS, MISS ETHEL MASTERS. Co-Sponsors Fall Term MARGARET BROWNING, President DAVID BALL, Vice-President ROSEMARY COWARD, Secretary CORINNE PEDERSON, Treasurer JIMMY ALLEN, Sergeant-at-Arms Spring Term DAVID BALL, President CHARLES REED, Vice-President GLORIA MAYI-IEW, Secretary ROSEMARY COWARD, Treasurer LELAND TURNER, Sergeant-al-Arms First Row: Eunice Heflln, Virginia Champion, Evelyn Petty Cannon, Gloria Mayhew, Rosemary Coward son, David Ball, Margaret Browning, Kathleen McS dd n pa e . Second Row: Miss Lourania Miller, Maxine Rachotsky, Dolores Loyd, Juanita Gannon, Anna Bramlett, P Betty Jo Northcutt, Alice Winsor, Velma Stovall, ings, Nelda Sparks, Mariana Gillespie. Third Row: Miss Lavinia Rawlins, Miss Ethel Masters Hughes, Dorothy Davis, Kathleen Howell, Cleo Lambert, Maudie Tucker, Betty Jean Rawson, Margaret Jo Moore. , Corinne Peder- Cum Caesar ad 'Finem lwilh Caesar to the endl is motto ol Auditores Caesaris . . . To give mem- bers broader ideas ol Roman people and their value lo the world is purpose . . . Club celebrates Roman poets' birthdays . . . Audilores Caesaris devotes several programs to good will policy lor defense . . . Thanksgiving baslqels prepared by club. To celebrate Thanksgiving, Auditores Cae- aris presents a play, "Thanksgiving Conspiracy" . . .Club celebrates Christmas by singing Christ- mas songs in Latin . . . Ivliss Lavinia Rawlins, For- est mathematics teacher, tells ol trip to Rome . . . Latin games, songs and quizzes compose pro- grams of Audilores Caesaris . . .Annual banquet held April 30. LEFT TO RIGHT Joyce Schepps, Fourth Row: Charles Reed, Leland Turner, Barthell Ellis, Fred Schlin- ger, Hayden Summerfield, Victor Oddo, Bert Bedill, Jo Earl Ellis. Davis, Juanita Fifth Row: Feri H. Thaheld, Stanley Schneider, Billy Swango, Billy Allen, Clinton Henry, Gwendolen Rees-Janes, Betty Hodges, Marion Lillebridge, Donald Arrington. Shirley Clark, hyllis Rubinett, Katherine Hast- , NOT IN PICTURE , Miss Elizabeth Billy Creasy Lois Kalin Mildred Poweu Cargill, Billie Mary Grabstald Teresa Kessner Eloise Thompson Freida Benson Johnny Nation James Walker Page Seventy-live LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Ernesline Bruce, Hannah Webberman, Jimmie Lea How- NOT IN PICTURE letl, Mary Francis Sickles, Tommie Davis, Geraldine Bryant. , l I l Second Row: Betty Jean McCauley, Dolores Loyd, Barbara Deloache, Fannie Mae Brown BSMY lem' James Eafldme W'll'U"'5 Barbara Lynn Smith, Joyce Huse, Loneifa Ball. I D - kl I - . Third Row: Blanche Goldsiein, Shirley Hill, Gene Giggleman, Mrs. mogene eermg 'leon Rec Y one Wllllford Nowlin, Bobby James, Glenn Lang. Eva Mae Haygood Donald Lee Smith Allied Arts Club Sludenls inleresled in arl meei every olher Thursday . . . Allied Arls Club members visil Dallas lvluseum of Fine Arls al Fair Park grounds . . . Represenialives allend Junior Arls Council . . .Allied Arls has lun al annual Chrisimas parly . . . Round-lable discussion proves popular as pro- gram wilh arl club members, also programs aboul painling, pollery and various examples of many arls . . . Ari Club members draw poslers Io ad- verlise school aclivilies and special evenls . . . One meeling devoled Io making aulograph books . . .Club slcelches animals al zoo . . . To promole Ihe apprecialion and underslanding of arl is Ihe aim ol club. which affords pleasurable opporlun- iiy Io display individualily. Page Sevenly-six OFFICERS MRS. EUGENIA NOWLIN, Sponsor Fall Term G-ERALDINE BRYANT, Presidenl TOMMIE DAVIS, Vice-Presidenl MARY FRANCIS SICKLES, Secreiary I-IANNAI-I WEBBERMAN, Treasurer JOI-IN BUNTIN6, Sergeani-al-Arms Spring Term I-IANNAH WEBBERMAN, Presidenl GERALDINE BRYANT, Vice-Presidenl TOMMIE DAVIS, Secrelary MARY FRANCIS SICKLES, Treasu er GLENN LANG, Sergeani-al-Arms Forest Forum OFFICERS MISS DOROTHY GERLACI-l, Sponsor Fall Term EDWARD VODICKA, Presidenl A. E. DAVIS, Vice-Presidenl MILDRED GLENN, Secrelary BETTY SAWYER, Treasurer HELEN LATTIMER, Sergeanl-al-Arms POPPY HAMMOND, Parliamenlarian Spring Term JOHNNIE MAE GILL, Presidenl MILDRED GLENN, Vice-Presidenl CHARLOTTE YONACK, Secrelary HELEN LATTIMER, Treasurer A, E. DAVIS, Sergeanl'-at-Arms SAMMY SELTZER, Parliamenlarian First Row: Helen Lattimer, Poppy Hammond, Edward Vodicka, Betty Cannon, Betty Sawyer, Mildred Glenn. Second Row: Bill Burch, Ruth Hill, Florence Center, Virginia Griner, Juanita Boclmcn To praclice freedom ol speech, lo praclice lull parlicipalion by all members, lo ioin in school proiecls, lo be democralic are obieclives of For- esl Forum . . . A. E. Davis speaks on "Ralioning of Food" . . . Chrislmas parly enioyed by all members . . . Johnnie Mae Gill and Helen Lalli- mer allend Civic Federalion Course and reporl on discussions lo club . . . Club presenls boolc lo Texas Memorial Library . . . "Slraighl Thinking on lhe War" was discussed al meeling by Poppy Hammond . . . Foresl Forum opens membership lo all iuniors and seniors . . . Round-lable discus- sion proves popular as club program . . . Elli- ciency Award made annually lo mosl efficient June gradualing senior. LEFT TO RIGHT NOT IN PICTURE Johnnie Mae Gill Herbert Green Morie Griffis Mary Halliburton l d J Imogene Beosly Helen Benedict Margaret Browning Wanda Cawlhcfl- Francine Burris mc eon ones A. E. Davis Dolores Kenaugh Third Row: Miss Gerloch, Charlotte Yonack, Maudie Tucker, Mildred Priscilla DUBOSS WUHCIG Kfilghf Hensley, Billie Lam bcrf. Bobby La Fitte Harold Lewis Bob Pugh Dorothea Rush Sammy Seltzer Sclllye Bill Sprott Billie Wilborn Dorolhy Woods Page Sevenly seven NOT IN PICTURE LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Rozell Bowman, Noomi Ruth lewis, Betty Bevill, Mar- iorlene Parish, Betty Bosma, Cora Lee Stewart, Helen Wingert, Frances Button, Marie Lloyd, Wanda Cawthon, Nila Ruth Lynn, Joyce Wyly. Second Row: Billye Thompson, Martha Scott, Billie Lambert, Betty Jane Plunk, Loretta Hawkins, Lee Gannon, Anna Bramlett, Joye Hill, Leona Hadroff, LaRue Ansley, Miss Wilcox. Third Row: Louise Moehle, Dorothy Davis, Eloise Conner, Irene Ruth Schindling, Jane Marshall, Kitty Rhodes, Virginia McWilliams, Mary Ivan Graham, Johnnie Mae Gill, Elois Garrison, Roberta Bowley. Fourth Row: Wilma Sanders, Juanita Ellis, Norma Jean Watts, Bobbie Strickland, Ruth Thomson, Kathleen Collins, Betty Jean Sparks, d' M G'IIh Su ie ae i am. Fifth Row: Christell Ferguson, Merle Thrasher, Myrtle Bond, Imogene Beasley, Virginia Driver, Margarette Kizer, Margaret Baldwin, Wanda Jean Brigham, Bertie Thompson, Mary Corley, Frances Raspante, Juanita McSpadden. Sixth Row: Gene Eubanks, Bob Pugh, Betty Jane Gardner, Paulyne Engelberg, Mary Elizabeth Menard, Freddie Jean Polvogt. Seventh Row: Billy Phillips, Bennie Scarborough, Thurman Ray, Bernard Schnitzer, Bernard Cohen, Edward Burkley. La Verne Ballew Billy Brewer Ailene Burcham Doris Jean Clark Loraine Cone Lillie Mae Daniels Betty Davis Billie Ruth Day Barbara Deloache Hubbard Hollon Imodean Jones J. C. Kassed George Kerr Clara Bess Lorenz Howard Miller Mary Elizabeth Norton Mixed Chorus Members ot mixed chorus sing at numerous Otha Ogletree Lila Paris Barbara Smith Annie Stephenson Rub U Y sry Wilma Jean Wynn P. T. A. meetings and at programs tor Air Raid Wardens . . .Chorus presents two Cantatas, "Star ot Bethlehem" and "Child Jesus," at Christmas Program. Charles Weber and Kenneth Balthrop are guest soloists . . . Chorus sings Christmas hymns and carols in the halls . . . Various mem- bers sing tor ditterent clubs and at ditterent as- semblies during year. . .Juniors and seniors who appreciate and enioy singing good music are members ot Mixed Chorus . . . Members devote much time to study ot patriotic songs, learn "Ma- rine l-lymn," "Caisson Song," and "Anchors Aweigh" . . . Chorus gives spring concert during Music Weelc, March I-7. MISS LOUISE WILCOX, Director BETTY BEVILL EDWARD BURKLEY Secretaries Tl-IU RMAN RAY, Accompanist Page Seventy-eight MISS LOUISE WILCOX, Director SHIRLEY CLARK JO ANN FOOSI-IEE Secretaries I-IANNAI-l F EEMAN, Accompanisi Girls Chorus Girls inieresled in music and classified as fresh- men or sophomores compose Girls Chorus . . . Members study meier, key signalures, scale and oiher fundamentals of reading music . . . They meer Iwo days during each week and sing al Christmas assembly . . .This group forms vesled choir singing processional chorus ai opening oi program, Christmas carols and the Echo choir for numbers sung from slage . . . Several limes during year ihey sing for P. T. A. meeiings, and appear before several lileraiure classes Io pre- seni ballads and lyrics . . . Girls Chorus helps Mixed Chorus plan and preseni Spring Music Program . . .Girls have lo sing by memory many songs . . . Work oi Girls Chorus is primarily in preparation for advanced chorus. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: La Verne Brown, Louise Spain, Shirley Fonberg, Margaret Jo Moore, Virginia Haines, Mariorie Ann Johnson, Billie Ruth Day, Juanita Williams, Lillian Dooley. Second Row: Miss Louise Wilcox, Alice Turcotte, Maurine Wise, Dolores Keneagh, Jean Stewart, Joan Kreiter, Viola Browne, Mary Frances Rawls, Charlaine Smith. Third Row: Mary Frances Naviatil, Shirley Leventhal, Marian Faster- nak, Mary Patricia Hatter, Margaret Keaton, Shirley Clark, Erne- stine Barker, Edna Willeford, Ona Loraine Schwander, Lilly Dale Gregson, Billie Creasey. Fourth Row: Hellen Ernest, Winnie Jo Palmer, Joyce Huse, Alyine Snow, Lillie Mae Daniels, Virginia Marshall, Wanda Lawson, Annette Raspante, Bobbie Jo Tatum, Marvonelle Roe, Dorothy Nell Dossett. Fifth Row: Jerry McG::rity, Josephine Riley, Barbara Deloache, Vir- ginia Lee Hart, Jacqueline Dean, Loveta Emmors, Annie Stephen- son, Jo Ann Fooshee. Sixth Row: Jean Reckley, Carmen Harrelson, Marguerite Gordon, Carolyn Hohnl, Mary Lou Watkins, Janet Lindsay, Lynnette Doug- las, Mary Arene Dickerson, Marguerite Phelps, Othello Pledger. Zadie Ball Freida Benson Pearl Band Lois Boone Louise Fryar Anita Jacob NOT IN PICTURE Hellen Ruth Jones Darthea Kerby Teresa Kessner Rosa Longford Bernice Mangum Lucille McGee Yvonne Rivers Joyce Wilder Allene Williams Charlie Faye Broyles Susan Curtis Doris Johnston Josephine Riley Page Sevenly nine Zlmeaz' Pudlzaahhm I 94 I Foresler gels Firsl-Class Honor Raling INalionaI Scholaslic Press Associalionl. I 942 Foresler wins All-Texas Honor Raling ITexas High School Press Associalionl. Echo wins All-Texas Honor Raling ITexas High School Press Associalionl. Echo receives Award ol Dislinguished Meril in Journalism and is named Dislricl Win- ner Ilnlerscholaslic League Press Conlerencel. I943 Echo wins All-Texas Honor Raling ITexas High School Press Associalionl. S+anIey Peacock lakes second place and lies lor lhird in news slory wriling ITexas High School Press Associalionl. Echo receives Award ol Dislinguished Meril in Journalism and is named Dislricl Win- ner Ilnlerscholaslic League Press Conlerencel. To lell ol year's aclivily in slory and piclures is obiecl ol Foresler Annual slall . . . Journalism classes assisl slall in preparalion ol annual ...Annual wins All-Texas Honor Raling lor l942 . . . Sludenls ol all classilicalions compose slall . . . Sludenls slarl secur- ing adverlisemenls lor annual early in year. . . Colleclions lor annual made every Tues- day morning during counseling period...Sale ol annual boosled by Echo...Slall arranges and lypes all copy during sludy hall periods and many limes aller school... Sludenls ol school are urged lo lake snapshols lor annual . . . Slall keeps calendar ol year's aclivilies . . . Slall helps pholographer lake piclures ol clubs and classes . . . New lealure seclion adds humor lo year's aclivilies . . . Slall adopls "Leo lhe Lion" lo repre- senl sludenls on division pages. Journalism sludenls publish Foresl Echo every olher Wednesday. . . ln lhe Texas High School Press Associalion Slanley Peacock wins individual slale honors by laking second place and lying lor lhird in news slory wriling .. .Echo slall goes all oul lor Viclory and urges sludenls lo bring coal hangers, scrap melal, books and lo buy War Bonds . . . Slall sends copies ol every issue lo ex-Foreslers now in service . . . Slall inler- views such well-known people as I-larold H. Young, aide lo Vice Presidenl Wallace: Dorolhy Werner, Dallas represenlalive ol American Airlines: and Miss Rosa Spearman, head dielician ol Dallas Public Schools...Members ol slall, Slanley Peacock and Loneila Ball, win lirsl and second place respeclively in War Chesl conlesl...Echo adverlised by skils on loud speaker syslem, adverlisemenls on sludy hall boards and poslers drawn by slall...Echo slall values knowledge ol publishing Eoresl Echo as a basis lor lulure newspaper work. P Q Eighly Qafzefu' Zahn Slwff FALL STANLEY PEACOCK .... Editor-in-Chief HELEN WILENSKY .... Managing Ediior TOBY ARONOFF .... Business Manager MAXINE THOMPSON .... Copy Editor DOROTHY LAWRENCE . . . News Edilor BILLIE WILBORN ..... Fealure Editor TOBY ARONOEI: . . . Club Eclilor LONEITA BALL . . . Class Eclilor VIRGINIA IVERS . . . . Alumni Editor KENNETH HANSEN . . . . Arl' Eclilor LORENE ROSE ..... Exchange Ediior JIMMIE DUNCAN ..... Sports Ecliior BETTY CANNON, MARGARET BROWNING. BETTY BEVILL ..... Personals Ediiors JIMMIE FRYAR, GENE GRIFFIN . . . . . . .b . . . Military Eclilors JIMMIE DUNCAN, ARTHUR MILLER . . . . . . Assistant Business Managers HAZEL Rum MILLWEE . . . . Typist SPRING MARGARET TOLLEY . . . Editor-In-Chief GLORIA NICHOLAS, MONNA JEAN SHACKELFORD .... Associate Editors RUSSELL MURDOCH, MILAN LEGGETT, MAR- SHALL MOORE . . . Business Managers DOROTHY MOULTON . . . Alumni Editor WANDA LaRUE, IONA WILLEFORD, FRANCES TIMPSON, HERBERT GOLDBERG . . . . . . . . . . Personals Editors J. T. LEMONS ..... Exchange Editor MILAN LEGGETT ..... Sports Editor MARSHALL MOORE, ELMER JOHNSON . . . . . . . . . . Military Editors RONALD CANADA ..... News Editor EVELYN YATES, 'VIDA JO TINDALL, DORO- THY LAW ...... Feature Editors ADVISERS MISS MARY SMITH CLARK . . . Editorial H. B. YATES ....,. . Business LEFT TO RIGHT F t R Helen Wilensky, Dorothy Moult M nna Jean Sh kelford, Margaret Talley, Wanda LaR , lana Willeford Gloria Nicholas S d R Vida Tind II F ances Timp Ora Lou Williams, Dorothea Rush, Shirlie Mark, Betty Lou Hancock Joye H ll Thrrd Row: Nrla Ruth Lynn, Milton Lee Atkins, Dorothy Burns, Johnnie Mae Gill, Peggy Whittington, Toby ArorioH, Jerry Segal. Fourth Row: Milan Leggett, Russell Murdoch, Harold Lewis, J. T. Lemons, Mary Jayne Anderson, Marshall Moore, Herbert Louis Goldberg. I Page Eighty o we K is T - no its ,XL . sss 1 H T- 1. ,,,r.rL g , 4.', A 1' , T "" . A E. r,L. L'I-, . :ik .3 , ,",- g 1 5 .T-3 -, HANSEN WILENSKY THOMPSON HARDIN DUCK ARONOFF SEELY SEGAL CANNON GARONZIK FIGANBAUM HAMMOND MOULTON CLARK YATES NOWLIN qaaulim Hamm! SW HELEN WI LENSKY Edifor-in-Chief FRANCES HARDIN TOBY ARONOHFF MAXINE THOMPSON Managing Edilor Club Edifor Liferary Edilor NELDA JO DUCK KENNETH HANSEN TREYSA SEYELY NORMA ARONOPT1 Ari Edi+or Ff1CU'+v Ed'+Of Assisianf Edifors 'RMA FIGANBAUM DOROTHYA MQULTON Sporfs Edilror MILBURN O-ARONZTK CQQRLQTTE JONAQK LENORA LEviNE Businegg Manager Ver 'Smq mage Assislanf Office Managers BETTY CANNON ARTHUR ASCHNER MARSHALL MOORE Fealure Edilor ASSiS+af1+ Adverlislnfi Managef Milifary Edifor MISS MARY SMlTl'l CLARK H. B. YATES MRS. EUGENI-A NOWLIN Ediforial Adviser Business Adviser Arr Adviser Page Eighry-Two NOT IN PICTURES ' Norma Aronoff, Arflwur Aschner, Lenora Levine, Marshall Moore, Clmarlolfe Yonack. Qaaeaim Hmm! Firsl Row: Margarel Tolley, Vida Jo Tindall, Charlolle Yonack, Mina Lee Millwee, lrrna Figanbaum, Helen Wilensky, Nelda Duck, Aggie Lee Harper. Second Row: Priscilla Du Bose, Francine Burris, Minnelle Fineglass, Rulh Fischl, Frances Hardin, Joan Maner, Hazel Millwee, Wanda La Rue. Third Row: Mary George, Louise Sleindam, Dorolhy Moul- lon, Lenora Levine, Rizell Tobolowsky, Toby Aronoll, Sally Freedman, Norma Aronoll. Fourlh Row: Milburn Gaionzik, Morlon Prager, Samuel Rude, fxrlhur Aschner, Richard Slackhouse, Margarel Browning, Belly Bevill, Maxine Thompson. Dorolhy Burns Paulyne Engelberg Bobbie Flanagan Sarnye Gallu so Belly Lou Hancock Nels Hansen lvan Huddleslon Leroy Huddleslon Shirlie Mark Belly McNally Belly Minsky Il 'He 'T mania-lf--1 leuala sl K ,Vps M- . 1 5 0 ' f - ' 0 2' ' 2, , ,nh iam, . V H ZEWJ-1 gfff 2, , , e T. A., ANNUAL STAFF NOT IN PICTURE Marshall Moore Marlha Napier Gloria Nicholas Shirley Priesl Belly Rawson ldelle Rosenaur Jenny Sakellariou Mary Alice Scoll Faye Shwill Mauclie Tucker Iona Willelord Monna Jean Shackellord f Page Eighly -lhrce TA ge Eighly six RlCl-lARD L. COLEMAN Commandanl . .. .. W- mf-, ,,,.,., l-TARLAN W. WARD Assislanl Commandanl Colonel Richard L. Coleman slarl- ed his army career by ioining lhe Nalional Guard, lhrough which he received his commission as a Second Lieulenanl in IQOZ, al Forl Benning, Georgia. l-le has been wilh lhe R.O. T. C. since l92O. l-le has served as commandanl ol lhe Peacock Mililary College, San Anlonio, Texas, and numerous olher schools. l-le came lo Foresl in I923 bul lell in I935 lo go lo Norlh Dallas. ln I939, he came baclc lo Foresl, and we hope he is baclc lo slay. Slall Sergeanl Harlan W. Ward came lo lhe Dallas R.O.T.C. syslem on November ll, I94I, 'and he has been assislanl lo Colonel Coleman since lhal lime. On February l5, he compleled his eighleenlh year ol service wilh lhe Uniled Slales Army. During lhal lime he has been sla- lioned al Forl Sam l-louslon, San Anlonio, Texas, and al Forl D. A. Russell, Wyoming. LEFT TO RIGHT FALL In Front: 2nd Lt. Bill Cozby, 2nd Lt. Doyle Stephenson, Capt. Bobby Robinson, lst Lt. Lawrence Hirsch, 2nd Lt. David Ball. First Row: Pvt. I. E. Matthews, Pvt. Arthur Aschner, Stat? Sgt. Jock Summerfield, Pvt. Boyd Moore, Corp. Morton Zimmerman, Pfc. Herbert Hoover Second Row: Pvt. Johnny Nation, Pvt. Gene Gigglemcln, Pvt. Donald Zeman, 2nd Lt. Sammy Seltzer, Staff Sgt. Benny Apple, Pvt. Jack Goldman Pvt. Bernard Siegel, Pvt. David Herman, Pvt. Jay Rudberg, Corp. Stanley Leventhal. Third Row: lst Sgt. Russell Murdoch, Pfc. Robert Gillet, Pvt. Joe Cunningham, Pvt. Joe Epps, Corp. Johnnie Brown, Pvt. R. P. Jones, Pvt. Milburn Garonzik, Pvt. Grady Burns. Fourth Raw: Pvt. Norwin Ray, Pvt. Glenn Bourland, Pvt. Herbert Hiett, Pvt. Franklin Wood. FQXIS-y..f,ff"'f:',,g ,,,,. Second Lieutenants Ball, David Davis, A. E. Murdoch, Russell Seltzer, Sammy First Sergeant Summertield, Jack Staff Sergeants Apple, Benny Brown, Johnny Christensen, Richard B ci n d SPRING Corporals Hoover, Lawrence Jones, R. P. Privates First Class Burns, Grady Cunningham, Joe Epps, Joe Garonzik, Milburn Giggleman, Gene Nation, Johnny Rudberg, Jay Privates Gillett, Robert Glazer, Robert Goldman, Jaclc Hancock, Omar Herman, David Hiett, Herbert Matthews, l. E. Moore, Boyd Purlcey, Leland Ray, Norwin Zeman, Donald Recruit Tobias, Jerome Page Eighty seven LEFT TO RIGHT FALL In Front: Captain William Brown, First Lieutenant Leon Rubenstein. First Row: 2nd l.t. Robert Goldberg, 2nd Lt. William Sherman, 2nd Lt. Billy Bushman, lst Sgt. Norman Webb, 2nd Lt. Marshall Moore, 2nd Lt Monroe Mirksy, Pvt. Julius Frauman. Second Row: Pvt. Shirley Hill, Pvt. Bob Pugh, Pvt. louis Weltchek, Corp. A. J. Campagna, Corp. Bobby Millcr, Corp. Lean Bolin, Sgt. Glenn