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TI-IE FCDRESTER :Quo CICIPYRIEI-IT LDLIIEE HEMPHILL BILL MENALLY ED-EDITURE The :Quo ECDRESTER PUBLISHED BY TI-IE STUDENTS or ECDREST AVENUE I-HGH SCHGCDL DALLAS, TEXAS DEDICATION RACHEL FQQTE o DEDICATION To ner towgrd whom we look tor justice, tempered with mercy when the tgult is ours, encourggement in gll our young otmloitions, solgce in word oind deed when We gre trou- bled, gnd the source ot tlngt feeling of order gnd security thott keeps us g hgpgoy school, we dedicgte this, the Forester, to Miss lzlgcliel Foote. FQIQEWQRD This is Forest. . . in word cmd Qoicture ore recorded our ctctivities, from the trivolous to the more serious side. Go with us hctck through the yectr 1939-40. This is Forest dt Work drid ploy . . . This is Forest. CDRDER GF BUCKS WE TAKE CDRDEES WE STUDY WE MARCH WE COMPETE WE ORGANTZE WE PRESENT WE THANK ? 5 aa ff 5 -33 -' Q f 1 1f54y1Q5514 Q, mm 1-.,..,,.,-rw Awm-Q-my A 1 3 5 . r -V2 5 Qi 'Q rfb A J ph. 7 MQAu'M"XA'f'5 " A . Ai. .H ia'-.,g4M,awJ,l A 4 V I .- i 4-,JVAJMH-,lx 111. . . ,AQ l Nh. yt.,,v,.JV..' ,w .. '55 E ' "',f1'11':-W-V'v fi " V V ' 25 L f P ..--' " ' 4ne:M,QI,i.s2f' WE TAKE GRDERS R P I2 I N C I D A L WYLIE A. PARKER, B. A., M. A. Vfhat is Forest? For the key which unlocks the door to all the fine things found in our school we turn to our beloved principal, Mr. Parker. There We find exemplified perfectly all the qualities which make an excellent leader. l-le offers a challenae to each student to overcome obstacles and make his life Worth While. Gur principal has done this by making his habits such as Will serve as an example to his students. Mr. Parker constantly stimulates an enthusiasm for and an interest in healthful sports, Wholesome competition, and hiah aims. By beina one himself, our leader teaches us to be aood sports, and to lose as well as win with the right spirit. His kind, friendly manner toward everyone wins the respect and honor of all who know him. His love for the students, his profound interest and faith in them, provide memories which araduates carry away with them and keep forever. "Now this young man," Miss Rowe is probably saying- and giving her conclusion about the senior, who with hundreds of others is an ob- ject of her constant study. W' e can imagine Mr. Parker add- ing his wise suggestions. ln- coming or outgoing, the stu- dents aiways claim our princi- pal's sympathetic interest. Ev- ery freshman knows this, as well as every senior. What's the matter, Mr. Park- er? lsn't the game going well? Our loyal principal never fails to attend all of the Lions' foot- ball. games. I-le is appropri- ately called the twelfth mem- ber of the football sguad, for he can always be found on the sidelines cheering enthu- siastically for our team. Having checked in at the office, two faculty members pause to chat with Mr. Parker. Something seems to be very amusing, if one can judge by the expression of the teachers. Qur principal greets every member of the student body as well as the faculty with this same genial smile. Page Eleven Page Twelve BOHRD OF EDUCHTION DAVID W. CARTER, IR., M. D ...... President MBs. W'. P. ZUMWALT . . . Vice-President COMMITTEES Finance Gabe P. Allen L. O. Donald Dan D. Rogers Supply Mrs. W. P. Zurnwalt F. D. Danford L. O. Donald Rules Dan D. Rogers Mrs. W. P. Zurnwalt Mrs. T. A. Waqqoner Buildings and Sites L. O. Donald Gabe P. Allen F. D. Danford Lunchrooms Mrs. T. A. Waqqoner Dan D. Rogers Mrs. W. P. Zurnwalt Welfare F. D. Danford Mrs. T. A. Waqqoner Gabe P. Allen N. R. CROZIER L. V. STOCKARD IULIUS DORSEY Superintendent Assistant Superintendent District Superintendent oi Schools of Schools of High Schools l Yi RACHEL FooTE, PH. B., M. A. EDNA Bows, B. A., M. A. EMMA H. BRowN, B. A., M. A. Dean Senior Counsel? Assistant Senior Counsellor MISS FOOTE, our dean, performs well her seemingly impos- sible task of making the students like what is good for them. With consideration and common sense she does her share of making and enforcing the "thou shalt's" and "thou shalt not's" of Forest. Day in and day out throughout the year she can be found faith- fully attending to her many duties in the office. l-fer dignity and willingness to help the students in their difficulties inspires the respect and admiration of all. MISS ROWE is the guiding light of the seniors. She has in- stilled in each one her ideals, and her willingness to help has made her an essential to each senior. This senior counsellor truly personifies patience, and because of her many endearing traits will be remembered always by the graduating classes as their lovable guide. MRS. BROWN. as assistant senior counsellor of Forest, may al- ways be found ready to help the seniors through the trials and tribulations of their last mile. She is also co-sponsor of the senior class, and her opinions and advice have aided the seniors in making their class a successful one. Faithful, ever-dependable, and considerate, Mrs. Brown is an important link in the long chain of senior activities in which she so eagerly assists. Page Thirteen Elizabeth Bagley B. A. 4 Anna C. Bryan B. A., M. A. Tura W. Dial B. A., M. A. Elizabeth Hughes B. A. Ruth Barham B. A. Mary Smith Clark B. A. Annie Gem Felder B. A., M. A. Bertha Jackson B. A., M. A. i l Now, let me see. When was Chaucer born? ENGLISH The English department, the largest in school, con- sists of twelve teachers and fifty-six classes. Three years of English are required for graduation, and those students who plan to attend college must take English for four years. Grammar and literature are alternately taught in the first three years of required study of Eng- lish. ln freshman and sophomore literature courses, the student becomes acquainted with various types of writings and their authors. In English 3, Greek and Roman Mythology are also taught. Our great Ameri- can authors are studied in the first half of the Iunior year. The entire senior year of English is devoted to English Literature. The courses of study offered in English 2, 4, and 6 combine the grammar and composition essential to a knowledge of the fundamental principles of English. Much practical work in letter writing, speech composi- tion, correct pronunciation, and etiquette is included in these courses. Thus the student has an excellent op- portunity to learn the fundamentals of grammar and composition in the English courses. Pal-'l La Bome Addie Mel5On Elizabeth Parker Edna Ro e B.A-. MA. s.A. s.A., MA. B.A Taking a test is a pleasure, Mr. Yates. SOCIAL SCIENCE ln the Social Science Department there are twelve teachers with fifty-two classes. The History classes study about the rise and fall of ancient empires and the development of our nation. A study of ancient history given in History l, 2, 3, and 4, or World History l and 2, and American History in History 7 and 8 fill the re- quirements. The study of the Federal and Texas Consti- tution is taken up in History 7, and all students are required to pass the Constitution Test before gradua- tion. Civics deals With the mechanism of our national government. lts purpose is to help future citizens to understand our plan of government and apply the knowledge they gain to problems of today. Economics and social science are also taught in this department. Under these courses the students find out how the modern World is organized and how it func- tions. These courses strive to develop the personality, citizenship, and social responsibility of the student. Civics, economics, and social science are elective courses and are offered to students who are interested in the Work. H- B- Yates J. T. UsrY Bess Thatcher B.A., M.A. B.S. B.A. R. C. Allison B. S. W. H. Butler B. A., M. A. B. C. Cox B.A. Dorofhy Gerlach B. A. Minnie Brown B. A., M. A. Ruth Christopher B. A., M. A. Mary Drake B. S. . ,,V. a C. V. Goodman s.A., MA. J . fl , - . Z ' . q i - . ' ii. ' d"'-t2Q'5vi? Sara Davidson Octavia Edwards B. A., M. A. French Angie Wynn B, A., M. A. Spanish Mel Mitchell B. A. Art B. A., M. A. Spanish Louranla Miller B. A., M. A. Latin Hel n Blac B.A. li a Louise Wilcox B. A. Music Time out for the art department to paint their own faces. LANGUAGES The aim of the French Department is two-fold: to introduce the student to the French language and cul- ture and to foster a spirit of international understanding. Games, songs, stories, and French newspapers are used in an effort to enliven the learning process. Latin, the mother of most of our modern languages, is a subject which no culture-seeking student should omit from his course of study. The first and second years deal with grammar, English derivatives, simple stories, and the study of Caesar's "Commentaries" In the third and fourth years the orations of Cicero and Virgil's "Aeneid" are studied. The main purpose of the Spanish courses is to stimulate an interest in Spain and Spanish-America, thereby giving pupils an appreciation for other peoples and other cultures as well as an appreciation for their own country and civilization. This appreciation should be a factor in the promotion of World peace. FINE ARTS lt is the desire of those connected with the Art Depart- ment to inspire and develop a spirit of growth and achievement in each individual who studies art. Worthy use of leisure time is learning of prime importance. Pic- tures of old masters and the work of contemporary painters are studied. Visits to the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts are made to learn from world pictures ex- hibited there and to familiarize the students with the work of Dallas artists. ln the Music Department, classes in choral sing- ing, glee club, and choral orchestra offer skill in the mechanics of reading and interpreting music signs: daily rehearsals drill in artistic perforrnanceg and fre- quent public appearances furnish the groups with an audience and much chance for individual initiative in helping design the programs. There is also a class in the Appreciation and History of Music. The Public Speaking Department, directed by Miss l-lelen Black, consists of five classes., The main objec- tives are to develop poise, to become speech con- scious, to acquire an appreciation of the mental, physi- cal, and emotional equipment of a wholesome personal- ity, and to develop a friendly feeling of cooperation with the teacher and fellow students. Let's have no talking in the library, please. LIBRARY ln the library our themes come to life, reference reports are written, and entertaining books are read. An excellent array of fiction, biographies, plays, poetry, and reference books compose the well-planned equip'- ment of the library. Also to be found in the library is a large selection of magazines. This enables students to keep up with world events and to read current litera- ture by well-known writers. Miss Donahue, the Forest librarian, is very popular among the students because of her untiring efforts in always assisting them in any way possible. OFFICE The office is perhaps the busiest room in the building. The absentees are checked and rechecked with the assistance of office helpers. The office is the clearing house for the entire school. Here records are kept, at- tendance is checked, lockers are issued, seniors are counselled, and periods are giveneein fact, the office is the center of the business and activities being carried on throughout the school. Students are given the oppor- tunity to become familiar with office routine by being allowed to assist in the school office. STUDY HALL Almost every pupil looks forward to at least one study hall each dayg some want to use this time to catch up on lost sleep, but others want to take ad- vantage of this period to catch up on lessons. ln all seriousness, however, the study hall is all that could be desired in the way of quiet and peace, an ideal place in which to work so that one can have a full hour to concentrate on his assignments. l Ernnnaline Donahue Library Frances Field B. S. Secretary 2 Mary Frances Oyerbeck Attendance Clerk nnie Blurnenttia Study Halt Searcy Hardy I Study Hall Sarah Hyman Study Hall Ruth Wilson B. A. Study Hall Nannie Andrews B. A. , - gf Emma Brown Loula Elder s.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. C. L. Ford Kate Hassell B.A. B.S. That doesn't look much like a polygon, Mr. Lyons. MATHEMATICS No pupil can graduate Without having taken at least one year of General Mathematics, and for those desir- ing to go to college, three years of mathematics-alge bra l, 2, 3, 4 and geometry l and 24are required. Although mathematics is an ancient subject, it is the basis for many modern occupations, such as engi- neering, accounting, architecture, and banking. In every modern invention mathematics takes an important part. Mathematics serves to create independent think- ing and accuracy in students, trains logical reasoning, and sets forth principles which can be used in everyday life. ln the mathematics department there are thirty-eight classes taught by nine teachers, Whose subjects range from general mathematics to the more complicated course of trigonometry. Other forms of mathematics available are algebra, plane and solid geometry, and advanced arithmetic. These courses deal with a variety of subjects. Trigo- nometry is the study of the functions of triangles, alge- bra is theoretical, geometry takes up the functions of planes and solids, and general mathematics is a simpli- fied combination of all of these. Lavinia Rawlins L, E. Rosser Alva P. Shepard F- E' LYON a.A., MA.. B.A. 5.5. B' S' Latin History l believe it's two tablespoons of flour. HOME ECONOMICS Students engaged in the study of home economics receive a valuable background which can be further developed in college or in the home. The students are given information and directions in detail on the two main divisions of the subject, which are foods and clothing. ln the foods department students learn the value of dietetics and the relationship of food to hygiene. Girls enrolled in the clothing department of this course are trained to make clothes suitable to their individual style and personality. Clothing also includes the study of fabrics, colors, and patterns. SCIENCE An elective course of Chemistry is offered to students who care to advance their knowledge of science. Every new study and experiment performed leads to the attainment of the goal of this coursefto make chemistry practical and practicable. The one year course of Biology offers a foundation for later biological research. lt is a study of plant and animal life which helps students in observation of this type. ln Physics, students gain an understanding of the science of common things. They are taught to try to understand the phenomena of our environment. All students are required to take one year of Chern- istry, Biology, or Physics. ln addition General Science is offered to freshmen and sophmores. General Science does not meet the science requirement, but is counted in the major and minor sequences. Frances Beilltarz Home Econorrfcs Willie May Berry B. S. Home Econon ics A1..0..,e.,, Mazen., sr., Pearle Matthews B. A., M. A. Home Economics Alice Harrington B. A., M. A. Horne Economics Mabel Whittington B. S. Home Economics . l Gray Moore J. B. White J. Alan Boulton Junia E. McAlister B. A. 5. S., M. A. B. s., s.A., M. A. B. S., M. s. Science Solen? Science Science fx ' ali M Margaret Brewer B. A., M. A. Commercial Arithmetic Virginia Hurst B. A. Typewritlng, Shorthand C. T. McCormack Accounting Not in Pictures S. N. Baker B.A. Shorthand Eloise Durham B. A., M. A. Journalism, English D. T. Griffith B. S. Mechanical Drawing A"-is ' 5 .1 A 4 3 W. H. Keel'ng I B. S. Mechanical Draw- ing, Mathematics Julia Pritchett B. A. Typewriting "Flash-bulb" Flanz interrupts a speed testg the class thought it was lightning. COMMERCIAL The commercial subjects taught at Forest Avenue High School offer much practical value to the student. Those available are typewriting, in which students learn and apply the fundamental or basic rules of typingp shorthand, which gives valuable background for stenographic work in the business Worldg bookkeep- ing, which teaches pupils to do work of a clerical naturep commercial arithmetic, the rapid solving of business arithmeticg and mechanical drawing, the uni- versal graphical language of industry. To help students to see the importance and usefulness of accurately applied commercial work, to teach them to fulfill this need, and to help them develop habits of neatness, accuracy, and perseverance in the performance of tasks, are the purposes planned and carried out in these courses. IOURNALISM Iournalism, as it is taught at Forest, has the two-fold aim of teaching news appreciation and news writing to the pupils who take the course, and of keeping pupils throughout the school in close touch with school activi- ties and interests. ln the Forest Echo, the Iournalism students strive for the same high principles which characterize any good city newspaper: those of truthfulness, independence, constructiveness, moderation, and service to its "pub- lic." The work of the lournalism classes is similar to that of men on any community newspaper. Students develop their "nose for news" by scouting for the un- usual, write their editorials, meet their deadlines with their copy, count their heads by schedule, edit their work, proof read the galleys, and when the paper has been printed, turn themselves into a swift-working cir- culation department to sell the papers. Wheel She is out! MILITARY Military training is given to boys who wish -to further their knowledge of military science. lt is not a com- pulsory subject, but there have been over three hun- dred and fifty boys enrolled this year. After a student finishes military, he is well disciplined, able to carry himself erect, and is able to take orders from his superiors. Camp Dallas is offered to cadets who are interested in obtaining a more thorough knowledge of military. PHYSICAL EDUCATION The Physical Education Department is divided into two courses, one for girls and one for boys. A course of varied activities is offered in the girls gymnasium classes. As freshmen and sophmores, the girls have a chance to learn many dances, such as tap, soft shoe, folk, and national. The girls are also taught marching, which not only helps them to have better posture, but teaches them the fundamentals of order tactics and figure marching. Games, both organ- ized and mass, are a part of their activities. After becoming an upper classman, the girls play basket ball, volley ball, tennis, and badminton. ln the spring, when the weather is warm, the girls go outside and play baseball. All girls are required to take either activity or a rest according to health conditions, the entire four years that they are in high school. The gymnasium period is one of the most enjoyable parts of a school day. The boys physical education department participates in all kinds of sports: football, baseball, basket ball, volley ball, and tennis. A ... I x Q U' William Herzog Band S. S. Hutchinson B. S., M. A. Boys Physical Education R. L. Coleman Military Percie Holden Pianist Lociile Segrist B. A., M. A. Girls Physical Education gmt VJ ,ga-in. 4 V. f.,. V V 1. ,rf .. ""' Win. if ww,-..,,. ' - ..,,. , ,VVS V , .g ' sf J' ,FFQ ,,. 49" ' --M I... ' ' .' ,. ,Va-...K .ff QV-. wr- V.-Vqv.. ' Q, Ff"Sa ' :.. 1 ,, V 'F' V' L Inf. J' ,x V I rw Q 1 5 I 2 . 3 'I V. ,r A 4- if I. it iz V. 1 1 1 2 2 ' 27"-'ffiwilk I: 5 .' "g'.':1f'ivfVVg.N'-if .V jw jVV4..f,V5 'VV -V, 4513! 5 2 -134 pw- +5 5. 'A' ."'f:iV. -. 53. H-V -1 1 V- VQQVVVVWJ, H .3 'Sigf--'f1'5ZfA2, f F 53 .QI L f' A l 5 I 1,4 xiii: 1:3 ,ff 4 1 VV' ni, Miy- aw L A, Arm I . '43 'x ",f V, f .N iggij V A 'V . V .V 1154 VI: v M Vu! X54 wr t Aga- :"?',Vfl .a x-ln V' , if V 11 7 I, .P 3' H iff . ' , 4 25.1.9 .ig pf fiiijlv. ' ,V ' ,eq . -5 'K r 1 uh V M Ing. 4 1 20 . If 1 g U, V 1.3!-:"LV xg gk 3 RM 4 'ii' . Y VV Q if ' .1 431 L74 . '3 Q 1 in 'K 'lu' y 19' 'hL',V'5f.3 sg Vkffi 0514? 32 V: ' JH? 4 ,K 'fs . , -1 ' 2 XV? Zh gi If av 7 L, f ",Vf,,'l r v ,. . Lf Q.. If J Y' r i C Ne' ' y A vb F' , .J Q 1? X! '- 53 .... 1 ,V . N, A ,iff A -. '-M 1. wa .1 ,4' ' f ,..,.'K"' "'--IJ'-fy-'ii ' . . xmx XV VV,-' . -' V PV Q ,VV .Vg 45- V 'Q ' 1"-1 .91 f - -- ,. 1?'T3zisi3r I 7' 5 I J' -:gy SV, ,Lyn 1f"4,f, 2 if . V. X . . -. . .., V4 VVV-if-5 4. Vqjl ,rg V t I 1 1.-' .4 5 if, ' nw 2 J'..-:iff -5-1 -i . . 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LETA RAY CANADA Secretary . . . . GERALDINE WINGO SPRING President . . . . . . . ROY PATE Vice-President . . . GLADYS DE LEE Secretary .... . .IQY Lo CASTE ,157 fu ff, I January, ,451 Class President . . Viceflpresident Secretary . . President . . Viceflpresident Secretary . . O F F I C E R S Miss LAVINIA RAWLINS Sponsor FALL 0? SPRING 'HARLES YATES LENA CASSATA . WANDA BROCK FRED MCQUEEN CHARLES YATES RUTH MCGOWAN l f pz 5 H r .mf N, HT!! Q 9 im 'ff MCQUEEN YATES R --SM MCGOWAN RAWLINS t V IUNE. '40 CLASS l , ROSALIE ACKERMAN Girls Public Speaking Club, Sergeant-at Arms '38, Treasurer '39, Secretary '40, Vice- President '40, Forest Forum, Linz Award '39. 1 DORIS MAE ANDERSON "4 Forest rgirumg' Parliamentarian , '39, Treas- D ,urer '40, Girl Reserves, High Scholarship Club, Favorite Subject, Shorthand. l ' ll slr:-f" ' ' SARALIE ARMSTRONG l Girl Reserves, Treasurer '38, Library As- t sistant '38, '39, '40, Linz Award '38, Pep 3 Squad '37, Operetta '38, Chorus 1 '36, '37, '38. l t VOLITA AUSBORNE High Scholarship Club, Linz Award '33, Office Assistant '37, '38, '39, Guard '39, Student Council '39, ruwfw' if RICHARD BARHAM R. O. T. C., Lieutenant-Colonel '39, Crack Company '37, '38, '39, Camp Dallas '38, '39, Efficiency Award '38, Senior Hi-Y, President '39, Aelta Historical Society, Latin Tournament '33. t h ,Mx KATHERYN BEASLEY 25-50 Club, Parliarnentarian '39 '40- unior . , f Red Cross, Favorite Subject, Public Speak- ing, Ambition, Stenographer. Page Twenty-six .- .S qi, QW MARGIE ADDINGTON Pan American Student Forurn, Treasurer '37, Secretary '39, Vice-President '40, High Scholarship Club, National Honor So- ciety, Iunior Red Cross Club, Student Coun- cil '38, '39, Library Assistant '37, '38, Linz Awards '37, '38, '39, Forester '40. VIOLA GRACE APPLE Girls Public Speaking Club, Play '40, Am- bition, Reporter, Hobby, Dancing, Favorite Subject, Journalism. LEON ASHNER Favorite Subject, Architecture, Hobby, Au- tomobiles, Ambition, Architect, Favorite Sport, Baseball. INEZ BALMAS F F Jflflf h '40, Linz Award '39, .V ' ite S , nject, Typewriting. - ' x VERA DEAN BASDEN At Sunset: All-Ci Chorus '36, Aviation Club, Secretary ' - Lettered in Baseball, Posture, V le all, Tennis '38, '39, l-B . '36, Secretary. RICHARD BIGGS Hi-Y, Vice-President '39, '40, Aelta Histori- cal Society, Student Council '39, '40, 25-50 Club, Echo, Business Manager '40, Crack Company '36, '37, R. O. T. C., Sergeant '38. HELEN DANNER Student Council '40, Linz Award '38, Libra- ry Assistant '37, '38, '39, Chorus '36, '37, '38, Operetta '38. jf I VI Girls Pu Speak' g Cliib, Favorite Sub- ject, English, Ambition, Musician, Hobby, Collecting Unusual Pins. ROBERT DAY Baseball, '39, Favorite Sport, Football, Favorite Subject, Public Speaking, Hobby, Clarinet Playing. Oufwf , Q' FLORE ELY Girls Public Speaking Club, Vice-President '38, '39, Treasurer '38, President '39, Par- liarnentarian '39, High Scholarship Club, Vice-President '39, Student Council '38, '39, Forester '39, '40, Debate Team, Linz Award '37, '38, '39, Declamation Contest '39, '40. LEWIS ELY Favorite Subject, Mathematics, Hobby, Stamp Collecting, Favorite Sport, Baseball, Ambition, Civil Engineer. GOLDIE ENGELBERG Girls Public Speaking Club, Secretary '40, High Scholarship Club, Forester '40, Linz Award '37 '38, '39. IUNE, '40 CLASS LOREN E DAVIS Forester '40, Girl Reserves, Reporter '40, At Durant, Oklahoma: Latin Club, Glee Club, Pep Squad, At Muskogee, Okla- homa: Office Assistant '38, Library Assistant '38, Latin Club, Presi- dent '38, Eagle '38. WILLIAM PIERCE DAVIS Aelta Historical Society, Sergeant-at-Arms '38, Treasurer '39, Track Team '39, Crack Company '39, R. O. T. C., Second Lieuten- ant '40, Band '37, '38, '39, '40, Orchestra '38, '39, '40, Echo '39, '40. GLADYS DE LEE Aelta Historical Society, Office Assistant '37, '38, '39, '40, IV-B Class '39, Treasurer, IV-A Class '40, Vice-President. jot J FRET1-I Girls Public Speaking Club, Girl Reserves, Linz Award '38, Favorite Subject, Public Speaking. ELIZABETH EMERSON Forest Forum, Parliamentarian '40: Girl Re- serves, Favorite Subject, Public Speaking, Hobby, Clothes. .l ,. ' 1 ' J I-ix l 'i. VIRGINIA ENGLISH Chorus, Operetta '36, Favorite Subject, Pub- lic Speaking, Hobby, Collecting Perfume Bottles, Ambition, Stenographer. Page Twenty-nine ROGER ERICKSON R. O. T. C., Captain, Private's Efficiency '37, Corporal's Efficiency '38, Crack Com- pany '37, '38 '39, Rifle Team '40, Camp Dallas Golf Medalist '39, Sharpshooter, Marksman '38, '39, Standard Debating So- ciety, Treasurer '37, '39, Pan American Stu- dent Forum, President '39, Aelta Historical Society, Stamp Club, President '37, Golf Team '36, '37, Student Council '39. Echo, Feature Editor '40, Hobb , nci , Favorite Subject, Iournali , ' cn, roi iessional Da r. W GLORIA FISHER HOLLAND FLEMING Favorite Subject, History, Ambition, Execu- tive, Favorite Sport, Baseball, Boys Glee Club '38, '39, NAOMI FLOYD Pep Squad '37, Favorite Subject, Salesman- ship, Hobby, Ernbroidering, Ambition, Nurse. Iosspn FUNK Standard Debating Society, High Scholar- ship Club, Treasurer '38, Sergeant-at-Arms '39, Tennis Team '39, '40, Orchestra '37, Linz Award '38, '39, '40. LLEWELLYN GATHINGS 25 50 Club, Favorite Subject, Public S eak- - P ing, Favorite Sport, Basketball, Hobby, Skating. Page Tbirly IUNE. '40 CLASS ,,,,,,,.. ,,,--- 4 ...A I BERTIE IEAN FALLIN Auditores Csesaris, Girls Public Speaking Club, Ambition, Air Hostess, Hobby, Music. 