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TEXAS Contents V UPHOLDING THE FOUR FREEDOMS CLASSES ARE THE IsAcIcBoNE R. o.T. c. TRAINING DISCIPLINES ORGANIZATIONS BACK WAR EFFGRT PARTIcIPATIoN IN ATHLETICS LAUGHTER AND FUN Foreword This year more +han any o'rher we, of l'he Foresler, believe +ha1' we have presenfed a +rue and more accura+e pic'I'ure of Forest This year we have endeavored +o show +he real spiril' of Fores+, in addifion l'o showing piclures of classes, clubs and o+her ac+ivi- +ies. ln +his 'rime of war Foresl has gone "all ou+" for Nafional De- fense, and will conlinue 'I'o do so un+il affer 1'he emergency has passed. This is a piclure of you, s1'uden+s, and here is your l942 Fores+er. Dedicotion Because, along wi+h all +he o'l'her good and lrue and kindly fhings +ha+ have so far happened or yel' shall happen fo us, you hold a permanen+ place in our hearfs and memories, because each one of you has lefl' wil'h us a bil' of your besl' self +o become an in+egral parl' of our besl' selves, we wish as an inclica+ion of our es- 'reem for you and our blessings, on you, lo dedicafe +his +he '42 Foresfer, +o you: Miss Ka+e Has- sell, Mrs. Tura W. Dial, Colonel William M. Herzog, Mr. L. E. Rosser. , A 4 'A 1 1 r g-1 .F In Litfff- nk Q ,I .A 4 us,,1 V ,Q H, , 'AJ-f. , AF ,,t7 1,,, ,r ,-fiiflia n i - ,, -, 5 . F - ,, -I ' A 'N . . I YI52'5E'+?45LY"--32-i A - , H J'oj,,- .K .-,V -'T7",f.,: 1 ,ID ' 251735251-fl' . - V, in -1 , A A ef: Pk, ': fi 'V . M - I ,. nz. 'K. ' ' ' l ' - -v ' ' V. .. - A 1' -Q A I ,V 4,5 ' -T A J.-1. 2 1, Q ?" . . !,vg!LAZ3igy-w!,ff.-1.-15,5 . 1 1 , ' 'ifgggf' .. - ,- .. u r - A Hug ,, 'f?2i:4v-- 1 1 fivf-Ja + ' ' , 'H ,1 '. .,"fSv--:M H w "ima"-f ' mf , --M -z -,nfl -4 -I V . LQ ,A H A If-Y. fr' , Q" "lfQ9f'S'r- 9 ' ' 'rv-1.-' J V' I""' ' F - . , In , f, , +90 -. If ,Ea .-N , , I ".'f31:?g-'75ftefW, .,Q','-4 234. ' -' ' :".:r-,',: - L - .M-,, , a,,, , . .s,.1,, rts -r+,'a41g,.g'igE5,,g:.f..a1,. QA, W P--1-F -I-Q .P Q- :- 1 nw ,V , ',,,..,. .- ,.., fm., .- . . ,, Q, ,. ,.m.fa1qfv-aww ,f - I fjw, S ,Ag V , , 1' UQ, ,N gi. 1 'xy .NM 1 . , W" ' , . . 1 ' -'Q '93, 71 A. ,,,f , V 1 7 L - ,-5 , . ' ! lr., X - A UPHOLDING THE FOUR FREEDOMS of work, speech, vofe, and worship, +he adminisfrafion s+eps sfurdily onward guiding rheir scholars 'rhrough +he fields of cer+ain1'y, knowledge, and perseverance. The adminis+ra+ion sfands sreadfasf, sacrific- ingly carrying before 1'hem always 1'he +orch of civiliza+ion. The undersfanding feacher possesses never-ending pafience and willing- ness +o work for +he good of +he s+uden'rs. I-TX, ,xffx pf" X P gg Nm, v.lwerL--rwwXr,'wrw11v' fbi' Yvx' w- 'w1',flrv'- Y x-.Vw f. mf-, X1 Y wi- H 1 in ,M .-,Mn ,f,w1:v?'. V: rl'Mf I "', wiv-w7'fHw ml " HM'v1.Nwv-, M' WYLIE A. PARKER BA., MA. flwvfv w!1vHwH" mm 1. U"-rwf, fn M v,,Wvflrw,mlmUgy,1 1'-'I v-mu 1-mf :MW A, . . ,vm Wy frf1'u.v..1w? ww-, M. ,,L,. .,x,, Y "M" Mmm PM-rf1f,ffNfMlf, www. If U 'U 'M'-.-. fhml He Is oi Community Leoder To say "l-lere, meer llie principal" would seem ridiculous, for a person so well known as Mr. Parker isn'Jr Hiusl inlroducedf' l-le's one oi iliose people you iusl naiurally meer in Jrkre course oi your work, you can always see liim al llie ioolball, baseball, and baskelball games. l-le's almosl a pari of rlre leam. We find lrim in assemblies and sing-songs ioining wkiole-lrearledly in lkre fun. ln sludies, lie lfias lauglrl us wliai many men in Training are learning: "l+'s liard work lliar counis, now." l-lis iaiili and idealislic inleresl in +l'ie srudenls and lris uplrolding of lrigli slandards make liim long remembered by graduaies oi Foresl l-liglr. ll was only logical llrai a man wlio has been oulslanding in slale aiclairs sliould once more slep info llre role oi leader, becoming lwead oi our disrricl ol air raid wardens. During sclrool lrours lie promoled worllr-wlrile move- menis. l-le was direclly responsible for a cily- wide rnovemenl lo learn all verses oi llie nalional anrlwem. "All lour verses? Lars nearllroml"So,wl1en Julius lilarsf-y, Supnrinlvndenl ol Sckrools, camo lo visil Fr-rresr llrcrrr was nollring lell for Mr, Parker lo do lfrul lo lei Mr. Dorsey lrear every sluclenl in scliool sing all lour verses ol The nalional anllwem. This carn- paiqn, wliicli was suggesled by Mr. Parker, spread llwrouglnoul llwo cify wirlrin a week. you me-el some ol us." argumonls willi lrirn al lirsf, buf he Turned cru be a "regular follow," . . and l'rn sure youll like Forosl. Jusl wail un re encrugli, wlierr ilra new supf-rrnlondfinl crllr ri Scliools began lo know us, be Carnr: brwfk lr: sl more ollon. Since Mr, Wlwiin was lrivnorly prin pi unsel, Foresiers expeclf,-cl lrr lmvfe a few lrion f JULIUS DORSEY Superiniendenf Administration DALLAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS BOARD OF EDUCATION DR. DAVID W. CARTER, Presidenf MRS. W. P. ZUMWALI, Vice-Presidervr OABE P. ALLEN F. D. DANFORD L. O. DONALD DAN D. ROGERS MRS. T. A. WAGGONER r' L. V. STOCKARD Assisianf Superinfendeni A W. T. WHITE ssisfanf Superinfendenf Charge of High Schools Gur Deon RACHEL M. FOOTE Ph.B., MA. Our dean has also led The way in lNlaTional Defense worlc. She has reminded sTudenTs ThaT by helping China, we help win The war in prornoTinq The China RelieT Fund. She has lcepT up her good will oT pasT years in dealing wi+h some blundering sTudenTs and s+iII has a smile ready Tor The nexT "excuse" ThaT comes in The oTTice. There's a digniTy abouT her and yeT a spiriT ThaT never Tails To win Triends. She's a parT oT The school ThaT we're proud oT. MeeT The dean: Miss Rachel FooTe. Faculty One of lhe prolessional courses laugh? in Eoresl is shorl- hand. Sludenls fake fhis course along wilh a year course in lypinq, al The conclusion of which many sludenls are able To secure posilions as soon as They leave high school. Bookkeep- inq, business arilhmelic, commercial law, and commercial qeoqraphy are also offered To non-college sludenls lo give lhem a slarl in fhe business world. S. N. BAKER, Shorlhand Weslern Sfale College, B.A. HARRY E. BARTON. R.O.T.C. Band Parsons College, B.A, and B.M. RUTH BARHAM, Enqlish U. ol Texas, B.A. 4A Class, Sponsor Texas Sfale College lor Wonwen, B.S. Eulure husbands lr-arn lo do lhe lhinqs They will expecl The-in wivns lo do, in Miss Berry's l-l.E. class. Eoresl is one of The few hiqli schools Thal ollers a home econonnics course lo boys. ln addilion lo loarninq lo cook, The boys also learn lo plan rneals and Take care of a home. There are also hmne economics, clolhinq and foods cla'ses for girls. W li . 5, I The mosl urqenl business in The world is educalion. Edward R. Muirow as as FRANCES BEILHARZ, Clolhinq '+-...W Leff lo Right GUY ALLEN, Chemisfry Howard Payne, B.A. RlCl-lARD C.ALLlSON, Hislory T.C.U., B.Ed. Baskelball, Head Coach: Eoofball, Assislanl Coach NANNIE D. ANDREWS. Mafhemafics U. ol Texas, B.A. Banking, Sponsor ELIZABETH BAGLEY, English U, of Texas, B.A. iWlLLlE MAY BERRY, Home Economics U. ol Texas, B.S. Girl Reserves, Co-Sponsor HELEN FERN BLACK, Public Speaking U. of Illinois, B.A, Girls Public Speaking Club, Sponsor, Senior Play, Direclor MARGARET BREVVER, Malhernalics Texas Womens Colleqe, B,A.g S.M.U., M,A. 2B Class, Sponsor EMMA l-l. BROWN, Malhemalics U. ol Arkansas, B.A.: S.M.U., M,A. Assislanl Senior Counsellor JENNIE WOLEE BLUMENTHAL, Sludy Hall J. A. BOULTON, Physics Cenlral Missouri Slale Teachers College, l3.A., BS.: U. of Missouri, M.A. Tennis, Coach Ml'NNlE BROWN, Hislory George Peabody College, BS.: Columbia U., Dallas Hislorial Sociely, Sponsor ANNA C. BRYAN. English S.M.U,, B.A., M.A. IB Class, Sponsor W. H, BUTLER, Social Science U, ol Texas, B,A,, M.A. Hi-Y Clubs, Sponsor RUTH CHRISTOPHER, Social Science U. of Texas, B.A,, M.A. Freshman Class, Counsellor WY. H, ..... .,.,,7 BU RNETT COX, Economics Auslin College, B.A.g Foolball and Baseball, Assislanl Coach SARAH DAVIDSON, Spanish U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. 4B Class, Sponsor DOROTHY GERLACI-I, Hislory U. ol Texas, B.A. Foresl Forum, Sponsor C. V. GOODMAN, Hislory Easl Texas Siaie Teachers College, B.A.g U. of Missouri, M.A. Slondard Debaling Sociely, Co-Sponsor MARY SMITH CLARK, Journalism S.M.U., B.A., Echo and Foresler, Edilorial Sponsor RICHARD L. COLEMAN, Mililary Faculty Since lhe Uniled Slales has been prornoling friendlier rela- lions wilh The counlries lo lhe soulh of us, sludenls have been urged lo siucly The hislory and Ihe cusloms ol' Ihese Lalin- American nalions. In order Io undersland Ihe hislory ol These counlries more fully, il is necessary lor The sluclenls lo know somelhing aboul The developmenl ol' our nalion, which is wha? lhis class in Miss Brown's American Hislory is sludying. in "' 4 ".l Q I EMMALINE DONAHUE, Library MARY DRAKE, Hifory GROVER J. DOUGLAS, I-Iislory OCTAVIA EDWARDS, French U. of Chicago, Ph.B., S.M.U., M.A. S.M.U., B.A,g U ol Texas, M.A. I Am An American Club, Sponsor Le Cercle Francais, Sponsor D. T. GRIIZFITI-I, Mechanical Drawing Norlh Texas Slale Teachers College, B.S. SEARCY HARDY, Sludy I-Iall U. of Nebraska, B.S. LOULA ELDER, Malhemalics U. ol Oklahoma, B.A., M.A. 3A Class, Sponsor ANNIE GEM FELDER, English U. ol Texas, B.A.. M.A. IA Class, Sponsor A course of ever-increasing imporlance Today is mechanical drawing, under The capable supervision al Foresi ol D. T. Grirlilh. Designers, builders, and engineers of lomorrow are receiving lheir basic lraining loday al lhe Foresl Avenue High School drawing boards. The courses in addilon Io mechanical drawing ollered al Foresl are archileclural drawing, dralling, and commercial arl lo prepare lhe boys lov lheir vocalions, Educalion malces a people easy lo lead, bul diflicull To drive, easy Io govern, buf impossible lo enslave. -Lord Brougham. Faculty "Mr, Maclc, will you help me wilh my book?" is lho requosi ol a sludonl in Mr. McCormaclc's accounlinq class. The success of any business depends on ils books. Tliif Eorosl lnliqh School rlf,fOUDlll'1Q clazs is one ol the cornrnorcial uoursos ollered nonl collcqc sludenls lo qc? a boiler sliirl in lhc' business world. Qlhor commercial courses aru lnoolclcoupinfi, lvusiness arilhrno- lic, commercial law, and cornrnorcial qooqraphy. 5: L fl' x 13 ALICE HARRINC-TON, Home Economics U. ol Arkansas, 5.5.1 Columbia U., M.S. Vuslonians, Sponsor PERCIE HOLDEN, Pianisl s, SELDON S. HUTCl'llNSON, EEFITHA JACKSON, Enqlish PAUL C. LA BORNE, English Physical Eduralion U. ol Texas, l5.A., M.A. Norlh Texas Slale Teachers Col- Norlh Easl Missouri Teachers Col' Girl Rusoryos, Sponsor lfrqe. B.A.g Coloiado College of lcqo, BS.: U. ol Missouii, M.A. Sludonl Council, Sponsorg Assislanl Eoolball Coach Educalion, M.A. SARAH HyMANI51udy Hall W. H. I-CEEUNG, Malhomalics E. E, LYONS, Malhornalics Collr:i1oolArls and lnduslries U. ol Vermonl, 5.5. Eoollmll 42, Huarl Coach: Golf, Coach Traclc, l-loacl Coach From lhe lime sluclonls enlcr hiqh school unlil lhoir qradua- lion, lhoy are in conlacl wilh the Enqlish doparlnionl. Those fro-,hrncn in Miss Mols.on's class are iusl beqinninri llieii work in hiqh school Enqlish, Eoresl ollcrs lour Tully accrodilecl years of Eriqlish, which includes bolh qrarnrnar and lilrraluro, lo lho sludonls. This crodil is required il the sluclonls are planninq ln onlor colleqe lollowinq rqradualiwn. Tho foundalion ol' every slale is lho oducalion of ils youlh. -Alliogenes. JUlNllA E. McAl.lSTER, Chomislry Norlh Texas Slalo Teachers Col lege, BS.: U. of Chicaqo, M.S. Junior Red Cross, Sponsor C. T. McCORMACK, Accounlinq Drauqhonis Busincss College, Graduale 'Work al S.M.U. KM . we Q 'N 1 ll sl' ELIZABETH HUGHES, English U. ol Texas, B.A. Audilc-ies Cuosaiis, Co-Sponsor VlRGlNlA HURST, Typinq and Shorlhand U. ol California, B.A. ETl-l EL MASTERS, Mafhemalics U. ol Texas, B.A.1 S.M.U., M.A. PEARLE MATTHEWS, Home Economics College ol lnduslries and Arls, 5.5.3 U. of Colorado, M.S. ADDIE MELSON, Enqlish Texas Slale College for Women, B.A. LOU RANlA MILLER, Lalin U. of Texas, B.A.g U. of Chicago, M.A. Audilores Ccio.aris, Sponsor ELIZABETH PARKER, Engiish SouThwesT Texas STaTe Teachers College, B.A.g U. OT Texas, M.A. JULIA Preircricrr, Typing U. oT Texas, B.A. MEREUTTT-l SCHROEDER, ArT Texas STaTe College Tor Women, BS.: Columbia U., M.A. Allied ArTs Club, Sponsor LOCILLE SEGRIST, Girls Physical Educafion S.M.U., B.A., Columbia U., M.A. Pep Squad, Coach: Girls Tennis, Co-Sponsor MABEL Wi-lITTl-NGTON, Home Economics NorTh Texas STaTe Teachers College, B.S. FLETCHER RYAN WICKT-TAM, Spanish Baker U., B.A,g U. of Oklahoma, M.A. Pan American STudenT Forum, Sponsor LAVINIA RAWLlNS, MaThemaTics and LaTin U. oT Texas, B.A.g Columbia U., M.A. AudiTores Caesaris, Co-Sponsor 2l3 Class, Sponsor EDNA ROWE, English U. oT Texas, B.A., M.A. Senior Counsellor, STandard DebaTing Sociary, Spongor MABEL SHAW, English U. oT Nebraska, B.S.g Teachers Col- lege oT Columbia U., M.A. ALVA SHEPARD, MaThemaTics NorTh Texas STaTe Teachers College, l3.S. Foofball '4l, l-lead Coach: Baseball, l-lead Coach LOUISE WILCOX, Music NoiTh EasT Missouri Teachers College, B.A. RUTH WILSON, Secreiary U. oT Texas, B.A. l-l. B. YATES, HisTory U. oT Tennessee, B.A.7 Columbia U., M.A. Echo and ForesTer, Business Manager Faculty Some oT The many acTiyiTies oT The girls Physical EducaTion classes are sTunTs such as This "Human Merry-C-o-Round." ln addiTion To learning sTunTs and exercises To build The body, boTh The girls and boys Physical Educaiion classes are required To sTudy TirsT aid. All girls are required To Take Physical Edu- caTion, while boys may have Their choice oi eiTher Physical EducaTion or MiliTary. BESS THATCT-TER, T-lisTory U. oT Texas, B.A., M.A. Texas l-lisTory Club, Sponior FRIEDA Tl-TOENE. Girls Physical EducaTion Iowa STaTe Teachers College, B.A. Pep Squad, Co-Sponsor PENDLETON O. THOMAS. MaThemaTics EasT Texas Teachers College, B.S.: U. oT Texas, M.B.A. EooTball, Baskeiball, Track, AssisT- anT Coach J. B. WHITE, Biology George Peabody College, B.S.g S.M.U., M.A. Aside Trom being indispensable as adyerTisers oT school ac- K i Y i TiyiTies, The sTudenTs in Miss MerediTh Schioedefs arT classes assisT in making drawings Tor The PoresTer annual. While Their regular course of sTudy consisTs oT many phases of arf work, such as Tashion designing, inTeiior decoralion, drawing, clay modeling, and block prinTing, oTher acTiviTies include Trips To The Dallas Museum oT Pine ArTs and exhibiis oT sTudenTs' work Tor The year, NoT in PicTu res ELOISE DURHAM, English ANN H. WIESINFELD, Clerk .J. ' 1 1 M T-M 'ix v ,lvwi-,. i ., i - 5 ' , v-. ,N-vu" Jffmw- ' . . V 1 - -, 7, . 1.2 . , . I - . , . , 1" ,,, ..--rf-vw' " ' r,,.,,..- - Q- f1+4w5tp:w ., T.'.xf,Qf,!1W'-,j" :'q-- , .f L ' g aQ4famgj33i+ A. -' 2 - , - M 2- LQiH?fFHiw? fv w2w-4- ' 1 11'-rv " l, wr' , .q . . ,V 4. ,"f ' "W" ' , ',f"Igf'ff fn" . 'YL f,Z-h q'5f 1 . 1 w "f'ifi'5,f':aV Y'-L2 'N K , .1114-,iv5f1i2y. 3.1854 -Q 'Af-,'5g,5 '-741 '.k:g.f'iQ' PPE". .f L ' ' F W- " 'F LF" 4 - 1 'tl f ' WY ,QJ.., ,ft . ,.1 fx-"gg ASQ. ,g+,.,3, A ' 1, In v ,, X x A 10 L,-.- , - ,ity 4 .,f,,,.. . ,.,w,j wgggwgimg c-IL --1 " 'WIA' "N ' , X J-Q - N 4 CLASSES ARE THE BACKBONE of +he school and 'I'he reason for +he school's exisfence. The 'Func+ion of class room s+udy is +o develop 1'he infellecfual, physical, moral, and social powers of +he individual. Edu- cafion in il's broadesl' sense means lraining for ac+ive, inlelligenl' cifi- zenship. Foresf furnishes fraining for cirizenship by giving +he sfudenl' ample opporfunifies for acfive par+icipa+ion in his own school com- munify. s 774 65, 3 i f ' ' ,,wlv0,Q 9 if E 1 ', S Hoy X3 545 5 , 1 , Q fa. Q , N F, -f V 'g. iii I 4: - 2 Q- Q 5:3 F 3 5 Q ll l lf 15, a W rg ' QQ 2? rw if 1 li ll , ,eg f ' ' - ' " A X .X " K - is , f 1 M l V' - 5' fl 1'-5334, 3 is 'N 'bu ig 2, , g X 1 A. V 5 1 j ill wg? rf gg E , 7 li gif-W2 ,, A f ' 1 ,J 1 as f M Q- :rf M ii N O .i 'ill-,"l'Nx I A i . X15 ' Q I 1 I l V X- w"'7'7 ,M T W N M ' ' l lv ' ,P 5 , 1 . 1 'ff f " ig XX A i , f 1 X fgze.-I 4, i f , i X 75 f Elf? QL , 3 lfiflfilfifi f X fr , ,f i Vw' ' ' 'MT .e ,f ll N K twig, ,, Wwr6,. Z 7 K V V Avlpgfl X l 113 "' r llllll l R ' ' l """ 7 if S ' 27 'illll ,, nifw so is 2 1- x gl"aSF:'wFs. Q if N W 1 f I q . f i 'H-2 5 la AZ! i 1 s fr-w'lWll ' 'S 9 4 ,Alf Vklll, lim,-l, X ' '-+42 3,71 ' , '- , f- l'wf,'f'ia9 , A m qw, E X W :lgllQ l,f15.f- ,,,. 142' ?f4?iif:"kil'5l fnxygr , 5 hiatt MQXQA - IQ: ,WL 1. nj X E 2- Wlllllli' 'iff 9' X 'S I l Q My yn nw DWL!-i5 L1-,E V - -.-rzff, .v, I'-'D"'E9"f'l, 'L' ::- Q ' ew ' I x ..- I5:?l7j- N'-,iw 125321 'I ' X X ' T7 f' ' - E . am Q N4 fly! if as 'N Q X- ,f fish, I Z 5 K K! 1 E EA , , ,ff V ir 1 4' lfafafif lf" ' if xx Q ,. 3 1' ', ,ff-K, 6 Q 1 . .fre -"' ,K . '. ,. A , , If ELL: X Z kj , ri,,,,.,.,-, . ..,,,., .,, ..---.. .,.. - ,.., ..-. , HAROLD BOROFSKY HOMER ODOM NELDA REYNOLDS MISS RUTH BARHAM PresidenT Vice-Presidenf Secrefary Sponsor Moy '42 Clciss Gfficers "ForesT orphans" adopTed by Miss RuTh Barham . . . Mafinee dance begins whirl of 4A acTiviTies . . . Seniors give nighT dance wiTh records . . . Mafinee dance given by 4A's on April 3 . . . 4A seniors don new cloThes and give assembly on Senior Day: ParenT-Teacher AssociaTion enTerTains Them wiTh Theafre parTy afTer school . . . Seven seniors selecTed as ForesTer FavoriTes . . . Senior conTesTanT, EThnye Wilson, helps To win lnferscholasfic Spelling conTesT...DoroThy Seil- heimer, 4A, represenfs ForesT in wriTers conTesT.. .Seniors enioy sunrise break- fasT aT WhiTe Rock . . . CommencemenT sermon delivered by Dr. George W. TrueTT aT Firsf BapTisT Church ...Seniors walk across sTage aT Bandshell To receive diplomas. O Alfhough a greaf woman haTer, HAROLD BOROFSKY, wiTh his friendly dis- posifion and dark brown eyes, was elecfed almosT unanimously To lead his class Through Their final Term. Harold, a member of The NaTional Honor SocieTy, has The high ambiTion of becoming a chemical engineer in The UniTed STaTes Army. 0 The Spring Class of '42 elecTed for The office of vice-presidenf a young man who is popular wiTh his class, acTive in sporTs and miliTary, and who has enTer- Tained on many an assembly program wiTh his rich bariTone voice, HOMER ODOM. 0 "Sparkling dark eyes and Twinkling dancing feeT," ThaT's NELDA REYNOLDS, former 2A class presidenT and Treasurer of The 4B class. She has proved To be popular among The sTudenTs during her four years aT Foresf. Leadership is shown in her efficiency as 4A secreTary. 0 Cheers for MISS RUTH BART-TAM, whose sparkling wiT has smooThed many a seniQr's paTh To gradua- Tion. Members of The May, '42, class are forever indebTed To Their sponsor, for wiTh digniTy and graciousness she has direcfed Their acTiviTies ThroughouT The year. P ge EighTeen ,A 'ELL E KATHLEEN TINER EVELYN CHRISTENSEN DOROTHY LAWRENCE MISS SARA DAVIDSON Presidenl Vice-Presidenl SecreTary Sponsor January '43 Class Officers lvlicl-Term exams bring realizaTion ThaT They're now seniors . . .Wiener roasT marlcs beginning oT 4B acTiviTies...ConTinue Their acTiviTies wiTh numerous maTinee dances in gym . . . LaTesT popular records Turnish music Tor dances... Junior Prom, compleTe wiTh Eddie Ellis' orchesTra, is TirsT nighT dance oT The season To be given by presenT 4B's . . . Four 4B's selecTed as ForesTer FavoriTes ...Senior Day oT 4A's brings closer realizaTion oT January graduaTion . . . TenTa- Tive plans Tor Their 4A acTiviTies are begun. O KATHLEEN TINER, who was presidenT oT The lA class in '39, was again elecred To lead her class during The TirsT halT oT The senior year. Since her Fresh- man year, she has been lcnown abouT ForesT as girl wiTh The cuTesT cloThes O "Ready wiTh a sweeT and Triendly smile" describes EVELYN CHRISTENSEN, vice- presidenT oT The January '43 class. She has shown leadership, accuracy, and eTTi- ciency, as presidenT oT The 3B class in '40, and 3A Treasurer in '4l. Evelyn has played in The orchesTra since enTering high school 0 The January class oT '43 elecTed DOROTHY LAWRENCE, capTain oT The Pep Squad in '4l and '42, To be secreTary. WiTh her sweeT and charming personaliTy, DoroThy admirably TulTilled The responsibiliTies oT her oTTice. DoroThy was a member oT The Pep Squad in '39 and '40 0 The 4B's elecTed as Their sponsor MISS SARA DAVID- SON. Through her suggesTions lvliss Davidson helped To malce The 4B class an ouTsTanding one in The school. For her a++endance aT class meeTings and dances, and Tor her ThoughTTul and wise guidance, The class says, "Thank You." Page Ninel ZELMA ABRAMSON Le Cercle Francais '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Sergeanf-ar-Arms '4l, Girl Reserves '4l, High Scholarship Club '39, Linz Awards '39, '4l, Grade School- Colonial. JOHN W. ANDERSON Hi-Y '4l, Favorire Subiec?-Mafhemat ics, Favorife Sporl-Wresrlinq, Ambi- fion-World Tour, Grade School-Brown. MARTIN ANDREWS R.O.T.C. '39, '40, '4l, '42, Corporal '4l, Serqeanf '4l, Favorife Sperr- Avchery, Hobby-Aircrafr, Ambifion- Archifecl, College-A. 81 M., Grade School-Brown, MELVIN STANLEY ARONOFF Sfandard Debaling So-ciely '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Secrelary '4l, High Scholarship Club '39, '40, Dallas His- lorians '39, '40, R.O.T.C. '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Corporal '39, '40, Sergeanf '4l, '42, Sfudenf Council '4l, '42, Foresler Srafl '4l, Adveriising Man- ager '42, Linz Award '39, Grade School-Brown. WILLETTE BASINGER Forosl Forum '40, '4l, Eavorife Sperr- Bowlinq, Favorile Subiecl-Home Eco- nomics, Hobby-Colleclinq Novelfy Pins, Ambition-Nurse, College-John Tarlolon, Grade School-Brown. MAXINE BENNETT Favorile Sporf-Roller Sharing, Favorile Subiecf-English, Hobby-Going lo Movie , Ambirion-Dress Designer, Grade School-Lagow. Page Twenty Moy '42 Class E i I l l l l 1 I , . BILLIE ANDERSON Girls Public Speaking Club '40, '4l, '42, Serqeanf-al'-Arms '40, Play '4l, Girl Reserves '40, '4l, '42, Secrefary '4l, Presiclenr '4l, Vice-Presidenf '42, Aella Hisforical Sociefy '40, '4l, Li- brary Assisfanr '39, '40, Echo S'raf'l '4l, Fearure Ediror, '4l, Foresrer Sfaff '42, Sludenf Council '39, '40, '4l, '42, Grade School-Colonial. MAXINE ALEXANDER Dallas Hisrorians '39, Le Cercle Fran- cais '39, '40, '4l, '42, High Scholar- ship Club '40, '4l, '42, Linz Awards '40, '4l, 42, Grade School-Cify Parlr. GEORGE ALTENAU R.O.T,C. '39, '40, '4l, Dallas His- lorians '40, '4l, Sfandard Debafing Sociery '39, Foolball '40, '4l, Track '4l, '42, Echo Sfaff '4l, Sporrs Edifor '42, Foresler Sfaff Sporrs Ediror '42, Grade School-Silbersfein. CURTlS ARRINGTON Audirores Caesaris '42, Preidenl '42, Dallas Hisiorical Sociely '4l, '42, Vice- Presidenl' '4l, Dallas Hislorians '40 '4l, Serqeanl-al-Arrns '40, Aelfa His- rorical Sociery '40, '41, Hiqh Scholar- ship Club '4O, '4l, '42, R.O.T.C, '40. '4l, '42, Corpoial '4l, 3A Class '4l, Vice-Presidenr, Linz Awards '39, '40, '41, Grade School-Arhens, Texas. RAYMOND BEACH Hi-Y '39, Crack Company '39, Mili- rary Circus '40, Eoofball '40, '4l, Fa- vorile Sporf-Foorball, Favorile Sub- iecl'-Hisrory, Ambirion-Engineer, Grade School-Laqow. LOLl7l'A BLAKEWAY Favorife Sporr-Baslrefball, Favorile Subiecl-Hisfory, Hobby-Collecfing Pholographs, Ambifion-Boolxlceeper, Worlc afrer school, Grade School- Pleasanl' Grove. LEVELYN BLALACK Eavorile Subiecl-Algebra, Fayorile Sporl-Foolball, Hobby-Colleclinq An- lique Pipes: Ambifion-Aeronaulical Engineer, Grade School-Silberslein. IMELDA BOLIN Junior Hislorians '39, Girls Public Speaking Club '38, '39, '40, Favorile Sporf-Dancing, Favorile Subiecl- Accounlingg Ambilion-Bookkeeper, Hobby-Collecfing Cosfume Jewelery Pins, Grade School-Terry. HAROLD BOROFSKY Nalional Honor Sociefy '4I, '42, 4A Class '42, Presidenl, Linz Awards '39, '40, '4l, R.O.T.C. '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42. Capfain '42, Sfamp Club '38, 39, 40, '4I, Slandard Debalinq Sociely '4l, '42, Dallas Higlorians '39, '40, Le Cercle Francais '4l, '42, Junior Red Cross '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Parlia- menfarian '40, '4l, Banking Slarl' '4I, '42, Grade School-Silbersrein. VIRGINIA BRECHEEN Girls Public Speaking Club '39, Pep Squad '39, '40, '4l, Favorile Sporr- Skalinq, l-lobby-Collecling Novellies, Ambirion-Secrelary, Grade School- Brown. CECIL BROOKS Dallas Hislorical Socie-'ly '40, '4I, Ser- qeanl-al'-Arms '40, Favorile Sporl- Foolball, Hobby-Model Airplanes: Ambifion-Mechanical Engineer, Col- leqe-N.T.A.C., Grade School- Colonial. BETTY JEAN BUFORD Audilores Caesaris '40, '4I, '42, Jun- ior Red Cross '42, Favorile Sporr- Swimminq, Fayorile Subiecl-English, Hobby-Colleclions,Ambilion-Teacher, College-Mary Hardin Baylor, Grade School-Brown. RAYMOND BLUMMER Sludenl Council '40, Aella Hislorical Sociely '4I, 2A Class '40, Parliamen- larian, Dallas Hisrorians '4l, Slandard Debaling Sociery '39, '40, Audifores Caesaris '39, '40, '4l, '42, Banking Assislanl '42, Band '40, '4l, '42, Grade School-Silberslein, CARRIE BELLE BORDELON Pan American Sludenl Forum '42, Ollice Assislanl '41, '42, Favorile Sporl-Dancing, Favorile Subiecl- Typing, College-Universily of Texas: Grade School-We-sl Columbia. ROBBIE BOWERS Eavorile Sporf-Baskelballz Favorile Subiecf-English, l-lobby-Colleclinq Snapshofs, Arnbilion-Sporls Direcror, Grade School-Ciry Park. ARCHIE BROODO Slandard Debaling Sociely '39, '40, '4l, '42, Vice-Presidenl '42, Slamp Club '39, '40, Parliamenlarian '39, Presidenl '40, High Scholarship Club '4I, '42, Parliamenlarian '42, Sfudenl ' Council '39, Nalional Honor Sociely '4l, '42, 2A Class '40, Parliamenlarian, 3A CIa's '4l, Treasurer, 4B Class '4I, Presidenl, Linz Awards '40, '4l, Track Team '42, Tennis Team '42, Grade School-Colonial. GEORGE BROOKS Audilores Caesaris '40, '4I, '42, Ser- qeanl'-al-Arms '4l, Dallas Historians ' '40, '4l, Sergeanl-al-Arms '40, Dallas f Hislorical Sociefy '4l, '42, Presidenr I '42, High Scholarship Club '4l, '42, I Vice-Presidenl '4I, Linz Awards '40, '4l, Sludenl Council '39, Senior Play '42, Grade School-Brown. I I . MARCELLE BURNS Junior Hislorians '39, Girl Reserves 2 '4I, '42, Echo Slaff '42, Foresler Sfalil '42, Favorife Sporl-Dancing, Favorile I S "I:-cl-Horne Economics, Hobby- I ijbejgninq, Ambirion-Dress Designer, .4 Grade School-Brown. 1 I Page Twenly-one VERA BURKHEAD Pan American Sludenf Eorum '4I, '42, Sludeni Council '42, Favorife Subjecl- Spanish, Favorile Sport-Slralingq Arn- bilion-Sfenographer, Grade School-Colonial. GLORIA BUSBY Favorile Subiecl-Home Economics, Hobby-Slcalingg Ambilion-Typislg Grade SchooIADavid Croclrell, Breck- enridge, San Anlonio, Texas. DILLARD CANTRELL R.O.T.C. '38, '39, '40, '41, '42, Ser- geanf '42, Favorife Subiecl-Algebra, Eavorile Sporl-Foolballg Ambilion- Mechanical Engineer, Grade School- Lisbon. FRANKIE CLARK Foresler Sfafi '42, Echo Slaff '42, Favorife Subiecr-Journalism, Favorile Sporl-Bowling, Ambilion-Newspaper Reporferg Grade School-Reagan. CLARA MARIE CONDRAY 3B Class '40, Treasurer, 3A Class '4I, Presidenf, 4A Class '42, Parliamen- 'rariang Sfamp Club '39, '40, '4I, Pep Squad '39, '40, '4I, Orcheslra '39, '40, '4l, Dallas Hisforians '40, Eoresi Forum '40, '4l, '42, Vice-Presidenl '4I, Aelia Hisforical Sociefy '40, Dallas l-Iisforical Socieiy '4I, Eoresler Sfarf '4I, '42, Echo Slalf '4l, '42, News Edifor '42, Junior Red Cross '4I, '42, Parliarneniarian '42, Girls' Public Spealring Club '4I, '42, Grade School- Silberslein. DONALD CORTIMILIA Standard Dobaiing Sociefy '38: Or- cheslra '39, '40, '4I, '42, Favorile Subiecf-Malhernalicsg Eavorile Sporf- Fooiball, Ambition-Federal OPfice Job, Grade School-Brown. Page Twanry-Iwo GARY BURTON Slandard Debalinq Sociely '39, Fool- ball '39, '40, '4l, R.O.I'.C. '39, '40. '4l, '42, Firsl Sergeanr '42, Favorile Subiecr-Home Economics, Favorife Sporl-Eoorball, Ambition-Civil Engi- neer, Grade School-Brown. MARGIE BUTLER Audifores Caesaris '39, '40, '4l, '42' Dallas Hisforical Sociefy '39, '40, '4I '42, Secrelary '40, Vice-Przsidenf '4I, High Scholarship Club '40, '4l, '42, Narional Honor Sociely '41, '42, Linz Awards '39, '40, '4I, 2B Class ' Vice-Presidenl, Sludenf Council Grade School-Cily Parlc. 