Claxton, Pvt. Lewis Groves, Pvt. Irvin Adelestein, Pvt. Robert Bedell, Pvt. Horace Lumpkin. Third Row: Pvt. Earl Herring, Pvt. James Scarborough, Pvt. Maston Hill, Pvt. Richard Lee Farr, Pvt. Jerry Barshop, Pvt. Herbert Goldberg, Pvt Jerald Goldberg, Pvt. Ervin Utay, Pvt. Morris Riesman, Pvt. Bert Bedell. Fourth Row: Pvt. Gene Cosby, Pvt. Robert McAdams, Pvt. Leo Duckworth, Pvt. Clinton Henry, Pvt. Willard Miller, Pvt. Paul Seilheimer, Pfc. George McCoy, Pvt. Eugene Friedman, Pvt. Ben McCoy, Pvt. Donald Fuller. Fifth Row: Pvt. Robert Choate, Pvt. Henry Riser, Pvt. J. T. Bass, Pvt. Walter Barnes, Pvt. Ernest Donaberger, Pvt. Bernard Cohen, Pvt. Melvin Hall mark, Pvt. Huey Crow, Pvt. Jack Haley, Pvt. James Levine. Sixth Raw: Pvt. Billy Thompson, Pvt. James Wilhite, Pvt. Leon Scott, Pvt. Raymond Butts, Pvt. Odell Yates, Pvt. Clyde Smith, Pvt. Duward Albright Pvt. Ross Cangelose, Pvt. Irvin Danosky, Pvt. Leonard Pierce, Pvt. John Lievsay. Seventh Row: Pvt. Robert Herndon, Pvt. Donald Pounds, Pvt. Howard Burson, Pvt. Nadine Swift, Pvt. Donald Boldin, Pvt. James Skiles, Pvt. Billy Jack Christian, Pvt. Donald Murray, Pvt. Howell Calvert, lst Sgt. Charles Reed. Eighth Row: Pvt. Bill E ue s, Pvt. Albert Frame, Pvt. Melvin Kieke. cn 9 I' E 'Company A Captain Mitchell, Leslie First Lieutenant Goldberg, Robert Second Lieutenants Sales, Robert Seilheimer, Paul Withrow, Damon Corporals Burton, Billy Kassed, J. C. Cox, Billy Leventhal, Stanley Reed, Charles Private First Class Attached Allestein, Irving Lieutenant Colonel Cobbel Master Sergeant Turner Privates First Sergeant Griggs, Charles Sergeants Baxter, Richard Campagna, A. J. King, Wayne Lumpkin, Horace Miller, Bobby Nielsen, Marvin Pugh, Bob Pugh, John Ramsey, Billy Jac Page Eighty-eight k Austin, Charles Barnes, Walter Barshop, Jerry Beck, George Bedell, Bert Boldin, Donald Burson, Howard Cangelose, Ross Crow, Huey Dunn, Ray Els, James Epstein, Gene Evans, Richard Faucett, George Frauman, Julius Graves, Lewis Grubbs, Richard Hallmark, Melvin Herndon, Robert Kealy, Billy Bob Kieke, Melvin Knott, Jack Levine, James Lievsay, John Linthicum, Joe Mangurn, W. L. McCoy, Jack McDonald, Ed McRight, Cecil Miller, Willard Murray, Donald Odell, Gordon Parrish, Clarence Peterson, Conrad Pounds, Donald Price. Raymond Pritchett, Cecil Riseman, Morris Riser, Henry Scarborough, Jam SS Stillman, Albert Switt, Nodine Utay, Erwin Walden, Marvin Wilhite, James Wordon, Wylie Wagliardo, Jasper Yates, Odell Recruits Butts, Raymond Cody, Joe Driggers, Dee Edwards, David Frame, Glenn Hutchinson, Joe Hutson, Thomas Kieke, Elmo Lewis, George Lowe, Clarence Main, Jewel David McMullen, Norman Murphy, Billy Splawn, E. A. Timpa, Mike Vliankersly, Billy 2 LEFT TO RIGHT FALL In Front: 2nd Lt. James Forston, 2nd Lt. Billy Caldwell. First Row: 2nd Lt. Barthell Ellis, 2nd Lt. Leslie Mitchell, Lt. Col. David Cobbel. Second Row: Pvt. Marvin Walden, Sgt. Jim Burch, Stott Sgt. L. M. Cox, Pvt. Charles Cauley, Sgt. Victor Oddo, Sgt. Billy Cox, Sgt. J. Weldon Willis, Sgt. Wayne King, Sgt. Billy Burton, Sgt. Moborn Gray, Sgt. Soul Kohn. Third Row: Ptc. Joe Collins, Pvt. Robert Berman, Pvt. Samuel Rude, Pvt. Morton Prager, Pvt. Grant Andrews, Pvt. Auble Burgess, Pvt. Wylie Wor- den, Pvt. J. D. Musso, Pvt. Cecil McRight, Jr. Fourth Row: Pvt. Frank Thomas, Pvt. Gene Pflug, Pvt. Martin Letow, Pvt. George Mirsky, Pvt. Homer Steele, Pvt. Billy Cox, Pvt. Bennie Corchine, Pvt. Morris Miller, Pvt. John Deckord, Pvt. James Chism. Fifth Row: Pvt. Jimmie Elliott, Pvt. Joe Hutchison, Pvt. Herman Scott, Pvt. Bernard Kahn, Pvt. Clifford Jones, Pvt. Leon Green, Pvt. Oran Burt, Pvt. Joe Cady, Pvt. Jack Gentle. Sixth Row: Pvt. Nathan Stovall, Pvt. Charles Waller, Pvt. J. C. Corbett, Pvt. David Brahinsky, Pvt. Ervin Singer, Pvt. Carl Morgan, Pvt. Bobby Jackson, Pvt. Billy Tankersly, Pvt. Billy Butler, Pvt. Eugene Risener. Seventh Row: Pvt. Clarence Parrish, Pvt. John Avila, Pvt. Willie Logon, Pvt. Gilbert Daniel, Pvt. Bobby Cowgill, Pvt. George Lee Richardson, Pvt. Clyde Abbott, Pvt. John David Coley, Pvt. Neal Wright, Pvt. Ed Toylor. Eighth Row: Pvt. Jimmie Crump, Pvt. Burton Ewing, Pvt. Donald Arrington, Pvt. Don Dugan, Pvt. Bob Wade, Pvt. Jock Beaver, Pvt. Charles Rogers, Pvt. John Ralston, Pvt. Joe Earl Ellis. Captain Watts, Albert First Lieutenant Mirsky, Monroe Second Lieutenants Lewis, Harold Mackey, Otis First Sergeant Webb, Norman Sergeants Burch, Jimmy Cauley, Charles Collins, Joe Corchine, Bennie Feldman, Loren Freeland, George Lumpkin, Billy Mirsky, George Raskin, Meyer Company B Sounders, Calvin Suwal, Horace Private First Class Scott, Leon Privates Abbott, Clyde Barge, Horace Beaver, Jack Bodine, Floyd Brown, John Calvert, Harold Cohen, Bernard Coley, John Corbett, J. C. Cowgill, Bobby Cox, Billy Cozby, Gene Daniel, Gilbert Dawson, Ralph SPRING Donaberger, Ernest Driskill, Billy Elliott, Jimmie Ellis, Joe Earl Fennell, Billy Frame, Albert Goldberg, Herbert Graves, Bobby Haley, Jack Jackson, Bobby Jenkins, Glen Jones, Bobby Jones, Robert Morgan, Carl Morris, Edwin Musso, J. D. Prager, Morton Richardson, George Risener, Eugene Rude, Samuel Scott, Herman Shuptrine, Billy Singer, Ervin Steele, Homer Stovall, Nathan Suggs, Ed Swango, Billy Turner, Jack Walker, James Waller, Charles White, Coy Recruits Foster, Roger Gappelberg, Nathan Grider, Jimmy Hambrick, Joe Hughes, Robert Lee, J. M. Logan, Willie Martin, Douglas Vatsures, John Page Eighty-nine s C LEFT ro RIGHT FALL ln Front: Capt. Hayden Summerfield, 2nd Lt. Jimmie Fryar. First Row: 2nd Ll. Gerald Rushing, Sgt. J. C. Mackey, 2nd Lt. Don Kelton. Second Row: Ptc. George Freeland, Pfc. Charles Griggs, Corp. Leland Turner, Pfc. Meyer Raskin, Pfc. Donald Schmidt, Sgt. Gene Griffin, Pvt Lester Frank, Pvt. Floyd Bodine, Pvt. Ray Skiles, Pvt. Harold Fite, Pvt. Leonard Pirtle. Third Row: Pvt. Jack Turner, Pvt. Fred Korngut, Pvt. John Pugh, Pvt. Ira Freedman, Pvt. Victor Leocadi, Pvt. Clarence Sladek, Pvt. Charles Austin Pvt. Raymond Price, Pvt. Marvin Nielsen, Pvt. Daniel Cannon, Pvt. Lemuel Barnes, Pfc. J. C. Kassed. Fourth Row: Pvt. Albert Stillman, Pvt. Gene Epstein, Pvt. Roy Masters, Pvt. Horace Barge, Pvt. James Walker, Pvt. Otis Mackey, Pvt. Bill McCoy Pvt. Robert Erving, Pvt. Bobby Graves, Pvt. Irving Slatman, Pvt. Billy Rogers. Fifth Row: Pvt. Therman Etheridge, Pvt. Loren Feldman, Pvt. Harold Holcomb, Pvt. Glenn Jenkins, Pvt. Harold Abramson, Pvt. Jerry Marvin Rose Pvt. Bennie Scarborough, Pvt. Billy Driskill, Pvt. Horace Suwal, Pvt. John Brown. Sixth Row: Pvt. Tommy Moore, Pvt. Gilbert Strickland, Pvt. Billy Swango, Pvt. Thurman Ray, Pvt. Otha Lee Bennett, Pvt. Billy Joe Houston, Pvt Billy Shuptrine, Pvt. Richard Baxter, Pvt. Norman Cohen, Pvt. Ellis Clark, Pvt. Jack McCoy. Seventh Row: Pvt. Jack Erwin O'Donnel, Pvt. Bobby Jones, Pvt. Walter Vieregge, Pvt. Eugene Brockway, Pvt. Glenn Kirk, Pvt. Billy Johnston, Pvt George Faulette, Pvt. Morris Steinberg, Pvt. Richard Atkins, Pvt. Roy Howell, Pvt. Gene Baker, Pvt. Billy Bob Kealy, Pvt. James Allen Els. Company C Captain Johnson, Elmer First Lieutenant Bu rkley, Ed Second Lieutenant Burch, Bill McCoy, Bill Statt Sergeant Claxton, Glenn Sergeants Adamson, Gordon Albright, Duwarcl Bolin, Leon James, Bobby Kennington, David Pirtle, Leonard Schmidt, Donald Sladek, Clarence Smith, Roy Page Ninety Corporals Bedell, Robert Pierce, Leonard Wright, Neal Privates Abramson, l-larold Bennett, Otha Lee Bodine, Floyd Brahinsky, David Brewer, Billie Brockway, Eugene Burgess, Auble Cannon, Daniel Clark, Ellis Coplen, Bobby Cosby, Dempsey Crump, Jimmie Erwin, Robert Ewing, Burton Fite, t-larotd Frank, Lester Freedman, Ira Gentle, Jack Grant, Billy Gray, Maborn Henry, Clinton l-looks, Jerry Jaynes, Wornell Johnston, Billy Kirk, Glenn Korngut, Fred Leocadi, Victor Little, James Logan, Willie Lundy, Charles Masters, Roy McAdams, Robert McCoy, Ben McFarland, Gilbert Miller, Morris Moore, Tommy O'Donnel, Jack Ray, Therman Rogers, Billy Rogers, Charles Rose, Jerry Scarbrough, Benny Statman, lrvin Steinberg, Morris Strickland, Gilbert Taylor, Ed White, Coy Recruits Blackman, L. J. Cassata, Louis Edwards, Joe Grunwald, Clitton l-lead, Bobby l-lerod, Hilliard l-luddleston, Bert Morrison, Billy Popham, Billie Robinson, Billy Rubenstein, Stanley Smith, Frank Woods, Dick Woody, l-toward Walden, Leon LEFT TO RIGHT FALL In Front: Sgt. Cleopas Pounds, 2nd Lt. Ed Burkley, 2nd Lt. Albert Watts, Pvt. Ervin Polishuk, 2nd Lt. Edward Vodicka. First Row: Pvt. Raymond Jones, Pvt. George Beck, Pvt. Roy Self, Pvt. Gordon Adamson, Sgt. Bill Burch, Pfc. Bill Lumpkin, Pvt. David Kennington Pvt. Calvin Saunders, Pvt. Paul Pyron, Pvt. Glenn Lang, Sgt. J. C. Pendleton. Second Row: Pvt. Harold Dean Leverett, Pvt. Billie Brewer, Pvt. B.lIy Alle1, Pvt. Bobby Jones, Pvt. Fred Fife, Pvt. Claude Leverett, Pvt. Robert L Sale, Pvt. Damon Withrow, Pvt. .lack Frazier, Pvt. Richard Grubbs, Pvt. Richard Palmer, Pvt. Melvin Peters. Third Raw: Pvt. Conrad Pederson, Pvt. Raymond Graves, Pvt. Leslie Mclean, Pvt. Alton Worth, Pvt. Oscar Stinson, Pvt. Curtis Cameron, Pvt. James D. Little, Pvt. Jack Nicholas, Pvt. Gilbert McFarland. Fourth Row: Pvt, Jerry Miller, Pvt. Sammy Ewalt, Pvt. Martin Rutchik, Pvt. Wornell Jaynes, Pvt. Billy Peeler, Pvt. Billy Joe Grant, Pvt. Donald Higgins, Pvt. W. L. Mangum, Pvt. John Jefferies, Sgt. Marvin Barish, Pvt. Terry Hooks. Company D Captain Ellis, Barthell First Lieutenants Cox, L. M. Pounds, Cleopus Stott Sergeants Barish, Marvin Oddo, Victor Sergeants Fite, Fred Higgins, Donald Holcomb, Harold Lang, Glenn Leverett, Harold Thomas, Frank Willis, Weldon Corporals McLean, George Polishuk, Ervin Privates Allen, Billy Allen, Jimmie Atkins, Richard Baker, Gene SPRING Bass, J. T. Berman, Robert Calmes, Ray Cameron, Harry Carlton, Harry Chism, James Clark, Clarence Donosky, lrvin Dunagan, Billy Joe Equels, Billy Etheridge, Therman Farr, Richard Foster, Roger Frazier, Jack Goldberg, Jerry Gregory, J. M. Harrington, William Houston, Billy Joe Howell, Roy Jetiries, John Kahn, Bernard Kahn, Saul Kerr, George Legeritt, Claude Letow, Martin Love, Billy Love, James Lyday, Paul McGarity, Herbert Miller, Jerry Moehle, Carl Mussato, Norman Nicholas, Jack Palmer, Frank Peeler, Billy Rephan, Horace Rutchik, Martin Selt, Ray Skiles, James Skiles, Ray Smith, Bill Smith, Clyde Smith, Robert Snyder, Bill Thrasher, James Threadgill, Walter Wade, Bob Widders, Wallace Wilhite, Charles Witt, Donald Page Ninety one Regimenfol Rczckef Unclassified: Reward: For way To keep on The good side oT oTFicers.