1 l X 4 ,lk BERNARD FLANZ ff 'VV-1.1441 t ' ' """7 I-A Class '36, Sergeant-at-Arms, High Scholarship Club, Serqeangat-Arms '37, '38, HI-B Class '38, President, Standard De- bating Society, President '38, Vice-President '38, Sergeant-at-Arms '37, Linz Award '37, '38, Forester '39, '40, IV-A Class '40, Parliamentarian. HOLLIS FLEMING Favorite Subject, Accounting, Ambition, Musician, Favorite Sport, Baseball, Boys Glee Club '38, '39. JAMES FRANK R. O. T. C., Sergeant '37, '38, '39, Captain '40, Riile Team '37, '38, '39, '40, Favor- ite Subject, Military. ELIZABETH GADDIS Favorite Subject, Salesmanship, Hobby, Collecting Spoons, Ambition, Secretary, Fa- vorite Sport, Tennis. ROYAI. GILLIAM Hobby, Model Airplanes, Favorite Subject, Physics, Favorite Sport, Hunting, Ambition, Aeronautical Engineer. If r . t 1 , it ff' 4 'L6Mf!fJN""' JV! PAUL GLANVILLE. JR. Pan American Student Forum, Treasurer '38, Vice-President '39, President '40, Aelta Historical Society, President '39, Parliamen- tarian '40, Efficiency Award '40, High Scholarship Club, Stamp Club, Vice-Presi- dent '37, National Honor Society, R, O. T. C., Staff Sergeant '40, Lunchroom Guard '38, '37, Crack Company '39, Linz Award '37, '38, '39, Forester '40. MERVIN GOODMAN Standard Debating Society, Linz Award '37, '38, '39, Favorite Sport, Football, Favorite Subject, Physics. IANICE GRAHAM Library Assistant '39, Favorite Subject, Shorthand, Favorite Sport, Swimming, Hobby, Corresponding. KENNETH GRANT Echo, Editor '40, Senior Hi-Y, Favorite Sub- ject, journalism, Favorite Sport, Baseball. FLORENCE GRAY Echo '39, '40, Favorite Subject, journalism, Hobby, Making Friends, Favorite Sport, Football. BILLIE WAN DA GRIGG Girl Scouts, Vice-President '39, Favorite Subject, Typing, Hobby, Reading, Favor- ite Sport, Skating. IRVING GLAZIER junior Hi-Y, Band '37, '38, '39, '40, R. O. T C., Sergeant '39, '40, Favorite Subject, Military. ,J , f MAUDIE H. GRAHAM Linz Award '39, Linz Bible Award '39, Fa- vorite Subject, Accounting, Favorite Sport, Baseball. MARGARET GRANDEE Iunior Red Cross, Favorite Subject, English, Hobby, Singing, Favorite Sport, Skating. 'VU-Qf'fw4 MAmt'cAmEmNz GRAUL junior Red Cross, Chorus '36, '37, '38, Fa- vorite Sport, Swimming, Favorite Subject, Biology. BETTY GREEN High Scholarship Club, French Club, Ser- geant-at-Arms '38, '39, Vice-President '39, President '40, Linz Award '37, '38, '39. CATHERINE GRISSAI-'FI Echo, Associate Editor '40, Banking, Book- keeper '37, '38, Linz Award '37, '38, Audi- tores Caesaris, Forest Forum, High Schol- arship Club, Otfice Assistant '36, Girl Reserves. Page Thirty-one .Rt mV 1 K 1 1 X 1' f U GEORGE HALEY Aelta Historical Society, Track '39, '40, Hobby, Architecture, Boys Chorus '37. ELLIE HAMUSEK Forest Forum, Aelta Historical Society- Favorite Subject, Home Economics, Hobby, Reading. t I. B. HARRIS Ambition, Musician, Favorite Sport, Base- ball, Crack Company '38, Echo, Sports Editor '40. EVELYN HAWKINS junior Historical Association, Aelta His toricai Society, Secretary '39, Forest Forum, President '40, Favorite Subject, Texas History. LOUISE HEMPHILL Girls Public Speaking Club, Sergeant-at Arms '36, '37, '39, Play '37, '38, Vice-Presi dent '39, President '40, Girl Reserves, Coun- cil Representative '36, '38, Vice-President '38, President '39, Secretary lnter-Club Council '39, High Scholarship Club, Parlia- mentarian '40, Student Council Representa- tive '40, National Honor Society, Linz Award '37, '38, '39, Student Council, Secre- tary '39, Advisory Board '40, Latin Tourna- ment '37, '39, Oitice Assistant '37, Fresh- man Football Queen '36, Fun Frolic Queen Attendant '39, l-B Class '36, Secretary, lll-A Class '39, President, Forester '39, '40, Most Beautiful Senior Girl. EVELYN HIEGEL High Scholarship Club, Vice-President '38, Aelta Historical Society, Vice-President '39, '40, Student Council '39, President '40, ll-A Class '38, Vice President, Linz Award '37, '38, '39, National Honor Society, Girl Re- serves, Office Assistant '39, Library Assist- ant '38, Best All-Round Senior Girl. Page Thirty-two IUNE, '40 CLASS r . 'tt L y 3 ..., ,cg rf 'tt t' cs .,--f"'5" -ff 1, M .-.!i' 5 qs ,,., - Q' Xif GLENZELLE HAMMOND High Scholarship Club, Linz Award '36, '38, Office Assistant '39, Guard '36, '37, '38, '39, DE LEON HARMAN Favorite Subject, English, Hobby, Reading, Ambition, Housewife, Favorite Sport, Skating. FRANCES HARROTT Favorite Subject, Public Speaking, Favorite Sport, Skating, Ambition, Dress Designer, Hobby, Collecting Candy-wrappers. KATHERINE HEDGPETH Library Assistant '38, '39, Linz Award '38, '39, Favorite Subject, Shorthand, Hobby, Reading. THOMAS I-IENDRICKS Echo, Business Manager '40, Hobby, Danc- ing, Favorite Sport, Basketball, Ambition, journalist. 'Q' OSCAR Hook Hi-Y, High Scholarship Club: National Honor Society, President '40, Football '36, '37, '38, '39, Track '38, '39, '40, Linz Award '39, Forester '39, '40, Student Council '39, '40, We Wfffw MARGAR MAY HOWIE Auditores Caesaris, Aelta Historical So- ciety, Allied Arts Club, Ambition, Nurse. BUFORD IN GRAM Favorite Subject, History, Favorite Sport, Swimming, Hobby, Football, Ambition, Lawyer. fir we Awww .eww RAYMOND IOHNSON Hobby, Model Airplanes, Favorite Subject, Spanish, Favorite Sport, Football, Ambi- tion, Army Aviator. PRICE IONES R. O. T. C. Corporal '39, Sergeant '40, Crack Company '39, Most Efficient Corporal '39. 1 HERMAN KLAR Ma. o. T. C., Lieutenant Colonel '40, Rifle lTeam '38, '39, '40, Crack Company '37, '38, '39, '40, Camp Dallas '35, '38, '37, '38, '39, Efficiency Medal, Corporal '39, Expert Sharpshooter '39, I-A Class '36, President, ll-B Class '37, Sergeanteat-Arms, lll-B Class '38, Parliamentarian, Auditores Caesaris, Vice-President '38, Standard Debating Society. MARILINE LANDSBERG Girls Public Speaking Club, Sergeant-at Arms '37, Treasurer '38, Vice-President '39, Student Council '39, '40, lll-A Class '39, Secretary, Library Assistant '37, '38, '39, Forest Forum, Linz Award '38, '39. Os wt '. , LMA Wvlfffflf' UNE. '4 0 CLASS yyp'lfjjN,f AN HOUSEMAN Girl Public Speaking Club, Forest Forum, Gi Scouts, Secretary '40, Student Council, Typist '40. IUNE IOHNSON Pep Squad '37, '38, '39, Favorite Subject, English, Chorus '36, Ambition, Nurse. U. V. IOHNSTON High Scholarship Club, Aelta Historical So- ciety, Forester '38, '39, '40, Linz Award '38, '39, Hi-Y Club. . I 1 my .BJ V6f9S,.d ff -J" L! V,A.c.-me , , , ,, . f.g,4,f'rkN1cE KAUFMAN Girl Preserves, Student Council Representa- tive '39, '40, Parliagientarian '40, Reporter '38, ,Sec etary '38, Gir,lsJPublic Speaking Club, S geanteat-k'p'15"'37, Parliamentarian '40, ,Se ""39, V' e-Pres' ent '39, Presi- dent ' , Le Cerc Franc , Parliamegjql, ria '40, Fore orum, "eQEmsiZ!6iT '39, -B Clas '39f--Pa entarian, Linz Award ' , '38, '40 National Honor Society, . cho '40. ARVI K St ard Debatin Society, Sergeant-at- Arms '39, Vice-P sident '39,, Orchestra, Band, All- ' d '39, Su ply Sergeant '39, Student , History Club, Cam alas '37, 39, arksman- ship Medol '37, D a ' Festival '39, Forester '40, VIRGINIA LA RUE Allied Arts Club, Vice-President '40, Favor- ite Subject, Art, Ambition, Artist, Hobby, Sketching. Page Thirty-three SIDNEY LEBOWITZ Favorite Subject, Accounting, Hobby, Stamp Collecting, Ambition, Accountant, Favorite Sport, Football. DORIS LESTER Favorite Subject, Public Speaking, Favorite Sport, Dancing, Hobby, Reading, Ambition, Salesman. l . s SAMUEL , , Standard Debating Society, Sergeant-at- Arms '40, Pan American Student Forum, Parliamentarian '40, Texas History Club, President '40, Creative Writers Club, Sergeant-at-Arms '37. gb ' l . jr C' Zia! 4 1 FRANK LEWIS Football '38, '39, Track '38, '39, '40, Hobby, Radio, Ambition, Architectural Drafting. IERRY LIPTON Student Council '38, '40, Pan American Stu- dent Forum, Sergeant-at-Arms '37, Vice- President '38, President '39, R. O. T. C., Captain, Crack Company '37, '38, '39, Private's Efficiency '38. DOROTHY MARK Girls Public Speaking Club, Reporter '39, Play '38: Girl Reserves, Council Represene tative '38, Vice-President '39, Treasurer '40, Efficiency Award '39, Linz Award '37, '38 '39: Forester '40. Page Thirty-four JUNE. '40 CLASS .f' -7, ll , 1' . , X V, to E SARA MARIE LEOCADI High Scholarship Club, Student Council '40, Echo, Assistant Editor '40, Library As- sistant '39, Linz Award '39, IAY LEVEEN ll-B Class '38, Sergeantvat-Arms, Ill-B Class '39, Treasurer, Standard Debating Society, Sergeant-at-Arms '39, Hobby, Dancing. IOE LEVY Favorite Subject, History, Favorite Sport, Baseball, Hobby, Stamp Collecting, Ambi- tion, Civil Engineer. .lets A , .M-U will to , .-' .1 4 ' ' -" 3 Sr-. s N .' x HELEN LOUISE LILLEBRIDGE Auditores Caesaris, Linz Award '37, Libra- ry Assistant '39, '40, Favorite Subject, English. IOY' LO CASTE Girl Reserves, IV-A Class '40, Secretary, Echo, Associate Editor '39, Forester '39, '40. v LORENIA MAYER Linz Awar '37, Student Council '37, For- ester '40, Favorite Subject, English. IUNE '40 CLASS ,IWW ' ABLE EDWARD MILLER. IR. R. O. T. C., Second Lieutenant '40, Camp Dallas '37, '38, Rifle Marlcsman, Band '37, '38, '39, '4O. !I1.x ,F , If --. JUNE MILLER, bv , ,V . Favorite Subject, History, Hobby, Dancing, Ambition, Singer, Favorite Sport, Tennis. ANGELA MURPHY Favorite Subject, lournalism, Hobby, Danc- ing, Ambition, Private Secretary, Favorite Sport, Baseball. VELINA MCMEANS Linz Award '38, High Scholarship Club, Hobby, Collecting Dogs, Ambition, Veterinarian. L NE NAT ANSON ' , ' , '4 Office Assistant '37, 38, '3 , T is am '39, High Schol- arship Cl b, irl eserves, Parliamentar- ian '39, G1 Page Speaking Club, Treas- urer '39, President '39, Parliamentarian '40, Student Co '1cil, Parliarnentarian '40, HIB Class '38, Vice-President, Ill-A Class '39, Treasurer, lV-A Class '40, Treasurer, Na- tiona Honor Society, Treasurer '40, Forest Forum. ALICE MAE NOBLES Favorite Subject, Mathematics, Hobby, Beading, Favorite Sport, Dancing, Ambi- tion, Singer. IUANITA MILLER Aelta Historical Society, Echo, Associate Editor '40, Ambition, Model, Favorite Sport, Tennis. ELAINE MORRIS Library Assistant '39, Favorite Subject, Shorthand, Favorite Sport, Tennis, Ambi- tion, Stenographer. DOROTHY McDOWELL lunior Red Cross, Ambition, Stenographer, Favorite Subject, Texas History, Hobby, Reading. ELIZABETH MOZINGO Favorite Subject, Mathematics, Hobby, Dancing, Ambition, School Teacher, Favorite Sport, Football. NADINE NEWTON Aelta Historical Society, Girl Reserves, Vice-President '40, Student Council Advis- ory Board '39, '40, Forester '40. AX ROY PATE' Qu Q ,X . Nationl Honor Society, Aelta Historical Society, Banking '38, '39, '40, l-A Class '37, President, lll-A Class '39,Sergeant-at-Arms, IV-B Class '39, President, IV-A Class '40, President, High Scholarship Club, Sergeant- at-Arms '38, Linz Award '37, '38, '39, R. O. T. C., Sergeant '39, '40, Crack Company '38, '39, Page Thirly-five INA IEAN PATRICK Favorite Subject, Latin, Hobby, Music, Am- bition, Music Teacher, Favorite Sport, Tennis. .'!,r4' 1' f' '7 THELMA PEREW Pep Squad '37, Favorite Subject, Short- hand, Hobby, Collecting Songs, Ambition, Stenographer. . rl ,ff w EY P1-11 rigs Q ' Stan d De aing So y, Assi nt Sec- 'ret y '3 ,- ecret '38, T 'su r '39, fpreside 40,-. ta Histo cal ociety, President of ' h sch 1 hip Club, ser- ' eant-at-A s '3 Natip a Honor Society, f Senior Hi-Y. ,YM 0 MANCES PODHRASKY junior Red Cross, Sergeant-at-Arms '40, Hobby, Sewing, Ambition, Secretary, Fav- orite Sport, Swimming. CATHERINE PRICE Girl Reserves, Forest Forum, Forester '40, Ambition, Dancer. IESSE RAMSEY Favorite Subject, History, Hobby, Miniature Golf, Ambition, Radio Technician, Favorite Sport. Swiming. Page Tbirty-sir IUNE. '40 CLASS LOIS MARIE PEAL Girl Reserves, Girls Chorus '36, '37, '38 Favorite Subject, journalism, l-lobby, Dancing. BILL PHELPS Track '38, Football '38, '39, Favorite Sub- ject, Mechanical Drawing, Hobby, Radios I. B. PIRTLE Echo, Sports Editor '39, Student Council, Sergeant-at-Arms '39, Football '38, Ambition, Lawyer. IEANNE DOROTHY POLAKOFF Girls Public Speaking Club, Treasurer '40, Le Cercle Francais, Sergeant-at-Arms '39, Echo, Editor '40, Linz Award '39, Student Council '38, '40. ARTHUR PRIMROSE R. O. T. C., First Lieutenant, Crack Com' pany '37, '38, '39, Football '37, '38, '39, Basketball '38, '39, '40, Track '39, '40. LMZZZQZH gARjEHANCES RA N Girl Reserves, Forest Forum, Echo, Asso- ciate Editor '40, Hobby, Dancing. TUNE, '40 CLASS HERMAN RASKIN Glee Club '36, Football '38, Track '39, Favorite Subject, Spanish. ROY EARL REDDELL Student Council '39, Ftadio Club, Echo, Edi- tor 39, '40, Glee Club '36, '37. lfowqyiddwz - IUANITA ROBERTS Pep Squad '39, Favorite Subject, Short- hand, Ambition, Secretary, Favorite Sport, Bicycle Riding. WSW PHILLIP ROSENFIELD Standard Debating Society, Echo '39, '40, Favorite Subject, Mathematics, Hobby, Sports. DOROTHY SANFORD Pep Squad '37, '38, Favorite Subject, Pub lic Speaking, Hobby, Dancing, Ambition, Secretary. ROBERT SCOTT Favorite Subject, Physics, Favorite Sport, Football, Hobby, Hunting, Ambition, Aviator. IOHNN Y REDD Football '37, Track '37, '38, '39, '40, Senior Hi-Y, Hobby, Sports. MILDRED REPHAN Iunior Red Cross, Pep Squad '37, Favorite Subject, Typing, Hobby, Reading. ESTHER LEE ROMOTSKY Girl Reserves, Secretary '39, Girls Public Speaking Club, Aelta Historical Society, Echo, Assistant Editor '40. iiI'xtk'f" jjj' I J' ' f' f A C Ill! - f lx X I. ' Imvnzs nusi-rms junior Hi-Y, President '36, '37, Football '38, '39, Ambition, To Attend College, Hobby, Dancing. ALMA IEAN SAUCIER Favorite Subject, Public Speaking, Hobby, Collecting Match Folders, Ambition, Nurse, Favorite Sport, Skating. HUGH SEAY Favorite Subject, lournalism, Ambition, Re- porter, Hobby, Miniature Golf, Favorite Sport, Baseball. Page Thirty-Seven 7 x ll-B Class '37, President, Favorite Subject, CHARLOTTE SHOOK Economics, Hobby, Collecting Pictures, Favorite Sport, Tennis. ELOISE SIMMONS Aelta Historical Society, Treasurer '40, 25- 50 Club, Echo, Feature Editor '40: Hobby, Dancing. Sbrwif' IOLA SLOAN Aelta Historical Society, Echo '39, '40, Ambition, Writer, Hobby, Reading. IACK SMITH Standard Debating Society, Secretary '40: Aelta Historical Society, Sergeant-at-Arms '39, All-City Band '37, '38, R. O. T. C., Sec- ond Lieutenant, Camp Dallas '38, '39, lun- ior Red Cross, Sergeant-at-Arms '37, Marks man's Medal '39, Student Council '39. Linz Award '39, 25-50 I High cholar- ship Club, Ambition nog pher. ' l 1 I A IU gx R. L. STEPHENS Hobby, Swimming, Ambition, Engineer, Favorite Sport, Football, Favorite Subject, Mathematics. Page Thirty-eight E LOU SHOR fiice Assistant '39, '40, Forest Forum, Sec' retary '39, Vice-President '40, Le Cercle Francais, Student Council '38, Linz Award '37, '38, '39, Girls Public Speaking Club, High Scholarship Club, National Honor Society. Jfff' I t! If tj XJ 17 'X 'E F 4' ' IOSE SLACKNEY Linz Awyar ' 'F Girl Reserves, Girl Scouts Sec tary '38, Hobby, Reading. l Witt' IE L S OCUM Echo '40, Hobby, Reading, Favorite Sport, Football, Ambition, Singer. I BARBARA SPARKS Echo, Feature Editor '40, Ambition, Private Secretary, Hobby, Reading, Sport, Tennis VOLNEY STANBERRY Baseball '37, '38, '39, '40, Basketball '38 '39, '40, Ambition, Professional Baseball Player, Favorite Sport, Baseball. KA RYN STEVENSON Aelta Historical Society, 2550 Club, Pan American Student Forum, Treasurer '40, lunior Red Cross, Girl Scouts, Treasurer '39, President '39. IUDITH STOVALL Linz Award '38, High Scholarship Club, 25-50 Club, President '39, Secretary '40, junior Red Cross, City Trattic Contest Winner '39, Cheer Leader '39, Forester '40. NAOMI SUTTON Pep Squad '38, '39, 25-50 Club, Ambition, Reporter, Favorite Sport, Skating. VIOLA QV ER Auditores Cae s, I nior Classical League, High c rship Club, Linz Award '37, '3 '39, ho, Associate Editor '40, Latin urn e '37, '38, '39, '40, DORIS THOMP Linz Award '37, '40, Favorite Subject, ing, Hobby, Collecting Snapshots, Ambi- tion, Secretary. LEROY THORNTON Forest Forum, Sergeant-at-Arms '39, Vice- President '40, 25-50 Club, Aelta Historical Society, Crack Company '38, '39, Student Council '39, '40, DOROTHY TOLLEY Auditores Caesaris, High Scholarship Club, Aelta Historical Society, junior Red Cross, Office Assistant '38, Linz Award '37. TUNE, '40 CLASS , 7 1 ' V,-ff, , X 1 -I 'I-' ' 1 , IRENE STRICKLIN Favorite Subject, Public Speaking, Hobby, Dancing, Ambition, Nurse, Favorite Sport, Baseball. TOM SUTTON Baseball '39, '40, Favorite Subject, Eco- nomics, Hobby, Baseball, Ambition, Protes- sional Baseball Player. DOROTHY THERREI. Aelta Historical Society, Favorite Subject, Home Economics, Hobby, Reading, Ambition, Secretary. ' rves, Chorus '36, '37, Favorite Su ct, Typing, Hobby, Dancing. W ti fi - vinci ' Mrso WM- ROBER'i'A TIBBITTJ QS-50 Club, Chorus '36, '37, Favorite Sub- ject, Public Speaking, Favorite Sport, Tennis. DANNIE TRAMMELL Favorite Subject, Accounting, Hobby, Danc- ing, Favorite Sport, Football, Ambition, Travel. Page Thirty-nine t ELAINE TRATTNER Echo, Editor '40, Library Assistant '37, '38, '39, '40, Linz Award '38, Girls Public Speaking Club. M. P. TUCKER R. O. T. C., First Lieutenant '40, Crack Cgmpany '38, '39, Glee Club '40, Favor- ite Subject, Drafting. ROY TULLIS Football '36, '37, '39, Ambition, Aviator, Hobby, Photography, Favorite Subject, Physics. O.-1 Jfmf W' ff,grlgi'k1'?"fJE1VrAN Girl Reserves, Forest Forum, Echo, Assist- ant Editor '39, Favorite Subject, English. DEWEY VANN Senior Hi-Y, Basketball '38, '39, '40, Track '37, '38, '39, Crack Company '38, '39, J X Y 3 J' 'lq EVELYN vo1GH'r Aelta Historical Society, Girl Scouts, Presi- dent '39, Hobby, Dancing, Ambition, Nurse. Page Forty TUNE, '40 CLASS VIRGINIA TRESP Aelta Historical Society, Favorite Subject, Home Economics, Hobby, Dancing, Favor- ite Sport, Motor Boat Races. ANNIE TURN EABE Chorus '40, Orchestra '36, '37, Girl Re- serves, 25-50 Club. ni-W LLOYD TUTTLE junior Hi-Y, Secretary '37, Student Council, Treasurer '39, Tennis '37, '38, '39, '40, Cheerleader '39, IV-B Class '39, Sergeant- at-Arms, Basketball '36, Linz Award '36, '38. IUANITA US RY High Scholarship Club, Treasurer '40 Linz Award '37, '38, '40, Aelta Historical ocie- ty, Pan American Student Forum, Texas History Club, Student Council '38, Library Assistant '37, '38, '39, Guard '39, '40, National Honor Society. EDITH VITA Favorite Sport, Basketball, Favorite Sub- ject, Mathematics, Hobby, Dancing, Ambi- tion, Stenographer. GWYNDOLEN VOIRIN Girls Public Speaking Club, Girl Reserves, Pep Squad '38, '39, Student Council '37. , IOHN D. WALLS R. O. T. C., Crack Company '38, Most i Efficient Private '38, Most Efficient 1 Corporal '38, Favorite Sport, 1 Football. l t l IUANITA WHITE ' junior Red Cross, Favorite Subject, Public ' Speaking, Ambition, Airline Hostess, Fav- orite Sport, Basketball. 1 l l 9 CAROL WILLIAMS Hobby, Mechanic, Ambition, Diesel Engi- neer, Favorite Sport, Boxing, Favorite Subject, Physics. GERALDINE WIN GO 25-50 Club, High Scholarship Club, Aelta Historical Society, Secretary '40, IV-B Class '39, Secretary, Linz Award '39, Student Council '40. t v I fi KATHRYN wool: Favorite' Subject, Accounting, Favorite Sport, Tennis, Ambition, Nurse, Hobby, BERTHA YONACK Girls Public Speaking Club, High Scholar- ship Club, Secretary '40, Girl Reserves, Treasurer '39, Linz Award '37, '38, '39, Student Council '40, Forester '40, JUNE. '40 CLASS, DOROTHY FAE WHITAKER Aelta Historical Society, Favorite Subject, Shorthand, Favorite Sport, Tennis, Ambi- tion, Stenographer. BILLIE IOYCE WILLIAMS Girl Scouts, Vice-President '39, Favorite Subieflt, Spanish, Hobby, Reading: Ambi- tion, Teacher. WAYMOND WILLIFORD Baseball '37, '38, Band '37, '38, Favorite Subject, History, Hobby, Hunting. IOY WOOD Girl Reserves, Student Council '40, Chorus '37, '38, Hobby, Skating. IENNIE WORKMAN Aelta Historical Society, Girl Reserves, Office Assistant '39, '40, Hobby Dancing. FANNIE RAE MASSEY tPost Graduate! Texas History Club, Iunior Red Cross, Auditores Caesaris, Latin Tournament Con- test Winner, Forester '39, '40, Linz Award '37. Page F arty-one VERDI LEE AIKEN Linz Award '38, Chorus '37, '38, '40, Fav- orite Subject, Art, Hobby, Marionettes. BETTY IEAN ALGER Pep Squad '37, '38, '39, '40, Favorite Sub- ject, Typewritina, Favorite Sport, Skating, Forester '40. MAXINE APOY High Scholarship Club, Linz Award '37, '38, '39, Girls Public Speaking Club, Forest Forum. IESS BARBEE Football '38, '39, Track '39, Hobby, Foot- ball, Ambition, Secretary. BILL BOLTON Football '37, '38, '39, Track '38, '39, '40, Senior Hi-Y, Hobby, Model Airplanes. MAXINE BRAMLETT Forest Forum, Hobby, Dancing, Favoiie Sport, Tennis, Favorite Subject, English. Page Foriy-Iwo IANUARY 41 CLASS n 1 m Wi 0 BILLYE ALBRIGHT Girl Scouts, Vice-President '39, Secretary- Treasurer '40, Girl Reserves '38, Favorite Subject, Journalism, Hobby, Sports. MARY IO ANDREWS Aelta Historical Society, Treasurer '39, Auditores Caesaris, High Scholarship Club, Linz Award '38, '39, Student Council '38, '39, '40, Office Assistant '38, Latin Essay Contest '39. RALPH BALTHROP Orchestra, Concert Master '39, '40, Track '37, Ft. O. T. C., Staff Sergeant. IEANETTE BLEND Forest Forum, Pep Squad '33, Favorite Sub- ject, Typewriting, Favorite Sport, Tennis. f I 7 ,gf HENRIETTA BORONSTEIN Las Dos Americas, Secretary '38, Forest Forum, junior Red Cross, ll-B Class '38, Secretary, Linz Award '38, '39, '40. , ',,. ' Aelta Historical Society, Ottice Assistant - , ' tt tfz '37, Library Assistant '37, '38, '39, Student ,.:' -. I Council '39, Girl Reserves, Ill-A Class '39, it , 35- Secretary, Linz Award '38. I ,Qi ,.,: , .. '55, n',4E.:1, I. A. D. CAMPBELL Camp Dallas '38, '39, R. O. T, C., Sergeant '38, '39, Crack Company '37, '38, Forest Forum, Sergeant-at-Arms '40, 25-50 Club, Echo, Special Reporter '39, '40. LENA CASSATA ' Iunior Red Crass, Siecretwl, ' ChO arship CluQyAeltafJHist, ical ciet 2 I Class '39, Vice-Pfesiclent, Li rd 37. '38, '38, OfiiCl'2 ' ' 07 BUUMUQ ssistant '40. . E!!! ' ' NNIE coBBE1. Favorite Subject, Foods, Hobby, Collecting Recipes, Ambition, Housewiie, Favorite Sport, Bicycle Riding. MARCIA COOPER Linz Award '37, '38, Texas History Club: Iunior Red Cross, Hobby, Reading. LOIS DRIGGERS Favorite Subject, English, Hobby, Movies, Ambition, Stenographer, Favorite Sport, Tennis. MARGARET EMBRY Chorus '40, Favorite Subject, Art, Hobby, Knitting, Ambition, Bookkeeper. IVANUARY 41 CLASS MARIORIE LEE CARROLL Pep Squad '38, Aelta Historical Society, Student Council '39, Girl Reserves, Office Assistant '37, '38, '40, RAYMOND CLINE R. O. T. C., Sergeant, Crack Company '39, Track Team, Hobby, Stamp Collecting. I ADELAIDE COHN Linz Award '37, HI-B Class '39, Vice-Presi dent, Iunior Red Cross, Texas History Club. erm CONRAD DEAN Basketball, Manager '38, '39, HI-B Class '38, President, IH-A Class '39, Sergeant-at Arms, Orchestra. MARIE DUCA Girl Reserves, Student Council '39, Pep Squad '38, Hobby, Dancing. CLYDE EMERSON Football '37, '38, '39, '40, Baseball '38, '39, '40, Favorite Subject, Art, Ambition, Football Coach. Page Forty-three HELEN EVANS Pep Squad '37, '38, Favorite Subject, Math- ematics, Favorite Sport, Skating, Hobby, Movies. MARILYN FREELAND I-B Class '37, Secretary, Ill-B Class '38, Sec- retary, IV-B Class '40, Treasurer, I-ligh Scholarship Club, Secretary '39, Girl Re- serves, Student Council '38, '39, '40, Na- tional Honor Society, Office Assistant '38, Forester '40, Linz Award '37, '38, '39, Guard '38. fiuzd BENNIE RUTH GENTLE Linz Award '38, Pep Squad '38, Office As- sistant '39, Favorite Subject, Spanish. VIVIAN ALLENE GOODMAN Pep Squad '39, '40, Hobby, Writing, Fav- orite Subject, Home Economics, Favorite Sport, Skating. M . FRANCES GOO AN ,X s u - Speaking C b, Treasurer '39, , ubject b Speaking. , T s i ry Club, Favorite w N , MARIBETH GRANTHAM Auditores Caesaris, Forest Forum, High Scholarship Club, Chorus, Forester '40, Latin Tournament '39, Linz Award '39, Operetta '39. Page Forty-four '41 CLASS CHARLES FIELDS Stamp Club, Secretary '38, Ft. O. T. C., Sergeant, Rifle Team '39, '40, Crack Company '38, '39. NONETTE GATTUSO Aelta Historical Society, Student Council '39, '40, 25-50 Club, junior Red Cross, Girl Scouts, President '37, Treasurer '39, Tennis Team '39, '40, Forester '40. IULIAN GOLDBERG Track Team '40, Favorite Subject, Typing, Ambition, Electrical Engineer, Favorite Sport, Football. CQ FLORENCE GOODMAN Aelta Historical Society, High Scholarship Club, Linz Award '38, '39, Student Coun- cil '38, '39, Operetta '37. YLVIA G ODMAN Pep d '37, '38, Girls Public Speaking Clu , Favorite Subject, Mathematics, Hobby, Drawing. LYDEAN GRAY Linz Award '38, '39, Iunior Red Cross, Favorite Subject, Spanish, Hobby, Foreign Correspondence. KENNETH GRIER R. O. T. C., Second Lieutenant '40: Rifle Team '38, '39, '40, Private's Efiiciency '37, Crack Company '38, '39, Linz Award '38, '39, National