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1 i JUNE HARDIN MARJORIE WHITE Co-Editors-in-Chief JOE SIEGEL Business Manager ANITA GOLMAN Advertising Manager I u oA e iie Ifi 19 1 .t Satr ' - Publisbed by the Students of FOREST AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL DALLAS, TEXAS edicatl04€ WYLIE A. PARKER edlcatlan Because this year is Forest ' s twenty-fifth anniver- sary, and because this, our Jubilee Forester, shows the school ' s progress since its beginning, the staff feels that there is one person only to whom this annual could be dedicated ... He has devoted thirty-five years of his life to education, twenty-three of which he has spent at Forest — growing with the school and helping it become outstanding for historical, patri- otic, and friendly activities ... He is the man whose personality, wisdom, and good nature have capti- vated the love, honor, and respect of every Forest student as well as others with whom he comes in contact ... He is our principal, Wylie A. Parker — to whom we affectionately dedicate this Silver Jubilee volume of the Forester. O ieAAM) Twenty-five fruitful years are behind us: Years that have taken away the smell of fresh paint and the glow of new desks, put slight cracks in the plaster, placed a host of precious memories in the hearts of five thousand graduates, and have made a history of achievements and good times to give present students a sense of values that will last as long as the school itself . . . Twenty-five years are gone. We will see them again only in ever-dimming mem- ories, but here we give you a year-by-year history of Forest and have reproduced pages from the first Foresters and the cover of every Forester from 1917 through 1941 to re-enforce those memories . . . Now let us look to the Forest that is today, to the Forest which we have tried to reproduce. The Forest of work and play, struggles, fail- ures, victories, friendships, accomplish- ments, and follies. Here it is — a picture of your Forest colored by memories of the past and filled with expectations of the future. Qo4 ie4 A DM I N I STRATI O N CLASSES O R6 A N I ZATI O N S ATH LETI CS Ml L I T A R Y FEATURES ALUMNI A(llnu nld uitM4i. A new school, a new faculty, new students — and a brand new brain-child was originated, the Foresier Annual. Sponsored by Miss Edna Rowe and E. B. Comstock, the annual was the climax of a year of beginnings. Eight clubs were organized, athletic teams were formed, and on February 16, 1917, the school held open house to announce its formal opening to the public. Edited by Charles Gates, this issue of ' 1 7 was dedicated to E. B. Cauthorn " in respect- ful recognition of the success of his efforts to set a high standard of excellency in Forest Ave- nue High School during its first year. " K iilkst i ' ( rACULTY Dedicated to the Texas division of service in the v ar, the 1918 annual featured pictures of Foresters v ho v ere fighting for democracy. In charge of this publication were Bertrond M. Sarazan, editor, and William H. Potts, business manager. Miss Louise Wilcox directed the musical production, " The Chimes of Normandy, " which, from the write-up it received, is judged to be an excellent piece of work. Queen of the Minstrel was Margaret Williams. A vast improvement in the orchestra was accredited to Mr. Alexander. He recruited new players and promoted such an interest in the orchestra that it was noticeably better in even a short time. Forest was also the wearer of the cager ' s crown. For what it lacked in length, the ' 19 Forester made up in comparative thickness. With William Hixon, Jr., as editor and Lester Lorch as business manager, the Forester was dedicated as a whole to Charles Cain. However, Mr. Gray Moore received the dedica- tion from the Athletic section and Miss . ary Belle Smith for the Physical Training Book. The class of January ' 20 told their history in the form of an outline under the title " The Jantwenty War. " No doubt to their utter em- barrassment, the Seniors had a section in which they were seen as they were in their ' childhood ' days. The oldest of our present clubs was organized under the leadership of Miss Myra Brown — The Standard Debating Society. Ministrel Queen for 1918 was Clara Richards. With a total of 197 pages, the For- ester of ' 20 established a record for quantity and kept up the Forest tradi- tion of quality. Edited by Lewis Plun- ketf and managed by Melvin Moore, the publication was dedicated to Gray Moore. The Moores were quite promi- nent in the class of twenty. Melvin Moore was also elected Vice-President of the graduating class. The Forest cagers won the State championship in basketball. Much of this success was due to the captain, I. Martin. The second of our present-day clubs was organized — the Audi- tores Caesaris. The Alumni were featured in the 1920 Forester — every graduate ' s name was in a special section of the annual. DALLAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS BOARD OF EDUCATION DR. DAVID W. CARTER, President MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT, Vice-President GABE P. ALLEN F. D. DANFORD L. O. DONALD DAN D. ROGERS MRS. T. A. WAGGONER JULIUS DORSEY Acting SuperinlendenI L. V. STOCKARD Assistant Superintendent Page Ten Me njo Ucutn JAMES TAYLOR USRY Born: September 12, 1867 Died: April 26, 1941 Poge E evert ! Pn KxUpxU WYLIE A. PARKER B.A., M.A. Wylie A. Parker, twenty years our principal, came to Forest first in 1 91 6 as an algebra teacher. When he became principal, he set out to make Forest a typical Texas school. He wanted " to make Forest a school so saturated with the spirit, the atmosphere, and the physical manifestations of Texas that its char- acter shall be recognized by any chance visitor. " With a Memorial Library of 900 volumes, trees and flowerbeds on the campus dedicated to great Texans, and two Forest clubs holding number-one charters in State and City historical societies, his success cannot be judged small. But it is not his accomplishments only that make him such a popular person around school. His friendliness and interest for even the merest student make him admired by everyone. foQ Twe ve 2 eon RACHEL FOOTE PhB., M.A With a heavy heart we trudge into the office, wondering what our fate will be. We remember yesterday, when we ran the last few steps to English class, and with an even greater sense of guilt, that note passed in the hall. But as we reach the desk we find not a dean to be feared, but a real person with a friendly smile and kind, understanding eyes. Perhaps she assesses punishment, which we have to admit is deserved. More often she listens to our troubles or seeks those who need help. It is she who inspires us to uphold high standards of con- duct and character and shows us the joys of service to the school. The founder and sponsor of the National Honor Society and the High Scholarship Club, a friend of all in Forest, is our dean. Miss Rachel Foote. Poge Thirfeen GXMitif wt " d ■ mrBMr ' [ ■ m H 1 Camping trips ore " swell " especially when the future dramatic stars of the Public Speaiiing 3 class hove them in pantomime. Forest ' s speech department offers a year and o half of study. The first term is devoted to the basic principles of public speaking. In Public Speaking 2 stu- dents learn debating, declaiming, and porliomentary law. Appreciation of drama and ploy production is studied in Public Speaking 3. leff fo Righf ALLISON, RICHARD C. History T.C.U., B. Ed. BasketboM, Head Coach; Football, Assistont Coach ANDREWS, NANNIE D. Mathematics U. of Texos, B.A. BAGLEY, ELIZABETH English U. of Texos, B.A. BAKER, S. N. Shorthand j Weitern Sl» e College- B A, n A BARHAM, RUTH English U. of Texas, B.A.; Girls Public Speoking Club, Co-Sponsor BEILHARZ, FRANCES Clothing Texos State College for Women, B.S. BERRY, WILLIE MAY Home Economics U. of Texos, B.S. BLACK, HELEN FERN Public Speoking U. of Illinois, B.A. BLUMENTHAL, JENNIE WOLFE study Hall BOULTON, J. A. Physics Cenlrol Missouri State Teochcrs College, B.A., B.S.; U. of Missouri, M.A. BREWER, MARGARET Mathematics Texos Women ' s College, B.A.; S.M.U., M.A. BROWN, EMMA H. Mathematics U. of Arkansas, B.A.,- S.M.U., M.A. Assistant Senior Counsellor Future home-makers ore deeply involved in the proc- ess of coke-baking in Miss Whittington ' s first period Foods class. In the year and o half study of Foods, girls learn to plan, prepare, and serve meals. Girls enrolled in one of Forest ' s ten clothing classes are trained to make clothes suitable to their individual style and per- sonality. Girls ' and boys ' senior H. E. classes learn the principles of home-making. Page Fourteen aoi diif A few of the Journalism 2 pupils get together on a story. Seventy-five students — amateur journalists who toke pride in their accomplishments — diligently work to pub- lish the Foreit fcho every two weeks. Their prime pur- pose in taking the course is to learn to read the doily newspaper and to report the simple meeting story. Through the efforts of this department, the students and faculty are kept informed about " who ' s who. " ieff fo Right BROWN, MINNIE History George Peobody College, B.S.; Columbia U., M.A. Aelto Historical Society and Dallas Historians, Sponsor BRYAN, ANNA C. English S.M.U.. B.A., M.A. Frestimon Class, Sponsor BUTLER, W. H. Social Science U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. Senior Hi-Y, Junior Hi-Y, end Coin Club, Sponsoi CHRISTOPHER, RUTH Social Science U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. Freshman Closs, Sponsor CLARK, MARY SMITH Journalism S.M.U., B.A.; Echo and Forester, Sponsor COLEMAN, RICHARD L Military COX, BURNETT Economics Austin College, B.A.; Football and Baseball, Assistant Coach DAVIDSON, SARA Spanish U. of Texas, M.A.; City Pan American Student Forum, Sponsor DIAL, TURA W. English George Peobody College, B.S.; Columbia U., M.A. Girls Public Speaking Club, Sponsor DONAHUE, EMMALINE Library DRAKE, MARY History U. of Nebroska, B.S.; IVA Class, Sponsor EDWARDS, OCTAVIA French S.M.U., B.A.; U. of Texas, M.A.; Le Cercle Francois, Sponsor " Let ' s see, now where is thai reference? I ' ll hove to ask Miss Donahue which book I can find it in. " Always the quietest spot in school, the library is perfect for those who wish to look up reference work, do parallel reading, or perhaps catch up on their sleep. Many new books have been added to the library this year, and the Texas Memorial Library is also steadily growing. ■:j .yii 1 1 Poge Fifteen GXMltif, Miss Gerlach ' s History class is absorbed in an explana- tion of an important battle. Far from offering only courses in dates and facts, the Social Science Department is made up of classes in Civics, Economics, and Social Science as well as Ancient History, American History, end Texas History. All students are required to pass a test on the Federal and Texas Constitutions before graduation. Left Q Right ELDER, LOULA Mathematics U. of Oklahomo, B.A., M.A. FELDER, ANNIE GEM English U. of Texas, B.A., M.A.; lA Class, Sponsor FIELD, FRANCES Secretary S.M.U., B.S. FORD, C. L. Mathematics U. of Texas, B.A.; 25-50 Club, Golf, and Thrift, Sponsor GERLACH, DOROTHY History U. of Texas, B.A.; Forest Forum, Texas History Club, Sponsor GOODMAN, C. V. History Eost Texas State Teachers College, B.A.; U, of Missouri, M.A. Stondcrd Debating Society, Sponsor GRIFFITH, D. T. Mechonical Drawing North Texas Stote Teachers College, B.S. HARDY, SEARCY Study Hall HARRINGTON, ALICE Home Economics U. of Arkonsos, B.S.; Columbia U., M.S.; IMA Class, Sponsor HASSELL, KATE Mathematics George Peabody College, B.S. HERZOG, WILLIAM M. Band HOLDEN, PERCIE Pianist Mr. Griffith clears up a point for one of his Architec- tural Drawing pupils. One-third of the men of the United States have positions that require, directly or indirectly, a knowledge of drawing. In Forest two years of Mechani- cal Drawing and one year of Architectural Drawing are offered. Seven classes of boys are taking these subjects to prepare themselves for their vocations. Page Sixteen Future scientists In Miss McAlister ' s Chemistry class busily perform on interesting experiment. One year of either Physics, Chemistry, or Biology is required for graduation. Practical chemistry, plant and animal life, and ttie science of common things are a few of the sub- jects studied in the Science Deportment. Science students also learn the relation of science to daily life and the dependence of modern progress upon science. Left to Right HUGHES, ELIZABETH English U. of Texas, B.A,; Latin Club, Co-Sponsoi HURST, VIRGINIA Typing and Shorthand U. of California, B.A. A H-aju aZ HUTCHINSON, SELDON S. Physical Education North East Missouri Teachers College, B.S.; U. of Missouri, M.A. Student Council and Stomp Club, Sponsor; Football Cooch HYMAN, SARAH Study Hall JACKSON, BERTHA English U. of Texas, B.A,, M.A.; Girl Reserves, Sponsor KEELING, W. H. Mathematics College of Arts and Industries; Track Coach LA BORNE, PAUL C. English North Texas State Teachers College, B.A.; Colorado College of Education, M.A, LYONS, F. E. Mathematics U. of Vermont, B.S. MATTHEWS, PEARLE Home Economics College of Industries and Arts, B.S.; U. of Colorado, M.S. McALISTER, JUNIA E. Chemistry North Texas State Teachers College, B.S,; U. of Chicago, M.S.; Junior Red Cross, Sponsoi McCORMICK, C. T. Accounting Droughon ' s Business College; Graduate Work at S.M.U. MELSON, ADDIE English Texas State College for Women, B.A. Members of the boys ' Physical Education classes get a lot of fun out of tumbling. Tha boys taking Physical Ed meet five times a week — four limes on the ground and once Inside to study health. All girls ore required to take Physical Education. Freshman and 2B girls have classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the gym while 2A ' s, Juniors and Seniors meet on Thursday and Friday. ?OQQ Sey niGQn OCdMif Secretaries in the making beat out a steady " Rat-a- tot-tot " in Miss Prichett ' s typing doss. A rich commer- cial course-typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, business arithmetic, commercial law, and commercial geography — is offered to give thorough, interesting study for non- college pupils. These subjects instruct students in the means of earning a living and improve their chances for gaining greater success in the business world. .eft fo ( 2hi MILLER, LOURANIA Latin U. of Texos, B.A.; U. of Chicago, M.A. Latin Club, Sponsor MOORE, GRAY Chemistry Southwestern University, B.A. Radio Club, Sponsor OVERBECK, MARY FRANCES Attendance Clerk PARKER, ELIZABETH English Southwest Texas State Teachers College, B.A.; U. of Texas, M.A. PRITCHETT, JULIA Typing U. of Texas, B.A. RAWLINS, LAVINIA Mothematics and Latin U. of Texas, B.A.; Columbia U., M.A.; Latin Club, Co-Sponsor ROSSER, L E. Mathematics Baylor U., B.A. ROWE, EDNA English U. of Texas, B.A., M.A. Senior Counsellor; Standard Debating Society, Sponsor SCHROEDER, MEREDITH Art Texas State College for Women, B.S.; Columbia U., M.A.; Allied Arts Club, Sponsor SEGRIST, LOCILLE Girls Physical Education S.M.U., B.A.; Teachers College of Columbia U., M.A. Girl Scouts and Girls ' Tennis, Sponsor SHAW, MABEL Girls Physical Education LJ. of Nebraska, B.S.; Teachers College of Columbio U., M.A. Pep Squad, Sponsor SHEPARD, ALVA Mathematics North Texas State Teachers College, B.S. Football and Baseball, Heod Coach The members of Miss Schroeder ' s Art class are so en- grossed that even the photographer is not hailed as usual. In the Art department students who are artisti- cally inclined are able to improve their skill and acquire a more complete knowledge of old masters and contem- porary painters. By sponsoring many worth-while ex- hibits and programs, the Art department yearly endears itself to the school. 9o2Q Eighteen acdditif Spanish students earnestly study their verbs in Miss Wickham ' s class. The four-year course in Spanish stimu- lates on interest in Lotin-America. French, the other mod- ern language taught in Forest, may be taken for three years. French classes enliven the study by means of gomes, parties, stories, and songs. Four years of Latin, the mother tongue, include Caesar ' s " Commentaries, " Cicero, and Virgil. Leff to R g if THATCHER, BESS History U. of Texas, 8. A., MA. Texos History Club, Sponsor USRY, J. T. History George Peabody College, B.S. WICKHAM, FLETCHER RYAN Spanish Baker U., A.B.; U. of Oklahoma, M.A. Pan American Student Farum, Sponsor WHITE, J. B. Biology George Peobody College, B.S., S.M.U., M.A. V HITTINGTON, MABEL Home Economics North Texas State Teachers College, B.S. 1 1 IB Class, Sponsor WILCOX, LOUISE Music North East Missouri Teachers College, B.A. WILSON, RUTH Study Hoi! YATES, H. B. History U. of Tennessee, B.A.; Columbia U., M.A. Nof n Pictures DURHAM, ELOISE English George Peabody College, M.A., B.S. Mr. Ford shows one of the pupils of his General Mathe- matics class all about interest problems. No subject in school does more to develop the mind than Mathematics. Either Algebra or General Mathematics must be token. The student plonning to go to college must take two years of Algebra and one year of Geometry. The " in- telligencio " of the school take Solid Geometry and Trigo- nometry, Page Nineteen The Forester of ' 21 ran a close second in size to the publication of the previous year. Containing 1 84 pages, the book was edited by Thomas Holloway, Jr., editor, and C. O. Gill, manager. Mr. Parker, the new principal of a year, received the annual ' s dedi- cation. The Home Economics sec- tion was one of the better features. Of interest to all the girls was Ihe recipe for preserving a husband. Somewhat a novelty at Forest, the swimming club, organized in April, drew as many as fifty or more Foresters on a warm afternoon. This was also the year that Forest won the district championship in tennis. C oMed m Page Twenty The publication of the Forester in ' 22 was in reality somewhat of an ac- complishment. As the editors put it, " times have been hard, interest low, and the necessity of a publication has been questioned by various sources. " The completed result of their efforts certainly justified the advice " Never give up. " Smythe Lindsay, editor, and Howard A. Keller, manager, were in charge of this Forester, which was dedi- cated to Henry L. Goerner. With a forest in cool greens as a background for Foresters with flying colors, the Seniors ' indi- vidual pictures were shown to good advantage. Captains R. M. Fitzpatrick and A. C. Burnett were in charge of the military department. The lion is certainly king of the for- est. At least this was true where the 1923 Forester was concerned. In the sectional divisions of the annual vari- ous sized lions amused themselves. Edited by Tom Kleinman and Guy Draughon, the Forester was dedicated to A. J. Loos " the scholar, the athlete, the man. " In this annual of ' 23 the athletic section featured the fact that Forest had won the city track meet. In the four previous years, since the meet has been held. Forest had come out second, but this year the vjctorious Lions added another glory to our growing list. That was the year that Miss Harriet McClellan, Faculty Adviser of the For- ester of ' 24, received the annual dedi- cation. Willard Barr, editor, and Ed- win Ernest, business manager, shared honors of the publication. Again a class president captured a place in the Forester Favorite section. John Estes, who had the honor and responsibility of guiding a class through their last year, was also elected most popular boy. For the second time consecutively, Forest won the A.A.U. State High School Championship by defeating Central High of Fort Worth in the final encounter. The girls ' gym department presented a demonstration, " The Signs of the Times, " and linked together all gymnasium activities. Page Twenty-one Mcuf, ' Jfl GlaU September rolled around and wc were seniors at last! Of course we weren ' t the very highest, but we were 4B ' s, and didn ' t we feel important, though? We knew that since this was Forest ' s 25th anniversary year there would be more entertainments and good times. We also realized that the responsibilities would be greater; so we elected Cl-.arles Mozingo, Irving Wisdom, and Doris Kinnard, president, vice-president and secretary, and Miss Drake our sponsor ... At our meetings every other Wednesday morning we planned two sport dances, one given the evening of December 20, and the other January 10, honoring the 4A ' s ... By then it was time to start thinking seriously of our own 4A term. In January we elected Gene Yungfleisch, Fred Barshop, and Bettye Raiden to lead us during the Spring semester. Important decisions were made at the class meetings every Wednesday. We chose royal blue and gold as our class colors, we decided to have a three-fold invitalion, and Temple Emanuel was selected as the place to have our Baccalaureate services ... An informal dance with Bill Ware ' s orchestra on February 28, a very successful matinee dance, March 20, a dance in the gym climaxing the Jubilee celebration May 1, and the Junior-Senior Prom, May 9, given with the 3A class, were our most important activities as 4A ' s . . . Today is Senior Day and our days in Forest are nearly over. We have the Senior play, " Girl Shy, " and our sunrise breakfast yet to come; then — graduation ... To the members of the faculty, we leave our deepest appreciation for their help in guiding us during our high schofal career ... To Miss Drake especially we say a sincere " Thank you " for her f tje i qnd wisdom in sponsoring us for three years. MISS MARY DRAKE Sponsor BETTYE RAIDEN Secrefor pQQe Twenfy-fwo cuku um f. 42 ClaU We 4B ' s, too, hod been looking forward to Forest ' s anniversary year since we were " fish. " We planned this year to be a year of activities for our classes. Starting the fall term ofF, we elected Dorothy Lee Farley, Martha Carter, and Evelyn Gilford as president, vice-president, and secretary, respectively, of our 3A class. Mr. Ford was re-elected as sponsor . . . Good programs drew a great number of 3A ' s to our class meetings. Thus encouraged, we decided to have several entertainments for the class. These included skating parties and picnics . . . At midterm, after struggling through exam week, we suddenly found ourselves seniors — or most of us did, anyway. After deep thought we elected those students whom we believed to be the most efficient to lead us the rest of the year. They were Allie Jean Combs, Jarrell Rubinette, and Norman Levin ... On March 21, we gave a sport dance at night that was one of the best dances of the season. The music was " swell " (furnished by records) and everyone who came had a good time . . . Since we were seniors, we met every Wednesday morning in room 202, and at our meetings we discussed a 4B dinner. It was decided to have it at the El Fenix Cafe. At the May Festival we had a musical and quiz program for our concession in room 108 .. . Now we will soon be proud 4A ' s. We have just com- pleted a successful year, and we have one more term in which to add to our activities and merits. Here ' s hoping that with the help of Mr. Ford we may make our last term the best. C. L, FORD Sponsor ALLIE JEAN COMBS President JARRELL RUBINETTE Vice-President NORMAN LEVIN Secretary Page Twenty-three GERTRUDE ACKERMAN Girls Public Speaking Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Vice-President ' 40, President ' 41; lA Class ' 38, Sergeant-at-Arms; Junior Red Cross ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ' 38, ' 41. _ LUCILLE ALEXANDER Notional Honor Society ' 40. ' 41; High Sctiolor- ship Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Secretory ' 40, Treasurer ' 41; Forest Forum ' 40, ' 41, Parliamentarian ' 41; Linz Award ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Forester Staff ' 40, ' 41; Echo StoFF, Managing Editor ' 40, Editor-in-Chief ' 41; Library Assistant ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Office Assist- ant ' 38; Jubilee Queen. •j SHIRLEY JEANNE ARONOFF Auditores Caesaris ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Sergeont- Gt-Arms ' 40; Favorite Subject, English; Ambition, Concert Pianist. GLORIA BAILEY Dallas Historians ' 39, ' 40, Treasurer ' 40; Student Council ' 40; Favorite Subject, Mathematics; College, N. T. A. C. ■y J DOROTHY MARIE BAIN in American StuBent For m . ' 40; Junior Red Tross ' 38, " i9, ' 40, Ser eant-ot ' Arms ' 39, Por- liamentarion ' 40; Girl Scouts ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Girls Public ' Speoking Cliib ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Secretary ' 40; High Scholorstrlp Club ' 39, ' 40; ' Aelto His- torical Society ' 39, ' 40; lA C+oss ' 38, Vice- President; Student Council ' 3 ' i library Assistant ' 38, ' 39, ' 40 ' 41. LEONARD BALEJA Junior and Senior Hi-Y Club ' 38, ' 39; R. O. T. C. Bond ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Sergeant; Favorite Subject, Physics; Ambition, Aeronautical Draftsmen. Mcuf. ' i QlcuU BILLYE FRANCES ALBRIGHT Girl Reserves ' 38; Junior Red Cross ' 40, ' 41; Parliamentarian ' 41; 25-50 Club ' 40, ' 41; Girl Scouts, Treasurer ' 38, Secretary ' 39; Vice-Presi- dent ' 40, President ' 41; Echo Staff, Editor-in- Chief ' 40, Associate Editor ' 41; Glee Club ' 38; Forester Staff ' 41 . ROBERT ARCHER Auditores Coesorls ' 37, ' 38; Standard Debating Society ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Aelta Historical Society ' 39, ' 40, Vice-President ' 39, President ' 40; Texas History Club ' 39, ' 40, Treasurer ' 40; Hi-Y Club ' 39, ' 40; Junior Red Cross; 3A Class ' 40, Vice- President; Bond ' 37 ' 38; Band Contest ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Bond Efficiency Bar ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40. GLADYS BAILEY Dallas Historians ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Porliamentarian; Favorite Subject, Mathematics; Hobby, Motor Boot Riding; College, N. T. A. C. VERNELL BAILEY Texas History Club; Favorite Subject, Biology; Ambition, Radio Singer; Hobby, Collecting Songs. ORMAN BAKER Linz Bible Award ' 40; Favorite Subject, Chem- istry; Ambition, Draftsman; Favorite Sport, Basketball. NELLIE IRENE BALL ' Junior Red Cross ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Girls Public Speaking Club ' 40, ' 41; Music Department ' 33, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Ambition, Singer. Page Twenty-four a Mcuf, ' 4i Glcuu JUDITH BALSER Texas History Club ' 37, " iZ; Girls Public Speak ing Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Junior Red Cross ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Ec io Staff ' 41; forester Staff ' 41. ;?;; ,dWr WAYNE BARKER Boys Glee Club ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 41; Fa orite Sport, Football; Favorite Subject, Pub- lic Speaking; Ambition, Aviator. MARGUERITTE BARSHOP Girls Public Speaking Club, Treasurer; Linz Award ' 40; Higti Scholarship Club ' 40; Junior Red Cross; Forester Staff ' 39; GfTice Assistant ' 39; 2B Class ' 38, President; Student Council ' 39. IRIS BEASLEY Favorite Subject, Accounting; Favorite Sport Swimming; Hobby, Collecting New Nickels; Ambition, Beauty Operator. GEORGIA BELT Texas History Club ' 38, ' 39; Forest Forum ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Aelta Historical Society ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Allied Arts Club ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, President ' 38, ' 39, Secretary ' 41; Student Council ' 38, ' 39; Junior Art Council Representative ' 39, ' 40. 1e Cercle Francois ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Texas History Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Secretary ' 40, Parliamen- tarian ' 41; Girls Public Specking Club ' 41; Favorite Subject, Typing. 4 MARTHA JEANNE BARGE Girls Public Speaking Club ' 38; Auditores Coes- oris ' 38, ' 39; Girl Reserves ' 39, ' 40; InlerClub Council Representative ' 41; Pep Squad ' 38, ' 39, Co-Capta:n ' 40, Majorette ' 41, Award ' 41; Junior Red Cross; Forester Staff ' 40, ' 41; fcho Staff ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 37; Bond Festival ' 40, ' 41; Girl Scouts ' 41. L o- ■j n Scouts 41. p FRED BARSHOP 4A Class ' 41, Vice-President; 2B Class ' 38, Ser- geont-ot-Arms; 3B Class ' 39, Sergeont-at-Arms; 3A Class ' 40, Sergeont-ot-Arms; Auditores Caes- oris; Orchestra ' 37, ' 40, ' 41; Football ' 38, ' 39. yOAM ) BASSETT High Scholarship Club ' 39, ' 40; Linz Award ' 39; Girl Reserves ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 41. MMk MONROE BELL Senior Hi-Y ' 40, ' 41; R.O.T.C, First Lieutenant ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Rifle Team ' 40, ' 41; Camp Dallas ' 40; Efficiency Medal Camp Dallas; Expert Rifle Medal. BETTY BLANCHARD 25-50 Club ' 39; Office Assistant ' 39; Student Council ' 38, ' 39; Girl Reserves ' 40; 4B Class ' 40, Treosurer. MARVIN BREEDING Senior Hi-Y ' 40; R.O.T.C, Moster Sergeant ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Track Team ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Trigonometry. Page Twenty-five ' UyC.v4 WIJ AM ROBERT BRONAUGH Track ' 38; Basketball ' 39; Pan American Student Forum ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Sergeant-ot-Arms ' 39, Pres- ident ' 40, Sergeant-ot-Arms ' 41; Hi-Y ' 40, ' 41, President ' 41, All-City Vice-President; R.O.T.C. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Captain; 3A Class ' 40, Ser- geont-ot-Arms; Rifle Team ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Camp Dallas ' 39, ' 40, Private ' s EfRciency ' 37, Cor- porol ' s Efficiency ' 38; Tennis Ctiampionship at Camp Dallas ' 40; Expert Rifleman ' 40; Student Council ' 38; Tennis Team ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Crack Company ' 38, ' 39; Military Circus ' 40; Boys Glee Club; Spanish Play ' 39. ELLEN BROWN Allied Arts Club ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 41; Favorite Subject, Home Economics; Hobby, Sewing and Embroidery. ROSS BRYANT Junior Red Cross ' 38, Parliamentarian ' 38; High Scholarship ' 40, ' 41; Pan American Student Forum ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Parliamentorion ' 38, Vice-President ' 39, Vice-President ' 40, President ■41; Linz Award ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Student Council ' 38. SERAFINA CARBONE Student Council ' 39; Pep Squad ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ■41; Texas History Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 41; Favorite Subject, History. RAY CARPENTER Football ' 39, ' 40; GolF ' 40, ' 41; Echo ' 40, ' 41, News Editor ' 40, Sports Editor 41; forester 41. RUTH CASH 25-50 Club 39; Alli:?d Arts Club, Parliamen- tarian 41; Aelta Hir;torical Society 41, Girls Chorus; Operetta ' 33, ' 39, ' 41. Mcuf, ' 41 GlaM. ANNIE LAURIE BROWN Home Economics Club ' 37; Favorite Subject, History; Ai Girl Reserves ' 38; mbition, Secretary. HELEN KATHLEEN BROYLES 25-50 Club ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Home Economics; Ambition, Beauty Operator; Worked at School. DOROTHY BURLESON Forest Forum ' 40, ' 41, Treosurer; Student Coun- cil ' 38; Ambition, Singer; Favorite Subject, Public Specking. KARL CAREY R.O.T.C, Captain; RiHe Team ' 39, ' 40, ' 41 ; Guard ' 39, ' 40; Crock Company ' 39, ' 40; Camp Dallas ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Expert Rifleman; All-City Rifle Team ' 41 . MARTHA CARTER Texas History Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Secretary ' 39; Student Council ' 39, ' 40; Girl Reserves ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; 3A Class ' 40, Vice-President; Forester Staff ' 40, ' 41; Pep Squad ' 38. LOIS CASPER Girls Public Speaking Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Treasurer ' 40, President ' 40, Parliamentarian ' 41; Girl Reserves ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ' 38; Of- flce Assistant ' 38, 39, ' 41; High Scholarship Club. Poge Twent -s x B y- EVELYN CHARBA High Scholarship Club ' 40; Aella Historicol So- :iely ' 40, ' 41; 25-50 Club ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award •38, ' 39; Office Assistant ' 41; Echo Staff ' 41. BILLY CLARK R.O.T.C. ' 39, ' 40, ' 4); Favorite Subject, Mathe- matics; Ambition, Aeronautical Engineer; College, A. M. JOYCE CLAUNCH Linz Award ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; library Assistont ' 38; Student Council ' 38; Favorite Subject, Shorthand. Dollii lilt J. COLLETTE Pan American Student Forum ' 37, ' 38; Junior Red Cross ' 38, ' 40, ' 41; 25-50 Club ' 41; Student Council ' 40; Boys Glee Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Foot- ball Manager ' 39; Boseboll Manager ' 39; Echo Staff. TRIFKO CULIBRK, JR. Football ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Baseball ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ■41, City Champs ' 40, All-City and All-Stale ' 40; Boys Glee Club ' 38, ' 39; Hi-Y Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Student Council " 38. BEHY DAVIS Texas History Club ' 37, " 38; Girls Public Spealt- ing Club ' 27. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, " 41, Vice-President ' 40, Secretory ' 40, Treasurer ' 41 ; Junior Red Cross ' 40, ' 41; Auditores Caesarls ' 37, ' 38; Unz Award ' 39; OfTice Assistant ' 33, ' 39, ' 40. HELEN LOUISE CHASTAIN Girl Scouts ' 38, ' 39, President ' 37; Girl Reserves " 40, ' 41; Forest Forum ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Treasurer ' 40, President ' 41; 2A Class ' 39, President; Stu- dent Council ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41. DORIS LOU CLARK Favorite Subject, Home Economics; Hobby, Cooking; Favorite Sport, Football; Ambition, Interior Decorator. JULIUS COLEMAN standard Debating Society ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Secretary ' 41; High Scholarship Club ' 39; R.O. T.C. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, First Class Private ' 40; Linz Award ' 38; IB Class ' 37, President; Student Council ' 38; Texas History Club ' 38, Sergeant- at-Arms ' 38, Treasurer ' 39, Vice-President ' 40, President ' 41. LUCILLE CRIM Favorite Subject, History; Ambition, Physical Education Teacher; College, S. M. U.; Hobby, Basketball. Q SHIRLEY CUMMING Favorite Subject, Typing; Ambition, Secretory; Favorite Sport, Dancing; Student Council ' 41. CHARLES D. DAVIS, JR. Hi-Y Club ' 38; Boys Glee Club ' 40, ' 41; R.O.T.C, Private ' 38, " 39, First Class Private ' 40, ' 41; Ambition, Doctor. ?o e Twenty-seven MoAf, ' 1 GlcuU ROBERT KENNETH DAVIS Audltores Caesaris ' 27, ' 38; R.O.T.C. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Crack Company ' 39; Track ' 39. PETE WILKINSON DeVOE R.O.T.C. ' 37, ' 41 Sergeant; Track Team ' 41; Fovorite Subject, R.O.T.C; Work after School. EVA DOUGHERTY Pan Americon Student Forum ' 37, ' 38; Aelta His- torical Society ' 39, ' 41; Vice-President ' 41; For- est Forum ' 40, ' 41; High Sctiolorship Club ' 40, ' 41; Aelto Historical Society; Student Council ' 41; Linz Award ' 39, ' 40. FRANK EHRENBERGER Allied Arts Club ' 41, Sergeant-ot-Arms ' 41; Fav- orite Subject, Home Economics; Favorite Sport, Basketball; Ambition, Accountant, ALEX EMERSON Careers Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Sergeant-at-Arms; Favorite Subject, Architectural Drawing; Ambi- tion, Architect; Hobby, Collecting books of matches. FLORA PAULINE EWALT Student Council " 39; Favortle Subject, Journal- ism; Ambition, Air Hostess; Hobby, Skating. JOY DAY Auditores Caesaris " 40, " 41, Treasurer " 40; Girls Public Speaking Club ' 39, " 40; Junior Classical Leogue " 39, ' 40; Guard " 40; National Honor So- ciety; Latin Tournament ' 38, ' 39, 40, First Place City and State Winner " 39, Second Place in City ' 40, Essay Winner ' 39, Third Place Essay Winner ' 38, ' 40; Linz Award ' 38, ' 40; Girl Scouts, Scribe ' 37, Vice-President ' 41, Parliamentarian ' 41; Student Council ' 41. DORIS MAE DICKHOU7 Favorite Subject, English; Favorite Sport, Swim- ming; Guard ' 40, ' 41; Hobby, Skating. U A RUTH DUNCAN High Scholarship Club ' 40; Pep Squad ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ' 39; Ambition, Private Secretary. JEROME ELY Troffic Contest ' 38, ' 40; Student Council ' 38, ' 40, ' 41, Parliomentarian ' 41; Linz Award ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; R.O.T.C. Band, Corporal ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Inter- sctiolastic League Declamation ' 40; Forest Ora- torical Contest Winner ' 40; 3B Class ' 39, Ser- geant-ot-Arms; Standard Debating Society, Treasurer ' 39, Vice-President ' 39, President ' 40, Parliamentarian ' 40, Vice-President ' 41; Bank- ing ' 40, ' 41; Military Guard ' 39; Band Contest ' 39, ' 40; Notional Honor Society ' 40, ' 41. JIMMIE ENGLISH Junior Hi-Y Club ' 38; Golf ' 40, ' 41, First Team; Favorite Subject, Algebra; Ambition, Army Pilot. DURWOOD FISHER Football ' 37; Work after School; Ambition, Vet- erinarian; Favorite Sport, Football. Poge l ' en y- ' Qh 31 ]?, Mcuf ' 4i QlcuU MARGARET FARRINGTON Girl Reserves ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, President, Vice-Pres- ident; Linz Aword ' 39, ' 40; 25-50 Club; Traffic Representative ' 40; Bays Glee Club, Accom- panist " 39, ' 40, ' 41; Girls Chorus, Accompanist ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Careers Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41. WILLIAM JACK FLOOD R.O.T.C, Bond Captain ' 41, Best Band Officer ' 40; Camp Dallas ' 39, ' 40; Markmonship, Sharp- shooter Medals ' 40; Band Contest ' 39, ' 40; Crock Company Band ' 38; Basketball ' 39, ' 40, ' 41 ; Orchestra ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41. ISRAEL FRAUMAN Standard Debating Society ' 39, ' 40; Fovorite Subject, Accounting; Ambition, Civil Engineer; College, Texas A. M. BETTY LOU GARY Pep Squad ' 39, ' 40; Pan American Student Forum ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; High Scholarship Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ' 39. GEORGE GILKERSON R.O.T.C, Lieutenant Colonel ' 40, ' 41; Camp Dal- las ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Rifle Teom ' 40, ' 41; Corporal Efficiency Award ' 39; Expert Rifle Medals; Hi-Y, Vice-President ' 40; Student Council ' 40, ' 41; Football ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Lettered ' 40; Basketball ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Track ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Baseball ' 40. ELLA FAY GOOLSBY Fovorite Subject, English; Ambition, Secretary; Hobby, Reoding; Favorite Sport, Football. • J ' -• 0 ' HELEN LA VERNE FISHER Junior Red Cross ' 39; Allied Arts Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Student Council Representative ' 40; Pep Squad ' 40, ' 41; Guard ' 38, ' 39. CHARLES FORD R.O.T.C. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Corporal ' 39, Sergeont ' 40; Allied Arts Club ' 40; Favorite Subject, Art; Ambition, Commercial Artist. » PEARL FREED Girls Public Speaking Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Student Council Representative ' 41; Girl Re- serves ' 40, ' 41; Pep Squad ' 38; Texas History Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Student Council Representa- tive ' 40, ' 41; Careers Club ' 40, ' 41, Secretary ' 41; Declamation Contest ' 40. RUDOLPH NEWEL GASTON Work after School; Favorite Subject, Chemistry; Ambition, Chemist; Hobby, Radio. LLOYD MARSHALL GILMORE Junior Red Cross ' 40, ' 41; Stamp Club ' 37, ' 38; Orchestra ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Ambition, Journalist; Echo Staff. HELEN GRANT Aelto Historical Society ' 40, ' 41, President ' 40, Efficiency Award ' 40; High Scholorship Club ' 40, ' 41, Secretary ' 41; Junior Red Cross ' 40, ' 41; Linz Awards ' 33, ' 40; Office Assistant ' 40, ' 41; Guard ' 40. Page Twenty-nine KATIE PEARL GROSS Allied Arts Club ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Mathematics; Favorite Sport, Baseball; Ambition, Teacher. t R AhA GUCKENHEIMER Girls Public Speaking Club ' 37, ' 39; Pan Amer- ican Student Forum ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Parliamen- tarian ' 38; Junior Red Cross, Parliamentarian ' 37, Secretory ' 38, Treasurer ' 38, ' 40, President ' 39; Linz Award ' 38; Banking ' 37, ' 38. IMOGENE HALE Forest Forum ' 40, ' 41 , Secretary ' 41 ; Girl Re serves ' 40, ' 41; Allied Arts Club ' 40, ' 41; Ambition, Housewife. o ALICE HAMBRICK Aella Historical Society ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; High Scholarship Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Forest Forum ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Sergeant-at-Arms ' 41; Linz Awards ' 39, ' 40; OITice Assistant ' 41; Guard ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Echo Stan ' 41. DOROTHY MAE HANCOCK Aelto Historical Society ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Treasurer ' 40, Second Vice-President ' 41; 25-50 Club, Secretary-Treasurer ' 41; Student Council ' 40, " 41; Library Assistant ' 37, ' 38, " 39, ' 40, " 41; Girl Reserves ' 40. JUNE MARIE HARDIN Auditores Caesaris ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Aelta His- torical Society ' 40, ' 41; High Scholarship Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Porliomentarian ' 40, Vice- President ' 41; t ationol Honor Society ' 40, 41; Forester Staff ' 40, ' 41, Co-editor ' 41; Junior Classical league ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Latin Tournament ' 39, ' 41; Student Council; Guard; Queen Attendant. Afa ' 1 6Uu MARY JANE GRUNER v aftrr School ' 38, ' 39; Favorite Subject, Shorthand; Guard ' 39, ' 40; OfTice Assistant ' 38. NADINE GUTHERY Auditores Caesaris ' 39; Favorite Subject, Cloth- ing; Ambition, Secretary; Hobby Traveling. VELMA IRENE HALL Forest Forum " 40, ' 41; Ambition, Singer; Favorite Subject, Public Speaking; Hobby, Dancing. ROBERT HAMILTON Stamp Club ' 41; Favorite Subject, Algebra; Am- bition, Electrical Engineer; Work after School. HAZEL HARBISON Allied Arts Club ' 40, ' 41; Girl Reserves ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Office Assist- ant ' 41; Guard ' 40; Forester Staff ' 39; Operetta ' 38. ' tf-i-t t - CLARA BELL HARRIS Favorite Subject, Biology; Ambition, Librarian; Favorite Sport, Swimming; Hobby, Collecting motch folders. Poge Thirty M. G. HARRIS Standard Debating Society " 33; Junior Red Cross, President ' 40, ' 41; R.O.T.C, Sergeont ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Crack Company ' 39; 2B Class ' 38, Vice-President; 3B Class ' 39, Sergeant-at-Arms; Work after School. MARGUERETTE ANN HATTON National Honor Society ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ' 39, ' 40; Higli Scholarship Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 40; Auditores Caesoris ' 38, ' 39, Vice- President ' 40, President ' 41; Junior Classical League ' 41 , Secretary ' 40; Girls Public Speaking Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Parliamentarian ' 41; Office Assistant ' 40; Ploy ' 40; Guard ' 39, ' 40; Echo StofJ ' 40, Assistant Editor ' 41; forester Staff ' 40; Interschoiastic Essoy Contest, City, District, ' 41, E. K. HENDERSON R.O.T.C, Corporal ' 39, Sergeant ' 40, Second Lieutenant; Crock Company ' 40; Favorite Sub- ject, Chemistry; Hobby, Radio. JACK HERMANSON Allied Arts Club ' 40. ' 41; Basketball ' 40, ' 41; Track ' 39, ' 4 ' 41- Ambition, Professional Baseball Player. MARGARET! HIGHT Favorite Subject, Home Economics; Am bition, Secretary; Hobby, Collecting Beads; Favorite Sport, Tennis. JOHN HODKINSON R.O.T.C. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, First Sergeant ' 41; Track ' 41; Favorite Subject, Salesmanship; Ambition, Aviator. Moif ' 4f GUu BETTY HATTER Girl Reserves ' 40, ' 41 ; Forest Forum ' 40, ' 41 ; Favorite Subject, Public Speaking; Ambition, Nurse. TILSON HELVEY Favorite Subject, English; Ambition, Musician; Favorite Sport, Baseball; Hobby, Model Aero- plane Builder. EDWETTIA DOELINE HENRY Favorite Subject, Orchestra; Orchestra ' 39, ' 40, Secretary ' 41; Guard ' 37, ' 38. EVA HEYMAN Favorite Subject, Art; Ambition, Interior Deco- rator; Guard ' 38; Texas History Club ' 41. THERESA HILDEMAN Allied Arts Club, ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Art; Ambition, Commercial Artist; Favorite Sport, Sv imming. GENEVA HRANICKY Favorite Subject, Mathematics; Ambition, Detec- tive; Favorite Sport, Baseball; College, Marshall. Poge lh T y-or e Mcuf, ' 4f GUu VANDON JARViS R.O.T.C. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, First Lieutenant ' 41; Track Team ' 40; Crack Company ' 38, ' 39; Ambition, Aviator. MARGARETE JOHNSON le Cercle Francois ' 37, ' 38, Secretary ■39; Pep Squad ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' A ; Linz Award ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Bonking AssistonI ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Girl Re- serves ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Office Assislont ' 40; Guord ' 38, ' 39, ' 40. EDWARD JONES R.O.T.C, Guard ' 38, ' 39, First Class Private ' 39, Corporol ' 40, Sergeont ' 41; College, A. M.; Hobby, Collecting Coins; Favorite Sport, Bo:eball SYLVIA KAPLAN Girl Reserves ' 38, ' 39; Girls Public Speaking Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Secretory ' 41; 3A Class ' 40, Secretary; Linz Aword ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; High Scholarship Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 39. _. LELIA CATHERINE KELLER Pan American Student Forum ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Girls Public Speoking Club ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Attendant at May Festival ' 39; Favorite Subject, Music. ANNIE KIEKE Girl Reserves ' 41; OfTice Assistant ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Favorite Subject, Biology; Ambition, Beauticia:i. DOUGLAS JOHNSON Hi-Y Club ' 30, ' 39, ' 41, Secretory-Treasurer ' 40; Aelto Historicol Society ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Echo Staff, Assistant Business Monoger ' 40, Business Man- ager ' 41; Crack Company ' 39; Linz Bible Award. NONA FAYE JOHNSON Office Assistant ' 41; Favorite Subject, Account- ing; Ambition, Secretary; Hobby, Skoting. WILMA JONES Forest Forum ' 40, ' 41; Pep Squad ' 38; Favorite Subject, Shorthand; Ambition, Secretary. WILBER ALBERT KASTAN Senior Hi-Y Club, Parliamentarian ' 41; 25-50 Club, Sergeant-at-Arms ' 41; R.O.T.C, First Lieu- tenont ' 41; Comp Dallas ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Expert Rifle Morksmonship ' 40; Rifle Team ' 39, ' 40; Bond Contest ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Crack Company Bond ' 38, ' 39; Bond ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41. HOV ARD PAUL KELLEY Dallas Historians, Sergeont-at-Arms ' 39; Cheer Leoder ' 39; Radio Club, President ' 41; Favorite Sport, Horsebock Riding. ERWIN KIEKE Student Council ' 39; Echo Staff, Assistant Busi ness Manager ' 41; Hobby, Making Models; Ambition, Mechanic. Page Th rty-fwo Mcuf ' 4i ClciA4. LILLIAN KILLINGSWORTH High Srholorship Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Aella His- lorical Sociely ' 40, 41 ; Student Council ' 39: Linz Award ' 38, ' 39, ' 40 Pep Squad ' 40; Guard ' 40, ' 41. DORIS KINNARD Girl Reserves, Inter-Club Council ' 40, ' 41, Secre- tary Inter-Club Council ' 40, ' 41; Pep Squad ' 38; 25-50 Club ' 40, ' 4 1 ; 4B Class ' 40, Secretary. MAXINE KNIGHT Favorite Subject, Typing; Ambition, Secretary Hobby, Recipes; Favorite Sport, Skating. KENNETH KUYKENDALL Football ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Lettered ' 39, ' 40; All City Footboll Team ' 40; Track ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Slu dent Council ' 39; Hi-Y ' 38, ' 39; Hobby, Dancing AVA LANGSTON Girl Reserves ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Treasurer ' 41; High Scholarship Club ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Student Council ' 39; Forester StafF Assistont Editor ' 41; Guard ' 40, ' 41. E LOMAS Audilolell Caesaris j ?; ' 38, ' 39; High Scholar- ship c ub " ' i xfi : 25-50 Club ' 33, ' 39, ' 41, Secretary Qfoy student Council ' 39, Secretary ' 40, ' 41; Ncjtiinol Honor Society ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ' 39, ' 40; Office Assistant ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; lA Class ' 38, Secretory; 2B Class ' 38, President; Guard ' 40, ' 41. i GERTRUDE KING 25-50 Club ' 38, ' 39; Advanced Chorus ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Girl Reserves ' 39; Most Popular Under- class Girl ' 39; Echo Staff, Advertising Manager ' 41 . =b - EMILY GIBSON KIZER Pan American Student Forum ' 37, ' 38, ' 39,- Girls Public Speaking Club ' 3 7, ' 38, " 39; Favorite Sub- ject, Public Speaking; Ambition, Sing in Famous Trio. MARGARET KOLENOVSKY Linz Award ' 39; Favorite Subject, Typing; Ambi- tion, Commercial Artist; Echo Staff, Club Editor ' 41. LOYCE LAMBERT Auditores Caesaris ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Treasurer ' 41; Forest Forum ' 39, ' 41, Sergeont-at-Arms ' 40; Junior Classical League ' 38, ' 39, Sergeant-at- Arms ' 40, ' 41; High Scholarship Club ' 40, " 41; National Honor Society ' 41; Office Assistant ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ' 40, ' 41; Guard ' 40; lA Class ' 38, Sergeant-at-Arms. fi rrf H ; Texas History Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Girls Public Speaking Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Pep Squad ' 39; Office Assistant ' 38, ' 39, ' 40. DALTON LOVELACE ' Track ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Typing; Ambition, Court Reporter; Fovorite Sport, Football. Poge lUUiy- hree Mcuf, ' 4i GlcuU CARVIS LYNCH R.O.T.C., Sergeant ' 38, " 39, " 40, ' 41; Favorite Sport, Baseball; Favorite Subject, History; Am- bition, Electrical Engineer. DORIS ANN MARTIN Texas History Club " 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, English; Favorite Sport, Skating; Ambition, Stenographer. RUBY NELL MAULDIN Favorite Subject, Accounting; Ambition, Beauty Operator; Hobby, Collecting Pictures; Favorite Sport, Football. J. H. McCOY Ambition, Aviator; Favorite Subject, Drafting Hobby, Skating; Favorite Sport, Football. DOROTHY McLEAN i Auditores Caesaris, Secretary ' 39, President ' 40; Girls Public Speaking Club, Vice-President ' 40, Secretary ' 4); 3B Class ' 39, Secretary; Student Council ' 40, ' 41; Aelta Historical Society ' 40, ' 41; Forester Staff ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Library Assist- ant ' 41; Girls Glee Club ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Vestonians ' 41; Attendant to Jubilee Queen; Senior Ploy ' 41. CHARLES MERCER Texas History Club ' 39, ' 40, Sergeont-ot-Arms Linz Award ' 40; College, S. M, U, STANLY MIKE MALLOY Student Council ' 40, ' 41; Footboll ' 37, ' 38; Base- ball ' 37, ' 38; Favorite Subject, English; Ambi- tion, Professional Boll Player, MARY FRANCES MAULDIN Favorite Subject, Home Economics; Ambition, Secretary; Hobby, Skating; Favorite Sport, Football. ELIZABETH MAXWELL Ambition, Night Club Owner; Favorite Subject, Civics; Favorite Sport, Swimming; Hobby, Piano. MELBA Mcknight Girl Reserves ' 41; Favorite Subject, Music; Hobby, Shows; Ambition, Singer. rachael meeks Pan American Student Forum, Secretary ' 40; Dallas Historians ' 40; Girls Glee Club ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40. J. B. MERENDINO R.O.T.C. ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Salesmon- ship; Work after School; Ambition, Grocerymon. Poge Thirty-four Mcuf, ' 4i GlcuU AGNES MERK Favorite Subject, History; Favorite Sport, Tennis; Ambition, Interior Decorator; Hobby, Dancing. CAROL MILLER Standard Debating Society, Secretary ' 40; R.O. T.C. " 38, ' 39, ' 40; Pan American Student Forum, Parliamentarian ' 41; Hobby, Magic; Favorite Subject, Spanish. DORIS MONTAGUE ' , Notional Honor Society ' 40, ' 41; Girls Public Speaking Club ' 38, Sergeont-at-Arms ' 39, Secre- tary ' 40; Junior Red Cross, Treasurer ' 39, Presi- dent ' 40, ' 41, Parliamentarian ' 40; Pan Amer- ican Student Forum, Treasurer ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Office Assistant ' 39; Echo Staff ' 40, ' 41, Feature Editor ' 41; Forester Staff •- ' 40, ' tAJL. BEVERLY EDITH MORRIS Fovorile Subject, Biology; Ambition, Air Hostess; Hobby, Skating; Favorite Sport, Volley Ball. MARY MUMPOWER k Office Assistant ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Auditores Coesaris ' 37, ' 38; Girl Reserves ' 40; Girls Public Speaking Club ' 40; Student Council ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; 3A Class ' 39, President; 2B Class ' 38, Secretary; Echo Staff ' 40. ALVETA MURPHY Auditores Coesaris ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Treasurer ' 40; Texos History Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Office Assist- ant ' 40; Junior Classical League ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; National Honor Society ' 41. BILLIE MERRITT Forest Forum ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ' 39, ' 40; Favorite Subject, Typing; Ambition, Secretary, SAM MOLDAVE R.O. T.C, Corporal ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, P..ysics; Favorite Sport, Football. JOE MOODY Echo Staff, News Editor ' 40, Assistant Business Manager ' 41; Forester Staff ' 41; Baseball ' 38; Football ' 38. CHARLES MOZINGO Aelto Historical Society ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Sergeont- at-Arms; 25-50 Club ' 40, ' 41; Hi-Y ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; 4B Closs ' 40, President; R.O. T.C. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Sergeant ' 41; Crock Company ' 39. MARGARET MURCHINSON Favorite Subject, English; Favorite Sport, Swii ming; College, S. M. U. PEGGY MURPHY Allied Arts Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Treasurer ' 41; Aelto Historicol Society ' 40; Echo Staff ' 41; Girl Scouts ' 40, ' 41. Poge Th rty-fJve Mcuf, ' Jfl GUu MARGARET MYERS Favorite Sport, Baseball; Favorite Subject, Geometry; Hobby, Drawing; Ambition, Commer- cial Artist. Cj GRACE NEUMAN Girls Public Speaking Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Ser- geant-at-Arms ' 40, Parliamentarian ' 40, Presi- dent ' 41; U Cercle Francois ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Secretary ' 40; High Scholarship Club ' 40, ' 41; Office Assistont ' 41; forzi er Stoff ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ' 38, ' 40, ' 41. jj ;;; % ' IDA MARIE NUNN Texas History Club ' 38, ' 39; Forest Forum ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Allied Arts Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Aella Historicol Society ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Secretary ' 41. EDWIN PAUL ORNISH Stondord Debating Society ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, President ' 41, Vice-President ' 39, Secretary ' 39, ' 40, Treasurer ' 39, Parliamentarian ' 39; High Scholarship Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Auditores Coe- soris ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, President ' 40; Vice-Presi- dent ' 39, Sergeont-ot-Arms ' 41; Notional Honor Society ' 40, ' 41; lA Class ' 38, President; R.O. T.C. Bond ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Sergeant; Camp Dollas ' 38, ' 39; Private ' s Efficiency Award ' 38; Linz Award ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Crock Company ' 38; Bond Contest ' 39, ' 40; Forester ' 40, ' 41. MARJORIE PALMER Pep Squad ' 39, ' 40; Favorite Subject, English; Ambition, Secretary; Favorite Sport, Tennis. v5 rf -j -» - - J -r WYNEZ PAYNE Girl Reserves ' 40; 3A Class ' 40, Treasurer; Stu- dent Council ' 40; Hobby, Dancing. JAMES NANCE Hi-Y ' 41; Student Council ' 40, ' 41; Football ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Baseball ' 40, ' 41; Echo Staff ' 40, ' 41. VIVIAN NEWELL Favorite Subject, Home Economics; Ambition, Dress Designer; Hobby, Dancing; Favorite Sport, Baseball. BERNARD NURRE Student Council ' 40; 2B Class ' 38, Parliamen- tarian; 38 Class ' 39, Preside nt; R.O. T.C. ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Corporal ' 40, Sergeant ' 41; Crack Com- pany ' 39, ' 40, Staff Sergeant ' 41. KATHLEEN O ' SHEA Pan American Student Forum ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Par- liamentarian ' 40, Secretary ' 41; Allied Arts Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 40; Aelta His- torical Society ' 40; Forester Staff ' 41; Echo Staff ' 40, ' 41, Assistont Editor ' 41. WYLIE PASCHALL Stomp Club ' 38; R.O. T.C. ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Corporal ' 40, Sergeant ' 41; Track ' 40; Favorite Subject, Salesmanship. MOZELLE PENDLETON Forest Forum ' 41; Favorite Subject, Shorthand; Favorite Sport, Dancing; Hobby, Collecting Glasses. Page Thirty-six (I, Por- rtClib lllO Hi! ' Fovon ' f .A.c ' - f c ' 44 DOROTHY FERRY_i2_ High Scholarship Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, President ' 41; Girl Reserves ' 41; Student Council ' 40, ' 41; 4A Class ' 41, Parliamentarian; Linz Award ' 33, ' 39, ' 40; fcho Staff ' 40, Managing Editor ' 41; Attendant to Jubilee Queen ' 41. - ' ■n ' d ' GRADY POPE Boseboli ' 39, ' 40; Basketball ' 40;Boys GleeClub 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; All-City Chorus ' 40; Forest . Forum ' 41; Tennis ' 41. ' et- !lfrV ' iiC -ft«-w LEO PRIOLO 25-50 Club ' 39; Dallas Historians ' 40, ' 41; Fa vorlte Subject, Mathematics; Favorite Sport, Baseball. BETTYE RAIDEN Iheer Leader ' 40; 4A Class ' 41, Secretary; Echo Staff, Exchange Editor ' 41; Operetta ' 39; Girl Reserves. LOUISE RAY !5-50 Club ' 40, ' 41; Aelta Historicol Society ' 40, 41; Favorite Subject, Shorthand; Ambition, Stenographer. , I CARL RICKER Velta Historical Society ' 39, ' 40; Allied Arts .lub, Sergeant-ol-Arms ' 37, Treasurer ' 39, Vice- resident ' 38, President ' 40, ' 41; Echo Staff ' 40, ' 41; Boys Glee Club ' 37, ' 38, ' 41. WALTER PHILLIPS Hi-Y ' 39, ' 40; Football ' 37; Trock ' 39, vorite Subject, Mathematics. •40; Fa- BETTY PRICE Girl Scouts, Treasurer ' 39; Girl Reserves, Secre- tary ' 40, President ' 41; Echo Staff ' 41; Guard ' 38, ' 39; Forester Staff ' 41; Junior Red Cross. KATHERINE RAFTOPOULOS High Scholarship Club ' 40, ' 41; National Honor Society ' 40, ' 41; Girl Reserves ' 40, ' 41; 2B Class ' 38, Secretary; 2A Class ' 39, Vice-President; Lini Award ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Office Assistant ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 41 ; Attendant to Jubilee Queen ' 41; Senior Ploy ' 41. CARLETA RAMBO Girl Reserves ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; High Scholar- ship Club ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ' 39, ' 40; Foresfer Staff, Assistant Editor ' 41; Guard ' 39. ¥ HAZEL REDUS Auditores Coesaris ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Pep Squad ' 38, 39, ' 40; Favorife) Subject, English; Girl rves ' 41. ' fL. i Su SHERMAN RILEY 25-50 Club ' 39, ' 40, Sergeont-at-Arms ' 40; R.O. T.C. ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Sergeant ' 40; Track ' 40; Basketball ' 39; Camp Dallas ' 40; Crack Com- pany ' 38, ' 39, ' 40. Pog« Thirf -t«v«n Moif, ' Jfl GlaU WALTER ROBERTS R.O.T.C. ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, Second Lieutenant; Camp Dallas ' 40; Crack Company ' 39, ' 40; Favorite Subject, History. MAEBETH ROBINSON Favorite Subject, History; Ambition, Nurse; Hobby, Reading; Favorite Sport, Baseball. JOYCE ANN ROPER Tennis Club ' 37; Girl Reserves ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Journalism; fcho Staff ' 41; Girls Glee Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, " 41; Vestonians ' 41; Inter- Club Council ' 41 . TOBA LENA ROSENSTOCK Girls Public Speaking Club ' 37, " 38, ' 39, Ser- geant-at-Arms ' 40, Vice-President ' 41; Forester Staff ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Sport, Swimming; Hobby, Sev ing. SOPHIE RUSKIN Le Cercle Francois ' 39; Junior Red Cross ' 40; Student Council ' 40; Allied Arts Club, Treasurer ' 38, Parliamentarian ' 39. FRANCES PATTAWAY SEGUIN Favorite Subject, Shorthand; Ambition, Multi- graph Operator; Office Assistant ' 40, ' 41; Echo Staff ' 4K a f CLAIRE FELICE ROBINS Le Cercle Francois ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Girl Reserves ' 40, ' 41 , Parliamentarian ' 41 ; Linz Award ' 40; 2B Class ' 38, President; IB Class ' 37, Sergeant- at-Arms; lA Class ' 38, Sergeont-at-Arms; Forester Staff ' 40. LORENE RODGERS Linz Award ' 38, ' 39; Student Council ' 38, ' 39; Favorite Subject, Englisfi; Ambition, Govern- ment Work. NELLIE ROSENBAUM Junior Red Cross ' 40, ' 41; Girls Public Speaking Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Girl Reserv s ' 41; Fa- vorite Subject, Bookkeeping; Ambition, Accountant. MARVIN RUBENSTEIN R.O.T.C. ' 38; Standard Debating Society ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Vice-President ' 41; Military Guard ' 38; College, University of Texas. FAYE SAKELLARIOU Junior Red Cross ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Pub- lic Speaking; Ambition, Poet; Favorite Sport, Horseback Riding. EVA MAE SHACKELFORD Favorite Subject, Accounting; Ambition, Secre- tary; Favorite Sport, Skating; Hobby, China Dogs. Page Tfi rt - eight Mcuf, ' 41 Qlaii HERBERT LAWRENCE SHESSEL Auditores Caesaris ' 38, ' 39; Sfandord Debating Society ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; High Scholarship Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Sergeant-at-Arms ' 41; 4B Class ' 40, Parliamentarian; 4 A Class ' 41 , Treasurer; Linz Award ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Student Council ' 40; Junior Classical League ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41. JAMES FERRELL SINGLETON, JR. Ambition, Teacher; Aelta Historical Society ' 40; Dallas Historians ' 40, ' 41. A J- FRANCES SILVERGOLD BETTY LYNNE SMITH Allied Arts ' 40, ' 41; Aelto Historical Society ' 41; Girl Reserves ' 39, ' 40; 25-50 Club ' 39, Vice- President ' 40, President ' 41 ; Girls Glee Club ' 33; Student Council ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Banking Assistant ' 40, ' 41. AMELIA SPREEN Junior Historians ' 39, ' 40; 25-50 Club ' 40, ' 41, Vice-President ' 41; Girl Reserves ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Treasurer ' 40; Student Council ' 38; Forester Staff ' 39; Attendant to Jubilee Queen. JACK CARL STOLLER High Scholarship Club ' 39; Texas History Club, Sergeant-at-Arms ' 40; Auditores Caesaris ' 38; Linz Award ' 38. VIVIAN STOVALL Allied Arts Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41 ; Treasurer ' 39, Secretary ' 40, Treasurer ' 40; High Scholarship Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Notional Honor Society ' 40, ' 41; Ambition, Fashion Artist; Attendant to Jubilee Queen. Linz Award ' 39; Pep Squad ' 39; Girls Public Speaking Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Texas History Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Sergeont-at-Arms ' 40, Treas- urer ' 41, Typist ' 40, ' 41; Forester Staff ' 39; Attendant to Jubilee Queen ' 41. GERTRUDE SLAUGHTER Texas History Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Typing; Ambition, Stenographer; Fa- vorite Sport, Dancing. J. THEODORE SMITH Auditores Caesaris ' 38; Archery Club, Sergeant- at-Arms ' 39; Track ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 40. RUTH BERENICE STEWART Pan American Student Forum ' 39, ' 40, ' 41 , Secre- tary " 40; Favorite Subject, Typing; Favorite Sport, Football. MARY FRANCES STONE Pan American Student Forum ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Stu- dent Council " 41; fc io Staff ' 41; Courtesy Queen ' 41. WANDA STOVALL Le Cercle Francois ' 39; Pep Squad ' 39, ' 40; Forest Forum " 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Home Economics. Page Thirty-nine PETE sums Hi-Y ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Football ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Captain ' 40, Lettermon ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Baseball ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 37, ' 38, ' 40, ' 41. BILLY TEAFATILLER R.O.T.C. ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Private; Baseball ' 40 ' 41; Favorite Subject, Public Speaking; Ambition, Professional Ball Player. LOUISE TORIAN Orchestra ' 37; Girl Scouts ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Ambition, Nurse. STANLEY VODICKA Hi-Y ' 39; Red Cross ' 40; Boys Glee Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Echo Staff ' 41. IRVING MAURICE WASSERMAN Standard Debating Society ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Texas History Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Treasurer ' 39, Parliamentarian ' 40; R.O.T.C. Captain ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Tennis Team ' 40, ' 41; Basketball Team, Second, ' 38; Rifle Team ' 40, ' 41; Ser- geant-at-Arms IB Class; Parliamentarian 2A Class; Student Council ' 40; Camp Dallos ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Crack Company ' 38, ' 39. CECIL WEIL Los Dos Americas ' 37, ' 38, Sergeonl-ot-Arms; Stomp Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Sergeont-at-Arms ' 39, Vice-President ' 40, President ' 40; Favorite Sub- ject, Algebra; Ambition, Civil Engineer. Ma4f, ' 41 GlcuU ilt. ' 4 £iNm VERNA DEAN TARNO Junior Red Cross ' 39, ' 40, ' 4 ' 41; Linz Bible Av 1 ; Forest Forum ' 40, »ard ' 38. JIMMY THURMOND Junior Hi-Y ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, Secretary ' 38; Pan American Student Forum ' 39, ' 40, ' 41 ; Treasurer ' 40; Aelta Historical Society ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Dallas Historians ' 40, ' 41; R.O.T.C, Private ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Junior Red Cross ' 40, ' 41; Dallas Youtti Forum ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 41. ROBERT UTTER Hi-Y ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Vice-President ' 39, ' 40; Boys Glee Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Hobby, Writing Poetry. JAMES WALTHALL Allied Arts Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Art; Hobby, Sketching; Ambition, Aeronautical Designer. BEN WEBBERMAN Standard Debating Society, Treasurer ' 40, Vice- President ' 41; R.O.T.C. ' 38, " 39, ' 40; Hobby, Chemistry; College, S. M. U. LOUISE WELCH Glee Club ' 37, ' 38; Favorite Subject, English; Ambition, Court Writer; Hobby, Dancing. Poge Forty VIOLET WESTMORELAND Girls Glee Club ' 37, ' 38, " 39, ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, History; Ambition, Navy Nurse; Hobby, Dancing. DOYLE HUBERT WHEELER R.O.T.C. ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, First Lieutenant ' 40; Crock Company ' 37, ' 38, ' 40; Football ' 37, ' 38; Ambition, Business Man. MARJORIE WHITE Auditores Coesaris ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Secretary ' 41; Aelto Historical Society ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; High Scholarship Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 38, ' 39; Linz Awards ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Pep Squad ' 39; Forester Staff ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Co-Editor ' 41; Allied Arts Club ' 39; Attendant to Jubilee Queen; Latin Essay Winner, Second Year, Sec- ond Place, ' 39, Third Yeor, Third Place ' 41; Junior Clossico! League ' 41; Notional Honor Society " 41. BETTYE JO WILLIAMS Pan American Student Forum ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Junior Red Cross ' 40, ' 41; Office Assistant ' 39; Favorite Subject, Spanish. SOL WILONSKY Las Dos Americas ' 37; Texas History Club Ser- geont-at-Arms ' 37, Vice-President ' 39, President ■41; R.O.T.C. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Corporal; Linz Award ' 41; Echo Stoff ' 40, ' 41; Standard Debating Society ' 41; High Scholarship Club ' 41. r ( ' ' i T J -m RAY WOMACK Hi-Y ' 39; Forest Forum ' 40, ' 41; Sludenl Council ' 39, Vice-President ' 39, ' 40, President ' 40, ' 41; Football ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Basketball ' 37, ' 38, ' ' 39, ' 40, Captain ' 39, 40; Track ' 38, ' 39, ' 4o ' , 41, Captain ' 40, ' 41. Moi ' 41 GlaU kUik BIRT WHALEY H. E. Club ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Allied Arts Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Baseball ' 37, ' 38; Volley Ball ' 39, ' 40; Basketball ' 39, ' 40. KATHRYN WHITE Linz Award ' 39; Favorite Subject, French; Ambi- tion, Secretary; Hobby, Skating. Q LEON WILENSKY Las Dos Americas ' 38; Pan American Student Forum, Vice-President ' 41; Texas History Club, Sergeont-otArms ' 39; Stomp Club President ' 39, Secretory-Treasurer ' 40, Vice-President ' 40, Re- porter ' 39; Echo Staff ' 41; Linz Award ' 40. MARIE MILDRED WILLIFORD Favorite Subject, Clothing; Ambition, Doncing Instructor; Hobby, Dancing; Favorite Sport, Tennis. -r IRVIN WISDOM Hi-Y ' 38, ' 39; 25-50 Club ' 41; R.O.T.C. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Major ' 40, ' 41; Football ' 39, ' 41; Baseball ' 39, ' 40; Camp DoMos ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Crock Com- pany ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Rifle Team ' 39, ' 40, ' 41. ERMAL WOOD Forest Forum ' 40, ' 41; Pep Squad ' 38; Favorite Subject, Shorthand; Ambition, Secretary. Poge Forfy-ona Mcuf, ' 41 GloM MARTIN WOODS Student Council ' 38; High Scholarsliip Club ' 40, ' 41; Dollas Historians; Linz Award ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Forester Staff ' 41. JAMES YARBROUGH Dallas Historians ' 39, ' 40, Sergeant-al-Arms ' 40, Vice-President ' 40; Auditores Caesoris ' 37, ' 38; Hi-Y ' 39; R.O.T.C, Captain ' 40; Camp Dallas ' 39, ' 40; Crack Company ' 38, ' 39, ' 40. PAULINE WOOD Pep Squad ' 39, " 40, " 41; Favorite Subject, Ac- counting; Ambition, Private Secretary; Favorite Sport, Skoting. GENE YUNGFLEISCH Girls Public Spea: ing Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Play ' 39, ' 40; Auditores Coesaris ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Secre- tary ' 40; Higti Sctiolarship Club ' 40, ' 41; Aelta Historical Society ' 40, ' 41; Safety Club ' 38; Creotive Writers Club " 38; Notional Honor So- ciety ' 40, ' 41; linz Awards ' 39, ' 40; 2B Class ' 38, Secretary; 2A Class ' 39, Vice-President; 3B Class ' 39, Porliamentorian; 3A Class ' 40, Vice- President; 4A Class ' 41, President; Forester Staff ' 39, ' 40, I iter a ry Editor ' 41 ; Vestonians ' 41 ; Attendant to Jubilee Queen ' 41. WINNERS IN REVIEW PETE SULTIS, the best-liked of the 4A boys, lettered in baseball for four years. He also was captain of the football team. KENNETH KUYKENDALL rolled up enough touchdowns to be city high-point man last fall. He was also a unanimous choice for All-City halfback. Our Jubilee Queen, LUCILLE ALEXANDER, is truly an all-round girl. Editor-in-chief of the Echo, Assistant Editor of the ?ores er, and Treasurer of the High Scholarship Club are but a few of her responsibilities. As her escort at the coronation, LUCILLE picked TROY RUSSELL, a prominent 4A in football and track. • When the National Honor Society elected officers, DOROTHY HANCOCK and VIVIAN STOVALL were named vice-president and secretary-treasurer respectively. That BETTYE RAIDEN is one of the peppiest girls in school was shown during football season when she served as one of our best yell-leaders. Besides excelling in football, basketball, and track, RAY WOMACK was president of the Student Council and sergeant-at-arms of the 4A class. MARGARET FARRINGTON represented Forest in the city traffic contest for the sec- ond consecutive year. JEROME ELY was chosen class orator by a committee of teachers after they had heard the orations of several 4A ' s. Something to brag about is MARGUE- RETTE HATTON, who won the city and re- gional interscholastic essay contests. When students first learned that GENE YUNGFLEISCH had been elected president of the 4A class, they wondered if she was the first girl ever to hold this office. A check-up proved that she was the third girl to be addressed " Madame President " of a graduating class at Forest. Poge ?ot y ' iwo illl anua «2 ClaAA. JEANETTE ACKERMAN Le Cercle Francois ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Treasurer ' 40, President ' 41; High Scholarship Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Banking Assistant ' 40, ' 41; 2B Class ' 39, Sergeanl-ot-Arrns; Girl Reserves ' 40, ' 41; Guard ' 40; Linz Award ' 39, ' 40, ' 41. GLORIA ANGRIST Girls Public Speaking Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Girl Reserves ' 38, ' 39; Guard ' 39; Hobby, Music Boxes. BARBARA RUSEL BARROW Pep Squad ' 39, ' 40; Student Council ' 39; Library Assistant ' 39; Girl Scouts ' 39, ' 40, Treasurer ' 40. FLORENE BRADFORD Pep Squad ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Accounting; Ambition, Comptometer Operator; Favorite Sport, Dancing. LEON BYERS Standard Debating Society ' 40, ' A ; Favorite Subject, Geometry; Ambition, Aeronautical En- gineer; College, N. T. A. C; 4B Class ' 41, Treasurer. PATRICIA CHASTANT Pan American Student Forum ' 39, ' 40; Girl Re- serves ' 38; High Scholarship Club; Linz Award ' 39. POLLY ALLMON Girl Reserve s ' 39; Linz Award ' 40; Le Cercle Francois ' 40; Student Council ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Oflflce Assistant ' 39, ' 40. . LLOYD KENNETH BALTHROP Football ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Basketball ' 40, ' 41; Base- ball ' 40, ' 41; 3A Class ' 38, Sergeant-ot-Arms; Latin Tournament ' 38; Boys Glee Club ' 33, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Orchestra ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Operetta ' 39. LAURA BOND Favorite Subject, Accounting; Ambition, Private Secretary; Favorite Sport, Volley Boll; Hobby, Necklaces. KENNETH HAROLD BURNS R.O.T.C., Corporal ' 38, Sergeant ' 39, Second Lieutenant ' 40, First Lieutenant ' 41 ; Military Circus ' 40; Crack Company ' 39; Football ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Baseball ' 39, ' 40, ' 41. --- - MARY ALICE CARR Favorite Subject, Typing; Ambition, Stenogra- pher; Favorite Sport, Skating; Hobby, Pictures. DANNY CLINE R.O.T.C, Corporal ' 39, Sergeant ' 40, Second Lieutenant ' 41; Crack Company ' 39; Military Circus ' 40; Favorite Subject, Military. Poge Forty-fhree a4i4MA4f 42 GIgAA. LEON BENJAMIN COHEN Careers Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; R.O.T.C. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Corporal; Guard ' 38; Radio Club. Chorus ' 58, ' 39; Operetta ' 38; Favorite Subject, Shorthand; Ambition, Piano Player. JUANITA CRANE Pep Squad ' 38; Favorite Subject, Spanish; Ambi- tion, Stenographer; Favorite Sport, Horseback Riding. MURIEL ELIZABETH DAVIS Favorite Subject, Literature; Ambition, Poet; Hobby, Writing Poems; Favorite Sport, Football. BILLY DIAL R.O.T.C. ' 38, ' 39, Corporal ' 40, Sergeant ' 41; Favorite Subject, History; Hobby, Horseback Riding. GALEN EDWARDS Hi-Y ' 39; Band ' 33, ' 39; R.O.T.C. ' 39, ' 40; Crack Company Band ' 38; Band Contest ' 39. ALLIE JEAN COMBS Student Council ' 39, ' 40; Girl Reserves ' 41; Linz Award ' 39; Office Assistant ' 39, ' 40, ' 41;4B Class ' 41, President. ' i )j DOROTHY VIRGINIA COX Texas History Club ' 40, ' 41; library Assistant ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Journalism; Am- bition, Secretary; Girl Reserves ' 41. DOROTHA CROW Junior Red Cross ' 39; Aelto Historical Society ' 40, ' 41; Forest Forum ' 41; 25-50 Club ' 40, ' 41. GROVER C. DENISON Favorite Subject, Geometry; Ambition, Aviator; Favorite Sport, Football; Hobby, Model Airplanes. KATHERYN EAVES Pep Squad ' 38; Linz Award ' 40; Favorite Sub- ject, English; Ambition, Stenographer. DOROTHY LEE FARLEY Girl Reserves ' 39, ' 40; Girls Public Speaking Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; High Scholarship Club ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ' 40; 2A Class ' 39, Sergeant-ol- Arms; 3A Closs ' 40, President; 4B Class ' 41, Parliamentarian; Banking Assistant ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Guard ' 39. Poge Forty-four Oftua if. 42 GIgAA. HAZEL FLEMING Fovorite Subject, Mafhematrcs; Ambition, Typist; Girl Reserves; Favorite Sport, Football. RUBY GEEO Favorite Subject, English; Ambition, Beauty Operator; Favorite Sport, Bowling; Hobby, Skctipg. SUE GENTSCH Favorite Subject, Texas History; Ambition, Stew- ardess; Hobby, All Sports. EVELYN GILFORD Girl Reserves ' 39, ' 40; Girls Public Speaking Club ' 39, -40, ' 41; High Scholorstiip Club ' 40, ' 41; linz Award ' 40; 3B Class ' 39, Sergeant-ot- Arms; 3A Class ' 40, Secretory; Guard ' 39; Stu- dent Council ' 39. MARCIA GOLDIN Girls Public Speoking Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Public Speaking; College, Texos University; 25-50 Club ' 39. JETTIE LEE GRAHAM Pep Squad ' 38, ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Home Economics; Ambition, To Travel; Favorite Sport, Football. HELEN RUTH FREEMAN Favorite Subject, Journalism; Ambifion, House- wife; Favorite Sport, Horseback Riding; Hobby, Collecting Miniature Horses. 0 ERNEST GENTHNER Hi-Y ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Vice-President ' 40, ' 41; Most Popular Under- class Boy ' 40; Football ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Baseball ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Basketball ' 39, ' 40, ' 41. DOROTHY GIGGLEMAN Girls Public Speaking Club ' 39; Pep Squad ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Glee Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Favorite Subject, History. WILFRED GOLDGAR Texos History Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Stomp Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Junior Red Cross ' 40, ' 41; Standard Debating Society ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Sergeant-at-Arms ' 41. J. B. GOZA Farmersville Track Team Club ' 39, ' 40; Formers- ville Track Team ' 39, ' 40; R.O.T.C. ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Farmersville 2B Class ' 38, Vice-President; Form- ersville 2A Class ' 39, Vice-President; Farmers- ville 3B Closs ' 39, Secretary. FLORINE GREEN Le Cercle Francois ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, President ' 40, Treasurer ' 40, Vice-President ' 41, Efficiency Award ' 40; High Scholarshi; Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 40; National Honor Society ' 40; Linz Award ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Office Assistant ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Banking Assistant ' 40, ' 41; 25-50 Club ' 39. Page Forty-ftve EMMEH HARDY R.O.T.C., Corporal ' 39, Sergeant ' 40, Second Lieutenant ' 40, Captain ' 41; Camp Dollos ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Crack Company ' 39; Military Circus ' 40; Rifle Team ' 40, ' 41; Latin Tournament ' 39. HUGH HENDERSON Hi-Y ' 40, ' 41, Vice-President ' 40; R.O.T.C, Cor- poral ' 38, Sergeant ' 39, Second Lieutenant ' 40, Crack Company ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Student Council ' 39. KATIE MAE HIETT (4A) Favorite Subject, Home Economics; Ambition, Fashion Designer; Hobby, Skating; Favorite Sport, Baseball. HARRY HOFFMAN Standard Debating Society ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; R.O. T.C., Second Lieutenant ' 41; Track ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Camp Dallas ' 39, ' 40; Crack Company Band ' 38, ' 39; IB Class ' 38, President; Expert Marksman; Bond Contest ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; First Place City Drum Contest ' 40; Band ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41. VIRGINIA HOLIFIELD Favorite Subject, Mathematics; Ambition, Secre- tory; Favorite Sport, Tennis; Hobby, Skating. WARREN HUNTER Football ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Baseball ' 33, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Basketball ' 37, ' 38; College, A. M. U W - ( ■:S RAY HOWARD HARMAN R.O.T.C. ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, Corporal ' 38, Sergeant ' 38, ' 39; Camp Dallas ' 38, ' 39; Track ' 38; Senior Hi-Y ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 38; Baseball ' 40. MARY FRANCES HENDRIX Junior Red Cross ' 40; Favorite Subject, Music; Ambition, Singer. CHARLES HODGES Hi-Y ' 38; 25-50 Club ' 40, ' 41, Parliamentarian ' 41; R.O.T.C. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Corporal ' 41; Crock Company ' 39. JERRY HOFFMAN Standard Debating Society ' 38, ' 39; R.O.T.C, Second Lieutenant ' 41; Track Team ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Band Contest ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Camp Dallas, ' 39, ' 40; Crock Company Bond ' 39, ' 40; IB Class ' 38, President; First Place City Drum Contest ' 40; Bond ' 38, ' 39, ' 40. KATHERINE HUNTER Girl Reserves ' 41; Favorite Subject, English; Banking Assistant " 41; Ambition, Stenographer. y " C JOY FAY INGLE Girl Reserves ' 40, ' 41; 25-50 Club ' 40, ' 41; Fa- vorite Subject, History; Ambition, Secretary. Poge Forty-six anuGAAf. 42 QIgAA. LESTER INGLE Football ' 37, ' 38; Baseball ' 38; Boys Glee Club; Allied Arts Club ' 41. MARVIN MARIE JOHNSON Pep Squad ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 39; Fa- vorite Subject, Public Specking; Ambition, Dress Designer. CHARLYNE JONES Favorite Subject, Journalism; Ambition, Book- keeping Clerk; Favorite Sport, Football; Hobby, Photography. HYMAN KOVSKY Favorite Subject, Drafting; Favorite Sport, Foot- ball; Ambition, Architect; Hobby, Boating. NORMAN LEVIN R.O.T.C. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Corporal ' 41; Sland- ord Debating Society ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; le Cercle Francois " 40, ' 41, Sergeant-ot-Arms ' 40; IB Class 38, Vice-President; 3B Class ' 39, President; 4B Class ' 41, Secretary; Band Contest ' 38, ' 39, ' 40. MARY ELIZABETH LEV IS Le Cercle Francois ' 39, " 40, ' 41; Forest Forum ' 40, ' 41; Girl Reserves ' 40, ' 41; Junior Red Cross ' 40. JOSEPHINE ISRAEL Le Cercle Francois ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Sergeanl-at- Arms ' 39, Vice-President ' 40; Girl Reserves, Parliamentarian ' 39, ' 40; High Scholorship Club •39, ' 40, ' 4]; Linz Award ' 39, ' 40; lA Class ' 38, Vice-President; 2B Class ' 38, Parliamentarian; 2A Class ' 39, President. MELVIN JOHNSON Work after School; Favorite Subject, Latin; Hob- by, Sports; Ambition, Army Air Corps. DOLORES KOVNAT Le Cercle Francois ' 40, ' 41; Girl Reserves ' 40, ' 41; Forester StatT ' 41; Favorite Sport, Baseball. ROBERT EDWARD LEE Track ' 40, ' 41; Orchestra ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Fovorite Subject, Art; Ambition, Artist. J. C. LEWIS Future Farmers of America ' 38, ' 39; Los Tejonos ' 39, ' 40, Parliamentarian ' 39, Sergeant-ot-Arms ' 39; Ambition, Journalist. Richard lewis R.O.T.C. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Corporal, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Salesmanship; Hobby, Stomp Collect- ing; Ambition, Salesman. Page Forty-seven ai 44XjAif 42 ClcuU DOROTHY LOOS Student Council ' aS; 25-50 Club ' 39; National Honor Society ' 40, ' 41; High Scholarship Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Pan American Student Forum, Ser- geant-ot-Arms ' 40; Banking ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ' 39, ' 40, 41; Office Assistant ' 40, ' 41; 2B Class ' 39, Vice-President; 2A Class ' 39, Par- liamentarian; Tennis Team ' 40, ' 41. GUS MARCO Student Council Representative ' 38; Favorite Subject, Physical Education; Hobby, Sports; Am- bition, Army Air Corps. JUANITA McCOY Girl Reserves ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Civics; Ambition, Beautician; Favorite Sport, Football. FREDA DORIS McGREGOR Girl Scouts ' 39, ' 40, Vice-President ' 40; Pep Squad ' 39, ' 40; Student Council ' 40. ROBERT MILLWEE Senior Hi-Y, Sergcont-at-Arms ' 40, ' 41; R.O.T.C. ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Second Lieuienant; Camp Dallas ' 40; Expert AAorksmon; Band Festival ' 40, ' 41; Orchestra 27, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Football ' 33, ' 39, ' 40; Track ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Golf ' 41. D. M. MOODY Forest Forum ' 40, ' 41, Vice-President ' 41; Bond ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Sergeant; Ambition, Air Corps; Hobby, Airplane Models. HARWELL LUCKY R.O.T.C, Captain ' 41; Camp Dallas ' 39, ' 40; Marksman; Sharpshooter; Expert Medals, Camp Dallas ' 40; Crock Company ' 39, ' 40; Rifle Team ■40; Football ' 39. EARL McCOY Hobby, Travel; Ambition, Salesman; Favorite Subject, History; Favorite Sport, Baseball. ROBERT McFARLAND R.O.T.C. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Sergeant; Baseball ' 40; Track ' 39, ' 40; Favorite Subject, Salesmanship. TRELLIS JO McRAE le Cercle Francois ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Forest Forum ' 40, ' 41; Girl Reserves ' 40, ' 41; Junior Red Cross ' 40. GENE MIRSKY Girls Public Speaking Club ' 39, ' 40; Pan Amer- ican Student Forum ' 40; Notional Honor Society ' 40; Texas History Club ' 39; Bon ' iing Stoff ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Office Assistant ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ■39 ' 40 ' 41; Student Council Representative ' 38. JAMES MOORE Footboll ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Basketball ' 38, ' 39; Base- ball ' 38, ' 39; Favorite Subject, Economics. Page Forty-eight aH44X4A4j, 42 QlaiA. JOSEPHINE MORAWSKI Favorite Subject, Musk Appreciation; Ambition, Opera Singer; Hobby Pictures; Favorite Sport, Horseback Riding. T JUDY ANN OGLETREE Student Council ' 38; Pep Squad ' 33; Favorite Subject, French; Ambition, Private Secretory. TOM PAROSKI Favorite Sport, Baseball; Favorite Subject, His- tory; Hobby, Stamps; Ambition, Bookkeeper. EVE PERLSTEIN Pon American Student Forum ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, All- City Secretary ' 40, ' 41; 2B Class ' 39, Secretary; Girls Public Speaking Club ' 38; Favorite Sub- ject, Spanish. LEROY REPHAN R.O.T.C, Corporal ' 40, Sergeant ' 41; Track ' 41; Ambition, Army Air Corps; Military Circus ' 40. RANDOLPH ROPER Hi-Y ' 38, ' 39, Secretory; Allied Arts Club ' 40, ' 41; Student Council ' 40; Hobby, Writing; Echo Staff, Business Manager " 41. M4. LESLIE MORRIS Hobby, Raising Rabbits; Favorite Sport, Foot- ball; Baseball " 39, ' 40; Favorite Subject, Public Speaking. CARLYN OLSOWSKI Favorite Subject, Home Economics; Ambition, Private Secretory; Hobby, Dancing; Favorite Sport, Volley Ball. JACK PAXTON Auditores Caesoris ' 37, ' 38; Student Council Representative ' 38; Cheer Leoder ' 40; Operetta ' 39; Boys Glee Club. JACK HERSHEL RAZOVSKY Band, Corporol ' 39, Staff Sergeant ' 40, Second Lieutenant ' 41; Camp Dallas ' 40; Crack Com- pany Band ' 38, ' 39; Band Contest ' 38, ' 39; 4B Class ' 41, Sergeont-at-Arms; Orchestra ' 40, ' 41. JAMES RITTER Favorite Subject, History; Ambition, Electrical Engineer; Favorite Sport, Football; Hobby, Fishing. AL DAVID ROSENZWEIG Hi-Y ' 38; R.O.T.C, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Hobby, Col- lecting Stomps; Favorite Sport, Baseball. Page Forty-nine akt44.GA4f. ' 42 GlaU JEAN ROSS Junior Red Cross ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, Typ- ing; Hobby, Modeling; Ambition, Photographer ' s Model. JARRELL RUBINETT Pan American Student Forum ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; R.O. T.C. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Corporal ' 40, Sergeant ' 41; LInz Award ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Band Contest ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Crack Company; Band ' 38, ' 39; Camp Dallas ' 40; 1A Class ' 39, President; 2A Class ' 40, Parliamentarian; 4B Class ' 41, Vice-President; Standard Debating Society ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Orchestra ' 40. LLOYD SAUNDERS Senior Hi-Y ' 39; R.O. T.C, Corporal ' 39, Ser- geant ' 39, Master Sergeant ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Crack Company ' 38, ' 39; Military Circus ' 40. DOROTHY SHEPPARD Favorite Subject, Foods; Ambition, Stenogra- pher; Student Council Representative ' 38; Fa- vorite Sport, Swimming. HARRY LYTER SMALL, JR. Favorite Subject, History; Favorite Sport, Base- ball; Hobby, All Outdoor Life; Ambition, Store Manager. DORTHA SORDELET Junior Red Cross ' 40, ' 41; Pep Squad ' 38; Fa- vorite Subject, Typewriting; Le Cercle Francois ' 4 1 , WILLIAM ROSS Favorite Subject, Physical Education; Hobby, Sports; Favorite Sport, Football; Worked after School. RANDOLPH SAMFORD Standard Debating Society ' 39; Hi-Y ' 40; Track ' 39, ' 40; 3B Class ' 40, Secretary; R.O. T.C. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Crack Company ' 39, ' 40. ELIZABETH SAWYER Glee Club ' 40, ' 41; 25-50 Club ' 40, ' 41; Favorite Subject, French; Ambition, Interior Decorator. MARJORIE SLAY Favorite Subject, Clothing; Hobby, Playing Ac- cordion; College N.T.A.C; Ambition, Nurse. JOE SMALLWOOD Auditores Caesaris ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Standard De- bating Society ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Banking Assistant ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Senior Hi-Y ' 40, ' 41, President ' 41; Student Council ' 40, ' 41; Bond ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Band Contest ' 39, ' 40; Forester Staff ' 40, ' 41; Radio Club ' 41. BOB STALLCUP Standard Debating Society ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Na- tional Honor Society ' 40, ' 41; Track ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Football, Second Team ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, First Team ' 41; Linz Award ' 39, ' 40. Poge Fift I ai A jGAdf ' 2 GlcuU BENNETT STAMPES Hobby, Model Airplanes: Favorite Sport, Swir ming; Favorite Subject, English; Ambition, Aeronautical Engineer. DOROTHY SUTCLIFFE Texas History Club ' 40, ■41; Favorite Subject, Texas History; Hobby, Reading; Ambition, Secretary. JEAN THOMPSON Favorite Subject, Art; Hobby, Collecting Photo- graphs; Favorite Sport, Skating; Athletic Club ' 38. MARIAN TURK Auditores Caesoris ' 39; Linz Award ' 38; Fa- vorite Subject, Chemistry; Library ' 39. ROSE VERLA Favorite Subject, Home Economics; Ambition, Beauty Operator; Hobby, Bicycling; Associate Member Junior Red Cross ' 40, ' 41. ' 40; Nf ' A fi " ' IMOGENE WALKER Texas History Club ' 39, ' 40; Girl Reserves ' 40, 41; 3B Closs ' 40, Student Council Representa- tive; Favorite Subject, Typing. FAYE STRIBLING lA Class ' 38, Secretary; Office Assistant ' 39; Student Council ' 39. JOYCE SUWAL Pep Squad ' 39, ' 40; 2B Class ' 39, Vice-President; 4B Class ' 41, Treasurer; Favorite Subject, English. BILL TINER Hi-Y ' 40, ' 41; R.O.T.C, Corporal ' 39, Sergeant ' 40, Second Lieutenant ' 40, First Lieutenant ' 40, Captain ' 41; Camp Dallas ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Crack Company ' 39; Military Circus ' 40; RiHe Team ■40, ' 41. DOLORES UECKERT Favorite Subject, Spanish; Ambition, Secretary; Hobby, Movies; Favorite Sport, Football. HAROLD WALKER R.O.T.C. ' 38, ' 39; Work after School; Favorite Subject, Typing; Favorite Sport, Boxing. BETTY JO WALLACE (4A) Favorite Subject, Home Economics; Ambition, Secretary; Guard ' 40; Hobby, Dancing. Poge Fifty-one avu4X4Ayif 42 Cladd THERLE DELORIS WARNER Girls Public Speaking Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40 Pep Squad ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Girl Reserves ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Ambition, Radio Singer. E. G. WILLIAMS Track ' 40; Ambition, Airplane Pilot; Sunset Foot- ball Team 27, ' 38; Track ' 38. VERTIE ELIZABETH WOLVEN Red Cross ' 40; High Scholarship Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; National Honor Society ' 40, ' 41; Linz Award ' 39, ' 40; Office Assistont ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; 2A Class ' 39, Vice-President; 3B Class ' 40, Secretory; Interscholastic Spelling Contest ' 40; Guard. LETHA MAE WEST Bonking Assistant, Bookkeeper ' 39, ' 40, ' 41 , Teller ' 40, ' 41, President ' 40, ' 41; High Scholar- ship Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Notional Honor Society ' 40, ' 41 ; Interscholastic Spelling Contest " 40; Linz Awards ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Office Assistant ' 39, ' 40. LESLIE WITHROW Senior Hi-Y ' 41; Football ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, Cap- tain ' 40; Baseball ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Student Council Representative ' 40; N. Y. A. Student ' 40, ' 41. DORIS YOUNG Favorite Subject, English; Favorite Sport, Ten- nis; Hobby, Dancing; Ambition, Aviatrix, PRIDE OF THE CLASS Quiet, reserved BOB STALLCUP, presi- dent of the National Honor Society, is a member of the tracl and football teams. Member of the football, baseball, and basketball teams is ERNEST GENTHNER, vYho is also vice-president of the Student Council. DOROTHY LOOS, a member of the ten- nis team, is the chief medal winner of the 4B Class. She is the proud possessor of three Linz pins, a National Honor emblem, a Junior Life Saving pin, a Mariner ' s medal, and a Girl Scout av ard. ALLIE JEAN COMBS deserves an honor- able mention on her work as president of the 4B Class. We nominate LETHA MAE WEST as our most intellectual 4B. She is a member of the High Scholarship Club, the National Honor Society, and has a straight " A " average. • Athletic star of the 4B class is LESLIE WITHROW, third baseman on the baseball team and co-captain of the football team. A 48 of noteworthy prominence is JAR- REL RUBINETT who was the only member of his class to be elected into the National Honor Society this year. JACK PAXTON, yell leader extraordi- nary, brought honor to his class in that field. HARRY and JERRY HOFFMAN, twin drum- mers, are class favorites. Reigning over Forest is EDWARD LEE with the title of King of Courtesy. Poge Fifty-two " Jieaue. 9t to. Mother " January ' 41 Class Play MISS HELEN FERN BLACK, D recfor CAST Efto Ford Evelyn Kynard Do, ' y Prorcoff Earline Kitts Cos on Cowers Bill McNally f Ts. Louise Prescotf Dorothy Roberts Lucius Fowler Charles Yates A rs. Madge Lawton Muriel Silberman Coral Prescott Marilyn Freeiand Sianley Prescotf Kenneth Grier Mrs. Stanley Prescott Florence Goodman Lord Cecil Bunyon . Stanley Raskin Edna James Mary Jo Andrews Frederick Driscoll Fred McQueen May ' 41 Class Play MISS HELEN FERN BLACK, Director CAST Barbara Sanford Katherine Raftopouios Tom Arsdale M. G. Harris Anthony Arsdale Leonard Levin Caroline Arsdale .... Dorothy McLean Oke Stimson Jerome Ely Sylvia Webster Sylvia Kaplan Peaches Carter Margueritte Barshop Asmo .... Eva Dougherty Birdie LaVerne Betty Lynn Smith Alfred Tennyson Murgatoyd .... Edv in Ornish Chuck Mayo Ross Bryant Page Fitiy-thre " ' Mil ' J 4 1 GlaAA, LEFT TO RIGHT First Roiv Joy Day, Shirley Gumming, Dorothy Burleson, Iris Beosley, Mary Mumpower, Wynez Poyne, Louise Welch, Violet Westmoreland, Betty Blanchard, Sylvio Kaplan, Bettye Raiden, Dorothy McLean, Gloria Bailey, Doris Lou Clark. Second Row. James Singleton, hQx Plnson, Leo Priolo, Fred Barshop, Paul Kelley, Charles Mercer, Leon Wllensky, Jack Sfoller, Durwood Fisher, Carl Ricker, Chorles Ford, James Woltholl, Gertrude King. Third Row: Samuel Davis, Erwin Kieke, Robert Hamilton, Robert Davis, Vandon Jarvis, Ray Corpenter, T. J. Collette, Robert Archer, Orman Boker, Jimmie English, Billy Bronaugh, James Yorbrougn. Fourth Row; Bernard Nurre, Charles Mozingo, Irvin Wisdom, Wilbur Kasten, Jock Hermonson, Grady Pope, Cecil Weil, Israel Frouman, Leonard Levin, Howord Harmon, E. G. Williams. Fifth Row; Ben Webbermon, Julius Coleman, Edwin Ornish, Billy Clark, Msnroe Bell, Clinton Holland, Charles Davis, Alex Emerson, Leonord Balejo, E. K. Henderson, Stanley Vodicko. Six h Row- Irving Wassermon, Woyne Borker, Marvin Rubenslein, Eugene Brooks, James Moore, Mike Molloy, Rudolph Gaston, Kenneth Kuykendall, James Nonce, Doyle Wheeler. G enih Row.- Jock Flood, Sol Wilonsky, Jerome Ely, Teddy Smith, Frank Ehrenberger, Billy Teofatiller, Jr., M. G. Harris, Jimmy Thurmond, James Rudd, Trifko Culibrk, Jr., Ray Womoc ' :. Eighth Row Edword Brooks, Joe Moody, Mortin Wood;, J. B. Msrendlno, Walter Roberts, Douglos Johnson, Pete Sultls, Ralph Hollywood, Carroll Cooley, Edwin Ford. Ninth Row: Tilson Helvey, John Hodkinson, Wylie Poscholi, Pete D Voe, Sherman Riley, Herbert Shessel, Ross Bryant, Carol Miller, Walter Phillips, Dolton Lovelace. NOT IN PICTURES Boys Marvin Breeding Ralph Brothers Wollace Browning Jock Box Korl Corey Lawrence Dovis George Gilkerson Lloyd Gilmore Robert Gross Lester Ingle Edward Jones Carvis Lynch J. H. McCoy Andrew Miller Thomas Moore Troy Russell G rls Georgia Belt Lois Casper Pauline Ewalt Betty Lou Gary Hozel Harbison Shirley Harmon Geneva Hronicky Leila Keller Elizabeth Moxwell Mary Louise Miller Beverly Morris Margaret Murchison Wondo Slovoll Pauline Turk Birt Wholey Betty Jo WJMioms Page Fifty-four i ■pp li 11 3 - =» f ' . ' ' W ill I III I III , tiJ ,J mJ: 07 O- ' aM? ' -- LEFT TO RIGHT c u Firsf ffowf Ruth Stewart, Marie Lomas, Katherine Raftopoulos, Evelyn Charba, Mary Frances Stone, Margarett Might, Imogene Hale, Louise Ray, Pauline Wood, Maxine Knight, Lillian Killingsworth, Rachael Meeks, Gladys Bailey. Second Row Dorothy Hancock, Dorothy Perry, Mary Sue Bassett, Ida Marie Nunn, Billye Albright, Irene Hall, Emily Kizer, Frances Seguin, Verna Dean Torno, Pearl Freed, Frances Silvergold, Judith Bolser, Miriam Guckenheimer, Faye Sakellariou. Third Row Doris Montague, Kathryn White, Mildred Williford, Joyce Clounch, Sarafino Corbone, Margarete Johnson, Ethel Bock, Hannah Leach, Gertrude Ackerman, Claire Robins, Margueritte Barshop, Betty Davis, Ruth Duncan. Fourth Row: Clara Bell Harris, Betty Hatter, Mary Jane Gruner, Annie Lourie Brown, Nellie Rosenboum, Joyce Ann Roper, Alice Hambrick, Loyce Lambert, Eva Dougherty, Helen Grant, Sophie Ruskin, Grace Neuman, Ruth Cash. Fifth Row: Betty Lynne Smith, Bettie Goronzik, Doris Ann Martin, Gertrude Slaughter, Vivion Newell, Doris Mae Dickhout, Nona Faye Johnson, Jeanne Barge, Louise Torion, Martha Carter, Lorene Rodgers, Margaret Kolenovsky, Verne II Bailey. Sixth Row Peggy Murphy, Kathleen O ' Shea, Wilmo Jones, Ermal Wood, Alveta Murphy, Fran Congleton, Kotie Moe Hiett, Helen Broyles, Vivian Slovoll, Eva Hey man, Edwettia Henry, Mary Goodman. Seventh Row; Cloro Belle Cherry, Amelia Spreen, Doris Kinnard, Lucille Alexander, June Hardin, Morjorie White, Ida Pearl Hlllis, Marjorie Palmer, Ella Fay Goolsby, Katie Pearl Gross, Ruby Nell Mauldin, Nadine Guthery, Nellie Irene Ball. Eighth Row Melbo McKnight, Mozelle Pendleton, Blllie Merritt, Agnes Merk, Shirley Aronoff, Toba Lena Rosenstock, Theresa Hildeman, Hazel Redus, Maebeth Robinson, Eva Mae Shackelford, La Verne Fisher, Dorothy Marie Bain, Betty Jo Wallace. Ninth Row Annie Kieke, Margaret Myers, Lucille Crim, Helen Louise Chastain, Faye Baxter, Gene Yungfleisch, Betty Price, Margaret Earring ton, Corleto Rambo, Avo Langston, Ellen Brown, Marguerette Helton, Mary Frances Mauldin. Page Fifty-five 4l GlaU LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Mort Nicholas, Hugh Henderson, Lester Ingle, Charles Hodges, Cmmett W. Hardy, Kenneth Burns, William Ross, Melvin Johnson, Gus Marco, Leslie Goss, Leslie Morris. Second Row Hyman Kovsky, Raymond Wilson, Donny Cline, Robert McForlond, Jock Freeman, Randolph Roper, Leroy Rephon, Kenneth Bolthrop, Bill Tiner, Joe Smollwood. Third Row. Grover Denison, Leon Byers, Billy Broyles, Leon Benjamin C hen, Loyd Murrey, Odie Reed, Ben net Stampes, Harold Walker, David Rosenzweig. Fourth Row Tom Paroski, Harwell Lucky, Clinton Woody, Horry Small, James Stutts, Galen Edwards, Billy Dial, J. B. Goza, James Ritter. Fifth Row Kenneth Hulme, Bob Stallcup, Wilfred Goldgor, J. C. Lewis, Edword Lee, Richard Lewis, Williom Peocock. Sixth Row Wilburn Tullos, Johnny Roblson, Warren Hunter, Leslie Withrow, Ernest Genfhner, Jack H. Adelsfein, Charles Looney, Jack Powton. Seventh Row Jerry Hoffman, Horry Hoffman, Jack Razovsky, Robert Millwee, Jarrell Rubinett, Norman Levin, B. M. Moody. NOT IN PICTURES Boys Angelo Colletti Audrain Foirclolh Powell Miller Levelyn Blolock P. H. Corbett Edward Lee Sam Moldove William Embry Earl McCoy James Moore Williard Rogers Alex TutHe Randolph Somford Robert Von Muss Lloyd Saunders age Fifty-six GlaM. LEFT TO RIGHT Fi ' rsf Row Emily Cook, Lois Grisom, Glorio Angrist, Evelyn Gilford, Dorolliy Lee Farley, Allie Jean Combs, Irmo Joyce Suwol, Dorothy Giggleman, Patricio Chostonl, Judy Ann Ogleiree, Jettie Lee Graham. Second fto - A vane 1 1 Pritchett, Mary Elizabeth Lewis, Trellis McRae, Kotherine Hunter, Florine Green, Eva Perlstein, J eon el te Acker man. Gene Mirsky, Marcia Goldln, Dorothy Sutcllffe, Doris Ansfett, Opal Lewis. T irrd Row: Jimmie Leo Roberson, Elizabeth Sawyer, Virginlo Holifield, Ruby Geeo, Therle Warner, Dolores Kovnat, Ruth Lovell, Mildred Lanhom, Dolores Ueckert, Rose Verfa. Fourth Row Vertie Wolven, Dorotha Crow, Josephine Israel, Pauline Allmond, Dorothy Loos, Carlyn Olsowski, Hozel Jean Zanella, Dortho Sordelet, Jean Ross, Marvin Marie Johnson. fi ' ffh Row, Charlyne Jones, Helen Ruth Freeman, Juanita Crone, Kutheryn Eaves, Hozel Fleming, Emelie Workman, Dorothy Sheppard, Imogene Walker, Maude Parker, Marian Turk, Frances Gerloff. Sixth Row Marjorie Slay, Rusel Borrow, Doris McGregor, Sue Gentsch, Jean Thompson, Dole McClaren, Letho Aae West, Foye Stribllng, Virginia Whitcher, Lois Bourquin. Seventh Row: Mary Alice Corr, Ella Slampes, Dorothy Virginia Corr, Florene Brodford, Virginia Woods, Loroine West, Laura Bond, Jane Honey, Joy Faye Ingle, Josephine Morawski, Juonito McCoy. NOT IN PICTURES Girls Izetto English Volela France Evelyn Gilford Virginia Macaluso Miriam Ray Juonito Cherry Dorothy Lee Farley Helen Ruth Freeman Maribelle Hancock Prebble Maris Rosa Lee Raskin Muriel Davis Hozel Fleming Dorothy Giggleman Mary Frances Hendrix Jerry Polk Helen Rutherford Ruby Geeo Dorothy Hicks Page Fifty-seven aju- ' 3 A GlaU LEFT TO RIGHT FiVsf Row Raymond Blummer, Jome Whittkower, Harold Borofsky, Kenneth Dane, Harry Goodslein, Jones Tuttte, Billy Shelton, Jerald Ransom, Bennett Goodman, Melvin AronofT, Ramon Wilcn;ky. Second ftow: Lynn Elliott, Forrest Moore, G. C. Lucky, Howard Tullqs, Harold Simon, Darwin Huddle, Walter Karr, Georga Firor, Homar Odom, Third Row Jack Drondell, Sidney Glcsser, Leoo ' Dunn, Chorles Jordon, George Brooks, Curtis Arrington, Leroy Jones, Philip Done, Archie Broodo, Walter Sorensen. fourth Row Charles McAnally, Donald Cortimilia, Herbert Sheoner, Martii Andrews, Porter Reed, Samuel Feldman, Jc;ck Kelley, Hardin Whitoker, James Watts, Foster Scott. Fifth Row Richard Glanville, George Altenau, Wylie Parker, Joe Pokladni!(, Ben Mims, Jack Lee, Lawrence Hoover, Gary Burton, Raymond Beach. Sixth Row Joe Siegel, Wallace Fitch, W, W. B righam, Robert King, Oscar Conner, Robert Stewerf, Earl Ferguson, Bill Grashom, Ernest Busby. NOT IN PICTURES Soys Robert Acrer George Adds John Anderson Wendell Cannaday Dillard Cantrell Ray Cash Harvey demons Garland Collett Anson Cox Billy DeLee Barney Dowd Frank Donoberger Jimmie Edward Johnnie Ezell Joe Bob Floyd Joe Bill Free Billie Gallop Glenn George Walter Holt Johnny Hubid Luther Huffmon Willie Johnson Kenneth King Robert Wayne King William Kiusz Allan Lakey Everett Lotimer H. D. Lollor Joe N. McKinney Robert McComas James Marshall Loyd Murrey Miller Powell Calvin Reckley Claude Richardson Charles Schreiber Alvin Schumann James Shuptrine Gerald Stralton James Slults Leon Tolerton Riley Tucker Robert Van Rhodney Waggoner Mitchell Wall Garland White Aubrey Joe Whitfield Berlrum Williams John Willis Orville Wright i If Page Fifty- eight ■U I 3 ieiaU LEFT TO RIGHT Firs Row: Bett!e Lou Vines, Katie Reese, Mory Helen Scoggins, Sara Holey, Mary Manning, Martha Jeon Splcer, Edith Eaton, Thelmo Morrison, Amy Lee Trommell, Cornelia Hambric. Second Row: Imogene Miskell, Mary Sue Reese, Sylvia Yonack, Bluma Rudnitzky, Natalie Lipner, Moxine Bennett, Clolre Degen, Vetma Poge, Elouise Rogers, Betty Mae Tolliver, Edwina Doily. Third Row: Cora Lee Haralson, Roxie Poteet, Vera Burkhead, Lucille McFjrlond, Iva Moe Stribling, Betty Turner, Marguerite Teofatiller, Arlene Lokey, Morjorie Grider, Frances Gillett, Margie Butler, Miss Alice Harrington. Fourth Row: Imeldo Boiin, Jean Odell, Frances Smith, Ray Bell Kahn, Max:ne Shields, Doris Grace, Clara Condroy, Morjorie Ledford, Moxine Alex- onder, Eunita Smith, Rufh Walker. Fiffh Row: Kathleen Powell, Frances Kebrle, Novio Lee WilhJte, Kathleen Toylor, Margie Clark, Dorothy Grocy, Lillie Mae Inie, Clydene Holder, Neomo Lamb, Eorleen Shouse, Betty June Williams. , Sixth Row: WiMette Baslnger, Betty Joyce Stockard, Adnenne Levin, Billie Anderson, Esther Saltzmon, Metbo Jo Deon, Robbie Bowers,, Bobbie Ruth Turner, Lorene Barnes, Jean Wilhelm, Louise Ufay, Lorene Fisher. Seventh Row: Estelle Niss, Almeto Kenning ton, Olgo Tennant, Ethnye Wilson, Helen Washburn, Henryette Stevenson, Hazel Davidson, Neldo Reynolds, Frankie Follin. Eighth Row; Melbo Whitson, Elizobelhe Burke, Virginia Lorr, Frances Skelton, Sarah Thomoson, Dorothy Grigg, Shirley Houck, Marcelle Burns, Eva Ruth Carter, Doris McGoughey. Ninth Row: Margaret Yeoles, Glorio Dupree, Doris Jean Robbins, Helen Phipps, Mildred Stepter, Annie Zimmerman, Betty Jean Buford, Doris June Morris. NOT IN PICTURES Girls Mary Louise Barton Betty Bethel Lolita Blokeway Benito Brown . Thelmo Browne Doris Burden Virginio Collowoy Betty Corson Frankie Clark Pauline Cole Jeanne Couch Vivion Dovis Ruby Day Jone Dees Bertha Droughon I ma Jean Flatt Minnie Ford Dorothy Gaskin Frances Gillelt Virginia Gilliam Helen George Doris Groves Fronces Griner Doris Horshow Evelyn Hatcher Ann Hoynes Virginia Hoyth Tommie Hedgpeth Frances Henry Imogene Hobbs Betty Hughes Georgia Mae Hunter Betty Ingrom Virginia Ivers Doris Jomes Martha Johnson Constance Jordon Mickie Kelley Delores Keneogh Morjorie King Ceclio Koller Billie Langston Eleonor Modons Mary Frances May Jeonette Miller Billie Niess Emma Porrlsh Juanito Poynter Dorothy Price Avonell Pritchett Loroine Purkey Dorothy Shorber Wanda Sides Ella Stompes Virginia Tilliom Dorothy Turner Irene Walters Wanda White Edith Williams Retha Williams Dorothy Wood Alice Wright Page Fifty-nine I KJi ' V Bf ■ .-; . 6. ' |f;i,vJ f-T- m=yE=F=t. i - ,. Ji i? 33 3 aU LEFT TO RIGHT First Row Fred Schlinger, Gabrie l Camocho, Paul Pyron, Jimmle Fryar, J mes Palmer, George McCoy, Corl Rudick, Lawrence Hersch, Powell Martin. Second Row Leon Rubenslein, Gerald Rushing, Floics Tunnell, Doyle Stephenson, Derwin Puckett, M. G. Davis, Billy Joe Boyans, Don Kelton, Billy Joe Hart, Leon Tolerton. Third Row Bill Dietrich, Lamar Fleming, Jimmle Duncan, John Henry Schoerdel, Jr., Hoyden Summerfield, Kenny Hansen, Marvin Coppedge, John Tucker, Aubrey Perry, Roland James Moore. , Fourffi Row Dovid Giller, Billy Caldwell, Bill Cozley, Robert Murray, Bill Holt, Abner Camp, Bill Brown, Arlhur Miller, Walter ShindoM, Charles Beck. Fifth Row: Warren Therrel, Billy Cox, Loyd Contrell, Cecil Brooks, Gene Griffin, Roger Moore. NOT IN PICTURES Boys OMie Clark Harold Murrey A. J. Smegner Hubert Adorns Colby Crockett Beuford Griffith Isadore Londsberg Dawson Pote Lowell Smith Frank Alexander Jesse Drake Alvin Homusek George Moddox Stanley Peacock Alexander Stothakos Martin Annis Robert Duckwo th Jock Horwood Owen Marshall Ben Poole Oscar Stinson Byron Belt James Forston Henry Holcombe Jack McClure Jomes Ronkin Duane Sutton Alfred Brov n Holly Frazior Billy Jackson Earl McCoy Harry Riesman Herbert Voighl Jock Bufkin Paul Goff Vandon Jarvis Bob McNally Joe Rogers Earl Walker David Camp Jock Green Rodford JefTers Marvin Monday C. B. Seely Ray Welling Page Sixty 3 II ClaU LEFT TO RIGHT firsf Row Rose Lee Bollas, Helen Benedict, Dimple Oulworth, Kothryn Park- , Frances Campogna, Sally Frecdmon, Elva Jones, Maudie Ruth Lees, Audrey Gray, Ruby Mae Parsons, Adell Mochac. Second Row Wanda Knight, Lillte Gonzales, Constance Jordon, Bernice Gilreath, Evelyn SSalctte, Irma Figanbaum, Mary Ruth Fletcher, Marie Koller, Frances Reaves, Yvito Satterwhite, Marjorie Bodine, Bonnie Faye Kellum. Third Row Dorothy Price, Jeanette Miller, Joy Lee Williams, Martha ScotI, Mareto Sullins, Dorothy Fay Stevenson, Ruth Levy, Mary Ann Johnson, Betty Mitchell, Mildred Crabtree, Dorothy Goffman, fourth Row Alva Redo Graham, Virginia Gray, Doris Oleta Lutz, Shirley Poole, Dorothy Lawrcnc?, Hazel Ruth Millwee, Mina Lee Millwee, Evelyn Pate, Bobbie Jean Gentle, Irene Chostain, Alonzalee Allen, Willicm Kellum. Fifth Row Helen Jones, Loroine Servner, Geraldine McWilliams, Ino Ve Crowder, Lydia Thompson, Betty Jane McKinney, Evelyn Christensen, Mary Turner, Kathleen Tiner, Margaret McCreary, Juonita Adams, Reno Weatherly. Girls Lonei ta Ball Imogene Bradley Virginia Brecheen Mary Calvert Betty Childress Moxie Cochran Gertrude Dsnison Marjorie DiMoIo Eva Englebcrg Kotheryn Estes Juonita Ethridge Willeto Eubanks Ruth Faircloth Louise Forester Wondo Garrett NOT IN PICTURES obbie Jeon Gentle Kathleen Malloy Genevieve Gilcrsase Bernice Gilreoth Dora Gouger Montie Jean Hodges Anna Beth Hoskins Otillia Hubig Lola Lievsay Annette Lyies Dorothy Ann Manley Billie Mitchell Doris Mitchell Clara Mor3w:;ki Virginia Morris Doris Norvrlb Billie Owens Elizabeth Pirozzo Patricio Porter Dorothy Smith Clara Mae Richardson Jeanette Spillman Chlorine Roberts Lorene Rose Louise Rose Loraine Schrivner Lydio Skrivonok Lynda Skrwanek Cora Lee Stewart Christine Tucker Mildred Vestal Florence Walling Billie Wilborne Dorothy Moo Wyalt Page Sixty-one LEFT TO RIGHT First Row Milford Thomas, Erman Wood, Alfred Jefferson, Pete Trone, Horold Golmon, David Cobbel, David Schlocter, Sommy Seltzer, Herbert Goldberg, Joe Freed, Robert Gary, Billy Rogers, Erwin PoHshuk. Second Row,- William Mossey, J. T. Lemons, Herbert Watts, Edward Vodicka, Jim Lincoln, Leiand Turner, Robert Glazer. Russell Murdoch, Gerald Coley, Autrey Lee Bordin, Harold Lloyd. Third Row Bobby Miller, Milan Leggett, Barthell Ellis, Marshall Moore, Ed Deering, Jimmie Lott, Billy Jack Ramsey, Morton Zimmerman, Stanley Leventhal, Donald Schmidt, Horry Haines, Johnnie Brown. fourth Row J, T. Jones, Herbert Yonock, Raymond Jones, Jr., Williom Hill, Nev ton Stovolt, levy Burson, Normon Webb, Leon Dorden, Jerry Humphrey, Albert Watts. Fifth Row Billy Dooley, Donald Higgins, Dovid Boll, David Kennington. Freddy Goldstein, Russell Burns, Edward Burkley, Teddy Weotherford, Escar Gil ley, Bobby Robinson, Cleopas Pounds. Sixth Row Eugene Jeffers, J. C. Ka:scd, Louii Rubin, Glenn Long, Elmo Elom, Ronny Shipp, A. E. Dovis, Eugene Hranicky, Jimmy Murchison, Hubbard Hollon, Roleigh Huie, Jr. NOT IN PICTURES Boys Billy Cox Morvin Huddler J. C. Mockey Dee Polmer Richard Stroud George Baker R. L. Duckworth Elmer Johnson Billy Moddox Clifford Petty Ben Sumner Albert Buford Kenneth English Everett Kaatz Craig Mortin Clinton Powell Richard Theisen Billy Burch Sommy Ewalf Walter Kile Bobby Mayo Roy Poynter Spivo Guy Vodcn Milton Burkhorl George Fleming Wilford King Charles Moore Leon Ruben:tein Donald West Ed Burkley Daniel Hill George Logon George Moore Julian Singleton Odell Wr3n Chase Campbell John Hoesel Clarence McFodden Charles Munden Billy Smith Forrest Wynn Howard Conwoy Leroy Huddleston R. L. McCrocken Donold Murphy Grover Stevens Earl Young Page Sixty two i i V I 8 ml rtiiS : «» ' ' m% w ' i . ti@ ' £ : f rv kHi ' ■ T iimX ' 2 1 CLu " vm ( tPi s , « - - 1 i. M tell iSm w r ' Hsar ' »i s K 91 -••■■p « c ij r- ? ' «5 n 1 K Pvi ' 4. HRv pv- - ■ ' ■ ,M _ :-f - ' - LEFT TO RIGHT Firsf Rov TreysQ Seely, Elma Wright, Nella Mae Vaughan, Lorraine Lakey, Betty Perkinson, Charlotte Yonack, Jeanne Goldberg, Betty Jean Bevell, Mary Frances Vaughn, Rrzell Tobolowsky, Sally Bill Sprolt, Lenoro Levlno. Second Row. Virginia Haley, Louise Patterson, Rutti McLendon, Betty Wotzon, Eugenia Peavy, Norma Aronoff, Anna Kleinman, Toby Aronoff, Min- nette Fineglass, Ruth Fischel, Billie Bradley, Frances Toplitz. Third Row Rebo Baker, Ruth Perlmutter, Mary Sandford, Ruth Vogel, Bstty Jo Moore, Sophie Kamen, Velma Casteel, Hozel Poynter, Elizabeth Norton, Jimmie Lou Hardin, Ernestine Bruce, Shirlye Sherrord. Fourth Row, Ruth Reynolds, Alice Winsor, Vlda Jo Tindoll, Dorothye Howie, Doris Jean Hormer, Loretta Howkins, Opol Dodson, Charlotte Marantz, Helen Wilensky, Minette Corchine, Annette Golman, Anita Golman. f ' lUU Row. Bettye Frances Hyde, Edwynia Henry, Dorothy Mullin, Wondo La Rue, Fay Williams, Moxine Newman, Lorolee Weltman, Maxine Thomp- son, Evelyn Yates, Peggy Whittlngton, Aggre Lee Harper, Tommie Orton, Juanito Etheridge. Sifi h Row. Monna Jean Shackelford, Marilyn Rachofsky, Doris Rutchik, Rebecca Cox, Effie Cummings, Virginia Ferrell, Bertha Rosengarten, Betty Stovall, Maxine Armstrong, Billie Lou Gentry, Mary Lee Gentry, Gwendolyn Hubbard. Seventh Row Nelda Jo Duck, Virginia Fite, Florence Center, Poppy Hammond, Corinne Pederson, Moudie Tucker, Morgret Tolley, Billie Lambert, Betty MccGouger, Anna Jo Cicero, Jeon Housmon. Eighth Row Marjorlene Porish, Celeste Echols, Dorothy Dovenport, Hazel Ferguson, Loreta Hamilton, Janette Knight, Vivo Thompson, Ella Pearl Bunch, Virginia Jackson, Milton Lee Atkins. Ninth Row: Samye Gattuso, Betty Conipe, Lois Hlllis, Sarah Bourlond, Annobelle Moore, Geraldine Harris, Margaret Greshom, Gwendolen Rees-Jones, Kathleen Dovis, Betty Sawyer, Margaret Browning, Betty Cannon. NOT IN PICTURES Girls Ernestine Bacon Beatrice Baker Doris Baker Rosa Lee Boskett Blanche B- ' tes Nora lee B cknsll Pauline Bslcher Billie Blnc ' ;burn Rozell Bov mnn Eleanor Brady Doris Brock Martha Brown Geraldine Bryant Cleo Cargill Wondo Cowthorn EInine Collins Lillie Conner Zelmo Crummy Mnurine Davis Willie B. Dodson Modeno Droke Christell Fergu;on Imo Jean Flott Bettye Jane Gardner Ruth Grant Roxie Hague Maxine Howes Morceline Hempel Bonnie Hicks Lenoa HIser Dolores Holifield I ena Holland Dorothy Hoskin-. Minnie Leo Howell Mory Hughes Morion Keith Jessup Imodean Jon°-. Nezzie Jo Kelly Joyce Kitts Reva Kuykendoll Virginia Lamb Virginia Lonkford Dorothey Lee Law Grace Lebowilz Loroine Little Marie Lloyd Mary Jo Lumley Nadyne McCullough Geroldine McWIIIIams Joan Mayes Evelyn Moldove Billie Pearl Morris Dorothy Moulton Mortho Napier Avolee Newman Gloria Nicholas Peggy Nicholis Rolene Odell luonito Portoin Phyllis Pennington Isobel Poarch Betty Ricker Pauline Russell Willie Jo Sanders Mary Alice Scott Elizabeth Sherrill Doris Stewart Wanda Sullivan Helen Taylor Bermo Dean Vogel Wondo Lee Woddell Lucille Wilkerson lona Willeford Dorothy Wilson Evelyn Wrenn Page Sixiy-three ajurwpai ,»-Ln ■ ■■■4 i !iKt«My . —..-r fl I. ;. r... . 1 ' ;m rm,jmM i ' d- y 23 GLu LEFT TO RIGHT Firsf Row Helen Chunn, Evelyn Key, Emma Jane Morris, Ora Lou Williams, Loretfa McDonold, Bernice Johnson, Jeanette Rosenberg, Mary Jane Anderson, Frances Louise Janner, Eleanor Cohen, Mary Ann George, Billie Smith, Helen Stover. Second Row. Francine Burris, Priscilla Du Bose, Freida Tinsley, Loverne Woodall, Lula Moe Tollerlon, Dorothea Ru;h, Gloria Michoelson, Darlene Ton ton, Joanna Brown, Mary Deskin. Tfi rd Row: Sarah Chesnick, Joan Moner, Bobbie Nsll Sims, Shirley Mark, Betty Lou Hancock, Jo!-nnie May Gill, RuJh Hill, Juanito Boatman, Kathleen Collins, Lorene Flanagan, Novella Tullos. Fourth Row: Sam Henenberg, Bobby Moore, Shirley Hill, Leroy Harris, Johnnie Wilhelm, J. C. Pendleton, Frank Sloan, Edward Dees, Robert Max- well, Alvin Whitfield. ? hh Row Bobby Kolenovsky, Jack Lyons, Edwin Thorn, Harold Lewis, Herman Ric3, Julius Froumon, Louis Weltchek, Duward Albright, Richard Smith, Roy YandelL % i . Row. N. J. McCorley, Bob Pugh, John W. Pugh, Jim Embry, Max Earl Williamson, Robert Shelton, Joe Young, Henry Riser, Leroy Wild, James Jenkins. Seventh Row, Kenneth Stubbs, Marvin Borish, Chorles Reed, L Richard Peon Grubbs, Audy Leon Dorr. M. Cox, Vernon Wright, Joe McKinncy , Henry Shofer, Jerry Freeman, Freddie Show NOT IN PICTURES fioys Roy Arnold Autry Baldwin Budgie Barnes Robert Benat William Broyles Billy Bufkin John Chandler Jack Charles Thomas Clark Eugene Cundiff Eimo Elom George Forr J. T. Ferguson Morris Finneburgh Escar Gilley Claise Gilrccth Herbert Green Ray Rice Herman David Herndon Fred Hogon Johnny Jackson Eugene Jones Saul Kohn Jack Keller Herman Kurz Creighton Le Mostcr Harold Levsrett Amos Lewallen Charles Lowrance Joe Meeks Harold Nelson Glen Pearcy Horold Pemberton Gcral Reynolds Eugene Ritchie Herman Salomon David Schepps Jerry Segal Brrf Sharp Hcrshel Shepherd William Sherman Jack Sprogue Thomas Stepter Glenn Thorn H:nry Thrasher Clifford Tink-r Tom Tuttle Olin Warren Joke Werb Marshall Wright GfV s Marguerite Alexander Dorothy Baise Kafhryn Belt Ernestine Bruce Jeraldine Burns Johnnie Cannon Elwanda Clanfon Wondo Cochran Caroline Collendrinj Morgaret Collins Mary Cortimilio Juanito Davis Anna Ruth Dyer Lynsll Fletcher Floy Freeman Helen Gaylord Iva Mae Gibbs Billie Lou Gentry Fronkie Grant Margaret Greshom Bonnie Griffith Virginia Griner Emma Hole Mary Holliburton Thelmo Harwood Mildred Hensley Aary House Annie Mae Hubig Geroldine Hughes Dorothy Nell Kern Helen Lottimer Nilo Ruth Lynn Delores McAIIster .Betty McMoster Dorothy Ovcrturf Annie Poktadnik June Rftoves Beatrice Richordson Geroldine Richmond Frances Robbins Doris Sconce Lois Shultz Bobbie Smith Virginio Stork Louise Steindam Doris Strengsr Bobbie Strickland Anna Lee Sutcliffj Darlene Tonton Vodo Vaughn Ruth Williams Doris Wilson Betty Wright Frances Wright Jean Wynn Page Sixty-four I « ■ - ' m m f -f- -■?■ iA GlaU LEFT TO RIGHT firsf Pow Bobbie Flonagan, Tomie Ezell, Jacqueline Klllingsworth, Evelyn Pale, Frances Alamo, Winnie Lee Fisher, Fannie Brown, Adelyn Downey, Carolyn Downey, Gwendolyn Kent, Lois Kolin. Second Row Myrtle Bond, Nelva Jackson, Frances Button, Mamie Witherspoon, Lois Meeks, Texano Cook, Virginia Douier, Jimmie Lontrips, Frances Willeford, Anna Belle Corbett, Elizabeth Almon, Helen Fain. Third Row: Robert Sole, Joe Richardson, Donald Lakey, Don Harris, Monroe Mirsky, Jack Summerfield, Martin Spiritas, Billy Bushman, Alton Gray, Stanley Schneider, Edgar Wafford. Fourth Row: Leonard Pirfle, Leslie Mitchell, Harold Lewis, Meyer Raskin, Norman Cohen, Edwin McGee, Ernest Coffman, Louis Watel, Victor Oddo, Eugene Friedman. F ffh Row. Robert Berman, Elvin Appleby, Edwin Morris, Grady Millender, Robert Cruse, Donald Tullis, R. P. Jones, Paul Jarrett, Bernard Kohn, Bobby Goldberg, Tommy McCrory, Sostenez Reyna. Sixth Row. Dem ' - ' iey Cozby, Joe Knott, Jimmie Simpson, George Reed, Bill McCoy, William Harp, Ross Cangelose, Billy Lumpkin, Marvin Blosser, Jimmie Buchanan, Jerry Rose. Sevenfh Row.- lack Daniel, Charles Cauley, J. D. Musso, Bill Ellis, Robert Davenport, Millrim Goronzlk, Louie Freeland, Clifford Delk, Clarence Par- rish, Curtis Cameron, Paul Sy, David Smith. Eighth Row Morton Prager, George Mirsky, Martin Letow, Horace Lumpkin, Jerry Miller, Benny Apple, Earl Bornett, Benny Culbertson, Tom Calloway. NOT IN PICTURES 6oys Jack Adams Leroy Allen Bill Anderson Charles Au:tin Roland Basden Lawrence Bollard Eugene Brockway James Buchanan John Bunting Fred Chombers James Chism Robert Clark Glenn Claxton Joe Collins Otis Davis Ralph Dawson Raymond Dewberry Ray Dunn Thermon Etheridge Everett Faircloth Jack Pox Herman Garrard James Goode Moborn Gray Carl Greenwood Donald Higgins Jack Higgs Shirley Hill Jomes Hoyle Paul Jarrett Bobby Jenkins Gene King Bobby Kolenovsky William Krecek Raymond Leberta Bob Lilly James Lynch Otis Mockey Adolph Marder Dale Martin Maxine Meyer Tommy Miller William Miller Frank Morgan Joe Murray Victor Oddo John Palmer Duane Payne William Pedigo Richard Pokladnik Leiand Purkey J. W. Roberts Samuel Rude G- D. Somford Nolan Samples L. E. Sanders Bernard Schnitzer Ervin Singer Allen Smith Charles Smith Billy Stroud Frank Thomas Leo Frank Vavra Jerry Vineyard Billy WofFord Marvin Walden Kenneth Willis Weldon Willis Malcolm Wimbish Charles Wood Donald Zcn n Page Sixty-five lA GlaU First Row Margorete Rambo, Joyce Reynolds, Yvonne SuHtns, Patricio Roy, Marie Griffis, Dorothy Burns, Helen Corry, Georgia Wallace, Pear! Hofter, Eleonor Cohen, Betty Minsky, Grace Phillips. Second Row: Patsy Cherry, Maxine Rachofsky, Shirley Koufmon, Pouline Sy, Louise Moehle, Louise Grizzle, Mary Grizzle, Lola Hotton, Rhea Gold- stein, Lois Hiegel, Margaret Molone, Dorothy Chorbo, Joyce Robnett, Betty Lovelody. Third Row Audrey Gray, Modelyn Koye, Tillie Goodman, Pauline Carter, Lenoro Osborne, Evelyn Beach, Pauline Engelberg, Guide Riley, Faye Shwiff, Hannah Kriss, Inez Leveen, Jimmle Hewlett, Mary Mossey. fourfh Row: Betty Sparks, Ouido Evans, Inez Jenkins, Helen Dovid;on, Bonnie Erwin, Evelyn CordeM, Mary Molloy, Lucille Turner, Frances Hardin, Eloise Conner, Billie Faulkner, Geroldine Davis. Fifth Row: Mary Grabstald, Velma Grisom, Frances Fugitt, Holly Dougherty, Mildred Karlen, Claudia Kimbrough, Helen Lutz, Ethlyn Krecek, Doris Diffee, Dorothy Davis, Lauretta Kickirlllo, Lazell Graham. Sixth Row: Jane Henry, Betty Eastwood, Norma Choote, Bobbye Adams, Jenny Sokellariou, Shirley Priest, Marion Lillebridge, Mary Dougherty, Dorothy Dodson, Ruby FischI, Betty De Gaugh. Seventh Row. Wilma Havins, Wanda Payne, Mollie Rosenboum, GraC2 Gilbert, Helen Wingert, Betty Bosma, Doris Tolerton, Moxine Meyer, Frances Walters, Marion Lowton, Shirley Frozier, Esther Sosse. Eighth Row, Dorothy Brown, Dorothy Terry, Betty Gray, Dorothy Ludwick, Eula Coleman, Jone Marshall, Hannah Kupfer, Betty Burton, Joye Hill,, Ruth Bennett, Margaret lemin, Mavis Ferguson. Ninth Row, Leoto Howard, Frances McDonald, Ruth Thomson, Clara Lorenz, Mary Duckworth, Gay Nell Martin, Mary ShindoM, DeLois Gibson, Phyllis Holmberg, Mary Mae McEvoy, Rosemary Coward, Gloria Mayhew. NOT IN PICTURES Girls Mary Louise Ailshie Elaine Alexander Vodo Boltz Dorothy Bean Laura Belcher Frances Bock Juanito Brighom Gertrue Bunum Billie Cowlhorn Ivo Chandler Doris Jean Clark Violet Clark Foy Collins Loroine Cone Bobbye Crow Tommie Davis Florence Deover Dorrs Driver Louro Driver Mareto Estes Ado Mae Fain B ' -tty Jo Flechtne Helen Frier Blanche Goldstein Emmo Jo Graham Aileen Head Carol June Heoton Wanda Jean Hendri) Potsy Hilley Foye Hitltard Anne Hoesel Geroldine Hollond Kathleen Howell Juonita Jogieors Edno Johnston Christina Kootz Jimmie Lou Lontrip Moxine Latimer Lillian Lawton Foye Lowe Franc?s Lynch Bobbie Jean McCorter Betty Ruth McFodin Berniece Massengill Willie Jean Mavis Martha Jone Moores Annobelle Musso Patricio Nrnich Evelyn Price Lucille Ross Juanito Sauieba Helen Scott Lido Mae Shelton Gouldeon Smith Mory Stonberry Elrcdo Stinson Kathleen Stringer Stella Toylor Mary Etta Thomos Billye Thompson Leora Tompkins Bettye Lou Tucker Mary Frances Tucker Bernice Turner Vivian Wollis Mary Helen Williams Potsy Ruth Williams A oxine Worden Helen Worley Page Sixty-six Wli ■ M - - !?SaBiBS3 nCv 1 " - ' •isiai 1 IfcMl lwg HP ' H f ' " ' ' , ' i ■y , « :V ■i IV - 3 eUii LEFT TO RIGHT Fffjf Rov ' : Mary Francis Sickles, Joyce Wyly, Dorothy LoJuey, Katie Fair, Betty Cochran, Imogene Beasly, Mary Mays, Evelyn Lynn, Hannah Webber- man, Beverly Levit, Sylvia Moss. Seconc Row: Mory Elizabeth Menard, Mary Elirobeth Hudson, Rebecca Goren, Phyllis Elaine Rubinetl, Dorothy Zuber, Louise Forester, Mae Von Billion, Margaret Pritchett, Joanne Thompson, Mory E. Jarrell. Third Row. Martha Jo Kennedy, Dorothy I ' qq Gunter, Joyce Palmer, Juanita Ellis, Vivian McLeland, Peggy Packenius, Margarette Kizer, Evelyn Rachofsky, Rose Mary Merritt, Kathleen Roberson, Maurine Hollis. Fourth Row. Morgoret Baldwin, Anna Kotherine Bromleft, Betty Jo Steer, Nona Taylor, Mary Elizabeth Adams, Jeanette Leito, Dorothy Martin, Corinne Feldman, Elizabeth Glenn, Ida B. Archibald. Fifth Row: Mildred Wooten, Billie Jean Burnett, Imogene Dering, Eula Mae Ferrill, Ida Lee Soltzman, Jane Young, Glenn Bourland, Bobby Coplen. Sixth Row Betty Barnes, Virginia Glenn, Caroline Tinnerello, Ruth Houck, Billy Duncan, Paul Seilheimer, Gene Watts, Irvin Donosky, Jerold Goldberg. Seventh Row: Homer Steele, John McCloren, Milton Lee Barnes, Richard Thompson, Gordon Prichard, Calvin Saunders, Ray Bynum, Gene Giggleman, A. J. Campogno, Charles Griggs, Lee Hendrick. Eighth Row: Jokie France, Auble Burgess, Lewis Graves, Emmett Morley, Morris Riesman, Richard Christenscn, David Moody, Frank Smith, Robert Ingle. Ninth Row: Roy Masters, Coy Durham, Jack Curry, Melvtn Hallmark, John Shofner, Jim Ross, Billy Roy, Lenword Price, Chorles Blankenship, Glenn Summer, Melvin Kieke, Ray Adams, Robert Gillett. NOT IN PICTURES Boys Carl Andrews Melvin Andrews Elvin Appleby John Avila Jock Beck L. J. Blackmon Bobby Brodberry David Brahinsky Gerald Brown James Cornes Louis Cossato Homer Cherry Ernest Coffman Ernest Collinsworth Hqrbert Corzine O. B. Davis Paul Dowdy Vernon Oorough M. L. Doss Morton Farber Lucky Ferguson Billy Floyd Billy Fowler Hilly Gilbert Raymond Graves Garland Grimes Fred Hamel Duke Hampton George Honey Jack Jones Harmon Sam Houston Hale Albert Hogue Harold Holcomb Travis Houck Jesse Huffman Howard Bobby James Nornell Joynes Ross Jim Clifford Jones Hubert Lampton Aaron Lewcllyn Kenneth Locke Edward Love Ben McCoy Donald Martin R. B. Mays Gene Melton Edward Middleton Donald Miller Morris Miller Willie Mitchell Hal Moore Jock Moore Emmett Mozley Bob Parker Jack Price Hefzel Reckley Charlie Richmond Robert Sale James Sotterwhite Roy Schellenberg Ervin Schepps Raymond Shoulders Elvis Skinner Clarence Slodek Clarence Stout Howard Throsner Marvin Trowell Charles Tuttle Teddy Wallace Albert Lee Watson Chorlie Jean Whitlock Howord Woody Robert Lee Wright G( s Bonnie Bare Marie Beckham Wanda Brighom Gornita Brockwoy Ella Faye Brothers Virginia Burleson Lloye Foye Burns Margaret Burnord Dorothy Chandler Pauline Chennoult Juan ita Collins Dorothy Cooper Betty Cremer Janice Dougherty Mory Lee Dockery Nelwyn Emiing Gene Eubonks Roweno Fallin Bernice Feldman Genevive Francis Velmo Fuller Bulah Mae Green Eva Moe Haygood Jockie Hendrix Lois Hiegel Bebe Jeane Holman Lucille Hopper Margaret Houchins Elizabeth Jaborek Bettie Jean James Rose Lee Kreiter Joyce Ligon Dorothy McComos Virginia McWIIIiams Marie Miller OIlie Miller Mary Gene Mulkey Wanda Nunn Lilo Paris Elsie Parish Geraldine Portoin Eugenia PoschaM Emmie Moe Pieree Vera Poole Helen Raskin Hortencio Reyno Kilty Rhodes Mary Lee Robertson Betty Jane Robinson Betty Joyne Robinson Ema Lou Rougeot Maxine Rougeot Irene Shiindling Bonnie Slider Joyace Sims Myrle Southern Marie Slonberry Doris Townsend Pauline Vondiver Helen Woddell Jeannette Walters Priscilla Williams Page Sixty-seven I In 1925 the annual was headed by Neel Warfield and ded.cated to F. E. Norton. Gerald McNabb, business manager of the Forester, was also elected senior class presi- dent and most popular boy. Popu- larity laurels for the girls went to Ruth Reynolds. Major Homer E. Carrico replaced Colonel Cole- man, who took three months leave of absence. A notable event fea- tured in the sports section was the , football game against Oak Cliff. For the first time in five years we beat the Leopards. The division pages of the annual were drawn by Thetis Lemmon and Otis Drozier. Pictures of the gym girls in action, the IVA class prophecy and a hu- mor section were featured in this Forester, which was sponsored bv Miss Harriett McClellan and F. E. Norton. The Forester prophesied that Forest would win the city baseball championship that year. Page Sixfy-eight Onxf oHi dtuf-nl i The Forester was proved a reliable forecaster in that its predictions of the city baseball championship was rea- lized in ' 25. Dedicated to Herschel Forester, " who is just what his name implies — a loyal Forester, " the an- nual of ' 26 was co-edited by Annie Bradshow and Gladys Rogertson, with the assistance of Barney Simon as business manager. Colonel Coleman received a warm verbal welcome on his return to Forest. Another Forester to be well received was Mr. Parker ' s very young son who was listed the " the youngest Forester " — Wylie A. Parker, Junior, who was scarcely more than one year old. That year the Journal Junior Award was won for the school by the journalism department under the direction of Miss Edith Moore. The picture plates for the annual were drawn by Raymond Elfenbein and the Class Prophecy was written by Mary Frances Bohannon. Etchings by L. O. GrifTlth showing the progress of Dallas carried out the theme of the ' 27 Forester, dedicated to Miss Rettie Ensor, art instructor, and edited by Beatrice Blakney with -Seymour Margules as business man- ager. The second girl president of a graduating class was Kathleen Carter, who also took top honors as most popular girl. In the dramatic section of Forest the Latin element took hold. Little Red Riding Hood, or Caperucita Encarnada, was given by the Spanish department. Everywoman, a melodrama with its true points, was presented with Catherine Metzger in the title role. Athletics seemed to be the topic of conversation at Forest in 1928. What with the winning of the city basket- ball championships in both classes, and copping second place in the city track meet, the young men who did the work no doubt received plenty of admiration from the girl friends. The Forester gave due credit to the newly organized pep squ ad of 32 girls. Over 500 girls were enrolled in the gym classes. As this was a purely optional course, the size of the enroll- ment said much for the interest in health. Dedicated to the alumni, the Forester was edited by Vera Dashner, and man- aged by George Martin. Page Sixty-nine AlLud Adi GiAJt. OFFICERS ?a Term MISS MEREDITH SCHROEDER, Sponsor CARL RICKER, President VOLITA FRANCE, Vice-President VERDI LE AIKEN, Secretary VIVIAN STOVALL, Treasurer ELMO ELAM, Sergeant-at-Arms BONNIE KELLUM, Parliamentarian LA VERNE FISHER, Student Council Spring Term CARL RICKER, President VOLITA FRANCE, Vice-President GEORGIA BELT, Secretary PEGGY MURPHY, Treasurer FRANK ERENBERGER, Sergeani-at-Arms RUTH CASH, Parliamentarian LA VERNE FISHER, Student Council The Forest Allied Arts Club is composed of students interested in the study and appreciation of the arts. The club members ore frequent visitors to the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts . . . Often members are seen out of doors sketching some beautiful landscape . . . The exhibits furnished by the Allied Arts Club brighten the halls of Forest . . . During the year vhe members studied the work of past and present day artists. The club was very fortunate in having as guest speakers two Dallas artists . . . Programs of varied interest were planned throughout the year, on which were included painting, pottery, and vari- ous examples of the many arts. An outstanding avent of the year was the Christmas party, when paint and point brushes were put aside and everyone had a wonderful lime. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row; Helen LaVerne Fisher, Tommie Davis, Laneito Boil, Ernestine Bruce, !do Nunn, Lillie Gonzales, Katie Gross, Mary Sue Reese, Winnie Fistier. Second ftow: Katie Reese, Betty Stovoll, Ttiereso Hildeman, Voleta France, M. G. Harris, Ruth Casti, Imogene Hole, Wilma Kellum, Carl Ricker, Eugenia Peovy, Vivion Stovoll, Third Row: Fonnie Brown, Ellen Brown, Sophie Ruskin, Virginio Woods, Jock Hermanson, Kathleen O ' Sheo, Bonnie Kellum, Betty Lynne Smith, Lester Ingle, Miss Schroeder, James Walthall, fourth Row, Elmo Elom, Charles Ford, John Bunting, Paul Kelley, Odie Reed, Peggy Murphy, James Stutts, Randolph Roper, Arthur Miller, Eva Moe Hoygood, Frank Ehrenberger. NOT IN PICTURE Georgia Ellen Belt Hazel Horbinson Frank Sloan Birt Wholey Page Seventy I 25-50 GUti Swish! Yke! He barely missed me that time or Bang! Crash! " There went an extra coat of paint! " are sounds frequently heard by careless pedestrians or careless drivers . . . The 25-50 Club is trying to prevent careless driving in the city and on the high- ways. Every member pledges not to drive over 25 miles per hour in the city and not over 50 miles on the highway. Since 1938, when the club was organ- ized, the insignia has been a barbed club with the numbers 25-50 over it . . . For traffic information of the school the 25-50 Club conducts a traffic contest every year . . . These contests are conducted with the cooperation of the Citizens Traffic Commission and the Dallas Police Department . . . With the help of Mr. Ford, the sponsor, the 25-50 Club presents an entertaining assembly every term ... As long as the 25-50 Club continues, Dallas will surely be a much safer place in which to live. IV OFFICERS ?a Term C. L. FORD, Sponsor DOROTHY ROBERTS, President BETTY LYNN SMITH, Vice-President MARIE LOMAS, Secretary-Treasurer CHARLES YATES, Sergeant-at-Arms A. D. CAMPBELL, Parliamentarian DOROTHY HANCOCK, Student Counc ' Spring Term BETTY LYNN SMITH, President AMELIA SPREEN, Vice-Presi dent DOROTHY HANCOCK, Secretary -Treasurer CHARLES HODGES, Parliamentarian WILBUR KASTEN, Sergeant-at-Arms DOROTHY HANCOCK, Student Council LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Billye Albright, Cora Lee Stewart, Hazel Ruth Millwee, Dorothy Hancock, Betty Lynne Smith, Joy Fay Ingle, Amelia Spreen, Polly Alimon Doris Kinnord. Second Row C. L. Ford, Doris Jean Robbins, Helen Broyles, Evelyn Charba, Corinne Pederson, Poppy Hammond, Lucille McFarland, Louise Ray Morgoret Forrlngton. Thfrd Row Lester Ingle, Charles Hodges, Wilbur Kasten, Irvin Wisdom, Elizabeth Sawyer, Dorothy Crow, Mary Lynn Dougherty. Fourth Row Edith Eaton, Dorothy Seilheimer, Esther Saltzman, T. J. Collette, Doris Anstett, Betty Turner, Annie Zimmerman, Jock Hermonson. Fifth Row Bettye Jane Gardner, Charles Monzingo, Marie Lomos, Galen Edwards, Edward Vodicka. NOT IN PICTURE Nila Ruth Lynn Page Seventy-one allai cJiiiioA4.€uK OFFICERS ?a Term jVUSSJy MNlE_BRQYia::J, Sponsor tYNN ELLIOT1 Pres den)f JAMES YARBROUGH, Vice-President MARGIE BUTLER, Secretary GLORIA BAILEY, Treasurer CECIL BROOKS, Sergeont-af-Arms GLADYS BAILEY, Parliamentarian Spring Term RICHARD GLANVILLE, President MARGIE BUTLER, Vice-President DALE McCLAREN, Secrefory JAMES SINGLETON, Treasurer CHARLES JORDAN, Sergeonf-af-Arms JIMMIE THURMOND, Par zomentanon The achievements of our great civic leaders in the development of Dallas have been the inspiration for the program of the Dallas Historians, which was organized in 1939 with Miss Minnie Brown sponsor. The students who make up this organization make a detailed investigation of the earlier life of Dallas. In February the Dallas Historians voted to become a junior member of the Dallas Historical Society . . . The outstanding members of the club gave a San Jacinto program at The Hall of State, at which time pioneer dances were given. Everybody enjoyed a Christmas party — the entertainment consisted of musical numbers, and refreshments were served . . . Another interesting program was the quiz program, when all the intelligent pupils had a chance to dis- play their brilliance, and the others gained a little knowledge ... At one of the meetings different pupils gave sketches of prominent Dallas citizens. ! LEFT TO RIGHT Fij_st Row Curtis Arrington, Jimmy Thurmond, Charles Jordan, James Singleton, Dole McClcren, Morgie Butler, Richord Glanville, Cloro Condroy, j Pete Trone S c " Row; Charlotte Yonock, Louise Utay, Rochoel Meeks, Frances Smith, Edwynio Henry, Bettie Lou Vines, Doris Groce, Harold Simon, Lelond Turner. rd Row: Dorothy Turner, Jane Dees, Roy Bell Kahn, Shirlye Sherrord, Theima Morrisoii, Miss Minnie Brown, Edith Eaton, George Brooks, ' ourth Row: Wylle Parker, George Altenon, Leo Priolo, Jomes YarbrougK, Lynn Elliott,! Cecil Brooks, Horold Borofsky. Gladys Bailey Betty Joyce Stockord Page Seventy-two e oi cMliian4f. QUiM ' The Texas History Club, which became a part of Ihe Texas State Historical Association in the spring of 1939, has progressed a great deal this year and has fulfilled its objective to know more about Texas History and to do original research in old archives, diaries, manuscripts, and to interview pioneers and their descendants. Programs have been presented on Texas Folk Lore, on Interesting Settlements, on Murals in Dallas, on Original Interviews, on Investi- gations of Historical Landmarks in Dallas . . . The club sends a delegate to Austin to attend the Junior Historian Convention in April. The members enter the Junior Historians Writers Contest each year . . . The members had concessions during the May festi- val and sponsored an assembly to celebrate fhe battle of San Jacinto. The membership has increased this year, and interest continues to grow. OFFICERS ?a Term MISS BESS THATCHER MISS DOROTHY GERLACH Sponsors JULIUS COLEMAN, President ALMETA KENNINGTON, Vice-Presidont BOBBY ARCHER, Treasurer ETHEL BOCK, Secretary FRANCIS SILVERGOLD, Sergeant -at -Arms IRVING WASSERMAN, Parliamentarian PEARL FREED, Student Council Spring Term SOL WILONSKY, President PEARL FREED, Vice-President FRANCES SILVERGOLD, INA VE CROWDER, Secretory DAVID CROCKETT, Sergeant-at-Arms EVELYN CHRISTENSON Parliamentarian PEARL FREED, Student Council LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: David Crockett, Lewis Weltchek, Ino Ve Crowder, Frances Silvergold, Ethel Bock, Sol Wilonsky, Pearl Freed, Irving Wossermon, Wilfred Goldgor, Billy Joe Hart. Second Row Patricio Ray, Solly Freedmon, Evelyn Chrjstensen, Julius Cobman, Hannah Leoch, Gloria Michaelson, Shirley Mark, Meyer Raskin, Miss Dorothy Gerlach, Jimmie Fryar. Third Row Morjorie Ledford, Alveto Murphy, Sue Gent;ch, Vernell Bailey, Evo Heyman, Gertrude Sioughter, Doris Ann Martin, Richard Glonville, Robert Archer, Serofino Corbone. Fourth Row: Tommie Ruth Hedgpeth, Almeta Kennington, Dorothy SutchifTe, Annie Zimmerman, Dorothy Virginio Cox, Miss Bess Thocher, Geroldine McWilliams, Dimple Dulworth, Rosem ory Coward, Marie Griffls. NOT IN PICTURE Toby Aronoff Jock Horwood Gloria Moyhew Rizell Tobolowsky Betty Jane Gardener Page Seventy-ihree StaidjaxAAA elmtlK SacUeti OFFICERS FaW Term MISS EDNA ROWE, Sponsor C. V. GOODMAN, Co-Sponsor DAVID ZESMER, President SIDNEY GLASSER, Vice-President CAROL MILLER, Secretary BEN WEBBERMAN, Treasurer SIDNEY GLASSER, President JEROME ELY, Vice-President EDWIN ORNISH, Secrefory BEN WEBBERMAN, Treosurer Spring Term EDWIN ORNISH, President BEN WEBBERMAN, Vice-President JULIUS COLEMAN, Secrefory RAMON WILENSKY, Treasurer JULIUS COLEMAN, President MARVIN RUBENSTEIN, Vice-President NORMAN LEVIN, Secretary LEON BYERS, Treasurer To further the art of debating, to develop initiative and leadership, and to teach correct use of parlia- mentary lav are the objectives of the Standard Debating Society . . . The Standard Debating Society distinguishes itself as the oldest club in the school. Established in 1917, it is now twenty-four years old ... At the Standard ' s annual banquets many alumni are present. Then there is the joint meeting with the Girls Public Speaking Club in the library ... At this meeting a debate is held, speeches are given, and refreshments are served ... At the other meetings different boys give speeches that are of interest io the club . . . Every boy that has ever been a member of the Standard Debating Society will always remember this outstanding organization and its beloved sponsor. Miss Edna Rowe. ♦ LEFT TO RIGHT First Row Miss Edna Rowe, Sidney Glasser, Julius Coleman, Ben Webberman, Edwin Ornish, Ramon Wilensky, Wilfred Goldgar, Irving Wassermon. Second Rov : Marvin Barish, Harold Colman, Herbert Goldberg, Joe Smoilwood, Archie Broodo, Sammy Seltzer, Stanley Leventhol, Ronny Shipp, James Tuttle, Bobby Robinson, Jarrell Rubinett. Thtrd Row Louis Rubin, Leon Byers, Melvin AronofT, David Boll, Herbert Shessel, Sol Wilonsky, Robert Archer, Joe Siege). Fourth Row- David Smith, Lee Hendrick, Morton Zimmerman, Philip Dane, Ben Mims, Norman Levin, Bobby Goldberg. Fifth Row: Carol Miller, Jerry Segal, Louis Wotel, Marvin Rubenstein, Jerome Ely, Bennett Goodman, Jack Drandell, Shirley Hill. Glenn George NOT IN PICTURE Samuel Rude Irvin Singer I • Page Seventy our Qiui PuyLUc Sp ejohlnXf. QUtM- OFFICERS " Will the club please come to order? — and, girls, please put up your compacts, lipsticks, and combs so we can start the meeting . . . We will have the read- ing and adoption of the minutes of the year 1940- 41 by the secretary. " Madame President, Miss Average Girls Public Speaking Officer: " . . . The regular meetings of the Girls Public Speaking Club this year were held in room 101 at 3:20 every Wednesday. For the first time yearbooks were given to the members. The party given by the Girls Public Speaking Club for the Standard Debating Society and the club ' s assembly were outstanding activities of the fall term. The party given by the Standard, the banquet, and above all, the baby show for children of graduates will long be remembered in connection with the Spring term . . . Respectfully submitted . . . Average Officer, secretary " . . . " Are there any additions or corrections to the minutes? If not they stand approved as read. " LEFT TO RIGHT Firs Row Mri. Tura W. Dial, Gloria Angrist, Betty Davis, Dorothy McLean, Toba Lena Rosenstock, Grace Neumon, Fronces Silvergold, Marguerette Hotton, Pearl Freed, Solly Freedman. Second Row Miss Ruth Bcrham, Maxine Rochofsky, Annette Golman, Minnetle Corchine, Hannah Leach, Ethel Bock, Judith Bolser, Anita Golman, Honnoh Kriss, Foye Shwiff, Doris Rutchik, Irmo Figanboum. Ih ' itd Row: Anno Kleinmon, Helen Wilensky, Lorolee Weltman, Gertrude Ackermon, Sylvio Kaplan, Morcia Goldin, Margueritte Barshop, Lenora Levine, Rizell Tobolowsky, Betty Minsky, Nellie Rosenbaum, Betty Burton, fourth Row Peggy Whittinglon, Morilyn Rochofsky, Joy Day, Nellie Irene Boll, Eleonor E. Cohen, Dorothy Lee Forley, Evelyn Gilford, Lois Casper, Shirley Mark, Sarah Thomoson. Fifth Row Charlotte Morontz, Billie Anderson, Norma Aronoff, Dorothy Morie Bain, Mary Manning, Frances Skelton, Neldo Reynolds, Hozel Davidson, Betty Lou Honcock. Sixt i Row, Mary Mumpower, Gene Yungfeisch, Doris Montague, Fronkie Fallin, Sophie Komen. NOT IN PICTURE Jeanne Goldberg ¥a Term Mrs.Tura W. Dial, Sponsor Miss Ruth Barham, Co-Sponsor Frances Good- man, President Gertrude Acker- man, Vice- President Betty Davis, Secretary Lois Casper, Treasurer Lois Casper, President Betty Davis, Vice-President Doris Montague, Secretory Margueritte Bar- shop, Treasurer Spring Term Gertrude Acker- man, President Dorothy McLean, Vice-President Sylvia Kaplan, Secretory Annette Golman, Treasurer Grace Neuman, President Toba Lena Ro- stenstock, Vice-President Dorothy McLean, Secretory Betty Davis, Treasurer Page Seventy-five Jle Qen.oU nxiHxuUi OFFICERS ?o Term MISS OCTAVIA EDWARDS, Sponsor FLORINE GREEN, President ELEANOR MADANS, Vice-President GRACE NEUMAN, Secretory NORMAN LEVIN, Sergeant-at-Arms JEANETTE ACKERMAN, Treosurer ADRIENNE LEVINE, Parl omentor on FRANCES SMITH, Student Council Spring Term JEANETTE ACKERMAN, President FLORINE GREEN, Vice-President ELEANOR MADANS, Secretary ADRIENNE LEVINE, Treasurer MARY MANNING, Parliamentarian ZELMA ABRAMSON, Sergeant-at-Arms FRANCES SMITH, Student Council Parlez vous Francois? Oui. Then you should be a member of the French Club. The aim of the organ- ization is to further the knowledge of the French stu- dents in the lives and customs of the French people . . . The meetings though carried on according to parliamentary law are quite informal and really fun. Mademoiselle Claude Blackburn, who was in France at the time of the third French Republic, visited the club and related some of her experiences during the German invasion of France. Speaking French she told about the French High Schools. At one of the meetings Miss Octavia Edwards explained the pres- ent situation in France. On the same program vhere was a quiz contest conducted by members on facts given by Miss Edwards. Le Cercle Francois went to the Dallas Art Museum to hear a lecture by Robert Foster Howard, director of the museum, on French Art. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row Minnette Fineglass, Sophie Komen, Adrienne Levine, Jeonette Ackefmon, Flofine Green, Cloire Robins, Morgarete Johnson, Mary Manning, Estelte Niss. Second Row Betty Joyce Stockord, Rebecca Goren, Ruth Perlmutter, Notolie Lixoner, Polly Allmon, Trellis McRae. Dorothea Rush, Dolores Kovnat, Rheo Goldstein, Mory Lewis. Third Row Miss Octovio Edwords, Honnoh Kriss, Inez Leveen, Shirlye Sherrord, Minnette Corchine, Fronces Toplitz, Maxine Alexonder, Frances Smith, Dortha Sordelet, Groce Neumon. Fourth Row Joe Siegel, Edward Vodlcka, Gloria Michoelson, Corl Rudick, Norman Levin, Zelmo Abromson, Mortha Jean Spicer. NOT IN PICTURE Betty Burton Horry Goodstein Eleanor Modons Evelyn Moldave Bobbie Smith Katherine Estes Jock Harwood Maxine Meyers Blumo Rudnitsky Lewis Witelt I Page Seveniy-six I OA t 0 IM4n Members of the Forest Forum are always up on the latest events because they are interested in the study of contemporary affairs. Programs of the Forum, which meets every other Friday, consist of speeches by the members on contemporary topics of the day . . . Afterwards, a round table discussion is held . . . The Forest Forum was founded in 1933 by pupils who were interested in present day affairs, with Miss Dorothy Gerlach as sponsor. The membership is open to all Juniors and Seniors . . . The club has an annual Christmas party with a real tree, apples, peppermint candy, and a Christmas program . . . The spring picnic is the last event of the year. At this time new officers are installed, and the efficiency award is presented. OFFICERS ?a Term MISS DOROTHY GERLACH, Sponsor WILSON LANDRY, Presidenf MAXINE BRAMLETT, Vice-President GRETCHEN HOLTMAN, Secretary HELEN LOUISE CHASTAIN, Treasurer LOYCE LAMBERT, Sergeant-at-Arms MARIBETH GRANTHAM, Por iomenfor an CHARLES YATES, Student Council Spring Term HELEN LOUISE CHASTAIN, President B. M. MOODY, Vice-President IMOGENE HALE, Secretary DOROTHY BURLESON, Treasurer ALICE HAMBRICK, Seraeant-at-Arn:is LUCILLE ALEXANDER, Par omenf or on DORIS JEAN ROBBINS, Student Council LEFT TO RIGHT First Row Alice Hombrick, Dorothy Burleson, Imogene Hole, Helen Louise Chostoin, B. M. Moody, Lucille AlexoncJer, Miis Dorothy Gerlach. Second Row Dorothy Crow, Eva Dougherty, Marjorie Grider, Lorene Fisher, Frances Giliett, Edith Eoton, Trellis McRae, Irene Hall, Betty Hotter, Ida Morie Nunn, Third Row: Biliie Merritt, Mozelle Pendleton, Verno Dean Torno, Ermol Wood, Wiimo Jones, Louise Torian, Jeanne Barge, Loyce Lambert, Mary Elizobeth lewis, Lillie Gonzoles. Fourth Row, Wondo Stovall, Amy Lee Trammell, Cornelia Hombric, Clara Condroy, Doris Jean Rabbins, Lucille McFarlond, Helen Benedict, Ray Womack, Grady Pope, Jimmie Fryar. Willette Bosinger Georgie Belt NOT IN PICTURE Ernestine Bruce Frances Gealette Dorothy Woods Page Seventy-seven M-y euL OFFICERS ?a Term W. H. BUTLER, Sponsor BOBBY WOODSIDE, President ROBERT UTTER, Vice-President DOUGLAS JOHNSON, Secretary-Treasurer GARLAND COLLETT, Parliamentarian CLYDE EMERSON, Sergeant-at-Arws Spring Term BILLY BRONAUGH,Presidenf CHARLES MAZINGO, Vice-President GLENN GEORGE, Secretary-Treasurer WILBUR KASTEN, Parliamentarian ROBERT MILWEE, Sergeant-at-Arms The purpose of the Hi-Y Club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. The motto is " Clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, clean living " . . . The Hi-Y meetings are always conducted at the Central Y. M. C. A. building, where the boys participate in swimming and other sports. The Hi-Y club is under the capable leadership of Mr. Butler . . . The meetings are well conducted end speeches by different members are given . . . This year the Hi-Y announced their membership in the British War Relief Society. The Hi-Y Club is always glad to help in any way around the school . . . The Hi-Y helped the Girl Reserves entertain the new students at Forest. Last fall the Senior Hi-Y sent a group of boys to represent the club at the Waco conference. LEFT TO RIGHT First Pow: Bill Cosby, Robert Archer, Charles Mozingo, Billy Bronaugh, Billy Shelton, Douglas Johnson. Second Row,- Earn Borneft, Hugh Henderson, Robert Mitlwee, Mr. Butler, Leslie Withrow, Garland Collett, Monroe Bell. Third Row: H. D. Lollor, Trifl(o Cuiibrlt, Jimmie Duncan, John Henry Schoerdel, Wilbur Kosten, Hoyden Summerfield, James Yorbrough. Fourth Row.- Bill Tiner, Pete Sultis, Ernest Genthner, Edwin McGee, Bill Ellis. « Harvey Clemens Edwin Dosselt NOT IN PICTURE Jimmie Duncan Glenn George Bobby Woodside Clyde Emerson George Maddox Roy Vondogriff Page Seventy-eight A atlanal Jio-wo- Bacdettf Are you an office assistant, a library helper, a guard in the lunchroom or locker room, or a willing handy man during exam or enrollment week? Do you rank in the upper fourth of your class in scholarship? Hove you shown yourself a leader in your club, class, and other extra-curricular activities? Then perhaps you will be considered for membership in the Na- tional Honor Society when you are a 3A, 4B, or 4A. To receive this honor, the name of the prospective member must be presented by a member of ihe faculty and passed on by every member of ihe faculty and the Society itself ... The National Honor Society does not hold a regular meeting but in the spring the members get together for a picnic . . . Twice a -year new members are initiated in an impressive assembly program. Then the student body gets a glimpse of those who excel in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. OFFICERS ?a Term MISS RACHEL FOOTE, Sponsor KENNETH GRIER, President MURIEL SILBERMAN, Vice-President EVELYN KYNARD, Secretary Spring Term BOB STALLCUP, President DOROTHY HANCOCK, Vice-President VIVIAN STOVALL, Secretary LEFT TO RIGHT First Row, Marie Lomas, Kohherine Raftopoulos, Florifie Green, Lucille Alexander, Dorothy Hancock, June Hardin. Second Row: Joy Day, Doris Montague, Gene Mirsky, Gene Yungfleisch, Dorothy Loos, Letha Moe West, Vertre Wolven, Loyce Lambert, Miss Rachel Foote. T ird Row; Alveta Murphy, Charles Mercer, Bob Stollcup, Edwin Ornish, Jerome Ely, Vivian Stovall, Marguerette Hotton. Morgueritte Barshop Eva Dougherty Ross Bryant Sidney Glasser Margie Butler Doris Groce Julius Coleman Helen Grant NOT IN PICTURES Elected April, 1941 Alice Hambrick Almeta Kennington Hazel Harbison Avo Langston Tommie Ruth Hedgpeth Dorothy McLean Charles Jordon Groce Neumon Sylvia Kaplan Jean Odell Dorothy Perry Carleta Rambo Jarrell Rubinett Frances Silvergold Frances Smith Amelia Spreen Marjorie White Martin Woods Page Seventy-nine QIaX (le4je ioel OFFICERS Fo Term MISS BERTHA JACKSON, MISS WILLIE MAE BERRY, Sponsors MARGARET FARRINGTON, Preiideni RUTH McGOWAN, Vice-Pres c enf BETTY PRICE, Secre ory AMELIA SPREEN, Treosurer DORIS KINNARD, nferc ub-Counc Spring Term BETTY PRICE, President MARGARET FARRINGTON, Vice-Presidenf BILLIE ANDERSON, Secretary AVA LANGSTON, Treasurer CLAIRE ROBINS, Par iamenfar on To develop a well-rounded character, the Girl Reserve Club encourages girls in v orthv hile and entertaining activities . . . The Open House recep- tions given once a month at the Y. W. C. A. with vhe clubs of other schools are always gala affairs. The girls enjoyed the banquet with their mothers on " Mother ' s Day " at which time honor rings and pins were awarded to the qualified girls. The inter-club luncheons, combined social and business meetings, are lively and well attended . . . Observe the large turnout at the monthly inter-club luncheons . . . The social meetings are the time for the girls to catch up on the latest gossip, as well as attend to business . . . LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: lois Casper, Betty Raiden, Margarete Ratnbo, Ava Langston, Corleta Rambo, Betty Price, Margoret Farrington, BiHie Anderson, Amelia Spreen, Betty Jean Bevill. Second Row; Gloria Angrist, Jeanne Goldberg, Claire Robins, Nellie Rosenbaum, Minnette Fineglass, Pearl Freed, Sally Freedmon, trma Figanbaum, Imogene Hale, Doris Kinnard, Josephine Israel, Mary Mumpower, Mary Jane Anderson, Eleanor Cotien. Third fiov ; Neida Reynolds, Joyce Reynolds, Hozel Davidson, Kathleen Tiner, Bonnie Faye Kellum, Eva Ruth Carter, Wilma Kellum, Bernic; Johnson, Helen Wilensky, Anno Kleinmon, Toby AronofT, Jeonette Rosenberg. Fourth Row: Estelle Niss, Lois Hiegel, Trellis McRoe, Hazel Redus, Phyllis Holmberg, Wanda Payne, AHie Jean Combs, Charlotte Marantz, Peggy Whittington, Rizell Tobolowsky, Florence Center, Poppy Hammond. Fifth Row: Sylvia Moss, Nelvo Jo Jackson, Ouido Riley, Helen Benedict, Esther Saltzmon, Dorothy Burleson, Kotherine Hunter, Melbo McKnight, Annie Kieke, Mary Sue Bassett, Shirley Mark, Betty Lou Hancock, Mary Elizabeth Lewis, Miss Bertha Jackson. Sixth Row Mary Elizabeth Adams, Morcelle Burns, Dorothy Ludwick, Frances Louise Janner, Oro Lou Williams, Hannah Kupfer, Jane Marshall, Morion Lillebridge, Gay Nell Martin, Mory Lou Duckworth, Moxine Meyer, Joyce Ann Roper. Seventh Row Avonell Pritchett, Hozel Fleming, Katheryn Eaves, Emelie Workman, Imogene Walker, Martha Carter, Dorothy Perry, Doris Jean Hormer, Joy Foy Ingle, Betty Jo Steer, Juonito McCoy, Geroldine McWillioms. Eighth Row: Adrienne Levin, Mortho Jean Spicer, Zelma Abramson, Sarah Thomoson, Maude Parker, Marian Turk, Therle Warner, Betty Lynne Smith Margaret Tolley, Tommie Orton, Betty Hotter. Ninth Row: Evelyn Lynn, Evelyn Christensen, Mory Margaret Halliburton, Vida Jo Tindall, Betty Reo Burton, De Lois Gibson, Helen Roye Coi Dorothy Burns. Tenth Row: Helen Louise Chostoin, Kotherine Roftopoulos, Jeanne Barge, Clara Bess Lorenz, Ruth Thomson, Dorothy Virginia Co Margarete Johnson, Dorothea Rush, Dorothye Howie. NOT IN PICTURE Juonito Boatman Jone Dees Hozel Harbison Frances Kebrle Mortho Napier Wondo White Frances Bock Minnie Ford Geroldine Harris Lenora Levin Lido Mae Shelton Virginia Woods Dorothy Brown Betty Jane Gardner Frances Jones Beverly Levit Bobbie Nell Sims Doris Young Pauline Carter Sarah Haley Helen Jones Betty Mitchell Nelva Thomoson X, Dolores Kovnot, i 7 m] ■ili I I I, I Page tighty c iaU ScUcdanAMlfx QUiM- The students who have received Linz Pins compose the roster of the High Scholarship Club, v hich v as organized in 1921 ...The High Scholarship Club gave an assembly in February which consisted of a Talent Bowl and the presentation of Linz Pins . . . Through the help of Miss Foote, the sponsor, the club was able to get Miss Thomason, who lived in China twenty-one years, for a guest speaker . . . Miss Thomason related to the club interesting cus- toms and showed some valuable souvenirs of China . . . This was one of the outstanding meetings of the year. The Christmas party was a very entertaining program ... A Christmas tree and some gifts were taken to the Amelia Huvelle Nursery. The other pro- grams of the year have been of general interest lo the club ... A standing duty of the High Scholarship Club is to collect tinfoil for Britain. OFFICERS ?a Term MISS RACHEL FOOTE, Sponsor ELTON SOLTES, President BERNARD LEVY, Vice-President LUCILLE ALEXANDER, Secretary LEO WYMAN, Treasurer RICHARD GLANVILLE, Sergeant-at-Arms JUNE HARDIN, Parliamentarian EVELYN KYNARD, Studsnt Counc Spring Term DOROTHY PERRY, President JUNE HARDIN, Vice-President HELEN GRANT, Secretary LUCILLE ALEXANDER, Treasurer HERBERT SHESSEL, Sergeant-at-Arms SIDNEY GLASSER, Parliamentarian JEAN ODELL, Sfudenf Council LEFT TO RIGHT First Row Kotherine Raftopoulos, Marguerite Barshop, Lucille Alexander, Dorothy Lee Farley, Evelyn Gilford, Margaret Browning, Betty Sawyer, Lillian Killingsworth, Ava Langston, Carleta Rambo, Dorothy Perry. Second Row Sarah Chesnick, Doris Rutchik, Irma Figanbaum, Toby Aronoff, Jeanette Ackermon, Flor ine Green, Treyso Seely, Corinne Pederson, Tommie Orton, Margaret Tolley. Third Row Alice Hombrick, Loyce Lambert, Helen Grant, Eva Dougherty, Anita Golman, Helen Wilensky, Annette Golmon, Betty Lou Hancock, Dorothea Rush, Dorothy Honcock, Grace Neumon. Fourth Row Sarah Thomason, Gwendolen Rees-Jones, Frances Smith, Shirlye Sherrord, Margie Butler, Alice Winsor, Maxine Thompson, Doris Grace, Almeta Kennington, Marie Lomos. Fiiih Row Morie Koller, Mory Turner, Hazel Ruth Milwee, Ruth Levy, Mory Manning, Dorothy Loos, Dorothy Morie Bain, Letha Mae West, Vertie Wolven, Betty Gary. Sixth Row: Edwino Doily, Betty fAae Tolliver, Morjorie White, Jeon Odell, Frances Skelton, Doris Jean Harmer, Morgueretle Holton, June Hardin, Vivian Stovoll, Maxine Armstrong. Seventh Row Maxine Alexonder, Lillie Gonzoles, Dorothy Seilheimer, Henryelle Stevenson, Frances Silvergold, Sally Freedman, Gene Yungflisch, Josephine Israel, Sylvia Kaplan, Betty Stovall. Eighth Row Stonley Peacock, Richard Glorville, Herbert Shessel, Ramon Wilensky, Bennett Goodman, Fred Schlinger, Curtis Arrington, George Brooks, Charles Jordan, Sidney Glosser. Ninth Row Charles Reed, Martin Woods, Joe Siegel, Sol Wilonsky, Edwin Ornish, Ross Bryant, Jack Drondell, Porter Reed. NOT IN PICTURE Patricia Chostont Tommy Hcdgepoth Beatrice Moculos Lois Casper Dorothy Hancock Dimple Dulworth Sylvia Kaplan Margucrilte Teofatillcr Mary Ann Cortimilia I Icrvoy Cunningham Page Eighty-one AidxiUo vel Qo AxaAaA. OFFICERS ?a Term MISS LOURANIA MILLER, Sponsor MISS ELIZABETH HUGHES, MISS LAVINIA RAWLINS, Co-Sponsors DOROTHY McLEAN, President MARGARETTE HATTON, Vice-President GENE YUNGFLEISCH, Secretory JOY DAY, Treasurer JAMES WITTKOWER, Sergeonf- of -Arms HAROLD SIMON, Student Council Spring Term MARGARETTE HATTON, President DORIS GRACE, Vice-President MARJORIE WHITE, Secretary LOYCE LAMBERT, Treasurer EDWIN ORNISH, Sergeant-at-Arms HAROLD SIMON, Student Council The Auditores Caesaris, established in 1919 for vhe Latin students of Forest who are interested in learn- ing more about Roman plays and customs, proves that Latin is a lot of fun as well as work. Miss Miller, Miss Hughes, and Miss Rawlins, the sponsors, do much to help in the attainment of these objectives ... The club members like to see the funds in the treasury grow, so every Thursday afternoon they sell candy ... It seems that the motto of the Latin Club is to have variety in the meetings . . . Often an outside speaker addresses the club on some subject pertain- ing to Rome, or perhaps shows some slides. Don ' t be startled if you happen to see a huge birthday cake at one of the meetings — it is Virgil ' s birthday and this occasion is always observed by the club. Each meeting is closed with the singing of a rousing Latin song. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row; Miss Rawlins, Miss Elizabeth Hugfies, Loyce Lambert, Marie GrifFis, June Hardin, Harold Simon, Pearl Hafter, Moxine Rochofsky, Morjorie Wtiite, Margueret te Hotton, Corinne Pederson, Rosemary Coward. Second Row; Phyllis Elaine Rubinelt, Helen Laftimer, Mina Milwce, David Boll, Dorothy Mclean, Holly Dougherty, Dorlene Tonlon, Kathleen Collins, Dorothy Dodson, Rowena Fallin, Mary Lynn Dougherty. Third Row, James Wittkower, Raymond Blummer, Doris Grace, Margie Butler, Louis Weltchek, Edwin Ornish, Ramon Wilensky, Charles Jordan, George Brooks, Lois Kolkin, Joye Hill. Fourth Row Victor Oddo, Borthell Ellis, Alveta Murphy, Joy Day, Shirley Aronoff, Fred Schlinger, Pete Trone, Raleigh Huie, Frankie Fallin, Gene Yungfleisch, Gwendolen Rees-Jones. Fifth Row; Lelond Turner, Charles Reed, Eleanor Brady, Almeta Kennington, Jeon Odell, Velmo Page, Claire Degen, Betty Jean Buford. Sixth Row Alfred Jefferson, Morjorlene Parish, Moxine Thompson, Alice Winsor, Moudie Tucker, Billie Lombert, Juonito Etheridge. NOT IN PICTURE Laura Belcher Billie Jean Burnett Dorothy Goskin Sidney Glosser Marion Jessup Mary Moe McEvoy Eunito Smith Pa e Eighty-two student Qau Kjod The Student Council, organized in the fall of 1937, is the student governing body of Forest High. It was organized, with the approval of the faculty, for the welfare of all the activities of Forest Avenue High School, by participation in school administration. Holding the election of the cheer-leaders and the Queen of Jubilee, assisting in the popularity contest for the Annual, and issuing extra-curricular passes are only part of the activities of the organization. The Council presented a quiz assennbly, at which the winners, Mary Frances Stone and Edward Lee, were awarded loving cups. After a year of ambitious and enthusiastic work, the Council gave a party in the gym. Games, dancing, and speeches provided the entertainment for the guests. OFFICERS Fo lerm S. S. HUTCHINSON, Sponsor RAY WOMACK, President ERNEST GENTHNER, Vke-Presidenf MARIE LOMAS, Secretary MARILYN FREELAND, Treosurer STANLEY RASKIN, Sergeanf-of-Arms STANLEY RASKIN, Por iomenforian LUCY SCHWARTZ, Typist Spring Term RAY WOMACK, President ERNEST GENTHNER, Vice-President MARIE LOMAS, Secretory MARILYN FREELAND, Treasurer MIKE MALLOY, Sergeant-at-Arms JEROME ELY, Por amenfon " an DOROTHY PERRY, Typist LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Marceline Hempel, Mary Frances Stone, Ellen Brown, Mary Sue Bossett, Dorothy Perry, Marie Lomos, Helen Louise Chostoin, Katherine Raftopoulos, Mary Mumpower, Rosemary Coward, Dorothy Terry, Doris Jean Robbins. Second Row Wondo Knight, Marguerite Teofatiiler, Alonzolee Allen, Mary Turner, Kathleen Tiner, Treysa Seely, Helen Lutz, Geneva Hronicky, Eva Dougherty, Shirley Gumming, Betty Lynne Smith, Third Row; Betty Sawyer, Shirlye Sherrord, Jane Marshall, Peggy Pockenius, Evelyn Rochofsky, Sarah Chesnick, Coroline Tinnerello, Betty Joyce Stock- ard. Ester Saltzmon, Billie Anderson, Polly Allmon, Dorothy Hancock. Fourth Row: Mino Millwee, Florence Center, Poppy Hommond, Maude Parker, Letha Mae West, Pearl Freed, Wayne Barker, Mike Molloy, Jimmie Fryor, June Hardin, Dorothy McLeon, Fifth Row. Elmo Elom, Leonard Levin, Jerome Ely, Bob Stollcup, Roy Womack, James Tuttle, Golen Hutchinson. Sixth Row: Leiand Turner, Pete Trone, Melvin Andrews, John Pugh, Troy Russell, Kenny Hansen, Seventh Row. Jean Odell, Joy Day, Morguerette Hotton, Moxine Thompson. NOT IN PICTURE Frances Button Marilyn Freelond Elmer Johnson Billy Roy Betty Jo Childress Betty Jane Gordner Jimmie Lou Londtrip Bert Sharp Williom Embry Hazel Horbison BobMcNolly Billy Shelton |5, Pete Sultis, Ernest Genthner, Mr. jrAimy Thu r ond, Harold Simon. ' r ti- Page Eight three _ MISS LOUISE WILCOX Direcfor PORTER REED Concert Master MARGARET FARRINGTON Accompanist EDWETTIA HENRY Secretary O ic tedyUa The Orchestra is a very important organization in the activities of the school. A connmencement program or senior class play would not be complete without music from these musicians. The two assemblies given by the first and second groups of the gradu- ates last fall featured orchestra numbers. Also, the beautiful Christmas program and the Jubilee Cele- bration were enhanced by its soothing melodies. During the year small groups from the Orchestra played at several teas and banquets, which were sponsored by various active clubs of the city. Others of the group had part in the Greater Dallas Musical Festival at McFarlin, May 1 -4 . . . But entertainment is also furnished for the members of the orchestra — the wiener roast at White Rock was a big success. f LEFT TO RIGHT ftrsf Row Porter Reed, first violin; Donald Cortimilia, first violin; Jerry Freeman, first clarinet; Benny Apple, first clarinet; Kenneth Balthrop, first trumpet; Jack Flood, solo trumpet; Edwynlo Henry, second violin; Helen Lottimer, second violin. Second Row: Frances Toplitz, first violin; Evelyn Chrrsterisen, first violin; David Boll, first violin; Robert Benot, clarinet; Eorl Bornett, first clarinet; Lawrence Hoover, first trumpet; R. P. Jones, second trumpet; Robert Glllett, second trumpet; Johnnie Brown, second trumpet; Louie Freeland, first mellophone; Russell Murdoch, first mellophone; Paul Seilheimer, second violin; Gene Watts, second violin. Third Row: Alvin Schumann, first violin; Charles Reed, first violin; Fred Borshop, tenor saxophone; Robert Von Muss, first clorinct and E-flot saxo- phone; Lida Moe Shelton, E-flot saxophone; Hcrry Haines, second B flot clarinet; Herbert Green, second B-fiot clarinet; Marie Griffis, piano accordion; Edwettia Henry, piano accordion; Ina Ve Crowdcr, piano accordion; Jerry Polk, typmoni; Elvcda Stinson, bass violin; AlvIn Whit- field, second violin; Jonice Dougherty, second violin. Fourth Row; Miss Wilcox, director; Clara Condroy, plono; Joe Meeks, cello. Bernard Schnitzer, first violin NOT IN PICTURE Marvin Waldcn, first violin Lloyd Gilmorc, drurr 4 Page Eighty-four licuyi Qlee QUuL Win ding up a triumphant year with participation in the Greater Dallas Music Festival on May 4, the Boys Glee Club can point with pride to their accom- plishments of the season. In addition to the main event of the year, there was the appearance with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra on December 9 . . . The organization has been much in demand through- out the city. Not only have they sung at the Art Museum and Hall of State, but the school will never forget the beauty of the Christmas Cantata. Through hard work and a lot of practicing the Glee Club pre- sented an operetta on May 1 . . . The Boys Glee Club went to Fort Worth to be in a symphony con- cert. The Boys Glee Club, which was reorganized in 1926, is always willing to be on any assembly pro- grams and the programs given by the boys are among the most enjoyable presented. MISS LOUISE WILCOX Director MARGARET FARRINGTON Accompanist EDWARD BURKLEY LEFT TO RIGHT first Ro» Jock Kclley, Leonard ' Levin, " wayne Borker, M. G. Harris, Margaret Forrington, Edward Borkley, Jock Keller, T. J. Collelte, Lester Ingle, Second Row: Miss Wilcox, Jock Freeman, Loyd Murrey, Carl Greenwood, Grady Pope, Marvin Monday, Robert King, Kenneth Bolthrop. TWird Rowf Derwin Puckelt, Charlie McAnolly, James Goode, Marvin Coppodge, Charles Davis, Stanley Vodicko, Tommy McCrary, Soslenez Reyna. Fourth Row Gabriel Comacho, James Ronkin, Andrew Alfred Moore, Roland Moore, Lee Hendrick- John Chandler James Cline NOT IN PICTURE Angelo Colletti Glenn George Carl Ricker A. J. Smegner Glenn Thon Page Bigh ' .y-Cve Qi Ud. QUo u4A. The Girls Chorus is made up of girls of all classifica- tions. They are girls who enjoy singing and appreci- ate good music. They also are willing to learn the song and to practice for programs. The Girls and Boys Choruses together participated in the music festival given at McFarland Auditorium on May 4, where approximately 300 voices were heard. The Chorus classes presented the operetta at the Jubilee Program. The leading parts of the operetta were played by former chorus members. The operetta was written by David Russell, ex-Forester, now a pro- fessor at S. M. U. The school will always remember the Christmas programs when the chorus classes sang beautiful hymns. The singing of hymns in the hall was also enjoyed . . . The class also studies the lives of great musicians. LEFT TO RIGHT firs! Dow: Dorothy Glgglcman, Ruth Cosh, Peggy Murphy. Cloro Condray, Betly Jeon Bevill, Mary Fronces Vaughn, Juonilo Etheridge, lois Hillis, Wondo Cawthon, Marie Lloyd, Morjorlene Parish, Joyce Ann Roper, Celeste Echols. Second Row; Mory Ann Johnson, Cloire Degen, Imogene Miskell, Dorothy Davenport, Ina Ve Crowder, Geraldine McWillioms, Margaret Forringlon, Gertrude King, Amelia Spreen, Eleonor Brody, Frances Kebrle. r lird Row: Shirley Harmon, Irene Holl, Maribelle Hancock, Loretta Hawkins, Gwendolyn Rees-Jones, EfFle Cummings, Junoito McCoy, Betly Hatter, Margaret Hight, Joy Fay Ingle, fourth Row: Miss Wilcox, Dorothy Mullin, Dorothy Shorber, Therle Warner, Matha Carter, Melba McKnight, Elizabeth Sawyer, Violet Westmoreland, Rochel Meeks, Loneita Boll, Lydio Skrivonek. f i Row: Genevieve Gilcreose, Neoma Lamb, Josephine Morowski, Sarah Bourlond, Annobelie Moore, Rosa Lee Boskett, Geraldine Harris, Wanda Lee Woddell, Vernell Bailey, Foye Baxter, Kotheryn Estes. %lx.i} Row: Fronkie Follin, Nellie Boll, Joy Day, Dora Ganger, Yvita Sotterwhite, Blllie Owens, Helen Jones, Doris McGoughey. %e en h Row: Doris Jean Robbins, Jean Thompson, Helen Phipps, Aggie Lee Harper, Mildred Stepter. MISS LOUISE WILCOX Direcfor MARGARET FARRINGTON GWENDOLYN REES-JONES Accompanists JOY DAY MARTHA CARTER NOT IN PICTURE Nora Lee Beckneii Laura Bond Rozelle Bowman Cleo Corgiil Betty Jone Gardner Audrey Gray Hazel Horbison Ann Haynes Geneve Hranicky Virginia Ivers Virginia Jackson Marion Jessup Catherine Keller Michie Kelley Neizie Jo Kelley Emily Kizer Billie Lambert Mary Massey Elizabeth Moxwell Jeanette Milter Loroine Purkey Martha Reynolds Cora Lee Stewart Wondo Stovoll Maudie Tucker Irene Walters Melbo Whitson Joy Lee William Page Eighty-six Ue Veiio4 4Xi fti On March 3, 1941, a group of Juniors and Seniors organized Forest ' s newest club, the Vestonians, under the sponsorship of Miss Alice Harrington. The name was derived from Vesta, the ancient goddess of the home, and the purpose of the club is to excel in the field of industrial arts, to do good, and to bring happiness into the lives of others . . . The Ves- tonians have shown this purpose by knitting for vhe British and helping the unfortunate. In the club, prob- lems of girl ' s everyday life are discussed . . . New members are elected by two-thirds vote. There are now twenty-five girls in the club and the member- ship shall not exceed this number . . . The girls are entertained with Saturday afternoon teas, and Ihe club is planning to give a sport dance in the school gym. Frances Campagna, who was elected presi- dent, deserves this honor, as it was she who had the original idea. OFFICERS SprmQ iQvm FRANCES CAMPAGNA, President KATHRYN PARKS, Vice-President IRENE CHASTAIN, Secretary HAZEL DAVIDSON, Treasurer ' $M yiyctci4 LEFT TO RIGHT Firsf Row; Bonnie Foye Kellum, Betty Lynne Smith, Neldo Reynolds, Hazel Davidson, Kotiiryn Porks, Fronces Campagna, Kathleen Tiner, Rena Weatherly. Second Row; Miss Alice Harrington, Katherine Hunter, Gene Yungfleisch, Joyce Ann Roper, Marlyn Freeiand, Alice Joan Combs, Morguerite Teofotiller, Evelyn Christensen. Third Row; Theima Browne, Wilmo Kellum, Alonzolee Allen, Bobbie Jean Gentle. NOT IN PICTURE Dorothy Burleson Dorothy Hancock Dorothy McLean Jerry McWillioms Botty Price Joyce Reynolds Ester Sallzmon Page Eighty sc on Aelia eMiltan ical BooLetif OFFICERS ?a Term MISS MINNIE BROWN, Sponsor HELEN GRANT, President SIMON SELTZER, Vice-Presidenf ROBERT ARCHER, Second Vice-President FLORENCE GOODMAN, Secretary DOROTHY HANCOCK, Treasurer KENNETH CRIER, Sergeant-at-Arms MARY JO ANDREWS, Parliamentarian EVA DOUGHERTY, Student Council Spring Term BOBBY ARCHER, President EVA DOUGHERTY, Vice-President DOROTHY HANCOCK, Second Vice-President IDA MARIE NUNN, Secretary JAMES WITTKOWER, Treasurer CHARLES MOZINGO, Sergeant-at-Arms RAYMOND BLUMMER, Parliamentarian The Aelta Historical Society, which was organized in 1931, has the honor of being the first hisfory club organized in the senior high schools. After ten years the club has reached a higher goal by unit- ing with the Dallas Historians. The organization is recognized as chapter one in the Junior Dallas His- torical Society, which is to have a chapter in each of the Dallas High Schools . . . The Aelta Historical Society has been keenly interested in the programs at the Hall of State acting as hosts at the April meetings and presenting the April 19 program ...The Aelta Historical Society participated in the Armistice Day Program and presented Guy Draughon, a volunteer from Forest during the World War, as guest speaker. With the classes of 1931- 36 the club presented a National Defense program. The Aelta also presented an assembly program on San Jacinto Day. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row. Dorolho Crow, Eva Dougherty, Helen Grant, Louise Ray, Lillian Killingsworth, Marjorie White, June Hardin, Evelyn Chorba, Sara Holey. Second Row, Kathleen Tiner, Dorothy McLean, Jimmie Leo Roberson, Maude Parker, Avonell Pritchett, Edith Eaton, Alice Homrick, Clara Condroy, Ruth Cosh. Third Row Gene Yungfleisch, Gloria Dupree, Olgo Tennont, Dorothy Marie Boin, Miss Minnie Drown, Hoyden Summerfield, Curtis Arrington, James Singleton, Ida Marie Nunn. fourth Row Raymond Blummer, Doris Grace, Frances Reoves, Morie Koller, Ruth Levy, Hozel Ruth Millwee, Dorothy Hancock, Cclty Lynne Smith, Chorles Mozingo. Filth Row Lynn Elliott, Emmett Hordy, Jomes Wittkower, Glenn Long, Douglas Johnson, Jimmy Thurmond, Robert Archer. Georgia Belt NOT ItJ PICTURE Louis Utoy Page Eighty eigtit liamzli Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, sometimes even dollars ore taken in by the workers in the Forest banking system every Tuesday morning in room 1. The Forest students are known for their thriftiness . . . Their deposits now amount to nearly $20,000. The Forest Avenue High School Bank was established about fifteen years ago ... At first the deposits were taken care of in the office ... In 1931 the late Mr. Kennington took charge of banking and established the system now in operation, which is very similar to the system used in the larger banks. A few students are fortunate enough to work in the banking depart- ment and gain knowledge and experience in bank- ing .. . In 1938 Mr. Ford came to Forest and since that time has been manager of thrift. C. L. FORD, hKanaQ r TELLERS LESLIE GOSS ANNETTE GOLMAN MARY MANNING GENE MIRSKY JOE SMALLWOOD MARGARETE JOHNSON DOROTHY LOOS DOROTHY LEE FARLEY FLORINE GREEN BETTY LYNN SMITH JEANETTE ACKERMAN LETHA MAE WEST BOOKKEEPERS RUTH LEVY FLORENCE WALLING LETHA MAE WEST DOROTHY SEILHEIMER LEFT TO RIGHT first »ow Gene Mlrsky, Jcanelle Ackermon, Bclty Lynne Smith, Flotino Green, Dorothy lee Farley, Morgoretc Johnson, Mary Manning. Second Row C. L. Ford, Raymond Blummer, Annette Golmon, Joe Smallwood, Dorothy Loos, Letho Mae West, Jerome Ely. NOT IN PICTURE Leslie Goss Page Eighty-nine Pa4i. AimAdJOCun BtMxxe d 0A44An OFFICERS ?a Term MISS FLETCHER RYAN WICKHAM, Sponsor BILLY BRONAUGH, Presideni ROSS BRYANT, Vice President RUTH STEWART, Secretary JIMMY THURMOND, Treasurer KATHLEEN O ' SHEA, Por iamentorian RICHARD GLANVILLE, Sergeant-ot-Arms MARY FRANCES STONE, Student Council Spring Term ROSS BRYANT, President LEON WILENSKY, Vice-President KATHLEEN O ' SHEA, Vice-President BETTY MAE TOLLIVER, Treosurer CAROL MILLER, Por iomentonan BILLY BRONAUGH, Sergeant-at-Arws MARY FRANCES STONE Student Council Oh! those dark-eyed senoritas — that tropical moon, bright colors, beautiful music all describe Pan America . . . Forest ' s means of promoting the " Good Neighbor Policy " is the Pan American Student Forum, because the purpose of this club is to pro- mote friendship between the Americas . . . The club was organized by Miss Wickham November 10, 1927, in la Hora Azul Restaurant, then on Elm Street. One hundred and fifty students and adults were present and became charter members. L.V. Stockard served as the presiding officer. There are now 69 chapters with 2,000 members in ten states and four Latin American countries. The club holds five joint meetings with other schools at El Fenix Cafe. At these meetings Mexican food is served — a treat to all. The club programs are made up of interesting things about Mexico and the Latin American countries. Guest speakers are frequently heard at the meetings. Vl LEFT TO RIGHT first Row: Eve Perlstein, Rachael Meeks, Betty Gory, Annette Golman, Anita Golman, Betty Mae Tolliver, Mary Frances Stone, Ruth Stewart, Treysa Seely. Second Row: Dolores Ueckert, Vera Burkheod, Doris Jean Robbins, Kathleen O ' Sheo, Joe Freed, Bobby Robinson, Richard Glanville, Ross Bryant, Miss Wickham, Sponsor. Third Row: Celeste Echols, Dorothy Loos, Henryette Stevenson, Doris Montogue, Foye Shwiff, Ronny Shipp, Billy Bronaugh, Jimmy Thurmond. Fourth Row: Stanley Leventhol, Louis Rubin, Leon Wilensky, Carol Miller. NOT IN PICTURE Lucille McFarland Page Ninety junior lied C jo A, The Junior Red Cross is a great help to the needy of Dallas. The Forest chapter was formed in 1918. It is grand to see the number of Forest students who are willing to help this organization . . .At Thanks- giving, instead of thinking only of the coming holi- days, the Junior Red Cross members planned bas- kets of food to be taken to needy families ... As means of entertainment for the school and also lo get shoes, clothing, toys and food to make some needy children happy for Christmas, the Junior Red Cross sponsored a Christmas program . . . Every member of the Junior Red Cross remembers the joy brought to the children at the Dean Memorial Home by their program . . . Miss Junia McAlister, the sponsor, has aided the members in their club activi- ties and in their knitting for Britain. OFFICERS ?a Term MISS JUNIA McAllister, Sponsor M. G. HARRIS, President DOROTHY LOOS, Vice-President DORIS JEAN ROBBINS, Secretary PHILIP DANE, Sergeonf-of-Arms FRANCES SKELTON, Treasurer DORIS MONTAGUE, Parliamentarian Spring Term M. G. HARRIS, President DORIS MONTAGUE, Vice-Pres.c en VIRGINIA MACALUSO, Secretary PETE TRONE, Sergeant-at-Arms DORIS JEAN ROBBINS, Treasurer BILLYE ALBRIGHT, Por iomenfar on J i.OJtfc,., LEFT TO RIGHT First Row. Nelire Rosenbdtim, Harold Borofsky, M. G. Harris, Alvln Schumann, Philip Dane, Archie Broodo, Margueritte Barshop, Marion Gucken- heimer. Second Row. Amy Lee Trammell, Cornelia Hambrick, Dorothy L. Dodson, Dorothy Loos, James Tuttle, Billye Allbright, T. J. Collett, Dorlha Sordelet, Jean Ross. Third Row: Miss Junla McAlister, Sylvia Yonock, Doris Jean Robbins, Frances Skelton, Lucille McForlond, Poppy Hammond, Jimmy Thurmond, Annie Zimmermen. Fourth Row: Pete Trone, Wylie Paschall, Wilfred Goldgar, Cora Lee Stewart, Hozel Milwee, Mina Milwee, Yvlfa Sotterwhite, Loneita Boil. NOT IN PICTURE Nellie Ball Frankie Fallin Blanche Goldstein Ruth Levy Doris Montague Paul Petty Judith Balser Fronces Gillett Helen Grant Virginia Mocoluso Dorothy Moullon Verna Dean Tarno Belly Davis Lloyd Gilmore Morjorie Grider Trellis McRay Morjorie Parish Stanley Vodicko Leon Dunn Poge Ninety-one " I want a candy bar . . . I ' ll take a pause (coke to you) . . . Bring me a sandwich . . . Ooohoo, an aspirin is what I need. " ... So goes the I ' ne of chatter after school when the staff of the school paper, toiling over the coming edition of the Ec io, finally take time out for refreshments and elect somebody to ' go across the street. " Then bock to work — typing, rewriting, copyreading, counting out heads that ' ll fit, maybe, filing, tracing down spot news . . . Sometimes they stay till late, when everything is quiet except 104, which resembles a bee hive more than a school room. Sometimes they stay to help the Foresfer staff. The two publications work together very closely. EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Lucille Alexander A onoging Editor Dorothy Perry Assistant Editor Marguerette Hatton Feature Editor Doris Montague Assistant Feature Editors Kathleen O ' Shea, Betty Price, Frances Seguin News Editors Pauline Ewalt, Alice Hambrick Sports Editor Ray Carpenter Sports Staff T. J. Collette, Kenneth Kuykendall, James Nance Club Editor Margaret Kolenovsky Exchonge Editor Bettye Raiden Biographical Editor Peggy Murphy R.O.T.C. Editor Karl Carey Columnists . . Carl Ricker, Billye Albright, Mary Frances Stone, Eva Dougherty, Mary Mumpower, Doris Anstett, Judith Balser, Wynez Payne, Billie Anderson Reporters Journalism Students BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager Randolph Roper Assistant Business Managers . . Joe Moody, Erwin Kieke, Jack Freeman, Samuel Davis, Joe Siegel Publicity Director Gertrude King Circulation Manager Lloyd Gilmore Sponsor Mary Smith Clark LEFT TO RIGHT Flrsf Row Betty Bianchord, Bettye Raiden, Mary Mumpower, Evelyn Chorba, Mary Frances Stone, Dorottiy Perry, Frances Seguin, Lucille Alexander, EvQ Dougherty, Alice Hombrick, Margorete Jotinson, Joyce Ann Roper. Second Row: Betty Price, Nellie Rosenboum, Judith Bolser, Doris Montague, Wynez Payne, Faye Sokellariou, Annie Kieke, Moebeth Robinson, Irene Hall, Peggy Murphy, Helen Broyles. Third Row Betty Davis, Kathleen O ' Shea, Doris Anstett, Billye Albright, Joyce Clounch, Annie Laurie Brown, Kothryn White, Dorothy Hancock, Leon Wilensky, Joe Moody, Fourth Row Samuel Davis, Erwin Kieke, Betty Joe Williams, Dorothy Morie Bain, Betty Hatter, Pauline Ewalt, Gertrude King, Billie Anderson, Morgaret Kolenovsky, Jeanne Borge. Fifth Row Jack Freeman, Douglas Johnson, Roy Carpenter, T. J. Collette, James Nonce, Kenneth Kuykendall, Karl Carey, Carl Ricker, Richard Glon- villo, Sol Wilonsky. Page Ninety-two Members of the Journalism 1 class serve as apprentices on both of the school publications . . . " Meeting the deadline " at first sounds pretty gruesome until the cub journalist learns it simply means to get his assignments in on schedule. One day it ' s a gentle hint, or maybe not so gentle, from the sponsor that it would be great experience for the class if they ' d sell ads for the annual — " and besides you ' ll get 10 per cent, " she adds temptingly . . . Next it ' s " check these rolls, count these names, identify these pictures, or type this copy over — it looks pretty av ful. " Members of the class understudy various stafF members on both publications, trying to discover v here they ' d like best to work next semester. Some- times members qualify for regular staff positions during their first term of Journalism. This class boasts five regular staff members on the Echo, and the business manager of the ?orQs e ' c also. Selling the paper, making announcements for the publications — all of these go into the course of a " Journalism 1 " student, in addition to getting their first whiff of printer ' s ink, learning that a double deck can be something besides a sandwich, acquiring a new vocabulary with which to impress their classmates — the argot of the press. Reading the daily papers with a fresh approach and a more intelligent understanding is of primary importance in this course, although none of the students will confess less allegiance to " Pop- eye, " " Blondie, " and other true lovers of the comic strips. Most common duty of the cub journalist is being around when and where something " newsy " happens and then writing it up while it ' s still news, combing the school and putting the eye up to keyholes for personal bits of gossip. Privileged characters are the Journalism 1 ' s — they know all the news before anybody else of the school, and some nobody else ever learns. They prepare for future journalism work by interviewing school " bigger ups " and celebrated visitors. This year ' s crop — alumni and other distin- guished people — gave them many good opportunities to gain interviews, along with poise and ability to meet people. Prominent Dallas journalists — Charles Gates, Francis Barr, and Ben Hill — gave the pupils a treat by telling them about real newspaper plants, reporters, and the " professional " life. LEFT TO RIGHT fir%f Row, Nila Smith, Stanley Vodicka, Billie Anderson, Polly Allmon, Vertle Wolven, Helen Ruth Freeman, Charlyne Jones, Dorothy Cox. Second Row. Doris Anslell, Hymon Kovsky, Mart Nicholas, Leslie Morris, Lucille McFarland, Henryette Stevenson, Richard Glonville. Third Row. Robert Van Huss, Jock Freemen, Tom Paroski, Joe Smallwood, Grover Denison, Joe Siegel. NOT IN PICTURE Randolph Roper, Florene Bradford Poge Ninety-three From the first day of school in the fall to the spring Senior Day there is always something for ihem to do . . . They are the ones who try to convince the student body that it is wiser to buy an Annual for $1 .75 than to wait till the price goes up . . . They keep a calendar of the school year, make collections every Tues- day, find out all about the faculty, arrange Senior panels, prepare write-ups about all the clubs, classes, and sports, type copy, and in general do a little of everything toward the publishing of the Forester . . . They have to learn to follow directions, must give up their study halls, and often must stay at school until 6 o ' clock working hard . . . But on Senior Day when the Forester comes out, they are rewarded for their hours of labor, for they are the Forester Annual Staff. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row. Treysa Seely, Anita Golman, Minnette Fineglass, Edwin Ornish, June Hordin, Marjorie White, Gene Yungfleisch, Joe Siegel, Ava Langston, Carleta Rambo, Dorothy McLean. Second Row: Lorene Rodgers, Louise Torian, Claire Robins, Jeonette Ackermon, Florine Green, Frances Skelton, Grace Neuman, Josephine Israel, Dolores Kovnat, Eunita Smith, Toba Lena Rosensfock. Third Row: H, B. Votes, Jeanne Barge, Morgaret Kolenovsky, Dorothy Cox, Helen Ruth Freeman, Jean Odell, Clara Condray, Henryette Stevenson, Lucille Alexander, Mary Smith Clark. Fourth Row: Carol Miller, Judith Bolser, Nellie Rosenboum, Maude Parker, Martha Corler, Billye Albright, Kathleen O ' Shea, Joe Smollwood, Peggy Murphy, Fred Barshop. Fifth Row: Norman Levin, Jerome Ely, Ramon Wilensky, Roy Carpenter, Bettye Roiden, Billie Anderson, Betty Price, Kenny Hansen. NOT IN PICTURE Edith Eaton Marie Lomas Doris Montague Joyce Ann Roper Clare StiUman Jerry Hoffman Jaunita McCoy Joe Moody Foye Sokeloriou Milford Thomas E. R. Hollon Jeon Mir ' .ky Grace Newmon Eva Pearlstein Fronces Smith Jomes Wittkower Poge Ninety four i HARDIN WHITE ALEXANDER LANGSTON RAMBO YUNGFLEISCH HATTON OSHEA McLEAN SIEGEL GOLMAN FINEGLASS ORNISH SKELTON CARPENTER CAREY SMALLWOOD KOVNAT ClARK YATES o lte i AiiAuuU ta JUNE HARDIN LUCILLE ALEXANDER MARJORIE WHITE MARGUERETTE HATTON EDWIN ORNISH JOE SIEGEL Business tAanag r Co-Edifors- ' m-Chief AVA LANGSTON Assistanf Editors GENE YUNGFLEISCH Literary Editor DOROTHY McLEAN Assistant Literary Editors CARLETA RAMBO KATHLEEN O ' SHEA Associate Editors ANITA GOLMAN Advertising Manager FRANCES KOVNAT Assistant Advertising Mgr. RAY CARPENTER Sports Editor MARY SMITH CLARK Editorial Adviser FRANCES SKELTON MINNETTE FINEGLASS Assistant Advertising Mgr. JOE SMALLWOOD Snapshots Editor KARL CAREY Military Editor H. B. YATES Business Adviser Page Ninety-five Pan e t ' ecioUe i Al6xi UaUo4i. MRS. J. A. SAWYER, President MRS. J. SCOTT DeLEE, First Vice-President MRS. J. ARONOFF, Second Vice-President MRS. S. R. SHERRARD, Third Vice-President MRS. M. WEINKRANTZ, Fourth Vice-President MRS. B. E. BALL, Fifth Vice-President MRS. A. H. JOHNSON, Sixth Vice-President MRS. J. RUSHING, Seventh Vice-President MRS. A. RAZOVSKY, Recording Secretary MRS. R. G. JEFFERS, Corresponding Secretory MRS. H. F. LILLEBRIDGE, Treosurer MRS. L. ROSENGARTEN, Historian MRS. B. GRACE, Parliamentarian MRS. THOS. S. CARTER, C. L. FORD, Auditors First Row. Mrs. B. E. Ball, Mrs. S. C. Willis, Mrs. John So Second Row. C. L. Ford, Mrs. Thomos S. Carter, Mrs. R. G An organization the school could not well do without is the Parent-Teacher Association of Forest. Striving to bring the school and the home into a closer rela- tionship, the P.-T.A. gives numerous programs yearly to arouse interest in their organization and io secure new members for it. Because our chapter of the P.-T.A. was organized with the school in 1916 and the members feel it has grown up with Forest, they dedicated their yearbook to the graduates and their parents — carrying out the twenty-fifth anniversary theme . . . The programs at the P.-T.A. meetings hove been especially good — interesting speakers being presented at several regular meetings . . . Under the leadership of Mrs. J. A. Sawyer as presi- dent and her assistants, the Parent-Teacher Associa- tion has given several pay assemblies, a tea honor- ing the Freshmen Mothers, a Founder ' s Day Tea, and to climax a very successful year, a spring picnic. LEFT TO RIGHT ryer, Mrs. R. Sherrord, Mrs. Allen Reed, Mrs. A. Rozovsky. Jeffers, Mrs. G. Seely, Mrs. A, H. Johnson, Mrs. Gory Burton, Mrs. Joe Aronoff. Page Ninety-six bcukCLd. OFFICERS CARL H. CONDRAY, REV. E. F. McGAUGHEY, F rs Vice-Presi ' denf BEN F. GENTLE, Second Vice-President LOUIS ORNISH, Third Vice-President JOHN L RICKER, Fourth Vice-President WILLIS B. MOORE, Fifth Vice-President MACK M. SCHELL, Secretory W. H. BUTLER, Sponsor ELMO ELAM, President MILAM LEGGETTE, Vice-President BETTY JANE GARDENER, Secretory TOBY ARNOFF, Parliamentarian HERBERT YONACK, Sergeant-at ' Arms Spring Term ELMO ELAM, President RONNY SHIPP, Secretary-Treasurer RUSSELL MURDOCH, LEON COIN, Vice-President Parliamentarian HERBERT YONACK, Sergeant-at Arms Qoln QUiM- OFFICERS ?o Term P (ladiaeUL OFFICERS GRAY MOORE, Sponsor PAUL KELLY, President EMITT KILE, Wce-Pres denf CAROLL MILLER Secrefary-Treosurer JOE SMALLWOOD, Student Council Representative BioM p. QUiM- OFFICERS ?a Term S. S. HUTCHINSON Sponsor CECIL WEIL, President CLARE CONDRAY, Secretary-lteosurer HAROLD BOROFSKY, Serjeant- at -f rms Spring Term LEON WILENSKY, President IDA PEARL HILLIS, Secretory-Treasurer HAROLD BOROFSKY, Sergeant-at- Arms Page Ninety-seyen " Tracing the History of Print- ing " was the theme of the ' 29 Forester. Harold Pearson was in charge of the art of the annual, and the editorial and business end of the publication were in the hands of Clarence Agress and Lewis Finneburgh, respectively. It was dedicated to Miss Ruth St. John, editorial adviser. The foot- ball squad received a disastrous blow when Frank Terranella, star quarterback, was found to be in- eligible. After rolling up 290 points to their opponents ' 6, Forest lost the last game of the season to Oak Cliff 10-0. The contest de- cided the district championship. AUtUticl Pen, wax and parchment govern the world. ATHLETICS Page Ninety-eight Chosen by a popular vote of the student body, Joe L. Bergin, history teacher, received the dedication of the ' 30 Forester. Helen Star, Joshua Kahn, and Walter Hosek edited the Forester, which had as its theme the progress of light. One of our favorite teachers, Richard Allison, was then captain of the basketball squad and led Forest to second place in the city scramble. Fay Lagow and Frank Terranella led the way to the city football championship. Lagow was also picked as an all-state guard by the city sport writers. Stephen Gutherie was named best all-round track man in Forest. The progress of transportation through the years, the theme of the Foresfer of ' 31, was shown in the sectional divisions of the publication. However, it was noted that the trans- portation progress at Forest covered the kiddie-car stage for the Freshmen, the tricycle for the Soph, the roller skates for the Junior, and the bicycle for the sophisticated Senior. The literary work in the book is accredited to Gladys Musache, and the business management to Jake Lichenstein. Miss Edna Rowe, senior counsellor, received the dedication. This book was enhanced greatly because of the really good and often humorous illustrations by Christelle Brock and George Harwood. This annual represents our school during one of the dark depression years, when the publication of a year- book was for a while doubtful. The editor of the book was Dorothy Rosen- baum, and the business manager was Elizabeth Carp. By vote of the Senior Class, this Forester was dedicated to Mr. H. B. Yates, business adviser of the yearbook. Frank Steen and Helen Wright, chosen for most completely typi- fying the Freshman Class, were selected Forest Favorites. The book records the first celebration of Texas Week, fol- lowing the State Legislature ' s adoption, in November 1931, of the resolution providing for the yearly commemoration of this season. Page Ninety-nine Top to iotlom: Troy Russell, Leslie Withrow, Gorland Collett, Kenneth Burns TRIFKO CULIBRK r BURNETT COX • TROY RUSSELL, towering right tackle, was a thorn in the side of every club taken on in de- fense and played heads up ball on ofFense. • TRIFKO CULIBRK, scrappy left end, saw a great deal of valuable service leading plays and snar- ing passes. • BURNETT COX, assistant coach, moulded the Green Wave line into one of the best forward walls in the state. • LESLIE WITH- ROW, co-captain of the team and all-city left guard, combined ofFense and defense to bring grief to all opponents. • GARLAND COLLETT, covering ground at the full-back position, saw playing time " a plenty " while breezing through holes in the line. • KENNETH BURNS, capable right end, brought down passes with ease on the offense while holding down his part on the de- fense. • RALPH HOLLYWOOD, burly right tackle, wrought havoc to all opponents on both the offense and defense. • JAMES NANCE, right guard, renowned for his defensive aggres- siveness, proved to be a valuable asset to the Lions. • WARREN HUNTER, right end, showed vigor and spunk through all the games while leading plays around end and snagging passes. RALPH HOLLYWOOD JAMES NANCE WARREN HUNTER Poge One Hundred COACH ALVA SHEPAftO JAMES MAftSHALt Top io Rotfom: Pete Sultis, Edwin Bosseif, Roy Womoclc, Ernes! Cenfhner V f Ae JUioHA, • COACH ALVA SHEPARD, head football men- tor, piloted his 1940 club to third place in the District 8-AA standing. • JAMES MARSHALL, right tackle, played aggressive ball all year and returns to bolster the ' 41 squad. • PETE SULTIS, quarterback and co-captain, v as the " brains " of the team during actual games. Sultis ' blocking won him an all-city berth. • EDWIN DOSSETT, left tackle, played great defensive ball and was best against the better clubs. He won all-city honors. • RAY WOMACK, pass catcher, was known as " Mr. Sticky Fingers " until he was injured in the Austin game. • ERNEST GENTHNER, half- back, led the district in passing and kicking. Genthner ' s precision passing was instrumental in scoring almost every touchdown. • KENNETH KUYKENDALL, district scoring champion, scored eight touchdowns and made long broken-field runs for touchdowns so often that he was chosen all-city halfback. • GEORGE GILKERSON, cen- ter, sparked the team in hustle and spirit. He played sensational defensive ball, plugging up holes made in the Green line. GEORGE GILKERSON ' i : ' ' m Pagt One Hundrtd One FIRST TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Kenneth Kuykendall, Warren Hunter, Leslie Withrow, V oltcr Karr, Trifko Culibrk, Jess Barbee, W. G. Singletary, Bob Stallcup, Konnoth Hansen, Clyde Enicr:on. Second Row.- JImmie Moore, Charles Schricber, George Firor, Carroll Cooley, Jomes Marshall, Marvin Coppedge, Jack McClure, Kenneth Burns, Alex Tuttle, Kenneth Balthrop. Third Row: Alvin Sheppord, coach, Pete Sultis, Jomes Nance, Ed Dossett, Troy Russell, Ernest Genthner, Ralph Hollywood, George Gilkerson, Garland Collett, Burnett Cox, assistant coach; Ray VandagrifT, manager. ooilaU Forest 6 — -McKinney 6 A rocket-like pass from Genthner to Kuykendall scored the only Lion tally as the Green Wave rolled to a stop on the North Texas plains without ever getting under way. Coach " Swede " Murray ' s McKinney squad played an inspired game and tied the score late in the third quarter. Forest — Austin 7 Raymond Jones, Maroon halfback, sparked the Maroon attack and carried the ball to the 4, where Larry Wil- son carried over for the winning score. Genthner ' s pre- cision passing put Forest on the 5-yard line twice, but the Green could not muster enough power to score. Genthner got as close as the six-inch line on a desper- ate plunge but was stopped by a powerful Maroon line. Forest 6 — Greenville Weakened by injuries to Womack and Dossett, the Green employed a skeleton crew to defeat the Green- ville Lions. Terrific plunging power generated by Culibrk carried the Forest eleven through a mass of goal line defenders to a lone touchdown and victory. Greenville was completely outplayed and never once threatened to score. Forest — Woodrow Wilson 6 After playing great defensive ball and demonstrat- ing a sparkling aerial offensive for the major part of four quarters, the Lions slipped into the doldrums of mediocr ity and watched W. P. Headrick complete a 59- yard pass to James Hayes, who scampered to a closing second touchdown that spelled victory for Wilson and defeat for Forest. Pa G One Hundred Two f - r " ' TTr :-? ' SECOND TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT Boffom Row: Charles Moore, Roberf Chisolm, Harold Lcverett, Robert Gary, George Attenau, Jesse Darke, Grady Millender, Hubbard Holland. Second Row: Johnny Robison, Jimmie Duncan, James White, Norman Bernstein, Lowell Camp, Harold Holcomb, Hardin Whitoker, Sam Embry, Ru;sel Burns. Third Row Seldon Hutchinson, coach; Billy Joe Boyons, Ralph Dawson, Bill Brown, George Logon, Herbert Voight, Larry Burock, H. D. Lollar, John Pugh, Robert Murray, manager. ootluiU Forest 25 — North Dallas 7 Genthner unloaded four touchdown passes, three to Kuykendall, and one to Culibrk, as the mighty Wave rolled over the Northside Canines in an easy manner, almost scoring at v ill. Kuykendall ran one of Genthner ' s passes 71 yards through a broken field, behind ex- tremely effective blocking by Sultis and Hunter. Forest 12 — Adamson 6 Kuykendall scored the game ' s opening touchdown with a 17-yard sweep of the Adamson right end, crfid Collett added the second score with a 2-yard plunge in the lost quarter, that provided the margin of victory and helped avenge post defeats suffered from the Leopard teams. Sultis was the defensive star. Forest 7 — Sunset 17 Buck McDaniel passed Sunset ' s title-bound Bisons to victory on a wet field as the Purple and White contingent proved to be opportunists and took advantage of every Lion mistake. Kuyendall took an 8-yard pass from Genthner and ran ten yards for the lone Lion touch- down with Ihr-ee Sunset would-be-tacklers hanging on. Forest 12 — Palestine Employing ground power aplenty and Barbee ' s ver- satility to its highest degree, the Green swept through Palestine ' s Wildcats as every reserve saw action. Kuy- kendall tallied the initial touchdown on a reverse play that was good for 35 yards. Collett added the second score on a 6-yard plunge late in the third quarter. Forest 20 — Technical 6 Sultis enjoyed a field day at the expense of Tech ' s Wolves and scored two of the three Lion touchdowns as he terminated his high school career by leading the Wave to a Thanksgiving Day victory. Kuykendall scored the second touchdown on a 51 -yard broken-field run climax- ing a successful season that landed Forest a third place in District 8-AA. ?aQ One Hundred Three i First Row. left to right, Marilyn Freelond, Bettye Roiden, Evelyn Kynard. Second Row: Conrad Dean, Jomes Tuttle, Walter Krusz, Jack Paxton. CAee . Jieade WALTER " BOOTS " KRUSZ, head cheer leader, was elected the most handsome and most pop- ular senior boy last year in the Forester Favorite contest. He was voted the most popular 4A senior • EVELYN KYNARD, petite and cute brunette, was elected most popular 4A girl last January. She stood out as the tiniest of the cheer leaders. Not only did EVELYN help lead the school in its many activities, but she also was among the tops in scholarship • JAMES " JITTERBLJG " TUTTLE always put an amazing performance on for the team ' s " box office sup- porters. " He won his distinction as a cheer leader when he was a junior, so we are looking forward to seeing him in the center of activities next year • MARILYN FREELAND, also a cute brunette, had the lead in the senior play, " Leave It To Mother, " last December. She was an honor student with the ability to lead in whatever she did. MARILYN often played the piano at the pep assemblies • BETTYE RAIDEN, the cute, vivacious redhead, is known for her friendly personality and her dancing ability. All the l oys of the team call her " Little Red Raiden Hood. " Her outstanding ability as a leader is shown in her work as Secretary of the Senior Class • JACK PAXTON, who never failed to bring a sack of lemons to a football game, was one of the favorites among the cheer leaders, as he was always willing to cooperate. He was also elected to lead the cheers in his junior yaar • CONRAD DEAN was known as " Conrad and His Violin, " which he played on several assemblies. With his pleasing personality, he was well liked by everyone. Page One Hundred Four ♦ QMI PefL Scf uGxi LEFT TO RIGHT Moscof Caroline Reed Drum Major Margaret Fortner Ma ore fei Jeanne Barge, Norma Jean Parker, Betty Jean Alger, Maxine McWilliams fUi Row, Norma Gene Porker, Jeanne Barge, Margaret Fortner, Betty Jean Alger, Maxine McWilMoms. Second ftow. Virginia Brecheen, Jetfie Lee Graham, Mary Evelyn Davis, Virginia Gray, Willeta Eubanks, Betty Jean Beville, Dorothy Lav rence, Dorothy Boise, Evelyn Yates, Serofina Carbone, Doris V ilson. IhUd Row: Virginia Woods, Morgarete Johnson, Dorothy Gigglemon, Virginia Hayth, Margaret Lemaster, Therle Warner, Joyce Suwal, Lorene Fisher, Claudia Kimbrough, Lilliam Killingsworth, Ruth Hill, Treyso Seeley. Fourth Row: Kathleen Davis, Dorothy Mullins, Marjorie Grider, Margaret McCreary, Bonnie KeMum, Alene Goodman, Johnnie Gill, Roth Duncan, Vivo Thompson, Ella Pearl Bunch, Patricia Porter, Helen Jones, Jo Loverne Tidrow, Clara Condray. Fifth Row: Marjorie Palmer, Pauline Wood, Vida Jo Tindal, Mildred Stepter, Rusel Barrow, Juanita Roberts, Marvin Johnson, Betty Mitchell, Ruth Foircloth, Reno Weotherly, Elizabeth Hickman, Wilma Kellum, La Verne Fisher. Sixth Row: Elizabeth Burke, Corinne Pedersen, Eva Ruth Carter, Helen totimer, Helen Phipps, Aggie Lee Harper, Lois Bourquin, Iva Mae Gibbs, Juanita Adams, Elwonda Clanton, Florene Bradford, Bobby Gene Gentle, Helen Worley, Do ' othea Rush, Dorothy Howie, Evelyn Christensen. A v histle blows — drums roll — music — all laughter is hushed — then out step the Foresters. Lines straight — every girl in place and stepping high with the leaders. Right turn — left turn — wheel — ten steps forward — a completed formation — another whistle blows — every one slides back into marching position and prances off the field feeling — " We did our best. " The Pep Squad participated in the first Open House Celebration, football games, Annual Band Festival, and acted as ushers at the Children ' s Day Celebration on April 4. Awards for membership this year were given to Betty Alger, Jeanne Barge, Serofina Carbone, and Morgarete Johnson. Miss Mabel Show was teacher sfijonsor and Mrs. C. H. Barge mother sponsor. Poge One Hundred Five LEFT TO RIGHT First Row Kenneth Burns, R. L. Duckworth, Billy Dietrich, Henry Holcombe, Duane Sutton, Stanley Peacock, and Billy Hart, manager. Seconc Row Richard Allison, coach; Alex Tuttle, Kenneth Balthrop, Jack Hermanson, Ernest Genthner, Cliarles Schreiber, William Holt, Ralph Hollywood. liaAJzetLcdl Coach Richard Allison ' s basketball quintet weathered its most disastrous season in years to finish intact and in the district cellar, having lost every game played in the city race. Charles Schrieber, highest scoring Forest player, was selected by the Echo sports stafF as the Most Valuable Player on the Lion quintet. He also received special mention as an All-Citly forward. Ralph Hollywood, captain, Schrieber, R. L. Duckworth, Ernest Genthner, Garland Collett, W. G. Singletary, and Billy Hart, team manager, composed the 1940-41 letter- men. BASKET BALL SCHEDULE January 3 Forest 17 January 4 Forest 25 January 11 Forest 26 January 17 Forest 27 January 22 Forest 13- January 25 Forest 26 January 31 Forest 19- February 2 Forest 19 February 8 Forest 21 ■ February 15 Forest 27- - Adamson 22 -W.Wilson 33 - Technical 28 ■N. Dallas 32 Sunset 34 Adamson 36 Technical 42 • N. Dallas 36 Sunset 36 W.Wilson 39 Poge One Hundred Six LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Ray Womack, Marvin Breeding, George Altenou, Teddy Smith, Henry Schaerdel, Dalton Loveloce, Bob Statlcup, N. W. Brighom, Jack Hermonson. Second Row Autrey Bardin, Leroy Rephan, Charles Beck, John Avila, Roland Bosden, Robert Pugh. Third Rowj Kenneth Hansen, James Watts, Arthur Miller, John Hodkinson, Robert Duckworth, Leon Ruben stein, Edward Lee, Doyle Stephenson, Horace Barge. Fourth Row: Paul Dowdy, Hershall Philips, Billy Cox, E. G. Williams, Bobbie Miller, Billy Bufkin. Fifth Row Bobbie Shelton, Troy Russell, James Rudd, Homer Odom, Bill Keeling, coach; Harry Hoffman, Jerry Hoffman, Roland Moore, Robert Vonn, manoger. I nxiok Ray Womack led the Green Wave tracksters in the District meet by winning the high hurdles in the record-breaking time of 15.2 seconds. Because of the distance being shortened in the 200-yard low hurdles, Womack was unable to defeat his keenest rival. Bill Mammon of Sunsel, and was nosed ouf of second place by Doneal Hill, also of Sunset. At the Regional meet staged in Denton Womack didn ' t hit full stride because of bod weather. He was nipped at the finish line by Leonard Roach of Masonic Home, who finished with a sensational burst of speed, and David Smith of Sunset. Time for the event was 15.2 seconds, a new regional record. Other outstanding men on the track squad were N. W. Brighom, consistent winner in the century and furlong dashes and a member of the 440-yard relay team; Dalton Lovelace, 440-yard mainstay, broad jumper and anchor man on the successful mile relay team; John Henry Schaerdel and Jack Hermonson, pole vaulters who tied for third place in the district meet; and Marvin Breeding, flashy holf-miler. In the weight division Troy Russell was classed as one of the best discus and shot- putt men in the city. He placed first in his events in most triangular meets, and finished well in the district. John Hoesel, a recent transfer from Buffalo, New York, who has two more years of eligibility, showed possibilities of becoming a first-class discus thrower and shot-putter in coming years. Page One Hundred Seven LEFT TO RIGHT First Row Duane Sulton, Billy Joe Boyans, Sam Embry, R. L. Duckworth, Wallace Second Row: James Marshall, Trifko CulJbrk, Garland Collelt, Ernest Genthner, Geort Third Row.- Kenneth Balthrop, Alex Tultle, Craig Martin, Warren Hunter, Kenneth Bu Fourth Row: Alva Shepord, coach; Kenneth Hulme, assistant manager; H. D. Lollar, manager; Burnett Cox, assistant coach. =T TO RIGHT . ice Fitch, Bob Acrey, George Baker. y ft |C " -J orge Gilkerson, Pete Sultis, Leslie Withrow. jT) ' ' licuieJuAiL Forest 4 — Woodrow Wilson 1 Sound pitching by Collett and timely hitting by Genth- ner and Embry brought victory to Forest ' s Lions in their first game with Woodrow at Randall Park. The Green club scored two runs in the fourth and two in the fifth. Woodrow scored its lone run in the sixth. Forest 7 — Tech 6 Tech ' s ambitious Wolves nearly upset the heavily favored Lions in their first encounter. The Wolves were leading 6-4 through the sixth inning, but a sensational rally by the Lions won the game. Collett started on the mound for Forest, but had to be relieved by Genthner, who received credit for the victory. Forest 15 — North Dollos 9 The heavy hitting Lions found little trouble in defeat- ing North Dallas. Genthner and Duckworth hit home runs for the Lions and Culbrik and Marshall got two hits. Collett started on the Forest mound, but yielded to Acrey, who finally went out in favor of Genthner. Forest 8 — Adomson 5 Lion power hitters hammered Leopard pitcher Beesley for 10 hits to gain a victory for the Green. Collett pitched the whole game and kept seven Adamson hits well scat- tered. Every man on the Forest club got a hit off Beesley. Poge One Hundred Eight Forest 2 — Sunset 3 Forest 9 — Tech 5 Forest tasted defeat for the first time this season when Sunset beat the Lions by a small score 3-2. Errors, walks, and bad plays proved to be the downfall for the Lions. Forrest, Bison pitcher, gave up only one hit, that to Genthner, while the Bisons hit the offerings of Collett and Genthner freely. Forest 10 — North Dallas 6 Lion hitters had a field day and easily rolled to vic- tory over the outclassed Bulldogs. Genthner pitched good ball for Forest until Collett relieved him in the seventh and retired the final batters. Tuttle, a squadman, broke into the lineup and got two hits for three attempts. Culibrk, Collett, and Genthner led the Forest batting attack. Scoring six runs in the first inning. Forest ' s power hit- ters shelled Stondificr, Tech hurler, from the mound and coasted to victory. Embry got three hits for the Lions and sparkled at his backstop duties by throwing out sev- eral Tech runners on base. Collett pitched fine ball for Forest and was credited with the victory. Forest 6 — Sunset 10 Lee Forrest pitched 4-hit ball to bring a victory to Bison- land that clinched the district title for the Purple. The Sun- set nine staged a five-run, sixth inning rally against the near-brilliant hurling of Collett to overcome a 5-4 Green Wave lead. Forest 4 — Adamson 5 Adamson ' s Leopards rallied in the sixth and seventh innings to defeat the Lions in the first nocturnal baseball game of the season. Collett started on the mound for the Lions and was touched for seven base hits and was cred- ited with the loss. Genthner and Collett led the Green club in batting, getting two hits apiece. Moore, batting hero for Adamson, drove in the winning run in the last inning with a double. Forest 3 — Wood row 4 Wilson ' s Wildcats startled high school baseball circles by defeating the favored Lions behind the 6-hit pitching of Aubrey Johnson. The Wildcats scored their runs in the early innings and staved off a three-run Green rally in the sixth. Culibrk, Genthner, and Duckworth scored the Forest runs. • • SUMMING IT UP Handicapped by wind, rain, the amount of work placed upon one hurler, and the mental pressure of defending their city and state crowns, the baseball Lions won six games and lost four to finish in second place in the district race. Ernest Genthner, Trifko Culibrk, and R. L. Duckworth were placed on the Times Herald all-city team. Genthner, by virtue of his .454 batting average and his exceptional fielding ability, made the all-city squad for the third consecutive year. Culibrk was chosen for his aggressiveness at the plate and Duckworth for all-around fielding ability and unusual batting eye. Page One Hundred Nine Miutan4f, ■ With gypsy figures dancing across the sectional division sheets, the Forester of ' 33 with a new ad- viser, Miss Mary Smith Clarl , was dedicated to Miss Helen Fern Black. The literary editors, Ruthe Stevens, Frank Beddoe, and Esther Hafter deserve credit for writing very good poetry, besides the class will, prophecy, and athletic write- ups. Miss Black ' s work really ex- celled Itself. Her Public Speaking Department dedicated station F.A.H.S., presented a program honoring Texas Week at Forest and Sunset both, and her com- petent direction produced, as al- ways, an excellent senior play. FIGHT- ACHIEVEMENT l II " And he • 1 III V said, Fight 1 1 V II 1 t 1 on! Fight on! though his vessel was but a wreck Page One Hundred Ten With " the value of books " as its theme, the ' 34 Forester proved its point by being an excellent book in itself. The editorial staff was com- posed of Josephine Hemphill, Helen Tims, Margaret Klein, and Lois Davis, business manager, and Reba Gilbert and Dorothy Good, advertising man- agers. Thoughtfully dedicated to their fathers and mothers, the book had an amusing section in which the year ' s cal- endar was in the form of " a diary of a self-made senior. " The sectional divisions, with drawings concerning books, also had quotations from famous authors. Josephine Hemphill and Joe Pirano shared popularity honors. " Looking Forward to the Texas Cen- tennial " was the theme of the ' 35 Forester, whose division plates showed Texas historical scenes. Dedi- cated to its sponsor. Miss Mary Smith Clark, the Forester was edited by Bettie Lee Jones, Dorothy Voss, and Bert Aschner, with Robert Von Tress as business manager. The calendar, class will, and prophecy were all written in poetry. Frances Hiegel was crowned queen of the Forest Fun Frolic of 1934 by Oscar Holler, 4B Presi- dent. This was the first Fun Frolic in twelve years. A show in the auditorium, the concessions, the coronation, and a dance afterwards in the gym were the main features of the frolic. " Texas — One and Indivisible, " the theme of the Texas Centennial was also the central idea of the ' 36 For- ester. In the center of its white cover the Foresfer had the Capitol of Texas. The sectional divisions of the annual showed a scene of Texas history with one of the six flags of Texas in the center of each division plate. Wylie A. Parker wrote an article, " A Living and Lasting Memorial, " which told of the planting of fifty-eight trees at the Centennial Grounds hon- oring Texas heroes. Dedicated to Mrs. Emma H. Brown, this volume was edited by Mary Frances Kemmerle. Abe Bullman and Robert Carp were advertising managers. The art work was done by Ruth Gruber. Page One Hundred Eleven ?. 0. 7. G, Bta Lieutenant-Coionel Colonel RICHARD L. COLEMAN WILLIAM HERZOG Commandant LEFT TO RIGHT iiond Director front: Lieufenant-Colonel George G ' Ikerson. First Row: Major Irvin Wisdom, Captain James Yarbrough, Captain Bill Tiner, Captain Emrnett Hardy, Second Lieutenant Wylie Parker, Jr., First Lieutenant Doyle Wheeler, First Lieutenant Monroe Cell. Second Row: Staff Sergeant Marvin Breeding, Staff Sergeant Harold Borofsky, Staff Sergeant Robert Archer, Staff Sergeant Bernard Nurre. Page One Hundred Twoi ' vo ?. 0. 7. e. sta Sergeant Lieutenant-Colonel HARLAN W. WARD GEORGE GILKERSON kss i ort Commandant Batio ' iion Commander LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Lieutenant Colonel George Gilkerson, Major Irvin Wisdom, Captain Karl Carey, Captain Irving Wasserman, Captain Billy Bronaugh, Captain Emmett Hardy, Captain Bill Tiner, Captain James Yarbrough, Captain Harwell Lucky, Captain Jack Flood. Second Row: First Lieutenant Hugh Henderson, First Lieutenant Wilbur Kasten, First Lieutenant Vandon Jarvis, Second Lieutenant Doyle Wheeler, First Lieutenant Monroe Bell, First Lieutenant Kenneth Burns, Second Lieutenant James Wittkower, Second Lieutenant Wylie Parker, Jr., Second Lieutenant Robert Millwee, Second Lieutenant Robert Van Huss. Third Row: Second Lieutenant Walter Karr, Second Lieutenant Danny Cline, Second Lieutenant E K. Hen- derson, Second Lieutenant William Peacock, Second Lieutenant Walter Roberts, Second Lieutenant Harry HofFman, Second Lieutenant Floice Tunnell, Second Lieutenant Jerry Hoffman, Second Lieutenant Jack Razovsky. Page One Hundred Thirteen H U 7 ecun. LEFT TO RIGHT ? ts Row; Major Irvin Wisdom, Captain Karl Carey. Second Row: Captain Emmeft Hardy, Lieutenant- Colonel George Gilkerson, Sergeant James Rudd, First Lieutenant Wilbur Kasten. lh rd Row; Captain Irving Wasserman, Captain James Yarbrough, Captain Bill Tiner, First Lieutenant Monroe Bell. IRVIN WISDOM, Coptam V The Rifle Team stated off its ' 40- ' 41 season by firing second in the Camp Dallas rifle matches. Forest qualified 26 of its total number of Camp Dallas Cadets as experts. This was one of the best averages at camp. In the intercollegiate rifle match, out of 38 teams entered, Forest placed twenty-second. Forest placed fourth in the Shoulder to Shoulder Rifle Match and in this match two team members, Karl Carey and Irv- ing Wisdom, received all-city appointments. Poge One Hundred fourteen omU First Lieutenanf Wilbur Kasten Second ti ' eufenonf Robert Milwee Second Lieutenanf ; . . . Harry Hoffman Second tieufenonf Jerry Hoffman Second Lieutenant Jack Rozofsky First Sergeant George Maddox Our Forest Band " gets around and does things. " The band always turns out well for inspections and on one inspection was rated excellent in appearance, drill, and music. Four men from the band have made the school rifle team. It has supported the football team in every game it has played. The band defeated teams of all four companies to claim the Regi- ment football and basketball championship. JACK FLOOD, Captain LEFT TO RIGHT Standing Left: 1st Lt. Wilbur Kasten, 2nd Lt. Robert Milwee, 2nd Lt. Harry Hoffman. Stonding Right: 2nd Lt. Jack Razovsky, 2nd Lt. Jerry Hoffman, Capt. Jack Flood, Col. William Hertzog. First Row: Corp. Norman Levin, Pvt. Earl Barnett, Pvt. Jerry Freeman, Sgt. Jarrell Rubinett, Staff Sgt. Robert Archer, Pvt. Benny Apple, Sgt. Bobby Robinson, Pvt. Sammy Seltzer, Corp. Alfred Jefferson. Second Row; Pvt. Pete Trone, Pvt. Harry Haines, Pvt. Donald Zeman, Pvt. Gene Giggleman, Pvt. Milburn Garonzik, 1st Class Pvt. Raymond Blummer, Corp. Leroy Jones, Pvt Ronny Shipp, Pvt. Richard Christensen, Corp. John Schaerdel. Third Row: Pvt. Jack Summerfleld, Sgt. Lav rence Hirsch, 1st Class Pvt. Erwin Polishuk, Pvt. J. C. Kassed, Sgt. David Ball, 1st Class Pvt. Russell Murdoch, Pvt. R. P. Jones, Pvt. Clarence Sladek. Fourth Row: Pvt. Don Harris, Pvt. Billy Jack Ramsey, Pvt. Billy Cozby, Corp. Lawrence Hoover, Corp. Joe Pokladnik, 1st Class Pvt. Johnnie Brown, Pvt. Bobby Gillett. Fifth Row: Pvt. Morton Zimmerman, Pvt. Herbert Watts, Pvt. Escar C. Gilley, Pvt. Billy Duncan, Sgt. George Moore, Sgt. Leonard Baleja. Sixth Row: Sgt. B. M. Moody, 1st Sgt. George Maddox, 1st Class Pvt. Robert Glazer, Pvt. Richard Pokladnik, Pvt. A. E. Davis, Corp. Loyle Stephenson, Corp. Billy Joe Hart. Page One Hundred Fifteen Qc4ftfiaK4f A LEFT TO RIGHT KnsQ r Q: 2nd Lt. Walter Roberts, 1st Lt. Hugh Henderson, Capt. Harwell Lucky, Corp. Homer Odom, 2nd Lt. James WIttkower. Second Row.- Corp. Cleopas Pounds, Pvt. James Lynch, Corp. Fred Hogan, Corp. Leon Cohen, Sgt. Ramon Wilensky, 1st Sgt. Bennet Stompes, Sgt. James Rudd, Sgt. Leon Rubenstein, Sgt. Hayden Summerfigid, Corp. Charles Hodges, Corp. Billy Caldwell. 7h rd Row.- Pvt. J. T. Jones, Pvt. Leslie Mitchell, Pvt. Erman Wood, Pvt. Leo Vavra, Sgt. Joe Bill Free, Pvt. Louis Freoland, Pvt. Harold Lloyd, Pvt. Clifford Delk, Pvt. George McCoy, Pvt. Jack Daniel, Pvt. James Tuttls. Fou.-th Row.- Pvt. Eugene JefFries, Pvt. Marvin Barish, Pvt. Gordon Prichard, Pvt. Robert Davenport, Pvt. Horace Lumpkin, Pvt. Harry Ries- man, Corp. Richard Lewis, Pvt. John Willis, Pvt. Richard Theisen. Fifth Row- Pvt. Bill Smith, Pvt. Nawlon Stovall, Pvt. Jimmy Murchison, Pvt. Ecrl Young, Pvt. Carl Saunders, Pvt. Emmett Mozely, Pvt. L. M. Cox, Pvf. Maborn Gray, Pvt. Ernest Bushy. S xfh Row.- Pvt. David Rosenzweig, Pvt. Robert Stewart, Pvt. Johnnie Ezell, Pvt. Jim Embry, Pvt. Jack Lee, Pvt. Fred Chambers. S vsn h Row.- Pvt. Leroy Harris, Pvt. Lewis Graves, Pvt. Billy Bufkin, Pvt. Donald Schmidt, Pvt. James Shuptrine. Eighth Row.