--PrivaTe RoberT l-lerndon. WanTed: A ride in a jeep.-All CadeTs. WanTed: A crack sTep like The soldiers in The war show.-SergeanT Ward. WanTed: MiliTary Police aT ForesT especially To waTch The oTTicers.-All NonComs. Will Trade: My MasTer SergeanTs' Chevrons Tor a pair oT Second LieuTenanT's buTTons.-- MasTer SergeanT J. C. Mackey. LosT: One pair OT sergeanT's Chevrons. IT Tound, reTurn To Harold Golman. WanTed: A pair oT "G. l." shoes like The ones +ha+ Second LieuTenanT Bill McCoy has.-CapTain Elmer Johnson. WanTed: Someone To Take over my duTies as ProvosT SergeanT.-SergeanT Roy SmiTh. Cross Gun Curios: CapTain Elmer Johnson, Company C, was re- cenTly misTaken Tor a service man by a woman on a sTreeTcar, who asked him where he was sTaTioned. "Oh, l'm sTaTioned aT EoresT High," replied Elmer. MiliTary represenTaTives aT The Navy aThleTic program aT ArlingTon were CapTain Leslie MiTchell, Second LieuTenanT Bill McCoy, and Second LieuTenanT OTis Mackey. LieuTenanT-Colonel David Cobbel sTarTed a new phase in miliTary hair cuTs. l-Te reporTed To school wiTh only his side burns clipped. David inTormed The cadeT oTTicers ThaT iT was his idea and iT worked! EirsT LieuTenanT Ed Burkley, Company C, had To hi+ The dusT aT The ForesT-Highland Park base- ball game. The reason: a well-hiT ball in his direc- Tion. Rag NineTy-Two The "Three MuskeTeers" among cadeT oTTicers are: EirsT LieuTenanTs Billy Bushman, Bobby Gold- berg and Monroe Mirsky. NonCom Round-Up: "Yard Bird" among The NonComs seemsiTo be SergeanT George Mirsky, Company B. MosT any day, he can be Tound in The deTenTion squad. SergeanT Frank Thomas, Company D, wonders why They call The deTenTion squad a squad. l-le says iT looks more like a company To him. Corporal John Pugh is looking Torward To con- Tinuing giving boxing lessons aTTer school. "Espe- cially To The oTTicers," says John. RoughesT EirsT SergeanT in The Corps is Charles Griggs. l-le was elecTed To ThaT posiTion by members oT his company. SergeanT Billy Lumpkin serves as miliTary escorT To Wanda LaRue aTTer school each day. The besT G-l hair cuT in The corps belongs To SergeanT l-lorace Lumpkin. RecruiT Review: PrivaTe Bernard Cohen is now The envy oT his company aTTer his vocal perliormance on assem- uy. The peT peeve of CapTain AIberT WaTTs is PrivaTe Ralph Dawson. PrivaTe l-lerberT Goldberg, Company B, is always having Trouble wiTh The cadeT oTFicers. Usually CapTain Elmer Johnson or CapTain Mar- shall Moore. PrivaTe George Kerr served Tor six monThs wiTh The Texas DeTense Guard aT Abilene beTore mov- ing To Dallas. PrivaTe Julius Erauman is s+iII hoping Tor a pro- moTion beTore school is ouT. Regimental Rciclcet Calling The Officers: The highesT ranlcing CadeT oTTicer aT l:oresT is LieuTenanT-Colonel David Cobbel. l-le will have held This high rank Tor a year aT The Time oT graduaTion. l-le aTTended Camp Dallas in '4O, '4I, '42, Colonel Cobbel has received nine medals Tor marlcsmanship and one Tor baseball. "Baseball is my TavoriTe sporT," says David. l-le plans To enTer The army aTTer graduaTion. AlThough only a 3A, CapTain Leslie MiTcholl has already become The Commander oT Com- pany A. Leslie has compleTed Two and one-halT years oT miliTary Training and has also aTTended Camp Dallas Twice. During This Time he has won Tour medals Tor marlcsmanship and medals Tor shoT-puT and boxing, in which he won TirsT and second places respecTively. Leslie claims ThaT his TavoriTe sporT is TooTball and ThaT his hobby is Tishing. l-lis TavoriTe subiecT is maThemaTics. Texas A. and M. College is his choice aTTer graduaTion. CapTain AlberT WaTTs, who has compleTed Two and one-halT years oT miliTary, has proved an eTTicienT commander oT Company B. l-le is con- sidered one oT The besT disciplined oTTicers in The corps. AlberT aTTended Camp Dallas in 1942, and while There he won The "SergeanT's ETTi- ciency." Besides ThaT award, AlberT has also re- ceived Three medals Tor marlqsmanship. "My TavoriTe subiecT is miliTary," says AlberT, "and my hobby is collecTing miniaTure weapons." ATTer graduaTion AlberT plans To enlisT in The Army Air Corps. The sTricTesT oTTicer in school is CapTain Elmer Johnson, Commander oT Company C, and his company shows The resulTs oT good leadership. Elmer has compleTed Three and one-halT years oT miliTary Training, and has never aTTended Camp Dallas. l-le won Two medals Tor marlcsmanship and eTTiciency in '39. l-lis TavoriTe subiecT is mili- Taryy his hobby, boxing: and his TavoriTe sporT, baseball. ATTer graduaTion, Elmer plans To enTer The UniTed STaTes Army. AlThough he has compleTed only Two years oi R.O.T.C., Barihcll Ellis has achieved The rank oT CapTain and is The Commander oT Company D. l-le aTTended Camp Dallas in '4I and '42, where he won The "PrivaTcs' ETTiciency" in '4l and The "SergeanT Majors' ETTiciency" in '42, Besides The Two ETTiciency medals, CapTain Ellis also wears Tour medals oT marlcsmanship. T-le served on The riTle Team Tor one year. MiliTary is The subiecT he lilces besT, and TooTball is his TavoriTe sporT. l-lis ambiTion is To be a bombardier. CapTain Marshall Moore, who has compleTed Two and one-halT years oT R.O.T.C., is Supply OTTicer on The BaTTalion STaTT. ln addiTion To his school Training, he has aTTended Camp Dallas Twice-in '4l and '42. CapTain Moore received The CiviTan Award in '4I. l-le also has Tive medals Tor marlqsmanship, and he was a member oT The Craclc Company in '4I and '42, Coin collecTing is his hobby and TooTball his TavoriTe sporT. l-le's headed Tor The CoasT Guard aTTer graduaTion. CapTain Leon Rube'nsTein, who has had Tour years' Training in miliTary, is The AdiuTanT on The BaTTalion STaTT. T-le aTTended Camp Dallas in '4I and '42, ln '4l he was on The ForesT riTle Team aT Camp Dallas, and Tor Two years he has been a member oT The school riTle Team. ln all, he has eighT medals Tor marlcsmanship, Three oT which are "experT." Leon was a member oT The Craclf Company in '40, '4l and '42 and in The MiliTary Circus in '4I. PhoTography Takes up whaT spare Time he has leTT when hunTing is ouT oT season. The Army Air Corps is his goal aTTer high school. Page NineTy Thre , . as .wwwv-Hvf.:qwaxerv:wanave ET'C HL LEFT TO RIGHT First Raw: Wayne King, Billy Floyd, Tom Tuttle, Melvin Andrews, Marvin Coppedge, Ralph Dawson, Ed Deering, Dick Wood, Jock McClure. Second Row: David Cobbel, Jack Gentle, Robert Gary, Jesse Drake, Hubbard Hollon, Robert Shelton, Joe Young, Odell Buttram. Third Row: Donald Tullis, Ivan Hurley, Grady Millender, Glendon Rivers, Sam Moore, Charles Tuttle, Harold Zeitman, Jerry Doyle, Bob Pugh, Robert Cruse. Qiiifu Fourth Row: Frank Morgan, D. H. Brooks, Charles Wells, Jimmie Lott, H. L. Pryor, Don Millender, J. T. Bass, Eugene Coppedge, Joe Edwards. Fifth Row: Ray Self, Raymond Graves, Ernest Donaberger, Melton Barnes, Billy Patzig, John Brown, Raymond Price, Grady Poynter, Kenneth Higginbotham. Sixth Row: Jack Hyde, Virgil Mattingly, assistant coach, George AI- fred Lewis, Jack Bateman, Robert Clark, Dick Ewing, S. S. Hutchinson, assistant coach, Paul Cruse, Victor Leocadi, Norman Mussato, Joe Cody, James Camp, Bill Keeling, coach. f '14 Footbcm Highland Park 33-Forest O Opening the season against one ot the most polished teams in the state, Coach Bill Keeling's inexperienced Lions ran into trouble. The outcome ot the contest was never in doubt, as the Scotties scored on their initial set ot clowns by virtue ot a blocked punt. Gibbons and Redman, both speeclsters, made a sieve ot the green Forest line, while a stubborn Scottie de- tense held the Lion backs in checlcthrough- out the tray. Page Ninety-six Waco 60--Forest 0 The power ot Central Texas, the Waco Tigers, outmanned the light Forest crew 60 to O. Rolling tor a touchdown every time they got their hands on the ball, the hetty Tigers ground their big city oppon- ents into submission. At the halt the Wacoans were ahead 26 to O and they reached pay dirt tive more times in the last halt to completely overwhelm the hapless Lions. PaIesTine I 3-ForesT 0 EasT Texas' represenTaTives, The Pale- sTine WiIdcaTs, sTopped PoresT by a counT oT I3 To O. Time and Time again The Lions drove goalward only To be sTopped by a sTubborn deTense plus The lack oT a goal- Iine punch. I-Iollon sTarred in This game, as did The WiIdcaT passer, R. G. Wynn. The TirsT score was The resu'T oT a pass, while The oTher was a 45-yard run. Adamson 34-ForesT O ShooTing everyThing They had, The Adamson Leopards opened Their disTricT race by pummeling The PoresT Lions, 34-O. The Leopards played hard and were con- Tinually on The oTfensive. The Lions, in The Third period, drove To The 4-yard sTripe, buT The Oak CIITT boys held. Woodrow Wilson 33-ForesT O A baTTIing spinner, a hard charging line, a seT oT TasT backs-all