Honor Society, Student Coun- cil '38, '39, High Scholarship Club, Aelta Historical Society, Senior Hi-Y, President,'39, '40. xx MARGARET ELIZABETH HICKMAN Pep Squad '38, '39, '40, Favorite Subject, Public Speaking, Ambition, Air Hostess, Favorite Sport, Roller Skating, , E. R. HOLLON l Band '38, chorus '37,'3B,'39, Favorhe I Subject, Spanish, Favorite Sport, Dancing. ESTHER RUTH HOWE 1 Pep Squad '38, Favorite Subject, Account- ing, Favorite Sport, Tennis, Hobby, Movies. IVY IO HUCKABEE Favorite Subject, Art, Favorite Sport, Skat- ing, Hobby, Dancing, Ambition, Writer. EARLINE KITTS Favorite Subject, Typewriting, Favorite Sport, Tennis, Hobby Dancing, Ambition, Stenographer. JANUARY 41 CLASS 7 ffl! ANN HARRIS Forester '38, Library Assistant '36, Favor- ite Subject, English, Favorite Sport, Swimming. BYRON HILDEBRAND Favorite Subject, English, Hobby, Stamp Collecting, Ambition, Petroleum Engineer, Favorite Sport, Swimming. GRETCHEN HOLTMANN Aelta Historical Society, Linz Award '39, Office Assistant '40, Operetta '37, '39. . I I . It nl I ' I ' ' t w f., ,X 1 ff CLARA BELLE HORT-ON Forest Forum, Girl Reserves, Favorite Sub- ject, Shorthand, Favorite Sport, Volley Ball. DORIS MAE IAMES Pep Squad '37, '38, '39, '40, Favorite Sub- ject, Shorthand, Ambition, Secretary, Hobby, Dancing. WALTER KRUSZ Cheerleader '39, Glee Club '36, '37, '38, '39, Operetta '36, '38, Favorite Sport, Foot- ball, Most Popular Senior Boy, Most Handsome Senior Boy. Page Forty-five EVELYN KYNARD Forest Forum, Secretary '39, ll-B Class '38, Secretary, Girl Reserves, Secretary '40, Na' tional Honor Society '39, '40, Linz Award '37, '38, '39, High Scholarship Club, Office Assistant '39, '40, Library Assistant '38, Student Council '38, '39, '40, Pep Squard '38. KATHRYN LANGSTON Girl Reserves, Favorite Subject, Home Eco- nomics, Hobby, Movies, Favorite Sport, Football. MAURINE LICHENSTEIN Girls Public Speaking Club, Favorite Sport, Dancing, Hobby, Dancing, Ambition, Public Administration. TI-IEDA MADGE LOVE Pep Squad '38, Favorite Subject, Home Economics, Hobby, Dancing, Favorite Sport, Skating. WILLIAM MALONE Pan American Student Forum, Sergeant-at- Arms '37, R. O. T. C., Corporal '39, Favor- ite Subject, Salesmanship, Favorite Sport, Football. ll-A Class 8 reside Class '39, Parlia entari Le Cercle ncais, Treas- urer ' S tary '40, gh Scholarship Club, 25 ub, Offi ssistant '40, Linz Award ' 39, , ard '39, Lost and SELM ICHAELS Found yep tment ssistant '39, '40. Page Forty-six IANUARY M1 CLASS . i WILSON ALBERT LANDRY R. O. T. C., Captain '40, Band, Drum Major '40, Crack Company Band '38, Camp Dal- las '37, '38, '39, Rifle Marksmanship, Band Festival '39, Forest Forum. BERNARD LEVY Standard Debating Society, High Scholar- ship Club, Latin Tournament '37, l-A Class '37, President, Band '38, '39, '40, R. O. T. C., Corporal '40, Orchestra '37, '38, Band Contest '39, LELA MAE LINE junior Red Cross, Favorite Subject, English, Hobby, Dancing, Favorite Sport, Swimming. MORTON MADANS R. O. T. C., Corporal '39, Sergeant '40, Camp Dallas '39, Band '39, Band Contest '39, Standard Debating Society. HELEN MARTIN Guard '37, '38, '40, Favorite Subject, Home Economics, Hobby, Radio, Favorite Sport, Football. WANDA MOON '25-50 Club, Otiice Assistant '38, Guard '39, '40, Favorite Subject, Public Speaking. MARVIN MOSESMAN R. O. T. C., Second Lieutenant '39, Crack Company '38, '39, Camp Dallas '39, Favorite Subject, French. BILL MCNALLY Linz Award '38, '39, '40, High Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Student Council '38, '39, Banking '39, '40, Cashier '40, Forester '39, '40, City lnterscholastic Essay Contest, Second Place. MAXINE MCWILLIAMS Pep Squad '38, '39, '40, Hobby, Tennis, Ambition, Beautician, Favorite Subject, Accounting. DEARYL PENNINGTON R. O. T. C., Sergeant '40, Crack Company '39, Senior Hi-Y, Forester '40. MILTON PHELPS Favorite Sub'ect, French, Hcbby, Raising J Flowers and Chickens, Ambition, Agricul- turist, Favorite Sport, Fishing. DOROTHY ROBERTS 25450 Club, Secretary '39, Ambition, Sing- er, Favorite Subject, History, Hobby, Singing. 0-fvsfpr ff fy IANUARY, '41 CLASS7 RUTH MCGOWAN Girl Reserves, Forest Forum, IV-B Class '40, Secretary, Linz Award '39, Student Council '39, '40, FRED MCQUEEN, IR. IV-B Class '40, President, Aelta Historical Society, Band '37, '33, '39, R. O. T. C., First Class Private, Crack Company Band '39, Band Contest '39, Football '39. NORMA GENE PARKER Opera '33, Pep Squad '38, '39, Library As' sistant '39, lll-A Class '39, Treasurer, IV-B Class '40, Parliamentarian, Glee Club '38, PAUL PETTY Boys Glee Club '37, '40, Favorite Subject, Public Speaking, Hobby, Drawing, Ambif tion, Finish College. I ,-fz NETA. FAE PILGRAM Student Council '33, Office Assistant '40, Favorite Subject, Foods, Hobby, Reading. IAMES RODDEN R. O. T. C., Sergeant '40, Crack Company '39, Favorite Subject, Physics, Favorite Sport, Baseball. Page F arty-seven HAROLD RUBENSTEIN Favorite Subject, History, Ambition, Radio Engineering, Favorite Sport, Hunting, Military '37, '38, '39, I x S., ' f ...fx T 'H-xxx , 'Ir vi-S J' be . A-Q, SES! E91 LUCY scnwmrz II-B Class '38, President, ll-A Class '38, Treasurer, lll-A Class '39, Parliamentarian, Texas History Club, Vice-President '39, Sec- retary '40, National Honor Society, Boys Glee Club, Accompanist '37, '38, '39, Linz Award '38, '39, '40, MURIEL SILBERMAN Texas History Club, Treasurer '38, Presi- dent '39, Parliamentarian '40, Auditores Caesaris, Vice-President '40, High Scholar- ship Club, National Honor Society, ll-B Class '37, Vice-President, Student Council '38, '39, Latin Tournament '37, '38, '39, Of- fice Assistant '39, Linz Award '38, '39, Guard '39. W. G. SINGLETARY Football '39, '40, Baseball '38, '39, '40, Basketball '37, '38, '39, '40, Iunior Hi-Y. ELTON SOLTES Standard Debating Society, Sergeant-at Arms '39, Student Council '38, Band '37, '38, '39, '40, Crack Company '38, Linz Award '38, '39, '40. CLARA. STILLMAN Girls Public Speaking Club, High Scholar- ship Club, Student Council, Favorite Subject, Typing, Forester '40. Page Forty-eight JANUARY 41 CLASS IOE BOB SAMFORD R. O. T. C., First Lieutenant '40, Rifle Team '38, Crack Company '38, Efficiency Award '38, '39, Track '39, Football '38, Baseball '38, Student Council '39, Senior Hi-Y, Le Cercle Francais, 25-50 Club, Sergeant-at Arms '39, President '40. SIMON SELZER R. O. T. C., Staff Sergeant '40, Crack Com- pany '38, '39, Football '38, '39, Aelta His- torical Society, Senior Hi-Y, Secretary. Treasurer '40, Linz Award '38, Student Council '38, Forester '40. W R. O. T. C., Sergeant '39, Crack Company '38. '39, Auditores Caesaris, Sergeant-at Arms '39, Linz Award '39. Doms 1150A SMITH ,- - JL uvome S 1 13 ll Fcyvoyitef ubje-Ct, F ' ' rxby, Sta p'QfSllecting, If - Ay- '1 SG. ,MJ 4 VIRGINIA STEWART Pep Squad '38, Favorite Subject, lournal- ism, Favorite Sport, Dancing, Hobby, Shows. INA MAE STOWE Pep Squad '38, '39, '40, Hobby, Shows, Favorite Subject, Accounting, Chorus '37, '38. FRANK STRICKLAND R. O. T. C., Sergeant, Crack Company '38, '39, Favorite Subject, Military, Favorite Sport, Football. MARVIN UTAY Standard Debating Society, R. O. T. C., Sergeant '38, '39, '40, Camp Dallas '37, '38, '39, Football '39, '40, ELLON WALLS Hobby, Motor Boat Riding, Ambition, lnter- ior Decorator, Favorite Subject, Account- ing, Favorite Sport, Football. BEULAH LEE WHITE Favorite Sport, Baseball, Favorite Subject, Typing, Hobby, Skating, Ambition, Stenographer. MILDRED WHITTINGTON Favorite Subject, Home Economics, Hobby, Movies, Ambition, Professional Singer, Favorite Sport, Tennis. IERAL DENE WINGATE Favorite Subject, Commercial Art, Hobby, Collecting Pictures, Favorite Sport, Table Tennis, Ambition, Air Brush Artist. IANU 41 CLASS BILL TOMLIN Football '36, '37, '38, '39, Baseball '37 Track '39, '40, Student Council '37, '38, ROSA E WADSWORTH Ambition, Secre ' avorite Sport, Tennis, uard '37, , ' , '40, Forester '40, MW PHI IP WEINKRANTZ ar Debating Society, Stamp Club, dent '39, Sergeant-at-Arms '40, Rifle T m '39, '40, Carnp Dallas '39, '40, Crack Col pany '39, R. O. T. C., Corporal, Golf Te m '40, Orchestra '37, '38, '39, '40, Banking '39. BESSIE WHITMORE Linz Award '38, Chorus '37, '38, '39, '40, Favorite Sport, Hiking, Ambition, Nurse. LEO WIMAN Linz Award '38, '39, Banking Teller '40, High Scholarship Club, Hobby, Radio. RAY WOMACK Football '37, '38, '39, '40, Second Team All- City '39, Track '38, '39, '40, Basketball '38, '39, '40, Honorable Mention All-City '40, Student Council '39, '40, Vice-President '40, Senior Hi-Y. Page Forty-nine 1 G. C. WOODRUFF Football '36, '37, '38, '39, Honorable Men- tion All-City '39, Baseball '38, Track '37- student Council '36, '37, '39, ' Senior Hi-Y. BOBBY WOODSIDE Iunior Hi-Y, President '38, '39, Senior Hi-Y, 25-50 Club, R. O. T, C., Second Lieutenant, Track '37, HENRY ZELAZNY Stamp Club, Favorite Subject, Chemistry, Favorite Sport, Bowling, R. O. T. C. '36, '37, '38, '39. IANUARY, '41 CLASS ABRAHAM ZIMMERMAN Standard Debating Society, Linz Award '38, '40, Favorite Sport, Swimming, Ambi- tion, Electrical Engineer. LEON WOODS 25-50 Club, Student Council '38, B. O. T. C.. Sergeant '40, Camp Dallas '38. CHARLES YATES Ill-B Class '39,Sergeant-at-Arms, Ill-A Class '39, President, lV-B Class '40, Vice-Presi- dent, Aelta Historical Society, Forest For- um, 25-50 Club, Student Council '39, '40, Track '37, Band '37, '38, '39, '40, All-City Band '39, R. O. T. C., Sergeant '40, Orches- tra '37, '38, '40. DAVID ZESMER Auditores Caesaris, Latin Tournament '38, Third Place, Orchestra '38, Standard De- bating Society, Vice-President '40, Linz Award '38, '39, '40, ll-A Class '38, Ser- geant-at-Arms. SENIORS NOT IN PICTURES Benat, Paul Bush, Robert Caddell, Clyde Cantrell, Thelma Conway, George Cooper, Leroy Cooper, Marion Degen, Harold Fletcher, Donald Macalus, losephin McCullough, Doris Iune, '4EY,Cllass Garonzik, Bettie Gillespie, Bill Goldstrich, Norma Hernandez, Allen Lambert, Herbert Osborne, Billie Owens, Georgia Sasse, Verna Sigel, Marvin Smith, Marjorie Smith, Mashie Spangler, Eugene Strong, Frances Strucely, Walter Tydernan, Ruth Vann, Lloyd Welch, Lloyd Ltr Page Fifty time Allen, Charles Alonzo, loe Patrick Anderson, Charles Ashner, Fred Bledsoe, Elvis Bourquin, C. I... Brandt, Edwin Brooks, Isabelle Brown, Floyd Compton, Mary Dee Davis, Lawrence Davis, Samuel Douglass, Young SENIORS NOT IN PICTURES Icrnuary, '41 Class Dunn, Truett Embry, William Fink, Bette Goss, Robert Green, Daniel Harmer, Fred Harwell, Betty Harwell, Mary Hearn, George Houck, Betty lane Huffstetler, Colleen Ingram, loe lanner, Iva lones, George Keeton, Eugene Klein, Frances Lamb, Avon Lenhart, William Little, Freida Ludwick, limmie Miller, Andrew Minx, Alberta Bose Moore, lack Moore, Thomas Moores, lesse Nicholson lack Baskin, Stanley Bimmer, Millard Bubinett, Norman Scott, Floyd Shelton, Andrew Smith, Charles Bay Smith, Marylynne Smith, Myron Tobolowsky, Miriam Utter, Robert Vodicka, Stanley Voight, Leroy Wright, Elsie ,Lui . WW ,, I flu ff' A Forester s Fare ell 'sg I love each ruddy brick of your ivy-covered I I walls, 'N'j Each picture, plaque, and statue to be seen throughout your halls. Your stateliness and dignity impress the passers-by, But they cannot feel the love for you that I feel, Forest High. When first your doors I entered, a frightened little lass- A freshman, small, bewildered, rushing to my class- Somehow your ceilings high which first had filled my heart with fear, Seemed to diminish and I felt that I was welcome here. Then as, advancing, I began to find and fill my place, I came to look for friendly smiles on every student's face. Eachteacher also seemed to wear an understanding look, And soon I even found a friend in each tirneworn textbook. Four years are almost over, and though with pride and gladness I shall step forth to face the world, I'll feel a touch of sadness, For I know I shall never find, no matter how I try, A dearer, more beloved place than this, my Forest High. -MARIBETH GRANTHAM Page Fifty-one if 4 1 . . . 1 . ,, ,J , ' sf-+- ti X . l i7'll'mXf9'f'i PM I .1 'Xxx E -N V? III-H CLHSS Xt Miss MARY DRAKE Sponsor O F F I C E R S C FALL QSJVA .vvdwvhigj SPRING President ....... BERNARD NURRE President ...... MARY MUMPoWER Vice-President . . . . BOBBY ARCHER Vice-President . . ANNA GENE YUNGFLEISCH Secretary . . . DOROTHY MCLEAN Secretary . . .... SYLVIA KAPLAN The Ill-A Class, guided by its able sponsor, Miss Drake, has reason to be proud of the activities oi this year. A gym dance and a sport dance were given with much success. A variety of talent provided entertaining programs for class meetings. h Plans are being made for the greatest Iunior Prom in the history of the so oo. ...J Page Fiffy-two Allen, Thomas Archer, Bobby Baker, Orman Baleja, Leonard Barker, Wayne Barshop, Fred Bell, Monroe Box, Jack Breeding, Marvin Bronaugh, William Brooks, Eugene Brown, Robert Browning, Wallace Bryant, Ross Burns, Kenneth Byers, Leon Carey, Karl Carpenter, Ray Clark, Billy Clemons, Delbert Coleman, Julius Colette, T. J. Colletti, Angelo Cooley, Carroll Culibrk, Tritko Ackerman, Gertrude Alexander, Lucille Aronoif, Shirley Bailey, Gladys Bailey, Gloria Bailey, Vernell Bain, Dorothy Marie Ball, Nellie Irene Ballard, Margaret Balser, Judith Barge, Jeanne Barshop, Margueritte Baskett, Edna Mae Bassett, Mary Sue Beasley, Iris Belt, Georgia Bethel, Betty Blanchard, Betty Bock, Ethel Bradford, Florene Brown, Annie Laurie Brown, Ellen Broyles, Helen Burleson, Dorothy Carbone, Serafina Cash, Ruth Casper, Lois Center, Irene Charba, Evelyn Chastain, Helen Louise Cherry, Clara Belle Clark, Doris Lou Claunch, Joyce Collins, Kay Crim, Lucille Cummings, Shirley III-H CLHSS BOYS Daniel, Henry Davis, Charles Dees, Charles DeVoe, Pete Dial, Billy Ehrenberger, Frank Ely, Jerome Emerson, Alex English, Jimmie Faircloth, Eston Flood, Jack Ford, Charles Ford, Edwin Frauman, Israel Gaston, Rudolph Gilkerson, George Gilmore, Lloyd Hamilton,Robert Harman, Howard Harrington, Carter Harris, M. G. Harrison, Jack Helvey, Tilson Henderson, E. K. Hermanson, Jack III-H Davis, Betty Day, Joy Dickhout, Doris Mae Daugherty, Eva Duncan, Ruth Evans, Onita Ewalt, Pauline Farrington, Margaret Fisher, La Verne F ortner, Margaret France, Voleta Freed, Pearl Gary, Betty Goodman, Mary Goolsby, Ella Fay Grant, Helen Gross, Katie Pearl Gruner, Mary Jane Guckenheimer, Miriam Hale, Imogene Haley, Eugenia Hall, Irene Hambrick, Alice Hancock, Dorothy Hancock, Maribelle Harbison, Hazel Hardin, June Harlan, La Verne Harmon, Shirley Harris, Clara Bell Hatter, Betty Hatton, Marguerett Hayth, Virginia Henry, Vounceil Henry, Edwettia 515 I-lodkinson, John Holland, Clinton Hollywood, Ralph Hranicky, John D. Ingle, Lester Jarvis, Vandon Johnson, Douglas Jones, Edward Kasten, Wilbur Kelly, Paul Kieke, Erwin Kimling, Harry King, Kenneth Kriss, Eddie Kuykendall, Kenneth Lovelace, Dalton Lynch, Carvis Malloy, Mike Mercer, Charles Merendio, J. B. Miller, Carol Millwee, Robert Moody, Joe Moore, James Morris, Leslie Mozingo, Charles McCarley, Robert McCoy, J. H. Nance, James Nix, Jack N urre, Bernard Ornish, Edwin Parnell, Olen Paschall, Wylie Phillips, Herschel Phillips, Walter Pinson, Max Pope, Grady Powers, Jimmy Priolo, Leo Ricker, Carl Riley, Sherman Roberts, Walter Russell, Troy L. Shessel, Herbert Shuford, Britten Singleton, James Smallwood, Joe Smith, Teddy CLI-ISS GIRLS Herring, La Verne Heyman, Eva Hicks, Dorothy Hiett, Katie Mae Hight, Margarett Hildeman, Theresa Hillis, Ida Pearl Humphreys, Faye Johnson, Margarete Johnson, Nona Faye Jones, Wilma Jones, Fern Kaplan, Sylvia Keller, Catherine Kieke, Annie Killingsworth, Lillian Kinnard, Doris Kizer, Emily Gibson Knight, Maxine Kolenovsky, Margaret Lambert, Loyce Lancaster, Tabby Langston, Ava , anna as, arie Lucky, Katherine Mahaiiey, Aileen Montague, Doris Margro, Blanche Maris, Prebble Rae Martin, Doris Ann Mauldin, Mary Frances Mauldin, Ruby Nell Maxwell, Elizabeth Mee R l Milf Merk, Agnes Merritt, Billie Miller, Mary Louise Morris, Beverly Mumpower, Mary Murchison, Margaret Murphy, Alveta Murphy, Peggy Myers, Margaret McLean, Dorothy Napper, Geneva Neuman, Grace Newell, Vivian Nunn, Ida Marie O'Shea, Kathleen Palmer, Marjorie Payne, Nancy Payne, Wynez Pendleton, Mozelle Perry, Dorothy Price, Betty Raitopoulos, Katherine Raiden, Bettye Rambo, Carleta Ray, Louise Ray, Marian Redman, Norma Jean Redus, Hazel Richardson, Louise Robinson, Maebeth Rogers, Billie Rose Rodgers, Lorene Roper, Joyce Ann Rosenbaum, Nellie Rosenstock, Toba Lena Soper, Kirk Stepter, Dean Stoller, Jack Sultis, Pete Taylor, Earl Thurmond, Jimmy Vandagritt, Ray Waggoner, Rhodney Walthal, James Wasserman, Irving Watkins, Lonnie Webberman, Ben Weil, Cecil Wheeler, Doyle Wilensky, Leon Williams, E. G. Wilonsky, Sol Wilson, D. J. Wisdom, Irvin Withrow, Leslie Woods, Martin Woodside, Bob Worley, Willard Yarbrough, James Rupe, Annie Ruskin, Sophie - Sakellariou, Faye Sample, Juanita Seguin, Frances Shackeliord, Eca Mae Sheppard, Delilah Silvergold, Frances Slaughter, Gertrude Smith, Betty Lynne Soper, Rosemay Spreen, Amelia Stewart, Ruth Stone, Mary Frances Stovall, Vivian Sweeney, Naomi Tarno, Verna Dean Torian, Louise Turner, N ovella Turk, Pauline Vieregge, Frances Wallace, Betty Jo Welch, Louise Whaley, Birt Whitcomb, Janet White, Kathryn White, Marjorie Wilhelm, Era Mae Williford, Mildred Westmoreland, Violet Wood, Ermal Wood, Pauline Woody, Margaret Wright, Helen Marie Yungfleisch, Anna Ge H9 Page Fifty-three if W: .. ,. I S ' M . ff IZ V C. L. FORD Sponsor O F F I C E R S WWW' FALL SPRING is ' ' OZ!22,Vf.ff,51x.- President ...,... IOSEPHINR ISRAEL President ....... NORMAN LEVINE Vice-President. . . .DOROTHY Loos VicevPresioient . . . VERTIE WOLVEN Secretary . . . . VERTIE WOLVEN Secretary . . . RANDOLPH SAMPORD fn the fail the class was noted for its outstanding class programs and tal- ented members. The officers fiiied their positions with noteworthy efficiency. The HI-B Class is anticipating the new term with great plans for sport dances and other sociai activities, and there is reason to believe that a future of prominence is in store for this progressive group. Page Fifiy-fam' Adds, George Anderson, Charles Ashworth, Calvin Blalack, Levelyn Balthrop, Kenneth Bowden, V. B. Brigham, N. W. Brooks, Edward Broyles, Billy Camp, Lowell Cason, lack Cline, Danny Cohen, Leon Corbet, P. H. Cox, Anson Cox, Iohn R. Cunningham, Fred L. Curry, Roy Davis, Robert Denison, Grover Dossett, Edwin Edwards, Galen Faircloth, Audrain Ackerman, Ieanette Allmon, Pauline Angrist, Gloria Anstett, Doris Babb, Bernice Barnett, Fern Barrow, Marguerite Barrow, Rusel Barton, Mary Louise Berry, Betty lane Boland, Louise Bond, Laura Bourquin, Lois Burden, Doris Carr, Mary Alice Carter, Martha Chctstant, Patricia Chatten, Lillian Cherry, luanita Clark, Pearl Combs, Allie lean Cook, Emily Cook, Juanita Couch, leanne Cox, Dorothy Virginia Crane, Iuanita Craw, Dorotha Curtis, Evelyn Douglass, Fannie Eaves, Katheryn III-B BOYS Fisher, Durwood Freeman, lack Goss, Leslie Genthner, Ernest Goldgar, Wilfred Hardy, Emmett Harris, Clay Hart, Ie-sse Henderson, Hugh Hodges, Charles Hoffman, Harry Hoffman, lerry Hollers, Iohnny Huddleston, Leroy Hulme, Kenneth Warren Hunter, Warren lngle, Lester Iohnson, Melvin Iones, Mom Kovsky, Hyman Lee, Edward Levin, Norman Lewis, Richard Looney, Charles Lucky, Harwell Mann, Don Marco, Gus McFarland, Robert McCoy, Earl Moldave, Sam Moody, B. M. Murrey, Harold Neilson, Everett Norris, Roy Peacock, William Edward Poole, Ben Razovsky, lack Reed, Odie Rener, Bonnie Rephan, Leroy Robison, Iohnny Rogers, Ioe Rogers, Willard Roper, Randolph Rosenberg, Ray Ross, William III--B CLHSS GIRLS Emery, Dorothy Farley, Dorothy Lee Fleming, Hazel Freeman, Helen Ruth Gentsch, Sue Geo, Ruby George, lnola X Gerloff, Mary Frances Giggleman, Dorothy Gilford, Evelyn Goldin, Marcia Graham, Iettie Lee Green, Florine Griffin, Wanda Mae Grisom, Lois Hale, Victoria Haney, lane Harkins, Edna Harrott, Edith Harshaw, Doris Hendrix, Mary Frances Henry, Willie Pearl Hobbs, lmogene Holifield, Virginia Hunter, Katherine lngle, Ioy Fay lnman, Mildred lsrael, Iosephine Iackson, Martha lennings, Helen Iohnson, Marvin Iones, Charlyne Kelley, Ethel King, Marjorie King, Gertrude Kovnat, Dolores Lewis, Mary Elizabeth Lewis, Opal Loos, Dorothy Lovell, Ruth Macalus, Virginia May, Mary Frances Miller, Lucille Mirsky, Gene Marawski, Iosephine lVlcClaren, Dale McCoy, luanita McGee, Doris McGregor, Doris McKnight, Melba McRae, Trellis Nelson, Ruby Faye Ogletree, Iudy Anne Olsowski, Carlyn Parker, Maude Patrick, Florence Paynter, luanita Perlstein, Eva Pritchett, Avanell Raskin, Rosa Lee Rubenstein, Marvin Rubinett, Iarrell Samford, Randolph Saunders, Lloyd Small, Harry Stallcup, Bob Stampes, Bennett Stutts, Iames Teafatiller, Billy lack Territo, Ice Tiner, Bill Towsen, lack Tullos, Howard Tullos, Wilburn Tuttle, Alex Van Huss, Robert Veal, Billy Walker, Harold Wilson, Raymond Woody, Clinton Wright, Orville Reeves, Doris Rabinowitz, Claire Rogers, Elouise Ross, lean Sawyer, Elizabeth Sheppard, Dorothy Slay, Marjorie Sordelet, Dortha Stampes, Ella Stern, La Verne Stovall, Wanda Stribling, Faye Sutcliffe, Dorothy Suwal, loyce Thompson, lean Turk, Marian Ueckert, Dolores Verla, Rose Walker, lmogene Walker, Therle West, Letha Mae West, Loraine Whitcher, Virginia Wolven, Vertie Woods, Virginia Workman, Emelie Young, Doris Zanelle, Hazel Iean Page Fifty-live ' I . ., - f , , , , ,Q . X-1 ' A 4 ..," , 'wf"7lf A . . A ' - , O f w R R ff l M , IJ K 279t.'7otfft . , x . T ,ff f ly 1 MW- W l , if " er, II-H CLHSS ,ff I 5 I QL ,YV 1 J M Miss MARGARET BREWER ' lf! N Q Sponsor by O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President ....... NELDA REYNOLDS President ......... RUTH OKON Vice-President . . MARGIE BUTLER Vice-President . . . . SARAH THOMASON Secretary . . . . . BILLIE MOORE Secretary . . . . . NELDA REYNOLDS The ll-A Class under the sponsorship ot Miss Margaret Brewer has pro- gressed rapidly this year. Programs given at the Weekly meetings included singing, dancing, piano solos, and numerous quizzes. The aim throughout the year has been to get more ll-A students to attend the class meetings. ,fi rf Page Fifty-six Alteneau, George Anderson, Iohn Andrews, Martin Aronoif, Melvin Arrington, Bruce Arrington, Curtis Beach, Raymond Beck, Charles Blummer, Raymond Borofsky, Harold Brasher, Billy Broodo, Archie Brooks, George Brown, Alfred Burton, Gary Caddell, Harold,Ir. Cantrell, Dillard Cash, Ray Clark, Ollie Collett, Garland Conner, Oscar Cortimilia, Donald Cox, Charley Cox, Iohnnie Dane, Kenneth il , Abramson, Zelma Alexander, Maxine Allmon, Ernestine Anderson, Billie Anthony, Leota Babb, Bernice Barnes, Lorene Barnes, Minnie Basinger, Willette Bateman, Connie Bennett, Maxine Blakeway, Lolita Blanton, Amy Pearl Bolin, Imelda Bowers, Robbie Brown, Benita Browne, Thelma Buford, Betty Iean Burke, Elizabeth Burkhead, Vera Burns, Marcelle Butler, Margie Carson, Betty Carter, Eva Ruth Chaften, Ina Lee Clark, Margie Cochran, Maxie Collins, Elaine Collins, Geraldine Cole, Pauline Cooper, Iris d' Ablemont, Ernestine Dagnal, Norma Daily, Edwina Dalton, Billie lean Day, Ruby Fay Dean, Melba Io II-H CLHSS Dane, Philip Davis, Wood Dees, Bunk De Lee, Billy Donaberger, Frank Douglass, Frank Dowd, Barney Drandell, lack Dunn, Leon Edwards, Iimrnie Elliott, Lynn Ellis, Curtis Feldman, Samuel Firor, George Fitch, Wallace Floyd, Charles Floyd, Ioe Bob France, Iames Free, Ioe Bill Gallop, Billie George, Glenn Glanville, Richard Glasser, Sidney Goodman, Bennett Goodstein, Harry II-H Dees, Iane Degen, Claire Di Maio, Marjorie Douthit, Anna Io Drake, Ida Mae Draughon, Bertha Dupree, Gloria Iune Eaton, Edith Ehrhardt, Iolene Ewing, Hazel Faircloth, Ruth Fallin, Frankie Fisher, Lorene Fisher, Valita Mae Flatt, Ima Iean Floyd, Kathryne Ford, Minnie Gaskin, Dorothy George, Helen Gillet, Frances Gilliam, Virginia Golden, Elsie Gouger, Dora Grace, Doris Gracy, Dorothy Graves, Doris Grider, Marjorie Griffith, Nellie Grigg, Dorothy Griner, Frances Haley, Sara Hambric, Cornelia Haralson, Cora Lee Haynes, Anna Mary Hedgpeth, Tommie Ruth Hernandez, Mary Henry, Frances Grasham, Bill Griswood, Herbert Grogsone, A. I. Hardy, Bill Harris, Thomas Holt, Walter I-iubig, Iohnny Hubert Huffman, Luther Iohnson, Willie lordan, Charles Karr, Walter Kelly, Billy King, Robert Lacy, Bill Landsberg, lsadore Latimer, Everett Lee, lack Lollar, H. D. Lucky, G. C. Maddox, George Marshall, Iames Moore, Forrest Moore, George Moore, Roger CLHSS Henry, Wanda Holder, Clydene Houck, Shirley Houston, Opal Hubig, Otillia Hunter, Georgia Mae lngram, Betty Ivers, Virginia Ivie, Lillie Mae lames, Doris Iohnson, Martha Iohnson, Moya Iordon, Constance Kahn, Ray Bell Kebrle, Frances Keen, Dorothy Dell Kelley, Michie Kenaeaugh, Dolores Kennington, Almeta Koller, Cecelia Kugler, Doris Lamb, Neoma Langston, Billie Larr, Virginia Ledford, Marjorie Leggett, Iudy Levin, Adrienne Lipner, Natalie Lutz, Doris Oleta BOYS Murrey, Harold Murray, Robert Murrey, Loyd Myers, Laurn McAnally, Charlie McComas, Robert Lee McFadin, Ralph Orman, Paul Parker, Wylie Paroski, Tom Phillips, G. L. Poklandnik, Ioe Powell, Miller Ransom, Ierald . Reckley, Calvin Reed, Porter Rehders, Tome Lee Richardson, Claude Rosenzweig, Al David Schreiber, Charles Schumann, Alvin Sheaner, Herbert Shindoll, Walter Shuptrine, larnes GIRLS Morris, Doris Iune Morrison, Thelma Mullins, Bonnie McFarland, Lucille Niss, Estelle Norvelle, Doris Odell, Iean Okon, Ruth Page, Velma Mae Parker, Eva Parrish, Emma Perkins, Margie Phipps, Helen Poteet, Roxie Powell, Kathleen Poynter, Iuanita Purkey, Loraine Reese, Katie Reese, Mary Sue Reeves, Gloria Reynolds, Nelda Robbins, Doris lean Roberts, Mildred Rose, Lorene Rudnitzky, Bluma Saltzman, Esther Scoggins, Mary Helen Seilheimer, Dorothy Sellers, Ruth Macaluso, Beatrice Anne Sharber, Dorothy Madans, Eleanor Mallory, Evelyn Manning, Mary Melton, Marie Miller, Gene Miskell, Imogene Mitchell, Billie Sheaner, Ruth Sides, Wanda Skelton, Frances Smith, Charlene Smith, Eunita Smith, Frances Stanfield, Aleene Siegel, Ioe Simon, Harold Sivells, Charles Smith, Lowell Smith, Billy Sorensen, Walter Stanisci, Angelo Stratton, Gerald Tuttle, lames Van, Robert Wall, Mitchell Welling, Roy Whitaker, Harding White, Garland Whitehead, William Wilensky, Ramon Williams, B. E. Willis, Iohn T. Wilson, Iack H. Wilson, Richard Winters, Andrew. Wittkower, Iames Woods, Ray Zatlo, Alex Stepter, Mildred Spicer, Martha lean Stevenson, Henrietta Stockard, Betty Ioyce Stribling, Iva Mae Taylor, Kathleen Teafatiller, Marguerite Thomas, Bertha Fay Thomason, Sarah Tolliver, Betty Mae Trammell, Amy Lee Tucker, Mary Elizabeth Tunnell, Edith Turner, Betty Turner, Bobbie Ruth Turner, Dorothy Utay, Louise Vestal, Mildred Vines, Betty Lou Walker, Earline Walker, Ruth Wallace, Lucille Walls, Elaine Walters, Irene Washburn, Helen Whitcomb, Clare Whitson, Melba Wilhelm, lean Williams, Bette Iune Williams, Edith Williams, Retha Mae Wilson, Ethnye lean Wood, Dorthey Wright, Alice Yonack, Sylvia Zimmerman, Annie Page Fifty-seven I Q A A , gy .Ak .L pk r .N nf I N K ,V ,lNm,.,,,r . K' wW,,g,1 3.11 W A , . ' , if Q g g , . X , A , K: ,X . - f Q - , f- ws J ' We , . ,. . , ,, , N. f V, .f J. .. L.. .W . -, ,.,- . -M N sa N . , .... -A . E A -, -, N W. , . , . ,, ..., - f ,mr 1. u 9- -' J 7 1:4 'Ki A . .