40. '39, EVA RUTH CARTER Pep Squad '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Ma- iorelre '4I, '42, Girl Reserves '38, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Eoresi Forum '42, Grade School-Brown. MARGIE CLARK Favoriie Sporf-Swimming, Arnbifion- Nurse, Hobby-Singing, Grade School- Menard Grammar School. OSCAR EDWIN CONNER Traclc '42, Baseball '4l, Eavorile Sub- iecl-Accounling, Favorife Sporf-Base ball: Hobby-Huniinq, Grade School- Lagow. EDWINA DAILY Allied Arfs Club '38, '39, Sfudenf Council '40, High Scholarship Club '39, '40, '4I, Lunchroom Guard '40, '4l, Banlcing A sisfanl '4I, '42, Ollice Assislanf '42, Linz Awards 39, '40, Red Cross Club '42, Grade School-Brown. KENNETH DANE Siamp Club, Serqeanl-al-Arms '39, R.O.T.C. '39, '40, '4l, '42, Corporal '39, Serqeanf '40, Color Serqean+'4l, Mililary Circus '40, Craclx Company '4l, Grade School-Colonial. VIVIAN DAVIS Eoresi Forum '4l, '42, Pep Squad '38, '42, Eavoriie Sporl-Baseball, Hobby- Cooking, Grade School-Bowie. JANE DEES Dallas Hisiorical Socieiy '4I, Girl Re- serves '4I, Locker Guard '4I, '42, Hobby-Collecling Poelry, Eavorile Spori - Swimming, Ambifion - Inierioi Decoralor, Grade School-Colonial. EVELYN DOUGLASS Sludeni Council '38, '39, 25-50 Club '39, Tennis Team '39, '40, Leflered '40, Favorile Subiecl-Hislory, Favorile Sporl-Tennis, Ambilion-Laborafory Technician, Grade School-Silberslein. JACK DRANDELL Siandard Debaling '4l, '42, Serqeanl- al-Arms '42, High Scholarship '4l, '42, Serqeanl-al-Arms '4l, Presidenl '42, Sfudenl Council '42, Parliamenlarian '42, Grade School-Tail, Younqslown, Ohio. LEON DUNN Junior Red Cross '40, '4l, Eavorile Sporf-Baseball, Favorile Subieci-Triq- onomelry, Ambilion-Engineer, Hobby- Rifle Marlcsmanship, Grade School- Colonial. PHILIP DANE Slandard Debalinq '39, '40, Junior Red Cross, Sergeant-al-Arms '40, R.O.T.C. Camp Dallas '40, '4l, Sharp- shooler '4l, Serqeanl Efficiency '4I, Second Lieufenanl '4I, Rifle Team '42, Grade School-Colonial. BILLY Ds-LEE Junior Red Cross '40, '4I, Sludeni Council '39, '40, Junior Hi-Y '39, Sen- ior Hi-Y '4l, '42, 25-50 Club '40, Band '39, '40, '4I, '42, Orcheslra '4l, '42, Rifle Team '39, R.O,T.C., Corporal '42, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. CLAIRE DEGEN Dallas Hisiorical Socieiy '38, '39, '40, Secreiary '39, Audilores Caesaris '39, '40, '4l, '42, Junior Classical League '4l, '42, Guard '40, Echo Slarl '42, Senior Service Scouf '42, Grade School-Silberslein. BARNEY LEO DOWD Dallas Hiilorians, Vice-Presideni '39, Sludenf Council '39, High Scholarship '39, Linz Award '39, Favorife Subiecl- Chemislry, Grade School-Silloersiein. DIMPLE DULWORTH Texas Hislory Club '40, '4l, Parliamen- larian '4l, Siudenl Council '39, '40, 4l, High Scholarship '40, '4l, Linz Award '39, Cheerleader '4l 3 Associaie Judge of Sludenl Traffic Courf, '42, Foresler Favorifes '42, Grade School- Lagow. EDITH EATON 25-50 Club '39, '40, Foresf Forum '40, Aella Hislorical Sociely '39, Dallas Hislorical Sociely '40, '4I, '42, Secre- lary '4l, Siudeni Council '38, '39, Foresier Slahl '39, '40, '4I, '42, Edilor- in-Chief '42, Echo Slahl '42, Office As- sislani '4l, '42, High Scholarship Club '4l, '42, Linz Award '4l, Guard 4l, '42, Grade School-Brown. Page Twenly-fhree JIMMIE EDWARDS Ambifion-Air Pilolq I-lobby-I-Iunfinqg Favorife Sport-Baseball: Favorife Sub- iecr-Drafringg College - N. T. A. C,1 Grade School-Cify Park. FRANKIE FALLIN Audifores Caesaris '39, '40, '4I, '42, Secrelary '41, Girls Public Spealcing Club '39, '40, '4l, Sevgeanl-af-Arms '4Oq Junior Red Cross '40, '4Ig Ad- vanced Chorus '39, '40, '4l, '42q Grade School-Silberslein. EARL FERGUSON R.O.T.C. '4l, '42g IB Class, '38 Presi- denf, af Mesquileg Favorife Subiecl- Home Economics: I-lobby-Horseback Riding: College- N. T. A. C.: Grade School-MI, Auburn. ELISE FRAME Pep Squad '40, '4l, Chorus '4Og Allied Arfs Club '42g Favorile Subiecf-Short hand: Favorile Sporf-Slrafingz Ambi- Iion-Sfenographer: Hobb -Colleding Charms: Grade School-Bloomburgh School, Bloomburgh, Texas. ERNEST GENTHNER Sludenl Council '40, '4l, '42, Vice- Presidenl '4l, Sergeanf-af-Arms '4Ig Hi-Y '38, '39, '4O: Mos? Popular Un- derclass Boy '4Og Foofball '38, '39, '40, '4l, Lellered '39, '40, '4I: Baseball '39, '40, '4l, '42, Lelfered '39, '40, '4l, '42, All Ci+y Baseball Team '39, '40, '4l, '421 Bcrkeiboll '39, '40, '4l, '42, Lefrered '40, '4l, '42g Foresler Favor- ife '42: Grade School-Silberslein. HELEN GEORGE Echo Srafll '4I, '42, Reporrer '4Iq Fa- vorife Subiecl-Spanish: Favorile Sporl- Bicycling: Ambilion-Spanish Inlerpre- Ierg Grade School-Brown. Page Twenfy-four WILLIAM EMBRY Sludenf Council '39, '40, '4lg Baseball '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, leflered '40, '4l, '42, Sfale Championship Baseball Team '40, Foolball '38, '39, '4l, Ieffered '4I: Baslrelball '39, '4-O, '4l, '42, Ieffered '42, Golf '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Ieflered '39, '40, '4l, '42, Co-Capfain '40, Cap- fain '4I: R.O.T,C. '4l, '42, Hi-Y '4I: Grade School-Brown. SAMUEL FELDMAN 48 Class '4l, Vice-Presidenlg Sfandarcl Debafing Sociefy '4l, '42: Junior Red Cross '39, '407 Slamp Club '38, '39: R.O.T.C. '39, '40, '4I, '42, Corporal '4l, Sergeanr '4l, '42, Craclc Company '39, '40, '4I: Track '4Oq Grade School- Nashville, Tennesse. LORENE FISHER Foresl Forum '40, '4l, '42, Secrelary '4l, Pre idenf '421 Junior Red Cross '4l, Office Assislanf '39, '40, '4I: Pep Squad '39, '40, '4I1 IB Class '38, Sec- rclaryg Grade School-Lagow. BILLY GALLOP R.O.T.C, '38, '39, '40, '41, '42, First Sergeanf '42, Crack Company '40, '4l, '42g Favorife Sporl-Baseball: Ambi- fion-Civil Engineer: Grade School- T. G. Terry. GLENN GEORGE Sfandard Debafing Sociely '39, '40, '4l, Sergeanl-al-Arms '40, '4l: Senior I-Ii-Y '40, '4l, '42, Secrelary '40, Vice- Presidenl '4Ig Dallas I-Iislorians '39: Foresl Forum '42: Traclc '391 R.O.T.C. '39, '40, '4l, '42, Corporal '4l, Craclr Company '40, '4l1 Operelfas '40, '4l, Grade School-Cily Parlc. FRANCES GILLETT Junior Red Cross '39, '40, '4l, '42, Vice-Presidenl' '4l, Foresf Forum '4l, '42, Vice-Presidenf '42: Favorife Sporf- Dancingg Favorile Subiec+-Shorlhandg Ambilion-Slenoqrapherg Grade School-Brown. VIRGINIA GILLIAM Linz Award '40, Echo Slall '4l, Man- aging Edilor '42, Favorile Sporl-Roller Skafing, Favorile Subiecl-Chemislry, Ambifion-Slenographer, Grade School-Brown. SIDNEY GLASSER Nalional Honor Socie+y '4I, '42, Pres- idenl '42, Slandard Debaling Sociely '39, '40, '4I, '42, Secrelary '40, Vice Presidenf '40, Presidenf '40, '4I, Parlia- menlarian '4I, '42, High Scholarship Club '40, '4l, '42, Parliameniarian '4I, Sergeant-al-Arms '42, Audirores Cae- saris '39, '40, '4I, '42, Dallas Hisio ical Sociely '42, Parliamenlarian '42, Slu- denf Council '39, '40, '4l, 42, Parlia- mqlarian '4I , Junior Classical League '4l, '42, 4B Class, '4I Parliamenlarian, Linz Awards '40, '4I, Grade School- Colonial. ELSIE GOLDEN Echo Slafl '42, Favorile Sulaiecl- Journalism, Favorile Sporl-Bowling, Hobby-Collecling Menus, Arnbilion- Complomeler Operalor, Grade School-Boude Slorey Junior High. VIRGINIA GRAY Pep Squad '39, '40, '4I, Guard '4l, '42, Favorile Subiecl-Foocls, Favorife Sporl-Dancing, Ambifion-Air Hosless, Hobby-Collecling Pins, College-Brier, Grade School-Pine, Texas. MARJORIE GRIDER Junior Red Cross '39, '40, '4l, '42, Foresl Forum '4I, '42, Secrelary '42, Pep Squad '39, '40, 4I, Favori+e Sub- iecf-Public Speaking, Favorifa Sporf- Dancing, Ambilion-Nurse, Grade School-Brown. SARA CATHERINE HALEY Aella Hislorical Sociely '40, Dallas Hislorical Sociely '4l, Guard '40, Favorile Sporl-Dancing, Favorile Sub- iocl-Public Spealcing, Ambiiion- Housewife, Hobby-Collecfing Phofo- graphs, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. RICHARD GLANVILLE R.O.T.C. '38, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Corpo- ral '40, Slalil Sergeanl '4I, '42, Second Lieulenanl' '42, Sharp Shooler '4l, Col- ors '4l, '42, Linz Awards '39, '40, '4I, Pan American Sludcnl Forum '39, '40, '4l, '42, Serneanl-al-Arms '40, Secre- lary '42, High Scholarship Club '39, '40, '4l, Sergeanl-al-Arms '40, Dallas Hislorians '39, '40, '4l, Parliamenla- rian '39, Presidenl '4l, Junior Hislori- ans '41, Presidenf, Sludenl Council '38, Foresf Forum '42, Foresler Slalf '42, Echo Slalf '4I, Grade School- Brown. BENNETT GOODMAN Linz Awards '39, '40, High Scholarship Club '39, '40, Sfandard Debafing So- ciely '39, '40, '4I, '42, Sergeanl-at Arms '40, Secrefary '42, Junior Red ,Cross '4I, '42, Presidenl '4I, Sergeanf- al-Arms '42, Dallas Hislorical Sociely '42, R.O.T.C. '40, Foresler Sfalf '42, Assislanl Businefs Manager, Grade School-Brown. DORIS GRACE Dallas Hisroiians '39, 40, '4I, Vice President' '39, Presidenl '40, Efficiency Award '40, Audilores Caesaris '39, 40, '4I, '42, Vice Presidenl '4I, Presidenl '4I, High Scholarship Club '39, '40. '4I, '42, -Vice Pre'iden+ '42, Nafional Honor Scciely '4I, '42, Guard '39, '40, '4I, Library Assisfanl '39, '40, 4I, 42, Linz Awards '39, '40, '4I, Sludenl Council '4I, 3B Class '40 Secrefary, Junior Classical League '4I, '42, Pres- idenl '4l, '42, Grade School-Univen sily School, Auslin, Texas. DOROTHY GRIGG Girls Scouls '38, '39, '40, Secrelary '40, Favorile Sporf-Slcaling, Favorife Subiecl-English, Ambilion-Secrelary, Grade School-Colonial. FRANCES GRINER Foresl Forum '4I, '42, Favorile Sporf- Bowling, Favorile Subiecl-Public Speaking, Hobby-Dancing, Ambirion- Inferior Decoralor, Grade School- T. G. Terry. CORNELIA HAMBRIC IB Class '38, Vice Presidenl, Junior Red Cross '39, '40, '4l, '42, Fore'l Forum '40, '4I, '42, Treasurer '42, Girl Reserves '42, Favorile Subiecl- English, Grade School-Lagaw. Page Twenfy-live DORIS HARSHAW Sludeni Council '39, Office Assislanl '42, Favoriie Subieci-Public Speakinq, Ambilion-Nurse, Favoriie Spori-Foot ball, Hobby-Dancing, Grade School- Corsicana, Texas. LAWRENCE HOOVER Linz Awards '39, '40, Hiqh Scholarship Club '40, IB Class '39, Presidenf, R.O. T.C. '39, '40, '4l, '42, Sfudenl Council '40, Eavorife Subieci-Lalin, Grade School-T. C. Hassell, DARWIN HUDDLE R.O.T.C. '39, '40, '4l, '42, Serqean? '42, Eavorife Sporl-Eooiball, Eavoriie Subieci-Enqlish, Hobby-Model Air- planes, Grade School-Cify Park. RADEORD GLYNN JEFFERS Hi-Y '4l, Secrefary-Treasurer '4l, Favoriie Subivcf-Malhemaiics, Favor- ile Spori-Baslrc-iball, Ambifion-Drafts man, Grade School-Silbersiein. LEROY JONES Baseball '39, '40, '4l, '42, Baslceiball '40, Band '39, '40, '4l, Rifle Team '40, Senior HiY '42, Vine-Presidenf '42, Eavorile Subiecl-Home Economics, Grade School-Brown. RAY BELL KAHN Dallas Hisiorical Sociely '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Treasurer '40, Aichivisl' '4l, Linz Award '42, Hiqh Scholarship '42, Office Assislani '4l, '42, Favoriie Sporl-Swimming, Grade School- Cily Parlc. Page Twenly-six x B TOMMI-E HEDGPETH Audiiores Caesaris '38, '39, High Scholarship Club '39, '40, '4l, Texas Hislory Club '38, '39, '40, '4l 5 2B Class '39, Serqeani'-af-Arms, Linz Awards '38, '39, '40, Narional Honor Sociefy '4l, '42, Office Assislanl '38, '39, '40, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. SHIRLEY HOUCK Dallas Hisforians '39, '40, Parliamen- iarian 40, Linz Awards '40, '4l, Favor- iie Subiecr-English, Ambilion-Secre- fary, Grade School-Silberslein. BETTY INGRAM Banlcinq Assisianr '4l, '42, Eavoriie Spori-Volley Ball, Eavorire Subieci- English, Hobby-Colleciing China Doqs, Ambifion-Srenoqrapher, Grade School-Silbersfein. MOYA JOHNSON Favoriie Spori-Dancing: Eavorile Sub- iecr-Public Speaking, Ambiiion-Red Cross Nurse, Hobby-Wrilinq Leilers, Grade School Ciiy Park. CHARLES JORDAN Dallas Hisrorical Socieiy '40, '4l, '42, Vice-Presidenf '42, Audirores Caesaris '39, '40, '4l, '42, Vice-Presidenl '4l, High Scholarship Club '4l, '42, Linz Awards '40, '4l, Naiional Honor So- cieiy '4l, '42, Siudeni Council '42, R. O.T.C. '40, '4l, '42, Corooral '4l, Ser- qeani '4l, Grade School-Silbersiein. FRANCES KEBRLE Allied Arrs Club '40, '4l, '42,Assis'ran1 Secreiary '4l, '42, All-Ciiy Chorus '4l, Echo Staff '42, Favorile Sporl-Base- ball, Favoriie Subieci-Ari, Ambition- Comrnercial Arlisr, Grade School- Colonial. ALMETA KENNINGTON Texas I-Iislory Club '40, '4I, '42, Vice- Presidenf '40, Presidenl '4I, Audilores Caesaris '4I, '42, High Scholarship Club '4I, '42, Nalional Honor Sociely '4l, '42, Sfudenf Council '4I, '-42, Grade School-Milam. CECELIA KOLLER Favorile Sporf-Foofball, Favorile Sub- iecl-Typing, Arnbilion-Slenoqrapher, Grade School-S+. Edwards Academy. VIRGINIA LARR Girls' Public Speaking Club '38, '39, Office Assisfanf '4I, '42, Chorus '39, '40, Ambilion-Nurse, Hobby-Dancing, Favorile Sporf-Bowling: Grade School- Silberslein. JACK LEE R.O.T.C. '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Crack Company '4I, Favorile Subiecf-Alqe- bra, Favorife Sporl-Golf, Grade School-T. G, Terry. NATALIE LIPNER Girls' Public Speaking Club '4l, '42, Le Cercle Francais '4I, '42, College- Texas Universily, Eavorile Sporf-Ice Skalinq, Ambilion-Social Worker, Favorile Subiecf-French, Grade School-Sfewarf, Chicago, Illinois. ELEANOR MADANS Girls' Public Speaking Club '38, '39, Le Cercle Francais '38, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Vice-Presidenl '40, Secrelary '-H, Favorife Sport-Baskelb .l, Favor 're Subiecl-French, Ambilion-Commerci,l Arfisl, Grade School-Winlhrop, New York. ROBERT WAYNE KING Junior I-'li-Y '39, Track '38, '39, Base- ball '4l, '42, R.O.T.C. '4I3 F:xvori'e Sporf-Ba:eball, Hobby-Hunfinq' Am- bilion-Aufomobile Mechanic, Grade School-T. C. I-Iassell. WILLIAM KRUSZ R.O.T.C. '39, '40, '4I, '42, Eavorile Sporl-Horseback Riding, Favorile Subiecl'-Mechanical Drawinq, Ambi- fion-Eleclrical Engineer, College-N. T. A. C., Grade School-Colonial. MARJORIE LEDFORD Texas I-Iislory Club '4l, '42, Parliamen- larian '42, Girl Reserves '4I, High Scholarship Club '4I, '42, Linz Awwrd '40, Library Assislanl '39, '40, Office Assisfanf '4I, '42, Senior Play '42, Grade School-Blown. ADR!-ENNE LEVIN High Scholarship Club '39, '40' Gil Reserves '40, '4l, Girls' Public Speak- inq Club '38, '39, Le Cercle Francais '39, '40, '4l, '42, Treasurer '40, Parlia- menfarian '4l, Vice-Presidenl '4l, Par- liamenfarian 42, Tennis Team 4l, Lel- lered '42, Office Assislanl '39, '40, '4I, '42, Linz Awards '39, '40' Senior Play '42, Grade School-Colonial. DORIS OLETA LUTZ Sludenf Council '39, '40, Allied Arfs Club '4l, '42, Eavorile Spoil-Baseball, Favorile Subiecl-Ari, Ambifion-Arfinl, Hobby-Collecfing Piclure Posfcards, Grade School-Silbersfein. MARY MANNING Nafional Honor Sociely '4I, '42, High Scholarship Club '40, '4I, '42, Linz Awards '40, '4I, '42, Banking Assisfanf '4l, '42, Le Cercle Francais '39, '40, '4I, '42, Parliamenlarian '4I, SecreIa'v '4l, Girls' Public Speaking Club '40, '4l, '42, Senior Play '42, Grade School-Silberslein. Page Twenfy-seven GERALDINE MARTIN Home Economics Club '39, '40, Cil- izenship Club '38, Operelra '39, '40, Graham, Texas. Favorife Sporr-Volley Ball, Favorife Subieci-Home Econom- ics, Ambifion-Sfenographer, Grade School-Sirawn, Texas. LUCILLE McFARLAND Dallas l-lislorians '38, 25-50 Club '39, '40, Junior Red Cross '39, '40, '41, Foresf Forum '40, '4I, '42, Vice-Presi- den? '42, 4B Class, Secrelary '4l, Etho Siaff '4I, '42, Foresfer Staff '42, Pan American Sfudonf Forum '40, '4l, '42, Grade School-La-gow. BEN MIMS Siandard Debaiing Sociefy '4l, R.O. T.C. '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Corporal '4l, Burbanlc Vocaiional School-San Anfonio '39, '40, Favorife Spori-Roller Slcafing, Favoriie Subiecf-Malhe- mafics: Colleqe-S. M. U., Ambifion- Archifeciural Enczineer, Grade School- T. G. Terry. FORREST MOORE Foresi Forum '4l, '42, Le Cercle Fran- cais '4I, R.O.T,C. '4l, '42' IA Class '39, Treasurer, 3B, 3A, 4B Classes, Se'- qeanl-ai-Arms '40, '4l, 4A Class '42 Vice-President Football '38, '39, Cheerleader '4I: Grade School- T. G. Terry. DORIS JUNE MORRIS Audiiores Caesaris '39, '40, Virgil Pin '39, Junior Clas ical League '40, Echo Sfaff '42, Favorife Spori-Dancing: Favorife Subiecl-English: Hobby-Col- lecfing Leifers, Ambilion-Business Career, Grade School-T. G. Terry. LOYD MURREY Foresf Forum '4l, '42, Sergeanl'-at Arms '4l' Hi-Y '42' l-lobb' -Phoio ra . - Y 9 ' phy, Favoriie Sporl-Slraiinq, Ambi- lion-Morlician, Grade School-Fort Worih, Texas. Page Twenfy-eighf 2 si? I JL ROBERT MCCOMAS Favoriie Sporf-Fooiball, Favoriie Sub- ieci-English, Ambiiion-Civil Service Posifion, College-S. M. U., Grade School-Brown. MARY LOUISE MILLER Girl Reserves '4l, '42, Allied Aris Club '4l, '42, Siudeni Council '42, Echo Slaif '4l, '42, Favoriie Spori- Tennis, Favoriie Subieci-Ari, Ambi- lion-lnferior Decoraiorg Grade School- Brown. IMOGENE MISKELL Guard '40, '4l, Favoriie Subieci-Pub- lic Speaking, Hobby-Horseback Rid- ing, Ambiiion-Rancher, Grade School- Silbersfein. ROGER MOORE Track '37, R.O.T.C. '38, '39, '40, '4l. '42, Sergeani '42, Experf Rifleman '42, Linz Awards '39, '40, '4I, Favorife Sporl-Fooiball, Favoriie Subieci-Gem eral Science, Ambifion-Aeronauficai Engineer, Grade School-Lagow. THELMA MORRISON Dallas Hisiorians '4l, Linz Award '41, Favorife Sporf-Baseball, Favorile Sub- ieci-French, l-lobby-Slcafing, Ambi- iion-Telephone Operalor, Grade School-Brown. BILLIE NIESS Echo Slahl '42, Foresier Siafl '42, Fa- voriie Spori-Slcafing, Favoriie Subieci- Lalin, Ambilion-Nurse, Grade School- Grand Saline, Texas. HOMER ODOM Foolball '40, Traclr '4l, '42, Texas His- lory Club '4l, Hi-Y '4l, '42, Sfudenl Council '4l, R.O.T.C. '38, '39, '40, '4l. '42, Wozencrafl Award '4l , Craclc Com- pany '40, '4I, Chorus '41, Norlh Dal- las-Lalin Tournamenf '39, lnler-Schol- aslic Spelling '39, '40, English Club '38, '39, Audilores Caesaris '38, '39, Lillle Theafre '39, Hislory Club '39, Wozencrall '40, Grade School- Ben Milam. VELMA PAGE Dallas Hisforical Sociely '38, '39, '403 Audifores Caesaris '38, '39, '40, '-1l, '42, Junior Classical League '4l, '42, Echo Sfaff '42, Foresler Sfalil' '42, Grade School-Silberzlein. EMMA PARRISH Office Assislanl '4l, '42, Foresfer Slahf '42, Echo Slafl '42, Favorile Sporl- Baseball, Favorile Subiecl-Chemislry, Arnbilion-Housewife, Hobby-Singing, Grade School-Ciry Parlc. JUANITA POYNTER Favorile Sporl-Horseback Riding, Favorile Subiecf-Home Economics, Hobby-Dancing, Ambifion-Nurse, Grade School-T. G. Terry. JERALD RANSOM R.O.T.C. '39, '40, '4I, Mililary Circus '40, Crack Company '4OZ Favorile Sporf-Foofballg Favorile Subiecl- Home Economics, College-N.T.A.C., Grade School-Brown. PORTER REED Sludenl Council '39, '40, '4I, '42, Pres- iden? '4l, '42, 3B Class '40, Sergeanl- al-Arms, Dallas Hislorical Sociely '4I, '42I R.O.T.C. '39, '40, '4l, '42, Cor- poral '4O, Sergeanf '4l, Second Lieu- fenanf '4I, Experl Rifle Medal '4l, Linz Awards '39, '40, Nalional Honor Sociely '4I, '42, Orcheslra '39, '40, '4l, '42, Concerf Masler '4l, Operelfa '39, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. BILLIE OWENS Operella '4I, Hobby-Dancing, Favor- ile Sporl-Foolball, Favorife Subiecf- Home Economics, Ambifion-Civil Service Posilion, Grade School- T. G. Terry. WYLl'E A. PARKER, JR. Dallas Hislorians, '39 Treasurer, Texas Hislory Club '42, Treasurer, R.O.T.C. '38, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Crack Company '39, '40, '4I, Corporal '40, Sergeanf '40, Second Lieulenanl '4l, Capfain '4l , Camp Dallas '40, '4I, Linz Awards , '40, '4I, Nalional Honor Sociely '42, Ambifion-Mechanical Engineer, Grade School-Brown. .79 ROXl'E POTEET Favorife Sporl-Dancing, Favorile Sub- iecf-Public Speaking, Hobby-Collect ing Snapshofs, Ambilion-Secrelary, Grade School-Clarksville, Texas. LORAINE PURKEY Chorus '40, '4l, '42, Favorile Sporf- Baseball, Favorile Subject-Home Eco- nomics, Ambilion-Slenographer, Hob- by-Collecfing Posfcards, Grade School-Pleasanl Grove. CALVIN RECKLEY Linz Awards '39, '40, '4I, Favorife Sporl-Baseball, Favorife Subiecl- Mafhemalics, Ambilion-Civil Engi- neer, Grade School-Lagow. KATIE REESE Allied Arls Club '40, '4I, '42, Secre- fary '4I, Parliamenlarian '42' Favoriha Subiecf-Arl, Ambilion-Model, Grade School-Cily Park. Page T.fenly-nino MARY SUE REESE Allied Arls Club '40, '4I, '42, Favorile Sporl-Swimming, Favorile Subiecl- Ari, Ambilion-Arlisl, Grade School- Cily Parlm. CLAUDE RICHARDSON Football '39, '40, Eavoriie Subiecl- Journalism, Favorile Sporl-Foolball, Hobby-Collecfing Piclures, Ambilion- Naval Officer, Grade School- Silberslein. BLUMA RUDNITZKY Girls Public Spealcing Club 38, '39, '40, Le Cercle Francais '40, '4l, '42, Talenf Review '39, Hobby-Collecling Piclures, Favorile Sporf-Dancing, Fa- vorile Subiecl-French, Grade School- Brown. JOHN HENRY SCI-IAERDEL Band '38, '39, '40, '4l, Band Feslival '38, '39, '40, '4I, All Cily Band '4I, Corporal '40, '4I, Hi-Y '39, '40, Foo?- ball '39, '40, Baslcelball '39, Traclc '39, '40, '4I, '42, Ambilion-Avialion Tech- nician, Favorile Sporl-Track, Grade School-Colonial. MARY HELEN SCOGGINS Echo Slaff '4l, '42, Chorus '38, '4I, '42, Hobby-Music, Favorile Subiecl- English, Favorile Sporl-Dancing, Am- bilion-Model, Grade School- Silberslein. DOROTHY SEILHEIMER Ve'lonians '42, Allied Arls Club '38, '39, '42Z 25-50 Club '40, '4l: Sludenl Council '38, '39, '40, High Scholar- ship Club '40, '4I, '42, IA Class '39, Secrefary, Linz Awards '39, '40, '4l, Library Assislanl '39, Banking Assisi- anl' '4I, '42, Office A'sislanf '4I, Grade School-Brown. Page Thirly NELDA REYNOLDS Girls Public Speaking Club '39, '40, '4l, Junior Red Cross '39, 25-50 Club '39, Linz Award '39, 2B Class '39, Pres- idcnl, 2A Class '40, Secrelary, 3A Class '4I, Vice-Presideril, 4B Cla s '42, Treasurer, 4A Class '42, Secrelary, Girl Rosorves '40, '4l, Veslonians '4l, '42, Sfudenf Council '4l, '42, Grade School-Silberslein. DORIS JEAN ROBBINS Junior Red Cross '39, '40, '4l, Secre- lary '39, Vice-Prosidenl '40, Sludenl Council '4I, Pan American Sludenl Forum '40, '4l, '42, 25-50 Club '39, '40, Eoref Forum '40, '4l, '42, Treas- urer '4l, Operefla '4l, Choral Club '4I, Grade School-Lagow. YVITA SATTERWHITE Junior Red Cross '39, Girl Reserves '4l, '42, Favorile Sporl-Baseball, Fa- vorile Subiecl-Home Economics, Am- biiion-Boolclreeper, Grade School. Lagow. ALVIN SCHUMANN Junior Red Cross '39, '40, '4l, '42, 4B Class '42, Serqeanl-al-Arms, 3B Cla's '40, Parliamenlariani Slandard Debal- Inq Socieiy '42, Texas Hislory Club '40I Slamp Club '39, '40, 3A Class '4l, Sergeanf-al'-Arms, R.O.T.C. '40, '4I, '42, Corporal '4-I, Sergeanl '42, Foresler Slarf '42, Orcheslra '40, '4l, '42, 2A Class '39, Sergeanl-al-Arms, Grade School-Houslon. FOSTER SCOTT Texas Hislory Club '42, Sergeanl'-at Arms, Eavorile Sporl-Foolball, Favor- ife Subiecl-Science, College-Texas Universily, Grade School-Frisco, Texas. HERBERT SHEANER R.O.T.C. '38, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Cor- poral '39, Sergeanl '40, Color Ser- geanl '41, Second Lieulenanf '4I, Firsf Lieulenanl '4I, Favorile Sporl-Foot ball, Eavorile Subiecl-Hisfory, Grade School-Brown. MAXINE SHIELDS Pep Squad '39, Glee Club '38, '39, '40, Favorile Subiecl-Malhemalics, Favorile Sporl-Dancing, Arnbilion- Privale Secrelary, Grade School- Brown. JAMES SHUPTRINE R.O.T.C. '39, '40, '4I, '42, Corporal '4l, '42, Sergeanl '42, Foresler Slafl '42, Favorile Sporl-Foolball, Hobby- Moclel Airplane Building, Ambilion- Avialor. HAROLD FRANK SIMON Auclilores Caesaris '39, '40, '4I, '42, Sludenl Council '39, '40, Dallas His- lorians '40, Dallas Hislorical Sociely '40, '4l, '42, Sergeanl-al'-Arms '4l, Treasurer '42, R.O.T.C. '39, '40, '4I, '42, Firsl Class Privale '39, Corporal '39, Sergeanl '40, '4l, Masler Ser- geanf '4I, '42, Grade School-Brown. EUNITA SMITH Dallas Hisforical Sociely '39, Audi- lores Caesaris '4l, '42, Foresler Slafl, Liferary Edilor '42, Echo Slalil '40, '4l '42, Assislanl Edilor '4l, Edi'ror-in- in-Chief '42, Girl Scouls '39, Junior Classical League '4l, '42, Grade School-Colonial. WALTER SORENSEN Hi-Y '4l: R.O.T.C. '38, '39, '40, '4l. Corporal '39, Sergcanl '40, Firzl Ser- qeanl '4I, Favorile Subiecl-Trigonom- elry, College-N. T. A. C., Grade School-Brown. MILDRED STEPTER Pep Squad '39, '40, Pan American Sludenl Forum '4l, '42, Sludenl Coun- cil '4l, Favori+e Sporf-Fooiball, Grade School-Lagow. r"'c 'rc""'r so A -- I I I I EARLEEN Sl-IOUSE Favorilo Sporl-Volleyball, Favorile Subiecl-Home Economics, Hobby- Kodalcing, Ambilion-Secrelary, Grade School-Mowdy, Olclahoma. JOE SIEGEL Slandard Debaling Sociely '39, '40, '4I, '42, Le Cercle Francais '39, '40, '4l, '42, R.O.T.C. '40, '4l, '42, COF- poral 4l, High Scholarship Club '40, '4l, '42, Linz Award '40, Echo Slafl '4l, Foresler Slall '39, '40, '4l, '42, Business Manager '4l, Assislanl Edi- lor '42, Sludenl Council '4I, '42, Grade School-Brown. FRANCES SKELTON Girls Public Spealcing Club '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Sergeanl-al-Arms '40, Presidenl '4I, Parliamenlarian '42- Junior Red Cross '39, '40, '4I, '42, Sergeanl'-al-Arms '39, Presidenf '40, Secrelary '4l, '42, Secrelary of Cify Council '4l, High Scholarship Club '39, '40, '4l, Sludenl Council '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Linz Awards 39, '40, 3A Class, '4I Secrefary, Office Assislanf '42, Library Assisranl '39, '40, '4I, Banking Assislanl '4l, '42, Foresler Slaff '4I, '42, Lilerary Edilor '4l, Assislanl Edilor '42, Grade School- Silberslein. FRANCES SMITH Dallas Hislorians '39, '40, '4l, Presi- denl '39, Secrelary '40, Efficiency Award '4l, Le Cercle Francais '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Sludenl Council '39, '40, High Scholarship Club '39, '40, '4I, 42, Secrelary '42, Nafional Honor Sociefy 4l, '42, Lunchroom Guard '39, '40, '4l, Library Assisfanl '39, '40, '4l, '42, Linz Awards '39, '40, '4l, Dallas Hislorical Sociely '4l, '42, Vice-Presidenl '4I, Grade School-T. C. Hassell. MARTHA JEAN SPICER Le Cercle Francais '38, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Girl Reserves '4I, High Scholar- ship Club '39, Sludenl Council '40: Linz Awards '39, '41, Favorite Sport- Swirnrning, Favorile Subiecl-Biology, Arnbilion-Dress Designer, Grade School-Colonial. HENRYETTE STEVENSON Girl Scouls '38, '39, Presidenl '39, Dal- las Hislorical Sociely '38, '39, Linz Awards '39, '40, High Scholarship Club '39, '40, '4I, Pan American Slu- denl Forum '40, '4l, '42, Secrelary '4l: Foresler Sfall, Club Edilor '42, Echo Slafl '4l, '42, Junior Red Cross '42, Grade School-Colonial. Page Thirly-one ROBERT STEWART Fovorile Subiecl-Hisloryg Favorile Sporl-Foolball: Hobby-Slamp Collecl, ing: Ambilion-Elecfrical Engineer, College-A. B: M.: Grade School- Silberslein. GERALD STRATTON Favorile Subiec?-Mafhemalicsg Favor- ife Sporl-Baseball, Hi-Y '42, Hobby- Slamp Colleclingg Ambilion-Avialorg Grade School-Quinlan, Texas. DUANE SUTTON Hi-Y '42, Serqeanl-al-Arrnsq Baseball '39, '40, '4l, '42, Lefrered '40, '4I: Baskelball '4l, '42, Lellered '4I3 Favor- ile Spor+fBa'eball: Favorile Subiecl- Home Economics: Arnbi+ion-Proles- sional Baseball Player: Grade School- Colonial. MARGUERITE TEAFATILLER Echo Sraff '4l, '42: Hiqh Scholarship Club '4l, '42g Audilores Caesaris '39, '4O: Sfudenl Council '4l, '42, Linz Award '407 Favorife SubieclAAccounl- ing: Favorife Sporl-Foolballg Ambi- lion-Privale Secrelary: Grade School- Kemp, Texas. BETTY MAE TOLLIVER High Scholarship Club '40, '4l, '42, Pan American Sludenl Forum '39, '43, '4l, '42, Treasurer '4l: Nafional Honor Socie1y'4I, '42, Foresl Forum '4l, '42, Linz Awards '40, '4l, '42: Favorife Sub- iecl-Shorfhandg Arnbilion-Slenogra pherg Grade School-Ada, Oklahoma. BETTY TURNER 25-50 Club 39, '40, '4l: Junior Radio Club '4l, '42, Secrelary '4lg Office Assislanl '42q Guard '40, '4Ig Linz Award '401Ambilion-Home Economics Teacher, College-N.T.S.T.C.g Grade School-T. C. Hassell. Page Thirly-lw0 BETTY JOYCE STOCKARD Le Cercle Francais '40, '4lg Dallas His- lorical Sociely '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Treasurer '38, Secrelary '4l, Sfudenl Council '39, '40, 4I3 Linz Awards 40, '42g Favorife Sporl-Tennis: Grade School-T. C. Hassell. l'VA MAE STRlBLlNG Dallas Hisforians '38: Texas History Club '4l, '42: Favorife Subiecr-Bb oloqy: Favorile Sporl-lce Skaling: Ambilion-Slenoqrapherq Grade School-Colonial. KATHLEEN TAYLOR Favorile Sporl-Swimming, Favorife Subiecl-English: Ambilion-Bookkeeper: Hobby-Collecling Pholographsg Grade School-Laqow. SARAH THOMASON 2A Class '40, Vice-Presidenfg Girls Public Speaking Club '39, '40, '4l, '42. Secrelary '427 Junior Red Cross '39: Girl Re erves '4lq Linz Awards '39, '40, '4Ig High Scholarship Club '4l, '42, Sludenl Council '4l, '42: Grade School-Silberslein. AMY LEE TRAMMELL Foiesl Forum '40, '4l, '42, Junior Red Cross '39, '40, '4l, '42, Sfudenl Coun- cil '4l, 42: Favorile Subiecf-Civics: Favorire Sporl'-Fooiballq Hobby-COL lecrinq Snapshofsg AmbirionARecep- lionislg Grade School-Lagow. BOBBIE RUTH TURNER Dallas Hislorians '39, Favorile Sub- iecf-French: Favorile Sporl-Baskefballg Hobby-Wrilinq Slories: Ambilion- Bookkeeper: Grade School-Brown. DOROTHY TURNER Dallas Hislorical Sociely 38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Favorife Sporl-Baseball, Fa- vorile Subiecl'-English, Ambilion-S're- nographer: Grade School- Silberslein. RUTH WALKER Foresl Forum '4l, '42, Parliamenlarian '42, Hobby-Music, Ambilion-l-lislory Teacher, College-N.T.S.T.C., Grade School-Brown. IRENE WALTERS Pan American Sludenl' Forum '4l, '42, Office Assisfanl '4l, Girls' Chorus '39, '40, '41, '42, All Cily Chorus '40, '41, All Sfale '4l, Ambifion-Designer, Grade School-Silberslein. JAMES WATTS Traclc '4l, '42, Favorile Subiec+-His- fory, Favorile Sporl-Track, Hobby- Dancing, Ambilion-Docfor, College- Baylor, Grade School-Union Grove. GARLAND WHITE Worlred afler School, Favorile Sub- iecl-Arl, Eavorile Sporl-Baseball, Am- bilion-Commercial Arlisl, Grade School-J. L. Greer, McKinney, Texas. RAMON WILENSKY R.O.T.C. '38, '39, '40, '4l, Corporal '39, Sergeanf '4l, Sfandard Debalinq Sociely '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Treasurer '40, Vice-Presidenf '4l, Presidenl '42, Junior Classical League '40, '4l, High Scholarship Club '40, '4l, '42, Junior Hislorians '39, Audilores Caesaris '40, '4l, '42, Linz Awards '39, '40, '4l, For- esfer Slafl '40, '4l, Assislanf Adverlis- ing Manager '42, Sludenl Council '4l, Grade School-Brown, Q 81 Y -6' sir' ' if ' :W 5, . L gf.. 8 ii f ,. 