- Pvt. Ernest Coffman, Staff Sgt. Herbert Sheaner, Pvt. Gsne Griffin, Staff Sgt. Harold Borof sky, Sgt. Melvin Aronoff. JAMES YARBROUGH, Copfoin First Lieutenant Hugh Henderson Second Lieutenant Walter Roberts Second Lieutenant James Wittkower First Sergeant Bennet Stampes " A " Company was rated best in school on the first city inspection. It has contributed three men to the Forest Rifle Team. Best shot in " A " Com- pany is Sergeant James Rudd. Company " A " was honored by having the color guard picked from it. While " A " Company has not always placed first in military competition, it has placed consistently second in nearly everything at- tempted. Page One Hundred Sixteen a First Lieutenant Kenneth Burns Second Lieutenant William Peacock Second Lieutenant Floice Tunnell First Sergeant Robert McFarland Early in the season as a prize for having the best all-round company, Company " B " won all new rifle slings donated by Sergeant Ward. Company " B " has placed two of its men on the school rifle team. Best shot in the company is Irving Wasserman. Best all-round cadet is Alvin Hamusek. Harold Simon is the proud pos- sessor of the best-shined shoes in the company. Tied for first place on the number of periods received are J. B. Goza and Charles Beck. IRVING WASSERMAN, Captain LEFT TO RIGHT First Row Kneeling: Capt. Irving Wasserman. Second Row Kneeling-. Pvt. Russell Burns, 1st Lt. Kenneth Burns. Third Row Kneeling: 2nd Lt. Floice Tunnell, 1st Sgt. Robert McFarland, 2nd Lt. William Peacock. Fourth Row- Sgt. Frank Alexander, 1st Class Pvt. Charles Davis, 1st Class Pvt. Darwin Huddle, Sgt. Alvin Hamusek, Sgt. Charles Mozingo, Sgt. Don Kelton, Sgt. Harold Simon, Corp. Curtis Arrington, Corp. Jimmy Fryar, Corp. Max Pinson, 1st Class Pvt. George Adds, Sgt. Billy Dial. Fifth Row: Pvt. J. B. Goza, Pvt. Otis Davis, Pvt. Joe Richardson, Pvt. Robert Sale, Pvt. Carl Rudick, Pvt. Stanley Leventhal, Pvt. George Altenau, Pvt. Frank Thomas, Pvt. Emmit Kile, Pvt. Duane Payne. Sixth Row: Pvt. Marshall Moore, Pvt. Paul Pyron, Pvt. Charles Griggs, Pvt. Warnell Jaynes, Pvt. Barney Dowd, Pvt. Charles Jordon, Pvt. Meyer Raskin, Pvt. Benny Culbertson, Pvt. David Moody. Pvt. Aubrey Perry. Seventh Row: Pvt. Martin Spiritis, Pvt. Levy Burson, Pvt. Dee Palmer, Pvt. James Forston. Pvt. Eugene Friedman, Pvt. James Singleton, Pvt. Gabriel Emancho, Pvt. Leiand Turner, Pvt. Joe McKinney, Pvt. Jack Kellsy. Eighth Row- Pvt. Kenneth Stubbs, Pvt. Roger Moore, Pvt. Charles Beck, Pvt. Elmer Johnson, Pvt. Frank Donaberger, Pvt. Robert Thorne, Pvt. Durv ood Albright, Pvt. Leon Dunn. Ninth Row: Pvt. Max Earl Williams, Pvt. Robert Maxv ell, Pvt. Louis Weltchek, Pvt. Vernon Wright, Pvt. Richard Smith, Pvt. Ray Yandall. Page One Hundred Seventeen Qa tpxmif Q s sa f LEFT TO RIGHT F rsf Row Knee mg: Capt. Karl Carey. Second Row Kneeling: 2nd Lt. Walter Korr, 1st Sgt. John Hodkin- son, Sgt. Porter Reed, 2nd Lt. G. C. Lucky, 1st Lf. Vandon Jarvis. Third Row.- Corp. Billy McCoy, Corp. Eugene Brooks, Sgt. Kenneth Dane, Sgt. Samuel Feldman, Sgt. Walter Sorensen, Sgt. Wylie Paschall, Corp. J. C. Mackey, Corp. Billy Gallop, 1st Class Pvt. Raymond Beach, Sgt. Gary Burton, Pvt. Jack McClure. Fourth Row.- Pvt. Glenn Lang, Pvt. Bobby James, Pvt. Alvin Whitfield, Pvt. Monroe Mirsky, Pvt. Leon Tolerton, Pvt. Fred Schlinger, Pvt. Edward Dees, Pvt. Ben Mims, Pvt. Walter Shindall, Pvt. Marvin Blasser, Pvt. Louis Watel. Fifth Row; Pvt. Freddie Shaw, Pvt. George Mirsky, Sgt. Charles Reed, Pvt. J. C. Pendleton, Pvt. Warren Therrel, Pvt. Billy Cox, Pvt. Otis Mackey, Pvt. Martin Andrews, Pvt. Harry Good- stein, Pvt. Billy Dooley. Sixth Row.- Pvt. Henry Shafer, Pvt. Victor Oddo, Pvt. Barthell Ellis, Pvt. Billy Lumpkin, Pvt. Glenn Summar, Pvt. Paul S eilheimer, Pvt. James Jenkins, Pvt. Joe WafFord, Pvt. Joe Mc- Kinney. Seventh Row.- Pvt. Herbert Yonack, Pvt. Glenn Bourland, Pvt. James Rankin, Pvt. Saul Kahn, Pvt. David Giller, Pvt. J. B. Merendino, Pvt. Tommy Miller, Pvt. Donald West. KARL CAREY, Captain First Lieutenant Vandon Jarvis Second Lieutenant Walter Korr Second Lieutenant G. C. Lucky First Sergeant John Hodkinson Company " C " won the Ward Trophy for hav- ing the best company on the Corps Area inspec- tion. In this company is the only official " yard bird, " Harry Goodstein. Nine men from Com- pany C made the school rifle team and one from this company made the all-city rifle team. In this company is the toughest officer of the school, Walter " Kiddie " Karr. High point man for periods would probably be Walter Shindoll. Best all-round cadet is Porter Reed. Page One Hundred Eighteen Second Lieufenant Randolph Samford Second Lieutenanf Danny Cline Second Lieufenant Wylie A. Parker, Jr. First Sergeant Clinton Woody Company " D " was placed second on the Corp Area inspection. Two men from Company " D " were placed on the Forest rifle team, one of whom made the all-city team. Possessor of the greatest number of medals in this company is Billy Bob Bronaugh, who had so many he couldn ' t put them all on his uniform. Best shined shoes in the company belong to Adolph Mar- der. BILLY BRONAUGH, Captain LEFT TO RIGHT First Row Kneeling-. Corp. Gerald Rushing, Copt. William Robert Bronaugh, 1st Lt. Monroe Bell. Second Row Kneeling: Master Sgt. Marvin Breeding, 2nd Lt. E. K. Henderson, 1st Sgt. Clinton Woody, 2nd Lt. Danny Cline. Third Row-. Sgt. Elmo Elom, Sgt. M. G. Harris, Sgt. Pete DeVoe, Sgt. David Cobbel, Sgt. William Brov n, Sgt. Leroy Rephan, Sgt. Philip Dane, Sgt. Richard Glanville, Pvt. Joe Siegel. Fourth Row-. Pvt. David Schlacter, Pvt. William Sherman, Pvt. Henry Thrasher, Pvt. Charles Schreiber, Corp. David Crockett, Corp. Adolph Marder, Pvt. Billy Clark, Pvt. Edward Burkley. Fifth Row: Pvt. Jerry Humphrey, Pvt. Billy Burch, Pvt. Sammy Ev alt, Pvt. Harold Golman, Pvt. Edward Vodicka, Pvt. Jimmie Simpson, Pvt. Norman Webb, Pvt. Sam Henenberg, Pvt. Powell Martin, Pvt. Albert Watts. Sixth Row-. Pvt. Bobby Gold- berg, Pvt. Billy Bushman, Pvt. Harold Lewis, Pvt. Autrey Lee Bardin, Pvt. Jerald Ransom, Pvt. Jerry Segal, Pvt. Jack Higgs, Pvt. Olin Warren, Pvt. Donald Murphy. Seventh Row.- Pvt. Melvin Hallmark, Pvt. Donald Higgins, Pvt. Herman Rice, Pvt. Leon Darden, Pvt. Jack Green, Pvt. Leonard Pirtle, Pvt. Ray Bynum, Pvt. Donald Miller, Pvt. Edgar Wafford. Eighth Row. Pvt. Billy Gilbert, Pvt. Joe Knott, Pvt. Alton Gray, Pvt. Jack Beck, Pvt. Homer Steele, Pvt. Jake Werb. Page One Hundred Nineteen eaiune On a blue and silver back- ground a steamer sailed straight and true through choppy waters. Thus was the theme of the ' 37 Foresier, " the Romance of the Sea, " picturesquely carried out with such a cover. Dedicated to Miss Sara Davidson, it was co- edited by Frank Singer and Stan- ley Kaufman with Paul Lacy as manager. Such a theme was chosen because, as the stafF said, " we believe in romance, and as long at there is a sea and a ship to sail on it- — we will do so. " The year ' s calendar took the form of " The Compass " and " The Ship ' s Log " was the section given over to candid snapshots. f t A T I) i; E $ Page One Hundred Twenty Dedicated to Miss Ruth Barham, the Forester of ' 38 was quite modernistic with its green and white cover. An attractive addition to the annual were the candid pictures which went with each sectional division and were often placed on the same page io offset the seriousness of the posed pictures. On the administration page and the faculty sections candid shots showed the teachers when they were off-guard. Weren ' t we surprised to see our math teacher with a bicycle, and we didn ' t know our gym teacher was such an ardent supporter of the games! The quality of this issue of the Forester was due in no small way to Bernice Rubin and Barnett Goodstein, who were in charge. The Forester of ' 39, edited by Billy Murk and Fannie Rosenbloom, as- sisted by Mike Montgomery, and busi- ness manager Joe Golman, was dedi- cated to Miss Louise Wilcox. The Forester of this year improved upon several regular features. Instead of a mere one-page section of semi- posed pictures, the section this year covered four pages of candid shots. The Forest Favorite section listed twelve people instead of the usual two or four. The four post-graduates were featured in a section all to themselves. Four farewell songs were written instead of a mere one. The Famous Forest Fun Frolic was the cause of much excitement at the end of the year. Queen of the Frolic was Marjorie Freeland. Sporting an attractive blue and gold cover, the 1940 Forester was dedi- vfC ° ' =A cated to Miss Rachel Foote, our dean. Louise Hemphill and Bill McNally were co-editors. It is interesting lo note that Louise was also elected most beautiful senior girl, and had fifteen lines of school activities beside her individual picture. In the Campus Close-Ups section students who had done outstanding work or gained city-wide recog- nition were honored. Forest ' s baseball team won the State Championship. Volney Stanberry, " the best curve artist in the city, " had much to do with our success. Ray Womack tied for first place in the preliminary 120 yard high hurdles at Austin, after breaking the city records for both the high and low hurdles. J Page One Hundred Twenty-one R A V ' A A C { o ted MIKE A L L Y !) k ' T II V M,- I. i A N GERTRUDE A C K E R M A X (WJ044iel KATHERINE KAITOPOULOS Top Row: Mr Parker presents the state baseball champs of 1940 and commends them for their splendid showing . . . Coach Cox gives the boys plenty of praise on their successful year . . . Second Row-. All-City first baseman Ernest Genthner says, " We ' ll beat any team " . . . Third Row: You can bet the team was as good as Coach Shepard is telling you they were . . . Catcher Sam Embry snags one of those famous " Volney Curves " as a McKinney batter whiffs the air . . . •• •icMOW ' i ' ! ' Page One Hundred Twenty-four Top Row: Football calisthenics led by Captain Pete Sultis . . . Trifko Culibrk practices his place kicking . . . Second Row: Norma Jean Parker, majorette, takes care of the Pep Squad ' s SI Mascot . . . " Strut your stuff, " girls, for dear old Forest , . , Third Row: Forest vs. Austin. P. S. We lost! . . . The pep merchants yell, " Who are we? " . . . Fourth Row: Ken Kuykendall pulls in a pass in the Woodrow game . . . Shock Troops . . . Look out, Austin! Here come the Lions . . . Poge One Hundred Twenty-five Top Row: The strength of Forest Hi . . . There ' s the half. Ready Girls? . . . Enjoying the Tech game, Ray? . . . Ticket Salesman deluxe. And a new suit, too . . . Second Row-. Don ' t look so cheerful, boys . . . Captain Bronaugh beams his approval on a new officer . . . Colonel Herzog enjoys Camp . . . Third Row: Seven Forest cadets at Camp Dallas . . . " Old Glory " flies over the camp . . . Wasserman, Carey, and Bronaugh " man the pumps " so their tent won ' t float away . . . •SBtii ' Page One Hundred Twenty-six Top Row: Mr. Parker commends Sam Pierce, former ambulance driver for Ann Morgan 1 during the invasion of France last year . . . Charles Welles, the Rev. John G. Moore, and Thomas Holloway at one of our first assemblies . . . Second Row. Get that one, Betty Moore . . . Third Row: Five Austin Maroons down for the football game . . . Captain Jack Box , " accepts a private ' s salute . . . Pog|« One Hundred Twenty seven Top Row: Don ' t let those teachers scare you . . . Lenora Levine does her bit for the all-Spanish program . . . The Standard ' s radio broadcast was a " scream " . . . Second Row-. Columns left! ... A student hasn ' t a chance wii h Mr. Allison playing against him . . . Try to find your- self at the Matinee Dance . . . Third Row: The banquet honoring the Football boys, Yum! Yum! . . . A little plain and fancy jiving by Kirk and Gene . . .The Forest Swingsters rival Artie Shaw, Gene Krupa, and Eddie Duchin . . . ■ ' JaO l ' - Page One Hundred Twenty-eight Top Row: It ' s hard to get English signed, so let her in, Edwin Ornish . . . Co-editor of Forester and busy as a bee is Marjorie White . . . Slight difference Tiny Gardner makes . . . Newman Long speaks on " Americanism " . . . Second Row: Gene Yungfleisch, Bill McNally, Jerry Burns, and Kenneth Kuykendall swing out, while T. J. Collette and Tommy Stockard gossip . . . Third Row: George Gilkerson presents books to Texas Memorial Library as Almeta Kennington patiently awaits her time . . . Fourth Row: Hazel Davidson and Harry Goodsteim, the " Shorties " of Forest . . . Mary Nell Stevenson and Jack Harwood in the middle of their dance . . . Billie Anderson and James Nance at the 4A dance . . . Page One Hundred Twenty-nine Top Row; Polly Allmon, Mary Mumpower, and Margueritte Barshop just plain posin ' . . . Mrs. Zumwalt, Mrs. Vonderwoude, Miss Rowe, Mrs. Sawyer, and Mrs. Lake enjoy the open house honoring Mr. Parker . . . Loyal Foresters, all . . . Second Row: Lester Ingle likes his art . . . Students join in fun at a gym dance . . . Raiden peps it up . . . Third Row: Our sponsor takes time out to dance with the class of ' 28 . . . Billye Albright, Carl Ricker, and Gertrude King do the push button skit for the Echo . . . Miss Black tells Misses Goodman, Wittkower and Hughes how nice the open house is . . . Fourth Row: Katherine Raftopoulos, one of our glamour girls . . . Panel discussion at the Jubilee assembly . . . Mrs. Lake, Mrs. Parker, Mr. Lake, and Mr. Parker head the receiving line. Doesn ' t Mr. Parker look handsome? . . . Page One Hundred Thirl Top Row: Lucille Alexander, editor of the Echo, " on the job " . . . Physical Ed. boys taking daily exercises . . . Forest Band Boys get set for Annual picture . . . J. B. White greeting his Biology class with a smile . . . Second Row: Joe Smallwood and Sherman Riley get the records ready for the 4B Sport dance . . . Cecil Weil, Betty Blanchard, and Ethel Bock receiv- ing accounting instructions from C. T. McCormick . . . H. B. Yates, Forester business adviser, supervises taking annual pictures . . . Troy Russell gets advice from Paul LaBorne . . . Third Row: The R.O.T.C. boys drill . . . George Gilkerson " on ice " . . . The R.O .T.C. boys are out for federal inspection . . . Fourth Row: Seldon Hutchinson hurries picture taking . . . Swing- out, boys ... A busy day in office . . . Fifth Row: Look pretty, girlies . . . Very nice, but do you play ball? . . . " Hutch " is admired by Gym girls . . . Betty Jane Gardner cnodels a pair of very becoming shorts at the style show for the girls ' clothing classes . ...Lynn Elliott and Nelda ReyjTp]dI)look over the candidates for the Jubilee Queen. Page One Hundred Thirty-one eaii and loll i September 10-11 — Well, here it is at last! Our twenty-fifth anniversary! Everyone tripped happily to school, only to We hope the rest of the year isn ' t Pa .A ' drag home exhausted, so hard as enrollment ! September 18 — On our first assembly this morn- ing, Mr. Parker told us some of our plans for this Jubilee Year... A few fish are still falling for that elevator ticket line. September 20 — Tonight we tied those other Lions from McKinney 6 to 6. September 19-20 — We set our alarms early and at 7:30 a.m. rushed up to eliminate all but 15 of those going our for cheer leaders. September 23 — The Silver Jubilee celebration offi- cially opened with a long assembly on which there were representatives from every graduat- ing class of Forest. September 27 — The Austin High Maroons sneaked up on us to the tune of 7 to 0. September 30 — " Tiny " Gardner from the police department spoke to us about the traffic safety drive. October 2 — Bang! Boom! Crash! What ' s all the shooting about? Why, the first edition of the Echo came out today, and we found out all the low-down on every one ! ! October 4 — We met another team of Lions and scored a victory over Greenville. October 7 — In assembly Sam Pierce told us of his experiences as an ambulance driver in France, World War II. October 11 — We went to a marvelous pep rally tonight. With spirit like that we can t lose. October 12 — Well we did. But it was a great game, and Woodrow beat us only 7 to 0. October 14 — Whoopee ! We had very short periods today. The first nine graduating classes of Forest gave us a grand assembly. October 18 — " Let ' s ride the Loop-o-plane ! " " Oh, no " I ' m scared to ride that. Come on, let ' s make it the Waltzer instead. " Such remarks were heard today as high school students from all over the city stampeded the State Fair on High School Day. Tonight the Classes of 1917 through 1921 held open house at the school. October 19 — Twenty-five is really our lucky number this year! The Green Wave rolled over North Dallas 25-7. October 21 — Charles Wells, noted cartoonist and foreign cor- respondent, talked to us today in assembly. October 22 — Red Letter Day ! Today we received report cards, and all but the 4A ' s were graded by letters. It was hard convincing our parents that " C " was a good grade and that " D " and " E " were passing. Page One Hundred Thirty-fwo aeiiT ' iz. October 31 — Donning our masks, we turned the tables on the spooks this Hallowe ' en and scared them! November 1 — We practiced up on our yelling tonight at an inspiring pep rally. November 2 — We got revenge on the Adamson Leop- ards, score 12 to 6 tonight. November 4 — The Aelta Historical Society gave the Armistice assembly. Ex-Forester Guy E. Draughon was guest speaker. November 5 — There ' s nothing like a rousing pep assembly to start the day right, and the one we had this morning was a " dilly " . November 7 — All loyal Foresters turned out for a jT j thrilling pep rally. November 9 — We met defeat at the hands of the Sunset Bisons. November 11 — Holiday today! Weren ' t we proud of our boys in the parade though? November 16 — With the support of reserve strength. Forest defeated Palestine tonight 12-0. November 18 — We went to the second Silver Jubilee assembly, sponsored by the class of 1922-26. November 20 — Out for the Thanksgiving holidays ! Happy turkey dinner to everyone ! November 21 — We ate our turkey early so we could rush out to Dal-Hi stadium and cheer the football team on to a 20-6 victory over Tech ! November 25 — In the Forest Forum assembly this morning, James Aston, city manager, showed us pictures on local govern- ment . November 29 — The classes of 1922-26 held open house tonight in the auditorium. December 2 — This morning we heard representatives from the Protestant, Jewish, and Catholic Religions speak in assembly. December 3 — Report cards came out again today. We are get- ting used to being graded by letters now. Some of us are especially familiar with " F " and " G " , meaning " fine " and " good " , of course. December 5 — We found out who our outstanding students were today when new members were initiated into the National Honor Society. December 6 — The first dance of the year, and was it fun! We " beat it out " to the music of Glen Mil- ler, Artie Shaw, and Tommy Dorsey at the 4A ' s Sport dance. December 9 — Dress parade today for the class of January, 1941. The 4A ' s gave us an interesting assembly, and all day we honored them on their Senior day. Poge One Hundred Thirty-three ecM, and nxiUu December 18 — The Girls ' Public Speaking Club entertained the Standard Debating Society with a Christmas Party this afternoon. December 19 — The classes of 1927 to 1931 held open house tonight December 20 — The music department gave a beautiful Christmas assembly. Tonight v e began the Christmas holidays with a very successful 4B sport dance. Merry Christ mas , everyone! January 2 — Back to school again. We heard some very interesting New Year ' s resolutions. January 3— To start off the New Year with a " bang " , the 4A ' s gave a " swellelegant " Senior Prom. Bob Campbell ' s orchestra played. January 6— The Girls ' Public Speaking Club gave the assembly this morning. January 7 — Miss Rachel Foote, dean, returned from Panama, where she spent the Christmas Holidays. January 10 — The 4B ' s gave the 4A ' s an Honor Dance tonight. January 15-— The P.T.A. treated the seniors to a picture show this afternoon. January 17 — We had a wonderful time at the first matinee dance of the year, given by the 4A ' s. January 19 — The 4A ' s went to church together today for the Baccalaureate Sermon, at the First Baptist Church. January 20, 21, 22 — Those black days that are the dread of all students are here — exams ! Oh, to be a 4A ! January 23 — Tonight we watched the largest mid-term graduating class in the history of Forest receive their diplomas. — i ' ' - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - - ' - ' ' January 24 — Report cards today; Former IB ' s , " fish " !, are now proud lA ' s — or most of them anyway. January 27, 28 — Enrollment again — more 4A ' s were confused than IB ' s. January 29 — Back to school ! Say, v;ho is that cute blonde in my English class? January 31 — We ' re confused! Because so many classes are be- ing changed, we don ' t know whether to go to English or ■f , History at the 4th period. v _ bruary 3 — Breaking all precedent, the students mauled the faculty 68-27 in a return basketball game. February 5-The 4A ' s elected officers for the new term. February 10 — Today the Standard gave the first assembly of the new term. February 14 — " Won ' t you be my Valentine? " echoed through the halls today. The 4B ' s gave a matinee dance. February 17 — " Forest in National Defense " was the theme of the assembly presented by the classes of 1932-36. Page One Hundred Thirty-four eaU and nxilici February 28 — Bill Ware ' s orchestra was introduced to Forest when the 4A ' s gave a spoi L danco tonight. Flash! The decorations stayed up till the end of the dance ! March 7 — Mr. Parker was honored tonight at a reception given by the classes of 1936-1941 in the school library. March 17 — Fifty-two outstanding 4A girls were presented to the student body, of which 25 are to be elected candi- dates for Jubilee Queen. March 21 — " And when I hear you call so softly to me, I don ' t hear a call at all " Oh, pardon me, I was just remem- bering that wonde rfu l dance the 4B ' s gave tonight. March 25 — Annual pictures — at least most of them— were taken today, at last 1 Our baseball team ran over Woodrov; this afternoon. March 26 — The baseball boys snatched a close one from Tech. March 27— Twenty-five girls were elected to be candidates for Jubilee Queen. March 31 — This morning we went to a hilarious assembly given by the Student Council. On it the King and Queen of Courtesy were selected — Mary Frances Stone and Edward Lee. April 1 — The band played, drums rolled, and the military boys shining from shoes to brass buttons marched briskly before the federal inspectors and a crowd of awed Foresters. April 4— The children of the graduates were entertained today. April 10 — Out for the Easter Holidays — at last ! Haj)py Easter bunnies- d:?.. t ' ' - ' (- c April 21 — The Texa ' s ' ' Msfory Club " had " cJi rf ge f today ' s assembly. It ' s San Jacinto Day! April 28 — What are all those intelligent look- ing people doing on the stage? Why, it ' s the National Honor initiation. 1-Well, the big celebration of the year is over. The Queen was crowned, concessions flourished, and everyone went home feeling oh! so tired but very happy. ._ 2 -«: »s -X 9 — The dance of the year, the Junior Senior Prom, was held tonight. Bill Ware ' s orchestra played for gobs of students having a wonderful time. The day the 4A ' s have been look- (L-oo- i May May May 12 — It is actually here ing forward to for four years, over 250 students — Senior Day. ribbons, student teachers- unusual and enjoyable day. the day of Programs , all days cards. for -a 11 go to make this JiV X±a , SENIOR MEMO (T .,.,.-., (Put these down in your little black book) May 16 — Future Betty Davises, Clark Gables, to perform Senior Play. .... " Girl Shy " Don ' t forget... X May 25 — Baccalaureate Templ e Emanuel May 28 — Sunrise Breakfast Sunset Inn all 4A ' s be there, May 29 — This is it smiles big night Graduation. . , and tears the - Tr £ - ?«-i ?oQQ One Hundred 7!i!rty-five AL UHtHl Boasting a padded cover for the first time in the history of the school and containing many more pages than usual, the 1941 annual set a new high for future Foresters to live up to. More senior pictures than ever before, a brand new ar- rangement of the faculty section, individual snapshots of the foot- ball boys, and ten pages of school snaps are a few special features of the Silver Jubilee Annual, dedi- cated to our beloved principal, Mr. Parker, and co-edited by Marjorie White and June Hardin. The stu- dents in every group picture are identified with two pictures made for most of the classes; so now you can find yourself in your class pic- ture. The Alumni are featured in a section all their own, which in- cludes the name of every Forest graduate for the past twenty-five years. Top Row Military today ond twenty-five years ago. . . . Save us o piece, Mr. Porker. . . . Come on orchesiro members, show those grods how good you arc. . . . Second Row: The Christmas ossenibly and " Why the Chimes Rang. ' . . , The receiving line (or the dosses of 1916-1921. . . . Third Row ' Hoppy Birlhdoy, dear forest. " . . . Recognize this? . . .Still at the first open house. When ore those refreshments coming? - . . Poge One Hundred Thirfy-stx The faculty has contributed a very definite port in the year ' s Jubilee celebration. Representatives have given their able advice about plans for all of the assemblies presented by the alumni, and some have partici- pated on those assemblies. They have spent several of their evenings attend- ing the class reunions presented for the clunni, aixl they have graciously greeted all from the receiving line. Each teacher had a voice in the election of the tv enty-five can- didates for Jubilee Queen, and representatives of the fac- ulty were on the committee for selecting the Queen. On that big night. May 1, the teachers attended en masse. All of the booths and other places of entertainment v ere under the direction of the teachers, and a groat deal of the prep- aration for that gala evening was done by the teachers. The most important role in the school ' s celebrations this year has been taken by the present student body. They have participated in the round table discussions on the Jubilee assemblies; many have acted as hostesses at the open houses; several of the student clubs entertained groups of children at the " baby show " ; and boys from the student body have acted as guards for the guest books. From the present stu- dent body came the Queen, the twenty-four Duchesses, and their escorts. Every member of the student body was given a part in the election of the twenty-five girls, who were candi- dates for Queen, and representatives of the student body were on the committee for selecting the Queen. All of the booths at the May Festival were sponsored by the school ' s clubs, and students were in charge of them during the evs- ning. This has been a year in which alumni have played a large part in the year ' s celebration. The pace of the year was set by them September 23, when forty-seven of their representatives were seated on the stage for an assembly. Also in this category the classes were divided into groups of five, and these groups presented • ossehiblies and open houses at regular intervals. These assemblies and open houses were presented October 14 and October 18, Novem- ber 1 8 and November 22, December 1 5 and December 19, February 17 and February 21, and March 3 and March 7. Qualifications for the Queen of Jubilee were enumerated by a committee of alumni at the beginning of the year, and three of their representatives were on the committee which selected the Queen. On April 4, the children of ex-Foresters gathered at the school for a " baby show " , sponsored by the school ' s ex-students, and throughout the year the alumni have given their wholehearted support to the activities of the school. Page One Hundred Thirty-seve n { i 1 ■ " C ' J 7 Sui ifen. uiUli ee r iee rK Because of her outstanding traits of character, her poise, personality, and excellence in scholarship and leadership, typifying the high ideals of Forest, Lucille Alexander was elected to reign as Queen of the Silver Jubilee. It was the wish of the graduates that the Queen be chosen from the present graduating class, the girl to be honored having not only the qualities mentioned above but also, loyalty, perseverance, thought- fulness to others, and service to the school; she must be a charming and popular girl — one who would be pleasing to the entire Forest family. Lucille is truly the one best possessing these high qualifications. She is an attractive girl — one loved and admired by all her teachers and classmates alike, and Forest is proud to have her as the Queen. Luciiio was chosen from a group of twenty-five senior girls by a committee of three graduates, seven students and four teachers, with Mr. Parker as chairman. She was crowned at the May Festival, the last of the celebrations of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary. Page One Hundred Thirty-eight J - ' ' Buue j M e. uckeUU LEFT TO RIGHT f Ti Row: Dorothy Perry, Morie Lomas, Betty Blonchard, Gertrude Ackerman, Loyce Lambert, Dorothy Hancock, Joy Day, Amelia Spreen, Dorothy Burleson, Sylvia Kaplan. Second Row: Gene Yungfleisch, Dorothy McLean, Marjorie White, Doris Montague, Lois Casper, Hazel Harbison, June Hardin, Vivian Stovall, Kotherine Raftopoulos, Helen Grant, Pearl Freed, Frances Silvergold, Claire Robbins, Margueritte Barshop. DUCHESSES AND THEIR ESCORTS Dorothy Perry — Vandon Jarvis Marie Lomas — Kenneth Kuykendoll Beify Blanchard — Woyne Borker Gertrude Ackerman — Elton Scliackman Loyce Lambert — Jimmy Thurmond Dorothy Hancock — James Moore Joy Day — Dalton Lovelace Amelia Spreen — Irvin Wisdom Dorothy Burleson — Garland Colletle Sylvia Kaplan — Harry Hoffman Gene Yungfleisch — Pete Sultis Dorothy McLean — James Tuttle Marjorie White — Carl Ricker Doris Montague — George Gilkerson Lois Cosper — Israel Frauman Hazel Harbison — Paul Kelley June Hardin — Robert Archer Vivian Stovall — James Walthall Kotherine Raftopoulos — Ernest Genthncr Helen Grant — M. G. Harris Pearl Freed — Marvin Rubenstein Frances Silvergold — Julius Coleman Claire Robbins — Jerry Hoffman Margueritte Barshop — Leon Wilensky Page One Hundred Thirty-nine Top Row: A Highlight of that firsf Jubilee assembly, Dwight Brown . . . Progress shown by personalities, a representative from each graduating class . . . " Ex " David Weinstein beams on the student body . . . Second Row-. Morris JaflFe signs the guest book. The gentleman beside him? Guess who . . . Old buddies get together — Jarrell Garonzik, Billy Dillon, our own Richard Allison, and Bill McCord . . . Third Row-. Tell us about the good ole days, Wentworth Pierce . . . The office, seldom a social room, is just the place for William Crook, Donald Dosset, and Yetta Boronstein to compare notes ... To Clare Robbins ' astonishment she finds herself an artist — with the help of Fanita Laneir Acheson. Pacje One Hundred Forfy Top Row: Military today and twenty-five years ago. . . . Save us a piece, Mr. Parker. . . . Come on orchestra members, show those grads how good you are. . . . Second Row-. The Christmas assembly and " Why the Chimes Rang. " . . . The receiving line for the classes of 1916-1921 Third Row: " Happy Birthday, dear Forest. " . . . Recognize this? . . . Still at the first open house. When are those refreshments coming? . . . Page One Hundred Forty-one a Owi Alu4fini You graduates have made the school doubly happy this year, first, by your presence from time to time, and, second, by the inspirational programs you have given in the school. The school program, in its entirety, was dedicated to you this year in observance of twenty-five years of wonderful history. We have been so glad to have you, your families, and your friends come back. You have gladdened our hearts every time you have returned. We believe you have enjoyed the school and its activities this year, and that you have been fully compensated for the sacrifices you have made. The school is endeavoring to uphold the high ideals you set up when you were here. You wanted it to be the friendliest high school in the land, and we have striven to live up to this high standard. You strove to put a soul into the school and give it charac- ter, and we have made that goal our supreme objective. You organized the best literary, historical, and scientific clubs of which we have any record, and we have tried to strengthen these clubs and then add others of equally high quality. It was you who helped launch the program to make Texans Texas-conscious, and we are pleased to announce to you that this movement is gaining ground year by year. The Texas Week movement has been written in a volume of one hundred pages and placed in the library. Two years ago Forest suggested that chapters of junior historians in the Texas State Historical Association be organized in the high schools of Texas. This was done, and this school was granted charter number one for Chapter No. 1 of the Texas Junior Historians. The school also suggested to the Dallas Historical Society that it organize chapters of Dallas Historians in the high schools of the city, and Forest was granted charter number one for Chapter No. 1 of the Dallas Junior Historians. These junior historians make it possible for the school to function more fully in the movement to make the people Texas- conscious and Texas-minded. The programs you rendered in the school this year will never be forgotten by the students ; they were such an inspiration to the boys and girls. The assembly September 23 in which a representative from each of the forty-nine classes reported was an achievement, and the pleasant memories of the occasion will linger long in the minds of the students and teachers. The Cavalcade of Forest History, given by the classes of 1916-21, struck a high note, also, and cheered the hearts of the pupils. The classes of 1922-1926 gave as their program, " Forest Growing with Dallas " , much to the delight of the school. The program given by the classes of 1927-1931, " The Influence of Religion on Forest " , would do credit to the best services in any church. The classes of 1932-1936 chose a patriotic theme and rendered " Forest in the National Defense Program " . No patriotic group has given a better program this year than the one rendered by these classes. " Forest in Texas History " was the theme developd by the classes of 1937-1941, and these grad- uates gave an inspiring program. The school thoroughly enjoyed your open-house social occasions. The love and loyalty and fellowship, which were so evident in these gatherings of gradua tes, made the joybells ring in the hearts of the faculty and students. This has been a great year, the most outstanding year of all, for Forest Avenue High School, the school of the Green and White. We can never forget it. We wish every year were such a Jubilee Year. Come to see us often ; we honor you and respect you, and love you, for what you have done and are now doing. April 21, 1941 a.oi Principal Qv xv Poge One Hundred forty-two nj m OldA. AUl4fVK4. Forest Avenue High School has witnessed a memorable resurgence of loyalty to its fine traditions in the celebration this year of its first quarter of a cen- tury of existence. More than 5,000 graduates have traversed the halls, some in retrospect from afar, of the institution that has had an important part in moulding the pattern of their lives. Altogether some 1,101 ex-students registered in the Silver Jubilee book, and 610 guests. This outpouring of ex-students is of itself a manifestation of Forest ' s unusually high degree of attainment in good citizenship training, scholarship, constructive extra-curricular activity and friendliness. The alumni has felt all this throughout the year, and has endeavored by action to express it. They are bound together by an indescribable loyalty to the green and white that seems to grow rather than diminish with time, building up for Forest an ever-swelling reserve of graduate support that may be drawn upon without stint for whatever accomplishment it may be decided it can best serve. This all is pointed out as a tribute to the progress that each class has made in preserving and amplifying the high standards that are warp and woof of the school ' s brilliant record. And with vision focused more on the future than on the past is this emphasized. The first twenty-five years of a school ' s life is but a beginning period. Only the foundation of its traditions have been laid in rela- tively so brief a time. But how well this has been done at Forest, under the guidance of a faculty that many a school of higher learning might well be proud and with the cooperation of a student body that represents a cross-section of the finest citizenship, can be attested by those of us who came to Forest on the first day of school in 1916. Most members of that first student body had been in a school whose traditions were virtualy as old as Dallas itself and we would have preferred to finish our schooling in that atmosphere, but both for ourselves and those who would come after us, we decided to work at the task of tradition-building rather than lament the lack of any. Before the sound of the last carpenter ' s hammer had died away in corridors unadorned by a single trophy, or even a picture, we had organized, per- haps, at least one group of every activity the school has now. The enthusiasm for accomplishment, however slender in comparison with Forest ' s proud record of today, was wholesome compensation for the things we missed in an older school. The tempo of that initial effort has moved forward with a crescendo that has distinguished Forest as one of the outstanding high schools in Texas and the nation. We of the first classes have found this year an achievement at Forest that our original little band of slightly more than 700 could not have dreamed of. This anniversary annual, for example, represents the measure of this first quarter century of development. It is eloquent testimonial of what has been done since the first yearbook was published. We of the first Forester staff thought that never would the school produce so excellent a publication as is offered in this anniver- sary volume. This estimate is, of course, true of every phase of the school ' s life. So, the more than 5,000 graduates who have challenged the classes that were to follow us have returned to receive the answer and we have found the gauntlet in such firm hands that it is we ourselves who have been challenged and inspired, in this twenty-fifth year of reunion, to rededicate ourselves to the sound principles that summon us all as torchbearers in the cavalcade of progress that makes for a better school, city, state, and nation. April 21, 1941 Editor of the Forester, ' 17 Page One Hundred Forty-three Jtad, Alma Mcden.! Old friends were greeted and new friends made when the alumni returned to their Alma Mater this year. Those who have gone from the school have returned time and again, but never in such large numbers and groups. Their activ- ities throughout the year have been numerous, but their most prominent contribution to the year ' s program have been the assemblies and open houses. CLASS REPRESENTATIVES The Silver Jubilee celebration opened officially on September 23, when fifty-two persons — forty-seven alumni and eight presidents of the classes now in school — were seated on the stage. Each of the representatives from the 1916 through 1944 classes expressed his expectations for the school during this, its twenty-fifth year. The assembly program was highlighted by a brief history of the school, from the laying of the cornerstone in 1915 to the present day, given by Principal Wylie A. Parker. David Weinstein, master of ceremonies for th:s assembly, introduced the following repre- sentatives: John Hosejiflsli June ' 17; Elizabeth Evans, January ' 18; Edgar E. Giles, June ' 18; Jennie Wolfe BJume nthaJ , January ' 19; Elsie Lorch Hurst, June ' 19; Ethel Carter, January ' 20; Edwin Hatzenbuchler, June ' 20; Fanita Lanier Acheson, January ' 21; J. Wentworth Pierce, June ' 21; Hearst Blackwell, January ' 22; William C. McCord, June ' 22; Autrv Norton. January ' 23; William Andress, June ' 23; Fannie Gendel Beck, January ' 24; Frances Blair McCullough, June ' 24; Ray W. Tosch, January ' 25; Gerald C. McNabb, June ' 25; Joseph C. Malone, January ' 26; Charles Shuey, June ' 26; David Weinstein, January ' 27; Jarrel Garonzik, June ' 27; Donald Ennis, January ' 28; Hazel Price Harrington, June ' 28; Frances Van Slyke Thompson, January ' 29; Johnny Har- rington, June ' 29; David Love, January ' 30; Richard C. Allison, June ' 30; Bernard Hemphill, January ' 31; Arthur Berwald, June ' 31; Fred Webster, January ' 32; Sam Barbaria, June ' 32; Herman Canada, January ' 33; Orien Levy Woolf, June ' 33; Sadie B. Craver, January ' 34; William Crook, June ' 34; Milton Baron, January ' 35; Frances H ipgpl .Stpjnhprg June ' 35; Dorothy Weber McBrayer, January ' 36; Ruth Rambo Wil- liams, June ' 36; Elizabeth Braun . January ' 37; Arthur Stern, June ' 37; Donald Dossett , January ' 38; Clarence Eaton, June ' 38; Bertha Mae Duck- worth, January ' 39; Marjorie Freeland . June ' 39; Mary Jane Wrights, January ' 40; Leta Rae Canada , June ' 40; Charles Yates, January ' 41; Charles Mozingo, June ' 41; Dorothy Farley, Jan- uary ' 42; James Wittkower, June ' 42; Ruth Levy, January ' 43; David Ball, June ' 43; Betty Lou Hancock, January ' 44; and Charles Smith, June ' 44. CAVALCADE ASSEMBLY Pioneer days! This was the theme of the as- sembly given October 14, by the 1917 through 1921 classes. In a cavalcade of the history of the school during its first five years, the faculty members of those years were introduced. Charles Cates, chairman of the assembly committee, gave an account of the first activities of the school, and a resume of the departmental activities of those years was presented. The first open house of the year was held October 18, for this group. Assisting Elizabeth Evans, chairman of the executive committee, were Donnie Wideman Bohannan, Dorothy Mae Davis, Grace Froaker Robertson, Edwin Hatzenbuehler, and J. Wentworth Pierce. The program for the evening included organ selections by Dwight Brown, a drill by the Pep Squad, a program by the Music Department, a welcome extended by Mr. Parker, a memorial service for the deceased members of the faculty and classes, and a dis- cussion led by Mr. Pierce on " Why an Alumni Association? " . A birthday cake was cut by Miss Edna Rowe at the close of the evening ' s cele- brations. VOCATIONS ASSEMBLY Professions as a life work were discussed by representatives from the 1922 through 1926 classes, November 1 8, at the assembly sponsored by this group. Warren Collins spoke on " Law as a Profession " ; Dudley Laugenour, " The Modern Trend in Medicine " ; Rachel Ball, " The Costs and Rewards of Becoming a Teacher " ; William Mc- Cord, " Life Insurance as a Business " ; John Ma- lone, " The Work of an Advertising Artist. " Hazel Cullum Osborne represented the housewives of the classes. Poge One Hundred Forty-four tJicUif Aufva Mate ! This group held its open house November 29, in the school gymnasium. Elizabeth Rinehart Dye headed the executive committee for the open house. Those who worked with her were Gerald McNabb, Fannie Gendel Beck, and Kathleen Frazier. The evening ' s entertainment consisted of awarding of prizes, a welcome address by Mr. Parker, and a program of dances and magical tricks by El Roy. Prizes were awarded to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sargeant, parents of the youngest child; Mrs. Eva Armor Buford, parent of the old- est child; and Mr. and Mrs. John Malone, parents with the most children. CHRISTMAS ASSEMBLY The Christmas assembly was presented De- cember 16, by the 1927 to 1931 classes. " Re- ligion in Everyday Life " was the topic of the round table discussion, presided over by William Waldman. This featured distinctive views of both present and former students on the part religion plays in the everyday life of the individual. A play, " Why the Chimes Rang, " directed by Her- bert Wise and produced by Eleanor Ratner, was given as the second part of the program. Guests at this group ' s reception, held Decem- ber 19, came from far and near. Bess Goebel came from Ithaca, New York; Morris Waldman from Brooklyn, New York; and Agib Trembly from Cheyenne, Wyoming. In the library coffee was poured by Miss Edna Rowe, Miss Dorothy Gerlach, Mrs. Frances Field, and Mrs. William Waldman. The open house committee consisted of Mrs. William Waldman, chairman, and Mrs. Frances Field. FOREST AND NATIONAL DEFENSE " Our School and National Defense " was the theme of the fifth program celebrating the Silver Jubilee, presented February 17, by the classes of 1932 through 1936. The program was divided into two parts — a panel discussion on the mean- ing of the Preamble of the Constitution, presided over by Ernest Honey, and a group of musical selections. Red, white and blue decorated the gym Feb- ruary 21, when these classes held their open house. At the close of the evening ' s festivities, balloons, with numbers on them, were dropped from the ceiling. Prizes were awarded to Naomi Fowler Hutchinson, holder of the balloon with the highest number, and Milton A. Levy, holder of the balloon with the lowest number. Ruth Rambo Williams was in charge of arrangements for the evening. She was assisted by Frances Kemmerle Smith and Virginia Nicholas Canada. PARKER HONORED Tsxas Week was officially opened in Forest March 3, when the classes of 1 937 through 1 94 1 presented the Texas Week assembly. The pro- gram was based on the Texas Week movement in Forest Avenue High School and Mr. Parker ' s work on this movement. Work on the Texas Week movement was enumerated by Rose Marcus, Gloria Aiken, June Wittkower, and Idelle Good- man. Mr. Parker ' s favorite songs were sung by Martha Harrison and Dixie Holtman. Climaxing Texas Week activities and closing all strictly alumni celebrations was the open house honoring Mr. Parker, March 7, given by these classes. The Texas Memorial Library was exhibited to the many guests, including members of the historical and patriotic associations of the city and personal friends of Mr. Parker. The committee in charge of arrangements for the open house consisted of Idelle Goodman, chair- man. Rose Marcus, Celia Brilling, Gloria Aiken, June Wittkower, Bertha Duckworth, and Margie McWilliams. On April 4, the graduates ' children ranging in age from seven weeks to sixteen years gath- ered at the school for an afternoon of fun. Parents of the prize winning children were Mrs. George Poston, Mrs. H. G. Clark, Jr., Mrs. S. M. Pate, Mrs. Ben Engelberg, and Mrs. R. A. Davis. SILVER JUBILEE FESTIVAL Not least among the accomplishments of the alumni this year was their work on the May Fes- tival. Qualifications of the Queen of Jubilee were set forth by a committee of alumni; representa- tives of the alumni were on the committee which selected the Queen; and they turned out in droves to enjoy the closing celebration. Thus it is that the alumni have again become " students " of Forest Avenue High School by taking again an active part in the school ' s extra- curricular activities. Poge One Hundred Forty-five Qpi i AUunni JUNE. 1917 Girls Lillie Boswell Mary Bradley Loreno Brower Mary Burgess Cleo Cole John Daniels Ruth Evans Kote Fitch Grace Forbes Nellie French Jennie Hacker Augusto Hall Mildred Harrell Ivy Llewellyn Claire torch Catherine lowmon Virginia Luck Cecile McClendon Rebecca Morgules Grace Martin Ruth Miller Helen Mitchell Willie Murray Ruth Nolen Ella Porker Terah Mae Petty Eulo Phares Mary Reinhardt Dorothy Reordon Helen Schrom Helen Skoer Thelma Stromberg Rose Sullivan Edna Ueckert Angela Wood Marion Woodward Ruth Work Ruby Wright Bo) ' S Arthur Baron Charles Cotes Paul Cowon David Crawford Zombry Giddens, Jr. Maurice Grubb David Hoiley Prince Harris James Howard, Jr. Paul Jones Arthur Mondelbaum Allon Preston Max Rosenfield Roymond Roundtree Paul Sarozon Eyier Simpson Howard Steer Joseph Terrell Richard Wolroven Benjamin Willis JANUARY. 