spelled deTeaT Tor The Lions in Their encounTer wiTh The Woodrow Wilson WiIdcaTs. ATTer receiv- ing The opening kick-oTT and making Two TirsT downs, The Lions had a pass inTer- cepTed by a Triple Woodrow Wilson back. The Wilson crew drove immediaTeIy To an easy Touchdown and conTinued To add To Their ToTal ThroughouT The Tray. Corsicana 26-ForesT O "CoIlierI ThaT's The guy we couldn'T sTopI" Such is The sTory oT The ForesT squad when They reTurned Trom Corsi- cana. Collier goT away Three Times Tor Tallies To lead his Tigers To vicTory over The sTill scoreless Lions. Runs oT 45, 76 and 34 yards produced The Tiger Tallies, while The Lions, Though even in sTaTisTics, couIdn'T keep up wiTh Collier. RoberT Gary and Ed Deering sTood ouT on de- Tense in The melee. Crozier Technical 20-ForesT 0 Playing by Tar Their besT game oT The season, The PoresT Lions held The Crozier Technical Wolves To a lone Touchdown unTil The middle oT The TourTh period when The Wolves Turned on The heaT To win. In The TradiTion sTeeped I-IaIlowe'en nighT baTTle, The Wolves grabbed The ball on a blocked punT on The I8-yard sTripe and scored in The second sTanza. ATTer ThaT iT was a grueling baTTIe wiTh The Tech grid- sTers emerging vicTorious. SunseT 39-ForesT 0 Goble BryanT, Earl Cook, ArThur Burch, and Ned Welch had a Tield day in down- ing The Lions by a counT oT 39-O. The championship bound SunseT Bisons con- necTed wiTh Tour Touchdown passes in sTopping The scoreless Lions, and The only ray oT lighT during The TilT Tor The Lions was The brillianT running oT I-I. L. Pryor. Nearly The enTire game was unreeled in Lion TerriTory. I-Iub I-Iollon, The Lion's mainsTay. played only a Tew minuTes be- cause oT a leg iniury. NorTh Dallas 38-ForesT 0 In The Tinal oT a none Too successTuI season, The Lion gridsTers wroTe Tinis by bowing To The NorTh Dallas Bulldogs, 38-O. The Lions played sluggish ball during mosT oT The conTesT. NorTh Dallas racked up I9 poinTs The TirsT halT and Then added I3 in The IasT haIT. Page NineTy Page LEFT TO RIGHT ln Front: Dorothea Rush, Helen Lattimer, Dorothy Lawrence, Helen Gaylord, Margaret McCreary. First Row: Atrella Frazier, Mary Corley, Ramona Matsler, Louise Ogle- tree. Second Raw: Annie Wilson, Frances Raspante, Antoinette Carbone, Peggy Fackenius, Bertie Thompson. hird Row: Beulah May Green, Billye Thompson, Gene Eubanks, Elaine Sladek, Annie Stephenson, Mildred Bierhalter, Rosanne Flechtner. Fourth Row: Anna Ruth Dyer, Eula Davidson, Evelyn Yates, Francine Burris, Ruth Hill, Louise Cale, Dorothy Bean, Bernie Clement, Clara Bell Veal. Fifth Row: Betty Davis, Patsy McKay, Hilda Wolfe, Maxine Saunders, Billie Ruth Day, Novella Brisendine, Wilma Sanders, Doris Steg- man, Juanita Ellis, Lorene Rose. October I0-Forest vs. Adamson Marched on tield in a V tormation . .. Facing Adamson, tormed big A while Sixth Raw: Patsy Jean Davis, Lenara Osborne, Polly Carter, Betty Earnheart, Billie Patterson, Elizabeth Bishop, Grace Gilbert, Betty Hutson, Gladys Clearman, Mildred Williams, Mildred Karlen. Seventh Raw: Laverne Harman, Betty Kirkpatrick, Ida Mae Thurman, Lula Maye Baker, Marie Griffis, Charlene Sandford, Freddie Polvagt, Eulolia Davidson, Joyce Ligon, Fern ligon, Maxine James, Juanita McSpadden. Eighth Row: Imogene Beasley, Betty Ja Cawthon, Elizabeth Phillips, Margaret Baldwin, Shirley Stephenson, Virginia Lamb, Bobbie Jo Tennison, Babetta Garrison, Lorraine Altenau, Tommie Davis, Betty Ann Eastwood, Edythe Corder, Cora Richardson. Ninth Raw: Rose Lee Kreiter, Sallye Bill Spratt, Claudia Kimbrough, Margrette Kizer, Elwanda Clanton, Margaret Cash, Dorothy Exell, Aggie lee Harper, Marquita Owen, Lillian Freeman, Patsy Joan Watkins, Margie H ' orma Jenn Watts, Mary Lee Dackery. O3 Pep Sq ua d f ... Band tormed S tor S gas F -o ep Squad tormed sunrays aro :eu acin Sunset.. . Band tormed S tacing 's - and Pep Squad tormed U and A o' band played "America" .. . Facing Forest, tormed F. . . Girls sang loyalty. song. October I5-Forest vs. Woodrow Vtfilson Formed double diamond . . . lnside dia- mond tormed W, kneeling while tacing Woodrow . . . Formed F while tacing Forest. November 6-Forest vs. Sunset Band and Pep Squad on tield together Ninety-eight make U. S. A .... Band played "Amer- ica." November l l-Participated in Armistice Day Parade. November 2l-Forest vs. North Dallas Came on tield trom tour corners... Formed N D while tacing North Dallas . . . Then tormed big V with F in center. LEFT TO RIGHT Firs! Row: Betty Lou Hancock, Kathleen Tiner, Scmye Galfuso. Second Row: Glenn Lang, leon Rubenslein, John Tucker, Kenneth H nsen. Cheerleaders 0 GLENN LANG, who won TirsT place in The ForesTer FavoriTes ConTesT, was also head cheerleader This year. Full oT pep and viTaliTy, Glenn was oTTen seen Tum- bling abouT The Tield aT The games. 0 ThaT "cuTe liTTle blond," KATHLEEN TINER, was elecTed cheerleader Tor Two consecuTive years and was head cheer- leader This year. "KaT" also Took second place as Echo SweeThearT. 0 Tall, dark and handsome was JOHN TUCKER, who was one oT EoresT's Tavor- iTe yell leaders. John also placed second in The Echo SweeThearTs conTesT. 0 SAMYE GATTUSO, wiTh her long. brown hair and shining eyes, was The beauTy oT This year's cheerleaders. Plac- ing TirsT, Samye was elecTed a ForesTer 'FavoriTe. 0 The spark oT The seven cheerleaders, KENNETH HANSEN, was elecTed Echo SweeThearT. KenneTh's dancing abiliTy and Triendly disposiTion won him a place in every EoresTer's hearT. 0 BETTY LOU HANCOCK won The posi- Tion oT cheerleader during her iunior year. She also placed second as a EoresTer FavoriTe. Dancing is BeTTy's TavoriTe pas- Time, and she never misses a school dance. 0 Bringing enough lemons Tor all, LEON RUBENSTEIN never Tailed To be on Time Tor a game. Leon is a capTain in The R.O.T.C. and placed Third in The EoresTer EavoriTe ConTesT. Page NineTy LEFT TO RIGHT Firsl Row: Eugene Hixson, Bill McCoy, George Logan, William Holt, Second Row: Norman Mussclo, Billy Jack Romsey, Johnnie Wilhelm, D S ChIS hDdCbbIJ DI SIP k I Ad BIICIdIIFkM UGUE UIIOYI, BUY DY 8. , . Th d R H old Fire, George R cl M 5 Ed s James wiihne. Wvjky ChITlMIB GI BIdDH.Bk, Mevin n rews, i ran orga nes. BcisIceTI:Jolll An inexperienced EoresT baslceTball Team wenT Through a dismal season. Los- ing every game on Their schedule, The Lions were handicapped by The loss oT Three leTTermen aT mid-Term graduaTion, STANLEY PEACOCK, DUANE SUTTON and BILLY CALDWELL. COTTON SMITI-I, DAVID COBBEL, WILLI LOGAN, MELVIN ANDREWS, BUSTER MORGAN and WILLIAM I-IOLT Tried To carry on, buT Their lack oT experience weighTed Them down. One oT The brighT spoTs during The season was The dashing Tloor play oT CHARLES TUTTLE and BUSTER MORGAN. RepeaTedly These Two boys broke up enemy assaulTs beTore They could geT sTarTed. The EoresTers sTarTed The season wiTh a hearTbrealcing 54-IO loss aT The hands oT a Crozier Tech- P g One Hundred nical guinT who were desTined Tor The sTaTe semi-Tinals. IT seemed ThaT The Lions perlced up in Their second melee againsT NorTh Dallas, buT The Bulldog veTerans were iusT Too much Tor The nervous Lions closesT The Lions came To vicTory was in eir TirsT Woodrow Wilson encounTer. The score was Tied aT The end oT The TirsT halT, as The Greenies maTched Woodrow poinT Tor poinT. In The lasT halT, however, The WildcaT sTamina prevailed, and They sTeadily pulled away, To gain a 27-2I win. JERRY DOYLE and EUGENE I-IIXSON. hoTh playing Their TirsT year Tor COACI-I RICI-IARD ALLlSON'S guinT, showed guiTe a biT oT promise and should be hard To handle nexT year. gud elced ouT a Tive-poinT vicTory. The Spring Sports Review gg 0 TENNIS SAMYE GATTUSO, EVELYN LYNN and MARY ELIZABETH ADAMS emerged Trom The Tennis eliminaTions wiTh TirsT Team berThs Tor The girls, while HAROLD GOLMAN, MILBURN GARONZIK and DON ZEMAN comprised The boys' Team. MARY ELIZABETH ADAMS held down The same berTh she had in '42, girls' singles, while DON ZEMAN played singles Tor The boys. EVELYN LYNN and SAMYE GATTUSO Tormed The girls' doubles, and The Lion's besT beTs, HAR- OLD GOLMAN and MILBURN GAR- ONZIK, Took The boys' doubles honors. GOLMAN and GARONZIK wenT on To be The only ones on The Team To leTTer, deTeaTing The NorTh Dallas, Woodrow Wilson and Tech doubles Teams. DON ZEMAN looked impressive in winning his TirsT maTch, as did MARY ELIZABETH ADAMS. The girls' doubles Team oT LYNN and GATTUSO IasT some Thrillers by close scores ThroughouT The season. 