7 'kk x. LOUISE UTAY Girls Public Speaking Club '38, '39, '40, Dallas Hislorical Sociely '39, '40. '4l, '42, Parliamenlarian '4l, High Scholarship Club '4l, '42, 4A Class '42, Treasurer, Linz Award '4l, Office As:is+an+-'4l, '42, Grade School- Brown. MITCHELL WALL Eavorile Sporf-Foofballz Eavorile Sub- iecf-Malhemalics, Hobby-Rifle Marks- manship, Ambilion-Engineer, Grade School-Colonial. HELEN WASHBURN Sludenl Council '38, Foresler Sfahf '42, Echo Sfahl '42, Guard '39, Favoriie Subiecl-English, Favorile Sporf-Baslceh ball, Ambifion-Secrelaryp Grade School-T. G. Terry. HARDIN WHITAKER R.O.T.C. '4l, '42, Foofball '40, '4l, '42, Lellered '42, Ba'eball '4l, '42, Favor- ife Sporl-Foolball, Favorile Subiecl- Malhemalics, Hobby-Dancing, Ambi- lion-Avialor, Grade School-Lagow. WANDA LAVERN WHITE Aelfa Hislorical Sociely '40, Dallas Hislorical Sociefy '4l, Eavorile Sporl- Dancing, Favorile Subiecl-Biology, Ambilion-Housewife, Hobby-Collect ing Pholographs, Grade School- T. C. Hassell. NOVIA WILHITE Echo Slall '42, Foresler Slalf '42, Ea- vorile Subiecl-Hislory, Favorife Sporf- Dancinq: l-lobby-Roller Skaling, Am- bilion-Boolclceeper, Grade School- T. G. Terry. Page Thirty-three BETTE JUNE WILLIAMS Girl Scouls '39, '39, '40, Secrelary '39, Pan American Sludenf Forum '40, Slu- denl Council '40, I-lobby-Correspond ing: Eavorile Sporl-Dancinq, Ambi- Iion-Nurse, Grade School-Brown. JAMES VVITTKOWER Dallas I-lisforical Socieiy '4I, '42, Se:- ond Vice-Presidenl '42, Treasurer '4I, Aella I-lislorical Sociely '40, '4I , Audi- 'roros Caesaris '39, '40, '4l, Serqeanl- aI-Arms '40, 3B Class, '40 Presideni, 4B Class, '4I Vice-Presidenig 4A Class, '42 Serqeanl-al-Arms, R.O.T.C. '39, '40, '4I, '42, Serqeanl '40, Second Lieulenanl, '4I, Caplain, '4l, Lieulen- ani Colonel, '42, Mililary Circus '40, Camp Dallas '39, '40, '4l, Grade School-Silberslein. ALICE WRIGHT Eavorile Sporl-Baseball, Favorile Sub- iecf-Malhemalics: I-lobby-Colleclinq Auloqraphs and Pholoqraphs, Ambi- Iion-Boauly Operafor, Grade School. T. C. I-Iassell. SYLVIA YONACK Dallas I-Iislorians '39, Junior Red Cross '4l, '42, Treasurer '4l, Texas I-lislory Club '4l, '42, Eoresl Forum '4I, '42: Office Assislanl '4l, Foresler Slalf '42, Grade School-Brown. Page Thirly-four ETHNYE JEAN WILSON Dallas I-lislorical Socieiy '4I, '42, Archivisl, '42, I-Iiqh Scholarship Club '4I, '42, Aella I-Iislorical Sociely '-II, Rcpresonlalive in Inlerschola lic Spell- inq Conlesl '4l, '42: Library Assislanl '41, Echo Slarl '4I, '42, Grade School- Cenlral, Abilene, Texas. DORTI-IEY WOOD Foresl Eoium '4I, '42, Sludenf Council '42, I-lobby-Reading, Ambilion-Nurse, Favorile Subiecl-Biology, Favorila Sporl-Dancing, Grade School- Cily Park. MARGARET YEATES Eavorile Sporl-Bicycling, Favorile Sub- iecf-Algebra, Ambilion-Secrelary, I-lobby-Dancing, Grade School- McKinney, Texas. DORIS YOUNG Girl Reserves '4l, '42, Sergeanf-at Arms '42, Favoriie Sporl-Tennis, I-lobby-Dancing, Eavorile Subiecf- Shorlhandg Ambilion-Secrelary, Grade School-Corsicana, Texas. ANNIE ZIMMERMAN Junior Red Cross '40, '4l: Texas His- lory Club '4I, '42, Gi ls Public Spealx- ing Club '42, Ofiice A sislanl '4l, '42, Eoresler Slall '4I, '42, Grade School- Colonial. ,Icmuciry 43 Class BIRDIE LONEITA BALL Junior Red Cross Club '39, '40, '4I, '42, Secrelary '42, Allied Arls Club '40, '4I, '42, Pa Iiamenfarian '4l, Vice- Presidenf '42: Junior Arf Council Rep- resenlalive '4l, '42, Echo Slafl '42, Grade School-Laqow. MARJORIE BODINE Auditores Caesaris '39, Girl Reserves '4l, '42, Pep Squad '4I, Hobby-CoI- Ieding picfures of Airplanes and Navy ships, Ambifion-Pilol, Eavorile Sporl- Foolball: Eavorile Subiecl-Lalin, Grade School-Silberslein. MARY ELIZABETH CALVERT Hobby-Collecfinq picfures of Movie Slars, Ambilion-Boolclceeper, Favorife Sporl-Baseball, Favorife Subiecl-Boolc keeping, Grade School-Brown. FRANCES CAMPAGNA Vesfonians '4I, '42, Presidenl '4l, Siu- denl Council '4I: 3B Class '40, Par- Iiarnenlarian, College-T. S. C. W., Hobby-Wrifinq Poelry, Ambifion-Air Hos+es', Favorile Sporl'-Dancing, Grade School-Colonial. EVELYN CHRISTENSEN Pep Squad '40, '4I, Girl Reserves '4l, '42, Veslonians '4l , Treasurer, 3B Class '4I, Vice-Presidenf, 3A Class '4l, Treasurer, 4B Class '42, Vice-Presidenl, Texas Hisfory Club '40, '4I, '42, Vice- Presidenl' '42, Sfudeni Council '40, Orchestra '39, '40, '4I, '42, Grade School-Brown. BILL COZBY Hi-Y '4I, Traci: '4I: R. O. T. C. Band '39, '40, '4I, '42, Firsf Class Privale '39, Corporal '40, Sergeanf '40, '4I, Efficiency Award '39, '40, Hobby-Play- ing Trumpef, Grade School- T. C. Hassell. HELEN JOREE BENEDICT Girl Reserves'40,'4I,'42, Foresf Forum '4I, '42, Pep Squad '4I, '42, Ambi- lion-Inlerior Decorarorq Favorife Sub- iecl-Enqlishg Eavorile Sporl-Dancing, Grade School-Hogg, Houslon, Texas. WILLIAM BROWN Eoolball '39, '40, '4l, Leffered '4I, Baslcelball '39, '40, Track '40, '4I, Slu- denl Council '42, R.O.T.C. '40, '4l, '42, Second Lieulenanf '4I, 3A Class '4I, Serqeanf-af-Arms, Grade School- J. I.. Greer, McKinney, Texas. DAVID CAMP Foolball '40, '4I, Baseball '40, '4I, Eavorile Sporl-Foolball, Eavorile Sub- iecl-Mechanical Drawing, Arnbiiion- Draflsman, Grade School-Roger Q. Mills. IRENE CHASTAIN Vesfonians '4l, '42, Secrefary '42, Ser- qeanl-a+-Arms '4I, Srudenf Council '42, Eavorile Sporl-Eoolball, Favorile Subiecl-EngIi'h, Ambilion-Telephone Operafor, Grade School-Silberslein. MARVIN COPPEDGE Foofball '39, '40, '4I, '42, Traclr '42, Baseball '4l, College-Rice Inslilule, Favorile Sporr-Foolball, Favorile Sub- iecl-Geomefry, Ambilion-Eoolball Coach, Grade School-Brown. INA VE CROWDER Operellas '39, '40, '4l, Texas Hislory Club '39, '40, '4I, '42, Secrelary '4I, Sludenf Council Represenlalive '4l, Secrelary '42: Le Cercle Francais '4I, '42, Orclneslra '39, '40, '4I, '42, Secre- lary '4I, '42, Nalional Honor Sociely '4l, '42, Grade School-Ciry Park. Page Tlnirly-five I-IAZEL DAVIDSON Girls Public Speaking Club '39, '41, '42, Junior Red Cross '39, Da'lJs His- 'rorianz '39, Secrefary '39, Girl Re- serves '40, '41, Vesfonians '4I, '42, Trc-asurer '4I, IA Class '39, President, Linz Award '40, Sfudenr Council '4I, Cheerleader '4l, G'ade School- Silbersiein. BILL DIETRICH l4Al Baskelball '40, '4I, Favoiire Sperr- Baskefball, Favorire SubiecI-MaIhe- malics, Arnbilion-Enqineer, Grade School-Anadarko. GLORIA JUNE DUPREE Aalra I-lisrorical Sociery '4I: Dallas I-lislorical Sociely '4I, Guard '38, '39, Favorife Subiecl-Shorrhand, Favorile Sporf-Tennis, Ambifion-Sfenographer, Grade School-Lagaw. WILLETA EUBANKS Pep Squad '39, '40, '4I, '42, Favorile Sporr-Skalinq, Favorile Subiwc'r-Enq- Iish, Arnbifion-Bookkeeper, 6:ade School-Brown. WALLACE FITCH Slandard Debating Sociefy '39, Slu- denl Council '39, Baseball '39, '40, '4I, '42, Favorife Sporf-Baseball, Favorife Subiecr-Mechanical Drawing, Echo Sfaff, Assislanl Business Manager '42, Hobby-Ice Skaringg Ambirion-Profes sional Baseball Player, Grade School- Silberslein. SALLY FREEDMAN Texas I-Iisrory Club '39, '40, '4I, '42, Vice-Pre idenf '4I, Prcsidenl '42, Girls Public Speaking Club '39, '40, '4I, '42, I-Iiqh Scholarship Club '40, '41, '42, Girl Reserves '4I: Junior Red Cross '39, '40, Foresler Sfarl '4I, '42, Office Assisranf '42: 2B Clas' '40, Vice-Presi- denig 2A Class '40, Secrefary: Linz Awards '40, '4I, '42, Grade School-Brown. Page Thirry-six TVN 3 I l I I I .I ,J M. G. DAVIS Track '40, Baskefball '40, Favorile Sporr-Foolball, Favorile Subiecl-Joun nalism, College-Nolre Dame, Hobby- Dancinq, Echo Srall '42, Arnbirion- Radio Engineer, Grad: School- Cily Park. JIMMIE DUNCAN I-Ii-Y '40, Sludenl Council '4I, '42, Track '42, 2A Class '40, Sergeanl-ah Arms, Echo Slafl, Busines' Manager '42, Foolball '4I, '42, Favorire Sub- iecl-Malhemafics, Eavorire Sporf- Eoolball, I-lobby-Dancing, Ambilion- Engineer: Grade School- Silbersrein. EVA ENGELBER6 I-Iiqh Scholarship Club '39, '4l, '42, Linz Awards '39, '4I, Eavorife Sport- Baseball, Favorile Subiecf-Typing, Ambilion-Srenoqrapher, Grade School-Brown. IRMA FIGANBAUM Girls Public Speaking Club '40, '4I, '42, Vice-Presidenr '4l, Treasurer '42, Girl Reserves '40, '4I, '42, I-Iigh Schol- arship Club '40, '4I, '42, Ohcice A sisl- anl '40, Linz Awards '40, '4I, '42, For- esrer Slahl, Bookkeeper, '42: Grade School-Darwin, Chicagojlllinois. LAMAR ELEMING Linz Award '4I, Favorire Sport-Foot ball, Favorile Subiecf-Shorlhand, Worked alfer school: Ambilion-Privale Secrerary, Grade School-Ciry Park. JAMES EDWARD FRYAR Texas Hislory Club '4I, Eorel Forum '4I, Echo Srahl '42, Sfudenl Council '4I: R. O. T. C. '39, '40, '4I, '42, COT- poral '4I, Serqeanr '4I, Second Lieu- Ienanf '42, College-A. 81 M., Ambi- Iion-Civil Engineer, Grade School- Colonial. DAVID GI-LLER Hi-Y '42, R. O. T. C. '40 '4I '42 Favorile Sporf-Foofball, Favorife' Sub: iecl-Mafhemafics, Grade School- Kellom, Omaha, Nebraska. DOROTHY GOFFMAN Favorife Sporf-Swimming, Favoriie Subiecfs-Shorrhand and Typing: Am- bifion-Governmenf Work, Grade School-Colonial. KENNETH HANSEN Forecler Ar+ Edifor '4I, '42, Echo Sraii '4I, Ari Edifor '42, Sludenl Council '41, Track '4I, Baseball '40, Foolball '40, '4I, Leifered '4I, Favorife Sub- iecr-Art, Favorife Sport-Foofball, Arn- bilion-Carioonisf, Grade School-Brown. CLYDENE HOLDER Echo Sfaff, Exchange Ediior '42, Le Cercle Francais '4I, '42, Favoriie Sporf-Baskelball, Favorile Subiecf- Home Economics, Hobby-Collecling Miniafure Vases, Ambifion-Journalisip Grade School-Ciiy Park. BONNIE PAYE KELLUIVI 25-50 Club '39, Pep Squad '39, '40, '4l, Maioreffe '42, Allied Aris Club '40, '4I, Vesfonians '4I, '42, Presidenf '42, Girl Reserves '4I, Favorife Subiecl- Ari, Hobby-Ar+, AmbFIion-Nurse, Grade School-Colonial. DOLORES KENEAGH Foresf Forum '4I, '42, Girl Reserves '4I, '42, Favorife Subieci-Hisfory, Ambifion-Governmenf Work, Grade- School-Hassell. in ww PAUL GOFF Baseball '40, Senior Hi-Y '4I, '42, Fa vorife Sporf-Boxing, Favorife Subieci Home Economics, Ambifion-Profes sional Boxer, Grade School-Brown. DOROTHY GRACY Favorile Subiecf-Accounfinq, Hobby- Dancinq and Wrifinq Leffers, Ambi Iion-Airplane Hosfess, Grade School-Cify Park. MONTIE JEAN HODGES Girl Reserves '40, 3A Clas. '4I, Presi- denl, 3B Class '4I, Vice-Presidenf, Sludenf Council '40, '41, Linz Award '4I, Favorife Sporf-Fooiball, Favorife Subieci-Foods, Ambifion-Dieiician, Grade School-Silbersfein. JOHNNY H. HUBIG Favovife Sporf-Foolball, Favorife Sub- iecf-Mafhemalics, Hobby-Mechanics, Worked aiier school, AmbiIion-Book- keeper, Grade School-Lagow. WILMA KELLUM Pep Squad '39, '40, '4l, Drum Major- effe '4I, Allied Arfs Club '40, '4I, Girl Reserves '4I, Vesionians '4I, '42' Favorife Sporf-Dancing, Favorile Sub iecf-Ari, Grade School- Colonial. WANDA KNIGHT Dallas Hisforians '39, Sfudenf Council '40, Foresf Forum '41, '42, Favorife Subiecf-Public Speaking, Hobby- Dancinq, Ambiiion-Sienoqrapher, Grade School-Colonial. Page Thirfy-seven MARIE KOLLER High Scholarship Club '4l, '42, Junior Red Cross '4l, '42, Dallas Hislorical Sociely '4l, '42, Linz Awards '4l, '42, 4B Class '42, Treasurer, Favorile Sporf- Baseball, Eavorile Subiecl-Shorlhand, Ambilion-Slenographer, Grade School-Hassell. RUTH LEVY Junior Red Cross '4l, '42, High Schol- arship Club '40, '4l, '42, Nafional Honor Sociely '4l, '42, Dallas His- Iorical Sociely '4l, '42, 2A Class '40, Presidenl, Guard '40, Linz Awards '40, '4l, '42, Banking Assisfanl '40, '4l, '42, Grade School-Colonial. ADELL MACI-IAC Favorile Sporl-Skafingg Favorile Sub- iecl-Home Economics, Hobby-Kodak ing, Ambilion-Housekeeper, Grade School-Hassell. EARL MCCOY Favorile Sporl-Baseball, Favorile Sub- iecl-Dralfing, Hobby-Building Mod- els, Ambilion-Draflsmang Grade School-Colonial. BETTY JANE MCKINNEY IB Class '39, Vice-Presidenl, 3B Class '4l, Presidenl, Vesfonians '4l, '42, Girl Reserves '4l, '42, Favorife Sporl- Dancing, Favorife Subiecl-Algebra, Ambilion-Privale Secrelary, Grade School-Brown. ARTHUR MILLER Track '42, Allied Arls Club '40, Glee Club '39, '40, '4l, '422 Echo Slafl '42, Favorile Sporl-Foofball, Favorile Sub- iecf-Hlslory, I-lobby-Collecling Signs Ambilion-Eleclrical Engineer, Grade School-Lagow. Page Thirly-eighl DOROTHY LAWRENCE Pep Squad '39, '40, '4l, '42, Caplain '4l, '42, 4B Class '42, Secrelary, Echo Slali '42, Favorile Sporl-Eoolball, Fa- vorile Subiecl-Clolhing, Ambifion- Designer, Junior Red Cross '42, Grade School-Silberslein. ANNETTE LYLES Favorifa Sporl-Foolball, Favorife Sub- iecl-Home Economics, Hobby-Dano ing, Ambition-Clerical Work, Grade School-Colonial. JACK MCCLURE Foolball '39, '40, '4I , Track '39, Basker- ball '40, Baseball '40, 4B Class '42, Sergeanl-al-Arms, R. O. T. C. '39, '40, '4l, '42, Sergeanl '42, Favorife Sporf- Foolball, Favorite Subiecl-Chemistry, Ambition-Eleclrician, Grade School- Silberslein. MARGARET MCCREARY Pep Squad '39, '40, '4l, Maiorelle '4l, Girl Reserves '40, Sfuden? Council '39, '40, '4l, '42, Junior Red Cross '4l, '42, Girls Public Speaking Club '4l, '42, Ollice Assislanl '4l, '42, Grade School-Brown. GERALDINE MCWILLIAMS Texas Hislory Club '39, '40, '4l, '42, Secrelary '4l, Girl Reserves '40, '4l, Veslonians '4l, '42, 4B Class '42, Treas- urer, Favorile Sporl'-Baseball, Favorile Subiecl-English, Grade School- cafy Park. JEAN ETTE MILLER Business Career: Grade School- Lagow. 'Favorile Subiecl-Chorus, Ambition: Favorife Sporl-Skaling, Hobby-Music ' HAZEL RUTH MILLWEE Junior Red Cross '39, '40, '4I, '42, Presidenl '42: High Scholarship Club '40, '4I, '42: 25-50 Club '4I: Sludenl' Council '39, '40: Na'ional Honor Soci- ely '4I, '42' Dallas Hisforical Sociefy '4I, '42: Office Assisfanl '40, '4I: 3B Class '4I, Treasurer: Lunch Room Guard '4I: Linz Awards '40, '4-I, '42: Grade School Colonial. CLARA ANN MORAWSKI Favorile Sporl-Baseball: Favorile Sub- iecl-Home Economics: Ambilion- Nurse: Essay prize winner: Hobby- Collecling Cream Pilchers: Grade School-Colonial. ROBERT MURRAY Foolball '38, '39, '40: Favoiile Sporf- Foofballq Favorile Subiecl'-Hislory: Ambilion-Physical Educafion lnslruc- lor: Hobby-Football: Grade School-Lagow. RUBY MAE PARSONS Favorile Soorl-Baseball: Favorile Sub- iecl-Home Economics: Ambilion- I-lousekeeper: Hobby-Collecfing Charms: Grade School-T, C. Hassell. ELIZABETH PIROZZO Favorife Sporl-Horseback Riding: Fa- vorile Subiecl-English: Ambilion-Busi- ness Career: Grade School- Brown. FRANCES REAVES High Scholarship Club '4l, '42: Dallas Hisforical Sociely '4I, '42: Linz Award '4I : Junior Red Cross '4I, '42: Favorile Sporl-Foofball: Eavorile Subiecl-Short hand: Ambifion-Secrelary: Grade School-T. C. Hassell. MINA LEE MILLWEE Sludenl Council '4O: Audilores Cae- saris '40, '4I: Junior Red Cross '4I, '42: Office Azsislanl '4I, '42: Hobby- Slamp Collecling: Ambifion-Nurse: Favorile Sporf-Swimming: Grade School Colonial. VIRGINIA MORRIS Eavorile Sporl-Foolball: Favorile Sub- iecl-Typing: Ambilion-Slenographer: Hobby-Slcaling: Grade School- Lagow. KATHRYN PARKS Veslonians '4I, '42, Vice-Presidenf '4I, Presidenl '42: 3A Clas. '4I, Vice-Presi- denl: I-lobby-Collecling Flowers: Fa- vorile Subiecf-Home Economics: Fa- vorile Sporl'-Dancing: Grade School- Colonial. STANLEY PEACOCK Junior Hi-Y '40, Presidenl: Senior Hi-Y '4I, '42, Parliamenfarian '4I, Vice- Presidenf '42: High Scholarship Club '4I, '42: Sludenl Council '4I: Baseball '40: Baslcelball '4I, '42: Linz Awards '40, '4I, '42: Echo Sfalf, Assislanf Sporls Edifor '42: Grade School- Cily Parlc. DOROTHY RAY Girl Reserves '39: IB Class '39, Secre- fary, Highland Parlr Junior High: Ea- vorile Sporl'-Tennis: Ambifion-Nurse: Favorile Subiecl-History: Grade School-Universily Parlr. HARRY RIESMAN Senior Hi-Y '4I, '42, Sergeanl-af-Arms '42: Slamp Club '39, '40: Favorila Sporl-Bowling: Favorile Subiec1'-Com- mercial Geography: Hobby-Stamp Collecling: Grade School-Benlon, Kansas Cify, Missouri. Page Thirly-nine LORENE ROSE Veslonians '42, Echo Siafl '42, Favorile Subiecl-Home Economics, Hobby- Dancinq, Favoriie Sport-Foolball, Grado School-Hassell. FRED SCHLINGER Audilores Caesaris '39, '4I, '42, High Scholarship Club '40, '4I, '42, Treas- urer '42, Linz Award. '40, '4I,S1udenf Council '40, Lafin Tournamenl '40, '41, Second Place Winner '4I, Grade School-Colonial. EVELYN SHALETTE Girls Public Spec-lxinq Club '39, '40, '4I, '42, Vesfonians '42, Parliamen- larian '42, Sfudznr Council '39, Girl Reseves '4l, Hiqh Scholarship Club '42, Linz Awards '4I, '42, Grade School-Colonial. BENNY SILER Hi-Y 4l, Bas,-ball 42, R. O. T. C. 4I, '42, A1 Corsicana Hiqh School: Hi-Y Club '39, Foolball '39, '40, Leflered '39, Camera Club '40, Baslrelball '40, Grade School Corsicana, Texas. JEANETTE SPILLMAN Favorile Spori-Baseball, Favorife Sub- ivcf-Typinq, Hobby-Dancinq, Grade School-Brown. DOYLE STEPHENSON Track '4I, Band Conlesi '39, '40, '4II R. O. T. C. Band '39, '40, '4I, Favorile Sporf-Traclm, Favorite Subiecf-MaThe- mafics, Arnbilion-Mechanical Engi- neer, Hobby-Model Airplane Build- inq, College-A. 81 M., Grade School-Laqow. Page Forty CARL RUDlCK Le Cercle Francais '39, '42, Serqeanl- al-Arms '42, R. O. T. C. '4l, '42, Fa- voriie Spor+-Foofball, Favorife Sub- iecf-Hislory, Ambirion-Cerfified Pub- lic Accounfanfg College-S. M. U., Grade School-Colonial. MARTHA SCOTT Pan American Sluclenf Forum '41, Junior Red Cross '39, '40, '4I, Office Assislanf '4l, Favorile Spori-Swim- ming, Favorile Subiecl-Maihemafics, Ambiiion-Slenoqrapher, Grade School-Croclreff, WALTER SHINDOLL R. O. T. C. '39, '40, '4I, '42, Serqeanf '4l, '42, Rifle Team '4l, '42, Favorife Subiecl-Hislory, Favorife Sporf-Slrah ing, Hobby-Traveling, Grade School- T. G. Terry. DOROTHY LEE SMITH Favorile Sports-Slrafinq and Dancing, Favoiife Subiecf-Foods, Ambition- Saleslady or Clerlc, Grade School- Silbersiein. ALEX STATHAKOS Radio Club '4I, Favorile Subiecf- Physics, Favoriie SporT-Foolball,Arnbi- lion-Radio Technician, Hobby-Radio, Grade School-Colonial. DOROTHY FAY STEVENSON Pan American Sfudenl Forum '4I, '42, Vesfonians '4l, '42, Serqeanl-al-Arms '42, Sfudenf Council '4l, '42, High Scholarship Club '42, Linz Award '42, Grade School-Brown. CORA LEE STEWART 25-50 Club '39, '40, '4l: Junior Red Cross '4l, '42: Favorire Spor'r-5wirn- rninq: Favorife Subiecr-English: Ambi- lion-Enler Olympics: Grade School- Colonial. MARETA SULLINS Bible Linz Award '4O: Eavoriie Sperr- Foolball: Favorife Subiecr-Algebra: Hobby-Collecfing Perfume Borrles: Ambifion-Secreiary: Grade School- Brown. LYDIA THOMPSON Texas l-lisrory Club '4l, '42: 3A Class '4I, Parliamenfarian: Favorife Spori- Dancinq: Favorire Subiecf-Shorfhand: Arnbirion-Slenoqrapher: Grade School-Ciry Parlc. FLOICE TUNNELL l-li-Y '40: Traclc '39, '40, '4l: R. O. T. C. '39, '40, '4l, '42, Caplain '4l, Maior, '42: 3A Class '4I, Presidenf: College- A. 8: lvl.: Grade School-Colonial. HERBERT VOlGl-IT Eoolball '39, '40, '4I, Leflered '4I Baseball '40, '41, '42: Favoriie Spori- Baseball: Favorire Subiecr-Arr: Arnbi rion-Professional Baseball Player: Grade School-Laqow. OSCAR STINSON R. O, T. C. '42: Favorife Spor1'-Base- ball: Favorire Subiecl'-Malhernalicz: Hobby-Raising Banlams: Grade School-Hassell. HAYDEN SUMMERFIELD Slandard Debalinq Sociely '39: Audi- lores Caesaris '40, '4l : Hi-Y '4l: Dallas l-lislorical Sociery '4I, '42, Presidenr '4l: IB Class '39, Secrerary: 3A Class '4I, Secrefary: R. O. T. C. '39, '40, '4I, '42, Second Lieurenanl '4l, '42: Grade School-Brown. KATHLEEN TlNER Srudenl Council '39, '40, '4l, '42: IA Clafs '39, Presidenr: 48 Class '42, Presidenr: Vesronians '40, '4I, '42, Sec- relary '4l: Orchesfra '39, '4O: Girl Re- serves '4O, '4l: Office Assisfanl '42: Audirores Caesaris '39: Cheerleader '4l: Grade School-Brown. MARY TURNER High Scholarship Club '40, '4l: Slu- denf Council '4O: Linz Awards '40, '4l: 2B Class '40, Secrefaryg ZA Cla's '40, Vice-Preside-nr: 3B Class '4I, Secre. rary: Grade School-Silbersfein. FLORENCE WALLING Banking Bookkeeper '4l: Office Assisi- anr '42: Favoriie Sporl-Eoofball: Fa- vorire Subiecf-English: Ambition-Seo relary: College-Business College: Grade School-Silbersfein. Page Forly-one AA Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row- Marcelle Burns, Louise Utay, Lorene Fisher, Virginia Larr, Frances Skelton, Claire Degen, Velma Page, Clara Condray, Sara Haley, Dorothy Wood, Estelle Niss, Eleanor Madans. Second Raw: Mary Helen Scoggins, Forrest Moore, Richard Glanville, AI Schumann, Samuel Feldman, Homer Odom, Leroy Jones, George Brooks, Curtis Arrington, Harold Simon, Joe Siegel. Third Row: Katie Reese, Alfred Brown, Harold Borofsky, Jack Drandell, Sidney Glasser, Melvin Aronoli, Bennett Goodman, Ramon Wilen- sky, Darwin Huddle, Wylie Parker, Jr. fourth Row: B, M. Moody, Kenneth Hulme, James Marshall, Bill Diet- rich, John Henry Smhraerdel, George Altenau, Robert King, Alex Tuttle, Raymond Beach, Jerald Ransom. Filth Row- Loyd Murrey, James Watts, Hardin Whitaker, Sam Embry, John Anderson, Walter Sorensen, H, D. Lollar, Glenn George. Page Forty-two Sixth Row: Charles Jordan, Lawrence Hoover, Porter Reed, Martin Andrews, Raymond Blummer, Foster Scott, Ernest Genthner, Har- well Lucky, Gary Burton, Miller Powell, Roger Moore, Oscar Conner. Seventh Row: Billy De Lee, Archie Braodo, Ben Mims, Barney Dowd, Kenneth Dane, Garland White, Billy Gallon, Jack Lee, Gerald Stratton, Donald Cortimilia, Robert Steward. Eighth Raw: Leon Dunn, Mitchell Wall, Philip Dane, Jimmie Edwards, David Rose-nzweig, Cecil Brooks, James Wittkower. NOT IN PICTURE Levelyn Blalock Robert McComas James Shuptrine Dillard Cantrell Jack Paxton Howard Tullos Walter Karr Claude Richardson Robert Van G. C. Lucky Herbert Sheaner AA Class LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Dorothy Turner, Maxine Shields, Frances Gillett, Mariorie Grider, Robbie Bowers, Mariorie Ledford, Bluma Rudnitzky, Nata- lie Lipner, Helen Washburn, Bobbie Ruth Turner, Thelma Marri- son, Evelyn Douglass. Second Row: Virginia Brecheen, Frances Kebrle, Mary louise Miller, Gloria Busby, Geraldine Martin, Doris Lutz, Jane Dees, Maxine Bennett, Annie Zimmerman, Imogene Miskell, Irene Walters. Third Row: Betty Mae Tolliver, Maxine Alexander, Ray Bell Kahn, Imelda Bolin, Roxie Poteet, Lolita Blakeway, Alice Wright, Amy Lee Trammell, Betty Ingram, Eunita Smith, Doris Young, Doris Harshaw, Frances Griner. Fourth Row: Frances Smith, Doris Grace, Juanita Poynter, Billie Owens, Dorothy Gracy, Moya Johnson, Cornelia Hambric, Doris Jean Rob- bins, Lucille McFarland, Vera Burkhead, Willette Basinger, Eva Ruth Carter. Filth Raw: Elise Frame, Edwina Daily, Dorothy Seilheimer, Henryette Stevenson, Margie Butler, Frankie Clark, Frankie Fallin, Vivian Davis, Mary Sue Reese. Sixth Raw: Ethnve Wilson, Betty Joyce Stockard, Sylvia Yonack, Adri- enne Levin, Virginia Gray, Novia Lee Wilhite, Shirley Houck, Dorothy Grigg, Emma Parrish, Billie Niess, Betty Jean Buford. Seventh Row: Margaret Yeates, Earleen Shcuse, Iva Mae Stribling, Tommie Hedgpeth, Almeta Kennington, Kathleen Taylor, Virginia Gilliam, Helen George, Norma Morgan, Lucille Mayes. Eighth Row: Elsie Golden, Ruth Walker, Mary Manning, Zelma Abram- son, Martha Jean Spicer, Edith Eaton, Betty Turner, Georgia Hunter, Cecelia Koller, Loraine Purkey, Mildred Stepter. Ninth Row: Margie Clark, Bette June Williams, NOT IN PICTURE Billie Anderson Ruth Lovell Marguerite Teafatiller Cora Lee Haralson Doris June Morris Sarah Thomason Neoma Lamb Nelda Reynolds Wanda White Page Folly-three AB Class First Row- Edith Williams, Frances Reaves, Marie Koller, Lorene Rose, Joree Benedict, Bernice Gilreath, Sally Freedman, lrma Figon- baum, Dorothy Fay Stevenson, Cora Lee Stewart, Ruth levy, Eva Engelberg, Dorothy Gofiman. Second Row Shirley Poole, Delores Keneagh, Mary Ann Johnson, Martha Scott, Bonnie Faye Kellum, Geraldine McWilliams, Kath- leen Tiner, Christine Yucker, Lydia Thompson, Betty Jane McKin- ney, Wilma Kellum, Jeanette Spillmon, Carl Rudick. Third Row: Doris Groves, Billie Wilborn, Clara Morawski, Frances Campaana, Kathryn Parks, Hazel Ruth Millwee, Florence Walling, Annette Lyles, Frances Villines, Adell Machac, Ruby Mae Parsons, Stanley Peacock, Paul Pyron. Fourth Row: Wanda Knight, Leona Bump, Pauline Cole, Eualo Bump, Dorothy Ray, Gloria Dupree, Clydene Holder, Jo Marie Willitord, Joseph Shropshire, Fred Schlinger, Orville Wright, Byron Belt. Fifth Row- Margaret McCreary Montie Jean Hodges, Dorothy Lawrence, Mary Turner, Irene Chast in, Ina Ve Crowder, Evelyn Christensen, Elizabeth Pirozzo, Freddie Ruth Hardcastle, M. G. Davis, Alex Stathakcs, Marvin Monday. Sixth Row- Jimmy Fryar, Harry Goodstein, Walter Shindoll, Willeta Eubanks, Mary Elizabeth Calvert, Mina Lee Millwee, Mariorie Bodine, Yvito Satterwhite, Harry Riesman, A. J. Smegner, Leon Tolerton, Bill Holt. Page Forty-tour Seventh Row: Bob McNally, Gene Griffin, C. B. Seely, Oscar Stinson, Hayden Summerfield, Floice Tunnell, William Brown, Leon Ruben- stein, Geralo Rushing, Bill Cozby, Frank Donaberger, Benny Siler. Eighth Row: Henry Holcomb, David A. Camp, Herbert Voight, Robert Duckworth, Billy Joe Bayans, Wallace Fitch, Johnny Hubert Hubig, Richard Stroud, Lawrence Hirsch. Ninlh Row: Earl McCoy, Martin Annis, Paul Goh, Jack McClure, Arthur Miller, Kenneth Hansen, Marvin Coppedge, Lamar Fleming, Jr., Doyle Stephenson, Billy Caldwell. NOT IN PICTURE Hays Ray Cash Anson Cox Jessie Drake Jimmie Duncan David Giller Donald Jackson Don Kelton Earl B. McCoy Roland Moore Robert Murray Donald Murphy Duane Sutton Powell Weippert Joe Whitfield lra Wood Girls Ernestine Bacon Loneita Ball Hazel Davidson Dorothy Gaskin Dorothy Gracy Virginia lvers Jeannette Miller Virginia Morris Evelyn Sholette Dorothy Lee Smith Lillian Spence Mareta Sullins 3A Class First Row, J. T. Lemons, Billy Rogcrs, J. C. Kassed, Herbert Louis Gold- berg, Harold Gaiman, David Cobbel, Sammy Seltzer, Robcrt Glazer, Ervin Polishuk. Second Row: Glenn Lang, Leland Turner, Daniel Hill, Milan Leggett, Russell Murdoch, David Ball, Edward Vodicka, Chasc Campbell, Gerald Coley, Herbert Watts. Third Row: Elmo Elam, Raleigh Huie, Jr., Jimmy Murchison, Joe Freed, Bobby Pobinson, Louis Rubin, Stanley Lcvznthal, David Kcnning- ton, Don Hendrix. Fourth Row: Bobby Miller, Raymond Jones, Jr., Russell Burns, Morton Zimmerman, A. E. Davis, George McCoy, Hubbard Hollon, Eugsne Hranicky, Dee Palmer. Fifth Row: Albert Watts, Donald Higgins, Norman Webb, Donald Schmidt. Robcrt Gary, J. E. Jcnkins, Floyd McDonald, Owcn Marshall. Sixth Row: Barthell Ellis, Bill Burrh, John Pugh, G'orgfe Baker, Ed Burkley, John Tucker, Paul Moon:yhanw, Ernest Hond.rson, More vin Hudler, Ed Deering. Seventh Row: Billy Cox, Levy Bursan, .Ierry Humphrey, J. C. Mackey, Cleopos Pounds, Billy Jack Ramsey, George Logan, Newton Stovall, Odell Wren, Robert Jcffros, Eugcne Jeffers. Eighth Row: Billie H. Dooley, Marshall Moore, Grow-r Stevens, Walter Emmit Kilo, Elmcr Johnson, Lcroy Huddlcston, Billy Maddox. NOT IN PICTURE Charles Beck George Moore Marshall Turkin Kenneth English David Schlacler Earl Walker Joe McKinney Billy Joe Smith ROY Welling George Maddox Paqe Forty-live Third Row- Burma Dean Vogel, Ruth Vogel, Frances Timpson, Doris 3A Class First Row Joyce Simmons, Jimmie Hardin, Ernostine Bruce, Pauline Scfiupbnck, Bcttye Janf- Gardner, Charlotte Yonack, Helen Wilen- sky, Evelyn Yates, Virginia Jackson, lona Willetord, Evelynn Davis, B.tty Bcvill, Juanita Etheridge, Maudie Tucker, Minnette Corchine. Sqccnd Row' Nelda Jo Duck, Betty Canipe, Florence Center, Poppy larue Hammond, Samye Gattuso, Martha Napier, Gloria Nicholas, Elma Wright, Gwcndolcn Rees-Jones, Mildrrd Glenn, Doris Jean Harmer, lsabell Hulen, Betty Stovall, Frances Toplitz. Talley, Trzysa Sealy, Mariorlon: Pari1h, Ruth Pcrlmutter, Janette Knight. Lorota Hamilton, Hnzrrl F'-rgu,on, Bertha Rosengarten, Gwendolyn Hubbard, Geraldine Bryant. Fourth Raw: Beatrice Taylor, Janice Crowley, Betty Ricker, Hazel Poyn- tr-r, Loretta Hawkins, Norma Aronott, Anna Kleinman, Toby Aron- ott, Rizcll Tobolowsky, Ssilly Bill Spratt, Dorothy Moulton, Nella Mae Vaughan. Filth Raw llnnnie Hicks. Ralorv- Odell. Alice Winsor, Grace Lebowitz, Jaan Mayes, Aggie Lee Harper, Charlotte Marantz, Lenora levine, lmodoan Jones, Wanda La Rue, Edwynia H.nry, Elizabeth Norton, Virginia lamb. Page Forty-six Sixth Row: Doris Ann Stewart, lois Young, Marceline Hempel, Betty Mae Gouger, Joyce Kitts, Fay Williams, Maxine Newman, Mar- garet Tolley, Tommie Orton, Doris Rutchik, Marilyn Rachofsky, Mary Hernandez. Seventh Rrw: Freddie Barnett, Doris Gewertz, Reba Baker, Nezzie Joe Kelley, Maxine Thompson, Kathleen Davis, Kathleen Malloy, Betty Sawyer, Betty Cannon, Christell Ferguson. Eighth Row: Billie Bradley, Dorothy Wilson, Monna Jean Shackeltord, Mary Alice Scott, Corinne Pederson, Margaret Browning, Sarah Bourland, Annabelle Moore, Annette Golman, Shirlye Sherrard, Betty Jo Moore, Wanda Nelson. Ninth Row: Roxie Hague, Sudie Mae Gillhnm, Rozell Bowman, Lille Pearl Conner, Cleo Cargill, Virginia Fite, Sophie Kamen, Billie Gentry, Ruth Mclendon, Beatrice Baker, Jeanne Goldberg. Wanda Cawthon Dorothy Davenport Mary Ruth Fletcher Audrey Gray NOT IN PICTURE Lois Hillis Dorothy Lee Law Marie lloyd Dorothy Mullins Vida Jo Tindall Wanda lee Waddell loralee Weltman 3B Class First Row: Louise Steindam, Mary George, Helen Gaylord, Novello Tullos, Geraldine Richmond, Lorene Flanagan, Velma Casteel, Betty McMaster, Doris Wilson, Mary Margaret Halliburton, Martha Jane Moores, Anna Ruth Dyer. Second Row: Joanna Brown, Billie Wanda Willitord, Dorothea Rush, Frances Louise Janner, Anna Lee Sutcliffe, Milton Lee Atkins, Mildred Hensley, Juanita Boatmon, Francine Burris, Priscilla Du Bose, Sarah Chesnick, Frankie Grant. Third Row: Jane Morris, Frances Wright, Helen Lattim'-r, Jean Wynn, Annie Mae Hubig, Ruth Hill, Gloria Mlchaelson. Eleanor Cohen, Jeanette Rosenberg, Virginia Stark, Nadine McCullough, Wanda Wright. Fourth Row- Henry Shafer, Riley Tucker, Elwonda Clanton, Johnnie Mae Gill, Mary Jane Anderson, Betty Lou Hancock, Nila Ruth Lynn, Lula Mae Tallerton, Joan Maner, Doris Mae Reynolds, Vire ginia Griner, Mary Ann Cortimilia. Fifth Row: Marshall Wright, Jimmie Lott, Edward Dees, Ora Lou Williams, Kathleen Collins, Bobbie Nell Sims, Shirley Mark, Coro- Iine Collendrino, Emma Vada Hale, Wanda Jane Cochran, Helen Taylor, Leroy Harris. Sixth Row: Roy Poynter, Joe Young, Marvin Barish, Saul Kahn, Bob Pugh, Julius Frauman, Darlene Tanton, Hclcn Stoycr, Aileen Head, Ruth Reynolds, Johnnie Brown. Seventh Row: Thomas Stepter, Edwin Thorn, Earl Petcrs, Louis Welt- chek, Jcrry Segal, Johnnie Wilhclm, Henry Riser. Eighth Row: Milford Thomas, J. C. Pendleton. Rob'-rt Shelton, George Farr, Bobby Kalenoysky, J. Weldon Willis, Richard Dean Grubbs, Charles Reed, Boys Jack Charles Freddy Goldstein N. J. McCarIey John Palmer L. M. Cox. NOT IN PICTURE William Sherman Girls Kathryn Belt Wanda Jean Hendrix Dorothye Howie Annette Jones Louise Patterson Annie Poklodnik Laverne Woodall Page Forty-seven 2A Class First Row: Mary Corley, Jeanne Kincaid, Gwendolyn Kent, Shirley Frazier, Frances Fugitt. Second Raw: Gerald Brown, Fay Collins, Grace Phillips, Georgia Wal- lace, Marian Lawtan, Winnie Lee Fisher, Helen Lutz, Mollie Rosenbaum, Helen Raye Corry, Dorothy Burns, Evelyn Beach, Mary Lynn Dougherty, Frances McDonald. Yhird Raw' James Chism, Jimmie Lou Lantrip, Frances Willeford, Pau- Iyne Engelberg, Ouida Riley, Gwendolyn Scott, Maborn Gray, Therman Etheridge, Martin Letow, louis Watel, Bobby Goldberg, Bobby Moore. Fourth Rom Glenn Claxton, Charles Austin, Wayne Turner, Joe Rich- ardson, Charles Cauley, Jack Lyons, Marvin Walden, Leslie Mitchell, Robert Berman, Don Harris, Ray Dunn. , Fifth Row: John Bunting, Robert Cruse, Frank Morgan, Robert L. Sale, Frank Wehrle, Monroe Mirsky, Jimmy Allen, George Mirsky, Grady Millender, Donald Tullis, Edwin Morris, Eugene Brockway. Sixth Row: H. L. Pryor, Billy Stroud, Bill Brown, Donald Zeman, Stan- ley Schneider, Bernard Kahn, Benny Apple, Billy Bushman, Jack Daniel, Jerry Miller, Shirley Hill. Page