-ffffl-:N-A . :'1.s.e4,7-l5.'. L? . ,," f' - Ms", .4 ' K , , ' i ' fi. , . . .AW ., , A ll 44 Am xi j K 'aj' A affix. -. .. -L Uv. ik V gi i it , f V if W -I N gn, :mm 1 '.,?5fvl!gJ .- . , ,, f M. ,N ,, , , T sq .Q I A A A .J t .y X i , J' t t .- ' .Q i Miss MABEL WH1TT1NGToN , - N xx Q xx L- sf, J Sponsor xy i 5 O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING i President ....... KATHLEEN TINER President . . . . . THERESA KLEINMAN Vice-President . . . BETTY IANE MCKINLEY Vice-President . . . SALLY FREEDMAN Secretary . . . . HAYDEN SUMMERFIELD Secretary . . . . MARY TURNER The H-B Class has Very interesting programs Consisting ot songs, dances, talks, quizzes, and other entertainment. Since the sophomore class has divided, the H-B's meet every other Thurs- day. A skating party is now being planned. Page Fifty-eight w Sm Alexander, Frank Annis, Martin Bare, Iames Hubert Bayans, Billy loe Belt, Byron Bond, Iohn Bourquin, Frank Brooks, Cecil Brown, Bob Brown, William Burns, Russell Caldwell, Billy Camacho, Gabriel Camp, David Canaday, Charles Cantrell, Loyd Coppedge, Marvin Cornell, Wilburn Cox, Bob Cozby, Bill Crockett, David Cunningham, Harvey Davis, M. G. Dietrich, Billy Doniger, Irving Drake, lesse Duckworth, Robert Duncan, Iimmie Fleming, George Adams, Iuanita Albritton, Iune Allen, Alonzolee Bacon, Ernestine Ball, Loneita Beaird, Beth Benedict, Helen Bodine, Marjorie Bradley, lmogene Brecheen, Virginia Calvert, Mary Elizabeth Campagna, Frances Cashion, Virginia Chastain, lrene Childress, Betty Christensen, Evelyn Clark, Frankie Cleghorn, Lena Collinsworth, Pauline Condray, Clara Crabtree, Mildred Crowder, lna Ve Crumney, Zelma Davis, Emmalee DeBorde, Gladys DeLaughter, Valeska Dulworth, Dimple Estes, Kathryn Eubanks, Willeta Evans, Betty Jean Evans, luanita Figanbaum, Irma Fisher, Leona Fishser, Lila Freedman, Sally II-B CLHSS BOYS Fleming, Lamar Fleming, William Fletcher, William Forston, lames Franklin, lack Frazier, Holly Gene Fryar, limmy Giller, David Goff, Paul Green, lack Griffin, Gene Griffith, Benford Guthrie, Robert Hall, Oliver Hamusek, Alvin Hansen, Kenneth Hart, Billy Ioe Harwood, lack Hencrick, Homer Henenberg, Samuel Hirsch, Lawrence Holcombe, Henry Hollon, Hubbard Hoover, Lawrence Holt, William lackson, Billy leffers, Radford Ienkins, Buford Iones, Leroy II-B CLHS Gentle, Bobbie lean Gilreath, Bernice Godfrey, Martha Ann Goffman, Dorothy Gonzales, Lillie Goodman, Peggy Gray, Virginia Gray, Audrey Hale, Augusta Hamilton, Margie Hoskins, Anna Beth Hedgpeth, Dorothy Hodges, Montie Iean Holman, Dorothy lngram, Edna Mae lohnson, Frankie lohnson, Mary Ann lanes, Elva Iones, Helen lones, luanita lanes, Mollie Eva Kellum, Bonnie Faye Kellum, Louise Kellum, Lucille Kellum, Wilma Kleinman, Theresa Knight, Elsie Knight, Wanda Koller, Marie Lawrence, Dorothy Lee Levy, Ruth Lewis, Betty Lou Lievsay, Lola Lockridge, Betty lo Kelton, Don Kennedy, Iames Kincaid, lack Krusz, William Kurz, Herman Lewallen, Amos Lyon, C. W. Mackey, l. C. Martin, Thomas Miller, Arthur Miller, Billy Moore, Roland Murdock, lustine Murphy, Donald McClure, lack McCoy, Earl McCoy, George McCracken, R. L. McNally, Bobby Palmer, lames Palmer, lohn Wayne Pate, Dawson Patton, Herman Peacock, Stanley Pedigo, William Perry, Aubrey Piesman, Harry Pine, James Plotkin, David S GIRLS Lovell, Sammie Lowry, Elaine Lees, Maudine Ruth Lyles, Annette Machac, Adell Mahaney, Margaret Mallory, Kathleen Manley, Dorothy Masterson, Catherine Matthews, Martha Menasco, Florence Miller, Ieanette Miller, Maurine Millwee, Hazel Ruth Millwee, Mina Lee Mitchell, Betty Mitchell, Doris Morawski, Clara Morris, Virginia McAeer, Doris McCorkle, Margie McCreary, Margaret McGaughey, Doris McKinney, Betty lane Puckett, Derwin Purkey, Leland Pyron, Paul Roberts, Lloyd Roth, Milton Rudick, Carl Rushing, Gerald Schlinger, Fred Schaerdel, lohn Henry Seely, C. B. Smegner, A. l. Stathakos, Alex Stephenson, Doyle Stewart, Robert Stinson, Oscar Sumner, Ben Summerfield, Hayden Sutton, Duane Swofford, Bobbie Therrell, Warren Thornton, Aubrey Tinsley, Iames Tolerton Leon Tunnell, Flcice Walker, Earl White, Charlie 'VVilliarns, lack Wynn, Forrest Porter, Patricia Ray, Dorothy Ray, Margie Ratcliffe, Nona Reaves, Frances Roark, Carlyn Roberts, Chlorine Rose, Louise Rutherford, Helen Sanders, Lois Satterwhite, Yvita Scrivner, Loraine Shalette, Evelyn Shuptrine, Lucille Skrivanek, Lydia Smith, Dorothy Lee Spillman, Ieanette Stark, Virginia Stewart, Cora Lee Stevenson, Dorothy Fay Sullins, Mareta Thompson, Lydia Thompson, Viva Tiner, Kathleen McWilliams, lda Geraldine Tucker, Christine Newman, Ava Lee Owens, Billie Parks, Kathryn Parsons, Ruby Mae Partain, luanita Pate, Evelyn Perry, Barbara Elaine Pirozzo, Elizabeth Poole, Shirley Turner, Mary Waddell, Wanda Lee Walling, Florence Ward, Ada Florice Weatherly, Rena Westbrook, Frankie Wilborn, Billie Wilhite, Novia Lee Williams, loy Lee Page Fifty-nine -..n..,..--gu- I , , .Q K. V, Y. N - MW ,, . N -K ,L M W ,En L. -,L 1 Q ' T 1- . . - A A f , J T -A 7 A-IV 'T J fi ,, V t "QV '- . -, .., ,, . V 4' L. A V - A -K, , ,JI 4 I wh M ,.. ,hm .M N it -if i. , x 19 tlammftf -A ' gil 'ENT , ft ,L ' - ,If V E Q N , , ,.,,,,!,,I..t Ifvw...-4 ,nw .. -- ww- ryan NI, J 1'wr"'i2tf'Z.'?'5't'Ht-9 a-- 'A " M' A 1' ,Am Awww, M f Page Si I .71 4mJ,y.tpQ, ' wt " 'Q ' I . 1 f 'SWT' M ' TTT-gt k , A I - H C L H S S MISS RUTH CHRISTOPHER Sponsor MRS. ANNA C. BRYAN Co-Sponsor O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President ...... KENNETH ENGLISH President ..... BETTY TANE GARDNER Vice-President . . REVA IOYCE KUYKENDALL Vice-President . . . . HELEN WILENSKY Secretary ....... BILLY MADDOX Secretary . . . . ANNETTE GOLMAN The I-AIS and I-B's meet every other Wednesday in the auditorium. The officers alternate the presidency over the class meetings. The program committee strives to choose a fitting program if a national holiday iS approaching. At the close of the term students discuss the course of study for the next term. xly Albright, Duward Baker, George Ball, David Bankhead, Iimmy Bardin, Autrey Lee Benat, Robert Bradley, Iames Brockway, Walter Brown, Derrell Brown, Iohnnie Broyles, William Buiord, Albert Burch, Billy Burkley, Edward Burnstein, Norman Burson, Levy Cobbel, David Campbell, Chase Cherry, Iames Clark, Thomas Coley, Gerald Conway, Howard Cox, Billy Deason, Billy Dooley, Billie Harold Duckworth, R. L. Elam, Elmo Ellis, Barthell English, Kenneth Abrahamson, Anna Armstrong, Maxine Aronoff, Norma Aronoff, Toby Baker, Doris Baker, Reba Baltz, Vada Marie Barber, Billie Mae Barnett, Freddie Basket, Rosa Lee Becknell, Nora Lea Belcher, Pauline Bell, De Lois Bevill, Betty Iean Bickers, Bettye Blackburn, Billie Ruth Bourland, Sarah Bowman, Dorothy Bowman, Rozelle Bradley, Billy D. Brady, Eleanor Brown, Iacgueline Brown, Martha Browning, Margaret Bruce, Ernestine Bufkin, Billy Bryant, Geraldine Bullen, Mary Bunch, Ella Pearl Bunyard, Frances Canipe, Betty Cannon, Betty Casteel, Velma Cawthorn, Wanda Center, Florence Cicero, Anna Io Clark, Hazel Clanton, Elwanda Clymer, Iune Collendrina, Caroline Collins, Iohnnie I- Ewalt, Sammy Farr, George Ferguson, I. T. Freed, Ioe Gamel, Elton Gary, Robert Gilley, Escar Glazer, Robert Golman, Harold Goldberg, Herbert Goldstein, Freddy Grubbs, I. W. Hargis, Calvin Harstrom, David Hauck, Travis Herndon, David Hill, William Holt, Donald Hranicky, Eugene Huddleston, Leroy Hudler, Marvin Huie, Raleigh Humphrey, Ierry Ieffers, Eugene leiferson, Alfred Iohnson, Elmer Iones, I. T. Iones, Eugene I-H Conner, Lillie Pearl Corchine, Minnette Cox, Rebecca Cox, Rubye Crowder, Sybil Cummings, Effie Davenport, Dorothy Davis, Kathleen Davis, Maurine Dixon, Letha Faye Dodson, Opal Lee Dodson, Willie B. Drake, Modena Duck, Nelda Io Dugan, Patricia Echols, Celesta Etheridge, Iuanita Etheredge, Nell Ferguson, Hazel Fineglass, Minnette Fischl, Ruth Fite, Virginia Fletcher, Mary Ruth Frye, Patsy Anne Gardner, Betty lane Gattuso, Samye Gentry, Billie Lou Gentry, Mary Lee Goldberg, Ieanne Golman, Anita Golman, Annette Gouger, Betty Mae Green, Ieniva Hambrick, Lelia Harnbrick, Natalie Hamilton, Loreta Hammond, Poppy Hardin, Iimmie Lucille Harmer, Doris Iean Harris, Geraldine Hawkins, Loretta H CLHSS BOYS Kahn, Saul Keller, Iack Kennington, David Kile, Walter Emmit Kimling, Iack King, Wilford Lang, Glenn Lathrop, Murvell Leggett, Milan Lemons, I. T. Leventhal, Stanley Lichenstein, Bernard Lincoln, Iim Logan, George Lowrance, Charles Lloyd, Harold Maddox, Billy Miller, Bobby Monday, Marvin Moore, Marshall Munden, Charles Murchison, Iimmy Murdoch, Russell McClain, Richard McCoy, Bill McLandon, Billy Nelson, Harold N icewarner, Gilbert CLHSS Heath, Mary Iean Hempel, Marceline Henry, Edwynia Hicks, Bonnie Hilliard, Fay Hiser, Lenoa Holifield, Dolores Holland, Lena Faye Holman, Louise Hooten, Ionell Hope, Frances Louise Hoskins, Dorothy Howell, Minnie Lea House, Mary Howes, Maxine Howie, Dorothy Hughes, Geraldine Hughes, Mary Hughes, Verna Iean Hyde, Bettye Frances Iackson, Virginia , Iacob, Lois Iones, lmodean Iones, Martha Ann Iessup, Marion Kamen, Sophie Kelley, Nezzie Kleinman, Anna Knight, Ianette Kuykendall, Reva Lloyd, Marie Lamb, Virginia Lambert, Billie Lankford, Virginia LaRue, Wanda Lee Law, Dorothy Lea Lebowitz, Grace Levine, Lenora Lewis, Barbara Little, Loraine G Palmer, Dee Parrett, Ernest Paynter, Ray Earl Pearcy, Glen Polishuk, Ervin Pounds, Cleopas Powell, Clinton Powers, Billy Prather, G. W. Pugh, Iohn Ramsey, Billy Iack Reynolds, Gerald Riggs, Frank Ritchie, Eugene Robinson, Bobby Rogers, Billy Frank Rubin, Louis Rubenstein, Leon Samford, G. D. Santangelo, lack Schepps, David Schlacter, David Schmidt, Donald Seltzer, Sammy Sill, George Shipp, Ronald Singleton, Iulian Smith, Iimmie IRLS Lipton, Estelle L. Maberry, Oleta Marantz, Charlotte Mayes, Ioan Menasco, Annie Lou Moore, Annabelle Moore, Betty Io Moldave, Evelyn Morris, Billie Pearl Morrison, Roberta Moulton, Dorothy McCullough, Nadine Napier, Martha Newman, Maxine Nicholas, Gloria Norton, Mary Elizabeth Odell, Rolene Orton, Tommie Overturf, Dorothy Parish, Marjorlene Peavy, Eugenia Pederson, Corinne G. Pennington, Phyllis Perlmutter, Ruth Poarch, Ophelia Poynter, Hazel Rachofsky, Marilyn Ray, Margie Rees-Iones, Gwendolen Reaves, Iune Reed, Thelma-Lee Reynolds, Ruth Richardson, Beatrice Richmond, Nellie Ricker, Bette Rosengarten, Bertha Russell, Pauline Rutchik, Doris Sandford, Mary Sawyer, Betty Smith, Richard Smith, Billy Ioe Snead, Nova Solomon, Barnett Stevens, Grover Stovall, Newton Stowe, Leland Swan, Iames Tanell, Richard Theisen, Richard Thomas, Milford Turner, Leland Vaden, Spiva Vodicka, Edward Voight, Herbert Walker, Oscar Watts, Albert Watts, Herbert Weatherford, Teddy West, Donald Westbrook, Ralph White, Iames Woolbright, Cecil Wood, Erman Wright, Marshall Yonack, Herbert Young, Earl Zimmerman, Morton Scoma, Beatrice Scott, Mary Alice Seely, Treysa Settle, Zelma Mae Shackelford, Mona Iean Shaffer, Dorothy Frances Sharpe, Geraldine Sherrard, Shirlye Slaydon, Mary Lou Stanberry, Louvinia Stephens, Daphine Stewart, Doris Ann Stovall, Betty Sullivan, Wanda Taylor, Beatrice Taylor, Helen Thomas, Carlene Thompson, Maxine Threadgill, Shirley Tindall, Vida Io Tinsley, Freida Gay Tobolowsky, Rezell Todora, Mary if Tolley, Margaret l I I f fl Toplitz, Frances J 143 Tucker, Maudie Beat V Watts, Maureen Weltman, Loralie Whittington, Peggy Io Wilensky, Helen Wilkerson, Lucille Willeford, Iona Williams, Fay Williams, Ruth Wilson, Dorothy Winsor, Alice Woolbright, Edith Yates, Evelyn Yonack, Charlotte Young, Lois Page Sixty-one I f.,-W-F I 4 uf' W 'k U I I .- V ,, L7 K ,Q AT. K A f , -g. . Vik: , Yu' l IIA HX I-B crass K N '.: Miss RUTH CHRISTOPHER Sponsor MISS ANNIE GEM FELDER Co-Sponsor O F F I C E R S SPRING President ........ SHIRLEY MARK Vice-President ..... IVA MAE GIBBS Secretary . . . . MARVIN BARISH The l-B Class began their hiah school career by learning all the do's and don'ts in the rule book of Forest. They received visitors from the various spe- cial departments in the school-lil. Q. T. C., orchestra, choral club, and band. Durinq Friendship Week, the freshmen were honored with a party sponsored by the Student Council, the Girl Reserves, and the Hi-'Y Club. Page Sixty-Iwo Adds, l. V. Allen, Leroy Baltz, Wayne Ban, Theadore Barish, Marvin Barnes, Howard Brown, Bill Brown, Elton Broyles, William Casey, Nathan Conglase, Ross Chambers, Freddie Charles, lack Cherry, Homer Chisholm, Robert Cox, L. M. Darr, Andy Leon Davis, Rayford Dawson, Ralph Dees, Edward Delk, Clitiord Embry, lames Ewing, Harry Faircloth, Everett Finneburgh, Morris Frauman, Iulius Alexander, Elaine Alexander, Marguerite Anderson, Mary lane Belt, Mary Kathryn Benton, Mary Bigelow, Edna Earle Blocker, Mary Frances Boatman, Iuanita Brown, Fannie Mae Brown, loanna Brown, Miriam Bruner, Geneva Ruth Burleson, Virginia Burris, Francine Bynum, Gertrue Cannon, lohnnie Carver, Kathryn Chesnick, Sarah Cochran, Wanda Cogdell, Theresa Cohen, Eleanor Collins, Kathleen Corbin, Rita May Cordell, Evelyn Cortimilia, Mary Ann Cunningham, Mary Frances Davis, Juanita I I-B C HSS BOYS reerrian, erry Gill, Charles Gilreath, Clcise Gray, Alton Green, Herbert Greenberg, Leon Grubbs, Richard Hall, Charles Harris, Leroy Hayle, lames Henry, lack Hermandez, Mike Hiett, Henry Hill, Shirley Hogan, Fred Howington, Robert Huckaby, Alton Huckaby, Daltcn larrett, Paul Kolenovsky, Bobby Leverett, Harold Lewis, Harold Linthicum, Philip Long, Paul Lynch, T. W. Lyons, lack Maxwell, Robert Mays, R. B, McCarley, N, l. McKinney, lce McPherson, Frank McSpadden, Calvin Meeks, Ioe Melton, Garland Miller, Tommy Moore, Bobby Morris, lohn Murry, loe Newell, Troas Peach, Eugene Pemberton. Harold Pendleton, I. C. Phillips, Herman Cecil Pugh, Robert Reeds, Charles Rhoden, l. C. Rice, Herman Riser, Henry Roberts, L VV. Schubs, Charles Segal, lerry Shafer, Henry -B CLHSS GIRLS De Gough, Betty lean Deskin, Mary Du Bose, Priscilla Dyer, Anna Ruth Emling, Nelwyn Flanagan, Lorene Fletcher, Lynell Frances, Genevieve Freeman, Floy Gaylord, Helen George, Mary Ann George, Naomi Gibbs, lva Mae Gill, Iohnnie Mae Grant, Frankie Griiiith, Bonnie Griner, Virginia Hale, Emma Vada Halliburton, Mary Hallmark, Helen Hancock, Betty Lou Haverkorn, Anne Harwood, Thelma Head, Aileen Marie Hendrix, Wanda lean Hensley, Mildred Hill, Ruth Hubig, Annie Mae lanner, Frances Louise lohnson, Bernice Lattimer, Helen Lawton, Lillian Lumley, Mary Io Lynn, Nila Ruth Maner, loan Mark, Shirley Massey, Mary Matlock, Syble Mauldin, Sara May, Zita McMaster, Betty Mead, Doris lean Michaelson, Gloria Moreman, Opal Morris, Emma lane Moores, Martha lane Musso, Annabell Nail, Betty lean Ninich, Patricia Nunn, Wanda Tune Pokladnik, Annie Richmond, Geraldine Ray, Marjorie Robbins, Frances Robinson, Betty lane Roserberg, leanette Sharp, Bert Shaw, Freddie Shelton, Robert Sherman, William Sloan, Frank Solomon Herman Stepter, Thomas Swaiiord, Bill Thomas, Frank Thorn, Edwin Thorn, Glen Thrasher, Howard Tuttle, Tom Vavra, Leo Frank Vineyard, lerrv ltlfaitord, Edgar D. Weltchek, Louis Vfild, Leroy Wilhelm, lchnnie Williamson, Max Earl 'Willis l. Weldon Wilson, Bill Wright, Vernon Yandell, Roy Young, loe Zeman, Ralph Rush, Dorothea Sauceda, luanita Sconce, Doris Scruggs, Mildred Sewell, Owessa Mae Shook, Dollie Mae Shultz, Lois Sims, Bobbie Nell Smith, Billie Smith, Bobbie Stover, Helen Steindam, Louise Stoole, Helen Sutcliite, Anna Lee Tanton, Darlene Taylor, Stella Tidrow, lo Laverne Tollerton, Lula Mae Towner, Gloria Earle Tullos, Novella Vaughn, Vada Wilson, Doris Williams, Ora Lou Woodall, Laverne VVorley, Helen Wright, Betty Wright, Frances Zatlo, May Belle Page Sixty-three . .J- ..- 4-4 ,, , WE MARCH 'vw ., .-N ,Q M .-Juv I Mu- - wr, 1 .1 .afvf ' . ' .-'v"', ,?..-1 .ya-. 3- aff, J J., F' 2' J Lieutenant-Colonel Colonel RICHARD L. COLEMAN WILLIAM Hsazoo Commandant Band Director R. O. T. C. Staff Lieutenant Colonel Herrnan Klar . ............ Commanding Officer Major Charles Blaha ..... . Battalion Executive Officer and Chief of Staff Captain lack Harrison .... .............. A djutant Captain Ierry Lipton . . . . lntelligence Officer and Provost Officer Captain Robert Bush. . ..... ..... P lans and Training Officer Captain lack Bronaugh ......... ........., S upply Officer Master Sergeant Harold Degen Staff Sergeant Ralph Balthrop Master Sergeant Lloyd Saunders Staff Sergeant Sirnon Selzer Staff Sergeant Paul Glanville . f . , W x Lieutenant-Colonel HERMAN KLAR Battalion Cornander Major CHARLES BLAHA Executive Officer R. O. T. C, Officers Lieutenant-Colonel Herman Klar Major Charles Blaha Captain Bobert Bush ' Captain Roger Erickson Captain lames Frank Captain lack Bronauqh Captain Georqe Gilkerson Captain Daniel Green Captain lack Harrison Captain ferry Lipton First Lieutenant loe Bob Samford First Lieutenant M. P. Tucker First Lieutenant Arthur Primrose Second Lieutenant lrvina Wisdom Second Lieutenant Bobby Woodside Second Lieutenant Conrad Brown Second Lieutenant Marvin Mosesman Second Lieutenant Karl Carey Second Lieutenant lrvinq Wasserman Second Lieutenant lack Box Second Lieutenant Walter Strucely Second Lieutenant Kenneth Grier --.i,,v:t-mwQm- Wm- ' V - L Y -- ' -'wi' ' - ' HERMAN KLAR Rille Team This year the riile team finished fourth in the city Cut oi thirty-eight teams entered in the William Randolph Hearst Trophy Match, Forest came out eighteenth. Teams were entered from Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma Colo rado, and Arizona. Out ot all the matches, Lieutenant Captain Colonel Herman Klar had the highest tiring average Lieutenant-Colonel Herman Klar Second Lieutenant Karl Carey Second Lieutenant Irving Wisdom Second Lieutenant Kenneth Grier Corporal Philip Weinkrantz First Class Private Monroe Bell Captain lack Bronaugh Captain lack Harrison Second Lieutenant lack Box Second Lieutenant Wilher Kaston Second Lieutenant lrving Wasserman First Sergeant Fred Cunningham Sergeant Charles Fields Captain Daniel Green X , it , : Page Sixly-eight lQ.CD.T.C Band Captain Landry, Wilson Second Lieutenants Davis, William Flood, lack Kasten, Wilbur Miller, Edward Smith, lack First Sergeant Keaton, Eugene Sergeants Glazer, Irving Hoffman, Harry Hoffman, 'ferry Ornish, Edwin Van Huss, Robert Yates, Charles Corporals Archer, Bobby Barshop, Fred EIY. lerome Levy, Bernard Maddox, George X Millwee, Robert Moore, George Razovslcy, lack Soltes, Elton Privates, First Class Brown, Robert De Lee, Billy Hirsli, Lawrence lones, LeRoy Moody, B. M. Rubinett, Iarrell Privates Baleja, Leonard Ball, David Blummer, Raymond Brown, Johnny Cosby, Billy Douglas, Young Gilley, Oscar Glazer, Robert Griswood, Herbert Hart, Billy Hendrick, Homer Hoover, Lawrence lefferson, Alfred Q fffalqf f , WILSON LANDRY Freeman, Ierryf ? Captain Lemorman Recruits Murdock, Russell Pokladnik, lrvinq Howell, Windell Ramsey, Bill Robinson, Bobby Attached Seltzer, Simon Shaerdel, Iohn Bush' Rcfberl Srnallwood, Ioe Cqplam Stephenson, Doyle Bghhmp, Ralph Shipp, Ronnie Staff Sergeant Page Smty nine Room ERICKSON Captain Captain Erickson, ltoger First Lieutenant Tucker, M. P. Second Lieutenant Brown, Conrad Mosesman, Marvin First Sergeant Clemons, Delbert Serqeants Bowden, Raymond Henderson, Hugh larvis, Vandon Madans, Morton Wheeler, Doyle Corporals Cline, Danny Cox, Anson Harris, M. G. Hodkinson, Iohn Holland, Clinton Kelton, Don Lucky, G. C. Samford, Bandolp Weinkrantz, Philip Compfan tht l Privates, First Class Brooks, Eugene Cox, Charles Davis, Charles De Voe, Pete Hodges, Charles Lynch, Carvis Moores, lesse Mozingo, Charles Stamps, Bennett Privates Andrews, Martin Barish, Marvin Beck, Charles Bourquin, Frank Brooks, Edward Burch, Billy Canady, Charles Clark, Billy Caldwell, Billy Chambers, Freddi Cox, L. M. Darr, Andy Leon Dowd, Barney 9 Donaberger, Frank Faircloth, Eston Fryar, Iirnrny Cwarnel, Elton Giller, David Griffin, Gene Croodstein, Harry it 7 lrfarris, Leroy Harstrorn, David Hart, Iesse Hollers, lohnny Holt, Walter Hurnphery, Ierry Iordon, Charles King, Robert Lang, Glen Lowrance, Charles Mann, Don Maxwell, Robert Murray, Ioe McKinney, loe Nieburger, Melvin Pyron, Paul Hanson, Ierald Reed, Porter Hosenzwieg, David Rubenstein, Leon Schlacter, David Singleton, Iuliun Smith, Lowell Shendall, Walter Shuptrine, Iarnes Swatiord, Bobby Teafatiller, Billy Thomas, Frank Thorn, Edwin Wright, Vernon Attached Klar, Herrnan, Lieutenant Colonel Bronaugh, lack, Captain Page Scrwzly . 11 -. -.Qi L. 4' kiwi? , Company B Captain Green, Daniel First Lieutenant Primrose, Arthur Second Lieutenant Carey, Karl Struceley, Walter First Sergeant Shelton, Andrew Sergecmts Fields, Charles Hardy, Emmett May, Robert Pate, Roy Roclden, Iames Simon, Robert Corpomls Aronoff, Melvin Dees, Charles Henderson, E. K. Parker, Wylie Wilensky, Ramon Woody, Clinton Privates. First Class Bell, Monroe Burton, Gary Dane, Kenneth Dial, Billy Edwards, Galen Harris, Clay Lamb, Avon Miller, Carol Sorensen, Walter Summerfield, Hayden Tuttle, Iames Winters, lames Privates Adds, George Alteneau, George Arrington, Bruce Arrington, Curtis Cox, Billy Cox, Iohnny Crockett, David Curry, Roy Dellc, Clifford Dooley, Billie Ellis, Curtis Finneburgh, Morris Frazier, Holly Gragsone, A. I. Green, Iack Harman, Howard Hart, Ioe Holcombe, Henry Huddlestori, Leroy Iohnson, Douglas Iohnson, Elmer Krusz, William Lynch, I. W. Mackey, I. C. McCarley, Robert McClure, lack Perry, Aubrey I Riseman, Harry Roberts, Lloyd Sill, George Singleton, James Stovall, Newton Therrel, Warren Thurmond, Iimmy Utter, Robert Watford, Edgar Walker, Harold White, Carland Williamson, Max DANIEL GREEN Captain Winters, Andrew Webberman, Ben Wynn, Forrest Attached Harrison, lack, Captain Degen, Harold, Master Sergeant Selzer, Simon, Staff Sergeant Page Sevenly-one GEORGE GILKERSON Captain Captain Gilkerson, George Second Lieutenants Vtfasserman, lrving Wisdom, lrving Woodside, Bobby First Sergeant Cunningham, Fred Serqeants Burns, Kenneth Iones, Price Lenhart, William Sheaner, Herbert Strickland, Frank Woods, Leon Yarbrough, lCHT19S Corporals Harwood, lack Phillips, Herschel Roberts, Walter Simon, Harold Tunnel, Floice Walls, lohn D. Vandergriff, Ray Company C Privates, First Class Beach, Raymond Coleman, Iulius Feldman, Samuel Fletcher, Donald Gillespie, Bill Glanville, Richard Hamusek, Alvin Lewis, Richard iones, Edward Moldave, Sam Paschall, Sam Pinson, Max Vxfright, Orville Zatlo, Alex Privates Ashner, Fred Bankhead, limmy Bond, Iohn Borotsky, Harold Brown, Bob Clark, Ollie Cash, Ray Elam, Elmo Ewalt, Sammy Farrell, Richard Forston, James Golman, Harold Griffith, Binford Guthrie, Robert Hargis, Calvin Hernandez, Allen lones, I. T. King, Wilford Le-venthal, Stanley Lewis, Harold Miller, Tommy McCoy, Bill McCoy, George Palmer, Dee Pate, Dawson Pounds, Cleopes Rushing, Gerald Reid, Charles Schumann, Alvin Schlinger, Fred Sherman, William Sivells, Charles Tinsley, James Varva, Leo Welch, Lloyd Weltchek, Louis Yonack, Herbert Zernan, Ralph Attached Blaha, Charles, Major Lipton, Ierry, Captain Glanville, Paul, Staff Sergeant ---- .