1918 Lois Boli Gladys Cameron Eleanor Chevally Harriet Davis Elizabeth Evons Lena Gillhom Aurelia Harrell Cornelia McAfee Myrtie Nelson Uneta Rutherford Jessie Shiels Annie Toylor Morgoret Thornton Boys James Crown George Evernden Charlie Willie Lester Wilson JUNE. 1918 Girls Agnes Arnold Katherine Bradley Romona Cheek Regina Cohn Lillian Rebecca Craig Lois Eleanor Crompton Alice Dole Novella Davis Marguerite Dehn Ruth Emerson Miriam Tobye From Evelyn Frank Gertrude Harris Fannie Haymon Hortense Henenberg Maurie Mae Hexamer Frances Kendrick Helen Loidley Ernestine Lewin Norine McDoniel Dorothy O ' Connell Foster Peoples Willo Louise Pierce Adelina Priest Elizabeth Rathbun Doisye Rosien Esther Rubenstein Marie Rudberg Groce Sessums Ruth Marion Smith Alma Terrell Gladys Thompson Violet Vance Helen Vondevort Eva Wolins Soys Howard Aronson Lewis Dwight Brown Frank Everts Philip From Edgar Giles Eorl Groham David Herndon Futrelle M. McDonald Burrell Mclnerney Curtis Porker William Potts, Jr. La Baume Elliott Randall Bertrand Sarazon Abe B. Segoll Charlie Sessums Andrew Vonce W. Earl Williams Joe Wolfe JANUARY. 1919 Girls Gertrude Bollard Ivo Beggs Reita Bishop Oro Alice Cook Katherine Cole Ruth Cooper Helen Eberly Freda Elfenbein Annie Howard Mory Hunt Dora Johnsen Madge Mahoney Mary McAnultry Delphine Popham ClifTord H. Rhernlander Alma Rhodes Jewel Root Mabel Rushing Julia Taylor Jennie Wolfe Breathitt White Bo s J. Edell Boiley Ben Berwald William Jeffers JUNE, 1919 Girls Marion Ayres Thelma Bailey Louise Bane Louise Bond Morgoret Collins Millie Cornetet Dorothy Mae Davis Edwino Duer Katherine Englelbright Alice Evernden Marguerite Glasscock Milie Henenberg Lucy Hill Leonora Johnsen Olive Koch Juanito Kramer Ethel Lanier Clara Lenzen Elsa Lorch Lucille McCammon Edna Mitchell Lucy Plunkett Bessie Richard son Elizabeth Seors Miriom Smith Emma Tiedeman Frances Webster Donnie Wideman Henrietta Wolf Boys John Allison Sollie Berwald Morris Cohn Horry Crawford Morris Finneburg Roland Foy Carl Hamblin Thomas Harris W. C. Hixon Lawrence Jones Thomas Kirkland Milton Loeb Lester Lorch William MocLaurin Thomas Means Harold Nelson Louis Sarazon William Springfreld Frost Thorn Morris Waldman JANUARY, 1920 Git s Kote Bock Maurine Buchonon Ethel Carter Virginia Cullom Grace Foroker Vera Eraser Aline Haralson Claire Heitig Agnes Kirkgord Samuel Newcomb Delia O ' Sheo Ruth Phelps Ottie Moe Rawlins Alice Robertson Millie Seale Violet Schultz Helen Taylor Boys Fred Baron Lawrence Doulhit Scott Hardy Frank Harris Richard Llebmon Earl McDonald Douglas Nettleton H. L. Peoples Horace Scott Milton Seoton Manual Stone Joe Tamsitt John Trieller Richard Troy Herman Woldman MAY. 1920 Girls Carrie Adams Adeline French Akers Frances May Alexander Irmo Brewer Nymo Perl Corlson Helen Carroll Mozelle Tate Lelio Gertrude Tebbs Sue Belle Thornton Vera Turner Ruby Lee Taylor Helen Williams Sarah Wright Eula Yost Julia Cosnohon Dorothy Craven Mary Chatham Bonnie Doggett Anna Easterling Goldie Forman Frieda Fox Kathleen Fisher Daisy Gentry Bessie Gross Margaret Huber Carolina Juden Ethel Kemp Helen Losee Alice Roos Thetis Reynolds Marie Rice Fay Sing Justine Stevenson Mory Starr Kotherine Swift Lino Skoggs Clorie Mittenthal Mattie Ruth Moore Helen Marder Margaret Martin Minnie Mae Mills Dorothy Ott Emma Parrish Boys Clive Allison Henry Blackmon Elihu Berwald Howard Boone Maurice Cheek, Jr. Charlie Cohen Bertram Culp Maurice Elfenbein Horrl Galleher Chorles Hardwicke Edwin Hotzenbuehler Curtis Jones John Lordell George Metcalfe Adolph Marder William Mantel Thomas McAfee James Mount Russell Martin Robert McAlpine Joseph Mock Melvin Moore Fred Polmer, Jr. Lewin Plunkett, Jr. Alex Pritchett Robert Perry Eorl Paige William Reilly Elbert Smith JANUARY, 1921 Ruby Betz Rebo Brooks Bertho Carter Rose From Velmo Godsey Netto Goldberg Yetfo Goldberg Flora Hoynes Fonito Lanier Marion Lennox Mable McCammon Vivian McDaniel Murl Moore Velmo Overton Pansy Phipps Thelma Shodden Dorothy Seastrunk Noel Sweeney Susie Worriner Sadye Wolf Ruth Woodword Hilda Yonack Boys Edward Block Joseph Bolisteri Robert Carter Miles Dart Paul Dickard John Dunlap Relf Fenley Ernest Fisher Edwin Greer Gordon Guthery Robert Hanley William Kirkgord Dodson Liggett A. Clin Lyford Isodore Miller George Rasmussen Ben Straus Dole Wolf Philip Wolfe Hubert Woodward JUNE. 1921 GiV s Louise Acker Florence Agnew Dorinda Bond Isabelle Bossie Lucy Brochiero Mary Brochiero Nellie Clark Gladys Cockrell Louise Fisher Vivian Frozier Frances Fry Morgoret Hoffman Emily Houston Morea I ley Florence Isaacs Reba Jacobs Louise Jewell Estelle Johnson Bessie Jones Josie Kohn Clarice Kerley Dorothy Koch Ruth Llewelyn Opal Loftis Dorothy torch Florence Melin Maurine Mitchel! Lula Pool Violet Poulfer Louise Reinhordt Morgoret Reynolds Sadie Rudberg Helen Ryneorson Mildred Ryon Leo Jonice Sam Margaret Scott Marion Scott Mory Simmons Stella Slode Mo Ree Siogsdill Veronica Sullivan Willie Trott Evelyn Turner Mario Voughan Willie May Wofts Estelle Webster Margaret Wilson Boys Harold Aschner Corl Balosso Harry Baron Jessie Bigbee Isodore Bock James Boyce Frank Brown F. Martin Brown Jack Brown Horry Burckhalter Lidell Davis Willie Davis David Feldmon A. E. Flowers, Jr. C. O. Gill Charlie Good Fred Harris, Jr. Walter Holbrook Isidore Holden Thomas Holloway, Jr. Edmund Kohn Mitchell Koppel Knud Lorsen Horry Lefkowitz Charles Lewin Stanley Marcus Robert Milliken Oscar Moore Leonard Muller Fronk Nestroyle John Pierce Hubert Polk James Roock, Jr. Monroe Rosenberg Dovid Russell Ewell Rutherford Mitchell Seltzer Oscor Taylor Raymond Terronello J. Henry Thompson Sam Wokefield James Wilkins Ronald Wilkins Harold Wilson Joseph Wolf JANUARY. 1922 Girls Jessico Bright Linnie Collins Hozel Cullom Reba Currin Lillion Dougherty Clara Duer Naomi Duffel Lois Freelond Katherine Frey Maurine Goston Kolhleen Hordwicke Velma Jackson Jessie Belle Kelly Elsie Krecek Peorl Krueger Aline McDonald Julia McLourine Jett Mahoney Mary Moore Rosalyne Robberson Pearl Rude Addie Lee Sanders Jessie Seale Anna Lee Seors Pearl Voss Elsie Wilkinson Mory Williams Dorothy Young Boys Hearst Blackwelt Austin Broy J, Cole Brower Henry Demitz Frank Evans Paul HoM Cecil House Stanley Noylor Dick Russell Horry Sessums Edgar Stieneker Ely Strous Poge One Hundred Forty-six I Oun. AL U fflH MAY, 1922 Gir s Theresa Alexonder Mary Armor Annie Maie Bornett Inez Bortley Bennie Bayless Reba Borden Isabelle Bothwell Mabel Brooks Beatrice Brown Bessie Brown Nodine Corroll Mary Ruth Carter Jewell Cassidy Lola Chapman Ada Carnetl Dorothy Dealey Ruby Dymock Mary Fagala Vivian Fields Laura Fischback Fredo Flanders Elizobeth Ford Lucille Frazier Cleo Frost Edith Frost Ella Gage Dorothy Golsford Boma Carter Gammill Hozel Gordon Helen Grassie Marian Gray Anno Hortman Sylvia Herrin Hildo Hiegel Kotherine Huddleston Anna Johnson Mildred Johrison Frances Jones May Kemp Doro Kemper Theresa Kleinman Marie Kretz Addie Kynerd Elizabeth Lawhon Eleanor Luck Elisabeth McAnulty Margaret Mann Morion Marfyn Inez Munzesheimer Dorothy Netfleton Charlie Vera Ookes Dorothy Palmer Helen Peorlstone Mabel Pearson Marjorie Pinion Flossie Purcell Mocelle Rowls Gussie Read Beuloh Lee Ricker Marie Schultz May Joe Seely Lorizel Sewell Helen Shofer Esther Lee Shomburger Elvena Short Florence Siddall Evo Smith trmo Stephenson Libbye Stone Ruby Stringer Morinne Toylor Ethel Thomas Jennie Tamlinson Lena Turk Vista Wolker Affie Warriner Dora V atson Rebecca Webb Eva Williamson Dixie Woodford Boys George Ainsworth Forrest Anderson Palmer Bagley Charles Baker James Brashier Worren Collins Raymond Condon Milton Dreeben Thomas Former William Kinkelstein Herbert Garonzik James Hortsfield, Jr. Walter Hill Herbert Horton Porter Forrell Chester Houston Carter Jackson Lovic Jocobs Thomas Johnson Henry Jones Howord Keller Smythe Lindsay Herbert McConnell J. J. Morgules Don Montgomery Robert Ooks Froncis Phares Thomas Reilly James Roberts Vardell Seastrunk Roy Stark William Sutherlond Williom Simpkins Harold Spivey Harold Starr Morton Ullery Irvin Voss Sam Woldman William Word Roy Weaver Mervin Weil George Wysong William Young JANUARY. 1923 G f s Johnnie Andrews Joy Blackmon Fronces Broly Vivian Bullord Persis Burruss Verna Carpenter Lino Cummins Dorothy Egan Juliette EMe Bessie Feldman Alma Fleig Shirley Gibson Helen Giltner Arietta Greenwood Ruby Haymon Doris Horwits Regina Keller Fannie Koenigsberg Louise Lemmon Carol McKenzie Lucile Moncrief Doris Moore Loree Owens Katie Perkins Edith Pippin Corinne Rowlings Evelyn Reynolds Lilo Rightberger Mildred Seors Pearl Shessel Ivy Topletz Boys Joe Doudelin Reuben Dovis, Jr. Zellner Eldridge Reuben Epstein Julius From Egmont Froehlich Glenn Golbraith Roy Green Robert Hall C. F. Harrison Charles Howard James Korn Grovice Lacy J. Roy Lee Harold Lewin William McCord William McKnight J. Theo Moyfield Harris Noylor James Nevitt Edgar Nichols Williom Norton L. C. Owens Percy Porks Theodore Perry Franklin Prott Leopold Segoll Norman Smith Ernest Speer Ervin Stone Sam Stone Som Terronella John Viglini John Walker, Jr. Manuel Yonack MAY. 1923 G.r s Agnes Bailey Virginia Bennett Dorothy Biggs EfRe Block Soroh Elizabeth Bostick Bernice Brewer Louise Bryorly Theodore Cammack Nelbert Capers Becky Chotnlsky Lena Chotnisky Willie Clounch Frances Cohn Marvin Smith Cox Wilma Damon Mary Frances Darby Hilda Dean Annie Marie Duecker Jessie Dyer Jessie Fosterling Mary Elizobeth Ellis Cloro Fechner Ethel Frick Zoreldo Garrett Ruby Nell Hancock Fay Harding Marguerite Horrington Mildred Harris Cloro Houptman Mary Lou Hemphill Moudie Eleanor Hendrix Marie Rose Herman Moxine Hewitt Velmo Hill Kotherine Hunter Dorothy Israel Virginia Jackson Mae Elizabeth Johnson Thelmo Losater Helen Louise Lefkowrtz Mildred Manning Tommie Moore Virginia Graves Morelock Rita Mouniz Eunice Murff Leono Clara Porker Phillis Pike Vero Morie Portmon Ruby Prince Martha Rheinlonder Soroh Rothschild Fannie Sanger Josephine Sarozan Dorothy Scott Edno Shaffer Alice Derby Smith Arline Stork Dorothy Stuart Dorothy Topscott Lura Ann Taylor Elsie Thomoson Alberta Thompson Nita Thompson Fronces TreodweM Adelio Turner Grace Walker Ethel Moy Whitfoker Lois Estelle Willis Frances Wolfe Boys James Alexander Williom Andress, Jr. Bernord Bernboum Henry Bohonnon David Cohn Robert Carter Sherman Clinger Walter Cox, Jr. Stuart Davis Guy Droughon William Drumgotd Frank Dunlop, Jr. Joke Feldmon Spencer Frost, Jr. Arnest Goebel Gerson Goldberg Paul Golson Afton Grubbs William Hacker Robert Hanks Thomas Horris Richard Hayes Fred Hester Henry Hoffman Gornett Johns Thomas Kleinman Leo Landouer Dudley Lougenour Daniel Morgules Eugene Mason Newman McCleskey George McWhirter Dove Michaelson Walter Moore Singleton Morris L. W. Perkins Roy Quisenberry William Rowe Williom Starr Chorles Steeger John Toylor Rodney Thomason Douglas Vinson Grimes Waller Clardy Young JANUARY. 1924 Girls Margoret Adams Rosalie Agress Clarie Baker Lucie Baker Hozel Bell Jessie Bock Irene Burton Doris Cameron Lois Cameron Lillian Collins Elizabeth Croig Ruth Deon Leoh Donosky Mamie Fenley Beotrice Finneburgh Anno Belle Friedman Fannie Gendel Thelmo GrifFin Jynatho Horbison OIlie Hickey Ruth Hill Margaret Hunt Winnie Koy Virgile Kearley Edith Lipmon Lillian Lund Mildred McCoy Rose Molowitz Verno Mossey Gladys Mayfield Ruth Randall Olivia Nell Rond :dell Morguerite Rosenberg Leia Russell Eva Seole Lillie Simmons Catherine Sloan Pansy Stephens Vennie To it Mildred Tillery Margaret Trolinger Evelyn Watson Boys Fred Amsler Henry Afwell William Borron James Borton Richord Bernhord, Jr. John Bright Willis Chompion Corbin Cosnahon Leo Davis Issie Foir Arthur Froehlich Arch Harris George Mercer Haas James Hill Charles Jonnosch Dan Lindsey John Molone John McMurroy Olon Monds Edword Mosher Orlondo Murphy Jerome Neislor Henry Peorlstone Henry Phillips Som Rothschild Frank Stomper Isooc Stillmon Henry Stover Stounton Swift Simon Utoy Irving Webb Denie Weinstein MAY, 1924 Desmo Alien Vero Armor Eva Aronson Mary Baker Rachel Boll Edith Boum Marie Bishop Rozelle Bishop Mary Blair Mory Britain Grace Brown Oneto Christie Margoret Cloypool Doris Cohen Edno Cohen Frances Craig Mae Queen Crowe Mory Daniels Opal Deoson Virginia Dugey Anna Ewell Kathleen Frazier Moggie Gibson Alberta Gilbert Ruby Gross Grace Heilig Catherine Hill Mary Hodges Ruth Jonnosch Elizabeth Jones Martha Jones Vonetto Jodon Everett King Orlena Kreoger Marguerite Lowrenc? Lucille Leotherwood Freddie Lewis Goldino McForlond Charlotte Michaelson Mary Owin Ruth Read Ruth Rheinlonder Gladys Rice Hozel Robinson Beatrice Sachs Willie Sonsom Edith Sebostian Martha Staples Margaret Stewart Nino Stover Lois Tabor Hilo Toylor Kotherine Taylor Bernice Thomason Evelyn Thompson Margaret Warford Freda Willis Feme Wilson Foye Wift Fronces Wood Boys Walter Allison Jomes Borr Roy Botes John Beard George Bock Toylor Boyd Albert Brown Argin Brown Horry Brown Robert Brown Edward Burke Herbert Davis Dovid Dye Eli Engle Edwin Ernest Bennie Estep John Estes J. A. Follin Horold Forrish Bennie GrifTin Doniel Hancock Millord Heoth Jock Hixson John House Frank Jordan Horry Karlen D. J. Kreoger Henry Loib Henry Lewin J. B. Mann Carl Marder J. E. Mitchell, Jr. Morris Mittenthol Nathan Mittenthol Gilmer Neaves Ernest Peach Allen Peoples William Perkins Henry Peters Yotes Phillips Williom Polk D. C. Powell, Jr. Frank Reele Frank Richardson Williom Richardson LeRoy Riddell Edwin Seely C. St. G. Shumate Milton Simon Jones Stodden Earl Sterling Isodore Suravitz John Turner Russell Vittrup Dovid Wolf JANUARY. 1925 G.r s Soroh Abromowitz Edna Adams Dorothy Andrews Fronces Berger Libbye Broude Solly Carter Roe Chotnisky Birmo Coats Thelmo Cullum Ado Doshner Thelmo England Pearl Foirstein Ruth Ferguson Marjorie Foord Elizobeth Ford Emogene Frey Mobel Garcia 9oQe One Hundred Forty-seven Oun. AUi4fiH4. Evelyn Goebel Pauline Green Anna Harding Gussie Herrling Ruth Highsmith Ruth Hudspeth Ruth Izer Ruby Kerley Minnie Kolber Dorothy Knight Ruby Lagow Elmo Larson Frances Lewis Irene Lindsay Elsa Lipsitz Helen Lynch Cleo McGaughey Corinne Mayo Pauline Mimms Marion Murdoch Katherine Owens Elsie Patterson Elizabeth Rinehart Margoret Rowe Virginia Ruble Elsa Star Estelle Tobolowsky Nellye Tosch Ruth Walker lone Wester Sylvia Wyll Boys Leon Alexander Albert Andrews John Binford Charlie Bloke Melville Brown Ewing Copers Douglas Cosey Louis Crabb Louis Fair Arthur Forster Reuben Friedman Herman Humphreys James Kennedy Molcolm Kerley Anson Kinser Ralph McCofferty Arthur Maisser Horry Phillips, Jr. Charles Reaves Samuel Reed Joseph Rosien William Schaerdel Samuel Scher George Siebenhausen John Singleton James Slaughter William Susen Ray Tosch Jim Vrotis Ben Warder, Jr. Luther Weaver Ernest Wilks Max Wyll JUNE. 1925 Girls Ruby Allumbaugh Howard Anderson Dorris Apple Algene Bale Bertha Bethurum Dorothy Burruss Dottie Fowler Kathleen Freeland Mildred Freeland Clore Gaines Edith Good Bessie Goebel Pauline Goldboum Cloro Goldberg Selmo Goldsmith Lillian Green Julio Haas Thelmo Harris Morguerite Harrison Dorothy Hart Almo House May Hoffman llo Mae Humphreys Lulo Hussey Wuonita Johnsen Dove Johnson Jacquelyn Jones Florence Kelley Inez Krefz Marie Kynerd Catherine Lively Bernice McCorty Motlie Madden Aiocio Mann Lucille Morkham Elizabeth Moncrief Etta Murdock Beatrice Myers Eff e Nichols Evelyn Norman Annie O ' Leory Evelyn Oppenheimer Virginia Peorce Reno Pendley Alyne Porter Elizabeth Potts Hallie Randall Lucille Reid Ruth R eynolds Vida Rhodes Elna Riddell Cloirene Rogers Rose Rothschild Dophne Rutherford Florence Ryan Ethel Shinder Gladys Short Eloise Sisk Bertie Skoggs Kotherine Sloton Mory Smith Celio Sparks Jeannette Spencer Idolio Steere Ruth Steere Elsie Stegman Alice Steinberg Margaret Sullivan Willie Mabel Taylor Foye Temple Louise Therrel Eriine Thompson Ruth Tinsley Minnie Turner Margaret Vineyard Bessie Waldo Ruby Ware Mottie Weaver Louise Wesch Dollie Westboy Elizabeth Williams Sadie Wrightsman Boys Henry Adams Henry Adier Frank Autry Irvin Beren Herbert Berkman Bancroft Biggs W. A. Biggs Jessie Bodiford Oliver Brecht Dee Burch Robert Burns Edwin Butters Gilbert Carter Travis Crabb George Curtis Richord Dothe Fronk Doudelin Harold Dean Ivon Dodson Nohtan Donsky Otis Dozier Frank Estes Alex Fischbock Pierre Fontaine Pierre Gordon Frederick Hoos Loyd Hampton Edv ord Hicks John Hoffman Edgar Huckoby Paul Jeffers Emil Kilgus Kenneth Lagow Thetis Lemmon Longworth Lundell Byron McDonald James McGroth Gerald McNabb Hugh Moore Charles Neislar William Pierce Floyd Pratt Rex Pyron Oliver Royner Ronald Roorboch i ' QX Rudberg Melvin Samuels Thomos Sargeant Abe Schockmon William Singleton Walter Smith Chad Storks Fred Starr Arthur Sullivan Joseph Taylor Elmer Wogner Levy Wokefieid Charlie Woldmon Nell Worfield Ben Wothen Robert Webster Jock Wertheimer Stanley Wilkes Richard Wilkins JANUARY, 1926 OIlie Adams Jewel Allen Nerine Baldwin Korita Benson Flonnie Bevers Sylvia Borkon Ella Braly Dorothy Brown Sultanio Cook Foye Duke Mabel Frizzell Anno Goldstein Dimple Goodman Prince Hall Norma Harris Mary Howard Minette Kimmell Gladys Luck Mary McAdams Mildred McWillioms Marie Maxwell Lois Medley Katherine Mimms Jessie Mitchell Berniece Parker Edo Rosenthal Lucille Rupe Elizabeth Siebenhausen Emily Slaton Mildred Stroheker Lucile Tucker Ruth Weil Boys Sidney Abromson Anthony Amorella Montie Barnes Benjamin Borzune Manuel Bloom Roburn Burke Morris Cohen James Collins, Jr. Joseph Cormon Ralph Dornall Albert Deere Walter Ewell Nothon Harris Oliver Holt Dudley Killian Milton Kinne John Kirkpotrich Corlos Kruegol James Lee, Jr. Joe Lerer Yancy Lindsey, Jr. John McLeon Joseph Malone Carlo Messina Robert Peek, Jr. Jimmie Roots Morton Rubin Roy Sachs A. M. Sanders Victor Soufley Wilson Stricklin Dimon Vratis JUNE. 1926 Girls Ruby Allen Virginia Allen Bertha Balk Cathleen Bartley Claire Boum Virgie Bazar Ado Beach Elizobeth Binford Pholbo Birdwell Elizabeth Blokemore Jennie Bock Ida Bock Mary Bohonnon Annie Bardshow Roe Braude Leto Britain Gethrel Brown Hazel Corpenter Myrtle Costillow Annie Champion Cecyl Charninsky Martha Christensen Dorothy Clark Mory Decker Martha Dickord Ruth Dickmon Velmo Dodd Sarah Engle Alva Fielder Claire Flood Madeline Friedman Sarah Goldberg Mory Harvey Edith Herrling Lelo Heslep Dorothy Hill Ruth HoRheimer Gladys Holland Ethel Isbell Lucille Jennings Frances Jones Wilmo Jones Katie Katz Fay Kelley Dorothy Kelly Linda King Louise Lanier Irene Lewis Lillion Linko Irene Lohr Miriam Morgules Jessie McKinney Nell McNobb Mildred Michoelson Mory Miltner Frances Motley Alma Parsons Mory Perkins Bertie Piper Jessie Pugh Fidelis Riley Gladys Robertson Amelia Rosenblatt Sophia Ryan Revo Shapiro Ruth Speiser Voughanelto Stopleton Anne Strickland Lorene Swift Mary Taylor Marie Tillery Elmo Thornelt Eleanor Williams Grace Williams Felice Wolfe Mary Wright Vivian Wright Ellen Wyott Felice Yonock Alice Young Alice Zercher Boys George Anderson Leo Aronson Clifford Ballard Allen Block William Branch John Brown John Browning Foy Burke Rollin Burns Clorence Burroughs W. D. Chandler Joe Collmer Charles Craver Roy Corpier Hugh Dodd Leon Dozier Andrew Duckworth Mike Edelmon Mox Einhorn Raymond ElfenbeJn Clarence Elrod Reginald Ennis Joke Fair G. L. Felkner, Jr. Issie Fraumon Yale Griffis Ernest Hutchison Truett Jones Robert King Leonard Lipmon Henry Lyie Sid Mogul Louis Moskowltz Clarence Payne Allen Rosenthal Charles Shuey William Simmons Barney Simon Stanley Skeehan J, B. Stork Sylvan Stone James Sullivan Charles Summer Sam Thompson Johnie Warner Thod White Henry Allen Wren JANUARY, 1927 Gir s Kathleen Akers Mary Amorella Ethel Beach Edna Bilger Louise Brown Bertha Christie Evelyn Copelond Thelmo Cubley Roselyn Davies Helen Dent Margaret Gessell Leono Fechner Paulyne Harris Dorothy Hensly Jewell Hillhouse Vivian King Minnie Lasch Avanell Lewis Dorothy Metzler Josephine Mims Libby Minzer lone Mitchell Dorothy Morris Alice Morgan Sadie Mosesmon Clara Moe Pollard Lillian Ravkind Louise Risley Helen Schwartz Hallie Smith Vida Heath Smith Nellie Stogsdill Fonnie Sussmon Mary Switzer Inez Tabor Melbo Whidden Lois Lewis Boys J. R. Benton Abe Berger Byron Block Raymond Blair Raleigh Brooks Harold Carpenter Charles Cove Morris Chertkov Fred Collins Word Donee Iras Fine Marvin Ford Bert Hotzenbuehler J. D. Hexamer Charles Hooper Joseph Horton Eugene Lacy L. B. Lagow William McDermett Edward McDonald Joe Murray Rooul Rosenthal Bryron Sachs Denver Seale Sigmund Segoll Morris Shapiro Edward Smith Joseph Sprodlin Henry Von Pein John Von Slyke David Weinstein Bryon Williams W, B. Wilson JUNE. 1927 Gxrh Eloise Atwell Mabel Aven Blanche Bailey Josephine Baxley Sodie Bermon Beatrice Blokeney Edith Bromlett Jessie Moe Briner Lucille Brock Lois Brooks Beverly Bryant Edna Coin Kathleen Carter Lillian Colish Mary Crook Dorothy Cummins Florence Day Lottie Dixon Harriett Douglass Dovie Dowd Thelmo Drennon Evelyn Duke Elizabeth Edwards Sophie Foverman Henriette Fechenbach Lucille Ferguson Frances Fuqua Mory Gaines Louise Gloss Cleo Grubbs Mory Harmon Edna Heck Mory Heimple Charlotte Holotik Vera Isbell Frances Jennings Doris Jones Shirley King Sylvia Kleinman Mozie Knight Bernice Kretier Loloh Layton Page One Hundred Forty-eight C)44A. AUufUii Lurlah Layton Juanita Lecroy Mae Lichenstein Margoret Lorenz Ernestine McCanlesi Blanche McKee Mae Martin Cotherine Metzger Mildred Metzger Dorothy Michoelson Audro Millican Edna Murdoch Nora Nave Helen Nichols Sylvy Oppenheimer Anne Peoples Mary Price Ethel Ronsdell Josephine Read Mary Reynolds Sylvio Shoy Minnie Shtofman Claudia Sierod Elsie Pearl Smith Marie Stubbs Alva Sumners Bernice Thompson Louise Tobolowsky Georgia Vineyard Edna Waldman Grace Whitby Amy Wiggins Olive Wooten Nellie Wyll Mary Yarbrough Bonnie Zumwolt Boys Robert Andress George Boliou Chorles Beach Borgess Beaty George Bennett Fred Bethurum Joseph Brogdon Zelman Brounoff Mike Cohen Hubbord Cook Lawrence Cook Loyoce Cooper Nathan Corman R. L. Credille William Dillon Frederick Duecker George Fenley Allen Eokins, Jr. Howard Fink Cecil Floyd Iro Fooshee Lewis Formon Louis Frauman Dueward Fulwiler Charles Garlitz Jorrell Goronzik Abe Goldstein Bob Harper Roy Harrison Eugene Hayle L. E. Ingle Howard Jones Leon Kirschner William lauderdole Frank Levene Godcheoux Levi Teddy Lipmon Seymour Marjules Fronk McCammon Bert Mclean T. D. McNeill Dan McWhirter, Jr. James Mossey Howard Miller Solomon Minzer Clarence Moore Joseph Morris Richard Morris Morion Palmer Donald Phores Fred Poston Iscdore Pravorne Henry Puckett David Rosinsky Jock Saunders Morion Sheppard Roe Simkins Eugene Simpson John Sticksel J. R. Story John Stronge William Thomas Robert Utiey Robert Vasek Raymond Warfield George Wossell Richard Watts George Wolff JANUARY, 1928 G r s Mary Allen Margoret Andrews Kotherine Aster Rosa Lee Barnes Florence Bates Kotherine Beckwith Elmo Bilger Sara Burnstein Juliet Bussey Laura Campbell Juanita Conner Mary Earle Duley Morjorie Ernest Maud Evans Christine Free Norelle Gillom Mildred Glenn Roslyn Goldsmith Beatrice Harris Billie Hays Dorothy Herr Cordelia Hilley Mable Hopkins Imo Marie Houck Mary Frances Jacobs Jeannette Kimmell Edro Kyle Loui ;e Lewis Laura Lindley Marie McClanahon Annie McCutcheon Ethel McKinney Alice Moyhew Lucille Morris Inez Murcock Mary Elizabeth Price Willie Moe Roork Matilda Seltzer Lois Shepherd Kotherine Shivers Frances Shor Sylvia Stein Nedro Tarrant Edith Thornell Mary Tsukohora Gertrude Turner Florabel Uglow Kotherine Voss Dorothy Ward Doris Wilson Dorothy Wilson Marie Woodford Alta Zachary Augusta Zapp Boys Leo Acker Isaac Bock James Breeding George Brodnox John Cearley Walter Cox Donald Ennis John Faucett Benny Feenberg Robert Flogg Russell Fudge Morcus Gendel Raymond Gillham Clyde Gray Henry Hodde Ovel Huber Roy Justus Alfred Korchmer Joe logow Marshall Logow Roy Lamb Burnis Larson Joseph Lenzen Ellwood McKinnle Alex McKnight Cloy Molin John Mason Clyde Norman Robert Meith Lonnie Porks Robert Rogsdale Harold Riddels Jerry Rolrekl Issie Schepps Alex Singleton Wendell Sorenson Alfred Slockdole Joe Terranella William Tsukohora Kieth Williams Elbert Willis Francis Woodward Isroel Zeitmon MAY, 1928 Gir s Elizabeth Agee Peart Allumbaugh Naomi Aronoff Esther Barker Ruby Bell Rose Marie Berger Ruth Blackburn Margaret Blokemore Mary Blackeney Bertha Brown Moe Dell Brown Hallein Burnham Lucille Buruss Frances Callahan Ola May Campbell Blanche Chombers Esther Cohen Lois Chorninsky Ida Cobbel Esther Cohen Lillian Corninfl Bertha Couchmon Rose Dasch Vera Dashner Dorothy Dovjs Evelyn Dempsey Mary Dodson Margie Dozier Marigold Dunne Mary Catherine Ferguson Mary Goodman Mary Gordon Dovie Grice Kotherine Griffin Claudine Hoynes Vera Heard Doris Henrikson Alice Hipskind Mary Huckoby Josephine Israel Mourine Jackson Glodys Kinard Evelyn Kramer Anno Leon Natalie Levin Christino Lindahl Mary Lipscomb Bessie Mosinter Ethelda Maxwell Beatrice Mimms Mildred Moore Ruth Munzesheimer Lula Nisbett Elizabeth Pollard Lillian Price Mildred Price Morie Randall Helen Rice Lois Rigby Sylvia Rubenstein Vivien Schultz Pouline Serafin Esther Sorensen Dorothy Shepard Esther Siegel Anno Taylor Corinne Tillery Faye Tollerton Alta Tresp Alberta Trieller Marie Umphress Mary Waller Gladys Williams Margoret Wood Juanita Wisdom Minnie Wyll Roy Mary Zelozny Boys Richard Baldry Joe Berger Samuel Bock Fred Boshort Robert Bruton Odys Castillow Roy Castillow Ovie Couley Harold Clem Pembroke Davenport Gus Erwin Sylvan Goronzik Albert Green Frank Green John Ploth Green Thomas Green, Jr. Lero Griffin Alfred Isaacs Herbert Jacobs Herschel Jaffe Alvin Jeffers Shermon Kaplan Sylvan Korchmer Claude Karr Sol Kotz Charles Kelly Gail Lone David Le fkowitz, Jr. Abe Leon Gus Levene Ben Lewis Milton Lewis Emmett McLain Richard Molone Edgar Marder George Martin Odell Miller Leslie Mitchell J. M. Moncrief Otto Newland Frank Parrino Francis Peeler Rufus Pribble Jack Robertson Frank Russell, Jr. Malcolm Sams Eti Shapiro Olon Shipp Hugh Sticksel Anthony Strange, Jr. Joe Thompson Morriss Willis Vernon Wilson JANUARY. 1929 G tU Vivian Anderson Pauline Agnew Virginia Jewell Akers Lucille Bleisch Lormon Fay Calvit Doris Deone Corothers Eleanor Mae Cobb Annie Cohen Dorothy Cook OIlie Cook Rosa Davis Morguerite Denny Peorl Betty Engle Susie Elizabeth Gibbs Mollie Graber Fannie Belle Gray Francis Hill Juanita Klaczok Hannah Klor Ruth Lucille Kogan Birdie Kolber Virginia Layton Lillian McClain Mary Ethel McCulley Leah Fronces McGlothlin OIlie McLendon Emily Moyhew Helen Porrish Jannie Payne Alice Jewell Poston Bertha Robinson Sadie Susman Erie Marie Thomas Margaret Thornton Gladys Topletz Esther Webb Frances Von Slyke Boys Milton Abromson Clyde Baird Haskell Bevers Emile Bilger Alfred Bloom Alvo Buchanan, Jr. Clark Chrismon Gilbert Lake Clark John Floren Dry Willie Edelmon Williom Robert Evans, Jr. Abe Fox Henry Boyd Harrison Fred L. Hester Voyne Hooker Thod Jackson Klide Jameson Howord Johnsen Casey Jones Aaron Kleinman Sol Levine luda Levy Archie McNeill Austin Mcpherson Alexander Mondel Richard Marshall McWhirter William Mann Leslie Markhom Kemp Moore Marvin Pearson Thomas Perry Lou Ravkind El Jene Riddell Maurice Snyder James Madison Turner Roy L. Turner Frank Webster Reeves Williams Winston Wilson Edwin Declon Wood James Wyly MAY. 1929 Girls Mary Agnew Marie Barnett Kotherine Bayer Wilma Brock Johanna Brown Lucille Burke Nell Butler Melbo Canell Hollie Carpenter Mary Collendrina Marie Coulter Frances Crim Sallie Curchok Geneveive Curtis Kotherine Dailey Blanche Davis Helen Dodson Pauline Douthit Lois Eosterling Rose Einhorn Pansy Evens Rosalee Farley Dorothy Finks Florence Fooshee Jeannette Garcia Opal Gouldy Altheo Green Edith Griffith Mildred Hogewood Dorothy Hartmonn Martha Holotik Ina May Holt Cloyce Jay Edith Jennings Ethel Katz Fronkie Kozo Dorothy Lone Ruth Langley Vivo Locke Charleen Loud Evelyn McClory Ednojo McGrew Osre Matthews Thelma Mayerhoff Hortense Meyer Mary Mitchell Zelo Neal Josephine Neislar Chrystal Newman Milderd Newman Alene Parker Helen Pendley Mary Pitts Rozelle Rosenthal Evelyn Sanger Morgie Nell Saunders Bayla Segoll Aleene Sessums Mary Sewell Vivian Sheets Fredo Shellito Melvo Shepard Helen Shumate Anna Smith Mildred Spillmon Lillian Stanberry Sodye Starr Ruth Stogsdill Dorinda Taylor Jeonette Travis Ernestine Tribble Addie Vickery Bernice Vineyard Thelma Waldstein Annie Wosmus Alma Whitley Lucille Wilkerson Wilma Work Verno Wright Shinnie Lillion Zelazn Boys Clarence Agress Homer Beren William Block Morris Bock Howard Brecht Ely Cohen Albert Cohn G. P. Coker Cecil Combs William Corder Hyman Corman Patrick Freeman Cosnohon Edward Cox Ludlow Daniels Elmo Davis Corl Duffel Joseph Dula Leonard Donagan Lewis Finneburgh Neal Galgliardo Nicholas Grissaffi Holley Gotlin Lester Hardin Johnny Harrington ?02 One Hundred Forty-nine Oi Ui AUufMiZ George Haynie Loyd Hicks Arthur Hilburn Robert Hill Walter Hunt Conrad Jacobs Morris Joffe Vernon Joy Albert Jones Lawrence Klindworth Fronkie Koza Donald Kretzer Chorles Kurlan Aron light Henry London Thomas Molin, Jr. Morris Mosesman Morlin Olson Edward Porker Joe Porrino Harold Peorson Allen Pistole William Proctor Marion Reaves Ben Rogers, Jr. Joe Rothschild Willys Sears Carl Shawver David Shor John Simkins Odis Star Ralph Stegman Paul Stowe Wendell Swango Glenn Thocker Franklin Thompson Roddy Traxler Corl Tribble Roy Wright JANUARY, 1930 Doris Argovitz Thelmo Arnold Mildred Bonwit Opie Bleisch Eva Christensen Alice Clark Margaret Crocker Helen Fulwiler Noomileo Fowler Gladys Goronzik Bess Gendel Helen Goldbcum Fanny Goldsobel Eleanore Goodstein Maurene Gordon Adrian Holler Mary Hancock Ruth Hiett Ruby Isbell Jocie Kirkmon Beulah Kuhnell Ruby Lee Bessie Lerer Sarah Levine Alvis Lowrey Mary Malcomesius Helen Mann Anna McCain Ado Phipps Roselta Robinson Motilda Schreiber Etta Siegel Joye Smith Liby Sorenson Leontine Sticksel Mabel Thornell Lulo Ussery Doris Wotkins Somuella Woodside Margaret Yaw Anno Zabbia 8oyi Ralph Bloom Marchmon Brown Arthur Bumpos Julian Burke George Dennis Abe Donsky William Eades, Jr. John Enlow Theodore Froser Robert Freeman Fronk Fry Joseph Gendel Joke Goldstein isodore Goltz P. K. Hammond Cloy Nines Reeder Hollman John Houseman Gordon Jackson Jock Jeffers Isodore Kimmel Fred Klein William Looney David Love Jake Mosinter Lawrence McCullough Oral Miller Woodson Mim; Jim Parsons Earle Newton Jomes Pruett John Rice William Southard Philip Stein Eugene Stern Hubert Swift Jack Topletz Russell Tucker Lewis Turk Tom Whitby Nolan Willioms Hugh Woodward Jock Woolf Esir Wyll Samuel Yonock Richard Zumwalt, Jr. JUNE. 1930 G.r s Mory Agnew Lois Allen Myrle Baker Aneta Borber Melba Bates Grace Bennett Irene Bentley Frances Berry Wondo Braden Margaret Brin Louise Bruton Foe Burmaster Hazel Chaney Willie Mae Clinkscales Mary Coble Jane Collins Ruby Conner Jimmie Cook Pauline Corman Louise Cowon Margie Cowan Beatrice Cox Phyllis Cox Omega Cummins Edna Evans Marguerite Fonning Louise Fenley Wilmo French Freido Friedberg Helen Goldman Virginia Greenwood Pauline Gressett Edith HeFlin Florence Herron Edna Hilley Thelmo Holder Emma Horn Mary Jane JoPFrion Letha Hunter Sadye Kessler Hottie Kirshner Dorothy Knotts Joy Kooken Beatrice Latimer Genevrevo Lawrence Mary Mann Mary Mottox Ruth McCloin Nell Meodor Beatrice Metzger Adoloyde Michoelson Ido Mae Miller Willie Moe Milisap Jeanette Morris Stella Mosesman Vivion Mountz Martha Murphy Marjorie Novich Ruth Novich Helen Parker Marie Pasloy Regina Penn Ruth Peoples Anniel Phores Thelma Potter Leonore Purvrn Alicia Sachs Lil Ire Saucier Lillian Schwartz Ernestine Seobolt Carmen Skinner Verna Sklibos Mory Jane Snyder Helen Star Marguerite Tobolowsky Evelyn Wallace Kotherine Waters Evelyn Wortsmon Frances Wynn Helen Zubotsky Boys Sidney Adams Richard Allison George Bilger Merritt Bishop Roy Black Julius Braveman John Chotfield Eli Cobel Harold Friedlonder Vernon Gabberl J. L. Gleason Arthur Gottlich Robert Green George Harris R. C. Hewett Oscor Hightower Troy Hilton Everett Hockwold Horry Jonsen Frank Jones John L. Johnston Joshua Kohn James Kavanaugh Joe Kendall Jock Kirschner Fay Lagow Myron Lipsitz Herman Mayerhoff Abe Meyer Wilonsco Miltner Henry Miller Robert Monroe Henry Neely Ocie Perry Ernie Pilkington Charles Pollard Garland Read John Rubin Fronk Shields Nathan Siegel Sidney Smilovitz Howard Taylor Horoce Thomos Lehman Tims Henry Tsukohora Wayne Tucker Anson Von Slyke Socrates Vratis William Woldman Corl Wright Irvin Yonack JANUARY. 1931 G.Vls Evelyn Bramlett Leah Bronning Cetia Braveman Thelma Carroll Groce Claunch Evelyn Combs Sue Davis Eugenia Denison Mildred Dixon Catherine Duecker Roe Engle Florence Friedman Eva Friend Victoria Harrington Nancy Holt Moy Jeffers Mory Johns Juanila Kay Frances Kraft Jane Lawrence Lillian Levinson Leah Leventhal Eliza Looney Henriette Molowitz Ruth McDonald Beuloh Meodor Maggie Overton Lo Verne Posloy Elizobeth Povelko Edith Petty Anne Pomorantz Rosa Portnoy Kotherine Redding Blanche Rabinowitz Dorothy Rheo Denje Rosenblum Morgoruite Rosenfield Mary Russell Theresa Solori Jennie Trousdale Robbie Willis Velmo Wood Sybil Yonack Boys Milton Angrist Abner Aronoff Allen Bale Clyde Bell David Beren Wendell Britain Eugene Brock Aubrey Burke Collis Colvit Patrick Chandler Frank Cohen James Doross Chorles Depoma Brewster De Voe George Duke J. T. Edwards Smith Elder James Forsyth Edward Fuller Lyie Gfellers Charles Gloss A, J. Green Izzy Hechlmon Bernard Hemphill, Jr. William Hilterbrand George Knight Henry Landsberg Charles Longley William May Jacob Metzger tA i% Michoelson Gordon Morris Arthur Moskowltz Ralph Novin William Pederson Joe Perlslein Roderic Proctor John Rumsey Charles Terronello Frank Terronello Horry Turner Efton Willioford Melvin Yonack JUNE, 1931 Gir j Frances Abroham Berniece Aistrop Solly Anton Betty Boiley Nelle Barshop Sara Lee Borshop Mabel Beach Elizabeth Block Lena Dora Bock Jewell Brown Dorothea Burney Lucille Clayton Rosa Cohen Elsie Conner Virginia Doross Dorothy Dosch Mildred Davis Cloro Dodd Charlotte Donosky Rufo Douthit Mory Elizabeth Dyer Rebecca Einhorn Nannie Forror Eleanor Fischl Billie Floyd Lola Garcia Harriett Goronzik Adeline Geeteh Helen Glakeler Hilda Goldstein Katie Goodman Bessie Gordon Juanito Gover Ethel Graham Helen Hafler Mory Elizabeth Hombright Sara Louise Hart Beatrice Herron Emilie Hiegert Helen Holland Helen Jacobs Roweno Koplon Dorris King Hottie Kirschner Antonio Klaczak Ruth Levit Marjorie Lichtenstein Zeldo Ligenberg Louise Mondel Mory Monion Minnie Mosinter Ero McClendon Claire McCoy Nedro McKittick Constance Moses Gladys Musoche Josephine Nelson Mory Newman Juonito Odom Dorothy Pondres Helen Pope Lo Fan Potrlck Willie Kathleen Pric9 Leah Ruth Roder Cleto Rlcker Myrtle Rigdon Marjorie Robinson Mosho Rudnitzky Loreno Runnels Dorothy Samuels Dixie Shelley Ruth Sims Virginia Sims Evelyn Sloter Aillen Smith Alto Belle Smith Roe Smith Rose Spiritos Mary Elizabeth Strange Josephine Tribble Roe Vener Anno von Pein Juonito Walker Llllie Wilonsky Frances Womock Boys Walter Armbruster Billie Aronoff Eugene Arons Virgil Austin Thomas Bailey J. C. Bain Abe Beck Morris Berger Arthur Berwold Lawrence Bradbury Albert Cahn Jesse Callahan Bernard Campbell Richard Carson Marvin Clark Jim Cooper Felix Domos, Jr. Clarence Eltrich Walter Fannin Billy Forquhor Gilbert Fleischer J. A, Fronz Leon Funk Charles Green Thomas Greer Hymon Gross Stephen Guthrie Johnie Harmon George Horwood, Jr William Hemphill Hoyden Hilburn Bertron Hodges Horace Holder Loddie Holotik Kenneth Horton Melvin Hurst, Jr. Stanley Jones George Jordan, Jr. Willlom Jorek David Kaim Herschel Korchmer Sam Kimmell Nathan Leon Philip Levene Jake LIchenstein Isodore Lutermon Morcus McCoy Jock McShan Horry Milter Isodore Miller Leon Miller Merrill Munoz J. C. Nichols Corroll Piper Isodore Portnoy Corl Pulls Boss Redd William Renfro Eugene Roush F. L. Sehnert, Jr. Horry Shopino Sidney Sigel Mourlce Smith George Sorenson Thomys Sorrels John Slogner Avent Steer Mitchell Stone Walter Stone Earl Summers, Jr. Fred Swayze Luther Swift Leonard TIMery Agib Trembly Roy Willioms Robert Word JANUARY. 