Forty-eight Seventh Raw: Leland Purkey, Benny Culbertson, Ervin Singer, Samuel Rude, Morton Prager, Victor Oddo, Ross Cangelose, Curtis Cameron, Henry Offill, Paul Sy. Eighth Row: Dempsey Colby, Martin Spiritus, Richard Pnkladnik, Leonard Pierce, George Freeland, Meyer Raslrin, Charles Wood, Charles Smith, Melton Barnes, Oran Burt. Ninth Row: Jack Summerfield, Milburn Garonzik, Bernard Schnitzer, Billy Lumpkin, William Miller, Charles Long, Raymond Dewberry, Harold Lewis, Glenn Frame, Edgar Wofford. Tenth Row: R. P. Jones, Wendell Newman, Kenneth Willis, Robert Clark, Charles Rogers, J. D. Musso, Horace Lumpkin, Joe Waf- ford, Carl Nelson, Clarence Parrish, Malcolm Wimbish. NOT IN PICTURE Norman Cohen Clarence McFadden Jimmie Simpson Otis Davis Harold Lloyd Bill McCoy Duane Payne Elvis Skinner Leonard Pirtle Olin Warren Jerry Rose ZA Class First Row: Patsy Ruth Williams, Mary Francis Tucker, Marie Brooks, Betty Ann Eastwood, Tommie Davis, Norma Weinstein, Margaret Malone. Second Row: Betty McFadin, Beulah Ann- Smith, D:-ris Talcrion, Clara Bess Lorcnz, Shirley Kaufman, Dorothy Brown, Myrtle Bond, Mary Frances Grizzle, Ruby Fischl, Eula Coleman, Texana Cook, Pauline Sy, Adclyn Dzwncy, C:-rolyn Do'-ynfy. Third Row: Irene Schindling, Holly Doug'1'rly, Eloise Conner, Mary Frances Malloy, Leata Howard, Betty Jean Sparks, Etlilyn Krec-ek, Betty Ann Cray, Jane Hcnry, Emma Jo Or,il1am, Louise Moc-hlc, Jcnny Sakcllariou, Bcrnice Massengill. Fourth Row: Mary Etta Thomas, Pauline C irttr, Lcnora Osborne, Doris Jean Clark, Velma Grisom, Florinc: Deav r, Violet Clark, Lassie Ja Halbert, Joye Hill, Lucille Turn:r, Mildrod Karlen, Gay Nell Martin, Mary Lou Duckworth. Fifth Row: Vivian Wallis, Mary Lea Robcrt'on, Dorothy Bean, Dorothy Davis, Mary Shindoll, Joy Rowdcn, Mamie Lee Mayes, Thelma Harwood, Lillian Lawton, Lucille Ross, Edna Johnston, Marion Lillebridge, Lois Hiegcl, Rhea Goldstein. Sixth Row: Bobbie Jean Flanagan, Tillie Goodman, Hannah Freeman, Mamie Jo Witherspoon, Faye Skiles, Anne Zientck, Lola Hatton, Maxine Latimer, Batty Burton, Yvonne Sullins, Maxine Meycr, Inez Jenkins. Seventh Row: lee Gannon, Doris Difiee, Oweta Chance, Dorothy Charba, Norma Choate, Ouido Evans, Dorothy Terry, Jimmie Lea Howlett, Frances Bock, Ruby Nelson, Darothy Ludwick, Galdean Smith, Virginia Driver. Eighth Raw. Fannie Mae Brown, Betty Ja Folchtner, Anna Belle Corn bett, Helen Davidson, M'-reta Estes, Wanda Payne, Carol June Heaton, Grace Gilbert, Bobbye Crow, Patricia Rcly, Halen Wingert, Leora Tompkins, Ruth Thomann. Ninth Row: Frances Hardin, Fr mars Brooks, D': Lo.s Gibson, Lois Kalin, Mary Grabstald, Billyo Thomfron, Madelyn Knye, Tommie Ezell, Helen Fain, Elvcda Stin,on, Marie Griffis, Kathleen Howell, Tcnth Row: Shirley Pri: t, Faye Sm-rift, lnez Lcvccn, Hannah Kriss, Maxine Rachofsky, Roscm'ry Coward, Gloria Mwyhew, Mildred Waller, Winncll Benedict, Mary Mae McEvx.y, Phyllis Holmbcrg, Patsy Ruth Clicrry, Bobbye Adams, Joyce Payne. Betty Bosmc Frances Button Mavis Ferguson Lazelle Graham Evelyn Key Claudia Kimbrough NOT IN PICTURE Betty Jean Lovclady Frances Lynch Jane Marshall Betty Minsky Billy Jo Necld Patricia Nincih Joyce Reynolds Betty Lou Tucker Ruth Walker Frances Walters Maxine Worden Page Forty-nine 2B Class LEFY First Row Br-n McCoy, James Carnes, Gene Gigglemon, Gene Hargett, Bobby F. James, Clarence Sladek, Roy Masters, William Krecek, Robert Gillett, Warnell Jaynes. Seconrl Row A. J. Campogna, W. L. Vaughn, Glenn Bourland, Bobby Coplcn, Gene Metcalf, Howard Woody, Albert Lee Fulton, Lincoln Holley. Third Row Charles Tuttle, Melvin Kieke, Raymond Graves, Jakie France, Lewis Graves, Melvin Hallmark, Bob Parker, Morris Mc- Allister, Albert Stillman, David Brahinsky, Morris Miller, Morris Riesman. Fourth Row Roland Bosden, Foul Seilheimer, Richard Christensen, Glenn Summar, Charles Blankenship, Lenward Price, Eugene Friedman, Cliliord Dolk, Wayne Parker. Page Fifty TO RIGHT Fifth Row: Harold Holcomb, Frank Thomas, Donald Martin, Willie Mitchell, Melvin Andrews, Aaron Lewellyn, Billy Roy, Irvin Don- osky, Jerald Goldberg. Sixth Row: Charles Griggs, Donald Miller, Luckey Ferguson, John McClaren. Seventh Row: lenberg, Albert Hague, Hetzel Reckley, Joe Hurt, James Scar- borough, Auble Burgess, Frank Smith, Louis Cassato, Roy Schel' Ray Bynum, Otis Mackey. NOT IN PICTURE Elvin Appleby Joe Knott Alvin Whitfield Robert lngle L. E. Sanders 2B Class First Row: Pearl Halter, Bulah Mae Green, Rowena Follin, Marie Miller, Dorthey La Quey, Kothleeen Roberson, Rebecca Goren, Corinne Feldman, Evelyn Lynn, Katie Fair, Evelyn Racholsky, Beverly Levit. Second Row: Gene Eubanks, Lila Paris, Ethel Smith, Patsy Jo Neel, Margrette Kizer, Margaret Baldwin, Wanda Jean Brigham, Juonito Ellis, Marie Stanberry, Elizabeth Jaborek, Helen Scott, Elsie Parish. Third Row: Imogene Greenway, Eva Mae Hoygood, Bernice Feldman, Phyllis Rubinett, Imogene Beasley, Doris Townsend, Margaret Pritchett, Maurine Hollis, Joann Thompson, Lloye Faye Burns, Zadie Lee Teel. Fourth Row: Annabelle Frances Musso, Juanita Collins, Joyce Ligon, Betty Jo Steer, Nona Taylor, Ella Faye Brothers, Dorothy Chandler, Mary Hudson, Jane Young. Fifth Row: Virginia Glenn, Annaio Shelton, Dorothy McComas, Jean- ette Leito, Caroline Tinnerello, Mary Elizabeth Adams, Mary Francis Sickels, Helen Stacks, Anna Bramlett, Hannah Webber- man, Dorothy Martin. Sixth Row: Sylvia Moss, Vera Poole, Imogene Dering, Martha Jo Ken- nedy, Margaret Houchins, Janice Daugherty, Kitty Rhodes, Peggy Paclrenius, Virginia McWilliams, Fanny Hoot. Seventh Row: Dorothy Mae Gunter, Elizabeth Glenn, Christine Curry, Dorothy McCullough, Emmy Dell Bryant, Virginia Williams, Ida Bell Archibald. Eighth Row: Dorothy Bowman, Bettie Jean James, Joyce Palmer, Mil- dred Stovall, Lucille Hooper, Rose Mary Merritt, Joyce Wyly, lda Lee Saltzman, Louise Forester, Bettye Jane Plunk, Thelma Clcxk, Jackie Hendrix. NOT IN PICTURE Mae Van Billion Genevieve Francis Bobbie Jean McCarter Mary Lee Dockery Patsy Hilley Ollie Miller Nelwyn Emling Rosa Lee Kreiter Priscilla Williams Page Fiity-one IA Class First Row: Jack Wilkerson, Roger Foster, Kenneth Goode, Jack Beck, Earl Herring, Jack McCoy, Billy Reed, Billy Canipe, Jock Frazier, Howard Burson, Robert Bedell, Joe Collins, Mike Timpa, Joseph Leberta, Willie Logan. Second Raw' Ray Adams, Joe Edwards, Ray Smith, George Richardson, Fred Fife, Daniel Cannon, Donald Pounds, Billy Bob Kealy, Robert Plunk, Horace Suwal, David Moody, Harold Hines, Harold Abramson. Third Raw Leo Duckworth, Joe Epps, Boyd Moore, Roy Howell, Grady Burns, Ervin Utay, Glen Kirk, Hubert Burleson, Leslie Mclean, John Brown, Rex McCabe, Ed Taylor. Fourth Row: Sam Houston Hale, James Elliott, Marvin Nielsen, Bennie Scarborough, Ray Self, Kenneth Block, J. T. Bass, Robert Wright, Joseph Cross, Jack O'DonnelI, Horace Barge, Jr., Richard Baxter. Filth Row Joe Hall, James Little, Billy Dumogan, D. C. Torns, Eugene Coppedge, Jay Rudberg, Loren Feldman, Ivan Hurley, Dick Wood, Jimmy Burch, James Henry, James Strange. Paige Fifty two Sixth Row. Conrad Pederson, Albert Mussato, Jack Locy Nicholas, Robert Choate, Carl Brown, Bobby Jones, Maston Hill, Billy Jenkins, Jack Harman, Calvin Saunders, Robert Smith. Seventh Row: Herbert Hoover, Fred Hume, Billy Peeler, Gordon Adam- son, Bobby Story, Billy Schmidt, Marvin Hilles, Albert Frame, Benny Corchine, Irving Statman, Neal Wright, Billy Swango. Eighth Raw: Billy Dunagan, Dee Phelps, Wayne King, Joe Finney, Don Millender, Bobby Cowgill, William Grindele, Burl Clenton. Ninth Row. Herbert Hiett, J. M lee, Joe Hambrick, Gaither Endsley, Bully Burton, Jackie Gentle, Carl English, Bill Popham, Ray Wells, Edward Lee Firor, .James Thomas, Dick Ewing. NOT IN PICTURE Donald Arlington Jerry Ellevern Raymond Price James Cornell Charles Henderson Homer Steelc- Jack Curry Robert Williams Keith Davis Earl Hutson Carl Irby lA Class First Row: Miruel Amos, Mary Lou Malloy, Willene Bazar, Katherine White, Bertie Thompson, Katherine Arche, Winnie Mae Mackey, Aileen Wilborn, Henri Faye Sheats, Ruby Mae Usry, Mildred Bierhalter, Rosalie Altman. Second Row: Martha Deaver, Doris Stegman, Antoinette Carbone, Evelyn Joyce Schepps, Velma Stovall, Lovie Lewis, Dorothy Mc- Glashon, Virginia Cannaday, Lena Vatsures, Ethel Rae Guynes, Ernestine Barker. Third Row: Norma Cundfff, Lois Collins, Madonna Forbes, Nelda Pat- rick, Katherine Hastings, Hazel Knight, Nancy Jo Hart, Aileen Kirksey, Helen Waddell, Clarice Walker, Cora Richardson, Betty Jo Cawthon. Fourth Row: Jennie lee Todd, Juanita Sealy, Dorothy Ahltinger, Juanita Tyler, Viola Browne, Lorraine Altenau, Helen Ligenberg, Wanda Jeanne Harrison, Juanita Embry, Dorothy Boise, June Brooks. Filth Row: Ada Jo Adams, Balfaioy Eury, Freddie Jean Polvogt, Billie Jean McCullough, Christine Hewitt, Bobbie Jo Tennison, Rosanne Flechtner, Ramona Matsler, Minnie Struckmeyer, Helen Samford, Marion Johnson. Sixth Row: Atrella Frazier, Johnnie louise Copeland, Patty Ruth Cluck, Ido Mae Thurman, Elaine Sladek, Mildred Williams, Patsy Jean Seguin, Edythe Corder, Virginia Champion, Velma Wetherell, Elizabeth Phillips. Seventh Row: Anna Lee Earle, Bernie Ruth Clement, Lula Maye Baker, louise Cole, Betty Jo Kirkpatrick, Francine Holland, Ora Mae Windham, Thelma Adams, Ruth Pitts, Virginia Harman, Norma Harman. Eighth Row: Betty Davis, Yvonne Bennett, Doris Fry, Johnny Fay Taylor, Patsy Jean Watkins, Annie Wilson, Babetta Garrinon, Barbara Fallin, Mary Jane Joyner, Alma Atwood, Virginia Wimbish, Marie ana Gillespie, Eunice Heltin. Ninth Row: Patsy Ruth McKay, Hilda Marie Wolfe, Bernice Irby, Dorothy Lee Ezell, Altha Jo Mclean, Ida Beth Cook, Doris Nichols, Mary Katherine Ross, Dorothy Jane McQueen, Lillian Sue Free- man, Martha Lou Knox, Alice Turcotte, Josephine Rener. Page Fiftyethree lA Class First Row Hannah Abramson, Vernee Nix, Ella Nora Perigo, Nettie Lee Hague, Elizabeth Ford, Doris Roberts, Beatrice Wilonsky, Margaret Cash, Eulalio Davidson, Marie Buckonan, Wanda Large. Second Row- Lois Andcrson, Jaan Ventura, Louise Ogletree, Grace Oxman, Darlene Powell, Betty Baumgardner, Marie Henry, Billie Dane Coley, Dolores Loyd, Dolores Rosenzweig, Mary Elizabeth Menard. Tliirrl Row Roxie Vfntura, Myrle Southern, Eula Davidson, Joyce Davis, Wanda Corder, Katherine Koller, Jo Marie Ford, Shirley Clark, Mary Lou Potter, Mickey lee Patton, Geneva Pierce. Fourth Raw, Mary Alice Dowd, Eliiabeth Bishop, Jean Millington, Chestine Davis, Winona Cook, Dorothy Hill, Rhonda Harris, Joann lazar, Flaine Goldberg, Lillian Issac. Fifth Row' Rae Utay, Anna Mae Day, Mary Frances Mitchell, Elaine Fox, Ailcne Burcham, Nadine Calvert, Fern Hinant, Ruth Smith, Margaret Dunn, Edna Willetord, Billie Jean Mitchell, Dorothy Schmitt. Sixth Raw: Gertie Lee Long, Peggy Hargrove, Ida Mae Guckenheimer, Ruth Singer, Norma Gene Brooks, Gloria Burris, Jane Keller, Sibyl Morris, Clara Belle Veal, Charlene Sandford. l'n-'io Fifty limit Seventh Row: Betty Brandenburg, Bonnie Slider, Joyce Sims, Maxine Harris, Beulah Pleasant, Nelma Dollgener, Eula Mae Ferrell, Bar- bara Haward, Maxine James, Peggy Ann Seyttert. Eighth Raw: Mary Stovall, Doris Stinson, Marian Thompson, Louise Estrada, Jeanne Macaluso, Helen Curry, Billie Jean Overturt, Myra Jean Chapman, Thelma Marie Howell, Ono Loraine Schwander. Ninth Raw: Muriel Grindele, Peggy Petty, Annette McSpadden, Doris Roberts, Novella Brisendine, Betty Earnheort, Minnie Harris, Opal Thomason, Anna Gene Glenn, NOT IN PICTURE Joyce Allen Margaret Hott Mary Helen McDowell Willia Dean Starmes Ida Archibald Betty Lou Hutson Betty Aultman Betty Jean Johnson Lula Tiner Juanita Baker Frances Kilgore Jeanette Waters Dorothy Nell Dossett Mary Katherine Lyons lB Class First Raw: Bobby Graves, R. K. Rasco, Frank Rener, Marcus Wiesenleld, Eugene Lencmond, George C. Beck, James Levine, Donald Fuller, Richard lee Farr, James Allen Els. Second Row: R. Lee Foreman, Bobby Leito, Billy Don Pardue, Bernard Cohen, Mike Peters, Willard Miller, Edwin McDonld, Martis Michaelson, leonard Chester Kahn, Kenneth Milton Rubinett, Don Burt. Third Row- Herman Henry, A. C. Fox, Bobby Jones, Walter Barnes, Clyde Bird, Eugene Du Bose, Ray Barnes, Billy Ed Hassell, Preston Roberts, Ellis Clark. Fourth Row: Gilbert McFarland, Billie Brewer, Bobby Seely, Jimmie Elliott, Coy White, Leon Scott, Dick Kennon, Willard Farmer. Filth Row: Charles Hughes, Billy Cox, Arnold Kolenoysky, Jerry Doyle, Herod Hilliard, Raymond Shue, Jack lindsey, Billy Shan. Sixth Row: Joe Mitchell, Jimmie Elom, Jack Turner, Floyd Bodine, Roy' mond Copeland, Huey Crow, Frank Palmer, Glendon Rivers, Jim- mie Crump, Herman Finneburgh, Robert Pokladnik, Howell Calvert. Seventh Row: Jae Cunningham, C. M. Hogg, Jack Bateman, Grady Poynter, Bill Equels, James Grider, Wallace Widders, Gordon Fullington, Bobby Dees, Bill Snyder, Nadine Swift, Billy Cul- bertson. Weldon Bishop Clayton Bledsoe Leon Balin Albert Bowling Albert Briscndine Gene Cozby Robert Curry NOT lN PICTURE Charlie Davis Don Dugan Leon Dulworth Billy Gilbert James Harrelson Jack Hyde Eugene Ingle Clifford Middleton Frank Scoggins Bernard Siegel Edward Spence Tommy Taylor Billie Westbrook Damon Withrow Page Filly-livc IB Class First Row: Juanita McSpadden, Wilma Jean Monroe, Vera Wilson, Jean Turner, Ruth McGee, Betty Jane Stepter, Virginia Gragson, Mary Ruth Berry, Marie Primrose, Sybil Lee Thompson, Joan Burch, Sarah Smith. Second Row: Juanita Williams, Mamie Monica, Christine Yarborough, Gwendolyn Huline, Geraldine Timberlake, Emo lou Rougeot, Jean Smith, Mary Farr, Shirley Fonberg, Marceline Hipwell, Maxine Saunders. Third Row: Patsy Jean Davis, Shirley Stephenson, Mattie Pearl Poe, Frances Clark, Noreen Link, Helen Gardner, Roselea Story, Jose- phine Riley, Robbie Earle Mason, Sarah Ann Esner, Paula Jean Crawford. Fourth Rowe Cecile Davis, Earline Cannon, Lorane Higgins, Cherie Freeman, Mary Tolliver, Iva June Attleberry, Mary Alice Ander- son, Foy Hamilton, Jean Webb, Mary Elizabeth Moreno. Fifth Row: Vivian L, Harris, Betty Stroud, Betty Jo Northcutt, Ruth Garrison, Gladys Cleorman, Billie Simpson, Ruth Mayo, Dorothy Ninas, Fleeta Jordon, Mary Louise Spain, Annie Foe Stephenson, Geraldine Bennett, Peggy Joyce Atchison. Image Flily slx Sixth Row: Nina Fay Parks, Alene Cook, Mary Sauseda, Betty Jo Sims, Frankie Corbett, Margaret Avila, Cleon Crawley, Barbara Davis, Geraldine Page, Margie Herrington, Dovie Langston, Reta Leather- man, Peggy Roderman. Seventh Raw: Moxie B. Nelson, Betty Jean Boyd, Doris Prince, Myrtle Thompson, Billie Ruth Day, Billie Shanks, Fern ligan, Jane Matthews, Norma Sims, Mary Jane Cook, Lillian Dooley. Eighth Raw' Mary lvan Graham, Katherine Disman, Carmelita Pena, Pearl Feldman, Betty Jana Hunter, Barbara Ann Scirratt, Wilma Sanders. NOT IN PICTURE Irene Allen Mildred Armstrong Gloria Burris Betty Lou Campbell Kathleen Chaffin Blanche Goldstein Peggy Ann Gawler Maxine Harris Lois Herrell Bernice Irby Dorothy Kilgore Joyce Oliver Betty Ja Rhodes Opal Roberts Betty Robinson Maxine Rougeot Bonnie Bell Slider Katherine Tillery Norma Jean Watts Leatrice Wilcnsky in ,I1I9lZIIIUl'18lII O MARGARET KOLENOVSKY Born: October 13, 1923 Died: December 26, 1941 ROBERT WADE KING Born: May 10, 1925 Died: June 18, 1941 CHARLES SNYDER LONNIE HARTSON ROBERT THOMASON " Died in Service P11151 va u A :K V1 , 1,19-sz hz, A 555,-Q, 2 fu 5' 1 1 ,.,, -.. wa A wfw' ..??fL'5"' '. , 1? 'fs ff . ,T , 1 A w -:N '-34. ii., ' 'flu' . -'X 1' 'f,.'f-lw 52, . W 9-Ji-'i:'f:1 '-3 17" ' . 'P' f. fgjfff-.J'wfiI.-I" 1 . ,5 rr--' 1 , ' 'vfffk !l..' 41- - xl -1,5135-:M n, V - ' 'H ,, ,,-rl , , ,-N -r sf - " X -.- x ... v - ,h 44 R.O.T.C. TRAINING MOLDS +he characfer of +he caclel' and 'reaches him discipline above all lhings. Through milirary ins'I'ruc+ion caclers learn 'ro follow ins'rruc'rions as well as +o give fhem. Many become exper'r rifle marksmen ancl gel a 1'as+e of leadership. R.O.T.C. enlisimenl' is a worihwhile experience for fuiure mililary iraining. ff QPAQW fi'1z.m-K '7 ff Lieu+enan+-Colonel Sergeanf RICHARD L. COLEMAN HARLAN W. WARD Commandenf Assisfanlr Commandanr Colonel Lieurenanf-Colonel HARRY BARTON Band Direcfor JAMES WITTKOWER Baffalion Commander Major FLOICE TUNNELL Execufive Officer Stoll LEFT TO RlGl-ll Firsl Row: Lieulenani Colonel James Wiillcower, Major Floice Tunnell. Second Row: Caplain Wylie Pailier, Firsl Lieulenanl Philip Dane, Fir.l Lieufenanl Elmo Elarn, Second Lieulenanl Orville Wrighl, Third Row: Second Lieulcnanl Elmer Johnson, lvlasler Serqeanl l-larold Simon, Slall Serqeanl l-lorner Odom. Fourlh Row: Serqeanl Gene Grillin, Siall Serqeanl Kennelh Dano, Serqeanl Al Schumann, Serqeanl Melvin Aronohf, Serqeanl Charles Reed. Officers LEFT TO RIG-I-IT ln Frorl: Lioulenanl Colonel Richard L. Coleman, Lieuienanl Colonel James Wililcower, Maioi Floice Tunnell, Serqeanl Harlan W. Ward. Firsf Row: Caplain Wylie Parker, Caplain l-lerberl Sheaner, Caplain Harold Borolslcy, Caplain William Brown, Caplain David Cobbel, Caplain Bobby Robinson, Second Row: Pirsl Lieulenanl Elmo Elem, Firsl Lieurenanl Puller Recd, Second Lieulenanl Billy Gallop, Firsl Lieulenanl Leon lhbenslein, Firsl Lieulenanl Hayden Summerfield, Firsl Lieu- lenanl Philip Dane. Third Row: Second Lieulenanl Lawrence Hirsch. Firsr Lieulenani George Moore. Second Lieulenanl William Sherman, Second Lieurenanl Waller Shindoll, Second Lieulenanl Orville Wriqhl, Second Lieulenanl Richard Glan- ville, Second Licvulenanl David Ball. Fourlh Row: Second Lieuienfinl Elmer Johnson, Second Lieulcnanl James Forslon, Second Lieulenanl Doyle Slephen on, Second Lieulenanl George Mwddox, Second Lieulenanl Jimmie Fryar, Second Lieulonani Llnriin Andrews. LEFT TO RIGHT FirsT Row: Second Lif ulenani WixlTor Shindoll, CapTain Harold BoroTslcy, FirsT LiouTonanT l-layden Sumrncxheld Second Row ScrquanT James ShupTrine, SerqeanT Newlon STovall, FirsT LieuTenanT Leon Rubensmin, FirsT LieulenanT Ph ip Dane cr geanl Al Schumann. Third Row: Se:ge.1nT Bill Burch, Corporal Donald Murphy, FirsT Class PrivaTe Norman Webb Page SixTy-Two Rifle Tecim llAROl.D BOROFSKY, CapTain The RiTle Team ended This year's season by Tiring second place in The Shoulder To Shoulder RiTle lvlaTch. The Camp Dallas RiTle Team Took Third place in The maTches aT camp. OuT oT 38 Teams enTered in The EighTh Corps Area lvlaTch, l:oresT placed TwenTy- second. l-larold Boromfslcy, CapTain oT The Team, placed sixTh in The ciTy and won an ETTiciency Award. Mem- bers who Tired The Shoulder To Shoulder lVlaTch are l-larold BoroTslcy, WalTer Shindoll, lNlewTon STovall. Billy Birch, and Clarence Mclzaddin. Bond . GeorgeMoore . . David Ball l:irsT LieuTenanT . Second LieuTenanT . Second LieuTenanT . . . . Bill Colby Second LieuTenanT . . Lawrence T-lirsh Second LieuTenanT . . Doyle STephenson Second LieuTenanT . . George Maddox FirsT SerqeanT . . . Russell Murdoch Graded on drill, appearance and music, The Band had The highesT number oT poinTs on The CiTy lnspecTion. The Band had a new direcTor This year, Colonel Harry BarTon. The Band played in The All CiTy Music FesTival, and on April 26 They played on a naTional radio hoolc- up. SupporTinq The Toolball Team aT every game, The Band also cooperaTed wiTh The Pep Squad in all Their TormaTions. The Band learned many new snappy marches and helped puT on several assemblies. LEFT TO Rl-GT-TT BOBBY ROBINSON, Cciplain In FronT: Colonel Harry BarTon, CapTain Bobby Robinson. FirsT Row: Corp. Billy De Lee, PvT. HerberT WaTTs, PvT. Boyd Moore, 2nd LT. George Maddox, lsT Class PvT, MorTon Zimmerman. Corp. RoberT Glazer. PvT. HerberT Hoover. Second Row lsT LT. George Moore, IsT Class PvT. Richard Polcladnilc, Corp. Benny Apple, SqT. Sammy SelTzer, lsT Class PvT. Marshall Turlcin, PvT. Donald Zeman, PvT. Grady Burns, lsT Class PvT. STanley LevenThal, SQT. Raymond Blummer, PvT. Milburn Gaionzilx Third Row: PvT. Joe Cunningham, IsT Class PvT. RoberT GilleTT, Corp. Jaclc SurnmerTield, Corp. Johnny Brown, 2nd LT David Ball, IsT SQT. Russell Murdoch, 2nd LT. Lawrence Hirsch, PvT. Jay Rudberg, PvT. Gene Giqqleman. FourTh Row: PvT Joe Epps, 2nd LT. Doyle STephenson, SqT. A. E. Davis, PvT. Clarence Sladilc, PvT. Dempsey Cozby, 2nd LT. Bill Cozby, PvT. R P Jones, PvT. Fred FiTe. QS 'EBRD Page SixTy Three V INXVI I I i Compony A Firsl Lioulenanl . . , . Rorler Reed Second Lieulenanl . . Richard Glanville Second Lieulenanl . . . James Forslon Firsl Serqeanl . . . Edward Vodiclca Alrhough Company A didn'l win every Mililary com- pelilion il was in, il nearly always raled second. Sam Ifmbry is lhe pesl all-round cadel, and Morris Riesnnnn is lhe proud owner ol lhe pesl shined shoes. Chiel yard bird is William I-loll, and lirsl place lor periods goes lo Morris Miller. Philip Dano is llie Iaesl shol in lhis company, and lhe only one lo malce lhe Rille Team. LEFT TO RIGHT In Irwnl. Ifl. Rnl Ii I- Swiilh Rnil Il lwif-s Plirslfin, Capl. Dxvid Cnhliwl, Isl Ll. Rrirlei Raed, 7nd Ll. Riilmrd Glnnvillv. Insl Rfiv.: fnirp, Iwi' 'nw Ii I, S Il. Ar lwii iii I , .vi I, V' iv nnnll, Sql. Marvin Barish, Slall Sill. Kennwlh I-Jane, Sql. Barlhi.-Il Lllis, Isl Sql. I I lil V li li fi rr ffirlfnid Wliili-, Isl Class. Pvl. Georie Freeland, Sill. Bill MrCoy, Isl Class Rvl. Jerry I-Iurnplirev. nl I- I I I r I ,.,i.l fm, Iv , Wil i .vi I4 nw, Isl Class I'vl. I-larry Goodsloin, Pvl. Bs-nny Siler, pvl. Jarlc Charles, Isl Class Pvl, Billy Iliiiilwy, I'vl. A. .I. Cliiriiiiiiiivi, I'vl. C ilvin Sfninders, Isl Class Ijvl. Luqeno Jollnrs, I"vl. Bill l-Ioll, Ihird Row: Pvl. Glenn Bour- linl lvl M ' Mill l'vl Hi I rl C7 Idl ii Pvl C l' A 'cyl Pl J C n Pvl LlIisCl Ii Rvl Sh'Ii Hill I 1 . rriu wr, , ir ii- -ii wr , , urns rim on, v. amos ar es, . ' ar, , ir Hy , J vl. Roy 'nnilln IIIIIFIII lflilw: Ilvl, .liilin Iirfiwn, Pvl. Neal Wriczhl, lvl, Marvin Miinday, Pvl. Allsorl Slillrnan, Pvl. Ross Candelwse, lvl Il xii fiill f II I Irnlf lliln V li' I R Irrl Igldzll Filll' R ID l 1 I- I I r I- rr I- wi v 1 , A mow: v. Bon McCoy, Rvl. Marvin Ncilsvn, livl, Julian Sinqlo I in I'vl. Riley lui I-wr I. . lin-inarvl Ci lnin, llvl. Loren Fi'-ldrnan, Rvl. Keith Davis, I5vl.,Iac.Ic Lindsvy.Sixlh RUWfPVl,IXlOFIYIdV1 ,.,,. I nl, . I fnlnsn, l'vI. lllivnlin linn--I iirfiii IDI, .I, Il. Miisso, Pvl. Holy Rurill, Rvl, Oslai Slin-mn, Rvl, Huey Crow. Rvl. Sain Lnllwy. nll R 1 I I II y I', iii I" Ii klurni vl ion Willircw vl R . Dan I , R , .Iarnes Lrnbry, Liqlwlli Row: Pvl. Floyd Bodine, vl. Cvillwrl Mi lwirllinll l'vl, Rirliiircl Inf- Farr, Ilvl. Donald Pounds, Rvl, J, I. Iierquson, Pvl. ,laflc Loo. Ninlh Row: Pvl. Jaclc Ii ii l'vi Cxirl lrl , I' l C i C ty II I Ldwin M rri Pvl M i R4 si Rvl Rob IJLII r Rvl L B lin ,Ji-I . cw s, , oiris ii- nan, , L or W 1- s, . L-on oi. inlxly IOUI' Compony B Eirsl Lieulenanl . . Leon BUl39USl9lVl Second Lieulenanl . . Billy Caldwell Second Lieulenanl . . . . Billy Gallop Firsl Sergeanl . . . Waller Sorenson Company B is noled lor having lhe "roughesl" sergeanls in lhe school. Wallor Sorenson, lhe Eirsl Sergeanl ol lhe company claims all honors lor being "hard" on lhe rookies. Wayne King is presiding chiel yardbird, and Darwin l-luddle has lhe besl shined shoes. Company B had lour men on lhe Rille Team: Leon Rubenslein, Alvin Schumann, Billy Birch, and Clarence Mcliaddin. HERBERT Sl-IEANER, Caplain LEFT TO RIGHT In Eionl: Caplain I-lerberl Sheaner, Isl Ll, Leon Rubenslein. Eirsl Row: Corp, Edgar Wallord, 2nd Ll. Billy Gallop, Isl Sql. Waller Sorenson. 2nd Ll. Billy Caldwell. Second Row: Sgl. Ed Burlcley, Slall Sgl, Dillard Canlrell, Slall Sgl. I-larold Golman Sgl. AI Schumann, Sgl. Emmil Kile, Slall Sgl. Gerald Rushing, Sgl. Darwin I-Iuddle, Sgl, J. C. Mackey, Sgl. Roberl Slewarl, Sql. l-lorace Lumpkin. Third Row: Sql. I-lomer Sleele, Sql. Newlon Slovall, Sql. Frank Donaberger, Sql. Bill Burch, Sql. Leroy I-larris, Corp. Donald Murphy, Corp. Leland Turner, Sql. Alberl Walls. Fourlh Row: Pvl. David Brahinslcy, Corp. Meyer Raskin, Pvl. John Pugh, Pvl. Louis Wellchelc, Pvl. Donald Schmidl, Pvl. Gordon Abramson, Pvl. Clarence McFadden. Eillh Row: Isl Class Pvl. George McCoy, Pvl. Ed Taylor, Pvl. Billy Burlon, Pvl. Wayne King, Pvl. Raymond Jones, Pvl. Benny Cor- chino, Pvl. Edwin Thorn, Corp, I-larry Riesman, Pvl. Billy Rogers. Sixlh Row: Isl Class Pvl. Marlin Spirilas, Pvl. Bill Snyder, Pvl. Roberl Pohladnilc, Pvl. Clillord Middlelon, Pvl. Jimmie Crump, Pvl. Lewis Graves, Pvl. Jaclc Lyons, Isl Class Pvl. Norman Webb. Sevenlh Row: Pvl. Billy Ed l-lassell, Pvl, Billy Cox, Pvl. Elvin Appleby, Pvl. Billie Brewer, Pvl. David Moody, Pvl. Eranlr Wehrle, Pvl. Willie Logan, Pvl. Donald Euller. Eighlh Row: Pvl. Leo Duclcworlh, Pvl. Eugene lngle, Pvl. James Levine, Pvl. Marvin Walden, Pvl, Soul Kahn, Pvl. Carl Rudiclc, Pvl. Don Dugan, Pvl. Bill Equals, Pvl. Malcolm, Wimbish, Pvl. Leonard Pierce. Pvl. l-lenry Shaler. Page Sixly-live Pai Compony C EirsT LieuTenanT . Hayden SummerTield Second LieuTenanT . . WalTer Shindoll Second LieuTenanT . . . . Don KelTon , EirsT SergeanT . . . Marshall Moore l Company C was honored This year by having The largesT number oT recruiTs. IT came ouT second in The CiTy lnspecTion, and was The only company in which all The cadeTs had Their hair cuT shorT Tor The Federal lnspecTion. lT also had The larqesT number oT men on The RiTle Team. Harold BoroTsl4y, The besT shoT in The company, was capTain oT The RiTle Team. He also possesses The largesT collecTion oT medals in The school. l i l l HAROLD BOROFSKY, CapTa3n LEFT TO RIGHT ln Front Capl. Harold Borofslxy, FirsT Row: SQT. Glenn Lang, 2nd LT. Don KelTon. lsT SqT. Marshall Moore, 2nd LT. WalTer Shindoll, lsT LT, Hayden Summerfield. 2nd LT. Elmer Johnson. Second Row: lsT Class PVT, Joe Collins, SQT. L. M. Cox, SqT. Frank Thomas, SQT. Fred Schlinger, SQT. Samuel Feldman, SQT. Cleopas Pounds, SQT. Paul Pyron, PVT. Jaclc McCoy. Third Row: PVT. Billy Shaw, PVT. Billy Pardue, PVT. Irving STaTeman, PVT. Levelyn Blalaclc, PVT. Ed McDonald, PVT. Coy WhiTe, PVT. Bobby Graves, PVT. WalTer Barnes, PVT. ArThur Aschner, PVT. Franlc Rener. FourTh Row: PVT. Glenn Kirlc, PVT. Ruble Burgess, PVT. Dick Krznnon, PVT. Nodine SwiTT, PVT, George Mirslny, PVT. Bernard Kahn, PVT. Samuel Rude, PVT. MorTon Prager, PVT. James Els. Fiffh Row: PVT. Richard John BaxTer, PVT. DaVid Cannon, PVT. ErVin UTay, PVT. Jimmie EllioTT, PVT. Billy Bob Kelly, PVT. Jimmie Allen, Corp. VicTor Oddo, PVT. J. C. PendleTon, SixTh Row: PVT. Raymond Graves, PVT. Warnell Jaynes, PVT. Harold Hol- comb, PVT, ErVin Sinqer, PVT, Earl Eerquson. SqT. Billy Cox, PVT. James Marshall, PVT. Eugene T-lraniclcy, SqT. James Shup- Trinrr. SoVonTh Row: PVT. Pay Howell SQT. Joe Wallord, PVT. Julius Praurnan, PVT. Henry Riser, SqT, Charles Reed. PVT. Jerry Rridfes, PVT. Rirhard Grubbs. EinhTh Row: PVT. Joe Murray, PVT. Alex TuTTle, PVT. Leonard PirTle, PVT. Earl PeTers, PVT. Charles Roqers, PVT, Hardin WTwiTalcer, SqT. Monroe Mir,lcy, PVT. Horace Barge, PVT. Erwin O'Donnel, l , 1- K je SixTy-six Compony D Firsf Sergeanf . . . Marlin Andrews Second Lieurenanl . . . Jimmie Fryar Second Lieufenanf . . William Sherman Second Lieufenanr . . Harold Lewis Commanded by Ihe slriclesl officer in Ihe school, Company D won Ihe Cily lnspeclion. II is also Ihe Iargesl company in The Corps. In rhis company Ihe only oriicial "yardbird" is Harry Goodslein. He was assisled by George Beck, who broke Ihe record in number of periods received. The besl all-round cadel is Forresr Moore. Jimmie Fryar is Ihe proud possessor of The besl shined shoes. WILLIAM BROWN, Caprain LEFT TO RIGHT In Fronl: Caplain William Brown, Corp. Ervin Polishuk, 2nd Lf. Jimmie Fryar, 2nd LI. Marlin Andrews, 2nd Lf. William Sher- man, Masrer Sgr. Gary Burion. Firsl Row: Sgr. Ben Mims, ISI Sgr. Harold Lewis, Sgr. Billy Bushman, Sgr. Leslie Mifchell, Sgl. Glenn George, Sgf. Bobby Goldberg, Isl Class Pvr. Billy Lumpkin, Isl Class Pvr. Donald Higgins. Second Row: Pvi. J. C. Kassed, Sgr. Oris Mackey PVT, Roberl L. Sale, Pvi. Joe Richardson, Pvl. Bobby H. James, Pvl. Odis Davis, Isl Class Pvf. Charles Griggs. Third Row: Pv'I. Forresr Moore, Pvf. Bobby Miller, Pvi. Elvis Skinner, Pvl. Maborn Gray, Pvl. Bob Coplen, Pvf. Joseph Shropshire, Pvf. Reber? L. Srnilh, Pvf. George Beck. Fourfh Row: Pvf. Oran Burr, Pvl. Charles Cawley, Pvf. Eugene Friedman, Pvl. Roberl' Berman, Pvr. David Kenninglon, Pvf. Billy Swango, Pvl. Maslor Hill, Fiflh Row: Pvr. J. T. Bass, Pvf. James Lifrle, Pvl. Horace Suwal, Pvi. Marlis Michaelson, Pvf. John Avila, Pvl. Ray Dunn, Pvr. Roberf Williams. Sixrh Row: Pvf. Roberi Choafe, PVT. Paul Seilheirner, Pvl, Billy Peeler, Pvl'. Kennelh Black, Pvr, Alvin Whilfield, Pvl. James Chism, Pvf. Ray Skiles, Pvi. J. W. Roberrs. Sevenlh Row: Pvr. Clarence Parrish, Pvl. Jerry Miller, Pvl. Eugene Brockway, Pvl, Roberi King, Pvf, Leslie McLean, Pvl. Therman Efheridge. Eiqhrh Row: Pvr. James Scarborough, Pvr. Rex McCabe, Pvf. Harold Dean Leverefl, Pvl. Ralph Dawson, Pvi. Bobby jones, Ninfh Row: Pvr. Charles Auslin, Pvf. Donald Miller, Pvr. Roberf lngle, Pvf. Marlin Leiow, Pvr. Melvin Hallmark, Pvf. Jack Genlle, Pvr. Leon Scolf, Pvf. Curris Cameron, Pvf. Henry Oflill. Page Sixiyfseven . 1' -"- -' -- ' ' --.. J. , ,: . '- :IV 1 1 . i 'mf Lrg - x ,V -L . 'Tw' A ragga ,' ""'v1 " ..A".'- ', ' . 'J-'fl f. , R f "" - . 14-if " rf . ' 4 'I' ' lm f ' , 'Aff f 5 'Ri Q HQ-,,.a,,. -lfif -ff! " '...1 -3. 61 HRV. 1- V fx 3 - ,-if .,f, ' l .xi-.1 '5t,F V' , , -Z -A 1 1. - -.3 fJ"'.2i,Q5"i.g .-F M H X ,Q x 5, ,z Vi ,Hr--HZ' A-.,,.4I. , .N ,., . M4 ,- Q , V MLM ,aw h ' ' ..L'J'4g ' 'ef-2 " V1 Ag ORGANIZATIONS fhis year have direcfed fheir fhoughfs and fime fo aiding Nafional Defense. Scrapbooks for peoples of fhe Unifed Nafions have been made, defense drives sponsored, and war work done. Clubs provide fhe sfudenfs opporfunifies for feamwork, leader- ship, and friendship. Through clubs fhe sfudenf widens his scope of knowledge and develops his various falenfs. HX 1 ,,iig.Xx- 1 sffflQ !lml ' ,iw i ,x,f-f'f'a,-Qzif ff 1 i f A- " 111,11 I X fi' 'l wil Q' :Q , 'lli l X ffilfflghlgh- ,Um A- in vw w pllllllibqkl 1 xx 'I ll , l,' ,QQ - .4 J Lk. "!' Q4 I W ' ff f K 7 ',.