--f-, Page Sereniy-Iwo ' J ompahy D Captain Frank, Iames First Lieutenant Samford, loe Bob Second Lieutenants Box, lack Grier, Kenneth First Sergeant Breeding, Marvin Serqecmts Bronauqh, Billy Ford, Charles Lucky, Harwell Pennington, Dearyl Tiner, Bill Utay, Marvin Wittkower, Iames Corporals Alexander, Frank Curry, Roy Karr, Walter McFarland, Robert Nix, lack Peacock, William Townsend, lack Vlilonsky, Sol Privates. First Class Cohen, Leon Gilliam, Royal Harris, I. B. Nurre, Bernard Powers, Iirnrnie Rephan, Leroy Veel, Billy Wilson, D, I. Privates Bledsoe, Elvis Brown, William Browning, Wallace Burns, Russell Cantrell, Dillard Colobel, David Dane, Philip Davis, Wood Deason, Billy Elliott, Lynn Free, Ioe Bill Freeman, lack Gallop, Billy George, Glenn Gray, Alton Harris, Thomas Iohnson, Willie Iones, Eugene Lee, lack Moore, Roger Murphy, Donald McKinney, Ioe Orman, Paul Pendleton, I. C. Riley, Sherman Schrieber, Charles Shaefer, Henry Shaw, Freddie IAMES FRANK Captain Shoeford, Briton Siegel, Ioe Thornton, Aubrey Territo, Ioe Vodika, Edward White, Gailand Wilson, Richard Zimmerman, Abe Attached Saunders, Lloyd, Master Sergeant Page Seveney-three .1 ... , JL - mt:-ri.-Y x' " - ' ,4"' ,. ,nr .fx -' fig . .gm E , . If QEQJ' 'ft 4- an-' , fe + 'L 1 ,. ff , W, " ,f , ' z, 'wx-Q I ru ,H -:L --ff V - wg . , '3 ik! , ff- gg-1 , 5 Y . . -e 4 f J if J : ji n fn? 4 2 -1- EX - T , ,R , 3 ' F fp' I i f ggi, ,,. . . xi 1 -2 J g W-' ,- --C' f 'Q ' ,A 1 ' .. 1' 3 ,H W . -, I f . im,H..:-ff dxf T 6:5481 ,,v - ' 3. . . if -4" ,.- ,gf . 1 gf? 5 " ' ' , 'V - "' 4 1' I gs.:-Q: -fx' . '- f ,-. 25' -- "-"ik-" -.1 ' N- ' 1 - - 44 . - V ' ' ' ' " '45 -- f - '- A 1. . ' ' -S -. , 1 wiv. ,s Q t- fr up-. "1 if -- ..,---- X. ff XYi""' . .ua , 51 ,mfr : :.-ri .' il 1. ' ' ' .,v If 1' '-" ' ' '- 5 "1 'Q - ' - - 1" 5 - ff ' Eff wr .. ' I 11 .951 - uf: Ti g , ' - 5 l' 1. .51 ' 43 f ifef ' F .f 1- I Ne. - , 5 -f' . fi ? ' -4- - i? 1 , ,' '4 .s ' A , 2-Q v.:y 5 2 mg- 3 , sb sr, b 1 p ' l. 'Q '. ' 1 3 Y - - - QA 5 , ff 1 f ' E" -x b' 1 fi -. -'fs - - - ' ? 1- -ff ' f' :"5:5""3'?9'fi?1f?1"v'-' 5- ,lx V, 4- 4.1 -i , - -5. ' , 5,3 - 9 x Mr, g ,.: if fv ,., ,. yu-Q .151 f, - .- w3'HfE4?L ' , 2. 7' W ,--f ' . -1- 1 V4 w. -H 9 , Sim- .. n z ., . - 1 - U . ,-'71-1 mxqmme' 5 - ' Wil'- f f 55? -'-Rf'-1:1-are-fy.-cu.1:ev.Q2-'-F-. M - .- 111: ' ' T' M- ,A- 3-, -Fw-refs """""' f "F Q' 'W X ' I ' V '1ixLf-it -MFT. -ff' 'L' Z.'.g.-,E-523 -WW 1- "Q ' fig' if --5--ggifgxz 1 ' " J" ix 2152! :w i,-Q 5,,z".f-11-'G - A . A- fwei-,:g+. A' ,x 5- - ,,:3i.1f,,1:,.,,, 59: . -.53 ' s .V Z2 . - ' -" 1 i,2::,Q'.,,,f5Njf33-1-2 . , - ,.,. . ..,, .M,.A,.,1,,,,,,.,, --,T .' - . Z A " i,i,-,ng ,-g,,m1,:L':jf.ffefff5 .A ,, . V V-I , . , . , .. .- .-L., I , - lflaglkfy-,r:f:,.,lqk.,?-55 CDRGANIZE Hllied Hrts Club MIss MEL MITCHELL Sponsor O F F I C E R S FALL U , SPRING President ...... . GEORGIA BELT President . . . .... GEORGIA BELT Vice-President . . MARY CASSATA Vice-President . . . VIRGINIA LARUE Secretary . . . .KATIIRYN RANSOM Secretary . . . . . VIVIAN STOVALL Treasurer . . . .VIVIAN STOVALL Treasurer . . . . . . CARL RICKER Parliamentarian . . . SOPHIE RUSKIN Parliamentarian .... KATHRYN RANSOM Sergeant-at-Arms . . . ANDREW MILLER Sergeant-at-Arms ..... IAMES STUTTS The activities of the Forest Allied Arts Club consist for the most part of visits to the Art Museum and to other art galleries and exhibits of interest in the City of Dallas. At times we have a Dallas artist speak to us. Two meetings of each term are devoted to business. A party is always given for the new officers. Other parties and activities are carried out as the club desires. PM The purpose ot the Allied Arts Club is to acquaint ourselves with the work of old masters and present-day painters. 'VV' e strive to teach ourselves by observing what has been done by others. Aiken, Verdie Lee Belt, Georgia Bruce, Ernestine Colletti, Angelo Emerson, Clyde Erhenberger, Frank Evans, Onita Fisher, La Verne Page Sevenly-six MEMBERS France, Voleta Gonzales, Lillie Greenberg, Leon Gross, Katie Pearl Howie, Margaret Kellum, Bonnie Faye LaRue, Virginia Murphy, Peggy Ann Nunn, lda Marie G'Shea, Kathleen Peavy, Eugenia Bansom, Kathryn Beaves, Iune Reed, Otie Beese, Katie Reese, Mary Sue Bicker, Carl Ruskin, Sophie Stovall, Betty Stovall, Vivian Stutts, lames Walthal, lames Whaley, Birt MEMBERS I unior Red Cross Miss IUNIA MCALISTER Sponsor 0 F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President ..... MIRIAM GUCKENHEIMER President ...,... DORIS MONTAGUE Vice-President . . . . FERN BARNETT Vice-President .... DoR1s IEAN RoBBrNs Secretary . . . . MARY CASSATA Secretary . . . .... LENA CASSATA Treasurer .... . DOR1s MONTAO-UR Treasurer ........ DOROTHY Loos Sergeant-at-Arms . . . . DOROTHY BAIN Sergeant-at-Arms . . . FRANCES PODHRASKY Parliamentarian ...... Ross BRYANT Parliamentarian ..... DOROTHY BAIN We of the lunior Red Cross believe in service tor others, in health ot mind and body tO tit us for better service, and in world-wide friendship. For this reason we have joined the Ameri- can lunior Red Cross. We will help to make its work successful in our school and community, and will work together with luniors everywhere in our own and other lands. We distribute baskets during Thanksgiving and Christmas, give parties to needy homes, and till stockings during Christmas. Addington, Margie Aronoti, Toby Bain, Dorothy Marie Ball, Lonetta Ball, Nellie Barnett, Freddie Barshop, Marguerite Beasley, Katheryn Borotsky, Harold Bryant, Ross Cassata, Lena Clanton, Edwana Cohn, Adelaide Cook, luanita Cooper, Marcia Dane, Philip Freedman, Sally Gattuso, Nonette Gillett, Frances Crrandee, Margaret Graul, Mary Catherine Grider, Marjorie Guckenheimer, Miriam Harris, M. G. Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Betty Lou Lines, Lela Mae Loos, Dorothy Maculus, losephine Maculus, Virginia McClaren, Dale McDowell, Dorothy Montague, Doris Morantz, Charlotte Podhrasky, Frances Rephan, Mildred Robbins, Doris lean Ruskin, Sophie Rutehik, Doris Schumann, Alvin Shatter, Dorothy Skelton, Frances Stovall, Iudith Tobolowsky, Rozelle Tolly, Dorothy White, luanita Wolven, Vertie Page Seventy-sevefz I unior Historians Miss BEss THATCHER Sponsor O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President . . . . MURrEL SILEERMAN President ........ SAMUEL LEVINE Vice-President . . . . SOL WILONSKY Vice-President . . . IULIUS COLEMAN Secretary . , . . . MARTHA CARTER Secretary . . . . . LUCY SCHWARTZ Treasurer .... . . IULIUS COLEMAN Treasurer. ..... IRVING WASSERMAN Sergeant-at-Arms . . LEON WILENSKY Sergeant-at-Arms . . . CHARLES MERCER Parliamentarian ..... BARBARA CLARK Parliamentarian ,... MURIEL SILBERMAN The lunior Historians of Forest Avenue High School are students interested in the present and future Ot Texas. Our club celebrated Texas Week, which was originated by our principal, Wylie A. Parker, with an assembly, during which books were presented to the Texas Memorial Library. The club also participated in programs given on Saturdays at the Texas Hall of State. We have Charter Number One of the Iunior Division of the Texas State Historical Society. We are actively interested in gathering historical material, in reading books about Texas, and in taking pilgrimages to historic shrines and places. Barnett, Fern Belt, Georgia Bock, Ethel Bruant, Geraldine Carbone, Seraphina Carter, Martha Christison, Evelyn Cohn, Adelaide Coleman, Iulius Cooper, Marcia Crowder, Ina Vee Dagnall, Norma Page Serelzly-eigfa! MEMBERS Freed, Pearl Freedman, Sally Goldgar, Wiltreol Goodman, Frances Harwood, lack Hawkins, Evelyn Hedgepth, N Tommie Ruth Ienkins, Dorothy Kennington, Almeta Kleinman, Theresa Leach, Hannah Levine, Samuel Mercer, Charles Morris, Beverly Murphy, Alveta McWilliams, Geraldine Nunn, Ida Marie Parker, Maude Schwartz, Lucy Silberman, Muriel Silvergold, Frances Slaughter, Gertrude Smith, Billie Ioe Smith, Charlene Spreen, Amelia Stoller, lack Threadgill, Ola May Tobolowsky, Rozelle Ussery, Iuanita Walker, Imogene Wasserman, Irving Wilensky, Leon Wilonsky, Sol Workman, Emilie Dallas Historians Mrss MINNIE BROWN Sponsor O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President. . . .... FRANCES SMITH President ........ DoRIs GRACE Vice-President . . . DORIS GRACE Vice-President. . . . .LYNN ELLIOT Secretary. . . . .CLAIRE DEGEN Secretary . . . . FRANCES SMITH Treasurer .... . . . WYLIE PARKER Treasurer . . . . . RAY BELL KAHN Sergeant-at-Arms . . . CURTIS ARRINGTON Sergeant-at-Arms . . . IAMES YARBROUGH Parliamentarian . . . . SHIRLEY HoUCK Parliamentarian . . . RICHARD GLANVILLE The achievements ot our great civic leaders in the development of Dallas have been the inspiration tor the program ot the Dallas Historians. This program has been given in co-opera tion with the Dallas Historical Society which is sponsoring a series of similar programs at the Hall of State. Members of our club have regularly attended these meetings held on Saturday morning under the leadership of Dr. Herbert Gambrell ot Southern Methodist University and Mr. Iulius Dorsey, District Superintendent oi the Dallas High Schools. We have appreciated our opportunity ot participating in this worthy program and attending the profitable and interest ing meetings. Alexander, Maxine Arrington, Curtis Bailey, Gladys Bailey, Gloria Borotsky, Harold Butler, Margie Degen, Claire MEMB Elliott, Lynn George, Glenn Glanville, Richard Grace, Doris Holt, Walter Houck, Shirley lordon, Charles ERS Kahn, Bay Bell Maculuso, Beatrice Page, Velma Mae Parker, Wylie Powers, Iimmy Singleton, lames Smith, Frances Turner, Dorothy Whitcomb, Clare Whitcomb, lanet Wittlcower, Iames Woods, Martin Yarbrough, lames Yonack, Sylvia Page Seventy nme Girls Public Speaking Club MRS. TURA W. DIAL Sponsor O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President ...... ADLENE NATHANSON President ....... LOUISE HEMPHILL Vice-President . . MARILINE LANDSBERG Vice-President .... ROSALIE ACKERMAN Secretary . . . . . ROSALIE ACKERMAN Secretary . . . . . GOLDIE ENGLEBERG Treasurer ...... FRANCES GOODMAN Treasurer .... . . lEANNE POLAKOFF Sergeant-at-Arms .... LOUISE HEMPHILL Sergeant-at-Arms .... PRANKIE FALLIN Parliamentarian .... IANICE KAUFMAN Parliamentarian . . . ADLENE NATHANSON Student Council Representative .... Student Council Representative .... MARILINE LANDSBERG MARILINE LANDSBERG The Girls Public Speaking Club meets every Wednesday in Room lOl at three twenty o'clock. Its purposes are the acquirement oi ease and naturalness in oratory, debating, and extemporaneous speaking. Aside from the study of public speaking, the members learn the fundamentals of parliamentary practice. The club presents two assemblies during the year, a speaker in the tall, and a play in the spring. MEMBERS Ackerman, Gertrude Farley, Dorothy Ackerman, Rosalie Freed, Pearl Angrist, Gloria Apple, Viola Bain, Dorothy Balser, ludith Freedman, Sally Gilford, Evelyn Goldin, Marcia Golman, Anita Barshop, Margaret Golman, Annette Bolin, Imelda Burkley, Lois Casper, Lois Cooper, Iris Davis, Betty Rose Davis, Shirley Day, loy Ely, Florence Ely, Freta Engleberg, Goldie Fallin, Bertie lean Fallin, Frankie Page Eighty Goodman, Frances Goodman, Sylvia Hatton, Marguerette Hemphill, Louise Houseman, Sherman Kaplan, Sylvia Kaufman, lanice Keller, Catherine Kizer, Emily Kleinman, Theresa Kugler, Doris Landsberg, Mariline Larr, Virginia Leach, Hannah Levin, Adrienne Lichenstein, Maurine McLean, Dorothy Madans, Eleanor Manning, Mary Mark, Dorothy Mirsky, Gene Montague, Doris Nathanson, Adlene Neuman, Grace Niss, Estelle Okon, Ruth Polakoft, leanne Reynolds, Nelda Romotsky, Esther Lee Rosenbaum, Nellie Rosenstock, Toba Lena Rudnitsky, Bluma Rutchik, Doris Shalette, Evelyn Shor, Emy Lou Silvergold, Frances Skelton, Frances Stillman, Clara Belle Tompson, Sara Trattner, Elaine Utay, Louise Voiren, Gwendolyn Warner, Therle Wilensky, Helen Yonack, Bertha Yungileisch, Anna Gene Standard Debating Society MIss EDNA Rows Sponsor C. V. GOODMAN Co-Sponsor O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President ......... los GOLMAN President ......... IOE BRAND Vice-President . . . . IEROME ELY Vice-President . . . DAVID ZEsMER Secretary . . . . . EDWIN QRNISH Secretary . . . . IACK SMITH Treasurer .... . . WESLEY PHILLIPS Treasurer .... . . ROGER ERIcKsoN Sergeant-at-Arms . . . MARVIN KREss Sergeant-at-Arms . . . . . SAM LEVINE Parliamentarian. . . . .IOE BRAND Parliamentarian . . . EDWIN ORNISH Student Council ...... IOE GOLMAN Student Council ..... MARVIN KRESS The Standard Debating Society was first organized in l9l8. lt is the oldest club of its kind in the city. lts Object is to promote debate, all forms of parliamentary procedure, and Other forms of public speaking. The Standard Debating Society has over three hundred alumni. Among these there are those who have chosen law, medicine, engineering, ministry, and Various other occupations as a profession. Each year these alumni assemble at the annual banquet during the Christ- mas holidays. Archer, Bob Aronoff, Melvin Ball, David Blatt, I. D. Blummer, Raymond Brand, Ioe Brockway, Walter Broodo, Archie Burton, Gary Coleman, lulius Dane, Philip Ely, Ierome Erickson, Roger MEMBERS Flanz, Bernard Erauman, Israel Funk, loe Glasser, Sidney Golman, Harold Goodman, Merwin Hoffman, Harry Klar, Herman Kress, Marvin Levin, Norman Levine, Samuel Leventhal, Stanley Levy, Bernard Lichenstein, Bernard Miller, Carol Ornish, Edwin Phillips, Wesley Plotkin, David Raskin, Stanley Rubenstein, Marvin Rubin, Louis Robinson, Bobby Rosenfield, Phillip Rubinett, larrell Shipp, Ronnie Siegel, loe Soltes, Elton Smith, lack Smith, Mashie Stallcup, Bob Summerfield, Hayden Utay, Marvin Wasserman, lrving Webberman, Ben Weinkrantz, Philip Wilensky, Ramon Zesmer, David Zimmerman, Abraham Page Eighty-one High Scholarship Club MISS RACHEL FOOTE Sponsor O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President ....... FRANCES BURTON President ........ Lors BURKLEY Vice-President ...... FLORENCE ELY Vice-President .... MARYLYNNE SMITH Secretary . . . . . MARILYN FREELAND Secretary . . . . . BERTHA YONACK Treasurer .... . . PAULINE CARSON Treasurer .... . . IUANITA USSERY Sergeant-at-Arms .... WESLEY PHILLIPS Sergeant-at-Arms ..... IOSEPH FUNK Parliamentarian . . . MARGARET HARLAN Parliarnentarian .... LOUISE HEMPHILL Student Council Representative ..... Student Council Representative ..... LOUISE HEMPHILL LOUISE HEMPHILL The purposes oi the High Scholarship Club are to promote better scholarship and proper school spirit in Forest Avenue High School. Each year at Christmas the High Scholarship Club entertains its members with a party. Gitts from the party this year were sent to a nursery home. A play on parentship was given with much success on an assembly this spring. All members strive to make the club a success. Abramson, Zelma Ackerman, leanette Addington, Margie Alexander, Lucille Andrews, Mary Io Aronott, Melvin Ausborne, Volita Basset, Mary Sue Blaha, Charles Burkley, Lois Butler, Margie Carson, Pauline Cassata, Lena Charba, Evelyn Cook, luanita Daily, Edwina Dawd, Barney Lee Ely, Florence Engelberg, Goldie Freeland, Marilyn Page Eigloly-two MEMBERS Funk, loseph Glanville, Paul Glanville, Richard Goodman, Florence Grace, Doris Grantham, Maribeth Green, Betty Green, Florine Grier, Kenneth Hammond, Glenzelle Hardin, Iune Hatton, Marguerette Hedgepath, Tommy Hemphill, Louise Hiegel, Evelyn Hook, Oscar lsrael, losephine lohnston, U. V. Kaplan, Sylvia Killingsworth, Lillian Kynard, Evelyn Leocadi, Sara Marie Levin, Adrienne Levy, Bernard Lomas, Marie Loos, Dorothy Maculas, Beatrice Manning, Mary Mark, Dorothy Michaelson, Selma Okon, Ruth Ornish, Edwin Pate, Roy Perry, Dorothy Reed, Portor Shessel, Herbert Shor, Emy Lou Sielheimer, Dorothy Silberman, Muriel Smith, Frances , l-. ' '- It I '- '- ' -.R ' ,-. ILM" Smith, Marylynne Spicer, Martha lean Stevenson, l-lenryette Stillman, Clara Belle Stovall, ludith Skelton, Frances Sylvester, Viola Tobolowsky, Miriam Tolley, Dorothy Ussery, luanita Wolven, Vertie E. West, Letha Mae White, Marjorie Wiman, Leo Woods, Martin Yonack, Bertha Yungtleisch, Anna Gene MEMBERS Huditores Ccxesctris Miss LOURANIA MILLER Sponsor Miss LAVINIA RAWLINS Miss ELIZABETH HUGHES Co-Sponsors O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President ...... MARGARET HARLAN President ........ EDWIN ORNISH Vice-President . . . . . EDWIN QRNISH Vice-President . . MURIEL SILBERMAN Secretary . . . . GENEVA BROOKS Secretary . . . . . DOROTHY MCLEAN Treasurer ....... ALVETA MURPHY Treasurer ..... MARGUERETTE HATTON Sergeant-at-Arms ..... ROBERT SIMON Sergeant-at-Arms .... SHIRLEY ARONOFF Student Council Representative ..... Student Council Representative ..... MURIEL SILBERMAN MURIEL SILBERMAN The purpose of the Latin Club is to study Roman plays, the Roman religion, Latin games, and other such subjects that will give us broader ideas of the Roman people and their value to the world. Some of the activities of the Latin Club are the banquet held every spring, Virgil's Birthday celebration, a picnic, and parties throughout the year. Andrews, Mary Io Aronoff Shirley Ball, David Bickers, Bettye Blatt, l. D. Blummer, Raymond Bodine, Marjorie Bradley, Billie D. Buford, Betty lean Butler, Margie Carson, Betty Collins Betty Danielson, Alberta Day, loy Deason, Billy Degen, Claire Etheridge, luanita Fallin, Frankie Floyd, Charles Gaslcin, Dorothy Glasser, Sidney Grace, Dorothy Grantham, Maribeth Grisaffi, Catherine Hardin, lune Hatton, Marguerette Hedgpeth, Tommie Ruth Howie, Dorothy Howie, Margaret Hughie, Raleigh Ianner, Francis lessup, Marion Kennington, Almeta Kleinman, Anna Kleinman, Theresa Lambert, Billie Lambert, Loyce Lillebridge, Helen Margro, Blanche Mead, Doris Millwee, Mina Lee Morris, Doris lean Murphy, Alveta McKinney, loe McLean, Dorothy Cdell, lean Ornish, Edwin Page, Velma Mae Payne, I. D. Redus, Hazel Reese-lones, Gwendolen Roberts, Mildred Schlinger, Fred Schultz, Lois Shafer, Henry Silberman, Muriel Simon, Harold Simon, Robert Summerfield, Hayden Sylvester, Viola Teafatiller Margarite Tindall, Vida lo Tolly, Dorothy Tucker, Maudie Turner, Leland Weltchek, Louis Whitcomb, Clare Whitcomb, lanet White, Marjorie Whitkower, lames Winsor, Alice Yungfleisch, Anna Gene Page Iiigbiy-lbree O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President .... Vice-President . . Secretary-Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms . Parliamentarian. . . . . . IUDITH STOVALL . . ROBERT MAY . . DOROTHY ROBERTS . TOE BOE SAMFORD . KATHRYN BEASLEY . I yd , ,vf af X! f ,Mfr 2+ I J Wwfifff' L ,f ff YI ! 25-so A Wfiff Club C. L. FORD Sponsor President ...... TOE BOB SAM1-'ORD Vice-President . . . . ABE ZIMMERMAN Secretary-Treasurer . . . IUDITH STOVALL Sergeant-at-Arms .... SHERMAN RILEY Parliamentarian .... KATHRYN BEASLEY The 25-50 Club is a group of Forest Avenue High School boys and girls Organized for the purpose of reducing traffic accidents and traffic deaths in the cities and on the highways. Most traffic fatalities are due to fast or careless driving, or both. The aim of the organiza- tion is to control speed by keeping constantly before the driver the insignia of the club. The insignia is a barbed club with the numbers 25-50 made Over it. Among the many activities of the club is a long assembly program every term. The 25-50 Club has the close co-operation of the Citizens' Traffic Commission and the Dallas Police Department. The club was named 25-50 from the pledge of its members who promise not to exceed 25 miles per hour in the city, or 50 miles per hour on the highways. Aronoff, Toby Beasley, Kathryn Biggs, Richard Campbell, A. D. DeLee, Billy Eaton, Edith Evans, Onita Gattuso, Nonette Gathings, Lewellyn Iones, Fern Q Page Eighty-fam' MEMBERS King, Gertrude Lomas, Marie Loos, Dorothy May, Robert Michaelson, Selma Miller, Tune Moon, Wanda McClaren, Dale McWilliams, Geraldine Riley, Sherman Saltzman, Esther Samford, loe Bob Seilheimer, Dorothy Smith, Marylynne Squires, Tune Stevenson, Kathryn Stovall, ludith Sutton, Naomi Tibbetts, Roberta Tobolowsky, Rozelle Townsen, lack Thornton, Leroy Turneabe, Annie Vodicka, Edward Wingo, Geraldine Woods, Leon Zimmerman, Abe National Honor Society Miss RACHEL FOOTE Sponsor O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President ..... MARGARET HARLAN President ..... . . . OSCAR Hook Vice-President ...... K. W. ALLEN Vice-President . . . . . . Lois BURKLEY Secretary-Treasurer . FRANCES SHACKELEORD Secretary-Treasurer . . ADLENE NATHANSON No honor conferred by the school exceeds that of the National Honor Society. The faculty honors students for the attainments they have made during their high school Career by electing them into this society. Election into this society gives recognition to those who excel in scholar- ship, leadership, Character, and service. Only students who rank in the upper fourth of their class in scholarship are eligible. Five per cent of the students in the lll-A class, ten per cent of the IV-B class, and fifteen per cent of the IV-A Class may be taken into the National Honor Society. An assembly is held each term initiating the candidates. The emblem of the society is the keystone and the flaming torch. The keystone symbolizes the soCiety's ideals, while the flaming torch symbolizes purpose. The members of the National Honor Society endeavor to lead so that others may follow, and to keep in Forest Avenue High School high ambitions for the enduring values of life. MEMBERS Addington, Margie Flanz, Bernard Alexander, Lucille Anderson, Doris Ausborne, Volita Burkley, Lois Canada, Leta Rae Oassata, Lena Curtis, Daphne Dax, lOY Engleberg, Goldie Ely, Florence Freeland, Marilyn Glanville, Paul Grant, Kenneth Grantham, Maribeth Grier, Kenneth Hatton, Marguerette Hemphill, Louise Hiegel, Evelyn Hook, Oscar Kaufman, Ianice Kynard, Evelyn Landsberg, Mariline LaRue, Virginia Lomas, Marie Mark, Dorothy Mayer, Lorenia McNally, Bill Nathanson, Adlene Ornish, Edwin Pate, Boy Phillips, Wesley Schwartz, Lucy Selzer, Simon Shor, Emy Lou Silberman, Muriel Smith, Marylynne Stovall, Vivian Ussery, Iuanita Vann, Lloyd Yonack, Bertha Yungfleisch, Anna Gene Page Ezghty fi Boys Glee Club Miss LoUrsE WrLcoX Director The Boys Glee Club has an enrollment of sixty-five members this term. Their first public appearance was at the opening meeting of the Dad's Club, an "Open House" program on October 2. A quartet sang for a meeting of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas at the home of Mrs. Hunter in Highland Park on November 3, and again at the Brotherhood meeting at Colonial Baptist Church November 6. For the Christmas assembly given by the Music Department on December 22, the Glee Club sang in a Christmas Contata, "Childe lesus". The Girls Chorus took part in this also. The Glee Club sang tor the senior play ofthe Ianuary graduating class in the auditorium. individual members sang on the program of popular music presented by the Music Depart- ment on.February 9, "Drug Store Swing." They sang for the Dallas Historical Society in a program at the Hall oi State on February l7, and again in an assembly program. This pro- gram was repeated in a radio broadcast over WRR on February 22. A quartet ot boys sang on the Dads Club program, "Spring Varieties," on March l5 in the auditorium. Balthrop, Kenneth Barker, Wayne Bourquine, Frank Bronaugh, Billy Burch, Billy Burkley, Edward Canaday, Charles Casey, Nathan Collette, T. I. Comacho, Gabriel Coppedge, Marvin Cox, Billy Culibrk, Tritko Duckworth, R. L. Duncan, limmie Ernbry, William Faircloth, Eston Page Eiglaiy-six MEMBERS Ferguson, I. T. Fletcher, William Freeman, lack Gamel, Elton George, Glenn Grasham, Bill Guthrie, Robert Hall, Oliver Harmon, Howard letters, Radford Keller, lack Kelley, Paul King, Robert Kriss, Eddie Krusz, Walter Lacy, Bill Lincoln, lim Long, Paul Marshall, Iames McCoy, I. H. Miller, Andrew Miller, Arthur Monday, Marvin Moore, Roland Munden, Charles Murchison, Timmy Murry, Lloyd Newell, Troas Patton, Herman Petty, Paul Pope, Grady Puckett, Derwin Shelton, Robert Singleton, Iames Smegner, A. I. Smith, Richard Sultis, Pete Townsen, lack Tucker, M. P. Utter, Robert Veal, Billy Vodicka, Stanley Walker, Earl Westbrook, Ralph Wilhelm, Iohnnie Withrow, Leslie Young, Earl Young, Ioe Orchestra Mrss LOUISE WILCOX Director - :lay gwwwwfr owfm The school orchestra, under the direction of Miss Louise Wilcox, participated in many assemblies and other special programs during the year. Our outside activities included radio broadcasting, performances for the Dads Club, P.T.A., civic organizations, banquets, and teas. Each year we play for two commencement programs and two senior plays. Strings, Woodwinds, brasses, and percussion number iorty-six musicia i personnel of the orchestra. 