1932 Mildred Ailshire Jeonette Berkowitz Lucy Blakeney Lo Verne Brinker Mary Bronstein Bessie Cooper Margaret Cummings Ida Moe Cundiff Donold Elizabeth DufFey Morgaret Dunievitz Mottle Belle Ellington Marie Eubonk Eunice Foison Stella Folios June Lee Fitzgerold Sylvia Gremm ?oqQ One Hundred fifty Owi AUufmi Jeannette Haynes Mortho Hill Elizabeth Houseman Freeda Huebler Ruth Hunter Mildred Isbell Margaret Jeffers Alice Jones Reata Kahn Marfho Kettle Fcnnie Kickirillo Clara Knight Bertha Koegl Bonnie Lafoon Marie Lee Mary Lindiey Anna Lohr Myrtle Looney Lillion Lorenz Hazel Mann Gladys Martin Bessie Meyer Ruby Miller Ouida Morris Helen Muir Lillian Myers Mayme Paternostro Eva Maye Pilkinton Mary Alice Porter Evelyn Rosenberg Fay Sachs Helen Seamon Elizabeth Sessel Willie Sloan Dorothy Sommervllle Lena Star Vesta Steele Mary Suggs Frankie Turk Oro Mae Vann Lydia Vasek Dorothy Warrick Hilda Woodside Boys Clark Benham George Berger Billy Bernstein Ernest Block Corman Brandon Morris Broveman Charles Bronstein Robert Burden Edwin Carp Edmund Choney Jomes Clayton Hamilton Cosnahan J. W. Dovis Samuel Donosky Conrad Duwe Ben Emerson, Jr. Charles Frouman Isodore Freid Lawrence Frey Arlie Gorison, Jr. Jock Gillingham Jack Goldsobel George Gordon Tommie Hall Nelson Hewett Edward Howard Sol Kotz K. Ernest Krecek Sigmund Kleinman Chorles Levi, Jr. Robert Lewis, Jr. Wilber Lewis Fred Lief Woodrow Melton Allen Miltner George Poston Louis Rosenberg Eli Schepps Louis Shinder Sol Smith John Sprue, Jr. Frank Stogner Anthony Terronello Fred Webster Richard Wets Thomas Whitby Morlorie Gorham JUNE. 1932 G.r s Beulah Adams Vera Addington Louise Angle Aubyne Baker Mary De Bordeleben Frances Barrett Ruby Nell Botes Helen Beiber Leoro Block Donie Dean Bolton Blanche Brochiers Christelle Brock Ermine Bruton Clara Bryan Katherine Buckolew Lucille Burnham Odell Cade Lena Camponello Ethel Compbell Anno May Carson Madeline Christie Velma Combs Frances Conner Katherine Crow Mary Louise Dickson Mabel Dudley Ella hKoG Early Lena Enkowitz Mary Katherine Evans Morie Filipec Victoria Flagg Thelma Fox Frances Gallogher Frances Goodman Annie GrifRth Willie Belle Hale Evelyn Jacobs Annoliese Jackel Margaret Hansen Leto Moe Morion Mabel Kay Elizabeth Kuhnell Juonito Lacy Ruth Laney Jimmie Lee Loyton Thelma Lebowitz Eugenia Leubner Frances Levin Ava Lee Lievsay Mary Frances Locke Nono Belle McKay Lelo Fay McLendon Marie Levi Julia Manion Sylvia Margules Lillie Miller Bernice Mittenthal Martho Nance Felice Novich Annabel Provorne Eunice Pritchetl Willie Romsey Birdie Rotner Mary Frances Reames Irene Rister Viola Roddey Edna Rodgers Dorothy Rosenbaum Ethel Rubin Elgene Sanford Sara Sehnert Helen Sharp Frances Skinner Alice Small Dorothy Smith Esther Smith Margoret Sorensen Mary Elizabeth Steer Lourella Stenger Floy Stevens Virginia Swanson Vero Thomas Kothlyn Trudgeon Elizobeth Tucker Clara Vogel Aletha Walker Lucy Walker Christine Wotson Willie Mae West Mary Frances Williams Betty Jane Wilson Pauline Worley Helen Wright Dorothy Wyll Moggie Zobbio Boys Sam Borbario Simon Barshop Fronk Beddoe Albert Biggs Robert Bradbury Welton Bragg Carl Bray Forrest Bryant William Calvit James Costen Walter Cotlin William Conner Willord Coonrod A. B. Crone E. T, Crosson Ralph Curry Jerome Dorso Leroy Embry Max Engle Thomas Fenley J. D. Goss Charles Gross Sol Hobermon Ted Horrott Bennie Henderson Merrell Hendrix J. W. Henry Edward Hicks Edgar Hurst Charles Johnson Leonard Kaplan Roy Kendall Leon Kleinman Floyd Lambert Vernon Lay Charles Leoming, Jr. Meyer Levy Everett McNeese Charles Marshall Jesse Melton Luther Murphy Preston Neislar Pot Newman Raymond O ' Brien Anton Povelka Glenn Rice Hackler Riffe Carl Roush Herman Schreiber Louis Schwartz Arthur Schwartz Ben Sierad Edword Simkins George Smith Arthur Steinberg Jesse Stowe John Volcik Clifford White Walter Winborn Lee Elliott Wisdom, Jr. John Withers III C. A. Wright JANUARY, 1933 G rh Dorothy Bailey Anno Bliber Phonchon Bootmon Fannie Bock Clover Burris Myldred Carroll Elizobeth Cory Ida Bell Conner Loretto Curchak Fronces Dailey Lottie Donsky Rose Fineglass Margoret Freelond Loraine Froelich Norma Goldsobel Frances Grubbs Vivian Grunou Frances Hooke Nadine Jackson Sara Jackson Stella Jackson Bernice Jaffe Anno Jenkins Wilmo Jones Marie Kraft Jewel Lusk Brownie Maples Genevieve Meyer Helen McBroyer Fredericka McClain Jimmie Neff Dorothea Nichols Virginia Lee Nichols Myro Orr Margaret Perry Josephine Poirier Frances Sanford Lucile Sparks Evelyn Ttner Marguerite Thompson Argentina Toomey Billie Webb Mozella Wright Miriam Zesmer Soys John Agnew C. I. Anderson Marvin Billion Syl Bromlett Chester Britton Joseph Bryant Herman Canada Stanford Clem William Faulhaber James Fitzgerald Glenn Felton Floyd Good, Jr. Fowler Graham Joe Hansen Luther Haralson Ralph Harrison Werner Henke J, C. Herrington E. W. Ingle Frank King Poul Lone , Daniel Lipsitz Aubrey McKinney Thomas Manion Emil Mayerhoff tee Roy Neal Jock Price Jeff Reod Clyde Reeves Matt Rowland Harris Shelton Robert Stelle Frank Steen Claude Stockbrldge Hubert Thomas Clyde Vance Eugene Welborne JUNE, 1933 Girls Frances Abel Jewel Alberts Mildred Aronson Martha Bailey Dorys Boldwin Juonito Barnett Edith Bond Kotherine Bonnett Tresso Rose Burgower Margaret Caldwell Arline Cannon Yetto Coplan Mary Cohen Sary Cohen Bessie Coleman Opol Coleman Oppie Coleman Dorothy Conner Billie Cooper Lory Cory Helen Dosch Dorothy Davis Mary Ruby Davis Anna Denney Verno Deon Dennis Dorothy Edelmon Dorothy Enlow Mortha Fleming Dorothy Glokeler Helen Gordon Nellie Gray Louise Hadley Esther Hafter Geroldlne Harris Modge Harris Bertha Hart Louise Hefner Vollie Hilley Dorothy Huber Geroldine Huckobee Dorothy Humphrey Ida Sarah Joffe Janice Johnson Josephine Kickirillo Rosa Lee Loufer Elizabeth Le Sueur Mourine Lyman Cecllle Mann Dorothy Maxwell Thelma Lee Meredith Ida Mae Mitchell Christine Murphrey Jeonette Ornish Sodie Osborne Anno Beth Parker Nilo Mae Payne Lois Odessa Potter Lola Preuss Edna Roley Thelma Redd Pauline Reed Thelma Roberson Emily Rosenfield Billie Russell Camille Sovone Lillie Schwortz La Velle Seabolt Mary Lee Shanks Martha Shelton Velma Shurett Doris Sigel Helen Stern Ruthe Stevens George Marie Swarthou Pauline Swartz Treva Swift Kothryn Thomas Anna Toplitz Eunice Topper Berta Tsukohora Minnie Lee Tucker Martha Volcik Nina Waggoner Rosamond Wallace Dorothy Watson Virginia Wertz Helen Wilkerson Ida Wilonsky Ruthe Witesky Jule Wittkower Evelyn Wolfe Dorothy Worley Rhea Yonack Boys Alfred Agress Bernord Angrlst Foster Boll Francis Borr Alton Bassett Herman Beck, Jr. Jack Biehl Horold Bierner Hugo Blockstone Jake Blend Samuel Bloom Charlie Bond Harrison Boyd Archie Breeding Veryl Brown Rovert Buchanan, Jr. Raymond Bush Charlton Compbell Hyman Cobbell John Cox John Crowder, Jr. Cornell Curtis, Jr. Ralph Douglass Morris Ely Sherman Enkowitz Modison Follin Edward FInneburgh Robert Gaines Robert Gilmore Harold Goodman Ellis Gordon Lee Gray Samuel Greenberg Isadore Gruber Jock Hall Howard Holler Samuel Hampton Raymond Horrell James Harris Arthur Hart Moyer Hiesinger Robert Hilterbrand Roy Hodges Cleo Howell William Jobson, Jr. Harold Johnson Richard Kemmerle Leo Klor Walter Klieinman Leo Kooken, Jr. Carl Lo Borbo Glenn lowson Orien Levy Beryl Light Morion Light J. W. McKenzie Horry McMurray Charles Matthews Joe Messino Lewis Mittenthol Hal Morris Charles Newton Calvin Owens Robert Parson Lloyd Penrose James Perrymon William Pomerantz Robert Portman Joe Prewitt Roy Roy George Reaves George RIddell, Jr. Raymond Robinson Carl Roesch, Jr. Julius Schmalz, Jr. Sadie Osborne Jesse Scoggin Elston Shultz Robert Sides Jerome Singer Edmond Slogle Thomas Spears Charles Spencer Robert Steele Tollie Steele R. B. Strlcklln George Sworthout Myrkel Thomas James Thomason Eugene Traylor E. J. Wacker Edgar Wade Mabry Weaver Neol Wright JANUARY. 1934 GnU Marjorle Arnett Mlttle Bollard Ida Bock Harrise Brin Vivlon Christie Frances Cima Jeffie Cheque Virginia Conner Martha Cook Sadie Crover Erine Doily Martha Garten Poge Or Q Hundred Fiffy-one Ou AImiu Jennie Grenim Lois Klar Alice Kline Isabel Lowrence Elenor Lee Frances Levine Morion Moples Zeldo Michaelson Ruth Minor Mary O ' Floherty Loyce Phillips Lucille Ploeger Gladys Rizzatto Pauline Schlinger Hannah Schwartz Dorothy Sims Beth Smith Vivian Spradlln Isabel Slover Edna Tyler Anno Ubermon Winnie Webb Clara Weil Ruth Wilson Dorothy Yorber Boys Horry Argonitz Joe Bock Everett Bowers Durword Brandon Leo Edelmon Lelond Erickson Hubert Frank Horvey Gorison Edward Glass Henry Harrell Edwin Hoynes George Hechtman Lawrence Ingrohom Curtis Jacobs Abe Kofz Leon Kimmell J. W. Lacy Fred Lee William Miller Bob Mitchell Glen McCollum Robert McMullen Henry Nichols Charles Pederson Joe Ratner Irving Richman Edwin Rubin Dan Runner Sol Shay Jock Sims Charles Steen, Jr. J. R. Taylor Abrom Travis Theodore Tsukoharo Robert Tucker J. B. Walters Bennie Wilson Charles Wright Hyman Zelazny Morris Zelazny JUNE. 1934 G.rls Alwilder Anderson Irene Anderson Esther Augrist Ada Boechtel Lucile Bernbaum Minnie Bloom Borboro Bole ; Virginia Bond Helen Brocker Mary Burton Rose Cassatta Fannie Cerpcr Olleen Chapman Hazei Cogburn Ruth Conner Mildred Cruse Frances Davis Lois Davis Fannie Fisher Nora Flagg Ida Flanders Clarice Gersmon Reba Gilbert Athedo Gold Margarett Golden Dorothy Good Rosalee Green Cloro Griffis Esther Hambright Juanita Harkey Mobel Harris Ovie Hemphill Ruth Henderson Mary Hicks Mary Holland Mary Hubbard Joyce Kabcinell Margaret Klein Betty Latimer Margaret Lowrence Katherine Lee Mildred Lewis Zelda Lievsay Elsie Lorenz Fronces Mollison Fonnie Neyer Pauline NefF Evelyn Nelson Leah Novin Eloise O ' Brien Virginio Peeler Eva Phillips Norma Ray Lillie Redd Annie Replin Freida Replin Bernice Rosenfield Pauline Rosien Bertha Sherman Sarah Siegel Mary Simmons Marion Smith Hope Ststhakos Margaret Summers Eugenia Thomos Eloise Thompson Helen Tims Evelyn Trommell Frances Word Ruth Womack Boyj Harvey Alexander Victor Ballas Walter Bennett George Berg, Jr. Phillips Burgower Clifton Canada Robert Cannon Giles Corter, Jr. Donald Cose Vincent Cirone Charles Cohen Ramon Cortez Robert Cosnohon William Crook Gwynne Curtis Lawrence De Hoy Word Ehney Lee Elmore Harold Evans Williom Eyster William Fousett John Ferguson Neal Ferrell Jules Fine Herbert Friedman Herschel Futch Hoyt Gentry Lloyd George Nahton Goidl J. E. Gooch Aoron Gordon Forest Haralson Travis Harkness Emory Heffington Fronk Henzen Dovid Hiser Austin Hollywood Robert Jackson Harmon Jacobs James Johnson, Jr. Charles Johnson, Jr. Frederick Kahn Fred KaMus John Kennedy Joe King Sidney Levit Horry Lynn Leon Molcomesius Eldon McBroyer John McCufcheon J. A. McDowell Julian Meyer Harry Kotz J. C. Mitchell Pierce Nairn Charlie Nemec Obed Pace Leon Perry Elliott Phores Jack Phipps Joe Pironio Samuel Pirozzo Albert Pruitt Henry Replin Wood Roark Herman Schepps William Schnert Frank Shrcmek Leon Smith Philip Smith Gusto Snyder Sidney Sorensen Horold Steer Richard Steer Wilhelm Striecher Theodore Talyor Jack Tobolowsky Philip Tullis James Worley Abe Wyll Ralph Yonack JANUARY. 1935 Gfr s Adeio Ackermon Louanno Ailshie Teresa Andrews Lorene Boird Mory Barbaric Hazel Berry Natalie Bronstein Dorothy Bryant Theda Mae Carroll Estelle Corson Pauline Chumley Hilda Cobbel Mildred Cox Mary Lucille Dougherty Margaret Dent Anna Dockery Kothryn Douthit Dora Einhorn Goldie Frank Geneva Freiley Florence Golden Mlidred Hamilton Dorothy Hordin Lorene Hatter Pearl Israel Roxie Hubbard Nancy Kincoid Angeline Lonkford Janie Lee Ruby Lyies Louise Madons Anne Molof Evelyn Monford Frances Moxley Kothryn Newmon Viola Patterson Miroslav Parma Oro Mae Putnam Evelyn Ragsdale Sylvia Rolnick Percito Saddler Dorothy Sessums Mildred Shelton Georgia Stenger Irene Stockbridge Ruth Strange Sidney Thornell Juanita Tolley Anna Wilson Georgia Wilson Lenora Wilson Margaret Winborn Carolyn Zobbia Betty Zilch Soys Austin Bollard Milton Boron Joe Becker Joseph Benat Royal Brin, Jr. Edword Bromberg Henry Burkley Curtis Calhoun Richie Calhoun Martin Christensen Arthur Coffman Harry Cohn Monroe Cole William Crenshaw Thomas Crosson Everett Daniel Arlie Davis Hilton Davis Thomas Fisher Leslie Floyd Joel Glass Alvin Goodstein Frank Green Theodore Harris Caryl Kohn Harvey Kinnard Frank Kloczok ClifFord Klindworth Harold Lone Louis Levy Oliver Lillord John Miltner Arthur Minsky Joe Moncrief Roger Moore Harry Mountz Eldon McCroken Leslie Peacock Marshall Phillips Mozelle Ray Philip Scoggins Joe Spiritas Morris Steinberg Teddy Steinberg Charles Stites Joe Sweeton Philip Terronello Woodrow Tsukahora William Winsor William Wolford MAY. 1935 Girl J Rebo Jane Abbott Myro Abrams Dorothy Anderson Rose Aucoin Maxine Barrow Frances Beck Josephine Bevocquo Tommie Lou Blacksone Virginia Bonnet Juonito Boyd Billie Frances Boyles Mary Virginia Brulon Violet Bryant La Vonne Buckolew Nona Frances Buie Robbie Burnside Wanda Cotes Lois Choney Naomi Coleman Melbo Crouch Velma Crow Dorothy Dagnol Lois Joe Dosch Mary Grace Dunn Euginia Elmore Doris Emmett Ruth Engel Lillian Farnsworth Bettie Ferrell Louise Ferrell Helen Filipec Lorene Fisher Mildred Caches Sara Gaddis Lois Givens Dorothy Goodman Svlyio Gordon Emma Hand Esther Hechtman Frances Hiegel Irene Hodde Mary Helen Hodges Frances Hoenig OIlie Hoflfer Mary Hubik Creone Huddleston Juanita Johnson Margoret Johnson Mary Sue Johnson Bettie Lee Jones Iva Moe Jones Aletheo Kimbell Juonito Kimbrough Helen Kirschner Bertha Kuhnell Anno Pearl Lawrence Moe Sue Levine Blanche McCutcheon Donnie McDonald Mary Manning Cecelia Metzger Gladys Michoelson Marguerite Millicon Adilee Mills Clarice Minsky Katie Mize Kothryn Nelson Morjorie Newton Horriet Ornish Ruth Pierce Viola Moe Preuss Wilma Reeves Louise Robinson Sylvia Robinson Becco Rosenberg Edythe Ruskin Gladys SofFir Eldo Johanna Schutiz Jean Shonks Norma Smiley Cloro Smith Soroh Sreenon Dorothy Stone Doris Strehorn Eva Lee Vonn Dorothy Voss Dorothy Nel Word Roslyn Wosserman Eeuloh Wotkins Geraldine Wotkins Geraldine Webb Violet Weitzmon Ruby Louise Wilson Juonito Woodoll Doris Wright Sarah Ann Wyll Mary Pauline Wyly Doris Yockstick Moe Ziegler Boys Rowland Adorns Clyde Apple Paul Apple Burt Aschner Howard Baldwin Sidney Barrett Arthur Bates R. E. Boone Milton Bopp Selden Brin Walter Brown Joseph Burqower Louis Choney Jesse Clork Charles Connolly Jock Cooper Samuel Cooper Sam Dinovo Ervin Donsky Donold Erickson John Finucone Sidney Freid William Gross Graham Grubbs Oscar Holler Urban Hamilton Edword Henry Schuyler Hooker Joseph Keller Clinton Kelly Roymond Kendall Kenneth Knott Horry Leggett, Jr. Nothon Levene Otto Light George Livings Jock McClure, Jr. Douglas McLeod, Jr. Joe Manion Pink Murphey Joseph Nonce David Nothonson William Pearson William Redd Dorwyn Rabinowitz Thomos Robinson John Robison Milton Stover William Stringfellow Andrew Swarthout F. B. Swift Robert Thomason Milton Tiner Harold Topletz George Vonn Robert Von Tress Erwin Woldman Felton Watson Rudolph Weinberg Clorence Wheeler Herbert Wise Martin Woolf Arthur Wright, Jr. JANUARY. 1936 Gir j Florence Abromson Jeon Allen Mary Anton Sylvia Bolser Mory Barnes Mildred Broyles Willie Bryant Frances Corp Mary Cheney Minnie Christensen Virginia Clicque Jennie Cole Mildred Colley Mory Cook Jessie Corbett Frances Cumming Morgaret Donee Geraldine Davis Loredo Dunfield Doris Dyer Alice Epperson Evelyn Fox Elizabeth Frey Coptolo Fugate Dorothy Furlow Jewell Horwicke Frances Hooks Lois Humphreys Zelto James Katherine Johnson Miriom Kesslcr Ida Knight Dorothy Loir Ruth Leberstein Ruth Levy Dorothy McBride 9QQe One Hundred Fifty-two OuA AUuiuu Helen McKenzie Elizobeth Marshall Ida Lee Mayes Pauline Mosesman Margaret Mundell Miriam Nothanson Dorothy Novich Marveleen Peters Maurice Petty Ruth Portman Violet Roberts Inez Robertson Regina Schlinger Frances Sorensen Georgia Shumate Mary Thompson Helmo Townsend Nedro Tresp Miriam Turner Dorothy Weber Evelyn Witebsky Pouline Wrights Maevi Zumwalt Boys J. D. Abies, Jr. Roymond Adams, Jr. Wollace Arons Edward Aymond, Jr. W. C. Babb Jesse Boatman B. F. Brown Elmer Carter, Jr. Poul Cooper, Jr. Stanley David J. Howard Duke Robert Garson Phil Golman Jay Otin Gray William Harlan, Jr. Arthur Harris William Jackson Billie Jett Sol Koplan Harold Kaufman Leon Levine Abe Lichlenstein Donold Loos George Mobry Jefferson Moore Edward Morris L. F. Munzesheimer, Jr. John Noil George Nemec Fred Price Dovid Ravkind Louis Tobian, Jr. Montague Townsen Fred Weathers Albert Weinberg Jomes Winsor John Wrights JUNE. 1936 Gir i Esther Barzune Dorothy Bauer Ida Mae Bazman Frances Bledsoe Louise Boles Esther t ae Brown Maxine Bruton Virginia Butner Chester Roy Castles Annette Catlett Genevieve Chenoult Juana Coleman Gladys Crim Jewell Demere Bertie Dodd Frances Dormon Mary Enix Bessie Ep t tn Helen Feenberg Helen Fox Leorno Geeteh Mory G ' Hcumb Anna G ' lhnm Montie B ' ' tle Gregory Ruth Cruber Tillie Horris Leona Hart Lotila Heffington Helen Hooten Lolo Horton Kothryn Hunter Blanch Jomei Cynthia Jones Mary Frances Kemmerle Marilyn Kent Lois King Dorothy Kirschner Lillie Klaczak Lillie Koegl Dorothy Lambert Kothryn Lone Lois Lawrence Hulette Leeper Maxine Lenske Elizabeth Levy Omagene Lewis Mary Lievsay Mary Lloyd Helen lykes Dorothy Lyons Nino McCabe Phoebe McCutcheon Margoret McGlosson lurline McNair Jone Michaetson Wendell Mitchell Addie Munroe Martha Murphy Doris Nonce Mary Nance Lorene Nelson Phena Newman Evelyn Nichols Sophie Novit Marguerite Odom Hildo Poxton Mildred Peeler Ethel Pickett Dorothy Pitts Elsie Pramer Maxine Pritchett Mottie Ruth Rombo Kothryn Reomes Evelyn Ritter Anne Rosenberg Ethel Rudnltzky Novo Ellene Sanders Lena Sanson? Verne Savage Esther Schwartz Nellie Sealey Frances Sharp Earline Shetton Else Sorenson Annoliese Spreen Louise Stork Katherine Sy Mary Thompson Margoret Ann Thurmon Mary Tiller Vivian Turner Johnnie Tuttle Kathryn Wandrv Morgaret Warnick Ruby Watson Olene Watts Lea Pauline Wile nsky Mary Lillinn Willson Josephine Zesmer Boys Henri Abrams Fred Allen Frank Anderson Henry Athrrton Ifon Avnet Sol Barzune Truman B " rry Wilson Boedecker Donald Boyd DeLoine Brice Letter Britt Abe Bullman, Jr. Clem Calhnun Theodore Candiotta John Canada, Jr. George Cossell Frederick Clark Madison Cogburn, Jr Abe Leon Cohen Hardy Cole Charles Crosson Jock Curry Jean Hamihon Dougherty Howord Denney Robert Drake Paul Finkelstein Sol Friedberg Lee Dudley Gloss Isadore Goldsobet Wilson Goss William Grissaffi Benjamin Gruber Ernest Honey Norman Harris Thomas Henderson, Jr. Gene Henry Evert Hensley Howard Hiegel Julius Huebler Bruce Hunter Guy Jackson Irvin Jay Jaffe James Johnston Paul Jones Irwin Koim Harry Kaplan Theodore Kaplan James Kincoid Louis King Wayne Knipe, Jr. Corbett Legg Neuman leggett Dewitt Loyd, Jr. Wilfred Looney Howard Lund Willis McQueen Henry Miller Jock Miller Eugene Moore James Moore Alex Mosesman William Mosher Ben Barney Okon Albert Posche Alvin Patterson Benjamin Prevratll Robert Read Dove Reoney Charles Ricker Roy Rogers Chorles Romine Maurice Rubin W. A. Runnels, Jr. J. D. Russell Robert Sondford Sol Schneider Norrls Scogglns Louis SIgel Frank Singer Horold Smith Percy Smith, Jr. Wayne Smith Chorles Snyder Louis SonnentheM Horry Summer, Jr. Robert Thorn, Jr. George Thrower Robert Thurmond Horold Utay Louis Wittkower, Jr. Richard Worthington Joseph Yonock JANUARY. 1937 G r r Leone Block Elise Boyd Pouline Boyd Elizabeth Broun Lilly Brooks Una Collahan Mary Casey Marguerite Cassato Merio Cicero Edith Cobbel Emagene CofTman Tempe Coffman Elizabeth Cole Bertha Cook Ruth Cullum Chorlene Deal Morion Fife Moxine Fink Cloriece Flanagan Helen Fooshee Louise fronkfurt Marion Gersman Dorothy Haisfield Margaret Hilley Margaret Knotts Thelma Krousnick Lena Londsberg Frances Lonkford Audrey McGregor Mabel Moddox Marcille Mutlings June Peterson Adelaide Rand Verno Robbins Sara Ruttenberg Elizabeth Simon Neil Sims Helen Sobel Eleanor Spongier Suzanne Steele Janet Swain Mary Ubermon Nettie Waggoner Mildred Wigbels Doris Williams Dorothy Williams Boyj L. D. Alien, Jr. Eugene Billingsly Horold Bird Eugene Broyles Claude Chostant Weldon Combs Chorlie Cozby Sam Donsby Marvin Davis Joel Denison Salvador Duca Myer Froumon Harry Freelond Irving Glosser Mitchell Goldstein Jack Goodman Joseph Hoffer James Harper Charles Humphfus Corlton Knott Somuet Kohen Hubert Little Anthony Luftrell Wilmer McCollum Chorles McKinney Melvin McKinney John Moer L. C. Redus Albert Rudnick Harold Schockman Ralph Sessel Williom Stallcup, Jr. Albert Steindam Ted Tully Wolter Williamson Robert Yarber Carl Zobbia JUNE. 1937 G r s Willie Anderson Mildred Ashley Dorothy Boll Veleto Ballard Solly Bebee Estelle Bennett Betty Jean Behrens Magdalene Bickerstaff Julio Biesel Dorothy Block Dorothy Boedeker Era Grace Bond Frances Brooks Dorothy Brown Juonito Brown Julio Ann Cannon Lois Cherry Dorothy Clarke Bessie Coleman Zelda Coleman loroine Dagnol Mary Decker Laura Driscoll Ernestine Dublin Olgo Folcetti Roy La Nell Ferguson Martha Ferrell Helen FischI Sara Fleming Mildred Foster Adele Friedlonder Ruth Friedman Ethel Goddis Evelyn Gates Bessie Lee Gibson Ethel Golman Kothryn Goodman Thelma Grant Bessie Jo Hand Helen Hansen Martha High DonL Hollon Lucile Hopper Leolo Houck Ruth Hunter Imo Hurst Virginia Jockson Tommie James Doris Kelley Mory Kennedy Edith Keys Pauline King Louise Longley Violet Ligon Doris Linn Evelyn McCollum Jean McKinney Sibyl Meozell Marie Mankovsky Joleene Margules Katherine Millicon Maxine Moncrief Esther Muir Frances Novin Celio Pickoff Onlda Plttmon Mary Evan Poison Cora Poston Noro Poston George Adeline Price Louise Pulis Nancy Rener Llewllyn Richardson Ruth Richmo n Sorah Rudnick Helen Ruttenberg Sylvia Schneider Mildred Scripture Amolene Sevier Sylvia Shalette Sylvia Silberman Frances Smoll Doris Spicer Lillian Stevens Freido Streicher Doris Strickland Carolyn Stroheker Martha Summer Valloro Tempel Morgle Tydeman Gertrude Utoy Rheldo Jon Walters Valero Wolters Evelyn Wossermon Etto Mae Weatherly Dorothy Weinkranfz Imagene Wheeler Ruby Whitaker Helen Whitefleld Dona Belle Wilson Mary Kathryn Wilson Birdie Wolgong Fronces Woodside Boys Chester Achilles, Jr. David Aronofsky Sam Bornett Horry Brodnox Wilson Conoda Robert Carp Noah Carson, Jr. Edward Carter Jack Coruth Som Clasbey Derwood Cockrell Robert Lee Conner Bert Cook J. J. Crim, Jr. James Danner John De Lee, Jr. Robert Firnberg Cecil Fullen Samuel Gilbert Sammy Gilford Hubert Gillespie Ervin Green Nathan Gruber Moyer Goren John Hicks David Koplon Stanley Kaufmon Williom Kay Jock Kinconnon Paul Lacy, Jr. Billy Latimer Joe Lawrence William McCormack John McKinney Stanley Molowitz John Mossengill Jesse Matthews James Medford Victor Messina Clarence Mims Edwin Morris Austin Mutlenix Lawrence Murdoch Robert Murdoch Lloyd Napier Joseph Pennington John Peters Lowrence Pilkinton Leslie Putmon Preston Roy Walter Recklcy Ivan Saddler Henry Schlinger, Jr. Arthur Seorcy Emonuel Smith Fronk Singer Norman Sommerville Raymond Spross Arthur Stern Arthur Stutts James Sultis Edwin Tobolowsky Stacy Wotelski Ellis Wotkins Billy Wilensky Billy Joe Willson Wayne Woodruff Nathan Wyll JANUARY, 1938 Billie Bonnon Rosa Bornett Dorothy Beach Marguerite Blevins Lois Bourquin Nancy Bragg Noncy Brown Glenelle Burros lolo Colhoun Rosolee Cohn Alice Collins Mory De Wold Mory De Witt OidA. Ai44 4nni lois Duckworth Dorothy Durham Minnie Eaves Gladys Fulghom Helen Goodman Mary Gray Dorothy Grubbs Lennie Hay Morjorie Howell Morgie Huckabee Anna Johnson Mary Keneagh Carol King Emilie Korpionock Dorothy Looney Jessie McMeons Barbara Martens Dorothy Mehlman Ethel Montague Gladys Norfolk Joonno Puckett Chloe Pullen Gladys Robbins Irene Sibert Patsy Smith Erleen Soofer Vierginio Spicer Rosalie Stevenson Elaine Ueckert Pen Wolloce Willie Weaver Mary White Doris Whitson Boys Jomes Adair Thomas Arnold Fred Bone, Jr. Billy Brown Roy Campbell Kenneth Coleman John Conway Randell Denton Donald Dossett Donald Finkelstein Ellsford Floyd W. S. Floyd, Jr. Chester Freeman Earl Ganus Irving Goldgar John Hancock Clarence Johnson Horry Johnson Billy Jones George Jones Wayne Kerley Wayne Lackey Henr Lebowitz Gilbert Le Flore Curtis Matties S. G. Margro Wayne Morris Clayton Nelson Trumon Nolden F. L. Parks George Potts, Jr. Cecil Replin Milton Rubin William Sides Coy Strickland Lonnie StringfeMow Robert Thurmond, Jr. Robert Wyly JUNE. 1938 Jone Abrahamson Betty Barron Peggy Borron Dorothy Basselt Violet Batemon Mary Baumgorfner Lauro Beouchomp Madelyn Bell Helen Bermon Solly Bierner Morjorie Blosser Frances Bledsoe Pauline Boshart Ruby Briggs Georgia Brock Lurlynne Carothers Moudine Catlett Vaudine Catlett Margaret Cherry Bobbie Cleorman Leia Cleveland Stella Coffman Geraldine Coward Ruth Cox Blanche Crook Alsace Crowe Leeta Davis Mary DI Moio Marguerite Duck Evelyn Elam Edna Epstein Clara Erickson Solbo Fain Rosalie FischI Dhol Fletcher Angelyn Fonberg Audrey Fowler Thelma Froumon Ruby Ferguson Nellie Genthner Thelma Glenn Margaret Golden Idelle Goodman Celio Gremm Billie Griffin Norma Guynes Ethel Hall Juanito Harris Patsy Hoynes Elizabeth Hemphill Otha Hendricks Marieanne Hennemuth Ruth Herzstein Dixie Holtmonn Ivy Horton Helen Hoyle Elsie Israel Mary Jefferres Joy Jenkins Josephine Jones Theda Karchmer Celio Kellner Frances Kizer Doris Lasseter Jeanne Leaming Helen lehwald Frances Levine Helen levy Margery Light Doris McLausson Mary McManemin Susie Manion Edith Marcelt Eula Meodor Barbara Miller Mary Moody Gene Moore Lois Moore Grace Noll Annie Odie Joyce Osborne Mildred Owens Brownie Possons Opal Phillips Racheal Phillips Dorothy Poirier Alice Primrose Flora Purser Margie Read Lois Reeder Billie Rogers Freda Rogers Kathryn Rolnick Eorline Rope Bernice Rubin Betty Rubin Florence Sollee Margaret Sondford Willo Shepherd Dorothy Simon Myrtle Solano Hottie Sorenserj Ruth Stoleler Esther Stein Morjorie Swoln Etheelen Taylor Elsie Thorn Marie Toberny Morion Tobias Harriet Tobolowsky Marguerite Valondingham Evalyn Waller Elaine Watel Daisy Weaver Pauline Wild Leoro Willis June Wittkower Betty Wolfe Althea Wright Frances Zimmerman Boys Willis Abies Lawrence Anderson Julius Aronofsky Horace Balthrop, Jr. Alexander Barr William Bonnet Richard Bopp Harold Boyd Ted Bryan, Jr. Horold Butler Glenn Carpenter H. G. Clark, Jr. Martin Closbey Horry Cobbel Steve Culibrk Clarence Eaton, Jr. Bernard Ely Fred Evans Charles Fair Walter Fallin Dewey Fisher, Jr. Herbert Frank Harold Freedman L. A. Giggleman James GofT, Jr. Irving Goldl Barnetf Goodstein Henry Griffis Roland Goss Henry Hall Robert Honey Walter Hordwick, Jr. Robert Hickman Merwin Hoffman Bill Holland Frank Horton Edwin Jacobs Hendrick Jennings Adolph Jez Charles Jones Leon Kahn Jerry Krakoff Simon lacher Bertrand Lee Eugene Levin J. T. Lewellen Gerald Loper Albert Lynn Henry McAdams William McCullough Jack McMeons Warren McSpodden Clifford Marshall Melvin Martens Ervin Mickoelson Walter Moseley Jim Nochols Emanuel Paternostro Peter Potton Wilbert Poyne Sidney Pierce Henry Rabinowitz Cecil Redd Henry Renz Elbert Runnels Weldon Sanders Warren Sears James Shannon Clifford Shaw Horace Simmons Curtis Slocum Henry Stampley Buford Steer Thomas Stockard Jock Stronge William Taylor Jack Taylor Richard Taylor Harvey Thomas Jomes Thrower Dave Tobolowsky Arnold Utay Joseph Vann Howard Wodsworth Howard Walters Horold Walters Cleoburn Weothersby Lawrence Wigbels, Jr. Karl Woelfley Som Strong! JANUARY. 1939 Glorio Aitken Louise Alexander Ruth Ballard Florence Borrow Olene Bighom Celio Ann Brilling Elizabeth Bock Roberta Brown Madeline Burnett Virginia Conaday Bernice Cohn Lois Marie Cope Lois Corbett Irene Dees Bertha Mae Duckworth Blanche Emerson Rose Feldmon Casie Ferguson Irene Grissom Dorothy Hall Bobbie Hamlin Dorothy Haralson Lorene Havins Fannie Howkins Mollie Lobalf-Heine Sara Jim Hilley Agnes Mae Houchins Billie Joy Howard Myrtle Husbands Mary Katherine Jordan Mildred Kellum Florence King Mary Ruth Kissinger Blanche Lamb Florence Lester Sarah LIgenberg Bertie McFoddin Mildred McKinney Virginia McKinney Charlotte McSpodden Morgie McWilliams Lillian Maxwell Mottle Lee Mueller Dorothy O ' Donnel Juanito Oliver Margaret Posche Martha Paroskl Nellie Perkins Moxine Polokoff Lenoro Reeves Chloe Dell Riddle Mory Ann Rips Bertie Fay Rollins Dorothy Runnels Jone Russell Norma Sheppard LoNoro Smith Delma Stephenson Bernice Stevenson Mory Lou Stowe Lorraine Wertz Margie Wetherell Bonnie Worthom Boys William Beville C. L. Bryant Davrd Butcher Eugene Cade John Cook William Counts Ishmall Cawthon Tommy Davis Lewis Ouco Ernest Duckworth Laveenon Foirdoth Boyce Farror, Jr. Vernon Horkness David Goodman Ralph Jackson Lazell Jorvis Douglas Jordan Marvin Knight, Jr. Louis Leon Gerald Loper Bertrond Love Carl McCoy Bornie McKenzie Harris McKnlght Robert McWilliams Jack Michoelson W. A. Moore Dallas Patrick Thomas Rogers Elton Shackman Daniel Spelling John Stokes, Jr. Edward Summerfield, Jr John Summers J. D. Thomas Arthur Tlllery Word Tucker Jomes Wade Selma Wacker Sol Wold David Weber, Jr. Corl Weil Cloud Wilson, Jr. Granville Williams William Wright JUNE, 1939 G tU Ruth Abromson Betty Akord Adelyne Allen Eugenia Balse Helen Bone Murline Bethel Shirley Blosser Fronces Bowlond Mory Briggs Doris Brltt Ramono Britton Katherine Brodnax Dorothy Brown Viola Busby Vivian Cannon Alma Carter Josephine ClesI Morjorie Cole Morjorie Coplen Selma Corchlne Erma Cowond Jessie Cox Margie Dofft Anne DeGelio Margaret Dougherty Ruth Dunbar Mildred Ellis Gwendolyn Edwards Ruth Engelberg Betty Erwin Margaret Epstein Pearl Fogel Mory Foster Beatrice Fox Morjorie Freelond Kotherine Caches Roberto Goff Almo Hammond Martha Horrison Lois Howkins Vivion Henderson Eloise Hernondez Louise Hiegel Dorothy Might Edith House Frances Hunter Mildred Hunter Agnes JefTers Earline Jenkins Margaret Korlen Rose Kaufman Naomi Kellner Lois Kent Elizobeth Lee Ruth Lichenstein Morgoret Lively Ann lloyd Berniece Loper Gene McCullough Foyrene McPhoIl Katherine McQueen Roberto Molone Rose Marcus Josephine Messina Kothryn MIms Movis Mize Anita Moore Mary Moseley Jesse Murphey Billie Newman Dorothy NIcodemus Juanito Nlelson Louise Oliphant Lelio Potrick Ina Patterson Helen Paybe Marcia Roy Olo Roy Orlene Ray Hazel Reckley Selma Reisberg Isabell Rogers Fannie Rosenbloom Inez Rosengarten Norma Ross Flo Rupord Gloria SafFir Mabel Segell Alma Sevier Jerry Sholette Grettle Sneed Charmoyne Smith Eileen Stover Elsie Streicher Lillian Stutis Saroh Tankus Dorothy Taylor Minnie Thorn June Tiner Olga Volcik KImberlien Woggener Ruth Wolker Bernice Walters Anne Welnstein Vivian West Mary White Elizabeth Wisdom Boys Irvin Aschner, Jr. Charles Bailey Irvine Becker, Jr. Louis Benno Bill Bogie Herschel Burns Orion Conont Thomas Carter, Jr. Tommy Clark Joe Collette Durword Combs Samuel Dougherty David DeLaughter Harold Donosky George Dunbar Solon Ellis John Gollogher Tom Gillespie Murvel Glass Frederick Hollock Willis Hoynes Edgar Hlett, Jr. William Holcombe Earl Huddleston Page One Hundred Fifty-four Ou AL UiH U Alfred Jones Gilbert Keeton Samuel King, Jr. Norman Lovine Pete Lazaros WMIiom Lee George Leggett Lester Levy Somuel Levy Sol Levin Sidney Light Herbert Lillebridge, Jr. Robert Lomos Clifford Lyies Robert McCutcheon Hubert McQueen Isadore Monkovsky Alton Melton Robert Menchew William Mercer, Jr. Mike Montgomery Albert Mueller, Jr. Williom Murk Robert Phillips Norman Pribble Alton Ralsto n Trevor Rees-Jones Knox Robbins James Roberts J. B. Robins, Jr. Joke Ruttenberg Andrev Sokelloriou Bob Scott Raymond Scott Carlton Sharp Charles Sherman, Jr. Lawrence Simon Frank Slovak Charles Smith James Stone Orville Taylor Corbie Truman Julius Vita William Whifaker Earl Williams Connette Willis Ira Wright Ted Wrights Morris Wylie J. B. Young Milton Zimmerman JANUARY, 1940 G r s Carolyn Becknell Mary Tom Benson Morgcrette Blair Billie Bromlelt Shirley Brown Alma Broyles Velmo Broyles Frances Burton Morgorette Carson Mary Cossotfa Barbara Clark Madeline Clevinger Ruth Coker Mozelle Cox Nora Mae Cox Kathleen Dcgnal Morion Denney Dorothy Everette Billie Jean Fowler Morgoret Harlan Martha Hobbs Dorothy Johnson Beverly Korchmer Betty King Katherine Kingsley Erneive Kousol Frances Kovnot Imogene Kynord Helen Le Blanc Helen Loyd Lillion McForland Peytono McMeons Glendell Mahoffey Fonnie Roe Massey Marguerite Mayes Mary Ruth Nelson Amy Lee Nutt Kathryn Ransom Ruth Scott Fronces Shcckleford Marilyn Siegel Lillian Smith Mary Nell Stevenson Mary Louise Thurman Bertha Trammell Bernito Walters Helen Wright Mary Jone Wrights Soys L. G. Adams K. W. Allen, Jr. Jomes Bollard, Jr. Walter Bell Oscar Bevill, Jr. Hymie Boronstein Milton Broun Herbert Briggs Earl Burns Wayne Christian James Culwell T. J. Drennan Harold Feder Henry FischI Gordon Fletcher Joe Freeman Joe Golman Horry Grobstold Thomas Hansen James Hayth, Jr. W. A. Hendrix Jack Hilley James Hranicky J. C. Kellum Kid McCoy, Jr. Billy McMonemin Eugene McNeal Emanuel Melaun Benjamin Miltner Russell Morris Paul Nelson Simon Okon Clare Pockwood Eugene Rogsdole Isadore Raskin John Ricker Leo Robbins Marcus Seltzer Edwin Silverman Edward Slackney Jack Smith L. E. Smith Aaron Spelling Tyra Thornell Jock Tobolowsky Simpson Watts Charles West Roy Wharton Alvin Withrow Joseph Zobbio JUNE, 1940 Girls Margie Addington Rosalie Ackerman Doris Anderson Viola Apple Volita Ausborne Saralie Armstrong Inez Bolmos Vera Bosden Katheryn Beosley Dorothy Bodach Kathleen Brian Nino Brown Helen Brown Normo Bryson Lois Burkley Thelma Contrell Pauline Corson Leta Roe Conodo Dorothy Coffman Margaret Cole Daphne Curtis Lucille Cunningham Alberta Danielsen Helen Danner Alma Jean Davis Lorene Davis Shirley Davis Gladys De Lee Florence Ely Freto Ely Goldie Engelberg Elizabeth Emerson Virginia English Bertie Follln Gloria Fisher Noomi Floyd Elizabeth Goddis Llewellyn Gathings Norma Goldstrich Janice Groham Margaret Grandee Mary Groul Florence Groy Betty Green Billie Grigg Catherine GrissofFi Glenzelle Hammond Ellie Homusek Sylvia Harmon Fronces Harrott Evelyn Hawkins Katherine Hedgpeth Louise Hemphill Evelyn Hiegel Sherman Houseman Margaret Howie Janice Kaufman Virgino La Rue Moriline Londsberg Soro Leocadi Doris Lester Helen Littlebridge Joy Lo Caste Doris McCullough Dorothy McDowell Velina McMeans Josephine Macoluso Dorothy Mark Loreina Mayer June Miller Lillie Miller Elaine Morris Elizabeth Mosingo Angela Murphy Adiene Nothanson Nadine Newton Alice Nobles Georgie Owens Ina Jean Patrick Lois Peal Thelma Perew Frances Podhrosky Jeanne Polokoff Catherine Price Mary Ronn Mildred Rephon Juanito Roberts Esther Lee Romotsky Dorothy Sanford Verno Sasse Flora Sotterwhite Emy Lou Shor Charlotte Shook Eloise Simmons Josephine Slackney Mary Sloan Jewel Slocum Marjorie Smith Barbara Sparks June Squires Kothryn Stevenson Judith Stovall Irene Stricklin Frances Strong Naomi Sutton Viola Sylvester Dorothy Therrel Doris Thompson Virginia Thompson Roberta Tibbitts Dorothy Tolley Elaine Trattner Virginia Tresp Annie Turneabe Ruth Tydemon Juanito Ussery Edith Vita Evelyn Voight Gwyndolyn Voirin Dorothy Whitoker Flora White Billie Williams Geraldine WIngo Evelyn Wood Kathryn Wood Jennie Workman Bertha Yonack Boys Leon Ashner, Jr. Richord Barham Paul Benot Richard Biggs Charles Blaho, Jr. Jon Blott Joseph Brand Jock Bronaugh Conrad Brown Lloyd Burkley Gilbert Burns Robert Bush Clyde Caddell Anthony Caronno, Jr. James Cowthon Allen Cherry George Conway Marion Cooper William Cooper William Davis Robert Day Harold Degan Lewis Ely Roger Erlckson Bernard Flonz Wesley Fleming William Fleming Donald R. Fletcher James Frank Joseph Funk Paul Glonville Bill Gillespie Arthur Gilliam Irving Glozer Mervin Goodman Audle Graham Kenneth Grant George Haley J. B. Harris Thomas Hendricks Wesley Hendrix Allen Hernandez Oscar Hook August Howe, Jr. James Ingrom William Johnson Vesta Johnston Price Jones Herman Klor Marvin Kress Herbert Lambert Sidney Lebowitz Joy Leveen Samuel Levine Joe Levy William Lewis Jerry Lipton Robert May Able Miller, Jr. Roy Pate Wesley Phillips J. B. Pirtle Arthur Primrose Jesse Ramsey Herman Raskin John Redd Roy Reddell Phillip Rosenfield James Rushing Robert Scott Hugh Seoy Marvin Sigel James Smith Moshie Smith Eugene Spongier Volney Stonberry R. L. Stephens Walter Stucely Tom Sutton Lee Thornton M. P. Tucker Roy Tuliis Lloyd Tuttle Dewey Vonn Lloyd Vann John Walls, Jr. Loyd Welch William Williams JANUARY, 1941 Gir s Verdi Aken Betty Alger Mary Andrews Jeanette Blend Agnes Bromlett Henrlette Boronstein Wonda Brock Isabella Brooks Moriorie Carroll Lena Cossola Jennie Cobbel Adelaide Cohn Morcio Cooper Verna Crowson Lois Driggers Mario Ducc Morgoret Embry Helen Evans Betty Fink Nonette Gattuso Ruth Gentle Allene Goodmon Florence Goodman Frances Goodman Sylvia Goodman Moribeth Gronthom Ly Dean Gray Marilyn Freeland Ann Harris Betty Harwell Mary Harwell Margaret Hickman Gretchen Holtmonn Clara Bell Horton Esther Howe Ivy Jo Huckobee Doris Jomes Ivo Janner Jane Johnson Fern Jones Norma Kitts Frances Klein Evelyn Kynord Katheryn Longston Morgoret Lemoster Mourlne LIchenstein Lelo Line Fredio Little Thedo Love Kotherine Lucky Helen Martin Ruth McGowon Margaret McWilMoms Selma Michoelson Alberta Minx Wondo Moon Billie Osborne Norma Porker Neto Pilgram Dorothy Roberts Annie Rupe Sarah Schwartz Muriel Sllbermon Morylynne Smith Doris Smith Virginio Stewort Cloro Stillman Ino Moe Stowe Miriam Tobolowsky Rosalie Wodsworth Ellon Walls Jerol Wingote Beuloh White Bessie Whitmore Mildred Whittington Elsie Wright Boys Charles Allen Joe Alonzo Fred Ashner Ralph Bolthrop Jess Borbee W. H. Bolton C. L. Bourquin Edwin Brandt Robert F, Brown Earl Bryon Allen Campbell Raymond Cline Conrad Dean Harold Dunn Clyde Emerson Chorles Fields Julian Goldberg Kenneth Grier Fred Hormer Carter Harrington Jock Harrison George Heorn Bryon Hilderbrond E. R. Hollon John Hranicky Joe Ingram Willie Keeton Walter Krusz Avon Lamb Wilson Landry, Jr. Bernard Levy Jimmie Ludwrck Morton Madons William Malone Bill McNally Fred McQueen, Jr. Marvin Mosesmon Deoryl Pennington Paul Petty Milton Phelps Stanley Raskin Jomes Rodden Harold Rubenstein Norman Rubinett Joe Bob Somford Floyd Scott Simon Selzer, Jr. Andrew Shelton, Jr. Isaac Shields Robert Simon W. G. Singletary Myron Smith Elton Soltes Frank Strickland Billy Tomlin Marvin Utoy Philip Weinkrontz Leo Wimon Charles Yates Henry Zelozny David Zesmer Abrohom Zimmerman ?o G One Hundred Fifty-five 044 AdueAiUe il The publication of the Nineteen Forty-One Forester has been made possible through the cooperation of the following friends. Let us show our apprecia- tion by- patronizing them whenever possible. American Beauty Cover Company American Products Beck ' s Chicken Garden Bell Tailoring Company Ben Morris Jewelry Company Bob ' s Barber Shop Brilling Insurance Brook Mays Piano Comp any Caudle Engraving Company Colonial Cleaners Crabb Service Station Dallas Railway and Terminal Co. Dallas Secretarial Institute Draughon ' s Business College Dunton ' s Cafeteria Dysterbach Company Equitable Life Assurance Company Fashionette Beauty Shoppe Fair ' s Economy Food Store Forest Avenue Barber Shop Franklin ' s Friedman ' s Pharmacy G G Florists Golman Baking Company Gray ' s Jewelry Hall-Gentry Studios Hiegert Florists Hires Root Beer Hirsch, Fred L. Home Furniture Company Hoover Man Jaffe, Morris Kahn, E. M. Lang ' s Florist Leachman ' s Laundry Luby ' s Cafeteria Marshall Plumbing Company Metropolitan Business College Mintz Variety Store Morris Men ' s Wear Morton Milling Company National Jobbing Company Oma ' s Beauty Shoppe Parker, Earl R. Paul ' s Shoes Ray ' s Drug Store Red Goose Store Ring and Brewer, Sports Wear Roeder and Moon Insurance Sack ' s Secretarial School Santa Fe Cafe Schepps-Sablosky Insurance Shuttles, Inc. South Harwood Food Store Southwestern Engraving Company Standard Brands, Inc. Stern, Rob ' t, Insurance Store Without a Name Stubb ' s Sunshine Grocery and Market S. W. Food Store White, Forest, and Dalsec Whittle Music Company Wilkinson Printing Company Winn Pharmacy Zoenell ' s Beauty Shop The Equitable Life Assurance Society OF THE UNITED STATES LLOYD W. KLINGMAN, Agency Manager 910 Tower Petroleum Building Telephone 7-9 68 cy 1 1 forms ofJ£ife Bnsurance Service ' family ffncome Education of Ghildren Mortgage Sledemption Old J ge gncome Compliments of FRANKLIN ' S 1610 Elm Street Phone 7-5378-9 COMPLETE WARDROBE ' ' ' ' From Crib to College Wear ' ' The Largest Selection in Town at Sensational Low Prices INFANTS SIZES: o to 9 Months MISSES SIZES: 10 lo 24 CHILDREN ' S SIZES: 1 to 16 WOMEN ' S SIZES : 38 to 32 La France Flour ' Earieheir By the addition of more than 1.66 mg thiamin chloride (Bi) 6.15 mg nicotinic acid (anti-pellagra vitamins) 6.15 mg iron per pound of flour MORTOiV MILLING CO.. Dallas OVEN FRESH DAILY AT YOUR GROCERS GOLMAN- OAK CLIFF BAKING COMPANY Dallas ' oldest retail store . . Quality Apparel for Men . . Young Men, Boys, and Women POSITIONS High school seniors who are looking for- ward to employment and opportunity as early as possible after Commencement will be inter- ested to know that during 1940 our Employ- ment Department placed 415 young people — most of them 1939 and 1940 High School graduates — in good starting position with Dallas business firms; and had 207 calls that we were unable to fill. A complete record of these calls and place- ments is on file at the College office — the broadest assurance of the opportunities that await your graduation here that it is possible to conceive. Intensive Courses to prepare you for similar opportunities within a few months. Call or phone 7-3133 for complete information. Largest in Dallas — in enrollment and place- ments. Draughon ' s College Commerce and Harwood - - The White -Dalsec and Forest Theatres Extend to the Graduating Classes of May, 1941, and January, 1942, their congratulations and best wishes in starting out on life ' s highway. These neighborhood theatres are sure that these young men and women are well equipped to take their places in the future life of our splendid city. Always remember that these theatres are a part of your neighborhood and are conducted in your interest with clean and wholesome entertainment. Interstate Circuit, Inc. Page One Hundred Fifty-eight Creators of Distinctive Portraiture for over j6 years HALL-GENTRY STUDIOS 1619 ELM STREET PHONE 2-6226 Ojficial School Photographer - - Compliments of RING BREWER M.ilitary and Sports Wear 1803 Elm Street 7-6206 . — DIAMONDS . WATCHES . SILVER . JEWELRY . TROPHIES Compliments of One of the South ' s Finest Jewelers SHUTTLES Forty-five Years in Dallas Second Floor Southland Life Bldg. Next to Baker Hotel Compliments of a FRIEND M N. B. Page One Hundred Fifty-nine Telephone 2-4766 ABE I. DRILLING Insurance OF EVERY DESCRIPTION " Absolutely Personal Service " 1402 Republic Bank Building DALLAS S£CA £rA ? Al SC OOL in connection with Sacks Employees Service Receiie more calls for office help than any school in Texas Suite 818, Santa Fe Building Telephone 2-9288 Compliments of BEN UTAY Firsf Captain Forest Avenue High Football Team, 1917 Ben Morris Jewelry Co. 1924-A Elm Street Phone 2-4902 EARL R. PARKER Attorney at Law Phones Office 7-4692, Residence 6-6615 221 Texas Bank Building Dallas, Texas - - -« - L-L-L Leachmans LAUNDRY LEADS For Over 53 Years 4-2161 Compliments of CRABB ' S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Forest and Holmes LUBY ' S CAFETERIAS No. 1 — 205 Browder No. 2 — 1006 Main Street Home Cooking Popular Prices WHEN LOOKING FOR Furniture SEE Home Furniture Co. 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JAFFE - • - DUNTON ' S CAFETERIA ' Good Food Is Good Health " 2-3023 1609 Elm 1620 Pacific Compliments of RAY ' S DRUG STORE 4301 Colonial Avenue Headquarters for Sctiool Supplies Phone H-1978 Page One Hundred Sixty-fwo k Coinpliineiits of PAUL ' S SHOES, Inc. 1066 ELM DALLAS Compliments of Schepps- Sablosky Insurance Co. yoyiLLiHfyfBSTisoiiy! MASH DRINK STIR.. Take a cold cake of Fleischmann ' s Fresh Yeast and mash it in a dry glass with a fork. Add a little cold tomato juice, water or milk. Stir till blended. Then fill glass. Stir again and . . . your yeast this delicious, easy way . . . first thing in the morning, last thing at night. Get all the benefits of yeast by staying with it! FLEISCHMANN ' S Fresh YEAST DRINK IT ... TO YOUR HEALTH! CoUeCfe " The School uith a Rcpiifafioir ' A Distinguished Dallas institution for more than Half a Century McfTopolifait Gratfitafes Alivays Succeed Come to See Us or Phone Central-8773 for Literature ZOENELL BEAUTY SHOP 2806 Forest Avenue Phone 4-0489 Zola Randolph Licensed Operators HOOVER COLOR CLEANING ENSEMBLES Please Call for Irl Roper " The Hoover Man " Phone Office 5-4183, Residence 4-4201 Covipliiiiciits nf G. G. FLORISTS 3901 Colonial Avenue Phone 4- 747 Compliments of Sunshine Grocery Market 1800 SECOND AVENUE 4-2175 Page One Hundred Sixty-fhree Qongratulations! to the 1941 Graduates of Forest Avenue High School CAUDLE EN©CAVING cJ O STEEL AND COPPERPLATE ENGRAVERS c© e sincerely thank you for the privilege of supply ing the commencement in- vitatio7is and cards for hoth January and JMay Classes of 1941. SManufacturers of WEDDING INVITATIONS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS FINE BUSINESS STATIONERY AND GREETING CARDS VISIT US IN OUR NEW OFFICE AND FACTORY 2107 McKinney Ave. DALLAS Ask About Our Training For Attractive Employment in Business and Government Service DALLAS SECRETARIAL INSTITUTE Free Pldccmciit Sen ice 3 26 Wilson Building Call 7-6773 Com piniiciits The Store Without a Name 906-908 ELM STREET T jc department store that sells for less ... every day in the year We Apprea ' afe the Patronage and Friendship of Our High School Pupils Dallas Railway Terminal Co. Fresh Fragrant Flowers A rtistically A r ranged FOR EVERY OCCASION THAT COST NO MORE is Lang Service THREE STORES TO SERVE YOU R E A L T R E A T F O R Y O U R G U E S T Bn sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past ly years. American Beauty Cover Co. 2002-8 North Field Street ' - he Cover on this ook RiDas Produced in his lant Please Patronize Our Advertisers 6REATER VALUES GRArs DIAMOND SHOP At " diamond oxntx ELM AT HARWOOD EASIER TERMS CO-OPERATION is one of the meaningest words of the EngUsh language. The destiny of nations often is de- termined by the word. It is synonymous with team work. thanks for the splendid cooperation from forest fHigh : yiAH, G (X. tt y n Page One Hundred Sixty-six Congratulations . . . FOREST A ' ENUE HIGH SCHOOL and to Mr. ylie A. Parker and his efficient staff of Teachers, we extend greetings on your 25th AXX1 ERSAR . With your hun- dreds or loyal alumni doing honor to their Alma Mater and by the Texas Flag Day ohser ' ances over the State. Forest Avenue High School has gained a place of high recognition among the schools of Texas. Each year finds an ever greater effort on the part of both the Forester Stan and our organization to keep up the high standard of your annual publication. We appreciate the journey through the years with your publication personnel and high school officials. S0UTHWT:STERX EXGRAMXG COMPAXY of DALLAS J.AMES H- WEBB. Presidenl Producers of Better Annual Publications hL RR ' M. CRE SH. W. lanager. Annual Department DALIJKS. TEXAS Page One Hundred S ' lxiy-seven r ! I f M(i{ .Of 1 ) ■at

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