- gr-fs' .S X ' 1' '1-W 5-.L 5 " """.' i illlwviiii' 16411 fra- '-" Fi? ' , f iw i '1EX3ff'4"'. x49 sf '3 IKM .- -,..,,. X -3 1- RQ -ff X, 1, 21-ei ','- E-2-sz" , ' 4' """ ', ' E ,iz X 1 i Y . l W Q 1 Q y x . I .a r s wwf f n "' ' 1 WALH5 4 11 ',' 1, ,,n1,L',1r ,L .1040 3' gl, ,, 4 1 LEFT TO RlGHT First Row: Davie Langston, Margaret Browning, Betty Sawyer, Almeta Kennington, Porter Reed, Corinne Pederson, Treysa Seely, Jack Drandell, Sidney Glasser, Katherine Hastings, Billye L. Thompson, Lula Tiner. Second Rawi Dorthey Wood, Mary Louise Miller, Amy Lee Trammell, Cornelia Hambric, Frances Skelton, Nelda Reynolds, Sarah Thoma- son, Joan Burch, Cora Richardson, Benny Apple, Glenn Long. Third Row: Faye Schwitt, Mary Frances Tucker, Mavis Ferguson, Yvonne Sullins, Betty Bosma, Sarah Chesnick, Helen Stover, Dorothea Rush, louis Watel, Marvin Hudler, Fifth Mr. Hutchinson. NOT IN PICTURE Irene Chastain Mildred Karlen Ernestine Barker Rosemary Coward Wanda Joan Hendrix Helen Lattimer Glal ia Mayhew Fourth Row, Mary Elizabeth Adams, Ernest Genthncr, Margaret Mc- Creary, Ina Ve Crowder, Hazel Ruth Millwee, Kathleen Tiner, Monna Jean Shackelford, Margaret Talley, Dorothy Fay Steven- son, Jimmie Crump. Row: William Brown, Charles Jordan, Billy Cox, John Pugh, David Kennington, Eugene Ingle, Clarence Sladek, Lawrence Hirsch. Sixth Row: Gerald Rushing, Donald Martin, Bobby Strong, James Little, Donald Schmidt, Jimmie Duncan, Melvin Aronott. Mary Mays Claudia Kimbrough .loan Ventura Melvin Andrews Student Council Student Council promotes loyal school spirit by directing election ot cheerleaders and print- ing yell pamphlets . . . S. C. distributes extra-cur- ricular cards to correct betore school congestion . . . S. C. prints copies ot the "Star Spangled Ban- ner" to aid movement to memorize national anthem ...Sells Detense Stamps and collects lunchroom waste paper as their part in National Detense . . . Sponsors Friendship Weelc creating new triendships at Forest, proceeds ot Friendship lvlillc Dance donated to charitable organization .. .Aids Forester elect school tavorites . . .To promote all worthy activities and the weltare ot the students and taculty ot Forest I-Iigh is the purpose ot the Student Council. P rio Srvyrinty OFFICERS S. S. l-IUTCHINSON, Sponsor Fall Term PORTER REED, President ALM ETA KENNINGTON, Vice-President POLLY ALLMON, Secretary EMMETT HARDY, Treasurer ERNEST GENTHNER, Sergeant-at-Arms SIDNEY GLASSER, Parliamentarian CHARLES JORDAN, Typist Spring Term PORTER REED, President ALMETA KENNINGTON, Vice-President CORINNE PEDERSON, Secretary TREYSA SEELY, Treasurer DONALD SCI-IMIDT, Seargeant-at-Arms JACK DRANDELL, Parliarnentarian CHARLES JORDAN, Typist Auclitores Caesaris OFFICERS MISS LOURANIA MlLl.ER,Spon:or MISS ELIZABETH HUGHES, MISS LAVINIA RAWLINS, Co-Sponsors Fall Term DORIS GRACE, President CHARLES JORDAN, Vice-President ERANKIE EALLIN, Secretary MAUDIE TUCKER, Treaturer GEORGE BROOKS, Sergeant-alAArms Spring Term CURTIS ARRI-NG-TON, President GVVENDOLYN REES-JONES, Vice-President CORINNE PEDERSON, Secretary Audilores Caesaris celebrates birthday oi Virgil, famous Roman poet . . . Members oi Audi- tores Caesaris enioy Hallowe'en party . . . Arthur Strain, guest at Audilores Caesaris, spealcs on "South American Relations" . . . Audilores Cae- saris presents "Information Please" on mythology ...To celebrate Christmas, Audilores Caesaris presents "Christmas Customs of Rome," a play, and several musical numbers. . . Latin games, songs, and quizzes provide entertainment for members oifixudiiores Caesaris . . . David Switzer addresses Audilores Caesaris al regular meeting ...Audilores Caesaris presents "These Things Shall I Remember" lo Texas Memorial Library... Significant purpose oi Audilores Caesaries is to appreciate influence and cultural value of Roman BETTY CANNON, Treasurer BARTHELL ELLIS, Sergeanifal-Arms customs and civilization. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Miss Lourania Miller, Miss Elizabeth Hughes, Betty Joe Northcutt, Margaret Browning, Gwendolyn Rees-Jones, Corinne Pederson, Curtis Arrington, Betty Cannon, Barthell Ellis, Sidney Glasser, Charles Jordan. Second Row: Dolores Loyd, Shirley Clark, Claire Degen, Velma Page, Rosemary Coward, Lois Kalin, David Bull, Marion Lillebridge, Mary Lynn Dougherty, Kathleen Davis, Alice Winsor. Third Row: Miss Lavinia Rawlins, Raymond Blummer, Doris Grace, Almeta Kennington, Harold Simon, Evelyn Joyce Schepps, Marion Johnson, Holly Daugherty, Betty Jane Buford, Frankie Fallin. Fourth Row: Juanita Ellis, Eunita Smith, Phyllis Rubinett, Fred Schlinger, Stanley Schneider, Jock Lyons, Mariana Gillespie, Lassie Jo Halbert, Hannah Freeman, Juanita McSpadden. Fifth Row: Margie Butler, Maudie Tucker, Billie Lambert, Cleo Cargill, Mariorlene- Parish, Ramon Wilensky, George Brooks, Robert Bedell. Sixth Row: Nelda Patrick, Mary Grabstold, Jimmy Allen, Victor Oddo, Charles Reed, Kenneth Rubinett, Leland Turner, Marvin Wies- enfeld. Seventh Raw: Juanita Etheridge, Lee Gannon, Maxine Rachofsky, Mary Tolliver, Katherine Hastings, Maxine Thompson, Velma Stovall. NOT IN PICTURE Donald Arrington Dorothy Gaskin Gloria Mayhew Cherie Freeman Marie Griftis Bertie Thompson Juanita Gannon Mary Mae McEvoy 1 R, I Page Seventy-one Po lEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Sidney Glasser, Jack Drandell, Archie Broodo, Frances Smith, Doris Grace, Fred Schlinger, Treysa Seely, Corinne Peder- son, Helen Wilensky, Sally Freedman, Evelyn Shalette. Second Row Miss Rachel Foote, Joe Siegel, Ramon Wilensky, Tommie Orton, Irma Figanbaum, Ray Bell Kahn, Shirlye Sherrard, Rose- mary Coward, Gloria Michaelsan, Eleanor Cohen, Sarah Chesnick. Third Row: Sallye Bill Spratt, Margaret Browning, Marilyn Rachofsky, Sarah Thomason, Doris Rutchik, Betty Lou Hancock, Maxine Racholsky, Mariorie Ledlord, Betty Minsky, Ethlyn Krecek. Fourth Row: Batty Sawyer, Betty Joyce Stockard, Betty Stovall, Evelyn lynn, Louise Utay, Hazel Ruth Millwee, De Lois Gibson, Faye Shwift, Hannah Kriss, Marie Koller, Frances Reaves. Fifth Row: Toby Aronofl, Anna Bramlett, Evelyn Rachofsky, Joann Thompson, Maxine Thompson, Ruth levy, Eva Engelberg. Sixth Row: Stanley Peacock, Jane Morris, Barthell Ellis, Almeta Ken- ningtan, Tommie Hedgpeth, Dorothy Seilheimer, Maxine Alex- ander, Betty Mae Talliver, Mary Ann Cortimilia, Seventh Row: leslie Mitchell, Edward Vodicka, Henry Riser, Charles Reed, Margie Butler, Mary Manning, Hannah Webbcrman, Mary Francis Sickles, Mary Elizabeth Adams. Eighth Row: Leland Turner, Ethnye Jean Wilson, Charles Jordon, Curtis Arrington, George Brooks, Holly Dougherty, Shirley Mark, Mary Jayne Anderson. Ninth Row: Eula Coleman, Dorothy ludwick, Edith Eaton, Mary Lynn Dougherty, Betty Ann Eastwood, Gwendalen Rees-Jones, Dorothy Fay Stevenson. High Scholarship Club l-ligh Scholarship Club shows active interest in attairs ot Orient, supports Chinese war orphan another year...l-l. S. C. ioins National Labor Society to prevent child labor. . . Quiz programs and occupational tallcs prove popular at meet- ings, combine knowledge with entertainment... Christmas party adds merriment to a term ot accomplishment... t-l. S. C. prepares baslcet tor needy tamily . . . l-l. S. C. purchases United States Defense Bond to aid country...Awards Linz pins and conducts regular meeting at spring assembly... Members ot the l-l. S. C. maintain its ideals and aims: to promote better scholar- ship and proper school spirit.. .All Linz Award Students are eligible to become members. ge Seventy-two OFFICERS MISS RACHEL FOOTE, Sponsor Fall Term LETl-lA MAE WEST, President GEORGE BROOKS, Vice-President SHIRIYE SElERRARl3,f7ociolnry CHARLES REED, Treasurer JACK DRANDELL, Sergeant-atYArms SIDNEY GLASSER, Parliainentarian Spring Term .JACK DRANDELL, President DORIS GRACE, Vice-President FRANCES SMITH, Secrelaiy FRED SCHLlNCvER, Treasurer SIDNEY GLASSER, Sergeant-at-Arms ARCHIE BROODO, Parliarnentarian "I Am an American" Club OFFICERS GROVER J. DOUGLAS, Sponsor Fall Term YVONNE SULLINS, Presidoni JACK SUMMERFIELD, Vice-Presideni DOROTHY LEE DODSON, Secretary EDWIN MORRIS, Treasurer LEONARD PERTLE, Sergeanl-aT-Arms WANDA PAYNE, Parliarneniarian Spring Trsrrrr Yvonne suLL1Ns, preside-rl JACK SUMMERHELD,varrsprerarlerl DE Lois eissou, Secrelary MARY MAE Mrrvov, Treasurer WANDA PAYNE, Parliamenlarian "l Am An American" Club organizes under Grover J. Douglas as a paTrioTic organizaTion ...Members realize worThwhile TeaTures To be learned in connecTion wilh paTrioTism, noT in- cluded in crowded curriculum of The classroom Desire To Tuhfill Their moTTo, "I Serve," wiTh- ouT publiciTy or reward...AssisTance in Red Cross work and oTher endeavors deemed urgenT and useTul...STudy FirsT Aid and cooperaTe where There is need . . . ReTresh Their minds wiTh The greaT beneTiTs enjoyed under The STars and STripes, noT merely by shouTing paTrioTic songs and waving Tlags, buT by aTTempTing To be oi uTmosT service To school and counTry...Club meeTs Twice monlhly on TirsT and Third Mondays. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row- Marvin Nielsen, Earl Herring, Mary Alice Dowd, Joan Ven- lura, Wanda Payne. Mary Mae McEvoy, Yvonne Sullins, De Lois Gibson, Jack Summerfield, Billy Lumpkin. Second Row: James Lilile, Donald Pounds, Bernie Clement, Louise Oglelree, Rulh Singer, Grace Oxmon, Mary lynn Dougherly, Palricia Ray, Elsie Parish, Velma Werherell, Lee Gannon, Grover J. Douglas. Third Row: Bernard Schnilzer, Betly Baumgardner, Vernee Nix, Anna Mae Day, Adelyn Downey, Carolyn Downey, Joye Hill, Belly Jean Sparks, Katherine Hastings, Eula Coleman, Mary lou Puller. Fouffh Row: George Freeland, Darlene Powell, Dorolhy Davis, Louise Moekle, Doris Diflee, Dorothy Wilson, Mary Frances Tucker, Bob- bi J Fl B bb Ad H Il D h l D Uh le ean anagan, o ye ams, o y oug ery, ara y Ludwick, Freddie Polvogf. NOT IN PICTURE Pauline Curler Nelda Pairick Milton lee Atkins Marela Esres Jenny SakeI!arioJ Bill Peeler Wanda La Rue Berlie Thompson Page Sevenry-Thr 66 LEFT TO RIGHT Frances Toplilz, Edward Vodicka, Shirlye Sherrard, Harold Gol- man, Saul Kahn, Louis Wciel, Second Row Grace Lebowiiz, Eleanor Madans, Maxine Alexander, Maxine Meyer, Bluma Rudnilzlxy, Nalalie lipner, Ina Ve Crowder, First Row Dorothea Rush, Gloria Michaelson, Minnelle Corchine, Third Row: Evelyn Lynn, Ruvh Ferlmurler, Zelma Abramson, Martha lean Spicer, Mary Manning, Carl Rudick, Bernard Schnilzer, Bef nard Siegel, Jae Siegel. Fourlh Row: Peggy Joyce Atchison, lillion Isaac, Hannah Kriss, Inez leveen, Belly Minsky, Rhea Goldstein, Rebecca Goran, Mss Elveda Slinson, Clydene Holder, Harold Borofsky. Edwards. NOT IN PICTURE Frances Toplilz Minnelle Fineglass Eslelle Niss Harold Golman Adrienne leyin Le Cercle Francais Le Cercle Francais sends presenls lo and cor- responds wilh adopled Free French "Cadel Guy" ...Piclure show on Paris highlighls regular pro- grams of Le Cercle Francais...French club learns and sings amusing lollc songs al regular meelings . . . Enlighlen Freshmen on French al class meeling . . . French quiz programs enlerlain members al regular meelings . . . Feminine French Club members lcnil alghan squares lor lhe Red Cross . . . Le Cercle Francais presenls "Saga ol Jean La Filleu lo lhe Texas Memorial Library... To increase knowledge ol sludenls in lives and cusloms of French people is one conslanl ellorl of Le Cercle Francais . . . Open lor membership lo all French sludenls. Rwgo Sevonly-four OFFICERS MISS OCTAVIA EDWARDS, Sponsor Fall Term NORMAN LFVINE, Piesidonl ADRIFNNF LFVIN, Vice-Presidvnl MARY MANNING, Sncrolary JFANNETTE ACKFRMAN, Treasurer EDWARD VODICKA, Serqonnl-nl-Arms Sl-IIRLYF Sl-IERRARD, Rarliarnenlarian Spring Tr-rm EDWARD VODICKA, Presidcnl ,JJUIS WAIFL, Vice Prosidunl Sl-IIRLYF Sl-IFRRARD, Sncrelary FRANCES IOPLITZ, Treasurer CARL RUDICK, Serqrwnnl-nrYAvms ADRIFNNF LFVIN, Parliarnenlarian Junior Red Cross OFFICERS JUNIA MCALISTER, Sponsor Fall Term BENNETT GOODMAN, PresidenT FRANCES GILLETT, Vice-PresicIenT FRANCES SKELTON, SecreTary PETE TRONE, Treasurer ALVIN SCI-IUMANN, SergeanT-aT-Arms HAROLD BOROFSKY, ParIiarnenTarian Spring Term I-IAZEL RUTI-I MILLWEE, Presidenl MARGARET MCCREARY, Vice-PresidenT LONEITA BALL, SecreTary MARIE KOLLER, Treasurer BENNETT GOODMAN, SergeanT-aTAArms CLARA CONDRAY, ParIiarnenTarian Junior Red Cross obTains S55 in annual mem- bership drive aT ForesT...J. R. C. gaThers eighTeen baskeTs and SIS Tor Family ConsuITaTion Bureau aT Thanksgiving. ..ChrisTmas prompTs J. R. C. To disTribuTe candy, Toys, and giTTs Tor day nursery...J. R. C. sponsors colIecTion oT collapsible meTal Tubes Tor deTense . . . Members kniT aTghan sguares Trom scrap yarn Tor Red Cross bIankeTs . . . J. R. C. direcTs "VicTory Book Week" To coIIecT I,6OO books Tor boys in service .. . Gives EasTer egg hunT Tor children aT The day nursery. . .AcTiviTies display The J. R. C. as a service organizaTion direcTed Toward giving aid To diTTerenT proiecTs during war condiTions. lEFT TO RIGHT Firsf Row: Marie Koller, Sylvia Yonack, Loneila Ball, Frances Skelton, Third Row: Eva Engelberg, Rulh Levy, Dorothy Moulton, Blanche Gold- Bennet! Goodman, Hazel Ruth Millwee, Doris Jean Robbins, Al stein, Margorie Grider, Poppy Hammond, Florence Cenler, Edwina Schumann. DGTIY- Secand Row: Frances Reaves, Doroihy Lawrence, Mina Millwee, Frances Gillefi, Clara Condray, Henryeiie Slevenson, Lucille McFarland, Fourfh Row: James Grider, Bobby Robinson, Louis Rubin, Milburn Annie Zimmerman, Miss lunia E. McAlister. Garonzik, Ervin Polishuk, Harold Borofsky, Archie Braodo. NOT IN PICTURE Jane Dees Jeannie Macaluso Mary Catherine Ross louise Estrada Margaret McCreary V A137011 rjyg jAgj Joe Freed Dorothy Jane McQueen i -' , ' 1 Page SevenTy-Tiv LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: George Brooks, Charles Jordan, James Wittkower, Harold Simon, Sidney Glasser, Ruth Levy, Margaret Browning, Betty Cannon, Betty Sawyer, Poppy Hammond, Corinne Pederson, Treysa Seely. Fourth Row: louise Utay, Ray Bell Kahn, Hayden Summerfield, Miss Minnie Brown, Curtis Arrington, Russell Murdoch, Leslie Mitchell, Leland Turner, Porter Reed. Fifth Row: Herbert Green, Charles Reed, Jane Dees, Frances Smith, Second Row Charlotte Yonack, Alice Winsor, Maxine Thompson, Kath- leen Davis, David Ball, Rosemary Coward, Helen Wilensky, Lenora Levine, Edith Eaton, Frances Janner. Third Row Dorothy Turner, Betty Joyce Stockard, Sarah Bourland, Forrest Moore, Bennett Goodman, Frances Reayes, Marie Koller, Hazel Millwee, Doris Grace, Nezzie Joe Keeley, Darlene Tanton. Margie Butler, Henry Shafer, Donald Schmidt. NOT IN PICTURE Shirlye Sherrard Fred Schlingcr Ethnye Jean Wilson Dallas Historical Society Ensign Cody, Naval Reserve Otticer ot Hens- ley Field, relates activities ot Navy in Dallas at D. I-I. S. Armistice Day assembly, celebrating National Education and Detense Week . . . Dal- las Lite portrayed in plays, tales, and motion pictures... D. I-I. S. celebrates Aelta Historical Society's Birthday, which is now a part ot D. I-I. S. ...Members ot D. H. S. attend I-Iall ot State meetings throughout year to become better Dal- lasites...George Jordan spealcs at D. I-I. S. assembly emphasizing Pan Americanism . . .Club lceeps record ot Foresters in service at Hall ot Fame.. Dallas Historical show wartime Dallas ...Memoers present original war slcit, "When the Bugle Blows." Page Seventy-six OFFICERS MISS MINNIE BROWN, Sponsor Fall Term I-IAYDFN SUMMERFIELD, President FRANCES SMITH, First Vice-President CURTIS ARRINGTON, Second Vice-President FDITI-I EATON, Recording Secretary BETTY JOYCE STOCKARD, Corresponding Secretary JAMES WITTKOWER, Treasurer LOUISE UTAY, Parliamentarian PETE TRONE, Sergeant-at-Arms RAY BELL KAI-IN, Archivist Spring Term GEORGE BROOKS, President CHARLES JORDAN, First Vice- JAMES WITTKOWER, Second Vice-President RUTH LEVY, Recording Secretary MARGARET BROWNING, Corresponding Secretary HAROLD SIMON, Treasurer SIDNEY GLASSER, Parliamentarian LELAND TURNER, Sergeant-at-Arms ETHNYE NNILSON, Archivist President Forest Forum OFFICERS MISS DOROTHY GERLACI-I, Sponsor Fall Term B. M. MOODY, President CLARA CONDRAY, Vice-President LORENE FISHER, Secretary DORIS JEAN ROBBINS, Treasurer LOYD MURRAY, s9rqean+.E+,Afm5 MARY ELIZABETH LEWIS, Parliamentarian sprang Term LoRENE FISI-IER, President FRANCES GILLETT, viwpfesadeni MARJORIE G-RIDER, secretary CORNELIA HAMBRic, Treasurer GEORGE Mfxooox, sefgeani.E+.Arms Ruin WALKER, Parliameniarian T Firsl Row: Miss Gerlaclr, Margaret Browning, Poppy Hammond, Amy Lee Trammell, George Maddox, Cornelia Hambric, Ruth Walker, Lorene Fisher, Frances Gillett, Mariorie Grider, Betty Cannon. Second Row: Charlotte Adele Yonack, Sylvia Yanack, Bety Mae Tolli- Foresl Forum opens membership lo all Juniors and Seniors . . . I-las annual Christmas party wilh apples and candy as refreshments . . . "Morale ol Men in the Army" is topic ol discussion al round lable . . . Corsages given lo January '42 gradu- ating seniors. . . Forum gives annual assembly with W. A. Cole as guest spealcer ol: The day... Forum presenls boolc lo Texas Memorial Library Forum holds annual spring parly al Fruilclale Club I-louse . . . Einiiciency Award made lo mosl eilicienl June '42 graduating senior . . .To prac- lice Freedom oi speech, lo praclice lull partici- palion by all members, lo ioin in school proiecls. lo be democralic-lhese are lhe obieclives of The Forum. LEF TO RIGHT Third Row: Betty Sawyer, Clara Condray, Vivian Davis, Billie Wilborn, Wanda Knight, Elizabeth Norton, Mildred Glenn, Wanda Cow- thorn, Dorothey Wood, Dolores Keneagh, Florence Center. Fourth Row: Kenneth Dane, Richard Glonville, Edward Vodicka, Forrest Moore, George Altenau, A. E. Davis, Loyd Murrey, Glenn George. ver, Roxie D. Hague, Eva Ruth Carter, Helen Benedict, Johnnie Mae Gill, Ruth Hill, Doris Jean Robbins, Lucille McFarland, Mildred Hensley, Frances Griner, Virginia Griner, Mary Margaret Halliburton. NOT IN PICTURE B, M. Moody Page Seventy-seven I LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Miss Foote, Gene Mirsky, Verfie Wolven, Hazel Ruth Millwee, Frances Smith, Doris Grace, Ruih Levy, Harold Borafsky. Second Row: Jarrel Rubinelv, Lelha Mae West, Ina Ve Crowder, Flo- rins Green, Margie Buller, Mary Manning, Dorolhy Loos. Third Row. Bob Sfallcup, Porver Reed, Archie Broodo, Charles Jordan, Maude Parker, Alnlela Kenningfon, Sidney Glasser, Tommie Rulh Hedgepelh, Belvy Mae Tolliver. Curiis Arringlon George Brooks Evelyn Christensen Edwina Daily Jack Drandell Benner? Goodman Wylie A. Parker, Jr. NOT IN PICTURE Ilniliafed April 27, I942I Sfanley Peacock Fred Schlinger Charles Schrieber AI Schumann Dorolhy Seilheimer Evelyn Shaletle Henryelle Stevenson National Honor Society Membership in Ihe Nalional I-Ionor Socieiy consiiluies highesl honor Io be conferred on high school sludenis . . . Principles embodied in ihe seleclion ol members are scholarship, leadership, characler. and service.. .Eligible members musl be al leasl 3A's, have been sludenls al Eoresl for one year . . . All prospecls subiecl io reiec- lion by members ol iaculIy...New members inilialed al Iwo special assemblies each year... I-lopeiul sludenis sirive for membership during all Iheir years al high school . . . The simple bul signiiicani purpose of Ihe Nalional I-lonor Sociely is lo make The ideals oi Ihis club Ihe ideals of lhe school, Iheir emblems The lceyslone and flaming Torch. Page Sovenlyeeighl Beliy Joyce Slackard Maxine Thompson Mary Turner louise Ulay Ramon Wilensky Efhnye Wilson OFFICERS MISS RACI-IEL FOOTE, Sponsor Fall Term BGB STALLCU P, Presidenl LETI-IA MAE WEST, Vice-preside-nl VERTIE WOLVEN, Secrelary-Treasurer Spring Term SIDNEY GLASSER, President CHARLES JORDAN, Vice-Presideni TOMM I E I-IEDGPETI-I, Secreiary-Treasurer Pan American Student Forum OFFICERS MISS FLETCHER RYAN WICKI-IAM, Sponsor Fall Term ANNETTE GOLMAN, Presidenf STANLEY LEVANTI-IAL, Vice-Presidern I-IENRYETTE STEVENSON, Secrefary TREYSA SEELY, Treasurer LOUIS RUBIN, Sergeani'-a'r-Arrns ANITA GOLMAN, Parliamernarian Spring Terrn TREYSA sEEIY, Presideni LUCILLE IVIQFARIAND, Vice-Presiclenr RICHARD GLANVILLE, swewy DON HARRIS, Treasurer A. E. DAvIs, seIqesnI.sI.AIms JACK SUMMEREIELD, Parllamerdarian P. A. S. F. holds Three dinners aT EI Fenix CaTe ...Regular programs include debaTes and Tallcs presenTing inTeresTing TacTs on Mexico, CenTraI and SouTh America... Dallas ChapTers hold dance and parTy aT Adamson I-ligh School... Proceeds oT monrhly Mexican praline candy sale provide money Tor purchase oT Tlags oT all The Americas, phonograph records, and Tigures rep- resenTing "The manger scene' '... Dallas Chap- Ters elecT Treysa Seely oT l:oresT All CiTy I-losTess . . . NaTional OrganizaTion holds convenTion in Dallas during EasTer Holidays . . .To promoTe Triendship and beTTer undersTanding beTween The Americas is The purpose oT P. A. S. F., organized by Miss Wickham November IO, I927. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Benny Apple, A. E. Davis, Treysa Seely, Miss Flelcher R. Fourfh Row: Chase Campbell, George Mirsky, Bobby Goldberg, Billy Wickham, Lucille McFarland, Richard Glanville, Jack Summerfield. Bushman, Irving Slafman. Second Row: Irene Walters, Sarah Chesnick, Georgia Hunler, Mildred Sfepter, Annette Golman, Henryelfe Stevenson, Joe Smallwoocl, NOT IN PICTURE Slanley Levenllml. Third Row: Dorolhy Fay Sievensan, Joann Lazar, Wanda Payne, Morton Veffl Bl-'fkheUd Nilv RUVIY LYW' lvfvlee WCIIVTICH Prager, Samuel Rude, Harold Abramson. Don Harris Ramona Mafsler Page SevonTy-n ine LEFT TO RIGHT First Raw: Doris Young, Shirley Mark, Bettye lane Gardner, Betty Sawyer, Tommie Orton, Jeanne Godlberg, Betty Bevill, Juanita Etheridge, Eva Carter. Second Row: Clara Bess Lorenz, Evelyn Christensen, Betty lane Mc- Fourth Row: Sarah Bourland, Roxie Hague. Fifth Row: Marilyn Rachotsky, Annabelle Moore, Mariorie Bodine, Yvita Satterwhite, Miss Jackson, Martha Napier, Betty Lou Han- cock, Mary Elizabeth Minarrt, Mary Elizabeth Adams, Mary Jane A d Kinney, Betty Burton, Lois Hiegel, Margaret Tolley, Mariorie Led' n erson' ford, Helen Wilenslry, Eleanor Cohen, Ernestine Bruce, Poppy NOT IN PICTURE Hammond, Florence Center. Billie Anderson loye Hill Dorothea Rush Beatrice Baker Darothye Howie Vida Jo Tindall Third Row: Irma Figanbaum, Dolores Keneagh, Dorothy Ludwick, Eula Helen Benedict Jane Marshall Kathleen Tiner Coleman, Doris Jean Harmer, Cornelia Hambric, Mary Louise Bernice Gilreath Dorothy Martin Sallye Bill Spratt Miller, Marcelle Burns, Wanda Payne Girl Reserves Girl Reserves welcome Freshmen and new girls with I-IaIIowe'en Party... Dallas Girl Reserves are hostesses to neighbor clubs at All-Day Y. W. C. A. Conterence...Forest, Technical, and North Dallas hold annual inter-club party... Signiticance ot Candles at Christmas shawn by Forest at December inter-club luncheon . . .Girl Reserves provide tood baslcets tor needy tamily .. .Girls rest room guarded by Girl Reserves. .. Interpretation ot Girl Reserves' Code, Relation ot Girls Reserves to Y. W. C. A. and a Panel Dis- cussion on Family Relations typity weelcly meet- ings' programs. . .Activities illustrate the pur- pose ot this organization: to unite girls in spirit ot triendliness and service. Page Eighty OFFICERS MISS BERTHA JACKSON, Sponsor MISS WILLIE MAE BERRY, Co-Sponsor Fall Term BILLIE ANDERSON, President VIDA JO TINDALI., Vice'Pr1sident TOMMIE ORTON, S rer, fetal-y DOROTHY HOWIE, Treasurer MARY ELIZABETH LEWIS, Paili.imentaii.1n Spring Term TOMMIE ORTON, President VIDA JO TINDALL, Vice-President DOROTI-IEA RUSH, Secretary BLTTYE JANE GARIJINFR, Treasurer DORIS YOUNG, Sergeant-at-Arms BILLIE ANDERSON, Parliamentarian OFFICERS W. I-I. BUTLER, Sponsor Eall Term ROBERT MILWEE, Presidenl' LEROY JONES. Vice-Presidenl MILAN LEGS-ETT, Secrelary and Treasurer DAVID KENNINGTON, Serqeanl-al'-Arms STANLEY PEACOCK, Parliarnenlarian Spring Term RUSSELL MURDOCI-I, Presiclenl STANLEY PEACOCK, Vice-Presiderif MILAN LEGGETT, Secrerary and Treasurer HARRY RIESMAN, Sergeanl-al-Arms MARTIN ANNIS, Parliamenlarian Firxv Row: Milford Thomas, Milan Leggett, David Kenningron, Russell Murdoch, Homer Odom, Slanley Peacock, Alex Tuffle, Levelyn Blalack, Earl Walker. Second Row- Harry Riesman, Jerald Ransom, Duane Sullon, Leroy Jones, Gerald Slrahan, Darwin Huddle, David Giller. Hi-Y Clubs Energeric members of I-Ii-Y Club enioy recrea- lional aclivilies al Y. M. C. A .... Club makes Floral donalions lo special people on many occa- sions and always remembers ils absenl members ...Readily conrribules Io needy families al Clirislmas and Tbanlcsgiving . . . I-Iolcls older boys conference Iwice yearly. . . All members enioy Wiener roasl oulings in 'rbe counlry . . . Promole clean living, clean ailwlelics, clean scbolarsliip, and clean speech ar regular meelings . . . The purpose ol llwe I-Ii-Y Clubs is "lo creale. mainiain, and exlend llwrouglwoul Ilie scliool and communily liigb sranclards oi Clirislian Clriaracler' '... I-Iolcl regular meelings every Monday niglwl al Ibe Dal- las Y. M. C. A. LEFT TO RIGHT Third Row: Marshall Turkin, Ervin Polislwk, Martin Annis, Billy De Lee, Loyd Murrey, Glenn George. NOT IN PICTURE Buddy Barbee Paul Golf Joe Har! Harold Box Page Eiglnly-one Pa l LEFT TO RIGHT First Row Louise Wilcox, Shirley Fonberg, Dorothy Hill, Opal Thoma- son, Winnie Mae Mackey, Sarah Ann Esner, Ruth McGee, Vir- ginia Gragson, Annette McSoadden, Betty Davis. Second Row' Virginia Glenn, Annaio Shelton, Mary Lou Potter, Ruth Garrison, Frances Mitchell, Shirley Clark, Noreen Link, Margie Herrington, Josephine Riley. Third Row: Annabelle Musso, Batty Jane Plunk, Maxine Harris, Betty Lou Hutson, Mary Elizabeth Menard, Cherie Freeman, Iva June Atteberiy, Davie Langston. Fourth Row Anna Bramlett, Gladys Clcarman, Cecile Davis, Dorothy Chandler, Rose Lee Krciter, Noyella Briscndine, Doris Roberts, Imogene Dcring, Vera Poole, Girls Chorus Girls inleresled in music and classified as fresh- men or sophomores compose lhe Girls Chorus.. . Members sludy the meler, lcey signalures, The scale, and other fundamenlals ol reading music ...Girls Chorus meels lwo days during each week . . . Oulslanding members ol This chorus parlicipale in the Chrislrmas Assembly and lake parl in Palriolic Sing Song al Fair Park February I6 . . .Girls Chorus helps Mixed Chorus plan and present Spring Music Program . . . Songs lhe Girls Chorus has learned and can sing by memory in- clude "Darlc Eyes," "Songs My Molher Sang," "Alice Blue Gown," and many olhers . ..Worlc of Girls Chorus is primarily in preparalion lor advanced chorus. go Eighty-lwo Fifth Row: Virginia McWilliams, Kitty Rhodes, Joyce Wyly, Dorothy Nell Dossett, Billie Jean Mitchell, Edna Willefcrd, Ruby Mae Usry, Wanda Large. Sixth Row: Freddie Jean Polvogt, Elizabeth Bishop, Lois Anderson Ernestine Barker, Helda Marie Wolfe, Virginia Wimbish, Aileen Wilborn, Lovie Lewis. Seventh Row: Margrette Kizer, Earline Cannon, Norma Jean Watts Lorane Higgins, Billie Ruth Day, Patsy Ruth McKay, Katherine Disman, Wilma Sanders, Lillian Dooley. Eighth Row: Barbara Fallin, Rowena Fallin, Mildred Bierhalter Mary Ivan Graham, Annie Fac Slcphenson, Mary louise Spain, MlSS LOUISE WlLCOX, Director Cl-lERlE FREEMAN,Accompanisl ROWENA FAl.LlN.Secrelary Mixed Chorus MISS LOUISE WILCOX, Director IMA JEAN MISKELL EDWYNIA HENRY Secretlaries MARY HELEN SCOGGINS CLARA BESS LORENZ Accornpanisls Junior and Seniors who appreciaTe and enjoy singing good music are members oT The Mixed Chorus. . . Members oT This chorus parTicipaTe in school assemblies and oTher school acTiviTies . . . Chorus sings ChrisTmas hymns and carols in The halls . . . FiTTy-Three members represenT The chorus in The PaTrioTic Sing-Song aT Fair Park AudiTorium ...Mixed Chorus plans and presenTs Annual Spring Music Program ...Sing in presenTaTion program oT The Gideon Bibles aT Woodrow Wil- son I-ligh School . . . Some members parTicipaTe in band assembly . . . Members sing Tor P.-T. A., December 4. . . DevoTe much Time To The sTudy oT PaTrioTic songs, learn "Marine I-lymn," "Cais- son Song," and "Anchors Aweigh." LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Betty Bevill, Geraldine Martin, Gloria Busby, Frankie Fallin, Juanita Etheridge, Doris Jean Robbins, Loraine Purkey, Imogene Miskell, Hannah Freeman. Second Row: Gene Schindling, Aggie Lee Harper, Edwynia Henry, Bobbye Adams, Billie lambert, Cleo Cargill, Dorothy Davis, Isabell Hulen, Lillian Lawton. Third Row: Virginia Brecheen, Betty Jean Sparks, Irene Walters, Clara Bess Lorenz, Vvito Satterwhite, Jeanette Miller, Betty Mae Gouger, Billie Owens, Mildred Stepter, Cora Lee Stewart, Lois Hillix. Fourth Row: .lane Marshall, Louise Moehle, Eloise Conner, Patsy Jo Neel, Lila Paris, Carolyn Downey, Adelyn Downey, Lucille Mayes, Mamie lee Mayes, Betty Bosma, Katie Reese, Mary Helen Scoggins. Fifth Row: Laneito Ball, Loretta Hawkins, Sudie Mae Gillham, Mar- iorlene Parish, Helen Lutz, Neoma Lamb, Frances Kebrle, lea Gannon, Earl Herring, Virginia Driver, Jack Lyons. Sixth Row: Gwendolyn Kent, Kathleen Collins, Joye Hill, Paulyne Engelburg, Ina Ve Crowder, Geraldine McWilliams, Homer Odom. Seventh Row: Margie Clark, Dorothy Brown, Ruth Thomason, Herbert Hiett, Oscar Stinson, M. G. Davis, Bob Pugh, Maston Hill. Eighth Row: Ben Mims, Leroy Harris, Edwin Morris, Elvin Appleby, Robert King, James Marshall, Bernard Schnitzer, Loyd Murrey, B. M. Moody. Ninth Row: James Grider, Marvin Hillis, Elvis Lee Skinney, Arthur Miller, Ed Burkley, Glen George, Benny Culbertson, Bob Parker, Melvin Hallmark. Page Eighty-Three N LEFT TO RIGHT Firxl Row: Frances Toplifz, Annette Golmon, Frances Skelton, Ruth Second Row: Raymond Blummcr, Harold Borofsky, Bobbie Nell Sims levy, Dorothy Seilheimer. Helen Gaylord, Mary Manning, Edwinc Daily. Third Row Robert Shelton, Stanley Schneider, Samuel Rude, Miss Nunnie D. Andrews, Betty Ingram. Banking Stag Pupils eslablish habil of saving regularly and consislenlly by deposiling in savings deparimenl ...Banking conclucled each Tuesclay in Room I al Eoresl provides aclual banking experience Ior high school sluolenls . . . Thriil Bank opens Io de- posiiors from 8:30 Io 9 o'cIock...PupiIs use regular deposil slips anol bank wilh Iellers al alphabelized windows.. .Banking aliords slu- clenls convenienl opporlunily io save for pure chasing Nalional Defense Bonclsq some purchase eighl or len bonds . . . Twenly-Iive cenls proves rnosi popular of all cleposils, which range from IO cenls lo Sl78 . . . Eoreslers make some I,IOO cleposils in Thriil Bank during fall Ierrn. IX-lic Lighly-four TELLERS MISS NANNIE DANDREWS, Manager HAROLD BOROFSKY EDWINA DAILY HELEN GAYLORD ANNETTE GOLMAN BETTY INGRAM MARY MANNING BOBBY NELL SIMS DOROTHY SEILIIEIMER SAMUEL RUDE ROBERT SI-IELTON FRANCES SKELTON NEW ACCOUNTS AND ADJUSTMENTS RAYMOND BLUMMER STANLEY SCI-INIEDER BOOKKELPLR RUTI-I LEVY OFFICERS MISS ALICE l-IARRINGTON, Sponsor Fall Term CONNIE PAYE KELLUM, PresidenT KATHERINE HUNTER, Vice-Preside-nT KATHLEEN TINER, SecreTary EVELYN Cl-lRlSTENSEN,Tre-asurer IRENE Cl-IASTAI-N, Serg3anT-aT-Arms KATI-IRYN PARKS, Parliamerdarian sprang Term KATHRYN PARKs, President wriwx KeLLuM,vaeeePfeSsusn+ mens cHAsrA1N, seaerary Evelyn cnrarsrenssni Treasurer oorzoriw PAY srsvsnsou. Vesfonicins Junior and senior girls organize To Torm home economics club, March 3, l94l ...Derive name. VesTonians, Trom VesTa, ancienT goddess oT The home . . . Regular programs relaTe To eTigueTTe, posTure, and everyday problems oT The average high school girls . . . Members supporT various drives, bring large guanTiTies oT coaThangers and Tubes.. .Members embroider, sew or lcniT aT rogu'ar meeTings . . . ElecT new members by Two- Thirds voTe each Term . . . Girls plan sporT dance in school gym . . .The purpose oT The VesTonians is To excel in The Tield oT The indusTrial arTs, To do Serqeani'-aT-Arms EvELYN SHALETTE, Parlrsmenrsfaan good. and bring happiness rnTo The lives oT oThers. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Dorothy Seilheimer, Dorothy Fay Slevensen, Evelyn Chris- Second Row: Belly McKinney, Belly Sawyer, Frances Campagna, lenoru iensen, Evelyn Shalehe, Kafhryn Parks, Wilma Kellum, Bonnie Levine, Mildred Glenn, Samye Gafruso. Faye Kellum, Kalhleen Tiner. Third Row: Miss Alice Harringion, Geraldine McWilliams, Murgarel Browning, Hazel Davidson, Behye Jane Gardner, Belly Joyce Cannon. x Page Eighfy-Eve N LEFT TO RIGHT First Row. Mary Sue Reese, Kalia Reese, Loneiia Ball, Tommie Davis, Frances Kebrle, Mary louise Miller, Berry Stovall, Riley Tucker. Second Row- Dolores loyd, Dorolhy Seilheimer, Bonnie Faye Kellum, Doris Olela Luiz, Elise Frame, Iona Willeford, Evelyn lynn, Hannah Webberman, Miss Meredith Schroeder. NOT Mary Frances Vaughn Joseph Leberra IN PICTURE Geor Allied Arl Allied Arls Club presenls inleresling program al Freshmen class meeling . . . Colorlul decora- lions creale weird selling lor A. A. C. I-IaIIowe'en parly . . . Represenlalives ol F. A. A. C. allend Junior Arls Council, bring lo club accounls ol currenl exhibils al Dallas Museum ol Fine Arls . .. Members enioy appropriale decoralions and pro- gram al Chrislmas Farly . . . A. A. C. members lreguenl arl museum lo enioy gallery lours and painlings . . . A. A. C. sponsors arl exhibil dis- playing sludenl lalenl . . . A. A. C. presenls "Arl and Arlisls ol Texas" lo lhe Texas Memorial Library. . .To promole lhe apprecialion and underslanding ol arl is lhe aim ol lhe A. A. C., which allords a pleasurable opporlunily lo dis- play inclividualily. Page Eighly-six Third Raw: Bertie Jean James, Mary Francis Sickles, Gene Giggleman lois Meeks Ver P I I ' ' , ci oo e, mogene Dering, Blanche Goldsiei Jimmie leo Howleh, Fannie Mae Brown. Fourth Row: Hilliard Herod, Leonard Pierce, John Buniing, Glenn lang Bobby H. James, Rex McCabe, Geraldine Bryani, Eva Mae Hay good, Ernesiine Bruce. Roland Moore ge lee Richardson MISS MEREDITI-I SCI-IROEDER. OFFICERS Fall Term VOLETA FRANCE, Presidenl BETTY STOVALL, Vice-Presidonl KATIE REESE, Secrclary LILLIAN GONZALES, Treasurer FRANK SLQAN, Se-aqoanl-al-Arms LONEITA BALL, Farliarnenlarian Spring Term TOMMIE DAVIS, Piesidenl LONEITA BALL, Vice-Pre iclonl FRANCES KEBRLE, Secrclary BETTY STOVALL, Treasurer RI-LEY TUCKER, Serqoanl-al-Arms KATIE REESE, Parliamenlarian Sponsor Texas History Club g OFFICERS MISS BESS THATCI--IER, Sponsor Fall Term ALMETA KENNINGTOIXI, President SALLY FREEDMAN, Vice-President GIERALDINE MQWILLIAMS, Secretary SHIRLEY MARK, Treasurer GLORIA MICI-IAELSCN, Sergeant-al-Arms RIYELL ToBoLowsi4Y, Psfiasmenisfasn Spring Term SALLY FREEDMAN, President EVELYN Cl-IRISTENSEN, Vice-Pre idenl INA VE CROWDIER, Secretary WYLIE A. PARKER, JR., Treasurer FOSTER SCOTT, Sergeant-at-Arms MARJGRIE LEDFORD, Rarliarnentarian Texas I-lislory Club presents assembly com- memorating Stephen F. Ausiin's birthday... Members malce historical lrip lo Grapevine Springs, picnic near tree where Sam I-louslon signed treaty with Indians . . . Regular activities include interviews with pioneer Texans, building Texas Memorial Library and promoting Texas Week . . .Texas Scrapbook, compiled by Texas I-Iislory Club, senl to London . ..T. I-l. C. com- pose radio script, "Our Community's History," win second place in State Conlesl...Dr. Kim- ball addresses sludenis at Texas Weelc Assembly, given by T. I-I. C .... T. I-I. C. plan exciting visil to Belle Siar's hideoul...To learn more about Texas by discovering, collecting, and preserving historical material are objectives oi the club. LEFT TO RIGHT First Raw' Annie Zimmerman, Sylvia Yonack, Gloria Michaelson, Miss Fourth Row: Barbara Fallin, Geraldine McWilliams, Shirley Clark, Bess Thatcher, Mariorie Ledtord, Sally Freedman, Evelyn Chris- tensen, Ina Ve Crowder, Wylie Parker, Foster Scott. Second Row: Frances Louise Janner, Eleanor Cohen, Maxine Meyer, Rosemary Coward, Toby Aronofl, Rizell Tobolowsky, Patricia Ray, Marie Griffis, Grady Burns, Joe Epps. Third Row: Bety Lou Hutson, Patsy Jean Watkins, Norma Harmon, Alma Atwood, Ernestine Barker, Dorothy Nell Dossett, Lydia Thompson, Billie Gentry. Eulo Davidson, Kathleen Roberson, Hannah Webberman, Eliza- beth Glenn. Firth Raw: Homer Odom, David Kenningtan, Tommie Hedgpeth, Al- meta Kennington, Iva Mae Stribbling, Juanita Boatman. Sixth Row: Cora Richardson, Rosanne Flechrner, Charlene Sandford, Mary Jane Anderson, Beftye Jane Gardner, Shirley Mark, Bobbie Nell Sims, Jane Morris. NOT IN PICTURE Glenn Bourland Louis Freelon Robert Maxwell Grady Burns Eva Hyman Meyer Raskin Lillie Gonzales Gloria Mayhew Alice Turcotte Page Eig I-ity-sovon x I N LEFT TO RIGHT lolle Marantz, Helen Wilensky, Irma Figanbaum, Sally Freedman, Marilyn Rochofsky, Sophie Kamen. Second row: Toby Aronoh, Annelte Golman, Frances Skelton, Sarah Chesnick, Rulh Vogel, Lenora Levine, Annie Zimmerman, Corinne Feldman S lv'a M , y I oss. Third row: Rizell Tabolowslxy, Belly Jo Moore, Virginia File, Annabelle Moore, Sarah Bourlund, Margaret Tolley, Belly Burton, Elaine Goldberg, Rosemary Coward, Gloria Mayhew. Fourth row: Bernice Feldman, Ruih Singer, Ruby Fischl, Virginia Driver, Billye Thompson, Mary Grabslald, Nila Ruth Lynn, Evelyn Rachofsky. Firxf row: Corinne Pederson, Belly Lou Hancock, Nalalie Lipner, Char- Fiffh row: Tommie Orion, Joye Hill, Minnelie Corchine, Doris Rulchik, ' ' Faye Shwiff, Inez Leveen, Hannah Kriss, De Lois Gibson, Rhonda Harris. Sixfh row: .leonelfe Rosenberg, Anna Kleinman, Norma Aronofi, Helen Ligenberg, Phyllis Rubinelf, Maxine Rochofsky, Joann Lazor. Billie Anderson Clara Condray NOT IN PICTURE Joann Lozar M 9 M C argare c reary Ida Mae Guckenheimer Evelyn Shalelle Claudia Kimbrough Girls Public Speaking Club enierlains Fresh- Sally Spralf Lula Tiner Margarel Tolley Loralee Wellman Miss Helen Fern Black Girls Public Speaking Club QFFICERS MISS I-IELEN FERN BLACK,Sponsor i men girls wilh program and reireshmenls . . . Miss Pauline Wrighl reviews "Life Wilh Ealheru . .. G. P. S. C. wins debale ai ioini meeling wilh Slandard Debaling Socieiy, proves boys are more bashful lhan girls. . . G. P. S. C. dislribules hand- books lo members ...Annual spring banquei held . . . Besl Speakers elecled from regular meel- ings 'ro appear on spring assembly. . .Slandard Debaiing Sociely enlerlains G. P. S. C. al ioinl meeling ...Every member of lhe club values highly her knowledge in oralory, debaling, exlem- poraneous speaking and parliameniary praciice gained lhrough lhe oulslanding work of Miss Black wilh lhe club. Page Eighly-oighf Fall Term FRANCES SKELTON, Presidenl ANITA GOLMAN, Vice-President HELEN WILENSKY. Secreiary DORIS RUICI-IIK,lreasurer HELEN WILENSKY, Presidenl IRMA FIGANBAUlv1,Vice-Presidenf DORIS RUTCI-IIK,Secre'mry MARILYN RACHOFSKY, Treasurer Spring Term CHARLOTTE MARANTZ, Presidenl MARILYN RACI-IOFSKY, Vice-Pre idenf SARAH THOMASON, Secrolary IRMA FIC'ANBAUM,'Ireasurer MARILYN RACI-IOESKY, Presiclonl RIZELL TOBOLOWSKY, Vice-Prosidenl MINNEITE CORCHINE, Secrelary ANNA KLEINMAN,Treasurer Standard Debating Society OEEICERS MISS EDNA ROWE, Sponsor C.V,GOODMAN,Co-Sponsor Fall Term SIDNEY GLASSER, President JOE Stv1ALLWOOD,VicefPresident MELVIN ARONOEE, Secretary BOBBY ROBlNSON,Treasurer JARRELL RUBINETT, President RAMON WlLENSKY,Vice-President MORTON ZIMMERMAN, Secretary JOE SMALLWOOD, Treasurer Spring Term RAlvlOiNl WILENSKY, President ARCHIE BROODO, Vice-President BENNETT GOODMAN, Secretary LOUIS RUBlN,lieasurer ARCI-llE BROODO, President LOUIS RUBlN,Vice-President MARVIN BARISI-l,Secretary LOUIS WATEL, Treasurer Standard distinguishes itselt as oldest school club in Dallas, organized under sponsorship ot Miss Myra Brown in l9l8 . . . Standard holds two ioint meetings with Girls' Public Speaking Club yearly, entertains with retreshments and interest- ing programs. . . Dr. Morris Waldman, charter member ot S. D. S., speaks on "Medicine as a Career" at regular meeting . . . S. D. S. presents play, "l'here's One in Every Company," at spring assembIy...l'o promote debate and all other torms ot public spealcing is the purpose ot the organization, members participating in each phase... Each member acquires practical lcnowl- edge ot parliamentary procedure and law under guidance ot capable sponsors. LEFT TO RIGHT First row: Miss Edna Rowe, Ramon Wilensky, Archie Broodo, Bennett Fourth raw: Marshall Turkin, Morton Prager, Milburn Garonzik, Samuel Goodman, Louis Rubin, Jack Drandell, Sidney Glasser, Stanley Rude, Morton Zimmerman, Jay Rudberg, Bernard Siegel. Leventhal. Fifth row: Kenneth Rubinett, Jae Siegel, louis Watel, Stanley Second row- Melvin Aronoff, Marvin Barish, Al Schumann, Herby Galde Schneider, Feldman Lorin, Marvin Nielsen, Harold Borofsky, berg, Bobby Robinson, Harold Golman, Sammy Seltzer, Glenn Samuel Feldman, Donald Pounds. George. Third row' Monroe Mirsky, lrvin Donosky, Jerald Goldberg, Robert Ber- NOT IN PICTURE man, Robert Gluzer, David Ball, Saul Kahn. EYVIH Siflgef Page Eighty-n ine I LEFT TO RIGHT First row Mrs. Il. E, Boll, Mrs. lack Rushing, Mrs. M. Weinkrunlz, Second row: Mrs, Allen Reed, Mrs. l, A. Winsor, Mrs. R. Sherrclr Mrs, G. B, Uockl Sprull, Mrs. S, C. Willis, Mrs, A. Rozovsky. Mrs. George T. Cox, Mrs. H. F. Lillebridge, Mrs. 1, Arono5. Third row Mrs. Thomas Carter, Mrs. Virginia Hurst, Mrs. Dave Fox, Mrs. E. R. Hollon. Porenl-Teocher Associolion P.-l.A. sponsors Iwo paid programs providing lunds lor lhe year, donales 325.00 ol lund lo lhe Red Cross . . . Organizalion accomplishes promo- lion ol good will and increased allendance dur- ing year. . . Numerous conlribulions lrom busi- ness lriends pay lor allraclive yearboolcs . .. P.-'l.A. gives lea honoring Eacully and Freshmen Molhers . . . Eoresl Avenue I-ligh School Rarenl- leacher Associalion worlcs side by side in co- operalion wilh lhe school, lermed a delinile parl ol The school syslem . . . Programs al regular meelings prove especially inleresling . . . Gives lea on Eounders Day... Under leadership ol presidenl, Mrs. G. B. Sprall, and slall ol ollicers, lhe Rarenl-Teacher Associalion enioys successful year. Page Nincly OFFICERS MRS. G. B. SPRATT, Rresidnnl MRS. A, RAZQVSKY, Eirsl Vice Pro idcnl MRS, S. C. WILLIS. Second Viiic--Prnsidcnl MRS. M.VVElNKRANTZ. Third Vicerprvsidonl MRS. JACK RUSI-IING. En urlh Vice- Rrosidenl MRS. B, E, BALL, Eillh Vico Rrosiclcnl Iv1RS,CHAS,6RI6GS, Sixlh Vice Rrosidonl MRS. J. ARONOFF, Sovcnlh Vice-Rrcsidrnl MRS. GEO. I. COX, Recoiding Socrolary MRS. R,Sl-IERRARD, Corresponding Sccrelary MRS, H. E. LILLEBRIDGE, Treasurer MRS. ALLEN REED, l-lislorinn l.1RS.TI-IOSCARTER, Audilor MRS, VIRGINIA I-IURST. Auditor MRS, l. ISRAEL, Dczlngalo lo Cily Coum il MRS, DALLAS PATRICK. D ci- lc-gnlo lo Cily Council Crcheslra M55 LOWSE WWCOXV Dlfeffof Orchesira proudly announces many new instru- menial additions, including oboe, bassoon, viola cello, and ilule . . . Forest orcheslra furnishes Concert Masters music for many assemblies and programs through- PORTER REED oul Jrhe year. . .Group oi len oulslanding players FRANCES TOPUTZ from lhe orcheslra play al various leachors' meelings, luncheons, and dinners... Frances 'lop- DAVID BALL . . . . . liiz and Marshall -lurlcin win iirsl place in Greater INA VE CROWDERISGCVMFY Dallas Musical Fesiival ...Small group plays lor meeling oi Della Kappa Gamma . . . Orcheslra holds successful and onioyalale Weiner roasl al Ub,a,,m While Roclc . . . Some members play for Univer- sily ol Texas Alumni meeting, March 2 ...Small MARIE GRIFFIS , U . y rou la s al Fair Parlc for Dallas Historical Q HELEN LAWMER Society . . . Orcheslra provides music at Senior EDWYNIA HENRY Play and commencement exercises. LEFT TO RIGHT First row: Porter Reed, Frances Toplitl, Ernestine Barker, Rosalie Second row: Al Schumann, Evelyn Christensen, Dorothy Davis, louise Altman, Rebecca Goren, David Ball. Moehle, Herbert Green, Marshall Turkin, Benny Apple, Herbert Hiett, Dempsey Cazby, Donald Cortimilia, Bernard Schnitzer, Third row: Edwynia Henry, Cherie Freeman, Wanda Jeanne Harrison, Marie Griffis, Ina Ve Crowder, Elveda Stinson, Russell Murdoch, Robert Gillett, Billy De lee, R. P. Jones, Johnnie Brown, Marvin Walden, Charles Reed. Page Ninety-o T16 X I lEFT TO RIGHT Frrsl row Clara Condray, Edith Ealon, Velma Page, Claire Degen, Mary Louise Miller, Virginia Gilliam, Nita Smith, Marguerile Teafaviller, Lucille McFarland, Henryelle Slevenson, Clydene Holder, Gloria Dupree. Second row Richard Glanville, Doris June Morris, Novia Lee Wilhife, Helen Washburn, Frankie Clark, James Shupfrine, George Allenau, Wallace Fitch, Joe Smallwood, Marcelle Burns, Emma Parrish, Doris Graves. Third row: Helen George, Elsie Golden, Mary Helen Scoggins, Frances Kebrle, Ethnye Jean Wilson, Miller Powell, Bobby McNally, G. C. lucky, Glenn George, H. D. Lollar, Joe Siegel. NOT IN PICTURE Jimmie Duncan Billie Anderson Forest Echo Stoll: EDITORIAL NITA SMITI-I ,... . . ELJIIOI'-In-CI'IIeI VIRGINIA GII l IAM .,...., Iflnnnqinq Edllor OLORGI ALIINAU ....,... Sporls Edilor VILMA I'AOI, CLAIRE DEOEN, ETHNYE WILSON . . . . . . . . . . . . , A'sisIanI EcliIors CLARA CONDRAY, MARY LOUISE MILLER, EMMA PARRISH, CLAUDE RICHARDSON, FRANCES KIBRLI, IIJITH LATON, HELEN WILENSKY, IJORCJIIIY IAVVRINCE, MAXINETHOMPSON, GI I NN GI ORISIQ JACK LII . . . News Edlfors SIANIIY IJEACOCK ,,.,..,. Copy Erlifor DORIS CJRAVIS, DORIS JUNE MORRIS. .Club Edilors KIYIII NI IICDI IJI R ,...... Exnhanqe Edllor III NRYI ITI STIVI NSON, ITRANKII, CLARK, MARCELLE BURNS 4...,....., Fcalure Edilors ISIIIII NIISS ........... AlumnIEdIIOr Fall Ter EDITORIAL VIRTII WOLVIN ,........ Edilor-in-CI1ieI I'ANlJfUIl'Il PVJVIR IJITA SMITH . AssisInnIEdiIors POIIYAIIMON, BIILII ANDERSONLUCILLE MIFARLANIJ, I-IINRYITIE STIVLNSON . . . . . . , . . . . . . . Fealure Edilors MART NICHOIAS ,........ Sporfs Editor OIOROI AITINAU ..... Assif.IanlSporls Edilor .IOI SII GII ...,,...,. Associale Edilor III I I N IRI I MAN, CHARLYNI' JONES . Exrhanqo Edllosr RICHARD GLANVIIII ........ Club Edilor Page Ninclyiwo STAFF JAMES SHUPTRINE ....... R.O.T.C,EdiIor MARY HEI EN SCOOOINS. .... Sociely Eclilor HELEN GEORGE, NOVIA LEE WILHITE, JUANITA POYNTER .....,. Assisfanf Fealure Edifors GLORIA DU FREE ..... Assislanl Exchange Edilor WALLACE FITCH ...... Assislanl Sporls Edifor MAROUERITE TEAFATILLER, MARJORIE FERGUSON, LUCILLE MCFARLAND ...,. Personal Edilors O. C. LUCKY, MILLER POWELL , . , Headline Edilors KENNETH HANSEN ..... . . . Ari Edifor JACK LEE ........ . . Reporler BUSINESS STAFF H. D. LOLLAR . , ...... Busincss Manager m STAFF TOM PAROSKI, HYMAN KOVSKY.Assis1anICIub Eclilors DOROTHY COX .......... Alumni Edilor ROBERT VAN I-IUSS ,.,.... ROTC. Editor BUSINESS STAFF OROVER DENISON ....... Business Manager JACK FREEMAN ..... Assislanl Business Manaqer ADVERTISING STAFF JOE SMALLWOOD ...,.. Adverlislnq Manoqor EDWARD LEE, KENNETH HANSEN . . Posler Comrnillee Forest Echo Stoll Journalism sludenls publish Eoresl' Echo, bi-weekly paper . . . Journalism course aids in fu+ure newspaper work, Teaches befler underslanding of daily papers . . . l94I Echo awarded All-Texas Raling by Texas High School Press Associalion for superior accom- plishmenls . . . l94l-I942 Echo receives lnlerscholaslic League Press Conference Award of Disringuished Meri? . . . Slalzl sends Nile Smifh, edilor-in-chief, and Virginia Gilliam, managing edilor, fo Ausrin . . . News coverage, sporls wrire-ups, gossip findings, and column wriling main acfiviries of journalism sludenfs . . . Amaieur iournalisrs lasre news- paper life and develop nose for news . . . Counling and checking headlines, checking names, counring words, Typing copy, and proofreading-all Jrhese are regular aclivilies in publishing lhe Echo. . .Special fields for sludenls consisl of lealure wriling, news, club meerings, inlerviews, ediforials, headlines, sporls, and personals . . . Loud speaker syslem aids in boosling Echo sales: presenf "Newscas+s" and "PusJr Bulion skils . . . Leadership, discipline, dependabilily, and inilialive included in Jrhe inslruclion ol slafl members by lheir work on lhe Echo . . . Qualifies of a good reporler include ingenuily, resourcelulness, keen sense of observalion, accuracy, loyally, lhoroughness and friend- liness . . . Large perl of edilorial work on Foresler by Journalism classes . . . Eiclicienlly organized aclive slall aids in successfully publishing lhe Echo as a paper which slrives lo supporl all worlhy school ac'rivi'ries. LEFT TO RIGHT F 1R R th P I ft B Hy C T by A K Helen Wilen- S d R M CI k M Th p Billic Wilborn, M g ky L i B Il B 9 D hyl, Third Row: Arihur Miller, Jimmie Fryar, Siunley Peacock, Kenneth Hansen, Gene Griffin. Page Ninefyelhr ' H SKELTON SMITH EATON SIEGEL ALTENAU STEVENSON HANSEN SHUPTRINE GOODMAN GARONZIK ARONOFF WILENSKY FIGANBAUM CLARK YATES SCHROEDER Forester Annuol Stuff EDITH EATON Edifor-in-Chief 3 JOE SIEGEL N' FRANCES SKELTON Assisranf Edirors NITA SMITI-I RAMON WILENSKY JOE SMALLWOOD Lirerary Ecliror Assisranf Adverfising Manager Snapshors Ediror GEORGE ALTENAU MILBURN GARONZIK Sporfs Edifor HENRYETTE STAEVENSGN Business Manager KENNETH C!-IANSEN CIUIO EMO' BENNETQ' ieooDMAN Arr E iIor AssisI'anI usiness Manager MELVIN ARONOEE JATc15iaEHLg5lE1NE IRMA EIGANBAUM Adverfising Manager Y Office Manager MARY SMITI-I CLARK I-I.B.YATES MEREDITI-I SCI-IROEDER Ediforial Advisor Business Advisor Arr Advisor nefy-four Forester Annual STol'T When in November, I9-4l, The ForesTer was awarded FirsT Class l-lonor RaTing oT Excellence in recogniTion oT iTs meriT by The NaTional Press AssociaTion, The I94l All- American Yearbook criTical service, The sTaTT oT '42 was given someThing high To shooT aT. . . STudenTs oT all classiTicaTions inTeresTed in publishing yearbook compose ForesTer Annual STaTT. . .Journalism classes assisT in preparing ForesTer . . . STaTT make collec- Tions Tor The Annual each Tuesday morning.. .Type and arrange all copy going To The prinTer during sTudy hall periods and oTTen very laTe aTTer school . . . PreparaTion oT senior picTures and acTiviTies prove inTeresTing and diTliculT Task Tor sTaTT . . . SnapshoT ediTor seen Taking oTF-guard picTures oT classes, pupils and Teachers . . .Secure adver- TisemenTs Tor ForesTer . . . Preparing TaculTy, club, class, and sporTs wriTe ups conTribuTes Toward copy Tor ForesTer . . . Keep calendar oT school acTiviTies during enTire year... Taking oT The annual picTures proves exciTing day, as sTaTT helps phoTographer Take pic- Tures oT clubs and classes.. .Annual Day climaxes many monThs oT work when The For- esTer Annual comes ouT . . . ChieT obiecTive oT sTaTT is To publish a book which accuraTely Tells in copy and picTure The sTory oT l94l-42 aT ForesT. LEFT TO RlGHT First Row: Nita Smith, Helen Wilensky, Frances Skelton, Edith Eaton, Forth Row: Mr, Yates, Marcelle Burns, Ethnye lean Wilson, Frankie Joe Siegcl, Toby Aronoff, Joe Smallwood, James Shuptrine. Clark, Helen Washburn, Clydene Holdcr, Gloria Dupree. Fifth Row: Novia Lee Wilhite, Minnette Corchine, Irma Figanbaum, lenora Levine, Annie Zimnvcrmcrn, Silly Freedman, Betty Jane Ccrdnzr, Poppy Hammond, Floroncr Canter. Second Row, Frances Hardin, Dorothy Lawrence, Maxine Thompson, Henryette Stevenson, Lucille McFarland, Mariorie Ferguson, Treysa Seely, Clara Condray. Sixth Row: Sylvia Yonack, Ramon Wilensky, Melvin Arcnotf, Bennet: Third Row: Miss Clark, Doris Graves, Emma Parrish, Velma Page, Goodman, Milburn Gcronzik, Al Schumann, Milford Thomas Ken- Claire Dcgcn, Rizcll Tobolawsky, Virginia Gilliam, Helen George. noth Hausen. ' NIOT IN PICTURE Billie Niess Harry Goodstein John Chandler Billie Anderson Betty Joyce Stockard Voleta France Delores Kovnat Vivian Wallis Marvin Barish Sylvia Yonack Page Ninety-Tiv - 4 -4 F 1 A Y. .. ,. f ., V ,.. , T, 4 , , ,Jr rv-,f 1 4' . , 1, n w 'f- ., . ragga F-,-5 'ANY L r 1 L, .Ax .-I ' V ' , ,, , . :,- . ,fl V r ,,,,, H, 1-,na ,W .W 4,-y , A 45 A , I 1 -f L1- -gf: -J' A L 1 n ... J , fi Q.: 3. v. 4. ,if .,,. '- E liiij ' .- U,-. ' r I Afp. e- f 3- Q, 4-' .1 .nm ..,fl, ix? 1 A--I . . "I f . ' 4 aj .4 34 iv fl IL-Z' -15 1 Vw zlfel' yi ': ijlc'-yi ' 5 If 5 I N- ,X . " fr vs" ,rv " V a"f"s" , A I -' ng v 1 , f 5 5. 7-zz .I , I 22, 1" 'fam' . Q ' - . 4, . 4 .rf JH! ., lf., PARTICIPATION IN ATHLETICS promoies discipline, inifiaiive, and self-reliance. One Iearns +ha+ he musf never fail Io do his job righ+, and +ha'r Ieamwork is 'Ihe difference befween a job weII done and a iob noi' done ai' all. On I'he playing fieId one Iearns I'ha+ he is on his own, and fha? no one is going I'o do his work 'For him. J 'Q' gg: J Z , ff' I , . 1 ..'m.-s..- ' AM ui,-V A .- 12:1 ff,-,1 -,pl .,, T ' ll-E FIRST TEAM-LEFT TO RIGHT F IR G g G lk H bb d H II R I h D K h S d R -Hardin Whitakcr, AI T I D d C bb I Ed D 9 H J P M CI R b G y K th Bur J D k S Embry, James Marsh Il R y d B h B b St II p G y F kD b 9 M C B 1 A Th d Row: William B H b I V ght Marvin Coppedge, E l G timer, Ch I S h b George Fi Leslie Withrow, J E b R II B ry, usse Waco Tigers Take Forest Lions-I 2-6 ln their initial clash ot the l94l season the Forest Lions were deteated. The Lions' only tally came in the second quarter, as a pass trom Ernest Genthner tound a place in the hands ot Alex Tuttle in the end zone. Genthner's punting and passing and Bob Stallcup's pass receiving were the big guns on ottense, while Coppedge, Withrow, and Gilkerson were outstanding on de- tense. First Road Trip Successful, Forest 20- Gaston 6 The tirst road trip ot the season resulted in a victory tor the Lions, The Green Wave rolled over the scrappy Red Devils with a great ottensive pass attack. The passing ot Ernest Genthner to Kenneth Burns and Charles Schrieber gave the Gaston eleven trouble all through the game, and Coppedge and Withrow were outstanding on the line. lit rio Ninety-eight Long Bus Trip Tiring, Forest 0, Lutkin 39 The Lions journeyed to East Texas to meet deteat trom the strong Lutkin Pan- thers. The Panthers' tirst score came early in the tirst quarter as a result ot a blocked kick, and atter that, there was no stopping the hard charging Lutkin eleven. The Lions had the ball in the Panthers' territory only twice. Hard Luck on This Trip, Forest 0- Goose Creek 7 The Lions traveled this time to Goose Creek, on the Gult Coast. The two teams were evenly matched and the score was O-O in the tirst quarter, but a pass inter- ception by Allmon, speedy quarterback tor the Ganders, changed the score atter a sixty-yard run. The Lions threatened a score three times, but were held by the stone wall detense ot Goose Creek. SECOND TEAM-LEFT TO RIGHT F IR D MII d L D k th H ldFgte, Dick Wood, Ed d D R b t C F ddy G ld! G dy Millender, M H dl S dk T Tttl Jh MCI Blly5 dChI R Chl S Th Stpt Chl S th J kG tl Frank Morgan. First City Series Game Dropped to Wolves, I6-0 The Lions dropped their tirst city series game to the scrappy Tech Wolves. This game was played in the Cotton Bowl dur- ing the State Fair, and it opened the city series in Dallas. Forest's only score came in the third quarter through a beautitul run by Bob Stallcup. Bisons Take Forest, 27-6 The Forest Lions were walloped by the highly tavored Sunset Bisons at Dal-t-li tield. A drive led by George Gillcerson and Ernest Genthner resulted in the only score made by Forest. The passing attack ot the Bisons resulted in most ot their scores. Coppedge and Withrow were the standouts on the Lions' detense. Lions Nosed Out by Bulldogs, 0-6 This was the third city series tor the Lions and they were nosed out by the Northsiders 6-O. Both teams played great tootball during the game, but in the sec- ond quarter Carroll Selby, right end tor North Dallas, received a pass and later- Th d R M I Andrews, Joe Young, J ck Hyd J Duncan, R h d St d Charles Wood, Rob I Shelto , H Id Golman, J Th F h R A C Fo Leon Bolin, Bob Pugh, Nick Howe. Ffh R Ch I Tutll J. D. Musso, Jack Wilkerson, Johnnie Wil- hel John Avila, l' d Gra t Eugene Coppedge, Edward lee Firor, Damon Withrow, Harold Lewis. aled to Eugene Thriece, who outran the Forest backtield tor the only score. Genth- ner and Gillcerson were the outstanding players on ottense and Marshall, VV'ithrow, Coppedge, and Gillcerson played great tootball on detense. Wildcats Blank Lions, 21-O With machine-like precision, the Wild- cats rolled over the Green Wave and de- teated the Lions by three touchdowns. The Lions never seriously threatened the Wild- cats' goal line and were constantly trying to stop the hard-charging Woodrow Wil- son Wildcats, but were unable to hold them in check. Final Game Played, Forest 0- Adamson 7 This was the tinal game ot the year tor Forest and the game to decide the cellar champions ot District 8-AA. Nick Lanza made the lone score tor the Leopards, but other than this, the teams were on an even scale. Stallcup was the outstanding tigure on ottense and Withrow the main cog on the detense. Page Ninety-nin' Galen Edwards, Dimple Dulwarth, Forresl Moore, Hazel Davidson, James Tuttle, Kafhluen Tiner, und Lloyd Saunders. Cheer Ledders O JAMES TUTTLE was beTTer lcnown To The sTudenT body as ",liTTerbug" TuTTle. l-le was elecTed cheerleader Tor Two con- secuTive years and was head cheerleader This year. 0 HAZEL DAVIDS.ON'S shy, Triendly manner endeared her To everyone. Always Tull oT pep, she was a Tamiliar and wel- come sighT To all oT The Team's supporTers. l-lazel is well lcnown aT school Tor her dancing abiliTy. 0 A cuT-up aT The games, FORREST MOORE, was one oT The TavoriTes among The cheerleaders. "FrosTy," as he was beT- Ter lcnown, was on hand aT all games To supporT The Team. 0 KATHLEEN TINER won The posiTion oT cheerleader during her iunior year. Fur- Ther proving her abiliTy as a leader, she was elecTed presidenT OT The 43 class. Page One Hundred KaThleen was runner-up Tor mosT popular senior girl. I Carrying a saclc oT lemons, LLOYD SAUNDERS managed To be on Time Tor The lciclc-oTT aT all oT The games. WiTh his Triendly smile he made many Triends aT school. l-le was in The Crack Company in R.O.T.C. in '38 and '39. 0 DIMPLE DULWORTH won TirsT place as The lvlosT Popular, BesT All-Around, and lvlosT BeauTiTul Senior Girl. She was elecT- ed AssociaTe Judge in The STudenTs' TraT- Tic CourT. Dancing is Dimple's TavoriTe pasTime, and she never misses a dance if possible. 