4 X , MEMBERS 0 M , l RALPH BALTHROP PHILIP WEINKRANT' l l Concert Master Assistant Conc ster FIRST VIOLINS SECOND VIOLINS Ball, David Christensen, Evelyn Cortimilia, Donald Dean, Conrad Gilmore, Lloyd Hollon, Hubbard Brown, Bob Frye, Patsy Ann Henry, Edwynia Lattimer, Helen Beed, Charles Schumann, Alvin Lee' Edwcffd RASS VIOLIN Reed, Porter Toplitz, Frances CLARINETS T Freeman, Ierry Z' Green Herbert Levin,I Norman Bubinett, Iarrell Yates Charles Lewis, Betty Lou RUMPETS Balthrop, Kenneth Flood, lack Hoover, Lawrence Landry, Wilson Shipp, Bonny ROlVlBONES Daniels, Henry li Hendricks, Homer Kimling, Harry ACCORDIANS Crowder, Ina Ve Henry, Edwettia BARITONE Bazovsky, lack FRENCH HORN KM Millwee, Robert , f LJ PIANO -- X4 Cunningham, Luiclle SUBSTITUTES Condray, Clara Tiner, Kathleen 'V ., , . :iw - f,- , Page Eighty-seven 5.41. I Girl Reserves Miss BERTHA IACKSON Sponsor O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President ....... IMOGENE KYNARD President ....... DAPHNE CURTIS Vice-President ..... DOROTHY MARK Vice-President . . NADINE NEWTON Secretary ..... ESTHER LEE ROMOTSKY Secretary . . . . EVELYN KYNARD Treasurer ...... BERTHA YONACK Treasurer .... . . DOROTHY MARK Parliamentarian . . . ADLENE NATHANSON Parliamentarian .... IANICE KAUFMAN Student Council Representative ..... Student Council Representative ..... FRANCES SHAOKELFORD BERTHA YONACK lnterclub Council Representatives .... lnterclub Council Representatives .... FRANCES KOVNAT FERN BARNETT IANICE KAUFMAN LETA RAE CANADA Program Chairman . . .DOROTHY IOHNSON Program Chairman . ESTHER LEE ROMOTSKY Girl Reserves are the younger members of the Young Women's Christian Association, a world-wide Christian organization with centers in titty-two countries. The meaning of the name "Girl Reserves" is described thus: The Girl Reserve is one who is constantly storing up or placing in reserve those qualities and attitudes that will help her to find and till her place in the world, and to "build up the finest" in her home, her church, her school, and her community. The aim ot the Girl Reserves is to help in training personality and attitudes that are in line with social progressg to secure tor girls that aboundant lite which We MEMBERS call good. Allrnon, Ernestine Allmon, Polly Anderson, Doris Barnett, Fern Barnett, Freddie Barge, leanne Bevill, Betty lean Blanchard, Betty Brock, Wanda Burton, Frances Canada, Leta Rae Carroll, Marjorie Carter, Martha Cohen, Eleanor Compton, Mary Dee Corchine, Minnette Curtis, Daphne Davis, Lorene Page Eigbty-eight Duca, Marie Ely, Freta Emerson, Elizabeth Farley, Dorothy Lee Farrington, Margaret Figanbaum, lrma Freeland, Marilyn Gilford, Evelyn Hemphill, Louise Henry, Willie Hiegel, Evelyn lohnson, Dorothy lohnson, Margarete Kaufman, lanice King, Gertrude Kinnard, Doris Kynard, Evelyn Kovnat, Frances Kynard, lmogene Langston, Ava Langston, Katherine Levin, Adrienne Little, Freida LoCaste, loy McCreary, Margaret McGowan, Ruth Mark, Dorothy Nathanson, Adlene Newton, Nadine Parker, Maude Portman, Edith Peal, Lois Marie Price, Betty Rambo, Carleta Romotsky, Esther Lee Saltzman, Esther Slackney, losephine Smith, Betty Lynne Shackelford, Frances Spreen, Amelia Thompson, Virginia Turneabe, Annie Tydeman, Ruth Voirin, Gwyndolen Warner, Therle Wilensky, Helen Wilhelm, Era Mae Williams, Ruth Mae Workman, Iennie Wright, Dortha Wright, Mary lane Yonack, Bertha HI-Y Clubs W. H. BUTLER Sponsor SENIOR HI-Y O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING Presidents ...... RICHARD BARHAM president ....... KENNETH GRIER . . KENNETH GRIER Vice-President . . . . . RICHARD Brccs Vice-President . . . . . RICHARD Brccs S T S S Secretary-Treasurer .... LLOYD BURKLEY ecrelmfy' reqsurer ' ' ' IMON ELZER Sergeant-at-Arms ....... TACK Box Sergeant-at-Arms . . .... IACK BOX Parliarnentarian ..... TACK BRONAUGH Parliamentarian .... DOUGLAS TOHNSON Student Council Representative ..... Student Council Representative . . . RICHARD Brass RICHARD Brccs The Hi-Y Clubs are sponsored by the Young Men's Christian Association and affiliated with the state and national Hi-Y Clubs. The slogan of the club is "Clean living, clean speech clean athletics, and clean scholarship." The purpose of the club is to create, maintain, and ex tend throughout the school and community, high ideals of Christian character. M E M B E R S Allen, K. W. Clemons, Delbert Morris, Russell Tomlin, Billy Ashner, Fred Culibrk, Trifko Mozingo, Charles Townsen, lack Barham, Richard Culwell, Iames Nix, lack Tuttle, Iames Bell, Monroe Emerson, Clyde Pennington, Dearyl Tuttle, Lloyd Biggs, Richard Freeman, loe Phillips, Herschel Vann, Dewey Bolton, Bill Grant, Kenneth Phillips, Walter Vann, Lloyd Box, lack Grier, Kenneth Read, Cdie Voight, Leroy Breeding, Marvin Harmon, Howard Rushing, lames Womack, Ray Bronaugh, Billy Hendrix, W. A, Samford, loe Bob Woodruff, G. C. Bronaugh, lack Hook, Oscar Samford, Randolph Woodside, Bobby Brown, Bob lohnson, Douglas Selzer, Simon Woody, Clinton Bryan, Earl Kuykendall, Kenneth Stutts, Iames Burkley, Lloyd Lacy, Bill Territo, loe IUNIOR HI-Y O F F I C E R S FALL I S P d SPRING . AMES rurrs resi ent ...... STANLEY PEACOCK Presldenls """ CHARLES WEBER Secretary-Treasurer . . . MILAM LEGC-ETT Secretary-Treasurer ..... ODIE READ Page Ezgkly mne Aelta Historical Society Miss MINNIE BROWN Sponsor O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President . ...... PAUL GLANVILLE President ....... WESLEY PHILLIPS Vice-President ...... EVELYN HIEGEL Vice-President ..... IACK BRONAUGH Second Vice-President . . . IACK BRONAUGH Second Vice-President . . . EVELYN HIEGEL Secretary ....... EVELYN HAWKINS Secretary ...... GERALDINE WINGO Treasurer ...... MARY Io ANDREWS Treasurer ....... ELOISE SIMMONS Sergeant-at-Arms .... CHARLES BLAHA Sergeant-at-Arms ...... IACK SMITH Parliamentarian ...... IACK SMITH Parliamentarian ..... PAUL GLANVILLE The Aelta Historical Society is rounding out a program of unusual merit this year. The club has kept up with significant happenings of today by entertaining and instructive talks on cur- rent tODics. We .me 1 --' I wwe'- Americanism was featured in both the Armistice and Washington's Birthday assemblies which were presented by our society. At the November meeting a birthday cake added to the celebration of the founding of the club. Numerous tributes were paid to the work of former members. Our organization has been keenly interested in the program of the Dallas Historical Society and has been very active in our school's participation in the programs at the Hall of State, act- ing as hosts and hostesses for the February meetings. The annual picnic and installation of officers for the Fall Term finishes a most happy and successful year for the Aeltas. M E M B E R S Andrews, Mary Io Erickson, Boger Archer, Bobby Bain, Dorothy Belt, Georgia Biggs, Richard Blaha, Charles Brock, Wanda Bronaugh, lack Carroll, Marjori Cassata, Lena Davis, William, Gladys Dougherty, Eva Page Ninety e Lee Gattuso, Nonette Glanville, Paul Goodman, Frances Grant, Helen Grier, Kenneth Haley, George Hancock, Dorothy Hawkins, Evelyn Holtman, Gretchen Howie, Margaret Iohnston, U. V. McQueen, Fred Merrit, Billie Miller, luanita Mozingo, Charles Newton, Nadine Nunn, lda Marie Pate, Boy Phillips, Wesley Bicker, Carl Selzer, Simon Romotsky, Esther Simmons, Eloise Sloan, Viola Smith, lack Smith, Marylynne Stevenson, Kathryn Therrel, Dorothy Thornton, Leroy Thurman, limmy Tolley, Dorothy Tresp, Virginia Ussery, Iuanita Whitaker, Dorothy Eae White, Marjorie Wingo, Geraldine Workman, Iennie Yates, Charles Student Counc11 SELDON S. HUTCHINSON Sponsor O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President ....... EVELYN HIEGEL President ....... EVELYN HIEGEL Vice-President . . . . RAY WOMACK Vice-President ...... RAY WOMACK Secretary . . . . LETA RAE CANADA Secretary . . . . . LETA RAE CANADA Treasurer .... . . . LLOYD TUTTLE Treasurer ........ LLOYD TUTTLE Sergeant-at-Arms ..... LLOYD VANN Sergeant-at-Arms ...... I. B. PIRTLE Parliamentarian . . MARGARET HARLAN Parliamentarian . . ADELENE NATHANSON Reporter .... . .DAPHNE CURTIS Reporter . . .... KATHLEEN OISHEA Typist ........ MARY CASSATA Typist ....... SHERMAN HOUSMAN The Student Council at Forest has had a busy year. Among the accomplishments of the year were the election of cheerleaders, the election of the officers of the council, the Community Chest Tour and Drive, and the lnformation Desk. The most outstanding accomplishment of the term was Friendship Week. During this Week the students of Forest strove to make freshmen and new students at Forest feel more at home. This undertaking was very successful. Also during the week the Student Council presented to the school a picture show, a free basketball game, a milk dance, and a party. The milk taken in at the dance was donated to the Amelia Huvelle Day Nursery. M E M B E R S Adams, luanita Fletcher, Lynell La Rue, Virginia Andrews, Mary lo Gattuso, Nonette Leocadi, Sara Marie Barnett, Fern Genthner, Ernest Leverett, Harold Biggs, Richard Glasser, Sidney Lipton, Terry Blaha, Charles Green, Florine Lomas, Marie Brown, Elton Hall, Charles Marco, Gus Canada, Leta Rae Hatton, Margaret Milwee, Hazel Ruth Carter, Martha Hemphill, Louise Mumpower Mary Cawthon, Wanda Hern, George McNally, Bobby Chastain, Helen Louise Hiegel, Evelyn Nathanson, Adelene Danner, Helen Hook, Oscar Newton, Nadine Douglas, Evelyn Hoover, Lawrence O'Shea, Kathleen Dulworth, Dimple lacob, Lois Perry, Dorothy Eaton, Edith lefferson, Alfred Pirtle, I. B. Elliot, Lynn Kuykendall, Kenneth Roper, Randolph Embry, Iames Kynard, Evelyn Sawyer, Betty Fitch, Wallace Landsberg, Mariline Seely, Treysa Seilheimer, Dorothy Shor, Emy Lou Silberman, Muriel Skelton, Frances Smith, Betty Lynne Smith, Marylynne Stutts, Iames Tindall, Vida lo Turner, Lelend Tuttle, Lloyd Washburn, Helen Wingo, Geraldine Womack, Ray Wood, loy Woodruff, G. C. Yates, Charles Page Ninely-one Forest Forum Miss DOROTHY GERLACH Sponsor i O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President . . . . MARGARETTE CARSON President ,,,.,,, EVELYN HAWKINS Vlcgpresldem ' ' ' ' EMY LOU SHOR Vice-President . . . . LEROY THORNTON IANICE KAUFMAN S t E L S Secretary . . . EVELYN KYNARD ecre my ' ' ' ' MY OU HOB Treasurer n ' , n D DAPHNE CURTIS Treasurer .... . .DORIS ANDERSON Sergeant-at-Arms .... LEROY THORNTON Serqecmt-Gt-ArmS -.-- A- D- CAMPBELL The Forest Forum is a school club founded in l933. lt is Open to lunior and Senior students who are interested in the study of contemporary events. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Fridays oi each month. The speeches given by the members are followed by round table discussions. The club has an annual Christmas party and a spring picnic. ln March, 1940, the club will celebrate its eighth birthday with a night dinner. M E M B E R S Ackerman, Bosalie Campbell, A. D. Hawkins, Evelyn Nunn, Ida Marie Alexander, Lucille Carson, Margarette Horton, Clarabelle Nutt, Amy Lee Allen, K. W. Clark, Barbara Houseman, Sherman Bann, Mary Frances Anderson, Doris Chastain, Helen Kaufman, Ianice Shor, Emy Lou Balmez, lnez Curtis, Daphne Kynard, Evelyn Thornton, Leroy Belt, Georgia Emerson, Elizabeth Lambert, Loyce Trammell, Bertha Blend, Ieanette Grantham, Maribeth Landry, Wilson Tydeman, Buth Boronstein Henrietta Grissatti, Catherine Landsberg, Mariline Yates, Charles Bramlett, Maxine Hale, Imogene McGowan, Buth Brooks, lsabelle Hamusek, Ellie Nathanson, Adlene Page Ninety-two Banking C. L. FORD Director O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President . . ..... K. W. ALLEN President ......... ROY PATE Vice-President . . . FRANCES SHACKELFORD Vice-President . U . EVELYN KYNARD Cashier ...... HELEN WRIGHT COOK Assistant Cashier . . MARY NELL STEVENSON Cashier . . . . . BILL MCNALLY Banking at Forest is purely a Voluntary proposition. The object of banking at Forest is not to Win a cup, but to teach thrift. Banking is conducted differently at this high school from any other in this city. We have a roorn for banking, and it is conducted as nearly as possible like a regular bank. We have four windows with two tellers for each Window. The pupils make out their deposit slips and go to the proper Window to make their deposits. The tellers record the deposit in the pupil's bank books, and later the posters record the deposit on the bank ledger cards. Not only do the depositors benefit by this method, but the pupils conducting the bank get some good experience. TELLERS POSTERS Srnallwood, loe Cassata, Lena Pate, Roy West, Letha Mae Wirnan, Leo Kynard, Evelyn Cassatot, Lena Mirsky, Gene Farley, Dorothy McNally, Bill West, Letha Mae Goss, Leslie SLIP DISTRIBUTOR lohnson, Margarette Mirsky, Gene Canipe, Betty lean Page Ninety-ilaree OFFICERS Le Cercle Francais Mrss OCTAVIA EDWARDS Sponsor u ffff' Wfifff ,Z FALL SPRING President ...... BEVERLY KARCHMER President ........ BETTY GREEN Vice-President . .... BETTY GREEN Vice-President . . . . IOSEPHINE ISRAEL Secretary ..... MARGARETTE IOHNSON Secretary . . . . . SELMA MICHAELSON Treasurer ...... SELMA MICHAELSON Treasurer . . . . . . FLORINE GREEN Parliamentarian . . FRANCES SHACKELFORD Parliamentarian .... IANICE KAUFMAN Sergeant-at-Arms .... IOSEPHINE lSRAEL Sergeant-at-Arms ..... MASHIE SMITH Student Counil Representative ..... Student Council Representative ..... FRANCES BURTON EMY LOU SHOR The purpose ot Le Cercle Francais is to further the knowledge of the French students in customs and lives oi French people. Our aim is to make French more interesting to the stu- dents belonging to this club. Our membership is open to all French students who have taken French tor six weeks and made good grades. Visitors are always welcome to our club meetings. This year our programs have been along the line oi French customs, games, life, and song. We had a motion picture on French life. At the request of Miss Edwards, a speaker from the French government spoke to our club and other French students. Each year at Christmas time and the end oi the spring term, we have a party. lt has been our custom to present a book to the Texas Memorial Library each year. Our club has progressed in the last year under the leadership of our sponsor, Miss Edwards. She has such a large knowledge of the French people, ideas, and customs that she has inspired everyone in our club. MEMBERS WMM Abram on, Zelma Ackerman, leanette Alexander, Maxine Bock, Ethel Bramlett, Maxine Brown, Helen Ruth Freedman, Sally Green, Betty Page Ninety-fam' Green, Florine Harwood, lack lsrael, losephine Kaufman, Ianice Levin, Adrienne Levine, Norman Madans, Eleanor Manning, Mary Michaelson, Selma Neuman, Grace Niss, Estelle Polakott, leanne Babinowitz, Claire Samford, loe Bob Siegel, loe Shaffer, Dorothy QW Sherrard, Shirlye Shor, Emy Lou Smith, Frances Smith, Mashie Spicer, Martha lean- Stovall, Wanda Toplitz, Frances Pan Hmericcm Student Forum Miss ANGIE WYNN Sponsor President . . . Vice-President . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Sergeant-at-Arms . Parliamentarian . OFFICERS FALL SPRING . . . ROGER ERICKSON . . . . Ross BRYANT . . MARGIE ADDINGTON . . DORIS MONTAGUE . . . DOROTHY Loos MARY NELL STEVENSON President .... Vice-President . Secretary. . . Treasurer .... Sergeant-at-Arms . Parliamentarian . The purpose of the Pan American Student Forum is to promote greater friendship between the United States and the Latin American countries. . PAUL GLANVILLE MARGIE ADDINGTON . RACHAEL MEI-:Ks . KATHERINE STEVENSON WALTER STRUCELY . . SAMUEL LEVINE The club takes an active part in school affairs. lt gives interesting, picturesque and col- orful assembly programs. The Pan American all-city meetings are always well represented by Forest. At these meetings a delicious Mexican dinner is served and one of the high schools gives a program for the enjoyment and educational benefit of the students and teachers. At each club meeting a program which is made up of interesting things about Mexico and the Latin American countries is presented. Often there are debates on questions that interest the club. Addington, Margie Bain, Dorothy Bronaugh, Billy Bryant, Ross Burkley, Lois Chastant, Patricia Elliot, Lynn Erickson, Roger MEMBERS Gary, Betty Lou Glanville, Paul Glanville, Richard Guclcenheimer, Miriam Levine, Samuel Lipton, lerry Loos, Dorothy Meeks, Rachael Montague, Doris O'Shea, Kathleen Pearlstein, Eva Rubinett, larrel Stevenson, Henrietta Stevenson, Kathryn Stewart, Ruth Strucely, Walter Thurmond, limmy Toliver, Betty Mae Ussery, luanita , Vxfilensky, Leon Williams, Betty lo Stone, Mary Frances Page Ninety five First Row: Richard, Carter, Blatt, Shor. Second Row: Lillebridqe, Solomon, Landry, Ieiiers, Bazovsky. Third Row: Burton, Iohnson, Weinkrantz, Sawyer, Israel. President .... First Vice-President . . Second Vice-President . Third Vice-President . Fourth Vicefpresident . Fifth Vice-President . Sixth Vice-President . . Seventh Vice-President . Becordinq Secretary . . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer ..... Historian. . . Parliarnentarian . Auditors . . . Page Ninely-six Delegate to the City Council MRS. TKE ISRAEL MRS. BENNETT STAMPES, Alternate Delegate to the High School Section MRS. R. G. TEFFERS MRS. I. RUSHING, Alternate Parent-Teacher Hssociation . MRS. THOMAS S. CARTER MRS. IOHN A. SAWYER . Mrs. BEN BLATT . MRS. Lou MIRSKY . MRS. M. WEINKRANTZ . MRS. WILSON LANDRY . MRS. A. H. IOHNSON . MRS. W. L. RICHARD MRS. A. RAZOVSKY . MRS. C. D. WATTS . . MRS. I. I. SHOR . . . MRS. C. C. RILEY . MRS. H. F. LILLEBRIDGE MRS. GARY BURTON C. L. FoRD Forest Echo Miss ELorsE DURH AM Sponsor Editors . . . Associate Editors . Assistant Editor . Features . . . Sports . . Reporters .... Business Managers Editors .... Associate Editors . . Assistant Editors . Sports .... Features .... Business Managers ?jfM,zz,wv S T A F F FALL Crawford Ballard, lrnagene Kynard, Boy Beddell, Marilyn Siegel . . . . . . . . . . . loy Lo Caste, Mary Frances Bann . . . . . . . .Ruth Tydeman . Margaret Blair, Geraldine Sevier . . . . . . . Leroy Cooper, I. B. Pirtle . . . . Alma Broyles, Marvin Sigel, Ioe Zabbia . Bennie Miltner, Eugene Bagsdale, Clare Packwood SPRING Elaine Trattner, Kenneth Grant, leanne Polakoff, Ianice Kaufman . . . . . Viola Sylvester, luanita Miller, Catherine Grissaffi . . . Sarah Marie Leocadi, Esther Lee Bornotsky . . . . . . . . . . . . . I. B. Harris, Arthur Primrose Eloise Simmons, Daphne Curtis, Barbara Sparks, Gloria Fisher . . . . . Bichard Biggs, Iames Cawthon, Thomas Hendricks The ECHO is Forest's newspaper published by the classes in Iournalism for the student body every two weeks throughout the school year. lts aim is to present news, school poli- cies, and entertainment to all the classes of Forest. A student staff under the guidance of Miss Eloise Durham, has charge of the publica- tion. This staff, made up of members of the advanced classes in lournalism, is appointed for one semester. Page Ninety-sezfezz Z---1 Golman Hemphill McNally Flanz Hansen Grantham Mark Hook Engelberg Freeland Addington MCIYGT Massey Clark Yates Mitchell FORESTER STAFF Louise Hemphill Co-Editors Bernard Flanz Assistant Editor Maribeth Grantham Associate Editors Goldie Engelloerq Margie Addington Literary Editors Annette Golrnan Advertising Manager Fannie Rae Massey Assistant Business Manager Mary Smith Clark H. B. Yates Editorial Adviser Business Adviser Page Ninely-eiglal Bill McNally Dorothy Mark Marilyn Freeland Lorenia Mayer Oscar Hook Business Manager Thomas Hansen Art Editor Mel Mitchell Art Adviser FOREST STAFF ASSISTANTS Literary Military Iunior Staff Nonette Gattuso Lois Burkley Pauline Carson Typists Lois Burkley Pauline Carson loy LoCaste Lorene Davis Nadine Newton Catherine Price Dearyl Pennington Rosalie Wadsworth Dorothy Bain Simon Selzer Advertising Florence Ely Marvin Kress Betty Alger Snap Paul Glanville Charles Biaha Shots Lloyd Gilmore Martha Carter Anna Gene Yungtleisch Pauline Carson Business Florence Ely Nadine Newton Lorene Davis leanne Polalcott U. V. lohnston loy LoCaste Marion Cooper Bertha Yonack Toby Bosenstock Marie Lomas Anna Gene Yungileisch lune Hardin Lucille Alexander Edwin Ornish Marjorie White Novella Turner leanne Barge Dorothy Loos Doris Montague Marguerette Hatton Sophomore Staff loe Siegel Richard Glanville Buth Sellers Page Nznely nzne President .... Vice-President . . . Second Vice-President Third Vice-President . Fourth Vice-President Fifth Vice-President . Sixth Vice-President . Secretary . . . . . Treotsurer . Membership . . Special Activities . . Athletics .... Good-Will . . Entertainment . President ..... First Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer . Sergeant-dt-Arms . . President ..... First Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer . Serqednt-dt-Arms . . Pdrlidmentdridn . Annis, Motrtin Bdrofsky, Hotrold Broodo, Archie Condrcty, Clord Done, Kenneth Page One Hundred DaclsClub OFFICERS PROGRAM CHAIRMEN fx-J Stamp Club SELDON S. HUTCHINSON Sponsor OFFICERS FALL SPRING MEMBERS Feldman, Sctmuel Goldqdr, Wilfred Odell, ledn Polishuk, lrvinq Powers, Billy Shepps, Ddvid Shumotnn Alvin Utter, Robert Weil, Cecil Weinkrdntz, Philip REV. . . HENRY ELY . . B. H. STAMPES . . C. H. CONDRAY . . . ED TANKUS . . HARRY STONE D. A. SAKELLARIOU . . . H. B. YATES 'MAcK" M. SCHELL . . ROBERT STERN . C. H. CONDRAY 'MAcK" M. SCHELL . . HARRY STONE . H. B. YATES . ED TANKUS PHILIP WEINKRANTZ . . . CECIL WEIL . CLARA CONDRAY . . DOYLE SHIELDS . ARCHIE BROODO . CLARA CONDRAY . LEON WILENSKY PHILIP WEINKRANTZ . SAMUEL FELDMAN Wilensky, Leon Whitmore, Bessie Zelctzny, Henry Zemotn, Bdlph CAMP ROY PATE Won the second prize in an essay contest on Alaska, sponsored by the Dis- patch-Iournal. CARL RICKER and VOLITA FRANCE were the winners of two season tickets each, to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Con- certs this year. They Won the tickets by painting the best posters advertising the orchestra. LILLIAN BICKERSTAFF won first place in an essay contest on "Stream Polutionf' KENNETH ENGLISH was the winner of a contest given by the 25-50 Club in their Fall assembly. RICHARD BARHAM, who at the first of the year was Lieutenant-Colonel at Forest, transferred to Paschal High School in Fort Worth and retained his rank there. He is scheduled to receive his diploma from Forest. EVELYN HIEGEL, RAY WOMACK, LETA RAE CANADA and LLOYD TUTTLE served as president, vice-president, sec- retary and treasurer, respectively, of the Student Council this year. IRENE CENTER has the best posture of all Forest girls, according to the girls physi- cal education classes, who elected her "Posture Queen" for l94U. BILL MCNALLY won second place in the city lnterscholastic League Essay Contest. FLORENCE ELY and IEROME ELY, brother and sister, represented Forest in the ln- terscholastic League Declamation Con- test. US CLOSE-UPS LETHA MAE WEST and VERTIE WOLVEN represented Forest in the lnterscholastic League Spelling Contest. MARGARET HARLAN and DOROTHY IOHN- SON Were first and second honor gradu- ates in lanuary. HERMAN KLAR replaced Richard Barham as Lieutenant-Colonel. SHIRLEY HARMAN and WILLIAM BROWN celebrated their fourth birthdays on Feb- ruary 29. EARL BRYAN and BUFORD INGRAM were reporters for the "Youth on Its Way" page in the Dallas lournal. EVELYN VOIGHT acted as toastmaster at the Girl Scout's twenty-eighth anniver- sary supper. CAROL MILLER and DAVID ZESMER repre- sented Forest in the debate contest at Highland Park High School. LLOYD VANN was co-captain of our football, track and golf teams. RAY WOMACK broke the city records for low and high hurdles. NONETTE GATTUSO, EVELYN DOUGLAS and LLOYD TUTTLE lettered in tennis this year. MARGARET F ARRINGTON Won the right to represent Forest in the city-wide Traffic Contest. PORTER REED Won an essay contest on "The Benefits of Democracy" sponsored by the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Page One Humlred One gf- -Vw VM..-.,-.L.,,,i . A .M . . ,V U i Y , -GU'-.ugfx-1,,,.-Q1,,qwL,,'.N,::mqELAiGTQN4.,,.,.. x v In M. A VN. ',.xM,. T.-. . . .ifffir.fff531Iff,'?-ig-ff.V-V-4m1V.Q.'f 'vf53,-5,,,+'2ai'v - ' t x T' N' .. , .. " N'A7"5'1f" . -53? "" ,--- , ,. 'f Eff-"-1"'1'Vi", rv:-Vi-4:.fg'q:w MT... VV., - , rf,-'S 2- '-"--+m'x..f,:j,:.3 V- wg 'f' --A W- l , X .V 33,-Wu A .,S.4-.':-,L 1--,5-q-,g,.gy5fg,1.-,'..V,4 U Q' K N ' J ., t5VikL-1' -.X ,wily-':'. , - . i I ' ' , . V ' ., - -4.-V ,,5g-...4ev8i-a'f'1'li-f2P-J,:?fitif2L,gg-,g.f .o- - .s-.1-.Vg - , f..L.g..-a,,,,q. Hf'-A. T gg 1 - A 5-QM A. k - . .sq-gg, 35.--V-, . 'Q lei: 1. x , ' ' ' ..:g.' , 'j'?g7f.- ,-wg,-' L .. 1 .. ,,, ...1y.., . 41 -35775 X . w--f9'.'L,:g, ' , 1 . ,- 5-'H -T' , -'-1 f ' ' ' Y. 'f..' fu,V,a:-LAe:...V.., -V 5 f 'lf 4 -P53 f' r- f --1f::..Q.- gs - fa-ww-9'?:1'1i J' Q. f -5 ,, -I P . .,-,ff-...ff .. ' ' " 4 ' I ,E 4 I --5' M , 1 2? Q .: 42 -'EQ 3 .1, . ?,,.1u4, K -V. ' ? 1 f ' "Nf- . A., V "N, Y .- ,-Q.,-,,.1, A. A . 1-.T Y A , . kg JU. F V-"' ...V.,-L'-A-:Y 1 y just?" 'HQ--'-'TZ .4 ,, V . ff +V V- -. -- .sin :L VK 74- -V. -I 6.31. rf I. rr-. :,,3k. '11 - N: 4... ,,,,--L-I-'-',' ' . . - ' H' 5-1 -' 2 , 'F' ' V- '. ff ' - -' Y 7 I- -rdf-:.'1 . 'Vic , , ji. + 1 V - -ga'--F " . ' A 4,-3-tj' X, aj' 1 ,.,g, . ..-,g,--f,f7,.- -' Q V V, ",f .45 , 4. 1:11 A, l'l 'Y P .. , .- - E4 I L f,..:"'I'f'i:11i,,', 1, A J iff' 'C if 13, R-'5-' ' .Q11:1-Aiffff'-'-fl-:-QQ ' V- " f' --:H . - '-1 V 1-"f-W -..'--.TE-Uni. N f,,.2 Sv 'gf ,J-51. .Lrfj ,.,g7,Af '7i'gl,,fJiAg,,-..,, - -- ,- - N ,,jw,-,..,. - - . V ,.f.,'.jlvs,!55:5- - -- M5 ., . Ak? , ,. 5. -. . ,. jg, . s' - qi- -4 . .-.- .5 - . , 4' L ' f YF- "-1- ' 'L' of.. . ' : -,-.+V-' 1- iv: 3 .5.?'f2IY k?E'1" ' , -, 4,5 , -.ff 5, - ' 'K ' T31 -T155 .2 N 1 " Ff a' FW " 'H ' T 5 , ' ff- . ' ' :gg - ' 1-.V., "5-3' 2, 'Q iff, - . 'J . - j' 3'-, - i ff a1.f'Q:, 1" ik Q L f ,- , 1. 4 1 f. '- - , 5 L1--f . AP - 42 41- ' - - -: - -1:3 -:V1,-- :4-' f .ev-,-,'.., --V', - -1' .: 5 E11 E1 ,, V, ' gijsbtf A -. ' 5+ - :T ' 2 f. . 4-1 . '--Wi " 55 65" '1-if wgbiv- K .-ggwg' -I . Q b , .L ,13- i q . ip? .V J'5. "- 'W' -f H ' .1 ' 'ifjh a "".,f"-- V - . - E - .- , W ., Q, ". 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A .V 1 -- 1 5.1, -- 1 1Vf.:f--.QA-ff ' -11-. -'.-as . - -.-if 43- f - 1 . . -1 -sg .