0 BASEBALL The only Three reTurning IeTTermen in The Lion baseball camp were TirsT-base- man WILLIAM HOLT, Thircl-sacker DAVID COBBEL and piTcher-ouTTielder GEORGE BAKER. However, The TUTTLE broThers, TOM and CHARLES, boTh piTchers, showed unusually good TalenT. TOM, incidenTaIly, is a leTT-hander. An- oTher brighT spoT was JOHN Mc- CLAREN, who looked like The genuine arTicle behind The pla+e. JERRY DOYLE and BUSTER MORGAN, Trom IasT year's squad, are expecTed To shine brighTly when given The chance. Also among The prospecTs Tor This season are Three Tresh- men: EUGENE HIXSON, BENNY MOR- GAN and DON GENE HAYNES. JACK WATTS and BUSTER MORGAN are also veTs Trom IasT year's B Team oT Coach ALVA SHEPARD. In pracTice games The Lions drubbed HIGHLAND PARK, 6-I. and TECH IO-2, as GEORGE BAKER piTched no-hiT ball in The ScoT game and slammed Two Triples and Two singles in The Tech game. CHARLES TUTTLE piTched a Three-hiTTer againsT Tech. 0 GOLF WiTh a veTeran golT Team back This year, The EoresT Lions sounded an ominous warning To The oTher enTries oT The ciTy series goIT race. In Their TirsT maTch The EoresTers dumped NorTh Dallas by an overwhelming 5If2 To V2 score. ED DEER- ING and GRADY MILLENDER Torm one halT oT Coach LYONS' Team, and DON MILLENDER and BOYD MOORE Torm The oTher haIT. 0 TRACK Even Though such sporTs as baseball and spring Training kepT The TracksTers Trom Turning ouT en masse aT all Times, a Tew worked ouT daily during The Training period. BOBBY SHELTON and BOBBY MILLER were eIecTed capTains oT The Team, and boTh were all-round Track men. BOBBY SHELTON runs The IOO-yard dash, The 440-relay and The mile-relay. BOBBY MILLER runs The 880 and The mile relay. ODELL BUTTRAM, BILLY ROGERS. H. L. PRYOR and BILLY EVANS com- prise The remainder oT The running corps. ROBERT CRUSE and EUGENE COR- PEDGE are The Lion pole-vaulTers, while ED DEERING, DICK WOOD and DON TULLIS perTorm The Tield evenTs Tor Coach KEELING'S crew. Page One Hundred O ATUR SMX NX L L L Foreslzed Elecfed by Populol Top: GLENN LANG Cenfer: ELMO ELAM Boffom: LEON RUBENSTEIN avorites X ofe of The sfudenf Body Top: SAMYE GATTUSO Center: BETTY Lou HANCOCK Boffom: BETTYE JANE GARDNER Ki What Makes Them Favorites O "Five feeT Two and eyes of blue"--ThaT's SAMYE GATTUSO, 4A, '42 Cheerleader, who won firsT place in The ForesTer FavoriTe ConTesT. Samye's friendly smile and sweeT disposiTion have helped her To win The hearT of many a For- esTer. Her naTurally curly hair and her olive com- plexion add To her beauTy. Swimming is Samye's hobby, buT her favoriTe sporT is Tennis, in which her abiliTy has enabled her To be on The '43 For- esT Tennis Team. OT all The subiecTs she has sfudied in high school she likes accounTing besT. Her ideal boy is one ThaT is Tall, dark and hand- some: namely, John Tucker, ex-ForesTer. Her peT peeve is To be asked To repeaf someThing. I GLENN LANG, well known To every freshman and senior, led The boys by a wide margin in The ForesTer FavoriTe ConTesT. Glenn, who was head cheerleader, kepT The crowds exciTed aT The fooTball games wiTh his excellenT Tumbling. This hazel-eyed, blond-haired "Casanova" sTands 5 feeT 5 inches Tall and aTTracTs everyone's aTTen- Tion wiTh his "guieT" sporT shirTs. Glenn, who is noTed for his dancing abiliTy, favors Harry James' "TrumpeT Blues." His ideal girl comes in The person of blond Marguerife TeafaTiller, ex- ForesTer. Already enlisTed in The UniTed STaTes Navy, Glenn will reporT for acTive duTy soon afTer his graduaTion in May. I Brown wavy hair lwhen his "burr" grows oufl, brown eyes and loads of personalify-ThaT's ELMO ELAM, 4A, who placed second for The boys in The ForesTer Favorifes ConTesT. Very acTive in school exTra-curricular acTiviTies, espe- cially in The STudenT Council, Elmo has been The cenTer oT aTTracTion during his high school ca- reer. Among his favoriTes are banana pudding, dancing and foofball. ln Elmo's opinion, Glenn Miller's orchesTra can'T be beaT, and "lT STarTed All Over Again" heads his Iis+ of songs. Upon his graduaTion, Elmo hopes To ioin The Marines. His posT-war plans are To own an adverTising business. O "WhaT has she goT ThaT l haven'T goT?" "Doesn'T she have beauTiful brown eyes and brown hair?" These remarks idenTiTy ThaT cuTe 5 feeT 5 inch, l2O pounds of personaliTy, BETTY LOU HANCOCK, 4B. BeTTy, whose hobby is dancing, won second place in The ForesTer Fa- voriTes ConTesT. BeTTy enioys foofball more Than any oTher sporT, which she readily proved by be- ing '42 cheerleader. Fried chicken and macaroni wiTh cheese Top her favoriTe dishes. A handsome, poliTe TooTball player wiTh brown hair, green eyes, a good physique and personaliTy measure Page One Hundred Six up To BeTTy's requiremenTs of an ideal boy. A caTTy girl is her "unmenTionable" peT peeve. 0 LEON RUBENSTEIN, beTTer known as "Ruby" To all of his friends, won Third place in The For- esTer FavoriTes ConTesT. He was also a cheer- leader in '42. Among his favoriTes are fooTball, phoTography and roses. He likes To read, and To him, "Berlin Diary" is The mosT ouTsTanding book he has ever read. He could siT for hours lisTen- ing To "Black Magic" played by Glenn Miller, and gaze for hours aT his favoriTe acTress, BeTTy Grable. Girls are usually "okay" To Leon, buT his one obiecTion To Them is ThaT They are slouchy aT Times. Leon, who is a capTain in The R.O.T.C., hopes To enfer The Army Air Corps or The Navy afTer his graduaTion This semesTer. I Third place honors for The girls wenT To BETTYE JANE GARDNER, 4A. She sTands 5 feeT 5 inches Tall and has dark brown hair and laugh- ing brown eyes. Like so many oTher modern femmes, BeTTye's hobby is dancing, especially To "l've Heard ThaT Song Before." Her favoriTe chum is Samye GaTTuso, buT she prefers To be wiTh Leslie Miller. Any movie ThaT feafures Alan Ladd is sure To draw her aTTenTion. FooTball is her favoriTe sporT, buT she enioys playing Tennis. BeTTye never misses a ForesT dance and can oTTen be seen "swinging ouT" wiTh The male secTion of ForesT. I DOROTHY LEE LAWRENCE, always a class favoriTe wiTh her friendly personaliTy and gay sense of humor, won The +i+le of Echo SweeT- hearT of l943. DoroThy was capTain of The Green and WhiTe Pep Squad for Two years and a member of The squad four years. She played The parT of Mrs. Amelia Crossword in The Jan- uary '43 Class play, "Hook, Line and Sinker." DoroThy was secreTary of her 4B Class in '42 and News ediTor of The Echo. Her many asseTs have won her The name of "a swell gal." 0 "Hi-ya, doc," and a friendly smile is KENNETH HANSEN'S way of saying hello. A carToonisT "de luxe," Kennefh has won awards for his abilify, among Them, firsT place in The WAAC PosTer ConTesT. His hobby is dancing, and he likes To iiTTerbug. Kennefh won firsT place in The Echo SweeThearTs' ConTesT. He was also "Happy" Jordan in The senior play, "Hook, Line and Sinker," and arT ediTor of The Echo and ForesTer Annual for Two years. Kenny says, "For a girl To yell across The dance floor while dancing simply makes me see red." He is now sTaTioned aT Sheppard Field in The Air Corps Ground Crew. ECHO SWEETHEARTS Elected by Bollofs Printed in Forest Echo Top Row: Sfanley Levenfhal, Evelyn Shaleffe, lna Ve Crowder and Morfon Zimmerman fake parf in fhe P.-T.A. discussion on "Youfh Faces l943" and receive corsages "fo boo'r" . . . Joan Burch and Ada Jo Adams fake 'rime ouf from checking in library books fo pose by fhe library fireplace. Looking for Sanfa Claus, girls? . . . Second Row: The Foresfers do fheir bi+ 'ro help fhe war efforf . . . The foofball boys in fhe lineup . . . Third Row: "Now whaf shall I do firsf?" If only fhere were fwo Mr. Parkers . . . Sfanley Peacock, Edifor-in- Chief of fhe Echo for fhe fall of I942, and Lorene Rose, Exchange Edifor, fake 'I'ime ouf 'l'o gel' a bif of fresh air . . . Three's a crowd buf Sally Freedman, Norma Aronoff and Lenora Levine don'f mind . . . Be'H'y Bevill and Helen Wilensky looking official while faking annual picfures. Page One l-lundred Eighf gnrxf Top Row: Emmi+ Kile and Elmer Johnson ius'I' plain res+ing . . . Foreslers honor memory of William Mann . . . "Wha+ 1'oo'rhpas+e are you adver+ising?" Corinne Pederson . . . Treysa Seely enioys rhe company of horses and Russell Murdoch . . . Second Row: Mina Lee Mill- wee and Lorene Rose go all our for 'lhe scrap drive . . . Third Row: MaioreH'es Dororhea Rush, Helen LaH'imer, Imogene Beasley, and Mildred Karlen pracficing . . . Lenora Levine reverses rhe charges on rhe pho'I'ographer . . . Gloria Nicholas and Frances Hardin con- verse wirh Virginia Driver as +hey wail' for +he nexr group +o come our for a picfure . . . Yvonne Sullins receiving lhe a'H'en'rion of Elmer Johnson and Emmil' Kile . . . Cdell BuH'ram, Ed Deering and Roberr Cruse pa+ien+ly wailing . . . Fourih Row: Gefling fired, BuHram? Hub Hollon fakes a resr . . . Mr. Parker, failhful 'Fan as ever . . . Bill Brown, ex-Foresrer, visifs his alma ma+er. . . My goodness, how +he iunlc is collec+ing . . ., Fifrh Row: The foorball boys go inlo ac+ion . . . Billye Lou Genrry spends a quiel' period in 'l'he library . . . Mary Lou PoH'er models 'for rhe arl' class. Page One Hundred Nine ,I i. sg. " 0 DALS Q dbx: 4 Q ,P Q .4 : 05- 4 4,,5?2Wv. Az, 4 1- if Vr Q-, ,Z 'yff"fo 1 a- ,, I . 75 i i '- gg.. W Tf, , 931. 44: 1' - xv., .vs 10-" ff, ' "sei:-B.1i'.t,e 3' foazsf .5 . Qgaaa ' v B as 22 Si' Nm - 0 9 ' rfltrba X ! N. xx Pi x0Qm Af Mr. Keeling and "Red" Coppedge, from "Deep in the Heart of Texas," go visiting "South of the Border" during the Christ- mas hoiidays. The two teams seern to "click" Leo's most physicaliy-tit comrades repre- sent Forest in the physicai training course for high schoois held in Ariinqton. Patriotic Leo makes War Stamp pur chases each Friday at the Student Coun cil booth in the trout corridor. An av erage ot seven doliars is sold each Friday Looking Bock With Leo September l5-Gee! My sunburn hurts! Wish they'd postpone school for E1 week...By the way, have you heard of the seven new faculty members who added their names to the Forest staff? A large crowd of 1,615 students enrolled this year, so naturally, my toes were crushed by l, 614 pupils. September 17-Had our first assembly today, and MR. PARKER urged us to plan for a successful school year. September 28-Say, what's all this old metal doing around here? Is that so? all other schools in the Scrap Drive. Someone just informed me that we Foresters are leading October 5-Buenas dias, senora. I'm trying to introduce SENORA ELENA LLANTADA DE RAMOS, guest of MISS FOOTE, who spoke to us on the Good Neighbor Policy at assembly. She is the wife of the Secretary of Publicity of Mexico. October 8-Stop! Look! Listen! Traffic Representatives CORINNE PEDERSON and LOUIS RUBIN and Traffic Commissioner ARTHUR MILLER are reporting for duty. Page One Hundred Ten October 