0 GALEN EDWARDS never Tailed To be aT a game or pep rally To give his all Tor The green and whiTe. Galen was member oT The band in '38, '39 and Took parT in The band conTesT in '39. lj LEFT TO First Row: Eva Carter, Bonnie Faye Kellum, Dorothy Lawrence, Wilma Kellum, Margaret McCreary. Second Row: Dorothy Boise, Evelyn Yates, Clara Belle Veal, Katherine Tillery, Betty Jean Bevill, Eva Mae Haygood, Virginia Gray, Antoinette Carbone, Virginia Brecheen, Willeta Eubanks, Gene Eubanks, Mildred Williams, Peggy Packenius. Third Row: Audrey Gray, Dorothy Mullin, Doris Wilson, Margrette Kizer, Margaret Baldwin, Juanita Ellis, Evelyn Davis, Helen Bene- dict, Mildred Karlen. Ruth Hill, Neoma lamb. RIGHT Fourth Row: Helen Gaylord, lorene Rose, Bernice Gilhreath, Anna Ruth Dyer, Treysa Seely, Marie Griffis, Lola Hatton, Doris Driver, Dorothy Bean, Mavis Ferguson, Geraldine Davis. Fifth Row: Winnie Lee Fisher, Mae Van Billion, Johnnie Mae Gill, Caroline Tinnerello, Wanda Jean Brigham, Aileen Head, Grace Gilbert, Mariorie Bodine, Sallye Bill Spratt, Claudia Kimbrough, Vivian Davis. Sixth Row: Aggie Lee Harper, Helen Lattimer, Mary Deskin, Mary lee Dackery, Polly Carter, Mildred Glenn, Maxine Newman, Vida Jo Tindoll, Dorothye Howie, Dorothea Rush. Pep Squqd Oct. IO-Forest vs. Tech T was tormed tor Tech, P tor Forest, and a V tor victory. October 24-Forest vs. Sunset U. S. A. was tormed with the girls car rying tlags. Nov. l-Forest vs. North Dallas Zig-zagging between the boys ot the band, the girls stepped on the tield. Forming the letters PEP, they gave the "Suzy Q" yell. Nov. I4-Forest vs. Woodrow Wilson First torming two large V's, the girls then dissolved into a large W. Facing Forest, they tormed a large F and marched ott the tield in this tormation. The squad did not go on the tield at the Adamson game. The Pep Squad also participated in the Detense Day program and the Armis- tice Day parade. Page One Hundred One LEFT TO RIGHT F R K hBIh D S S I Peo kKen th S dR L Dk thAI TIBbb,I N Ch IIS Et- D Mlld B I?llCId Th rl Row Charles Rogers Ernest G h Ch l S I1 b H y H Icomb, werden Willis. Not IN PICTURE wmsamnx Rah dS d an s d n d c bt i Basketball Lions Nosed Out by Bisons in Initial Game, 32-30 The Lions dropped their Tirst city series game at The i942 season tothe Bisons by a close margin. Both teams played on eyen Terms during most aT the game, but a Timely Two points tor Sunset won The game. Charles Schrieber was high-point man ot the night, with eleven points to his credit. thifif- Om: tlunrlrfgfl Two Lions Chalk Up Victory, Forest 26- North Dallas 20 The Lions challced up their tirst district win since I94O when They deteated the North Dallas Bulldogs at the Dal-l-li gym. The Bulldogs led the Lions through The tirst three quarters, but were unable to stop the Green Wave in the tinal quarter, and the game ended in tavor at Forest. High scorer tor Forest was William I-lolt with ten points. Basketball Wolves Wallop Lions, 38-11 The Lions found the pace set by the Tech Wolves a bit too fast, and they were unable to keep up with them. The game was on even terms in the first quarter, but the half ended with the Wolves nine points ahead. The Lions were held scoreless in the third period and to only one point in the final quarter. Lions Down Leopards, 29-20 The Forest cagers won their second dis- trict game by defeating the Adamson Leopards. The Lions got oft to a good start by piling up fourteen points in the first quarter and led the Leopards during the rest of the game. Charles Schrieber had ten points to his credit and was high- point man ofthe night. Sunset Takes Forest for Second Time, 32-41 For the second time during the season the purple and white basketeers from across the river defeated the Lions. The Forest quint played on even terms with the Bisons during the first half, but lost their stride in the last two quarters. Ernest Genthner led the Lions in scoring by hav- ing thirteen points to his credit. Lions Drop Thriller to Bulldogs, 29-27 This game gave the Lions undisputed titlh place in the district race. The team was minus the services of regulars Billy Caldwell and Duane Sutton, who were ill. The Lions kept up with the pace set by the Bulldogs but were unable to pass the two-point margin held by the Bulldogs. Woodrow Wilson Wildcats Tame Lions, 45-19 The strong Woodrow Wilson guint slipped an easy victory over the Lions in their second clash of the season. The Woodrow team used their height to a great advantage in this game, and the Lions found trouble in stopping the fast- shooting Wildcats. Charles Schrieber led the Lions with a total of seven points. Lions End Season With Victory Over Leopards, 47-34 The Lions ended the 1942 season with a victory over the Adamson Leopards. The Forest guint showed their best form of the year in this clash and hit the hoop with regularity to pile up a total of 47 points. Charles Schrieber also showed his best form with a total of 23 points and finished fourth in the individual scoring column of the district. Page One Hundred Three LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Homer Odom, John Henry Schaerdel, Robert Gary, Robert S lton, Jimmie Duncan, George Altenau, Odell Buttrum, Bobby Miller. Second 'tow Melvin Andrews, Jack McClure, Freddy Golds'ein, Albert Watts, Richard Stroud, Charles Wood, Jack Gentle, Wayne King, Donald Fuller. Third Row Dick Wood, Ralph Dawson, Arthur Mfllzr, Bernard Cohen, James Watts, Robert Duckworth, Billy Stroud, Kenneth Hulme. Fourth Row- Billy Roqers, Bob Pugh, J. P. Musso, H. L. Pryor, Rob:rt x.ruse, Lawrence Hoover, Joe Finney. Fifth Row Hfrlp. rl Voiglit, Benny Culbrrtson, Billy Westbrook, John Avila, Marvin Nielsen, W. H. Keating, Track The Forest track team was led through the I942 season by the outstanding pertormances ot .John l-lenry Schaerdel. Schaerdel made his best show- ing in the pole vault. l-le tied with Jack Fterman- son ot Forest tor third place in the city track meet last year and tied this year with Sonny Kemble ot Sunset tor tirst place. Schaerdel was also outstand- ing in many other events. Fle tied with Cass ot Sunset tor third place in the high iump at the city meet and was a valuable member ot the 440-yard relay teams. t-le took part in almost all ot the events during the practice meets and was credited tor making many points tor the Lions. The Forest Lions collected a total ot calf? points in the city track meet on April IO and Schaerdel is respon- sible tor 5'f2 ot the total points. Other outstanding men on the squad were Billy Rogers, ace sprint man and a valuable member ot Page One Hundred Four 440 yard relay team. Billy is back next year and is expected to do big things in the IOO and 220 yard dashes. Robert Shelton, who will also be back next year, excelled in the IOO and 220 yard dashes. Melvin Andrews proved his ability to run the mile this year and is expected to do big things in the three years that he has lett at Forest. Arthur Mil- ler also made his outstanding work in the mile run. Odell Buttram, a transter trom t-lillsboro, was a valuable sprint man and a member ot the 440 yard relay team. The tourth man on the sprint relay was George Altenau. George was outstand- ing in the IOO and 220 yard dashes and in the sprint relay. Out ot the total number out tor track only tour gualitied to go to the regional meet at Denton. They are John Ftenry Schaerdel, Billy Rogers, Odell Buttram, and George Altenau. LEFT TO RIGHT Firsl Row: George Baker, John McCIaren, Frank Morgan, Leroy Jones, Wallace Fitch, Duane Suifon, Robert King, Sam Embry, Charles Tunle. Second Row: Alva Shepard, Alex Tuflle, David Cobbel, Ernest Genfhner, Tom Tuttle, Benny Siler, Bill Holi, Hardin Whitaker, James Marshall B C Baseball Cox, Frank Donaberger. Lions Usher in '42 Season WiTh VicTory The ForesT baseball squad opened The ciTy series wiTh a 9-I vicTory over The Woodrow Wil- son nine. The Lions sTarTed Their scoring in The TirsT inning and piled up 9 runs during The game. The lone Tally oT The WildcaTs came in The lasT inning aTTer Two were ouT. The l:oresT nine made a good showing in This game and proved They would be a "hoT spoT" in The disTricT race. VicTory Over Tech, 4-2 The Lions baseball squad Took an undispuTed TirsT place in The disTricT race wiTh a 4-2 win over The Tech Wolves aT Reverchon Park. Behind The piTching oT ErnesT GenThner, The Lions held The Wolves scoreless unTil The lasT inning, when Tech scored Two runs. AlThough The Lions made only Tive hiTs, They were well placed and accounTed Tor Tour runs. , . . Bulldogs Downecl By ForesT, 9-5 The vicTory over The NorTh Dallas nine enabled The Lions To keep Their TirsT place in The ciTy race. The Tinal score was 9-5 in Tavor oT The Lions and The game was played aT Reverchon Park. The Bull- dogs Tied The score in The Third sTanza, buT The Lions reTurned in The TourTh To make Three more runs, and They conTinued To score in every inning excepT The lasT. FirsT DeTeaT oT Year Marked Up The Lions losT Their TirsT game oT The season To Adamson Leopards, I3-O. This d3TeaT Threw For- esT, Adamson, and SunseT inTo a Temporary Tie Tor TirsT place. PiTcher ErnesT GenThner was crediTed wiTh The loss because he gave up six runs in Two innings and was Then relieved by James Marshall. This was The only loss ouT OT six games and errors played a greaT parT in The lopsided score. Page One Hundred Five Baseball Lions Win in Lucky ElevenTh The disTricT-leading ForesT Lions downed The Tech Wolves Tor The second Time during The cur- renT series. alThough This game was noT so easy as The TirsT one. The Wolves held The Lions To a 3-3 Tie for eleven innings. buT in The elevenTh, Duane SuTTon scored on a single by ErnesT GenThner. ForesT 3-NorTh Dallas I The ForesT nine made iT Tive in a row when They sTopped The NorTh Dallas Bulldogs To The Tune of 3-I. James Marshall was on The mound Tor The Lions and gave up only Tour hiTs. This was The TiTTh sTraighT vicTory Tor The Lions, now half way Through The series wiThouT a deTeaT againsT Them. All oT The scores were made in The TirsT Two innings and aTTer ThaT iT was a piTchers' baTTle beTween James Marshall and The Bulldog hurler. Lions Win aT Expense of Bisons Adding The SunseT Bisons To Their lisT of vic- Tims, The Lions Took The lead in The ciTy baseball race. The Lions sTarTed Their 7-3 vicTory by rnalc- ing six runs in The TirsT Two innings under a slow, drizzling rain. The ForesT nine played a greaT ball game behind The piTching of ErnesT GenThner, who piTched The enTire game Tor The Green and WhiTe. Duane SuTTon, ForesT's shorT-sTop, sTarTed The fireworks Tor The Lions by geTTing a Triple in The TirsT inning. Duane and ErnesT GenThner were The leading hiTTers oT The game. Each had Two hiTs ouT oT Three Trips To The plaTe. Page One Hundred Six Lions Downecl by WildcaTs, 5-0 The disTricT-leading Lions dropped Their sec- ond game of The season when They were deTeaTed by The Woodrow Wilson WildcaTs, 5-O. The game was played aT Reverchon Park and was The TirsT game To be played under The lighTs Tor The For- esT club. The Lions were held To Two hiTs by The Woodrow hurler. who was crediTed wiTh Twelve sTrilceouTs. This loss cosT The Lions Their disTricT leading posiTion To The Adamson Leopards. GenThner was on The mound The enTire game Tor The Lions. Lions Lose To Leopards in TenTh Inning In a Ten-inning Thriller aT The Fair Park Dia- mond, The Adamson Leopards pulled a squeeze play in The TenTh sTanza ThaT resulTed in Two runs and a 9 To 7 vicTory over The Lions. ErnesT GenThner sTarTed on The mound Tor The Lions. buT was relieved by James Marshall in The Third inning aTTer he had given up Tour hiTs and six runs. As a resulT oT This game The Lions were Tied wiTh The SunseT Bisons Tor second place in The disTricT race. Lions Drop Ten-inning Thriller ATTer a scoreless nine innings, The Lions were beaTen 2-l by The SunseT Bisons in Their Tinal game oT The year. The Bisons scored Two runs in The TenTh sTanza To break The scoreless Tie and win The ball game. James Marshall sTayed on The mound The enTire game Tor The Lions, and Turned in his besT piTching oT The year. The deTeaT caused The Lions To wind up in Third place in The disTricT sTandings. ForesT's season record is six wins and Tour losses. JL 0 The Eoresf golf feam sfarfed 'rhe sea- son under Frank E. Lyons, who fook over fhe coaching dufies of fhe golf feam from C. L. Eord, fransferred fo Woodrow Wilson High School af fhe beginning of fhe year. The only lefferman refurning fhis year was Sam Embry, alfhough fhere were fwo ofher veferans who played lasf year buf did nof leffer. They are Ed Deer- ing and Kennefh English. I The leading players on fhe links for For- esf fhis year were Sam Embry, Kennefh English, Ed Deering, Charles l-lughes, and Don Millender. The golf feam will sfarf nexf year wifh freshman maferial because none of fhe veferans will be back. Golf O The Eoresf fennis feam ended fhe l942 season wifh a fofal of eighf vicfories ouf of a possible fwenfy. The boys of fhe feam were ARCl-llE BROODO, HAROLD C-SOLMAN, and WILBURN GARONZIK. and fhe girls were MARY ELIZABETH ADAMS, EVELYN DOUGLAS, and ADRI- ENNE LEVIN. 0 The girls doubles mef defeaf only once during fhe season, and fhaf was af fhe hands of fhe Norfh Dallas neffers. Only fhree members of fhe feam were able fo leffer, and fhey were all girls: Evelyn Douglas, Mary Elizabefh Adams, and Adrienne Levin. The fennis feam of nexf year will have fhree veferans fo be back on fhe courf for fhe Lions. They are Mary Elizabefh Adams, Wilburn Garonzik, and l-larold Golman, and an oufsfanding feam is expecfed by Coach J. Alan Boulfon. l Tennk . Q , . .4 .J ' 1 3. . .4- IQL' 1. v :ZH f Q d ' p 4 -'S' w s, ' if -2" .Ua- ,ka -. f gf! 1 u .WI . 5 '1 1 I? , ,g, ,,f U - .- 4 1 4 , - ,. .A qv Jo SW?- 'S QS' "P swf 'Q ., fffs 1 -vw LAUGHTER AND FUN are necessary for 'I'he morale of a hard-worlc- ing people. Thus proms, populariry con+es+s, Senior Day, and lalking in 1'he halls are a pari' of +he life of eager s'ruden+s of Forest An ex+ra spice is added +o +he daily rou+ine of a Lion by rhe lighi announce- menis, a long assembly, a picrure show, or an occasional class room visilor. J .4... A ::-A-:4..rL-sr1-aan--.m.-f.,:.w.--s.L-5:1-.all-uf--,zo .A2-.-A.-U.-,-11-:J-:ff-.-.4 -new-..1.-an-+1.-ai-.rm-.:r.m:.:we.'ar..-,md .,..v 1 za,:-nf:f.,f4f:-mf..-Q. nf...hexAn-:w,.'iif---.--:fre--4-, ,hag:.g.g.v::v:+G:g-iz.-,g..q--f.-.--.3::f5.g.1,X.q-z-::'?-32,5 :g:g2:,:,z,:-,1-mgznff:-1:1 ,4.p,4.':ep.g.1g1.1:g.n:11.,K::,11::g X:E1:5-A--: v Aft- Gin.-:sag:-x'f.v::qw:gb?45-.g-.--'ax-z-:::::f K:-1,-:.1-N4-'Nm:: I::.,q-f.vmm,G-5"A:ix.3.-.iw1.5mf-.xi--f.-:z:f-ifwmizzzzif1-:-1-.1-.v:.-.-r.-,wi 1 :ff-nw:-:'.: x:s-:-xysq-:,:.-:.v,,v:4afa' 1 ' , -:Fc-bA.:--:4:-1::f,m-.G-grae ,-A-.11:w,g::fn.:1..'f,1.'.q,: , " , fs '- - N -Mdmeszseffs:eu-is-.-ierwai:naq+m5f::::211:--af'Yi'-'-',A-..'f:2f:::s..::.- 1--'sa'-:::'5fv-5 H' - .3 -, f by -. s-.w a ,,.,, ' ff " fl wg, X fi , my N 1 ,Emi Rx , gf , 1 fm -1 ,,' 1 f X r. ,A i X ..,.,,.1,:,. , I y in M y L A X N f5,.m:f:w::.--H,mfuz. X ' X X 1 y M Q.. -N Yu X if ,A Q.. ,Nm fm .f rx Urs Q Iv-. X x 2 .iw s 1. .N iw nw 1. W5 P ivy-M 1 , Q .,.1,.'.-.1.,,,. ,. . .,,5::q,5 PQ:-2 at , W if if P. I 57iW53SiF12E::55'4-. lwfliiglxjialic 7-'-We-1-1-1431. , . 33i5z9l:1E1sp'!nf:a-1- , sl . ,. . o 5: -'Sv-"' 'WSF'-i'f51'5if'55EE2i-' . ' "3 ir? Swirls: 'J-i1Eq:.ggQE53:i.. ---. 11 ,,,,,,, -. ru Wm- :m.z3w i . I . fd 4 '-zum' me-115115zn-s:::r--'-- 4' 8 J: 59,3we,af,:9mml53f:my-i:::l?i',W52g4,3g55 Magi. :serif ' ' Eexfifmi' . , -,- - r i xx 1 W "Fill fi "x 1.511 5: .. V . , uw 23,6 'QQ :I ' ' '11-. ---r-iff,-i...ul.wre-mf...-ws' 1 ,L .f Eiwiqf X l Milf i hw 'Wifi 35:.5a1.r:E '2E:1:?i1'ar::4?5::-za. :-Wm:-315' 'f ' f."::ssa---12,w2ss - X .:.:.4.-.uf -mi 2222251 E451 ..,..,, I Q i 1 f 1 4 K 1 .. Q X ' 'ff' -'4:f.':11z:n'w35::-'E' x " -' ,U 1:1-:::4rf1ff, eq:giseaa-.14,-.4.f:.-.eq:f.-:f5,3:5:, , 'HMV-in'f.'?T1'12f4:1::--f::I-1.1211Izilizizil'-H-:f:21E X ' -ff, ' .-:-I:1-4:1-zfw-'s::1f::.'env-- 5awry.-.-.-.mer:mea - J 1 r -azi1as12:S522hmmmua:is::ag?HMq':wQ3a::5ame?1 X . Me5s3E1.fE?:mExfssizffr1492::Qi':?iifi5:5m'::1Q12Sim, 1 s 52:7:iiiFi:iff'N'1f2'EI515'I+?'SE"Si:::5:1:Wi'P5tf:2i?31- ' , p, , , L f H-s:E:afs. , -11:-::::f.1:f:5gxf:3ss5: ?f:f:,ag:5g4:z-3159+,. :f:.1:f5-xy.-3:.f:-1 1!sP?sE25i5:5:i4E1E2 ,I 'P , "f9sqaff:2QIMESME:faaimzgiggnaa:rezesf5ss5a:5,:i515, :qaaragmaffggs ,i X :35s5,:g3.-. 4'.:ksq-p:rs4::g-r.-gm 4 y' ,R fr " :fr f ' -' A 1 ' -5:55Sl:.1El5"hmGi..fQr1E1::i1::!i:5E.'1' ,-55:'3'E1'4..::':3'E:5:r5 ,x 2 ' A :IJI-5'::'.-:: ' ,,3:f.i-j-''-:gI5.'f:5i5lz1-faq-Ig I r fms:3::rs.' gs:1:4:-M-4,ax:ssa1:zshane X X . X , I nulfx, .X xx '-:-gs5I:e::r6'??25Esi2af 1 -1 1 V If 5'l"1m" i2i?i155??1'I -Efffifili'-'Ewan-.-X... wgrsraiffvfl i wirzifif- ' llilii'-5 iN liiiiilfzi, 1555155 '5'25151affj- 5 'y 31 .2255-za-1-if-151:':E5?'ff5:5 '1555:'s33:- '-',E-'ll5:f,Z.':f.'.,- 'I-1121'1"' ilGf-Wiiicyfi-?2a1Ee:1:k:E-s:2iiaf5:b1z'f:2'5ee :aw-, 1.13 i-qi-um31:::. ,Q-.g1ga::.,,:: :firm 1 I ERNEST GENTI-INER Mosf Popular Besf All-round DIMPLE DULWORTH Mos? Popular MOST Beaufiful Besf AH-round f"AX HAYDEN SUMMERFIELD Mosf Handsome Forester fm-1, RREST MOORE KATHLEEN TTNER HCMER ODCM MARGARET MCCREARY ccond Mos? Popuhr Sccfznd Mos? Ropukar Second Mos? Handf,c,'nQ Segpund SL.-51 AIT round econd Bus? AIT-round Tnird Besf All-round ' Elecfed b Po ular Vofe of +he Sfudeni' Bod Y a V Spring, I942 .ROID BOROESKY MONTTE JEAN HQDGES EARL EERGUSQN T1FrdMOs'fPfvpuldr Second Mos1Bcaufiful Second MOST I-lfandsorne Anlrd BCS? AIT-round NELDA REYNOLDS Third Mus? Ffwpulnr Third HOST AH-rwund I Why They ore Fovorites ForesTer FavoriTes: I DIMPLE DULWORTH, who has long excelled in scholarship and leader- ship, is a girl boTh popular and beauTiTul. Her sparkling changeable eyes, chesTnuT hair, and Tair complexion make her an ouTsTanding cheerleader as well as a belle aT The school danqes. She de- serves The TiTle of "MosT Popular," "BesT All- Round," and "MosT BeauTiTul." I STanding six TeeT four inches and weighing over Two hundred pounds is ERNEST GENTHNER, ForesT's ouT- sTanding aThleTe. ErnesT is a leTTerman in The Three sporTs of TooTball, baseball, and baskeTbaII. ln '40 ErnesT was "MosT Popular Underclass Boy" and This year "MosT Popular Senior Boy" and "BesT All-Round." I One of our mosT dashing miliTary officers. HAYDEN SUMMERFIELD, wins The coveTed Tirle of "MosT Handsome Senior Boy." Hayden, who aTTracTs many a lad and lass wiTh his sTriking personaliTy, cerTainly TiTs his new TiTle. He has been acTive in many organizaTions during his high school career. I One is sure To noTice This "peppy," happy-go-lucky senior, FORREST MOORE. second "MosT Popular" and second "BesT All-Round Senior Boy." ForresT, beTTer known as 'FrosTy," was one of our cheerleaders during TooTball season and added much pep To The ForesT cheers. O Five-TeeT Two wiTh eyes of blue is vivacious KATHLEEN TlNER. our perTecT blonde. KaThleen has long been popular among her classmaTes. She was one of The cheerleaders in '4I. She is runner-up Tor "MosT Popular Senior '4I. She is runner-up Tor "MosT Popular Senior Girl" and holds Third place as "BesT All-Round." Q A Tall wiTTy, brown-eyed lad, liked by all, is HOMER ODOM, who was elecTed second "MosT Handsome Senior Boy," has served in aThleTic conTesTs, in school organizaTions, and as vice- presidenT of his graduaTing class. Singing on assemblies, along wiTh his pleasing personaliTy and smile, led him To Tame. O MARGARET Mc- CREARY, wiTh her "cool and limpid green eyes" and soTT brown hair, likes sporTs in any shape or Torm buT her TavoriTe is swimming. She was "PosTure Queen" in '4I. Her sweeT disposiTion ranks her as a "swell gal." MargareT, Co-CapTain of The Pep Squad. is second "BesT All-Round Senior Girl." O HAROLD BOROFSKY, wiTh his clever sense of humor and friendly manner is con- sidered an example of "personaliTy plus." Harold Page One Hundred Twelve is presidenT of The 4A class and cepTain of Com- pany C. This boy, who has a greaT inTeresT in phoTography, and music, ranked Third "MosT Popular" ""BesT All-Round Boy." O To MONTIE , iir'lODGES "ForesT glamour girl," goes The place of second "MosT BeauTiful Senior Girl." Her shining brown eyes and hair and excep- Tional personaliTy have made her a TavoriTe since her Freshman year. She was presidenT of The 3A class and vice-presidenT when a ZB. Q EARL FERGUSON is a lad whose sparkling blue eyes and curly black hair add To his charm. Though he is noT so very Tall, he is cerTainly dark and hand- some. Earl shares The spoTlighT as second "MosT Handsome Senior Boy" wiTh Homer Odom. Q A cuTe bruneH'e, NELDA REYNOLDS, is disTin- guished as The second "MosT Popular" and Third "MosT BeauTiTul Senior Girl." Who hasn'T noTiced Nelda, wiTh her shining black hair, "swing ouT" aT The school dances? She is a TavoriTe wiTh all, and The eTTicienT secreTary oT The 4A class. '4I Echo SweeThearTs: 'I HARRY HOFFMAN, capTain of ForesT Band in The Fall, ranked as mosT popular senior boy of The January '42 class. Drums are his hobby and his yen Tor rhyThmic expression resulTs in his "beaTing Time" on any Type of Turni- Ture. Harry was a member of The band since his Freshman enTry in '38, and won TirsT place in The ciTy drum conTesT in '39, and '40. I JEAN COMBS, 4B presidenT of The January '42 graduaT- ing class, was "MosT Popular Senior Girl." Jean figured prominenTly during all her class acTiviTies and in many organizaTions. True To her characTer she played The sweeT "Priscilla" in The Senior Play. Jean's ambiTion is To become a successful secre- Tary. Blue is her TavoriTe color and ice cream her TavoriTe Tood. O BOB STALLCUP, "BesT All- Round Senior Boy" in The January class of '42 and presidenT of The NaTional Honor SocieTy, was "The perTecT sTudenT." AcTive in Track and TooTball, Bob became a member of The TirsT Team in '4l and compeTed in ciTy Track conTesTs. His hobby is collecTing old guns. O PeTiTe, POLLY ALL- MON, souThern belle in The senior play oT January '42, was "BesT All-Round Senior Girl." Polly de- sires To become a dress designer. ln addiTion To being acTive in many o+her organizaTions, Polly was TeaTure ediTor of The Echo and secreTary of The STudenT Council. ." I By van, Wolven Hoo 'dl F Class Svlmll Th fy pi a O F4 siars for the Forester ra 1 Published by the Journalism Students of Forest A venue High School mum xxvl. Number 5 nAl.x,As rams. WEDNESDAY, Novsmmzn ze. mem vow, s Cenls 0 Foreet Ech Stuff on rua qw Vote For Your F avorlte Semor FORE ECHO v ment 'nat the passinll back ther! "two "rake the neck out un 0 With Fa ltr bi In Echo Popularity Contest Iiallolinp for lifes! All-A round Seniors Will Ik' Hold on I,l'!'0lfl'Il?T Ill, ll. 12: Piclurex of Winners in lic' in Forvslor '-I2 worms. ronrwrvuf- dau lu 4 umunl gm-l nv uw ve to WY S 0 S115 Taka uh-u bargain prim Dy 7 gzoxinc ww . , . I., Decfmlwr l VM will lu 2, lv .mimi 'lf Q .. -4 ,wmv of lm, key und dressing coun rx When you stop to think, Than 1 glvlng just wouldn't be Thanks giving without the proper svplr Let'n not complain about our fnfe in avceptinst the earlier date. After all, the turkey in the one to regret it! O Whom Echo is the must and girl ou class in service. grads. students hces ln :tions the necessary membership. lyze your high you elixible? O 'A penny tbl.-1 age-old tion to I the ruse" forego t a sweetness we and that lense stamp for a rainy day Sam preaerve the to hoard ihat hard- med cash. stamps. du this. but h t ea O Three cheers and mnny lhnilks to these football heya of of ours! They fought ham and clean and we are mighty glad they some from Forest. Brown- ing believed that a man's per- sonxl knowledge that he had tried his lx-st to gain his goal was the slim of success. 'l'hat'a why we cull nur team A Grat- clua huneh of fellows. They dld their hes! and we're proud of them! , teacher Jimmy me l Nichol' who un generation lat! Studmls Do Tllkinl Elva Ruth Jones say. "Fd like' tr- hava one who lets Un' siudvnm do :N che Nuns." 'The tem-hers at Forest are enm- plm nt what my drum teacher would nw My- amy Do Lea. "And nm- wm if mu w..l,1 1. .,H.-',.- 1,4 mini,-r l.,.f': wr., ,. ul- .V--ll ,.,,,.,.'.f M wh-lf pow yyuuw Um JM' ,Hg ww mlml ,..,. of -r .A p-.iw fm-I not il .1 no vw-V raw- ml rm r,, K, l-.., an ..- ,..,,.v- W :1 bo n-F .i.., ,, ,lun-f fl.-nw. :umm y.-rn .lm l .A rl. -...vm-3.1m fnmfiw QA smlllwy' 'rio mn- .,,,,,,-.--..y mal. ,,..,.u, xr.,-lf, .f.m.1,.v f., .vw ov- run '-xx '-rfvrw s.w.m-..m-' .lr rw.,-Mr. 'rm- V.-mzlq will no ,.l,1.u.rl.u in we rw-- wmxl.-f nu .-.l,w.,. .,f wh- Ffh.. mr. fu.,-. .lr fm. rm, 1-N um .nm-M in mf- rf-mm Moon .lr rm- mu rm- ull. me um Iu- lm rrmznn he llmt ra-ruin lm! .M rm 1 owne. r.....r as . .-an-rmxy v nl- rn.-1-1 wr i' ny. X-n .W .. lm. +.r.f wo. H. 'nm an hmvmg. --.LN in nm .l.1 .v,.wc, N- u fl-nr. "A Iuur WW Wilcox. ed the hr-ya ECHO SWEETHEARTS. Elecied by Ballois Prinied in Foresi' Echq m nm r About W, --my .My wr ur! mf 'J .ml f,..-,ml .,...,..1 .1 hunk wha.- School Qing' In n ,mn xi"-flwmlny. mp garn- l.w mg ,. nm und ilu', Mp.-P.-h m .H :lad L-u M -y ,lu L., as y..-.lpw -wrdrrlul 17.411-x 1 ,l Slzmdnnl xv-r.f.+i.lz su. l ,mm 4 N mm. :vm , 11 W. . s, R.. 41 M nr. .-nl so . '-m.- rf-1.,.'.m, j rm.-sn I-umm. y "lub, I' rm.. .X Nw Stud'-nl .1 4 fz....,m.j Ile.-, ll, Sumlig-ni mmcmg SU, .-sl-n, now rmmlf Sp-fnlung, rnnl, mm Mm-zmqn, 'Q nw, 4 High Schnlxrrlxip rm., I' sm.1.,m mm.-lax. mm, Club. 11 W lv-v H Ni Y Viuli. Jmnnr RMI .N r'f.N1 1, nw, in A.,mwf.,s -'nml-ig, mn fy IU-vlo.'rxrQ V ' lil: Svxill Edillfm nf 016 ll Hahn. Top Row: Mr. Parlcer and Mr. Cox admire Foolball boys . . . L+. Col. Emmell l-lardy receives plague for R.0.T.C. from Jrlie American Legion . . . Ina Ve Crowder and Geral- dine McWilliams lead Jrlie clioral classes Clwrisimas carols ...Second Row: Sam Emory, Roperl lvlilwee, Wilfred Goldgar, Joe Smallwood, and Thomas Moore sing in Public Speaking Assembly lorl lceyl ...Junior Red Cross prepares Clwrislmas baslcels . ..Ar+l'1ur Miller eyes cameramen wlfiile fulure fish wander llwrouglm Clwemislry Class . . .Third Row: Dimple Dulworlrli dances willi Sergeanl Ward during Senior Prom . . . l-loward Barnes concenlrales on one of Fores+'s "l-lorse Opera" piclure slwows . . . l-liglw poinls during llwe Sludenr Facully Baslcelball game. Huge Qin: Hundred Pourluon Top Row: Foresius corridors ring wilh Chrislmas Carols . . .Company D, ready for inspeclion . . . Second Row: Toby Aronoicl and Rizell -lobolowsky oul in The cold ...John l-lenry Schaerdel was lhe bride and Richard Chrislensen Jrhe groom in Rag-Time wedding on The R.O.T.C. Assembly . . . Sporls Edilor Deluxe-George Allenau has il oul wilh l-lulch . . . Mr. Yales gives annual inslruclions lo lvlr. Marshall for annual picirures . .. Third Row: Mr. McCormick receives all-day sucker from Miss Black al lhe Thanksgiving Banguel of Jrhe Public Speaking 2 class . . . l-larold Simon, Alvin Schumann, James Willkower, Billy Joe Smilh, and Curlis Arringlon make happy slag line. Page o Q Hundred iaiim i G Top Row: Kallileen liner presenls boolc To Texas Memorial Library as Rizell Tobo- lowslry presides . . . Mr. Wliile clials wi+l'1 Mrs. Wilson and Miss Prilclwell . . . Billy De Lee and Nelda Reynolds swing oul al llwe Senior Prom ...Second Row: l-lugli l-'lenderson giving orders lo "B" Company . . . Mr. Moore and Morlon Zimmerman puzzle over gelling The "bugs" oul of a radio . ..Doro+l1y Lawrence leads Pep Squad al Woodrow Wilson game . . . Tlwird Row: Elmo Elam announcing al llne Sludenl Council assembly... Public Spealcing Class sings a+Cl1ris+mas Assembly. . .Lawrence Mellon Jrells oi visil willw Roosevell al January Nalional l-lonor Sociely inilialion. PW, om Hundred saiem Top Row: Norman Levin in Arrnislice Day parade . . .Cheerleaders parade down- lown on opening day of Fair...Forrner Foresl iillerpugs Ken Kuylcendall and Belly Price al January '4l Prom . . . "The Thinker" lvliss Clark, Trying lo arrange lhe sealing for annual piclures ...Miss Olga l-luvelle checking over sludenls' pernnanenl records . .. Second Row: Jerry l-lollman, Bob Slallcup, Joe Smallwood and l-larry l-loiclrnan, on The Senior Day Assembly, and lhey don'l worlc wilh slrings eilher . . . "l gol a hol news slory for yougu reporler Joe Srnallwood lells boss Randolph Roper, as Verlie Wolven and Marl Nicholas lislen in during Echo announcemenl . . .Third Row: Sixlh period Gym class shows off slunls wilh hurnan rnerry-go-round . . . No explanalion needed . . . lnler- rnission during January '4l Senior Prom . Pqo Hddsi 'W Top Row: Olllicers Hardy, Gillcerson, Tunnell, and Luclcy, serenade during R.O.T.C. Assembly. . . "Having Their piclures look" for Jrhe Foresler . . . "D" Company being drilled by The Caplain, Hugh Henderson...Second Row: Harry Hoffman leads lhe band in furnishing music al lhe Sunsel-Foresl game . . . Norman Levin, class oralor for The January '42 graduale class . . .Third Row: Archie Broodo razzes Kennelh Burns for a bad shol during Jrhe Sludenl Facully baslcelball game . . . Frances Slcellon's figured our a new melhod for lalcing piclures . . . Here's our former Prof, Gray Moore, direcling Harry Riesman, Cora Lee Haralson, Juanila Adams, and Arlhur lvliller in a Chemislry experiment Page Ono Hundred Eighlee I 1 L A ,cs as l Top Row: Ex-PoresTer George Jordan, announces Pan American Legion ConTesT . . . Top honors in girls' Tennis go To This liTTle lady, Evelyn Douglass . . .V Tor vicTory inspired This Senior Day TormaTion oT The class oT January '42 ...Second Row: The climax oT our Silver Jubilee-Mr. Parker crowns Lucille Alexander Queen oT The Silver Jubilee . . .Lions roar wiTh laughTer aT The review oT "LiTe WiTh PaTher," by Pauline WrighTl . . . Here we see Rizell Tobolowslcy, l-lelen Wilenslry, Anna Kleinman, and Norma fxronoTT revolving around Their sTar, Louis Rubin . . .Third Row: 0rchesTra rehearsal wiTh emphasis on The sTrings sysTem ...More swinging ouT aT The January '42 Senior Prom. Page One Hundred NineTe A' 503' atv 9. ff' Top Row: Jusl posing, we did il on purpose .. .Leslie Goss and Trellis lvlcRay slrui Jrheir sluii al Jrheir own Senior Prom ...The Lions musl have hir lhem hard The way Miss Parker and "Mike" are laughing ...Second Row: l-lead of The cheering secrion ai The Jrech-Foresi game... Norman Levin Jrhrealens io "eradica+e" The professor in The January Senior Play. . .Third Row: Don? leave unlil you have signed up-class and club piclures . . . A lilfle music lines up Jrhe Public Speaking 2 Class' Thanksgiving banguel . .. "Oh, Professor, l-low Could You?' '... Pourlh Row: Qur band on parade al Dal-l-li . .. Preseniaiion of "Bill of Righ+s" To school by Bennie Siler and Voleia France. Page Ono Hundred Twenly Top Row: Mr. While, assislanl superinlendenl in charge of high schools, dines in our school cafeleria wilh Mr. Parker and "+he Jrhird period Jreachers' pe+s" ...Mary Elizabelh Adams, Marlin Annis, Archie Broodo, and Evelyn Douglass line up for a malch ...Clur pholographer, Joe Smallwood receives his diploma from L, O. Donald ...Second Row: George Gillcerson, lhe one and only, lakes his leave. . .The color guard al lhe close of anolher day. . .Verlie Wolven, Edilor-in-Chief of '4l Echo, ends her career al Foresl . . . "The l-loflman Twins"-l-larry and Jerry receive lheir diplomas . . . l-lere's where we'd like To presenl our moms, Mrs. Combs, Mrs, Tealaliller, Mrs. Reynolds, and Mrs. Allmon al The Senior Prom. The sludenls are Dorolhy Anderson, Wilfred Goldgar and Clara Condray. P ge One Hundred Twenly-one Htl X, f . gui Top Row: Miss Kale l-lassell and Mrs. Tura Dial back for a visil . . . Archie Broodo and Marlin Annis praclice iirsl aid in P. E. class . . . Miss Edna Rowe counselling Johnny l-lubig ...Second Row: Tennis lieann in aclion . . . Our newesl Foresler, Lillle Jirn Field, son of Mrs. Frances Field . . . Mr. Allen carries on in Moore's place Jreaching Chemislry ...Archie Broodo winds up . . . Mililary boys in full dress . . .Third Row: Slinging Sarn Ennbry, one of l3ores'r's Golf Jream . . . Mr. Buller holds in+eres+ of his pupils . . .Le Roy Jones, Paul Golf, and Duane Sullon show some degree of inleresl in foolball game . .. Ed Deering Tees oil al Tenison. Page Ono Hundred 'lwonly-Two Forest in The News Officers of 4A Class Malce Graduafion Plans Harold Borofslry, presidenh Louise Ufay, freasurerg Homer Odom, vice-presideni, and Nelda Reynolds, secrefary, were elecied offi- cers of 'fhe 4A Senior Class. They are busily engaged formulafing final plans for various graduafion acfivifies. Top, lef! to Right: Comedy Senior Play Succeeds al' Mid-Term Marcia Golden, Jarrell RubineH, Harry Hoffman, lhe professor, and Dorofhy Loos ioolr ihe leads in +he Mid-Term Senior Play, "Professor, How Could You." The play was a comedy concerning ihe vamps of yesferday and ioday. Inset Pupils Eleci Favori+cs Fea+urod in Foresier Orion, Tindall, Gardner Direc+ G. R. Acfiviiies Tommie Orion, Vida Jo Tindall, and Belly Jane Gardner were chosen presidenf, vice- presideni, and lreasurer, respecfively, of ihe Girl Reserves. They led fhe club +hrough Hs spring ac+ivi+ies. Dimple Dulworfh, Hayden Summerfield, and Ernesf Genfhner won lop honors in ihe Foresfer Favori+e Conresi. Dimple was eleded mosi' popular, besi all-round, mos? beauiiful senior girl, Hayden, mosf handomeg Ernesf Genfhner, mosi popular and besi all-round. Le Cercle Francais Send Chris+mas Box +o Cade+ Norman Levine, Mary Manning, Edward Vodiclra, and Adrienne Levin, members of Le Cercle Francais, are seen as They pack a Chrisfmas box for "Guy," iheir adopfed Free French Cadet Bonom, Left fo Righr' Fores+ Trio Take Leads In P. T. A. Assembly Sallye Bill SpraH, Kennefh Willis, and Joyce Hill fool: +he leads in +he playlef, "Four+een" on ihe annual P. T. A. assembly, February 9. Several sfudenls from ofher schools pariicipafed. Roper Conrribules Sfory +o Facis and Feafures Randolph Roper, edifor-in-thief of The Echo, acfed as assis+an'r edifor fo David S. Swiizer, ediior of The Facis and Feaiures col- umn in fhe Dallas Morning News. Randolph was guesf edifor for a day and wrofe an arficle for fhe column. Miss Clarlr, sponsor, accompanied Randolph. -Cunrlexy Timex Herald run! Dulliu News. Page One Hundred Twenly-Three Along the Line "...Now, here's a bar- gain! Foollaall liclcels are free 'ro all who are willing To pay a 35-cenl lax perlickelf' Thahs all iight, Jusl wail unfil fhal rough sarg wanls a dale wilh our sisleis Wow! Thai super colossal Echo is our again, We can hardly wail from Echo lo Echo lor lhe lafesl news and gossip. l'lbU6H sdlliizl I afflifl WEN 00 K G' i .35 Q s 1 .N x,,,f x E .59 , Ml X '77 i 'Q K i A X Q 54 , M 0 gl l l .N f ' gf L , , Sk E E 1 ii l I X i 1 I Q I 1' Runzrnbunmrl llarbon' ffff 'qwkf , 0 lECHOol ro 5-pa'99N flap. "'GLra my Principal Wylie A. Parlcer was fhe lirsl' To rally us alfer fhe shoclc ol December 7. "Ol course we will remember Pearl Harbor," he said, Hbul lel's avenge ill" ...And did Those Lions roar? ll' iusl' 'roolc us a weelc To learn all four verses ol lhe Slar Spangled Banner aller a suggeslion from Mr. Parker. Oh, how we wish we'd learned 'the square rool ol 682 and The principal paris ol "be" inslead of going lo lhal movie. 