- 1' A ., FY in fi, A, ji. . F I , Q -, P., 7.15 E33 5 ' ' Q. fix ia' 11V2fV.-.5-1--1.1-Rafi 1 - -fiif' ' 's"'n7'Il-93' Y " . " Sf' 'r' , ' 1-U L' A " ' . ""F'1J':'.' V ' ' 'rf' QLVSV5' lf. "I-""zQf'. Q :ff -. . ' . Q- -' 1:-: V V1 ,a -' -, 1 '. -4-2 ' fi.a3 f - if .. 1f?ff:V2- . V4 V -rg.-.,fQ ' .1 - . , ': ' f : 'ag , 'Mix ', gg K V, - :" -J--'ff "' few - . '-f - P. V- -x':w-11-A " i -Ms. .1 - A -' -Q -.-was . 55212215 - if .2-. 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HUTCHINSON Football, Head Coach Football, Assistant Coach Baseball, Head Coach OUR COHCHES The students of Forest are very qrateful to the coaches for the splendid Work they have clone. The success of our athletics is largely due to the expert supervision ot these men. Because of this service We have reason to be truly proud of them. RICHARD ALLISON W. H. KEELING B. C, COX Basketball, HGGOl COOlCl'1 TfC1Ckf Hefld Coflch Baseball, Assistant Coach Football, Assistant Coach Page One Hundred Four Height: Weight Height: Weight Height: Weight: Height: Weight Height: Weight: Height: Weight Height: Weight Height: Weight Height: Weight Height: Weight Height: Weight Height: Weight Height: Weight 5'10" FIRST FOOTBHLL TEHM IAMES RUSHING 5'8" Position: Back 160 Classification: Senior IESS BARBEE 5'l0" Position: Back 140 Classification: Senior CLYDE EMERSON 5'5" Position: Guard 140 Classification: Iunior RAY VANDAGRIFF 5'6" Position: Back 125 Classification: Iunior LLOYD VANN ICO-Captain, 5'8" Position: Back 185 Classification: Senior G. C. WOODRUFF 5'3" Position: Back 170 Classification: Senior GARLAND COLLETTE 5'10" Position: Back 170 Classification: Iunior KENNETH KUYKENDALL Position: Back Classification: Iunior 145 IAMES MOORE 5'10" Position: Guard 180 Classification: lunior PETE SULTIS 5'l1" Position: Back 170 Classification: lunior KID MCCOY 5'l0" Position: Tackle 190 Classification: Senior WILLIAM EMBRY 5'10" Position: End 135 Classification: lunior FRED BARSHOP 5'8" Position: Guard 150 Classification: lunior Height: Weight IAMES NANCE 5' 1 0" Position: Tackle 155 Classification: Iunior ALVIN WITHROW CCO-captainl CAll cityl Height: 5'9" Position: Guard Weight 160 Classification: Senior KENNETH BURNS Height: 5'9" Position: Guard Weight 145 Classification: lunior WARREN HUNTER Height: 5'9" Position: Back Weight 146 Classification: Iunior LESLIE WITHROW' Height: 5'9" Position: Guard Weight 170 Classification: lunior ROY TULLIS Height: 5'10" Position: Guard Weight 160 Classification: Senior L. E. SMITH Height: 5'10" Position: Center Weight: 145 Classification: Senior TRIFKO CULIBRK Height: 5'8" Position: Back Weight: 170 Classification: Iunior LEROY VOIGHT Height: 5'10" Position: End Weight: 155 Classification: Iunior ED DOSSETT Height: 6'0" Position: Tackle Weight: 185 Classification: Iunior RAY WOMACK Height: 6'1" Position: End Weight: 150 Classification: Junior ARTHUR PRIMROSE Height: 6'2" Position: Tackle Weight: 175 Classification: Senior BILL PHELPS Height: 6'4" Position: Tackle Weight: 185 Classification: Senior Page One Humlred Fizfe . , . LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Rushing, Barbee, Ernerson, Vandagriff, Vann, Woodruff, A. Withrow, K. Burns, Hunter, and L. Withrow. Second Row: Tullis, Smith, Culibrk, Voight, Collette, Kuylcendall, Moore, Sultis, McCoy, Embry, and Barshop. Third Row: Alva Shepard, coachg Nance, Dossett, Womack, Primrose, Phelps, Collette, manager, Russell, Genthner Worley, Hook, R. Burns, Cooper, and B. C. Cox, assistant coach. FIRST FOOTBHLL TEHM TROY RUSSEL OSCAR HOOK Height: 6'2" Position: End Height: 6'1" Position: Tackle Weight: 180 Classification: Iunior Weight: 215 Classification: Senior ERNEST GENTHNER LEROY COOPER Height: 6'2" Position: Back Height: 6'0" Position: End Weight: 180 Classification: lunior Weight: 155 Classification: Senior WILLARD WORLEY IACK TOBOLOWSKY Height: 6'2" Position: Center Height: 6'0" Position: End Weight: 160 Classification: lunior Weight: 165 Classification: Senior T. I. COLLETTE-Team Manager L E T T E R M E N Co-captains LLOYD VANN ALVIN WITHROW Smith, L. E. Woodruff, G. C. Russel, Troy Worley, Willard McCoy, Kid Voight, Leroy Barhee, less Genthner, Ernest Phelps, Bill Womack, Ray Cooper, Leroy Withrow, Leslie Kuykendall, Kenneth Dossett, Ed Tobolowsky, lack Collette, T. I., Mgr. Hook, Oscar Sultis, Pete Collette, Garland Page Om' I Imzzlrml Six 1 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Blaydes, Balthrop, Brown, Hansen, Donnaberqer, Burlcley, Utay, Gary, Voiqht, and Murray. Second Row: Schrieber, Schaerdel, Grittin, Roberts, Karr, McCracken, Stowe, Sirigletary, Stallcup, Nurre, Whittaker h ll and Mars C1 . Third Row: Logan, Veal, Whitehead, Dowson, Lewis, Pugh, Wisdom, Tuttle, McClure, Rener, Millwee, Gilkerson, S. S, Hutchinson, coach. SECOND FOOTBHLL TERM The tiqhtinq Forest Lions completed their most successful season in years. Under their co-captains, Lloyd Vann and Alvin Withrow, the Greenies finished third in the city. They won six games, lost two, and tied one. Coach Shepard, assistant coach Cox, and a scrapping bunch of Forest boys deserve much credit for their work. Game September 2 1 . September 28 . October 6 . October l 3 . October 20 . October 27 . November 4 . November 17 . November 25 . 'District Games SCHEDULE Opponent McKinney Highland Park Ball CGalvestonl Woodrow Wilson' Adamson' Sunset' Paris North Dallas ' Technical' We They 19 6 8 7 24 18 O 27 6 33 13 12 26 6 6 O 13 13 115 122 Page One Hundred S 912871 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Billy Ioe Hart, Assistant Manager, Charles Schreiber, R. L. Duckworth, George Hearne, Kenneth Burns W G. Singletary. Second Row: Conrad Dean, Manager, Dewey Vann, Ralph Hollywood, Ray lNomaclc. Third Row: Garland Collette, Arthur Primrose, Ernest Genthner, Richard Allison, coach. B H S K E T B H L L Coach Richard Allison's Forest cage team completed a hard-fought season tying with North Dallas for the last place. Forest was able to win only one game, the first North Dallas game however, many ot the games were close. Prospects are very bright tor next year s team be- lanuary 5 lanuary 5 lanuary l3 lanuary QU lanuary 27 lanuary 3l February 3 February 9 February lU February l6 Page One Hnmlred Eight cause only two lettermen will be lost through graduation. SCHEDULE FIRST HALF SECON Forest, l2 . . Forest, lb . . . Forest, 25 . . Forest, 4. . Forest, lO . D H A L F Forest, 28 Forest, l8 Forest, l8 Forest, 22 Forest, Zl . Woodrow North Dallas . Adamson . Technical . Sunset . Woodrow . Technical . Adamson . . Sunset North Dallas LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Kenneth Kuylcendall, Lloyd Vann, Bill Bolton, lohnny Redd, Dalton Lovelace, lack l-lerrnanson, Andrew Win- ters, Frank Lewis, Wallace Browning. Second Row: Edward Lee, Wylie Paschal, Dewey Vann, Ray Womack, Bobby King, Marvin Utay. Third Row: Floice Tunnell, Frank Sloan, Robert Millwee, Randolph Samford, joe Territo, Ierry Hoffman, Bobby Stallcup, Walter Phillips. Fourth Row: Roland Moore, l-larry Hoffman, julian Goldberg, Sherman Riley, john Henry Scheardel. Filth Row: Robert Van, Troy Russell, joe Bob Samford, George Gilkerson, Russell Burns, Bill Keeling, Coach, Fred Cunningham, Marvin Breeding, Norman Burnstein, Robert Shelton. TRHCK The Forest track team of 1940 had an excellent chance of carrying off the honors in the city meet. Coach Keeling had several returning lettermen, outstanding among them are the captains, Ray Vifomack and Lloyd Vann. ln the early season triangular meets the following men were outstanding: Redd in the l00 and 220 yard dashes, Lovelace in the 440 yard dash, Dewey Vann in the mile, Smith in the high jump, Bolton and Lloyd Vann in the broad jump, Womack in the hurdles, Cunning- ham and Hermanson in the pole vault, and the mile relay team composed of Kuylcendall, Bol- ton, Lovelace, and Redd. ln the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show meet only two men gualifiedg they were Ray Womack and Lloyd Vann. ln the final competition Lloyd was second in the broad jump, and Ray was third in the low hurdles. ln the city meet, Ray Womack, one of the greatest hurdlers in the history of Forest, set new records for the l20 yard low hurdles and the 220 yard high hurdles. Ray ran the low hurdles in l5.'7 seconds, the high hurdles in 25.2 seconds. Lloyd Vann won the broad jump with a leap of twenty feet, five inches. The relay team, consisting of Ray Womack, Lloyd Vann, Kenneth Kuykendall, and johnny Redd were nosed out of first place by Adamson. Three Forest pole vaulters, Fred Cunningham, lack l-lermanson, and john Henry Schaerdel, tied for fourth place. Forest made a total of i8 3,f4 points. At the Texas Relays in Austin, Womack tied for first place in the preliminary l20 yard high hurdles. ln the finals, Womack placed second in the l20 yard high hurdles. ln the District meet at S. lvl. U., Ray Womack won individual scoring honors of the meet with l0 3X4 points. Ray was first in the high hurdles, first in the low hurdles and ran anchor for the second place mile-relay team. Lloyd Vann was second in the broad jump, and Fred Cunningham tied for fourth in the pole vault. Page One Hundred Nine iff! N rv A1 i ,J V .,fj ..-,jf .L 4 .. 17,-74 gn LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: David Cobbel, Garland Collette, Leslie Withrow, Leroy Cooper, R. L. Duckworth, Warren Hunter. Second Row: Volney Stanherry, W, G. Singletary, Ray Vandaqriif, Andrew Miller, lack Williams, lack Marshall, Wil- lard VVorley, Kenneth Burns. Third Row: Tom Sutton, Duane Sutton, Sammy Emlory, Tritko Culibrlc, lames Nance, Pete Sultis, Ernest Genthner. Fourth Row: B. C. Cox, Assistant Coach, Alva Shepard, Coach. BHSEBHLL TERM Prospects are bright in the Forest camp this year. Coach Shepard has a great many veterans from last year. Among them are Dossett, Worley, Genthner, Stanberry, Sultis, Single' tary, Emlory, Culibrk, Hunter, and Withrow. Genthner, Sultis, Stanberry, and Hunter have shown up Well in practice. A great deal depends upon Stanberry and Genthner, all-city men last year. Stanberry is the best curve artist in the city. Genthner, a junior, is a hard-hitting third loaseman. William Embry . . Volney Stanberry . Garland Collette . Lowell Camp . . Starting Line-up . Catcher . . Pitcher . First Base Second Base Tom Sutton . Shortstop Ernest Genthner . . . Third Base Pete Sultis . . Left Field Triiko Culibrk . Mike Malloy Center Field . Right Field S C H E D U L E March 26 . .... Forest, 7 . Woodrow March 28 . . Forest, l3 . Technical -A-Dril l . . Forest, 13 North Dallas Apfil 8 . . Forest l . . Sunset April 15 . Forest, 9 North Dallas Page One Hundred Ten LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: loseph Funk, lrving Wasserman, Lloyd Tuttle, I. A. Boulton, Coach. Second Row: Evelyn Douglas, Dorothy Loos, Nonette Gattuso, Miss Locille Segrist, Coach. TENNIS TERM The girls team is as follows: Evelyn Douglas and Nonette Gattuso, girls doubles, Dorothy Loos, girls singles. The results oi the Adamson match was girls doubles, 6-2, 6-4 in favor ot Forest, but Dorothy Loos lost to Adanison's state singles contender, 6-O, 6-l. ln the Sunset match Forest's singles and doubles both lost 7-5, 6-4 and 6-2, 6-O. The doubles beat Tech 6-O, 6-2, lout the singles lost 6-U, 6-2. The girls doubles, Nonette and Evelyn, won over North Dallas. ln this match the girls lettered. The boys team is as follows: loseph Funk and lrving Wasserman, boys doubles, Lloyd Tuttle, boys singles. As a result oi the Adamson match the Forest team won both the boys doubles and singles. In the boys doubles Forest won 6-4, 8-6. ln the boys singles the scores were 6-3, 6-4. The doubles beat Tech 6-4, 7-5, the singles won 6-O, 6-U. In the Sunset match Forest lost both singles and doubles. loseph and lrving, boys doubles, lost to North Dallas. The boys singles won from North Dallas, and in this match he also lettered. In the Woodrow Wilson match Forest lost both singles and doubles. Page One Hmzdred Eleven A if Page One ! W LEFT TO RIGHT ' Front Row: Leta Rae Canada, ludith Stovall. Buck Row: Walter Krusz, Lloyd Tuttle, Gordon Fletcher, Paul Kelly. Not in Picture-Evelyn Hiegel. Cheer Leaders The election oi the cheer leaders was efficiently conducted by the student council under the direction of Mr. Hutchinson. The cheer leaders elected Gordon Fletcher head cheer leader. The student body cooperated fully, and great school spirit was shown at every game and pep rally. Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah F A H S Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah F A H S Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah F A H S Sssssssss Boom! Forest Hundred Twelve Favorite Yells Oskie Wa Wa Sis Boom Ba Forest! Forest! Rah! Rah! Rah! Lemonade! Cracked lce! Hit 'em once! Hit 'em twice! Hit 'em high! Hit 'em low! Yea Forest! Let's go! Fight team! tight, oh! Fight team! tight, oh! Fight team! fight team! Fight! Fight! Fight! I D6 gf! Girls Pep Squad DRUM MAIOB . . . DAPHNE CURTIS MARGARET FORTNER MAIORETTES . . DOROTHY joHNsoN IEANNE BARGE First Row: Norma jean Parker, Betty jean Beville, Margarette johnson, Virginia Hayth, Betty Gary, Dorothy Lawrence, Doris McGee, Virginia Grey, Seratina Carbone, Vtfilleta Eubanks, Patricia Porter, Helen jones. Second Row: Betty Mitchell, Allene Goodman, Mildred Stepter, Dorothy Giggleman, loyce Suwal, Virginia VVoods, Margaret McCreary, Trysa Seely, Patsy Ann Frye, Mildred Glenn, Wilma Kellum. Third Row: Elizabeth Hickman, Billie Barber, Bonnie Faye Kellum, Betty jean Alger, Pauline Wood, Geraldine Sharpe, Maxine Mcllfilliams, Bena Vlfeatherly, Therle W'arner, Clara Condray, Doris Mae james, Dorothy Howie, Marjorie Grider. Fourth Row: Faye Humphries, Dannie Trammell, Naomi Sweeny, Vida Tindal, Eliza- , beth Burke, Bobbie lean Gentle, Ruth Duncan, Marjorie Palmer, Margaret Cole, Marjorie Vlfhite, Naomi Sutton, Wanda Stovall, Doris McGreagor, luanita Roberts. Fifth Row: Valeska DeLaughter, Hazel Redus, Eva Mae Carter, Aggie Lee Harper, Helen Phipps, june johnson, Busel Barrow, Loraine Scrivner, Florene Bradford. Thelma Harwood, Ruth Faircloth, Ruth Sheaner. Not in Picture--Ina Mae Stowe. Page One Hundred Thirteen 1' wk l rag. , 4"'- Q 'ia x S'-f R , - " -- ,,1 ,,-gnu" -: W- 1.-Y , ,.g, .1-.Y T Wa i.. , N A 2 v.. J, I y ,W E5 K I1 . 1 0 3 lj ' , 1' fl 5 I 44-if vl A , J , 1, W' ,1 NL f .iss Vi, , A ll? 'O r 2 ' X 5 '41 1 ff' ra W fy: me ' Q: s I ,ff .-,, - f , f -fi' . Y 5 ,H 2 I- , ,, EX y . ' A . 1 fin Q inf, 1-'gl 3 . ,. N ,, f Ur U' S 'Q , t ' 4 o 3? ,+ R .fs mi? X12 1 2 'i 9 I 2 I ' A su C .7 U' fr ' a 1 t 1 1 Hi ni N Q Im F ,-gh, " ., -if l'5:54"'f7?-" 'Z,.i'fi-'zfig 51 iw ' ' ' '5:,i'f 'g.Ef,s. f -v r ,fi- ' f N .Lf ' ' ""' if ..,,V! ZAR 1 -W1 if ' "Mi 4 V, nga, 'V ,S 1 g-.wuz , I 4. . ' 5 w.:.4f:.- , 3? P, A z'- "0 ' ' ..-., I : ' 1 . ' ' 1' -' '1 'ff JL4'-4,:': . ff' . A 2 4: " Nga' 7' 1:15-I .V " .' ,' ' I :E '-7' 'J' ,'C'.7' ,- ' 7' , fi' 1. f 'T 'ffg ,119 ' X 5 f , 1 I fi - 3' ' gf' Vg Q, 1 ,715 '51 1 f, Vx., . Z. 'A ' Q,-11 1 ' ' 1'-al' ,J 'g 5 ,vi 3 'i ,Q , . , 'H ,sy 1 , 1 Y -- Q .N jj?" , ,V . g",? gif Q' w . : f 'W-'. - f"ri".'1' L. LO 3 ' :IFJ ,Ii W A..1f"f .-1, . '31 g,. ,uf f 'f ,Z 4 'L ' y""1QS:!-?'1'?,' Fc, Q ' v gf I lfgif' E1 'g:5C1,f'5 , "' ' ' V "L 'aiffzfi-+"f-f H ' Q 5 J.-aka ' q I fg , f L, fr. . I4 J.. I nf,-,-NI.-Ig. 1 CL .. - ' if F 'V 'ff II" J ,-:fi-" Q " 4 ' 55 ,+I z2.' - -,Hp .f F I I I 2: in .V - 'I la' .IVA if ,h 41 v , :t.f.'ff3,4f ,sf WI J-BW '. ' ji ' "H ' .L r . ,:' - f x ,L 5 :l NA.-, .Ht Y X , .., K, L,-f VL.. .. . ' ' 5 " ' 1 ' ff: 'ffl 1-4, 1 5 -5:3 ' , 43? ,V A . ff I , - "' - -1 ' ' 5 ' A ia Q I f 3,35 " 3 . Q- Q Q -. A j '. 'M M 1 ' '7 t Q 1 ' , :ji 'A . .. 7 U . b E mx ' ' .' 1 ,gif A 1 N 1 X 1 1 W 1 1 "4-'Emi :r--.,. , l 4'.. I , ,, , ,- ,...,' . . w. 3""4'fPw..., , ' ' fQi 1m,,, ' ' -n'Jf1gwJa'f:I , ' -Pg' '- -'LL-zf.v:Q,. ,:,g.,,... , -w..'.vp, mg ' ' ww A - - PRESENT Y A-. ... ' :ff ' yr I-. 'R 12M :- :fy 'iw .44 wif. . f 3 'fi - fx U1 1 Li? ' 1' .K f A K, , H N f w 'Q A ,3 QR: 3 S I J a L 7. ' r 1 v . 5 H 'E 575 f U ' f. 'Lula' , 'Nz' Ji' ay: jfagls ,Q T l U H 1 I V 5 .. E4 .3:,-ki, ' A .,zfi.l1,, ..,-A ' ' "'-' ' .v':uF-Q-zfvia' X fr x, ,f:,:f:F -gf-A FCDIQESTER .faaide Jlempfaiff Most Becrutiiul Senior Girl W My W ,W Zyafllevz. lewd? Most Handsome Senior Boy FAVCDIQITES Best All-Round Senior Boy guefffn Jfiegef Best All-Round Senior Girl ffl, 4, ,,,Q..,ffL,L. 0522 71004 j fL'2 .fda eanacfa Most Popular Senior Girl FQIQESTER 2 Q cr' - 1A' Q5 gxg ' V-m'N.,w..f Zgalllen Kala? Most Popular Senior Boy FAVCDRITES Most Popular Underclass Boy pf JV' W haue Genim We Remember- September 13--Unhappy day! Vaca- tion is over! We stormed the old fa- miliar halls once 5 more on enroll- ,ff Kxkkpf ment day. Elevator 7 tickets are again on sale. September 15-The grind begins. lust think, nine more months of this. September 21--We just did get home from the successful IV-A matinee gym dance, the first one of the year, in time to watch Forest slay McKinney at the Cotton Bowl with a l9-6 score. Speaking of our gym, we almost forgot to mention the new gym floor. September 25-"Yea Green!" "Yea White!" echoed through the audi- torium at our first assembly as fifty enthusiastic candidates for cheer leaders performed before the student body. The Pep Squad leaders-Daphne Curtis, Dorothy lohnson, leanne Barge, Margaret Fortner-were introduced in their new satin uniforms. September 27-We elected Lloyd Tuttle, Walter Krusz, tt .fry ludith Stovall, Gordon Fletcher, Geraldine Se- vier, Paul Kelly, and Leta Bae Canadacheer leaders today. 'E September 28-The fighting Forest Lions scored a victory over High- land Park, 8-7. October 2-Henry Ely, president of the Dads Club, spoke in assembly this morning. October 4-Tonight marked the opening of the new Dal-Hi Sta- dium. lt was a great display of color with the football teams, pep squads, and cheer leaders from Page One Hlmdrezl Twenly all the high schools taking part in their new uniforms. October 5-This afternoon found everyone in the groove jiving to the music of Benny Goodman, Kay Kyser, and Glenn Miller at another W-A matinee dance. October 7-Opening day at the Fair! Our football team defeated Ball High School at Galveston with a score of 24-l8. Lillian Bickerstaff was awarded 325.00 as first prize winner of the essay on "Stream Polutionf' October 9-Many Foresters brought their dimes to school to attend the P. T. A. annual play assembly. October 11--Pep assembly today-- the roof is weakening. October 12--We went to the lll-A Gym Dance, where Virginia Self taught us to do the polka. We had a wonderful Pep Bally at night. Former Mayor Sprague, Mr. Loos, and several ex-football players were there. October 13-We went to the Wood- row-Forest football game. Wood- row got the jump on us with a 27-U score. October 16---G. A. Brewer and Dr. P. l. Murphy told us at assembly about the Navy Band Concert. October 18-Those Foresters who like to dance had a big day today with a special assembly on danc- ing presented by Miss Kingsbury from the Kingsbury School of Dance and a matinee dance given by the IV-B class, at which time we were taught a version of the polka, the tango, rumba, and the new "back to back" step by Mr. Neu- man from the Neuman School of Dancing. October 19-A gigantic Pep Bally was held tonight prior to the For- est-Adamson game. Everyone got football balloons. We Remember- October 20-Today was High School my W Day at the Pair. The game tonight was a sad .",' end to a perfect day. tidy? Those lads from across the river Cmeaning K Adamsonl slipped up fi.- on us. October 23-The 25-50 Club enter- tained us with a program which included Smoot Schmidt, the Three Notes, the CoWboy's Sweethearts, and a Professor Quiz Contest. We cleared the building in three and a half minutes today for a fire drill. October 25-We Went to the ill-B's first Gym Dance. October 26--Student Council elected officers today: President, Evelyn Hiegelg Vice-President, Bay Wom- ackg Secretary, Leta Bae Canada, Treasurer, Lloyd Tuttle. October 27-The new stadium brought us luck! We defeated the Bisons there. October 30-The Texas History Club sponsored an assembly on Stephen P. Austin Day. October 31-Whee! We put on our masks and celebrated Halloween with the rest of the spooks. November 1-The lV-A's gave an- other gym dance today. November 3-The sixth period class- es Were practically empty today, for most of us Went to the Navy Band Concert at Pair Park. The Pootball boys left early to go to Paris, Texas, Where they played an excellent game. The score Was 20-6 in favor of Forest Cof coursel. November 6-The Aelta Historical Society gave an assembly today on Armistice Day. The speaker was Mr. Peabody. The band play- ed, and the military officers flash- ed their medals. November 7-The freshmen attend- ed the Girl Beserves' party this afternoon, which was given in their honor. Miss Nita Page, the guest speaker, spoke on personal- itv. November 9-The Student Council visited the Community Chest Cen- ter. November 11-Armistice Day! We feel especially happy that We are Americans. November 15-'We contributed our dimes to the Community Chest and had to borrow money for the big lV-A matinee dance. November 16--We took the constitu- tion test, or perhaps We should say it "took" us! After We had that load off our minds, We were able to get down to serious yelling at the big Pep Bally. November 17-Our team proved bet- ter "mudders" than the Bulldogs by slipping and sliding to a 6-0 victory. November 20-The Speech Arts De- ' partment had charge of the Thanksgiving Assembly. They cer- tainly did give a Wonderful imita- tion of a football game. November 23-"Thanksgiving Day! " The lV-B's gave the first night dance ' 1 of the year. Bob Campbell's orches- tra played. November 24--Forest tied Tech with a l3-l3 score. - .- November 27-Back to school! November 30-Thanksgiving Day again. We had to go to school to- day, but We got out at 2:30. December 4-Holiday today! The lV-A's had a sport dance at night with Bob Campbell's orchestra. December 4-One of the assemblies on vocations. December 11fNational Honor As- sembly. fudge Chrestman was the speaker today. December 12-The faculty and stu- dents met each other face to face today at the basket ball game. The faculty won with a score of 36-33. Page One Hznzzlred Twenly-on We Remember- December 18-We went to the Christ- mas Assembly to see our Forester sponsor, Miss Clark, perform with several other members of the faculty. Miss Wilcox brought the house down with "Oh lohnny," and Wee Bonnie Baker had better watch out! December 21 - Christmas program presented by the music depart- ment. it , December 22-Vile get he F out today for the Yule holidays. Merry. Christmas! May all of your stockings be fill- ed with good things. Ianuary 2-We came back to school today to begin a new year. Let's hope it will be a happy one. Ianuary 4-Announcement assem- bly today. Ianuary 5-Tonight was a big night for all Foresters. We went to the basketball game and . . . to the lunior Prom where Fd Daniel's Cr- chestra played. Vtfe almost forgot, it snowed today. Ianuary 6-Another basketball game. We defeated North Dallas l6-l3. Ianuary 8-Senior Day: All the sen- iors came to school today in their Sunday best. They presented a very clever assembly with pre- views of their coming senior play. A section of the lunchroom was decorated and reserved for the seniors. Ianuary 12--A picture show "The Santa Fe Trail" was shown this after- noon. Proceeds go to the Athletic De- partment. We went - to the Senior Play, "Ride Em Cowboy." Yippeet fanuary 15---Review week begins. Ianuary 19--The lV-B Class enter- tained the lV-A graduates with a formal dance in the gym. Bob Campbells orchestra played. up D' Vs-1 Page Om' Hmzrfrerl Tzvezily-Iwo Ianuary 22, 23. 