16-Comen estan ustedes? Muy bien, gracias y usted? We gave a hearty welcome to the twelve husky football players from Mexico City, who are to compete with the Tech Wolves. October 19-Oh, well, I guess Uncle Sam needs them worse than we do- the typewriters, I mean. We gave up nine for the government. October 21-Certainly we're proud of STANLEY PEACOCK and LONEITA BALL. Why? Because they won first and second places in the War Chest essay contest. Of course, the War Chest Drive begins today. October 27-We were honored today by a talk from LIEUTENANT COMMANDER TATE MILLER at the Navy Day assembly...We surely are proud of our pep squad, but I suppose you've heard. They won a trophy for sell- ing the most October 31-Just November 2-Long who spoke at tickets to the Mexico-Tech game had a lecture from Dad and on Hallowe'en, too!!! live the King! By this I mean JUDGE WINTER KING, the Texas History Club assembly today. November 3-How does my hair look? Oh, my goodness! I'm all in a flutter! Why? Because I get my picture taken for the annual today. November 6-uFlat feet, humped back and a low pulse beat,H pronounced DR. SHEFFIELD as I left the clinic. Today the medical exams of all Forest boys were completed. November 9-Why is everybody so extra friendly today? Oh! Now I know. This is the beginning of Friendship Week. Hello, Friend! Who said boys can't cook? ,Leo bakes delicious cakes. and no one can beat Patrick's "Irish stew." They'll make some lucky girl a great wite some day. 9 CD C 1 1 A ,due VW Wi f , EEZE4, y Qigf -ff Q , Y' 11111 Q f 'K 7 , J .G, 1 q '4 M.Z.5 5S 59 V2 M... "Oh, well, l always did get a kick out ot going bare-toot," declared Leo as the shoe ration stamps were passed out. Z, ii ,.... X fi Q . I iili it ww ,. 150465 emeemes 5 Leo always looks torward to big events such as the Fun Frolic. Everyone partici- pates in the Fun Frolic tor candied pop- corn and decorated booths are too hard to resist. 52" V ,. nf ag 7 -C I" ii l 4. K' MMM Page One Hundred Eleven i?Odhb9ll X30S'S p wQ3hTNG DiSheS 1 G on Pr Q95 . , g- Q Zag ,- - ' ., 1 2 5 H 4 ,L T 7 i"'r i'4L:,, , ' l Y M Q5 I .iirn f ff -f ff 2 'X g t ,MN f- ,,,, I , t 6 , l.flM!ur-4 T.,fo llors win awards IU The only-wide NVANC Posier Contest. Ke-nneih Hansen ielies iirsl place, and Iona Vililleford re- Ccivrs l'iono.ol3le rnonlion. November ll-Hurrah! No Parade to see our R. Can you imagine? Our heroes washing Lions are overioyed when they learn of dishes! When The lunchroorn dish washer the new clinic installed at mid-term. To breaks down, members of The football top il' oh, a wonderful nurse, Mrs, Hurst, squad cheeriully volunteer their services. corn,-s with ill school todaf. I'm on my way to the Armistice O.T.C perform. November 12-Well, what's all this? It looks like a dairy around here. Did you say a Milk Dance? Oh, boy! I'll meet you in the gym with my can of milk in a few minutes. November 15-Where's the guy who grumbled 'bout gas rationing? I think it's a grand idea. QNO school, get it?l November 25--COLONEL R. L. COLEMAN made an awfully nice speech today on Thanksgiving. Oh, boy! That means a holiday soon. November 25-I had fun at the SB skating party, even if I was sore for a week afterward. November 26--Well, here it is-I told you it was coming soon. That's right. Thanksgiving Holidays! December 7-nLet's Remember Pearl Harbor? was echoed through the halls today. We had a patriotic assembly. December 14-UHose, hose, any old hose today?n I also joined the cam- paign. Wonder why Mom couldn't find any hose to wear today? December 18-Tonight I saw the Senior Play, WHook, Line and Sinker.n Boy, I'm glad I didn't miss it! Page One l-lunclrecl Twelve December 21-A beautiful program was given at assembly this morning by the Music Department. They sang all my favorite Christmas carols. I'm certainly in the Christmas spirit! December 22--Christmas vacations begin-Merry Christmas, everyone. January 5--MR. KEELING talked to the Spanish classes today on Mexico. He accompanied the football boys to Mexico during the Christmas vacat ions . January 7-We had an assembly this morning to honor WILLIAM MANN, the Forest boy who gave his life so bravely in 1929 to protect his girl companion. January ll-The intellectuals of Forest took charge of the assembly today. Yes, it was National Honor Society Day. January 18-ARTHUR A. EVERTS talked to the 18-year-old boys today. They're going into the armed services soon, you know. Those little gold pencils MR. EVERTS presented the boys were lovely! January 19-The P.T.A. treated the 4A's today to a picture show. January 20-Eight big pages full of laughs and gossip! The Senior Edition of the Echo! I look forward to it all year. What Forester doesn't? es- "Buy a War Stamp tor victory and vote "Ah-h-hi" Thats riqht, Leo. Open wide Many Lions ioin Uncle Sam's armed tor your tayorite guy and gal." The Stu- tor Doctor Shettield. "Lite is swell when torces atter graduation-a case ot "out dent Council sponsors the Victory Guy you keep well." ot the trying pan into the skillet" tor the and Gel Contest this spring to boost War I8-year-old qraduates. Stamp sales. I I fx F Fglq N 0M 'EW' M .cgfgE' I 3 4 n -mfg j T Q35 'L NX ff 23 , J s f 55 V e f it -+ 4 it N r f J ef nib 'wif ' K 331 se xc is- 5 gel A fl .QI i-EYKT , uxcxzxiq " .,,. X a -xg i ve' 'oft-Th i l 'X , LZTNRY ., M j ? wt 'TE I f" ,fV Page One Hundred Thirteen ta 70 . A "-- i I 5 i f ., F X gf? ,- MMM, ,, ..,5 " 'Q B 'ri .8 f ir s 7 15 1 mwrffozf -1' , 4- ' 'V' '-11:-' f ' 1 fi, , -'i ,::s:f:, ,,,, 5 .,., S G, . . f 'T' ,M I 159 ff f I I W Q ll All " L' 'W i' fr A is. lf if ', . l' ,, 3 Nh ll ilfr 4- rv, ,vjl ' I 4,- " 1 A HERE ww F T 1 ' f , P., We !' e , ,S X - W6 Fam W My ff cem wmow WWF "Beware of The ldes of Merchlw The "Whew! what a day's world" Thai ob- Where's the guy who said high schools deadline To pay income taxes caught slacle commando course set up for Jrhe werent doing enough to ' Mama and Papa right alter The First six- military and P. E. boys is tar from a allc vgeelczreporls came out-right on The re- over, e ' oun . W , 5 many Lions woefully admitted. January 24-Baccalaureate Sunday. At look! January 25-Well the d , ay of doom is here again. day of examinations. If I l' ive through this wonderful pleasure of looking forward to the from now. If only I were a 4A! January 28-After four years, graduation for the looked wonderful-ah, well, my day will co ' me. January 29-Oh, me' Fr . om bad to worse! Today is day, but this one determin es whether or not I tion. Oh, well, what's wrong with bein last! How nice a next one, a ha seni another r r victory? Lions enroll almost a hundred per cent for lho new Victory Corps. ll the 4A's This is the f' irst one ' , I ll have the lf year ors at last. They eport-card raise my classifica- g a 2B for three years? February 8-HELEN GAYL ORD was announced to head the 1945 season today. February 20-A War Bond Sale was put on at Neiman's Reserves. HELEN WIL Pep Squad for the today by the Girl ENSKY and PEGGY WH worth. ITTINGTON sold ov February 27-This is the last straw! Can you im Saturday! Bah! er 32,000 agine? School on March 1-Texas Week is here again, and it's going to us all. We are proud of be a b' ig event for our principal, WYLIE A. PARKER, Father of Texas Week! Page One Hundred Fourteen March 3-Get your mathematical minds to functioning, boys. An arith- metic exam is to be given some time today to all 4B and 4A boys. March 9-NPlease pass the biscuits, pappy.H Tonight, the twelve squad members and two managers were honored at the annual basketball banquet at Jay's Marine Grill. March 19-lt's the gym for me this afternoon-another 3B dance! April 2-Now let me see, if a shop wants to make the models in a display window larger, they use convex mirrors-no, concave mirrors. That Army-Navy test to select college trainees was tough! April 9-Greetings, senoritas y senores! Tonight the All-City Pan American Student Forum had its last meeting of the year in the auditorium. April 21--An impressive service for the dedication of the service flag. At the close of the day the number totaled 3,040. May 10-Senior Day! Those seniors certainly decked themselves out- zoot suit, chain and all. My history class was no longer ancient -a 4A took over the class. May 14-nLaughing Gas,H the Senior Play, had me nrolling in the aisles.u "This is the way we go to school. go to "There will be a regular meeting ot the Something new has been added...Be- school-early Saturday rnorningl Resp- Freshman Class .... " "And don't torget sides learning the art ot "how to make a berries, it's unconstitutional, that's what it that gigantic 4A Senior Prom in the new happy home," Forest l-l. E. girls learn is!" 'air conditioned gym'." First Aid and a l-lorne Nursing Course sponsored by the Red Cross. 