5164 with the Lions By KENNETH I-IANSEN 202 DEVZP 'N 'HE 'MRT QF- TEXH5' p,a,,4.,g on km- 0 x., . l xg. B ,, - .- 'Q y 7 Si' ? ' 1 Z QALS l-la! Siep up and shake - GD hands, you Freshmen, M5 HIP EK' Sophomore. Junior, and 6F0QE?'l4- Senior siudenls, This is a SENIOQ T week for making new friends. - Q SQHUMO 0 Jw' 63,6 if 'fffiii ffl vi W ,iff i i K ' ' Turn aboui s lair EN play. Now we're Q Will, , finding oul iusl how H a ll Eli' well Mom and Dad drfjff L NQSH X' 44 ggi can siudy. ,. f, K? WEIJP . n ,H gf' L -I E-glri. X! N -X fff,',! f . ,-. kc Poor Boy! i-le iusi' had a cu? on ! 2 P1 Nl, s 'Q h- 4 . . : , ,A , 5, , ,i , is liiile linger, buf bandaging ' musi Qo on. ,, ff, ,U 'lf fill' 1 X! ox Xxx. xl I 1 fy R buegc if 'srqlp N so. C 2649 fe ,511 T0 2 in ,ff ,.,g is ssse fi lf' -4 X,f ff fr, 1 ' 44 V l 4, fri' ' Q Q s gq' J 7 VOTE X FREE f fT'c X i X-IMZKJ Deep in fhe Hear? of Delen lion" lwilh apologies lo The song wrilersl. Save a coupla locks so l can show my grandchildren fha? l did have hair . . . once. Gee, don'l we look cule? This is par? of The price of graduaiing, posing for our Senior piclures. I!!- .Q gzyy, AA.. Schools oul af lasfl Now fo gel our ihose dusiy 'tennis rackels and broken fishing poles for a change. ! In the Lions' Den September 9-Back to school! And are we glad! Getting into the routine will be swell! October 1-Fire Drill! Must be out of practice. It took us three minutes to clear the building. October 2-We choose our cheer leaders--the peppiest bunch you ever saw. They are KATHLEEN TINER, DIMPLE DULWORTH, JAMES TUTTLE, FORREST MOORE, LLOYD SAUNDERS, HAZEL DAVIDSON, and GALEN EDWARDS. October 13-Knitting classes begin...FLORINE GREEN wins first prize in the Community Chest Essay Contest. October 17-'Oh, I want a thirteen-inch hot dog.n...nLet's ride the rocket'...No, let's ride the airp1anesn...Did we have fun today at the Fair?! But are we tired tonight! October 22-Senior Committees announced...Two hundred forty-one Lions make the Honor Roll. October 23-NAS long as we've got that school spirit, we'll have a foot- ball team,n says MR. PARKER at the pep rally tonight. We're surely going to beat those Bisons tomorrow night. October 24-Well, we didn't. Sunset snubbed us 27-7. October 29-Surprise! The Halloween edition of the Echg arrived today, decked out in orange and black. All the students are planning their Halloween pranks. October 51-The spooks were dancing tonight as the 4A January graduating class held their Halloween Dance. November 3-Texas History Club presents an assembly. Twelve Dallas pio- neers give exciting and memorable incidents in the lives of our ancestors. MRS. E. J. GANNON, JR., presented the school a framed copy of the Texas Declaration of Independence. We sang WThe Star Spangled Bannern-uh, that is, one verse. The Student Council is going to pass out mimeographed sheets of all four verses for us to learn. November 6-MR. PARKER calls all those who know the four verses of our anthem to the auditorium. Twelve boys and 63 girls can sing it. November 9-15-This is National Education and Defense Week. ENSIGN CODY spoke to us about the navy and its activities in Dallas on the Armistice Day Assembly Monday...The history pupils are studying the 20,000 problems that keep the United States from attaining unity of races and creeds. November 10-Lions are able to sing the National Anthem, 1,200 strong. Page One Hundred Twenty-six In the Lions' Den ovember ll-Armistice Day. This day means a great deal more to us this year than ever before. November 14-Seven hundred sixty-nine boys sing four verses of the nStar Spangled Banner.u MR. PARKER says that it is probably the only group of men or boys in the city that can sing all four stanzas. November 19-MR. DORSEY, superintendent of the Dallas Public Schools, visits us today to hear us sing nThe Star Spangled Banner.n MR. PARKER calls an assembly for the girls and then for the boys. nSuch singing is really a wonderful thing,u says Mr. Dorsey... The Junior Red Cross collects 18 baskets of food and 39.18 for Thanksgiving. November 17-The Speech Arts Classes give a Thanksgiving program today at assembly, stressing Americanism. November 20-23-Thanksgiving holidays. November 21-THERLE WARNER, IRENE WALTERS and GLENN GEORGE sing at the All-State Chorus at the Texas State Teachers' Convention at Houston. November 24-PAULINE WRIGHT reviews nLife with Father,u by Clarence Day, on the Girls Public Speaking Club Assembly. Such a rip-roaring review we've never heard before! November 26-Forester '41 Annual wins nFirst Class Honorsn in National Scholastic Press Association Contest. November 28-ALLIE JEAN COMBS and HARRY HOFFMAN elected most popular 4A's by the student body. December 6-Echg wins All-Texas Rating at Denton, in Texas High School Press Association. December 7-A date we shall always remember-the outbreak of the war. REMEMBER PEARL HARBORL December 8-MAJOR LAWRENCE MELTON speaks at the National Honor Assembly. Eleven members were initiated...Twenty Lions received football sweaters. December 9-We have a grand time in the gym today watching the Student- Faculty Basketball game. Our luck wasn't with us, and the Faculty beat us 52-30. December 12-Band Assembly. POLLY ALLMON and BOB STALLCUP voted Best All-Round Seniors in the contest sponsored by the Echo. Page One Hundred Twenty-seven In the Lions' Den December 15-Seniors dressed in their best bib and tucker today, because today is their day...The assembly is divided into three parts- the past days of the Seniors, the present, and the future-the part they shall play in defense work Qnurses, sailors, executives, soldiers, and laborersj. December 25-The Chorus classes sing Christmas carols in the halls today. December 24-Yippee! Christmas holidays begin. January 5-We return to school and our ndaily grind.n January 14--MR. PARKER honors the no-absence and the no-tardy pupils with a luncheon. They are JOSEPHINE MORASKI, HUGH HENDERSON, CLINTON WOODY, VOLETA FRANCE, CAROLYN OLSOWSKI. January 26-27-Enrollment days! Such a mix-up when you have to get history at the fifth period and that's the only period your English , is taught. January 29-Whoopee! Classes are short today. nLives of a Bengal Lancer' is shown to pay for the Wspeakinu system. January 51-BILL KEELING is appointed head football coach. February 2-W. A. COLE speaks to us today at the Forum assembly...Thirty boys sign up to work-out in track. February 5-We've just had heart failure! School was dismissed at the fifth period to see the demonstration given by the Camp Bowie soldiers. We're educated now. We've learned all about how to operate field artillery and how to fight. February 6--GRAY MOORE leaves Forest to teach radio and sheet metal courses at Tech. One of our very favorite prgfs is to be replaced by GUY ALLEN, of North Dallas. February 9-Two rolled into one-Beginning of the new war time and . Friendship Week...The P.-T.A. gives its annual assembly...A Talent Bowl was given in the Auditorium by Student Council to promote Friendship Week. February 10-Basketball game in the gym, sponsored by Student Council. Whites win over the Greens, 36-31. February ll-The Eghg appears today in new make-up. My dear! The change is amazing. Student Council sponsored a b-l-o-o-d-y show, 'Outlaw Bandit,n in the school this afternoon. February 12-Assembly on Thursday, a wonderful treat! Forty-seven stu- dents receive Linz Awards. We wind up singing military songs... A military parade after school. Page One Hundred Twenfy-eight In the Lions' Den February 13-Milk dance on Friday, the thirteenth. The Student Council took a great chance! But they got enough milk and money to give the Huvelle Nursery 315, 39 large cans and 25 small cans. February 16-Brotherhood Week, proclaimed by President Roosevelt as the week including February 16-22, is observed by Forest in assembly Monday. Doctors JEROME MOORE, J. L. McMAHON and N. J. FRIEDMAN represent the Protestant, Catholic and Jewish religions, respectively. February 18-DOROTHY LAWRENCE is chosen captain of Pep Squad and MARGARET McCREARY, HELEN LATIMER, DOROTHEA RUSH and HELEN GAYLORD co-captains. 4A Class settles problem of class colors for Senior Day. They are blue and gold! February 19-Nineteen Lions turn out today for golf, with a new coach. Guess who! MR. LYONS, none other. February 20-3A's give sport dance in the nbeautiful air-conditioned gym !" February 25-GEORGE JORDAN, class of '31 and member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, speaks to us on Pan Americanism. March 1-7-The eleventh Texas Week! DR. J. F. KIMBALL speaks on WOur Heritage.n The Texas Memorial Library is open all week to visitors. March 5-Our Lion tracksters place third in a triangular meet at Dal-Hi Field. March 9-The Junior Red Cross begins a triple drive to collect old tooth paste tubes for defense, a Victory Book Campaign for the soldiers' in camp, and a drive for knitting yarns...The Student Council has assembly, and various clubs and activities of the school give accounts of their activities during the year. March 10-At long, lgngl lasti Promotions are announced! LIEUTENANT COLONEL JAMES WITTKOWER and MAJOR FLOICE TUNNELL will head the Military Department...Texas History Club wins second place of 310 on their radio script, WOur Community's History,n sponsored by Texas State Historical Association...Report cards are out today. Unhappy day! March 12-DIMPLE DULWORTH and EDWARD VODICKA are chosen by the student body to represent Forest in the Student Bicycle Traffic Court. March 16-Two films, WFighting Fire Bombsu and WOn Two Wheels,u are shown at the assembly. March 19-Voted for Forester Favorites. Can't wait until the next Eghg to find who won. Page One Hundred Twenty-nin March March March April April April April April May May May May May May May May In the Lions' Den 20-Federal Inspection today. The boys certainly look nice-'burr haircutsn are the object of much attention. COLONEL KEYES is pleased with inspection. 25-The school visits the Gardens of the Americas. 30-Echo judged district winner by Interscholastic League Press Conference. 1-April Fool! The Eghg comes out today in Easter egg colors... The winners of the Favorites contest are announced at last-DIMPLE DULWORTH wins three titles and Big ERNEST GENTHNER QLilL Abnery two...At 'Ready Writersn Contest twenty people compete for the chance of representing Forest in the City contest. DOROTHY SEILHEIMER wins and HAROLD BOROFSKY is runner-up...AUGUSTIN TURNER, special representative of the International Rotary Clubs of the United States to Chili, speaks to the members of the History and Spanish classes today. 9-Flash! After 26 years at Forest WYLIE A. PARKER, SR., graduates --along with 550 other air raid wardens of the South Dallas District. 10-ETHNYE WILSON and ROSEMARY COWARD win for Forest in the all-city spelling match. 17-There are many sighs of regret on the part of both students and teachers as BURNETT COX, popular assistant coach of football and baseball, leaves to join America's armed forces. He will receive his training at Annapolis Naval Academy. 27-Twenty new members are initiated into the National Honor Society today. Congratulations go to the cream of the crgpl 2-At last! The night of the Junior Prom is finally here. Music is furnished by Joe Crespino's orchestra. 8-NITA SMITH and VIRGINIA GILLIAM leave for Austin to compete for state honors as they represent the Eghgg 11-Senior Day, with both boys and girls all dressed up in their best. 15-The Senior play, UCase of the Laughing Dwarf,n was a murder mystery which really had us on the edge of our chairs. 22-Military Senior Prom. 23-Sunrise Breakfast for Seniors. 24-Baccalaureate Sermon at First Baptist Church. 28-Graduation! Page One Hundred Thirty -A' 'A' ir 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' ll' 'A' 11' 41 ll' Foresfs Service Honor Roll ,, Army Air Corps Arfhur Bafes Richard Biggs Wilson Boedecker Roberi Browning Roberf Bush Clyde Carrico, Jr. George Cassel Abe Leon Cohen Charles Collins Cecil Combs Thomas Demp ey Gene Dougherfy ---Clyde Emerson Edward Finneburg Phil Golman Jack Green lsadore Gruber J. W. Grubbs Joseph Haiier M. G. Harris Bruce Hunier Douglas Jordan Billy Kelly Harold Krecek Fred Levil' Jack McLure Kid McCoy Edwin Morris Bill Nance Archie Penningion Bob Reed Frank Riggs Earle Sanders Philip Schrieber L. E. Smifh Myrkle Thomas Lemmie Tucker Walier Richard Tu M. P. Tucker Harold Vann Lloyd Vann Alberl' Weinburg Lloyd Welch Bill Wilensky B. E. Williams Alvin Wiihrow W. M. Wood Naval Air Corps Sam Gillespie Leonard Holland Oscar Hook Norman Pribble C.J.Wheeler Army James Anderson Bernard Angrisf Tommy Apple cker Paul Bazinger Jim Bales Alvin Bender Jack Biehl Sam Bryanl Dave Ed. Bufcher Richard Cannon -f--Angelo Collelii Sam Colleifi Roberf Conner Earl Cozby Fred Cunningham Norman De Laughter E. K. Dougherfy, Jr. E. C. Dyers Joe Flemming William Flemming Milron Folk Glenn Genfhner H. W. Gillespie, Jr. Alvin Goodsfein Melvin Grady Kennefh Grani J. Olin Gray Frank Greer Norman Grizzle Oscar Grizzle Raymond Hall Alvin Harris George Harwood Joe Holland Augusi Howe Paul Jones Samuel Kaufman Oneal Keeion J. C. Kellum Lloyd Kellum Trueii Kimbrough Leon Kleinman Pele Lazarus William Lee William Leer Marvin Lewis Curfis B. Maihis Ralph McFadin Willis McQueen Maxie Miller Bobby Moore Howell Morris Eugene Mullenix J. E. Murray L. E. Murray David Naihanson William Phelps Sam Pirazzo Ray Rasce Presion Ray T Waller Reckley T. R. Roberson T. H. Samford Edward Sanders Sfanley Schnieder Joseph Shindoll Phillip Smifh Buford Sieer Arthur Sfeinburg Tommie Sfephenson Frank Summers Roberl Thorne Roberi Thurmond Leman Tims Mellon Tiner Cleburne Weafherly Jack Wera Louis D. Wiikower James Winsor Billy Wood L. N. Woodside Happy Wrighf Abe Wyle Melvin Yonack U nifed Sfaies Navy Henry Arherfon Ray Bayans Clarence Boland Marlin Clasbey Garland Colloii Charles Davis Charles Dees Vernon Dorough M. L. Doss Salvador Duca George Dunbar Clarence Eaion Ezra Friends "Bill Gillespie - George Hearn James House Jesse Huffman Luiher Huffman Bill Hughes Leslie Jennings Kennefh King Joe Lawrence Harry Leggeif Samuel Levy Roy Earl Lincoln I. W. Mariin .William Massey Frank McLeanson O. C. Moore, Jr. Jack Nicks Durwood Phillips George BaHs.Jr. J. B. Purile i' 1k 'A' al' 'A' 'A' 'k ir 'A' 'A' Johnnie Renner li' Harold Richardson John Robison Tommy Rogers Randolph C. Roper A Andrew Schellenburg 0.0.ScoH Hershale Shepherd Charles shaddax i' Teddy Smifh Rex Swinford Theodore Taylor Thomas Harvey i Leon, Timpi O Roy Tullis Ray Vandagrifl' Charles We:'r t Jack Williams Jack Wilson Derman Winsor t Uniied Siafes Marine Corps Billy Bufkin Jack Bufkin W. G. Burleson t Fred Collins George Conway,Jr. William Cox H. A. Griswood 'A' John Harris, Jr. James Hodges Richard Howell Lesler lngle t Edwin Kellum Jock Kincaid Leroy Lowry qt William Luck Jack Miller Gordon Phillips Billy Shelfon ,k Richard Smiih Loyd Siepier Unifed Siaies Coasi Guards 'A' Tony Digillio Pai Garrison Jesse Hari W.J.Jenkins Paul Peffy t Roland Moore Joe Bob Samford Clarence Williams i Royal Canadian Air Force Irving Aschner Billy Barreil' W. G. Bonnef ik Richard Bopp Joe Manion 'lr ir -lr ir le Page One Hundred Thiriy-one January '42 Class Play "Professor, How Could You" MISS HELEN FERN BLACK, Direclor Professor . . . Viclcy Randolph . Grandpa . . . Bufcher Boy Bean . Boggins . . . John .... Valerie . Priscilla . . Toofsie Bean Grandma . CAST June '42 Class Play . Harry Hoffman . . Marcia Goldin . Jarrel Rubinehk . . Norman Levin . . Jaclc Razovslcy . Roberl Millwee . Polly Allmon . . Jean Combs . . Trellis MacRae . Dorolhy Loos The Cose of the Laughing Dworf MISS HELEN FERN BLACK, Direclor Georgia Divine . Tonlcie . . . Phil Hun'rer . . Celia Shaw . . . Dr. Crane . . . Elias Grollingham . . Blanche Groflingham Fannie ...... Dean Phillips . . . Myra . . . Inspecfor BriH . Wing . . . P ge One Hundred Thirty-Two CAST . Frances Griner . Marjorie Grider . . Archie Broodo . . Mary Manning . Curlis Arringlon . . Al Schuman . Marjorie Ledford Almela Kenningfon . George Brooks . Adrienne Levin . . Forresl Moore . Sidney Glasser Cur Advertisers The publication of the Nineteen Forty-two Forester has been made possible through the coop-eration of the following friends. Let us show our apprecia tion by patronizing them whenever possible. A. T. Food Store American Beauty Cover Company American Beauty Flour Bell Clothing Company Ben Morris Jewelry Company Bernard Grocery Bob's Barber Shop Brilling Insurance Brockle,s Club Cafe Byer-Rolnick Caudle Engraving Colonial Pharmacy Colonial Plumbing Crabb Texaco Station Dallas Railway and Terminal Denison Studios Dosset's Cleaners Draughon's College Dysterbach's Fakes and Company Franklin's Friedman's Drug G. 86 G. Florist Golman 5 Gray's Diamond Shop Hiegert Florist Home Furniture Company Interstate Circuit Jaffe, Morris Kahn, E. M. La France Flour Lang,s Flowers Leachman,s Laundry Lester Harris School Louise's Record Shop McMurray Book Store McNeese Shoe Repair Mehlman's Food Store Metropolitan Business Mod-el Tailors Morris Men's Wear National -Iobbing Company Oma's Beauty Shoppe Parker, Earl R. Paul's Shoes Phillips-Taylor Red Goose Store Red Rock Cola Ring and Brewer Robertson Secretarial School Sack's Secretarial School Schepps and Sablosky Shuttles Southwestern Engraving Stern Insurance Store Without A Name Whittle Music Company Wilkinson Printing Company Zonnell Beauty Shoppe Page One Hundred Thirf -Q A ,Q V ..-, . , . sr r " ll J ' W r er t if . f ii11,11Qi ,VPA A,bA I ,b" lag ' r 9 5.5552 "A' il i3gg5Eg:5it,"5 itEafgjiffgggiggg X Q DIAMOND SHOP J 2 . ' Q ii 1 ',Q' X , Elm at Harwood 1 jfii Eg 5 4'!', E ll , . . .ij .-: -'-.- '.,,.- l . 'Q ' .,.,VN. in Fine quality diamonds, watches, , IZ, qqnn V"Q 553232-551i., E? 4"'N 5irQr11QrZ' iewelry on most convenient credit A'.',' 3 A TT 13 is 'I S terms. Cash or credit, one price """' 1 ji' Q sf I . , . to all, no interest, no carrying .q, bA i.,i.l - g I bi to he o n 553' charges. i I A "" 55'5-555Iiffifit35ifiiiiifiiififgI A , .V .. -.-,o- wifi IIO GREATER VALUES ANYWHERE! I Complimefzls of F RA N KLIN ' S I6I0 Elm Street Phone R-5378-9 COMPLETE WARDROBE "gram C-'rib to Gollegeu I The Largest Selection in Town at Sensational Low Prices I INFANTS SIZES: O to 9 Months MISSES SIZES: 9 to 20 CHILDREN'S SIZES: I to I6 WOMEN'S SIZES: 'l8V1 to 241125 38 to 52 JOB l FOR GRAD TE ' Recent weeks have brought record-breaking demand for our graduates, indicating 3,000 h openings this year through our eight southwide Placement Departments. Complete ' courses in Accounting, Stcnogrnphy, and Secretarial Training. Draughon's Business College l Largest in Dallas Compliments of Rl BREWER Milifazfgf and Sporty Www 1803 Elm Street R-6206 l l age One Hundred Thirty-tour Compliments of Srhepps- Sabloyky Inrumfwe C 0. 1 , We Appreciaie the Pafromzge mm' Friwzdsbip of Our H igfh Svhool Pupils Dallas llailway8lTerminal Co. L-L-L mailman if LAUNDRY LEADS For Over 58 Years H-2161 be EVERYTHING MUSICAL E now ILM STRFLT DALLAS TFXAS LEAl!N TFm7liE' WTI I N 6 T 0 8 W E E K S Easy Terms v osi ions azure SACKS SECRETARIAL SCHOOL SANTA FE BUILDING Cenlrul-9288 'The alurolSborlhcnd' t P Q S d Lester Harris School of Music Cajmfvlr Tvafbrrs for All II1Sfl'IlNI!'l1fS Phone R-3895 1918 Live Oak Street DALLAS, TEXAS Fresh Fragrant Flowers Artisfimlly Arwnzged FOR EVERY OCCASION THAT COST NO MORE is Lang Service THREE STORES TO SERVE YOU Complimwzfs of Morris I. J affe Page One Hundred Tlwirlyl V CNC OPEN ALL NIGHT C-0208 1 IBIQDCIKLES CLUI3 CAFE "Dnllax' Best Steak House" A. A. Br1:ckleS.Mgr. 817 South Ervziy Street B. A. Brocklcs, Chef DALLAS COLONIAL PLUMBING CO. H-4681 3006-8 Colonial Avenue "We Sell Sanitation" 1 Compliments The Store Without a Name 906-908 ELM STREET The clepartment store that sells for less . . . every clay in the year Compliments of MGMIIRRAY BO0K STURE 1 BOB FENDLEY'S BARBER SHOP 1 1816 Second Avenue Ejfeient Service. Give Us a Trial Compliments of G. 8C G. FLORISTS 3901 Colonial Avenue 1 ' Phone H-1747 1 , C 'I' t. Compliments of amp ,mm Q of OMA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE A' T' H-0006 3103 Forest Avenue 1 M C N E E S E Comlilimfuts of CLEANER - SHOE SERVICE ANNETTE GOLMAN "Quality and Service at Reasoimzlzle Prteel' ,,,,,,' Free Pickup and Delivery Service 2743 Grand Phone I-I-0356 1 Y H SUITS . . . PANTS . . . OVERCOATS D0 Your -Sb0ppll1,g Reu4lyrmule-- Tailormmle THE RED GOQSE STORE BELL CLOTHING COMPANY "The Young M:'n's Store of Dallas" 1923 Second Avenue HUDSON C. LOCKETT and CASEY JONES 1617 Main Street Phone R-2763 ZOENELL BEAUTY SI-IOP MEHLMAN S FOOD STORE FREE DELIVERY 2806 Forest Avenue Phone H-0489 Phone I-I-0343 Trcw Deckard, Prop. 1 . N 1 Zola Randolph Licensed Operators 1825 Metropolitan Avenue X WF SELL THE BEST FOR LESS , Robert Stern Insurance A enc C0711!7llll16l1fS of Y 1 Complete I fzsuranee Serwee LaFRANCE FLOUR 401 Anjrews Building-Dallas, Texas Telephone C-S504 Residence Telephone H-S673 Page One Hundred Thirty-six w Comjnlimenfs of American Beauty Flour Complimvm of MORRIS MEN,S WEAR 1604 Main Street "Where Young Men Like to Tradev FRANK SEGELUS COLONIAL PHARMACY Prescripiiolz Experfs Phone I-I-5141 1644 Forest 55 Dlen' Fine Shoes 55 Such Names as T0 Netlleton-Freneh-Shriner-Urner T0 Nunn-Bush Many 0ther Standard Blake: National Johbing Co. l 4 I5 Commerce SI. Next to Magnolia Bldg. Our Uniforms Are OllfSfdl'IdllIg R.o.T.c. caotrs AND OFFICERS Perfect Fitting -- Prices Lower Pep Squads - Bands -- Baseball DYSTERBACH,S MAKES THEM ALL Elm at Pearl 1622 Forest Avenue Phone H-0310 D O S S E T T , S Cleaners - Dyers - Hatters FOREST PEOPLE ALWAYS VVELCOME LOUISE'S RECORD SHOP New Popular Records 3111 Oakland Phone H-3 582 YOUR FAMILY DRUGGIST F R I E D M A N ' S Registered Druggists "Where Soulb Dallas Trailer" W 1924 Grand Avenue Phone H-7118 The White-Dalsec-Forest and Fair Theatres Extend to the Graduating Classes of May, 1942, and January, 1943, their congratulations and best wishes in starting out on life's highway. These neighborhood theatres are sure that these young men and women are well equipped to take their places in the future life of our splendid city. Always remember that these theatres are a part of your neighborhood and are conducted in your interest with clean and wholesome entertainment. Interstate Circuit, Inc. Page One Hundred Thirty se - L., Complimezzls of PA UIIS SHUES, Inc. 1600 ELM DALLAS Me ' n Emma Gallege A Distinguished DALLAS INSTITUTION Since 1887 can or Phone C-8773 A Our Gracluafes Always N Succeed I Please Patronize x Ill' A .Advertisers fr WILLIAM C. HIEGERT l ' Florist . Dallas' olrlvsf lfl.UXVIiRS mia Ari, OCCASIONS U V Vffail Stow - - ' 27IX Iiurcst Avenue I Phlxnc Hf7lf33 TIIE H. 0. IIUBEIITSDII SEGIIETAIIIAL SOIIO0L General Secretarial Science, Including Short- ha d T acw'iti Edi hone, Accountin , X iwrwi Q. Mghilfim X I m v YI 1 ng' P S and Civil Service I um ll Tlmroutqln Wfay in Small Clay-:fx QllaIif3yApparl,1 R-9959 for Mf'II . . , Young Men, Boys, FREE PLACEMLNT SERVICE ,md WOW, 422 Wilson Building 1621 Main Pg o H cldTh+y qhi 11 ' ' ' ' ir A' ' -W r ' -- K '41 A ' ' DIAMONDS : WATCHES : SILVER : JEWELRY : TROPI-HES Compliments of One of the Soutlfs Finest Iewelm SHUTTLES Forty-five Years in Dallas Second Floor Southland Life Bldg. Next to Baker Hotel Compliments of THE MUDEL s TAILIDIQS 25308 Elm Srfger RQNALD REAGAN "KING'S ROW" . a Warner Bros. P " R-6057 '3Z11'Z?Jl N --Kms-s now-- ' - 9 The ha"t well-dressed men every- - ' ' - where choose for fine style and 'CG' exclusive comfort. F 55 ELM,iFIELD an PACIFIC 'OO ' AND UP lf 'e-'- l AII' W Furnishing Texas Homes S Since 1876 K. ' DALLAS In sincere appreeiafion of the patronage and friendship of the entire body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past 18 years. American Beauty Cover Co. 2002-8 North Field Street The Cover on this Book Was Proclueecl in This Plant Page One Hundred Thirly TIRES RADIOS "Easy Terms" L. II. Crabb Texaco Station Forest and Holmes Harwood-2153 Road Service Aufo Supplies WHEN LOOKING FOR F urnilure SEE Home Furniture Co. ELM AT PRESTON Telephone C-47 66 ABE I. BRILLING Insurance LEON NAGID Assoeiafe "Abs0lu1'e1y Personal Service" 1402 Republic Bank Building DALLAS BEST WISHES FROM Phillips-Taylor jc-51.00 Stare 1907 Second Avenue Compliments of BEN UTAY First Captain Forest Avenue High Foofball Team, 1917 Bill IIIUHHIS JEUIELHU UU. 1924-A Elm Street EARL R. PARKER Afiorzzey At Law Office R-4692 Res. M-6615 221 Texas Bank Building DALLAS, TEXAS BERNARUS Grocery and Market 2202 Second Avenue Phone H-1885 Free Delivery "You Save Money When You Trade With Us" Reel Rack Gala P q One Hundred Forfy G'0ngrc1!u!c1f1'0n5! to the 1941 Graduates of Forest Avenue High School CAUDLE ENGIQAVING QJAQW STEEL AND CDPPERPLATE ENERAVERS co. gwanufacturerr of WEDDING INVITATIDNS CDMMENCEMENT INVITATIDNS FINE BUSINESS STATIDNERY AND EREETINI3 CARDS We sincerely tbnnk you for the privilege of Jnpply- ing the commencement in- vitntiem ezne! cnmif for been fnnnezrv and May Clnffef of IQ42, 'Uisit GUS in C9ur 3Vew Qfce and gactory 7.107 McKinney Ave. DALLAS Page One Hund d F fy DENISON on your PHOTOGRAPH is the same as Sterling on your SILVER WV STUDIOS ll02l1, ELM S'l'Rl'Il'I'l' DALLAS, TEXAS 1 Official School Pholographef 9 , fight! fight! fighif + buy E from the swvings in your PRINTING you buy from X ldlhfomafrgfzq Zum an tl 51: ll -xviil - nmvnmm zmwn emmam V "Elf 1717 WOOD STREET ' "' P g O H ndred Forfy-fwo III III Each year finds an even greater effort on the part of both the Forester Staff and our organ- ization to keep up the high standard of Forester Masterpieces. We appreciate the journey through the years with your publication personnel and Forest Avenue High School officials. SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING CCDMPANY of DALLAS JAMES H. WETIB,P r'i'x id 4'11 i Pr0a'uc'c'rs of Beffer College Annzmls Harry M. Crenshaw, Miuzagfr College Annual Dt'IIdffI!Il'lIf DALLAS, TEXAS Page One Hundred Forfy-Ihree l a Vi E '1 S 'S 1, 1 R 1 i L1 in wi 1. E A I: ,Q 1. W. ,1 'E' ni if P I. L F --?--gy? 11' lr ' z C' 1' 521 ai an . sf ' 0 57 ' 'w -,gin Q i f Defbns ffl 'cb 3?-Fa N5 -sp, 9 e- 1 -1 ,,g,,,,,Z' 'J' is JPJ- . f ' ' f sic? S0 'Yew N' f" ,mf ' DEFENSE ' msg? X s , -IQ42' vscronv N x ' K .. un. " Q BOOK CAMIWON SERVICE HONOR RON- OUR MARE- Moons FOQARMV 'f'Jl Y? 7 -2! , 434742, 7, fu-cw-fi, f'! f2,2'. 4 M6L- 4 .5645 5 f ' - f X444 - A ff ffybalf-f L?27'Zd'-'fffflffffff , K ,, if L' '5- .nil . U C . I I 3 in N V 1 , , , ' W1 M we mm..- wmr ro A 4 Z M58 fm ' no Q - ' Q Susan """'u"L" A , K , If A 7 ' - ist- I-TT H AIRRAID ,, W Z 'O' 2 W .3 ' i:,zf Q iifi, ., f ,E , Q Nw Prmfnfezfm em OM., . Q..

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