24-The grind is on . . . Exams. l-lurrah, it snowed to- day. Ianuary 25-No school today-for the students. The teachers tell a different story. Ianuary 26-Graduation night! We bid another beloved group good- bye. Margaret Harlan was first honor graduate. Ianuary 29, 30-Enrollment days. You should see the good-looking freshmen. Ianuary 31-Back to school today at 8:30 to begin regular schedule. The former IV-B's are looking for- ward to their goal. February 5-First assembly of the new term. Miss Pauline Wright re- viewed "The American Way". February 7--IV-A's elected officers- President, Roy Pateg Vice-Presi- dent, Gladys De Lee, Secretary, loy LoCasteg Treasurer, Adlene Nathansong and Sergeant-at-Arms, Charles Blaha. February 8-We had an assembly today on temperance. lllustrations were given showing the effects of alcohol. February 9---The music department entertained us tonight with a musi- cal comedy, "Drug Store Swing". There was a dance afterwards iii the gym. A nickelodian was used. February 12-Assembly today pre- sented by Pan American Student Forum. They took us on a trip to Mexico with Mr. Lipton acting as guide. February 14---Every little boy was asking every lit- tle girl to be his valentine. February 16-The lll-A's gave a sport dance to- night. February 19-Today marked the be- ginning of Friendship Week, just this year established to make our friendly school friendlier. Every afternoon of this week is to have We Remember- its respective activity to help For- esters get acquainted with each other. This afternoon a movie was shown, "The Healer" starring Mickey Rooney. February 20-This afternoon's ac- tivity was a free basketball game in the gym. The Latin Club also played "get acquainted" games at its meeting. February 21-Forest adopted the ZU- 3U Club's idea of a milk dance. lt was held in the gym, and the ad- mission was a large can of milk per person. The lactic receipts went to the Amelia Huvelle Day Nursery. February 22-Ch-oh! What's this we hear about the sponsor of the 25-50 Traffic Club receiving a ticket? And George Washington's birth- day tool The Student Council, the Girl Reserves, and the Hi-Y gave the Freshmen and new students a party. Refreshments were served, too! Seniors tried to get in, but were recognized and turned away. February 23-Friendship Week end- ed today, and we hope that For-- esters know each other better. February 26-Cur heads are all a whirl keeping up qi with the many 'ft 4 ' different 'weeks'. If i Texas Week, be- fit jk M,t'g n, gun by our Mr. if A Parker, began today with an assembly given by the funior Historians. February 27-Ahal We know why the seniors have been so friendly lately. Today, we vote for the most popular senior boy and girl, the most handsome senior boy, the most beautiful senior girl, the best all-round senior boy and girl, and the most popular underclass boy and girl. February 28-We're all on needles and pins to know how the voting carne out. March 1--The Speech Arts Depart- ment gave an assembly today, which featured a panel discussion on topics related to Texas Week. March 4-Today we discovered who burns the midnight oil, for Linz Awards were presented in the High Scholarship Assembly. A short play was also given by the club. March 8--Dr. Rimmer kept us rolling in the aisles in a special assembly. His talk, "The Value of Education in Later Life", was forceful as well as humorous. Tonight we went to the Dads Club's swell program, "Spring Varieties of l94O." We really got our money's worth! Imagine getting to see a program, go to a dance, and have refresh- ments all for a nickel. March 11-We went to the assembly given by the 25-50 Club this morn- ing. Mr. Bill Binford and Captain B. B. Smith spoke to us on traffic. March 15----We got out of school at l:3U, and went to the big lV-A matinee dance. There was a real orchestra there, tool Tonight we came to the Texas History Club's presentation of "Comedy Court." March 18--The lunior Red Cross gave the assembly this morning. Besides showing the audience some of the work the organization is doing, the program had several musical numbers. March 20-Hooray! Today we got out of school for the Easter Holi- days. The lV-A's gave another successful spring matinee dance. We hope the Easter bunny is good to all Foresters! March 26-"A Day and a Night," a comedy, was presented by the Girls Public Speaking Club in as- sembly today. One I'Iumirezl Twenly-Three We Remember- March 29-"Why', hello there, Scar- lett QT-laral" "How :T f'N are you, Little Bo Peep?" The gym echo- ed with exclamations M such as these, to- night, when the Allied Arts Club gave its Fact and Fiction Costume Ball. lt was something entirely different from anything given at Forest before. April 1-The assembly this morning was presented by the Auditores Caesaris. April 3--The City l-ligh Track meet was held at Cwnby Stadium to- day. Ray Womack shattered two city hurdle records. April 4-The clothing classes gave us quite a show today. They pre- sented a style show, introducing the latest spring styles. Miss Foote showed slides and spoke to the French Club about her tour through France. April 5-VV e tripped the light fan- tastic at another lV-A gym dance. April 6-Latin students from all over the city came to the Latin Tourna- ment that was held at Forest this year. April 8-Hlulius Caesar," a comedy, was presented by the Standard Debating Society in the assembly. April 9-Lynn Landrum spoke to the F. T. A. on Problems Affecting Home Life. New officers were elected. April 10-Carol Miller and David Zesmer, our debate team, debated against the Scotties of Highland Park. April ll-Mr. Clifford Gordon, a na- tive of Australia, spoke on "Amer- ican Youth." April 12-Porter Reed won first prize for his essay "The Benefits of Democracy." . April 15--The Forest Forum gave the assembly today. Page One Hll72!I1'6ll Twenly-four April 17-Vlfilson Landry had his picture in the paper today. l-le was recently chosen drum major. April 18-lt's really spring! and get- ting near report card day. Witness all the gorgeous flowers the stu- dents are not too timidly leaving on the teachers' desks. April 19-The lV-B's topped our after- noon with a delightful matinee dance which featured the music of all our favorite dance bands . . . by recording. April 22-The initiation of the Na- tional Honor Society members pro- vided the assembly today. April 26-Tra-la-la! Toes twinkled and heels clicked at the lV-A sport dance that was given this evening. May 1-The lV-A's gave a gym dance today. May 3-We spent the twilight hours at the gala occasion of the lunior From, where we danced to the music of Ed Daniels. May 10-The lV-B Class gave lV-A's a farewell formal dance. May 13-Today the Seniors walked on air, for it was Senior Day for the lune Class of l94U. After giving a swell program in assem- ,r A . bly, some Seniors taught classes, while they all sailed proudly through the halls in their new "duds." :si May 17-The Senior play was given tonight. May 24-The lV-A's gave their Sen- ior From tonight. May 30--Tonight marks the end of the high school ca-NX C , reer of another " if group of Foresters. Yt Staff, wish good luck and best wish- 'Tm' F es to the lune Class of l94O. We, the Forester A 2 'ni i as V ,537 9, qw IK iii Q it 31,9 K ff .WJ Top Row: SCTlIUI1'1JC2'S . . . P'1TlG7'VOLlS lrcncfxis? , . . Annu Gene liilgvs lfuvniifv R510 clmctl-, flies czriiixiui dsposils . . . Spring iruininq begins in -earnest. Second Row: Pep-ii-up-llieie, Hieqel . . . The Blind find Puri Squfirl yvurfrde lnevtvvoon Erzlvfss , . , Danni srrliim so I'1Llf'il, Pinriu Gone. Third Row: Vvlhczfs ilifb muffler, Roy, gm spring ievor? , . . Monduy iiicvrriimg und tlio fooil, ill boys' wfisli driy . , . Wlifill cznsilier line full. Fourth Row: Fczozfs busiest person, lvirs. Field . , . Buy, Drum lflriiors, whore did you pick up Billy? , , They must know their French lessen, Miss Edwards. Filth Row: Edwin Ornlsh gives us cr moth paste cidveriiseriient smile . . . Mr. Cox, Miss Vifilcgmx, Mr. Usry, tmd Mr, Keoling return from the iire drill. s Q 3 Q 5 5 3 5 S ,ln af-rl ...W ww si . is 'W B, I gy QU ki, 1 -if , if H , Ng fa 51 Q ...H :fi 1' Nw .Cf in at 4 ,f 'mn ,E N. , ,gl Yi' 4. Top Row: Good Qld firo drilll Right in the middle of tliuit English Test . . . How our liefgltlr tvoiilzl suffmr without C1 study lifill to sleep in! . . . Tho luig moment of the ltinuory '40 Gloss, Graduation. Moyor Rodgers spouks . . , Could it be the puddle Mr. Hutchinson is hiding? Second Row: Vrinn im' Plriiwy, two 'golf stirs , . . A lzig night fit the Stqdiiiiil . . . Batter wotfgli out, Mr. Coxl You may got knofflced down hy those Lions. Third Row: Timo out tor siostri ot Cornp Dallas . . . Wlirit, no Romeo? Wlicit 'goods u hnilcony? Fourth Row: Better lvoliovo or youll Eire sitting in the hull yourself . . . Tele-pliorio polo lioltglinci Anim Gene Ytinqlleiscli up ciqciin . . . Seniors niet rx vista of school iilty yours uqo . . . All-Americon Powder Rocks. Fifth Row: Vfo wonder whose face- that is be-hind the book . . . Ncrtioncrl Honor Society welcomes tho new rnemtnors . . . lt's CI home-f runl . . . Do you recognize- this fellow? Mfoll, you should, becomuse hos our otficicil water lioyl g ?ig4,. 4 Q SS' if w . if 59 fffgw 'WE wr Domi TEXAS WEEK Texas Week was celebrated this year with the presentation of two assemblies. At the first given on Monday, February 26, l94O, by the junior Historians, eighteen books were presented. The school was honored to hear judge Paine L. Bush speak on "Texas Heroes and the Heritage of Texans." A double quar- tette directed by Miss Wilcox sang "Home on the Range." The program was concluded by a sing-song of Texas songs led by Miss Wil- cox. On Friday, March l, l94O, the Public Speaking Department gave a program which consisted of a panel discussion of Democra- cy in Texas in which Evelyn Hiegel, Ierome Ely, Mariline Landsberg, Adlene Nathanson, Roberta Tibbets, Bernard Flanz, Lloyd Vann, Florence Ely, Leta Ray Canada, Glenzelle Hammond, and Mr. Parker took part, cow- boy songs were sung by Andrew Miller, june Miller and Harry Kimling. Twenty books were presented to the Texas Memorial Li- brary. LATIN TOURNAMENT IANUARY BEGINNERS First Place, Individual . . . Henry Riser Second Place, Team .... Henry Riser Charles Floyd FIRST YEAR Third Place, Individual . Almeta Kennington Third Place, Team . . Almeta Kennington Leland Turner SECOND YEAR Fourth Place, Individual . Sidney Glasser THIRD YEAR Second Place, Individual .... joy Day Third Place, Individual . Muriel Silberman First Place, Team .... Muriel Silberman Ioy Dfw FOURTH YEAR Fourth Place, Individual . Viola Sylvester ESSAYS Second Place, Second Year . Marjorie White Third Place, Third Year .... Ioy Day Third Place, Fourth Year . Viola Sylvester Page One Hundred Thirty ECHO UECHOIS out today! Buy an Ecrroneechoes down the hall and from class room to class room every other Wednesday. Then it is that the sleepyheads wake up, the book worm lays aside his studying to read what everybody's been doing for the last two weeks. Here our athletic stars find their prow- ess recorded. Here the freshman finds his name and the senior preens under the ad- miring glances of the underclassmen. Here, in fact, is all the Forest news, and ECHO day is looked forward to with eagerness. The Forester Annual is always aided consider- ably by the alert Forest ECHO. The Iournal- ism students are to be congratulated for pub- lishing such a splendid paper. Much credit is due to the work of Miss Eloise Durham, journalism teacher. Miss Durham has worked exceedingly hard to make the ECHO the fine publication that it is today. During her illness Forest has been indeed fortunate to have Mrs. Syd Cole, formerly a teacher of journalism at Forest. We are proud of our ECHO. LUNCH Delicious, well prepared food with a wide choice is served daily in the lunch room from ll:UO until l:l5. Lunch is quite a pleas- ant occasion at Forest for both faculty and students. Largely responsible is that charm- ing person, known as the dietician of Forest, Miss Frances Welch, a graduate of Texas State College for Women. She also has a Master of Arts degree from the same institu- tion. She came here in the fall of l938 from Breckenridge High School, where she was a teacher of Home Economics, and was not long in making for herself a place among us. Students from Texas State College for 'Wom- en, and interns from Parkland Hospital are sent to work in our cafeteria. Miss Welch is the first to praise her assistants, who are al- ways courteous and capable. Forest E in- deed a happier place for having the services of Miss Welch and her assistants. Almost every day somebody is heard saying, "We're lucky to have Miss Welch." And We all feel that way. WITH PRIDE MR. YATES No other Dallas teacher is more widely known among his co-workers than Forest's own Mr. H. B. Yates. Since its organization in l93l, he has served as president of the Dallas Teachers Credit Union, operated by and for the members, and under the super- vision of the Banking Laws of the State of Texas. From a small membership it has grown until today it enioys an enviable posi- tion among the credit unions of the nation. Mr. Yates has always shown great en- thusiasm for school activities, having served some years ago as a highly successful track coach. Upon relinquishing his duties in this capacity, he became business adviser for the Forester. I-lis judgment and keen analysis make it possible for him to waste little time in eliminating unnecessary and trivial de- tails. An alert reader, a close student of cur- rent history, Mr. Yates leaves a lasting im- pression on his classes, who are taught by example to keep open minds in national and world affairs. Forest is indeed enriched by having this capable instructor. MISS MILLER Miss Lourania Miller is perhaps the best known Latin teacher in Texas: yet because of her modesty, few students are aware of the fact that she is the founder of the Texas Latin Tournament as well as our own Audi- tores Caesaris Latin Club at Forest Avenue High School. These and numerous other ac- tivities in which she has industriously and quietly taken the initiative, have done a great deal toward stimulating interest in the classics and making the study of Latin truly enjoyable. During her long and faithful ser- vice of teaching at Forest, she has shown a rare, devoted interest in her work. Besides holding her position at Forest, she teaches Latin and English at night school and sum- mer school. Busy as she is, however, she is always willing to give special help to a student when she is able to do so. Miss Miller pos- sesses all the qualities of an ideal teacher. Her students truly love and respect her for her untiring work for the school. MISS MELSON Capable, wise, and industrious, Miss Addie Melson is always willing to aid her senior students in any way she is able. Those who consider literature tedious can scarcely help changing their views after a few weeks in her class. "Canterbury Tales," "Macbeth," and the many other gems of literature which are taken up in the senior English course, come vividly to life in the skillful hands of Miss Melson. Besides her keen interest in Foresters as her pupils, she is always genuinely con- cerned over the development of their per- sonalities. Her charm and sense of humor invariably win friends for her, and inspire those around her. Her love of culture, which she constantly imparts to her students, and her broad fund of knowledge make her an unexcelled teacher as well as a delightful person to know. The distinctive, precise quality of her speech, combined with her considerate broad-mindedness, characterize her as accomplished and efficient. For these reasons seniors carry away happy recollec- tions of the hours spent in her classes. RAY WOMACK ln Forest track circles, no other individual stands out as Ray fBird-dog? Vtfomack does. Holder of the city record of l5.7 seconds in the l2U yard high hurdles and 25.2 seconds in the 220 yard low hurdles, Bay has an en- viable record as a hurdler. ln the city meet, he accounted for lO 3X4 of Forest's l8 3X4 points. l-le was the only Dallas boy to go to the Texas Relays in Austin. There Ray tied for first place in the preliminary run of the l2O yard high hurdles, but in the final race he placed second. Ray was high-point man of the District Meet held at S. M. U., he won the high hurdles, the low hurdles, and ran anchor for the second place mile-relay team. As an individual, Bay is modest, quiet, studious, and has many friends. Besides track, he lettered in football and was cap- tain of the basketball team. Cheers for Wo- mack, one of Forest's greatest athletes! ln general, track has been extremely good this year. Two city records have been broken and Vtfomack, Vann, and Cunning- ham go to the Regional Meet in Denton. Congratulations to Coach Keeling and some fine Forest boys. Page One Hundred Thirty-one T, . Q-qiigpgririllw' "MASQ "T . . - 7 3 fr 1-i2g.,fXf3,fQqf f' '- f '2f.,f.,. . .fill 'M'-"'x'fw-r. ' an - ' ' -- ' ' a - , ..v., , 1, 5,JV?p:Qv.1,1,l:fg. N1 f, . I, . b l. V i M' f,fgg. .gm sq, - "" g '7'f5E,4,'?fus'S,!4f'Jf-1.'Lig,f":x'ias., Jsf, lb . 'i .P -. 21' -S16 . , ff :fx 1 ' 2 .-11: g if , . , . f 4 1 9 1 , -2, ':A,,f:4.'- 5, ' 1- Q gg 3 .,,,, Q Sw .. gf . -Y ff:f"'.3:,gef-..-wish F5 .V -K., .R 'Q ' f 1' .mp 1:71111 . wxfwli ' . . Q Z" C A Sw ' V ii: . 5'i5 "':i ' 9 ' 'f?QQ" f . 'A ?hY?y"AaY'f'f'-A . if-ii: :bg-l,g-il,-11rg2?'2?7'wi'3' NM, j-i s 'gxqx . P... - , I . ' .. 5' t , 2 -2 - i rw .. su . G :Lk-25 - V ilfxa '7. 'L '35".'-.-"'.'-'fi 'Elk '71 '1 w ' ' - " . ,L ' gif . 5 - '. 5 15,2 ,T,r'.T"' ' 5' QTQ71' w iif' . - ' -' if if S-' .ilaffifi ' fEl2Q.'1'3' -A F' . sis 1 's 2 if 1 as 'mm ,,, . ' ' , -- 'rff' 'L -1 9- I ml " .L pwgl., 1 ML-J1,": y -1:52, ::.,f..',, L. - A -' H - I q,giM- gh? V+ :tl ,fu is I ji.: 5 I -5 3 3 gf., . L 17-Q r J.: . , MQ.. 11 xawr if K A 3,3 , Lis , - .h , I, ,-Ja . 1 "V-ff '-fi if . ,Q 2 Q15 'r 1 , 2' if- -' . :1 M5-'TS ,. -. , 5,0 , . .- ,' - . 1 F --1 5, 1 v ,J it ,' 5, C I h 'Vx A .rbi Q 1 ' '-'-4" . Q' C42 ,9 , .Q .X 5 r- L '55, -- 1 5 'sf - ,JW Q Q . - ' .:,. - G 1 4 ,. v, ,, ig-r , T , if . 1 'S -445 i "., 3 ,- .iii 'gums ' - .- ' as lm --1' ' '-.,- 1 2 'E' 'f 1 -,, ' 'v a . 'Si 3' "w1.- 5,4 , "-41 2 . 1 43. 4, gg 354.4 ' gg.: if pw-3 My . - : if A rm ?:w f ' -4 M, .- ' ' -. .1 215 'Rf 9-al vi. , JE NW, - ...ffm f . wx :fs gif- 'gi 35 .15 - 'Q 4--If ., .51 lg ggi- A .5 M3 . 'i . 1 ' ' A- :vi 1,,-Viv 5. r. , ,. 1. ,' 'Ja , ,ig .,-- ' t.. ...X - - rv 1. , -:A-. gl :gf gig S -f - fr ' 1 .' . ' 4,13 1 . , 3- 4 ggi.,-. C I if 'ii Y 2 T 415 ' . 55" . Q 5- Eat QQ 'gf F , -' ye-, . 52, :N fin, -7- 5.44.4 1- if 1 g -I ii' g , :. , .3 -2 1 N. ru 4 - .-A 1' . " 1 - f '- fn Q 6- 2 - -Q r 1, it . Q- I W . n,.:, - L- ... L l:-' 1- '. , 1. - . yt if if 5, N 1 1 is H 1., ? 1. :- -A fy. " ,E .ft ' 'im ' .... V . ' , FF Qf rf- Y 5' 1 1 .. "',, 1. 'T' Rr' 14 V '- ,- 4" ' . Q , ,L fi . gf - -. Qi , 1 - wi' 'Q 9,- 2552 1 .ff ' 'ff 1' 5 ' . 5. : 5 Q, e 'Ju ' J 5 id... , - -' F . , f 5 Ag ,A--" 5 . A, 1 -. 5' -' 3- .D Am . 1 . ggi , A :eil .fi .4 x . w A 'J-7' f , .. A -' 7 '57 . K3 .. ,, ,.., - .Q 23: if , 5.. N . .14 ,. . 11:51 .. ' F v 2. - 1- f , 4 'am 3 :Q Q , A, 1 . iv AQ ,, 1 fy. - - ' 'M . ' ' 'T . . - 11" . '-I W. .5 .f+rf '2Qm E32 A ' 13' , ii T ' . ' :REQ - VH 1? . , , 21: ' . Qf 4' -f . ,Q L g-ig - Q .xgifq . ,. . 4 ..,.-. g ,:- . -x.-1, wx .,4 zivqjh , 4 vw X 55 5 L w 1 f s. pp. .. f , '1vf-f,1l"f .4-Q,51w - . 1 1 E. qfii.: .25 , f' A '- .:' 'sv-ff' 2 P'-Q, ' .ww-. 'f4 ' -Q, -v . 1' V . I , A K ff--Ip g. ' ,.1, . . ' ' ' FH - -' 'fi' Qi .. 51 ' - :ff iff. '- ". YL-ff 2? A4 . 4:A ., J?3'gf, , im . Lg jg? A g 23:1 V , Y 2 - ... 49 nh . Qg . 4 unsil ,A A 1 . ' , Q3 ,. M L v A 1 1: .1-. 'w -,'fv,,f":-l. . , Q -., fig. 5. ar E 'e..g:::ei 'fi - '- ' nf Q 35235223 19 F '77 344 'i ' ' "L g gist Eiga ? g f fi E? 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UL- 1 - E s 1: , . .. .1 , W-. . .-, ,. .,. 1, H wx , A, Q N 5 . M -.wp Mm. K: ar- a gg -v.. . ' "--fu 32 :5:,..p-,gg ,J - 1-9 VAf'ff'.:j-5.-. .41 ' ' A .H ti, :Fx 5 fi . . 4:-f ' . 3 f'yf:.,j . . gpg, . :T ity? .gl A :if 5 :Q-'3i.'!7' 1 f 'Jani' ' 5' Fur? Q N 'Q ' 1... ' Q ,i .,, il' . A' - . V7 3 V , 1 1,5 N . . 9 , , 1 4 -533:-4. X gl, ge' - z 41 , , :,:-gi 4 A 1,1-, 5 1.31, , QF- -f.. - -, ,W frsmg '- - ,HM - 3 5... - :f " " " . ' 'v:fjf:,3, ,. - . fi v S: -- V, .E Wh . 1 J-.,f.+ ' W 0UR ADVERTISERS The publication of the Nineteen Forty Forester has been made possible through the cooperation of the following friends. Let us show our apprecia- tion by patronizing them whenever possible. 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A complete record ol' these calls and placements in on iile at the College of- iieeAthe hroadest assurance of the oppor- tunities that await your graduation here that it is possible to conceive. Intensive Courses to prepare you lor similar opportunities within a iew months. Call or phone 7-3l33 lor com- plete inlormation. Largest in Dallasein enrollment and placements. Draughonvs College Commerce and Harwood Compliments of BEN UTAY First Captain Forest Avenue High Football Team, 1917 Ben Morris Jewelry Co. 1924-A Elm Street Phone 7-9971 FOREST AVENUE BARBER SHOP XVC Make You Look Your Best! YVC Know How. Roy Carter Cecil Cates 2720 Forest Phone 'i-0179 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Page One Hundred Thirty-seven in I ' F- , Compliments of .Y elle 10 ps-S ablasley Imaremee Co. THIS SPACE DEVOTED TO OUR FRIENDS THE FIRM OF LINZ IBIQUS. fewelers DARVER'S Babyland 8: Junior Shop Chilflren's Apparel from Cradle to College COMPLICTELY AIR CONDITIONED 208-10 North St. Paul Street Opposite Dallas Athletic Club Phone 7-1941 L - L - L eacbmemif LAUNDRY LEADS For Over 50 Years 4-2161 Telephone 2-4766 ABE I. BRILLIN G Insurance OF EVERY DESCRIPTION "Absolutely Personal Service" 1402 Republic Bank Building Dallas Compliments of Primrose efroleam Ce "Use the Best" EARL R. PARKER COMPLIMENTS OF Attorney at Law A Hall of Records Building FRIEND Phone 6-6615 , L g L , K Y 1 , LL 6 p 1 I One Hundred Tloiriy-eight ,,, , ,, ,,A T l The Equitable Life Assurance Society OF Tl-lE UNITED STATES LLOYD W. KLINGMAN, Agency Manager QIO Tower Petroleum Building Telephone 7-QLL68 J-fill farms of fgzf? gnsurance :Service Qfamily gncome Slffortgage gledemption cgducation of Ghildren Qld .Egg Hnfome Klar 84 W interman Qompiimcms of c 4 ' a 9 Credit Jewelers Over 36 years BAKING CO. 2310 Elm St. Phone 7-5409 DENISON on your PHOTOGRAPH is the same as STERLING on your SILVER We STUDIOS 11025 ELM STREET DALLAS, TEXAS Ofjiciol School Photographer Complimemu' gf A FRIEND Pg0 H1dT Compfimemw of DAVE S PPERSTEIN The Kraft Cheese Dz'sZrz'bufor "Ask for Kraft Cheese at Your Grocers" Q DIAMONDS . WATCHES , SILVER .jEWELRY. TROPHIES CZQ7e gmfite 9614 tobuyat U E Sandsawe gorty-three Mars in Qiallas Second Floor Southland Life Bldg. Next to Baker Hotel 9 gf! SIVICCT6 appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past 16 years. American Beauty Cover Co. 2002-8 Field Street The Gower on this Qfiook ClQ7as Sproducea' in C558 Qjlant -6: Compliments of Fl2ANliLlN'S 1610 Elm Street Phones 7-5378-9 Complete Wardrobe "FROM CRIB TO CULLEGE WEAR" The biggest and best selection in town at sensational low prices Infant sizes: O to 9 months Misses' sizes: IO to 24M Children's sizes: l to I6 Women's sizes: 38 to 52 P g 0 II zndred Forly MANUFACTURERS OF I-IIGI-I QUALITY WEDDING AND COMIVIENCEMENT INVITATIONS CAUIDLE ENGIQAVING C MDANY STEEL DIE AZVD COPPER PLATE EN G R AVE R S DALLAS, TEXAS I I. K I N S 0 N N I2 I N TI N G C O. J Catalogs . .igoolelets . Srlmol J-Ynnualx WOOD STR AS. TEX Pg OHdlF i""",-,V , Y, W-Y Y-Y 9 ' H t ' A Food That s Helplng Man t Have MURE PEP - GRE GLOWING E ERGY Popularity comes easy to people with plenty ol' pep and vitality! But when you're tired and run-down, you c:an't be your best. Here's a tonic food that may make all the dillerenee in the world-Fleiseh' mann's High-Vitamin Yeast. Itfs helping many boys and girls have more glowing energy. Fleischmannls High'Vitamin Yeast supplies four important Vitamins-A, Bt, D and G, and certain mysterious factors in yeast, itself that make it more helpful than vitamins alone. Nobody knows what these factors are-but itls a laet that they make this tonic food more wzlzzrtble. Try eating two cakes of Fleisehmann's High-Vitamin Yeast a day. Get more than just vitamins. See il you don't have more pep and vitality! FLEI CH ANN' High-Vitamin YE AS t fl' r The White-Dalsee and orest Theatres Extend to the Graduating Classes of June, H140 and January, l94l their congratulations and best wishes in starting out on lifes highway. These neighborhood theatres are sure that these young men and women are well equipped to take their places in the future lite of our splendid city. Always remember that these theatres are a 132111 of your neighborhood t and are conducted in your interest with clean and wholesome entertain- ITICHK. Interstate Circuit, Inc. Page One Hundred Forly-two January,,4O Senior play "RIDE 'EM COWBOY" Directorelvliss Helen Fern Block i Rose McCoy . . . Dorothy Iohnson lim Wilkes . . Hymie Boronstein Block Pete .... Aoron Spelling t Sondra . . . Fronces Shockeltorol i loon Wilkes ..... Ruth Coker Aunt Heleno ..... Ruth Scott Tumble ..... lomes Hronicky l Buck ..... Ehcrnuel Melcrune t Peorl Stotier . . . Koithryn Ronsorn 'N Pepiti .... Morry Nell Stevenson Sir Bosil Bcrkinqhoirn . VJ. A. Hendricks June, ,110 Senior play "MURDER IN REHEARSI-XL" Directorff-Miss Helen Fern Block Clouclio Worren . . Leto Roe Coinoclor Mrs. Fiske Worren . . . loy Lo Cciste Hcrrolcl Knight . . . Leroy Thornton Morton Hill . . . . . . Roy Porte Trilby .... . Pctuline Cctrson Sheilo Burnett .... Florence Ely Chubby Forbes . . . Bernctrd F lcrnz Sheriff Cullen ..... Csccir Hook Morqe Penny . . Mcirilene Lctndsberq Bernice Sirnms .... Evelyn Voiqht Doity Corrnichoel ,... I. B. Pirtle Stock Hilton . . . . I, D. Blcztt i ,ll r WEDSAV oooniavr Page One Hundred Forty-four P X ,awf V"x N'f I 5 u If N FOREST HIGH REUNION March 27, 1982 LOYALTY SONG We're loyal to you, Forest High The Green and the White, Forest High We'll back you to stand, you're the best in the land, For we know you have sand, Forest High, HAH, RAH! Go after that ball, Forest High We're backing you all, Forest High Our team is the great protector Go boys, for we expect a Victory from you, Forest High! SCHOOL YELLS Yea, Green, Yea White! Yea, Forest, Fight, Fight, Fight! WHO ARE WE? We are the Lions! WHAT KIND OF LIONS? Forest Lions! FOREST LIONS ROAR!!! End, Center, Tackle, Guard, Hit you man and hit him hard! Hit him high Hit him low Yea Forest, Let's Go! Suzie Q, Truckin' on down The Forest Lions are going to town Shag to the left, shag to the right Yea, Forest, Fight, Fight, Fight!

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