'Q I" f NG pg Q Q , 7 RSI S Q ' Q -i H, NU COUR 0 C I ed i Ha, ' 4- Q Q- X HH40 f , - u ., , M Q if , li i 1 Z :H ye -mf,-A 4' 'W' 7 WLT -A ,-if . ll ' M 'O l- ,, iii: l ' ll ft 1 "L QL f ' ,ly 'J - or ' A Nm' l M i of Q, ll X SQTUHP O Ct? Q00 ED ,wllfffml Y v B L lc A DDSB'jfy1iE'7 pjyffjp, A? Q 5 ffrfifcil-11 Page One Hundred Fitteen January '43 Class Play Hook, Line ond Sinlcer Harvey Hoolc . Lesler Line Happy Jordan Seplimus Sinlcer Edna Sinker . . Mrs. Amelia Crossword Clwerry Raynard . Bonila- Smalley . Angel Benedicl . Mrs. Mabel Hallem Mrs. Merlino . Penny Wliilman . Miss Amy Wlwilman Olga . . . Vivian Wliilman Clwris Wynn . Elavia Winlerspear Paul Van Doren Killy Doe . . . Ambrose Rosenbloom Judge Haley . . Dead Body . P One Hundred Sixfeen MISS HELEN FERN BLACK, Direclor CAST June '43 Class Play Louglwing Cos MlSS HELEN EERN BLACK, Direclor CAST . Jimmie Eryar . Bob McNally Kennelli Hansen . Jaclc McClure . Mina Millwee Dorolhy Lawrence Margarel McCreary . Sally Freedman Evelyn Slnalelle lna Ve Crowder . Rizell -lobolowsky Cliarlolle Maranlz Marilyn Raclwoislfy . Anna Kleinman . Sallye Bill Slorall . Barllwell Ellis . Mildred Glenn . . David Ball . Belly Jo Moore . Russell Murdocli . Elwyn McCain . Roberl' Glazer Covering The Compus ON THE SCHOOL FRONT During The scrap campaign we noTed: BETTY SAWYER giving up an alarm clock which she had had for Ten years. MARIANA GILLESPIE, MARY GRABSTALD. DOLORES LLOYD, and SHIRLEY CLARK sing- ing as They pushed a wheel barrow of scrap To The school. RICHARD EARR and his assisfanf, li+Tle sisTer MARGARET, going To all The neighbors' and gafhering scrap from Their yards. JEANNETTE LETO forgeffing To look in her aTTic IouT searching under The house. ERNESTINE BRUCE Thinking whaT fun iT would be To haul off her scrap maferials To The school ground via a sTaTion wagon. ' ROBERT GILLETTE, BILLY B U S H M A N. HORACE LUMPKIN, MILBURN GARONZIK, and BOBBY ROBINSON all Trying To "ouT-scrap" each oTher. And during The clean-up campaign: JO ANN EOSHEE pinching herself hard if she ever Threw down a piece of paper. PAULYNE ENGELBERG looking disgusfed when she didn'T gef all her orange peelings in The wasfe baskeT aT lunch. ROSEMARY COWARD feeling slighTly asTon- ished buf Terrifically proud of The resuITs of all The clean rooms. Several Teachers demanding To know why Their rooms were noT marked "perfecT." MR. BUTLER making pupils who dnewed gum in his room clean off The gum under The chairs. NAOMI LEWIS feeling "righT proud" of her room s prog.-ess. JACK SUMMEREIELD Taking a genuine infer- esT in The campaign. Ancl buying War Sfampsr MARY JAYNE ANDERSON Trying noT To miss a week in buying aT leasf Three sfamps. "OZZIE" HANSEN buying a sfamp a week "for his broTher." DOROTHEA RUSH and HELEN LATTIMER smiling Their sweeTesT aT Those who boughf sfamps, Thus encouraging The sales. BILLY MOULTON smiling and saying proudly, "JusT a few more and my book will be filled." Here and There: All The miliTary boys Thoroughly enioying drill- ing The "Junior VVAAC's." DOROTHY MOULTON wishing she were a boy so she could join The Navy. HOW WELL WE REMEMBER WHEN MARGARET BROWNING wenf To all The foofball games wiTh JIMMIE DUNCAN. MR. MCCORMACK Teased HORACE LUMP- KIN abouf his burr haircuf. BILLIE JEAN MITCHELL and JOAN STONE were The Two freshmen who never missed a maTinee dance. MARVIN BARISH made such an eloguenf speech aT assembly. SEEN AT THE MILITARY DANCE BILLYE THOMPSON dancing confenfedly wiTh ED BURKLEY. GLENN LANG and MARGUERITE TEAFA- TILLER Taking The spoTlighT wiTh Their almosT pro- fessional iiTTerbugging. SHIRLIE MARK geTTing a big kick ouT of HARRY GOODSTEIN and his wisecracks. , JULIUS FRAUMAN gazing enviously aT The officers' uniforms. EULA COLEMAN wiTh handsome GEORGE EISCHL. Toofloall player from Tech. POPPY HAMMOND happy as everyfhing wiTh her clafe BOB PUGH. HORACE REPHAN, I:oresT's smallesf fry I4' IO"l cuTTing in on all The girls. LIEUTENANT-COLONEL D A VI D COBBEL and HELEN GAYLORD making a lovely couple. DOWN AT THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S STUDIO HERBERT GOLDBERG Trying To show The pho- Tographer how To Take The picfure. ELMO ELAM Trying To decide which one of his proofs made him look more debonair. JOE EREED following The phoTographer's assisTanT around. SAMYE GATTUSO complaining abouT The "funny expression on her face." GLENN .LANG Trying To decide which frame he liked besT. BOBBY ROBINSON and ERVIN POLISHUK Trying To ride "piggy back" up The sTairs. ANNETTE GOLMAN reading magazines on The floor. MONNA JEAN Sl-IACKELEORD smiling pref- Tily aT The "birdie," FRANCES TIMPSON Trying To make her hair sTay in place. DAVID BALL buying duplicafes of his picfure. HELEN WILENSKY looking aT The Highland Park annual. TOMMIE ORTON bringing an exTra blouse along To be phoTographed in. BARTHELL ELLIS wiTh all his medals and a saber. 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I-I+:-:-:f:3:2:5:2:f4: 1:I'1-'-'-21212119-' QS' '-Is:-'-::lf.7:7:T:'. -I+'-I-I-f1'?:I-1-I-2-'+I-I-' -,-:-:5:2- 'Q .. , .4 - U - - , -- - ..,.x,x- I ,. . . wha' Our Advertisers The publication of the 1943 FORESTER has been made possible through the cooperation of the following friends. Let us show our appreciation by patroniz- ing them whenever possible. American Beauty Cover Company Bell Clothing Company Ben Morris Jewelry Company Bermann, Benjamin Brilling Insurance Caudle Engraving Colonial Pharmacy Colonial Plumbing Denison Studios Dossett's Cleaners Draughon's College Dysterbachas Feldman, Max Fakes and Company Forest Avenue Furniture Franklin's Friedman,s Drug Gray's Diamond Shop Hiegert Florist Home Furniture Company Interstate Circuit Kahn, E. M. Lang,s Flowers Page One Hundred Eighteen Louise,s Record Shop McNeese Shoe Repair Metropolitan Business Model Tailors National Jobbing Company Oma,s Beauty Shoppe Parker, Earl R. 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WAR STAMPS and BONDS Compliments of BENJAMIN BERMANN ZOENELL BEAUTY SHOP 2806 Forest Avenue Phone H-0489 Zola Randolph Licensed Operators Compliments of MAX FELDMAN Page One Hundred T ty Compliments of PAUL'S SHOES, INC. 1600 ELM DALLAS e Compliments of Y , FR KLIN I I6I0 Elm Street Phone R-5378-9 COMPLETE WARDROBE "From Crih to Collagen The Largest Selection in Town ot Senscxtioncxl Low Prices INFANTS SIZES: O to 9 Months WOMEN'S SIZES: I8V2 to 24V2: 38 to 52 CHILDREN'S SIZES: I to I6 MISSES SIZES: 9 to 20 Compliments of Rl BREWER JI ilitaigf anal Qspoifts 'ear 1803 Elm Street R-6206 In sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past 19 years. American Beauty Cover Co. 2002-8 North Field Street The Cover on this Book Was Produced in This Plant clretl Twenty-two Nl '33 L "'ii1:1 f2i5QQQQ ' ,lliz :Zi :':" I 4 S z Fa ff Q W gg y QMFVQ WAMONU 550' if "" """"""' Come' N36 f"" ffm' qjf ' Q5 f ' I X999 1 f f Fine qualify diamonds wa'lcl1eS A1553EgggggggfgggfgggQt' Z jewelry on mos? convenlenl credil' li -5 XMI .,-"IE V ferms. Cash or credil' one price "" HE .ig ' If +o all no mferesi' no carrying 5525555535533 4.'. -S -255 Charges- V fiiiiiiiifzi . ' I Q 0 -----:-:f:2:2:5:Z5E3E555E3Eg,.3i55325E5Z ,'.', ffffgi . 'Fi ,,, ,..,.......... ...... ..,..,..,..,..,. ......,.. ..,....,.....,... ,................,.,.. ,,., I 2 . . : . .... 4 .... V 4 ' I f IfI:fiE25252225252225252532222252525252525222522252E2225252i2E2E2i2E2E252a2gr... H. Q ' fi I 'P ' 2s2z2a2a2s2a:zE..., I 11225zgagagzgzgagziai52255sizgagzgagagsgagsgsgagsizgsisgagagfgageigggi ggsgzif O , Tw ,M 55255EE2E?E22EE3iEEEE?i55:1:1.. 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Next to Baker Hotel e Fresh Fragrant Flowers Artistically Arranged Cgmplimenfy gf FOR EVERY OCCASION THAT COST NO MORE Svlzeppy - Sablosley , is Lang S I Service Insurance Co. THREE STORES TO SERVE YOU Page One Hundred Tweniy-lh The White - Dalsec-Forest and air Theatres Extend to the Graduating Class of May, 1945, and January, 1944, their congratulations and best wishes in starting out on life's highway. These neighborhood theatres are sure that these young men and Women are well equipped to take their places in the future life of our splendid city. Always remember that these theatres are a part of your neighborhood and are conducted in your interest with clean and wholesome enter- tainment. Interstate Circuit, Inc. C9 DENISON on your PHOTOGRAPH is the same as Sterling on your SILVER N50 STUDIOS IOIZM Elm Street Dallas,Texas OFFICIAL SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPI-IER P q O H dred Twenty-four 0ngrafu!atz'0m1f fo the 1943 Graduates of Forest Avenue High School EAU ID L E EN1-EDAVING gTEEL AND CDPPERPLATE ENERAVER5 CDMDANY We .rmeerely thank you for the privilege of fapply- encg flee commencement en- virateom and cawif for barb january ami May Claffef of 1943. gnanufacturerr of WEDDING INVITATIDNS N ' DDMMENDEMENT INVITATIUNS CU1szt CU: m C9ur 3Vefw FINE SUSINESS STATIONERY AND EREETING CARDS eff? and g4Cf0T7' 1107 McKinney Ave. DALLAS Pgo HddT we ,f cqufog 'zafbfiz X ff ff' XX ,ffl , If Z- 5 X ,F XV v Y ' S X "N XXX X - , e One Hundred Twenfy-six This Annual Printed by ,Lg M, "" , ff? , I IIIIUII flll lllq Ulllg-U11 1 X DWWDIZSE L5R27DELDiSIllEEE5C1lul3Y2225l3m fiff-H5-A 1717 wooo STREET 1 11211113232321212gIgIgIgZgIgIgI:Z:.:..I,' .,...,.,.,.A.,. . g.g.- - Q - -.g.g.:.:.,.g.g... , ...H . ... ... . . . . . . . 149 li Each year finds an even greafer ef- forf on fhe parf of bofh fhe Foresfer Sfaff anol our organizafion fo keep up fhe high sfanclard of fhe FORESTER lvlasferpieces. We appreciafe fhe iourney fhrough fhe years wifh your publicafion personnel ancl School officials. SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING Co OF DALLAS. 2I0O Jackson Sfreef Phone Riversid 8 DALLAS, TEXAS POI-ldd f f f, - - - ,- V -'ftff""'4P if 'NQWWV foffnflf' Jw-1 afdgnfv ,., .,. ,.,, 'F ' fs. 4 L7 f 'V' I ,J , 435' ,, Lf'-"L-f 'A " 5 ,' , X 4 ,g ,As f. , fu i X15 .f ,p THE COVER In explazmtion of the cover-Our servicemen are, left to right: Ensign 0. P. Thomas, mathematics instructor and assistant foot- ball coach last yearg Second Class Seaman Ray Cash. of the ,lane 342 classg Sergeant Abe Cohen of the Jane 536 class, and Second Liezttanant William Wright of the January '39 class. L 5 . I 1 5 D x I v S P P F P 5 :sl A 4 EJ-w ' 'F' X 3 J 1 J aff Wi H ,fx 13a fb if ,AN 134 fs' 'dsc if by in Y: .QA X X-15 ii Qu S! KE 7 ,mg IJ W Qu EH J, lr ft fs ,sa '40-1 W .9 .J 5 , a+ rl Q, ar H H1 .fl 14

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